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17 1 M all_ III I r I Nona .• .M.M. Mt NNW ' " ••• In Memoriam Percy M. Barr Robert R. Colvin John S. Crittenden Leonard I. Frankenstein Sterling A. Gowman, Jr. Sonja L. Hoff Yoshito Inouye Francis A. Jenkins Alfred L. Kroeber Kuang-Chung Ling Judy M. Low Robert A. Markell James P. McBain Sanford A. Mosk David Park James Patterson II Suzanne Reichard Harold G. Sinks, Jr. Stephen M. Thomas Lester C. Uren Lester A. Williams Mir Albadin -71191MAIL:a., TA tilt Amin Irri 1111M lb J .1111-1- President Kerr The theme of the 1961 BLUE AND GOLD is the University ' s motto, " Let There Be Light, " which appears on the University flag in its Latin version, " Fiat Lux. " The light, of course, is the light of knowledge and understanding. It is interesting to note that the " lux " of the Latin motto is also related to " luxury " —an etymological relationship, however, that is quite misleading. For the light of knowledge and understanding cannot be regarded as a luxury. Rather, it is a necessity, and an increasingly vital necessity in a world where basic knowledge is giving man ever greater control over the conditions of his life—over his physical environment and, we hope, over his social and intellectual development as well. I hope that this year ' s BLUE AND GOLD will serve to remind each of you of a University career devoted to many pursuits, both pleasant and to campus activities, friendships, social and athletic events, but above all to the search for knowledge and understanding which should be the chief purpose of your years at the University. 12 Chancellor Seaborg Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg is just as thoroughly at home in a labora- tory as in his administrative offices. A renowned nuclear chemist and physicist, Seaborg was Associate Director of the Radiation Laboratory and its Director of Nuclear Chemical Research before his appointment to the Chancellorship of the University of California at Berkeley two years ago. One of Seaborg ' s greatest successes has been his ability to inspire individuals and groups to carry through to completion work that could not have been done otherwise. His preparation included graduation from UCLA and a Ph.D. at UC. He was appointed by Pres- ident Truman to the General Advisory Committee to the Atomic Energy Commission in 1946. Chancellor Seaborg is a Phi Beta Kappa and a Nobel prize winner and has added to the worth and prestige of the University in many ways, including his co-discovery of the elements named for UC—Berklium and Californium. The Regents of the University of California, under the leader- ship of President Clark Kerr, are vested with the administration of the University and established as a corporated body under Article 9, section 9, of the State Constitution. They have " full powers of organization and government, subject only to such legislative control as may be necessary to insure compliance with the terms of the endowments of the University and the security of its funds. " The Regents are appointed for terms of 16 years each. There are twenty-four of them, eight are members ex officio. The Re- gents are responsible for selecting the President of the Uni- versity, who in turn is responsible to them for the administration of the several campuses. Meeting alternately at the several campuses of the University, the Regents set the policy under which the state-wide Univer- sity operates. They pass on appointments of all chief adminis- trators and have complete financial control of University matters. Meeting agendas always include controversial issues and major decisions, some of these for this year being the acceptance of land for two new campuses in San Diego and Orange Counties, approval of an $800,000 loan for parking facil- ities at Los Angeles, and a Capital Outlay Program requesting $65,661,250 from state funds. The Regents SEATED, left to right: Bob LaLiberte, Mary Ellen Rose, Jan Smith, Jo Ann Thebolt, Jane Howell, Gordon Zuckerman, Patty Ellerd, Carolyn Hand, Wendy Ferguson, Maria Toriggino, Sandy Mitchell. STANDING: Jim Ferguson, George Link, Jeff Snow, Earl Shultz, Ray Hertel, Parker Maddox, Bill Hobin, Brian Van Camp. ABSENT: Don Alves, Dorrie Robbins. GARFF WILSON, Advisor GORDON ZUCKERMAN, Chairman Direct contact between President Kerr and the students of the University is provided by the state-wide undergraduate organization known as the California Club. The Club, each of whose members is chosen by President Kerr from among the leaders of the student bodies on six campuses of the University, meets with the President at least twice a year to discuss Uni- versity problems, particularly those involving student welfare. Once a year, the Club meets in a three-day conference to study and analyze such problems in an intensive way. The Club also is the guardian of intercampus relations on the student level. It aims to encourage every means whereby understanding and good will can be created between the students from the Davis campus on the north to the Riverside campus in the south. In the furtherance of this ideal, the Club has sponsored such projects as the All-University Week End, the Intercampus Arts Exchange program, the publication twice a year of an intercampus newspaper, " The All Californian, " etc. In strengthening good rela- tions between the campuses, members of the Club also have the opportunity of enjoying many rousing social events with visitors from all the campuses as well as with each other. Cal Club The Vice- Chancellors and Deans THE VICE-CHANCELLORS, left to right: Adrian Kragen, Edward Strong, Alex Sherriffs. The University of California is fortunate to have extremely able men and women serving as their vice-chancellors and deans. Alex Sherriffs, Adrian Kragen, and Edward Strong serve as vice-chancellors, positions created to relieve the burden of administrative duties from the chan- cellor and at the same time to assist them in continuing their academic work. When the stu- dent is confused, he can always find assistance in the D ean of Students ' Office. Thousands of students pass through the doors of 201 Sproul Hall every day to discuss personal or campus problems, financial matters, loans, and special requests with the helpful staff. Noted for its friendliness, " the Dean ' s office " aids students, administrates University-student affairs, and works with the ASUC. Deans advise student groups, attend many student functions, hear petitions and pleas, and can never catch up with everything they should be doing ! THOMAS B. DUTTON Assistant Dean of Men ARLEIGH T. WILLIAMS Dean of Men KATHERINE A. TOWLE Dean of Women 16 Assistant Dean of Students WILLIAM McCORMACI( WILLIAM SHEPARD Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students EMILY REED Assistant Dean of Students MARYANNE REID Associate Dean of Students Special Assistant to BETTY NEALY the Dean of Students BRUTUS HAMILTON Assistant Dean of Students BARBARA BEARD Assistant Dean of Students ERIC BELLQUIST Assistant Dean of Students GORDON HEARNE Assistant Dean of Students PETER VAN HOUTEN 17 Retiring Professors PETER A. ARK Plant Pathology JESSIE V. COLES Home Economics EMILY H. HUNTINGTON Economics J. WARD LOCKWOOD Art JEAN W. MacFARLANE Psychology OTTO J. MAENCHEN HEBER A. NEWSOM RUTH OKEY MIRIAM SIMPSON Art Physical Education Agricultural Economics Medical Anatomy As living examples of excellence in teaching, publications, and personal relations, these profes- sors who will retire from the Berkeley campus of the Univer- sity of California will always be remembered. Although each year some faculty members leave the active teaching staff, their high standards, aspira- tions, and service remain as memories and an incentive to both the students and teachers who remain. Many years of de- voted service, thousands of hours of personal instruction in various fields of specialization are represented by these soon- to-be Professors Emeritus. Many departments of the Uni- versity and many more students will miss their personal contri- butions to both academic and extracurricular campus life. We of the BLUE AND GOLD join with the campus in a warm and sincere thank-you and best wishes for the future. 19 Alumni Association President JAMES ARCHER Alumni Executive Director DICK ERICKSON University Affairs Committee Alumni Association The California Alumni Association, established in 1872, is a nonprofit corporation. Its activities are dedicated to the advancement of the inter- ests of the University and to the promotion of alumni welfare. More than 42,000 former Uni- versity of California students are now members. Serving the many interests of Cal alumni and providing spirited support for undergraduate activities, the Association includes a scholar- ship program, education programs, publication of " The California Monthly, " and vacation op- portunities of the Lair of the Golden Bear among its many services, The University Affairs Com- mittee is composed of 34 mem- bers, including 21 students, five faculty members, two members of the ASUC staff, two alumni, and is under the chairmanship of the President of the ASUC. The committee was first estab- lished on the Cal campus as a means of communication and information for the University. Its function is to promote har- monius relations among these various groups through an ex- change of ideas on problems common to all. Some of the topics discussed this year have been the Daily Californian, the campus parking problem, Vol- untary Students Association vs. Compulsory Students Associa- tion, and the rooting section. FIRST ROW. left to right: Nancy E. Taylor, Mrs. 134 tty H. Neely, Forrest E. Tregea, Marge Swain, George Link, Armin Rappaport, Louis Zwerling, Jeff Wong, Don Alves. SECOND ROW: Daniel Silver, Joh], Olson, Lance Wickman, Larry Beyersdorf, Marty McNair, Jeff Snow, E. T. Grether, R. E. Erickson, Lincoln Constance, Dorrie Robbins, Gene C. Clyne H. Garland, Patty Ellerd, Larry Miller. Academic Activities " The Thirst for Knowledge " burns within every student at the University of California, at least this is what we are told should burn within us ! However with all the projects and term papers assigned and the hours spent in RBR waiting for that certain required book, we haven ' t got time to ask ourselves if we really do thirst or not. Then mid-terms and finals come, and all we can do is hope the knowledge is there. And then after vacation the whirlwind starts again. Fall and Spring, Fall and Spring, for four years, the same old thing. It is only at the end of them that we begin to realize we should have spent less time in Faculty Glade and more time " thirsting. " 21 Science is only one of the many fields in which the University of California excels. Research goes on constantly, night and day. From this University have come many Nobel prize ners who have made innumerable contributions to the world of science. The University of fornia truly lives up to its motto : " Let there be light ! " The University of California is one of the fore- most centers of learning in the United States. Students are privileged to take courses from some of the finest educators in the world, and to meet these men in their offices fcr informal discussions at any time. In this way, even in a University of such great size, it is possible to maintain a direct personal contact between the faculty and the students. I I it V I 24 College of Letters and Science The College of Letters and Science is the most popular—and the largest—school on the University campus. With its numer- ous departments and many classes, it is no wonder that the typical L S student is usually confused as to the requirements and prerequisites that he has to complete for his major, for graduation, and just for existence. The College of Letters and Science consists of the many people whose majors are such subjects as English, History, Psychology, Zoology, etc. The usual " hangouts " for these students are Wheeler Hall, Dwinelle Hall, the Life Sciences Building, the L S office, or between classes in the central meeting spot, Dwinelle Plaza. The College of Letters and Science, in keeping with the expanding physical plant and enlarged enrollment, has tried to adapt its courses, requirements, and curricula to meet the needs of the many stu- dents in this college. Dean of College of Letters and Science LINCOLN CONSTANCE College of Engineering With the exception of hard-working engineers armed with brief- cases, slide rules sheathed in arm holsters, etc., many Cal stu- dents are unfamiliar with the scenes of the northeastern end of campus. Here, one will find the University ' s highly ranked College of Engineering which provides an excellent program for its students. There are many departments included in the College of Engineering, which is highly ranked nationally and which offers an excellent theoretical curriculum. Each depart- ment, through its respective student society, presents a variety of field trips which the student an opportunity to see practical application of theories he has studied. Since engineer- ing is such a rapidly changing field with new developments occurring each year, it is the aim of the University to provide a broad theoretical background so that the student will be able to adapt himself to changing conditions. Dean cf College of Engineering JOHN T. WHINNERY 25 College of Environmental Design In keeping with the expansion of the University of California, last year the School of Architecture increased its scope by merging with the School of Landscape Architecture and the Department of City Planning to form the College of Environ- mental Design. Plans for a new architecture building, which will be located near Kroeber Hall, are under way, but classes are still being held in the old architecture building which has been used by the school since 1906. Industrious and talented students spend many hours over drawing boards mitering wooden applicators, and constructing projects from paper, paint, and various other media. The exhibit halls are full of many in- teresting projects. An Architecture Associate is offered to all students who, by belonging, can mutually benefit by the ideas and companionship available through this organization. Dean of College of Environmental Design WILLIAM WURSTER 26 College of Agriculture The College of Agriculture and its subsidiary schools comprise many fields and offer a varied program, providing students with scientific and theoretical background. Gathering in the Home Ec. Building are students from Forestry, Landscape Architec- ture, Home Ec., and several more, talking over studies and problems in their fields. Many buildings house exhibits charac- teristic of the majors. Soils from around the world can be seen in Hilgard, for example. Agriculture majors can go on to careers ranging from entomology to institutional management, from food technology to agricultural econ. Though no different from L S students, they too, are hardly ever seen " across the bridge, " and they, too, are enjoying their study and looking toward the future. Dean of College of Agriculture E. G. LINSLEY 27 College of Chemistry The School of Chemistry, one of the more technical and special- ized majors, is housed in several buildings on the Northeast section of the campus, including one of the oldest buildings on campus. Lewis Hall, Gilman Hall, the Low-Temperature Lab and the Freshman Chem Lab comprise the layout within which Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students work. Chem- istry, as a well-established science, is a basic requirement for many fields outside the school itself. Premed, dental and dental hygiene, nutrition, and nursing majors all must have at least Chemistry IA as a foundation for their own fields of study. The School of Chemistry on this campus upholds the high traditions inherent in the scientific field. Dean of College of Chemistry ROBERT E. CONNICK 28 School of Law Dean of School of Law WILLIAM L. PROSSER Boalt Hall, University Law School, is considered one of the nation ' s ten leading schools of law. It offers a three-year grad- uate program, with basic grounding in all fields of law. The bar exam is the climax of law studies, and three months of frantic study come between leaving school and passing the bar. Boalt Hall is a comparatively new building located in the southeast corner of campus with an impressive exterior as well as interior. The law school prepares its graduates for careers in private practice, with law firms, or for some branch of national or state government. On the lighter side, intramurals are a favorite pastime of the students, as well as tennis games in the easily accessible courts across the street. 29 School of Business Administration Business Administration, considered one of the most popular as well as one of the most general fields of study, offers courses in economics, business law, accounting, marketing, and prin- ciples of real estate. South Hall holds the main offices of the school as well as several paper pickup boxes, although most of the classes and study rooms are located in Wheeler Hall. The School of Business Administration includes many courses of interest both to the serious business administration student as well as those who want just a general knowledge of business principles. While often called a " fraternity major, " it neverthe- less offers much in the way of worth-while and necessary courses for those students intending to pursue careers in the business world. Dean of School of Business Administration E. T. GRETHER 30 School of Criminology Careers open to the Criminology major include : master crimi- nologist, policewoman, work with the California Youth Author- ity, institutional work and police lab work. The department is divided into three sections for specialization—law enforcement, correction and criminalistics. The headquarters of the school is T-2, and Crim. majors run from there to Haviland and Cal Hall to keep up with classes. The School of Criminology is a relatively small, close, and unified group of students. Field trips to San Quentin each semester and interesting field projects and crime studies highlight the year. Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the National Law Enforcement Fraternity, holds lectures and social activ- ities which are interesting as well as enjoyable to its members. Dean of School of Criminology ARTHUR H. SHERRY 31 School of Forestry Dean of School of Forestry HENRY J. VAUX One of the leading schools of its kind in the nation, the only accredited one in California, Cal ' s School of Forestry makes its home in Mulford Hall on the northeast corner of campus. Mul- ford Hall was designed and built especially for the School of Forestry and features walls paneled with woods from all over the world. After two years of preforestry, students are eligible to enter the school. A second prerec. is the ten-week summer camp held at Meadow Valley in Plumas National Forest. There, the students meet each other and the profs in an informal atmos- phere. During this ten-week program, the students learn to apply the principles learned on campus as well as in the camp. The students are in charge of maintaining the camp for the entire period of time and often they will fight the forest fires in the region in order to earn money for the summer. 32 The School of Optometry The School of Optometry, with its own building across from Cowell Hospital, is noted by students for its clinic. So popular is this clinic that it is necess ary to wait, sometimes as long as a month, to make an appointment. The Optometry students learn to examine eyes, dispense glasses, and even fit contacts in their classes, and they practice their newly learned trade on the unsuspecting public. Junior and Senior students work in the clinic whole days during the class week, and each class has all its members together throughout the yearly curricula. Every student joins the University of California Optemetric Associ- ation which has both social and educational functions. Those students who inspect your eyes will get paid for it soon, and though they live isolated lives in their n major, hardly ever seeing anyone outside their own class, they ' re looking toward a busy future. Dean of School of Optometry MEREDITH W. MORGAN 33 School of Public Health The " pillar " of the west side of campus, Warren Hall, houses the School of Public Health. Students there are, by and large, an older group, all preparing for careers such as hospital istration, public health laboratory work, public health education, and other related fields. A tall, stately, scientific and modern structure, Warren Hall seems isolated in the far west corner of campus and is far from the usual Sather Gate meeting place of many students. Although separated by such a long distance from most of the campus, there ' s lots of activity going on in Warren constantly, and you have to get up good and early to make that eight o ' clock. There is an air of dedication, a profes- sional atmosphere which surrounds students, but there ' s plenty of time for informal discussions also. Dean of School of Public Health CHARLES E. SMITH 34 COLONEL GUERNEY Air Force COLONEL MALLOY Army CAPTAIN MEYER Navy The ROTC department is divided into three divisions — Army, Navy, Air Force — all of which offer two years of required programs and two years of selective upper division work. lowing graduation, these four-year students, who are paid during school attendance, receive a commission in the field of their choice. Weekly drills are held for all students and so, once a week, the campus swarms with uniformed dets wearing the blues and greens of their spective services. Each division has a social program of its own as well as extracurricular organization—Arnold Air Society, Quarterdeck, and Golden Guard. Year before last, the girls got into the act as the Air Force inaugurated its Angel Flight group which is an auxiliary to Arnold Air. Despite the continual debate over the compulsory nature of the program, ROTC manages to produce excellent officer material from its ranks. 35 Both inside and outside the classroom, the student at the University of nia is offered many opportunities for educational advancement. The sity is a center of learning. The sors ' and TAs ' offices are always open to any student who needs outside help or just merely wants to come in and chat. The only complaint of these educators is that not enough students take tage of the opportunity ! One of the many fine programs offered to the dent is the Morrison Reading Room lectures conducted by the English partment. These are given every day afternoon and consist of poetry readings given by one of the faculty members of the English Department ... 36 ... 155 Dwinelle is a familiar sight to most L S students and is typical of many of the comfortable and spacious classroom s found on the campus. The man in the lab is a familiar sight to the student striving for a B.S. degree and this aspect of the University educational program has made the name of the Uni- versity of California world renowned. What other educational institution can boast of so many Nobel prize winners ? However, there is also a lighter side to the educational program, demonstrated in such instances as Head Coach Marvin Levy ' s instruction in the aims and prin- ciples of football to the female half of the student population at the beginning of the year. Truly there is no end to the opportunities in education available to the University student. 37 Although the University of nia is a rapidly expanding institution, alongside the new construction, the old familiar sights remain. The old Stephens Union stands as a sight familiar to millions of students. versity House remains one of the most beautiful presidents ' houses on any college campus. And the nile bells still chime out their song on a c risp Fall afternoon. • El I JR=Z.,-7, ' z The Beginning Confusion, stairways, long lines, more confusion, IBM cards, hands reaching out for cards, (Fill in that zone number !), tired feet, more fusion as to class status—all these are significant in the process of tration. If the student is fortunate enough to survive such measures of torture, he is tested for further durance in the form of ment. The latter provides an incentive to rise at six in the morning and let the body proceed automatically to stand in more lines in order to enroll in the proper class, half of which you find you can ' t get into. Then, after this ordeal is completed, the student must fight the crowds at the stores and hope he can find the sary textbooks. Fortunately, school begins soon after, and it is hoped that with the change, confusion ends also. However, there is always more to do : filing study lists, or changing tions, or a million and one other technicalities. If the student is not too frustrated by now he can begin ning down to RBR to pick up books for those papers that seem to stantly loom up on the horizon. Of course, the weather is still beautiful and swimming up at Strawberry Canyon looks awfully inviting. And who can resist the call for a fourth for bridge? And then it might be nice to get into an activity—but which one ? There ' s always so much to do at the beginning, and then all of a sudden it ' s time for mid-terms and cinch notices. SANTA BARBARA LA JOLLA LOS ANGELES BERKELEY SAN FRANCISCO MED. CENTER 48 RIVERSIDE All-U Week End As thousands of students from all the Cal cam- puses descended on Berkeley, a giant rally at the Greek Theater officially started All-Univer- sity Week End. Yell leaders and pompon girls from each school participated in the program. Following the rally there was an All-U dance at Hearst Gymnasium, featuring the band of Ernie Heckscher. The Cal-UCLA game was highlighted by the card stunts at half time. The card section presented a series of stunts recog- nizing each of the campuses, concluding with " The Big U " to symbolize the unity of the schools. The Cal Band showed its talents at half time presenting a program on the theme " Salut- ing the Campuses. " A good time was had by all, even though Cal lost the game. The Campuses The University of California, since its founding in 1868, has grown more rapidly, perhaps, than any similar institution in the United States. Today it comprises seven campuses and numer- ous minor centers of instruction, research, and public service in many parts of the State. As President Kerr said in his welcoming address to the students : " The University this Fall will have about 48,000 students, an increase of 4,500 over last year. By 1975 it will have grown to about 120,000. It is the largest and the fastest growing university in the nation ; and also one of the most distinguished. The growth is by necessity ; the distinction is by choice and by great effort. " Big Game Week An old tradition bit the dust on the first day of Big Game Week this year. Blue Monday with its kangaroo Court and bewigged judges dis- appeared. No longer was anyone punished for wearing red, rather every- one wearing blue was rewarded. On Wednesday a new tradition was born in the form of a musical spirit day. Students were entertained all over campus by the various musical groups. The Big Game Week Queen, Chris Martin, and her court took an active part in Big Game Week activities and were presented to the crowd in the Cal Band ' s pregame festivities. House decorations were judged on Thursday and Phi Kappa Tau and Alpha Chi Omega won the sweepstakes, while Phi Kappa Sigma and Pi Beta Phi won the first place in the mechanized division. The traditional stunts prevailed as when Cal men released 175 powder blue mice in Stanford ' s Roble Hall and dropped 10,000 leaflets over Hoover Tower telling the Indians to " give up. " At the Rally Friday nigh t, the traditional Andy Smith Eulogy was read, and, on Saturday, the members of the Wonder Team of 1920 were honored. Then, as a fitting climax to the week, Cal gave Stanford their axe—right in the neck—to win the Big Game for the third straight year, 21-10. Axe Review For the second time in three years, Kappa Nu frater- nity won the sweepstakes in the Axe Revue compe- tition. Second place went to Chi Omega, with Cheney Hall finishing third. The winning act had a little of everything—Damon Runyon, international relations, Walt Disney, television, and, of course, the traditional Cal-Stanford rivalry. Chi Omega ' s second-place act dwelt on the possibility of compulsory ROTC—for women. " Oski ' s Axecution " was the title of Cheney Hall ' s act. It, too, had an international flavor, with " Cubanos Californios, " members of " Hate, " campus political action group, fighting the " Stanford Reds. " 55 University Meetings The first University meeting of the year, on September 29, served as both an opportunity for Chancellor Seaborg to come students to the campus and for Pete Newell to honor the athletes returning from the Olympics. The crowd rose and gave Newell, who coached Cal teams to a national championship and several league titles, a standing ovation. After a speech by Newell, Seaborg again returned to the stage to present Jerry Siebert, track star and member of the U.S. Olympic team, with the new Brutus Hamilton Award. The new award was lished by the Big C Society and Seaborg to be given to the University athlete who has " shown striking improvement both scholastically and athletically during his undergraduate career. " The second University meeting of the year honored the King and Queen of Denmark—a tall stately man and his elegant wife, regal of bearing, yet giving an undeniable impression of great personal warmth and friendliness. Addressing himself to the students, the King said that the world today needs young men and women with strong will power, who can " stand with both feet planted on a firm ground of reality. " The students of the University were also privileged to have the opportunity this year to hear such eminent statesmen as Henry Cabot Lodge, the past U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and Adlai Stevenson, the present U.S. Ambassador. 56 Charter Day Many of the 12,000 people who trekked up to the Greek Theater no doubt went just to hear Secretary of State Dean Rusk, but found themselves paying at least as much attention to the color and pageantry of the Charter Day ceremony. The marshal for the Charter Day ceremonies led the academic procession into the Greek Theater. Behind the color guard followed President Kerr and Governor Brown, and following them were the University alumni representing their classes. The scene was a gay one, filled with the color of flags and spring clothes. President Kerr spoke on liberty and upheld free expression. He said : " . . . when freedom of thought and expression has died on a university campus, it has died where. " Dean Rusk then delivered his first major address since taking office, and expressed his hope and the nation ' s for the success of the nuclear test ban negotiations beginning in Geneva, Switzerland. He also discussed the United Nations, the Cold War, and went on to say that the world ' s " present task is the far more difficult one of finding measures which will safely permit reduction in arms while a world of law and order is coming into being. " 57 Plans for the new Student Union have been gaining mentum since 1948 in response to a popular and growing demand of the student body for better student facilities. Administrative work on the project was started in 1956 when President Kerr, then chancellor, submitted a posal to the Regents of the University for the construction of the center. The present Student Union and Commons buildings comprise one half of the yet-to-be completed California Student Center. These facilities represent a combination designed for student cultural and recreational activities and an efficient food service operation. The dent Center is operated jointly by the ASUC and the versity. The ASUC provided management for the wide range of student and nonstudent activities that take place throughout the center. The University shares in the tenance and upkeep and also operates the many food ice facilities of the Dining Commons. The Student Union and Dining Commons Building have been built primarily with funds from a federal loan and very generous gifts from University alumni and friends. The State of California also authorized a sizeable sum toward the construction of the food service area. Some of the major donors and dedications are as lows: The Barbara McHenry Pauley Room, a gift of her husband, Edwin Pauley ; the Clara Hellman Heller Room, a gift of her son Edward Heller, and the Stephens morial Room, in memory of Henry Morse Stephens. The Student Union opened on March 13 at noon with the ribbon-cutting ceremonies at the northeast entrance to the Union Building. The week following was filled with many entertaining and educational events. The ASUC bowl gave free lessons on Monday and that night there was an bition game with participants : Edward Strong, Alex riffs, William Shepard, and George Link. There was also an exhibition match given by champions Helen Duval and Loy Countryman. On Tuesday there was an Artists in Action in the Heller Lounge. On Wednesday Prof. Milo Smith spoke on " Income Taxes " and Prof. Armin. Rappaport hosted a faculty coffee hour, while bridge instruction was given in the Pauley Ballroom. On Thursday Prof. Mark Schorer gave an excellent speech on the " Harrassed Humanities, " as he calls them, and Prof. Peter Odegard spoke on " The Students ' Role in Politics. " Later that afternoon Garff Wilson gave a reading of " A visit to a Small Planet. " Friday the official dedication ceremonies took place with President Clark Kerr and ward Strong officiating and various personalities such as Governor Edmund Brown speaking. And Saturday night the week was climaxed by a Dedication Ball, featuring the " Four Preps. " It was truly a week to remember and the new Student Union stands as a symbol of years of endeavor to provide the students of the University of California with the finest possible facilities. Greek Week The activities of Greek Week represent a wide variety of in- terests of the Greek letter so- cieties. Sorority girls attend exchange dinners, thereby ex- tending their acquaintances on the campus. Panhellenic and IFC have an annual banquet at which they exchange ideas on various topics. The Theta Xi- sponsored Pushcart Relays, which begin at Hearst Avenue and end in front of Memorial Stadium, always provide an ex- citing afternoon ' s entertain- ment. The Greeks publish a paper which tells of the year ' s activities and the IFC Ball cli- maxes the week. 60 Spring Sing Holding a special place in the Spring activities of the Univer- sity campus is the annual Spring Sing concert which is held in the Greek Theater. The pro- gram consists of participants from many of the living groups singing anything ranging from Negro spirituals to jazz num- bers. The Spring Sing is one of the highlights of the semester and truly makes a wonderful evening ' s entertainment. Masters of Ceremcny: Nick Bevilacqua and Steve Westfall. Last year ' s sweepstakes winners, Phi Mu, singing " Loch Lomond. " The UC Band performing a noncompetitive Russian number. 61 With the coming of Spring a change comes over the campus—blossoms pear in profusion, couples dot the lawn beneath the Campanile and Faculty Glade, and tan faces can be seen on every side. Professors suddenly appear in lightweight suits ; girls in sundresses sit in Dwinelle Plaza to soak up the sun, and every afternoon the boys play ball on the fraternity lawns. The waning Spring opens books on campus in much the same way its dawn opens flowers. The library ' s " Study Early " warning finally begins to be observed — the anxious wait for reserved books, a righteous penance for the larks of weeks past. The term paper that is due row, the problem sets yet unfinished and the projects still uncompleted become more formidable each day. Everywhere the studious attitude is observed in the most unlikely places and contortions of the human frame can be explained as the external symptoms of what goes on in a learning mind. 62 Finals are one of those diseases which ' ? strike the Berkeley campus twice a year, and then are gone. They throw the en- tire student population into a panic. The library is jammed for two weeks to the extent that it is impossible to find a seat unless one arrives at 8 a.m. ! A hushed tension spreads throughout the campus, as students bury themselves in their textbooks trying to make up for all the work they haven ' t done in the last two months. Students buy five blue books at once, and the lecture rooms are filled to capacity : unmistakable signs that finals are upon us ! Students resort to " no doze, " coffee, and cigarettes as the last salvation, and many can be seen scan- ning last-minute notes while on their way to a final. As they relapse into vari- ous stages of panic, the girls gain pounds while the boys lose them. And then at last the terrible period is over, and the campus lies empty as the stu- dent population makes a mass exodus to parts unknown. NO SMOKING IN THIS ROOM Graduation Graduation marks the end of our college careers, and as the time approaches we all begin to look back over our years at Cal and try to evaluate them. A short time ago we were freshmen struggling to get our papers in and diligently arriving for our eight o ' clocks. As sophomores we began to be confident and assured and decided we knew all the ropes. Then came year number three. Classes and assignments were such secondary things and the word for the day seemed to be " socialization. " And here we are today, ready to leave and feeling strangely unlike the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors we once were. We have learned many things. We have learned what a depth of meaning the word " education " contains. We realize that we are only beginning to be educated. And we realize how much we don ' t know. We realize that not only is education a lifetime process, but that it is worth every ounce of energy we put into its pursuit. We have also learned the real value of fun and ities, and how to achieve a balance in all that we attempt. Our memories are filled with the good times that our college years have brought to us. And we have learned what it is to be a part of this great University. Yes, we are glad to be graduates, for it is only natural that we should want to mold our lives and pursue our individual goals. But as we graduate, we cannot help but think that we will miss you, Cal, for at no other time and in no other way will we receive or experience what you have given us during our years here. .4411=wi,--21114M1111- A �.k 1 ' ivy a,-WP -Ma 11S III 12 . - " %war.. " I ' LrAges07 " lb... GARY AGUIRRE HEATHER McCUNE GEORG ANN MINER TERRY COCHRAN Senior Class Epitaph The Senior Class culminated four years of university life with a real treasure chest of memories. Upon arrival of our class in 1957, we immediately established ourselves by overpowering the veteran sophomores in the traditional Soph Brawl. Continued class enthusiasm and spirit in our second year was manifested by the dual success of the Intercollegiate Ball and Soph Week. Our junior year was highlighted by a combination of evening dinners, planned and inspiring council meetings, and the first annual Junior-of-the-Year Award. Such innovations as the Upper Division Ski Trip and the Pre-Big Game Party, augmented by the always high-spirited Rathskellar meetings, made our senior year the most unforgettable of all. Climaxing our senior year was the long-awaited Senior Week. Under the able chairmanship of John Quinn, Senior Week proved both unique and unforgettable. Thus, the class of 1961 has many fond memories from the past four years. GARY AGUIRRE Senior Class President The Class of 1961 e ntered UC filled with rowdy enthusiasm and happily won the annual Frosh•Soph Brawl. As sophomores, they proceeded with as much spirit into activities such as painting the Big " C. " 70 During their junior year, they gave some thought to the responsibilities of planning class activities. But as seniors, the Class of ' 61 returned once again to the rowdiness of their freshman year, this time with the added inducements of the Rathskeller. Senior Week Committee Senior Week Chairman John J. Quinn Senior Ball Gay Westsmith Margaret Lang Senior Sweetheart Pete Bailey Jim Trembath Publicity Billie Nelson Senior Pilgrimage Brenda Cox Senior Gift Brenda Goodman Senior Banquet Janice Lateana Anna Marie Taylor Baccalaureate Cathy Miller Class Banner Corry Schnitzer President ' s Reception Phil Smith Brochure Jerrell Jacobs A dministrative Beverly Finer SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL GARY AGUIRRE is better known as " Bears " to his friends in the Lambda Chi Alpha house. He is senior class president, and a member of Gavel and Quill, Ex. Comm., Golden Bear, Californians, and Men ' s Ex. Board, and chairman of COB — Quite an impressive list! Gary enjoys playing the bongos and plans to enter law school in September. This active senior sounds as if he will do quite well. Abbe, Winfield J. Adams, Doreen E. Sierra Madre Oakland Physics Social Welfare Oxford Hall AOTI, Pres. Syn- cron. Swim Club, All-Cal Swim Award, Class Coun. Adamson, Wanda B. Ahlin, Judythe San Diego Hayward Sociology Home Economics Repertory Chorus, Cunningham Hall University Chorus Pres. Cunningham, Vice-Pres., Pres., Home Econ. Club Anches, Jerome Anderson, Lawrence Seattle, Wash. Long Beach English Chemical Engr. ZBT Pres., IFC AICHE Sec., ZBT, Vice- Pres.,Big Game Comm. Alexander, William Alton, Thomas Chico Bakersfield Physical Education Business Admin. Basketball MAE Abbod, Norman J. Adams, Grace Jean Ambridge, Penn. Oakland Electrical Engr. Mathematics UCSEE, AIEE, College Women ' s IRE Club Abell, Susan Marie Berkeley Social Welfare MM Albertini, Barbara Allen, John Livermore Alameda Art Finance Cercle Francais, 1X Honor Students Soc., Creative Arts Club, Newman Club Allenby, Ann San Diego English Andersen, Ralph Anderson, Nancy San Leandro Los Altos Hills Political Science History Prytanean, Cunningham Anderson, Robert Oakland Civil Engineering Rally Comm., ASCE, XE Rep at Large, Chmn. Big Game Week, Pres. Smyth Assn., Chancellor ' s Comm. on Univ. Affairs, ASUC Finance Comm., Californians Anderson, Palo Alto Child Development MK Adams, Heather R. Santa Barbara Sociology AAA, Rally Comm., Class Council Affleck, Diane Y. Oakland Child Development A011, Calif. dent Teachers ' Assn. Agarth, Jr., Vernon Albany Optometry UCOS, Pres. Senior Optometry Club Albright, Robert G. Lafayette Mechanical Engr. MKT, ASME, 11 T1 Alves, Donald Castro Valley Marketing ASUC First Vice- Pres., Cal Club, Jr. Class Pres., Californians, ASUC Ex Comm., ATA Alving, John Bakersfield Civil Engineering ASCE, MM, Ski Club, KAP Adams, Richard E. Los Gatos Anatomy Alcorn, John Bryce Canyon, Utah Accounting Arnold Air Society, Barrington Hall Andreasen, Glenn Oakland Industrial Engr. AIIE Aguirre, Gary Sacramento Political Science AXA, Senior Class Pres., Ex. Comm., Californians, Men ' s Ex. Bd. Chairman, Class Officers Board Alley, Jamilla Amaden, Lee Anderson, David Castro Valley Sacramento Glendale Child Development Civil Engineering Business Admin. Cheney Hall American Society Californians, IFC, Civil Engineers Rep at Large, AM II, MM, AMQ, BE Adams, Bruce K. San Francisco Business Admin. AXA 72 The ASUC first vice-president is none other than DON ALVES, a Delt whose major is marketing. Don is a member of Cal Club, Californians, and University Affairs Committee. This busy young man has also found time to be vice-president of ASUC Executive Committee and chairman of ASUC Finance Committee and Union Advisory Board. Don likes to play the ac- cordion and hopes for a career in marketing manage- ment after graduation. Who knows what is in store for this active senior? Baker, Frank Harris Baldwin, Gardner T. Shaker Heights, Ross Ohio Engineering Economics ' FrA Andrus, Jerilyn Boulder, Colo. English Yacht Club Angus, Gene Hayward History AT Annin, Martha Berkeley Business Admin. EK Ansari, Mohamm Sidon, Lebanon Mechanical Engr. Antin, Evelyne El Cerrito Business Admin. ' FEE, Oski Doll Archer, Judith Corcoran Child Development EK Armstrong, Muriel Eureka Mathematics Cheney Sr. Class Pres., Cheney Ju- dicial Comm., Tumbling and Gymnastics Club, Cheney Hall Arne, Claude Yuba City Mechanical Engr. PIK Arnold, Anne San Leandro Public Health AA II Aslin, Harlan San Mateo Electrical Engr. AIEE, EX Vice- President, EX Attenborough, Roland Salinas Business Admin. College Model UN, Young Republicans, BAY, Ausfahl, William Danville Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, Megaphone Society, Men ' s Ex. Board, ATA Awtrey, Mary Claire Fresno Dental Hygiene Senior Class Coun- cil, University Young Republicans, Ski Club, AAA Axt, Milton San Francisco History Backman, Irene San Francisco Child Development AcI,E Badger, Joan Simi YWCA, Campus Tours, rex, CSTA, WAA, Epworth Hall Baer, David San Mateo Mathematics Baseball, EN Bailey, Joan Los Angeles Art WAA, University Chorus, AOC, MCP Bailey, Peter El Cerrito Premed., Spanish Megaphone Society Yell Leader, Aru, Sr. Week Chairman, IFC, EIT Bailey, Russell Huntington Beach Physics AXP Baker, Janet Ann Albany Home Economics Home Economics Club Bardo, Denys W. San Francisco History AAA, Ski Club, Young Republicans Barraza, Reyes M. Oakland Civil Engineering Deutsch Hall, ASCE, XE Barre, Ole Oakland Agr. Business Man. EAE 73 Bailey, Jr., Talbot Baker, John H. Barker, Elizabeth Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Geology History Social Welfare Masonic Club, WT, Golden Guard, II43, Ski Club, University Chorus, 14,,Canterbury Honor Students OT Bain, Eleanor Hazel Baker, Sharon Ann Barnes, Loretta I. Richmond Manteca Sacramento Decorative Art History Decorative Art Stern Hall, Honor Davidson Hall Students, YWCA Economics Child Development RALPH ANDERSON says that a law career is his ambition for the future. This political science major is a rep-at-large on the ASUC Executive Comm ittee and president of Smyth Association. He was chairman of the 1959 Big Game Week, and is currently a member of the Chancellor ' s Committee on University Affairs, Finance Committee, and Californians. Ralph is engaged and is currently field director for the Junior Statesmen Foundation. Barry, Jeremy A. San Francisco Anthropology Deutsch Hall, Honor Society Barthman, Patricia Oakland Social Welfare ■DM Barthold, Todd San Carlos Barton, Eddy Lee Bathgate, Robert E. Fellows Whittier Psychology Mechanical Engr. Cal Band, Putnam Hall, Masonic Club ASME, Crew Bass, Margherita H. Battaglia, Florence St. Paul, Minn. San Francisco Psychology Mathematics Freeborn Hall Bates, Carol Martin Bauer, Frederick M. San Raf ael El Cerrito Bauman, Frederica Alhambra Italian ZTA Baxter, Robert Sacramento Civil Engineering AD,P Bayba, Rick Y. San Francisco Communications and Public Policy AT Beckwith, Howard Lakewood Mathematics Bedford, Robert Lee Bell Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall Belanger, Gerald W. Balboa Island Optometry Swimming Bennett, Aileen Kentfield Marketing Cunningham Hall, Ski Club, Yacht Club Benson, David E. Vacaville Political Science Bowles Hall, Jr. Class Council, Track Mgr., AIDE Berg, Marshall L. Turlock Physiology Premed Society, Honor Society Berman, Carol Ellen South Pasadena Philosophy Berman, David Los Angeles Engineering-Physics TB II Bernadicou, Irene J. Stockton English CSTA, AAA Berry, Joan San Communications and Public Policy International House, YWCA, ZTA Bertelsen, Judy S. Sanger English Poly Sci. Slate, YWCA, Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board Bertero, Richard J. Alameda Business Admin. Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, AT History Communications and Business Admin. ATO, Order of Public Policy Golden Guard, Golden Bear, Cali- AT ' ADzIii fornians, Men ' s J. Comm., IFC, House Pres. Bartolero, James H. Bates, Thomas H. Rolling Hills Fullerton Finance Speech Varsity Football and Rugby, Skull and Keys, Order of Golden Bear. Tri- une, Be II Baum, Willi Walter Oakland Accounting AKP Beardsley, Lorna M. Hayward Social Welfare Freeborn Hall, K ' I, Masonic Club, Young Republicans Benetti, Pauline M. Half Moon Bay English Stebbins Hall Berliner, Rodolfo M. La Paz, Bolivia International Relat. International House, UCLASA Berner, Susan Claire Santa Rosa French French Club, CSTA, KA Bett, Nancy E. Oakland Child Development Wesley Foun- dation, YWCA, University Chorus 74 BILL AUSFAHL ' s pet peeve is " Rod, " the Delt goose. In his spare time Bill has been a member of Men ' s Executive Board, Order of the Golden Bear, and Megaphone Society. He is also chairman of the Com- mittee of Student Control of Students, president of Californians, and was coordinator of the 1960 Fall Football Festival. He is called " Foz " by his Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers and is noted for his premid- term jamming. His favorite expression is " You pidgeon " ! Bobroff, Dimitry A. Bohn, Patrick Allen San Francisco Berkeley Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. HKN, TBIT , IRE, ASME, II TM USCEE Bobrow, Morris D. Boland, Robert San Francisco Berkeley Political Science Business Admin. KN, Californians, OEN Sec. of Interfrater- nity Scholastic Hon- or Soc., Honor Stu- dents Society Cal Band, Axe Re- view Master of Cer. Bogart, Marianne Bolton, William D. Berkeley San Marino Accounting Business Admin. Masonic Club, Honor TT Students Society, BAT, rDX0 Boone, Richard J. Lodi Business Admin. EAE Bordy, John Ty-Mures, Rumania Zoology Soccer, Water Polo Borroto, Wilfredo Boyadjieff, George Havana, Cuba Calistoga Architecture Mechanical Engr. Honor Student Soc., Griffiths Hall, Architecture Assn., ASME, TITE, UGLASA TB H Bostwock, Paul V. Brandvein, Ronald I. Redwood City Los Angeles Music Optometry Cal Band, Games School of Optom- Rallies Council, Ac- etry, Vice-Pres. Op- tivities Planning tometry School Committee Bevilacqua, Nicholas Hollywood Mechanical Engr. Publicity and Public Relations Bevis, Hilary Joan San Francisco English HBO, Copy Editor Blue Gold, Wom- en ' s J. Comm., Intramurals, YWCA Blel, Bonnie Lee Santa Rosa Business Admin. rDX0, AIESEC, AWFA Bley, Kenneth Boas San Francisco Engineering Science Biasotti, M argaret Blum, Barbara Ann Berkeley San Francisco Child Development Child Development Newman Club, UC Davidson Hall Honor Society Putnam Hall Californians, ASUC Student Services Bd., Putnam Hall Pres. ' 59- ' 60, Golden Guard Bragg, Carrie San Marino Decorative Art AAA, Women ' s Ral- ly Comm., Card Stunts Comm., AXA Bordi, Stephen W. Bosso, Robert E. Concord Santa Cruz Physical Education Political Science Baseball, P.E. Soc. Blackburn, William Long Beach Business Admin. xE Blumberg, Daniel A. Oakland Political Science KN, Mask Dag- ger, Axe Review Bohle, Charles D. Pasadena Mechanical Engr. ADD Bone, Don Lester Lafayette MKT, Exec. Comm., NSA Coordinator, Rally Comm., Na- tional Student Assn. Bodo, Nancy Woodland Hills AEA, Women ' s Rep., Junior Class Sec-Treas., Mortar Board, Prytanean, Pres. of Living Group Bowen, Robert C. Corona Industrial Engr. AIIE, AHM, TB Braverman, Marilyn San Francisco English A DE, Collegians, Axe Review Breed, George Gross Piedmont Sociology 6E, Crew, IFC Exec. Comm., VD, UCYR, UCYC Bressie, Elbert Paul Sebastopol Economics ,Dre, IFC, UC Yacht Club, Daily Cal Brinkworth, Carol Ashland, Ore. Music Brodersen, Arthur J. Fresno Engineering TB H , HKN, AIIE, IRE 75 Business Admin. History DON BONE is called " Whipper " by his Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brothers. Don is noted for " wheeling and dealing " and seems to have done pretty well at it. He has been NSA coordinator, a member of Ex. Comm., Rally Comm., Mystic Knights, and Student Forum. Don claims his ambition is to be a professional student. Carges, James Richmond Business Admin. H, Track Carmalt, Churchill Carmel Business Admin. 4 ' IK, IFC, MAX Carroz, John W. Cayot, Josef Fresno Oakland Chemical Engr. Electrical Engr. EX, AICHE Christian Science Organization Carville, Philip P. Cecchi, Ronald B. San Francisco Redwood City Forestry Forestry MX Oxford Forestry Club Carmichael, Martha Cash in, Carol Cerwinsky, Edmund San Jose Piedmont Sacramento Political Science Child Development Biochemistry OT, Panhellenic KAO, Women ' s Acacia Rally Comm., Jr. Panhellenic Carrier, Lee William Cassinelli, Peter L. Chackerian, Richard Wolverine, Mich. Jackson San Francisco Electrical Engr. History Political Science LIME, UCSEE Bowles Hall Putnam Hall Italian Club, Senior Honor Society Manager of Track Byerly, John Temple Geological Engr. Bzoch, Vladka Jane Stockton Hispanic America AO II, Big Game Week, Blue Gold, Student Union Bd., Synchronized Swim Club Calderwood, Larren Bakersfield Sociology Masonic Club, Baseball Calkins, Hugh West Berkeley Geography KAP, Californians, Oski Comm., Big Game Week Comm. Call, Evelyn Alice Oakland Social Welfare Callahan, Michael J. Menlo Park Economics Frosh Crew Calvy, Sharon Louise Coronado Spanish AAA Project Americas Camozzi, Carolyn D. Oakland Political Science OT, Honor Students Soc., Masonic Club, Young Republicans Campbell, Craig A. King City Zoology TT, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet Campbell, Janet Laguna Beach English A. 13 Campbell, Meri San Francisco History xsz Campbell, Nancy L. San Bruno Physical Education WAA Vice Pres., Pres., Women ' s " C " Soc., Prytanean, Torch Shield, P.E. Majors Club Campbell, Robert Salinas Ceramic Engr. Deutsch Hall, Ma- sonic Club, Class Council, Axe Review, Spring Sing Canty, Jerry Edward Portsmouth, Va. Chemistry Griffiths Hall Honor Soc., Officer of Griffiths Hall, ACSSA Canty, John T. San Leandro Philosophy Honor Student Card, Ben Franklin Palo Alto History B011 Chai, Bong Jin Seoul, Korea Chemistry Challes, Dean New York Industrial ATS1, TB II, AHM, A TIE, gineers Joint Coun- cil, Fraternity Honor Society Champion, Joel T. Alameda Anthropology X, Arnold Air Soc., Sabre Air Command, Kroeber Anthropological Soc. Chan, Albert Yiu-C. Hong Kong Electrical Engr. AIEE, CSC NANCY BORIO is called " meow " or " cat woman " by her Alpha Xi Delta sorority sisters and is noted for sleeping through classes and rabble-rousing for AWS. Although her favorite expression is " tomorrow I ' ve got to get organized, " she certainly seems to have accom- plished something. She has been Women ' s Rep., a member of Ex. Comm., chairman of AWS Board, president of her sorority, president delegate of Pan- hellenic Council, and a member of Gavel and Quill, Mortar Board, and Prytanean. Her favorite pastime is socializing and she plans to begin teaching in an ele- mentary school after graduation. Brodke, Joanne D. Brown, Dorothy A. Oakland Hanford History Business Admin. AE,P, History Club, California Student Teachers Assn. Brovelli, Diane M. San Francisco Child Development AFA, Collegians, Senior Class Council Brown, Denis Roy Torrance Slavic Lang. Lit. OX, Yacht Club, Tower Flame WDA, Secretary, American Marketing Assn., Jr. Auxiliary of AAUW Brown, Michael W. Columbus, Ga. German Intercollegiate De- bate, Honor Stu- dents Soc., Pres. of German Club Browning, Gary W. El Cerrito Business Admin. AKA Brownstein, H. Mark Beverly Hills Communications Public Policy ZBT, Varsity Baseball, IFC Broyles, Margie N. Chico Social Welfare A AX Brucker, Sheldon E. Beverly Hills Physics EAM Brue, Sharon L. Ojai English Bruno, Marty Lynn Oakland Comm. Pub. Pol. KA, International Fair Comm., Union Board, Senior Class Council Buckman, Robert D. Oakland Criminology AAE Corps Commander Bufano, Frank J. Jr. Santa Rosa Mechanical Engr. ASME Bulkley, Patricia Los Angeles Bullert, Delores Ann Redding Biostatistics Bultena, David A. Anaheim Criminology Oxford Hall Varsity Water Polo AAE Bunn, Penny Hillsborough Art History KKI ' Burchett, Fred R. Bakersfield Burden, James E. Sacramento Business Admin. 4)10P, IFC Treas- urer, IFC Exec. Comm., Ski Club Burkholder, Warren Berkeley Chemical Engr. Acacia Track, Californians Burkner, Florence E. Modesto Sociology AAA, Ski Club, Young Republicans Burnett, David D. Menlo Park Electrical Engr. Deutsch Hall UCSEE, Canterbury, Tower and Flame Burr, Stefan Andrus El Cerrito Mathematics Gymnastics, Record- ing Sec. of Stiles Hall, Null Set Chairman, (DBE, Honor Students Burress, James E. Alameda Political Science AT, Varsity Foot- ball, Rugby, Skull Keys, Big C, Winged Helmet Busby, Bellany Joan Arcadia History Prytanean, Symphony Forum, Experiment in International Living Butler, Elton G. Walnut Creek Political Science Cal Band, Masonic Club Butler, Kenneth C. Vallejo Mechanical Engr. ASME Butler, Victoria Boise, Idaho English AI ' Butner, David N. Berkeley Electrical Engr. AX, TB II, 9 ' KI, IFC Honor Society Byde, Anita Luise Gilroy Political Science KAO, UCYC, Honor Society, I House Bromberg, Barbara Brown, Margo Chicago Taft English English ASE IK, Panile, Pry- tanean, Student Un- ion Advisory Comm., Director ASUC Student Publicity Pub. Relations, Honor Students Labor Ind. Relat. Mechanical Engr. II BO, 4qEK Rally Comm., Pan- hellenic, Intramural, Honor Student 77 WHEELER COBERLY, better known as " Cabe " to his Zeta Psi fraternity brothers, is an English major whose ambition is success. This active senior has carried out his ambitions at Cal in the past four years. He is president of the Zete house, Circle C Society, and Winged Helmet. He is also a member of Skull and Keys, Golden Bear, Men ' s Ex. Board, and Athletics Advisory Committee. In his spare time he manages to be quite active on the rugby field. Chan, Conway San Francisco Civil Engineering Putnam Hall ASCE Chan, Sandra Jean Chang, Norman J. F. Chapkis, Burton A. Cheong, Kathleen Cherniss, Michael Chinn, Richard B. Clark, Betty M. Los Angeles Honolulu Los Angeles Ipoh Perak, North Hollywood San Leandro Lafayette Child Development Electrical Engr. Accounting Mataya English Civil Engineering History Freeborn Hall Euclid Hall Chemistry ZBT, IFC Rep. at Cloyne Court, ASCE, AXO, Gavel and Chinese Big Game CSC, Cal Band Hoyt Hall, Quill, Jr. Class Sc- Club SAACS Week Jazz Concert cial Chrmn., CSTA Chairman Chan, Gregory G. Chandler, James P. Chang, Richard S. Chase, Delwin G. Cheong, Kim Kow Chin, Edward Chow, Syl via Diane Clark, Harold B. Oakland Bakersfield Hong Kong Richmond Singapore Oakland San Francisco Long Beach Criminology Criminology Mechanical Engr. Indus. Engr. Business Admin. Mechanical Engr. Child De velopment History Chinese Students ' A4 ' A, NAACP, II TE AllE ASME 10 II, Home Eco- Cygnet House, Jr. Club, Intramural Stiles Hall, Chan- nomics Club, CSTA Varsity Soccer, ficial Association cellor ' s Committee University Chorus on Racial Discrimination Chan, Kellogg Chang, Evelyn Poon Chao, Frank Y. Cheng, Albert S. Cheung, Geoffrey P. Chin, Stanley Huie Christy, Jeannette Claudius, Herbert Los Angeles Canton, China Atherton Hong Kong Hong Kong Oakland La Crescenta Oakland Bus. Admin.-Acct. Public Health Optometry Indus. Engr. Biochemistry Chemistry Political Science Physics Putnam Hall Cloyne Court, Men ' s TBII, AIIM, II SAACS, AX, Quarterdeck, AKT, Golden Residence Assn., Cal Honor Students ' SHE, Cal Greek Fresh. Crew, IFC Guard, Chinese Marching Band, Society, ABE, Students° Club Straw Hat Band Tower and Flame Chan, Rosalind Chang, Henry Jr. Chapin, Sidney P. Cheng, Linda L-H Chernenkoff, Sidney Ching, Carolee J. Chu, David Chau-K. Claussen, Jane San Francisco China Mill Valley Hong Kong San Leandro Honolulu Hong Kong Berkeley Music Architecture Criminology French Political Science Home Economics Electrical Engr. Music EX Chinese Students ' Putnam Hall, Judicial Committee, Cloyne Court, A(I,, Treble Clef, Club Cal Band Chinese Students ' TB II, Honor UPB, Co-Chrmn. of Club Students ' Society Spring Sing, Exp. in Inter. Living, YWCA 78 SUSAN COCHRAN, chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee, traded affiliation with Pi Beta Phi for mar- riage to Dick Cochran (quite understandable). Susan is a member of Associated Women Student ' s Board and Prytanean. She says cooking and other " domestic " duties keep her busy, so who has time for hobbies! Susan ' s favorite pastime is sleeping, and her ambition is to ski as well as her husband. After graduation, Susan hopes to work in social welfare, but only until she and Dick have enough money to go to Europe, or buy a house! Clemetson, Judith Richmond Child Development Sr. Class Council, AA Clyma, Ronald M. Sacramento English 4.KM Cochran, Joan B. Chico Psychology ' DM Cochran, Susan W. Sacramento Psychology Chmn. Women ' s J. Comm., Prytanean, Panile, Gavel and Quill, Sec.-Treas. Soh Class, HB, ' D Cockburn, Laurie Collins, Betsy A. Pasadena Petaluma Speech Child Development I: kr, Rally Comm. Davidson, Hall, WAA, Swimming Cohn, Benjamin Collins, Patricia J. Beverly Hills Los Angeles Industrial Engr. History KN, Bowling, 2nd AP, Torch and Place All-U. Tour- Shield ' lament, AIIE Conn, Thomas W. Riverside Engineering Ridge House, Cal Band, ASME Conway, Kay Hastings, Neb. Anthropology KA0 Corbel!, Brian J. Nevada City Business Admin. AKE Cornblum, Bruce 1. San Francisco Political Science KN, Pres. KN, IFC, Axe Review Corr, Janice J. Bakersfield German Epworth Hall, Ger- man Club, Honor Students ' Society Coudeyne, Jacques Stockton History Bunnies Coupe, Linda E. San Francisco Political Science Davidson Hall, AXSI, Pres. HAI ' , FEE, Daily Cal, Promotion and Office Mgr. Cox, Brenda D. Berkeley Child Development K, Constitutions Council, Rally Comm., Class Coun- cils, Gavel and Quill Crenna, Lloyd R. Concord Business Admin. TT, Baseball, Winged Helmet, Newman Crespan, Audrey E. Oakland Political Science Newman Flail, Honor Students ' Society Crist, Janet Berkeley Child Development H BO, YWCA Community Service Council Clumeck, Arthur V. Cochran, Richard S. Hillsborough Oakland Communications and Speech Public Policy Varsity Golf, Big Game Queen Comm., Jr. IFC, Axe Review, Young Republicans, ZBT Cohen, Jose B. Colson, Kenneth M. Conway, Sally A. Cali, Colombia San Mateo San Francisco Architecture Anthropology Social Welfare Circle C Society, Ehrman Hall A011, Pelican, UCLASA, Soccer Model UN, Under- graduate Social Welfare Club, University Theater Cottrell, Arline J. Menlo Park Anthropology KAB, Jr. Class Council Crawford, Jerry T. San Diego Political Science MAE, Student Health Service, Advisory Comm. Critchfield, Jean Castro Valley Psychology Honor Students ' Society Coberly, Wheeler C. Visalia English Golden Bear, Pres. Circle C, Pres. Winged Helmet, Pres. Triune, Skull and Keys, ZNIf Cochran, Terry Colin, Jane M. Comstock, William Cooper, Nancy J. Berkeley Lafayette Fresno San Francisco Business Admin. Political Science History History DEE, Californians, AP, YWCA ZIP APA, Class Senior Yell Leader, cils, YWCA COB, Gavel and Quill 79 The president of Panhellenic is a Chi Omega by the name of " PATTY " ELLERD. Patty is a political sci- ence major whose, favorite pastime is " wasting time. " However, she has kept busy as secretary of Cal Club, and a member of Prytanean and University Affairs Committee. Patty is a senior of whom the University can be proud. Critchlow, Richard Curtis, Mary M. Dannenbring, Wm. Dausse, Louis C. Jr. Davis, Keagle W. Jr. Deimel, Adele L. De Senna, Roberta Dezzani, David J. San Rafael Orange Long Beach San Anselmo Fresno Hillsborough Say. Francisco Placerville Speech English Business Admin. Economics Business Admin. Decorative Art Sociology History EAE, 44) ■DEK, Golden Guard TKE, Soph Week Cal ifornians AZ, Art Chrmn. Un- ion Program Board, Pres. AXA, Spring 2AE Sing Publicity, Sr. Class Council Cronenwett, Paul R. Curtiss, Kathie C. Dare, Patrick Davidson, Barry K. Davis, Mary Jeanne Delury, Dale Delvin, William D. Dickson, Clark M. Alameda Torrance San Francisco Atherton Sacramento Bridgeport Mill Valley Crescent City History French Electrical Engr. Bus. Management Psychology Electrical Engr. Business Admin. Metallurgical Engr. AT, Frosh Football, Track, Triune Cheney Hall II AO, IRE, UCSEE, GOS AEO, Varsity Wrestling, Big C Soc., Collegians, Quarterdeck Society II BC Women ' s Rally Committee, YWCA, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi At- tendant, Sponsor Deutsch Hall Ridge House, Col- legians, Co-op Bd. (past) Pres., Med. Sciences Council 4)EK, AIME, Mineral Tech. Assn. Girls ' Club Pied- mont High School Crook, Carolyn N. Cusenza, James E. Darois, Gilbert A. Davies, Ana Maria Davis, Michael W. Deming, Sharon I. Dewing, Leslie Ann Didion, James J. Castro Valley Tunis, Tunisia Berkeley Santa Rosa Oakland San Rafael San Rafael Sacramento English Int ' l. Relations Optometry French Political Science Reg. Group Maj. on Reg. Group Maj. on Political Science ArA, UC Sailing Club, Collegians I House, Le Cercle Francais OT, Newman Club, Panhellenic Council, Greek Week Comm. IT AO, Quarterdeck Soc., ASUC Radio- TV, Axe Revue, Spring Sing Hisp. Amer. Hisp. Amer. 4,L ' A Cross, Marion M. Daily, Lynn F. Dashiell, Carolyn R. Davis, Janice de Benedetti, Jane De Monte, Susan T. Dewitt, Margaret A. Dinkier, Theodore Sacramento Elmira Oakland Los Angeles Santa Cruz El Cerrito Berkeley Anaheim Child Development Home Economics Music Speech Political Science Speech English Business Admin. EK, YWCA EK, ASUC Student Publicity Public Davidson Hall, University Chorus ZTA, Newman Club, UC Swim Club KKI ' AA TI Cheney Hall, Soc. Comm.-Cheney (1)PA, Football, Winged Helmet Relations, Chrmn. 80 High School Day, Home Ec. Club, Sr. Class Council " Good grief! " is the favorite expression of SHARON GOULD who has served as president of Honor Stu- dents Society and recording secretary of Prytanean. She is also a member of Mortar Board and Judicial Committee of Cunningham Hall. Sharon ' s ambition is to do well at Cal Medical School and she is noted for never being home. Divine, James R. Chico Chemical Engr. TB ,AIChE, UC Honor Society Dix, A. Chapman Berkeley Industrial Engr. Cal Band Drum Major, A H M, AIIE, Tower and Flame Domich, Jr., John T. Sacramento Speech KA, Skull and Keys, Varsity Boxing Donan, John R. Doyle, Robert H. Dunlap, J. Malcom Glendale Sacramento San Rafael Electrical Engr. History Business Admin. Bowles Hall AT AKE Donnelly, James W. Albany Mechanical Engr. ASME Dunbar, Constance Dunning, Patricia C San Carlos Richmond Psychology Psychology AEA, Panile, Soph ZTA and Jr. Rally Comm., Class Coun- cils, Upper Division Honor Society Dougery, Nancy E. Duncan, John D. Duren, Joan Alice Berkeley Yuba City Monterey Spanish Mechanical Engr. Journalism Jr. President xItIK, IFC Sch. Freeborn Hall, Panhellenic, Pan- Hon. Soc., TB H, Asst. City Editor, hellenic Scholarship Quarterdeck Daily Cal, ODD, Chmn., Daily Cal Gavel and Quill Consultative Board Durham, Judith A. Berkeley History Ebert, Richard B. San Francisco Bus. Admin., Acct. OX, A052, Past Pres., AK ' , AAX, Men ' s Exec. Board, Union Program Bd. Edde, Jr., Byron D. Santa Paula Electrical Engr. Putnam Hall, HKN, IRE, UCSEE Edmonston, Frances San Francisco Physiology Edson, Carry T. Carmel Physical Education AZ, APC, Women ' s " C " Society, Pan- hellenic Board, WAA, Strawberry Canyon Adv. Comm. Edwards, Joyce Oakland History Masonic Club Efron, Mary Anita Los Angeles English ASE Eggert, Edith-Ann Oakland Child Development Masonic Club Eichenberg, Alan Tulsa, Oklahoma History ZBT Eigenheer, Richard Castro Valley German 0E Ek, Barbro M. Burl ingame Political Science DM, Honor Society, Treble Clef, Col- legians, I House nonresident Eldred, Robert A. North Hollywood Physics Deutsch Hall Ellerd, Patricia Bakersfield Political Science XO, Panhellenic Pres., Prytanean, California Club, Panile Elliott, Roy David Merced Business Admin. 0X, AKW, Special Service Council, Golf Team Elmore, John Mark Miami, Florida Architecture Doi, Wesley T. Douds, Jane C. San Francisco Berkersfield Production Mgmt. Child Development UC Bowling Team AA II Duckering, Russill Dunlap, Mary Anne Dvir, Tsila San Francisco Martinez Tel-Aviv, Israel Mechanical Engr. History Dietetics Cloyne Court, X52, Treble Clef, TB H, H TX, Panile Honor Stu- dents, Tower and Flame 81 Chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee, president of Torch and Shield, member of Mortar Board, Cal Club, and Prytanean, and president of the Pi Phi house- CAROLYN HAND has been more than active for the past four years. Her favorite pastime is traveling, but when accompanying this rather wild driver it is advis- able to wear seat belts . . . she can ' t see more than three feet away! Emanuel, Roberta D. Los Angeles Physical Education ATE, WAA, Panhellenic Eng, Charmaine M. Oakland Optometry English, John Pasadena Speech Ben, Rugby, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet Epidendio, George Larkspur Administration and Policy Stratford, Masonic Club Epstein, David Jon Beverly Hills Accounting ZBT, BI ' E, BAT, Varsity Track, IFC Honor Society Erwin, Jeanne M ill Valley Sociology Evans, John Perley Rochester, N.Y. Criminology Be H, Soccer, AAE Evarts, John R. San Bruno Finance Bowles Hall, Christian Science Organization Fairhead, Linda Kay Davis Child Development Ritter Hall Fallas, Claire San Marino Anthropology AAA, Sophomore Class Social Chmn., Sorority Pres. Farley, Mary June Fernandez, Gary Berkeley Richmond Psychology Business Admin. University Chorus, EH, Californians, Riflery Club Exec.-Pres. of Jr. IFC, BTE, THE Feiner, Beverly Jean Ferree, Roger Alan Richmond Ventura Psychology Economics ATE, Oski Dolls, ' KW, Commander YWCA, High School of Arnold Air UN, Senior Week Society Finkel, LeRoy P. Berkeley Business Admin. EAM Finn, Lyle W. Vallejo Electrical Engr. Deutsch Hall, IRE, AIEE, USCEE, TB H Engdahl, Karl Erin San Mateo Public Health EN Enright, Katherine Pasadena Communication and Public Policy Public Relations, Tenth Model UN, Fencing Club, UC Chorus Eshoo, George Paul Turlock Business Admin. KE, Rugby, ing, Triune, Golden Guard, Class Council Fahrenbach, Almuth Oakland German Honor Students ' Society, YWCA Cabinet, Deutscher Verein Faltin, Roberta F. San Anselmo History Cunningham Hall, CSTA, Chancellor ' s Ccord. Comm., Pres. of Cunningham Hall Felsenthal, Judith Palo Alto Communication and Public Policy AEI ' , Sisters of M inerva Figel, Susan Gail San Francisco Journalism AT Fiorello, Margo R. Redlands Engineering Ridge House Engelhard, Marilyn Epstein, Charles A. Orinda Stockton Physical Education Business Admin. Oski Dolls, HAT, Axe Review, WAA, Panile, Spring Sing YWCA Ethridge, Patricia J. Richmond Psychology Freeborn Hall, Tower and Flame Fairbanks, Janet L. Ukiah Home Economics Home Economics Club Files, Thomas J. Fiscalini, John A. Claremont Atwater Political Science Political Science Deutsch Hall Pres. KE, Rugby, Honor Students ' Society Faraday, David M. Fenton, Charles R. Ross Sacramento Business Admin. Electrical Engr. KA, Triune AKA Although SUE HANLON says she is noted for noth- ing, she has been director of Student Publicity and Public Relations, membership chairman of Prytanean, past cochairman of High School Day, and past pub- licity chairman of Activity Counseling and Personnel. Sue ' s favorite pastimes are painting and reading, and her ambition is to be an elementary school teacher. Fogarty, Walter J. Napa Business Admin Triune, Young Republicans, 4, Fisher, David I. Fitzpatrick, Burch Palm Springs Orinda Communication: Business Admin. and Public Policy 4,I0V Californians, IFC, ASUC Pub. Rela- tions, Daily Cal, AM Fong, Frances Foon, Nancy Fortini, Barbara J. Foster, Herbert Fox, Maryl Jo Oakland Suisun Oakland Walnut Creek Twin Fall, Idaho Fashion Design Child Development Child Development Business Admin. English Off, Chinese Stu- Ritter Hall, Pres. Young Republicans, Winged Helmet, dents ' Club, Sec. Student CTA, Vice- Home Econ. Club, Triune, DI, Home Econ. Club Pres. Chinese Stu- AO dents ' Club, Honor Students ' Soc., WAA Fisher, Lucille F. Fletcher, Mary E. Fong, David Harry Fong, Genevieve J. Forbes, Gary Fortini, Joyce M. Foster, Merrill Fox, Sheelah Lynn San Francisco San Diego Fairfax Sacramento Altadena Oakland North Windham Orinda History Speech Psychology Chemistry Business Admin. Child Development Paleontology Speech University Chorus, Bowles Hall, Ski Hoyt Hall, SAACS MN Concert Orchestra, Barrington Hall AP, Fresh Class AP Club, Collegians Sailing Club, AAX Council Fisher, Sue Anne Fletcher, Tal S. Fong, Daymin Fong, Hobart Forster, Dan Fortune, John T. Foster, Richard Franchini, Gail Portland, Oregon Kentfield Sacramento Sacramento Berkeley Pasadena Piedmont San Anselmo Social Welfare Business Admin. Chemistry Physiology Mechanical Engr. Journalism Geography Business Admin. KKr AKE Stiles Hall Chinese ASME, Soccer Basketball, Triune, Cross-Country, A4,, 4,X8 Students ' Club, Daily Cal, KA Sr. Class Council, Chinese Student Young Democrats, Assn., I House, AKA II IX Fishof, Serena M. Flippin, David P. Fong, Donna Foo, Harvey Forsyth, A. Gayle Foss, Nancy Lynn Fox, Joanie E. Frankel, Diane S. Forty Fort, Pa. Stockton Salinas Oakland Pasadena Alameda North Hollywood Alameda International Relat. Anthropology Physical Education French Clothes Design Speech Political Science Business Admin. TKE Cheney Hall, Honor Society and Retailing Ski Club, KA8 ASE, Honor Chinese Students ' Home Economics Students ' Society Club, WAA Club, 4,M 83 MARGO BROWN is a gal who ' s been Queen Sche- herezade, Homecoming attendant. Soph Doll runner- up, and Miss Albany. She is a member of Panile, Pryt- anean, Upper Division Honor Society, ASUC Presi- dent ' s Cabinet and Student Union Advisory Comm., and she organized and has been secretary and director of ASUC Student Publicity and Public Relations. Margo is engaged to Jack Yerman, a member of the UC varsity football and track teams, and Olympic gold medal winner at the Rome Olympics. Her pastime is studying—she finished school in 31 2 years—and her ambition is to be an English and Latin teacher to pay for a summer ' s trip to Europe to watch Jack run in Rome. JOHN HOBBIE is a young man who enjoys walking around and sleeping, though not at the same time. John is also known as " Johann " and is senior manager of the Cal Band. He is a member of Arnold Air Society, Rally and Games Council, and Phi Eta Sigma. John enjoys sleeping and fishing, but says that the way he fishes, he ' d be better off sleeping. He is noted for his tremendous weight, and hopes someday to be Dean of the College of Chemistry. Franklin, Sidney, Jr. San Francisco Economics 1957 Intramural Weight-lifting Champion Frazier, Peter Brock Orinda Political Science EN, Track, Triune Freeman, Herbert F., Jr. Sacramento Sociology AArD Freeman, Pasadena Child Development Freidman, Michael San Francisco Physiology Bowles Hall Friedman, Sharlene Los Angeles Psychology Gaetjen, Roger J. San Francisco History, Political Science AX Gage, Thomas Evans Piedmont Speech AT, PIC, Debate, Rugby Free, Janice Kay Freitas, Christine La Jolla Oakland Communications and Social Welfare Public Policy KA, ri Am Honor Students Society, Class Council Freeman, Gordon M. Freitas, Donald K. San Francisco Oakland Political Science Anthropology KN, Hillel Oski Committee, Commuters-Inde- pendents Council, Hammer and mer, Golden Guard Fulushima, Don T. Gallup, Hope Los Angeles Santa Barbara Civil Engineering Art History Barrington Hall LAO ASCE Fukunaga, Paul T. Kealakekua, Hawaii Mechanical Engr. Gajdos, Florence M. Glendora Anthropology Stebbins, Model UN Gannon, Lynn M. Gaylord, Alan M. George, David McK. Gilberd, Fred W. San Francisco Paso Robles Mill Valley Piedmont History Civil Engineering History Business Admin. Epworth Hall, XE, Track, Cross- Varsity Football, (DEA, Triune, Campus Tours, New- Country, Big " C " , Big " C " , Golden Winged Helmet, man Club, SCTA, Circle " C " , Honcr Bear, Skull and IFC WAA, History Club Students Keys, Winged Helmet, MX Gates, Peter Ross Gazzano, Diane P. Ghiselli, Nancy Gilmour, James L. Stockton San Francisco San Francisco Franklin, Indiana Chemical Engr. Political Science English Architecture TKE OT, Newman Club, A,Ir, Oski Doll Masonic Club Soph Women ' s Rally Committee Gates, William E. Geffeney, Megan A. Giddings, Anne L. Gimbl in, Catherine Modesto Arcadia Rodeo Sacramento Civil Engineering English Zoology Hispanic America ASCE, TSB, XE, Xil Stebbins Hall, AEA, AMF, Senior Honor Students Ill, Tower and Class Council, Cal Flame Council Gauthier, Richard F. George, Brian F. Gielow, Kenneth R. Ginsburg, Norman Inglewood Oakland Alameda Los Angeles History Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Political Science Newman Grad Club ESA, IRE OA, IRE AE II, 44,E, Young Republicans 84 JOY HOLMES likes to spend her time playing " thumper " and going to meetings—quite a combina- tion! Joy may often be heard saying " How exciting! " during her busy day. She is a member of Ex. Comm. and Prytanean, chairman of Functional Services Board and Big Game Week Dance, program chairman of Mortar Board, and vice-president of Gavel and Quill. Oh yes, she ' s also a Little Sister of Minerva (the addi- tions of feminity to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frater- nity). Joy is noted for her short skirts and her future ambitions point toward a career in public relations. Girard, Anne C. San Francisco English AXQ Glazbrook, Kenneth San Francisco Political Science Chmn. Travel Coun., Inter. Relat. Board, College Model UN, NSA Goldsberry, Jon A. Gomberg, David Auburn San Francisco Civil Engineering Mathematics ASCE Ehrman Hall, UC Bridge Club, Radio-TV Theatre, Univ. Rcund Table, Null Set, AtIQ Glad, Lester Gloria, Pat A. Goldstein, Harold K. Gong, Thomas Tulare Moraga San Fran cisco Porterville Business Admin. Political Science Political Science Political Science A4 ' Class Councils Californians, M.G. Barrington Hall, Axe Review, KN Glee Club, Colle- gians, Slate, Hiking Club Glaeser, Norman G. Gohstand, Robert Goldstein, Michael Goodell, Robert B. Albany San Francisco San Francisco San Pedro Electrical Engr. Geography Zoology Engineering, Physics UCSEE UC Honor Society, EE, Honor Keys, Bowles Hall, TB II Yacht Club, MBK Axe Review Author, Men ' s Rally Comm., KN Glass, James M. Gokson, Lincoln Goldstein, Raize Beverly Hills San Francisco Los Angeles Political Science Public Health English Honor Society, Deutsch Hall, Chi- Cunningham Hall 11 A nese Students ' Club, Collegians, Yacht Club, IT A4 Goodman, Brenda J. Los Angeles Journalism Historian, Class of ' 61, Sec. Slate, Gavel and Quill, Student Fcrum Goodmanson, Marsha Louise Menlo Park Speech Sr. Class Council, Ski Club, Honor Students Soc., Al ' Gorman, Jr., Joseph Pasadena Economics IFC, Ex. Comm., Californians, Z,11 Gotelli, June K. Sonora History Freeborn Hall Gould, Kent H. North Hollywood Business Admin. Acacia Gould, Sharon Ann Fremont Zoology Cunningham Hall, Mortar Board, Pryt- anean, Pres. Honor Students ' Society, Deutscher Verein, UAC, AMP Graham, Lawrence Berkeley Political Science Acacia Graupner, Wendy E. San Francisco Speech AP Graves, Clifford W. San Francisco Sociology Track, Spring Sing, Architecture Assn. Gray, Gwen Ellen Martinez Spanish Epworth Hall, WAA Representative Gray, Jean Davies Albany Home Economics Panhell. Sec.-Treas.. Class Councils, Home Econ. Club, College Women ' s Club Jrs., YWCA, AIM Green, James E. Modesto Physical Education Varsity,Football, Big " C " Society, Skull and Keys, H KA Green, Joseph P. Arcadia Zoology Bowles Hall, Yacht Club, UC Folk Dance Club 85 Goodman, Harvey A. Gorman, Robert L. Los Angeles Los Angeles Civil Engineering English ASCE Bowles Hall Goodman, Nancy R. Gosche, Gerry Ann San Die go Riverside Political Science Home Economics Stern Hall Home Econ. Club Green, Nancy Ann Fremont Sociology Epworth Hall, Treble Clef Greiner, Alson Lee Fresno Biochemistry AT Griffin, Jo Arcadia Child Development Cheney Hall Gruen, Peter Henry North Hollywood Psychology Bowles Hall, Soph Class Yell Leader, Rally Comm., Mega- phone Soc., Class Officers Board, Honor Students Haberland, Catherine Vista History Hail, Lafayette Social Welfare Cheney Hall Hall, Robert W. San Francisco Marketing Ehrman Hall, AKW, AA1, Masonic Club, Daily Cal, Collegians Hammer, Charles Wasco Optometry Ehrman Hall, UCOS Grieco, Jr., Paul D. Grismore, Gerald A. Laguna Beach Berkeley Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. AIEE, KAP II KO, UCSEE, Golden Guard, Cal Engineer Manager, IRE, AIEE Griffin, Charles K. Gross, Karl K. San Francisco San Francisco Zoology Civil Engineering Fencing Ccach, ASCE Track Western In- tercollegiate Cham- pionships, Adql Hagedorn, Milton A. Haines, Elisabeth K. Hall, Vivian M. San Francisco Berkeley Santa Rosa Business Admin. French Psychology ' PM, Masonic Club, Honor Students, II AO Hague, Ruth Ann Haire, Virginia Rolling Hills Big Creek Sociology Psychology AAA Stern Hahn-Lux, Ursula A. Hales, Loretta J. Northridge Bakersfield Sociology Psychology Hammersmith, Alan Oakland Mathematics MKT Hampton, Betsy R. Sacramento Speech Oski Doll Hand, Carolyn L. San Francisco History II BO, Prytanean, Cal Club, Rally Comm. Chmn., tar Board, AWS Green, Willie D. Oakland Mathematics KAW Gremaux, Donald E. Grisham, Patricia Grupe, George W. Berkeley Berkeley Sacramento Business Admin. Decorative Art Business Admin. Rally Comm., Ski ZTA, Dec. Art l ' ,1), Triune, Winged Club, TKE Club, Class Council Helmet, Class Ccuncil JANE HOWELL has well represented the Kappa house on campus. Jane states that she is noted for doing everything backwards, but backwards or forwards she seems to have done it well. Jane was manager of the ' 60 BLUE AND GOLD, and chairman of Pub. Board. She is hospitality chairman of Cal Club, vice-president of Mortar Board, and a member of Prytanean and Honor Students ' Society. She says she has no time for activities but manages to memorize poetry that no one will listen to her recite. Her favorite expression is " ciao, " meaning " Bye, bye, baby and pronounced chow " and after eating and loafing she hopes to spend her spare time working in a publishing house. Greenberg, Michelle Astoria, Oregon Business Admin. I ' XW, Class Coun- cil, SEE Pres., SEE Greer, Garth Eugene Visalia Accounting BA ' P, Honor Students Guinals, Iris V. San Juan, Puerto Rico History Student J. Comm., Treas. of UCLASA, AMP Gump, Cherilyn S. San Fernando Music University Chorus Hallett, Michael P. Santa Rosa Electrical Engr. Putnam Hall, UCSEE, IRE Halseth, Martin W. Walnut Engr., Physics TI K I,, TB TI 86 LINDA IRVINE is from Salinas, California, " salad bowl of the world, close to the artichoke center of the world. " She is noted for always being in a hurry and being absent-minded, but has managed to accomplish quite a bit on the way. Linda is president of YWCA, and a member of Mortar Board, Prytanean, AWS Board, and Chancellor ' s Committee on Racial Dis- crimination. Her favorite pastime is chattering and rationalizing, and, although she is undecided as to her ambition, she is currently headed in the direction of elementary teaching. Harris, Everett Jr. San Marino Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Harris, James G. Burbank UCSEE Hanessian, Edward Hannibal, Janice G. Woodland Hills Fair Oaks Economics Art Student Welfare Cunningham Hall Board :5211 Hanfling, Beatrice Hansen, Bruce J. Los Angeles Santa Cruz Political Science Electrical Engr. AX, Assn. of Cal Band Women in Foreign Affairs Hansen, Ronald E. Hansing, Adrian M. Eureka Huntsville, Ala. English Electrical Engr. Christian Science Cloyne Court, UC Organization Society of Elec. Engr., Intramural Football Hansen, Sally Ann Harada, Arlene K. Sacramento Sacramento Psychology Public Health Lab. Ritter Hall Hart, Ronald Lee Carmichael Political Science Putnam Hall President Hartley, Robin R. New York Philosophy TBK, Honor Students ' Society Hayes, Babette L. Santa Clara History Freeborn Hall, Hall Pres., Women ' s Dormitory Assn., Honor Students ' Society, Undergrad- uate History Club Hayes, Kathleen M. Santa Barbara English Cheney Hall, Newman Club Heath, Christina M. North Hollywood Public Admin. Model UN, Political Science Club, Ma- sonic Club, YR ' s, Bridge Club, MK Heithaus, Victor J. Oakland Psychology Newman Club, Circolo Italians Hansen, Byron Jay Campbell Bowles Hall HKN, UCSEE Hansen, Patricia J. Sacramento English Blue and Gold, AXSI Hansen, Suzanne J. Harbaugh, Robert T. Alameda Hayward Business, Admin., French Journal Oski Committee, Blue Gold, Asst. Var. Wrestling, Big Ed., Mortar Beard, " C " , AMT Prytanean, TXO, NCHSPC, AZ Hansen, William C. Harding, Nann E. El Cerrito Pleasant Hill Political Science German Sabre Air Command, Epworth Hall, Arnold Air Scciety WDA Hart, Elisabeth A. Oakland Physical Education Davidson Hall, NET, Women ' s " C " Society, WAA, Spts Club Bd., Sr. Ccun. Physical Education Majors Club Hart, Judyth Marie Alameda Child Development Intratnurals, Class Council, AF Hastings, Richard Haynie, Kathy Ann Augusta, Maine Lodi Business Admin. Child Development American Marketing WAA, YWCA, AZ Assn., AK ' Y, QD, OX Hawke, Ronald S. Healy, Mike A. Oakland San Francisco Electrical Engr. Criminology UC Society cf Elec. Freeborn Hall, Engr., Newman Club Honor Society Hanlon, Susan K. San Francisco Art Prytanean, ASUC Publicity and Public Relations, High School Day, XS Hanna, Bobbette M. Sacramento Social Welfare Piedmont Court Helbling, Mark I. Altadena Internat. Relations ATE, Sherman- Delta-Wells ley Henault, Paul M. Lakeport Physics Glee Club, Sr. Mgr. 87 Writing and announcing for radio and TV are the ambitions of BRUCE KANE, and, if his activities at Cal are any indication, he should be very successful. Bruce has been chairman of Big Game Week, a mem- ber of Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, and Golden Guard, and president of Sigma Delta Chi. Bruce claims he has no time for hobbies and plans to get his commission in the Army following graduation. Henderson, Donald Berkeley Business Admits. Hendricks, Peter L. Long Beach Comm. Public Policy Soccer Team, Ski Club Hendry, James D. Moorpark Mechanical Engr. Putnam Hall, TBIT, ASME Henrich, Robert R. Pomona Hospital Admin. IFC Rep.,silsA43 Henrietta, Lafayette History Atli, Football Queen, Oski Dells, Vice-Pres. AWS Ex Bd., Sr. Class Coun., Student Union Bd. Henrotin, Jchn M. Balboa Island Economics ATA, Triune, Winged Helmet Herbert, Mary Helen Berkeley History ZTA, Treble Clef, Newman Club Herkes, Janetta Ann Hilo, Hawaii Political Science AX52, Rally Comm., Inter. Rel. Board Herlinger, Robert A. Torrance Architecture Christian Science Organization Hermann, Robert M. Lafayette Physiology Tellefsen Hall, Cal Band, Rep-at-Large Hernandez, A. Havana, Cuba Architecture UCLASA, Architectural Assn. Herron, David E. Manhattan Beach Political Science Ehrman Hall, Honor Students ' Society, ASE, Newman Club, Var. Swim- ming, II EA Herzog, Allan Petaluma Business Admin. ZBT, Men ' s J Ccmmittee Hicks, Mary France s Glendale Sociology XO High, Leonore Glendora Theatre Arts ABA, Mask Dagger, Hammer Dimmer Hildebrand, Richard Piedmont Business Admin. AT, Winged Helmet Hilton, John Carmel History BOIL, Triune, Winged Helmet Hinchliff, Helen D. Fal lbrook Political Science YWCA, Debate Team Hoadley, Janice L. Devon, Conn. History UCHC AT, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Ex. Vice-Pres. of IFC, California Club Hoffmann, Guy E. Iquitos, Peru Architecture Var. Letterman Soccer, Soc. Chmn. UCLASA, ARK Association OT, YWCA, Inter- Varsity Fellowship Hogan, Nancy Piedmont Social Welfare KA, Newman Club, Blue Gold, Senior Class Council Hogue, William J. Downey Political Science KAP, Ski Club, Golden Guard Hennings, Nancy R. Hepler, Gordon E. Costa Mesa San Mateo Zoology Business Admin. Hiking Club, thAO, Golden Guard Honer Roll Hillebrandt, Donald Hink, Leslye Arlene Hoffman, Bruce A. San Francisco San Francisco La Canada Civil Engr. German Business Admin. KE, XE, Triune Epworth Hall, WAA KE, Winged Golden Guard Deutsche Verien Helmet, Rugby Hilton, Carole Ann Hirsch, Joseph L. Hoffman, Daniel L. San Mateo Phoenix, Ariz. LaSalle, Illinois Amer. Civilization Optometry Zoology AAA, Rally Comm., Sr. Class Council Hobin, William K. Hofmann, Catherine Stockton Newport Beach Business Admin. Religion 88 " Clod " is the favorite expression of BERNIE KEY, chairman of Student Judicial Committee. Bernie is an economics major and a member of Pi Lambda Phi. He is also a member of UC Yacht Club, Honor Stu- dents ' Society, Order of the Golden Bear, and Alpha Mu Gamma. The favorite pastime of this versatile senior is sailing and his ambition is to be a diplomat. Holland, Archie Midland, Texas Communication and Pub. Policy (1)AX, Jr. IFC Pres, Class Councils, Asst. to ASUC Pres., Exec. Vice-Pres. IFC, Peli can Ad Staff Holland, Charlton G. Frenso Economics Bowles Hall, Mgr. Debate Team, Slate Hollander, Neil Reseda Business Admin. Y.14)E Homer, Barbara E. Salinas Home Economics AAX, Home Economic Club Hong, Shirley K. San Francisco Spanish Freeborn Hall, Westminster House Horabuckle, Gary D. Ottawa, Kansas Electrical Engr. UCSEE, MIL UC Co-op Engr., IRE (student member) Howard, Roy E. Pittsburg Architecture Architectural Assn. Hudson, Mark W. Altadena Speech B011, Glee Club, ASE, Golden Guard Hughes, Robert A. Riverbank Journalism Barrington Hall, Big Game Week Publi- city Chrmn., Daily Cal, 1AX Humphrey, Harry M. Oakland Business Admin. Sailing Club Humphreys, Philip Hurst, Anne L. Rolling Hills Santa Monica Business Admin. Regional Group Maj- OKI, Quarterdeck Hisp. Amer. Society Cunningham Hall, Vice-Pres. of Proj- ect Americas, Hall Judicial Comm., Univ. Young Demo. Hurd, Vivien L. Hutchinson, Elmarie San Francisco Sacramento English English Stern Hall Hossom, Linda Lee Howson, Mary L. Hughes, Kay F. Long Beach Piedmont Berkeley Speech English Social Welfare FOB, Blue Gold KA, Pelican, Soc. Welfare Club Freshman Staff, Fr., Newman Club Jr., Sr., Class Conn. Hong, Gay W. Horwatt, Thomas J. Sa linas Vallejo Electrical Engr. Biochemistry Smyth, Smyth Ridge House, Honor Athletic Director Students ' Society, Newman Chrmn., Premed. Society, Folk Dancing Howell, Jane H. Hughes, Gail C. Piedmont Pasadena English Political Science KM ' , Mortar Bd., AXS2 Prytanean, Blue Gold Mgr., Panile, Honor Student ' s So- ciety, Cal Club Hummelt, Harold B. Hunt, Sandra C. Hurt, Mary Carolyn Nevada City Long Beach Boise, Idaho Business Admin. Speech Home Economics AT, Winged Hel- AZ, House Pres., ArA, Orchesis, met, Triune, Big Intramurals, Collegians, Dancer Brother Project Panhellenic with San Francisco Ballet Co. Humphreys, Donald Altadena Business Admin. AE Holmes, Joy San Francisco Speech AEA, Chairman Funct. Services Bd., Chrmn. Big Game Dance, Mortar Bd., Gavel Quill, Prytanean Hang, Thomas G. K. Howard, Richard L. Benicia Piedmont Electrical Engr. Communication and Chinese Student Public Policy Clubhouse, UC Soc. ZBT, IFC of Electrical Engrs. Hsia, Yul un Hughes, Marilynne San Francisco Piedmont Engineering Physics Political Science Ridge House, USCA, X1-2, Panhellenic TB H, Hon• Council, Rally or Students ' Soc., Games Council, CSA, UCSEE Chairman of Card Stunts Hurndall, Julie P. Ikeda, Dale K. Newport Beach Holualoa, Kona, Art History Hawaii Landscape Architec. Treas. Landscape Design Club, Stu- dent Affiliate- Amer. Society of Landscape Architec. Skiing in the Sierras is the hobby of LES LAKY and his favorite pastime is having a good time. This elec- trical engineering major is a member of the Order of the Golden Bear, Big C Society, Californians, Rally and Games Council, Rally Comm., and president of Bowles Hall. He has also had time to be on the varsity squads of both the water polo and swimming teams. Les is noted for being of Hungarian background and his ambition is to have an executive office in a large firm. Jones, George A. Irvine, Helen M. Berkeley Coronado Business Admin. Social Welfare X4 ' , Frosh Crew, AAX, CSTA, Soc. Fresh. Class Council Wel. Club; Scph and Sr. Councils Inouye, Donald M. Irvine, Linda G. Honolulu, Hawaii Sal inas Electrical Engr. Political Science AAX, Pres.-Univ. YWCA, Mortar Bd., Prytanean Jackson, Nancy L. Oakland Child Development Hoyt Hall, UC Yacht Club, Vice-Pres. Sec., Bcard Rep. of Hoyt Hall Jackson, Thelma L. Hayward Erglish Afn Jacobson, Lawrence San Francisco Political So:eta KN, IFC, JASM Jacobson, Leon San Francisco Electrical Engr. Jacobson, Norman Alhambra Chemical Engr. Bowles Hall, AICHE, Soc. Chrmn. Jakobsen, Craig G. San Francisco Civil Engineering Triune, Winged Helmet James, Martha Jean Los Angeles Physical Education Davidson Hall, Women ' s Rally Comm., Housing Council Chmn., Vice-Chmn. Student Services Board Jampol, Katherine Los Angeles Sociology Slate, Students for Racial Equality, Student Civil Lib- erties Union Jarvis, William S. Palo Alto History I House, Chairman, Mod. UN Delegation Jasionis, John E. Menlo Park Electrical Engr. Ski Club, IRE Jensen, Eric Dos Palos Entomology Griffiths Hall , Sec., Treas., Entomology Club Jew, Lawrence N. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. ASME, Auditor Chi- nese Student Club Johnson, Don R. Long Beach Physics Johnson, Duane Alan Napa Business Admin. A TO Johnson, Eric B. Stockton Metallurgy AX, MTA Inouye, Thomas T. Jackson, Beverly R. Jacobs, Frethic B. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Electrical Engr. Child Development Optometry Euclid Hall, NSC, AXO, AWS Board, Euclid Hall, IRE Mortar Bd., Prytan- ean Society, Univ. YWCA Treas. of Hillel, Symphony Forum, Intramural Sports Jenkins, Daniel B. Johns, Beverly Ruth Piedmont San Francisco Physical Education Business Admin. ' PT, Scholastic Ritter Hall, YWCA Honors Soc., Winged Cabinet, Orchesis Helmet, Skull Keys Ipsen, Thad L. Jackson, Janice L. Sacramento Oakland Chemical Engr. Physiology Deutsch Hall KA, Premed. Scc. Jaffe, Joyce Roberta Oakland Speech ASE, House Pres., Honor Students, SCTA, Student For- um, Young Demo. Jacobs, Jerrc II San Francisco Communications and Public Policy Hall, Card Stunt Comm.. A E, urerkations Chrmn.-WDA, Honor Students Society Jan, Barbara Kay Jensen, Joseph C. Johnson, Dick Johnson, Gale B. Sacramento Lancaster Whittier Palo Alto Public Health Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. History Davidson Hall, Pub- AA1, Ehrman Hall, Pres. AAA, lic Health, TB H, HKN Ehrman Hall, Capt. Rally Committee Undergraduate Assn. Water Polo Team, Californians, TB H, II T1 90 Our head yell leader, BOB LA LIBERTE, is better known as " LaLib " or " Bobla " to his friends. When he ' s not leading cheers, Bob spends his time as chair- man of Rally and Games Council, president of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and attending Order of the Golden Bear and Cal Club meetings. He has also been a past member of Men ' s Ex. Board, freshman class yell leader, and junior IFC president. Bob is pinned to Lynne, his favorite pastime, and hopes some time in the future to be connected with the activities program of a uni- versity. Jones, Carol Ann Riverside Biostatistics Cheney Hall Johnson, Karen L. Pasadena English AF Johnson, Judith 0. Jolliffe, Gail C. Jones, Howard P. Massapequa, N.Y. San Francisco Santa Rosa Art History English English KKF Honor Students ' Soc., Treble Clef Jones, Jack Holland Long Beach Electrical Engr. HKN Johnson, Sheila M. Jones, Frank T. Jones, James Vaugn Glendale Sacramento Napa Spanish Public Health Political Science Elizabeth Barrett, AMP, Honor Stu- dents Soc., CSTA, Activities Pers. Bd., Sailing Club Putnam Hall, Pres. Pub. Health Under- grad. Assn., Chmn. Putnam Hall Food Services Comm., Honor Students ' So- ciety, Intramural Football, " Caverons " ,DEK, Pres. Jr. Interfrat. Council, IFC Ex. Comm. Jones, Julianne Jordan, George L. Halley, Idaho Norwalk Political Science Public Health AO IT Ehrman Hall, Pub. Health Undergrad. Assn., Premed ciety, Basketball Manager Jones, Kathleen M. Jcrdan, Patricia F. Alameda Sacramento Sociology and Business Admin. Social Inst. AXO, Blue and Gold, II AE Jones, Richard Wm. Jorgensen, David C. Ione Oakland Civil Engineering Business Admin. ASCE, Newman Club 4,KE, Californians Justice, Sandra K. Coronado English A ' I Kachen, George I. Oakland Engr. Physics Pres.-Gavel Quill, Vice-Pres.-Freshman Class, Scph. Social Chmn., Honor dents ' Soc., TB H Kadell, Sharon May Oakland Amer. Civilization Masonic Club Kaehler, Roger Lee Novato Mechanical Engr. Cloyne Court, ASME Kagel, John Berkeley History Crew, Varsity Row- ing Club, Daily Cal Kajikawa, Palo Alto Decorative Arts Kanashiro, Lima, Peru Art International House, Newman Club, Decorative Art Club Kane, Bruce Inglewood Journal ism Griffiths Hall, Chmn. Big Game Week, Pres. EAX, Californians, Frosh Crew Kane, Carolyn Ann Kentfield Child Development AAA, Ski Club Johnston, Everett H. Jones, Graham Allan Jones, Judith E. Sacramento San Francisco Burlingame Business. Admin., Electrical Engr. Teaching Math Acct., 4 ' FA TB II, UCSEE, ZTA, Tower and AIEE Flame, UC Swim Club, Soph. Class Coun., CSTA, Exec. Westminster House Josephson, Norman Kadotani, Eleanor Los Angeles Santa Cruz Mathematics Decorative Art Tellefsen Hall, Stu- Art Bureau dent Director, Cal Band Mgr., Tellef- sen Hall Director, Straw Hat Band Jones, Sandra Lynn Los Angeles Political Science AE8, AWFA, Panel of Americans, NAACP, WDA, WAA Kamm, Sue Las Vegas, Nev. Political Science Freeborn, Daly Cal City Ed., Pelican, Elec. Coun., FEE Kaneshiro, Ruby E. Honolulu English 91 As president of the. ASUC GEORGE LINK has been one of the most active students at the University of California. He was president of the sophomore class in ' 58, rep at large in ' 59, and chairman of Ex. Comm. and Finance Committee. He has also managed to be a member of University Affairs Committee, Intercol- legiate Athletic Advisory Board, Cal Club, Californians, Phi Sigma Alpha, Gavel and Quill, Golden Bear, Chan- cellors ' Committee on. Discrimination, and Alumni Council . . . Whew! He is noted for being in a hurry, and no wonder! However, George claims that his favorite pastime is sleeping . . How does he ever find time? Kaplan, Margorie S. Kattler, John Lee Sunland Pico Rivera English History Labor Coun., Welfare Board, Housing Council Kauth, Patricia Ann Keeslar, Paul T. Santa Rosa San Carlos French Journal ism Freeborn Hall, Newman Club, Le Cercle Francais Kasemsap, Manas Bangkok, Thailand Chemical Engr. Kataoka, Garry Seiji Brentwood Industrial Relations Tower and Flame Kato, Hiromi L. Walnut Grove Music Education Stern Hall Katz, Arlene San Political Science Masonic Club, Hillel, Honor Stu- dents, Hiking Club Kauffman, Robert J. Phoenix, Arizona Communications and Public Policy ZBT. Experiment in International Liv- ing, DC Mgr. Staff Kaufmann, Doris S. San Francisco French Elizabeth Barrett, Oski Dolls, French Club Kawamoto, Jack T. Mountain View Electrical Engr. Putnam Hall, Boxing, Big " C " Keating, Marstcw Berkeley Business Education VI ' , Skull Keys, Triune, Winged Helmet, BB Keevil, June Marilyn Lorne Park, Ontario, Canada Psychology Kelley, Catherine B. Walnut Creek Child Development Alh Kelley, Kenneth Jon San Francisco Speech Frosh. Track, Frosh. Class Coun., Welfare Beard, Senior Class Council Kelly, Michael A. Vista Anthropology AXA, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Council Kelly, Roxanne Lee Riverside History AEA, Class Council Kelsey, Janet Alison Willits Spanish KA, Kenaston, Linda Lee La Jolla Communications and Public Policy Kendall, Donald C. Burl ingame Chemical Engr. TKE, Soph Class Council, AIChE Kenline, George A. San Diego , Forestry Bowles Hall, Forestry Club, Hik- ing Club, UC Folk Dance Club, Golden Club Kennedy, Roberta L. San Francisco Mathematics Cunningham Hall, Class Council, WDA Keoseyan, Ted A. Oakland Landscape Arch. Landscape Design Club, Space Mag- azine Staff Kerr, William P. Berkeley Marketing Kettman, John R. Newark Biochemistry Kidd, Margaret E. lone Child Development Mitchell Hall, CSTA Killip, Antoinette Rochester, N.Y. Art Cunningham Hall Kilpatrick , Sandra Vallejo History AAA Kearney, Rcn Harold Kela, Ray Elmer Alameda Reedley Industrial Relations Electrical Engr. Key, Bernard M. Kim, Suknam Berkeley Seoul, Korea Economics Decorative Art II Ail , Sailing Honor Students, Club, J. Comm., Korean Student Honor Students, Society AMP, Golden Bear 92 MIKE LITTLE is a political science major who drives a ' 49 Chevy with more personality than horse- power. Jazz piano and water skiing are his hobbies, while he is noted for a big nose and bad jazz. He is a member of the Honor Students ' Society, Californians, and Golden Guard, and is chairman of Student Services Board. Mike claims his favorite pastime is Sandy, the girl to whom he is pinned! Klose, Jeanne Carol San Mateo English AtDO Kimball, Frances A. Kirby, Richard W. Klass, Edward H. Paradise San Francisco Lafayette Physiology History Business Admin. Stebbins Hall, A ' yE, Cal Band, Dlt, Winged Hel- Stephens Union Daily Cal Manage- met, Skull and Comm. rial, Newman Club Keys, Swimming Team Knott, Susan K. Kobuchi, Suzie M. Sacramento San Francisco History Social Welfare AAA Cheney Hall, Or- chesis, rxx, Nisei Students ' Club, Women ' s Dorm. Assn. Koval ivker, Alan S. Krell, Leland Wynne Tujunga Berkeley Accounting Business Admin. Bowles Hall Amateur Radio Club, Ski Club, Yacht Club Kingham, Barton W, Kirsher, Sharon K. Klevens, Bernard J. Klose, Peter E. Knowles, Nancy E. Koch, Albert C. Koyen, Marilyn Ann Krevitt, Roland Redlands Berkeley Oakland Oakland Santa Barbara Danville San Mateo Bakersfield Electrical Engr. English Architecture German Zoology Mechanical Engr. Music Mechanical Engr. ESA, IRE, Elizabeth Barrett ,DEM, Honor Freeborn AXP, Intramurals, Cheney Hall KN, A SME UCSEE Society Engineering Co-op Student Kinoshita, Gosuke Kitchen, James L. Klipfel, Jane Knight, Jane L. Knowles, Robert W. Komatsubara, Krajewski, William Kriz, Jr., George S. Castro Valley Sterling City North Hollywood Walnut Creek San Francisco Nancy Kiyoko Chicago, Illinois Santa Cruz Electrical Engr. Civil Engineering Sociology Spanish Engr. Physics Juneau, Alaska Electrical Engr. Chemistry TB II, Vice-Pres. AAA, Young Re• OT, Intramurals TB II , SHE, Child Development AXE, Soph XE, ASCE publicans, Class Photo Club cif, SAACS Council Kipnis, Patricia M. Klapak, Karolyn S. Kloninger, Darrel Knight, Sandra Jean Kobayashi, Masaaki Kano, Isoo Krause, Selma Jean Krueger, David L. San Francisco San Anselmo El Cerrito Modesto Sacramento Palo Alto Hayward Colton Speech Child Development. Business Admin. English Accounting Mechanical Engr. Home Economics Business Admin. Davidson Hall, APA AT Stebbins Hall Euclid Hall, NSC ASME AAX, Home CSTA, Collegians, Economics Club Teacher-Temple Sherith Israel 93 Kuda, Louise Keiko Los Angeles Chemistry Cheney Hall, NSC Kugler, Susan A. San Francisco English Kummer, Homewood, Lab. Technology I House, Rep. on Women ' s Council at International House Kwong, Clement S. San Francisco Public Health LaChance, Frank J. Long Beach Industrial Engr, Bowles Hall, Newman Club Ladwig, William A. Berkeley Latin Honor Society, AMP Laine, Margo Sacramento Communications and Public Policy Student Forum, Laky, Les Carmel Bowles Hall, Swim- ming, Water Polo, Big " C " , Califor- nians, Rally Comm. LaLiberte, Robert L. Palo Alto Communications and Public Policy TKE, Head Yell Leader, Chmn. Rally Games Council, Californians, California Club Lamb, Wayne Santa Business Californians Lammi, Phillip E. Newark Landscapeu re Landscape Design Club, UC, Rugby Club LaMonte, Albert V. Ventura Putnam Hall, XE, Honor Students, Engineers Joint Council, ASCE Land, Alice C. Piedmont History KAO Lang, Margaret A. Sydney, Australia Geology Sr. Week Comm., Masonic Club, Col- lege Women ' s Club, Juniors, Interna- tional House, Honor Students Lang, Willie Oakland Landscape Architecture Langdon, Martha A. Sacramento Decorative Art AO WAA, AXA Langb, Helmut H. Chemnitz, Germany Economics and Languages Soccer, Circle " C " , Track, Ski Club Langner, William J. El Business Admin. Lapin, Lawrence L. China Lake Mathematics HK ' LaRocca, Robert F. San Francisco Landscape Architecture Landscape Design Club Larson, Gaylan I. Sacramento Electrical Engr. AKA LaRue, David B. Burbank International Relat. Cal Band, SCTA, A4E Lau, Claribel, W. Palo Home Home Econ. Club Laubsch, Egon P. So. Plainfield, New Jersey Met. Engineering Tennis Lauderdale, Kerby Lynwood Forestry Oxford Hall, Forestry Club, 3E Laurd, Joseph A. San Pedro Electrical Engr, Bowles Hall, TBH, HKN Lawrence, Mary B. Concord Political Science AC. Electrical Engr. Civil Engineering Langs, Rosemary Larson, Donald L. Santa Rosa Berkeley English, ' PM Electrical Engr. UCSEE Larsen, Ted L. Lateana, Janice E. Laughlin, William Boise, Idaho Lafayette Berkeley Industrial Engr. History Chemical Engr. AIIE, A TIM Women ' s Rally AICHE Comm.,Class Coun., Senior Week Comm., House Pres., New- man Club, Ex. Comm., KA HEATHER McCUNE is a child development major who enjoys skiing, listening to music, and nonrequired reading. This Chi Omega is a member of COB, AWS, Gavel and Quill, Prytanean, and Symphony Forum, and is senior class vice-president. Heather is noted for her cheerfulness and states that she plans to work abroad next year and eventually work as a clinical child therapist. Busy, busy are the only words to describe PARKER MADDUX, president of Delta Kappa Epsilon frater- nity. This economics major is a member of Cal Club, Skull and Keys, and Order of the Golden Bear, presi- dent of Winged Helmet, and chairman of All-U Week End. Oh yes, he ' s also had time to be on the Elections Council of Phi Beta Kappa. Parker ' s ambition is to be a wealthy retired lawyer and enjoy his favorite pastime, wine drinking. Law, Joan Lee, Chi Lam Woodside Hong Kong, China French Accounting International House Chinese Students ' Relations Board, Assn., Chinese Young Republicans, Students ' Club KKP Leenhouts, Linda B. Berkeley Spanish XSI, Radio-TV Theater, AMP Leland, David A. Los Angeles Accounting EAM Leong, Leslie D. San Francisco Social Welfare Freeborn Hall Lew, Victor Y. Lichtenstein, M. Lilleston, Sarah J. Berkeley Oakland Mill Valley Zoology Public Health Child Development HAI , Public AM2 Health Undergrad. Association Lawton, Susan Lee, Eugene Legarre, Enrique R. Lem, Pong N. Leopold, Janet R. Li, David Liebman, William Lim, Isabelle Oroville San Francisco Buenos Aires, Brooklyn, N. Y. Sacramento Los Altos San Francisco San Francisco Art History Optometry Argentina Electrical Engr. Mathematics and Public Health Physiology Public Health KAO Architecture UCSEE, IRE Business Admin. Ehrman Hall, KN, Treas. Hillel, EO II, Architecture Assn., Cunningham Hall Honor Students Axe Revue, Public Health UCLASA Spring Sing Undergrad. Assn. Leavitt, Nancy D. Lee, Freida Leib, Barbara B. Lembke, Stephanie Levy, Judith R. Li, Wei-i Liens, Stewart K. Lincoln, Shirley F. Alameda Ojai Palo Alto San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley Djpkarta, San Francisco English History Speech French Anthropology Chemistry Indonesia Psychology Cheney Hall, roB Cheney Hall Hoyt Hall, Honor Cloyne Court, Political Science Blue Gold, Oski Students, Cercle SHE IRB, International Dolls, CSC Francais, AMP House Lederman, David M. Lee, Jacqueline Y. Leisz, Leland E. Leong, Gordon K. Lew, Clifford R. Liang, Gay Lilleland, Virginia Lindberg, Eric J. Los Angeles Oakland Piedmont Honolulu Hawaii Oakland Hong Kong, China Davis Oakland Mathematics Public Health Lab. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Zoology Mathematics Child Development Business Admin. Honor Society TB II, , HKN, HAS, HKN, Hoyt Hall, Chinese YWCA, SCTA TKE Honor Hawaiian Club, Students ' Assn. Students, UCSEE UCSEE, UCCE 95 If you ' re KAREN MALMSTROM you might enjoy " people-watching in Dwinelle Plaza. " Sounds interest- ing! Karen ' s major is a regional group major on His- panic America, but she says you can call it Latin America unofficially. She is president of Mortar Board, and a member of Prytanean, Hiking Club, and YWCA. Karen is noted for making lists and schedules and hopes to find a creative outlet for her interests in education and Latin America. She is planning to car-tour through Europe this summer. Lindquist, Sandra Oakland Political Science Honor Society, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, IQD Lingsheid, Julie San Francisco Chemistry Cheney Hall Lipsius, Paul Berkeley Electrical Engr. Little, Paul Michael Sacramento Political Science Putnam Hall, Californians, Golden Bear, Pres. Putnam Hall, Chinn. Student Services Bd., Hon. Students ' Society Liu, Fu Chuan Taipei, Formosa Mechanical Engr. Livanos, Kathleen Castro Valley Political Science Locatelli, Linda A. Redwood City Italian 1K, AMP, Class Council Loeb, Anthony Jason Beverly Hills Dramatic Arts Honor Society Logan, Bailey Hillsborough French KM ' , Ex. Comm., and YR Fresh. Class Coun., Intramurals, Cercle Francais, Yacht Club Lombardi, Ken L. Santa Rosa Civil Engineering Cloyne Court, Intramural Sports, ASCE Lopez, Manuel M. Oxnard Optometry Lorenz, Carol Brem Santa Monica Art 1K Loscutoff, Walter V. Sheridan Mechanical Engr. ASME Louie, Oakland Physical Education Big C Society, PE Society, CSC Louie, William Berkeley Mechanical Engr. II T1, Engineers Joint Council Loveall, Richard A. Napa Political Science MAE, Young Democrats Lowe, Marsha E. San Fra ncisco Child Development ON, Honor Students ' Society Lucas, Robert Bakersfield Business Admin. Lucas Tinker Woodside History EDE Luff, Norma Burlingame Bacteriology Freeborn Hall Lum, Francis San Francisco Electrical Engr. TIM), Collegians, (D111 Luna, Douglas Paul Menlo Park Business Admin. II KA, Quarterdeck, Crew Mgr., VRC Lund, Robert Sesit San Francisco Prehospital Admin. OAX, Californians, Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Link, George H. Liu, Sander Y. H. Sutter Creek Hong Kong Political Science Physics Deutsch Hall, ASUC Pres., Rep-at-Large, Soph. Class Pres., ASUC Ex. Comm., California Club Louis, Evelyn Lillian Lowitz, Marjorie I. San Mateo La Mesa Political Science Mathematics A AX, Lutheran Stern Hall, Honor Student Assn., Students ' Society F11 Love, Gretchen Ann Luard, Suzanne M. Lui, Peter C. K. Long Beach Rolling Hills Hong Kong History Decorative Art Chemical Engr. Stern Hall, Student ZTA, SCTA Oxford Forum, Vice-Pres. Davidson Hall Lukens, William M. Lupher, Linda Covina Long Beach Business Admin. Speech D13, Big " C " , Skull AP and Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune, House President " Hey champ " or " Let ' s go troops " are t he favorite expressions of DAVE MELANDER, a senior who has been more than active in the last four years. Dave is a rep-at-large, a member of the Chancellor ' s Committee on Discrimination, Californians, Finance Committee, Order of the Golden Bear, Gavel and Quill, and past president of Sigma Phi Epsilon. He is noted for never turning down food and hopes sometima to spend one full evening in the library studying. Maybe he ' ll find time after graduation! McMurry, Alan W. McNulty, Sandra K. Merced San Diego McCarthy, Brian A. McCloskey, Robert McDonald, Donald McElroy, Pete McKeown, Gwyn E. Danville Berkeley Stockton Palo Alto San Francisco Chemical Engr. Psychology Zoology Business Admin. Sociology AXP Mask Dagger Re- AT IN Freeborn Hall, view, Axe Review rly.. McCarthy, Denise McCready, George McDonald, James L. McHugh, Robert A. Hillsborough Pittsburgh, Pa. San Marino Los Altos English Electrical Engr. Political Science Business AAII UCSEE IlfT, II KA, Winged Varsity Baseball Helmet, BB Skull and Keys McCarthy, Florence McCune, Heather M. McDowell, Joan McKay, Anne E. II Solvang Berkeley San Jose Sacramento History Child Development English Physiology Epworth Hall, Class X51, Sr. Class Stern Hall, 1K, VVUS Comm. Councils-Fr., Soph, Vice-Pres., Gavel Hall Pres., Christ. Jr., Daily Cal and Quill, Prytan- Science Organ., Managerial, WDA eon, Concert Yacht Club 1st Vice-Pres., Workshop H AI McCloskey, Marilyn McCune, Mary A. McElhoe, Marilyn R. McKenna, Edward McMillan, Doris A. Berkeley Ventura Reedley San Francisco Berkeley Child Development Social Welfare Dietetics Communications and Business Admin. ZTA, Freeborn Hall, XO, Pres. ON, Public Policy Class Council Treble Clef Oski Dolls, Treble OAX, Cal Band, Clef, Activities Glee Club, Planning Comm., Senior Octette Honor Students ' Society Lyman, Louise P. Phoenix, Arizona Political Science McAbeer, Winifred Napa English Stern Hall, House Pres., Women ' s Judicial Committee McCabe, Joan M. Modesto History K, YWCA, Jr. and Sr. Class Councils, Tower and Flame, Jr. Panhellenic " Delegate McCallum, Donald Atwater Criminology TKE Electrical Engr. AKW, Secretary Engineers Joint Council, Vice-Pres. AK,11 Mechanical Engr. Deutsch Hall, Order of the Golden Bear, Glee Club Business Admin. EN, House Pres., Order of the Golden Bear, Big " C " Soc., Varsity Crew, Skull Keys, University Affairs Council, LFC, Winged Helmet McNeely, Carol Ann Orangevale Physical Education IK Landscape Architecture Hoyt Hall, Sec. Landscape Design Club Macey, Catherine R. Hillsborough English Freeborn Hall MacGinitie, B. Napa Home Economics Stern Hall, Home Ec. Club Machado, Richard Hayward Physical Education Wrestling McKillop, Donald P. McMurry, Kay M. Fresno Hughson Psychology History Putnam Hall Stern Hall McLaughlin, Wm. J. McNair, Martin B. Lakewood Long Beach 97 Marshall, Patricia Modesto Political Science Manlove, Concord Civil Engineering ASCE, XE MacKenzie, Jessie Oakland History AA II MacNider, Sandra San Andreas History AO H Maier, Richard D. Napa Geology Deutsch Hall Manetas, Iren e T. San Francisco French Stern Hall Mantel ' , James G. Overland Park, Kansas English Oxford Hall, ASUC Radio-TV Theater Dir., ' 57 Axe Re- view Martinoni, James B. Sausalito Business Admin. Mason, Jon Lester Fresno Chemical Engr. 8AX Mattson, Irene S. Cleveland, Ohio English MacLean, Robert J. La Paz, Bolivia Architecture Arch. Assn., UCLASA MacMillan Philip Ojai Political Science Sports Editor Blue Gold, Smyth As- sociation, Tower Flame, ' EBB MacMillan, Wallace Berkeley Anthropolo gy Maertz, William F. Long Hospital Undergrad Assn. Public Health Malmstrom, San Latin Amer. Studies WDA, Prytanean, Mortar Board Pres., YWCA, Hiking Club Mann, Gerald L. Jr. Martin, Darryl B. San Francisco Santa Rosa Physical Education Civil Engineering TKE, Cloyne Court, ASCE Varsity Basketball Mansoori, Iraj Dara Martin, Joan Tehra, Iran Oakland Electrical Engr. Child Development AFA, Prytanean, CSTA, Exper. in International Living, Student-Faculty Relations Comm. Marmuoto, Ben Santa Ana Optometry Deutsch Hall, Circle " C " , Basketball, UCOA, Nisei Students ' Club Masaki, Colleen H. Sacramento Zoology Cunningham Hall, WDA, WUS, YWCA Mason, Helene Sacramento H i story Cunningham Hall Masuda, Seaside Child Development Hout Hall Matsuda, Janet M. Hilo, Hawaii English Davidson Hall, Nisei Student Club, Na Hawaii 0 Kaleponi Matsuyama, Shozo Tokyo Accounting Mauer, Maureen D. Sacramento Political Science Freeborn Hall, Synchronized Swim Club, Cal Council, Special Serv. Bd. Mauser, Judith Anne Piedmont Child Development XK, Class Councils, YWCA Maxfield, Lynne M. Piedmont Art AXO Eating hot fudge sundaes and pizza is the favorite pastime of GEORG ANN MINER. This English major is senior secretary-treasurer, and a member of COB and Gavel and Quiil. Georg Ann hopes to teach high school English someday, but in the meantime her time is devoted to her finance, Dave Eberle, with whom she hopes to make a return trip to Hawaii and other South Pacific Islands. Perfect place for a honeymoon! MacQuisten, Janet Malamud, Lloyd Corona Del Mar Los Angeles Psychology Accounting Cheney Hall Deutsch Hall, Deutsch Treasurer Maddux, Parker A. Mal inovsky, Vera San Francisco San Francisco Economics Decorative Art AKE, Winged Hel- Freeborn, AXA, met, Skull Keys, UC Yacht Club Cal Club, 1.13K, SHE 98 SANDRA MITCHELL, commonly called " Sandy, " has found time to belong to Cal Club, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Chancellor ' s Committee on University Affairs, and Associated Women Students Board, be- sides being president of WDA. Sandy likes to spend her time exploring Berkeley, sewing, or listening to music. She is noted for changing majors, but seems to have stuck with one long enough to want to teach biology in a high school upon graduation. Mayer, Robert D. Meiggs, William B. Mendel, Nan S. Meyer, Yola Noelani Middleton, Beverly Milam, Robert D. Miller, Nancy Mitchell, Alexander North Hollywood Palo Alto Crow ' s Landing Hoolehua, Hawaii San Francisco Sacramento Palo Alto Sacramento Business Admin. Math., Physics Social Welfare Zoology Political Science History Political Science Biochemistry AE IFC Representative AXA, Arnold Air Society, Collegians Social Welfare Club Hawaiian Club, Premed. Organ. =EM, Young Republicans Barrington Hall X51 AXE, SHE, SAACS Medanich, James M. Meisenholder, S. G. Menoher, Paul E. Miao, Dorothy Miedema, Henry J. Miller, John H. Mills, Douglas L. Mitchell, Charlotte Piedmont Pacific Palisades Anderson Berkeley Bellflower San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Geology Mechanical Engr. Political Science Decorative Art Civil Engineering Transportation Engr. Physics Philosophy 8AX Acacia OKI, Baseball CSA, UC Yacht Club Putnam Hall, ASCE Putnam Hall Honor Students, ' TB II Peixotto Hall, Newman Club, WDA Council, President Cheney Hall, Tower and Flame Medsker, Linda Lee Melander, David C. Mercer, James G. Michael, Kay Mierbach, Barry Miller, Kathryn Mills, Robert L. Mitchell, Mary Ann Danville Stockton Lafayette Bakersfield San Francisco San Jose Castro Valley San Leandro Child Development Political Sociology Business Admin. Hispanic America Accounting History Civil Engineering Child Development AAA, Ski Club ESE, Rep-at- Large„ Californians, Chancellor ' s Comm. on Discrimination, Pres. OE, Gavel and Quill ATS1 Griffiths Hall, Honor Society Ehrman Hall, Hall Orientations AO, House Pres., Baccalaureate Chairman, Student Forum A1,1), Glee Club, Golden Guard, ASCE, WHO, Alphian Society AA II , Student J. Comm., Mortar Bd., Prytanean, Chancel- lor ' s Comm. on Discrimination Mehlhaff, Curtis L. Meline, Robert L. Meurrens, Joseph Mickael, Peter J. Mifsud, Anne Miller, Lucien Miner, Georg Ann Mitchell, Sandra San Jose Woodland Oakland San Marino Redwood City Taft Oakland Lodi Chemistry Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Business Admin. Spanish English English Zoology Putnam Hall USCEE UCSEE TT, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet Freeborn Hall ZW, Crew, Newman Hall AXO, Sr. Class Sec., COB, Gavel and Quill Freeborn Hall, WDA Pres., Mortar Bd., Cal Club, Prytanean, AWS Board 99 Noted for his dissenting votes on Ex. Comm., DOUG MOORE is a third generation on both sides of the family to graduate from the University of California. He is also a third generation Phi Psi, his grandfather being a charter member of the Cal chapter in 1899. " Happy " is president of his fraternity and of Califor- nians. He was Men ' s Rep and Big Game Week House Decoration chairman and is a member of the Order of the Golden Bear, rugby team and Young Republicans. Doug hopes to be a successful businessman or attorney- at-law after graduation. Mitroff, Ian I. San Mateo Engineering Physics KN, XE, Honor Society Mock, Joseph Los Labor Relations Moen, Wendell G. Lynwood Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, II TX, TB II, Honor Stu• dents, Tower Flame Mon, Gordon R. Petaluma Engineering Physics Ridge House Mongan, Thomas R. San Francisco Engineering Physics ADD, TB II, ASME Monti, Stephen A. San Rafael Chemistry Bowles Hall, Honor Students, Califor- nians, Big " C " Society, Gymnastics Moore, Alfred Redding Political Science (DICE, Men ' s Ex. Comm. Moore, David G. Santa Ana Business Admin. KM, Wrestling Miyashiro, Stanley Mofjeld, Stanley Honolulu, Hawaii Redwood City Electrical Engr. Architecture Bowles Hall, Cross- Country (UCSB), Architectural Assn., XAK, LSA Miyazaki, Junichi Moller, Marilyn Tokyo, Japan South Pasadena Engineering Child Development XE, ASCE SCTA, WDA Council Moore, Douglas San Francisco Business Admin. ‘14), Men ' s Rep. ASUC, Rugby Club, Californians, Order Golden Bear Moore, James M. Fremont Political Science ATII, Gymnastics, AMP Moore, James R. Walnut Creek History AKE, Triune, Skull and Keys Moore, Karl L. Bakersfield Electrical Engr. Deutsch Hall, ESA Moore, Melinda Morimoto, Hiruaki Morse, Milton J. Moss, Madeleine H. Modesto Newcastle Richmond Sacramento Political Science Civil Engineering Spanish Communication and AO II , YWCA, Euclid Hall, AMP Public Policy Chairman of Y-Reps, ASCE, NSC ASE, Radio-TV Class Council, Theater, Mask and Oski Dolls Dagger Review, Young Democrats Moran, William Morris, William G. Morse, Peter E. Mossman, Kathleen Los Angeles Oakland Berkeley Vallejo Political Science Metallurgy Business Admin. Art History Deutsch Hall, ASUC TB II, Mineral XiD, Winged HO- AAA, Radio-TV Theater, Technology Assn., met, Skull Keys Card Stunts Comm. Varsity Debate Honor Students Moreland, Judith Morrow, Beate M. Moseley, Maralyn Muench, Susan J. South Pasadena Sacramento Oroville Modesto Speech Slavic Literature History History AP, Univ. Chorus, Tower and Flame, AOII, Pelican, Axe Review, Big Dobro Slovo, UC Young Republicans Game Decorations Ballroom Dancers Morford, Duane D. Morse, Gary Allan Moskowitz, Judith Muldary, Richard E. Redding Downey Los Angeles San Francisco Psychology Business Admin. English Journalism 4)KE EI)E (1,K)11, 4)4), Greek Weekly 100 Noted for her advice-giving, " BILLIE " NELSON is a psychology major who plans to be married in July. This active senior is a member of Prytanean, Senior Class Council, and Activities Planning Committee, Publicity chairman of Senior Week Committee, presi- dent of Life Guards Corps, and assistant to the ASUC second vice-president. Billie ' s favorite expression is, " Oh, Brother! " , and her favorite pastimes are talking and dancing. Mundt, Diane Marie Carmel Valley Political Science X52, AWFA, Sr. Class Council, Orientations Comm. Murai, Roger N. Aiea, Hawaii Zoology Golden Guard Murphy, Nancy Ruth San Francisco English AZ, WAA, Newman Club, Sailing Club Myers, Marjorie L. Menlo Park Business Admin. XS? Nachum, Ronald Los Angeles Bacteriology KN Nakano, Takeshi Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Deutsch, ASME, NSC Nakasone, James S. Wahiawa, Hawaii Mechanical Engr. Nance, John B. Van Nuys Communications and Public Policy 040, University TV Nearon, David A. Atherton Business Admin. 4048 Neighbors, Shirley Porterville Child Development Epworth Hall, WAA Nelson, Billie Joan Boonvil le Psychology Freeborn Hall, Assistant to ASUC 2nd Vice-Pres., APC, Sr. Week Pub. Chairman, Life Guard Corps Nelson, Christina M. Stockton Spanish Freeborn Hall, AMP, 1411, Project Amer. Bd. Nelson, Martin E. San Leandro Sociology Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Californians, Special Services Chairman, Masonic Club Nessler, Robert E. Stockton Spanish International House, AMP, 1A Newman, Richard B. Lafayette Business Admin. ATA, Triune, Jr. and Sr. Class Coun. Neville, Anne Marie Alameda History ZTA Newcomer, Mary M. Bakersfield Art History AC Women ' s Rally Comm., Torch and Shield, AOC Newlin, Philip J. Bakersfield Political Science ATI1, Men ' s Ju- dicial Comm., Honor Students, IFC Honor Scciety Nichols, Thomas P. Nashville, Tenn. English Nickle, Wanita Rae Selma Child Development Freeborn Hall, Kg ' Nicol, Robert D. La Jolla Architecture XAK, UC Ballroom Dancers, UC Ski Club Nielsen, Janet M. Salinas Journalism AA II, Panhellenic, Angel Flight, DC Nishimura, Merry San Francisco Bacteriology Noakes, Michael B. Fresno Physical Education KZ, Varsity Base- ball, Big " C " , Skull and Keys Nolan, David D. Oakland Labor and Industrial Relations Golden Guard, Frosh. Football Nolan, Thomas J. San Francisco Civil Engineering Cloyne Court, ASCE, XE Noll, Laura E. Los Angeles History Fl Angel Flight, Newman Club Musgrove, Judith A. Nagle, Thomas C. Nanjo, James Takeo Bellevue, Wash. Redbank, N. J. San Francisco Music English Geography Stern Hall, ‘1,1 ' 4, Christian Science Winged Helmet, IFC Organ., DC Ass ' t. Managing Editor, Interim Staff Murman, Joan H. Myers, Robert D. San Anselmo Richmond Public Health Economics KAtz, Torch and AT Shield, Prytanean, Mortar Bd., YWCA, Panhellenic JOHN, " J.0. " , OLSON claims he is a very lazy man who can ' t stand to sit still and will not be married for a long time! Whew! He is a member of Student Judicial Committee, Californians, University Affairs Committee, Faculty Committee on Student Conduct, Order of the Golden Bear, IFC, and vice-president of Cal-Camp Board. He is noted for continually singing off key, and enjoys writing poems and epic letters to his friends. Nomi, Sam Norton, Penelope Oda, Walter Okada, Yosh Olson, John F. Onstott, Edward D. Ososke, George W. Paige, Robert P. Oxnard Balboa Sacramento Fowler Pacific Palisades Pueblo, Colorado Kentfield San Bruno Electrical Engr. Speech Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Political Science Mathematics Political Science History HKN AI ' , Big Game Comm., Axe Review, Class Council, AOC Euclid Hall, TB II UCSEE, Nisei Club III, Student J. Comm., Order of the Golden Bear, Faculty Comm. on MK , Varsity Swimming, Big " C " Society MKT, House President Student Conduct, MBK, Labor Coun., IFC Honor Society Norick, Barbara Nye, Jerry Ohori, Yoshiko Oki, Alice O ' Neil, Helen A. Orman, Charles L. Owyoung, Bruce Pak, Pyong Uk Altadena Redding Hahiawa, Hawaii Berkeley Oakland Inglewood San Francisco Seoul, Korea Child Development AA n, Angel Flight Zoology MKI Physics Public Health Political Science IK, YWCA, Collegians Chemical Engr, MAX, Crew, IFC Honorary Rowing Bacteriology CSC, CSA Accounting Club, UC Honor Soc. Norman, Robert S. O ' Brien, Bonnie Ohta, Hiram Oliver, Marjorie Ong, Patricia Ormonde, Neil Pace, Stephen M. Palmeri, John Piedmont Berkeley Honolulu Hawaii Menlo Park Chandler, Ariz. Hayward Montebello Buffalo, N. Y. Industrial Engr. English Electrical Engr. Child Development Child Development Civil Engineering Business Admin. Mathematics AIIE, A HM H BM, Oski Dolls, Newman Club International House KKI ' , Oski Dolls, YWCA Cheney Hall Bowles Hall AT52, Rep•at•large, Californians, Univ. Del Rey Affairs Comm., FSB Chairman, High School Day Chmn. Normad, Suzanne O ' Connor, Linda Oka, James Olsen, Harvey Onoda, George Y. Osborne, John H. Packard, Paul D. Palmquist, Dick San Carlos Los Angeles San Jose Oakland Sacramento Vallejo Sacramento Sacramento Art Political Science Electrical Engr. Biophysics Engineering Chemistry Political Science Entomology LIK X52, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Angel AXP, IFC Honor Society NSC Vice President AAA White Manor Flight, Rally Corn- mittee„ II IA, Newman Club 102 STEVE, " PACHI, " PACE is a rep-at-large who en- joys activities and hunting. Steve is a member of Ex. Comm., Californians, and University Affairs Commit- tee. He is an Alpha Tau Omega and a business admin- istration major. Steve hopes to enter corporation legal counsel or management. Panecaldo, Ralph G Parmett, Michael B. Pattinson, Nancy Payne, Brian Pearson, Edward E. Pendleton, Alan R. Perkins, Jeanne Petersen, Thomas Gridley San Francisco Pasadena Oakland Richmond Oakland San Ardo Oakland Architecture Electrical Engr. History Forestry Business Admin. Speech Psychology Business Admin. Ridge House UCSEE, IRE KKT AItl , Order of the Golden Bear, For- estry Club, IFC H KA, Basketball, Big " C " , Winged Helmet Stratford Hall, Chaplain, Rep-at- Large, President Stern Hall MKT, Crew, Rowing Club Honorary Student Masonic Club Welfare Bd. Chmn., Editor " Timber " Papke, Joan Pasley, Julia An n Paulson, David H. Pearlman, Donald L. Peirce, James L. Pensabene, Marilyn Peters, Albert Peterson, Frank B. Balboa Kansas City, Kan. Sacramento Los Angeles South Pasadena San Francisco Oakland Phoenix, Ariz. Speech Psychology Electrical Engr. Business Admin. Electrical Engr. Psychology History Mechanical Engr. AT, Big Game Comm., Univ. Chor- us, Class Council 441, Swim Club, Choir HKN, UCSEE }.AM 11,1,E, HKN, Men ' s Ex. Board, Chairman Orienta- tions Council, IFC Honorary, House Secretary Epworth Hall, Honor Society Deutsch Hall 1H , ASME Parker, Ann Patterson, Jane Paulson, Jean Pearson, Carolyn 1. Peltzie, Bernard Percy, Sandra L. Peters, Irene Peterson, Richard Oceanside Grand Junction, El Cerrito Sacramento Kansas City, Mo. Oakland San Rafael Fort Bidwell Social Welfare Colorado Political Science Speech English Child Development Business Admin. Business Admin. INDB Hospital Admin. Public Health Honor Society, Undergrad. Assn. AA.1, Photo Club, LDS Institute Of Religion F ' I ' B, House President Epworth Hall, WDA VC19 Ehrman Hall, AE H, Hall Pres., Public Relations Office 103 Hunting is the hobby of JOHN, " T.J.Q. " , QUINN, a Phi Kappa Sigma from Oakland. John is a psychology major and a member of the Order of the Golden Bear and Gavel and Quill. He has been past president of Alpha Phi Omega, secretary-treasurer of Californians, chairman of Senior Week Committee, a representative on Men ' s Ex. Board and ASUC representative on University Committee of Arts and Lectures. John hopes to be a Foreign Services Officer of the U.S. State De- partment. Petty, George Berkeley English Honor Society, IFC Honor Students ' Society, ADli. Phipps, Allen M. Oakland Economics AM ' , Golden Guard, House Pres., Glee Club, Triune TKE, Young Republicans, Men ' s Rally Comm. Phillips, Lorna M. Berkeley Zoology ' LTA, Student Ju• di cial Committee, Tower Flame, Honor Students, Sec. Newman Club, Sec. Yacht Club Piankoff,Vitaly San Francisco Electrical Engr. AZ, WAA, Pelican, Class Council, Big Game Week Comm. Pike, Sandra Lee San Francisco Child Development Freeborn Hall, Secretary Student Services Board Pinkerton, James B. 01 ivehurst Geology OT Pitlick, Frances Pasadena Biochemistry Cheney Hall Planck, Lucille L. Rancho Cordova Dietetics Epworth Hall, Home Economics Club, Secretariat, WAA Plant, Mary Lafayette Art History KKP Plant, Philip M. Alameda Business Admin. AT Pon, Yee Popkin, Gail D. Bakersfield Santa Barbara Electrical Engr. History UC Honor Society, Oski Dolls HKN, TB II, , CSC, UCSEE Portello, William L. Arbuckle Agric. Economics rl,KT, Ski Club, Men ' s Rally Comm. Phillips, John B. Pickford, Margaret Pirtz, Diane Los Altos Oakland Larkspur Business Economics Zoology Freeborn Hall, Honor Students ' Society Poirier, Raymond Ponso, Jr., Emil J. Pool, Robert A. Poppelman, Julie A. Martinez Lynwood Daly City San Fernando Bu siness Admin. Production Zoology Political Seience AKA, Cal Band, Management Ehrman Hall AA II, Straw Hat Band, Del Rey, President Angel Flight, Daily Cal, 44, of House,Pres., Sr. Class Council Society for Advance- ment of Mgmt. Pollard, Judith A. Ponue, Irene Poole, Andrea B. Potter, Diana Oakland Beverly Hills Castro Valley San Francisco Child Development Social Welfare English Classics Cheney Hall, ' EE, House Pres. Davidson Hall AXIL YWCA Sec., French and Treasurer University Chorus Club, Yacht Club 164 The second vice-president of the ASUC is DOLORES, " DORRIE, " ROBBINS, a Chi Omega whose major is social welfare. Dorrie has also found time to be a member of Cal Club, Prytanean, Mortar Board, and Gavel and Quill. Her favorite expression is " Good grief! " , and she hopes to be a social worker after com- pleting graduate school. Potter, Sandra Powell, Gary Price, Joanna C. Pringle, Judy San Francisco Oakland Sacramento Oakland Economics Business Admin. English•History Public Health YWCA, Honor Stu. dents, UCHA, Dorm Dt, Class Council AO, Public Health Undergrad. Assn. President, WDA Poulakidas, A. Pratt, Lynette C. Price, Richard A. Pritikin, William B. Phoenix, Arizona Sacramento San Francisco Van Nuys Political Science Home Economics History Bacteriology Cunningham Hall Stern Hall, ON, Home Ec. Club II AO, Rowing Club, Baseball, Axe Review Powell, Edwinn Prentice, Donna Price, Stanton J. Pruiett, Judy Sacramento Kelseyville Redwood City Taft Psychology Decorative Art History Journalism IEK President, Creative Arts Club, Panhellenic, Honor Society Deutsch Hall, Daily Cal AXO Prydz, Richard Pugh, Mary L. Quigley, Jchn Quong, Norman San Francisco Berkeley Redwood City San Francisco Electrical Engr. Psychology Business Admin. Liberal Arts Soccer AX52, Senior Class Council, WAA TKE, Rally Comm., Water Polo, Football Prydz, Roland A. Purcell, William H. Quinn, John Rabinovich, David San Francisco San Anselmo Oakland Mendellin, Mechanical Engr. Spanish Psychology Col ombia Soccer 4,FA, Triune, Winged Helmet, AMP, Project Americas OKY., President A•52, Californians, Men ' s Ex. Board, Senior Week Chmn., Big Game Week Chemistry AXE, Flying Club Sec. Comm. Chairman Pugh, Janet M. Purnell, Corinne Quiroz, Olivia Raby, Earlene J. Red Bluff Sausalito Whittier San Lorenzo English Journalism Hispanic America Hispanic America X52 Freeborn Hall, Daily Cal City Ed., Independent Cal, OE II, Prytanean, Student Forum KA, Pcmpon Girl, Axe Review, Class Council Hoyt Hall, Class Councils, Hall Social and Activities Chairman I 05 The favorite pastime of JOAN RYMAN is reading and talking. Joan is president of Oski Dolls and is noted for being International House Sorority Girl. She hopes to travel in Europe this Summer and study physical therapy in the Fall. Ragatz, Richard L. Randall, Jane D. Rassmussen, Bennie Napa Atherton Del Rey Geography Anthropology Soil Science .1)2K KAO Aro, IFC Ready, William E. Redo, David L. Orinda Kensington Park Business Admin. Electrical Engr. IFC, Rush Committee Reeves, James W. Renati, Bruce J. Richards, Doris K. Bel If lower San Francisco Oakland English Business Admin. Physical Education Tcwer and Flame, Ehrman Hall WAA ASH ' , University AIR, Special Orchestra Services Committee Ralston, Phillip G. Ran dolph, Carol A. Rath, John W. Rechnor, Ralph W. Reed, Henry L. Reiner, Beverly J. Rhemgruber, H. G. Richards, Linda L. Pomona Long Beach Sacramento Altadena Stockton Fresno Pomona Hayward Business Admin. Criminology English Political Science Business Admin. Sociology Zoology Psychology ' .EAE, Varsity Golf, Pres., Sec. AAE, Ehrman Hall, BO If Treble Clef Honor Society, Cunningham Hall Circle " C " Society, Calif. Engineer, Daily Cal, Premed. Society Speakers Bureau Jr. Class Rep. Honor Society Ramirez, Frances Rapp, Brian Ray, Malcolm D. Redford, Helen A. Rees, Sandra J. Reinis, Mitchell N. Ricci, Donald J. Richmond, Leland L. Oakland Bakersfield El Cerrito Piedmont Berkeley Beverly Hills Daly City Modesto Spanish Economics Psychology History Child Development Business Admin. Accounting Industrial Engr. Treble Clef Society BO H, Chairman Al ' AAA, Oski Dolls, and Accounting 4 IK, Box- University Village, Men ' s Judicial Panhellenic, ZBT, Football, ing, Big " C " Soc., AIIE, Pres. A n NI, Comm., Skull Scholarship Chmn., Rugby, IFC. Circle " C " Society, Sec. TB H, Engi. and Keys AWS Board Circle " C " Society BABY, Boxing Club neers Joint Council 106 NANCY SANDS, ex-membership chairman of Panile, is also known as " Sandals. " She has been treasurer and recording secretary of WAA, a member of " C " Society, Prytanean, and Women ' s Rally Committee, and also chairman of Art Bureau. Nancy is a member of the infamous " Queenston " Trio, and is noted for walking on walls (provided they are no more than three feet apart)! Nancy may often be heard saying " Gotver- dammt " (who knows?), and her ambition is to be a highly paid buffoon. Roble, Judith D. Alameda Speech AAA, Thistle Branch Children ' s Hospital Robinson, Edwin 0. Riverside Finance ATS2 House Officer, Quarterdeck Society Robinson, Oliver U. Ventura Political Science TKE Robinson, Richard Jackson, Miss. Economics Rohde, Raymon R. Ceres Agricultural Mgmt. Big " C " Society, Varsity Baseball Rohde, Seena A. Ceres Psychology Treble Clef, Jr. Manager, Ski Club Roldan-Castro, Roosa, Christine M. Carlos E. Oakland Lima, Peru Italian Architecture ABA, Class Council Roldan, Maureen D. Rose Howard I. Tiburon Oakland Spanish Optometry KN, Baseball, Rally Comm., Honor Society Rohn, Chris E. Rouder, Susan G. Los Angeles Fairfax Political Science Political Science AT, Tennis Team, ANSI, IRB, Public IFC Judicial Comm. Affairs Comm., Na- tional Rep. YWCA, Union Programs Board Riddell, Janice M. Riley, Patricia A. Ripa, John A. San Mateo San Jose Highland Falls, Child Development Speech New York Stern Hall, YWCA, AAR, Senior Electrical Engr. Calvin Club, CSTA Class Council Riding, James H. Rindal, Susan B. Rising, Donald L. San Francisco San Francisco Vallejo Political Science English Electrical Engr. 43AX, Vice-Pres. A,I Ridge House, Honor IFC, Golden Bear, Students ' Society Univ. Affairs Comm., Fraternity Advisory Board Righter, Meredith Rinne, Edward E. Robbins, Dorrie Sacramento Orinda Berkeley English Civil Engineering Social Welfare Hoyt Hall, Pres. E4 ' , ASCE Cal, Radio-TV Club Hoyt Hall, Daily X52, Vice-Pres. California Club, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Jr. Class Vice-Pres. Robbins, Susan A. Beverly Hills Child Development KKr, WAA Treas., Women ' s " C " Society Roberto, Patricia Oakland Spanish Roberts, Margo Morgan Hill Art X52, Union Program Board, Model UN, Prytanean 107 " POKEY " SCHWAB is an English major whose im- pressive list of activities ranges from ex-editor of the BLUE AND GOLD to chairman of the Union Pro- grams Board, President of Prytanean, editor of Mortar Board, and membership chairman of Ex. Comm. This Alpha Omicron Pi ' s favorite hobby is feeding homeless cats and prizes her big black cat, " Zorro. " Upon gradu- ation she hopes to live in Rome for a year or two teaching English to Italians. Rowe, Leslie R. Fort Bragg Business Admin. Stern Hall Ruby, George Russell, James D. Chicago, Illinois Fresno Chemistry Civil Engineering A E TI ASCE, XE Ryder, Robert F. Saegebarth, Ellen Sakamoto, Toyoko Salute, Eugene So. San Francisco Berkeley San Diego Los Angeles Industrial Engr. Chemistry Social Welfare Business Admin. Griffiths Hall Pres., OM, Tower and Ritter Hall 1AM Golden Guard, AIIE Flame, Hiking Club, Honor Students, SAACS, II II Sanchez, Ray San Pablo Physics Ehrman Hall Rowlands, Edwina Rucka, Michael N. Rutherford, Ann Ryman, Joan A. St. Clair, Joseph Salamanca, Enrique Samelian, John Sanchez, Roberto H. Oakland San Francisco Concord Palo Alto Ycuntville Cochabamba, Rochester, Minn. Chihuahua, Mex. English Political Science Child Deve:orment History Business Admin. Bolivia English Political Science Freeborn Hall Bowles Hall, ZTA AI ' , Oski Dolls Bowles Hall International Relat. Griffiths Hall Debate President, Rally and Games Comm. Rubin, Seymour Ruegg, David C. Ryan, Patricia Sachs, Phil M. Sakai, Ann Salas, Jesse C. Samn, Edna Mai Sandal, Carl Berkeley Berkeley Oxnard Firebaugh Hayward Los Angeles San Francisco San Rafael Electrical Engr. Business Admin. English Electrical Engr. Political Science Business Admin. History Business Admin, HKN, Amateur IN Freebcrn Hall Putnam Hall AAX President, Cheney Hall AKA Radio Club Treble Clef ■ 108 JANIE SEMPLE has well represented Delta Zeta sorority on campus. She is a member of Mortar Board, and. Prytanean, and Daily Cal coassistant editor, and was Daily Cal assistant editor in 1960, Independent Cal assistant editor, past president of Theta Sigma Phi, past president of the Northern Californian Student Press Conference, and student editor of " Welcome to Cal. " Janie is noted for " So What ' s Up, " a column in the Daily Cal, and her ambition is to be an international spy. Quite a versatile girl! Sanders, Dale Sanford, Richard Sanford, Sylvia Schnaak, Barbara Berkeley Piedmont Berkeley Oakland Forestry History Spanish Child Development AM , Forestry AT, Track, Cunningham Hall, AAX, Tower and Club, SAF, Big " C " Society, Hall Officer, Store Flame, Bowling Ski Club Golden Guard Board, ASUC Store, Team, CSTA Class Councils Satterburg, Melvin Sawyer, Barbara J. Scheinbaum, L. Schmidt, Elizabeth Kingsburg Pasadena Los Angeles Sunnyvale History Economics Business Admin. Child Development APB, Cal Band, ZTA House Pres., EAM ZTA, CSTA, IFC Council, Angel Flight, Ski Club Calvin Club Sr. Class Council Sands, Nancy E. Sanford, Ronald A. Sannar, Janet Schmidt, Smitty L. Sauer, Keith E. Schafer, Carol L. Schimansky, David Schmidt, Ellen San Francisco Gridley San AnseImo Arcadia Concord La Crescenta El Cerrito Corte Madera Art History Agricultural Speech Business Admin. Spanish Mathematics Economics Biochemistry AO, Art Bureau Economics ZTA, AEA Cunningham Hall, XO Beaudelaire Club Chairman, " C " AT, Skull Keys, Angel Flight Honor Students, Society, Panile, Winged Helmet, AMP WAA Officer Triune, Big Brother Project Sanford, Peter L. Sanford, Sammie Sapatis, William Sather, Kent Savitt, Ronald Schamp, Roger Schmerl, James H. Schmidt, Robert Palo Alto Corte Madera Manchester, N.H. San Rafael Reno, Nevada Butte, Montana Piedmont Los Altos English English History Business Admin. Communications Accounting Mathematics Zoology Ehrman Hall, XCI EOM, Tower and Ehrman Hall, Stu- ZBT, Elections Oxford Hall, BE, IFC Honorary, Acacia, Ski Club Gymnastics, Flame, Honor Stu- dent Union, Advis- Council, Ski Club Quarterdeck Society OHM Daily Cal dents, Stiles Hall ory Bd., American Accounting Assn. ■ 109 DOROTHY, " DOT, " SHERWOOD has been around the BLUE AND GOLD office for quite awhile, and, as editor, is mainly responsible for this 1961 yearbook ... and, " it weren ' t easy! " , to quote a learned sage. Dot is also a member of Prytanean, CSTA, Pub. Board, and WAA. She can most often be heard saying, " What happened to my freshman staff? " as she looks at the stack of work piled high on her desk. Her favorite pastime is horseback riding and watching basketball games and she is noted for never missing a home game. Such devotion! Dot says her ambition is to teach French and raise horses, and, although she claims she is completely talentless, she does every job well. Schneck, Thomas Santa Clara Physics Cloyne Court, Newman Club Schnitzer, Corrina Palo Alto Journalism, History SEE, Panhellenic, Ex. Comm., HAM, 0E4,, Senior Banner Chairman Schoenfeld, Patricia Eureka Zoology Freeborn Hall, WDA, Newman Club Schwab, Berkeley English A011, Union Pro- gram Board Chmn., Prytanean Pres., 1960 Blue Gold Editor, Mortar Bd., ASUC Ex. Comm. Schwartz, Joyce Woodside Psychology Schweitzer, Richard Indio Ccmmunications ZBT, Big Game Week, Jazz Concert Selinger, Fredric Oakland Political Science HMI, House Pres., IFC Semple, Janie A. Serey, Jack C. Stockton Sacramento Journalism Political Science AZ, Ass ' t. Editor AAch Daily Cal, Mortar Board, Prytanean, ODD Pres., No. Calif. Student Press Conference Chmn. Selna, Lawrence G. Oakland Civil Engineering ASCE, Quarterdeck Society Seneker, Leilani A. San Luis Obispo Retai I ing A,D Setzer, Linda S. San Francisco Child Development Yacht Club, Soph Council, Cul- tural Events Board Selway, David R. Seraphin, Norm Severin, Ann Long Beach Hayward Berkeley Mechanical Engr, Spanish Social Welfare TB II Glee Club, ABA, Prytanean, Mariachis, AMP, Treble Clef, WAA, A II, Tower Women ' s " C " Soc. Flame Sciutto, Robert Seabold, Richard Seitz, Joan C. Oakland La Crescenta Los Angeles Business Admin. History Psychology AT, Triune, MO, Cheney Hall, Winged Helmet, Canterbury Club, Honor Students Golf Davis Transfer Scott, Donald H. Seaborn, Terry B. Sekiguchi, Eugene Oakland Oakland Los Angeles Business Admin. Political Science Electrical Engr. Acacia, Glee Club AKA, Class Coun. Barrington Hall, IRE, AIEE, UCSEE, USCA Scott, Nancy R. Sebastian, John C. Seldin, Cynthia Kingsburg Oakland Berkeley Home Economics Engr. Physics Art Epworth Hall, TB II, Collegians, Rally Committee, Treble Clef, YWCA Amer. Institute of Daily Cal, Big Aeronautical Sci., Game, Art Comm. Rocket Society 110 " JERRY " SIEBERT has well represented the Univer- sity of California on the track field, to say the least! Jerry is a member of the Order of the Golden Bear, Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board, and Big C, and Circle C Societies. His hobbies are athletics in general and his major is engineering physics. Jerry ' s ambition is to run a little bit faster than he did the year before and says that graduate school appears imminent. Shawl, Donald H. Sherman, Rolland Shikuma, David Shimono, Saburo Shultz, Earl San Leandro Oakland Watsonville Sacramento South Gate Business Admin. Mechanical Engr. Ceramic Engr. Business Admin. Premed TKE Masonic Club Nisei Students ' Euclid Hall, Glee Basketball, Big Club, Mineral Club, Nisei Stu- " C " Society, Cal Technology Assn. dents ' Club Club, Big Brother Program Seyfarth, Richard Shafsky, Lynne H. Sharp, Barbara L. Sheffer, Tobey H. Sherrard, Gary Shimizu, John T. Shiosaki, Robert Siebert, Edward F. Claremont Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Los Angeles San Marino San Jose Honolulu, Hawaii Willits Landscape Child Development Sociology History Economics Wildlife Electrical Engr. Architecture Architecture ZTA, Senior A011, Intramural Freeborn Hall, ATA Conservation IVCF MR, Upper Div. Class Council Sports, Young Class Council, Stu- Wildlife Conserva- Honor Society Republicans dent Services Bd., tion Club, NSC, Student Community Baseball Relations Council, Honor Students Shahbazian, A. Shalit, Sheldon Shattuck, Alan D. Shelley, Elbert Sherwood, Dorothy Teheran, Iran Boston, Mass. Oakland Santa Rosa Yuba City Electrical Engr. Sociology Business Admin. Civil Engineering French I House, UCSEE, ZW Cloyne Court, ' FM, Blue Gold Wesley Foundation TB 11, XE, ASCE Editor, CSTA, Pry- tanean, Publications Board, WAA Shimono, Mukoto Shippy, Loretta Siebert, Jerome F. Kamuela, Hawaii San Francisco Willits Business Admin. Italian Engineering Physics Barrington Hall AME ' , Intramurals Big " C " Society, Circle " C " Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Track, Cross-Country Sevier, Electa Shafer, Joan C. Shapiro, Allan W. San Francisco San Anselmo Oakland Journalism Spanish Optometry ri 13W Elizabeth Barrett, KN, UC Opto- AMF, Hiking Club metric Soc. Pres., Jr. Class Vice Pres. JEFF SNOW is a Theta Delta Chi whose favorite pastime is a good book. He is a member of Golden Bear, Cal Club, the varsity football team, Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Board, University Affairs Commit- tee, Big C Society, and is a columnist for the Daily Cal. The ambition of this science major is to have a legal education. Siebert, Katrina Silva, Richard Simon, John R. Simpson, William Siskey, Marilyn Slade, Kenneth Slomann, Norman Smart, Wesley M. Santa Rosa San Mateo Palm Springs Oakland Visalia Fontana Long Beach Oakland Music Physics Accounting Business Admin. German Civil Engineering Political Science Physics Cheney Hall 1AM, BF , HAW, IFC AKA, Frosh Crew Davidson Hall ASCE, UCYC ;;AM, Tennis Bowles Hall, Honor Students Honorary Siegel, Maria Simeone, Michael Simonich, Cecelia Singer, Terry Skaggs, Sanford Slechta, Alfred Slusser, George Smernes, Anthony Pacific Palisades Jersey City, N.J. Hanford Burlingame Berkeley Los Angeles Berkeley Napa Anthropology Linguistics Political Science Political Science History Civil Engineering English Poilitical Science Cheney Hall, Oski Dolls, Young Demo- crats, Kroeber Soc., I House AMI ' FOB, Oski Dolls, Torch and Shield ATSZ AA ' I, Big " C " Soc., Crew, Men ' s J Comm., IFC Honorary, Triune XT., XE, IFC Honorary, ASCE XX, 4313K, Drama t ' DXK, Class Council Signorelli, Charlotte Simoes, Marie Simonsen, Alfred Singleton, James Skoegard, Claire Sloan, Matthew Small, Lawrence Smith, Barbara J. Los Angeles Oakland Pleasant Hill Hayward Santa Cruz Long Beach Beverly Hills San Jose History Business Admin. Industrial Engr. Political Science Physical Education Zoology Business Admin. History Xil OXO, Newman Club AXA, AIIE, Quarterdeck Society, IFC, Senior Class TKE, AtIttl, Func. Services Board, Men ' s Ex Ar4, Orientations Council, House Pres., Collegians XAM II AO, Axe Review, Calif. Greek Honor Society Council Comm., Honor Students 112 This active senior says she is noted for her name—In her words, " Who else is named PRIS SPIRES! " Pris is a member of Women ' s J. Comm., Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Honor Students ' Society. She has also found time to be advertising manager of the Pelican, business manager of the Daily Cal, and president of Hoyt Hall. " Humph! " is the favorite expression of this German major who hopes to become advertising manager for Joseph Magnin ' s. Best of luck, Pris. Smith, Charles G. San Diego Electrical Engr. HKN Smith, Cynthia L. Smith, Jay D. Smith, Marylyn Smith, Phillip J. San Francisco Sacramento Piedmont Piedmont Dramatic Art Political Science Inter. Relations Political Science KAI] EX A011, Panile, Ski EKE, Crew, Club Pres., Wom• IFC, Senior Week en ' s Ski Team Comm. Chairman Capt., Snow Queen, Torch and Shield Smith, Susanne J. San Marino Communications and Public Policy APA, Tower and Flame, Women ' s Director of Pelican, Assistant Editor of Cal Greek Snow, Jeffrey D. Solberg, Janet M. Santa Monica Riverside Political Science Child Development HAX, Varsity AA II, Senior Football, Cal Club, Class Council Interco!. Advisory Board, Golden Bear Smith, Claudeen Smith, Daniel Jr. Smith, Marla J. Smith, Peggy A. Smith, Roger A. Smith, Velma J. Soby, Paul Solis, Richard A. San Marino Marina Berkeley San Francisco Sacramento Oakdale Western Springs, Redondo Beach Business Admin. Electrical Engr. Physical Education Speech Mechanical Engr. History Illinois Optometry KM`, Rally Comm., Oxford Hall MM, WAA, AAA Deutsch Hall, Political Science UC Optometric Women ' s " C " Soc., Mortar Board, ASME, Newman Association OX0 Prytanean, Panile, Club Women ' s " C " Soc. Smith, Clayton P. Smith, David L. Smith, Marvin D. Smith, Philip C. Smith, Sandra L. Smock, Juli M. Solberg, David N. Solomon, Suzon S. Sacramento Redondo Beach Gardena Los Angeles Sal inas Pasadena Vallejo Los Altos Business Admin. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Art History Art History Chemistry Political Science II KA, Triune, Putnam Hall, Smyth Hall KAP, IRE KKI ' AM Ridge House ri MA, Slate Winged Helmet, UCSEE Skull and Keys I13 JIM STONEHOUSE is a man who ' s active both on and off campus. He is president of Alpha Phi Omega, chairman of Blue Monday, cochairman of High School Day and the Ugly Man Contest, vice-chairman of SUB, Independent Commuters, and Activities Counseling, chairman of Students for Nixon-Lodge, and a member of Californians and Men ' s Executive Board. Jim ' s am- bition is to be able to afford his expensive tastes. Sommarstrom, S. Sperber, Harry Springer, Ellen L. Stahle, Virginia D. Stark, Harvey G. Steffen, Madelaine Stern, Lawrence H. Stone, Roger R. Piedmont San Jose Los Angeles Orinda Los Angeles Carmel Valley Vallejo Brentwood Child Development Civil Engineering Political Science History Political Science Art Optometry Mechanical Engr. AI ' , Rally Comm., IX, Californians, ASE AAII Deutsch Hall Joaquin Hall Cloyne Court Intramurals ASCE, XE Sorensen, Meld G. Sperry, Bruce 0. Spurlock, Drury A. Staples, Joyce A. Stark, Linda M. Steinberg, Sarita Steuben, Robert W. Stonehouse, James South Gate Berkeley Lafayette Chico Glendale Atherton Lafayette Alameda Forestry Business Admin. Music Mathematics German History Political Science Speech OE, Forestry Club, Be II Orchesis KA Elizabeth Barrett Piedmont Court tkIK A.142 President, EI II , Collegians Californians, Chairman of High School Day, Chmn. of Blue Monday, Men ' s Ex. Board Sortais, Henry C. Spires, Pris Stadt, Marshall B. Stapleton, Susan Stedman, James R. Stephens, Kathy T. Stewart, Susan C. Strauss, Bruce W. Monterey No. Sacramento San Mateo San Francisco Lakeport Glendale San Rafael Corona Industrial Engr. German Psychology English Civil Engineering English French Business Admin. Deutsch Hall, Hoyt Hall, Women ' s KN, Vice- Cheney Hall IAE, ASCE APA, DM, Young 1.EK, Frosh A II M, AIIE, Card J Comm., Pelican President Italian Club crats, Class Coun., Football, UC Stunts Committee Adver. Manager, WAA, Experiment Yacht Club Daily Cal Business in Inter, Living Manager, Prytanean, Mortar Board 114 LINDA. TENNEY, better known as " Bug " to her Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sisters, has been on the Pompon committee for two years, and head Pompon girl for one year. This vivacious social welfare major is also corre- sponding secretary of Prytanean, communications of- ficer of A ngel Flight, secretary of Rally and Games Council, and a member of Treble Clef, Panile, and Honor Students ' Society. Linda ' s favorite expressions are: " Funny thing! " and " Good Going, Grace! " and she ' s noted, as she says, for being a " twitch " and a " red hot. " Linda says she ' s too busy right now to have any hobbies, but her ambition for the future is to see the world and to do everything which she attempts well. Street, Robert Jr. Garden Grove Political Science Smyth Hall Stuart, Geraldine S. Oakland Child Development ArA, Class Coun., Pelican, Collegians Sueoka, Shirley M. Petaluma Physical Education Davidson Hall, Nisei Club, Na Hawaii o Kaleponi, YWCA, Premed Soc. Suh, San Oak Seoul, Korea History Cheney Hall Sullivan, Ann Richmond Communications and Public Policy YWCA Sullivan, Deborah A. Sherman Oaks English AAA Sullivan, Molly Pasadena English Sullwold, Sandra M. Cardiff Public Health Lab. Freeborn Hall Sulpizio, Robert E. Richmond Political Science AXA, IFC Scholastic Honor Society, Honor Students ' Society Sultan, Beverly D. Sacramento Psychology DEM, Tower and Flame, Young Demo- crats, Collegians Sun, Andrew San Francisco Chemistry Honor Students ' Society Sung, William Swanson, Muriel Berkeley Martinez Mechanical Engr. Child Development Chinese Students ' Cheney Hall, Assn., ASME, Ski President on Cheney Club, Arnold Air Society, Tower and Flame Sutton, Robert D. Taga, Neal E. Vallejo Honolulu, Hawaii Mechanical Engr, Electrical Engr. TBII, ASME TB II, HKN Suurballe, Nancy M. Tahira, Kimiyo Salinas Concord Public Health Lab. Economics Davidson Hall, Pelican Sales Mgr., Pub. Health Under- Panile, Oski Dell, graduate Assn. Tower and Flame, Class Council Tait, Richard G. Fresno Civil Engineering MAE, ASCE Takahashi, Jane K. Sacramento Child Development Takeda, Sylvia M. Pasadena Dietetics-Nutrition Cheney Hall, Pompon Girl, ON, Nisei Students ' Club Stremel, Pamela Stuart, Norva A. Concord Plymouth History Home Economics Stern Hall, Stern Hall, Home Orchesis, College Ec. Club, ON Model U.N. Strong, Gary P. Sturman, Michael L. Tiburon Lafayette Electrical Engr. Political Science UCSEE 115 " Be serious! " is the favorite expression of JOANN THEBOLT. JoAnn is a rep-at-large and member of Ex. Comm., Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Cal Club. This Alpha Delta Pi is not only active on campus, but a Phi Beta Kappa as well! " Thieb " enjoys skiing and bridge and her ambition is to teach German and Chem- istry. What can ' t this active senior do! Talbot, Randall L. Crockett Business Admin. Ridge House, Honor Society Talbott, Elizabeth Palo Alto Business Admin. Freeborn Hall, WDA, 03(0, AIESEC Talburt, Ann Berkeley Anthropology AEA Talhami, Nicola G. Amman, Jordan Architecture Arab Students ' Assn., Arab Student Soccer Team, AIAS Tam, Franklin W. Tanimoto, Douglas Hong Kong, China Bellflower Engr. Physics Physics Deutsch Hall Tan, Victor Tao, Frank T. Oakland Palo Alto Political Science Chemistry International Rela- Barrington Hall, tions, Cal Bowling NSC Team, Model U.N. Taylor, Anna M. Redlands Political Science AI ' A, Panel of Amer., Sr. Class Coun., Prytanean, Mortar Board, Ex- periment in Inter- national Living Tenney, Linda Burlingame Social Welfare ZTA, Head Pompon Girl, Panile, Pry- tanean, Angel Flight, Rally and Games Ccmmittee Thal, Dan J. San Francisco Political Science AER, Cal Band, ASUC Radio-TV Theater, ASE Tharsing, Penelope Walnut Creek Social Welfare AM2, Assistant Mgr. Blue Gold Thebolt, JoAnn Mt. Shasta German AA IT , Rep-at- large, Cal Club, Mortar Bd., tDBK, Univ. Affairs Comm. Thiele, Al Vacaville Electrical Engr. HKN Pres., TB II, OH Thiewoldt, Gwen I. San Leandro Nutrition Cheney Hall Thomas, Gregory M. Berkeley Engineering KA, Big " C " Soc., Football, Mineral Technology Assn. Talbott, Richard E. Tallyn, Karen Berkeley Oakland Biophysics Art Glee Club, SHE, AP Honor Students ' Society, ex Taniguchi, Stanley Tavernetti, David Lodi King City Mechanical Engr. Business Admin. Euclid Hall, ( ' 1K, Big " C " ASME, IAS Society, URC, Golden Guard Terkelsen, Anna Thayer, Peter Aero, Denmark San Mateo German Business Admin. Acacia, UCSCC, Rifle Team Thielmeyer, Aleta Hillsborough Economics Stern Hall, Young Republicans Thomas, Marcia C. Glendale Communications KA, Blue Gold, Senior Class Council 116 JIM " TREMBY " TREMBATH, is one of the busier young men on campus. He is president of Interfrater- nity Council and Californians, and a member of Order of the Golden Bear, Men ' s Ex Board, and Committee on Student Affairs. Oh, yes, he has also been on the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class councils. He says his favorite expression depends on whether he is elated or irritated and has various remarks for both conditions. Jim ' s favorite pastimes are golf and hand- ball and hopes for a career in law. Tyrrell, Michael E. Santa Rosa Architecture ex, Student Union Comm., Y.R., Architect Assn. Ullman, Barry A. Valencia, MaryLou Vartanian, Susan Los Angeles Berkeley Oakland Geography Social Welfare Business Admin. Collegians, Honor Students, President ' X0, Quarterdeck Society Jr. Class Ccunc,l, Treasurer AIESEC Secretariat, Newman, WAA Verble, Susan A. Vincent, Michael W. Vorous, Virginia J, Waldman, Jcseph M. Fresno San Francisco San Leandro Los Angeles Art History Business and Labor Zoology Electrical Engr. HBO Relations AZ, Women ' s C UCSEE ZNY Soc., WAA Council, 1. Board, Blue and Gold, Ski Club Ucheshiba, George Uthman, Khaled A. Vanek, Mary B. Vaughn, Eldon D. Verrill, Thomas A. Virasai, Banphot Wagner, John M. Waldron, Sally L. Suisun Jordan Oakland Bakersfield San Francisco Berkeley San Marino Los Angeles Economics Business Admin. H istcry Electrical Engr. Linguistics Sociology Business Admin. Business Admin. Golden Guard AI ' A, Newman HKN Honor Students ' Soc. ' TT AOH, ONO Club, Honor Society Uchiyama, Midori VanAltena, Wm. F. Vartanian, Patricia Venstrom, Kathryn Vincent, Gretchen Vogel, Worth Wahlberg, Janet Waline, Gvvenn San Jose Hayward Menlo Park Berkeley Los Angeles Saratoga Pomona Oakland Zoology Astronomy Mathematics Statistics History Political Science History Communications and Hoyt Hall AZ, AWS Board, OM, Sr. Mgr. AO A AO, Cunningham Hall, Public Policy Big Game Dance Treble Clef, Mason- Frosh Football Sr. Class Council, UC Orchestra,Class Chmn., Chmn. Social is Club, Honor College Wcmen ' s Council, Masonic Rec. Bd , Students ' Society Club Jrs. Club Student Union Conf. 118 Water skiing, reading, or listening to classical music are what JUDY WRIGHT enjoys most of all. She is chairman of International Relations Board, and a non- voting member of Ex. Comm. Judy is also undergrad- uate representative on the Chancellor ' s Advisory Com- mittee on Foreign Students, a member of Prytanean and WAA. This psychology major hopes to work in social welfare after graduation. Walker, Charles E. China Lake Physics Honor Students ' Society, Intramural Tennis Walkup, Brian L. Yuba City Political Science MI, Jr. IFC Wallace, Nancy E. Anaheim Communications and Public Polio AA H Wallensky, Lewis M. Beverly Hills Industrial Engr. AErI, AIIE Warner, Barbara J. Santa Monica History KAO Warner, Joan E. Oakland Political Science trtM, Model UN, Young Republicans Warren, Thomas H Long Beach Political Science BO rf , A ' FE Warrington, Suzanne La Canada Speech Watkins, John C. Walnut Creek Electrical Engr. HKN, EKN, Honor Students Weant, Nancy E. Walnut Creek Public Health Lab. AXS2 Wedel, Roger K. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Deutsch Hall, ASME Wegars, Don Berkely Journal ism Pelican Editcr, Publications Board Weisenburger, John San Francisco Electrical Engr. Bowles Hall, AfEE Weiss, James A. Winnemucca, Nev. Physiology Premed Soc., Tower and Flame, IF-nor Students, Cal Band, Straw Hat Band Weiss, Sarah V. San Jose Communication and Public Policy AA II Weiss, Sheila L. Santa Monica Social Welfare Stern Hall Welsh, Polly J. Sacramento Business Admin. EK, tPXO, YWC4 Wesolic, Roger F. San Leandro Engineering Physics Acacia Welles, Sheldon J. Werdel, Charles C. Montebello Bakersfield Physics History-Premed Deutsch Hall BOIT, Skull and Keys, BB, Winged Helmet, Newman Club, Premed Soc. Wells, Sharon D. Werner, Kenneth R. Piedmont Berkeley Political Science Forestry MK TKE, Forestry Club Weaver, Frederick Weinshenk, Ronald Santa Cruz San Francisco Economics Mathematics International House, II Alt, Fraternity MKT, Big C. Soc., Officer Model UN, IFC 119 BILL PATTON and STEVE BATES are two young men who are very much at home on the football field. They were co-captains of the 1960 team, and both are halfbacks. Steve is also a member of Big " C " Society. Bill was leading scorer in the PCC in 1958 and was just behind Steve in all-time rushers. Bill hopes to " be among the affluent set, " while Steve hopes to pursue a career in optometry after graduation. West, Harriet L. Los Alamos, N.M. Accounting, Finance House Treas., AIESEC, COLO, Tower and Flame , Campus Tours West, Mary E. Eureka Psychology Davidson Hall, AMP, PA, WAA, YWCA Westsmith, Gay Santa Barbara Business Admin. Cunningham Hall Vice-Pres., Br , Honor Society, Cal- vin Club Treas. Whealy, Gene Ontario Psychology NROTC Wheeler, Jo Sacramento English Sherman Hall White, Nancy Jane Fullerton English Richards Hall, Young Republicans, Newman Club, WDA Whitehead Jean Berkeley Spanish Prytanean, AMP, Tower and Flame, PEE, Radio-TV Theater Wichman, Mary Jo Pasadena Child Development AA II, Panhellenic Board Wickstrand, Owen Pasadena Mechanical Engr. K , Track, Glee Club, Golden Guard, Ski Club Wierda, Arlene H. San Francisco Anthropology Cheney Hall, Kroeher Anthro Society Wierzbianska, Elizabeth London, England French, Spanish AMP, Latin Amer- ican Students ' Assn., Le Cercle Francais Wiggins, Ronald R. Berkeley Journal ism KA, ASUC Public. ity, EAX, Campus Tours Chmn., Young Republicans Wilde, Susan Gail Berkeley English AXCE Blue and Gold, YWCA Cabinet, WAA Willens, Denis Stockton Public Relations ZBT, Baseball, Axe Review Williams, Jill B. Sacramento Psychology ZTA, Sr. Class Council Williams, John Vallejo Hospital Admin. Glee Club, Sr. Men ' s Octette Wilson, Helen Los Angeles Decorative Art ZTA, Angel Flight Wilson, Margaret Sacramento History, Journalism Daily Cal, Pryta- nean, Ind. Cal, Panile Wilson, Robert G. Sacramento Economics AM ' Wilson, Robert L. Newhall Criminology AAE, Pres. Quarterdeck Society Whelton, Robert M. Whitlock, Roger G. Oakland Ventura Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. ASME Williams, Elizabeth Wilmhurst, Mary Pomona Alhambra Communications and Accounting Public Policy Mitchell Hall AA It House Pres., Sr. Class Council 120 The basketball court is the place where EARL SHULTZ and BILL McCLINTOCK are most often found. Bill is captain of the 1961 team and is also a member of Big " C " Society. " Magnet " or " Clint, " as he is also known, enjoys sleeping more than anything else and is going to Hawaii this summer. Are those Hula girls beckoning, Bill? Earl is a member of Cal Club and Big " C, " and is chairman of the Big Brother pro- gram. He is known as " Snake " to his friends and enjoys playing golf and watching horse racing. Earl hopes to be a doctor of medicine sometime in the future. We hope you are both as successful in your chosen careers as you have been on the basketball courts. Wolcott, Robert Lee Wong, Carolyn Wong, Kwan-Yin Wong, Yen Tim Wood, Gary F. Woodfill, James C. Orinda Oakland Hong Kong Hong Kong Berkeley Santa Ana Business Admin Child Development Biochemistry Physics Business Admin. Minera l Engr. ' VT, Rugby, Track, " I " House TT, Frosh and Del Rey, AIME Winged Helmet, Varsity Track, Skull and Keys Cross-Country, Triune, DMS Wolfe, Cameron Wong, Feegat Wong, Otto Woo, Helen Wood, James M. Woolf, David Piedmont Oakland San Francisco Hong Kong Los Angeles San Mateo Political Science Criminology Mechanical Engr. Architecture Journalism Electrical Engr. ex, Sr. Football Axe Review, CSC, ASME " I " House, CSA, Pelican, Daily Deutsch, Hall, Mgr., IFC Honorary, AAE Honor Students Cal TB II, HKN, Big " C " Society, Yacht Club, ESA, Special Services Model UN, UCSEE Chmn. Wong, Ari Thailand Economics Wilson, Thomas J. San Leandro Chemical Engr. TKE, Frosh Swim- ming, Frosh Water Polo Winn, Susan San Francisco Speech AXO Winn, William P. Arcadia Engineering Physics Bowles Hall, Squash Wong, Joyce Wong, Ronald C. Wood, Bethann Wood, LaVerne K. Wooliver, Jane D. Stockton Stockton Albany Pittsburg Berkeley Mathematics Mechanical Engr. Physical Education Child Development: Political Science Freeborn Hall Panel of Americans, Mortar Board, Cheney Hall, USCA Planning NIT Pres. Colonial Hall Comm. Chmn. Wright, Anna-Claire San Leandro Art Blue and Gold Art Editor Wright, Edith Oakland Economics 1 ' 0 II, Daily Cal Managerial, HAI Wright, Judith San Francisco Psychology Epworth Hall, IRB Chmn., Ex Comm., Chancellor ' s Ad- visory Comm. on Foreign Students, WAA, Prytanean 121 Well known on the Berkeley campus for their journal- istic abilities are DAN SILVER and MAGGIE WIL- SON. Mostly at home in the Daily Cal office, Maggie has been managing editor and assistant editor, as well as managing editor of the Independent Californian, while Dan was editor in the Fall. However, they both have other campus interests. Dan is a member of Honor Students ' Society and Order of the Golden Bear, and Maggie is a member of Prytanean and Theta Sigma Phi. Dan is better known as " Danny-boy " and his favorite pastime is punning. Maggie is thinking of go- ing to work in Alaska and her ambition is to be a journalist and to travel. Wright, Martha P. Atherton German II Honor Soc., Freshman Class Council, Blue and Gold Soph Editor, Pelican Wu, Vera Chuen-Yuen Hong Kong Regional Group Major on France Yamamoto, Id a M. Pleasant Hill Child Development Hoyt Hall Yamane, Akiko Fowler Mathematics Hoyt Hall Wylie, M. Deanne Yarnell, Joseph N. Berkeley Detroit, Michigan Journal ism Civil Engineering Daily Californian, ASCE l ' AX (Prof. Frat.), Ushering Staff Yamada, Burton J. Lodi Ceramic Engr. Euclid Hall, TB n , MTA Yee, John L. Oakland Criminal istics Chinese 5 ' 1de:A Club, AAE Yee, Mimi San Child Development Yip, Oakland Social Welfare Yoshida, Hubert M. Watsonville Mathematics Euclid Hall, Nisei Student Club Yoshikawa, Ken Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Deutsch Hall, Cal Crew, TB IT, IITE, Varsity Rcw:ng Club, ASME Young, Audriane Meng Yim Santa Clara Zoology Co-op Yu, Grace Hong Kong Decorative Art Yu, Michael Jye-Nien Sao Paulo, Brazil Mathematics Deutsch Hall, Chinese Students ' Assn. Yudnich, Nishka M. Albany Home Economics Freeborn Hall, Home Ec. Club Off:cer, YWCA, Class Coun- cils Yuen, Bertha Zimmerman, Jane D. Zuckerman, Gordon Berkeley Garden Grove Stockton Child Development Criminology Mechanical Engr. CSTA AO Ft AKE House Pres., Pres. Skull and Keys,Chmn. Cal Club, Golden Bear, BB, Triune Zaccone, Terry S. Zitlau, Paul A. Zuker, Judith A. Sacramento San Diego Albany Physics Mechanical Engr. Child Development Varsity Fencing, White Shingles, CSTA Hcnor Students ' ASME, Pres. White Scc., Joke Editor Shingles, Axe Pelican Staff Review Zane, Patr:ck Y. P. Zube, Margaret E. t inn-1 ' ms, Diane Honolulu, Hawaii Sacramento Petaluma Economics Decorative Art Political Science ' LTA Zieleniewicz, Zuckerman, Fortune Craig, Rodney S. Helmuth E. Los Angeles Alameda Los Andes, Chile Home Economics Business Admin. Electrical E-gr. Epworth Hall, Daily Cal Mgr., " I " House Hcme Ec. Club Pub Board, Ski Club 122 LANCE WICKMAN GEORGE GOLDBERG DOTTIE AHLBURG BOB BRACHMAN This year, the Junior Class has tried to plan activities in keeping with the philosophy that class activities should promote friendship and understanding among juniors from all areas of the campus. During the Fall semester, four class meetings were held. Dinner was served and entertainment included such ing groups as the Senior Men ' s Octette and the nians, and also included a witty and enlightening program by Dr. Garff Wilson on the " lore " of the Big Game. Serving as " big brothers " to the freshmen, the juniors conducted several programs highlighted by the first Frosh Pilgrimage to orient the new students to the University. Altho ugh as this is written, the Spring semester ' s ities are yet to come, plans include a class-sponsored George Shearing concert on Valentine ' s Day, a ski trip to Squaw Valley in conjunction with the seniors, and a con-. tinuation of the class dinner meetings which have proved to be so successful during the Fall semester. LANCE WICKMAN Junior Class President JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jeff Wong, Tony Wcod, Sally Zecher, Cecelia Croden, Nancy Lu, Lynn Waterman, Christine Simmons, Gloria Puncher, Ciarene Goon, Pat Wolfe, Marge Swain, Judy Coleman, Jan Smith. SECOND ROW: Richard Cerruti, Jon Freuler, Tony Smernes, Sandra Fields, Louise StalPngs, Barbara Harvey, Gail Hauser, Pat Van Etten, Karen Jeffries, Kathy Pyles, Genevieve Pello, Fran Michael, Dottie Ahlburg. THIRD ROW: Roger Moraan, Tom Jones, Larry Joy, Robert Livingston, Steve Westfall, Sue Goodman, Hunter Arakawa, Jerry Newfarmer, Larry Miller, Len Lepera, 123 LARRY MILLER DEANNA LYNN CAROLYN MACINTOSH STEVE RICKETTS The Sophomore Class roared with enthusiasm at the outset, in spite of the Gamma Phi Beta extension of the WCTU against spiked punch. Undaunted and termined to keep the Big " C " gold in glorious soph tradition, the class of ' 63 marched up the hillside several evenings for dancing and drinking (and very little ing). At interclass basketball games, initiated to revive rivalry, the Soph Gazelles tromped the Frosh Gremlins, 79-14. During the Christmas dinner party, the Council organized their Christmas service project for the meda County Hospital. Soph Week in the Spring was a time of special splendor for the class of ' 63 ; most noted were the service project, Soph Doll Contest, and the time great Intercollegiate Ball, to which 18 other leges were invited. Amid laure ' s of triumph we look forward to looking back on this, our sophomore year, and to another sophomore year just ahead. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Deanna Lynn, Larry Miller, Carolyn Macintosh. SECOND ROW: Christy Belvail, Hilary Field, Janice NoIler, Peggy Twist, Judy Price, Suzy Shadinger, Pat Tate, Carolyn Echols, Joni Kerstein, Karen Shain, Sue Cass, Peggy Smith, Ward Noble, Paul Mold. THIRD ROW: Betty Blak, Marilyn Fowler, Judy Binsacca, Mary Steiner, Sharon Hunt, Diane King, Natalie Heaney, Judy McKay, Bonnie Utterback, Katy Holcombe, Noel Castleman, Rich Wank, Jim Larson, Pete Marx. FOURTH ROW: Tcm Shelton, Moni Gatewood, Marla Sturges, Evelyn Bain, Nancy Baumann, Joan Harrington, Eloise Farley, Bob Goings, Shelley Byer, Bill Lascurettes, Irene Hinsche, Barbara Larsen, Jim Pezaglia, Marty Hege, Al Puckett. 124 MEL LEVINE ROBIN CRAIG KATHIE BLACKMAN ART RUBIN Freshman Class After vanquishing the sophomores in the annual Frosh-Soph Brawl, the Class of " 64 " crowned its first year with a maximum of successful activities. The agitated. Frosh-Soph rivalry con- tinued throughout the year and the " C " appeared to be green much more frequently than it was gold. All freshmen activities were very well attended and thor- oughly enjoyed by those who participated. The first Freshman Dinner proved to be one of the most successful events of the year, creating great enthusiasm and inspiring overflow par- ticipation. While speeches by various campus personalities highlighted the Freshman Class Council meetings, the second semester in- cluded a week-end snow trip to the Cal Ski Lodge, a spirited hay ride, and Frosh Class Night at a Dodger-Giant ball game at Candlestick Park. Through participation in these and other events, the Class of ' 64 proved to be an extremely active and diverse class, and with this solid foundation we are well prepared for, and anxiously await, our next three years at Cal. Sincerely, MEL LEVINE FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Art Rubin, Kathie Blackman, Robin Craig, Mel Levine. SECOND ROW: Lynda Stone, Margaret Morrison, Carolyn Spencer, Judy Julian, Jo Allyn Archambault, Micki Lewis, Julie O ' Donnell, Shelley Hamm, Pam Shaffer, Chris Sipila. THIRD ROW: Mary Frost, Eugenia Ziegler, Sue Lyford, Pat Giarratana, Diane Cherry, Jodi Frost, Pat List, Robin Utter, Roger Burten, Stan Cirata, Mike Beaston, Judie Schneider. FOURTH ROW: Ted Bradshaw, Gunder Rinset, Sherri Loos, Ma rylee Taylor, Barbara Sue Sturmer, Pat Pepi, Gail Newell, Carole Crandall, Patricia Smith, Ted Kruttschnitt, Victor Campos. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Kaplan, Barry Harlan, Jerry Beckman, Irene Diskon, Dorothy Pease, Pat Templeton, Kathleen Hoover, David Dunlap, Romaine Clerou, Alan Campbell, Rowland Stanley, Tom Gleason. A year ago last June the graduate students were separated from the ASUC. After a year without any formal organization, the Graduate Students Associ- ation was formed last Fall. Unanimously elected officers were Harlan Lewin, president, a former Har- vard University student and a political science major ; Faith Wallstrom, vice-president, sociology ; secre- tary, Don Howard from the Physics Department ; and Bob Bell, a consultant in aeronautical engineer- ing, treasurer. Five standing committees were also established at this time. The Graduate Students Association, though still young, has been very active in representing the thousands of graduates who, besides being students, are readers, teaching assistants, and research assist- ants, services which are often taken for granted on our busy campus. In between his many tasks, the grad student can usually be found chatting over coffee or talking to one of his students. HARLAN LEWIN President, Graduate Students ' Association School of Optometry GRADUATE CLASS At long last the graduate year, our year of proof here at the School of Optometry, is finally reached. During this period, final preparations in the many special clinics are completed for our long-awaited entry into independent practice, sometime after the State Board Exam in August. Emphasis at this time is placed on visual analysis, contact lens fitting, subnormal vision, visual training, strabismus and many other related fields. This year we complete the required courses of study which include advanced pathology and clinical procedures, advanced physiological optics and the legal, ethical aspects and ment of a professional optometric practice. At the completion of this year, our paths will part, with some graduates entering ent practice for a lifelong optometric career, while others will continue their studies, moving towards a Ph.D. degree in the field of Physiological Optics. S. Baker R. Elefant L. Johnson R. McAllister M. Robinson L. Warshaw Oakland Quincy Waco, Georgia Burlingame Alameda Detroit, Michigan R. Chan T. Feignbaum J. Keyes H. Neffian J. Saunders D. Yee Grass Valley Beverly Hills Kayeville, Utah Visalia San Jose Oakland T. Dixon H. Goodwin R. Madden R. Poquis C. Thompson Stockton Napa Oakland San Francisco San Francisco 128 School of Optometry SENIOR CLASS A consideration of the human eye as a biological organ is of prime concern to the senior stu- dent. Here the theoretical problems of optics are applied to a flexible structure of anatomy in the form of physiological optics. The phenomenon of vision and its various components are investigated so that pathological disturbances can be better understood. Through guidance of clinical instructors, the senior student is introduced to clinics and begins to convert theoretical optometry into practical optometry. The reward of the senior year is graduation with the Bachelor of Science degree. V. Agarth F. Chao Albany Atherton G. Belanger G. Darois Balboa Berkeley C. Hammer J. Keeler Wasco Stockton J. Hirsch E. Lee Berkeley San Francisco H. Rose Berkeley A. Shapiro Oakland L. Stern Albany R. Brandvein C. Eng F. B. Jacobs M. Lopez R. Solis Richmond Oakland Berkeley Oxnard Redondo Beach I 29 School of Optometry JUNIOR CLASS The junior year, in the School of Optometry, is de- signed to be an extension of the fundamental concepts in the physical and biological sciences received in the two-year preprofessional curriculum. The study of the physical and geometrical properties of light ; the theory and design of spectical lenses ; the anat- omy and physiology of the visual system are just a few of the courses taken to prepare us for the clinical, scientific, and professional problems we will face in the years to come. R. Arakawa J. Hailstone W. Kelley G. Rowley W. Vingoe Reed ley Whittier Berkeley Scotia Pasadena R. Beals L. Harwood P. Krupocki R. Sachs H. Woron Wausa, Nebraska Walnut Creek San Bruno Syracuse, N.Y. Seattle, Wash. J. Greenwood J. Hicks H. Monroe D. Sanders M. Zucker San Francisco Carmel Oakland Tehachapi Stockton R. Greenwood F. Howell M. Plotnick R. Schoeppner El Centro Payson, Arizona San Carlos Burlingame 130 I v 1 n V 1 A 11 ti 411.1111AVININUIL ' ' ' RI MIMI, 1 }C ASUC Permanent Personnel The ASUC administrative staff under the direction of the new Executive Director, Mr. Forrest E. Tregea, has been kept busy this past year with the reorganization of the ASUC necessitated by the transfer of athletics to the versity on July 1, and with the opening of the new Student Union on March 13, 1961. Charged with the responsibility for the development of an extracurricular activities program encompassing the intellectual, cultural, social and recreational areas of dent activities and its support by the revenue-producing agencies, Mr. Tregea and his staff see a new era opening up for student life on this campus with the expanded facilities available in the new Union. FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Bewley, Peg Davies, Ted Chenowith, Alice Haynes, Nancy Taylor. SECOND ROW: Ed Kirwan, Barry Olivier, James Berdahl, Walter Frederick, Enmon Dorsey, Oliver White, Robert Commanday, Garth ' Mier, Clyde Evans. FORREST E. TREGEA Executive Director TED CHENOWITH Business Manager 134 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Nanci Borio, Dave Melander, Armin Rappaport, Henry Schacht, Don Bone, Dorrie Robbins, George Link, Don Alves, Maria Toriggino, Brian Van Camp, Gary Aguirre. SECOND ROW: Judy Wright, Mike Little, Jo Ann Thebolt, Joan Bewley, Forrest Tregea, Doug Moore, Ralph Andersen, Jack Merritt, Sue Shaw, Pokey Schwab, Joy Holmes, Jerry Newfarmer. Executive Committee The voting members of Executive Committee are the thirteen elected officers of the ASUC, and the faculty, alumni, and Chancellor ' s representatives. The five Board Chairmen, NSA Coordinator, and the Editor of the Daily Californian constitute the nonvoting bers. Final authority for policies, programs, and affairs of the Association rest with the Committee. The lishment of the Daily Cal Consultative Board, zation of the ASUC administrative structure, a hensive activity program, and the opening of the New Union were our main concerns this year. Finance Committee The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial management of ASUC funds. It recommends tures and appropriations of such funds to the Executive Committee, and in addition prepares budgets for the many ASUC organizations. The Committee is posed of representatives from the Alumni, Faculty, and the ASUC Executive Committee. In a student organization as large as the ASUC, the Finance Committee plays a big part. Its careful analysis of the financial operation of the ASUC and its financial recommendations insure the efficient operation of the Association, and also insure the conscientious allocation of the money you spend as a member of the ASUC. FINANCE COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Miller, Wayne Hooper, Forrest Tregea, Brian Vam Camp, Don Alves, Maria Toriggino, Dr. Milo Whitney Smith, Pat Baddley. MARIA TORIGGINO STEVE PACE JOAN THEBOLT JERRY NEWFARMER ASUC BRIAN VAN CAMP DAVE MELANDER RALPH ANDERSEN Daily Lives of Representatives-at-Large 136 Second V ice-President Vice-President DOLORES ROBBINS DON ALVES ASUC President GEORGE LINK Men ' s Representative DOUG MOORE Women ' s Representative NANCI BORIO Lower Division Representative JACK MERRITT President ' s Letter For the ASUC, the year 1960-61 has been one of great change and progress. Beginning with summer meetings, administrative and financial changes were enacted by Executive Committee. With the transfer of athletics to the University, the ASUC cut down staff and overhead costs, allowing more revenue to be directed toward student activities. The appointment of Mr. For- rest Tregea as Executive Director insures the Association of expert advice and leadership in the future years. With the October clarification of the Regulation on Student Government (Kerr Directives), Executive Committee has taken stands on issues with the disclaimer proviso. The eruption of the " Daily Cal-Ex Com " controversy in October resulted in the creation of the Daily Cal Consultative Board, an institution which will hopefully solve the age-old dilemma of Executive Commit- tee ' s dual role as publisher and government. A series of new programs were initiated by Executive Com- mittee, including frosh pilgrimage, charter flights to Europe, camp for underprivileged children, student forum, frosh camp, and others. ROTC, H I requirements, and store discounts were major issues considered by Executive Committee. The ASUC meeting series featuring such outstanding speakers as Lodge, Stevenson, Kefauver, and Ribicoff, was an outstanding success. The Spring brought the opening of the new Student Union, the result of years of work by people of the academic community and friends of the University. The ASUC spent much of its time preparing for the physical transfer to the Union and for the opening. The ASUC has experienced change and growth this year. The ideals of student self-government, better representation and out- of-the-classroom education have been enhanced and promoted. GEORGE LINK, President Associated Students, University of California 137 Judicial Committees Student Judicial Committee sists of eight junior and senior men and women appointed by the Chancellor. The Committee, mented by two members of the faculty of law, exercises orginal jurisdiction over all disputes or violations arising under the ASUC Constitution and the rules and laws of all boards and student ganizations. As the senior judicial body on campus, the Committee coordinates, but does not direct, the operations of other campus and living group judicial committees. " J-Com " also acts as advisor to the ASUC President, Ex Comm and the Chancellor in questions ing the legal status of the ASUC, interpretation of the ASUC stitution, and student conduct and ethics. Committee members serve in an " ex officio " or invitational capacity on a number of ASUC, faculty, and University tees as representatives of the dent judicial system. If KAMAN, WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Dougherty, Judith Richards, Pris Spires, Susan Cochran, Chairman; Meg Jenson, Winnie McAbeer, Hilary Bevis. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE--LEFT TO RIGHT: William A. McCormack, Assistant Dean of Students; Philip Newlin, Roger Browning, Brian Rapp, Chairman; James Elden, Sanford Skaggs, Todd Barthhold, Allan Herzog. STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Evi Nakano, Mary Ann Mitchell, Vice-Chairman; Bernard Key, Chairman; Lorna Phillips, Doris Kahn. SECOND ROW: Pete Green, John Olson, Doug Carmichael. 138 FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn McElhoe, Billie Nelson, Dorrie Robbins, Carey Edson, Wilma Bennett, Cynthia Henderson. SECOND ROW: Karen Okelberry, Ginny Furtney, Steve Roblick, Roy King, Jack Merritt, Mr. Tregea, Dean Reid. Activities Planning Committee The Activities Planning Committee, as the coordinating board of activities, concerned itself this year with an over-all evaluation of campus activities. Information regarding all campus groups was collected and the effort was made to prevent duplication and to promote coordination and cooperation in sponsoring events. Our meetings consisted mainly of discussing with program chairmen plans for their programs to insure utilization of all resources. In our attempt to better inform the students of the numerous opportunities at Cal, we prepared a more comprehensive " Welcome to Cal, " and Activities Hand- book, a Leadership Manual, and a procedural Informa- tion Guide. A sponsorship policy to replace the former ASUC Recognition Policy was drawn up and adopted by Executive Committee. Lastly, our more procedural activities were the allocation of office space to campus groups and the preparation of the semesterly Master Calendar. Chairman DORRIE ROBBINS 139 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob LaLiberte, Roger Kauffman, Doug Moore, Larry Miller, Mel Levine, Gary Aguirre. SECOND ROW: Bill Ausfahl, Ray Hertel, Jim Stonehouse, Alan McMurry, David Anderson, Allan Lock, Richard Cerruti. Men ' s Executive Board Men ' s Executive Board, under the chairmanship of the Men ' s Representative, is responsible for the coordination of all men ' s activities on campus and for problems of a general nature re- lating to the men students of the ASUC. Represented on MEB are Interfraternity Council, Men ' s Judicial Committee, Rally Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, Big " C " Society, Circle " C " Society, YMCA, Co-op Association, Californians, Residence Halls, and the classes. Fall Chairman DOUG MOORE Spring Chairman ROGER KAUFFMAN 140 Associated Women Students AWS is the connecting link between undergraduate women students and Ex Comm. Its chairman, the Women ' s Represent- ative, a voting member of Ex Comm, expresses women students ' opinions to that body. The voting members of AWS Board are the presidents and chairmen of women ' s living and activity groups on campus. It is their duty to plan and to coordinate the various women ' s activ- ities. The duty of the nonvoting committee chairmen is to see that plans and projects undertaken by the board are carried out and publicized among women students. The main AWS activities con- sisted of the Big-Little Sister Pro- gram and Tea and Fashion Show, the AWS Lecture program, and fashion shows, the National Inter- collegiate Association of Women Students ' Convention, Women ' s Week, the annual AWS Installa- tion Banquet, and the revision of the AWS Handbook. Through these activities and functions, as well as many others, the Associated Women Students ' Board has sought to benefit as many women students as possible. AWS Chairman NANCI BORIO ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS ' BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary McFarland, Lynn Gentner, Nanci Borio, Pat Vartanian, Dean Neely, Marilyn Hanson. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Hand, Robin Craig, Donna Hartman, Heather McCune, Laurie Hand, Linda Irvine, Sandy Mitchell, Judi Richards, Deanna Lynn, Jan Cave, Grace Garrone, Dorrie Robbins, Lynn Henrietta, Patty Ellerd, Dottie Ahlburg. 141 CLASS OFFICERS ' BOARD—FIRST ROW left to right: Carolyn. MacIntosh, Deanna Lynn, Larry Miller, George Goldberg, Gary Aguirre, Lance Wickman, Dottie Ahlburg. SECOND ROW: Steve Ricketts, Robert Brachman, Art Rubin, Kathie Blackman, Heather McCune, Georg Ann Miner, Terry Cochran, Mel Levine. Class Officers Board The Class Officers ' Board discusses problems and gives suggestions regarding all class activities. The Board, composed of the officers of all four classes, makes available to the lowerclass officers the exper- ienced counseling of the upperclass officers. The Board also evaluates any policy or administrative suggestion made by the class councils ; if deserving, the proposal is forwarded to Executive Committee. The Board also found time to sponsor the Howdy Hop in early Fall, and the quite successful Santa Claus Contest. Inter-Campus Coordinating Committee The Intercampus Coordinating Committee handles intercampus communications and is a staff office to the Executive Committee. This group helps to ex- pedite and investigate matters that are under consid- eration by the Executive Committee and reports back as to the direction that should be pursued. LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Bone, Concetta Finocchio. Publications Board In addition to the Daily Cal managing editor, Publications Board is composed of the editor and manager of the official ASUC publications : Blue and Gold, Daily Californian, Engineer, Occident and the Pelican, and acts as the om- nipotent, eloquent spokesman for all member publications. Its illustrious members serve as a coordinating group in the advisory discus- sions of the unique problems of a single publi- cation or of the total structure within the ASUC. The Board chairman and the editor of the Daily Cal sit as nonvoting members of Ex Comm and are responsible to it. Guiding the dy- namic work of this Board is Publications Office, Wally Frederick and Diana Bradley. John Gris- sim, manager of the Occident and Sue Shaw, manager of the Blue and Gold, ruled as chair- man in the Fall and Spring respectively. FALL PUBLICATIONS BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Connie Johnson, Margaret Wilson, John Grissim, Chairman; Jean Holmes, Dot Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Walter Frederick, Don Wegars, Dan Silver, Steve Whilden, Rod Craig, Jerry Grismore. SPRING PUBLICATIONS BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue Shaw, Chairman; Bill Wong, Joe Morton, Terry Timmins, Walt Wright, Martin Halseth, Ann Ruddy. SECOND ROW: Connie Johnson, Dot Sherwood, Jean Holmes, Don Wegars, Walter Frederick, Publications Manager; Clarke Miller. Consultative Board The Consultative Board examines Daily Cal news coverage, reviews its day-to-day policy, and recommends any necessary changes or ex- pansion of news coverage. The Board also recommends for appointment all officials of the Daily Cal editorial staff, and may remove any student appointee of the staff. There are eleven voting members, and two nonvoting members—editor of the Daily Cal, and a representative from Ex Comm. CONSULTATIVE BOARD MEMBERS—Professor John Hetland, School of Law; Daniel Wilkes, Office of Public Information; Ran Dillehay, Graduate student; Pete Marks, Undergraduate; Laurie Allen, Housing Rep.; Dr. Charles Smith, Dean of the School of Public Health; Al Hyman, S.F. Chronicle; Mario E. Martin, Foreign student; Nancy Dougery, Undergraduate; Marene Sitlinger; Frank Thomas, Chairman; Terry Timmons, Editor of the Daily Cal; George Link, Ex Comm Rep. 143 National Students Association The local NSA, under the direction of Co- ordinator Don Bone, has taken an active part in student government by holding discussions on current issues and imple- menting policies and programs of the USNSA. The Cal branch also acts as the ASUC representative at the regional and national conventions and conferences. Some of the projects that the campus NSA has undertaken are : the European Charter flight, Tour programs, After-dinner coffee hours and the Foreign Student Leadership Project. FIRST ROW, left to right: Helga. Moeller, Don Bone, Chairman; Carolyn Olsen, Concetta Pinocchio. SECOND ROW: Doris Lee, Marlad Howard, Judy Larter, Barbara Miranda, Bruce Payne. SEATED, left to right: Richard Brown, Jerry Falk, Dr. Fred Stripp, Coach; Arne Werchick, Captain; Susan Stavert, Michelle Padams, Michelle Katz. STANDING: Rory Condon, Susan Kallick, Michael Rucka, Richard Dawson, Michael Brown, Douglas Burke, Paul Kagen. THIRD ROW: Al Fafenrodt, Aryay Lenske, Stephen Meyers, Pete Holland, Manager, Debate Varsity Debate has a long and illustrious history at U.C., including the International Debates with top British teams and the 66-year uninterrupted Medaille Joffre with Stanford which is currently tied at 33 wins apiece ! Admission to the squad and the class, Speech 152, coached and taught by Dr. Fred Stripp, is by tryout only. A five- minute presentation given and defended against questions determines whether the student will be admitted to Varsity De- bate. The Debate captain is Arne Wer- chick ; debate manager, Pete Holland ; assistant coaches, Carey McWilliams and Jeff Horner. Leadership Training Council Leadership Training Council is a board of the ASUC whose purpose is to give train- ing in the qualities of leadership to those who desire it. BARBARA FRENCH 144 ASUC Student Men ' s J Women ' s •i Executive Committee Finance Committee APC NSA Men ' s Intra- mural Sym. Forum Class Officers ' Board W A A Band Treble Clef Glee Club Radio TV Debate Rally and Games Publicity and Public Relations High School Day Campus Tours Art Bureau Student Services Board University Council Cal Council Student Community Relations Council Independent Commuters Special Projects Council Ushering Council Concert Workshop Union Program Board Literature Music Art Movies Public Affairs Special Events Social Recreation 1 1 I I I I Functional I R B A W S Men ' s Cultural Educa- Ex Events tional Services Board Board Board Events I Foreign Panhellenic Board Student Elections Orientation I I F C I Council I W D A I Inter- I Men ' s Polls national Women ' s Rally Council Aid Rally Comm. Comm. Consti- I Co-op tutional national Class Association Council Conference Council I Californians Auxiliary I I Enterprises Board Overseas Alpha I Council Travel Phi Omega Secretariat I I i Exp. in Inter- Big " C " Orientations I Council national Living I I Circle " C " Activities College I Counselling Model Yell and U N Leaders Personnel High School Model UN Inter- national Fair Affiliations 145 FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandra Sailer, Judie Druhan, Carol Drogin, Rich Ebert. SECOND ROW: Jane Claussen, Pokey Schwab, Sue Render, Adele Deimel. THIRD ROW: Peter Beakschi, Margo Roberts. Union Programs Board The purpose of the Union Programs Board, a brand-new board this year, is to provide cultural, social, recreational and educational programs for the student body. Chaired by Pokey Schwab, the board and its committees presented programs ing from book reviews to shows by gry i performers. The highlight of the year was the opening of the Student Union for which UPB planned a whole week full of varied activities. Literature The Literature Committee of the Union Program Board is in charge of selecting books for the New Union ' s libraries. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Beakschi, Marti Baliance, Jo Allyn bault, Ann Capron, Vladimir Nebera. Music The Music Committee is very interested in spreading a musical interest on this pus in many ways. In the new Student Union there will be a library with musical scores and records in every field. The jazz club is one of our primary interests, and we hope it will be successful with the port of the campus jazz lovers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Hilary Hale, Jane Claussen, Meredith Clausen, Susan Fishell, Cecelia Jenkins, Kathleen Chan. Art Art Committee chooses paintings to orate the Library and the New Student Union. LEFT TO RIGHT: Helene Gluckfeld, Laurie Fleming, Laurie Washburn, Terry Taylor, Adele Deimel, Chairman. ABSENT: Diane Rampacek. Movies The Movies Committee chooses different motion pictures to be shown on campus. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pamela Kraus, Dublin Gorman, David Horwitz, Rich Ebert, Elizabeth Adams, Lynn Grosser. Public Affairs This year, the Public Affairs Committee of the Union Program Board has achieved its purpose of arranging speakers, debates, and discussion groups. " Politics 1960 " was only the first of a number of successful series which included " The Business of Leisure, " " Science and Its Compatibility with Peace, " and " Foreign sciousness. " FIRST ROW, left to right: Karen Okelberry, Jan Cave, Nancy Garwood, Sue Rouder, Patricia O ' Hara. SECOND ROW: Linda Boberg, Linda Schmidt, Rita Zeigcrson, Gayle Huff, Shiley Nielsen, Car ol ' Wagner, Riehard Cobden. Special Events The purpose of the Special Events Committee is to plan various novel, exciting activities that everyone will enjoy, that will include all the diverse interests on the Cal campus ; such events as concerts, bringing big name entertainers to the University, and also keeping a talent file of all the entertainers at Cal. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Nicholaisen, Patty Rimpau, Carol Drogin, Jane Bzoch, Rosemary Green, Tom Tusher, Diane Davis, Jay Rowe, Lyn Gine= Social The Social Committee plans a program of social events designed to fulfill the students ' needs which are not being met by any other group on campus. As such, this committee has tuted a series of activities by which the dent-faculty relationships have become closer. Important areas of this program are Advise e luncheons, Student-Faculty Coffee hours, and Departmental Coffee hours. FIRST ROW, left to right: Margaret Clancy, Carine Archer, Carroll Potter, Suzy Ruzak, Nancy May. SECOND ROW: Joe Clark, Chairman; Judy McGinley, Judy Rosen, Mary Rieoner, Tony Smernes. Recreati on The Recreation Committee is in charge of the organization of the recreational activities for the members of ASUC. With the opening of our new Student Union, the Recreation Committee has been coordinating the activities of Billiards, Ping-Pong, Chess, and Bridge Lessons. tion was also given for the opening of the Union Bowling Alley with its 16 lanes and the creation of the Bowling League for the participation and enjoyment of the students at Cal. FIRST ROW, left to right: Margo Roberts, Chairman; Pam Sibley, Shelly Hamm, Jane Ferson, Sharon Wible. SECOND ROW: John Pender, Chip Strohm, Gerry Nash, Bob Brunner, Joe Clark. Student Services Board Student Services Board has divided the Cal student ' s college life into several arate areas of activity and has organized the councils of the Board to provide the services especially required by each area. In this way, we hope to initiate, develop, and supervise activities which will mote the over-all welfare of the students of the Association. FIRST ROW, left to right: Fares Footman, Sandy Pike, Tobey Sheffer, Marty James. SECOND ROW: Bart Dozier, Bob Basso, Mike Little. ABSENT: Grace Garrene, Don Freitas, Bonnie Geller. University Council From registration of the college freshman to graduation of the ten-year senior, the student is constantly aware of his ation with the University administration. University Council endeavors to make this association an effective as well as pleasant one by noting areas of student concern and coordinating with University officials to help facilitate actio n within these areas. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Basso, Chairman; Douglas Parks. NOT PICTURED: Ray Sweet, Jim Fredericks. Cal Council Cal Council ' s main purpose at the sity is to try to end apathy among dents. In striving towards this goal, an activities fair was held in February. Here, all the students at Cal had a firsthand chance to see which activities were open to them. In looking back on the year, the members of Cal Council feel they tried in every way possible to interest students in their University. LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Mauer, Jan Nelson, Ken Adler, Bonnie Geller, Mary Lewis, June Donovan. Student-Community Relations Council The Cal student spends much of his time off campus and, therefore, must be ered an important element of the Berkeley community. He often runs into problems with respect to working opportunities, availability and cost of automobile ing, to name a few. To this end, Student Community Relations Council attempts to provide a closer and more comprehensive relationship between the student and his off-campus community. 148 LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki Klein, Sue Vineys, Tobey Sheffer, Chairman; Toni Bottari. ABSENT: Carolyn Jones, Carole Brady, Cathy Read. 1. idrogio4MINI v4Vc. Independent Commuters " What do you mean the next bus isn ' t due for an hour? My date is coming in an hour and a half ! " This is the far too common plight of the University commuter. Either the bus comes too early, too late, or it doesn ' t come at all. The Independent Commuters Council serves as a central information agency so interested riders or drivers can get together and form car pools. Rides home during the academic holidays can also be arranged through the council. LEFT TO RIGHT: Grace Garrone, Don Freitas. ABSENT: Jo Allyn Archambault. Special Projects Council Special Projects Council, a subcommittee under the reorganized Student Services Board, takes care of events for which there is no special com- mittee. Under the supervision of Ex Comm, Special Projects Council also initiates new ideas. The new student directory was one of the main projects this year. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fare! Footman, Elaine Quashnick, Anne Mifsud, Tcby Miller. Ushering Council The Symphony, Ballet, and plays are regular fare for the numerous economy-minded students who take advantage of the theater-going oppor- tunities made available by the UC Ushering Council. Members of the council operate the booth in Eshleman Court where students obtain tickets which allow them to exchange their serv- ices as ushers for the right to attend theatrical performances ranging from the productions of local groups to the presentations of National and International road companies. SEATED, left to Nancy Scott, Mrs. Gertrude Roach. STANDING: Newell Muirbrook, Bob Blanks, Mike Austin, Timothy King, Jack Wells, Dale Albert, Gene Vaildergrift. NOT PRESENT: Bill Lawrence, Larry Weiss, Harry Herman, Carol Altermatt, Anne Frank. Concert Workshop Concert Workshop contributes to the cultural opportunities of the student by making available reduced-rate tickets to Bay Area musical per- formances and by sponsoring discussion forums hosting noted artists. The first project under- taken by the Workshop was that of publicizing and selling student tickets to the Sym- phony Orchestra ' s Season of Great Music. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jcan Schoeplein, Patti Foster, Bart Dozier, Cynthia Preston, Heather McCune. ABSENT: Sonja Mollenhoff. Functional Services Board Functional Services Board administers and ordinates the services offered by the various activities of the ASUC. The Board tries to organize the activities of its subsidiary boards and councils. The chairman is a nonvoting member of the Auxiliary Enterprises Board. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Shelton, Joy Holmes. Secretariat The Student Secretarial Service was organized in October 1960 to provide typing and tion services to the student governmental offices of the ASUC. These services, which are offered by two secretaries employed on a permanent basis by the ASUC, also include taking minutes at various committee or board meetings and assisting student officers with outside spondence. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Bradley, Virginia Furtney. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Stone, Jim Peirce, Karen Blank, Jon Shawl. Orientations Council Orientations Council functions primar- ily for the entering student. Through its many activities it helps the new student enter University life easier. A welcome meeting and coffee hours are held each semester. The planning of a freshman camp in the Fall is a new activity. Auxiliary Enterprises Board The Auxiliary Enterprises Board, new this year, recommends to Ex Comm policies for all revenue-producing enterprises of the Association, such as the ASUC store and bowlin g alley. The voting members are six students and the Executive Director. Nonvoting members are three faculty members from the College of Business Administration, the business managers of the ASUC and the University, and the chairman of Functional Services Board. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Merritt, Noel Nellis, Joy Holmes, Phil Halverson. SECOND ROW: George Link, Larry Calderwood, Theodore H. Chenoweth, Forrest E. Tregea, Neil Hollander. 150 ART BUREAU—FIRST ROW, left to right: Eleanor Kadotani, Terry Chan, Virginia CONSTITUTIONAL COUNCIL — SEATED, left to Smedberg, Gail Newell. SECOND ROW: right: Tom Shelton, Cathy Colema n. STANDING: Carolyn Jones, Nancy Sands, Kathy Fusco. Dick Dunham, Donna Blis. Art Bureau The Art Bureau is a reactionary group—its primary purpose being to react against the present low standard of posters on campus. This first year of reorganization under the Publicity and Public Relations office, was an experiment to make money. The experiment failed, but we had fun! Constitutional Council Constitutional Council advises new organiza- tions in preparing their constitutions and by- laws, and reviews the constitution and bylaws of ASUC-recognized organizations, boards and councils, to see that they are in accordance with the policies of Executive Committee. Polls Council Polls Council aids the Elections Council in con- ducting the polls for elections. LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki Peterson, Joy Holmes, Bob Phillips, Jerry Newfarmer, Rod Briggs. Elections Council The duties of Elections Council are to obtain people to run the election booths, and to make sure all runs smoothly—in general. The high- light of the year ' s activities comes in December and May. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Pencibi, Betty Freeborn, Jeanie Timmons, Vicki son, Chairman; Rod Briggs, Co-chairman. 15! International Relations Board The purpose of the International Relations Board is to promote and coordinate all activ- ities of an international nature. It is composed of the chairman and vice-chairman of its various councils : Overseas Information, International Aid, Orientation and Host, Affiliation, and Con- ference and Forum. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Glazbrook, Judy Wright, Dennis Tavernetti, Judy Meunier. SECOND ROW: Susan Rouder, Robert Joehnck, Laurie Hand, Kathleen Dougherty. Foreign Students Orientation and Host Council The Orientations and Host Council of IRB provides a general orientations program for all new incoming foreign students of the Univer- sity. It also coordinates various foreign-Amer- ican student social functions during the year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lydia Perlman, Walter Black, Bob Joehnck, man; Laurie Hand. SECOND ROW: Bob Lynch, Nancy Michael, Carolyn ledge, Susan Ganty, Sara Flannery, David Swimmer. International Aid. Council International Aid Council is responsible for conducting the World University Service Drive, which annually collects several thousand dollars for foreign university students. It also conducts emergency book or clothing drives, and sells UNICEF greeting cards. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Etcheverry, Carolyn Pecoraro, Nick Holbrook, Geraldine Otis, Pat Hull. International Conference and Forum Council Under the direction of Dennis Tavernetti, the International Conference and Forum Council has succeeded throughout the year in coordinat- ing all conferences of an international nature. The main conferences held this year were the Ninth Annual High School Model United Na- tions Conference, held on campus, and the College Model United Nations Conference, held in Eugene, Oregon. LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Meunier, Dennis Tavernetti. 152 Travel Council The Travel Council tries to inform the students about foreign countries. The Council carries out its purpose by maintaining a current supply of pamphlets telling about foreign travels and by presenting a film series on travels in many of the foreign countries. FIRST ROW, left to right: Liz Solinsky, Ken Glazbrook, Chairman; Jay Ruzak, Judith Rangel!. SECOND ROW: Peggy Smith, Jo Rosin, Thomas King, Lynn Getner, Betty Issacs. ABSENT: Shelia Mcrshead, Tom Hawkey, Mary Harrison, Marc Pachter. Experiment In International Living Better understanding among nations by having students live with foreign families is the goal of the Experiment. Cal students have the oppor- tunity to live in a foreign home in any one of over 30 countries. " Expect the Unexpected " is the motto of the group. The number of Cal Experimenters is rapidly increasing, and new relations formed. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Stiegler, Otis Wickenhaeuser, Cal Moore, Nancy Glick, Anna Marie Taylor, Sue Allen, Lani McDermit. SECOND ROW: Susan Stewart, Yasuko Kurachi, Nancy Hall, Binnie Busby, Janie Claussen, Kenneth Wagstaff, Jeffrey Meyers, Barbara Bogue, Linda O ' Connor. College Model UN The Model United Nations, an organization of students from nine western states, is dedicated to a better understanding of the potentialities and limitations of the United Nations. After months of study, students gather at the secre- tariat each year for sessions that accurately duplicate actual United Nations situations, with each school representing a member country. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dorothy Kathan, unidentified, Steve Jarvis, Judy Meunier, Joel Fisher, Nance De Natale, Don Clark. SECOND ROW: unidentified, unidentified, Roland Attenborough, Edd Hendrick, unidentified, Elaine Hearst, Sue Kallick, Frank Baxter, unidentified, Ken Reich, Fred Weaver. NOT TURED: Bonnie Levin. High School Model UN The primary purpose of the High School Model United Nations committee is to help increase the knowledge of high school students concern- ing the United Nations. The committee directs and produces a model United Nations confer- ence each Spring. FIRST ROW, left to right: Megs Hallett, David Horowitz, Judy Rosen, Dennis Tavernetti, Nance DeNatale, Sarita Waste, Sandra Sodclski, Leslie Gottlief. SECOND ROW: Barbara Nelson, Joan Siemens, Lynn Jarvis, Dena Rosenberg, Mike Armstrong, Susan Schutter, Sue Hcefer, Karen Falzgraf. International Fair International Fair, on May 5th and 6th was an attempt to bring about better relations between foreign students and American students, while satisfying academic interest in internation:-.1 re- lations. The theme this year was, " The Impact of the Underdeveloped Country on the World Today. " LEFT TO RIGHT: Hassan Khayam-bashi, Sheila Byrns, Tcm Mock, !Cathy Dougherty, Chairman. 153 Affiliations Council Affiliations Council is responsible for arranging a series of weekly seminars by professors and foreign students on various cultural topics of the major areas of the world. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathleen Dougherty, Mike Moore, Larry Nordell, Sue Rouder, Paul Salm, Marjorie Reis. ABSENT: Tom Mock. Africa The African Group of the Affiliations Council was formed to promote the study of social, eco- nomic and political factors of the newly emerg- ing nations in that area. The program includes seminars with African students and other au- thorities in the field. LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Nordell, Arthur Park. NOT PICTURED: Evanston Gicuhi, George Kamau, Dunstan Ireri, Francis Waciuma, Doug Shake!, James Kungu, Marlene Walli, Alfred Bedoya, Carol Hunt. Asia The Asia Council is a committee for those who are interested in Asian affairs, customs, and cultures. LEFT TO RIGHT: Yasuko Kurachi, Tom Mock. ABSENT: Don Jensen, Pam Palmer. Europe The Committee on European Affairs consists of students of varied backgrounds working to- gether to promote a better understanding of United States-European relations. This is ac- complished through informal student panels and formal talks by people active in fields such as foreign relations, political science and eco- nomics. LEFT TO RIGHT: James Maher, Judy Flood, Yves Cathel-inaud, Payl Saln, Marjorie Reis, Rolf Hohueier, Daniel Egre. Project Americas Project Americas is made up of those interested in the Americas : North America, South Amer- ica, and Central America—culture, economics, and traditions. LEFT TO RIGHT: Paula Turner, Fernando Andrade, Bill Purcell, Mike Moore, Tony Smernes, Sherry Lindbergh. ABSENT: Suzu Matzuda, Evann Walker, George Alvarado, Ginny Nash, Gil Whipple. ,.- mop -7.4 ., • lar...... - – . . -.. " ... ' - . - ' ```. • , .. fil_11.S. 0 ..k.. " . - . 1 • . ,..- .,, ' ii, 0 .... - - I •. f -- . • ' - ' .... r 1 : r ,„..... ,. — . ;;; . r.£ .,,, wa 4 .a a . ratio ' 6,We, . ri °ft ' ' - • ' , , , Ilia. { " ,...... 4.11,•■•••■., , A Irr7 T ' : 1 ... n - . , , _ ...... ,....... ,, .... itt r in _ 4 , 4 . t., _ ,....,..-4. A . 8 , ,....., _ ,,, r ,..,. - 4974 .v..i_ ...,. _ i . .., % ,:. - ..-.,. - -,...... 4r.. $P;Iliw ' i ' t t t ' :VT • , s I k. -‘i V ' % ' " t ' ' ' ' oi , ..... ' s .,. k r4 - ' „. ...,... _ . -..-..._., a., 1 4 a , „ -.. 0 1 It t t ' -, V rf, t .., • t t tt ---..........---- , 1 alit " il I :71 ' sa .., ' ,. al a ) a. _ „ a, ;ill taf,. 1 : ' 1,-. , - a I ca. ... . ......., , ., . _ _ Ann Edmiston Zoe Anderson Jeanne Cooper Diane Giannone Shirley Hyink Wendy Livesay Melinda Moore Vicky Peterson Peggy Twist Donna Hartman Jeanne Beggs Margie Crist Dana Harvey Leslie Jones Sally Lorimer Ginny Nash Karen Somarstrotn Sally Wade Barbara Kral Judy Binsacca Darlene DeMarircor Marty Hege Bette Kankkonen Deanna Lynn Norverta Ochoa Peggy Tarr Sue Wiley Judy Kysh Sue Campbell Patti Fay Claire Hirsch Nan Konig Bonnie McCaughan Carolyn Ortegren Toni Taylor Barbara Ware Joey Tuttle Paula Causer Lynn Gentner Ann Hollick Barbara Larson Terry Mills Joan Payne Lynn Theriot Mary Newcomer Linda O ' Connor Sue Somarstrom Barbara Bogue Nancy Carlson Women ' s Rally Committee CAROLYN HAND Chairman During football season the members of Women ' s Rally Com- mittee spend their Tuesdays and Thursdays markir g instruction cards for card stunts. Friday means pas:inc out son; sects at the Rally, followed too cicsely by the Saturday mo-n- ing hike up to the stadium to tack up cards and decorate goal posts. Before the games, the members sell pompons and rooters ' caps, and after the card stunts, try to collect the cards. Football season is, of course, followed by basketball season and more activity. Through all these activities, Carolyn Hand has lcd the way as chairman. Games and Rallies Under noble chairman Al Lock it was all Real Fun. Rallies re- sounded with the cry " Freshmen, more wood ! " Our Big Game Bonfire was the biggest and hottest ever known. Big Game War was declared when we refused to sign the traditional nonagres- sion , .. then Stanford didn ' t have any banner. Postrally was by highly objectionable brawling, drunken- ejection from dances by Campus Police, misplaced trucks, regular hell-raising, as we strove to uphold the standards ,he University. The Big " C " hayride was wild; everyone rose J the occasion. The guys and their teamwork made this year our fireatest nne vet AL LOCK Chairman Robert Anderson Steve Beck Steve Calegari Jack Deegen Bob Fessendeu Robert Hoffpauir Jeff Palley Bill Silveria Rich Wank Wardon Wong Deni Aramago Rey Bomben Andy Capestro Bill Edmonds Glen Funk Les Laky Sheldon Payne Gary Sirbu William Weymouth Mike Healy Dull Barley Don Bane Rich Cerruti Howie Ehret Mike Hahn Larry Miller Merle Peale Noel Spanggora Art Wong Jerry Bordin Dave Anderson Todd Barthold Keg Davis John Dickerson Gary Aguirre Don Alves Ralph Andersen Warren Burkholder Hugh Calkins Terry Cochran Mike Healy Ron Hildebrand Dick Johnson Les Laky Bob LaLiberte Wayne Lamb Alan Lazar George Link Mike Little Bob Lund Dave Melander Steve Monti Steve Pace Steve Proffitt John Quinn Jim Stonehouse Jim Trembath Brian Vargus Morrie Bobrow Bob Basso Lee Freeman Hal Goldstein Dave Jorgensen Bruce Kane John Olsen Bill Ausfahl, President Elliott Smith Harry Sperber Lance Wickman Jeff Wong Californians Steve Rutherford Ed Shaskan Brad Wait Steve Westfall The Californians are a men ' s honorary spirit organization devoted to the principle of service to the University. Among our projects are the Frosh-Sophomore Brawl, Big Game Week, the Basketball Awards Assembly, the Spring Sports Assembly, and Sport-of-the-Week. As hosts of the campus the Californians escort the Football Festival Queens and visiting dignitaries. The Californians are selected from Upper Division men by the Men ' s Executive Board. Jane Barrett Paula Causer Jean Gelber Gay Hughes Marilyn McElhoe Anna Mohn Phyllis Belben Sue Curry Sheila Hanley Cynthia Herderson Judy Iverson Anne Lamb Melinda Moore Laurie Bischoff Pam Gartshore Linda Harrison Lynne Henrietta Doris Kaufmann Anne Mayhew Margo Oliver Kathy Butler Merle Gibbons Marilyn Hester Chris Kita Nancy Meyer Maggie Poynter Ellaine Quaschnick Virginia Betting Penny Riede Maria Siegel Karen Walker Harriet Werfel Pat Williams Barbara Zucker Wendy Steele Oski Dolls JOAN RYMAN Chairman 159 Rally and Games Council The Rally and Games Council is composed of the chairmen of all spirit organizations on the campus. The purpose of the council is to plan rallies and athletic events and to resolve lems and make constructive criticisms of the spirit groups. Its major c oncerns are card stunts, and pregame and half-time activities. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carolyn Hand, Linda Tenny, Bob LaLiberte, Terry Taylor. SECOND ROW: John Hobbie, Les Laky, Oliver White, M. F. Chandler, Mike Levine, Hugh Calkins, Mike Healy, Dick Griffin, Allan Lock, George Goldberg. Megaphone Society Megaphone Society is a training ground for future yell leaders. The members participate in various spirit activities such as rallies and letic events, and they present ideas to the head yell leader for new yells and skits. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tim Ryan, Robert Levine, Jim Soules, Jim Mc- Namara, Jim Healey, Ed Olson. SECOND ROW: Rich Wank, Warren Brunetti, Andy Capestro, Steve Ricketts, Raymond Fay, Larry Kennings, Linsey Freeman. Oski Committee Oski spends his summers and off seasons in his mansion above Strawberry Canyon. The exact whereabouts of Oski ' s camp is known only by Oski Committee, whose main duty is to be sure the lovable little bear does not oversleep on football days—and to make sure he doesn ' t wear red socks. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Enfield, Brian Vargas, Don Freitas. SECOND ROW: Bud Rush, Hank Lautrop, Bert Carner, Hugh Calkins, Chairman; Bob Harbaugh. ABSENT: Jack Good, Herb Holden, Clark Burnham. Card Stunts Card Stunts Committee, under the direction of Terry Taylor, united the traditional card stunts with excellent new ones to form outstanding half-time programs. Yells in coordination with the stunts were used, as well as balloons and scenes of Oski and the Indian at the Big Game. This year, as in previous years, all card stunts have ended with a colorful display of thrown cards. KNEELING, left to right: Dick Griffin, Terry Taylor, Chairman. STANDING: Katie Britton, Marge Swain, Betty Edlund, Toni Hatch, Sandy McDonald, Ann Nelson, Carol Chapnick, Nancy Bogue, Barbara Wood, Claire Bremer, Wendy Livesay, Polly Jean Giorgi, Debbie Knapp, Susan Cookson, Domie Garat. 160 Yell Leaders and Pompon Girls The cheerleaders and pompon girls initiate, organize, and direct the spirit of the student body during rallies, football games and basketball games. The head cheerleader is elected by student body vote in December. The term of his four assistants runs from February to the following February. Practice sessions occur once weekly. The pompon committee is composed of nine girls, five regulars and four alternates. Their term of office runs from March to the following March. Practice sessions occur twice weekly and comprise about five hours. Ac- tivities outside of official duties include pomponning at banquets and class reunions, and judging other schools ' pompon tryouts. FIRST ROW: Bob LaLiberte. SECOND ROW, left to right: Keith Robinson, Whit Nicholas, George Goldberg, Steve Ricketts. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Williams, Nancy deMartini. OND ROW: Joan Parker, Carole Newton, Linda Tenney, Pat Farr, Kathy Takefuji. Publications " Don ' t you have 50 cents? Would you mind stepping down to Pub Office and asking them for change. We don ' t have any. " " Where ' s the addressograph? We have to get these magazines mailed TODAY ! Oh ! Pub Office. " " It ' s impossible to finish this layout without glue ! Do you suppose Pub Office has some they ' d loan us? " " I need some stamps ! Pub Office has them? " These are some of the ordinary everyday problems presented to the Publications Office by the five campus publications— Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Pelican, Engineer, and Occident. Their more important duties include giving aid on publication and production problems, and helping in emergencies and lines. In addition, Publications Office, under the direction of Walter Frederick, keeps a watchful eye on budgets and office activities. Next time you hear of Publications Office-101 Eshleman— remember, every campus publication you read owes a vote of thanks to this hard-working staff. Manager WALTER FREDERICK OFFICE STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymonde Adams, Connie Johnson, Diana Bradley. Eshleman Librarian MRS. LYMAN Publications ASUC Photographers HAROLD AMLING ED KIRWAN ASUC Photography, informally known around Eshleman as Photo Lab, performs many services for the campus community. A photographer is always present at sporting events, University Meetings and ASUC special events, such as the opening of the Student Union, taking publicity and Blue and Gold shots. Complying with the wishes of the Blue and Gold, ASUC photographers snap every club, view and activity on campus. As a side interest, Photo Lab takes excellent portraits for University personnel and students. The main problem every year is the editorial staff of the Blue and Gold—and trying to give them aid and council. " The main enjoyment is looking at pretty girls. " (sic ; Ed Kirwan). LEFT TO RIGHT: Frark Werbisky, Paul Dauve, Maureen Hoyt, Harold Amling. MAUREEN HOYT !65 Daily Californian Editorial TERRY TIMMINS GARY DeVIGHT Assistant Editor The " Monarch of the College Dailies " was dethroned last Fall after a sensational three-day battle with Executive Committee over that " age-old problem ... the single inbred philosophy. " Much of the controversy concerned the endorsement of a candidate for ASUC election. Executive Committee called a hearing to consider suspending the staff and amending the bylaws of the paper. The result was the " October Revolution, " the walkout of the staff. The paper was immediately restaffed with 150 new volunteers, and a Consultative Board was set up which would decide on all staff appointments and policies. The Spring semester saw the appointment of four " old " and seven " interim " staff members to positions on the Senior Editorial Board. Training Director, Jeff Greer, was retained in his post. The Spring semester saw an attempt to " return to normalcy, " with hitting editorials on the Meditation Room and Ludwig ' s pond. REPORTERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Lana Villamov, Sally Leipzig, Sue Ward, Sandie North, Barbara Rottman, Louise Schmidt, Nanette Hector, Carol Weibel, Julie Tisdale, Helga Moeller. SECOND ROW: Michael Several, Bill Ehlert, Mike Fischer, Mike Hesse], Don Seratti. NIGHT EDITOR STAFF—SEATED: J. C. Orman. STANDING, left to right: Marcia Iriarte, Jenifer Sykes, FRANK JEANS Sissel Harare, Sarah Davidson, Ludmilla Jitkoff. City Editor 166 BOB POMEROY BILL WONG Managing Editor Managing Editor JUDY MUSGROVE SUE KAMM JANIE SEMPLE BOB LAURENCE Assistant Managing Editor Assistant City Editor Assistant Editor Assistant City Editor BOBBIE NELSON MAGGIE WILSON JOE SCHLEEF Assistant City Editor Assistant Editor Assistant City Editor 167 ELLIOTT STEINBERG BILL HAND Spring Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Daily Cal Sports In the private subterranean chambers of Eshleman, a group of fearless writers wages a constant battle against the less cultured bers of the editorial staff. They come from many living groups : dorms, frats, apartments, alleys, etc., with a common interest that binds them into a working machine. No, that interest is not love of sports, rather it is that appealing view of the young co-eds who walk in front of the office ' s panoramic window. This staff has as its unwritten ethical code, the presenting of an unbiased, correct pretation of Cal athletics ; this basic ideal is illustrated by the Monday afternoon gatherings at which such topics as the creation of an American Athlete from a mythical source are discussed. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Booth, Stephen Mark, Dick Fine. SECOND ROW: Elliott Steinberg, Josh Eppinger, Al Malatnud. THIRD ROW: Bill Hand, Lowell Hickey, Bcb Wilner, Jeff Snow. DAN BLOOM MIKE MACAULAY PAUL DAUVE 168 ROD CRAIG ELLEN DIETSCHY MARILYN IMBACH Fall Manager Promotion Manager Office Manager Daily Cal Managerial The managerial staff of the Daily Californian offers valuable business experience and sales training to all students interested in the business end of the Daily Californian. The staff is responsible for making the Daily Californian the largest student business on campus. If it were not for the advertising, the paper could not exist. Membership of the managerial staff is open to all students. After a brief training period, each salesman is given accounts for which he is responsible. A commission is given for every ad sold. Promotions are made each semester on the basis of ability and in- terest. Every new staff member has the opportunity to become a soph- omore and junior night manager, and a salaried member of the senior staff. BILL ADAMS Production Manager LINDA COUPE Spring Office Manager GRACE GORSE Promotion Manager ANN RUDDY Spring Manager I69 Blue Gold Editorial " We Aim for Accuracy " has been the key quotation in the history of the Blue and Gold Editorial staff. This year, with Dot as head dictator, the freshmen tried to fulfill this motto, as they frantically sorted our pretty, colored paper slips. The rest of the higher echelon spent their time giving orders to the junior " executives, " who would outline the course of events, and quietly slip away, leaving the freshmen to complete the work. On occasion we mingled with the Managerial staff who insist they can sell a book, even though torial doesn ' t produce one. With a laugh we light up a Marlboro and await your complaints on the material you see before you in 201, Cowell Memorial Hospital. Editor DOT SHERWOOD ART STAFF Associate Editor LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Chang, Eugene D;eu, Martha Hall, Claire Wright. SUE HANSON Copy Editor Art Editor Sports Editor Picture Editor HILARY BEVIS CLAIRE WRIGHT PHIL MacMILLAN ELAINE HENNING 170 JUNIOR STAFF—SEATED: Phyllis Fowler. STANDING, left to right: Don Frank, Barby Thomson, Betsy Rogers, Suzy Shadinger. TOP: Marvin Bond (Cal Art Engraving) and Bob Ozias (LS Z Printers) discuss yearbook layout with head artist. BELOW: Art Staff meeting. SOPHOMORE STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Harrington, Joan Eleanor Cortsen. FRESHMAN STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dee Wilde, Ann Schoales, Judy Jester, Ann McKinnis, Judy Price, Martha field. SECOND ROW: Mary Frost, Lori Ingham, Janey Knecht, Dianne Richardson, Oski, Christine Sipila, Cherry Snider, Ccrbelli, Roberta Hawk, Isabel Peterson. THIRD ROW: Jcan MacGregor, Mary Taylor, Nancy Fevereiro, Paula Calderhead, Diskon, Barbara Arlon, Newell, Shirley Cooper. NOT PICTURED: Jo Allyn Archambault, Edward Berman, Izzy Blagborne, Brurnmerstadt, Linda Christie, Sally Cochran, Ann Cravath, Carlyle Gordon, Barbara Hardin, Helen Lyon, Pans Shaffer, Sue Fred Wellman, Sharon Wible. Blue and Gold Managerial " Would you like to buy a Blue and Gold ? " This is a familiar question heard in the Blue and Gold Managerial office. Sales, sales, sales ! That ' s our job ! We also chan- nel students through Room 3A—the picture studio. Handling financial transactions is another major part of Managerial ' s duties. Under the guidance of Sue Shaw, who can never be found in her office, and Kendra Martin, always counting money, not to mention Penny Thar- sing, picture chairman, The Blue and Gold Managerial staff learned together how to promote and sell year- books . It was indeed a community project. In fact— it was fun ! Manager SUE SHAW Associate Manager Assistant Manager KENDRA MARTIN PENNY THARSING " 1st Installment " JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED, left to right: Marcia Thomas, Cathy Coleman. STANDING: Nancy Fletcher, Carolyn Morledge, Alison Armstrong, Judy Partland, Toni Catrow, Linda Schmidt. NOT PICTURED: Linda Boberg, Laura Corey 172 FRESHMAN STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Adrienne Smith, Linda Lutgen, Barbara Milian, Judy Chapman, Laura Corey, Laurie Fleming. SECOND ROW: Eva Mateus, Mike Joyce, Janell Shepard, Barbara Burgess, Rita Enright, Sharon Wible, Shelley Byer, Carolyn Cavallero. THIRD ROW: Ann Pflueger, Pam Newmark, Ginny Bywater, Janice Noller, Marilyn Cook, Joan Dunn, Bruce Chang, Hugh Gorman. NOT PICTURED: Judy Abramson, Janey Barnes, Cecile Caswell, Tom David, George Dutton, Margaret Ellis, Sandra Fries, Carole Halpern, Jeannette Hanns, Ellen Hull, Marc Jacobsen, Arlene Jakovitz, Diane Jones, Karen Jones, Joanie Kersten, Diane Oldemeyer, Joan Schmitz, Polly Traverse, Donna Trinchero, Nancy Warren, Linda Jo Weeks, Judy Zimmerman. Managers at Work Managers ! Get busy ! Organize those freshmen ! Sell ! Get them interested ! Through the din of the staff meetings, the managers could be heard, vainly trying to explain the selling procedures for the next few weeks. Planning, organizing, following through—the managers are the back- bone of Blue and Gold Managerial. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Shain, Diane deKirby. WORK??? TOP: PRIS SPIRES, Advertising BOTTOM: CAROLYN BALLARD, Women ' s Director PELLY WOMEN ' S STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jean McMillan, Karen Goldman, Judy Reaves, Ruth Barster, Bobbie Meyerson. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Goldberg, Madelyn Sears, Mary Whetsel, Ellen Noble, Neta Bailey, Sabra Worswick, Judy Podesta, Wendy Groner. THIRD ROW: Sharon Stafford, Bonnie White, Meredith Reddall, Mary Post, Shirley Cooper, Joan Morse, Carolyn Ortegren, Carolyn Morledge. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolynn Ballard, Pris Spires, Jean Holmes, Bob Bechtel, Don Wegars, Jim Wood. Pelican Someone once said that, " if there were no ' Pelican ' it would be necessary to invent one. " Earle C. Anthony, founder of the magazine, thought so in 1903, and since then the " Pelican " has tried to represent the best in college humor. Sometimes successful, sometimes not, it at least has been controversial. Published six times during the academic year by ASUC, it is regarded by many as the last refuge of sanity within the one-mile limit. Iconoclastic to a fault, the " Pelican " regards the world, in general, and the campus, in particular, with a sneer of cold command telling that its sculptors well those passions read which yet survive, stamp ' d on these lifeless things. The relative importance of the " Pelican " as compared with other student publications is indicated by the magazine ' s own Neo-Grecian building, located on a portion of beautiful Strawberry Creek, declared unsafe because of the quicksand hazard, as well as by the scorn with which it is generally greeted. The " Pelican " is indeed the only magazine on campus " untouched by hu man minds. " TOP: DON WEGARS Editor BOTTOM: JEAN HOLMES Manager JIM de NOON JIM WOOD NELL IRVINE BOB BECHTEL Fall Assistant Editor Spring Assistant Editor Fall Art Editor Spring Art Editor The Cal Engineer has published since 1903 a magazine designed to inform the student of engineering and scientific advances, to stimulate his thinking on important nontechnical topics of concern to him, and to keep him posted on campus research activities. We stopped competing with Pelican and publish only the most choice bits of humor. We are competing, in editorial content, if not in circulation, with the greats of scientific and technical journals. STEVE WHILDEN Fall Editor CLARKE MILLER Spring Manager Cal Engineer MARTY BALLANCE Women ' s Director GERALD GRISMORE Fall Manager MARTIN HALSETH Spring Editor CAL ENGINEER STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Wendy Rebscher (on table), Clarke Miller, Steve Plagemann, Dennis Mumaugh. SECOND ROW; Stephen Whilden, Gerald Grismore, Charles Schrader. 176 Occident FLORENCE ARMSTRONG Fall Editor WALT WRIGHT Spring Editor TOM DAVID Fall Manager NOT PICTURED JOE MORTON Spring Manager Occident is the oldest student-edited campus literary magazine on the West Coast. Published once a semester, the magazine provides a semiannual outlet for the best creative writing pro- duced on this campus. With the Spring 1960 edition, lauded by Professor Mark Schorer as " the best Occident in fifteen years, " the magazine achieved new levels of excellence and has since been rewarded by an unprecedented sales record. It is our hope that artists and audiences alike will continue to find in Occident a method of communication too often neglected in these times, a method of communication which attempts to create truth beyond fact. FIRST ROW, left to right: Wendy Martin, Kathrine Toff, Tom David. SECOND ROW: Walt Wright, William Sante, Bruce Hawkins, Jennifer Sacks, Steve Fowler, Alex Stevens. WAITING FOR MORNING Drifting enchanted down the tideless night She binds the stars like rushes ' round her hands, Waiting to see in dreams a ghostly light Or hear a ghostly footfall in the sands. Somewhere among the reeds an inchworm creeps And, in her nest in the awakening wood, Blind to the dawn the nightingale sleeps Above her white, inviolable brood. —William Searle 177 " Mptin•■•■•••••••111MMIMMIONIMIONINIW When I say get out—I mean GET OUT! Later, Gertrude! My wife is looking. It ' s in the contract—tea at 4! AMI111•1■1111 11=1111110r40 4111 M A kio ' Cal Band The year 1960-61 has been another highly successful year for the University of fornia Marching Band. Six performances in Memorial Stadium, a trip to Los Angeles, 6,000 high school bandsmen in Memorial Stadium for High School Band Day, rallies, University meetings, and cording sessions for a record to be released in hi-fi and stereo were among its plishments this year. Now among the Band ' s most prized possessions is the Big Game football, which cocaptains Bill ton and Steve Bates presented to Manager John Hobbie on behalf of the victorious football team. In September, the bandsmen said bye to Room 5, Eshleman Hall, after 30 years of calling it " home, " and moved into their spacious in the new dent Center. In addition to its new quarters on pus, the Band this year acquired a dence for Cal Bandsmen, named Tellefsen Hall in honor of Chris Tellefsen, friend and counsellor for 28 years. Officers of the Ban ' s effective system of student government were John Hobbie, senior manager ; Norm Lobdell, drum jor; Joe Dickenson, student direc tor ; Bob Hermann, rep at large ; Mike Blackford, Jim Carey and Rich Kirchner, associate managers ; and George Gravlee., secretary. Now in his eleventh year as director, Mr. James Berdahl provided musical direction and guidance to the Band. Keith Polk, graduate student in music, completed his second year as assistant director. The purpose of the Band, in addition to performing at athletic events, rallies and student meetings, is to promote school spirit, to provide leadership training through its system of student government, and to provide a means for musical sion and fellowship for its members. BAND EX. COMM.—FIRST ROW, left to right: George Gravlee, Richard Kirchner, Jim Carey. SECOND ROW: James Berdahl, Bob Herman, Joe Dickinson, Norm Lobdell, John Hobble. JAMES Director Straw Hat Band The Straw Hat Band is the University of California Marching Band ' s informal counterpart, which plays at all basketball games and at many other events both at home and away. Under the baton of student direc- tor, Joe Dickinson, Straw Hat bandsmen, decked out in. white shirts, bow ties and straw hats, perform at all hours of the day and night, at formal and informal rallies, 2 a.m. airport arrivals, 6 a.m. pre-enroll- ment lines, etc. Traveling by car, bus or airplane, the Straw Hat Band goes thousands of miles each year, cheering the team on. In recent years, the Band has traveled to such places as Louisville, Kentucky ; Moscow, Idaho ; Pull- man and Seattle, Washington ; Portland, Corvallis and Eugene, Oregon ; and Los Angeles and Davis, California. No other musicians can claim to be as well travelled—or as spirited—as the STRAW HAT BAND. 183 University Symphony Orchestra The University of California Symphony Orchestra has had a very successful year under the excellent leader- ship of Sidney Griller. Concerts were usually presented in Hertz Hall—Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Verdi, Vivaldi, and Handel. Some concerts were given in coordination with the University Chorus. The Uni- versity of California Orchestra not only provides an opportunity for musically talented students to perform together, but also gives the University community an excellent chance to appreciate the talents of its students. SIDNEY GRILLER Director Symphony Forum The Symphony Forum provides the opportunity for students to enjoy class- ical music at student rates, by obtaining student tickets and distributing them to living groups. Many students are also enabled to participate in an ushering program at the concerts. Through the efforts of the Symphony Forum, many students have been able to enjoy hours of music. LEFT TO RIGHT: Maggie Poynter, Binnie Busby, Bill Goldsmith. ABSENT: Rom Pcrtwccd, Don Serati, Margaret Picone. University Chorus Programs : (1) University Christmas Meeting, Harmon Gymnasium (2) Brahms : " German Requiem " with University Orchestra, Hertz Hall (3) Bach : " St. Matthew Passion " with San Francisco Symphony S.F. Opera House (4) Beethoven : " Ninth Symphony " with University Orchestra, Hertz Hall PROFESSOR EDWARD B. LAWTON Director FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Commanday, Penny Raymond, Margaret Monteiro, Cathy Bunker, Sydney Munn, Nancy Horikoshi, Moira Reeser, Loretta Hagopian, Lizabe Miller, Janis Richards, Marlene Mitchell, Judy Orleman, Judy Gendel, Ellen Wedum, Cheryl Bonham. SECOND ROW: Seena Rohde, Sandra Olsen, Barbara Salter, Lucille Jennings, Nancy Green, Meredy McDaniel, Margie Johnson, Carol Drogin, Sandra Brown, Kari Windingstad, Claire Adams, Madelyn Gale, Linda King. THIRD ROW: Norma Herbert, Bobbie Stiles, Beth Foster, Barbara Chandler, Joelle Gaba, Carolyn Meyer, Colleen Morris, Anne Stark, Penny Danner, Shari Evans, Virginia Davis, Janet Pelf, Carolyn Buell, Meredy Clausen. FOURTH ROW: Ann Wallace, Jane Claussen, Mary Herbert, Jane Ehrhardt, Linda Westberg, Marianne Russell, Diane Walters, Susan Ormsbee, Donna Stegman, Mary Jane Freeberg, Linda Appleby, Nancy Scott, Carolyn Vaznian, Carol Steioler. FIFTH ROW: Bette Kankkonen, Ann Schoemaker, Helen Maurer, Kay Venstrom, Jo-Ann Slissman, Merna Voile, Robin McQueen, Linda Lincoln, Cathy Cutler, Juanita Roush, Jcan Siemens, Ann Severin, Carol Fox, Nancy Hall, Judy Egan, Mary McCune. Treble Clef A week-end retreat to the Santa Cruz Mountains marked the beginning of another year full of activ- ities for Treble Clef. The major events for the year were High School Sing Day, the annual Fall and Spring Concerts in Hertz Hall, participation in the dedication of the new wing of Cowell Hospital, and an appearance with Giee Club with the San Fran- cisco Symphony in March. The year was highlighted by Treble Clef ' s first tour in many years. This tour was a social as well as a musical experience since it was a joint tour with Glee Club. Other activities in- cluded annual Christmas caroling on campus and in San Francisco, many informal parties, and the Ap- pointments Banquet in May. As in the past, Treble Clef has again contributed some of the finest in choral music to the University and to the public. Director BOB COMMANDAY LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Venstrom, Carol Stiegler, Barbara Olter, Lucille Jennings, Jane Claussen, Barbara Chandler, Maryanne Russell, Joelle Gaba, Catherine Bunher. KAY VENSTROM CATHY BUNTIER PAUL HENAULT NORM SERAPHIN Senior Manager Associate Manager GLEE CLUB JUNIOR MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Barbee, Brad Wait, Frank Schoenfeld, Phil Koerper, Larry Epperson, Al Nagata, Robin Coulon. Glee Club Moving into its quarters in the new Student Union, the Glee Club began another active year, starting with a week-end retreat at Kennolyn Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Fall semester brought the High School Sing, jointly sponsored with Treble Clef ; the Fall Concert, entitled " Winter Song " ; tra- ditional Christmas caroling on campus and in S.F. ; and an eight-day tour throughout California. Spring- time brought performances with the S.F. Symphony and the Spring Concert in Hertz Hall. The highlight of the year was the flight to L.A. in April to perform for the Shriners ' Convention. Throughout the year, the Glee Club carried on its tradition of campus sere- nading, supplemented by many appearances in the Bay Area. The Glee Club can well be proud in looking back on this highly successful year, full of activities that will long be remembered by all. SENIOR MEN ' S OCTETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: Robin Coulon, Bob Foster, Dick Talbott, Brad Wait, Ed McKenna, Phil Larson, Neil Lincoln, Dodge Wallace. GLEE CLUB—FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Ccmmanday, Robin Coulon, Al Nagata, Jerry Jonas, Carson Wong, Norm Seraphin, Al Needham, Carson Mah, Ken Plate, Steve Cooperman, Dick Tremaine, Larry Epperson, Ernie Swihart, Dick Schmeidler, Stan Wharton, Phil Larson, Chris Coulon. SECOND ROW: John Day, Tom Gong, Bob Hallberg, Bob Mills, Wayne Huff, Bob Foster, Dick Talbott, Paul Henault, Tcm Gcetzl, Roger Mock, John Johnson, Bob Nisbet, Dave Snyder, Rick Leach, Bob Dickey, Bob Haas, Phil Koerper. THIRD ROW: Chet Ramey, Jim Vaupel, Al Lazar, Chuck Massey, Homer Johnstone, Bob Falkner, Chuck Olson, Bob Watson, Brad Wakefield, Byron Buck, Fester Anderson, Neil Lincoln. FOURTH ROW: Dodge Wallace, Frank Douglas, Jim Milliner, Paul Combs, Hugh Gorman, Larry Alkire, Dick Wilson, Evert Krasi, Bill Avery, Harold Carter, Bruce Barbee, Chris Kane, Jerry Lucas, Tom McCready, John Williams, Bart Reemeyer, Barry Siders, Jack Whetstone, John Herbert. FIFTH ROW: Ron Garvey, Larry Dinnean. cs- FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Anderson, Thomas Gong, Katy Baker, Marilyn Foreman, Judy Jester, Shirley DeJoy, Susan Thompson, Carolyn Crook, Judy Kaufman, Sylvia Fariaini, Kay Morimoto, Fareeda Habeeb, Yongduk Kim, Carl Sitton. SECOND ROW: Devlin, David Winkler, Gustie Barnett, Elaine Horwitz, Jo Allyn Archambault, Jo Ann Sardis, Pam Steiner, Mary Fisher, Kessler, Terry Trosper, Nancy Hoelsken, Linda Johnson, Dave Fong, Eugene Lau. THIRD ROW: Dour McCleland, Suzanne Linda Parlette, Helen O ' Neil, Gloria Hill, Mary Martin, Carolyn Ortegren, Mary Jane Snyder, Linda Adams, John Sebastian, Cornell, Robert Hall. FOURTH ROW: Ron Vogelbaum, Newton Harband, Sam Zanze, Michael Milner, Michael Goldman, Stanley, Jay Crane, Joseph Conrad, Russel Coupland, Bob Marl lave. Collegians Collegians, a coed singing group, functions to bring Cal students who enjoy singing together. Each member of Collegians is given the oppor- tunity to learn the mechanics of sight reading and voice production. Since the founding three years ago, Collegians have had many performances — on and off campus. COLLEGIAN MANAGERS--FIRST ROW, left to right: Carolyn Crock, Senior Carl Sitton, Director; Jchn Sebastian, Senior Manager. SECOND ROW: Gloria Nancy Hoelsken, Paul Anderson, Newton Harbard, David Ccrnell. 188 QUIET RIAU Radio Room " on the air. " Special interview. ASUC Radio-TV Theater The ASUC Radio-TV Theater, now in its 27th year of broadcasting, is an all-student group dedicated to producing radio programs of interest not only to the students and faculty at Cal, but also to the larger Bay Area community of which the University is a part. The group provides experience in radio engineering, producing, directing, acting, announcing, and interviewing. Currently in production are THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HOUR which broadcasts on-campus concerts over two stations in the Bay Area and one in Los Angeles; and the GOLDEN BEAR REVIEW, a campus news program heard in the immediate Bay Area. JAMES MANTELL Chairman Wonder when a fuse ' ll blow? FIRST ROW, left to right: James Francis, James Mantel!, Judy Green, Bill Marantz. SECOND ROW: Mark Berger, Elaine Romito, Carl Miller, Meridith Righter, Linda Leenhouts, Jean Whitehead. University Theater University Theater (Department of Dramatic Art), a dded another distinguished year to its long tradition of excellent productions. Among the plays presented giving University students experience and the University community good drama, were THE DYSCOLUS (The Man Who Hated Peo- ple), translated by L. A. Post ; OF THEE I SING, by George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind, music and lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin ; A TOUCH OF THE POET, by Eugene O ' Neill ; WALKING ON AIR, presented by the Mask and Dagger Society; ONDINE, by Jean Giraudoux ; and LOOK BACK IN ANGER, by John Osborne. TRAVIS BOGARD Chairman of Dramatic Arts STACY KEACH JOAN PAYNE DUKE STROUD BRAD SHEARER LEONORE HIGH JAMES TRIPP ROBERT ZAGONE OF THEE I SING DYSCOLUS WALKING ON AIR TOUCH OF THE POET OF THEE I SING OF THEE I SING Of Thee I Sing SENATOR CARVER JONES CONVENTION CHEERLEADER CONVENTION SINGER LOUIS LIPPMAN FRANCIS X. GILHOOLEY MAID MATTHEW ARNOLD FULTON SENATOR ROBERT E. LYONS ALEXANDER THROTTLEBOTTOM JOHN P. WINTERGREEN ATLANTIC CITY BARKER SAM JENKINS DIANA DEVEREAUX MARY TURNER MADISON SQUARE GARDEN BARKER MISS BENSON ANNOUNCER VLADIMIR VIDOVITCH YUSSEF YUSSEVITCH THE CHIEF JUSTICE WHITEHOUSE GUIDE THE SCRUB WOMAN SENATOR FROM MASSACHUSETTS THE FRENCH AMBASSADOR SENATE PAGE SENATE CLERK DOCTOR Directed by James Mantell Arthur Conrad Laurence Baunach Stuart Rosenberg Duke Stroud Leonore High Robert Zagone Forrest Telfer Newton Harband Laurence Davis Philip Young Harry Knight Joan Payne Harriet Hops Philip Young Susette de Pillis Philip Young Kenneth Nemzer David Moore Laurence Baunach Philip Young Judith P ehle Bard Martin Sam Zanze Joel Warren Daniel Breslauer Daniel Breslaure William I. Oliver 193 The Dyscolus Galen Schwab Edward Faridany S. Daniel Breslauer Jerry Beckman William Romey Nancy Lofton Joel Warren Marcia Lill Stephen Michael Geier Timothy Thomas Myron Faverman Peter Eubanks Wendy Goodman Clarence Hedrick Brite Hazelton Lenore High Carole Dennison Dennis Allison Drury Spurlock Cara Bradbury Cathy Strange Sherry Beck Evelyn Irvine Ruth Silveira Don Mason Tom Lopez Neil Goldfarb Gerald Hatcher The action takes place during a single day from Dawn to Twilight in the mountain village of Phyle, in Attica, Ancient Greece. Touch of the Poet Con Melody Stacy Keach Sara Melody Melania Haugen Nora Melody Dana Anderson Also : Neil Goldfard, Wendy Goodman, Forrest Telfer, John Lymen, Michael Henry, Art Ginsburg Directed by John T. Dreier Walking on Air Glenda Barney Albert Johnson Morrie Bobrow Patricia McCall Jeri Cytron Joan Payne Lenore High Duke Stroud Harriett Hops Robert Zagone p ' afer: Al1■7111. 1 Alpha Phi Omega OFFICERS NOT PICTURED: President Jim Stonehouse ACTIVES Larry Beyersdorf PLEDGES Len Kutnik First Vice-President Kirby Griff en Ted Papenfuss Rich Leslie Second Vice-President Jim Singleton C. John Ralph Arne Werchek Charles Sismondo Third Vice-President Paul Smith Bruce Owens Secretary Bill Partlow Treasurer Dave Gomberg Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity, the largest fraternity in the country with well over three hundred chapters. Although the Gamma Gamma Chapter at this University takes part in many campus projects, it has undoubtedly had its est success with its Ugly Man Contest. These contests are held at many schools by Alpha Phi Omega, but not with the thusiasm shown at Cal. Gamma Gamma holds all records for fund raising in this manner. ACTIVES John Adams Rich Ebert Fred Feusse Jim Stonehouse Bill Trautman Paul Smith Ron Stefani Frank Serduke Jim Singleton Bill Partlow John Quinn Don Meyer Steve Pace Dave Gomberg Kirby Griffen PLEDGES Al Locke Bill Long Rick Rust 198 Alpha Mu Gamma is the foreign language honor society for those individuals who have attained out- standing grades in the study of foreign languages. This society contains both graduate and undergrad- uate students. Alpha Mu Gamma Vs FIRST ROW, left to right: Graciela Garrone, Genevieve Pello, Nancy Baumann, Jean Whitehead, Anita G. Gomez. SECOND ROW: Judy Friedman, George Apkarian, Nicola Whitney, Linda Locatelli, Linda Leenhouts, Carole Young. THIRD ROW: Karen Lassen, Judy Thompson, Pete Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Hughes, Carol Schafer, Barbara Clary, Mary West, Grave Hawkins, Regina Lee Klarman, Dennis A. Schmidt, Norman H. Tolman, Michael Warren Brown, Milton J. Morse, Jr. Alpha Pi Mu ' s purpose is to confer recognition upon the student of Industrial Engineering who has shown exceptional academic interests and abilities in his field. Activities : dinners, speakers, fellowship (aca- demic). Membership : Juniors, Seniors, and Grads with a grade-point average of 2.75. Alpha Pi Mu FIRST ROW, left to right: Prof. L. E. Davis, Dean Challes, Al S. Cheng, Prof. E. C. Keachie (Advisor), George M. Parks, Wes S. Wolford, L. Lane Richmond. SECOND ROW: Henry C. Sortais, Marshall McComb, Jay VerKozen, Ted L. Larsen, Robert S. Norman, Ray Branstetter, Chapman Dix, Robert Bowen, Beverly Duer. NOT PRESENT: Dave Ludens, Monchar Bartakke, Ernest Bisbee, James Cumming, George Redman, Ernest Valfer, Prof. E. E. DeGarmo. 199 Organized in the Spring of 1959, Angel Flight mem- bers act as the official hostesses for the AFROTC at the University. Another purpose of the group is to promote interest in the Air Force. Undergraduate women with the status of high freshman or better. and who meet the scholarship requirements of the University, are eligible for membership. Angel Flight FIRST ROW, left to right: Janet Sannar, Barbara Wood, Julie Poppleman, Joan Schoeplein, Mary Lou Vold, Linda O ' Connor, Linda Tenney, La Verne Dempsey, Sandy Boles, Janet Nielsen. SECOND ROW: Jan Dalton, Anne Ogle, Claudine Fisher, Marian Galli, Cynthia Cortrell, Capt. R. J. Schimberg, Linda R. Smith, Barbara Smith, Barbara Sawyer, Kathy Field, Cynthia Schofield. The Arnold Air Society is a national honor society for all interested AFROTC cadets who can meet its qual- ifications. The organization provides activities and social events throughout the semester. Each year a joint Army-Air Force Military Ball is held in con- junction with the Golden Guard. This year a tradi- tional Air Force-Navy football game was initiated. Arnold Air Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Boris Becker, Stanford Brown, Capt. Norman Deback, William Morgan, William Hanson, Sung, Harold Norton, Jr. SECOND ROW: A. Chapman Dix, Neil Sorensen, Walter Edmunds, Charles Crave, John Alcorn, Granville, Carl Heinz, James Walpow. THIRD ROW: Richard Moriarty, Robert Hinte, Frederick K. Crosher, Gregory Smith, Hunt, Leonard Wohgetz, Roger Ferree. 200 The purpose of this chapter shall be the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of industrial engineering, the presentation of a proper perspective of work and the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the American Institute of Engineers, as well as to promote a professional conscience and fellowship. I. I. E. S. C. E. FIRST ROW, left to right: Professor L. E. Davis, Al S. Cheng, Dean Challes, Glenn A. Andreasen, Lewis Wallensky, Delwin G. Chase, Professor E. C. Keachie, L. Lane Richmond. SECOND ROW: Steve Rutherford, Marshall McComb, Jay VerKozen, Ray Bergman, Jerry Gunnarson, Ted Larsen, Bob Norman, Ray Branstetter, Beverly Duer. THIRD ROW: John Flohr, Robert Bowen, Robert Ryder, Michael Wacker, Ben A. Cohn, William Kroes, Chapman Dix. NOT PRESENT: Walter Kane, James MacGregor, Charles Olson, Donald Ovadenko, Alfred Simonsen, Dave Ludens, Professor Hazlet. ASCE is the junior chapter of the American Society of We hold technical meetings on various engineering subjects. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kent Johnson, Lyle Gabrielson, W. C. Wood, C. E. Lays, Lynn F. Bowers, Bill Anthony Nelson, Lee R. Amaden, Leonard Hom, Yahya Eskandari, Gerald Flinn, Albert La Monte. SECOND George Manlove, Ray Barraza, Richard Chinn, Thomas Nocan, Jim Russell, James Adams, Danny Tow, Harvey Goodman, Darryl Martin, Bob Elbert Shelley, James Kitchen. THIRD ROW: Garland Hagen, Clarence M. Jesfield, G. Selna, Alexander Fattaleh, Y. L. Daniel Chew, Severo Esquibel. FOURTH ROW: Harry Sperber, Henry James Stedman, Saloman Vexler, E. D. McGuire, Robert Knight. FIFTH ROW: R. Guth, F. M. Walsh, R. S. M. K. Lee Bensuka, E. P. Ellis. 201 ASME The purpose of ASME is to promote the advancement and of knowledge of the theory and practice of engineering. Activities include technical meetings, field trips, and the annual picnic. Membership in this society is open to any student in good standing and enrolled in any branch of engineering. Both graduate and undergraduate students are included in this society. FIRST ROW, left to right: Otto Wong, Thomas Nose, Walter Loscutoff, Thomas Conn, Isoo Kono, George Boyadjieff, Mohammed Ansari, Tak Nakano, Roger Smith, Lothan Leach. SECOND ROW: Robert Brown, Edward Chin, Bohn, Jim Davis, James Donnelly, Ken Butler, Abraham Takasugi, Roland Krevitt, Russell Duckering, Terrag Bradley, Bedford, Robert Bathgate. THIRD ROW: Samuel Cowan, Thomas Listou, Roger Stone, Robert Sutton, Eugene Howe, Chris Roger Smith, John Phillips, Stanley Hurd, John Elmore, Norman Thomson, Albert Eisenbeiss, Unidentified. Chi Epsilon is a national civil engineering honor fraternity with membership based on scholastic achievement. To help the student to develop the fundamental characteristics for a successful pursuit in an engineering career is the goal of this fraternity. Chi Epsilon FIRST ROW, left to right: George Manlove, Danny Tow, Charles E. Lays, James Kitchen, Vice-President; Dick President; Donald E. Evenson, Corresponding Secretary; Louise Lew, David Quong, Junichi Miyazaki, Thomas Nocan, Secretary, SECOND ROW: R. Barraza, Michael Astin, Robert Anderson, Jim Russell, Bill Gates, Elbert Shelley, Alfred Bruce Balala, Bob Rende. THIRD ROW: Harry Sperber, Lynn Miller, Fran Walsh, Al LaMonte, Bob Curley. 202 Hillel The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation functions as the Jewish Community on campus. Membership is open to all students. Their program includes religious services, lectures, seminars, concerts, sport nights, Sunday suppers and other social events which enable students to express themselves within the of the Jewish tradition. LEFT TO RIGHT: Judi Lansing, Louise Kadelan, Fred Sonnenberg, Lean Rieber, Isaias Mandel, Ruth Abeis, Kathryne Suson, Sun Oppenheimer, Alan Pasternak, Gordon Freeman. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club provides opportunities for all Episcopals and other interested students to join together in worship, retreats, inquiry classes, and in lectures. 203 Chinese Students ' Club Membership is open to any University of California student. 1. To promote social activities and further cement the ties of friendship between its members and their friends. 2. To inculcate the ideals of the American way of life among its members. 3. To further the ties of international friendship. KNEELING: Kellogg Chan. SECOND ROW, left to right: Thomas Hong, Allena Fong, Merrily Fong, Pat Lowe, Clarence Goon, Donna Fong, Nancy Lee, Frances Fong, Mary Teng. THIRD ROW: Peter Wong, Vincent Sue, Gordon Wong, Chi Lam Lee, Ed Jue, Tom Fat, Larry Jue, Colin Wong, Geoffrey Cheung. The Christian Science Organization at the University holds testimony meetings every Tuesday evening at 7 :30. A library is maintained in the Organization building where college students may study the Bible and Christian Science literature. Among its activities this year, the Organization helped promote of The Christian Science Monitor celebrating its new west coast printing. Christian Science Organization TO RIGHT: David Cornell, Linda Johnston, David Cliff Anger. 204 Delta Phi Epsilon emphasizes the value and necessity of special professional and educational programs in addition to regular scholastic work. Our aim is to educate and broaden the of its through various projects. Our office is always to interested students, membership being to all male students. Delta Phi Epsilon FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Joehnck, Ted Hayes, Rich Kirby, Fred MacDonald, Charles Barton, Mark Helbing, Norman Ginsburg. SECOND ROW: Professor Julian Towster, Frank Mardahl, Jack Tjeerdsma, Norman Neilsen, Thomas Cameron, James Stanley, K. Kardel, Professor Eric Bellquist. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a Fraternal organization for top students of Business Administration. It seeks to enhance their knowledge through association with other students in this field while them in Brotherhood. Each semester we have a complete program of tours and professional speakers. FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Pritchard, Morris Kosakura, Bruce Renati, Dennis Hill, Don Humphreys, Bruce Blakemore, James Ronan, Richard R. Peterson, Mario L. Cuevas. ABSENT: Dieter Winkler, Norm Charles, Gerald Beal. 205 Engineers ' Joint Council The purpose is to further the professional development of the students of the College of Engineering and closely allied professional schools. Regular members of the council are duly selected from the various member societies. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Healy, Albert LaMonte, Treasurer; Charles Lays, Secretary; Donald Cvadenko, President; Challes, William Louie. SECOND ROW: Vytautas Danis, L. Richmond, Jerry Gunnarson, Richard Wort, Russill Duckering, Bradley, Al Cheng, James Divine, Mark Davis. Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical engineering honor society. Its activities include the induction of eligible candidates, a banquet, social functions, and technical talks. Membe rship is limited to upper division engineering students with outstanding scholastic records. Eta Kappa Nu FIRST ROW, left to right: Gordon Leong, Dimitri Bobroff, Mike Healy, Eldon Vaughn, Al Thiele, Dave Woolf, John Joseph Jensen, Seymour Rubin, Yee Pon, Neal Taga. SECOND ROW: Byron Edde, Joseph Laurd, Byron Hanse, Arthur Leland Leisz, Jack Jones, Jimmy Tow, Charles Smith, Sam Nomi, David Paulson, James Fujioka. 206 Golden Guard, an Army ROTC cadet organization, is open to all upper division students, commissioned members of the and outstanding sophomores. It serves as a means whereby the UC ROTC cadets may find incentives for increasing their military skill and may learn about the place of the army in the defense of our nation. Golden Guard FIRST ROW, left to right: Capt. R. W. Cooke, Major A. Bailey, W. A. Simpson, C. C. Vurlumis, E. L. Salisbury, T, G. Kilfoil, A. M. Phipps, Maynoade Orme, Lt. Col. Keith Houlson, Ed Jue, Robert Ryder, Richard Ebert, David Nolan, Lloyd Crenna, William Hobin, Rich Price, Craig Jakobsen, Oliver Ellsworth, Donald Tait, Steve Horn, Tom Fat, Jeff Snow, Owen Wickstrand. SECOND ROW: Peter Goorjian, George Eskoo, Robert Bosso, Bruce Kane, William Hogue, Clarke Miller, Gerald Grismore, Don Freitas, Butch Gitzpatrick, Loring Wylie, Carl Sandahl, John Phillips, Larry Beyersdorf, Scott Calder, Ed Farber, Jimmy Smith, John Grunbaum, Brad Wait, Kellogg Chan, Paul Little, Lawrence Costello. THIRD ROW: Fredrick Stark, David Flippin, Thomas Verrill, William Dannenbring, Douglas Tanimoto, Robert Boland, Michael Stewart, Denis M. Weigand, Charles W. Moore, Kenneth R. Werner, Roger Hollander, Jacques Cordeyre, Randall M. Robinson, Richard Brock, Rich Ryder, Alexander P. Golitzin, Robert L. Goldberg, Robert W. Quatman, Timothy E. Deal, Duane A. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Robert D. Buckman, James L. R. Ashford, Lincoln N. Mintz, Wendell W. Mew, Robert B. Long, David F. Tavernetti, James Ronan, Richard Kettewell, Earl Swain, Gordon Seligson, Tom Rhoads, Jim Wasson, Warren S. Burkholder, Richard Lynch, Alex Jamile, Paul Zarcone, Arthur Schwartz, Shiori Sakamoto, Karl Uebel, Ron Barnett, Tim Hachman, Jim Riding, Rod Dorse. Masonic Club The University of California Masonic Club is a social with membership open to blood relatives of Masons. Rainbow Girls, DeMolay, and Jobs Daughters who are enrolled in the University. FIRST ROW, left to right: Susan Pratt, Gamilla Girard, Janice Lincom, Anita Thompson, Louisa Lawton, Lorna Beardsley, Ellen Petersen. SECOND ROW: George Epidendio, Douglas Brown, Carol Folsom, Peppy Hessey, Gwenn Waline, Janet Lamb, Margaret Rowland, Margaret Lang, Joyce Edwards, Jean Morgan, Don Hawker. THIRD ROW: Ted Hayes, Hugh Peterson, Michael Johnson, Larry Galderwood, Joe Requa, Lowell Gilmour, Bob Hall, Diane Joan Pierson, Marianne Bogart, Gary Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Chuck Ward, Gordon Long, Carle Griffin, David Rowland, Jim Carey, Talbot D. Bailey, Jr., Eric E. Wallace, Lorance W. Hardwood, Robert Tousey. 207 Gavel and Quill Gavel and Quill is a class activities honor society. All members have participated consistently in their classes and are rewarded by invitation into the group. Social gatherings provide this organization with a purpose which is a relief after the rigors of the class councils. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Jones, Jan Smith, Betty Clark, George Kachen. SECOND ROW: Suzy Shadinger, Lynn Gay Sharpe, Gary Aguirre, Heather McCune, George Goldberg, John Quinn, Allen Puckett, Hathy Pyles. THIRD ROW: Blackman, Georg Ann Miner, Brenda Cox, Dave Melander, Terry Cochran, Larry Miller, Moni Gatewood, Carolyn Macintosh, Simmons, Dorrie Robbins, Dottie Ahlburg, Richard Cerruti. The purpose of the club is to aid members in developing professional values. This aim is met by programs in areas of interest and by contacts with members of the profession. College students interested in home ec may belong. Home Economics Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Kathy Field, Sharron Ferguson, A. Gayle Forsyth, Suzi Jackson, Jean Gray, Janet Baker. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Colfrin, Treasurer; Agnes McClelland, Advisor; Bonnie Stewart, President; Sylvia Chow, Claribel Law, Secretary; Audrey Lew, Elizabeth Erman, Dishka Yudnich, Gerry Gosche, Judy Ahlin, Vice-President; Nancy Arnhold, Publicity Chairman. 208 Honor Students ' Society is composed of upper division and graduate students with a 3.0 grade-point average. Our free program is our main service project. Our purpose is to bring together these students by means of our tutoring program and many social activities (parties, picnics, etc.), and we also sponsor forums. Honor Students Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Harriet Kolker, Rosita Wadewitz, Antoinette Catrow, Audrey Haberland, Alice Mead, Sharon Gould, Valerie Webster, Thomas Lew, Leland Leisz, Frank Baxter, Jerrell Jacobs, Joyce Jaffe, Lynn Diamond, Joan Chesley, Judith Mayfield, Helen Woo, David Chu. SECOND ROW: Jean Critchfield, Banphot Virasai, Alfredo Banos, Cathe Haberland, Gay Westsmith, Jane Patterson, Almuth Farenbach, Jaqueline Lee, Richard Dawson, John Sebastian, Andrew Sun, Jeremy Barry, Carole Anderson, Jean Fisher, June Bender, Judy Levy, Barbara Albertini, Diane Peitz. THIRD ROW: James A. Weiss, Charles Walker, Don Nason, Oliver Ellsworth, George Petty, George Kachen, Keith Wilson, Stefan Burr, Rullill Duckering, Noel Van Slyke, Richard Betts, Michael Brown, Wilfred Borroto, Christopher Alan Parr, Gloria Perry, Yu Kun Hsia. Lambda Delta Sigma Lambda Delta Sigma is a national fraternity, in connection with the LDS Institute of Religion, for Latter Day Saints college students. Our activities are planned around aims of fellowship, leadership, intellectuality, culture and religion. Services and classes are held at our new facilities at 2368 LeConte. FIRST ROW, left to right: Shari Evans, Secretary; Dorothy Coltrin, Treasurer; Joe West, Dee Anna Knudson, Joe Jensen, Susan Larsen, Byrna Bentley, JoAnn Wallen, Cathy Franklin. SECOND ROW: Walt Rossman, Secretary; Jean Merrill, President; Margi Bodily, Diana Jensen, Chad Smith, Helen Eliason, Cynthia Facer, John Pope. THIRD ROW: Paul Brady, President; Neil Larson, Dick Rands, Lorence Carr, Gary Lambert, Norma Paulson, Dave Peterson, Chris Fredricks. FOURTH ROW: Eric Biedermann, Dick Knudson, Ron Hunt, John Cosgriff, Dick Peterson. 209 Newman Club FATHER QUINN FATHER FISHER FATHER SULLIVAN The Newman Club sponsors a great variety of social and educational events for Catholic and interested non-Catholic students. Tuesday lunches, Wednesday evening lectures, and night dances comprise but a few of the regular activities sponsored by the club. A great deal of work was done this year in preparation for the national convention which will be held in. Berkeley this summer. Nineteen hundred and sixty-one saw the transfer of Father Sullivan, who had the respect and admiration of all who knew him. But the club was fortunate in gaining a very fine and capable new advisor in Father Fisher and in having the continued services of Father Quinn. With over five hundred members the Newman Club saw one of the most years. Cor ad Cor Loquitur .. . NEWMAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Gram, Concetta Finocchio, Fr. James Fisher, Phoebe Hauff, Mel Sylvester. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Brady, Kathy Lynch, Mike Blackford, Larry Beyersdorf, Warren Brunetti. 210 Mortar Board Judy Bertelsen Nanci Borio Boyka Davis Sharon Gould Carolyn Hand Suzanne Hansen Joy Holmes Jane Howell Linda Irvine Beverly Jackson Karen Malmstrom Mary Ann Mitchell Sandra Mitchell Joan Murman Linda O ' Connor Barbara Perry Dorrie Robbins Pokey Schwab Jane Semple Marla Smith Pris Spires Anna Marie Taylor Jo Ann Thebolt Beth Ann Wood NOT PICTURED: Anne Haskell OFFICERS President Karen Malmstrom Vice-President Jane Howell Secretary Mary Ann Mitchell Treasurer Linda O ' Connor Program Chairman Joy Holmes Editor Pokey Schwab Mortar Board is a Senior Women ' s National Honor Society which was founded at Syracuse, New York, in 1918, and later established at UC in 1925. Each year twenty-four senior women who have made outstanding contributions to the University in service, scholarship, and are tapped for membership. This year Board included in its program the of the movie " Don Quixote " and the sale of gay " mum " corsages for Big Game. 211 Nisei Students The Nisei Student Club is a social club open to any Cal student, but is composed mostly of Japanese The club holds social and sport events during the semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Shinoda, Elaine Ito, Chris Kita, Emiko Yamamoto, Jane Iwasaki, Carol Yasuda. SECOND ROW: Sabnro Daikin Shimono, Linda Umeboshi Yatabe, Gale Ocha, Julie Gohan, Judy Owashi, Yoko Yokomizo. Omicron Nu is a national home economics honor society. The Alpha Lambda Chapter has been on this campus since 1944. Its objectives are to recognize superior scholarship and to promote leadership and research within the Home Economics field. is invitational. KNEELING, left to right: Lynette Pratt, Chrystal Newell. SEATED: Nancy Arnhold, Marilyn McElhoe, Mary Ann Morris, Norva Stuart, Jessie Co les. 212 Panile Linda Appleby Barbara Bogue Claire Bremer Pamela Gartshore Lynn Gentner Merle Gibbins Marilyn Hester Ann Hollick Melinda Menzies Elizabeth O ' Hara Margaret Poynter Betsy Rogers Ann Stevens Tony Taylor Terry Taylor Margaret Weatherhead NOT PICTURED Marina Bergin Laurel Bell Alice Krimsky Donna Macari Kendra Martin Sherry Moses Alice Mead Ramona Shadi OFFICERS FALL SPRING Merle Gibbins President Margie Weatherhead Kendra Martin Vice-Pres Toni Taylor Barbara. Bogue Rec. Sec Marilyn Hester Claire Bremer Cor. Sec. Ann Stevens Alice Krimsky Treasurer Ramona Shadi Terry Taylor Historian Sherry Moses Linda Appleby Membership Linda Appleby The purpose of Panile, the sophomore women ' s honor society, is to promote school spirit and support for all activities in which the student body participates, to foster scholarship, and to adhere to the tradition of service to the Universit y. Panile ' s main project for the benefit of the campus and community for this year was the organization of Parents ' Day on May 13th. Members of Panile are sophomore women who have shown high scholastic achievement and high interest and participation in ASUC and general campus activities during their freshman year. Members are elected to Panile each semester, and serve for a full school year. 213 Prytanean Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Richards, Sue Hansen, Sharon Gould, Pokey Schwab, Pris Spires, Corinne Purnell, Judy Emsley, Merle Gibbins. SECOND ROW: Sue Hanlon, Linda Irvine, Barbara Perry, Joy Holmes, Linda Tenney, Linda O ' Connor, Judie Druhan, Dorrie Robbins, Joan Martin. THIRD ROW: Joan Murman, Carolyn Hand, Binnie Busby, Marla Smith, Barbara Bogue, Jean Whitehead, Marny Sitlinger, Marge Swain, Juline Cardoza, Sandy Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Dot Sherwood, Nancy Sands, Jan Smith, Margo Brown, Kendra Martin, Jan Cave, Bev Jackson, Mary Ann Mitchell, Karen Malmstrom. PRYTANEAN OFFICERS President Pokey Schwab Vice-President Mary Ellen Rose Secretary Sharon Gould Treasurer Judy Bertelson, Jean Whitehead Membership Sue Hanlon Programs Binnie Busby Projects Joan Murman The Prytanean Society of the University of California was founded in 1900 with the goal of encouraging and rewarding the service of loyalty of women students. Chapters of Prytanean also exist at UCLA, Davis, and Riverside. Each semester, membership is extended to junior and senior women who are outstanding in and activities. Each year the members of sell calendars, thereby making it possible to a scholarship to a deserving woman student. Our organization is a national professional sorority for women in the field of business with the purposes : to promote the cause of higher business education for women, to foster higher ideals for women in business and to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for business careers. Members of Phi Chi Theta are chosen from women in the School of Business Administration having a minimum grade-point average of 2.3. Phi Chi Theta FIRST ROW, left to right: Michelle Greenberg, Sue Williams, Aileen Bennett, Susan Vartanian, Gail Franchini, Marie C. Simoes, Nina Jean Olson, Gloria Ferro. SECOND ROW: Liz Talbott, Nancy Frek, Irene Peters, Bonnie Blei, Roberta Miller, Sally Waldron, Sylvia Galli, Polly Welsh, Harriet West. Pi Tau Sigma is the National Engineering Honor Society. Membership is limited to Mechanical Engineering seniors who are in the highest 33% and juniors who are in the highest 25% of their class in respect to scholarship. To create a congenial atmosphere between the faculty and the students is the purpose of this society. Pi Tau Sigma FIRST ROW, left to right: Wendell G. Moen, William N. Lcvie, Charles E. Leach, George I. Terrag W. Bradley, Robert A. Pittman. SECOND ROW: Leo Dabaghian, Maurice E. Jacques, Richard Chang, Eugene C. Howe, Samuel J. Cowan, Robert G. Albright, Russill E. Duckering, Richard T. Johnson. 215 The members of this group are students in either Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. Their main activity rests in attending lectures given by prominent scientists discussing subjects of general interest to this group. FIRST ROW, left to right: Anita Spring, Carl Elliger, Valerie Webster, Allan Champion, Ruth Orjas, Barbara Hardin. ROW: Gary Davis, Prof. F. R. Jensen, Advisor; Alfred Neil Gereb, William Carlson, Ken Hedden, Richard Icanwtich. Sigma Omicron Pi Sylvia Chow Linda Leong Isabelle Lim Sharon Low Victoria Hsie Audrey Lew Virginia Lin Edith Wright 216 The Ski Club Ex Comm, led by President Gary Anderson, another year of disorganized Wednesday noon meetings. Through chaos, the Ex Comm planned and executed the Vanderbilt Intercollegiate Meet at Squaw Valley on March 4-5. The Ski Club team did all sorts of good things, winning the Bay Area Ski Federation Meet. Slalom, anyone ? U. C. Ski Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Marylyn Smith, Barby Thomson, Deanna Lynn, Suzy Shadinger, Lynette Hendrix. ROW: Wilson Talley, Bob Holmstrom, Gary Anderso n, Mike Foley. THIRD ROW: Rob Cranston, Paul Duncan, Austin, Ralph Larson. Stiles Hall FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Klose, Gordon Stevens, Charles Lucas, President; Thelton SECOND ROW: Douglas Collins, Stefan Burr, Joseph Paff, John Laratta, Geoffrey Chandler. 217 Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering society. Those eligible are in the top fifth of their senior class or top eighth of their junior class. Each semester this chapter sponsors some sort of project of service to the engineering profession. In addition it has one or two informal social functions each semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Wayne Fenner, Gary Hornbuckle, John Sebastian, Leland Leisz, Russell Duckering, Yu Kun Hsia, Chu, Joseph Jensen, Wes Tamai, Mike Healy, Wendell Moen. SECOND ROW: Unidentified, L. Richmond, Al Cheng, Richard John Watkins, Dave Woolf, James Divine, John Duncan, Richard Lynch. THIRD ROW: Joseph Laurd, Arthur Brodersen, Wade, Ralph Cross, Neal Taga, Al Thiele, George Kachen, Tom Mongan, Bob Gocden, Al Golitzin, Doug Mills. The aim of the Thai Association is to create friendship among Thai students and to promote understanding and better between Thai Association, American and other foreign students. Membership is open to all Thai students with other guests being welcome. Thai Association LEFT TO RIGHT: Manas Kasemsap, Thep Himathongkham, Vutthi Bhanthumnavin, Pathon Vanica Assavathanta, Annop Asscratgoon, Kiet Srichomkuan. 218 Skull and Key FIRST ROW, left to right: Pete Scott, Pete Michael, Dick Keating, Minton Newell, Bob MacHugh, Fritz Brown, Jack Domich, Wheeler Coberly, Ray Hertell. SECOND ROW: Dave George, Chuck Werdell, Craig Campbell, Gordon Zuckerman, Ken Meade, Robbie Wollcott, Butch Moore, Jim Burress, Jinn Moore, Towle. THIRD ROW: Mike Nc akes, Jim Dolite, Walter Reade, John Enqlish, Mike MacNail, Tom Faulkner, Dave Whiteneck, Danny Jenkins, Pete Morse, Ron Sanford, Dick Bertero, Bill Hobin. FOURTH ROW: Jim Furgeson, Tom Bates, John Hurt, Tim Hackman, Brian Rapp, Marty McNair, Emery Johnson, Ed Klass, John Pappini, Jim Sally, Clay Smith. FIFTH ROW: Mike Storm, Chuck Eastman, Scotty Calder, Jack Griffin, Steve Dwelle, Rich Ryder, Parker Maddox, Bill Lukens, Ed O ' Dea. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Minton Newell President Dick Keating Fritz Brown Vice-President John Hurt Ken Meade Secretary John Papini Walt Arnold Treasurer Mike Noakes HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David Barrows Gill Becker Anthony Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John U. Calkins, Jr. Donald Cameron Andy Carlson R. W. Chaney Zeb Chaney Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corey James A. Crutchfield Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Newton B. Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Greg Engelhard Capt. Neil Edmunds Col. G. C. Edwards James K. Fisk Martin C. Faherty Wally Frederick Stanley B. Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettell Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. P. C. Godwin George Good Capt. Sandy Goodman Walter Gordon Lieut. Harry Greenlaw E. T. Grether John Grover Chaffee Hall, Jr. Brutus Hamilton James Hamilton Tack Happoldt Dr. James T. Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman E. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Miles Hudson James B. Hutchinson Lincoln Hutchinson Bill Ingram Bert Jones Dick Kelly Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander M. Kidd Lawrence Kinnaird Peter B. Kyne W. M. Latimer Karl C. Leebrick Matthew C. Lynch E. Landon Austin MacDonald Walter E. Magee Eggs Manske G. E. Marsh Jack McKenzie Herm Meister Ralph P. Merritt Rafe Miller Mitchell Brick Morse Russ Nagler Eugen Neuhaus John Francis Neylan R. L. Olson Edmond O ' Neil F. C. Palm Major G. H. Peabody Robert A. Peterson Ken Priestley Thomas H. Putnam Al Ragan L. Reno Carl Reich F. M. Russell Thomas F. Sanford Major C. R. Sargent Geo. Schroth William A. Setchell James G. Shaeffer Andy Smith Geo. A. Smithson Robert G. Sproul Tom Stow H. E. Stone Edward G. Stricklin Fred Stripp Major J. S. Switzer Nicholas L. Taliaferro Lieut. Cdr. H. L. Tallman E. H. Taylor Col. Thomas J. Trues Irv. Uteritz Charles R. Voltz Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn O. Waldorf Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Jack Williamson Bob Wilson Garff B. Wilson Jean C. Witter Carl Zamlock Deceased 219 Torch and Shield is a senior women ' s social honorary It was founded in 1906. The activities are traditionally secret. Torch and Shield OPENING TRUNK—Nancy Cambell; IN TRUNK—Claudeen Smith; SEATED ON CAR BACK—Cecilia IN CAR—Mary Newcomer, Marylyn Smith; OUTSIDE CAR—Carolyn Hand; ON CAR FENDER—Patty Collins, Murman, Patty Ellerd. The Woman ' s " C " Society is the honor society for the Women ' s Athletic Association. It aims to create and further interest in all women ' s athletics, by taking an active part in everything pertaining to sports and encouraging others to do the same. Woman ' s " C " Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Doris Richards, Elizabeth Hart, Claudeen Smith, Marla Smith, Virginia Vorous, Edson, Judy Myers. SECOND ROW: Shirley Williams, Patti Myer, Sue Robbins, Janet Newman, Annette Hard, Roberta Park, Advisor; Nancy Donaldson, Kay Godsey, Janet Dalton, Nancy Campbell, Jorgine Smith. 220 Tower and Flame Tower and Flame, the lower division scholastic honor society, renewed this year the service of visiting CSF chapters at high schools to discuss college and Cal. With the unstinting support of the council and the membership at large, Tower and Flame also sponsored several successful high school tours of this campus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Meredith Clausen, Phyllis Goldberg, Julie Land, Sherry Heller, Betsy Bidart, Diane Sandoval, Cobden, Lynn Abbey, Chris Wilander, Amy Stevens, Marsha Franks, Phyllis Shenkin, Nancy Ulke, Jane Iwasaki, Carol Cynthia Lamdan, Diane Meyer. SECOND ROW: Bill George, Diane Zaslow, Cathy Strange, Madelyn Gale, Norverta Ochoa, Rosanne Cunningham, Marge Braunewell, Sylvia Moffett, Barbara Hardin, Claire Fujita, Joan Marie Chin, Donna Scott, Carole Chris Sipila, Peggy Tarr. THIRD ROW: Brian Shiroyama, Trish Taber, Marlene Depper, Diane King, Karen Blank, Larry Ray Grinsell, Beverly Schwartz, Lynn Grosser, Margaret Ferguson, Bonnie Westberg, Marilyn Cook, Marilyn Manneheim, Appleby, Pat List, Cheryl Faust. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Cleaves, Katz Treuman, Robert Mathiesen, Bruce Wonder, John Paul Lin, Robert Ritchey, Joe Wakefield, Ann Wilkins, Laurel Bell, Jane Hillyer, Ruth Orjas. FIFTH ROW: Edy Bass, Hyman, Mike Fisher, Bruce Shawrer, Ronald Eberhard, Michael Lyon, Beverly Fletcher, Kevin Langdon, Bob Rust, Robert William Collins, John Morrison. Triune Triune is the Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society with invitational membership. Founded at the University in 1934, its purpose is to promote class spirit among the lowerclassmen, to organize leadership in scholarship and activities, and to increase California spirit. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynn Larson, Mike Burns, Carl Bergeron, Dick Berridge, Paul Fagan, Gary Zacher, Mike Brown, Morrow, Corbett Donohue, Rick Breyer, Rich Stenton, Bill Brown, John Williams. SECOND ROW: Chris Carpenter, Bill Kent Harvey, Steve Donner, Gary Kashing, Brian Van Camp, Peter Poulson, Fred Peterson, Doug Fowkes, Terry Reilly, Bill Jon Peck, Randy Mundt, Dennis Tavernetti, Sandy Massey. THIRD ROW: David Barnett, Sean Fitzgerald, Robert Chatham, Tavernetti, Curt Rocca, Tom Solinsky, Judd Hanna, Tom Campbell, Steve Cox, Rich Merrill, Eric Cowing, Tom Palmer, Alec Buzz Reford, Paul Yost, Bud Behrens. 221 Winged Helmet Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Garff Wilson, Fred Offenbach, John Henrotin, Butch Moore, Marty McNair, Wheeler Coberley, Parker Maddox, Bill Hobin, Craig Jakobsen, Alex Sherriffs. SECOND ROW: Bob Sciutto, Dick Hildebrand, Fred Gilberd, Lloyd Crenna, Peter Morrissey, Ed Donahue, Jim MacDonald, Kent Jakobsen, Hank Pouey, Rich Ryder, Bucky Reed, Bob Angell. THIRD ROW: Bill Lukens, Emery Johnson, Jim Sally, John English, Doug Graham, Dan Jenkins, Jim Burress, John Maschino, John Register, Craig Campbell. FOURTH ROW: John Papini, Dave George, Tom Nagle, Dan Ipson, Dave Van Hoorebeke, Dave Kenmuir. FIFTH ROW: Steve Dwelle, Dick Bertero, Ted Falk, John Hurt, Stan Parkinson, Paul Prudler. SIXTH ROW: Jack Griffen, Jchn Hilton, Doug Barth, Bob Walcott, Mike McNeil, Hank Hummelt, Bruce Hoffman, Ron Sanford, Pete Michael. MEMBERS Bob Angell Doug Barth Dick Bertero Jim Burress Craig Campbell Wheeler Coberley Bill Comstock Lloyd Crenna Ed Donahue Steve Dwelle John English Ted Falk Herb Foster Dave George Fred Gilberd Doug Graham Jack Griffen George Grupe Bill Haden John Henrotin Ray Hertel Dick Hildebrand John Hilton Bill Hobin Bruce Hoffman Hank Hummelt John Hurt Dan Ipson Craig Jakobsen Kent Jakobsen Dan Jenkins Emery Johnson Dick Keating Dave Kenmuir Ed Klass Bill Lukens Jim MacDonald Parker Maddux John Maschino Bob McHugh Marty McNair Mike McNeil Ken Meade Pete Mickael Ron Milligan Butch Moore Pete Morrissey Pete Morse Tom Nagle Minton Newell Ed O ' Dea Fred Offenbach John Papini Stan Parkinson Hank Pouey Paul Prudler Bill Purcell Bucky Reed John Register Rich Ryder Jim Sally Ron Sanford Bob Sciutto Peter Scott Charley Seaver Clay Smith Dick Stowell Dave Van Hoorebeke Bob Walcott 222 WAA Council The WAA Council, along with the Sports Club Board and the Intramural Board, plan the yearly events for the Women ' s Athletic Association. This includes playdays, sports days, the biannual Field Week Dessert where the individual and team trophies are awarded, All-University Tournaments, Co-Rec Volleyball and the High School Sports Day. This group is also for establishing and maintaining policies connected with sports for women on this FIRST ROW, left to right: Adele Hughes, Vice-President; Nancy Campbell, President; Sue Robbins, Treasurer; Anne Martin, Secretary; Roberta Park, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Marla Smith, Annette Hard, Doris Richards, Jan S. Dalton, Carey Edson, Patti Meyer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Rigden, Jan Dalton, Carey Edson, Anna Espenschade. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Sprague, Donna Fong, Judy Meyers, Elizabeth Campion. THIRD ROW: Catherine Devlin, Nancy Donaldson, Janet Newman, Dee deKat, Nancy Frey. Intramurals The Women ' s intramural program is a very popular one on campus. The program includes basketball, bowling, table tennis, swimming, badminton, and tennis. Trophies are awarded at the end of each semester to the winning house in each sport as well as a plaque to the most outstanding house in terms of participation and the won-lost record. Thus the intramural program reaches a peak of excitement at the close of each semester. Sport Clubs WAA sponsors several sport clubs each semester to meet the varied interests of women students. In the past semesters there have been clubs of Fencing, Hockey, Tennis, Riflery, Softball, Swimming and many others. On occasion these clubs meet with groups from other colleges or universities. You need not be an expert to join a club, but mere membership is bound to improve your skills. In these groups you will be participating with others of equal skill. The only membership qualification is that you be a registered student in good health. You may sign up in Hearst Gymnasium during the first week of each semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Annette Hard, Vice-Chairman; Doris Richards, Chairman; Roberta Park, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Eleanor Joyner, Evelyn Breuer, Shirley Williams, Claire Bremer, Susan Greendorfer, Janet Nelson, Virginia Degenkolb. NOT PICTURED: Denyse Watkens, Peggy Page, Karen Pastoreno. 223 Order of the Golden Bear George P. Adams Jay Bardwell Albert M. Becker Louis H. Bell, Jr. Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Allen C. Blaisdell James Cason, Jr. Ralph W. Chaney Milton Chermin Robert A. Cockrell Robert P. Commanday John B. Condliffe James H. Corley Charles C. Cushing A. R. Davis William H. Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Clifford L. Dochterman Thomas B. Dutton Peter R. Elliott William L. Ellsworth Gregory Engelhard Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Warren H. Geidt Philip F. Griffin Charles A. Gulick Gerald H. Hager David Armor Harold Bauman Steve Cook Daniel Eisenstein Stuart Gould Michael Hone Hal Hungerford UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES T. E. Haley Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper James D. Hart Paul T. Hastings John D. Hicks Edward H. Heller Joel H. Hildebrand Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Peter S. Von Houten Miles R. Hudson Charles G. Hyde Albert J. Johnson William N. Keeler Richard K. Kelly Clark Kerr A. M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen George J. Lemmon Austin H. MacCormick Stanley McCaffrey Donald McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middiekauf Ralfe D. Miller William W. Monahan Harold P. Muller Peter Newell Harold C. Norton Peter H. Odegard Gus Olson GRADUATE STUDENTS Richard King Aryay Lenske Paul L. McKaskle W. Carey McWilliams Samuel Peden William Petrocelli Archer Pugh George Pettitt Kenneth Pitzer Clarence Price Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Lester Reukema Leon Richardson George Schroth Glenn Seaborg William Shepard Scott Sherman Alex C. Sherriffs Herman Spindt Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Bob Steiner Jesse Steinhart Fred E. Stripp Jacobus ten Broek Ian G. Turner Robert Underhill Lester Uren William Uladman Harold Walt Michael K. White Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson Garff B. Wilson George Wolfman Frank Woodward Henry S. Yee Paul Christopulos Sanford Saunders Claude Schultz Larry Stewart Fowler Stillman David Yamada David Yamakawa Geoffrey Van Loucks UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Gary J. Aguirre Thomas R. H. Alton Donald R. Alves William F. Ausfahl Todd A. Barthold Thomas H. Bates Eurael E. Bell, Jr. Robert Berry Morris D. Bobrow James P. Chandler Stanley H. Chin Wheeler Coberly David M. George Noel A. Helmbrecht Raymond Hertel, Jr. John M. Hobbie William K. Hobin Craig G. Jakobson Bruce Kane Bernard M. Key Lazlo G. Laky Robert L. LaLiberte George H. Link Paul M. Little Norman E. Lobdell Charles M. Lucas Robert S. Lund Martin B. McNair Parker A. Maddux Kenneth Meade David C. Melander Stephen A. Monti Douglas M. Moore, Jr. Alan McMurry Richard E. Muldary John F. Olson Maynard E. Orme Brian R. Payne John J. Quinn James Riding MacDonald Robinson Cebron L. Russ Stephen W. Rutherford Earl H. Shultz Jerome F. Siebert Daniel B. Silver Sanford M. Skaggs Jeffery D. Snow James R. Trembath Burnis E. Tuck Gordon H. Van Kessel Bradford M. Wait Cameron W. Wolfe, Jr. Jack Yerman Gordon R. Zuckerman 224 Quarterdeck Society The Quarterdeck Society is a voluntary club within the Naval, ROTC. It not only offers a social program, but also enables students and officers to get acquainted in an atmosphere less formal than that which exists in the classroom. Quarterdeck sponsors a wide range of which include our monthly meetings, informal dances, dinners and a date cruise. The highlight of our social calendar is the Annual Ring Dance which is sponsored by the juniors to honor the graduating seniors. 225 University YWCA The University YWCA is one of the 641 student YWCA ' s in the United States and is a member of the World Student Christian Federation through the National Student Christian Its program and facilities are open to all persons within the University community in response to the needs of that community. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Meunier, Donna Brown, Judy Emsley, Bev Jackson, Linda Irvine, Susan Beverly Johns, Sue Neubauer. SECOND ROW: Saju Matsuda, Susan Smith, Ida Rousseau, Caroline Luton, Korts, Ivery Kennedy, Anne Kern, Karen Johnson, Helen Hinchliff, Brunette Wolfman, Janet Polf, Helen Howe, Badger, Judy Gompertz. NOT PICTURED: Susan Jennings, Almuth Farenbach, Georgenne Brann. PI ALPHA SIGMA, Professional Advertising Sorority, is an honorary organization whose purpose is to stimulate further interest in advertising and promotional work and to recognize women outstanding in campus advertising activities as well as to recognize women studying towards careers in advertising or allied fields. Pi Alpha Sigma FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Ruddy, Treasurer; Helen Hamilton, Janice Free, Nancy Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Shaw, Linda Coupe, President; Edith Wright, Secretary; Ellen Dietschy, Andrea Cohen, Marilyn lmbach, NOT PICTURED: Kiki McCarthy. 226 athletics PETE NEWELL Director of Athletics PAUL CHRISTOPULOS Assistant Director of Athletics HARRY DAVIS Athletic Business Manager Athletic Administration Famed for his basketball coaching ability is California ' s new direct or of athletics. He is now in a position where he can put to good use his wide knowledge of all sports and his organizational abilities, and be of help to all sports rather than just one. Newell was given an honor this year befitting the fine work and the of 14 years of head basketball coaching when he was named head coach of the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team. In six years as a head coach at Cal, Newell won 119 games and lost 44, winning 44 of his last 46 games. His new duties entail scheduling and coordinating the activities of over 350 athletic events during the Fall, and Spring seasons at the University of California. Assisting Newell in his widespread job is Paul Christopulos assumed his new duties July 1, 1960, after a two-year stint as head of the ASUC Department of Public Relations. Newell also has the services of Harry Davis who is now in charge of all game management, purchasing and travel arrangements as business manager. Davis is assisted by Joan Hauser who has complete charge of ticket sales. 230 SPORTS INFORMATION OFFICE STAFF — SEATED: Pat Gordon. STANDING, left to right: Wiles Hallock, Bob Steiner, Bob Law. TOP: BRICK MULLER and JIM HARKNESS, Team Physicians. BOTTOM: ART STEVENSON and ERNIE MADISON, Managers. SCOTT SHERMAN Athletic Coordinator JOAN HAUSER Ticket Manager TRAINERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Williamson, Ed Byrne, Jim Van Deusen, Leo Marty. 231 FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS RayHertel President Ed Donahue Ed O ' Dea Vice-President Jeff Snow EdDonahue Secretary Stan Parkinson KNEELING, left to right: Ed Donahue, Ray Hertel. FIRST ROW: Richard Konecky, Norm McLean, Jim Burress, Rich Sanford, Newell Booth, Richard Rice, Les Laky, Bill Harlan, Barry Steve Monti, Paul Welles. SECOND ROW: Jeff Snow, John Bebelaar, Kevin Scarpelli, Don Louie, Robert Wendell, Bob Berry, David Totten, Tim Scofield, Thomas Aoki, Jim Fairchild, Nordstrom. THIRD ROW: Jim Green, Tom Bates, Stan Parkinson, Stan Morrison, Martin McNair, Gordon Van Kassel, Fred Weaver, Don Kennady, Lewis Teel, Richard Machado, Manuel Penaflor. FOURTH ROW: Don MacAdam, Jerry Scattini, Bill Patton, Cameron Wolfe, Jack Martin, Dan Ipson, Dave Maggard, Karl Uebel, Dick Schmidt, Ken Docter, Bill Ososke, Lauren Bock, Jerry ABSENT: Ed O ' Dea. Big C Society UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Albert Becker Paul Christopulos James Corley Harry Davis Thomas Dutton Richard Erickson Harold Fry BASEBALL Barry Arnett John Balaam Adney Bowker Ted Falk Charles Hewitt Bob Ingebretson Richard Konecky Dennis Lewis Don Louie Thomas Mc Garrey Bob Milano Bob Millinich Mike Noakes William Oakley Ray Rhode Kevin Scarpelli Ted Settle Tames Weinberger Ray Wickman BASKETBALL Ned Averbuck Jim Butenschoen Dick Doughty Pete Green Joseph Hagler Darryl Henley Gerald Mann Bill McClintock Stanley Morrison Edward Pearson Earl Shultz David Stafford Robert Wendell Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Paul Hastings Rene Herrerias Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney BOXING Jack Kawamoto Donald Kennady Edward O ' Dea Donald Ricci Frederick Weaver John Wylie CREW Chris Barnes Bob Berry Ray Hertel John Matkin Martin McNair Tim Scofield Stanford Skaggs David Tavernetti David Totten Ralph Udick Gary Yancey FOOTBALL Walt Arnold Larry Balliett Gael Bersotti Steve Bates Tom Bates John Bebelaar Lauren Bock Jim Burress Dick Carlsen Bob Currie John Erby Jim Ferguson Clark Kerr Mike Koll Adrian Kragen James Landon James Lemmon Levy Stanley McCaffrey Randy Gold Doug Graham Jim Green Dan Ipson Alex Jamile Gerald Lundgren Bob MacAdam Dave Maggard Norm McLean Ken Meade John Papini Larry Parque Stan Parkinson Bill Patton Manuel Penaflor Don Piestrup George Pierovich Andy Segale Jeff Snow Jerry Scattini Roger Stull Greg Thomas lack Trumbo Cameron Wolfe Bob Wills Jack Yerman GYMNASTICS James Fairchild Thomas Fashinell Franklin Fitz Kenneth Ponder Richard Schmidt Arthur Shurlock James Miller Ralph Miller Harold Muller William Monahan Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Alva Ragan SWIMMING Burton Armstrong Newell Booth Bill Cull Byron Dieterle Kenneth Docter Franklin Fitz Howard Harlan Stephen Lipman Richard Olson George Ososke Michael Pratt Lewis Teel Terry Tognazzini Robert Wells TENNIS Michael Farrell James Holstrom William Hoogs Arthur Kono Gulden Lloyd William Lukens Norman Slomann Paul Welles Glenn Seaborg Herman Spindt Robert Sproul Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson George Wolf man Henry Yee TRACK Eureal Bell Tom Cotton Edward Donahue David Epstein Alan Gaylord Bob Karlsrud Charles Lucas Dave Maggard Gerald Nordstrom Maynard Orme Charles Richards Cebron Russ Richard Sanford Neville Shaw Jerry Siebert Karl Uebel Willie White Jack Yerman WRESTLING Thomas Aoki Barry Davidson Robert Harbaugh James Likins Rich Machado Kenneth Nemzer Richard Rice 232 Outstanding Competitors in Sports 1960-61 JERRY LUNDGREN Football Lundgren started at end in the Rose Bowl as a sophomore and was an alternate starter in his junior year, playing 144 minutes. He was switched to guard this year in an attempt to bolster the interior line. L undgren has an A-minus average in Electrical Engineering. EARL SHULTZ Basketball A three-year letterman, this senior hails from South Gate and is a premed major, Shultz was a member of Cal ' s 1959 NCAA champions and the 1960 runners-up. This year he nabbed the AAWU honors in percentage of free throws made, shooting 71 out of 86 for a fantastic 82.6 percent. JEROME " JERRY " SIEBERT—Track Siebert, a major in Nuclear Engineering, has been a State of California scholar, a Crown-Zellerbach scholar, and a member of the Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Board. He was a member of the U.S. Olympics Team and a member of the twomile relay team which set a world ' s record in London, 1960 (7:19.4). GEORGE " BILL " OSOSKE Swimming Swimming and political science most of Bill Ososke ' s time. Ososke is captain of the swimming team and a member of its free-style relay Quartet. Bill is active in Big " C " Society and plans to enter law school in the fall. During the summer he enjoys teaching young kids how to swim. Among his hobbies he includes hiking, reading, and surfing. BOB MILLINICH Baseball Bob Millinich, a Business Administration major, is better known as captain of the 1961 varsity baseball team. Last year Bob led the Cal nine in runs-batted-in and is currently holding the lead this year. In the future, Bob hopes to play pro ball. Among his other activities he places water skiing high on the list. 233 Football LYNN HENRIETTA 236 FALL SPORTS MARV LEVY Head Coach Football Coaches and Managers Starting his first year as head football coach at the University of California, Levy introduced the Wing " T " offense to the Bears. He brought with him not only two years of head coaching experience, but also a mature football attitude and a fine two-year record of 14 wins and six losses and two second-place finishes in the Skyline Conference. The season, by wins, doesn ' t look outstanding but the prospects of a bright future look promising. Levy worked with a team which was unfamiliar with the Wing " T. " Next year ' s returning lettermen, with a year ' s experience behind them, will prove a great asset to the team. Levy is a graduate of Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he majored in history and won Phi Beta Kappa honors. He earned eight athletic letters : three in football, three in track and two in basketball. Levy was not alone, as a new coach, in hosting a losing season. The majority of the new coaches across the country had more losses than wins. Levy had the support of a team which was more than willing, an excellent staff of assistant coaches, and a spirited student body. Everyone is looking forward to football, with head coach Levy, in the to come. Levy ' s right arm was his fine coaching staff : Frosh Coach, Lou Cullen ; Rambler Coach, Jack Hart ; John Neumann, Rocco Carzo, Mike White and Bill Walsh. 238 ASSISTANT COACHES—FIRST ROW, left to right: Rocco Carzo, John Neumann. SECOND ROW: Jack Hart, Mike White, Lou Cullen, Bill Walsh. TEAM MANAGERS—CENTER, Cameron Wolfe, Senior Manager. SECOND ROW, left to right: Bob Rohwer, Pat Ryan, Sean Althaus, Mike Donovan. The managers, headed by Cameron Wolfe, are the unsung heroes of the game. They put in many hours of work during football season and get little credit for it. They see to it that all equipment is in the right place at the right time. On the average they put in about three hours a day plus all day Saturday when there is a game. They arrange for trips to away games, and when out of town they arrange to take the team to dinner and a show. 239 1960 Varsity Football Team Co-Captain BILL PATTON FIRST ROW, left to right: Jess Pittore, Lauren Bock, Fred Peterson, Fred Tuem mler, Bill Patton, Roger Stull, Ted Dinkler, Graham, John Papini, Stan Parkinson. SECOND ROW: Jim Burress, Paul Hofmann, Steve Bates, Alex Jamile, Dan Ipson, Bob John Erby, John Bebelaar, Al Kramer, Don MacAdam, Norm McLean, Jim Ferguson, Gael Barsotti. THIRD ROW: Rudy Bill Turner, Randy Gold, Roland Lasher, Pete Olson, Carl Bergeron, Mel Piestrup, Wally Hicks, Dave Wylie, Rich Merrill, Cox, Ron Vaughn, Dick Carlsen. FOURTH ROW: Nelson Gurull Tom Bates, Dave George, Walt Arnold, Alan Nelson, George Jerry Scattini, Manuel Penaflor, Larry Lowell, Dave Favro, Jerry Lundgren, Jack Trumbo, Larry Balliett. FIFTH ROW: John Neumann, Rocco Carzo, Mary Levy, Jack Hart, Co-Captain STEVE BATES 240 Season Summary On Sept. 17, 1960, the " thin blue line " of California met the " green wave " of Tulane in the opening game of the season. Mistakes marred the Golden Bears ' 7-3 opening loss to Tulane. On the following Saturday a battling California team performed superbly throughout the first half against Notre Dame, but in the second half, superior depth gave the Fighting Irish a 21-7 victory. Improving, California proved a stern test for Army. At half time Cal led the Black Knights of the Hudson 10-0, but the Cadets stormed back to win 28-10. Despite Cal ' s failure to win its 21-21 thriller against Washington State, the Bears were bolstered by a fast developing ground offensive. Cal gained 263 rushing yards against WSU as compared to 170 net yards against its three previous starts. The Bears ' next opponent, USC, proved, to Cal ' s disappointment, that lack of weight can be a disadvantage. On Oct. 22, the Oregon Ducks, sporting a superior running attack, defeated the Bears 20-0. Despite the joy which reigned supreme following the initial win of 1960—a convincing 14-6 triumph over Oregon State—there were no illusions about repeating such an against the Bruins of UCLA. Even while California was absorbing an defeat, 27-7, at the hands of the Washington Huskies, the Bears were looking forward to the Big Game against Stanford. The Big Game proved disappointing to Stanford as the Bears left the field with a 21-10 victory and possession of the axe for another year. WALT ARNOLD Fullback CAL 3 — TULANE 7 The opening game of the season proved a disappointment as the Golden Bears bowed to the " Green Wave " of Tulane 7-3. The bright points of the game included a 23-yard field goal by Jim Ferguson. Standing out strongly in California ' s inaugural effort was a 48-yard punting average. Sophomore right guard Roger Stull booted three times for a 46.3 performance, and left half Jerry Scattini belted out a 54-yard quick kick. Randy Gold ' s qua rterbacking debut as a passer was noteworthy for a 9 for 17 completion average and an total. Right: Bob Wills carries to the Tulane 45-yard line. LARRY BALLIETT Quarterback GAEL BARSOTTI End STEVE BATES Halfback CAL 7 — NOTRE DAME 21 For awhile against the Irish—till the third quarter to be exact—the fast-progressing Bears seemed capable of delivering a stunning upset. The 7-7 intermission score was a deadlock definitely leaning toward the Bears. Offensively Randy Gold enhanced the California attack with a vastly improved over-all performance. After a 24-carat passing show which netted the Bears 154 yards and a 13 for 18 average, even the most ardent Notre Dame rooter conceded his performance brilliant. Teaming with Gold was a sterling pass-grabbing effort by John Papini. The Milbrae wingman caught five of Randy ' s tosses for 73 yards. Above: Steve Bates brings down Ray Rathowski of the fighting Irish. 242 TOM BATES End JOHN BEBELAAR Tackle CAL 10 - ARMY 28 Jim Ferguson kicks the extra point to put the Bears out in front of the Cadets with a 10-0 lead at half time. With nine minutes and 16 seconds remaining in the game, the Bears, hanging on to a 10-6 lead, became the victims of a sudden Army salvo which rang up 22 points, enabling the Cadets to win handily 28-10. But the final, score was not indicative of the fine game which was witnessed by a crowd of some 51,000 fans in Memorial Stadium. LEFT TO RIGHT: JIM BURRESS Halfback DICK CARLSEN Center TED DINKLER Tackle LAUREN BOCK Guard Alex Jamile gets some excellent blocking from Don MacAdam and Walt Arnold as the Bears, in a series of well-executed plays, move the ball from their own 31 to Army ' s 17, where the valuable toe of Jim Ferguson was put to use in kicking a 24-yard field goal to crack the ice in scoring. CAL 21 WASH. STATE 21 In the disappointment of just missing his first win at the Cal helm, and the Bears ' initial victory of 1960, Coach Mary Levy was able to draw some cheer from a statistical edge which didn ' t reveal itself on the scoreboard. Top — George Pierovich dives for the first down against Washington State. Center—Dan Ipson gains five yards for Cal against the Washington State Cougars. TOP LEFT CORNER: JIM FERGUSON Quarterback DAVE GEORGE End DOUG GRAHAM Guard CAL 10 - USC 27 It was NOT a Cal loss to USC. The may have registered that score, but the Bears weren ' t 17-point losers. As is traditional with Cal-USC games the contact seemed to be extra vigorous, and the Bears moved against the Trojans until the final quarter when they were physically exhausted. DAN IPSON Halfback RANDY GOLD Quarterback Randy Gold passes to Dave George for a first down against the University of Southern California. Cal led briefly but succumbed to an overpowering USC team. The Trojan line averaged 224, Cars 194. 244 CAL 0 - OREGON 20 Randy Gold hands off to Walt Arnold who goes through the center of the Oregon line to gain four yards for the Golden Bears. Playing one of their games of the season, the Bears suffered one of their worst defeats. The game seemed to be one process of 10-yard gains by Oregon. However, the running of fullback George Pierovich shouldn ' t be overlooked as he smashed the Oregon line 13 times for 52 yards. ROLAND LASHER Center JERRY LUNDGREN Guard CAL 14 OREGON STATE 6 Steve Bates gets some fine blocking from Jerry and Walt Arnold, as Cal rolls to a 14-6 upset victory over Oregon State. California ' s " thin blue line " anchored by the Bears ' standout center, Dick Carlsen, deserved major credit for the win. They limited Oregon State ' s attack when it counted. The Beavers gained o nly 190 yards on the ground. DON MacADAM Guard NORM McLEAN Tackle Steve Bates led all Cal gridders in the rushing with a total of 316 yards, an average of 4.58 yards per carry. Arnold, Lundgren and Bock (left) throw key blocks in Steve Bates ' left-end touchdown sprint against Oregon State. 245 CAL 0 -UCLA 28 Plagued by penalties, the wind, and an interception of Gold ' s deflected pass, the Bears played UCLA on even terms throughout the first half, but left the field with a 14-0 deficit. The second half was a disaster as UCLA ran 52 plays from scrimmage to Cal ' s 26. Jim Burress took the Bruin kickoff three yards deep in the end zone and raced 47 yards up the middle aided by a brilliant California team effort. On the next play, however, Burress fumbled and the Bears were never again in the contest. JOHN PAPINI END STAN PARKINSON Center Steve Bates tries to climb over a UCLA tackler for extra yardage. Time and time again Cal was mobbed by UCLA before they could get the plays really moving forward. BILL PATTON Halfback MEL PIEST RUP Tackle Left—Jerry Scattini gets off one of his famous quick kicks on third down which more than once saved the Bears in a tight situation. Below—Dave George grabs one of Randy Gold ' s passes which is good for seven yards. JERRY SCATTINI Halfback GEORGE PIEROVICH Fullback 246 JEFF SNOW Tackle CAL 7 — WASH. 27 The battling Bears from California found the Rose Bowl-bound Washington Huskies at their very best, and bowed, 27-7, before a crowd of 56,000 in Seattle. Washington piled up a 20-0 half-time lead and coasted through the second half. LEFT: Bill Patton blocks as Randy Gold flips a pass to Steve Bates. ROGER STULL, Guard JACK TRUMBO Quarterback The Bears ' lone scoring drive against came late in the fourth quarter. The drive began on the Washington 48-yard line. Balliett threw a pass meant for Pierovich and a pass interference penalty was called against the Huskies. This gave Cal a first on Washington ' s 25-yard line. The score came seven plays later. RIGHT: Gold hands off to Patton for a five-yard gain. The Bears battled the Huskies fairly even in the statistics race. Although the first downs were 22 to 14 for the victors, Washington gained only 30 more yards on the ground, 261 to 231. Passes brought the Northerners 115 yards as compared to Cal ' s 41. BELOW: The Huskies are caught behind their own line by John Bebelaar. RON VAUGHN End BOB WILLS Halfback 247 BIG GAME BIG GAME CAL 21 STANFORD 10 Scattini (left) carries the ball as the determined Cal eleven shifted into high gear and flattened the Indians 21-10, in the 63rd renewal of competition. It took seventeen rushing plays to bring the ball 97 yards to TD territory, ending with Scattini ' s one-yard crash over right tackle. Ferguson split the uprights to make it 14-0 as the Bears left the field at half time. On the first Cal drive of the game, Pierovich (left) charging like a powerhouse, gains six yards for Cal. Fifteen straight running plays later, brought the ball to the Indian four-yard line. With third down, Gold rolled to the right and flipped the ball to Steve Bates for the touchdown. This was the only pass thrown by the Bears in the entire game. California co-captain Steve Bates (left) scored a TD and starred on offense, but he received most praise for his fine defensive work. Bates was instrumental in stopping Skip Face when Stanford threatened in the second period, and his over the-head pass interception in the final period crushed all Stanford scoring hopes. Not only was Bates Cal ' s leading rusher, but he also led in punt returns with four for 30 yards. 249 LOU CULLEN Coach The Cubs score against the UCLA frosh but lose the game by a lopsided score of 20-41. Frosh California ' s freshmen footballers—ever improving but injury depleted—won their first and only game of the 1960 season against the San Jose State frosh. Cal ' s yearling gridiron squad was blessed with line potential but was plagued with lack of sure backfield hands. The Cubs beat the San Jose State freshmen while losing to USC, COP, UCLA and Stanford fre shmen. Even in defeat—the Cubs lost a heartbreaker against Stanford 14-18—there were glimmers of varsity potentiality in tackles Mike Chase and Harold Snow, in guard Dick Wise and in Tom Elkin. FRANK FRATES carries the ball for a five-yard gain against the Ramblers. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Gillespie, Jim Anderson, Bob Mullen, Frank Frates, Doug Hall, Wally Hartwell, Paul Hoeber, Tom Powell, Bob Collins, Cliff Vattuone, Wayne Skinner. SECOND ROW: John Erbes, Cliff Hamilton, Sterling Gowman, Bill Bomley, Tom Elkin, Les Medall, Jasper Monti, Pete Smouse, Sam Dolman, Mel Anderson, Harold Snow. THIRD ROW: Dick Walker, Mike Chase, Hans Lindholm, Bill Jirsa, Bill Newsom, Jon Eppe, Derl Brown, Harold Hawley, John McDonald, Roger Dlsen, Coach Lou Cullen, Coach Jim Green, Coach Bob Gilmore. JACK HART Coach RON VAUGHN sweeps around left end for a five-yard gain against McClellan AFB. BILL GRAY attempts to score for Cal as the Ramblers defeat the El Toro Marines 27-20. Ramblers This Fall the Bears fielded a JV football squad. The Ramblers, as the team is called, were coached by Jack Hart, and consisted of all men below the first three teams of the varsity. The Ramblers experienced their share of difficulties. Due to injuries to such varsity as Arnold, Patton, and Wills, Coach Hart ' s Ramblers lost many of their top men to the varsity. Originally the team had scheduled nine games, but because of the lack of personnel, only four were played. Cal lost to and McClellan and defeated El Toro and the Cal Frosh. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Gianulius, Jon Mason, Neal Gereb, Fred Tuemmler, Kenji Sasaki, Nelson Gurll, Steve Cox, Mike Archer, Steve Bley, Dave Nickel. SECOND ROW: Carl Bergeron, Jerry Guerino, Wally Hicks, Paul Hoffmann, Fred Peterson, Dave Wylie, Rich Merrill, Al Nelson, Al Kramer, Dave Mugu, Larry Lowell, Coach Jack Hart. RICHARD PRYDZ (7) and OLEG REOUTT (10) head the ball towards Santa Clara ' s goal. BOB DiGRAZIA Coach Soccer JAHAN FON LADI kicks for a goal against Santa Clara. Cal won the game by the lopsided score of 12-0. Cal outguesses a Stanford play and breaks it up. With a fine 8-2 record at the end of the season, Cal tied City of San Francisco for the Northern California Conference title and the right to represent the west at the NCAA western in St. Louis. The St. Louis team—a decided proved too much for the Bears as they went down to defeat. During the regular season Cal lost only to USF 1-2 and the University of British Columbia 3-4, while they beat the Alumni 9-1 and the Hermania Club 5-2. Cal went on to defeat Santa Clara 12-0, and the Cal Aggies 4-2. The Soccerbears dealt the defending conference champion CCSF its first loss in two years 1-0. They also downed San Francisco State College 5-0, and Stanford became their final of the season 3-0. 252 Cal beats Stanford to tie CCSF for the Northern California Intercollegiate title. The Soccerbears take the ball away from Stanford as rout them 3-0 in their final league game. Cal ' s championship Soccerbears in action. Coach DiGrazia briefs the team prior to the Stanford game. THE SOCCER TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Becker, Jerry Dickinson, Jose Escobar, Dick Coveny, John Evans, Treiman, Bill Barreda, Arne Braathen, Paul Vogelhut. SECOND ROW: Dan West, Alex Share, Jahan Fonladi, Richard Werner Hollstein, Cesar Ascarrunz, Bill Moring, Norbert Pittner, Tim Gaydos, Don Gray, Waldemar Angustin, Noel THIRD ROW: Dennis Trason, Assistant Coach; George Roussakis, Jose De Graca, Roland Prydz, Peter Hendricks, Peter De Aldo Araya, Oleg Reoutt, Alex Kersevan, Finley Gibbs, Dave Behnke, Paul Offner, James Thompson, Buchanan Sharp, DiGrazia, Coach. Water Polo BILL PHILLIPS Coach This was the winningest team in the California water polo history, which dates back to 1929. The Bears are justifiably proud of the 15-0 record against collegiate opposition, including 6-0 for the first undisputed water polo championship of the Athletic Association of Western Universities. Though the Olympic Club, with which they shared the NCWPL " A " division title, knocked them off twice after they ' d won 16 straight, the Bears won 18 and lost two. The 1960 Bears scored 235 points to the oppositions ' 120, averaging 12.4 to 6.3. California ' s closest collegiate contests were 6-3 conquests of southland powers Long Beach CC and Fullerton JC. The closest a four-year school was able to come to the Bears was five goals, by Southern California (7-2) and San Jose State (10-5). Senior John Bordy was high scorer for the year, closely followed by Dick Stewart, Bill Harlan and John Montgomery. Three of the first nine Co-Captain Steve Lipman and goalie Dave Bultena. Jim Marrett and Les Laky are other graduates from the squad of 18. Returnees will be Co-Captain Montgomery, Harlan, Stewart, Teel, and the defensively strong twins, Russell and Preston Porter. The Cal Water Polo team plays a strong game against Long Beach City College. THE WATER POLO TEAM — FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Bultena, Bruce Boyer, Rich Dawson, John Bordy, Newell Booth. SECOND ROW: Steve Lipman, Terry Preston Porter, John Montgomery, Jim Marrett, Les Laky. THIRD ROW: Mgr. Frank Thomas, Vic Willits, Dick Stewart, Bill Harlan, Wayne Simonson, Russell Porter, Gery Grey, Woody Teel, Coach Bill Phillips. Co-Captains Steve Lipman, John Montgomery and Coach Bill Phillips. The Bears stop a USC scoring attempt. Cal scores against USC and goes on to dump the Trojans 12-3. The Bears score a goal against San Francisco State and easily win the game. 255 Cross-Country California easily won its opening meet—the Sacramento State with the Bears ' number-one runner Alan Gaylord setting a new course record of 15 :09 for the rocky, windswept three miles. The Harriers went undefeated for five consecutive meets but stiff competition in the form of the Santa Clara Youth Village broke their string. This year the Bears, facing stiff competition, beat Stanford, USC, and UCLA twice each, but were upset by Stanford in their final meet. Cal ' s efforts were greatly aided by the running of Alan Gaylord who won several meets and topped off a sparkling four-year career. Four other Woody Covington, Karl Uebel, Gordon Whitehead, and Dick Govan, gave the Bears the nucleus for one of their strongest cross-country teams in years. California graduates Gaylord, O ' Neill and Uebel among the top eight on the squad which won five meets and placed second in its other three outings. BRUTUS HAMILTON Coach THE CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM — FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Bennett, Desmond O ' Neill, Fritz Tietze. SECOND ROW: Coach Hamilton, Capt. Alan Gaylord, Karl Uebel, Woody Covington, Jesse Ochoa, George Linn. Hal Lieberman and Coach Hamilton discuss strategy for a future meet. Jesse Ochoa and Karl Uebel suit up after the meet with San Jose State. Competition is intense as Cal gets set for a meet with San Jose State on the Strawberry Canyon Track. SEASON SUMMARY (low score wins) Oct. 8—Sacramento State 1st place. Oct. 15—CAL 27, USC 44, UCLA 57. Oct. 22—CAL 21, SJS 35. Oct. 29—CAL 37, Stanford 43, USC 44. Nov. 5—CAL 33, Stanford 46, 51, UCSB 120. Nov. 11—San Jose State Invitational: SCYV 26, CAL 59, SJS 78, Stanford 81, USF 118. Nov. 15—Stanford 24, CAL 31. Nov. 26—West Coast Intercollegiate Invitational: Stanford 23, CAL 44, SF State 77, Idaho 79, Occidental 88, Fresno State 94, Sacramento State 128. The Cross-Country team takes a break on the Panoramic Way course, the roughest on the West Coast. The Harriers warm up prior to a meet. WINTER SPORTS RENE HERRERIAS Head Coach Basketball For the second time in his coaching career Rene Herrerias has been called upon to step into the shoes of a brilliant predecessor. In 1950 he replaced Phil Woolpert as the head coach at St. Ignatius High School and now he must follow the new California Director of Athletics, Pete Newell, as the California head coach. Herrerias has had a history of association with winning basketball, both as a player and as a coach, and this has not been merely coincidental. As a 134-pound guard under Newell at the University of San Francisco, Herrerias the Dons to 57 wins and only 22 losses in his three varsity years, which included that famous NIT win in 1949. Herrerias came to California as Newell ' s freshman coach and chief assistant in time for the 1956-57 season—the first of Newell ' s four straight conference championships. The Bears have won at least a conference championship every year Herrerias has been at Cal. Herrerias ' Bears will play the same ambitious, industrious defense game that the Newell Bears did. 260 BASKETBALL MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Chips Wilde, Pete Geen, Senior Manager; Pete Dolan, Dick Hoppin, George Ishiguro, Dave Averbuck. SECOND ROW: Leonard Kutnik, Bob Asmussen, Bob Town. BOB BLAKE Freshman Coach AL MATHEWS Assistant Coach BILL McCLINTOCK Captain A floor leader since he was a sophomore, 24-year-old Bill McClintock should be one of the best forwards in the nation this year. Last year McClintock was a unanimous selection to the All-AAWU team, an All-West Coast choice, and in addition won honorable mention fame. His teammates voted him the " most inspirational " player on the team. JERRY MANN and DICK DOUGHTY Assistant Coaches 261 CAL 43 — SAN JOSE STATE 39 The varsity basketball team chalked up a third victory as they edged San Jose State, 4 3-39. With only eight minutes to go in the game, Captain Bill McClintock, in a superb offensive and defensive effort, pulled Cal to a four-point lead, 37-33, which it never relinquished. EARL SHULTZ scores against the Alumni with a hook shot. CAL 5 6 — ALUMNI 46 After a ragged first half, McClintock set California ' s Golden Bears afire with a scoring barrage in the second period, to lead the varsity to a 56-46 win over the Alumni. McClintock was all over the court in the second half, as he hit for six field goals in nine attempts. BOBBY WENDELL lays one in for the Bears. NED AVERBUCK Forward TAN MORRISON tips one in for two points. CAL 60 — UCSB 54 California ' s basketball team disposed of its first collegiate opponent under Coach Rene Herrerias (ole!) as it urned back the Gauchos from Santa Barbara 60-54. Each team took a urprisingly low number of shots but scored a high percentage. Cal hot an even 50 percent. ED DONAHUE Center 262 BILL McCLINTOCK Forward CAL 51 — ST. MARY ' S 43 The game was called the battle of the big " M ' s " , Tom Meschery and Bill McClintock, but it was the contest of Dave Stafford. Bear Stafford scored 18 points, dropping in the initial five points in the opening seconds of the game. Brad Snyder of Northwestern grabs McClintock ' s arm, as Bill reaches for the ball. CAL 62 NORTHWESTERN 40 California strangled with its pressing defense and an impressive victory. Herrerias ' Californians cut off the with 17 field goals in 50 attempts while shooting 40 percent 27 out of 68. Three Bear starters, center Stan Morrison, Bill McClintock and Earl Shultz hit in double figures, 10 of the 11 men used by Cal broke into the scoring column. The Bears made eight out of eight free throws. BILL McCLINTOCK goes up for a shot, outmaneuvering Steve Gray of the Gaels. ED AVERBUCK and ED DONAHUE take a rebcund for Cal. CAL 53 — USF 39 California ' s cagers turned back the Dons 53-39 before 6,000 fans at Gym. The win lengthened Cal ' s string of victories on the home court to 26. Cal got off to a flying start sinking seven of its first eight shots from the floor to build up a 15-7 advantage in the first eight minutes. McClintock sank three of them on jumpers 15 feet away from the basket. STAN MORRISON Center CAL 50 — USC 57 CAL 57 — USC 65 In the second Trojan tilt, the Golden Bears of California were 18 second-half points behind staging a gym-rocking comeback which brought them to within a single digit of Southern Cal. The deficit was too much to make up, and the Bears bowed 57-65. ED PEARSON Guard EARL SHULTZ fights for a rebound during the St. Louis game. Kentucky Invitational CAL 53—ST. LOUIS 54 St. Louis dropped Cal from the ranks of the undefeated basketball teams by edging the Golden Bears 54-53 in overtime. California trailed 28-20 at half time but closed the gap in the final minutes to tie the score 49-49. McClintock ' s shot at the buzzer rimmed in and out. This was Cal ' s first defeat of the season. STAN MORRISON tips in two for the Golden Bears. ALEX SELVIN Forward BILL McCLINTOCK comes down with a rebound for Cal. Kentucky Invitational CAL 72 —ILLINOIS 54 Bill McClintock, whose last-second near-miss almost bolted Cal into the Kentucky Invitational finals, took his disappointment out on Illinois as he led the Bears to a 72-54 consolation round triumph. Cal rocketed out in front at 19-6 before a very cold Mini could score from the floor. The Bears led at intermission 29-18 and widened the margin to 18 points. McClintock was high-point man with 16 points. EARL SHULTZ Guard 264 Los Angeles Invitational SMITH Forward CAL 69 — USC 57 Stan Morrison and Bill McClintock led California to an upset over the Big Five champions who played without Jon Rudometkin, their center. It was the fifth straight conference win for Cal. CAL 80— IOWA 83 CAL 63 — MINNESOTA 49 CAL 40 — STANFORD 36 Defending champion California was dropped into the losers ' bracket of the Los Angeles Basketball Classic by the Iowa Hawkeyes 83-80. But it took four overtime periods before the Hawkeyes could defeat the determined Bears. Down as many as 15 points, the Bears came back to tie up the regulation game on a jump shot by Dave Stafford. Cal rallied in both of the first extra periods to tie the score, but after a scoreless third overtime, the Hawkeyes connected with seven straight points to break open the hard-fought contest. Storming back after their heartbreaking defeat by Iowa, the Golden Bears defeated Minnesota 63-49. Completely controlling the game after the first 12 minutes, Cal left the floor with a 36-23 lead at intermission. The Bears coasted in the second half as Coach Rene Herrerias cleared the bench in the final 10 minutes. McClintock led the scoring with 21 points. The Stanford Indians bowed to the Bears 40-36 in the consolation final for fifth place in the L.A. Basketball Classic. Trailing 31-24 with eight minutes remaining, Cal charged back to a 35-35 tie on two free throws by Bill McClintock. The Bears took the lead with two minutes left on a McClintock lay-in. Dave Stafford, connecting at the free-throw line, and Earl Shultz, sinking a pair, put the game away. Captain BILL McCLINTOCK, top rebounder on the team, brings down another one. CAL 52 — STANFORD 53 CAL 52 — STANFORD 50 In the second tilt at Stanford, Cal rooters had to sit and nervously watch the Indians partially overcome a big Cal lead. The Bears led at half 32-23. Stanford ' s Windsor was able to score only three points in the first half. However, in the second half he pulled the Indians within five points, But with just five seconds to go Morrison scored two free throws to ice the game. DICK SMITH Guard BOBBY WENDELL is all alone as he scores on a hook shot for Cal. CAL 46 — UCLA 54 CAL 66 — UCLA 65 Cal ' s basketball team served up what was probably their finest all-around performance of the season when they punctured the UCLA Bruins, 66-65. This game saw the Blue and Gold do more things in better ways than they had been able to do all season. JIM SNIDER Forward EARL SHULTZ makes a lay-up. CAL 64— STANFORD 61 In unbelieveable fashion California ' s comeback cages completely erased a 21-point Stanford half-time lead with a second-half blitz that didn ' t end until the Bears Stanford 64-61. The vicious second-half press started things rolling for the determined Bears. Paced by Stan Morrison, the Bears really went into high gear to close the score to 56-52 with just five and a half minutes to go. Hawaii Tournament CAL 60 — MUTUAL 52 CAL 52 — SERV PAC 39 CAL 66 — SUB PAC 52 CAL 64 — MARINES 71 California ' s basketball team scored a 60-52 victory over the Mutual Panthers, an AAU team. In the second game of the Hawaii series, Cal ' s Golden Bears routed the Navy ' s Service Force Pacific 52-39. Morrison was high-point man of the evening, scoring 23 points. He was followed by McClintock with 10. A persistent California quintet won won its third game in a row, defeating Sub Pac, an armed forces team, 66-52. Both Earl Shultz and Bill were in double figures, 14 and 19 points, respectively. In the final game of the series, Bill Shuman, former basketball captain at Alabama, led the Hawaii Marines to a 71-64 upset over California. Shuman scored 18 points and Bob Young, formerly of North Carolina, tallied 17. Dick Smith led the Golden Bears with 19 points. It was the first loss in four games for California, The Marines won the service championships for the fifth straight year. EARL SHULTZ tries for a rebound as Cal defeats UCLA 66-65. BOBBY WENDELL Guard DAVE STAFFORD Forward 266 JOHN WIBLE Guard CAL 55 — UCLA 59 UCLA captured second place in the AAWU by defeating California Cal ' s Bill McClintock led all scorers with 22 as he ended his career. It was McClintock who kept the Bears in the game by hauling down 20 rebounds. STAN MORRISON hcoks for two, helping to defeat Washington 52-51 in overtime. CAL 52 — WASHINGTON 51 The Golden Bears ended the home court season by defeating the Washington Huskies 52-51 in overtime. Coming from behind at half time the cagers tied the regulation game and won it in an overtime filled with ball steals and free throws. This was the first win in overtime for the Bears and a fitting one to be played before the parents of the graduating seniors. BILL McCLINTOCK eludes his oppcsition in the UCLA game. McCLINTOCK sinks two more. Bill finished his Cal career with a total of 965 points. CAL 50— WASHINGTON 70 CAL 58 — WASHINGTON 59 California dropped two Big Five basketball games to the Washington Huskies, one by the close score of 59-58 in overtime and the other by the decisive score of 70-50. In the first game Washington could do no wrong, sinking 75% of its field goals in the first half while holding the Bears to 16 points with a zone defense. Washington led at half time, 31-16. DAVE WILLIAMS Guard 268 Blues Coached by former California center, Dick Doughty, the Cal Blues won eight of their ten games. They suffered only two defeats which were at the hands of the Olympic Club. The Blues beat the Cal Freshmen twice, the Cal Med. Center twice, the Stanford Braves three times and City College of San once. The men who saw action all year long on the Blues roster were : Steve Belser, Jim Black, Chris Carpenter, Burton Davies, Don Lauer, Bruce Jim Snider, Jim Smith, Whitehead, John Wible, Dave Williams, and Denis THE CALIFORNIA BLUES—FIRST ROW, left to right: John Wible, Burton Davies, Denis Vollom. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Doughty, Jim Smith, Ed Donahue, Jim Snider, Don Lauer. JIM SMITH and BURTON DAVIES scramble for the ball during a practice session. The Blues line up for free-throw practice. Frosh Showing the promise indicated in practice, the 1961 California Freshman basketball team won nine games and suffered nine losses for the season. Two of these losses were to the Blues. The Cubs lost five of their first six games before getting " untracked " and on the winning scheme. Since then they won four games in a row, beating Monterey JC, the Stanford Frosh, San Jose City College and Sacramento City College. Center Bob Wueste leads the Cubs in scoring. The southpaw from Carlsbad, California, averaged 15.8 points per game. Bill Wilson, California as a prep last year, is second in scoring with a 13.4 average, Denny Lewis is the third leading scorer with a 10.6 average. The 5.9-inch guard, who directs the action while scoring nicely, is one of the most mature players to hit the freshman scene in many years. FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Teuscher, Ross Carter, Duane Edmonds, Denny Lewis. SECOND ROW: Joe Pfister, Bruce Ballmer, John Weld, Dave Dowling, Doug Hall. THIRD ROW: Coach Bob Blake, Ed Rucker, Roger Olsen, Bob Wueste, Bill Wilson, Dick Tully. LEFT: Bob Wueste scores against Stanford with a hook shot. BOVE: Bill Wilson attempts to score as the Cubs beat the Stanford Freshmen 61.76. EFT: a tangled mass of humanity tries to tip in two points for Cal. 273 by Ed Nemir, who entered his 25th year of coaching at Cal, the boxing team had one of their best seasons. After their opening loss to Chico State, the California boxers won three straight, defeating Cal Poly, Santa Clara and Fresno State. Last Year ' s 156 pound title winner, Don Ricci, and veteran welterweight Gordon VanKessel gave this year ' s team added strength. Last year the California Collegiate Boxing Conference was organized, stimulating boxing interest on the West Coast. Conference members include : Cal Poly, Stanford, Chico State, Fresno State, Santa Clara and California. ED NEMIR Coach VARSITY BOXING TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Natali, Stewart Nyholm, Bill McAdam, Jack Kawamoto, Larry Costa, Shiori Sakamoto, Don Ricci. SECOND ROW: Coach Ed Nemir, John Wylie, Roger Kent, Fred Weaver, Tobey Cornsweet, Dave McCullough, Dennis Treadway, Gordon VanKessel. Cal boxers replace their gloves after a practice session. Bear pugilists work out on the bags in preparation for their match against the Navy at Mare Island. Coach Nemir gives some " fistic " tips at a sparring session. Wrestling Cal ' s wrestling team boasted a record of six wins, four losses and one tie. The losses were not by more than three points— very close in wrestling—less than the difference of one match won and lost. Highlighting the season were wins over San Jose State, the first in seven years over that formidable opponent, and the second straight win over Stanford. BILL TOMARAS Wrestling Coach VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Clay, Bill Lascurettes, Bob Harbaugh, Jim Likins, Captain Rich Machado, Ed Val encia, Ken Nemzer. SECOND ROW: Dave Dunlap, Barry Davidson, Grant Elliot, Bob Snyder, Dave Moore, Dick Rice, Chet Belknap, Coach Bill Tomaras. Captain RICH MACHADO, the Bear ' s outstanding wrestler, won nine matches, lost one and drew one. Captain Rich Machado and Barry Davidson demonstrate a cross-body ride. Davidson turned in an outstanding individual record of six wins, one loss and one draw. KEN NEMZER, junior letterman, is representative of the hustling, spirit of the team. Gymnastics For the first time, the Athletic Association of Western Universities sponsored a conference gymnastics Southern California upset California for the PCI title here last year, but California reversed the decision in Los Angeles, March 17. So the Bears, undefeated dualwise for three seasons are slight favorites to win the AAWU meet. What Hal Frey ' s talented troupe really is pointing towards is the NCAA championships at favored University of Illinois. Outstanding gymnasts were : all-around—Bill Borden, sidehorse—Jim rope climb—Paul Davis, trampoline—Tom still rings—Rich Schmidt, and free exercise—Mike Moore. HAL FREY Gymnastics Coach GYMNASTICS TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Fashinell, Dave Loskutoff, Robert Brady, Bill Borden, Ron Herman, Don Nelson. SECOND ROW: John Ostarello, Mike Moore, Jeff Grant, Keith Swartztrauber, Al Kramer, Dick Schmidt, Jim Fairchild, Coach Hal Frey. JIM FAIRCHILD, NCAA side-horse champion, provided the greatest boost for the California gymnastics season by competing in the all-around. PAUL DAVIS, AAU rope climb champion at 3 flat, gave the team needed strength. Last season ' s frosh ace, BILL JACKSON, competed in the all-around. Riflery Sparked by sterling returnees Captain Tom Kilfoil, Wayne Fenner and Ron Barnett, the University of California riflery team opened the 1960-61 campaign of 10 duals and four meets in mid-November. Kilfoil, who annexed the national collegiate service rifle championship last summer, and Fenner are all-Americans. Barnett and Kilfoil were members of Cal ' s national college champions of two and three seasons ago. MASTER SERGEANT DINEEN Rifle Team Coach RIFLE TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: M Sgt. M. L. Dineen, Coach; Paul Nielsen, Ron Barnett, Dave Kimes, Jerry Witta. SECOND ROW: Ron Teissere, Roger Rogers, Peter Morgan, John Legakis, Wayne Fenner, Dave Weiner. Paul Nielsen takes aim as Ron Teissere and Dave Kimes watch. Cal marksmen, Ron and Wayne Fenner, work out between meets. The riflery team prepares to go to a meet at Davis against the Cal Aggies. Men ' s Skiing Top Bear jumper BILL SMITH shows form which won the jumping event for Cal in the Vanderbilt Memorial. The Cal Ski Team entered five ski meets in a vastly far west intercollegiate circuit. A rigorous week of training at Sun Valley prepared the Bears for their first meet, the FWII, in which Cal placed third. In the Reno Winter Carnival, superior teams from the Rockies and Northwest overpowered the western teams and Cal placed seventh out of twelve. In both the Tressider Cup and the UC-sponsored Vanderbilt Memorial the Bears placed third. The Vanderbilt was highlighted by Cal ' s team win in jumping. In their last meet the Bears showed their true form beating Nevada and finishing a strong second to Sierra College. MEN ' S SKI TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Hacker, Mike Foley, Larry Galer, Bill Smith, Capt. Paul Duncan, Ward Noble, Coach Bruno Richter, For the second year Captain PAUL DUNCAN was the top skier, leading the Bears in giant slalom and cross-country. WARD NOBLE, a solid four-way competitor, gave the team needed strength in the cross-country. MIKE FOLEY displays his skill in the slalom. He was also the top Bear skier in the downhill. Women ' s Skiing The 1961 season produced one of the strongest women ' s ski teams in many years. Captained by Marylyn Smith, it had an almost perfect record of wins. The team started out in glory when it won the Bay Area Ski Federation meet. Lois Blood took a first and Ann a second. The team reached its full potential when it took the first three places—by Pat Nast, Marylyn Smith, and Ann Mayhew respectively—at the University of Nevada meet at Reno. As the season went on, team members remained successful at the Vanderbilt meet, hosted by the University of when Pat Nast won another first and was followed by Kitty Houghton who took second. Picked as three outstanding women skiers, Marylyn Smith, Pat Nast, and Lois Blood were invited to be members of the Northern California All-Star team which met a similar team from the southern sector of the state at Yosemite. Pat Nast, Ann Mayhew and Marylyn Smith pose for pictures befcre a meet. WOMEN ' S SKI TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Blood, Marylyn Smith, Pat Nast, Ann Mayhew, Kitty Houghton. SPRING SPORTS Track AL RAGAN Assistant Track Coach BRUTUS HAMILTON Varsity Track Coach Shorn of Olympians Jack and Jerry Siebert plus sprint whiz Willie White, the Golden Bears got off to a slow start losing two dual meets, but turning in several outstanding individual performances. This year ' s team was again coached by Brutus Hamilton, with Al Ragan acting as Frosh Coach. During the season Cal met San Jose State, USC, UCLA, Fresno State, Occidental, Oregon State and Stanford. Against the (SJS), the Bears were paced by Alan Gaylord, who San Jose ' s highly touted Charlie Clark in the two-mile ; Dave Maggard, whose winning shot-put mark was 561 2 inches, and versatile Cebron Russ, who scored points in the hurdles and won his specialty, the broad jump. At USC the Bears were able to manage only two a win in the mile by Woody Covington and Alan Gaylord ' s triumph in the two-mile. Other noteworthy performances were Dave Maggard ' s second place in the shot-put and Steve second place in the discus. TRACK MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Kauwling, Dwight Huffman, John Sibley, Senior Manager; Pete Cassinelli. SECOND ROW: Tomaker, Toni Roehr, Mat Lakey, Bob Forsberg, Ken Gray, Larry Lipsher. DAVE MAGGARD puts the shot against San Jose State. WOODY COVINGTON takes third in the mile against San Jose State. The runners are ready for the start of the two-mile. Cal nabs the top three honors in the 880 against San Jose State. CEBRON RUSS takes the hurdles for Gal during the San Jose State meet. Competition is stiff for top honors in the brcad jump. 283 ED DONAHUE—High Jump RON SUGGS-100, 200-yard Dash JERRY NORDSTROM—Shot-put Discus, Javelin WOODY COVINGTON—One-Mile DAVE MAGGARD—Shot-put ALAN GAYLORD and KARL UEBEL—Two-Mile 284 BOB KARLSRUD-220, 440 CEBRON RUSS—Hurdles, Broad Jump STEVE HYNDING—Discus GEORGE LINN—One-Mile DENNY LEWIS—Broad Jump TODD GASKILL High Jump, Broad Jump 285 The 100-yard dash men wait in anticipation of the starting gun. BOB KARLSRUD is second in 440 against San Jose State. RIGHT: JERRY NORDSTROM hurls the discus for Cal. Varsity Track The Bear varsity appeared strongest in the field events, with shot-putter Dave Maggard, triple-weightman Jerry Nordstrom in the shot, discus and javelin, and a host of high jumpers headed by senior Eurael Bell and broad jumper Cebron Russ. Junior college transfer Ron Suggs was the Bears ' top sprinter. Jack Kilfoil and senior Bob Karlsrud gave the Bears some depth in the 440 and the mile relay. The Bears were strongest in the distance races where Alan Gaylord, 4:14.2 and 9 :07.8 for the mile and two-mile, held sway, backed up by Karl Uebel, Woody Covington, George Linn and Gordon Whitehead. Cebron Russ handled the hurdling chores for the ' 61 Bears. VARSITY TRACK TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Gerald Nordstrom, Steve Hynding, Woody Covington, Dave Maggard, Stanford, Dave Epstein, George Linn, Phil Cordero. SECOND ROW: Todd Gaskill, Mike Wood, Bill Barbee, Brett Merner, Donahue, Warren Burkholder, Denny Vollom, Richard Myer. THIRD ROW: Alan Gaylord, Jack Kilfoil, Ronald Suggs, Whitehead, Gordon Stevens, Martin Ziebarth, Don Talley, Gary Walton, FOURTH ROW: Des O ' Neill, Karl Uebel, Robert Dennis Lewis, Robert Morrey, Barton Gale, Cebron Russ. High Jump: Cal vs. Fresno City College. Hurdles: Cal vs. Fresno City College. Pole Vault: Cal vs. Fresno City College. Frosh Track With better than 40 applicants turning out for track the sign-up was highlighted by Roger Olsen, who high jumped 6-61 4 to tie for the state meet championship and by 13-foot pole vaulters Kent Brewer from San Ramon and Dick James from Glendale. Other promising freshmen were : Barton Uplinger from Oxnard, :10.0, :21.7 and :50.3 in the 100, 220 and quarter mile ; quarter milers Bill Mitchell, :49.7, from Glendale and Bob Glendale. Other promising freshmen were : Barton Uplinger from Downey ; hurdler Rusty Stratton, :14.6 and :19.9 from Warren HS in Huntington Park. The Frosh opened their season against Fresno City College. The California freshman team also hosted Sacramento City College and Oakland City College in a triangular meet. FROSH TRACK TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Gleason, Lew Hedgecock, Richard Allec, Bill Keehn, Bob Gangwer, Ray Kunselman, Dick Harding, Batt Uplinger. SECOND ROW: Clyde Bingham, Dick Dunham, Jay Nelson, Richard Bennett, Hal Lieberman, Robert Sanderson, Richard Michelon. THIRD ROW: Roger Olsen, Steve Ipson, Ron D ' Aloisic, Andy Shields, Jim Weil, Dave Kuperstein, Ross Edwards, Richard Nightingale, Larry Baack, Terry Keeney. FOURTH ROW: R. Kent Brewer, George Prime, Gordon Maurice Kaasa, Rich James, Bill Mitchell, Bob Ausfahl. Dave Licata. Crew Last Spring ' s racing season was one of the finest in a long time for California ' s crews. The Varsity Challenge Cup was brought home from the IRA for the first time since 1949 to end a long drought. The Western. Intercollegiate Sprint Championships were won by both the Varsity and the JV. The IRA over-all results equaled the best ever done by California, and that was back in 1932. The ultimate success of making the trip to the 1960 Olympics in Rome, however, was denied the Golden Bears. That happened when Navy caught California in the last 400 meters of the finals, going on to win by four seconds. Although coming in runner-up in the Trials was a terrific disappointment to the crew, it cannot be denied that the 1960 crew was one of the finest crews to have rowed for California in a long time. A rugged schedule faced the 1961 crew team. Starting in mid-April they opened against USC and Long Beach State. On the following week they journeyed south for a triangular meet against USC and UCLA. In May, the Cal hosted UCLA and San Diego State at the Oakland Estuary. The season ' s finale was the Pacific Coast Sprint Championships at Lake Washington, Seattle. If victorious, after finals the team will go east for the IRA National Championship at Syracuse to compete for top honors in Crew. JIM LEMMON Varsity Crew Coach Coach Jim Lemmon and Ray Hertel, winner of the crew Scholarship Cup. The Varsity Crew practices on the Estuary. JOE NEIL Freshman Crew Coach CREW MANAGERS, left to right: Steve Rodgers, Dave Tavernetti, Senior Manager; Mike Goldberg, Jay Flachsenwar, Gilbert Walker. Crew veterans Chris Barnes, Jack Matkin, Marty McNair, Bob Berry. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Jim Coxswains Chuck Orman, John Kagel, Stephen Horn, Allan Jacobs. Varsity Crew members prepare for another practice. 289 VARSITY CREW—FIRST ROW, left to right: John Kagel, Chuck Orman, Allan Jacobs, Stephen Horn, Tony Holbrook, Bob Shimasaki, Phil Spieth. SECOND ROW: Bill Goldsmith, Bill Berger, Bud Brown, Tom Dunlap, Bob Berry, Chris Barnes, Bob Livingston, Tim Scofield, Sam Speake, Bob Verhoogen, Leonard Wohletz, Tim Lyman, Steve Slauson. THIRD ROW: Kent Fleming, Roger Adams, Gary Davis, Dave Totten, Dick Bass, Ed Faridany, Tom Plamer, John Bayless, Jack Matkin, Griff Durham, Bart Cardon, Dave Fritschi, Coach Jim Lemmon. FOURTH ROW: Dave Yoshikawa, Bob Bathgate, Dave Marshall, Larry Bacon, John Gotshall. Bob Curley, Rich Costello, Gary Rogers, Harlen Green, Tony Diamond, Joe Newman, Steve Brandt, Knut Dale, Lucien Miller, Marty McNair. 1960 Varsity Crew Results VARSITY Win Loss Dual Races 3 1 Triangular Races 2 0 Regattas 2 1 Over-all Record 7 2 JUNIOR VARSITY Win Loss Dual Races 4 0 Triangular Races 1 0 Regattas 1 1 Over-all Record 6 1 FRESHMEN Win Loss Dual Races 3 2 Triangular Races 0 0 Regattas 0 0 Over-all Record 3 2 VARSITY 28 Brown , Columbia, Cornell , Navy , Dartmouth, Princeton, Rutgers, Penn , Stanford , Syracuse, UBC, UCLA , USC , Washington , Wisconsin , B, Navy B, Syracuse Alumni, Union Boat Club. VARSITY 3 Navy—Finals Olympic Trials Washington—Dual Race UBC—Preliminary in Sprints VARSITY IRA Three-Mile Champions Pacific Coast Champions Runner-up 1960 Olympic Trials OPPONENTS DEFEATED ( Twice) JUNIOR VARSITY 17 Columbia, Dartmouth, Navy, Oregon State, Princeton, Penn, Rutgers, Stanford , Syracuse, UCLA , UBC, Washington . DEFEATED BY JUNIOR VARSITY 1 Cornell—IRA Regatta CHAMPIONSHIPS JUNIOR VARSITY Pacific Coast Three-Mile Champions Pacific Coast Sprint Champions Runner-up IRA Regatta FRESHMEN 3 Orange Coast College, Stanford Second Frosh, UCLA. FRESHMEN 2 Stanford—Dual Race Washington—Dual Race FRESHMEN None Cal crews practice on the Estuary. FRESHMAN CREW—FIRST ROW, left to right: Reg Watt, Jim Libien, Dan Phillips, George Haigh, Allen Kent, Lawrence Rehag. SECOND ROW: John McCardle, Rich Rosett, Warren Simandl, Bob Stewart, Rory Van Tuyl, Jim Mott, Don Schlictmann, Rich Griffen, Roger Brandt, John Sullivan, Stan Gustafson, Ron Sellers, Wait Griswold. THIRD ROW: Joe Neil, Coach; Karl Borgstrom, Bob Howey, Norm Stanley, Dave Jim Kunkle, John BoIsta, Ron Kaiser, Dan Hatch, Pat Pattison, Jim Kaye, Toby Edson, Scott Samuelsen, Allen Kamp, Glenn Funk, Steve Chapman, Sandy Skaggs, Assistant Coach, FOURTH ROW: Jack Overall, Tom Holland, Tom Grimes, Gus Schilling, Bill Sager, Bill Long, John King, Steve Johnson, Buz Schulte, Ed Bradbury, Doug Brown, Daryl McClendon, Ron Friies, Dave Jester, Jim Freeland, Mike Goodwin, Wayne Sailor. Frosh Crew The 1961 season saw Joe Neil ' 60, squad captain of last season, as the new Frosh coach. The freshmen were an exceptionally important squad in terms of future California crews. These men will be the seniors in 1964 when the United States again sends its representatives to the Olympic Games. Fortunately the size and of the squad was good. Over 60 men reported to the sign-up, with a remarkable percentage of returning men from last Fall. The freshmen had ample opportunity to show their mettle, as there were eight races for their Spring racing schedule. Washington, the tough frosh crew, and Stanford, who claimed to have had their " best ever " freshmen, loomed as the strongest competition for the Yearlings. The season also included races with UCLA, USC, Long Beach State, Orange Coast, and San Diego State. Coach Joe Neil and Bay Area Frosh. Putting the boat in the water is the first step. Baseball GEORGE WULF MAN Head Baseball Coach The 1961 California baseball picture looks very promising indeed. The Bears got off to a flying start winning their first nine games. After a brief setback by SF State 6-8, the Cal nine got back on the winning bandwagon and to dump Chico State 8-5, San Jose State 8-3, and UOP 4-2. The Cal Aggies were the next to suffer defeat at the hands of the Bears 4-2. This victory was followed by wins against USF 16-8, Oregon 6-5, Oregon State 6-5 and Notre Dame 5-1. Cal won its first two CIBA games against Santa Clara 4-3, and 7-2. However, on the following week end the Bears split a two-game series with USC. USC won the opener 4-3 and lost the second game of the series to Cal 2-1. The California-USC Series now stands at 57 wins for Cal and 69 for USC. The 1961 season was George Wolfman ' s fifth year as the Bears ' head coach. teams have won 140 games while losing only 65. They were first in NCAA play in 1957 and tied Southern California for the CIBA championship last year. Assisting Wolfman this year were Mary Lacey, Al Mathews, Cliff McClain, Al Kyte and Doug Weiss. BASEBALL MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Hohensholt, Ray Wickman, Senior Manager; Charles Rowins. ABSENT: Bob Traum, Camm Swift. ASSISTANT BASEBALL COACHES—FIRST ROW, left to right: Lacey, Al Mathews. SECOND ROW: Cliff McClain, Al Kyte, Doug Weiss. 292 Number 9 Lakes a cut at the plate. A Bear runner beats the throw to first base. DOUGLAS BURNETT Outfield ROGER HEWITT Catcher The first base coach motions the runner to second during the Cal-San Jose State game. BARRY ARNETT Third Base ROBERT INGERBRETSEN Pitcher MIKE JAUREQUI Pitcher Number 16 takes a swing. The catcher, pitcher, and coach confer the mound. RICHARD JOHNSON Second Base DEE LEWIS Outfield DON LOUIE Second Base ROBERT MILANO Catcher One of Cal ' s " nine " gets a hit during the Cal-Oregon game. ROBERT MILLINICH Third Base MIKE NOAKES Outfield 294 BILL OAKLEY Pitcher The Bears warm up before their game with the Ducks. Don Louie knocks in the winning run to beat the Oregon Ducks 6-5. JOHN REBELO Pitcher STAN RODAN First Base RAY ROHDE Pitcher DAN SALAZAR Shortstop KEVIN SCARPELLI Shortstop ROBERT SMITH Pitcher The Bears score again as the runner rounds third on his way to the plate during the Cal-San Jose State game. 295 CINNAMON BEARS--FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Daniels, Don Hiddleson, Steve Bordi, Dick Stowell, Jerry Gimenez, Art Levine, Dan Salazar. SECOND ROW: Clark Ranscme, Stan Roden, Bill Bican, Bob McDougall, Jerry King, Charlie McFerrin, Bryan Herman, Coach Doug Weiss. ABSENT: Doug Burnett, Dan Barney, Jerry Scattini, Al Mendel, Coach Al Kyte. Cinnamon Bears The 1961 Cinnamon Bears, coached by Doug Weiss and Al Kyte had a fairly successful year. The JV ' s won eight of their first ten games beating CCSF 8-0, Santa Rosa JC 6-5, West Contra Costa JC 2-1 and 11-4, Oakland City College 11-0 and 7-3, the Cal Aggies 15-3 and Sacramento City College 12-8. The Cinnamon Bears ' only losses were to San Francisco State 6-7 and Santa Rosa JC 1-4. At press time the JV ' s had only two games remaining to be played. Those were against the long-time rival Stanford Braves. Some of the stalwarts of the Cinnamon Bears include pitchers Stan Rodan and Mike Jaurequi ; catcher Dan Barney ; first baseman Bob Ingebretson ; second basemen Art Levine and Bob McDougall ; third basemen Steve Bordi, Dick Stowell and Gerald Gimenez ; shortstops Doug Burnett, Dan Salazar and Bob Wendell; outfielders Al Chuck McFerrin, Dee Lewis, Jerry Scattini and Bryan Herman. Many of these players are good prospects for next year ' s varsity. A run is scored for Cal during the San Francisco State JV game. Cinnamon Bear " 6 " takes a cut at the plate. FROSH BASEBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Val Lewis, Tom Bruno, Bob Morris, Russ Weck, George Johnson, Dave Dowling, Dick Mortola, Bill Bowley, Les Medall. SECOND ROW: Coach Al Mathews, Larry Colton, Lou Cosso, Gary Ingebretson, Craig Callister, Dave Myers, Ed Bailey, Tom Beck, Ron Parsons, Jon Epps, Dick Alton, Bob Howard. Frosh Experiencing their greatest turnout in many years the California Freshman Baseball team began the 1961 season coached by Al Mathews. The Cubs upon a 27-game schedule which included games against San Jose State, USF Frosh, Santa Clara, Stanford Frosh and several high schools. The Cal Frosh baseball team got off to a fast start, winning 14 of their first 17 games, tying one and losing two. Both losses were by one run in games which could have gone either way. The Frosh defeated Mission High 5-3, Balboa High 8-1, Galileo High 5-2, McClymonds 2-1, Arroyo 5-3, and El Cerrito 5-0. They beat Bellarmine twice in a double-header 6-5 and 10-2. The only losses were to South San Francisco High 0-1 and the University of San Francisco Frosh 1-2. The Cubs were fortunate to have a solid infield with Larry Colton at shortstop ; Val Lewis, Dick Alton and Jon Epps at second base. The team was further strengthened with catchers Lou Cosso and Gary Ingebretson, and pitchers Dave Dowling and Dave Myers. A team showing as much promise as the Frosh is a good indicator of the strength of future varsity teams. A run is scored for the Cal Frosh against Galileo High School. Strike one. BILL PHILLIPS Varsity Swimming Coach Swimmmg The 1961 season saw Bill Phillips, replacing the retired George Schroth, in his maiden effort as coach of the California swimming team. Mentor Phillips, however, was not new to Bear athletics having competed here both in swimming and water polo. Cal ' s team, though a good one, posed no threat to perennial kingpins USC and Stanford, who, anchored by Olympic swimmers, were the class of the AAWU conference. Due to a number of key injuries, including Lewis Teel, sprinter, Coach Phillips directed his attention to the future and concentrated on a rebuilding program this year. Although the season was not too successful, there were several good performances turned in by the Aqua Bears. Cal was strongest in the free-style sprints with John Montgomery, Bill Harlan, Captain Bill Ososke, and Russ Porter. Also turning in impressive performances were Rae Archibald, butterfly ; Ken Wallace, backstroker ; distance swimmer, Newell Booth, and Dave Luskutoff, diving. The season was culminated on a winning note with a dual-meet over a powerful UCLA team. Good team performances were turned in by all of the Aqua Bears in defeating the Bruins 25-23. This victory earned a fourth-place finish for the Bears in the AAWU. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Al Cohenmer, Steve Twin, Armin Arndt, Russell Porter, Preston John Montgomery, Capt. Bill Ososke, Ed Schasken, Coach Bill Phillips. SECOND ROW: Perry Ken Wallace, Newell Booth, Bill Harlan, Rae Archibald, Dave Luskutoff. Cal swims against the Olympic Club at the Harmon Pools. At the sound of the gun, they ' re off. 298 Frosh It appears that California will field a much improved swimming team next year. This will be the direct result of the powerful freshman team coached by Ron Richison. During its fourteen-meet season, the frosh team met the best high school, junior college, and college teams in Northern California, including the San Jose State frosh, the Stanford frosh, and Oakland City College. The powerful freshman team defeated their toughest opponent, Las Lomas High, by a score of 63-32. In doing so, the 200 medley relay team broke the freshman pool record of 1:48.6 by 2.3 seconds, setting a new mark of 1:46.3. The Waterbabes lost only two events against the Las Lomas Preps, the butterfly and the diving, and placed one-two in almost every other event. Leading the strong freshman team were John Gage, who was an interscholastic all-American in the 100-yard breast stroke and the 200 medley relay at Newport High School, and Phil Goode, who earned NCS and four league medals during his high school career. Other standouts on the freshman team were Leroy Hinkle, frosh waterpolo star, and Rowland Stanley, 200-yard free styler. RON RICHISON Freshman Swimming Coach FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred DeCamp, Don Hawker, Joe Alkire, Steve Kern, Burton Voorhees, Mike Leary, Rowland Stanley. SECOND ROW: Phil Goode, Jim McBride, Thomas Breck, Jim Baird, Bill Barnett, Mike Cook, Lee Soderstrom, Dave Johnson, Coach Ron Richison. NOT PICTURED: Leroy Hinkle, John Gage, Phil Knight, Tim Spittler. Members of the freshman team are polsed in anticipation of the starting gun. Competition is intense during a freshman swimming meet at the Harmon Gym pods. Tennis CHET MURPHY Varsity and Frosh Tennis Coach With five of last year ' s seven lettermen returning, and with the addition of strong newcomer Jim McManus, hopes were high for another California tennis team, one which competes in the strongest tennis league in the nation. Annually UCLA, USC and Stanford are among the nation ' s most powerful. Last year the Bears were too. A summer of intensive tournament play should result in improved which should result in the Bears improving last year ' s 8-6 record. (Five of the six losses were to UCLA, USC and Stanford with the sixth, to Lamar Tech, a national power.) This year ' s AAWU tennis competition opened with two tough matches in Los Angeles against the powerful UCLA and USC clubs. The Bears defeated Whitworth College 7-0 to extend their winning record of 4-0. Whitworth is the champion of the Evergreen Conference for the third straight year. Coach Murphy ' s singles men, in order, are : Bill Hoogs, Jr., Mike Farrell, Jim McManus, Paul Welles, Art Kono, Len Saputo. The doubles teams are Hoogs-McManus, Farrell-Welles, and Kono-Saputo. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM-FIRST ROW, left to right: Art Kano, Len Saputo, Jim McManus, Bill Hoogs. SECOND ROW: Tony Price, Paul Welles, Mike Farrell, Ridgway Whittemore, Coach Chet Murphy. Several varsity team members discuss matches with UCLA and USC. Winner receives congratulations from the loser. Coach Murphy talks over past matches with members of the freshman tennis team. Frosh Tennis Fourteen freshman tennis players worked out regularly at the new Charming Way courts in preparation for several matches with small colleges, junior colleges and rival Stanford. Only Gene Milstein from Denver, Colorado, is an out-of-stater. Other netmen are Roy Rocco of Lafayette, Ken Fye of Barry Baskin of Pacific Grove, Lowell Barnhart of Albany, Duff of Jackson, John Morrison of Vallejo, Paul Bagley of El Cerrito, Ken Frankel of Beverly Hills, Bill Long of Los Angeles, Dennis Coupe of Oakland, Edgie Scott of La Jolla and Dick Abramson of Salinas. Coached by Chet Murphy, the Cub team beat St. Mary ' s College varsity. So strong were the Frosh that the rallying on the Channing Way courts was labeled " no contest. " The Cal Frosh are due to play CCSF, Oakland City College and Stanford Frosh. FRESHMAN TENNIS TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Roy Rocca, Steve Geremia, Ken Fye, Barry Baskin, Lowell Barnhart, Duff Danilovich, John Morrison, Gene SECOND ROW: Paul Bagley, Ken Frankel, Bill Long, Dennis Coupe, Edgie Scott, Dick Coach Chet Murphy. 301 Rugby MILES " DOC " HUDSON Rugby Coach Enjoying their greatest popularity in some years, the University of California Rugby team completed a fairly successful season. On 23, the University of British Columbia, sporting one of their best teams in years, entered Memorial Stadium to do battle with the Bears for possession of the World Cup. Led by John Harrison, the Bears were able to tie the Canadians 3-3. Unfortunately, UBC came back to down the Bears 8-3 in the second game, ending Cal ' s unblemished record of 34 straight matches over all competition. The Bears lengthened their American record to 66, coming from behind on a kick by John Harrison to defeat the Stanford Indians 6-5. However, Stanford defeated the Bears in the return match, claiming the Scrum Axe and breaking Cal ' s streak of 66 games against U.S. competition. RUGBY TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Tuemmler, John Papini, Tom Bates, Tom Fraser, John Harrison, Doug Graham, Dave Favro, Dave Hall. SECOND ROW: Pete Olson, Larry Sonsini, Pat Boyl, Jess Pittore, Bill Bowman, Alex Jamile, Gael Barsotti, Rudy Carvajal, Larry Lowell, Roger Stull, Doug Moore. THIRD ROW: Coach Miles Hudson, Sid Chapin, Capt. Jim Burress, Wally Hapkes, Ernie McCoy, Bill Brown, Steve Cox, Stan Parkinson, Fred Peterson, Ed Wiener, Dick Curtis, Vic Nora, Bill Kerr, Manuel Penaflor, Brian Gilbert, Derry Kirkhoff. Fred Damson, John Rolph, Herb Foster, Sam Dolman, Lyman Rust, Dennis Wise, JV Coach Jim Cullom. The Bears kick into touch as Cal defeats Stanford 6-5. PETE OLSON takes the ball from scrum and tosses it to the backfield. The Bears take throw-in during the Cal-UBC game. Cal returns a punt in the Stanford game in which they came from behind to defeat the Indians 6-5. The ball comes out of the scrummage during the Cal-St. Mary ' s game. KOOMAN BOYCHEFF Golf Coach Golf The varsity golf team played eleven dual matches during its season and has defeated Chico State and Sacramento State, while losing to San Francisco State. Other matches were with San Jose State, USC, UCLA, and Stanford. The team competed in the Intercollegiate Championships at Santa Cruz and in the AAWU Championships at Seattle. Veteran golfers are Jim Griffen, Skip Clumeck, Roy Elliott, and Bob Brachman. Clumeck and Elliott have been hampered by knee injuries, putting the load on sophomore Larry Edwards, junior Roger Rose and seniors John Guisto and Bob Sciutto. Freshmen Chuck Kavanagh, Daryl McClendon and Jon Schoenberger show promise of developing varsity ability. The frosh have defeated Oakland City College, St. Mary ' s and Acalanes High, and have lost to Diablo Valley JC. In Freshman-Varsity matches, the frosh have come close to upsetting the experienced varsity team, which is a good omen for future teams. KIP CLUMECK FROSH GOLF TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Kavanagh, Daryl McClendon, Jon Shoenberger, Cliff Jernigan, Jerry Rekers. NOT PICTURED: Dale Elliott. SECOND VARSITY GOLF TEAM: Coach Kooman Boycheff, Bob Larry Edwards, Skip Clumeck, Roy Elliott, Bob Sciutto, Dave Derr. NOT PICTURED: Jim Griffen, John Guisto, Dick Neuman. ROY ELLIOTT Coach Boycheff discusses a coming match with the varsity team. BOB BRACHMAN Royalty CHRIS MARTIN Big Game Queen BARBARA MAJESKY Tau Kappa Epsilon Carnation Queen 311 NANCY MANGAN Alpha Phi Omega Miss Beauty 312 FRANK DAMRELL Alpha Phi Omega Ugly Man 313 DIANE STEELE Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi 314 LINDA BAKER Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen 315 SHERI STAVRUM Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 316 JOANNE SEEFELD Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 317 PEGGY EXTER Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen 318 Living Groups 322 Fraternities Interfraternity Council JIM TREMBATH Fall President JOE GORMAN Spring President TOP, left to right: Ad. Vice-Pres. Jerry Ex. Vice-Pres., Archie Holland; Sec., Jerry Williams; Treas., Jim Burden. BOTTOM: Reps., Dave Anderson, John Brothers, Mike Cherniss, Joe Gorman. TOP, left to right: Ad. Vice-Pres., Dave Anderson; Ex. Vice-Pres., Chris Rolin; Sec., Jerry Williams; Treas., Jim Burden. BOTTOM: Reps., John Brothers, Steve Cox, Chuck Miller, Tom Solinsky. COUNCIL MEMBERS FALL REPRESENTATIVE HOUSE SPRING REPRESENTATIVE Howard Weinberger Acacia Howard Weinberger Brian McCarthy Alpha Chi Rho Harvey Olsen William Moriarty Alpha Chi Sigma Donald Beebe Sanford Skaggs Alpha Delta Phi Allen Phipps Michael Plotnick Alpha Epsilon Pi George Ruby Melvin Sutterburg Alpha Gamma Omega Melvin Sutterburg William Simpson Alpha Kappa Lambda Kenneth Swenson Eurael Bell Alpha Phi Alpha Jack Young Neil Ross Alpha Sigma Phi Donald Talley Todd Barthold Alpha Tau Omega Todd Barthold John English Beta Theta Pi Ralph Reckoner Kenneth Meade Chi Phi Bradford Wait Lewis Pond Chi Psi Donald Avary Emil Ponso Del Rey Emil Ponso Roger Gaetjen Delta Chi Christopher Newman Parker Maddux Delta Kappa Epsilon James Moore Gary Kalian Delta Sigma Phi Gary Kalian John Moore Delta Tau Delta Carl Bergeron William Hobin Delta Upsilon James Burress Allen Kent Kappa Alpha Martin Sours Robert Anderson Kappa Delta Rho John Alving Bruce Cornblum Kappa Nu Lawrence Jacobson Michael Noakes Kappa Sigma Bruce Hoffman Alfred Simonsen Lambda Chi Alpha William Frame Robert Henrich Phi Delta Theta Charles de Lorimer Fred Gilberd Phi Gamma Delta Gerold Williams Richard Muldary Phi Kappa Psi Douglas Moore Joe Wildberger Phi Kappa Sigma Joe Wildberger Peter Paige Phi Kappa Tau Paul Albright John Duncan Phi Sigma Kappa David Tavernetti Stanley Chin Pi Alpha Phi Dennis Wong Clayton Smith Pi Kappa Alpha Edward O ' Dea Peter Beakschi Pi Kappa Phi Martin Halseth Fredric Selinger Pi Lambda Phi Ronald Weinshenk James McDonald Psi Upsilon Lloyd Crenna Thomas Alton Sigma Alpha Epsilon Garber Davidson Don Pearlman Sigma Alpha Mu David Fisher Michael Callahan Sigma Chi David George Martin McNair Sigma Nu Karl Engdahl William Lukens Sigma Phi Robert Karlsrud David Melander Sigma Phi Epsilon Roger Kauffman George Inman Sigma Pi Kenneth Kelly Donald Shawl Tau Kappa Epsilon Robert LaLiberte Micheal Tyrrell Theta Chi Roy Elliot Robert Lund Theta Delta Chi Robert Lund Jack Pevlovic Theta Xi Donald Humphreys Allan Herzog Zeta Beta Tau Allan Herzog Wheeler Coberly Zeta Psi John Griffin 324 Interfraternity Honorary Scholastic Society Morris Bobrow Dave Butner Dean Challes Laurence Dougharty John Duncan James Elden Dave Epstein Wayne Fenner Gary Fernandez John Fiscalini William Frame Mike Healy DoraId Hitzl Bernard Key Parker Madden Marshall McComb Philip Newlin John F. Olson Charles Orman Brian Payne Gerald Peabody James Peirce George Petty Peter Roman Sanford Skaggs Alfred Slechta Bob Sulpizio Cameron Wolfe, Jr. 325 327 Acacia 2340 PIEDMONT " The World ' s great men have not commonly been great scholars . . . " —Holmes Once again, the brothers of Acacia have united in friendship, fraternal spirit, and almost complete support of our Television Club. Most of us, in spite of the efforts of our Venerable Dean, Howard Weinberger, have been content to rest upon our laurels from last semester when we won the trophy for most-improved scholarship. The members of the TV Club vigorously defended their long hours of dissipation as part of our strategem to triumph every other semester. The Social Committee helpfully insured the success of our scholarship program with a continuous flow of parties, exchanges, and other type orgies. Intramurally, we gave some of the best cheers for our adversaries. Unfortunately, the program was not diversified enough to cover the in which we excelled. SENIORS Warren Burkholder Edmund Cerwinsky Lawrence Graham Kent Gould Stephen Meisenholder Donald Scott Peter Thayer Sidney Thomas Roger Wesolic Raymond Wickman JUNIORS James Beck Terry Elliot Alan H irasuna Richard Kislitzin Charles McGough Bob Mcore Marty Seffens Howard Weinberger SOPHOMORES Jim Ellman Quentin Fabro Harlan King Roger Knacke Dave Short Charles Weinberapr FRESHMEN Richard Collins Ron Grand Stan Lake Stanford has reason To fear us. Alpha Chi Rho 2311LE CONTE GRADUATE Glenn Lee SENIORS Russell Bailey Glenn Havens Albert Koch Brian McCarthy Harvey Olsen JUNIORS David Chambers Roy Gelsvik Al Lurz Roger Kent Bob Knop Joe Schleef Greg Smith SOPHOMORES Robert Bleadon Mel Buderer Allan Eubank John Milliken Stew Nyholm Richard Peterson Dennis Ragain Ed Romascan Stephen Rush Cliff Surko Bob Turner FRESHMEN Lance Anderson Jim Chittick George Dutton Don Dyson Cliff Estabrook Robert Lamb, Jr. R. W. Simons Chris Stromsness 329 Chemistry . . . Chem. Eng. . . . Chemical RF ' s . . . . . . Chemical Parties . . . many moles of GAS ! ! ! Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 VIRGINIA STREET GRADUATE John Berg SENIORS George Kriz William Moriarty David Rabinovich William Westmore JUNIORS Harlan Bagaus Tony Bartmann Malcolm Burleigh Kenji Kawaoka James Long Richard Murison Bob Stroh SOPHOMORES Bob Dehn Ken Heddon Jim Heidker Richard Ivanitich John Larue Joe Vinson 330 Alpha Delta Phi 2401 RIDGE ROAD SENIORS Paul Packard Dale Sanders Jack Sevey Sanford Skaggs Worth Vogel Robert Wilson JUNIORS Tom Dunlap Andrew Hays Mike Hearn Mike Krieger Chris Longaker Arthur Park Jay Rich Keith Robinson Elton Welke Martin Weyrauch SOPHOMORES Dan Abbot Bill Berry Phil Condit Bill Crawford Tom David Jim Detling Dick Gilmore John Grissim Ed Heatherly Dick Hitchcock Ed McNeil Jim Perry Peter Swentzel FRESHMEN Peter Evans Tcm Harrison Tal Jones Toni Kent Pete Scalia Ray Terry Breck Thomas 331 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2327 WARRING Norman Ginsburg Robert D. Mayer George Ruby Dan Thal Lewis Wallensky JUNIORS Ron Diamond Bob Goldberg Mike Plotnick Bob Smith Stan Sucher SOPHOMORES Pete Abram Warren Arnoff Howard Borer Dick Cooper Roger Franklin Michael Hankie Bob Levy Barry Regar Marvin Rose Mike Scholar FRESHMEN Allen Aven Bill Birnkrant Jay Kahn Kenneth Krichmar Jeff Lipinsky Gene Matzkin Ron Mermel Jeff Schwartz Sidney Winicki 332 Stressing unity friendship, sincerity, and Christian fellowship, we men of AGO conducted another year of activities. Included in these activities was our annual hay ride, an event which tickled everyone, our Founder ' s Day Banquet, our Spring Formal, our many successful socials, and the time we spent each week in our prayer and Bible study periods. All in all, another wonderful year for members of AGO. Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 HASTE STREET SENIORS Daryl Bitter Oscar Kasparian Lynn Unman Bert Rasmussen Melvin Satterburg JUNIORS Larry Epperson George Lewis Kenneth Plate SOPHOMORES Richard Pratt Rodney Robinson FRESHMEN Victor Campos Bob Draper Jim Godbehere Robert Jacobsen John Johnson 333 Scotch, that can with logic absolute The two-and-seventy jarring sects confute The sovereign Alchemist that in a trice Life ' s leaden metal into Gold transmute. So to the lip of this poor earthern urn I lean ' d, the secret of my life to learn And lip to lip it murmur ' d— " While you live DRINK!!—for once dead you never shall return. " Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 HEARST AVENUE SENIORS Gary Browning Robert Fenton Dick Foster Gaylan Larson Howard Lincoln Raymond Poirer Carl Sandahl Terry Seaborn William Simpson Ken Swenson Blair Thompson JUNIORS Allan Brown Ron Cassano Dick Conway Larry Daugharty Al Gaudie Jim Gorman James Hagemann Tom Mapes Loren Smith John Vidal Bill Welch SOPHOMORE Carr Kunze FRESHMEN Alan Campbell Dave Dail Boh Duarte Pierre Furlan Chuck Rino Bob Seeley Richard Seibert 334 The Alpha Sigs met the challenge of the Sixties when the brothers decided to have a riotous exchange with the Angry Young Girls of Channing Way on the S.F. City Hall steps. But in the interests of social pressure and creeping conformity the exchange was brought off in Tilden Park with girls more Greek than galled. But venturing home they were forced to drive inches at a time due to pileups on the freeway, causing the girls to be late, the spread of communism, the vice in juvenile delinquency, the fall of the Republic, etc. Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 CHANNING WAY SENIORS Frank Battino Bob Harbaugh Robert Mills Tom Mongan George Petty Bob Westphall Gene Whealy JUNIORS Will Crocket Dave Enrici Rich Eschenberg Paul Galvez Rex Ghormley Mike Halloran Bill Marrs Bill McNally Nick Palmer Paul Prince Dennis Sherman Don Talley Joe Tonda James Vernon Hal Wilde SOPHOMORES Dave Anderson Bob Bennett Richard Cobden Robert Luck Jim Mongan FRESHMAN Tim Taylor 335 Alpha Tau Omega 2465 LE CONTE SENIORS Dennis Ames Todd Barthold Dean Chatlles Duane Johnson Jim Lewis Jim Mercer Mike Moore Phil Newlin Steve Pace Ed Robinson Jon Schleuning Terry Singer JUNIORS Lew Baer Buck Black Pete Carruth SOPHOMORES Dave Enfield George Jundt Jerry Krause Ship MacMichael Chuck Martin Ron McHenry John Schultz Paul Smith Care Zwingle FRESHMEN Norm Anda Clay Henley Don Kuby Bill Long Dave Schuster Bob Scott Russ Taylor Steve Weekes Jerry Wein 336 Chi Phi 2529 HEARST AVENUE SENIORS George Innes Craig Jakobsen John Luft Cal Moore Peter Morse Rich Ryder David Schimansky JUNIORS Gene Burns Bob Clark Albert Everitt Michael Good Tim Higgins Kent Jakobsen Cliff Peterson Tom Russell Ken Stenland Brad Wait SOPHOMORES Dalton Bergan Samuel Davis Clinton de Witt Pete Fraser Ed Laufenberg Steve Norwood Don Rowe FRESHMEN William Burgess Michael Fox Nicholas Holbrook John Holmes Bill Long John Richardson Edward Sedgwick 337 Beta Theta Pi 2607 HEARST AVENUE SENIORS Ben Card Edward Easton John English John Evans John Hilton Mark Hudson Brian Rapp Bill Recknor Bruce Sperry Tom Warren Chuck Werdel JUNIORS Brian Baggett Pat Boyl Roger Browning Jeff Cowan Peter Green Bill Harlan Dick Hoppin Earl Johnson Jerry Meyer Bruce Moseley 338 Bob Pattison Charles Wilde SOPHOMORES Clark Astle Bill Barbee Mike Burns Chris Carpenter Dave Dunlap Richard Hanna Don Lauer Dick Railton Jim Smith Peter Stent Klaus Van Derweg Ridgeway Whittenmore FRESHMEN Pete Dolan Bob Hudson Chip Hunt Jon Mason Larry McCune Tom Stanton Bob Towne Rick Van de Water 339 Chi Psi 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS George Hyde Jim Parsons Lewis Pond Al Slechta JUNIORS Jose Escobar-Genes Pat Kearney Bob McDougall Dave Petteys Mike Quinn Grcve Root Frank Snow SOPHOMORES Rick Goerl George Hunt Darryl Marshall Stuart Proffitt Bob Whitley FRESHMEN John Barneich Richard Cairns Tom Coleman Nero NOT PICTURED Don Avary Jack Yerman 340 The Green and White machine rolls on . . Del Rey 1727 EUCLID AVENUE SENIORS Robert Fenner Ron Gridley Jerry Gunnarson Sidney Millard Emil Ponso James Woodfill JUNIORS Dennis Allison John Bianucci Howard Dick William Kish Paul Smith Frederick Willwerth SOPHOMORES Jafilam dela Cruz Lynn Poole Richard Rose Ronald Rose Robert Sorensen Frank Stephenson III Thomas Whelan FRESHMEN Mike Beaston Joseph Golden Mike Guess Lawrence Seeger COOK Mae Ecklund 341 Nineteen hundred sixty was a most memorable year for the Delta Chis. In the Spring, merger proceedings were completed with Abracadabra, a long-established local fraternity. The new Abracadabra Chapter of Delta Chi revitalized with the enthusiasm of the merger, made new strides into the top 15 fraternities in scholarship, engaging in more campus activities and extending an already complete social calendar. Our ever-watchful Dean ' s Office took a dim view of the latter stride and saw fit to curtail our overindulgences for a month. we are expecting even better grades this semester. Delta Chi 1756 LE ROY AVENUE SENIORS Dave Butner Gordon Claudius Jay Flachsenhar Roger Gaetjen Bert Johnson JUNIORS Joe Brush Chuck Maas Ralph Moir Chris Newman Gary Robinson Bill Weymouth SOPHOMORES Scott Tolman FRESHMEN Ben Bacigalupi Bill Carver Ray Grinsell Dan Hatch Paul Lin Mike Mature 342 Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Brian Corbell Malcolm Dunlap Tal Fletcher Parker Maddux Jim Moore Gordon Zuckerman JUNIORS Marshall Cloyd Tom Keene Pete Morrissey Charles Newcomb SOPHOMORES Bob Boyd Eric Cowing Andy Farrand Tom Gilmore Jim Klinkner Gerald Morrow Ned Wood Paul Yost Gary Zacher FRESHMEN Ted Ballie Mike Casey Tom Holland Dominique Manzoni Peter Michael Mike O ' Neill 343 Delta Sigma Phi 2415 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Fred Bauer Robert Baxter Charles Bohle Barry Davidson Mark Dunker Lee Freeman Les Glad John Kattler Jim Leary Brian Payne JUNIORS Kenneth Balcomb Peter Campbell Gene Cormier Robert Dennison Wayne Gomez Dave Greiner Gary Kalian Steve Little Dennis McCollough Richard McGuire Tracy Mordock Bill Pesce 344 Each year we ' re told all of the bunk About leading the clean life of a monk. The trouble with piety It leads to sobriety. The cure—go out and get drunk! Randall Robineon William Trautman Jay Verkozen Vic Willits SOPHOMORES Ned Dodds William Frank Mike Froman Tom Hakenson Jack Lundgren Steve Moody Bill Speake Darrel Waldthausen FRESHMEN Mike George Coleman Paul Kunasz Bill Mitchell Clyde Moore Bill Principe Steve Suess Phil Swigard Pete Vaughey Stuart White 345 Delta Tau Delta 2425 HILLSIDE SENIORS Donald Alves William Ausfahl John Henrotin Richard Neuman Kevin Scarpelli Gary Sherrard JUNIORS Carl Bergeron Dick Berridge Bob Boynton Dick Coveny Bill Cull Steve Donner Wicker Gamble Ed Gatti Brad Hill Hugh Johnson Jerry Johnson Gary Kashing Charles Kintner Steve Lind John Maschino Whit Nicholas Barry Patton Harvey Place Bob Snyder Ed Thirkell Brian Van Camp Robbie Ward SOPHOMORES Ken Caldwell Joel Fadem Kent Harvey Bill Mott Dave Phillips Larry Prudholmme Jerry Riggs Jim Schnabel Dave Shellberg Paul Venel FRESHMEN Ron Angell Robert Ausfahl Steve Barrett Tom Brennan Jim Clayton Lee Harmon Jim Harrington Tom Markham Bill Moss Tom Powell John Salisbury Jim Tompson Stu White Tom Williams 347 Delta Upsilon 2425 WARRING SENIORS Gene Angus Richard Bertero Jim Burress Robert Doyle Paul Cronenwett Alson Greiner Richard Hildebrand Darrel Kloninger William Hobin Hank Hummelt Donald McDonald Robert Myers Philip Plant Chris Polio Rich Sanford Ron Sanford Robert Sciutto Larry Costa JUNIORS James Giffen John Mateja John Montgomery Bill Monty Scott Paine Henry Pouey Bill Reeve Bill Remick SOPHOMORES Jerry Fry Denny Johnson Randy Mundt George Reimer Bill Staats FRESHMEN Tom Bruno Bill Cooper Gary Cramer Sam Dolman Charles Kavanagh John Robbins 349 Kappa Alpha 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Tom Fortune Dennis Hess Bob McNulty Lynn McNulty Ronald Wiggins JUNIORS Robert Burr Virgil Caselli Kip Diehl Phil Halvorson Allen Kent Charles MacQuiddy Stove Morse Edward Rice Fred Schack Wayne Stanley Marty Sours Don Utfer SOPHOMORES Jeffery Albert Gregory Antipa Lawrence Campbell Dale Dabold Leroy Jebian John Komer Tom Pirazzini John Ruhan Walt Vortmann FRESHMEN Phil Goode Mike Kelsey Charles Moll Jeff Bannister Larry Poor Lawrence Rehag Pete Wood 350 Kappa Sigma 2400 WARRING SENIORS David Moore Al Berra Jon Greening Pete Michael Robert Massey Lyman Rust William Blackburn Michael Noakes Don Bird Dick Griffin Bill Oakley Perry Nissler John Williams George P. Eshoo JUNIORS Dave Bruno George Jardim SOPHOMORES John Potter FRESHMEN Bruce Hoffman George Atkinson Bob Crawford Bill Manetta Bud Behrens Earl Pyron Roger Baker Jamie Aynesworth John Possum Pete Carter Kappa Delta Rho 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE GRADUATE Hugh Calkins, James Keeler JUNIORS Robert Granville Bill Morgan Gerald Peabody Stan Woods Paul Griem Norm Lobdell Ron Briggs Len Lepera Walt Nell is Allen Pederson SENIORS William Hogue Philip Smith George Cooke Doug MacLachlan Jerry Newfarmer Bill Stone John Alving Dave de Carion Bob Anderson 352 Norm Drum Majored Wally Drank Newf Ex Commed Wally Drank J.B., Brian and Hugh Oskied Wally Drank We All House Decked ( ' Cept Wally) Wally Drank We All Cleaned Up After Blitz Wally Died Kent Wood Robert Foster Tom LeVell Richard Myer Dick O ' Brien FRESHMEN Samuel Merrell SOPHOMORES Bob Goings Paul Matheson Mike Nave Mark Vail Hayden John Brennan John McKinnon Bill Christofferson Don Hiddleson Dave Mattock Noel Nellis Jeff Ward Bob Carpenter Don Zwakenberg Gary Dyer Paul Keller Blitz 353 Kappa Nu 2412 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Daniel Blumberg Morris Bobrow Benjamin Cohn Gordon Freeman Harold K. Goldstein Michael Goldstein Larry Jacobson Bill Liebman Ronald Nachurn Allan Shapiro Pete Singer Marshall Stadt JUNIORS Russ Auswacks Stephen Gunther Alex Jamile Ronald Levin John Michael Peter Roman Hank Stain Mike Zucker SOPHOMORES Kenneth Budman Stephen Friedkin Steve Goodman Bruce Cambium Newton Harband " Optimism plus Spirit plus Scholastic Ability plus Talent equals Intramural Championship plus Top Grades plus Axe Review Sweepstakes plus Tremendous Dances and 60 Bitchin ' Men. " Ross Gordon Barry Mendelsohn Mark Susnow FRESHMEN Dave Horwitz Max Levine Steve Saxe Steven Kobl ik Paul Mold George Shapiro Darrell Friedman Len Jacobson Ron Mendicino Ken Schneider Arthur Lim Michael Newman David Tatro Martin Harband Alan Koenig Bob Phillips Ronnie Taylor Mike Zanger George Herbst Ed Krug Steve Roth Ron Yank David Hoffman 355 Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 LE ROY AVENUE GRADUATE Chuck Jennings Bob Sulpizio John Collon Bill Frame Bob Knight Tom Noel Nick Choppeias Mike Kelly Jim Trembath Hal Cooper Joe Giovanazzi Clay Lilleston Jim Philpott SENIORS Bill Meiggs JUNIORS Dave Dowell John Hammond George Lord Don Rowe Gary Aguirre Al Simonsen Bob Booth Ben Eager Bill Baer Kirby Cannon Bill Burk 356 Jerry Sudderth Bart Thompson Ed Wilson SOPHOMORES Charlie Aparicio Keith Bilter Noel Castleman Bob DeMonte Harvey Fisher Lowell Gomes Bob Joehnek Jim Larson Steve Oliver Harry Robinson Gary Soden John Taylor Gary Walton Frank Wykoff FRESHMEN Don Brown Terry Long Bob Lynch Jim McBride Mike McBride Dick Meadows Bill Moring Ed Sweeney Jim Tucker 357 Phi Delta Theta 2717 HEARST AVENUE SENIORS John Nance Chuck deLorimier Richard Griffin Bill Lynch Jim McQueen Jim Stiggall Mike Healy David Nearon Kinton Fowler Richard Heckman Adolph Martinelli John Parsons King Tuck Robert Henrich JUNIORS Richard Green Pete Johnson Ron Kearney Mike Byrne 358 In the barren wastelands of Northside stands the Phi Delt house, an oasis of social, intellectual, and athletic life. Uncor- rupted by the barbarianism of the surroundings, we are true " Cal men. " Our parties surpass even those of ancient Rome, our scholas- tic standing leaves professors speechless, and our skill in intra- murals is something to behold ! Even with all these activities we still manage to carry on a constant battle against the native tribes of the area. We Phi. Delts can really be proud of our record, heading almost every list the Dean ' s Office puts out. Bob Weiss William Dempsey Harold Gregerson Howard Hall Allan Peters Alan Danielson Richard Ryel SOPHOMORES Brian Dodd Jon Hakman James Kennington Ralph Swearingen Tom Gleason John Schmidt Allen Howard Cox III Ron Mayo FRESHMEN Ralph Pattison, Jr. Frank Sinclair Mark Covington 359 Phi Gamma Delta 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Jim Didion Fred Gilberd Tom Nagle JUNIORS Darryl Henley Tom Kruse Pen Baldwin Ted Dinkier Jim Hughes Don Powell Tom Colton Dave Kenmuir Ed Marcucci Al Bressie Bill Eggers Ev Johnston Bill Purcell Dick Dale Don Defeo Stu Gordon 360 Then to this earthern Bow did I adjourn My Lip to the secret Well of Life to learn: And Lip to Lip it murmur ' d— " While you live Drink !—for once dead you never shall return. " Quatrain X XXIV Terry Milligan SOPHOMORES Bob Cresap Bill McCarty Art Amos Kirk Hoffner Gary Stoeker Jerry Williams Nick Bizone John Griffith Bob Schlieman Bob Bishop Rex Jones Ralph Wood Burke Cochrane Malcolm Leiser FRESHMEN Steve Booth Jerry Rekers Harry Hart Ken Ambrose 361 Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 WARRING STREET GRADUATES Rick Ruud David Jorgensen Stan Mcrrison Phil Smith Robert Wilson Terry House Keith Dinsmoor SENIORS Paul Menoher Jerry Nye David Totten JUNIORS Michael Inglis Dave King Ronald Clyma Turney A. Mcore George Ososke Brian Walkup Rae Anderson Wendell Kerr Ron Rankin Terry Cockran Duane Morford John Quinn Bert C. Bangsberg Bart Reemeyer Phil Humphreys 362 anne sergeant Rick Konecky Costa Nichols Ronald Profili Dave Wynne Larry Doug Bulley Jay Erbes Richard Kreutzen Dale Odell John Schmieriel SOPHOMORES Russ Wisler Clark Burnham David Gideon Paul Mason Bruce Osborn Joe Wildberger Bill Dowdall FRESHMEN Steve Calegari Tom Mayer Mac Patterson Trent Allison Bill DuBois Allen Stewart Peter Brown 363 Phi Kappa Tau 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE GRADUATE Paul Albright SENIORS Don Bone Allan Hammersmith Ron Huesman Harry Humphrey Pete Paiga Toni Peterson William Portello Ray Rohde Fred Weaver JUNIORS James Black Lee Casentini Bruce Crawford John Dickerson Neil Gereb Fred Gregory David Harris Mike Holland Richard Johnson 364 Success in house decorations ... parties ... intra- murals . . . parties . . . women(?) . . . success(?) Flick it in. Larry Jessie Ron Moon Charles Ogburn SOPHOMORES Jerry Nash Chuck Rowins Kurt Ericksen Mike McCrystle Gerald Nordstrom William Schmid Dick Hutchinson Kent Pearson Larry Weeshoff Tim Martinson Charles Strohm Toni Koon Craig Robbins FRESHMEN Jim Prole Andrew Kritscher Elliott Adams 365 Phi Sigma Kappa 2327 WARRING STREET GRADUATE Churchill Carmalt James Jcnes Tim Scofield Dave Tavernetti Bill Hand Bob Lyon Ron Eich Bill Dannerbring Dick Ragatz Tony Smernes JUNIORS Ed Keller James Mel lama SENIORS Clark Dickson Bill Ready Bob Steuben Bill Campbell Tom Klein Bob Nasser Claude Arne John Duncan Don Ricci Bruce Strauss John Dougery Larry Knight Sherm Nobleman Robert Boland Peter Gerasimenko Fred Burchett Of all life ' s golden virtues, Surely the finest are these : Consideration, Understanding, Philanthropy, Knowledge. Dave Parent SOPHOMORES Rich Loverde Neil Schmidt John Chapman Torn Fogarty Jeff Kessler Ray Seager Joe Clark Art Mecklenburg Harry Stewart Myrkle Deaton Tom Foster Marshall Perry John. Thomas John Drobny Michael Pachoud Leonard Tavernetti Jerry Duncan Lee Holden Wayne Skinner Snick Walker Frank Ferris Jim Pezzaglia FRESHMEN Toby Edson Roland Iverson Jim Teuscher Gary Kalbach Richard Beeman 367 Phi Kappa Psi 2625 HEARST AVENUE GRADUATE Douglas Moore, Jr. Richard Muldary Gerald Hiatt Roger Consani John Krischer Bob Mountain Gene Kleinbauer JUNIORS Tom Inland Denis Slavich Ross Edwards Ted Kruttschnitt Russ Romer SENIORS Roger Coggburn Herb Archibald Geoff Smith Robert Jenks Robert McDowell Bob Sullivan James Burden Roger Delwiche SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Chris Jones Phil Mortenson Henry Williams Roger Ferree John Dugall Raymond Bressler Geoff Anderson Burch Fitzpa trick Bill Love Denis McNicoll 368 Pi Alpha Phi 2534 WARRING GRADUATE Hobart Fong Theodore Tom Bill Wong SOPHOMORES Manuel Don Brian Lee David Yee Gordon Leong JUNIORS Dennis Wong Joe Gee Jeffery Chan Roger Mock SENIORS Honson Lim Tom Chin Roland Wong Harry Lim Barry Fong-Torres Peter Wong Stanley Chin Francis Lum Jack Goon Richard Young Art Wong Wing Gee Kent Young Patrick Dare Wilfred Lam FRESHMEN Victor Chow Auk 369 Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Jim Green Ray Hertel Douglas Luna Robert McHugh Ed O ' Dea Edward Pearson Clay Smith Dave Whiteneck JUNIORS Ed Donahue Duane Duff Doug Graham Jim Hurley Larry Lee Fred McDonald James Morris John Papini Stan Parkinson Jess Pittore Paul Prudler Jim Sally Sam Stassi Randy Gold Jack Trumbo Brian Herman Ronald Vaughn Bill Marr Jon Weatherwax Alan Nelson SOPHOMORES Roger Popper Steve Brandt John Stuart Steve Thompson FRESHMEN Russ Godt Loren Hawley Les Medal! 370 Pi Kappa Phi 2353 PROSPECT AVENUE GRADUATE Gerald Grismore Lawrence Lapin Ron Culbertson David Leppaluoto Steve Whilden Alan Kilpatrick John White Martin Halseth JUNIORS David Larson Charles Schrader SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN SENIORS Peter Beakschi Jerry Lelesch Richard Schreiber Bruce Hecox Ralph Vatalaro Peter Gorrjian Jay Johnson Roger Ware 371 Pi Lambda Phi 2727 CHANNING WAY SENIORS Fred Se I i nger JUNIORS Michael Rose David Cowan Allen Robinson Tom Schrag Michael Davis Lawrence Small Linsey Freeman Dick Schneider Al Morris Fred Schlachter Richard Wank Charles Epstein Ron Weinshenk Bob Mittel SOPHOMORES Mike Lichtenstein Michael Pasarow Howard Brodke 372 FRESHMEN Barton Epstein Bruce Goldstein Bob Keil ly Gary Morris Louis Rapoport Myron Sugarman Michael Berk Al Friedman Harry Haimovitch Bob Krantzman Ken Ochman John Schwartz Myron Wacholder Steve Dobbs Gary Jacobs David Levitas Robert Oppenheimer Charles Sugarman Mike Wacholder 373 Psi Upsilon 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE SENIORS Dan Jen kins JUNIORS John Newell Mike Wood Bill Brown John Baker Jim McDonald Mike Archer Mike Smith SOPHOMORES Tom Campbell Bill Bolton John Wagner Tom Hamilton John Austin Lloyd Crenna Mike McNeill 374 Dick Carlson Lynn Larson Rich Merrill Fred Peterson Gary Rogers Roger Clark Stacy Keach Bill McAdam Tom Palmer George Rathman Jim Taggart Bob Collins Buzz Redford FRESHMEN Bob Gillespie Ed Bradbury 375 Laird Laundy Locke Milne Mc Mann is Moore Olsen Pritchard Stewart Alexander Camp Forrest Foster Herzig H igman Landreth Pratt Ritter Schaupp Smith Barry Cassidy Dem th Filiberti Gunderson Kostial Lausten Madden Massie Morrison Pell Russel I Russell Sayre Strecker Turner Walters Welp KAPPA DELTA SENIORS Kathleen Beale Priscilla King Betty Jean Christy Patricia McCoy Gloria Corcoran Elayne Mautino Phyliss Derus Margie Narans Mary Janet Finney Patricia Page lrva Hamilton Suzanne Prucell Jocelyn Hartford Jeanne Roesling Waletta Hicks Hilda Schmidt Charlene Hills Velma Smith Phyliss Vassallo JUNIORS Janet Barnes Sharon Hitt Frances Beale Rose Marie Hoch Barbara Brooks Carol Holmes Charlene Brundige Ann Irish Geraldine Calhoun Marilyn Johnson Carolee Cliffman Patricia Keegan Elizabeth Cole Fleur Laird Helen Crane Eleanor Laundy Patricia Earle Jean Locke Donna Fair Mary Jane Milne Romalyn Finley June McMannis Lorayne Fratus Daysta Moore Janet Gilmore Nadya Olsen Florence Goodman Pamela Persons Barbara Goodwin Barbara Patricia Stewart SOPHOMORES Mary Alexander Norma Herzig Janet Baker Virginia Hiqman Nancy Camp Nancy Landreth Isabel Dasteel Joan Pratt Lila Forrest Norma Ritter Ca rol Foster Delores Helen Smith FRESHMEN Nancy Barry Lois Morrison Camille Cassidy Dionne O ' Donnell Helen Demith Mary Beth Pell Phyllis Filiberti Frances Russell Jackie Gunderson Katherine Russell Diane Kostial Loretta Sayre Jackie Lausten Mary Beth Strecker Mary Lou Leach Diane Turner Sue Madden Janet Walters Charlotte Massie Betty Welp SPRING PLEDGES Marilyn Marie Bush Joyce Lackey Margaret Chalmers Shirley H. La Fay Mary Lincoln PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Beeson Cusicanqui Dodge Ernest George Knight Ludwig Mauser Olson Rich Stephens Veon White Abbott Cataldi Caudron Goodnight Graham Hausley Haydon Means Ross Scarich Stein Franco Nobles Wallace Cowan Ilgenfritz TO THE clatter of riveters and the pounding of hammers, the Phi Mu ' s started the fall semester. But with the coming of Spring, the new addition was completed, and peace and serenity reigned supreme. The year ' s social calendar was punctuated by the annual Carnation Ball, the pledges ' Masked Mahem, Christmas Formal, the Shamrock Shennanigans, and the Spring Dinner Dance at the Claremont Country Club. Jeannie Gustafson and Jody Zuber filled the freshman and sophomore vice-presidencies on campus. Marcia Ernest held down a desk in 1 10 Eshleman as Blue and Gold picture editor, while Margie Wright was co-chairman of Cal Frolics. The Phi Mu quartet appeared at the various " sings " around campus during the year. 374 Atkinson Baxter Berry Bolger Freese Grossman Haffey Hastings Haughian Henry Johnson Lapeyri Liakos Maurer Mott Ruddock Scarich Spitz Waugh Webster Wright Zinn Zuber Barshaw Cleveland Donovan Ferreira Murray Wright PHI MU SENIORS Joyce Beeson Sylvia Ludwig Carmen Cusicanqui Lorraine Mauser Beatrice Dodge Carlyn Nobles Marcia Ernest Estrellita Olsen Lorraine Franco Helen Rich Shirley George June Stephens Dorene Hayes Caryl Veon Elizabeth Knight Earle Wallace Mary Alice White JUNIORS Kay Abbott Betty Sue Hausley Carol Archer Barbara Haydon Nadeane Berry Marilyn Ilgenfritz Mary Louise Cataldi Phyllis Means Marguerite Caudron Ann Porter Joan Cowan Katherine Ross Evelyn Goodnight Rosemary Scarich Carolyn Graham Betty Lou Stein SOPHOMORES Margaret Atkinson Agnes Liakos Mary Josephine Baxter Sally Maurer Barbara Berry Margaret Mott Frances Bolger Mary Ruddock Elizabeth Freese Zorka Scarich Lorraine Grossman Jacqueline Spaulding Joan Haffey Marilyn Spitz Beverly Hastings Nancy Waugh Kathleen Haughian Audrey Webster Patricia Henry Margery Wright Caroline Johnson Mildred Zinn Corrine Lapeyri Joan Zuber FRESHMEN Joanne Barshaw Beverly Ferreira Janet Clevland Jean Gustafson Margaret Donovan Chalkley Dione Wright SPRING PLEDGE Jeanne Raeside PI BETA PHI FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Kimble Crawford Green Mannex Woodward Angwin Chubb MacAlpine Newel Schuler Simpson Storm Sumner Tupper Wood Church Crockett Grout Hal lenbeck THE PI BETA PHI ' s spent a great deal of their time laying plans for a bigger and better college life. Enlarging the house and sun porch were considered. While on the lighter side the gals planned beach parties and a trip to the beach over Easter. Plans were laid for getting even with their tormenters— the fraternities which surround them—sometimes the A.M. serenades were not appreciated. The traditional faculty dinner was lots of fun with poems about them and gifts for the honored guests. 376 PI BETA PHI GRADUATE Janet Kimble SENIORS Diane Allen Nancy Glenn Ellen Betts Pat Green Catherine Campbell Carolyn Huber Joan Crawford Elaine Loftus Margaret Cupid Jane Mannen Caroline Edmonds Win Woodward JUNIORS Analisa Maldonado Pat Newel Marilyn O ' Connor Mary Schuler Ann Simpson Constance Snodgrass Maureen Storm Pat Sumner Marilyn Tupper Rountree St. John Swift Woolsey Andrews Diederich Davies, J. Davies, J. Edwards Hansen Hawley Huguet Jelin Maldonado Nisbet Seldon Joyce Angwin Marion Baird Virginia Chubb Virginia Dole Alice Goodwin Mary Hazeltine Barbara Healy Margaret Henze Peggy MacAlpine Jean Wood SOPHOMORES Sally Church Robin Redwine Sylvia Crockett Barbara Rountree Janet Grout Agnes Steel Betty Hallenbeck Analou St. John Sylvia Howard Betsy Swift Joan Kimble Joan Woolsey FRESHMEN Regina Andrews Ann Hawley Barbara Chesholm Ann Helms Sue Diederich Marjorie Huguet Judy Davies Beth Jelm Sue Edwards Germaine Kresser B. Wayne Jorgensen Mary Maldonado Carolin Hansen Mardy Nisbet Barbara Seldon SPRING PLEDGES Janet Anne Abbe Lynn McClure Marilyn Mogensen SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS And riesse Chalmers Cooney Fischer Hampton Hanna Kenney Kirk Kotite Martin M isuraca Meyers Roduner Skinner Terwilliger Van der Zee Wacher Watson Woropaieff Wyatt Bennett Blockl inger Caldwell King Kretchmer Landram Liddell Maltby Marr LAST YEAR was a busy one, both socially and scholastically for Sigma Kappa. The sorority celebrated the seventy-sixth anniversary of its ing with the annual Founders ' Day Banquet. While trying to raise their respective grade points, Sigmas still found time to give two successful dances, contribute to the sorority ' s national charity, the Maine Seacoast Mission, and hold a Christmas party for 60 underprivileged children. Sigma Kappas were especially proud when Ellie Chalmers was chosen California ' s Maid of Cotton and represented our state hi the national contest in phis, Tennessee. 378 Mathew Scott Rice Beresford Boyd Carlisle Clare Coombs Coombs Day Dietterle Kennard Kenney Larson Mackay Menge Miller Paulson Piepenburg Robinson Rucker Smith Van der Zee Williams Arturo Henshaw Merrick Minch Newell Patten JUNIORS Mary Landram Juno Liddell Patricia Maltby Janet Marr Diane Mathew Jane Scott Nancy Rice n Nelson SOPHOMORES Maria Marjorie Andriesse Eleanor Chalmers Nancy Cheledon Barbara Cooney June Fischer Betty Hampton Jacqueline Hanna Milicent Hanson Patricia Kenney Louise Kirk Margot Klaus Phyllis Kotite Marilyn Beall Diane Bennett Sally Blocklinger Suzanne Cairns Joan Caldwell Jackie King Joan Kretchmer Bette Bennetts Jo Ann Beresford Marilyn Boyd Karen Byl Nancy Carlisle Georgia Lee Clare Marilyn Coombs Marjorie Coombs Ruth Cuthbert Diane Day Ruth Dietterle Barbara Evans Norma Johnson Susan Kennard Jeanne Kenney FRESHMEN Elenor Arturo Jean Henshaw Elizabeth Ann Merrick Beverly Bateman Carolyn M. Christian Valerie Ellingson Julie Katherine Geary Beth Grundell Elizabeth Martin Dolores Misuraca Shirley Meyers Nancyclare Roduner Beverly Skinner Jane Stebbins Marva Terwilliger Diane Van der Zee Helen Wacher Deese Watson Alexandra Woropaieff Lael Wyatt Lois Larson Phyllis Mackay Nancy Menge Beverly Miller Patricia Murphy Marlene Paulson Alberta Piepenburg Margaret Anne Richards Virginia Robinson Maurene Rucker Virginia Lee Smith Shirley Subke Barbara Starman Elenor Van der Zee Helen Williams Florence Minch Patricia Newell Barbara Patten Carla Kley Audrey Jane Ross June Turner Nancy Wickman Marilyn Elaine Williams SPRING PLEDGES SIGMA KAPPA SENIORS SIGMA OMICRON PI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER Tang Doshim Foo Fong Lee, M. Dorothy Chu Lee, V. Wing Chinn Ho Lin Louie Lum Quon Chan Ng Horn Kee Lee, M. Poon Wing Dorothy Chinn Young Ruby Doshim Florence Foo Gladys Fong Ruby Fung Geraldine Chinn Elaine Ho Joanna Lin Carlene Chan Alice Chin Betty Jean Chin GRADUATES Theodora Tang SENIORS Ruby Jang Mary Lee Virginia Lee Elaine Leong Lillian Wing JUNIORS Lorraine Louie Mollie Lee Low Margaret Lum Algeria Quon SOPHOMORES Beverley Loo Myra Lowe Betty Ng Hazel Shen Beverley Chan Lucille Chan Gladys May Chin Lotus Horn Geraldine Kee FRESHMEN Mayme Lee Nellie Lee Low Lilly Poon Lelia Wing Jeanette Young • • • Bohren Hessen ins Keasbey Platt Sharp Williams Cence Franklin Halper Knapp Lorenzen Moore McKinley Rosecrans Rupp Sheppard Trehearne Brown Donaldson Hubbard Irwin Thompson Weed Decker Fisher Johnson Kummerfeld O ' Conner True Wilson THETA UPSILON 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Evelyn Bohren Barbara Hessenius Carol Challinor Barbara Keasbey Patricia Christensen Marjorie Platt Claire Cosgrove Wanda Sharp Gail Williams JUNIORS Eleanor Cence Loraine McKinley Sue Elliott Olive Rosecrans Mary Franklin Lillian Rupp Carol Halper Barbara Sheppard Emalyn Knapp Sally Taylor Gloria Lorenzen Marion Thorpe Marilyn Moore Diane Trehearne SOPHOMORES Shirley Brown Joan Donaldson Margaret Hofmeister Ellen Hogan Ruth Hubbard Barbara Decker Charline Fisher Barbara Johnson Grace Irwin Marcia Murphy Helene Richford Inez Thompson Joyce Weed SPRING PLEDGES Joyce Jenkins Diane Schram FRESHMEN Ruthie Kummerfeld Barbara O ' Connor Mary True Mercedes Wilson Arado Bourdet Cook Depew Geldert Herman Hernandez Jones Kemble Kreider Kurtz Louvou McAdams McCartney McClasky ooser Norton Nunn Reuter Russell Thoma Zopf Blair Britz Burr Cochran Craig Edmondson Flint Hiatt Howorth Jones Kanode ZETA TAU ALPHA 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS AFTER A " hard " morning of classes, nothing is more dear to a Zeta than a good meal in the beautiful new dining room of the house and then a quick sunbath on the large sundeck. This ritual not only gives a good suntan, but seems to fill Carol Cochran with the energy she needed to perform her duties as vice-president of the junior class and as a member of Pryt. Not to be outdone is Beverly McCloskey, president of Panhellenic and another Pry+. The winter months were brightened by such events as the White Violet Ball, a barn dance, a date dinner put on by the girls and a Christmas party for underpriviledged children. 382 ZETA TAU ALPHA Lubratich Vager Bourke Frank MacDonald Skogstram Corbett McAuliff Arney Carbiener Jackson Maier Woodson Delano LeDuc Mal lory Atchley Cotter Jones Pighetti Allen Hanson Ringo Swanson Balfour Dealy Leant Ransdale Bensen Johnson Stevens rune I I Bateman Fowler Lee Santini Collins Lange SENIORS Isabel Arado Diane McAdams Patricia Bourdet Dorothy McCartney Shirley Cook Beverly McClaskey Sally Depew Elizabeth Maxwell Marjorie Geldert Lupe Mooser Audrey Herman Joan Norton Racquel Hernandez Dorothy Nunn Barbara Jones Diane Rawlings Alys Kemble June Reuter Frances Kreider Frances Roberts Beverly Kurtz Dolores Russell Janet Louvou Patricia Lucretia Zopf JUNIORS Nancy Blair Jane Howorth Babs Britz Janet Jones Virginia Burr Annette Kanode Carol Cochran Jean Lubratich Joan Craig Maire McAuliff Cyanne Edmondson Joan Mallory Carol Flint Lois Swanson Barbara Giffin Joan Troxell Patricia Hiatt Claude Unselt Catherine Ann Vager SOPHOMORES Fay Arney Jackie Jones Cynthia Atchley Patricia Learn Beverly Balfour Lorraine Lockwood Donna Batemen Joan Lee Shila Bourke Joan MacDonald Janet Carbiener Barbara Maier Marilyn Cotter Marilyn Pighetti Jean Dealy Diane Ransdale Gerry Fowler Bobbie Santini Jane Frank Karen Skogstram Nancy Gossman Sally Tackney Alice Jackson Lucy Watson Audrey Woodson FRESHMEN Janet Allen Shirley Johnson Barbara Bensen Jackie Lange Nancy Collins Marcia LeDuc Jackie Corbett Barbara Ringo Joy Delano Joan Spurrier Jackie Hanson Llewellen Stevens SPRING PLEDGES Beverly Jones Joan Kelly FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Levy, Barbara Graff, Doris Dana, Barbara King, Frances Jacobi. BACK ROW: Lynn Mahoney, Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Virginia Miles, Jean McClure, Betty Lucas, Finette Champie. WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Doris Dana Vice-President Virginia Miles Secretary Barbara Graff Treasurer Nancy Levy Senior Representatives Jean McClure, Lois Sorensen, Frances Jacobi Junior Representatives Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Finette Champie Service Chairman Lynn Mahoney Social Chairman Betty Lucas Publicity Chairman Barbara King COUNCIL MEMBERS Arch Place Sue Vogel Bay View Mickey Loesserman, Kayla Wolfe Beaudelaire Betty Lucas, Finette Champie Bryn Mawr Jane Wood, Leona !gel The Californian Barbara Pardee, Marolyn Hedrick Cheney Hall Annette Person, Georgia Koch Colonial Hall Lois Sorensen Colonial Annex Joan Carney, Joy McDonald The Continental Renee di Pauli, Sylvia Sawyer Cunningham Hall Wilda McClung Elizabeth Barrett Virginia Zinn, Dianna Grosso Epworth Hall Ruth Murri, Anne Gould Joaquin Hall Irene Sciacqua, Mary Jane Jordon Lantana Lodge Carolyn Carpenter, Gloria Norwall Mitchell Hall Dorothy Bonnifield, Ella Mae Proctor Oldenberg Hall Jean McClure, Barbara Dunn Peixotto Hall Virginia Miles, Esther Brockman Richards Hall Jeanne Houle, Beverly Parkin Ridgemont Elena Palomino, Dorothy Hart Ritter Hall Wilma Snyder Sherman Hall Betty Stewart, Lillian Schredder Stebbins Hall Barbara Longbrook, Lois Olney Stern Hall Joanne Kileen, Phyllis Foster Stratford Hall Mary Ann Ambrosini, Jane Boe Warring Place Beverly Ruster, Jeanne Giovarvioni 386 Joan Asher Elaine Goldstein Marcelyn Hosenpud Recia Levey Frances Riback Susette Vogel Phyllis Donner Revina Freeman Gladys Avidan Phyllis Canter Florence Caplan Naomi Friedman Sylvia Lefohn Marietta Rakonitz Gloria Rosenthal Sondra Zukerman ARCH PLACE 1849 ARCH STREET SENIORS JUNIORS Paula Jackson Shirley Ring SOPHOMORES Lois King Evelyn Narot Roberta Pastel Mary Werner FRESHMEN Asher Hosenpud Riback Vogel Donner Freeman Jackson Ring Avidan Canter Capla n Friedman King Narot Pastel Werner Lefohn Rosenthal Zukerman BEAUDELAIRE 2347 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Charlene Contival Nina Frediani Jane Dahlquist LaVerne Karbach Jean Douglas Helen Koenig JUNIORS Finette Champie Marilyn McGammon Joy Johnson Constance Phillips Betty Lucas Sona Swanson Beverly Wemett SOPHOMORES Anne Miley Margaret Johnson Maudie Lauer FRESHMEN Charlotte Allen Maud Chapman Roberta Barnes Lesley Christensen Contival Dahlquist Douglas Frediani Karbach Koenig Champie Johnson, J. Lucas McCammon Swanson Wemett Attley Johnson, M. Lauer Allen Barnes Chapman Christensen 387 HOUSE AND campus activities keep Californian girls constantly on the go, not to mention study hours and academic interests. Lou Gil- more is kept busy with Mortar Board and Pryt. Elinor Sydenham is a member of Pryt, too. GRADUATE Hilda Ghio SENIORS Louise Gilmore Barbara Pardee Marolyn Hedrick Jeannette Selvage Pat Kendall Ellyse Spiegl Elinor Sydenham JUNIORS Rozell Devean Helen Leggo Joanne Jepson Diane Perkins Barbara King Lauredith Scott Marilyn Lavenant Lee Smith SOPHOMORES Mary Allender Adelaide Lindsay Eileen Callaghan Elouise Phelps Sheila Darling Marilyn Rowles Ruth Anne Holme Barbara Shipl ey Marilyn Jones Joan Shipley Helen Smeltzer FRESHMEN Maryalda Shanks Adrienne Weiner Myra Tannlund Jeannette Sondra Williams Gilmore Hedrick Kendall Pardee Selvage Spiegl Sydenham Devean Jepson King Legg° Smith Allender Callaghan Darling Holme Jones Lindsay Phelps Rowles Shipley, B. Shipley, J. Shan ks Tannlund Weiner White Williams THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT STREET Otto Bruse Dawson Person Puziene Trusty Wille Benson Dimmick Knoernschild Koch Kojima Byfield Crocker Hall Kingston Mahany Winzler Ballantyne Daniels Garfield Green Pacheco Thatcher CHENEY HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE RESIDENTS OF Cheney Hall contributed liberally in cam- pus activities. Activity girl Joyce Dawson became presi- dent of the Y.W.C.A. at the beginning of the school year. Other residents have been ac- tive in drama productions, Women ' s Counseling, Treble Clef, Orchestra and A.S.U.C. publications. GRADUATE Marianne Otto SENIORS Jacqueline Bruse Joyce Dawson Annette Person Patricia Puziene Carolyn Trusty Constance Wille JUNIORS Beverly Benson Suzanne Briggs Diane Cox Carol Dimmick Anna Knoernschild Georgia Koch Chifumi Kojima SOPHOMORES Barbara Hall Marlene Kingsfon Louise Macfarland Ruth Mahany Patricia Schumacher Barbara Smith Lure Winzler Erna Ballantyne Patricia Becker Maureen Brown Arlene Cohen Joan Daniels Joan Dodson Marjorie Evans Joan Garfield Reva Green FRESHMEN Joan Krieger Lois Newell Betty Pacheco Harriet Saver Emily Shideler Jo Taylor Roberta Thatcher Sally Wainwright Eileen Weinstein Barbara Biagini Leona Byfield Joanne Christensen Marilyn Crocker Margaret Edson Linda Faye Valverde Young Chavez Evenstad Nunn Sorensen Capillo Chiuroto Keeley Lanini McDonald, C. MacDonald, FL Pozzini Sawyer Seeno Shaw Van Dam Domenichelli Etzenhauser Holmes Leicham Malkasian Smith Spradling Trusendi Wheldon Williamson Burton Gruhler Hoijer McCullough Steinberg ACADEMIC INTERESTS, social and campus ac- tivities kept the members of Colonial Hall busy during the past year. The Christmas party was the outstanding activity of the semester with ex- changes, parties and picnics filling up the calen- dar. SENIORS Cathy Chapman Norinne Evenstad Ro se Chavez Dottie Nunn Barbara Cranston Lois Patricia Stevens JUNIORS Felisa Capillo Helen MacDonald Rose Chiuroto Florence Pozzini Lois Hughes Colene Sawyer Merrilyn Keeley Frances Seeno Irene Lanini Dee Shaw Carole McDonald Dorothy Summerfield Doris Van Dam COLONIAL HALL 2542 DURANT STREET SOPHOMORES Pat Domenichelli Nancy Etzenhauser Jeannette Holmes Ann Leicham Arline Malkasian Jean Perry Mary Sears Shirley Smith Jean Spradling Barbara Trusendi Joann Wheldon Patricia Williamson FRESHMEN Grace Burton Colleen McCullough Barbara Cranston Virginia McPhee Norma Gruhler Joan Steinberg Charlotte Hoijer Geraldine Miriam Young BRYN MAWR 2328 BOWDITCH STREET Harriet Fogarty Jane Lowy GRADUATE Leona !gel SENIORS Jane Wood Betty Rasmussen Mary Jean Welch JUNIORS Marcia Blumenthal Chariot Davis Marjorie Stoner SOPHOMORES Dorothy Fogarty Yvonne Puget Jean Holt Diane Schram FRESHMEN Frances Fraga Jacqueline Jour Mary Humphreys Joan Patterson Fogarty, H. Lowy Rasmussen Welch Wood Blumenthal Davis Stoner Fogarty, D. Puget Devine Fraga Humphreys Jour Patterson COLONIAL ANNEX 2334 BOWDITCH STREET GRADUATE Peggy Hoyt SENIORS Babette Barancik Nena Espino JUNIORS Inge Braun Jane Cowan Joan Carney Joy Ann McDonald Dorothy Coneeny Nadine Tyrrell SOPHOMORES Betty Bettencourt Rosalie Sciacca Audrey Fitzsimmons Charla Westerberg Barancik Espino Braun Carney Coneeny Cowan McDonald Tyrell Bettencourt Fitzsimmons Sciacca Westerberg 391 Horrigan Howard Kamena Kern Lobree MacPherson Russell Sunn Wileman Wilson Cakebread Griffith Kloeppel McClung Mears Ross Sanders Shaw Daldas Engel Garrabrant George Jeffe Jiminez Kan Muller Rhandel I Branch Clark Davis Dow Frasher Hughes Jungjohann Keyser Krieger Learned McColn McFarland Nishita Smith Steffan Thatcher Watkins CUNNINGHAM HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT THE CONFUSION caused when a waiter thought that the freshmen from Cunningham Hall had escaped from a reformatory rather than a dormitory . . . the spirit of the Christmas angel and Easter bunnies that was a part of the house .. the date dances in the living room . . . the Fernwald Hall ' s formals in the fall and spring ... the Tea for Mrs. Davidson . . . and +he annual Hearst Ranch picnic were all me- mories cherished by the girls from the top of " the Hill. " GRADUATE Eleanor SENIORS Barbara Donahue Doris Kern Audrey Gann Betty Ann Lobree Sorel Gregory Marilyn MacPherson Ann Horrigan J. B. Russell Shirley Howard Marguerite Sunn Ruth Kamena Donna Wileman Marjorie Wilson JUNIORS Gloria Brown Wilda McClung Betty Ann Cakebread Ann Mears Patricia Griffith Phyllis Ross Lorraine Hills Barbara Sanders Margaret Kloeppel Jeanne Shaw SOPHOMORES Patricia Andrews Joan Jeffe Aglaia Daldas Anita Jimenez Marian Engel Lilah Kan Phyllis Garrabrant Jean Muller Barbara George Shirley Randell Linda Schubert FRESHMEN Beverly Branch Ann Learned Joette Clark Pat McColm Elizabeth Davis Donna McFarland Doris Dow Emma Nishita Laureen Fresher Barbara Olson Nancy Hughes Patricia Smith Helen Jungjohann Rosemary Steffan Beatrice Keyser Jo-an Thatcher Joan Krieger Ann Watkins SENIORS Adams Bagley Benson Freedman Grethal Beleal Ettinger Feltham Fitzpatrick Goldsmith Hubbs Imperatrice, E. Imperatrice, V. Lewis Stark Zinn Asher Downey Grosso Hellman Warren Anthony Battat Bullard Cohn Collins Feragen Fishstrom Futerman Michael Norton Palmer Pighetti Ross Schade GRADUATE Frances Munoz Ernestine Beleal Joan Ettinger Jean Feltham Gwendolyn Fitzpatrick Sue Goldsmith Carol Hubbs Dorothy Asher Edith Downey Yvonne Anthony Rachelle Battat Margie Bullard Janet Cohn Diane Collins Elise-Marie Feragan Barbara Fishstrom FRESHMEN Jane Adams Diane Bagley Joan Benson Evelyn Imperatrice Virginia Imperatrice Marjorie Lewis Faye Schwartz Janet Stark Virginia Zinn Reva Futerman Nina Hooper Joan Norton Sue Palmer Marilyn Pighetti Zell Ross Marilyn Schade Ca rol Freedman Charlotte Goldstein Janet Grethal 00 MO 110 Oil ilia ail III 00 SIJ ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARREN STREET GATHERING TOGETHER after dinner for a singing session with piano and uke . . . sun baths to acquire an early tan . . . the swish of f ormal skirts at the semi-annual dinner dances . . . and the auction of unclaimed clothes at the end of each semester with gals franti- cally bidding to retrieve their garments .. . were all events to be remembered of this year at Cal. JUNIORS Diana Grosso Janet Hellman Mary Warren SOPHOMORES EPWORTH HALL Arvanitakes Bender, P. Biggs Campbell Clausen Cohn Dana Danielson Frankel Gesas Hanemian Henry Klein MacDonald Mitchell Murri Pistohl Smith, C. Warf Aidelberg Anderson, P. A. Bender, J. Boone Burt Carlsen Crail Dickie England Gallant Gist Gould Hansen Johanson McCormick Meitner VARIOUS P.J. parties highlighted the semester ' s activities including dances, exchanges and firesides. Many of the girls revealed their plans for a homemaking career. The outstanding sun porch roof attracted many of the girls during the spring but they still kept up the studies and campus activities, with Doris Dana, Betty Pisthol and Pearl Cohn to mention a few. Lois Aidelberg Pattie Ann Anderson Joyce Bender Marilynn Board Shirley Boone Margaret Burt Marjorie Carlsen Jo Crail Pat Dickie Ann England Clarice Gallant Barbara Garfinkle Frances Gist Anne Gould Ruth Hansen Ruby Johanson Pat Wyman Joyce Lindstrom May McCormick Marilyn Meitner Ruth Murri Shirley Newell Barbara Phillips Barbara Raffi Bonnie Ritzenthaler Patsy Roberts Carolyn Robertson Romberg Joan Swingle Lois Tarleton Shirley Weller Darlene Wood RonnieWoodward Pat Anderson Betty Jo Boring Jean Callaway Shirley Carter Beth Davie Phyllis Eakin Pat Gear Donna Giddings Elains Hamm Mary Jo Hart Ruth Heintz Norma Herzig Margene Hoover Nancy Johnson Wilma Kerr Betsy Moore Trudy Saks Anne Varnedoe Delores Jones Pat Mattoon Barbara Rowley Anne Alpen Doris Christman Janice Hope Newell Phillips Raffi Ritzenthaler Roberts Romberg Tarleton Weller Wood Woodward Anderson, P. Boring Callaway Carter Davie Eakin Gear Heintz Herzig Hoover Johnson Kerr Varnedoe Walters Alpen Christman Hope Rowley Smith, V. EPWORTH HALL 2521 CHANNING WAY GRADUATE Elaine Grant SENIORS Helen Arvanitakes Diana Hanemian Pat Bender Georgette Hendricks Ann Biggs Nancy Henry Joan Campbell Susan Klein Norma Clausen Ann Larson Pearl Cohn Marcia MacDonald Doris Dana Colleen Mitchell Joanne Danielson Betty Pistohl Terry Gesas Colleen Emylou Warf JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Ann Walters FRESHMEN Valerie Smith JOAQUIN HALL 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE TO START the fall semester off right Joaquin Hall held an open house. Other outstanding events were the pajama party (to acquaint the new girls with the old) and the other one held in the spring. There were open houses after the football games, a dinner dance at the Claremont and a Christmas party for un- derprivileged children. Another open house was held in the spring along with the Dean ' s Dinner. All had great fun at the picnic which was held towards the end of the spring se- mester, but most of all everyone enjoyed the Spring Formal. Anderson Clark McDougal Sciacqua Ulmer Druehl Ellis Evans Gomez Hay Jones Jordan Mortensen Nelson Partridw Stone Ferns Lyhne Tornell Bloome Finkel Goss Hunter Jaffee Vierra Zigmond SENIORS Dorothy Mae Anderson Mary McDougal Charity Clark Irene Sciacqua Helen Ulmer Jo Ann Druehl Shirley Ellis Lorraine Evans Mary Gomez Sylvia Hay Janice Jones Barbara Ferns Jean Lyhne Gloria Bloome Joy Cohn Barbara Decker Cyrille Finkel Susan Goss JUNIORS Mary Jane Jordan Barbara Mortenson Helen Nelson Marie Partridge Shirley Rodder Joan Storie Patsy Wright SOPHOMORES Rosalie Sargent Pat Tornell Ellie Willard FRESHMEN Connie Hunter Corinne Jaffee Betty Sumski Ramona Vierra Gerre Sue Zigmond Zellmer Teiche Dell Argall Kent Feinblum Brooks Lonam Gorsuch Holliger Scalise Mehrten Levy Stanley Orr FREEBORN HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE GRADUATE Donna Dahlman SENIORS Elaine Broadbent Dorothy Zellmer JUNIORS Anne Argall Pat Holliger Frances Brooks Amelia Levy C. J. Fortier Dorothy Pat Teiche SOPHOMORES Laura Kent Rachael Scalise Jo Lonam Shirley Stanley FRESHMEN Joan Dell Marion Mehrten Jolyn Feinblum Georgia Mellette Jola Gorsuch Betty Wanda Orr Natalie Elster Jean Liebman Faye Brown Nancy Brubaker Beverly Jacobson Marian Leichtfuss Louise Fields Helen Honer Gloria Norwall Margery Peterson Dagne Nordholm Mary Ann Nosman Sadye Petersen Edna Prouty Margaret Patrick Joan Puckhaber Carolyn Carpenter Jean Lockner Barbara Stone FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES J UNIORS Nancy Madden Nancy Nicholson Joyce Tremaine LANTANA LODGE 2437 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Carpenter Lackner Norwall Peterson Stone Elster Liebman Madden Tremaine Brown Brubaker Jacobson Nosman Peterson, S. Prouty Fields Honer Patrick 397 401 Alpha Chi Omega 2313 WARRING SENIORS Betty Clark Anne Girard Patricia Hansen Jana Herkes Gail Hughes Beverly Jackson Pat Jordan Jeanne klose Sally Lilleston Lynne Maxfield Georg Ann Miner Diana Potter Judy Pruiett Mary Louis Pugh Susan Rouder Penny Tharsing Nancy Weant Sue Wilde Susan Winn JUNIORS Carol Sue Anderson June Bender Sherie Bender Sally Bould Jan Cave Jan Dalton Deanna Dorsa Lynnea Edenholm Barbara Keeler Barbara Ferrea Margie Fidler Pat Gaunce Gigi Gomes Ellen Haley Nancy Holland Suzanne Lacy Lorna Larsen Carolyn Marsh Joan Matkin Shirley Matson Gerry Sanger SOPHOMORES Ginny Bell Dale Campbell Mary Alyce Carpenter We had another sorority type year — activities, functions, studies. Vital Statistics : Activities : International Relations Board Chairman Publicity Chairman of the new Student Union Blue and Gold Junior Manager Election Council Chairman Big and Little Sister Chairman Intramural Chairman Rally Committee, Oski Dolls, Mortar Board ... Functions : Pledge dance (followed by the best pledge sneak in years) Numerous banquets Senior, Big and Little Sister, Father-Daughter Formals—Winter, Spring Big Game Decorations with the Phi Kappa Taus Sweepstakes Studies : We did ! Cathy Coleman Sue Cory Dee deKat Darlene DeManincor Fat Gallis Kay Goddard Christine Lee Sharon Miner Mibs Murch Judy Partland Vicky Peterson Jane Preston Judy Price Dede Rampacek Judy Reaves Corzy Rempel Carolin Skarsten Lois Talbott Barbara Ware Donna Wolden FRESHMEN Ann Benninghoven Meridith Clausen Sally Cochran Joyce Crinklaw Peg Driscoll Nancy Gibb Barbara Gregg Phyllis Gugliotta Peggy Harrington Karen Jones Pamela Lee Diane Linder Suzanne Lindsay Barbara Nelson Karen Okelberry Patricia O ' Toole Ann Pflueger Mary Rohrbough Molly Siple Linda Swanson Margaret Thompson Paula Turner Madeline Wilde 403 Alpha Epsilon Phi 2401 PIEDMONT SENIOR Judy Felsenthal JUNIORS Bonnie Aaronson Marilyn Cohen Judye Daniels Lynne Diamond Nancy Glick Sue Israel Maxine Katz Nancy Kaufman Kay Levensky Elsie Levin Jana Liff Sue Mendelsohn Carolyn Paul Carole Phillipson Phyllis Rakita Joni Rosenblatt Nancy Rothman Sandy Stern Joy Tyre Marilyn Zanville SOPHOMORES Kathy Anixter Judee Bodner Barbara Borin Marvis Braun Becky Brodie Janet Brower Judy Capel Feralee Cherin Marilyn Daniels Rosemary David Ronda Esenoff Ruth Frank Betty Lou Gamzey Sue Gorshow Mary Isador Sandy Jacobson Sharon Jacobson Ronni Jurow Miriam Kalsman Joanie Kerstien Toni Lang Sharon Lapid Lorrie Levin Jan Mendelsohn Joan Mendelsohn Judy Rabin Stephanie Raphael Carol Riskind Diane Rosen Judy Rosen Carla Rosenbaum Joanne Schlesinger Debbie Schultz Carole Schwartz Karen Shain 405 Alpha Epsilon Phi Susan Smith Jo Ann Taub Robin Wallbert FRESHMEN Bonnie Blue Carol Chapnick Jerilyn Cytron Joan Diamond Mona Friedman Judy Glassman Jeanie Good Joan Gordon Judy Kaplan Linda Lennie Landis Gale Lasman Susan Levin Marilee Michael Dorothy Morris Ann Ramenofsky JoAnn Rosin Judy Rubens Nancy Sandack Danice Schwartz Randy Shafton Diane Sirota Sandy Weinstein Linda White Sharon Whitman Scholarship .. We tried Socially We really tr ied (some succeeded) Spiritually . . . . We tried constantly Alpha Delta Chi 2726 CHANNING SENIORS Joyce Fortini Barbara Homer Helen Irvine Linda Irvine Selma Krause Evelyn Louis Ann Sakai Barbara Schnaak JUNIORS Janet Dunstan Linda Larson Lois Larson Marjorie Menhenett Ann Ninomiya Eleanor Power Judy Robson Grace Rued Marianne Russell Emi Sano SOPHOMORES Betty Barber Nanci Bush Lois Hale Nancy Kobayashi Margaret MacMillan Betty Stenson Susan Steward Janice Swift Lorraine Wilson Gail Hartman Barbara Sturmer 407 Alpha Delta Pi 2400 PIEDMONT SENIORS Anne Arnold Joan Barton Judy Clemetson Sue DeMonte Jane Douds Denise McCarthy Jessie MacKenzie Mary Ann Mitchell Janet Nielson Julie Poppelman Pat Riley Jan Solberg Virginia Stahle Jo Ann Thebolt Sarah Weiss Betz Williams JUNIORS Linda Axelson Juline Cardoza Vickie Csenar Nancy DeMartini Bobbie DeMotte Fran Doherty Sue Forrest Marian Galli Penny Howlett Pat Lammerman Sharon Lyon Anna Mohn Carole Newton Bonnie Rae Gay Tourville Marilyn Vondra SOPHOMORES Bonnie Belhumeur Babs Brill Linda DeLeon 408 ACTIVITIES Pompon Girls: Carole Newton, Joani Parker Alternates : Nancy De Martini, Barby Williams Oski Dolls: Jackie Firpo, Marilyn Hester, Anna Mohn Angel Flight: Julie Poppleman, president; Juline Cardozo, vice-president; Janet Neilson, Barbara Norick; Marian Galli Rep at Large and Ex. Comm.: Jo Ann Thebolt Blue and Gold: Barby Thomson, junior Intersorority Ball Chairman : Juline Cardozo Little Sisters of Minerva: Julie Poppleman, Sue DeMonte, Joani Parker J. Comm.: Mary Ann Mitchell U.C. Ski Club : Barby Thomson, secretary QUEENS Big Game Attenda nt : Judy MacLean Dream Girl Princess : Penny Howlett HONORARIES Mortar Board: Jo Ann Thebolt, Mary Ann Mitchell Panile: Marilyn Hester Phi Beta Kappa: Jo Ann Thebolt Prytanean: Juline Cardozo, Jo Ann Thebolt, Mary Ann Mitchell Mary Lu Downing Nancy Garwood Nanci Heist Marilyn Hester Marilyn Sue Hester Karen Jossis Carol Lawler Sue Leslie Judy MacLean Carole Malone Cathy Marshall Carol Nicolaisen Joan Parker Jane Rockfcrd Chris Sanfcrd Barby Thomson Barby Williams Wanda Willis FRESHMEN Peggy Burnham Mary Dunn Rita Enright Ann Foxworthy Gayle Frost Cece Glenn Mariann Jackson Judy Johnson Vicki Keller Nancy Mize JoAnn Rickards Patti Rimpau Chris Schirmer Jeanne Schroeder Mary Stevenson Sue White Sue Ann Wineman 409 Alpha Gamma Delta 2424 WARRING SENIORS Diane Brovelli Nancy Cooper Carolyn Crook Carolyn Hurt Karolyn Klapak Joan Martin Claire Skoegard Kathy Stephens Geri Stuart Anna Marie Taylor Mary Barbara Vanek JUNIORS Dorothy Ahlburg Carole Brady Arleen Cunningham Lynette Fain Jean Gelber Sheila Hanley Karen Jeffries Marie Kennedy Barbara Molinari Charlotte Peterson Gloria Puncher Kathy Pyles Mary Sheeran Sue Winey SOPHOMORES Carine Archer Pat Brennan Shelley Byer 410 WHAT-ME WORRY ?? Mary Jane De Wolf Anne Fuller Dana Harvey Judy Kaufman Carol Fay Marliave Arlene McLaughlin Carolyn Morledge Pat Pendergast Judy Pottol Judy Samsel Jackie Stagg Lynn Theriot Pat Weber FRESHMEN Linda Adams Jay Ann Alderson Lynda Barr Joan Buell Jan Choura Robin Craig Jane Elzey Karen Helfer Gayle Huff Diane Jones Ginger McCauley Diane Munkner Patricia Nielson Heather Norman Sylvia Pariani Isabel Peterson Penny Poulton Ruthie Richardson Carol Russel Carol Schmidt Ann Schoales Marina Swett 411 Alpha Omicron Pi 2311 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Diane Affleck Jane Bzoch Sally Conway Julie Jones Martha Langdon Sandra MacNider Melinda Moore Maralyn Moseley Pokey Schwab Barbara Sharp Marylyn Smith Sally Waldron Sue Warrington Jane Zimmerman JUNIORS Karen Brown Sue Byrne Penny Carlson Constance Corten Marti Dent Jane Drennan Libbie Everhart Kathleen Field Barbara Harvey Barbara Hyder Diane Kalz Della Mundy Ann Ogle Cynthia Preston Margot Ramirez Julie Rogers Cynthia Schofield Sandy Short Marene Stitlinger Gail Taylor SOPHOMORES Carol Ackerman 412 Once upon a year, like two semesters In a large house on a street called Prospect Lived a big family with 25 new sisters. In this house gay times were had by all Including those who came to call. Dances, exchanges, open houses—the time they took Were mingled with competitors, bridge and books. Gay songs on Friday nights Warm fires and dim lights Excitement accompanying Big Game, And not to forget some names of fame : On Rally Comm. were Deanna and Sue Angels represented quite a few. Pokey as head of the Union Board Marny honored with a scholastic award. Diane on Mortar Board, Deanna as Soph V.P. Marny, Panhellenic Pres. for a year will be. Carol, our Maid of Cotton finalist in the Fall, Melinda, our favorite Oski Doll. The year has rung with songs and laughter As all the sisters live happily ever after. Nancy Baumann Janice Blakiston Susan Campbell Catherine Conlin Claudine Fisher Arlene Hansen Joan Harrington Toni Hatch Kathie Jackson Deanna Lynn Suzy Shadinger Karen Stara Bonnie Taylor Kathy Weymouth FRESHMEN Ann Capron Linda Carruth Carolyn Corbelli Ann Cravath Irene Diskon Margaret Ellis Jodi Frost Sandra Glooschenko Carlyle Gordon Anne Grady Lynn Grosser Nancy Haberman Jo Ann Hallberg Marilyn Hamilton Cecelia Jenkins Karen Meek Sally Mills Dian Oldemeyer Annette Sammann Carolyn Spencer Darrin Tollin 413 Alpha Phi 2830 BANCROFT SENIORS Janet Campbell Jane Claussen Sue Figel Barbara Fortini Gail Franchini Nancy Ghiselli Lynne Henrietta Cathy Kelley Linda Kenason Mary Beth Laurence Louise Pomeroy Lyman Kathryn Adel Miller Mary Newcomer Judy Pringle Nancy Sands Lani Seneker Juli McKay Smock Ann Sullivan Molly Sullivan Gretchen Vincent JUNIORS Kay Allegrini Ann Boradori Sandy Caselli Susan Dinkelspiel Patsy Flint Dianne Fontaine Farrell Haggerty Ann Hassard Nancy Jacobs Anne Martin Margie Myers SOPHOMORES Jane Barrett Mary Beth Claussen Julie De Roos Sally Fleury Pamela Gartshore Diane Giannone Kathie Hinman Penny Holland Shirley Hyink Ellen Noble Joan Smiley Ann SolinskY Kathleen Thompson Isabel Travis Kathy Wall FRESHMEN Kackie Barta Katie Bonnell Nan Brook Debby Campbell Peggy Donoghue Francie Eisele Sue Fleury Carol Franchini Cathy Gartshore Jean Hassard Beth Hunter Lani Ingham Marji Johnson Sally Jones Janey Knecht Sherie Laird Anne Macey Christine Martin Ann McKinis Nancy Miliken Shelia Morshead Willa Myers Audie Nigh Mary Nock Pinkie Pomeroy Liz Solinsky Peggy Tarr Mary Nell Taylor Mary Fran Timboe Kathleen Tuck Polly Whittell 415 Alpha Xi Delta 2833 BANCROFT STEPS SENIORS Nanci Borio Cathy Gimblim Lee High Joy Holmes Roxanne Kelly Christine Roosa Ann Severin Diane Tischer Harriett West JUNIORS Mary Jo Calhoun Judy Ca rver Jan Dalton La Verne Dempsey Ann Carat Marcia Gould Marilyn Hanson Susan Meachem Kathy Moore Ann Sto ops Miriam Wilson SOPHOMORES Lois Armstrong Bev Dierks Carol Fox Stephanie Center Marianne Giberti Irene Hinsche Judy Hogan Marcia Iriarte " Still waters run deep. ' Bette Kankkonen Barbara Larsen Luisa Sciutto Judy Simmons Pat Simmons Jackie Smith Kathie Strange Marla Sturges Bonnie Utterback Karen Young FRESHMEN Jeanine Blazzard Sherry Burkhart Susan Herney Kay Hiatt Linda Hileman Deanna Kennedy Sandy Longmore Kathy Meyer Judie Mills Joyce Miner Daphne Monroe Margo Rowell Teresa Smith Marylee Taylor Char Turner Bonnie White 417 Chi Omega 2421 PIEDMONT SENIORS Meri Campbell Mary Dunlap Patty Ellerd Joanne Erwin Megan Geffeney Sue Hanlon Mary Hicks Marilynne Hughes Heather McCune Marilyn McElhoe Nancy Miller Diana Mundt Marjorie Myers Linda O ' Connor Janet Pugh Dorrie Robbins Charlotte Signorelli JUNIORS Carolee Anderson Arleen Carlson Jackie Carveth Linda Cordray Linda Emery Sylvia Galli Kathy Gelus Linda King Earlene Lief Laurie MacDougall Judy McGinley Yvonne Nicolet Marilyn Penprase Penny Riede Jan Schmidt Carolyn Smith Nancy Soares Sue M. Stone Marge Swain Judy Viland Connie Wilander Barbara Wood SOPHOMORES Zee Anderson Jean Beggs Paula Elsner Joyce Golden Martha Hall Linda Harrison Sharon Hayes Eve Jursch Judy Kindig Judy Madfes Sandy McDonald Judy McKay Carol Millinich Nathalie Post Wendy Shoemaker Ann Stevens 419 Chi Omega Barby FRESHMEN Lynn Abbey Carolyn Cavallero Betty Edlund Sara Sue Flannery Kathy Fusco Jerilynn Ganiats Jeri Giannoni Geri Graham Ann Humason Sandy Johnson Maggie Johnston Linda Lutgen Gig Manske Sue McDonald Katie McQuaid Barbara Mullan Joan Nelson Bee Gee Seitz Virginia Smedberg Adrienne Smith Sheri Smith Nancy Warren Christie Wilander Sabra Worswick PHI SIG IN ' 61 A new house . . . three stories high. Sixteen pledges . . . a Fall class great Surprise! Janice Big Game Week Cinderella. Mother-daughter tea . . . a great success. Open Houses . . . lots of fun. Karen and Bobbie . . . top Pelly Salesgirls. Active and Pledge Parties . . . the best yet. Fabulous Formal in S.F. . . . topped the year ' s social whirl! Phi Sigma Sigma 2728 CHANNING SENIORS Michelle Greenberg Irene Ponve Corry Schnitzer JUNIORS Marilyn Forman Janice Glesser Karen Goldman Joan Grunwald Judy Hammerman Barbara Lustig Leanore Lynn Ruth Papo Arleen Rosenberg Susan Williams SOPHOMORES Diana Dwane Ruth Fisher Claire Hirsch Penny Miller Elaine Sacks Eden Zidell FRESHMEN Edy Bass Bonnie Benjamin Susan Dalton Marsha Franks Irma Gruen Michele Hyman Cynthia Lamdan Melinda Laykin Diane Meyer Barbara Meyerson Carolyn Nightingale Lydia Perlman Beverly Schwartz 421 Delta Delta Delta 2300 WARRING SENIORS Heather Adams Mary Claire Awtrey Irene Bernadicou Carrie Bragg Florence Burkner Sharon Calvy Claire Fallas Ruth Ann Hague Carole Hilton Gale Johnson Carrie Kane Sandy Kilpatrick Jane Klipfel Susan Knott Linda Medsker Kathleen Mossman Sandy Rees Smith Debby Sullivan Maria Torigino JUNIORS Pepper Brown Sue Callahan Naomie Cole Shirley Ann DeJoy Ann Escobosa Sandy Gue Janice Hance Kaaren Ingebreisen Mary Karin Johansen Sue Kjarsgaard Heather Moore Ann Singman SOPHOMORES Margie Crist Anne Fischer Moni Batewood 422 Go Bears . . . Jackie Johnson Leslie Jones Marcy McCracken Nancy Meyer Ginny Nash Stephanie Rank Helen Thormann Mary Traude Jo Wahlander FRESHMEN Kathleen Asaro Mary Ann Buxton Patricia Doherty Margo Eachus Judy Englesby Peggy Exter Nancy Jurden Susan Kane Linda Little Susan Marquart Mary Martin Pam Newmark Jane Patton Nancy Paulson Sally Pugh Diane Ralphs Cindy Rossi Ginny Salo Sandy Saunders Joan Siemens Pat Slater Cherry Snider Gayle Sohigian Sheri Stavrum Anne Treutline Carla Wagenman Evann Walker 423 Delta Gamma 2710 CHANNING WAY SENIORS Victoria Butler Jane Colin Patty Collins Marilyn Engelhard Mary Fletcher Sheelah Fox Marsha Goodmanson Wendy Graupner Betsy Hamoton Hart Karen Johnson Linda Lupher Judy Moreland Penny Norton Joan Papke Helen Redford Joan Ryman Susan Sommarstrom Karen Tallyn JUNIORS Sheri Adams Kathy Butler Nancy Carlson Robin Coaeney Sarah Cummins Mary Dean Anne Gerdes Lynn Hannaford Georgia McKeighan Phyllis O ' Connell Peggy Page Jean Perry Nicole Peter Ginny Retting Lynda Scctt Pat Siefker Katie Solari Ann Turner 424 Past Fulfillments, Future Objectives . . Present Endeavors Tonia Vaughn Carol Weedon SOPHOMORES Nancy Antola Meg Bell Tricia Cobb Rae Demler Karin Eklund Sally George Julie Hendren Sara Hertford Barbara Hobin Sue Jelavich Lolly Laube Margaret Monteiro Lena Sario Karen Sommarstrom Wendy Spencer Julie Stauffer Sue Wiley FRESHMEN Fran Bishopric Carolyn Campbell Julie Dickson Suzie Eubank Marian Hand Joyce Haswell Kay Howe Gail McFarland Carol Morelli Sue Moscrip Janice Olsen Janna Osmond Teri Sauer Sharon Lee Scott Betty Ann Thomas Carol Veenker Ginger Veins 425 Delta Phi Epsilon 2455 PROSPECT SENIORS Irene Backman Marilyn Braverman Barbara Bromberg Mary Efron Bobbi Emanuel Beverly Feiner Joyce Jaffe Ellen Springer JUNIORS Sidne Berry Judi Edelstein Gail Hauser Rita Karlin Bobbi Lazarus Barbara Levin Marsha Lippman Natalie Newman Linda Press Judy Rose Linda Simons Pat Smith Sandra Weisinger Harriet Werfel SOPHOMORES Donna Abel Susie Abramson Ellie Alpert Lynn Chernack Beverly Cohen Ann Drezner Hilary Field Sherry Gandin Peggy Gilbert Barbara Glickman Barbara Grant Nancy Koenigsberg Julie Labenberg 426 Good evening, Delta Phi Epsilon . . . I ' m sorry, we don ' t have rooms for rent. Our house is full . .. You saw our advertisement in Dwinelle Plaza ? Advertising foreign " affairs " . . . Oh, we ' re the sorority, not a " service " . . . You must have the wrong " number " . . . Good-bye. And so went our year. Full of fun, excitement, and studies. Dorothy Lande Diane Livchitz Leila Manson Judy Nierenberg Hinda Ozan Judy Pilger Carol Ridker Marcy Ruskin Silvia Sarrota Nina Strasburg Joan Streicher Kathy Suson FRESHMEN Judy Aarons Diane Brown Jo Anne Brown Lois Cohen Darlene Gardenschwartz Elaine Hearst Sherry Heller Elinor Jacobs Steffie Kaufman Emmy Klein Maxine Kurtz Sheila Landy Judy Lerer Marilyn Levin Linda Levoy Mari Mayer Lynn Miller Barbara Ozeran Sharon Oxman Sally Schiller Carole Schulman Sharon Slobin Susie Sparer Donna Starin Barbara Stoller Doreen Sussman Sheila Zebrack 427 Delta Zeta 2728 DURANT AVENUE SENIORS Adele Deimel Carey Edson Suzanne Hansen Sandra Hunt Nancy Murphy Margy Pickford Jane Semple Pat Vartanian Virginia Vorous JUNIORS Jo Adams Barbara Arlon Carolyn Ballard Nancy Donaldson Mary Alice Frost Pat McLeod Gail Porter SOPHOMORES Barbara Buckholtz Anne Deming Fran Jaekle Leilani Ketlinski Nancy Lauderback Wendy Livesay Joan Lohmeyer Nancy Louargand Denise Mezek Alice Russell Carolyn Smith Judy Smith 428 Forty-one pledges to join in the fun and excitement of parties, excursions, dances, football games, and rallies .. the work and worry of school, mid-terms and finals . . . the exciting work of house decorations that wouldn ' t work when the judges came by . . . more fun in intramurals, at basketball games, working on many activities and getting to know our new housemother . . . the thrill of initiation . . . making new friends ... all too soon saying good-bye to some . . . and finally, summer vacation, with thoughts of next year ' s fun already entering our minds. Judy Willis FRESH MEN Isabel Blagborne Elizabeth Brcoks Claire Buletti Barbara Burgess Cecile Caswell Marilyn Cook Marlene Depper Phyllis Fazio Pat Giarratana Donna Grumet Loretta Hagopian Marcia Hammer Julie Land Lana Lucking Jane Person Judy Podesta Mary Post Joyce Putnam Nancy Rogers Theo Scott Janell Shepard Linda Skursch Lynn Stewart Gail Telischak Geri Van Cleve Billi Woolley Ann Young 479 Gamma Phi Beta 2732 CHANNING SENIORS Betsy Barker Nancy Dougery Nancy Foss Linda Hossom Margo Laine Barbara Lieb Tinker Lucas Ann Parker Carolyn Pearson Cecilia Simmonich JUNIORS Linda Baker Carol Bishop Sue Church Terry Coultas Judy Emsley Betsy Falkenberg Nancy Flegal Nancy Flint Merle Gibbins Pat Gilson Judy Glander Rosemary Green Eunice Hansen Judy Meunier Barbara St. Amant Sandy Scott Sharon White SOPHOMORES Sally Adams On the California Campus There ' s a place you should know Called Gamma Phi Beta on Sorority Row They rock and they roll and they ' re really alive— Gamma Phi Beta, they really jive. Alison Armstrong Ginger Bailey Paula Conser Sue Curry Patti Foster Sue Frisou Katy Holcombe Sharon Hunt Diane King Jill Laing Sonja Mollenhoff Melinda Moore Carol Parsons Pat Quinn Nancy St. Clair Diane Steele Pat Sullivan Mary Lee Trees Penny Wayte FRESHMEN Peggy Atthowe Diana Chrisman Mary Culleton Susan Dangberg Jane Ehrhardt Margie Gray Sydney Henshaw Joan Macgregor Sharon McPhee Sally Norton Hilde Pechanec Melinda Phillips Wende Ronzone Mayann Salamid Judy Titus Elizabeth Varney 431 Kappa Alpha Theta 2723 DURANT SENIORS Carol Cashin Kathryn Conway Arline Cottrell Joanne Fox Hope Gallup Alice Land Susan Lawton Joan Murman Cynthia Smith JUNIORS Elizabeth Ballachey Gustie Barnett Peggy Beim Cynthia Bennett Barbara Brown Poppy Copeland Ann Edmiston Trudy Garretson Barbara Hollander Phyllis Lockwood Lois Martin Lani McDermid Mary Sue Powell Gloria Revilla Susan Smith Joey Tuttle Mary Walters Judith Ward SOPHOMORES Sally Ackerman Jan Banks Margie Carmichael Moira Daly Susan Dirksen Patti Fay Karyn Gautier Kate Hand 432 Cynthia Henderson Margot Luther Barbara Majesky Judy Miller Marie Moseley Gretchen Olson Pam Peterson Jill Pettker Madelyn Sanborn Leslie Smith Wendy Steele Sally Wade Nancy Woodard Gail Worth FRESHMEN Kathie Baker Barbara Collinge Chris Edwards Lynn Haigh Judy Knapp Nancy Mangan Suzy Melquist Ann Nelson Linda Parlette Sue Schwatka Valerie Slasor Kitsy Snow Suzanne Springer Nancy Terry Julie Thomas Liz Van Loben Sels Mary Ware Laurie Westdahl Susan Wilder 433 Kappa Delta 2461 WARRING SENIORS Sue Berner Marty Bruno Janice Free Nancy Hogan Lin Howson Jan Kelsey Jan Lateana Olivia Quiroz Joyce Staples Marcia Thomas JUNIORS Diane Barton Phyllis Belben Linda Booerg Sue Carlson Nancy Danielson Sharon Ellwood Sharron Ferguson Nancy Fletcher June Hopkins Judy Iverson Sandy Moore Kerry Neblett Sue Shaw Darlene Smith 434 Sociabilite . . . des honneurs . . . des voyages .. scholastique? Definitivement! Maryly Smith Louise Stallings SOPHOMORES Janey Barnes Judy Clapham Diane de Kirby Karen Felt Kris Head Arlene Jakovich Sharon Leale Nancy May Jan Nailer Kathy Popov Marilyn Schowengerdt Maryjean Stephens Peggy Twist FRESHMEN Judy Blower Ginny Bywater Ellen Hull Lia Jackson Linda Markarian Meredy McDaniel Jackie Mills Jean Stewart Donna Trinchero Linda Jo Weeks Judy Zimmerman 435 Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 PIEDMONT SENIORS Joan Bailey Penny Bunn Laurie Cockburn Jane deBenedetti Sue Anne Fisher Jane Howell Judith Johnson Joan Law Bailey Logan Marjorie Oliver Nancy Jane Pattinsan Alison Plant Claudeen Smith Sandra Louise Smith Susan Robbins JUNIORS Abby Adams Mary Baumgartner Judy Brown Elizabeth Campion Merrilee Gwerder Hilary Hale Donna Hartman Peggy Hayes Carol Heringer Ann Hollick Adele Hughes Meg Jenson Sarah Mage Anne Mayhew Ann McCarthy Sue McFie Lenore McManigal Shirley Nielsen Monique Rowe Judith Sheehan Laurie Washburn SOPHOMORES Linda Appleby Linda Bradford Martha Cummings Judy Flood Mercedes Foster Lori Heatley Ann Lamb Ann Lockett Sally Lorimer Elizabeth O ' Hara Joan Payne Karen Quistgard Polly Ratcliff Dana Tolles FRESHMEN Lynn Cary Jane Coryell Sarah Cunningham Domie Garat Kathleen George Sharon Gilberd Terry Henshaw Deborah Knapp Marcia McNeill Pamela Palmer Joan von Schlegell 437 Phi Mu 2425 PROSPECT SENIORS Suzie Abell Pat Barthman Barbro Ek Gayle Forsyth Jean Gray Rosemary Langs Bev Middleton Julie Pasley Ellen Saegebarth Dorothy Sherwood Marla Smith Susan Stewart Kay Venstrom Joan Warner JUNIORS Neta Bailey Ellie Cortsen Cathy Cutler Jevenee Fair Deanna Fasold Lynette Hendrix Elaine Henning Suzie Jackson Carolyn Krober Judy Kysh Avery Larsen Barbara Lutge Caroline Luton Marilynn McLaren 438 FOR THE RECORD .. . Time : School year 1960-61 Place : New House on Prospect Defendants : 70 Active Coeds Witnesses : Housemother, Mrs. Longwill ; the Alumnae the Campus Case for the Prosecution : Pledge dance, exchanges, formals, last minute study, soggy crepe paper at house-decs time, porch lights to shed their light over the entire block, excessive No-Doz Case for the Defense : President Women ' s C Society—Marla Blue and Gold : editor—Dot, pictures editor—Elaine Pelican : Asst. Women ' s Dir.—Neta, Vanity Fair—Sharon Mortar Board—Marla ; Prytanean—Marla and Dot Rally Comm.—Judy, Nan, Jeanne Manager Treble Clef—Kay Plea : Guilty as charged. Verdict : Another average year ! Sara Niles Kathy Pfeifer Jan Pimental Nancy Pohl Ann Robertson Vivian Smith Katie Thornton MaryLou Vold SOPHOMORES Edna Anderson Carolyn Buell Jeanne Cooper Ginger Degenkolb Marcia Fisher Sandie Fries Karen Gale Sarah Hornung Jcan Hoyer Nan Konig Sandy Marts Marilyn McClintock Colleen Poindexter Glenda Spivey Sharon Stafford FRESHMEN Bobette Bagby Shirley Cooper Mary Frost Roberta Hawk Merry Jo Kropb Ann Schoonmaker Pam Sha ffer Mary Jane Snyder Roberta Tennant 439 Pi Beta Phi 2325 PIEDMONT SENIORS Hilary Bevis Binnie Busby Janet Crist Carolyn Hand Laurie Noll Electa Sevier Susan Verble JUNIORS Sue Allen Barbara Bogue Betsy Bourret Molly Burnett Cathy Devlin Kathie Dougherty Jennifer Ellis Pat Forster Geri Gingg Lynn Ginoux Mary Harrison Jean Lasher Molly Mauser Wendy MacMillan Muriel McCarthy Cece McEneany Patti Meyer Pat Nclte Patti O ' Hara Jennifer Perrin Carolyn Pettefer Robbie Rice Judi Richards Jane Scott Penny Serrem Liz Small Sherry Stevens Katie Stuhr 440 Terry Taylor Jean Underwood SOPHOMORES Susan Barnes Laurie Bischoff Lynn Bush Louise Cianciarulo Brooks Hagestad Nancy Hayhurst Pam Kimball Beth Marsteller Mary McFarland Melinda Menzies Terrie Mills Nancy Nicolause Harriet Stark Tony Taylor FRESHMEN E. B. Blanchard Nancy Bogue Betsy Bright Susan Cookson Marcia Finch Pat Hickman Liz McNeill Laurie Michaels Laurie Mullally Julie Perkins Wendy Phillips Kathleen Riesenberg Susan Schrieber Joanne Seefeld Geri Silverman Ellen Thiem Polly Traverse Janet Worthington 441 HI CATS! Tune in on a hep nine months for this swingin ' pad. Fall : a ball! A line of twenty-nine expanded our sisterhood. Active cats threw an " enchanted evening " for the newly arrived—all cats made like Romans. Enlarged Game Week = joint labor over " Unchained Oski " with Deutsch cats. The Informal? Crazy, wild . . . Cool Cats Reaping Rewards : Lynn—Panile, Rally Comm., Secretary of A.W.S. Board Margie—Panile Carolyn—Soph secretary-treasurer Kathie—Frosh secretary-treasurer Sigma Kappa 2409 WARRING SENIORS Brenda Anderson Marty Annin Judy Archer Margo Brown Brenda Cox Marion Cross Lynn Dally Sue Freeman Linda Locatelli Judy Mauser Joan McCabe Anne McKay Carol McNeely Sue Normand Helen O ' Neil Donna Prentice Polly Welsh JUNIORS Claire Bremer D. J. Fulkerson Georgia Gibeaut Sally Gosline Sue Grant Pat Jackson Barbara Janin Sue Jennings Sarah Kulberg Karen Lassen Lori Lauder Karen Maakestad Margot Maynard Fran Michael Kathy Milano Sharon Reilly Jan Smith Marilyn Sprague Patti—Oski Doll Marty and Bonnie—Rally Comm. Sandy, Donna, Jan—Angel Flight Jan and Brenda—Gavel and Quill Sharon—egg plague Spring-Swingin ' —Father-Daughter Banquet (Hey, Daddy-O) Formal—(the ginchiest !) Sally, Lynn, Nancy, Karen and Claire flee the scene and make for Europe Conclusion : Endsville !! Sayonara Au reservoir P.S. Kookie loves us . . . Nancy Turner Doris Tyson Barbara Whitby Pat Williams Pat Wolfe Beth Wooton SOPHOMORES Sandy Boles Joan Campbell Marcia Coates Nancy Fevereiro Laurie Fleming Phyllis Fowler Lynn Gentner Maureen Hagerty Marty Hege Jan Maakestad Carolyn Macintosh Bonnie McCaughn Mary McFarland Judy Miller Mara Oaks Joan Scheiber Nancy Schmidt Judy Wallis Marily Walther Margie Weatherhead FRESHMEN Kathie Blackman Karen Blank Sharon Boyd Paula Calderhead Carole Crandall Carolyn Gaba Marilynne Grady Molly Green Carol Jalonen Gretchen Larsen Barbara Maynard Margaret Morrison Vicki Morrison Chris Sipila Sue Triebel Arleen Vola 443 Zeta Tau Alpha 2310 PROSPECT SENIORS Freddie Bauman Jan Davis Pat Dunning Pat Grisham Mary Helen Herbert Judy Jones Susanne Luard Anne Neville Lorna Phillips Ann Rutherford Jan Sanner Barbara Sawyer Lynne Higgins Shafsky Linda Tenney Jill Williams Helen Wilson Jean Zaik JUNIORS Gail Brody Cynthia Cottrell Shirley Hasund Merilyn Hunt Catherine Janisch Kathy Lynch Linda Marvin Lynda Nicholai Jan Nicoll Kathy Rafferty Nancy Scheppler Joan Schoeplein Linda Smith Judy Stark Linda Sweney Bobbie Valente Carol Young SOPHOMORES Sue Applequist 444 CHAPTER MCMLXI In which Pooh and Eeyore and Christopher Robin go visiting and meet a Head Pompon girl and some Grinds, Rah-Rahs, and other Co-eds. " Ah yes, " she sighed, " We were in the Axe Review and had so so many dances and exchanges, fun . . . friends . . . " ' I might have known, ' said Eeyore. ' After all, one can ' t complain. I have my friends. Somebody spoke to me on ly yesterday. And was it last week or the week before that Rabbit bumped into me and said, " Bother ! " The Social Round. Always something going on ' . " A. A. Milne Sheryn Banks Sharon Burke Sue Burton Ann Conner Connie Cook Karen Doyle Liz Feirer Joyce Sherry Lindbergh Carole Mejia Sherrill Olsen Margie Quinn Lynne Russell Jackie Sones Sonja Spreiter Linda Thompson Linda Youngreen FRESHMEN Diane Cherry Romaine Clerou Diane Davis Pat Geddes Carolyn Goodwin Dublin Gorman Shelly Hamm Judy Julian Louise Larsh Mickie Lewis Dorothy Pease Nancy Raddue Vicki Reiker Trixie Roost Pat Ryan Jo Ann Sardis Judy Schneider Pat Smith Bobbie Stiles Pat Templeton Evelyn Veerkamp Sue Vineys 445 Oski is a real live bear; and the spirit of California! Theta Upsilon 2732 DURANT SENIORS Carolyn Camozzi Martha Carmichael Jeannette Christy Ana Maria Davies Diane Gazzano Catherine Hofmann Jane Knight JUNIORS Carol Aaberg Kirsten Atkinson Mary Ann Brady Jill Bryans Mary Cahill Sue Stark SOPHOMORES Barbara Hardin Betsy Rogers FRESHMEN Mei-Ling Bauer Linda Christie Michelle Duke Pat Harrison Kathy Kish Marilyn Lee Linda Moore Sherry Suffins Nancy Ulke Melinda Wood 447 448 Residence Halls 450 Women ' s Dormitory Association OFFICERS President Sandra First Vice-President Florence McCarthy Second Vice-President Elizabeth Talbott Secretary Michelle Padams Treasurer Rosanne Cunningham Constitution Leslie Knoles Reps-at-Large Alice Krimsky, Sue Locke, Colleen Masaki, Eveleyn Nakano, JoAnn Kubasek ServiceChairman Mary Lundy Publicity Judith Druhan Publicity for Special Events Fareeda Habeeb WDA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Michelle Padams, Liz Talbott, Sandy Mitchell, Kiki McCarthy, Mrs. Emily Reed, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Alice Krimsky, Mary Lundy, Evi Nakano, Colleen Masaki, Sue Locke, Leslie Knoles, Fareeda Habeeb, Bobette Hayes. COUNCIL MEMBERS FALL SPRING Katharyne Mallos Bay View Terrace Heather McPhee Kathleen Horan Beaudelaire Club Ellen Schmidt Bennett Manor Janet McDermott Cheney Hall Barbara Kral Barbara Jean Gordon Colonial Hall Virginia Dickson Roberta Faltin Cunningham Hall Sue English DorisKaufman Elizabeth Barrett Kathleen Cahn Nann Harding Epworth Hall Michael Ann Falkenstein LindaRyan Davidson Hall Lynn Waterman Loretta Hayes Freeborn Hall Judith Coleman Priscilla Spires Hoyt Hall Earlene Raby Joaquin Hall Ann Bremer Margaret Helbling Mitchell Hall Suzanne Malm Laura Allen Oldenberg-Richards Brenda Gardner Peixotto Hall Alice Hurley Linda Fairhead Ritter Hall Linda Fairhead Judith Lee Green Sherman Hall Gloria Hill Sue Locke Stebbins Hall Ellen Frank Winifred McAbeer Stern Hall Joan McDowell Caroline Vaznaian Warring Place Cathy Briggs 451 Bay View Terrace 2335 WARRING SENIORS Katharyne Malloy Norine Stevens JUNIORS Susan Fisher Roz Middleman Katherine Rintala Suzanne Sandos Margaret Telonicher Nancy Utech SOPHOMORES Linda Edwards Betty Ann Gila Wendy Mylne Roberta Reilly Diane Weiss FRESHMEN Antoinette Blum Cathy Chase Susan Hawley Phyllis Paz Marianne Walsh Colonial Hall 2542 DURANT JUNIORS Virginia Dixon Barbara Gordon Charlotte Onishi SOPHOMORES Pat Dolan Jeanette Merritt Constance Yamamoto FRESHMEN Doloras A dan Phoebe Hauff Alma Rodriguez Lilly Tamura 452 Cloyne Court, a cooperative living group, houses over 150 members, and is student-owned and student-operated. Each man, by cooperatively working five hours per week, participates in the running of the house. Cloyne, active in intramural sports, has taken the Intramural Championship four of the past five years and appears destined to repeat their winning ways this year. The house boasts a diversified, good-sized record and magazine collection. Members often linger in their poolroom or use their full-size basketball court. They also frequent the combination recreation-TV room for and good times. Cloyne Court 2600 RIDGE ROAD GRADUATES John Adams Dick Campanella SENIORS Frank Bufano Richard Chinn Frank Choa David Chu Russell Duckering Roger Kaehler Weipi Li Ken Lombardi Darryl Martin Thomas Nolan Thomas Schneck Elbert Shelley Roger Stone JUNIORS George Brown Milton Chong Robert Davidson Mike Levine Jerry Lucas Lawrence Ritterband Dave Sakai Len Shenkin Thomas C. Wood Gordon Whitehead SOPHOMORES Bill Adams Rae Archibald Steve Davee Francisco Covarrubias Jerry Reynolds Sydney Robertson Dexter Waugh FRESHMEN Chuck Bennett Warren Jones Peter LaTorre Rich McMichael Jay Ruzak Dennis Taylor 453 Beaudelaire Club 2347 PROSPECT Beaudelaire . . . where our housemother announced as she does each year, that this was " the best group ever. " New girls soon learned the " ins and outs " of cooperative living, and worked with old members to maintain our high scholarship rank. We filled leisure time with parties at Halloween and Christmas as well as activities outside the house. took part in many groups, from Young Young Democrats to WDA Council and the Californian. " We remember things uniquely ours .. . tidbit, who spent most of her time in Dwinelle Plaza . . . walnut shells . . . guests at the sneak . . . the election night spread . . . a favorite dish for each birthday. Chiefly, we remember our sense of belonging . . . to a special part of a large, exciting campus. SENIOR Ellen Schmidt JUNIOR Suzie Fox SOPHOMORES Delcia Bence Rosanne Cunningham Sylvia Hart Kathleen Horan Gale Howard Nancy Lestrade Linda Malmstrom Bonnie McCay Mary Niemann Cathy Skinner FRESHMEN Roberta Apau Nancy Carpenter Nanji Davison Lynda Fall Kris Frerichs Vera LaLonde Sandi Orme Jane Richards Cheney Hall 2650 DURANT SENIORS Jamilla Alley Muriel Armstrong Sharon Brue Beverly Carson Kathie Curtiss Margaret Dewitt Concetta Finocchio Donna Fong Jo Gene Griffin Lynn Hall Kathleen Hayes Jerrell Jacobs Carol Jones Suzie Kobuchi Marilyn Koyen Louise Kuda Freida Lee Stephanie Lembke Julie Lingscheid Janet MacQuesten Patricia Ong Frances Pitlick Judith Pollard Joan Seitz Katrina Siebert Maria Siegel Susan Stapleton San Oak Suh Muriel Swanson Sylvia Takada Gwen Thielvoldt Terry Trosper Arlene Wierda La Verne Wood JUNIORS Susan Blondeau Betty Braze Dora Jean Durand Donna Eppler Lynn Hanson Margita Hofman Judy Jester Marvelle Kooseyan 455 Cheney Hall . . . new and exciting ! Opened in the Fall of ' 59, Cheney was the scene of an array of activities : Open Houses, Innumerable exchanges, tasty Happy Birthday dinners, spirited Halloween festivities, night gatherings, and discussions with Faculty Fellows. " Mistletoe Madness " made the informal scene on December 9, while the Villa saw January bring to its doors a host of formal-attired Cheneyettes. Cheney ' s biggest success came in November when her " Oski ' s Axecution " garnered her a well-deserved place among the Axe Review winners. Barbara Kral leva Lang June McClish Margie Milne Donna Milnes Amy Miura Nancy Parent Katie Rotherham Joan Shifley Andrea Van Amstel Shirley Williams Kari Windingsted SOPHOMORES Magaret Anderson Jeanne Azen Marilyn Bauer Sheri Cimino Deborah Close Margaret Doidge Sherrill Ferree Merrily Fong Joan Griffis Judy Griffiths Adele Hansen Judith Hutchison Millie Jitkoff Anna Lang Nancy Leonard Joan Metzner Delores Nearhood Barbara Neilsen Athena Nicholau Mary Olive Michelle Padams Kathy Parrott Pat Pillard Heddy Polak Margaret Poynter Sandra Schwartz Sally Sexton Helen Shiromizu Joan Smith Becky Thatcher Cheney Hall Barbara Wolf Pat Young Scarlet Young Joanne Zerolis FRESHMEN Shelia Anderson June Beymer Bunnie Blatt Pat Crawford Judy DeLozier Diane De Silva Diane Druin Alice Ellsworth Martha Fansler Alta Gerrey Genevieve Halseth Linda Herndon Gretchen Hill Carolyn Hoffman Diane Hopkins Katherine Keck Gail Kinney M iltona Kranz Melinda Kutch Barbara Lozoff Cathy McCready Gail Moore Kathy Morgan Pat Pepi Diane Peterson Cecilia Pilone Mary Ann Purvis Sandy Rankin Barbara Requa Karen Sakowski Judy Sampson Judith Scolney Judy Seely Judi Strauss Jane Trummel Nancy Walthew Jackie Weidler Froma Weisberg 457 Bowles Hall CAMPUS SENIORS Bob Bedford Pete Cassinelli Jacques Coudeyre Dick Donan Jack Evarts Dave Fong Bob Gcoden Bob Gorman Joe Green Byron Hansen Pete Holland George Kenline Alan Kovalivker Les Laky Joe Lauro Allan Lock Wendell Moen Stanley Mofjeld Steve Monti Warren Nordgren Neil Ormonde Gerald Rasmussen Mike Rucka Joe St. Clair Wesley Smart John Weisenburger Bill Winn She ldon Young Under the dynamic leadership of President Les Laky, Bowles started the year off with a bang only to be brought to an abrupt halt by the Committee on Student Conduct. Cory Aboudara as social chairman provided the Hall with two very successful dances assisted by the sophs and juniors. Larry Beyersdorf, vice-president, ran head first into ASUC politics as rep-at-large, and Al Kovalivker has acquired wealth from his office as Harry Taussig and Bill Ragsdale were very amusing as social secretaries. Pete Cassinelli, a leader among men, took over the office of president for the Spring semester, assisted by such famous individuals as Dick Dean, social chairman ; Jim McCabe, vice-president ; Jack Evarts, treasurer, and Steve Harvey, social secretary. Presidents Laky and Cassinelli have brought another great year to Bowles long to be remembered. JUNIORS Mike Astin Earl Baer Karl Borgstrom Chuck Dawdy Dick Dean George Duesler Jim Erman Morgan Fitzwater Tom Glau Dick Hanford Steve Harvey Tem Kauwling Jim McCabe Glen Miller John Myers Carlo Odella Bill Ragsdale Dick Rice Kenji Sasaki Dennis Slaughter Steve Smith Ken Snow Yasuto Tana 459 Bowles Hall SOPHOMORES Stu Aaronson Cory Aboudara Deni Aramayo Richard Ballard Dave Becker Kent Benedict Jon Benjamin Don Berger Rey Bomben Ted Bresler Terry Broderick John Cantley Andy Capestro Gary Davis Jack Deegan Bob Fordberg Blake Hampton John Hansen Chuck Higley Tony Holbrook Mat Laky Dan Lee Darrel Lum Phil Martin Ralph Reiner Tom Shelton Bob Shimasaki Ed Stabb Joe Wakefield Throughout the year among the men of Bowles there were many individual standouts : Sasaki, football ; Wueste, Laky, Booth, Hinkle, and Banwell, water polo and Gaskill, track ; Pete Cassinelli, senior manager, track ; Berger, Borgstrom, Shimasaki, and Holbrook, crew ; Monti, gymnastics ; Rice, wrestling ; Helmbrecht, soccer ; Becker, ; Kono, tennis ; O ' Neill, cross-country ; Carner, chairman of Oski Comm.; Lock, chairman of Rally Comm.; Cal Band greats, Odella, Danilovich and Smith ; Laky, Monti and Lock, Californians ; Werchick, Holland and Fafenrodt, debate team. However, it was " Education through Fellowship " that enriched our experiences of life here at Cal and passed many exams. FRESHMEN Richard Abramson Dean Akey Ken Barter John Cohee John Crawford Duff Danilovich Ronald Denend Robert Fessenden Mike Graham John Hargrove Leroy Hinkle Richard Hoffpauir Robert Hoffpauir Jim Kaye David Lee Mike Lyon Asger Nielson Pat Pebbles Dave Perry Bob Piziali John Rasmussen Howard Robbins John Shawl Leonard Smith Lee Scderstrom George Toriyama Dick Tremaine David Walden Gary Watson John Wiles Bob Wueste 461 Cunningham Hall 2650 HASTE SENIORS Judythe Ahlin Nancy Anderson Aileen Bennett Roberta Faltin Raize Goldstein Sharon Gould Janice Hannibal Anne Louise Hurst Roberta Kennedy Antoinette Killip Janet Leopold Helene Mason Colleen Musaki Jane Patterson Irene Peters Angeline Poulakidas Linda Richards Sylvia Hollis Sanford Carol Schafer Sandra Lee Thomas Janet Wahlberg Gay Westsmith JUNIORS Nancy Abramson Glenda Barney Marcie Barton Phyllis Batty Linda Billings Sue Cantou Eunice Covill Susan English Vicki Giambrone Catherine Graeser Fareeda Habeeb Pattie Hitte Marie Hohman Taka Kajiwara Pat Maguire Laverne Marcotte Kay Morimoto Marsha Nakawatase 462 Marlene Rudolph Eileen Sperry Carol Uhlinger Cathy Vissio Fran Wardenburg Diane Yumae SOPHOMORES Norma Abe Cathy Gloria Braunstein Beverly Cohen Marilyn Damon Penny Dinkier Bonnie Erbsen Betsy Fair Judy Frame Marsha Fried Virginia Furtney Rosalin n Giske Flo Goldfischer Hope Greenhill Judy Gross Linda Kahan Gale Kenney Linda Kurit Janice Maneki Henrietta Marsh Sherron McGaughey Audrey Nishimoto Judy Pfiefer Leslie Pierce Sheila Pinkel Lesley Rahm Gaynel Ramsey Carol Ripley Maureen Shiells Joan Singleton Wanda Spillner Aimy Taniguchi Kathy Wells Judy Wessing 463 Cunningham Hall Carol Wylie Emiko Yamamoto FRESHMEN Marsha Baron Barbara Becknell Michelle Berk Vicky Betram Donna Blis Marcia Budd Harrie Ellen Bush Paula Chaney Pat Cochran Sandie Doctor Madly Edwards Claire Erlanger Mary Kate Gill Lynn Gottlieb Gail Greenseid Sue Grunsfeld Rachel Hamlin Carol Harp Joan Hertz Alison Hutchings May Ishihara Joanne Ivanetich Diane Jelcick Barbara Jones Tracy Joos Judi Kaplan Bobbie Kossen Becky O ' Brien Mary Plancherel Suzanne Price Karen Reynolds Enid Rokaw Judy Roseanfeld Karen Sands Carol Shinoda Linda Shook Linda Slater Wendy Slattebo Shirley Smith Marilyn Spiro Maxine Steinberg Mary Stiles Sue Stoddard Helene Weiner Nancy Wheeler 464 Davidson Hall 2650 HASTE SENIORS Loretta Barnes Barbara Blum Betsy Ann Collins Linda Coupe Carolyn Dashiell Elisabeth Hart Martha James Barbara Jan Patricia Kipnis Janet Matsuda Andrea Poole Shirley Sueoka Nancy Suurballe Mary West JUNIORS Jane Asari Linda Barrett Penny Boyes Ann Carr Barbara Cohn Grace Conklin Violante Currie Eleanor Dudley Janice Enomoto Ann Ferris Annette Hard Linda Johnson Lola May Knoll Helen Kokka Nan Krutchkoff Dian LaShay Pa Lorentz Pauline Pezzolo Carroll Potter Linda Ryan Rumiko Sakow 465 Davidson Hall Chris Simmons Judith Stinson Lynn Waterman SOPHOMORES Barbara Abell Frances Carlson Joan Chin Nancy Cornet Linda Cutter Dolores Denison Joan Edwards Julia Evans Katherine Haley Terri Harned Nancy Herr Christine Lease Susan Lester Kathy McClay Cheryl Niesen Diane Reimers Ellen Ross Gloria Saltzman Amelia Segre Vivian Shay Laura Tackett Charlene Welke Barbara Warren Carol Ellen White Pat Wilke Henrianne Wong Mary Zeno FRESHMEN Janet Amick Susan Beal Judy Buckmaster Linda BurtschelI Leni Byington Patty Caouette Dianne Cargill Rita Cherry Susan Curley Sara Davidson Norma Fong Bonnie Friedland Joanne Gorin Roberta Gourse Jacalyn Grindle Suzanne Hoodenpyle Louise Horwitz Virginia Josephian Carolyn Jue Roberta Lowe Judy Marks Coralie Meneken Bonnie Miller Nancy Naftel Jackie Pickford Loretta Reed Nanci ReginelIi Nicky Robinson Ellen Rodeschek Renee Rosenbathal Sue Ross Marguerette Rowe Carol Rubin Terry Rudolph Diane Sandoval Johanna Shuey Betsy Toriumi Jenny Wenk Laurene Wu 467 Deutsch Hall 2650 DURANT AVENUE SENIORS Reyes Barraza Jeremy Barry David Burnett Mike Campbell Dale Delury Robert Eldred Thomas Files Lyle Finn Lincoln Gokson Thad Ipsen Terry Johnson Stephen Levine George Link Richard Maier Lloyd Malamud Benjamin Marumoto Alan McMurry Karl Moore William Morantz Tak Nakano Albert Peters Stanton Price Roger Smith Henry Sortais Harvey Stark Doug Tanimoto Jack Tsuji Roger Wedel Sheldon Welles Don Whitton David Woolf Ken Yoshikawa Michael Yu JUNIORS Claude Bowen Richard Bryant Rich Bruhns Ted Craig Adolfo Cruz Mike Cummins Jon Freuler The dormies of Deutsch Hall, holding true to their reputation for supremacy in all endeavors, this year stifled a yawn, flexed gently, and deposited in the vault of time one of the bitchingest years ever conceived by the mind of man. Fabricated on a basis of chicken wire and ornamented by a glittering facade of hall women, sorority girls, and sudsy lubrication, 1960-61 proved aesthetically pleasing to all members of the diverse Deutsch Hall community. Our pseudo-fratrats smoked and acted cool at pseudo-sophisticated functions like the opulent Spring and Fall Formals. Joel Gibson Norm Hess Gregory Hiura Gaylord Huth John Kady Tom King Hanford Kwan Phil Laughlin Ed Maker Roger Morgan Gordon Reitman Roger Schultz Ray Smith Gordon Wong Jeff Wong Ruben Zelwer SOPHOMORES John Bayless Burr Beistle William Bican Dennis Brydon James Christensen Jerry Connell Charles Elmore Glenn Funk Mark Gentry Bill Goldsmith Terry Groff Jerry Jeffress Steve Lenton Ron Marsh Harvey McCown Neal Morgan Joe Morris Jim Naify Sam Nakamura George Pagani Tony Scardaci Jim Thrash Fritz Tietze Tom Tobin 469 The quasi-beatnik element dug admittedly-hip parties in the Pink Passion Palace and swung into extemporaneous poetry readings in the smoke-filled Top o ' The Deutsch. And, of course, our blatant dormie gang had their simple fun at lubricated functions like the Junior Class Holidays Party and the Hayride. The year was marked, as always, by Deutsch ' s scholastic excellence, as well as by the appearance of the first residence hall literary magazine in Cal history — the dorm-slanted Deutsch Hall " Accident. " " Twos a fine year—a great year. " But so was ' 59-60 and so, ho-hum, will be ' 61-62. Deutsch, in the words of the philosopher, is great and getting greater. Perennially superior—quite better than the average dorm. Warden Wong FRESHMEN Robert Ballog Dale Borglum Bill Bowley Rich Braunstein Mike Brooks Robert Brunner Carash Ron Caruso Wally Cleaves Bob Cragun Bill Davidson John Durein Richard Ewing Bill Fairweather Richard Glazer Dave Gotelli Bob Haas Allan Hernandez Steve Holland Doug Knox Richard Leifer David Licata John Lovett Bob Okamura Gary Oltmer Martin Parker Robert Ritchey Dean St. Clair Jack Santone Randy Selten Dan Stearns Kirby Stevens Richard Stockton Mark Weiss Mike Wood 470 Elizabeth Barrett 2438 WARRING SENIORS Sheila Johnson Doris Kaufman Sharon Kirsher Joan Shafer Linda Stark Mary Alice Thornton JUNIORS Kathleen Cahn Julie Chipman Laura Corey Lynne DiGiorgio Mary Duffy Gloria Ferro Louann Heinecke Joanne Hughes Pat Kenny Karin Lazar Linda Schmidt Judy Vivell Sharon Wible SOPHOMORES Betty Blak Beverly Crandell Linda Hartman Barbara Parker Sally Shepard Susan Webb FRESHMEN Barbara Blankenburg Geri Booher Annette Cadosi Linda Hall Maggie Hargreaves Shirley Hinds Kathleen Jennings Eden Ross Lipson Tina Loney Dottie Lund Patti Markarian Sandy Mackenzie 471 Ehrman Hall 2650 HASTE STREET SENIORS Kenneth Colson David Gomberg Robert Hall Charles Hammer David Herron Dick Johnson George Jordan David Li James McKinney Richard Peterson Robert Pool John Rath Bruce Renati Ray Sanchez Pete Sanford Kent Sather JUNIORS Hunter Arakawa Neal Frederick Robert Jennings Mohsen Pazirandeh Harold Phipps 472 Roger Stevens Michael Walford SOPHOMORES Jack Achtenberg Tobey Cornsweet Robert Dickey Perry Dobson Stephen Doman Reed Enos Rich Lohman Allan Morris Dan Posin Ken Reichert Ronald Stefani FRESHMEN Richard Chapman Larry Gooltz Mike Goldberg Les Jacobs Jon Katz Art Lesley Don Meyer Scott Samuelson 473 Exchanges, parties, dress dinners galore, First place in House Decs, who could ask for more? But add to this list, in Winter and Fall, A formal and informal for ole Epworth Hall. A fairly good grade-point and the Spring Sing, Fill out the memories to which we cling. Usually winners in intramural play, There ' s little left that one can Except that for eighty girls coming to Cal, Life without Epworth wouldn ' t do at all. Epworth Hall 2521 CHANNING SENIORS Joan Badger Janice Corr Lynn Gannon Gwen Gray Nancy Ann Green Nann Harding Leslye Hink Kiki McCarthy Shirley Neighbors Lucille Lenore Planck Marilyn Pensabene Sandy Percy Nancy Scott Anita Diane Thompson Judy Wright Fortune Zuckerman JUNIORS Patricia Bingaman Beverly Ehrhorn Karen Falzgraf Barbara Grater Lois Larson Janet Newman Sandi Shields Elizabeth Zinser 474 SOPHOMORES Pat Anderson Eloise Farley Joan Schmitz FRESHMEN Joan Anderson Peggy Archibald Joanne Barkley Joan Bauslaugh Carolyn Berkenkamp Linda Boortz Leslie Gottlieb Ann Gunderson Gayle Harrison Sharon Hull Judy Johnson Louise Lerner Caron Matson Carol McCarville Colleen Morris Karen Newell Susi Schlesinger Peggy Tabor Linda Warren Judy Williams Barbara Yamamoto 475 Freeborn Hall 2650 DURANT SENIORS Flo Battaglia Lorna Beardsley Sandra Chan Joan Duran Pat Ethridge June Gotelli Bobette Hayes Mike Healy Shirley Hong Sue Kamm Patricia Kauth Leslie Leong Norma Luff Vera Malinovsky Maureen Mauer Mary McCune Gwyn McKeown Anne Mifsud Sandra Mitchell Billie Nelson Chris Nelson Wanita Nickle Sandra Pike Diane Pirtz Corinne Purnell Edwina Rowlands Pat Schoenfeld Sandra Sullwold Liz Talbott Dorothy Thomsen Lorna Ullman Joyce Wong Nishka Yudnich JUNIORS Mary Ammirati Barbara Ceragioli The 1960-61 year has been one of variety in social and academic events for the girls of Freeborn Hall. The social season was highlighted by a winter formal and several pinnings and engagements. Academically the girls survived two sets of finals with the help of finals food and No-Doz. Now it is June and everyone will pack home with double what they came with—much to the amazement of their parents—and Freeborn Hall will b e left empty to recover before a new and eager onslaught of college co-eds flocks to Berkeley in September. Judy Colman Lynne Dratler Lynne Harley Elizabeth Hatashita Elaine Ito Sharon Johnson Elaine Kenton Christina Kita Marcia Koenig Diane Lubarsky Tobey Miller Anna Oldano Edith Rietstra Tobey Sheffer Leslie Shulman Anita Spring Mitch Sukekane Celia Tom Cynthia Tse Agnes Valdez Shirley Wood SOPHOMORES Vera Au Carol Benedict Shiela Bressler Pat Farr Carolyn Gadsby Jane Hallock Monica Hashimoto Andrea Kaciff Vicki Klein Margaret Macpherson Judy Ott Sharon Pugh El laine Quaschnick Meredith Reddall 477 Freeborn Hall Ann Rutherford Barbara Scherr Barbara Schneider Mary Steiner Ruth Tavlin Jacquelyn Thiessen Ella Tom Sondra Von Pinnon Nicola Whitney Judy Zeiger Kay Zimmer FRESHMEN Janet Battistini Deanna Callis Gail Copin Susan Danielson Sharon Dunn Mary Jo Durham Lois Earner Donna Gllebe Diane Holsopple Diana Hoover Linda Hutchison Jane Iwasaki Carolyn Jones Mary Kinnick Elaine Leblang Linda Louk Sue Lyford Wendy Marshall Marlene Mitchell Carolyn Molfino Barbara Molter Marilyn Nault Sharon Nelson Linda Ott Judy Owashi Adrienne Schlossberg Patricia Seeley Paula Sommers Pat Winger Joyce Yamaguchi Euclid Hall 1777 EUCLID AVENUE GRADUATE Dave Urushima SENIORS Norman Chang Tom Inouye Maesaki Kobayashi Hiroaki Morimoto Walter Oda Saburo Shimono Stanley Taniguchi Burton Yamada Hubert Yoshida JUNIORS Mas Hora Tets Kashima Seiso Kawasaki Don Munakata Mas Shimada Anthony Yuba SOPHOMORES Robert Matsui Roy Miycko Ray Tamura FRESHMEN Mike Ekinaka Nori Endo Kay Fukuhara Dennis Inouye Stan Lee Jim Nishimoto Vic Yamato Sohlitzie 479 Joaquin Hall 2430 PIEDMONT SENIOR Paula Steffen JUNIORS Anne Bremer Barbara Brown Nana Carter Gail Duncan Janice Maroot Gretchen Trenholm SOPHOMORES Vicki Adams Sydney Boyce Natalie Heany Pat Johnson Janet Lamb Karen Ring FRESHMEN Betsy Bidart Terry Doell Jonna Evans Karen Ewing Margaret Horne Carol Weyland Wanda Worley Mitchell Hall 2939 DWIGHT SENIOR Margaret Kidd JUNIORS Kathy Rayburn Pat Schon Jean Thatcher SOPHOMORES Ann Horton Mary Martha Lundy FRESHMEN Jeannette Hanna Carol Ingold Mary Ingold Judi Lansing Lynn Musso Cindy Quick Renee Rubin Susan Stoddard Robin Utter Jo Ann Weiler 481 Putnam Hall 2650 DURANT AVENUE GRADUATE Roger Lamphear SENIORS Robert Bathgate Robert Bosso Richarrd Chackerian Conway Chan Kellogg Chan Sidney Chernenkoff Byron Edde Michael Hallett Ron Hart Jim Hendry Frank Jones Jack Kawamoto Albert LaMonte Paul Little Dic k Lynch Don McKillop Curtis Mehlhaff Henry Miedema John Miller Phil Sachs David Smith George Tyler JUNIORS Ben Bledsoe Dean Cole Donald Crawford David Delwiche Howard Ehret Clement Furlong Paul Gregory Jim Hall John Liebenberg Jim Lyons George Nolfi John Orrell Roger Quan Mike Ray Rick SiIvey Henry Wolny SOPHOMORES Fred Barnard Ken Berner William Bowen Norman Brown Robert Burne Bob Chapman Dudley Cheu Richard Clodfelter Daniel Cox Kerry Curtis Gordon Dow Tracy Friedman Larry Garabedian Gus Ginocchio David Goorvitch Roy Ikegami Jim Leong Stephen Lomnes Sonny Low William Morris Dexter Roberts Gary Roberts Richard Stephens Peter Stoddard Vincent Sue 483 Putnam Hall Dennis Tompkins Jay Webb FRESHMEN William Baker Dave Badovinac Robert Banque Colin Bell Steve Carman Larry Curtis Jim Dowling Eugene Finger Dave Freed Selden Hall Les Herold Norman Haynes Henry Herrera Gary Jugum Ronn Kaiser Steve Kipperman John Levy Bob Liden Cliff Love Bob Messick Vinoent Morris Tim Mossteller Marvin Neill Raymond Ott Tom Ruby Edgerton Soott Charles Sickels Joe Strapac Lawrence Taggart Bill Wilson 484 Peixotto Hall 2939 DWIGHT SENIORS Charlotte Mitchell Grace Yu JUNIORS Lucille Cooper Nancy Ann Nelson Cheryl Parmelee Dana Rugh Annette Sawby SOPHOMORES Lynne Blei Sandy Goodwin Irene Hashii Alice Hurley Karen Jensen Janet Kay Nielsen Sho Otsuki FRESHMEN Mary Brenner Dorothy Broadhead Judy Culbertson Anna Lee Greenberg Kirsten Hilstrom Carolyn Kodakari Karen Louise Krause Barbara Larson Pat List Marilyn Mannheim Barbara Peterson Sally Segal Christopher Suczek Susan Walker 485 Richards Hall 2939 DWIGHT JUNIORS Laurie Allen Millicent Bonn Helen Leonard SOPHOMORES Esther Dowd Carol Hartgogian Kathy Knudson Virginia Ransom FRESHMEN Diane DeSmet Daralyn Ellis Brenda Ely Jan Evans Ellen Frank Susan Glickman Nancy Grant Megs Hallett Sharon Hamilton Louise Holcomb Louise Johnson Lynn Kaufman Virginia Lin Carol Mertin Phyllis Paris June Schildhauer Linda Shea Sally Shelton 486 Ritter Hall 2422 PROSPECT SENIORS Linda Fairhead Nancy Foon Kim Harada Beverly Johns Toyo Sakamoto JUNIORS Carolyn Craus Jeanette Jen Jo Ann Kubasek Pat Nast Linda Omdal Claudia Schalm SOPHOMORES Miyo Abey Pam Borrow Marge Braunwell Sue Neubauer Karen Pastorino Kathy White Linda Yatabe FRESHMEN Janice Aho Karen Ellard Sharon McClausland Linda Werronen Kathy Wilkinson 487 Smyth Hall 2939 DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Bob Mialovich SENIORS Hessein Azadan Lee Gaston Gay Hong JUNIORS John Andrews Roger Basham Richard Bauman Jim Clark David Griffith Peter Kriz Robert Litton Steven Marzolf Gary Massey Edward Owen Roger Perez Ran Reuther Joel Sargent Tom Shigemoto Mel Silvester Tim Storrs Roger Taylor James Terry Daryush Valanejad Brandt Whipple SOPHOMORES Del Biagi Jerry Edelstein Ran Engel Josep h Howard Jim Hussey Allen King Pete Marx Mark Merritt Fred Page Robert Reed Kiet Srichomkuan We at Smyth are proud of our efforts in University life during the past year. Under the able and enjoyable leadership of Brandt Whipple and Social Chairman Lee Gaston our Fall semester was successful academically and socially, Our social program included our nominal lowerclass dances, a TGIF party, and a New Year ' s Eve Party early in December as well as a new traditional Redskin Funeral during Big Game Week. The upsurge in athletic participation, due mainly to the tireless efforts of Athletic Director Gay Hong, was another particular notable achievement during an eventful year at Smyth. Neil Tuholski Dwight Warren FRESHMEN Mark Berger Lorence Carr Irwin Dudlow Jim Endman Ross Eto George Fraga Orlando Gallegos Stan Gold John Hodge Glenn Ishikawa Gary Kane John Lacy James Lamm Eric Misohe Bill Morton Denis Muir James Murdock Lorin Myers Doug Nakashima Al Needham Lance Neward Stephen Scheinman Doug Stevenson William Stook Niok VanValkenburgh William Wafford Charles Ward Dennis Washburn Bob Watson Riohard Weissman David Wolf James Yee 489 Stern Hall SENIORS Sharon Baker Catherine Dean Nancy Goodman Ginny Haire Elmarie Hutchinson Gretchen Love Marjorie Lowitz Irene Manetas Winifred McAbeer Joan McDowell Beatrice MacGinitie Judy Musgrove Jeanne Perkins Lynette Pratt Janioe Riddell Leslie Rowe Pamela Stremel Norva Stuart Sheila Weiss JUNIORS Claudia Alvarez Penny Becker 490 ZAP Brenda Blatchley Linda Cato Cherryl Christensen Judi Creamer Bev Firstenber g Joelle Gaba Melanie Goldberg Gretchen Green Debbie Hirschberg Lydia Mayer Donna McCormick Susan Pokrass Judith Richards Jeanne Richardson Violet Slinsen Barbara Solter Fredricka Steppling Catherine Toschi Sue Tully Barbara Zucker SOPHOMORES Joyce Brodovsky 491 ... and so on and so forth! Linda D ' Ari Gale Gluskin Oro Haim Lois Hayman Joanne Hiura Carol Hunt Marian Jackson Ilene Katz Brenda Mangiaracina Marcia Neal Jackie O ' Leary Sandra Plate Judith Rangell Nancy Sheridan Joan Frances Siegal Laura Zeller FRESHMEN Jill Brady Sandra Breaum Vickie Daly Gwen Dower Judy Downard Nancy Dresher Eileen Geller Carole Halpern Norma Hardin Judith Herwit Nadine Iwasko Jeanne Kaye Martha Keith Betty Kimura Linda Lieberman Jaclyn Miller Peggy Millman Lenora Monaco Judith Pokrass Kathy Raffanti Evabelle Rieber Marjorie Rosenbaum Rona Schumann Nancy Scott Lorraine Shapeero Mimi Stern Elaine Waidhofer Nancy Witte Karen Zeller 493 Through the efforts of dedicated Alumni, the Cal Band this year acquired its own house. Tellefsen Hall, 30 Bandsmen, was named for the Band ' s good friend and founder, Chris Tellefsen. Chris has been a steadfast friend of the Band since 1923, when he started the whole thing by purchasing the first uniforms from his own pocket. Tellefsen Hall is neither a dorm nor a fraternity, but a careful combination of the best features of each. Friendships made through common interest in the Marching and Straw Hat Bands are strengthened and enriched by the experience of living together and of participating in an active social program. The Men of Tellefsen Hall feel proud to have pioneered the first successful activity-centered living group on the Campus. CHRIS TELLEFSEN Tellefsen Hall University of California Band 2421 PROSPECT STREET NOT PICTURED Robert Cragun Larry Farnsley Michael Flier Peter Kimball Gary Massey Paul Patter son Harold Sample Steven Snider Lawrence Strom James Varner GRADUATE William Colescott SENIORS Robert Hermann John Hobbie Larry Josephson McDonald Robinson Richard Shive JUNIORS Michael Blackford Rcbert Callwell James Carey Joseph Dickinson SOPHOMORES George Fosselius John Ghiselli Lynne Irwin Joseph Munoz Robert Traum FRESHMEN Richard Amyx Lloyd Amborn Jeffery Beck Tom Bleasdale Tom Green Steve McKnight Jeff Stander 494 With our Spring Tea, our swim team which missed tying for first by one point, the all co-op Final Fling, our new Webster ' s International Dictionary (mammoth edition!), our Mortar Board member and two Phi Beta Kappas, our girls, our cultivating of the back yard, Hoyt has been busy this year. Hoyt Hall 2519 RIDGE ROAD SENIORS Kathleen Cheong Genevieve Fong Jackson Judy Levy Gay Liang Chiyo Masuda Sandra McNulty Earlene Raby Meredith Righter Pris Spires Midori Uchiyama Ida Yamamoto Ako Yaman Audriane Young JUNIOR Louise Lew SOPHOMORES Jane Colwell Leslie Knoles Sandra Sodolski Pauline Valdez FRESHMAN Carolyn Skinner 495 Married Students U.C. Dames Club 496 Married Students Almost 25 per cent of the students at the University of California are married. Many live in University Village while a large number live in apartments near Single students have only themselves and their studies to worry about while the married students have in addition finances, housekeeping, and their families. Married students enjoy their status . . . recruit new members constantly ... shop for bluebooks AND diapers ... and wouldn ' t have stayed single for the world. 497 International House International House is a residential and social center for more than five hundred students, most of whom have graduate or upper division standing. Since its founding in 1931, I. House has grown until today sixty-three are represented by the residents who are to the promotion of understanding among the peoples of all nations. " There are many activities which are carried out by the residents of the I. House under the supervision of the International House Council which is composed of residents from the different regions of the world at International House. There is an extensive program of cultural, social, and educational activities for both resident and nonresident members. 498 Index ASUC ACTIVITIES Activities Counselling Personnel 151 Activities Planning Committee 139 Affiliations Council 154 Art Bureau 151 Associated Women Students 141 Auxiliary Enterprises Board 150 Cal Council 148 Californians 158 Campus Tours 155 Card Stunts 160 Class Officers Board 142 College Model UN 153 Commuters-Independents Council 149 Concert Workshop 149 Constitutions Council 151 Daily Cal Consultative Board 143 Debate 144 Department Heads 134 Elections Council 151 Executive Committee 135 Experiment in International Living 153 Finance Committee 135 Foreign Students Orientation and Host Council 152 Functional Services Board 150 High School Day 155 High School Model UN 153 Intercampus Coordinating Committee 142 International Fair Committee 153 International Conference Council 152 International Relations Board 152 Leadership Training Council 144 Megaphone Society 160 Men ' s Executive Board 140 Men ' s Judicial Committee 138 Men ' s Rally Committee 157 National Students ' Association 144 Orientations Council 150 Oski Committee 160 Oski Dolls 159 Overseas Information Council 153 Panel of Americas 155 Permanent Personnel 134 Polls Council 151 Pompon Gi rls 161 Project Americas 154 Public Affairs 147 Publications Board 143 Publicity and Public Relations 155 Rally and Games Committee 160 Reps-at-Large 136 Secretariat 150 Special Events 147 Special Projects Council 149 Student Community Relations Council 148 Student Government 145 Student Judicial Committee 138 Student Services Board 148 Student Body Officers 137 Ushering Council 149 Union Program Boarrd 146 University Council 148 Women ' s Judicial Committee 138 Women ' s Rally Committee 156 Yell Leaders 161 ATHLETICS Athletic Administration 230 Baseball 292 Basketball 260 Big ”C " Society 232 Boxing 274 Crew 288 Cross-Country 256 Football 238 Golf 304 Gymnastics 276 Outstanding Competitors 233 Riflery 277 Rugby 302 Skiing 278 Soccer 252 Swimming 298 Tennis 300 Track 282 Water Polo 254 Wrestling 275 CLASSES Freshmen 125 Sophomores 124 Juniors 123 Seniors 70 Graduates 126 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES AIIE 201 Alpha Mu Gamma 199 Alpha Phi Omega 198 Alpha Pi Mu 199 Angel Flight 200 Arnold Air Society 200 ASCE 201 ASM E 202 Canterbury Club 203 Chi Epsilon 202 Chinese Students Club 204 Christian Science 204 Delta Phi Epsilon 205 Delta Sigma Pi 205 Engineer ' s Joint Council 206 Eta Kappa Nu 206 Gavel and Quill 208 Golden Guard 207 Hillel 203 Home Economics Club 208 Honor Students Society 209 Lambda Delta Sigma 209 Masonic Club 207 Mortar Boa rd 211 Newman Club 210 Nisei Students Club 212 Omicron Nu 212 Order of the Golden Bear 224 Penile 213 Phi Chi Theta 215 Pi Alpha Sigma 226 Pi Tau Sigma 215 Prytanean 214 Quarterdeck Society 225 SAACS 216 School of Optometry 128 Sigma Omicron Pi 216 Ski Club 217 Skull and Keys 219 Stiles Hall 217 Tau Beta Pi 218 Thai Students Association 218 Torch and Shield 220 Tower and Flame 221 Triune 221 Winged Helmet 222 Women ' s Athletic Association 223 Women ' s " C " Society 220 YWCA 226 DORMS AND RESIDENCES Bay View Terrace 452 Beaudelaire 454 Bowles Hall 458 Cheney Hall 455 Cloyne Court 453 Colonial Hall 452 Cunningham Hall 462 Davidson Hall 465 Deutsch Hall 468 Ehrman Hall 472 Elizabeth Barrett 471 Epworth Hall 474 Euclid Hall 479 Freeborn Hall 476 Hoyt Hall 495 International House 498 500 Index Joaquin Hall 480 Married Students 496 Mitchell Hall 481 Peixotto Hall 485 Putnam Hall 482 Richards Hall 486 Ritter Hall 487 Smyth Hall 488 Stern Hall 490 Tellefsen Hall 494 Women ' s Dormitory Association 451 EDITOR-MANAGER LETTERS 515 EVENTS All-U Week End 49 Big Game Week 51 Charter Day 57 Graduation 64 Greek Week 60 University Meetings 56 FRATERNITIES Acacia 328 Alpha Chi Rho 329 Alpha Chi Sigma 330 Alpha Delta Phi 331 Alpha Epsilon Pi 332 Alpha Gamma Omega 333 Alpha Kappa Lambda 334 Alpha Sigma Phi 335 Alpha Tau Omega 336 Beta Theta Pi 338 Chi Phi 337 Chi Psi 340 Del Rey 341 Delta Chi 342 Delta Kappa Epsilon 343 Delta Sigma Phi 344 Delta Tau Delta 346 Delta Upsilon 348 lnterfraternity Council 324 Kappa Alpha 350 Kappa Delta Rho 352 Kappa Nu 354 Kappa Sigma 351 Lambda Chi Alpha 356 Phi Delta Theta 358 Phi Gamma Delta 360 Phi Kappa Sigma 362 Phi Kappa Tau 364 Phi Sigma Kappa 366 Phi Kappa Psi 368 Pi Alpha Phi 369 Pi Kappa Alpha 370 Pi Kappa Phi 371 Pi Lambda Phi 372 Psi Upsilon 374 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 376 Sigma Alpha Mu 378 Sigma Chi 380 Sigma Nu 382 Sigma Phi 384 Sigma Phi Delta 387 Sigma Phi Epsilon 385 Sigma Pi 386 Tau Kappa Epsilon 390 Theta Chi 388 Theta Delta Chi 392 Theta Xi 389 Zeta Beta Tau 394 Zeta Psi 396 MUSIC AND DRAMA ASUC Radio-TV Theater 189 California Marching Band 180 Collegians 188 Glee Club 187 Straw Hat Band 182 Symphony Forum 185 Treble Clef 186 University Chorus 185 University Symphony Orchestra 184 University Theater 190 PUBLICATIONS ASUC Photography Department 165 Blue and Gold 170 California Engineer 176 Daily Californian 166 Occident 177 Pelican 174 Publications Office 164 ROYALTY Big Game Queen 310 Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen 315 Miss Beauty 312 Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 316 Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen 318 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 317 Tau Kappa Epsilon Carnation Queen 311 Ugly Man 313 SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega 402 Alpha Delta Chi 407 Alpha Delta Pi 408 Alpha Epsilon Phi 4O4 Alpha Gamma Delta 410 Alpha Omicron Pi 412 Alpha Phi 414 Alpha Xi Delta 416 Chi Omega 418 Delta Delta Delta 422 Delta Gamma 424 Delta Phi Epsilon 426 Delta Zeta 428 Gamma Phi Beta 430 Kappa Alpha Theta 432 Kappa Delta 434 Kappa Kappa Gamma 436 Panhellenic Council 400 Phi Mu 438 Phi Sigma Sigma 421 Pi Beta Phi 440 Sigma Kappa 442 Theta Upsilon 446 Zeta Tau Alpha 444 UNIVERSITY DIVISION Alumni Association 20 Cal Club 15 Chancellor Seaborg 13 College of Agriculture 27 College of Chemistry 28 College of Engineering 25 College of Environmental Design 26 College of Letters and Science 24 Deans 17 President Kerr 12 Regents 14 Retiring Professors 18 ROTC 35 School of Business Administration 30 School of Criminol ogy 31 School of Forestry 32 School of Law 29 School of Optometry 33 School of Public Health 34 Vice-Chancellors 16 501 Personal Name Index A Aaberg, Carol 446 Aaronson, Bonnie 404 Aaronson, Stu Abbe, Winfield 72 Abbey, Lynn 221, 418 Abbod, Norman 72 Abbot, Dan 331 Abe, Janice 487 Abe, Norma 462 Abeis, Ruth 203 Abel, Donna 426 Abell, Barbara 465 Abell, Suzie 72, 438 Abey, Miya 487 Aboudara, Cary 458 Abram, Pete 332 Abramson, Judy 173 Abramson, Nancy 462 Abramson, Richard Abramson, Susie 426 Accampo, Paul 388 Achtenberg, Jack 472 Ackerman, Carol 412 Ackerman, Sally 432 Adams, Abbey 436 Adams, Bill 169, 453 Adams, Bruce 72 Adams, Doreen 72 Adams, Elizabeth 146 Adams, Elliott 364 Adams, George 224 Adams, Grace 72 Adams, Heather 72, 422 Adams, James 201 Adams, Jim 155 Adams, Jo 428 Adams, John Adams, Linda 188, 410 Adams, Raymonde 164 Adams, Richard 72 Roger Adams, Sally 430 Adams, Sheri 424 Adams, Vicky 480 Adamson, Wanda 72 Adan, Delores 452 Adler, Ken 148 Adler, Phil 378 Affleck, Diana 72, 412 Agarth, Vernon S 72, Aguirre, Gary 70, 72, 135, 142, 150, 200, 224, 356 Ahlberg, Dottie 123, 141, 142, 208, 410 Ahlin, Judythe 72, 208, 462 Akey, Dean 458 Albert, Dale 149 Albert, David 376 Albert, Jeffrey 350 Albertina Barbara 72, 209 Albright, Paul 364 Albright, Robert 72 Alcorn, John 72, 200 Alderson, Jay 410 Alexander, Bill 72, 262 Alkire, Joe 299 Alkire, Larry 187 Allegrini, Kay 414 Allen, John 380 Allen, Laurie 143, 486 Allen, Steve 394 Allen, Sue 153, 440 Allenby, Ann Laura Alley, Jamilla 72, 455 Allison, Dennis 341 Allison, Trenton 366 Albert, Eleanor 426 Althaus, Sean 388 Alton, Thomas 72, 224, 376 Alton, Richard 297 Alvarado, George 154 Alvarez, Claudia 490 Alves, Dan 72, 73, 135, 137, 158, 224, 346 Alving, John 72, 352 Amaden, Lee 72, 201 Ambrose, Ken 360 Ames, Dennis 336 Ames, Steve 380 Amick, Janet 465 Ammirati, Mary 476 Amos, Art 360 Amyx, Richard 494 Anakawa, Richard 130 Anborn, Lloyd 494 Anches, Jerry 72, 324, 394 Anda, Norman 336 Andersen, Ralph 72, 74, 135, 136, 158 Anderson, Robert 352 Anderson, Brenda 72, 442 Anderson, Carole 209, 402 Anderson, Carolee Anderson, Dave 158, 324, 335 Anderson, David 72, 140, 389 Anderson, Edna 438 Anderson, Faster 187 Anderson, Gary 207, 217 Anderson, Geoff 368 Anderson, Jim 250 Anderson, Joan 474 Anderson, Lance 329 Anderson, Lawrence 72 Anderson, Magaret 455 Anderson, Mel 250 Anderson, Nancy 72, 462 Anderson, Pat 474 Anderson, Paul 188 Anderson, Rae 362 Anderson, Robert 72, 157, 202 Anderson, Sheila Anderson, Zee 156, 418 Andrade, Fernando Andreasen, Glenn 72, 201 Andres, Gary 390 Andrews, John 488 Andrus, Jerri 73 Angell, Bob 222 Angell, Ron 346 Anger, Cliff 204 Angus, Gene 73, 348 Angustin, Waldemar 253 Anixter, Kathy 404 Annin, Marty 73, 442 Ansari, Mohammed 73, 202 Antin, Evelyne Antipa, Gregory 350 Antola, Nancy 424 Thomas 232 Aparicio, Charles 356 Apau, Roberta 454 Apkarian, George 199 Appleby, Linda 213, 221, 436 Applequist, Sue 444 Ar, Clint 390 Arakawa, Hunter 123, 472 Aramayo, Deni 157, 458 Araya, Aiso 253 Arayale, Robert 386 Archambault, Jo Allyn 125, 146, 149, 171, 188 Archibald, Rae 298 Archer, Carine 147, 410 Arc her, James 20 Archer, Judy 73, 442 Archer, Michael 374 Archibald, Herb 368 Archibald, Peggy 474 Archibald, Rae 298, 453 Arge, Warren 384 Arifuku, Sammie 169 Arlon, Barbara 171, 428 Armbruster, Bruce 338 Armor, David 224 Armstrong, Alison 172, 430 Armstrong, Burton 380 Armstrong, Florence 177 Armstrong, Lois 416 Armstrong, Mike Armstrong, Muriel 73, 455 Arndt, Armin 298 Arne, Claude 366 Arnett, Barry 293 Arnhold, Nancy 212 Arnaff, Warren 332 Arnold, Anne 73, 408 Arnold, Walt 240, 242 Arons, Judy 426 Asari, Jane 465 Asaro, Kathleen 422 Ascarrunz, Cesar 253 Ashford, James 207 Aslin, Harlan 73, Asmussen, Bob 261 Assavathanata, Vanioa 218 Assoratqoon, Annop 218 Astin, Michael 202, 458 Astle, Clark 338 Atkinson, George 351 Atkinson, Kristin Attenborough, Roland 73, 153 Atthowe, Peggy 430 Au, Vera 476 Ausfahl, Robert 346 Ausfahl, William 73, 140 158, 224, 346 Austin, Greg 217 Austin, Jahn 374 Mike 149 Auswacks, Russ 354 Aven, Allen 337 Averbuck, Dave 261, 262 Avery, Bill 187 Awtrey, Mary Claire 73, 422 Axelsan, Linda 408 Axt, Milton 73 Aynesworth, Jamie 351 Azadan, Hossein 488 Azen, Jeanne 455 B Baarts, Jahn 385 Babcock, Jeff 382 Bacigalupi, Ron 342 Backman, Irene 73, 426 Bacon, Larry 290, 376 Baddley, Pat 135, 150 Badger, Joan 73, 226, 474 Badovinac, Dave 482 Baer, David 73 Bagaus, Harlan 330 Bagby, Bobette 438 Baggett, Brian 338 Ed 297 Bailey, Ginger 430 Bailey, Joan 73, Bailey, Neta 175, 438 Bailey, O A 207 Bailey, Peter 73, 199, 386 Bailey, Russell 73, 329 Bailey, Talbot 73, 207 Baillie, Ted 343 Bain, Eleanor 73 Bain, Evelyn 124 Baird, James 299 Bakar, Sherwyne 128 Baker, Dan 390 Baker, Frank 73 Baker, Janet 73, 208 Baker, John 73, 221, Baker, Katy 188, 432 Baker, Linda 315, 430 Baker, Roger 351 Baker, Sharon 73, 490 Baker, William Balala, Bruce 202 Marty 176 Balcomb, Kenneth 344 Baldwin, Gardner 360 Ballachey, Libby 432 Ballance, Marti 146, 176 Ballard, Carolyn 174, 175, 428 Ballard Richard Barnett, Larry 240, 242, 302, 376 Ballmer, Bruce 273 Ballog, Robert 468 Bangsoerg, Bert 362 Banks, Jan 432 Banks, Sheryn 444 Bannister, Jeff 350 Banque, Robert 482 Banos, Alfredo 209 Barbakow, Alan 378 Barbee, Bruce 187 Barbee, William 221, 338 Barber, Betty 407 Barbey, Glenda 462 Bardo, Denys 73 Bardwell , Jay 224 Barker, Elizabeth 73, 430 Barkley, Joanne 474 Barley, Dall 157 Barnard, Fred 482 Barneich, John 340 Barnes, Chris 290 Barnes, Janey 173, 434 Barnes, Loretta 73, 465 Barnes, Susan 440 Barnett, David 221, 382 Barnett, Gary 390 Barnett, Gustie 188, 432 Barnett, Ron 207, 277 Barnett, William 299, 386 Barney, Glenda 462 Baron, Marsha 462 Barr, Lynda Barraza Reyes 73, 201, 202, 468 Barre, Ole 73, 376 Bill 253 Barrett, Jane 159, 414 Barrett, Linda 465 Barrett, Steve 346 Barrish, Herb 378 Barry, Jeremy 74, 209, 468 Barsotti, Gael 240, 242, 302 Barsten, Ruth 175 Barta, Kackie 414 Bartakki, Manchar 199 Barter, Ken 458 Barth, Douglas 222, 384 Barthman, Pat 74, 438 Barthold, Todd 74, 138, 224, 336 Bartholia, Ray 392 Bartmann, Tony 330 Bartolero, James 74 Barton, Charles 205 Barton, Diane 435 Barton, Eddy 74 Barton, Joan 408 Barton, Marcie 462 Basham, Roger 488 Baskin, Barry 301 Bass, Edythe 221, 421 Bass, Margherita 74 Bass, Richard 290 Carol 74 Bates, Steve 120, 240, 242 Bates, Thomas 74, 232, 240, 243, 302 Bathgate, Robert 74, 202, 290, 482 Battaglia, Flo 74, 476 Battino, Frank 335 Battistini, Janet 476 Batty, Phyllis 462 Bauer, Bill 356 Bauer, Frederick 74, 344 Bauer, Marilyn 455 Bauer, Mei-Ling 446 Bauman, Freddie 74, 444 Banman, Harold 224 Bauman, Richard 488 Baumann, Nancy 124,199, 412 Baumgartner, Mary 436 Bauslaugh, Joan 474 Baxter, Frank 153, 209 Baxter, Robert 74, 344 Bayba, Rick 74, 348 Bayless, John 290 Beakschi, Peter 146, 371 Beal, George 205 Beal, Susan 465 Beals, Roger 130 Barbara 17 Beardsley, Lorna Mae 74, 207, 476 Beaston, Mike 125, 341 Bebelaar, John 232, 240, 243 Bechtel, Bob 175 Beck, James 328 Beck, Jeffrey 494 Beck, Steve 157 Beck, Tam 297 Becker, Alber t 224 Boris 200 Becker, David 458 Becker, Fred 253 Becker, Penny 490 Beckman, Jerry 125 Becknell, Barbara 462 Beckwith, Howard 74 Bedford, Bob 74, 202, 458 Bedoya, Alfred 154 Beeman, Richard 366 Beer, David 74, 382 Beggs, Jean 156, 418 Behnke, Dave 253 Behrens, Bud 221, 351 Beim, Peggy 432 Beistle, Burr 468 Beland, Robert 366 Belanger Gerald 74, Belben, Phyllis 159, 434 Relhumeur, Bonnie 408 Chet 275 Bell, Colin Eurael 224, 286 Bell, Laurel 221 Bell, Louis 224 Bell, Meg 424 Bell, Virginia Bellquist, Prof Eric 205, 224 Bellquist, Thomas 17 Belvail, Christy 124 Bence, Delcia 454 Bender, June 209, 400, 402 Bender, Sherie 402 Benedict, Carol 476 Benedict, Ken 45B Benjamin, Bonnie 421 Benjamin, Jonathan 458 Bennett, Aileen 74, 215, 462 Bennett, Bob 335 Bennett, Chuck 453 Bennett, Cynthia 432 Bennett, John 388 Bennett, Richard 287 Bennett, Steve 388 Bennett, Wilma 139 Benninghoven, Ann 402 Benson, Bob 376 Benson, David 74 Benuska, K 201 Berdahl, James 134, 181, 224 Berg, John 330 Berg, Marshall 74 Bergan, Dalton 337 Berger, Bill 290 Berger, Don 458 Berger, Mark 189, Bergeron, Carl 221, 240, 253, 346 Bergman, Ray 201 Berk, Michael 372 Berk, Michelle Berkenkamp, Carolyn 474 Berliner, Rodolfo 74 Berman, Carol 74 Berman, David 74 Jeff 394 Bernasicou, Irene 74, 422 Berner, Ken 482 Berner, Sue 74, 434 Berra, Al 351 Berridge, Dick 221, 346 Berry, Bill 331 Berry, Joan 74 Berry, Robert 224, 232, 290 Berry, Sides 426 Bertelson, Judy 74, 211 Bertero, Richard 74, 222, 348 Bertram, Micky 462 Bett, Nancy 74 Bettefer, Carolyn 440 Richard 209 Bevilacqua, Nicholas 75, Bevis, Hilary 75, 138, 170, 440 Bewley, Joan 134 Beyersdorf, Larry 20, 198, 207 Beymer, June 455 Bhanthumnavin, Vutthi 218 Bianucci, John 341 Biasotti, Margaret 75 Bican, William 468 Bidart, Betsy 221, 480 Bigelow, John 396 Biglaw, Kathy 169 Bill, Geof 396 Billings, Linda 462 Bilter, Keith 356 Patricia 474 Binsacca, Judy 124 Bird, Don 351 Bird, James 392 Birnkrant, Bill 332 Bisbee, Ernest 199 Bischoff Laurie 159, 440 Bishop, Bob Bishop, Carol 430 Bishopric, Fran 424 Bitans, Ivars 382 Bitter, Darvl 333 Bizony, Nick 360 Black, James 364 Black, Nelson 336 Blackburn, William 75, 351 Biackford, Michael Blackman, Kathie 155, 208, 442 Blagborne, Isabel 171, 428 Blaisdell, Allen 224 Chris 380 Blak, Betty 124, 471 Blake, Bob 273 Blake, Sonne 390 Blakemore, Bruce 205 Blakiston, Janice 412 Blanchard, E B 440 Blandford, Charles 392 Blank, Karen 150, 221, 442 Blankenberg, Barbara 471 Blanks, Bob 149 Blatshley, Brenda 490 Blatt, Bunnie 455 Blazzard, Jeannine 416 Bleadon, Robert 329 Bleasdale, Tom 494 Bledsoe, Ben 482 Blei, Bonnie 75, 215 Blei, Lynne 425 Bley, Kenneth 75 Bley, Steve 251 Blier, Garth 134 Blis, Donna 151, 462 352 Blondeau, Susan 455 Blood, Lois 279 502 Blower, Judy 434 Blue, Bonnie 404 Blum, Antoinette 452 Blum, Barbara 75, 465 Blumberg, Daniel 75, 354 Boherg, Linda 147, 173, 434 Bobroff, Dimitry 75, 206 Bobrow, Morris 75, 158, 224, 325, 354 Back, Lauren 232, 240, 243 Bodie, Frank 392 Bodner, Judee 404 Boer, J Earl 458 Bogart, John 376 Bogart, Marianne 75, Bogue, Barbara 153, 156, 213, 214, 440 Bogue, Nancy 160, 440 Bohle, Charles 75, 344 Bohn, Patrick 75, 202 Boland, Robert 75, 207 Boles, Sandy 200, 442 Bolsta, John 291 Bolton, William 75, 374 Bomben, Rey 157, 458 Bomlev, Bill Don 75, 76, 135, 142, 144, 157, 364 Bonnell, Katie 414 Bonner, Millicent 486 Bonney, Jim 396 Bonney, Lewis 388 Booher, Geri 471 Boone, Richard 75, Linda 474 Booth, Newell 232, 254, 298 Booth, Robert 168, 356 Booth, Steve 360 Boradori, Ann 414 Borden, Bill 276 Bordi, Stephen 75 Bordin, Jerry 157 Bordy, John 75, 254 Dale 468 Borgstrom, Karl 291, 458 Barbara 404 Nanci 75, 77, 135, 137, 141, 211, 416 Borroto, Wilfredo 75, 209 Borrow, Pam 487 Bosler, Dennis 387 Bosso, Robert 75, 148, 158, 207, 482 Bostwick, Paul 75 Bottari, Tani 148 Bould, Sally 402 Boumasset, Cathy 462 Bourne, Mike 344 Bourret, Betsy 440 Bowen, Claude 468 Bowen, Ed 396 Bowen, Robert 75, 199, 201 Bowen, William 482 Bowers, Lynn 201 Bowley, William 297, 468 Bowman, Bill 302 Boyadjieff, George 75, 202 Boyce, Sydney 480 Boyd, Bob 343 Boyd, Sharon 442 Boyer, Bruce 254 Boyes, Penny 465 Boyl, Patrick 302, 338 Boynton, Robert 346 Braathen, Arne 253 Brachman, Robert 123, 142, 304 Bradbury, Edward 291, 374 Bradford, Linda 436 Bradley, Diana 164 Bradley, Robert 376 Bradley, Terrag 202, 206 Bradshaw, Ted 125 Brady, Carole 148, 410 Brady, Jill 490 Brady, Mary Ann 446 Brady, Robert 276 Bragg, Carrie 75, 422 Brandt, Roger 291 Brandt, Steve 290, 370 Ronald 75, 128 Brann, Georgemne 226 Branstetter, Ray 199, 201 Braun, Marvis 404 BrauneweII, Marge 221, 487 Braunstein, Gloria 462 Braunstein, Richard 468 Braverman, Marilyn 75, 426 Braze, Betty 455 Breaum, Sandra 490 Breck, Thomas 299 Breed, George 75, 388 Bremer, Anne 480 Bremer, Claire 160, 213, 223, 442 Brennan, John 352 Brennan, Patricia 410 Brennan, Tom 346 Brenner, Mary 485 Bressie, Elbert 75, 360 Bressler, Raymond 368 Bressler, Shiela 476 Bresler, Ted 358 Breuer, Evelyn 223 Brewer, Kent 287 Breyer, Rick 221 Briggs, Rod 151, Briggs, Ron 352 Briggs, Ron 422 Bright, Betsy 440 Brill, Barbara 408 Brinkworth, Carol 75 Britton, Katie 160 Broadhead, Dorothy 485 Brochard, Victor 390 Brock, Richard 207 Broderick, Terry 458 Broderson, Arthur 75, 206, 218 Brcdie, Becky 404 Brodie, Mel 388 Brodke, Jeanne 76, 404 Brodke, Howard 372 Joyce 490 Brody, Gail 444 Bromberg, Barbara 76, 426 Brook, Nan 414 Brooks, Libby 428 Brooks, Mike 468 Brothers, John 324, 380 BrovelIi, Diane 76, 410 Brower, Janet 404 Brown, Allan 334 Brown, Barbara 432 Brown, Barbara 480 Brown, Bud 290 Brown, Diane 426 Brown, Bill 221, 374 Brown, Denis 76, 388 Brown, Derl 250 Brawn, Donald 356 Brown, Donna 226 Brawn, Dorothy 76 Brown, Douglas 207, 291, 382 Brown, George 453 Brown, JoAnne 426 Brown, Judy 436 Karen 412 Brawn, Margo 76,155, 442 Brown, Mike 221, 444 Brown, Michael 76, 209, 498 Brown, Norman 482 Brown, Pepper 422 Brown, Peter 362 Brown, Richard 144 Brown, Robert 202 Brown, Stanford 200 Brown, Walter 390 Browning, Gary 76, 334 Browning, Roger 338 Brownstein, Mark 76, 392 Broyles, Margie 76, Brucker, Sheldon 76, 378 Brue, Sharon 76, 455 Bruinerd, Hank 388 Bruhns, Rich 468 Brummerstedt, Carol 171 Brune, Tom 348 Brunetti, Warren 160 Brunner, Robert 147, 468 Bruno, Dave 351 Bruno, Marty 76, 434 Bruno, Tom 297 Brush, Joe 342 Brutus 390 Bryans, Jill 446 Bryant, Richard 468 Brydon, Dennis 468 Buck, Byron 187 Buckholtz, Barbara 42B Buckman, Charles 376 Buckman, Robert 76, 207 Buckmaster, Judy 465 Budd, Marcia 462 Buderer, Mel 329 Budge, Alec 221 Budman, Kenneth 354 Buell, Carolyn 438 Buell, Joan 410 Bufano, Frank 76, 453 Buletti, Claire 428 Bulklay, Patricia 76 Bullert, Delores 76 Bulley, Doug 362 Bultena, Dave 76, 254 Bunher, Catherine 186 Bunn, Penny 76, 436 Bunnell, Walter 380 Burback, William 386 Burchett, Fred 76, 366 Burden, James 76, 324, 368 Burgess, Barbara 173, 428 Burgess, William 337 Burk, Bill 356 Burke, Douglas 144 Burkhart, Sherry 416 Burkholder, Warren 76, 15B, 207, 328 Burkner, Florence 76, 422 Burks, Sharon 444 Burleigh, Malcolm 330 Burnett, David 468 Burnett, Douglas 293 Burnett, Molly 440 Burnham, Clark 160, 362 Burnham, Peggy 40B Burns, Gene 337 Burns, Mike 221, 338 Burns, Robert 482 Burr, Robert 350 Burr, Stefan 76, 209, 217 Burress, Jim 76, 222, 232, 243 302, 34B Burton, Roger 125 Burton, Sue 444 Burtschell, Linda 465 Busby, Bellary 76, 153, 214, 440 Bush, Harrie 462 Bush, Lynn 440 Bush, Nancy 407 Butler, Elton 76 Joel 376 Butler, Kathy 159, 424 Butler, Kenneth 76, 202 Butler, Victoria 76, 424 Butner, David 76, 325, 342 Buxton, Mary Ann 422 Byde, Anita 76 Byer, Shelley 124, 173, 410 Byerly, John 77 Byington, Leni 465 Byrne, Mike 358 Byrns, Sheila 153 Bywater, Ginny 173, 434 Bzock, Jane 77, 147, 412 C Cadosi, Annette 471 Mary Cahn, Kathleen 471 Cairns, Richard 340 Calder, Scott 207, 396 Caldernead, Paula 171, 442 Calderwood, Larren 77, 150, 207 Caldwell, Ken 346 Calegari, Steve 157, 362 Calhoon, Mary Jo 416 Calkins, Hugh 51, 77, 158, 160, 168, 352 Call, Evelyn 77 Callahan, Mike 77, 380 Callahan, Sue 422 Deanna 476 Callister, Craig 297 Callwell, Robert 494 Calonica, James 382 Calvy, Sharon 77, 422 Cambell, Craig 222 Cambell, Dale 402 Cambell, William 366 Cameron, Thomas 205 Camozzi, Carolyn 77, 446 Campanella, Dick 453 Campbell, Alan 125, 334 Campbell, Carolyn 424 Campbell, Craig 77 Campbell, Debby 414 Campbell, Janet 77, 414 Campbell, Joan 442 Campbell, Lawrence 350 Campbell, Meri 77, 41B Campbell, Nancy 77, 220, 223 Campbell, Peter 344 Campbell, Robert 77, 468 Campbell, Susan 412 Campbell, Tom 221, Campion, Elizabeth 223, 436 Campodonico, Jim 386 Campos, Victor 125, 333 Cannon, Kirby 356 Cantley, John 458 Cantou, Suzanne 462 Canty, Jerry 77 Canty, John 77 Caouette, Patty 465 Capel, Judy 404 Capestro, Andy 157, 160, 458 Capron, Ann 146, 412 Carash, 46B Card, Ben 77, 338 Cardon, Bart 290 Cardoza, Joe Cardoza, Juline 200, 214, 400, 408 Jim 181, Carges, James 77, 386 Cargill, Dianne 465 Carlsen, Dick 240, 243 Carlson, Arleen 418 Carlson, Frances 465 Carlson, Nancy 424 Carlson, Penny 412 Carlson, Richard 374 Carlson, Sue 434 Carlson, William 216 Carmalt, Churchill 77, 366 Carman, Steve 482 Carmichael, Doug 138 Carmichael, Margie 432 Carmichael, Martha 77, 446 Canner, Bert Carpenter, Bob 352 Carpenter, Chris 221, 338 Carpenter, Mary 402 Carpenter, Nancy 454 Carr, Ann 465 Carr, Niles 488 Carr, Terry 392 Carrier, Lee 77 Carroz, John 77, 380 Carruth, Linda 169, 412 Ca rruti, Richard 389 Carson, Beverly 455 Carter, Harald 187 Carter, Nana Carter, Pete 351 Carter, Ross 273 Carter, Thomas 376 Caruso, Ron 468 Carvajal, Rudy 240, Carver, Bill 342 Carver, Judy 416 Carveth, Jackie 418 Carville, Philip 380 Cary, Lynn 436 Carzo, Rocco 240 Caselli, Sandy 414 Caselli, Virgil 350 Casentini, Lee 364 Casey, Mike 343 Cashin, Carol 77, 432 Cason, James 224 Cass, Sue 124, 444 Cassano, Ron 334 Cassinelli, Peter 77, 458 Castleman, Noel 124, 356 Caswell, Cecile 173, 428 Cathelinaud, Yves 154 Cato, Linda 490 Catrow, Toni 173, 209 Cavallero Carolyn 173, 418 Cavan, David 372 Cecchi, Ronald 77 Ceragioli, Barbara 476 Cave, Jan 141,147, 214, 402 Cerruti, Rich 123, 140, 208, 389 Cerwinsky, Edmund 77, 328 Chackerian, Richard 77, 482 Chadbourne, Chris 388 Chaffee, Dick 382 Chai, Bong 77 Challes, Dean 17, 199, 201, 206, 325, 336 Chambers, David 329 Allan 216 Champion, Joel 77, 380 Albert 77 Chan, Conway 78, 482 Chan, Gregory 78 Chan, Jeffery Chan, Kathleen 146 Chan, Kellogg 78, 204, 207, 482 Chan, Robert 128 Chan, Roselind 78 Chan, Sandra 78, 476 Chan, Terry 151 Chandler, Barbara 186 Chandler, Geoffrey 217 Chandler, James 78, 224 Chandler, M F 160 Chaney, Paula 462 Chaney, Ralph 224 Chang, Bruce 173 Chang, Evelyn 78 Chang, Henry Chang, Norman 78, 479 Chang, Richard 7B Chapin, Sid 78, 380 Burton 78 Chapman, Bob 482 Chapman, Joen 366 Chapman, Judy 173 Chapman, Richard 472 Chapman, Steve 291 Chapnick, Carol 160, 404 Charles, Norm 205 Charyn, Deana 155 Chase, Cathy 452 Chase, Delwin 78 Chase, Mike 250 Chatham, Bob 221, 382 Cheng, Al 199, 201, 206 Albert 78 Cheng, Linda 78 Chenowith, Ted 134, 150 Cheong, Kathleen 78, 495 Cheong, Kim 78 Cherin, Feralee 404 Chermin, Milton 224 Chernack, Lynn Chernenkoff, Sidney 78, 482 Cherniss, Mike 78, 324, 394 Cherry, Diane 125, 444 Cherry, Rita 465 Chesley, Joan 209 Cheung, Geoffrey 78, 204 Chev, Dudley 482 Chew, Daniel Chin, Edward 78, 202 Joan 221, 465 Chin, Stanley 78, 224, 369 Chin, Tom 369 Ching, Carolee 78 Chinn, Richard 78, 201, Chipman, Julie 471 Chca, Frank 78, 129, 453 Chittlick, Jim 329 Chong, Milton 453 Choppelas, Nick 128, 356 Charmley, Rex 130, 335 Choura, Jan 410 Chow, Sylvia 78, 208, 216 Chow, Voctor 369 Christma, Diana 430 Christensen, Cherryl 490 Christensen, James 468 Christiansen, Robert 385 Christie, Linda 171, 446 Christofferson, Bill 352 Christoph, Bill 387 Christopulos, Paul 224 Jeannette 78, 446 Chu, David 78, 209, 218, 453 Church, Susan 430 Cianciarulo, Louise 440 Cimino, Sheri 455 C irata, Stan 125 Clapham, Judy 434 Clark, Betty 78, 208, 402 Clark, Bob 337 Clark, Don 153 Clark, Harold 78 Clark, Jim 488 Clark, Joe 147, 366 Clark, Roger 374 Clarke, Terry 382 Clary, Barbara 199 Claudius, Herbert 78, 342 Clausen, Meredith 146, 221, 402 Claussen, Jane 78, 146, 180, 414 Claussen, Mary 414 Clay, Bill 275 Clayton, Jim 346 Cleaves, Wally 221, 468 Clemetson, Judy 408 Clerous, Romaine 125, 444 Clodfalter, Richard 482 Close, Deborah 455 Cloyd, Marshall 343 Clumeck, Skip 79, 304, 394 Clyma, Ronald 79, 362 Coates, Marcia 442 Cobb, Tricia 424 Cobden, Richard 147, 221, 335 Coberly, Wheeler 78, 79, 222, 224, 396 Cochran, Burke 360 Cochran, Joan 79 Cochran, Pat 462 Cochran, Richard Sally 171, 402 Cochran, Susan 138 Cocnran, Susan Cochran, Terry 70, 79, 142, 158, 208, 362 Cockburn, Laurie 79, 436 Cockrell, Robert 224 Codbehere, Jim 333 Co ggburn, Roger 368 Coggins, John 389 Cohee, John 458 Cohen, Andrea 226 Cohen, Beverly 462 Cohen, Beverly 426 Cohen, Jose 79 Cohen, Lois 426 Cohen, Ron 378 Al 298 Cohn, Barbara 465 Cohn, Benjamin 79, 201, 354 Cohn, Marilyn 426 Coldwell, Jane 495 Cole, Lowell 482 Cole, Naomi 422 Coleman, Cathy 151, 172, 402 Coleman, George 344 Coleman, Tom 340 Coles, Jessie Colescott, William 128, 494 Dorothy 208 Colin, Janie 79, 424 Collings, Barbara 432 Betsy 79, 65 503 Collins, Bob 250, 374 Collins, Douglas 217 Collins, Patricia 79, 220, 424 Collins, Richard 328 Collins, William 221 Collom, John Colson, Kenneth 79, 472 Colman, Judy 123, 476 Colton, Larry 297 Colton, Tom Combs, Paul 187 Commanday, Robert 134, 186, 187, 224 Comstock, Bill 79, 396 Condliffe, John 224 Condon, Rory 144 Conklin, Grace 465 Conlin, Cathy 412 Conn, Thomas 79 Conn, Walter 202 Connell, Jerry 468 Conner, Ann 444 Connick, Robert 28 Conrad, Joseph 188 Consani, Roger 368 Conser, Paula 159, 430 Constance, Lincoln 20, 24 Conway, Dick 334 Conway, Kathryn 79, 432 Conway, Sally 79, 412 Cook, Connie 444 Cook, Marilyn 173, 221, 428 Cook, Mike 299, 385 Cook, Steve 224 Cooke, George 352 Cooke, R W 207 Cookson, Susan 160, 440 Cooper, Bill 348 Cooper, Dick 332 Cooper, Hal 356 Cooper, Jeanne 156, 438 Cooper, Lucille 485 Cooper, Nancy 79, 410 Cooper, Shirley 171, 175, 438 Cooperman, Steve 187 Copeland, Poppy 432 Copin, Gail 476 Corbell, Brian 79, 343 Corbel li, Carolyn 171, 412 Cordray, Linda 418 Corey, Laura 173, 471 Corley, James 224 Cormier, Gene 344 Comblum, Bruce 79, 354 Cornell, David 188, 204 Cornsweet, Tobey 274, 472 Corr, Janice 79, 474 Corse, Grace 169 Corten, Connie 412 Cortsen, Eleanor 171, 438 Cory, Sue 402 Coryell, Jane 436 Cosso, Lou 297 Costa, Larry 274, 348 Costello, Lawrence 207 Castello, Rich 290 Cottrell, Arline 79, 432 Cottrell, Cynthia 444 Coudeyre, Jacques 207, 458 Coulin, Chris 187 Coulin, Robin 187 Coultas, Terry 430 Coupe, Linda 79, 226, 465 Coupland, Russel 188 Coveny, Richard 253, 346 Coveney, Robin 424 Covill, Eunice 462 Covington, Mark 358 Covington, Woody 356, 286, 382 Cowan, Samuel 202 Cawing, Eric 221, 343 Cox, Allen 358 Cox, Brenda 79, 208, 442 Cox, Daniel 482 Cox, Steve 221, 251, 324, 390 Crabtree, Bob 390 Cragun, Bob 468 Craig, Robin 125, 141, 410 Craig, Rod 143, 169 Craig, Ted 468 Cramer, Gary 348 Crandall, Carole 125, 221, 442 Crandell, Sally 471 Crane, Jay 188 Cranston, Rob 217 Craus, Carolyn 487 Cravath, Ann 171, 412 Crawford, Bill 331 Crawford, Bob 351 Crawford, Bruce 364 Crawford, Donald 482 Crawford, Jerry 79, 376 Crawford, John 458 Crawford, Pat 455 Crayne, Charles 200, 387 Creamer, Judith 490 Crenna, Lloyd 79, 207, 222, 374 Cres, Bob 360 Crespan, Audrey 79, 209 Clinklaw, Joyce 402 Crist, Janet 79, 440 Crist, Margie 422 Critchfield, Jean 79, 209 Critchlow, Richard 80, 376 Crocket, Will 335 Croden, Cecelia 123 Cronenwett, Paul 80, 348 Crook, Carolyn 80,188, 410 Crosher, Frederick 200 Cross, Marion 442 Cross, Ralph 218 Cruz, Adolfo 468 Csenar, Victoria 408 Cuevas, Mario 205 Culbertson, Judy 485 Culbertson, Ron 371 Cull, Bill 346 Cullen, Lou 250 Culletan, Mary 430 Cumming, James 199 Cummings, Martha 436 Cummins, Gary 384 Cummins, Mike 468 Cummins, Sarah 424 Cunningham, Arleen 410 Cunningham, Rosanne 221, 454 Cunningham, Sarah 436 Curcio, Franklin 385 Curley, Bob 202, 290 Curley, Susan 465 Currie, Violante 465 Curry, Sue 159, 430 Curtis, Dick 302 Curtis, Kerry 482 Curtis, Larry 482 Curtis, Mary 80 Curtis, Ross 390 Curtiss, Kathie 455 Cusenza, James 80 Cushing, Charles 224 Cutler, Cathy 438 Cutter, Linda 465 Cytron, Jeri 404 D Dail, Dave 334 Dale, Dick 360 Dale, Knut 290 Dally, Lynn 80, 155, 442 Dalton, Jan 200, 402 Dalton, Jan 223, 416 Dalton, Sue 421 Daly, Moira 432 Daly, Victoria 490 Damon, Marilyn 462 Damrell, Frank 313 Dangberg, Sue 430 Daniels, Judy 404 Daniels, Marilyn 404 Danielson, Alan 358 Danielson, Nancy Danielson, Susan 476 Danilovich, Duff 458 Danis, Vvtantas Dannenbring, William 8D, 207, 366 Dare, Patrick 80, 369 D ' Ari, Linda 490 Darois, Gilbert 80, 129 Dashiell, Carolyn 80, 465 Dastman, Chuck 390 Dausse, Lcuis Davee, Steven 453 David, Rosemary 404 David, Tom 173, 177, Davidson, Barry 80, 232, 275, 344 Davidson Robert 453 Davidson, Sara 166, 465 Davidson, William 468 Davies, Ana 80, 446 Davies, Burt 272, 376 Davies, Peg 134 Davis, A R 224 Davis, Boyka 211 Davis, Craig 390 Davis, Diane 147, Davis, Gary 216, 290, 458 Davis, Gerard 396 Davis, Hal 380 Davis, Jack Davis, James 202 Davis, Janice 80, 444 Davis, Keagle 80, 158, 390 Davis, L E 199, 201 Davis, Mark 206 Davis, Mary 80 Davis, Michael 80, 372 Davis, Samuel 337 Davis, Thomas 386 Davis, William H 224 Davis, William J 224 Davison, Nancy 454 Davisson, Malcolm 224 Dawdy, Chuck 458 Dawson, Richard 144, 209, 254 Day, Clinton 384 Day, John 187 Deal, Fred 396 Deal, Timothy 207 Dean, Catherine 490 Dean, Dickson 458 Dean, Mary 424 Dean, Warren 394 Deaton, Myrkle 366 Deback, Norman 200 deBenedetti, Jane 80, 436 Debold, Dale 350 DeCamp, Fred 299 deCarion, Dave 352 Deegan, Jack 157, 458 Defeo, Don 360 Degenkolb, Virginia 223, 438 DeGiraca, Jose 253 DeGiraef, Peter 253 Dehn, Robert 330 Deimel, Adele 80, 146, 428 deJoy, Shirley 188, 422 DeKat, Denise 223, 402 deKirby, Diane 173, 434 delaCruz, Jafilam 341 DeLeon, Linda 408 deLorimier, Chuck 358 DeLozier, Judy 455 Delury, Dale 80, 468 Delwiche, David 482 Delwiche, Roger 368 DeManincor, Darlene 402 DeMartini, Nancy 408 Deming, Anne 428 Deming, Sharon Demler, Rae 424 Dempsey, LaVerne 200, 416 Dempsey, William 358 DeMonte, Bob 356 DeMonte, Susan 80, 408 DeMotte, Barbara 408 Demuth, Chris 202 DeNatale, Nance 153 Denend, Ron 458 Denison, Dolores 465 Dennes, William 224 Dennis, Russell 376 Dennison, Robert 344 deNcon, James 175 Dent, Marti 412 Deeper, Marlene 221 DeRoos, Julie 414 Derr, Dave 304 deSenna, Roberta 80 DeSilva, Diane 455 DeSmet, Diane 486 Detling, Jim 331 deVight, Gary 166 Devlin, Catherine 223, 440 Devlin, William 80, 188 Dewing, Leslie 80 deWitt, Clinton 337 DeWitt, Margaret 80, 455 DeWolf, Mary Jane 410 Dezzani, David 80, 376 Dezzani, Pete 376 Diamond, Joan 404 Diamond, Lynne 209, 404 Diamond, Ron 332 Diamond, Tony 290, 396 Dick, Howard 341 Dickerson, John 158, 364 Dickey, Robert 187, 472 Dickinson, Jerry 253 Dickinson, Joe 181 Dickson, Clark 80, 366 Dickson, Julie 424 Dickson, William 494 Didion, James 80,360 Diehl, Kip Diercks, Beverly 416 Dietschy, Ellen 169, 226 DiGiorgio, Lynne 471 DiGirazia, Bob Dillehay, Ron 143 Dinkelspiel, Susan 414 Dinkler, Penny 465 Dinkier, Theodore 243, 360 Dinnean, Larry 187 Dinsmoor Keith 362 Dirksen, Sue 432 Diskon, Irene 125, 171, 412 Divine, James 81 206, 218 Dix, Chapman 81, 199, 200, 201 Dixon, Thomas 128 Dixon, Virginia 452 Dobbs, Steve 372 Dobson, Perry 298, 472 Dochterman, Clifford 224 Docter, Ken 232, 380 Doctor, Sandra 462 Dodd, Brain 358 Dodds, Ned 344 Doegan, Jack 157, 458 DoelI, Terry 480 Doherty, Fran 408 Doherty, Patricia 422 Doi, Wesley 81 Doidge, Margaret 455 Dolan, Pat 452 Dolan, Pete 261, 338 Dolman, Sam 250, 348 Doman, Stephen 472 Domich, John 81 Don, Manuel 369 Donahue, Ed 222, 232, 262, 272, 370 Donaldson, Nancy 223, 428 Donan, Dick 81, 458 Doneson, Mike Donnelly, James 81, 202 Donner, Steve 221, 346 Donoghue, Peggy 414 Donohue, Corbett 221 Donovan, Bill 390 Donovan, June 148 Donovan, Michael 239, 388 Dorsa, Deanna 402 Dorse, Rod 207 Dorsey, Enman 134 Douds, Jane 408 Dougery, John 366 Dougery, Nancy 81, 143, 430 Dougharty, Larry 325, 334 Dougherty, Kathy 138, 152, 153, 154, 440 Doughty, Dick 261, 272 Douglas, Frank 187 Dow, Gordon 482 Dowd, Esther 486 Dowdall, Bill 362 Dowell, Dave 356 Dower, Gwen 490 Dowling, Dave 273, 297 Dowling, Jim 482 Downard, Judy 490 Downey, Tim 392 Downing, Mary Lu 408 Doyle, Karen 444 Doyle, Robert 81, 348 Dozier, Bart 148, 149 Draper, Bob 333 Dratler, Lynn 476 Drennan, Jane 412 Dresher, Nancy 490 Drezner, Anne 426 Driscoll, Margaret 402 Drobany, John 366 Drogin, Carol 146, 147 Druhan, Judie 146, 214, 451 Drain, Diane Duarte, Robert 334 DuBois, Bill 362 Duckering, Russill 81, 202, 209, 218, 453 Dudley, Eleanor 465 Dudow, Irwin 488 Duer, Beverley 199, 201 Duesler, George 458 Duff, Duane 370 Duffy, Mary 471 Dugall, John 368 Duke, Michelle 446 Dunbar, Connie 81, 416 Duncan Gail 480 Duncan, Jerry Duncan, Jahn 81, 218, 325 366 Duncan, Paul 217, 278 Dunnam, Dick 151 Dunker, Mark Dave 125, 275, 338 Dunlap, John 81, 343 Dunlap, Mary 81, 418 Dunlap, Tom 290, 331 Dunning Patricia 81, 444 Dunn, Jean 173 Dunn, Mary 408 Dunn, Sharon 476 Dunstan, J anet 407 Durei, John 468 Duren, Joan 81, Durham, Griff 290 Durham, Judith 81 Durham, Mary Jo 476 Durnad, Dora 455 Dutton, George 173, 329 Dutton, Pete 392 Dutton, Thomas 17, 224 Dvir, Taila 81 Dwane, Diana 421 Dwelle, Steve 222, 396 Gary 352 Dyson, Don 329 E Eachus, Margo 422 Eager, Ben 356 Eakes, Lon 390 Earner, Lois 476 Easton, Edward 338 Eber, Martin 169 Eberhard, Ronald 221 Ebert, Richard 81, 146, 198 207, 388 Echols, Carolyn 124 Ecklund, Mae 341 Edde, Byron 81, 206, 482 Edelstein, Jerry 488 Edelstein, Judi 426 Edenholm, Lynnea 402 Edlund, Betty 160, 418 Edminston, Ann 432 Edmonds, Bill 157, 380 Edmonds, Duane 273, 380 Edmonston, Frances 81 Edmunds, Walter 200 Edson, 81, 139, 400, 428 Edson, Tobey 291, 366 Edwards, Christine 432 Edwards, Joan 465 Edwards, Joyce 81, 207 Edwards, Larry 304 Edwards, Linda 452 Edwards, Marilyn 462 Edwards, Ross 368 Efron, Mary 81, 4 26 Eggers, William 360 Eggert, Edith 81 Egre, Daniel 154 Ehlert, William 166 Ehret, Howard 157, 482 Ehrhardt, Jane 430 Ehrhorn, Beverly 474 Eich, Ronald 366 Eichenberg, Alan 81, 394 Eigenheer, Richard 81, 388 Eisele, Francie 414 Eisenstein, Daniel 224 Ek, Barbra 81, 438 Ekinaka, Mike 479 Eklund, Karin Elden, Jim 51, 138, 325, 394 Eldred, Robert 81, 468 Elefant, Ralph 128 Elkin, Tom 250 Eliard, Karen 487 Ellerd, Patricia 15, 20, 80, 81 141, 220, 400, 418 Elliger, Carl 216 Ellingson, Ed 376 Elliot, Dale 388 Elliot, Grant 275 Elliot, Terry 328 Elliot, Peter 224 Elliott, Roy 81, 304, 388 Ellis, Daralyn 486 Ellis, E P 201 Ellis, Jennifer 440 Margy 173, 412 Ellman, Jim 328 Ellsworth, Alice 455 Ellsworth, Oliver 207, 219 Ellsworth, William 224 Ellwood, Sharon Elmore, Charles 468 Elmore, John 81, Elner, Pete 390 Elsner, Paula 418 Ely, Brenda 486 Elzey, Jane 410 Emanuel, Roberta 82, 426 Emery, Linda 418 Emsley, Judith 214, 226, 430 Endman, Jim 488 Endo, Nori 479 Enfield, Dave 140, 336 Eng, Charmaine 82 129 Engdahl, Karl 82, 382 Engel, Ron 488 Engelhard, Dick 386 Engelhard, Greg 224 Engelhard, Marilyn 82,159 213, 424 Englesby, Judie 422 English, John 82, 222, 338 English, Sue 462 Enomoto, Janice 465 Enos, Reed 472 Enrici, Dave 335 Enright, Katherine 82 Enright, Rita 172, 408 Epidendio, George 82, 207 Epperson, Larry 187, 333 Eppinger, Josh 168, 394 Eppler, Donna 455 Epps, Jon 250 297 Epstein, Barton 372 Epstein, Charles 32, 372 Epstein, David 92, 325 504 Erbes, Jay 362 Erbes, John 250 Erbson, Bonnie 462 Erby, John 240 Ericksep, Kurt 364 Erickson, John 388 Erickson, R E 20, 224 Ericson, Mike 380 Erlanger, Claire 462 Erman, Elizabeth 208 Erman, James 458 Erwin, Joanne 82, 418 Escajeda, Lee 386 Esohenburg, Rich 335 Escherich, Roland 380 Escobar-Genes, Jose 253, 337 Escobosa, Ann Esenoff, Ronda 404 Eshoo, George 82, 207, 351 Eskandari, Yahya 201 Espenschade, Anna 223 Esquibel, Severn 201 Cliff 329 Etcheverry, Jean 152 Ethridge, Pat 82, 476 Eto, Ross 488 Eubank, Allan 329 Eubank, Suzie 424 Evans, Bill 384 Evans, Clyde 134 Evans, Jan 486 Evans, John 82, 253, 338 Evans, Joana 480 Evans, Julia 465 Evans, Peter 331 Evarts, Jack 82, 458 Evenson, Donald 202 Everhart, Libbie 412 Everitt, Albert 337 Ewing, Karen 480 Ewing, Richard 468 Exter, Peggy 318, 422 F Fabro, Quentin 328 Fadem, Joel 347 Fafenridt, Al 144 Fagan, Paul Fahrenbach, Almuth 82, 209 Lynette 410 Fair, Betsy 462 Fair, Jevenee 438 Fairbanks, Janet 82 Fairohild, Jim 232, 276 Fairhead, Linda 487 Fairweather, Bill 468 Falk, Jerry 144 Falk, Ted 222 Falkenburg, Betsy 430 Falkner, Bob 187 Fall, Lynda 454 Fallas, Claire 82, 422 Faltin, Roberta 82, 462 Falzgraf, Karen 153 Fansler, Martha 455 Falzgraf, Karen 474 Faraday, David 82 Farber, Ed 207 Faridany, Ed 290 Farl y, Bruce 386 Farley, Eloise 124, 474 Farley, Mary 82 Farr, Pat 476 Farrand, Andy 343 Farrar, Stan 385 Farrell, Mike 300 FashinelI, Tom 276 Fasold, Deanna 438 Fat, Tom 204 207 Fattaleh, Alexander 201 Fausse, Fred 198 Faust, Cheryl 221 Favro, Dave 240 Fay, Patti 432 Fay, Raymond 160 Fazio, Phyllis 428 Fearnley, John 396 Feigebaum, Terry Feiner, Beverly 82, 426 Felsenthal, Judy 82, 404 Felt, Karen 434 Fenner, Wayne 218, 277, 325, 341 Fenolio, Ron 385 Fenton, Charles 82, 334 Ferguson, Jim 15, 240, 244 Ferguson, Margaret 155, 221 Ferguson, Sharron 208, 400 Ferguson, Wendy 15 Fernandez, Gary 82, 325, 386 Ferrea, Barbara 402 Ferree, Roger 82, 200, 368 Ferrey, Gil 392 Ferrier, W W 224 Ferris, Ann 465 Ferris, Frank 366 Ferro, Gloria 215, 471 Fessenden, Bob 157, 458 Fetterman, James 376 Feusse, Fred 198 Feyereiro, Nancy 171, 442 Fidler, Margie 402 Field, Hilary 124, Field, Kathleen 200, 208, 412 Fields, Sandra 123 Figel, Sue 82, 414 Files, Thomas 32, 468 Finch, Marcia 440 Fine, Dick 168 Finger, Eugene 482 Fingerson, Wayne 380 Finkel, Le Roy 82, 378 Finn, Lyle 82, Finocohio, Concetta 142, 144, 455 Fiorello, Marco 82 Firstenberg, Beverly 490 Fiscalini, John 325 Fischer, Anne 422 Fisoher, Dick 166, 394 Fischer, Jean 209 Fishell, Susan 146 Fisher, Claudine 200, 412 Fisher, David 83, 378 Fisher, Harvey 356 Fisher, Joel Fisher, Lucille 83 Fisher, Marcia 438 Fisher, Mary 188 Fisher, Mike 221 Fisher, Ruth 421 Fisher, Sue 83, 436 Fisher, Susan Fishof, Serana Fitz, David 376 Fitzgeraid, Sean 221, Fitzpatrick, Burch 83, 207, 368 Fitzwater, G 458 Flachsenhar, Jay 289, 342 Flannery, Sara 418 Flegal, Nancy 330 Fleming, Kent 290 Fleming, Laurie 146, 155, 171, 442 Fletoher, Bev 221 Fletcher, Mary 83, 424 Fletcher, Nancy 172, 226, 434 Fletcher, Pual 224 Fletcher, Tal 83, 343 Fleury, Sally 414 Fleury, Sue 414 Flinn, Gerald 201 Flint, Nancy 430 Flint, Patsy 414 Flippin, David 83, 207, 390 Flchr, John 201 Flood, Judy 154, 436 Fogarty, Tom 336 Fogarty, Walter 83, 384 Fairer, Liz 444 Foley, Mike 217, 278, 376 Folsom, Carol 207 Fong, Allena 204 Fong, David 83, 188, Fong, Daymin 83 Fong, Donna 83, 204, 223, 455 Fong, Frances 204 Fong, Genevieve 83, Fong, Hobart 83, 369 Fong, Merrily 204, 455 Fong, Norman 465 Fong-Torres, Barry 369 Fonladi, Jahan 253 Fontaine, Dianne Foo, Harvey 83 Foon, Nancy 83, 487 Footman, Farel 148, 149 Forbes, Gary 83, 382 Foreman, Marilyn 188 Foriyama, George 458 Forman, Marilyn 421 Forrest, Sue 408 Forster, Dan 83 Forster, Pat 440 Forsberg, Bob 458 Forsyth, Gayle 83, 208, 438 Fortini, Barbara 83, 414 Fortini, Joyce 83, 407 Fortune, John 83, 350 Foskett, Walt 396 Foss, Nancy 83, 430 Fosselius, George 330, 494 Fossum, John 351 Foster, Herbert 384 Foster, Mercedes 436 Foster, Merrill 83 Foster, Patti 149, 430 Foster, Richard 83, 334 Foster, Robert 187, 352 Foster, Tom 336 Fowkes, Doug 221, 396 Fowler, Kinton 358 Fowler, Marilyn 124 Fowler, Phyllis 171, 442 Fowler, Steve Fox, Carol 416 Fox, Joanne 83, 432 Fox, Moryl 83 Fox, Michael 337 Fox, Sheelah 83, 424 Fox, Suzie 454 Foxworthy, Ann 408 Fraga, George 488 Frame, Judy Frame, William 325, 356 Franchini, Carol 414 Franchini, Gail 83, 215, 414 Francis, James 189 Frank, Don 171, 178 Frank, Ellen 486 Frank, Ruth 404 Frank, William 344 Frankel, Diane 83, 426 Franklin, Ro ger 408 Franklin, Sidney 84 Franks, Marsha 221, 421 Fraser, Pete 337 Fraser, Tom 302 Frates, Frank 250 Frazier, Peter 84, 382 Frederick, Neal 472 Frederick, Walter 134, 164, 224 Free, Janice 84, 226, 434 Freeborn, Betty 151 Freed, Dave 482 Freeland, Dick 376 Freeland, Jim 291 Freeman, Gordon 84, 203, 354 Freeman, Herbert 84, 331 Freeman, Lee 158, 344 Freeman, Linsey 160, 372 Freeman, Sue 84, 442 Freidman, Al 372 Freitas, Christine 84 Freitas, Don 84, 148, 160, 207 Frenoh, Barbara 144 Frerichs, Kristin 454 Fretter, William 224 Freuler, Jon 123, 468 Frey, Hal 276 Frey, Nancy 215, 223 Fried, Marsha 462 Friedkin, Stephen 354 Friedland, Bonnie 155, 465 Friedman, Art 385 Friedman, Darrell 354 Friedman, Judy 199 Friedman, Michael 84 Friedman, Mo na 404 Friedman, Sharlene 84 Friedman, Tracy 482 Fries, Sandra 173, 438 Friis, Ron 291 Frisou, Sue 430 Fritsohi, Dave 290 Fritz, Bill 380 Froman, Michael 344 Frost, Bob 376 Frost, Gayle 408 Frost, Jodi 125, Frost, Mary 125, 171, 438 Frost, Mary Alice 428 Fry, Jerry 348 Fujimoto, Lillian 155 Fujioka, James 206 Fujita, Claire 221 Fukuhara, Kay 479 Fukunaga, Paul 84 Fukushima, Don 84 Fulkerson, D J 442 Fuller, Anne 410 Fuller, Vorden 224 Fuller, Williamson 155 Funk, Glenn 157, 291, 468 Furlan, Pierre 334 Furlong, 482 Furtney, Virginia 139, 150, 462 Fusco, Kathy 151, 418 G Gaba, Carolyn 442 Gaba, Joelle 186, 490 Leigh 384 Gabel, Paul 384 Gabrielson, Lyle 201 Gagsby, Carolyn 476 Gaetjen, Roger 84, 342 John 382 Gage, Thomas 84 Gajdos, Florence 84 Gale, Karen 438 Gale, Madelyn 221 Galer, Larry 278 Gallegos, Oriando 488 Galli, Marian 200, 408 Galli, Sylvia 215, 418 Gallis, Pat 402 Gallup, Hope 432 Galvex, Paul 335 Wicker 346 Gamcey, Betty Lou 404 Gandin, Sherrie 426 Gangwer, Bob 287 Ganiats, Jerilynn 418 Gannon, Lynn 84, 474 Garabedian, Larry 221, 482 Garat, Ann 416 Garat, Domie 160, 436 Garber, Peter 392 Gardenswartz, Darlene 426 Garey, James 494 Garland, Clyne H Garrettson, Trudy 432 Garrone, Grace 141, 148, 149, 199 Garruth, Pete 336 Gartshore, Cathy Gartshore, Pamela 159, 213, 414 Garvey, Ron 187 Garwood, Nancy 147, 408 Gaston, Lee 488 Gasmill, Jim 387 Gate, William 84, 201, 202 Gates, Pete 84, 390 Gatewood, Moni 124, 208, 422 Gatti, Edward 346 Gaudie, Al 334 Gaunce, Pat 402 Gauthier, Richard 84 Gautier, Karyn 432 Gaydos, Tim 253 Gayless, John 468 Gaylord, Alan 84, 256, 286 Gazzano, Diane 446 Geddes, Pat 444 Gee, Geoffrey 392 Joe 369 Gee, Wing 369 Geffeney, Megan 84, 418 Geidt, Warren 224 Gelber, Jean 159, 410 Geller, Bonnie 148, 155 Geller, Eileen 490 Gelsvik, Roy 329 Gelus, Kathy 418 Geno, Dick 371 Stephanie 416 Gentile, Ronald 392 Gentner, Lynn 141, 153, 156, 213, 442 Gentry, Mark 468 George, Bill 221 George, Brian 84, 387 George, Dave 84, 222, 224, 244, 302, 380 George, Kathleen 436 George, 424 Gerasimenko, Peter 366 Gerdes, Anne 424 Gereb, Neil 216, 251, 364 Gerguson, Sharron 434 Germain, Edward 378 Gernet, Nancy 465 Gerrey, Alta 455 Gettelman, Mike 394 Ghiselli, John 494 Ghiselli, Nancy 84, 414 Giambrone, Vicki 462 Giannone, Diane 414 Giannoni, Jeri 418 Gianulius, Jim 251 Giarrtana, Pat 125, 428 Gibb, Nancy Gibbins, Merle 159, 213, 214, 430 Gibbs, Anthony 362 Gibbs, Finley 253 Giberti, Marianne 416 Gibson, Joel 468 Gicuhi, Evanston 154 Giddings, Anne 84 Gideon, David 362 Gielow, Kenneth 84, 387 Giffen, James 348 Giguiere, Chris 380 Betty 452 Gilbeaut, Georgia 442 Gilberd Fred 84, 122, 360 Gilberd, Sharon 436 Gilbert, Peggy 426 Gilbert, Robert 378 Gill, Mary 462 Gillespie, Bob 950, 374 Gilmore, Bob Gilmore, Dick 331 Gilmore, Tom 343 Gilmour, James 207 Gilson, Pat 430 Gimblin, Catherine 84, 416 Gimenez, Jerry 376 Gineux, Lyn 146 Gingg, Geri 440 Ginocchio, Gus 482 Ginoux, Marilyn 440 Ginsberg, Art 51 Ginsburg, Norman 205, 404 Giorgi, Jean 160 Gioyanazzi, Joe 356 Girard, Anne 85, 402 Girard, Camilla 207 Giske, Rosalinn 462 Giumarra, John 376 Glad, Lee 85, 344 Glaeser, Norman 85 Glander, Judy 330 Glass, James 85 Glasser, Janice 421 Glassman, Judy 404 Glau, Tom 458 Glazbrook, Ken 152, 153 Gloria, Pat 85 Glazer, Richard 468 Gleason, Charles 388 Gleason, Tom 358 Glenn, Cece 408 Glick, Nancy 153, 404 Glickman, Barbara 426 Glickman, Susan 486 Gliebe, Donna 476 Gloosohenko, Sandy 412 Gluckfeld, Helene 146 Gluskin, Gale 490 Goddard, Kay 402 Godt, Russ 370 Goeltz, Larry 472 Goerl, Rick 340 Goetzl, Tom 187 Gohan, Julie 212 Gohstand, Robert 85 Goings, Robert 124, 352 Gokson, Lincoln 85, 468 Golber, Jean 159 Gold, Randy 240, 244, 370 Gold, Stan 488 Goldberg, Bob 207, 408 Goldberg, George 123, 142, 160, 161, 208, 394 Melanie 490 Goldberg, Mike 289, 472 Goldberg, Phyllis 175, 221 Golden, Dick 378 Golden, Joe 341 Golden, Joyce 418 Goldfarb, Neil 394 Goldfisher, Flo 462 Goldman, Karen 175, 421 Goldman, Michael 188 Goldsberry, Jon 85 Goldsmith, Bill 185, 290, 468 Goldstein, Bruce 372 Goldstein, Harold 85, 158, 354 Goldstein, Michael 85, 354 Goldstein, Raize 85, 462 Golitzin, Al 207, 218 Gomberg, David 85, 198, 472 Gomes, Gigi 402 Games, Lowell 356 Gomez, Anita 199 Gomez, Wayne 344 Gompertz, Jody 226 Gong, Thomas 85, 187, 188 Gonsalves, Ron 386 Gooch, Herbert 396 Good, Jeanie 404 Good, Michael 337 Goode, Phil 299, 350 Gooden, Bob 85, 218, 358 Goodman, Brenda 85 Goodman, Harvey 85, 201 Goodman, Nancy 85, 490 Goodman, Steve 354 Goodman, Sue 123 Goodmanson, Marsha 85, 424 Goodwin, Carolyn 444 Goodwin, Hugh 128 Goodwin, Mike 291 Goodwin, Sandy 485 Goon, Clarence 130, 204 Goon, Jack 160, 369 Goorjian, Peter 207, 371 Goorvitch, David 482 Gordon, Al Gordon, Barbara 452 Gordon, Carlyle 171, 412 Gordon, Hugh 396 Gordon, Joan 404 Gordon, Ross 354 505 Gorin, Joanne 465 Gorman, Dublin 146, 444 Gorman, Hugh 173, 187 Gorman, Jim 334 Gorman, Joe Jr 85, 324, 396 Gorman, Robert 85, 458 Gorshow, Sue 404 Gerry 85, 208 Gosline, Sally 442 Gotelli, Dave 468 Gotelli, June 85, 476 Gotshall, John 290 Gottlieb, Leslie 153, 474 Gottlieb, Lynn 462 Gould, Kent 85, 328 Gould, Marcia Gould, Sharon 81, 85, 209, 211, 214, 462 Gould, Stu 224, 385 Gourse, Roberta 465 Govarrubias, Francisco 453 Govenar, Richard 394 Gowman, Sterling 250, 390 Grace, Paul 388 Grady, Anne 412 Grady, Marilyn 442 Graeser, Catherine Graham, Doug 222, 240, 244, 302, 370 Graham, Geri 418 Graham, Lawrence 85, 328 Graham, Mike 458 Grain, Richard 385 Ron 328 Grant, Barbara 426 Grant, Jeff 276, 382 Grant, Nancy 486 Grant, Sue Granville, Robert 200, 352 Grater, Barbara 474 Graupner, Wendy 85, 424 Graves, Clifford 85 Gravlee, George 181 Gray, Don 253 Gray, Gwen 85, 474 Gray, Jean 85, 208, 438 Gray, Margie 430 Green, David 394 Green, Gretchen 490 Green, Harlan 290 Green, James 85, 232, 462 Green, Jerry 378 Green, Jim 250 Green, Joe 85, 458 Green, Judy 189 Green, Molly 442 Green, Nancy 86, 474 Green, Pete 138, 261, 338 Green, Richard 358 Green, Rosemary 147, 430 Green, Tom Green, Willie 86 Greenberg, Michelle 86, 215, 421 Greendorter, Susan 223 Greenhill, Hope 462 Greening, Jon 351 Greenseid, Gail 462 Greensfeld, Susan Greenwood, Jerry 130 Greenwood, Robert 130 Greer, Garth 86 Gregerson, Harold 358 Gregg, Barbara 402 Gregory, Fred 364 Gregory, Paul 482 Bill 376 Greiner, Alson 86, 348 Greiner, Dave Gremaux, Donald 86, 157, 390 Grether, Ewald 20, 30 Grey, Gery 254, 380 Gridley, Ron 341 Paul 86, 352 Griffen, Carle 207 Griffen, Rich 291 Griffin, Charles 86, 198 Griffin, Dick 160, 351 Griffin, Jack 222, 300, 396 Griffin, Jo Gene 86, 455 Griffin, Philip 224 Griffin, Richard 358 Griffis, Joan 455 Griffith, David 488 Griffith, John 360 Griffiths, Judy 455 Griller, Sidney 184 Grimes, Tom 291 Grindle, Jacalyn 465 Grinsel I, Ray 221, Grisham, Patricia 86, 444 Grismore, Gerald 86, 143, 176, 207, 371 Grissim, John 143, 331 Griswold, Walt 291 Groff, Terry 468 Groner, Wendy 175 Gross, Judith 462 Gross, Karl 86 Gross, Marion Grosser, Lynn 146, 221, 412 Gruen, Irma 421 Gruen, Peter 86 Gnumet, Donna 428 Grunbaum, John Grunwald, Joan 421 Grupe, George 86, 384 Sandra 422 Guerino, Jerry 251 Guernsey, Jere 390 Guess, Mike Gugliotta, Phyllis 402 Guinala, Iris 86 Gulich, Charles 224 Gump, Cherilyn 86 Gunderson, Ann 474 Gunnarson, Jerry 201, 206, 341 Gunther, 382 Gurll, Nelson 240, 251 Gurney, Samuel 35 Gustafson, Stan 291 Guth, R 201 Guttman, Steve 378 Gwerder, Merrilee 436 H Haas, Bob 187, Habeeb, Fareeda 188, 451, 462 Haber, Joseph 378 Haberland, Catherine 86, 209 Haberman, Nancy 412 Hachman, Tim 207 Hacker, Pete 278 Hagemann, James 334 Hagedorn, Milton 86 Hagen, Garland 201 Hager, Gerald 224 Hagerty, Farrell 414 Hagerty, Maureen 442 Hagestad, Brooke 440 Hagopian, Loretta 428 Hague, Ruth 86, 422 Hahn, Mike 15 7 Hahn-Lux, Ursula 86 Haie, Vicki 216 Haigh, George 291 Haigh, Lynn 432 Hail, Lynn 86, 455 Hailstone, Joseph 130 Haim, Oro 490 Haimovitch, Harry 372 Haimovitz, Mike 378 Haines, Elizabeth 86, 438 Haire, Virginia 86, 490 Hakenson, Tom 169, 344 Hakman, Jon David 358 Hale, Al Hale, Hilary 146, 436 Hale, Lois 407 Sam 396 Hale, Loretta 86 Haley, Ellen 402 Haley, Katherine 465 Haley, T E 224 Hall, Dave O 302 Hall, Doug 250, 373 Hall, Howard 358 Hall, Jerry 390 Hall, Jim 482 Hall, Linda 471 Hall, Martha 418 Hall, Nancy 153 Hall, Robert 86, 169, 188, 207, 472 Hall, Selden Hall, Vivian 86 Hallberg, Jo Ann 412 Hallburg, Bob 187 Haller, Sherry 426 Hallett, Megs 153, 486 Hallett, Michael 86, 482 Hallford, Richard 458 Hallock, Jane 476 Halloran, Mike 335 Halpern, Carole 173, 490 Halseth, Genevieve 455 Halseth, Martin 86, 143, 218, 370 Halverson, Phil 150, 350 Humbly, Ross Hamilton, Brutus 224, 256 Hamilton, Cliff 250 Hamilton, Helen 169, 226 Hamilton, Marilyn 412 Hamilton, Sharon 486 Hamilton, Tom 374 Hamlin, Rachel 462 Hamm, Shelley 125, 147, 444 Hammer, Charles 86, 129, 472 Dave 385 Hammer, Marci 428 Hammerman, Judy 421 Hammersmith, Alan 86, 364 Hammond, John 356 Hampton, Betsy 86, 159, 424 Hampton, Blake 458 Hamre, Sissel 166 Hance, Jan 422 Hand, Bill Hand, Carolyn 15, 82, 86, 141, 160, 211, 214, 220, 440 432 Hand, Laurie 141, 152 Hand, Marian 424 Hand, William 168, 366 Hanessian, Jack 87, 386 Hanfling 87, 226 Hankin, Michael 332 Hanley, Shella 159, 200, Hanlon, Sue 83, 87, 155, 214, 418 Hanna, Bobbette Marie 87 Hanna, Jeannette 173, 481 Hanna, Richard 221, 338 Hannaford, Lynn 424 Hannibal, Janice 87, 462 Hansen, Adele 455 Hansen, Arleen 412 Hansen, Bruce Hansen, Byron Jay 87, 206, 458 Hansen, Eunice 430 Hansen, Pat 87, 402 Hansen, Ronald 87 Hansen, Sally 87 Hansen, Suzanne 87, 170, 214, 428 Hansen, William 87, 200 Hansing, Adrian 87 Hanson, John 458 Hanson, Lynn 455 Hanson, Marilyn 141, 416 Harada, Arlene 87, 487 Harband, Martin 354 Harband, Newton 188, Harbaugh, Bob 87, 160, 275, 335 Hard, Annette 223, 465 Harden, Dale 388 Hardin, Barbara 171, 221, 446 Hardin, Norma 490 Harding, Nann 87, 474 Hardwood, Lorance 207 Hargreaves, Maggie 471 Hargrove, John Harkness, James 224 Harlan, Barry 125 Harlan, Bill 232, 254, 298, 338 Harley, Lynne 476 Harmon, Lee 346 Harold, Les 482 Harp, Carol 462 Harper, Lawrence 224 Harred, Terri 465 Harrey, Barbara 412 Harrington, Jim Harrington, Joan 124, 171, 412 Harrington, Peggy 402 Harris, David 364 Harris, Everett 87, 232 Harris, James 87 Harrison, Bill 376 Harrison, Edward 331 Harrison, Gayle 474 Harrison, John 302 Harrison, Linda 159, 418 Harrison, Mary 153, 440 Harrison, Pat 446 Harshberger, Bob 384 Hart, Elizabeth 87, 465 Hart, Harry 360 Hart, Jack 240 Hart, James 224 Hart, Judy 87, Hart, Ron 87, 482 Hart, Sylvia 454 Hartgogian, Carol 486 Hartley, Robin 87 Hartman, Donna 141, 436 Hartman, Gail 407 Hartman, Linda 471 Hartwell, Wally 250 Harvey, Barbara 123, 412 Harvey, Dana 410 Harvey, Kent 221, 346 Harvey, Steve 458 Harwood, Lorance 130 Hashii, Irene 485 Hashimoto, Monjoa 476 Hassard, Ann 414 Hassard, Jean 414 Hastings, Paul 224 Hastings, Richard 87, 388 Hasund, Shirley 444 Haswell, Joyce 424 Hatashita, Elizabeth 476 Hatch, Daniel 291, 342 Hatch, Toni 160, 412 Hatherly, Ed 331 Hauff, Phoebe 452 Hauser, Gail 123, 426 Havens, Glenn 329 Haviland, Perry 376 Hawk, Roberta 171, 438 Hawke, Ronald 87 Hawker, Don 207, 299 Hawkins, Bruce 177 Hawkins, Grace 199 Hawkey, Tom 153 Hawley, Harold 250 Hawley, Loran 370 Hawley, Susan Hayes, Bobette 87, 451, 476 Hayes, Kathleen 87, 455 Hayes, Peggy 436 Hayes, Sharon Hayes, Ted 205, 207 Hayhurst, Nancy 440 Haynes, Alice 134 Haynes, Norman 482 Haynie, Kathy 87 Hays, Andrew 331 Hazlet, Prof 201 Head, Kristen 434 Healy, Jim 160 Healy, Mike 157, 158, 206, 218, 325, 360 Healy, Mike 87, 476 Heaney, Natalie 124, 480 Hearn, Mike 331 Hearne, Gordon 17 Hearst, Bill 390 Hearst, Elaine 153, 426 Heath, Christina 87, 442 Heatley, Lori 436 Heckenlaible, Dick 202 Heckman, Richard 358 Hecox, Bruce 371 Hector, Nanette 166 Hedden, Kenneth 330, 216 Hedrick, Edel 153 Hefmann, Paul 394 Hege, Marty 124, 442 Heidker, James 330 Heinecke, Louann 471 Heinkel, Bill 390 Heinz, Carl 200 Heist, Nanci 408 Heithaus, Victor 87 Helbling, Mark 87, 205 Helfer, Karen 410 Heller, Edward 224 Heller, Sherry 221 Helmbrecht, Noel 224, 253 Henault, Paul Henderson, Cynthia 139, 159, 432 Henderson, Donald 88 Henderson, Thelton 217 Hendren, Julie 424 Hendricks, Peter 88, 253 Hendrix, Lynette 217, 438 Hendry, Jim 88, 482 Henley, Clay 336 Henley, Darryl 360 Henning, Elaine 170, 438 Hennings, Nancy 88 Henrich, Robert 88, 358 Henrietta, Lynne 88, 141, 236, 414 Henrotin, John 88, 222, 346 Henshaw, Syd 430 Henshaw, Terry 436 Hepler, Gordon 88 Herbet, George 382 Herbert, John 187 Herbert, Mary 84, 444 Heringer, Carol 436 Herkes, Janette 88, 402 Herlinger, Robert 88 Herman, Bob 181 Herman, Brian 370 Herman, Ron 276 Hermann, Robert 88, 494 Hermanson, Robert 366 Hernandez, Alejandro 88 Hernandez, Allan 468 Herndon, Linda 455 Herney, Sue 416 Herr, Nancy 465 Herrera, Henry 482 Herron, David 88, 472 Hertford, Sara 424 Hertel, Ray 15, 140, 232, 370 Hertz, Joan 462 Herwit, Judy Herzog, Allan 88, 394 Hess, Dennis 350 Hess, Norm 468 Hessel, Mike 166 Hester, Marilyn 159, 213, 408 Hessey, Peppy 207 Hetland, John 143 Hewitt, Roger 295 Hiatt, Gerald 368 Hiatt, Kay 416 Hickey, Lowell 168, 388 Hickman, Pat 440 Hicks, James 130 Hicks, John 224 Hicks, Leonard 390 Hicks, Mary 88, 418 Hicks, Wally 240, 251 Hiddleson, Don 352 Higgins, Tim 337 Higgley, Charles 458 High, Leonore 88, 416 Hildebrand, Joel Hildebrand, Richard 88, 222, 348 Hildebrand, Ron 158 Hileman, Linda 416 Hill, Brad 346 Hill, Dennis 205 Hill, Gloria 188 Hill, Gretchen 455 Hillebrandt, Don 88 Hillyer, Jane 221 Hilstrom, Kirstan 485 Hilton, Carole 88, 422 Hilton, John 88, 222, 338 Himathongkham, Thep 218 Hinchliff, Helen 88, 226 Hinds, Shirley 471 Hink, Leslye 88, 474 Hinkle, Leroy 458 Hinman, Kathie 414 Hinsche, Irene 124, 416 Hinte, Robert 200 Hirasuna, Alan 328 Hirsch, Claire 421 Hirsch, Rick 382 Hirschberg, Debbie 490 Hirschier, Stephen 392 Hirsh, Joseph 88, 129 Hitchcock, Dick 331 Hitte, Pat 462 Hitzl, Don 325, 388 Hiura, Gregory 468 Joanne 490 Hoadley, Janice 88 Hobday, Tom Hobbie, John 84, 160, 181, 224, 494 Hobin, Barbara 424 Hobin, William 15, 88, 224, 348 Hockins, Clifford 386 Hodge, John 488 Hodges, Joseph 224 Hoeber, Paul 250 Hoeffer, Sue 153 Hoelsken, Nancy Hoffman, Bruce 88, 222, 351 Hoffman, Carolyn 455 Hoffman, Daniel 88 Hoffman, David 354 Hoffman, Guy 88 Hoffmann, Paul 240, 251 Hoffner, Kirk 360 Hoffpauir, Richard 458 Hoffpauir, Robert 157, 458 Hofma, Margita Hofmann, Catherine 88, 446 Hogan, Judy 416 Hogan, Nancy 88, 434 Hogue, William 88, 207, 352 Hohman, Marie 462 Hohueier, Rolf 154 Holbrook, Anthony 290, 458 Holbrook, Nicholas 152, 337 Holcomb, Louise 486 Holcombe, Katy 124, 430 Holden, Herb 160 Holden, Lee 366 Holland, Archie 89, 324, 392 Holland, Charlton 89, 144, 458 Holland, Mike Holland, Nancy 402 Holland, Penny 414 Holland, Steve 468 Holland, Tom 291, 343 Hollander, Barbara 432 Hollander, Neil 89, 150, 385 Hollander, Roger 207 Rollick, Ann 213, 436 Hollstein, Werner 253 Holmes, Jean 143, 175 Holmes, John 337 Holmes, Joy 85, 89, 135, 151, 211, 214, 416 Holmstrom, Bob 217 Holsopple, Diane 476 Holzman, Phil 378 Hom, Leonard 201 Homer, Barbara 89, 407 506 Hone, Michael 224 Hong, Gay 89, 488 Hong, Shirley 89, 476 Hong, Thomas 89, 204 Hoodenple, Suzanne 465 Hoogs, Bill 300, 384 Hooper, Wayne Hoover, Diana 476 Hoover, Kathleen 125 Hopkins, Diane 455 Hopkins, June 434 Hoppin, Richard 261, Hora, Mas 479 Horan, Kathleen 454 Horn, Steve 207, 289, 290 Hornbuckle, Gary 89, 218 Horne, Margaret 480 Hornung, Sarah 438 Horowitz, David 153, 378 Horton, Ann 481 Horwatt, Tom 89 Horwitz, Dave 146, 354 Horwitz, Elaine 188 Horwitz, Louise 465 Hossom, Linda 430 Houghton, Kitty 279 Houlson, Keith 207 House, Terry 421 Houten, Van 160 Howard, Gail 454 Howard, Joseph 488 Howard, Marlan 144 Howard, Richard 89, 394 Howard, Robert 297 Howard, Roy 89 Howe, Eugene 202 Howe, Kay 424 Howe, Helen 226 Howell, Frank Howell, Jane 15, 86, 89, 211, 436 Howey, Bob 291 Howlett, 408 Howson, Mary 89, 434 Hoyer, Joan 171, 438 Hoyman, Lois 490 Hsia, Yu Kun 89, 209, 218 Hsie, Victoria 216 Hudson, Mark 89, 338 Hudson, Bob 224, 338 Huesman, Ron 364 Huff, Gayle 147, 410 Huff, Wayne 187 Hughes, Adele 223, 436 Hughes, Bob 51 Hughes, Gail 89, 402 Hughes, Gay 159 Hughes, James A 360 Hughes, Joanne 199, 471 Hughes, Kay Francis 89 Hughes, Marilynn 89, 418 Hughes, Robert 89 Hull, Ellen 434 Hull, Pat 152 Hull, Sharon 474 Hulten, Chuck 380 Humason, Ann 418 Hummelt, Hank 89, 222, 348 Humphrey, Harry 89, 364 Humphrey, Myron 388 Humphreys, Don 205, 389 Humphreys, Phil 89, 362 Hungerford, Hal 224 Hunt, Carole 154, 490 Hunt, Chip 338 Hunt, George 340 Hunt, James 200 Hunt, Merilyn 444 Hunt, Sandra 89, 428 Hunt, Sharon 124, 430 Hunter, Beth 414 Hurd, Stanley 202 Hurd, Vivien 89 Hurley, Alice 485 Hurley, Jim 370 Hurndall, Julie 89 Hurst, Anne 89, 462 Hurt, Carolyn 89, 410 Hurt, John 222 Hussey, Jim 488 Hutchings, Alison 462 Hutchings, Hutch 385 Hutchinson, Dick 364 Hutchinson, Elmarie 89, 490 Hutchison, Judith 455 Hutchison, Linda 476 Huth, Gaylord 468 Hyfe, Charles 224 Hyde, Collin 340 Hyder, Barbara 412 Hyink, Shirley 414 Hyman, Al 143 Hyman, Michele 221, Steve 2B6 I Ikeda, Dale 89 Ikegami, Roy 482 Imbach, Marilyn 169, 226 Ingebretsen, Karen 422 Ingebretson, Gary 297 Ingerbretsen, Robert 295 Ingham, Lani 171, 414 Inglis, Michael 362 Ingold, Carol 481 Ingold, Mary 481 Innes, George 90, 337 Inouye, Dennis 479 Inouye, Donald 90 Inouye, Tom 90, 479 Ipsen, Dan 222, 232, 240, 244 Ipsen, Thad 90, 468 Ireri, Dunstan Iriarte, Marcia 166, 416 Irvine, Helen 90, 407 Irvine, Linda 87, 90, 141, 214, 226 Nel 175 Irwin, Lynne 494 Isador, Mary 404 Ishiguro, George 261 Ishihara, May 462 Ishikawa, Glenn 488 Israel, Sue 404 Issacs, Betty 153 Isuro, Joe 458 Ito, Elaine 212, 476 Ivanetich, Joanne Ivanetich, Richard 216, 330 Iverson, Judy 159, 434 Iverson, Roland 366 Iwasaki, Jane 212, 221, 476 Iwasko, Nadine 490 J Jackie, Fran 428 Jackson, Beverly 90, 211, 214, 226, 402 Jackson, Janice 90, Jackson, Kathie 412 Jackson, Lia 434 Jackson, Marian 490 Jackson, Mariann 408 Jackson, Nancy 90, 495 Jackson, Pat 442 Jackson, Suzi 208, 438 Jackson, Thelma 90 Jacobs, Allan 2B9, 290 Jacobs, Elinor 426 Jacobs, Frederic 90, 129 Jacobs, Gary 372 Jacobs, Jerrell 90, 209, 455 Jacobs, Les 472 Jacobs, Nancy 414 Jacobsen, Marc 173 Jacobsen, Robert 333 Jacobsen, Sandy 380 Jacobson, Larry 90, 354 Jacobson, Leon 90 Jacobson, Len 354 Jacobson, Norman 90 Jacobson, Sandy 404 Jacobson, Shari 404 Jaffe, Joyce 90, 209, 426 Jakobsen, Craig 90, 207, 222, 224, 337 Jakobsen, Kent 222, 337 Jakovich, Arlene 173, 434 Jalonen, Carol 442 James, Bill 387 James, Dick James, Martha 90, 465 James, Marty 148 Jamile, Alex 207, 240, 302, 354 Jampol, Katherine 90 Jan, Barbara 90, Janin, Barbara 442 Janisch, Cathy 444 Jardim, George 351 Jarvis, Lynn 153 Jarvis, William 90, 153 Jasionis, John 90 Jasper, Jim 396 Jauregui, Mike 294, 376 Jeans, Frank 167, 392 Jebian, Leroy 350 Jeffress, Jerry 468 Jeffries, Karen 132, 410 Jelav, Sue 424 Jelcick, Diane 462 Jen, Jeanette 487 Jenkins, Cecelia 146, 412 Jenkins, Daniel 90, 222, 374 Jenkins, Don 380 Jenks, Robert 368 Jennings, Chuck 356 Jennings, Kathleen 471 Jennings, Lucille 186 Jennings, Robert 472 Jennings, Susan 442 Jensen, Don 154 Jensen, F R 216 Jensen, Joseph 206, 218 Jensen, Karen 485 Jenson, Meg 138, 436 Jernigan, Cliff 304 Jesfield, Clarence 201 Jessen, Eric 90 Jessie, Larry 364 Jester, Dave 291 Jester, Judy 171, 188, 455 Ed 204 Jew, Lawrence N 90, 204 Jirsa, Bill 250 Jitkoff Millie 166, 455 Joehnck, Robert 152, 205, 356 Johansen, Mary Karin 422 Jonns, 90, 226, 487 Johnson, Albert 224 Johnson, Connie 143, 164 Johnson, Dave 299 Johnson, Denny 348 Johnson, Dick 90, 158 Johnson, Don R Johnson, Duane 90, 207, 336 Earl Johnson, Emery 222, 384 Johnson, Eric 90, 342 Johnson, Gale 90, 422 Johnson, George 297 Johnson, Hugh 346 Johnson, Jackie 422 Johnson, Jay 371 Johnson, Jerry 346 Johnson, John 333 Johnson, John 187 Johnson, Judith 91, 436 Johnson, Judy 408 Johnson, Judy 474 Johnsen, Karen 91, 226, 424 Johnson, Kent 201 Johnson, Lance 128 Johnson, Linda 188, 204, 465 Johnson, Louise 486 Johnson, Marji 414 Johnson, Michael 207 Johnson, Pat 480 Johnson, Richard 294, 364 Johnson, Sandy 418 Johnson, Sharon 476 Johnson, Sheila 91, 471 Johnson, Steve 291 Johnson, Terry 468 Johnston, Ev 91, 360 Johnston, Maggie 418 Johnston, Pete 358 Johnstone, Homer 187 Jolliffe, Gail 91 Jonas, Jerry 187 Jonas, Rex 360 Jones, Barbara 462 Jones, Carol 91, 455 Jones, Carolyn 148, 151, 476 Jones, Chris 368 Jones, Diane 173, 410 Doug 392 Jones, Fran 382 Frank 91, 482 Jones, Graham 91 Jones, Howard R Jones, Jack 91, 206 Jones, James 91, 366 Jones, Judith 91, 444 Jones, Julianne 91, 412 Jones, Karen 173, 402 Jones, Kathleen 91 Jones, Leslie 422 Jones, Richard 91 Jones, Sally 414 Jones, Sandra 91 Jones, Tal 331 Jones, Thomas 123, 208, 392 Jones, Warren 453 Joos, Tracy 462 Jordan, George 91, 472 Jordan, Pat 91, 402 Jorden, Nancy 422 Jorgensen, David 91, 158, 362 Josephian, Virginia 465 Josephson, Larry 91, 494 Jossins, Karen 408 Joy, Larry 123 Joyce, Mike 171, 444 Joyner, Eleanor 223 Jue, Carolyn 465 Jue, Ed 207 Jugum, Gary 482 Julian, Judy 125, 444 Jund, George 336 Jurgens, Andy 380 Jurow, Ronnie 404 Jursch, Eve Adele 418 Justice, Sandra 91, 414 K Kachen, George 91, 208, 209, 218 Kachler, Lee 91l, 453 Andrea 476 Kadeilan, Louise 203 Kadell, Sharon Kadotani, Eleanor 91, 151 Kady, John 468 Kagan, Paul 144 KageI , John 91, 289, 290 Kahan, Linda 462 Kahn, Doris 138 Kahn, Jay 404 Kaiser, Ron 291, 482 Kajikawa, Dorothy 91 Kajiwara, Taka 462 Kalbach, Gary 366 Kalian, Gary 344 Kallick, Susan 144, 153 Kalsman, Miriam 404 Kaman, George 154 Kamm, Sue 91, 167, 476 Kamp, Alien 291 Mary 91 Kane, Bruce 51, 88, 91, 158, 207, 224 Kane, Carolyn 91, 422 Kane, Chris 187, 389 Kane, Gary 488 Kane, Susan 422 Kane, Walter 201 Kaneshiro, Ruby Eisuko 91 Kankkonen, Bette 51, 416 Kaplan, Bruce 123 Kaplan, Judi 462 Kaplan, Judy 404 Kaplan, Margorie 92 Kardel, K 205 Karlin, Allen 388 Karlin, Rita 426 Karlsrud, Bob 286 Karsh, Robert 155 Kasemsap, Manas 92, 218 Kashima, Tets 479 Kashing, Gary 221, 346 Kasnarian, Oscar 333 Kataoka, Garry Seiji 92 Dorothy 153 Kato, Hiromi 92 Kattler, John 92, Katz, Arlen 92 Katz, Ilene 490 Katz, Jon 472 Katz, Maxine 155, 404 Katz, Michelle 144 Katz, Trueman 221, 378 Kauffman, Bob 92, 394 Kauffman, Jeff 378 Kauffman, Roger 140, 385 Kaufman, Judy 188, 410 Kaufman, Lynn 486 Kaufman, Nancy 404 Kaufman, Stephanie 426 Kaufman, Walt 394 Kaufmann, Doris 92, 159, 471 Kauth, Patricia 92, 476 KauwIing, Thomas 458 Kavanagh, Charles 304, 348 Kawamoto, Jack 92, 274, 482 Kawaoka, Kenji 330 Kawasaki, Seiso 479 Kay, Michael 155 Kay, Steve 394 Kaye, Jeanne 490 Kaye, Jim 291, 458 Kaye, John 394 Keach, Stacy 374 Keachie, E C 199, 201 Kearney, Patrick 340 Kearney, Ron 92, 358 Keating, Dick 92, 396 Keck, Katherine 455 Keeler, James 129, 352 Keeler, William 224 Keene, Tom 343 Keeslar, Paul 92 Keevil, June 92 Keilly, Bob 372 Keith, Martha 490 Kela, Ray 92 Keller, Eddie 366 Keller, Linda 404 Keller, Paul 352 Keller, Vicki 408 Kelley, Cathy 92, 414 Kelley, Willie 130 Kellner, Norm Ken 92, 386 Kelly, Mike 92, 356 Kelly, Richard 224 Kelly, Roxanne 92, 416 Kelsey, Janet 92, 434 Kelsey, Mike 350 Kenaston, Linda 92, 414 Kendall, Don 92, 390 kenline, George 92, 458 Kenmuir, Dave 222, 360 Kennady, Don 232 Kennedy, Deana 416 Kennedy, Ivery 226 Kennedy, Marie 410 Kennedy, Roberta 92, 462 Kennedy, Gale 462 Kennings, Larry 160, 392 Kennington, James 358 Kenny, Pat 471 Allen 291, 350 Kent, Roger 329 Kent, Tom 331 Kenton, Elaine 476 Keoseyan, Marvelle 455 Keoseyan, Ted 92 Kern, Anne 226 Kern, Steve 229 Kerr, Clark 12, 224 Kerr, Wendell 362 Kerr, William 92 Kersevan, Alex 253 Kerstein, Joanie 127, 173, 404 Kessler, Dori 188 Kessler, Geoffrey 366 Ketlinski, Leilani 428 Kettelwell, Richard 207 Kettman, John 92 Key, Bernard 89, 92, 224, 325 Keyes, Jerry 128 Khaitan, Mahesh 169 Khayam-bashy, Hassam 153 Kidd, A M 224 Kidd, Margaret 92, 481 Kidner, Frank 224 Kilfoil, Jack 286 Killip, Antoinette 92, 462 Kilpatrick, Alan 371 Kilpatrick, Sandra 92, 422 Kim, Suknam 92 Kim, Yongduk 188 Kimball, Frances 93 Kimball, Pam 440 Kimes, Dave 277 Kimura, Betty 490 Kinding, Judy 418 King, Allen 488 King, Dave King, Diane 124, 221, 430 King, Harlan 328 King, Jerry 376 King, John 291 King, Linda 418 King, Richard 224 King, Roy 139 King, Timothy 149 King, Tom 153, 468 Kingham, Barton 93, 387 Kinney, Gail 455 Kinnick, Mary 465 Kinoshita, Gosuke 93 Kintner, Chuck 346 Kipnis, Patricia 93, 465 Kipperman, Steve 4B2 Kirby, Richard 93, 205 Kirchner, Richard 181 Kirsher, Sharon 93, 471 Kirwan, Ed 134, 165 Kish, Bill 341 Kish, Kathy 446 Kisko, Pat 169 Kislitzin, Richard 328 Kita, Christina 159, 212, 476 Kitchen, James 93, 201 Kjarsgaard, Sue 422 Klain, Emmy 426 Klapak, Karolyn 93, 410 Klarman, Regina 199 Klass, Edward 93, 3B4 Klein, Mike 169 Klein, Thomas 366 Klein, Vicki 148, 476 Kleinbauer, Gene 368 Klevens, Bernard 93 Klinker, Jim 343 Klipfel, Jane 93, 422 Kloninger, Darrel 93, 34B Klose, Don 217 Klose, Jeanne 93, 402 Klose, Peter 93 Knacke, Roger 328 Knapp, Deborah 160, 436 Knapp, Judy 432 Knecht, Janey 171, 414 Knight, Bob 356 Knight, Jane 93, 446 Knight, Lawrence 466 Knight, Mike 388 Knight, Robert 201 Knight, Sandra 93 Knoles, Leslie 451, 495 Knoll, Lola 465 Knop, Bob 329 Knott, Susan 93, 422 Knowles, Nancy 93 Knowles, Robert 93 Knox, Doug 468 Knudson, Kathy 486 Kobayashi, Mansaki 93, 479 Kobayashi, Nancy 407 Koblik, Steven 139, 354 Kobuchi, Suzie 93, Koch, Albert 93, 329 Kodskari, Carolyn 485 Koenig, Alan 354 Koenig, Marcia 476 Koenigsberg, Nancy 426 Koerper, Phil 187 Kokka, Helen 465 Kolker, Harriet 209 Koll, Elmo J 224 Kolz, Diane 412 Komatsubara, Nancy 93 Komer, John 350 Konecky, Rick 232, 462 Konig, Nan 156, 438 Kona, Isoo 93, 202 Koon, Tom 364 Korts, Kathie 226 Kosakura, Morris 205 Kossen, Bobbie 462 Kovalivker, Alan 93, 458 Koyen, Marilyn Ann 93, 455 Kraai, Evert 187 Kragen, Adrian A 224 Krajewski, William 93 Kral, Barbara 156, 455 Kramer, Al 240, 251, 276 Kramer, Mike 394 Krantzman, Bob 372 Kranz, Miltona 455 Kraus, Pamela 146 Krause, Jerry 336 Krause, Karen 485 Krause, Selma 93, 407 Krell, Leland 93 Kresser, Robert 396 Kreutzen, Richard 362 Krevitt, Roland 93, 202 Krichman, Kenneth 404 Krieger, Mike 331 Krimsky, Alice 451 John 368 Kritscher, Andrew 364 Kriz, George 93, Peter 488 Krober, Carolyn 438 Kroes, William 201 Kropf, Merry Jo 438 Krueger, David L 93 Krug, Ed 354 Kruposki, Peter 130 Kruse, Tom 360 Krutchkoff, Nan 465 Kruttschnitt, Ted 123, 368 Kubasek, Jo Ann 451, 487 Kuby, Don 336 Kuda, Keiko 94, 455 Kugler, Sue 94 Kulberg, Sarah 442 Kurtz, Maxine 426 Kummer, Marguerite 94 Kunasz, Paul 344 Kungu, James 154 Kunkle, Jim 291 Kunze, Carr 334 Kurachi, Yasuko 153, 154 Kurit, Linda 462 Kutch, Melinda 455 Kutnik, Len 198, 261 Kwan, Hanford 468 Kwong, Clement Kysh, Judy 156, 171, 438 L Labanberg, Julia 426 La Chance, Frank 94 Lacy, John 488 Lacy, Suzanne 402 Ladwig, William 94 Laifer, Richard 468 Laine, Marge 94, 430 Laing, Jill 430 Laird, Sherie 414 Lake, Stan Laky, Les 90, 94, 157, 158, 160, 232, 224, 254, 458 Laky, Mat La Liberte, Bob 15, 91, 94, 140, 158, 160, 161, 224, 390 LaLonde, Vera 454 Lam, Wilfred 369 Lamb, Anne 159, 436 Lamb, Janet 207, 480 Lamb, Robert 329 Lamb, Wayne 94, 158, Lamdan, Cindy 221, 421 Lamm, James 488 Lammerman, Pat 408 Lammi, Phillip 94 LaMonte, Albert 92, 201, 206, 482 Lampo, Edward J 387 Land, Alice 94, 432 Land, Julie 221, 428 Lande, Dorothy 426 Landis, Leni 404 Landy, Sheila 426 Lane, Ed 384 Lang, Anne 455 Lang, leva 455 Lang, Margaret 94, 207 Lang, Toni 404 Lang, Willie 94 Langdon, Kevin 221 Langdon, Martha 94, 412 Helmut 94 Langner, William 94 Langs, Rosemary 94, 438 Lansing, Juli 203, 481 Lanphear, Roger 482 Lapid, Sharon 404 Lapin, Lawrence 94, 371 Laratta, John 212 Larer, Judy 426 LaRocca, Robert 94 Larsen, Avery 438 Larsen, Barbara 124 Larsen, Gretchen 155, 442 Larsen, Lorna 402 Larsen, Ted 94, 199, 201 Larsh, Louise 444 Larson, Barb 416 Larson, Barbara 485 Larson, David 371 Larson, Donald 94 Larson, Gaylan 94, 334 Larson, Jim 124, 356 Larson, Linda 407 Larson, Lois 407 Larson, Lois 474 Larson, Lynn 221, 374 Larson, Phil 187 Larson, Ralph 217 Larter, Judy 144 Larue, David 94 Larue, John Lascurettes, William 124, 275 LaShay, Diane 465 Lasher, Jean 440 Lasher, Roland 240, 245 Gale 404 Lassen, Karen 199, 442 Laster, Susan 465 Lateana, Janice 94, 414 La Torre, Peter 453 Lau, Claribel 94 Laube, Lolly 424 Laubsch, Egon 94 Lauder, Lori 442 Lauderback, Nancy 428 Lauderdale, Kerby 94 Lauer, Don 272, 338 Laufenberg, Ed 337 Laughlin, Phil 468 Laughlin, William 94 Laurd, Joseph 94, 206, 218 Laurence, Mary Beth 94, 414 Lausten, Merlyn 392 Lautrop, Hank 160 Law, Claribel 208 Law, Joan 95, 436 Lawler, Carol 408 Lawrence, Bill 149 Lawrence, Bob 167 Lawton, Ed 185 Lawton, Louisa 207 Lawton, Susan 95, 432 Lays, Charles 201, 202, 206 Laytin, Melinda 421 Layton, Daniel 380 Lazar, Al 158, 187 Lazar, Karin 471 Lazarus, Bobbie 426 Leach, Charles 202 Leach, Rick 187 Leale, Sharon 434 Leary, James 344 Leary, Mike 299 Lease, Christene 465 Leavitt, Nancy 95 Leblang, Elaine 476 Lederman, David 95 Lee, Brian 369 Lee, Chi Lam 95, 204 Lee, Christine 402 Lee, Daniel 458 Lee, Doris 144 Lee, Eugene 95, 129 Lee, Freida 95, 455 Lee, Glenn 329 Lee, Jacqueline 95, 209 Lee, Harry 370 Lee, Marilynn 446 Lee, Nancy 204 Lee, Pamela 402 Leenhouts, Linda 95, 199, 418 Legakis, John 277 Legarre, Enrique 95 Leib, Barbara 95, 430 Leif, Earlene 418 Leine, Mike 453 Leipzig, Sally 166 Leiser, Malcolm 360 Leisz, Leland 95, 206, 209, 218 Leland, David 95, 378 Lelescn, Jerry 371 Lem, Pong 95 Lembke, Stephanie 95, 455 Lemmon, George 224 Lenske, Aryay 144, 224 Lenton, Steve 468 Leonard, Helen 486 Leonard, Nancy 455 Leong, Gordon 94, 206, 369 Leong, Jim 482 Leong, Leslie Dee 95, 476 Leonard, Brian 389 Leong, Linda 216 Leopold, Janet Ruth 95, Lepera, Lan 123, 352 Leppaluoto, David 371 Lerner, Louise 474 Lesley, Arthur 155 Leslie, Rich 198 Leslie, Sue 408 Lestrade, Nancy 454 Lerch, Al 378 Lesley, Art 472 Le Vell, Tom 352 Levensky, Kay 404 Levine, Art 394 Levin, Barbara 426 Levin, Bonnie 153 Levin, Elsie 404 Levin, Lorrie 404 Levin, Marilyn 426 Levin, Ronald 354 Levin, Susan 404 Levine, Max 354 Levine, Mel 142 Levine, Mike 160 Levine, Meldon 125, 140 Levine, Robert 160 Levine, Stephens 468 Levitas, David 372 Lenny, Linda 426 Levy, Bob 332 Levy, John 482 Levy, Judy 95, 209, 495 Levy, 240 Lew, Audrey 208, 216 Lew, CIiford 95 Lew, Louise 495 Lew, Thomas 209 Lew, Victor Y 95 Lewin, Harlan 126 Lewis, Dee 294 Lewis, Denny 273 Lewis, George 333 Lewis, Jim 336 Lewis, Mary 148 Lewis, Micki 125, 444 Lewis, Val 297 Lewis, William 387 Li, David 95, 472 Li, Wei-i 95, 453 Liang, Gay 95, 495 Licata, David 468 Libien, Jim 291 Lichtenstein, Mike 95, 372 Liden, Bob 482 Liebenberg, John 482 Liebman, Bill 94, 354 Lieberman, Linda 490 Liem, Stewart 95 Liff, Jana 404 Likins, Jim 275, 380 Lilleland, Virginia 95 Lilleston, Clay 356 Lilleston, Sally 95, 402 Lim, Arthur 354 Lim, Harry 369 Lim, Honson 369 Lim, Isabelle 95, 216 Lin, Paul 221, 342 Lin, Virginia Lincoln, Howard 334 Lincoln, Janice 207 Lincoln, Neil 187 Lincoln, Shirley 95 Lind, Steve 346 Lindberg, Eric 95, 390 Lindbergh, Sherry 154, 444 Linder, Diane 402 Lindholm, Hans 250 Lindman, Alan Lindquist, Sandra Lindsay, Sue 402 Lingscheid, Julie 96, Link, George 15, 20, 92, 96, 135, 137, 150, 158, 224, 468 Linman, Lynn 333 Linn, 256, 286 Linsley, Gorton 27 Lipinsky, Jeff 332 Lipman, Mrs Dede 164 Lipman, Steve 254 Lippman, Marcia 426 Lipsius, Paul 96 Lipson, Caen 471 List, Pat 125, 155, 221, 485 Liston, Thomas 202 Litsinger, James 385 Little, Linda 422 Little, Mike 135, 148, 158 Little, Paul 92, 96, 224, 482 Little, Steve 344 Litton, Robert 488 Liu, Fu Chuan 96 Liu, Sander 96 Liuanos, Kathleen 96 Livehitz, Diane 426 Livingston, Robert 123, 290 Livesuy, Wendy 160, 428 Lowell, Norm 181, 224, 352 Lohman, Rich 472 Locatelli, Linda 96, 199, 442 Lock, Allan 140, 157, 198, 458 Locke, Susan 451 Lockett, Ann 436 Lockwood, Phyllis 432 Loe, Stan 479 Loeb, Anthony 96 Logan, Bailey 96, 436 Lohmeyer, Jcan 428 Lombardi, Ken 96 Lomnes, Stephen 482 Loney, Tina 471 Long, Bill 198, 291, 336 Long, Bill 337 Long, Gordon 207 Long, James 330 Long, Terry 356 Long, Robert 207 Lorgaker, Chris 331 Longmore, Sandy 416 Loos, Sherri 125 Lopez, Manuel 96, 129 Lord, George 356 Lorenz, Carol 96 Lorentz, Pat 465 Lorimer, Sally 156, 436 Loscutoff, Walter 96, 202 Loskutoff, Dave 276, 298 Louergand, Nancy 428 Louie, Donald 96, 232, 294 Louie, William 96, 206 Louis, Evelyn 96, 407 Louk, Linda 476 Love, Bill 368 Love, Cliff 482 Love, Gretchen 96, 490 Loveall, Richard 96 376 Loverde, Rich 466 Lovette, John 468 Low, Sharon 216 Low, Sonny 482 Lowe, Marsha 96 Lowe, Pat 204 Lowe, Roberta Lowell, Larry 240, 251, 302 Lowell, Steve 392 Lowitz, Marjorie 96, 490 Lozoff, Barbara 455 Lu, Nancy 123 Luard, Suzanne 96, 444 Lubrsky, Diane 476 Lucas, Bob 96 Lucas, Charles 217, 224 Lucas, Jerry 187, 453 Lucas, Tinker 96, 430 Luck, Robert 344 Lucking, Lana Ludens, Dave 199, 201 Luff, Norma 96, 476 Luft, John 337 Lui, Peter C 96 Lukens, William 96, 222, 384 Lum, Darrel 458 Lum, Francis 96, 369 Luna, Douglas 96, 370 Lund, Dottie Lund, Robert 96, 158, 224, 392 Lundgren, Jack 344 Lundgren, Jerry 233, 240, 245 Lundy, Mary 451, 481 Lupher, Linda 96, 424 Lurz, Al 329 Lustwig, Barbara 421 Lutge, Barbara 438 Lutgen, Linda 173, 418 Luther, Margot 432 Luton, Caroline 226, 438 Lyford, Suzanne 125, 476 Lyman, Louise 97, 414 Lyman, Tim 290 Lynch, Bill 358 Lynch, Bob 356 Lynch, Dick 207, 482 Lynch, Kathy 444 Lynch, Richard 218 Lynn, Deanna 124, 141, 217, 412 Lynn, Leanore 421 Lyon, Bob 366 Lyon, Helen 171, 434 Lyon, Mike 221, 458 Lyon, Sharon 408 Lyon, Steve 378 Lyons, Jim 482 M McAbeer, Winifred 97, 138, 490 McAdam, Bill 274, 374 McAdam, Don 245 Mcallister, Robert 128 McBride, Jim 299, 356 McBride, Michael 356 McCabe, Bob 392 McCabe, James 458 McCabe, Joan 97, 442 McCaffrey, Stanley 224 McCallum, Don 97, 390 McCardle, John 291 McCarthy, Ann 436 McCarthy, Brian 97, 329 McCarthy, Denise 97, 408 McCarthy, Kiki 97, 451, 474 McCarthy, Muriel 440 McCarthy, William 360 McCarville, Carol 474 McCaugan, Bonnie 156, 442 McCauley, Ginger 410 McCausland, Sharon 487 McCay, Bonnie 454 McClaine, Jerry 396 McClay, Kathy 465 McCleland, Doug 188 McClelland, Agnes 208 McClendon, Daryl McClintock, Bill 121, 261, 263 McClintock, Marilyn 438 McClish, June 455 Marilyn 97 McCloskey, Robert 97 McColiougn, Dennis McComb, Marshall 199, 325, 382 McCormack, William 138 McCormick, Donna 490 McCormick, William 17 McCown, Harvey 468 McCoy, Ernie 302 McCracken, Marcy 422 McCready, Cathie 455 McCready, George 97 McCready, Tom 187 McCrystle, Mike 364 McCubbin, John 390 McCullough, Dave McCune, Heather 70, 94, 141, 142, 149, 208, 418 McCune, Lawrence 338 McCune, Mary 97, 476 McDaniel, Meredy McDermid, Lani 153, 432 McDonald, Donald 97, 368 McDonald, Fred 370 McDonald, James 97, 222, 374 McDonald, Jchn 250 McDonald, Sandy 160, 418 McDougall, Robert 340 McDowell, Joan 97, 490 McDowell, Robert McElhoe, Marilyn 97, 139, 159 212, 418 McElroy, Pete 97, 382 McEneany, Cece 440 McFarland, Mary 440 McFarland, Mary 141, 442 Sue 436 McGaughey, Sherron 462 McGinley, Judith 147, 418 McGough, Charles 328 McGowan, Mary 169 McGuire, E D 201 McGuire, Richard 344 McHenry, Donald 336 McHugh, Robert 97, 370 McKaskle, Paul 224 McKay, Anne 97, 442 McKay, Judy 124, 418 John 390 McKeighan, Georgia 424 McKenna, Edward 97, 187, 392 McKeown, Gwynn 97, 476 McKillop, Don 97, 482 McKinney, James 472 McKinnis, Ann 171, 414 McK innon, John 352 McKnight, Steve 494 McLaren, Marilynn 438 McLaughen, Donald 224 McLaughlin, Arlene 410 McLaughlin, Bill 97 McLean, Norm 232, 245, 380 McLeod, Pat 428 McManigal, Lenore 436 McManus, Jim 300 McMichael, Rick 453 McMillan, Bill 376 McMillan, Doris 97 McMillan, Jean 175 McMurry, Alan 97, 140, 224, 468 McMurry, Kay 97 McNair, Martin 20, 97, 222, 224, 232, 290, 382 McNally, Bill 335 McNamara, Jim 160, 380 McNeely, Carol 97, 442 McNeil, Ed 331 McNeill, Liz 440 McNeill, Marcia 436 McNeill, Mike 222, 374 McNicoll, Denis 368 McNulty, Bob 350 McNulty, Lynn 350 McNulty, Sandra 97, 495 McPhee, Sharon 430 McQuaid, Katy 418 McQueen, Jim 35B McWilliams, W Carey 224 Maakestad, Joan 442 Maakestad, Karen 442 Maas, Chuck 342 MacAdam, Don 232, 240 MacCormick, Austin 224 MacDonald, Fred 155, 205 MacDonald, Sue 418 MacDougall, Laurie 418 Macey, Anne 414 Macey, Catherine 97 MacFarland, Gail 424 MacGinitie, Beatrice 97, 490 MacGregor, James 201 MacGregor, Joan 171, 430 Machado, Richard 97, 232, 275 Maclntosn, Carolyn 124, 142,155, 208 442 MacKenzie, Jessie 98, 408 Mackenzie, Sandy 471 MacLauchlan, Doug 352 MacLean, Judy 408 MacLean, Robert 98 MacMichael Skip 336 Macmillan, Margaret 407 MacMillan, Philip 98, 170 MacMillan, Wallace 98 MacMillan, Wendy 440 MacNider, Sandra 98, 412 MacQuarrie, Diane 207 MacQuiddy, Charles MacOuisten, Janet 98, 455 Madden, Robert 128 Maddigan, Bill Maddux, Painter 15, 95, 98 222, 224, 325, 343 Madfes, Judy 418 Maertz, Bill 98, 382 Mage, Sarah 436 Maggard, Dave 232, 286 Pat 462 Mah, Carson 187 Mahakian, Charles 385 James 154 Maier, Richard 98, 468 Majesky, Barbara 311, 432 Maker, Ed 468 Malamud, Al 168 Malamud, Lloyd 98, 468 Malcolm, Tom 380 Malinovsky, Vera 98, 476 Malloy, John 35 Malloy, Katheryne Malmstrom, Karen 96, 98, 211, 214, 454 Malone, Carol 408 Mancini, Norman 385 Mandel, Isaias 203 Maneki, Janice 462 Manetas, Irene 98, 490 Manetta, Bill 351 Mangan, Nancy 432, 312 Mangiaracina, Brenda Manlove, George 98, 201, 202 Mann, Gerald 98, 261 Mannheim, Marilyn, 221, 485 Manske, Gig 418 Manson, Leila 426 Mansocri, Iraj 98 Mantell, Jim 98, 189 Manuelli, Vic 396 Manzone, Dominic 343 Macpherson, Margaret 476 Mapes, Tom 334 Marantz, Bill 189 Marcotte, Laverne 462 Marcucci, Ed 360 Mardahl, Frank 205 Marilave, Carol 410 Mark, Stephen 168 Markarian, Linda 434 Markarian, Patti 471 Markham, Thomas 346 Marks, Judy 465 Marks, Pete 143 Marliave, Bob 188 Maroot, Janice 480 Marpet, Steve 378 Marquart, Susan 422 Marr, Bill 370 Marrett, Jim 254 Marrs, Bill 335 Carolyn 402 Marsh, David 204 Marsh, Gerald 224 Marsh, Henrietta 462 Marsh, Ron 468 Marshall, Cathy 408 Marshall, Darryl 340 Marshall, Dave 290 Marshall, Patricia 98 Marsteller, Beth 440 Martin, Anne 414, 451 Martin, Carol 486 Martin, Charles 198, 336 Martin, Christine 310, 414 Martin, Darryl 20 1, 453 Martin, Gary 376 Martin, Joan 98, 214, 410 Martin, Kendra 172, 214 Martin, Lois 432 Martin, Mario E 143 Martin, Mary 188, 422 Martin, Philip 458 Martin, Wendy 177 Martinelli, Adolph 358 Martincni, James 98 Martinsen, Tim 364 Marts, Sandra 438 Marumoto, Benjamin 98, 129, 468 Marvin, Linda 444 Marx, Pete 124, 488 Marzolf, Steven 488 Masaki, Colleen Hatsumi 451, 462 Maschino, John 222, 346 Mason, Helene 98, 462 Mason, Jon Mason, Jon 98, 251, 392 Mason, Paul 362 Massey, Chuck Massey, Robert Sands 221, 351 Masuda, Chiyo 98, 495 Mateja, John 348 Mateus, Eva 173 Mathiesin, Robert 221 Matkin, Jack 290 Matrin, Jack 232 Matson, Caron 474 Matsuda, Janet 98, 465 Matsuda, Saju 226 Matsui, Robert 479 Matsuyama, Shozo 98 Mattson, Irene 98 Mature, Mike 342 Matzuda, Suzu Mauer, Maureen 98, 148, 476 Mauser, Judith Anne 98, 442 Mauser, Molly 440 Mathes, Paul 378 Matheson, Paul 352 Matkin, Joan 402 Matson, Shirley 402 Mattek, Dave 352 Matzkin, Gene 332 Mawsey, Gary 488 Maxfield, Lynne 98, 402 May, Gar 390 May, Nancy 147, 434 Mayer, Lydia 490 Mayer, Mari 426 Mayer, Patti 440 Mayer, Robert 99, 332 Mayer, Tom 362 Mayfield, Judith 209 Mayhew, Anne 159, 279, 436 Maynard, Barbara 442 Maynard, Margot 442 Mayo, Ron 358 Meacham, Sue 416 Mead, Alice 209 Meade, Kenneth 224 Meadows, Richard 99, 356 Mecklenburg, Art 366 Medall, Les 250, 297, 370 Medanich, James 99, 392 Medanich, Tom 392 Medsker, Linda 99, 422 Meek, Karen 412 Mehlhaff, Curtis 99, 482 Meiggs, William 99, 356 Meisenholder, Stephen 99, 328 Meiia Carole 444 Melander, David 97, 99, 136, 158, 208, 224, 385 Meline, Robert 99 Melquist, Suzy 432 Mellema, James 366 Mencher, Paul 362 Mendel, Nan 99 Mendelsohn, Barry 354 Mendelsohn, Jan 404 Mendelsohn, Joan 404 Mendelsohn, Sue 404 Mendicino, Ron 354 Meneken, Coralie 465 Menhenett, Marjorie 407 Menzies, Melinda 213, 440 Mencher, Paul 99 Mercer, Jim 99, 336 Merell, Samuel 352 Mermel, Ron 404 Merriam, Fred Merrill, Rich 221, 240, 253, 374 Merritt, Jack 135, 137, 139, 150, 388 Merritt, Jeanette 352 Merritt, Mark 488 Messick, Bob 482 Metzner, Joan 455 Meunier, Judy 152, 153, 226, 430 Meurreus, Joseph 99 Mew, Wendell 207 Meyer, Diane 221, 421 Meyer, Don 198, 472 Meyer, Kathy 416 Meyer, Nancy 159, 422 Meyer, Jerry 338 Meyer, Patti 223 Meyer, W C 35 Meyer, Yole 99 Meyers, Jeffrey 153 Meyers, Judy 223 Meyers, Stephen 144 Meyerson, Bobbie 175 Mezek, Denise 428 Miailovich, Bob 488 Miao, Dorothy 99 Michael, Fran 123, 442 Michael, John 354 Michael, Kay 99 Michael, Marilee 404 Michael, Pete 222, 351 Michael, Peter 343 Michael, Phil 394 Michaels, Laurie 440 Mickael, Peter 99 Middlekauf, Woodrow 224 Middleman, Rozlynn 452 Middleton, Beverly 99, 438 Middleton, George 390 Miedema, Henry 99, 201, 482 Mierbach, Barry 99 Mifsud, Anne 99, 149, 476 Milam, Robert 99 Milano, Kathie 442 Milano, Robert 294 Miliken, Nancy 414 Millan, Barbara 173 Millard, Sidney 341 Miller, Bonnie 465 Miller, Carl 189 Miller, Chuck 324 Miller, Clarke 143, 176, 207 Miller, Frank 135 Miller, Glen 458 Miller, John 99, 482 Miller, Judy 432 Miller, Judy 442 Miller, Kathryn 99, 414 Miller, Larry 20, 124, 142, 157, 208, 378 Miller, Lucien 99, 290, 396 Miller, Lynn 202, 426 Miller, Nancy 99 Miller, Penny 421 Miller, Ralfe 224 Miller, Robert 384 Miller, Roberta 215 Miller, Toby 149, 476 Millich, Steve 385 Terry 254, 360 Milliken, John 329 Millinger, Jim 187 Millinich, Bob 233, 294, 376 Millinich, Carol Ann 418 Millman, Peggy 490 Mills, Bob 187 Mills, Douglas Leon 99, 218 Mills, Jackie 434 Mills, Jim 376 Miller, Jaclyn 490 Mills, Judie 416 Mills, Robert 99, 335 Mills, Sally 412 M ills, Terrie 440 Milne, Margie 455 Milner, Michael 188 Milnes, Conna 455 Miner, Georg Ann 70, 98, 142, 208 Miner, Sharon 402 Miner, Joyce 416 Mintz, Lincoln 207 Miranda, Barbara 144 Mische, Eric 488 Mitchell, Alexander 99 Mitchell, Bill 287, 344 Mitchell, Charlotte 99, 485 Mitchell, Marlene 476 Mitchell, Mary Ann 99, 138, 211, 214, 408 Mitchell, Sandra 15, 99, 141, 211, 214, 451 Mitroff, Ian 100 Mittel, Bob 372 Miura, Amy 455 Miyashiro, Stanley 100 Miyasaki, Junichi 100, 202 Miycko, Roy 479 Mize, Nancy 408 Mock, Joe 100, 396 Roger 187, 369 Mock, Tom 153, 154 Moeller, Helga 144, 166 Moen, Wendell 100, 218, 458 Moffett, Sylvia 221 Mofjeld, Stanley 100, 458 Mohn, Anna 159, 468 Moir, Ralph 342 Paul 124, 354 Molfino, Carolyn 476 Molinari, Barbara 410 Moll, Charles 350 Mollenhoff, Sonja 149, 430 Moller, Marilyn 100 Molter, Barbara 476 Mon, Gordon 100 Monaco, Lenora Mae 490 Monahan, William 224 Mongan, Jim 335 Mongan, To 100, 335 Monroe, Daphne 416 Monroe, Herb 130 Monteiro, Margaret Montgomery, John 254, 298, 348 Monti, Jasper 250 Monti, Stephen 100, 158, 224, 232 Monty, Bill 348 Moody, Stephen 344 Moon, Ron 364 Moore, A Turney 100, 362 Moore, Bob 328 Moore, Butch 222 Moore, Cal 153 Moore, Chuck 207, 392 Moore, Clyde 344 Moore, David 100, 275, 351 Moore, Douglas 100, 135, 140, 224, 364 Moore, Gail 455 Moore, Heather 422 Moore, James 100, 343 Moore, Karl 100, 387 Moore, Kathy 416 Moore, Linda 446 Moore, Melinda 159, 412 Moore, Melinda 430 Moore, Mike 154, 276, 336 Moore, Sandy 434 Moran, William 100, 468 Moreland, Jedith 100, 424 Morelli, Carol 424 Mordock, Tracy 344 Morfore, Duane 100, 362 Morgado, Richard 386 Morgan, Al 388 Morgan, Bill 352 Morgan, Jean 207 Morgan, Kathy 455 Morgan, Meredity 33 Morgan, Neal D 468 Morgan, Peter 277 Morgan, Roger 123, 468 Morgan, Tom 218 Morgan, William 200 Moriarty, Richard 200 Moriarty, William 330 Morimoto, Hiroaki 100, 479 Morimoto, Kay 188, 462 Moring, William Morledge, Carolyn 172, 175, 410 Morning, Bill 253 Morris, Al 372 Morris, Allan 472 Morris, Colleen 474 Morris, Dorothy 404 Morris, Gary 372 Morris, James 370 Morris, Joe 468 Morris, Mary Ann 212 Morris, Robert 297 Morris, Stephen 385 Morris, Vincent 482 Morris, William 100 Morris, Wiliam 482 Morrison, Jon 221 Morrison, Margaret 124, 442 Morrison, Stan 232, 263, 362 Morrison, Vicki 442 Morrissey, Pete 222, 343 Morrow, Beate Marie 100 Marrow, Gerald 221, 343 Morse, Gary 100, 385 Morse, Joan 175 Morse, Milton 100,199 Morse, Peter 100, 337 Morse, Steve 350 Mortenson, Phil 368 Mortola, Dick 297 Morton, Bill 488 Harold 200 Morton, Joe 143, 177 Moscrip, Sue 424 Moseley, Bruce 338 Moseley, Maralyn 100, 412 Mcsely, Marie 432 Moskovitz, Judith 100 Morshead, Sheila 153, 414 Moss, Bill 346 Moss, Madeline 100 Mossman, Kathleen 100, 422 Mossteller, Tim 482 Mott, Bill 346 Mott, Jim 291 Mountain, Bob 368 Muench, Susan 100 Muga, Dave 251 Muir, Denis 488 Muirbrook, Newell Muldary, Richard 100, 224, 368 Mullally, Laurie 440 Mullan, Barbara 418 Mullen, Bob 250 Muller, Harold 224 Mumaugh, Dennis 176 Munakata, Don 479 Mundt, Diana 101, 418 Mundt, Randy 221, 348 Mundy, Delia 412 Munkner, Diane 410 Munoz, Joseph 494 Mural, Roger 101 Murch, Mary 402 Murch, Mibs 402 Murdoch, James 488 Murison, Richard Murman, Joan 211, 214, 220, 432 Noncy 101, Musgrove, Jucy 101, 167, 490 Musso, Lynn 481 Myer, Richard 352 Myers, Dave 297 Myers, John 458 Myers, Lorin 488 Myers, Margie 414 Myers, Marjorie 101, 418 Myers, Robert 101, 348 Myers, Willa 414 Myerson, Bobbie 421 Mylne, Wendy Hopper 452 509 N Nachun, Ronald 101, 354 Naftel, Nancy 465 Nagata, Al 187 Nagle, Thomas 101, 222, 360 Naify, Jim 468 Nakamura, Sam 468 Nakano, Evelyn 58, 451 Nakano, Takeshi 191, 202, 468 Nakasone, James 101, 232 Nakaschima, Doug 488 Nakawatasee, Marsha 462 Nance, John 101, 358 Nanjo, James Nasser, Bob 366 Nash, Gerry 147 Nash, Ginny 154, 422 Nash, Jerry 364 Nason, Don 209 Nast, Pat 279, 487 Natali, Dennis 274 Nault, Marilyn 476 Naye, Michael 352 Neal, Marcia 490 Nealy, Betty 17, 20, 141 Nearhood, Delores 455 Nearon, David 101, 358 Nebera, Vladimir 146 Neblett, Kerry 434 Needham, Al 187, 488 Neffiam, Hartuna 128 Neighbors, Shirley 101, 474 Gary 394 Neill, Marvin 482 Nielson, Anger 458 Neilson, Barbara 455 Nellis, Noel 150, 352 Nellis, Walt 352 Nelson, Alan 240, 251, 370 Nelson, Ann 160, 432 Nelson, Anthony 201 Nelson, Barbara 153, 402 Nelson, Billie 101, 139, 476 Nelson, Bobbie 167 Nelson, Chris 101, 476 Nelson, Don 291 Nelson, Jan 148 Nelson, Joan 418 Nelson, Martin 101 Nelson, Nancy 485 Nelson, Sharon 476 Nemzer, Ken 275, 394 Nero Robert 101 Neubauer, Sue 226, Neuman, Richard 101, 346 Neumann, John 240 Neville, Anne 101, 444 Neward, Lance 488 Newcomer, Mary 101, 220, 414 Newcomb, Charles 343 Newell, Chrystal Newell, Gail 125, 151, 155, 171 Newell, John 374 Newell, Karen 474 Newell, Peter 224 Newfarmer, Jerry 123, 135, 136, 151, 352 Newlin, 101, 138, 325, 336 Newman, Chris Newman, Janet 223, 474 Newman, Joe 290 Newman, Michael 354 Newman, Natalie 426 Newmark, Pam 173, 422 Newsom, Bill 250 Newton, Carole 408 Nibley, Nan 432 Nican, Thomas 202 Nicholas, Whit 161, 346 Nicholau, Athena 455 Costa 362 Nichols, Thomas 101 Nicholson, John 382 Nickel, Dave 251 Nickle, Wanita 101, 478 Nicol, Robert 101 Nicolai, Lynda 444 Nicholaisen, Carol 147, 408 Nicolaus, Nancy 440 Nicolet, Yvonne 418 Nicoll, Jan 444 Nielsen, Janet 485 Nielsen, Norman 205 Nielsen, Paul 277 Nielsen 147 436 Nielson, Janet 101,108, 200, 400 Nielson, Patricia 410 Judy 426 Niemann, Mary 454 Niesen, Cheryl 465 Nigh, Audie 414 Nightingale, Carolyn 421 Niles, Sara 438 Nisbet, Bob 187 Ninomiya, Ann 407 Nishimoto, Audrey 462 Nishimoto, Jim 479 Nishimura, Merry 101 Nissler, Perry 351 Noakes, Michael 101, 294, 351 Noble, Ellen 175, 414 Noble, Ward 124, 278 Nobleman, Sherman 169, 366 Nocan, Thomas 201, 202 Nock, Dave 396 Nock, Mary 414 Noel, Thomas 356 Nolan, David 101, 207, 384 Nolan, Thomas 101, 453 Nolfi, George 482 Noll, Laura 101, 440 Nailer, Janice 124, 172, 434 Nolte, Pat 440 Nomi, Sam 102, 206 Vic 302 Noden, Larry 154 Nordgren, Warren Nordstrom, Gerald 232, 286, 364 Norick, Barbara 102 Norman, Bob 102, 199, 201 Norman, Heather 410 Normand, Sue 102, 442 North, Sandie 166 Norton, Harold 224 Norton, Penny 102, 424 Norton, Sally 430 Norwood, Steve 337 Nose, Thomas 202 Nunan, James 392 Nye, Jerry 102, 362 Nyholm, Stew 274, 329 O Oakley, Bill 295, 351 Oaks, Mara 442 Oberg, Robert 221 O ' Brien, Becky 462 O ' Brien, Bonnie 102 O ' Brien, Dave 382 O ' Brien, Dick 352 O ' Brien, Tom 376 Ocha, Gale 212 Ochman, Ken 372 Ochoa, Jesse 256 Ochca, Norverta 221 O ' Connell, Phyllis O ' Conner, Linda 102, 153, 156, 211, 214, 418 Oda, Walter 102, 479 O ' Dea, Ed 232, 370 Odegard, Peter 224 Odell, Dale 362 Odella, Carlo 458 O ' Donnell, Julie 125 Offenbach, Fred 222, 384 Offner, Paul 253 Ogle, Ann 200 Ogburn, Charles 364 O ' Hara, Elizabeth 213, 436 O ' Hara, Pat 147, 440 Ohori, Yoshiko 102 Ohta, Hiram 102 Oka, James 102 Okada, Yosh 102 Okamura, Bob 468 Okelberry, Karen 139, 147, 402 Oki, Alice 102 Oldano, Anna 476 Oldemeyer, Dian 173, 412 O ' Leary, Jacqueline 490 Olive, Mary 455 Oliver, Barry 134 Oliver, Marjorie 102,159, 436 Oliver, Steve 356 Ray 392 Olsen, Carolyn 144 Ed 160 Olsen, Harvey 102, 325, 329 Olsen, Janice 424 Olsen, Roger 250, 273, 287 Olsen, Sherrill Olson, Charles 187, 201 Olson, Gretchen 432 Olson, Gus 224 Olson, John 20,102, 138, 224, 325, 386 Olson, Nina Jean 215 Olson, Pete 240, 302 Olter, Barbara 186 Oltmor, Gary 468 Oindal, Linda 487 O ' Neil, Ann 102, 442 O ' Neil, Helen 188 O ' NeilI, Desmond 256 O ' Neill, Mike 343 Ong, Patricia 455 Onishi, Charlotte 452 Onoda, George Jr 102 Onstott, Edward Jr 102 Oppenheimer, Robert 372 Oppenheimer, Sue 203 Orjas, Ruth 216, 221 Orman, Charles 102, 289, 325, 390 Orman, Chris 392 J C 166 Orme, Maynard 207, 224 Orme, Sandi 454 Ormonde, Neil 102, 458 Orrell, John 482 Ortegren, Carolyn 156, 175, 188 Osborne, John Jr 102 Osborne, Wayne 169 Osborne, Harry 380 Oseran, Barbara 155, 426 Oshorn, Bruce 362 Osmond, Janna 424 Ososke, Bill 232, 233, 298 Ososke, George 102, 362 Ostarello, John 291 Otis, Geraldine 152 O ' Toole, Pat 402 Otsuki, Sho 485 Ott, Judy 476 Ott, Linda 476 Ott, Raymond 482 Otto, Wong 202 Ovadenko, Donald 201, 206 Overall, Jack 291, 390 Owaski, Judy 212 Oweehi, Judy 476 Owen, Edward L 488 Owens, Bruce 198 Owyoung, Bruce 102 Oxman, Sharon 426 Ozan, Hinda 426 P Pace, Stephen 102, 103, 136, 158 198, 336 Pachter, Marc 153 Packard, Paul 102, 331 Padams, Michelle 144, 451, 455 Puff, Joseph 212 Page, Fred 488 Page, Peggy 223, 424 Pagani, George 468 Paholyothin, Pathom 218 Paige, Pete 102, 364 Paine, Scott 348 Pak, Pyong 102 Palley, Jeff 157, 378 Palmer, Nick 335 Palmer, Pamela 154, 436 Palmer, Thomas 221, Palmeri, John 102 Palmquist, Dick 102 Pancherel, Mary 462 Panecaldo, Ralph 103 Papenfuss, Ted Papini, John 222, 240, 246 302 Papke, Joan 103, 424 Ruth 421 Parent, Dave 366 Parent, Nancy 455 Pariani, Sylvia 188, 410 Paris, Phyllis 486 Park, Arthur 154, 331 Park, Roberta 223 Parker, Ann 103, 430 Parker, Barbara 471 Parker, Joan 408 Parker, Martin Parkinson, Stan 222, 232, 240, 246, 302, 370 Parks, George 199 Parlette, Linda 188, 432 Parmelee, Cheryl 485 Parmett, Michael 103 Parr, Christoher 209 Parrott, Kathy 455 Parsons, Carol 430 Parsons, James 340 Parsons, John 358 Parsons, Ron 297 Partland, Judy Ann 172, 402 Partlow, Bill 198, 388 Pasarow, Michael 371 Pasley, Julia 103, 438 Pasternak, Alan 203 Pastorino, Karen 223, 487 Paterson, Fred 251 Patterson, Jane 103, 209, 462 Patterson, MacKenzie 362 Pattinson, Nancy Jane 103, 436 Pattison, Bob 358 Pattison, Pat 291 Pattison, Ralph 358 Pattinson, Tom 396 Patton, Barry 346 Patton, Bill 120, 232, 240, 246 Patton, Jane 422 Paul, 404 Paulson, David 103, 206 Paulson, Jean 103 Paulson, Nancy 422 Payne, Brian 103, 224, 325, 344 Payne, Bruce 144 Payne, Joan 436 Payne, Sheldon 157 Paz, Phyllis 452 Pazirandeh, Mohson 472 Peabody, Gerald 352 Pearlman, Don 103, 378 Pearson, Carolyn 103, 430 Pearson, Edward 103, 264, 370 Pearson, Kent 364 Pease, Dorothy 125, 444 Pechanec, Hilde 430 Peck, Jon 221 Pecoraro, Carolyn 152 Peden, Samuel 224 Pedersen, Allen 352 Peedbles, Pat 458 Jean Peirce, James 103, 150, 325, 385 Pello, Genevieve 123, 199 Peitzie, Bernard 103 Penaflor, Manuel 232, 240 Pencibi, Bill 151 Pender, John 147 Pendergast, Pat 410 Pendleton, Alan 103 Penn, Bob 384 Pennys, Mike 378 Penprase, Marilyn 418 Pensabene, Marilyn 103, 474 Pepi, Pat 125, 455 Peppin, Robert 380 Percy, Sandy 103, 474 Perer, Howard „ „ 332 Perez, Roger 488 Perkins, Jeanne 103, 490 Perkins, Julie 440 Perlman, Lydia 421 Perrin, Jennifer 440 Perry, Barbara 211, 214 Perry, Dave 458 Perry, Gloria 209, 331 Perry, Marshall 366 Person, Jane 147, 428 Pesce, Bill 344 Peter, Nicole 424 Peters, Albert 103, 468 Peters, Allan 358 Peters, Irene 103, 215 Peters, Judith 169 Petersen, Allen 207 Petersen, Tom 103, 364 Peterson, Barbara 485 Peterson, Charlotte 410 Peterson, Cliff 337 Peterson, Diane 455 Peterson, Frank 103, Peterson, Fred 221, 240, 374 Peterson, Hugh 207 Peterson, Isabel 171, 410 Peterson, Pam 432 Peterson, Richard 329 Peterson, Richard R 103, 472 Peterson, Vicky 151, 402 Petrick, Sandra 155 Petrocelli, William 224 Petteys, David 340 Pettitt, George 224 Jilll Petty, George 104, 209 325, 335 Pezzaglia, James 124, 366 Pezzlo, Pauline 465 Pfann, Bill 384 Pfaff, Doug Pfeifer, Judy 462 Pfeifer, Katherine 438 Pfister, Joe 273 Pflueger, Ann 173, 402 Philioson, Caryl 404 Bill 254 Phillips, Bob 151, 354 Cave 346 Phillipns, Dan 291 Phillips, John 104, 202, 207, 390 Phillios, Lorna 104, 138, 444 Phillips, Melinda 430 Phillips, Wendy 440 Philpott, Jim 356 Phipps, Allen 104, 207 Harold 472 Piankoff, Witaly 104 Pickford, Jackie 465 Pickford, Margy 104, 428 Picone, Margaret 185 Pierce, Leslie 462 Pierce, Tom 386 Pierovich, George 240, 246 Pierson, Joan 207 Piestrup, Mel 240, 246 Pike, Sandra 104, 148, 476 Pilger, Judy 426 Pat 455 Pilone, Cecilia 455 Pimental, Jan 438 Pinkel, Sheila 462 Pinkerton, James 104, 384 Pirazzini, Tom 350 Pirtz, Diana 104, 209, 476 Pitlick, Frances 104, 455 Pittore, Jess 240, 270, 302 Pettner, Norbert 253 Pitzer, Kenneth 224 Piziali, Robert 458 Place, Harvey 346 Plagemann, Steve 176 Planck, Lucille 104, 474 Plant, Mary 104, 436 Plant, Philip 104, 348 Plate, Kenneth 187, 333 Plate, Sandra 490 Plantz, Bob 324, 376 Plotnick, Mike 130, 332 Podesta, Judy 175, 428 Pohl, Nancy 438 Poindexter, Colleen 438 Poirier, Raymond 334 Pokrass, Judith 490 Pokrass, Susan 490 Polak, Heddy Polesky, Carl 394 Polf, Janet 226 Pollard, Judith 104, 455 Pomeroy, Bob 167 Pomeroy, Pinkie 414 Pon, Yee 104, 206 Pond, Lewis 337 Ponso, Emil 104, 341 Ponve, Irene 104, 421 Pool, Robert 104, 472 Poole, Andrea 104, 465 Poole, Merle 157, 341 Poor, Larry 350 Poore, John 388 Popkin, Gail 104, 404 Popov, Kathie Poppelman, Julie 104, 200, 408 Popper, Roger 370 Poquis, Robert 128 Portello, William 104, 364 Porter, Gail 428 Porter, Preston 254, 298 Porter, Russell 254 298 Portwood, Ron 185 Posin, Dan 472 Post, Mary 175, 428 Post, Nathalie 418 Potter, Carroll 147, 465 Potter, Diana 104, 402 Potter, John 351 Potter, Sandra 105 Pottol, Judy 410 Poucher, John 392 Pouey, Henry Poulakidas, Angeline 105, 462 Poulson, Peter 221 Poulton, Bill 390 Poulton, Penny 410 Pouey, Hank 222 Powell, Edwin 105 Powell, Gary 416 Powell, Mary Sue 432 Powell, Tom 250 Powell, Zack 346 Power, Eleanor 407 Poynter, Margaret 159, 213, 455 Pratt, Lynette 105, 212, 490 Pratt, Richard 187, 333 Pratt, Susan 207 Prentice, Donna 105, 442 Press, Linda 426 Preston, Cynthia 149, 412 Preston, Jane 402 Price, Clarence 224 Price, Joanna 105 Price, Judy 124, 171, Price, Richard 105, 207, 373 Price, Stanton 105, 468 Price, Suzanne 462 Prince, Paul 335 Principe, Bill 344 Pringle, Judy 105, 414 Pritchard, Larry 205 510 Pritikin, Bill 105 Pritzker, Burt 378 Proffitt, Steve 158, 392 Proffitt, Stu 340 Prola, Jim 364 Prosser, William 29 Prudhomme, Larry 346 Prudler, Paul 222, 370 Pruiett, Judy 105, 402 Prydz, Richard 105, 253 Prydz, Roland 105, 253 Puckett, Allen 124, 208, 389 Pugh, Archer 224 Pugh, Jan 105, 418 Pugh, Mary Lou 105, 402 Pugh, Sally 422 Pugh, Sharon 476 Puncher, Gloria 123, 410 Purcell, William Jr 105, 151, 360 Purnell, Corinne 105, 214, 476 Purvis, Mary Ann 455 Putnam, Joyce 428 Pyles, Kathy 123, 208, 410 Pyron, Earl 351 Q Quan, Roger Quaschnick, Elllaine 149, 476 Quatman, Bob 207, 380 Queary, Lou 382 Quick, Cindy Quigley, John 105, 390 Quitter, Charles Quinn, John 104, 105, 158, 198, 208, 224, 362 Quinn, Margie 444 Quinn, Michael 340 Quinn, Pat 430 Quiroz, Olivia 1D5, 434 Quistgard, Karen 436 Quong, David 202 Quong, Norman 105 R Rabin, Judy Rabinovich, David 105, 330 Raby, Earlene 105, 495 Rachoud, Michael 366 Raddue, Nancy 444 Rae, Bonnie 408 Raffanti, Kathy 490 Rafferty, Kathy 444 Ragain, Dennis 329 Ragan, Alva 224 Ragatz, Richard 106, 366 Ragsdale, William 458 Rahm, Lesley 462 Rakita, Phyllis 404 Railton, Richard 338 Ralph, John C 198 Ralphs, Diane 422 Ralston, Phillip 106, 376 Ramenofsky, Ann 404 Ramey, Chet 187 Ramirez, Frances 106 Ramirez, Margo 412 Rampacek, DeDe 146, 402 Rampel, Corzy 402 Ramsey, Gaynel 462 Randall, Bob 380 Randall, Jane 106 Randolph, Carol 106 Rangell, Judith 153, 490 Rank, Stephanie 422 Rankin, Ron 362 Rankin, Sandy 455 Ransom, Virginia 486 Raphael, Stephanie 404 Rapaport, Louis 372 Rapp, Brian 106, 138, 338 Rappaport, Armin 20, 135, 224 Rasmussen, Ben 106, 333 Rasmussen, Gerald 458 Rasmussen, John 458 Ratcliff, Polly 436 Rath, John 106, 472 Rathman, George 374 Ray, Malcolm 106 Ray, Mike 482 Ratburn, Kathy 481 Read, Cathy 148 Ready, William 106, 366 Reaves, Judy 175, 402 Rebelo, John 298, 376 Rebscher, Wendy 176 Recknor, Bill 106, 338 Reddall, Meredith 175, 476 Redford, Helen 106, 424 Reford, Milton 221, 374 Redman, George 199 Redo, David L 106 Reed, Bucky 222 Reed, Emily 451 Reed, Henry 106 Reed, Loretta 465 Reed, Robert 488 Reemeyer, Bart 187 Rees, Sandra 106, 400, 422 Reesor, David 387 Reeve, Bill 348 Reeves, James 106 Regar, Barry 332 Reginelli, Nanci 465 Register , John 222 Rehag, Lawrence 291, 350 Reich, Ken 153 Reichert, Ken 169, 472 Reid, M 17, 139 Reids, Penny 159 Hugh 398 Reilly, Roberta 452 Reilly, Sharon 442 Reilly, Terry 224 Reimers, Diane 465 Reiner, Beverly 106 Reiner, Ralph 458 Reinis, Mitch 106, 394 Reis, Marjorie 151, 154 Reitman, Gordon 468 Rekers, Jerry 304, 360 Remick, Bill 348 Renati, Bruce 106, 205, 472 Rende, Bob 201, 202 Renetti, Pauline 106 Reoutt, Olegi 253 Requa, Barbara 455 Requa, Joe 207 Rese, Rich 341 Retting, Ginny 159, 424 Reukena, Lester 224 Revilla, Gloria 432 Reynolds, Jerry 453 Reynolds, Karen 462 Rhemgruber, Hubert 106 Rhoads, Tam 207 Riagi, Del 488 Ricci, Don 106, 274, 366 Rice, Richard 232, 275, 458 Rice, Robbie 440 Rich, Jay 331 Richards, Doris 106, 223 Richards, Jane 454 Richards, Judy 51, 214, 440 Richards, Judith 138, 141, 490 Richards, Linda 106, 462 Richardson, Diane 171 Richardson, Jeanne 490 Richardson, John 337 Richardson, Lean Richardson, Ruthie 410 Richison, Ronald 299 Richmond, Lane 106, 199, 206, 218 Richter, Bruno 278 Rickards, Jo Ann 408 Rickitts, Steve 124, 142, 160, 161, 380 Riddell, Janice 107, 490 Riding, James 107, 207, 224, 392 Ridker, Card 426 Rieber, Evabelle 490 Rieber, Leah 203 Riede, Penny 159, 418 Rieoner, Mary 147 Riesenberg, Kathleen 440 Rietatra, Edith 476 Rigedn, Jean 223 Higgs, Jerry Righter, Meredith 107, 189, 495 Riley, Patricia 107, 408 Rimpau, Patti 147, 408 Rindal, Susan 107, 414 Ring, Karen 480 Rinker, Dave 380 Rinne, Edward 107, 384 Rino, Chuck 334 Rinsacca, Judy 156 Rinset, Gunder 125 Rintala, Katherine 452 Ripa, John Anthony 107 Rip ley, Carol 462 Rise, Edward 350 Rising, Donald 107 Risker, Vicki 444 Riskind, Carol 404 Rismor, George 348 Ritchey, Robert 221, 468 Ritterband, Lawrence 453 Roach, Gertrude 149 Robbins, Craig Robbins, Dorris 20, 105, 107, 135, 137, 139 141, 208, 211, 418 Robbins, Howard 458 Robbins, John 348 Robbins, Susan 107, 223, 436 Roberto, Patricia 107 Roberts, Dexter 482 Roberts, Gary 482 Roberts, Margo 107, 146, 147 Roberts, Ron 380 Robertson, Ann 438 Robertson, Syndey 453 Robie, Judith 107 Robinson, Allan 372 Robinson, Ed 107, 336 Robinson, Gary 342 Robinson, Harry 356 Robinson, Keith 161, 331 Robinson, M J 128 Robinson, MacDonald 224, 494 Robinson, Nicky 465 Robinson, Oliver 107 Robinson, Pete 396 Robinson, Randall 207, 344 Robinson, Richard 107, 384 Robinson, Rcd 333 Robinson, Sonny 107, 390 Robson, Judy 407 Rocca, Curt 221, 384 Rocca, Roy 384 Rockford, Jane 408 Rodan, Stan 295 Rodder, Sue 147 Rodeschek, Ellen 465 Rodgers, Bill 376 Rodgers, Steve 289 Rodriguez, Alma Roemeyer, Bart 362 Rogers, Betsy 51, 171, 213, 446 Rogers, Gary 290 Rogers, Jullie 412 Rogers, Nancy 428 Rogers, Pat 422 Rogers, Roger 277 Rogers, Thomas 374 Rohan, John 350 Rohde, Ray 107, 295, 364 Rohde, Seena 107 Rohrbough, Mary 402 Rohwer, Bob 239, 392 Rokaw, Enid 462 Roldan, Maureen 107 Roldan-Castro, Carlos 107 Rolin, Chris 107, 324, 348 Roman, Peter 354 Romasean, Ed 329 Romer, Russ 368 Romito, Elaine 189 Ronan, James 207 Ronzone, Wende 430 Roosa, Christine 107, 416 Roost, Trixie 444 Root, Grove 340 Rose, Howard 107, 128, 354 Rose, Judy 426 Rose, Marvin 332 Rose, Mary 15 Michael 372 Rose, Ron 341 Rosen, Diane 404 Rosen, Judy 147, 404 Rosenbathal, Renee 465 Rosenbaum, Carla 404 Rosenbaum, Margie 490 Rosenberg, Arleen 421 Rosenblatt, Joni 404 Rose nburg, Dena 153 Rosenfeld, Judy 462 Rosett, Rich 291 Rosin, Jo 153, 404 Ellen 465 Ross, John 390 Ross, Sue 465 Rossi, Cindy 422 Roth, Steve 354 Rotherham, Kathie 455 Rothman, 404 Rottman, Barbara 167 Rouder, Susan 107, 146, 152, 154, 226, 402 Roussakis, George 253 Rousseau, Ida 224 Rowe, Don 356 Rowe, Jay 147, 392 Rowe, Leslie 108, 490 Rowe, Marguerette 465 Rowe, Monique 436 Rowe, Richard 389 Rowell, Donald 360 Rowins, Chuck 364 Rowland, David 207, 291 Rowland, Margaret 207 Rowlands, Edwina 108, 476 Rowley, Gerald 130 Rubens, Harvey 378 Rubens, Judi 404 Rubin, Art 125, 142, 378 Rubin, Carol 465 Rubin, Renee 481 Rubin, Seymour 108, 206 Ruby, George 108, 332 Ruby, Tom 482 Rucka, Michael 108, 144, 458 Rucker, Ed 273 Ruddy, Ann 143, Rudolph, Marlene 462 Rudolph, Terry 465 Rued, Grace 407 Ruedy, Kenneth 386 Ruegg, David 108, 382 Ruether, Ron 488 Rugh, Dana 485 Rush, Bud 160 Rush, Stephen 329 Rusk, David 302 Ruskin, Marcia 426 Russ, Cebron 224, 286 Russel, Carol 410 Russell, Alice 428 Russell, James 108, 201, 202 Russell, Lynne 444 Russell, Marianne 186, 407 Russell, Tom 337 Rust, Bob 221 Rust, Lyman 302, 351 Rust, Rick 198, 385 Rutherford, Ann 108, 444 Rutherford, Ann 476 Rutherford, Steve 158, 201, 224, 384 Ruud, Rick 362 Ruxak, Jay 153, 453 Ruzak, Suzy 147 Ryan, Linda 465 Ryan, Pat 444 Ryan, Patrici 108 Ryan, Patrick 239, 388 Ryan, Tim 160 Ryder, Rich 207, 222, 337 Ryder, Robert 108, 201, 207 Ryel, Ricnard Ryman, Joan 106, 108, 159, 424 S Sachs, Phil 108, 482 Sachs, Robert 130 Sacks, Elaine 421 Sacks, Jennifer 177 Saegebarth, Ellen 108, 438 Sager, Bill 291 Sailer, Sandra 146 Sailor, Wayne 291 St Amant, Barbara 430 St Clair, Dean 468 St Clair, Nancy 430 St Clair, Joe 108, 458 St Sure, Don 380 Sakai, Ann 108, 407 Sakai, Dave 453 Sakamato, Shiori 207, 274 Sakamato, Taye 108, 487 Sakow, Rumiko 465 Sakowski, Karen 455 Salamanca, Enrique 108 Salamid, Mayann 430 Salas, Jesse 108 Salazar, Dan 295 Salisbury, E L 207 Salisbury, John 346 Salisbury, John 376 Sally, Jim 222, 370 Salm, Paul 154 Salo, Virginia 422 Saltzman, Gloria 465 Salute, Gene 108, 478 Salvador, Vern 392 Samelian, John Sammann, Annette 412 Samn, Edna 108 Sampson, Judy 455 Samsel, Judy 400, 410 Samuelsen, Scott 291, 472 Sanborn, Madelyn 432 Sanchez, Ray 108, 232, 472 Sanchez, Roberto 108 Sandack, Nancy 404 Sandahl, Carrl 108, 207, 334 Sanders, Dale 109, 331 Sanders, Dan 130 Sandos, Suzanne 452 Sandoval, Diane 221, 465 Sands, Karen 462 Sands, Nancy 107, 109, 214, 414 Sanford, Chris 408 Sanford, Peter 109 472 Sanford, Rich 109, 232, 348 Sanford, Ran 109, 222, 348 Sanford, Sammie 109 Sanford, Sylvia 109, 462 Sanger, Gerry 402 Sannar, Janet 109, 200, 444 Sano, Emi 407 William 109 Saputo, Len 300 Sardis, Jo Ann 188, 444 Sargent, Joel 488 Sario, Lena 424 Sasaki, Kenji 458 Sather, Kent 109, Satterburg, Melvin 109, 223 Sauer, Keith 109 Sauer, Teri 424 Saunders, James 128 Saunders, Sanford 224 Saunders, Sandy 422 Savitt, Ron 109, 394 Sawby, Annetta 485 Sawyer, Barbara 109, 200, 444 Saxe, Steve 354 Scabold, Rchard 109 Scalia, Pete 331 Scardaci, Tony 468 Scarpelli, Kevin 232, Jerry 232, 240, 246 Fred 350 Schact, Henry 135 Schafer, Carol 109, 199 Schalm, Claudia 487 Schamp, Roger 109 Scharr, Barbara 476 Schasken, Ed 298 Scheiber, Joan 442 Scheinbaum, Lawrence 109 Scheinman, Stephen 488 Scheppler, Nancy 444 Schicker, Lothar 202 June 486 Schiller, Sally 426 Schilling, Gus 291 Schimansky, David 109, 337 Schimberg R J 200 Schirmer, Chris 408 Schirmer, Howard 385 Fred 372 Joe 329 Schlening, Jon 336 Schlesinger, Joanne 404 Schlesinger, Susi Don 291 Schlieman, Bob 360 Schlitzie 479 Schlossberg, Adrienne 476 Schmeidler, Richard 187 Schmerl, James 109, 389 Schmid, William 364 Schmidt, Carol 410 Schmidt, Dennis 199 Schmidt, Elizabeth 109, 444 Schmidt, Ellen 109, 454 Schmidt Jan 418 Schmidt, John 358 Schmidt, Linda 147, 172, 471 Schmidt, Louise 166 Schmidt, Nancy 442 Schmidt, Neil 366 Schmidt, Richard 232, 276, 380 Schmidt, Robert 109, 328 Schmidt, Smitty 109, 344 Schmiedel, John 362 Schmitz, Joan 173, 474 Schnaak, Barbara 109, 407 Schnabel, Jim 346 Schneck, Thomas 110, 453 Schneider, Barbara 476 Schneider, Dick 372 Schneider, Judie 125, 444 Schneider, Ken 354 Schnitzer, Corrina 110, 226, 400, 421 Schoales, Ann 171, 410 Schoenfeld, Frank 187 Schoenfeld, Pat 110, 476 Schoeplein, Joan 149, 200, 444 Schoeppner, Robert 130 Schofield, Cynthia 200, 412 Scholar, Mike 332 Schon, Pat 481 Schoonmaker, Ann 438 Schowengerdt, Marilyn 434 Schrader, Charles 176, 371 Schreiber, Richard 371 Schreiber, Susan 440 Schroeder, Jeanne 408 Schroeter, Harry 338 Schroth, George 224 Schulman, Carole 426 Schulte, Buz Schultz, Claude 224 Schultz, Debbie 404 John 336 Schultz, Roger 468 Schumann, Rona 490 Schuster, David 336 511 Schutter, Susan 153 Schwab, Pokey 108, 110, 146, 211, 214, 412 Schwartz, Arthur 207 Schwartz, 221, 421 Schwartz, Bruce 378 Schwartz, Carole 404 Schwartz, Danice 404 Schwartz, Jeff 332 Schwartz, John 371 Schwartz, Joyce 110 Schwartz, Sandra 455 Schwartztrauber, Keith 276 Schwatka, Sue 432 Schweitzer, Richard 110, 394 Sciutto, Bob 304 Sciutto, Luisa 416 Sciutto, Robert 110, 222, 348 Scofield, Tim 232, 290, 366 Scolney, Judith 455 Scott, Donald 110, 328 Scott, Donna 221 Scott, Edgerton 301, Scott, Jane 440 Lynda 424 Scott, Nancy 110, 149, 474 Scott, Nancy 490 Scott, Robert 336 Scott, Sandy 430 Scott, Sharon Lee 424 Scott, Theo 428 Seabold, Richard 110 Seaborg, Glen 13, 224 Seaborn, Terry 110, 334 Seager, Ray 366 Searle, William 177 Sears, Madelyn 175 Sebastian, John 200, 218 Sedgewick, Ed 337 Seefeld, Joanne 317, 440 Seeger, Larry 341 Seeley, Bob 334 Seeley, Pat 476 Seely, Judy 455 Seffers, Marty 328 Segal, Sally 155, 485 Segre, Amelia 465 Sehrag, Tom 372 Seibert, Richard 334 Seitz, Beegee 418 Seitz, Jean 110, 455 Sekiguchi, Eugene 110 Seldini, Cynthia 110 Seligson, Gordon 207 Selinger, Fred 110, 372 Sellers, Ron 291 Selma, Lawrence 110, 201 Selton, Randy Selvin, Alex 264 Selway, David 110 Semple, Jane 109, 110, 211, 428 Seneker, Lani 110, 414 Seraphin, Norm 110, Seratti, Donald 166, 185 Serduke, Frank 198, 390 Serey, Jack 110, 331 Serrem, Penny 440 Service, Robert 187 Setzer, Linda 110, 421 Several, Michael 166 Severin, Ann 416 Sevier, Electa 111, 440 Sexton, Sally 455 Seyforth, Richard 111 Shabbazian, 111 Shadinger, Suzy 171, 217, 412 Shafer, Carol 462 Shafer, Joan 111, 471 Shaffer, Pam 125, 171, 438 Shafsky, Charles 386 Shafsky, Lynne 111, 444 Shafton, Randy 404 Shain, Karen 124, 173, Shain, Hank 354 Shakel, Doug 154 Shalit, Sheldon 111 Shane, Alex Shapeero, Lorraine 490 Shapiro, Allan 111,129, 354 Shapiro, Gary 354 Sharp, Barbara 111, 412 Sharp, Buchanan 253 Sharpe, Gay 208 Shaskan, Ed 158 Shattuck, Alan B 111, 396 Shaw, Sue 135, 143 226, 434 Shawl, Donald 111, 390 Shawl, Jon 150, 458 Shawrer, Bruce Shay, Vivian 465 Shea, Linda 486 Sheehan, Judith 436 Sheeran, Mary 410 Sheffer, Tobey 111, 148, 476 Dave 346 Shelly, Elbert 111, 201, 203, 453 Shelton, Sally 486 Shelton, Tom 124, 150, 151, 458 Snenkin, Leonard 433 Sheekin, Phyllis 221 Shepard, JanelI 428 Shepard, Sally 474 Shepard, William 17, Sheridan, Nancy 490 Sherk, Jim 390 Sherman, Bob 392 Sherman, Dennis 335 Sherman, Rolland 111 Sherman, Scott 224 Sherrard, Gary 111, 346 Sherriffs, Alex 222, 224 Sheriifs, Gene 20 Sherry, Arthur Sherwood, Dot 110, 111, 170, 178, 214, 398, 438, 515 Shields, Sandi 474 Shiells, Maureen 462 Shifley, Joan 455 Shigemoto, Tcm 488 Shikuma, David 111 Shimada, Mas 479 Shimasaki, Robert 290, 458 Shimono, Makoto 111 Shimeno, Saburo 111, 212, 479 Shinn, James 396 Shineda, Carol 212, 462 Robert 111 Shippy, Loretta 111 Shirhall, Ed 392 Shiromizu, Helen 455 Shiroyama, Brian 221 Shine, Richard 494 Shoemaker, Wende 418 Shcenberger, Jon 304 Shook, Linda 462 Short, Dave 328 Sandy 412 Shuey, Johanna 465 Shulman, Leslie 476 Shultz, Earl 15, 111, 224, 233, 264 Sibley, Pam 147 Sickels, Charles 482 Siders, Barry 187 Siebert, Edward 111, 386 Siebert, Jercme 111, 224, 233 Siebert, Katrina 112, 455 Siefker, Pat 424 Joan 490 Siegel, Maria Siegel, Maria 112, 455 Siemens, Joan 153, 422 Sierota, Sylvia 426 Siewert, Peter 396 Signorelli, Charlotte 112, 418 Silva, Richard 112, 300 Silver, Daniel 20, 122, 143, 224 Silveria, Bill 157 Silverman, Geri 440 Silvester, Mel 488 Silvey, Rick 482 Si mandl, Warren 291 Simeone, Michael 112 Simmons, Chris 132, 465 Simmons, Judy 416 Simmons, Pat 416 Simoes, Marie 112, 215 Simon, Gottlieb 378 Simon, John 112, 378 Simon, Naury 378 Simonich, Cecelia 220, 430 Simons, Linda 426 Simons, R W 329 Simonsen, Al 112, 201, 324, 356 Simonson, Wayne 254 Simpson, William 112, 207, 334 Sinclair, Frank 358 Singer, Pete 354 Singer, Terry 112, Singleton, Jim 112, 198, 390 Singleton, joan 462 Singman, Ann Sipila, Chris 125, 171, 221, 442 Siple, Molly 402 Sirbu, Gary 157 Sirota, Diane 404 Siskey, Marilyn 112 Sismonoo, Charles 198 Sitlinger, Marene 143, 400, 412 Sitton, Carl 188 Skaggs, Sanford 112, 138, 325, 331 Skarston, Carolin 402 Skinner, Carolyn 495 Skinner, Catherine 454 Skinner, Jeff 396 Skinner, Wayne 250, 366 Skoegard, Claire 112, 410 Skursch, Linda 428 Slade, Ken 112 Slasor, Valerie 432 Slater, Linda 462 Slater, Pat 422 Slattebo, Wendy 462 Slaughter, Dennis 458 Slauson, Steve 290, 390 Slavich, Denis 368 Slechta, Alfred 112, 202, 325, 340 Slinson, Violet 490 Sloan, Jared 378 Sloan, Matthew 112, 378 Slobin, Sharon 426 Slomann, Norman Slusky, Joseph 378 Slusser, George 112, 380 Slyke, Noel 209 Small, Lawrence 112, 372 Small, Liz 440 Smart, Wesley 112, Smedberg, Virginia 151, 155, 418 Smernes, Anthony 112, 123, 145, 154, 366 Smiley, Joan 414 Smith, Adrienne 173, 418 Smith, Barbara 112 Smith, Bill 278 Smith, Bob 332 Smith, Carolyn 418 Smith, Carolyn 428 Smith, Charles 113, 206 Smith, Charles 143 Smith, Claudeen 113, 220, 436 Smith, Clay 113, 370 Smith, Craig 396 Smith, Cynthia 113, 432 Smith, Daniel 113 Smith, Darlene 434 Smith, David 113, 482 Smith, Elliott 158, 380 Smith, Geoff 368 Smith, Greg 200, 329 Smith, Jackie 416 Smith, James 265, 338 Smith, Jan 15, 132, 208, 214, 442 Jay 113, 380 Smith, Jimmy 207, 272 Smith, Joan 455 Smit h, Judy 428 Smith, Leonard 458 Smith, Leslie 432 Smith, Linda 200, 444 Smith, Loren 334 Smith, Marla 113, 211, 214 223, 438 Smith, Marvin Smith, Maryly 434 Smith, Marlyn 113, 217, 220, 279, 412 Smith, Mike 374 Smith, Milo 135 Smith, Pat 444 Smith, Pat 125, 426 Smith, Paul 198, 336 Smith, Paul Smith, Paggy 113, 124, 153, 422 Smith, Phil 113, 362 Smith, Philip 113, Smith, Ray 468 Smith, Richard 265 Smith, Robert 295 Smith, Roger 113, 202, 468 Smith, Sandra 113, 436 Smith, Sheri Smith, Stephen 458 Smith, Shirley 462 Smith, Susan 171 Smith, Susan 226, 432 Smith, Susanne Smith, Susie 404 Smith, Teresa 416 Smith, Velma 113 Smith, Vivian 438 Smither, Prof 34 Smock, Juli 113, 414 Smouse, Pete Snider, Cherry 171, 422 Snider, Jim 266, 272, 388 Snow, Frank 340 Snow, Harold Snow Jeffrey 15, 20, 112, 113, 168, 207, 224, 232, 247, 392 Snow, Kenneth 458 Snow, Kitsy 432 Snyder, Bob 275, 346 Snyder, Dave 187 Snyder, Mary Jane 188, 438 Soares Nancy 418 Soarnelli, Kevin 346 Soby, Paul 113 Soden, Gary Soderstrom, Lee 299, 458 Sodolski, Sandra 153, 495 Sohigian, Gayle 422 Solari, Katie 424 Solberg, David 113 Solberg, Jaret 113, 408 Solinsky, Ann 414 Solinsky, Tom 221, 324, 396 Solinsky, Liz 153, 414 Solis, Richard 113, 129 Solomon, Dick 378 Solomon, Suzan 113 Solter, Barbara 490 Sommarstrom, Karen Sommarstrom, Susan 114, 424 Sommers, Margaret 476 Sones, Jacqueline 444 Sonnenberg, Fred 203 Sonsini, Larry 302, 362 Sorensen, Bob 341 Sorensen, Keld 114, 389 Sorensen, Neil 200 Sorensen, Sigrid 452 Sortais, Henry 114, 199, 468 Soules, Jim 160 Sours, Mary Souza, Rich 376 Spanggord, Noel 157 Sparer, Susan 426 Speake, Bill 344 Speake, Sam 290 Spencer, Carolyn 125, 412 Spencer, Wendy Sperber, Harry 114, 158, 201, 202, 380 Sperry, Bruce 114, 338 Sperry, Eileen Spieth, Phil 290 Spillner, Wanda 462 Spinot, Hirman 224 Spires, Pris 113, 114, 138, 174, 175, 211, 214, 495 Spiro, Marilyn 462 Spisler, Jon 392 Spitz, Jim 386 Spivey, Glenda 438 Sprague, Marilyn 223, 442 Spreiter, Sonja Spring, Anita 216, 476 Springer, Ellen 114, 426 Springer, Suzanne 188, 432 Sproul, Robert 224 Spurlock, Drury 114 Srichomkuan, Kist 218, 488 Staats, Bill 221, Stabb, Ed 458 Stadt, Marshall 114, 354 Stadtman, Verne Stafford, Dave 266 Stafford, Sharon 175, 438 Stagg, Jackie 410 Stable, Virginia 114, 408 Stallings, Louise 123, 434 Stander, Jeff 294 Stanley, James 205, 290, 221 Stanley, Norm 291, 392 Stanley, Rowland 125, 188, 299 Wavne 350 Stanley, Wendell 224 Stanton, Tom 338 Joyce 114, 434 Stapleton, Susan 114, 455 Starin, Donna 426 Stark, Fredrick 207 Stark, Harvey 114, 468 Stark, Judy 444 Stark, Harriet 440 Stark, Linda 114, 471 Stark, Sue Starn, Karen 412 Starr, PhiIIip 390 Stassi, Sam 370 Stauffer, Julie 424 Stavert, Susan 144 Stavrum, Sheri 316, 422 Stearns, Dan 468 Stedman James 114, 201, 376 Steele, Diane 314, 430 Steele, Wendy 159, 432 Stefani, Ronald 198, 472 Steffen, Madelaine 114, 480 Stein, Marty 378 Steinberg, Elliott 168 Steinberg, Maxine 462 Steinberg, Sarita 114 Steiner, Bob 224 Steiner, David 378 Steiner, Mary 124, 476 Steiner, Pam 188 Steiner, Peter Steinhart, Jesse 224 Stenlund, Ken 337 Stenson, Betty 407 Stent, Peter 338 Stenton, Rich 221, 396 Stephens, Kathy 114, Stephens, Marijean 434 Stephens, Richard Stephenson, Frank 341 Stephenson, Fary 376 Steppling, Fredricka 490 Stern, Lawrence 114 Stern, Mimi Stern, Sandy 404 Steuben, Robert 114, 366 Stevens, Alex 177 Stevens, Amy 221 Stevens, Ann 213, 418 Stevens, Grodon 217 Stevens, Kirby 468 Stevens, Norine 452 Stevens, Roger 472 Stevens, Sherry 51, 440 Stevenson, Doug 488 Stevenson, Mary 408 Stewart, Alex 390 Stewart, Allen 362 Stewart, Bob 291 Stewart, Bonnie 208 Stewart, Dick 254 Stewart, Harry 360 Stewart, Jean 434 Stewart, Larry 224 Stewart, Lynn 428 Stewart, Michael 207 Sue 407 Stewart, Susan 114, 153, 438 Stingier, Carol 153, 186 Stiggal, Jim 358 Stiles, Bobbie 444 Stiles, Mary 462 Stillman, Fowler 224 Stinson, Judith 465 Stock, Mike 378 Stock, William 488 Stockton, Richard 468 Stoddard, Norma 462 Stoddard, Peter 482 Stoddard, Susan 481 Stoller, Barbara 426 Stone, Bill 150, 352 Stone, Lynda 125 Stone, Roger 114, 202, 453 Stonehouse, Jim 51,114, 140, 158, 198 Stoner, Harold 380 Stone, Susan 418 Stooker, Gary 360 Stoops, Ann 416 Storrs, Tim Stowell, Dick 382 Strange, Kathie Strapac, Joe 482 Strasburg Nina 426 Stratton, Rusty 287 Strauss, Bruce 114, 366 Strauss, Judi 455 Street, R 115 Streicher, Joan Stremal, Pamela 115, 490 Stripp, Dr Fred 114, 224 Stroh, Bob 330 Strohm, Charles 364 Strohm, Chip 147 Stromsness, Chris 329 Strong, Gary 115 Stuart, Geraldine 115, 410 Stuart, John 370 Stuart, Norva 115, 212, 490 Stubbings, Russell 390 Stuhr, Katie 440 Stull, Roger 240, 247, 302 Sturges, Maria 124, 416 Sturman, Michael 115, 389 Sturmer, Barbara 123, Sucher, Stan 332 Suczek, Christopher 485 Sudderth, Jerry 356 Sue, Vincent 204, 482 Sueoka, Shirley 115, 465 Suess, Steve 344 Suffens, Sherry 446 Sugarman, Charles 372 Sugarman, Myrcn 372 Suggs, Ron 286 Suh, San 115, 455 Sukekane, Michiko 476 Sullivan, Ann 115, 414 Sullivan, Bob 368 Sullivan, Deborah 115, 422 Sullivan, John 291 Sullivan, Molly 115, 414 Sullivan, Pat 430 Sullwold, Sandra 115, 476 Sulpizio Robert 115, 325, 356 Sultan, Beverly 115, 421 Sun, Andrew 115, 209 Sung, William 115, 200 Surke, Cliff 329 5I2 Susnow, Mark 354 Suson, Kathryne 203, 426 Sussman, Doreen 426 Suter, Robert 380 Sutherland, Mac 380 Sutton, Robert 115, 202 Suurballe, Nancy 115, 465 Swain, Earl Swain, Marge 20, 132, 160, 214, 418 Swanson, Linda 402 Swanson, Muriel 115, 455 Swearingen, Ralph 358 Sweeney, Ed Sweeney, Linda 444 Swenson, Ken 334 Swentzel, Peter 331 Swett, Marina 410 Swift, Janice 382 Swift, Janice 407 Swigard, Phil 169 Swihart, Ernie 187 Swimmer, Dave 378 Sykes, Jenifer 166 T Taber, Trish 221 Tabor, Peggy 474 Tackett, Laura 465 Taga, Neal 115, 206, 218 Taggart, Jim 302, 374 Taggart, Lawrence 482 Tahira, Kimiyo 115 Tait, Donald 207 Tait, Richard 115, 376 Takahashi, Jane 115 Takasvgi, Abraham 202 Takeda, Sylvia 115, 455 Talbott, Randall 116 Talbott, Elizabeth 116, 215, 451, 476 Talbott, Lois 402 Talbott, Richard 116, 187 Talburt, Ann 116 Talcott, Jim 384 Talhami, Nicola 116 Talley, Dan 335 Talley, Wilson 217 Tallyn, Karen 116, 424 Tam, Franklin 116 Tamai, Wes 218 Tamura, Lilly 452 Tamura, Ray 479 Tan, Victor 116 Tana, Yasuto Aimy 462 Taniguchi, Stanley 116, Tanimoto, Douglas 116, 207, 468 Tarr, Peggy 221, 414 Tate, Pat 124 Tatro, Dave 354 Taub, Joann 404 Taulin, Ruth 476 Tavernetti, David 116, 207, 289, 366 Tavernetti, Dennis 152, 153, 221,394 Tavernetti, Leonard 221, 366 Taylor, Anna 116, 153, 211 Bonnie 412 Taylor, Dennis 453 Taylor, Gail 412 Taylor, John 356 Taylor, Marylee 416 Taylor, Mary 170, 414 Taylor, Nancy 20, 134 Taylor, Roger 488 Taylor, Ronnie Taylor, Russ 336 Taylor, Terry 146, 160, 213, 440 Taylor, Tim 335 Taylor, Tony 213, 440 Teasdale, Hal 382 Teel, Lewis 232 Teel, Stan 382 Teel, Woody 254 Teissere, Ron 277 Telischak, Gail 428 Telonicher, Margaret 452 Pat 125, 444 Ten Broek, Jacobus 224 Teng, 204 Tennant, Roberta Tenney, Linda 115, 116, 160, 200, 214, 444 Terkelsen, Anna 116 Terry, James 488 Terry, Nancy 432 Terry, Ray 408 Teuscher, Jim 273, 366 Thal, Dan 116, 332 Tharsing, Penny 116, 172, 402 Thatcher, Becky 455 Thatcher, Joan 481 Thayer, Peter 116, 328 Thebolt, Jo Ann 15, 116, 135, 136, 211, 408 Theim, Ellen 440 Theriot, Lynn 410 Thiele, Al 116, 206, 218 Thielmoyer, Aleta 116 Thielvoldt, Gwen 116, 455 Thiessen, Jacquelyn 476 Thirkell, Edward 346 Thomas, Betty 424 Thomas, Breck 331 Thomas, Frank 143, 254 Thomas, Gregory 116 Thomas, John 366 Thomas, Julie 432 Thomas, Kevin 376 Thomas, Marcia 116, 173, 434 Thomas, Sandra 462 Thomas, Sidney 117, 328 Thompson, Anita 117, Thompson, Barbara 117, 434 Thompson, Bart 356 Thompson, Blair 117, 334 Thcmpson, Charles 128 Thompson, Douglas 117 Thompson, Jim 253, 346 Thompson, Judith 117, 199 Thompson, Kathleen Thompson, Linda 444 Thompson, Margaret 402 Thompson, Steve Thompson, Susan 188 Thomsen, Dorothy 117, 476 Thomson, Barby 171, 217, 408 Thomson, Norman 117, 202 Thonson, Thomas 117 Thormann, Helen 422 Thornton, Katie 438 Thornton, Mary 117, 471 Thrash, Jim 468 Tietze, Fritz 256, 468 Timbce, Mary 414 Timmins, Terry 143, 166 Timmons, Jeanie 151 Tischer, Diane 117, 416 Tisdale, Julie 166 Titus, Judy 430 Tjeerdsma, Jack 205 Tom 468 Toeofer, Gerd 117 Toff, Katherine 177 Teland, Tom 368 Tolles, Dana 436 Tollin, Darrin 412 Tolman, Norman 199 Tolman, Scott 342 Tom, Celia 476 Tom, Ella 476 Tom, Theodore 117, 369 Tomaras, Bill 275 Tompkins, Dennis 482 Tonda, Joe 335 Toombs, Patricia 117 Torcat, Patricia Toriggino, Maria 15, 117, 135, 136, 422 Teriumi, Betsy 465 Tcschi, Catherine 490 Totten, David 117, 232, 290, 362 Tcurville, Gay 408 Tousey, Robert 207 Tow, Danny 117, 201 202 Tow, Jimmy 206 Towle, Kathryn 17 Towne, Bob 261, 338 Towster, Julian 205 Trason, Dennis 253 Traude, Mary 422 Traum, Robert 494 Trautman, William 198 Traverse, Polly 160, 173, 440 Travis, Isabel 414 Treadway, Dennis 274 Trees, Mary 430 Tregea, Forrest 20, 135, 139 Treiman, Dave 253 Dick 187, 458 Trebath, James 117, 118, 224, 324, 356 Trenholm, Gretchen 480 Treutlein, Anne 422 Trezise, Robert 117 Triebel, Sue 442 Triger, Forrest Trinchero, Donna 173, 434 Trosper, Terry 117, 188, 455 Trumbo, Jack 240, 247, 370 Trummel, Jane 455 Trump, John 117 Tse, Cynthia 476 Tsuji, Isao 117, 468 Tuck, Burnis 224 Tuck, Kathleen 414 Tuck, King 358 Tucker, Jim 356 Tuemmler, Fred 240, 251, 302 Tuhelski, Neil 488 Tully, Dick 273 Tully, Sue 490 Turner, Ann 424 Turner, Bill 240 Turner, Bob 329 Turner, Charlotte 416 Turner, Ian 224 Turner, Nancy 442 Turner, Paula 154, 402 Turner, Tom Tusher, Tom 147, 392 Tuttle, Joey 432 Twelvetrees, Barby 41 8 Twigg, Steve 298 Twist, Peggy 124, 434 Tyler, George 117, 482 Tyre, Joy 332 Tyrrell, Michael 118, 388 Tyson, Doris 155, 442 U Uchishiba, George 118 Uchiyama, Midari 118, Uebel, Karl 207, 232, 256, 286 Uhlinger, Carol 462 Uladman, William 224 Ulke, Nancy 221, 446 Ullman, Barry 118 Ullman, Lorna 476 Ulsh, Stephen 392 Underhill, William 224 Underwood, Jean 440 Uplinger, Barton 287 Uren, Lester 224 Urfer, Don 350 Urushima, Dave 479 Utech, Nancy 452 Uthman, Khalea 118 Utter, Robin 125, 481 Utterback, Bonnie 124, 416 V Vail Hayden, Marc 352 Valanejad, Daryush 488 Valdez, Agnes 476 Valdez, Pauline 495 Valencia, Ed 275 Valencia, Marylou 118 Val ente, Bobbe 444 Valfar, Ernest 199 Van Altena, William 118 Van Amstel, Andrea 455 Van Camp, Brian 15, 135, 221, 346 Vance, Charles 376 Van Cleve, Geri 428 Vandergrift, Gene 149 Van de Weg, Klass 338 Van de Water, Eric 338 Vanek, Mary 118, 410 Van Etten, Pat 123 Van Hoorebeke, David 222, 382 Van Houten, Peter 17, 224 Vankessel, Gordon 224, 232, 274 Van Loben Sels, Liz 432 Van Loucks, Geoffrey 224 Van Luyl, Rony 291 Van Valkenburgh, Nick 488 Vargus, Brian 158, 160 Varney, Elizabeth 430 Vartanian, Pat 118, 141, 428 Vartanian, Susan 118, 215 Vatalaro, Ralph 371 Vattunoe, Cliff 250 Vatz, Art 378 Vaughan, Tonia 424 Vaughey, Pete 344 Vaughn, Elden 118, 206 Vaughn, Ronald 240, 247, 370 Vaupel, Jim 187 Vaux, Henry 32 Veenker, Carol 424 Veerkamp, Evelyn 444 Veirs, Ginger 424 Venel, Paul Venstrom, Kathryn 118, 186, 438 Verble, Susan 118, 440 Verhoogen, Bob Verkozen, Jay 199, 201, 344 Vernon, James 335 Verrill, Thomas 118, 207 Vexler, Solomon 201 Vidal, John 334 Viland, Judy 418 Villamov, Lana 166 Vincent, Gretchen 118, 414 Vincent, Michael 118, 396 Vineys, Dennis 390 Vineys, Sue 148, 444 Vingoe, William 130 Vinson, Joe 330 Virasai, Banphot 118, 209 Vissie, Catherine 462 Vivell, Judy 471 Voelke, Charlene 465 Vogel, Jon 378 Vogel, Worth 118, 331 Vogelbaum, Ron 188 Vogelhut, Paul 253 Vola, Arleen 442 Vold, Mary 200, 438 Vollom, Denis 272 Vondra, Marilyn 408 Von Pinnon, Sondra 476 Von Schlegell, Joan 436 Voorhees, Burton 299 Vorous, Virginia 118, Vortman, Walt 350 Vurlumis, C C 207 W Wacholder, Mike 369 Wacholder, Myrcn 369 Waciuma, Fracis 154 Wacker, George 385 Wacker, Michael 201 Wade, Sally 432 Wade, Wallace 218 Wadewitz, Rasita 209 Wafford, William 488 Wagenman, Carla 422 Wagner, Carol 147 Wagner, John 118, 374 Wagstaff, Kenneth 153 Wahlberg, Janet 118, 462 Wahlander, Jovita 422 Wait, Brad 158, 187 207, 224, 337 Waite, Sarita 153 Wakefield, Joe 187, 221, 458 Wakefield, Martha 171 Walcott, Bob 222 Walden, David 458 Waldman, Joseph 118 Waldron, Sally 118, 215, 412 Waldthasen, Darrel 344 Wafford, Michael 472 Waline, Gwenn 118, 207 Walker, Charles 119, 209 Walker, Cummings 366 Walker, Dick 250 Walker, Evann 154, 422 Walker, Gilbert 289, 382 Walker, Karen 159 Walker, Susan 481 Walkup, Brian 119, 362 Wall, Kathy 414 Wallace, Cebe 169 Wallace, Dodge 187 Wallace, Eric 207 Wallace, Ken 298 Wallace, Nancy 119 Wallach, Bruce 378 Wallbert, Robin 332 Wallensky, Lewis 332 Wall, Marlene 154 Wallis, Judy 442 Walpow, James 200 Walsh, Fran 200, 201 Walsh, Marianne 452 Walt, Harold 224 Walters, Mary 432 Walther, Marilyn 442 Walthow, Nancy 455 Walton, Gary 356 Walton, James Wank, Richard 124, 157, 160, 372 Ward, Charles 207, 488 Ward, Jeff 352 Ward, Judy 432 Ward, Robbie 346 Ward, Sue 166 Wardenburg, Fran 462 Wardhofer, Elaine 490 Ware, Barbara 402 Ware, Mary 432 Ware, Roger 371 Warner, Barbara 119 432 Warner, Joan 119, 438 Warren, Barbara 465 Warren, Dwight 488 Warren, Linda Warren, Nancy 173, 418 Warren, Tom 119, 205, 338 Warrington, Susan 119 Warshaw, Louis 128 Washburn, Dennis 488 Washburn, Laurie 146, 436 Wasson, Jim 207 Waterman, Lynn 123, 208, 465 Watkins, Denyse Watkins, John 119, 206, 218 Watson, Bob 187, 488 Watson, Gary 458 Watt, Reg 291 Waugh, Daxter 453 Wayte, Penny Weant, Nancy 119, 402 Weatherhead, Margaret 169, 213, 442 Weatherwax, Jon 370 Weaver, Fred 119, 153, 232, 274, 364 Webb, Jay 482 Webb, Susan 471 Weber, Pat Webster, Valerie 209, 216 Weck, Russ 297 Wedel, Roger 119, 468 Weed, Barbara 418 Weedon, Carol 424 Weeks, Lnda Jo 173, 434 Weeks, Steve 336 Weeshoff, Lawrence 364 Wegars, Don 119, 143, 175 Weidler, Jackie Weigand, Denis 207 Weiler, Jo Ann 481 Wein, Jerry 336 Weinberger, Charles 328 Weinberger, Howard 328 Weiner, Dave 277 Weiner, Helene 462 Weinshenk, Ron 119, 372 Weinstein, Sandy 404 Weisberg, Froma Weisenburger, John 119, 458 Weisinger, Sandra 426 Weis, Bab 358 Weiss, Diane 452 Weiss, James 119, 209 Weiss, Mark 468 Weiss, Mike 378 Weiss, Sarah 119, 408 Weiss, Sheila 119, 490 Weissman, Richard 488 Welch, Bill 344 Weld, John 273 Welke, Elton 331 Welles, Paul 232 Welles, Sheldon 468 Wellman, Fred 171 Wells, Jack 149 Wells, Kathy 462 Wells, Paul 300 Wells, Sharon 119 Welsh, Frank 380 Welsh, Polly 119, 215, 442 Wendell, Robert 232, 266 Weng, Jeff 468 Wenk, Jenny 465 Werchick, Arne 144, 198 Werdel, Charles 119, Wertel, Harriet 159, 426 Werner, Kenneth 119, 207, 390 Werronen, Linda 487 Wesolic, Roger 119, 328 Wessing, Judy 462 West, Dan 253 West, Harriet 120, 215, 416 West, Mary 120, 199, 465 Westberg, Bonnie 155, 221 Westdahl, Laurie 432 Westfall, Steven 123, 155, 158 Westmore, William 330 Westphall, Bob Westsmith, Gay 120, 209, 462 Wetsel, Mary 175 Weyland, Carol 480 Weymouth, Bill 157, 342 Weymouth, Kathy 412 Weyrauch, Henry 331 Wharton, Stan 187 Whealy, Gene 120, 335 Wheeler, Jo 120 Wheeler, Nancy 462 Thomas 341 Whelton, Bob 120 Whetstone, Jack Whilden, Steven 143, 176, 371 Whinnery, John 25 Whipple, Brandt 488 Whipple, Gil 154 513 Whitaker, Jim 384 Whitby, Barbara 442 White, Bonnie 175, 416 White, Carol 467 White, John 371 White, Kathy 487 White, Linda 404 White, Nancy 120 White, Oliver 134 White, Oliver 160 White, Sharon 430 White, Stuart 344 White, Stu 346 White, Sue 408 Whitehead, Gordon 286, 453 Whitehead, Jean 120, 189, 199, 214 Whiteneck, Dave 370 Whitley, Robert 340 Whitlock, Roger 120 Whitman, Sharon 155, 404 Whitney, Nicola 199, 476 Whittell, Polly 414 Whittemore, Ridgway 338 Whitton, Don 468 Wible, John 267, 272, 376 Wible, Sharon 147, 171, 173, 471 Wichman, Mary 120 Wickenhaeuser, Otis 153 Wickman, Lance 20, 123, 142, 158 Wickman, Raymond 328 Wickstrand, Owen 120, 207 Wierda, Arlene 120, 455 Wierzbianska, Elizabeth 120 Wiggins, Ronald 120, 155, 350 Wilander, Chris 221, 410 Wilander, Connie 418 Wildberger, Joe 362 Wilde, Charles 261, 338 Dee 146, 171 Wilde, Hal 335 Wilde, Madeline 402 Wilde, Susan 120, 402 Wilder, Susan 432 Wiles, John 458 Wiley, Sue 424 Wilke, Pat 465 Wilkes, Daniel 143 Wilkins, Ann 221 Wilkinson, Kathy 487 Willens, Denis 120, 394 Williams, Arleigh 17, 224 Barbara 408 Williams, Elizabeth 120, Williams, David 267, 376 Williams, Henry 368 Williams, Jerry 324, 360 Williams, Jill 120, 444 Williams, John 120 Williams, John 1B7, 221, 351 Williams, Judy 474 Williams, Pat 159, 442 Williams, Shirley 223, 455 Williams, Sue 215, 421 Williams, Tom 346 Williamson, Jack 224 Willis, Judy 428 Willis, Wanda 408 Willits, Vic 254, 344 Willmerth, Fred 341 Wills, Bob 240, 247 Wilmshurst, Mary 120 Wilner, Bob 168 Wilson, Bill 273, 482 Wilson, Ed 356 Wilson, Garff 15, 222, 224 Wilson, Helen 120, 444 Wilson, Keith 209 Wilson, Lorraine 407 Wilson, Margaret 120, 122, 143, 167 Wilson, Miriam 416 Wilson, Richard 187 Wilson, Robert 120, 331 Wilson, Robert 120, 362 Wilson, Thomas 121, 390 Windingstad, Kari 455 Wineman, Sue 408 Winey, Sue 410 Winger, Pat 476 Winicki, Sidney 332 Winkler, David 188 Winkler, Dieter 205 Winn, Bill 121, 458 Winn, Sue 121, 402 Wise, Dennis 376 Wisler, Russ 362 Withuhn, Bill 388 Witte, Jerry 277 Witte, Nancy 490 Wohletz, Leonard 200, 290 Wolcott, Robert 121 Wolden, Donna 402 Wolf, Barbara 455 Wolf, David 488 Wolf, Mike 394 Wolfe, Cameron 121,224, 239, 325, 388 Wolfe, Pat 123, 442 Wolfman, Burnette 226 Wolfman, George 224 Wolford, Wes 199 Wolny, Henry 482 Wonder, Bruce 221 Wong, Ari 121 Wong, Art 157, 160, 369 Wong, Bill 143, 167, 369 Wong, Carolyn 121 Wang, Carson 187 Wong, Colin 204 Wang, Dennis 369 Wong, Feegat Wong, Gordon 204, 468 Wong, Henrianne 465 Wang, Jeff 20, 123, 158 Wong, Joyce 121, 476 Kwan Yim 121 Wong, Otto 121 Wong, Peter 204, 369 Wong, Roland 369 Wang, Ronald 121 Wong, Wardon 157, 160, 468 Wong, Yen 121 Woo, Helen 121, 209 Wood, Barbara 160, 200, 418 Wood, Beth Ann 121, 211 Wood, Gary 121 Wood, Jim 121, 175 Wood, Kent 352 Wood, La Verne 121, 455 Wood, Melinda 446 Wood, Mike 374 Wood, Mike 468 Wood, Ned 343 Wood, Pete 350 Wood, Ralph 360 Wood, Shirley 476 Wood, Tony 123 Thomas 453 Wood, W. C. 201 Woodard, Nancy 432 Woodfill, James 121, 341 Woodruff, Barry 389 Woods, Stan 352 Woodward, Frank 224 Woolf, David 121, 206, 387, 468 Wooliver, June 121 Woolley, Billi 428 Wooton, Beth 442 Worley, Wanda 480 Wonon, Harold 130 Worcsuick, Sabra 175, 418 Wort, Richard 206, 218 Worthington, Janet 440 Worth, Gail 432 Wright, Anna 121, 170 Wright, Chatt 331 Wright, Edith 121, 216, 226 Wright, Judy 119, 121, 152, 474 Wright, Martha 122 Wright, Walt 143, 177 Wu, Laurene 465 Wu, Vera Chuen-Yuen 122 Wueste, Bob 273, 458 Wurster, Willlaini 26 Wyatt, Bob 398 Wykoff, Frank 356 Dave 251, 240 Wylie, Deane 122 Wylie, John 274 Wylie, Loring 207 Wyllie, Carol 462 Wynne, Dave 362 Y Yamada, Burton 122, 479 Yamada, David 224 Yamakawa, David 224 Yamamoto, Barbara 474 Yamamoto, Constance Yamamoto, Emiko 212, 462 Yamamoto, Ida 122, 495 Yamane, Akiko 122, 495 Yamato, Vic 479 Yamaguchi, Joyce 476 Yank, Ron 354 Yarnell, Joseph 122 Yasuda, Carol 212, 221 Yatabe, Linda 212, 487 Yee, David 130, 369 Yee, Henry 224 Yee, James 488 Yee, John 122 Yee, Mimi 122 Yee, R. S. 201 Yerman, Jack 224 Yip, Florence 122 Yokomizo, Yoko 212 Yoshida, Hubert 122, 479 Yoshikawa, Dave 290 Yoshikawa, Ken 122, 468 Yost, Paul 221, 343 Young, Ann 428 Young, Audriane 122, 495 Young, Carole 199, 444 Young, Karen 416 Young, Kent 369 Young, Pat 455 Richard 369 Young, Scarlet 455 Young, Sheldon 458 Young, Stephen 388 Youngreen, Linda 444 Yu, Grace 122, 485 Yu, Michael 122, 468 Anthony 479 Yudnich, Nishka 122, 208, 476 Yuen, Bertha 122 Yumae, Diane 462 Z Zaccone, Terry 122 Zacher, Gary 221, 343 Zaik, Jean 444 Zane, Patrick 122 Zanger, Mike 354 Zanville, Marilyn 404 Zanze, Sam 188 Zarcone, Paul 207 Zaslow, Diane 221 Zebrack, Sheila 426 Zech, Walt 376 Zecher, Sally 123 Zeiger, Judy 476 Zeigerson, Rita 147 Zeller, Karen 490 Zeller, Laura 490 Zelwer, Ruben 468 Zeno, Mary 465 Zerolis, Joanne 455 Zidell, Eden 421 Ziegler, Eugenia 125 Zielaniewcz, Hellmuth 122 Zimmer, Kay 476 Zimmerman, Jane 122, 412 Zimmerman, Judy 173, 434 Zimmerman, Peter 380 Zinser, Elizabeth 474 Zitlau, Paul 122 Zube, Margaret 122 Zucker, Barbara 159, 490 Zucker, Mike 354 Zuckerman, Ben 15 Zuckerman, Fortune 122, 474 Zuckerman, Gordon 15, 122, 224, 343 Zuker, Judith 122 Zusman, Steve 378 Zwakenberg, Don 352 Zwerling, Lou 20, 378 Zwingle, 336 514 Editor ' s Letter Have you ever attempted to commute 120 miles to attend meetings which begin two hours after you get off work? Or return over those same 120 miles to be at work bright and early the next morning, ready to face a playground full of energetic kids? Have you ever been informed that, due to ASUC reorganization, you no longer have an advisor, and that your dummy will have to be redrawn completely? Have you ever taken a without ever having seen the material on which it was based? or had nightmares about missing deadlines? On the other hand, have you ever had the opportunity to meet hundreds of really wonderful people in the space of two short semesters? or had the feeling that you were an integral part of something which you felt was important? Have you ever worked with a lively group of people who, in spite of all their kidding, would do anything to help you get your job done? I have and, to me, these have been the most wonderful experiences of my life. To all of you who have made them possible, I can only say, simply and sincerely, thank you. DOT SHERWOOD Editor Manager ' s Letter Now is the time for a lucid expression of eternal gratitude to everyone I know. But I can ' t believe we ' re through! Kenny, that page of the ledger is probably in my bottom drawer, and let ' s run stub 5043 1 8 through as a double-refund credit, after, of course, you call the cashier ' s office. Penny, we simply can ' t charge President Kerr for taking his Cunningham cancelled?! . . . Problem number 37 scribbled on our famous yellow paper staring out from the carriage of my typewriter. Nancy, if you can ever clear the adding machine I ' m sure the next time the answer will tally, maybe. Well, Alison, let ' s climb up on the wall and put the banner up ourselves. If you sell any more books, Bobey, we ' ll go broke paying you commissions. But then, perhaps our year is over. An exciting year, working with wonderful people. With our sales staff, and especially Eva, Karen, Marilyn, Pam, Toni, Karen, Joanie and Julie who were marvelous keeping hours and sensitive to responsibility; with Cathy and our grandiose visions of a permanent freshman staff; with Judy and her odd-numbered house reps; with our entire staff, with wonderful and wacky Ed Kirwan, gracious Dede, sister publications on Pub Board, the Kappa Delta ' s enduring sales promotions and always helpful. A rich year of kaleidescopic memories . . . guided by the sane hand of Pub Office, calmly devouring another tranquilizer . . . Fletch ' s infinite understanding and putting up with me . . . Dot ' s editorial staff always ready to sell . . . a discussion of socialized medicine, conflict in society, and mosaics . one-minute phone calls to Mother . . . resignations, rampant salary revisions, and rapport with Ex Comm, finally. And so we ' re through. It has been a rewarding year of experience and friendships. The book is yours. SUE SHAW Manager 515 1961 Blue and Gold Dorothy Sherwood Editor Sue Shaw Manager Phil MacMillan Sports Editor Elaine Henning Pictures Editor Hilary Bevis Copy Editor Claire Wright Art Editor Sue Hansen Associate Editor Kendra Martin Associate Manager Penny Tharsing Assistant Manager Printing Lederer, Street Zeus Co., Inc. Engraving California Art Engraving Cover S. K. Smith Co. Binding Cardoza Bookbinding Portraits Keith Cole Studio Photography ASUC

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