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BLUE GOLD 60 BLUE 60 + GOLD VOLUME 87 COPYRIGHT 1960 BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY POKEY SCHWAB EDITOR JANE HOWELL MANAGER RON LAI ART DESIGN SUE HANSEN SPORTS ED. SUE GINSBERG COPY ED. DOT SHERWOOD PICTURE ED. TERRY FOURKAS ASSOC. MGR JANE MISSLING ASST. MGR. D. VAN LOUCKS ADVISER Publications Library Universiry of California RON LAI THE 1960 BLUE GOLD DEDICATED TO THE GROWING CAMPUS with a burst of the berkeley campus began to grow . . . men in overalls . . . arcwelders . . . with rugged tools and crusted arrived on the the sounds and smells of greeted students filing in and of sather gate . . . in and out of north steel structures against the berkeley loomed higher . . . and higher . . . and suddenly through the clearing evolved a vast new student offe ring new for student activity . . . . . . and new class and office meeting the needs an academically expanding university . . . towering new housing hundreds of students . . . and still more naked spread into new promising greater in university life. ’60 ’60 ’60 ’60 IN MEMORIAM Ernest Bloch Philip F. Bonhag William H. Boynton Richard V. Brower Caroline W. Coleman Walter W. Dore Hermon O. L. Fischer Clifford P. Froehlich Robert Smith Geen, III George E. Gibson Robert T. Legge Royal A. Roberts Worth A. Ryder Herman A. Spindt Donald R. Stocks Edward C. Tolman Henry J. Wilder William H. Williams UNIVERSITY 9 EVENTS 33 CLASSES 53 ACTIVITIES 109 ROYALTY 205 LIVINGGROUPS 213 ATHLETICS 389 RON LAI UNIVERSITY President Kerr At the beginning of his second year as President of the University of California Clark Kerr officially welcomed the student body at the 60th annual welcome University meeting. During his second year as President of UC, Clark Kerr has taken an active interest in the University and in the students themselves. Although he holds a professorship in Industrial Relations and is a research associate in the Institute of Industrial Relations as well as being the President of all seven campuses of the University of California, President Kerr always finds time to participate in University, community, and national affairs. He holds an A.B. from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D. in economics from UC, has served as a consultant to the United States Department of State and the of Labor and is on the Board of Directors of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences of the Ford Foundation. Throughout the year, from his welcoming address in September to his speech at Commencement in June, President Kerr has been a vital and important force in the life of the University and has made a meaningful and valuable impression on its students. It is through dynamic personalities such as his that the University, while expanding in size, can still maintain a personal atmosphere and remain an integral unit meeting the needs of its many students. Chancellor Seaborg Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg, a prominent name in the field of nuclear chemistry and physics, has become well known and easily recognizable to the average UC student. Whether acting in the capacity of associate director of the Radiation Laboratory or as the popular Chancellor of the Berkeley campus, Glenn T. Seaborg is at home either in a lab coat or at a Regent ' s Banquet. The winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951, the discoverer, with his research team, of eight new elements berkelium and californium, and the winner of the Enrico Fermi Award, Chancellor Seaborg is certainly one alumnus of which the University can be rightly proud. In keeping with the expansion of the University, Chancellor Seaborg has contributed to its growth, since, during his second year as Chancellor, a daughter was born to him and Mrs. Seaborg. We of the Blue and Gold congratulate you, Chancellor Seaborg, on the addition to your family and congratulate ourselves and the University for being fortunate enough to have suc h a renowned and interested Chancellor. The Regents The Regents of the University of California compose a corporation which has " full powers of organization and of all branches of the University. The Board of Regents is made up of 24 members and has the responsibility of selecting a president who is in turn in charge of the on all the seven campuses. The Board of Regents is in charge of planning and coordinating the building and construction projects necessary to keep pace with the enrollments of the state-wide University. Through committee and group action the Regents decide on subjects of vital interest and importance to all University students such as compulsory ROTC. By setting fees, appointing faculty and approving policies, the Regents of the University of California have a most important role in the changing demands of an expanding University. FIRST ROW, left to right: Darrall Imhoff, Gayle Merkt, Skip Huber, Maria Mothershead, Carolyn Hand. SECOND ROW: Anne Ruggeri, Ray Hertel, JoAnn Thebolt, George Link, Charlene Conrad, Dan Lubbock, Dick Dumke, Carole Williams, Rudy Montejano. Cal Club Cal Club—the spirit organization of all seven University campuses—works to provide unity and harmonious relations between all branches of the college community. While each campus has a chapter of Cal Club, there is a meeting each year during which all the branches are represented by and active students who discuss their mutual problems and interests. In this convention new policies are considered and attempts at solving problems are made. All-U Week end is the primary activity of this group. Cal Club is an important part of University life, as, through its discussions and projects, close intercampus relations are strengthened despite the growing size of our expanding University. GARFF WILSON Advisor SKIP HUBER Chairman ERIC C. BELLQUIST Assistant Dean of Students GEORGE D. CHANGARIS Assistant Dean of Students THOMAS B. DUTTON Assistant Dean of Men GORDON HEARNE Assistant Dean of Students HELEN E. CLARKE Assistant Dean of Students WILLIAM F. SHEPARD Dean of Students BETTY H. NEALY Associate Dean of Students CATHARINE D. QUIRE Associate Dean of Women MARYANNE REID Assistant Dean of Students KATHERINE A. TOWLE Dean of Women ARLEIGH T. WILLIAMS Dean of Men When a student finds himself confused, bewildered or just lost in the mazes of construction or among the masses of students, these residents of 201 Sproul Hall are ready to help him find himself both literally and figuratively. Whether it be for personal or academic problems, for loan or financial information or for living group or campus issues, the Deans and their assistants are always ready with a friendly smile and a helpful suggestion. Counselors like these are so necessary in a rapidly expanding university. JOHN B. LEIGHLY Geography AUSTIN H. MacCORMICK Criminology Professors As living examples of excellence in teaching, publication and personal relations, these professors who will retire from the Berkeley campus of the University of California will always be remembered. Although each year some faculty members leave the active teaching staff, their high standards, and service remain as memories and an incentive to both the students and teachers who remain. Many years of devoted service, thousands of hours of personal instruction in various fields of specialization are represented by these soon-to-be Professors Emeritus. Many departments of the University and many more students will miss their personal contributions to both the academic and extracurricular campus life. We of the Blue and Gold with the campus in a warm and sincere thank you and best wishes for the future. N. WING MAH Political Science KNOWLES A. RYERSON Agriculture R. EARL STORIE Soils MORTIMER SMITH ' 21 President FIRST ROW, left to right: Vi Birchland, Freda Wood, Bernice Irwin, Julie Jones, Elsa Sherer, Sue Ohl, Sharon Peterson. SECOND ROW: Dan Watt, Ann Parsley, Scott Sherman, Jean Baty, Dick Erickson, Bob Rupert, Helen Childers, Mike Koll, Marjorie Eckels. ABSENT: Verne Stadtman, Bob Wood, Dave Gardner. DICK ERICKSON ' 49 Executive Director Alumni Association Dedicated to advancing the interests of the University and to the promotion of alumni and student welfare, the California Alumni Association was founded in 1872. The Alumni Association plans many activities and offers many services for its over 42,000 members. It operates a summer camp and ski lodge, publishes the California Monthly and offers about 200 scholarships to entering students each year. Its headquarters are in the Alumni House. The Alumni Association serves as a contact between the University students and the alumni of the community. University Affairs Committee University Affairs Committee is dedicated to the purpose of bettering communication among the various branches of the University and includes representatives from the student body, faculty, and alumni. Primarily a committee of thought rather than one of action, UAC discusses issues of both immediate and long-range importance to the University. Some of the topics discussed this year were the President ' s Directives, Dead Week, the Rooting Section, plans for the new student union, Cal Club and All-U week end, Blue Monday, and Fybate Notes. UAC is a vital committee and is one which brings together many varied viewpoints and ideas. CLOCKWISE: Dave Armor, Chairman; Joann Thebolt, Robert Kerley, Prof. Marc Rosenzweig, Keg Davies, Jan Smith, Gail Trowbridge, Don Alves, Margo Weaver, Fred Rondon, Pat Anglim, Dick Erickson, Ollie White, Steven Rutherford, Dean Constance, Pokey Schwab, Bill Moyles, Marge Madonne, Dean Towle, Joy Holmes. NOT PICTURED: Vice-Chancellor Sherriffs, Dean Williams, Dr. Rappaport, Dean Shepard, Pete Steiner, Aryay Lenske, Sandy Baskett, Jeff Smith, Joe Giavanazzi, Jim Riding, Bill Hawley. COLLEGES Zoology exhibits. College of Letters and Science Advice and consolation. The College of Letters and Science is the most popular—and the largest—school on the University campus. With its departments and many classes, it is no wonder that the typical L S student is usually confused as to the and prerequisites that he has to complete for his major, for graduation, and just for existence. With upperclassmen on the Old program and lowerclassmen on the New, with new honors programs available for juniors and seniors but not obligatory, with the maze of classes and offices in Dwinelle, the L S student ' s confusion can certainly be explained. The courses offered cover a vast range of subjects from Art to Zoology, from English to Physics, and there are numerous major fields available in single subjects as well as in group and field combinations. The College of Letters and Science, in keeping with the expanding physical plant and enlarged enrollment, has tried to adapt its courses, requirements, and curriculum to meet the needs of the many students in this college. Dwinelle Plaza. Exhibits in Hearst Mining Build ing. College of Engineering New Engineering Annex. Slide rules, briefcases, and studious looks denote the engineering student who frequents the Northeastern of the camps. Rarely are these serious-minded and science-conscious students even seen in the territory familiar to the more " literary " minded. There are many departments included in the College of Engineering, which is highly ranked nationally and which offers an excellent theoretical Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, are just a few of the specific areas in which engineering students can specialize. Each department sponsors a student society which offers activities, and field trips through which the theories learned in class are given practical applications. Engineering Week End with speakers, field trips, and activities is the of the school year. Since engineering is such a rapidly changing field with new developments occurring each year, it is the aim of the University to provide a broad theoretical background so that the student, thirty or forty years later, can adapt to the progressive conditions. Surveying is fun! Inside the workroom. College of Environmental Design Exhibition Hall. In keeping with the expansion of the Big U, this year the School of Architecture increased its scope by merging with the School of Landscape Architecture and the Department of City Planning to form the College of Environmental Design. This newly enlarged college centers its facilities on the north side of campus in the Architecture Building, the City and Regional Planning Building and T-10. While plans for a brand new architecture building, which will be loca ted near Kroeber Hall, are under way, classes are still held in the old shingled architecture building which has been used by the school since 1906. Industrious and talented students spend many hours over drawing boards mitering wooden applicators, and constructing projects from paper, paint, and various other media. The exhibit halls are full of interesting, clever, and individual designs by both students and professionals alike. An Associate is offered to all students who, by belonging, can mutually benefit by the ideas and companionship available through this organization. Court of Architecture Building. Mottos on the side of Boalt Hall. Watch those girls! School of Law The University Law School, Boalt Hall, is recognized as one of the nation ' s ten leading schools of law. It offers a graduate program with basic fundamentals in all fields of law. After the law school study has been completed, the bar exam marks the completion of the training for the law field. Boalt Hall is a comparatively new building located in the southeast corner of campus with an impressive exterior and equally impressive interior. The library is not only to studying but is also a good example of beautiful architecture. The student lounge offers a comfortable setting for gathering and talking, while the broad front porch is a convenient spot from which to watch the passing coeds at noon and after classes. Boalt Hall-sponsored teams actively participate in the intramurals program, and the team ' s is due to the large number of graduate member athletes enrolled in the school. Boalt prepares its members for careers in private practice, with law firms, or for some branch of the government. The Library Classroom and field work at summer camp. " Tree of the week. " School of Forestry Having its headquarters in one of the more interesting on campus, the School of Forestry is one of the leading schools of its kind in the nation and the only accredited one in California. Mulford Hall, located in the northwest corner of campus, was designed and built especially for the Forestry School and features paneled walls with woods from all over the world. There is a small but warm and comfortable library and a social room where the forestry students may gather. As an integral part of the four-year forestry program, a summer camp in Meadow Valley in Plumas National Forest is required. During this ten-week program the budding foresters learn to apply the principles learned on campus as well as work on the field. The students are in charge of maintaining the camp for the entire period of time and many times they will fight the forest fires in the region in order to earn money for the summer. This summer camp is an experience forestry students won ' t soon forget! Mulford Hall. Forestry Library. Agriculture complex. Foyer of Giannini. College of Agriculture The College of Agriculture covers a wide range of programs and fields and is spread out in physical facilities. The varied fields include nutrition and home economics with its child development major to poultry and animal husbandry with its chicken coops on the road to the Big C. Careers in entomology, food technology, agriculture, and economics are just a few of the many specific fields of specialization. Agriculture Hall, Giannini, Hilgard, Mulford, and Home Economics as well as experimental greenhouses and poultry yards are included in the physical plant. " The Birch Room " in the Home Economics Building is operated by nutrition students who serve their fellow students. Many of the buildings house exhibits which pertain to the majors and are of interest to the general community. A broad theoretical and scientific background in the whole field of Agriculture is offered by this college. Home Ec exhibit. Dietician training. Home Ec laboratory. Mrs. Deuel in Crim. Office. Examining fibers with microscope. School of Criminology Although there was much discussion this year as to whether the School of Criminology should remain with the University of California or whether the field should be eliminated from the curriculum, it is still with us. Many careers are open to the criminology major including police lab work, institutional work, policeman or woman, and work with the California Youth Authority. The department is divided into three for specialization—law enforcement, correction and criminalistics. The School of Criminology is comparatively small and is a close and unified group. Field trips to San Quentin each semester and interesting field projects and crime studies highlight the year. Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the National Law Enforcement Fraternity, holds lectures and social activities which are interesting as well as enjoyable to the members. The criminology office is located in T-2 and with classes in Haviland, Cal Hall and LeConte the majors are spread all over campus—the better to observe the students! Tracing evidence by camera. Recording latent fingerprints. Looking for materials in AAE library. Lewis Hail. These are needed. Empty Chem. Aug. College of Chemistry The School of Chemistry, one of the more technical and specialized majors, is housed in several buildings on the section of the campus, including one of the oldest on campus. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students can be found anywhere from the Freshman Chemistry and the Chemistry Auditorium to the more advanced Low Temperature Laboratory as well as in Lewis and Gilman Halls. Chemistry as a well-established science is a basic for many fields outside this school itself. Premed, dental and dental hygiene, nutrition, and nursing majors all must have at least Chemistry I A as a foundation for their own field of study. This school is unique in that its students may eat lunches and may gather on the roof of one of the buildings (the Low Temperature Laboratory), and in that its students publish a monthly newspaper which tells of meetings and lectures of interest to the students. The School of on this campus upholds the high traditions inherent in the scientific field. And the Seniors are busy, too. Optometry and more lab. Lounge. School of Optometry The Optometry Building, one of the only ones on campus with its own lounge where optometry students gather, houses the School of Optometry and the clinic. So popular is this clinic that it is necessary to wait, sometimes as long as a month, to make an appointment. The Optometry students learn to examine eyes, dispense glasses, and even fit contacts in their classes, and they practice their newly learned trade on the unsuspecting public. In order to insure that the students can explain contact lenses to and understand the problems of the patient, this year for the first time the graduate optometry students were given a pair of contacts which they had to fit to themselves. Each year ' s class is an integral unit, working and attending classes together. Every student joins the University of Optometric Association which has both social and functions. The UCOA sponsors a wives ' club which offers lectures to explain the principles of optometry to the wives of the students. The optometry students are interested in the public seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. The Dispensary. The Refractory. Don ' t miss that mid-term. Bus. Ad. Office. School of Business Administration Considered one of the most popular and at the same time one of the most general fields of study, the School of Administration includes many courses of interest both to the serious business administration student as well as those who want just a general knowledge of business principles. The curriculum includes business law, principles of real estate, marketing, accounting, and economics. South Hall holds the main offices of the school as well as several paper pickup boxes, although most of the classes and study rooms are located in Wheeler Hall. Gathering on Wheeler steps or by the tree, the Bus Ad ma jor mingles with and is indistinguishable from the Letters and Science student. Business Administration while often called a " fraternity major, " nevertheless offers much in the way of worth-while and necessary courses for those students intending to pursue careers in the business world. South Hall. Waiting for class. Bus. Ad. Rcom in Wheeler. Naval ROTC Cadets in action. Air Force Cadets and equipment. ROTC The ROTC department is divided into three divisions —Army, Navy, Air Force—all of which offer two years of required programs and two years of elective upper division work. Following graduation these students, who are paid during school receive a commission in the field of their choice. Weekly drills are held for all students and so once a week the campus swarms of uniformed cadets the blues and greens of their respective services. Each division has a social program of its own as well as extracurricular organizations—Arnold Air Society, Quarterdeck, and Golden Guard. This year the girls got into the act as the Air Force inaugurated its Angel Flight group which is an auxiliary to Arnold Air. With the continual debate over the compulsory nature of the program and despite grumbling from the men, ROTC manages to produce excellent officer material from its ranks. COL. S. G. GURNEY, JR. Air Science COL. JOHN T. MALLOY Army CAPT. W. C. MEYER Naval Glass-enclosed hall. Faculty and students meet. Warren Hall. School of Public Health Located in such a way that it can be seen from below the west side of campus, Warren Hall is the home of the School of Public Health. A tall, stately, scientific and modern it seems isolated in the far west corner of campus and is far from the usual Sather Gate meeting place of many students. Due to the professional attitude and dedicated atmosphere of this building, the Public Health students are serious about their profession and their future careers in hospital administration, public health lab and education work. Nevertheless, a friendly and informal air pervades since most classes are held in small seminar and discussion groups even in the ordinarily large lower division classes. The Public Health Club meets regularly offering students an opportunity to meet each other and discuss subjects of mutual interest. Informal meeting of Public Health Club. Laboratory work. Calendar Year September 14 September 19 September 21 September 24 September 24 September 25 October 2-4 October 7 October 11 October 16-18 October 24 November 7-8 November 13-14 November 16-21 November 16 November 19 November 20 November 21 December 5-6 December 10-11 December 16 December 28-30 January 18-23 February 1 February 8 February 20 February 21 February 26 February 27 March 4 March 7-18 March 11 March 12-18 March 21 March 21-26 March 26 March 28-April 2 April 6-9 April 9-16 April 23 April 25-May 15 May 4 May 6-7 May 9-13 May 13 May 18 May 23-28 May 31-June 9 June 5 June 8 June 10 June 11 Fall semester 1959 begins Pre-sents Return to classes University Welcome Meeting President ' s Reception Parade of Lights Cal I A WDA-Panhellenic Scholarship Dessert WDA Tea All-U Week End High School Band Day IFC-Panhellenic Retreat Axe Review Big Game Week Blue Monday House Decorations Judging Big Game Rally Big Game—Cal vs. Stanford Treble Clef-Glee Club Fall Show ASUC Final Elections University Christmas Meeting Basketball Tournament at Los Angeles Those fateful days! Back to the same grind Classes begin again Mask and Dagger Review Frosh-Junior Banquet Intersorority Ball High School Model UN University Meeting Ugly Man Contest WDA Formal WUS Drive Charter Day Greek Week IFC Ball Soph Week 10th Commemorative Model UN session Easter vacation—home to sleep High School Day WAA Field Week Events Women ' s Day High School Press Conference ASUC elections Glee Club-Treble Clef Spring Concert Senior Sweetheart Contest Dead Week—time to cram Finals Senior Baccalaureate Senior Pilgrimage Senior Banquet Senior Commencement-Senior Ball The campus in transition ... The campus of tradition ... the old familiar scenes Hilac—new atom smasher. And looking to the future ... The Rad Lab set against the Berkeley hills. Autumn Autumn means back to school for a new semester ... new classes, new friends, new freshman faces. And for students and alums alike it brings to mind a football game on a warm Indian summer afternoon— complete with pompons, gremlin caps, and " Go Bears! " Winter With Winter come the bare trees and the dreary days. Even the is often shrouded in a bank of fog. Umbrellas go up, and figures huddled in trench coats scurry from class to class. The Campus Seasons Spring Ah, Spring. The weather is balmy and the trees are in bloom. suddenly appear in suits; girls in sundresses sit in Dwinelle Plaza to soak up the sun, and every afternoon the boys play ball on the fraternity lawns. Summer For Cal students Summer can mean a lot of things ... a stay at home, a vacation at the beach, a job, a trip to Europe. But many stay in Summer School in the mornings and going up to in the afternoons for a swim or a game of tennis. DAVIS SANTA BARBARA S.F. MEDICAL CENTER LA JOLLA UCLA RIVERSIDE AGGIES VS. SANTA BARBARA. HALF-TIME ACTIVITIES. The Seven Campuses The University of California no longer consists of eight campuses—it now numbers seven. This shrinkage is due to the change in status of the Mount institution which is no longer considered to be a campus of the University; it is now classified as a state-wide research unit. However, the other of the University at Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, Riverside, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and La Jolla are making up for this reduction by increased enrollments, faculties and facilities. At each of these seven campuses, expansion is the theme of a growing University. All-U Week End In keeping with the traditional spirit of All-U Week End, the Bears piled into cars, trains, planes and buses in order to reach the UCLA campus in time for all the festivities. Friday, 16, The Riverside JV ' s and Santa Barbara were matched on the football fields and the evening was climaxed by a rally and dance. On Saturday, UCLA defeated Cal after a close battle and the Bears spent a spirited evening at various parties on the Hilgard Strip and so they returned back to the grind. PAINTING ... BOARDING ... LEAVING ... Look at the Axe! Big Game Big Game—a Bay Ar ea tradition—was as exciting this year as ever before. Not only is the game itself a source of spirit and enthusiasm, but all the activities which comprise Big Game Week festivities add to this rivalry with respect for which this annual event is noted. The Blue Monday capers, the Queen contest, the Axe Review, the Concert—this year starring the Lime-Lighters, the traditional rally with the Andy Smith Eulogy, the dance following the conclusion of the Rally—all these add to the excitement. When Alumni gather in Berkeley and San Francisco as well as all over the world, they cannot help but recall their memorable undergraduate days and the Big Games they attended as students. A fitting climax to the spirit of the week was Cal ' s thrilling and somewhat miraculous victory. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marny Sitlinger, Linda Groves, Wendy MacMillan, Ralph Andersen, Virginia Young, Pat Vartanian. SECOND ROW: John Quinn, Bruce Kane, Howard Karr, Gary Fernandez, Jim Elden, Barry Malvin, Larry Belling, Doug Moore, Jon Abrams. NOT PICTURED: Jo Crisler. Aw ' right. The M.C. ' s. The KN Trio. The annual Axe Review " Ax-centricities " presented different living groups ' opinions on who would win the Big Game. With songs, dances, skits and a cast of thousands there was no doubt that Cal would be victorious. ZBT was the sweepstakes winner with a very clever parody of Macbeth. Pi Lam-Chi O, Mixed Division winners. ZBT—Sweepstakes winner. Monday, November 16, was the day on which all culprits wearing red were taken before a Kangaroo Court and tried by one of the judges. Peanut pushing and seltzer bottles played an important part in the festivities of the Big Game Week activity which was organized by Rally Big C, Circle C and Alpha Phi Omega. Hard at work. Sweepstakes winner— " Malice in Wonderland. " University Meetings are well attended. Glee Club entertains. University Meetings One of the highlights of the school year is the University Meeting. At these gatherings of the entire campus community, speakers of local, national and international interest are presented to the University at large. The first University. Meeting this year, held in September, was in keeping with a tradition begun in 1899 when Benjamin Ide Wheeler called such a meeting on the eve of his inauguration as President. At 1959 ' s " Welcome Meeting " the speakers were Prof. Robert Scalapino, who spoke on " Challenge to Americans in Asia, " and President Kerr who told of his travels in Africa. The second University Meeting was held before the Christmas holidays during which the various musical groups joined with the audience in singing the seasonal carols. Emilio Segre, winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize in Physics, and Marvin Levy, new football coach, were the main speakers at the first University Meeting in the Spring. Especially welcomed by students, University Meetings are the only occasions for which classes are officially dismissed. ROBERT SCALAPINO CHANCELLOR SEABORG presides MARVIN LEVY EMILIO SEGRE Charter Day procession. Charter Day Charter Day, an annual University event, was held March 21 in the Greek Theater. As usual the Marshal presided over the colorful and ceremony, and this year the Marshal was William R. Dennes of the Philosophy Department. President Kerr delivered his annual message followed by Chancellor Seaborg ' s annual report. The two guest speakers were of special interest to all who attended. Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany, presented a timely and informative speech as did James Conant, former president of Harvard. To climax this annual event, six honorary degrees were conferred on who have served the national community. As the University Hymn was sung and the audience poured out of the Greek Theater, another memorable Charter Day was recorded in the annals of UC history. PRESIDENT KERR speaking. Oldest Class Pennant. ADENAUER CONANT The oncoming term Then the cinch notices So ... the all-night stands Finals finals and finals In September all students freshmen and seniors alike—flock to the Cal campus, ready to begin the year ' s study and recreational activities. Once books are purchased, first mid-terms have come and gone, and students are scared into studying by cinch notices. Papers are finished at 9:30 and are due at 10:00, second mid-terms are over and finals have arrived. The semester is over only to be repeated in Spring with the same diet of no-doze, black coffee and phenobarbital. And now it ' s June—three months to catch up on sleep and prepare for the same old story next year. Whew! As is traditional, President Clark Kerr confers a diploma upon a graduating senior at the annual commencement exercises. And so ends a wonderful four years. Graduation—the long awaited moment arrives at last. 60 ' s Senior Class Epitaph When we were young and in our prime, We met on campus all the time, But now we ' re older and can pass the bar, You ' re sure to find at the Rathskeller. Some sing and sip, all smell the brew, We brainstorm Senior Week and think of new, Ways to get Seniors we ' d like to see, Unite and celebrate on our week to be. We forgot the directives, studies, and sort, For the word this year is Passive Support. —Steve Rutherford, President STEVE RUTHERFORD President CYNTHIA KROESEN Vice-President HARRIET HOFFNER Secretary-Treasurer HOWARD KARR Yell Leader Seniors enjoy get-together at the Rathskeller. SENIOR WEEK CHAIRMEN Sandy Baskett Mickie Liapes Grove Thomas Lloyd Tosse PUBLICITY Chuck Hall Fran Soares BACCALAUREATE Andy Bershad Bob Bowers SENIOR GIFT Lynn Cathcart Fred Rondon PILGRIMAGE Lida Chase SENIOR SWEETHEART Fritz Gaylord Jean Woyciehowsky SENIOR BANQUET Lanny Hayward Phil Shaffer SENIOR BALL Jackie Arbios Dan Lubbock SENIOR COUNCIL (seated around table, left to right): J. Arbios, M. Liapes, D. Lubbock, B. Bowers, P. Shaffer, F. Scares, H. Karr, S. Rutherford, G. Wilson, H. Hoffner, F. Gaylord, F. Rondon, A. Bershad, S. Baskett, C. Kroesen, G. Thomas, L. Cathcart. As president of the ASUC, DAVE ARMOR has been busy representing the UC students both on campus and in the general community. Serving as of Slate, ASUC Election Council chairman and Rep at Large, Dave has taken an active interest in ASUC activities. Cal Club and Stiles Hall also occupy much of his time, and as a result of all the meetings and appointments that these organizations involve, his wife Marilyn rarely sees him. " Radical politics " is Dave ' s favorite pastime, and his political activities on campus have served as training towards a future law career. Abe, Carol Hilo, Hawaii Mathematics Beaudelaire, Na Hawaii O Kaleponi, Honor Students Soc., YWCA, Big Sisters Abel, Stephen San Francisco Zoology Abernethy, Raymond Oakland Political Science Abrams, Jon North Hollywood English ZBT, Order of the Golden Bear, IFC, Rep-at-Large, Big Game Week Abrott, Katharine Oakland English Ackerman, Frank J. Long Beach Chemical Engr. Putnam, AICE, Newman Club, Students Soc. Ackerman, Gene New York Psychology Adair, Oakland Child Development AO, Treble Clef Adams, Patricia C. Menlo Park Psychology Cheney, Pres. Lantana Lodge, WDA, WAA Aday, Ronald T. So. San Gabriel Architecture Aguilar, Edward C. Pittsburg Electrical Engr. AKT Aguirre, Rodolfo Los Angeles Mechanical Engr. ASME Aiman, William R. Idaho Falls, Ia. Chemical Engr. Major ' s Manor, Quarterdeck Soc., Daily Cal, Tower Flame Aisthorpe, Sharon Chico History Albers, John H. San Marino Speech Skull Keys Albright, Paul J., Jr. Lafayette Psychology Alexander, Bruce B. Riverside Economics Acacia Alexander, Marya C. Fresno Engineering Piedmont Court, Pres. of Californian Allen, David San Anselmo Industrial Engr. Crew, AIIE Allen, Harry R. San Carlos Physiology Altfeld, Linda Jane Los Angeles English Alvarenga, Delia R. Berlin, El Salvador Mathematics WAA, Women ' s C Soc., Newman Club Alvarez, Cecilia M. Pomona History Mitchell Hall Alvine, Charles E. Ontario Electrical Engr. UCSEE Andersen, Arlene C. Alameda International Rel. Honor Soc., Assn. of Women Students in Foreign Affairs Anderson, Duane Albany Journalism Anderson, Flora I. Whittier French Cercle Francais, Anderson, Gary H. Playa Del Ray Political Science Big C Soc., Varsity Crew, Quarterdeck Soc. Anderson, Kris Oakland Decorative Art Ski Club, Young Rep., Class Councils Anderson, Michael James Los Angeles Civil Engineering ASCE Anderson, Oakland Speech Masonic Club, Radio-TV Club Andrews, Don PorterviIle W ILLIS " BILL " HAWLEY has kept his name in the spotlight since he was elected Freshman Class President. He has served the ASUC as vice-president, NSA coordinator, and assistant Public Relations Director. He is obviously well qualified for a job in public management which is his ambition. Aside from his activities in student government, Bill has actively participated in athletics. His favorite pastimes are golf, tennis, basketball; he was a member of the Freshman varsity golf team and a member of Circle C Society. Bill is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a political science major, and is engaged. Angell, Robert R. San Marino Finance Skull Key, Winged Helmet, Track Anger, Carol Ann San Francisco Child Development Anthony, Janet C. Piedmont Political Science Project PIC, WUS, Soph Doll 1958, Football Hostess Queen ' 58 Arbios, Jacqueline Alamo Child Development Rally Comm., Sr. Class Council, WAA Armstrong, Maria Walnut Creek German Arne, Robert C. No. Hollywood Industrial Engr. AIIE, Arnois, Herbert P. San Francisco Industrial Psych. Young Repub., UC Yacht Club, Gavel Quill, Ex. Comm., Campus Planning Comm. Arvesen, John San Mateo Engr. Science TKE, Sailing Club, Intramurals, Flying Club Asakawa, Bill C. Stockton Mechanical Engr. Cloyne Court Asaro, Betty Jane Berkeley Business Admin. Elections Coun., College Women ' s Club Juniors Ashby, Wayne R. Long Beach Industrial Engr. AIIE, Engineers ' Joint Council Asher, William P. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Ashley, Andre B. Inglewood Physics Bowles Hall Ashworth, John J. Redwood City Political Science Cloyne Court, House Mgr., USCA Board of Directors, Newman Hall Atkins, Linda J. Los Angeles Business Admin. WAA Atmore, Edward A. Santa Paula Agricultural Econ. Triune Atwood, Edward L. Stockton Industrial Engr. AIIE Austin, Kenneth A. King City Forestry Honor Students, Forestry Club, Avedisian, Gary E. Fresno Geology Axt, Anita A. San Francisco French Honor Students, AWFA, AMT, Cercle Francais, Foreign Travel Coun. Bachand, Susan F. Alameda History WAA, Class Council, Women ' s C Society Baer, Debra E. San Mateo History Young YWCA, Sr. Class Coun. Baker, Barbara A. Glendale Psychology YWCA, Class Council Baker, Barbara Kentfield History Baker, Kerin Vallejo Child Development Tower Flame, Pelican Staff, CSTA Balaban, Michael P. No. Hollywood Political Science ZBT, Honor Students Baldwin, Berkeley History UC Hiking Club, Honor Students, Collegians Bales, Lois R. Berkeley English Ballantyne, Barton Boise, Idaho Architecture Collegians, Architecture Assn. Bandel, Linda J. San Francisco History Children ' s Hospital East Bay, Thistle Branch Barber, Freda R. Long Beach Criminology Stern Hall, Pelican Women ' s Director, Barker, Julie P. Berkeley Speech " Oski Mama, " more commonly known as GAIL TROWBRIDGE, ASUC second vice-president, is also a member of Cal Club, Gavel and Quill, UAC, WAA, and is chairman of APC. She served as Sec.Treas. of her class both in the Freshman and Junior year. This Alpha Xi Delta is the despair of her sorority sisters when she collects insects for entomology, and she hopes to return to Hawaii but not to attend school. Playing tennis, meeting people, and rooting Cal teams to victory are her favorite pastimes, and Physical Education is her major. Barnard, Patricia A. Redding Political Science K Panhellenic Rep., Student Union Comm., Soph Jr. Class Councils Barnes, Noel L. Palo Alto Business Admin. Baseball, Barnett, Oakland History Barney, James W. Detroit, Mich. Physics Premed. Soc., Yacht Club, Baron, Evelyn F. Eagle Rock Welfare Panhellenic Soc. Chmn., Honor Students, Hillel, Social Welfare Club, Barrette, Brian R. Fullerton Forestry Intramural Advisory Board, Forestry Club, Wesley Foundation Barroca, James A. Oakland Journalism Sailing Club, Barron, Barbara L. Stockton English Stern Hall, House Pres., Women ' s J. Comm., Prytanean, Mortar Board Barrows, Charles R. San Carlos Journalism Store Board Vice- Chairman Barth, Debbie L. San Francisco Chemistry UC Hiking Club, UC Rifle Club, SAACS Bartlett, Richard Modesto Mechanical Engr. Rally Comm., ASME, Intramural Barton, Alan J. Encino Political Science AEII, Varsity Crew, Oski Comm., IFC, Rally Games Coun. Bartosh, Joyce C. Sacramento English Cheney Hall, House Vice-Pres. Baskett, Richmond Spanish ZTA, Treble Clef, Class coun., Chancellor ' s Univ. Affairs Comm. Basler, Richard A. San Francisco Political Science California Engineer, Quarterdeck Bass, Arthur Stockton Speech TN Batchelder, Paul Berkeley Chemistry SAACS, Bateman, Betty J. Portage, Pa. Nursing Battat, Ralph San Francisco Business Admin. TAM, House Pres. Bay, Larry Beverly Hills Journalism KA, Triune, Intramurals, LBAG Beatie, Lucinda F. Ross History Beaumont, Joan C. Los Gatos History Big Game Week Comm., Queen 1958 Bechler, Richard Long Business Bowl es Hall, Soccer Beeson, Pasadena History Begen, Robert W. San Francisco Accounting ZBT, Golden Guard, Big Game Week Comm. Bell, Barbara Ann Piedmont Child Development YWCA, Jr. Class Coun., WAA Bell, Charles F. Belmont History Track Mgr. Bell, Gene Arthur Lafayette Accounting IT, Winged Helmet, BAT Bemis, Helen A. San Bernardino English International House, Honor Students, YWCA Benedict, Donald K. Ross Civil Engineering ASCE Bennion, Susan L. San Luis Obispo History Prytanean, Women ' s C Society Bercovich, Lenore Oakland Zoology GORDON HUBER, better known as Skip, Clairns that he isn ' t noted for anything. We think that he is very well known since he is the chairman of Cal Club as well as a member of the Big C Society, Circle C, Skull and Keys, Order of the Golden Bear, and Winged Helmet Society. Skip belongs to Beta Theta Pi and majors in bus ad. Duck and deer hunting interest this campus personality and he is happiest when eating good food. Bergez, Raymond J. San Francisco Criminology AAE, Golden Guard Bergman, Ronald A. San Francisco Hist ' y Journalism Pres. of Sports Editor of Daily Cal, Pelican Berland, Allan M. Corona History Honor Student Soc., Panel of Americans, Radio-TV, History Club Berman, Paul A. Piedmont Social Welfare KN Bernardo, Cherie Sacramento Social Welfare, Pres. of Oski Dolls, Rally Games Council, Prytanean, Sr. Class Coun. Berns, Morton Leon Sacramento Sociology Berry, Rochelle C. Bakersfield Political Science Cheney Hall, Honor Student Soc., Tower Flame, Model UN Bersentes, Harry J. Bakersfield History Barrington Hall, Hist. Club, Soccer, V-P of Span. Club Bershad, Andrea Los Angeles Social Welfare Mortar Bd., Panile, Prytanean, Panel of Americans, Class Council Bert, Vera Marie Berkeley Gen. Besmehn, Charles Salinas Mechanical Engr. ASME BeVier, Lynn H. Columbia, Ohio Physics Bianchini, Barbara San Francisco Social Welfare Drama, Ital. Club, Class Coons., YWCA, Soc. Welf. Club Bias, Adrian San Francisco Art History KKI ' , WAA, Young Repub. Bickford, Fred K. Pomona Electrical Engr. HKN, UCSEE, IRE Bingo, Carol Ann Richmond Annex Public Health Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Binsacca, Victor San Mateo Business Admin. Winged Helmet Bishop, Joseph A. Montrose Bishop, Stanley R. Honolulu Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, UC mat. Radio Club, UCSEE, Institute of Radio Engrs. Bittner, Joan B. New York Child Devel. Hoyt Hall, Mortar Board, ON, Panile, AMT, Honor Soc. Bjorneb, Karen Corona Del Mar English Treble Clef, Black, Emerson Palo Alto Industrial Rel. Blair, Jane G. Alameda Political Science Blalock, Gerald D. Lafayette Business Admin. TKE, Frosh Crew, Pre-legal Soc., Class Councils Bloodworth, Lynda San Diego Public Health Lab. Public Health Undergrad. Assn., Westminster House Blower, Linda I. Balboa Physical Education WAA Pres., Prytanean, Women ' s Rally Comm. AWS Bd., Torch Shield Blum, Leland R. Oakland Architecture KN Blum, Milton R. San Francisco Chemistry Blust, Donald J. New York City Economics Rally Comm., Newman Club Boaz, Barry G. Manhattan Beach Criminology AAE Treasurer Bodenhamer, Robt. Redding Journalism KAP, Daily Cal Bohle, Charles D. Pasadena General Curriculum Active both in class and campus activities, HOWARD KARR is president of the Californians. Known as Howie to his friends and Sigma Chi fraternity brothers, Howard has been assistant yell leader and on the Big Game Week Committee as well as serving his class as yell leader and vice-president. He to Gavel and Quill, City-Campus Coordinating Council, and is a Labor and Industrial Relations major. Noted for his desire to keep the men ' s rooting section, Howie enjoys bridge and bowling and hopes to do graduate work after the Army. Bollen, Judith Ann Berkeley Speech Axe Revue, Speakers ' Bureau, Symphony Forum Bollhoffer, Marlene Belmont Social Welfare AAX, YWCA, House Pres., Big Sisters Bontrager, Ernest Modesto Mechanical Engr. Barrington Hall, ASME Boone, Lawrence Jr. Orange Economics Rally Committee, Quarterdeck Society Booty, John Alvin China Lake Business Admin. Borel, John Milton Arcata Journalism Daily Cal, UC Yacht Club, Newman Club, Elections Council Borg, Sandra L. Berkeley Psychology Borges, Eugene J. Sacramento English TKE, Blue Gold Staff, Model United Nations Bosma, Barbara J, Oakland Business Admin. Secretariat Botsford, Jyl E. Indio Art Boucke, Barbara Woodside Anthropology Axe Review 1958, House Officer Boulay, Armand J. Manchester, N.H. History Bowden, Anne Claire San Jose Education APC, Student Health Serv. Comm., Rally Ccmm.,WUS, Class Council Bowers, Robert Earl San Lorenzo General Curriculum BB, Class Council, Plymouth House Bowhay, J. Michael Pacific Grove Zoology Canterbury Assn. Boyd, Richard W. Oakland Zoology Bradshaw, Jerry Half Moon Bay Civil Engineering Oxford Hall, ASCE, UCCE Brannan, Merced Child Development AO II Brawn, John Jr. San Diego Electrical Engr. USEE, IRE Breitbard, Stanley San Diego English ZBT Bremer, Nancy E. Salinas Anthropology ZTA, Treble Clef, Class Council Brennan, John Ventura Civil Engineering KAP, Oski Comm., ASCE, Quarterdeck Society Brewer, Helen L. San Francisco Psychology Secretariat, Sailing Club Brewer, John Petaluma Physics Honor Students, TB Brewer, William B. Danville Journalism Daily Cal, Pelican, Brisson, Jean-Paul Paris, France Economics Brochard, Suzanne San Francisco French A, YWCA, Travel Bureau, Cercle Francais Broock, Carolyn Lee Montebello Mathematics Christian Science Organization Brooke, Robert D. Napa Finance KT, Big C Soc., Varsity Crew, Brown, Robert D. Sacramento Business Admin. Cloyne Court, USCA, Board Rep.,Newman Club, House Sec. Broze, Robert Oakland Electrical Engr. IRE, UCSEE, Ski Club Bruff, Reba Beverly Hills Sociology A black page boy and a big smile are the trademarks of CHERIE BERNADO, an A Chi O. She has been president and secretary of Oski Dolls and is a member of Prytanean, Pi Alpha Sigma, and the rally and games council. A Social Welfare major, Cherie enjoys bowling, riding, skiing and attempting to play golf. " But it ' s the principle of the thing " is her favorite expression. Bruhns, Joan L. San Francisco Geography Epworth Hall, WDA, UC Hiking Club, WAA, Ushering Brunetti, Gerald J. Albany English Newman Club Choir Bruno, Sal R. Pittsburg Italian Bruschi, Nancy Jean San Francisco Public Health Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Brusco, Don B. San Francisco Civil Engineering Bryan, Richard M. Paso Robles Economics Bowles Hall, Honor Students Buck, Gerald S. Hayward Criminology IFC Bucknam, Ronald B. Redlands Finance UC Flying Club, SAM Officer Buckner, Adrienne San Francisco English KA Budge, Melinda Scottsdale, Ariz. Speech Butenschoen, James Grass Valley Business Admin. Basketball Bullock, Dorothea Walnut Creek Business Admin. Bumanis, Aina Palo Alto Political Science Freeborn Hall Burgemeestre, Gustaaf The Hague, Holland Landscape Arch. Burnham, Robin Pebble Beach History KKT, Mortar Bd., Prytanean, Women ' s C Society Pres., House Vice-Pres. Burstein, Benay San Francisco Political Science Burt, Richard Alan Burbank Amer. Civilization Busch, Mary Jane La Canada Speech Butler, Ann Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Art History Butterfield, Betty Glendale Social Welfare YWCA, Bd., Prytanean, Panile, AWS Social Chairman Caldwell, Sally Peru, Illinois Criminology Cambio, Ronald T. Los Angeles Chemical Engr. Camoriani, Stephanie San Francisco History ZTA, Honor Students, Campbell, Diana Napa Child Development YWCA Campbell, Douglas Albany Mechanical Engr. , ASME Sec. Campbell, Gary Castro Valley Civil Engineering Golden Guard, ASCE, XE Campodonico, L. San Jose Music Education EH, Glee Club, Mask Dagger Jr. Class Coun. Canavan, Carol Mill Valley Sociology Cancino, Rudy Anaheim Hispanic-American Studies Canfield, Sara Casper, W yoming Spanish YWCA, Honor Students, UC Sailing Club, Ski Club Cantarutti, Lido El Cerrito Spanish Golden Guard, Univ, Theatre, Interfraternity Schol. Soc. Cardelli, David Oakland Business Admin. A Poli Sci major, BILL DILLON has been active in political activities both on and off campus. He is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, and he has served as of the High School Model UN as well as a delegate to the Montreal Model UN. Elected to Phi Bet a Kappa in his junior year, Bill has served as a member of Student J Com and is noted for managing winners in ASUC elections. Interested in sailing, writing and politics, Bill hopes to represent his friends and neighbors in elective office someday. Carkeet, Carole Sonora Journalism Epworth Hall, YWCA Pres., AWS Board, Mortar Bd., Prytanean, Carlson, Elizabeth San Leandr o Social Welfare Carmichael, Marilyn Berkeley Social Welfare Jr. Class Council, Blue Gold Freshman Staff Carnine, Diane Bakersfield French Joaquin Hall, YWCA, UC Hiking Club, Univ. Symph. Carpenter, Robert Sacramento Political Science KAP Carr, Jane Charlotte Albany Social Welfare YWCA Carter, Helen Ann San Diego Psychology Lantana Lodge, House Pres., Chorus, Young Democrats Casanave, Denise San Francisco French AOII, Newman Club, Soph. Jr. Class Couns., French Club, Castagna, Susan Carmel History ZTA, Class Ccun., Sr. Dance Comm. Cathcart, Marilyn Berkeley English Literature YWCA Cavanaugh, San Jose French Le Cercle Francais Ceragioli, James Santa Cruz Forestry Forestry Club, Society of American Foresters Chaban, Leonard H. San Francisco Civil Engr. Chaffee, Compton German KA, Oski Dolls, Honor Students, German Club Chan, David C. San Francisco Chemistry Chan, Elaine San Francisco Social Welfare Chan, Richard S. San Diego Mechanical Engr. Barrington Hall, ASME, Chinese Students ' Club Chan, Robert S. Grass Valley Optometry Honor Students, UCOA, CSC Chan, Wing-Cheng Canton, China Chemical Engr. AICE, Honor Students Chang, Jacqueline Bakersfield Chemistry Chang, Phil lip San Francisco Physics Stiles Hall Chapkis, Abby L. Los Angeles Speech I House Chapman, Judy Pasadena History YWCA Chapman, Phoebe Oakland Child Development Secretariat, Newman Cl., Conct. Band, Tower Fl. Chase, Lida Gazlay Los Altos Public Health Epworth Hall, WAA, Rally Committee, Class Council, Women ' s " C " Soc. Chazin, Robert L. Dayton, Ohio Mathematics Honor Students, Daily Cal Cheema, Nirmal S. Cheema Khurd, India Mechanical Engr. I House, AEME Chen, Mu Jung Formosa, China Chemical Engr. Cheonis, Merry P. Berkeley Child Development AOII Chew, Philip F. San Francisco Electrical Engr. Chi, Monterey Medical Technology Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Chiao, Henry C. Hong Kong, China Physics Graduate work in International Relations is CHARLES CUTTER ' S goal, and if his undergraduate days are any indication, he should be very successful. He was chairman of the High School Model UN and served as president of the General Assembly in 1959 and 1960 as well as being chairman of the IRB. As Rep at Large, a member of Finance Committee, and chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission, Charles has served the ASUC in many capacities. A Poli Sci major, he belongs to Alpha Mu Gamma and Pi Sigma Alpha. Charles enjoys just relaxing and listening to classical music in whatever spare time he has. Chiappone, Robert Berkeley History Varsity Football, Cal Club, Intercol. Athletic Advisory Board Chiate, Sandra G. Phoenix, Ariz. Journalism Chin, Bessie Sacramento History Freeborn Hall, Honor Students Ching, Letitia Honolulu, Hawaii Bacteriology YWCA, Chinese Students ' Club Chinn, Janet L. Oakland Dietetics Home Ec. Club Cho, Sung Tai Seoul, Korea Criminology AAE Choi, Soon Dal Korea Electrical Engr. Choppelas, Nicholas San Francisco Optometry AXA, IFC Rep., H.S. Day, UCOQ, Californians Chouret, Yvonne Oakdale History KA, Student Board Secy., Class Council Chow, Paul C. China Physics Choy, Eugene Dos Palos Admin. Policy Choy, Lawrence Berkeley Physics Christensen, John Chula Vista Electrical Engr. Acacia, Vars. Crew, Big " C " Society, Christianson, Phyllis Ojai Spanish Christian Science Organ. Chu, Evelyn V. Greenville, Miss. Child Development Freeborn Hall, Blue Gold, Studs. Club, Honor Students Chung, Howard Midland, Texas Biophysics Basketball Church, Robert H. Oakland Chemical Engr. Cianfichi, Paul Walnut Creek Architecture Architecture Assn., Class Coun., Golden Guard Civiello, Carla San Francisco Psychology Clark, Barbara M. Balboa Home Economics Epworth Hall, YWCA, Home Economics Club Clark, David T. Sacramento Business Admin. Clark, James E. South Pasadena History Clarkson, Paul B. Menlo Park Comm. Public Policy TKE, IFC Rep. Clayton, Susan Berkeley Zoology Pelican, Panile, Class Council, Debate Clazie, Ronald N. Vallejo Chemical Engr. Glee Club, Sr. Manager, Sr. Octette, Order of Golden Bear, IFC Clendenen, Ronald Bakersfield Chemical Engr. Clerou, Marie B. Bakersfield Speech ZTA, Class Coun., Water Ballet Club Manager Clingingsmith, John Ventura Mechanical Engr. ASME Clock, Gayle A. Long Beach Speech Coakley, Bernadette Oakland English Newman Club, WAA Coates, Cynthia Pasadena History Coberly, Aileen Los Angeles Political Science KKT DARRALL IMHOFF may be confused as to his future plans at this point, but he is certainly not con fused when he plays basketball. This star center has been named on all-tournament teams in NCAA finals and semi-finals aid the Los Angeles Invitational Noted for his big feet, " Stork " is a member of the Bin C Society and the Order of the Golden Bear, and Cal Club. A Phi Kappa Tau, Darrall is married and he claims that his talent is tying artificial trout flies. Coberly, Wheeler Jr. Visalia English Vars. Rugby, Men ' s Ex. Board, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune Coburn, Diane G. San Francisco Psychology Freeborn Hall Coe, Vernon Everett Berkeley Civil Engr. ASCE Cole, Thomas R. Burlingame English Coleman, Joan M. San Francisco Psychology Stratford Hall, House Pres. Collier, Boyd D. Sacramento Mathematics Collier, Jean Millbrae Physical Education Epworth Hall, WAA, P.E. Majors Pres., YWCA Conn., Treble Clef Mgr. Colman, David R. Beverly Hills Psychology Collegians, Californians Coltrell, Eileen San Francisco Speech U. Theatre, Mask Dag. Pres., Mortar Bd., Honor Students, Prytanean Colvin, Robert R. San Leandro Architecture KT, Intramural, Architecture Assn. Combs, Jo Berkeley French Cultural Events Board, Orchesis Pres. Combs, Richard D. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. Conklin, Berkeley Business Admin. ConIan, Jerome J. Sacramento History Conlan, Mervin I. Sacramento Philosophy Conlin, Oakland Child Development Stern Hall, YWCA, Soph. Class Council, Conrad, Charlene Long Beach Sociology Women ' s Rep., Cal Club, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Nat ' l V-Pres. LAWS Cook, Roberta Berkeley English Mortar Bd., YWCA, Prytanean, Panile, Student Christian Council Cock, Stanley Compton Forestry Forestry Club Cooley, Vallejo Zoology Epworth Hall Cooley, Oakland Physical Education ZTA, Class Coun., Big Game Week, Pelican Copanov, Tamara San Francisco Chemistry Coppo, Robert Riverside Prelaw TKE, Megaphone Society, SCCA Coppock, Robert M. San Francisco Philosophy Daily Cal City Editor, NSA Corren, Berkeley Sociology Corson, Stockton Sociology Cosby, Richard L. Porterville Biochemistry Premed Society Cose, Don Albert Long Beach Mechanical Engr. ASME Costello, Peter Palo Alto Political Science Cotton, Carolyn M. Oakland Political Science Counsil, Marilyn Eureka Child Development Cheney Hall Cowling, Lynn Lafayette Law Enforcement Oski Dolls, Angel Flight, AAE, UC Rifle Club, Class Council RICHARD DOUGHTY, a speech major, is better known as captain of the varsity basketball team. He hopes to do " something significant " in the future, but right now he enjoys listening to Fats Domino and Little Richard records and wasting time in Stephens Union. Meteorology and bridge are some of Dick ' s other interests. Cox, Karen Avril Berkeley History AO Rally Com. Craig, Rodney S. Alameda Business Admin. Daily Cal Production Mgr., Ski Club Cravalho, Ernest Burlingame Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, ASME Craven, Mary Kay Richmond Decorative Art Craven, William Richmond Electrical Engr. Crawford, Joyce Houston, Texas Mathematics Stratford Hall Crescenzi, Emil Lodi Electrical Engr. Deutsch Hall, Arnold Air Society Crisler, Jowilla Altadena American Civ. AZ, Secretariat, Prytanean Crossan, Aimee B. Piedmont Speech Thistle Branch Children ' s Hospital Crossley, Michael Oakland Business Admin. Cloyne Court Crowder, Marylin Pomona Bacteriology Cheney Hall Crowell, Sherly Alameda Physical Education P.E. Major ' s Club Cuddeback, Janice Berkeley Social Welfare UC Ski Club, Rally Committee, Class Council Culjis, Nicholas Jr. Sacramento History UC Ski Club Cummings, Tamra Walnut Creek Zoology Epworth Hall, WAA, WDA, Women ' s " C " Soc., YWCA Cabinet Cunningham, Audrian San Francisco Psychology Megaphone Scciety, Glee Club Curtin, Richard F. Sonora Geology AX Cushway, Dave Hayward Accounting Honor Students, Quarterdeck Society Cutter, Charles Oakland Political Science Bowles Hall, Repat-Large, AMP, Dabbousi, Osama Damascus, U.A.R. ASA, Honor Stud., Daigle, Hubert A. Walnut Creek Agricultural Econ. Newman Club, Golden Gd., Oski Committee Danforth, Peter R. Encinitas Chemical Engr. AICE Danielli, Lola L. Santa Rosa Spanish Hoyt Hall, Honor Students, Class Council, Student Teachers ' Assn., AMP Daniels, Nancy Kentfield Mathematics KAO Darland, Richard D. Sacramento Chemical Engr. Roger Williams, AICE Davidson, Sharon E San Ramon Mathematics YWCA, Wesley, UCYC, Honor Students Davis, Charles A. San Jose Civil Engr. ASCE Davis, David W. Newark, N. Y. Geology Day, Marilyn Ann Orinda Social Welfare Daymond, Chas. Jr. Ferndale, Mich. Architecture Days, Virginia Mae Morgan Hill Political Science Stebbins Hall DeFeo, Donald R. Oakland Psychology As an ex-editor of the Blue and Gold, EVELYN HOLLINGSHEAD is well acquainted with the trials and tribulations of the yearbook staff. She won ' t admit to a nickname but she will admit to being the of Pub Board, secretary of Mortar Board, and membership chairman of Prytanean. Evelyn has held offices in her sorority, Delta Zeta, as well as in Xi Xi Xi and Student J Com. With a history major, Evelyn hopes to be an elementary school teacher—anyway, for awhile. Defiebre, Kenneth Monterey Mechanical Engr. Pelican Editor, Triune, Winged Helmet De La Rocha, Carlos San Francisco Civil Engr. DelNero, Darlene Patterson Bacteriology Ritter Hall, Newman Club, WDA, Premed Soc. DeLong, Richard Ironton, Ohio English DeIvey, Helen Oakland Physical Therapy Demsey, James Berkeley Banking Finance Triune, Varsity Crew, Big " C " Society Denevan, Lester M. Long Beach Business Admin. Honor Students de Roos, Frances San Francisco Child Development De Sevilla, Manuel Mexico City Architecture Architecture Assn. Despars, Dennis R. Covina Business Admin. Newman Club, Frosh Basketball, Class Council, Triune Deutsch, Elaine Liberty, N. Y. Spanish Channing Club DeVincenzo, Mary Shafter Home Economics DeWitt, William D. Concord Business Admin. DeWolf, Mary Yvonne San Marino Chemistry Stern Hall, Newman Club, Student Affiliates of HCS, Diamond, Martin D. Sacramento Finance Dickie, Ronald E. Berkeley Mathematics Diederich, Linda Fresno History Diehl, Audrey L. San Francisco History Dishroom, Oakland Political Science Dixon, Thomas M. Stockton Optometry Honor Studs. Optometric Assn. Vice-President Dobbins, Elizabeth Berkeley Social Welfare Blue Gold, Class Council, Dodds, James G. Walnut Creek Physics Abracadabra, Don, Andrew PorterviIle Anatomy Donovan, Drew W. Oakland Economics Triune, Skull Keys Doretti, Frank Jr. Anaheim Speech Varsity Football, Big " C " Society Dormann, San Diego Business Admin. Men ' s " J " Comm., Golden Guard, Masonic Club Dossa, Alfred C. Sonora Political Science Deutsch Hall, Newman Club Dowling, Donna D. San Francisco Social Welfare ABA, Blue Gold, Class Council, Dozier, Marianne Antioch Child Development Elizabeth Barrett, Hou se Pres., Univ. Chorus, Young Republicans Draheim, Dave Berkeley Journalism KA, Varsity Baseball, Big " C " Soc. Draper, Joan K. San Francisco Political Science KKT, Oski Dolls, Prytanean Drennan, Carl Stockton Civil Engr. Barrington Hall, ASCE The Fall editor of the Daily Cal and the only in Theta Sigma Phi could be no one but MARGE MADONNE. Known for her uninterrupted talking, she is always trying to find someone to go to Ex Comm for her, yet she has rarely succeeded. Majoring in History, Marge is also a member of Mortar Board, Prytanean, Xi Xi Xi, Cal Club, and the University Affairs Council. After graduation she hopes to be a foreign correspondent and her in negotiating with Ex Comm will help her in this career. Driscoll, Janice H. San Francisco Social Welfare Duane, Richard P. Los Angeles Political Science Varsity Skull Keys, Honor Students Society, Big C Secretary Duckhorn, Daniel J. San Bruno Finance Dumke, Richard A. San Mateo Business Admin. Cal Club, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune, House Pres. Duner, Duane A. Moraga Social Welfare YWCA Service, Symphony Forum Dunker, Mark L. Modesto Business Admin. Dunlap, Louise Berkeley English KKF, Panile, Women ' s Ski Team, Honor Students ' Tutoring, UC Ski Club Dunlop, Dale A. Oakland Psychology Dunn, Lawrence E. Berkeley Paleontology Dunn, Michael R. San Francisco Business Admin. Dunn, Sharon L. San Francisco Political Science KA, Sailing Club Dutton, Richard B. Berkeley Business Admin. Golden Guard Eagan, Joan F. San Francisco Public Health Public Health Undergrad. Assn., Newman Club, Class Councils Eaton, Barry D. Berkeley Political Science Glee Club (Japan Trip), ASUC Store, Axe Revue Eddins, William R. San Bernardino Industrial Engr. KA, Winged Helmet, AIIE Edholm, Sally A. Fresno Sociology Edler, Louise K. San Francisco Home Economics Pelican Coordinator, Class Council, Blue Monday Comm., Ehlen, John P. Sausalito Civil Engineering ASCE, Ski Club Ehrhart, Patricia F. Carmel Political Science Bridge Club Ehrhart, Robert E. Carmel Business Admin. Bridge Club, Capt. Knight, UC Chess Club Eich, Ronald H. Marysville Personnel Admin. Honor Students ' Society, Masonic Club Eiri, Jean Shigeko Isleton Child Development Eisele, Lawrence C., Jr. Altadena Economics El-Barcudi, Barbara Yates Berkeley Spanish Treble Clef Elefant, George F. San Francisco Accounting Elefant, Ralph Ashokan, N.Y. Optometry UCOA Eliason, Donna H. Pacific Palisades English Elkaim, Meyer S. Sacramento Civil Engineering UC Hiking Club, Folk Dance Group, Club Francaise, ASCE Ellis, Dorothy M. Berkeley Clothing Textiles Treble Clef, UC Hiking Club, Ski Club, Plymouth House, UC Folk Dancers Ellis, Richard L. Oakland Chemistry Student Affiliates American Chemical Society Emerson, Jane K. Gilroy Physiology Stern Hall, Premed Club Emerson, Jon S. Berkeley Landscape Arch. BOB CHIAPPONE, otherwise known as Chip, is well known in college circles as an outstanding athlete and campus personality. He is a member of the California Club and has been center on the football team and a lock in rugby. Although Bob is a member of the Big C Society and an undergraduate member of the Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board, his talents are not limited to the athletic field. He was elected Campus King in 1959 and is noted for his sense of humor. With a History major and a talent for public speaking, Bob would like to join the staff of Young Life, a high school mission. English, Richard L. Endicott, N.Y. Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Engstrom, Barbara Walnut Creek English Stebbins Hall Enkoji, John T. Sacramento Communications Public Policy Enos, Louis T. Montclair, N.J. Physics Enserink, Ripon Chemical Engr. AIChE, UC Flying Club Epstein, Joseph I. Oakland Political Science ZBT, Frosh JV Baseball Erickson, Sonja G. Burlingame Sociology Scandinavian AM, YWCA, Women ' s Day Erlenheim, Alan H. Oakland Business Admin. Erlenheim, Carol B. Oakland English ZTA Eschmann, Laurel Concord Sociology International House Eskildsen, Gustavo Caracas, Venezuela Business Admin. Eubanks, Elizabeth Piedmont Child Development Evenson, Maude P. Atherton English YWCA, Red Cross Everett, Grant H. Palo Alto Business Admin. Golf Team Eversbusch, Claus R. Mexico Econcmics Soccer, Lutheran Student Assn., Amer. Chem. Society, Ezgar, Michael J. San Carlos Political Science Fabera, John W. Long Beach Chemical Engr. AIChE, Hiking Club Facer, James S. Seal Beach Industrial Engr. AIIE, Smyth Assn. Fagg, Douglas W. Vacaville Personnel Psych. Bowles Hall, Golden Guard, Track Faguet, Henrietta San Diego English Faiferek, Constance Oakland Public Health Newman Club Falk, Theodore S. Turlock Business Admin. Baseball, Triune Faris, William G. San Leandro Mechanical Engr. Acacia Farr, Eleanor Palo Alto Art History Women ' s Day 1959 Farrand, Alexander Pasadena History Farrell, Jane Grass Valley Home Economics Stern Hall Faulkner, Carol A. San Leandro Social Welfare Fawn, Kenn W. Bakersfield Chemical Engr. AIChE Fehlhaber, Jeanne Virginia, Illinois Hispanic America Warring Place, University of Illinois Transfer Feigenbaum, Terry Los Angeles Optometry Bowles Hall, Rally Comm., Megaphone Scciety, UCOA Felling, Barbara A. Kentfield Physical Education YWCA, Dean ' s Honor Roll, PE Major ' s Club Feldman, Elizabeth Van Nuys English International House, I House Council The holder of the American Record in the 660 and a member of the world ' s record two-mile relay team, track star JACK YERMAN also is a member of the Rose Bowl Football team. An All-American in track, Jack is in the Big C Society, the Order of the Golden Bear and Chi Psi, A Labor and Industrial Relations major, he hopes to break into the business world. Feldman, Stuart Lawrence Las Vegas, Nev. Criminology Ferling, Monika Ursula Redondo Beach History Stern Hall, YWCA, Hiking Club, Collegians Fernandez, Soledad Magdalena Berkeley German Ferris, Joyce Marie Oakland Social Welfare Fifer, Nancy Riverside English Finch, Kenneth San Rafael Civil Engineering ASCE Finch, Michael T. Visalia Civil Engineering ASCE, American Rocket Society Finch, Susan A. San Rafael Accounting Finch, William P. Sacramento Physics Smyth Association, Apollo Club, Newman Club Finley, Clyde Britt San Jose Mechanical Engr. Putnam Hall, AFROTC, Arnold Air Society Finn, Mary Helen San Diego Political Science Fi nnila, Charles A. Larkspur Electrical Engr. Bowles Hall, Hiking Club, TB II, HKN, Honor Students Society Finsterbusch, Ann Scarsdale, N. Y. Sociology Fiore, Gail J. New Rochelle, Music Treble Clef, University Chorus, Big Sisters Fiske, Albert James Sacram ento Political Science Fleming, Alvin San Francisco Business Admin. Fleming, Richard B Riverside History Crew, Ball Chain, Rally Committee, Student Union Bd. Fletcher, Sharon Sacramento Child Development Fletcher, William F., Jr. Sterling, Colo. Business Admin. Acacia Fletter, Jim Sacramento. Economics Junior IFC Flinn, David B. Atherton Business Admin. Bowles Hall, Big " C " Society, Vars. Crew Letterman Flint, Robert D. Rome, N. Y. Business Admin. Vice-Pres. Flores, Louis F. San Francisco Electrical Engr. UCSEE Fong, Gin Kou San Francisco Electrical Engr. Fong, Joann Eleanor San Francisco German Freeborn Hall, WAA, Pres. Oldenburg Hall, WDA Fong, Wilson Sacramento Business Admin. Foreman, George Bannick, Jr. Willits Business Admin. KA, Varsity Track, Freshman Class Council Forni, William John Santa Rosa Physiology KA Foster, George H. Taft Mechanical Engr. AXA, TB Foster, Wannie P. Watsonville Political Science Foudy, James Piedmont Business Admin. Golden Guard Fourkas, Teresa El Cerrito History Blue Gold Assn. Manager, Class Councils, Tower Flame The president of the IFC is none other than TONY JOHNSON, Lambda Chi Alpha president. His many talents include playing the piano and wrestling on the varsity team. " TJ " is senior class yell leader, a battalion commander in the ROTC, president of the Golden Guard, and to the Order of the Golden Bear. Tony is an Industrial major, yet he hopes to run for Congress someday. Much of his free time is spent with his fiancee, Judy Egaas. Fousekis, James T. San Francisco Political Science Fowler, Donald 0. Honolulu, Hawaii Architecture Winged Helmet Franco, John McC. Berkeley Business Admin. Swimming Franklin, Lora Bell Omaha, Nebr. Music Education Univ. Symphony Orchestra, Univ. Chamber Orchestra Franks, Natalie E. Oakland Decorative Art Fraser, Joseph Hughson Political Science Fraser, Thomas E. Hughson Agri. Economics Football, Rugby Frazell, Joan Ynez Lafayette Decorative Art AEA, Axe Review Staff, Masonic Club, Class Councils, Orchesis, Club Frease, John T. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. ASME Freeborn, Richard Nice Political Science Arnold Air Society, Bowles Social Chairman, Bowles Dance Band Freed, Norman Greenbrae Law Enforcement Freeman, Lee San Petroleum Californians, Welfare Board, Housing Council Chmn., Labor Coun. Freeman, Stockton Business Admin. Yacht Club, Masonic Club, Quarterdeck Society Frey, Gregg Richard Red Bluff Business Admin. Fritz, Robert S. Berkeley Business Admin. Fromm, David Geo. San Francisco Zoology Bowles Hall Frug, Gerald Berkeley Political Science Elections Council, IFC, Honor Students Society, Frye, Leland T. Sacramento Anthropology Kroeber Anthropological Society Fung, Hing Kwan Hong Kong Physics Fung, Milton San Mateo Business Admin. Photography Club Fung, Richard Gum Alameda Sanitary Science Gabor, Joan Whittier English Mitchell Hall, Newman Club Gallagher, Anne E. Newman Social Welfare Freeborn Hall, Undergraduate Social Welfare Club Gallaway, Heather June San Carlos Political Science Galvez, Paul Eldon Hayward Business Admin. 130 Circle C Gambrel I, Arlayne Eugenia San Francisco Home Economics Home Economics Club Gangwer, James Lititz, Penna. Mechanical Engr. Garcia, Arthur R. Modesto Journalism Garcia, Kenneth 0. Oakland Real Estate Sabre Air Command, Real Estate Club Gardner, Margaret Berkeley French Garmshausen, Trudy Pasadena Child Development WAA, Senior Class Council Garnsey, Mary Lu San Diego Spanish Skiing, sailing or just watching people are what MOLLY NOCK enjoys most of all. Serving as president, Molly has well represented Alpha Phi on campus. A member of Mortar Board and Pryt, she represents Panhellenic on AWS and is treasurer of Omicron Nu. She is a textile science major and her plans after graduation are indefinite. Who knows what is in store for this active senior? Garretson, Oliver R. Beverly Hills Mechanical Engr. American Society of Mechanical Engrs. Garvey, Marilyn A. Berkeley History WAA, " C " Society Garvin, Hawley F. Berkeley Engineering TKE, ASCE, Quarterdeck Society Gateley, Jon Lee Pismo Beach Political Science Gatto, John Mario Berkeley Architecture Californians Social Chmn., Sophomore Junior Class Pres., Smyth Assn., Honor Society Gaylord, Fritz Vallejo Business Admin. Class Council Gean, William D. Richland, Wash. Philosophy Honor, Soc., Forensic Council, Rep-at-Large Fall 1959, Drama Gee, Betty Sue Berkeley Social Welfare Gee, Christopher Berkeley Sanitary Science Undergrad Public Health Assn. Gelfarb, Joseph S. Oceanside Architecture Gerhardt, William Theodore Porterville Chemical Engr. White Shingles, A.I.Ch.E. Gerstle, John Hans Oakland Physics Academic Affairs Council Gerstung, Karin San Francisco French French Club, Italian Club, II Piccolo Gettelman, Alan Encino History ZBT Geyser, Joseph E. Brentwood Mechanical Engr. Giancoli, Douglas C. Berkeley Physics Newman Club, Giannini, Kerma J. Sand Coulee, Mont. Economics Gilcrest, Andrew S. San Lorenzo Mechanical Engr. Amer. Society of Mech. Engineers, Ginsberg, Sue San Francisco English Blue Gold Copy Editor, House Officer Prytanean Ginter, Barbara A. Berkeley History Giudice, Henry M. Santa Monica Political Science Varsity Football, Soph. Council, President ' s Reception Comm., Social Chairman Golden Guard Gliebe, Robert L. Sacramento Electrical Engr. UC Astronautics Club, Hiking Club, Parachute Club, Photography Club Glooschenko, Walter Oakland Soil Science ASUC Radio-TV Theater, Honor Students ' Society, Forestry Club Gluskin, Michael L. Redwood City Speech and Drama KN, Axe-Revue, Class Council, Intramural Sports, Football (Varsity), ROTC Gnesdiloff, George Alex Portola Valley Political Science Californians, IFC, Young Godsey, Kay Salinas Physical Education " C " Society Goepel, Wendy P. River Edge, N.J. Sociology Elizabeth Barrett, Ski Club, Tennis Club, Honor Students ' Assn. Gold, Roslyn Jean Oakland Criminology AA E Golden, David L. Whittier Zoology Glee Club Goldhagen, Harriet Arlene New York City Child Psychology Folk Dance, House Member, Ushering Hillel Goldman, Barry I. San Diego History ZBT Golen, Lawrence Peter, Jr. Sacramento Psychology Smyth Association MIKE APPLEBY is well known around campus as an active Slate member and a Slate Rep at Large. Not only is Mike busy in campus politics, but he has been president of Stiles Hall, a fullback on the soccer team, and chairman in 1958 of Project PIC, and a member of the PIC travel team. Despite such a well-rounded personality, Mike ' s ambition is still to be an individual, something we think he has already accomplished. " Let ' s get down to the ' Nitty Gritty ' of the matter " is his favorite expression, and around campus and Berkeley is Mike ' s pastime. Goltz, Milton Lee, Jr. Oakland Business Admin. Gonser, Thomas H. Berkeley Political Science Frosh Crew, Triune Gooch, Patricia J. Pasadena History of Art Goodbody, Richard LeRoy Escondido Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Goodman, Oakland Music Axe-Revue, Honor Society, University Chorus, Radio-TV (Noon Concerts) Goodwin, Barry Pasadena Spanish Ski Club, YWCA, Senior Class Council Goodwin, Hubert E. Napa Optometry Deutsch Hall, Optometry, Tower Flame, Honor Students, Goold, Georgia A. Fullerton Political Science UCYC, Young Republicans Gordon, Constance Berkeley French Gordon, Marilynn Z. La Canada East Asiatic Studies Gould, Geoffrey H. Berkeley Optometry UC Optcm. Assn. Gould, Harvey A. El Sobrante Physics Barrington Hall, Lutheran Student Center Goulden, Charles E. Alturas History Deutsch Hall, Honor Students ' Society, Govan, Greg Wm. San Francisco Labor Indus. Rel. Newman Club Goyne, David M. Fresno English Grady, Joan Theresa Lafayette Communications Public Policy Axe-Revue Grady, Peter McR. Berkeley Business Admin. ATQ, Frosh Crew, House Officer Graham, Louise K. San Francisco Public Health ZTA, Public Health Club, Senior Class Coun. Gravestock, Donald Fremont Business Admin. Smyth Assn., Gray, Carolyn LeC. Evanston, Ill. Political Science Univ. of Wisconsin Transfer Gray, Cynthia Pasadena Child Development Hoyt Hall Green, Jim E. Modesto Physical Education Big " C " , Skull Keys, Football Greenber g, Michelle Rosalind Astoria, Ore. Business Admin. Greenberg, Rochelle Omaha, Neb. Sociology Hillel, C.S.T.A. Greene, Alexandra Stetson San Francisco French Greene, Charles S. San Francisco Zoology Greene, Richard L. Los Angeles Accounting Honor Society, Czars, Men ' s Table Greenlee, Gordon Walker Piedmont Business Admin. Triune, Winged Helmet, Circle " C " , Rugby, Golden Guard Greenson, Daniel P. Santa Monica Zoology Executive Ccmm., NSA Coordinator, Slate, SCLU Grener, Daniel H. Santa Rosa Economics Grether, David M. Berkeley Business Admin. Chairman Store Board Griffin, Roberta A. Oakland English University Symphony Orch., Panhellenic Del. A Journalism major, CAROLE CARKEET has talent in more unusual fields also. Gold mining is one of her many talents, an ability which is rather unique in urban Berkeley. As president of the YWCA, Carole has been busy in more " normal " campus activities, and her friends at Epworth Hall tease her about her many meetings. WDA, Mortar Board, Prytanean, and AWS take up much of her time as do Theta Sigma Phi and the Honor Students Society. Though busy both on and off campus, Carole always has time for a cup of coffee. She hopes to go into professional YWCA work. Griffith, Sally San Francisco Decorative Art Grisemer, Alan N. PorterviIle Industrial Engr. Captain of Ski Team, AIIE Gross, John Allen San Francisco Geology Masonic Club Grosshans, Terry Oakland History Acacia, Strawhat Band, Cal Marching Band, Masonic Club Grossman, James H. West Los Angeles Political Science ZBT, Axe Revue Promotion Greek Week Chairman, Grossmann, Robt. E, Shafter Philosophy Glee Club, Glee Club Publicity Mgr., Spring Sing Grothe, Carol Ann Hillsborough Political Science Stern Hall, Model UN, WUS, Pryt. Gueffroy, Donald Millbrae Chemistry Deutsch Hall Guerard, Roberta M. Stockton History Guggenheim, Daniel San Francisco Business Admin. Winged Helmet, Triune, Exec. V-Pres. IFC, IFC J Com. Haberland, Marguerite Vista Criminology Stern Hall, Honor Students, Hacker, Diane S. Lafayette Comm. Public Policy Hacker, Jean L. Bakersfield Social Welfare Epwcrth Hall, UC Ski Club, Honor Students, Social Welfare Club, WAA, Haden, William E. Watsonville Political Science AT, Triune Hagedorn, James C. San Diego Accounting Bowles Ha ' l, Boxing Club, Hagiwara, Tanaka San Francisco Physical Education Stern Hall, Women ' s " C " Scc., WDA, WAA, Pryt. Hahne, Anne Marie Seattle, Wash. Botany Haines, William W. Laguna Beach English Triune, Skull Keys, Varsity Swimming, Big " C " Society Haisley, Russell D. Martinez Architecture Hakmiller, Stan M. Berkeley Industrial Relations Golden Guard Hale, Bert L., Jr. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. ASME Haley, Sharon San Francisco Public Health Public Health Club Haley, William M. N. Sacramento Metallurgy Deutsch Hall, MTA Deutsch Hall, Masonic Club Hall, Charles B. Oakland Business Admin. Acacia, Daily Cal Business Mgr., Order of the Golden Bear, Californians, Pub. Board, Hall, Connie San Francisco Political Science Hall, James Wolfe Carmel Agricultural Econ. Abracadabra, UC Ski Club, Cal Engineer Hall, Minard L. San Francisco Geology UC Hiking Club Hall, Roberta G. Covina Home Economics ON Halldorson, Joan T. San Francisco History Ski Club, II Piccolo Halvonik, Paul N. Hermosa Beach Political Science Pelican Hamilton, Betty M. Reno, Nevada Business Admin. Big Game Week Comm., Class Coun., Spring Sing Comm. Hamilton, Joan O ' Brien Carmel English WAA, YWCA, Community Service Council, Counciling Piedmont H.S. " How ' bout that sport fans? " is the favorite saying of STEVE RUTHERFORD, Senior Class President. As an industrial engineering major, Steve hopes some day to be president of IBM, a rather ambitious goal. He has served as chairman of COB, treasurer of the Engineer ' s Joint Council, representative of AIIE, and is a member of the Californians. Known for not quite being organized, Steve is most happy when he is listening to jazz with a scotch on one side and a girl on the other. Hamilton, Lorraine Grass Valley Political Science Wesley Foundation, WAA,K Hamm, Jack Sonora Geology UC Flying Club Hannah, Patricia A. Seal Beach Spanish Hansen, Bruce K. Oakland Business Admin. Varsity Crew, Big " C " Society,VRC Hansen, Dana J. Albany Public Health Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Hansen, Kip Oakland Child Development Blue Gold, Class Council Hansing, Adrian M, Covina Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, IRE Hanssen, Clifford San Rafael Architecture Hardy, Garney Pasadena Mathematics Hariri, M. Parviz Teheran, Iran Civil Engineering Harnett, Berkeley Dietetics ZTA Harrington, Don Joplin, Missouri Business Admin. Collegians, Honor Students, Harris, David R. Hillsborough Psychology Bowles Hall, Rally Committee, WUS, MRA Harris, Robert D. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Del Rey, ASME, IRE, IFC Harrison, Helen Palo Alto Decorative Art Hart, Darryl Alan San Jose Political Science House Pres., Spring Sing Comm., Axe Review Hartman, Beverly J. Grass Valley Comm. Public Policy Hartsough, Ronald Chevy Chase, Md. Political Science Triune, Deutsche Verein Hathaway, John A. Monterey Journalism Deutsch Hall, Daily Cal, Canterbury Club Hattori, Yukiye Stockton Mathematics Cheney Hall, Hauge, Lee John Reedley Electrical Engr. Havens, Glenn R. San Diego Physics Wesley Foundation, Stiles Hall, UC Ballroom Dancers Hawkins, Mary Bell Vacaville History Hawley, Bill Redwood City Political Science ASUC V.P., Rep-at-Large, Golf, Frosh Class Pres., NSA Coordinator Hawley, Lawrence Fresno Electrical Engr. UC Hiking Club, UCSEE Hayden Richard Lee Berkeley Labor Relations Hayes, Sharon L. Lookout Biochemistry Hays, Nancy E. San Gabriel Sociology University Interfaith Council Hayward, Gerald C. Exeter Political Science Welfare Bd., Labor Council Chairman, Young Republicans Hayward, Camarillo Speech Oski Dolls, Class Councils, Rally Committee Hazel tine, Robert T. Kentfield Business Admin. Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune Healey, Edward M. San Anselmo History Winged Helmet, Triune, Track A Criminology major, CINDY KROESEN hopes to be probation officer for Los Angeles, an unusual for a girl. She is Senior class vice-president, an Oski Doll, Angel Flight treasurer, co-chairman of the Junior Prom, and a member of Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the law enforcement fraternity. All outdoor sports interest Cindy, and activities keep her busy around campus. Her AOPi sorority sisters know Cindy as being stubborn and always talking, and her favorite expression is " Next week we ' ve got to get organized. " Healey, Patrick L. Long Beach Zoology University Village, Glee Club, Academic Affairs Council Healy, Thomas M. Long Beach Electrical Engr. Quarterdeck Soc., Newman Club, Rally Committee, HKN Hearth, Richard L. Sacramento Electrical Engr. UCSEE, AIEE Heckendorf, Margaret Modesto Sociology Heeres, Louis P. San Bernardino Criminology Honor Students, Heiges, Glenda Jean Gilroy Bact eriology Beaudelaire Club Heinz, Edward Lee Los Angeles Political Science Sabre Air Command, Arnold Air Society, National Commander Helmbrecht, Noel A. Morgan Hill Physical Education Bowles Hall, 145 ' s Basketball, Crew, Soccer, Circle " C " Helmso, Bennie E, Salinas Electrical Engr. UCSEE Hemming, Ruth M. Pasadena Journalism Epworth Hall, YWCA, Mortar Bd., Daily Cal, Honor Students, KTA Hemphill, Corinne Burnt Hills, N.Y. Dramatic Literature Henderson, Stephen Piedmont Business Admin. Quarterdeck Society Pres., Symphony Forum, Triune, Swmming Hendren, Andrea A. Sacramento Home Economics AI ' , Home Economics Club Hendricks, Tereah Hoyt Lakes, Minn. Physics Hendrix, Thomas C. Los Altos Finance House V.P. Henrich, Robert R. Pomona Hospital Admin. Soph Sr. Class Councils Henry, Kenneth W. Napa Physical Education Big " C " Society, Varsity Crew, Rowing Club Henry, Nancy Alameda Art History Freeborn Hall Herb, Peter F. Berkeley Business Admin. Herd, Alan Adam Laguna Beach Business Admin. KA, Triune Herd, William D. Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanical Engr. I House Herdocia, Danilo A. Leon, Nicaragua Mechanical Engr. ASME Herrick, Stephen B. Berkeley Business Admin. Experiment in International Chmn.,Frosh Sr. Class Councils, I Board Heskin, Allan D. Berkeley Accounting KN, Axe Revue, Intramural Heustis, Suzanne Seattle, Wash. History MK, Panhellenic Council, Campus United Fund Chmn., Intersorority Ball Chmn. Heyen, Douglas B. Oroville Electrical Engr. White Manor, IRE, UCSEE Hickman, Albert W. San Leandro Mechanical Engr. ASME Hieronimus, J. Lynne Oakland Business Admin. Class Councils Higby, Ronald J. Jr. San Francisco Political Science Higgins, George Ray Eastman, Ga. Political Science Hildebrand, Ellen P. Berkeley Psychology CSTA Hildebrand, Ronald Lodi Political Science UC Ski Club Busy, busy, are the only words to describe CONRAD, Women ' s Rep. As chairman of WEB, Charlene represented UC at the Association of Women Students where she was elected National Vice-President. As an active member of Cal Club, Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Women ' s J Com, it ' s no wonder that Charlene is always having to attend some kind of meeting and trying to get things organized. S he hopes after graduation to go into administration work and to travel. An Honor Student in Sociology, Charlene is a girl of whom her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters can be proud. Hill, Linda K. Sacramento Speech House Pres., Oski Dolls Hill, Norman L. Oroville Chemistry Bowles Hall, Track Hing, Wesley S. Stockton Civil Engr. ASCE, CSC Hinton, Ralph N. San Leandro Wildlife Cons. Daily Cal, Wildlife Conservation Club Hirai, Mabel San Francisco Bacteriology Freeborn Hall Hirano, Janet Berkeley Social Welfare AAX, NSC, IVCF Hirsch, Arthur W. Los Angeles Electrical Engr. UCSEE Hitchcock, Larry E. Salinas History Hixson, John Berkeley Physics Hodgdon, Fredericka Oakland English Elections Committee, Class Council Hodges, Sandra Ann Los Angeles Sociology Epworth Hall Hoecker, Gail V. San Francisco History Honor Students Hoffman, Curtis Mill Valley Business Admin. Hoffner, Anaheim Speech Sr. Class Panile Sec., Women ' s Ex. Beard, PIC Sec. Holcombe, Eleanor May Ojai Child Development Tower Flame, Rally Com. Hollander, Robert Ray Los Angeles Political Science Cloyne Court, USCA Board of Directors, House Pres. HolIingshead, Evelyn Sacramento History Student " J " Comm., Blue Gold Editor ' 59, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Pub. Board Hollingsworth, Johnny Pasadena Business Admin. EX Holme, Biance N. San Francisco French Holmes, Irene E. Adin Child Development Hoist, James Oakland Political Science Holston, Charles H. Compton Criminology Varsity Hem, James Ben San Francisco Business Admin. Hom, Milton San Francisco Electrical Engr. UCSEE Homann, Dorothy Santa Rosa German Bennett Manor, Treble Clef Hong, Laureen Honolulu, Hawaii English Freeborn Hall, CSC, Collegians Eleanor K. Berkeley Psychology YWCA Hopkins, Cherry Hollywood English Hornbaker, David R. Oakland Mechanical Engr. ASME, UCCE, Debate Horner, Gordon D. San Francisco Business Admin. Masonic Club Horner, Jeffrey W. Berkeley Speech House Pres., IFC, Project PIC, IFC J Comm., Vars. Debate Team Capt. Hovey, Archie Lynwood Mechanical Engr. ASME, UCCE DICK THINGER, noted for forgetting names, has served as Men ' s Rep and chairman of Men ' s Ex Board. A member of Skull and he is Sec.-Treas. of Winged Helmet, and a member of Golden Guard, a society for Army Senior ROTC. A Business Administration major with emphasis in foreign trade, Dick hopes to work in the foreign trade markets and travel. A Delta Tau Delta, Dick is pinned. Howard George F. Berkeley Psychology Howard, Walter R. Turlock Civil Engr. XE, ASCE Howden, Charles R. Berkeley Zoology Huber, Gordon Jr. Piedmont Business Admin. Cal Club Chmn., Big " C " Soc., Order of the Golden Bear, Skull Keys, W. Helmet Hudack, Larry J. Santa Barbara Mechanical Engr. KA, Triune Hudson, Leonard P. Sacramento Business Admin. UC Sailing Club Hudson, William N. Berkeley Mathematics Abracadabra Huey, Deanna Fresno Social Welfare Joaquin Hall, Social Welfare Club Hughes, Dick W. Fresno Business Admin. Hughes, James A. Fresno Business Admin. Triune Hughes, Marcia Ann Oakland Decorative Art Prytanean, Blue Gold, YWCA, Hume, David G. Turlock History Hunt, B. Renee Antioch Child Development Ritter Hall, AWS Social Chmn., WDA Service Chmn., Prytanean, Honor Students, Hall Pres., AAE Pres. Hunt, James W. Walnut Creek Finance Newman Club Hunt, Marilyn Bliss Berkeley Child Development Hunter, Mary E. San Leandro Child Development Elizabeth Barrett, YWCA, Intramural, House Sec., Univ. Chorus, CSTA Hunter, William K. Modesto Admin. Policy Huntington, John B. San Francisco General Curriculum Hutchison, Claude B. Berkeley Business Admin. Vars. Crew, Big " C " Society, VRC, Triune Hutchison, Murray H. San Pedro Foreign Trade Hvizdak, John E. Weirton, W. Va. Economics Ibrahim, Ismail Indonesia Physiology Ridge Annex, Cal. Indo, Premed Society lkda, Helen Ontario, Oregon Slavic Lang. Lit. Imai, JoAnne San Francisco Decorative Art Stern Hall, WDA, CSTA, WAA, Imhoff, Darrall T. San Gabriel Forestry Cal Club, " C " Society, Varsity Basketball, Order of Gold. Bear Inch, Betsy H. Piedmont Economics AO II, Thistle Br. Children ' s Hospital, YWCA Ingham, Bill H. Glendale Political Science Innes, Tracy E. La Canada English KKT ' , House Pres. Inouye, Akio San Francisco Accounting Euclid Hall, Glee Club Itaya, Joan K. French Camp History Iwata, Kazuko Los Angeles Psychology Stebbins Hall Ja, Pauline Y. San Mateo Home Economics Freeborn Hall, Home Economics Club, Chinese Students Club " Aw right " is RUDY MONTEJANO ' S favorite and loud voice is well known all over the Berkeley campus. Rudy has been chairman of Blue Monday, Junior Class president, secretary of Stiles Hall, vice-chairman of the class officers board, and a member cf Cal Club and Californians, yet he is undoubtedly best known as Head Yell Leader. he hopes to be a lawyer, Rudy at present enjoys singing and playing the guitar. Jackson, Harry Blue Lake Civil Engr. Barrington Hall Jacob, Jack S. San Francisco Electrical Engr. AIEE, IRE, UCSEE, Hillel Jacobi, Patricia San Francisco General Curriculum Piedmont Court, Pelican Women ' s Director Jacobs, Walter Berkeley Political Science Golden Guard Jacobson, Sanford Daly City Mathematics Deutsch Hall, Axe Review ' 59 Jaffe, Stephen N. San Francisco Physiology Axe Review, Rally Committee Jakobson, Craig San Francisco Civil Engr. James, Charles R. Concord Business Admin. Track, Big " C " Society James, Coralei San Francisco English Honor Students Jamieson, Encino History Cheney Hall, Canterbury Jarvis, Robert W. Sacramento Accounting Smyth Hall, Daily Cal, Men ' s Ex Bd., Californians, Order of the Golden Bear Jenkins, Richard L. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. ASME Treas. Jeong, Susan Bakersfield French Jewett, Barbara M. Berkeley Child Development Hoyt Hall, Newman Club, Home Economics Club Johns, Judith B. San Francisco English KA, Oski Dolls Johnson, Cornelia Richmond Journalism Daily Cal Assistant Editor, Johnson, Gordon N Sacramento Criminology Circle C, IFC, Weight Basketball Johnson, Janet L. Santa Rosa English Hoyt Hall, Honor Students Johnson, El Monte English Johnson, Lance Waco, Georgia Optometry UCDA Johnson, Nancy G. Oakland Political Science Johnson, William M. La Jolla Finance Baseball, Triune Johnston, Bill Berkeley Accounting Johnston, Philip Claremont Business Admin. Class Councils Johnston, Sharon D. Piedmont Dramatic Art Oski Dolls, Rally Comm., Blue Gold, UC Sailing Club, Pres. Jolly, Robert P. Alameda History House Historian, IFC, Californians Jonasdottir, Solveig Akyreyri, Iceland Public Health Jones, Ann P. San Anselmo Public Health Jones, Carroll E. Parlier Business Admin. Jones, Lawrence P. Vallejo Sociology Jordan, Edward H. Vallejo Civil Engr. Jordan, Jewel Adele Richmond French Class Council Head Pompon girl, IRENE TAKEI, finds spectator sports the best way to spend her free time. She is a member of Cal Club, Prytanean, Games and Rally Council, Panel of Americans, and the APC. Irene was also elected " Miss Nisei Coed " by the Nisei Students Club. A child development major, Irene hopes to be a housewife and a teacher, and since she is engaged she is well on her way to fulfill at least one of these ambitions. Jorgensen, Jerren San Luis Obispo Premed Jorgensen, Kenneth Riverside Mechanical Engr. Oxford Hall, ASME Joyal, Arnold Jr. Fresno Mechanical Engr. ASME, Arnold Air Society Judy, Carolyn Sacramento Art History YWCA, Class Council Jue, Edward Walton Ventura Marketing Deutsch Hall, Gold. Guard, Chinese Students Club, Jue, Willie Santa Paula Accounting Jungblom, Jean L. Oakland Chemistry Stebbins Hall, UC Folk Dance Club, Tower Flame, UC Hiking Club, SAACS Kane, Marilyn C. Oakland Music Kani, Melvin K. San Mateo Public Health Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Kaps, Richard K. Sacramento Engineering Physics Cal Band, Straw Hat Band Karmine, Cristel San Francisco Sociology Mitchell Hall Karr, Howard L. San Mateo Industrial Relations Soph. Class V-Pres., Pres. of Californians, Asst. Yell Leader, Sr. Class Yell Leader Katz, Helen Jane San Francisco Psychology Freeborn Hall, WDA 1st V-Pres. Kavanagh, Carol Ann Alameda Speech Oski Dolls, Soph. Class Sec.Treas., WEB, IFC Queen, UC Football Festival Queen Kavanagh, Melinda Martinez English Mortar Bd., Prytanean, Panile, Panel of Americans Kawamoto, Jack Mountain View Electrical Engr. Putnam Hall Kay, Judith L. San Francisco English Kaye, Elizabeth Berkeley Sociology Freeborn Hall, CSTA, UC Hiking Club Keck, James C. Fontana Chemistry Honor Students Keefer, James R. Oakland Physiology KAP, Premed Society, Honor Students Keller, Carolyn San Francisco Physical Education Stebbins Hall, NEW, Mortar Bd., P.E. Majors Club, Women ' s " C " Soc., Prytanean Keller, Philip C. San Francisco Chemistry AXE, SAACS, DSC Kelley, Tad Dewitt Gardena Zoology Kelley, Terrance Los Angeles Political Science Big " C " Soc., Varsity Track Kellogg, Theodore Sacramento Business Admin. Kelly, John M. San Francisco Accounting Triune Kelly, Susan Gwen Glendale Hispanic America House Pres., YWCA, Class Couns. Kemp, Janet V. Ardsley-on- Hudson, N.Y. Business Admin. Angel Flight, UC Yacht Club, UC Ski Club Kennedy, Barbara J. La Crescenta Economics USCA Kennon, Jack Allen San Francisco Business Admin. Californians, Men ' s Ex Board Kerper, Elna F. Susanville Political Science Epworth Hall Kerr, James H. San Francisco Accounting KA, Triune GROVE THOMAS and MAC ROBINSON are both known for their crazy antics in the Straw Hat Band. Grove is the bass drummer, and Mac is Senior manager. Both are members of the Order of the Golden Bear, yet both are active in their own right apart from their band activities. Mac belongs to Golden Guard, Rally and Games Council, and hopes to do research in ceramics, while Grove has been president of Gavel and Quill, a member of and has worked on the Axe Review and Spring Sing. Kessler, Abigail Mae Los Angeles Medical Technology PHUA Keyes, Jerry M. Kaysville, Utah Optometry UC Optometric Assn. Kim, Chung Se oul, Korea Chemical Engr. Deutsch Hall Kim, Han Joo Seoul, Korea Economics KimSall, Patricia C. San Gabriel Psychology ABA, Panhellenic, AWS Board, APC, Rally Comm., YWCA Kimura, Florence S. Kalaheo, Hawaii Zoology Stebbins Hall Kimura, Kenneth K. San Jose Chemical Engr. Stiles, Golden Guard, NSC Pres., Judo Club Kindorf, Robert D. Berkeley Architecture King, Albert W. Alameda Industrial Engr. Ridge House, AIIE King, Janet L. Piedmont Physical Therapy Honor Society Kingren, Bjorg Moss, Norway Comparative Lit. Kinnick, Karl W. Piedmont History Young Repub., Honor Students Society, History Club Kirby, Robert Oakland Zoology KAP, Pre-med Soc., Honor Soc. Kirk, Frank T. So. Pasadena Electrical Engr. Rugby, IRE, UCSEE, Newman Club Kirkpatrick, Larry J. Colton English Kirwan, Kevin Beverly Hills Business Admin. IFC, Triune IFC Schol. Honor Society Kistinger, John W. Santa Cruz Zoology Kiyomura, Ira I. Mountain View Zoology Bowles Hall, Track Mgr. Klein, Jeanne San Francisco Art History Klick, James H. Berkeley Civil Engr. ASCE Klink, Richard N. Arcadia Landscape Arch. TKE Klugow, Allen Bakersfield Mechanical Engr. ASME Knight, David M. Jr. Fullerton Chemistry North Gate Lodge, Amer. Chem. Soc. Knoepp, Terry J. La Jolla Economics Young Repub., Class Coun. Kobayashi, Harold N. Sacramento Landscape Arch. Kobayashi, Say Sacramento Engineering Euclid Hall Konings, Elena San Francisco Slavic Lang. Lit. Wcmen in Foreign Affairs, AMP, Dobro Slovo, Honor Society Kano, Oakland Political Science Pane! of Americans Kontrovich, George Oakland Accounting Christian Science Organization Kopas, Ken A. Temple City Mechanical Engr. Kornfeld, Henry C. San Francisco Premed Psych. Deutsch, Premed Soc., Axe-Revue, Honor Society Korsinen, Reedley History Honor Students Society " The thing of it is " is the trademark of Pompon girl MARLENE PECK. Bridge and drinking beer at the Rathskeller and Monkey Inn are two of her favorite activities which include dancing, swimming and waterskiing. Besides cheering our teams on to victory for two years, she has been vice president of her Junior class and on class councils, Gavel and Quill, AWS, and COB. A Social Welfare major, this Kappa Delta hopes to travel after graduation as well as perhaps being a medical social worker and her " social work " on a husband of her own. Kostyra, Diana E. El Cerrito Public Health Premed Society Kreamer, Susan J. Bakersfield Spanish Joaquin Hall, Pres. of Joaquin, UC Symphony Orch. Kroesen, Cindy A. Burbank Criminology Oski Dolls, Angel Flight, Sr. Class V-Pres , Junior Prcm Comm. Krouzian, Louise San Francisco Int ' l Relations Secy. Pres. Assn. of Women in For. Affairs, Class Coun. Krummack, Mary J. Lafayette Econ.; Political Sci. Tower Flame, Newman Club, Amer. Women in Foreign Affairs, Krutchkoff, David J. San Francisco Zoology Varsity Golf, Circle C Kuechles, Henry N. Atherton Business Admin. Vars. Tennis, Big " C " Society, Skull Keys, BB, Winged Helmet Kuhn, Carl A. San Francisco Civil Engr. Californians, Vars. Rowing Club, ASCE, Crew Kullama, Wanich Bangkok, Thailand Criminology Kulstad, George A. Stockton Int ' l Relations Yacht Club Kumli, Raymond P. San Mateo Economics Kurotori, Katherine Y. Concord History Panel of Americans Kurtz, Gerald T. Piedmont Mechanical Engr. UC Glee ' Club, Sr. Men ' s Octet, ASME, Student Council, Engineer ' s Joint Council Kwapong, Emmanuel A. Akropong, Ghana Business Admin. (Marketing) Secy. Amer. Assn., UC Branch Labare, Roger Piedmont Business Admin. Lackey, James D. Rock Island, Ill. Architecture Rep. Student Arch. Assn., Yacht Club, Koppers Award Winner-4th Year Student Design LaFontaine, Eugenia M. Alameda Chemistry Calif. Engineer LaForce, Phil D. Salinas Engineering Vars. Wrestling, Order of Golden Bear, Big " C " Society, ASME Lake, Suzanne J. Palo Alto Music Lambden, William J. Hayward Political Science Circle C, Big C, Ski Club, Gymnastics Lambert, Carl L. Watsonville Political Science AKA, Megaphone Soc., Rally Comm., Arnold Air Society, Pelican Adv. Mgr. Lambert, Howard W. Berkeley Mathematics Intramural Boxing, Table Tennis Lamoreux, Larry W. Niles Mechanical Engr. Landis, Janet F. Berkeley Child Devel.; Educ. YWCA, CSTA Lane, Jana C. Berkeley History Langford, Wayne A. Redding Political Science Lang wan, Richard T. Philadelphia, Pa. Urban Design Arch. Assn., Beaux Arts Ball, Daily Cal, Cultural Arts Comm. Lanier, Gerald N. Pittsburg Forestry Oxford Hall, Crew, Forestry Club Lansman, John E. Hayward Business Admin. Larsen, Arlene J. Hayward Public Health Lab. Epworth Hall, Public Health Assn. Larsen, Donald E. Ukiah Architecture Abracadabra, Pres. Arch. Assn., Soph. Football Mgr. Larsen, Linda R. Berkeley Physical Education RAY VERZASCONI, a Spanish major, hopes to go into either the Foreign Service or secondary He is chairman of the ASUC International Board, a member of Alpha Mu Gamma and Executive Committee. Appropriate for one interested in foreign lands, traveling is his favorite pastime. Larson, Linda Rice Oakland English Larson, Paul O. San Francisco Zoology Lathrop, Ronald M. Oakdale Chemical Engr. Barrington Hall Lau, Mildred Y. Honolulu, Hawaii History Laufenberg, Clemens Stockton Civil Engr. IFC Scholastic Honor Soc., Triune, ASCE, XE, TB II Lavezzi, Robert J. El Cerrito History Lawrenson, Kenneth South Pasadena Mechanical Engr. Leach, Marguerite Hollister Social Welfare Stern Hall, Rally Committee, Honor Students, Undergr. Soc. Welfare Club Leathern, Berkeley History Freeborn Hall, CSTA Leavitt, John J. Piedmont Psychology UC Skiing Club Lebherz, Arlene F. San Francisco Amer. Civilization Beaudelaire Club, House Pres., Honor Students, WDA Lee, Andrew Tung San Francisco Civil Engr. Lee, Arnold San Francisco Civil Engr. ASCE Lee, Daniel Oakland Zoology Lee, Dong Sup Hilo, Hawaii Chemical Engr. Lee, Ernest Oakland Foreign Trade Cal Band, Chinese Students ' Club, Masonic Club, Straw Hat Band Lee, Feel ie Ojai English Stern Hall, CSC, Blue Gold, Oski Dolls, Panile Lee, Glenn C. Jr. Kennewick, Wash. Journalism AXP Lee, Linda Oakland English Chinese Students ' Club, WDA, Honor Students Lee, Milton R. Berkeley Chemistry AXE, SAACS Lee, Virginia D. San Francisco Home Economics Legallet, Suzanne Atherton Child Development Legg, Kenneth G. Eureka History Leick, Joseph A. Campbell Architecture Leighton, Albert C. Chester, N. H. History Leipziger, Frances Beverly Hills French Leister, Charles Jr. Corona Criminology Leiter, Peter G. Santa Barbara Political Science Leland, Thomas E. Piedmont Engineering AKA Leonard, Elizabeth Oxnard History Leonard, Lois Lafayette English WUS, Newman Club, Intramural Basketball Leonard, Robert L. Altadena Forestry Forestry Club Music and Political Science are an unusual for a major, but that is just what ZILPHA SHADI is specializing in. She plays both the piano and the violin, and she hopes to go into affairs. Zilpha has served as Secretary General and Conference Director of the High School Model United Nations, vice-chairman of the International Relations Board, president of the Orchestra and treasurer and vice-president of Tower and Flame. A member of Panile, Mortar Board, and vicepresident of Prytanean, she certainly has contributed her time and effort to Cal. Leong, Charlene San Francisco Child Development Leong, Suey Jeong San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Lerer, Lynn Diane Petaluma Sociology Collegians Leslie, Robert L. Sattley Geology Leung, Eva Y. Hong Kong Zoology Chinese Student Assn., Hong Kong Excelsis Club Lever, John A. Los Angeles Electrical Engr. Levine, Ben H. San Anselmo Political Science Cal. Greek Lewis, Janet E. Fort Jones Paleontology Junior Class Coun., Yacht Club Liapes, Michele A. Mill Valley English Stern Hall, Gavel Quill, Campus Tours, Sr. Week Chmn., Ski Club Liechti, Joan A. Berkeley English Lightbody, Marcia L. Berkeley English UC Hiking Club Lightner, David M. W. Sacramento Political Science Bowles Hall, Cal Band, Likens, James D. Bakersfield Economics Barrington Liles, Robert H. Oakland Journalism Fr. Crew, Intramural Basketball Lim, Honson F. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. Lin, Leo K. C. Canton Civil Engr. ASCE Linczer, Jo-Al Honolulu Journalism Lindberg, Eric John Oakland Business Admin. TKE, IFC, Judicial Comm. Lindley, Jack A. Sacramento Civil Engr. ASCE Lindsay, Lisle A. San Fernando Chemical Engr. Putnam Hall, AIChE Lindsay, Lucy C. Berkeley Music Honor Soc. Linman, Lynn C. Kingsburg Physics Littleton , Wayne C. Concord Business Admin. AXA Liu, Sandy Y. Hong Kong Physics Livingston, Duncan C. Oakland Criminology AAE Lobdell, Timothy E. Oakland Engr. Physics Smyth, , Loberg, David E. Napa Religion Luthern Student Assn. Lockshin, Arnold Richmond Biochemistry Ridge House, Glee Club Logan, John W. New York Child Development Lombardi, Carolyn San Francisco History KMT Long, Daniel R. Sacramento Physics Barrington Hall, Upper Div. Honor Students ' Society Loomis, Leonard J. Palo Alto Business Admin. Senior Mgr. UC Glee Club, V-Pres. Golden Gd. " Fabulous " is the favorite expression of CHARLES HALL who is looking forward to a career in the advertising business. Aside frcm his studies in the field of business administration, Chuck has kept himself busy as business manager of the DAILY CAL, historian of Californians, president of Alpha Delta Sigma, and vice-chairman of the Publications Board. This efficient senior has also been active in Xi Xi Xi, Order of the Golden Bear, and the Cal Band. Chuck ' s Acacia fraternity brothers are entertained with his powerful puns, and his favorite pastime is sailing his own boat. Loomis, Robert W. Santa Barbara Forestry KA, Boxing, Forestry Club, Arnold Air Society Louie, Edmund H. Stockton Electrical Engr. Louis, Ellen Oakland Mathematics Low, Edward H. Napa Valley Landscape Arch. Low, Thomas San Francisco Indus. Relations Lowe, Linda Sacramento Child Development Lubbock, Dan Alameda Speech Soph. Pres., Cal Club, Golden Bear, Californians, IFSHS Lucas, Roger R. Hayward Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, Pres. Cloyne Court, Swimming, NROTC Drill Team Luders, Dave H. San Francisco Industrial Engr. AIIE, A II M Luedke, Edward E. Long Beach Mechanical Engr. ASME Lukens, William M. Covina Business Admin. Big C, Triune, Winged Helmet Lundberg, Berkeley Int. Relations Pelican Lusk, Diana Los Altos French Honor Society, Luther, Marjorie J. Alameda Physical Education Blue Gold, Rally Comm., NEW, Lutz, Michael A. Beverly Physics Bowles, Honor Society Lyders, Jan Ventura Political Science Lynch, Alva A. San Francisco Anthropology Epworth Hall, Wesley Found., WAA, Stud. Christian Council Lynch, John W. Crescent City History Lynch, Robert S. Tucson, Aria. Psychology Gymnastics, Oski, Rally Games Coun., Tower Flame McAlear, Robert A. Hillsboro, Ore. Spanish AM MoAllister, Robt. G. Burl ingame Optometry UCOA, UCYC McCarron, Kerwin P. San Francisco Physics Grey Gables, Com. Relations Council, Hiking Club, Repertory Chorus McCarthy, Frank J. Solvang Business Admin. Bowles, McCarthy, Piedmont English Rally Comm. McCarty, Elliott Z. Phoenix, Ariz. Political Science Cloyne Ct., Men ' s Residence Assn., Men ' s Exec. Board, Stiles Hall, Jr. Class Rep., Mcdel UN McCarty, Kathleen J. Sacramento English Ski Club McClanahan, Ruth M. Bakersfield Spanish Honor Soc. McClish, Lucille A. Inglewood Geography Richards Hall, Pres. Richards McCombs, W. Wayne Stockton Zoology TKE, Ski Club, Flying Club, Parachute Club, PIC, Sailing Club McCord, Joseph Richmond History Pelican McCormack, Judith A. Rio Vista English McCul loch, William K. San Francisco Business Admin. Smyth Assn., Rifle Team, A Journalism major, ANNE RUGGERI, the spring editor of the DAILY CAL, is busy in other campus activities. Having served in other editorial capacities the newspaper, Anne is a member of Pub Board, Xi Xi Xi, and the University Affairs Council. Well known all over theUG campus for her " I was a Girl in the Cal Rooting Section " story, she hopes to be a newspaper reporter in the future. Sleeping is her favorite extracurricular activity, and her " Sorry, but our space limitations . . . " is well known throughout the Daily Cal office. McCurnin, William R. Fallbrook Chemical Engr. AICE McDaniel, Carolyn A. San Mateo Psychology McDonald, Fran R. Sonora History Treble Clef McDonald, Judith Oakland Spanish McDonald, Mary Lou San Francisco French Cercle Treble Clef, of Clubs McDonough, Gary San Francisco Political Science McDowell, Carol L. Alameda Journalism A011, Blue Gold, Big Game Week Comm., Rally Comm., Class Coun. McFarland, Gerald San Leandro History Activities Plan. Comm., Welfare Bd. V-Pres., Interf. Scholastic Soc. McFarling, Ann Ukiah Psychology Panel of YWCA, Panlle, Prytanean, Mortar Board McGee, Mary Anne Sacramento Home Economics McGinley, Janet Stockton Sociology AWS Board, Women ' s J Com. Chinn., Project PIC McGinnis, Helen J. San Rafael Zoology Hiking Club McGinnis, John W. Berkeley Business Admin. IFC, McGuinn, John A. Hollydale Speech Triune, Boxing McHenry, Wilbert E. Jr. San Marino Landscape Arch. Mcllraith, Terry Oakland Mechanical Engr. TKE, Cal Band, ASME McKay, Anne E. Red Bluff Home Economics Newman Club, Home Economics Club McKay, Donald E. Oakland Chemistry McKean, Judith L. Concord Psychology WAA, Honor Students McLeod, Kathryn El Cerrito History Cheney Hall, Lutheran Student Center McManigal, James San Francisco Accounting EX, Baseball McMullen, Sue El Cerrito Political Science ZTA, Blue Gold, ASUC Publicity Public Relations, Campus Crusade McMurray, Edmund San Francisco Speech TKE, House Sec., Honor Students McMurry, Samuel S. Watsonville Political Science AKA, IFC, Homecoming Queen Contest Comm. ' 57 McNamara, Daniel Neosho, Mo. Psychology McPherson, Douglas Lynwood Business Admin. Triune, Winged Helmet McPherson, Du ncan Stockton Political Science Deutsch Hall, Crew, Rally Comm., UC Yacht Club, Hall Treas. MacIsaac, Nancy Anaheim Political Science Angel Flight, UC Sailing Club, Intramural Madden, Robert W. Oakland Optometry UCOA Maddock, Richard F. Danville Industrial Mgt. Newman Club, ASUC Pub. Public Relations Madonne, Marjorie Berkeley History Daily Cal Editor, Mortar Board, Cal Club, Prytanean, YR ' s Mahoney, James Hayward Accounting So busy in campus activities that she hasn ' t had time for either hobbies or talents, GAYLE MERKT is president of Mortar Board, was president of Panile and is a member of Prytanean. She is a DG and a speech major, and after working in New York she will return to teach in elementary school. Well deserving of the Panhellenic Girl of the Year award, Gavle was All-U Events Chairman of Cal Club and Activities Chairman of Panhellenic. Known for all kinds of little things, " Gayle is one senior of whom the University can be proud. Maldonado, San Public Health Rugby, Circle C, Premed Society, Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Malone, David W. Yuba City Civil Engr. IFC Honor Society, Honor Students, XE Maloyan, Carol J. Lafayette Political Science Stern Hall, Blue Gold, NCSPC Manley, Michael A. Oakland Political Science Glee Club, Senior Octette, University Theatre, Axe Review, Mann, Nancy A. Santa Fe, N. M. Psychology Beaudelaire Club, Honor Students, Advisor Bd. Chmn. Manning, Berkeley Child Development UC Ski Club Manwell, Muriel G. Northhampton, Mass. Mathematics Honor Students Marable, Darwin Los Angeles Criminology Oxford Hall, Marble, Dana C. El Cajon Economics Big " C " Society, Sr. Football Mgr. March, Sophia G. New York, N. Y. Spanish Marsh, Harry Jr. Riverside Architecture Putnam Hall, Collegians, Putnam Hall V-Pres. Martin, Donald W. Pittsburg Physics Quarterdeck Society Maschal, Jean Berkeley American Civ. Maselli, Louis Oakland Political Science Honor Students Masson, Bruce Hayward Engr. Physics Abracadabra, Mattson, Sherrill Castro Valley Sociology YWCA Maxwell, Edward J. Fullerton History Young Republicans, IFC Mayfield, Barbara Vacaville Political Science Epworth Hall Mazzei, Eugene A. Oakland Zoology Meade, Kenneth A. Sausalito Political Science Vars. Football, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Big " C " Society Meiggs, William B. Menlo Park Physics Collegians Meinecke, Fred K. Palo Alto Anthropology Barrington Hall, Cal Band, Hawaiian Club, Honor Studs., Kroeber Anthr. Soc. Mellana, Lauralee L. Larkspur History Melmon, Gary Alan San Francisco Mechanical Engr. AFROTC Band, House Mgr., Axe Review, Intramural Meloy, Alexander Napa Civil Engr. Ridge House, Crew, Californians, Axe Review ' 56, ASCE Melton, Marvin E. Compton Petroleum Engr. Cloyne Court, AIME, MTA, Newman Club Melville, Judith Rae Oakland Sociology ZTA, Young Democrats, Class Councils Melvin, Bruce R. Hayward Economics Melwani, Ramesh J. Bombay, India Business Admin. Merkt, Gayle Oakland Speech , Mortar Board Pres., Cal Club, Panile Pres., Prytanean Merriman, Hillsborough Business Admin. IFC, Football Mgr. Merson, Richard L. Bakersfield Chemical Engr. AICE ELIZABETH RODGERS, known to her Pi Beta Phi sorority sisters as Liz, has served as Prytanean president, secretary of Panile, secretary of AWS Board, and publicity chairman of WUS drive. She hopes to travel after graduation and enjoys doing anything athletic outdoors, such as skiing, riding and tennis. " Hey, guess what? " and " Oh, crumb " are the favorite expressions of this Child Development major. Meserve, Nancy R. Glendale English Epworth Hall Metcalf, Darcy Anne Redwood City Home Economics MK, Class Council, Home Economics Club Sec., Gavel Quill Meuter, Patricia San Leandro Sociology Hoyt Hall, Life Guard Corp Meyers, C. Alan Chicago, Ill. Chemical Engr. Barrington Hall, Glee Club Meyers, Margaret J. Antioch Oldenberg Hall, House J Corn. Chmn., House Treas., WAA Miailovich, Robert San Jose English Smyth Hall, Ex Comm., FSB Chmn., Elections Council Chmn., Rally Corn. Miali, Marlene Downey English Michael, John J. Riverside Physical Education II KA. Skull Keys, Big " C " Soc., Winged Helmet, Varsity Football Middleton, Dolores Yuba City English Mikami, Edward Y. Honolulu, Hawaii Electrical Engr. HKN Miles, Roberta Ann Oakland English Miller, Elizabeth Berkeley Art History ABA, Treble Clef, UC Hiking Club, College Women ' s Club Juniors Miller, Judy Ann Sherman Oaks Journalism Cheney Hall, WDA Pres., AWS Board, Cheney Hall Pres. Miller, Kay Elaine Albuquerque, N.M. History Miller, Marcia K. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. Economics Torch Shield, Prytanean, YWCA, Rally Com. Miller, Orie M. Oakland History Miller, Stanley L. Richmond Chemistry Millet, Richard C. Anaheim Architecture Ridge House, XAK, Archit ecture Assn. Millett, James M. Alameda English University Theatre Milligan, Ronald C. Oroville Business Admin. Basketball, Rugby, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Rugby Club Mills, Bob Hayward Civil Engr. Glee Club, Golden Guard Mills, William W. Bakersfield Int ' l Relations Mingori, Tino Los Angeles Engr. Science Ben, TB II Minor, Butler B. San Francisco Business Admin. , Crew Minor, Gregory C. Berkeley Electrical Engr. TB II Mitchell, Mary Ellen Fresno Child Development Mitrofanoff, Nicholas Belmont Electrical Engr. Miura, Neal I. Lodi Business Admin. Euclid Hall, Amer. Marketing Assn. Miura, Robert M. Del Rey Mechanical Engr. Putnam Hall, ASME, Honor Students, TB II, Nisei Students Club, Mixter, Janet Louise Exeter History Miyamoto, Donald San Francisco Zoology Miyoshi, Allan M. Honolulu, Hawaii Electrical Engr. Deutsch Hall, UCSEE, Honor Students The active chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee is JANET McGINLEY, member of Prytanean and Chi Omega. She is known for giving campuses and being organized. She enjoys playing the piano and listening to good music, and she hopes someday to see the world at least some of it. " Seriously?! " is Janet ' s favorite expression. Minis, Marvin Lee San Francisco Acctg. For. Trade Deutsch Hall, Campus Tours, ASUC Radio-TV Theater Mjolsnes, Russell Peter Orinda History Bowles Hall, Fr. Swimming, Student Assn. Moffitt, Joan Alameda English Captain Intramural Bowling Team, Axe Revue, Soph Class Council Moller, Frank Van Altadena Business Admin. Ridge House, Music, Drama, Tennis Molseed, Elwood W. Fort Bragg Botany Molton, Jerry K. Chicago, Ill. Business Admin. Monaco, Albert M. San Francisco Business Admin. KA, Triune, Golden Guard Money, Joanne L. Lafayette Anthropology Epworth Hall, Utrimq ue Monroe, Judith B. Hartsdale, N. Y. Political Science Montejano, Rodolfo Santa Ana History Bowles Hall, Head Yell Leader, Cal Club, Junio r Class Pres., Californians, Stiles Hall Montgomery, Robert Oakland Hospital Admin. Ski Club, Hiking Club, PIC, Triune Montgomery, Robert Leroy Los Angeles Electrical Engr. Smyth Assn., Photography Club Monti, Margaret Z. San Rafael Sociology Social Institutions YWCA Monzon, Edna Guatemaia French Newman Club, UCLASA Moody, Edward James, San Oriental Varsity Boxing, Lightweight Basketball, Art Editor Pelican, Parachute Masonic Club Moore, Douglas San Business Admin. Ski Club, Triune, Sailing Club, Rugby, Intramural Sports Moore, Stockton History KM ' , Panhellenic Scholarship Chmn., WAA, Young Repub. Moore, Judith Anne Walnut Creek History Rally Comm., YWCA Moore, Judith Aubrey Redwood City Spanish Moore, Maureen A. San Marino Speech Moore, Patricia Whittier French Epworth Hall, Treble Clef Morel, Elizabeth A. Lake Hughes Landscape Arch. Landscape Design Club Secy., Student Affiliate American Society of Landscape Architects Morey, Sandra Jan New Virginia, Ia. Physical Education Freeborn Hall, Orchesis Dance Soc., WAA, Rep, P.E. Majors Club Morgan, Lois Joan Spokane, Wash. Child Development Newman Club, Red Cross, Blue Gold Morgan, Thomas F. Alameda Electrical Engr. UCSEE, HKN, AIEE, IRE Morimoto, Newcastle Int ' l Relations Freeborn Hall, Associated Women in Foreign Affairs Morin, James B. Worcester, Mass. Business Admin. Honor Students Society Morris, Daniel W. Los Angeles Biochemistry Fall Chmn. Council, Spring Chmn. FSB, Morrison, Saundra Winette Ogden, Utah Speech, Comm. Public Policy Italian Club Mortensen, Karen Marie Manteca Child Development Oski Dolls, Class Councils Moser, Lawrence Lodi Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Mosesian, Paul S. Fresno Business Admin. Vars. Wrestling, Axe Revue, Blue Monday A Poli Sci major and looking forward to graduate work in poli sci or law, JOYCE RIFKIND has been active in Panile, Mortar Board, and Prytanean, and she is chairman of Student J Com., one of the few girls ever to hold this office. Joyce has been chairman of Public Affairs Council and a member of Welfare Board, the Chancellor ' s Committee on Political and Pi Sigma Alpha. She not only enjoys " conversing " but also swimming and skiing with her friends. Between attending her many meetings and keeping husband Gary happy, Joyce is a very busy girl. Moskovitz, Myron Hillsborough Business Admin. KN, Tennis, IFC Representative Moskowitz, Barbara Joan Burlingame English Stern Hall, First V-Pres. of Women ' s Dormitory Assn. Mothorshead, Maria Pasadena Italian Stern Hall, World University Service Chairman, Mortar Board, Prytanean, California Club Muehlbauer, John George Alameda Mechanical Engr. Varsity Swimming, Big ' C ' Muehlenbruch, Betty Ann Porterville Home Economics Sherman Hall, ON, Home Ec Club, House Manager Muir, Bruce Bradley Shafter Physiology Track Muirhead, John D. Berkeley Business Admin. Varsity Crew Mulholland, William Patrick Los Altos Geography Muller, Bertha L. Los Angeles History Intramurals, Panhellenic, Stud, Union Committee Mullin, Linda Wray Woodland Speech Stern Hall, Honor Students Society Multz, Rudolph Matt, Jr. Alameda Political Science Mulvany, Katharine Berkeley Art Murakawa, Takako Oakland Bacteriology Murchison, Gary E. Oakland Business Admin. Murphy, Patricia J. San Francisco English Hiking Club, Sailing Club, Honor Students Soc., PIC Murray, Moira Placerville Speech Murray, William A. Long Beach Business Admin. Putnam Hall, Muscat, Joseph L. San Francisco Physiology Cloyne Court, UC Soccer Team Muzzy, Raymond J. Walnut Creek Chemical Engr. Cal Engineer Myer, Ragna San Mateo Speech Myers, Marjory J. Merced Anthropology Freeborn Hall, YWCA, Hiking Club, WAA Myracle, Jared R. Orange Business Admin. AKA, AIME, SAM, Homecoming Queen Committee, Megaphone Society Myracle, Sandra L. Orange Mathematics Nakamura, Lois Palo Alto Art CSTA, Treble Clef Narimatsu, Rita S. Berkeley Psychology Nash, Douglas B. Elgin, Ill. Geology Natkin, Kenneth H. Philadelphia Architecture Freshman Basketball Naughton, Joan Burlingame Art Neal, Benjamin W. Chatsworth Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, ASME Neal, Evelyn Nora Kingsburg Psychology Folk Dance Club Neffian, Hartune Visalia Optometry Neft, Jerome Piedmont History DONALD NEWELL, better known to football fans as Pat, excels in athletics and in scholarship. Awarded a scholarship on the basis of his football and accomplishments, he is certainly headed for a successful legal career. Pat belongs to Cal Club, Order of the Golden Bear, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Beta Alpha Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. He has also been secretary of the Big C and Circle C Societies. An accounting major and a member of Psi Upsilon, Pat is what can be called an member of the Senior class. Neil, Joe Robert Sacramento Anthropology Nelson, Irving Oakland Chemical Engr. Nelson, Richard W. Berkeley Business Admin. Big " C " Nelson, Richmond English Masonic Club, University Theater Nelson, William E. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. Vice Chmn. ASME, Recording Secy. Nesbitt, William J. Hayward Business Admin. Nestor, David Wm. Riverside Mechanical Engr. ASME, UCCE Netherwood, Richard Earl, Jr. Alameda Criminology President AAE, National Law Enforcement Frat. Neu, Franklin Davis McCleary, Wash. Electrical Engr. UCSEE, Daily Cal Staff, Cal Engineer Staff, UC Flying Club Neumann, Daniel III Oakland Business Admin. Newell, Donald P. Los Angeles Business Admin. Big " C " Soc., Varsity Football, Skull Keys, Cal Club. Golden Bear, BAN ' , Newman, Jan A. Fort Bragg Anthropology Sherman Hall Newmark, Kent P. Los Angeles Philosophy Winged Helmet, Big " C " , Newstrum, Leonard Frank Roseville Mechanical Engr. ASME Newton, Mary C. Corvallis, Ore. Psychology Cheney Hall Nichols, Will H. Arroyo Grande Political Science Rugby, Frosh Swimming, Golden Guard Nielsen, Carol Jean San Francisco Public Health Nilsson, Carole Ann Arcadia History Nishi, Helen T. Pasadena Sociology Ritter Hall, WAA, Westminster House Nishikawa, A. Hirotoshi Santa Clara Biochemistry Cloyne Court, SAACS Nishite, Violet A. Sacramento Mathematics Freeborn Hall, NSC Noble, Marjorie Hollister Economics Big Game Dance Chairman 1958, Daily Cal 1958 Nock, Molly Yokohama, Japan Textile Science Panhellenic Pres., AWS Board, Mortar Board, Prytanean, ON Treasurer Noid, Anne-Marie Elizabeth Alhambra English Nolta, George Ansel Chico Business Admin. Student World Affairs Conf., Pres. of For. Service Frat. Normanly, John J. Los Angeles Economics Track, Rugby, Triune, Winged Helmet Norris, Marion L. Pinole French Class Council, AMP Norton, Nancy A. San Francisco History Blue Gold Staff, Intramurals, YWCA Sorority Rep, PIC Norton, Willis C. Colton History Bowles Hall Nostrand, Neil Stockton Real Estate Real Estate Club Nostrand, Stockton Social Welfare Social Welfare Club Novak, Marsha F. Los Angeles Sociology Elementary Educ. Elizabeth Barrett, House President Fall 1958 PETE DOMOTO, a Physiology major, is well known in University circles. He has been a guard on the football team and was co-captain of the team. He is also a member of the Big C Society. Pete hopes to be a dentist and enjoys the hours he spends at Young Life Club at Acalanes High School. Oakes, Marilyn Santa Ana English Oldenberg O ' Brien, Boruf H. Berkeley Civil Engr. Oda, John Setsuo Long Beach History Euclid Hall, Glee Club, NSC O ' Day, Robert M. Ukiah Industrial Engr. V-Pres. Board of Directors Calif. Frat. Mgrs. Assn., Men ' s Judicial Co mm., AIIE Odermatt, Robert A. Castro Valley Architecture Architecture Assn., Varsity Rowing Club, Varsity Crew Offenbach, Fred G. Sacramento Business Admin. DP, Winged Helmet Ogren, Robert Alan Sacramento Architecture Ogren, Susan Lee Oakland Child Development Class Councils Okada, Donald M. Altade na Psychology Putnam Hall, Honor Students Society, Westminster House, NSC, Euclid Hall Okamura, Thomas Noriyuki Fowler Civil Engineering XE Olander, Carole S. Santa Barbara Criminology ZTA, Freshman Council Oldenburg, Ingrid Elizabeth Abgaig, Saudi Arabia Political Science Lantana Lodge, Assn. of Women in Foreign Affairs O ' Leary, James S. Modesto Agricultural Econ. Intramural Sports Council Olivete, Connie J. Salinas Psychology Freeborn Hall, Collegians, CSC Olson, Dick San Clemente Industrial Engr. AT, Big " C " , Circle " C " , Water Polo, Swimming, Californians Olson, Elizabeth San Rafael History Olson, Louise Carol Hayward Anthropology ZTA,Soph., Jr. Sr. Class Councils, Blue Gold Olson, Robert Alan Oakland Political Science AKA, Golden Gd., House President O ' Neal, Gary Stuart Berkeley Business Admin. NROTC Rifle Team, Quarterdeck Society O ' Neill, Marcia Berkeley Dietetics YWCA Ccm. Service Vice Chmn., Cal 1A Co-Chmn., Prytanean Ong, Chunman Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Euclid Hall, ASME Onufrieff, Galina S. Berkeley Public Health Public Health Undergrads. Onuha, Rumiko R. San Francisco Bacteriology Orr, James C. Hanford Industrial Engr. Bowles Hall, AIIE Orrick, George E. Los Gatos Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court Osborne, Kenneth G Fullerton Civil Engineering ASCE Otero, Rye Santa Monica History YWCA, Intramural Sports, Maid of Cotton, Sorority Pledge Trainer Otto, Berdella L. Glendale. Economics ZTA, Honor Students Society, YWCA Secretariat Otto, Elizabeth A. San Francisco Art Ouchida, Lester T. Sacramento Biostatistics Euclid Hall Overfelt, Mary Beth Hollister Child Development WAA, Blue Gold, College City Women ' s Club Owen, Sue San Marino History YWCA RAY HERTEL, a Pi Kappa Alpha, is known as Smiley to his friends. A Civil Engineering major, Ray is a member of Tau Beta Pi, engineering honor society. Even so, crew is his favorite pastime, and he belongs to the Varsity Rowing Club in which he is commodore or president. The Big C Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Skull and Key, Winged Helmet, and Cal Club are activities in which Ray participates, and all of these organizations help him achieve his ambition to have a time. Owen, Richard J. Mountain View Mechanical Engr. Putnam, ASME, Canterbury Club Palmer, Wendy Oakland Sociology XΩ Pape, Frederic B. Berkeley American Civ. IFC, Canterbury Pappakostas, Katherine Vallejo Social Welfare Social Welf. Club Parent, Lila Jean Crescent City Gen ' l Home Econ. ON, Honor Studs. Society, Pres. of Beaudelaire Parker, Richard B. Menlo Park Business Admin. ΦΣК Parkins, Milton D. Long Beach Chemistry Intramurals, SAACS Parkinson, Michael T. San Francisco Engr. Physics Barrington, Band, Pres. USCA, Pres. Newman Club Parr, Carol V. DeLand, Fla. Social Welfare Freeborn, Treble Clef Pasley, Gilbert F. W. Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Bowles, TB Π, ASME, ΠTΣ, Honor Students Society Patheal, William R. San Jose Architecture Patterson, Leonard M. Berkeley Business Admin. Masonic Club Patton, Robert A. Salinas Accounting Bowles, Big C Soc., Varsity Rowing Club, Crew Patton, Warren Hyde III Albany Civil Engineering XE, TB UC Hiking Club Paul, Carol Louise Arcadia German Stern, AMГ, Honor Students Soc., Assn. of Women in Foreign Affairs, Usher Coun. Paulsen, Donald W. Petaluma Forestry Forestry Club, SAF, Flying Club Pavlovich, Stanley F. Fresno Physiology Payne, Norman A. Hallowell, Me. Architecture Payne, Susan Plainview, Tex. English Literature KAθ, YWCA Pearson, Frances M. Salt Lake City, Utah Bacteriology Peck, Margaret M. San Diego Social Welfare KΔ, Pompon Girl, V-Pres. Jr. Class, Assoc. Wcmen Students Board Peck, Mary E. Los Gatos Child Development Plymouth House, Hawaiian Club Pellegrino, Sandra M. Berkeley English AГΔ, Pelican Pelzner, Howard D. San Mateo Psychology Bowles Hall, Rally, World Univ. Serv., Bowles Hall Assn. Pendray, Trevor J. Berkeley Psychology Glee Club, Senior Octet Penney, Sheila F. San Marino Child Development KAθ Perino, Robert J. Gilroy Chemistry Perkins, Carolyn D. San Francisco Political Science ΔZ, Frosh Class Council, Big SiΞs. Perkins, Pauline E. Orinda Child Development AΞΔ, B G Big Game Dec. Comm. Perlsten, John A. Los Angeles Marketing ZBT, Yell Leader, Rally, Megaphone Soc., Men ' s Exec. Perry, Joan C. Santa Barbara Sociology Peskin, Helene L. Van Nuys Child Development Hillel New York advertising via Stanford Business School is the goal of JIM SMALL. A Speech major, Jim is noted for being an ex-Marine. He has served as president and vice-president of the Big C Society, president of the Winged Helmet Society, and chairman of the Athletic Council. He is a member of the Circle C Society, MEB, Order of the Golden Bear, Cal Club, and is on the varsity swimming and water polo teams. Jim has been awarded All American Swimming and All Pacific Coast Water Polo. Hunting and fishing are Jim ' s hobbies while listening to classical music is the favorite pastime of this senior. Peters, Beatrice J. Eureka Political Science Peterson, Ernest A. Oakland Psychology Ψ► Peterson, Joyce D. Pittsburg Home Economics ZTA, Home Econ. Club Peterson, Joyce E. Alameda Art ΔГ Peterson, Roger C. Burlingame Business Admin. ΔTΔ, Winged Helmet, Track, ROTC Philbin, John P. Los Angeles Political Science Philipp, Robert Roy Reedley Mechanical Engr. ASME Piestrup, Donal J. Selma Foreign Trade Marketing ХΨ, Varsity Football, Big " C " , Rugby Pike, George R. Reno, Nevada Business Admin. Univ. of Nevada Transfer Pinkerton, James B. Geology ΣΦ Piper, Nancy Aileen Vallejo English Epworth Hall, YWCA, Mortar Bd., Prytanean, WAA Pisani, Tonino J. Santa Rosa Political Science President Mark Twain Club Plain, Robert A. Cleveland, Ohio Criminology ΔAE Platt, Christine C. Marysville Psychology Treble Clef Platt, William S. Oakland Business Admin. Golden Guard Plotke, Suzanne Oakland English Polite, James Las Vegas, Nev. Physical Education BθΠ , Track Pollock, Judith E. Sacramento Child Development Daffodil Queen, Pelican Pool, Robert Howe Susanville Speech XΦ Flying, Pelican Pope, William L. Stockton Mechanical Engr. Pres. 1959-60, Engineers Joint Council, ASME Poquis, Robert M. San Francisco Optometry Potter, Marguerite Yarnall Wilmington, Del. Child Development AΞΔ Pratt, Michael W. Oakland Physics Big " C " , Varsity Swimming, Varsity Water Polo, Quarterdeck Soc. Prescop, Val Berkeley Electrical Engr. ΦКΣ, TBΠ, HKN, Track, Honor Students Soc. Price, Willard T. Lodi Civil Enginering ΦΔθ, Frosh Golf, ASCE, House Mgr. Price, William L. Los Angeles Metallurgical Engr. ATΩ, Mineral Technology Assn. Priest, Coy Del Richmond Political Science Puente, Henry Robert Jr. Los Angeles Electrical Engr. HKN, TBΠ, Honor Students Soc. Quan, Alan Y. M. San Francisco Civil Engineering Quezada, Jose R. Quezaltepeque, El Salvador Entomology Int ' l House, UCLASA Quigg, Ann G. Los Altos Business Admin. Epworth Hall, WAA, Daily Cal Managerial, Women ' s " C " Soc. Raffetto, Peter J. Auburn Finance ΠKA, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, BB Being active and attractive is the perfect combination for any UC coed, and MARIA MOTHERSHEAD certainly excels in both categories. She is a member of Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board, and Cal Club, and was WUS chairman on campus and vice-chairman of Northern California WUS. An alternate for the PIC travel team and busy with Oski Dolls, Maria still had time to be Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. She is never home, but either presiding over a committee as chairman or with her fiance Andre Rogers. Maria hopes to do work in International Relations and help foreign students. Raggio, Sara Lu Jackson Speech Stern Hall Ragsdale, Jeanette Eureka Decorative Art ΣK Ragsdale, Peter E. Oakland Business Admin. ΣAΣ, Class Coun., Golden Guard Rahlfs, Roberta Willows Child Development ХΩ, Blue Gold, PIC Rainey, Shirley Ann San Leandro General Curriculum Rainey, William Ernest, Jr. San Leandro Zoology Ralston, Phillip G. Pomona Prelaw ΣAΣ, Golf Team, Class Council Ramsey, Harry Jr. Indio Electrical Engr. Bowles Hall, Crew Mgr., Rally Comm., Arnold Air Society, YMCA Rankin, Barbara A. Santa Rosa Speech AГΔ Ranks, Jacqueline Berkeley History Masonic Club, Col. Women ' s Club, AWFA, Big Game Publicity, UC Chorus Rasmussen, Katherine Ann Hayward History AΞA, Class Ccun., YWCA Ratcliff, Lucy Jay Berkeley Anthropology Treble Clef Ratner, Sanford M. San Diego Political Science ΣAM, UCE Pres. Amer. . Marketing Association Ray, Mary Elizabeth Caruthers Business Admin. ΦM,ΦХθ Raynal, Lea M. San Francisco Decorative Art Elizabeth Barrett, House President Rea, Rosalind Gail Santa Barbara Communications Public Policy Chmn. Publicity 10th Model UN, Honor Students Soc., UCSB Trans. Read, Katharine J. Capay French Stern Hall Read, Sandra J. Berkeley Psychology AΞΔ, Treble Clef, Senior Council, House President Reberiego, Sylvia Hayward Physical Education Ritter Hall, WDA, WAA, YWCA Reed, George Wm. Oakland Indus. Psychology ΣХ Reed, Walter E. Bakersfield Geology Acacia Reed, Walter Stuart San Francisco Business Admin. Ψ, Winged Helmet, Triune Rees, Burton S. Los Altos Business Admin. ΣAE Reesor, Moira K. Berkeley Anthropology Treble Clef, Hiking Club, YWCA, Ski Club, Kroeber Anthropological Soc. Reiber, Norman H. Davis Physiology ΣAE, Glee Club Reidy, Kevin J. San Francisco Civil Engineering AΣΦ, Who Alpha, Quarterdeck Soc. Rempel, Roland Robert Jr. Reedley Mechanical Engr. ΔΣΦ, ASME, Young Republicans, Hasher Rempel, Sonia Palo Alto Economics Freeborn Hall Rende, Robert L. Ramona Civil Engineering XE, ASCE, Engrs. Joint Council Rennie, Robert L. Berkeley Forestry KA, Forestry Club, SAF Reno, Arthur Lee San Bernardino Electrical Engr. Resnick, Larry San Leandro Mechanical Engr. ASME CAROL KAVANAUGH can truly be called a campus queen since she has been IFC queen during Greek Week and University of California Football Festival Queen. " Carole " is a member of Gamma Phi Beta and has been an Oski Doll, a member of Gavel and Quill, and Women ' s Exec Board. A Speech major, Carol hopes to be an elementary school teacher and have a chance to enjoy her favorite hobbies which are singing, sewing, tennis and people. Reutter, Alan G. Gustine Zoology Acacia Reynolds, Lurene P. San Francisco Social Welfare Cheney, AKA, YWCA Reynolds, Patricia Velma Oakland History ΔΣθ Reynolds, Robert K. San Rafael Civil Engineering Bowditch Manor, ASCE, Chamber Band Reynolds, Sargent Thurber Woodland Geology θX Ribeiro, Geraldine M. Berkeley French ΓΣΣ, N ewman Club, YWCA Richards, Charles A. Sutter Creek Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, Big C, Track Mgr. Richards, Thomas W. Somerville, N. J. Criminology ΑΣΦ Richardson, Alfred W. Jr. San Francisco Business Admin. KA Richardson, Diana J. San Francisco Art ΔΔΔ, Blue Gold, Daily Cal, Prytanean, II AΣ, Life Guard Corps Rickett, Varian M. Red Bluff Decorative Art Freeborn Hall Rifkind, Joyce B. San Anselmo Political Science Student J Com. Chairman, Mortar Board, II ΣΑ Ringer, John E. Los Angeles Production Mgmt. Riordan, Marion C. San Francisco Home Economics ΑΔ II Ritter, Jack E. San Diego Production Mgmt. Acacia, Arnold Air Society Robarts, Drew L. Piedmont Business Admin. Triune, Rugby Club, Interfrat. J Com., Intramurals Robbins, Joyce San Francisco Business Admin. II Oski Dolls, Women ' s J Com., AWSB Publ. Chmn. Robinson, Charles W. China Lake English Robinson, McDonald Martinez Ceramic Engr. Smyth, Cal Band, TB II, Golden Guard, Rally Games Coun. Robinson, Patricia Berkeley Political Science ΣK Robinson, Renee A. Sonora History Cheney, CSTA, Newman Club Rodger, Nancy Jean Piedmont History IIBΦ, YWCA, Oski Dolls Rodger, Thomas W. Fullerton Physical Education Skull Keys Rodgers, Carol A. Burlingame Economics Cheney, Trans. from Pcmona 1959 Roeding, Diane Niles History II BΦ Rogers, Andre Berkeley Architecture AΣΦ Rogers, Elizabeth P. Orinda Child Development IIBΦ, WUS, AWS, Prytanean Rogers, James C. Richmond, Va. Phi losophy I-House Spokesman, Cal Singers, Cal Engr., Thalian Society Rogers, Mary-Ann Soledad Spanish Cheney, ΓΣΣ, Int ' l Relations Board, AMΓ, Honor Students Rogers, Walter D. Belmont Business Admin. Bowles Hall, Debate Rohde, Howard J. Ceres Chemical Engr. AIChE Rohrs, Peter San Francisco Business Admin. JOHN SCHAEFER has had something to do with almost everything on campus. While Men ' s Rep, " Mike " was chairman of MEB, vice-president of the Young Republicans, associate director of ASUC Relations Publicity Dept., a member of Store Board, Intramural Council, Men ' s J Com, University Affairs Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, and the founder of the ASUC Film Committee. Someday John hopes to be able to do some nonrequired reading, and to go into corporation and government law and business management. Rohwer, Gail M. Dixon Child Development ΣK Rondon, Fernando Los Angeles Business Admin. Men ' s Ex Board, Univ. Affairs Comm., Class Council Rood, William E. Concord Industrial Engr. ΔY Roper, Ann Louise Berkeley English ΦM, Blue Gold, Tower Flame, Panile Rosenbach, Alexander Lima, Peru Mechanical Engr. Rosenberg, Donald San Francisco Civil Engr. KN, Public Affairs Council, ASCE, Big Game House Decor., UC Photo Club Rosenberg, Harold Brooklyn, N. Y. Mathematics Math Club, UC Yacht Club Rosenberg, Judith H. San Pedro History I House Ross, Helene M. Berkeley Physical Education Orchesis, WAA Ross, Jerry Allen Long Beach Public Relations ΣAM Rossi, Francine Modesto Journalism AΔΠ, UC Ski Club Rowe, David R. San Rafael Business Admin. θΞ Rubert, Rodney R. Bakersfield Electrical Engr. UCSEE, Honor Students, HKN Ruettgers, Janet A. Bakersfield Spanish ΔZ Ruggeri, Anne Berkeley Journalism AΔΠ, Daily Cal Editor, Cal Club, Pub. Board, Univ. Affairs Comm. Rusk, Jean Alyne Oakland Sociology Masonic Club, UC Sailing Club Russ, Michael N. Santa Rosa Business Admin. Daily Cal, Young Republicans, UC Ballroom Dancers Russell, Edwin S. Oakland Mathematics Ruth, Janet L. Arcadia French Studies KΔ, Class Councils Rutherford, Stephen Napa Industrial Engr. Ex Comm., Sr. Class Pres., COB Chmn., AIIE, Californians Sabin, Nadine L. Lompoc Sociology Cheney Hall, Hall Social Chmn. Sadler, James D. Wasco Chemical Engr. AΓΩ Saeltzer, Gene W. Sacramento Political Science AΔΩ Sakamoto, Wesley Berkeley Landscape Arch. Salaber, R. Louis San Francisco Civil Engr. Salisbury, James Red Bluff Political Science ΣAE, Varsity Baseball, UC Yacht Club, UC Ski Club Sally, Franklin Castro Valley Business Admin. Varsity Football, Big C Society Salute, Eugene Los Angeles Business Admin. ΣAM Samper, J. Phillip San Francisco Business Admin. ΔΦE Samuels, Allan I. San Diego Mathematics Samuels, Carol Lee Los Angeles Psychology Honor Students Samuels, Dixie San Francisco Social Welfare Freeborn Hall, Hall Pres., Pelican, Class Councils JOSEPH J. McCORD is best known for his work on the Pelican. According to Joe, he has held several positions on the Pelly staff-from assistant flunky through ash tray emptier, copy boy, writer, associate editor and editor, and he is presently the Wise Old Sage of the infamous publication. An associate member of the California Republican State Central Joe is known for being a dirty politician and hopes to be an even dirtier one in the future. Sanderson, Lorna Stockton Comparative Lit. AΦ, YWCA, UC Ski Team, AMΓ Sandstrom, Marilyn Oakland Economics Educational Events Board, YWCA, WAA Sanson, David L. Glendale Business Admin. Smyth Assn., AKΨ, ΔΣ, Foreign Travel Council Santee, Robert D. Hayward Electrical Engr. ΦKΣ Santina, Guido D. Sacramento Business Admin. House Pres., Daily Cal Managerial Sartain, Carol Colusa Child Development ΣK Sasashima, Katsumi Sanger Zoology YWCA Satoda, Yozo Salinas Electrical Engr. Honer Students, HKN Saunders, James San Jose Optometry Sawyer, Nancy J. Oxnard History Westminster House Saywell, George San Mateo Business Admin. Quarterdeck Society, Class Council Schaefer, John San Diego Accounting Deutsch Hall, Men ' s Rep., AΦΩ, AKΨ, Univ. Affairs Council, Men ' s J Com. Schaffer, Gary W. San Francisco Accounting Deutsch Hall Schicker, Walter Bakersfield Schmid, Carol Lee San Francisco Public Health ΔZ, Pelican, Blue Gold, Honor Students, Public Health Undergrad. Assn. Schmidt, John F. Berkeley Architecture XAK, Newman Club, Architecture Assn. Schmidt, Werner San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, ASME, TBΠ Carmen Piedmont Music ΦΣΣ, Hillel, CSTA Schnieders, William Los Angeles Business Admin. Skull Keys, Circle C Society Schorr, Charles Jr. Lafayette Mathematics ΣΠ Schultz, Dennis A. Huntington Beach Petroleum Engr. AIME, MTA, ACS, Newman Club Schulz, Sandra Lee Sacramento Sociology XΩ Schumacher, Guenter San Francisco Criminology ΛAE, UC Flying Club Schwartz, Ronald Oakland Business Admin. KN, Quarterdeck Soc., Axe Review, Intramural, Navy Rifle Team Schwarz, Fritz Fresno Political Science Triune, Winged Helmet, Skull Keys, Swimming Scott, Julie A. Berkeley French Occident Scott, Peter D. Berkeley Business Admin. ZΨ, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, BB Scott, William W. San Francisco French Smyth Assn. Seberg, Claudia D, Citrus Heights Decorative Art Honor Studs., Young Republicans, College Women ' s Club Jrs., See, William James Berkeley Civil Engr. Confer House, ASCE, XE, TBΠ Segall, John B. San Francisco Political Science Rally Committee Segawa, Dave K. Tokyo, Japan Physics UC Flying Club Rep-at-Large GERALD McFARLAND hopes to be a Cal history professor " someday. " A Delta Sigma Phi, Jerry has been vice-president of that fraternity, president of Phi Eta Sigma, president of the Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Soci ety, vice-chairman of Welfare Board and a member of Phi Beta Kappa—in his junior year no less—APC, Store Board, and Union Advisory Board. He claims to do too much to be noted for any one thing but enjoys organizing, writing, and lapidary work when he finds the time. Seifert, Virginia Jackson English Stern Hall, YWCA Semenov, Debora Beverly Hills History AEΦ, Honor Students, CSTA Senge, Hans Georg Los Angeles Mathematics Senram, Betty M. Piedmont Art ΑΓΔ Sepkowitz, Beverly Los Angeles Physical Education Stern Hall, WAA Council, Women ' s " C " Soc., Hall 2nd V-Pres., Prytanean Serventi, James R. Concord Business Admin. ΔTΔ Seto, Paul P. Hong Kong Civil Engr. Seto, Sandra S. Boston, Mass. Social Welfare Joaquin Hall, Social Welfare Club, CSA Shadi, Zilpha T. El Cerrito Music I Board, Prytanean, High School Model UN, Mcrtar Board, AMΓ Shafa, Ehsanollah Iran Epidemiology Shaffer, Philip Pasadena Mathematics ΛXA, COB, Jr. Class Yell Leader Shalit, Stanley San Francisco History Sham, A. Antoinette Hong Kong English Sharifi, Ashraf Tehran, Iran Medical Technology Cheney Hall Shawl, Donald H. San Leandro Business Admin. TKE Shepherd, Gerald A. San Diego Political Science Bowles Hall, Honor Students, Young Republicans, Tennis,ΦHΣ Sherrill, John G. Oakland Premed UCYC, Premed Soc., Newman Club Sherrod, John T. Santa Rosa Political Science ΦKΣ Shin, Youn Cha Seoul, Korea Slavic Lang. Lit. Cheney Hall, Honor Stud ents, Univ. Chorus Shipley, George E. Scottsdale, Ariz. Biophysics Shively, James F. El Cerrito Electrical Engr. UCCE, UCSEE Shohara, Janet M. Fresno Dietetics Short, Joe Melvin Amarillo, Texas Criminology Honor Students Shufelt, Lynn San Jose Child Development Cheney Hall Shuttleworth, Jane La Puente Anthropology Project Americas Shutts, Brenda Ann San Luis Obispo Child Development Collegians, Blue Gold, CSTA Sides, Juanita P. Riverside Economics AXΩ Sigal, Barbara F. Los Angeles Speech Freeborn Hall Silverman, Arnold San Francisco Electrical Engr. ΣAM Silverman, Barbara Oakland Sociology ΔΦE Alum. Simms, Judith M. Tracy English Epworth Hall Simpson, Melvyn I. Fairfax Chemistry DAN LUBBOCK, a Speech major, has taken an active part in many University of California activities. A Theta Delta Chi, Dan is a member of California Club, the Order of the Golden Bear, and Californians. Executive Committee has taken up much of Dan ' s time, and he has served the Naval ROTC as Battalion Commander. Also a member of the Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society, Dan has served the in many ways. Simpson, Sherril Paso Robles Child Development ZTA, YWCA, Class Council Simpson, Terrance Monterey Business Admin. AΣΠ , Pelican Sinanoglu, Yvonne Berkeley Child Development Premed Society, Tower Flame, Masonic Club Sinclair, Lorene L. Koloa, Hawaii Clothing Retailing UN Pub. Comm., Home Economics Club Singerman, Roslyn Petaluma Sociology Sisson, Warren E. Piedmont Premed AΔΦ, Big " C " Society Sixtus, Patricia San Francisco Physical Education Epworth Hall, WAA, Women ' s ' C ' Society, PE Majors Club, YWCA Sizemore, William Lawrenceville, Ill. Political Science Skees, Vesta C. Princeton, Ky. Psychology UC Yacht Club, Baptist Student Union Pres. Skelly, Suzanne San Francisco Economics XΩ, Card Stunts Comm., Rally Committee Skopp, Gary Alan Fresno Comm. Public Policy ΠΛΦ Slawson, Sandra Sacramento Public Health ΓΦB, Jr. Class Council, Young Republicans Small, James C. Orinda Speech Cal Club, Big " C " Soc. Pres., Winged Helmet Pres., Order of Gold. Bear Smith, Clare L. Newport Beach General Curriculum Pelican, Blue Gold Smith, Cynthia A. Santa Barbara Anthropology I House, WAA Smith, David Elvin Bakersfield Premed ATΩ, Honor Students, Masonic Club, Circle C Soc., IFC Honor Soc. Smith, Donald R. San Francisco History Smith, Dudley A. Court land Agricultural Econ. ΣX, Baseball J.V., Frosh Football, Rally Committee Smith, Lewis L. Los Angeles Physics AEΠ, IFC Honor Society, Frosh Crew, IFC Smith, Patricia Scottsdale, Ariz. Psychology Smith, Susan S. Berkeley History KΔ, YWCA, Honor Students, Prytanean Smithson, Walter Richmond Mechanical Engr. ASME Snodgrass, Susan San Marino History ΠBΦ Soares, Frances Santa Paula Physical Education Class Council, Young Repub. Pres., WAA, Rally Comm., Pub. Chmn. for Senior Week Soble, Sandy B. Portland, Ore. History Cheney Hall, Hillel V-Pres., Hall J Comm. Sokol, Anthony B. Los Angeles Psychology Solari, Geraldine San Francisco History ΔΓ, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Student J Comm., WUS Solari, Marianne Carpinteria Public Health ΔΓ Solbach, Doris Ann San Francisco Sociology Salem, Roger E. Millbrae Business Admin. Frosh Basketball, Varsity Basketball Solomon, Benjamin Sacramento Mathematics Frosh Track, Vars. Gymnastics Solomonow, Allan Los Angeles Political Science AEΠ, Model UN, Young Democrats, Oski Comm., Soc., Slate LINDA BLOWER, president of Alpha Phi, is a wellknown figure in the Women ' s Gym, since she is a physical education major and president of WAA. Because she is always having a meeting, Linda looks forward to the day she can enjoy life and relax. A senior appointee on Women ' s Rally Committee and a member of Prytanean, Women ' s " C " Society, Torch Shield, Mu Sigma Psi, and AWS Board, it ' s no wonder that Linda wants to have time for her favorite activities—waterskiing, tennis, and reading. She is known for decorating certain trees near Dwinelle and has certainly been an active senior at UC. Sonne, Pete South Pasadena Business Admin. Golden Guard Spalding, Susan K. Oakland Political Science Specht, Marie N. Boise, Idaho Bacteriology Freeborn Hall, Collegians, Hall Senior Rep. Spencer, Mary E. El Cerrito Speech ZTA, Jr. Advisor, Panhellenic Board, Chancellor ' s Discrimination Comm. Spiering, Frank P. Hayward English Axe Review, Daily Cal Spitz, Susan Emma El Cerrito Mathematics AMΓ Spitze, James M. Berkeley Electrical Engr. ΣΠ, AIEE, Quarterdeck Soc., Masonic Club Spivock, Roberta L. San Francisco Art History ΑEΦ Sponsler, John A. Los Altos Biochemistry ΦΣK, Cal Band, Honor Students Sprague, Sandra J. Oakland Social Welfare ΦM Stafford, Barbara L. Sunnyvale Chemistry Cheney Hall, Honor Students, UC Hiking Club Stanford, Alan G. Menlo Park Electrical Engr. Stansberry, Walter W. Eagle Rock Criminology ΣN, Sr. Sweetheart Comm. Stanton, John L. Anaheim Journalism Oxford Hall, Daily Cal, Young Repubs. Starron, Robert E. Pleasant Hill Foreign Trade Statham, Philip T. Burbank Electrical Engr. IRE, UCSEE Steidlmayer, John P. Colusa Business Admin. Stein, Raymond T. San Francisco Accounting ΛΔΣ Steinberg, Elliot G. Atherton Speech Steiner, William G. Los Angeles Criminology AΣΦ Stephens, Ann San Francisco History KAθ Steres, George M. Sacramento Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE, HKN, TBΠ Stevenson, Carol K. Vacaville Home Economics AXΩ, Panile, Pelican, Life Guard Corp Stevenson, Frank Jr. San Diego Architecture KΣ Stewart, Michael O. Berkeley History θX, IFC, Golden Guard, High Schcol Model UN, Crew. Stinson, Robert J. Berkeley Business Admin. ΦΔθ Stitt, Jeanne L. Berkeley Decorative Art Stern Hall, UC Ski Club Stocking, Elwin M. Napa Engr. Physics Honor Students, TBΠ Stokes, Reynold G. Redwood City Forestry Crew, URC Stone, Paula G. Berkeley Speech AΔΠ, Speaker ' s Bureau, YWCA, Class Coun., Stud. Pub. Rel. Comm. Storm, John M, Salinas Agriculture BθΠ , Triune, Frosh Basketball, JV Basketball, Golden Guard Strand, Joan E. Burlingame Political Science ΔΔΔ BETTY BUTTERFIELD, known to her A Chi O sisters as BB, is a social welfare major and hopes to go into public welfare work with a MS degree. As Mortar Board vice-president and A Chi O first vic e-president, Betty is active both on campus and in her living group. She likes all kinds of sports and enjoys especially water-skiing and volleyball. Being sorority rep chairman of YWCA, social of AWS, and a member of Prytanean takes up much of Betty ' s time. She can be recognized by her perky pony tail and her favorite expression, " I mean really! " Stromberg, Nancy A. Arcata Home Economics Beaudelaire Stroud, Duke S. Redwood Dramatic Arts Ass ' t Yell Leader, Californians, Gavel Quill, Class Officer, Megaphone Strough, Donald V. Honolulu Political Science ΔTΔ, Triune Strunk, Bennetta Lafayette Child Development Baptist Student Union, Sec. Soc. Chair., Big-Little Sister, CSTA, Soph Class Coun. Sullivan, Daniel Jr. Auburn Metallurgical Engr. Bowles Hall, Club, Hiking Club, MTA, EJC Susal, Alan L. Los Angeles Electrical Engr. ΦΣΔ, Putnam Hall, TBΠ, Honor Society, Yacht Club Sutherland, Ann Fullerton History Epworth, Club, Young Republicans Sutton, Claire E. El Cerrito Speech ZTA, YWCA Community Service, Panile, Secretariat Suzuki, Bob H. Spokane, Wash. Mechanical Engr. TΠΣ Svendsgaard, Joan Oakland English Angel Flight, Ski Club, YWCA, Class Council Svihvla, Gary F. Oakland Electrical Engr. ΣΦΔ, Wrestling, Big ' C ' , Circle ' C ' Swain, Lynne M. Riverside Home Economics House Officer Swan, Carolyn A. Manhattan Beach Home Economics Public Rel. Publicity, NSA, Welfare Board, Home Econ. Club Swan, Richard E. Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Masonic Club, ASME Swan, Rodger A. Santa Cruz Personnel Mgmt. NROTC Swanson, John R. San Bernardino Electrical Engr. UCSEE, AIEE Swengel, Gail M. Monterey Art ΓΦB, Trans. from UCLA Takei, Irene Y. Santa Cruz Child Development Ritter Hall, Chmn. Pompon Girls, Prytanean, Cal Club, Games Railies Tamai, Hoshiro W. Sacramento Mechanical Engr. Putnam Hall, ASME, Nisei Stud. Club, TBΠ Tamekuni, Masao Kealakekua, Haw. Civil Engine ering XE, TBΠ Tanovitz, Edivard S. Rodeo Architecture KN Tartre, Richard R. San Diego Business Admin. KΣ, Triune, Skull Keys, Quarterdeck Soc. Tashima, Julia K. Pasadena Art Stern Hall Tavernetti, Richard Salinas Production Mgmt. Triune, UC Parachute Club Taylor, Elizabeth A. Santa Maria History AΔΠ, Young Republicans Tegtmeier, John S. Burlingame Business Admin. Circle " C " , 145 ' s Basketball, Crew Teitler, Judith E. San Francisco History AEΦ Temple, Phyllis El Cerrito Political Science ΦM, CSTA, Young Republicans Teshima, Harris H. San Juan Batista Civil Engineering Tessler, Larry S. Lafayette Business Admin. Abracadabra Thie, Alice R. Pasadena Political Science Thomas, Donal D. Morgan Hill Bowditch Manor ΦHΣ Not many people can talk on the phone, while typing a letter and eating an apple, but CAROLE WILLIAMS is known for this talent. President of Pi Beta Phi, " Willie " is a member of Cal Club, Prytanean, Mortar Board, AWS, and is chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee. Someday she hopes to see the world and have time to go skiing. " Not bad " is her favorite expression. Thomas, Gene H. Tulare Petroleum Engr. AIME, MTA Thomas, Grove N. Oakland Organization Order of the Golden Bear, Model UN, Sr. Week Chmn., Californians, Spring Sing Thompson, Charles Baltimore, Md. Optometry Thompson, Dale E. Lindsay Accounting Barrington Hall Thompson, Thomas E. Redwood City Physics ΔTΔ Threefoot, Philip Burlingame Electrical Engr. θX, Honor Studs., HKN, TBΠ Pres. Throne, Sally Sacramento Political Science Stratford Hall, UC Ski Club Tibbetts, Thomas T. Oakland Business Admin. ΦKT, Glee Club, ΦΦ Tilden, George B. San Francisco French ΔΣΦ Tennis, Le Cercle Francais Ting, Chin Hsian Formosa Electrical Engr. TBΠ Tirico, Jeanette Santa Ana Speech AΞΔ, Panhellenic, Sr. Week Comm., Class Councils Tirrell, John A. Redlands Lab. Sciences Tjia, Phi Ka Cholon Architecture CSC Tjomsland, Judy Playa Del Rey Political Science AXΩ, Mortar Bd., Prytanean, WAA, Oski Dolls, Women ' s " C " Society Tognazzini, Terry Santa Maria Business Admin. Big " C " Society, Varsity Swimming, UC Ski Club Tolles, R. P. Lafayette Business Admin. Water Polo, Skull Keys, Swimming Tom, Donna Rae Oakland Home Economics Home Econ. Club, Chinese Stud. Club Tom, Kenneth W. Sacramento Business Admin. American Marketing Assn., AKΨ Tong, Monhill San Francisco Mathematics Tonti, Anthony G. Richmond Business Admin. Cal Band Toomajian, Suzanne Oakland Decorative Art AOΠ, Decorative Art Club, WAA Toor, Sheldon E. San Francisco Economics Masonic Club Topping, Sherry Lee Piedmont History KKΓ, Women ' s " C " Society, WAA, Rally Committee Torrey, Margaret Susanville Sociology ΔZ Tosse, Lloyd P. San Francisco Business Admin. Rally Com. Chmn., Men ' s Ex Board, Rally Games Coun., Californians Tow, Jimmy Placerville Electrical Engr. HKN Toyama, Martha Chula Vista Political Science Young Democrats, Women in Foreign Affairs, UC Hiking Club Treadway, Beverly Berkeley German Honor Students Treadwell, Susan Newport Beach Sociology Ritter Hall, Wesley Found., Prytanean Trost, Evelyn F. San Francisco Social Welfare Women ' s Mgr. of Pelican, Young Republicans, Class Councils Trowbridge, Gail San Mateo Physical Education AΞΔ, ASUC 2nd V-Pres., Cal Club, Jr. Frosh Class Sec.-Treas., Rally Comm., APC Chmn. Tsang, Floris Yung Shanghai, China Chemistry Honor Students To get her second " A " at the University of California is the aim of JUDY MILLER SAFFRAN. Although recently married, Judy has served as Women ' s Association President as well as President of the Hill. She is a member of Prytanean, AWS, the committee on living accommodations, resident hall coordinating board, and Orientations Chairman of Residence Halls Unit I. A Journalism major, she is noted for and enjoys procrastinating. Tucker, Maxine H. Covina Social Welfare Peixotto Hall, Undergrad. Social Welfare Club Pres. Turner, Dan Lloyd Richmond Geology AXΣ, House Pres., Quarterdeck Soc. Twight, Susanne La Grange Wildlife Cons. Epworth Hall, UC Hiking Club, Wildlife Cons. Club Udick, Ralph A. Boise, Idaho Political Science EΦE, Big " C " Society, Crew Ueki, Iris Fujie Gilroy Zoology Nisei Students ' Club, WAA Ulan, Irene San Francisco Slavic Lang. Lit. I House, Women in Foreign Affairs, AMΓ, Slavic Honor Society Unsoeld, George S. Gardena Forestry Forestry Club V-P. Upton, Margaret H. Grove City, Pa. French Uyeyama, Ronald Berkeley Premed Premed Club Van Horn, Julianne San Francisco Political Science ΓΦB, Young Repubs., Frosh Soph Class Couns., Intramurals Vann, Douglas C. Coronado Zoology ΦΔθ Van Noy, Allan Oakland Business Admin. AKΛ, Frosh Class Yell Leader, Gavel Quill, Megaphone Society Van Trees, James Studio City Mechanical Engr. UC Sailing Club, Glee Club Vargus, Brian S. Oakland Sociology KΔP, Californians, Oski Comm. Chmn., Rally Games Council Varney, Marilyn Berkeley Social Welfare AΞΔ, Treble Clef Verzasconi, Ray A. Gonzales Spanish I Board, Ex Comm., AMΓ Vezzani, Mark B. San Francisco Economics ΦΔθ Viery, Gail C. Oakland Marketing AΓΔ, Pelican Vingo, James R. Oakland Business Admin. Vinzent, Thomas Oakland Business Admin. AΔΦ, Triune Vogeli, Carol Ann Richmond Decorative Art ΓΣΣ Volpi, Sylvia C. Petaluma Child Development House Pres., Women ' s " C " Soc., Prytanean, WAA, AMΓ, Premed Soc. Von Muller, Larry San Francisco Political Science Hiking Club, PΔE, AΔΣ, Debate, NFL Voss, Nancy Ann Berkeley Spanish θY, Daily Cal, YWCA, Panile Vyn, Prudence C. Palo Alto History AXΩ, Panile, WAA, Intramural Chairman, Class Councils Wadsworth, Diane Berkeley Child Development AΦ, UC Ski Club, University Chorus Wadsworth, Patti Oakland History XΩ Wadsworth, Paul Glendale Business Admin. House Pres., Pelican Manager, Triune, Pub. Board, IFC Wagner, David Hart Sacramento Anthropology AΦΩ Wagner, Lee James Crockett Electrical Engr. UCSEE, TBΠ, HKN V-Pres. Wagner, Linda E. San Francisco History AΦ Walden, Mary E. Concord History ΣK Wherever there is singing in the ZTA house, you can be sure that SANDY BASKETT, house president, is in the middle of it playing her uke. She is a member of Treble Clef, of which she was a Junior Manager for two years, active in Prytanean, general of the Senior Class, and on the Chancellor ' s University Affairs Committee. A Spanish major, she loves to talk and make new friends. Sandy ' s " funny " nose, her lovely voice, her " Boogies, you turkeys " will certainly be missed on the Cal campus. Walker, Blair L. Atherton History KKΓ Walker, Susan E. Monrovia History Wall, John Berkeley Economics Wallace, Arthur E. Bakersfield Business Admin. Wallace, Daniel J. New York City, N. Y. Economics ΔY Wallace, Jane E. Riverside History ΔΔΔ, Rally Committee Walsh, William C. San Anselmo Production ΦKΣ, Crew Walther, Richard A. Berkeley Business Admin. TKE Ward, Aubrey Alan Hollywood Electrical Engr. Ward, Helen Louise Ponca City, Okla. Child Development AXΩ, Blue Gold, YWCA, ΠAΣ Warren, Laetitia El Cerrito Music Elizabeth Barrett, UC Symphony, Newman Club Warrington, Allan Los Altos History Rally Committee, Sr. Class Council Warshaw, Louis Alameda Optometry Waterman, Richard J. Concord Economics Watrous, Jane Kentfield Public Health Pub. Health Undergrad. Assn. Watrous, Thomas A. Riverside Political Science Glee Club Sr. Mgr. Watson, Carolyn San Francisco History ΠBΦ, YWCA, WAA Watts, Ronald J. San Francisco Political Science Weagant, Robert A. Monterey Park Physics UC Hiking Club, Debate, Honor Students Weaver, Carl John San Francisco Criminology Honor Students Webb, Henry Allen Wasco Criminology Putnam Hall, ΛAE Weilacker, Richard Ventura Electrical Engr. UCSEE Weinberger, James San Francisco Political Science Acacia Wells, Jacqueline Castro Valley Business Admin. Stern Hall, Oski Dolls, Honor Studs., BAΨ, ΦXθ Wells, Mary Louise Pasadena Child Development Epworth Hall Wemer, Fred C. Sacramento Chemical Engr. Smyth Assn., SAACS Werdel, Charles C. Bakersfield Premed BθΠ, Skull Keys, BB Werling, Louise Berkeley Philosophy Werve, Paul A. El Centro Mechanical Engr. UCCE, UC Flying Club West, Barbara Ellen San Francisco English AΞΔ, Sr. Class Council, All-U Weekend Co-Chmn. West, Joseph A. Wasco Accounting Westfall, John E. Berkeley Geography Masonic Club, Tower Flame, Astronautics Club A busy Delta Gamma, GERALDINE SOLARI has served the University in many ways. Campus and Northern California Chairman of World University Service, Gerry has also been on Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board and the Chancellor ' s Committee on Discrimination. Vice-chairman of Student J Comm. and recording secretary of her sorority, she is known for her messiness. With a double major in history and English, she still finds time to play bridge which is her favorite pastime. Whidden, Stephen Berkeley Business Admin. American Mgmt. Assn., UC Yacht Club Whitacre, Ilene Bethlehem, Pa. English White, David Jr. Piedmont Speech ZΨ, Triune White, Henry F. Modesto History White, James E. South Gate Chemical Engr. UC Ski Club, AICE White, Jerry Berkeley Journalism ΦΓΔ, Radio-TV Theatre, Frosh Crew, Playwriter ' s Work Shop, ΣΔX White, John D. Sacramento Prelaw Bowles Hall, Hall Treas., Golden Gd. White, John G. Oakland Art Honor Students. Whitehead, Judson Piedmont Business Admin. Californians, IFPC, Triune, IFC Whittle, Judith B. Boulder, Colo. Slavic Lang. Lit. Whittle, Patrick Berkeley German Honor Students. Whyte, M. Douglas San Bernardino Electrical Engr. Del Rey Whyte, Robert S. Watsonville Electrical Engr. θΞ, ΦΦ, Intramural Wicklow, Barbara San Carlos Physiology Stern Hall, Treble Clef Wiegner, Ann K. San Francisco History AΓΔ, Collegians, Newman Club, NSA Wiele, Donald N. Oakland Mechanical Engr Wilcott, Scott Altadena Business Admin. BθΠ, Men ' s J Comm. Chmn., Men ' s Ex. Board, Skull Keys, Golden Bear, Track Wilcox, W. Wayne Berkeley Forestry Glee Club, Glee Club Managerial, Sr. Men ' s Octette, Forestry Club, ΞΣΠ Wile, Carolyn Whittier Business Admin. ΦXθ Wilkins, Karen A. Fowler Sociology Williams, Carole Seattle, Wash. Business Admin. Rally Com. Chmn., Prytanean, Mortar Board, Cal Club, Torch Sh. Williams, Ruby Oakland History ΔΣθ, Oski Dolls, Pelican, YWCA Williamson, Michael San Leandro Business Admin. Putnam Hall Williston, Eleanor Los Altos Physical Education AΓΔ, Orchesis, WAA, Symphony Forum, Sr. Class Council, Pelican Wilson, Arnold P. Keene, N. H. Business Admin. Wilson, Beverly L. Piedmont Speech ΔΔΔ, Rally Com., Young Republicans Wilson, George E. Hemet Civil Engr. ASCE Wilson, Milford H. Chino Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Wilson, Patricia A. Martinez English Cheney Hall, Newman Club Wilson, Patricia L. Red Bluff Spanish Wingrove, Alan S. Hanford Chemistry SAACS Winslow, John H. Chico Electrical Engr. AXP Wolf, Richard R. San Carlos Speech TKE, Axe Review, Mask Dagger Wollesen, Diane Oakland History WAA, YWCA Wonder, Donald H. Berkeley Music Varsity Wrestling, Opera Workshop, University Chorus Wong, Charles C. Stockton Civil Engr. Ehrman Hall, Chinese Stud. Club, ASCE, XE Wong, Danny S. Fresno Mechanical Engr. ASME Wong, Florence Oakland English Wong, Frank Berkeley Business Admin. CSC V-Pres. Wong, Harry Sacramento Zoology Deutsch Hall, Students ' Club Wong, Henry J. San Francisc o Civil Engr. Cloyne Court, ASCE Wong, Jane Los Altos Decorative Art Cheney Hall Wong, Lily New Orleans, La. History Freeborn Hall Wong, Patsy Alameda Social Welfare Social Welfare Club Wong, Siu Ha Oakland Chemistry Hoyt Hall Wood, Kate D. San Francisco History ΔΔΔ Woods, Nancy Kay Rock Island, Ill. English Woods, Roger K. Santa Ana Zoology Deutsch Hall, Honor Students, Young Republicans Woodward, Judith Corral de Tierra Journalism AΔΠ at Oregon U., YWCA Woodward, Raymond Auburn Civil Engr. ASCE Woolf, David San Mateo Electrical Engr. UC Yacht Club, Masonic Club, UCSEE, ΣΦΔ Woyciehowsky, Jean San Mateo Political Sci ence AOΠ, YWCA, Young Republicans Wright, Walter Jr. Indio Finance KΣ, IFC Honor Society, Badminton Wrixon, Joseph L. Berkeley Plant Pathology ΔY Wrixon, William P. Berkeley Plant Pathology ΔY Wujek, Joseph Jr. Berwyn, Ill. Electrical Engr. UCSEE, AIEE, IRE Wuttke, Karl G. Redwood City Business Admin. Smyth Assn., Vars. Gymnastics Wyckoff, Elizabeth Watsonville English KAθ Wyckoff, Louis M. Whittier Economics ΨY, Varsity Water Polo, Circle C Society Wykoff, Victor C. Piedmont Economics ΦKΣ Wyllie, Loring A. Jr. Oakland Civil Engr. θX, TBΠ, XE, ASCE, IFC Honor Soc., Golden Guard Yager, Joelleann San Carlos Child Development UC Ski Club, Class Coun., YWCA Yamamoto, Katsumi Walnut Grove Chemistry Oxford Hall Yamanishi, Louie San Juan Bautista Civil Engr. NSC, ASCE Yancey, Gary T. Sacramento Chemical Engr. Smyth Assn., Vars. Crew, Big " C " Soc., Golden Bear, Rowing Club Yano, Chauncey Haina, Hawaii Zoology Barrington Hall, " C " Soc., VRC, Arnold Air Society Yao, York-Peng Hong Kong Engr. Physics Honor Students, TBΠ Yeater, Malvin L. MechanicsviIle, Iowa Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE, AIEE Yee, David Oakland Optometry ΠAΦ, CSC, UCOA, Honor Students Yee, Harvey San Francisco Electrical Engr. ΠAΦ Yerman, Jack L. Woodland Industrial Rel. XΨ, Vars. Track, Varsity Football, Big " C " Society Yguado, Joseph L. Buffalo, N. Y. Landscape Arch. Yoh, Vivian New York City, N. Y. Physics AΔX Yohannan, David T. Turlock Finance Pelican, Young Republicans, AKΨ Yong, Faith Singapore, China English Hoyt Hall, Blue Gold, YWCA Yonke, Elizabeth Oakland Child Development Newman Club, Class Coun., WAA Yoshida, June K. Oakland Public Health Public Health Assn. Young, Barbara L. Arcadia English Cheney Hall Young, Chester Haleiwa, Hawaii Criminology CSC, AAE Young, Donald Alan Lafayette Psychology OE, IFC Schol. Honor Society Young, Dorothy Coalinga Physical Education Ritter Hall, WAA, PE Majors Club Young, Killough Jr. Laguna Beach Engr. Physics AΓΣ Young, Ralph San Francisco Business Admin. Chinese Students ' Club Yu, Jackson San Francisco Chemical Engr. SAACS, AICE Zahas, Elene A. Oakland Child Development AOΠ, Blue Gold, Herrick Hosp. Volunteer, Child. Hospital Thistle Br. Zais, Albert H. San Francisco Finance ΔΣΦ Zaporodgian, Lecia Oakland History Treble Clef, UC Yacht Club, Axe Review, Undergrad. History Club Zeller, Gordon P. Gridley Business Admin. ΦΣK Zelonky, Shari Milwaukee, Wis. Comm. Pub. Pol. Pelican, Le Cercle Francais Zettlemoyer, Barbara Allentown, Pa. Sociology UC Hiking Club, Honor Students Zieger, Pat San Francisco Physical Education Epworth Hall, PE Majors Club, WAA, Women ' s " C " Soc. Zinn, Virginia Fay Berkeley Speech KAθ, YWCA, WAA, Tennis Club, Class Council Zuckerman, Gordon Stockton Mechanical Engr. Skull Keys, Triune, BB The Junior Class The Junior year of the " Class of ' 61 " was characterized by both spirit and enthusiasm. Again, as in the past, the Juniors began the year by helping the Freshmen with their activities until their officers were elected. Continuing along this line, the Banquet was held in early Spring and served as a means of preserving the traditional Junior-Freshman relationship. the most notable event of the year was the establishment of the " Junior of the Year " award. This award was given to the outstanding male and female of the Junior Class in of service to the University and the University community. Another innovation was the advent of night council meetings. These meetings not only increased attendance, but also more class interest as well. If the interest displayed by the Junior Class is carried over to next year, we will, without a doubt, have a profitable and successful Senior year. Sincerely, DON ALVES, President Active Juniors joined with the other classes in sponsoring the annual Santa Claus contest, whose proceeds went to the East Bay Children ' s Hospital. JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Borio, G. Aguirre, B. Goodman, D. Alves, D. Robbins. SECOND ROW: C. Randolph, E. Louis, N. Montgomery, B. Nelson, G. Liang, J. Quinn, M. Siegel, R. Walker, H. McCune, J. Holmes, M. Brown. THIRD ROW: G. Nobori, G. Miner, B. Clark, A. Deimel, V, Libarian, L. Dally, J. Wahlberg, J. Duren, J. Firpo, T. Lucas, J. Adams. FOURTH ROW: D. Ramy, D. Moore, G. Link, J. Trembath, L. Locatelli, B. Cox, N. Bevilacque, R. Campbell. DON ALVES President DORRIE ROBBINS Vice-President NANCI BORIO Secretary-Treasurer GARY AGUIRRE Yell Leader The Sophomore Class The activities of the Class of 1962 were culminated in Soph Week which took place just before Spring recess. Midway through the week our Soph Doll, Trude Schroeder, was crowned at the Soph Sing. As a service project we visited an old folks ' home. The climax to the week ' s activities was the Soph Spring Spree, an all-day function with swimming, tennis, and games in the a spaghetti dinner in the evening, and dancing to the music of the Red Garter Band. Class spirit was manifested in painting the Big " C, " which was almost perpetually gold. This spirit was also displayed in our Sophomore paper, the Soph Cough. Our Christmas party was honored with the presence of Santa Claus who distributed perfume and fifths. The Council took stands on various controversial issues, voicing our or disapproval of certain actions. All in all, the past year was a highly successful one, spent in service, education, spirit, and fun. Sincerely, JEFF SMITH, President The Soph-Frosh Brawl once again proved that experience is no substitute for eagerness as the sophs went down in defeat. SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Nicholas, Jeff Smith, Jan Smith, A. Lazar. SECOND ROW: N. Bailey, B. Bouchard, P. Belben, G. Hughes, V. Main, A. Monosmith, P. Valdez, L. Waterman, S. Miyumoto, E. Hansen, D. Kolz, K. Pyles, L. Cordray, P. Flint, S. Niles. THIRD ROW: J. Pimental, J. Stark, P. McSorley, K. Neal, L. Bell, K. Johnson, S. Podrass, B. Hedge, B. Whitby, L. Lauder, R. Miller, B. Harvey, A. Martin, M. Imwalle, F. Hagerty, A. Kroger. FOURTH ROW: J. Creamer, L. Mayer, E. Adams, S. Tyon, B. Gilman, S. Ellwood, B. Blatchley, Y. Nicolet, E. Leif, M. Kennedy, D. Ahlburg, S. Reilly, F. Michael, C. Ballard, S. Adams, J. Gompertz, K. Allegrini. FIFTH ROW: J. Kysh, K. Willard, J. Bianucci, J. Freuler, B. Carver, G. Code, B. Van Camp, L. Nickman, S. Roland, H. Wolny, L. Beyersdorf, J. Seger, S. Ehrlich. JEFF SMITH President WHIT NICHOLAS Vice-President JAN SMITH Secretary-Treasurer AL LAZAR Yell Leader The Freshman Class The me mbers of the class of ' 63 have taken great strides in themselves and becoming active in the activities of the University. Having smashed another unnamed class in an annual brawl, we turned our attentions to less physical activities. We began the year by sponsoring a Freshman co nference on student government. Eight neighboring schools joined us in this conference, and with knowledge gained here we undertook an ambitious program. Among other we held a successful dance, cosponsored the Frosh-Junior held a class sing, and participated in a " Quad " with Stanford, San Jose State, and San Francisco State. With this start, we all look forward to three more wonderful years here at Cal. Sincerely, PETE STEINER, President The President ' s Reception provided new students with the opportunity of meeting President Kerr and Chancellor Seaborg. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Simmons, S. Campbell, S. Shadinger, S. Genter, M. Giberta, K. Young, B. Kankkonen, J. Binsacca, S. Hornung, E. Anderson. SECOND ROW: J. Harrington, M. Kaylor, J. Swift, A. Stevens, C. Millinich, C. Cook, L. Zeller, F. Baum, C. Ortegren, J. Wright, B. Dommes, S. Shepard, G. Bailey. THIRD ROW: P. Foster, C. Conlin, N. Baumann, B. Barber, L. Miller, J. McKay, J. Golden, J. Hogan, K. Strange, S. Stafford, K. Stewart, B. Barth, P. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: S. Leslie, C. Sanford, V. Polich, J. Zerolis, S. Boles, J. Hendren, M. Stephens, C. Ripley, J. Nelson, D. King, L. Miller. FIFTH ROW: C. Malone, K. Howard, G. Soden, B. Lockyer, D. Smith, M. Reich, P. Marx, J. Edelstein, J. Larson, P. Steiner, P. Zimmerman. PETE STEINER President MARY-HELEN REICH Vice-President JUDY SIMMONS Secretary-Treasurer LARRY MILLER Yell Leader ASUC Executives Under the direction of Paul " Bud " Executive Director, the ASUC Executives help student leaders execute their particular duties and also help them with problems which arise in the execution of their jobs. While keeping up with their own activities, the executives were kept especially busy helping the other student leaders plan the expansion of ASUC activities which will take place with the completion of the new student union. TOP: Ollie White. Activities Director. BOTTOM—SEATED, left to right: Pat Chapla, Alice Haynes. STANDING: Peg Davies. PAUL T. HASTINGS, Executive Director ASUC DEPARTMENT HEADS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul T. Hastings, Mary Newman, Walter Frederick, Paul Christopulos, Robert Commanday. SECOND ROW: James Berdahl, Ollie White, Greg Engelhard, Harry Davis, Clyde Evans, Darrel Thomas, Stanley Cantor, Ed Kirwan. ASUC Executives BILL HAWLEY First Vice-President GAIL TROWBRIDGE Second Vice-President DAVE ARMOR ASUC President PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE This past year has seen many important events and changes for the ASUC, some for the better, and others for the worse. The year started off with controversy over the Graduate who were disassociated in September. This was the first of a series of radical revisions in the structure and scope of student government. Not too many weeks had passed when President Kerr issued his directive on student government, student organizations, and use of facilities. The latter two were modified, but the directive on student government still remains as a real curtailment of the power of Executive preventing it from taking positions on off-campus issues. The event which brought the most controversy to the campus was the hunger strike of young and courageous Fred Moore, who protested compulsory ROTC for conscientious objectors. No doubt his stand will be remembered for years to come. Another important change (for the better) was the transfer of athletic control from the ASUC to the University. And, of course, the successful integration of the men ' s rooting section was an important action by the Executive Committee. In conclusion, one certainly could say it has been one of the busiest years in ASUC history. I feel that the Executive Committee has taken a more serious approach to student and, on most issues, has shown that it was concerned with the best interest of the students. —DAVE ARMOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Marge Madonne, Dean William Shepherd, Joan Bewley, Bill Hawley, Dave Armor, Gail Trowbridge, Charles Cutter, Charlene Conrad, Joann Thebolt. STANDING: Jerry McFarland, Steve Rutherford, Paul Hastings, Henry Schact, Brian Payne, Raymond Verzasconi, Dick Thinger, George Link, Bill Gean, Cindy Lembke, Gloria Larry. NOT PICTURED: Maria Toriggino, Steve Pace, Ralph Anderson, Brian Van Camp, Dan Greenson, Danny Morris. Executive Committee This year, in order to keep in close contact with those whom it represents, Executive Committee occasionally met in the houses of the various campus groups rather than in its chambers. The Committee functions as the coordinator of all ASUC activities and is the major decision-making body of the ASUC. Decisions by the Committee are made through the democratic process of discussion and debate. Topics which appeared on its agenda were Compulsory ROTC, the Student Directive, reaffiliation of NSA, and the very controversial men ' s rooting section. Executive Committee is made up of all elected ASUC officers, the various board chairmen, other student leaders, and faculty and administration representatives. Dave Armor in his capacity as ASUC president, presided over the Finance Committee The Finance Committee is responsible for seeing that all ASUC activities maintain a sound financial budget, and at the same time it coordinates the budget of all activities into one ASUC Budget. The ASUC Finance Committee controls the budget by first reviewing and then passing on all budgets, budget changes, and expenditures for nonbudget items. From the committee the budget is forwarded to Ex Comm, either intact or with the changes. The voting members of the are the ASUC President and First Vice-President, two representatives-at-large, a representative each from the Chancellor, Alumni, Faculty, and Business. The Executive of the ASUC serves as a nonvoting member of the FINANCE COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Paul Hastings, Joan Bewley, Cindy Lembke, Bill Hawley, Dave Armor, Dean William Shepherd. STANDING: Charles Cutter, Armin Rappaport, Wayne Hooper, Forrest Trezea, George Link, Stan Canton. Ralph Anderson Charles Cutter William Gean Gloria Larry Cindy Lembcke George Link Representatives-at-Large In the Fall the gathering of the clan in 112 Eshleman was represented by such notable Reps-at-Large as Gloria Larry, Charles Cutter, George Link, Jerry McFarland, Cindy Lembcke, and Joann Thebolt. In the Spring new faces were added to the list of notables which Steve Pace, Ralph Anderson, and Maria Toriggino. The first rep was added this Spring. Elected to this new office was Brian VanCamp. The Reps-at-Large put their best foot forward by instituting coffee hours during which students could discuss with the Reps-at-Large crucial problems which the ASUC faced during the year. Topics by the Reps and the students were compulsory ROTC, abolishing the men ' s rooting section, and the use of the stadium by a professional football team. Jerry McFarland Steve Pace Joann Thebolt Maria Toriggino Brian VanCamp STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Maria Toriggino, Joyce Rifkind, man; Geraldine Sclari, Evelyn Hollingshead. SECOND ROW: George Cuthertson, administrative assistant; Bernard Key, Bernard Freiwald, William Dillon, John Olson. Judicial Committees MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Brian Rapp, Scott Wilcott, Chairman; Mike O ' Day, Sanford Skaggs. SECOND ROW: L. W. Kangas, Chuck Dormann, Todd Barthold. The students of the University of California in the tradition of selfgovernment have their own Judicial branch which manifests itself in three Judicial Committees. Each of these committees has jurisidiction over a limited area. The Women ' s Judicial Committee tries all cases arising under violation of rules University women. The Men ' s Judicial Committee has the same authority as the Women ' s Judicial Committee but in regards to the unruly conduct of men. Judicial Committee hears all cases arising under newly enacted legislation and also hears appeals from the Men ' s and Women ' s Committee. Student J. Comm is thus the supreme Judicial committee. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Susan Warner, Joyce Robbins, Marilyn Bowan, Pris Spires, Janet McGinley, Barbara Barron, Linda Groves, Charlene Conrad. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Rutherford, Tony Johnson, Dick Thinger, John Quinn, Paul Blum. SECOND ROW: Turney Moore, Don Alves, Fred Rondon, Ralph Andersen. THIRD ROW: Dean Keanges, Lloyd Tosse, Doug Moore, Willy Coberly, Bill Hauley, Jeff Smith, Pete Steiner. DICK THINGER Fall Chairman DOUG MOORE Spring Chairman Men ' s Ex Board Men ' s Executive Board is the sounding board for the men on this campus. MEB is chairmaned by the Men ' s Rep, Dick Thinger in the Fall and Doug Moore in the Spring. Represented are the heads of groups such as the Class Councils, Interfraternity Council, the the Co-ops, etc. The purpose of the Board is to communicate the desires and reflect the opinion of the men on campus. The Board communicates with the University through representatives from the Dean ' s office. Issues discussed were: Athletic Policy, the Rooting Section, ROTC, and anything that concerned Cal Men. Women ' s Ex Board The Women ' s Executive Board is composed of the elected representatives of all women ' s groups on campus. One of the primary functions of the Board is to coordinate and sponsor activities for women, and also it has the responsibility to formulate and maintain women ' s rules. Activities sponsored this year by the WEB were a Fall Fashion Show, a Noon Lecture Series, the Big-Little Sister project, and the Women ' s Day in the Spring. The president of the Executive Board is the Women ' s Representative, Charlene Conrad. CHARLENE CONRAD Fall and Spring Chairman WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—SEATED, left to right: Carole Carkeet, Dean Helen Clarke, Elizabeth Rogers, Trish McCall, Charlene Conrad, Gail Trowbridge, Evelyn Nakano, Carole Williams, Renee Hunt. STANDING: Arlene Lecherz, Cindy Kroesen, Jan Smith, Pat Vartanian, Linda Blower, Molly Nock, Dorrie Robbins, Sue Warner, Judy Miller, Janet McGinley, Bev Jackson. FALL PUBLICATIONS BOARD—CLOCKWISE from right end of table: at head Jane Howell, Greg Gregorich, Sheldon Carroll, Diane Wakoski, Chuck Hall, Dolores Van Loucks, Anne Ruggeri, Sue Sherman, Marge Madonne, Pokey Schwab. ABSENT: Walter Frederick, Dick Basler, Joe McCord. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA STUDENT PRESS FIRST ROW, left to right: Tess Popper, Dolores Van Loucks, advisor; Terry Simpson. SECOND ROW: Pris Spires, Carol Maloyan, Sue Hansen, Dennis Mumaugh. THIRD ROW: Lucille Grout, Conference Secretary; Sandy Hunt, Jane Semple. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ellen Rose, Gordon Chappell. Publications Board The Publications Board is the supreme coordinating organ for all ASUC publications. The Board approves appointments to staff positions each semester, holds open houses for the purpose of recruiting new staff members, determines sales days and organizes selling campaigns. The Board also handles any problems which arise in the different publications and which cannot be resolved within the individual groups. The Board the Northern California Student Press Conference. Pub Board is composed of the editors and managers of the five campus publications—the Daily Cal, Cal Engineer, Occident, Blue and Gold, and Pelican. The Board is advised by Walter Frederick and Dolores Van Loucks. In the Fall the Board was headed by Jane Howell, manager Blue and Gold, and in the Spring, by Pete Beakschi, editor Cal Engineer. Northern California Student Press Conference Working in coordination with Publications Board, the NCSPC committee held their annual conference. The committee is composed of the members of the various Under the leadership of Jane Semple, the committee commenced its May 6, when over three hundred students and advisors participated in the scheduled program which ended with a banquet at the Hotel Claremont. SPRING PUB BOARD—CLOCKWISE from right end of table: At head Pete Beakschi, Pris Spires, Terry Simpson, Jane Howell, Walter Frederick, Anne Ruggeri, Clarke Miller, Dolores Van Loucks, Pokey Schwab. ABSENT: Margaret Wilson, Frank Chin, Ralph Costa, John Argue. NATIONAL STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION—FIRST ROW, left to right: Chuck Lucas, Dan Greenson, NSA Coordinator; Aryay Lenske, Dave Armor. SECOND ROW: Concetta Finocchio, Joy Holmes, Jill Greenberg, Tom Druvek, Brenda Goodman, Don Bone. National Students Association Returning to the official fold of ASUC this year was the National Students ' Association. The Cal branch of the not only takes an active role in student government by holding discussions on issues but also communicates the philosophy and policies of the University to the members of NSA attending regional, and international conferences. NSA ' s coordinator this year was Dan Greenson. Activities Planning Committee The Activities Planning Committee under the guidance of Gail Trowbridge, ASUC Second Vice-President, coordinates the many activities of the campus. Each APC publishes a Calendar of Events for the convenience of the student body. The outstanding work of the APC this year was the outlining of the organizational and philosophical framework for the new Student Memorial Union Activities program. ACTIVITIES PLANNING COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Carey Edson, Arlene McLau ghlin, Irene Takei, Gail Trowbridge, Pat Kimball, Maryaun Reid. SECOND ROW: Jeff Wong, Oliver White, Grove Thomas, Bill Gean. 117 PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Ilene Katz, Margo Brown, Doris Tyson, Fareeda Habeeb. SECOND ROW: Judie Druham, Lynn Dally, Paul Fletcher, Pam Henning, Sue Niles, Sue Hanlon. Publicity and Public Relations During its second year the Publicity and Public Relations Department successfully expanded its of communications within the ASUC and between the ASUC and the general public. Designed to publicize the many student the department covers campus activities for both Bay Area and state-wide releases and sends individual home town press releases on student leaders. Directed by Margo Brown, the department has expanded its services to include Campus Tours, tours for foreign visitors, Speakers ' Bureau, ASUC clipping service, Ex-Com and special Ex-Com liaison projects. Bay Area newsmen have praised this year ' s staff for its advances in this new area of student communications. CLASS OFFICERS BOARD—SEATED, left to right: Gary Aquirre, Don Alves, Steve Rutherford, Dorrie Robbins, Jan Smith. STANDING: Cindy Kroesen, Harriet Hoffner, Howard Karr, Mary Helen Reich, Judy Simmons, Nancy Borio, Jeff Smith, Jerry Newfarmer. Class Officers Board The Class Officers Board acts as a sounding board for all new ideas for class activities. The Board, of the officers of all four classes, meets to discuss and coordinate class activities. Problems which are common to all classes are also discussed by the Board. It also makes available to lowerclass the experienced counseling of the upperclass officers. The Board sponsored the Frosh-Soph Brawl, and the Santa Claus Contest. Steve Rutherford, in his capacity as of the Board and president of the Senior Class, lent his talents to making the Board ' s year successful. DEBATE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Helen Hinchliff, Dr. Fred Stripp, Coach; Jeff Horner, Captain; Pete Holland, Manager; Rene Sperling. SECOND ROW: Arne Werchick, Rich Danson, Larry Hines, Gladys Joren, Doug Burke, Dick Kagan, Walt Rogers, Bill Marantz. Debate Debate is the most academic minded of the ASUC organizations. Its members are selected for their ability as debaters as well as their knowledge of matter. Debate is divided into branches —Varsity Debate and Round Table Debate. Each is sponsored by the ASUC. Under the guidance of Professor Stripp, members of the Debate team engaged in intercollegiate contests, public discussions, and radio Captain of the Debaters this year was Jeff Horner. Gavel and Quill This is a nondescript group consisting of red hots who have been very active in class activities. The main function of this group is to have parties and real wild ones too! Actually, it is a class activities honor society (whatever that means). Anyway, for a group that is just really getting going again, they have a good time and at the same time seriously discuss matters of to class activities. GAVEL AND QUILL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Clark, Grove Thomas, Joy Holmes, Keg Davies. SECOND ROW: Brian Van Camp, " Tom Jones, " Mickey Liapes, Rudy Montejano, Fred Rondon, Brenda Goodman, Larry Miller, Kathy Pyles, Sue Warner. THIRD ROW: Maria Siegel, Harriet Hoffner, Steve Rutherford, Marlene Peck, Cindy Kroeson, Don Alves, Heather McCune, George Link, Brenda Cos. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Smith, Gail Trowbridge, Howard Karr, Andy Berschad, Gary Aguirre, Sandy Baskett, Jan Smith, Sue Nills. FIFTH ROW: Gary Code, Jerry Newfarmer, Lance Wickman, George Kachen, Dave Melander, George Goldberg, Al Lazar, Duke Stroud. Men ' s Intramural Men ' s Intramural is sponsored jointly by the ASUC and the University. The program provides opportunity for men to balance their academic life with that of sports. Regular league competition is conducted among and the other men ' s living groups. The program also includes interclass tournaments. Included in the program are twenty-two individual and team sports. MR. BOYCHEFF Men ' s Intramural Director Men in action. WAA Through its Women ' s Intramural and Sport Club program, the WAA Board provided organized sports for all University women. The enables girls with the same in athletics to become better acquainted. Sports offered are hockey, badminton, riflery, tennis, basketball, and bowling. Prexy for the WAA Board this year was Nancy Campbell. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION — FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Blower, Prudy Vyn, Nancy Campbell, President; Judy Smith, Miss June Brasted, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Robin Burnham, Marla Smith, Marilyn Garvey, Tanako Hagiwara, Beverly Sepkowitz. Cultural Events Board The Cultural Events Board ' s goal is to search out student entertainment in the fields of music, art, drama, and literature, and bring them before the students. This is accomplished through displays, concerts, and programs. The pattern of this board will fit right in with the proposed program for the new student union. Grove Thomas headed the committee this year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tracy Iwnes, Wendy MacMillan. SECOND ROW: Bob Herlinger, Grove Thomas, Chairman; John Hobble. Educational Events Board Anticipating the expansion of ASUC activities once the new Student Union is completed, the Executive Committee formed the Educational Events Board. The Board ' s purpose is to broaden the student ' s by presenting important public figures who speak on current controversial campus and issues. Subcommittees of the Board which will function next year are Public Affairs, Forums, Conversations, and Scientific. Forums, discussions, and lectures by leading 1960 presidential candidates were presented by EEB. FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Fowell, Linda Bell, Marilyn Sprague, Donna Macari. SECOND ROW: Raymond Gee, Jeff Wong, Chairmen; Dave Parent, Steve Goddman. THIRD ROW: Nick Nichols, Roger Morgan, Tom Jones. Social-Recreational Board Keeping pace with the expansion of the University, the ASUC created the Social Recreational Board. The Board provided social and recreational activities for the student body by making full use of Student Union facilities. The Board has provided a new for social life for those students who do not live in organized housing and also provides a wider variety of activities for those who do. Carey Edson and Pat Vartanian were co-chairmen of the Board this year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Vartanian, Carey Edson, Laurie Hand. SECOND ROW: Barry Scaife, Connie Carson, Adele Deinel, Susan Kjarsgaard, Lana Metulis, Ann Severin. Functional Services Board The responsibility of the Functional Services Board is to administer and coordinate the services offered by the various activities of the ASUC. The Board tries to organize the activities of its subsidiary boards and councils. The members of the Board are the Chairmen of the different councils and organizations which function under the Board ' s jurisdiction. Steve Pace directed the Board ' s activities this year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Heringer, Dave Hajny, Steve Pace, Betsy Fair, Janice Lee. SECOND ROW: Lew Baer, Dan Morris, Marina Bvergin, Jim Singleton. Elections Council Responsible for seeing that all elections run smoothly is the Elections Council. This council enforces all rules, sets up and maintains the booths, and counts and tabulates the ballots at the end of the day. Also the council must keep a constant watch during the campaign to see that election rules are not violated. This year the council was under the of Dan Morris. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue Kamm, Betty Asaro, Judy Meanier, Linda Kurit, Judy Vivell. SECOND ROW: Bill Thurlow, Dan Morris, Ron Savitt, Honora Greenhill. High School Day Each Spring semester, the High School Day organizes and carries out a full day ' s to the University for over 13,000 high school students. The program helps to acquaint the prospective students with the academic and extracurricular activities of the campus, forming valuable links with the faculty and ASUC. This year ' s chairman was Sue Hanlon. The committee is under the auspices of the Student Publicity and Public Relations Department. FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Ebert, Paul Fletcher, Margo Brown, Susan Hanlon. SECOND ROW: Jim Singleton, Jim Stonehouse, Russ Peterson, Ilene Katz, Roz Siporin, Carol Foster, Doris Tyson. Speaker ' s Bureau Representatives from Speaker ' s Bureau have been busy this year visiting many of the high schools in the surrounding areas of the University. They have many high school students of the vast number of opportunities available here at Cal and the manner in which they may take advantage of them. this year were Art Ginsberg and Arne Wercheck. LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Rarsh, Karen Pastorino, Arthur Ginsberg, chairman; Garold Pearson. Art Bureau Poster paints, brushes, pencils, erasers, and are tools that members of Art Bureau need in order to make available its finished product. The Art Bureau makes the many signs which decorate our campus while announcing coming attractions. PICTURED: Dave Hajny. Constitutional Council The Constitutional Council advises new organizations in preparing their constitutions and bylaws. It is the duty of this committee to see that each organization has bylaws which are in accordance with the policies of the Executive Committee. LEFT TO RIGHT: Heather McCune, Ray Walker, Brenda Cox. Store Board The purpose of the Store Board is to clarify, evaluate, and recommend policies for the operation of the ASUC Store, specific consideration being given to the desires of the members of the Association in to the good of the Association. Under the guidance of Dorothy Lee, Store Board ' s recommendation for a Christmas and Spring Sale was approved and executed by the Executive Committee. Also recommended by the Board was that turnstiles be installed in the ASUC Store. SEATED, left to right: Mary Newman, Janice Lee, Clyde L. Evans, Professor F. T. Malm. STANDING: Sylvia Hollis, Tom Hendrix, Ralph Andersen, John Fitz. Secretariat Thanks to the extensive services of the Secretariat the ASUC Student Officers are able to operate smoothly and quickly. The Secretariat provides typists and experienced secretaries for all organizations that wish to use their services. It is always ready to give a helping hand wherever secretarial services are This year, under the guidance of Marina Burgio, the Secretariat has continued to be of great value to the ASUC committees. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Crosswhite, Margaret McMillan, Marina Burgio, Marylou Valencia, Margie Broyles. Orientations Council Orientations Council is one of the most active organizations on campus. Through its numerous activities new students become better adjusted to the college way of life. Each semester a welcome meeting, luncheons, coffee hours, and teas are held for the students ' benefit. At these meetings University life, and problems are discussed and students soon begin to feel right at home. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Bogue, Lew Baer, Jim Peirce. Activities, Personnel and Counseling Board The Activities, Personnel, and Counseling Board is a new division of Functional Services Board. The of the Board is to counsel new students upon their arrival at Cal and thus set up a file of which the chairmen of the ASUC committees can use in choosing new members of their groups. The Board, through its counseling committee, also new students with advantages to be gained from participation in the various activities. LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Serduke, Louis Maselli, Jim Singleton, Jonathan Planck, Jim Stonehouse. Campus Tours The Campus Tours Committee aids new students in becoming acquainted with the University and their new surroundings. Each semester it provides tours of the whole campus as well as those of individual buildings such as the library. This committee is also a to the public throughout the year. Under its guidance many visitors are shown our campus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Margaret Weatherhead, Phillip Chang, Mickie Liapes, Connie Wemett, Bonnie Towlinson, Al Epes. SECOND ROW: Fareeda Habeeh, Judie Drahan, Jim Mendiarn, Marvin Mizis, Harriett West, Margo Brown. International Relations Board The International Relations Board coordinates the activities of its subgroups which are College Model UN, Foreign Student Friendship Committee, Project America, WUS Experiment in International Living, and Foreign Travels Council. The Board this year in cooperation with its subsidiary organizations UNICEF Christmas Card sales which funds went to the needy children of the world. Ray Verzasconi directed the Board ' s activities this year. FIRST ROW, left to right: Susan Lynder, Sunny Hoff, Lynn Althaus. SECOND ROW: Blanche Di Pasquale, Mary Ann Rogers, Steve Herrick, Ray Verzasconi, Maria Mothershead. High School Model UN The High School Model UN hosts a Model United Nations Conference for high school students from Northern California. Each school represents a country and is responsible for displaying the true character of that country in mock sessions of the United Nations. The conference ' s success was largely due to the effort of this year ' s chairman, Zilpha Shadi. FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Siemer, Judy Vivell, Judy Maunier, Zilpha Shadi, Lana Kisseleff, Susan Stapleton. SECOND ROW: Donna Eunt, Judy Madfes, Ray Verzasconi, Charles Cutter, Honere Greenhill, Ronny Becker. Foreign Student Friendship Committee Friendship and aid are the mottos for the Foreign Student Friendship Committee. This group of acts as a welcoming party for all foreign and Cal students. Through its activities students become better acquainted with their new way of life and new surroundings. They are introduced to many people and given opportunities to make new friends. This year under the leadership of Sunny Hoff the committee has provided its services to a great of students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Van Atta, Sonja Hoff, Chairman; Joy Hong, Crystal Eastin. RESEARCH AND AGENDA COMMITTEE — LEFT TO RIGHT: David Larue, Bob Wersen, Brooks Hagestad, D. Richard Artis, Tony Taylor, Jan Campbell, Wambulwa Mafunga. ALLAN SOLOMONOW Conference Chairman CONFERENCE FACILITIES — FIRST ROW, left to right: Wendy MacMillan, Grove Thomas, Sandy SECOND ROW: Nick Nichols, Keg Davis, Carol Kavanagh, Dave Mueh, Dave Woolf. PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE —LEFT TO RIGHT: Hall, Margo Roberts, Sandra Sailer, Roland Alt enborough, Frank Baxter, Cynthia Henderson, Harriet Stark, Debbie Hershehberg, Judy Rosen, Barbara Frank. SECRETARIAL FACILITIES COMMITTEE College Model UN The Model United Nations selected the University of California to serve as Secretariat for its Tenth Commemorative Session in April. The Conference was by far the largest all-student activity of the year on this campus. The Model United Nations, an organization of from nine western states, is dedicated to a better understanding of the potentialities and of the United Nations. After months of study, students gather at the secretariat each year for that accurately duplicate actual United Nations situations, with each school representing a member country. For the first time, each of the 82 member countries was represented by a separate school. The formidable job of planning for, staffing, and up a function with a budget of almost $30,000 was accomplished by some 300 Cal students. they had little experience, their enthusiasm compensated for it, and the conference was judged successful and meaningful by the 850 delegates attending. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Baxter, Roland Altenborough, Connie Bernard Friewald, Allan Solomonow, Fisher, D. Richard Artis, Marina Buergin. Project Americas Board The Project Americas Board seeks to stimulate interest in Latin American affairs. Through students ' knowledge of Latin America, the Board works to create a better understanding all Americans. The Board, as a part of its functions, is planning to send a travel team to South America in the near future. Chairman of the Board this year was Mike Moore. SEATED, left to right: Susie Harris, Sandy Baskett, Sherry Lindbergh, Evelyn Paniagua. STANDING: Mike Moore, Chairman; Blair Hine, Galbreth Whipple, Anne Hurst. World University Service On behalf of the international university community, the World University Service each year coordinates an extensive mutual assistance program. It supports a wide variety of projects and activities throughout the world, such as donating books, medical aid, housing, in an endeavor to make an effective contribution toward meeting immediate and long-term University needs. WUS also sponsors conferences all over the world where ideas may be exchanged. FIRST ROW, left to right: Catherine Steiner, Maria Mothershead, Chairman; Cherryl Christensen, Sharon Jacobson. SECOND ROW: Juline Cardozo, Sue Pokrass, Professor G. A. Wiley, George Alvarado, Pat Kimball, Marilyn Hanson, Renee Hunt. Experiment in International Living " Expect the unexpected " is the motto of the in International Living. This organization strives for a better understanding among nations by sending students abroad to live with a foreign family. Each year Cal students have an opportunity to live in a home in one of the twenty-nine member countries. This year, under the leadership of Steve Herrick, the scope of the Experiment has greatly increased and many more " experimenters " were able to live with foreign families. SEATED, left to right: Richard Gamble, Steve Herrick, Binnie Busby. Ken Wagstaff, Nancy Glick, Sue Allen, Susan Ensler, Cal Moore. Foreign Travels Council The allure of far off places gives the Foreign Travel Council its purpose, which is to inform the students about foreign countries. The Council carries out its purpose by maintaining a current supply of telling about foreign travels and by presenting a film series on travels in many of the foreign Jane Scott was this year ' s chairman. PICTURED: Jane Scott. Student Welfare Board The Student Welfare Board, under the leadership of Brian Payne, has succeeded throughout the year in the many activities of its member councils. Through its councils the Board works to improve for students. Car pools may be arranged, housing standards established and maintained and employment problems resolved. The Student Welfare Board takes notice of the biggest problems facing students and does its best to ease them. LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha James, Jay Verkozen, Joni Chouret, Brian Payne, Mike Little, Annette Zamora, Cameron Wolfe. Special Services Council Special Services Council, working as an integral part of the Student Welfare Board, undertakes projects of interest to the ASUC on its own initiative and by the directions from the Welfare Board and from Executive Committee. Such special services entail work on book pools, discounts, and the new student directory. The Council usually takes on projects for which there is no special committee. The Council was headed this year by Cameron Wolfe. LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy Elliott, Pam Gartshore, Cameron Wolfe, Penny Hollan d, Don Hitzel, Ann Robertson. Labor Council Under the direction of Jay Verkozen, the Labor Council has worked to improve wages and working conditions for Cal students. Labor Council has conducted investigations into numerous student problems, and has made many for their solution. Labor Council is a service for the students and is always at their disposal. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Krattler, Bill Pesce, Jay Verkozen, Chairman; Carolyn Krover, Bruce Payne, Bob Fitz. Housing Council The formulation of the Fair Bear Housing Policy is the major concern of Housing Council. A survey of conditions is taken and the Council establishes what it feels the proper conditions should be. This Policy is then presented to Ex Comm for approval. The Council then asks apartment owners to agree to the policy in return for special privileges such as free publicity. Through the Housing Council students are continually receiving better living conditions. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynda McKnight, Martha James, Barbara James. SECOND ROW: Janice Martel, Jeanette Hope, Judy Kerr, Mary Truitt. Academic Affairs Council Academic Affairs Council has continued this year in its efforts to provide a better relationship between members of the faculty and the student body. Through research and personal interviews with the faculty and students it has been able to further the academic welfare of many students at the University. PICTURED: Tom Drewek. Ushering Council Ushering Council is the coordinator of the student ushering program. This program offers students the opportunity to attend plays, symphonies, and other stage productions by serving as ushers at these events. Ushering Council handles the distribution of ushering tickets and the applications for the available jobs. This year ' s chairman has been Jack Wells. LEFT TO RIGHT: Newell K. Muirbrook, Joan L. Bruhns. Campus Crusade The campus drive for the United Crusade was this year by the Campus Crusade Under the leadership of Lynn Diamond the committee offered its services to see that a successful campaign was held. The committee through its untiring workers and with the assistance of the student body has contributed immeasurably to the welfare of many people. PICTURED: Lynn Diamond, chairman. Yell Leaders and Pompon Girls KNEELING: Rudy Montejano, Head Yell Leader. STANDING, left to right: Duke Stroud, Bob Laliberte, Howard Karr. RUDY MONTEJANO Head Yell Leader FIRST ROW, left to right: Sharon Ferguson, Ellen Rayner, Jan Smith. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Takeda, Melinda McLean, Irene Takei, Carole Newton, Linda Tenny. The spirit of football season descends upon the Berkeley campus each September, not to be lifted again until the morning after the traditional Big Game. Each Friday night a home game, large crowds of fans file into the Greek Theater to cheer the team on to victory, and at the same time to be by groups such as the KN Trio. the season, the yell leaders, pompon girls, Oski, and the Band become familiar sights to football fans. Among the fans one finds such notables as Sproul, Seaborg and Sherriffs, who never outgrew their Cal spirit. Linda Baker Mary Dean Cherie Bernardo Lynne Diamond Linda Boberg Joan Draper Lanie Chaffee Beverly Feiner Laura Clark Jacquie Firpo Lynn Cowling Oski Dolls As Oski Dolls, we ' ve done our best To serve the school and meet the test. With Cherie Bernardo, president, We hostessed at each big event. The Senator ' s Luncheon, Big and Little Sister ' s tea, At the Christmas Party of the ASUC. We ' re a spirit group too, forty strong, We yell for Oski all year long. You saw us at the Axe Review, We helped the judges and seated you. We ' ve made new friends, and all had fun, It ' s been a blast for everyone! Karen Mortensen Melinda Patton Sandy Rees Nancy Roger Joan Ryman Marcia Samuelson Gerry Sanger Maria Siegel Judy Tjomsland Emily Turula Jackie Wells Merle Gibbins Lanny Hayward Lynne Henrietta Ursula Holstius Sharon Johnston Carol Kavanagh Chris Kita Susan Kjarsgaard Cindy Kroesen Feelie Lee Freida Lee Jana Liff Pamela Manuel Heather Martin Linda Martin Melinda Martin Jon Abrams Ralph Andersen Bill Ausfahl Elmore Chilton Terry Cochran David Colman Keagle Davies Gary Fernandez Lee Freeman George Gnesdiloff Louis Grivetti Californians The CALIFORNIANS, an honorary organization dedicated to the principle of service to the University, was established by Executive Committee in 1956. This year, headed by Howard Karr and Jim Trembath, the group has been very active in promoting spirit and traditions on this campus. The major projects of the year were the Frosh-Soph Brawl, Big Game Week, the Basketball Awards Assembly, the Spring Sports Assembly, and the publication of the Traditions pamphlet and of Cal song sheets for the students. As hosts of the campus the CALIFORNIANS escorted the Football Festival Queens and the Homecoming Queen and court. The thirty to forty Junior and Senior men who are the members of the CALIFORNIANS are chosen by Men ' s Executive Board. Charles Hall Bob Jarvis Robert Jolly David Jorgensen Bruce Kane Howard Karr Carl Kuhn Bob LaLiberte George Link Dan Lubbock Bob Lund Marty McNair Rodolfo Montejano Dougles Moore Dick Olson John Olson Stephen Pace John Quinn Steve Rutherford Duke Stroud Grove Thomas Lloyd Tosse Jim Trembath Brian Vargus Jud Whitehead Rally and Games Council The Rally and Games Council is for planning activities at rallies and athletic events. Card stunts, and pregame and half-time activities are the major concern of this Council. Acting as chairman this year was Rudy Montejano. SEATED, left to right: Thomas Dutton, Marilynne Hughes, Carole Williams, Rudy Montejano, Irene Takei, Cherie Bernardo. STANDING: Harry Davis, Brian Varqus, Howard Karr, McDonald Robinson, Grove Thomas, John Perlstein, James Berdahl, Oliver White.. Megaphone Society Megaphone Society is composed of male students interested in yell leading and school spirit. Membership in this society is a prerequisite for a yell leader. FIRST ROW, left to right: George Goldberg, John Herb Holley. SECOND ROW: Mike Levine, Miller, Whit Nicholas, Keith Robinson, Bill THIRD ROW: Ed Shaskan, Warren Brunetti, Al Audie Cunningham, Bob Goings, Ray Fay. Card Stunts Committee The Card Stunts Committee plans and draws the card stunts for the football games. They also paint the rally backdrops and blowups which are used to show the rooting section the card stunts. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Thurlow, Hughes, Barbara Majesky, Nancy Louargand, Sandra McDonald, Nancy Meyer, Kay Mossman, Beth Booth, Dick Griffin. SECOND ROW: Margaret Swain, Merna Katie Britton, Sue Skelly, Judy Madfes, Molly Barbara Wood, Stephanie Rank, Terry Taylor. Oski Committee Oski, the U of C mascot, never reveals his real identity. Although his name is secret, he is always at rallies and games creating and encouraging school spirit. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Enfield, Jeff Dolbear, Bob Harbaugh, Brian Vargus, Hugh Calkins. SECOND ROW: Bert Carner, Tony Silva, Bob Wells, Jack Goon, Don Freitas, Jeff Large. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Blower, Carole Williams, Chairman. SECOND ROW: Linda O ' Conner, Pat Vartanian, Patty Ellerd, Carolyn Hand, Sue Sommarstrom, Connie Wemett, Heather Adams, Mary Newcomer, Claudeen Smith. THIRD ROW: Susan Stone, Vicki Csenar, Donna Hartman, Brenda Bouchard, Pat Van Etten, Gloria Puncher, Barbara Kral, Linda Axelson, Carol Arnold. FOURTH ROW: Connie Conron, Anne Hassard, Maryann Imwalle, Judith Richards, Jill Derby, Linda Bell, Darla Findley, Penny Carlson, Judy Smith, Jane Scott. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Carveth, Joey Tuttle, Ann Edmiston, Gustie Barnett, Betty Betty Casady, Karin Joynson, Lynda Tyler, Sarah Kalberg. Women ' s Rally Committee A typical week spent by the members of the women ' s spirit group proceeds something like this: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons stamp cards with the names of the colors for designa ted card stunts; Friday afternoon prepare for that night ' s rally; Friday night participate in the rally; early Saturday morning tromp to Memorial Stadium to help Men ' s Rally Committee tack cards on the benches; Saturday afternoon collect cards after card stunts (which sometimes proved to be a dangerous job!); Saturday night celebrate; recuperate and get ready for another week. Carole Williams led the members of the Women ' s Rally Committee through these hectic weeks. Men ' s Rally Committee Card sorting during the week, building bonfires for the rallies, and setting up card stunts in the early morning hours before the game mark the efforts of the members of Men ' s Rally Committee in the high level of Cal Spirit. " We ' ve got the Axe! " resounded from their lusty throats at the Big Game, indicative of a job well done. Never slowing in their pace, they showed the same incentive in supporting the defending NCAA championship cagers. Responsible for the spirit shown by the Men ' s Rally Committee was Lloyd Tosse, this year ' s MEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Miailovich, Al Warrington, Lloyd Tosse, Chairman; Dudley A. Smith. SECOND ROW: Robert Anderson, Allan Lock, Mike Healy, Les Laky, Bill Becker. THIRD ROW: Bill Weymouth, Tony Thomas, Rich McCarthy, Bill Edmonds, Don Bone, Larry Stone, Bill Bast, Dennis Tompkins, Jeff Smitten, Howie Ehret. The disassociation of the graduate from the ASUC in June of last year, and the defeat of the proposed Graduate Student Association has left some ten thousand graduate students without any means of formal in University life. Although there is no organization to represent the graduate student, his presence on campus forms an integral part of University life. These pictures depict the many facets of a graduate student ' s life. In his role as a student, a reader, an instructor, or as a research assistant, he has little time for relaxation. Yet his classes and studies, he does manage to sneak in a coffee break and a quiet chat. When his academic toil is drawing to its conclusion, he then begins the process of seeking in the field most suited to his studies. Graduate Students PUBLICATIONS Publications Office Publications Office, alive to the needs of the five student publications—Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Occident, Engineer and Pelican—serves as the central business and counseling office to the student staffers. Headed by Director Walter Frederick and Assistant Director Dolores Van Loucks, the Pub Office staff is the source of information and aid on technical, and production problems. In addition, the staff often helps out during deadlines and emergencies to insure that the publications get over the humps of production. Duties move two ways, with the editors and managers of the five being responsible to Pub Office for their various and Pub Office being responsible for advising and staffers and serving as liaison between students, printers and other professional people. WALTER FREDERICK, Director; DOLORES VAN LOUCKS, Assistant Director. LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Harley, Lucille Grout. Public Relations The ASUC Department of Public Relations works in with the Bay Area press in order to publicize more efficiently and accurately ASUC activities, with special emphasis on Sports. Late summer found the department amidst an extensive campaign publicizing the sale of season football tickets. In the Fall, the department was kept busy with news releases in connection with football. In the winter, the department ' s attention turned to publicizing another successful season for our NCAA champs. In the Spring, track and baseball were subjects of their news releases. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Steiner, Paul Christopulcs, Pat Gordon. ED KIRWAN HAROLD AMLING FRANK WERBISKY MAUREEN HOYT ASUC Photography Patience is the virtue possessed by the Photo Department—patience with broken appointments, misscheduled pictures, wrong sizes, and last-minute scheduling and printing so Blue and Gold can make its deadlines. Blue and Gold is not the only member of University Community which uses the ASUC Photography Service. Ed and Harold take all official University photos; they do work for Daily Cal and Pelican. And at the same time they take pictures for The Blue and Gold Office gives its special thanks to Ed and Harold for their help in making Blue and Gold the best yet. The staff hard at work! MARGE Fall Editor ANNE Fall Managing Editor Spring Editor MARGARET Fall City Editor Spring Managing Editor CONNIE JOHNSON Fall Assistant Editor DAN Fall Assistant City Editor Spring Assistant Editor CORINNE Fall Assistant Managing Editor Spring Assistant City Editor JANE Fall Assistant City Editor Spring City Editor MARY ELLEN ROSE Spring Assistant City Editor RUTH Spring Assistant Managing Editor JOHN Spring Assistant Managing Editor DAILY CAL REPORTERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Roberta Tennant, Katie Rotherham, Maxine Hong. SECOND ROW: Mike Dcan, Joan Duren, James Asher. Daily Californian Editorial Berkeley ' s only morning newspaper, the Daily has just completed its 63rd year of daily publication. Over these years the Daily Californian has had as one of its prime ideals the reporting of the news and activities of its 20,000 subscribers with truth and objectivity, in accordance with the highest journalistic standards and ethics. On its editorial pages, the Monarch of the College Dailies, has voiced its thoughts loudly and often on topics of the day in line with, again, its guiding principle—the striving for the truth and justice. The DC is staffed by students from a wide variety of academic interests, ranging from anthropology and physicis to economics and, yes, even journalism. They work free from any control by outside interests or the administration. During this last year the Daily Cal Staff has seen new ideas come to life within the DC ' s tabloid pages. Readers saw the re-advent of a weekly social page the extra-academic activities of the campus community along with the pinnings and engagements of the amorously inclined. Many Pictorial feature pages appeared highlighting, among other things, the new residence halls, university mental student health services and the Big Game. For the first time in 30 years the Daily Cal sustained a major press which caused thousands of newspapers to be printed 23 hours behind schedule. All in all, the Daily Cal had an enjoyable and successful year and all looked forward to its 64th year which would be—as all " next years " are—even more successful. CUB REPORTERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Pomeroy, Corbett Donohue, Joan Chin, Roberta Tennant, Rosalie Berg, Ed Roberson. NIGHT EDITORS AND ASSISTANTS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Sissel Hamre, Joel Brewer, assistant night editors. SECOND ROW: Scott Keech, Lew Stonsby, Phil Dunn, Gordon Chappell, night editors. RON BERGMAN FalI-Spring Sports Editor MIKE BERGER Fall Assistant Sports Editor BILL WONG Spring Assistant Sports Editor JOHN BURKE Photographer SPORTS STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: Norm Weinress, Newt Harband, Dick Johnson, Stu Herman, Lincoln Mintz, Blaine Newnham, Bill Wong, Jim Schubert, Charles Tonelli. SEATED: Ron Bergman, Daily Cal Sports There appeared to be little hope for the sports page in September, 1959. The student who was appointed sports editor couldn ' t make it for one reason or The Spring ' 59 editor had supposedly left school. And two other important staff members had quit. That left three men to handle all the work, an task. One of them, Ron Bergman, was thrust into the top spot. Then good things began to happen. Mike Berger, the aforementioned Spring editor, surprised everyone by returning to school for one last semester. Fifteen Freshmen and assorted others to a call for volunteers. Much to the chagrin of the sporting gentry around and about campus, the sports page only appeared three times a week at first. This was because of the staff inexperience. sessions were held until sports was once again in the paper five times a week. Bill Wong took over for Berger as assistant sports editor in the Spring of ' 60 while Bergman remained as editor. PHOTOGRAPHERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Van Loon, John Burke, Dan Bloom. Daily Cal Managerial Again the Daily Cal Managerial Staff kept one of the biggest businesses on campus rolling. This unrecognized branch of the DC is responsible for keeping the paper out of the red and in the black. The staffers worked diligently bringing in ads and putting out bigger and better papers. Every member of the staff gained valuable business experience and made business contacts which will be valuable to them after they leave the The members were rewarded for all of their hard work with commissions and salaries. The DC is not all work, however, Managerial parties are something every college student should experience. The office is also a haven for the staffers who just can ' t decide how else to waste those in-between-class hours. CHUCK HALL Fall Manager ROD CRAIG Fall Production Manager Spring Advertising Manager PRIS SPIRES Fall Advertising Manager Spring Manage r ANN RUDDY Fall Office Manager Spring Production Manager CHUCK MAAS Fall Promotions Manager Spring Office Manager MARILYN IMBACH Spring Promotions Manager DIANA RICHARDSON Fall Art and Layout Manager Spring Art and Layout Manager LINDA COUPE Fall Entertainment Manager FIRST ROW, left to right: Margaret Weatherhead, Meredith Righter, Mary Mulholland, Sally Bodnar, Edith Wright, Kiki Sandy Thomas, Andy Cohen. ROW: Jim Bonney, Rich Kirby, Brian Richardson, Cebe Wallace, Helen Hamilton, Ken Reichert, Ellen Dietschy. DIANE " POKEY " SCHWAB Editor Blue and Gold Editorial Despite pictures unscheduled by Dot and copy turned back by Sue, the second deadline was met amid frantic phone calls and missing idents. Although Sue H. found it hard to tell our players from the others, and an office manager was nowhere to be seen, the Blue and Gold made it to the printers in the nick of time. With the beginning of April came the knowledge that the book was safely at the printers and only page proofs would be left to plague the staff. And now it ' s June and here is the biggest and best Blue and Gold ever! SUE GINSBERG Copy Editor BONNIE RUSSELL Assistant Copy Editor SUE HANSEN Sports Editor BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR STAFF FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Maloyan, Hilary Bevis, Brenda Bouchard. SECOND ROW: Mary Beth Overfelt, Phil McMillan, Sue Kamm, Virginia Vorous, Sandy Hunt, Elaine Henning. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Wooldridge. FRESHMAN STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Susan Jackson, Joanie Kerstein, Patricia Lammerman, Sharon Lycn, Elaine Hudesman, Karen Shain, Lynn Goddess, Clair Hirsch, Karen Kenney. SECOND ROW: Sue Gorshow, Steph Raphael, Eleanor Cortsen, Katherine Rotherham, Phyllis Fowler, Cynthia Henderson, Barbara Thomson, Martha Hall. THIRD ROW: Margie Clark, Diane deKirby, Faith Yong, Lynn Gentner, Carol Ackerman, Judy Madfes, Suzy Shadinger. FOURTH ROW: Joan Heyer, Judy Rosen, Diane Kolz, Virginia Main, Diane Rosen, Betsy Roger, Kathy Stewart, Janice Blakiston, Barbara Buckhottz, Allan Eubank. FIFTH ROW: Georg Ann Miner, Maja Zuber, Judy Paver, Sally Peterson, Connie Corten, Rosal Beaudette, Jean Harrington, Marilyn Moseley. SOPHOMORE STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Jane Bjoch, Diane Ross. SECOND ROW: Gerry Martin, Judy Kysh. ART STAFF — Left to right: Diana Richardson, Barbara Kosman. DOT SHERWOOD Picture Editor RON LAI Art Editor JANE HOWELL Manager Blue and Gold Managerial SEPTEMBER Jane H. (cordially): " We ' re so happy to have all seventy of you on the staff. Keep as many hours as you can, but school work always comes first. " OCTOBER Jane M. (distractedly): " There ' s a line fifty yards long outside Studio, they ' re all an hour and a half late, and there ' s no staff member down there! " NOVEMBER Terry (frantically): " I don ' t care if she ' s our top salesgirl! She can ' t add! Look at this! " Jane H. (snarling): " Whaddayamean you can ' t keep your office hours this week? ... Of course I said schoolwork always comes first ... FEBRUARY Jane H. (cordially): " ... so glad to see all fifteen of you back on staff. Remember now . . . " APRIL Terry (gleefully): " We ' re ahead of last year on sales! " JUNE Jane H. (cordially): " Certainly, sir, and here ' s your BLUE AND GOLD. Whew! What a year! " TERRY FOURKAS JANE MISSLING Associate Manager Assistant Manager BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR MANAGERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Kendra Martin, Pat SECOND ROW: Robin Akers, Penny Tharsing, Marcia Hughes, Liz Dobbins. FRESHMAN MANAGERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Ginger Ransom, Pat Holmes, March Kusuka, Barbara Hedge, Judy Portland, Carolyn Echols. SECOND ROW: Camille Chamberlain, Denise de Kat, Diane Steele, Sonja Mollenhoff, Pat Quinn, Melinda Moore, Judy Iverson, Shirley Nielsen. The gathering of the clan! SOPHOMORE MANAGERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Dunlap, Linda Flynn, Nancy Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Judy Schultz, Pat Jordan. Pelican JOE McCORD Fall Editor FRANK CHIN Spring Editor GREG Fall Manager TERRY SIMPSON Spring Manager JUDY Fall Women ' s Director PELLY SALESGIRLS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Julia Murray, Michelle Padams, Judy Blanchard, Tess Popper, Neta Bailey. SECOND ROW: Judy Binsacca, Natalie Zavialoff, Sharon Stafford, Pelly, Mona DeSure, Barbara Tompson. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Ortegren, Marilyn McLaren, Joan Lohmeyer, Pam Kimball, Lorna Merrill. FOURTH ROW: Sue Kamm, Otilia Bojkovsky, Paula Salger, Lori Lauder, Farel Footman, Airn Lockett, Wendy Sterund. FIFTH ROW: Judy Marvin, Carolyn Ballard, Nancy Lauderback. PELICAN APPOINTED STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Bechtel, Sue Dowell, Joe McCord, Frank Chin, Judy Stark, Greg Gregorich. Blessed with an abundance of comely young Sales Girls and a slaving and slavering staff (males only!), the California Pelican h ad a truly magnificent year. The PELICAN experienced its first dance and the " nest " is now officially dedicated as the home of the humorous and the weird. What with sales days, beach parties, dances, picnics, disastrous ball games against the University Administration, and just plain around, we don ' t know how anyone to pass any courses but it looks like half the staff is graduating. (Maybe the thinks this is the best way to get rid of them?) EVIE TROST Spring Women ' s Director BOB BECHTEL Art Editor PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Catrow, Nata Bailey, Barbara Thomson, Pam Kimball, Lorna Merrill, Evie Nakano, Judy Stark, Evie Trost. RICHARD BASLER Fall Editor PETE BEAKSCHI Spring Editor SHELDON CARROLL Fall Manager CLARKE MILLER Spring Manager CAL ENGINEER ' S STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Leppaluoto, Linda Thompson, Eugenia Fontaine, Wendy Rebscher, Marit Ballance. SECOND ROW: John White, Terry Wheeler, Steve Plagemann, Pete Beakschi, Sue Boren. THIRD ROW: Don Howard, Sheldon Carroll, Richard Basler, Steve Whilden, Martin Halseath, Charlie Schrader. California Engineer The Cal Engineer has tried to do three things this year: keep its readers informed on scientific and technical developments and research, keep them intellectually alert with discussions of nontechnical issues of direct concern to engineers and scientists, and keep them entertained with the usual raunchy jokes and stories. The Engineer was fortunate this year in having an abundance of material to work with; a large staff and plenty of writers and articles. The staff enjoyed the usual fringe benefits—journalism experience, dessert nights, technical writing know-how. One Women ' s Director got married (to the Manager) and one got engaged (to the which should encourage prewed majors to join the staff. Staff in action. DIANE WAKOSKI Fall Editor RALPH COSTA Spring Editor SUE SHERMAN Fall Manager JOHN ARGUE Spring Manager Occident The oldest literary publication on the West Coast is Occident, founded in 1881. Many now established writers were published in the magazine as students, among them Robert Duncan, Gertrude Stein, Alan Ginsberg, Henry Huaco and Morton Seif. With such a tradition behind it, Occident expects to many more fine writers. The magazine is staffed entirely by students who become familiar in their work with the several forms and qualities of college They learn to select good writing from bad and to put together a salable magazine. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marcia Albright, Florence Armstrong, Wendy Martine. SECOND ROW: John Argue, John Grissam, Joseph Engbeck, Louis Cobet, Ralph Costa. The campus was proud this year to host Mr. Pablo Casals. MUSIC DRAMA Cal Band Every Saturday afternoon that the football team played in Memorial Stadium, the University of California ' s all-male Marching Band was ushered onto the field with the roar of the crowd, the boom of the cannon, and the roll of drums. The Drum Major, Chris Verlumis, then came from behind to lead the Band down the field and through its pregame which always ended with a spellout of Cal in script. The Band retiring to the sidelines helped liven the spirit until half time when once again they returned to the field to pay tribute to people and music through elaborate musical arrangements and marching formations. Under the direction of James Berdahl, the Band spent many long hours during the week perfecting their music and marching formations. And even before they could practice, the members first had to spend many hours of paper work arranging the music and formations. A job well done! The Band in action! CHRIS VERLUMIS Drum Major CAL BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: James Berdahl, Director; Jerry Boots, Mac Robinson, Chris Verlumis, Drum Major; Larry Josephson. SECOND ROW: Keith Polk, Wayne Fenner, Sid Chernenkoff, Bob Joseph, Associate Manager; Bob Herman, Associate Manager JAMES BERDAHL Director The University of California ' s Marching Band. Straw Hat Band Always on hand to lend our Championship Basketball Team its moral support are the members of the Straw Hat Band. Traveling by car, bus, train, and plane, the Straw Hat Band kept pace with the basketball team. The group travelled over 6,000 miles this year. The members ' trademarks are their straw hats, white shirts, and ties. Their playing not only added spirit to the game but the antics of their members amused the sports fans before and during the game. The Band is a voluntary organization composed of members of the Band. Although the Band may not return ahead of the team, there is always a section of the Band that remained behind to greet our victorious team. LARRY JOSEPHSON University Symphony Orchestra at work. MR. SIDNEY GRILLER University Symphony Orchestra The University Symphony Orchestra provides an opportunity for those who play a musical instrument well to perform and at the same time, the Orchestra provides Bay Area residents with a chance to hear excellent classical music by famous composers. Under the direction of Mr. Sidney Griller, the group practices together every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. In the Fall, the Orchestra presented a combined program with the University Chorus for the of California ' s Christmas Concert. Music heard at the Christmas Program was that of Ernest Bloch. The also helped celebrate " The University of California Hour " by broadcasting one of its fine musical selections. In the Spring, the Orchestra again combined with Chorus to present their annual Spring Concert. MR. LAWTON Director University Chorus Under the excellent direction of Mr. Lawton, over a hundred University students combine their voices to produce enjoyable music for music lovers of the Bay Area. The chorus sings only one primary work a semester. In the Fall, the chorus, in a combined program with Symphony, paid tribute to Ernest Bloch by presenting his " Sacred Service " at the University Christmas concert. The combined chorus and symphony received an overwhelming ovation which was repeated when the chorus sang before the Temple Emanu-el in San Francisco commemorating the Temple ' s 110th Anniversary. In the Spring the chorus presented the beautiful Bach " B Minor Mass. " LEFT TO RIGHT: Laurie Hand, Margaret Piconi, Frank Gcdley. Symphony Forum The Symphony Forum working along with the San Francisco Symphony Association provides the opportunity for students to enjoy classical music at student rates. Each living group on campus selects a representative to be on the council. These representatives are responsible for obtaining student tickets and distributing them to their living groups. The Symphony Forum also enables many students to participate in an ushering program at the concerts. Through the efforts of the Symphony Forum many students have been able to enjoy innumerable hours of music. MR. ROBERT Director GLEE CLUB MANAGERS—FIRST ROW: Norm Seraphin. SECOND ROW: left to Bill Compton, Dave Melander, Neil Ross. THIRD ROW: Len Loomis, Bob Morrey, Henault, Tom Watrous. Glee Club The Glee Club began the year with their annual Fall retreat held at Beulah Park near Santa Cruz. Here the new members became better acquainted with the organization and the program for the year. The first big event of the year was the High School Day jointly sponsored with Treble Clef. In December, Glee Club performed their annual Fall Concert. Another of the highlights of the season was their performance with the San Francisco Symphony. Glee Club ' s social activities for the year included a ten-day tour to Southern California and the appointments banquet held at the Cliff House. Springtime brought more activities for Glee Club. The Operetta was held on campus. Glee Club also sang throughout the year for the Alumni and for benefits such as the Red Cross. The climax of the year will be a summer tour to Mexico. Glee Club has again completed another successful year full of activities. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Robert Commanday, Jerry Jonas, Habu, Mike LeFebvre, Allen Katsuyama, Norm Seraphin, John Larry Epperson, Ron Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Robin Coulon, Mills, Nelson Black, Allen Nagata, Tom Klein, Bob Foster, Inouye, Steve Cooperman, Bob Joehnck. THIRD ROW: Dick Dave Golden, Al McMurry, Dick Posell, Jim Duff, Bill Compton, Hawes, Frank Schoenfeld, Neil Ross. FOURTH ROW: Al Meyers, Bond, Brad Wait, Barry Mellor, Audie Cunningham, Steve Lowell, Williams, Phil Larson, Dick Schmeidler, Dave Melander. FIFTH Tom Watrous, Bob Morrey, Paul Henault, Monty Fones, Wayne Bruce Barbee, Bill Patnaude, Chuck Dowdy, Neil Lincoln, Len SIXTH ROW: Trevor Pendray, Al Phipps, Garth Wilson, Ron Mike Manley, Walt Brown. Treble Clef A trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains marked the of another year full of activities for Treble Clef. The Fall program for this women ' s choral organization included a Fall Concert, caroling in San Francisco and on campus, and a joint Christmas meeting with the Band and Collegians. An appearance before Composer s Forum and the presentation of the Annual Spring Concert completed the highlights of the Again, Treble Clef has provided the finest in choral music for Cal students and the public. TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Seena Rohde, Harriet Berman, Marilyn Varney, Anne Severin. SECOND ROW: Linda Loomis, Jan Polf, Kay Venstrom, Pat Toombs, Sue Fishell. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Aguiar, Judy Orleman, Carol Parr, Cathy Bunker, Nancy Green, Mibs Murch, Leslie Leong, Nancy Horikoshi, Karol Sorensen, Seena Rohde, Jackie Webb, Linda Johnson, Dorothy Homann. SECOND ROW: Ellen Wedum, Pat Bush, Suzanne Allen, Harriet Berman, Deena Zonlight, Moira Reesor, Cheryl Bonham, Lizabe Miller, Karen Bjorneby, Barbara Solter, Gail Golliffe, Stephanie Griffiths. THIRD ROW: Margaret Piconi, Karl Windingstad, Shari Evans, Nancy Scott, Marianne Russell, Jean Collier, Linda Loomis, Jan Polf, Joelle Gaba, Marilyn Varney. FOURTH ROW: Lucy Ratcliff, Allison Philley, Claire Adams, Barbara Chandler, Briane Armfield, Polly Ratcliff, Kathy Law, Linda Appleby, Pat Tocmbs Toombs, Lucille Jennings, Gail Fiore, Alice Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Yvonne Trout, Jane Hickman, Robin Akers, Lynnette Hendrix, Caroline Vaznian, Judy Bennett, Kathy O ' Neal, Barbro Ek, Linda Johnson, Sally Ewoldt, Linda Lincoln. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Reid, Chuptal Newell, Chris Platt, Donna Williams, Ann Severin, Lois Nakamura, Pat Moore, Carol Gannon, Mary Kathy Davis, Sue Fishell. SEVENTH ROW: Pu-Chin Hseuh, Carol Cleveland, Margaret Rudd, Kay Venstrom, Beverly Reiner, Kathryn Yarwood, Juanita Roush, Carol Fox. OCTETTE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Neil Lincoln, Dodge Wallace, Mike Manley, Wayne Wilcox, John Williams, Dick Tallat, Al Katsuyania, Jerry Jonas. Collegians The many activities of the second year of the show that it is a growing and worth-while organization. Collegians, which is a mixed singing group, functions to bring Cal students who enjoy singing together. Performances on and off campus have kept the Collegians busy this year. The first concert of the season was held at the Smyth-Fernwald Open House. Collegians also participated in the Christmas presentation in Harmon Gymnasium. The music sung by the Collegians this year has ranged from Sigmund Romberg ' s " Student Prince " and " The Battle Hymn of the Republic " to selections by Brahms. Dan McMullen guided the group through the year as chairman, and director of the Collegians was Marty Stowl. COLLEGIAN MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Thomas Gong, Jeanette Amadoeni. SECOND ROW: Dan McMuller, Corinne Purnell, Barry Ullman, Harry Marsh. THIRD ROW: Bruce Barbee, Bart Ballantyne. FIRST ROW, left to right: Martin Stow, Judy Samsel, Glenda Brooks, Elaine Horwitz, Barbara Perry, Dorothy Coltrin, Dana Harvey, Patti Kipnis, Janice Glesser, Kimiko Harada, Jeanette Amadooni. SECOND ROW: Diane Brovelli, Barbara Molinari, Nancy Cooper, Glenda Heiges, Carol Ridker, Thomas Gong, Lani Hibler, Corinne Purnell, Anne Oldano, Lynn Simms, Judy Smith, Evie Nakano. THIRD ROW: Claire Skoegard, Brenda Shutte, Karolyn Klapak, Mary Jane DeWolf, Linda Bridgman, Loraine Early, Marie Spacht, Terry Trozper, Kathryne Suson, Gail Smith, Kay Kirby, Gloria Hill. FOURTH ROW: Kenneth Chan, Norm Barton, Robert Brissenden, Dan John Sebastian, Bill Meiggs, Dudley Chou, Carson Mah, Barry Ullman, Raymond Fay, Bart Ballantyne, Theodore Tom, Dave Fong, Dean Golden. FIFTH ROW: Harry Marsh, Bruce Barbee, Charles Cleon, Ross Harrower, Newt Harband, Betty Ann Reed, Jim Woodfill, Paul Anderson, Bill Carlson, Don Harrington, Stanley Fong, Mike Robbins. ASUC Radio-TV Theater LEFT TO RIGHT: Karl Schome, Jean Eiri, Henry Bollinger, Chairman; Jim Duesler. The ASUC Radio-TV Theater continued this year to provide better communications between the University and the surrounding areas. The group ' s purpose is twofold. Programs which are of an interesting and nature are produced for its Bay Area listening audience. Radio-TV Theater affords students in the University an experience, as an extracurricular in all phases of radio and television production. The programs are totally student produced. This year " The University of Hour” celebrated its fourth of weekly broadcasts of concerts, featuring music performed by such groups as the Griller Quartet, Chorus and Symphony Orchestra, and by student soloists. " The Golden Bear Review, " also in its fourth year, continues to present interviews with prominent Cal In addition, the group also “Campus News, " an account of what is happening at the University. Henry this year ' s chairman, kept the spirit and quality of the group ' s work at a high level throughout the year. PROFESSOR HARRIS, Chairman Department of Dramatic Art University Theater University Theater under the auspices of the Department of Dramatic Art added another distinguished year to its long tradition of excellent productions. Fulfilling its twofold purpose of presenting the University Community with good drama and giving University students practical experience in the field of dramatic arts, the University Theater a series of outstanding plays. Included in this series were THE POTTING SHED by Graham Greene, MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL by T. S. Eliot, MISS JULIE by August Strindberg, WOYZECK by George Buchner, NOAH by Andre Obey, and PYGMALION by George Bernard Shaw. Also contributing to the Dramatic Art ' s were the Hammer and Dimmer Society with their production of TRIAL BY JURY by Gilbert and Sullivan and the Mask and Dagger Society with their production of THE COUNTRY WIFE by Harrison and Mauer. The Department of Dramatic Art was further graced this year with the presence on the Berkeley campus of Jean Renoir. A fitting climax to a successful year was the production of CAROLA by the famed French director. Larry Belling Charles Botsford James Tripp Carole Dennison David Haas Anne Haskell Harriet Hops Don Ingraham Ragna Nyblom Sheila Ryan Carolyn Scott Eileen Coltrell Walt Wright From the beginning . . . . . . to the end. The Potting Shed THE POTTING SHED CAST Dr. Frederick Dubin Anne Joiner Sara Dennison Mrs. Eagle John Evans James Botsford Dr. West Cohen Mrs. Lyons Miss Ryan Father William Heron Murder in the Cathedral CAST Archbishop Thomas Becket....... Lorin Castleman Priests of the Mason, Daniel Rich, James Rogers Monk Attendants........... James Watkins, James Connell Loeb Tempters and Knights.... Leal Grupp, Charles Botsford, Marvin Rosen, Brien Wilson Miss Julie CAST Winkler Martinson Nyblom Dennison, Sharry Dennison, Anne Haskell, Duncan Sim, Cathy Sim, Nym Sewall, David Vilner Woyzeck CAST Harrison Field Andres............. Robert Cohen Marie............... Eileen Coltrell Margaret........... Carol Denneson Doctor.............. James Tripp Old Kelley Child................ Stephanie Kennedy Noller Vilner Drum Sim Belling Hops Kathe............... Lynne Dratler The Country Wife Mr. Kotite Mr. Ferreira Mr. Dorilant------- James Tripp Mr. Wright III Mr. Negridge Lord Fischer Ingraham and William Harrison A porter; later a Jensen Mrs. Margery Zaporodgian Alithea Ann Manhart Contrell Lady Hops Lady Squeemish----------- Cathi Sim Noah Vause Winkler Hayes Cohen VanBroek Brogden Rawlins Storm A Grupp The Haefele The Uglem The Kenndey The Zagone The Reilly The Lockwood Trial By Jury The Learned Stansbury Edwin, the Ramirez The Counsel for the Wonder The Usher--------- Richard Ross The Foreman of the Russell Angelina, the Ann Manhart The Gilpin, Clare Dunlap The Norvelle The Jurymen----------------- Messrs. Roderick Carter, Lou Goodman, James Phillips, Paul Vitale, Peter Warren Pygmalion Eliza Hops Henry Bacon Colonel Ladar Alfred Schwarzschild Mrs. Fowler Mrs. Eynsford-Hill---------- Karen Walker Clara Eynsford-Hill--------- Susan Cass Freddy Spellman Parlour Lester PoseII Sarcastic Kuzirian Wood Martin Harband Ashford Gentleman-------------------- Dennis Hess Young Campbell CLUBS SOCIETIES Alpha Kappa Psi To foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance is the main purpose of Alpha Kappa Psi, a national professional business administration fraternity. The society has a placement service to assist graduating Seniors, a student loan fund, and an annual scholarship award to the highest ranking man in Business Administration. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kellogg Chan, Ed Jue, John Schaefer, Dave Sanson, James Longstreet, Victor Stachura. SECOND ROW: Roy Elliott, R. Hastings, Garth Greel, Don Lovas, Don Harrington, Carroll Jones. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Tom, Richard Ebert, Robert Ehrhart, Robert Hall, Marc Scriven, Robert Flint. Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is a national industrial relations association for Junior and Senior women in Business Administration. Members are selected on the basis of scholarship. Activities include a research panel which meets monthly to judge the merits of imported articles which will be offered for retail sale. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Bosma, Mary Ray, President; Carolyn Wile, Pat Delancy, Susan Stout, Sue Hansen. SECOND ROW: Liz Talbott, Irene Peters, Marianne Bogart, Harriett West, Marie Simoes, Joy Hong. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Fletcher, Betty Hamilton, Lynne Hieronimus, Gail Franchini, Claudeen Smith, Susan Vartanian. Pi Alpha Sigma The Alpha Chapter of Pi Alpha Sigma, Professional Sorority, was organized in 1937 to further and create more interest among young women in the field of advertising. Like Alpha Delta Sigma, the members of Pi Alpha Sigma are Honorary Members of the San Francisco Advertising Club. Members are drawn from the staffs of the various campus publications as well as those women in the allied majors: Business Administration, Economics, Communications. C. Bernardo T. Fourkas C. McDowell G. Corse J. Howell D. Richardson L. Coupe M. Hughes C. Schnitzer E. Dobbins M. Imbach P. Schwab K. Dougherty S. Johnston S. Shaw N. Fletcher P. Jordan S. Thomas G. Forsyth M. Luther H. Ward NOT PICTURED: Kiki McCarthy. FIRST ROW, left to right: Janie Semple, Corinne Purnell, Margaret Wilson. SECOND ROW: Dorry Ellis, Ruth Hemming, Lu Swales, Marge Madonne, Carole Carkeet. Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi is the national honorary fraternity for women in journalism. Junior and Senior women with an over-all 2.5 and a 3.00 in journalism or outstanding women in publications are eligible. Its purpose is to provide further interest in by sponsoring a program of professional speakers from the field. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Biohe, W. Clint, B. Leonard, E. Perse, D. Youngberg, K. Werner, D. Stikkers, B. Loomis, L. SECOND ROW: T. Conner, D. Collins, D. Dunaway, D. Harrell, M. VanMeter, G. Fowler, B. Livingston, J. Beam, J. THIRD ROW: P. Shultz, S. Baer, C. Brown, K. Sergensen, B. Caver, D. Willen, K. Austin, B. Heitketter, B. Peters, B. FOURTH ROW: D. Sanders, G. Unsoeld, S. Bradley, J. Gaylor, G. Lanier, A. Dyer, B. Dutra, B. Payne, D. Paulsen. FIFTH W. Wilcox, B. Jinneto, G. Thorley, P. Carville, L. Jensen, P. Morill, J. Lent. SIXTH ROW: T. Aley, G. Kenline, D. S. MacDonald, B. Fairchild, B. Shaver, K. Lauderdale. Forestry Club Founded at the University in 1922, the UC Forestry Club is a member of the Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs. Its purpose is to provide both a social and professional program. Speakers, field trips, picnics, and dances are some of the activities of the Forestry Club. STANDING, left to right: Robert Cohen, Brad Shearer, Larry Belling, Don Freitas, Dave Vilner. RECLINING: Eileen Coltrell. Hammer and Dimmer As a Dramatic Honor Society, Hammer and Dimmer to increase dramatic activities at UC. Students who have satisfied certain requirements and have outstanding ability and interest in the technical aspects of the University Theater are eligible for membership. Engineers ' Joint Council Engineers ' Joint Council is composed of representatives from the twelve engineering societies at UC. The council is primarily a body which meets to discuss problems affecting engineering students. An orientation program for new engineering student s is sponsored by the council each semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill McLaughlin, secretary; Larry Lamoreux, president; Steve Rutherford, treasurer. SECOND ROW: William L. Pope, Pi Tau Sigma; Wayne Ashby, A.I.I.E.; Phillip Threefoot, Tau Beta Pi; Mike Healy, Eta Kappa Nu; Chuck Alvine, U.C.S.E.E.; Gerald Kurtz, A.S.M.E. THIRD ROW: Dan Sullivan, M.T.A.; John Peters, A.S.C.E.; Bob Rende, Chi Epsilon; Clem Laufenberg, A.S.C.E. Membership in the American Institute of Industrial Engineers ' student chapter is open to all students enrolled in Industrial Engineering. Its purpose is to acquaint the student with work being done in the field and to promote professional spirit. Field trips and social functions are on the agenda. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Norman, Albert Cheng, Steve Rutherford, Wayne Ashby, Mike O ' Day, Ed Atwood, James Orr, Curt Sortais. SECOND ROW: Prof. Louis E. Davis, Charles Olson, Alan Grisemer, Albert King, Bill Neely, Nick Bevilacqua, William B. Gardner, Lane Richmond, Bill Rood, Prof. E. C. Keachie. THIRD ROW: Al Simonsen, Ben Cohn, David Allen, Chapman Dix, Ted Larsen, Da n Esterly, Mike Boyle, Dave Luders, Frank Willett. ABSENT: Tony Johnson. A.S.C.E. The UC student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is open to all students enrolled in Civil Engineering. It provides the first step to professional development by offering the civil engineers the opportunity of exchanging ideas with professional engineers. Activities include bimonthly meetings, field trips, and semiannual student-faculty banquets. FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Davis, Albert LaMonte, Clark Raiser, Robert Reynolds, Ken Johnson, Phil Dunn, Tyukodi. SECOND ROW: Walter Howard, Richard Jones, Dick Campanella, Ralph Cross, Clem Laufenberg, Jack Lindley, Bob Gary Campbell. THIRD ROW: Lee Benuska, Tony Nelson, Charles Pound, James Klick, Bill Gates, Jon Goldsberry, John Kenneth Finch. A.S.M.E. To promote professional attitudes and to exchange ideas between and the faculty are the purposes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Activities include field trips and social functions. Membership in this society is open to any student in good standing and enrolled in any branch of engineering. FIRST ROW, left to right: Raymond Chan, Richard Beck, Richard Jenkins, William Nelson, Benny Loya, Andrew Gilcrest, Donald Hamma, Larry Lamoreux, Dan Forster. SECOND ROW: Chunman Ong, Charles Besmehn, Robert Miura, Was Tamai, James Smith, Norman Thomson, Archie Hovey, Roger Whitlock. THIRD ROW: James Coons, Danny Wong, Robert Philipp, Walter Smithson, Rodolfo Aguirre, Kenneth Jorgensen, John Clingingsmith, Daniel Herdocia, Ronald Lane, Stanley Hurd. FOURTH ROW: Lothay Schiker, Douglas Campbell, David Hornbaker, Arnold Joyal, Jr., Larry Resnick, Bob Garretson, Jim Van Trees, L. Farbar, G. T. Kurtz. FIRST ROW, left to right: Walter Howard, Loring Wyllie, Albert Shelley, Robert Anderson, Jack Call, Kenneth Osborne, Patton, Dick Heckenlaible. SECOND ROW: Bob Rende, G. T. Orlob, faculty advisor; Thomas Okamura, Chance Wong, G. Woolfall, Junichi Miyazaki, Thomas Nolan, Marvin Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Jaime Amorocho, Lee Benuska, Jim See, Laufenberg, Ray Hertel, Lynn Miller, Alan Gaylord, Garland Hagen, Curtis Vann. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon is a national civil engineering honor fraternity with based on scholastic achievement. To help the student to develop the fundamental characteristics for a successful pursuit in an engineering career is the goal of this fraternity. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Dennison, Lee Wagner, Henry Puente, George Steres, Mike Healy. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Byron Hansen, Al Thiele, Leland Leisz, Phillip Threefoot, Val Prescop, Seymour Rubin. THIRD ROW: Fred Bickford, Morgan, Rodney Rubert, James Peirce, John Brawn, Jr., Tom Innes, David Twigg. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical engineering honor society. Membership is by invitation and is restricted to the upper fourth of the Junior class and to the upper third of the Senior class. Typical functions are noon speakers, initiation banquets, and field trips. " The Bridge " is the society ' s official publication. The modern side of the Engineering School. FIRST ROW, left to right: Werner Schmidt, William Pope, President; William Nelson, Andrew Gilwrest, Larry Lamoreux, C. Vogt, Advisor, SECOND ROW: Charles Sinclair, William Lovie, Russill Duckering, Gilbert Pasley. THIRD ROW: William Parker Smiley, John Duncan, Robert Miura, Bernus Turner, Val Watson. FOURTH ROW: R. Seban, C. Garland, H. A. J. Campbell, E. Keatchie, A. Laird, Y. Takahash, L. Farver. ABSENT: Leon Travis. Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma is the National Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. Membership is limited to Mechanical Engineering Seniors who are in the highest 33% and Juniors who are in the highest 25% of their class in respect to scholarship. To create a congenial atmosphere between the faculty and students is the purpose of this society. Tau Beta Pi With 103 chapters and 120,000 members, Tau Beta Pi is the leading honor society in the engineering profession. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to recognize the outstanding scholastic achievements of engineering students. Along with scholastic recognition, it also engages in service projects. FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Lamoreux, Russell Duckering, Philip Threefoot, Leonard Ch apman, Dick Heckenlaible. SECOND ROW: David Twigg, Don Landis, Greg Minor, Wes Tamai, Leland Leisz, Elbert Shelley, Lee Wagner, James Klick, Warren Patton, John Duncan, Wendell Moen, William Winn. THIRD ROW: Tom Innes, York-Peng Yao, John Brawn, Jr., Al Cheng, Ray Warner, William See, Loring Wyllie, John Christenseix, Ray Hertel, Werner Schmidt, Bob Rende, Ray Johnson, Lee Benuska. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Wade, Elwin Stocking, John Brewer, Martin Halseth, Robert Knowles, George Kachan, Robert Miura, Lewis Mingori, Douglas Campbell, Alan Beban, Gilbert Pasley, Sam Spataro. FIFTH ROW: Michael Parkinson, John Sebastian, Jack Byers, Val Prescop, Robert Sutton, Al Thiele, Bob Suzuki, Burton Yamada, Walter Oda, Cary Caldwell, John Spealman, Bill Morris, Robert Bonesteel. U.C.S.E.E. The University of California Society of Electrical Engineers is a group for the electrical and radio engineers. The society arranges field trips, guest speakers, and films which deal with the aspects of electrical engineering. Any electrical engineering student may belong to this society. FIRST HOW, left to right: Jerry Haney, William Smail, Charles Alvine, president; Joseph Wujok, Larry Lim, Jack Jacob, Henry Avente, Chiuh Ting. SECOND ROW: J. Shively, D. A. Matihews, R. L. Hearth, G. A. Grismore, Mel Brawn, Lawrence Moser, George Steres, Stanley Bishop. A. W. Hirsch. THIRD ROW: Charles Schmidt, Ben Helmso, Mal Yeater, Tom Morgan, Rod Rubert, Gaylan Larson. FOURTH ROW: Richard Weelacker, Lee Hester, Paul Lipsius, Dave Paulson, Fred Bickford, Ken Pine, Richan Patak, James Wheeler. Home Economics Club Membership in the Home Economics Club is open to all Home and Nutrition majors. To promote professional attitudes and interests is the purpose of this organization. FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Lee, Betty Muehlenbruch, Donna Tom, Gale Beyer, Pauline Ja, Janet Chinn. SECOND ROW: Jean Gray, Lucille Planck, Mary Anne McGee, Barbara Clark, Kathleen McDonald, Darcy Metcalf, Joyce Peterson, Pat Gaarde, Judy Davis, Shirley Matson. THIRD ROW: Anne McKay, Lynette Pratt, Janet Baker, Sunny Hoff, Nishka Yudnich, Beatrice MacGinite, Arlayne Gambrell, Mary DeVincenzo, Carolynn Ballard, Lynn Dally, Fortune Zuckerman, Barbara Harnett, Norva Stuart, Audrey Lew. Omicron Nu Omicron Nu is a national home economics honor society. The Alpha Lambda Chapter has been on this campus since 1944. Its objectives are to recognize superior scholarship and to promote leadership and research within the Home Economics field. Membership is invitational. LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Stewart, M. G. Morris, faculty advisor; Marguerite Potter, Roberta Hall, Kathleen McDonald, Lila Marcia O ' Neill, Joan Bittner, Molly Nock, Betty Muehlenbruch. Medical Sciences Council Medical Sciences Council is composed of representatives from the Premedical, Prepharmacy, Prenursing, and Public Health schools who discuss issues relating to their respective fields. Activities include speakers, movies, dances, and visits to the San Francisco and Stanford Medical Centers. OFFICERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Beverly Diercks, (Prepharmacy Society), Dr. Walter Singer (Faculty Advisor), Robert Horwitz (Prepharmacy Society), Eddie Lelin (President), Leonard Cheney (Predental Society), Thomas Horwatt (Predental Society), Jeanne Richardson (Predental Society). Members in the background. School of Optometry GRADUATE CLASS At long last the graduate year, our year of proof here at the School of Optometry, is finally reached. During this period final preparations in the many special clinics are completed for our long awaited entry into independent practice, sometime after the State Board Exam in August. Emphasis at this time is placed on visual analysis, contact lens fitting, subnormal vision, visual training, strabismus and many other related fields. This year we complete the required courses of study which include advanced pathology and clinical procedures, advanced physiological optics and the legal, ethical aspects and management of a professional optometric practice. At the completion of this year, our paths will part, with some graduates entering independent practice for a lifelong optometric career, while others will their studies, moving towards a Ph.D. degree in the field of Physiological Optics. J. Apffel San Francisco A. Bass Los Angeles M. Bonander Fresno J. McConnaughey Billings, Montana D. Slatten Lemoore E. Chin San Francisco H. Miyasaki Berkeley J. Sutton Berkeley R. Dowd Sebastopol A. Priddy Concord P. Sutton Berkeley P. Gardner Berkeley H. Roberts San Diego W. Weisman Albany D. Hageny Glendale J. Rognas Burlingame W. Zilliox San Jose G. Horwitt Oakland P. Sachifano San Jose H. Zlot Vallejo School of Optometry SENIOR CLASS The Senior year in optometry is primarily devoted to the practical application of the theoretical gained in preceding years. In the clinic, students examine patients under the guidance of skilled Optometrists. Pathological conditions in the eye and ocular manifestations of systemic disease are studied in pathology. Further knowledge of the neurological and psychophysical basis of vision is gained through the study of physiological optics. Completion of the Senior year qualifies the student for the Bachelor of Science degree. R. Chan Grass Valley G. Gould Berkeley R. Poquis San Francisco N. Choppelas San Francisco L. Johnson Berkeley J. Saunders San Jose T. Dixon Stockton J. Keyes Kaysville, Utah C. Thompson San Francisco R. Elefant Qunicy R. McAlisster Burlingame L. Warshaw Alameda T. Feigenbaum Los Angeles R. Madden Oakland D. Yee Oakland H. Goodwin Napa H. Neffian Visalia School of Optometry JUNIOR CLASS In the Junior year at the School of Optometry we first begin to learn about the fundamental principles of Optometry. This, being our first year in the School of Optometry, theory plays an important role in the study of eye refraction and in the study of the instruments to be used in order to detect and measure anomalous states of refraction. We all enjoyed studying the history of the development of lenses and spectacles, and the theory of the design of spectacle lenses. Everyone is looking forward to next semester when we begin to receive our clinical experience. J. Belanger Balboa Island M. Jack Sacramento I. Rosenberg Berkeley R. Brandvein Los Angeles M. Lopez Oxnard M. Smotrich Los Angeles F. Chao Atherton C. Marshall San Francisco R. Solis Rendondo Beach C. Eng Oakland M. Marumoto Santa Ana C. Hammer Wasco M. Morris San Francisco J. Hirsch Phoenix, Arizona H. Rose Berkeley Honor Students Society Honor Students Society is the upper division counterpart of Tower and Flame. Membership is open to all upper division and graduate students who have an over-all 3.00 average in work undertaken at the University. To provide a stimulating social and intellectual program and to offer free individual tutoring are the purposes of this organization. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Jacobs, L. Danielli, J. Bittner, P. Keeney, M. Lutz, E. Turula, J. Howell, M. Brown, J. Goodman, R. Kennedy, E. Wierzbianska, V. Webster, M. Pensabene, A. Axt, M. Zube, P. Newlin, D. Smith. SECOND ROW: M. Armstrong, J. Crawford, T. Zaccone, G. Shepherd, S. Monti, A. Chenq, Y. Shin, S. Kim, B. Barker, T. Lew, D. Zonlight, A. Lebherz, C. Abe, C. Schafer, B. Zettlemoyer, J. Bzoch, J. Levy. THIRD ROW: D. Riese, D. Chu, V. Ng, M. McElhoe, R. Frieman, D. Li, V. Prescop, T. Drewek, P. Whittle, D. Semenon, R. Rea, J. Wahlberg, C. Seberg, D. Pirtz, M. Luther, L. Parent, L. Kveps, P. Canlin, S. Rubin. FOURTH ROW: E. Shelley, J. White, E. Saegebarth, J. Weiss, J. Gafeley, G. Petty, J. Kegel, G. Kritch, B. Key, F. Tsang, E. Goldman, V. Yoh, B. Chin, M. Rogers, A. Leighton. FIFTH ROW: D. Cushway, H. Saar, J. Schleuning, C. Lowen, L. Leisz, J. Brewer, A. Vicory, D. Harrington, S. Potter, M. Haberland, G. Greer, L. Dunlap, P. Molony, P. Madow. SIXTH ROW: M. Bobrow, C. Goulden, B. Gates, R. Duckering, H. Yoshida, E. Stocking, S. Gould, S. Johnson, R. Berwick, M. Bruce, D. Landis, H. Bemis. Tower and Flame Tower and Flame is a social organization for lower division students who have an over-all 3.00 and for incoming Freshmen who are CSF life members. A Christmas party, a trip to the Nike base, and a ban quet are some of the activities on the social calendar. FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Edmonds, L. Miller, L. Bell, S. Smith, R. Dawson, President; D. Shields, A. Mead, Prof. R. E. Powell, Faculty Advisor; R. Shadi, M. SECOND ROW: K. Olsen, D. Reimers, J. Campbell, J. Diener, C. Adams, S. Hart, B. Bente, B. Kankkonen, V. Main, B. Utterback, C. Parsons, S. White, K. Chew, B. THIRD ROW: S. Shepard, L. Gentner, M. Foster, E. Horwitz, J. Reaves, J. Zerolis, M. Reed, C. Frame, G. Porter, B. Buckheltz, G. Otis, C. Pecorard, B. McCulley, Hollick, L. Ritterbad. FOURTH ROW: M. Missakian, J. Townsend, J. Pfeifer, B. Schneider, M. Ammirati, L. Wessel, B. Patton, A. Genasci, A. Stevens, A. Hurlocker, Jacobson, V. Shay, N. Whitney, J. Griffis, S. Boyce, B. Scherr. FIFTH ROW: J. Wakefield, D. Monahan, T. Shelton, B. Gooby, J. Williams, J. Coughran, R. Wong, J. D. Holngren, D. Funderburk, B. Brailey. SIXTH ROW: P. Fowler, A. Catrow, J. Cardozo, J. Gompertz, M. Stewart, B. Frank, B. Fitz, T. Galloway, B. D. Anderson R. Cobden. Panile C. Barreto S. Fishell W. MacMillan J. Smith J. Bartleson J. Gompertz P. Manuel K. Tahira A. Bungay S. Hasund L. Martin M. Torriggino J. Cardozo J. Holmes J. Polf D. Tyson M. Dunlap L. Larsen J. Richards C. Wemett J. Emsley C. Luton M. E. Rose M. Wilson NOT PICTURED Dolores Robbins FALL SPRING Dolores Robbins President Wendy MacMillan Patricia Anglim Vice-President Judy Emsley Margaret Wilson Recording Secretary Joanne Gompertz Mary Dunlap Corresponding Secretary Tyson Joy Holmes Treasurer Judi Richards Judy Bertleson Historian Juline Cardozo Caroline Lutan Membership Caroline Lutan Founded at the University in 1939, Panile is the Sophomore Women ' s Honor Society. Membership is and is based on outstanding service to the University and on a 2.4 grade average. Its purpose is to serve the University and the ASUC and to develop high leadership standards among student leaders. The members of Panile spend about four hours per month in meetings plus ten additional hours on special projects, committees, and the semiannual initiation. Because Panile believes that wise participation in extracurricular activities will enrich the life of each student, the special project of Panile for the past two years has been the writing of " Activities at Cal. " Prytanean FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Keller, R. Hemming, J. Thebolt, C. Grothe, S. Ginsberg, P. Vartanian, T. Hagiwara, H. Hoffner, B. Sepkowitz, I. Takei, G. Merkt. SECOND ROW: D. Schwab, B. Butterfield, M. Hughes, E. Rogers, A. McFarling, M. Rose, C. Bernardo, S. Baskett, C. Williams, M. Miller. THIRD ROW: D. Richardson, M. Wilson, J. Draper, J. Semple, Z. Shadi, C. Conrad, A. Bershad, M. Spencer, P. Ellerd, M. Mothershead, S. Bennion, R. Hunt. President Elizabeth Rogers Vice-President Zilpha Shadi Secretary Barbara Barron Treasurer Tanako Hagiwara Prytanean, commonly abbreviated to " Pryt, " is the oldest women ' s activity and honor organization in the nation. Founded at UC in 1900, membership is extended to those Junior and Senior women who are outstanding in scholarship and campus Its purpose is to serve the University by special philanthropic projects and by discussion of important issues, and also, to maintain high scholarship and code of conduct among the women students of the University. Service activities include the annual Team auction for WUS, speakers, panels concerning women ' s activities, and the Fall Calendar Sale for women ' s scholarships. The semiannual new students banquets and initiation are a few of the social activities. Mortar Board Society B. Barron A. Bershad J. Bittner R. Burnham B. Butterfield C. Carkeet E. Coltrell C. Conrad R. Cook R. Hemming E. Hollingshead M. Kavanaugh N. Keller A. McFarling G. Merkt M. Mothershead M. Nock N. Piper J. Rifkind Z. Shadi J. Tjomsland C. Williams NOT PICTURED: M. Madonne G. Solari President Gayle Merkt Vice-President Betty Butterfield Secretary Evelyn Hollingshead Treasurer Ann McFarling Program Chairman Gerry Solari Founded at Syracuse, New York, in 1918, and later established at UC in 1925, Mortar Board is a Senior Women ' s National Honor Society. Membership is invitational to Senior women who have made outstanding contributions to the University in service, and leadership. As stated in the preamble to Mortar Board ' s Constitution its is: " To provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Blower, Maria Mothershead, Judy Tjomsland. SECOND ROW: Carole Williams, Marcia Miller, Sandy Baskett, Gayle Merkt, Sue Bennion. Torch and Shield Torch and Shield is the Senior women ' s social organization whose are traditionally secret. It has been on the campus since 1906. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sylvia Volpi, Carolyn Keller, Delia Alvarenga, Sue Bachand, Ann Quigg, Carey Edson, Claudeen Lida Chase, Linda Blower, Judy Tjomsland, Robin Burnham, Beverly Sepkowitz, Tanako Hagiwara. SECOND ROW: Pat Marla Smith, Tamra Cummings, Sue Bennion, Pat Ziegar, Marilyn Garvey, Ann Severin, Kay Godsey, Nancy Campbell, Topping, Miss Roberta Parke, advisor. ABSENT: Blair Walker, Linda Larson. Women ' s " C " Society Membership in the Women ' s " C " Society is the highest WAA honor. In order to become a member of " C " Society, a girl must be at least a high Sophomore with a 2.14 grade average and a " B " skill in two sports. Members are entitled to wear the navy blue blazer with the organization ' s gold insignia. FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Donahue, D. Coveny, J. Montgomery, D. Hoppin, E. Johnson, S. Gordon, R. Browning, J. J. Williams, P. Michael, R. Smartt, T. Cole. SECOND ROW: B. Judge, S. Calder, J. Griffin, M. Cloyd, H. Musto, D. Neuman, Smith, D. Dale, F. Milligan, T. Kruse, H. Hynde, E. Bowen, D. Nock, B. Rosson. THIRD ROW: B. Harlan, T. Hachman, C. B. Granger, M. McNeill, H. Jandon. FOURTH ROW: J. McClaine, D. Stowell, D. Hcorebeke, C. Osthimer, G. Burns, C. J. Babcock, M. Wood, W. Gamble, B. Boynton, B. Hill, N. Johnson. FIFTH ROW: C. Smith, T. Colton, C. Wilde, J. Hunt, Williams, G. Price, B. McMakin, M. Scars, M. McComb. SIXTH ROW: S. Parkinson, J. Hurley, J. Papini, K. Jakobsen, E. H. Foster, J. Cowan, B. Cooper. Triune Triune is the Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society with invitational Founded at the University in 1934, its purpose is to promote class spirit among the lowerclassmen, to organize leadership in scholarship and activities, and to increase California spirit. FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Offenbach, Vic Binsacca, Bob Angell, Wheeler Coberly, Craig Campbell, John Normanly, Jakobsen. SECOND ROW: Gene Bell, Herb Foster, Bill Comstock, Ken Defiebre, Bill Schniedere, Ken Meade, Pat Newell, Hobin, Bob Sciutto. THIRD ROW: Minton Newell, Pete Scott, Dick Keating, Ed Klass, Bill Lukens, Henry Kuechler, Rich Buck Reed, Dick Hildebrand, Pete Morse. Winged Helmet Society is one of the oldest on the Berkeley campus. Founded by Benjamin Ide Wheeler, it has been a tradition at Cal since 1901. Being an honor society for Junior men, Winged Helmet to promote spirit and friendliness among Cal students. Coach Pete Newell is the faculty advisor. Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Skull and Keys is the Junior and Senior men ' s honor society. Founded at the University by the class of 1893, its purpose is to provide good fellowship and to develop a greater spirit of loyalty to the University. Membership is invitational and is limited to thirty to forty-five members. Meetings are held at the Tomb, 2470 LeConte. FIRST ROW, left to right: Scott Wilcott, Pete Scott, Minton Newell, Pete Raffetto, John Michael. SECOND ROW: Chuck Werdel, John Jones, Ken Petron, Pat Newell, Dick Thinger, Hank Kuechler, Bob Angell, Ron Currie, Perry Wagner, Gordon Zuckerman, Skip Huber, Bill Schneiders. THIRD ROW: Dick Tartre, Walt Arnold, Doug McPherson, Tom Rodgers, Bill Patton. FOURTH ROW: Craig Campbell, Jack Donich, Fritz Brown, Bob McHugh, Mike Storm, Jim Ferguson, Drew Donovan, Charlie Towle, Bob Fairchild, Bob Comartin, Ray Hertel. FIFTH ROW: Tom Bates, Pete Mickael, Dick Dumke, Ron Milligan, Bill Haines, Fritz Schwartz, Tom Hazeltine, Dick Keating, Bill Hobin, Carlos Fackvell, Jim Moore. SIXTH ROW: Jim Green, Wheeler Coberly, John Albers, Dick Duane, John Wilson, Dee ToIles, Ken Meade. Order of the Golden Bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George P. Adams Jay Bardwell Albert M. Becker Louis H. Bell, Jr. Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Allen C. Blaisdell James Cason, Jr. Ralph W. Chaney Milton Chermin Paul Christopulos Robert P. Commanday John B. Condliffe James H. Corley Charles C. Cushing A. R. Davis William H. Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Clifford L. Dochterman Thomas B. Dutton Peter R. Elliott William L. Ellsworth Gregory Engelhard Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Warren H. Geidt Philip F. Griffin Charles A. Gulick Gerald H. Hager T. E. Haley Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper James D. Hart Paul T. Hastings John D. Hicks Edward H. Heller Joel H. Hildebrand Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Charles G. Hyde William N. Keeler Richard K. Kelly Clark Kerr A. M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen George J. Lemmon Austin H. MacCormick Stanley McCaffrey Donald McLaughln Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middlekauf Ralfe D. Miller William W. Monahan Harold P. Muller Peter Newell Harold C Norton Peter H. Odegard Gus Olson George Pettitt Kenneth Pitzer Clarence Price Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Lester Reukema Leon Richardson George Schroth Glenn Seaborg William Shepard Scott Sherman Alex C. Sherriffs Herman Spindt Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Jesse Steinhart Fred E. Stripp Jacobus ten Broek Ian G. Turner Robert Underhill Lester Uren William Uladman Harold Walt Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson Garff B. Wilson George Wolfman Frank Woodward Henry S. Yee GRADUATE STUDENTS Clay Bradley Lelan Bruner Lee A. Duffus Paul Denise Roderic Duncan Max R. Hale Robert Hamilton Jack Hart Hal Hungerford David Jones Paul Juette Richard King Robert E. Leslie Warren S. Levin David W. Lowe Henry Lurie Sanford Lyman Rudolph Moos Hans Palmer Samuel Peden Sanford Saunders Claude Schultz Marvin Shapiro Larry D. Stewart Geoffrey Van Loucks UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Jon Abrams Michael Appleby David Armor John Balaam Hugh Barnett Paul Blum Robert Clark Ronald Clazie Stephen A. Cook Rodney S. Craig Robert J Dalton George DeLong Peter Domoto Alfred Dossa Richard P. Duane Richard Dumke Daniel Eisenstein Grover Garvin Will Gassett David M. Grether Jack Grout Charles B. Hall Willis Hawley Raymond Hertel, Jr. Jeffrey Horner Gordon Huber, Jr. Darrell Imhoff Robert Jarvis Anthony Johnson Phil LaForce Ernest P. Lee Aryay Lenske Leonard Loomis Dan Lubbock Charles M. Lucas Gerald McFarland Alan McMurry John Mahoney Kenneth Meade Rudolfo Montejano Joe R. Neil, Jr. D. Patrick Newell Robert O ' Day Henry Olguin Maynard Orme Valdemar Peterson Glenn Pierce James Riding A. James Ring J. Bonner Ritchie McDonald Robinson Richard Schoen Jerome Siebert James Small Fowler Stillman Richard Thinger Grove N. Thomas Lloyd Tosse Henry Webb Scott Wilcott John Wilson David Yamada Gary Yancy Jack Yerman FIRST ROW, left to right: Janet Sannar, commander; Linda Tenney, Patricia O ' Hara, Joan Svendsgaard, Linda O ' Connor, Nancy MacIsaac, Barbara Norick. SECOND ROW: Barbara Sawyer, Mary Lou Vold, Linda Smith, Captain Frank Hurlbut, Lynn Cowling, Paula Stone, Cindy Kroesen. THIRD ROW: Laurie Noll, Janet Nielsen, Gerry Martin, Helen Wilson, Julie Poppleman, Donna Macari. Angel Flight Organized last Spring, Angel Flight members act as the official for the AFROTC at the University. Another purpose of the group is to promote interest in the Air Force. Undergraduate women with the status of high Freshman or better, and who meet the scholarship requirements of the University are eligible for membership. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carl Lambert, Daniel Layton, Arnold Joyal, Jr., Bob Brauer, Warren Widener, commander; Michael Walton, William Hansen, Chauncey Yano, Harold Morton. SECOND ROW: Bill Morgan, Bill Guard, Bill Meiggs, Jim Hiebert, Chapman Dix, Britt Fin ley, David DeCarion, Robert Granville, Charles Burnside, Walter Redmonds. The AAS is an honorary organization for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors who are enrolled in the Air Science program. Its purposes are to promote the concept of the USAF as an instrument of national security and to give the cadet member the type of training that will benefit a potential Air Force officer. The society ' s main activities are the Air Force Ball, and field trips. Arnold Air Society OFFICERS — CENTER FRONT: Steve Henderson. SECOND ROW, left to right. Michael Freeman, Alan Hayes, Douglas Luna. Quarterdeck Society The Quarterdeck Society is a voluntary club within the Naval ROTC. It offers not only a social program, but also enables students and officers to get acquainted in an atmosphere less formal than that which exists in the classroom. Quarterdeck sponsors a wide range of activities. The Society invites guest speakers to enumerate on the latest activities within the Navy. Social activities for the Fall semester included an informal dinner dance at the Oakland Naval Air Station. Besides the Date Cruise held in the Spring, the Annual Ring Dance is sponsored by the Junior class in honor of the graduating Seniors. This dance incorporates many of the Annapolis Quarterdeck Society Alpha Phi Omega C. Dormann D. Morris F. Serduke R. Ebert B. Owens G. Shell S. Cook L. Maselli J. Schaefer B. Trautman C. Bidwell J. Hagedorn D. Remy B. Thurlow L. Beyersdorf D. Gomberg J. Quinn A. Swaney C. Barry W. Foreman R. Planck J. Stonehouse J. Barney W. Fay E. Peterson R. Stefani J. Adams J. Fang S. Pace J. Singleton FALL SPRING John Quinn President Richard Ebert Richard Ebert Vice-President Larry Byersdorf Stephen Cook 2nd Vice-President James Stonehouse Stan Cook 3rd Vice-President Louis Maselli David Remy Recording Secretary James Singleton Gordon Shell Treasurer Jon Planck The Berkeley Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity is one of the 301 chapters in the United States. Its purpose is to provide the members with experiences in the fields of leadership, fellowship, and service. Its main activity is the sponsorship of the annual Ugly Man contest for WUS. Membership is by invitation. Eshleman is their headquarters. Ski Club The Ski Club, one of the interest organizations with its headquarters in Eshleman basement, is open to all students of their skiing proficiency. This year ' s emphasis was placed on racing. The Vanderbilt and Intramurals were held in March. Also, at this time, the season ' s first racing was highlighted by the BASF meet. The snow was good, the skiing great; thus it was a marvelous season on the slopes. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wilson Talley, Marilyn Smith, President; Katie Britten, Gary Anderson, Ted Carlyon, Barbara Thomson, Helmut Lange, Deanna Lynn, James Adams. ABSENT: Nick Bevilacqua. College Women ' s Club Juniors B. Asaro J. Gray E. Henning S. Osborne M. B. Overfelt G. Porter J. Ranks C. Seberg D. Sherwood Alpha Mu Gamma To promote a better understanding of foreign peoples through an knowledge of their culture and language is the aim of Alpha Mu Gamma, Foreign Language Honor Society. Membership is open to those students who have had three college semesters of one language, having attained at least two A ' s and one B. Foreign students may under certain conditions. FIRST ROW, left to right: Walter Hurley, Cathy Gimblin, Elizabeth Wierzbianska, Anita Axt. SECOND ROW: Edith Spafford, Kathy Gelus, Regina Klarman, Youn Shin. THIRD ROW: Karin Lundberg, Fleming Lundberg, Lola Danielli. FOURTH ROW: Sylvia Vclpi, Robert Nessler, D. Shadi, Sponsor; Akiko Yamane, Ray Verzasconi. FIFTH ROW: Milton Hayes, President; Sheila Johnson, Betty West, Norman Litz, Malcolm Green, Paul Young, Sharon Gould, Zilpha Shadi, Charles Cutter. FIRST ROW, left to right: Frances Fong, Cynthia Tse, Sarah Fong, Edith Wright, Ernest Lee, Stan Chin. SECOND ROW: Leong, Karen Ou, Wendy Leong, Anna Wong, Eileen Lowe, Joy Hong, Sharon Low, Nancy Foon. THIRD ROW: Rodney Kim, Ed Jeanne Jue, Kellogg Chan, Tom Fat, Carol Liu, Wesley Hing. Chinese Students ' Club The Chinese Students ' Club offers a cultural and social agenda. To help the Chinese student to become adjusted to University life is the purpose of the organization. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mich Sukekane, Kay Morimoto, Sally Miyamoto, Joyce Yokomizo, Christina Kita, Keiko SECOND ROW: Emi Sano, Midori Mirasaki, Marsha Nakawatase, Rita Narimatsv, Irene Takei, Katsuyo Murakawa. THIRD Ed Hayashi, Jun Tanimoto, Rodney Kim, Herbert Yoshida, Morris Kosakura, Dave Urushima, Sab Shimunu. Nisei Students ' Club The purpose of the Nisei Students ' Club is to help the Nisei student to become comfortably associated with the University. All Nisei student members of the ASUC who are second and third generation Japanese Americans are eligible for membership. Thai Association The aim of the Thai Association is to create friendships among Thai students and to promote understanding and better relations between Thai Association, American and other foreign students. Membership is open to all Thai students, with other guests being welcomed. FIRST ROW, left to right: Chatri Suclasna, Benya Boonyalug, Ari Wong, Petchari Prachaupmch, Charuwan Thirawat, Andri Chintakananda, Banphot Virassi. SECOND ROW: Pictiaw Chen, Praser t Yamklinfring, Nanich Kullama, Aphai Phadoomshit, Paiboon Bencharit, Chaiphorn Kamolnetr, Vitavas Tulalamba, Somphasongk Prathnadi. U.C. Arab Students Association Established at UC fourteen years ago, the UC Arab Students ' endeavors to further understanding and friendships between American and Arab students. Membership is open to all students. Meetings are held at " I " House. LEFT TO RIGHT: Farag Misallati, Osama Dabbousi, Hansen El, Mcustafa Chahine, president; Marina Bandak, Abdul Kafil, Jassim Homaizi. Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club provides opportunities for all Episcopals and other interested students to join together in worship, instruction, inquiry classes, and in lectures. Hillel The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation functions as the Jewish Community on campus. Membership is open to all students. Their program includes religious services, lectures, seminars, concerts, sportnights, Sunday suppers and other social events which enable students to express themselves within the framework of the Jewish tradition. FIRST ROW, left to right: Fred Sonnenberg, Gorden Freeman, president; Corry Schnitzer. SECOND ROW: Rabbi Gumbiner, Phyllis Brunner, Diane Rosen, Sue Williams, Isaias Mandel, Ruth Abers, Francie Smith, Susi Oppenheimer. Christian Science Organization Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 the Christian Science Organization at the University holds testimony meetings in its building. At these meetings college students tell of physical healings and problems solved through the application of Christian Science. Readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy precede the testimonies. A library is maintained in the Organiz ation building where college students may study the Bible and Christian Science literature in a peaceful atmosphere. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lee Kenner, Steve Roland, Lance Wickman, Victor Nielsen, Jean Merrill, Linda Johnson, Carol Susan Larsen, Cheryl Bonham, Joan Boyden, Shari Evans. SECOND ROW: Joseph West, Raymond Stein, Mew Rasmussen, Larron, Alan Stone, Marianne Dozier, Robert Wilson, Lynn Pennock, Beppie Duker, Renee Hunt, Dorothy Coltrin, Pat THIRD ROW: P. Pearson, David Peterso n, George Strebel, J. Ritchie, J. Madsen, Kirk Hank, Cal Morrson, Reed Probst, Walt Paula Braby, Bill Owens, J. Chipman. Lambda Delta Sigma Serving students on nineteen western college campuses, Lambda Delta Sigma is a collegiate social organization of the Mormon Church. Lambda Delta Sigma was organized at UC in 1946. Activities include Winter and Spring formals, ski trips, and athletic contests. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marianne Bogat, Sharon Selle, Kathi O ' Neal, Nancy DeLuca, SyMone Nelson, Marlene Rudolph, Diane Rogers, Jacqui Ranks. SECOND ROW: Dick Swan, Alan Pendleton, Talbot Bailey, Jr., Gorden Horner, Tom Heath, Bill Devereaux. Masonic Club Founded at UC in 1923, the University Masonic Club is a center. The clubhouse, 2590 Bancroft Way, provides study rooms, recreation facilities, and social activities for UC Masonic Affiliates, Job ' s Daughters, Rainbow Girls, and DeMolays. YWCA Membership in the YWCA is open to any woman student who accepts its purpose: to understand Jesus and to follow Him. The program community service, an international student hospitality Cal IA, and discussion groups. The " Y " cottage is at Bancroft Way. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ruth Hemming, Nancy Piper, Linda Irvine, Carole Carkeet, Caroline Widmer, Judy vander Veen, Smith. SECOND ROW: Betty Lilleland, Catherine Steiner, Bethann Wood, Brunetta Wolfman, Ann Kern, Evie Louis, Sue Van Mdigaret Monti, Diane Tischer. THIRD ROW: Melinda Moore, Helen Howe, Advisor; Shelia McDorney, Advisor; Judy Karen Matstrom, Darline Ryther, Susan Wilde, Tamra Cummings, Marlene Bollhoffer. Stiles Hall Stiles Hall, 2400 Bancroft Way, is the University YMCA. Participation in the program of Stiles Hall is open to all men of the University. Some of the activities include noon discussion groups and exchanges with the YWCA. STANDING, left to right: Rudy Stohler, David Smith, Angelo Gosmides, Stephen Burr, Hiram Dewitt, Joe Pfaft, John Val Peterson. KNEELING: Bruce Payne, Chuck Lucas, Rodney Kirk, Mike Appleby, President. SEATED: Elliot McCorty, Thompson, Dick Kagan, Burnis Tuck. FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda O ' Connor, Thelma Monzon, Judy Schauer, Mary Herbert, Fran Reynolds, Audrey Michelle McKeegan, Patricia Thompson. SECOND ROW: Joseph Herbert, Mike Parkinson, Dick Maddock, Douglas Giancoli, Mazmstrom, Larry Beyersdorf. THIRD ROW: Fr. Miller, unidentified, David Matula, Fr. McNucty, Lloyd Ferguson, Stephen Fr. Sullivan, Tom Horwatt, Mark Healy, Richard Jones. Newman Club The Newman Club sponsors a great variety of activities for Catholic and interested non-Catholic students. Newman Hall, the student center, provides a kitchen, dance floor, library, study room, and a spacious lounge with a large chapel. Among the social events, there is an annual Yosemite snow trip, and weekly Friday night dances and Tuesday luncheons. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jane Howell, Peter Beakschi, Ralph Costa, Frank Chin, Terry Simpson, Clark Miller, John Anne Ruggeri. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Sherwood, Jane Missling, Pris Spires, Rod Craig, John Wash, D. E. Rowan, Carl Pokey Schwab, Sue Hansen, Sue Ginsberg, Dan Silver, Chuck Hall, Marge Madonne, Janie Semple, Corinne Purnell, Ann Margaret Wilson. Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi is the Senior Publications Society. Those students with Senior positions on the ASUC Publications are invited to join. Its purpose is to provide fellowship among the publications leaders. Meetings about four hours per semester. Royalty MARYLYN SMITH, Snow Queen KEEN REGAN, Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen SUE WILEY, Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi PHYLLIS O ' CONNELL, Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen JIM HAAG, Ugly Man JANET ANTHONY, Homecoming Queen HARRIET WERFEL, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi JILL PETTKER, Phi Sigma Girl TRUDE SCHROEDER. Soph Doll ANN FRATUS, Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha LIVING GROUPS FRATERNITIES Interfraternity Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Hobin, vice-president; Tony Johnson, president; Jim Riding, administrative vice-president. SECOND ROW: Jon Abrams, Gordy Johnson, representative; Jerry Anches, Secretary. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Hobin, executive vice-president; Gordy Johnson, president; Jerry Anches, administrative vice-president; Fred Gilberd, secretary. SECOND ROW: John Brothers, representative; Ray Rasmussen, representative; Jon Libman, treasurer; Jim Trembath, representative. FALL OFFICERS FRATERNITY SPRING OFFICERS Larry Price Warren Burkholder Jim Manning................. Alpha Chi Manning Don Turner...................Alpha Chi Obold Jim Demsey..................Alpha Delta Gonser Bob Mayer.................... Alpha Epsilon Ruby Jim Sadler..................Alpha Gamma Linman Bob Olson..................Alpha Kappa McMurry Eurael Bell.................. ...Alpha Phi Bell Sigma Phi............Dan Grener Jon Schleuing............... Alpha Tau Schleuning Gordon Greenlee..............Beta Theta Wilcott Craig Jacobson....................Chi Pool Alfred Slechta......................Chi Hyde Doug Whyte........................Del Ponso Jerome Woodard.................Delta Fulton Gordon Zuckerman......Delta Kappa Kelly Jim Leary......................Delta Sigma Phi Leary Dick Dumke.................. Delta Tau Moore Jud Whitehead................Delta Freed Larry Hudack..................Kappa Bay John Brennan................ Kappa Delta Carpenter Dave Dansky......................Kappa Moskovitz Dick Tartre.....................Kappa Donovan Nick Choppelas..........Lambda Chi Simonsen Murray Hutchison.......... Phi Delta Hutchison Dan Guggenheim.........Phi Gamma Delta Guggenheim Burch Fitzpatrick............Phi Kappa Newmark Bob Santee................Phi Kappa Muirhead Jim Butenschoen...........Phi Kappa McGinnis Dave Malone................Phi Sigma Malone Andrew Alpha Chin Bob McHugh..................Pi Kappa Alpha Pearson Garry Anderson................Pi Kappa Phi.................Garry Anderson Darryl Hart......................Pi Lambda Selinger Joe Neil..............................Psi Schneiders Bill Mills......................Sigma Alpha Hawley Ralph Battat...................Sigma Alpha Fisher Jeff Horner..........................Sigma Johnson Doug Adams.......................Sigma Fox Tom Hazeltine.....................Sigma Bell Jim Keck...................... Sigma Phi Melander Everett Merriman................Sigma Johnson Eric Lindberg................Tau Kappa Clarkson Loring Wykie.......................Theta Stewart Jim Riding......................Theta Delta Riding Don Young.........................Theta Xi................................... Jon Abrams.....................Zeta Beta Abrams Bill Haines............................Zeta Kuechler Bob Anderson Hal Beral Morrie Bobrow Lido Cantarutti John Christensen Ron Clazie John Duncan Dave Epstein Gary Fernandez Ray Hertel Clem Laufenberg Dan Lubbock Dave Malone Jerry McFarland Parker Maddux Charley Orman George Petty Val Prescop Fernando Rondon Jon Schleuning John Simon Al Slechta Lewis Smith Bruce Tilden Loring Wyllie Don Young NOT PICTURED: David D. Smith Greek Week Committee. Abra had another fine year, we did absolutely nothing. That is, nothing unusual for us, lots of cinches, many social and, thrown in when necessary, a little studying . . . Cowell Hospital saw almost as much of us as our house did, we sent at least four people up there after they " fell " down the stairs. No, it wasn ' t hazing either, three actives and one pledge by count . . . The house managers starved us in their attempt to save money. We fixed that however by putting them on a raft and sending them down the creek; they were never seen again . . . One of the more exciting happenings was when somebody stood on the front porch and shouted Abracadabra. The entire place was then seen to vanish into the fog. Abracadabra 1756 Le Roy Avenue GRADUATE Don Cundall SENIORS Jim Dodds Jim Hall Bill Hudson Don Larsen Bruce Masson Kent Price Larry Tessler JUNIORS Edgardo Albriezzio Dave Butner Gordon Claudius Jay Flachsenhar Roger Gaetjen Roy Gwin Karl Hagebusch Eric Johnson Hank Pierson SOPHOMORES Joe Brush Don Martin Ralph Moir Chris Newman Bill Weymouth FRESHMEN Jim Guerrero Larry Hines Dorman Smith Paul Thode Acacia 2340 Piedmont Avenue Another happy year at our home away from home. Ah, the sweet apathetic degeneration of college life! Some of the brothers took out different girls, but most of them were to adhere to the established norm . . . no dates. We began our social year with a party, a Paris Sewer Party . . . with dates. But from then on, things quieted down again to our usual pace interrupted only by misdemeanors. Our efforts in house decorations were, as usual, fruitful. Scholastically, as usual, we maintained our famous spirit and enthusiasm in our search for truth and higher learning . . . no dates. With such courage and integrity of spirit we feel confident that we will have no trouble in placing last on campus. Athletically it may be said that the brothers showed courage above and beyond the call of duty. In the face of odds we came through in prescribed manner . . . we quit. SENIORS Bruce Alexander John Christenson Bill Faris Bill Fletcher Larry Graham Terry Grosshans Charles Hall Ted Reed Alan Reutter Jack Ritter Don Scott Jim Weinberger JUNIORS Jim Beck Warren Burkholder Edmund Cerwinsky Bill Heibert Al Hopkins Pat Thayer Sid Thomas Ray Wickman SOPHOMORES Jim Dandridge Tom Dunn Bob Haworth John Lusk Howard Weinberger FRESHMEN Jim Ellman Roger Knacke Dave Short Chuck Weinberger Roger Wesolic Larry Wessel This last year has been tragic. The Black Forest across the street was torn down for the new Education-Psychology All our pledges but one were new Freshmen (too bad). The dean sternly warned us against hazing. Fubar finally left us for two years in the army. Then there was the lighter side: Big Game fun (?) with Freeborn, guided tours for the health inspectors, hide-and-seek with the Berkeley Fire Department. Yes, Virginia, we all passed; the University hasn ' t torn us down for a parking lot; even Slate has calmed down. Now if Lieut. Trajectory T. Firepower had only given me an A in ROTC . . . Alpha Chi Rho 2311 Le Conte Avenue SENIORS Gery Avedisian Glenn Havens Glenn Lee John Winslow JUNIORS Wayne Dorothy Roger Kent Al Koch Jim Manning Brian McCarthy Harvey Olsen Rolf Peterson Greg Smith SOPHOMORES John Alksnis Ronn Collins Bill Corr Roy Gelsvik Jim Goode Joe Schleef FRESHMEN Robert Bleadon Allan Eubank Ernest Greene Greg McSwain Stewart Nyholm Stephen Rush Bob Turner NOT PICTURED Dave Chambers Larry Dashiell Stan Estabrook Jim Henderson George Humphreys Jim Kilborn Paul Opler Rich Peterson Ed Romascam Dave Russel Chuck Tilson Marsh Weeks Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 Virginia Street During the past year, we had a few social events, since is better than studying. Throughout the year, a constant battle was waged between actives and pledges while trying to keep the latter in line without injuring those poor children. Unfortunately, we lost a few happily single members to the terrifying call of wedding bells. Even our faithful faculty is due to succumb. Studying at times became a little difficult with the constant strains of lilting discord emanating from five-stringed banjos which were being tortured by musicians. As usual in a chemistry fraternity, new methods were constantly being found for setting off bigger and better explosions and smoke bombs in people ' s rooms. All in all it was a very stimulating year. GRADUATES Thomas Briggs Dick Brower Sunney Chan Dick Jennings Yeong Kim Bill McHarris Joe Obold John Poggenburg SENIORS Wally Giraffe Phillip Keller Milton Lee Alexander Mitchell Donald Turner JUNIORS Stephen Cross George Kriz William Moriarty Bob Stroh Bill Westmore SOPHOMORES Harlan Bagaus John Bingham Kenji Kawaoka Maynard Levenick Jim Long Dick Murison FRESHMEN Thomas Dutton Jim Heidker John Larue Alpha Delta Phi 2401 Ridge Road SENIORS James Demsey Claus Eversbusch Thomas Gonser Stephen Henderson Bill Johnston Gene Saeltzer Warren Sisson Thomas Vinzent JUNIORS Herb Freeman David Marchant Paul Packard Allen Phipps Dale Sanders Jack Sevey Sanford Skaggs Worth Vogel Robert Wilson SOPHOMORES Alex Andrews Tom Dunlap Charles Evers Christopher Longaker Richard Rahm Elton Welke Henry Weyrauch FRESHMEN Dan Abbot William Berry Tony Bryan Daniel Bull Bill Crawford Thomas David James Detling Samuel Dunlap Robert Gallaway John Grissim Edwin Hatherly Richard Hitchcock David Sturges Peter Swentzel Alpha Epsilon Pi 2327 Warring Dear Gabby: We started off the year with a new house. Rushing netted us 18 pledges and a few frozen mackerel. After hearing a lot about the power struggle with Russia, we decided to do our share. We put down social affairs to two a week, refused to disseminate birth control information to underdeveloped countries, sponsored three Croation poets in their quest for higher education, coached the Vallejo Women ' s Track Team (concentrating on their weakest points), bought Girl Scout cookies, voted for student body candidates on the of merit and ability, settled the Steel Strike, and required that every pledge read " The Ugly American, " ' ' Dr. Zhivago, " and " Lolita. " Your Friend, M. Hunt Dear Mike: Don ' t let her feed you that line. Find out before you spend your money. Gabby GRADUATE Marvin Smotrich SENIORS Al Barton Lewis Smith Allan Solomonow JUNIORS Hal Beral Don Fest Norman Ginsburg Bernard LePedis Joel Leslie Morris Mandelman Bob Mayer George Ruby Dan Thal Lewis Wallensky SOPHOMORES Jack Camiel Ronald Cohen Ira Cooperman Ronald Diamond Robert Goldberg Stan Sucher FRESHMEN Pete Abram Warren Arnoff Roger Franklin Robert Goldstein Richard Redner Marvin Rose Alex Rubins Andrew Schwartz Barry Steinberg Same song, second verse — A little bit louder and a little bit worse. Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste Street SENIORS Bob Fritz Lynn Linman Bob McAlear Jim Sadler JUNIORS Daryl Bitter Astor Chang Oscar Kasparian Kenneth Plate Ben Rasmussen Melvin Satterburg SOPHOMORES Bruce Borad Larry Epperson FRESHMEN Dick Pratt Rodney Robinson Sigma Phi Delta SENIORS Doug Campbell Barton Kingham Irving Wolf JUNIORS Brian George Ken Gielow Dave Reesor SOPHOMORES Bill Christoph Ed Lampo Bill Lewis FRESHMEN Dennis Bosler Lou Marracci Jim Welsh You know, my Friends, with what a brave Carouse I made a Second Marriage in my house; Divorc ' d old barren Reason from my bed, And took the Daughter of the Vine to Spouse. For " Is " and " Is-not " though with Rule and Line And " Up-and-down " by Logic I define, Of all that one should care to fathom, I Was never deep in anything but — Wine. —Omar Khayyam Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Ed Aguilar Wannie Foster Harley Jensen Carl Lambert Tom Leland Sam McMurry Jared Myracle Bob Olson Al VanNoy JUNIORS Gary Browning Tom Coddington Bob Fenton John Filson Dick Foster Ray Poirier Carl Sandahl Terry Seaborn Bill Simpson Ken Swenson SOPHOMORES Allan Brown Dick Conway Larry Dougherty Bruce Dunham Ronald Ernst Alan Gaudie Jim Hagemann Paul Lefholm Jim Nixon Jeff Totten FRESHMEN Carr Kunze Mike Mauss Jeff Pasterino Ron Rivera Stripe from YE DOMESDAY BOOKE A foreboding devil-grey House of Ill Repute, composed of Demons and Witches, all engaged in drunken Revelry, sadistic Tortures, the Corruption of Youth, the casting of Spelles upon Instructors and Authorities, the seduction of Innocents, vivisection of unsuspecting Mascots, Disedification of Cookes, throwing of evil Brewes at one another, the Burning of Effigies over that ill-famed entrance to Hell known as Channing Circle, the practice of the savage Rites of Satan twice each year, and manie Other unseemly and Dissolute Activities designed to Scandalize and Demoralize those clean and pure of Faith who reside at the Universitie knowne as Cal. A House most surely Marked for Destruction in the all-cleansing fires of Armadutton. Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 Channing Way SENIORS Gerald Buck Jim Foudy Paul GaIvez Daniel Grener Bob Mills Kevin Reidy Tom Richards Bill Steiner JUNIORS Bud Haley Bob Harbaugh Tom Mongan George Morris Bill Norton George Petty Paul Prince Neil Ross Roger Shaffer Stephen Taylor Garry Van Matre Bob Wells Bob Westphall SOPHOMORES Paul Beal Dave Enrici Rich Eschenburg Mike Halloran Bill Marrs Dennis Sherman Dennis Shields Pete Skaarup Don Talley FRESHMEN Rob Anthonisen Bob Bennett Rich Cobden Jim Mongan Alpha Tau Omega 2465 Le Conte Avenue SENIORS Warren Conklin Dick Forward Peter Grady Thomas Hendrix John Muelbauer Bruce Muir Bob O ' Day Bill Price Andre Rogers Jon Schleuning David Smith JUNIORS Dennis Ames Todd Barthold Buck Black Dean Challes Milt Hagedorn Duane Johnson Dwight Johnson Jim Lewis Jim Nereer Phillip Newlin Steve Pace VZZZZCHT Bob Reach Ed Robinson Terry Singer Gerald Urner SOPHOMORES Lewis Baer Peter Carruth Albert Epes Jim House Mike Moore Bill Thurlow Tom Wardrope FRESHMEN Ben Bell David Enfield Pete Hasfner Andrew Horning Jerry Krause Charles Martin Skip MacMichal Dave Nelson John Schultz Paul Smith Beta Theta Pi 2607 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Dennis Despars Richard Fleming Pierce Graves Gorden Greenlee Steve Herrick Gorden Huber Doug McPherson Tino Mingori Jim Polite Mike Storm Charles Werdel Scott Wilcott JUNIORS Tom Bates Kimo Carney Dennis Christie Ed Easton John English Jim Ferguson John Hilton Mark Hudson Steve Lipman Jerry Meyer Brian Rapp Bill Recknor Bruce Sperry Tom Violich SOPHOMORES Brian Baggett John Boyl Roger Browning Jeff Cowan Pete Green Bill Harlan Dick Hoppin Earl Johnson Henry Musto George Nettleman Pete Olson Bob Pattison Dick Stone Charles Wilde FRESHMEN Clark Astle Bill Barbe Mike Burns Chris Carpenter Dick Hanna Don Lauer Richard Railton George Roberts Steve Searson Ridgeway Whittemore Chi Phi 2529 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Dave Allen Allen Atmore Ken Defiebre Tom Dixon Craig Jakobson Clem Laufenberg Ken Meade Bob Pool Paul Wadsworth Dave White JUNIORS Mike Good George Innes John Luft Cal Moore Peter Morse Rich Ryder Dave Schimansky Grant Smith Brad Wait SOPHOMORES Gene Burns Robert Clark Peter Cooper Tim Higgins Jim Holstrom Dan Kent Jakobson Cass Johnson Charles Osthimer Clifford Peterson Tom Russell Bill Rutherford FRESHMEN Dale Adams Bob Bigelow Roger Chatterton Sam Davis Pete Fraser Ed Laufenberg Steve Norward ... a compaignye Of yonge folk that haunteden folye, As riot, hasard, stywes, and tavernes, Where as with harpes, lutes, and gyternes, They daunce and pleyen at dees bothe day and nyght, And eten also and drynken over hir myght, Thurgh which they doon the devel sacrifise Withinne that develes temple, in cursed wise, By superfluytee abhomynable. Chi Psi 2311 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Joe Fraser Tom Fraser Jim Millett Don Piestrup Jack Yerman JUNIORS George Hyde Dave Petteys Lewis Pond Al Slechta Doug Snow SOPHOMORES Larry Anderson Don Avary Steve Bischoff John Hammond Bob McDougall Michael Quinn Grove Root FRESHMEN Darryl Marshall Stuart Proffitt Tim Smith Art Sugden NOT PICTURED Hugh Elliot Woody Freeman Frank Gilleas Sherman Hall Pat Kearney Norm Proffitt Robert Whitley Delta Tau Delta 2425 Hillside Way SENIORS Vic Binsacca Dan Duckhorn Dick Dumke Ted Falk Oliver Garretson Dave Grether Bruce McMillan Will Nichols Roger Peterson Jim Serventi John Steidlmayer Don Strough John Tegtmeier Tom Thompson JUNIORS Don Alves Bill Ausfahl John Henrotin Butch Moore Richard Neuman Dan Ohlson Kent Richards Ned Salisbury Kevin ScarpelIi Bob Voit SOPHOMORES Carl Bergeron Bob Boynton Dick Coveny Bill Cull Steve Donner Tom Fanning Wicker Gamble Brad Hill Hugh Johnson Jerry Johnson Gary Kashing Arthur Layne Steve Lind John Maschino Whit Nicholas Barry Patton Harvey Place Gary Price Bob Snyder Dick Stewart Ed Thirkell Brian Van Camp Robbie Ward FRESHMEN Peter Gatti Raymond Harvey Peter MacVean Willy Norberg Dave Phillips Ed Protiva Dave Shellberg Del Rey 1727 Euclid Avenu e Del Rey has never had to worry about hazing. In a house where there are as many pledges (9) as actives hazing gets short shrift. Besides, in our enlightened age, brainwashing is more effective than paddle-plashing. And we move with the times. Paddles make fine sawdust, and sawdust is a fine meat loaf mix. We are economical too. Our house bills naturally are lower than the nationally advertised. Fermented sawdust is lousy, but we have good dances, exchanges, and tgif parties, anyway. Beer is the good old UC equalizer. We believe in equality, 4% equality. We are trying to make our grade point conform to the blue ribbon standard. But equality and tend to inhibit the individual performance, so we have decided to abolish the individual ... but then look at Russia ... Where ' s that damned paddle? Looks as if Jim and Grid are late for crew again. SENIORS Robert Harris Douglas Whyte JUNIORS Bob Fenner Ron Gridley Jerry Gunnarson Darwin Meyers John Palmeri Emil Ponso Frederick Willwerth Jim Woodfill SOPHOMORE John Bianucci FRESHMEN Jafilam Dela Cruz Lyne Poole Brooke Rolston Richard Rose Frank Stephenson Walter Zintz Mae Ecklund (Cook) NOT PICTURED Dennis Allison Deane Judd Nick Shehad Face all flushed with booze and beer, Eyes that have a jaggy leer, Swinging, shuffling, swaying frame, Soiling of a decent name. Money plenty — time galore; Drinking plenty — then some more; Forgetting all that ' s dear at home, Just to blow the dainty foam. Stop, my boy, and think a minit, If you do, you won ' t begin it. Poor in pocket, health and all Hell! This year has been a ball. Delta Chi 2725 Haste GRADUATE Bob Neighbor SENIORS Dick Curtin David Davis Jack Hamm Guido Santina JUNIORS Jerry Becker Jerome Woodard SOPHOMORES Carl Elliger Dick Fulton Charles Maas Gary Robinson Tom Woodard FRESHMEN Ben Bacigalupi Dennis Webb NOT PICTURED Dave Bacus Winston Kratz Paul Lin Art Trips Jim Ring Delta Sigma Phi 2415 Prospect Street SENIORS Charles Bohle Richard Bort Paul Cianfichi Mark Dunker Bill Durfee Lee Freeman George Gnesdiloff Gerald Hayward Edward Maxwell Jerry McFarland Roland Rempel Jim Shively Bruce Tilden JUNIORS Fred Bauer Bob Baxter Arlo Braun Barry Davidson Cordon Frolich Lester Glad David Helske Gary Kalian John Kattler Jim Leary Martin Nelson Two homes have we With view of sea. Come climb our tree And you ' ll agree. " R.F. " ing is fun If you ' re not the one. Who has to run From that son-of-a-gun. To hesitate Is to be-rate That wonderful state Of a life that ' s great. All in all Cal is a ball, If one can call all! " SOPHOMORES Peter Campbell Robert Dennison Jerry Hatcher Herb Holley Steve Little J im Marett Tracy Mordock Bruce Owens Bill Pesce Randall Robinson Stanley Schure Bill Trautman Jay Verkozen Vic Willits FRESHMEN Chuck Barry Al Didwell Ed Dodds Bob Fitz Bill Frank Mark Healy Bob Isaak Jack Lundgren Steve Moody Bill Rogers Sam Speake Cassie Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Harry Allen Grant Everett Alex Farrend Mike Healey John Kelly Mike Moya Dan McNamara George Pike Peter Rohrs R. Tolles Gordon Zuckerman JUNIORS Bob Chickering Brian Corbell Tal Fletcher Parker Maddux SOPHOMORES Marshall Cloyd Jeff Coe Bill Granger Tim Hachman Peter Morrissey Charles Newcomb FRESHMEN Eric Cowing Paul Fagan Tom Gilmore Charles Hain Wallace Quinn George Winkel Edwin Wood Paul Yost Gary Zacher Delta Sigma Pi SENIORS Milton Galtz Ken Garcia John Franco George Kulstad Jim Mahoney Mike Russ Terry Simpson Albert Zais JUNIORS Bruce Blakemore Tom Drewek Rees Peterson NOT PICTURED: Dave Cushway Delta Upsilon 2425 Warring SENIORS Bill Dewitt Albert Fiske Norman Freed Bill Haden John Huntington Bill Ingham Bill Malet Dick Olson Bill Rood Dan Wallace Jud Whitehead Joe Wrixon William Wrixon JUNIORS Gene Angus Dick Bertero Rick Bayba Jim Burress Pete Crofoot Paul Cronenwett Tom Gage Lee Greiner Dick Hildebrand Bill Hobin Phil Kloninger Dick Leach Don McDonald Bob Myers Philip Plant Henry Pouey Mike Prado Chris Rolin Rich Sanford Ron Sanford Bob Sciutto Denny Stillmann SOPHOMORES Mike Allan Mike Barkett Bill Broadbent Bob Brown Bud Brown Steve Chandler Dave Fluty Jim Giffen John Montgomery Bill Monty Scott Paine Anthony Rishwain FRESHMEN Rick Chappell Jerry Fry Bill Hopkins Dennis Johnson Randy Mundt Jon Peck Bill Staats Ken Wallace Kappa Alpha 2425 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Larry Bay Dave Draheim Bill Eddins George Foreman Bill Forni Alan Herd Larry Hudack Jim Kerr Bob Loomis Albert Monaco Bob Rennie Alfred Richardson JUNIORS Dave Alvarez Phil Downing Tom Fortune Dennis Hess Dick Jones Lynn McNulty Chuck Pfister Wayne Stanley SOPHOMORES Bob Ambler Bob Burr Ben McMakin Bob McNulty Steve Morse Marty Sours FRESHMEN Greg Antipa Larry Campbell Ken Dekker Axle We hear the legislators in Sacramento haze their page boys. Kappa Delta Rho 2250 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Robert Bodenhamer John Brennan David Cardelli Robert Carpenter Robert Kirby Leonard Newstrum Brian Vargus JUNIORS John Alving Robert Anderson Paul Griem William Hogue Walter Nellis Phil Smith SOPHOMORES David de Carion Douglas MacLachlan William Morgan Gerald Peabody Allen Pedersen William Stone Kent Wood FRESHMEN Robert Foster Don Hiddleson Noel Nellis Eric Peterson Tom Stevens Kappa Nu 2412 Piedmont Avenue GRADUATE Howard Rose SENIORS Leland Blum Mike Gluskin Allan Heskin Mike Hirsch Myron Moskovitz Don Rosenberg Ron Schwartz Ed Tanovitz JUNIORS Ken Blum Morris Babrow Howard Cohen Bruce Cornblum Gordon Freeman Bob Frieman Howard Gilbert Mike Goldstein Bob Horwitz Fenton Jacobs Larry Jacobson Bill Liebman Don Marram Terry Michaels Mark Morris Ron Nachum Take sixty-five top men and put ' em up at Charnning Circle. Let the jocks win all their intramural games and let the study bears all make the four-points. Let ' em have a tremendous Big Game Dance at the Mark Hopkins and let ' em have an equally great overnight in the Summer. Let ' em have the best dances and let ' em even build the winning pushcart. Let ' em have all this and what will you have? ... chaos, sheer chaos Gary Polinsky Cliff Schultz Peter Singer Dave Vilner SOPHOMORES Russ Auswacks Steve Gunther Newton Harband Ron Hofmann Alex Jamile Ron Levin John Michael Marc Norman Peter Roman Mike Rosen Hank Shain James Stoppello Steven Weinberg Mike Zucker FRESHMEN Ed Belling Mike Fallon Barry Gross Pete Marx Mark Susnow Larry Wagner Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 Le Roy Avenue SENIORS Bruce Adams Nick Choppelas George Foster Lee Hauge Arnold Joyal Wayne Korsinen Wayne Littleton Bill Meiggs Fernando Rondon Dennis Schultz Philip Shaffer Alfred Simonsen JUNIORS Gary Aguirre Bill Bauer Bob House Charles Jennings Tony Johnson Bill Lieser Paul Osborn Bob Sulpizio Jim Trembath It was a year of change at Lambda Chi. Attempting to set the pace in following the administration ' s new policy toward traditions, we became the first fraternity on campus to acquire a house mother. We celebrated her 19th birthday with the most lively party of the year. We also eliminated the from our pledge training program. On the social scene, we planned a " suppressed desire " party but decided against it since nobody would anyway. Our pledge sneak was a very successful event climaxed by a quite satisfying exchange with Moonlight Ranch. The year ' s activities were terminated with a fathers ' and sons ' week end at the chapter house. We were surprised to learn that so many of the brothers had fathers. SOPHOMORES Bob Booth John Collom Hal Cooper Dave Dowell Bill Frame Joe Giovanazzi John Gotshall George Lord Don Howe Barton Thompson FRESHMEN Charles Aparicio Jeff Barry Walt Cardwell Noel Castleman Gerald Eidenmuller Jim Larson Warden Noble Steve Oliver Gary Soden Gary Walton Phi Delta Theta 2717 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Tom Cole Hank Guidice Stan Hakmiller Tom Healy Bob Henrich Murray Hutchison Allen Klugow Terry Knoepp Ken Lawrenson Bob McHugh Ronald Milligan Jim O ' Leary Willard Price George Saywell Bob Stinson Doug Vann Mark Vezzani JUNIORS Hector Cordova Jim Frost Bob Frescura Gordon Hepler Ron Kearney I am a fraternity man. The University says it doesn ' t like my grades. My alumni says, " shape up. " Slate says I ' m a bigot. The Ice Box says I ' m anti-intellectual. The neighbors say I ' m noisy. JayVee says I keep ' em in business. I say, " Get serious! " Dick Mayer Mike Moore Rich Seabold SOPHOMORES Charles deLorimier Jim McQueen Adolph Martinelli John Nance John Parsons Shep Sweeney King Tuck Bob Weiss FRESHMEN Doug Chaplin Jack Graham Harold Gregerson Dave Hakman Robert Kerr Ron Mayo Allen Peters Ralph Swearingon Steve Tulloh Lynford Wiley Phi Gamma Delta 2395 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Dave Clark Peter Costello Don Defeo Frank Doretti Dick Dutton Don Fowler Dan Guggenheim Dick Hughes Jim Hughes Bill Hunter Terry Kelley Ted Kellogg Kevin Kirwan John Leavitt Bob Lynch John McGuinn Fritz Schwarz Jerry White JUNIORS Gardner Baldwin Jerry Bogue Ken Petron Al Bressie Don Defeo Bill Eggers A Fiji conceived the Conception employed— Time and again ... Success. Fred Gilberd Darryl Henley Ev Johnston Don Powell Bill Purcell Gary Runes SOPHOMORES Tom Colton Dick Dale Stuart Gordon Jerry Hillhouse David Kenmuir Tom Kruse Ed Marcucci Terry Milligan Jerry Williams Jim Wright FRESHMEN Steve Brickman Bob Cresap Harry Hart Mal Leiser Bill McCarty Bob Schlieman Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 Warring SENIORS Sal Bruno Charles James Jerren Jorgensen Jack Lansman Duncan Livingstone Gary McDonough John Muirhead Val Prescop Bob Santee Tom Sherrod Bill Walsh Victor Wykoff JUNIORS Terry Cochran Ron Eddings Phil Humphreys Jack Glennon David Jorgensen Bill Kerr Paul Menoher Turney Moore Duane Morford Stan Morrison Dale Odell Bill Ososke This year we took up religion We ' re all going to Hell! Jerry Premo John Quinn John Schmiedel Phil Smith David Tatten Joe Wilberger Bob Wilson John Yaeckel SOPHOMORES Thompson Burnett Randal Cruikshanks Phil Dunn Bob Fleck Terry House Costa Nichols Bruce Osborn Ron Profili Jeff Smith FRESHMEN Bill Dowdall Helmer Janee Owen McCoy MacKenzie Patterson Jim Richard Larry Sonsini Russell Wisler Kappa Sigma 2220 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Drew Donovan Larry Eisele Jim Fletter Ron Hartsough Bill Johnson Frank Maldonado Gary O ' Neal, Inactive Tom Rodger Dick Tartre Walter Wright, Inactive JUNIORS Bill Blackburn Fritz Brown Pete Cole Bob Goodell Bruce Hoffman Dave Moore Mike Noakes Jim Williams SOPHOMORES Al Berra Don Bird Dave Bruno Bob Crawford George Eshoo Carlos Fackrell Jon Greening Dick Griffin Bill Manetta Peter Michael Bill Oakley Roger Smartt Roger Stull FRESHMEN Warren Behrens Dave Ellis John Fossum Bob Massey Jeff Nunn Lyman Rust John Williams Phi Kappa Psi finally recovered from its year-long hangover as a result of a Gin Fizz breakfast just in time to enjoy a somewhat modified social calendar. It included a Pearl Daze theme on December 7 of “Let ' s all get Bombed Again,” a roaring 20 ' s party, and the fantastic South Seas. Doug Moore divided his time between the Rugby team and the Men ' s Rep job. King and Bressler threw the spears for the track team. All in all, it was a fine year—until, of course, the house average was computed. Phi Kappa Psi 2625 Hearst GRADUATE Gene Kleinbauer SENIORS Kenneth Henry John King Roger LaBare Paul Larson Kent Newmark JUNIORS James Burden Roger Ferree Burch Fitzpatrick John Henning Arthur Jorgensen Denis McNicoll Douglas Moore Dick Muldary Thomas Toland SOPHOMORES Thomas Cairns Roger Delwiche John Dugall FRESHMEN Herbert Archibald Ray Bressler Pat Keithley Bill Love Craig Murray Pete Ryhlick Doug Smith Geoff Smith Phi Kappa Tau 2335 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Paul Albright Noel Barnes Bob Brooke Jim Butenschoen Bob Colvin Darrall Imhoff John McGinnis Tom Tibbetts Ray Vingo JUNIORS Bob Albright Brian Bishop Ivan Cornelius Alan Dunham Ronald Huesman Harry Humphrey Richard Johnson Richard Johnson Ron Moon Peter Paige Roy Parker Tom Peterson Les Portello Richard Schuchert George Stallos Fred Weaver Ah, yes, this has been an educational year. Now we condemn discrimination, fight compulsory ROTC, frown upon those who still attempt to discipline pledges, and believe Ex-Com can solve any problem from naughty boys to the Martian rebellion on Saturn. In short, we are obsequious, subservient, and bitter while knowing there must be some similarity between the Dean ' s Office and Mother. Bless the Dean ' s Office if this gets published without SOPHOMORES Jerry Borrego Bruce Crawford Bob Dahl John Dickerson Don Evarts Jay Ford Kent Grigg Michael Holland John Holmes Larry Jessie Jeff Large Rich McPherrin Gerald Nordstrom Gerald Ogden FRESHMEN Steve Benbow Fred Browner Jack Christy Jack Doty Dick Hutchinson Arthur Johnson Thomas Koon Craig Robbins Frank Serena Lincoln Van Ummersen Camden Wall Phi Sigma Kappa 2327 Warring SENIORS Hubert Daigle Ron Eich Louis Flores Bob Grossmann Charles Howden Howard Lambert David Malone David Nestor Frederic Pape Dick Parker Bill Platt Howard Rhode John Sponsler Bruce Strauss Gordon Zeller JUNIORS Claude Arne Bob Boland Fred Burchett Norman Charles Bill Dannenbring Clark Dickson Jack Duncan Peter Gerasimenko Jim Jones Paul Koepsell Bob Nasser Dick Ragatz friendship unity character knowledge Bill Ready Don Ricci Tim Scofield Bob Steuben Lewis Stornette David Tavernetti John Thomas Johannes Van Hoff SOPHOMORES Bill Campbell Walker Cummings John Dougery Dan Green Bill Hand Tom Klein Sherman Nobleman Mike Pachoud Dave Parent FRESHMEN Joe Clark Rory Gordon John Drobny David Fieselman Gary Kalbach Dick Loverde Art Mecklenburg Ed Rehfeldt Neil Schmidt Len Travernetti Pi Alpha Phi SENIORS Andrew Don Daniel Lee Honson Lim Edmund Louie Kenneth Tom David Yee Harvey Yee JUNIORS Stanley Chin Patrick Dare John Fang William Fay Hobart Fong Lincoln Gokson Calvin Lum Francis Lum Theodore Tom Richard Young SOPHOMORES Thomas Chin Jack Goon Wilfred Lum Wendell Mew Dennis Wong Gordon Wong Roland Wong William Wong Stanley Young FRESHMEN Kenneth Chew Raymond Fay Warren Wong Kahn Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Jim Green Ray Hertel John Michael Butler Minor Peter Raffetto JUNIORS Walt Arnold Dick Carlsen Jack Domich Earl Gardner Don Hansen Doug Luna Gerald Lundgren Steve Monroe Ed O ' Dea Ed Pearson Clay Smith Frank Thirion Dave Whitteneck SOPHOMORES Tim Cole Ed Donahue Duane Duff Doug Graham Jim Hurley Fred McDonald Erwin Mieger John Panini Stan Parkinson Jess Pittore Paul Prudler Jim Sally Sam Stassi FRESHMEN Frank Eggen Brian Hermen John Stuart Pi Lambda Phi 2727 Channing Way SENIORS Milton Blum George Elefant Darryl Hart Walter Jacobs Steve Jaffe Dave Krutchkoff Ben Levine Mike Lichtenstein Gary Melmon Jerome Neft John Segall JUNIORS Ted Bell Bruce Cohn Mike Davis Charles Epstein Larry Gerrman Bernie Key Mike Kurzman Philip Moncharsh Dick Price Fred Selinger Larry Silverstein Jon Tolson Ronald Weinshenk The Fall semester started out with a bang. During rushing we pledged a tremendously spirited group of fellows who have been a great asset to the house—both scholastically and socially. The highlight of the Fall term was our Winter Formal which was held in San Mateo. Also we had frequent exchanges and athletic events which will not be forgotten. The Spring semester started out with an equally loud bang when Freddie Selinger, the first teen-age Rex in our history, assumed his duties. Socially, the Spring semester will be remembered for the overnight formal at Brookdale Lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains. Also, we will not forget the Spring Sing with the Gamma Phis with whom we are co-champions. SOPHOMORES Don Belkin Bob Curley Alan Eurlich Alan Lazar Barry Libman Bob Mittel Michael Pasarow Dick Schneider Larry Small George Wolff FRESHMEN Jim Bennett Howard Brodke Alan Brodovsky Linsey Freeman Art Ginsberg Bob Karsh Jonathan Kuhr David Liebeskind Alan Morris Herold Pearson Allan Robinson Tom Schrag Dick Wank Psi Upsilon 1815 Highland Place SENIORS John Albers Bob Angell Dick Duane Pete Herb Claude Hutchison Larry Kirkpatrick Joe Neil Pat Newell John Normanly Ernie Peterson Bucky Reed Bill Schnieders Louis Wyckoff JUNIORS John Baker Bill Bolton Craig Campbell Lloyd Crenna Tom Faulkner Nick Gilman Dan Jenkins Darrel Kerckoff Mike Krotz Bill Leet Jim McDonald Pete Mickael John Wagner SOPHOMORES John Hurt Mike McNeil John Newell Mike Smith Alan Wentner Rick Williams Mike Wood FRESHMEN John Austin Bill Brown Tom Campbell Dick Carlson Lynn Larson Bill McAdam Rich Merrill Tom Palmer Fred Peterson Peter Poulson George Rathman Milton Redford Gerald Sartain Jim Taggart Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2722 Bancroft Way SENIORS Bob Arne Adney Bowker Jim Clark Ron Clazie Bill Hawley Ron Hildebramd Ray Kumli Wayne Langford Mike Manley Bill Mills Bob Odermatt Peter Ragsdale Philip Ralston Burton Rees Norman Reiber Alan Stanford John Tirrell Arthur Wallace JUNIORS Hart Anderson Dick Artis Ken Barnes Ole Barre Gael Barsotti Jan Bossart Chuck Buckman Jerry Crawford Garber Davidson Dave Fitz Bob Gordon Bill Livingston Dick Loveall Dave Ryan Jim Stedman Harold Taber It was another great year at SAE. In the Fall we took in 15 intellectual misfits and 16 little sisters. They couldn ' t live in by rule of the Dean ' s office, but the brothers still found time to drive them wherever they went. In the Spring we took 12 more pledges: two footballers, two basketballers, and four baseballers and the rest broadjumpers. If we need an extension of our house we need only to contact one of the father, Omar, who makes tents in Oakland. We of SAE wish to congratulate the Senior girls who will B.A. ' s from Chancellor Seaborg this year. —L. P. Franklin Dick Taft John Virga Bill Young SOPHOMORES Ben Blair John Bogart John Guimarra Mal Macleod Jim Mills John Wible Dave Williams FRESHMEN Glenn Coleman Joe Falkinham Jim Fetterman Bill Gould Perry Haviland Guy Jinkerson Peter Steiner Todd Woodcock SISTERS OF MINERVA Carole Arnold Liz Conrady Cynthia Cottrell Nancy Di Martini Betsy Falkenberg Pam Manuel Sandy Jones Nancy Norton Patti O ' Hara Pepper Parr Ann Parker Ellen Rayner Carrie Swan Nancy Turner Kate Wood Sigma Alpha Mu 1735 LeRoy Avenue SENIORS Ralph Battat Mike Ezgar Jerry Frug Dick Greene Don Pearlman Sanford Ratner Jerry Ross Eugene Salute Arnold JUNIORS Bill Alban Herb Barish Fred Booke Leland Douglas LeRoy Finkel Dave Fisher Stuart Kaplan Harvey Katz Dave Leland Tony Loeb Malcolm Margelin Kerry Napuk Roy Schachter Larry Scheinbaum John Simon Matthew Sloan Norman Slomann SOPHOMORES Paul Cohen Ron Cohen More of the same— The neighbors tried to close us down . . . again The health department tried to close us down . . . again The vice squad tried to close us down . . . again The fire department tried to close us down . . . again The creditors tried to close us down . . . again The University tried to close us down . . . again The house burned down . . . hell! Jon Feder Dave Feldstein Roger Freeman Steve Goldman Jay Grossman Ira Handelsman John Hertsberg Steve Lyons Don Phillips Murray Richtel Harvey Rubens Bruce Schwartz Mark Sheckner Maury Simon Jared Sloan Dick Solomon Elliot Steinberg Martin Wolff FRESHMEN Alan Cotler Steve Frisch Bob Grib Dave Horowitz Steve Marpet Paul Mathes Larry Miller Herbert Sigmond Mike Stock Arthur Vatz Pi Kappa Phi 2353 Prospect “These kids are just learning to do all kinds of things—not only how to do logarithms and how to translate Beowulf, but how to drink and how to make love and how to get along with people and all sorts of things. " That ' s what Pi Kappa Phi is for. Glancing back on the road of success, these Pi Kap kids have offered much to those seeking and finding " the friendly They ' ve sent Premier Khrushchev a welcoming and " Niki " has agreed to send the pledges to Siberia for initiation. Loyal members and alumni have been creating the new Pi Kap quarters with sweat and strain. With the help of the mothers ' touch we are gradually adding many splinters within our hallowed rustic walls. The social engagements, needless to say, were ultimately successful. SENIORS Gary Anderson Richard Basler James Hunt Robert Leslie JUNIORS Peter Goorjian Gerald Grismore Martin Halseth Lawrence Lapin Buck Ware SOPHOMORES Peter Beakschi Jon Colombano Jay Johnson David Leppaluoto Dick Schreiber Charles Schrader FRESHMAN David Larson Sigma Chi 2345 College Avenue SENIORS Mike Callahan Johnny Hollingsworth Jeff Horner Gordon Johnson Howard Karr Jack Kennon Tom Kurtz Ken McManigal Rill Reed Dudley Smith JUNIORS Harlan Aslin Philip Carville Sid Chapin Joel Champion John Curoz Dave George Dan Layton Bob Quatman Bob Randall Roger Ricketts George Slusser SOPHOMORES Burton Armstrong John Brothers Doug Burke, Sr. Jim Cobb Tim Deal Ken Doctor Bill Edmonds Bill Fritz Harlan Green Gary Grey Bill Guard Sandy Jacobson Andy Jurgens Jim Likins Art Pierson Dave Rinker Richard Schmidt Eliot Smith Don St. Sure Keith Wall FRESHMEN Skip Arbuckle Robert Carver Jim Hollister David Kidd Gerry McManigel Bob Peppin Steve Ricketts Ron Roberts Hal Stoner Bill Walley Sigma Nu 2710 Bancroft Way SENIORS Doug Adams Art Bass Tom Berry Fritz Gaylord Dick Hayden Larry Hitchcock Walter Stansberry JUNIORS Bob Amos Dave Baer Jim Beaton Pete Carey Karl Engdahl Gary Forbas Larry Fox Pete Frazier Bill Haertz Pete McElro y Marty McNair Steve PolIitt During a wild saturnalia last year, the Sigma Nu ' s partook of many intestinal corrosives. Rather than performing its function, the social lubricant led to our dismissal from the FIGS (Fratters in Good Standing). Throughout the following two semesters, the violators were forced to undergo the privation of female companionship in and about their castle, and were not even allowed to drown their sex-starved souls in alcoholic oblivion. We are proud to state that now, after twelve months and several weeks, the sober interim is over. The legislative czars of UC relented in the face of our saintly demeanor, and us to the collegiate aristocracy. We have learned our lesson, and intend to continue helping old ladies across streets and painting orange juice cans for the Red Cross—in other words, making ourselves a general asset to the community. AND LET THE DEANS KNOW: we will serve only near bear at all our social functions (with the exception of Mother ' s Day, of course). Ray Walker SOPHOMORES Jeff Babcock Brian Cooper Woody Covington Tom Graves Nils Johnson Marshall McComb Peter Richios Pete Rochinos Dick Stewell Lewis Teel Dave Van Hoorebeke Gilbert Walker FRESHMEN Dave Burnerr Bob Chatham Terry Davis Gary Evans Fr ancis Jones II Stan Teel As the clock is ticking on, and in consideration for our in the international competition in window display and in using women ' s living quarters as vaults for safe we are confident the time is not passing without our further glorification. Sigma Phi 2307 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Gene Bell Nicholas Culjis Robert Hazeltine Robert Karsrud Bill Lukens Fred Offenbach Jim Pinkerton Dick Robinson Steve Rutherford JUNIORS Tim Buckendorf Ed Craddock Jim Fogarty Herb Foster George Grupe Emery Johnson Ed Klass Wayne Lamb Ed Lane Dave Nolan Gary Powell Ed Rinne Bill Welle SOPHOMORES Doug Barth Mike Farrell Bob Harshberger Bill Hoogs Bob Penn FRESHMEN Gary Cummins Curt Rocca A highly successful and eventful year was had by the Sig Eps in 1959-60. Among some of our achievements were a good scholastic record and high athletic standing in the intramural league. Some of our other activities included the inauguration of an annual American Heart Association benefit dance, our 50th Anniversary party sponsored by our alumni, and a formal at Lake Tahoe in conjunction with the Nevada and San Jose State chapters. An unexepected lively time was had by all when our house was suddenly invaded by a score of fun-loving, punch-drunk Marin gentlemen. All in all, the year was one of excitement and achievement and ended with everyone in the highest of spirits. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2316 Bowditch Street SENIORS Edward Atwood Robert Jolly James Keck Robert Lavezzi Ralph Udick JUNIORS Paul Dennen Michael Green Neil Hollander Dave Melander Gary Morse James Peirce Jerry Sacchi Mike Wacker SOPHOMORES Pat Abbott Thomas Briggs Robert Dunn Gordon Fowkes Charles Mahakian Jim Mendiara John Melstrom FRESHMEN Bob Christiansen Franklin Curcio Paul Gabel Albert Hale William Maddigan Norman Mancini Fred Merriam Dennis Rowe Howard Schirmer Tau Kappa Epsilon 2725 Channing Way GRADUATES Sam Peden Lee Murch SENIORS John Arvesen Gerald Blalock Eugene Borges Paul Clarkson Bob Coppo Hawley Garvin Tom Hopkins Dick Klink Eric Lindberg Wayne McCombs Terry McIllraith Edmund McMurray Frank Sally Don Shawl Dick Walther Dick Wolf JUNIORS Bob Butts Bill Donovan Dave Flippin Bijan Fouladi Don Kendall Bob LaLiberte John Lenhart Don McCallum Brutus Tom Newell Ed Pollack John Quigley Ray Rasmussen Oliver Robinson Tom Wilson SOPHOMORES Dan Baker Gary Code John Cole Bob Crabtree Jere Guernsey John McKeag Jerry Miller Jim Seger Archie Swaney Denis Vineys FRESHMEN Rufus Crawford John Diskon Bob Reinhardt Sigma Pi 1816 Scenic Avenue GRADUATE ADVISOR Victor Valdes SENIORS Jim Campodonico Everett Merriman Charles Schorr Ted Siebert Jim Spitze JUNIORS Pete Bailey Jim Carges Gary Fernandez Ron Gansolves Jack Hanessian Les Irman Ken Johnson Ken Kelly Rich Morgado John Olson Bill Patton Charles Shafsky Clem Shute SOPHOMORES Lee Escajeda Bruce Farly Ron Kiger Charles Lockhart Tom Pierce Wayne Sailor FRESHMEN Ron Hill George Hubbard Bob Prater Matthew Sankovich Huckleberry RECIPE FOR MU CHAPTER OF THETA CHI TAKE JOCKS, IVY LEAGUERS, AND BOHEMES: STIR A WHILE: THEN LET ' EM STEAM. ADD GENERAL CURRICS AND ENGINEERS: SEASON WITH A SCORE OF BEERS. AN ANNUAL DASH OF APACHE DANCE THE GENERAL FLAVOR WILL ENHANCE: MARINATE WITH ROCK AN ' ROLL: SPRINKLE IN SIBELIUS FOR THE SOUL. ADD PEELED PLEDGES, FISH-POND COOL WHILE STARTLED NEIGHBORS SLURP AND DROOL. SERVE THE CHAPTER WHILE IT ' S WARM IN THE VIEW WINDOW FACING E. BARRETT DORM. IT ' S A DISH THE CONNOISSEUR WILL BUY: MU CASSEROLE OF THETA CHI. Theta Chi 2499 Le Conte Avenue SENIORS Lido Cantarutti Greg Frey John Hambric Karl Kinnick Sargeant Reynolds Mike Stewart Philip Threefoot Peter Warner Loring Wyllie JUNIORS Gregory Austin Lewis Bonney Dennis Brown Dick Ebert Roy Elliott Dick Hastings Dick Talbott Mike Tyrrell Camaron Wolfe SOPHOMORES Sean Althaus Don Hitzel Allen Kerlim Mike Knight Bob Meanza Miguel Perez-Lizano Joe Ramus Jim Snider Paul Welles Steve Young FRESHMEN Jack Merritt John Poore Ruedy Schroeter Bill Withuan Lorenzo Theta Delta Chi 2647 Durant Avenue SENIORS Robert Chiappone Alan Grisemer Sandy Hay Archie Holland Dan Lubbock Jim Riding JUNIORS Victor Brochard Bob Curley Mike Heaman Robert Lund Bill McComb Robert McCoy Ed McKenna James Medanich Ray Olmo Charles Orman Alan Rossi Jeffrey Snow Jon Spieler SOPHOMORES Robert Acres Tim Downey Jim Hunolt Chuck Moore James Nunan Steve Proffitt We is dead you know ... one hour of class yields five hours at the desk. This triumvirate of rebels of thought advocates and enforces art appreciation for all, every evening on Friday, intramural permitting. Oh, you ' re in Philosophy, I ' m not, let me advise you. And those of us that ski must surely be able to criticize. How mighty are we who rule our brethren; here gone today. Cult worship every Thursday, all you can eat. How nice to have a full life; till the human voices wake us, and we drown. Please follow the white line. Anyone for bridge, or something? Oh, didn ' t you understand, education is our most important product and only the worst specimens are coddled, and encouraged to breed, as if they were the best. GOYA, painter of Royal families. SOPHOMORES Bob See Bob Sherman Mike Stoops Steve Ulah FRESHMEN Ray Bartholio Charles Blanford Ron Briggs Walt Brown Steve Cox Gilbert Ferrey Tom Festa Pete Garber Merlyn Lausten Steve Lowell Sandy McCann Toni Medanich Bob Minton Chris Orman Frank Peacock John Poucher Pat Rogers Bob Rohwer Jon Sweat Tom Tusher Zeta Beta Tau 1712 Euclid Avenue SENIORS Jon Abrams Mike Balaban Bob Begen Stan Breitbard Joe Epstein Alan Gettelman Barry Goldman Jim Grossman John Perlsten JUNIORS Jerry Anches Rodger Brown Mark Bronstein Mike Cherniss Skip Clumeck Alan Eichenberg Josh Eppenger Dave Epstein Jake Fuchs Allan Hersog Steve Isenberg Bob Kauffman Ron Miller Carl Polesky Mitch Reinis Ron Savitt Dick Schweitzer Keith Vinnecour Dennis Willens ZBT had a raucous year, highlighted by the In-Out Duel. Our house fish, the rare red-chested trout, played havoc with the nets, lines, and lures of administrative anglers. The three witches clashed with Mac Stanford on the floodlit stage of the Berkeley Community Theater as we won Axe Revue Carl Poloon led the Zeta Beta construction crew in building a massive projectile on the front lawn which missed orbit but gained second place in the Big Game Decs. Socially, compliance with the ABC produced a dry social semester which was salvaged by the armpit ball in which we reached new heights of saturation. All in all, it was a good year; many brothers were active on campus and numerous others saw action elsewhere. SOPHOMORES Steve Allen Jeff Berman Jim Elden Mike Gettleman George Goldberg Al Gordon Norm Kellner Bob Levin Phil Michael Ken Nemzer Ken Poise Ed Shaskan Mel Silverman Irwin Warsaw Jay Berk FRESHMEN Martin Blank Dick Fischer Allan Goodman Dick Governor David Green Paul Hofmann Mike Kramer Art Levine Charles Miller Roger Oldenberg Dave Rosenberg Ken Silbert Mike Wolf Zeta Psi 2728 Bancroft SENIORS Wheeler Caberly William Haines Henry Kuechler Douglas Moore Richard Nelson Drew Robarts Peter Scott Richard Tavernetti David White JUNIORS William Comstock Dick Keating Joseph Gorman Lucien Miller Joseph Mock John Register Alan Shattuck Michael Vincent SOPHOMORES Edward Bowen Scott Calder Joseph Cardoza Anthony Diamond Charles Eastman Jack Griffin William Judge Gerald McClaine Dave Nock Robert Rosson James Shinn Craig Smith FRESHMEN Jim Bonney Richard Brever Mike Brown Alex Budge Corbett Donohue Doug Fowkes Terry Reilly Thomas Solinsky Richard Stenton Dennis Tavernetti SORORITIES Panhellenic Council FALL OFFICERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Murman, Molly Nock, Jean Gray, Lynne Norris. SECOND ROW: Mary Spencer, Pat Ellerd, Pat Kimball, Donna Hartman. SPRING OFFICERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jo Wickman, Marene Sitlinger, Betsy Faulkenburg, Carry Schnitzer. SECOND ROW: June Bender, Sandy Rees, Pat Ellerd, Sharron Ferguson. PRESIDENTS Marcia Hughes, Gail Hughes Jan Blum, Elizabeth Williams Andrea Bershad, Lynne Diamond Karen Baker, Claire Skoegard Judy Grimshaw, Sue Warrington Linda Blower, Kathryn Miller Sandra Read, Nanci Borio Sandra Shulz, Mary Dunlap Jane Wallace, Claire Fallas Christy Ahlm, Linda Groves Joyce Jaffe, Roberta Emanuel Bertha Muller, Sandra Hunt Sue Gardner, Cynithia Beeson Sue Kelly, Joan Murman Helen Daane, Janice Lateana Tracy lnnes, Barbara Erro Janet Mixter, Marla Smith Irene Ponve, Michelle Greenberg Carol Williams, Carolyn Hand Sandra Newell, Donna Prentice Sylvia Volpi, Martha Carmichael Clare Sutton, Barbara Sawyer SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Phi Sigma Sigma Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Theta Upsilon Zeta Tau Alpha DELEGATES Janet Anderson, Annette Ramelli Janet Nielsen, Ann Frates Joelle Rosen, Myra Honigberg Karin Lundberg, Judith Samsel Sue Warrington, Marilyn Moseley Lani Seneker, Sue Robinson Jeanette Tirico, Marilyn Hansen Ann Bungay, Marilynne Hughes Jan Eisinga, Linda Lou Smith Marianne Solari, Joanne Gompertz Andrea Leeds, Suzanne Klatzker Sandra Hunt, Susanne Hjortsvang Margo Laine, Nancy Dougery Roberta Fullbright, Jane Randall Diana Blunck, Marlene Peck Nancy Pattinson, Mary Baumgartner Marla Smith, Beverly Middleton Michelle Greenberg, Eden Zidell Joyce Robbins, Anne Harmeling Mary Walden, Judith Mauser Kathryn Koepsell, Ana Marie Davies Diane Ammans, Karen Walker Alpha Chi Omega 2313 Warring Street SENIORS Kris Anderson Cherie Ann Bernardo Betty Ann Butterfield Elizabeth Ann Carlson Susan Clayton Janice Helen Driscoll Sally Anne Edholm Beverly Joan Hartman Marcia Ann Hughes Sharon Denney Johnston Ann P. Jones Judith Lynn McKean Marlene Helen Miali Lois Joan Morgan Marcia O ' Neill Juanita Pearl Sides Carol Kay Stevenson Judy A. Tjomsland Prudence Convers e Vyn Helen Louise Ward JUNIORS Betty M. Clark Carroll Conklin Lynnea Karen Edenholm Patricia Jeanne Hansen Jana Ann Herkes Gail C. Hughes Beverly R. Jackson Pat F. Jordan " I bid three hearts. Lorna Larson was elected to Panile, Marcia O ' Neil to Omicron Nu, and Betty Clark became the new secre- tary of Gavel and Quill and social chairman of the Junior class. " " The pledge dance on Halloween was a haunting success. " " A grand slam. " " What is a semester without TGIF ' s? " " Dean Towle presented Alpha Chi with the scholarship trophy for 1958-1959. No dummies in this game. " " Jack, Queen and King of diamonds. Engagements and caused many a happy face. " " Looks like a triangle. " " We made many, many, new friends at open houses after the games, banquets, and firesides. " " Yes, I have a full house. " " A partnership with Phi Kappa Tau and won a second prize for our float in the Parade of Lights, and a prize in intramurals was captured. " " Two tricks. " " Wasn ' t the senior sneak fun? Confetti? Green tapioca? I have gin. I ' m going out. we playing rummy? " Jeanne Klose Sally Lilleston Lynne M. Maxfield Georg Ann Miner Diana Lyman Potter Mary Louise Pugh Annette L. Ramelli Sue Rouder Nancy Elizabeth Weant Sue G. Wilde Carol Sue Anderson SOPHOMORES June Eleanor Bender Jean Sherie Bender Cheryl Bouick Sally Louise Bould Mary Sue Carrier Janis C. Cave Janet Stewart Dalton Barbara Ann Dunlap Barbara Marie Ferrea Margie Elizabeth Fidler Patricia Susan Gregg Ellen Alice Haley Nancy A. Holland Barbara Ann Keeler Lorna C. Larson Susan Claire Locke Joan Patricia Matkin Alpha Chi Omega Susan E. Muller Gerry L. Sanger Judy Shultz Penny Tharsing Lynda Taylor Susan Winn Maja Zuber FRESHMEN Virginia Bell Dale C. Campbell Cathy Coleman Susan Jean Cory Kay Verles Cross Denise de Kat Deanna Dorsa Pat Margaret Gallis Sandy Gibson Mary Ann Linxwiller Sue McFadden Mibs Murch Judy Ann Portland Jane Victoria Peterson Jane Diana Preston Diana Rampacek Carolyn Skarsten Lois Ellen Talbott Barbara L. Ware Donna Jean Wolden Every day was a busy day At the ADChi house on Channing Way. There was pledging and studying And partying and sleep, P-B, Mt. Hermon, and noise ' Cross the street. We caroled and conversed And kidded around, And sang " ooh, la, la, " With a riotous sound. Our mothers they came Expecting to see Their daughters a-studying So merrilee-lee, Not the guppies and guitars and fybate note, Nor the viges and fuzzies and students of rote. But midst all the fun Was the knowledge of this, That our fellowship in Christ, Is our greatest bliss. Alpha Delta Chi 2726 Channing Way SENIORS Bertha Louise Anderson Marlene Ann Bollhoffer Gail Jacqueline Fiore Margaret Kay Godsey Janet Inako Hirano Vivian Wai-Mai Yoh JUNIORS Joyce Marie Fortini Jean Marie Fowler Barbara Evelyn Homer Helen Maxwell Irvine Linda Gayle Irvine Selma Jean Krause Evelyn Lillian Louis Ann Sakai Barbara Schnaak SOPHOMORES Janet Dunstan Linda-Carlene Larson Lois Corinne Larson Jean Noriko Muraoko Marsha Sayo Nakawatase Ann Yasuko Ninomiya Alice Louise Philpott Grace Emily Rued Marianne Russell Emi Sano Esther Louise Willis FRESHMEN Betty Ann Barber Lois June Hale Margaret Jane McMillan Janice Lorraine Swift Diane Christine Walters Alpha Delta Pi 2400 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Lynn Cowling Linda Hill Eleanor Honzik Dolores Middleton Marion Riordan Francine Rossi Anne Ruggeri Paula Stone Elizabeth Taylor JUNIORS Anne Arnald Joan Barton Paula Berger June Bryte Judy Clemetson Sue De Monte Jane Douds Jacquie Firpo Jessie MacKenzie Merry Marsh Melinda McLean Mary Ann Mitchell Janet Nielson Barbara Norwick Julie Poppleman Pat Riley Janet Solberg Virginia Stahle Jo Ann Thebolt Nancy Wallace Sarah Weiss Jo Wichman Betsy Williams SOPHOMORES Carol Arnold Linda Axelson Penny Boomer Pat Buckley Juline Cardozo Margie Clark Vicki Csenar Nancy De Martini WE ARE: Spirit ... pompon girls Melinda McLean, Carole Newton and Ellen Rayner; Rally Comm. Vicki Csenar, Linda and Carol Arnold Cal Club ... Ann Ruggeri and Jo Ann Thebolt Cardozo, Panile Oski Dolls ... Jacquie Firpo and Lynn Cowling Looking ... formals and exchanges Aristocracy ... homecoming attendant Nancy Wallace, PiKA Dream Girl Ann Fratus, KA Rose Ellen Rayner, and California Maid of Cotton, first alternate, Jessie Red-Hots .. . rep-at-large Jo Ann Thebolt, and managing editor of the Daily Cal Anne Ruggeri Sick... Barbara De Motte Francis Doherty Ann Fratus Marian Galli Judy Harrington Sharon Lyon Pat McSorely Anna Mohn Joanne Murphey Carole Newton Pat North Ellen Rayner Trude Schroeder Judi Shaw Gay Tourville Marilyn Vondra Linda Wilson FRESHMEN Bonnie Belhumeur Barbara Brill Nanci Heist Marilyn Hester Marilyn Sue Hester Kathy Howard Pat Lammerman Carol Lawler Sue Leslie Judy McLean Carol Malone Cathy Marshall Lorna Merrill Mary Mooney Carol Nicolaisen Joan Parker Bonnie Rae Jane Rockford Chris Sanford Barbara Thomson Pam Trefts Barbara Williams Alpha Epsilon Phi 2401 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Linda Bandel Andrea Bershad Sue Ginsberg Roberta Spivock Judy Teitler JUNIORS Jobyna Akers Barbara Aikin Sue Arnsberg Joanne Brodke Teddy Cohn Judy Felsenthal Patsy Juda Linda Lantin Madeline Nagel Susie Nagin Nancy Nirdlinger Gail D. Popkin SOPHOMORES Bonnie Aaronson Sandy Attie Adrienne Cohn Marilyn Cohen Lynne Diamond Myra Honigberg Doris Kahn Maxine Katz Nancy Kaufman Nancy Klein Margie Kurzman Our year started with a forty-five-gun salute—that ' s many pledges. Many busy people covered with flour and water worked on Big Game Decorations. Many " hellish " hours were spent on the pledge dance—it was a " Sizzle. " Many pounds gained on active sneak—Claremont Buffet mighty fine! Many pennies earned for Mr. Santa Claus Contest. Many hours spent on campus activities—Mortar Board, Panile, Blue and Gold, Axe Revue Staff, Tower and Flame. Most successful year! Gayle Berelson Gloria Goodman Carol Labowitz Jane Liff Elsie Levin Barbara Margolin Judi Melstein Margie Nashner Carolyn Paul Caryl Phillipson Joanne Pickus Barbara Romm Nancy Rothman Robin Samenow Jean Schiff Linda Schrier Sandra Stern Joy Tyre Eileen Wachtel Marilyn Zanville FRESHMEN Kathy Anixter Marvis Braun Rebecca Brodie Judy Capel Sherrie Chamove Feralee Cherin Jerilyn Cherin Judye Daniels Marilyn Daniels Rosemary David Alpha Epsilon Phi Andrea Ehrlich Ronda Esenoff Ruth Frank Joni Rosenblatt Betty Lou Gamzey Lynn Goddess Susan Gorshaw Elaine Horwitz Elaine Hudsman Mary Isador Sue Israel Sandy Jacobson Sue Joseph Ronnie Jurow Joanne Kerstein Toni Lang Sharon Lapid Lorrie Levin Jan Mendelsohn Judy Rabin Stephannie Raphael Diane Rosen Judy Rosen Carla Rosenbaum Joanne Schlesinger Karen Shain Arlene Sobelman Robin Wallbert Alpha Kappa Alpha SENIOR Patricia Reynolds JUNIORS Stephanie Adams Jackie Hill Mary Ellen Rose Verna Tate SOPHOMORES Rosamond Crosby Anita Jones Delta Sigma Theta Lucy Lindsay Velma Reynolds Ruby Nell Williams Thelma Jackson Sandy Jones Joyce McNair Ida Faye Rosseau Margo Coleman Sylvia Stovall Alpha Gamma Delta 2424 Warring Street SENIORS Kerin Baker Barbara Bianchini Eileen Coltrell Sue Cuddeback Audrey Diehl Duane Duner Carol Faulkner Diane Hacker Sharon Haley Freddie Hodgdon Ann Leonard Karin Lundberg Judy McDonald Sandra Pellegrino Barbara Rankin Betty Senram Brenda Shutes Gail Viery Ann Wiegner Eleanor Williston JUNIORS Mary Lou Blum Diane Brovelli Nancy Cooper Carolyn Crook Carolyn Hurt Karolyn Klapak Joan Martin Barbara Molinari Jane Rosson Claire Skoegard Judy Smith Sue Smith All done now with a busy year, La Honda Bowl, filled with cheer Pinnings, engagements, serenades and all, House decorations with Bowles Hall, All enjoyed the Palace and our Winter Ball, Girls in hopes snow would soon fall Amidst our activities both short and tall. Mentioning Rally Comm., Pryt, and Panile Moreover, Eileen, Mortar Board did steal. And my what a formal ' twas held at the Villa Dancing and sipping (?) my what a killa ' . Each of us caught a few Spring rays, Little " booking " was done on these sunny days. To each of you from all of us All we say is live, don ' t fuss. Kathy Stephens Jeri Stewart Anna Marie Taylor Mary Barbara Vanek SOPHOMORES Dottie Ahlburg Carole Brady Glenda Brooks Jean Gelber Sheila Hanley Karen Jeffries Marie Kennedy Lynette Fain Charlotte Peterson Gloria Puncher Kathy Pyles Mary Ann Sheeran Susan Winey FRESHMEN Corinne Archer Betsy Barth Pat Brennan Paula Cruson Mary Jane DeWolf Jackie Diener Eleanor Hatfield Dana Harvey Kathie Kohler Carolyn Morledge Linda Nash Pat Pendergast Judy Samsel Pat Webber Alpha Phi 2830 Bancroft Steps SENIORS Linda Blower Suzanne Brochard Lynn Cathcart Joan Eagan Sonja Erickson Mary Lu Garnsey Sally Griffith Connie Hall Mimi Hawkins Jean Maschal Judith Moore Molly Nock Lorna Sanderson Diane Wadsworth Linda Wagner JUNIORS Janet Campbell Jane Claussen Sandy Cupit Fran deRoos Gretchen Diehl Susan Figel Gail Franchini Nancy Ghiselli Lynn Henrietta Linda Kenaston Cathy Kelley Louise Lyman Cathy Miller Corky Morrill Mary Newcomer Ann Petray Judy Pringle Lani Seneker M. J. Scott Ann Sullivan Molly Sullivan It ' s been WON-DER-FUL!!!! Nancy Zitlau SOPHOMORES Kathryn Allegrini Ann Boradori Sandra Caselli Patsy Flint Barbara Fortini, Jr. Anne Hassard Farrell Hagerty Diane Fontaine Blair Hine Maryann Imwalle Ann Martin Marge Myers Sue Robinson Margaret Sheets Janet Trewhitt Loretta Tuck FRESHMEN Judy Aggerback Jane Barrett Ann Blower Mary Beth Claussen Julie deRoos Susan Dinkelspiel Sally Fleury Pamela Gartshore Diana Giannone Kathy Hinman Penny Holland Shirley Hyink Joanna Jevne Judy Kidd Blythe Shelley Kathy Thompson Isabel Travis Kathy Wall Alpha Omicron Pi 2311 Prospect Street SENIORS Dana Adair Linda Atkins Diane Brannan Denise Casanave Cindy Coates Karen Cox Barry Goodwin Kip Hansen Betsy Inch Cindy Kroesen Carol McDowell Karen Mortensen Sue Toomajian Jean Woyciehowsky Elene Zahas JUNIORS Doreen Adams Diane Affleck Jane Bzoch Julie Jones Mardi Langdon Sandi MacNider Maureen Mauer Melinda Moore Lyn Moseley Norma Mount Adrienne Potts Pokey Schwab Barbara Sharp Marilyn Smith Sally Waldron Sue Warrington Jane Zimmerman Good times pre-sents Monday nights open houses pledge dance banquets exchanges house decorations formals + Good group 21 wonderful pledges Pokey—Blue and Gold Editor Cindy—Senior Class V.P. Judy—Phi Beta Kappa Libbie—Rally Comm. Karen and Cindy—Oski Dolls Marylyn—Panile and Ski Queen Carol and Della—ΔΣΦ ΦΣΔ contests Gerry and Cindy—Angel Flight = Good year! SOPHOMORES Rosal Beaudette Karen Brown Sue Byrne Connie Corten Jane Drennan Marilyn Evans Libbie Everhart Kathy Field Dianne Kolz Gerry Martin Judy Miller Della Mundy Margot Ramirez Julie Rogers Cynthia Schofield Sandy Short Marny Sitlinger Colleen Young FRESHMEN Carol Ackerman Nancy Baumann Janice Blakiston Susan Campbell Cathy Conlin Beth Deland Claudine Fisher Arlene Hansen Joan Harrington Toni Hatch Jeannie Holloway Deanna Lynn Suzy Shadinger Karen Starn Alpha Xi Delta 2833 Bancroft Steps SENIORS Flora Anderson Barbara Baker Phoebe Chapman Carla Civiello Donna Dowling Joan Frazell Patricia Kimball Elizabeth Miller Pauline Perkins Margaret Potter Katherine Rasmussen Sandra Joyce Read Jeanette Tirico Gail Marilyn Barbara JUNIORS Nanci Ann Borio Catherine Gimblin Leonore High Margaret Holcombe Joycelyn Holmes Barbara James Roxanne Kelley Christine Roosa Ann Severin Ann Talburt Diane Tischer Emily Jo Turula Constance Wemett 1959 was a busy year for the Alpha Xi ' s. In September, after formal pledging, we plunged right into activities. The first event was the Parade of Lights—the float we made with the Phi Delts won First Prize! Next came our pledge dance, the " Bad Luck Ball, " and soon afterwards another honor was presented to us. This time it was a Second Place trophy to the Acacias and the Alpha Xi ' s for our Big Game Decorations. December was the month for our annual Winter Formal. More tradition followed in the months to come with the Banquet and the Rose Formal. Somehow, despite all the many activities, we maintained our high scholastic averages. We were busy on campus, too, in such activities as Rally Committee, Oski Dolls, Class Officers Board, ASUC Officers, and Panile. All too soon our wonderful Seniors were graduating, leaving us with memories of them and of a busy, wonderful year. Harriet West SOPHOMORES Mary Jo Calhoon Judith Carver Janice Dalton La Verne Dempsey Ann M. Garat Jean Gallagher Marcia Gould Marilyn Hanson Susan Irvin Susan Meacham Kathleen Moore Wendy Nelder Suzanne Rutzen Maile Sherman Judith Smith Bonnie Tomlinson Miriam Wilson FRESHMEN Carol Ann Fox Stephanie Genter Marianne Giberti Judith Ann Hogan Marcia M. Iriarte Bette Kankkonen Judith Ann Simmons Patricia Ann Simmons Kathie E. Strange Bonnie Lee Utterback Karen Jean Young Chi Omega 2421 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Jane Blair Helen Brewer Carol Canavan Elizabeth Dobbins Joyce Ferris Barbara Ginter Janet Kemp Suzanne Legallet Marcia Manning Janet McGinley Katherine Mulvany Nancy Norton Wendy Palmer Roberta Rahlfs Sandra Schultz Suzanne Skelly Pattie Wadsworth JUNIORS Jane Caldwell Patricia Carson Mary Dunlap Patricia Ellerd Joanna Erwin Megan Geffeney Susan Hanlon Mary Hicks Marilynne Hughes Heather McCune Marilyn McElhoe Linda McLaughlin Nancy Miller Diana Mundt Linda O ' Connor Janet Pugh Margo Roberts Charlotte Signorelli SOPHOMORES Carolee Anderson Ann Bungay Arleen Carlson Jackie E. Carveth Connie Conron Linda Cordray Sylvia Galli Kathy Gelus Marge Henderson Linda King Ginnie Koolen Earlene Leif Laurie MacDougall Heather Martin Yvonne Nicolet Barbara Ohm Penny Pahl Penny Riede Jan Schmidt Nancy Soares Sue Stone Margaret Swain Noel Torkelson Judith Viland Connie Wilander Barbara Wood FRESHMEN Paula Elsner Joyce Golden Martha Hall Linda Harrison Sharon Hayes Sandra McDonald Judy McKay Judith Madfos Carol Millinich Nathalie Post Linda Rata Mary Reich Wende Shoemaker Ann Stevens Sue Stone Jane Toothman Barby Twelvetress Sydney Whittlesey Delta Delta Delta 2300 Warring Street SENIORS Judith Ann Bellen Gail Hoecker Janet King Kathleen McCarty Moira Murray Anne-Marie Noid Diana Richardson Joan Strand Carolyn Swan Jane Wallace Lynn Wilson Kate Wood JUNIORS . Heather Adams Denys Bardo Irene Bernadicou Caroline Bragg Florence E. Burkner Judy R. Deppen Jackie Driggs Claire Fallas Ruth Ann Hague Carol Ann Hilton Ursula Hoistius Gale Johnson Carolyn Ann Kane Sandra Kilpatrick Jane M. Klysfel Susan Knott Nancy Lee McMakin Linda Lee Medsher Chris Lynn Medau Kathleen Mossman Sandy Jean Rees Peggy Ann Smith Debbie A. Sullivan Here is a fine house of young girls. Universally known to be pearls. Zany parties they throw, Zealous students, you know! And this year it Has been quite a whirl! Maria Toriggino SOPHOMORES Pepper E. Brown Sue Ellen Callahan Naomi Ellen Cole Liz Conrady, Jr. Shirley Ann de Joy Ann E. Escobosa Janice Hance Kaaren Ingebretsen Mary Karin Johansen Susan Marie Kjarsgaard Ann Mogoffin Carolyn Mangum Heather Moore Susan Pechoultres Ann Singman Linda Lou Smith Sue Van Horn FRESHMEN Suzanne Barnes Marjorie Crist Wendy Jean Draper Anne Fischer Moni Gatewood Phoebe Jenks Jacqueline Johnson Leslie Boyce Jones Mary Karen Kenney Marcia Ann McCracken Nancy Rae Meyer Virginia Louise Nash Stephanie Rank Helen Thormann Mary Traude Carol Paulette VeniI Jovita Wahlander Delta Gamma 2710 Channing Way SENIORS Janet Anthony Jackie Arbois Joni Beaumont Barbara Boucke Anne Bowden Liz Eubanks Sharon Fletcher Trudy Garmshausen Andy Hendren Harriet Hoffner Jo-Al Linczer Laurie Mellana Gayle Merkt Maureen Moore Ragna Myer Elizabeth Otto Joyce Peterson Gerry Solari Marianne Solari Lynne Swain JUNIORS Jane Colin Patty Collins Judi Crawford Sue Estberg Mary Fletcher Sheelah Fox Marsha Goodmanson Linda Groves Judy Hart Betsy Hampton Dianne Johnson Linda Lupher Carol Martin Karen May Judy Moreland Penny Norton Helen Redford Janice Roodhouse Joan Ryman Susan Smith ANTICIPATION - PARTICIPATION - CELEBRATION Susan Sommarstrom SOPHOMORES Sheri Adams Pat Anderson Kathy Butler Sue Campbell Nancy Carlson Robin Coveney Sarah Cummins Mary Dean Ann Gerdes Jody Gompertz Lynn Hannaford Sharon Moody Phyllis O ' Connell Peggy Page Pepper Parr Barbara Peterson Ginny Retting Lynda Scott Pat Siefker Ann Turner Tonia Vaughn Carol Weedon FRESHMEN Nancy Antola Meg Bell Patricia Cobb Rae Demler Karin Eklund Sally George Julie Hendren Sara Hertford Barbara Hobin Sue Hoefer Sue Jelavich Lolly Laube Margaret Monteiro Lena Sario Karen Sommarstrom Wendy Spencer Sue Wiley Delta Phi Epsilon 2455 Prospect Street SENIORS Benay Burnstein Sandra Chiats Henrietta Faguet Lynn Lerer Barbara JUNIORS Irene Backman Roberta Emanuel Beverly Feiner Madeline Gartzman Joyce Jaffe Judy Jordan Annette Lavin Andrea Leeds Barbara Saltz Linda Shemanski SOPHOMORES Evie Epstein Jeanne Fraser Suzanne Klatzker Ellen Landis Barbara Levin Darryl Levine Natalie Newman Linda Press Isolating ourselves from the fraternity inhabited north side to the mixed surroundings of the south side, we find our new home on Prospect quite a change from the previous casual surround- ings of " always " closed curtains and frequent activities of exuberant boys. The tides of September brought us 28 pledges who exemplified our new location in their pledge dance titled " Southside Story. " Our campus activities commenced when we entered a float with Pi Lambda Phi for the first rally of the year. We won a second place trophy for our contribution to the Axe Revue. We won the Santa Claus Contest for the fourth consecutive year. Two starlets of ours, Harriet Werfel and Dale Frazer, have been chosen as finalists in the Sigma Chi and Phi Sigma Kappa Sweetheart Contests. Spring proved very exciting for us in ending a wonderful year. Leah Rieber Carolyn Rosqui Linda Simons Sandra Weisinger Harriet Werfel FRESHMEN Donna Abel Susan Abramson Eleanor Alpert Jody Aman Beverly Cohen Anne Drezner Judi Edelstein Hilary Field Sandra Gray Nancy Konigsberg Evely Laser Diane Livchitz Leila Manson Dena Ozan Michelle Padams Sharon Polse Kathryne Susan Debbie Tulcin NOT PICTURED Marilyn Braverman Dorothy Lande Joyce Mednick Madeline Moss Carol Simon Delta Zeta 2728 Durant Avenue SENIORS Jo Crisler Louise K. Edler Pat Hannah Nancy Hays Evelyn Hollingshead Nancy MacIsaac Sherrill Mattson Bertha Muller Carolyn Perkins Janet Ruettgers Marilyn Sandstrom Carol Schmid Jane Shuttleworth Claire Smith Peggy Torrey JUNIORS Jerilyn Andrus Adele Deimel Carey Edson Ceil Fisher Darlene Flint Suzanne Hansen Susanne Hjortsvang Sandra Hunt Vivian Hurd Vivian Libarian Judith E. Marvin Kathy Mettler Nancy Murphy Margy Pickford Seena Rohde Bonnie J. Russell Loretta Shippy Nancy Jo Taylor Virginia Vorous SOPHOMORES Judy Anne Aitken Carolyn Ballard Winnie Deimel Nancy Donaldson Judy Graham Virginia Main Cordie Manzer Melinda Jane Martin Barbara Mattson Justine Phillips Gail Porter Susan Stornetta Betty Tokheim Merna Volle Virginia Young FRESHMEN Barbara Buckholtz Marilyn Fowler Nancy Lauderback Joan Lohmeyer Nancy S. Louargand Dora Storkovich NOT PICTURED Carolyn Smith Gamma Phi Beta 2732 Channing Way SENIORS Cynthia Beeson Mary Jane Busch Phyllis Christianson Linda Diederich Natalie Franks Lanny Hayward Eleanor Holcombe Carol Kavanagh Sandra Slauson Julianne Van Horn JUNIORS Maral Adams Madeline Akerberg Betsy Barker Sharon Ragene Chew Nancy Dougery Judith Emsley Nancy Flegel Lynne Gaylord Catherine Higbee Linda Lee Hossom Geneive Jewett Margo Jean Laine Barbara Leib Tinker Lucas Ann Parker Carolyn Pearson Ann Shuey SOPHOMORES Linda Baker Lynn Brown Elizabeth Casady Susan Church Terry Coultas Betsy Falkenberg Marti Fellows Nancy Flint Merle Gibbins Patricia Gilson Rosemary Green Priscilla Hall Eunice Hansen Sharon White FRESHMEN Alison Armstrong Sandra Slawson, Sr. Virginia Ann Bailey Paula Jean Conser Gayle Countryman Susan Curry Patricia Foster Suzanne Frisou Jean Geren Katy Holcombe Patricia Hunt Diane King Jill Ann Laing Linda McKesson Sonja Mollenhoff Geayne Horgan Melinda Moore Joan Parks Carol Parsons Pat Quinn Jean Roderick Nancy St.Clair Diane Steele Cathryn Stevenson Patricia Sullivan Penny Wayte Deborah White Kappa Alpha Theta 2723 Durant Avenue SENIORS Sharon Aisthorpe Lucinda Beatie Jyl Botsford Judy Chapman Nancy Lee Daniels Carolyn Gray Carolyn Judy Susan Kelly Judith McCormack Ann McFarling Marcia Miller Judith Mcore Carole Nilsson Rye Otero Susan Payne Sheila Penny Rosalind Gail Rea Anne Stephens Elizabeth Wyckoff Virginia Zinn JUNIORS Judith Bennett Carol Cashin Kay Conway Arline Cottrell Lynn Fairchild Joan Fox Hope Gallup Stephanie Griffiths Sandra Jones Susan Lawton Nancy Leach Melissa MacKenzie Victry MacNamara Joan Murman Nan Nibley Jane Randall Cynthia Smith Julia Winsor SOPHOMORES Libby Ballachey Questio quid est? ... cha cha cha... Where the pot boils strongly, the best remedy is to remove the fire, the sepulchre of our reason, the root of the tree of Penitence which is the branches and the leaves which are confession, the fruits which are satisfaction . . . think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as . . . Are you having a good time .. . verily, verily, I say unto you, lots of luck. Augusta Barnette Cynthia Bennett Margaret Beim Barbara Brown Ann Copeland Poppy Edmiston Trudy Garretson Barbara Hastings Phyllis Lockwood Lani McDermid Mary Sue Powell Gloria Revilla Susan Smith Joey Tuttle Mary Walters Judith Ward FRESHMEN Sally Ackerman Jan Banks Margaret Carmichael Moira Daly Patti Fay Karen Gautier Katherine Hand Cynthia Henderson Margot Luther Barbara Majesky Judith Miller Marie Mosely Pam Peterson Jill Pettker Sandra Schaum Becky Shields Leslie Smith Nancy Smith Wendy Steele Sally Wade Nancy Woodard Gail Worth Kappa Delta 2461 Warring Street SENIORS Patricia Ann Barnard Lanie Chaffee Toni Chouret Marilyn Day Helen Meredith Delvey Sue Dornin Sharon Dunn Joan Grady Lynne Hieronimus Marlene Peck Janet Ruth Susan Smith JUNIORS Sue Berner Marty Bruno Janice Free Nancy Hogan Lin Howson Janet Kelsey Jan Lateana Mimi Morris Olivia Quiroz Terry Rives SOPHOMORES Connie Barreto Phyllis Belben Joyce Bingham Linda Boberg Sharon A surefire recipe for a year of achievements and fun in the KΔ house. Take several handfuls of new pledges—24 in add them to a house of enthusiastic coeds. Allow plenty of hectic hours for pledges to sneak and then to surprise you with their dance at La Honda Bowl. Add a trophy for first in the mixed division of Big Game Decorations plus Sharon as alternate Pompon Girl, and Oski Dolls Linda, Lanie, and Phyllis and you get a spirited group. Season well with many honors, Connie in Panile, Sue in Prytanean, Marlene, Gavel and Quill, and Tower and Flame taking many girls. For more flavor add Sharon Leale as a Dream Girl Attendant and Joy as SAM Sweetheart. Into all this stir lots of exchanges and serenades. Add a dash of excitement with a captured prowler and sprinkle with hours sunbathing or talking on the phone. Pour into two exciting semesters at Cal and serve as a very year in the KΔ house. Sharon Fletcher Nancy Fletcher Pat Fletcher Joy Hartman June Hopkins Judy Iverson Sandy Moore Sue Shaw Darlene Smith Louise Stallings Joyce Staples FRESHMEN Nancy Danielson Diana deKirby Karen Felt Diana Godet Doris Hawks Kris Head Sharon Leale Annette MacMillian Nancy May Kathy Popov Peggy Rives Gay Sharpe Andrea Steen Marijean Stephens Marcia Thomas, Jr. Karen Toothman Peggy Twist Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Julie Barker Barbara Bell Sue Bennion Adrian Bias Robin Burnham Ann Butler Cissy Coberly Joan Draper Louise Dunlap Patty Gooch Tracy Innes Suzanne Lake Lynn Lombardi Helen McCarthy Joanne Moore Liz Olson Sherry Topping Blair Walker JUNIORS Joan Bai ley Jane de Benedetti Penny Bunn Laurie Cockburn Bobbie Erro Sue Fisher Carolyn Fletcher Jane Howell Mary Ann McGuire Margo Oliver Nancy Pattinson Alison Plant Sue Robbins Claudeen Smith Sally Smith SOPHOMORES Abby Adams Mary Baumgartner Judy Brown Buffy Campion The Kappas all had two simply sensational semesters which they will never forget. To begin the year, there was the pledge sneak with the odor which lasted for days; and then there were the two contests, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and Dreamgirl of Delta Sigma Phi where Judy Dickson and Shelly Pond did quite well. Intramurals were again entered enthusiastically by the girls. Activity-wise, the Kappas were also active. Jane Howell was manager of the Blue and Gold and many girls contributed their time to the blind school and to Herrick Hospital. Buffy Campion, Meg Jensen, Donna Hartman, and Claudeen Smith well represented us in Rally Comm. Whew! After all of this, plus the academic schedule, it ' s no wonder that we were all kept busy with a wonderful year! Merrilee Gwerder Donna Hartman Peggy Hayes Carol Heringer Adele Hughes Brenda Jacobes Margaret Jenson Linda Martin Anne Mayhew Sue McFie Ann McCarthy Terry McGettigan Shirley Nielsen Melinda Patton Diana Perkes Nancy Roberts Monique Rowe Sherry Spridgen Laurie Washburn FRESHMEN Judy Dickson Judy Flood Mercedes Foster Lori Heatley Ann Hollick Anne Lamb Ann Lockett Sally Lorimer Cricket Miles Liz O ' Hara Joan Payne Shelley Pond Karen Quistgard Polly Ratcliff Keen Regan Dana Tolles Vicki Vohs Phi Mu 2722 Durant Avenue SENIORS Susan Abell Susan Bachand Debra Baer Barbara Bosma Diana Campbell Margie Luther Mary Anne McGee Mary Ellen Mitchell Janet Mixter Mary Beth Overfelt Mary Ray Ann Roper Claudia Seberg Sandy Sprague Phyllis Temple Evie Trost JUNIORS Emmsy Arthur Pat Barthman Joan Brown Barbro Ek Gayle Forsyth Jean Gray Julie Hoyt Betsy Keasbey Rosemary Langs Beverly Middleton Norma Petty Ellen Saegebarth Dorothy Sherwood Marla Smith Susan Stewart Kay Venstrom Joan Warner Sue Wellington SOPHOMORES Neta Bailey Nancy Camphouse Eleanor Cortsen .........NONSENSE...... Jevenee Fair Deanna Fasold Marcia Fisher Connie Gowen Lynette Hendrix Elaine Henning Susan Jackson Carolyn Krober Judy Kysh Avery Larson Barbara Lutge Marilynn McLaren Sara Niles Katherine Pfeifer Janet Pimental Nanci Pohl Ann Robertson Vivian Smith Katie Thornton Mary Lou Vold FRESHMEN Edna Anderson Carolyn Buell Jeanne Cooper Kay Dale Virginia Degenkolb Barbara Domes Bobbie Fonger Karen Gale Sarah Hornung Joan Hoyer Nan Konig Julia Murray Colleen Poindexter Sharon Stafford Kathy Stewart Janni Wright Pi Beta Phi 2325 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Melinda Budge Linda Canfield Aimee Crossan Tony Hamilton Helen Harrison Janet Landis Mary Lou McDonald Joan Moffit Sue Owen Joyce Robbins Nancy Rodger Liz Rodgers Lorene Sinclair Susan Snodgrass Jane Watrous Carolyn Watson Carole Williams JUNIORS Hilary Bevis Binnie Busby Janet Crist Mary Davis Carolyn Hand Wendy Harris Trish McCall Patricia Moloney Laurie Noll Linda Palmquist Mary Rasmussen Lorna Scott Julie Shaw Susan Verble Susan Warner SOPHOMORES Sue Allen Barbara Bogue Betsy Bourret Molly Burnett Cathie Devlin Kathy Dougherty The belles of St. Trinians spent a very co nstructive year under eagle eye and wise council of Carole Williams, the first form president and their Headmistress-Mother. The Lower form was kept busy making wine and consequently seeing silver blue. A lucrative business was organized with John Samuel bootlegging hootch to the Fleur de Lys reform school across the way. The Gamemistress, Helen Harrison, coached the girls on to win the sticky wicket championship over the Fleur de Lys, due to superb fouls executed by Jane and Joyce. Mademoiselle Terry Taylor, the French social held a ballroom dance on the second floor with the Phi Kapps on the pretense of crepe paper stuffing. Melinda Budge, Mistress of Foreign Affairs, presided over the Sunday junk races on Strawberry Creek. They hope to make the Henley Regatta next year! The girls are industriously working on a new project to be ready next year . . . counterfeit Cowell dismissal slips. Pat Forster Gerrie Gingg Ann Harmeling Harriet Kimble Wendy McMillan Muriel McCarthy Irene McCormick Cece McEneany Sheila McInerny Molly Mauser Patty Meyer Pat O ' Hara Jennifer Perrin Carolyn Pettefer Robbie Rice Judi Richards Jane Scott Liz Small Jerrie Spencer Terry Taylor FRESHMEN Susan Barnes Beth Booth Laurie Bischoff Lynn Bush Louise Cianciarulo Carol Griffiths Brookie Hagestad Laurie Hand Nancy Hayhurst Pam Kimball Mary McFarland Beth Marsteller Melinda Menzies Terri Mills Marilyn Rodger Nickie Severance Harriet Stark Tony Taylor Sigma Kappa 2409 Warring Street SENIORS Charlene Conrad Maude Evenson Barbara Feiling Margaret Heckendorf Suzanne Heustis Linda Lowe Darcy Metcalf Judith Monroe Marion Norris Judith Pollick Jeanette Ragsdale Patricia Robinson Gail Rohwer Carol Sartian Frances Scares Mary Waldon Joelleann Yager JUNIORS Brenda Anderson Judith Archer Margo Brown Brenda Cox Marion Cross Lynn Dally Sharon Dean Judy Egaas Nancy Fertig Sue Freeman Linda Larsen Linda Locatelli Joan McCabe Anne McKay Carol McNeely Judith Mauser Susanne Normand Judy Patterson Elizabeth Potter Donna Prentice Mary Rudolph Polly Welsh SOPHOMORES Marsh Atkinson The SK ' s started a glorious fall With twenty-six fine pledges in all, Welcomed them with seemly pomp At our Pledge Dance, " Oakie Stomp " ; At Herrick Hospital spent much time To make their Fair really fine. Big Game left us happy, and hoarse. Our Christmas Dance?—a success, of course! Charlene, Women ' s Rep, took honors in a hoard: Cal Club, IAWS, Pryt, and Mortar Board. Rally Comm for Sarah; Jan and Doris for Panile, Babs, as President, our " Big Wheel. " And looked forward to the Spring, Our Formal, and many another thing, To make this a wonderful year For all the sisters living here. Claire Bremer Donna Douthit Susan Elliott D. J. Fulkerson Sally Gosline Susan Grant Barbara Hedges Barbara Iglehart Pat Jackson Barbara Janin Susan Jennings Sarah Kulberg Karen Lassen Lori Lauder Margot Maynard Kathie Milano Sally Myers Sue Niederholzer Sharon Reilly Janice Smith Marilyn Sprague Nancy Turner Doris Tyson Barbara Whitby FRESHMEN Sandy Boles Joan Bornholdt Joan Campbell Marcia Coates Diane Denning Carolyn Echols Phyllis Fowler Lynne Gentner Marty Hege Joan Huddleson Mary McFarland Barbara Mirands Betty Vartanian Judith Wallis Margaret Weatherhead Zeta Tau Alpha 2310 Prospect Street SENIORS Sandra Baskett Nancy Bremer Stephanie Camoriani Susan Castagna Marie Clerou Carolin Cooley Carol Erlenheim Louise Graham Barbara Harnett Sue McMullen Judith Melville Louise Olson Berdella Otto Joyce D. Peterson Sherry Simpson Mary Spencer Claire Sutton JUNIORS Freddie Bauman Janice Davis Pat Dunning Mary Helen Herbert Lynne Higgins Judy Jones Suanne Luard Ante Neville Lorna Phillips Fran Redewill Ann Rutherford Janet Sannar Barbara Sawyer Linda Tenny Jill Williams Helen Wilson Brenda Wright The Smoke of the poison oak was the highlight of our Pledge Dance at MacNares Beach. We won the Axe Review position and placed in House Decorations with KDR fraternity. Our annual White Violet Ball is remembered with fond memories. Once a year we gather at our Spring Informal in April and in May we finish our term in the Spring Sing—this year with the Theta Chi fraternity. Our sisters were quite active in Angel Flight this year with Janet Sannar as president, and Barbara Sawyer, Linda Smith, Linda Tenney, Cynthia Cottrell, Joan Schoeplein, and Ann Conner as members. In Panile were Pam Manuel and Shirley Hasund. Mary Spencer and Linda Tenney were Pryt members and Sandy Baskett was in Quill and Scroll. Athletically we had Marie Clerou as synchronized swim manager. And to root for our Cal Football Team was Linda Tenney, Pompon Girl. SOPHOMORES Toni Battari Cynthia Cottrell Jill Derby Jane F. Glass Shirley Hasund Merilyn Hunt Catherine Janish Judy Low Pamela Manuel Diane Mattock Sharon Mayhew Linda McKnight Bonnie McMullen Lynda Nicolai Jan Nicoll Kathy Rafferty Nancy Scheppler Joan Schoeplein Linda Smith Judy A. Stark Frances Wardenburg Carol Young FRESHMEN Sue Burton Ann J. Conner Connie Sue Cook Karen L. Doyle Sherry Lindbergh Margie Quinn Lynne Russell Judy Shannon Jackie Sones Sonja Spreiter Linda Thompson New semester, new pledges . . . our new housemom Mrs. Dolan . . . our social life started with the Active Dance at the Brazilian Room . . . Judy Hammerman, AEPi Sweetheart, passed the title down this year to another Phi Sig, Ruth Fisher . . . two valentine engagements . . . We were hostesses for Divisional Conference, entertaining many national celebrities . . . our Spring Formal held at the St. Francis Hotel . . . All these activities and many more made 1960 a busy and happy year for us. Phi Sigma Sigma 2434 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Evelyn Baron Michelle Greenberg Carmen Schneider JUNIORS Eileen Fajans Helaine Goldfield Marilyn Goldwasser Lani Hibler Patricia Kipnis Irene Ponve Corrina Schnitzer Linda Setzer Beverly Sultan SOPHOMORES Barbara Cohn Marilyn Forman Nancy Freed Janice Glesser Joan Grunwald Judy Hammerman Barbara Lustig Leanore Lynn Judy Miran Dorian Naimark Reva Paslin Terry Solomon Sandra Stolowitz Susan Williams FRESHMEN Diana Dwane Ruth Fisher Claire Hirsch Linda Kurit Lynne Meyerson Elaine Sacks Marsha Wolpin Eden Zidell The Theta U ' s year has been the best ever. We ' ll never forget ... our new housemother Mrs. McClung ... Presents and our terrific pledge class . . . The President ' s reception . . . the Pledge Sneak with the loss of the light bulbs . . . Monday nights . . . football games and rallies ... the " Black and White Ball " —the pledge dance in Vallejo ... the Scholarship Dinner . . . our Open House and the spaghetti feed with the KN combo and trio . . . Friday the 13th and the Big and Little Sister Dance . . . shouts of " quiet hours " and " Fourth for bridge? " . . . Sylvia Volpi being elected to Big C and Prytanean . . . Founders ' Day . . . Our Iris Ball ... and finally the many late nights and finals. All these things have contributed to the Theta U ' s memories for the school year 1959-1960. Theta Upsilon 2732 Durant Avenue SENIORS Charlotte Jane Carr Roberta Griffin Sylvia Volpi JUNIORS Virginia Buckley Carolyn Camozzi Marty Carmichael Jan Christy Ana Maria Davies Betty Davis Diane Gazzano Cathy Hofmann Jane Knight SOPHOMORES Marilyn Aguiar Mary Ann Brady Jill Bryans Mary Cahill Holley Gene Hammond Pat Maguire Martha McGee Sue Stark FRESHMEN Carol Burns Dana May Dibble Barbara Hardin Betsy Rogers Joslyn Stephens Sigma Omicron Pi 2330 Warring Street Janet Chinn Virginia Lee Sylvia Chow Jeanie Fong Kathleen Lee Isabelle Lim Edith Wright Audrey Lew Sharon Low Lynda Leong Carol Liu DORMS RESIDENCES Women ' s Dormitory Association OFFICERS President Judy Miller Vice-President Helen Katz Second Vice-President Sandra Mitchell Secretary Kathleen Cahn Treasurer Jo Ann Kubasek Publicity Chairman Grace Rogers Constitution Chairman Joan Bruhns Orientations Chairman Jerrell Jacobs Service Chairman Renee Hunt Reps-at-Large Suzie Kobuchi, Patricia Schoenfeld, Elizabeth Talbott, Tanako Hagiwara, Dorothy Soroka WDA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Neely, Sandra Mitchell, Helen Katz, Kathleen Cahn, Jo Ann Kubasek. SECOND ROW: Patricia Schoenfeld, Liz Talbott, Alice Krimsky, Sharon Moses. NOT PICTURED: Judy Miller, Suzie Kobuchi, Sue Kreamer, Joan Bruhns, Tanako Hagiwara, Grace Rogers, Dorothy Soroka. COUNCIL MEMBERS FALL Helen Merigan Arlene Lebherz Patricia Cleveland Judith Miller Jane Nagler Mary Ann Dozier Tamara Cummings Dixie Samuels Dona Fowler Susan Kramer Helen Carter Nancy Komatsubara Dorothy Lee Roberta Kennedy Lucille McClish Renee Hunt Sandra Knight Kyoko Yamahita Barbara Barron Linda Tarr Jeanne Fehlhaber Bay View Terrace Beaudelaire Club Bennett Manor Cheney Hall Colonial Hall Cunningham Hall Davidson Hall Elizabeth Barrett Epworth Hall Freeborn Hall Hoyt Hall Joaquin Hall Lantana Lodge Mitchell Hall Oldenberg Hall Peixotto Hall Richards Hall Ritter Hall Sherman Hall Stebbins Hall Stern Hall Stratford Hall Warring place SPRING Susan Fisher Colleen Masaki Charlotte Mitchell Ellen Sato Judythe Ahlin Sandra Potter Wendy Goepel Kiki McCarthy Dixie Samuels Meredith Righter Barbara Fisher Katherine Helbling Penny Serren Sylvia Carp Penny Serren Janet Shohara Diana Rich Wilma Parker Linda Mullin Marky Gribble Mary Hennessev Barrington Hall 2315 Dwight Way Peter Paolino Ed Silva Harry Bersentes Ernest Boat rager Richard Chan Alvin Cohen Carol Drennan Harvey Gould Harry Jackson Jim Likens Dan Long Fred Meinecke Alan Meyers Mike Parkinson Hans Senger Dale Thompson Chauncey Yancy John Alcorn Henry Battjes Dave Dultens Bruce Christensen Mike Duggleby Donald Fukushima Thomas Gong George Gray Charles Hammer Milton Hayes Bob Hughes Barrington finally made it—first time ever in the Blue and Gold. Not everything went smoothly as usual; the " big " over ping-pong and new chairs. The traditional rooting section broke down with mixed rooting sections, but came roaring back at basketball season, occupying our usual " first three " above the band. Under the dictatorships of Fall President Pete Paolino and Spring Prexy Mike Parkinson, all revolts, recalls, and petitions were squelched. Busy social houses, dances, beach parties, Christmas party with (we learned how to make stars), Spring Sing. Scholarly Ed Silva kept our cultural interests alive, Bruce Kane kept busy in Big Game publicity, and the other 240 of us played cards and drank coffee, only five got farewell notes from the Registrar. Clarence Jeafjeld Kent Johnson Bruce Kane Foster Merrill Mike Morony John Mount Mark Piasecki Eugene Sekiguchi Makoto Shimono Bill Azevedo Jim Baumgarten Hon-Hong Dam Jim Leonard Bruce Nakata Kermit Paul Jim Schubert Steve Smith Don Thompson John Thornton Dick Watson Steve Album Joe Andrade Noel Baggett George Bergman Howard Borer Rodger Chipman Bob Dahla Paul Duncan Barrington Hall George Edwards Woodbridge Foster Bob Hintz Tom Hogan Darrell Holmgren Bob Holstrom Allen Johnson John Kitasako Arthur Krantz Oren Leong Dan Lufkin Fred MacDonald Jim McKinley Ron Maxwell Mehrdad Mehrain Jim Morris Dennis Mumaugh Blaine Newnham Bob Phariss Steve Plagemann Bill Roeske John Rollin Dick Shogren Neil Sorenson Mike Stewart Ken Wagstaff Keith Younger " A Man Is Always Better Than A Book. " —Charles Townsend Copeland Bay View Terrace 2335 Warring Street SENIORS Corinne Hemphill Carol Samuels JUNIORS Helen Bellas Katharyne Malloy Joan McDowell Irene Peters Grace Rogers Carol Schafer Norine Stevens SOPHOMORES Ruth Baron Penny Boyes Ann Carr Annette Hard Helen Merigan Fran Michael Rozlynn Middleman Karla Neal Katherine Rintala Suzanne Sandos Edna Tom FRESHMEN Donna Kader Bernella Levin Jacki Smith Diane Weiss Bowles Hall Campus SENIORS Andre Ashley Charles Bell Larry Boone Dick Bryan Ernest Cravalho Charles Cutter Doug Fagg Terry Feigenbaum Charles Finnila David Flinn David Fromm Jim Hagedorn David Harris Dick Heckenlaible Noel Helmbrecht Norman Hill Ira Kiyomura David Lightner Mike Lutz Frank McCarthy Russell Mjolsnes Rudy Montejano Ben Neal Willie Norton Jim Orr Gilbert Pasley Bob Patton Howard Pelzner Harry Ramsey Tony Richards Walter Rogers Warner Schmidt Gerald Shepherd Dan Sullivan John White JUNIORS Richard Adams Bob Bedford Frank Calaprice Peter Cassinelli Jacques Coudeyre John Evarts Ken Fat David Fong Mike Friedman Robert Gooden Joe Green Byron Hansen Peter Hendricks Norman Jacobson Les Laky Joe Lauro Allen Lock Jay McMullen Wendell Moen Stan Mofjeld Warren Nordgren Neil Ormonde Gerald Rasmussen Marvin Schmidt Wesley Smart Joe St. Clair Sam Sugine Joe Wakefield John Weisenburger Don Wilhelm Sheldon Young SOPHOMORES Cory Aboudara Mike Astin Dan Auberach Larry Beyersdorf Newell Booth Gerald Bordin Burt Davies Dickson Dean Jim Erman Jim Frederick Tom Glau Dick HaIlford Steve Harvey Tom Kauwling Ken Lee Norman McLean Dick Manalis Glen Miller John Myers Bill Ragsdale Dick Rice Kenji Sasaki Gary Sirbu Dennis Slaughter Steve Smith Ken Snow Yasuto Tana Harry Taussig Jim Thornton Dale Weishahn FRESHMEN Stu Aaronson Dani Aramayo Stan Auerbach John Broderick Paul Buttitta John Canley Doug Collins Gary Copeland Gary Cort Gary Davis John Deegan Lyle Dennen Jim Duesler Bob Forsburg Lowell Gomes Don Goldstein Steve Halpern John Hansen Charles Higley Herman Hutchinson Mat Laky Darrell Lum Don Manka Phillip Martin Lowell Paulsen Kent Pearson Bob Pepper Ralph Reiner Tom Shelton Bob Shimasaki Bob Short Ed Stabb FRIENDSHIP LOYALTY COOPERATION Ties are formed by having fun, working together and even by occasional irritation. The ties make school more now, and they are what we will remember when we have forgotten how to conjugate German verbs and when the Magna Carta was signed. It means a lot when you ' re walking up the hill after class on a rainy day to know that you ' re going home—Home to a warm house, a good dinner and friends. Beaudelaire Club 2347 Prospect Avenue SENIORS Carol S. Abe Glenda Heiges Arlene Lebherz Nancy Mann Nancy Stromberg JUNIORS Pu-Chin Hseuh Colleen Masaki Ellen Schmidt SOPHOMORES Patricia Cate Roberta Faltin Martha Roehr Darline Ryther FRESHMEN Rosanne Cunningham Sylvia Hart Kathleen Horan Nancy Lestrade Linda Malmstrom Mary Niemann Ellen Peterson Catherine Skinner Cheney Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Patricia Adams Joyce Bartosh Rochelle Berry Marilyn Counsil Marilyn Crowder Yukiye Hattori Anne Jamieson Kathryn McLeod Judy Ann Miller Mary Newton Renee Robinson Carol Rodgers Mary Ann Rogers Nadine Sabin Ashraf Sharifi Youn Cha Shin Lynn Shufelt Sandey SobIe Barbara Stafford Patricia Wilson Jane Wong Barbara Young JUNIORS Robin Akers Harriet Brodofsky Sharon Brue Phyllis Brunner Delores Bullart Beverly Carson Judy Conlin Dorothy Dowell Margaret Dewitt Concetta Finocchio Donna Fong Sharlene Friedman Carolyn Fruchteniot Cherilyn Gump Lynn Hail Kathy Hayes Carol Jones Suzie Kobuchi Freida Lee Julie Lingscheid Stephanie Lemnke Lynda Ludwig Milly Lymbaris Janet MacQuisten Charlotte Marilyn Moller Elvera Pascoe Frances Pitlick Judy Pollard Jo C. Price Bea Rechnitz Joan Seitz Maria Siegel Susan Stapleton Muriel Swanson Sylvia Takeda San Oak Suh Judy Weiss SOPHOMORES Beverly Bates Betty Broze Linda Burpee Hazel Diedrichsen Dora-Jean Durand Donna Eppler Louise Finley Carolyn Frame Beverly Go Beverly Gould Lynn Hanson Jane Hickman Margita Hofman Judy Ijams Jeannie Jue Barbara Kral Suzanne Lacy leva Lange Dale Leong Carol Lewon Marsha Loafea June McClish Amy Miura Nancy Parent Katherine Rotherham Joan Shifley Sharon Sousa Edythe Marie Sudman Maurine Thunen Patricia Ong Elizabeth Umland Shelley Walton Shirley Williams Kari Windingtad Jo Sue Wolf FRESHMEN Jeanne Azen Bonnie Balkan Cheryl Benshoof Frances Bernfeld Joyoe Botwin Patricia Brennan Judith Buszek Lynn Chernack Kathryn Cline Deborah Close Margaret Doidge Barbara Feldmar Barbara Grant Jo Hachinger Adele Hansen Sheila Kaplan Bernice Kawamura Karen Kurtzman Maureen Leader Doris Lee Nancy Leonard Mary McWilliams Bonnie Moore Mary F. Olive Mary Reed Glenda Robinson Debbie Schultz Luisa Sciutto Sally Sexton Judith Shape Robertta Smith Becky S. Thatcher Susan Upshaw Sandra Vinson Carol Wylie Pat Kay Young Jo Ann Zerolis Cloyne Court 2600 Ridge Road GRADUATE Dick Campanella SENIORS John Adams Bill Asakawa John Ashworth Stanley Bishop Bob Brown Mike Crossley Adrian Hansing Bob Hollander Roger Lucas Marvin Melton Joe Nuscat Hirotoshi Nishikawa George Orrick Melvyn Simpson Henry Wong JUNIORS Frank Chao Russill Duckering Leonard Eigen Bob Ferguson Dominic Guidici Tom Nolan Joe Orsini Seymour Rubin Dennis Smith Roger Stone SOPHOMORES Damon Blom George Brown Bob Levine Gerald Lucas Larry Ritterband Bob Rubinstein Dave Sakai Gordon Shell Gordon Soares Walter Stafford FRESHMEN Dennis Reisinger Gerald Reynolds Deutsch Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Emil Crescenzi Alfred Dossa Bob Gliebe Hubert Goodwin Charles Goulden John Hathaway Sanford Jacobson Ed Jue Chung Kim Henry Kornfeld Duncan McPherson Allan Miyoshi Marvin Mizis John Schaefer Gary Schaffer Nakano Takashi Harry Wong Roger Woods JUNIORS Dave Burnett Bob Campbell Dave Cook George Cuthbertson Stan Domezio Bob Eldred Mike Escoto Tom Files Bill Gates Gary Gordon Don Gueffory Bill Haley Martin Halseth Terry Johnson Phillip Laughlin Steve Levine George Link Alan McMurry Martin Majestic Bill Martella Ed Marumoto Edward Miyakawa Karl Moore Stan Price Henry Reed Tadaski Shimada Sam Smith Don Spigarelli Doug Tanimoto Sheldon Welles Don Whitton Ken Yashikawa SOPHOMORES Claude Bowen Dick Bruhns Dick Bryant Fred Crosher Tom Fat Glenn Forrest Hon Freuler Dick Funamura Ray Gee Bill Greig Gaylord Huth Tom Jones John Kady Roger Morgan Paul Nordlund Gordon Reitman Ray Smith Terry Story Gerald Tanaka Fred Wolcott Don Wong Jeff Wong John Wynn Burr Beistle Bill Rican FRESHMEN Ken Caldwell Ted Chihara Burke Cochran Jim Connell Dick Copeland Howard DeYoung Brian Dodd John Giraude Bill Goldsmith Steve Goodman Terry Groff Tom Harps Clyde Izant Dan Kelly Steve Kohlik Martin Lowenthal Harvey McCown Bob McLeod Neal Morgan Tom Quinn Bill Rodgers Anthony Scardaci Bruce Shumer Jim Smith Mike Thomas Jim Thrash Lewis Tobin Darrel Weldthausen Epworth Hall 2521 Channing Way SENIORS Joan Bruhns Carole Carkeet Lida Chase Barbara Clark Jean Collier Barbara Cooley Tam Cummings Jean Hacker Ruth Hemming Sandy Hodges Elna Kerper Arlene Larson Alva Lynch Barbara Mayfield Nancy Meserve Joanne Money Pat Moore Nancy Piper Ann Quigg Judy Simms Pat Sixtus Ann Sutherland Susanne Twight Mary Wells Pat Zieger JUNIORS Joan Badger Shelia Boehm Janice Corr Margaret Elliott Beverly J. Ehrhorn Gwen Gray Nancy Green Elaine Hansen Nann Harding Leslye Hink Kiki McCarthy Julie Millar Shirley Neighbors Marilyn Penesabene Sandy Percy Lucilla Planck Nancy Scott Darrelen Tracy Judy Wright Fortune Zuckerman SOPHOMORES Jean Aldrich Linda Bell Micki Falkenstein Darla Findley Lois Larson Janet Polf Lani Wilstan Sandy Shields Liz Zinser FRESHMEN Pat Anderson Brenne Lantow Karol Sorensen Judy Reaves Marilyn Tracy NOT PICTURED: Louise F. King, Soph; Karen Sorensen, Fr. Freeborn Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Donna Bernere Aina Bumanis Evelyn Chu Diane Coburn Joann Fong Anne Gallagher Nancy Henry Mabel Hirai Laureen Hong Pauline Ja Elizabeth Kaye Joan Leathom Mary McCune Sandra Morey Setsuka Morimoto Marjory Myers Violet Nishite Connie Olivete Carol Parr Sonia Rempel Varian Rickett Dixie Samuels Bessie Shin Barbara Sigal Marie Specht Lily Wong JUNIORS Bonnie Blei Phyllis Coons Carolyn Dahlgren Joan Duren Patricia Ethridge June Babette Hayes When Freeborn Hall opened September 13, 1959, a new experience began for all the 218 inhabitants. Our year started off with a flying start. Reg. Week was " get acquainted " week. Exchanges with men ' s halls in the units and a picnic were only a part of an exciting week, climaxed by the University Reception. Socially, we were a success! We held an open house which was very good as well as exchanges with many fraternities. We participated in Big Game Week events, going in on house decorations with AXR and the Axe Review with Deutsch. The formal at the St. Francis climaxed a successful Fall semester. There were many reasons for our success—our hard-working officers, especially Dixie Samuels, president; Mike Healy, hall social chairman; Nancy Henry, second veep; and Nancy Palmer. Individuals were also active on campus. We had on the DC, B G, Pelican (one of our girls was Pelly Girl for the month of November), while others sang in TC and Collegians and served as WDA officers. Dorrie Robbins, an associate member, served as Junior class veep. Mike Healy Margaret Heid Shirley Hong Sue Kamm Pat Kauth Leslie Leong Norma Luff Gwyn McKeown Joyce Wong Vera Malinovsky Anne Mifsud Sandy Mitchell Billie Nelson Wanita Nickle Diane Pirtz Angeline Poulakidas Corinne Purnell Jo Ratekin Edwina Rowlands Pat Schoenfeld Sandra SulIwoId Sharon Susal Liz Talbott Lorna Ullman Barbara Zucker SOPHOMORES Barbara Ceragioli Joan Chesley Sue David Pat Dorough Bette Durham Ann Erman Nancy Frey Lynne Harley Barbara Harvey Elizabeth Hatashita Elaine Ito Lucille Jennings Rita Karlin Elaine Kenton Christina Kiton Marcia Koenig Alice Martin Toby Miller Roberta Miller Joan Neal Judy Niemerow Ana Oldano Nancy Palmer Ruth Papo Susan Peterman Pat Scott Tobey Sheffer Jean Stewart Martha Takagi Celia Tom Cynthia Tse Agnes Valdez Elizabeth Whitney Shirley Wood Adrienne Zuckman FRESHMEN Trish Bagley Mary Carpenter Judy Crosswhite Beverly Diercks Pat Farr Pat Friedes Ila Gross Monica Hashimoto Nancy Howe Andrea Kaciff Miriam Kalsman Margaret Macpherson Marcia Mandel Sue Maynard Joyce Miller Judy Miller Roberta Miller Mara Oaks Sharon Pugh Meredith Reddal Corzy Rempel Marida Rose Marcia Ruskin Judi Sakimoto Barbara Scherr Barbara Schneider Lou Sheets Pat Smith Anita Spring Mary Steiner Nina Strasburg Bonnie Taylor Janet Thomas Ann Tolchin Sharon Traweek Diane Whitehead Nicki Whitney Ann Whittington Judy Zieger Kay Zimmer Elizabeth Barrett 2438 Warring Street WELL, DID YOU EVER: Lose your trunk key, your door key, your IBM cards and your way home all during Reg Week—and still decide that Cal ' s not bad? Get first place for your Big Game Decorations one night and find none there to admire the next morning? How did they look in your chapter room, boys? Have such a good cook that a Red Garter bandsman would play at your " informal " just to get in on a free dinner? Schedule an afternoon house meeting and find half of your girls at WAA, WDA, YWCA, ASUC, Rally Comm, Class Council, Pelly or chorus meetings? Have a suppressed desire to turn dear Elizabeth ' s austere portrait upside down? Try a House ski trip when 19 of the 22 girls who went had never been on skis before? And then wind up at our Astor Bar—the Alta Mira—for a " formal " ? WE DID; WHAT A SWELLIGANT, ELEGANT PARTY THIS WAS! SENIORS Wendy Goepel Marianne Dozier Mary Hunter JUNIORS Doris Kaufmann Sharon Kirsher Helene Mason Helen O ' Neil Linda Stark Mary Alice Thornton Anita Wallsten SOPHOMORES Cathy Cartan Laura Corey Mary Duffy Nancy Jon Feldman Gloria Ann Ferro Nancy Lou Glick Susan Hamilton Joanne Hughes Patricia Kenny Karin Lazar Judith Maginess Judy Meunier Linda Ann Schmidt Judy Vivell FRESHMAN Christy Belvail Heidi Campbell Janet Corradini Barbara Glidden Kay Gcddard Linda Hartman Linda Johnson Joan Mendelsohn Veronica Polich Patricia Woodworth Laetitia Warren, Sr. Hoyt Hall 2519 Ridge Road Lola Danielli Cynthia Gray Barbara Jewett Patricia Meuter Siu Ha Wong Faith Wong Carol Brinkworth Nancy Jackson Gay Liang Sandra Linquist Chiyo Masuda Earlene Raby Ida Yamamoto Kathryn Kirby Betty Marot Evelyn Nakano Jane Parks Lynn Waterman Jane Colwell Leslie Knoles Nina Wachs Twenty-nine new girls in Joaquin first semester and plenty of new ideas to add to those of the four old girls ... pajama parties . . . dances ... Big Game Decorations with Del Rey. And, we certainly were excited when Karen was a finalist in the Maid of Cotton Contest. More new girls moved in second semester and a whole new round of activities helped to bring the year to an exciting close. Joaquin Hall 2430 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Diane Carnine Deanna Huey Susan J. Kreamer Sandra Seto JUNIORS Barbara Boran Harriet Friedman Martha James Margarita Scott SOPHOMORES Suzanne Cantou Gail Duncan Karen Hexem Jeanette Hope Diane Mazonas Susan Niles Mary Lee Truitt FRESHMEN Sydney Boyce Pamela Effenbeck Rosalinn Giske Adrian Greene Judy Kerr Barbara McCulley Janice Martel Joanne Nunes NOT PICTURED Lisa Esherick Caren Gallay Barbara Glandon Judy McGrew Lantana Lodge 2437 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Helen Carter Elizabeth Oldenberg JUNIORS Aileen Bennett Kathy Creed Sally Hansen Denise McCarthy Cynthia Quam Andrea Welch SOPHOMORES Bobbi Hisayasu Gretchen Hoff Carolyn Younger FRESHMEN Louann Heinecke Fran Jaekle Anna Sands Peggy Sands Bennett Manor 2721 Channing Way SENIOR Dorothy Homann JUNIORS Pat Cleveland Kate Hanrahan Linda Shine Peggy Wunderlich SOPHOMORES Jo K. Adams Jane Asari Charlene Baker Nicola Harrison FRESHMEN Sue Carlson Dolores Denison Lynn Jacobs Sharon Kober Lenore Layne Laura Lee Tackett We, the girls of Mitchell Hall Are certain we have heard the call. We concentrate on education Not on marital anticipation; But men are nice. GO, TEAM ! ! ! Mitchell Hall 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Cecilia Alvarez Cristel Carmine JUNIORS Barbara Albertini Katherine Helbling Margaret Helbling Margaret Kidd Nancy Komatsubara Judith Reedy Terry Trosper Lana Villamov SOPHOMORES Linne Dorroh Nancy Fruzza Penny Provost Patricia Schon Marjorie Wong FRESHMEN Nancy Goulden Mary Anne Kaylor June Kelling Eleanore Lem Mary Martha Lundy Ida Martin Helga Moeller Ellen Ross Marjorie Solten Suzanne Warner We arrived at Oldenberg in September and were greeted by Syl, Mimi, and Judy who helped us move in and get acquainted with our new hallmates. By November, we were getting used to walking up, up, up that Hill and beginning to think that university life was a lot of fun. Our formal and many other activities aided and abetted this concept. Then mid-terms hit us and we began to study in earnest. Fin als in January were alarming to think about before and " not so bad " afterwards. Now, Spring semester has flown by and before we have it, June is here. Our first year of college is past us and we are separating for the summer. But we can look forward to next Fall semester and welcoming our new Oldenbergers to our midst. Oldenberg Hall 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Judy Meyers Marilyn Oaks JUNIORS Mimi Friedman Sheila Johnson Gretchen Love Janet Matsuda Roberta Sigoloff Margie Whiting SOPHOMORES Sylvia Hollis Mary Ellen McNeil Diane Powell Judy Anderson FRESHMEN Judy Binsacca Barbara Bujkovsky Esther Dowd Irene Farley Nancy Fevereiro Kathy Guio Katie Haley Dana Harimoto Judy Hunt Karen Jensen Marilyn McClintock Paula Slager Suzanne Sturch Bonnie Thompson Wanda Willis Jane Wilson Charlotte Zaccone Peixotto 2939 Dwight Way SENIOR Maxine Tucker JUNIORS Sandra Chan Carolee Ching Susan Gage Iris Guinals Roberta Kennedy Janet Wahlberg Mary West SOPHOMORES Pat Baer Sylvia Carp Lucille Cooper Joan Haefele Frances Kazdin Janice Matheson Edith Riestra Irene Silin Julie Verran FRESHMEN Sherry Beck Barbara Bente Laurel Brown Charmaine Caput Susan Cass Cynthia Dichranian Barbara Erickson Marsha Fried Jane Gilmore Sandra Goodwin Doris Goon Joan Griffis Irene Hashii Nancy Herr Karen Jensen Ronnie Kandler Judith Kindig Barbara Larsen Joann Lopez Linda Louis Janice Maneki Henrietta Marsh Louise Miller Sharon Moses Janet Nielson Audrey Nishimoto Siv Oqvist Sho Otsuki Ellaine Quaschnick Dianne Riemers Kathleen Rhoades Irene Saunders Maureen Shiells Aimy Taniguchi Aileen Taylor Janet Tsukiji Janice Walstad Kathleen Wells Linda Kurit Putnam Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Frank Ackerman Clyde Finley Jack Kawamoto Lisle Lindsay Harry Marsh Bob Miura Bill Murray Don Okada Dick Owen Hoshiro Temai Henry Webb Mike Williamson JUNIORS Jerry Binen Bob Besse Kellogg Chan Sidney Charnenkoff Ben Cohn Lee Duffus Paul Gregory Ed Hayashi Albert LeMonte Ronald Lane Mike Little Dick Lynch Shaun McCarthy John Orrell John Peters Felicisimo Requiro Rene Requiro George Tyler Bart Dozier Howard Ehret Joel Gibson Carl Heinz John Hubbard Alfred Krogger Wayne Lew Jim Lyons George Nolfi Roger Quan Mike Robbins Henry Wolny Paul Alpert Craig Beckstead Ken Berner Marshall Black Bruce Bookman Bill Bowen Arnold Brickman Bob Charman Dan Cox Don Darby Gordon Dow Jim Earschon Tracy Friedman Larry Garabedian Brian Gilbert Dick Hibbard Larry Hiebert Roy Ikegami Owen Khatoonian Jim Leong Steve Lomnes Sonny Low Tom McKey Carl Marling Don Miller Paul Monroe Bob Morris Bill Morris Alan Mueller Bob Newhall Dick Olshen Roger Palmer Jim Redfore Dave Ritchie Gary Roberts Charles Rowlins John Sanders Bernard Sevant Barry Steele Peter Stoddard Bill Strider Vincent Sue Kevin Thomas Dennis Tompkins Jay Webb Bill Williams HE THAT COMPLIES AGAINST HIS WILL IS OF HIS OWN OPINION STILL. —Samuel Butler TRADITION PREVAILS! Richards Hall 2939 Dwight Way GRADUATE Myrna Bouchey SENIOR Lucille McClish JUNIORS Sigrid Mittman Jane Patterson Shirley Sueoka SOPHOMORES Laurie Allen Marilyn Junkermin Rumiko Sakow Fran Tymstra FRESHMEN Linda Anderson Sue Applequist Gloria Burks Camile Chamberlain Virginia Chambers Julie Evans Judy Griffiths Judi Haydon Julie Henderson Joan Korman Marcella Kysilka Niada Lehr Eileen Lowe Diane D. Monahan Sheila Pinkel Virginia Ransom Lesley Rahm Joan Smith Wanda Spiller Nancy Vincent Barbara Wilcox Peggy Wilson Ritter ' s epoch was way-out. Our ' s is a groovy pad on Prospect. Of the 37 crazy little women, top chick was Renee; Jan, veep; and Judie D., social. We made the scene public—open house. Dug the open buggy —hay ride. Had a barn-type drag—the squares were out in force. Our cerebrums were in gear . . . our brain trust snared third place on the big U. " Deck the pad with green twigs. " With the big daddies of Cloyne C ourt, we wailed a cool yule for the locals. In the Spring, glad rags came out of storage for a MOTH BALL. Like we were active. Irene T. made with the pompons, at head of said. Some orgs were dug: AWS, Prytanean, Cal Club, and WDA. It was a swinging year . . . esoteric, man, esoteric. Ritter Hall 2422 Prospect Terrace SENIORS Darlene Del Nero Renee Hunt Helen Nishi Sylvia Reberiego Janet M. Shohara Irene Takei Susan Treadwell Nancy Wilson Dorothy Young JUNIORS Jeanne Aguilar Jo Ann Branstetter Linda Fairhead Nancy Foon Arlene Harada Betty Lilleland Karen Malmstrom Valerie Ng Toyako Sakamoto Jane Takahashi SOPHOMORES Donna Brown Judy A. Carbone Carolyn Craus Judie Durham Jeanette Jen Jo Ann Kubasek Carol Mosely Miyoko Abey FRESHMEN Marge Braunwall Arlene Kornbloom Susanna Neubauer Pastorino Linda Yatabe Stebbins Hall 2527 Ridge Road SENIORS Virginia Days Barbara Engstrom Kazuko Iwata Jean Jungblom Carolyn Keller Florence Kimura Betty Ann Muehlenbruck JUNIORS Sandy Lynn Jones Patricia Wainwright Margaret Wilson Kyoko Yamashita SOPHOMORES Ellen Frank Kendra Martin Mary Nell Mashuta Roberta Mashuta Jane Pigney FRESHMEN Fran Dewing Vera Foote Another epidemic of enthusiastic Freshmen ... We want to decorate for Big Game, " they said ... " Go right ahead, " apathetic upperclassmen ... They did and Walt Disney ' s Three Little Pigs came visitin ' ... Usual social activities .. . open houses ... exchanges ... formal at St. Francis ... but the Pink Palace was silent this year ... Swimming ... . . . exercises ... but the steady diet of french fries and malts from Si ' s continued ... Lockout and campuses ... Ugh! Monday night meetings ... President Linda Tarr cracking the whip . . . We did a little studying . . . We remembered last year ' s accomplishment of being second highest in scholastic standing . . . Oh well . . . and so another year at Stratford. Stratford Hall 2520 Durant Avenue SENIORS Joyce Crawford Sally Throne JUNIORS Adrienne Ching Mary Curtis Carol Randolph Ari Wong SOPHOMORES Mary Ammerati Mary Gribble Margaret Wen-Tsai Liu Carolyn Marsh Janet Rist Susan Ritchie Martha Shafer Andrys Yuke Lois Armstrong Vicki Gillmeister Lee Millicent Lois Mosh Patricia Pillard Leslie Shallenberger Stern Hall Campus SENIORS Freda Barber Barbara Barron Margaret Conlin Yvonne De Wolf Jane Emerson Jane Farrell Monika Ferling Carol Grothe Marguerite Haberland Tanako Hagiwara Joanne Imai Marguerite Leach Feelie Lee Michelle Liapes Carol Maloyan Barbara Moskowitz Maria Mothershead Linda Mullin Judy Musgrove Carol Paul Sara Lu Raggio Katherine Read Virginia Seifert Beverly Sepkowitz Jeanne Stitt Julia Tashima Jacqueline Wells Barbara Wicklow JUNIORS Sharon Baker Would you believe it, Stern Hall is proud to announce a " First " on this campus. They said it couldn ' t be done, but we have just broken the Gardol Screen. This is accredited to one-time President B. Barron who was forced into early retirement due to overconsumption of cranberries-7½ tons. L M—Linda Mullin—then took over the King Size throne. But all is not lost because test after test has proven that 142 girls can ' t be wrong—they will remain to carry on the name of Stern, Seppy Stern, Retchy Stern, and Very Stern. Barbara Brooks Nancy Goodman Virginia Haire Joy Hong Elmarie Hutchinson Lorraine Kato Marjorie Lowitz Suzanne Lynn Winifred McAbeer Beatrice MacGinitie Irene Manitas Kay Matthew Joan McDowell Linda Morris Judy Paver Jeanne Perkins Sally Peterson Lynette Pratt Rachel Price Janice Riddell Leslie Rowe Joelle Schwartz Joyce Schwartz Susan Solof Pamela Stremel Norva Stuart SOPHOMORES Penny Becker Brenda Blatchley Cherryl Christensen Jeanne Diel Sandra Fine Beverly Firstenberg Barbara Fishbein Gail Freeman Joelle Gaba Brenda Gilman Melainie Goldberg Gretchen Green Janice Green Debbie Hirschberg Beth Howard Monika KnoernschiId Janet McCabe Donna McCormick Susan Pokrass Judith Richards Jeanne Richardson Fredrika Steppling Rhetta WiIleford Patricia Williams FRESHMEN Dana Anderson Zoe Anderson Farrel Baum Joyce Brodovsky Karen Croft Linda D ' Ari Margaret Demming Judy Ele Barbara Elliott Sharon England Liz Feirer Dede Fiss Kathleen Fry Gale Gluskin Marcia Gubser Zoanne Harris Joane Hiura Carole Hunt Marian Jackson Sharon Jacobson Susan Kallick Ilene Katz Judith Kaufman Diane Krohn Barbara LeBaron Brenda Mangiaracina Judith Manning Judy Murphy Marcia Neal Karen Oleson Sandra Plate Susan Rawlins Vivian Shay Nancy Sheridan Margaret Simpson Ilene Tanenbaum Laura Zeller Smyth Hall 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Larry Golen Don Gravestock Bob Jarvis Bill McCulloch Bob Miailovich Bob Montgomery McDonald Robinson Bill Scott Fred Werner Karl Wuttke Gary Yancay JUNIORS Ralph Anderson Dale Delury Byron Edde Allen Edelson George Epidendio William Finch Leland Gaston Dale Giulieri Herman Jansen Bill Marantz Willard Nordby Fred Staton SOPHOMORES Bill Bast Paul Douglas Ed Maker Brandt Whipple Lance Wickman FRESHMEN Jack Achtenberg Mike Alcelay Jon Armstrong John Avila John Bayless Carl Berger Frank Bodie Mike Brown Dale Buff Charles Caldwell Andrew Capestro Ed Christenson NEW, DIFFERENT, SUCCESSFUL. This aptly describes Smyth Association for the past year. In addition to a new Head and a new kitchen staff we started out the year with ninety percent of our members being new to the Hall. A goodly number of these also being new to the University. Things were different in that we had more than enough places for a change and that we were no longer the youngest hall but assumed the position of the elder co nfident our baby brothers. Our successfulness is evidenced by the fine manner in which we overcame our beginning pains and rapidly had our new members joined in friendship and Under the leadership of Ralph Anderson and Bob Miailovich, together with a gung-ho Freshman group and a fine social committee, our year ' s activities were the greatest. David Cook Don Cropper Herbert DeGrasse Bob DeMonte Jerry Edelstein Charles Fields Harvey Fisher Gary Fosmire Fred Friedman Ed Fruzza Charles Haydis Ed Horstman Steve Lenton Bob Levy Dick McCarthy Larry Meltzer Mark Merritt Fred Page Jeff Palley Dave Pearson Roger Popper Dan Posin Robert Reed Dick Reeves Pete Ross Dick Rumelt Steve Sala Mark Sepiro Frank Smith Jim Southwell Lawrence Taylor Brett Thomson Carl Thut Ralph Vaden Eugene Vaughn Larry Weashoff Daryl Yentis Ehrman Hall 2650 Haste FIRST ROW, left to right: Phil Brown, Peter Lai, John Rath, Dennis Anderson, Kenneth Howe, Anthony B, Sokol, Pazirandeh, Roland Wong, Greenly David, Carl Chatfield, Douglas Wynne, P. David Pearson, David Ellisin, David E. Francis, Levy. SECOND ROW: Allen Mage, Douglas Buck, Milton Barney, Mike Coleman, Mike Alcalay, Cahrn Lee, Paul Gray, Perry Gary Panther, Chuck Leo, David Colman, Curt Cheney. THIRD ROW: Bruce Traywick, Daryl Yentis, Charles Fields, Cart Thut, Nielsen, Dan Posin, Dennis Treadway, Pete Paulos, Michi Kono, Larry Clark, Hormoz Azar, Barry Mierbach, J. Smedley, Shiroishi, Ken Clarke, Jack Globenfelt, Bob Parsons, Dave Herron. FOURTH ROW: Fritz Tietze, Dan Hoffman, David Barry Shaw, John Morrison, Burr Passenheim, Bob Bergh, Russ Mayall, Bill Hawkins, Brent Kirkland, Mike Armstrong, Al Jonathan Barry, Ross Clark, Lee Duey, Gerry Nash, Gary Neil, Joseph Lawson, Reed Enos. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bi ll Maier, Charles Hammer, Michael Missakian, Robert Walworth, Frank Melsheimer, Dave Mike Tregoboff, David Li, Eric Ha, Jeff Carmel, Dave Dorinson, Ilamar Abrass, Bill Hosford. SECOND ROW: Robert Robert Bethenod, Chet Belknap, Ronald Stefani, Hunter Arakawa, Ken Fowler, Gerald Tuler, Bill Draeger, Anthoy Thieband, Fricks, Mike Haimovitz, Victor Staadecker, Carl Bonar, Dan Nilsson, Lawrence Weaver, Carl Thorwaldsen. THIRD ROW: Olsen, Rich Torre, Ken Colson, Mike Moore, David Cullen, Roger Longden, Winsor Crosby, Paul Guttman, Stephen Sheeky, Maxwell, Don Wood, Stephen Ullum, Jerry Hatfield, Bob Hall, Jeffrey Palley, Gil Whipple, Camilo Schmidt. FOURTH ROW: Rosenberg, George Linn, Steven Kodama, John Hassler, Ronald Jamieson, Stephen Small, Colin McGlibery, Allan Morris, Lohman, Kenneth Reichert, Jack Achtenberg, Don Meyer, Kirk Willard, Dick Hagemann, Bruce Renati, Richard Russ, Kent Wayne Sather. Cunningham Hall FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Kracke, L. Blake, L. Marion, C. Abbey, M. Falk, B. Stowers, R. Goldstien, S. Thomas, J. Zaik, L. Halpern, E. Levy, B. Kossen, D. Sands, M. Levin, B. Reed. SECOND ROW: S. Semron, B. Hargis, C. Huskey, D. Yumae, D. Fulfer, J. Ahlin, J. Wahlberg, N. Wolff, S. Levitt, J. Hertz, A. Katz, M. Hohman, S. Reinhart, G. Barney, M. March, P. Maguire, V. Giambrone. THIRD ROW:M. Rudolph, J. True, I. Peters, B. Falsin, A. Bennett, P. Sands, A. Sands, C. Ripley, J. Protzel, J. Wessing, J. Kaplan, B. Bechnell, G. Furtney, R. Katz, J. Weintraub, T. Barriento, L. Hawkins, R. Giske, D. Bleifer, I. Edelman, F. Habeeb, S. Gould. FOURTH ROW: K. Kikuchi, T. Kajiwara, D. Harimoto, M. McCauley, P. Batty, B. Broiles, J. Press, H. Glutz, G. Ramsey, G. Kenney, P. Dinkier, L. Miller, L. Richards, W. Slattely, K. Fenwick, M. Nixon, S. Canton, A. Pattison, M. Jeter, L. Siegel. Euclid Hall 1777 Euclid Avenue GRADUATES Shuzo Dave SENIORS Akio Inouye Say Kobayashi Neal Miura John Oda Chunman Ong Lester Ouchida Jun Tanimoto JUNIORS Adolfo Cruz Tom Inouye Homer Maeda Robert Murase Takashi Okazaki David Shikuma Sab Shimono Stanley Taniguchi Kazuo Yakura Burton Yamada Hubert Yoshida SOPHOMORES Gary Fong Mas Flora Tetsuden Kashima Seiso Kawasaki Steven Kodama Don Munakta Masayuki Shimada FRESHMEN Bob Matsui Roy Miyoko Stanley Naydo Raymond Tamura Shlitz Married Students Married students comprise 23.5 percent of the Associated Students of the University of California: 11.9 percent of the undergraduates and 51.1 percent of the graduates. Albany Village plays a large part in the housing of these students, although there are many who live in apartments near the campus. In some cases the couple both attend school, while in other families the husband goes to class and the wife works or stays at home with the children. The single student worries mainly about studies, but couples have budgets, washing dishes, keeping house, each other, and their children to think of in addition to work. The married student more and more is an integral part of the college campus. International H ouse International House—a residence for American and foreign students, primarily graduates, who by living together attempt to understand somewhat better each others ' cultures. There are sixty-three nations represented in the House from Afghanistan to USSR, from all disciplines, from Freshman to visiting scholar, of different races and religions. Although this is a very heterogeneous group the goal of mutual understanding is a unifying element. There are many activities which are carried out by residents of the House under the general supervision of the International House Council which is composed of residents from the different regions of the world represented at International House. The types of programs are cultural, educational, and social. There is a discussion group, music group, photography club, bridge club, philatelic club, madrigal group, there are regional and national programs, athletic teams and a social committee which plans dances, parties, and coffee hours. There is a nonresident club which helps to organize events for some 300 nonresident members. I HOUSE COUNCIL ATHLETICS Athletic Administration The Athletic Administration, directed by Greg Engelhard, was responsible for the planning and coordination of Cal ' s many and varied athletic events. Mr. Engelhard has successfully served as director of for the past four years. The Athletic Council, composed of Harry Davis, Mr. Engelhard, and members of the various teams, fulfills the coordinating and policy-making functions of the Douglas Gordon, Assistant Director of took care of many of the details with the program, and the Staff efficiently ran the office. Harry Davis, who again did a fine job as manager of the ticket department, was in charge of ticket sales for all athletic events. Also aiding the athletic program were the team physicians, James Harkness and Brick Muller, and a team of professional trainers who kept the teams in top form. The combined efforts of these and many other individuals resulted in an exciting and varied 1959-60 Cal athletic year. TOP: GREG ENGELHARD, Director of Athletics. BOTTOM: DOUGLAS GORDON, Assistant Director of Athletics. ATHLETIC STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Lee Alfard, Gayle Redden, Katherine Gowdy. STANDING: Charlie Clarke, Ethyle Gallant, Henrietta Girgich. TRAINERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: George Anderson, Jim VanDeusen. SECOND ROW: Ed Byrne, Jack Williamsen. BRICK MULLER and JAMES HARKNESS, Team Physicians. HARRY DAVIS, Manager of Ticket Department ATHLETIC COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Harry Davis, Jim Small, Frank Maldonado. SECOND ROW: Ray Hertel, Jerry Siebert, Wayne Fenner. Big C Society FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Jim Small President Ken Meade Jeff Snow Vice-President Pat Newell Dick Duane Secretary Gary Yancey FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Burress, Larry Parque, Bob Berry, Doug Graham, Gary Yancey, Pat Newell, Ken Meade, Jim Small, Dick Duane, Terry Tognazzini, Kent Newmark, Dave Epstein, Alan Gaylord, Ralph Udick. SECOND ROW: Richard Konecky, Karl Wuttke, Norm McLean, Gary Anderson, Dave Flinn, Les Laky, Chris Barnes, Bob Millinich, Ted Falk, Dave Draheim, Noel Barnes, Steve Lipman, Gulden Lloyd, Hank Kenchler. THIRD ROW: Mike Noakes, Bob Patton, Greg Thomas, Jim Green, Joe Neil, Chauncey Yano, Bill Haines, Jack Matkin, John Christensen, Charles Richards, Terry Kelley, Bill Lukens, David Totten. FOURTH ROW: Richard Nelson, Bill Ososke, Grover Garvin, David George, Jerry Montgomery, Dave Maggard, Tim Scofield, Charles Holston, Kenneth Henry, Marty McNair, Ray Hertel, Bruce Hansen. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS BASEBALL John Salaam Robert Bandettini Noel Barnes Adney Bowker Gary Brenzel Dave Draheim Kim Elliott Roger Gregg Richard Konecky Thomas McGarrey Robert Millinich Joseph Miskinnis Michael Noakes Theodore Settle Michael White BASKETBALL Robert Dalton Dennis Fitzpatrick Tandy Gillis Jack Grout Joseph Hagler Darryl Henley Darrall Imhoff Gerald Mann Earle Schneider Albert Becker Paul Christopulos James Corley Harry Davis Thomas Dutton Peter Elliott Gregory Engelhard Richard Erickson Harold Fry CREW Gary Anderson Christopher Barnes Robert Brooke Elmore Chilton John Christensen George DeLong James Demsey David Fl inn Bruce Hansen Raymond Hertel Claude Hutchison John Matkin Martin McNair Joe Neil Robert Patton David Totten Ralph Udick Gary Yancey Chauncey Yano Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Paul Hastings Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney Clark Kerr Mike Koll James Landon FOOTBALL Walter Arnold Gael Barsotti Steve Bates Thomas Bates James Burress Emerson Byrd Robert Chiappone Wayne Crow Robert Currie Ronald Currie Theodore Dinkler Peter Domoto Frank Doretti Douglas Furuta Grover Garvin David George Douglas Graham James Green Max Hale Jack Hart Charles Holston Gordon Huber Alexander Jamile Terald Jones Roland Lasher Gerald Lundgren Dave Maggard Dane Marble Norman McLean Kenneth Meade John Michael Donald Newell Henry Olguin Larry Parque William Patton Anthony Perrin George Pierovich Donald Piestrup Thomas Rodger John Ronald Franklin Sally Jerrond Scattini Merle Segale Jeffery Snow Gregory Thomas Robert Wills GYMNASTICS Roy Davis Mario Delara Franklin Fitz Stephen Monti Kenneth Ponder Arthur Shurlock Karl Wuttke James Lemmon Stanley McCaffrey James Miller Ralph Miller Harold Moller William Monahan Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Alva Ragan SWIMMING Byron Dieterle Richard Duane Will Gassett William Haines Kayo Hallinan Laszlo Laky Stephen Lipman John Muehlbauer Richard Olson George Ososke Michael Pratt James Small Terry Tognazzini Raymond Tolles TENNIS James Holstrom Henry Kuechler Arthur Kono William Lukens Kent Newmark Warren Sissons Norman Slomann George Schroth Glenn Seaborg Her man Spindt Robert Sproul Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson George Wolfman Henry Yee TRACK Richard Dailey Maurice DeVillers David Epstein Alan Gaylord Terry Kelley Maynard Orme Charles Richards Jerome Siebert Willie White Gary Wulfsberg Jack Yerman WRESTLING Thomas Aoki Barry Davidson Cornell Dudley Robert Harbaugh Phil La Force Gary Svihula Circle C Society FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Frank Maldonado President Wheeler Coberly Gordon Johnson Vice-President Frank Maldonado Wayne Fenner Secretary Wayne Fenner Wheeler Coberly Treasurer Don Ricci FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Ricci, Mitch Reinis, Gary Svihula, Wheeler Coberly, Frank Maldonado, Gordon Johnson, Wayne Fenner, Tom Kilfoil, Ron Barnett. SECOND ROW: Jerry Siebert, Woody Jim Small, Benny Marumoto, Bill Schnieders, Paul Galvez, Ray Warner, Jim Allan, Bud Haley. THIRD ROW: John Burnett, Gordon Whitehead, Alan Gaylord, Karl Uebel, Helmut Lange, Roger Ricketts, David Smith, John Tegtmeier, Will Gassett. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Gregory Engelhard Lance Flanagan Bob DiGrazia Brutus Hamilton Norman Hinds Miles Hudson Charles Lucchesi Ralph Miller Harry Morgan Hugh Mumby Edgar Nemir Herbert Newson Charles Peace Alva Ragan George Schroth Hal Walt BOXING Kayo Hallinan Pat Newell Don Ricci FENCING Thomas Burcham Jerome Klotz RUGBY William Bowman Wheeler Coberly James Duff John English Max Hale Gordon Huber Frank Maldonado Mitch Reinis Mike White CROSS-COUNTRY Roy Davis Alan Gaylord Maynard Orme Val Prescop Jerry Siebert Karl Uebel Gordon Whitehead GYMNASTICS Roy Davis Walter Kaiser Don Kelly William Lambden Kenneth Ponder Xavier Victoria RIFLERY James Allen Ronald Barnett Wayne Fenner Tom Kilfoil Ray Warner SKIING John Burnett James Shinn SOCCER Dave Behnke Tony Bryan WATER POLO William Gassett Richard Olsen Jim Small WEIGHT BASKETBALL Paul Galvez William Haley Gordon Johnson James Leslie Benjamin Marumoto Roger Ricketts William Schneiders David Smith John Tegtmeier William Tuck WRESTLING Cornell Dudley FALL SPORTS FOOTBALL MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Dana Marble, Senior Manager; Mike Donovan, Cameron Wolfe, Everette Merriman. PETE ELLIOTT Head Coach ART STEVENSON and ERNIE MADISON, Equipment Managers. Football Coaches and Managers Cal may not have had the best football season as far as the win column goes, but it did have an exciting one. In winning their first and last games, the Bears showed what they could do when everything worked for them. A large share of the credit for the good showing Cal made goes to the coaching staff. Pete Elliott, in his third year as Cal head coach, faced many problems as the season began. He and his staff overcame many of them and produced some fine football. With the help of a converted halfback, a small but rugged line, and a good running game, the Bears gave many opponents a rough time. Pete ' s able assistants included Bob Herndon, assistant coach; Mike White, freshman coach; Buck McPhail, offensive backfield coach; Dee Andros, line coach; Gene Stauber, defensive backfield coach; and Bill Taylor, end coach. The team also was aided by the efforts of the student managers, headed by Dana Marble, who saw to it that all necessary equipment was at the right place at the right time. Also of considerable help was Art Stevenson and Ernie Madison, the ASUC equipment managers. ASSISTANT COACHES—FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Herndon, Mike White. SECOND ROW: Buck McPhail, Dee Andros, Gene Stauber, Bill Taylor. Frank Doretti and Andy Segale block Stanford ' s last-minute field goal attempt. Big Game TOP: George Pierovich dives over the Stanford line to the 3-yard line set up Cal ' s winning fourth-quarter BOTTOM: Doug Graham intercepts a Stanford pass; he returned it 13 yards. Jerry Scattini, under a swarm of red shirts, scores Cal ' s winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Cal retained the coveted Axe and surprised the experts by defeating the Stanford Indians 20 to 17 in the Big Game. Cal is now ahead in the series. The Bears ' attack was greatly aided by the effectiveness of Wayne Crow ' s passing, the efforts of Gale Barsotti, and the alert and rugged play of Bear linemen and Cal played an aerial game in the first half with Crow connecting on his first eight passes for two touchdowns. During the second half the Bears stayed on the ground, scored once more, and then stalled the Indian last-minute scoring drive. Grover Garvin, behind the blocking of Walt Arnold and Wayne Crow, charges past the 20-yard line early in the game. TOP: Grover Garvin scores first Cal touchdown on a 10-yard run, 56 seconds into the first quarter of the Iowa game. PAT NEWELL — Cocaptain Pat is a Senior, three-year varsity letterman. Though he is one of the s mallest major college tackles, he is also one of the best. He is an honor student in Business Administration with a 3.7 grade average, and plans to enter law school next Fall. Last Fall he was honored by the National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame, when he was given a Blaik Award for postgraduate study. PETE DOMOTO — Cocaptain Pete, a Senior in Physiology, plans to enter Dental School next Fall. In his three years as a varsity player, he once at fullback, and twice at guard. He made second ALL-PCC team as a fullback and won the Brick Muller Award as the most valuable Bear in his Junior year. Pete is an linebacker and a very speedy lineman. Frank Sally recovers a fumble in the third quarter of the Iowa game. CAL 12 —IOWA 42 When the Cal Bears met the Hawkeyes for the second time in nine months, it looked for a few minutes as if Iowa didn ' t belong in the same stadium with Cal. Grover Garvin scored with only 56 seconds gone in the first quarter, but Iowa soon showed its strength. High spots of the game included a 56-yard Parque to Willis pass and a 36-yard touchdown run by Wayne Crow. Steve Bates gains 17 yards in second quarter of the Notre Dame game. CAL 6 — NOTRE DAME 28 The Cal-Notre Dame game brought the two schools onto the football field for the first time in either ' s history. Though the Bears started slowly during the first half, they tightened their line and held the Irish to one touchdown in the second half. Steve Bates excited the stadium with a 56-yard run and a 35-yard punt return. Steve Bates gains 3 yards; he ' s stopped on the 30 by a Notre Dame man. CAL - OSC The Oregon State Beavers passed ran a total of 73 yards in the last minutes of the game to defeat Bears. Cal ' s three touchdowns scored by Grover Garvin, Crow and Larry Parque. The Bears their best day on offense all against the Beavers when they 365 yards rushing and made 25 downs. Billy Patton set the season when he carried the ball 23 times. Wayne Crow carries to the Beavers ' 11-yard line where he is stopped by Chuck Marshall. Terry Jones and Tom Bates assist him. CAL - OREGON 18-20 A 35-yard completed pass thrown in the last five minutes of the game put the Ducks ahead permanently and caused Cal ' s seventh straight defeat. The game was the fourth the Bears lost by less than one touchdown. Fullback Walt Arnold ran for a 49-yard picked up another TD and gained a total of 123 yards rushing. Billy Patton scored Cal ' s other TD. CAL - TEXAS Cal battled rain, high humidity and a tough Longhorn defense in Texas. Both Wayne Crow and Larry Parque sat out the second half due to injuries. Grover Garvin was the Bear ' s leading ground gainer. He carried ball 18 yards for the longest Cal run of the day and gained a total of 42 yards. Halfback Wayne Crow finds the going rough inside the Oregon 10-yard line. Walt Arnold and Andy Segale block for him. Bear end Dave George and center Terry Jones break up a Longhorn pass. 1959 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD: FIRST ROW, left to right: Carl Bergeno, Pete Castellanos, Carlos Fackrell, Jim Gianulias, Dan Ipson, Bill Gray, Ken Meade, Bill Patton, Doug Graham, Ron Currie, Jim Green, Frank Sally, Bob Millinich, Pete Domoto, Mitch Reinis. SECOND ROW: Pete Olsen, Fred Tuemmler, Jerry Bogue, Glen Tanimoto, Wayne Crow, Terry Jones, Steve Bates, Jim Burress, Dave George, Larry Parque, Andy Segale, Bo MacAdam, Kenji Sasaki, Norm McLean, Don Piestrup. THIRD ROW: Al Berra, Bob Wills, Gael Barsotti, Tom Drewick, Alex Jamile, Jess Pittore, Frank Doretti, Ted Dinkler, Doug Furuta, Pat Newell, Bob Gilmore, Roland Lasher, George Pierovich, Dave Maggard, Jerry Lundgren. FOURTH ROW: Yasuto Tana, Dick Bertero, Roger Stull, Sam Stassi, Tom Briggs, Dave Ryan, Tom Bates, Ray Boyle, Bill Turner, John MacAdam, Dick Carlsen, John Papini, Skip Huber, Walt Arnold, Charlie Holston. CAL-WASHINGTON STATE 20-6 The Bears won their opening game for the first time since 1952 as they defeated the Cougars on a muddy Spokane field. Grover Garvin ' s 92-yard punt return was the longest of the season and resulted in a Cal TD. Steve Bates scored another touchdown on a run from scrimmage and Dave scored the third. Billy Patton kicked for Cal ' s two extra points. WSU halfback Kieth Lincoln tries to elude Dave George (81) and Terry Jones (52) on his own 25-yard line. Gael Barsotti leaps up to smother a Washington pass. CAL 0—WASHINGTON 20 The Rose Bowl-bound Huskies showed the Bears all of their tricks. For the first time since 1937 Cal wasn ' t able to cross the Washington goal line. Cal kickers, though, had a great day. Jerry Scattini got off a 66-yard quick kick, the season ' s longest and Wayne Crow managed a 51-yard punt. Grover Garvin returned a kickoff 33 yards, also the season ' s longest. CAL 7—USC 14 The Bears had one of their best defensive games against the Trojans. Four times Cal held USC on SC ' s one-yard line. Cocaptain, guard Pete Domoto set up Cal ' s single touchdown when he intercepted an SC fumble and ran it for 33 yards to the seven. Jerry Scattini carried for the touchdown. Wayne Crow also got off two longer than 50-yard punts during the afternoon. Wayne Crow gets off a pass intended for Bill Patton. The Huskies broke up the play. Walt Arnold gains five to the USC 38-yard line. Wayne Crow gains 7 yards in the first quarter against the Trojans. Wayne Crow and Charlie Holston go after the UCLA ball carrier. Season Summary After arousing hopes that they could repeat last year ' s great season, the Bears ran into serious difficulties which resulted in an unsuccessful football season. Cal rolled over State, then suffered eight straight losses. The loss record was the largest single season one in Cal history. The Bears also lost all of their home games for the first time since 1896. The Bears fought hard all of the way, and their efforts were rewarded. Cal beat the Indians 20-17 in the most important game of the season. Junior fullback Walt Arnold was the 1959 rushing leader with 351 yards on 71 carries. Two other Bears, Bill Patton and Steve Bates, gained over 300 yards each. Wayne Crow led the team in total offense with 223 yards rushing and 329 in the air. He also averaged 37.1 yards per punt for 1339 yards. Cal and UCLA line up before Cal snaps the ball. In the third quarter of the Cal-Iowa game, Grover Garvin returns a kickoff. CAL 12 UCLA 19 The Cal Bears dropped a game to the Bruins after looking like they would win it. A fumble on the UCLA three-yard line cost the Bears the game. Terry Jones recovered a UCLA fumble to set up a Bear touchdown drive, and was the best Cal lineman that day. Grover Garvin was the best Bear back for the game. Varsity Football WALT ARNOLD Fullback GAEL BARSOTTI End WAYNE CROW Quarterback RON End TED Tackle GROVER Halfback DAVE End DOUG Guard JIM Guard ROLAND Tackle JERRY End DAVE Fullback BILLY PATTON Fullback GEORGE PIEROVICH Fullback DON PIESTRUP Guard FRANK SALLY Tackle STEVE BATES Halfback TOM BATES End JIM BURRESS Halfback PETE DOMOTO Guard Cocaptain FRANK DORETTI Center DOUG FURUTA Tackle CHARLIE HOLSTON Tackle SKIP HUBER End ALEX JAMILE Halfback TERRY JONES Center KEN MEADE Quarterback PAT NEWELL Tackle Cocaptain LARRY PARQUE Quarterback JERRI SCATTINI Halfback ANDY SEGALE Center JEFF SNOW Guard BOB WILLS Halfback Quarterback Randy Gold carries for a first down. The Cubs went on to beat COP by a score of 50 to 16. Frosh The 1959 version of the California Frosh football team enjoyed a very successful season under the of Mike White. The Cubs averaged 32.8 points per game to their opponents ' 18.8 as they compiled a four wins, one loss record and tied for the mythical AAWU Freshman Football In their first game, Mike White ' s first as a coach, the Cubs lost to Stanford 34 to 40. They quickly changed their tactics and defeated College of the Pacific 50 to 16 and the University of Southern 32 to 6. The Cubs turned the tables on Stanford in their second " little-big game " and won 14 to 7. The Cubs wound up their season by beating previously undefeated by a score of 34 to 25. All of the Freshmen, coach and players alike, had a most enjoyable season. MIKE WHITE Freshman Coach FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Hoffman, Bill Marr, Rich Hacker, Dick Sears, Rudy Carvajal, Bob Short, Gordy Stevens, Dick Carlson, Dave Mickel, Bob Peterson, Tony Mellos, Dick Rose, Larry Lowell. SECOND ROW: Dick Kaiser, Larry Balliett, Art Fennell, Larry Sonsini, Jon Sweat, Bob Bradley, Bob Palm, Eric Cowing, Roger Porto, Dick Merrill, Ed Protiva, Randy Go ld, Lauren Bock. THIRD ROW: Bill Brown, Dave Favro, Marshall Jaeger, Ray Tyson, Nelson Gurll, John Bebelaar, Mel Piestrup, Herm Hutchinson, Joe Penaflor, Sam Lewis, Dave Dunlap, Frank Welsh, Steve Cox, Wally Hicks. As QB Larry Balliett watches, the USC line stops a Cub back just short of the goal line. The Cubs walloped the Trobabes, 32-6. Soccer As a result of a hard-fought season, Cal Soccerbears won third place in the Northern California Soccer Conference. Cal achieved this standing after seven strong teams, tieing the eventual conference champion and losing to the second-place team. Coach Bob DiGrazia ' s team was aided in its winning efforts by goalie Fred Becker and left halfback Roland Prydz, who was voted the outstanding player by every opposing coach and referee in all Cal games this year. The Soccerbears defeated San Francisco State in their first season game. They then beat the Cal Aggies, 4-1 , and San Jose State, 3-2. Cal tied City College of San Francisco, 0-0, then defeated Santa Clara, 1-0. The University of San Francisco handed Cal its only of the season, 0-2. Stanford fell to the Bears, 2-1. In exhibition encounters, Cal beat Cal Tech, 5-0, and the Junior College All Stars, TOP: Mike Djordjevic breaks up a USF pa ss pattern. BOTTOM: Center half, Mike Djordjevic passes to Helmut Lange against USF. BOB DIGRAZIA Coach SOCCER TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Martyn Bowden, John Johnston, Norbert Pittner, Elliott Smith, Dan Forster, Dick Coveny, John Evans, Jose Escobar, Alex Kersevan, Tony Bryan, Bill Baredda, Jerry Dickinson, Dave Treiman. SECOND ROW: Dennis Tason, Assistant Coach; Richard Prydz, Don Gilbert, Peter Hendricks, Dick Bechler, Dave Behnke, Tim Gaydos, Helmut Lange, Roland Prydz, Eddy Albrizzio, Jaime Zuzanaga, Miroslav Djordpjevic, Louis Grivett, Jose Cohen, Bob DiGrazia, Coach. THIRD ROW: Fred Becker, Barry Ford, Jose Riveros, Buchanan Sharp, Noel Helmbrecht, Steve Weinberg, Terry Gerbracht, Bill Delphey, Mike Appleby, Bror Mattson, Eric Holtsmark. CAL-CITY COLLEGE: The Soccerbear forwards push the ball into City College territory. Cal center forward Alex Kersevan goes up after the ball with USF man. GEORGE SCHROTH Coach Cal moves in to score against Cal Poly. Water Polo As the Bear Water Polo Team, under the coaching of George Schroth, finished its season and looked back over it, the team could be very proud of its efforts. It had tied USC for the AAWU Water Polo Championship and come in second to the Olympic Club in the Northern California Water Polo League and Pacific Association Senior Championships. The Polobears, led by Sophomores and a few returning lettermen, completed the season with a 17-win to 5-loss record. The Bears lost only one season game, to USC by a score of 10-7. Other losses came at the hands of the Olympic Club in a preseason practice, 10-11, and in the NCWPL and PASC meets. Cal also dropped its first game to Stockton 1-5 but won the second, In season play the Polobears twice defeated Stanford, 23-5 and 16-5, dumped the Bruins, 22-7 and 21-4, and beat the Trojans, 17-1 I, in a return engagement. Next year the team could very well end up in first place. The Bear goalie stops a Fullerton scoring attempt. Cal ' s goalie intercepts a UCLA pass. CAL POLO BEARS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Ray Olme, Dave Bultens, John Montgomery, Jim Small, Gassett, Dick Johnson, Captain. SECOND ROW: Dave Alvarez, Bill Cull, Bill Harlan, Dick Stewart, Lee THIRD ROW: Andy Crow, Mike Pratt, Gery Gray, Lou Wyckoff, Woody Toel, Newell Booth, Coach George MISSING: Terry Milligan. Cross-Country Alan Gaylord and Woody Covington lead the Harriers in a practice session. Brutus Hamilton ' s Cross-Country team faced tough oppositi on in its 1959 season. The Harriers met Stanford, USC, UCLA, San Jose State and Santa Clara Youth Center last Fall. Cal ' s efforts were greatly aided by the running of Al Gaylord, who won several meets and earned his third varsity letter. Other letter winners were Woody Covington, his second; Karl Uebel, his second; Gordon Whitehead, his second; Richard Govan, his first, and Val Prescop, his first. SEASON SUMMARY Oct. 1—USC 32, CALIFORNIA 39, UCLA 48. Oct. 24—SCYC 30, CALIFORNIA 39, San Jose State 53. Oct. 31—Stanford 34, USC 38, CALIFORNIA 48. Nov. 7—Stanford 41, CALIFORNIA 46, San Jose 60, UCLA 64. Nov. 13—SAN JOSE STATE INVITATIONAL: SCYC 30, Stanford 52, San Jose State 71, CALIFORNIA 78. Nov. 17—Stanford 25, CALIFORNIA 33. Nov. 28—INTERCOLLEGIATE INVITATIONAL: Idaho 22, Stanford 28, UCLA 42, CALIFORNIA 52. TOP: The Cal Cross-Country team practices on the Panoramic Way course, the toughest on the West Coast. BOTTOM: The team discusses its strategy for a future meet. THE CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul D ' Alterio, Richard Govan, Alan Gaylord, Brian SECOND ROW: Coach Hamilton, Val Prescop, Woody Covington, Karl Uebel, Desmond O ' Neill, Gordon Whitehead, Thunen, Manager. BRUTUS HAMILTON Coach Competition is intense as Cal competes with San Jose State and Santa Clara Youth Center on the Strawberry Canyon Track. WINTER SPORTS Basketball The basketball season marked the sixth and last for Pete Newell as Cal ' s head coach. In those six years, Pete established himself as one of the country ' s foremost basketball coaches. He coached the Cal cagers to 119 victories out of 163 games for a .730 His teams won three Pacific Coast Conference championships, one AAWU and one National Collegiate championship. They placed second in the nation once, led the nation in team defense and had unbroken victory strings of 25 and 19 games. This year Newell was named " Coach of the Year " by UPI, the Basketball Coaches ' Association and the Metropolitan Basketball Writers—a fitting climax to his coaching career. Basketball rooters will miss seeing towel-chewing Pete on the bench with the team, but they are comforted by the that he will remain on campus as Director. Newell was assisted this year by Rene Herrerias, next year ' s head coach, Al Matthews and Denny Fitzpatrick. Herrerias coached the frosh, fulfilled the job of chief scout, and was Pete ' s number one right-hand man. Matthews, who played basketball at Cal, helped with the frosh. Fitzpatrick, Cal ' s high scorer last year, coached the Junior Varsity. Also of great assistance to Pete and the team were the basketball managers. COCAPTAIN DARRALL IMHOFF BASKETBALL MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Leonard Kutnik, Darryl Henley, Peter Green, Charles Wilde. SECOND ROW: Alfred Kroger, Richard Hoppin, William Eggers, Richard Schreiber. COCAPTAIN DARRALL IMHOFF Senior center Darrall Imhoff is a three-year letterman at Cal. He made five All-American teams this year and was honored as California, All-Los Angeles and twice All-Western Regional Most Valuable Player, All-AAWU Center, and was twice on the All-NCAA Finals Tournament Team. Darrall was leading scorer and for the Bears and voted most player by his teammates. COCAPTAIN DICK DOUGHTY Dick Doughty is a Senior Speech major and two-year letterman at center. A good shooter and rebounder, Dick added greatly to the team effort. He has a great capacity for stealing the ball from his opponents. On several occasions this season, he secured the Bear ' s victory. Dick ' s wide grin is well known to basketball fans. With it, he has boosted team spirit on several occasions. COCAPTAIN DICK DOUGHTY ASSISTANT COACHES—LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Mathews, Rene Herrerias. ABSENT: Denny Fitzpatrick. Cal 59 ...... UC at Santa Barbara 44 Cal 65....... University of San Francisco 40 Cal All-American DARRALL IMHOFF struggles to keep West Virginia ' s Lee Patrone and Willie Akers from stealing the ball. Forward BILL McCLINTOCK gets off a right-hand push shot over the hands of a Spartan guard. Cal 54 . San Jose State 43 In their first home game and third game of the basketball season, the California Bears defeated an aggressive San Jose State Spartan team. Cal was paced by top scorers Darrall Imhoff, Bill McClintock and Earl Shultz. The strong Cal defense was another key to the Bear ' s nineteenth consecutive win. Los Angeles Invitational Tournament The Cal Bears won the first annual Los Angeles Invitational Tournament when they defeated Illinois 62-48, came from 13 points behind to beat USC in overtime 65-61, and dropped the University of West Virginia 65-45, in a nearly perfect game. The Bears held West Virginia ' s All-American Jerry West to one field goal and a total of eight points. Both West Virginia and Illinois were undefeated for the season going into the tournament. DAVE STAFFORD fires his own brand of jump shot in the game against Michigan State. Cal 51 . . . Colorado 47 Cal 79 . . . . Colorado 46 With only three mi nutes left in the game, the Cal Bears overcame a five-point deficit to the Colorado Buffaloes 51-47. The next night the Bears found the going easier and soundly trounced on Colorado 79-46. Bill was Cal ' s high scorer for the two games with 11 points on Friday and 12 points on Saturday. He picked off 19 rebounds for the two games. DICK DOUGHTY scores as BILL McCLINTOCK and TANDY GILLIS look on. Cal 71..... Michigan State 60 Darrell Imhoff scored 18 points and pulled down 18 rebounds to lead the Bears as they defeated a strong Michigan State team 71-60. The Bears used their pressing defense but were able to break into the high scoring ranks with the help of 12 points scored by Bill McClintock and fine work by Earl Shultz and Bobby Wendell. Cal 79 . Washington 39 Cal 68 . Washington 53 Cal 54 . Washington 47 Cal 57 . Southern Cal 65 Cal 60 . Southern Cal 45 Cal 57 . Southern Cal 46 NED AVERBUCK and ED DONAHUE battle for the rebound. The Washington Huskies were no match for California as the Bears three times rolled over them. In the first game, the Bears held the Huskies to three field goals in the first half and put on their best offensive show. Both Darrall Imhoff and Earl Shultz scored 20 points in the second game. Shultz made nine out of nine field goals during the game. In the third game, Cal also lowered its already nation leading team defensive mark. Cal 67 . Oregon State 48 Cal 62 . Oregon State 47 The Bears twice met and twice defeated the Oregon State Beavers in nonleague games. In their first encounter, Dave Stafford was Cal ' s high point man with 16 points and a major factor in their victory. Darrall Imhoff and Bill McClintock controlled the boards both evenings and generally made the going rough for Oregon State. USC will be remembered as the only team which was able to defeat the Cal Bears during their 1959-60 basketball season. But the Bears avenged this loss by subsequently beating the Trojans by scores of 60-45 and 57-46. Cal showed its outstanding defensive techniques as it controlled over 57 per cent of the rebounds and forced SC to make many ball control errors. BOBBY WENDELL is all alone as he scores a layup against Oregon State. Big BILL McCLINTOCK goes after a loose ball under USC ' s basket. DARRALL IMHOFF casts off over the head of an awed Oregon man. Cal 70 . U. of Oregon 45 The Golden Bears dumped the Oregon Ducks 70 to 45 in their only meeting during the 1959-1960 season. All-American Darrall Imhoff scored 23 points in 23 minutes. He and Bill McClintock pulled down 28 rebounds to keep the ball out of Oregon hands. The defensive work of Bobby Wendell and Earl Shultz contributed greatly to the Cal victory. Cal 54 . Wash. State 43 Cal defeated the Cougars 54 to 43 in nonconference play this season. Cal has won all twelve of the basketball games between the two schools since 1922. The Bears ' over-all record is 18 wins to the Cougars ' three. In this year ' s game, the Cougars were held to only 37 field goal attempts, a defensive record for the Bears this season. They made only 14 field goals. A loose ball in the Cal-Washington game caused a commotion. JERRY MANN grabs the ball as BILL McCLINTOCK meets a rougher fate. Cal 59 . . . . UCLA 47 Cal 53 . . . . UCLA 45 Cal 67 . . . . UCLA 57 Cal easily defeated UCLA as three different Bears led the team scoring for the three games. Bill McClintock scored 13 points in the first game. Darrall Imhoff pushed 16 points through the basket and put on a tremendous one-man defensive show in the second game. In the third game, Tandy Gillis pumped in 22 points for his own season high scoring mark. Cal 52 . . Stanford 43 Cal 51 . . Stanford 42 Cal 70 . . Stanford 51 Cal ' s age-old rivals had to be satisfied with three defeats at the hands of the Bears this year. The Indians fought all of the way, but could not get by the Bears ' tough defense. Tandy Gillis and Bill McClintock were leading scorers in the two games played on the Bears ' home court. Dick Doughty had one of his finest nights of the season when he scored 20 points in the third Cal-Indian game. DARRALL IMHOFF snares a rebound in the second Bear-Bruin encounter. TANDY GILLIS gets his shot off despite the efforts of two Stanford men. California . . 71 Idaho State . 44 With the help of 19 points scored by Darrall Imhoff, 15 by Bill McClintock, and 10 by Tandy Gillis, Cal ' s three double-figure scorers, the Bears clobbered the Idaho State Bengals 71 to 44. The game was so one-sided that Pete Newell cleared the bench in the second half to give all of his team a chance to play. TOP: Darrall Imhoff flips the ball off the backboard despite the efforts of Santa Clara ' s Joe Sheaff. Bill McClintock gets set to receive the ball. TOP RIGHT: Cal ' s Cocaptains Dick Doughty and Darrall Imhoff hold the regional trophy for all to see, including their teammates. Darrall Imhoff gets a layup past Oregon ' s Charlie Warren and Chuck Rask, and teammate Tandy Gillis. Tandy Gillis and Darrall Imhoff grab a rebound. The Santa Clara man is Joe Sheaff. I NCAA Western Regionals Idaho State ' s Homer Watkins and Cal ' s Darrall Imhoff go after a rebound. Imhoff blocks an Idaho State shot. Bill McClintock gets off a jump shot in the Santa Clara game. Dave Stafford grabs a loose ball. He ' s guarded by Oregon ' s Chuck Rask. TOP: Darrall Imhoff gets a layup past Idaho ' s Homer Watkins and Ray Griffith RIGHT: Earl Shultz dribbles past Idaho ' s Homer Watkins. Cal 69 . . . . Santa Clara 49 Cal 70 Oregon 49 In the Western Regional Championship at Edmundson Pavilion in Seattle, the Bears took on the University of Santa Clara and Uni versity of Oregon and left them badly shaken by defeat. The first game Friday night saw the Bears defeat the Santa Clara Broncs 69 to 49 as both Imhoff and Shultz scored 16 points, and McClintock picked up 13. Bronco forward Jim Russi was the high point man with 20 points. Saturday night the Bears faced the Oregon Ducks who upset Utah in Friday ' s second game. The Bears handled the Ducks as easily as during their first meeting. Imhoff was top scorer for both teams with 18 points, followed by Oregon ' s Chuck Rask with 15. The final score was Cal 70, Oregon 49. Bill McClintock lays the ball in for two points as Earl Shultz and Ohio Staters Nel Nowell, Larry Siegfried and Jerry Lucas look on. LEFT: Bill McClintock taps the ball in as Darrall Imhoff and Paul Hogue watch. FAR LEFT: Tandy Gillis cuts loose with a left-hand hook shot as Imhoff and Hogue position themselves under the basket and Carl Bouldin looks on. Cincinnati ' s Paul Hogue and Cal ' s Bill McClintock go after a rebound as Oscar Robinson and Larry Willey watch. BELOW: Dave Stafford, John Cedargren (10) and Howard Nourse (31) go after the rebound. BELOW, LEFT: Darrell Imhoff gets off a two-hand jump shot despite the efforts of Bob Wiesenhahn and Carl Bouldin (34). NCAA FINALS Cal 77 . . Cincinnati 69 Cal 55 . . . Ohio State 75 The 1960 NCAA Tournament climaxed a successful and exciting Bear basketball season. The tournament brought together the nation ' s number one, two, three and twelve teams. Unfortunately, the number three ranked team, Ohio State, won the coveted first-place trophy. In the Western division championship game, played on Friday night, Cal played the Bearcats, the same team it defeated in the Western championship last year. The Bears had to come from behind to defeat Oscar Robinson and his crew, 77 to 69. Tandy Gillis and Dave Stafford kept tabs on the Big O all evening and allowed him to make only four field goals out of 16 attempts. The Bearcats tried to catch the Bears in the second half, an d looked like they could, until guard Earl Shultz stole the ball from them and Gillis pushed the clinching two points through the net. Imhoff was leading scorer for both teams with 25 points, followed by Bill McClintock with 18. The final game of the tournament matched Cal against a very tall, very young, and very good Ohio State team. The Buckeyes hit a fantastic 84.7 per cent of their shots in the first half and ended the game shooting 67.4 per cent from the floor. Ohio State put on a very strong defense which prevented the Bears ' attempting any easy shots. Several times Cal rallied but each time the Buckeyes rapidly gained control. Cal ' s defense caused Ohio to commit 15 ball control errors to the Bear ' s five, but the Buckeyes ended up on top by a score of 75 to 55. Dick Doughty was the Bears ' high point man with by McClintock with 10 and Gillis and Imhoff with eight each. Bill McClintock tries a layup as Paul Hogue and Oscar Roninson get set to block it. Team BILL ALEXANDER, Guard NED AVERBUCK, Forward DICK DOUGHTY, Center JERRY MANN, Guard BILL McCLINTOCK, Forward ED DONAHUE, Center TANDY GILLIS, Forward DARRALL IMHOFF, Center NEAL SATRE, Forward DAVE STAFFORD, Forward BOBBY WENDELL, Guard STAN MORRISON, Forward EARL SHULTZ, Guard JOHN WIBLE, Guard JIM SNIDER, Forward NOT PICTURED: ED PEARSON, Guard Ned Averbuck casts off as Neal Satre and Stan. Morrison set up the defense. Blues The Cal Blues won four of the nine games they played this year. They suffered two defeats at the hands of the very strong Watson Brothers Truckers, composed mainly of players from last season ' s WCAC champions, St. Mary ' s College. The Blues split two games with the Cal Frosh, defeated the Med Center, West Contra Costa Junior College, while twice to the Stanford Braves. The men who saw action all year long with the Blues were: Bill Alexander, Jim Burton Davies, Steve Chandler, Ed Donahue, Tom Fortune, Neal Satre, Bob Suter, Pete Olson, Jim Snider, Whitehead, John Wible and Dave Williams. Bill Alexander gets off a right hand hook shot against the Stanford JV ' s. FIRST ROW, left to right: Davey Williams, Pete Olson, Burton Davies. SECOND ROW: Coach Rene Herrerias, Neal Satre, Gordon Whitehead, Tom Fortune, Jim Snider, Bob Sutter, Steve Chandler Don Lauer rings the basket in the game against Stanford Cal and Stanford go after a rebound, but Don Lauer brings it down. Frosh The 1959-60 California freshman basketballers finished their season with a fine 11-9 record, despite losing their first three games and dropping two of three at the end of the season in the Pacific Association AAU tournament. The highlights of the Cubs ' season were wins over the Santa Clara freshmen, which dropped the young Broncos from the undefeated ranks, a win over the Stanford frosh, at Stanford, after having lost twice to the Papooses, and splitting a pair of games with the Blues. The Cubs registered wins over the San Jose State freshmen, College of Marin, City College of San Fran- cisco, Monterey Junior College, Vallejo Junior College, College of San Mateo, and the USF freshmen in addition to their victories over Santa Clara, Stanford and the Blues. The losses were to USF, St. Mary ' s, Sacramento Junior College, Santa Clara and two to Stanford. Camden Wall led the Cubs in scor- ing with 262 points and a 13.1 points-per-game average. Guard Dick Smith was second with a 10.6 average. Jim Smith casts off over the hands of a Stanford man. FIRST ROW, left to right: Washington Johnson, Dan Lufkin, Jim Strand, Dick Smith. SECOND ROW: Larry Weeshoeff, Tom Trautwein, Don Lauer, John Cheli, Denis Vollom. THIRD ROW: Coach Rene Herrerias, Chris Carpenter, Steve Belser, Camden Wall, James Smith, Steve Hall. ED NEMIR Boxing Coach Boxing Cal ' s boxers had a successful year under the direction of veteran coach Ed Nemir. The Bears tied for third in the California Boxing Conference with the aid of a win by Don Ricci in the 156-lb. division, a second by Gordon Van Kessel in the 147-lb. division, and a second by Fred Weaver in the 178-lb. division. All three boxers are Juniors, so will be back to strengthen next year ' s team. The Bears finished the season with a three win, two tie, three loss record. They tied Cal Poly, tied then lost to Chico State, placed second in the CCBC, lost twice to Stanford, CCBC champions, and defeated Fresno State, Santa Clara and USF, who tied for third in the CCBC tournament. Cal sent Don Ricci and Fred Weaver to the NCAA championships in Madison, Wisc. Ed Nemir and the Cal boxers discuss an upcoming match. FIRST ROW, left to right: Chuck Eastman, Don Ricci, Jack Kawamoto, Ed Killbride, Ed O ' Dea, Mike Huffman. SECOND ROW: Coach Ed Jack Damich, Fred Weaver, Pat Newell, Jim Santag, Don Kennedy, John Wylie, Jim Hagendorm, Gordon Van Kessel. Wrestling BILL TOMARAS Wrestling Coach A wrestler demonstrates a cross body right defensive hold. Midseason injuries and accidents greatly the effectiveness of Coach Bill Tomaras ' varsity wrestling team. The team won its first four matches before trouble set in, but had to be satisfied with a five win, five loss record at the end of the season. Toby Burnett placed fourth in the 115-lb. of the Pacific Coast Tournament. During the dual met season he competed in the 123-lb. division and lost only one match. The All-Star vote by AAWU coaches indicated that the wrestlers would have come out near the top if they had remained at full strength. Cal men received six of the ten places on the team. All-Star men included Toby Burnett at 115 and 123, Captain Phil LaForce, who was undefeated until injuries sidelined him, at 130, Rich Machado at 147, Al Cunningham at 157, and Barry Davidson at 177. VARSITY WRESTLING ROW, left to right: Al Cunningham, Rich Machado, Captain Phil LaForce, Toby Burnett. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Tomaras, Norbert Hoffman, Barry Davidson, Dick Rice, Ken Nemzer. GYMNASTICS TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Fashinell, Pat Kelly, Harvey Kaufman, Jon Warren, Bob Reeves, Mario DeLara. SECOND ROW: Paul Mold, Steve Monti, Pete Sanford, Rich Yanoff, Bill Jackson, Frank Fitz. THIRD ROW: Manager Don Stankowski, Captain Roy Davis, Tony Nelson, Ben Solomon, Richard Schmidt, Art Shurlock, Ken Ponder, Coach Hal Frey. Gymnastics Cal ' s gymnasts, under the coaching of Hal Frey, had a very successful 1960 season. The Bears extended their dual match win streak to 18 and remained undefeated for the They outpointed Stanford, San Jose State, San Francisco State, University of Southern California and UCLA. The also outscored San Jose State, Sacramento State and San Francisco State in a quadrangular meet at Berkeley. The gymnasts placed second in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate championships as Art Shurlock placed first in the all-around and horizontal bar events and Jim Fairchild took first on the side horse. Three members of Cal ' s four-man NCAA team placed in that tournament as the Bears took fourth place. Fairchild became national champion on the side horse, Shurlock took second in the all-around, and rope climber Mario DeLara grabbed third place in that event. HAL FREY Gymnastics Coach Art Shurlock prepares to work on the rings at the 1959 NCAA Meet. Riflery The California varsity rifle team has one of the finest records of any collegiate team in the country. They have been Champions three years in a row (1957, 1958, 1959). They have produced a couple of dozen All-Americans, and they have an outstanding record in their local conference. Thomas Kilfoil and Fred Dalton were picked as All-Americans last year, and Kilfoil has an excellent chance to repeat this year. Ronald Van Barnett and Wayne Fenner also were members of last season ' s championship team. The Bears have taken the Northern California Intercollegiate Rifle Conference championship again this year under the superb coaching of Master Sergeant M. L. Dineen. MASTER SERGEANT DINEEN Rifle Team Coach The Cal marksmen work out between meets. RIFLE TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronald Van Barnett, Wayne Fenner, Thomas Kilfoil. SECOND ROW: M Sgt. M. L. Dineen, Coach; Paul Nielsen, Ronald Tambussi, Edwin Cerwinsky, David Wiley, William McCulloch, Phillip Beam, Norman Weinress, Student Manager. ABSENT: Jerry Greenwood. Men ' s Skiing Al Grisemer takes the thirty-meter jump in a four-way meet against Oregon State, Chico and Nevada. The University of California Ski team enjoyed a successful season by dominating all West Coast rivals except the powerful Nevada team. With strength and depth in the alpine team, Cal won every down hill and slalom race during the season with the exception of the two in which it placed a close second. Cal ' s nordic team was well represented by Freshman Bob Holmstrom and Paul Duncan in the crosscountry and by three-year letterman Al Grisemer and Duncan in the jumping. Consistent point scorers for the Bears were Mike Foley and Al Grisemer in the downhill, Paul Duncan in the slalom, Captain Harry Mays in the alpine and Ward Noble in alpine and nordic events. HARRY MAYS Ski Team Captain SKI TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: Karl Burtscher, Sun Valley Coach; Captain Harry Mays, Al Grisemer, Doug More, Ward Noble, Bob Frantz, Mike Foley, Paul Duncan. ABSENT: Bob Holmstrom. Women ' s Skiing The strongest women ' s ski team in seven years, captained by Marilyn Smith, was undefeated in 1959-1960 ski competition. Led by Freshman Mary-Helen Reich, the girls easily placed first in the Bay Area Ski Federation Meet this year. Sun Valley attracted captain Marilyn Smith for practice early in the season. The team reached its full potential when Mary-Helen Reich, Ann Mayhew, Julia Shaw, Louise Dunlap and Lorna Sanderson joined the team for by coach Wilson Talley before the North-South Race. Picked as two of the outstanding women skiers in the state, Reich and Smith were invited to participate at against the crack Southern skiers. Despite a spectacular fall in the race, Marilyn Smith won second place in the combined competition, losing the position of the state ' s one woman racer by one second. Louise Dunlap and Marilyn Smith pose for pictures before a meet. WILSON TALLEY Ski Coach WOMEN ' S SKI TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary-Helen Reich, Julie Shaw, Louise Dunlap, Lorna Sanderson, Captain Marilyn Smith, Ann Mayhew. SPRING SPORTS TRACK MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Bell, Dave Benson, Pete Cassinelli. TRACK COACHES—LEFT TO RIGHT: Brutus Hamilton, Varsity; Al Ragan, Frosh. JACK YERMAN 220, 440, 880 JERRY SIEBERT 880, Mile Track Cal ' s track team got off to a slow start this season as it lost its first two dual meets, but fine by several of the Bears that future meets would be more successful for them. This year ' s team was again coached by Brutus Hamilton, with Al Ragan acting as assistant. These two men have been coaching Cal teams, singly or together, since 1932, and have produced many outstanding competitors. Assisting Hamilton and Ragan were the track Chuck Bell, Dave Benson, and Pete Cassinelli. During the season, Cal met the Santa Clara Youth Village, San Jose State, USC, UCLA, Fresno State, the University of Oregon State and Stanford. Team members also competed in the West Coast Relays, Coliseum Relays, and AAWU and NCAA championships. The Varsity met the Santa Clara Valley Youth Village team in its first meet. Cebron Russ was the Bear ' s high point man as he took first place in the broad jump and second in the high and low hurdles. Shot putter Dave Maggard got off an all-time best heave of 53-61 2 to place second in his event. The Bear quartet of Jerry Siebert, Jack Bob Karlsrud, and Dave won the mile relay. The following week end Cal met a strong San Jose State team. The Spartans won the meet, 84 to 47, but several Cal men put on fine performances. Jerry Siebert ran and won his first mile of the season, Jack Yerman easily won the 440, Cebron Russ nabbed a first in the high hurdles and a second in the broad jump. Terry Kelley and Tom Coulton were one, two in the pole vault. Dave Maggard took a first in the shot put. DAVE MAGGARD Shot put BOB KARLSRUD Sprints and Hurdles TERRY KELLEY Pole Vault ALAN GAYLORD One and Two Miles JACK YERMAN took top honors in the 440 against San Jose State College. JERRY SEIBERT won the mile race against San Jose State College. JERRY NORDSTROM Shot Put, Discus, Javelin TOM COLTON Pole Vault Jerry Siebert passes the baton to Bob Karlsrud in the mile relay. The Bear quartet of Siebert, Karlsrud, Willie White, and Dave Epstein ran the event in 3:18.3, to beat the USC Trojans. WILLIE WHITE Sprints, 220 Low Hurdles CEBRON RUSS Hurdles, Broad Jump Varsity Track TOP: Cebron Russ wins the high hurdles against San Jose State. LEFT: Ray Norton from SCYU beat Willie White in the 220 as he set a new world ' s record for the event. Faced with one of the toughest schedules in years, the 1960 California Varsity track team, though not a strong dual meet team, proved to have several individuals who must be rated among the best in the nation in their special events. The best of the ' 60 Bears were: Jack Yerman in the 220, 440, and 880; Jerry Siebert in the 880 and mile; Willie White in the 100, 220, and 220 low hurdles; Terry Kelley in the pole vault; Cebron Russ in the 120 high hurdles, 220 low hurdles, and broad jump; Alan Gaylord in the mile and two mile; Dave Maggard in the shot put; and Bob Karlsrud in the hurdles, 440 and relay. With very good front line talent, the Bears lacked the depth to handle San Jose, Southern California or the Santa Clara Youth Village, but did well over the remainder of the season. VARSITY TRACK TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Terry Kelley, Dave Epstein, Jerry Siebert, Jack Yerman, Vai Prescop, Gary Wood, Donald Talley. SECOND ROW: Bill Edmonds, Alan Gaylord, Neville Shaw, Maurice deVillers, Robert Karlsrud, Bill Smith, Kent Newmark. THIRD ROW: Ed Donahue, Eureal Bell, Dave Maggard, Karl Uebel, Desmond O ' Neill, Gerald Nordstrom, Barton Gale. FOURTH ROW: Brett Merner, Tom Colton, Ronald Vaughn, Cebron Russ, Willie White, George Kunze, Charles Cordero. Frosh Track Coach Al Ragan ' s frosh track team showed great potential this season. In the opening meet, a triangular meet at Berkeley, the frosh defeated Monterey JC and Fresno City College (531 2-471 2-47). The outstanding race of the meet was the half mile, won by George Linn in 1:56.8, while Martin Ziebarth grabbed fourth-place honors. Steve Carnahan and Todd Gaskill came in one, two in the high jump, Gary Walton won the mile in 4:35, and Bill Ferlatte the two mile in 10:23. In the Cal-San Jose State Frosh meet, won by a very strong San Jose frosh team, George Linn won the mile, Steve Carnahan won the broad jump, and Bill Gould took the high hurdles. Later in the season, the frosh met San Francisco City College, Oakland City College, Sacramento Junior College, Contra Costa JC, San Jose City College, Diablo Valley College, and the Stanford Frosh. TOP: Gary Walton wins the mile against Monterey Junior College and Fresno City College. RIGHT: George Linn finishes the 880 in 1:56.8, against Monterey and Fresno. FROSH TRACK TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Frank Curico, Jim Williams, Bill Barbee, Allen King, Richard Myer, Leonard Tavernetti, Allen Peters, Mike Haimovitz. SECOND ROW: Steve Carnahan, Nicholas Bizony, Bill Gould, Fritz Tietze, Bill Ferlatte, Terry Davis. THIRD ROW: George Linn, Roger Popper, Todd Gaskill, Jonathan Barry, James Bird, Richard Merrill, James Richard, Jr., Curtis Rocca, Fredrick Barnard. FOURTH ROW: Jon Peck, George Rathman, Robert Rosenberg, Dale Ruff, John Stevenson, Gary Walton, Matt Sankovich, Neil Schmidt. Crew 1960—the Olympics—with the attendant tradition and honor, makes it truly an all-important year to California ' s Crew. The team worked extra hard this season with the goal and hopes of representing the University and the United States at this summer ' s Olympic Games. Certainly the precedent is there, for in three of the last six such Olympics, the Golden Bears have been the U.S. ' eight-oared entry, and e ventual gold medal winners. The Bear Crew started the season with an experienced squad and a new coach for the first time in thirty-five years. Jim Lemmon, Freshman coach since 1954, succeeded Ky Ebright last July. Coach Lemmon was fortunate to have a wealth of experience on hand to greet him. Only one man from each of last year ' s Varsity and Junior Varsity crews was lost by graduation, and there were the always eager Sophomores to fill in any such losses. As a result of this depth, competition was intense all Spring for the coveted first boat seats. To assist Coach Lemmon was John Halberg as Freshman coach, and Claude Hutchison, former Cal oarsman, as an assistant. The crew had as rugged a schedule this season as possible. Starting in mid-April they opened with their southern brothers, UCLA, followed by the crews of USC in dual races. The next week end they journeyed south for a triangular sprint race with the southern teams. After meeting Stanford next at Redwood City, the Bears were the hosts of Washington ' s Huskies on the Estuary over the three-mile course. This tradition-laden regatta dates back to very early 1900 ' s. The season ' s finale was the Pacific Coast Sprint Championships at Long Beach, where the Bears took on all corners. After finals, the team is hopeful that the season ' s efforts will justify a trip East. This will mean racing Wisconsin and Navy at Madison and then on to the IRA National Championships at Syracuse, for the ultimate honor in rowing. JIM LEMMON Varsity Coach JOHN HALBERG Freshman Coach The crew leaves the dock to start its practice on the Estuary. Step one: Put the boat in the water. COACH JIM LEMMON goes over crew plans with his coxswains Steve Horn, Arlen Lackey, Chuck Orman, Allan Jacobs, Phil Spieth, Ralph Udick. CREW MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Robinson, Doug Luna, Gil Walker, Dennis Slaughter, Dwight Huffman, Jay Flachenshar, Bob Patton. VARSITY CREW—FIRST ROW, left to right, Chuck Orman, Arlen Lackey, Ralph Udick, Steve Horn, Allan Jacobs, Phil Spieth. SECOND ROW: Bob Berry, Elmore Chilton, Don Martin, Gary Yancey, Dave Flinn, Tom Dunlap, Tim Scofield, Allan Brown, Chris Barnes, Leonard Wohletz, Joe Neil, Gary Anderson, Marty McNair. THIRD ROW: Coach Jim Lemmon, John Christensen, Tom Petersen, Gerald Lanier, Renny Stokes, Igor Zbitnoff, Bob Verhoogen, Sandy Skaggs, Marshall Cloyd, Dave Totten, John Gotshall, Bruce Owens, Bob Santee, Doug Muirhead, Steve Slauson. FOURTH ROW: Dusty Miller, Tim Lyman, Don Kearns, Jack Matkin, Bob Curley, Bart Cardon, Larry Bacon, Tony Diamond, Ron Gridley, Dave Marshall, Joe Newman, Ray Hertel, Butler Minor, Bruce Hansen, Mike Fraser. 1959 Varsity Crew Results DATE April 18 April 25 May 2 May 9 May 16 May 19 May 23 June 20 OPPONENT UCLA-USC USC Wisconsin Menlo College Washington UCLA Orange Coast College Stanford Reserves Stanford IRA Regatta PLACE Ballona Creek Estuary Estuary Seattle Estuary Estuary Estuary Syracuse, N.Y. DISTANCE 2000 meters 2 miles 2 miles 2 miles mile 3 miles 2 miles 2000 meters 3 miles 2000 meters 3 miles 2 miles 3 miles CREW Varsity J-V Varsity Frosh Varsity Frosh Frosh Reserves Varsity J-V Frosh Varsity J-V Frosh Frosh Varsity Frosh Varsity J-V Frosh Varsity-Cal 4th J-V WINNER California California California California Dead heat California California Washington Washington Washington California California California California California California California California California Wisconsin California Cal crews practice on the Estuary. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Rhodes, Russ Trader, Joe Falkinham, Bob Shimisaki, John Kagel. SECOND ROW: Denis Body, Steve Brandt, Bill Berger, John Thomas, John Evans, Griff Durham, Dave Tomlinson, Key Yoshikawa, Dave Fieselman, Sam Speake. THIRD ROW: Coach John Halberg, Tom Palmer, Don Berger, Dick Bass, Paul Monroe, Jon Kuhn, Ed Faridany, Bob Rohwer, John Bayless, Brian Dodd, Dan Abbot, Coach Claude Hutchison. FOURTH ROW: Gary Davis, Jim Thrash, Fred Page, John Cory, Gary Rogers, Bill Goldsmith, Sam Dunlap, Tom Tobin, Larry Taylor, Dick Lohman, Roger Adams. Frosh Crew John Halberg, Cal ' s new Freshman crew coach, had an eager group of Freshmen to work with this season. As is always the case, none of the Bear Cub squad had any experience in the fine art of rowing. Starting completely from scratch, Halberg and his squad worked hard and long. By the Spring racing season, the Frosh crews were molded into coordinated and racing units capable of holding their own with the best the Pacific Coast could offer. The Cub squad was out to equal, or better, their very successful season of 1959. Last year the Freshmen outrowed USC, UCLA, Orange Coast College, Stanford and Menlo College. Only Washington was able to overcome the yearling oarsmen, and this was at Seattle on everrough Lake Washington. During the 1960 season the Cub oarsmen opened against the Bruin sweepsters, by USC ' s Trobabes on the Saturday, with the reserves taking on Orange Coast College. Two weeks later they matched strokes with their rivals, Stanford, at Redwood City. As a final windup, California ' s Freshmen took on the always powerful Washington Huskies, in the preliminary to the varsity races on Oakland ' s Estuary. A frosh crew leaves the dock for practice session in the shell. GEORGE WOLFMAN Varsity Baseball Coach Baseball The Cal baseballers got off to a very businesslike start this season as they won their first nine games. After a brief setback at the hands of Fresno State, 4 to 9, and an eleventh inning loss to the of Washington Huskies, 1 to 2, the Bears again entered the win column. The Bears shut out the Huskies,1 to 0, in their next encounter, dumped the Cal Aggies, 11 to 1, and won their first California Intercollegiate Baseball Association games. Santa Clara went down to defeat 4 to 1 and 3 to 2. The Stanford Indians were next to suffer defeat at the hands of the Bears as Cal snuffed out a ninth-inning rally to win 4 to 3. The 1960 baseball season was George Wolfman ' s sixth at Cal and his fourth as the Bears ' head coach. Wolfman-coached teams have won 123 games while losing only 59. They also were first in NCAA play in 1957 and second in CIBA play for two years. Assisting Wolfman this year were Cliff McClain, Bob Elliot, Marv Lacey, Al Mathews and Dave James Weinberger, Ray Wickman, Chuck Rowins, and Robert Traum were the baseball managers. BASEBALL MANAGERS—FRONT: Jim Weinberger. BACK ROW, left to right: Ray Wickman, Chuck Rowins. ASSISTANT BASEBALL COACHES—LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Elliot, Marv Lacey, Cliff McClain, Al Mathews. Happy with a home run? TED FALK is happy about the one he scored against COP. MIKE NOAKES rounds first in the varsity game against San Francisco. MIKE WHITE, baseball captain, is a Junior from Fullerton, Calif. Last year he lettered at shortstop. MIKE WHITE gets a hit in the COP game. Team Cal warm-up. JOHN BALAAM First Base NOEL BARNES First Base ADNEY BOWKER Third Base TED FALK Pitcher ROGER HEWITT Catcher RICH JOHNSON Second Base VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, Rich Wolfman, mascot. SECOND ROW: left to right: Dave Van Hoorebeke, Ray Rohde, Bill Oakley, Tom Graves, Kevin Scarpelli, Don Louie, Dee Louis, Barry Arnett. THIRD ROW: Terry Johnson, Jerry Montgomery, Dennis Stillman, Robert Milano, Toni McGarrey, Ted Falk, Rick Konecky, Noel Barnes, Captain Mike White, Dick Stowell. FOURTH ROW: Cliff McClain, assistant coach; Joe Miskinnis, John Balaam, Roger Hewit, Bob Millinich, Ted Settle, Dennis Brewick, Bob Ingebretson, Mike Noakes, Adney Bowker. Jim Van trainer; George Wolfman, coach. Cal Dugout. RICH KONECKY Outfield TOM McGARREY First Base BOB MILANO Catcher BOB MILLINICH Third Base JOE MISKINNIS Outfield JERRY MONTGOMERY Pitcher MIKE NOAKES Outfield BILL OAKLEY Pitcher RAY ROHDE Pitcher KEVIN SCARPELLI Shortstop TED SETTLE Pitcher MIKE WHITE Shortstop CINNAMON BEARS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim McDonald, Larry Caldenwood, Richard Shafer, Steve Bordi, Art Levine, Dan Lufkin. SECOND ROW: Coach Bob Elliot, Paul Menoher, Sam Stassi, John Wagner, Paul Daniels, Robert Ward, John Gretlein, Jim Gianulius, Dave Sim, Robert McDougall, Coach Marv Lacey. Cinnamon Bears The 1960 Cinnamon Bears, coached by Marv Lacey and Bob Elliott, had a fairly successful year. Their season record against mostly junior college and other college junior varsity teams approximated a .750 average. Some of the stalwarts of the pitching staff were Jim McDonald, Dennis Stillman, Dick Shafer, Sam Stassi and Bob Ingrebretson. Robert Ward, John Wagner, Art Levine, Paul Daniels, Dave Sim, Dave VanHoorbeke, Dick Stowell, Bob Fleck and John Gretlein were outstanding hitters during the season. Many of these players are good prospects for next year ' s varsity. The Cinnamon Bears ' season included games with San Francisco City College, West Contra Costa Junior College, the Stanford JV ' s, Coalinga City College, Oakland City College, John Swett High School, Sacramento JC, Jefferson High School, Willow Glen High School, and the Cal Aggies. ART LEVINE hustles back to first base in the game against Willow Glen High School. FROSH BASEBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dub Johnson, Bobby Smith, Mark Schneider, Bob Russell, Charlie Aparicio, Ed Preston, Dick Reeves, Maurice Mobey. SECOND ROW: Francis Becker, Gary Atell, Bill Bican, Greg Goddard, Jerry Grinenez, Dan Barney, Dave Nelson, Jack Carter. THIRD ROW: Jim Guerrero, Jerry King, Mike Jauregui, Bill Glass, Dan Salazar, Carl Holmes, Mike Kritscher. FOURTH ROW: Coach Al Mathews, Al Mindell, Brian Herman, Jim Lyzett, Jim Hemphill, Dan Mihaly, Frank Serena, Assistant Coach Dave Draheim. Bill Bican comes home after hitting a home run in losing 5-4 game against St. Ignatius High School. Frosh The Cal frosh baseball team was off to a fast start in its 27-game schedule in 1960 by winning 12 of its first 16 games. The four losses were all by one run in games that could have gone either way. The Freshmen took part in a league this year which consisted of Freshmen teams from San Jose State, Stanford, Santa Clara and Cal. The frosh, coached by Al Mathews and Dave Draheim, had several good varsity prospects, including pitchers Mike Jauregui, Bob Smith, Mike Kritscher, Frank Serena and Carl Holmes. The Cubs were very fortunate to have five capable catchers in Dan Barney, Bill Bican, Greg Goddard, Jerry King and Charlie Aparicio. The infield was solid with Jerry Grinenez at third, Dan Salazer at short, Gary Attell and Bob Russell at second, and Don Mihaly at first. The outfield was capably played by five good varsity prospects, Jim Lyzitt, Brian Herman, Jack Carter, Al Mindell and Ed Preston. MILES " DOC " HUDSON Rugby Coach Frank Maldonado throws the ball into the Cal-Dartmouth scrum. Rugby Undefeated in thirty games, winner of the 1960 World Cup, undefeated by an American team since 1953, sixty straight games, and winner of six of the last ten World Cup tournaments, the of California rugby team is indeed a team to be reckoned with. It holds the finest collegiate rugby record to date. Coach Miles " Doc " Hudson had seventeen returning lettermen to work with this year as well as many Sophomores who were playing rugby for the first time. The 1960 team continued its annual tournament with the University of British Columbia for the possession of the World Cup. The Bears repeated their last year ' s performance by winning the cup without losing a game to the Thunderbirds. The Bears squeezed by the Thunderbirds 9 to 6 and tied them 8 to 8 in games played in Berkeley. The team then travelled to and twice defeated UBC on its own field, 26 to 8 and 9 to 8. In other games, the Bears tied the Peninsula Ramblers, 6-6, shut out Saint Mary ' s, 30-0, and beat the San Diego Townies 11-3. Twice Cal beat UCLA and 11-0, and Stanford 8-6 and 8-3. Dartmouth and the Athens Athletic Club also fell before the Bears 8-0 and 11-9. Cal defeated a novice USC team 32-5 in its last game of the season. VARSITY RUGBY TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Hall, Parkinson, Reinis, Stooks, Tummler, Coberly, O ' Reilly, Rubey, Burress, Harrison. SECOND ROW: Pierovich, Toffont, Rust, Talley, F. Brown, Hoffman, Morr, Maldonado, Perrin, Moore, Dr. Hudson, Coach. THIRD ROW: Pittore, Glagola, Coach Cullom, Arnold, Bowman, Austin, Kirk, Howe, Peterson, McNeil, Duff, D. Piestrup, Smith, Vinnecover, Rusk. FOURTH ROW: Moneymaker, Anderson, B. Brown, Fackrell, Nora, Foulkes, M. Piestrup, Popini, Favro, Ferguson, Fraser. Cal gets the throw-in in the game against UBC. Frank Maldonado gets off a quick kick against the San Diego townies. In the Cal-St. Mary ' s game, the Rugby-Bear front line tips the ball to the backfield. GEORGE SCHROTH Varsity and Frosh Swim Coach Cal backstrokers take off against Stanford. Swimming The University of California Swimming team had a successful season, winning six while losing three meets. In the first annual AAWU meet, the Bears finished third in a field of seven teams. USC was first with Stanford second. The season saw many of the team members outdoing themselves by turning in their bests and setting records not only at home but in their opponents ' pools. Outstanding in performance were Jim Small in the distances, Bill Haines in the breast stroke, Lewis Teel in the sprints, Dave in the sprints, Bill Harlan in the sprints, and Bill Ososke in the sprints. Jim Small, Fowler Stillman, and Bill Haines represented the Bears in the NCAA meet in Dallas. The Cal swim team was fortunate in having Franklin Fitz as its only diver. Fitz did double duty on both the gymnastics and swim teams. Franklin Fitz does a back pike somersault in the meet against Long Beach State College. IA A VARSITY SWIM TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Franklin Fitz, Burton Armstrong, Newell Booth, Robert Wells, Jim Small, Ronald Ruesman, Bill Harlan. SECOND ROW: Ed Klass, Dave Alvarez, Bill Ososke, Fowler Stillman, Mike Pratt, Bill Cull, Lewis Teel, Bill Naines, Ken Docter, Coach George Schroth. Cal and Stanford freestylers leave the starting blocks at the gun. FROSH SWIM TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Chris Coulon, Harley Manner, Perry Douson, Steve Twigg. SECOND ROW: Coach George Schroth, Mike Brown, Ken Wallace, Rae Archibald, Darrell Holmgren, Walt Becher, Mike Stewart, Bruce Boyer. Frosh The University of California was fortunate in having a well balanced Frosh swim team. Though the team lacked depth, the quality was good. Several of its five defeats were due to the fact that the team did not win enough second and third places to go with its firsts. Outstanding performers were Holmgren in the butterfly and individual medley, Douglas Schiel in the middle distances, Christopher Coulon in the distances, Mike Brown in the sprints, Ken Wallace in the backstroke and Perry Dooson and Bruce Boyer in the breast stroke. Roy Iwaki was a standout in diving. The Frosh team had a vigorous schedule this year. During its season, it met the best high school, junior college and college freshman teams in Northern California. The mermen finished with a twelve win, five loss record. Darryl Holmgren, Ken Wallace and Douglas Schiel broke University of California Freshman records in their specialties. Coach Chet Murphy talks with several members of his varsity tennis team. CHET MURPHY Tennis Coach VARSITY TENNIS TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Farrell, Bill Hoogs, Jay Rich, Gulden Doyd, Jack Griffen, Art Kono. SECOND ROW: Bill Lukens, Norm Slomann, Paul Welles, Pete Allen, Steve Chandler, Chris Robin, Warren Sissons, Tony Price, Coach Chet Murphy. Tennis With five lettermen returning and last year ' s talented Freshman group available, the Cal varsity tennis team was in a position to participate in one of its most successful seasons of recent years. Veterans Art Kono, Jack Griffen, Gulden Doyd, Norm Slomann, Bill Lukens, and Warren Sissons were joined by Sophomores Pete Al len, Steve Chandler, Mike Farrell, Bill Hoogs, Tony Price, Jay Rich, Chris Robin, and Paul Welles. Hoogs, after a summer of successful tournament play in which he defeated Chuck McKinley, one of young Davis Cup hopefuls, gave the team strength up front. He was undefeated during the first three team matches of the season. He defeated Whitney Reed, NCAA champion, in the match against San Jose State College. Farrell, Sissons and Paul Welles were undefeated in their first three singles matches of the season. Chandler and Price contributed three double wins to the team effort so the Cal netmen won all of their first three matches. A series of challenge matches which preceded the teams ' opening match with Sacramento indicated that all eight of the team members were about equal in ability. It is therefore expected that the 1960 Cal tennis team will have depth enough to be a strong challenger in AAWU play. Early season tennis practice includes intrasquad matches for positions on the varsity team. Frosh Twelve Freshman tennis players worked out regularly at the Edward ' s Field courts in preparation for a seven-match schedule with local small colleges and rival Stanford. Only Bill Milgram from Minnesota is an out-of-stater. Other netmen are Lee McElhenny of San Leandro, Pete Steiner, Alan Jackson, John Boarts of San Mateo, Martin Bland of Los Angeles, Robert Gallowoy of Sacramento, Ridgeway Whittemore of La Jolla, Pete Poulos of Spring Valley, Ron Roberts of Burlingame, Larry Weeshoff of Glendale, and George Roberts of Menlo Park. The team defeated the College of San Mateo in its opening match, with only number one man Bob Galloway dropping a set. Other matches found the Cubs facing San Francisco City College, Oakland City College, Stanford, and the " B " Varsity team. TENNIS TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Lee McElhenny, Martin Blank, Pete Poulos, Ron Roberts. SECOND ROW: Ridgeway Whittemore, Bill Milgram, Bob Galloway, George Roberts. THIRD ROW: Allen Jackson, Larry Weshoff, John Boarts, Pete Steiner, Coach Chet Murphy. Cal ' s varsity tennis team works out in preparation for upcoming matches. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Urfer, Jim Giffen Bob Brachman, Ray Elliott. SECOND ROW: Ron Cooper, Bob Buynton, Dick Neuman, Skip Clomeck, Bill Judge. Golf The 1960 season for the Varsity golf team opened with a trip to Chico State on March 12. After nine holes of play, the match was halted by rain and cancelled. Ron Cooper of Cal, playing his first college match at the number six position, had 36 strokes on the front nine to lead both teams in scoring. Sacramento State brought five swingers to the Orinda Country Club on March 18 but went back to the capital on the short end of a 15-6 score. Bill Judge at number four an excellent 74 to lead the field. Ten more matches were played—San State, Sacramento State, San Jose State, Stanford, USC and UCLA at Los Angeles, and the AAWU championships at Stanford. 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Robert R. 55, 190, 191, 264 Anger, Carol Ann 55 Anglim, Pat 18 Angus, Gene 240 Anixter, Katherine 294 Anthoniseu, Robert 225 Anthony, Janet 55, 310 Antipa, Greg 242 Antola, Nancy 310 Aparicio, Charles 246, 457 Apffel, John 182 Appleby, Linda 161 Appleby, Mike 70, 203, 413 Applequist, Susan 371 Arakawa, Hunter 380 Aramayo, Deni 342 Arbios, Jacqueline S. 55, 310 Arbuckle, Skip 271 Archer, Carine 298 Archer, Judith 328 Archibald, Herbert 255 Argue, John 151, 204 Armor, Dave 18, 54, 110, 111, 116 Armstrong, Alison 316 Armstrong, Burton 271, 461 Armstrong, Florence 151 Armstrong, Jon 378 Armstrong, Lois M. 373 Armstrong, Maria 55, 185 Armstrong, Mike 380 Arne, Robert 55, 266 Arnett, Barry 454 Arnoff, Warren 222 Arnois, Herbert 55 Arnold, Anne 292 Arnold, Carol 133 Arnold, Walter 191, 261, 405, 408 Arnsberg, Susan 294 Arre, Claude L. 258 Arthur, Emmsy 324 Artis, Richard 124, 266 Arvesen, John 55, 276 Asakawa, Bill 55, 350 Asari, Jane 363 Asaro, Betty Jane 55, 121, 197 Ashby, Wayne 55, 175 Asher, James 141 Asher, William 55, 185 Ashley, Andre Barton 55, 342 Ashworth, John 55, 350 Aslin, Harlen 271 Astin, Michael 342 Astle, Clark 228 Atkins, Linda Joyce 55, 302 Atkinson, Marsha 328 Atmore, Edward 55, 230 AttalI, Gary 457 Attenborough, Roland 124 Attie, Sandy Renee 294 Atwood, Edward Lee ..55, 175, 275 Auerbach, Dan 342 Auerbach, Stanley 342 Aunry, Don 231 Ausfahl, William 131, 232 Austin, Gregory 279 Austin, John 264 Austin, Kenneth 55, 174 Auswacks, Russ 244 Avedisian, Gary 55, 219 Avente, Henry R. 179 Averbuck, Ned 430 Avila, John 378 Axelson, Linda 133, 292 Axle (DOG) 242 Axt, Anita A. 55, 185, 197 Azar, Hormoz 380 Azen, Jeanne 347 Azevedo, William 338 B Baarts, John 463 Babcock, Jeff 190, 272 Bachand, Susan 55, 189, 324 Bacigalupi, Ben 235 Backman, Irene 312 Bacon, Larry 450 Badger, Joan 354 Baer, David 272 Baer, Debra 55, 324 Baer, Lewis 120, 122, 226 Baer, Patricia 366 Baer, Smokey 174 Bagaus, Harlan 220 Baggett, Brian 228 Baggett, Noel 338 Bagley, Trish 356 Bailey, Ginger 108 Bailey, Joan 322 Bailey, Neta 148, 149, 324 Bailey, Pete 278 Bailey, Talbot, Jr. 202 Bailey, Virginia 316 Baker, Barbar 55, 304 Baker, Charlene 363 Baker, Dan 276 Baker, Janet 180 Baker, John 264 Baker, Kerin 55, 298 Baker, Linda 130, 316 Baker, Sharon 374 Baker, Sherwyne 183 Balaam, John 266, 451 Balaban, Michael P. 55, 282 Balanger, Jerry 131 Baldwin, Beverly 55 Bales, Lois Rogers 55 Balkan, Bonnie 347 Ballachey, Elisabeth 318 Ballance, Marti 150 Ballantyne, Barton 55, 162 Ballard, Carolynn ....149, 180, 314 BalIiet, Larry 410 Bandak, Marina 199 Bandel, Linda Joan 55, 294 Banks, Jan 318 Bante, Barbara 366 Barbee, Bruce 162 Barbee, William 228 Barber, Betty 108, 291 Barber, Freda 55, 374 Bardo, Denys 308 Baredda, William 413 Bargman, George 338 Barish, Herb 268 Barker, Betsy 185, 316 Barker, Julie 55, 322 Barkett, Mike 240 Barnard, Patricia 56, 320 Barnes, Chris 392, 450 Barnes, Ken 266 Barnes, Noel ....56, 256, 392, 454 Barnes, Susan 326 Barnes, Suzanne 308 Barnett, Brenda Sue Ann 56, 294 Barnett, David 272 Barnett, Gustie 133, 318 Barnett, Ron 393 Barney, Dan 457 Barney, Glenda 381 Barney, James 56, 195 Barney, Milton 380 Baron, Evelyn 56, 332 Baron, Ruth 341 Barre, Ole 266 Barreto, Connie 186, 320 Barrett, Janie 300 Barrette, Brian 56 Barriento, Toni 381 Barroca, James 56 Barron, Barbara 56, 113, 188, 374 Barrows, Charles R. 56 Barry, Chuck Kevin 195, 236 Barry, Jeffrey 246 Barry, Jonathan 380 Barsotti, Gael 266, 405, 408 Barton, Alan 108, 298 Barth, Dobbie 56 Barth, Douglas 274 Barthman, Patricia Ann 324 Barthold, Todd 113, 226 Bartholio, Ray 280 Bartlett, Richard 56 Barton, Alan Joe 56, 222 Barton, Joan 292 Barton, Norm 162 Bartosh, Joyce 56, 347 Baskett, Sandra 56, 102, 119, 125, 187, 189, 330 Basler, Richard 56, 150, 270 Bass, Anthony 182 Bass, Arthur 56, 272 Bass, Dick 451 Bast, Bill 133, 378 Batchelder, Paul 56 Bateman, Betty June 56 Bates, Beverley 347 Bates, Steve 405, 409 Bates, Tom 191, 228, 405, 409 Battari, Toni 330 Batta, Ralph 56, 268 Battjes, Henry 338 Batty, Phyllis 381 Bauer, Bill 246 Bauer, Fred 236 Baum, Farrel 108, 374 Bauman, Freddie 330 Baumann, Nancy 108, 302 Baumgarten, James 338 Baumgartner, Mary 322 Baxter, Frank 124 Baxter, Robert 236 Bay, Larry 56, 242 Bayba, Rick Y. 240 Bayless, John 378, 451 Beakschi, Peter 115, 150, 204, 260 Beal, Paul 225 Beam, Jim 174 Beam, Phillip 437 Beatie, Lucinda Frances 56, 318 Beaton, Jim 372 Beaudette, Rosal 145, 302 Beaumont, Joan Cliff 56, 310 Beban, Alan P. 179 Bebelaas, John 410 Bechler, Richard 56, 342, 413 Bechnell, Barbara 381 Bechtel, Bob 148 Beck, James 218 Beck, Lauren 410 Beck, Richard 176 Beck, Sherry 366 Becker, Bill 133 Becker, Frances 457 Becker, Fred 413 Becker, Jerry 235 Becker, Penny 374 Becker, Ronny 123 Beckstead, Craig 368 Beddal, Meredith 356 Bedford, Robert 342 Beeson, Cynthia Anne 56, 316 Begen, Robert Warren 56, 282 Behrens, Warren 254 Beim, Margaret L. 318 Beistle, Burr 351 Belanger, Jerry 184 Belben, Phyllis 320 Belhumeur, Bonnie 292 Belkin, Donald Bruce 262 Balknap, Chet 380 Bell, Barbara 56, 322 Bell, Ben 226 Bell, Charles 56, 342 Bell, Gene 56, 190, 274 Bell, Laurel 185 Bell, Linda 120, 133, 354 Bell, Meg 310 Bell, Ted 262 Bell, Virginia 288 Belles, Helen J. 341 Belling, Ed 244 Belling, Larry 174 Belvail, Christy 360 Bemis, Helen 56, 185 Benbow, Steve 256 Bencharit, Paiboon 199 Bender, June 288 Bender, Sherie 288 Benedict, Donald 56 Bennett, Aileen 363, 381 Bennett, Cynthia 318 Bennett, James Steven 262 Bennett, Judy 161, 318 Bennett, Robert 225 Bennion, Susan ..56, 187, 189, 322 Bente, Barbara 185 Bentley, Bill 174 Benuska, Lee 176, 177, 179 Beral, Hal 215, 222 Bercovich, Lenore 56 Berdahl, James 132, 154 Berelson, Gayle 294 Berg, Rosalie 241 Berger, Bill 451 Berger, Carl 378 Berger, Don 451 Berger, Mike 142 Berger, Paula 292 Bergeron, Carl 232, 405 Bergez, Raymond 57 Bergh, Bob 380 Bergman, David 380 Bergman, Ronald 57, 142 Berle, Nancy 118 Berk, Jay 282 Berland, Allan 57 Berman, Harriet 161 Berman, Jeff 282 Berman, Paul 57 Bernadicou, Irene 308 Bernardo, Cherie 57, 59, 130, 132, 173, 187, 288 Berner, Kenneth 368 Berner, Sue 320 Bernero, Donna 356 Bernfeld, Frances 347 Berns, Morton 57 Berra, Albert 254, 405 Berry, Bob 392, 450 Berry, Rochelle C. 57, 347 Berry, William 221 Bersentas, Harry 57, 338 Bershed, Andrea M. 57, 187, 188, 294, 119 Bert, Vera 57 Bertelson, Judy 186 Betero, Dick 240, 405 Berwick, Robert 185 Besmehn, Charles 57, 176 Bethenod, Robert 380 BeVier, Lynn 57 Bevilacqua, Nick 106, 175 Bevis, Hilary 326, 144 Bewley, Joan 111 Beyer, Gale 180 Beyersdorf, Larry ....195, 205, 342 Bianchini, Barbara 57, 298 Bianucce, Hohn 234 Bias, Adrian 57, 322 Bican, Bill 351, 457 Bickford, Fred 57, 177, 179 Bidwell, Clint 195, 236 Bigelow, Robert 230 Binen, Jerry 368 Bingg, Geri 326 Bingham, John 220 Bingham, Joyce 320 Bingo, Carol 57 Binsacca, Judy 108, 149, 365 Binsacca, Victor 57, 232, 190 Biohe, Joseph 174 Bird, Donald 254 Bischoff, Laurie 326 Bischoff, Stephen 231 Bishop, Brian 256 Bishop, Joseph 57 Bishop, Stanley 57, 179, 350 Bitter, Daryl 223 Bittner, Joan ....57, 180, 188, 185 Bjorneb, Karen 57, 161 Black, Buck 226 Black, Emerson 57 Black, Marshall 368 Blackburn, William 254 Blair, Ben 266 Blair, Jane 57, 306 Blake, Linda 381 Blakemore, Bruce Alt 239 Blakiston, Janice 145, 302 Blalock, Gerald 57, 276 Blanchard, Judy 149 Blandford, Charles 280 Blank, Martin 282, 463 Blatchley, Brenda 374 Bleadon, Robert 219 Bleifer, Donna 381 Blie, Bonnie 356 Blom, Damon 350 Bloodworth, Lynda 57 Bloom, Dan 142 Blower, Linda ....57, 98, 114, 133, 189, 300 Blower, Margaret 300 Blum, Kenneth 244 Blum, Leland 57, 244 Blum, Mary Lou 298 Blum, Milton 57, 262 Blum, Paul 114 Blust, Donald 57 Boaz, Barry G. 57 Boberg, Linda L. 130, 320 Bobrow, Morris 185, 244 Bodenhamer, Robert P. ......57, 243 Bodie, Frank 378 Bodnar, Sally 143 Body, Denis 451 Boehm, Sheila 354 Bogart, John 266 Bogart, Marianne 172, 202 Bogue, Barbara 122, 326 Bogue, Jerry 250, 405 Bohle, Charles 57, 236 Bojkovsky, Otilia 149 Boland, Bob 258 Boles, Sandy 108, 328 BoIlen, Judity 58, 308 Bollhofer, Marlene ....58, 203, 291 Bollinger, Henry 163 Bolton, William 264 Bonander, Merrill 182 Bonar, Carl 380 Bondi, Steve 456 Bone, Don 116, 133 Bonesteel, Robert 179 Bonham, Cheryl J. 161, 208 Bonney, Jim K. 143, 284 Bonney, Lewis A. 279 Bontrager, Ernest 58, 338 Booke, Fred 268 Bookman, Bruce 368 Boomer, Penny 292 Boone, Lawrence 58, 342 Boonyalug, Benya 199 Booth, Beth 132, 326 Booth, Newell 342, 415, 461 Boots, Jerry 154 Booty, John 58, 226 Borad, Bruce 223 Boradori, Ann 300 Bordin, Gerald 342 Borel, John 58 Boren, Barbara 362 Boren, Sue 150 Borer, Howard 338 Borg, Sandra 58 Borges, Eugene 58, 276 Borio, Nanci Ann 106, 304 Bornholdt, Joan 328 Borrch, Linne 363 Bosco, Robert 368 Bosler, Dennis 223 Bosma, Barbara 58, 172, 324 Bossart, Jan 266 Botsford, Jyl Evelyn 58, 318 Botwin, Kimberly 347 Bouchard, Brenda ....107, 133, 144 Bouchey, Myrna 371 Boucke, Barbara 58, 310 Bouick, Cheryl 288 Boulay, Armand 58 Bould, Sally 288 Bounton, Bob 190 Bourret, Betsy 326 Bowan, Marilyn 113 Bowden, Anne 58, 310 Bowden, Martyn 413 Bowen, Claude 351 Bowen, Edward J. 190, 286 Bowen, William 368 Bowers, Robert Earl 58 Bowhay, J. Michael 58 Bowker, Adney 58, 266, 454 Bowley, Joan 111 Boyce, Sydney 185, 361 Boycheff, Mr. 119 Boyd, Richard 58 Boyden, Joan 202 Boyer, Joan 145 Boyersdorf, Larry 195, 342 Boyl, John 228 Boyl, Pat 405 Boyle, Mike 175 Boynton, Robert 232 Braby, Paula 202 Brachman, Bob 464 Bradley, Bob 410 Bradley, Steve 174 Bradshaw, Jerry 58 Brady, Carole 298 Brady, Mary Ann 333 Bragg, Caroline 308 Brailey, Bill 185 Brandt, Steve 451 Brandvein, Ronald 184 Brannan, Dia ne 58, 302 Branstetter, JoAnn 372 Brauer, Bob 193 Braun, Arlo 236 Braun, Marvis 294 Braunswell, Marge 372 Braverman, Marilyn 312 Brawn, John M., Jr. ..58, 177, 179 Breitbard, Stanley 58, 282 Bremer, Claire 271 Bremer, Nancy 58, 330 Brennan, John 58, 243 Brennan, Pat 298 Brennan, Patricia 347 Bressie, Al 250 Bressler, Ray 255 Brewer, Helen 58, 306 Brewer, Joel 141 Brewer, John W. 58, 179, 185 Brewer, William 58 Brewick, Dennis 454 Breyer, Richard L. 284 Brickman, Arnold 368 Bridgman, Linda 162 Briggs, Ronald 280 Briggs, Thomas 220, 405 Briggs, Thomas 275 Brill, Barbara 292 Brinkman, Steve 250 Brinkworth, Carol 361 Brissenden, Robert 162 Brisson, Jean-Paul 58 Britten, Katie 132, 196 Brochard, Suzanne 58, 300 Brochard, Victor 280 Broadbent, William 240 Broderick, John 342 Brodie, Rebecca 284 Brodke, Howard 262 Brodke, Joane 294 Brodofsky, Harriet 347 Brodovsky, Alan A. 262 Brodovsky, Joyce 374 Broiles, Betty 381 Broock, Carolyn 58 Brooke, Robert 58, 256 Brooks, Barbara 374 Brooks, Glenda 298, 162 Brothers, John 271 Brovelli, Diane 162, 298 Brower, Richard 220 Brown, Allan 224, 450 Brown, Barbara 318 Brown, Bob 240 Brown, Bud 240 Brown, Coy 174 Brown, Denis R. 279 Brown, Donna 372 Brown, Fritz 191, 254 Brown, George 350 Brown, Joan P. 324 Brown, Judith 322 Brown, Karen 302 Brown, Laurel 366 Brown, Lynne 316 Brown, Margo 106, 118, 121, 123, 185, 271 Brown, Mike 378 Brown, Mike E. 284 Brown, Pepper 308 Brown, Phil 380 Brown, Robert D. 58, 350 Brown, Rodger 282 Brown, Tristam 232 Brown, Walt 280 Brown, William 264, 410 Browner, Fred 256 Browning, Gary 224 Browning, Roger 190, 228 Brownstein, Mark 282 Broyles, Margie 122 Broze, Betty 347 Broze, Robert 58 Bruce, Malcolm 185 Bruff, Reba 58 Bruhns, Joan 59, 127, 354 Bruhns, Richard 351 Brunetti, Gerald 59 Brunetti, Warren 132 Brunner, Phyllis 200, 347 Bruno, Dave 254 Bruno, Marty 320 Bruno, Sal 59, 252 Bruschi, Nancy ' 59 Brusco, Don 59 Brush, Joe 217 Bryan, Richard 59, 342 Bryan, Tony 221, 413 Bryands, Jill 333 Bryant, Richard 351 Bryte, June 292 Buck, Doug 380 Buck, Gerald 59, 225 Buckendorf, Tim 274 Buckholtz, Barbara ..145, 185, 314 Buckley, Mary 292 Buckley, Virginia 333 Buckman, Chuck 226 Bucknam, Ronald 59, 239 Buckner, Adrienne 59 Budge, Alex 284 Budge, Melinda 59, 326 Buegin, Marine 122 Buell, Carolyn 324 Bujkovsky, Ottilia 365 Bull, Daniel 221 Bullert, Diane 347 Bullock, Dorothea 59 Bultena, Dave 415 Bumanis, Aina 59, 356 Bungay, Ann 186, 306 Bunker, Cathy 161 Bunn, Penny 322 Burchett, Fred 258 Burden, James 255 Bure, Sharon 347 Burgemestre, Gustaaf 59 Burke, Doug 118, 271 Burke, John 142 Burkhart, Bill 132 Burkholder, Warren 218 Burkner, Florence 308 Burks, Gloria 371 Burnett, David 351 Burnett, John 393 Burnett, Molly 326 Burnett, Toby 252, 435 Burnham, Robin 59, 188, 189, 322 Burns, Carol 333 Burns, Gene 190, 230 Burns, Mike 228 Burnside, Charles 193 Burpee, Linda 347 Burr, Bob 242 Burr, Stephen 203 Burress, James 240, 392, 405, 408 Burstein, Benay 59, 312 Burt, Richard 59, 236 Burton, Sue 330 Busby, Binnie 125, 326 Busch, Molly 59, 311 Bush, Lynn 326 Buszek, Judith 347 Butenschoen, James 59, 256 Butler, Ann 58, 322 Butler, Kathy 310 Butner, David 217 Butterfield, Betty 59, 187, 288 Buttitta, Paul 342 Butts, Robert 276 Buynton, Bob 464 Bvergin, Mamina 120 Byers, Jack 179 Byrne, Sue 302 Bzoch, V. Jane 185, 302 C Cahill, Mary 333 Cairns, Thomas 255 Calaprice, Frank 342 Calber, Jean 298 Caldenwood, Larry 456 Calder, Scott 190, 284 Caldwell, Charles 378 Caldwell, Gary ............. . 179 Caldwell, Jane 306 Caldwell, Ken 351 Caldwell, Sally Ann 59 Caldwin, Gardner 250 Calhoon, Mary Jo 304 Calkins, Hugh 132 Call, Jack 177 Callahan, Mike 271 Callahan, Sue 308 Camartin, Bob 191 Cambel I, Sue 310 Cambio, Ronald 59 Camiel, Jack 222 Camoriani, Stephanie 59, 330 Camossi, Carolyn 333 Campanella, Dick 176, 350 Campbell, Craig 190, 191, 264 Campbell, Dale 288 Campbell, Diana 59, 324 Campbell, Douglas ....59, 176, 179, 223 Campbell, Gary LaVern 59, 176 Campbell, Heidi 360 Campbell, Janet 124, 300 Campbell, Joan 328 Campbell, Joanne 185 Campbell, Lawrence 242 Campbell, Nancy 189 Campbell, Peter 236 Campbell, Robert 106, 351 Campbell, Sue 310 Campbell, Sue 108, 302 Campbell, Tom 264 Campbell, William 258 Camphouse, Nancy Jean 324 Campion, Elizabeth 322 Campodonico, Lawrence ...59, 278 Canavan, Carol 59, 306 Cancino, Rudy 59, 255 Canfield, Sara 59, 326 Canlin, Peggy 185 Cantarutti, Lido 59, 215, 279 Cantley, John 342 Canton, Stan 111, 381 Cantou, Suzanne 362 Capel, Judy 294 Capestro, Andrew 378 Caput, Charmaine 366 Carbone, Judy 372 Cardelli, David 59, 243 Cardon, Bart 450 Cardoza, Joseph 284 Cardozo, Juline 125, 185, 186, 292 Cardwell, Walt 246 Carey, Pete 272 Carges, James 278 Carkeet, Carole ..60, 71, 114, 173, 188, 203, 354, 503 Carlsen, Richard 261, 405 Carlson, Arleen 306 Carlson, Bill 162 Carlson, Elizabeth 60, 288 Carlson, Nancy 310 Carlson, Penny 133 Carlson, Richard 264, 410 Carlson, Sue 363 Carlyon, Ted 196 Carmel, Jeff 380 Carmichael, Margaret 318 Carmichael, Marilyn 60 Carmicael, Martha 333 Carver, Bert 132 Carney, Kima 228 Carnine, Diane 60, 362 Carp, Sylvia 366 Carpenter, Chrsi 228 Carpenter, Mary 356 Carpenter, Robert Wayne 60, 243 Cart, Ann 341 Carr, Jane 60, 333 Carrier, Mary 288 Carrol, Sheldon 115, 150 Carroz, John 271 Carruth, Peter 266 Carson, Beverly 347 Carson, Connie 120 Carson, Patricia 306 Cartan, Cathy 360 Carter, Helen 60, 363 Carter, Jack 457 Carvajal, Rudy 410 Carver, Judy 304 Carver, Robert 271 Carveth, Jackie 133, 306 Carville, Phil 174, 271 Casady, Betty 133, 316 Casanave, Denise 60, 302 Caselli, Sandra 300 Cashin, Carol 318 Cass, Sue 366 Cassie 326 CassinelIi, Peter 342 Castagna, Susan 60, 330 Castellanos, Pete 405 Castleman, Noel 246 Cate, Patricia 346 Catham, Robert L. 272 Cathcart, Marilyn 60, 300 Catrow, A. 185 Catrow, T. 148 Cavanaugh, Neal 60 Cave, Janis 288 Caver , Bob 174 Center, Stephanie 108 Ceragioli, Barbara 356 Ceragioli, James 60 Cerwinsky, Ed 218, 437 Chaban, Leonard 60 Chaffee, Lanie 60, 130, 320 Challes, Dean 226 Chamberlain, Camille 147, 371 Chambers, Virginia 371 Chamove, Sherry 294 Champion, Joel 271 Chan, David 60 Chan, Elaine 60 Chan, Kellogg ..........172, 198, 368 Chan, Kenneth 162 Chan, Raymond 176 Chan, Richard 60, 338 Chan, Robert S. 60, 183 Chan, Sandra 366 Chan, Shirley 334 Chan, Sunney 220 Chan, Wing-Cheng 60 Chandler, Barbara 161 Chandler, Steve 240, 432, 462 Chang..Astor 223 Chang, Jacqueline 60 Chang, Phillip 60, 123 Chahine, Moustafa 199 Chanin, Sidney 271 Chao, Frank 184, 350 Chapkis, Abby 60 Chaplin, Douglas 248 Chapman, Judy L. 60, 318 Chapman, Leonard 179 Chapman, Phoebe 60, 304 Chapman, Robert 368 Chappell, Gordon 115, 141 Chappell, Rich 240 Charles, H. Norman 239, 258 Charmaine, Eng 182 Charnenkoff, Sidney 368 Charniess, Mike 282 Chase, Lida 60, 189, 354 Chatfield, Carl 380 Chatterton, Roger 230 Chazin, Robert 60 Cheema, Nirmal 60 Chen, Mu Jung 60 Chen, Pictiaw 199 Cheney, Curt 380 Cheney, Leonard 181 Cheng, Albert 175, 179, 185 Cheonis, Merry 60, 302 Cherin, Feralee 294 Cherin, Jerilyn 294 Chernack, Lynn 347 Chernenkoff, Sid 134 Chesley, Joan 347 Cheu, Dudley 162 Chew, Kenneth 185, 260 Chew, Philip 60 Chew, Sharon 316 Chi, Josephine 60 Chiao, Henry 60 Chiappone, Robert Carl 61, 66, 280 Chiate, Sandra 61, 312 Chickening, Robert 238 Chihara, Ted 351 Chilton, Elmore 131, 450 Chin, Bessie 61, 185 Chin, Ernest 182 Chin, Frank 148, 204 Chin, Joan 241 Chin, Stanley 198, 260 Chin, Thomas 260 Ching, Adrienne 373 Ching, Carolee 366 Ching, Letitia 61 Chinn, Janet 61, 180, 334 Chintakananda 199 Chipman, J. Rodger 202, 338 Chiselli, Nancy 300 Cho, Sung 61 Choi, Soon 61 Choppelas, Nick 61, 183, 246 Chouret, Joni 127 Chouret, Yvonne 61, 320 Chow, Paul 61 Chow, Sylvia 334 Choy, Eugene 61 Choy, Lawrence 61 Christenseix, John 179 Christensen, Bruce 338 Christensen, Cherryl 125, 374 Christensen, Ed 378 Christensen, John ....61, 218, 392, 450 Christiansen, Bob 275 Christianson, Phyllis 61, 316 Christie, Dennis 228 Christoph, William 223 Christopulos, Paul 138 Christy, Jack 256 Christy, Jeannet te 333 Chu, David 185 Chu, Evelyn 61, 356 Chung, Howard 61 Church, Robert 61 Church, Susan 316 Cianciarulo, Louise 326 Cianfichi, Paul 61, 236 Civiello, Carla 60, 304 Clark, Barbara 61, 180, 354 Clark, Betty 106, 119, 288 Clark, Dave T. 61, 250 Clark, James 61, 266 Clark, Joe 258 Clark, Larry 380 Clark, Laura 130 Clark, Marjorie 145, 292 Clark, Robert 230 Clark, Ross 380 Clarke, Charlie 390 Clarke, Dean Helen 114 Clarke, Ken 380 Clarkson, Paul 69, 276 Claudius, Gordon 217 Claussen, Jane 300 Claussen, Mary 300 Clayton, Susan 61, 288 Clazie, Ronald 61, 215, 266 Clemetson, Judy 292 Clendenen, Ronald 61 Clerou, Marie 61, 330 Cleveland, Pat 363 Cline, Kathryn 347 Clinginsmith, John 61, 176 Clint, Wagner 174 Clock, Gayle 61, 316 Close, Deborah 347 Cloyd, Marshall 190, 238, 450 Clumeck, Skip 282 Coakley, Bernadette ... 61 Co ates, Cynthia 61, 302 Coates, Marcia 328 Cobb, James 271 Cobb, Patricia 310 Cobden, Richard 185, 225 Coberly, Ailen 61, 322 Coberly,Wheeler, Jr. 62, 190, 284, 393 Cobet, Louis 151 Coburn, Diane 62, 356 Cochran, Burke 351 Cochran, Terry 131, 252 Cockburn, Laurie 322 Coddington, Tom 224 Code, Gary 119, 276 Coe, Jeoff 238 Coe, Vernon 62 Cohen, Alvin 338 Cohen, Andy 143 Cohen, Beverly J. 312 Cohen, Howard 244 Cohen, Jose 413 Cohen, Marilyn 294 Cohen, Paul 268 Cohen, Robert 174 Cohen, Ronald 222 Cohen, Ronald 268 Cohn, Adrienne 294 Cohn, Barbara 322 Cohn, Ben 244 Cohn, Ben 175 Cohn, Bruce A. 262 Cohn, Theadora 294 Cole, John 276 Cole, Naomi 308 Cole, Peter 254 Cole, Thomas R. 62, 248 Cole, Timothy 190, 261 Coleman, Glenn 266 Coleman, Kathy 288 Coleman, Margo 297 Coleman, Mike 380 Collier, Boyd 62 Collier, Jean 62, 161, 354 Colin, Janie 310 Collins, Don 174 Collins, Douglas 342 Collins, Douglas 342 Collins, Patty 310 Collins, Ronn 219 Collom, John 246 Colman, David 62, 131, 380 Colombano, Jon 270 Colson, Ken 380 Colton, Tom 250 Coltrell, Eileen 62, 174, 188, 298 Coltrin, Dorothy 162, 202 Colvin, Robert 62, 256 Colwell, Jane 361 Combs, Jo 62 Combs, Richard D. 62 Commanday, Robert 160 Compton, Bill 413 Comstock, William 190, 284 Conberly, Willy 114 Condon, Rory 258 Conklin, Carroll 288 Conklin, Warren 62, 226 Conlan, Jerome 62 Conlan, Mervin 62 Conlin, Cathy 108, 302 Conlin, Judy 347 Conlin, Margaret 62, 374 Connell, James 351 Conner, Ann 330 Conner, Terry 174 Conrad, Charlene 13, 62, 74, 111, 113, 114, 187, 188, 328 Condray, Liz 308 Conran, Connie 133, 306 Conser, Paula 316 Constance, Dean 18 Conway, Dick 224 Conway, Kay 318 Cook, Connie 108, 330 Cook, David 351 Cook, David 378 Cook, Roberta 62, 188 Cook, Stanley 62, 195 Cooley, Barbara 62, 354 Cooley, Carolin 62, 330 Coons, James C. 176 Coons, Phyllis 356 Cooper, Brian 272 Cooper, Hal 246 Cooper, Jeanne 324 Cooper, Lucille 366 Cooper, Nancy 162, 298 Cooper, Peter 230 Cooper, Ron 464 Cooperman, Ira 222 Copanov, Tamara 62 Copeland, Gary 342 Copeland, Poppy 318 Copeland, Richard 315 Coppo, Robert 62, 276 Corbell, Brian 238 Cordova, Hector 248 Cordray, Linda 306 Cornblum, Bruce 244 Cornelius, Ivan 256 Corr, Bill 219 Corr, Janice 354 Corradini, Janet 360 Corren, Eilen 62 Corse, Grace 173 Corson, Sylvia 62 Corsy, Laura 360 Cort, Gary 342 Corten, Connie 145, 302 Cortsen, Eleanor 145, 324 Cory, John 451 Cory, Susan 288 Cosby, Richard 62 Cose, Don 62 Cosmides, Angelo 203 Costa, Ralph 151, 204 Costello, Peter 62, 259 Cotler, Alan 268 Cotton, Carolyn 62 Cottrell, Arline 318 Cottrell, Cynthia 330 Coudeyre, Jacques 342 Coughran, James 185 Coultes, Terry 316 Counsil, Marilyn 62, 347 Countryman, Gayle 316 Coupe, Linda 143, 173, 288 Coneny, Richard 190, 232, 413 Coveney, Robin 310 Covington, Woody 272, 393, 401 Cowan, Jeff 228 Cowing, Eric 238, 410 Cowling, Lynn 62, 130, 193, 292 Cox, Brenda 106, 119, 121, 328 Cox, Daniel 368 Cox, Karen 63, 302 Cox, Steve 280, 410 Crabtre, Robert 276 Craddock, Edward 274 Craig, Rodney 63, 143, 204 Craus, Carolyn 372 Cravalho, Ernest 63, 342 Craven, Mary 63 Craven, William 63 Crawford, Bill 221 Crawford, Bruce 256 Crawford, Jay 185 Crawford, Jerry 266 Crawford, Joyce 63, 373 Crawford, Judi 310 Crawford, Robert 254 Crawford, Rufus 276 Creed, Kathy 363 Crenna, Lloyd 264 Cresap, Robert 250 Crescenzi, Emil 63, 351 Cresspan, Audrey 204 Crisler, Jowilla 63, 314 Crist, Janet 326 Crist, Marjorie 308 Croak, Caroly 298 Crofoot, Pete 240 Croft, Karen 374 Cronenwett, Paul 240 Cropper, Donald 378 Crosby, Rosamond 297 Crosby, Winson 380 Crosher, Frederick 351 Cross, Kay 288 Cross, Marion 328 Cr oss, Ralph 176 Cross, Steven 220 Crossan, Aimee B. 63, 326 Crossley, Michael 63, 350 Crosswhite, Carol 122 Crosswhite, Judy 356 Crow, Andy 415 Crow, Wayne 405, 408 Crowder, Marylin 63, 347 Crowell, Sherly 63 Cruikshanks, Randal 252 Cruson, Paula 298 Cruz, Adolfo 382 Csenar, Victoria 133, 292 Cuddeback, Janice 63, 298 Culiis, Nicholas 63, 274 Cull, Bill 415, 461 Cullen, David 280 Cummings, Tamra 63, 189, 354 Cummings, Walker 258 Cummins, Gary 274 Cummins, Sarah 310 Cundall Donald 217 Cunningham, Al 435 Cunningham, Audrian 63, 132 Cunningham, Rosanne 346 Cupit, Sandra 300 Curcio, Franklin 275 Curley, Bob 280 Curley, Robert J. 262, 450 Currie, Ron 191, 405, 408 Curry, Susan 316 Curtin, Richard 63, 235 Curtis, Mary 373 Cushway, Dave 63, 185 Cuthbertson, George 351 Cutter, Charles 61, 63, 111, 112, 123, 197, 342 D Dabbouse, Osama 63, 199 Dahl, Bob 256 Dahla, Robert 338 Dahlgren, Carolyn 356 Daigle, Hubert 63, 258 Dale, Dick 190, 250 Dale, Kay 324 Dally, Lynn 106, 118, 180, 328 D ' Alderio, Paul 401 Dalton, Jan 304 Dalton, Janet 288 Dalwiche, Roger 255 Daly, Moira 318 Dam, Hong 131, 338 Dandridge, Jim 218 Danforth, Peter 63 Danielli, Lola 63, 185, 197, 361 Daniels, Judy 294 Daniels, Marilyn 294 Daniels, Nancy 63, 318 Daniels, Paul 456 Danielson, Nancy 320 Dannenbring, Bill 258 Darby, Donald 368 Dare, Patrick 260 D ' Ari, Linda 374 Darland, Richard 63 David, Rosemary 294 David, Sue 356 David, Thomas 221 Davidson, Barry 236, 435 Davidson, Garber 266 Davidson, Sharon 63 Davies, Ann 333 Davies, Burt 342, 432 Davis, Betty 333 Davis, Charles 63, 176 Davis, David 63, 235 Davis, Gary 342, 457 Davis, Harry 132, 391 Davis, Janice 330 Davis, Judy 180 Davis, Kathy 161 Davis, Keagle 18, 124, 131, 119 Davis, Mary 326 Davis, Michael 262 Davis, Samuel 230 Davis, Terry 272 Dawson, Richard 118, 185 Day, Marilyn..Ann 63, 320 Daymond,Charles 63 Days, Virginia 63, 373 Deal, Tim 271 Dean, Dickson 342 Dean, Mary 130, 310 Dean, Sharon 328 de Benedetti, Jane 322 de Carion, David 193, 243 Degan, John 342 Deter, Ken 271 Defeo, Donald R. 63, 250 Defeott, Don Ro 250 Defiebre, Kenneth 64, 190, 230 Degenkolb, Virginia 324 de Grasse, Herbert 378 Deherty, Fram 292 Deimel, Adel 106, 120, 314 Deimel, Winnie 314 de Joy, Shirley 308 de Kat, Denise 147, 288 Dekker, Ken 242 de Kirby, Diane 145, 320 Dela Cruz, Jafilam 234 Delancy, Pat 172 Delara, Mario 436 DeLand, Beth 302 De La Rocha, Carlos 64 Del Grissim, John 151 Del Nero, Darlene 64, 372 De Long, Richard 64 de Lorimer, Charles 248 Delphey, Bill 413 De Luca, Nancy 202 Delury, Dale 378 Delvey, Helen 64, 320 De Martini, Nancy 292 Deming, Margaret 374 Demler, Rae 310 De Monte, Bob 378 DeMonte, Sue 292 De Motte, Barbara 292 Demosey, Laverne 304 Demsey, James 64, 221 Dempster, Bill 185 Denevan, Lester 64 Denison, Dolores 363 Dennan, Paul 275 Dennen, 342 Denning, Kiane 328 Dennison, Don 177 Robert G. 236 Deppen, Judy 308 Derby, Jill 133, 330 Dermel, Winnie 314 de Roos, Fran 64, 300 de Roos, Julie 300 De Sevilla, Manuel 64 Despars, Dennis 64, 228 De Sure, Mona 149 Detling 221 Deutsch, Elaine 64, 334 Devereaux, Bill 202 De Vincenzo, Mary 64, 180 Devlia, Cathie 326 Dewing, Fran 373 Dewitt, Hiram 203 Dewitt, 347 Dewitt, William 64, 240 De Wolf, Mary Jane 162, 298 DeWolf, Yvonne 64, 374 De Young, Howard 351 Diamond, Anthony 284, 450 Diam ond, 127, 130, 294 Diamond, Martin 64 Ronald 222 Dibble, Dana 333 Dickerson, John 256 Dickie, Ronald 64 Dickinson, Jerry 413 Dickranian, Cynthia 366 Dickson, Clark 258 Dickson, Judy 322 Diederich, Linda 64, 316 Diedrichsen, Hazel 347 Diehl, Audrey 64, 298 Diehl, Gretchen 300 Diel, Jean 374 Diener, Jackie 185, 298 Diereks, Beverly 181, 356 Dietschy, Ellen 143 D ' Grazia, Bob 415 Dillion, William 60 Dineen, M.L. 437 Dinkelspiel, Susan 300 Dinkler, Penny 381 Dinkler, Ted 405, 408 Di Pasquale, Blanche 124 Dishroom, Henry 64 Diskon, John 276 Dix, Chapman 175, 193 Dixon, Thomas 64, 183, 230 Djordjvie, Miroslav 413 Doan, Mike Dobbins, Elizabeth ....64, 306, 173 Dobson, Perry 380 Docter, Ken 461 Dodd, Brian 351, 451 Dodds, Edward 236 Dodds, James 64, 217 Doidge, Margaret 347 Dolbear, Jeff 132 Domezio, Stan 315 Domich, 191, 261, 434 Dommes, Barbara 108, 324 Domoto, Pete 89, 405, 409 Don, Andrew 64, 260 Donahue, Edward ....190, 261, 430 Donaldson, Nancy 314 Donner, Steve 232 Donohue, Corbett 241, 284 Donovan, Bill 276 Donovan, Drew 64, 191, 254 Donnovan, Mike 398 Doretti, Frank 64, 250, 405, 409 Dorinson, Dave 380 Dormann, Charles 64, 113, 195 Dornin, Susan 320 Dorothy, Wayne 219 Dorough, Patricia 356 Dorsa, Deanna 288 Dossa, Alfred 64, 351 Doty, Jack Douds, Jane 292 Dougery, John 258 Dougery, Nancy 316 Dougharty, Larry 224 Dougherty, Kathy 173, 326 Doughty, Dick 63, 421, 430 Douglas, Leland 268 Douglas, Paul 378 Douthit, Donna 328 Dow, Gordon 368 Dowd, Esther 365 Dowd, Robert 182 Dowdall, William 252 Dowell, David 246 Dowell, Dorothy 347 Dowell, Sue 148 Dowling, Donna 64, 304 Downey, Tim 280 Downing, Phil 242 Doyd, Golden 462 Doyle, Karen 330 Dozier, Bart 368 Dozier, Marianne 64, 202, 360 Draeger, Bill 380 Draheim, Dave 64, 242, 392 Draper, Jean ....64, 130, 187, 322 Draper, 398 Drennan, Carl 64, 338 Drennan, Jane 302 Drewek, Thomas 116, 127, 185 239, 405 Drezner, Anne 312 Driggs, Jackie 398 Driscoll, Janice 65, 288 Drobney, John 258 Druhan, Judie 118, 123, 372 Duane, Richard 65, 264, 392 Duckering, Russell 178, 179, 185, 350 Duckhorn, Danile 65, 232 Duesler, James 163, 342 Duey, Lee 380 Duff, Duane 261 Duffus, Lee 368 Duffy, Mary 360 Dugall, John 255 Duggleby, Michael 338 Dultena, 338 Dumke, Richard ..13, 65, 191, 232 Dunaway, Dave 174 Duncan, Gail Duncan, John ..178, 179, 258 Duncan, Paul 3 8 Duner, Duane 65, 298 Dunham, Alan 256 Dunham, Bruce 224 Dunker, Mark 65, 236 Dunlap, Barbara 147, 288 Dunlap, Dave 410 Dunlap, Louise 65, 185, 322, 439 Dunlap, Mary Anne ..161, 186, 306 Dunlap, Samuel 221, 451 Dunlap, Tom 221, 450 Dunlop, Dale 65 Dunn, Lawrence E. 65 Dunn, Michael R. 65 Dunn, Philip 141, 176, 252 Dunn, Robert 275 Dunn, Sharon 65, 320 Dunn, Tom 218 Dunning, Pat 330 Dunstan, Janet 291 Durand, Dora-Jean 347 Duren, Joan 106, 141, 356 Durfee, William 236 Durham, Bette 356 Durham, Griff 451 Dutra, Bob 174 Dutton, Richard 65, 250 Dutton, Thomas 132, 220 Dwane, Diana 332 Dyer, Allen 174 E Eagan, Joan 65, 300 Early, Loraine 162 Eastman, Charles 284, 434 Easton, Edward 228 Eaton, Barry 65 Ebert, Richard 121, 172, 195, 279 Echols, Carolyn 146, 328 Ecklund, Mae 234 Edde, Byron 378 Eddings, Ron 252 Eddins, William 65, 242 Edelman, Ilene 381 Edelson, Allan 378 Edelstein, Brian 401 Edelstein, Jerry 108, 378 Edelstein, Judi 312 Edenholm, Lynnea 288 Edholm, Sally 65, 288 Edler, Louise 65, 314 Edmiston, Ann 133, 318 Edmonds, William 188, 185, 193, 271 Edson, Carey ..116, 120, 189, 314 Edwards, George 338 Effenbeck, Pamela 362 Egans, Judy 328 Eggen, Frank 261 Eggers, Bill 250 Ehlen, John 65 Ehret, Howard 133, 368 Ehrhart, Patrciia 65 Ehrhart, Robert 65, 172 Ehrlich, Alan 262 Enrilch, Andrea 294 Eich, Ronald 65, 258 Eichenberg, Alan 282 Eidenmuller, Gerald 246 Eigen, Leonard 350 Eiri, Jean 65, 163 Eisele, Lawrence 65, 254 Ek, Barbro 161, 324 Eklund, Karin 310 Barbara 65 El Baroudi, Hassan 65, 199 Elden, Jim 282 Eldred, Bob 351 Ele, Judy 374 Elefant, George 65, 262 Elefant, Ralph 65, 183 Elener, Paula 306 Eliason, Donna 65 Elkaim, Meyer 65 Ellerd, Patricia 133, 187, 306 ElIiger, Carl 235 Elliott, Barbara 374 Elliott, Bob 452, 456 Elliott, Margaret 354 Elliott, Roy 126, 172, 279, 464 Elliott, Susan 328 Ellis, David 254 Ellis, Dorothy 65, 173 Ellis, Richard 65 Ellison, David 380 Ellman, James 218 Ellwood, Sharon 320 Emanuel, Roberta 312 Emerson, Jane 65, 374 Emerson, Jon 65 Emsley, Judy 186, 316 Enfield, David 132, 226 Eng, Charmaine 184 Engbreck, Joseph 151 Engdahl, Karl 272 Engelhard, Marilyn 130, 186,310 England, Sharon 374 English, John 228 English, Richard 66 Engstrom, Barbara 66, 373 Enkeji, John 66 Enos, Louis 66 Enos, Reed 380 Enrici, Dave 225 Enserink, Bert 66 Ensler, Susan 125 Epes, Albert 123, 226 Epidendio, George 378 Epperson, Larry 223 Epinger, Josh 282 Eppler, Donna 347 Epstein, Charles 262 Epstein, Dave 282, 392 Epstein, Evie 312 Epstein, Joseph 66, 282 Epworth, Judy 354 Erickson, Barb 366 Erickson, Dick 18 Erickson, Sonja 66, 300 Erlenheim, Alan 66 Erlenheim, Carol 66, 330 Erman, Ann 356 Erman, Jim 342 Ernst, Jim 248 Ernst, Ronald 224 Erro, Barbara 322 Erwin, Joanne 306 Escajeda, Les 278 Eshchenburg, Rich 225 Eschmann, Laurel 66 Eschobar, Jose 413 Escobosa, Ann 308 Escota, Mike 351 Esenoff, Ronda 294 Esherich, Lisa 362 Eshoo, George 254 Estberg, Susan 310 Esterly, Dan 175 Esthridge, Patricia 356 Eubank, Allan 145, 219 Eubanks, Elizabeth 66, 310 Evans, Clyde 122 Evans, Gary 272 Evans, John 413, 415 Evans, Julie 371 Evans, Marilyn 302 Evans, Shari 202 Evarts, Donald 256 Evarts, John 342 Evenson, Maude 66, 328 Everett, Grant 66, 238 Everhart, Elizabeth 302 Evers, Charles 221 Everbusch, Claus 66, 221 Ewoldt, Sally 161 Exkildsen, Gustavo 66 Ezgar, Michael 66, 268 F Fabera, John 66 Facer, James 66 Fackrell, Carlos 191, 254, 405 Fagan, Paul 238 Faggs, Douglas 66, 342 Faquet, Henrietta 66, 312 Faiferek, Constance 66 Fair, Betsy 120 Fair, Jevenee 324 Fairchild, Bob 1 74, 191 Fairchild, Lynn 318 Fairhead, Linda 372 Fajans, Eileen 332 Faldmar, Barbara 347 Falk, Margie 381 Falk, Theodore 66, 232, 292, 454 Falkenburg, Betsy 316 Falkenstein, Micki 354 Falkinham, Joseph 266, 451 Fallas, Claire 308 Fallon, Michael 244 Faltin, Roberta 346, 381 Fang, John 195, 260 Fanning, Thomas 232 Farber, L.. 176 Faridany, Ed 451 Faris, William 66, 218 Farley, Eloise 363 Farly, Bruce 278 Farr, Eleanor 66 Farr, Patricia 202, 356 Farrand, Alexander 66, 238 Farrell, Jane 66, 374 Farrell, Mike 274, 462 Farschon, James 368 Fashinell, Tom 436 Fasold, Deanna 324 Fat, Kenneth 342 Fat, Tom 198, 351 Faulkner, Carol 66, 298 Faulkner, Tom 264 Favro, Dave 411 Fawn, Kenn 66 Fay, Patti 318 Fay, Raymond 132, 162, 260 Fay, William 195, 260 Feder, Jon 268 Fehlhaber, Jeanne 66 Feigenbaum, Terry ....66, 183, 342 Feiling, Barbara 66, 328 Feiner, Beverly 130, 312 Feirer, Liz 374 Feldman, Elizabeth 66 Feldman, Nancy 360 Feldman, Stuart 66 Feldstein, David 268 Fellows, Marti 316 Felsenthal, Judy 294 Felt, Karen L. 320 Fenevick, Kay 381 Fennell, Art 410 Fenner, Bob 154, 234 Fenner, Wayne 391, 393, 437 Fenton, Robert 224 Ferguson, James 191, 228 Ferguson, Lloyd 204 Ferguson, Robert 350 Ferguson, Sharron 129, 320 Ferling, Monika 67, 374 Fernandez, Gary 131, 215, 278 Fernandez, Soledao 67 Ferrea, Barbara 288 Ferree, Robert 255 Ferrey, Gilbert 280 Ferris, Joyce 67, 306 Ferro, Gloria 360 Fertig, Nancy 228 Fest, Donald 222 Festa, Tom 280 Fetterman, Jim 266 Feveiro, Nancy 365 Fidler, Margie 288 Field, Hilary 312 Field, Kathy 302 Fields, Charles 378, 380 Fieselman, David 258, 451 Fifer, Nancy 67 Figel, Sue 300 Files, Thomas 351 Fillmore, Larry 174 Filson, John 224 Finch, Kenneth 67, 176 Finch, Michael 67 Finch, Susan 67 Finch, William 67 Findley, Darrla 133, 354 Fine, Joy 374 Finkel, Le Roy 268 Finley, Britt 67, 193, 368 Finley, Louise 347 Finn, Mary Helen 67 Finnila, Charles Alfred 67, 342 Finocchio, Concetta 116, 347 Finsterbusch, Ann 67 Fiore, Gail 67, 161, 291 Firpo, Jacquie 106, 130, 292 Firsou, Suzanne 316 Firstenberg, Bev 374 Fischer, Anne 308 Fischer, Richard 282 Fischer, Sue 322 Fishein, Barbara 374 Fishell, Susan 161, 186 Fisher, Barbara 124 Fisher, Ceil 314 Fisher, Claudine 302 Fisher, David 268 Fisher, Harvey 378 Fisher, Marcia Sue 324 Fisher, Ruth 332 Fiske, Albert 67, 240 Fiss, Dede 374 Fitz, Bob 236, 413 Fitz, David 266 Fitz, Franklin 436, 461 Fits, John 122 Fitzpatrick, Burch 255 Flachsenhar, John 217 Fleck, Bob 252 Flegal, Nancy 316 Fleming, Alvin 67 Fleming, Richard Byron ....67, 228 Fletcher, Carolyn 172, 322 Fletcher, Mary 310 Fletcher, Nancy 147, 173, 320 Fletcher, Patricia 320 Fletcher, Paul 118, 121 Fletcher, Sharon Louise ....67, 310 Fletcher, Tal 238 Fletcher, William 67, 218 Fletter, James 67, 254 Fleury, Sally 300 Flinn, David 67, 342, 392, 450 Flint, Darlene 314 Flint, Nancy 316 Flint, Patsy 300 Flint, Robert Donald 67, 172 Flippin, Dave 276 Flood, Judith 322 Flores, Louis 67, 258 Fluty, David 240 Flynn, Linn 147 Fogarty, Jim 274 Fong, David 162, 342 Fong, Donna 347 Fong, Frances 198 Fong, Gary 382 Fong, Gin 67 Fong, Hobart .. 260 Fong, Jeanie 302 Fong, Joann Eleanor 67, 356 Fong, Stanley 162 Fong, Wislon 67 Fonger, Bobbie Elliott 324 Fontaine, Dianne 300 Foon, Nancy 198, 372 Foote, Vera 373 Footman, Farle 149 Forbes, Gary 272 Ford, Barry 413 Ford, Jay 256 Foreman, George 67, 242 Foreman, Wayne 195 Forest, Glenn 351 Forffitt, Steve 280 Forman, Marilyn 332 Forni, William John 67, 242 Forsburg, Robert 342 Forster, Dan 176, 413 Forster, Pat 326 Forsyth, Gayle 173, 324 Fortini, Barbara 300 Fortini, Joyce 291 Fortune, Tom 242, 432 Forward, Richard ................... 226 Fosmire, Gary 378 Fossum, John C. 254 Foster, Carol 121 Foster, Dick 224 Foster, George 67, 246 Foster, Herb 190, 274 Foster, Mercedes 185, 322 Foster, Patti 108, 316 Foster, Robert 243 Foster, Wannie 67, 224 Foster, Woodbridge 338 Fouudy, James 67, 225 Fouladi, Bijan 276 Fourkas, Teresa 67, 146, 173 Fousekis, James 68 Fowkes, Doug 284 Fowkes, Gordon 275 Fowler, Donald Owen 68, 250 Fowler, Gary 174 Fowler, Jean 291 Fowler, Ken 380 Fowler, Marilyn 314 Fowler, Phyllis 145, 185, 328 Fox, Carol Ann 304 Fox, Jeanie 318 Fox, Larry 272 Fox, Sheelah 310 Frame, Bill 246 Frame, Carolyn 185, 347 Franchini, Gail 172, 300 Francis, David 380 Franco, John McClellan ....68, 239 Frank, Barbara 124 Frank, Ellen 373 Frank, Ruth 294 Frank, William 186, 236 Franklin, Roger 222 Franks, Natalie 68, 316 Fraser, Dale 312 Fraser, Joseph 68, 231 Fraser, Mike 450 Fraser, Pete 230 Fraser, Thomas 68, 231, 405 Fratus, Ann 292 Frazell, Joan 68, 304 Frazier, Pete 272 Frease, John 68 Frederick, James 342 Frederick, Walter 115, 138 Free, Janice 320 Freeborn, Richard 68 Freed, Nancy 332 Freed, Norman 240 Freeman, Gail 374 Freeman, Gordon 200, 244 Freeman, Herb 221 Freeman, Lee 67, 131, 236 Freeman, Linsey 262 Freeman, Michaiel 68, 194 Freeman, Roger 268 Freeman, Sue 328 Freitas, Don 132, 174 Frescura, Robert 248 Freuler, Jon 351 Frey, Gregg 68, 279 Frey, Nancy 356 Fricks, Robart 380 Fried, Marsha 366 Friedes, Pat 356 Friedman, Fred 378 Friedman, Harriet 362 Friedman, Mike 342 Friedman, Mimi 365 Friedman, Sharlene 347 Friedman, Tracy 368 Frieman, Robert 185, 244 Frisch, Stephen 268 Fritz, Bill 271 Fritz, Robert 68, 223 Frolich, Gordon 236 Fromm, David 68, 342 Fruchtenicht, Carolyn 347 Frug, Jerry 68, 215, 268 Frusza, Nancy 364 Fruzza, Ed 378 Fry, Jerry 240 Fry, Kathleen 374 Frye, Leland 68 Fuchs, Jake 282 Fukushima, Donald 338 Folfer, Darlene 381 Fulkerson, D. J. 328 Fulton, Richard 235 Funamura, Richard 351 Funderburk, Dale 185 Fung, Hing 68 Fung, Milton 68 Fung, Richard 68 Furtney, Ginni 381 Furuta, Doug 405, 409 G Gaarde, Pat 186 Gaba, Joelle 161, 374 Gabel, Paul 275 Caber, Joan 68 Gabor, John 68 Gafeley, Jon 185 Gage, Susan 366 Gage, Thomas 240 Gage, Thomas E. 232 Gale, Karen 324 Gallagher, Anne E. 68, 356 Gallagher, Jean 304 Gallant, Ethyle 390 Gallaway, Heather 68 Gallaway, Robert 221 Gallay, Caren Jane 362 Galli, Marian 292 Galli, Sylvia 306 Gallis, Pat 288 Galloway, Bob 463 Galloway, Terry 185 Gallup, Hope M. 318 Galvez, Paul 68, 225, 393 Gamble, Richard 125 Gamble, Wicker 190, 232 Gambrell, Arlayne 68, 180 Gamzey, Betty Lou 294 Gangwer, James 68 Garabedian, Larry 368 Garat, Ann 304 Garbor, Peter 280 Garcia, Arthur 68 Garcia, Kenneth 68, 239 Gardner, Earl 261 Gardner, Margaret 68 Garner, Philip 182 Gardner, William B. 175 Garmshausen, Trudy 68 Garnsey, Mary Lu 68, 300 Garrattson, Trudy 318 Garretson, Bob 176 Garretson, Olvier R. 69, 232 Gartshore, Pamela S. 126, 300 Gartzman, Madeline 312 Garvey, Marilyn 69, 189 Garvin, Grover 392, 405, 408 Garvin, Hawley 69, 276 Gassett, William 393, 415 Gastjen, Roger 217 Gaston, Leland 378 Gatelev, Jon 69 Gates, Bill 176, 185, 351 Gatewood, Moni 308 Gatti, Edward 232 Gatto, John Mario 69, 131 Gaudie, Alan 224 Gautier, Karyn 318 Gaydos, Tim 413 Gaylor, Jule 174 Gaylord, Alan 177, 392, 393, 401 Gaylord, Fritz 69, 272 Gaylord, Lynne E. 316 Gazzano, Diane 333 Gean, William .69, 111, 112, 116 Gee, Betty 69 Gee, Christopher 69 Gee, Raymond 120, 351 Goffeney, Megen 306 Gelfarb, Joseph 69 Gelsvik, Roy 219 Gelus, Kathy 197, 306 Genasci, Alfred 185 Center, Stephanie 304 Gentner, Lynne 145, 185, 328 George, Brian 223 George, Dave 271, 392, 405, 408 George, Sally 310 Gerasimenko, Peter 258 Gerbracht, Terry 413 Gerdes, Anne 310 Geren, Jeanne 316 Gerhardt, William 69 Gerrman, Larry 262 Gerstle, John 69 Gerstung, Karin 69 Gettleman, Alan 69, 282 Gettleman, Michael 282 Geyser, Joseph 69 Giambrone, Vicki 381 Giancoli, Douglas 69, 204 Giannone, Diane 300 Gianulias, Jim 405, 456 Gibbons, Merle 130, 316 Gilberti, Marianne 108, 304 Gibson, Joel 368 Gibson, Sandy 288 Gielow, Kenneth 223 Giffen, James 240, 464 Gilberd, Fred 250 Gilbert, Brian 368 Gilbert, Connie 124 Gilbert, Don 413 Gilbert, Howard 244 Gilcrest, Andrew 69, 176 Gillis, Tany 430 Gillmeister, Vicki 373 Gillmore, Jane 366 Gilman, A. Nichols 264 Gilman, Brenda 374 Gilmore, Bob 405 Gilmore, Tom 238 Gilson, Pat 316 Glwrest, Andrew 178 Gimblin, Cathy 197, 304 Ginizez, Jerry 457 Ginsberg, Art 121, 262 Ginsberg, Sue 69, 144, 187 205, 294 Ginsburg, Norman 222 Ginter, Barbara 69, 306 Giovanazzi, Joe 246 Giraffe, Wally 220 Giraudo, John 351 Girgich, Henrietta 390 Giske, Rosablinn 362, 381 Giudice, Henry 248 Giumarra, John 266 Glad, Lester 236 Glandon, Barbara 362 Glass, Jane 330 Glau, Thomas 342 Glennon, John 252 Glesser, Janice 162, 332 Glick, Nancy 125, 360 Glidden, Barbara 360 GIiebe, Robert 69 Globenfelt, Jack 380 Glooschenko, Walter 69 Gluskin, Gale 374 Gluskin, Michael 69, 244 Glutz, Henretta 381 Gnesdiloff, George ....69, 131, 236 Go, Beverly 347 Goddard, Gregg 457 Goddard, Kay 360 Goddess, Lynn 145, 294 Godet, Diana 320 Godley, Frank 159 Godley, Kay 26, 189, 291 Goepel, Wendy 69, 360 Goings, Bob 132 Gokson, Lincoln 260 Gold, Randy 410 Gold, Roslyn Jean 69 Goldberg, George ....119, 132, 282 Goldberg, Melanie 374 Goldberg, Robert 222 Golden, David 69 Golden, Dean 162 Golden, Joyce 108, 306 Goldfield, Helaine 332 Goldhagen, Harriet Arlene 69 Goldman, Barry Irwin 69, 282 Goldman, Emanuel 185 Goldman, Steve 268 Goldsberry, Jon 176 Goldsmith, Bill 351, 451 Goldstein, Don 342 Goldstein, Mike 244 Goldstein, Raize 381 Goldstein, Robert 222 Goldwasser, Marilyn 332 Golen, Lawrence 69, 378 Golliffa, Gail 161 Goltz, Milton 70, 239 Gomberg, David 195 Gomes, Lowell 342 Gompertz, Jo Anne 185, 186, 310 Gong, Thomas 162, 338 Gonsalves, Ronald 278 Gonser, Thomas 70, 221 Gooby, Bob 185 Gooch, Patricia 70, 322 Good, Michael Robert 230 Goodbody, Richard 70 Goode, James 219 Goodell, Bob 254 Gooden, Robert 342 Goodman, Allan 282 Goodman, Brenda ....106, 116, 119 Goodman, Gloria 294 Goodman, Janet 70, 185 Goodman, Nancy 374 Goodman, Steve 120, 351 Goodmanson, Marsha 310 Goodwin, Barry 70, 302 Goodwin, Hubert 70, 183, 351 Goodwin, Sandra 366 Goold, Georgia 70 Goon, Doris 366 Goon, Jach 132, 260 Goorjian, Peter 270 Gordon, Al 282 Gordon, Constance 70 Gordon, Gary 351 Gordon, Jeffery 262 Gordon, Marilynn 70 Gordon, Pat 70 Gordon, Robert 266 Gordon, Stuart 190, 250 Gorman, Joseph 284 Gorshow, Susan 145, 294 Gosline, Sally 328 Gotelli, June 356 Gotschall, John 246, 450 Gould, Beverly 347 Gould,Geoffrey 70, 183 Gould, Harvey 70, 338 Gould, Marcia 304 Gould, Sharon 185, 197, 381 Gould, William 266 Goulden, Charles 70, 185, 351 Goulden, Nancy 364 Govan, Greg William 70 Govan, Richard 401 Governor, Richard Denneth 282 Gowdy, Kathernie 390 Gowen, Connie 324 Goyne, David 70 Grady, Jean 70, 320 Grady, Peter 70, 226 Graham, Doug 261, 392 Graham, Jack 248 Graham, Judy 314 Graham, Larry 218 Graham, Louise 70, 330 Granger, William 190, 238 Grant, Barbara 347 Grant, Susan 328 Granville, Robert 193 Gratther, David 232 Graven, Mary 70 Graves, Pierce 228 Graves, Tom 272, 454 Gravestock, Donald 70, 378 Gray, Bill 405 Gray, Carolyn 70, 318 Gray, Cynthia 70, 361 Gray, George 338 Gray, Gwen 354 Gray, Jean Daves ....186, 197, 324 Gray, Paul 380 Gray, Sandra 312 Creel, Garth 172 Green, Dan 258 Green, David 282 Green, Ernest 219 Green, Gretchen 374 Green, Harlan 271 Green, Janice 374 Green, Jim 191, 261, 392 Green, Joseph Pleri 342 Green, Malcolm 197 Green, Anthony 275 Green, Nancy 161, 354 Green, Peter 228 Green, Rosemary Annette 316 Greenberg, Michelle ..70, 116, 332 Greenberg, Rochelle 70 Greene, Adrian 362 Greene, Alexandra 70 Greene, Charles 70 Greene, Richard 70, 268 Greenhill, Honora 121, 123 Greening, Jon 254 Greenlee, Gordon 70, 228 Greenly, David 380 Greenson, Daniel 70, 116 Greer, Garth 185 Gregerson, Harold 248 Gregg, Ellis Bailey 250 Gregg, Kent 256 Gregg, Patricia Susan 288 Gregorich, Greg 115, 148 Gregory, Paul 368 Greig, Bill 351 Greiner, Lee 240 Grener, Daniel 70 Grether, David 70 Gretlein, John 456 Grey, Gery 271, 415 Grib, Robert 268 Gribble, Mary I. 373 Gridley, Ron 234, 450 Griem, Paul 243 Griffin, Fack 190, 284, 462 Griffin, Richard 132, 254 Griffin, Roberta 70, 333 Griffis, Joan 185, 366 Griffith, Sally 71, 300 Griffiths, Carol 326 Griffiths, Judith 371 Griffiths, Stephanie 161, 318 Grisemer, Alan 71, 175 Grismore, Gerald 179, 270 Grissim, John 221 Gri vetti, Louis 131, 413 Groff, Terry 351 Gross, Barry 244 Gross, Ila 356 Gross, John 71 Grosshans, Terry 71, 218 Grossman, James 71, 282 Grossman, Jay 266 Grossman, Robert 71, 258 Grothe, Carol 71, 187, 374 Grout, Lucille 115, 138 Groves, Linda 113, 310 Grunwals, Joan 332 Grupe, George 274 Guard, Bill 193, 271 Gubser, Marcia 374 Gueffory, Donald 71, 351 Guerard, Roberta 71 Guernsey, Jers. 276 Guerrero, James 217 Guggenheim, Daniel 71, 250 Guidici, Dominic 350 Guie, Kathy 365 Guilieri, Dale 378 Guinals, Iris 366 Gull, William 232 Gump, Cherilyn 347 Gunnarson, Jerry 234 Gather, Stephen 244 Gurll, Nelson 410 Guttman, Paul 380 Gwerder, Merrilee 322 Gwin, Roy 217 H Ha, Eric 380 Haberland, Marguarite 71 185, 374 Habeeb, Fareeda 118, 123 Hachinger, Jo 347 Hachman, Timothy 190, 238 Hacker, Diane 71, 298 Hacker, Jean 71, 354 Hacker, Rich 410 Haden, William 71, 240 Haefele, Joan 366 Haefner, Pete 226 Hagebusch, Karl 219 Hageborn, James 71, 195, 342 Hagedorn, Milt 226 Hagemann, Dick 380 Hagemann, James 224 Hagen, Garland 177 Hagendorn, Jim 195, 434 Hageny, Daniel 182 Hageerty, Farrell 300 Hagestad, Brooks 124, 326 Hagiwara, Tanako 71, 187 189, 374 Hague, Ruth 308 Hail, Lynn 347 Haimovitz, Mike 380 Hain, Charles 238 Haines, William 71, 191, 284, 392, 416 Haire, Virginia 374 Haisley, Russell 71 Hajny, Dave 120, 121 Hakman, Dave 248 Hakmiller,Stan 248 Halberg, John 451 Hale, Albert 275 Hale, Bert 71 Hale, Lois 291 Haley, Bud 225, 393 Haley, Ellen 288 Haley, Sharon 71, 298 Haley, William 71, 351 Haley, Katie 365 Hall, Bob 380 Hall, Charles ....71, 82, 115, 131, 143, 204, 218 Hall, Connie 71, 300 Hall, James 71, 217 Hall, Martha 124, 306 Hall, Minard 71 Hall, Priscilla 316 Hall, Robert 172 Hall, Roberta 71, 180 Halldorson, Joan 71 Hallford, Richard 342 Halloran, Michael 225 Halpern, Leslie 381 Halpern, Steve 342 Halseth, Martin 150, 179, 270 Halvonik, Paul 71 Hambric, John 279 Hamilton, Betty 71, 172 Hamilton, Brutus 401 Hamilton, Helen 143 Hamilton, Joan 71, 326 Hamilton, Lorraine 72 Hamilton, Susan 360 Hamm, Jack 72, 235 Hamma, Donald 176 Hammer, Charles ....184, 338, 380 Hammerman, Judy 332 Hammond, Holley 333 Hammond, John 231 Hampton, Betsy 310 Hamre, Sissel 141 Hance, Janice 308 Hand, Carolyn 13, 133, 326 Hand, Kate 318 Hand, Laurie 120, 326 Hand, William 258 Handelsman, Ira 268 Hanessian, Jack 278 Haney, 179 Hanna, Richard 228 Hannaford, Lynn 310 Hannah, Patricia 72, 314 Hanley, Sheila 298 Hanlon, Susan 118 , 121, 306 Hanrahan, Kate 363 Hanrotin, John 232 Hansen, Adele 347 Hansen, Arleen 302 Hanson, Bruce 72, 392, 450 Hansen, Byron 177, 342 Hansen, Dana 72 Hansen, Donald 261 Hansen, Elaine 354 Hansen, Eunice 316 Hansen, John 342 Hansen, Kip 72, 302 Hansen,Patricia 146, 288 Hansen, Sally 363 Hansen, Suzanne 115, 144, 205, 314 Hansen, William 193 Hansing, Ardrian 72, 350 Hanson, Lynn 347 Hanson, Marilyn 125, 304 Hanssen, Clifford 72 Harada,Arlene 372 Harada, Kimiko 162 Harband, Newton ....162, 142, 244 Harbaugh, Robert 132, 225 Hard, Annette 341 Hard, Laurie 159 Hardin, Barbara 333 Harding, Nann 354 Hardy, Garney 72 Hargis, Beverly 381 Harimoto, Dana 365, 381 Hariri, M. Parvis 72 Harlan, Bill 190, 228, 415, 461 Harley, Helen 138 Harley, Lynne 356 Harmeling, Anne 326 Harnett, Barbara 72, 180, 330 Harps, Tom 351 Harrell, Dick 174 Harrnigton, Don 72, 162, 172, 185 Harrington, Joan 108, 145, 302 Harrington, Judy 292 Harris, David 72, 342 Harris, Robert 72, 234 Harris, Susie 125 Harris, Wendy 326 Harris, Zoanne 374 Harrison, Helen 72, 326 Harrison, Linda 306 Harrison, Nicola 363 Harrower, Ross 162 Harshberger, Robert 274 Harst, Anne 125 Hart, Darryl Alan 72, 262 Hart, Harry 250 Hart, Judy 310 Hart, Kirk 202 Hart, Sylvia 185, 346 Hartford, Sara 310 Hartman, Beverly 72, 288 Hartman, Donna 133, 322 Hartman, Joy C. 320 Hartmann, Linda 360 Hartsough, Ronald 72, 254 Harvey, Barbara 356 Harvey, Dana 162, 298 Harvey, Raymond 232 Harvey, Steven 342 Hashii, Irene 366 Hashinmoto, Monica 356 Hassard, Anne 133, 300 Hassler, John 380 Hastings, Barbara Ann ....130, 318 Hastings, Dick 172, 279 Hastings, Paul 111 Hasund, Shirley 186, 330 Hatashita, Elizabeth 356 Hatch, Toni 302 Hatcher, Jerry 236 Hatfield, Eleanor 298 Hatfield, Jerry 380 Hathaway, John 72, 251 Hatherly, Edwin 221 Hattori, Yukiye 72, 347 Hauge, Lee John 72, 246 Havens, Glenn 72, 219 Havilard, Perry 266 Hawkins, Bill 380 Haykins, Linda 381 Hawkins, Mary Bell 72, 300 Hawks, Doris Evelyn 320 Hawley, Bill ....55, 72, 110, 111, 115, 266 Hawley, Lawrence 72 Haworth, Robert 218 Hay, Sandy 280 Hayashi, Edwin 198, 368 Hayden, Judith 371 Hayden, Richard 72, 272 Hayes, Alan 194 Hayes, Bobette 356 Hayes, Kathy 347 Hayes, Milton 197, 338 Hayes, Peggy 322 Hayes, Sharon M. 306 Hayes, Sharon 72 Hays, Nancy 72, 314 Hayward, Gerald 72, 236 Hayward, Lanny 72, 130, 316 Hazeltine, Robert 72, 274 Hazeltine, Tom 191 Head, Kris Lee 320 Healey, Edward 72, 238 Healey, Patrick 73 Healy, Mark 204, 236 Healy, Mike . .133, 175, 177, 356 Healy, Thomas 73, 248 Heaman, Mike 280 Hearth, Richard 73, 179 Heath, Tom 202 Heatley, Lori 322 Heckendorf, Margaret 73, 328 Heckenlaible, Dick 177, 179, 342 Hedge, Barbara 147, 328 Heeres, Louis 73 Hege, Marty 328 Heibert, Bill 218 Heid, Margaret 356 Heidker, James 220 Heiges, Glenda 73, 162, 346 Heinecke, Louann 363 Heinz, Carl 368 Heinz, Edward 73 Heist, Nanci 292 Heitketter, Bernard 174 Helbling, Katy 364 Helbling, Margaret 364 Helmbrecht, Noel 342, 413 Helmso, Bennie 73, 179 Helske, David 236 Hemming, Ruth 73, 140, 173, 187, 188, 203, 354 Hemphill, Corinne 73, 341 Hemphill, Jim 457 Henault, Paul 160 Hendereson, Cynthia 124, 145, 318 Henderson, Julie 371 Henderson, Marge 306 Henderson, Stephen ....73, 194, 221 Hendren, Andrea 73, 310 Hendren, Julie 108, 310 Hendricks, Peter 342, 413 Hendricks, Tereah 73 Hendrix, Lynette 161, 324 Hendrix, Thomas 73, 122, 226 Heneley, Darryl E. 250 Henning, Elaine ....144, 197, 324 Henning, John 255 Henning, Pam 118 Henrich, Robert Riley 73, 248 Henrietta, Lynne 130, 300 Henry, Kenneth 73, 255, 392 Henry, Nancy 73, 356 Hepler, Gordon 248 Herb, Peter 73, 264 Herbert, Joseph 204 Herbert, Mary 204, 330 Herd, Alan 73, 242 Herd, William 73 Herdocia, Danilo 73, 176 Heringer, Carol 120, 322 Herlinger, Bob 120 Herkes, Jana 288 Herman, Bob 154 Herman, Brian 261, 457 Herman, Stu 142 Herndon, Bob 399 Herr, Nancy 366 Herrerias, Rene 432 Herrick, Stephen 73, 124, 125, 228 Herron, Dave 380 Hersberg, Debbie 124 Hertel, Ray 13, 90, 177, 179, 191, 215, 261, 391, 392, 450 Hertz, Judy 381 Hertzberg, John 268 Herzeg, Allan 282 Heskin, Allan 73, 244 Hess, Dennis 242 Hester, Lee M. 179 Hester, Marilyn 292 Heustis, Suzanne 73, 328 Hewitt, Roger 454 Heyen, Douglas 73 Heyhurst, Nancy 326 Hexem, Karen 362 Hextel, Ray E. 73, 261 Hibbard, Richard 368 Hibler, Lani 162, 332 Hickman, Albert 73 Hickman, Jane 161, 347 Hicks, Mary Frances 306 Hicks, Wally 410 Hiddleson, Don 243 Hiebert, Jim 193 Hiebert, Larry 368 Hieronimus, Lynne .. 73, 172, 320 Higbee, Catherine 316 Higbee, Ronald 73 Higgins, George 73 Higgins, Lynne 330 Higgnis, Timothy 230 High, Lee 304 Higley, Charles 342 Hildebrand, Dick 190, 240 Hildebrand, Ellen 73 Hildebrand, Ronald 73, 266 Hill, Bradford 190, 232 Hill, Gloria 162 Hill, Jackie 297 Hill, Linda 74, 292 Hill, Norman L. 74, 342 Hill, Ron 278 Hillhouse, Jerry John 250 Hilton, Carole 308 Hilton, John 228 Hinchliff, Helen 118 Hine, Blair 125, 300 Hines, Larry 118, 217 Hing, Wesley 74, 198 Hink, Leslye 354 Hinman, Kathy 300 Hinra, Joanne 374 Hinton, Ralph 74 Hintz, Robert 338 Hirai, Mabel 74, 356 Hirano, Janet 74, 291 Hirsch, Arthur Wesley 74, 179 Hirsch, Claire 145, 332 Hirsch, Joseph 184 Hirsch, Mike 244 Hirschberg, Debbie 374 Hisayasu, Bobbi 363 Hitchcock, Larry E. 74, 272 Hitchcock, Richard 221 Hitzl, Donald L. 126, 279 Nixon, John 74 Hjortsvang, Susanne 314 Hobbie, John 120 Hobin, Barbara 310 Hobin, Bill 190, 191, 240 Hodgdon,Fredericka 74, 298 Hodges, Sandra 74, 354 Hoecker, Gail 74, 308 Hoefer, Sue 310 Hoff, Gretchen 363 Hoff, Sunny 123, 124, 180 Hoffman, Bruce 254 Hoffman, Curtis 74 Hoffman, Don 380 Hoffman, Norbert 435 Hoffner, Harriet 74, 118, 119, 187, 310 Hofman, Margita 347 Hofmann, Cathy 333 Hofmann, Paul B. 282, 410 Hofmann, Ron 244 Hofmann, Paul 282 Hogan, Judy 108, 304 Hogan, Nancy 320 Hogan, Thomas 338 Hogue, William 243 Hohman,Marie 381 Holcombe, Eleanor 74, 316 Holcombe, Katherine 316 Holcombe, Margaret 304 Holland, Archie 280 Holland, Michael 256 Holland, Nancy 288 Holland, Penny 126, 300 Holland, Pete 118 Hollander, Neil 275 Hollander, Robert 74, 350 Hollander, Roger 275 Holley, Herb 43, 132, 236 Hollick,Ann 185, 322 Hollingshead, Evelyn 64, 74, 188, 314 Hollingsworth, Johnny 74, 271 Hollis, Sylvia 122, 365 Hollister, James 271 Jean 302 Holme, Bianca 74 Holmes, Carl 457 Holmes, Irene 74 Holmes, John 256 Holmes, Joy 106, 116, 119, 190, 304 Holmes, Pat 147 Holmgren, Darrell 185, 338 Holmstrom, Robert 338 Holst, James 74 Holstius, Ursula 130, 308 Holston, Charles H. 74, 392 405, 408 Holstrom, James 230 Hom, James 74 Hom, Milton 74 Homaizi, Jassim 199 Homann, Dorothy ....74, 161, 363 Homer, Barbara 291 Homer, Jeff 118 Hong, Joy 123, 172, 198, 374 Hong, Laureen 74, 356 Hong, Maxine 141 Hong, Shirley 356 Honigberg, Myra Alice 294 Honzik, Eleanor 74, 292 Hoogs, Bill 274, 462 Hopoer, Wayne 111 Hope, Jeanette 127, 362 Hopkins, Alfred 218 Hopkins, Cherry 74 Hopkins, June 320 Hopkins, Thomas 276 Hopkins, Williams 240 Hoppin, Richard 190, 228 Hora, Mas 382 Horam, Kahtleen 346 Horn, Steve 282, 449, 450 Hornbaker, David 74, 176 Horner, Gordon 74, 202 Horner, Jeffery 74, 271 Horning, Andrew 226 Hornung, Sarah 108, 324 Horikoshi, Nancy 161 Horowitz, David 268 Horstman, Edward 378 Horwatt, Thomas 181, 204 Horwitt, Gerald 182 Horwitz, Elaine 162, 185, 294 Horwitz, Robert 181, 244 Hosford, Bill 380 Hossom, Linda 316 Hottsmark, Eric 413 House, James 226 House, Robert 246 House, Terry Jackson 252 Howard, Beth 374 Howard, Don 150 Hovey, Archie 74, 176 Howard, George 75 Howard, Kathy 108, 292 Howard, Walter 75, 176, 177 Howden, Charles R. 75, 258 Howe, Helen 203 Howe, Kenneth 380 Howe, Nancy 356 Howell, Jane 115, 146, 173, 185, 204, 322 Howson, Lin 320 Hoyer, Joan 324 Hoyt, Julie 324 Hoyt, Maureen 139 Hseuh, Pu-Chin 346 Hubbard, George 278 Hubbard, John 368 Huber, Skip 13, 57, 75, 191, 228, 405, 409 Huber, Walt 202 Huckleberry 278 Hudack 75, 242 Huddleson, Joan 328 Hudesman, Elaine R. 145, 294 Hudson, Leonard ... ............. ... 75 Hudson, Mark 228 Hudson, William N. 75, 218 Huesman, Ronald 256, 461 Huey, Deanna 75, 362 Huffman, Mike 434 Hughes, Adele 322 Hughes, Dick W. 75, 250 Hughes, Gail 288 Hughes, James A. 75, 250 Hughes, Joa nne E. 360 Hughes, Marcia 75, 173, 187, 288 Hughes, Marilynne 132, 136, 306 Hughes, Robert 338 Hume, David 75 Humphrey, Harry 256 Humphreys, Phil 252 Hunolt, Jim 280 Hunt, B. Renee 75, 114, 125, 187, 202, 372 Hunt, Carole 374 Hunt, Donna 123 Hunt, James 75, 270 Hunt, John 190 Hunt, Judy 365 Hunt, Marilyn 75 Hunt, Merilyn 330 Hunt, Patricia 316 Hunt, Sandra 115, 144, 314 Hunter, Mary 75, 360 Hunter, William K. 75, 250 Huntington, John B. 75, 240 Hurd, Vivian 314 Hurlburt, Captain Frank 193 Hurley, James 190, 197, 261 Hurlocker, Alicia 185 Hurt, Carolyn 298 Hurt, John 264 Husain, Abdul 199 Husksy, Carolyn 381 Hutchison, Claude ....75, 264, 451 Hutchinson, Elmarie 374 Hutchinson, Herman 342, 410 Hutchison, Murray 75, 248 Hutchinson, Richard 256 Huth, Gaylord 251 Hvizdak, John 75 Hyadis, Charles 378 Hyde, George 231 Hyink, Shirley 300 I Ibrahim, Ismail 75 Iglehart, Barbara 328 lida, Helen 75 Ijams, Judy 347 Ikegami, Roy 368 Imai, JoAnne 75, 374 Imbach, Marilyn 143 Imhoff, Darrall ....13, 62, 75, 174, 256, 421, 430 Imwalle, Maryann 133, 300 Inch, Betsy 75, 302 Ingebretsen,Kearen 308 Ingerbretsen, Bob 454 Ingham, 75, 240 Innes, George 230 Innis, Tom 177, 179 Innes, Tracy 75, 322 Inouye, Akio 75 Inouye, Tom 382 Ipson, Daniel 230, 405 Iriarte, Marcia 304 Irman, Les 278 Iruine, Helen 291 Irvin, Susan 304 Irvine, Linda 203,291 Isaak, Robert 236 Isador, Mary 294 Isenberg, Steven 330 Israel, Susan 294 Itaya, Joan Kikuko 75 Ito, Elaine 356 Iverson, Judy 147, 320 Iwata, Kazuko 75, 373 Iwnss, Tracy 120 Izant, Clyde 351 J Ja, Pauline 75, 356, 180 Jack, Mayo 184 Jackson, Allen 463 Jackson, Beverly 114, 288 Jackson, Bill 436 Jackson, Harry 76, 338 Jackson, Marian 374 Jackson, Nancy 361 Jackson, Pat 328 Jackson, Thelma 236 Jackson, Virginia 145, 324 Jacob, Jack 76, 179 Jacobes, Brenda 322 Jacobi, Patricia 76 Jacobs, Allen 449, 450 Jacobs, Fenton 244 Jacobs, Jerrell 185 Jacobs, Lynn 363 Jacobs, Walter 76, 262 Jacobson, Larry 244 Jackson, Norman 342 Jacobson, Sandy M. 294 Jacobson, Sandy 271 Jacobson, Sanford 76, 351 Jacobson, Sharon ....125, 185, 374 Jaeger, Marshall 410 Jaekle, Fran 363 Jaffe, Joyce 312 Jaffe, Stephen Nelson 76, 262 Jakobsen, Craig 76, 190, 230 Jakobsen, Kent G. 190, 230 James, Barbara 127, 304 James, Charles Ronald 76, 252 James, Coralei 76 James, Martha 127, 362 Jamieson, Anne Lyon 76, 347 Jamieson, Ronald 380 Jamile, Alex 244, 405, 409 Jandon, Hugh 190 Janee, Helmar 252 Janin, Barbara 328 Catherine 330 Janzen, Herman 378 Jarvis, Robert 76, 131, 378 Jeafjeld, Clarence 338 Jeffries, Karen 298 Jelavich, Sue 310 Jen, Jeanette 372 Jenkins, Daniel 264 Jenkins. Richard 76, 176 Jenks, Phoebe 308 Jennings, Charles 246 Jennings, Lucille 161, 356 Jennings, Richard 220 Jennings, Susan 328 Jensen, Bill 174 Jensen, Harley 224 Jensen, Karen 365 Jensen, Karen 366 Jenson, Margaret 322 Jeong, Susan 76 Jessie, Larry 256 Jeter, Mary 381 Joanna 300 Jewett, Barbara 76, 361 Jewett, Jennie 316 Jinkerson, Guy 266 Jinneto, Bill 174 Jones, Carol 347 Jones, Carroll E. 172 Jones, Judy 330 Jones, Tom 120 Jorgensen, David 131 Johansen, Mary 308 Johns, Judith Barbara 76 Johnson, Allen 338 Johnson, Arthur 256 Johnson, Cassius 190, 230 Johnson, Connie 140 Johnson, Cornelis 76 Johnson, Dennis 240 Johnson, Dianne 310 Johnson, Dick 142, 415 Johnson, Duanee 226 Johnson, Dubs 457 Johnson, Dwight 226 Johnson, Earl 190, 228 Johnson, Eric 217 Johnson, Gale 308 Johnson, Gordon 76, 271, 393 Johnson, Hugh 232 Johnson, Jacqueline 308 Johnson, Janet 76, 361 Johnson, Jay 270 Johnson, Jerry 232 Johnson, Jocelyn 76 Johnson, Kenneth 176, 278 Johnson, Lance 76, 183 Johnson, Linda 161, 202, 360 Johnson, Merne 338 Johnson, Nancy 76 Johnson, Nils 190, 272 Johnson, Ray 179 Johnson, Richard 256 Johnson, Terry 351, 454 Johnson, Sheila 185, 197, 365 Johnson, Tony 68, 114, 246 Johnson, William 76, 254 Johnston, Bill 76, 221 Johnston, Ev. 250 Johnston, John 413 Johnston, Philip 76 Johnston, Sharon 76, 130, 173, 288 Jollu, Robert 76, 131, 275 Jonasdottir, Solevig 76 Jones, Anita 297 Jones, Ann 76, 288 Jones, Carroll 76 Jones, Francis 272 Jones, James 258 Jones, John 191 Jones, Jilianne 302 Jones, Lawrence 76 Jones, Leslie 308 Jones, Richard 176, 204, 242 Jones, Sandy 318 Jones, Sandy 373 Jones, Terry 405, 409 Jones, Thomas 119, 351 Jordan, Edward 76 Jordan, Gladys 118 Jordan, Jewel 76 Jordan, Judy 312 Jordan, Pat 147, 173, 288 Jorgensen, Arthur 255 Jorgensen, David 131, 252 Jorgensen, Jerron 77, 252 Jorgensen, Kenneth 77, 176 Joseph, Bob 154 Joseph, Sue 294 Josephson, Larry 156 Joyal, Arnold . .77 , 176, 193, 246 Joynson, Karin 133 Judo, Patsy 294 Judge, William 190, 284, 464 Judy, Carolyn 77, 318 Jue, Edward 77, 172, 198, 351 Jue, Jeannie 198, 347 Jue, Willis 77 Jungblom, Jean 77, 373 Junkermin, Marilyn 371 Jurgens, Andy 271 Jurow, Ronnie M. 294 Justephson, Larry 154 K Kachen, George 119, 179 Kader, Donna 341 Kady, John 351 Kagan, Dick 118 Kagel, John 449 Kahn, Doris 294 Kaiser, Dick 410 Kajiwara, Takaka 381 Kalbach, Gary W. 258 Kalberg, Sarah 133 Kalian, Gary 236 Kallick, Susan 374 Kalsman, Miriam 356 Kamm, Sue ....121, 144, 149, 356 Kamolnetr, Chaiphorn 199 Kandler, Ronnie 366 Kane, Bruce 131, 338 Kane, Carolyn 308 Kane, Marliyn C. 77 Kangas, L. W. 113 Kani, Melvin 77 Kankkenen, Bette ....108, 185, 304 Kaoiff, Andrea 356 Kaplan, Joan 381 Kaplan, Sheila 347 Kaplan, Stuart 268 Kaps, Richard 77 Karah, Robert Charles 262 Karlin, Rita 356 Karlsrud, Robert 274 Karmine, Cristel 77, 364 Karr, Howard 58, 77, 118, 131, 132, 271 Kashima, Tetsuden 382 Kashling, Gary 232 Kasparian, Oscar 223 Kato, Lorraine 374 Kattler, John 236, 457 Katz, Arlene 381 Katz, Harvey 268 Katz, Helen 77 Katz, Ilene 118, 121, 374 Katz, Maxine 294 Katz, Roberta 381 Kauffman, Bob 282 Kaufman, Doris 360 Kaufman, Harvey 436 Kaufman, Judith 374 Kaufman, Nancy 294 Kauth, Pat 356 Kauwling, Thomas 342 Kavanagh, Carol 77, 93, 130, 316 Kavanagh, Melinda 77, 188 Kawamoto, Jack 77, 368, 434 Kawaoka, Kenji 220 Kawaoka, Shuzo 382 Kawasaki, Seiso 382 Kawsmura, Bernice 347 Kay, Bernie 262 Kay, Judith 77 Kaye, Elizabeth 77, 356 Kaylor, Mary 108, 364 Kazdin, Fran 366 Keanges, Dean 114 Kearns, Don 450 Kearney, Ron 248 Keasbey, Elizabeth 324 Keating, Dick 190, 191, 284 Keck, James 77, 275 Keech, Scott 141 Keefer, James 77, 243 Keeler, Barbara 288 Keen, Thomas 256 Keeney, Patrick 185 Kegel, John 185 Keithley, Pat 255 Kliner, Norm 282 Keller, Carolyn 77, 187, 188, 189, 373 Keller, Philip 77, 220 Kelley, Cathy 300 Kelley, Tad 77 Kelley, Terrance 77, 250, 392 Kelling, June 364 Kellner, Norm 282 Kellogg, Theodore 77, 250 Kelly, Dan 351 Kelly, John 77, 238 Kelly, Pat 436 Kelly, Roxanne 304 Kelly, Susan 77, 318 Kelsey, Janet 320 Kemp, Janet 77, 306 Kendall, Don 276 Kenline, George 174 Kenmuir, David 250 Kennady, Don 434 Kennedy, Barbara 77 Kennedy, Marie 298 Kennedy, Roberta 185, 366 Kanner, Lee 202 Kenney, Gayle 381 Kenney, Karen 145, 308 Kannon, Jack 77, 131, 271 Kenny, Patricia 360 Kensaston, Kinda 300 Kent, Roger 219 Kenton, Elaine 356 Kerchoff, Darrel 264 Kerckoff,Darrel 264 Kerley, Robert 18 Kerlin, Allen 279 Kern, Anne 203 Kerper, Elna 77, 354 Kerr, Jakes 77, 242 Kerr, Judy 127, 363 Kerr, Robert 248 Kerr, Wendal I 252 Kersevan, Alex 413 Kerstein, Joanie 145, 294 Kidd, David 271 Kidd, Judith 300 Kidd, Margaret 364 Kiger, Ron 278 Kilbride, Ed 434 Kilfoil, Tom 393, 437 Kilpatrick, Sandra 308 Kim, Chung 78, 351 Kim, Han 78 Kim, Rodney 198 Kessler, Abigail 78 Keuchler, Henry 79, 190, 191 284, 392 Key, Bernard 185 Keyes, Jerry 78, 183 Khan (DOG) 260 Khatoonian, Owen 368 Kikochi, Kaxuko 381 Kim, Suk Nan 185 Kim, Yeong 220 Kimball, Pam 148, 149, 326 Kimball, Patricia 78, 116, 125, 304 Kimble, Harriet 326 Kimura, Florence 78, 373 Kimura, Kenneth 78 Kindig, Judith 366 Kindorf, Robert 78 King, Albert 78, 175 King, Diane 108 King, Janet 78, 308 King, Janice 316 King, Jerry 457 King, John 255 King, Linda 306 King, Louise 354 Kingham, Barton 223 Kingren, Bjorg 78 Kinnick, Earl 78, 279 Kinpins, Patricia 162, 332 Kirby, Kathryn 162, 361 Kirby, Rich 143 Kirby, Robert 78, 243 Kirk, Frank 78 Kirkpatrick, Lary 78, 264 Kirsher, Sharon 360 Kirwan, Ed 139 Kirwan, Kevin 78, 214, 250 Kisseleff, Lana 123 Kistinger, John 78 Kita, Christine 130, 198, 356 Kitasako, John 338 Kiyomura, Ira 78, 342 Kjarsgaard, Susan 120, 130, 308 Kjauka, Marcy 147 Klapak, Karolyn 162, 298 Klarman, Regina 197 Klass, Edward 190, 274, 461 Klatzker, Suzanne 312 Klein, Jeanne 78 Klein, Nancy 294 Klein, Thomas 258 Kleinbauer, Walter 255 Klick, James 78, 176, 179 Klink, Richard 78, 276 Klipfel, Jane 308 Kloninger, Phil 240 Klose, Jeanne 288 Klugow, Allen 78, 248 Knight, David 78 Knight, Jane 333 Knight, Michael 279 Knoepp, Terry 78, 248 Knoernschild, Monika 374 Knowles, Leslie 361 Knott, Susan 308 Knowles, Robert W. 179 Koanigsberg, Nancy 312 Kobayashi, Say 78, 382 Kober, Sharon 360 Koblik, Steve 351 Kobuchi, Suzie 347 Kodama, Steven 380 Koenig, Marcia 356 Koepsell, Paul 258 Kohayashi, Harold 78 Kohler, Kahtie 298 Kolz, Diane 145, 302 Komatsubara, Nancy 364 Konecky, Richard 392 Konig, Nan 324 Konings, Elena 78 Kono, Art 462 Kono, Michi 380 Kono, Richard, Takeo 78 Kontrovich, George 78 Koolen, Ginnie 306 Kopas, Ken Allen 78 Korger, Alfred 368 Korman, Joan 371 Kornbloom, Arlene 372 Kornfeld, Henry 78, 351 Korsinem, Wayne 78, 246 Kosakura, Morris 198 Kossen, Bobbie 381 Kostyra, Diana 79 Kracke, Roger 218 Kracke, Sharon 381 Kral, Barbara 133, 347 Kramer, Mike 282 Krause, Jerry 226 Krause, Selma 291 Kreamer, Susan 79, 362 Krentz, Arthur 338 Kritscher, Mike 457 Kriz, George 220 Krober, Carolyn 324, 457 Kroesen, Cindy ....73, 79, 114, 118, 119, 130, 193, 302 Krohn, Diane 374 Krotz, Michael 264 Krouzian, Louise 79 Krummack, Mary 79 Kruse, Lawrence 190, 250 Krutchkoff, David 79, 262 Kubasek, Jo Ann 372 Kuhn, Carl 79, 131 Kuhn, Jonathan C. 262, 451 Kulberg, Sarah 133, 328 Kullama, Wanich 79, 199 Kulstad, George 79, 239 Kulmi, Raymond 79, 266 Kunze, Carr 224 Kurit, Linda 121, 332 Kurotori, Katherine 79 Kurtz, Gerald Thomas 79, 175, 176 Kurtzman, Karen 347 Kurzman, Majorie 294 Kurzman, Mike 262 Kveps, Liga 185 Kwapong, Emmanuel 79 Kysh, Judy 133, 144, 324 Kysilka, Marcella 371 L LaBare, Rober 79, 255 Lacey, Marv 452, 456 Lackey, Arlen 449, 450 Lackey, James 79 Lacy, Suzanne 347 LaFontaine, Eugenia 79, 150 LaForce, Phil 79, 435 Lai, Peter 380 Lai, Ron 145 Laine, Margo 316 Laing, Jill 316 Lake, Suzanne 79, 322 Laky, Les 133, 342, 392, 415 Laky, Mat 342 LaLiberte, Bob 131, 276 Lam, Wilfred 261 Lamb, Anne 322 Lamb, Wayne 274 Lambden, William 79 Lambert, Carl ...79, 193, 205, 224 Lambet, Howard 79, 258 Lammerman, Pat 145, 292 LaMonte, Albert 176, 368 Lamoreux, Larry 79, 175, 176, 178, 179 Lampo, Ed 223 Landis, Janet 79, 326 Landis, Donald 179, 185 Landis, Ellen 312 Lane, Edward 274 Lane, Jana 79 Lane, Ronald 176, 368 Lang, Toni 294 Langdon, Martha 302 Lange, Helmut 393, 413 Lange, Ieva 347 Langford, Wayne 79, 266 Langman, Richard 79 Langs, Rosemary 324 Langsam, Marvin 120 Lanier, Gerald 79, 174, 450 Lansman, John Edward 79, 252 Lantin, Linda L. 294 Lantow, Brenne 354 LaPedis, Bernard 222 Lapid, Sharon 294 Lapin, Lawrence 270 Large, Jeff 132, 256 Larry, Gloria Ann ....111, 112, 248 Larsen, Arlene 79, 354 Larsen, Avery 324 Larsen, Linda 79, 328 Larsen, Susan 202 Larsen, Ted 175 Larsen, Donald 79,217 Larson, Barbara 366 Larson, David 202, 270 Larson, Gaylan 179 Larson, James 108, 246 Larson, Linda 291 Larson, Linda 80 Larson, Lois 291 Larson, Lois 354 Larson, Lorna 186, 288 Larson, Lynn 264 Larson, Paul 80, 255 Larson, David 202, 2 70 Larue, John 220 Laser, Evely 312 Lasher, Ron 405, 408 Lassen, Karen 328 Lateana, Janice 320 Lathrop, Ronald 80 Lau, Mildred 80 Laube, Lolly 310 Lauder, Lori 149, 328 Lauderback, Nancy 149, 314 Lauderdale, Kerby 174 Lauer, Don 228, 433 Laufenberg, Clemens 80, 175, 176, 177, 215, 230 Laufenberg, Edwin 230 Laughlin, Phillip 351 Lauro, Joseph 342 Lausten, Merlyn 280 Lavezzi, Robert J. 80, 274 Lavin, Annette 312 Law, Kathy 161 Lawler, Carol 292 Lawrenson, Kenneth W. ....80, 248 Lawton, Susan 318 Layne, Arthur 232 Layne, Lenore 360 Layton, Daniel 193, 271 Lazar, Alan H. 119, 262 Lazar, Karin 360 Leach, Marguerite 80, 374 Leach, Nancy E. 318 Leach, Richard 240 Leader, Maureen 347 Leale, Sharon 320 Leary, James 236 Leathem, Joan 80, 356 Leavitt, John 80, 250 LeBaron, Barbara 374 Lebhers, Arlene 80, 114, 185, 346 Legallet, Suzanne 80, 306 Leif, Earline 306 Lee, Andrew 80 Lee, Arnold 80 Lee, Cahrn 380 Lee, Daniel 80, 260 Lee, Doug 80 Lee, Doris 347 Lee, Ernest 80, 198 Lee, Feelie 80, 130, 374 Lee, Freida 130, 347 Lee, Glenn 80, 219 Lee, Janice 120, 122 Lee, Kathleen 334 Lee, Kenneth 342 Lee, Linda 80 Lee, Millicent 374 Lee, Milton 80, 220 Lee, Virginia 80, 180, 333 Leeds, Andrea 312 Leet, William 264 Legallet, Suzanne 80, 306 Legg, Kenneth 80 Lehmeyer, Joan 149 Lehr, Naida 371 Leib, Barbara 316 Leick, Joseph 80 Leighton, Albert 80, 185 Leipziger, Frances 80 Leiser, Mal 250 Leister, Charles 80 Leisz, Leland 177, 179, 185 Leiter, Peter 80 Leland, David 268 Leland, Thomas 80, 224 Lelin, Eddie 120, 181 Lem, Eleanore 365 Lembke, Cindy 111, 112 Lembke, Stephanie 347 Lemmon, Jim 449 Lenhart, John 276 Lenske, Aryay 116 Lent, Jerry 174 Lenten, Stephen 378 Leo,Chuck 380 Leonard, Elizabeth 80, 298 Leonard, James 338 Leonard, Lois 80 Leonard, Nancy 347 Leonard, Robert 80, 174 Leong, Charlene 81 Leong, Dale 347 Leong, Jim 368 Leong, Leslie 161, 356 Leong, Lynda 198, 334 Leong, Oren 338 Leong, Suey 81 Leong, Wendy 198 Lepera, Leonard 243 Leppaluoto, David 150, 261 Lerer, Lynn 81, 312 Lesiter, Charles 81 Leslie, Joel 222 Leslie, Robert 81, 262 Leslie, Sue 108, 292 Lestrade, Nancy 346 Leung, Eva 81 Levenick, Maynard 220 Lever, John 81 Levin, Barbara 312 Levin, Bernalla 341 Levin, Elsie 130, 294 Levin, Lorrie 294 Levin, Marilyn 381 Levin, Robert 282 Levin, Ronald 244 Levine, Art 282 Levine, Ben 81, 262 Levine, Darryl 312 Levine, Mike 132 Levine, Robert 350 Levine, Steve 351 Leving, Art 456 Levitt, Sandy 381 Levy, Emily 381 Levy, Judith 185 Levy, Robert 378, 380 Lew, Audrey 334, 180 Lew, Thomas 185 Lew, Wayne 368 Lewis, James 226 Lewis, Janet 81 Lewis, Sam 410 Lewis, William 223 Lewon, Carol 347 Li, David 185, 380 Liang, Gay 106, 361 Liapes, Michelle 81, 119, 374 Libarian, Vivian 106, 314 Lichenstein, Michael 262 Liebeskind, David 262 Liebman, Barry 262 Liebman, William 244 Liechti, Joan 81 Lieser, William 246 Liff, Jana 130, 294 Liggeth, Jim 457 Lightbody, Marcia 81 Lightner, David 81, 342 Likens, James 81, 338 Likens, James 271 Liles, Robert 81 Lilleland, Betty 203, 373 Lim, Honson 81, 260 Lim, Isabelle 334 Lim, Larry 179 Lin, Leo 81 Lincoln, Linda 161 Linczer, Jo-Ai 81, 310 Lind, Stephen 232 Lindberg, Eric 81, 276 Lindbergh, Sherry 125, 330 Lindley, Jack 81, 176 Lindquist, Sandra 361 Lindsay, Lisle 81, 368 Lindsay, Lucy 81, 297 Lingschied, Julie 347 Link, George 13, 106, 111, 119, 131, 351 Linman, Lynn 81, 298 Linn, George 380 Linxwiler, Mary 288 Lipman, Steve 228, 392 Lipsius, Paul 179 Little, Michael 368 Little, Steve 236 Littleson, Sally 288 Littleton, Wayne 81, 246 Litz, Norman 197 Liu, Carol 198, 334 Liu, Margaret 373 Liu, Sandy 81 Livchitz, Diane 312 Livingston, Bill 174, 266 Livingstone, Duncan 81, 252 Lloyd, Gulden 392 Loafea, Marsha 347 Lobdell, Timothy 81 Loberg, David 81 Lobovitz, Carole 294 Locatelli, Linda 106, 328 Lock, Allan 132, 133, 342 Locke, Susan 288 Lockett, Ann 149, 322 Lockhart, Charles 278 Lockshin, Arnold 81 Lockwood, Phyllis 318 Lockyer, Bill 108 Loeb, Anthony 268 Lofholm, Paul 224 Logan, John 81 Lohmon, Dick 438, 451 Lohmeyer, Joan 314 Lohmyer, Joan 314 Lombardi, Carolyn 81, 322 Lomens, Stephen 368 Long, Danile 81, 338 Long, James 220 Longaker, Christopher 221 Longden, Roger 380 Longstreet, James 172 Loomis, Leonard 81, 160 Loomis, Linda 161 Loomis, Robert 82, 174, 242 Lopez, Joann 366 Lopez, Manuel 184 Lord, George 246 Lorenzo, Dog 279 Lorimer, Sally Anne 322 Losse, Lloyd 114 Louargand, Nancy 132, 314 Louie, Don 454 Louie, Edmund 82, 260 Louis, Ellen 82 Louis, Evelyn .... ...... 106, 203, 291 Louis, Linda 366 Lovas, Don 172 Love, Bill 255 Love, Gretchen 365 Loveall, Richard 266 Loverde, Richard 258 Lovie, William 178 Low, Edward 82 Low, Judy 330 Low, Sharon 198, 334 Low, Sonny 368 Low, Thomas 82 Lowe, Eileen 198, 371 Lowe, Linda 82, 328 Lowell, Larry 410 Lowell, Steve 280 Lowen,Claude 185 Lowenthal, Matin 351 Lowitz, Marjorie 374 Loya, Benny 176 Luard, Susanne 330 Lubbock, Dan 13, 82, 131, 215, 280 Lucas, Chuck 116 Lucas, Gerald 350 Lucas, Roger 82, 350 Lucas, Tinker 106, 316 Luders, Dave 82, 175 Ludwig, Lynda 347 Luedke, Edward 82 Luff, Norma 356 Lufkin, Dan 338, 433, 456 Luft, John 230 Lukash, Al 380 Lukens, William 82, 190, 274 392, 462 Lum, Calvin 260 Lum, Darrel 342 Lum, Francis 260 Luna, Douglas 194, 261 Lund, Robert 131, 280 Lundberg, Fleming 197 Lundberg, Karin 82, 197, 298 Lundgren, Gerald ...256, 405, 408 Lundgren, Jack 236 Lundy, Mary 364 Lupher, Linda 310 Lusk, Diana 82 Lusk, John 218 Lustig, Barbara 332 Lutge, Barbara 324 Luther, Margot 318 Luther, Marjorie 82, 173, 185, 324 Luton, Caroline .. 186 Lutz, Michael 82, 185, 342 Lyders, Jan 82, 302 Lyman, Louise 300 Lyman, Tim 450 Lymbaria, Milly 347 Lynch, Alva 82, 354 Lynch, John 82 Lynch, Richard 368 Lynch, Robert 82, 250 Lynder, Susan 124 Lynn, Deana 196, 302 Lynn, Leanore 332 Lynn, Suzanne 374 Lyon, Sharon 145, 292 Lyon, Steve 268 Lyons, Jim 368 M McAbeer, Winifred 374 McAdam, William 264 McAlear, Robert 82, 223 McAllister, Robert 82, 183 McCabe, Bob 280 McCabe, James 342 McCabe, Janet 374 McCabe, Joan 328 McCall, Trish 114, 326 McCallum, Donald 276 McCann, Sandy 280 McCarron, Kerwin 82 McCarthy, Ann 322 McCarthy, Brian 219 McCarthy, Denise 363 McCarthy, Frank 82, 342 McCarthy, Helen 82, 322 McCarthy, Kiki 143, 354 McCarthy, Muriel 326 McCarthy, Richard 133, 378 McCarthy, Shaun 368 McCarty, Bill 250 McCarty, Elliott 82, 350 McCarty, Kathleen 82, 308 McCarty, Madeleine 381 McClain, Cliff 452, 454 McClaine, Gerald 190, 284 McClanahan, Ruth 82 McClintock, Bill 430 McClintock, Marilyn 365 McClish, June 347 McClish, Lucille 82, 371 McComb, Bill 280 McComb, Marshall 190, 272 McComb, William 280 McCombs, Wayne 82, 276 McConnaughey, John 182 McCord, Joseph 82, 95, 148 McCormack, Judith 82, 318 McCormick, Donna 374 McCormick, Irene 326 McCown, Harvey 351 McCoy, Owen 252 McCoy, Robert 280 McCracken, Marcia 308 McCulley, Barbara 185, 362 McCulloch, William 82, 378, 437 McCune, Heather 106, 119, 121, 306 McCune, Mary 356 McCurnin, William 83 McDaniel, Carolyn 83 McDermid, Lani 318 McDonald, Don 240 McDonald, Fran 83 McDonald, Fred 260 McDonald, Jim 264, 456 McDonald, Judith 83, 298 McDonald, Kathleen 180 McDonald, Mary Lou 83, 326 McDonald, Sandra 132, 306 McDonough, Gary 83, 252 McDougall, Robert 231, 456 McDowell, Carol 83, 173, 302 McDowell, Joan 341 McElhoe, Marilyn 185, 306 McElroy, Pete 272 McEneany, Cece 326 McFadden, Sue 288 McFarland, Gerald 83, 96, 111, 112, 215, 236 McFarland, Mary 328 McFarland, Mary 326 McFarling, Ann 83, 187, 188, 318 McFie, Sue 322 McGarrey, Tom 454 McGee, Martha 333 McGee, Mary Ann ....83, 180, 324 McGinley, Janet 83, 86, 113 114, 306 McGinnis, Helen 83 McGinnis, John 83, 256 McGlibery, Colin 380 McGottigen, Terry 322 McGrew, Judy 362 McGuinn, John 83, 250 McGuire, Mary 322 McGulley, Barbara 362 McHarris, William 220 McHenry, Wilbert 83 McHugh, Robert 191, 261 McIlhenny, 463 Mcllraith, Terry 83, 276 Mclnerny, Sheila 326 McKay, Anne 180, 328 McKay, Anne 83 McKay, Donald 83 McKay, Judy 108, 306 McKeag, John 276 McKean, Judith 83, 288 McKeegan, Michelle 204 McKenna, Ed 280 McKeown, Gwyn 356 McKeson, Linda 316 McKey, Tom 368 McKinley, James 338 McKnight, Linda 127, 330 McLaren, Marilyn 149, 324 McLaughlin, Arlene 116 McLaughlin, Bill 175 McLaughlin, Linda 306 McLean, Melinda 129, 292 McLean, Norman ....342, 392, 405 McLeod, Kathryn 83, 347 McLeod, Robert 351 McMakin, Ben 190, 242 McMakin, Nancy 308 McManigal, Gerry 271 McManigal, James 83, 271 McMillan, Bruce 232 McMillan, Margaret 122, 291 McMillan, Phil 144 McMullen, Bonnie 330 McMullen, Dan 162 McMullen, Jay 342 McMullen, Sue 83, 330 McMurray, Edmund 83, 276 McMurry, Alan 351 McMurry, Samuel 83, 224 McNair, Joyce 297 McNair, Marty 272, 392,450 McNamara, Daniel 83, 238 McNamara, Victry 318 McNeil, Mary 365 McNeil, Michael 190, 264 McNicoll, Denis 255 McNoely, Carol 324 McNulty, Lynn 242 McNulty, Robert 242 McPhail, Buck 399 McPherrin, Richard 256 McPherson, Douglas ..83, 191, 228 McPherson, Duncan 83, 351 McQueen, Jim 248 McSorley, Patricia 292 McSwain, Greg 219 McWilliams, Mary 347 Maas, Charles 143, 235 MacAdam, Donal 405 Macari, Donna 120, 193 MacDonald, Fred 338 MacDonald, Stan 174 MacDougall, Laurie 306 MacGinitie, Beatrice 180, 374 Machado, Rich 435 MacIsaac, Nancy 83, 193, 314 MacKenzie, Jessie 292 MacKenzie, Melissa 318 MacLachan, Douglas 243 MacLean, Judy 292 Macleod, Mal 266 MacMichal, Skip MacMillan, Annette 320 MacMillan, Wendy 120, 186, 326 MacNider, Sandra 302 MacPherson, Margaret 356 MacQuisten, Janet 347 MacVean, Peter 232 Madden, Robert 83, 183 Maddigan, William 275 Maddock, Richard 83, 204 Maddux, Parker 238 Madfas, Judith 123, 132, 145, 306 Madison, Ernie 399 Madonne, Marjorie 18, 83, 111 115, 140, 173, 204 Madow, Parker 185 Maertz, William 272 Mafunga, Wambulwa 124 Mage, Allen 380 Maggard, Dave 392, 405, 409 Maginess, Judith —300 Magoffin, Ann 308 Maguire, Patricia 333, 381 Mah, Carson 162 Mahakian, Charles 275 Mahony, James 83, 239 Maier, Bill 380 Main, Virginia 145, 185, 314 Maiesky, Barbara 132, 318 Majestic, Martin 351 Maker, Edward 378 Maldonado, Frank 84,254, 393, 391 Malet, Bill 240 Malinovsky, Vera 356 Malloy, Katharyne 341 Malstrom, Edward 204 Malstrom, Karen 203, 372 Malmstrom, Linda 346 Malone, Carole 108, 292 Malone, David 84, 215, 258 Maloyan, Carol 84, 115, 144, 374 Malstrom, John 275 Manalis, Richard 342 Mandel, Isaas 200 Mandel, Marcia 356 Morris 222 Manetta, William 254 Mangiaracina, Brenda 374 Manitas, Irene 374 Mangun, Carolyn 308 Mangini, Norman 275 Manks, Donald Allan 342 Manley, Michael 84, 266 Mann, Jerry 430 Mann, Nancy 84, 346 Manning, James 219 Manning, Judith 374 Manning, Marcia 84, 306 Manoki, Janice 366 Manser, Cordie 314 Manson, Leila 312 Manuel, Pamela 130, 186, 330 Manwell, Moriel 84 Marable, Darwin 84 Marantz, William 118, 378 Marble, Dana 84, 398 March, Marna 381 March, Sophia 84 Marchant, David 221 Marcucci, Ed 250 Marett, Jim 236 Margolin, Barbara 294 Margolin, Malcolm 268 Marigan, Helen 341 Marion, Linda 381 Marling, Carl 368 Marot, Betty 361 Marpet, Stephen 268 Marr, Bill 410 Marracci, Lou 223 Marram, Donald 244 Marrs, William 225 Marsh, Carolyn 373 Marsh, Harry 84, 162, 368 Marsh, Henrietta 366 Marsh, Merry 292 Marshall, Cathy 292 Marshall, Cliff 184 Marshall, Darryl 231 Marshall, Dave 450 Marsteller, Elizabeth 326 Martel, Janice 127, 362 Martella, Bill 351 Martin, Alice 356 Martin, Anne 300 Martin, Carol 310 Martin, Charles 226 Martin, Donald 217, 450 Martin, Donald W. Martin, Gerry 144, 145, 193, 302 Martin, Heather 130, 306 Martin, Ida 364 Martin, Joan 298 Martin, Kendra 146, 373 Martin, Linda 130, 186, 322 Martin, Melinda 130, 314 Martin, Phillip 342 Martine, Wendy 151 Martinelli, Adolph 248 Marumoto, Benny .... 184, 351, 393 Marvin, Judith 149, 314 Marx, Pete 108, 244 Masaki, Colleen 346 Maschal, Jean 84, 300 Maschino, John 232 Maselli, Louis 84, 122, 195 Mashuta, Mary 373 Mashuta, Roberta 373 Mason, Helene 360 Massey, Robert 254 Mason, Bruce 84, 217 Masada, Chiyo 361 Mathes, Paul 268 Matheson, Janice 366 Mathews, Al 452, 457 Matihews, D. A. 179 Matkin, Jack 392, 450 Matkin, Joan 288 Matson, Shirley 180 Matsuda, Janet 365 Matthew, Kay 374 Mattock, Diane 330 Mattson, Baroara 314 Mattson, Bror 413 Mattson, Sherrill 84, 314 Matula, David 204 Mauer, Maureen 302 Mauser, Judtih 328 Mauser, Molly 132, 326 Mauss, Michael 224 Maxfield, Lynne 288 Maxwell, Edward 84, 236 Maxwell, John 380 Maxwell, Ronald 338 May, Karen 310 May, Nancy 320 Mayall, Russ 380 Mayer, Richard 297 Mayer, Robert 222 Mayfield, Barbara 84, 354 Mayhew, Anne 322, 439 Mayhew, Sharon 330 Maynard, Margot 328 Maynard, Sue 356 Mayo, Ron 248 Mazonas, Diane 362 Mazei, Eugene 84 Meacham, Susan 304 Mead, Alice 185 Meade, Ken 84, 190, 191, 230, 392, 405, 409 Meanier, Judy 121 Meanza, Robert 279 Macklenburg, Art 258 Medaker, Linda 308 Medanich, James 280 Medanich, Thomas 280 Medau, Chris 308 Mednick, Joyce 312 Meeney, Mary 292 Mehrain, Mehrdad 338 Meiggs, William 84, 162, 193, 246 Meinecke, Fred 84, 338 Melander, Dave 119, 160, 275 Mellana, Lauralie 84, 310 Meller, Lynn 381 Mellos, Tony 410 Melmon, Gary 84, 262 Meloy, Alexander 84 Melsheimer, Frank 380 Melton, Marvin 84, 350 Meltzer, Larry 378 Melville, Judith 84, 330 Melvin, Bruce 84 Melwani, Ramesh 84 Mendelsohn, Jan 294 Mendelsohn, Joan 360 Mendiara, Jim 123, 274 Manoher, Paul 252, 456 Mensies, Melinda 326 Mercer, Jim 226 Merill, Paul 174 Merkt, Gayle 13, 84, 187, 188, 189, 310 Merriam, Fred 275 Merrill, Foster 338 Merrill, Jean 202 Merrill, Lorna 148, 149, 292 Merrill, Richard 264, 410 Merriman, Everett 84, 278, 398 Merritt, Jack 279 Merritt, Mark 378 Merson, Richard 84 Meserve, Nancy 85, 354 Metcalf,Darcy 85, 180, 328 Mettler, Kathy 314 Meunier, Judith 123, 360 Meuter, Patricia 85, 361 Mew, Wendell 260 Meyer, Don 380 Meyer, Jerry 228 Meyer, Nancy 132, 308 Meyer, Patti 326 Meyers, Alan 85, 338 Meyers, Judy 85, 365 Meyers, Margaret 85, 365 Meyerson, Lynne 332 Mezley, Carol 372 Mezulis, Lana 120 Miailovich, Robert 85, 133, 378 Miali, Marlene 85, 288 Michael, Fran 341 Michael, John 244 Michael, John 85, 191, 261 Michael, Pater 190, 264 Michael, Phil 282 Michels, Terry 244 Mickael, Peter 191, 264 Middleman, Rozlynn 341 Middleton, Beverly 324 Middleton, Dolores 85, 292 Mieger, Erwin 261 Mierbach, Barry 380 Mifaud, Anne 356 Mihaly, Dan 457 Mikami, Edward 85 Milano, Kathie 328 Milano, Robert 454 Miles, Jimmie 322 Miles, Roberta 85 Milgram, Bill 463 Millar, Julie 354 Miller, Ann 101 Miller, Cathy 300 Miller, Charles 282 Miller, Clarke 115, 150, 204 Miller, Donald 368 Miller, Dusty 284, 450 Miller, Elizabeth 85, 304 Miller, James 342 Miller, Jerry 276 Miller, Joyce 356 Miller, Judith 318 Miller, Judy 85, 114, 347 Miller, Judy C. 302 Miller, Judy L. 356 Miller, Kay 85 Miller, Larry .. 108, 119, 185, 268 Miller, Lizabe 161 Miller, Louise 366 Miller, Lynn 177 Miller, Marcia 85, 187, 189, 318 Miller, Nancy 306 Miller, Orie 85 Miller, Roberta 356 Miller, Ron 132, 282 Miller, Stanley 85 Millet, Richard 85 Millett, James 85, 231 Milligan, Ronald 85, 191, 248 Milligan, Terry 190, 215, 250 Millinich, Bob 392, 405, 454 Millinich, Carol 108, 306 Mills, Bob 85, 225 Mills, James 266 Mills, Terrie 326 Mills, William 85, 266 Milstein, Judi 294 Mindell, Al 457 Miner, Gerog Ann 106, 145, 288 Mingori, Lewis 179 Mingori, Tino 85, 228 Minor, Butler 85, 261, 450 Minor, Gregory 85, 179 Minton, Robert 280 Mintz, Lincoln 142 Miran, Judy 332 Miranda, Barbara 328 Mirasaki, Midori 198 Misallati, Farag 199 Miskinnis, Joe 454 Missakian, Michael 185 Missling, Jane 146, 204 Mitchell, Alexander 220 Mitchell, Charlotte 347 Mitchell, Mary Ann 292 Mitchell, Mary Ellen 85, 324 Mitchell, Sandy 356 Mitrofanoff, Nicholas 85 Mittel, Robert 262 Mittman, Sigrid 371 Miura, Amy 347 Miura, Neal 85 Miura, Robert M. 85, 176, 178, 179, 368 Mixter, Janet 85, 324 Miyakawa, Edward 351 Miyamoto, Donald 85 Miyamoto, Sally 198 Miyasaki, Harry 182 Miyazaki, Junichi 177 Miyoshi, Allen 89, 351 Mizis, Marvin 86, 123, 351 Mjolsnes, Russell 86, 342 Moberg, Maurice 457 Mock, Joseph 284 Moeller, Helga 364 Moen, Wendell 179, 342 Moffitt, Joan 86, 326 Mofjeld, Stan 342 Mohn, Anna 292 Moir, Ralph 217 Mold, Paul 436 Molinari, Barbara 162, 298 Mollenhoff, Sonja 147, 316 Moller, Frank 86 Moller, Marilyn 347 Molony, Patricia Ann 185, 326 Molseed, Elwood 86 Molten, Jerry K. 86 Monaco, Albert 86, 242 Monahan, Diane 185, 371 Moncharsh, Phillip 262 Money, Joenne 86, 354 Mongan, Jim 225 Mongan, Thomas 225 Monroe, Judith Barry 86, 328 Monroe, Paul 368, 451 Monroe, Steve 261 Monson, Cal 202 Montairo, Margaret 310 Montjano, Rodolfo 13, 76, 86, 119, 129, 132, 181, 342 Montgomery, Jerry 392, 454 Montgomery, John .. 190, 240, 415 Montgomery, Nancy 106 Montgomery,Robert Lawrence ..86 Montgomery, Robert Leroy 86, 378 Monti, Margaret Zarella 86, 263 Monti, Steve 185, 436 Monty, William 240 Monzon, Edna 86 Monzon, Thelma 204 Moody,Edward 86 Moody, Sharon 310 Moody, Stephen 236 Moon, Ron 256 Moore, Alfred T. 258 Moore, Bonnie 347 Moore, Butch 232 Moore, Cal 125 Moore, Chuck 280 Moore, David 254 Moore, Douglas G. 86, 284 Moor e, Douglas M. 114, 131, 255 Moore, Heather 308 Moore, Jim 191 Moore, Jo Ann 86, 322 Moore, Judith Ann 86, 318 Moore, Judith Audrey 86, 300 Moore, Karl 351 Moore, Kathleen 304 Moore, Maureen 86, 310 Moore, Melinda 302 Moore, Melinda E. 147, 203, 316 Moore, Michael T. 125, 248 Moore, Mike 226, 380 Moore, Patricia 86, 354 Moore, Ralph 230 Moore, Sandy 320 Mordock, Tracy 236 Morel, Elizabeth 86 Moreland, Judy 310 Morey, Sandra 86, 356 Morford, Duane 258 Morgado, Rich 278 Morgan, Bill 193 Morgan, Geayne 316 Morgan, Lois 86, 288 Morgan, Neal 351 Morgan, Roger 120, 351 Morgan, Thomas 86, 177, 179 Morgan, William John 243 Moriarty, William 220 Morimoto, Kay 198 Morimoto, Setsuko 86, 356 Morin, James 86 Morledge, Carolyn 298 Morony, Michael 338 Morrey, Bob 160 Morrill, Corkie 300 Morris, Alan 262, 380 Morris, Daniel 86, 120, 121, 195 Morris, George 225 Morris, James 338 Morris, Lin 374 Morris, Mark 184, 244 Morris, Mimi 320 Morris, Robert 368 Morris, William 179, 368 Morrison, Saundra 86 Morrison, Start 252, 431 Morrissey, Peter 238 Morrisu, John 280 Morse, Gary 275 Morse, Pete 190, 230 Morse, Steve 242 Mortensen, Karne .... 68, 130, 302 Morton, Harold 193 Moseley, Maralyn 145, 302 Moseley, Marie 318 Moser, Lawrence 86, 179 Moses, Sherry 366 Mosesian, Paul 86 Mosh, Lois 373 Moskovitz, Myron 87, 244 Moskowitz, Barbara 87, 374 Moss, Madeleine 312 Mossman, Kathdeen 132, 308 Mothershead, Marie ... 13, 87, 92, 124, 125, 187, 188, 189, 374 Mount, John 338 Mount, Norma 302 Moya, Mike 238 Moyles, Bill 18 Muehlbauer, John 87, 226 Muehlenbruck, Betty 87, 180 Mueller, Alan 368 Mueller, Susan 288 Muir, Bruce 87, 226 Muirhead, John 87, 252, 450 Muirson, Richard 220 Mulholland, Mary 143 Mulholland, William 87 Muller, Bertha 87, 314 Mullin, Linda 87, 374 Multz, Rudolph 87 Mulvany, Katharine 87, 308 Mumaugh, Dennis 115, 338 Mundt, Diana 308 Mundt, Randy 240 Mundy, Della 302 Murakawa, Katsuyo ....... 198 Murakawa, Takako 87 Muraoka, Jean 291 Murase, Robert 382 Murch, Lee 276 Murch, Mibs 161, 288 Murchison, Gary 87 Murman, Joan 318 Murphy, Chet 462, 463 Murphy, Joanne 292 Murphy, Judy 374 Murphy, Nancy 314 Murphy, Patricia 87 Murray, Craig 255 Murray, Julie 149, 324 Murray, Moira 87, 308 Murray, William 87, 368 Muscat, Joseph 87, 350 Musgrove, Judy 374 Musto, Henry 190, 228 Muzzy, Raymond 87 Myare, John 342 Myer, Ragna 87, 310 Myers, Bob 240 Myers, Darwin 234 Myers, Margie 300 Myers, Marjory 87, 356 Myers, Sally 328 Myracle, Jared 87, 224 Myracle, Sondra 87 N Nachum, Ron 244 Nagel, Madeline 294 Nagin, Susan 294 Naimark, Dena 332 Nakamura, Lois 87 Nakano, Evelyn 114, 148, 162, 361 Nakata, Bruce 338 Nakawatase, Marsha 198, 291 Nance, John 248 Napuk, Kerry 368 Narimatsu, Rita 87, 198 Nash, Douglas 87 Nash, Gerry 380 Nash, Linda 298 Nash, Virginia 308 Nashner, Margie 294 Nasser, Bob 258 Natkin, Kenneth 87 Naughton, Joan 87, 310 Naydo, Stanley 382 Neal, Benjamin 87, 342 Neal, Evelyn 87 Neal, Joan 356 Neal, Karla 341 Neal, Marcia 374 Neely, Bill 175 Neffian, Hartune 87, 183 Neft, Jerome 87, 262 Neighbor, Robert 235 Neighbors, Shirley 354 Neil, Gary 380 Neil, Joe 88, 264, 392, 450 Neilson, Janet 292 Nelder, Wendy 304 Nellis, Noel 243 Nellis, Walter 243 Nelson, Billie 106, 356 Nelson, Dave 226, 457 Nelson, Irving 88 Nelson, Jan 108 Nelson, Martin 236 Nelson, Symone 88, 202 Nelson, Richard 88, 284, 392 Nelson, Tony 176 Nelson, William 88, 176, 178 Nemzer, Kenneth 282, 435 Nerservem, Babey 88, 354 Nesbitt, William 88 Nessler, Robert 197 Nestor, David 88, 258 Netherwood, Richard 88 Nettleman, George 228 Neu, Franklin 88 Neubauer, Susanna 372 Neuman, Richard .... 190, 232, 464 Neumann, Danile 88 Neville, Anne 330 Newall, Tom 276 Newcomb, Charles 190, 238 Newcomer, Mary 133, 300 Newell, John 190, 264 Newell, Minton 190, 191 Newell, Pat .... 88, 191, 264, 392, 405, 409, 434 Newfarmer, Jerry 118, 119 Newhall, Bob 368 Newlin, Philip 185, 226 Newman, Christopher 217 Newman, Jan 88 Newman, Joseph 450 Newman, Mary 122 Newman, Natalie 312 Newmark, Kent 255, 392 Newnham, Blaine 142, 338 Newstrum, Leonard 88, 243 Newton, Carole 129, 292 Newton, Mary C. 88, 347 Ng, Valerie 185 Nicholas, Whit 132, 232 Nichols, Costa 258 Nichols, Nich 120 Nichols, Will 88, 232 Nicholson, Betty 330 Nickel, Dave 410 Nick le, Wanita R. 356 Nicolai, Lynda Ann 330 Nicolaisen, Carol 292 Nicolet, Yvonne 306 Nicoll, Jan 330 Niederholzer, Sue 328 Nielsen, Carol 88, 202 Nielsen, Janet 193, 366 Nielsen, Paul 380, 437 Nielsen, Victor 202 Nielson, Shirley 147, 322 Niemann, Mary 346 Niemerow, Judy 356 Niles, Sara Ann 324 Niles, Susan 118, 119, 362 Nilsson, Carole Ann 88, 318 Nilsson, Dan 380 Ninomiya, Ann 291 Nirdlinger, Nancy 294 Nishi, Helen 88, 372 Nishikawa, A. Hirotoshi 88, 350 Nishimoto, Audrey 366 Nishite, Violet 88, 356 Nixon, Jim 224 Nixon, Meridee 381 Noakes, Bob 454 Noakes, Mike 254, 392 Noble, Margie 88 Noble, Warden 246 Nobleman, Sherman 258 Nobori, George 106 Nock, Dave 190, 284 Nock, Molly 69, 88, 114, 180, 188 Noid, Anne-Marie 88, 308 Nolan, Dave 274 Nolan, Thomas 177, 350 Nolfi, George 368 Noll, Laurie 193, 326 Nolta, George 88 Norberg, William 232 Nordby, Willard 378 Nordgren, Warren 342 Nordlund, Paul 351 Nordstrom, Gerald 256 Norick, Barbara 193, 292 Norman, Bob 175 Norman, Marc 244 Normand, Susanne 328 Normanly, John 88, 190, 264 Norris, Lynne 328 Norris, Marion 88, 328 North, Pat 292 Norton, Nancy 88, 306 Norton, Penny 310 Norton, William 225 Norton, Willis 88, 342 Norwood, Stephen 230 Nostrand, Neil 88 Nostrand, Nikki 88 Novak, Marsha 88 Nuldary, Dick 255 Nunan, James 280 Nunes, Joanne 362 Nunn, Jeffrey 254 Nyholm, Stewart 219 O Oakes, Marilyn 89, 365 Oakley, Bill 254, 454 Oaks, Mara 356 Obold, Joseph 223 O ' Brien, Borue 89 O ' Connell, Phyllis 310 O ' Connor, Linda 133, 193, 306 Oda, John 89, 382 Oda, Walter 179 O ' Day, Mike 113, 175 O ' Day, Robert 89, 226 O ' Dea, Ed 261, 434 Odell, Dale 252 Odenberg, Roger 282 Odermatt, Robert 89, 266 Offenbach, Fred 89, 190, 274 Ogde n, Gerald 256 Ogren, Robert 89 Ogren, Susan 89 O ' Hara, Elizabeth 322 O ' Hara, Pat 193, 326 Ohlson, Danile 232 Ohm, Barbara 306 Okada, Donald 89, 368 Okamura, Thomas 89, 177 Okazakik, Tokashi 382 Olander, Carole 89 OIdano, Anna 162, 356 OIdenburg, Ingrid 89, 363 O ' Leary, James 89, 248 Oleson, Karen 374 Olive, Mary 347 Oliver, Margorie 322 Oliver, Steven 246 Olivete, Connie 89, 356 OImo, Ray 280, 415 O ' Neill, Desmond 401 O ' Neill, Marcia 180 Orleman, Judy 161 Ormonde, Neil 342 OIsen, Harvey 219 OIsen, Karen 185 OIsen, Ken 380 OIshen, Richard 368 Olson, Charles 162, 175 OIson, Dick 89, 131, 240 Olson, Elizabeth 89, 322 OIson, John 131, 278 OIson, Louise 89, 330 OIson, Pete 228, 405, 432 Olson, Robert 89, 224 O ' Neal, Gary 89, 254 O ' Neal, Kathi 161, 202 O ' Neil, Helen 360 O ' Neill, Marcia 89, 288 Ong, Chunman 89, 176, 382 Ong, Patricia 347 Onufrieff, Galina 89 Onuha, Rumiko 89 Oppenheimer, Susi 200 Oqvist, Siv 366 Orman, Charles 280, 449, 450 Orman, Chris 280 Orr, James 89, 175, 342 Orrell, John 368 Orrick, George 89, 350 Orsini, Joseph 350 Ortegren, Carolyyn 108, 149 Osborn, Bruce H. 252 Osborn, Paul 246 Osborn, Sheldeen 197 Osborne, Kenneth 89, 177 Ososke, William 252, 392, 461 Osthimer, Charles 190, 230 Otero, Rye 89, 318 Otis,Geraldine 185 Otsuki, Sho 366 Otto, Bardella 89, 330 Otto, Elizabeth 89, 310 Ou, Karen 198 Ouchida, Lester 89, 382 Overfelt, Mary Beth 89, 144, 197, 324 Owen, Richard 90, 368 Owen, Sue 89, 326 Owens, Bruce 195, 236, 450 Ozan, Hinda 312 P Pace, Stephen 112, 120, 131, 195, 226 Pachoud, Michael J. 258 Packard, Paul 220 Padams, Michelle 149, 312 Page, Fred 378, 451 Page, Peggy 310 Pahl, Penny 306 Pahon, Bill 191 Paige, Peter 256 Pain, Lynette 298 Paine, Scott 240 Palley, Jeff 378, 380 Palm, Bob 410 Palmer, Nancy 356 Palmer, Roger 368 Palmer, Thomas 264, 451 Palmer, Wendy 90, 306 Palmeri, John 234 Palmquist, Linda 326 Paniagus, Evelyn 125 Panini, John 261 Panther, Gary 380 Paolino, Peter 338 Pape, Frederic 90, 258 Papini, John 190, 405 Papo, Ruth 356 Pappakostas, Katherine 90 Parent, Dave H. 120, 258 Parent, Lila 90, 180, 185 Parent, Nancy 347 Parker, Ann 316 Parker, Joan 292 Parker, Richard 90, 258 Parker, Roy 256 Parkins, Milton 90 Parkinson, Michael 90, 179, 204, 338 Parkinson, Stanley 190, 261, 405 Parks, Jane 361 Parks, Joan 316 Parque, Larry 392, 405, 409 Parr, Carol 90, 161, 356 Parr, Pepper 266, 310 Parsons, Bob 380 Parsons, Carol 185, 316 Parsons, John 248 Partland, Judy 147, 288 Pasarow, Michael 262 Pascoe, Elvera 347 Pasley, Gilbert 90, 178, 179, 342 Paslin, Reva 332 Passenheim, Burr 380 Pasterino, Jeff 224 Pastorino, Karen 121, 372 Patak, Richan 179 Patheal, William 90 Patterson, Jane 371 Patterson, Judy 328 Patterson, Leonard 90 Patterson, Mac Kenzie 252 Pattinson, Nancy 322 Pattison, Ann 381 Pattison, Robert 228 Patton, Barry 185, 232 Patton, Bill 278, 405, 408 Patton, Melinda 130, 322 Patton, Robert 90, 342, 392 Patton, Warren 90, 177, 179 Paul, Carol 90, 374 Paul, Carolyn 294 Paul, Kermit 338 Paulsen, Donald 90 Paulsen, Lowell 342 Paulson, Dave 179 Paulson, Don 174 Paver, Judy 145, 374 Pavlovich, Stanley 90 Payne, Brian 111, 127, 174, 236 Payne, Bruce 181, 457 Payne, Joan 322 Payne, Norman 90 Payne, Susan 90, 318 Pazirandeh, Mohsen 380 Peabody, Gerald 243 Peacock, Frank 280 Pearlman, Donald 268 Pearson, Carolyn 316 Pearson, Edward 261, 431 Pearson, Frances 90 Pearson, Harold 121, 262 Pearson, Kent 342 Pearson, P. David 202, 378, 380 Pechoultres, Susan 308 Peck, Jon 240 Peck, Marlene 79, 90, 119, 320 Peck, Mary 90 Pecorard, Carolyn 185 Peden, Sam 276 Pedersen, Allen 243 Peirce, James 122, 177, 275 Pellegrino, Sandra 90, 298 Pelzner, Howard 90, 342 Penaflor, Joe 410 Pendergast, Pat 298 Pendleton, Alan 202 Pendray, Trevor 90 Penn, Bob 274 Pennock, Lynn 202 Penny, Sheila 90, 318 Pensabene, Marliyn 185, 354 Pepper, Robert 342 Peppin, Bob 271 Pequis, Robert 90, 183 Percy, Sandra 354 Perez-Lizano, Miguel 279 Perino, Robert 90 Perkes, Diana 322 Perkins, Carolyn 90, 314 Perkins, Jeanne 374 Perkins, Pauline 90, 304 Perlsten, John 90, 132, 282 Perrin, Jennifer 326 Perry, Barbara 162 Perry, Joan 90 Perse, Ed 174 Pesce, Bill 181 Peskin, Helen 90 Peterman, Susan 356 Peters, Alleen 248 Peters, Beatrice 91 Peters, Bob 174 Peters, Irene 172, 341, 381 Peters, John 175, 176, 368 Petersen, Clifford 230 Petersen, Tom 256 Peterson, Bob 410 Peterson, Barbara 310 Peterson, Charlotte 298 Pe terson, David 202 Peterson, Ellen 346 Peterson, Eric 195 Peterson, Ernest 91, 264 Peterson, Frederick 264 Peterson, Jane 288 Peterson, Joyce 91, 180, 330 Peterson, Joyce 91, 310 Peterson, Pam 318 Peterson, Richard 380 Peterson, Roger 91, 232 Peterson, Rolf 219 Peterson, Russ 121, 239 Peterson, Sally 145, 374 Peterson, Tom 450 Petray, Anna 300 Petron, Ken 191 Pettefer, Carolyn 326 Petteys, David 231, 176 Pettker, Jill 318 Petty, George 185, 225 Petty, Norma 324 Pfeifer, Judy 185 Pfeifer, Kathy Ann 324 Pfisterm, Chuck 242 Phadoemchit, Aphai 199 Phariss, Robert 338 Philbin, John P. 91 Philipp, Robert Roy 91, 176 Philipson, Caryl 294 Philley, Allison 161 Phillips, David 232 Phillips, Donald 268 Phillips, Justine 314 Phillips, Lorna 330 Philpott, Alice 291 Phipps, Allen 220 Piasecki, Mark 338 Pickering, Nancy Pickford, Margy 314 Pickus, Joanne 294 Piconi, Margaret 159, 161 Pierce, Thomas 278 Pierouich, George 405, 408 Pierson, Arion 271 Pierson, Hank 217 Piestrup, Donald 91, 231, 405, 408 Piestrup, Mel 410 Pigney, Jane 373 Pike, George 91, 238 Pillard, Patricia 373 Pimental, Jan 324 Pine, Ken 179 Pinkel, Sheila 371 Pinkerson, James 91, 274 Piper, Nancy .... 91, 188, 203, 354 Pirtz, Diane 185, 356 Pisani, Tonio 91 Pitlick, Frances 347 Pittner, Norbert 413 Pittore, Jess 261 Place, Harvey 232 Plageman, Stephen 150, 338 Plain, Robert 91 Planck, Lucille L. 180, 354 Planck, R. J. 122, 195 Plant, Mary 322 Plant, Philip 240 Plate, Kenneth 223 Plate, Sandra 374 Platt, Christine 91, 161 Platt, William 91, 258 Plotke, Suzanne 91 Poggenburg, Kenneth 220 Pohl, Nancy 324 Poindexter, Colleen 324 Poirier, Ray 224 Pokrass, Susan 125, 374 Polesky, Carl 282 Polf, Janet 161, 186, 354 Polich, Veronica 108, 360 Polinsky, Gary 244 Polite, James 91, 228 Polk, Keith 154 Pollack, Edward 276 Pollard, Judy 203, 347 Stephen 272 Pollock, Judth 91, 328 Polse, Ken 282 Polse, Sharon 312 Pond, Lewis 231 Pond, Shelley 322 Ponder, Ken 436 Ponso, Emil 234 Ponve, Irene 332 Pool, Robert 91, 230 Poole, Lyne 234 Poore, John 279 Pope, William 91, 175, 178 Popkin, Kail D. 294 Popov, Katherine 320 Poppelman, Julie 193, 292 Popper, Roger 378 Popper, Tess 115, 149 Poquis, Robert 91, 183 Portello, William 256 Porter, Elizabeth 328 Porter, Gail 185, 197, 314 Porto, Roger 410 Posin, Dan 378, 380 Post, Nathalie 306 Potte, Adrienne 302 Potter, Diana 288 Potter, Marguerite 91, 180, 304 Potter, Sandy 185 Poucher, John 280 Pouey, Henry 240 Poulakidas, Angeline 356 Poulos, Pete 463 Poulson, Peter 264, 380 Pound, Charles 176 Powell, Diane 120, 365 Powell, Don 250 Powell, Gary 274 Powell, Mary 318 Prachaupmoh, Petchari 199 Prado, Mike 240 Prater, Robert 278 Prathnadi, Somprasongk 199 Pratt, Lynette 180, 374 Pratt, Michael 46, 91, 415 Pratt, Richard 223 Premo, Jerry 252 Prentice, Donna 328 Prescop, Val 91, 177, 179, 185, 252, 401 Press, Judy 381 Press, Linda 312 Preston, Ed 457 Preston, Jane 288 Price, Gary 190, 232 Price, Jo 347 Price, Kent 217 Price, Rachel 374 Price, Richard 262 Price, Stanton 351 Price, Tony 462 Price, Willard Thomas 91, 248 Price, William Louis 91, 226 Priddy, Alvin 182 Priest, Coy Del 91 Prince, Paul 225 Pringle, Judy 300 Proffitt, Stuart 231 Profili, Ronald Louis 252 Protiva, Ed 232, 410 Protzell, Judi 381 Provost, Penny 364 Prudler, Paul 261 Prunetti, Gerald J. 91 Pryde, Richard 413 Pryde, Roland 413 Puente, Henry Robert Jr. 91, 177 Pugh , Janet 306 Pugh, Mary 288 Pugh, Sharon 356 Puncher, Gloria 133, 298 Purcell, Bill 250 Purnell, Corinne .... 140, 162, 173, 204, 356 Pyles, Kathy 119, 298 Q Quan, Alan 91 Quan, Cynthia 363 Quan, Roger 368 Quaschnick, Ellaine 366 Quatman, Robert 271 Quezada, Jose 91 Quigg, Ann 91, 189, 354 Quigley, John 276 Quinn, John Joseph 106, 114, 131, 195, 252 Quinn, Margie 330 Quinn, Michael 231 Quinn, Patricia 147, 316 Quinn, Thomas 351 Quinn, Wallace 238 Quiroz, Olivia 320 Quistgard, Karen 322 R Rabin, Judy 294 Rabscher, Wendy 150 Raby,Earlene 361 Radford, James 368 Rae, Bonnie 292 Raferty, Kathy 330 Raffeto, Peter 94, 191, 261 Ragatz, Richard 258 Raggio, Sara 92, 374 Ragsdale, Jeanette 92, 328 Ragsdale, Peter 92, 266 Ragsdale, William 342 Rahlfs, Roberta 92, 306 Rahm, Lesley 371 Rahm, Richard 221 Railton, Richard 228 Rainey, Shirley 92 Rainey, William 92 Raiser, Clark 176 Ralston, Phillip 92, 266 Ramelli, Annette 288 Ramirez, Margot 302 Rampacek, Diane 288 Ramsey, Gaynel 381 Ramsey, Harry 92, 342 Ramus, Joseph S. 279 Ramy, David 106 Randall, Jane 318 Randall, Robert 271 Randolph, Carol Ann 106, 373 Rank, Stephanie 132, 308 Rankin, Barbara 92, 298 Ranks, Jaqueline 92, 197, 202 Ransom, Virginia 147, 371 Raphael, Stephanie 145, 294 Rapp, Brian 113, 228 Rappaport, Arvin 111 Rasmussen, Ben 92, 223 Rasmussen, Gerald 342 Rasmussen, Katherine 92, 304 Rasmussen, Mary 326 Rasmussen, Merv 185, 202 Rasmussen, Ray 276 Rata, Linda 306 Ratcliff, Lucy 92, 161 Ratcliff, Mary 161, 322 Ratekin, Jo Ann 356 Rath, John 380 Rathman, George 264 Ratner, Sanford 92, 268 Rawlins, Susan 374 Ray, Mary 92, 172, 324 Raynal, Lea 92 Rayner, Ellen 129, 292 Rea, Rosalind 92, 185, 318 Read, Katharine 92, 374 Read, Sandra 92, 304 Ready, Bill 258 Reaves, Judy 185 Reberiego, Sylvia 92, 372 Rechnitz, Bea 347 Recknor, Bill 228 Redden, Gayle 390 Redewill, Fran 330 Redford, Helen 310 Redford, Milton 264 Redner, Richard 222 Reed, Betty Ann 162, 281 Reed, Buck 190 Reed, George 92, 271 Reed, Henry 351 Reed, Mary Frances 185, 347 Reed, Robert 378 Reed, Walter 92, 264 Reed, Walter 92, 218 Reedy, Judith 364 Rees, Burton 92, 266 Rees, Sandy 130, 308 Reesor, David 228 Ressor, Moria 92, 161 Reeves, Bob 346 Reeves, Richard 378, 457 Regan, Keen 322 Register, John 284 Rehfeldt, Edward 258 Reiber, Norman 92, 366 Reich, Mary 108, 118, 308, 439 Reichert, Ken 143, 380 Reid, Maryann 116 Reid, Nancy 161 Reidy, Kevin 225 Reilly, Sharon 328 Reilly, Terry 284 Reimers, Dianne 185, 366 Reiner, Beverly 161 Reiner, Ralph 342 Reinhardt, Robert 276 Reinhart, Sue 381 Reinis, Mitch 282, 393, 405 Reisinger, Dennis 350 Reitman, Gordon 357 Rempel, Corzy 356 Rempel, Roland 92, 234 Rempel, Sonia 92, 356 Remy, David 195 Renati, Bruce 380 Ronde, Robert 92, 175, 176, 177, 179 Rennie, Robert 92, 242 Reno, Arthur 92 Renshoof, Cheryl 347 Requrio, Felicisimo 368 Require, Rene 368 Resce, William 236 Resnick, Larry 92, 176 Retting, Ginny 310 Reutter, Alan 93, 218 Revilla, Gloria 318 Reynolds, Gerald 350 Reeynolds, Lurene 93, 297 Reynolds, Patricia 93, 297 Reynolds, Robert 93, 176 Reynolds, Sargent 93, 279 Rhodes, Kathi 366 Rhodes, Deennis 451 Ribeiro, Geraldin 93 Ricci, Don 258, 393, 434 Rice, Richard 342, 435 Rice, Robbie 326 Rich, Jay 462 Richard, James 252 Richards, Charles .... 93, 342, 392 Richards, Judy 133, 186, 326 Richards, Judth 374 Richards, Kent 232 Richards, Linda 381 Richards, Tom 93, 225 Richardson, Alfred 93, 242 Richardson, Brain 143 Richardson, Diana 93, 143, 145, 173, 187, 308 Richardson, Jeanne 181, 374 Richios, Peter 272 Richmond Lane 175 Richtel, Murray 268 Rickett, Varian 93, 356 Ricketts, Roger 271, 393 Ricketts, Steve 271 Riddell, Janice 374 Ridding, Jim 280 Ridker, Carol 162 Rieber, Leah 312 Riede, Penny 306 Riese, David 185 Rietstra, Edith 366 Rifkind, Joyce 87, 93, 188 Righter, Meredith 143 Riley, Patricia 292 Rinker, Dave 271 Rinne, Edward 274 Ringer, John 93 Rintala, Katherine 341 Riordan, Marion 93, 292 Ripley, Carol 108, 381 Rishwein, Anthony 240 Rist, Janet 373 Ritchie, David 368 Ritchie, Bonner 202 Rtichie, Susan 373 Ritter, Jack 93, 218 Ritterband, Lawrence 185, 350 Rivera, Ronald 224 Rivera, Ronald 224 Riveros, Jose 413 Rives, Peggy 320 Rives, Sylvia 320 Roach, Robert 226 Roahr, Martha 346 Robarts, Drew 93, 284 Robbins, Craig 352 Robbins, Dorrie 106, 114, 118, 186 Robbins, Joyce 93, 113, 326 Robbins, Mike 162, 368 Robbins, Susan 322 Roberts, Gary 368 Roberts, George 228, 463 Roberts, Harry 182 Roberts, Margo 124, 306 Roberts, Nancy 322 Roberts, Ron 271, 463 Robertson, Ann 126, 324 Robertson, Ed 141 Robinson, Allan 262 Robinson, Charles 93 Robinson, Dick 274 Robinson, Ed 226 Robinson, Gary 235 Robinson, Glenda 347 Robinson, Keith 132 Robinson, McDonald 78, 93, 132 154, 378 Robinson, Oliver 276 Robinson, Patricia 93, 328 Robinson, Randall 239 Robinson, Renee 93, 347 Robinson, Rodney 228 Robinson, Sue 300 Robue, Barbara 326 Robwer, Bob 280 Rocca, Curt 274 Rochinos, Pete 372 Rockford, Jane 149, 220 Roderick, Jeannie 316 Rodger, Nancy 93, 130, 326 Rodger, Thomas 93, 254 Rodgers, Bill 351 Rodgers, Carol Ann 93, 347 Rodgers, Marilyn 326 Rodgers, Tom 191 Roeding, Diane 93, 326 Roeske, William 338 Rogers, Andre 93, 225 Rogers, Betsy 145, 333 Rogers, Diane 202 Rogers, Elizabeth 85, 93, 114, 187, 326 Rogers, Gary 451 Rogers, Grace 341 Rogers, James 93 Rogers, Julia 302 Rogers, Mary Ann 93, 124, 185, 347 Rogers, Patrick 280 Rogers, Walter 93, 118, 342 Rogers, William 236 Rognas, John 182 Rohde, Howard 93, 288 Rohde, Seena 161, 314 Rohoe, Ray 454 Rohrs, Peter 93, 238 Rohwer, Bob 451 Rohwer, Gail 94, 328 Roland, Steve 202 Rolin, Chris 240, 462 Rollin, John 388 Rolston, Brooke 234 Roman, Peter 244 Romm, Barbara 294 Rondon, Fernando 18, 94, 114, 119, 246 Rood, William 94, 175, 240 Roodhouse, Janice 310 Roose, Christine 304 Root, Grove 231 Roper, Ann 94, 324 Rose, Howard 184, 244 Rose, Marida 356 Rose, Marvin 222 Rose, Mary Ellen 115, 140,186, 187, 297 Rose, Richard 234, 410 Rosen, Diane 145, 200, 294 Rosen, Judy 124, 145, 294 Rosen, Michael 244 Rosenbach, Alexander 94 Rosenbaum, Carla Ruth 294 Rosenberg, Bob 380 Rosenberg, David 282 Rosenberg, Donald 94, 244 Rosenberg, Harold 94 Rosenberg, Ignace 184 Rosenberg, Judith 94 Rosenblatt, Joni 294 Rosqui Carolyn 312 Ross, Diane 144, 145 Ross, Ellen 364 Ross, Helen 94 Ross, Jerry 94, 268 Ross, Neil 160, 225 Ross, Pete 378 Rossi, Alan 280 Rossi, Francine 94, 292 Rosson, Bob 190 Rosson, Jane 298 Rosson, Robert Jr. 284 Rotherham, Katherine 141, 145, 347 Rothman Nancy 294 Rouder, Sue 288 Roush, Juanita 161 Rousseau, Ida 297 Rowan, D. E. 204 Rowe, David 94 Rowe, Dennis 275 Rowe, Don 246 Rowe, Leslie 374 Rowe, Monique 322 Rowhay, J. Michael 94 Rowins, Chuck 452 Rowlands, Edwina 356 Rowlins, Charles 368 Royes, Penny 341 Rubens, Harvey 268 Robert, Rodney 94, 177, 179 Rubin, Seymour N. 177, 185, 350 Rubins, Alex 222 Rubinstein, Robert 350 Ruby, George 222 Rudd, Margaret 161 Ruddy, Ann 143, 204 Rudolph, Marlene 202, 381 Rudolph, Mary 328 Rued, Grace 291 Ruettgers, Janet 94, 314 Ruff, Dale 378 Ruggeri, Anne .... 13, 83, 94, 115, 140, 204, 292 Rumelt, Richard 278 Runes, Gary W. 251 Rush, Stephen 219 Rusk, Jean Alyne 94 Ruskin, Marcia 356 Russ, Michael 94, 236 Russell, Bob 457 Russell, Bonnie J. 144, 314 Russell, Edwin 94 Russell, Lynne 330 Russell, Marianne 161, 291 Russell, Tom Richard 230 Rust, Lyman 254 Ruth, Janet 94, 320 Rutherford, Ann 330 Rutherford, Bill 230 Rutherford, Stephen 18, 72, 94, 111, 114, 118, 119, 131, 175,274 Butson Suzanne 304 Ryan, Dave 266 Ryder, Rich 190, 230 Rhylick, Pete 255 Ryman, Joan 130, 310 Ryther, Darline 203, 346 S Saar, Henry 185 Sacchi, Jerry 275 Sacks, Elaine 332 Sadler, James 94, 298 Saegebarth, Ellen 185, 324 Saeltzer, Gene 94, 220 Sailer, Sandy 124 Sailor, Wayne 278 St. Clair, Joseph 342 St. Clair, Nancy 316 St. Sure, Don 271 Sakai, Ann 291 Sakai, Dave 350 Sakamoto, Toyako 372 Sakamoto, Wesley 94 Sakimoto, Judi 356 Sakow, Rumiko 371 Sala, Stephen 378 Salaber, R. Louis 94 Salamanca, Alberto 246 Salazar, Dan 457 Salisbury, Edwin 232 Salisbury, James 94 Sally, Franklin 94, 276, 405, 408 Sally, James 270 Saltz, Barbara 312 Salute, Eugene 94, 268 Samenow, Robin 294 Samper, J. Phillip 94, 372 Samsel, 162, 298 Samuels, Allan 94 Samuels, Carol 94, 341 Samuels, Dixie 94, 356 Samuelson, Marcia 130 Sandahl, Carl 224 Sanders, Dale 174, 220 Sanders, John 368 Sanderson, Lonna 95, 300, 439 Sandos, Suzanne 341 Sands, Anna M. 363, 381 Sands, Karen 381 Sands, Peggy 363, 381 Sandstrom, Marilyn 95, 314 Sane, Emi 291 Sanford, Chris 108, 292 Sanford, Pete 436 Sanford, Rich 240 Sanford, Ron 240 Sanford, Sammie 306 Sange, Hans 95, 338 Sanger, Gerry 130, 288 Sankovich, Matthew 278 Sannar, Janet 193, 330 Sano, Emi 198 Sanson, David 95, 172 Santee, Robert 95, 252, 450 Santina, Guido 95, 235 Sapiro, Mark 378 Sario, Lena 310 Sartain, Carol 95, 328 Sartain, Gerald 264 Sasaki, Ken ii 342, 405 Sasashima, Katsumi 95 Sather, Kent 380 Sato, Sandra 95, 362 Satoda, Yozp 95 Satre, Neal 431, 432 Saunders, Irene 366 Saunders, James 95, 183 Savant, Bernard 368 Savitt, Ron 121, 282 Sawyer, Barbara 193, 330 Sawyer, Nancy 95 Saywell, George 95, 248 Scaife, Barry 120 Scarpelli, Kevin 232, 454 Scattini, Jerry 405, 409 Schachter, Roy 268 Schact, Henry 111 Schaefer, John 94, 95, 172, 195, 351 Schafer, Carol 185, 341 Schaffer, Gary 95, 351 Scharr, Barbara 356 Schauer, Judy 204 Schaum, Sandra 318 Scheinbaum, Larry 268 Scheppler, Nancy 330 Scherr, Barbara 185 Schicker, Walter 95 Schifano, Paul 182 Schiff, Jean 294 Schiker, Lothay 95, 176 Schimansky, David 230 Schirmer, Howard 275 Schlaef, Joe 219 Schliesinger, Joanne 294 Schleuning, Jon 185, 226 Schlieman, Bob 250 Schmiedel, John 252 Schmerl, Jim 215 Schmid, Carol Lee 95, 314 Schmidt, Camilo 380 Schmidt, Charles 179 Schmidt, Ellen 346 Schmidt, Jan 306 Schmidt, John 95 Schmidt, Linda 360 Schmidt, Marvin 177, 342 Schmidt, Neil 258 Schmidt, Richard 271, 436 Schmidt, We rner 95, 178, 179, 342 Schnaak, Barbara 291 Schneider, Barbara 185, 356 Schneider, Carmen 95, 332 Schneider, Mark 457 Schneider, Richard 262 Schnieders, William 95, 190, 191, 264, 393 Schnitzer, Corrina 173, 200, 332 Schochart, Richard 256 Schoenfeld, Patricia 356 Schoeplein, Joan 330 Schofield, Cynthia 302 Schome, Karl 163 Schon, Pat 364 Schorr, Charles 95, 278 Schrader, Charles 150, 270 Schrag, Tom 262 Schreiber, Dick 270 Schroeder, Trude 292 Schroeter, Ruedy 279 Schubert, James 338 Schultz, Cliff 244 Schultz, Debbie 347 Schultz, Dennis 95, 246 Schultz, John 226 Schulz, Sandra 95, 306 Schumacher, Guenter 95 Schwab, Pokey 18, 115, 144, 173, 187, 204, 302 Schwartz, Andrew 222 Schwartz, Bruce 268 Schwartz, Fritz 191 Schwartz, Joelle 374 Schwartz, Joyce 374 Schwartz, Ronald 95, 244 Schwarz, Fritz 95, 250 Schweitzer, Richard 282 Sciutto, Bob 190, 240 Sciutto, Luisa 347 Scofield, Timothy 258, 392, 450 Scott, Don 218 Scott, Jane 126, 133, 326 Scott, Julie 95 Scott, Lorna 326 Scott, Lynda 310 Scott, Margarite 362 Scott, Mary 300 Scott, Nancy 161, 354 Scott, Patricia 356 Scott, Peter 95, 190, 191, 284 Scott, William 95, 378 Scriven, Marc 172 Seabold, Rich 248 Seaborn,Terry 224 Seardaci, Anthony 351 Sears, Dick 410 Searson, Steve 228 Sebestian, John 162, 179 Seberg, Claudia 95, 185, 197, 324 See, James 95, 177, 179 See, Robert 280 Segale, Andy 405, 409 Segall, John 95, 262 Segawa, Dave 95 Seger, James 276 Sehure, Stanley 236 Seifert, Virginia 96, 374 Seitz, Joan 347 Sekiglchi, Eugene 338 Selinger, Fred 262 Selle, Sharon 202 Semenov, Debora 96, 185 Semple, Janie 115, 140, 173, 187, 204 Seneker, Leilani 300 Senge, Hans 96 Senran, Betty 96, 298 Sepkowitz, Beverly 96, 187, 189, 374 Seraphin, Norm 160 Serduke, Franklin 122, 195 Serena, Frank 256, 457 Serventi, James 96, 232 Sesson, Warren 462 Seto, Paul 96 Seto, Sandra 96, 362 Settle, Ted 454 Setzer, Linda 332 Severance, Nickie 326 Severin, Ann 120, 161, 189, 304 Sevey, Jack 221 Sexton, Sally 347 Shachner, Mark 268 Shadi, D. 197 Shadi, Ramona 185 Shaid, Zilpha 81, 96, 132, 187, 188, 197 Shadinger, Suzy 108, 145, 302 Shafa, Ensanollah 96 Shafer, Martha Jo 373 Shafer, Richard 456 Shaffer, Philip 96, 246 Shaffer, Roger 225 Shafsky, Charles 278 Shallberg, Dave 232 Shallenberger, Leslie 373 Shain, Hank 244 Shain, Karen 145, 244 Stanley 96 Sham, Antoinette 96 Shane, Judth 347 Shannon, Judy 330 Sharifi, Ashraf 96, 347 Sharp, Barbara 302 Sharp, Buchanan 413 Sharpe, Jacqueline 320 Shaskan, Ed 132, 282 Shattuck, Alan 284 Shaver, Bob 174 Shaw, Barry 380 Shaw, Judy 292 Shaw, Julie 326, 439 Shaw, Susan 146, 173, 320 Shawl, Donald 96, 276 Shay, Vivian 185, 374 Shearer, Brad 174 Sheets, Lou 356 Sheets, Margaret 300 Sheeran, Nary 298 Sheffer, Tobey 356 Shell, Gordon 195, 350 Shelley, 300 Shelley, Elbert 177, 179, 185 Shelton, Thamas 185, 342 Shamanski, Linda Jo 312 Semion, Sue 381 Shepard, Gerald 96, 185, 342 Sally 108, 185 Shepard, Dean William 111 Sheridan, Nancy 374 Sherman, Dennis 225 Sherman, Maile 304 Sherman, Robert 280 Sherman, Sue 115, 151 Sherill, John 96 Sherrod, John 96, 252 Sherwood, Dorothy 145, 197, 204, 324 Shields, Becky 318 Shields, Dennis 185, 225 Shields, Sandi 354 Shiells, Maureen 366 Shifley, Joan 347 Shikuma, David 382 Shimada, 382 Shimada, Tadashi 351 Shimisaki, Bob 342, 451 Shimono, Maketo 338 Shimono, Sab 198, 382 Shin, Bessie 96, 356 Shin, Youn 96, 189, 197, 347 Shine, Linda 363 Shinn, James 284 Shipley, George 96 Shippy, Loretta 314 Shiroishi, Ken 380 Shively, James 96, 179, 236 Shlitz 382 Shoemaker, Wanda 306 Shogren, Dick 338 Shohara, Janet 96, 372 Short, David 218 Short, Joe 96 Short, Robert 342, 410 Short, Sandra 302 Shrier, Linda 294 Shubert, Jim 142 Shuey, Ann 316 Shufelt, Lynn 96, 347 Shultz, Earl 431 Shultz, Judy 147, 288 Shultz, Portfolilo 174 Shumanski, Linda 312 Shumer, Bruce 351 Shurlock, Art 436 Shute, Clem 278 Shuttleworth, Jane 96, 314 Shutts, Brenda 96, 162, 298 Sides, Juanita 96, 288 Siebert, Jerry 391, 393 Siebert, Ted 278 Siefker, Pat 310 Siegal, Lenore 381 Siegel, Maria 106, 119, 130, 347 Siemer, Virginia 123 Sigal, Barbara 96, 356 Sigmond, Herbert 268 Signorelli, Charlotte 306 Sigoloff, Roberta 365 Silberstein, Gary 262 Silbert, Kenneth 282 Silin, Irene 149, 366 Silva, Edward 338 Silva, Tony 132 Silver, Dan 140, 204 Silverman, Arnold 96, 268 Silverman, Barbara 96, 312 Silverman, Mel 282 Silverstein, Larry 262 Sim, Dave 456 Simmons, Judith 108, 118, 304 Simmons, Patricia 304 Simms, Judith 96, 354 Simms, Lynn 162 Simoes, Marie 172 Simon, John 214, 268 Simon, Lynn 312 Simon, Maury 268 Simonsen, Alfred 175, 246 Simpson, Margaret 374 Simpson, Melvyn 96, 350 Simpson, Sherril 97, 330 Simpson, Terrance 97, 115, 148, 204, 239 Simpson, William 224 Sinanoglu, Yvonne 97 Sinclair, Charles 178 Sinclair, Lorene 97, 326 Singer, Peter 244 Singer, Terry 226 Singerman, Roslyn 97 Singleton, James 120, 121, 122, 195 Singman, Ann 308 Sinser, Elizabeth 354 Siporin, Roz 121 Sirbu, Gary 374 Sisson, Warren 97, 221 Sitlinger, Marene 302 Sixtus, Patricia 97, 189, 354 Sizemore, William 97 Skaarup, Peter 225 Skaggs, Sanford 113, 221, 450 Skarsten, Carolin 288 Skeeky, Stephen 380 Skees, Vesta 97 Skelly, Suzanne 97, 132, 306 Skinner, Cathryn 346 Skoegard, Claire 162, 298 Skopp, Gary 97 Slager, Paula 149, 365 Slatten, Derrall 182 Slaughter, Dennis 342 Slausson, Steve 450 Slawson, Sandra 97, 316 Slechta, Alfred 215, 231 Sloan, Jared 268 Sloan, Matthew 268 Slomann, Norman 268, 462 Slusser, George 271 Smail, Williams 179 Small, Elizabeth 326 Small, James 46, 91, 97, 391 392, 393 Small, Lawrence 262 Small, Stephen 380 Smart, Wesley 342 Smartt, Roger 190, 254 Smiley, Parker 178 Smith, Bobby 457 Smith, Carolyn 314 Smith, Clare 97, 314 Smith, Claudeen 133, 172, 189, 322 Smith, Clay 261 Smith, Craig 190, 284 Smith, Cynthia 97 Smith, Cynthia 318 Smith, Darlene 320 Smith, David 97, 185, 226, 393 Smith, Dennis 350 Smith, Donald 97 Smith, Dorman 108, 217 Smith, Doug 255 Smith, Dudley 97, 133, 271 Smith, Elliot 271, 413 Smith, Francie 200 Smith, Frank 378 Smith, Gail 162 Smith, Geoff 255 Smith, Grant 230 Smith, Greg 219 Smith, Jacki 341 Smith, James 176, 351 Smith, Janice 18, 114, 118, 119, 129, 186, 328 Smith, Jeff 114, 118, 119, 252 Smith, Joan 371 Smith, Judy 162, 298 Smith, Judy 133, 304 Smith, Leslie 318 Smith, Lewis 97, 214, 215, 222 Smith, Linda 193, 330 Smith, Linda 308 Smith, Marla 189, 324 Smith, Marylyn 196, 302, 439 Smith, Michael 190, 264 Smith, Nancy Jill 318 Smith, Patricia 97 Smith, Patricia 356 Smith, Paul 226 Smith, Peggy 308 Smith, Phil 252 Smith, Philip 243 Smith, Ray 351 Smith, Rayelyn 347 Smith, Roger 380 Smith, Sally 322 Smith, Samuel 351 Smith, Stephen F. 185, 338 Smith, Stephen L. 342 Smith, Sue 310 Smith, Sue 298 Smith, Susan 203, 318 Smith, Susan 97, 320 Smith, Tim 231 Smith, Vivian Lee 324 Smithson, Walter 97, 176 Smitten, Jeff 133 Smotrich, Marvin 184, 222 Snider, Jim 279, 431, 432 Snodgrass, Susan 97, 326 Snow, Douglas 231 Snow, Jeff 280, 405, 409 Snow, Kenneth 342 Snyder, Robert 232 Soares, Frances 97, 328 Soares, Gordon 350 Scares, Nancy 306 Sobelman, Arlene 294 Soble, Sandy 97, 347 Soden, Gary 108, 246 Sokol, Anthony 97, 380 Solari, Geraldine 97, 103, 188, 310 Solari, Marianne 97, 310 Solbach, Doris 97 Solberg, Janet 292 Solem, Roger 97 Solinsky, Thomas 284 Solis, Dick 184 Solof, Susan 374 Solomon, Benjamin 97, 436 Solomon, Richard 268 Solomon, Terry 532 Solomonow, Allan 97, 124, 294 Solter, Barbara 161 Solton, Marjorie 364 Sommarstrom, Karen 310 Sommarstrom, Sue 133, 310 Sones, Jackie 330 Sonne, Pete 98 Sonnenberg, Fred 200 Sonsini, Larry W. 252, 410 Sontag, Jim 434 Sorenson, Karol 161, 354 Sorenson, Neil 338 Sorgensen, Keld 174 Sortais, Curt 175 Sours, Marty 190, 242 Sousa, Sharon 347 Southwell, Jim 378 Spafford, Edith 197 Spalding, Susan 98 Spataro, Sam J. 179 Speake, Sam 236, 451 Spealman, John 179 Specht, Marie 98, 162, 356 Spencer, Jerrie 326 Spencer, Mary 98, 187, 330 Spencer, Wendy 310 Sperling, Rene 118 Sperry, Bruce 228 Spieler, Jon 280 Spiering, Frank 98 Spieth, Phil 449, 450 Spigarelli, Don J. 351 Spillner, Wanda 371 Spires, Pris 113, 115, 143, 204 Spitz, Susan 98 Spitze, James 98, 278 Spivock, Roberta Lee 98, 294 Sponsler, John A. 98, 258 Sprague, Marilyn 120, 328 Sprague, Sandra Jean 98, 324 Spratlind, Gary 226 Spreiter, Sonja 330 Spradgen, Sherry 322 Spring, Alice 356 Staats, Bill 240 Staadecker, Victor 380 Stabb, Ed 342 Stable, Virginia 292 Stachura, Victor F. 172 Stafford, Sharon Sue 108, 149, 324 Stafford, Barbara 98, 347 Stafford, Dave 431 Stafford, Walter 350 Stallings, Louise 320 Stallos, George 256 Stanford, Alen 98, 266 Stankowski, Don 436 Stanley, Wayne 242 Stansberry, Walter 98, 272 Stansby, Lew 141 Stenton, John L. 98 Staples, Joyce Andra 320 Stapleton, Susan 123, 347 Stark, Harriet 124, 326 Stark, Judy 148, 330 Stark, Linda Martha 360 Stark, Sue 333 Starovich, Dora 314 Starron, Robert Edward 98 Stassi, Sam 261, 456 Statham, Philip 98 Staton, Frederick 378 Stauber, Gene 399 Stedman, James 266 Steele, Barry 368 Steele, Diane 147, 316 Steele, Wendy 318 Steen, Andrea Marie 320 Stefani, Ronald Louis 195, 380 Steidlmayer, John 98, 232 Stein, Raymond 98, 202, 246 Steinberg,Barry 221 Steinberg, Elliot G. 98, 268 Steiner, Bob 138 Steiner, Catherine 125, 203 Steiner, Mary 356 Steiner, Peter 108, 114, 266, 463 Steiner, William 98, 225 Stenton, Richard R. 284 Stephens, Ann 98, 318 Stephens, Joslyn 333 Stephens, Kathy 298 Stephens, Marijean 108, 320 Stephenson, Frank 234 Steppling, Fredricka 374 Sterns, George M. 98, 177, 179 Stern, Karen 302 Stern, Sandra 294 Sterund, Wendy 149 Steuben, Bob W. 258 Stevens, Ann 108, 185, 306 Stevens, Gordy 410 Stevens, Norine 341 Stevens, Tom 243 Stevenson, Art 399 Stevenson, Carol 98, 186, 288 Stevenson, Cathy 316 Stevenson, Frank 98, 254 Stewart, Carol 180 Stewart, Dick 415 Stewart, Jean 356 Stewart, Jeri 298 Stewart, Kathleen Yvonne 108, 145, 324 Stewart, Michael 185, 338 Stewart, Michael 279 Stewart, Richard 232 Stewart, Susan Clare 324 Stikkers, Don 174 Stillman, Denny 240, 454 Stillman, Fowler 46 Stin son, Robert Joseph 98, 248 Stitt, Jeanne Luella 98, 374 Stock, Michael 268 Stocking, Elwin M. 98, 179, 185 Stoddard, Peter 368 Stokes, Reynold 98, 450 Stolowitz, Sandra 332 Stone, Alan 202 Stone, Larry 133 Stone, Paula 98, 193, 292 Stone, Richard 228 Stone, Roger 350 Stone, Sue 133, 306 Stone, William 243 Stonehouse, James A. 121, 122, 195 Stoner, Hal 271 Stoops, Mike 280 Stoppello, James 244 Storm, John 98, 228 Storm, Mike 191 Stornette, Lewis 258 Stornettz, Susan 314 Story, Terry 351 Stout, Susan 172 Stovall, Sylvia 297 Stow, Martin 162 Stowell, Dick K. 190, 272, 454 Stowers, Brenda 381 Strand, Joan 98, 308 Strange, Kathie 108, 304 Strasburg, Nina 356 Strauss, Bruce 258 Stremel, Pamela 374 Stradier, William 368 Stripe (DOG) 297 Stripp, Dr. Fred 118 Stroh, Robert 220 Stromberg, Nancy 99, 346 Stroud, Duke 99, 119, 131 Strough, Donald 99, 232 Strunk, Bennetta 99 Stuart, John 261 Stuart, Norva 180, 374 Stull, Roger 254 Sturch, Suzanne 365 Sturges, David 294 Sucher, Stan 222 Sudasna, Chatri 199 Sudman, Edythe 347 Sue, Vincent 368 Suecka, Shirley 371 Sugden, Art 231 Sugine, Sam Samuro 342 Suh, San 347 Sukekane, Mich 198 Sullivan, Ann 300 Sullivan,Daniel (Dan) 99, 175, 342 Sullivan, Debby 308 Sullivan, Molly 300 Sullivna, Patricia 108, 316 Sullwold, Sandy 356 Sulpizio, Robert 246 Sultan, Beverly 332 Susal, Alan 99 Susal, Sharon 356 Susnow, Mark T. 244 Suson, Kathryne 162, 312 Suttherland, Ann 99, 254 Sutter, Bob 432 Sutton, Claire 99, 330 Sutton, Jack 182 Sutton, Phil 182 Sutton, Robert 179 Suzuki, Bob 99, 179 Svendsgaard, Joan 99, 193 Svihula, Gary 99, 393 Swain, Lynne 99, 310 Swain, Margaret 132, 306 Swales, Lu 173 Swan, Carolyn 99, 308 Swan, Richard 99, 202 Swan, Rodger 99 Swaney, Archie 195, 276 Swanson, John Robert 99 Swanson, Muriel 347 Swearingen, Ralph W. 248 Sweat, Jon 280, 410 Sweeney,Shep 248 Swengel, Gail 99, 316 Swenson, Ken 224 Swentzel, Peter 221 Swift, Janice 108, 291 Swilzer, Wayne 380 T Tabin, Lewis 351 Tackett, Laura 363 Taggart, James 264 Taher, Harold 266 Ta hira, Kima 186 Tait, Richard 266 Takagi, Martha 356 Takahashi, Jane 372 Takahashi, Keiko 198 Takeda, Sylvia 129, 347 Takei, Irene 77, 99, 116, 129, 132, 187, 198, 372 Takeshi, Nakano 351 Talbott, Liz 172, 356 Talbutt, Lois 288 Talbott, Richard E. 279 Talburt, Ann 304 Talley, Don 225 Talley, Wilson 196 Tamai, Hoskiro, 99, 368 Tamai, Wes 176, 179 Tamakuni, Masso 99 Tambussi, Ronald 437 Tamura, Raymond 382 Tana, Yasutta 342 Tanenbaum, Ilene 374 Taniguchi, Aimy 366 Taniguchi, Stanley 382 Tanimoto, Doug 351 Tanimoto, Jun 198, 382 Tanovitz, Edward 99, 244 Tanska, Gerald 351 Tartre, Richard 99, 191, 254 Tashima, Julia 99, 374 Tate, Verna 297 Tatten, David 252 Taussig, Harry 342 Tavernetti, David E. 258 Tavernetti, Dennis R. 284 Tavxernetti, Richard 99, 284 Taylor, Aileen 366 Taylor, Alice 161 Taylor, Anna 298 Taylor, Bill 399 Taylor, Bonnie 356 Taylor, Elizabeth 99, 292 Taylor, Lawrence 378, 451 Taylor, Nancy 314 Taylor, Stephen 225 Taylor, Terry 132, 326 Taylor, Tony 124, 326 Teel, Lewis 46, 372 Teel, Stan 372 Teel, Woody 415 Tegtmeier, John 99, 232, 393 Teitler, Judith 99, 294 Temple, Phyllis 99, 324 Tennant, Roberta 141 Tenney, Linda 129, 193, 330 Teshima,Harris 99 Tessler, Larry 99, 217 Thal, Dan 222 Tharsing, Penny 146, 288 Thatcher, Becky 347 Thayer, Peter 218 Thebolt, Joanne 13, 18, 111, 112, 187, 292 Thie, Alice 99 Thieband, Anthony 380 Thiele, Al 177, 179 Thinger, Dick 75, 111, 114, 191 Thirion, Frank 261 Thiriwat, Charuwan 199 Thirkell, Edward 232 Thomas, Donal Diepen 99 Thomas, Gene 100 Thomas, Greg 392 Thomas, Grove Norton 78, 79, 100, 116, 119, 120, 124, 131, 132 Thomas, Janet 356 Thomas, John 258, 451 Thomas, Kevin 368 Thomas, Marcia 320 Thomas, Mike 351 Thomas, Sandra 143, 173, 381 Thomas, Sidney 218 Thomas, Tony 133 Thompson, Barton 246 Thompson, Bonnie 365 Thompson, Charles 100, 183 Thompson, Dale E. 100, 338 Thompson, Don 338 Thompson, Kathleen 300 Thompson, Linda 150, 330 Thompson, Patricia 204 Thompson, Thomas E. 100, 232 Thomson, Barbara 145, 148, 149, 196, 292 Thomson, Brett 378 Thomson, Norman 176 Thorley, Gene 174 Thormann, Helen 308 Thornton, James 342 Thornton, John 338 Thornton, Katie E. 324 Thornton, Mary 360 Thorwaldsen, Carl 380 Those, Paul 217 Thrash, Jim 351, 451 Threefoot, Philip St. Goar 100, 175, 177, 179, 279 Throne, Sally 100, 373 Thunen, Maruine 347 Thunen, Ronald 401 Thurlow, Bill 121, 132, 195, 226 Thut, Carl 378, 380 Tibbetts, Thomas 100, 256 Tietze, Fritz 380 Tilden, George Bruce 100, 215, 236 Ting, Chiu 100, 179 Tirico, Jeanette 100, 304 Tirrell, John 100, 266 Tischer, Diane 203 Tjia, Phi Ka 100 Tjomsland, Judy 100, 130, 188, 189, 199, 288 Tobin, Lewis T. 351, 451 Tognazzini, Terry 100, 392 Tokheim, Betty 133, 3 14 Toland, Thomas 255 Tolchin, Ann 356 Tolles, Dana 322 Tolles, Dee 191 Tolles, R. P. 100, 238 Tolson, Jon 262 Tom, Celia 356 Tom, Donna R. 100, 180 Tom, Edna 341 Tom, Kenneth W. 100, 172, 260 Tom, Theodore 162, 260 Tomaras, Coach Bill 435 Tomilson, Dave 451 Tomlinson, Bonnie 123, 304 Tompkins, Dennis 133, 368 Tonelli, Charles 142 Tong, Monbill 100 Tonti, Anthony 100 Toomajian, Suzanne 100, 302 Toombs, Pat 161 Toor, Sheldon E. 100 Toothman, Jane 306 Toothman, Karen 320 Topping, Sherry 100, 189, 322 Toriggino, Marie 100, 112, 186, 308 Torkelson, Noel 306 Torre, Rich 380 Torrey, Margaret 100, 314 Tosse, Lloyd 100, 131, 133 Totten, David M. 392, 450 Totten, Jeffrey 224 Tourville, Gay 292 Tow, Jimmy 100, 177 Towle, Charlie 191 Townsend, John 185 Toyama, Martha 100 Tracy, Darralsen 354 Tracy, Marilyn 354 Trader, Russ 451 Trason, Dennis 413 Traude, Mary 309 Trautman, Bill 195, 236 Travernetti, Len 258 Travis, Isabelle 300 Travis, Leon P. 178 Traweek, Sharon 356 Traywick, Bruce 380 Treadway, Beverly 100 Treadwell, Susan 100, 372 Trefts, Pam 292 Treiman, Dave 413 Trembath, Jim 106, 131, 246 Tresper, Terry 364 Trewhitt, Janet 300 Trezes, Forrest 111 Trost, Evelyn F. 100, 148, 324 Trout, Yvonne 161 Trowbridge, Gail 18, 56, 100, 110, 111, 114, 116, 119, 304 Trozper, Terry 162 True, June 381 Truitt, Mary 127, 362 Tsang, Floris 100 Tse, Cynthia 198, 356 Tsukiji, Janet 366 Tuck, King 248 Tuck, Loretta 300 Tucker, Maxin e 101, 366 Tuemmler, Fred 405 Tulalamba, Vitavas 199 Tulcin, Debbie 312 Tuler, Gerald 380 Tulloh, Steve 248 Turner, Ann 310 Turner, Bernus 178 Turner, Bill 405 Turner, Bob 219 Turner, Don 101, 220 Turner, Nancy 328 Turula, Emily 130, 185, 304 Tusher, Tom 280 Tuttle, Joey C. 133, 318 Twelvetrees, Barby 306 Twigg, David 177, 179 Twight, Susanne 101, 354 Twist, Peggy 320 Tyler, George 368 Tyler, Linda 133, 388 Tymstra, Frances 371 Tyre, Joy S. 294 Tyrrel, Mike 279 Tyson, Doris 118, 121, 186, 328 Tyson, Ray 410 Tyukodi, William 176 U Udick, Ralph 101, 275, 392, 449, 450 Uebel, Karl 393, 401 Ueki, Iris 101 Ulah, Stephen 280 Ulan, Irene 101 Ullman, Barry 162 Ullman, Lorna 356 Umland, Elizabeth 347 Unsoeld, George 101, 174 UpdeGraff, Ruth 356 Upshaw, Susan 347 Upton, Margaret 101 Urfer, Don 464 Urner, Gerald 226 Urushima, Dave 198, 382 Utterback, Bonnie 185, 304 Uyeyama, Ronald 101 V Vaden, Ralph 378 Valdez, Agnes 356 Valdes, Victor 278 Valencia, Marylou 122 Van Atta, Sue 123, 203 Van Bamett, Ronald 437 Van Camp, Brian 112, 119, 232 Vander Vean Judy 203 Van Dusen, Jim 454 Vanek, Mary 298 Van Etten, Pat 133 Van Hoff, Johannes 258 Van Hoorebeke, Dave 190, 272, 454 Van Horn, Julianne 101, 316 Van Horn, Sue 308 Van Kessel, Gordon 434 Van Loon, Ray 142 Van Loucks, Dolores 115, 138 Van Matre, Gary 225 Van Meter, Morris 174 Van Noy, Allen 101, 224 Van Trees, James C. 111, 101, 176 Van Ummerson, Lincoln 256 Vann, Curtis 177 Vann, Douglas 101, 248 Vargus, Brian 101, 131, 132, 243 Varney, Marilyn 101, 161, 304 Vartanian, Betty 328 Vartanian, Pat 114, 120, 133 Vartanian, Susan 172, 187 Vaughn, Eugene 378 Vaughn, Tonia 310 Vaznian, Caroline 161 Venel, Carol 308 Vanstrom, Kay 161, 324 Verble, Susan 326 Verkozen, Jay 127, 181, 236 Verran, Julie 366 Verzasconi, Ray 81, 101, 111, 123, 124, 197 Vezzani, Mark 101, 248 Vicory, Art 185 Viery, Gail 101, 298 Viland, Judith Ann 306 Villawov, Lana 364 Vilner, Dave 174, 244 Vincent, Michael 284 Vincent, Nancy 371 Vineys, Denis 276 Vingo, James 101, 256 Vinnecour, Keith 282 Vinson, Sandra 347 Vinzent, Thomas 101, 221 Violich, Tom 228 Virasai, Banphot 199 Virga, John 266 Vivell, Judy 121, 123, 360 Vogel, Worth 221 Vogeli, Carol 101 Vohs, Vicki 322 Voit, Robert 232 Vold, Mary Lou 193, 324 Volle, Merna 132, 314 Volpi, Sylvia 101, 189, 197, 333 Vondra, Marilyn 292 Von Muller, Larry 101 Vorous, Virginia 144, 314 Voss, Nancy 101 Vtaz, Arthur 268 Vurlumis, Chris 154 Vyn, Prudence 101, 288 W Wachs, Nina 361 Wachtel, Eileen 294 Wacker, Mike 275 Wade, Sally 318 Wade, Wallace 179 Wadsworth, Diane 101, 300 Wadsworth, Patti 101, 306 Wadsworth, Paul 101, 230 Wagner, David 101, 195 Wagner, John 264, 456 Wagner, Laurence 244 Wagner, Lee James 101, 177, 179 Wagner, Linda 101, 300 Wagner, Perry 191 Wagstaff, Kenneth 125, 338 Wahlander, Jovita 308 Walberg, Janet 106, 185, 366, 381 Wait, Brad 230 Wakefield, Joseph 185, 342 Wakoski, Diane 115, 151 Walden, Mary 101, 328 Waldron, Sally 302 Waldthausen, Darel 351 Walker, Blair 102, 322 Walker, Gilbert 272 Walker, Ray 106, 121, 272 Walker, Susan 102 Wall, Camden 256 Wall, John 102 Wail, Kathleen 300 Wall, Keith 271 Wallace, Arthur 102, 266 Wallace, Cebe 143 Wallace, Daniel 102, 240 Wallace, Jane 102, 133, 308 Wallace, Kenneth 240 Wallace, Nancy 292 Wallbert, Robin 294 Wallensky, Lewis 222 Walley, Bill 271 Wallis, Judith 328 Wallsten, Anita 360 Walsh, William 102, 252 Walstad, Jan 366 Walters, Diane 291 Walters, Mary 318 Walther, Richard 102, 276 Walton, Gary 246 Walton, Michael 193 Walton, Shelley 347 Walworth, Robert 380 Wank, Richard 262 Ward, Aubrey 102 Ward, Judy 318 Ward, Helen 102, 288 Ward, Robbie 232, 456 Wardenburg, Frances 330 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Wiegner, Ann 103, 298 Wilde, Sue 203, 288 Wiele, Donald 103 Wierzbianska, Elizabeth 185, 197 Wilander, Connie 306 Wilcott, Scott 103, 118, 191, 228 Wilcox, Barbara 371 Wilcox, Wayne 103, 174 Wildberger, Joe 252 Wilde, Charles 190, 228 Wile, Carolyn 103, 172 Wiley, David 437 Wiley, Lynford 248 Wiley, Susan 310 Wilhelm, Donald 342 Wilkins, Karen 103 Willard, Kink 380 Willeford, Rhetta 374 Willen, Don 174 Willens, Denis 282 Willett, Frank 175 Williams, Barbara 292 Williams, Beta 292 Williams, Bill 368 Williams,Carole 13, 100, 103, 114, 132, 133, 187, 188, 189, 199, 326 Williams, David 266, 432 Williams, Donna 161 Williams, Jerry 190, 250 Williams, Jill 330 Williams, Jim 190, 254 Williams, John 185, 254 Williams, Pat 374 Williams, Richard 264 Williams, Ruby 103, 297 Williams, Shirley 347 Williams, Susan 200, 332 Williamson, Michael 103, 368 Willis, Esther 291 Willis, Wanda 365 Williston, Eleanor 103, 298 Willits, Vic 236 Wills, Bob 405, 409 Willworth, Fred 234 Wilson, Arnold 103 Wilson, Avalyn 365 Wilson, Beverly 103, 308 Wilson, George 103 Wilson, Helen 193, 330 Wilson, John 191 Wilson, Linda 292 Wilson, Margaret 140, 173, 186, 204, 373 Wilson, Milford 103 Wilson, Miriam 304 Wilson, Nancy 372 Wilson, Patricia 103, 347 Wilson, Patricia L. 103 Wilson, Peggy 372 Wilson, Robert 202, 252 Wilson, Robert G. 221 Wilson, Tom 276 Wilstam, Lani 354 Windingstad, Kari 161, 347 Winey, Sue 298 Wingrove, Alan 103 Winkel, George 238 Winn, Susan 288 Winn, William 179 Winslow, John 103, 219 Winsor, Julie 318 Wisler, Russell 252 Withuhn, William 279 Woble, Warden 246 Wohletz, Leonard 450 Wolcott, Fred 351 Wolden, Donna 288 Wolf, Jo 347 Wolf, Mike 282 Wolf, Richard 104, 276 Wolfe, Cameron 126, 127, 279, 398 Wolff, George 262 Wolff, Martin 268 Wolff, Natalie 381 Wolfman, Brunetta 203 Wolfman, George 452, 454 Wolfman, Rich 454 Wolleson, Diane 104 Wolny, Henry 368 Wonder, Donald 104 Wong, Anna 198 Wong, Ari 199, 373 Wong, Bill 142 Wong, Charles 104, 177 Wong, Danny 104, 176 Wong, Dennis 260 Wong, Don 351 Wong, Florence 104 Wong, Frank 104 Wong, Gordon 260 Wong, Harry 104, 351 Wong, Henry 104, 350 Wong, Jane 104, 347 Wong, Jeff 116, 120, 351 Wong, Joyce 356 Wong, Lily 104, 356 Wong, Marjorie 364 Wong, Patsy 104 Wong, Roland 185, 260, 380 Wong, Siu 104, 361 Wong, Warren 260 Wong, William 260 Wood, Barbara 132, 306 Wood, Bethann 203 Wood, Don 380 Wood, Edwin 238 Wood, Helen 173 Wood, Kate 104, 308 Wood, Kent 243 Wood, Mike 190, 264 Wood, Shirley 356 Woodard, Jerome 235 Woodard, Nancy 318 Woodard, Tom 235 Woodcock, Tedd 266 Woodfill, Jim 162, 234 Woods, Nancy 104 Woods, Roger 104, 351 Woo dward, Judith 104 Woodward, Raymond 104 Woodworth, Patricia 360 Woolf, David 104, 124, 223 Woolfall, G. D. 177 Worfel, Harriet 312 Worth, Gail 318 Woyciohowsky, Jean 104, 302 Wright, Brenda 330 Wright, Edith 143, 198, 334 Wright, James 250 Wright, Janni 108, 324 Wright, Judy 354 Wright, Walter 104, 254 Wrixon, Joseph 104, 240 Wrixon, William 104, 240 Wujek, Joseph 104, 179 Wunderlich, Peggy 363 Wuttke, Karl 104, 378, 392 Wyckoff, Elizabeth 104, 318 Wyckoff, Louis 104, 264, 415 Wykoff, Victor 104, 252 Wylie, Carol 347 Wyllie, Loring 104, 177, 179, 215, 279 Wylie, John 434 Wynn, John 351 Wynne, Douglas 380 Y Yaeckel, John 252 Yager, Joelleann 104, 328 Yakura, Kazuo 382 Yamada, Burton 179, 382 Yamamoto, Ida 361 Yamamoto, Kataumi 104 Yamane, Akiko 197 Yamanishi, Louie 104 Yamashita, Kyoko 373 Yamklinfuing, Prasert 199 Yancey, Gary 105, 378, 392, 450 Yano, Chauncey 105, 193, 338, 392 Yanoff, Richard 436 Yao, York 105, 179 Yarwood, Kathryn 161 Yatabe, Linda 372 Yeater, Malvin 105, 175, 179 Yee, David 105, 183, 260 Yee, Harvey 105, 260 Yentis, Daryl 378, 380 Yerman, Jack 67, 105, 231 Yguado, Joseph 105 Yoh, Vivian 105, 185, 291 Yohannan, David 105 Yokomizo, Joyce 198 Yong, Faith 105, 145, 361 Yonke, Elizabeth 105 Yoshida, Hubert 185, 198, 382 Yoshida, June 105 Yoshikawa, Kent 351, 451 Yost, Paul 238 Young, Barbara 105, 347 Young, Bill 266 Young, Carol 330 Young, Chester 105 Young, Donald 105, 215 Young, Dorothy 105, 372 Young, Karen 108, 304 Young, Killough 105 Young, Colleen 302 Young, Pat 347 Young, Paul 197 Young, Ralph 105 Young, Richard 260 Young, Sheldon 342 Young, Stanley 260 Young, Stephen 279 Young, Virginia 314 Youngberg, Den 174 Younger, Carolyn 363 Younger, Keith 338 Yu, Jackson 105 Yudnich, Nishka 180 Yuke, Andrys 373 Yumal, Diane 381 Z Zaik, Jean 381 Zavialoff, Natalie 149 Zaccone, Charlotte 365 Zaccone, Terry 185 Zacher, Gary 238 Zahas, Elene 105, 302 Zais, Alber 105, 239 Zamore, Annette 127 Zanville, Marilyn 294 Zaporodgian, Lecia 105 Zbitnoff, Igor 450 Zeiger, Judy 356 Zeller, Gordon 105, 258 Zeller Laura 108, 374 Zalonky, Shari 105 Zerolis, Jo Ann 108, 185, 347 Zettlemeyer, Barbara 105, 185 Zidell, Eden 332 Zieger, Pat 105, 189, 354 Zilliox, William 182 Zimmer, Kay 356 Zimmerman, Jane 302 Zimmerman, Pete 108 Zinn, Virginia 105, 318 Zintz, Walter 234 Zitlau, Nancy 300 Zlot, Harold 182 Zonligt, Dena 161, 185 Zube, Margaret 185 Zuber, Maja 145, 288 Zucker, Barbara 356 Zucker, Michael 244 Zuckerman, Fortune 180, 354 Zuckerman, Gordon 105, 191, 238 Zuckman, Adrienne 356 Zuzunaga, Jaime 413 Editor ' s Letter As long as there are yearbooks there will be editor ' s letters, and as long as there are editor ' s letters they will say " thank you. " This isn ' t because we editors are in a rut; it ' s simply because we grasp at the chance to say thanks in any kind of a meaningful way to everyone we ' ve worked with. My thanks go to Dolores, my advisor, who always knew what to do next and how to do it and who was fun besides ... to Dot, Sue Ginsberg and Sue Hansen, who tackled their jobs of picture editor, copy editor and sports editor with enthusiasm and still found time to help everybody else and cheer me up when I was Feeling blue . . . to my imaginative artists, Ron, Diana and Barbara, who came up with some unconventional and great ideas on this year ' s art and layout ... to all the juniors, sophomores and who spent hours phoning, writing, pasting-up and filing when they could have been up at Strawberry . . . to Managerial, who lent a hand during desperate deadline weeks ... and especially to Jane Howell, who offered her friendship, help, constructive criticism on English papers and reducing candy with equal generosity. And here ' s to Ed Kirwan and his photography staff who gave time and effort way beyond the call of duty ... to Bob Ozias from L. S. Z., who worked with me instead of against me ... to Bob Moon at Cal Art, who said on the final deadline day, " Hang loose, Pokey. " It ' s been a hectic year, full of both exciting and happy moments and moments when—I ' ll admit it—I wanted to jump out the window of my office into Strawberry Creek. But, come to think of it, I wouldn ' t trade it for the world. Manager ' s Letter And so it ' s over ... Frankly, my emotions in reviewing this year ' s experience are mixed. I think I hit a lucky year, because both staffs were full of " kindred spirits " ; when things were going badly, we were all so busy trying to boost each other ' s morales, we forgot about our own . . . Here ' s to Terry and Kendra, who did a truly inspired job of bookkeeping and problem-solving and who had that blessed faculty of knowing and remembering the answers to everything ... to Jane M. for having kept Studio running smoothly, for being the only person who ever cleaned up the office and for solving the problems of the Blue and Gold and of the world with intelligent and humorous optimism ... to Dolores in Pub Office for knowing where we were going when we didn ' t, and for putting in all our publicity articles " Miss Howell further noted " when I did nothing nearly so clever . . . to Robin and Lorna for their brilliant work on Sales Promotion . . . to Penny, Sue and Pat for being efficient and dependable . . . to those wonderful freshmen and sophomores who stuck it out grimly in the office when they would rather have been on a coffee date ... to Editorial staff, for helping us when the office was flooded (?) with customers . . and last, to Pokey, a fellow English major, genius, and joy to be leagued with because neither of us are authoritarian organizers at heart. My apologies to everyone who received a nasty letter from my office; no, we are not hard-boiled, embittered, mercenary hags down here ... we are rather bewildered co-eds trying to do a good job, or if that ' s not possible, to do o ur best. Sometimes, our best didn ' t seem good enough to us, and a little was in order; but it ' s all part of the game. I didn ' t mean this letter to be a lump-in-the-throat bit full of thank-yous and that sort of thing has always sounded trite to me. Yet, when you come to a final analysis of the nature of a group effort such as this has been, about the only articulate thing there is to say is " thank you. " Good luck to next year ' s staff, and may I leave you with this maxim: when the 59¢ bell in the outer office rings, don ' t bother sending to know for whom it tolls—it tolls for thee. Credits Printing . . . . Lederer, Steet Zeus Co., Inc. Engraving . . California Art Engraving Co. Portrait Photography . . . Keith Cole Studios Informal Photography.... ASUC Photography Cover S. K. Smith Co. Binding Cardoza Bookbinding Co.

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