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1959 - 1961 UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA - BERKELEY University Division designedby Ron Lai. Inaugurated in September as the twelfth president of the University of California, Clark Kerr began his first year as top administrator of University affairs. Long before this solemn ceremony, Clark Kerr had been in close connection with University affairs and administration, acting as Chancellor from 1952-1958 and holding positions as Professor of Industrial Relations and Director of the Institute of Industrial Relations. His background includes graduation from Swarthmore and a Ph.D. at the University. To you, Clark Kerr, the Blue and Gold staff extends congratulations on the successful conclusion of your first year as University President. Weiappreciate your new policies and the continued traditions of stro for student government and the state-wide university, but a fine administrative program Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg is just as thoroughly at home in a laboratory as in his. administrative offices. A renowned nuclear chemist and physicist, Seaborg was kssociate Director of the Radiation Laboratory and its Director of Nuclear Chemical Research before his ap- pointment to the Chancellorship of the University of California at Berkeley. His preparation included uation from UCLA and a Ph.D. at UC. Seaborg has added to the worth and prestige of the University in many ways, including his co-discovery of the elements named for UC —Berkhum and Californium. In his first year of a new career, campus-wide Seaborg has brought another new face to the work of the University, and has successfully cooperated with the new vice-chancellors in coordinating the of the Berkeley campus. The Regents The Regents of the University of California, under the leadership of President Clark Kerr, are a most important part of University Administration. Meeting alternately at the several campuses of the University, the Regents set the policy under which the statewide University operates. They pass on appointments of all chief administrators and have complete financial control of University matters. The Board of Regents works to coordinate action on all campuses. Meeting agendas always include controversial issues and major decisions. WILLIAM SHEPARD Dean of Men THOMAS B. DUTTON Assistant Dean of Men KATHERINE A. TOWLE Dean of Women BETTY NEELY Associate Dean of Students The Dean of Students ' office, 201 Sproul Hall, is a busy place ... an estimated 133,000 student con- tacts this year ! Cal students come to the Deans ' Office for help in many things . . . personal prob- lems, financial matters, loans and special requests, and discussion about campus problems. The office also houses living group advisor offices. Noted for its friendliness, " the Deans ' Office " aids students, administrates University-student affairs and works with the ASUC. Deans advise student groups, attend many student functions, hear peti- tions and pleas, and can never catch up with everything they should be doing ! HURFORD H. STONE Dean of Students MARYANNE REED Assistant Dean of Students 15 HELEN E. CLARKE Assistant Dean of Students GEORGE D. CHANGARIS Assistant Dean of Students CATHERINE QUIRE Associate Dean of Students Vice-Chancellor EDWARD W. STRONG Vice-Chancellor ALEX B. SHERRIFFS Vice-Chancellor JAMES D. HART ELEANOR BARTLETT, Physical Education A.B. Colorado College Associate Supervisor Women ' s P.E. 1954-59 MURRAY R. BENEDICT, Agriculture Ph.D. Harvard University UC Professor—Agricultural Economist 1931-59 Cosmos Club, Amer. Statistical Assoc. AAAS JOHN B. CONDLIFFE, Economics D.Sc. University of New Zealand UC Professor of Economics 1940-58 Director of Teaching Institute of Economics 1949-58 Wendell Wilkie Memorial Award 1950 Fulbright Award 1951 Golden Cross of Royal Order of the Phoenix WILLARD E. FARNHAM, English Ph.D. Harvard University UC Professor of English 1935-59 Chairman, English Department 1949-55 Editor, UC Publications in English 1937 HURFORD H. STONE, Dean of Students Ph.D. University of Southern Calif. Dean of Students 1940-1959 LL.D. Simpson College 1952 HANS N. HANSEN, Plant Pathology Ph.D. University of California UC Professor of Plant Pathology 1932-59 Washington Academy of Science AAAS, Phyto Pathological Society NORMAN ETHAN ALLAN HINDS, Geology Ph.D. Harvard University UC Professor of Geology 1923-59 SHERWOOD SHEAR, Agricultural Economics Ph.D. University of Wisconsin UC Professor of Agricultural Economics 1928-43 Gianinni Foundation 1929-59 ROYAL A. ROBERTS, Business Administration M.B.A. Harvard University UC Professor of Business Administration 1926-59 Retiring Professors To these soon-to-be Professors Emeritus of the University of California the students and faculty extend a fond and best wishes for the future. The many, many years of service represented on these pages, from Shakespeare to soil testing, from individual exercise to plant diseases, were years of learning for thousands of students, and of widening knowledge in each field of study. The Friday songs sung in Geology I will be a campus legend, as will the many contributions each professor has made to the instruction, publications, and traditions of Cal. There are many elements that go to make up a great University, and the high rating of the faculty is a major factor in the fine standing of the University of California. Though each year some staff members retire, confidence remains that new staff members will follow to maintain their high standards and fine traditions. We know the campus will join the staff of the Blue and Gold in a hearty round of applause and a heartfelt to each retiring professor. MORROUGH P. O ' BRIEN, Engineering B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology UC Professor of Engineering 1928-59 Chairman, Mechanical Engineering 1937 Dean of College of Engineering 1943-59 U.S. Corps of Engineers National Research Council National Science Foundation Board LEONARD B. LOEB, Physics Ph.D. University of Chicago UC Professor of Physics, 1929-59 National Research Fellow—Chicago Kelvin Lecturer—London 1947 National Research Council GEORGE C. KYTE, Education Ed.D. University of California UC Professor of Education 1931-59 Supervising Principal, UC Elem. School 1931 Dean of School of Education AAAS, President Phi Delta Kappa 1954 CARL LANDAUER, Economics Ph.D. University of Heidelberg UC Professor a Economics 1936-59 Managing Editor " German Economist " 17 SEATED, left to right: Dick King, Carole Williams, Gayle Merkt, Chuck Holloway, Julie Casagrande, Martha McEnerney, Leta Howard. STANDING: Skip Huber, Tom Ready, Richard Schoen, Jim Yenckel, Mike Hone, Pete Merle, Al Chandler, Dan Lubbock, Jane Delahook, James Delahook, Bill Stricklin. NOT PICTURED: Sue Stricklin. TOM READY, chairman GARFF WILSON, advisor Cal Club California Club, or " Cal Club " as it is known around campus, is the organization linking students on all eight campuses of the University. Its purpose is to promote good relations and unity among the campuses. Members are appointed for outstanding work at the University, by President Kerr. Cal Club sponsors All-U Week End, and works to strengthen intercampus relations and between campuses. Each year a convention is held, this year at UCLA during Spring Recess, to get acquainted with members from all branches of the University, and to discuss problems and policies that may arise. Led this year by Chuck Holloway and Tom Ready, and sparked by the advice and sponsorship of Garff Wilson, Cal Club was busy with activities and discussions, making successful progress in maintaining intercampus unity. Remember those blackboard diagrams? Business Administration With the advent of registration and by mail this Spring, most people breathed a sigh of relief. Not so the students in the School of Business Administration. There seems no escape for them—they still must get up at insane hours and run down to campus in hopes of getting into their preferred classes. The curriculum for this school consists mainly of courses in economics, business law, accounting, marketing, and of real estate. Although the main offices of the school of Bus Ad are in South Hall, " one of the oldest buildings on campus, " the classes themselves are held in Wheeler Hall. Now that the General Curric. major has been eliminated, there promises to be a new and larger influx of students in Bus. Ad. Advising Office South Hall Those good old third-floor bookkeeping rooms. Dwinelle Hall TOP: Life Sciences Building BOTTOM: L S Office —210 Ad. Building Letters and Science The College of Letters and Science consists of the many people whose majors are such subjects as English, Psychology, Zoology, etc. The usual " hangouts " for these students are Wheeler Hall, Dwinelle Hall, the Life Sciences Building, the L S Office (better known as the " Problem Center " ) —or between classes in the central meeting spot, Dwinelle Plaza. The College of L S, since it covers such a broad range of courses and majors, is noted for its large lecture classes on the one hand and its small sections on the other. Also a of L S is the now dying student who says " My major is General Curric. " Unfortunately, this specie of student will no longer he permitted to appear on the Cal campus after this year. Wheeler Auditorium Engineering With the exception of hard-working engineers armed with briefcases, slide rules sheathed in holsters, etc., many Cal students are unfamiliar with the scenes of the northeastern end of campus. Here one will find the University ' s highly ranked College of Engineering which provides an excellent program for its students. Becoming familiar with various machines and instruments is an important phase of an engineer ' s training. For example, a glimpse of an Electrical Engineering machine lab would reveal some motors actually running, a student oscillating at 60 cycles per second with his fingers stuck in the socket, and occasional puffs of smoke indicating more damaged equipment. Each department, through its respective student society presents a variety of field trips which give the student an to see practical applications of theories he has studied. The highlight of the engineering calendar is Engineering Week End, which guest speakers, more field trips, and a special issue of the college ' s own magazine The Engineer. Display during Engineers ' Week End. TOP: Engineering Court bulletin board. BOTTOM: The modern side of the school. Engineering Building Chemistry No matter where you go, you ' ll find the School of Chemistry making its home in the oldest building on campus! Because of its nature as an old and established study, and the necessity of a separate building to house and apparatus, Chem has that distinction at Cal . . . but even has a new building or so of its own. Lewis Hall, Gilman Hall, the Low-Temperature Lab and the Freshman Chem Lab comprise the layout within which Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students work. Chem majors maintain they ' re no different from anybody else . . . just have talents in a different direction! Among the many students in the school, few are girls. Careers ahead for students in this field include : for the chemist —basic research, developmental research with firms, and teaching; for the chemical engineer—research management, production, control work. Adding special flavor to their location the " pie man " arrives on selected to sell his wares while labs empty into the courtyard for refreshment. The Pie Sales. The old Chem Building Good old Freshman Chem. Architecture Building T-10—home of lower division students. Architecture The College of Architecture is located on the north side of campus in the Architecture Building, Bldg. T-10, and in the City and Regional planning building. The old wood shingle architecture building has been the center of the college since 1906. It also houses the library for the college of architecture. There are continual art and exhibits in this building by present and past artists. Building T-10 is the lower division center. Its interior always shows copious signs of activity, and though all the scattered paper and paint looks messy, it is the by-product of great creation. The city and regional planning building, along with the Architecture Building, is the center for upper division work. In these rooms the students ' creative desires are exemplified by all types and descriptions of mobiles. Soon all the color and beauty of the present three buildings will be replaced by a new architecture building on the south side of campus. . . . An era is passing. Problems in structure analysis. Forestry One of the leading schools of its kind in the nation, the only accredited one in California, Cal ' s School of Forestry makes its home in Mulford Hall, on the northeast corner of campus. Mulford is a new and friendly building, with walls paneled with woods from all over the world. There ' s a library, a recreational reading room and student lounge for fun, and all styled in informal atmosphere. After two years of preforestry, students are eligible to enter the school. A second pre-rec is the ten-week summer camp held at Meadow Valley in Plumas National Forest. There the students meet each other and the profs in an informal atmosphere and become a friendly and congenial group . . . on first-name basis! And there the basic principles of forestry-in-the-field are taught. Numbering approximately two hundred students, presided over by Dean " Hank " Vaux, the School of Forestry offers curriculum leading to careers in forest management, range management and wood technology. Social Room off Library Christmas Project Mulford Hall Seniors diagnose diseases. Public Health The " pillar " of the west side of campus, Warren Hall, houses the School of Public Health. Students there are by and large an older group, and an international group . all preparing for careers such as hospital administration, public health laboratory work, public health education, and other related fields. Though isolated by such a long distance from most of the campus, there ' s lots of activity going on in Warren constantly, and you have to get up good and early to make that eight o ' clock! An informal atmosphere predominates. Most of the classes, even in lower division, are seminars with an emphasis on personalization. There is an air of dedication, a atmosphere which surrounds students, but there ' s plenty of time for noon gatherings in the commons, and discussions of current issues and future plans. Seminar Warren Hall Crime scene photography. Criminology Careers open to the Criminology major include: master criminologist, policeman-woman, work with the California Youth Authority, institutional work and police lab work. For these fields the student prepares in one of three sections, including law enforcement, correction and criminalistics. " Coffee 127 " is a favorite pastime with students who gather to discuss plans and problems after every class and final. The headquarters of the school is T-2, and Crim. majors run from there to Haviland and Cal Hall to keep up with classes. The School of headed by Dean O. W. Wilson, is a relatively small, close, and unified group of students. Lambda Alpha the National Law Enforcement Fraternity, holds lecture sessions and social activities for all crim majors, and they attend and enjoy them. Future juvenile delinquents beware ... the School of Criminology is watching YOU. Cal Hall—Home of the Crim students. Student checks bullets for similar patterns. Pouring a plaster cast of a tire print. Nutrition majors serve fellow students in the Birch Room. Agriculture The College of Agriculture and its subsidiary schools comprise many fields and offer a varied program, students with scientific and theoretical background in the broad field of Agriculture. Gathering in the " Birch Room " of the Home Ec Building are students from Landscape Architecture, Home Ec, " Ag " Soils and Plant Pathology, and several more, talking over studies and problems in their fields. The Agriculture " plant " includes Agriculture Hall, Giannini, Hilgard, Mulford, Home Ec . . . and experimental areas such as Gill and Oxford Tracts, and many greenhouses. Many buildings house exhibits characteristic of the Soils from around the world can be seen in Hilgard, for instance. Agriculture majors can go on to careers ranging from entomology to institutional management, from food technology to agricultural econ! Though no different from L S students, they, too, are hardly ever seen " across the bridge, " and they, too, are enjoying their study and looking toward the future. Agriculture Hall Greenhouses used by the plant pathology majors. Student in landscape architecture. Nursing and Optometry Headquarters of the Pre-Nursing School are 210 T-8 .. . and " LSB " . . . where so many major classes are held. Majors are headed toward nursing careers, and further study on the San Francisco campus. Anatomy, and physiology are among the required courses found on a pre-nurse ' s schedule . . . and a disection kit among her valuable equipment. The Pre-Nursing Society, for interested major students, features a program of talks, trips and movies related to the field . . . and holds social events for fun. All pre-nurses look with envy at the blue uniforms of " the girls from the Med-Center, " and plan for studies and fun there. The School of Optometry, with its own building across from Cowell, is noted by students for . . . the clinic. But there ' s lots more inside the Optometry Building, which houses a school of some 90 students, working towards careers in the private practice of optometry and clinical work. Optometry students traditionally eat on the run between classes, and if you spot a boy with an eye patch, he ' s probably taking Senior physiological optics lab. Junior and Senior students work in the clinic whole days during the class week, and each class has all its members together throughout the yearly curricula. Those students who inspect your eyes will get paid for it soon, and though they live isolated lives in their own major, hardly ever seeing anyone outside their own class, they ' re looking toward a busy future. Clinic refraction room. TOP: Pre-Nursing advising office. BOTTOM: Optometry students grind lenses. Optometry Building Law Boalt Hall, University Law School, situated on the southeast corner of the campus, holds its own as one of the nation ' s top ten schools of law. It is a three-year graduate program, offering basic grounding in all fields of law. The bar exam is the climax of law studies, and three months of frantic study come between leaving school and passing the bar. Students at Boalt fall into two categories . . . the Library Livers and the Lounge Lizards. A third favorite hangout of law students, the broad front porch, is inhabited mostly by Library Livers coming out to sun themselves. Careers in private practice, with law firms, in some branch of national or state government, are among those offered students. Intramurals are a favorite pastime of many students, and the collection of graduate athletes enrolled accounts to some extent for its success. Led by Dean William L. Prosser, the Boalt faculty is outstanding. Boalt Hall Home of the Lounge Lizards. The annual Christma s party. COL. JOHN T. MALLOY Army COL. S. G. GURNEY, JR. Air Science ROTC Army, Air Force, and Navy services offer curricula, required for lowerclassmen leading toward basic officer commissions in the regular service following graduation. Most cadets attend, as a special feature of the program, summer camp or cruises between Junior and Senior years. Upper division students are paid . . . not quite enough to live on . . . and drills are held weekly for all students. Events in the social program include the Chancellor ' s Revue, Military and Air Force Balls, and Navy dances. Each service has its extracurricular organizations . . . Arnold Air Society, Quarterdeck, and Golden Guard .. Actually, ROTC overcomes the difficulties of a campus existence and produces some fine officer material. COL. JAMES T. WILBUR Naval and Marine FIRST ROW, left to right: Cliff Dochterman, Vi Birchland, Richard Erickson, Bernice Irwin, Verne Stadtman. SECOND ROW: Julie Jones, Bob Rupert, Helen Watt, Dan Watt, Pat Westland, Bob Wood, Sharon Peterson, Freda McVeigh, Mike Koll. MORTIMER SMITH President RICHARD E. ERICKSON Executive Manager Alumni Association Within the walls of the beautiful Alumni House, the headquarters of the Alumni Association of the University of California, is a very busy organization. Serving the many interests of Cal alumni and providing spirited support for undergraduate activities, the Association includes a scholarship program, educational programs, publication of " The California Monthly " and vacation opportunities of the Lair of the Golden Bear among its many services. Led by President Mortimer Smith ' 21 and Executive Manager Richard Erickson ' 49, the works to maintain contact between its members and the campus population. CALIFORNIA REGISTRATION US MALE Events Events Division designed by Charlotte Lee. NO SMOKING The mad scramble for sections. Registration and Pre-enrollment Up in the morning, down to the gym, rush like the devil to register. Up the stairs, then back down—a crazy you say? No, just getting you in shape for the long walk ahead, then, " Your ID please. " The first of many cards checked at every door and corner—can ' t get away with a thing! The end finally comes, your money ' s nearly gone, out into the fresh air you step. Wrong again. Another line— " Buy your athletic cards (etc.) here. " More money, more lines, more time—finally in the Big U? No, six o ' clock Friday morning, more lines, more cards —this time pre-enrollment for classes. " But sir, I can ' t possibly take that section, even if it is the only one left. " All ' s finally over, you ' re eating a long-awaited breakfast at Jules— " I did it! No 8:00 ' s this semester! " Whew! I can ' t wait ' til we have registration by mail! Be sure all cards are filled out correctly, reg card on top! 33 President ' s Reception and Inauguration The Fall semester, 1958, marked a new era for the of California. Former Chancellor Clark Kerr donned the traditional presidential gown to become our 12th president. Kerr ' s inauguration highlighted a two-week period of festivities on seven of Cal ' s eight campuses. On this campus the celebration included the Oresteian Trilogy, the Griller Quartet, the Opera Medea, and a honoring our new president. On the actual day of the inauguration, the academic procession, consisting of from leading universities throughout the world, assembled and marched to the Greek Theater. Climaxing the inaugural ceremony, Kerr was given the traditional golden key to South Hall. That evening, President and Mrs. Kerr officially welcomed all new undergraduate This annual President ' s Reception, one of the of every academic year, provides dancing and refreshments, and gives new students a chance to meet each other as well as many administrative and faculty members. Clytemnestra in the Trilogy. The opera Medea, Freshmen and new students congratulate our new President. LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Blum, Mark Bloome, Chairman; Harriet Hooper. Oski " brewin ' . " All-U Weekend One week end in early November the Cal campus was invaded with a multitude of football fans from all the various University campuses. Two very exciting football games were in the offing—Davis-Santa Barbara, and spirit was soaring high. The week end on Friday morning with an All-University meeting in Dwinelle Plaza where this year ' s theme was well exemplified— " Unity with Diversity. " This theme continued throughout the day and was once again in evidence that night at the All-U rally at the Greek Theater. The yell leaders, pompon girls, and other students of each campus were on hand to cheer their respective teams to victory. When the big day arrived, Memorial Stadium was filled with white-shirted fans and elaborately uniformed bands ; during half time the representatives of each campus were introduced, and Don Bowden was awarded the All-Cal Athlete-of-the-Year award. At the end of the game, the scoreboard showed the two winning teams to be Davis and Berkeley. With memories of " unity with diversity, " two exciting football games, and many gay parties, the students left us on Sunday for their own anticipating a return engagement next year. Don Bowden is named Athlete of the year. SEAL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA.1868. LET THERE BE LIGHT 37 BERKELEY LA JOLLA MT. HAMILTON DAVIS SANTA BARBARA The Eight Campuses The University of California, the world ' s largest sity, consists of eight separate campuses. The largest of these campuses, Berkeley, is particularly noted for scien- tific work. The University of California at Riverside, one of the smaller campuses, is run on the concept of a small liberal arts college. At Scripps College in La Jolla, the emphasis is on oceanography and the study of marine life. The once purely agricultural campus at Davis is rapidly developing into a general liberal arts college. UCLA, the system ' s second largest branch is noted for its emphasis on fine arts. Santa Barbara, located on the ocean, is rapidly growing and has an excellent four-year school of education. The schools of nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and medicine are located in the new California Medical center in San Francisco. At Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton, the stars always shine brightly and are readily seen through powerful telescopes. UCLA RIVERSIDE SAN FRANCISCO 38 University meeting called to honor our National , University Meetings University Meetings are very special events on the Cal calendar. Planned to gather students and members of the University community to honor outstanding indi- viduals or to hear distinguished speakers, several meet- ings are held each semester. Usually presided over by the Chancellor, and featuring the wonderful Cal Band, the meetings draw crowds of students and faculty. Included on the roster of meetings held this year were special events— The Inauguration of President Clark Kerr, and meetings honoring the PCC Champion Football Team and the NCAA Champion Basketball Team. Also included on the calendar were the All-University Week End meet- ing, the annual Christina ' s Music meeting, a meeting fea- turing Ambassador Chagla of India, and the Senior Each meeting is called by the Campanile chimes, the classes are cancelled, and the University community comes together to participate in the special events, and in honor of the special people that add to the greatness of the University of California. President Kerr congratulates team. Oski relaxing after a strenuous week end. A tribute to Andy Smith. COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Renee Merar, Stephen Pace, Marjorie Noble, Jerry Satlyman, Mike Cherniss, Andy Bershad, Stuart Buchalter, Grove Thomas, Richard Capp, Dave Roth, Anne Cummins, Paul Jacobson, Joelle Rosen, Rudy Montejano. ABSENT: Judy Dieter. " Guilty or not guilty? " " Give ' em—the axe—the axe—the axe—. " For a whole week before the actual game time, the Cal campus was pervaded with this genuine big game spirit a spirit which is unique to this game. On the Sunday before, hammering began and house decorations were on the way. Blue Monday came and wearers of red rolled peanuts through Eshleman Court. As the week progressed, the decorations grew recognizable, the spirit mounted, and the studies fell. Cal songs echoed loudly across the campus and cars found it hard to get through to see all the decorations. By the time of the Rally and bonfire Friday night, the campus was all set for that victory. On Saturday afternoon the rooting section was bursting with enthusiasm and the card stunts were better than ever. As the final gun sounded after one of the most exciting Big Games ever, the scoreboard showed Cal 16, Stanford 15. And the cry of the day became, " We ' ve got the axe, " " We smell roses. " " Roll ' em up! " 41 Frankie Layne and Connie Haynes entertain students. Arleigh Williams gets warm greeting. Rose Bowl General exodus to the south! Cal students stood in line for tickets, organized car pools and rooters ' trains, filled the Los Angeles area for the football event of the year— the ROSE BOWL. Highlighting the activities was a Rally held in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, December 30 .. . featuring Ralph Edwards, Jack Bailey, Bob Barker, Charlie Barnett ' s Orchestra . . . and much student tainment and spirit. Profits from the rally—$1000—went to the Student Union Fund. Lots more activities combined to make the game a memorable one. including the parade, led by Cal ' s " Steps to Knowledge " float. Truth? or Consequences! Iowa, go home! Oski and friend. Grand Finale " Hang down your head, Jack Curtice. " Axe Revue CAL-AXTRA—this was the title of the 1958 Axe Revue, which began our Big Game week festivities. A variety of musical numbers, mostly comedy, was presented by ten campus living groups. Hal Goldstein and Morie Bobrow were featured as masters of ceremonies, but everyone got into the act—even Director Dick Capp and his staff. The highly talented Kappa Nu ' s once again won the Sweepstakes trophy as well as being winner of the small group division. The noncompetitive acts cluded the Senior Octet, the SAE Country Gentlemen, and of course, ex-Axe Revue director Diane Berman. The highlight of the show was the coronation of Joni Beaumont as the 1958 Homecoming Queen. White Shingles act in rehearsal. " I ' m gonna wash that red right outa my hair. " 44 Bureaucratic red tape in Sproul Hall. The Lass Who Loved a T.A. Mask and Dagger " What You this year ' s version of the annual Mask and Dagger Revue put the emphasis on skits and satires taken from drama, literature and life. Written by Bill Harrison and Don Ingram the revue combined top campus talent for playlets, dances and incidental songs, pro- viding fun for both entertainers and entertained. Everything from Gilbert and Sullivan to University " red-tape " provided material, and such characters as Antiope, Orestes and Eddy Puss, Lord Nelson and the U.S. Marines, drew laughter from the audience. Choreography by Barbara Boulter added to the effects . . . and the talents of Eileen Cottrell, Harriett Hops, Bob Miller and Charles Matlock were featured. This is a trial? That crazy mixed Orestean Trilogy. 45 Model of the Student Union Center. To match the growing enrollment and expanding studies area, opened this Spring, which includes the Haas Club- of the University of California, something new has been house and Lucy Stern swimming pool for students and added, and many additional somethings are on the way. faculty; and the new Student Union center, for which the The numerous new buildings going up on all corners of North wing including the cafeteria, and the South wing the campus will add dormitory, classroom and recre- or seven-story office building complete with lounge, ational facilities. Included on the new map of the Berke- meeting rooms, ballroom and student store are planned ley campus are: the Alfred L. Kroeber Social Sciences for Fall 1960 completion. The construction plans include and Arts Building on the corner of College and Bancroft; buildings in other areas of the campus. Seniors beware two dormitory units that include total space for 1,680 . . . you ' ll have to search to find your favorite landmarks students, plus two 125-car garages, and cafeteria, service in a few years . . . and the University will proudly show and dining facilities; the Strawberry Canyon Recreation you a bigger and better campus. The Alfred L. Kroeber Memorial Building for Social Sciences and Fine Arts. These units of the new University Residence Halls and the large cafeteria in the center are scheduled for completion by August first. 47 The cafeteria will be the first part of the new student center to be completed. The Strawberry Canyon recreational area Our ninety-first Charter Day Ceremonies. Charter Day The peal of Campanile bells heralded the ceremonies of Charter Day, the " University ' s birthday, " held in the Greek Theater March 20. A regular academic procession, in full regalia, began the ceremonies, which were high- lighted by the formal inauguration of Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg, and the Charter Day address by the Hon. Charles Malik, President of the 13th United Nations Assembly session. University President Clark Kerr and ASUC President Bill Stricklin welcomed the many members of the University community attending the and extended congratulations to Chancellor The Charter Day ceremonies, held annually on each campus of the University, are planned by the Chancellor ' s office and the Committee on Public Ceremonies. Malik speaks. The inauguration of our new Chancellor, Glenn Seaborg. Representatives of each past graduating class head toward the Greek Theater in the traditional parade. Typ ' ng a last-minute paper. Settling down for a longstudy session. FINALS . . . what student doesn ' t shud- der at the peal of the funeral chimes that mark the close of classes and the begin- ning of the end! Piles of books and paper grow . . . there isn ' t an empty seat in the library nor a book in RBR Telly is sold out of coffee, " no-doz, " and bluebooks. The campus hibernates, makes use of all its favorite study schemes, and attempts to review (or ab- sorb for the first time) and organize the semester ' s store of knowledge. Night lights burn and Harmon Gym becomes suddenly repulsive. Grade points are cal- culated and recalculated, numerous rea- sons for procrastination are devised, and the " black cloud of gloom " hangs over Berkeley. Twice a year these strange symptoms visit the campus, and twice a year students miraculously survive, re- vive, and go on to the next round! Another one over. TRY to find a seat! NO FINANCE Telegraph is again deserted as the students head for home at the end of another school year. Graduation Here I am, after four years, finally in my cap and gown in Memorial Stadium. Looking back, I guess it really has gone fast at that. I can remember my Freshman year as if it were yesterday. There I was, entering Sather Gate for the first time, afraid of all those giant buildings and throngs of people. But I soon got into the swing and by the time I was a Sophomore I could almost talk with authority on uni- versity " ways and means. " Then came the Junior year— I seemed to concentrate on social rather than academic life that year. Now I wonder whether it was exhaustion or maturity that settled me down my Senior year. But, as I sit here at my final activity at Cal, I can look back with a feeling that each experience has served its purpose. To these four years, and to Cal, go my thanks for the opportunity of a fine education and a growing feeling of accomplishment. Senior council discusses plans for Senior week. Senior Class Council FIRST ROW, left to right: T. Johnson, P. Diller, J. Hynes, S. Dear. SECOND ROW: H. Mitchell, A. Perine, J. Murdock, M. Martinez, D. Carr, J. Somerville, M. Hetzel. THIRD ROW: F. Lucero, P. Kim, M. Matlock, M. Chase, S. Anderson, S. Hart, N. McPhee, L. Reiche, B. Cranston, A. Moon. FOURTH ROW: I. Klein, S. Nicholson, P. Campbell, L. Veinop, N. Walsh, M. Gunder, J. Wulf, K. Kleiner, N. Kuehn, M. Owens, A. Schaeffer. FIFTH ROW: A. Ring III, P. McDermott, J. Jorgensen, B. Bauer, A. Arden, R. Smart, M. Morgan, D. Dougherty. SIXTH ROW: M. Grady. K. Olsen, P. Cianfichi, H. Bauman, R. Korman, J. Tomony, N. Proffitt, D. Ream. President—PAUL DILLER Secretary-Treasurer—JOAN HYNES Vice-President—STEVE DEAR Yell Leader—TONY JOHNSON " Oh Sigh " says this Senior when her many activities begin to pile up. A General Currie major from Walnut Creek, ANNE HOWARD has served as Secretary of Pryt., Chairman of High School Press Conference, president of the Delta Zeta sorority, publicity chairman of Panhellenic, and Asst. Copy Editor of the Blue and Gold. In addition to these many activities, Anne aspires eventually to attain a masters degree from Cal. Listening to records and writ- ing letters to her fiance, Lyle, in the paratroopers, (occasionally she even writes Pat) are her favorite pastimes—whenever she has time for pastimes. Abbott, Jerry D. Berkeley Business Winged Helmet Abell, Jean E. Berkeley Mathematics Abreu, Frances E. Redwood City English Honor Students Adams, Jon V. Oakland Business Admin. Aguilera, John A. Aliaga, Nick M. Santa Rosa Redwood City Mechanical Engr. Public Health Bowles Hall, ASME AT Albert, Richard E. Allara, David L. Mt. Shasta Vallejo English Chemistry Parachute Club, 0e- Smyth Assoc. cident, Glee Club TB11, Basketball Alderman, Thomas Allen, David C. South Pasadena Berkeley Criminalistics Economics AAE Univ. Village Alter, Donald L. Richmond Business Admin. OAX, Ski Team, Circle C, Ski Club Altorfer, Heidi M. Orinda French T.K, Mortarboard Prytanean, Panile Honor Students, APC Ambers, Harvey J. Los Angeles Civil Engr. ASCE Anderson, Barbara Oakland Speech AAA Anderson, J ohn G. Alameda Business Admin. EiT Anderson, Lawrence Lafayette Music Education Cal Band, Student Dir. MENC, Vice Pres., CSTA Anderson, Roland Woodacre Engineering Yacht Club, Ski Club Anderson, Sherry Knights Landing Spanish Ali Prytanean, VP Jr. CI., Panile, Women ' s Ex Board Anderson, William Marysville Mechanical Engr. ASME Angvick, Gene Lee Visalia Electrical Engr. Apes, John Robert San Diego Mechanical Engr. AXA, TB It, n TX, ' rat. Honor Society Aragon, Manuel El Centro Political Science Golden Bears, ISC Lima, Peru; I. Bd SLATE, Pub. Aff. Arellano, Angel Fresno Electrical Engr. Arnold, William F. Burlingame Political Science 4,ICX Abendroth, Walter Adams, Nina E. San Diego Sacramento Business Admin. Social Welfare KAe Armenta, Roberta Arson, Aya Colton Israel French Music I House, Univ. I House Chorus UCLASA, Orchesis Arndt, Ronald C. Asazawa, Helen IC. San Bruno Lincoln Business Admin. Bacteriology ::AE, Circle C Sherman Hall, 145 ' s Basketball House Off., NSC Honor Students Abernethy, Kate M. Jacksonville, Fla. History KKr, Honor Students Council Adams, Richard A. Lodi Zoology ex, Pre-Dental Society, Young Republicans Ali, Nawab West Pakistan Electrical Engr. UCSEE, PIC Alles, Sandra San Marino English XQ Andersen, Carol A. Cupertino Clinical Lab. AXS1, Ski Club Blue Gold, Class Council, Intramural Anderson, Michael Los Angeles Civil Engr. Angle, Antoinette Placentia Zoology Oldenberg Hall, WAA Archer, Lynn La Jolla Speech A4i, YWCA, Model UN, Young Republicans Arnold, Carl M. Ashby, Garth R. Los Angeles Berkeley Criminology Mechanical Engr. AT, Frosh Football, ASME Varsity Football orientation to explain the whys and wherefores meeting President " KILLER (PAUL) DILLER " plans to go forth with his Cal Bus Ad training, and will own controlling stock in PG E, General Motors, and DuPont before he ' s stopped! As president of the Class of ' 59, chairman of COB, and Golden Guard, he spends those few moments of leisure at the Pi Lambda Phi house—sometimes looking at a book. If he had his way, his life would be lived at Tahoe, enjoying Louis Prima and Keely Smith. Ashby, Peter R. Piedmont Business Admin. KE, Triune, Winged Helmet Augusta, Joseph H. Walnut Grove Economics AXE, Pelican, Daily Cal, Photography Club Auletti, Jan M. San Mateo Spech House Scholarship Chairman, Sr. Class Council Aune, Harriet G. Berkeley Social Welfare Tennis, Skiing, Hiking Austin, Carolyn M. Berkeley Dietetics Avrech, Leon Berkeley History II, Radio-T.V. Theater Ayers, K. Robert Downey Civil Engr. ASCE Baack, Barbara Oakland Journalism Travel Council Baader, Bonnie J. Sacramento English A II Baba, Nobuko Japan Art Babbitt, Barbara Oakland Business Admin. YWCA, UCLASA Babros, David A. Los Angeles Business Admin. BII, Skull Keys, Triune, Varsity Rugby Baccigaluppi, Carol Burlingame History A, Homecoming Week, Chairman Big Game Secretariat Bachman, H. Kentfield Public Health Stratford Hall, Newman Hall, Health Assoc. Bachman, Ronald P. San Francisco Zoology Bowles Hall, Rally Comm., Tower Flame, Honor Soc. Back, Lloyd H. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. TB II,II, ASME, Engineer ' s Joint Council Backlund, Stanley Sacramento Mechanical Engr. TBII, ASME, Varsity Rowing Club, Crew Baer, Debra E. San Mateo History M Bailey, Wayne G. Stockton Mechanical Engr. Baird, Donna R. Berkeley Decorative Art AX, Chrsitian Science Org. Baker, Bruce D. San Francisco Economics Triune, Winged Helmet, Calif. Housemngrs. Baker, Edwin Wm. Sacramento Architecture ll, Architecture Assoc., Christian Science Org. Balck, Robert P. San Francisco Business Admin. X, Big C, Campus Tours BaIlachey, Michael Lafayette History Triune, Winged Helmet, Californians Banales, Joseph G. Santa Paula Civil Engr. Barber, Ann L. Porterville English K, Pelican, Class Council Barbour, William San Diego Business Admin, Bard, Lori Sara Sausalito English Sherman Hall Barham, James F. Norton, Kansas Electrical Engr. IRE, UCSEE Barker, Barbara Berkeley Clothing Text. K, Pelican, Home Economics Club Barker, Dwight L. Berkeley General Curriculum Skull Keys, Baseball Barnes, James R. Arcata Optometry Optometric Assoc., Honor Students Barraza, Louis A. San Francisco English Barrington, Joan Berkeley Business Admin. Barry, Robert D. Philippines Economics Ushering Staff Bartholomew, Nancy Elk Grove Speech Epworth Hall Bartlett, Kenneth Redding Electrical Engr. Smyth Assoc. Bartlett, William Santa Cruz Mechanical Engr. Bass, Anthony Los Angeles Optometry Sailing Club Bassham, Larry B. Sacramento Aeronautics ASME, IAS 59 To graduate and become a chemical engineer is the life ' s ambition of Senior band manager HUGH Part of the spirit behind the band ' s lively activities, Hugh is noted for weilding the gavel at band ex-corn meetings and for his participation in Californians, Golden Bear, Baton and Tau Beta Pi. He is " not yet " engaged; who has time? His urge to travel has been fostered by band excursions. drill sessions, strawhatting, and studies, he can be found indulging in his second hobby—hi-fi. Sproul and all the frosh at the President ' s Reception do we Batty, Larry W. Bakersfield Petroleum Engr. AIME Bauer, Harold W. Sacramento Architecture XA Bauman, Harold S. Riverside Economics Bowles Hall, MEB, Californians, Rally Comm., SrCC Beardsley, Dorothy Santa Cruz Home Economics Stern Hall, Blue Gold Ed., Ski Club Class Council Beatie, Bruce A. Walnut Creek Comparative Lit. University Theater, Occident Beaver, Beverly A. Los Gatos Child Development Becker, Herbert San Francisco Speech Beckley, Claire E. Oakland History KA Beckley, Everett Pomona Mechanical Engr. ASME, IAS Beckley, Guy B. Salt Lake City Physics Smyth Assoc. Beebe, Robert C. Piedmont Business Admin. Track, Tennis Man., Ass ' t Pres. ASUC, Class Coun. Begg, Pauline C. Klamath Falls, Oregon Psychology A, Blue Gold, Ass ' t Man., II A, Pelican, Cl. Coun. Behnke, Jerold Jay Lakeport Geology Freshman Football Behrsing, Gerd Uve Oakland Chemical Engr. AIChE, TB II Bein, Bonnie Mary Pebble Beach History M, Senior Class Council Belenis, William Richmond Speech Bell, James M. Mendota Business Admin. Arnold Air Society Benelli, Shirley Forestville History Richards Hall Benjamin, Barbara Borger, Texas Child Development AE Bennett, Robert R. Pasadena Pre-Law Bowles Hall, Glee Club, Senior Class Counci Bennett, Roger R. San Francisco Business Admin. Barrington Hall, II Benson, Ethel S. Oakland English Honor Students Bentley, William Berkeley Forestry X, Megaphone Society, Newman Club, Forestry Cl. Bequette, Jesse N. Redding Electrical Engr. Berger, Richard E. Oakland Political Science Elections Council, Fr. Class Council Berndt, David Earl Burbank Chemical Engr. Baptist Student Center, Yacht Cl., AIChE, SAACS Berta, Shirley M. San Leandro Criminology K, AE Bettis, Ricardo R. Escalon Civil Engr. ASCE Bickford, Fred K. Pomona Electrical Engr. TBII, UCSEE, IRE, AIEE, HKN Biggar, Marjorie San Marino General Curriculum Biggs, Susan S. Glen Ellen Social Welfare Masonic Club Bigiolli, Elsa A. Mt. View Social Welfare Yacht Club, Social Welfare Club Binsacca, Donald Santa Cruz Psychology Smyth Assoc., Tennis B ishop, Don Lewis Palo Alto General Curriculum Crew, Big C, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet Bissell, Vicki Rae Hayward History Stern Hall Bjorgan, Elaine M. Burlingame Sociology AT, Mortar Board, Prytanean, B G, WEB, II A Blair, William B. Anaheim Mechanical Engr. Acacia, ASME, AE Blais, Beverley A. Oakland History AX, YWCA, Class Council Blanke, Jack A. Los Molinos Geology Blatner, Howard A. Los Angeles Religion Cloyne Court, BK, Cal 1A, I House, Daily Cal 60 need All thesse books? electioneering Jud Foreman class president Without an idiosyncrasy to his name, DAVE YAMADA keeps busy collecting campus background for his goal—a role in world affairs and the of world peace. He ' s already played a large role in the Cal world at least, as and a member of Golden Bear and Stiles Hall. Relaxin ' from his duties, Dave enjoys tennis, reading Jefferson and Churchill . . . and sleeping! Bloome, Mark C. Beverly Hills Marketing ZBT, Chairman Big Game Week, Californians, CCSA Blum, Lorin B. Richmond Economics II, Pre-legal Society Blume, Jacque Beth San Clemente Sociology E Blunck, Diana Oakland Decorative Art K, Class Councils, Axe Review, Big Game Comm. Bodily, Wydonna J. Berkeley Dietetics Homecoming Home Economics Club Boggess, Joan S. Claremont General Curriculum Bohn, Robert Karl Sebastopol Chemistry Bowles Hall, Gles Club Bokura, Yoshinori San Francisco Political Science Barrington Hall, Golden Bears, Californians, MEB Bolton, Meredith Los Gatos History PIC, Honor Students Boodell, James P. Hillsborough Business Admin. Borg, Eleanor J. Berkeley Physical Education College Womens CI., Jrs., Women ' s C Society, Pelican Borkenhagen, A. Des Plaines, Ill. Decorative Art T Bort, William F. Piedmont Business Admin. B II, Winged Helmet Botto, Alyce D. Windsor Child Development Epworth Hall Botz, James Peter Sierra Madre History AT, IFC Bouchey, Myrna Ras Morro Bay English Ritter Hall, Mortar Board, Prytanean, WDA Pres., WEB Bowen, Katherine Kingsburg English Hanson House Bowles, Kathryn Burlingame Psychology X President, Honor Students Bowman, Ann M. Berkeley Child Developmenl KA Boyden, James E. Coarsegold Chemical Engr. AIChE, Arnold Air Society, A Boyer, Sheila Ann Martinez Journalism Daily Californian Boyns, Lee Ann Pebble Beach General Curriculum 0ldenberg Hall Bradford, Anne L Los Angeles History YWCA Brady, Basil V. Torrance Chemistry SAACS Brancato, Shirley San Jose Home Economics AX, Blue Gold Manager, Prytanean, Pub. Bd., Cl. Coun. Brandewie, Jerry V. Dayton, Ohio Metallurgy Cloyne Court, AIME Brandson, Joan I. San Francisco Anthropology Brandt, Ann Sierra Madre Journalism A, II A, YWCA Braren, Richard Berkeley Civil Engr. Breger, Barbara C. San Francisco Zoology Pres. Sec. of Eliz. Barrett, Sailing Club Breillatt, Julian Vallejo Biochemistry I. House Breitfeld, Robert San Francisco Business Admin. Smyth Assoc., AMP, Yacht Club Bridgeman, Gerald Torrance Political Science KP Brill, Peter W. Burlingame General Curriculum Smyth Assoc., Tower Flame, Ski Club, Honor Soc. Brinkerhoff, Forrest El Monte Anthropology Barrington Hall, Californians, Golden Bear Briones, Odeon C. San Francisco Bacteriology Filipino Students ' Club Brock, Russell T. Santa Cruz Psychology Californians, MRA, Smyth-Fernwald, Social Chairman Brodersen, Betty Phoenix, Ariz. French AMT, Le Cercle Francais, Honor Students, Cosmos Club Bronson, Patricia Piedmont Speech Ace of Clubs Brooke, Robert D. Napa Business Admin. KT, Varssity Crew, A Golden Guard 61 Hawaii and the Sigma Kappa house are homes away from home for Women ' s Rep SALLY HART, who hardly has much time for either! As chairman of WEB, " Sal " is also active in Mortar Board, Pryt, and Women ' s J—and is famous for " being exhausted! " Sal would love to pilot an airplane and wants to see the world after graduation. Judy Salter, Linda Pallay and Paul Blum to help keep that Big C green Brown, Atklin G. Oakland Political Science AA, IFC Discrimination Comm. Brown, Deborah J. Oakland General Curriculum Young Republicans, Ski Club, YWCA, Homecoming Comm. Brown, Doris Madera Social Welfare Brown, Oakland General Curriculum Fresh. Soph. Councils, YWCA, Ski Cl., Young Rep. Brown, Frank Mac Laguna Beach Business Admin. T, Triune, Yell Leader, Golden Guard, Chorus Brown, Jack Palmdale History Latin American Student Assoc., Hiking Brown, Roberta Lee El Cerrito Music YWCA, College Panhellenic Board Brownson, Julia A. Berkeley General Curriculum Treble Clef Brucker, H. Michael Albany Electrical Engr. Bruner, Leland W. San Leandro Pre-Law Triune, Golf IFC Judicial Comm. Brunskill, Robert Fullerton Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, UCSEE Buchalter, Stuart Beverly Hills History ZBT, Big Game Week Chrmn., Yell Ldr., Sr. Week Ch. Buechner, Beverly Alameda English A, Pelican Bull, Donald San Francisco Business Admin. BII, Skull Keys, Triune Burcher, Donald J. Corona Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Burchett, Max E. Modesto Civil Engr. Smyth Assoc., ASCE Burke, Roger Paul Ventura Political Science Newman Hall, Young Republicans Burnell, Beverly Riverside Anthropology Stebbins Hall, Masonic Club Burnham, Lynn Sacramento History Ski Club Burnside, Patricia Cupertino Sociology KKT, Blue Gold Editorial Burrell, Kay E. San Leandro History Mitchell Hall, Newman Club Burris, Jackie M. Los Angeles Hispanic Regional Flying Club, YWCA, Yacht Club, Project Americas Burroughs, Ernest Napa Geology Styles Hall, Ski Club Bush, Harold Lee San Francisco Comm. Pub. Pol. X, Campus Tours, Fresh. Football, Newman Club Bush, Jan Pomona General Curriculum Bush, Margaret Ann Richmond English Sherman Hall, USCA, LSA Busselman, Barbar El Cerrito Decorative Art AX, Senior Class Council Butler, William E. Los Angeles Forestry Byrd, Emerson E. Petaluma Physical Education Football, P. E. Soc. Cabral, Francisco Berkeley Pre-Med. Oski Comm., Rally Comm., Gavel Quill, Blue Mon. Ch. Cairns, Donald San Francisco French AMT, Le Cercle Francais, Glee Club Calder, David R. Long Beach Zoology Glee Club, Varsity Soccer Caldwell, Isaac P. San Carlos Psychology Daily Cal, Ski Cl., Pre-Med. Cl., Blue Gold, AT Caldwell, John D. San Jose Business Admin. Calhoon, Bobby G. San Jose Chemical Engr. X, AIChE Calhoon, Maridale Berkeley German M, Panile, FSB, Secretariat, PIC, Stud.•Fac. Rel. Callen, Susan San Gabriel Child Development Oldenberg Hall, College Women ' s, Club Juniors Calogeris, Constance Oakland Physiology Pre-Med. Soc., E Calpestri, Italo Alameda Architecture Triune, Sailing Club Fresh Council Camarena, Armand San Francisco Nutrition Newman Club 62 at all times first taste of songs in Geology 1 off to Los " Time passes of its own accord " for Poli. Sci. major TOM READY, perhaps because most of his is spent in the hectic activity of ASUC administration. As FSB Chairman, Rep-at-Large, and an active member of Winged Helmet and Cal Club, Tom ' s blond head is very much in evidence. " Spare " time he spends at the Delt house and in bucking for a Navy commission. Camp, Frederick A. Los Angeles Zoology Acacia, Yell Leader, Megaphone Soc., C Soc., Ski Club Campanella, Richard Bellmore, N. Y. Civil Engr. Cloyne Court, V. P. of ASCE Campbell, John W. Santa Cruz History Campbell, Patricia Grand Island, Neb. Anthropology V. P. Young Republicans, Soc. Chair. ICC, CEB, IRB Cannon, Joenne E, Oakland Psychology Lutheran Student Assoc. Cannon, William M San Francisco Forestry II, Forestry Club Cantrell, Richard Greenfield, Tenn. History Canzano, Marlene San Jose Speech K Carlson, Norine A. Sonoma General Curriculum A Carlson, Sara Lee Oakland General Curriculum X, Intramural Pelican Carlson, Vivian A. San Mateo Child Development Peixotto Hall, Masonic Club Carmichael, L. Visalia Chemical Engr. Smyth Assoc., AIChE Carovano, Barbara Chico Art History Carr, Diana E. Anthropology A, Prytanean Orchesis, YWCA Carr, Elizabeth J. Alameda Child Development Westminster House Stud. Christian Council Officer Carter, Wiley L. Fresno Accounting II Casagrande, Julie Concord English Stdnt. JCOM, BK, Mortar Board, Prytanean Chais, Constance Sherman Oaks Sociology Elizabeth Barrett Chambers, Linda R. Sacramento Mathematics Chamness, 0. V. San Rafael Mechanical Engr. Chan, Sidney Y. San Francisco Business Admin. Chandler, Albert Berkeley Mining Cal Club, IFC, Golden Bear, TB II IFC Jud. Comm. Chapdelain, William Vallejo Criminology AE Chase, Marla Ann Livingston Physical Education AII , Orchesis, Class Council Chen, Hsu-tu Palo Alto Physics Westminster Fellowship Honor Students Cheu, Jeanette D. San Francisco Decorative Art I. House Chew, Bok F. Oakland Mechanical Engr. Chew, David C. Singapore Economics Chew, JoAnn M. San Francisco Bacteriology II Chin, Diana Mae San Francisco Public Health Ritter Hall, Store Board, Pub. Health Assoc, Chin, Ernest San Francisco Optometry Chin, Frederic K. Berkeley Physics Chin, Robert Thew Oakland Mechanical Engr. ASME Chinn, Karen Gail Seattle, Wash. General Curriculum II, CSC, Rep., Scholarship Chairman, II Chng, Khee Khang Singapore Chemistry Cho, Choong-Kun Korea Business Admin. KSS, YMCA Cho, Chung Tai Korea Political Science Chodd, Nancylee Chicago, Ill. Sociology ZTA, Panhellenic Rep. Choi, Dong Won Korea Economics Soccer, Honor Students Chong, Elvin L. No. Sacramento Industrial Rel. Barrington Hall, SAM, AK 63 Hailing from Sacramento, redheaded JOANNE MORRISSEY takes time out from DG activities to chair Women ' s Judicial Committee. Chief guardian of women ' s rules, Joanne is rapidly developing an aversion to them! She ' s also active in Mortar Board and WEB, and enjoys reading and the company of a " Fiji " in her spare time. The crystal ball sees marriage and travel in her future. Angeles for All ll just what is a " cinch " anyway? unsuspectingly Chow, Philip H. Berkeley International Rel. E Christiansen, Donald El Cerrito Mechanical Engr. Engineer, Sec. of EJC Christie, Jerry Fullerton Economics T Pres.; Ski Club, Flying CI., V. P. JIFC Chusid, Harold San Francisco Industrial Rel. KN Cianciarulo, Anne Orinda Italian II B Clarfield, Marilyn Oakland Criminology E, AE Clark, Myra Lee Corcoran Political Science AT, Women ' s Rally Comm., Panile, Prytanean, Torch Shield Clark, Robert J. San Luis Obispo Art Blue Gold Artist, Golden Bear Clark, Thomas T. Alhambra Petroleum Engr. Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Big C, Track Clauson, Delores Berkeley General Curriculum Clayton, James L. Albany Mechanical Engr. ASME Cohen, Bonnie Albuquerque, N.M. Sociology E, Univ. Chorus Cohen, D. Paul Northbrook, Ill. General Curriculum AM, IFC Officer EXCOM, FCA, Tennis, Boxing, Styles H. Cohen, Donald L. San Leandro Marketing Cohn, Estelle M. Los Angeles Sociology AMT, Honor Students, Orchesis Coil, James Lander Riverside Business Admin. A Coil, John McKee Riverside Civil Engr. XA, XE, ASCE Coleman, H. Ray Orinda Chemical Engr. Coleman, Joan E. San Francisco Social Welfare AKA, Hoyt Hall, WDA, YWCA, WAA Welfare Board Coleman, Richard Albany Public Health Cal Band, Golden Bears, Californians, PHU Soc. Collins, Cathryn Palo Alto History WDA Rep. at large Collins, Gail I. Newport Beach Zoology AX, Ski Club, Blue Gold, SATC Senior Class Coun. Collins, Sheila E. Martinez French X, Blue Gold, Newman CI., Senior Cl., Coun., Elections Colmenares, E. Colombia Business Admin. UCLASA Colvin, Paula M. Lafayette Home Economics Z, Sec. Treas. Panile, ON, Home Economics Club Colwes, Matthew J. Arcadia Business Admin. XA, A Comartin, Robert Lodi Business Admin. Triune, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet Conover, Thomas A. Sacramento History Acacia Contestabile, Joseph Los Angeles Business Admin. K, Big C Coolidge, Carole San Leandro Home Economics Treble Clef, Home Economics Club Coombs, Dennes B. Garberville Business Admin. Varsity Wrestling Cooper, Jame s P. Petaluma Criminology AE Cooper, Paul Lane Berkeley Labor Ind. Rel. Public Relations, ASUC Cooper, Wm. H. Hawthorne History T, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball Coppo, Robert C. Riverside Political Science TKE, Megaphone Society Corallo, Carmela Pleasant Hill History I. House, Honor Students, WDA, Newman CI., Stratford Cornwall, Robert Palo Alto Psychology Westminster Corren, Leonard A. Stockton Psychology II, Rally Comm., Pelican Cota, Harold M. San Diego Chemical Engr. E, AIChE Ceulman, Ronald C. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. II P, ASME 64 caught in the Blue Monday Court rain for the last Big Round an ' round the cinder circle flashes Bear-Ace ROGER PRICE . . . getting in shape not only for track! A production management major, Rog is president of Big C and can be hunted up at Skull and Keys, Californians, Honor Students, or Golden Bear when absent from the Psi U house. The day ' s extra minutes he saves for Sue, and lists his as a walk down the aisle! " Catch your act later, Rog! " Countryman, Gary Long Beach Petroleum Engr. AIME, TB II, Honor Students Cowgill, Sandra L. Sonora Sociology Stern Hall, Pelican Cox, Dolores D. Vallejo Psychology Cox, Don Leroy Maxwell Geology AIME Cox, Joy Ann Berkeley Dramatic Art Mask Dagger, Pry. Hammer Dimmer, Mortar Bd., CWCJ Cox, Patricia Ann Whittier General Curriculum Z, Panhellenic Sec.-Treas., SUC Class Council Cramer, Beverly C. Mountain View Accounting Fin. Cranston, Billie Lindsay Psychology Stern Hall Crary, Sharon E. Woodside General Curriculum KKT, Symphony Forum, Intramurals, WMCA Crocker, Gordon L. Whittier History Cal Band, Baton Croter, Carol J. Sacramento Sociology Californian, Class Council Crow, Barbara Gilroy Political Science A-UCLA Cruse, Carolyn M. Sacramento Decorative Art Epworth Hall Cuddy, Nathalie E. Ceres Education Stern Hall, WAA Cummins, Anne F. Piedmont Art History T, Big Game Queen ' s Comm. Cunan, Richard C. Richmond Psychology Cutmore, Vincent San Anselmo Geological Engr. Cloyne Court, AIME Cutting, Mary E. Los Angeles Political Science TB Daane, Helen L. Oakland General Curriculun K, Honor Student! Calif. Student Teachers Assoc. D ' Agostino, Author San Francisco History AE, Univ. Theater, Golden Guard Dahlinger, Nancy Red Bluff Home Economics Home Economics Club Dalton, Robert J. San Leandro Pre-Law N, Varsity Basketball, Frosh Basket. ball Football Daly, Lenora May Mill Valley General Curriculum II B, Pelican, YWCA, Class Councils Daniels, Bruce B. Walnut Creek Genetics Darrow, Donna B. Riverside Social Welfare Peixotto Hall Daulton, Frederick Oakland Criminology Circle C, Arnold Air Society, Varsity Rifle Team Davidson, Susan E. San Francisco Zoology KA, Panhellenic Executive Board Davis, Barbara J. Portland, Ore. Speech Californian, Daily Cal, II A V.P.; Students, Art Davis, Betsy Sacramento Business Admin. II B, Panhellenic Pres., WEB, Prytanean, Mortar Bd. Davis, Robert L. N. Sebago, Me. Sanitary Science Dawson, Margaret Marysville General Curriculum Epworth Hall Day, Verity L. Gold Hill, Ore. Art Newman Cl., Honor Society, Art Soc., Folkdance CI Deal, Allan H. Concord Architecture Arch. Assoc. XAK Dean, Catherine M. San Francisco General Curriculum KKT, Intermural Dean, Gordon W. Richmond Engineering Physics Masonic Club Dear, Steven R. Redwood City Psychology Senior Class, COB, Prog. Awards Chairman Deardorf, David A. Ventura Electrical Engr. AIEE, IRE De Baets, Ronald Marshall, Minn. Mathematics deBenedetti, John Santa Cruz General Curriculum Z, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune, Golf Team deGolia, Ronald J. Millbrae Personnel Admin. X, Class Councils, Arnold Air Society, IFC, 65 Le Cercie Francais is of special interest to sparkly senior HEIDI ALTORFER who ' d love to work in the French diplomatic service after graduation. When not buried in her textbooks, Heidi is busy as of Mortar Board and President of Sigma Kappa. In her extra moments she indulges in a favorite pastime—classical music. Game Parade and for our first Big Game Rally marking time ' til Delahooke, Douglas Pasadena Business Admin. Speakers ' Bureau, Insurance Soc., Sailing Club Delahooke, Jane L. Sierra Madre Sociology Cal Club, Prytanean Deleray, Arthur L. Walnut Creek Chemical Engr. AT, Californians, AIChE, Swimming Water Polo Teams Delevois, Helen G. Cotati History E, History Undergrad Club DeLong, George T. San Francisco Physical Education Pres. Big C, MEB, Californians, Varsity Crew, G. Bear Soc. Del Pero, Stephen Yuba City Business Admin. XA, Wrestling Team, Football, Del Tredici, David San Anselmo Music Bowles Hall, Newman Club, Senior Honor Society De Mont, Carol V. San Francisco General Curriculum Dempsay, John G. Newport Beach Criminology Deprose, Diana M. Oakland Bacteriology Stebbins Hall, Honor Society Derby, Robert Roy Rio Oso Mechanical Engr. IIT, TB II, ASME, Honor Students De Roy, Lynne San Francisco Journalism Pres. Calif. Calif. Engr. Mgr. Woman ' s Dir. deSoto, John G. Orinda Industrial Psych. Dessery, Evelyn L. Fontana Anthropology Joaquin Hall, Blue and Gold Dettner, Marty H. San Francisco History X, Panile, Senior Class Coun., CSTA Gavel Quill DeVincenzi, Carol San Francisco Italian Oldenberg Hall, AMT, Newman Club Dewar, Lynne D. Concord General Curriculum Panel of Americans Dexter, Charles N. Alameda Physical Education Big C, Varsity Baseball, Golden Guard, P.E. Soc. Dhanowa, Gurpal S. India Business Admin. SAM, BA Diamond, Preston Fresno Business Admin. II Diamond, Sue Ann So. Pasadena Spanish AE, Mortar Bd. Pres., Prytanean, Panile, Soph V.P. Dias, Lucinda A. Richmond French Honor Society Dibos, Pablo E. Peru Public Health Newman Cl., Soccer All-Amer. UCLASA, Pub. Health Assoc. Dickenson, Ronald Vallejo Chemical Engr. AIChE Dickes, Elizabeth Burbank General Curriculum AII, Card Stunt Chairman, Rally Games Council Dickinson, Bernard Redwood City Electrical Engr. Cal Band, Baton Society, UCSEE Dietrich, Marsha Fresno General Curriculum Diller, Paul M. San Francisco Business Admin. II, Senior Class Pres., EXCOM, MEB Univ. Affair Comm. Dixon, Nancy Pasadena Political Science Epworth Hall, YWCA, Tower Flame Dixon, Richard G. Stockton Real Estate K, Class Councils Triune, Pres. Housemanager K Doane, Carol June Corona Del Mar Bacteriology Z, Ski Club, WAA, Yacht Club Dobartz, Burton E. San Jose Electrical Engr. Barrington Hall, UCSEE, Hawaiian Club Dobrzynski, David Thorp, Wis. Criminology Flying Club Dobson, Jane F. San Marino Spanish Dong, Wilbur D. Norwalk Physics I. House Dopyera, Emil E. Costa Mesa Mechanical Engr. ASME Dorshkind, Larry San Francisco Business Admin. KN, Sailing Club Dorward, JaneAnn Piedmont General Curriculum KKT, Speakers ' Bureau, WAA, FSB, Stud. Rel. Council Dorwart, Annmarie Pasadena General Curriculum Stern Hall, Blue Gold, Campus Tours, Newman, I. House Dougharty, James Covina Political Science AK, 66 finals the funeral dirge SPRING comes to Berkeley! the President ' s JIM YENCKEL has no hobbies and no favorite . . but keeps others from noticing this lack by his outstanding work as editor of the Daily Cal, Pub Board rep to ASUC Ex Comm, Cal Club, and Golden Bear. Also a member of XiXiXi and Alpha Mu Gamma, Jim ' s major is Latin American History and his favorite pastime, San Francisco. Another member of the distinguished group of seniors, class of ' 59, he allows he has " some " ambition and will go to grad school to his studies on Latin America. Dougherty, Diane Burlingame English Bay View Terrace House Pres., WDA Douglass, Gordon Sacramento Zoology Barrington Hall Douthit, Jane S. Oakland History TB, Pelican, Ski Club, YWCA Class Councils Dowd, Robert F. Sebastopol Optometry Dowell, Jerry Tray Yreka Physics E, E, IFC Honor, Amateur Radio CI., Honor Soc. Dozier, William R. Santa Ana Industrial Engr. TKE, AIIE, ASME Drost, Donald J. San Francisco Political Science Honor Society, II A Droese, Karl E. Turlock Economics AK Dubiner, Bennett San Francisco Zoology Water Polo Man., Swimming Man., DuBois, Robert W. Corona del Mar History KT, Senior Class Council Duckart, Arthur C. Modesto Electrical Engr. Duff, James Lee Napa Histor y X, Rugby, Circle C Duffus, Lee Allan Merced Business Admin. Smyth Assoc., Californians, AK, MEB, Golden Bear Dumm, Janet E. Sacramento General Curriculum II B, Blue Gold Copy Editor, Intramural Duncan, Charles H. Salinas Business Admin. X, Circle C Duncan, Donald R. Lafayette Criminology AAE Duncan, James C. Fresno Industrial Rel. AIIE Pres. Treas., EJC, Eng. Weekend Comm. Duncan, Shirley J. Stockton English Hoyt Hall, EXCOM, Tower Flame Pres., Mortar Bd. Sec. Duncan, Walter K. Colma Business Admin. TKE, Spring Sing, Wt. Basketball, Class Council Dunn, Philip R. Lafayette Civil Engr. T, ASCE Dunne, Robert M. San Francisco History KE, Triune, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet Dunning, Aletha R. San Francisco Art Dutton, Charles W. Riverside Business Admin. T Duyer, Michael J. Santa Rosa Geology Earl, Richard L. King City Mechanical Engr. ASME Program Chairman Edlund, Joanne Lee Orinda History X, Honor Students Edwards, Charles H. Los Altos Business Admin. AE Edwards, Janet L. Ventura Speech Model UN, Univ. Interfaith Council Edwards, Sally San Mateo History Epworth Hall, Daily Cal Bus. Man., IIA, Eggleston, Clifford Miami, Fla. Business Admin. Eglin, Mary Jane San Leandro Sociology Trefoil Guild Ehmann, Terry Piedmont General Curriculum KKT, Intramural YWCA, Community Service Council Eisen, Rosalie B. San Francisco History E, Hillel Foundation Elgar, John M. Temple City Mechanical Engr. ASME Ellermeier, Joel Spencer, Neb. Industrial Engr. AIIE, Senior Honor Guard, Baseball Elliott, Kim C. Vancouver, B.C. Physical Education KA, Baseball, Football Ellis, Dorry Oakland Journalism E, Daily Cal, Pelican, Honor Students, C. Ital. Ellis, Richard Lee Oakland Chemistry AX Ellis, Temple Albany History Elshire, Joyce Benicia German A, Pelican, Orchesis, Honor Students 67 As second vice-president of the ASUC, SUE TREES STRICKLIN carried on the recent tradition and married the ASUC president December 21. In addition to this accomplishment, she ' s a member of Mortar Board and Cal Club and Chairman of APC. Cooking, swimming, and entertaining are her hobbies, and her favorite pastime is " keeping the president happy. " A speech major, late of the Gamma Phi house, Sue ' s ambition is to teach deaf children. anniversary picnic does the Ugly Man ' have to be ugly? searched to Elting, James A. Berkeley Industrial Engr. AIIE, EJC Emeldi, Audrey Richmond Fine Arts Lit. Emerson, Richard Belmont Business Admin. Baton, Masonic CI., Cal Straw Hat Bands, SAM, B G Emery, Charles A. Berkeley Political Science Emery, James Buel Daly City Biochemistry II Emery, Noble C. Manchester, N.H Economics Engel, Barrie D, Santa Monica History KN, Football, Big C Engel, Ralph Jay Sacramento Economics A England, Donald D. Berkeley Business Admin. English, Carol Ann Oakland Political Science A X English, John S. Sacramento Political Science Erickson, Connie L. Visalia English A011 Erickson, Robert Mission City, B.C Industrial Engr. AIIE Erving, Janette M. Atherton History KA, Blue Gold YWCA, Symphony Forum Erwin, William D. El Cerrito Criminology 145 ' s Basketball, Arnold Air Soc. Flying Club Evans, Cynthia G. Santa Ana Art A Evans, James W. Los Altos Business Admin. Bowles Hall Evans, Sandra Woodland Child Development T, K Wesley Foundation, WUS, Epworth Hall Evans, Varnum S. San Diego Journalism Evans, William R. Imperial Beach Marketing AMA, Pres. Stud. Chapter of American Marketing Assn. Eynon, Marty Ellen No. Sacramento Social Welfare Epworth Hall, YWCA Fadden, Arnold E. Berkeley Psychology TV Radio Club, Hiking Club Fairbairn, Thomas Oakland Business Admin. Pres. Insurance Society Falcon, Louis A. Hawthorne, N.Y. Entomology Entomology Club Fallavena, Jean M. Alameda General Curriculum M, CSTA Farberoff, Simon Colombia Chemical Engr. AX Faris, Robert S. Centerville, Ia. Business Admin. BA, II Farnham, Calvin H. Stockton Industrial Engr. AIIE Farrell, Norman A. Berkeley Forestry TKE Farrington, Diane Callahan Journalism Senior Class Council Faul, Suzanne C. Menlo Park General Curriculum A Newman Club, Freshman Council Fein, Arnold Sacramento Criminology Felix, Donald E. Van Nuys Agricultural Econ. AE Ferdun, Edrie M. Lodi Physical Education AX, Mortar Bd., Cal Club, Prytanean, WAA, T. Shield Ferreira, Stan P. Walnut Grove Insurance KT Ferrell, George T. El Sobrante Forestry Forestry Club Secretary Fessler, Vera F. Oakland Journalism Plymouth House SCC Fey, Donalee Walnut Creek General Curriculum Women ' s JCOM Oski Dolls, Prytanean, Mortar Board Fickas, Ernest Jr. Riverside Mathematics Hiking Club, Honor Society Fightmaster, Maren Portola Business Admin. ZTA, Daily Cal, Secretariat Women ' s JCOM 68 death but how can we forget the panty raid " Practicing real estate law in the East Bay area " seems a modest ambition for ASUC President BILL STRICKLIN. A speech major, and a Theta Delt, Bill ' s also been outstanding in Cal Club, Gavel and Quill, IFC Scholastic Honor Society, Golden Bear, and Golden Guard. He ' s carried on the recent Cal and leads a happy life with " the sweetest wife in the University community, " 2nd VP Sue. Any time that ' s extra he spends on classical music . . . and on keeping track of all his activities! Finke, Roger A. Sacramento Industrial Engr. IIT, AIIE Fischle, Fred C. Anaheim Business Admin. Smyth Assoc. Cal Band, Baton Fitz, Franklin K. Woodland Physics Bowles Hall, Cal Band, Diving, Gymnastics Fitzgerald, Thomas Bakersfield Business Admin. AE Flath, Jeanne Ann Watertown, Wisc. Sociology YWCA, Young Republicans Fletcher, Barbara Oakland General Curriculum K, Class Council, Univ. Chorus, YWCA Fletcher, Nan Altadena English T Flood, David Jay San Carlos Architecture KA, Honor Society Floris, Dorothy J. Berkeley English AT, YWCA, Treble Clef, Prytanean Fodchuk, Roman P. Edmonton, Alb. Landscape Arch. Honor Society Fong, Barney M. San Francisco Business Admin. s Fong, James Chuck San Francisco Public Health Fong, Rhoda Sacramento Personnel Admin. Stebbins Hall, Treble Clef Fonseca, Marilyn San Leandro Engr. Physics M, Calif. Engineer Fontenot, Dorothea San Francisco Public Health AKA, Sec. RNs on Campus Ford, Charles Jr. Compton Zoology Forrest, Audrey A. El Cerrito General Curriculum A II, Pelican, Class Council Fowler, Harold G. Redwood City Political Science N, Triune, Winged Helmet Fowler, JoAnn P. Montebello Spanish Rep-at-Large, SLATE, Mortar Bd., EXCOM, UAC Fox, Richard M. Pasadena Mechanical Engr. ASME Frank, Myrna Ellen San Pedro History Hammer Dimmer History Club Fraser, D. Keith San Anselmo Journalism Daily Cal Sports, Baseball Fraser, John A. G. Alamo Economics X, Winged Skull Keys, Quarterdeck Soc. Freeman, David A. Los Angeles Accounting AM Pres. Freeman, Sherwood Lafayette History X Friedman, Herbert San Francisco General Curriculum H, Honor Students, Basketball, AM Frizza, Esther L. Santa Cruz Home Economics Oldenberg Hall, Mortar Board, Women ' s C. Soc. Frohman, Enneth Richmond Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Frug, Ronald Max Berkeley Medicine AM, Pre-Med Club Debate Team Fuhriman, Robert Albany Earth Science Abracadabra Fujimoto, Kenneth Berkeley Chemical Engr. NSC, AIChE Fulling, Roger Wm. Long Beach Electrical Engr. Fung, Henry Jr. San Francisco Bacteriology Men ' s J.V., Glee Club, Tower Flame, Ushering Furuya, Ritsuko M. San Mateo Public Health Gaidos, Beryl E. Berkeley Home Economics Home Economics Club, Daily Cal Gaidos, Frances D. Berkeley Ceramic Engr. Mitchell Hall, Big Game Week, Am. Ceramic Soc. Galli, Frank Jr. Atherton Business Admin. Tower Flame Garat, Barbara J. Oakdale Home Economics A, Honor Soc., ON, Newman Club, Home Econ. Club Garcia, Dorothy L. Salinas Child Develpoment Newman Club Filipino Club Gardner, Philip L. Berkeley Optometry Masonic Club, Honor Society 69 " Bosh! " is the constant comment of YWCA ANN " Annie " GIBSON, whose current is to be a professor here at Berkeley. An Anthro major, Ann also participates in WEB, Mortar Board and Pryt, and spends most of her time in and out of the " Y " . Noted for her shaggy red hair, she loves to delegate authority to other leaders, and has a mad passion for sleeping, relaxing, and watching other people work. Big sophomores now lead by Bill Leath class cards a new tradition Gardner, Robert W. Eureka Pre-Med. Pre-Med. Society Gardner, Susan F. Covina History TB, Panhellenic Garrette, Suzanne Colusa Journalism A, Ace of Clubs Red Cross Garvin, Eugene G. Detroit, Mich. Electrical Engr. Yacht Club Gassett, Will H. San Jose Business Admin. T, Big C, Circle C, Winged Helmet Vars. Swim. WP Gastelo, Oakland History Gates, Judith Ann Scarsdale, N.Y. Spanish Californian Gause, Gretchen San Francisco Speech KA, TA Gazzano, Carol A. San Francisco History Gee, Sherman Berkeley Electrical Engr. II A Gee, Wallace Fong Sacramento Biostatistics Chinese Student Club George, Lebert L. Shelton, Wash. General Curriculum Geraghty, Alameda English A, Univ. Theater YWCA Geren, Carol V. Ojai English TB, YWCA, Panile Prytanean, Mortar Board Gerner, Mitchell Oakland Political Science Gerritz, Millbrae Social Welfare A, Elections Council, Social Welfare Club Gessford, Glen N. Santa Paula Civil Engr. Christian Science Org., ASCE, Varsity Tennis Gevert, Frank Rio de Electrical Engr. Smyth Assoc. Flying, Sailing, Skiing Geyer, Temple Bacteriology A, Junior Class Council Ghio, Vincent J. San Francisco Civil Engr. X, ASCE, TB II Honor Students Gianulias, Gus C. Sacramento General Curriculum AE, Varsity Big C, Baseball Gibbons, Elizabeth Berkeley General Curriculum KA Gibson, Ann Judith Berkeley Anthropology YWCA Pres., Mortar Board, WEB, Panile Prytanean Gibson, Ann Lynne Encino International Rel. M, Young Coll. Club Jrs., AWFA Gilkey, Lee Los Altos Home Economics A, Class Council Giller, Barbara R. San Francisco General Curriculum Gilpin, Charles H. Berkeley Accounting Gilpin, Kate R. Los Angeles Music Daily Cal, Univ. Theater, Occident Ginsburg, Roger A. Reno, Nev. History ZBT, Sec. IFC Giovacchini, Alan San Francisco Economics AE, Circle C Newman Club Soccer Glascoe, Karen Ann San Marino General Curriculum KA, CSTA, IRB Gleason, Terry B. Isleton Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall ASME, Sailing Club Glendinning,Patricia Walnut Creek Psychology A, Class Council Daily Cal, Big Game Comm. Gnesdiloff, George San Mateo Political Science IFC, V.P. Californians Golden, Harlan D. Downey Bacteriology Smyth Assoc. Goldstein, Mary San Francisco Social Welfare Stern Hall, YWCA Undergrad. Social Welfare Club Golobick, Joan M. Alameda History AT, Blue Gold Symphony Forum Fr. So. Cl. Coun. Gomez, Natalie M. San Francisco General Curriculum Utrimque Gompertz, Charles Orinda Speech X, Daily Cal, Ski Club, Pelican, ASUC Radio Gompertz, Peggy Orinda Speech KA, Oski Dolls, Pelican, Intramural, Young Republicans 70 the Big C gold now the Frosh soph Brawl in No Sleeping around the clock fills the spare time of senior JOHN MAHONEY, sometimes known as " Specks. " Hailing from Petaluma, John ' s major is Bus Ad and his ambition is to " break into the world. " A post as Rep-at-Large, the Athletic Advisory Board, Californians, and Golden Bear all occupy active moments of his life . . . as do in sports and music. Making his Berkeley home at the SAE house, John is especially noted for " not being noted for anything. " Gong, William K. Berkeley Chemistry lI A,Pre-MedSoc. CSC, CCCA, Judo, Am. Chem. Soc. Gonzales, Robert Selma Political Science KA, Rugby, Football, Big C Gooch, James R. Fallbrook Engineering ASME Gooch, Kenneth 0. Oakland Architecture XAK Good, Michael L. OroviIle Business Admin. X, Triune Winged Helmet Goodman, Kent Long Beach Industrial Engr. A II M Pres., AIIE, Treas., TB II, Honor Society Goorjian, Paul M. San Francisco Engineering Varsity Swimming, Big C, ASME, EJC Gordon, Diane V. Long Beach Zoology Honor Students, PIC Gordon, Ronald S. Berkeley Chemical Engr. Cal Band, Baton AIChE, Honor Students Gordon, William Whittier English Rep-at-Large, Rugby, Golden Guard, Store Board Gould, Margaret J. Napa Dramatic Art Richards Hall Hammer Dimmer, Pelican, CWC Jrs. Gould, Stuart G. San Francisco Accounting E, Varsity Track Block C, Golden Bear, G. Guard Grady, Michael W. Manhattan Beach English Pelican Grady, Peter M. Berkeley Business Admin. Frosh Crew Graham, Loran G. Merced Sociology Rushing Social Chairman Graham, Walter V. Sacramento Civil Engr. ASCE Gramatky, Margaret Carmichael English KA Graves, Dorothy A. Berkeley History KA Gray, Barbara J. Oakland Mathematics Greenberg, Myla A. Chicago, Ill. English Fernwald Halls WDA, Student Faculty Council Greenwood, Ann H. Oakland English M, WUS Council Blue Gold, Art Comm., Sailing Cl. Gregory, Carol A. Long Beach English Ski Club Greve, Lily Marian San Mateo Labor Ind. Rel. A, Class Coun. YWCA Griffin, Dorris S. Walnut Creek Child Development A Griffin, John L. Albany Business Admin. II, Newman Club Golden Guard Brownbag Society Grizzle, Anne Pasadena General Curriculum A II, YWCA, Young Republicans Groudine, Harvey Los Angeles Political Science Varsity Debate Boxing Grout, Jack M. Visalia History Varsity Basketball NROTC Gruver, Mary S. Berkeley English Calif. Engineer Panile, Prytanean, Treble C. Guinn, Robert J. Porterville Civil Engr. ASCE Gulbranson, Mary Richmond Marketing Gunder, Mary Ann San Mateo History AO II, Panhellenic, Ex. Bd., WUS, Senior Council Gunn, James C. La Habra Ind. Psychology AK Gutjahr, Herbert Chico Sociology Hadden, Kathleen Oakland Home Economics Hage, Lealand P. Colton, Minn. Business Admin. BT, Honor Students, SAM Hage, Nancy E. San Francisco French Tower Flame, Walfare Bd., Academic Aff. Coun. Hageny, Daniel S. Glendale Optometry Hagiwara, Alvin K. Honolulu Electrical Engr. Euclid Hall Haire, Robert Wm. Selma Geology X 71 The basketball ' s bounce, the swimmer ' s splash, and the fencer ' s touche are few of the many WAA presided over by president EDRIE FERDUN. Named Panhellenic Girl of the Year, Edrie ' s also engaged in the Cal Club, Mortar Board, WEB and " all that jazz. " Sports and bridge are her ruling passions, and she does both from home base at AChiO, where she ' s president, too. When she escapes from all these meetings, she ' s off to see the world! vember plans for the soph Supper Sing cinches again all those TGIF Hall, Carole El Cajon Home Economics Young Republicans Masonic Club, Home Ec. Cl., Epworth Hall, Carolyn Joan Berkeley Psychology Honor Students Hall, Edna K. Bakersfield Zoology Hoyt Hall Hall, Sherman R. San Francisco Geology X Hallin, Roger E. Berkeley Landscape Arch. Halstead, David K. Visalia Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court Hamai, Junji San Francisco Entomology Hamilton, Richard Tracy Civil Engr. Hammon, Eleanor J. Oakland Political Science Masonic Club Hammon, Gerald C. Lafayette History K Hammond, Piedmont General Curriculum KKT, Women ' s Rally, Comm., YWCA, WAA Children ' s Hosp. Hampton, Nancy J. San Marino Art History TB Hanna, Stephen M. Vista Business Admin. X, Daily Cal Adv. Mgr., Bus. Mgr. Hannah, Judith Ann Pasadena Psychology Sherman Hall Hansen, Evelyn Eel Physical Ski Club, Hiking Cl., Yacht Club P.E. Majors Club Hansen, Karen D. Fresno General Curriculum K, Treble Clef Daily Cal, U.C. Chorus, Tower Fl. Hanson, Escondido Social Welfare Epworth Hall Hanson, Judith Ann Berkeley General Curriculum CSTA, II Wives Club Hanson, Raymond C. Oroville Electrical Engr. Harada, Bette A. Fallbrook History I. House Harbaugh, Carol Bakersfield Decorative Art Stern Hall Hargis, William 0. Berkeley Electrical Engr. UCSEE Harris, William M. Modesto General Curriculum K, Triune, Ski Harsch, Jacqueline El Cerrito K, WUS Council Ski Club, Pelican Hart, Jack Weldon Garden Grove History T, Big C, Rugby Football, Baseball Hart, Sally Oakland General Curriculum K, Mortar Board Prytanean, Women ' s JCOM, Women ' s Rep. Hartzell, Lahman Suisun Forestry Timber Publ. Forestry Club Hastings, Bim Pasadena History A, Winged Helmet, Triune, IFC Hathaway, Harry L. San Marino Business Admin. Skull Keys B-B, Triune Hatheway, Alson E. Laguna Beach Engineering Haunschild, Redding Business Admin. X, Blue Gold Class Council Haven, Caroline L. St. Helena Child Development KA, Ace of Clubs YWCA Haueter, Shirley Oakland Criminology A, WEB, YWCA, A Hawes, John W. San Jose Aeronautical Engr. Glee Club, Arnold Air Society Hawkins, Joseph E. Carmel Labor Ind. Rel. Triune, Golden Guard Hawley, Lawrence Fresno Electrical Engr. Smyth Assoc. Hiking Club, Folk Dance Club Haworth, Kenneth Napa General Curriculum T Hay, Dorothy Ann Portland, Ore. Anthropology I. House Hayashi, Kenneth San Diego Landscape Arch. Euclid Hall Hedlund, Lee V. Berkeley Electrical Engr. 72 parties at the ' C ' saving money for the Santa Claus contest passed " What ' s happening mon? " That ' s a traditional from WILLIAM " Willie " GORDON, Whittier ' s latest liaison man in the ASUC. Majoring in Willie found time between the pages of to be a Rep-at-Large, and for Golden Guard, Store Board, rugby, and the Chancellor ' s Committee. Dancing ' s a good hobby for this gentleman who ' s favorite pastime is girls . . . also goes for reading and sports. A career in law and or writing in his life ' s ambition. Hemb, Beverly C. Orinda Speech Honor Students, P Henrickson, Roy V. Hawaii Zoology Sailing Club Henry, Marian Oakland English X Henry, William G. Fillmore Civil Engr. Baptist Student Union, ASCE Herbert, Nancy E. San Francisco Spanish Herr, Gail K. Guerneville Sociology Richards Hall, YWCA, Hiking Club Hesse, Robert L. San Francisco Industrial Rel. E, Golf, Young Republicans Hetzel, Marlene S. Hopland Journalism Class Councils Hicks, Richard H. San Diego Political Science K, IIA Hilderley, Jeriann Midland, Mich. Art E, Honor Students Hill, Deborah Anne Berkeley German YWCA Comm. Ser. Ch., Ski CI.,WAA, Intra. Swim Hill, Dorothy L. Oakland General Curriculum Treble Clef Hill, George C. Danville Business Admin. B II, Triune, Big C, Winged Helmet, Sr. Basketball Mgr. Hill, Linda K. Sacramento Speech AII, Oski Dolls Hilquist, Robert Cupertino Electrical Engr. HKN, TB II, IRE, UCSEE Hinckley, C. Doug. Pittsburg Industrial Engr. AIIE, Chairman Eng. Weekend Track Mgr. Hing, Patricia J. Alameda General Curriculum Hino, Teruo T. Pasadena Mechanical Engr. Hirano, Agnes T. Hawaii Sociology Stebbins Hall Hitchcock, Carolyn Covina History Stern Hall, Pompon Girl, Pelican, Swim Show Hobbs, Edwin San Francisco Criminology AT Hobin, Patrick S. Stockton Accounting Triune, IFC Hockabout, M. Kent Alameda Advertising X, A, Ski Club, EXCOM, Axe Rev., Univ. Prod. Hoffman, Charle S. Oakdale Speech A Hoffman, Mary A. San Francisco Chemistry AMT, SAACS Ushering Council Hofmann, Robert B. San Francisco Business Admin. Flying Club, Arnold Air Society Hokom, John Truitt Los Angeles Business Admin. Holliman, Wm. E. Tyler, Tex. Political Science AA, Circle C Boxing Hollingshead, Jill Fresno English AII, Women ' s JCOM, Prytanean, Mortar Board Holmlund, James R. San Francisco Mechanical Engr. AT, ASME Homann, Dorothy Santa Rosa Music Bennett Manor, Treble Clef, Univ. Chorus Hone, Michael C. San Francisco Econcmics II, Rep-at-large EXCOM, IFC, Cal Club, Welfare Bd. Hong, Adelyn Jane San Francisco Child Development Hoopes, William P. Berkeley Art Acacia, Art Editor Daily Cal, Pelican, Honor Soc. Coun. Hopman, Richard T. Daly City Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Hornberger, Jim P. Burlingame Optometry X, Optometric Assoc. Horton, R. Mack Morro Bay Petroleum Engr. Acacia, AIME Horvvitt, Gerald S. Oakland Optometry Hotle, Arline Piedmont General Curriculum Howard, Anne L. Walnut Creek General Curriculum Z, Prytanean, Blue Gold, Pan. Ex. Bd. WAA 73 When the big bonfire is lit, the band bursts into " Big C " and the rallying of spirit begins, you can be sure " MOTZY " McENERNY is responsible. In addition to heading Women ' s Rally Com, Martha is noted for towering over most young ladies. When not in history classes, hanging flags from Sather Gate, or up at the Pi Phi house, she ' s busy with Cal Club, Pryt, and Mortar Board . . . and her ambition in life is to construct " Bigger and better bag lunches! " our finals again! officers Sue Diamond, Sherry Anderson, Howard, Donald G. Richmond Physics Cal Engineer, Honor Students Howard, Jay Wm. Piedmont Business Admin. Triune, Skull Keys, B.B., Basketball, Track Howard, Leta Ann Los Angeles General Curriculum KKT, Prytanean, Women ' s C Soc., Cal CI., Torch S. Howe, June Orinda English Hsu, Theresa L. Shanghai Architecture CSA, China House, Honor Students Huang, Robert T. Canton, China Chemical Engr. Baptist Youth Org. Hubbard, John R. Salinas Physics AT Huber, Dennis Riverside Mechanical Engr. Hudson, Jay Oakland Public Health T Hudson, Natalie J. Berkeley Home Economics B, Home CI., Class Coun., Rally Comm. Hudson, Ralph E. El Centro Electrical Engr. Bowles Hall, Water Polo, Tower Flame Huen, Tony Berkeley Electrical Engr. HKN, TBII Huestis, Kathryn Newcastle Bacteriology Sherman Hall Hufford, Betty R. Richmond History K, Senior Class Council Humphreys, George Brawley Political Science AXP Hung, Leila San Francisco Child Development Tower Flame Hunt, Ralph Paul Fontana Mechanical Engr. ASME Hunt, Steven M. Berkeley Business Admin. K Hurff, Susan San Francisco Political Science A Hurschler, J. Pasadena French KA Hussain, Pakistan Physics PIC Hyatt, Gilbert P. New York,N. Y. Electrical Engr. Smyth Assoc., IRE, AIEE, Flying Club, Sailing Club Hyde, Barbara Ann Chico Mathematics Richards Hall Hynes, Joan T. Napa General Curriculum K, Sr. Cl. Sec.- Treas., WEB, Gavel Quill, Spring Sing Fin. Ch., COB Ichioka, Eddie Berkeley Criminology lijima, Takenori Japan Production Mgmt. SAM Ingram, James Richmond Mechanical Engr. E Innis, Joseph F. Berkeley Foreign Trade KA, Football, Wrestling Isele, Thomas A. Williston Park, N.Y. Mechanical Engr. ASME Isenberg, Bruce J. San Bernardino Zoology Sailing Club, Crew A Israels, Modesto History KN Ives, Douglas Dean Long Beach Journalism N, Daily Cal Sp. Ed. Man. Ed. Cal Club, X Jackson, James A. San Mateo Speech Fresh. Football, Track Jacob, Ellis S. San Francisco Electrical Engr. UCSEE, HKN, TB II Jacobes, Roy Sacramento General II KA, Rugby, IFC, Football, S. K., Winged Helmet Jacobs, Ellis B. Oakland Electrical Engr. ZBT, UCSEE, Golden Guard, Daily Cal Jacobson, Jon S. Selma History Honor Students, Univ. Interfaith Council Jacobson, Paul A. Stockton Business Admin. ZBT, Queens Comm. for Big Game Coach Jacot, Yves H. Mexico City Economics James, Molly D. Berkeley Speech AT 74 Mike Geyser lay plans Soph Week March 2 with Jazz Concert, intercolle An important member of the Varsity Water Polo team, ART DELERAY finds many activities to fill his non-training moments. Majoring in chemical engineering, Art is president of the Californians, and a member of Circle C, Honor Students, and the Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society. Water is a second home for this busy man . . . who is active both in swimming and water polo, but skiing and the outdoors are also favorite pastimes of this ATO. James, William G. San Francisco Criminology Cloyne Court, Cal Band, House Mgr. Cloyne Court Jefsen, John 1. Crcckett Economics A Jenkins, James B. Redl ands Chemical Engr. AIChE, ACS, Honor Society, Plymouth House Johnson, Anthony San Bernardino Industrial Engr. XA Pres., Sr. CI. Yell Leader, Golden Guard Pres. Johnson, Bryte Sacramento Political Science KE, Triune, B. B. Winged Helmet, Skull Keys Johnson, Carl E. Live Oak Electrical Engr. UCSEE, I RE, AIEE Johnson, David E. San Francisco Economics Johnson, Douglas Burlingame Mechanical Engr. ASME, Committee Intramural Basketball Johnson, Eleanor Oakland General Curriculum TB Johnson, Ira Lee Riverside Architecture Johnson, Joelle K. Lodi Home Economics AX Class Council, Young Republicans Johnson, Linda J. San Marino General Curriculum K, Class Coun. CSTA, Intramural YWCA, Herrick Hos. Johnson, Marcia H. Piedmont General Curriculum A II Johnson, Sandy Berkeley General Curriculum Foreign Travel Council, I. House Johnson, Tanya H. Berkeley Criminology AKA, YWCA, Big Game Week, WSC, Panel of Americans Johnson, Verne Wm. San Leandro Electrical Engr. UCSEE Johnson, Victor T. Lafayette Mechanical Engr. Track Team, ASME Johnson, Warren A. Oakland Chemical Engr. Johnson, William Los Angeles Civil Engr. Johnson, Winona Fresno Zoology M Johnston, Gordon Tujunga Chemistry AX, AIChE Johnston, Trudy W. Colorado Springs, Colo. Physical Education T, N, Women ' s Athletic Assoc. Jones, John Paul Redwood City Political Science Skull Keys Winged Helmet, IFC Triune, Golden G. Joplin, Glenn H. Marysville Psychology Lutheran Student Assoc., Honor Soc. Pre-Med Society Jordan, Buck Wm. Anaheim Electrical Engr. X, IF Honor Soc. TBII, HKN, IFC Initiation El. Bd. Jorgensen, Jane E. Seattle, Wash. Zoology Richards Hall Senior Class Coun. Jorgensen, Les Reedley Civil Engr. XA, ASCE Jorgensen, Mary L. Oakland Political Science A, Calvin Club Pelican, Soph. Class Council Joseph, Dona Lynn Flossmoor, Ill. Sociology AE Judd, Deane D. Oakland Electrical Engr. Del Rey, TB HKN, Masonic Club, Quarterdeck Soc. Jue, Howard L. Bakersfield Architecture Arch. Assoc. Jump, William L. Pittsburg Electrical Engr. IFC Pres. Coun., IRE, IFC House Mgrs. Assoc. Junker., Hans H. Vancouver, Wash. Electrical Engr. HKN, TBII, UCSEE Justesen, Monte L. Reedley Civil Engr. XA Kadri, Salahuddin India Industrial Engr. Cloyne Court USCA Board, V.P. Cloyne Court Kahn, Ronald H. Berkeley Political Science K, Rally Comm. Kaiser, Walter J. Pittsburg Forestry Gymnastics, II Forestry Club Kalman, Lynne J. San Francisco Bacteriology Kam, James Y. T. Hawaii Sociology Student Hall Intramural Kapier, Sharon Whittier History 75 " Being busy " is the outstanding activity of SWB Chairman SHIRLEY DUNCAN ENMARK. " Shirt " this activity on ASUC Ex Com, Mortar Board, and in her studies in the English department. She plans to teach in elementary school while husband Nelson attends Boalt Hall . . . and she spends her spare time water skiing or reading a book .. . not to mention keeping house. With all these things to attend to she MUST be busy . . but she ' s tagged " useless " by Nels! giate Soph Hop to crown our doll beautiful Berkeley Spring do we have Karakantas, George San Francisco Medical Technology Karasik, Aaron M. Mexico Chemical Engr. I. House Karlsrud, Roger F. Walnut Creek Pre-Law Californians Varsity Crew Kasa, Ai Arlene Stockton Dietetics Mitchell Hall Home Economics Cl. ON, NSC, Honor Students Kasper, William S. Santa Barbara Political Science Cloyne Court Varsity Debate Kassenbrock, Bud Whittier Economics A Katzman, Jerome Beverly Hills Political Science ZBT, IFC, Big Game, Class Council Kaufmann, Joan A. San Francisco Journalism E, Ski Club Pelican Kavanagh, Dennis San Mateo General Curriculum Frosh Football Kavanagh, Donald Fresno General Curriculum Keeler, James R. Stockton Optometry KP, School of Optometry Keeler, John Wylie Corona del Mar Production Mgmt. T, V.P. IFC, SAM Keller, Joan Marie San Francisco Business Admin. K, Class Council Keller, Stephen F. Los Angeles Business Admin. Kelley, Margaret Concord English A, Univ. Theater Senior Council Ace of Clubs Kelley, Don P. San Pedro Mathematics Circle C, Gymnastics, Intermural, Pistol Club Kenis, Stephen M. Beverly Hills Accounting ZBT, Big Game Week Pub. Comm., Blue Monday Chairman Kennaugh, Carrol San Francisco English Kennaugh, William San Francisco Accounting Univ. Village, Vars. Baseball, II, BA, BT Kennedy, Anne R. El Monte Spanish Honor Students, WDA, Jud. Comm., Newman Club Kennedy, Michael Corcoran Economics X, IFC Kenner, Mary Berkeley Home Economics Treble Clef, ON Prytanean, Home Economics Club Kennerknecht, R. East St. Louis, III Electrical Engr. UCSEE Pres., V.P. TB II, V.P. HKN, IRE, AIEE Kent, Patricia E. Fresno Social Welfare Stebbins Hall CSTA, Ski Club Kerin, Leland H. Los Angeles Civil Engr. Christian Science Org., Rowing Crew Kerper, Karen L. Susanville Marketing Epworth Hall Kertz, Fredrica P. Atherton General Curriculum E Khashoggi, Adil M. Saudi Arabia Political Science Arab Society Kim, Pyoung Hoon Korea Political Science Honor Students, AMT Kimberlin, Elizabeth Piedmont General Curriculum IIB Kimmel, Gary Dean Watsonville Business Admin. II V.P., Ski Club Kimura, Eimi K. Berkeley Child Development Kimura, Naomi C. Berkeley Slavic Lang. Lit. Kincade, Barbara Chico Decorative Art AII Kindorf, James E. Oakland Business Admin. N King, Kenneth B. Sacramento Civil Engr. ASCE, Newman Club, Frat. Mgrs. Assoc. King, Richard G. D. San Leandro Political Science ASUC V.P., EXCOM Golden Bear, UAC, Cal CI. King, Robert R. Berkeley Electrical Engr. E, UCSEE Kinney, Ed Walnut Creek Labor Ind. Rel. T, Californians Jr. IFC Kinney, Robert Riverside Mechanical Engr. 76 the ' sophomore slump ' ? ' nother new tradition award of athletic In the market for a dog? PIERRE " Pete " MERLE is famous for trying to sell his . . . A member of Cal Club and Golden Bear, Pete served as and on the Chancellor ' s Student Housing was also active in Canterbury. Pete looks forward to law school, when his undergrad days at the Delt house are over, and perhaps to further travel abroad. An avid Republican, his favorite pastime is arguing and his favorite food—apples! Kinney, Robert C. Walnut Creek Physical Education Football, Baseball P.E. Soc. Pres. Kinney, William D. Riverside Mechanical Engr. Kinsinger, John R. Montclair Mechanical Engr. ASME Kinsinger, Stephen Montclair Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE Kirkpatrick, James Santa Cruz Political Science Kirkwood, Anne Saratoga Decorative Art KA, Young Republicans Kirshbaum, Robert Redlands Pre-Med AE II, 130 ' s Circle C, V.P. Public Health Society Kishi, Billy K. San Leandro Business Admin. USCA, NSC Kistner, Stanley El Cerrito Political Science Kjellstrand, Peggy Berkeley Textiles Klakoff, Stephanie Bakersfield Social Welfare Klassen, Toni D. El Segundo Zoology Mitchell Hall Intramural Sports Klein, Isabel N. Oakland Speech AE, Senior Class Council Klein, Kate Dudley St. Paul, Minn. Sociology KKT, Blue Gold Jr. Mgr., Ski Club YWCA, CS Coun. Kleiner, Karol C. Oakland Economics ZTA, Jr. Sr. Class Councils Ski Club Knopf, Kermit M. Hillsborough Industrial Engr. AIIE Knowles, Janet M. Alameda Bacteriology Knowles, Lotus I. Oakland Art Honor Students Knutson, Walter R. San Francisco Physical Education X, Rugby Club Apollo Club Football Koch, Elizabeth Santa Cruz Dietetics Koenig, Daniel R. Berkeley Engr. Physics Cal Band, Honor Students Kofman, Kenneth San Jose Political Science KN, Varsity Boxing V.P. Boxing Club Koh, Joong Chung Korea Economics Kohatsu, Lucille Hawaii Psychology Honor Society Newman Club YWCA Kojima, Moonray Penryn Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, IRE Pres. TB II, HKN Yacht Club, AIEE Kolkmann, Harry A. San Leandro Forestry Forestry Club Kordestany, M. Iran Optometry Korman, Ronald E. Long Beach German Bowles Hall Rally Comm., Ski Club, Card Stunts Kornfield, Nancy Beverly Hills Spanish Panile, Soph Doll Chairman, Staff Kowalski, Lily San Francisco Psychology Fernwald Senior Rep., Hall Parliamentarian Kramer, Lotte Oakland Social Welfare Kress, Carl F. San Francisco Civil Engr. XE, ASCE Masonic Club Golden Guard Kricsfeld, Karen Omaha, Neb. Sociology E Krieger, Stephan J. San Francisco Electrical Engr. ZBT, TB II HKN Kroenlein, Dieter Los Angeles Electrical Engr. Hiking Club Kubin, Nancy Kay Fort Riley, Kan. German AT Kubly, Diane Stern Berkeley Anthropology Treble Clef Kuchar, William E. Safford, Ariz. Biochemistry Newman Club Honor Students Kuehn, Nancy C. Woodlake Dietetics Oldenberg Hall Home Ec. Club BSU, House Pres. Kuperman, Murray Los Angeles Metallurgy ASM, Quarterdeck Society 77 Noted for " nothing much, " Prytanean president DONALEE FEY has lots of time for Oski Dolls, Board, Women ' s J, and her favor ite to classical music. Art and sewing are special talents of this DG who lives in Walnut Creek, and she hopes to travel all over the world someday. Sports are another love of hers, and keeping track of all she has to do is a major job in her life. and scholarship plaques to outstanding sophs Kuranoff, Michael Los Angeles Civil Engr. Smyth Assoc. Kway, Wayne L. San Francisco Chemistry Student Affiliates of Amer.Chem. Soc., Chinese Students Kwok, Belmont Biochemistry Kwok, Joel San Mateo Physical Chemistry Soccer Lagerstrom, James Oakland Speech AT Lamb, Meridian General Curriculum IIB Landis, Edward B. Piedmont Business Admin. BII, Triune, Golf, Skull Keys Landsberg, Brian Sacramento Political Science KN, Honor Students ' Society Lange, Donald M. Pipestone, Minn. Electrical Engr. UCSEE Langenbach, Robert Orangevale Physics Barrington Hall USCA Board of Directors, House VP Langhi, Walter E. Great Falls, Mont. Mechanical Engr. Langler, James E. Oakland Student Affiliates of Amer. Chem. Soc., Apollo Club La Pointe, Norman El Sobrante Landscape Arch. Larson, Helen E. Richmond Physical Education ZTA, Pompon Ch. N, College Womens Cl. Jrs. Larson, Siv Turlock History AX, Honor Students ' Society AMT Lasky, Joseph San Business A, Triune, IFC, House Pres. Lasson, Harolyn J. El Cerrito French Richards Hall AMT Lau, Letitia L. Palo Alto Bacteriology II, Honor Students ' Society Laue, John 0. Salinas Psychology K, Occident Assistant Ed. Lavezzo, Al Vallejo Bowles Hall House Treas. Lawson, Truman W. Bloomington Mechanical Engr. American Society of Mech. Engrs. Lawton, William Berkeley Mathematics Honor Students ' Society Lawyer, Ray Piedmont Business Admin. K Leath, William Concord Business Admin. Leaver, Mary Berkeley Child Development Newman Club, WAA LeDrew, Sandra J. San Mateo Economics AX, Soph. Womens ' Rally Comm., Panile, Gavel Quill Lee, David S. Oakland Decorative Art A, InterVarsity Lee, Diana Susan Bakersfield Art Education Chinese Students ' Club Lee, Gary Eugene San Mateo Mechanical Engr. Tennis, CSC, NSC, ASME, Co-operative Engineering Lee, Homer Q. San Francisco Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE, AIEE, II, HKN Lee, Oakland Physics Honor Students ' Society Lee, Lemone General Curriculum Richards Hall Lee, Stephen Oakland Anthropology IIA, Honor Society, Kroeber Anthropological Society, CSC Leister, Charles I. Corona Criminalistics AE Lenhard, Donna D. Dinuba Speech Leonard, Dawson B. Orinda English H, IFC Honor Soc., Golden Guard, Newman Leong, DeAnne Sociology Richards Hall Leong, Jenkin Oakland Electrical Engr. UCSEE, HKN Leong, Mel San Francisco Civil Engr. ASCE Leong, Theodore San Mateo Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE, AIEE, TB II A new experience upper division! seeing a major ad Future generations of music students at the University—prepare yourselves now for classes from future " professor " MAYNARD ORME. An outstanding member of the Varsity Track team, " Mayme " is a member of Big C, Circle C, Californians, and Golden Bear, plus holding the chairmanship of the United Crusade. Making his campus home at the Sigma Pi house, Maynard follows a music major, and when the maestro misses a beat, may be heard to exclaim " Oh Shoot! " Levin, Roberta Hillsborough Communications The California IIA, Hon. Students ' Soc. Daily Cal, BK Levine, Marina Argentina Psychology Levy, Carol L. San Francisco English Daily Cal, Sect ' y Cal Engin., Prytanean Lewis, James D. Oakland Electrical Engin. KN, Rally Comm. Calaxtra, Golden Guard, IRE Lewis, Kay Chico Home Econ. AII, Home Economics Club Likes, Katherine Sacramento Gen. Curric. Stern Hall, E, Circolo Ital., Univ. Chorus Lilien, David Lee Los Angeles Biochemistry ZBT, Big Game Week Chairman, Class Council Lim, Peter Bee Ock San Francisco Chemical Engr. XE, ASCE, CSA Lin, Samuel Y. Anaheim Architecture Lindgren, Helen E. Sacramento Spanish K, Class Coun. Pelican Lindquist, Paul D. Oakland Ag Econ., Golden Guard, IFC, Roger Williams Club, A Lindsay, Marjorie Berkeley Math Mortarboard YWCA, Prytanean Linn, Richard S. Ukiah Economics A Lipscomb, Lance S. Business Admin. Glee Club, Golden Guard, Bowles Hall Assoc. Littlejohn, David San Carlos English, BK, Dramatics, Radio-TV Theater, Cercle Francais, Newman Lloyd, Gulden G. Santa Barbara Business Admin. T, Varsity Tennis, Big C Soc., Senior Hon. Guard Lofy, Mary F. Lynwood Public Health Pub. Health Undergrad. Assoc., Newman Club Logan, Trent R. Concord Civ. Engin. Rifle Team Logan, Walton Lovelace, Linda San Francisco Speech Low, Siak Ai Malaya Dietetics Chinese Students ' Assoc. Lubarsky, Andre San Francisco Electrical Engin. Gymnastics Student Honor Soc. TB II, HKN Lubarsky, Bruce M. San Francisco Political Science Frosh Football, AM, H Lubatti, Henry J. Oakland Physics TBII, Honor Students ' Soc. Lucero, Fred S. Jr. Richmond Psychology Newman Club, AM Lucero, Jose B. Jr. Oakland Gen. Curric. Varsity Baseball, Big C Society Ludecke, Frederick Port Townsend, Washington Labor Relations Ludwig, Meredith San Pedro English YWCA, Residence Officer Ludwigsen, Laurel Burlingame Political Science Newman Club, YWCA, Young Rep. Luke, Joan B. San Francisco Regional-France B, Young Rep. WAA, Sports Club Board Lundgberg, Anders San Francisco Mech. Engin. II T, ASME Lundgren, Valerie Hayward Phys. Ed. AT, Housing Com., Act. Planning Com., WAA Lynn, Jane T. South Pasadena Political Science Store Board, Red Cross Lynn, Laurence E. Montrose Economics X, IFC Honor Soc., Men ' s J Comm., Daily Cal, Stiles Lyons, Constance Berkeley Nursing Education WAA Swimming Club Maasberg, Ronald C. San Francisco Civil Eng. Barrington Hall, Rifle Team, ASCE Macario, Diane Roseville Journalism, The Californian, Ski Club, Tower Flame, WDA Coun. MacAulay, Barbara Sacramento Political Science KA, Torch and Shield MacCollom, Alexander Oakland Geology Machen, Donald Oakland Elect. Engin. Masonic Club, Am. Radio Club, Quarterd ' k Soc., UCSEE 79 Hailing from star-studded Beverly Hills, MARK BLOOME ' s numerous activities have made him an outstanding man-on-campus. ' 57 Chairman of Big Game week, and ' 58 Chairman of All University Weekend, Mark ' s also an active member of Golden Bear, Californian ' s Ex Committee, Campus-City Council and was Chairman of the P.C.C. Rose Bowl Queen Contest. A marketing major, Mark hopes to become an executive in a retail firm, and enjoys swimming and horseback riding in his few spare minutes. He has also been on Rally Com .. . is noted for his " extremely active social life! " .. . makes his campus home at the ZBT house. visor Jim Ring president buy class cards now they ' re established MacKenzie,DonaldJ. MedicineHat,Alb. Business Adminis. MacKerron, Robt. Milton, Mass. Business Adminis. Mackintosh, Dougald Berkeley Business Admin. Varsity Track MacLennan, Don. A. Sacramento Physical Eng. E, TBII, Calif. Engineer, Golden Guard, UCSEE MacMiIlan,DonaldR. San Francisco Architecture XAK, Architecture Fraternity MacNider, Joan C. San Andreas International Rel. AOII Macomber, Loretta Binghamton, N.Y. English MacPhee, Chester R. San Francisco Business Adminis. N MacVean, Duncan W. Sacramento Wildlife Conserv. Club, Rifle Club, " B " Rifle Team Magee, Kathleen E. Reno, Nevada History Maguire, Beverly A. San Francisco Sociology ZTA, Pelican, Secretariat Mahoney, John H. Petaluma Business Admin. AE, Baseball, Ex. Comm.,Athletic Adv. Board, Californians Maier, Phyllis Oakland Speech B, Freshman Class Council Malmstrom, Edw. J. Oakland Psychology Newman Club, Tower Flame, Honor Students Malueg, Carolyn J. Wausau, Wis. Psychology Honor Students, CTA, Public Affairs Committee Mangum, Robert J. Piedmont History Maraschin, Robt, A San Francisco Mechanical Eng. Cal Engineer, ASME, IAS, Golden Guard Marki, Gustav P. San Bruno Electrical Eng. UCSEE Marks, Alan David Berkeley Industrial Eng. Marshall, Clifford I San Francisco General Curriculum II, Freshman and Varsity Track, IFC House Man. Council Marston, Michael J Oakland Speech X, VP Stiles Hall Discrimination Comm., Cal-1A, Comm. Serv. Martinez, Marty Palo Alto Social Welfare AX, YWCA, Senior Class Council Maruyama, Teruo Hawaii Accounting Euclid Hall Masaki, Harry T. N. Sacramento Zoology Euclid Hall Mascarin,AnthonyE. Kingsburg Industrial Eng. X, Varsity Baseball, AIIE Masharov, Elena P, San Francisco Slavic Languages Masters, Elizabeth A. San Carlos General Curriculum A, Newman Club, Ski Club Masters, Shirley A. Berkeley Decorative Art Blue and Gold, Pelican Mathesen, Karen J. San Francisco General Curriculum Z, Student Union Committee, Cass Council Mathews, Arthur T. Fresno Business Adminis, Matlock, Mary F. Lafayette Physical Education AOII, Torch and Shield, Women ' s C Society Matthew, Robert S. Berkeley Mechanical Eng. A Mattocks, Arthur L. Sonoma Clinical Psychology Mayall, Pamela A. Mt. Hamilton Decorative Art Stern Hall, Canterbury Association McAuley, Malcolm J. Marysville Finance AK, B, Honor Students McCaffrey, Robt. E. Los Angeles Engineering McCarthy, John B. Richmond Economics A, Who Alphians, Golden Guard McCarty, Robert Riverside Political Science XA, Varsity Swimming, Big " C " Soc., Freshman Baseball McClard, Rosemary El Cerrito Social Welfare Social Welfare Club McCloskey, Gerald P. Rodeo Economics A 80 we struggle with ' Victory at C ' and lose the axe playing ' big brother ' What HASN ' T he done??? MIKE HONE, has been active in IFC, a member of Varsity Debate, Golden Bear, Cal Club, College Model UN, Ex Corn, and chairman of Welfare Board. as he is informally known, hopes to make law his career, if he can pass the bar exam. A public finance major, Mike ' s hobbies are hiking and bridge . . . and sleeping is his favorite pastime. When caught in these numerous activities, he ' s liable to comment " that ' s really good! " McClure, James D. Sacramento History McCombs, Wm. W. Stockton Zoology TKE, Pre-Med. Soc., Symphony Forum, IFC McConaughy, Marlene Oakland General Curriculum A, Christian Science Organization, Hon. Students McConnaughe y, J. A. Billings, Mont. Optometry Optometric Assoc. McCord, Paula Mary San Anselmo Com. and Pub. Pol. International House, Daily Cal, Slate, NSA McDermott, Patricia R. Tracy English Stratford Hall, Vice-President, Sen. Class Council McDonald, LeRoy M. Ogden, Utah Criminology AE, IFS Honor Society, Co-op McDonnell, R. D. San Francisco History Newman Club, Honor Students McDrew, Sarah H. Santa Rosa Social Welfare International House, Newman Club, YWCA McEneany, Lyn Oakland General Curriculum X, Fresh. Sen. Class Coun., Newman Club, Elections McEnerney, Martha San Francisco History Rally Com., Mortar Board, Torch Shield, Prytn. Cal Club McGee, Arthur L. Berkeley Mechanical Eng. TB II, ASME McGee, Gary C. Long Beach Electrical Eng. McGilvray, Elizabeth Sacramento Psychology A, Funct. Serv. Board, Const. Coun., YWCA McIntosh, Cal Indio Political Science McIntyre, Robt. Jr. Yosemite Nat ' l. Sociology McJilton, Thos. Jr. Berkeley Mathematics McKinnon, Jack K. Modesto Mechanical Eng. AK, ASME McKinstry, Jas. Jr. St. Louis, Mo. Geology A, Arnold Air Soc., Newman Club, Glee Club, Cal Eng. McLain, James D. Tujunga Civil Engineering Cloyne Court, Newman Club, ASCE McLean, Isabelle A. San Francisco General Curriculum Z, Class Council McNabb, Donald K. Visalia Marketing McNall, Carl Austin Richmond Business Adminis. AT, Men ' s J. Comm. Chr., Elect. Coun., Stud. J Com McNally, James H. Medway, Mass. Entomology Entomology Club McNamara, Sylvia Westwood Journalism ZTA McNees, John II Whittier Optometry BII, Big " C " , Circle " C " , Optometric Assn. McNutt, Clyde Esmond Porterville Mathematics Glee Club McPhee, Judy Lee Pasadena English A, Treble Clef McPhee, Waunita I. Napa Child Development K, Jr. and Sr. Class Coun., AXE Review, Spring Sing Mehan, Mary E. Alameda History AOII, Class Councils, Panhellenic Assoc. Mehran, Farrokh Tehran Physical Engineering Meighan, Thomas A. Hayward Electrical Eng. Mendelsohn, R. H. Berkeley Political Science KN, IFS Hon. Soc., Hon. Students Soc. Vice Pres., IIA Mengshol, John G. Berkeley Chemical Eng. Acacia, AICHE, IFC Menn, Bella Israel Interior Design Merle, Pierre F. San Francisco Political Science T, Rep-at-large, Ex. Comm., Cal Club, IFS, Golden Bear, Triune Merrill, Daniel C. Myers Flat Physiology Cal Band Mette, Lois Maryann Burlingame Social Welfare Peixotto, Treble Cleff, Newman Club, YWCA Meyer, Carol June Albany Decorative Art CSTA Meza, Raymond C. Turlock Hispanic Amer. Reg. 81 Hailing from far off Lafayette, PHYLLIS " Phizzie " PORTER is noted for her gift of gab. As Senior Manager of Treble Clef she is a songstress of note, and a member of Mortar Board and Pryt. A Poli Sci major, she ' s heading toward a career as a high school teacher of history and civics . . . and will enjoy talking with her students as much as instructing them. to the incoming freshmen projects engineered by council Sherry Michaels, Joan M. Oakland Art History K, Senior Class Council, YWCA Middleton, Dolores Yuba City English AII Middleton, Kennett Berkeley Zoology Pres. Wildlife Conservation Club Mikesell, Betty L. Hayward History Z Millard, Sidney San Bernardino Engineering Del Rey Miller, Gary Lee Bellflower Chemical Engr. AIChE Miller, John H. Pasadena Labor and Ind. Rel. Bowles Hall, Californians, Crew, Golden Bear, Qtrd. Miller, Randall B. Long Beach Political Science AM, Jr. Class Council Miller, Roger M. Berkeley Communications X, Asst. Dir. ASUC Publicity and Public Relations Millikan, Richard San Francisco Economics TKE, Symphony Forum, Jr. Rally Comm., NROTC Milliken, Franklin Oakland Anthropology Bowles Hall, Ushering, Rally Comm. Minnick, Katherine Chula Vista Retailing Masonic Club, X Minton, Ben Fred San Francisco Communications AEII, ASUC Publicity Pub. Rel., Pelican Mintz, Natalie V. Oakland Social Welfare E Miranda, Marvin P. Santiago, Chile Forestry Forestry Club Mitchell, Helene San Jose Decorative Art Bay View Terrace, Ski Club, Masonic Club, Dec. Art Club Mitchell, Jerrold El Cerrito Landscape Arch. Landscape Design Club Mittig, Patrica Portland, Ore. Recreation Newman Club Sec., Recreation Majors Club Miyagi, Ken Pasadena Mechanical Engr. Euclid Hall, ASME, NSC Miyamoto, Fumiye Dinuba Social Welfare Miyasaki, Harry H. Berkeley Optometry Mizuhara, Howard San Francisco Cer. Engr. Mock, Valerie Gail Sacramento Child Development Stebbins Hall Moe, Kenneth A. So. San Francisco Electrical Engr. E Moede, Austin Lyn Sacramento Biochemistry Honor Students, Interplanetary Exploration Soc. Moir, Barton M. Forestville Engineering X, Pres. IFC, Rugby, Men ' s Ex Board Mola, Andree F. Oakland General Curriculum A Molaug, Norman I. Daly City Transportation AK Monsanto, Dorothy Oakland Spanish Sec. II, AM, Masonic Club Mooney, Beverly L. Minneapolis, Minn. English Young Democrats, Student Civil Liberties Union Moore, Ann S. Pasadena Journalism Moore, Charles E. Salinas Economics Moore, Daniel A. Coachella Accounting Cal Marching Band, Pm-Legal Society, Cloyne Ct., USCA Morales, Heliodoro Merced Civil Engr. Mordasini, Donald San Francisco Psychology KA Morgan, Mary F. Los Angeles Psychology Peixotto Hall, Masonic Club, YWCA, CSTA Morgan, Ronald D. Sacramento Accounting Hiking Club, Store Board, Sailing Club Morrisey, Joanne Sacramento General Curriculum Chmn. Wom. JCOM, Mortar Bd., Pryt., WEB, Student JCOM Morrison, James C. San Mateo Physiology X Morrison, Richard Piedmont History A, Track, Ski Club, Yacht Club, Triune, Class Coun. 82 Anderson, Sue Trees, Lee Smith Je transfers swell the ranks breakfast It ' s easy to see why retirement is the outstanding ambition of " Sad " DON SANDSTROM. He ' s been Rep-at-Large, president of IFC, and active member of APC, Californians, Men ' s Ex Board, and Rally Committee. When he ' s not indulging in a favorite pastime, which is sleeping, he ' s busy with the presidency of Theta Xi ... or with skiing, painting, and reading. An industrial psych major, he ' ll try a bit of that before settling down with his pension. Morrow, Gordon E. Oakland Electrical Engr. MT Morse, Janet W. Pasadena Political Science Young Republicans, YWCA Moseley, Thomas A. Chicago, Ill. Business Admin. AT, Elections Council Moskowitz, Jack Santa Rosa Mechanical Engr. ASME, TB II, II T, Californians Mote, Clayton D. Sausalito Mechanical Engr. X Mote, Richard H. Berkeley Finance Masonic Club Motoyama, Keisho Japan Mathematics Mowry, Phillip C. Berkeley Architecture Mumbert, Joyce Lee Lodi Child Development AO II Munday, Harold A. San Francisco Civil Engr, Ridge House, Glee Club, ASCE Munn, Julia B. West Hartford, Conn. Art History Munro, Jean P. Berkeley Speech B Muramoto, Edwin E. Oakland Physiology Murano, Tad T. Stockton Business Admin. Murdock, Janice Piedmont General Curriculum AX, Ski Club, Sr. Cl. Coun., Blue Gold, CSTA lntram. Murphy, Jean Marie Berkeley History Newman Club Myers, Bruce A. Bell Physics Myers, Charles M. Berkeley Zoology II Myron, Stuart M. Sunland Metallurgy Bowles Hall Nadeau, George D. Glendale Landscape Arch. AT Naftel, Carol Lee Pomona Business Admin. Richards Hall Nagy, Miklos Budapest Slavic KN Naito, Kiyoshi San Francisco Economics Nakagawa, Fred F. Pasadena Chemical Engr. Euclid Hall Nasland, Don San Diego Civil Engr. ASCE Nathan, Harriet J. San Francisco General Curriculum E, Honor Society, Hillel Nealson, Sandra Berkeley History X, Honor Society Neff, Harold Glenn San Gabriel Production Mgmt. A Neiderman, Duane Des Moines, Ia. Landscape Arch. Nelson, Bobbe Lou Petaluma History K Nelson, Joan Rose Petaluma Journalism Prospect, Pelican, Sailing Club, Secretariat Nelson, John Olaf Petaluma Civil Engr. XE, ASCE Nelson, Karen S. Menlo Park Social Welfare AOII, Social Welfare Club Nemechek, Robert Berkeley Medical Science N, Basketball Netoff, Theodore Santa Cruz Electrical Engr. Yacht Club, Radio Club, Glee Club, UCSEE, Flying Club Nevil, Carol Ann San Francisco Social Welfare AX Newell, Anne Oakland General Curriculum IIB Newton, Michael P. Yreka History AE Nicholas, Gail B. Los Angeles Political Science KKT, Oski Dolls, Honor Society, AWFA, PIC Nichols, Dean A. Altadena Journalism Polo Club 83 " Oh for heaven ' s sakes! " says this redhead when something goes wrong, which is less than often in her life. President of WDA, MYRNA BOUCHEY is noted for her dancing, her overabundance of energy and her freckles. A member of Mortar Board, Pryt, Women ' s Ex, Campus-City Coordinating Council, and the Student Center Committee, Myrna leads a busy life. Fills her spare moments with skiing, harmonica playing, writing, and tennis. An English major, she plans to teach secondary school, has hopes " to be of some use to someone, " and to write an earth- shaking novel someday. Panella, James R. Parker, Judith Oakland Merced Civil Engr. General Curriculum ASCE, UC Coop. AO H, Treble Clef Engineers, New- Junior Mgr. man Club Paolino, Peter A. Parker, Russell J. San Anselmo Gardena Accounting Civil Engr. Barrington Hall, ASCE USCA Board, Ex. Comm., Ad. Comm. Popke, Elta Maria Los Angeles General Curriculum AAA, Student Hon. Society, YWCA Nomura, Akiko G. Olson, Norman E. San Jose San Pablo Public Health Nurs. Mechanical Engr. NSC, RN ' s on Campus, ASCA Orozco, Ben M. Pape, Frederick B. Los Angeles Berkeley History Economics IFC, DIK, Golden Guard, Canterbury Association Parkin, Dick B. Vallejo Civil Engr. Parks, John Albany Civil Engr. ASCE, TB n , XE North, Gordon Olson, Virginia R. Sacramento Pasadena Electrical Engr. Business Admin. HKN, Corres. Sec Secretariat, TB II , UCYC, 4,X0 UCSEE Osborn, Delbert M. Red Bluff Political Science Bowles Hall 84 Nichols, Robert E. San Bruno Metallurgy Abracadabra, AIME, ASME Norwitt, David Ornate, Jean San Francisco Hanford Political Science General !Curriculum Stern Hall, NSC, YWCA Ovalle, Frank F. San Francisco Spanish AYO, Newman Club Parady, Richard Temple City Forestry Forestry Club, Yacht Club Nicholson, Lawrence Nowling, Barbara Hollister Long Beach Civil Engr Sociology KAO O ' Neil, Charles C. Overstreet, Jill Long Beach Berkeley Civil Engr. General Curriculum Oxford Hall, MRA Council, ASCE, TB H, Californians Parish, James B. Oakland Anthropology Pelican Ad Mgr., Young Republicans Nicholson, Sara Oberg, Arthur H. Ong, James Owens, Ma rgaret S. Park, Dean Howard Berkeley Spokane Phoenix, Ariz. Livermore Los Angeles Political Science Sanitary Science Production Mgmt. Food Chem. Tech. Electrical Engr. 1K, WUS Chmn., Public Health Club I House, Smyth, OM, Home Econ. AKA YWCA Ex Comm., Daily Cal, Univ. Club, Newman Club, Gavel Quill Symph., CSA, CSC Tower Flame, PEE Nicoletti, Anne L. Ogren, Arnold E. Millbrae Los Angeles Speech Economics-History Ski Club, KA, KN, Cal Band, Class Council, Hon. Students Newman Club Society Ong, Kwok Blythe Eng. Physics Paine, Juanita G. Modesto History Ski Club Park, Syng Hyok Seoul, Korea Economics I House Nivolo, Lino S. San Francisco Spanish Newman Club Okubo,Toshihiko Onoda, Eleanor H. Japan Sacramento Labor Indus. Rel. Social Welfare Wesley Foundation Stebbins Hall, NSC Noe, Carole Oakland General Curriculum ZTA Olson, Noble T. Corona Mechanical Engr. ASME, TBII, It TX Orchard, Thomas A. North Hollywood Landscape Arch. " Sitting on the beach " is a favorite pastime of Miss LYNNE VERNON, who ' s had very little time for it since coming to Cal. As vice-president, then president of Panhellenic Lynne was also active in Thistle Branch of Children ' s Hospital and Torch and Shield. Swimming and reading are extracurricular hobbies of this gal, who fits vice-presidency of Pryt and president of Tri-Delt in somewhere. Hoping for a career in the State Department, Lynne would assure you a job therein was " keen ... ! " Paul, Arlene T. Portland, Ore. Speech ASE, Senior Class Council, Freshman Class Council Paul, Jenifer K. Pasadena General Curriculum WAA, YWCA Sor. Rep., Young Democrats Pawson, Lynn Marie Albany Home Economics ZTA, Chmn. Oski Dolls, Home Ec. Club, Songleader Homecoming Queen Peden, Samuel S. Garden Grove Criminology TKE, Head Yell Ldr., Golden Bear, Californians, Rally Games Peet, Thomas A. Millbrae Business Admin. Insurance Assn. Peixoto, Frank S. Richmond Business Admin. Pellissier, Francois Whittier Business Admin. Bowles Hall Pelz, David B. Lodi Civil Engr. Bowles Hall Perine, Ann Mae Sierra Madre English Perrin, Anthony W. Lodi Criminology KE, Triune, Football, Baseball Pessin, Leo B. Burbank Mathematics Bowles Hall, Radio-TV Theater Peter, Carole Helen Redwood City Child Development AEA, Class Coun., Honor Students Society Petersen, Gerald W. Placerville Electrical Engr. LICSEE Petersen, Neal L. San Francisco Political Science AKA, (ND, Golden Bear, IFC Treas., IFS, II EA Peterson, Diana J. Berkeley History Westminster House Peterson, Robert A. South Pasadena Business Admin. EX, IFC, Campus Tours Chmn., Comm. Ser. Bd., Rathskellar Peterson, Sylvia L. Danville Home Economics Joaquin Hall, Home Economics Club, Plymouth House Petrocelli, William Oakland Political Science AKA, Rep-at- Large, Homecoming Queen Chmn., Gold- en Bear, Gavel Quill, IFC J. Com. Petron, Daniel L. Fresno Business Admin. $1 ' 4, Triune, IFC Jud. Comm., Skull Keys, Swimming Phelps, Marvin V. El Cerrito Mechanical Engr. Philippi, Judith M, Piedmont General Curriculum H BO, Speakers Bureau, Ace of Clubs Phillips, Virginia Oakland Social Welfare AAX, YWCA, Roger Williams Club Pihl, Donald S. Albany Business Admin. Golden Guard, Rugby, Circle " C " Piper, Paul V. Fair Oaks Mechanical Engr. AXP, Varsity Baseball, Big " C " Society Plummer, Robert L. Salt Lake City Industrial Engr. AIIE, USCA, A II M, Masonic Club Poise, Sanford L. San Francisco General Curriculum Frosh Swim Team, Class Pon, Chuck Y. San Francisco Electrical Engr. Porcella, Donald B. Modesto Zoology OX, Water Polo, BMOC, Circle K, Soph President Porlier, Victor, Jr. Long Beach Pol. Sci.—Econ. Society for the Advancement of Management Porter, Phyllis Anne Lafayette Political Science Epworth Hall, Treble Clef Sr. Mgr., Mortar Board, Prytanean, TINA. Pott, Robert G. Honolulu Economics Barrington Hall, MRA, USCA, Golden Guard Powers, Paula Fresno Art ZTA, Pub. Pub. Rel. Board, Rally Comm., Hon. Stu- dents, Yacht Club RC Peck, Richard Aaron Pemberton, Robert Palo Alto Berkeley Zoology Industrial Relations Apollo Club, Soph. OKI, Engr. ' s Joint Swim Mgr.,Yacht Coun., Pres. AIIE, Club, Spec. Service Yacht Club Council Pecsar, Raymond E. Pepys, Mark B. Sa n Bernardino San Marino Chemical Engr. Economics AIChE, ACS AAA, Debate Society Peevey, Michael R. Perry James W. San Francisco Honolulu Economics Chemistry Young Democrats AXP, SAACS Place, John I. Powell, Donald J. Huntington Beach San Francisco Criminology Gr. Hispanic Ski Club " Talking to wetbacks! " is the favorite pastime of COB advisor SHERRY ANDERSON, Spanish major par excellence. This Sigma Kappa names Pryt, Gavel and Quill,and WEB as outlets for her unbounded energies, and is noted as the only Senior gal who ' s held two successive class offices. She ' s also famous for her big infectious smile. Reed, Beverly Anne Reese, Jay David Hillsborough San Fra ncisco Child Development History AKO, Panile, In- AXA, Crew tramural, Blue Gold Reed, George Wm. Reeve, Earl Jordan Oakland Fresno Industrial Psych. Business Admin. .1X AT, Triune, Skull and Keys, Golf, IFC, Schol. Honor Soc. Pratt, Sandra Gene Proctor, Linda L. Puccinelli, Robert Quigley, William El Cerrito Oakland Sacramento Castro Valley Speech General Curriculum Business Admin. Political Science AA n AAA, Rally Comm. ET, Varsity Base- EAE, IFC Rush ball, Big " C, " Chmn., Californians, Triune TT, Spkrs. Bureau Raff, Garold 0. Raynard, Donald P. Bell Canaan, Conn. Landscape Arch. Economics 1TE, Pres. Lands. Design Cl., IFC Rep., V.P. Dis. Cl. Ream, David Wm. Berkeley Psychology AA1 Regalia, Ellene El Cerrito Art History KA, Blue Gold Prestegard, Allen Proffitt, Norman Pugh, Archer F. Quint, Peter Allen Rand, Joan El iz. Oakland Oakland Concord Fontana Santa Barbara Psychology Business Admin. Pre-Law Electrical Engr. Mathematics Honor Society, XT 1:II, JCOM, IFC TB II, HKN, TBK Arnold Air Society JCOM, Californians UCSEE Razzano, Raymond Oakland Civil Engr. ASCE, TB II, XE Rebol, Robert L. Culver City Business Admin. Reiche, Lois Berkeley Home Economics ON, Home Ec. Club, Honor Stu- dents, AAI Price, Roger G. Proffitt, Patricia Puorro, Richard R. Quong, Roland Rauhala, Barbara Oakland Oakland Winthrop, Mass. San Francisco Richmond Business Admin. English Optometry Chemical Engr. Art TT, Track Cross- 1K, Blue Gold, AIChE, CSC Country, Golden Class Councils Bear, Big " C, " Skull Keys Pritchard, Paul A. Pruyn, Alison Duff Quick, Glenn Erman Radonich, Lenore Marysville Rolling Hills Phoenix, Ariz. Orinda Civil Engr. Sociology Business Admin. General Curriculum ASCE AAA, Ski Club OE, AMA Are Rawson, Richard A. Berkeley Biochemistry Pres. Med. Sciences Coon., V.P. Pre- Med. Society Read, Bridget Ann Long Beach History Sec. Cercle Fran- cais, Univ. Hist. Club Ready, Thomas Atherton Political Science ATA, FSB Chmn., Rep-at-Large, Winged Helmet, Cal Club Redd, Shirley Anne Berkeley Spanish AKA, Panel of Amer., YWCA, Pelican, Y. Demo. Redhead, Bonny L. Carmel English , Student Adv. Health Comm. Reed, Irene L. Richmond English Reed, Mary Frances Corona del Mar History XO, Rally Comm., Blue Gold, Intramurals Reeves, Phyllis J. So. San Francisco English Reeves, Ralph H. Pontiac, Mich. Chemical Engr. Reicherter, Wayne San Dimas History Ridge House Reid, Frederick A. So. San Francisco Electrical TB II, Yacht Club 86 Senior Rep-at-Large BILL PETROCELLI spent most of the year upstairs in Stephens Union. Added to his ASUC office, Bill was President of Golden Bear, and active on Gavel and Quill, Finance Committee, and the Constitutional Review Committee. Squeezing his poll sci major in somewhere, he also managed the AKL house in his spare moments. Aiming fora career geared to his college studies, Bill will find diversion for the future in his favorite pastime: music in all forms. Richards, Charles Sutter Creek Mechanical Engr. Bowles Hall, Big " C, " Senior Track Mgr. Ring, Andrew J. III Denver, Colo. Architecture AX, Pres. Jr. Class, Rally Comm., Gold- en Bear, Califs. Richardson, Joseph Ring, James M. Oakland Ferndale Economics Accounting 4,AO, Big " C, " XAE, Nitefiters, Newman Club, IFC University Chorus House Mgr. Assn. Richter, Alan Lee Riordan, Georgeann San Bruno San Francisco Geology Bacteriology AE4, Rockwell, Robert China Lake Physics White Shingles, Honor Students, Axe Review, 4,13K Rolph, Don M. Tooele, Utah Architecture Architecture Assoc. Roditti, David M. Rolston, Lois Jay San Francisco Encino Accounting English KN Rogers, Percy G. Ronan, John T. III Colton Berkeley Law Enforcement Chemical Engr. Acacia, AAE OKI, Water Polo, AIChE, EJC Reilly, Josephine Reynolds, Blake W. El Cerrito Berkeley History Mechanical Engr. 1051, CSTA, Class Ridge House, Councils, Yacht TB II, II TY, Club IAS Reinhertz, Paul B. Reynolds, Jack G. San Francisco Bakersfield English Zoology Reitman, Audrey P. Ricciardi, Robert Oakland Los Angeles Social Welfare Architecture Past Pres. XAK, Sec. Arch. Assn. Riusaki, Masayoshi Roberts, Paul Dee Goleta San Leandro Plant Pathology Civil Engr. Euclid Hall, NSC, ESA Golden Guard Roberson, Darryl Robertson, Carroll Fresno Greenfield Architecture Chemical Engr. AXA Roberts, Donald Robinson, Donald Long Beach San Francisco Economics Electrical Engr. Barrington Hall AAA Rosa, Eugene John Sacramento Chemistry Smyth Assoc., SAACS, Amateur Radio Club Rose, Fred G. Lexington, Mass. Chemical Engr. AIChE Rose, Howard I. Oakland Optometry KN, Baseball, Rally Comm. Rosenberg, Margaret Berkeley Child Development KA49, YWCA, University Chorus Rosenfeld, William Saratoga History Bowles Hall, Hillel, Symphony Forum, Folk Dance Rosenlieb, James Berkeley Electrical Engr. I II Rennie Robert L. Rice, Bruce James Berkeley Berkeley Forestry Biochemistry Forestry Club Xt., Triune, Skull Keys, Crew, Ski Club Riegg, Robert D. Walnut Creek Pre. Hosp. Admin. 145 ' s Bas- ketball, MB Ritchey, Glenn A. Modesto Chemistry AXP, AIChE Roberts, Harry E. San Diego Optometry Rochex, Rosemarie Watsonville Political Science AZ, Blue Gold, Newman Club, Wont in Foreign Affairs Rognas, John R. Rood, William E. Burlingame Concord Optometry Mechanical Engr. Optometric Assoc. AT, AllE, House Mgrs. Assoc. Rose, Rodney Burlingame Political Science Bowles Hall, Varsity Crew, Daily Cal, A4H-2 Rosenlof, Jon R. Portland, Ore. Accounting 87 " My dear, let ' s take a ride and get some ice cream! " This is the usual cry of Senior BETSY DAVIS in her few and far-between spare moments. Betts is usually found behind her desk at the Panhellenic office, of which she serves as president, or else meetings of the Women ' s Ex Board. After meals at the Pi Phi house, she usually runs off to a Mortar Bcard or Prytanean meeting. A Bus Ad major specializing in finance, Betsy has " many " amb itions for her post- graduation years. Sarles, Donald E. Berkeley Business Admin. Samaras, Celia M. Oakland Sociology ABA Sato, Kenichi Japan Chemistry Roussakis, George Russell, David A. Sachse, Marvin H. Sanders, Marquis Montclair, N.J. Pepperwood Los Angeles Richmond Interna tional Rel. Mechanical Engr. Industrial Engr. Political Science Soccer Team, Abracabadra, Ball II AO, AIIE, Flame and Torch, Baseball Team, Chain, 00, Cal Ski Club Honor Society Flying Club Engineer, ASIVIE Rosenow, Verl E. Huntington Beach Petroleum Engr. Varsity Water Polo, Masonic Lodge, AIME Rosenthal, Crete! Oakland General Curriculum Lantana Lodge House Pres., WDA Rosoff, Sara Los Angeles Public Health Public Health Undergrads Rosso, William C. Oakland Architecture XAK, Architecture Assoc. Rosso!, Frederick Walnut Creek Electrical Engr. EKN Pres., TB II Treas., UCSEE V.P. Rothman, Paul M. Oakland Business Admin. V.P. SAM Roy, Delwin Adams Merced Business Admin. Royer, Patricia S. Albany Journalism AEA, ASUC Radio- TV, Mask Dagger, Hammer Dimmer Ruby, Robert L. Sacramento Business Admin. Rudbach, Jon A. Sierra Madre Bacteriology Rugaard, Lawrence San Leandro Civil Engr. ASCE Rule, David Harris Stockton Business Admin. Bowles Hall, Newman Club, BA NY Rutherford, Rosemary Berkeley Speech A XII Ryals, Auber Gene Auburn Electrical Engr. Ryan, Juliann W. El Cerrito Child Development Xtl, Newman Club, Senior Class Coun. Ryan, Tim William San Francisco Business Admin. Triune Ryker, Harrison C. Oakland History Dobro Slovo, Univ. Symphony Orch., Quarterdeck Society St. Amant, Nancy Berkeley Decorative Art MB, Cedar Branch of Children ' s Hospital Saito, Masanobu Japan Economics Tower Flame, Honor Students Salsman, Lawrence Fairfield Journalism Radio TV Theater Santana, Judis N. Piedmont Nutrition ABA, Home Economics Club Santin, Louis J. Sacramento Mechanical Engr. ASME Saltalamachia, Joan Santina, Guido D. San Jose Sacramento Journalism Business Admin. ZTA, Rally Comm., AX Card Stunts Salvig Leonard E. Stockton Zoology Sather Hall, IUCF, Radio TV, Pre-Med. Society Sardell, Sheila J. Los Angeles Political Science Peixotto Hall Sanchez, Elio F. Argentina Architecture Circulo Argentino Pres. Sasaki, Jane T. Saratoga Business Admin. Rowe, Mary Eliz. Ruth, Harold S. Sage, Donna Lea Arlington, Va. Piedmont Santa Barbara Zoologoy General Curriculum English Symphony Forum, AKA Model UN Sands, Lawrence M. Saunders, Ernest San Lorenzo Berkeley Zoology Electrical Engr. TKE, IFC Rep. Skiing, Folk Danc- ing, Yacht Club RR When not pleading with the Cal Bears to " Get Mean! " TKE SAM PEDEN can be found hopping from one campus meeting to another. " Big Sam " lists Golden Bear, Cal Club, and Men ' s Ex Board as spare time activities, and when his yell leading career is over he hopes to become a special agent for the FBI. In preparation for this high-falutin ' career, he studies hard in off moments and insists " it ' s not that bad! " Scarzella, Jack R. Schneider, Lawrence Schreiber, Judith Schuyler, Roberta Sears, John H. Walnut Creek San Francisco Newport Beach Danville Berkeley Industrial Engr. Mechanical Engr. History History Business Admits. MKT, AIIE ASME, TB II, II Blue Masonic Club OAX, Senior Class II TE Gold, YWCA Council Schaefer, Ann D. Schneider, Thomas Schroder, Joyce L. Schwarz, Peter Seff, Karl Los Altos Sanger Sacramento San Francisco Petaluma History Chemical Engr. General Curriculum Political Science Chemistry Peixotto Hall, AIChE, OT,Ridge House Pres., AO ' ' , Class Coun- Fencing Varsity Newman Club OAX Pres. cil, Blue Gold Californians, Pres. NASC Schaub, Fred L. Schoen, Marilyn J. Schroffel, Bruce Schwarzer, Timothy Selb, Susan Lynne Alhambra Manteca San Francisco Walnut Creek Merced Forestry History Psychology Psychology Hispanic America Hiking Club, :LEH, Pres. EKA, KN Acacia, Asst. Yell AO II, Rally Forestry Club, Calif. Student Leader, Califor- Comm., Games Parachute Club Teachers Assoc. niarts, Megaphone Comm., Panhellenic Scholte, Lorelda Schultz, Sonja Lee Schwefel, James D. Berkeley Walnut Creek Salinas Hispanic America Business Admin. Economics Ushering, Student AEA, WEB Social Welfare Board, Ch., Panhellenic, Tower Flame Pryt., Mortar Board Saxon, Jack Stockton Math. Psychology KN, Editor Hillel Call, Track, Intra- mural, Apollo Saylor, David Schimmel, Richard Los Angeles San Francisco Engineering Economics AIIE TKE ' Scholz, Margaret Schulz, Royce H. Alameda Lodi Decorative Art Economics NOR, Children ' s Bowles Hall, Con- Hospital, Blue cert Chamber Bands, Cal Band Schonhoff, Lanny Schum, Donald R. Berkeley Dale, Ind. 3usiness Admin. Civil Engr. BF E, SAM Pres., ASCE Honor Students Scolari, Richard Oakland Business Admin. OE, Glee Club, Pre-Med. Soc., Pelican, Councils Scott, Donald H. Oakland Business Admin. Acacia, Glee Club Schifano, Paul R. San Jose Optometry Scargall, Carl E. Santa Fe, N.M. Mechanical Eng. Scarich, Vincent Berkeley Electrical Engr. UCSEE, Newman Club, AIEE, Yacht Club Schlegel, Daniel Anaheim Labor Ind. Rel. Schmidt, Lyndon A. San Leandro Journal ism Schreiber, Leonard Danville Business Admin. DAE, Glee Club Schutz, Gordon Los Angeles Political Science Model UN, Model Senate, Honor Soc., IFS Honor Soc. Scrivner, Richard Merced Agr. Economics IA0, NROTC, Rugby, Quarterdeck Society Seaman, Lynn Mariposa Civil Engr. Sec. ASCE, TB H, Honor Society EEE Schottstaedt, Eliz. Schurr, Margery San Francisco Long Beach Business Admin. Biochemistry ZTA, Senior Class Beaudelaire Club Rep., Real Estate Club Savage, Gloria J. New York, N.Y. Business Admin. Sherman Hall, Pres YWCA, AIO Schenet, Wayne A. San Clemente Electrical Engr. UCSEE, IRE, Amateur Radio Club 89 Interior decorating is the favorite pastime of Mortar Board president SUE DIAMOND, who ' ll soon have a home of her own to work on. Sue ' s a Spanish major who ' d love to travel in Mexico after her busy days with Pryt, Panhellenic, and AEPhi are over. Hailing from South Pasadena, she plans to marry fiance Jule and teach English to struggling high schoolers . . . Selvidge, Robert North Hollywood Economics Occident, Pelican, Jr. Mgr. Crew, SAM Serventi, James R. Sevilla, Darrell Shea, Maureen M. Shelton, James D. Concord San Francisco Los Angeles San Marino Business Admin. Pre-Law Political Science Labor Ind. Rel. ATA KN, Frosh Football, KKI ' Bowles Hall, Senior Baseball, Daily Class Coun., Bowles, Cal, Axe Review Senior Class Pres. Shinoda, Paul Y. Torrance Plant Pathology Euclid Hall, Varsity Crew Rowing, NSC, Golden Guard Siegel, Marjorie Toledo, Ohio Art History Simpson, Bernard San Francisco Political Science KA, Golden Bear, Cal ifornians, Varsity Basketball Skocovsky, Dennis Berwyn, Ill. Physics Smiley, Parker C. Berkeley Mechanical Engr. 4)A, ASME Shulte, Ann Marie Sigel, Helen J. San Leandro Oakland Child Development English Californian, WDA, CSTA Newman Club, House Pres. Californian Shurtz, Richard L. Silva, William J. St. Helena Watsonville Geology Civil Engr. MKT Sisson, Linda San Leandro Home Economics AXSZ, Panile, Class Council Slatten, Derrell Smith, Alice Sue Lemoore Bakersfield Optometry Zoology Newman Club Singleton, G. David Skogstrom, David Smiley, Teddy Willows Piedmont Morgan Hill History Marketing History OAX, Rugby, KE Epworth Hall, Circle " C, " Intramural, UCHC Californians Semichy, Pat Ellen Sessions, Phyllis San Jose Berkeley Social Welfare Political Science Secretariat, Newman Club, Homecoming YWCA, WFA, Hiking Club Senske, Carolyn M. Severeid, Gerald San Francisco San Francisco Child Development Accounting Newman Club BFE, Honor Society, Ski Club Serex, Eugene Ross Sevier, Kenneth D. Albany Eureka Mechanical Engr. Physics ASME, Cal Band, E DE Baton Society, Quarterdeck Society Shafran, Julius A. Shead, Donald John Berkeley Frome, England Electrical Engr. English ZBT, TB HKN Shafran, Phyllis Sheets, Janet Lee Berkeley Piedmont General Curriculum French Stern Hall H BI ' Shea, Dennis N. Sheldon, Willis J. Bakersfield Sebastopol Geology Business Admin. EX, M , Water AE H Polo Shepherd, Conrad Exeter Business Admin. OBI, SAM Sheridan, Earl A. Oakland Electrical Engr. UCSEE Shinoda, Makiko Berkeley Dietetics NSC, Home Econ. Club, ON Sidener, John T. Sacramento Architectur e EX, Ski Club, Editor Ark. Report Silvera, Isaac F. Skene, Paula H. Los Angeles San Francisco Physicis Decorative Art ZBT, SHE, IFS KAO, Panile, Honor Society WAA, Red Cross Smart, Rowena Ann Sacramento Mathematics Peixotto Hall, Masonic Cl., Plymouth, Sr. Council Smith, Benjamin F. Santa Rosa Soil Science 90 JOE KAPP, 1958 Captain of the Golden Bears, was outstanding in Cal athletics. " Big Joe, " running and passing his way to All-American distinction, led the Bears to the PCC crown and on to Pasadena . A member of Big C and Kappa Alpha, Joe played varsity basketball during his Cal career, and acted as student football coach. That letter sweater and a ready grin are his campus trade-marks. Hailing from Newhall, Joe ' s future plans will take him to the ream of Canadian football. Watch out if the Bears ever tangle with HIS team! Smith, Leland I. Smith, Sheila Ida Snider, George Soeroto, Djoko Som, Harry D. Sorge, Anne H. Sparks, Thomas R. Whittier Glendale Los Angeles Indonesia Phoenix, Ariz. Arcadia Porterville Civil Engr. Social Welfare Chemical Engr. Economics Architecture Landscape Arch. Physics EAE DEE, Hillel Pres., AIChE Tennis, Badminton CSA, Honor KKr Railroad Club Stratford Hall Students V.P. Smith, Merle Mark Smith, Stephanie Snider, Mercedes Soeten, Theresa M. Somerville, Jeanne Soutter-Dapples, Spencer, Gordon Lafayette Salinas Hayward Larkspur La Canada Christiane San Francisco Production Mgmt. General Curriculum Home Economics General Curriculum Sociology France Mechanical Engr. orA, Triune, KKr, WAA, Chil- Home Economics XSZ, YWCA Oldenberg Hall, Philosophy ASME, SAE, Megaphone Society dren ' s Hospital, Club Senior Rep.,Class Rifle Team Young Republicans Pres., Oldenberg Spridgen, Sylvia Steck, Sharon Ross Santa Rosa Palo Alto General Curriculum Political Science KKr, Ace of Clubs KKr U. of Conn., University Chorus Spring, Carolyn H. Steen, Verne E. Forest Hills, N.Y. Whittier General Curriculum Civil Engr. ADD, WAA, Axe ASCE Review, Panhellenic Delegate Smith, Claire L. Lafayette French ' LTA, Treble Clef, Mortar Board, Wel- fare Board, Wesley Smith, Donald R. Alamo History AXP Smith, George W. Smith, Robert D. Smith, Susan E. Snyder, Frederick Solomon, Ernest T. Sonnichsen, Darrell Sparks, Charles Spieler, Nathaniel Stadelman, Judith Courtland Novato San Leandro Fullerton Los Altos Palo Alto Los Angeles San Francisco Los Angeles Accounting History History Mechanical Engr. Geology Economics Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Political Science EX, Frosh Football TKE, Mask Dag- YWCA, Women ' s AKA, ASME, Cloyne Court, Parachute Club, UCSEE 0AX, IAS KKr, Women ' s C Baseball, NROTC, ger, Class Councils, Rally Comm., Rugby Circle " C, " 43T, Hiking Club Society, Ace of Rambler Football IFC, Spring Sing Ch. Masonic Club Wrestling Clubs Steinberg, Irene Oakland Art Education Oski Doll Smith, James B. Berkeley Business Admin. PICT, Navy Drill Team, Senior Class Coon., Megaphone Steingrube, Miriam Cincinnati, Ohio Nursing Education A011 Alum. Smith, Sam E. Smyth, John F. Snyder, Julie Ann Solomonow, Allan Soo, Ying Ming Sparks, Marilyn Spilker, Phyllis Stanley, Dorothy Carmel Oakland Indianapolis, Ind. Los Angeles China Porterville Kentfield Berkeley History Personnel Admin. Political Science Political Science Law Enforcement Physical Education Physiology Child Development Canterbury AE II, Model UN, PE Majors Club Newman Club rvB, Senior Y. Democrats, Oski Council Comm., SLATE 91 Hailing from San Mateo, this history major extended her interests in a publication direction while at Cal. Business Manager of the Daily Cal, SALLY ED- WARDS is also president of Pi Alpha Sigma and member of Xi Xi Xi and Pub Board. Noted for running a hectic office, Sal ' s ambition is to travel around the world. Stelling, Anita Stewart, Allen P. Sonoma Lafayette Social Welfare Business Admin. Epworth Hall, II , Winged YWCA, Mortar Ed., met, Triune, Crew Prytanean Stendell, Barbara Stewart, John F. San Francisco Hanford Child Development Mechanical Engr. AXH, Oski Dolls, ASME, TB II, Class Council H TX, Honor Students Stephens, Roger K. Palo Alto Business Admin. EN, Track, Cross- Country, Big " C, " Circle " C " Stephenson, Maryanne Sacramento Education Stern Hall, Honor Students Stern, Fritz Berkeley Business Admin. EN Sternberger, Marie San Francisco Physical Education Californian Stone, Marjorie Studebaker, Wm. Sutton, Phil B. Oakland Sacramento Berkeley Art Public Health Optometry AEM Newman Club Stoops, Margo Anne Stull, Betty Ann Berkeley Bakersfield Child Development Dramatic Lit. Newman Club Elizabeth Barrett, Thalian Suyetsugu, Tsutomu San Francisco Civil Engr. XE Stewart, John M. Modesto Chemical Engr. Yacht Club, AIChE, Masonic Club Story, Michael S. Torrance Chemistry AXE, SAACS Suett, Elle Mae Suzuki, Katura Albany Japan International Rel. Chemical Engr. Cloyne Court, AIChE, ACS Stewart, John 0. Strange, Richard Sullivan, Jerry M. Swan, George W. Springfield, Ill. San Mateo Madill, Okla. Oakland Political Science Business Admin. Accounting Landscape Arch. AMA Stewart, Sue G. Straubel, Susan W. Oceanside Laguna Beach Foods Nutrition General Curriculum Home Economics HBO, YWCA, Ace Club, Masonic of Clubs, Class Club Councils, WAA Sullivan, Robert Swanson, William Stockton El Cerrito Business Admin. General Curriculum Barrington Hall, DEII Stockon, Seal Beach Civil Engr. XE, Sec. ASCE Straus, Jo Anne Sunada, Daniel K. Hillsborough Newcastle General Curriculum Civil Engr. Stern Hall Pres., Cloyne Court, XE Rally Comm., Pres., TB II tions Conn., FTC Swanstrom, Robert Oakland Mechanical Engr. ASME Stricklin, Bill Susnow, Gayle Berkeley San Francisco Pre-Law Communications ASUC Pres., AEA, Spring Sing, IFS, Honor Society, Daily Cal, Big Cal Club, 4 4, GB Game Week Publ. Stricklin, Suzanne Sussman, Lois M. Berkeley Portland, Ore. Speech General Curriculum FOB, ASUC V.P., AEA, Panel of APC, Cal Club Mor. Americans, Pres. tar Board, Pryt ADO, Frosh Coun. Sweeney, Redlands History Masonic Club, Frosh Basketball Swinney, Janet El Cerrito General Curriculum AA II 99 Stevens, Noel W. Castro Valley Mechanical Engr. MEK Stone, Oakland General Curriculum ASE, Panhellenic, Greek Week, Elec- tions, Councils Stevens, Ronald W. Oakdale Political Science X ' I ' , ROTC Stone, Gary G. Sacramento Industrial Engr. TBII, AIIE A trumpeteer of first rank, STEVE COOK doesn ' t confine his abilities to the field of music. As Men ' s Rep, chairman of Men ' s Ex, and a member of Rally, Californians, Golden Bear, and Men ' s J, Steve ' s been working toward a successful career in public rela- tions. His communication and public policy major may assist him in this aim, as will his engaging mop of red hair. Sports and music are the favorite pas- times of this gentleman who says " no! " he is NOT engaged . . Taylor, Judith A. Richmond Child Development KA Taylor, Morse Palm Springs Political Science ZI3T, Men ' s JCOM, Student JCOM Teipel, Elizabeth Milwaukee, Wis. General Curriculum KA8 Teitsforth, K. Anne Mt. Morris, N.Y. Journal ism Newman Club, 19M I , Yacht Club Terry, Jerald D. Ojai Labor Ind. Rel. F11, Honor Students Terzich, Milos Stockton Pre-Law Oxford Hall, Big " C " Thomas, James W. San Francisco Psychology AT52, Baseball, Elections Council, House Officer Thomas, Hugh Craig Oakland Physics Thoma s, May L. Oakland Hispanic America Thompson, Charles Richmond Chemical Engr. Varsity Baseball, AIChE, Big " C, " Arnold Air Society Thompson, Jacqueline Atherton French Regional AE4 ' , Univ. French Club Thompson, Kay N. Oakland Speech AAA Thompson, Paul F. Richmond Mechanical Engr. ASME Tiedemann, Barbara Piedmont French A PA, Pelican, YWCA Tierney, Ronald C. San Leandro Business Admin. AKA Tillmany, Jack E. San Francisco Dramatic Art Mask Dagger Treas., Univ. The- ater, Honor Students Timm, Lorence L. Lemoore Political Science Acacia Tochterman, Ronald Sacramento General Curriculum Tokerud, Robert E. Great Falls, Mont. Electrical Engr. UCSEE Tolles, Sara M. Lafayette General Curriculum KM ' , Intramural Sylvia, Frederic Ontario Criminology ADD Tabler, Jane M. Talbot, Diane Lyn San Mateo El Cerrito General Curriculum English Epworth Hall, AFA, Ski Club, WDA Serv. Chmn., Pelican YWCA, Ski Club Taggart, Robert W. Tam, Stella S. Piedmont San Francisco Business Admin. Public Health Lab. KF Takahashi, Kenneth Tamura, Miwako San Francisco Los Angeles Civil Engr. Zoology Takao, Tomi C. Cincinnati, Ohio Geography Takemori, Edward Tashima, Eugene K. Elk Grove Pasadena Mechanical Engr . Mechanical Engr. ASME, SAE, YBA, ASME ASME Oblique View Editor Tanforan, Frank M. Terry, Crystal C. San Anselmo Berkeley Mechanical Engr. Psychology ASME Takvorian, Charlene Tassielli, Frank Turlock Oakland Speech Business Admin. Richards Hall, Daily Cal, Daily Cal SAM Managerial Thomas, Diana H. Tick, Julie Ann Oakland El Cerrito General Curriculum History KA Takahashi, David San Francisco Biochemistry Honor Students Tamony, Joseph M. Mountain View Business Admin. Rugby Club, JV Rugby Takashima, Gary T. Fresno Mechanical Engr. Euclid Hall, ASME Tanimoto, Jun M. Lodi Physiology Euclid Hall, NSC 93 There ' s never a minute for relaxation in the busy life of B G manager and Pryt member SHIRLEY BRANCATO. A clothing major who makes her home at the A Chi 0 house and beats Freshmen who don ' t SELL, Shirley B. loves golf and swimming, enjoys " good music. " When her journalistic career is over she ' ll go into fashion buying and marketing. Tom, Nelson Ngoon Tong, Steven San Francisco San Francisco Electrical Engr. Mathematics TB II, IIKN Tourville, Bernadette San Francisco History AEA, NSA, College Women ' s Club Jrs. Townley, Mary V. Montague Sociology AFA, YWCA, ASUC Secretariat Turner, Gene Twain, Arthur R. Hornitos Oakland Journalism Communications Daily Cal Editor, KN, Daily Cal, Axe MAX Review, Megaphone Soc., Santa Claus Turner, Stephen Udovch, Joseph J. San Francisco San Francisco Criminology Civil Engr. AAE KA Ura, Kozo Japan International Rel. Uthaivathna, Suchinta Thailand Criminology Valentine, Sidney Viale, Laurence A. Richmond Berkeley Electrical Engr. Speech UCSEE AA II Valiton, Mary P. Victoria, Xavier Berkeley Santa Paula General Curriculum Geology AM), Children ' s Gymnastics, Circle Hospital, CSTA, " C, " Golden Guard Newman Club Vienop, Bob W. Napa History Crew Vienop, Louetta J. Napa Political Science AA II, Senior Class Coun., Pompon Girl, Daffodil Queen, AME Tom, Lily Tong, George Low San Francisco Oakland Sociology Chemistry I. House Treadway, Donald Concord Chemical Engr. Bowles Hall, AIChE Trew, Leonard F. Stamford Criminology Tom, Quailand San Francisco Production Mgmt. Torrance, Anthony Balboa Island Producton Mgmt. ATA, Gold. Bear, Californians, IFC V.P., Winged Helm. Townsley, Gerald South Gate Geology TKE Trimbach, Charles Oakland Mechanial Engr. IITX, TB II Turney, Ralph Stockton Accounting BAT Ulrich, Susan Piedmont General Curriculum Newman Club, Art Bureau Chmn., Children ' s Hospital Utterback, Raymond Los Angeles Forestry Smyth Assoc., Forestry Club, Newman Club Van Gelder, Daniel Victors, Alexis P. Oakland Novato International Rel. Engr. Physics Acacia, Golden Ski Club, Quarter- Guard deck Society Vogelzang, William Hudson, So. Dak. Electrical Engr. Tomita, William K. Torykian, Diana Hawaii Vallejo Electrical Engr. General Curriculum UCSEE, IRE, Honor Society AIEE Tuttle, Ronald K. Arcadia Chemical Engr. MAE, AIChE, AZ, Honor Society Uno, Mabel Yayoi Oakland General Curriculum CSTA Vail, Melvin C. Sacramento Chemical Engr. MAE, Weight Basketball, Golf, Nite- fiters, Californians Vernon, Lynne F. Videtsky, Wita Piedmont Canoga Park General Curriculum Dramatic Art AAA, Prytanean, Thalians, Occident, Torch Shield, Mask Dagger, Ski Panhellenic Pres. Cl., Honor Students Volmer, Ronald L. Downey Optometry Swimming, Water Polo, Big " C, " Optometric Assoc. Trapnell, Herbert Troppe, Aviva Berkeley Israel Classical Civil. Education AKE I. House 94 Singing, " for Pete ' s sake! " , is the special unsung talent of ASUC First Vice-President DICK KING. In preparing for a career as an international lawyer for the U.S. Department of State, he ' s worked in the ASUC as Director of Public Relations, vice-chair- man of numerous Ex Com committees, Chairman of Cal Club, Men ' s Ex, and on Golden Bear. Coming to Cal from San Lorenzo, Dicks ' hobbies are politics, singing, and Hi-Fi, and he ' s famous for that spec- tacular speaking voice. Walker, Sally Selma Accounting von Emster, Louise San Francisco English WDA Rep-at-Large Wagener, James P. Piedmont Business Admin. AKE, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune Wallis, Tom H. Ocala, Florida Landscape Arch. Lanscape Arch. Design Club Walpole, Mary R. Berkeley Anthropology Travel Council Walsh, Nancy Joan Menlo Park Home Economics KA, Prytanean, Cl. Councils, Pelican, Pres. Home Ec. Cl. Walther, Marsha L. Rockford, Ill. Physical Education ANSI, Prytanean, NVY, WAA, Hockey and Riding Mgr. Wamser, Richard E. Sacramento Industrial Engr. MN, Scabbard Blade, Golden Guard, AIIE Wandry, Warner J. Antioch History Watkins, Harold E. Meridian, Idaho Electrical Engr. UCSEE Watts, Kevin R. Weber, Arnold M. Welsh, Lawrence E. Australia Placerville Walnut Creek Architecture History Electrical Engr. Pres. Arch. Assoc. UCARC, History UCSEE Chairman Club Waung, Florence M. Weiner, Barbara A. Weppler, E ' Anne Hong Kong San Antonio, Tex. Delano Landscape Arch. Journalism Political Science Honor Students, ASE, eX I SLATE, Elections Landscape Arch. Council Design Club Weatherby, Eugene Weiner, Martin S. Werner, Edward C. San Andreas San Francisco Berkeley Civil Engr. English Business Admin. ASCE KN, Daily Cal MKT, Quarterdeck Sports, Varsity Society, (ND Debate, Hillel Webber, Suzanne R. Weir, William B. Westmann, Russell Berkeley Los Altos San Bernardino Industrial Rel. Electrical Engr. Civil Engr. Al ' , 4 X1), SAM, Masonic Club, ATIJ, ASCE Panhellenic TB H, HKN, Ski Club, UCSEE Westmore, Normand Yuba City Mechanical Engr. ASME Westphal, Don Karl Bakersfield Civil Engr. Whaley, Warren P. Berkeley Civil Engr. E)AX, ASCE, Water Polo Whang, Kyu Hyok Korea Chemical Engr. Whisler, William Concord Mechanical Engr. WX, TB II, II TE, Honor Society, ASME Whitaker, Barbara Alameda French College Women ' s Club Jrs., Masonic Club White, Shalene B. San Francisco English A 1:4, Whitham, Joan D. San Leandro Child Development Peixotto Hall, WDA, CSTA, JCOM Peix. Whitmore, Margaret Napa Social Studies ZTA, Jr. Class Coun., Blue Gold, Honor Roll Whitney, Richard Claremont Civil Engr. Cloyne Court, Pres. ASCE, EJC Eng. Week End Whitney, William San Francisco Political Science Model UN, Calif. Engineer Editor, Model UN Montreal Wickman, John Fred Los Altos Mechanical Engr. Acacia, ASME Waldie, Marg Wallace, Donald C. San Anselmo Rochester, N.Y. General Curriculum Electrical Engr. Stern Hall, Blue UCSEE Gold, Prytanean, Pres. living group Walker, Donna Jean Wallach, Eduard A. Berkeley Los Angeles Latin Civil Engr. ASCE Wall, Beverly Jean Wallner, Chuck Orinda Sanger General Curriculum Medicine KKr, WAA, Young AKK, Cal Band, Republicans, Chil- SHE dren ' s Hospital 95 Dribbling, shooting, and passing are daily routines for these Senior- Sound strange? Not when they are found to be AL BUCH, Captain, and DENNY FITZPATRICK, the number one point- maker of the 1959 Varsity basketball team. Before marriage, Al made his home at the Sigma Alpha Mu house. Some sort of Public work is Al ' s ambition after graduation this June. When not at the Sigma Nu House, practicing with the team, or attending Big " C " meetings, Denny heads towards the beach to " catch those rays. " Despite all his activities Denny says he is noted for " nothing. " The newest ambition of " Senior " HURFORD E. STONE is " to become an active alumnus as honorary member of the Class of 1959. " " Graduating " with the class, Dean Stone has had such extracurricular activities as Ex Com and Finance Corn, University Affairs Corn, Golden Bear, Skull and Keys, Phi Beta Kappa, and the Committee on Student Conduct. " Just use your head! " is the favorite expression of the Dean, and in his spare moments he leans toward pistol shooting, travel, and visiting grandchildren—a unique pastime for a member of the Senior class! Wilcox, Fred P. Williams, Ivan J. Williams, Jeane R. Williams, Thomas Willis, Jody Wilson, John C. Winter, Everett R. Wolfenden, William Wong, Peter S. Wood, Lewis Keyser St. Anthony, Ida. Richmond Temple City San Francisco Berkeley San Jose Salinas Piedmont Berkeley Albany Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Political Science Business Admin. Child Development General Curriculum Forestry Pre-Med. Chemistry Civil Engr. UCSEE, IRE, 14,A, HKN, Epworth Hall XO, Blue Gold, ATA, Triune, Forestry Club VII, Triune, SAAC Abracadabra, AIEE TB II Election Comm., Winged Helmet, Varsity Track ASCE CSTA Speakers Bureau Wilhelmsen, Williams, James T. Williams, Keith G. Williamson, Alfred Wilson, Arnold P. Winn, Gerald H. Wirtz, Philip S. Wong, Dolly A. Wong, Stanley Wood, Myrna Iris Raymond Oakland Corte Madera Monterey Keene, N. H. San Leandro Oakland Fresno Watsonville Merced Oakland East Asiatic Stud. English Physics Business Admin. Public Health Geology Physiology Chemistry Spanish Music Smyth Assoc., Pre-Med Society, OE FEE, Elections Beaudelaire Club, Glee Club Debate Team Masonic Club,Pub- Comm., Tower CSTA lic Health Underg. Flame, CSC Williams, David A. Fallbrook Physics Ski Club, Ballroom Dancers Williams, James W. Williams, Kenna J. Williamson, Millard Wilson, Frank J. Winslow, Donald R. Wivell, Tyrus R. Wong, Edward Woo, Gar Lok Long Beach Oakland Oak:and Mill Valley Sacramento Sonora San Francisco China Electrical Engr. Social Welfare Food Technology Electrical Engr. Civil Engr. Accounting Regional Gp. China Chemistry TB H, HKN, AO H, Oski Dolls, Cloyne Court, Ham Arch Place, ASCE, II KA, Frosh Base. I. House, UCSEE, Honor Rally and Games Radio Club, Ski TB II, XE ball Football AIChE Students Council Club, Hiking Club Woodin, Lynn Avis Oakland Sociology Williams, Janis L. Williams, Edwin A. Tustin Williams, Roger Q. Williford, Jerry Wilson, James T. Winsor, Diana Wohletz, Richard Wong, Patsy Angels Camp Nutrition San Leandro Modesto Menlo Park Piedmont Berkeley Stockton Civil Engr. AEA, ON, Honor Paleontology Electrical Engr. Music History Chemical Engr. B iostatistics ASCE Students, Home Ec. Smyth Assoc., Ate, Prytanean, Westminster House, 1. House Club, Blue Gold, Cal Band Rally Comm., AIChE Pelican Torch Shield Wood, Gary R. Rialto Electrical Engr. Woodward, Lawrence Los Angeles Political Science TT, Triune, Wing- ed Helmet, Skull Keys, Golden Guard 96 Yagi, Karuko Stockton French Le Cercle Francais Yoshinaga, James Los Angeles Architecture Euclid Hall Wright, Audrey Oakland Speech AAA, Children ' s Hospital Yamakawa, Patricia Yee, Harry San Francisco Sacramento General Curriculum Electrical Engr. Honor Students, CSTA Young, Marcia Iraq Journalism Daily Cal City Editor, RAE Yuhas, Jan Louis Zaro, Dorothy T. Los Angeles Oakdale Business Admin. Child Development Parachute Club OT, Senior Class, Tower Flame Zilliox, William Zlot, Harold S. San Jose Val lejo Optometry Optometry Bowles Hall, Megaphone Society, Rally Comm. Young, Arloine F. Napa English Bennett Manor Young, Roger C. St. Louis Mo. Foreign Trade Wulf, Joanne Ruth Yamada, David T. Glendale Santa Barbara English Political Science AOH, Jr. Class Cloyne Court, Council, Honor Soc., Stiles, EX-COM, Spring Sing Rep at Large, JCOM Yamashita, Kenneth Lodi Civil Engr. ASCE, Euclid Hall .Yee, Yale Hong San Francisco Mechanical Engr. II AM Yee-Litt, Frank C. Oakland Biochemistry Yenckel, James T. Atwater History Daily Cal Editor, EXCOM, Cal Club, Golden Bear, BE! Yunkers, Madlain Zaviantseff, Sausalito Vladimir Decorative Art San Francisco Skiing, Weaving, Engr. Physics Tennis Zimmerman, Paul Zonligt, Deena H. Milwaukee, Wis. Berkeley Architecture History Hiking Club, Hillel, Young Democrats, Honor Students Zorfas, Melvyn L. New York, N.Y. English Ski Club, Ballroom Dancers Myers, Charles Berkeley Chemistry H Wulfsberg, Gary N. Yamaguchi, Jimmie Yao, Law Zone Long Beach Arroyo Grande China Hispanic America Zoology Business Admin. ATA, Varsity Barrington Hall Track Yaeger, Edward M. Yamahara, Shigeki Berkeley Monterey Pre-Med. Civil Engr. Ridge House, ASCE Yates, Conrad G. Santa Rosa Architecture Young, Claudia H. Young, Willis R. Zaki, Ismail A. Ziegler, Norton N. San Luis Obispo Wichita, Kansas Iraq San Mateo Political Science Physics Pre-Med. Labor Incl. Rel. Class Councils AFEI, Stiles Hall, Bowles Hall, Ski Cosmos Club Pres., Club, Arnold Air I. House, Arab Soc. Society Zimmers, Mardie Oakland History A011 Zink, Robert D. Santa Monica Physics Railroad Club Youngson. James Zamore, Annette C. Ziemer, Robert R. Murphys San Francisco Fullerton General Curriculum General Curriculum Forestry MRA Sec., Arnold Symphony Forum, Oxford Hall, Soc. Air Society, University Chorus, Amer. Foresters, Cal ifornians WAA, Hillel EX For. Club Young, George R. San Francisco Accounting MKT, Baseball Yates, Joan Fanoe Salinas Child Development Ski Club, Tower Flame Yip, Marian Oakland Bacteriolo9y Young Lynda Lee Hollister Home Economics Masonic Club, Home Ec. Club Yuen, Jason G. San Francisco Architecture Zanussi, Robert L. Zierman, Carl A. Martinez Oakland Accounting Mechanical Engr. Smyth Assoc., ASME, SAE Cal Marching Band, Zitlaw, Adolph Berkeley Psychology Knutson, Walter San Francisco Physical Education AX, Rugby, Basket- ball, Circle " C, " University Chorus 97 Junior Class Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Rudy Montejano, Marlene Peck, Gail Trowbridge, Phil Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Marcia Hughes, Kris Ander- son, Marilyn Dill, Darcy Metcalf, Cherie Bernardo, Robert Stinson, Lynne Norris, Mickie Liapes, Evie Trost. THIRD ROW: Jewel Jordan, Andy Bershad, Cindy Kroesen, Michelle Greenberg, Lou Olson, Lynne Hieronimus, Carole Ashmore, Sue Dormin, Toni Chauret, Barbie Thompson, Susan Abell. FOURTH ROW: Alice Thie, Sylvia Volpi, Mary Phillips, Ruth Hemming, Harriett West, Lida Chase, Lynne Wilson, Jeanette Tirico, Paul von Husen, Fred Rondon. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Daniels, Judy Zuker, Gwen Mullally, Jan Lewis, Sue Skelly, Kathie Abrott, Suzee Gibbs, Helen Ward, Sally Olmsted, Sandi Slawson, Gerald Hayward, Ron Thunen. SIXTH ROW: Audie Cunningham, Elliott McCarty, Chuck Howden, Mike Callahan, Steve Rutherford, Howard Karr, Lloyd Tosse, David Benson, Ira Kiyomura, Russ Mjolsnes. SEVENTH ROW: Don Miller. The " Little Big Game " —Cal Juniors versus Stanford Juniors, President Montejano is interviewed, OR President—RUDY MONTEJANO Secretary-Treasurer—GAIL TROWBRIDGE Vice•President—MARLENE PECK Yell Leader—PHIL SHAFFER Juniors As Juniors the Class of ' 60 had another tremendous year. With Rudy Montejano directing affairs, they opened the Fall semester with the Big Brother Project, helping the Freshman class get organized for the coming year. Halloween night saw the Big C get a beautiful coat of black paint despite the fact that Secretary Gail Trowbridge arrived late and missed the party. Phil Shaffer led yells at the Big Game Rally. The football fever hit the class council as they chal- lenged the Stanford Junior Class to a football game on Kleeberger Field. The fellows played a tremendous game but wound up on the losing end 14-6. Surviving the Rose Bowl and finals, the class got back to work holding the annual Junior-Frosh Supper Sing at Bowles Hall. The Junior Prom at the Claremont Hotel was a success thanks to Cindy Kroesen and Steve Rutherford. Vice-president Marlene Peck organized the Grand Triad and the Junior Class Banquet, which topped off a great year. 99 Sophomore Class Council FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Warner, P. Gruen, C. Higbee, G. Link. SECOND ROW: J. Rosson, B. Erro, V. Buckley, L. Irvine, J. Fowler, J. Dieter, B. Cox, P. Berger, R. Landau, M. Reynolds, E. Louis, B. Grater. THIRD ROW: J. Firpo, N. Cooper, M. Siegel, H. Irvine, S. Bloom, B. Goodman, G. G. Kachen, C. FaIlas, R. Trethan, J. Holmes, K. Davis, D. Robbins, P. Anglim, D. Rich. FOURTH ROW: G. Eshoo, J. Smith, L. Setzer, P. Gloria, P. Jordan, B. Clark, B. Blum, D. Mundt, M. Hughes, G. Forsyth, S. Stewart, R. Stinson, M. Healy, K. Allmon, G. Rogers, J. Lateana, M. Bruno J. Weiss, F. Bauman. FIFTH ROW: N. Yudnich, B. Wood, J. Seymour, F. McCathy A. Parker, Waline S. Lynch, R. Nichols, K. Fowlks, E. Rohde C. Grant J. Sannar L. Higgins, S. Knight, J. Jones. SIXTH ROW: C. Wemett, S. Knott, M. Toriggino, B. Olson, S. Calry, G. Haire, N. Warren, 4. Trembath, B. Burk, G. Aguirre, R. Jones, D. Willis, D. Brown, J. Gotelli, J. Jenner, J. Berry. SEVENTH ROW: N. Montgomery, N. Bonin, R. Kelly, L. Tisher, A. Deimel, C. Ashman, IC. Tuck, G. Arnese, I. Cornelius, G. Abad, D. Alyes, T. Downey, L. Jessie. EIGHTH ROW: H. Claudius, C. Jennings, A. Panttaja, G. Rasmussen, N. Jacobson, R. McCowan, P Jacobson, D. Melander. Soph Council has a Christmas party. 1.00 President—GEORGE LINK Secretary-Treasurer—SUSAN WARNER Vice-President—CATHY HIGBEE Yell Leader—PETE GRUEN Sophomores Enthusiasm of the class was even greater during its second year because of added responsibilities. AR major campus issues were debated in council meetings. The Frosh-Soph Brawl, the All-U Soph party, Christmas caroling, the snow retreat, and the inauguration of better class representation on class council and AS UC boards were part of the Fall program. Financial support for these activities was provided by class card sales. The class showed its initiative by de- ciding to form a Bay Area College Council. Sophomores were very active in all phases of campus life. The class was especially proud of its eighteen men on Cal ' s Rose Bowl Team. Soph Week, planned by Dolores Robbins and Keagle Davis, opened with Soph Sunday, included a worth-while philanthropic project, and ended with the Intercollegiate Ball. To record these events for posterity the first historian was selected. The college years to come should add lustre to the golden class of ' 61. 101 Freshman Class Council FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Rinehart, C. Bishop, D. Weeks, A. Bartholomew, C. Goon, D. Troglia, L. Churukian, C. DeFeo, J. Hance. SECOND ROW: J. Pigney, L. Riefer, J. Glander, E. Frank, K. O ' Hara, J. Dale, C. Lukei, L. Waterman. THIRD ROW: J. Fransen, E. Casady, B. St. Amant, J. Emsley, J. Bingham, N. Flint, M. Caswell, L. King, G. Puncher. FOURTH ROW: H. Martin, G. Koolen, D. Fulfer, B. Wood, C. Smith, L. Hanson, J. Kahrs, L. Locke, S. Fries, J. Low, B. Nicholson. FIFTH ROW: A. Bungay, D. Smith, S. Ferguson, K. Field, J. Drennan, N. Scheppler, F. Doherty, P. Kilgore, G. Tourville, C. Newton, J. Graham, G. Porter, K. Neal, D. Fitzgerald, L. Nygard. SIXTH ROW: B. Ruth, D. Macari, C. Janisch, M. J. Slater, L. Stallings, S. Sherman, L. Reid. SEVENTH ROW: S. Niles, J. Phillips, G. Green, M. Kennedy, K. Tahira, F. Michael, B. Woehrle, G. Lehman, J. Richards. EIGHTH ROW: J. Hope, J. De La Mare, k Ogle, J. Rogers, L. Voss, S. Fisher, E. Nakans, K. Phles, P. Brownell, M. Maynard, M. Collins. NINTH ROW: M. Hanson, S. Meacham, G. Martin, D. J. Hulbert, C. Maos, C. Osthimar, D. Rowe, B. Cooper, T. Smernes. TENTH ROW: R. Hosted, D. Eager, D. Stayner, J. Giovanazzi, B. Booth, C. Maas, R. Kirby, L. Smith, G. Austin, S. Althaus, S. Johnson. ELEVENTH ROW: G. Lord, J. Ogden, J. Dickerson, M. Novelli, M. Knight, T. C. Mu, A. Datzit, T. House. TWELFTH ROW: W. Smith, J. Murphy, J. Wong, L. Wickiman, T. Jones, S. Smith, N. Nichols, J. Sims, S. Guensler, B. Hollander, B. Dick, D. Ballwanz. Frosh Council members hear Men ' s Rep John Schaefer. As usual, the Freshmen were victorious in the Soph4Frosh Brawl. 102 President—BRIAN VAN CAMP Secretary-Treasurer—CONNIE BARRETO Vice-President—JERRY NEWFARMER Yet Leader—BRIAN EDELSTEIN Freshmen The Class of ' 62 started the year with record-breaking at- tendances at orientation programs. The class council had an active attendance of 150 members. Socially the Frosh were undeniably active. The first social function was a Freshman Council exchange with Stanford. In March a snow confer- ence at the Cal Ski Lodge was held. The conference gave the council a chance for discussion groups as well as ski- ing. The Frosh Dance was held in February, and the year was climaxed by an Installation Banquet for the new Soph officers. Pertaining to the more serious side of student life, the Freshman class tried to maintain a class council active in ASUC activities. A new committee, the ASUC Representa- tive Committee was created so that the Freshmen would be represented on all ASUC boards and committees. Through- out the year the class kept itself informed on all ASUC issues by having pro and con speakers address the council. I ng Division designed by Dorothy Thomsen. JONI Queen NANCY WALLACE—Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi HELEN WARD — Sweetheart of Sigma Pi CAROLYN HOEFER — Sweetheart of Sigma Chi TRUDE SCHROEDER — PCC Queen LOU VIENOP — Lambda Chi Daffodil Queen STAN MORRISON — " Ugly Man " ? KATHY McCARTY—Ski Queen Activities Activities Division designed by Diana Richardson and Dorothy Thomsen. VOTE PRES ASUC First Vice-President---DICK KING ASUC President—BILL STRICKLIN ASUC Over this past year the " ASUC Master Plan, 1958-1959 " has guided the course of ASUC actions to provide over forty areas of concerted effort to meet the changing needs of the students of the University of California. There has been significant expansion of ASUC and concern for the more academically oriented needs of a more serious student community. With all this important expansion, the ASUC has maintained its equally vital role of promoting the lighthearted activities and traditions to provide the necessary balance in the student ' s life. This past year has been the successful product of among all areas of the University community. The ASUC has shown that it can effect solutions to student concern by faithfully representing the student voice with due consideration for other areas of University interest. Over the same period of time, the works of professional malcontents have shown meager results. It has been a great period of learning and service for those of us who have been privileged over this year to work for the interests of the students on this campus. We are all deeply grateful. BILL STRICKLIN ASUC President Second Vice-President—SUE STRICKLIN 114 AROUND THE TABLE, left to right: G. Louvau, D. Yamada, W. Hooper, H. Stone, W. Petrocelli, A. Rappaport, J. Bewley, B. Hastings, D. Sandstrom, R. Kerley. Finance Committee The ASUC Finance Committee plays a very important role in the management of the ASUC departments and activities. It is the Finance Committee which keeps a tight hold on the purse strings of the ASUC and to whom all budget changes, budgets, and expenditures for nonbudgeted items must go. All financial matters, whether problems or routine, must first go to Finance Committee. From there they are forwarded to Ex Com, either intact or with modifications. There are eight voting members of the Finance Committee—ASUC President and First Vice-president, two representatives-at-large and a representative from the Chancellor, Alumni, Faculty, and Business. The Executive Director of the ASUC serves as a nonvoting member of the committee. Executive Committee The ASUC Executive Committee is made up of the elected ASUC officers, the various board chairmen, other student leaders, and representatives of the faculty and Members of Ex Corn try to reach solutions to the problems which will be satisfactory to all and to solve problems which concern all members of the ASUC. Just a few of the problems which continually kept cropping up on the agenda of Ex Corn meetings were the revision of election procedure, the Big C-Circle C proposal all athletes on equal footing for awards) , and an increase in graduate representation on Ex Com itself. Not the least important proposal concerning Ex Com members was Bill Strickin ' s proposal of marriage to Sue Trees. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dean Stone, JoAnn Fowler, Shirley Enmark, Sue Stricklin, Bill Stricklin, Dick King, Joan Bewley, Sally Hart, Dave Yamada. SECOND ROW: Dr. Rappaport, Arleigh Williams, Bill Hawley, Jim Yenckel, Henry Schacht, Bud Hastings, Dave Armor, Bill Petrocelli, Mike Gucorsky, Pete Merle, Charles Cutter, Mike Hone, Steve Cook. FRANK ALBERTI CHARLES CUTTER JOANN FOWLER WILLIE GORDON BILL HAWLEY MIKE HONE PETE MERLE BILL PETROCELLI DON SANDSTROM DAVE YAMADA DAVE ARMOR MIKE GUCOVSKY Representatives-at-Large After a stormy election last Spring, four representatives-at-large and one graduate rep took office this Fall. The reps elected then included two Slate members, JoAnn Fowler and Grad Rep Mike Gucovsky, as well as Mike Hone, Don Sandstrom, and Dave Yamada. Serving for the last half of their terms were Willie Gordon, Pete Merle, and Bill Petrocelli. These reps-at-large stirred up much controversy over such things as whether or not to recognize Slate as a political party, withdrawal from the National Students ' Association, whether Fybates should be abolished, and that old bugaboo, elections. The Fall provided four new reps-at-large: Dave Armor, Charles Cutter, Bill Hawley, and Frank Alberti, a new graduate rep. With the new semester, discussion began immediately on the " morality " of a closed Ex Comm session and the merits of a voluntary ASUC. All in all the reps have had a busy year. 116 WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Jill Hollingshead, Marilyn Bowen, Maren Lightmaster, Joanne Morrisey, Janet McGinley, Donalee Fey, Barbara Barron. Judicial Committees The Judicial Committees functioning as the judicial branch of the Associated Students of the University of California are the committees most feared by the members of the student body. The Judicial Committee handles all cases which arise from the violation of the women ' s rules. The Men ' s Judicial Committee holds hearings concerning men ' s unruly conduct, such as undue rowdiness in the men ' s rooting section. The Student Judicial Committee settles all disputes that arise from newly enacted legislation. Also cases may be appealed from both the Men ' s and Women ' s Judicial Committees to the Student Judicial By taking care of their own the students of the University of California have proven that they are capable of governing themselves. MEN ' S JUDICIAL TO RIGHT Carl McNall, Bob Hawkenshire, L. W. Porter, Paul Blum, Bill Wattenburg, Dean William Shepard, Morse Taylor, Scott Wilcott, John M. Schaefer. STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Miller, Geraldine Solare, Joyce Baker, Bob Hawkinshire, Julia Casagrande, Alan Madian., Bob Orser, Archer Pugh. STEVE COOK Fall Chairman Men ' s Executive Board Men ' s Executive Board ' s main function is coordinating all men ' s activities, and it handles the general relating to men students. The Men ' s Rep is chairman of the Board. In the Fall Steve Cook held the position, and in the Spring its leader was John Schaeffer. Representatives from Inter-Fraternity Council and Men ' s Residents Association, as well as other men ' s groups on campus—athletic societies, Men ' s J, and Rally Committee, and the presidents of the four classes—belong to the Board. MEB serves the campus as a direct line between the ASUC and the men students, and thus plays a very important role in campus life. JOHN SCHAEFFER Spring Chairman MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to Sam Peden, Pat Hallinan, Barton Moir, Steve Cook, Joe Wildberger, Forrest A. Brinkeroff. SECOND ROW: Harold Bauman, Elliott McCarty, Brian Van Camp, George T. DeLong, Rudy Montejano, Tom McNally. THIRD ROW: Dean W. F. Shepard, Paul Diller, Richard King, Roger Miller, Lee Duffus, George Link, Bill Wattenburg, Robert Brown. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Edrie Ferdun, Martha McEnerney, Carolyn Hand, Joyce Robbins, Conrad, Betsy Davis. SECOND ROW: Dean K. Towle, Peck, Sue Stricklin, Shelly Osborne, Gayle Merkt, Cathy Higbee, Sally Hart, chairman. THIRD ROW: Kim Harada, Vicki Wilson, Betty Butterfield, Pat Kimball, Joan Hynes, Myrna Bouchey, Ann Gibson. Women ' s Executive Board Women ' s Executive Board is made up of representatives from various campus organizations, such as Panhellenic, WDA, WAA, YWCA. The four class vice-presidents also are voting members, in order to bring the ASUC closer to the individual classes. WEB coordinates and publicizes all activities concerning women students, but its main function is making and revising rules for women. Sponsoring special events is another duty of WEB. The Women ' s Rep, Sally Hart, presides over the meetings. SALLY HART Chairman 119 PUBLICATIONS BOARD, FALL 1958—CLOCKWISE: Jim Packer, Chairman; Bob Meadowcroft, Walter Frederick, Sue Meadows, Bill Whitney, Evelyn Hollingshead, Shirley Brancato, Sally Edwards, Margaret Cook, Jim Yenckel, Don Howard. PUBLICATIONS BOARD, SPRING 1959—CLOCKWISE: Lynne DeRoy, Doug Ives, Liz Seaman, Bob Irvine, Shirley Brancato, Evelyn Hollingshead, Chairman; Margaret Cook, Gene Turner, Michael Rossman, Steve Hanna, Duncan Pierce, Patty Parish. Publications Board Publications Board is composed of the editors and managers of the five campus publications: Daily Cal, Cal Engineer, Occident, Blue and Gold, and Pelican, and is advised by Walter Frederick and Margaret Cook. The members of this board serve as a coordinating group for all campus publications. Appointments to staff positions must be approved each semester, sales days determined, selling campaigns organized, and open houses and staff recruiting drives planned. All problems which cannot be settled within the individual staff organizations of the five publications come to Pub Board for discussion and advice. Pub Board also sponsors an annual High School Press Day Conference. About three hundred prospective Cal students from Northern California high school publications attend lectures and discussion groups. 120 CLOCKWISE, from right: Gail Trowbridge, Cathy Higbee, David Rodriguez, Sue Stricklin, (chairman), Linda Martin, Woodrow W. Middlekauff, Helen E. Clarke, Ann Bowden, Ned Lewall. ABSENT: Frank Alberti, Mike Gucovsky. ACTIVITIES DIVISION ASUC FALL 1958 FINANCE COM EX. COM. STUDENT " J " MEN ' S " J " WOMEN ' S " J " APC W.A.A MEN ' S INTRAMURAL RALLY GAMES BAND GLEE CLUB TREBLE CLEF DEBATE RADIO TV NSA SYMPHONY FORUM FSB IT. REL. BD. S.W.B. WOMEN ' S EX. BD. MEN ' S EX. BD. CULTURE EVENTS ED. EVENTS SOC.REC STORE BOARD COLLEGE MUD UN ACAD. AFF.COU. PANHELLENIC IFC MUSIC PUBLIC AFFAIRS SOCIAL ELECTOINS HIGH SCHOOL ' ' ' ' INDEP. -COMM W.D.A. MRA DRAMA FORUM REC. SECRETARIAT PROJECT AMER. HOUSING COUN W.R.A. MEN ' S RALLY LITERATURE CONVERSATIONS SPEAKER ' S BUR. PROJECT P.I.C. LABOR COUNCIL WOMEN ' S RALLY COOP. ASSN ART SCIENTIFIC CAMPUS TOURS CORRESP. COUNCIL USHERING COUN W.A.A. CLASS COUNCILS WUS COUNCIL TRAVEL COUNCIL SPECIAL SERV. CLASS COUNCIL MEN ' S " J " H.S. DAY SCHOOL EXCH. CAMPUS CRUS. WOMEN ' S " J " YMCA ORIENTATIONS COMMON FOR YWCA CALIFORNIANS LEADERSHIP INDEP - COMM INDEP. COMM CONSTITUTIONS ALPHA OMEGA CAMPAIGN BUR BIG " C " ART BUREAU CIRCLE " C " POLLS COMM. YELL LEADER ORIENTATIONS NOT REPRESENTED ON EX. COMM PHILOSOPHY OF ACTIVITIES ACCEPTED BY EX. COMM SPRING 1958. Activities Planning Committee The purpose of Activities Planning Committee is to work out a master calendar for the year ' s campus activities. Under the leadership of Sue Stricklin, ASUC second APC tried to make sure that such things as the Axe Revue and Big Game Rally did not fall on the same night. All groups who wanted to hold a function other than regular meetings had to have the date approved by APC. APC also published a master for each semester, so students could see when important ASUC and University events were to happen. 121 Education SEATED, left to right: Harold Bauman, Martha Collins, Neil Ross, Marilyn McElhoe, Linda Palmquist. STANDING: Shirley Haueter, Beverly Reiver, Jim Pierce, Diana Mundt. Orientations Shouldering one of the largest jobs on campus, the Council plans the orientation program for ten thousand new students and is responsible for making the student feel at home. Their " getting includes the welcome meeting, lunchons, coffee hours, smokers, teas, and other necessary information for new students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Miller, Ruth McPherson, Mary Gruver, Vic Nielson, Margo Brown, J. Banner Ritchie, Joelle Rosen, Mickie Liapes. NOT PRESENT: Jim Hagedorn. Campus Tours The Campus Tours committee sets up tours at the beginning of each semester for new students. These tours include all University buildings, and an inside tour of the library—places which will soon become familiar to them. The purpose of these tours is to help the new student find his way around Cal ' s beautiful campus the first day of school. CLOCKWISE: Dolores Van Loucks, Janie Semple, Alice Fredericks, Carol Maloyan, Donna Brown, Rochelle Davidson, Corinne Purnell, Anne Howard. Northern California Student Press Conference NPSPC Committee, working with Pub Board, plans and presents an annual conference for high school journalists. Student representatives from each publication work on areas of the conference including housing, entertainment, speakers and sessions, and banquet, and meet together to consolidate plans. High school students, on a Spring week end, attend sessions which discuss and critique their work, and well-known speakers are selected to guide their improvement. Debate Debate is an academic activity which meets under the guidance of Professor Fred Strip. There are two debate teams sponsored by the ASUC, Varsity Debate and University Round-Table Debate, both of which are selective. Debaters engage in intercollegiate contests, public discussions, and radio programs. Round Table is open to all students regardless of previous experience. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Kasper, Dr. F. Stripp, Peter Meyer, Pat Meyer, Bob Wiegant. SECOND ROW: Harvey Groudine, Arne Werchick, Bernie Freewall, Jeff Horner, Ralph Semons, Gail Kiedash, Marty Wiener, Kieth Williams. FIRST ROW, left to right: Allan Solcmanow, Janit Edwards, Linda O ' Connor, Sally Conway, Marie Kennedy, Lynn Kopke, SECOND ROW: Eugene Borges, Pat Mahoney, Mike Schutz, Mike Heaman, William Whitney. College Model U.N. The Model United Nation ' s is an activity which gives interested students the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the United Nations as an international and about the actions and reactions of the particular countries which are represented. Members of the group also have practice in meeting people and speaking diplomatically on important issues. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ted Craig, Stan Jacobson, Sylvia Hollis. Leadership Training Council Leadership Training Council tries to teach student to become better leaders and to interest other students in campus leadership. The group plans lectures on such topics as how a leader acts, building leadership, what to expect from committees, how to apportion time, and other subjects which prepare students for leadership positions. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lelia Reber, Marie Kennedy, Diane Ross. SECOND ROW: unknown, Dave Hajney, Bill Dillon, Louis Cobet. High School Model. U.N. The High School Model United Nations Committee is a group of students who organize a model United Nations for the high schools of Northern California. Delegations from the high schools come to the University each Spring to participate in the conference and become better acquainted with the work of the U.N. Welfare Board Welfare Board is one of the largest boards within the ASUC structure. It co-ordinates many member councils and is under the leadership of Shirley Enmark. There are twenty-one members on the Wel fare Board, several of whom serve on more than one committee. The Welfare Board, through its individual councils, has been this year for extension of library hours, increase in Fair Bear wage, investigation into the practicality of a student directory, and improvements in car pools for independents. SHIRLEY ENMARK Chairman SEATED, left to right: Joan Coleman, Nancy Hage, Joni Chouret, Shirley Enmark, Vicki Green. STANDING: Brian Payne, Jerry McFarland, Jerry Hayward, Mike Lit tle, Jack Hanessian. LEFT TO RIGHT: Roland Remple. Jr., Lee Freeman, John Kattler, Charles Bohle. Housing Housing Council, headed by Lee Freeman, has as its main purpose the maintaining of a liaison between the students and the University Housing Office. Through this liaison, housing standards and rules are established and with student opinion playing a part in their Housing Council sees that approved living are kept in all approved housing. LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Bennett, James Keranes. Movies " And what movies would you like to see this week? " This question is often asked by Bob Bennett and his able committee when trying to decide what film to select for the ASUC film series. Good films are shown at reasonable prices in the afternoon. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Perry, Suzanne Heustis, Sue McMullen, Lynne Diamond. SECOND ROW: Walt Lipton, Adivsor; Maynard Orme, Val Petersen, Ron Reese. Campus Crusade The Student Campus Crusade Committee plays an important role in the life of the University. It organizes, co-ordinates, and operates the Student Campus Crusade, which takes place during the last of October and early November. The Campus Crusade is the University drive for United Crusade contributions. Maynard Orme is the chairman. 124 Independent-Commuters League The Independent-Commuters League, otherwise known as the ICY League, tries to introduce and encourage the use of the University of California ' s activities and services to the campus commuters. The ICY League also tries to ease the problems of commuting by organizing car pools and breakfasts and performing other services. The chairman is Gordon Beale. INDEPENDENT-COMMUTERS LEAGUE — LEFT TO RIGHT: Gordon Beal, Frank Alberti, Art Vicke Wilson, David Fybush, Steve Cook. NOT PRESENT: Sharon Gould. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Pam Stremel, Mike Little, Lecia Zhaun, Sharon Calvey, Vicki Green, Jerry McFarland. Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Council works toward the improvement of student-faculty and student-Universit y relations. With Vicki Green as chairman, it studies such things as the academic and counseling programs and offers suggestions for their improvement. This year it has worked for an extension of the Humanities and an introduction of courses. LABOR COUNCIL—LEFT TO RIGHT: Marsha Loafea, John Olson, Judy Colman. Labor Council Labor Council is responsible for all policy affecting employed students. Its program includes the Fair Bear Wage, Labor Mediation Council, and special projects such as the Fowler-Gucovsky proposal for lower student dues and fees to national and local labor unions for part-time and summer work. USHERING COUNCIL—LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Kornfield, Carol Paul, Jack Wells, Henry Fung, Mary Anne Hoffman, Mrs. G. D. Roche, Irene K. Adams, Martha Hanerfeld, Jane Bardin. FRONT: Mel Bernstein, Chairman. Ushering Council At most of the stage productions in San Francisco and on campus, students may see the show free in exchange for ushering an hour beforehand. The Ushering Council is responsible for distributing ushering cards and ushering tickets for the various productions. Each year some 2,500 students take advantage of this program. International Relations Board The International Relations Board, headed by Charles Cutter, devotes its time to extensive studies of international affairs through seminars, cultural programs, and correspondence. The Board also provides information on student tours to Europe and Asia. It is composed of several committees, each of which has a particular place in the over-all picture of I Board. Two committees involve understanding and spreading information about the United Nations, three are interested in promoting relationships between foreign countries and the United States, and the others are interested in correspondence and travel. CHARLES CUTTER Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ann Rogers, Jeane Whitehead. Correspondence Council The Correspondence Council is open to all interested students who enjoy corresponding with students in foreign countries. The council, which works in conjunction with International Relations Board and has Mary Ann Rogers as chairman, co-ordinates the correspondence California students and those abroad. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Malvin, Patty Ellerd, Mary Lou Vold, Nawab Ali Project PIC Project Pakistan-India-Ceylon serves to foster greater mutual understanding and knowledge between the of South Asia (Pakistan, India and Ceylon) and those of the United States. PIC accomplishes its purpose by conducting seminar programs on the area and by a team of students to visit the Asian countries. Mike Appleby is chairman of the group. FIRST ROW, left to right: Andy Bershad, Lynne Dewar, Kristin Fowlks, Sylvia Shostak. SECOND ROW: Bob Blum, Katherine Kurotori, Jobina Akers, Martha Doerr, Alan Berlund, Barbara Boyce, Ed Neakowa. Panel of Americans The Panel of Americans is an interracial, interreligious discussion group. The members of the group speak by invitation to campus groups, high schools, church groups, service clubs and other interested organizations. Through its diversity of races, cultures and beliefs, the group seeks to demonstrate the richness of America and to eliminate religious and racial prejudice. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barli Halim, Lien Soemanagara, Carol Gragory, Janet Brians, Halimah, Wiradarya Kadarsan, Marsuid Djojodi-Puro. SECOND ROW: Jetha B. Sumarlin, R. Soetanto, Bob Brians, D. Soeroto, Kwan-Kiat Kwik, Ali Wardhana, Sampurno Kadarsan. Cal-Indo Cal-Indo is an organization which attempts to increase the understanding betwteen Indonesian and American students. The group presents programs on Indonesian cultural topics such as lectures and slides. All students who are interested in this country and its people can belong to Cal-Indo. It has even sent travel teams to Indonesia. SEATED, left to right: Phyllis Ingersoll, Doris Devore, Sheila Byrns. STANDING: Dottie Gasser, Dick Geamble, Mary Walpole, chairman, Karen Glasoe. Foreign Travel Council Foreign Travel Council provides information for on all types of travel abroad through the use of travel literature, films, lectures, and information from experienced travelers. Under the direction of Mary Walpole, the group gets practical experience in making travel itineraries by planning trips for students. FIRST ROW, left to right: Geraldine Solari, Colleen Maski, Sara Nicholson, Liz Rogers, Maria Mothershead. SECOND ROW: Chuck Lucas, Tamra Cummings, Sunny Hoff, Ann Greenwood, David Sakai, Anne McKay, Bonnie Aaronson. WUS World University Service is an international voluntary agency operating a program of material assistance and international education to the world university During the Fall the WUS Council carries on an education program. In the Spring the Drive Committee takes over the WUS money-raising campaign. Any interested students as well as representatives from campus groups can belong to the WUS Council. Functional Services Board Functional Services Board is one of the more important Boards of the ASUC. The various councils and which function under the FSB aid the student, the ASUC, and the University in their day-to-day activities. By helping with publicity, constitutions, elections, art work, and the operation of the student store on campus, and all the necessary mechanics of running an institution as large as the Associated Students of the University of California, the FSB plays an important role in the University community. TOM READY Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne McGilvray, chairman; Terry Trosper, Tim Downey. Constitutions Council Constitutions Council, with Ann McGilvray as chairman, helps various organizations requesting recognition by the ASUC in preparing their constitutions and bylaws in accordance with the policies of the ASUC Executive Committee. Any member of the ASUC may apply for membership. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carolyn Garner, Margaret Swain, Barbara Sweeney, Margie Myers. SECOND ROW: Jo Crisler, chairman; Jan Pimental, Marna Voile, Nancy Donaldson. Secretariat " Good afternoon, Executive Offices. " It ' s all in a day ' s work for the girls who make up the Secretariat Staff. Their duties consist of acting as receptionists and for members of the ASUC Executive Committees and those of its various councils. Any student is eligible to apply for a position and Sophomore, Junior, and Senior appointments are made each semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sheryl Kissack, Betty Asaro, Dave Armor, Fall chairman; Judy Bramell, Sue Kamm. SECOND ROW: Jim Barney, Howard Green, Anatole Lubovich, John Quinn. NOT SHOWN: Bob Miailovitch, Spring chairman. Elections Council The Elections Council handles all ASUC election procedures. They enforce all rules (or try to) , provide for convenient polling booths (for some people) , and honestly count the ballots (supposed to) . Elections Council is open to any student. LEFT TO RIGHT: Irene Theodore, Joyce Baker, Katherine Kurtori, Marilyn Sandstrom, Darlene Flint. ABSENT: Dick Bowen, Chairman. Educational Events Board Educational Events Board is a newly formed board which works under Ex Comm. The members divide their activities between the Public Affairs, Forum, Conversations, and Scientific subcommittees, which individually plan events. Discussions and lectures by leading religious leaders were events presented on campus by this Board. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Hawley, Joy Holmes, Roxy Kelly, Sternberg, Duke Stroud. NSA National Students ' Association became a controversial issue on campus this year when Ex Comm voted to the ASUC from the national organization. This campus group was the local organ of the national organization. Cal sent delegates to the national convention in Michigan last Summer and to the international at Lima, Peru, this Spring. Bill Hawley served as NSA co-ordinator during the Fall semester. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Butler, Ralph Anderson, Clyde Evens, Dave Grether, Diane Porter, Sanford Sampson. Store Board Under the leadership of David Grether, Store Board works for the benefit of the students and the ASUC. Its purpose is to make recommendations on policies of the various ASUC enterprises, to investigate the proper execution of the policies, and to co-ordinate these policies with the needs of the student. Social Board All the " fun " and recreational activities come under the jurisdiction of the Social Board. Whether it is a matter of getting up at the crack of dawn to nail cards on the stadium seats or devoting many hours to organization and planning, the enthusiastic members of the various committees under the Social Board keep and the University very busy. Much thanks is due to the energetic yell leaders, pompon girls, and rally committes for their own spirit and their ability to bring spirit to the University. MEGAPHONE SOCIETY—STANDING, left to right: Howard Karr, Bill Ausfahl, Bil Thurlow, Audrian Cunningham, Brian Edelstein, Terry Feigenbaum, George Goldberg. KNEELING: Rudy Montejano, John Perlstein, Harold Zolt. Megaphone Society Megaphone Society is composed of all male students, who are interested in becoming yell leaders and are in yell leader activities. A student must first be a member of Megaphone Society before he can run for yell leader. They also help to keep the spirit bright on the U.C. campus. GAMES AND RALLIES COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dean Thomas Dutton, Elizabeth Dickes, Helen Larsen, Sam Peden, Kenna Williams, Martha McEnerney SECOND ROW: Forrest Brinkerhoff, Steve Cook, Rudy Montajano, Lloyd Tosse, Games and Rallies Committee The Games and Rallies Committee sets up all rallies and games and determines the procedures and programs that occur at these functions. The Committee discusses card stunts and Oski stunts and approves all half-time activity. The Head Yell Leader serves as chairman of the group. OSKI—LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Lynch, Brian Vargus, Hugh Calkins, John Bremman. Oski Although the name of the particular Oski at each rally or game is kept a well-guarded secret, the fact that the members of this hard-working committee contribute much to the University spirit is no secret. Under the leadership of Bob Lynch, this valuable committee worked hard to insure enjoyable and novel Oski entertainment at all rallies and games. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ron Korman, Steve Jaffe, Harry Ramsey, Andrew J. Ring. SECOND ROW: Harold Bauman, Lloyd Tosse, David Backus, Al Warrington, John Perlstein, Bob John Segal, Dudley Smith, Walt Duncan. THIRD ROW: Dick Alves, Newton Harband, Bill Bob Anderson, Ray Rasmussen, Pierre Gruen, Dick Bechler, Ronald Schwartz, Dick Griffin, Arthur Schwartz, Allan Lock, Bill Edmonds, James Lewis. FIRST ROW, left to right: Myra Clark, Martha McEnerney, Diana Winsor, Jane Hammond. SECOND ROW: Nanci Borio, Cathy Miller, Mary Newcomer, Carol Cashin, Lida Chase, Linda Blower, Carole Sally Olmsted, Jane Wallace, Gail Trowbridge, Marcia Miller, Joan Ryman, Sheila Boehm, Janice Lateana. THIRD ROW: Judy Julie Winsor, Linda O ' Conner, Carole Hilton, Carroll Conklin, Jana Herkes, Gale Johnson, Pat Connie Wemett, Barbie Thompson, Diane Gazzano, Lee Franklin, Anna Marie Taylor, Judy Smith, Sue Scmmarstrom, Brenda Cox. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Ellerd, Patricia Molony, Carolyn Hand, Mary Davis, Laurie Cockburn, Meral Adams, Linda Groves, Jane Howell, Ann Shueyi, Carrie Bragg, Heather Adams, Brenda Wright, Cynthia Seldin, Martha James, Barbara James. Men ' s Rally Committee Beat Iowa, Beat Iowa—was the chant heard coming from the Men ' s Rally Committee. Especially happy with the outcome of football season, they plunged headlong into basketball season and the Rose Bowl Game. Their biggest job was to keep the spirit of Cal at a high level, and it looks as if they have had a very successful year. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Skelly, Linda Tenney, Linda Powers, Judy Graham, Elizabeth Dickes, Marilynne Hughes, Sally Richardson, Merna Volle. NOT SHOWN: Fran Redewell, Esther Sharp, Bruce Owens, Curtis Sortais, Sue Pechaltrous, Pat Hanley. Card Stunts The ROSE became the dominant theme of the Card Stunts Committee this year. The committee, working overtime, more than outdid themselves for the Rose Bowl game, although they did an excellent job throughout the football season. As you have guessed the Card Stunt Committee is responsible for the creating and planning of all card stunts. Women ' s Rally Committee The smell of roses gave the Women ' s Rally Committee an added incentive this year. Working with the Men ' s Rally Committee, they helped plan the rallies and tack the cards and instructions to the seats before the games. A job which sometimes proves to be hazardous for them is that of gathering the cards after the of the card stunts. YELL LEADERS—STANDING, left to right: Mac Brown, Bob La Tim Schwartzer, Duke Stroud. FRONT: Sam Peden. Bermudas yet! POMPON GIRLS—FIRST ROW, left to Marlene Peck, Hitchcock. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Takeda, Oli Quiroz, Irene Takei. THIRD ROW: Carole Blower, Lou Vienop, Renie Hunt. Peden leading " All Hail " at Big Game Rally. Merle Gibbins Barbara Hastings Lanny Hayward Lynne Henrietta Ursula Holstius Sharon Johnston Carol Kavanagh Christina Kita Freida Lee Maria Siegel Jerrie Spencer Judy Tjemsland Jackie Wells Merry Wright Susan Kjarsgaard Cindy Krosen Feelie Lee Linda Baker Linda Boberg Cherie Bernardo Laura Clark Lynn Cowling Lanie Chaffee Mary Dean Lynn Diamond Joan Draper Marilyn Engelhard Beverly Feiner Jacquie Firpo Jana Liff Joan Ryman Pam Manuel Sandy Rees Oski Dolls This year the Oski Dolls celebrated their second anniversary. Under the leadership of Oski Mama, Sue Stricklin, the dolls acted as official hostesses of the University, greeting visiting athletic teams and foreign students. They were also seen helping at coffee hours, rallies, games, and at the basketball Tournament of Champions. Activities for the members vary from waving on the football team to serving tea to visitors. Each Spring forty girls, ten from each class, are chosen. In addition, eighteen alternates are selected to aid the official members. A panel of ASUC officers and faculty members selects the girls on the basis of poise, personality and enthusiasm. Heather Martin Melinda Patton Linda Martin Nancy Rodger Maria Mothershead Marcia Samuelson 134 The Californians The CALIFORNIANS, headed by Forrest Brinkerhoff, are an upper division men ' s honorary spirit organization, to the principle of service to the University. This year their many activities included the Frosh-Soph Brawl, the Basketball Awards Ceremony, Spring sports Sport-of-the-Week, Football Clinic, and the PCC queen contest. As the hosts of the campus, they acted as escorts for the " Football Queens, " the Big Game Queen and Court, and for the PCC Queen and princesses. They were hosts at the several Administration receptions and at the NCAA Gymnastics Championships. This long list of activities is even more remarkable when one considers that many of them were done with less than twenty-four hours ' notice! Harold Bauman Art Deleray Charles Hall Jack Kennon Andy Meloy Jack Moskowitz Charles O ' Neil Andrew Ring Stanley Shawl Mark Bloome George De Long Howard Karr Dan Lubbock Rudy Montejano Dick Olson Sam Peden Don Sandstrom Dave Singleton Yoshinara Bokura James Youngson Forrest Brinkerhoff Hugh Barnett Russell Brock Lee Duffus Archer Pugh Paul Blum Steve Cook George Gnesdiloff Karl Seff John Miller I35 LEFT TO RIGHT AROUND TABLE: M. Peck, G. Trowbridge, B. Van Camp, C. Barretto, G. Link, C. Higbee, S. Warner, P. Diller, J. Hynes, S. Anderson, P. Shaffer, R. Montejano, G. Newfarmer, P. Gruen. Class Officers Board The Class Officers Board, under the of Paul Diller, co-ordinated of all four classes for the year. All class officers were members of the board. During the Fall semester, the board the Frosh-Soph Brawl and ran the annual Santa Claus contest to benefit the East Bay Children ' s Hospital. In the Spring the board worked on the Freshman-Junior Dinner, Soph Week, and Senior Week. Inter-Campus Co-ordinating Committee The Intercampus Co-ordinating Committee is something new at the University of California. Formed as a replacement for the National Students Association, which no longer exists at Cal, the Intercampus Co-ordinating Committee tries to successful programs to meet the needs and problems of the universities and colleges in the i mmediate Bay Area. With Dan Lubbock as chairman, the was formed in order to discuss the feasibility of combined conferences in order to benefit all the college students of this region. INTERCAMPUS CO-ORDINATING COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: George Link, Brenda Goodman, Joy Holmes, Dan Lubbock. 136 PUBLICATIONS WALTER FREDERICKS, Director; MARGARET COOK, Assistant Director. Publications Office Publications Office, which serves as an invaluable aid to all University of California publications, is headed by Walter Fredericks, Publications Director, and Margaret Cook, Assistant Director. The editors and staffs of the Daily Californian, Blue and Gold, Pelican, Occident, and Engineer, know that they can always depend on " Pub Office " for help and assistance when it comes to meeting deadlines, acquiring advertising, answering questions, or solving problems. Wally and Margaret are assisted by an able office staff which often pitches in to help the publications on busy days. Dede Lyman is in charge of Eshleman Library, which is open to all members of the publications staffs for studying or reading. LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Harley, Dede Lyman, Dolores Van Loucks. Public Relations As of July first the ASUC Athletic News Bureau underwent a change of name. The newly named ASUC Department of Public Relations, working in cooperation with the Bay Area press, publicizes ASUC activities with a special emphasis on sports. This year the department worked overtime publicizing the Rose Bowl and the NCAA Western Regional tournament and the round at Louisville, in addition to its regular work. This department is also in charge of publicizing the sale of California football season tickets. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Steiner, Pat Gordon, Paul Christopulos. 138 DIANE WAKOSKI Fall Editor DUNCAN PIERCE Spring Editor Occident Occident, Berkeley ' s claim to literary fame, was founded in 1881 and is the oldest literary publication on the West Coast. Its consistently high standard of literary quality reflects the creative tumult on the Berkeley campus. Among the well-known writers appearing in previous issues have been Gertrude Stein, Alan Ginsberg, and CarIan Harkady. Editorial and managerial work on the prove valuable schooling for potential members of the literary profession. Young writers and staff members are cordially received, and made to feel immediately at ease with the more experienced staff members. The cigarette-scarred table in Occident ' s office bears witness to many nights passed in controversy over selection of representative material from Occident ' s contributors. Decisions are hotly contested, but the magazine goes to press leaving the staff secure in the knowledge that they have done their best to satiate the collective literary appetite of the Berkeley faculty and students. ROGER SEAMON Fall Manager MICHAEL ROSSMAN Spring Manager DIALOGUE ON POETIC INTENTION I have an image of an hourglass Filled with crystals Snow crystals And the temperature rising. That strikes me as an image of acceleration Or the relativity of time. You should handle images more gently. You keep twisting images To chip off pieces for your Patchwork metaphors. They break. All I ask is to communicate. You crash Through words like some dumb animal. Who wants to tiptoe through a naked wood? The unplaned cupboard of a vault of trees Must be wrenched open. Green and Brown Are strong, unsilent colors. Why unsilent? Why not noisy? Why the snow instead of sand? I did not intend noisy or loud, I only meant unsilent; can you imagine An hourglass filled with sand And the temperature rising? Richard E. Albert OCCIDENT STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Rossman, Roger Seaman, Diane Wakoski, Florence Verduia, J. M. Armstrong, Duncan Pierce. 139 GENE TURNER Spring Editor JIM YENCKEL Fall Editor DOUG Spring Managing Editor SUE Spring Assistant Editor REPORTERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Peck, Paula McCord, Laurel Kay, Jerry Rasmussen. MARGE MADONNE Spring City Editor ANNE Spring Assistant City Editor MARGARET Spring Assistant City Editor Daily Californian Editorial The Daily Californian, led in the Fall by Editor Jim Yenckel and in the Spring by Gene Turner, continued to maintain its standard as " Monarch of the College Dailies. " Energetic staff members covered everything from week to finals. Big stories of the year included the inauguration of President Kerr; elections, both campus and national; the new registration-by-mail system ; and the controversy over compulsory ASUC membership. Besides these big stories, reporters kept the University community informed on happenings in the ASUC and the University, off-campus groups, international events, and science. The Daily Cal published supplements for Big Game, campus elections and Charter Day. This year too, the Daily Cal was responsible for publishing the All University Week End supplement and covering All-U Week End events. But it is not just reporters who make the Daily Cal. Also working on the editorial side were editorial writers, who expressed views on many campus, state, national, and international problems ; editorial cartoonists, headed by Bill Hoopes; and the photo staff, headed by Fred Rasmussen. NIGHT EDITORS AND ASSITANTS—FIRST ROW, left to right: John West, Alice Fredericks, Stan Price. SECOND ROW: Mary Ellen Rose, Rochelle Davidson, Ruth Henning. THIRD ROW: Corinne Purnell, Connie Hughes, Janie Semple, Dan Silver. MARCIA YOUNG Fall City Editor CUB REPORTERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Duren, Lorrie McDougall, Donna Berkshire, Gordon Chappell. SHEILA BOYER Spring Assistant Managing Editor DAILY CAL SPORTS STAFF—LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Bergman, Walt Stegmeir, Bill Wong, Mike Lebowitz. NOT PICTURED: Mike Berger, Sports Editor. DOUG IVES Fall Sports Editor MIKE BERGER Spring Sports Editor WALT STEGMEIR Spring Assistant Sports Editor FRED RASMUSSEN Photographer PHOTOGRAPHERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dan Hemmer, Dick Forward. SECOND ROW: Bill Aiman, Fred Rasmussen, Bill Jinnet. Daily Cal Sports As the Cal football team went to the Rose Bowl and the basketball team won the PCC and went to the NCAA Tournament, sports were among the main stories of the year. Students were kept informed by the Daily Californian ' s sports department, with Doug Ives as editor in the Fall and Mike Berger in the Spring. Football and basketball were not the only big stories of the year, however, as baseball, gymnastics and track also provided many stories. Full coverages of games and meets, previews and postmortems, and features on coaches, players, and other personnel were taken care of by sports staffers Bill Wong, Bob Goldman, Walt Stegmeir, Elliott Steinberg, Mike Lebowitz, and Jackie Rockel. SALLY EDWARDS Fall Manager STEVE HANNA Spring Business Manager CHUCK HALL Spring Advertising Manager PRIS SPIRES Spring Production Manager Daily Cal Managerial All the ads seen in the Daily Cal this year resulted from the hard work of the managerial staff. Sally Edwards, Fall manager, and Steve Hanna, Spring manager, saw to it that the Daily Cal stayed out of the red and in the black. Managerial is also in charge of promoting ASUC publications in the Daily Cal. Salesmen earned commissions, and both upper and lower staffs joined for parties. Each semester was climaxed by the promotions banquet, at which both editorial and managerial got together to learn the names of new appointees. MANAGERIAL STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Marge Fitzmaurice, Betty Hamilton, Beryl Gaidos, Kathy Milano. STANDING: Bob Vodicka, Kiki McCarthy, Anne Quigg, Barbara Bennetti, Deanna Trioglia, Sandy Thomas, Joanne Musante, Grace Corse FRANK TASSIELLI Fall Promotion Manager SUE CHASE Spring Promotion Manager BARBARA DAVIS Spring Office Manager IKE CALDWELL Spring Entertainment Manager 143 FRESHMAN STAFF: Brenda Bochard, Barbara Bogue, Molly Burnett, Pat Burnside, Jane Bzoch, Arleen Carlson, Nancy Lynette Fain, Sharron Furguson, Susan Fishell, Sue Fisher, Pat Fletcher, Lynn Griffith, Elaine Henning, Sue Kamm, Judy Avery Larson, Laurel Locke, Charlotte Mitchell, Mary Beth Overfelt, Ann Roesch, Marene Sitlinger, Louise Stallings, Sue Taylor, Judy Ward, Nancy Wooldridge. NOT PICTURED: Gerry Martin, Teddi Reinberg, Dianne Ross. Copy Editor JAN DUMM Assistant Copy Editor ANN HOWARD SOPHOMORE STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Sally Godwin, Carol Maloyan. STANDING: Bonnie Russell, Rosemarie Rochex, Hunt. Vorous. Martha Wright. Filing, filing, and more filing. Sports Editor MARG WALDIE Picture Editor MARGIE LUTHER Blue and Gold Editorial Blue and Gold editorial staff was certainly " April fooled " this April first as they managed to squeeze through final deadline with a complete yearbook ready to go to press. But looking back over the year it couldn ' t have happened any other way. Simon Legree Hollingshead began her reign of terror optimistically, delegating jobs right and left. All was not lost as the Senior and Junior editors, took the overseeing duties, the Sophomores relaxed, and the Freshmen worked like dogs. It was no easy job to see that all the copy was just can ' t find 180 words about that group; they don ' t do a thing—and that all pictures were taken—how can we schedule Crunchy Munchy—but Jan saw that all copy was turned in on time, while Margie made sure all pictures were scheduled. Marg followed the team to Pasadena so Rose Bowl copy would be authentic and Phil supervised the sharpening of pencils. And everyone breathed a sigh of relief over the biggest April Fool joke of all—the Blue and Gold met its deadline on time ! ARTISTS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Lee, Bob Bechtel, Bob Clark, Thomsen. ABSENT: Ron Lai, Diana Richardson. JUNIOR STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Carol Schmid, Dorothy Sherwood, Ellene Regalia. STANDING: Barbara Candau, Sue Ginsberg, Pokey Schwab, Forrest Dobbs, Phil McMillan. Editor EVELYN HOLLINGSHEAD I45 Manager SHIRLEY BRANCATO Associate Manager ELAINE BJORGAN Assistant Manager PAULINE BEGG FRESHMAN MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Foon, Sheila Boehm, Linda O ' Connor, Marilyn Dill, Lorna Larsen, Pat Jordan, June Bender. SECOND ROW: Betty Cassidy, Penny Tharsing, Sue Shaw, Sherie Bender, Judy Schultz, Howard Green. I46 BLUE AND GOLD MANAGERIAL SOPHOMORES--LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Grant, Pat Hansen, Liz Dobbins, Judy Collins. JUNIOR MANAGERS---LEFT TO RIGHT: Minty Klein, Terry Fourkas, Jane Howell, Marcia Hughes, Helen Ward. NOT PICTURED: Jane Missling. Blue and Gold Managerial Something new has been added to the Blue and Gold —Commissions ! With the thought of money dancing in their little heads, the members of the Blue and Gold managerial staff went out and worked even harder than they had in other years trying to lure prospective into their office—to buy yearbooks, of course. Shirley spent her days making little marks on little charts and seeing that everyone else was selling selling, selling. Elaine was busy trying to make the books come out even and accounting for every cent spent and every penny that came in. Pauline saw that people were at the studio to count money, take names, and, if the opportunity presented itself, to sell, sell, sell. The Juniors managed the Freshmen, and the Freshmen managed to sell. But as the deadlines came and went, the managerial staff came through with flying colors, and now all staff members can ' t wait ' til next year to sell, sell, sell. 147 BOB MEADOWCROFT Fall Manager PELICAN JIM PACKER Fall Editor R. R. ERVINE Spring Editor JIM PARISH Spring Manager PELLY SALES GIRLS—BACK ROW, left to right: Arline Gardner, Juline Cardoza, Marian Galli, Betty Nicholson, Joan Lani Seneker, Carol Newton, Shiela Ryan, Charmaine Eng, Gwen Spratley, Bonnie Tomlinson, Toni Catrow. MIDDLE ROW: Susan Abell, Judy Stark, Gail Porter, Kimi Tehira, Sally Conway, Jane Fedderly, Nickie Liapes, Jolene Adams, Virginia Young, Carol Enos, Sandi Loomis, Vivien Hurd. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Hitchcock, Evelyn Nakano, Jean Holmes, Stephanie Telford, Sharon Calvy, Colleen Young, Evie Trost, Mary Rasmussen, Shiela Hanley, Marie Kennedy, Ann Bergwall. SANDY COWGILL Fall Women ' s Director PELLY APPOINTED STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Miller, Sally Conway, Chuck Alverson, Joe McCord, Joan Anderson, Tim Prael, Coleen Young. SECOND ROW: Truman Capote, Lucretia Borgia, J. Duane O ' Neill, Dave Yohannon, Roger Latif, Jean Holmes, Dylan Thomas, Henry Park. SUE SMITH Spring Women ' s Director BOB BECHTEL Fall and Spring Art Director FALL WOMEN ' S STAFF—LFFT TO RIGHT: Sue Smith. Lynn Mosley. Sandy Cowgill. Harriett Sue Dowell, Corkie Morrill. Pelican ' s function is to publish a Humor Magazine! At least, that ' s what all the org-men say. The many staff members—men, women, and children (those under the age of twenty-one, or ex-Daily Cal personnel—are all quite friendly. Situated on lovely and picturesque Strawberry Creek, The Pelican sheds sweetness and light and, according to the dean, perversion, over the glorious campus. Thus dear reader in the years to come when you are old and senile—wearing tennis shoes and drinking will remember with fondness in your eyes the Magazine that made you laugh and cry. And perchance you will remark, " It was Great! " WILLIAM WHITNEY Fall Editor LYNN SEAMAN Spring Editor CAL ENGINEER The California Engineer, the University of California student scientific magazine, was established in 1903. This technical journal has strived to he a stimulation to student engineers and scientists by presenting articles on some of the frontiers of engineering. But equally important is its function as a workshop for students at Cal who wish to gain experience in technical writing and publishing. Here a student can work out some of his own ideas on magazine writing, production and sales. The California Engineer is a member of the publications family of the Associated Students of the Unive rsity of California. It is sold on campus and sent to other engineering colleges and universities. In addition to campus sales and subscriptions it is supported by local and national advertising. DON HOWARD Fall Manager LYNNE De ROY Spring Manager CAROL LEVY Fall and Spring Women ' s Director SEATED, left to right: Elizabeth Seamon, Mary Ann Erickson, Carol Levy, Carol Siede, Valerie Webster. STANDING: John White, Terry Pottet, Don Christiansen, Charles Schmidt, James Gruening, William Whitney, Ray Muzzy, Don Howard, Lynn Seaman, Robert Shipley, John Granz, Warner Heilbrunn. ABSENT: Diane Duffey. 150 Without the untiring services of our photographers Hal and Ed, this yearbook would never have become a reality. Working long, hard hours in their studio in the basement of Eshleman Hall, they took and developed picture after picture. Their job sent them on many trips throughout the campus to take pictures of the seven wonders of the campus. Of course, on their travels they took many other pictures which are also included in this yearbook, and also took pictures for the news bureau. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Hal and Ed for doing such a great job and for putting up with our broken appointments. Ed Kirwan and Harold Amling. PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Henner and Clayton Rush are checking negatives. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Mandell, Joan Sewell, Chet Plomgren. DICK KING Director ROGER MILLER Assistant Director J. BONNER RITCHIE Assistant Director Press and Public Relations The Publicity and Public Relations Department was created this year for the purpose of communication between the ASUC, the student body, and the general public. The Department has been very successful in publicizing and promoting the activities and functions of the Association through the Daily Californian and the various metropolitan papers. The Publicity and Public Relations Department offers such services as home town press releases on student leaders, state-wide press releases on ASUC activities, feature stories in the metropolitan tours for foreign visitors, feature stories in the Daily Californian. It provides an activities calendar, and works on special projects such as Proposition 3. SEATED, left to right: Paula Powers, Sue McMullen, Joelle Rosen, Phemie Brownell, Margo Brown, Lynn Kopke. STANDING: John M. Schaefer, Jim C. Hagerdorn, Jerry Crawford, Ben Minton, Akira Sand, Dick Maddock, Roger Miller, J. Bonner Ritchie. Richard G. King. 152 Music Drama CAL JAMES BERDAHL Director CHAPMAN DIX Drum Major The California Marching Band has had a terrific year and one of its most active since its inception thirty-five years ago. Since June the Band has traveled 22,000 miles over an area stretching from Pasadena to Brussels, Belgium. Their trip to the Brussels World ' s Fair was a of many years of hard work and energetic effort, and their performance was, of course, well received by all who were there. During the weeks before their for Brussels, they held a " Playathon " throughout the streets of San Francisco in order to raise the money which they needed. Naturally all the Band members feel that their effort was worth-while, for the trip to Europe was as enjoyable for the Band as their music was for those who listened. The performance that the Band members enjoyed the most this year was their appearance in the Rose Bowl. All of the 120 men who participated in the Rose Bowl spectacle claim that it was the " greatest. " 20 BAND The organization of the California Marching Band has proven to be one of the University ' s best. It is run by the student officers in conjunction with the director, James Berdahl. The officers for this year are: Hugh Barnett, manager; Chapman Dix, drum major; Fred Saunders, rep-at-large; Larry Anderson, student director; Ken Pratt, secretary; Elton Butler, Grove Thomas, and Rich Aguiar, associate managers. The purpose of the Band is to perform at athletic events, rallies, student meetings, and to promote school spirit as well as to provide a means of instrumental expression and good fellowship for its members. All members are offered free admittance and complimentary tickets to games, periodic social functions, Saturday lunches, lockers on expense-paid trips, and awards for service. Now we know why the Band ' s so good ! CALIFORNIA BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Anderson, student director; Chapman Dix, drum major; Hugh Barnett, Senior manager; Fred Saunders, rep-at-large; James Berdahl, director. SECOND ROW: J. Kapler, assistant director; Elton Butler, associate manager; Ken Pratt, secretary; Grove Thomas, associate manager. On their way! Cal Band meets Knowland and Nixon. Drummer attracts audience. On the bus. Parading on the Fair Grounds. Aren ' t they having fun? STRAW HAT BAND The Straw Hat Band is the California Marching Band ' s counterpart which plays at all University of California basketball games, even those on the road. This year they performed at twenty-one of the twenty-six games, all but two conference games. These were missed because the members of the Straw Hat Band were recuperating from the Rose Bowl. Traveling by bus or by the train, the Straw Hat Band goes many miles, cheering the team on. The group is composed of volunteer of the California Marching Band. Their uniforms are shirtsleeves and straw hats, hence their name. The band has had a busy year, and a successful one at that! LARRY ANDERSON Student Director 157 university SYMPHONY orchestra SIDNEY GRILLER Director The University of California Symphony has had a very successful year under the excellent leadership of Sidney Griller. Their first performance of the year was held in Hertz Hall in celebration of the inauguration of President Clark Kerr. Almost every month the University of orchestra presented concerts, usually in Hertz Hall. The music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Verdi, Vivaldi, and Handel was presented. Many concerts were presented in conjunction with the Chorus. The University of California orchestra not only provides an opportunity for musically talented students to perform together, but also gives the University community an excellent chance to appreciate the talents of its students. 158 Chorus The University Chorus presented one of its most popular performances, Handel ' s Messiah, with the San Francisco Symphony during the Christmas season. This invitation to perform at the San Francisco Opera House the quality of this group, conducted by Edward B. Lawton. The group also sang works by Brahms, Verdi, and Mozart in conjunction with the University The Repertory Chorus, conducted by Lawrence Moe, is another group in the University of California Music Department. They have performed several times during the Spring. In January they gave the concert version of John Blow ' s opera, Venus and Adonis. This group also a concert of Monteverdi Madregals during March. Grand Performance EDWARD B. LAWTON Director Chorus in Rehearsal TREBLE CLEF TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Fran McDonald, Lois Nakamura, Phyllis Porter. SECOND ROW: Sue Wilson, Lucy Ratcliff, Jean Collier. Harriet Berman. Varney, Mary Little. BOB COMMANDAY Director Treble Clef is the women ' s choral society at U.C. is based upon invitation after a week of auditions held during Registration Week in the Fall semester. This group wants to inspire spirit and to present programs of the finest in choral music. Treble Clef, in conjunction with Men ' s Glee Club, presents many programs and on campus and around the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as performing by themselves on many occasions. The year began with a Fall Retreat, during which the members of the group got acquainted with each other and the new members learned the spirit and of Treble Clef. During the Christmas season, the girls went caroling in different parts of the Bay Area. In the Spring they held their annual Spring Concert Tour as well as the highlight of the season, the Spring Concert, on campus. This past year has proved to be one of the finest yet for the members of the Treble Clef Society. FIRST ROW, left to right: Y. Trout, R. Cantin, M, Aguiat, M. Little, L. Ratcliff, J. Parker, L. Wood, L. Hendrix, C. Cutler, C. Smith, J. Collier, L. Jennings, D. Soroka, S. Jones, J. Hickman, S. Wilson, M. Russell, N. Scott. SECOND ROW: L. Davis, J. Dake, B. Plouf, C. Plott, M. Varney, D. Hill, L. Hibler, N. C. Cleveland, K. Law, J. McPhee, A. Severin, B. Reiner, K. Venstrom, P. Porter, A. Taylor, B. Janin, A. Morris, M. Dunlap, J. Key, D. Floris, M. McDonald, R. Akers, S. Fishell, B. Brannan, J. McNair, O. T. Jackson. THIRD ROW: J. James, J. Polf, A. Yates, S. Riegal, S. Kampert, J. Bryans, L. Miller, F. McDonald, H. Berman, N. Bremer, D. Holmann, L. Tenney, L. Nakamura, S. Rohde, C. Bunker, M. Reeser, P. C. Coolidge, D. Hardesty, B. Peters, J. Musante, B. Salter, A. Sakai, P. Tombs, B. Wicklow. LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Olivier, John Williams, Len Loomis, Richard Talbott, Lance Lipscomb, Norman Reiber, Ron Clazie, associate Senior manager; Neil Lincoln, Senior manager; CENTER: Norman Seraphin. Glee Club Again the Glee Club has had a full year. Its activities got off to an early start in the Fall semester when its members sang at the first University Meetin g. In October the Glee Club sang at the opening of the new U.C. Medical Center Student Union. Later in the Fall it joined the orchestra for a concert. As the holidays approached, rehearsals of the Glee Club were many as it prepared to present the Messiah with the San Francisco Orchestra. It also added to Christmas spirit by caroling in the Bay Area. Between semesters the whole group made a special tour to California. In the Spring there were more on campus and throughout the state. The group ended its year by participating in the Spring Show in May. Spread throughout the year were several mixers such as the gay Big Game Dance held in November. All in all, the Glee Club can well be proud of having had another highly successful season. GLEE CLUB—FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Lommis, L. Campodonico, D. Melander, L.. Lipscomb, S. Skefich, B. Mills, J. Hawes, P. Olivier, A. Cunningham, E. McNutt, J. Day, A. Lockshin, A. McMurry, R. Mitchell, N. Lincoln. SECOND ROW: R. Grossmann, A. Jamieson. THIRD ROW: N. Seraphin, R. Albert, D. Wallace, T. Tibbetts, R. Vingo, B. Wait, P. Henault, R. Morrey, W. Wilcox, J. Zehnder, F. Garland, R. Bennett, R. Clazie, C. M. Manley, B. Patnaude, H. Munday, T. Watrous, N. Ross, L. Belson, B. Lillard, R. Wilhelmson. FOURTH ROW: E. Johnson, B. Farnam, J. Schreiber, N. Reiber, R. Talbott, D. A. Meyers, H. Ramirez, T. Stern, S. Rutherford, A. Inouye, Mr. Commanday, M. Tartak, D. Calder, J. West, T. Klein, A. Katsuyama, R. Horwitz, J. Oda, R. Bohn, T. Kurtz, G. Collaer, J. Williams. SENIOR OCTETTE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Beschta, Dodge Wallace, Manager; Allan Jamieson, Bill Brown, Bill Patnaude, Wayne Wilcox, Erwin Frech, Tom Kurtz. Collegians The Collegians were organized at the beginning of the Spring semester to replace the recently Appollo Club. Unlike the Appollo Club which was an all-male singing group, the Collegian ' s is a mixed group. Since the Collegians were recently organized, the semester was spent in an orientation program. The Collegians gives both men and women who enjoy singing an to learn the mechanics of si ght reading and voice production. The group is directed by Bob Comanday. COLLEGIANS MANAGERIAL—FRONT, left to right: Bruce Barbee, Barbara Okamoto, Corinne Purnell, Leslie Collear, Director. Dave Fong, Dan Swift. COLLEGIANS—FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Glesser, K. Windingstad, R. Onuma, S. Kobuchi, C. Olivete, M. Hulls, M. V. Chan, F. Fong, J. Amadooni, B. Sultan. SECOND ROW: N. Hoelsken, B. Okamoto, E. Christman, T. Murakawa, J. L. Leong, L. Hong, J. Okubo, C. Ridker, C. Purnell, L. Dratler, S. Klatzker, B. Cohen, I. Backman, L. Early. THIRD ROW: K. Kirbly, A. Smigelouf, D. Pyper, T. Gong, H. Lassen, W. Myszko, P. Kent, J. McKee, J. Keevil, M. Fisher, M. Stone, V. K. Karim, L. Zapordgian, C. Crook, L. Setzer, M. Fischler. FOURTH ROW: P. D ' Alterio, E. Miyakawa, J. Lehman, T. Tom, D. Dengler, B. Ballantyne, H. Marsh, B. Barbee (accompanist), D. Fong, J. Jaensch, E. Vaughn, J. Dukes. FIFTH ROW: D. M. O ' Day, B. Ullman, D. Colman, R. Shutt, D. Golden, R. orward, G. Wilson, T. Abels, D. Swift, C. Greenie. 152 Tom Glau interviews Pete Elliott. ASUC Radio-TV Theater Leo Pessin, Bill Ragsdale, and Stephanie DiBari at the controls. RON ROBIE Director Biggest ASUC Radio-Television Theater news of the year was the addition of two new stations, DAFE-FM in and KBCA-FM in Los Angeles, to the OF CALIFORNIA HOUR " radio network. The new outlets bring the network ' s total to four stations, covering most of the state. The Theater ' s other program, " THE GOLDEN BEAR REVIEW, " underwent a change of format and appeared twice weekly on KLX in Oakland. The Bears in the Rose Bowl meant a special New Year ' s broadcast from Pasadena. The " UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HOUR " broadcast " Christmas at Cal, " its third annual Christmas greeting from the Berkeley campus. Special guests on the year ' s broadcasts included Governor Edmund G. Brown, President Clark Kerr, Chancellor Glenn Seaborg, Ralph Edwards, and Cal Tjader. The Spring semester brought Spring sports as the " GOLDEN BEAR REVIEW " ended its third year. The year came to a close with another big " ROSCOE AWARDS complete with tears, retirements, etc. Dave Flinn officiates at Blue Monday. STANDING, left to right: Richard Capp, Jim Frederick, John Schwin, Karl Schorno, Stu Kaplan, Warren Nordgren, Pamela MayaII, Bill Ragsdale, Stephanie DiBari, Leonard Salvig, Chuck DiBari, Dave Jacobson, Marvin Mizis. SEATED: Ron Robie, Pat Royerk, Pat Kinney, Marsha Watson. 163 A tense moment in MENAGERIE. Getting ready for a performance. PROPERTY OF THE UNIVERSITY THEATRE Agamemnon ' s return Recent controversial, ancient Greek tragedy and old-fashioned French farce were among the University Theater offerings this year. Among the plays Tennessee William ' s " Camino Real " aroused enthusiasm in the production directed by Robert Goldsby. In the Greek Theater as a part of the inaugural ceremonies for President Kerr " the Oresteia of was presented with a large cast under the direction of Fred Harris. In an entirely different vein was the sprightly " Let ' s Get A Divorce " by Victorien Sardou, adapted and directed by Mr. Goldsby. The contemporary note was again struck with Wilder ' s " Skin of Our Teeth, " staged by William Oliver, and " The Caine Mutiny directed by John Dreier. Closing the year were two works of literary distinction rarely performed: Turgenev ' s mid-nineteenth century character study " A Month in the Country, " directed by Goldsby and " The Nit Wit " by Jopede Vega, translated and directed by William Oliver. In the Studio Theater were impressive presentations of " John Gabriel Bjorkman, " " Ams and the Man " directed by Henrietta Harris, and " Phedre " of Racine given in French, directed by James Kerans. Getting Ready. From PHEDRE Hold that pose. Help for the cast of CHERRY ORCHARD. Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus in Atlantic City. Two parts of the triangle. CHERRY ORCHARD. Camino Real Cast Don Quixote James McClure Gutman Robert Smith Jacques Casanova Lido Cantarutti Prudence Duvernoy Judith Mills Survivor Stephen Vause La Maraeita de los Padres Vera Hulse Gypsy Marmarie Garrigus Esmarelda Anne Haskell Kilroy Duncan Sim Baron de Charlus Dan Allen Marguerite Gautier Ragna Nyblom What will you have? Be careful with him., I AM sincere. Mikado Cast Mikado Dick Ross Nanki-Poo Henry Ramirez Ko-Ko Steven Graves Pooh-Bah Hiram DeWitt Pish-Tush Ray Stansbury Yum-Yum Mary Ann Manhart Pitti-Sing Barbara Beier Peep-Boo Kate Gilpin Katisha Rita Kadubec The lovers. Let ' s Get a Divorce Bastien William Gean Josepha Lyn Edgington Henri des Prunelles Don Ingraham Clavignac William Carleton Cyprienne Karen Walker Madame de Brionne Ragna Nyblom Adhemar de Gratignan Bill Harrison Joseph Stephen Vause You don ' t say! We ' re waiting. Skin of Our Teeth Mr. Antrobus Robert Smith Mrs. Antrobus Harriet Hops Henry Antrobus Duncan Sim Gladys Antrobus Anne Haskell Sabina Tondi Cummings Fitzpatrick Robert Greene Miss Somerset ' s Friend Myrna Frank Mother and children. Notice the dog. Father and friends. THE ORESTEIAN TRILOGY Clytemnestra Henrietta Harris Agamemnon Hiram DeWitt Cassandra Eleanor Kunitz Aegisthos Anthony D ' Agostino Orestes George Marchi Pylades Gordon Macdonald Electra Suzanne Geier The Pythian Prophetess Marion Melberg The God Apollo Thomas O ' Brien The God Hermes Stephen Vause The Goddess Pallas Athena Grace Fretter The God Apollo. A battle in the Greek Tradition. THE GLASS MENAGERIE Tom Walt Wright Amanda Eileen Coltrell Laura Harriet Hops A Gentleman Caller Gene LaRue A serious moment. Touching scene from GLASS MENAGERIE. A tense moment in the trial. The Banquet. Queeg on trial. CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL Lt. Stephen Maryk John McQuinn Lt. Barney Greenwald Philip Heron Lt. Cmdr. John Challee Morris Bobrow Capt. Blakely Gerald Ladar Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg Lawrence Arnold Lt. Thomas Keefer Norman Nayfach Signalman Third Class Junius Urban Duke Stroud Lt. Seward Keith Mike Manley Capt. Randolph Southard Robert Smith Dr. Bird Steven Kroll Dr. Forrest Lundeen David Vilner Go fly a kite! Husband and boy friend meet at last! The ward and her guardian. A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY CAST Arkady Sergeich Islayev Charles Matlock Natalya Petrovna Ragna Nyblom Kolya Bradley Bjork, Bob Winston Vera Mikel Schwartzkopf Anna Semenovna Carla Swartz Lizaveta Bogdanovna Sheila Ryan Katya Frances Redewill Adam Ivanovich Schaaf Robert Smith Mihail Alexandrovich Rakitin Don Cairns Alexey Nikolayevich Belyayev James Tripp Afanasy Ivanovich Bolshintsov Frank Spiering Ignaty Ilyich Shpigelsky Don Ingraham Matvey Larry Belling 170 CLUBS SOCIETIES American Institute of Industrial Engineers The American Institute of Industrial Engineers is open to all students in industrial engineering. It acquaints the with work being done in the field and promotes spirit. The group participates in field trips and social functions. FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Quinn, Vice-President; E. Dierauf, Jr., J. Napoli, R. Reark, J. Duncan, President; K. D. Saylor, C. Schlegel, G. Kuykendall, D. Weston, C. Farnham, M. Kirby. SECOND ROW: N. Ericksen, B. Rood, C. Falkner, L. Crawford, R. Plummer, M. Bartakke, J. Ellermeier, R. Ferrel, T. Potect, Professor Louis E. Davis. THIRD ROW: T. 0. Markley, E. Bisbee, E. Atwood, G. Fleischer, R. Shipley. FOURTH ROW: A. Dix, G. Stone, K. Knopf, G. Redman, R. J. Landers. FIFTH ROW: M. Sachse, D. Hinckley, B. Gardner, A. Marks, J. Cumming, J. Elting, R. Werling. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, a National Professional Business Fraternity, consists of business administration majors. This organization fosters scientific research in the field of commerce, accounting, and finance. It has a service to assist graduating Seniors, a student loan fund, and an annual scholarship award. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Garvin, D. J. Lanz, President; 0. St. Germain, J. Goodman. SECOND ROW: G. N. Molaug, C. Stone, R. Lundgren, L. Duffus, E. Chong. I72 Alpha Mu Gamma Alpha Mu Gamma is a national foreign language society. The members, chosen on the basis of high scholarship promote better understanding of foreign people, achievement, and encourage interest in the study of languages. The group sponsors National Foreign Language week and in several social activities. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lido Cantarutti, Jean Whitehead, Susan Spitz, Charles Cutter. SECOND ROW: Joan Bittner, Robert McAlear, Esther Herrera, Cheryl Rothman, Anita Axt, Heidi Altorfer, Sylvia Volpi, Elizabeth Wierzbianska. THIRD ROW: Arthur Todd, Mary Ann Rogers, Denise Casenave, Beth Vay, Mary Ann Hoffman, Marilyn Hjort, Juanita Netoff, Mrs. D. Shadi. FOURTH ROW: Victor Camacho, Ray Verzasconi, Pyoung Kim, John Layman, Kozo Ura, Fred Lucero, Bob Breitfeld, Milton Hayes. Alpha Phi Omega The Berkeley Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, one of 301 chapters in the U.S., promotes community and campus service. In so doing, it provides a leadership training and fellowship and social activities. Its main activity is the sponsorship of the annual Ugly Man contest for WUS John Adams James Barney Larry Beyersdorf Steve Cook Hugh Calkins Richard Ebert David Gomberg James Hagedorn James McKinstry Melvin Kaplan Don Krug John Quinn Daniel Morris Bruce Owens Arne Werchick John Schaefer Gordon Shell 173 Alpha Pi Mu Alpha Pi Mu, the National Industrial Engineering Honor Society, provides recognition for men who have themselves in the industrial engineering The society tries to further opportunities for development and provide social activities for its members. FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Dierauf, J. Napoli, C. Goodman, C. Schlegel, G. Kuykendall, T. Yoshikawa, D. Weston. ROW: T. Thometz, C. Falkner, R. Reark, L. Crawford, R. Plummer, G. Redman, J. Cumming, R, Werling. THIRD ROW: E. G. Stone, G. Fleischer, ASCE The ASCE provides the first step to professional for the Civil Engineer by offering the opportunity to begin making professional acquaintances, exchanging ideas with other engineers, conforming to a code of ethic, and developing attitudes and habits essential to the profession. FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Case, J. Van Houten, D. Campanella, R. Whitney, President; C. Stockon, S. Louis, P. SECOND ROW: H. Anderson, J. McLain, J. Morelli, L. Jorgensen, J. Parks, R. Figueroa, P. Roberts, M. Leong, Professor THIRD ROW: R. Hamilton, R. Worley, C. Kress, K. Osborne, A. Karasik, R. Parker, H. Munday. FOURTH ROW: Gessford, Rende, Van Heuit, Graham, Ambers. FIFTH ROW: J. Nelson, D. Westphal, R. Woodward, A. Meloy, D. Bruechert, C. L. Rugaard. SIXTH ROW: L. Seaman, M. Kuranoff, J. Frankel, R. Guinn, K. Holness, E. Wallach, D. Eisenhower. ROW: W. Henry, W. Silva, K. Finch, E. Weatherby, D. Schum. EIGHTH ROW: V. Steen, D. Hooper, P. Pritchard, D. W. Patton, R. Razzano, S. Kriten, E. Williams. 174 Arnold Air Society FIRS T ROW, left to right: C. Thompson, F. Lowe, J. Hawes, R. Brauer, B. Moriarity, J. Quinn, C. Mahakian, A. Joyal, H. Morton, V. Tan. SECOND ROW: A. Thomas, H. Bagaus, W. Guard, J. Bonar, J. Mendiara, I. Cornelius, B. Finley, C. Finkelstein, J. Crescenzi, M. Bushnell. The Arnold Air Society is an organization of AFROTC Cadets who are selected for on a basis of personal merit. The AAS has four objectives: (1) to promote American citizenship in the Air Age (2) to advocate the support of Air Power (3) to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the US Air Force as a means of national security (4) to create a closer and more efficient relationship within the AFROTC. The activities of the society reflect these The Colonel George H. Stell Squadron has sponsored speakers and movies pertaining to the field of aviation. Trips range from field trips to military installations to beach parties. Each semester AAS sponsors a formal ball. For the past year the Squadron has also served as National Headquarters for AAS. FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Huntly, L. Wohletz, W. Hansen, K. Moody, S. Quock, J. Folkman, T. Tanner, S. Brown, F. Ayiin, R. Granvill, D. DeCarion, M. Wilson, W. Widener. SECOND ROW: R. Hofmann, A. Prestegard, J. Ritter, F. Daulton, R. Balck, J. Griffin, C. Lawyer, R. Blackburn, W. Erwin, J. Youngson, R. McCreary, S. Brown, J. Bell, J. McKinstry. S. M. E. Membership in American Society of Mechanical Engineers is open to any student in mechanical engineering. Its purposes are furthering professional aspects and exchanging ideas between students and faculty. Activities include speakers, field trips, and awards. FIRST ROW, left to right: Stan Backlund, Anders Lundburg, Richard Earl, Arthur L. McGee, Jack Moscowitz, John F. V. E. Schrock, Edward Takemori, Larry Lamoreux. SECOND ROW: R. L. Jenkins, D. S. Wong, Lloyd Back, Gerth R. Ashby, James H. Ingram, Lawrence I. Schneider, Rodolfo Aguirre, Robert T. Chin, Jerome W. Hankin, Robert D. Swanstrom, Robert Arthur H. Pabor, John Clingingsmith. THIRD ROW: Al MacDonald, Roland Gooch, James L. Clayton, Alan W. McMurry, Thomas William Whisler, John Agilera, Terry Gleason, Richard Roush, William Anderson, David A. Russell, Eugene Serex, Eugene Tashima. FOURTH ROW: Louis J. Santin, Ernst G. Hoyer, Parker S. Smiley, Everett Beckley, John Wickman, Ralph Hunt, Emil T. W. Lawson, C. A. Henry, R. E. Swan, P. F. Thompson, H. D. Christiansen, J. F. Miller, Terry T. Hind. U.C.Ballroom Dancers U.C. Ballroom Dancers is a group of U.C. students who are interested in learning the advanced techniques of all social dances. The group provides instruction in the various dances and sponsors many social activities. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wonda Lemon, Henry Chang, Mike Byrns, Eddie Lelin, Ken Morrow, Sheila Byrns, Beate Mahlendorff, Laura Barry Scaibe, John Chu, Della Mundy. ABSENT: Judy Coleman, Bruce Douglas, Miss Joyce, Advisor. 176 Baton Baton is a U.C. Band Honor Society which attempts to serve the Band both individually and as a group. The are selected because of their past contributions to the Band and their expected future contributions. FIRST ROW, left to right: Neil Dickinson, Gordon Crocker, Eugene Serex, Larry Anderson, Dick Emerson, Barry Scaife, Ernie Lee, Ronald Gordon, Fred Saunders, James Beidahl. SECOND ROW: Eddie George, McDonald Robinson, Fred Fischle, Chapman Dix, Robert Hermann, Richard Chinn, John Sibley, John Gobbie, Robert Joseph, Grove Thomas, J. Kapher. THIRD ROW: Marv Atchley, Bill Ellsworth, Kim Pratt, Wayne Fenner, Ed McKenna, Jim Weiss, Lyle Seeband, Elton Butler, Hugh Barnett, Canterbury Episcopal Student Center The Canterbury Episcopal Student Center provides for all Episcopals and other interested students to get together. The organization presents discussion groups, guest lecturers, and worship services at their Sunday night meetings. It also provides a series of inquiry classes. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alden McLellan, Anne Jamieson, Preston Kelsey, Jill Derby, Sam Smith, Gretchen Garrison, Father Morse. 177 Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon fraternity is a civil engineering honor society. Its members are chosen on the basis of high scholarship and professional and social qualities. The improvement of the engineering profession and development of skills necessary for a successful engineering career are the main objectives of the group. FIRST ROW, left to right: John O. Nelson, W. H. Patton, John M. Parks, Carl F. Kress, Dan Sunoda, Gary Campbell, E. Forrest Anderson. SECOND ROW: Ray Razzano, Don Westphal, Tom Okamura, Bill Casper, Sam Louis, Charles Stockton, Peter Lim, Tom Suvetsugu. THIRD ROW: P. H. Gilbert, D. R. Winslow, D. N. Kennedy, R. A. Westmann, T. N. Bitzer, Roger Gregg, D. O. J. M. Coil, Bamford Robertson. College Women ' s Clubs Juniors The College Women ' s Club Juniors is an auxilliary to the American Association of University Women. Its purpose is to promote interest in the AAUW and to assist in the raising of funds for the scholarships offered their members. This club meets every Friday for luncheon. Betty Asaro Catherine Bareilles Eleanor Borg Judy Bramell Joy Cox Ann Lynne Gibson Margaret Gould Jean Gray Ann Marie Hammons Elaine Henning Joy Holmes Elizabeth Miller Mary Beth Overfelt Claudia Seberg Dorothy Sherwood Susi Sypher Katie Thornton Bernadette Tourville Marydale Wigle 178 Christian Science Organization Reading Room. Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 the Christian Science Organization at the University holds testimony meetings in its building. At these meetings college students tell of physical healings and problems solved through the application of Christian Science. Readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Eddy precede the testimonies. A library is in the Organization building where college students may study the Bible and Christian Science in a peaceful atmosphere. 179 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business administration and commerce fraternity. Its purposes are to foster the study of business in universities, encourage scholarship, and promote a closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. FIRST ROW, left to right: John Flerzog, Milton L. Goltz, Jr., Chuck Weesner, Wiley L. Carter, John M. Franco, Albert H. Norman Litz, L. Howard Hamlin, Robert A. Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Al Roberts, Stu Gould, Mike Russ, Gene Oliver, Al Robert Vaughan, Frank Tassielli, Bill Kennaugh, Del Roy. THIRD ROW: D. M. Cushway, Roger R. Bennett, Donald T. James M. Bell, Robert T. Sprouse, Willis J. Sheldon, Gary D. Kimmel, Robert S. Faris, Kenneth O. Garcia. Engineers Joint Council The Engineers Joint Council is composed of from the various engineering organizations. The council is primarily a policy-making and coordinating body which meets to discuss problems affecting all engineering students, to coordinate activities and promote between its member societies. FIRST ROW, left to right; Jack Moskowitz, Richard Whitney, John Roman, H, Don Christiansen, Robert Pemberton, Moonray Kojima, Lawrence C. Welsh, Ken Engelund. SECOND ROW: Jim Duncan, Arthur L. McGee, Lloyd H. Back, Ted Thometz, Paul Goorjian, Frederick Rossol, R. Shipley, Henry C. Borne, Jr., Faculty Advisor. 180 Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu, an Electrical Engineering Honor provides for interchange of ideas between its and professional engineers. Membership is by and is restricted to the upper fourth of the Junior class and the upper third of the Senior class. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Leong, H. Junker, B. Jordan, F. Rossol, J. Williams, M. Kojima, B. Howden. SECOND ROW: E. Kvamme, W. Reimche, C. Pon, N. Tom, M. Healy, F. Gevert. THIRD ROW: W. Weir, J. Gruenig, E. V. Prescop,I. Williams, G. North. Forestry Club The Forestry Club is an organization for all preforestry and forestry majors who are interested in promoting social and educational activities within the field of forestry. Its activities include the distribution of Christmas trees to campus groups, clam digs, dances, and picnics. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Lanier, W. Kaiser, B. Dennison, R. Perkins, J. Frank, B. Zeimer, R. Utterback, D. Vasey. SECOND ROW: M. Miranda, B. Butler, J. Smith, J. Ruth, B. Cannon, K. Austin, T. Conners, B. Leonard, S. Bradley. THIRD ROW: F. Schaub, D. Stikkers, J. Clifford, M. Schymeinsky, F. Garland, D. Burns. FOURTH ROW: D. Dunaway, D. G. Morgan, J. Ceragioli, J. Bicho, B. Loomis, B. Winter. FIFTH ROW: B. Carer, S. Cook, J. Caylor, D. Collins, K. F. Bertetta, D. Paraday. SIXTH ROW: D. Benedict, G. Unsoeld, G. Ferrell, D. Paulson, H. Kolkmann, W. Wilcox. 181 Golden Guard Golden Guard, an Army ROTC Cadet Organization, is open to all upper division students. commissioned of the faculty, and outstanding Sophomores. It serves as a means whereby the UC ROTC Cadets may find for increasing their military skill and may learn about the place of the Army in the defense of the nation. Hammer and Dimmer As a Technical Dramatic Honor Society, Hammer and Dimmer fosters and furthers dramatic activities at the University by providing technical assistance in any activity. Members are elected after having shown outstanding ability and interest in the aspects of the Theater. SEATED, left to right: Joy Cox, President; Margaret Gould. STANDING: Pat Royer, Myrna Frank, Mr. Dreier, Advisor; Larry Belling, Carla Schwartz. 182 Hillel Through the media of religious services, seminars, discussion groups and classes, social affairs, and personal counselling, the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation at Cal seeks to give students opportunities for creative self-expression within the framework of the Jewish tradition. FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Freeman, R. Abers, S. Smith, President, J. Goldman. SECOND ROW: E. Klugman, M. Morris, S. Steinberg, Rabbi Joseph H. Gumbiner, H. Strauch, I. Backman, L. Hibler, N. Poliner, S. Sobel, I. Cooperman, B. Aaronson, C. Schnitzer, A. Somers, L. Simon, M. Mandelman, B. Alban, D. Thal. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is open to all women majoring in, or interested in, home economics. The group stimulates a greater understanding of the aims of the program, and familiarizes the student with opportunities in the field. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Raphael, K. Field, L. Swain, A. Hendren, B. Clark, S. Peterson, M. Uchiyama, M. McGee. SECOND ROW: Mrs. B. Cook, Advisor; J. Peterson, N. Walsh, M. Snider, J. Santana, W. Bodily, M. Shinoda, N. Foon, N. Yudnich, N. Gee. THIRD ROW: M. Owens, S. Stewart, J. Elson, N. Kuehn, N. Dahlinger, M. Kinner, J. Reiche, L. Parent, C. Werner, J. Gray, S. Low, J. Colvin, P. Colvin. 183 Lambda Delta Sigma FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Ritchue, Bishop C. Black, Dr. D. D. Jensen, Mrs. R. Lee Kenner, Mr. R. Lee Kenner, Institute Director, C. Stoddard, J. Reiche, W. Bodily, S. Larsen, M. Bodily, G. Andrus, V. Nielsen, J. Ellermeier, L. Wickman. SECOND ROW: R. Ellsworth, P. Richards, G. Jensen, D. Jensen, M. Kenner, K. McDonald, R. Hunt, B. A. Strebel, J. Pennock, B. Merrill, K. Atkisson, H. Swan, R. Mitchell, H. Hatch, P. Koldewyn. THIRD ROW: D. Knotts, M. Rasmussen, T. Wilcox, J. Bingham, D. Keyes, L. Anderson, M. Hawks, M. Stott, N. Young, L. Parent, J. Merrill, S. Layton, S. Kovacich, R. Volder, J. Whettan, J. Jensen. FOURTH ROW: L. Cannell, R. Clark, R. Call, R. Carr, J. Keyes, P. Nowells, D. Youngberg, O. Iverson, D. Ream, P. Braby, R. Euz, W. Owens, J. Tanner. With the purpose of coordinating a social program around the philosophy upheld by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—the Mormon Church— Lambda Delta Sigma opens its doors to all Cal students interested in participating in its program. Lambda Delta Sigma was organized at the Berkeley campus in 1946, and presently serves students on the campuses of 19 western universities. Meeting at the L. D. S. Institute of Religion at 2368 LeConte Ave., its 100 members join in activities which include Winter and Spring formals, ski trips, tours, athletics, and many informal parties and dances. 184 Honor Students Society Honor Students Society is composed of upper division and graduate students with an over-all 3.00 or above. The of the group is to provide its members with activities which are entertaining and intellectual or both. Activities held in the past year have been the Halloween Dance, banquet in San Francisco, and numerous lectures. FIRST ROW left to right: L. Knowles, J. White, T. Shepardson, W. Pang, K. Naito, M. Saito, B. Mendelsohn, T. Ruth, J. Bittner, B. Motzer, K. Abernethy, G. Nicholas, B. Kane, A. Axt, E. Bensen. SECOND ROW: L. Hung, P. Yamakawa, D. Takahashi, T. Hsu, unknown, T. Lew, H. Chen, F. Mehran, B. Levin, W. Shubb, L. Dias, S. Solander, E. Cohn. THIRD ROW: A. Garcellano, B. Kingren, D. Semenou, J. Edlund, R. Hunt, M. Conlin, C. Malueg, D. Koenig, W. Hoopes, D. Harrington, P. Murphy. FOURTH ROW: R. Warner, C. Schmid, L. Parent, N. Mann, M. Norikane, L. Cantarutti, A. Kasa, M. Rogers, D. Pyper, M. Haberland, W. Soekotto, J. Kirz, R. Rott. FIFTH ROW: E. Saunders, L. Smith, C. Leggitt, M. Armstrong, E. Malstrom, W. Glooschenko, R. Haro, A. Braun, G. Pasley, K. Lee, R. Kirby, W. Smith, H. Saar. NOT PICTURED: V. Webster. Mask and Dagger Mask and Dagger is an honorary dramatic society to fostering and furthering dramatic activities at the University. Membership is invitational on the basis of outstanding intere st and ability in acting in the Universty Theater. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Reyer, R. Blake, C. Matlock, J. Cox, E. Coltrell, J. Tilmany. NOT PICTURED: D. Cairns, A. Conrad, T. Cummings, M. Frank, W. Harrison, A. Haskell, H. Hops, D. Ingraham, R. Smith, C. Swartz, W. Wright, S. Vause. 185 University Masonic Club The University Masonic Club provides a place for study, recreation, and social activities for UC students who are affiliated with the Masons. Those who are eligible for membership are Job ' s Daughters, Rainbow Girls, and students who are direct descendants of Masons. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Young, D. Rogers, F. Bartsh. SECOND ROW: M. Bogart, B. Keasbey, S. Kadell, J. Ranks, J. M. Rudolph. THIRD ROW: D. Swan, P. Gardner, L. Patterson, H. Morris, B. Epstein, M. Freeman. Newman Club The Newman Club provides religious, cultural and activities as well as a social program. Weekly seminars, Tuesday luncheons, Friday night dances, library and chapel are offered by the group. FIRST ROW, left to right: F. Reynolds, B. Monzon, C. Gonerail, M. Stoops, L. Camberos, K. Wilson, K. Dahlman, L. C. Pia, H. McDrew. SECOND ROW: K. Windingstad, M. Koepinick, P. Baker, C. Sonske, D. Maddock, Mrs. Balakshin, B. P. Carmichael, J. Murphy, D. Moore, J. Carlson, J. Miller, A. Morton. THIRD ROW: Father Miller, Mrs. Johns, R. Young, Father Quinn, J. Smith, D. Adrian, F. Kirk, M. Schaffer, E. Malhstrom, P. Syzygy, J. Panella, R. Jones, C. Carotte, E. Kostli. P. G. Ribero. FOURTH ROW: J. Carr, M. Standish. B. Murray, J. Landas, G. Brunetti, B. Studebaker, Father D. Giancoli, P. Dibos, B. Goggin, R. Ehernberger, J. Ivancich, B. Dixon, J. Arthur. 186 Mortar Board Heidi Altorfer Julie Casagrande Sue Diamond JoAnn Fowler Marjorie Lindsay Sonja Schultz Elaine Bjorgan Joy Cox Shirley Enmark Esther Frizza Martha McEnerney Claire Louise Smith Myrna Bouchey Betsy Davis Edrie Ferdun Sally Hart Joanne Morrisey Anita Stelling Donalee Fey Jill Hollingshead Phyllis Porter Sue Stricklin President Sue Diamond Vice-President Anita Stelling Secretary Shirley Enmark Treasurer Heidi Altorfer Editor Donna Lee Fey Mortar Board is a Senior Women ' s National Honor which, as a service organization, discusses c ampus problems and honors Sophomore women who earned superior academic records during their Freshman year. Women are qualified for membership by maintaining scholarship, leadership, and service. 187 Nisei Students ' Club Open to all Nisei student members of the ASUC is the Nisei Student Club. As a social and school service club its goal is the mutual improvement of its members through intellectual and social events and interests. Some of its activities include a welcome social, an All-U Week End dance, and participation in the Campus Crusade. FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Okamoto, J. Imai. N. Komatsubara, S. Miyamoto, K. Tahira, S. Higaki. SECOND ROW: R. Hayashi, C. Abe, K. Harada, J. Hirano, J. Oda. THIRD ROW: D. Okada, D. Park. E. Hayashi, S. Shimono, L. Shimizu. Omicron Nu Omicron Nu is a national Home Economics Honor Society. Membership is invitational primarily on the basis of and interest in the field of Home Economics. students, and alumni try to promote leadership, scholarship, and research in that field. FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Shinoda, Dr. Mary Ann Morris, J. Reiche, D. Kistinger, M. Wahl. SECOND ROW: B. Garat, J. Williams, M. Kenner, A. Pitzer, A. Kasa. 188 Order of the Golden Bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George P. Adams T. E. Haley George Pettitt Jay Bardwell Brutus Hamilton Kenneth Pitzer Albert M. Becker James T. Harkness Clarence Price Louis H. Bell, Lawrence A. Harper Alva W. Ragen Eric C. Bellquist Paul T. Hastings Lester Reukema James E. Berdahl John D. Hicks Leon Richardson Allen C. Blaisdell Edward H. Heller George Schroth James Cason, Jr. Joel H. Hildebrand Glenn Seaborg Ralph W. Chaney Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. William Shepard Milton Chermin Charles G. Hyde Scott Sherman Paul Christopulos William N. Keeler Alex C. Sherriffs Robert P. Commanday Richard K. Kelly Herman Spindt John B. Condliffe Clark Kerr Robert G. Sproul James H. Corley A. M. Hidd Verne Stadtman Charles C. Cushing Frank L. Kidner Wendell Stanley A. R. Davis Elmo J. Koll Jesse Steinhart Harry Davis Adrian A. Kragen Hurford E. Stone William J. Davis George J. Lemmon Fred E. Stripp Malcolm M. Davisson Austin H. MacCormick Jacobus Tenbrock William R. Dennes Stanley McCaffrey Ian G. Turner Thomas B. Dutton Donald McLaughlin Robert Underhill Richard E. Erickson Gerald E. Marsh Lester Uren W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Woodrow Middlekauf William Uladman Walter Frederick Ralfe D. Miller Harold Walt William B. Fretter William W. Monahan Arleigh Williams Varden Fuller Harold P. Muller Jack Williamson Warren H. Geidt Peter Newell Garff B. Wilson Philip F. Griffin Harold C. Norton George Wolfman Charles A. Gulick Peter H. Odegaard Frank Woodward Gerald H. Hager Gus Olson Henry S. Yee GRADUATE STUDENTS Donald C. Allen John Kalamares Sanford Saunders Clay Bradley Robert E. Leslie Marvin Shapiro John D. Casey Warren S. Levin Jan Stevens Paul Denise David W. Lowe Larry D. Stewart Richard Diamond Henry Lurie Armogene Suttle Roderic Duncan Stanford Lyman John Taylor Robert Frane Rudolph Moos Donald Tronstein Frank Hawkinshire Edward Moosbrugger Lloyd Tunik Hal Hungerford Alan Nelson Geoffrey Van Loucks David Jones Hans Palmer John Ulahos Paul Juette Ronald Robie David Yamakawa UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Harold Bauman Michael Hone Archer Pugh Hugh Barnett Ralph M. Howells William P. Quigley Mark C. Bloom Anthony Johnson Thomas Ready Yoskinori Bokura Dorwin Josephson David Rodenhuis Forrest Brinkerhoff Michael Kennedy David Rodriguez Leland Bruner Richard King Frederick Saunders Robert Clark Clark Maddox Richard Schoen Richard B. Coleman John Mahoney Stanley Shawl Stephen A. Cook Michael Jan Marston Bernard Simpson, Jr. Douglas R. Delahooke Carl McNall Robert Steiner Arthur L. Deleray Pierre Merle William Stricklin George T. DeLong John H. Miller Clarence E. Turner Lee A. Duffus Maynard Orme Montague Upshaw Charles Duncan Samuel Peden Albert Volz Daniel Eisenstein Valdemar Peterson William E. Whitney Stuart Gould William Petrocelli John Wilson Donald Gray Glenn Pierce David Yamada Max R. Hale Robert Pott James Yenckel Jack Hart Roger Price 189 School of Optometry Malcolm Alarid Fe, New Mexico BS, UCOA Graduate Class The graduate year in the School of Optometry is one of the most rewarding. Here the practical application of the preceeding four years is put to the test by nearly complete patient control. The student is required to rely more on his knowledge of visual science and less on the clinical instructor ' s experience. He demonstrates the judgment needed to proficiently practice the profession of There are continued considerations in physiological optics, diseases of the eye, space perception and their direct relationship to th e patient. Upon completion of this year the student is ready to enter the profession of optometry as a specialist in the field of visual science. Eric P. Bien Corydon Edgecomb Emil Graff Kenten Kerr Key W. Lum Jerry Obrey William Pinkerton John Smith, Jr. Bakersfield Valley Center Castro Valley El Cerrito San Francisco Richmond Berkeley Eureka BS BS BS BS BS, UCOA, BS BS, UCOA, AB, BS, UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA Intramural UCOA Optometric Alumni Assn. UCOA Cora Brabazon Sydney Emerson Kent Jackson Stanley Kisbey Raymond Lutzker Roy Okamoto Eugene Prather David Tsukamoto Chula Vista Turlock Santa Rosa Bakersfield Berkeley Sebastopol Maysville, Ky. Sacramento BS, Hiking Club, BS BS BS BS, UCOA, BS BS BS UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA Ski Club UCOA UCOA UCOA Jack W. Chinn Sheldon Golden Harry Jevas Karl R. Koch John McNees Jack Ottosen Melvin Remba Hayes Tucker San Francisco El Cerrito Lynwood Greensburg, Kansas Whittier Loomis Los Angeles Berkeley BS BS BS, UCOA BS BS AB, BS, Schneider Schol. BS UCOA UCOA Woman ' s Aux. Fel. UCOA UCOA UCOA Newhouse Grant, UCOA UCOA, BS Lawrence Chong Ronald Goldstein Allan Kallman John Lancaster William E. March Raul Pegueros Wesley Rose Ronald Volmer Fresno Los Angeles Fresno Grand Junction, Berkeley Richmond Ogden, Utah Downey BS BS UCOA, Hiking Colorado BS BS BS BS UCOA UCOA Club, BS BS, UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA 190 School of Optometry Senior Class A consideration of the human eye as a biological organ is of prime concern to the Senior student. Here the theoretical problems of optics are applied to a flexible of anatomy in the form of physiological optics. The phenomenon of vision and its various components are investigated so that pathological disturbances can be better understood. Through guidance of clinical the Senior student is introduced to clinics and begins to convert theoretical optometry into practical optometry. The reward of the Senior year is graduation with the Bachelor of Science degree. James R. Barnes Merrill Bonander Robert F. Dowd Daniel S. Hageny James Keeler Harry H. Miyasaki John Rognas Philip B. Sutton Bayside Fresno Sebastopol Glendale Stockton Berkeley Burlingame Berkeley Honor Society UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA AA AA AA UCOA AA, AB UCOA UCOA UCOA Anthony Bass Ernest Chin Philip Gardner James Hernberger Mandana Kordestany Richard Puorro Paul R. Schifano William E. Zilliox Los Angeles San Francisco Berkeley Burlingame Teheran, Iran Winthrop, Mass. San Jose San Jose UCOA UCOA UCOA, Masonic UCOA UCOA UCOA BS UCOA AA Club, Honor Society UCOA Gerald S. Horwitt John McConnaughey Harry Roberts Darrell Slatten Harold S. Zlot Oakland Billings, Montana San Diego San Francisco Vallejo UCOA UCOA AA UCOA UCOA UCOA Megaphone Society 191 School of Optometry OBJECT S IMAGE S ' Junior Class The Junior year, in the School of Optometry, is designed to be an extension of the physical and biological sciences and to relate them directly to the theoretical aspect of optometry. Theory plays an important role in all the sciences and optometry is no exception. By a careful study of light, in the visual spectrum, and the effects of optical devices upon the various wave lengths of light, the student is better prepared to cope with the optical anomalies of the human eye. Sherwyne R. Bakar William H. Davis Ralph Elefant Geoffrey Gould Robert McAllister Hartune Neffian James K. Saunders Louis Warshaw Oakland Sacramento Quincy San Diego Burlingame Visalia San Jose Alameda AB AA UCOA AB UCOA AA UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA UCOA Charles Thompson David Yee Robert S. Chan Thomas M. Dixon Terry Feigenbaum Lance Johnson Robert W. Madden Richard C. Owens Baltimore, Md. Oakland Grass Valley Stockton Los Angeles Waco, Georgia Oakland Livermore AA Honor Society AA UCOA, UCOA, Megaphone Terminal Cert. AA UCOA UCOA UCOA, UCOA Honor Society Society UCOA UCOA Nicholas G. Choppelas Donald D. Drenth Hubert E. Goodwin Jerry M. Keyes Lois V. Moore Robert M. Poquis San Francisco Oakland Napa Kaysville, Utah Berkeley San Francisco AA, UCOA AB UCOA UCOA UCOA AA IFC Rep., Assoc. UCOA Honor Society UCOA Editor Cal. Gk. 192 Panile Joice Baker Margo Brown Patty Ellerd Jane Howell Maria Mothershead Jane Semple Claire Sutton Prudy Vyn Sandy Baskett Eileen Coltrell Marilyn Engelhard Mary Little Liz Rogers Kathy Shimmin Linda Tenney Susan Warner Harriet Berman Sue Dowell Vicki Green DeeAnn Lyons Edee Rohde Marla Smith Jo Ann Thebolt Carole Williams Joan Bittner Louise Dunlap Carolyn Hand Gayle Merkt Nancy Sands Marilyn Smith Maria Toriggino Bethann Wood OFFICERS FALL SPRING Gayle Merkt President Patty Ellerd Sandy Basket Vice-President Carolyn Hand Dee Ann Lyons Corresponding Secretary Jane Howell Liz Rogers Recording Secretary Maria Toriggino Carole Williams Treasurer JoAnn Thebolt Louise Dunlap Historian Jane Semple Sue Warner Membership Sue Warner Keeping service as our motto, we of Panile met to conduct regular business and listen to speakers who kept us informed on the current ASUC activities. Between meetings, we served by a cake sale for the WUS drive and by personally informing the numerous campus living groups on the essentials of the newly established preregistration and enrollment procedure. All climaxed in what we think was a most successful year. 193 Prytanean FIRST ROW, left to right: Sonja Schultz, Dean Quire, Anne Howard, Carol Geren, Donalee Lynn Vernon, Diana Winsor, Myra Clark, Martha McEnerney. SECOND ROW: Joy Cox, Carol Levy, Lois Reiche, Sherry Anderson, Joan Hynes, Evelyn Hollingshead, Elaine Bjorgan, Edrie Ferdun, Ann McFarling, Gayle Merkt. THIRD ROW: Anita Stelling, Mary Kenner, Joanne Morrisey, Myrna Bouchey, Charlene Conrad, Sally Hart, Shirley Enmark, Carole Melinda Wells, Julia Casagrande, Sue Meadows, Shirley Brancato. FOURTH ROW: Zilpha Shadi, Betty Butterfield, Dorothy Floris, Phyllis Porter, Sue Diamond, Sandy Baskett, Andrea Bershad, Carole Williams, Jane Hammond, Mary Gruver. ADDITIONAL INITIATES: Ann Gibson, Betsy Davis, Marg Waldie, Heidi Altorfer, Diana Carr, Jane Delahook, Marjorie Lindsay, Nancy Walsh, Marsha Walther, Jill Scrivner, Roberta Bell, Barbara Boyce, Beryl Gaidos, Clare Smith, Geri Solari. The Prytanean Society, commonly abbreviated to " Pryt, " is the oldest women ' s organization of its kind in the An honorary for Junior and Senior women who have shown themselves outstanding in scholarship and on the campus; the purpose of the society is to shape and maintain high ideals of scholarship and conduct among women students, and to serve the University. Pryt holds bi-monthly meetings in Senior Women ' s Hall, and plans its program around service to the University, and presentations on student affairs, and projects. Activities include the annual Athletic Team auction for WUS, participating in alumni projects benefiting Ritter Hall, Senior Breakfast, and speakers on many interesting topics. Prytanean maintains a for a woman student, given each year. Among the social activities of the society are initiation and banquets honoring new members. Officers for 1958-59 include Donalee Fey, president; Lynn Vernon, Anne Howard and Myra Clark, secretaries; Sonja Schultz, treasurer; Martha McEnerney, membership chairman; Carol Geren and Dinny Winsor, committees. 194 Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma is a national Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. During the last year its members have been promoting better student-faculty relations. Activities included field trips, lectures, and informal meetings. FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Backlund, J. Kuskie, V. Watson, President; J. Apen, A. Lundberg. SECOND ROW: R. Derby, W. Whisler, L. Schneider, J. Pelmulder, J. Stewart, L. Back, A. McGee. Stiles Hall Stiles Hall, the University YMCA, offers the student interesting noontime lectures, or small luncheon speaker groups such as You in the Twentieth Century, and international friendship groups such as Cosmos Club. Stiles also has joint programs with the YWCA such as Youth and and Cal 1A. FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Emanuel, F. Hilf, R. Murison, D. Sakai, S. Burr. SECOND ROW: M. Lefevbre, H. Blatner, A. Volz, V. Peterson, M. Marston, President; R. Parker. THIRD ROW: D. Kankam, B. Busch, D. Bowen (hidden), B. Tuck, D. Armor, C. Lucas, K. Moore, M. Appleby, D. Thompson, R. Reese, N. Lobdell, J. Laratta. 195 Quarterdeck Society Quarterdeck Society members. The Quarterdeck Society provides a social program for the Naval ROTC Unit here at Berkeley. It offers an for the students and the officers to get acquainted with one another in a less formal atmosphere than exists in the classroom or on the drill field. The Society invites guest speakers to speak to the group about the latest activities in the Navy. Most subjects are of a nature not included in the curriculum. Highlights of this year ' s included speeches on nuclear propulsion, and Dean Stone ' s speech on his naval experiences. The Quarterdeck Society gives two dances for the each year. Fall semester ' s was an informal dinner dance held at the Oakland Naval Air Station. The big dance of the year was the Annual Ring Dance held in the Spring. This dance is put on by the Junior class in honor of the graduating Seniors and incorporates many of the Annapolis traditions. OFFICERS: Doug Luna, Supply Officer; Pierre Merle, Junior Officer of the Deck; John Fraser, Officer of the Deck. NOT PICTURED: Jim Dougharty, Master at Arms; Del Osborne, Communications Officer. I96 Ski Club SKI CLUB EX-COMM MEMBERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Smith, Wayne Littleton, President. SECOND ROW: Sherry Stevens, Barbara Whitby, Janet Kemp. THIRD ROW: Ray Lutzker, Paul Van Husen, Beaver Nash, Wilson Talley, Terry Tognazzini, Gary Soderer. FOURTH ROW: Stan Smalley, Bob LaFrance. Skiers in action. KATHY McCARTY Ski Queen 1958-59 The Ski Club is an organization of students, alums, faculty, and employees who are interested in skiing. They may not ski well, but everyone has tons of fun. Bunnies and experts alike enjoy the Cal Lodge parties, meets, and dances. This year was a successful one highlighted by the Ski Queen festivities in the Fall, the Vanderbilt meet in March, and Intramurals in April. 197 Skull and Key Junior and Senior Men ' s Honorary Society FIRST ROW, left to right: T. Clark, E. Peterson, D. Bishop, P. Kops, H. Hathaway, J. Dewey, R. Jacobes, L. SECOND ROW: J. Howard, K. Petron, D. Osborne, J. deBenedetti, G. Davis, B. Comartin, R. Currie, D. THIRD ROW: N. Holt, D. Barker, B. Johnson, B. Crist, B. Angell, J. Fraser, B. Rice, D. White. FOURTH ROW: S. B. Dunne, P. Wagner, B. Fairchild, G. Zuckerman, M. Newell, O. Thinger, E. Reeve, S.Wilcott, P. Scott, J. Bode, J. R. Hertel, D. Tartre, V. Nelson. FIFTH ROW: J. Jones, L. Hitchcock, H. Kuechler, P. Newell, R. Price, P. Raffeto, B. C. Werdel, B. Taylor. OFFICERS FALL SPRING H. Hathaway President B. Comartin D. Bishop Vice-President D. Barker B. Comartin Secretary P. Wagner R. Jacobes Treasurer J. Michael HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Clarence Corey Stub Allison James A. Crutchfield Bodie Andrews Harry Davis David Barrows M. M. Davisson Gill Becker Monroe E. Deutsch Anthony Blanks William G. Donald Dr. Boles Newton B. Drury N. S. Buchanan W. H. Durham Paul Cadman Ky Ebright John U. Calkins, Jr. Greg Englehard Donald Cameron Capt. Neil Edmunds Andy Carlson Col. G. C. Edwards R. W. Chaney James K. Fisk Zeb Chaney Martin C. Faherty Charles Chapman Wally Frederick Walter Christie Stanley B. Freeborn Horace R. Gaither W. M. Latimer Geo. Schroth Raymond Gettell Karl C. Leebrick William A. Setchell Everett Glass Matthew C. Lynch James G. Shaeffer E. C. Goldsworthy E. Landon Andy Smith Capt. P. C. Godwin Austin MacDonald Geo. A. Smithson George Good Walter E. Magee Robert G. Sproul Capt. Sandy Goodman Eggs Manske Tom Stow Walter Gordon G. E. Marsh H. E. Stone Lieut. Harry Greenlaw Jack McKenzie Edward G. Stricklin E. T. Grether Herm Meister Fred Stripp John Gro ver Ralph P. Merritt Major J. S. Switzer Chaffee Hall, Jr. Ralfe Miller Nicholas L. Taliaferro Brutus Hamilton Brick Mitchell Lieut. Cmdr. H. L. Tallman James Hamilton Brick Morse E. H. Taylor Jack Happoldt Russ Nagler Col. Thomas Dr. James T. Harkness Eugen Neuhaus J. Trues Robert Hemphill John Francis Neylan Irv. Uteritz Norman E. Hinds R. L. Olson Charles R. Voltz John Hostater Edmund O ' Neil Edwin C. Voorhies H. S. Howard F. C. Palm Lynn O. Waldorf Miles Hudson Major G. H. Peabody Benjamin Wallace James B. Hutchinson Robert A. Peterson Benjamin Ide Wheeler Lincoln Hutchinson Ken Priestey Frank Wickhorst Bill Ingram Thomas H. Putnam Jack Williamson Bert Jones Al Ragan Bob Wilson Dick Kelly L. Reno Gariff B. Wilson Dr. Frank Kelly Carl Reich Jean C. Witter Alexander M. Kidd F. M. Russell Carl Zamloch Lawrence Kinnaird Thomas F. Sanford Peter B. Kyne Major C. R. Sargent Deceased 198 Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society is open to all chemistry, biochemistry, and physics students. become acquainted with the opportunities in the field of chemistry, and learn of work being done by faculty members and fellow students in chemistry. FIRST ROW, left to right: V. Webster, Y. DeWolf, M. Erickson, N. Castognoli. SECOND ROW: A. McRowe, J. Bingham, E. Paull, T. Briggs, D. Knight. THIRD ROW: M. Hoffman, D. Ellis, J. Langler, G. Kriz. FOURTH ROW: P. Batcheldn, L. Haslim, D. Allara, M. Burlugh, M. Blackford, McNeal, P. Wong. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is recognized nationally as being the leading honor society in the engineering profession. Consequently, membership is an honor of great and lasting value. Its members are chosen on the basis of high scholastic attainment, leadership, and professional qualities. FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Back, S. Backlund, H. Junker, B. Jordan, M. Kojima, F. Rossol, J. Howden, D. MacLennan. SECOND ROW: F. Reid, S. Bupara, A. Lubarsky, E. Kuamme, W. Reimche, C. Pon, N. Tom, M. Healy, F. Gevert, L. Seaman. THIRD ROW: A. McGee, W. Weii, K. Goodman, J. Gruenig, E. Jacob, V. Prescop, I. Williams, G. North, E. Saunders. FOURTH ROW: W. Whisler, L. Wyllie, G. Stone, W. Patton, D. Mollin, J. Parks, L. Trowbridge. 199 Thai Association Thai Association, open to all Thai students, familiarizes them with University life, and promotes understanding and better relations between Thai and American students. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kantorn Chitkongthai, Prasert Yamklinfung, Aree Sakarin, Suntorn Satapum, Somprasongk SECOND ROW: Prasert Bhodthipuks, China Silpakanok, Kamchorn Manunapicho, Manas Kasemsap, Puangchan Jotisalikara, Vitavas Tulalamba. THIRD ROW: Saman Slthepitak, Wanich Bencharit, Pairdon Bencharit, Suchinto Uthaivathna, Skul Banphot Virasai. Thalian The aim of the Thalian Players is to encourage interest and training in direction, production, and playwriting in dramatic fields at the University. Conducting a playwright ' s workshop, at which student authors exhibit their works, and producing Tennessee William ' s " Glass Menagerie " have been the highlights of this year ' s activities. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marcia Lightbody, Errol Tyler, C. Brooks Whitfield, Betty Ann Stull. SECOND ROW: Marc Phil Wood, Bill Harrison, Art Conrad, Jay Wright, Noris Taschian. 200 Theta Sigma Phi The 1958-59 activities of Theta Sigma Phi, National honor" ary fraternity for women in journalism, included meetings with noted Bay Area journalists, an inter-chapter picnic, a banquet with Sigma Delta Phi honoring Herb Block, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, and the transcription of books into Braille an award-winning service project. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Cecil, Bobbie Levin, Sheila Boyer, Lynne DeRoy, Anne Teitsworth. SECOND ROW: Sue Meadows, Diane Farrington, Carol Levy, Barbara Baack, Vera Fessler, Ann Moore, Janie Semple, Dory Ellis, Marcia Young. THIRD ROW: Marge Madonne, Margaret Wilson, Corinne Purnell, Carol Carkeet, Diana Kirk. Torch and Shield A Junior and Senior women ' s social organization COUNSELING CENTER LEFT TO R IGHT: Mary Matlock, Lynne Vernon, Barbara MacAulay, Diana Winsor, Sheila MacMillan, Edrie Ferdun, Myra Clark, Leta Howard, Martha McEnerney. 201 Tower and Flame Tower and Flame is composed of lower division students with an over-all 3.00 or above and incoming Freshmen who are life members of CSF. The group provides both entertaining and intellectual activities for its members. This year ' s activities have consisted of speakers, films, dances, picnics, skating parties, and semesterly banquets. FIRST ROW, left to right: T. Taylor, L. Waterman, J. Parks, S. Reilly, P. Buckley, S. Enderlin, C. Anderson, D. Crowl, R. Nasser, S. Miyamoto, V. Main, A. Cheng, G. Nolfi, S. Fishell, D. Leppaluoto. SECOND ROW: L. Koch, K. Windingstad, J. Cardozo, B. Sultan, N. Freed, S. Williams, A. Oldano, K. Tahira, D. Ross, A. Zuckerman, D. Thomsen, B. Warford, E. Saegebarth, T. Trosper, R. Duckering. THIRD ROW: J. Weisenburger, L. Leisz, W. Moen, D. Ahlburg, S. Boehm, L. Stallings, J. Lombardi, B. Morrey, G. Westsmith, J. Dunstan, S. Gould, Y. Hsia, D. Shields. FOURTH ROW: S. Bould, J. Jones, S. Fries, L. Flynn, A. Bradt, A. Carlson, N. Soares, J. Rist, J. Hansen, H. West, G. Kleeman, A. Lock, W. Azevedo, S. Burr. NOT PICTURED: B. Bouchard. Triune Triune is the Sophomore men ' s honor society with invita- tional membership. Its purpose is to promote class spirit, particularly among lowerclassmen, to organize scholastic and activities leadership, and to promote the California spirit of congeniality, comradeship and cooperation. FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Eshoo, L. Crenna, J. McDonald, D. Kerckhoff, C. Campbell, R. Wolcott, P. Mickael, F. Gilbud, J. Henrotin, K. Scarpelli, B. Sciutto. SECOND ROW: E. O ' Dea, J. Fogarty, T. Buckendorf, G. Grupe, E. Johnson, B. Corbel!, J. Register, D. Keating, P. Frazier, J. Mock, B. Wait, B. Amos, J. Burress. THIRD ROW: G. Smith, F. Brown, D. Hansen, P. Downing, C. Pfister, L. Bay, C. Dooley, Axle, D. Jones, P. Maddix, B. Hobin, D. Hoorebeke. FOURTH ROW: J. Diment, G. Baldwin, K. Engdahl, M. McNair, V. Vanderford, J. Holstrom, D. Schimansky, B. Rupley, P. Morse. 202 U. C. Society of Electrical Engineers The purposes of the UCSEE are the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of electrical engineer- ing and other allied fields, and the furtherance of profes- sional development of students of electrical engineering. Any electrical engineering student may belong to the group. FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Williams, C. Alvine, H. Junker, R. Astengo, C. Schmidt, V. Scarich, L. Welsh, President; H. Lee, B. Dobratz, R. Latif, G. Brown, F. Rossol. SECOND ROW: T. Innes, E. Sheridan, D. Beene, W. Snail, J. Ehritt, Duckart, G. Petersen, G. Marki, G. North, J. Horowitz, R. Kennerknecht, J. Williams, M. Kojima. THIRD ROW: W. Weir, N. Tom, E. Jacob, S. Valentine, L. Hedlund, J. Jacob, E. Morris, D. Halstead, W. Vogelzang, R. Hiliquist, F. Wilson, L. Trowbridge, E. Fronman. Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi is the campus honorary for top ranking staff mem- bers of ASUC publications. No national fame guides this organization whose members are so busy with stories, dead- lines and such that meetings are taboo. FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Davis, P. Spires, G. Turner, D. Pierce, D. Wakoski, M. Rossman, C. Levy, S. Chase. SECOND ROW: S. Hanna, C. Hall, D. Richardson, S. Brancato, E. Hollingshead, S. Whilden, L. Seaman, B. Meadowcroft, A. Howard, M. Waldie, W. Whitney, L. DeRoy. 203 Winged Helmet Junior and Senior Men ' s Honorary Society FIRST ROW, left to right: Good, Fraser, Baker, Wilson, Small, Tompkins, Petron, Bort. SECOND ROW: Greenlee, Wilcott, Meade, Thinger, Fairchild, Wagner, Ashby, Healey. THIRD ROW: Scott, McPherson, Fowler, Jones, Gassett, Dunne, Bishop, Kuechler. OFFICERS President Jim Small Vice-President Rich Tompkins Secretary-Treasurer John Wilson The Winged Helmet Society is one of the oldest societies on the Berkeley campus, being founded by Benjamin Ide Wheeler in 1901. Its purpose is to help promote a more unified spirit among Cal students and to make itself able to the University as a ' special assistance group when called upon. This year the Society was under the capable guidance of its faculty advisor, Pete Newell. A pledge of $3,200 was given to the new Cal Student Union and the members are presently concerned with initiating a scholarship fund. The annual Fall initiation was held in November, at which time 37 new members became active. The Society in the future will be concerned with more actively living up to its past traditions. 204 Women ' s C Society Membership in the Women ' s " C " Society is the highest honor that can be attained by a member of WAA. The members create and further an interest in all women ' s athletics by acting as hostesses at sport days, parties, and at other social events. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Stadleman, Susan Bachand, Sue Bennion, Sherry Topping, Linda Blower, Edrie Ferdun, Esther Frizza, Carolyn Keller. SECOND ROW: Robin Burnham, Ann Severin, Nancy Sands, Judy Tjomsland, Mary Matlock, Marsha Walther, Eleanor Borg. YWCA The University YWCA provides a program and an atmos- phere which give the women of this campus the opportu- nity to take leadership responsibility, to meet and discuss with students of other faiths and beliefs, to give of their time in service to community and to the University, and to clarify their own religious, political, and social beliefs. FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Piper, Sue Dunlap, Sue Smith, Margaret Monti. SECOND ROW: Helen Howe, Virginia Phillips, Debbie Hill, Marcia O ' Neill, Barbara Boyce, Meredith Ludwig, Ann Gibson. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Phelps, Geraldine Ribeiro, Anne Kern, Coralie Mueller, Carol Geren, Carole Carkeet, Judy Young, Lynn Cathcart, Betty Butterfield, Anita Stelling. 205 Intramural Intramural sports involve approximately 6,000 men in a program of some fifteen or more different sports. Team competition is organized for fraternities (National League) , other living groups (American League), and interest groups ( UC League) . Individual tournaments for all students are also held. For the 1958-59 season, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Nu, Sigma Chi, and ZBT will be in contention for the Victory trophy in the National League, while Cloyne Court and Boalt Hall look like the best prospects for the twin trophy in the American League. With the growth of the University, participation in Intra- mural sports is increasing in both quantity and quality, and facilities for more Intramural use are now being planned for the near future. MR. KOOMAN BOYCHEFF Supervisor of Intramural Sports Handball players ready and waiting for backhand net shot will it be match the serve. point? American League vs. National League action-packed finals. WAA WAA COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Sue Bennion, Tam Cummings, Nancy Sands, Edrie Ferdun, President; Miss Brasted, Faculty Advisor; Ann Severin, Rachel Price. STANDING: Esther Frizza, Linda Blower, Judy Tjomsland, Carolyn Kellar. NOT PICTURED: Mary Mattlock, Marsha Walther. During the Fall of 1958 and Spring of 1959 the Women ' s Athletic Association, through its Sport Club and Intra- mural program, offered women students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports either individually or as members of an organized team. The WAA council, elected by women in the WAA program, coordinated the various activities. Teams composed of independents or members of an or- ganized living group competed in basketball, swimming, tennis, bowling, table tennis, volleyball, and badminton. Women could also join synchronized swimming, fencing, hockey, riflery, tennis, softball, badminton, and riding clubs. Competition was keen for the living group participation trophy, for team awards, and " All Cal " and Women ' s " C " Society honors. The rule be ever alert and for a setua. Talking things over. Fencing a sport of skill, timing, and style. Cal has received many honors this year, and not the least of these was the award of Athlete of the Year to one of our greatest trackmen, Don Bowden. As a Freshman Don won the National Frosh record for the mile in 4:11.7 the first time he had ever run it. His Sophomore year was marred by an Achilles tendon which impeded his training. In 1956, Don placed third in the Olympic trials in the 1500 meter run; but became ill and was unable to qualify for the finals in Melbourne, Australia. As a Junior, Don won the National Collegiate NCAA half mile cham- pionship setting a new record of 1:47.2 the second fastest half mile in the world. On June 1, 1957, at Stockton, Don Bowden became the first American to break the four-minute mile record with a 3:58.7. In his Senior year, Don won the PCC mile championship with a time of 4:03.5. He also anchored two world record relay teams: the two mile and the sprint medley. After his Senior year, he went on a European track tour. As a graduate student in Political Science, Don worked out two to three hours per day under the direction of Brutus Hamilton, and competed in Australia in February and March. Don Bowden is not only a hero in the track world, but he also aided in the rescue of an Orinda woman who was seriously injured when her car rolled over Don prob. ably set his fastest half mile record as he ran to the rescue. 209 BERNIE SIMPSON shoots from midcourt against Washington. Cal and Stanford men struggle for control of the ball. JACK HART gains 10 yards, tackled by Stanford ' s Norman and Doud. The Bears score a run against Fresno. WILLIE WHITE breaks the tape in meet with Fresno State. ATHLETIC COUNCIL SEATED: Greg Englehard. STANDING, left to right: George DeLong, Pat Darrell Imhoff, Wayne Crow, Frank Multanodo, George Hill. TRAINERS LEFT TO RIGHT: George Anderson, Ed Byrne, Jim Van Deusen, Jack Williamson. STAFF FIRST ROW, left to right: Charlie Clark, Ethel Gallant, Marge Patterson. SECOND ROW: Katherine Gawdy, Dorrie Adrince, Gayle Reddan, Henrietta Girgich. 212 Athletic Administration GREG ENGELHARD The Athletic Administration under Greg Engelhard, Director of Athletics, planned and coordinated the sport- ing events of 1958-59. The duties of this office vary and are of great importance to the promotion of the Univer- sity athletics. The staff, which worked hard throughout the past school year, includes Douglas Gordon, Assistant Director of Athletics; Harry Davis, manager of the ticket office; Katherine Gowdy, office staff head; and team physicians, James Harkness and Brick Muller. DOUGLAS GORDON " BRICK " MULLER and JAMES HARKNESS HARRY DAVIS 213 Big C Society FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS George DeLong President Jim Green Jim Small Vice-President John Michael Jim Green Secretary Ray Hertel FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Small, George DeLong, Jim Green. SECOND ROW: Paul Goorjian, John Muehlbauer, Bob Bandettini, Chuck Dexter, Joe Kapp, Bob Gonzales, Kim Elliott, Larry Parque, Gary Soderer, Jose Lucero, Chauncey Yano, Bernie Simpson, Pete Domoto. THIRD ROW: Tony Perrin, Skip Huber, Maynard Orme, Ed Mascarin, Charlie Johnson, Dave Droheim, Jack Hart, Frank Doretti, Terry Jones, Paul Cohen, Emerson Byrd, Gus Gianulias, Ron Currie, John Balaam, Bob Puccinelli, Bob McCarty. FOURTH ROW: Tom Clark, Terry Tognazzini, Bill Cooper, Joseph Contestabile, Tom Bates, Dick Duane, Jerry Lundgren, John Michael, Tony Richards, Butch de Villers, Kent Newmark, Roger Gregg. FIFTH ROW: Ray Hertel, Ted Falk, Adney Bowker, Don Martin, Charles Thompson, Pat Newell, Warren Sisson, Jeff Snow, Grover Garvin, Will Garrett. SIXTH ROW: Milos Terzich, Gary E. Yancey, Dave Flinn, Jack Grout, Gary Wulfsberg, Elmore Chilton, Jim Demsey, Claude Hutchison, Don Bishop, John Ronald, George Hill, Andy Segale. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Albert Becker Gregory Engelhard Clark Kerr William Monahan Robert Sproul Paul Christopulos Richard Erickson Mike Koll Edgar Nemir Richard Stevens James Corley Brutus Hamilton James Landon Peter Newell Hurford Stone Harry Davis James Harkness James Lemmon Alva Ragan Arleigh Williams Thomas Dutton Paul Hastings Stanley McCaffery John Ralston Jack Williamson Carroll Ebright Miles Hudson James Miller George Schroth George Wolfman Peter Elliott Robert Johnson Ralph Miller Glenn Seaborg Henry Yee Charles Keeney Harold Muller Herman Spindt BASKETBALL Thomas Palma Emerson Byrd Donald Piestrup John McNees, Jr. Allan Buch Paul Piper Robert Chiappone Roger Ramseier John Muehlbauer Robert Dalton Robert Puccinelli Joseph Contestabile Thomas Rodger Charles Myers Dennis Fitzpatrick Joseph Richardson William Cooper John Ronald Richard Olson Jack Grout Earl Robinson Wayne Crow Franklin Sally Michael Pratt Joseph Hagler Bernard Simpson, Jr. Robert Currie Mule Segale James Small George Hill Theodore Settle Ronald Currie Jeffrey Snow Gary Soderer Darrell Imhoff Charles Thompson Peter Domoto Ronald Wheatcroft Terry Tognazzini Joseph Kapp Michael White Frank Doretti, Jr. Jack Yerman Earl Robinson Grover Garvin TRACK Earle Schneider CREW Gus Gianulias TENNIS Thomas Clark Bernard Simpson, Jr. Don Bishop Steve Glagola Robert Balck Wayne Crow Elmore Chilton Robert Gonzales Paul Cohen Richard Dailey BASEBALL George DeLong James Green Jack Elliott Maurice De Villers John Salaam James Demsey Max Hale Stuart Gould Robert Bandettini David Flinn Jack Hart Kent Newmark Joseph Griffin Adney Bawker Raymond Hertel Charles Holston Warren Sisson, Jr. Terry Kelley Gary Brenzel Claude Hutchison, Jr. Gordon Huber, Jr. Alan McIntosh Charles Dexter Donald Martin Charles Johnson SWIMMING Henry Olguin Dave Draheim Stanley Shawl Terald Jones Kenneth Bathgate, Jr. Roger Price Kim Elliott James Swanson Joseph Kapp Byron Dieterle Charles Richards Theodore Falk Milos Terzich Roland Lasher Richard Duane Ronald Rott Roger Gregg Gary Yancey Gerald Lundgren Will Gassett Jerome Siebert Robert Kramer Chauncey Yano John Michael Miklos Gerendas Montague Upshaw Jose Lucero Donald Newell Paul Goorjian Gary Wulpberg Anthony Mascarin FOOTBALL Henry Olguin William Haines, Jr. Willie White Donald Nusser Walter Arnold Larry Parque Kayo Hallinan Jack Yerman Paul Ortner Steve Bates William Patton Charles Hollowy Thomas Bates Anthony Perrin Robert McCarty 214 OFFICERS FALL Pat Hallinan President Frank Maldonado ...__ Vice-President Richard Machado Secretary Bill Holliman Treasurer Circle C Society SPRING Tom Kilfoil Kayo Hallinan _Frank Maldonado Wayne Fenner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Gregory Engelhard Norman Hinds Harry Morgan Charles Peace Lance Flanagan Miles Hudson Hugh Mumby Alva Ragan Bob Di Grazia Charles Lucchesi Edgar Nemir George Schroth Brutus Hamilton Ralph Miller Herbert Newsom Hal Walt FENCING CROSS-COUNTRY RIFLERY WEIGHT BASKETBALL Jerome Kloty Woody Covington Alan Gaylord Fred Daulton Wayne Fenner Ron Arndt Gordon Johnson RUGBY Maynard Orme Roger Price Tom Kilfoil Trent Logan Bob Kirshbaum Jim Leslie Dave Babros Jerry Siebert George Pow ell Edwin Nakamura Jim Duff Karl Uebel Ray Warner Bill Schnieders John English Gordon Whitehead John Tegtmeier Frank Maldonado Dave Singleton Lee Smith GYMNASTICS WATER POLO Charlie Clementon WRESTLING Don Allin Art Deleray Rich Machado BOXING Fred Camp Ray Davis Will Gassett Richard Olson Gary Svihula Robert Ettinger Bill Lambden Verl Rosenow Pat Hallinan Andre Lubarski Kayo Hallinan Ken Ponder Bill Holliman Pat Newell Walter Singer Xavier Victoria Don Ricci FIRST ROW, left to right: Alan Gaylord, Woody Covington, Gordon Johnson, Frank Maldonado, Verl Rosenow, Bill Lambden, Mayo Hallinan. SECOND ROW: Karl Uebel, Wayne Fenner, Gary Kaiser, Don Ricci, Tom Kilfoil, Gordon Whitehead. 215 The Big Three Enthusiastic welccme for the team. Cal Marching Band and card stunts at their best Big Game. 218 PETE ELLIOTT head coach of the Pacific Coast Conference championship team. COACHES FIRST ROW, left to right: Dee Andros, Gene Stauber, Bill Taylor. SECOND ROW: Bob Herndon, Buck McPhail, John Coaching and _Managing Under the leadership of Pete Elliott, the California Varsity ' s constant work and improvement of the Split T paid off in a PCC Championship and a bid to the Rose Bowl. After witnessing the fine plays this year, both defensively and offensively, we can certainly salute Coach Pete, his assistant staff: Buck McPhail, John Ralston, Bill Taylor, Dee Andros, Gene Stauber, and Bob Herndon; and a very willing team for their fine efforts. A few dependable men are to he credited with the successful performance of the behind-the-scene duties which are necessary for a winning season. The equipment managers organized, repaired, and cleaned equipment. In charge of the task of organizing the squad, doing odd jobs, and acting as jacks-of-all- trades were this year ' s football managers headed by John Ronald. EQUIPMENT MEN LEFT TO RIGHT: Art Stevenson, Ernie MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Roach, Butch Merriman, Mike Donovan, Dana Marble, Cameron Wolfe. CENTER: John Ronald. Season Summary The Golden Bears were the Pacific Coast Conference champions, and the West Coast ' s representative in the Rose Bowl. Though the outlook was pessimistic at the start of the season, and the loss of the first two games added to that doubt, the Bears were able to hold off all opponents except Washington to come out with a 7-3 record. The deciding game was the last one the Big Game; always exciting, but more so this season because of the Rose Bowl in the offing. Cal was able to win, but it was a struggle. The Stanford spirit was high, and Cal had to muster all its talents to end the season as confer- ence champions. Greeted by Oski Dolls, co-captains JOE KAPP and JACK HART come on the field. CAL vs. COLLEGE OF PACIFIC SEPTEMBER 20 20-24 The much publicized Dick Bass proved, in Cal ' s opening game of the season, that all said about him was not just exaggerated boasting. Against Dick Bass, Cal offered Joe Kapp, who is slated to become the West Coast ' s top candidate for All-American hon- ors. Though losing the game, the Cal team showed it had the po- tential to go all the way to the Rose Bowl. STATISTICS Cal COP Net Yards Rushing 350 408 Passes Attempted 18 5 Passes Completed 11 1 Net Yards Gained 447 416 First Downs 20 16 Net Yards Passing 97 8 Second Quarter KAPP gains 25 yards before being stopped by Ed Schwartz. Third quarter BILL PATTON scores from the three-yard line. Urenda and Bass on the tackle. 221 Al Luplo MSU, gains nine yards. Dean Look gains seven yards—stopped by DOMOTO and KAPP. CAL vs. MICHIGAN STATE SEPTEMBER 27 — 12-32 The Bears went down to defeat before a strong, well drilled MSU team 32-12. The Bears played 18 Sophomores against MSU. Reserve qua rterback Larry Parque, fighting the clock and the led a Sophomore-studded third unit to Cal ' s second STATISTICS Cal MSU Net Yards Rushing 111 318 Passes Attempted 23 18 Passes Completed 9 9 Net Yards Passing 83 184 Net Yards Gained 197 502 Total First Downs 10 24 CAL vs. WASHINGTON STATE OCTOBER 4 — 34-14 California ' s pass defense, a mark after the Michigan State game, proved itself in Washington State ' s great Bob Newman to a 5.6-yard gain per attempt. In limiting WSC to just 14 points, the Cal defense played its best game of the year—so far! STATISTICS Cal WSC Net Yards Rushing 241 140 Passes Attempted 11 35 Passes Completed 7 22 Net Yards Passing 75 195 Net Yards Gained 316 335 Total First Downs 17 19 GIANULIAS intercepts Newman ' s pass. BILL PATTON scores from seven yards out—No. 85 Don Ellersick. 222 KAPP ' S lateral to HART gains 11 yards. WALT ARNOLD scores. CAL vs. UTAH OCTOBER 11— 36-21 After Cal ' s first touchdown, the Men ' s Rooting section held up a one-word sign— " Resurgence. " In less than 37 minutes the Golden Bears had racked up 36 points to the Redskin ' s 0. And then put in the third team. With seven minutes remaining in the third quarter, Utah made 21 points, but made them against Cal ' s third and fourth units. STATISTICS Cal Utah Net Yards Rushing 299 153 Passes Attempted 13 26 Passes Completed 7 12 Net Yards Passing 72 196 Net Yards Gained 371 349 Total First Downs 20 16 CAL vs. USC OCTOBER 18 — 14-12 Cal has at last found another offensive weapon that was so sorely lacking — Sophomore halfback Wayne Crow, who proves to be one of the finer punters on the West Coast. Crow kicked four times, for a 46-yard average, and put one long spiral on the Trojan five-yard line. With this weapon Cars power has been greatly increased. STATISTICS Cal USC Net Yards Rushing 200 271 Passes Attempted 10 16 Passes Completed 6 5 Net Yards Passing 75 80 Net Yards Gained 275 351 Total First Downs 16 17 Pass from KAPP to HART gains 10 yards. KAPP scores. JACK HART takes a pitchout; Oregon ' s Peterson injured. Oregon ' s Dave Grosz ' s punt almost blocked. CAL vs. OREGON OCTOBER 25 — 23-6 JOE KAPP — Driving, passing, intercepting, running . . . JOE KAPP. Cal Ore. Rushing 253 169 Passes Attempted 5 15 Passes Completed 3 10 Passing 72 126 Total Yards 325 295 First Downs 11 17 CAL vs. OREGON STATE NOVEMBER 1 — 8-14 Cal lost its first conference game against this two-year conference champion. The Beavers took of every opportunity, while the Bears were stopped several times deep in Oregon States ' territory. The Golden Bears started off by pushing 56 yards in 13 plays to make their first, and only, touchdown. After this, they were unable to the Beaver ' s wall when it really counted. Cal OSC Rushing 268 106 Passes Attempted 12 6 Passes Completed 5 3 Passing 22 29 Total Yards 290 125 First Downs 20 6 JOE KAPP works the option play. WAYNE CROW carries ball for yardage. 224 WALT ARNOLD scores in second quarter. GROVER GARVIN goes for 15 yards. CAL vs. UCLA NOVEMBER 8 — 20-17 Two players, who just a few weeks ago were on the third unit, contributed much to the Bears ' march toward Pasadena: Grove r Garvin and Walt Arnold. Along with furthering Cal ' s chances for the Rose Bowl, this win broke UCLA ' s winning streak over Cal from 1951, a pleasing accomplishment in Cal UCLA Rushing 233 224 Passes Attempted 11 9 Passes Completed 6 3 Passing 80 40 Total Yards 313 264 First Downs 18 15 CAL vs. WASHINGTON NOVEMBER 15 — 12-7 Despite near-freezing weather, the Golden Bears were able to stay far enough ahead of the Huskies to maintain their lead in the PCC and to further their chances for a trip to the Rose Bowl. With the steady help of Pete Domoto and Jack Hart, two players who have been constant support for the team, California played not outstanding, but football. Cal Wash. Rushing 172 195 Passes Attempted 14 8 Passes Completed 11 2 Passing 135 26 Total Yards 307 221 First Downs 18 13 GROVER GARVIN carrying the ball. JOE KAPP attempts pass. 225 Big Game CAL vs. STANFORD NOVEMBER 22 — 16-15 The Golden Bears won their bid for the PCC and a trip to the Rose Bowl New Year ' s Day in a very tight, hard-fought game. Rated as underdogs, the Stanford Indians displayed so much skill and spirit that Bears had to hustle to come out ahead by one point. Besides the big facts that Cal was the champion of the and going to the Rose Bowl, Cal also defeated all three traditional rivals (Stanford, USC, and UCLA) for the first time in a single season since 1949; now holds the lead in the Big Game series 26-25; ended the season with the best record since 1952, 7-3; and gave Pete Elliott his first Big Game win. KAPP with the ball over the top on a keeper play. WAYNE CROW goes to the 49 on a 15-yard play. 226 KAPP and HART tell the crowd their after the thrilling finish of the Big Game. The Axe is ours! Stanford Indians arrive too late. JACK HART gains 12 yards in the first quarter. PAT NEWELL and TERRY JONES block for HANK OLGUIN. Sam Peden leads yell. Captains JOE KAPP, JACK HART, and Iowa ' s Randy Duncan wait for results of coin toss. 228 Crucial play reflected by those on the sidelines. Pompon Girls entertain during time out. Rose Bowl The Golden Bears played one of their best games of the season, but against one of Iowa ' s most outstanding teams. PATTON carries the ball. JOE KAPP on a rollout during the WSC game. JOE KAPP—All-American JACK HART earned the nickname Mr. by his consistently playing. A worker with great desire, PAT NEWELL substituted skill for his lack of weight. HANK OLGUIN ' s agility and speed Cal out of many tight spots. Though only a Sophomore, JERRY added much to Cal ' s championship team. Thought to be out for the season, JIM GREEN recovered in time to add to team ' s depth KAPP pitches out for four against UCLA. Oski hunts big game—COP Tiger. GROVER GARVIN proved to be of the most improved players the season. TERRY JONES did an job as center after the position was vacated due to injury. With speed and coordination Sophomore JEFF SNOW proved to be a guard with great potential. As left guard, ROLAND played aggressively and with much spirit. Converted from fullback to guard, PETE DOMOTO was a mainstay for the Bears. Due to an injury, GUS GIANULIAS missed the last part of the season —a loss for both the team and Cal. A rugged player, guard CHARLIE JOHNSON proved to be a hard to move. In his Senior year JOHN MICHAEL proved to be a steady support the first unit. Cal Band watches crucial play. 231 Though playing at a weight most of the year, DON PIESTRUP was strong blocker and tackler. Now a Sophomore, BILLY PATTON signs of being the best fullback Cal had in a long time. As captain of the Rambler squad, " TEX " BYRD gave valuable support throughout the season. VARSITY TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Prado, Jim Ferguson, Tony Perrin, Bill Patton, Hank Olguin, Frank Jack Hart, Joe Kapp, Pete Domoto, Terry Jones, Grover Garvin. SECOND ROW: Bill Cooper, Jim Burress, Walt Arnold, Emerson Byrd, Ken Meade, Andy Segale, Pat Newell, Ted Dinkler, Bob Kinney. THIRD ROW: Bob Gonzales, Tim McLaughlin, Tom Bob Duey, Frank Sally, Steve Bates, Wayne Crow, Tom Cox, Charlie Holston, Doug Furata, Jean Stauber. FOURTH ROW: Pete Elliott, Tom Bates, Jack Yerman, Jerry Lundgren, Ed Burns, Dick Bertero, Skip Huber, Dave George, Tom Lleond, Jim Dee Andros, Bob Hernden, Bill Taylor. FIFTH ROW: Ron Lasher, Bill Streshley, John Michael, Greg Thomas, Jerry Bogue, Don Piestrup, Hank Guidice, Larry Parque, Charlie Johnson, Denny Wiegand, John Ralston, Buck McPhail, Mike White. JOE KAPP ' S pass to TOM BATES is good for 18 yards against UCLA. A capable receiver, TOM BATES showed strength and alertness on defense, in recovering fumbles. In spite of injuries, FRANK DORETTI in a fine season as center. Aggressive at tackle position BILL STRESHLY was a hard man to get by. 232 PATTON scores from two-yard line in USC game. At his position of right end, BILL COOPER played with willingness and determination. Sophomore WALT ARNOLD held the full back position with the skill of a veteran. In WAYNE CROW the Golden Bears found a punter that was so badly needed. A good blocker and adequate defender, TONI PERRIN played well for the Bears. STEVE BATES displayed great skill and determination throughout the season. CHARLIE HOLSTON displayed fine defensive ability in stopping many opponents ' runs. SKIP HUBER ' s all-round ability as an end gave the team depth at that position. LARRY PARQUE pitches out to STEVE BATES—Oregon game. 233 Quarterback DENNIS SHAY attempts pass for yardage gain. Frosh Football Another successful season has been completed by the Cal Freshman team. These players won two out of three games to tie with USC for the Pacific Coast Championship. Under the coaching of Bill Taylor, assisted by Jim Max Hale and Carl Van Huet, the Frosh team made a comeback with wins over USC and Stanford after losing their season opener to UCLA. The Frosh team serves as a stepping stone for Varsity prospects. This year fine material showed up in many men. Teamwork by Dennis Shay, Bob Wills, Doug Graham, Stan Parkinson, Bill Turner, John Papini, and Russ Boehmke proved in their football victories. SHAY runs a successful option play. With a 2-1 record Bill Taylor closed another successful season. FIRST ROW left to right: Al Berra, Fred Tuemmler, Dan Ipson, Pete Olson, Jim Horst, Kenji Sasaki, Dale Weishahn, Pat Boyl, Doug Graham, Ken Doctor, Lawrence Costa. SECOND ROW: Dick Dean, Mike Archer, Norm McLean, Al Branco, Dave Hoorebeke, Dick Stowell, Ron Nielson, Jess Pittore, Bill Lynch, Bill Turner, Bill Millerstrom, Yasuto Tana. THIRD ROW: Tom Hornaday Ken Munley, Dave Bruno, Dayton Orsburn, Hayao Arakawa, Dick Eschenburg, Roger Hewitt, Bob Wills, Al Jamile, John Papini, Russ Boehmke, Fred Brown, Bob Orem. NOT PICTURED: Dennis Shay, Dwight Fitzgerald, Ron Jennings, Tom Briggs, Stan Parkinson, Bill Cooper, Jerry Nordstrom, Jerry Girard, John Bogart, Hal Shanks, John Galli. 235 GREG THOMAS proved to be a steady and dependable part of the team. Sophomore LARRY PARQUE, second string quarterback, led the unit in several decisive plays. A famed trackman, JACK used his talent for running to Cal moving forward. FRANK SALLY runs for a against Utah. A valuable asset to the at the center position BOB GONZALES. FRANK SALLY proved to a smart and aggressive on defense. ANDY SEGALE played well the little publicized position center. Quiet moment in the Men ' s rooting section. Upset! Cal victorious over University of British Columbia. Fight for possession between Cal and Stanford men. International Soccer match. A good block! 236 Soccer The Varsity Soccer team completed a very successful season with a final mark of 4 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss in conference play for a second-place finish in the Northern California Intercollegiate Soccer Conference. The of the season was the upset victory over the of British Columbia by a score of 3-2 in an Soccer match played in Memorial Stadium. The Stanford-Cal soccer game also proved to be another high point for the Soccerbears. Other wins were recorded over Santa Clara, CCSF, and Cal Aggies, and two ties against SF State and San Jose Stat e. The only loss came from defending champion USF. The Junior Varsity finished the season with a season record of 3 wins and 4 losses. Three of the four losses were by the narrow margin of one goal with 1-0 heartbreakers suffered at the hands of USF and Stanford. W ins against Diablo Valley College, Hamilton AFB, and Mission High School gave the JV ' s their three victories. BOB DiGRAZIA led the soccer team to a second place in Northern California Intercollegiate Soccer Conference. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mohamed Naheiri, Otto Rohr, Kenneth Tsang, Barry Ford, John Johnston, Dick Coveny, Wheeler Coberly, Eric Holtsmark, Hans Laetz, Joel Kwok, Dave Calder, Fernado Jaramillo, Alex Kersevan, Paul Vogelhut. SECOND ROW: Charles Schutt, Russell Kwok, Don Gray, Lou Grivetti, Marcos Wolfenson, Helmut Lange, Dan Forster, J ohn Huetinck, Bill Delphey. THIRD ROW: Dong Choi, Fred Becker, Alan Giovacchini, MacLellan Emswiller, Dave Watts, Fred Hanson, Mike Appleby, Alex Ralli, Friedhelm Struve, Dennis Trason (Assistant Coach), Bob DiGrazia (Head Coach). 237 Cal swims against. Cal Poly. GEORGE SCHROTH—member of the 1924 Olympic water polo team. Water Polo Coach George Schroth led his team to a successful The California Varsity Water Polo team made fine shows against COP and USC with their Olympic champion from Hungary, Gabor Nagy, but the season resulted in only two wins, UCLA and El Camino Junior College. Outstanding Varsity members include John Bordy, and Dick Olson. Bordy was high point man and a possible All-Conference forward, with Olsen dependability throughout the season. The majority of the team members were new from the JV ranks. much valuable experience was gained this year and we see a promising outlook for the 1959-60 season. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ray Olmo, Dick Olson, Verl Rosenow, Art Deleray, Lazlo Laky, Dick Johnson. SECOND ROW: Coach George Schroth, Mike Pratt, Steve Lipman, Jim Small, John Bordy, Mike Gerendas, Bob Jones. 238 Polobear attempts score against Olympic Club. Referee calls foul against Olympic Club. Coach Schroth sets up next play against Cal Poly. High pass stopped as Cal makes final attempt at scoring. 239 Cross-Country This year ' s cross-country team placed close to the top in every track event of the year. Under the leadership of Coach Brutus Hamilton and Assistant Coach Al Ragan the team, although weakened by sickness, performed successfully over such opponents as San Jose State Stanford, USC, and UCLA. New track records were set. The team also placed sixth in the PCC Cross-Country Championships. Outstanding men worthy of mention for their fine jobs are Brian Matravers, Alan Gaylord, Roger Price, and Karl Ubel. ROGER PRICE and BRUTUS HAMILTON check the watch. BRUTUS HAMILTON added another year to his record. FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Lucas, Woody Covington, Brian Edelstein, Roger Price, Brian Matravers, Alan Gaylord. SECOND ROW: Val Prescop, Karl Ubel, Dick Govan, Norman Hill, Henry Weyrauch, Richard Sanford, Paul D ' Alterio, Coach Brutus Hamilton. 240 Coach Newell and reserves reflect the plays of the game. PETE NEWELL— " COACH OF THE YEAR " COACHES, left to right: Rupe Rickson, Bob Blake, Pete Newell, Rene Herrerias. A season mark of 25-4 and a 20-game winning streak illustrate the amazing success of the California team this past season. California opened the season in what was probably the crucial game of the year. After compiling a 6-2 mark against nonconference foes, the Bears traveled to Seattle to meet Washington, the team who was picked to win the crown. Cal employed a full-court press against the Huskies, and with center Darrall Imhoff doing a job defensing, all-time PCC top scorer Doug Smart, and Denny Fitzpatrick scoring 21 points ; Cal won 54-43. The next night Oregon turned around and outhustled the Bears to win a close thriller, 59-57. Cal returned home and faced the season ' s number two crucial against the Huskies. Imhoff stopped Smart again and the Cal press took its toll on the Washington guards, giving Newell a 55-44 win. Idaho was no match for Cal the next night and the Bears won easily 64-39. A home and home with Stanford was next with the home team winning each night. At Palo Alto the Indians got hot and won a game, 56-53. The next night an avengeful Cal cleaned up in the Men ' s Gym, 67-46, and showed they could shoot as well as defend. 242 JACK GROUT rebounds against Idaho. AL BUCH Captain of our NCAA champions. BASKETBALL MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: George Hill, Senior manager; Leonard Kutnik, Dick Schreiber, Ben Cohen. SECOND ROW: Dennis Christie, Bruce Sperry, Darryl Henley, Fred Byl, Pete Green. Cal, with a 4-2 record, was a half game behind UCLA when they invaded Los Angeles in early February. It wasn ' t until Al Buch dropped in a jumper with one left to give the Bears a 60-58 win that Newell ' s five moved into first place. Cal ran up a record margin in downing SC the next night, 82-55. The Bears returned home and took their revenge of Oregon by a 83-55 score and won a hard-fought scrap from UCLA the next night, 64-51. Newell then led his cagers up North on the usually disastrous " Northern Swing. " But Washington State easily, 61-37; Idaho made a fight of it for 25 minutes before falling, 65-46; and Oregon State p ressed the point 30 minutes before losing 57-40. The final three were at home, SC battling all the way but losing 70-64; and Washington State proving to be somewhat of a " breather, " 65-45. The win over Oregon State rounded out the record. With wins over both Utah, 71-53, and St.Mary ' s, 66-46, in the Western Regionals, the Bears went on, much to the surprise of the " experts, " to beat the Bearcats of Cincinnati, 64-58, and the Mountaineers of West Virginia, 71-70; and became the National Collegiate Basketball Champions of 1959. 243 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Dalton, Jack Grout, Bernie Simpson, Captain Al Buch, Denny Fitzpatrick, Jim Langley. SECOND ROW: Jerry Mann, Earl Shultz, Dave Stafford, Wally Torkells, Ned Averbuck, Bob Wendell. THIRD ROW: Coach Pete Newell, Tandy Gillis, Stan Morrison, Dick Doughty, Darrall Imhoff, Bill McClintock. 244 Straw Hat Band entertaining during half time. Ernie Madison straightens basket during Oregon game Cal Pompon Girls vs. USF Pompon Girls at half time. 246 AL BUCH up for a hook shot. BILL McCLINTOCK stretches for rebound. SAN JOSE STATE — 60-36 Following a victory over the Alumni 58-55, the Golden Bears started the intercollegiate basketball season by beating San Jose State 60-36. Although the pivot position was thought to be the weak point in Cal ' s quest for a third PCC Championship, Darrall Imhoff and Dick Doughty demonstrated their ability to control the backboards. DARRALL IMHOFF takes the rebound. ST. MARY ' S — 57-55 Although rated twelfth in the nation at this time, the Gaels were unable to stop Cal ' s control of the game. In the first half the Bears dominated, but in the second they were outscored 12-1. Bill McClintock, starting the season as a reserve, showed that he has the ability to make him one of the most dependable players on the team. USF — 50-43 After six tries, Cal finally was able to beat USF. This game was also the first time Pete Newell has beaten his former pupil at USF, Phil Woolpert. Ball-control for which both teams are noted, was the exception rather than the rule. Aggressive defense, with frequent scrambles over the floor, and rugged rebounding, were the high points of the game. BOB DALTON jumps for lay-in. KANSAS STATE — 65-68 The Kansas State game gave basketball fans another opportunity to see one of t he leading ball teams, rated second in the nation at this time, in action. Previously, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain were the focal points —in this game it was Bob Boozer. In spite of all this, the Bears came very close to upsetting the forecasted results, and Mr. Newell was pleased with the flexibility of the team in meeting unexpected situations. IMHOFF and FITZPATRICK rebound. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON — 55-44 To gain the second win over Washington this season, Cal used the same formula that worked so well the first time —that of a strong defense. The full-court press as applied by Al Buch and Denny Fitzpatrick caused the Husky guards to make numerous mechanical mistakes. Once they did get the ball down court their passes were often picked up by Buch, Fitzpatrick, or Bob Dalton. DALTON shoots for two. UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO — 64-39 Following the Washington victory, the Golden Bears went on to beat the Vandals easily—Mr. Newell cleared the bench to give the reserves an opportunity to play, and a lso to save the first string from getting maimed in the wild play. The second half was one of many personal fouls—with one Idaho player being ejected from the game. STA NFORD — 67-46 Although the Bears were unable to control the Indians in their gym, once on home ground the situation was reversed. From a 37 percentage on the previous night the Bears warmed up considerably—shooting 54 percent from the floor. The Indians cooled off greatly, only 31 percent. BERNIE SIMPSON rebounds. UNIVERSITY OF OREGON — 83-55 Cal ' s defense completely mixed up Oregon ' s offense. In every respect the Bears dominated the game. About the only way Oregon could stop the Bears was by covering up the basket, and Stricklin did the next best thing by through the air after Buch ' s lay-up and hung on the rim, bending it out of shape. AL BUCH rebounds. JIM LANGLEY blocks Oregon shot. UCLA — 64-51 With Rafer Johnson and Walt Torrence, the Bears had their hands full in winning. UCLA controlled the 23 to Cal ' s 11. But due to Bruin errors such as steps, loss of ball out of bounds—while the Bears only one such infraction—and due to Cal ' s at the free-throw line, the Golden Bears were able to come out on top. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA-70-64 The USC game was supposed to be the tough one and that is exactly what it was. Though the Bears outdid the percentagewise, they were still hard pressed to win. Imhoff and McClintock, with 18 and 16 points and 10 apiece, along with Dalton, 8 points and 7 rebounds, gave Cal its edge under the boards. Buch ' s driving shots kept the Trojan defense from dogging up the center. BOB DALTON takes the rebound. WASHINGTON STATE — 65-45 In the WSU game, Cal outrebounded and outshot its with an easier victory than that over USC. Denny Fitzpatrick was the main offensive reason with 28 points, Darrall Imhoff was the chief defensive reason, holding WSU center John Maras to two field goals in 17 attempts. Jim Langley adequately filled the weakened forward position caused by Jack Grout ' s illness, and McClintock ' s three early fouls. DENNY FITZPATRICK rebounds. AL BUCH up for two points. OREGON STATE — 55-52 The Bears, though assured of the PCC Championship crown because of UCLA ' s victory over Washington, went ahead and stretched their straight league wins to 12 games. It was Cal ' s outstanding defense that enabled the Bears, who were outshot from both the floor and the free throw line, but outrebounded OSC by one, to win. Cal ' s full-court press and close man-to-man defense caused the Beavers to lose the ball 13 times and gave the Bears the additional shots they needed. AL BUCH scores against Utah. Western Regional Champions! Appreciative team pays tribute to " Coach of the Year. " NCAA Semi-Finals The saying that the third time is the charm certainly proved true for Pete Newell and the Golden Bears. Old sayings weren ' t all that were true at the regionals, for the nation ' s leading defense smashed both Utah and 71-53 and 66-46. Friday night Cal pressed the Utes right off the court; the following night they repeated their efforts with even greater success, stopping Tom Meschery, the " big gun " of the Gaels with only four points. Sparked by the brilliant outside shooting of Denny Fitzpatrick, sensational board work from Darrall Imhoff, the Bears demonstrated the fine teamwork that has been the main factor in every victory of the five years since Pete Newell has been at the University. DARRALL IMHOFF chosen most valuable player of the tournament. 250 NCAA Finals Despite the predictions of the experts that Eastern type basketball would send California back home in disgrace, the Bears accomplished what had seemed to be the the NCAA. Pete Newell ' s defense proved an immovable object to Cincinnati and West Virginia, despite the highly publicized talents of Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. Supported by the outstanding performances of all the team members, not to mention the Straw Hat Band and pompon girls, the Golden Bears beat the Bearcats 64-58 to start the local viewers about the " underdog " Cal team. But people are slow to learn and it took a close 71-70 win over the to finally convince everyone that the best team was none other than the representative of that " peculiar " type of basketball so well known to Cal fans. DENNY FITZPATRICK takes the rebound in spite of Cincinnati ' s " Big O. " NATIONAL COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS! Final seconds of Cal-West Virginia game. " Big D " scores with hook-shot in spite of West Virginia man. 251 Captain AL BUCH sparkplugged Cal ' s team both on offense and defense. Flashy forward BOB DALTON proved to be a very necessary element of the first string. Reserve forward JIMMY LANGLEY used his defensive skill to great advantage. Leading scorer for the Golden Bears was Senior guard DENNY FITZPATRICK. BILL McCLINTOCK, beginning the season as a reserve forward, soon moved up to first string. High scoring DARRALL IMHOFF, at center, proved quite capable of controlling the backboards. Adding depth at the guard position was Junior JERRY MANN. With a beautiful hook shot, center DICK DOUGHTY gave support to the team. 252 A steady and skilled team member was Senior forward JACK GROUT. Though short by comparison, BOB WENDELL proved a valuable asset on the court. Top defensive guard with a good eye for outside shots was BERNIE SIMPSON. NED AVERBUCK showed constant effort and drive throughout the season. With Fresh experience EARL SCHULTZ moved up to Varsity action at the forward position. Though not seeing much action this season, WALLY TORKELLS lent much valued support. DAVE STAFFORD, up from the Frosh team, developed a good all-round game. Junior TANDY GILLIS showed much promise for the coming season. 253 Cal Frosh rebounds against Stanford. Dick Doughty scores against Stanford JV ' s. 145 ' s drive in for a shot. 130 ' s try for a basket hook-shot. 254 Frosh The California Frosh basketball team for the season 1958-59 was rated as possibly the worst Frosh team in California history before the year started. Although the Cub record barely approaches .500, they proved to a tremendous degree what teamwork, coaching, and desire can achieve. The Yearlings split two games with the USF Freshmen, which was generally conceded to be one of the Dons ' all-time best, and barely lost to a " best-ever " St. Mary ' s Frosh team. Much of the credit must go to coach Rene Herrerias and his assistant Rupe Ricksen. They taught the Cubs the intricate Pete Newell patterned system of basketball, and taught it well. FROSH—TOP, left to right: Coach Rene Herrerias, Pete Olson, Steve Chandler, Jim Snider, Neal Satre, Gordon Whitehead, Rupe Ricksen. BOTTOM: Chuck Josephs, Gary Randall, Burton Davies, John Wible, Dave Williams. Blues The 1959 California Blues enjoyed one of its finest in several years. Made up of future Varsity prospects like Earl Shultz, Bobby Wendell, Ned Averbuck, Tandy Gillis, Dave Stafford, and Wally Torkells, the Blues proved to be a high scoring, smooth operating team. BLUES—TOP, left to right: Wally Torkells, Dave Stafford, Tom Fortune, Jim Storm, Stan Morrison, Ned Averbuck, Tandy Gillis, Coach Rupe Ricksen. BOTTOM: Dwight Johnson, Bob Wendell, Jim Butezschoen, Ed Pearson. 145 ' s The California 145 ' s, coached by Herb Graw, played many of Northern California ' s leading high school teams during the 1958-59 season. That they were more than able to hold their own is evidenced by their 12 won, 8 lost record. Leading scorers for the team were three-year letterman Ron Arndt, who averaged 13.4 points per game, Junior forward Gordie Johnson and Senior guard Ned Shaw. The team rebounding was led by centers Clark Wilde and Noel Helmbrecht and forwards Bud Haley, Jim Moody and Dave Smith. A very spirited reserve strength was available to the 145 ' s in the persons of Bill Erwin, Roger Ricketts, Joe Lucero and Roger Gregg. 145 ' S—FRONT, left to right: Ed Moody, Ron Arndt, David Smith, Bill Erwin, Jose Lucero. BACK: Herb Graw, Coach; Bud Haley, Gordon Johnson, Clark Wilde, Roger Ricketts, Noel Helmbrecht. 130 ' s Despite their lack of height the UC 130 ' s finished the 1958-59 season with a 11-10 record and second place in the Berkeley City League. Leading the team were Senior center Walt Duncan, and Senior forward Bill Gregory. Gregory, the season captain, was the top scorer. starters of Coach Lloyd Johnston ' s squad will include " King " Tack, Ed Nakamura, and Ben Marumoto. Other returning lettermen will be Paul Galvez, Bill Schneiders, and Joe Shaw. With these lettermen returning, the 130 ' s look forward to a successful season in 1959-60. 130 ' S—FRONT, left to right: Bob Kirshbaum, Dave Allara, Bill Schnieders, Ben Marumoto. BACK: John Iskra, Assistant Coach, Paul Galvez, Walt Duncan, Joe Shaw, Bill Gregory, Lloyd Johnston, Coach. Coach Nemir instructs his men in a sparring match. COACH ED NEMIR Boxing Boxing enjoyed an upswing at Berkeley this year with strong performers in all weight divisions. Coach Nemir returned from a sabbatical leave to greet some sixty men who signed up for the intramural program. From this group, and returning veterans, a squad of twenty men was formed. The boxing season included more dual meets and tournaments than had ever before been scheduled. The most satisfying matches were with our traditional rival Stanford. Cal came out on the long end of two hard-fought meets. With Chico State the scores were a 5-5 draw and a loss. A strong Cal Poly team upset the Bears 6-2, but they rebounded to beat USF 61 2-21 2. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Holliman, Don Ricci, Bill Anderson, Mike Huffman, Shiori Sakamoto, SECOND ROW: Ed Nemir, Coach; Terry Hallinan, Jack Domich, John Wylie, Fred Weaver, Bob Bechtel, Gordon Van Kessel, Leo Gaspardone, Assistant Coach. 256 An arm press is practiced while Coach Ryan supervises. Wrestling The California wrestling team under the tutelage of Coach Dean Ryan completed its best won-lost record since 1952. The Cal wrestlers have compiled a 6-5 mark, defeating San Francisco State, San Diego State, Santa Clara, and UCLA. Cal met defeat with honor in losing to Cal Poly, San Jose State, Oregon, and Oregon State. The Bears entered the Stanford meet without the services of three first-stringers and were unable to pull off a win in this weakened condition. However, Hoffman has a good chance to place in the NCAA Championships. Other Cal performers were Phil LaForce, Bob Glen Cureton, and Tom Aoki. Coach Dean Ryan raised the Cal record to 6-5, overcoming past records of more losses than wins. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Aoki, Phil LaForce, Robert Harbough, Toby Burnett. SECOND ROW: Jim Likens, Ken Nemzer, Gary Suihula, Tony Johnson, Mike Abbett, Glen Cureton, David Helske, Alex LaPutz. THIRD ROW: Ernest Solomon, Assistant Coach, Norman Hoffman, Richard Rice, Henry Webb, Roland Lasher, Bob Snyder, Cornell Dudley, Barry Davidson, Thor Tessem, Dean Ryan, Coach. 257 Practice, the most important ingredient in shooting excellence, has led the California Varsity to many titles. COACH: Sgt. M. L. Dineen Riflery RIFLE TEAM—The California Varsity Rifle team is out to add honors upon honors again this year. They were 1957 and 1958 National Intercollegiate Champions, and will try to make it three in a row at the championship matches to be held here at Berkeley this Spring. Junior Division shooters handily took the Sectional Junior Championship this Spring. The captain of this year ' s Varsity is graduating Senior Fred Daulton, who won All-American honors in 1958. LEFT TO RIGHT: George Powell, Jim Allen, Tom Kilfoil, Ron Barnett, Wayne Fenner, Fred Daulton, Trent Logan, Jerry Greenwood. 258 COACH HAL FREY some fine gymnasts and also has several to his credit. ART SHURLOCK—showing the skill that helped the gymnastics team beat UCLA. Gymnastics Varsity Gymnastics is on its way to an outstanding season. The team has defeated San Jose State College twice, University twice, Long Beach State College, Olympic Club, and Brigham Young University. The team will face the strong Los Angeles schools, UCLA and Southern in the near future. The team won the unofficial team championship at the Pacific AAU Championships in December. The NCAA Gymnastics Championships will be held on the UC campus in March and the team is to place higher than ever before in the The outstanding performers in addition to are Roger Adams and Frank Fitz, trampoline; and William Lambden, side horse; Mario Delara and Ken Ponder, rope climb ; and Steve Monti and Roy Davis, tumbling. FIRST ROW, left to right: Karl Wuttke, Dan Youngberg, Richard Schmidt, William Lambden, Donald Potter, Captain; Arthur Shurlock, Roy Davis. SECOND ROW: Manager Steve Whilden, Roger Adams, Mario Delara, Franklin Fritz, Robert Lynch, John Dahlquist, Donald Stanovshy, Terry Kelley, Steve Monti, Michael Robbins, Harold Frey, Coach. 259 Team Captain Al Grisemer acted as organizer for the activities of the ski team. Men ' s Skiing The University of California ski team under Al Grisemer, team captain, once again showed its championship form. The team chose as their instructor Leon Goodman, Sun Valley ski coach. They like Goodman ' s method of teaching because he drums into them the science of skiing, picks out their individual faults, and tells them what to exaggerate to get the best results. Cal placed second at the NCII, held at Sugar Bowl, California. The Nevada team nosed out the Cal Bears in the final contest of a seven-team meet. The team members were outstanding in the slalom, down hill, jumping, and cross-country. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Smith, Tor Trondsen, John Burnett, Kinya Tsuruta, Harry Mays, Alan Grisemer. Al Grisemer shows perfect form in a fast jump. 260 Team members take a break from practice. Women ' s Skiing The Women ' s Ski team prepared for two meets this year. The first, the Winter Carnival at Reno sponsored by the University of Nevada, was fun, but not too successful of lack of experience. After a week end of training, however, the team came in second at the Vanderbilt, the Cal meet, in spite of Pat Chaney ' s sprained shoulder and Georgia MacKiegan ' s broken leg. Louise Dunlap, who broke her arm throwing snowballs at Sun Valley, was unable to race, but was a hard-working member of the team anyway. A good time was had by all this season in spite of injured limbs and the team is looking forward to 1960 competition. Coach ALBI DIXON did much toward improvement of the team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Louise Dunlap, Pat Chainey, Lorna Sanderson, M. J. Scott, Marylyn Smith, Georgia MacKiegan. 261 Peter Schwarz and Terry Zaccone sparring with the fencing foils. COACH GEORGE PILLER —twice an Olympic Gold Medal winner. Fencing Cal ' s Fencing Team, coached by famed Hungarian Master George Piller, enjoyed a successful 1958-59 The Bears beat Stanford, San Jose State, SF State, University of Arizona, and the Air Force Academy to emerge as champions of the Western Intercollegiate Fencing Conference. This feat earned them five first-place trophies: WIFC Championship, Foil Team Saber Team Championship, and the Most Fencer Trophy, which was awarded to Cal ' s Olympian Daniel Magay. Magay also competed in the National Championships at New York City where he successfully defended his saber title to remain US Champion. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Schwarz, Daniel De La O, Daniel Magay, George Piller, Coach; Jerry Grey, Rudy Fregoso. 262 COACH GEORGE WOLFMAN, a successful mentor with an impressive season ahead. COACHES, left to right: Joe Lucero, L. Mathews, Geroge Wolfman, Ed Mackin, Cliff McClain. Baseball California ' s 1959 Varsity baseball team got off to a very promising start, but as the CIBA-PCC season approached, the Bears were faltering due to a deluge of injuries. What had looked to be a most impressive pitching staff was due to the loss of Ted Falk and Ray Rhode through ineligibility, and the on-and-off performance of Kim Elliott and Dave Draheim due to leg and arm injuries. Soph right-hander Gerry Montgomery was also out for a while with a lacerated eye, forcing Coach George to convert two infielders to the mound. MANAGERS, left to right: Bob Kramer, Ray Wickman, Jim Weinberger, Jay Smith. Cal Bear safe at first base. Baseball A healthy Cal team, however, looked to be a strong threat for the conference title. Junior college transfers Rick Konecky, Tom McGarrey, Noel Barnes and Bob Millinich brought some real punch into the Cal batting order, while vets Roger Gregg and Bob Puccinelli were off to good starts in the batter ' s box. Three fit pitchers, Bob Bandettini, Ted Settle and Andy Segale, had all turned in strong performances to indicate the Bears would be very deep in pitching once the injury bug went away. The catching was in good hands, with Senior Gary Brenzel, and Cal ' s record was 8-5 going into the last practice games before the CIBA opener with NCAA Champion Southern California. GUS GIANULIAS connects against San Jose State. COP Tiger put out by Cal Bear. 265 Another home run for Cal. ROGER GREGG slides for second. VARSITY—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Montgomery, Gary Brenzel, Rennie Russell, Don Louie, Tom McGarrey, Mike White, SECOND ROW: Andy Segale, Dwight Barker, Ted Settle, Ken Dito, Bob Puccinelli, John Balaam, Gus Gianulias, Roger Gregg, Gordon Dolinar, Bob Bandettini. THIRD ROW: Cliff McClain, Coach; Dave Draheim, Kim Elliott, Adney Bowker, Bill Cooper, Noel Barnes, Terry Johnson, Bob Millinich, Joe Miskinnis, Mike Noakes, George Wolfman, Coach. 266 Senior GARY BRENZEL added a strong hand in the catcher ' s Senior ROGER GREGG, an outstanding second baseman in the league. TED SETTLE pitched an season. A strong shortstop man, MIKE WHITE. Senior ace KIM ELLIOTT headed the team pitchers. MIKE NOAKES, a good outfielder from Fresno. First baseman JOHN BALAAM strong in the final half of the season. A Sophomore first baseman, TOM McGARREY NOEL BARNES, a 6 ' 3 " Junior, covered first base position well. GUS GIANULIAS alternated first and third bases. KEN DITO, a Senior from San Francisco, aided Gary Brenzel in the catcher ' s position. BOB BANDETTINI assisted from the pitcher ' s mound. A fine third baseman can be found in Sophomore BOB MILLINICH. DAVE DRAHEIM showed good control as a pitcher. BOB PUCCINELLI, an outfielder from Sacramento, played his final season at Cal. A top third baseman was found in ADNEY BOWKER. STEVE BORDI slides in safe. Coach ED MACKIN got his team off to a slow start but with improved pitching they had a winning season. Cinnamon Bears The 1959 Cinnamon Bears, coached by Ed Mackin, started slowly but began to move into the win column as the pitching improved. On the mound for the young Bears were Don Louie, Terry Johnson, Jim Salisbury, Bert and Paul Menoher. Strong hitting was the main force, due to the long ball slugging of Lloyd Crenna, Steve Bordi, Dave Van Hoorebeke, and Dick and Bob Duey. In their first 15 of a 30-game season, they averaged over five runs per game. Many games were won by the fine defensive infield play of Jim McDonald, Steve Retter, Buddy Baer, Dick Duey, and John Wagner behind the plate. Hector Cordova, Ken McManigal, Joe Epstein, and Bill Johnson, reserves, were often called upon as pinch hitters. The team, composed mostly of S ophomores and a sprinkling of Juniors, and assisted by Coach Joe Lucero, a former player of the ' 58 Varsity, gained a great deal of experience by playing junior colleges and military teams. This experience will prove valuable when the players enter the race for Varsity positions next year. JUNIOR VARSITY—FIRST ROW, left to right: Lloyd Crenna, Steve Retter, Paul Menoher, Dick Duey, Dave Van Hoorebeke, Bob Duey, Steve Bordi, John Wagner, Jim McDonald, Joe Lucero, Assistant Coach. SECOND ROW: Coach Ed Mackin, Bill Hirst, Larry Rose, Hector Cordova, Dave Baer, Ken McManigal, Bert Cazden, Dick Price, Joe Epstein, Paul Dennan. 268 COACH AL MATHEWS, a fine co ach for preparing men for the Varsity. GORDON DOLINAR connects. Frosh Bears Coached by Al Mathews, the Freshman baseball squad showed fine potential in their early season games. Several players appear ready to be of help to the Varsity as early as their Sophomore year. The most consistent infielders were Gary Vice, Dennis Corti, Tom Graves (elected for the year) , Roger Cabell, and Dale Weishahn. Outfielders for the year were Bob Fleck, Dick Stowell, Dee Lewis, Brian Cooper, Bob McDougall, and Frank Milo. Catching for the Frosh were Roger Hewitt and Dave Bruno. Pitchers with Varsity potential are Bill Oakley, Alex Jamile, Stu Gordon, John Wible, and Bob Andersen. Competition this year was primarily of high school caliber although there were two-game series with the local Frosh teams. FRESHMEN—FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Hewitt, Arthur Levine, Alex Jamile, John Wible, Frank Milo, Dee Lewis, Gary Vice, Brian Cooper, Tom Graves, Dick Stowell. SECOND ROW: Roger Cabell, R. McDougall, Robert Andersen, Stuart Gordon, Dennis Corti, Dale Weishahn, Robert Fleck, David Bruno, Ken Munley, Al Mathews, Coach; Robert Ingebretson. 269 Struggle for control of the ball on a throw-in against University of British Columbia. Cal pass changed to a lateral because of stiff UCLA defense. MILES HUDSON, a rugged coach for a rugged sport. Rugby The Ruggers started off a successful season by defeating the San Diego State Aztecs, led and coached by former Bear star Frank Mattarocci. The Cal forward wall, the largest in Bear history, pounded the Aztecs throughout the second half, with Barsotti, Brown, and Moneymaker providing most of the weight. The next week Cal faced who played an unexpectedly tough game, making up for their lack of size by their fierce tackling and Here the Cal backs put on a fine show with Dave Babros setting up a 35-yard scoring play to win 22-0. Cal visited UCLA in Los Angeles to play in an uphill battle, with a wet ball. The hard rucking of the UCLA forwards put the Cal team at the short end of a 3-0 deficit at the half, but two long dribbling rushes by Bear forwards sparked Cal to a 14-8 victory. Cal had a near miss with Stanford. However, Cal won by a score of 6-3. The Bears traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, to win the World Cup by defeating the UBC Thunderbirds 6-3 in the third game of their four-game schedule. RUGBY—FIRST ROW, left to right: John Harrison, John Kalamaras, Mitch Reinis, Jim Ferguson, Dave Babros, Fritz Brown, Lee Smith, Frank Maldonado, Tony Perrin. SECOND ROW: Tom Fraser, Captain; Tom Rodgers, Doug Graham, Roy Jacobs, Fred Snyder, Wheeler Coberley, Walt Arnold, Lafe Gjestland, Ron Currie, Bill Bowman, Miles Hudson, Coach: THIRD ROW: Gordon Greenley, Dick Moneymaker, Gael Barsotti, Bob Brown, John English, Tom Bates. 271 Cave-man style rugby in San Diego match. Cal controls ball over UCLA. Inbounded ball taken by Cal over UBC. 272 Fair ball kicked out of huddle taken by Cal against San Diego. Cal takes toss-in over St. Mary ' s. Mad scramble for ball control against Stanford. COACH BRUTUS HAMILTON has many years of experience and has a successful team this year. Cal men take high hurdles, but place third. MANAGERS, left to right: Doug Fagg, Chuck Bell, David Benson, Tony Richardson, Bruce Ramsey, Ira Kiycmura, Norm Jacobson, Peter Cassinelli. 274 CEBRON RUSS gives extra push to cross the finish line. JERRY SIEBERT is clocked as he crosses the line. ALAN GAYLORD Mile and Two-Mile. VICTOR JOHNSON Javelin. 275 STEWART GOULD approaching tape for finish. TERRY KELLEY Pole Vault. JACK YERMAN-440, 880. WILLIE WHITE Sprints and Low Hurdles. JACK YERMAN finishes far ahead of Fresno State. JERRY SIEBERT-880, Mile. ROGER PRICE Mile and Two-Mile. CEBRON RUSS Low Hurdles, High Hurdles, and Broad Jump. 100-yard dash finish. Fighting hard for that victory. Varsity Track The 1959 Varsity has some star individual performers, but lacks depth. The hope for the team lies in the continued improvement of the veterans and the sensational im- provement of the Sophomores. This latter group has more than lived up to expectations in the early season meets. Returning veteran ' s include three world-class athletes, all Juniors. They are Willie White in the sprints and low hurdles, Jack Yerman in the 440 and 880, and Jerry in the 880 and mile. Other veterans who are improved over last season ' s mark include Dick Casper in the mile and 880, Bob Karlsrud in the hurdles, Roger Price in the two-mile, Stuart Gould and Ron Rott in the 440, Terry Kelley in the pole vault, Butch deVillers in the broad jump, Dick Dailey in the high jump, Vic Johnson and Tom Clark in the javelin, and Wayne Crow and Gary Wulfsberg in the weights. The Sophomores who are show- ing great improvement include Cebron Russ, Alan Karl Uebel, Dave Epstein, Bob Scholz, Rich Sanford, John Blaylock, Keith Whiting, and Eurael Bell. This, the last year of the Pacific Coast Conference, finds our rivals very strong. Even so, these boys should do all right. VARSITY CREW FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Crowenwelt, Phillip Cordero, Robert Scholz, Richard Sanford, Keith Whiting, John Mount, Barton Gale. SECOND ROW: Coach Brutus Hamilton, Jack Yerman, Wayne Crow, Paul Albright, David Epstein, James Wolfenden, Jr., Robert Karlsrud, Willie White, Gary Wulfsberg, Victor Johnson. THIRD ROW: Stuart Gould, Warren Burkholder, Val Prescop, Cebron Russ, Desmond O ' Neil, John Blaylock, Robert Carlson, Michael Healey, Clifford Graves, Richard Casper, Karl Uebel, Alan Gaylord, Roger Price, Jerome Siebert, Eurael Bell, Ronald Rott, Terry Kelley. 278 Frosh Track California ' s Frosh track material seems way below par this year. Woody Covington is the only member of the team who had an outstanding high school record. Woody was state interscholastic mile champion and can also run a good half, or two-mile. Bob Wills, Frosh football star, is a good sprinter but will not be available for all of the meets. The remainder of the squad is composed of novices who had no outstanding high school records. However, this group has a good attitude and their performances are improving. Some of the men who have shown good promise are Paul D ' Alterio, Brian Edelstein, Dick Govan, and Henry Weyrauch in the distance runs, Don Talley in the 440, John Galli and John Michael in the weights, Bill Edmonds in the broad jump, Arthur Burns in the high jump, and Leonard Mentzer in the hurdles. FROSH TRACK FIRST ROW, left to right: An thony Smernes, William Edmonds, John Parsons, Brian Edelstein, Woody Covington, Richard Govan, Henry Weyrauch. SECOND ROW: Dennis Brady, Kenneth Fowler, Paul D ' Alterio, Yasuto Tana, Michael Wilson, Corning McKennee, Donald Talley, James Erman. Frosh men take low hurdles. Timer alert as Cal man nears finish. KY EBRIGHT three-time Olympic winner. Varsity shell takes off from clock for practice run. CREW MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: John Ahl, Doug Luna, Chauncey Yano, Dennis Slaughter, Cave Tavernetti, Bob Patton, 280 Carroll " Ky " Ebright is a name engraved on the memories as well as the records as one of the greatest men in history. A small man in size he has proved to be one of the biggest men in the history of California sports. " Ky " attended the University of Washington, receiving an A.B. in Business Administration in 1917. There he won two ktters in crew. He was appointed head crew coach at California in 1924. At that time rowing was suffer- ing from a general lack of interest on campus. His hard work bore its first fruits in 1924 when California defeated Washington, starting Cal off on a string of thirteen straight victories. During his career his crews won three Olympic championships six IRA championships, a record unmatched throughout the rowing world. He has won the respect of all University officials and stu- dents ov er the years. This Spring, after 36 years, the boathouse on the Oakland Estuary was dedicated to him during the annual Alumni Day ceremonies. A host of Ky ' s former oarsmen were in " attendance, including men from his first varsity in 1924 down to the present. It is indeed fitting that the boathouse which has seen a ' s crews attain world renown should bear his name. eater coach than our own Ky Ebright, may his wane. Ebright demonstrates rowing in the locker room. Varsity Crew California ' s crewmen, soaking up all of the sun ' s radiant rays, but still working hard, are looking good. On Alumni Crew Day, March 28, the Bear crew held the traditional interclass races. In the most important struggle, the ior class triumphed, with the Sophomores, Seniors, and Freshmen finishing second, third, and fourth, respective- ly. A winning time of six minutes 52 seconds was recorded. Members of the winning crew were the following: Don Martin, Elmore Chilton, Ray Hertel, Gary Yancey, Dave Flinn, Jim Demsey, Bruce Hansen, Joe Neil, and Ralph Yudick. An additional event was the renaming of the ASUC Boathouse on the Oakland Estuary. the Ky Ebright Boathouse in honor of the Bears ' astute mentor. Ebright is entering his 36th year as coach at Cal and will retire after this present season. The dedication of the boathouse was a gigantic affair. A large 14%-foot plaque now stands on the back of the boathouse, and an eight- foot plaque is nailed up above the front door. In the lounge, a dedicatory plaque stands over the fireplace, citing Ebright ' s accomplishments as crew coach at Cal. The 1958 crew season was the best that California has had since 1954. The Varsity is striving very hard to make this year an even more successful year because of their devotion to Ky Ebright. VARSITY CREW FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Orman, Arlen Lackey, Jonathan Purver, Paul Shinoda, Rodney Rose, Ralph Udick. SECOND ROW: Reynold Stokes, Frederick Henchell, Timothy Scofield, Martin McNair, Robert Berry, Leonard Wohletz, Sanford Skaggs, Ray Hertel, Bruce Hansen, Robert Bathgate. THIRD ROW: John Christensen, Claude Hutchison, Joe Neil, Lucien Miller, Gary Anderson, Robert Vienop, Thomas Petersen, Robert Verhoogen, David Totten, Richard McKinnon, Gerald Lanier, Ky Ebright, Coach. FOURTH ROW: Milos Terzich, Gary Yancey, Robert Curley, Donald Martin, Robert Brooke, David Flinn, Elmore Chilton, James Demsey, Christopher Barnes, John Matkin, Richard Costello, Ronnie Gridley, Robert Gillen. 282 Putting the shell in the water. COACH JIM LEMMON, a strong supporter of the Ebright technique. Frosh Crew The development of California ' s great crews must start with the Freshman squad, for very seldom does the Uni- versity have a man enter with prior rowing experience, Early in the season the neophyte begins to sense the bond of loyalty and the tradition which underlies the devotion of the crewman to his sport. Starting with a few halting strokes in the flat-bottomed training barge, the Freshmen soon gain confidence and before long are hard at work rowing in the sleek, swift racing shells. As they develop physically, they also begin to gain all-important co- ordination, teamwork, and esprit de corps which is at its peak in eight-oared collegiate rowing. As an added incentive, they have a constant reminder of California ' s rowing fame when they enter the Ky Ebright Boathouse located on the Oakland estuary. On every hand is physical evidence of victories past; including three of the last six Olympic championships, and six National, or IRA championships. This is a record which is unequaled in the rowing world. These are the men who will have their chance to add to this proud record, for numbered among this squad are the Big C crewmen of tomorrow. Late this Spring the Class of ' 62 will have its chance to prove its very real potential against such traditional foes as Stanford, USC, UCLA, and Washington. FROSH CREW FIRST ROW, left to right: Tetsuden Kashima, Richard Blunden, Gordon Fowkes, Gilbert Walker, Curtis Klein, Allan Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Malcolm Mobley, Noel Wilson, Peter Carruth, Igor Zbitnoff, Charles deLorimier, Thomas Dunlap, John Gotshall, James Cobb, Robert Zimmerman, Barry Patton, Stephen Harvey, Jerry Miller. THIRD ROW: Stanley Shawl, Student Coach; Marshall Cloyd, Stephen Slauson, Richard Clark, Edward Bowen, Thomas Whelan, Timothy Martin, James McQueen, Butler Minor, Douglas Muirhead, Jim Lemmon, Frosh Coach. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Owens, William Parker, Anthony Diamond, Lawrence Larry Bacon, David Marshall, Victor Willits, Harlan Green, Scott Evers, Allan Brown, Stephen Donner. 283 A tense crowd watches as swimmers finish in the butterfly competition. Swimming The past season was one of the lean ones which every school has every once in a while. However, we did finish the season with a four won and four lost record. Starting with only two outstanding men, Jim Small and Terry Tognazzini, the rest of the team rounded into shape and before the ended, all were turning in representable times. For the first time in eleven years our Varsity took fourth and last in the Pacific Coast Conference ships. Heretofore we have been jumping around from third to second. However, the margin of fourth place was a narrow one by one half of a point and every member of the team gave his all to stave off UCLA, who eventually relegated Big Bear to the last spot. Next season will see us winners again due to our outstanding Freshman team. COACH GEORGE SCHROTH FIRST , lett to right: Dick Duane, Captain; Terry Tcgnazzini, Ron Bieber. SECOND ROW: Roger Lucas, Fowler Stillman, 284 Bill Haines, Bill Ososke, George Schroth, Coach; Mike Pratt, Dave Alvarez, Lazio Laky, Wendell Kerr. They ' re off with the flash of the gun. Perfect jacknife leading to a clean slice into the water. A slow start with the loss of valuable seconds. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lewis Teel, Gary Grey, Bill Cull, Newell Booth. SECOND ROW: Dave Willis, Fred McCann, Duane Duff, George Schroth, Coach; Kenneth Doctcr, John Montgomery, Bruce Edmonds. Frosh Team The Frosh season was quite an imposing one. Studded with outstanding freestyle swimmers and one of the country ' s best breasustrokers along with one of the top divers of the Pacific Coast the Frosh swimming team turngd in an enviable record. The 1959 Frosh team was the best ever here at Cal and it means that the Varsity will be a contender for league honors in the future. Outstand- ing on the team were Bruce Edmonds, diving ; Lewis Teel, backstroke and sprints; Bruce Mosely, middle distance; John Montgomery, middle distance and indi- vidual medley; Bill Harlan, sprints; Bill Cull, breast stroke. A number of Freshman pool records were set. 285 The 1959 Varsity received a blow when it lost its two top players at the end of the Fall semester. They were and Mark Roden. This made it necessary to call on last year ' s not too strong Freshman team and JV ' s to fill in. At this writing the team stands with Art Kono and Warren Sisson working the number one spot, followed by Paul Cohen and Norman Slomann. The last five places are about even in ability with Kent Newmark, Hank Kueckler, Tim Miller, Bob Jones, and Bill Lukens. VARSITY TENNIS SQUAD FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Lukens, Warren Sisson, Tim Miller, Art Kono, Chris Rolin. SECOND ROW: Jim Holstrom, Norman Slomann, Kent Newmark, Henry Kueckler, Robert Jones, Dick Stevens, Coach, ABSENT: Paul Cache, Captain. Tennis COACH DICK STEVENS, the pro at the California Tennis Club, San Francisco. VARSITY MANAGERS, left to right: Geoffrey Gee, Ed McKenna. 286 The team is briefed by Coach Stevens. Rally warm-up for doubles. Frosh Tennis This year ' s Frosh team is the strongest and best balanced team in the lwat five years. It is expected to bring Califor- nia Tennis up toward the top in the next few years. It is headed by Bill Hoogs and Mike Farrell, both top ranking junior players in in California. They are followed by Paul Welles, and Steve Chandler, who are just a step behind in ability. Tony Price, Jack Griffin, Scott Davis, Jim Goode, Peter Allen, and Keith Wall are also excellent players. The Frosh should have an undefeated season against junior college and freshman competition. This team, augmented with the returning lettermen from this year ' s Varsity should make up a very strong team for next year. FROSH TENNIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Farrell, Bill Hoogs, Bill Dempster, Steve Chandler, Paul Welles, Coach Dick Stevens. 287 That ' s how to swing! Golf The University of Galifornia golf team has had one of its most successful seasons in the past five years. Lead- ing the squad was scratch golfer Bob Parr and Alex Eickman, California state left-handed golf champion from San Francisco. The team has lost only one match, that being to Sacramento on their course, and the team holds a 7-1 record at the present time. Others composing the squad are Lee Bruner, low handicap Bay Area golfer from Sequoia; Dave Krutchkoff, Bill Hawley and Grant Everett, all top Junior linksmen from the Peninsula, and Phil Ralston, former Southern California junior golf champion. The team is coached by Pat Patton, pro at the Orinda Country Club where the team practices and plays its home matches. The PCC matches, yet to be played, and the PCC and NCAA tournaments to be held Portland and Eugene, respectively, should show Cal mak- ing their best marks in many seasons. COACH PAT PATTON, Golf Pro at the Orinda Country Club. LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Eickman, Lee Brewer Bob Parr, Phil Ralston, Dave Krutchkoff, Grant Everett, Bill Hawley, Coach Patton. 288 I I Interfraternity Council LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Ginsburg, Lee Bruner, Bart Moir, Mike Kennedy, Neal Peterson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Riding, Roger burg, Mike Kennedy, Tony Johnson, Ken Ponder. SECOND ROW: George Breel, Jon Abrams, Pete Frichette, Archer Pugh, Don Miller. FALL OFFICERS FRATERNITY SPRING OFFICERS Donald Larsen Abracadabra Larry S. Tessler John G. Mengshol Acacia William G. Faris Marshall Weeks Alpha Chi Rho Marshall Weeks Gordon Johnston Alpha Chi Sigma __Donald L. Turner Joseph A. Lasky Alpha Delta Phi Thomas R. Vinzent Lewis L. Smith Alpha Epsilon Pi Alan J. Barton Paul Lindquist Alpha Gamma Omega Alfred G. Peters James C. Gunn Alpha Kappa Lambda William R. Petrocelli John 0. Stewart Alpha Phi Alpha John 0. Stewart Robert S. Matthew Alpha Sigma Phi Robert D. Riegg Raymond G. Leidich Alpha Tau Omega Jon Schleuning George C. Hill, III Beta Theta Pi J. Robert Elzenga Paul L. Wadsworth Chi Phi John A. Fraser, Jr. George N. Keefe Chi Psi ..George N. Keefe Robert D. Harris Del Rey Robert D. Harris Jerome C. Woodard Delta Chi Jerome C. Woodard James P. Wagener Delta Kappa Epsilon Peter R. Ashby Roger Hove Delta Sigma Phi George A. Gnesdiloff John C. Wilson Delta Tau Delta Jerry F. Christie John Paul Jones Delta Upsilon Patrick S. Hobin Alfred W. Richardson, Jr Kappa Alpha Alfred W. Richardson, Jr. William L. Jump Kappa Delta Rho David Cardelli Kenneth Kofman Kappa Nu Brian Landsberg Joseph P. Contestabile _Kappa Sigma Richard Dixon Anthony Johnson Lambda Chi Alpha Arthur Howard Charlton Buckley Phi Delta Theta Dennes Coombs Daniel L. Petron Phi Gamma Delta Daniel L. Petron Clarence Lawyer Phi Kappa Sigma Peter A. Gray Gary R. Brenzel Phi Kappa Tau James B. Smith Noel Steven ' s Phi Sigma Kappa John Duncan Stephen Lee Pi Alpha Phi Daniel K. Lee Peter J. Raffetto Pi Kappa Alpha John J. Michael John E. Ringer Pi Kappa Phi John E. Ringer Donald J. Miller Pi Lambda Phi Donald J. Miller Don L. Bishop Psi Upsilon Harry L. Hathaway William P. Quigley Sigma Alpha Epsilon William P. Quigley David Freeman Sigma Alpha Mu Richard Greene Charles H. Duncan, Jr . Sigma Chi Clayton D. Mote Roger Karlsrud Sigma Phi William T. Ryan James C. Keck , Sigma Phi Epsilon James C. Keck Jon Rudbach Sigma Pi Everett Merriman William W. McCombs Tau Kappa Epsilon Steven Dedina Ronald de Golia Theta Chi John L. Hambric Thomas C. Schneider Theta Delta Chi Tom Schneider Don Sandstrom Theta Xi Robert E. Bowers Phil Levin Zeta Beta Tau Phil Levin Edward H. Peterson Zeta Psi Dwight L. Barker 290 John Apen Art Deleray William Holliman Lawrence Lynn Jack Moskowitz Fred Schaub Al Barton Jerry Dowell Buck Jordan Gerald McFarland Neal Petersen Gordon Schutz Stuart Buchalter Herbert Friedman Kevin Kirwan Robert Mendelsohn Chuck Pon Isaac Silvery Al Chandler Jerry Frug Dawson Leonard Pierre Merle Val Prescop Phil Spalding Gene Day Ray Hertel Dan Lubbock Tim Miller Earl Reeve Garth Wilson Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society Interfraternity Scholatstic Honor Society is organized to give recognition to those men in the fraternity system at the University of California who have demonstrated out- standing ability in both scholarship and participation in student and fraternal affairs. Although this is transitional year for the society because its initiation was switched from Fall to Spring, the group has contributed to the fraternity system ' s scholarship program in several ways. Trophies were awarded to the houses with the highest average, the greatest improvement and the most excellent participation in the combined fields of scholar- ship and activities. Outstanding Seniors were elected to the society and members aided in the development and continuation of the IFC scholarship chairman ' s seminar and the Greek Week Professor ' s Night. 291 Workday 292 House Decorations one of the big projects of the year. Outlawed forever, Interesting! 293 Dear Mom: Remember how you told me that they didn ' t hack or horse around in fraterni- ties any more, especially in Abracadabra because that ' s Sproul ' s old house and they do so well academically? ber? Well, Mom . I I. . . I can ' t say too much because if I do they might . . . I mean, I can ' t say too much because it ' s hard to write when you ' re standing. Usually I sit down when I write you, but now I can ' t sit down because Monday night ' s house meeting just ended, and I got ten . I got ten minutes to get to the library and study. Abracadabra 1756 Le Roy Avenue Lewis Wood Ro:and Howard Hank Pierson Gordon Claudius Kent Price Richard Kirby Chris Newman JUNIORS William Hudson Larry Tessler Roger Gaetjen FRESHMEN Don Martin Terry Norton Jay Flachsenhar Don Larsen SOPHOMORES Robert Heuga Joe Brush Ralph Moir William W eymouth Fred Garland Dave Butner Jerry Hulbert SENIORS Robert Fuhriman Bob Nichols Donald Pihl David Russell 294 Acacia 2340 Piedmont Avenue Introducing ACACIA with .. . longest Greek name on campus 46 chapters across the nation prizes for homecoming decorations sounds in the Spring Sing Fall formal and Spring overnight unequalled feeling of unity and brotherhood GRADUATE William Hoopes Timothy Schwarzer William Faris John Lusk James Weinberger Howard Weinberger Tommy Dunn Sidney Emerson Mack Horton Lorence Timm William Fletcher Will Piper SOPHOMORES Raymond Wickman Bob Haworth SENIORS John Mengshol Dan Van Gelder Larry Graham Alan Reutter Warren Burkholder FRESHMEN Roger Hewitt Byron Blair Jack Ritter John Wickman Charles Hall Don Scott James Hiebert Edmund Cerwinsky Oleg Maslenikov Fritz Camp Percy Rogers JUNIORS Bryce Hill Terry Thomas Alfred Hopkins Dave Curran Bob Orem Thomas Conover John Christensen Bill Schmidt Larry Demetrak Gil Gitchell 295 Highlighting the social calendar this year for the " Crows " was a Roaring 20 ' s Dance, a never-to-be-forgotten Dracula Dance, and the Pledge Dance which fea- tured a reconstructed speak-easy in the renovated social and party room. The alums got into the act at the annual Big Game Day dinner and get-together. Ath- letically, the Men wrapped up the intra- mural bowling championship and were well on the way to a second consecutive all-university basketball championship. All of this combined with continued high scholarship resulted in a highly success- ful year for everyone. Alpha Chi Rho 2311 LeConte Avenue GRADUATES Paul Piper Glenn Havens Jim Manning Paul Rowe FRESHMEN Start Gutman Glenn Ritchey James Henderson Harold Mattison Marshall Weeks Bard Bennett David Russell Donald Smith Glenn Lee Bob Mores SOPHOMORES Bill Carr SENIORS JUNIORS Brian McCarthy Paul Opler Albert Koch Cliff Estabrook Roy Fleming David Chambers Rolf Peterson Joe Schleef George Humphreys James Perry 296 This has been one of the more unusual years at the Alpha Chi Sigma house. We have graduate students and a dog. The dog tried his best to become one of the Big Dogs On Campus and his escapades in Dwinelle Plaza kept the graduate stu- dents busy bailing him out of the pound. Socially, we were a bit fuzzy, especially around the chin. The results of the Alpha Chi Sigma ex- pedition to Mexico are as yet undeter- mined. Our annual hay party was a bachanalian delight, the results of which are also un- determined. All in all, the past year at Alpha Chi Sigma has provided a rich, social, intel- lectual and spiritual 3.2 experience. Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 Virginia GRADUATES Thomas Briggs Paul Russell Stephen Cross Alexander Mitchell Michael Blackford Richard Brower Richard Ellis Michael Story Howard Davis David Radinovich Malcolm Burleigh Gene Day Simon Farberoff Jon Yatabe Sigmar Hoffmann Don Turner George Kriz Jim Kruegen Gordon Johnston JUNIORS James Macomber SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN SENIORS John Carlson John Bingham Kenji Kawaoka Joseph Augusta James Long 297 Alpha Delta Phi 2401 Ridge Road SENIORS JUNIORS Stephen Henderson Ralph Engel Harlan Barry Bill Johnston Bim Hastings Al Clark Allen Phipps Joseph Lasky James Demsey Warren Sisson Richard Morrison Claus Eversbusch Sanford Skaggs Mark Pepys Tom Gunner Tom Vincent SOPHOMORES Chip Henry Dave Merchant David Nicholson Dale Sanders Worth Vogel Bob Wilson FRESHMEN Alex Andrews Mike Krieger Mike Linderman Chris Longaker Tony Price Elton Welke, Jr. Martin Weyrach 298 It has been said (by whom nobody knows) that at college the mind matures and goals for adult life are formed. Dur- ing the past year the atmosphere at the " APE " house seems to have been con- ducive to just this, for in these last twelve months of sex, women, and sex, one of us has decided to become a day- time TV quizmaster, another is moving to 77 Sunset Strip, and a third is plan- ning to buy the UC Liquor Store. But idle daydreaming did not occupy all our time, many of us tried to get a broader, more worldly outlook on life through such things as travelogues. P.S. our mas- cot " LAPEDIS " carried the standard of the lion forward through the year. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2728 Haste Street SENIORS JUNIORS Hal Beral Robert Mayer George Ruby FRESHMEN Robert Kirshbaum Al Barton Bernard La Pedis Arie Moses Arthur Schwartz Ron Diamond Ben Minton Lewis Smith Morris Mandelman Mike Plotnick Dan Thal Vic Nugit Allan Solomonow SOPHOMORES Jerry Wasserman Michael Perkal Boris Becker Melvin Wexler 299 Plumbing troubles, sandbags, Roto Rooter Pledges, harassment, IFC, Books, cinches, grade points, Hayrides, Spring Formal, open house, Neighbors, Berkeley Police, Dean ' s Office, Jock house, football, bowling, Monday meetings, pledge jokes, house jobs, Devotional speakers, Bible study, church, Fellowship, brotherhood, fraternization, Insolvency, finals, home. What a rut we ' re in! Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste Street GRADUATE JUNIORS Robert McAlear Mel Satterburg Oscar Kasparian Larry Epperson Alfred Peters Bob Bitter Ben Rasmussen SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Karl Palmberg SENIORS Charles Ens James Sadler Daryl Bitter Bruce Borad Kenneth Plate James Lagerstrom Lynn Linman Bob Fritz Bob Boring David Lee Paul Lindquist 300 The good ship Alpha Kappa Lambda, her sturdy keel combining the strength of the ideals of scholarship, self-support, aggressive Christian character, campus activities, and fraternity loyalty ... sank again this year. Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Neal Petersen JUNIORS Jerry Myracle SOPHOMORES Ray Poirier Blair Thompson Lou Jurs Jim Dougharty William Petrocel I i Paul Foster Bob Olson Bruce Dunham Carl Sandahl FRESHMEN Paul Lofholm Karl Droese Stuart Ruth Harley Jensen Bill Simpson John Filson Owren Sarratt Allan Brown Jim Nixon Dennis Ghiggeri Fred Snyd er Carl Lambert H. I. Townshend Rich Foster Terry Seaborn Larry Dougharty Pete Rummel James Gunn Ron Tierney Tom Leland Al Van Noy Clark Kaylor Ken Swenson Alan Gaudie Jeff Totten Keith McKinnon Sam McMurry Howie Lincoln James Hagemann Dean Park 301 Alpha Phi Alpha 658 54th Street, Oakland SENIORS Donald Robinson JUNIORS Adrian Isabelle SOPHOMORES Atklin Brown John Stewart Godfrey Becks Jack Young Eurael Bell William Holliman Charles Holston Kenneth Ponder Pi Kappa Phi 2425 Prospect Returning to Berkeley by our private railroad cars and cabin cruisers, we got new pledges Prince Charles and John Pierpont Morgan IV. In Oct. had a visit from Chuck ' s mother, Liz; the house was knighted—now Sir Pi Kappa Phi. Had lots of wild parties, celebrated U.N. Day by hanging A. I. Mikoyan in effigy. Field studies were carried out by ROTC majors and Poli Sci ' s in Cuba. All in all the year was a howling success. JUNIORS Richard Basler Martin Halseth John Ringer Peter Goodian Jerry Hall Park Trefts FRESHMAN Gary Anderson Gordon English Jim Hunt SOPHOMORES Jerry Grismore Larry Lapin Buck Ware Dick Schreiber Bruce Barden Bob Browning 302 BEAT Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 Channing SENIORS John McCarthy Fred Sylvia Tom Ingersoll SOPHOMORES Neil Ross Richard Dell ' Acqua Dennis Shields John Jefsen Jerry McCloskey JUNIORS Bob Mills William Haley Dennis Schmidt Michael Hal loran Don Talley Bud Kassenbrock Frank Ovalle Jerry Buck Kevin Reidy Robert Harbaugh Roger Shaffer James Harris Robert Wells Richard Linn Robert Riegg Jim Foudy Rick Sammis Tom Mongan Bob Westphal I William Marrs Harold Wilde Bob Matthew William Steiner Paul Galvez Folly George Petty FRESHMEN Dennis Sherman Dan Grener Paul Prince Paul Beal 303 Alpha Tau Omega 2465 LeConte Avenue GRADUATE Art Deleray Edwin Hobbs Tom Moseley Mike O ' Day Jim Thomas Hans Palmer Bill Ferris Dick Hubbard John Muehlbauer Jon Schleuning Russell Westman SENIORS Richard Forward Ray Leidich Doug Nadeau Eugene Taurman JUNIORS Rick Berry Pete Grady Carl McNall John Booty Tom Bitzer Jim Botz 304 Noteworthy events: The return of Reinhold and Conklin, Flo ' s 150,000th egg (over easy on 18 December), The Four Freshmen and the four people who listened to them, Berry ' s first date with a sorority girl in seventeen months, Jensen ' s four induction notices, and Mercer ' s search for a housemother. Noteworthy trends: We were unbeatable in horseshoes; we had four house presidents and four house managers in one year. We are not too unique so a conclusion might be of some value to posterity. In terms of Hegel the OLD APATHY was destroyed by the NEW SPIRIT uncovering the AGELESS FRENZY. Tom Hendrix Walter Singer Duane Johnson Stephen Pace Ken Shelton Joe Herbert Robert Miller SOPHOMORES Dwight Johnson Bob Rhinefrank FRESHMEN DuBois Nichols Bruce Muir Todd Barthold Jim Lewis Ed Robinson Lew Baer William Thurlow Buck Black James Mercer Pete Shaw Roy Edwards Tom Wardrope Al Epes 305 Beta Theta Pi 2607 Hearst SENIORS Gordon Greenlee Barney Smith Dennis Despars Dick Nankervis Scott Wilcott Dave Babros George Hill Paul Smith Stephen Herrick Francot Polite SOPHOMORES William Bort David Kearns JUNIORS Gordon Huber Mike Storm John Bordy Donald Bull Edward Landis Tom Bates Douglas McPherson Charles Werdel Ben Card Bob Elzenga Kimo Carney Dennis Christie 306 It was another great year here at the Beta House. Rush- ing started the Fall semester and we took fifteen: well, actually only fourteen. We had to let one go when we found out his father was a glass blower. Although our representative, Hugh Tjardon, reknowned pole vaulter, failed to plate in the Campus King contest, he received tremendous support from the female bal- loters. All in all the year wasn ' t that bad! Tod Easton Mark Hudson Bruce Sperry FRESH MEN Dick Hoppin Pete Olson John English Steve Lipman William Vaughn Roger Browning Bruce Moseley Robert Pattison Jim Ferguson Molem Meyer Thomas Violich Jeff Cowan Henry Musto Pete Valentine John Hilton Brian Rapp Thomas Warren Pete Green George Nettleman Charles Wilde Bill Harlan 307 Chi Phi 2529 Hearst SENIORS Stephen Retter Jim Horsley Paul Wadsworth John Luft FRESHMEN Gordon Huntley Chuck Osthmer Ken Defiebre Bruce Rice Craig Jakobsen SOPHOMORES Peter Morse Peter Allen Dan Ipson Tom Russell John Fraser Dave White Ken Meade Chuck Ashman Bob Rupley Gene Burns Kent Jakobsen Bill Rutherford Michael Good JUNIORS Robert Pool Mike Good David Schimansky Robert Clark Cash Johnson Robert Soper Clem Laufenberg David Allen John Reid Jim Holstrom Brad Wait Peter Cooper Calvert Moore Roger Miller Thomas Dixon Tom Lloyd Clinton DeWitt 308 A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds . . . —Emerson Chi Psi 2311 Piedmont Avenue GRADUATE George Keefe SENIORS James Duff Sherwood Freeman Robert Haire Sherman Hall Dawson Leonard Edward Mascarin Barton Moir Norman Proffitt Ronald Stevens JUNIORS James Millett Donald Piestrup George Powell David Pettys Ralph Reamy Lewis Pond SOPHOMORES Alfred Slechta Stephen Bischoff FRESHMEN George Hyde Larry Anderson Franklin Mead John Hammond Bill Kroes Robert McDougall Michael Quinn Michael Novelli Grove Root 309 Del Rey 1727 Euclid SENIORS Deane Judd Doug Whyte Jerry Gunnarson Darwin Myers Dennis Brady James Craig Sidney Millard JUNIOR John Hanson Emil Ponso Howard Dick Robert Harris Nick Shehadi Jon Stringer Ronald Miter FRESHMEN Alan Haack Jim Jonas SOPHOMORES Dennis Allison Ron Gridley 310 Athletics, scholarship, and social activ- ities all claimed a share of Delta Chi interest. The various house traditions always kept members " party-timing " in between study time for midterms and finals. The Fall semester was highlighted by a dinner honoring Warren H. Pills- bury, a charter member of the Berkeley Chapter of Delta Chi. All in all, a proper balance between scholarship, social, and campus activities was to be found at the Delta Chi house during the past event- ful year. Delta Chi 2725 Haste Street GRADUATE Edward Nissen SENIORS Charles Gompertz Steve Hanna Walter Knutson Andrew Ring Guido Santina JUNIORS Nick Riley Jerome Woodard SOPHOMORES Jerry Becker Thomas Woodard FRESHMEN Richard Fulton Gary Robinson Tallant Smith Thomas Weikert al I Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS JUNIORS Edward Healey Charles Towle Parker Maddux Scott Davis Peter Ashby Bob Chickering Mike Moya James Wagener Jim Moore Bill Granger Robert Dunne Malcolm Dunlap John Muhlner Gordon Zuckerman FRESHMEN Tim Hachman Bryte Johnson Grant Everett Peter Rohrs SOPHOMORES Marshall Cloyd Charles Newcomb Walton Logan Tal Fletcher Brian Corbel! Nelson Davis Herbert Trapnell 312 This year we have done and been every- thing worth doing and being. Who has done more has done nothing; who has done less is non-org. Delta Sigma Phi 2415 Prospect SENIORS Roger Hove Arlo Braun Gerald McFarland SOPHOMORES John Kattler Jay Verkozen Steve Little Paul Cianfichi Larry Nicholson Mark Dunker Edward Maxwell Fred Bauer James Leary FRESHMEN James Marrett George Gnesdiloff Thomas Orchard William Durfee Roland Rempel Barry Davidson Ronald Nitsos Hugh Coleman Tracy Mordock Michael Grady Al Richter Lee Freeman James Shively Ralph Gaarde Brian Payne Robert Dennison William Pesce Loran Graham JUNIORS Jerry Hayward Bruce Tilden David Helske Jon Purver Gerald Hatcher Randall Robinson Charles Bohie Charles Kalian Jack Helsby 313 Delta Tau Delta 2425 Hillside SENIORS Wylie Keeler Roger Peterson Anthony Torrance Dan Duckhorn Clark McLeod Jerry Christie Ed Kinney Tom Ready John Wilson Dick Dumke Philip Miller Philip Dunn Gulden Lloyd James Serventi Gary Wulfsberg Ted Falk Will Nichols Charles Dutton Pierre Merle Don Strough JUNIORS Jack Finney Robert Paxton Robert Garretson Thomas Peet Richard Thinger Vic Binsacca Dave Grether Jay Sanders Will Gassett Tris Brown 314 Now on the other hand .. . Gary Sherrard Bill Ausfahl Richard Neuman Kevin Scarpelli Wicker Gamble Harvey Place John Tegtmeier John Henrotin Dick O ' Brien Pete Steidlmayer Bradford Hill Gary Price SOPHOMORES Cornelius Hospers Dan Ohlscn FRESHMEN Arthur Layne Robert Snyder Don Alves David Lombardi Richard Bob Boynton John Maschino Richard Stewart Dave Amoroso Butch Moore Ned Salisbury Dick Coveny Whit Nicholas Robert Ward Tom Fanning 315 Delta Upsilon 2425 Warring SENIORS Joseph Hawkins Michael Magnani Phil Spalding Bill Ingham Joe Wrixon Nick Aliaga Pat Hobin Jack Moskowitz JUNIORS Bill Malet William Wrixon Carl Arnold John Paul Jones Earl Reeve Clark Channing Donald Rypinski SOPHOMORES Bill Burnett Don Kavanagh Bill Rood Bill DeWitt Jud Whitehead Gene Angus Al Chandler Charles Leach Bill Haden Dick Bertero Norman Freed 316 Post Hoe Ergo Propter Hoc Milton Brown Dick Hildebrand Philip Plant Ron Sanford Ray Brown James Giffen Jim Burress Bill Hobin Mike Prado Bob Scholz Robert Brown Scott Paine Paul Cronenwatt Harold Hummelt Chris Rolin Bob Sciutto Steve Chandler William Parker Lee Greiner Don McDonald Rich Sanford FRESHMEN Larry Costa Bill Reeve Mike Barkett Bruce Edmonds Tony Rishwain Rick Blondes 317 Kappa Alpha 2425 Piedmont SENIORS Bob Rennie Barry Carver Jud Foreman Al Monaco SOPHOMORES Kim Elliott Bernie Simpson Gary Dodson Bill Forni Rick Richardson Clark Dooley Bob Gonzales Joe Udovch Dave Draheim Mike McFeely Will SiIverthorne Phil Downing Joseph Innis JUNIORS Tom Fortune Don Mordasini Larry Bay 318 In our first pre-rush attempt we picked up the nugget of the campus caniners. Under him the house has pros- pered but the rug hasn ' t. Li ' l Maggie, our cook of King- ston Trio fame, has added much color and spirits to the year. Naturally we studied but we also lived up to our motto, " Make Merry. " Bill Hirst Lynn McNulty FRESHMEN Robert Burr Steve Morse Wayne Stanley Richard Jones Chuck Pfister Bob Ambler Allen Kent Jack Rosser Pete Wallin Bob McNulty Steve Rose Robert Andersen Ben McMakin Marty Sours Axle Bob Blomberg 319 Kappa Nu 2412 Piedmont Avenue GRADUATE Louis Israels Miklos Nagy Jack Saxon Martin Weiner Mike Gluskin Roland Krevitt Ronald Schwartz Ellenberg Ken Kofman Al Negrin Bruce Schroffel JUNIORS Gerald Green Ian Mitroff Edward Stone SENIORS Brian Landsberg Arnold Ogren Darrell Sevilla Dan Blumberg Jerry Hyman Myron Moskovitz SOPHOMORES Lee Blum James Lewis David Roditti Edward Tanovitz Zev Cywan Marshall Jacobs Ron Moskowitz Larry Belling Hal Chusid Robert Mendelsohn Howard Rose Art Twain Howard Gilbert Morris Bobrow Larry Dorshkind Barrie Engel 320 We sing of fraternity; Of parties, banquets, and beer, Of Big Game Week, Axe Review, decorations, Game, Dance, Of our girl Kim. We sing of Santa Clauses with guitars, Of intramurals, football, baseball, ping-pong too, Of pushcart relays—Trojan Horse, Of dances lasting overnight. We sing of a year on Cars Southside With grades first low then high, These are the things; the house KN That leaves us with just one thought. Bob Braverman Robert Frieman Robert Horwitz Terry Michels Gary Polinsky Roil Zuckerman Bruce Cornblum Ron Levin Howard Cohen Hal Goldstein Fenton Jacobs Mark Morris Peter Singer FRESHMEN Jerry Falk Marc Norman Gordon Freeman Newton Harband Larry Jacobson Mike Nagel Stan Trost Russ Auswacks Steve Gunther Cliff Schultz Francis Friedman Merrill Hirsch Richard Melmon Archie Ossin Dave Vilner Jerry Berman Ron Hofmann Hank Shain Ken Blum Alex Jamile Mike Zucker Arthur Cohen We have a dog. He is nice. His name is MacDuff. See MacDuff run and play (and fight). MacDuff does not fight often. He does not even run and play often. He is apathetic. So are we. Beat Iowa. Kappa Delta Rho 2250 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Gerald Bridgeman John Elgar William Jump James Keeler Harold Richardson JUNIORS Bob Bodenhamer John Brennan Tom Bridges Dave Cardelli Bob Carpenter Mike Davis Ross Jacobs Peter Justin James Keefer Robert Kirby Dennis Meyer Brian Shoemaker Brian Vargus SOPHOMORES John Alving Robert Anderson Jerry Aspland Hugh Calkins Paul Griem William Hogus Jim Huseby Norm Lobdell Norm Nielsen Bruce Roberts Douglas Roberts Phil Smith John Williams FRESHMEN Ron Briggs Herb Morey Walt Nellis Jerry Peabody Allen Pedersen Frank Pizzimenti Kent Wood MacDuff 322 Kappa Sigma 2220 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Robert Comartin Joseph Contestabile Richard Dixon Bill Harris Ron Kahn James Little Toni Perrin Dave Skogstrom Robert Taggart JUN IORS Bill Carnahan Drew Donovan Jim Fletter Carl Hart Don Hillebrandt Jack Holstein Bill Johnson Del Krause Frank Maldonado Gary O ' Neal Richard Tartre Walter Wright SOPHOMORES William Asher Fritz Brown Mike Dervishian George Eshoo Bruce Hoffman Brett Merner Mike Noakes Mike Storm FRESHMEN George Atkinson John Bartko Don Bird Chuck Burnside Mike Crandall Bob Crawford Dick Griffin Tom Hornaday James Maloney Bill Manetta Chuck Moore Bill Oakley John Parsons Bill Pierce 323 Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 LeRoy SENIORS John Apen Harold Bauer Dave Castagna Jim Coil John Coil Matthew Colwes Steve Del Pero Ned Dryer Ron Edmondson Randy Hoey Anthony Johnson Les Jorgensen Monte Justesen Bob McCarty Jay Reese Darryl Roberson Roger Saville Dennis Schultz JUNIORS Toby Burgess Jack Carmany Nick Choppelas George Foster Allan Halden Lee Hauge Arnold Joyal Wayne Korsinen Fred Rondon Phil Shaffer Al Simonsen 324 This year Mu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha celebrated its 45th anniversary. In observance of this great event all the brothers remained completely smashed from the time our pledge took his sneak until the end of the year when he finally came back. Our exchanges were probably the best in many years, as we were able to barter away two of our most obvious closet cases in exchange for two sorority queens. Also, our Spring Formal was such a success that the brothers have decided to make it a date affair next year. Gary Soderer Don Van Luven Paul Von Husen SOPHOMORES Gary Aguirre William Burk Bob House Art Howard Chuck Jennings Larry Longway Terry McCarthy Tom Noel Paul Osborn Allen Panttaja Creighton Robinson Jim Trembath FRESHMEN Bob Booth Hal Cooper David Dowell Ben Eager Richard Eschenburg Joe Giovanazzi John Gotshall Jim Jennings George Lord Don Rowe Stanley Schure Dick Stayner Bart Thompson Blair White 325 Phi Gamma Delta 2395 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Frank Brown William Cooper Jack Hart Lyle Haworth Jay Hudson Richard Kelso William Leath Robert Mangum Te d Mathews Dean Nichols Dan Petron Merle Smith JUNIORS Dave Clark Pete Costello Clark Crum Don DeFeo John Dittmer Richard Dutton Donald Fowler Dan Guggenheim John Hall Richard Hathcock Dick Hughes William Hunter 326 " Just the average year. Took the fake with the Big Game decs and got dumped by Mills and the apt next door, but retaliated in a blaze of glory with 327 kegs of grog. " Everett Johnston Ted Kellogg Terry Kelley Kevin Kirwan Robert Lynch John McGuinn Tim Muller John Rhodes Don Rossi Jerry White SOPHOMORES Gardner Baldwin Peter Castellanos Don DeFeo Fred Gilberd Darryl Henley William Purcell Charles Seaver Bob Wendell FRESHMEN Tom Colton Richard Dale Tom Marsella Terence Milligan 327 Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 Warring GRADUATE Robert Owen SENIORS Jon Adams Bill Arnold Ray Cain Gerald Hammon Ray Lawyer Bob Pemberton Val Prescop John Ronan Robert JUNIORS Sal Bruno Dick Campbell Peter Gray Dave Jorgensen Jack Lansman Duke Livingston Gary McDonough Stan Morrison John Muirhead Rick Ruud Tom Sherrod William Walsh Al Whitcomb Victor Wykoff SOPHOMORES Wallace Adams Bert Bangsberg Ron Clyma 328 The year last was one of tranquil meditation, philosophic discourse, and orgies. Terry Cochran Jim Eastin Frank Hawdey Larry Handel Phil Humphreys Wendell Karr Mickey McClure Paul Mencher Jerry Montgomery Turney Moore Jerry Nye Dale Odell Bill Ososke William Ruth Phil Smith Curtis Spott Dave Totton Joe Wildberger Robert Wilson John Yaeckel FRESHMEN Charles Combs Philip Dunn Robert Fleck Terry House Mike Inglis Gene Mariani Bruce Osborn 329 Phi Kappa Tau 2335 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Robert Brooke Richard Doty Bob DuBois Stan Ferreira Gordon Morrow Jack Scarzella Richard Shurtz Jim Smith Edward Werner George Young JUNIORS Paul Albright Noel Barnes Gary Brenzel Jim Butenschoen Bob Colvin Alan Dunham Darrall Imhoff John McGinnis Tom Tibbetts Ray Vingo SOPHOMORES Gary Arnese 330 Continuing our policy of advocating little and nothing, we of Phi Kappa Tau managed to keep in the public eye by being generally obnoxious. Our social calendar was highlighted by the Society ' s annual Mutha ' s Luncheon. Two pledges that brought lumps to our throats were Matt Neffer, and Frank Lee Messy, the world ' s neatest man. To Frank Lee must go the credit for organizing our annual Fall Hum, a truly Messy production. Reflecting on the past year we turn to the immortal words of our beloved founder, Blotch, who said, " Oh, fudge! " Ivan Cornelius Bob Duey Dick Duey Terry Johnson Robert Kristic Ron Moon Peter Paige Len Saputo Fred Weaver Mike Wedlake FRESHMEN Bob Bonomini Bob Dahl John Dickerson Don Evarts Kent Grigg John Holmes Ron Huesman Ron Kelly Gerald Nordstrom Jerry Ogden Wade Taylor 331 Phi Sigma Kappa 2312 Warring SENIORS Hugh Daigle Roger Englar John Laue Frederic Pape Sam Smith Vernon Smith Noel Stevens JUNIORS Mike Andrews Fred Burchett Clark Dickson John Duncan Ronald Eich John Fabera Robert Grossman Charles Howden Harry Humphrey Patrick Latta Leonard Loomis Del Luttges Dave Ma ' one Byron McMillan Steve Platt Howard Rohde Tony Sponsler Bruce Strauss 332 A bunch of the boys were who whooping it up, In one of the Phi Sig Halls, While there at the bar, with a long cigar, Stood dangerous Dan McHugh. All of a sudden the lights went out; The house-mouse leaped in the gloom; Shrieks and moans, sighs and groans, Weird sounds filled the room. The lights went on and the house-mouse rose With a housebill held in his hand, While there on the floor, with his money belt tore, Lay poor old cashed-in Dan. Gordon Zeller SOPHOMORES Robert Boland Ed Farley Robert Jones Paul Koepsell William Ready Don Ricci Tim Scofield Bob Steuben David Tavernetti John Thomas Johannes Van Hoff Gary Wilson FRESHMEN James Boer John Dougery Alfred Gouzene Dan Green William Hand James Mellema Robert Nasser Sherman Nobleman Ben Price Anthony Smernes 333 The good ship Phi nearly capsized in the opening moments of the year when a mangy, flea-bitten dog named " Rocky " and 15 other pledges signed on for sea duty. Floating in an ocean of beer and cinch slips we floundered along under the leadership of scholarly Commodore Buckley. A series of scintillating parties often ended with the brothers running for the rail. The Phikeias gained their sea legs by shinning up the intramural trophy. With blessings from the dean ' s office (at last) we battened down the hatches for another year and headed the books (the books?) . Phi Delta Theta 2717 Hearst Avenue SENIORS Jim Boodell Charlton Buckley Dennes Coombs Frederick Daulton Steve Glagola Al Hathaway John Hokom James Jackson Jim O ' Leary Joe Richardson Richard Scrivner JUNIORS Tom Cole Henry Giudine Stan Hakmiller Will Hayes Bob Henrich Murray Hutchison Ron Kearney Terry Knoepp Ken Lawrenson Peter Melvin Ron Milligan Willard Price Dick Rhodes George Saywell Bob Stinson Doug Vann Tory Winkel SOPHOMORES Hector Cordova Jim Ernst Al Fisher Tom Goodale Malcolm Kangas Shep Sweeney King Tuck FRESH MEN Jerry Borrego Chuck deLorimier David Goodrich Bill Lynch Jim McQueen John Nance Bill Olmsted Rocky 334 With the refrigerators always stocked, the Pi Alpha Phi ' s were prepared for another well " spirited " semester. The rushing period resulted in the pledging of seven hardy pledges. Something seemed to be going on every week. There were formal dinners, parties, and the open house which afforded the members time to relieve the tensions of school. Climaxing the social calendar was the Pi Alpha Phi annual " Winter Informal " which was bigger and better than ever. Having crammed so many events into one semester, the Pi Alpha Phi ' s didn ' t seem to have much time for studying. Oh well, grades aren ' t everything. Pi Alpha Phi 2534 Warring GRADUATES Jerome Dare Stanley Fong SENIORS James Chung Edmund Louie Sherman Gee Stephen Lee Yale Yee JUNIORS Henry Chin Patrick Dare Andrew Don Hobart Fong Ron Lai Daniel Lee Honson Lim Kenneth Tom Theodore Tom David Yee Harvey Yee SOPHOMORES William Fay Lincoln Gokson Francis Lum Steven Mar Michael Moy FRESHMEN Thomas Chin Wendell Mew 335 Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 Piedmont Avenue GRADUATE William Mason SENIORS Roy Jacobes Pete Raffetto Jack Reynolds Don Schwab JUNIORS Ken Geil Ray Hertel Robert McHugh John Michael Clay Smith Bob Taylor Frank Thiron SOPHOMORES Richard Carlson Ed Donahue Don Hansen Douglas Luna Jerry Lundgren Tim McLaughlin Ed O ' Dea Ed Pearson John Simmons FRESHMEN Gary Anderson Tim Cole Duane Duff Phill Foster Doug Graham Jim Hurley John Papini Stanley Parkinson Paul Prudler Jess Pittore James Sally Gary Vice Kirk Young Jerry Zuardo 336 The best charioteers do not rush ahead, The best fighters do not make displays of wrath, The greatest conqueror wins without joining issue, This is called the power that comes of not contending. This is Sigma Phi. Sigma Phi 2307 Piedmont SENIORS Michael Ballachey John Dempsay George Karakantas Roger Karlsrud Bob Puccinelli Tim Ryan Allen Stewart JUNIORS Gene Bell Nick Culjis Butch deVillers Bill Gregory Tom Hazeltine Emery Johnson Robert Karlsrud Fred Offenbach Steve Rutherford SOPHOMORES Tim Buckendorf Jim Fogarty Herb Foster George Grupe David Nolan Bill Pitt Gary Powell Ed Rinne Bill Wells FRESHMEN Mike Farrell Robert Harshberger Bill Hoogs Bob Martin John Murphy Bob Penn Sig 337 Pi Lambda Phi 2727 Channing Way SENIORS Leonard Corren Preston Diamond Paul Diller Clifford Marshall David Nerwitt Stanford Polse Marvin Sachse JUNIORS Robert Blum Harvey Brody Alan Brown George Elefant Charles Epstein Darryl Hart Walt Jacobs Dave Krutchkoff Bud Levine Mike Lichtenstein Don Miller Robert Moncharsh Jerry Neft John Segall SOPHOMORES Stephen Abel Ted Bell Bruce Cohn 338 The Fall semester started out with a bang. Our front lawn, known by many as Moncharsh ' s Folly, was replaced by the wall that Milt built. The labor for the foundation was supplied by our seven pledges, procured at expense from all over the United States. The of our semester was the dance sponsored by the Playboy Magazine, complete with a twenty-foot model adorning the house front. Our Rex, Don Miller, was her date!!! Highlighting the Spring semester was our formal at Tahoe. Our house calendar in with our many campus activities has made this a year to remember. Michael Davis Kal Eisenberg Larry Gerrman Richard Kandel Bernard Key Michael Kurzman Charles Levin Philip Moncharsh Richard Price Michael Rose Fred Selinger Larry Silverstein Ron Strom Jon Tolson Sandy Weiner Ronald Weinshenk Pete Williams FRESHMEN Robert Curley Michael Kuhn Alan Lazar Barry Libman Mike Pasarow Dick Schneider George Wolff 339 Psi Upsilon 1815 Highland Place SENIORS Bruce Baker Don Bishop John Bode Tom Clark Chris Ey Ron Currie Harry Hathaway Jay Howard Claude Hutchison Steve Keller Roger Price Ed Stoney Gary Wood Larry Woodward JUNIORS John Albers Bob Angell Bud Christ Dick Duane Pete Herb Bill Hitchcock Ed Jaeger Joe Neil 340 Pat Newell Ernie Peterson Walter Reed Bill Schnieders Louis Wyckoff SOPHOMORES Bill Bolton Craig Campbell Lloyd Crenna Tom Faulkner Dan Jenkins Darry Kerckhoff Jim McDonald Pete Mickael Brian Swanson Robert Wol cott FRESHMEN John Hurt Mike McNeill John Newell John Romer Mike Smith Alan Wentner Mike Wood 341 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2722 Bancroft Way GRADUATE Jack Beschta SENIORS Ron Arndt Anthony D ' Agostino Charles Edwards Tom Fitzgerald Gus Gianulias Al Giovacchini John Mahoney Mike Newton Robert Odermatt Bob Pride Pat Quigley James Ring Leonard Schreiber Lee Smith Alan Stanford Mel Vail JUNIORS Robert Arne John Balaam Richard Boone Adney Bowker Ronald Clazie Bob Gordon Willis Hawley Ron Hildebrand Wayne Langford Mike Manley Tim Miller Bill Mills 342 We had a great Fall term. We started out with men—three outside and sixty-eight upstairs. By Spring there were fewer active members. Some of the outside boys finally moved in, but most of us were alone in our rooms. We had tremendous leadership the year long. Some good times were had by nearly everyone. At least, there was academic activity; but many of us did not even think about the matter. Oh yes, we all said " Lots of luck. " Bob Parr Peter Ragsdale Phil Ralston Burt Rees Norman Reiber Roger Robinson Ron Rott Richard Tait SOPHOMORES Tom Alton Hart Anderson Ole Barre Gael Barsotti Jan Bossart Chuck Buckman Jerry Crawford Rich Critchlow Garber Davidson David Fitz Bill Livingston Dick LovealI Neil Olsen Michael Phelps Mike Ring Harold Taber Don Thompson Bill Young FRESHMEN John Giumarra David Marshall 343 Sigma Alpha Mu 1735 LeRoy SENIORS D. Paul Cohen David Freeman Ronald Frug Bruce Lubarsky Randall Miller Paul Reinhertz JUNIORS Ralph Battat Fred Booke Michael Ezgar Jerry Frug Richard Greene Richard Kagan George Marantz Michael Paull Don Pearlman Sandford Ratner Eugene Salute Jay Sapperstein SOPHOMORES William Alban Leland Douglas Leroy Finkel Philip Holzman Stuart Kaplan Harvey Katz David Leland Malcolm Margolin 344 It was just another typical uneventful year. The neighbors formed a citizens committee against us. The house was condemned by the health department. The decorations for our first house decorated dance of the year burned. One of our members got lost on the way to the Rose Bowl and ended up in Tijuana; We haven ' t seen him since. After the first rainfall the basement was flooded and five of our pledges drowned. It was just another typical uneventful year. We ' re looking forward to more of the same next year. John Simon Matty Sloan Norman Slomann Lionel Traubman Edward Weiner FRESHMEN Herb Barish Ronald Cohen Jon Feder Roger Freeman Steve Goldman Ira Handelsman Larry Hayden John Hertzberg Brian Lippman Stephen Lyon Stephen Neuman Dennis Oberman Murray Richtel Bruce Schwartz Mark Shechner Maurice Simon Jared Sloan Dick Solomon David S wimmer Edward Weissman Sylvan Zeiden 345 Sigma Chi 2345 College Avenue SENIORS Harold Bush Charles Duncan Vincent Ghio Dick Heimann Jim Hornberger Al Johnson Michael Kennedy Michael Marston Hunter McCreary Jim Morrison Dan Mote Bob Peterson Bill Reed Dennis Shea John Sidener George Smith JUNIORS Michael Callahan Johnny Hollingsworth Jeff Horner Gordon Johnson Howard Karr Jack Kennon Tom Kurtz Ken McManigal Dudley Smith 346 As a result of the resounding noises of the University construction crew ' s jackhammers across the street, and the addition of 235 new fire doors to Sigma Chi ' s answer to the Winchester Mystery House, this has not been a particularly restful semester. The food problem has been alleviated by the requirement that the pledges live off the land. The recent victory of Fidel Castro has helped immeasurably in our campaign to arm the DG ' s and take over the Kingfish. Rushing was facilitated through the installation of deadfalls and pits placed in strategic throughout the house. Socially we move at top speed; girls must phone two weeks in advance to break dates with the brothers. Our cultural level has also been raised as is shown by the fact the chapter now publishes the Cinch Club ' s TV movie selection of the week. Our intellectual curiosity has been satiated by one of the brother ' s intensive study of the loopholes in the Mann Act. In fact we have had such a successful year that The Board of Regents in conjunction with the Board of Health and the vice squad has voted unanimously not to let any of us return next year. Frank Spiering SOPHOMORES John Allen Doug Burke Phil Carville Joel Champion Robert Fewster Dave George Brad Huntley Bob Quatman Bob Randall Roger Ricketts Glenn Smith Jay Smith FRESHMEN John Brothers Tim Deal Bill Edmonds Bill Guard Sandy Jacobson Peter McReynolds Len Mentzer David Rinker Elliott Smith Don St. Sure Keith Wall 347 Sigma Nu 2710 Bancroft SENIORS Douglas Adams John Burnett Bob Dalton Greig Fowler Doug Ives James Kindorf Chester MacPhee Bob Nemechek Roger Stephens Fritz Stern JUNIORS Dennis Fitzpatrick Larry Fox Fritz Gaylord Tandy Gillis Bill Hamilton Gerald Henderson Larry Hitchcock John Maas Robert Northrop David Ruegg 348 The members of Sigma Nu, in order to realize more fully the values inherent in fraternity life, decided to eliminate all but the most serious pursuits, and to diligently apply themselves to the cultivation of academic achievement. The University authorities thoughtfully aided us with some beneficial legislation. This assured us that we were indeed correct in following our inclination, rather than continuing with the way of life still being practiced by the dullards who comprise other fraternities. The insight gained by members in the past year has firmly convinced us that the ascetic ' s way is indeed the most likely way. John See Dave Vanderford SOPHOMORES Robert Amos David Baer Peter Carey Karl Engdahl Gary Forbes Pete Frazier Tom Jackson Jerry McDonnell Marty McNair FRESHMEN David Barnett Bri an Cooper David Hoorebeke Rich Johnson Marshall McComb Pete Rochios Lewis Teel Gilbert Walker 349 S.P.D. ' s engineers are off again on their annual quest for the dance, the beer bust, and a house. Blessed with a fine pledge class we hope to expand to provide a social outlet for more wayward " We are, we are, we are, we are . . . " Sigma Phi Delta SENIORS William Bartlett Everett Beckley James Elting Roger Finke Kermif Knopf Robert Plummer Paul Roberts Parker Smiley JUNIORS Doug Campbell Leonard DeMartini O. W. Markley SOPHOMORES Brian George Ken Gielow David Kruse FRESHMEN William Christoph Dick Conway Don Dodge James Gaskill William Lewis Gerald OlazabaI David Reesor 350 The Sig Eps had a busy and productive year. Our social program was bogged down under a deluge of veterinary bills for our dog, Rudy. However, we our difficulties and held a fabulous " Beatnik " party in the men ' s rooting section of Memorial Stadium. We were especially pleased by the support of our fine alumni chapter. Unfortunately they will no longer have anything to do with us as we were unable to get them Big Game tickets. All in all it has been a pleasant year for the SPE ' s hampered only by the inavailability of 24-hour parking zones. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2316 Bowditch SENIORS Harold Cota Stuart Gould Robert Hesse James Ingram Robert King Donald MacLennan Kenneth Moe Garold Raff Kenneth Sevier JUNIORS Edward Atwood David Ball Paul Dennan Bob Jolly James Keck Bob Lavezzi Ralph Udick SOPHOMORES Michael Green Jon Katze Dave Melander Bill Paradis Jim Peirce Nick Storm Mike Wacker FRESHMEN Frank Bell Robert Dunn Steve Guensler Roger Hollander John Melstrom Galen Rowell John Sims Rudy 351 Like, it was another great year : " Duke " top dog, two-nighter to Tahoe, Big C men in track and football, parties, the Tilden season, and the Panoramic view of life, exchanges—and more exchanges, the awful tyranny of study hours and " Mother ' s Club is watching you. " We put forth our best efforts in scholarship, but then we did badly in other things too. Sigma Pi 1816 Scenic Avenue SENIORS Edwin Baker Jim Emery Ken Engelund Mike Hone Ken King Charles Myers Maynard Orme Archer Pugh Jim Rosenlieb Jon Rudbach Jerald Terry JUNIORS Pete Bailey Jim Campodonico Roger Gibbons Mike Heflin Ken Johnson Everett Merriman Robert Ogren Frank Peterson Charles Schorr Edward Siebert James Spitze SOPHOMORES Jim Carges Jerry Chubb Gary Fernandez Ron Gonsalves Jack Hanessian Ken Kelly Rich Morgado John Olson Bill Patton Clem Shute Keith Whiting FRESHMEN Bruce Farly Ron Kiger Charles Lockhart Jerry Lombardi Wayne Sailor Ernest Smith Duke 352 Theta Chi 2499 Piedmont Avenue We expected this to happen, Everything else went wrong this year. SENIORS William Bentley Ron de Golia John Hambric Buck Jordan Don Porcella Konrad Reinke Pete Warner William Whisler JUNIORS John Balluff Lido Cantarutti Charlie Clementson Gregg Frey Karl Kinnick Sarge Reynolds Mike Stewart Phil Threefoot Bill Whipple Loring Wyllie, Jr. SOPHOMORES Bill Armstrong Lewis Bonney Denis Brown Kenneth Carey Richard Ebert Roy Elliot Dick Hastings Richard Talbott Mike Tyrell Cameron Wolfe FRESHMEN Sean Althaus Greg Austin Alec Dalziel Steve Johnson Mike Knight Bob Meanza Jim Snider 353 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2725 Channing ADVISER P. W. Thompson GRADUATE Lee Murch Garth Wilson SENIORS George Branch Robert Coppo Bill Dozier Walt Duncan Norman Farrell Don Gremaux Wayne McCombs Terry McIlraith Richard Millikan Sam Peden Lawrence Sands Richard Schimmel Bob Smith Gerald JUNIORS Jack Bell Paul Clarkson Tim Hopkins Richard Klink Eric Lindberg Ed McMurray Jerry Nussbaum John Quigley Roger Schultz Don Shawl Richard Wolf 354 RAH! SOPHOMORES Dave Alexander Keagle Davis Bill Donovan Guy Fletcher Roger Griffith Don Kendall Thomas Kilfoil Bob LaLiberte Don McCallum Tom Newell John Phillips John Slaughter Russell Stubbings Ronald Trethan Ken Werner Tom Wilson FRESHMEN William Brecht Robert Crabtree Phil Grause Jere Guernsey Cran Newell Paul Schneringer Steve Slauson Dennis Vineys Steve Waggle John Wulffson Gene Zahas Brutus 355 Theta Delta Chi 2647 Durant GRADUATE Robert Buss SENIORS Don Alter Bob Balck Bob Beebe Alan Grisemer Bob Hein Kent Hockabout Buzz Russell Thomas Schneider John Sears Dave Singleton Nathaniel Spieler Bill Stricklin JUNIORS Bill Alexander Frank Beal Doug Bowen Allan Fishbein Archie Holland Arlen Lackey Dan Lubbock Phil Mace Rich Machado Jon Mason 356 Afternoon tea dances, library tours, and evening cake walks have filled our enthusiastic social calendar. The girls have all had nice times at our gatherings, and the brothers know that the Deans will approve of our activities. The brothers now have clean consciences and feel much better due to their upstanding qualities. However, if you know of any girls that would like to go to an afternoon tea session, a library tour or an evening cake walk would you please call TH 5-9054, because all the girls we know have to go out of town too often. Jim Medanich Richard Owens Jim Riding Frank Viola SOPHOMORES Bill Briggs Victor Brochard Bob Curley Geoffrey Gee Robert Lund Robert McCoy Ed McKenna Chuck Merrill Ray Olmo Charles Orman Jim Ransford Alan Rossi Les Tacconi FRESHMEN Jim Hunolt Steve Proffitt Don Raig Ron Sbragia Fred Tuemmler Steve Ulsh 357 Theta Xi 1730 La Loma Avenue SENIORS Larry Bassham Steven Dear Cornell Dudley Glenn Quick Don Sandstrom Richard Scolari Philip Wirtz JUNIORS Robert Bowers George Breed Tom Brudenell William Davis Robert Evanhoe Len Foote George Higgins Philip Johnston Samuel Klopstock Ned Lewall David Nixon Jack Pavlovic David Rowe Pete Sonne 358 We ' ve still got our charter .. . Robert Whyte Don Young SOPHOMORES David Anderson Galen Ashcraft Dick Eigenheer David Garmus Donald Humphreys John Matkin Al Oliver Robert Prislin Jim Schmerl Leland Smith Michael Sturman Joe Sullivan FRESHMEN William Calhoun Cal Hotchkiss Christopher Kane Donn Lipman Sheldon Payne Bill Triplett 359 Zeta Beta Tau 1712 Euclid Avenue SENIORS Mark Bloome Stuart Buchalter Roger Ginsburg Ellis Jacobs Paul Jacobson Jerry Katzman Steve Kenis Stephen Krieger Gary Levine Dave LiIien Isaac Silvera Morse Taylor JUNIORS Jon Abrams Michael Balaban Robert Begen Paul Blum Stan Breitbard Joseph Epstein Phillip Fleishman Al Gettelman Barry Goldman Jim Grossman Steve Lazar Phil Levin Steve Steinman SOPHOMORES Jerry Anches Rodger Brown Mike Cherniss Dave Epstein Rick Freeman Al Herzog Dick Howard 360 If we had a good year, Sy had a better one. Bucky ran Big Game Weeks and student named it. Pooh had rocks in his head and Blackie is still with us. Our social year was climaxed by our annual Gib Treb Ball held at the Howard Hotel where we danced to Tishy Yug and his orchestra. The brothers got a bang out of school although somewhat punchy at the end. We all voted yes, with the sororities, for Proposition 18. Lou Levy Dick Libby Ron Miller Carl Polesky Mitchell Reinis Louis Rifkind Ronald Savitt Dick Schweitzer Ed Shaskan Keith Vinnecour Bill Wienir FRESHMEN Jeffrey Berman Bob Brachman Richard Colsky Jim Elden Josh Eppinger Michael Gettelman James Glabman George Goldberg Wayne Hirsh Stephen Horn Robert Kauffman Walt Kaufmann Robert Levin Steve Loeb Ken Polse Stan Romain Rich Roth Mel Silverman Michael Weisman 361 Zeta Psi 2728 Bancroft SENIORS Dwight Barker Lee Bruner Gil Davis Jay DeBenedetti William Wolfenden JUNIORS John Brinck Wheeler Coberly Bill Haines Henry Kuechler Harry Mays Doug Moore Minton Drew Robarts Pete Scott Frank Solinsky Jon Tarantino Rick Tavernetti David White SOPHOMORES Jay Diment Dick Keating Lucien Miller Joseph Mock John Register FRESHMEN Edward Bowen Scott Calder Joseph Cardoza Tony Diamond Steve Dwelle Chuck Eastman John Griffin Frank Helm Bill Judge Robert McGlashan James Nock Robert Rosson James Shinn 362 SORORITIES FORMALS! PINNINGS! STUDY TABLE FUN! PARTIES AT TILDEN! 364 FALL OFFICERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Molly Nock, Betsy Davis, Pat Cox, Gayle Merkt. SECOND ROW: Sonja Schultz, Roberta Brown, Evvie Baron, Sue Diamond. Panhellenic Council SPRING OFFICERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Patty Ellerd, Molly Nock, JoAnn Moore, Ann McFarling, Jean Gray, Mary Spencer. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Heustis, Patty Kimball, Pat Phillips. PRESIDENTS SORORITIES DELEGATES Edrie Ferdun, Marcia Hughes Alpha Chi Omega Carol Nevil, Anderson Marcia Johnson, Jan Blum Alpha Delta Pi Diane Ghiglieri, Susan Bottorf Lois Sussman, Andrea Bershad Alpha Epsilon Phi Andy Bershad, Joelle Rosen Barbara Tiedemann, Karen Baker Alpha Gamma Delta Sylvia Stevens, Karin Lindberg Sue Selb, Judith Grimshaw Alpha Omicron Pi Mary Mehan, Sue Warrington Sue Webber, Linda Blower Alpha Phi Janet Cambell, Kathy Kelley Pat Glendinning, Sandra Read Alpha Xi Delta Barbara West, Jeanette Tirico Katie Bowles, Sandra Shulz Chi Omega Jane Blair, Ann Bungay Lynne Vernon, Jane Wallace Delta Delta Delta Allison Pruyn, Jan Eisinga Patty Bronson, Christy Ahlm Delta Gamma Patty Collins, Marianne Solari Karen Kricsfeld, Joyce Jaffe Delta Phi Epsilon Linda Shemanski, Andrea Leeds Anne Howard, Bertha Muller Delta Zeta Carey Edson, Sandy Hunt Sue Daley, Sue Gardner Gamma Phi Beta Margo Laine Jan Armstrong, Sue Kelly Kappa Alpha Theta Sue Davidson, Roberta Fullbright Helen Daane Kappa Delta Diana Blunck Leta Howard, Tracy lnnes Kappa Kappa Gamma Anita Erro, Nancy Pattinson Winona Johnson, Mixter Phi Mu Ann Greenwood, Marla Smith Flo Rozen, Irene Ponve Phi Sigma Sigma June Fischel, Michelle Greenberg Anne Cianciarulo, Carol Williams Pi Beta Phi Jane Watrous, Joyce Robbins Heidi Altorfer, Sandra Newell Sigma Kappa DeAnn Lyons, Mary Walden Dorothy Zaro, Sylvia Volpi Theta Upsilon Roberta Griffin, Kathryn Koepsell Sandy Baskett, Clare Sutton Zeta Tau Alpha Lee Chodd, Diane Ammans 365 Alpha Chi Omega 2313 Warring SENIORS Carol Anderson Donna Baird Pauline Begg Beverly Blais Shirley Brancato Barbara Busselman Gail Collins Edrie Ferdun Mariann Geyer Debbie Hill Joelle Johnson Sandra Le Drew Shirley Masters Carol Nevil Beverly Reed Rosemary Rutherford Linda Sisson Barbara Stendell Pat Valiton JUNIORS Kris Anderson Cherie Bernardo Betty Butterfield Liz Carlson Janice Driscoll Suzee Gibbs Beverly Hartman Marcia Hughes Sharon Johnston Ann Jones Marlene Miali Lois Morgan Judy McKean Marcia O ' Neill Nita Sides Carol Stevenson Judy Tjomsland Prudy Vyn Helen Ward SOPHOMORES Judy Billings Betty Clark 366 The Alpha Chi ' s completed a year which was headed by Edrie being awarded Panhellenic Woman of the Year and Shirley Brancato being appointed Manager of the Blue and Gold. Some fifty of us welcomed our shining pledges, but only thirty-five survived the Pledge Dance, Big Game Decorations with the KA ' s, exchanges, and our winter formal at Crystal Springs. The twenty of us who remained after finals celebrated Spring semester with the usual bridge games on the sundeck, Spring skiing, and trips to Cowell. Unfortunately, due to the numerous cases of sunburn and poison oak, I, Myrna alone remain to greet the Fall Carroll Conklin Sally Edholm Ann Girard Pat Hansen Mary Ann Heatherly Jana Herkes Gail Hughes Beverly Jackson Pat Jordan Jeanne Klose Sally Lilleston Georg Ann Miner Mary Lou Pugh Annette Ramelli Linda Watson Nancy Weant Susan Wilde FRESHMEN Carole Anderson June Bender Sherie Bender Cheryl Bouick Sally Bould Donna Crowl Janet Dalton Barbara Dunlap Marjorie Fidler Patricia Gaunce Georgiana Gomes Pat Gregg Ellen Haley Nancy Holland Gayle Jones Lorna Larsen Sue Mueller Gerry Sanger Judy Schultz Lynda Tyler Susan Winn 367 Alpha Delta Pi 2400 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Bonnie Baader Marla Chase Elizabeth Dickes Audrey Forrest Anne Grizzle Linda Hill Jill Hollingshead Marcia Johnson Barbara Kincade Kay Lewis Dolores Middleton Sandra Pratt Janet Swinney Laurene Viale Louetta Vienop JUNIORS Brenda Barden Beverly Blevins Jan Blum Lynn Cowling Dolly Filippini Diane Ghiglieri Eleanor Honzik Celia Lesnini Sue Meadows Marion Riordan Francine Rossi Anne Ruggeri Gail Shelley Pat Spoon Betty Taylor SOPHOMORES Anne Arnold Joan Barton Paula Berger June Bryte Sandra Clark Judy Clemetson Sue DeMonte Jane Douds Jackie Firpo Gretchen Garrison 368 Life at the A D Pi house this year has been hectic to say the least. Activity majors dashing in and out include : Lou Vienop, Pompon Girl; Sue Meadows and Ann Daily Cal Managing Editors; Liz Dickes, Card Stunts Chairman; Mary Little and JoAnn Thebolt, Panile and Jill Hollingshead, Mortar Board. Improved grades brought about improved social life and it reigned supreme. The Winter Formal at Bermuda Palms, Jessie MacKenzie — Homecoming Queen Attendant, Father-Daughter dinner, Big Game Sweepstakes winner with Phi Taus, Parent ' s Christmas dinner, Kapp Nu Serenades, and finally our big Spring Formal at the Villa. Charlene Hester Mary Little Jessie MacKenzie Melinda McLean Mary Ann Mitchell Janet Nielsen Barbara Norick Julie Poppelman Pat Riley Diane Romero Andree Scott Janet Solberg Virginia Stahle Jo Ann Thebolt Nancy Wallace Bev Weiss Sarah Weiss Jo Wichman Betsy Williams Susan Williamson FRESHMEN Carol Arnold Linda Axelson Penny Boomer Betsy Burghardt Juline Cardozo Vicki Csenar Diane Dammeyer Nancy DeMartini Fran Doherty Alice Donlevy Ann Fratus Marian Galli Jean Herbert Patti Kilgore Anna Mohn Carole Newton Pat North Ellen Rayner Gay Tourville Linda Wilson 369 Alpha Epsilon Phi 2401 Piedmont Avenue Barbara Benjamin Sue Diamond Dona Joseph Isabel Klein Carolyn Spring Margie Stone Lois Sussman Jacqueline Thompson Linda Bandel Andrea Bershad Linda Capin Lora Franklin Laurel Kay Sandra Levy Donna Lindenbaum Linda Medof Deanna Myerson JoeIle Rosen Debora Semenov Renee Sperling Roberta Spivock Judith Teitler Rochelle Abers Barbara Abrams Barbara Alkin Wendy Alter Yvonne Annixter Harriet Berman Gayle Bisk Joan Breitbard Joanne Brodke 370 Soon after rushing, the new pledges were busy with plans for their dance, " Meow Mania. " Then along came Big Game Week when we entered the Axe-Revue and house decorations. We spent our winter formal on a boat cruising around the bay. But by far the best event of the year was when we moved into our brand-new house after the New Year. After settling down from the excitement of the new house with all its modern luxuries, the A E Phi ' s fell into the Spring social whirl; including basketball games, exchanges, guest speakers and brunches. Most active in the house on campus this year was Sue Diamond, president of Mortar Board. Bonnie Corwin Ruth Fine Gloria Goodman Valerie Harris Anne Honig Myra Honigberg Doris Kahn Maxine Katz Marjie Kurzman Carol Labovitz Elsie Levin Jana Liff Barbara Margolin Judy Milstein Margie Nashner Bernita Penn Carol Philipson Joanne Pickus Gail Popkin Nadine Rapoport Joanne Rosenblatt Nancy Rothman Carolyn Rubin Robin Samenov Audrey Schwartz Linda Schrier Joanne Sider Sandra Stern Joy Tyre Eileen Wachtel 371 Alpha Epsilon Phi Naomi Corwin Judy Felsenthal Sue Ginsberg Joan Glass Judy Golub Joan Grold Joan Hartman Patsy Juda Janet Kalker Lenore Kay Janice Kaufman Ellen Levin Roberta Levin Madeline Nagel Judy Nathan Margie Penn Gloria Pepper Carol Sacks Nancy Schoenfield Sylvia Schwartz Ila Silverman Carol Sinn Sandy Wahl Arlene Yates Bonnie Aaronson Gayle Berelson Linda Bregman Shelley Bronstein Adrian Cantor Adrienne Cohn 372 " Rushing ... 13 pledges ... tea in honor of our new housemother, Mrs. Atkinson . . . exchanges . . . faculty dinners . . . pledge sneak ... open houses ... retreat .... house decorations ... date socials ... intramurals ... Founder ' s Day ... Bazaar . . . pledge party . . . Senior banquet . . . Mother-daughter luncheon . . scholarship dinner . . . and finals, finals, and more finals! To sum it up, 1958-59 was a wonderful and busy! year at the ADX house. " Alpha Delta Chi 2726 Channing Way SENIORS Carol English Siv Larson Marty Martinez Janice Murdock Virginia Phillips JUNIORS Bertha Anderson Marlene Bollhoffer Kay Godsey Janet Hirano Carolee Yee SOPHOMORES Joyce Fortini Jean Fowler Barbara Homer Helen Irvine Linda Irvine Selma Krause Evelyn Louis Judy Reynolds Ann Sakai Barbara Schnaak Vivian Yoh FRESHMEN Diana Bierstein Betty Miyaki Jean Murauka Marsha Nakawatase Ann Ninomiya Marianne Russell Ester Willis 373 Alpha Gamma Delta 2424 Warring Street SENIORS Carol Baccigaluppi Elaine Bjorgan Ann Brandt Myra Lee Clark Joan Golobick Molly James Nancy Kubin Valerie Lundgren Judy McPhee Lenore Radonich Diane Talbot Barbara Tiedemann Mary Townley JUNIORS Jeanette Amadooni Karin Baker Barbara Bianchini Eileen Coltrell Sue Cuddeback Audrey Duane Duner Carol Faulkner Dee Hacker Sharon Haley Joan Henderson Fredericka Hodgdon Ann Leonard Karin Lundberg Joanne Miller Barbara Rankin Sally Ryan Brenda Shutts Gail Viery Melinda Wells Ann Wiegner 374 Awfully fond of new housemom, Mrs. Thompson. La honda bowl, el baile de las pledges. Pinnings, engagements, serenades, House alterations, aided by lambda chi ' s. All enjoyed dancing in dec. at the claremont, (esp. Mrs. T.) . Girls honored by mortar board, prytanean, panile, rally comm, treble clef, And who didn ' t we see at Pasadena on that glorious day? Many week ends (skiing) in the snow Mad about the new futrniture, At the villa, fabulous spring formal. Dad and daughter diet after big banquet. Everyone loves the balconies in the sun, Last, but not least .. . That final struggle And what courses are you taking this summer? Eleanor Williston Ann Wood SOPHOMORES Joan Anderson Mary Lou Blum Diane Brovelli Nancy Cooper Carolyn Crook Lee Franklin Carolyn Hurt Karolyn Klapak Sandy Percy Margie Reynolds Jane Rosson Claire Skoegard Judy Smith Sue Smith Sylvia Stevens Jeri Stuart Anna Marie Taylor Linda Wood FRESHMEN Dottie Ahlburg Carole Brady Arleen Cunningham Lynette Fain Raia Folkerts Sheila Hanley Marie Kennedy Barbara Molinari Charlotte Peterson Kathy Pyles Mary Ann Sheeran Donna Weeks Susan Winey 375 Alpha Omicron Pi 2311 Prospect Street SENIORS Connie Erickson Mary Ann Gunder Joan MacNider Mary Matlock Mary Mehan Joyce Mumbert Karen Nelson Judy Parker Margie Scholz Joyce Schroder Susan Selb Kenna Williams Joanne Wulf Mardie Zimmers JUNIORS Dana Adair Linda Atkins Diane Brannan Carol Caldwell Denise Casanave Cynthia Coates Karen Cox Kip Hansen Betsy Inch Cynthia Kroesen Carol McDowell Cathy McInnis Karen Mortensen Merry Papagiannis Sue Toomajian Jan Wallace Jean Woycie howsky Elene Zahas SOPHOMORES Doreen Adams Diane Affleck Beverly Barnard Mary Bonnington Jane Bzoch Sally Conway 376 ' 58- ' 59 began with thirty-one pledges, their blue pledge dance and sneak. (I yi yi yike Our national president visited us. We modeled in the Alum ' s fashion show and entertained some faculty at dinner. Big Game was with Sigma Alpha Epsilon. December was the Winter formal and the marriage of our president, Sue. Initiation was in Spring, and also our father-daughter dinner and formal. Shirley Giberson Sandra Holmes Pat Howland Barbara Hyder Julie Jones Jeanette Justin Martha Langdon Sandy MacNider Melinda Moore Maralyn Moseley Norma Mount Adrienne Potts Pokey Schwab Barbara Sharp Marylyn Smith Gail Taylor Sally Waldron Norma Warren Sue Warrington Jane Zimmerman FRESHMEN Jeanine Brink Karen Brown Sue Byrne Jane Drennan Marilyn Evans Elizabeth Everhart Kathy Field Mary Lou Ford Gerry Martin Anne Ogle Bonnie Plotner Margo Ramirez Julie Rogers Sandy Short Marene Sitlinger Linda Voss Colleen Young 377 Alpha Phi 2830 Bancroft Steps SENIORS Lynn Archer Beverly Buechner Norine Carlson Diana Carr Cynthia Evans Suzanne Garrette Carla Geraghty Charle Hoffman Susan Hurff Margaret Kelley Ann Perine Susan Ulrich Mary Walpole Suzanne Webber Diana Winsor JUNIORS Linda Blower Meredith Bruck Jerady Carter Anne Casey Marilyn Cathcart Joan Eagan Sonja Erickson Sally Griffith Connie Hall Mimi Hawkins Susan Lankenau Jean Maschal Judy Moore Molly Nock Lorna Sanderson Nancy Sands Diane Wadsworth SOPHOMORES Mary Ann Barker Janet Campbell Sandy Cupit Frances deRoos Gretchen Diehl Sue Figel 378 Gamey . . . gamey. Barbara Fortini Gail Franchini Nancy Ghiselli Annette Goerlich Lynne Henrietta Kyla Houston Elizabeth Hromadka Cathy Kelley Mary Laurence Cathy Miller Florence Morrill Ann Moskowitz Colleen Murphy Mary Newcomer Ginger Noonan Anne Petray Mary Joy Scott Lani Seneker Ann Sullivan Molly Sullivan Nancy Zitlau FRESHMEN Kay Allegrini Alice Blair Ann Boradori Sandra Caselli Roberta Culpepper Patsy Flint Diane Fontaine Anne Hassard Jane Henderson Blair Hine Anne Martin Marjorie Myers Sue Robinson Terry Tognazzini Janet Trewhitt Loretta Tuck 379 Alpha Xi Delta 2833 Bancroft Way SENIORS Barbara Garat Gretchen Gerritz Lee Gilkey Pat Glendinning Lily Greve Dorris Griffin Shirley Haueter Elizabeth Masters Marlene McConaughy Anne McGilvray Andree Mola Carole Peter Patricia Royer Celia Samaras Judy Santana Sonja Schultz Bernadette Tourville Jan Williams JUNIORS Flora Anderson Carole Ashmore Barbara Baker Liz Calhoon Phoebe Chapman Carla Civiello Donna Dowling Joan Frazell Donna Hall Martha Keene Pat Kimball Elizabeth Miller Ann Rasmussen Sandra Read Jeanette Tirico Gail Trowbridge Barbara West Harriett West 380 The year of our 50th anniversary has been outstanding and unforgettable a ll the way from our pledge dance, " 58 Skidoo, " in October to our traditional Rose Formal in May. Long hours and crepe paper flowers brought us, and our hard-working partners, the Acacias, a trophy in the Big Game Decorations. Memories of our Formal at the Fairmont dimmed with the approach of finals. The new term brought plans for our Founder ' s Day, April 17. Good scholarship was the aim of everyone, and campus activities such as Rally Comm., AWS Board, Class Officers Board, and Mortar Board kept everyone busy. It seemed as though the semester ended too quickly, and we found ourselvs saying goodbye to the graduates and wishing them luck. SOPHOMORES Nanci Borio Tondi Cummings Ann Garat Cathy Gimblin Lee High Margaret Holcombe Joy Holmes Barbara James Roxanne Kelly Sharon Martini Christine Roosa Ann Severin Susi Sypher Ann Talburt Diane Tischer Emily Turula Connie Wemett FRESHMEN Mary Jo Calhoon Judy Carver Martha Caswell Jan Dalton Laverne Dempsey Jean Gallagher Marcia Gould Marilyn Hanson Judy Hodge Susan Meacham Kathy Moore Ann Morgan Wendy Nelder Suzanne Rutzen Maile Sherman Eleanor Smith Judy Smith Leslie Taylor Bonnie Tomlinson Deanna Troglia Miriam Wilson 381 Chi Omega 2421 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Sandy Alles Katie Bowles Sara Carlson Sheila Collins Marty Dettner Joanne Edlund Jean Haunschild Marian Henry Lyn McEneany Sandy Nealson Jill Overstreet Bonny Lynn Redhead Mary Frances Reed Kathy Reilly Juliann Ryan Theresa Soeten Jody Willis JUNIORS Kathie Abrott Jane Blair Helen Brewer Carol Canavan Judy B. Clark Liz Dobbins Joyce Ferris Barbara Ginter Janet Kemp Marcia Manning Katy Mulvany Janet McGinley Nancy Norton 382 Dear Student Loan Office: I AM DESPERATE ! I NEED MONEY! The following will tell you why: EXPENSES FOR 1958-59 Ice cream cones for my thirty-eight pledge sisters. The Theta Delt ' s and the A.O.Pi ' s helped us make our Haunted House room so scary I ' ve forgotten the price of the ticket. Anyway we won! Cleaning—It rained the day we put up our Golden Gate Bridge on the Sigma Phi lawn for House Decorations. Toy rocket for date at Christmas formal: repair bill sent by Mira Vista Country Club for hole in roof. Ticket to see battle between Calif. and Nevada on Lake Tahoe—sold by Penny Pinchers—a local group of Votes for Ugly Man—stuffing the ballot box. Investment in RBR for one 2-hour book 72 days overdue. Gift for graduating entitled " The Meaning of the 1958 Engagement Boom. " They didn ' t like it. Wendy Palmer Roberta RahIfs Mary Rohwder Sandy Schulz Suzanne Skelly SOPHOMORES Zandi Barneybach Jane Caldwell Mary Cassayre Mary Dunlap Patty Ellerd Joanne Erwin Megan Geffeney Sue Hanlon Mary Hicks Marilynne Hughes Diana Mundt Marjorie Myers Heather McCune Marilyn McElhoe Linda McLaughlin Linda O ' Connor Janet Pugh Sally Richardson Margo Roberts Sammie Sanford Charlotte Signorelli Joan Valentine Carol Wattis Holley Zacker Carolee Anderson 383 Chi Omega FRESHMEN Anne Bradt Ann Bungay Arleen Carlson Jackie Carveth Judy Clark Connie Conron Diana Darnall Jane Galli Kathy Gelus Marjorie Henderson Linda King Ginnie Koolen Pat Lynch Heather Martin Robin Reed Penny Riede Jan Schmidt Carolyn Smith Nancy Soares Susan Stone Margaret Swain Judy Viland Virginia Webster Connie Wilander Barbara Wood 384 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority engaged in several projects this year. We addressed Easter Seal envelopes. AKA to the Panhellenic Toy Shop Project for needy families. Culturally, AKA presented the Modern Jazz Quartet in concert for the benefit of both AKA and the quartet, buying Life Memberships in the NAACP. We also gave several dances, including " Snow Fantasy " and the Bachelors ' Ball. Alpha Kappa Alpha SENIORS Joan Coleman Dorothea Fontenot Tanya Johnson Shirley Redd JUNIORS Della Madison Lurene Reynolds SOPHOMORES Beverly Hardy Mary Ellen Rose FRESHMEN Mary Higgs Barbara Smith As Deltas, we pride ourselves on being more than just a social organization. We point with pride to this past year to prove this statement. Our Cinderella rush party is still the talk of the town. Our Kiddy Party featured hula hoops—later given to a day home for children. During the UCLA week end, a reception was held for our visitors. At Christmas, food was donated to a needy family. Marjorie Lindsay made Phi Beta Kappa. Marjie was also chairman of the college prep club at high school. Four of the five women members of the sponsoring club, " Committee on Student Concerns, " are Deltas. Delta Sigma Theta SENIORS Anne L. Bradford Marjorie Lindsay Gloria Savage JUNIOR Patricia Reynolds SOPHOMORES Ruby Williams Sandra Lynn Jones FRESHMEN Joyce K. McNair Billie Thrower 385 Delta Delta Delta 2300 Warring Street SENIORS Barbara Anderson Carolyn Austin Ann Brownson Jan Bush Julie Casagrande Carol Gregory Arlene Hotle Ann Moore Janet Morse Missie Papke Linda Proctor Alison Pruyn Kay Thompson Lynne Vernon Audrey Wright JUNIORS Judy Bollen Vicki Hoecker Janet King Kathy McCarty Moira Murray Anne Noid Diana Richardson Joan Strand Carrie Swan Jane Wallace Lynne Wilson Kate Wood SOPHOMORES Heather Adams Mary Claire Awtrey Denys Bardo Irene Bernadicou Carrie Bragg Elizabeth Conrady Judith Deppen Jan Eisinga 386 Activities . . . Scholarship? Oh yes, we enrolled this year! Claire Fallas Ruth Ann Hague Barbara Heston Sherry Holt Ursula Holstius Gale Johnson Carolyn Kane Sandra Kilpatrick Jane Klipfel Susan Knott Nancy McMakin Chris Medau Sandy Neff Sandra Rees Pris Schultz Peggy Smith Debbie Sullivan Marguerite Thomas Maria Toriggino FRESHMEN Sue Anderson Sue Callahan Janet Dowd Ann Escobosa Janice Hance Pat Hanley Kaaren Ingebretsen Sue Kjarsgaard Carolyn Mangum Susan Pechoultres Karen Peterson Mary Peterson Marcia Samuelson Linda Lou Smith Sue Van Horn Sue Vernon 387 Delta Gamma 2710 Channing Way SENIORS Jan Aulett Audrey Ann Borkenhagen Patty Bronson Anne Cummings Donalee Fey Nan Fletcher Linda Lovelace Joanne Morrisey JUNIORS Christy Ahlm Jackie Arbios Barbara Boucke Bobbie Boulter Elizabeth Eubanks Sharon Fletcher Trudy Garmshausen Andrea Hendren Harriet Hoffner Diana Lindsay Laurie Mellana Gayle Merkt Maureen Moore Ragna Myer Elizabeth Otto Joyce Peterson Geraldine Solari Marianne Solari Lynne Swain SOPHOMORES Janet Anthony Janie Colin Patty Collins Judi Crawford Marilyn Engelhard Elaine Fechter Mary Fletcher Sheelah Fox Marsha Goodmanson Wendy Graupner Linda Groves Betsy Hampton Judy Hart Karen Johnson 388 Delta Gamma Teletype: Homecoming Queen, Joni Beaumont; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, C arolyn Hoefer; Axe Review, Second best; Football Hostess, Janet Anthony; Big Game First Place—Mixed Division; Women ' s J. Comm., Joanne Morrisey; Spring and Christmas Formals, Cal Club, Pres. of Panile, Gail Merkt; Donalee Fey, Pres. of Pryt. . . . Not that bad! Linda Lupher Carol Martin Karen May Judy Moreland Penny Norton Helen Redford Janice Roodhouse Joan Ryman Zoe Smith Sue Sommarstrom Patricia Stratton Karen Tallyn Merry Wright FRESHMEN Sheri Adams Patty Anderson Kathy Butler Sue Campbell Nancy Carlson Robin Coveney Sarah Cummins Pat Cushman Mary Dean Marilyn Garibaldi Anne Gerdes Jody Gompertz Lynn Hannaford Carolyn Hoefer Sharon Moody Sally Moore Phyllis O ' Connell Pepper Parr Barbara Peterson Gloria Pierce Gretchen Ransler Ginny Retting Lynda Scott Susan Shinkel Ann Turner Tonia Vaughan Carol Weedon 389 Delta Phi Epsilon 2601 LeConte Avenue SENIORS Jacquie Blume Marilyn Audrey Clarfield Bonnie Cohen Joan Kaufmann Freddie Kertz Karen Kricsfeld Harriet Nathan Arlene Paul Carol Stone Barbara Weiner JUNIORS Carol Birnbaum Henrietta Faguet Barbara Fox Hilda Harrosh Joyce Jaffe Helene KrawlI Lynn Lerer Kris Marquis Elaine Moteff Ellen Springer SOPHOMORES Irene Backman Ann Beral Marilyn Braverman Roberta Emanuel Deanna Epstein Beverly Feiner Diane Frankel Madeline Gartzman 390 Twenty-four new pledges started the semester off with a bang—several girls busily worked on the Axe Review. We all travelled over to Nob Hill for the fantastic pledge dance! Helene Krawll was a finalist for the Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi, and Madeline Moss appeared in Mask and Dagger productions. We all had a devilish time at the active " Helluva Dance. " Other activities our firesides, modeling for our Mother ' s Club Fashion Show, Founder ' s Day Luncheon, Little Angel Party, and our formal " It Happens Every Spring. " Also, we ' re starting to pack in preparation for the move to our new house! Joan Goldberg Judy Jordan Carolyn Krevitt Annette Lavin Andrea Leeds Beverly Levitt Madeline Moss Rhoda Nichols Patricia Phillips Nettie Poliner Barbara Ross Cynthia Seldin Linda Shemanski FRESHMEN Sidney Berry Arlene Chusid Lynne Dratler Linda Gould Harlene Heller Linda Herzstein Suzanne Klatzker Ellen Landis Bobbie Lazarus Barbara Levin Darryl Levine Marsha Lippman Natalie Newman Frances Olshen Letty Shapiro Louise Taub 391 Delta Zeta 2728 Durant Avenue SENIORS Patricia Cox Carol Doane Anne Howard Karen Matheson Isabelle McLean Rosemarie Rochex Claire Smith JUNIORS Lora Barshell Andree Bujold Cerini Creeley Jowilla Crisler Carol Ann Dake Louise Edler Carol Grothe Nancy Hays Evelyn Hollingshead Nancy MacIsaac Sherril Mattson Betty Mikesell Bertha Muller Carolyn Perkins Mary Phillips Janet Rutgers Marilyn Sandstrom Carol Schmid Esther Sharp Jane Shuttleworth Peggy Torrey SOPHOMORES Jerilyn Andrus Beverly Ball Adele Deimel Carey Edson Lucille Fisher Darlene Flint 392 June ' s here again and looking back DZ ' s see " . .. another wonderful year .. . sigh! " Why? Well . .. twenty-six darling pledges . . . mask for the Halloween brawl .. . too many midterms . . . fiiiirrre drills! . . . open houses . . . Big Game fun at AXP . . . candles, candy and . . . " So what ' s up? " . . . Founders ' Day . . . 1000 papers due ... Christmas family dinner . . . mass exodus to the Rose Bowl ... gloom at finals ... Spring skiing .. . Panhel, Pryt, Panile . . . midterms again . . . lots of new actives ... wedding plans ... B G deadline ... whirl at the Spring Formal ... here comes Dead Week . . . on to graduation! . . . see you in September .. . Sally Godwin Susan Hall Suzanne Hansen Brenda Harris Suzanne Hjortsvang Harriet Hops Sandra Hunt Vivien Hurd Kathy Mettler Jeraldine Moriarty Margie Pickford Charlotte Pia Bonnie Russell Jane Semple Loretta Shippy Pat Vartanian Virginia Vorous FRESHMEN Joline Adams Judy Aitken Nancy Bray Eupemia Brownell Jeanne Dake Winifred Deimel Nancy Donaldson Judy Graham Gail Leister Sandra Locmis Melinda Martin Katy O ' Hara Stephanie Telford Merna Volle Virginia Young 393 Gamma Phi Beta 2732 Channing Way SENIORS Margery Biggar Mary Cutting Jane Douthit Susan Gardner Carol Geren Nancy Hampton Natalie Hudson Eleanor Johnson Joan Luke Phyllis Maier Jean Munro Margie Snyder Nancy St. Amant Dorothy Stanley Sue Trees JUNIORS Cynthia Beeson Marilyn Bowen Molly Busch Phyllis Christianson Linda Diederich Natalie Franks Lanny Hayward Eleanor Holcombe Carol Kavanaugh Marcia Montgomery Judy Odell Sally Olmsted Nancy Sawyer Sandra Slawson Kathy Snyder SOPHOMORES Maral Adams Kay Akerburg Betsy Barker Sharon Chew Nancy Dougery 394 Nancy Foss Lynne Gaylord Cathy Higbee Linda Hossom Jenny Jewett Margo Laine Ann Parker Susan Paul Carolyn Pearson Ann Shuey Cecilia Simonich Sandra Turley Susan Turley FRESHMEN Linda Baker Carol Bishop Lynn Brown Cathy Burr Cathy Christmann Barbara Coltrin Terry Coultas Judy Emsley Betsy Faulkenburg Olive Fellows Nancy Flegal Jackie Fransen Merle Gibbons Judy Glander Loretta Gray Priscilla Hall Sandra Scott Barbara St. Amant Barbara Steacy Sally Turnquist Sharon White 395 Kappa Alpha Theta 2723 Durant Avenue SENIORS Nina Adams Ann Bowman Susan Davidson Jeanette Er ving Elizabeth Gibbons Karen Glasoe Peggy Gompertz Margaret Gramatky Dorothy Graves Caroline Haven Jacqueline Hurschler Barbara MacAulay Marie Otto Margaret Rosenberg Paula Skene Elizabeth Teipel Annette Weis Anne Kirkwood JUNIORS Sharon Aisthorpe Cinda Beatie Botsford Nancy Daniels Susan Kelly Joan Liechti Judy McCormack Ann McFarling Marcia Miller Judith Moore Carole Nilsson 396 Fall semester marked the beginning of yet another year. Spring semester marked the fall of yet another. Semester marked the beginning of yet another Fall. Oh year, yet of beginning, The marked semester fill. It passed quickly. We studied. Rye Otero Sheila Penny Ann Stephens Virginia Zinn SOPHOMORES Barbara Beim Carol Cashin Joan Fox Stephanie Griffiths Sharon Johnston Sandy Jones Alice Land Jan McDonell Joan Murman Nancy Nibley Jane Randall Julie Winsor FRESHMEN Peggy Beim Cynthia Bennett Barbara Brown Missy Brown Poppy Copeland Ann Edmiston Barbara Hastings Jean Hoppin Phyllis Lockwood Lani McDermid Mary Sue Powell Gloria Reviea Susan Smith Joey Tuttle Mary Walters Judy Ward 397 Kappa Delta 2461 Warring Street SENIORS Claire Beckley Diana Blunck Marlene Canzano Helen Daane Barbara Fletcher Karen Hansen Betty Hufford Joni Keller Joan Michaels Anne Nicoletti Ellene Regalia Judy Taylor Diana Thomas Walsh JUNIORS Shirley Berta Adrienne Buckner Elaine Chaffee Yvonne Chouret Marilyn Day Helen DeIvey Sue Dornin Marcia Edwards Joan Grady Ann Kuhlman Waunita McPhee Marlene Peck Janet Ruth Sue Smith SOPHOMORES Carole Blower Pam Boller Judy Bowman Marty Bruno Gwen Clifton Janice Free Lynn Hieronimus 398 ODE TO K D It was the night before finals And in every room, The K D ' s were sighing . . . " This year ended too soon. " Souvenirs were packed In each trunk with great care, With fond recollection of The year we all shared. The parties on Presents Began the big whirl, Of formals, exchanges, and Fun for each girl. Our campus activities We must not forget, Pompon girl, class officers And Rally Comm yet. The scholastic honors Accredited to some, Inspires harder to study In the year to come. The night after finals When studies are through, We recall fond memories Of K D and Cal U. Lin Howson Janet Kelsey Janice Lateana Marilyn Miller Mimi Morris Diana Park Olivia Quiroz Hilde Riedel Terry Rives Barbie Thompson Judy Wood FRESHMEN Connie Barreto Phyllis Belben Roberta Berglund Joyce Bingham Linda Boberg Lily Churukian Pat Cox Carolyn De Feo Jerryll Elder Sharon Ferguson Nancy Fletcher Pat Fletcher Nancy Goldkuhl Lorelee Laramy Charlotte Lukei Karla Neal Robin Paine Linda Reid Sandra Sherman Darlene Smith Maryly Smith Louise Stallings Joyce Staples Judy Slater 399 Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Kate Abernethy Sharon Crary Catherine Dean Jane Ann Dorward Terry Ehmann Jane Hammond Leta Howard Minty Klein Barbara Motzer Gail Nicholas Maureen Shea Stephanie Smith Anne Sorge Sylvia Spridgen Judy Stadelman Sara Tolles Beverly Wall JUNIORS Barbara Bell Susan Bennion Adrian Bias Robin Burnham Ann Butler Aileen Coberly Joan Draper Louise Dunlap Patty Gooch Diana Gray Tracy Innes Suzanne Lake Helen McCarthy Jo Ann Moore Elizabeth Olson Julie Patton Sherry Topping Blair Walker 400 We did our best to indoctrinate our twenty-eight pledges: " All work and no play makes for dull freshmen " . . . but fortunately most of them ignored us and soared to heights of scholastic achievement. Startling. Also, Mary Baumgartner was Sigma Chi Sweetheart Attendant and Sherry Sprigden, a semifinalist for Queen. Not that we minded, really, it ' s nice for the pledges to have a little glory and all—but must they make us look so uninteresting? A lot of the actives were active—Leta Howard and Jane Hammond—Prytanean, Louise Dunlap and Jane Howell —Panile, Sue Bennion, Veep of WAA, Jane Hammond, Helen McCarthy, Laurie Cockburn, Jane Howell, and Claudeen Smith — Rally Committee. However, the pledges stole the scene academically, socially and Good for them . . . it ' s nice that they ' re so significant .. . yes . . . (But just wait and see if they get away with it next year!) SOPHOMORES Laurie Cockburn Jane de Benedetti Barbara Erro Sue Fisher Jane Howell Joan Law Bailey Logan Mary Ann McGuire Nancy Pattinson Susan Robbins Claudeen Smith Sally Smith FRESHMEN Abigail Adams Mary Baumgartner Judith Brown Elizabeth Campion Margaret Coberly Merrilee Gwerder Donna Hartman Margaret Hayes Carol Heringer Brenda Jacobes Margaret Jensen Kathleen Johnson Ann McCarthy Sue McFie Shirley Nielson Georgia Page Melinda Patton Perkes Nancy Roberts Monique Rowe Sherry Spridgen Laurie Washburn 401 Phi Mu 2722 Durant Avenue Debra Baer Bonnie Bein Maridale Calhoon Marilyn Fonseca Lynne Gibson Ann Greenwood Nancy Griffith Winona Johnson Meg Owens Pat Pruff Patricia Semichy Susan Abell Sue Bachand Catherine Bareilles Barbara Bosma Diana Campbell Bernita Halvorsen Adrienne Heltibridle Margie Luther Mary Anne McGee Bev Middleton Janet Mixter Mary Beth Overfelt Mary Ray Ann Roper Claudia Seberg Sandy Sprague Phyllis Temple Evie Trost Emmsy Arthur Pat Barthman Joan Brown Barbro Ek Deanna Fasold Gayle Forsyth Jean Gray Ellen Henry Betsy Keasbey Rosemary Langs Norma Petty 402 P ledge forty individualists who H ad riotous pledge sneak and were I ndoctrinated with decorum at the " Nightmare " pledge dance and Santa Cruz retreat. M ade history on Treble Clef, Pelican, Panile, Blue and Gold, and W.A.A. U nited for social whirl: Father-Daughter cheering section, decorating Oski with Sig Eps, open houses, exchanges, pinnings, winter formal, Christmas party .. . S pring brings the Sing and hopes for another trophy, symphony concerts, fashion shows, Spring Formal, blended with many room parties, bridge, grade-point rallies, and farewell to our valiant Seniors to complete a memorable year. Ellen Saegebarth Dorothy Sherwood Marla Smith Susan Stewart Katie Thornton Kay Venstrom Joan Warner Sue Wellington Neta Bailey Nancy Camphouse Cathy Cutler Joan Dale Jevenee Fair Marcia Fisher Sandra Fries Carolyn Garner Patricia Greuner Lynette Hendrix Elaine Henning Louise King Judy Kysh Avery Larsen Laurel Locke Lutge Yvonne Merga Sara Niles Katherine Pfeifer Janet Pimental Nancy Pohl Ann Robertson Marilyn Schoenling Barbara Sweeney Mary Lou Vold 403 With Flo Rozen as archon, the Phi Sigs enjoyed two successful semesters. We had all the traditional functions—active and pledge dances, Spring formal at the Mark, pinnings and engagements. In to winning the Dean Towle and Panhellenic Alumnae Awards, National Phi Sig honored us with Best Progress, Scholarship and Activity awards. Evvie Baron was social chairman and Sheila Smith was re-elected president of Hillel. We were overjoyed when Irene Steinberg was chosen Miss Oakland and Queen Attendant and overcome when 4 ' 11 " Andi Francisco survived as pledge mother of the " mighty 25. " Phi Sigma Sigma 2434 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Sheila Smith Irene Steinberg JUNIORS Evelyn Baron Beverly Bauer June Fische l Andra Francisco Patricia Gogol Michelle Greenberg Florene Rozen Carmen Schneider SOPHOMORES Eileen Fajans Loretta Frug Marlyn Goldwasser Phyllis Grossfeld Hibler Patricia Kipnis Roberta Landau Rona Margolus Myrna Marks Irene Ponve Corrina Schnitzer Linda Setzer Susan Sherman Wendy Stein FRESHMEN Carolyn Bookman Barbara Cohn Gaye Finn Marilyn Forman Nancy Freed Helaine Goldfield Judith Hammerman Dorian Naimark Arlene Newman Teddi Reinherz Arlene Rosenbaum Diane Saxon Terry Soloman Beverly Sultan Susan Williams 404 Halloween Night found Sigma Omicron Pi ' s president, Janet Chinn, being by her sisters and members of Pi Alpha Phi as well . . . the reason — a scavenger hunt which included a lock of her hair. However, the year began with a more serious and momentous occasion, namely the opening of a chapter house on the Berkeley campus. After a summer of hard work the members proudly showed off their new house at a tea given for their parents and the Administration. As the year progre ssed, Sigma Omicron Pi began to take an active part in campus activities, including the United Crusade for which it won the trophy for " Best Individual Support. " In addition to the many open houses and exchanges, the social calendar was highlighted by a Bermuda Brunch, Founders ' Day, the annual Winter Ball, and a memorable Senior Banquet which marked the close of yet another year in which it can be said, " A good time was had by all. " Sigma Omicron Pi 2330 Warring Street GRADUATE Patricia Li SENIORS Jo Ann Chew Karen Chin Letitia Lau Virginia Lee JUNIORS Janet Chinn Ellen Louie SOPHOMORES Sylvia Chow Frances Fong Jeanie Fong Marie Ho Claribel Lau Marsha Lowe Carolyn Wong Edith Wright Mimi Yee FRESHMEN Phyllis Chan Shirley Chan Jeannette Lee Audrey Lew 405 Pi Beta Phi 2325 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Louisa Bauman Anne Cianciarulo Lenora Daly Betsy Davis Jan Dumm Ann Kimberlin Marilyn Lamb Martha McEnerney Anne Newell Jenifer Paul Judi Philippi Judy Schrieber Janet Sheets Sue Straubel JUNIORS Barbara Breyer Barbara Candau Linda Canfield Aimee Crossan Maureen Donovan Toni Hamilton Alice Kent Mary Lou McDonald Joan Moffitt Sue Owen Joyce Robbins Paula Roberts Nancy Rodger Liz Rogers Jane Watrous Carolyn Watson Carole Williams SOPHOMORES Hilary Bevis Binnie Busby Janet Crist Mary Davis Judy Dieter Lucy Eberts Griffith Carolyn Hand Wendy Harris 406 The be-bop age of freshmen, the suppressing of the middle classes, the sudden thirst for knowledge of the aristocratic Seniors—such is the plot every year. some of our characters did play leading roles. Betsy led Panhellenic and Martha headed Rally Comm., and both were Mortar Boards to remind us of our falling scholarship. Sue Warner was secretary-treasurer of the Sophomore class. A few attended Pryt, several went to Panile, but the multitude preferred existentialism. The sheep ' s brain in my drawer, the dead fish in the tub— these fond memories I shall cherish of Pi Beta Phi. Mary Hinman Janet Landis Tish Molony Laurie Noll Bonnie O ' Brien Linda Palmquist Sue Paulsen Mary Rasmussen Julie Shaw Susan Verble Sue Warner Martha Wright FRESHMEN Sue Allen Barbara Bogue Molly Burnett Nancy Dennis Cathy Devlin Pat Forster Martha Gingg Anne Harmeling Wendy MacMillan Molly Mauser Pat Meyer Muriel McCarthy Irene McCormick Ceci McEneany Sheila McInerney Pat O ' Hara Jennifer Perrin Carolyn Pettefer Betty Rankin Roberta Rice Judi Richards Jane Scott Liz Small Jerrie Spencer Sheryl Stevens Katherine Stuhr Terry Taylor Yvonne Turner 407 Sigma Kappa 2400 Channing Way SENIORS Heidi Altorfer Sharon Anderson Ann Barber Barbara Barker Joy Harsch Sally Hart Joan Hynes Linda Johnson Helen Lindgren Bobby Lou Nelson Sara Nickelson Juanita Paine Patricia Proffitt JUNIORS Marcia Caffrey Charlene Conrad Marilyn Dill Christine Evenson Babs Feiling Terry Garthwaite Suzanne Heustis Linda Larsen Linda Lowe DeAnn Lyons Darcy Metcalf Judy Monroe Lynne Norris Judy Pollock Donna Prentice Jeanette Ragsdale Patricia Robinson Gail Rohwer Carol Sartain Frances Soares Mary Walden Jolly Yager SOPHOMORES Brenda Anderson Judy Archer Darla Bandcroft Margo Brown Robin Cantin 408 The Sigma Kappa ' s have had another wonderful hectic year. We enjoyed such social events as the pledge dance in honor of our thirty-one pledges, Big Game decorations with the Phi Delts, the Christmas Informal, and the Spring Formal at the Villa. Our Sisters brought us many honors, with Margo Brown becoming Miss Scherazade, and Miss Albany, and an in the Homecoming Queen Contest. However, we didn ' t neglect scholastic matters. Panile claimed DeAnn Lyons and Margo Brown. Sally Hart, women ' s rep, and Heidi Altorfer, our president, were members of Pryt and Mortar Board, with Pryt also Sherry Anderson. No one will deny that it was a wonderful year. Brenda Cox Marion Cross Sharon Dean Judy Egaas Sue Freeman Vivian Googins Margaret Heckendorf Linda Locatelli Judy Mauser Joan McCabe Anne McKay Carol McNeely Sue Normand Mary Rudolph Carol Shaw Sally Sims Polly Welsh FRESHMEN Marsha Atkinson Linda Bird Claire Bremer Donna Douthit Doris Jean Fulkerson Sally Gosline Susan Grant Pat Jackson Barbara Janin Janet Kirby Karen Lassen Pam Lawson Beverly Lorenz Margot Maynard Kathie Milano Jerri Moraes Sally Myers Carole Robson Janice Smith Margaret Studaris Nancy Turner Doris Tyson Barbara Whitby 409 Zeta Tau Alpha 2310 Prospect Street SENIORS Nancy Lee Chodd Maren Fightmaster Karol Kleiner Helen Larson Bev Maguire Sylvia McNamara Carol Noe Lynn Pawson Paula Powers Joan Saltalamachia Betty Lou Schottstadt Claire Smith Margaret Whitmore JUNIORS Sandy Baskett Nancy Bremer Carol Brummond Stephanie Camoriani Marie Clerou Lori Dudley Louise Graham Pat Grisham Barbara Harnett Lynn Howson Judy Melville Sue McMullen Louise Olson Berdella Otto Marilyn Reese Sherry Simpson Sue Sloman Mary Spencer Claire Sutton SOPHOMORES Diane Ammons Freddie Bauman Joan Berry Mary Beth Covert Janice Davis Sue Denton 410 Activities, honors, and fun . . . New pledges join Tower and Flame ... the annual pledge dance, " Frontier Fever " ... Helen Larson pompons at football games . . . members in Panile, Prytanean, Junior-Senior Honor Society, and Mortar Board ... flour-bagging after the pledge sneak ... Karen stars in " Let ' s Get A Divorce " . . . the traditional White Violet Ball in December . . . Christmas party for the deaf children ... a ball at Barbara ' s New Year ' s Eve party . . . Finals and a great scholastic year . . . New and initiation ... A Spring fashion show ... Fran in the Mask and Dagger Review . . . The wonderful in May ... June and the end of another successful year. Pat Dunning Carol Lee Grant Shirley Hasund Mary Helen Herbert Lynne Higgins Judy Jones Susie Luard Anne Neville Liddy Oliver Lorna Phillips Pat Rankin Fran Redewell Ann Rutherford Janet Sannar Barbara Sawyer Linda Tenny Helen Wilson Brenda Wright Jill Williams FRESHMEN Toni Bottari Mary Bressie Cynthia Cottrell Jill Derby Merilyn Hunt Kathy Janish Judy Low Pam Manuel Diane Mattock Betty Nicholson Lynda Nicolai Jan Nicoll Nancy Scheppler Joan Schoeplein Linda Smith Judy Stark Karen Walker Fran Wardenburg 411 Individualists all—Theta U ' s made many advancements in house efficiency—The intramural knitting team click needles constantly making sweaters, quilts, etc., for the poor, cold refugees on third; our three uke players harmonize on " Whistle While You Work " : they play, the rest whistle, nobody works. Such plebian occupations as studying and attending classes, were dropped in favor of the attained by listening to the trio . . . then we decided to conform (we were flunking) and had a Bohemian pledge dance, a fantabulous formal at the Mark, a ferry (transportation vessel) party and to wind things up—a Spring formal. Theta Upsilon 2732 Durant Avenue SENIORS Sheila Boyer Roberta Brown Carol Gazzano Marlene Hetzel Sandy Johnson Laurel Ludwigson Dorothy Zaro JUNIORS Jane Carr Roberta Griffin Mary Morse Sylvia Volpi SOPHOMORES Virginia Buckley Harriett Burt Martha Carmichael Jeannette Christy Betty Davis Sandra Dickey Diane Gazzano Jane Knight Glenda McLain Pauline Pezzolo FRESHMEN Mary Cahill Jimmie Raye Jones Kathryn Koepsell Pat Maguire Martha McGee Sue Stark 412 DORMS RESIDENCES Women ' s Dormitory Association OFFICERS President Myrna Bouchey First Vice-President Barbara Moskowitz Second Vice-President Judy Miller Secretary Dorothy Brown Treasurer Sandy Mitchell Reps-at-Large ... Carole Carkeet, Tanako Hagiwara, Helen Katz, Sylvia Reberiego, Louise Von Emster Publicity Karen Malmstrom Constitution Sue Ensler Judicial Pat Ryan, Joan Bruhns Service Esther Herrera Orientations Gail Jepperson, Jerrell Jacobs Date Bureau Jane Tabler WDA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Carole Carkeet, Barbara Moskowitz, Myrna Bouchey, Mrs. Betty Advisor; Dorothy Brown. SECOND ROW: Esther Herrera, Sandra Mitchell, Jane Tabler, Sylvia Reberiego, Karen Malmstrom, Helen Katz, Susan Ensler. COUNCIL MEMBERS FALL SPRING Jo Anne Imai Bayview Terrace Grace Rogers Esther Herrera Beaudelaire Club Lila Parent Marilyn Moller Bennett Manor Mary Coleman Ann Marie Schulte The Californian Carol Croter Dorothy Soroka Colonial Hall LaVerne Wood Marsha Finkelstein Elizabeth Barrett Lea Malfanti Jane Tabler Epworth Hall Nancy Piper Katherine Bowen Hanson House Joan Yarosz Hoyt Hall Patricia Meuter Sylvia Peterson Joaquin Hall Jerrell Jacobs Gretal Rosenthal Lantana Lodge Patricia Adams Joan Gabor Mitchell Hall Arlene Kasa Nancy Kuehn Oldenberg Hall Joann Fong Donna Bernero Peixotto Hall Lois Mette Alice Thei Prospect Terrace Marty James Bobbie Eldred Richards Hall Judy Miller Susan Treadwell .. Ritter Hall Darlene Del Nero Judy Hannah Sherman Hall Gloria Bergman Diane Zotella Stebbins Hall Judy Bertelson Joan Straus Stern Hall Marg Waldie Vera Malinovsky Stratford Hall Joan White Belinda Stead ... Place Dottye Slider 414 So, what did you expect—a bevy of lovelies? Bay View Terrace 2335 Warring Street SENIORS Diane Dougherty Helene Mitchell JUNIORS Tanako Hagiwara Joanne Imai Joan Leathem SOPHOMORES Kathy Allmon Grace Rogers FRESHMEN Ruth Baron Penny Boyes Ann Carr Barbara Eisenstein Annette Hard Suzy Kane Helen Merigan Fran Michael Roz Middleman Edna Tom Saris, muu-muus and soy-sauce combined with originality, individuality, and a sprinkling of homework have helped to make this year a memorable one for the twenty girls at Beaudelaire. We were guided through this chaos by presidents Esther Herrera, in the Fall, and Lila Parent, in the Spring. Outstanding social events were our house parties, Spring and Fall teas, boat trip, and, last but not least, our wonderful Spring formal. Beaudelaire Club 2347 Prospect Avenue SENIORS Janet Mathiesen Margery Schurr Myrna Wood JUNIORS Carol Abe Joan Boyden Glenda Heiges Esther Herrera Lila Parent Arlene Lebherz SOPHOMORE Colleen Masaki FRESHMEN Pat Cate Caroline Keeline Martha Roehr Susan Standlee 415 Bowles Hall Campus SENIORS John Aguilara Ron Bachman Harold Bauman Robert Bennett Robert Bohn Donald Drost Franklin Fitz Terry B. Gleason Jack Grout Ralph Hudson Ron Korman Al Lavezzo John Miller Stuart Myron Delbert Osborn David Pelz Leo Pessin Val Petersen Charles Richards Rod Rose William Rosenfeld David Rule Daniel Schlegel Royce Schulz Stanley Shawl James Shelton John Stewart Don Treadway Harold Zlot JUNIORS Andre Ashley Richard Bechler Chuck Bell 416 Dave Benson Lawrence Boone Dick Bryan Chae Moon Chung Ernie Cravalho Dick Donan Douglas Fagg Terry Feigenbaum David Flippin David Francis Richard Freeborn David Fromm Howard Green Louis Grivetti David Harris Dick Heckenlaible Norman Hill Ira Kiyomura John Kusske Frank La Chance Jose Medeiros Russell Mjolsnes Rudy Montejano Paul Mosesian Gilbert Pasley Robert Patton Howard Pelzner Bruce Ramsey Walter Rogers Ed Ruff Stan Ruggles Werner Schmidt 417 Bowles Hall Lyle Seeband Daniel Sullivan Roy Verzasconi John White SOPHOMORES Mike Ayers Robert Bedford Pete Cassinelli Jacques Coudeyre Ken Fat Ronald Finnila David Fong Michael Friedman Bob Gooden Gerald Grant Pete Holland Norman Jacobson David Judd George Kenline Art Kono Alan Kovalivker Les Laky Joe Lauro Bob McCowan Warren Nordgren Gerald Rasmussen Marvin Schmidt Jack Shuck Wesley Smart FRESHMEN C ory Aboudara Robert Allsman Michael Astin Richard Ballard 418 Under the leadership of presidents John Miller and Al Levezzo, Bowles Hall experienced another great year of achievement, advancement, and education. Ron Korman took time out from his manipulations of the world ' s largest deck of cards to give new meaning to the job of vice-president. His successor, scholarly John Kusske, was an inspiration for all red-blooded students. Dick Freeborn arranged one of the most successful social calendars the Association has enjoyed while earning widespread acclaim for his thesis " Metallic Closures. " Spring Social Chairman Harold Zlot from Vallejo gave Bowlesmen the benefits of his years of experience in the higher social circles. The cultural heritage of the European Continent greatly influenced Bowles through the literary efforts of Secretaries Jose Medeiros and Pietro Cassinelli. Treasurers Lavezzo and Frank McCarthy enhanced the prestige of the Hall with their new cars. Other outstanding members of the Hall were : Snow and Furuta, football; Grout, basketball; Kono, tennis; Fitz and Monti, gymnastics; Montejano, Gruen, and Edelstein, yell-leading; and Cutter as Rep-at-large. However, the most inspiring aspect of the year has been the stirring revival of true California spirit under the direction of Bell and Korman, whose unique interpretations of Bowles Hall ' s motto, " Education through Fellowship, " enriched our experience of life here at Cal. Roger Barron Jim Barry Newell Booth Burton Davies Charles Dawdy George Duesler Brian Edelstein Jim Erman Jack Evarts James Frederick Tom Glau Dick Hallford Steve Harvey Gary Kashing Robert Knight Bob Levey Eugene Lollin Rich Manalis Jim McCabe John Michael Glen Miller John Myers Barry Patton William Ragsdale Robert Raye Richard Rice Ron Rose Don Smith Stephen Smith Harry Taussig Jim Thornton 419 The Californian 2455 Prospect Avenue SENIORS Carol Croter Barbara Davis Judy Gates Bobbie Levin Diane Macario Barbara Nowling Ann Marie Shulte Marie Sternberger JUNIORS Marya Alexander Marianne Dozier Jeanne Klein Rosalind Rea Laetitia Warren Zeeva Zaretsky Shari Zelonky Nancy Zucker SOPHOMORES Arlene Brownstein Julibeth Chipman Charna Dickter Pat Ethridge 420 One sparkling day this sunny Fall, A little Freshman came to call; The Californian she did choose To be her home through fun and blues. She made quick friends with her classmates, The Sophs, Juniors, Seniors were great! House meetings fun, open houses grand, And all thanks to our prexy Ann! Mid-terms, football, and coffee dates, The house formals were really great! Throughout the year there was such fun Had by all at the Californian. Loretta Hayes Myrna Honig Judi Weiss FRESHMEN Marilyn Balsmeir Shirley Ann DeJoy Linda Faure Linda Goldberg Nancy Kaufman Judy Maginess Ann Ormaas Patty Partin Linda Press Carol Rogers Sandy Salvaressa Tobey Sheffer Marcy Silberstein Sharon Sousa Janis Weinberger 421 Cloyne Court 2600 Ridge Road Modestly dictating the course of financial fiascos, Cloyne Court produced a program for the average Homo Cloynus. The Fall semester saw Prexy Phil Thompson say uncle to a man called Sam, and subsequently the Hollanderism assumed control of " Das Rathaus. " Pretty Ritterwomen negotiated with us in " The Rumble " in the Cal-Axtra; and all the time, the Clobberers hammered away at their intramural competition, emerging victorious. Somehow, MRA was kept alive by a vote of confidence, while back at the ASUC, Dave Yamada legislated laboriously for Cloynemen and other friends of the University. GRADUATE John Adams SENIORS Howard Blatner Jerry Brandewie Robert Brunskill Dick Campanella David Cutmore David Halstead William James Salahuddin Kadri William Kasper Moonray Kojima Homer Lee Jim McLain Ernest Solomon Daniel Sunada Katura Suzuki Alexis Victors Frank Wilson Dave Yamada JUNIORS James Barney Larry Becker Bob Hollander Don McBride Elliott McCarty Laurance Norton Melvyn Simpson Roger Stone FRESHMEN Steve Donner Allan Jacobs Lawrence Ritterband David Sakai 422 The Winter formal, held at the Hotel, was the high spot of Colonial Hall ' s social calendar. Many other activities, such as the Fall and Spring Open House and our exchange with Stern Hall at Stanford, kept everyone busy and happy. Through the efforts of Dorothy Soroka, Fall president, and La Verne Wood, Spring president, the year 1958-1959 will long be remembered by all the girls. Colonial Hall 2542 Durant Avenue JUNIORS Dorothea Bullock Carol Moeller SOPHOMORES Susan Lynch Joanne Thorton FRESHMEN Beverly Bates Betty Braze Vicki Chandler Joan Chesley Janice Gray Lizzie Hatashita Barbara Hirschon Judy Koppitch Janet Polf Bennett Manor 2721 Channing Way Oh! that Fall semester—plans, plans, plans! Activities? We did enjoy making the plans, however. Somehow Big Game Week and Halloween seemed to provoke more than plans, and spurred us on to indulge in ... parties. During the Spring semester, we lived, we did. Exchanges, parties, and a Spring Formal served to liven up an otherwise dull. student-type existence. SENIOR Arloine Francis Young JUNIORS Mary Sue Coleman Patricia Ann Hannah Dorothy Homann Marilyn Moller Nancy Ann Stromberg Patsy Lee Watson SOPHOMORES Cherilyn Gump Pu-Chin Hseuh Alice Leung Jean Key Gerry Palch FRESHMEN Susan Lee Coleman Esther Garcia Judy Joiner Lynn Krober Gloria Seiler Norma Tanigawa Shelley Ann Walton 423 Elizabeth Barrett 2438 Warring Street Title: Elizabethan Follies Cast: Forty-four vivacious girls Scene: 2438 Warring Street ACT I—As the curtain rises we see our forty-four leading ladies making new friends and having a wonderful time at the annual open house. ACT II—The plot thickens as we find our lovely characters swept off their feet by the gay swirl of starlit exchanges. ACT III—At the climactic event of the year we hear only soft music as we see the fair Elizabethans and their escorts waltzing through the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco. ACT IV—The final curtain rises and a quiet stillness is experienced as we see the traditional candle being passed in the celebration of another pinning. The lights dim as the gentlemen serenaders arrive ending the Elizabethan Spring of 1959. SENIORS Constance Chais Angela Prata Betty Ann Stull JUNIORS Marsha Finklestein Wendy Gospel Roberta Guerard Mary Hunter Sheryl Kissack Lea Malfanti Anne McKay Wanda Myszka Sigrid Silverglade SOPHOMORES Brenda Berger Barbara Blum Linda Braden Alicia Bognar Eleanor Cohen Judy Musgrove FRESHMEN Diane Brodies Nancy Feldman Cecelia Grasso Suzanne Lacy Kathy Law Karin Lazar Diane Lubarsky Audrey Stanton 424 The men of Euclid enjoyed a year filled with open houses, house parties, the annual picnic, left little room for the UCLA Alpha Delta buffet dinner, Christmas party and New Year ' s Eve party. The house was well represented in the Glee Club with John, Akio and Allen. Schlitz, our purebred German Shorthair, joined our family as a pup and livened things up. Ken and John managed the house well, while Don and Fred presided over the activities which Gungus and his social staff planned. All in all the spirits were up while the grade points went down. Euclid Hall 1777 Euclid SENIORS Alvin Hagiwara Ken Hayashi Teruo Maruyama Harry Masaki Ken Miyagi Fred Nakagawa Mas Riusaki Paul Shincda Jun Tanimoto Kenneth Yamashita James Yoshinaga JUNIORS Akio Inouye Yuji Kaneko Allen Katsuyama Richard Kobayashi Say Kobayashi Neal Miura John Oda Donald Okada Chunman Ong Lester Ouchida David Shikuma Sab Shimono Burton Yamada SOPHOMORES Melvin Hisaka Tom Inouye Allen Izumi Steven Kodama Mas Matoi Dick Park Stanley Taniguchi Larry Yamashita FRESHMEN Tak Fujimoto Mas Hora Seiso Kawasaki Jerry Miyamoto Don Munakata Mas Shimada Schlitz 425 Epworth Hall 2521 Channing Way SENIORS Nancy Bartholomew Carolyn Cruse Margaret Dawson Nancy Dixon Sandra Evans Marty Eynon Caroline Hanson Karen Kerper Phyllis Porter Teddy Smiley Anita Stelling Jane Tabler Mary Wells Jeanne Williams JUNIORS Joan Bruhns Carole Carkeet Susan Cassady Lida Chase Jean Collier Kathleen Collins Tamra Cummings Susan Edwards Jean Hacker Lorraine Hamilton Sandy Hodges Elna Kerper Kathryn Kirkman Arlene Larson Barbara Mayfield Nancy Meserve Nancy Piper Christine Platt Ann Quigg Kathleen Shimmin Pat Sixtus 426 Epworth Hall has had another exciting year. We cheered the teams with dinner sings and participated actively in intramurals. The house was decorated for Big Game and Christmas. The dances, special dinners, and were enjoyed by all. Angenett Twight Susanne Twight Martha Toyama Pat Zieger SOPHOMORES Joan Badger Sheila Boehm Pat Brady Betsy Burgess Nancy Campbell Janice Corr Marilyn Delbon Barbara Grater Laura Hageman Leslye Hink Shelley Jones Nancy Lord Diane MacDonald Florence McCarthy Diane Meyer Lucille Planck Sharon Racine Janet Rountree Nancy Scott Jean Staley Anita Thompson Darrelen Tracy FRESHMEN Linda Bell Betty Casady Rosemary Green Louise King Susan Klahn Lani Wilstam 427 Hanson House 2360 Prospect Avenue SENIOR Katherine Bowen JUNIOR Lynn Laister SOPHOMORES Stepha nie Lembke Betty West FRESHMEN Janet Barnes Ann Coombs Judy Murray Pat Sherman Edythe Sudman Karen Walker Donna Waters Prospect Terrace 2405 Prospect Avenue SENIOR Joan Nelson JUNIORS Barbara Cooley Rose Mindle Marjorie Noble Anne Raymond Alice Thie SOPHOMORES Sue Dowell Martha James Ann Koyen Judy Pruiett Judy Seymore FRESHMEN Suzanne Cantou Duncan Lois Larson Donna Macari Lynda McKnight Judy Meyers Linda Simons Bobbe Valente 428 " Enthusiastic " is a good word to use in order to describe the girls at Hoyt Hall this school year. All our activities echoed this—our Open Houses . . . Dinner-Date Dances .. . the Christmas Party for children . . . the Pizza Parties . . . our Spring Formal . . . the Co-op Mardi Gras. Personalities also figured in this picture : our President Joan Yurosz, and our House Manager Joan Coleman. We were also proud to have a member of and Mortar Board—Shirley Duncan. Hoyt Hall 2519 Ridge Road SENIORS Shirley Duncan Edna Hall JUNIORS Coralei Ames Joan Bittner Ruth Fresenberg Cynthia Grey Connie Hughes Judy Kiraly Kathy Kurotori Pat Meuter Lois Nakamura Sondra Stenson SOPHOMORES Mildred Green Nancy Jackson Mary Ann Lee Gay Liang Chiyo Masuda Sandra McNulty Kay Nakata Ayala Ries Priscilla Spires Barbara Trapp Ida Yamamoto FRESHMEN Kathryn Kirby Mildred Stiefel 429 " Diane, stop trying to get that door open, we want the fire department to come " ... " Thanks Evie, Now where shall we have our party? " ... " Catatonia, what ' s that? " ... " Quiet in the halls. " ... " Do we have to have the formal on a Friday? " . . . " Well, Sylvia, he was a TALL Santa Claus, anyway. " ... Anyone have a Rose Bowl ticket they want to sell? " . . . How did we ever manage a PCC Queen Attendant and a Phi Beta Kappa all in one year? " ... " How do you strike a Match? " ... " But, how did Mary Ellen get on the roof ? " . . . " We need a fourth! " . . . " There will be a short house meeting after dinner. " Joaquin Hall 2430 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Evelyn Dessery Sylvia Lynn Peterson JUNIORS Gail DeNatly Sheila Gormley Susan Kreamer Carol Nielson Barbara Pepper SOPHOMORES A rleen Sue Bauman Sharon Cirese Pat Dillingham Beverly M. Herzog Jerrell Jacobs Diane Lindauer Jeanne Mullen Marilyn Pensabene Liane Van Noy FRESHMEN Nana Lynn Carter Caroline Eldridge Barbara Glandon Barbara Lou Lustig Mary Ellen McNeil Sally Maison Jane Parks Gloria Puncher Susan Riegal Sandra Swain Lynn Waterman 430 Life on fraternity row is never dull! In spite of numerous bombardments from our " friendly " neighbors, we managed to have a Fall open house (complete with an enthusiastic fisherman trying to catch goldfish with paper cups) , and a formal at Lake Temescal featuring a roly-poly fraulein Santa. As Spring poured in around us, our enthusiasm got us to the Mark Hopkins Hotel for a fantabulous Spring formal. After this evening we still had a small amount of ready cash (not much!) so we harnessed up the horse for a hayride. Judging the future by the past . . . ? Lantana Lodge 2437 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Mary De Vincenzo Janet L. Fairbanks Grete! Rosenthal JUNIORS Pat Adams Yukiye Hattori Sharon L. Hayes Sue Layton SOPHOMORES Irene Holmes Pat Nikula Audriane Young FRESHMEN Leona M. Collett Deana Hollimon Sandy Moore Kay Morimoto Sandy Pike Connie Rudd Betty Umland Julie Verran Sue Wood 431 Oldenberg Hall 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Antoinette Angle Lee Ann Boynes Esther Frizza Lily Kowalski Nancy Kuehn Jeannie Somerville JUNIORS Delores Bullert Marilin Crowder Marilyn Counsil Diane Dix Jeanne Ettner Joann Fong Anne Jamieson Margaret Meyers Nadine Sabin Lily Wong SOPHOMORES Virginia Andersen Harriet Brodofsky Sharron Burpee Mariam Friedman Janice Jenner Suzie Kobuchi Leslie Leong Irene Manetas Sandra Mitchell Nancy Montgomery Linda Morris 432 In the tradition of all co-eds, girls of Oldenberg spent a year of riotous living. The impromptu guitar playing on the stairs, the dog-eared mementos on the bulletin boards, the desk drawers crammed with forgotten midterms, the laughter accompanying anything and everything—all testify to a haphazard, but successful, existence. Moments like those when room-check seems intolerable and study hours preposterous are more than easily outnumbered by the moments spent in the world-shaking philosophic discussions and exchanging confidences, perhaps, just as world-shaking. From the Freshman Sneak to that exciting night of the formal, the halls of Oldenberg echo with memories. Billie Nelson Diane Pirtz Dolores Robbins Joan Seitz Maria Seigel Judy Smith Barbara West FRESHMEN Tamara Ashby Deborah Dimmick Patricia Dorough Barbara Fishbein Carolyn Frame Sylvia Hollis Maxine Hong Barbara Kral Janita Lewis Amy Muira Judith Reitzell Leah Rieber Marita Sarlin Joan Shifley Clara Teshima Cynthia Tse Marilyn Vondra Verla Walker Elizabeth Whitney 433 Peixotto Hall 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Donna Darrow Lois Mette Sets Morimoto Mary Morgan Ann Schaefer Rowena Smart Joan Whitham JUNIORS Donna Bernero Evelyn Chu Laura Hersey Maxine Hoffland Jan Lewis Frances McDonald Jean Mauer Marilyn Oakes Connie Olivete Carol Raphael Mary Ann Rogers Pat Wilson SOPHOMORES Judy Arne Bonnie Blei Jeanne Chin Carolyn Dahlgren Lynne Diamond Elizabeth Erman 434 Cigareets, whuskey, and WILD, wild women—all these vanished with the coming of our new housemother. Later in the year, the old place regained a bit more of its former life. Visiting hours at Napa are Sundays, 3-5. Many girls were active on campus. Lois, Fran, Seena, and Barbara were in Treble Clef; Frieda, Dot, and Sue, Blue and Gold; and Sylvia, pompon girl. Socially we did well. We attended formals, parties, and dances; and we had exchanges with Bowles, Smyth, etc. A (hic!) good time was had by all. Please close the aspirin box quietly. Sigh. Donna Fong Sharlene Friedman June Gotelli Linda Hann Marie Heid Midori Hirasaki Sue Kamm Diane Keegan Freida Lee Gwyn McKeown Pat Ong Seena Rohde Jaroslava Seda Sylvia Takeda Dorothy Thomsen FRESHMEN Sylvia Carp Myrtle Healy Barbara Keeler Chris Kita Carol Lewon Judy Miran Nancy Palmer Fredrica Steppling Sandra Stolowitz 435 Sounds of Mitchell Hall . . " Miss Snell, turn down your TV! " hours ! Shhhh! " . . . " Get in the closet, here comes J. Comm.! " . . . phone ' s ringing. " . . . " What a blast I had last night! " ... " Hey, it ' s 2:29 .. how long does it take to get from Tilden to the dorm? " . . . " Guess what, the Delts now have a pink bear! " . . . " Well, we can always sign out for " I ' m out of cigarettes, I ' ll have a nicotine fit! " .. " I ' ve got so much to do, I ' d better take my nap and get that over with. " ... " Another all-night study orgy. " " I GOT DRUNK BEFORE MY FINAL . . . I failed it. " . . . Close your windows; Smyth ' s coming! " . . . " Guess what, it ' s Spring! " Mitchell Hall 2939 Dwight Way Ruth Frazier Kay Burrell Frances Gaidos Arlene Kasa Toni Klassen Phyllis Alexander Cecilia Alvarez Carol Anger Eileen Christman Kathie Curtiss Joan Garbor Sandra Barasch Stephanie Bloom Lorraine Early Susan Giles Cristel Karmine Margaret Kidd Nancy Komatsubara Barbara Okamoto Sandra Potter Corinne Purnell Terry Trosper Donna Berkshire Catharine Bunker Janis Cave Barbara De Motte Linnie Dorroh Dora Jean Durand Carol Eubanks Nancy Fruzza Joan Grunwald Abby Gumbiner Patricia Hall Paula Harris Virginia Main Nancy Parent Patricia Schon Trude Schroeder 436 sue treadwell—darlene del nero hands on the gavel .. . leadership milling crowds, people laughing, a piano, balmy, island atmosphere, makahiki . . open house freshmen left .. . sneak a boy, a girl—a tie, billowing chiffon, soft lights, soft music, pink champagne... formal forbidding stone looms in the background, shadows cast, red—gold .. . clash darkness pierced by candlelight, outstanding students honored tonight, speaker, dr. landreth scholarship dinner flashing blue skirts—pompon board—treble pace—plan—project .. activities guidance—growth, cooperation, yet individuality ... ritter Ritter Hall 2422 Prospect Avenue GRADUATE Beverly Miyamoto SENIORS Myrna Bouchey Diana Chin Patricia Ryan JUNIORS Darlene Del Nero Renee Hunt Sylvia Reberiego Irene Takei Susan Treadwell Nancy Wilson Dorothy Young SOPHOMORES Nancy Foon Karen Malmstrom Valerie Ng Edith Rohde Toyoko Sakamoto Katy Takahashi FRESHMEN Donn Lee Brown Judy Carbone Carolyn Craus Judith Druhan Katherine Hastings Jeanette Jen Caroline Luton Carol Ann Mozley Marjorie Powell 437 Richards Hall 2939 Dwight Way GRADUATE Elaine Dang SENIORS Shirley Benelli Margaret Gould Gail Herr Barbara Hyde Jane Jorgensen Harolyn Lasson Pauline Lee De Anne Leong Carol Naftel JUNIORS Jan Bloomfield Bessie Chin Laureen Hong Larisa Kappel Helen Katz Elizabeth Kaye Carole Lee Joan Mayer Judy Miller Violet Nishite Renee Robinson SOPHOMORES Florence Battaglia Dorothy Brown Beverly Carson Madeline Holsinger Carol Jones 438 Now it is Summer and yet Fall seems only to be yesterday. It was only yesterday that we anticipated our first reg week but this passed on and the informal came and went. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year ' s Eve—how very quickly t he future melted into the past! The formal is remembered like the crisp clean air and the sparkle of Winter. The ski trip seemed the fulfillment of this season. We saw another reg week and yet it seemed just as new as the past ones and now it is Summer, and yet we know Fall is just before us. Marilyn Juday Charlotte Mitchell Laura Ott Susan Stapleton Sandra Sullwald Elizabeth Talbott Ann Tamblyn Mary Dale Wigle Nancy Wiley Joyce Wong FRESHMEN Rae Allen Mary Ellen Boyle Margita Hofman Lucille Jennings Jeanne Jue Nancy King Valerie Lechner Dale Leong Margaret Lippert Leanore Lynn Sylvia Moss Vicci Souza Leada Stone Carol Takemoto Frances Tymstra 439 Smyth Association Hillside and Dwight SENIORS David Allara Kenneth Bartlett Guy Beckley Robert Breitfeld Peter Brill Max Burchett Laurence Carmichael Lee Duffus Fred Fischle John Frankel Frank Gevert Dean Golden Larry Hawley Gilbert Hyatt Michael Kuranoff Arthur McRowe Ken Olsen Gene Rosa Carl Thorwaldsen Ray Utterback Keith Williams JUNIORS Ed Blackburn Samuel Bowser Gary Brown Bob Calvert Hubert Goodwin Don Gravestock Don Gueffroy 440 Robert Hayashi Bob Jarvis Ed Jue Jack Kawamoto Tim Lobdell Dana Marble Harry Marsh Bill McCulloch Alan McMurry Bob Miailovich Robert Miura Takeshi Nakano Herb Reinl Felicisimo Requiro McDonald Robinson David Sanson Bill Scholz Wes Tamai Ben Tashima Tosse Robert Tudor Robert Wilderman Harry Wong Karl Wuttke 441 Smyth Association SOPHOMORES William Butler Fred DeIvey Bob Eldred Jon Folkman Bruce Freeland Lee Gaston Ed Hayashi Paul Henault Norm Hess George Link Samuel Louie Richard Lynch Philip MacMillan Karl Moore Walter Powers Stan Price Ronald Reese Sam Smith Don Spigarelli Steve Street Pete Ulyatt Holden Wong David Yoshikawa FRESHMEN Bob Asmussen 442 Smyth Association made great progress in both social and campus activities this semester. This year ' s social calendar, one of the most successful ever, included dances, exchanges, picnics and parties for every occasion. the Fall semester was the Formal held at the Bermuda Palms Hotel. Smyth ' s governmental functions were ably carried on by Presidents Lee Duffus and Bob Jarvis. In campus government Smyth was represented by Sophomore class President George Link and Freshman Class President Brian VanCamp. In practically every men ' s service club, in intramural sports, in the famous Cal Marching Band, which participated at the World ' s Fair at Brussels, the men of Smyth could be found. Beginning the Spring semester was the traditional ski trip giving Smyth men a chance to become better acquainted with other students of the Hill before academic activities took top priority. Barry Bernstein Peter Carruth Caleb Cooper Ted Craig Frederick Crosher Mike Donovan Jon Freuler Joel Gibson Gaylord Huth Tom Jones Tom Klein Dee Lewis Bill Liebman Jim Likins Donald McHenry Chris Mead George Nolfi Mike Robbins Brian VanCamp Kent Vlautin Ken Weiss Robert Wherritt Brandt Whipple Jeff Wong 443 Stern Hall Campus SENIORS Dorothy Beardsley Vicki Rae Bissell Sandra Cowgill Billie Jean Cranston Natalie Cuddy Ann Marie Dorwart Mary Goldstein Carol Harbaugh Carolyn Hitchcock Katherine Likes Pamela Mayall Jean Omata Maryanne Stephenson Jo Anne Straus Margaret Waldie JUNIORS Joyce Baker Barbara Barron Yvonne DeWolf Jane Emerson Harriet Hooper Gail Jepperson Marguerite Leach Feelie Lee Michelle Liapes Barbara Moskowitz Maria Mothershead Linda Mullin Virginia Seifert Jeanne Stitt Diane Tallmon Julia Tashima Jacqueline Wells Barbara Wicklow Valerie Wood SOPHOMORES Shiela Bagshaw Sharon Baker Marilyn Bartell Ann Bergwall Susan Ensler Nancy Goodman Vicki Green Judith Greenberg Lynne Holden 444 Pinnings, Cal Club, lockout, phone calls, cinches, engagements, Panile, Bowles Hall, books, Prytanean, and the supervision of the new wing have kept us all busy this academic year. Comments such as: " Maria ' s Party in Pasadena, wow; Our Cheryl homecoming attendant; A tremendous Freshman class; Quiet hours, I go Straus; Waldie for President and J-corn is watching you " ; all bring back many memories. Events such as: Big Game; Rose Bowl; formals; hanging of Tom Dooley; Senior sneak; rallies; short house meetings; TGIF ' s; and general fun, all helped to make this a successful year for Stern Hall. Lorraine Kato Wendy Kaufmann Judi Kohlen Winifred McAbeer Kay Matthew Sandy Porton Janice Riddell Leslie Rowe Helen Rubin Beverly Sepkowitz Joan Sires Susan Solof Katherine Watson FRESHMEN Wendy Alford Susan Arrico Penny Becker Brenda Blatchley Sue Carrier Cherryl Christensen Judi Creamer Argie Dimas Jane Fedderly Beverly Firstenberg Gail Freeman Arline Gardner Sandra Kagan Gloria Lehman Susan Locke Donna McCormick Raetta Marengo Lydia Mayer Jacqueline O ' Leary Carolyn Paul Susan Pokrass Judith Richards Jeanne Richardson Barbara Shafran Janet Shapeero Susan Shapiro Susan Stocker Catherine Toschi Susan Tully 445 Stratford Hall 2520 Durant Avenue SENIORS Hildegarde Bachman Pat McDermott JUNIORS Joyce Crawford Marguerite Haberland Barbara Stafford Joan White SOPHOMORES Mary Geoghegan Vera Malinovsky Anne Mifsud FRESHMEN Joan Ashworth Karen Chang Mary Anne Ciranna Donna Eppler Mary Gribble Elaine Kenton Becky Liston Judy Miller Sally Miyamoto Anna Oldano Patricia Scott Kimi Tahira Jo Jean Witcosky Maja Zuber Adrienne Zuckman 446 Bowles Hall Beatnik Party. Fun in the halls. Everyone has to study! 447 International House Costumes from many nations. Hungarian folk dance. Afghanistan Drummers. A Latin American dance. 448 Ehsan and Burhan, Afghanistan, point out native land to Aurora, Philippines. Over five hundred foreign and American students, representing sixty-one geographical areas besides the U.S., share in this experience of international living. fellowship and understanding are fostered through a rich program of cultural, intellectual and social activities presented by members and guests of the house. Students mee t informally at the dinner hour to share informative programs on their own countries with fellow residents. Activities include frequent Friday folk and social dances, meetings on topics of current importance, outstanding guest speakers and a weekly tea for women residents. The the oldest tradition of " I " House is the all-house gathering on Sunday evening for candlelight supper and a program of special interest. 449 Married Students Interior of one of the housing units at Albany Village. A meeting of the U C, Dames ' Club, composed of the wives of U.C. students. The living and dining areas. 450 Papa ' s helper. Mother leads a busy life. ... And classes too? Married Students In the lives of Cal ' s married students, the fun of sharing college years together and the peculiar problems of home and academic life simultaneoulsy go hand in hand. Up to twenty-five percent of the campus fits this category . . . and hurries home to cook dinner or to a part-time job before settling down to the books. There are problems—stemming from the responsibility of a home, the money worries, and the process called " settling down. " And there are blessings—all the of any marriage—the filling of a planned goal which is often foreign to single students. Married students enjoy their status . . . recruit new members constantly . . . shop for diapers AND bluebooks . . . enjoy just as much social life as " the rest " of the campus . . . and wouldn ' t change their couples lives for the world! 451 Index ASUC Academic Affairs 125 Activities Planning Committee 121 ASUC President and Vice-President 114 ASUC Structure 121 Californians 135 Cal Indo 127 Campus Crusade 124 Campus Tours 122 Card Stunts 131 Class Officers Board 136 College Model UN 123 Commuters ' Independent . . 125 Constitutions Council . . . 128 Corresponding Council . . . . 126 Debate 123 Educational Events Board . . . 129 Elections Council 128 Executive Committee . . . . 115 Finance Committee 115 Foreign Travel 127 Functional Services Board . . . 128 Games and Rallies 130 High School Model UN . . . 123 High School Press Conference . 122 Housing 124 Judicial Committees . . . 117 Labor Council 125 Leadership Training 123 Megaphone Society 130 Men ' s Executive Board . . . 118 National Students ' Association 124 Orientations 122 Oski Committee 130 Oski Dolls 134 Panel of Americas 126 PIC 126 Pompon Girls 133 Publications Boards 120 Rally Committees 131 Representatives-at-large . . 116 Secretariat 128 Store Council 129 Ushering 125 Womens Executive Board . . . 119 WSA 129 WUS 127 Yell Leaders 132 ATHLETICS Athletic Administration . . . . 212 Baseball ...... . . 264 Basketball 242 Big " C " Society 214 Boxing 256 Circle ' ' C " Society 215 Crew 280 Cross-Country 240 Fencing 262 Football 219 Golf 288 Gymnastics 259 Riflery 258 Rugby 270 Skiing 260 Soccer 236 Swimming 284 Tennis 286 Track 274 Water Polo 238 Wrestling 257 CLASSES Freshmen 102 Sophomores 100 Juniors 98 Seniors 57 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES AIIE 172 Alpha Kappa Psi 172 Alpha Mu Gamma 173 Alpha Phi Omega 173 Alpha Pi Mu 174 Arnold Air Society 175 ASCE 174 ASME 176 Ballroom Dancers 176 Baton Society 177 Canterbury Episcopal Student Center 177 Chi Epsilon 178 Christian Science Organization 179 College Womens Club Juniors 178 Delta Sigma Pi 180 Engineers ' Joint Council . . . 180 Eta Kappa Nu 181 Forestry Club 181 Golden Guard 182 Hammer and Dimmer . . 182 Hillel Home Economics Club . . . . 183 Honor Students Society . . . 185 Intramural 206 Lambda Delta Sigma . . . 184 Mask and Dagger 185 Masonic Club 186 Mortar Board . . . . . 187 Neisi Students Club 188 Newman Club 186 Omicron Nu 188 Order of the Golden Bear . . 189 Penile 193 Pi Tau Sigma 195 Prytanean 194 Quarterdeck Society . . . . 196 School of Optometry . . . . 190 Ski Club 197 Skull and Keys 198 Stiles Hall Student Affiliates American Chemical Society 199 Tau Beta Pi 199 Thai Association 200 Thalian 200 Theta Sigma Phi 201 Torch and Shield 201 Tower and Flame 202 Triune 202 UCSEE 203 WAA 207 Winged Helmet 204 Women ' s " C " Society . . . 205 Xi Xi Xi 203 YWCA 205 DORMS AND RESIDENCES Bay View Terrace 415 Beaudelaire 415 Bennett Manor 423 Bowles Hall . . . . . . . 416 Californian 420 Cloyne Court 422 Colonial 423 Elizabeth Barrett 424 Epworth 426 Euclid 425 Hanson House 428 Hoyt Hall 429 International House 448 Joaquin Hall 430 Lantana Lodge 431 Married Students 450 Mitchell 436 Oldenburg 432 Peixotto 434 Prospect Terrace 428 452 Index Richards 438 Ritter 437 Smyth 440 Stern 444 Stratford 446 EDITOR AND MANAGER LETTER 466 EVENTS All-U Week End 37 Axe Review 44 Big Game 40 Charter Day 49 Eight Campuses 38 Finals 50 Graduation 52 Mask and Dagger 45 President ' s Reception . . . 35 Registration 33 Rose Bowl 42 University Meetings 39 FRATERNITIES Abracadabra 294 Acacia 295 Alpha Chi Rho 296 Alpha Chi Sigma 297 Alpha Delta Phi 298 Alpha Epsilon Pi 299 Alpha Gamma Omega . . . 300 Alpha Kappa Lambda . . . 301 Alpha Phi Alpha 302 Alpha Sigma Phi 303 Alpha Tau Omega 304 Beta Theta Pi 306 Chi Phi 308 Chi Psi 309 Del Rey 310 Delta Chi 311 Delta Kappa Epsilon 312 Delta Sigma Phi 313 Delta Tau Delta 314 Delta Upsilon 316 Kappa Alpha 318 Kappa Delta Rho 322 Kappa Nu 320 Kappa Sigma 323 Lambda Chi Alpha 324 Phi Delta Theta 334 Phi Gamma Delta 326 Phi Kappa Sigma 328 Phi Kappa Tau 330 Phi Sigma Kappa 332 Pi Alpha Phi . . . . . 335 Pi Kappa Alpha 336 Pi Kappa Phi 302 Pi Lambda Phi 338 Psi Upsilon 340 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 342 Sigma Alpha Mu 344 Sigma Chi 346 Sigma Nu 348 Sigma Phi 337 Sigma Phi Delta 350 Sigma Phi Epsilon 351 Sigma Pi 352 Tau Kappa Epsilon 354 Theta Chi 353 Theta Delta Chi 356 Theta Xi 358 Zeta Beta Tau 360 Zeta Psi 362 MUSIC AND DRAMA Cal Band 154 Collegians 162 Glee Club 161 Radio-TV Theatre 163 Straw Hat Band 157 Treble Clef 160 University Chorus 159 University Symphony . . . . 158 University Theatre 164 PUBLICATIONS Blue and Gold 144 California Engineer 150 Daily Californian 140 Occident 139 Pelican 148 Photography Department . . . 151 Press and Public Relations . . . 152 Publications Office 138 ROYALTY Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi . 106 Homecoming Queen 105 Lambda Chi Daffodil Queen . . 110 Pacific Coast Conferene Football Queen 109 Ski Queen 112 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . 108 Sweetheart of Sigma Pi . . . 107 Ugly Man 111 SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega 366 Alpha Delta Chi 373 Alpha Delta Pi 368 Alpha Epsilon Phi 370 Alpha Gamma Delta 374 Alpha Kappa Alpha 385 Alpha Omicron Pi 376 Alpha Phi 378 Alpha Xi Delta 380 Chi Omega 382 Delta Delta Delta 386 Delta Gamma 388 Delta Phi Epsilon 390 Delta Sigma Theta 385 Delta Zeta 392 Gamma Phi Beta 394 Kappa Alpha Theta 396 Kappa Delta 398 Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . 400 Phi Mu 402 Phi Sigma Sigma 404 Pi Beta Phi 406 Sigma Kappa 408 Sigma Omicron Pi 405 Theta Upsilon 412 Zeta Tau Alpha 410 UNIVERSITY DIVISION Alumni Association 32 Cal Club 18 Chancellor Seaborg 13 College of Agriculture . . . . 27. College of Architecture . . 23 College of Chemistry . . . 22 , College of Engineering . . . . 21 College of Letters and Science . 20 Deans and Vice-Chancellors . 15 President Kerr 12 Regents 14 Retiring Professors 19 ROTC 30 School of Business Administration 19 School of Criminology . . . 26 School of Forestry 24 School of Law 29 School of Nursing 28 School of Optometry . . . . 28 School of Public Health . . . 25 453 Personal Name Index A Aaronson, Bonnie ... 127, 183, 370 Abad, Gerald 100 Abbett, Mike 257 Abbott, Jerry 58 Abe, Carol 188, 415 Abel, Stephen 338 Abell, Jean 58 Abell, Susan 148, 402 Abendroth, W. Lyndon 58 Abernathy, Kate 58, 185, 400 Abers, Rochelle 370, 183 Aboudara, Cory 416 Abrams, Barbara 370 Abrams, Jon 290, 360 Abreu, Frances 58 Abrott, Kathie 382 Acellman, Pat 118 Adair, Dana 376 Adams, Abby 400 Adams, Doreen 376 Adams, Douglas 348 Adams, Heather 131, 386 Adams, Irene 125 Adams, Jo 393 Adams, John 173, 422 Adams, Jon 58, 328 Adams, Maral 31, 394 Adams, Nina 58, 396 Adams, Patricia 431 Adams, Richard 58 Adams, Roger 256 Sheri 388 Adams, Wallace 328 Adanas, Jolene 148 Affleck, Diane 376 Aguilera, John 58, 176, 416 Aguirre, Gary 100, 176, 324 Ahlb urg, Dottie 102, 202, 374 Ahlm, Christy 388 Aisthorpe, Sharon 396 Aitken, Judy 393 Akerberg, Kay 394 Akle 318 Akers, Johina 126 Alarid, Malcolm 190 Alban, William 344, 183 Albers, John 340 Albert, Richard 58 Alberti, Frank 125 Albright, Paul 330, 278 Alderman, Thomas 58 Alexander, Bill 356 Alexander, Dave 354 Alexander, Marya 420 Alexander, Phyllis 436 Alford, Wendy 444 Ali, Nawab 58 Aliaga, Nick 58, 316 Alkin, Barbara 370 Allara, David 58, 199, 440 Allegrini, Kay 378 Allen, David 58, 308 Allen, Jim 258 Allen, John 346 Allen, Peter 308 Allen, Rae 438 Allen, Sue 406 Alles, Sandy 58, 382 Allison, Dennis 310 Allmon, Kathy 100, 415 Allsman, Robert 416 Alter, Don 58, 356 Alter, Wendy 370 Althaus, Sean 102, 355 Alton, Tom 342 Altorfer, Heidi 58, 66, 173, 185, 187, 408 Alvarez, Cecelia 436 Alvarez, Dave 284 Alves, Dick 131 Alves, Don 314 Alvine, C. 203 Alving, John 322 Alyes, Don 100 Amadooni, Jeanette 374 Ambers, Harvey 58, 174 Ambler, Bob 318 Ames, Coralei 429 Ammons, Diane 410 Amoroso, Dave 314 Amos, Robert 348, 202 Anches, Jerry 360 Andersen, Carol 58 Andersen, Ginny 100 Andersen, Robert 318 Andersen, Virginia 432 Anderson, Barbara 58, 386 Anderson, Bertha 373 Anderson, Bob 131 Anderson, Brenda 408 Anderson, Carole 202, 366 Anderson, Carolee 382 Anderson, David 359 Anderson, Flora 380 Anderson, Forrest 178 Anderson, Gary 280, 302 Anderson, Gary 336 Anderson, Hart 342 Anderson, Joan 374 Anderson, John 58 Anderson, Kris 366 Anderson, Larry 309 Anderson, Lawrence 58, 155 Anderson, Michael 58 Anderson, Pat 388 Anderson, Ralph 129 Anderson, Robert 322, 269 An derson, Roland 58 Anderson, Sherry 57, 58, 136, 194, 408, 86 Anderson, Sue 386 Anderson, William .. .58, 176, 256 Andrews, Alex 298 Andrews, Mike 332 Andros, Dee 230 Andrus, Gwen 184 Andrus, Jeri 392 Angell, Bob 198, 340 Anger, Carol 436 Angle, Antoinette 58, 432 Patricia 100 Angus, Gene 316 Angvick, Gene 58 Anixter, Yvonne 370 Anthony, Janet 388 Aoki, Tom 257 Apen, John 58, 291, 324 Appleby, Mike 195, 236, 23 ' 7 Aragon, Manuel 58 Arakawa, Nayao 233 Arbios, Jackie 388 Archer, Judy 408 Archer, Lynn 58, 378 Archer, Mike 233 Arden, Ardeth 57 Arellano, Angel 58 Armenta, Roberta 58 Armor, Dave 128, 195 Armstrong, Bill 355 Armstrong, J. M. 139 Armstrong, Maria 185, 399 Arndt, Ron 58, 342, 254 Arne, Judy 434 Arne, Robert 342 Arnese, Gary 100, 330 Arnold, Anne _ 368 Arnold, Bill 58, 328 Arnold, Carl 58, 316 Arnold, Carol 368 Arnold, Walt 232, 233, 271 Arnon, Aya 58 Arrico, Sue 44 Arthur, Emmsy 402 Arthur, Jim 186 Asaro, Betty 128, 178 Asazawa, Helen 58 Ashby, Garth 58, 176 Ashby, Peter 59, 312 Ashby, Tamara 432 Ashcraft, Galen 359 Asher, William 323 Ashley, Andre 416 Ashman, Chuck 100, 308 Ashmore, Carole 380 Ashworth, Joan 446 Asmussen, Bob 440 Aspland, Jerry 322 Astengo, R. 203 Astin, Michael 416 Atchley, Mari 177 Atkins, Linda 376 Atkinson, George 323 Atkinson, Konda 184 Atkinson, Marsha 408 Atwood, Edward 172, 351 Augusta, Joseph 59, 297 Aulett, Jan 59, 388 Aune, Harriet 59 Ausfahl, Bill 130, 314 Austin, Carolyn 59, 386 Austin, Greg 102, 355 Austin, Ken 181, 400 Auswacks, Russ 320 Averbuck, Ned 244, 253 Avrech, Leon 59 Awtrey, Mary 386 Axelson, Linda 368 Axt, Anita 173, 185 Ayers, Mike 416 Ayers, Robert 59 Aylin, F. 175 Azevedo, W. 202 B Baack, Barbara 59, 201 Baader, Bonnie 59, 368 Baba, Nebuko 59 Babbitt, Barbara 59 Babros, David 59, 198, 271 Baccigaluppi, Carol 59, 374 Bachand, Susan 402, 205 Bachman, Hildegarde 59, 446 Bachman, Ron 59, 416 Back, Lloyd 59, 176, 180, 195, 199 Backlund, Stanley 59, 176, 195, 199 Backman, Irene 390, 183 Backus, David 131, 175 Bacon, Larry 283 Badger, Joan 426 Baer, David 268, 348 Baer, Debra 59, 402 Baer, Lew 304 Bagshaw, Sheila 444 Bahlquist, John 256 Bailey, Neta 402 Bailey, Pete 352 Bailey, Wayne 59 Baird, Donna 59, 366 Baker, Barbara 380 Baker, Bruce 59, 204, 340 Baker, Edwin 59, 352 Baker, Joyce 117, 129, 444 Baker, Karin 374 Baker, Linda 134, 394 Baker, Priseilla 186 Baker, Sharon 444 Baker, Sherwyne 190 Balaam, John 214, 266, 267, 342 Balaban, Michael 360 Balck, Bob 59, 175, 356 Baldwin, Gardner 326, 202 Ball, Beverly 392 Ball, David 351 Ballachey, Michael 59, 337 Ballard, Richard 416 Balluff, John 355 Ballwanz, Dave 102 Balsmeier, Marilyn 420 Joseph 59 Bancroft, Daria 408 Bandel, Linda 370 Bandettini, Bob 214, 266, 267 Bangsberg, Bert 328 Barasch, Sandra 436 Barbee, Bruce 162 Barber, Ann 59, 408 Barbour, Bill 59 Bard, Lori 59 Barden, Brenda 368 Barden, Bruce 302 Bardin, Jane 125 Denys 386 Bareilles, Catherine 402, 178 Barham, James 59 Barish, Herb 344 Barker, Barbara 59, 408 Barker, Betsy 394 Barker, Dwight 59, 198, 266, 362 Barker, Mary 378 Barkett, Mike 316 Barnard, Beverly 376 Barnes, Christopher 280 Barnes, James 59, 191 Barnes, Janet 428 Barnes, Noel 266, 267, 330 Barnett, David 348 Barnett, Hugh .. 60, 155, 157, 177 Barnett, Ron 258 Barney, James 173, 422 Barneyback, Zandi 382 Baron, Evelyn 365, 404 Baron, Ruth 415 Barraza, Louis 59 Barre, Ole 342 Barreto, Connie 130, 136, 398, 102 Barrington, Joan 59 Barron, Barbara 117, 444 Barron, Roger 416 Barry, Jim 416 Barry, Robert 59 Barshell Lora 392 Barsotti, Gael 271, 342 Bartakke, Manohan 172 Bartell, Marilyn 444 Barthman, Patricia 402 Barthold, Todd 304 Bartholomew, Alice 102 Bartholomew, Nancy 59, 426 Bartko, John 323 Bartlett, Kenneth 59, 440 Bartlett, William 59, 350 Barton, Al 299, 291 Barton, Joan 368 Bartsch, Francie 186 Baskett, Sandy 193, 194, 410 Basler, Richard 302 Bass, Anthony 59, 191 Bassham, Larry 59, 358 Batcheldn, Paul 199 Bates, Beverley 423 Bates, Steve 232, 233 Bates, Tom 214, 230, 271, 306 Bathgate, Robert 280 Battaglia. Florence 438 Battat, Ralph 344 Batty, Larry 60 Bauer, Barbara 57 Bauer, Beverly 404 Bauer, Fred 313 Bauer, Harold 60, 324 Bauman, Arleen 430 Bauman, Freddie 100, 410 Bauman, Harold 57, 60, 118, 122, 131, 416, 135 Bauman, Louisa 406 Baumgartner, Mary 400 Bay, Larry 318, 202 Beal, Frank 356 Beal, Gordon 125 Beal, Paul 303 Beardsley, Dorothy 60, 444 Beatie, Bruce 60 Beatie, Cinda 396 Beaumont, Toni 105 Beaver, Veverly 60 Bechler, Richard 131, 416 Bechtel, Bob 145, 149, 256 Becken, Fred 236, 237 Becker, Bill 131 Becker, Boris 299 Becker, Herb 60 Becker, Jerry 311 Becker, Larry 422 Becker, Penny 444 Beckley, Claire 60, 398 Beckley, Everett 60, 176, 350 Beckley, Guy 60, 440 Becks, Godfrey 302 Bedford, Robert 416 Beebe, Bob 60, 356 Beene, D. 203 Beeson, Cindy 394 Begen, Robert 360 Begg, Pauline 60, 366, 146 Behnke, Jerold 60 Behrsing, Gerd 60 Beim, Barbara 396 Beim, Peggy 396 Bein, Bonnie 60, 402 Belben, Phyllis 398 Belenis, William 60 Bell, Barbara 400 Bell, Chuck 416, 274 Bell, Eurael 302, 278 Bell, Frank 351 Bell, Gene 337 Bell, Jack 354 Bell, James 60, 180, 175 Be ' l, Linda 426 Bell, Ted 338 Belling, Larry 182, 320 Bencharit, Pairdon 200 Bencharit, Wanich 200 Bender, June 146, 366 Bender, Sherie 146, 366 Benedict, Dick 152, 181, 292 Benelli, Shirley 60, 438 Benjamin, Barbara 60, 370 Bennett, Bard 296 Bennett, Cynthia 396 Bennett, Judy 131 Bennett, Robert 60, 124, 180, 416 Bennett, Roger 60 Bennion, Susan 207, 400, 205 Benson, Dave 416, 274 Benson, Ethel 60, 185 Bentley, William 60, 355 Bequette, Jess 60 Beral, Ann 390 Beral, Hal 299 Berdahl 155, 177 Berelson, Gayle 370 Berger, Brenda 424 Berger, Mike 142 Berger, Paula 368 Berger, Richard 60 Berglund, Roberta 398 Bergman, Ron 142 Bergwall, Ann 148, 444 Berkshire, Donna 141, 436 Berman, Harriet 160, 370, 193 Berman, Jeffrey 360 Berman, Jerry 320 Bernadicou, Irene 386 Bernardo, Cherie 360, 134 Berndt, David 60 Bernero, Donna 434 Berney, Jim 128 Bernstein, Barry 440 Bernstein, Mel 125 Berra, Al 233 Berry, Joan 100, 410 Berry, Rick 304 Berry, Robert 280 Berry, Sidne 390 Bershad, Andy ..41, 126, 194, 370 Berta, Shirley 60, 398 Bertero, Dick 316, 230 Bertetta, Fred 181 Beschta, Jack 161, 342 Bettis, Ricardo 60 Bevis, Hilary 406 Bewley, J. 115 Beyersdorf, Larry 173 Bhodthipuks, Prasert 200 Bianchini, Barbara 374 Bias, Adrian 400 Bichio, Joe 181 Bickford, Fred 60 Bieber, Ron 284 Bien, Eric 190 Bierstein, Diana 373 Biggar, Margie 60, 394 Biggs, Susan 60 Bigiolli, Elsa 60 Billings, Judy 366 Bingham, Jan 184 Bingham, John 199, 297 Bingham, Joyce 102, 398 Binsacca, Donald 60 Binsacca, Vic 314 Bird, Don 323 Bird, Linda 408 Birnbaum, Carol 390 Bisbee, E. 172, 174 Bischoff, Stephen 309 Bishop, Carol 102, 394 Bishop, Don 60, 198, 204, 340, 214 Bisk, Gail 370 Bissell, Vicki 60, 444 Bitter, Bob 300 Bitter, Daryl 300 Bittner, Joan .173, 185, 193, 429 Bitzer, Tom 178, 304 Bjorgan, Elaine 60, 146, 185, 187, 194, 374 Black, Buck 304 Blackburn, Ed 440 Blackburn, R. 175 Blackford, Michael 199, 297 Blais, Beverly 60, 366 Blake, Ragna 185 Blanco, Al 233 Blanke, Jack 60 Blatchley, Brenda 444 Blatner, Howard 60, 195, 422 Blaylock, John 278 Blei, Bonnie 434 Blevens, Beverly 368 Blomberg, Bob 318 Bloom, Stephanie 100, 436 Bloome, Mark 37, 61, 360, 135, 80 Bloomfield, Jan 438 Blower, Carole 398 Blower, Linda 131, 207, 378, 205 Blum, Barbara 100, 424 Blum, Jan 368 Blum, Ken 320 Blum, Lee 320 Blum, Lorin 61 Blum, Mary 374 Blum, Paul 37, 117, 360 Blum, Robert 338, 126 Blumberg, Dan 320 Blume, Jacque 61, 390 Blunck, Diana 61, 398 Blunden, Rick 316, 283 Boberg, Linda 398, 134 Boble, Charles 313 Bobrow, Morris 320 Bochard, Brenda 144 Bode, John 198, 340 Bodenhamer, Bob 322 Bodily, Wydonna 183, 61, 184 Boehm, Sheila 131, 146, 202, 426 Boehmke, Russ 233 Boer, James 332 Bogart, Marianne 186 Boggess, Joan 61 Bognar, Alicia 424 Bogue, Barbara 144, 406 Bogue, Jerry 230 Bohn, Robert 61, 416 Bokura, Yoshinori 61, 135 Boland, Robert 332 Bollen, Judy 386 Boller, Pam 398 Bollhoffer, Marlene 373 Bolton, Bill 340 Bolton, Meredith 61 Bonander, Merrill 191 Bonar, J. 175 Bonney, Lewis 355 Bonnington, Mary 376 Bonomini, Bob 330 Boodell, Jim 61, 334 Booke, Fred 344 Bookman, Carolyn 404 454 Boomer, Penny 368 Boone, Lawrence 416 Boone, Richard 342 Booth, Bob 102, 324 Booth, Newell 416, 284 Booty, John 304 Borad, Bruce 300 Boradori, Ann 378 Bordy, John 238, 268, 306 Borel, John 186 Borg, Eleanor 61, 178, 205 Borges, Eugene 123 Boring, Bob 300 Borio, Nanci 100, 131, 380 Borkenhagen, Audrey 61, 388 Borrego, Jerry 334 Bort, William 61, 204, 306 Bosma, Barbara 402 Bossart, Jan 342 Botsford, Jyl 396 Bottari, Toni 410 Botto, Alyce 61 Botz, Jim 61, 304 Bouchey, Myrna 61, 119, 194, 420, 437, 185, 187, 84 Boucke, Barbara 388 Bouick, Cheryl 366 Bould, Sally 202, 366 Boulter, Bobbie 388 Bowden, Anne 121 Bowden, Don 209 Bowen, Dick 129, 195 Bowen, Doug 356 Bowen, Edward 362, 283 Bowen, Katherine 61, 428 Bowen, Marilyn 117, 394 Bowers, Robert 385 Bowker, Adney 342, 214, 266 Bowles, Kathryn 61, 382 Bowman, Ann 61, 396 Bowman, Judy 398 Bowser, Samuel 440 Boyce, Barbara 126, 205 Boyden, Joan 61, 415 Boyer, Sheila ....61, 141, 201, 412 Boyes, Penny 415 Boyl, Pat 233 Boyle, Maryellen 438 Boyns, Lee 61, 432 Boynton, Bob 314 Brabazon, Cora 190 Braby, Paul 184 Brachman, Bob 360 Braden, Linda 424 Bradford, Anne 61, 385 Bradley, Steve 181 Bradt, Anne 202, 382 Brady, Basil 61 Brady, Carole 374 Brady, Dennis 310, 279 Brady, Pat 426 Bragg, Carrie 131, 386 Bramell, Judy 128, 178 Brancato, Shirley 61, 94, 120, 146, 194, 203, 366 Branch, George 354 Brandewie, Jerry 61, 422 Brandson, Joan 61 Brandt, Ann 61, 374 Brannan, Diane 376 Brauer, Richard 61, 175 Braun, Arlo 185, 313 Braverman, Bob 320 Braverman, Marilyn 390 Bray, Nancy 393 Braze, Betty 423 Brecht, William 354 Breed, George 290, 358 Breger, Barbara 61 Bregman, Linda 370 Breillatt, Julian 61 Breitbard, Joan 370 Breitbard, Stan 360 Breitfeld, Robert 61, 173, 440 Bremer, Claire 408 Bremer, Nancy 410 Brennan, John 130, 322 Brenzel, Gary 330, 266, 267 Bressie, Mary 146, 410 Brewer, Helen 382 Breyer, Barbara 406 Brians, Bob 127 Brians, Janet 127 Bridgeman, Gerald 61, 322 Bridges, Tom 322 Briggs, Bill 356 Briggs, Ron 322 Briggs, Thomas 199, 297 Brill, Peter 61, 440 Brinck, John 362 Brink, Jeanine 376 Brinkerhoff, Forrest 61, 118, 130, 135 Briones, Odeon 61 Brochard, Victor 356 Brock, Russell 61, 135 Brodersen, Betty 61 Brodies, Patricia 424 Brodofsky, Harriet 432 Brody, Harvey 338 Bronson, Patricia 61, 388 Bronstein, Shelley 370 Brooke, Joanne 370 Brooke, Robert 61, 330, 280, 173 Brothers, John 346 Brovelli, Diane 374 Brower, Richard 297 Brown, Alan 338 Brown, Allan 301, 283 Brown, Atklin 62, 302 Brown, Barbara 396 Brown, Deborah 62 Brown, Denis 355 Brown, Donna 437 Brown, Doris 62 Brown, Dorothy 100, 420, 438 Brown, Elizabeth 62 Brown, Frank 62, 326 Brown, Fred 233 Brown, Fritz 323, 202, 271 Brown, Gary 440, 203 Brown, Jack 62 Brown, Joan 402 Brown, Judy 400 Brown, Karen 376 Brown, Lynn 394 Brown, Mac 132 Brown, Margo 122, 193, 408 Brown, Milton 316 Brown, Missy 396 Brown, Ray 316 Brown, Robert 118, 316, 271 Brown, Roberta 62, 365, 412 Brown, Rodger 360 Brown, S. 175 Brown, Tris 314 Brown, William 161 Brownell, Phemie 102, 393 Browning, Bob 302 Browning, Roger 306 Brownson, Julia 62, 386 Brownstein, Arlene 420 Bruck, Meredith 378 Brucker, H. Michael 62 Brudenell, Tom 358 Bruhns, John 426 Brummond, Carol 410 Bruner, Lee 62, 362 Brunetti, Gerry 186 Bruno, Dave 233, 269 Bruno, Marty 100, 398 Bruno, Sal 328 Brunskill, Robert 62, 422 Brush, Joe 294 Brutus 354 Bryan, Dick 416 Bryte, June 368 Buch, Al 96, 244, 252 Buchalter, Stuart 41, 62, 291, 360 Buck, Jerry 303 Buckendorf, Tim 337, 202 Buckley, Charlton 334 Buckley, P. 202 Buckley, Virginia 100, 412 Buckman, Chuck 342 Buckner, Adrienne 398 Bruchner, Beverly 62, 378 Bujold, Andree 392 Bull, Donald 62, 306 Bullert, Delores 432 Bullock, Dorothea 423 Bungay, Ann 102, 382 Bunker, Catherine 436 Bupara, Sargit 199 Burcher, Don 62 Burchett, Fred 332 Burchett, Max 62, 440 Burgess, Betsy 426 Burgess, Toby 202, 324 Burghardt, Betsy 368 Burk, William 100, 324 Burke, Doug 346 Burke, Roger 62 Burkholder, Warren 295, 278 Burleigh, Malcolm 199, 297 Burnell, Beverly 62 Burnett, Bill 316 Burnett, John 348 Burnett, Molly 144, 406 Burnett, Toby 257 Burnham, Lynn 62 Burnham, Robin 205, 400 Burns, Dave 99, 181, 216 Burns, Ed 230 Burns, Gene 308 Burnside, Chuck 323 Burnside, Pat 62, 144 Burpee, Sharron 432 Burr, Kathy 394 Burr, Robert 318 Burr, Stefan 195, 202 Burrell, Kay 62, 436 Burress, Jim 316, 230 Burris, Jackie 62 Burroughs, Ernest 62 Burt, Harriet 412 Busby, Binnie 406 Busch, Bill 195 Busch, Molly 394 Busch, Harold 62, 346 Bush, Jan 62, 386 Bush, Margaret 62 Bushnell, M. 175 Buss, Robert 356 Busselman, Barbara 62, 366 Butenschoen, Jim 330 Butler, Ann 129, 400 Butler, Elton 155, 177 Butler, Kathy 388 Butler, William 440 Butler, William 62, 181 Butner, Dave 294 Butterfield, Betty 194, 366, 205 Byrd, Emerson 62, 230, 214 Byrne, Sue 376 Byrns, Mike 176, 202 Byrns, Sheila 176, 202 Bzoch, Jane 144, 376 C Cabell, Roger 269 Cabral, Francisco 62 Caffrey, Marcia 408 Cahill, Mary 412 Cain, Ray 328 Cairns, Donald 62, 185 Calder, David 62, 236, 237 Calder, Scott 362 Caldwell, Carol 376 Caldwell, Isaac 62, 143 Caldwell, Jane 382 Caldwell, John 62 Calhoon, Bobby 62 Calhoon, Liz 380 Calhoon, Maridale 62, 402 Calhoon, Mary 380 Calhoun, William 359 Calkins, Hugh 130, 173, 322 Callahan, Michael 346 Callahan, Sue 386 Callen, Sue 62 Calogeris, Constance 62 Calpestri, Italo 62 Calvert, Bob 440 Calvy, Sharon 100, 148 Camacho, Victor 173 Camarena, Armand 62 Camberos, Lorri 186 Camoriani, Stephanie 410 Camp, Fritz 63, 295 Campanella, Dick 63, 422, 174 Campbell, Craig 202, 340 Campbell, Diana 402 Campbell, Dick 328 Campbell, Doug 350 Campbell, Gary 178 Campbell, Janet 378 Campbell, John 63 Campbell, Nancy 426 Campbell, Pat 57, 63 Campbell, Sue 388 Camphouse, Nancy 402 Campion, Elizabeth Campodonico, Jim 352 Canavan, Carol 382 Candau, Barbara 145, 406 Canfield, Linda 406 Cannell, Larry 184 Cannon, Joenne 63 Cannon, William 63, 181 Cantarutti, Lido 173, 185, 355 Cantin, Robin 408 Cantor, Adrian 370 Cantou, Suzanne 428 Cantrell, Richard 63 Canzano, Marlene 63, 398 Capin, Linda 370 Capp, Richard 41 Carbone, Judy 437 Card, Ben 306 Cardelli, Dave 322 Cardoza, Joseph 362 Cardozo, Juline 148, 202, 368 Carer, Bob 181 Carey, Kenneth 355 Carey, Peter 348 Carges, Jim 352 Carkeet, Carol 194, 201, 205, 420, 426 Carlson, Arleen 144, 202, 382 Carlson, Joanne 186 Carlson, John 297 Carlson, Liz 366 Carlson, Nancy 388 Carlson, Norine 63, 378 Carlson, Richard 336 Carlson, Robert 278 Carlson, Sara 63, 382 Carlson, Vivian 63 Carmany, Jack 324 Carmichael, Laurence 63, 440 Carmichael, Martha 412 Carmichael, Peg 186 Carnahan, Bill 323 Carney, Kimo 306 Carovano, Barbara 63 Carp, Sylvia 434 Carpenter, Bob 322 Carr, Ann 415 Carr, Bill 296 Carr, Diana 57, 63, 378 Carr, Elizabeth 63 Carr, Jack 186 Carr, Jane 412 Carr, Reed 184 Carrier, Sue 444 Carruth, Peter 283, 440 Carson, Beverly 438 Carter, Jerady 378 Carter, Nana 430 Carter, Wiley 63, 180 Carver, Barry 318 Carver, Judy 380 Carveth, Jackie 382 Carville, Phil 346 Casady, Betty 146, 426 Casady, Elizabeth 102 Casagrande, Julie . .63, 117, 185, 187, 194, 386 Casanave, Denise 376 Caselli, Sandra 378 Casenave, Denise 173 Casey, Anne 378 Cashin, Carol 131, 396 Casper, Bill 178, 278 Cassady, Susan 426 Cassayre, Mary 382 Cassidy. Betty 146, 147 Cassinelli, Pete 274, 416 Castagna, Dave 324 Castellanos, Peter 326 Castognoli, Niel 199 Caswell, Martha 380 Cate, Pat 415 Cathcart, Marilyn 205, 378 Catrow, Toni 148 Cave, Janis 436 Caylor, Jules 181 Cecil, Pat 201 Ceragroli, Jim 181 Cerwinsky, Edmund 295 Chaffee, Lanie 134, 398 Chainey, Pat 261 Chais, Constance 63, 424 Chambers, David 296 Chambers, Linda 63 Chamness, Vaughan 63 Champion, Elizabeth 400 Champion, Joel 346 Chan, Henry 176 Chan, Phyllis 405 Chan, Robert 192 Chan, Shirley 405 Chan, Sidney 63 Chandler, Al 63, 291, 316 Chandler, Steve 316 Chandler, Vicki 423 Chang, Henry 176 Chang, Karen 446 Channing, Clark 316 Chapdelain, William 63 Chapman, Phoebe 380 Chappell, Gordon 141 Chase, Lida 131, 426 Chase, Marla 57, 63, 368 Chase, Sue 143, 203 Chen, Hsu-tu 63, 115 Cheng, A. 202 Cherniss, Mike 41, 360 Chesley, Joan 423 Cheu, Jeanette 63 Chew, Bok 63 Chew, David 63 Chew, JoAnn 63, 405 Chew, Sharon 394 Chickering, Bob 312 Chilton, Elmore 214, 280 Chin, Bessie 438 Chin, Diana 63, 437 Chin, Ernest 63, 191 Chin, Fred 63 Chin, Henry 335 Chin, Jeanne 434 Chin, Robert 63, 176 Chin, Thomas 335 Chinn, Jack 191 Chinn, Janet 405 Chinn, Karen 63, 405 Chinn, Rich 177 Chipman, Julibeth 420 Chitkongthai, Kantorn 200 Ching, Klee 63 Cho, Choong 63 Cho, Chung 63 Chodd, Nancylee 63, 410 Choi, Dong 63, 236, 237 Chong, Elvin 63, 172 Chong, Larry 191 Choppelas, Nick 192, 324 Chouret, Toni 124, 338 Chouret, Yvonne 398 Chow, Philip 64 Chow, Sylvia 405 Chrisler, Jowilla 128, 392 Christensen, Cherryl 444 Christensen, John 280, 295 Christiansen, Donald 64. 150, 176, 180 Christianson, Phyllis 394 Christie, Dennis 306 Christie, Jerry 64, 314 Christman, Eileen 436 Christmann, Cathy 394 Christoph, William 350 Christy, Jeanette 412 Chu, Evelyn 434 Chu, John 176 Chubb, Jerry 352 Chuck, Pon Chung, Chae 416 Chung, James 335 Churukian, Lily 102, 398 Chusid, Arlene 390 Chusid, Hal 64, 320 Cianciarulo, Anne 64, 406 Cianfichi, Paul 57, 313 Ciranna, Mary 446 Cirese, Sharon 430 Civiello, Carla 380 Clarfield, Marilyn 64, 390 Clark, Al 298 Clark, Barbara 183 Clark, Betty 100, 366 Clark, Dave 326 Clark, Judy 382 Clark, Judy B. 382 Clark, Laura 134 Clark, Myra 64, 131, 194, 203, 374 Clark, Richard 283 Clark, Rob ert 184, 308 Clark, Robert J. 64 Clark, Sandra 368 Clark, Thomas 198, 214, 340 Clarke, Helen 121 Clarkson, Paul 364 Claudius, Gordon 294 Claudius, Herbert 100 Clauson, Delores 64 Clayton, James 64, 176 Clazie, Ronald 161, 342 Clein, Minty 147 Clementson, Charlie 355 Clemetson, Judy 368 Clerou, Marie 410 Clifford, Jack 181 Clifton, Gwen 398 Clinginsmith, John 176 Cloutier, Tom 230 Cloyd, Marshall 283, 312 Clyma, Ron 328 Coates, Cynthia 376 Cobb, James 283 Coberly, Cissy 400 Coberly, Margie 400 Coberly, Wheeler 236, 237, 362, 271 Cobet, Louis 123 Cochran, Terry 328 Cockburn, Laurie 131, 400 Cohen, Arthur 320 Cohen, Bonnie 64, 390 Cohen, D. Paul 64, 344 Cohen, Donald 64 Cohen, Eleanor 424 Cohen, Howard 320 Cohen, Paul 214 Cohen, Ronald 344 Cohn, Adrienne 370 Cohn, Bobbie 404 Cohn, Bruce 338 Cohn, Estelle 64, 185 Coil, Jim 64, 324 Coil, John 64, 178, 324 Cole, Tim 336 Cole, Tom 334 Coleman, H. Ray 64 Coleman, Hugh 313 Coleman, Joan 64, 124, 385 Coleman, Judy 1 76 Coleman, Mary 423 Coleman, Richard 64 Coleman, Sue 423 Colin, Janie 388 Collar, George 162 Collett, Leona 431 Collier, Jean 160, 426 Collins, Cathryn 64 Collins, Don 181 Collins, Gail 64, 366 Collins, Judy 147 Collins, Cathie 426 Collins, Martha 102, 122 Collins, Patty 388 Collins, Sheila 64, 382 Colman, Judy 125 Colmenares, Eduardo 64 Colsky, Richard 360 455 Colton, Tom 326 Coltrell, Eileen 185, 193, 374 Coltrin, Barbara 394 Colvin, Bob 330 Colvin, Judy 183 Colvin, Paula 64, 183 Colwes, Matthew 64, 324 Comartin, Robert 64, 198, 323 Combs, Charles 328 Conklin, Carroll 131, 366 Conlin, Margaret 185 Conners, Terry 181 Conover, Thomas 64, 295 Conrad, Arthur 185, 201 Conrad, Charlene ....119, 194, 408 Conrady, Liz 386 Conron, Connie 382 Contestabile, Joseph 64, 214, 323 Conway, Dick 350 Conway, Sally 123, 148, 376 Cook, Margaret 120, 138 Cook, Stan 181 Cook, Steve 93, 118, 130, 130, 173 Cooley, Barbara 428 Coolidge, Carole 64 Coombs, Ann 428 Coombs, Dennes 64, 334 Cooper, Bill 233, 266 Cooper, Brian 102, 269, 348 Cooper, Galeb 440 Cooper, Hal 324 Cooper, James 64 Cooper, Nancy 100, 374 Cooper, Paul 64 Cooper, Peter 308 Cooper, William 64, 214, 230, 326 Cooperman, I. 183 Copeland, Poppy 396 Coppo, Robert 64, 354 Corallo, Carmela 64 Corbell, Brian 202, 312 Cordero, Phillip 278 Cordova, Hector 268, 323 Cornblum, Bruce 320 Cornelius, Ivan 100, 175, 330 Cornwall, Robert 64 Corr, Janice 426 Corren, Leonard 64, 338 Corti, Dennis 269 Corwin, Bonnie 370 Corwin, Naomi 370 Costa, Larry 233, 316 Costello, Pete 326 Costello, Richard 280 Cota, Harold 64, 351 Cottrell, Cynthia 410 Coudeyre, Jacques 416 Coulman, Ronald 64 Coultas, Terry 394 CounsiI, Marilyn 432 Countryman, Gary 65 Coveney, Robin 388 Coveney, Dick 236, 237, 314 Covert, Mary 410 Covington, Woody 215, 240 Cowan, Jeff 306 Cowgill, Sandra 65, 149, 444 Cowling, Lynn 134, 368 Cox, Brenda 100, 131, 408 Cox, Dolores 65 Cox, Don 65 Cox, Joy 65, 178, 182, 185, 187, 194 Cox, Karen 376 Cox, Pat 65, 392 Cox, Pat 365, 398 Cox, Tom 230 Crabtree, Robert 354 Craig, James 310 Craig, Ted 123, 440 Cramer, Beverly 65 Crandall, Mike 323 Cranston, Billie 57, 65, 444 Crary, Sharon 65, 400 Craus, Carolyn 437 Cravalho, Ernie 416 Craw, Wayne 230 Crawford, Bob 323 Crawford, Jerry 342 Crawford, Joyce 446 Crawford, Judi 388 Crawford, L. 172, 174 Creamer, Judi 444 Creely, Carini 392 Crenna, Lloyd 202, 268, 340 Crescenzi, J. 175 Crisguard, R. 198 Crisler, Jo 128, 392 Crist, Bud 198, 340 Crist, Janet 406 Critchlow, Rich 342 Crocker, Gordon 65, 177 Cronenwett, Paul 316 Crook, Carolyn 374- Crosher, Frederick 440, Cross, Marion 408 Cross, Stephen ;297 Crossan, Aimee 406 Croter, Carol 65, 420 Crow, Barbara 65 Crow, Wayne 212, 278, 233 Crowder, Marylin 432 Crowenwelt, Paul 278 Crowl, Donna 202, 366 Crum, Clark 326 Cruse, Carolyn 65, 426 Csenar, Vicki 368 Cuddeback, Sue 374 Cuddy, Natalie 65, 444 Culjis, Nick 337 Cull, Bill 284 Culpepper, Roberta 378 Cummings, J. D. 172, 174 Cummings, Tamra . .127, 207, 426 Cummings, Tondi 185, 380 Cummins, Anne 41, 65, 388 Cummings, Sarah 388 Cunan, Richard 65 Cunningham, Arleen 374 Cupit, Sandy 378 Curley, Bob 356 Curley, Robert 280, 338 Curran, Dave 295 Currie, Ron 198, 214, 340 Curtiss, Kathie 436 Cushman, Pat 388 Cushway, D. M. 180 Cutler, Cathy 402 Cutmore, David 65, 422 Cutter, Charles 126, 173 Cutting, Mary 65, 394 Cywan, Zev 320 D Helen 65, 398 D ' Agostino, Anthony 65, 342 Dahl, Bob 330 Dahlgren, Carclyn 434 Dahlinger, Nancy 65, 183 Dahlman, Karon 186 Daigle, Hugh 332 Dake, Carol 392 Dake, Jeanne 393 Dale, Joan 102, 402 Dale, Richard 326 D ' Alteric, Paul 240, 279 Dalton, Bob 65, 244, 252, 348 Dalton, Jan 380 Dalton, Jan 366 Daly, Lenora 65, 406 Dalziel, Alec 102, 355 Dammeyer, Diane 368 Dang, Elaine 438 Daniels, Bruce 65 Daniels, Nancy 396 Dare, Jerome 335 Dare, Patrick 335 Darnall, Diana 382 Darrow, Donna 65, 434 Daulton, Frederick 65, 175, 258, 334 Davidson, Barry 257, 313 Davidson, Garber 342 Davidson, Rochele 141 Davidson, Sue 65, 396 Davies, Burton 416 Davis, Barbara 65, 143, 203, 420 Davis, Elizabeth 65, 88, 119, 185, 187, 365, 406 Davis, Elizabeth 412 Davis, Gil 198, 362 Davis, Howard 297 Davis, Janice 410 Davis, Keagle 100, 354 Davis, Mary 131, 406 Davis, Michael 338 Davis, Mike 322 Davis, Nelson 312 Davis, Robert 65 Davis, Scotty 312 Davis, William 358 Davis, William H 190 Dowdy, Charles 416 Dawson, Margaret 65, 426 Day, Gene 291, 297 Day, Marilyn 398 Deal, Allan 65 Deal, Tim 346 Dean, Cathy 65, 400 Dean, Dick 233 Dean, Gordon 65 Dean, Mary 388 Dean, Sharon 408 Dear, Steven 57, 65, 358 Deardorf, David 65 DeBaets, Ronald 65 DeBenedetti, Jane 400 DeBenedetti, John 65, 198, 362 DeCarion, D. 175 DeFeo, Carolyn 102, 398 DeFeo, Don 326 DeFeo, Don 324 Defiebre, Ken 308 DeGolia, Ron 65, 355 Deimel, Adele 100, 392 Deimel, Winnie 393 DeJoy, Shirley 420 Delahooke, Douglas 66 Delahocke, Jane 66 DeLaMare, Jean 102 DeLaO, Daniel 262 Delara, Mario 75 Delban, Marilyn 426 Deleray, Art 66, 75, 135, 238, 291, 304 Delevois, Helen 66 Dell ' Acqua, Richard 302 DeLona, George 118, 212 DeLong, George 66, 135, 214 DeLorimier, Chuck 283, 334 DelPero, Steve 66, 324 Delphey, Bill 236, 237 DelTredici, David 66 Delvey, Fred 440 Delvey, Helen 398 DelNero, Darlene 437 DeMartin, Nancy 368 DeMartini, Leonard 350 Demetrak, Larry 295 DeMont, Carol 66 DeMonte, Sue 368 Demotte, Barbara 436 Dempsay, John 66, 337 Demsey, James 214, 280, 298 Dempsey, Laverne 380 DeNatly, Gail 430 Dengler, David 162 Dennan, Paul 268, 351 Dennis, Nancy 144, 406 Dennison, Bill 181 Dennison, Robert 313 Denton, Sue 410 Deppen, Judith 386 DeProse, Diana 66 Derby, Jill 177, 410 Derby, Robert 66, 195 DeRoos, Frances 378 DeRoy, Lynne 66, 120, 150, 201, 203 Dervishian, Mike 323 DeSoto, John 66 Despars, Dennis 306 Dessery, Evelyn 66, 430 Dettner, Marty 66, 382 DeViIlers, Butch 214, 337 DeVincenzi, Carol 66 DeVincenzo Mary 431 Devlin, Cathie 406 Dewar, Lynne 66, 126 Dewey, J. 198 DeWitt, Bill 316 DeWitt, Clinton 308 DeWolf, Yvonne 199, 444 Dexter, Charles 66, 214 Dhanowa, Gurpal 66 Diamond, Lynne 124, 134, 434 Diamond, Preston 66, 338 Diamond, Ron 299 Diamond, Sue 66, 90, 185, 187, 194, 370 Diamond, Tony 283, 362 Dias, Lucinda 66, 185 Dibos, Pablo 66, 186 Dick, Bob 102 Dick, Howard 310 Dickenson, Ronald 66 Dickerson, John 102, 330 Elizabeth 66, 130, 131, 368 Dickey, Sandy 412 Dickinson, Bernard 66 Dickinson, Neil 177 Dickson, Clark 332 Dickter, Charna 420 Diederich, Linda 394 Diehl, Audrey 374 Diehl, Gretchen 378 Dierauf, Edward 172, 174 Dieter, Judy 41, 100, 406 Dietrich, Martha 66 Dill, Marilyn 146, 408 Diller, Paul 57, 59, 66,118, 130, 338 Dillingham, Pat 430 Dillon, Bill 123 Dimas, Argie 444 Diment, Jay 202, 362 Dimmick, Deborah 432 Dingler, Ted 230 Dito, Ken 266, 267 Dittmer, John 326 Dix, Chapman .153, 155, 172, 177 Dix, Dian 432 Dixon, Bob 186 Dixon, Nancy 66, 426 Dixon, Richard 66, 323 Dixon, Thomas 192, 308 Djojodipuro, Marsudi 127 Doane, Carol 66, 392 Dobbins, Liz 147, 382 Dobbs, Forest 145 Dobratz, Burton 66, 203 Dobrazynski, Dave 66 Dobson, Janey 66 Doctor, Ken 233, 284 Dodge, Don 350 Dodson, Gary 318 Doerr, Martha 126 Doherty, Frank 102, 368 Dolinar, Gordon 266 Domich, Jack 256 Domoto, Pete 231, 232, 214 Don, Andrew 335 Donaldson, Nancy 128, 393 Donan, Dick 416 Dong, Wilbur 66 Donlevy, Alice 368 Donner, Steve 283, 422 Donovan, Bill 354 Donovan, Drew 323 Donovan, Maureen 406 Donovan, Mike 219, 440 Donshue, Ed 336 Dooley, Clark 202, 318 Dopyera, Emil 66, 176 Doretti, Frank 214, 230 Dornin, Sue 398 Dorough, Patricia 432 Dorroh, Linne 436 Dorshkind, Larry 66, 320 Dorward, Jane 66, 400 Dorwart, Ann 66, 444 Doty, Richard 330 Douds, Jane 368 Dougery, John 332 Dougery, Nancy 394 Dougharty, Jim 66, 196, 301 Dougharty, Larry 301 Dougherty, Diane 57, 67, 415 Doughty, Dick 244, 252 Douglas, Bruce 176 Douglas, Leland 344 Douglass, Gordon 67 Douthit, Donna 146, 147, 408 Douthit, Jane 67, 394 Dowd, Janet 386 Dowd, Robert 67, 191 Dowell, David 324 Dowell, Jerry 67, 291 Dowell, Susan 428 Dowling, Donna 380 Downey, Tim 100, 128 Downing, Phil 202, 318 Dozier, Bill 67, 354 Dozier, Marianne 420 Draheim, Dave 266, 267, 318 Draper, Joan 134, 400 Dratler, Lynne 390 Drennan, Jane 102, 376 Drenth, Don 192 Driscoll, Janice 366 Droese, Karl 67, 301 Drost, Donald 67, 416 Druhan, Judie 437 Dryer, Ned 324 Duane, Dick 214, 284, 340 Dubiner, Bennett 67 DuBois, Bob 67, 330 Duckart, Arthur 67, 203 Duckering, R. 202 Duckhorn, Dan 314 Dudley, Cornell 257, 358 Dudley, Lori 410 Duesler, George 416 Duey, Bob 230, 268, 330 Duey, Dick 268, 330 Duff, Duane 284, 336 Duff, Jim 67, 309 Duffey, Diane 150 Duffus, Lee 67, 118, 135, 172, 440 Duke 352 Dumke, Dick 314 Dumm, Jan 67, 144, 406 Dunaway, Dave 181 Duncan, Charles 67, 346 Duncan, Donald 67 Duncan, Gail 428 Duncan, James 67, 180 Duncan, John 172, 332 Duncan, Walt 67, 131, 354 Duner, Duane 374 Dunham, Alan 330 Dunham, Bruce 301 Dunker, Mark 313 Dunlap, Barbara 146, 147, 366 Dunlap, Louise 193, 261, 400 Dunlap, Malcolm 312 Dunlap, Mary 382 Dunlap, Thomas 283 Dunlap, Sue 205 Dunn, Philip 314 Dunn, Philip 67, 328 Dunn, Robert 67, 351 Dunn, Tommy 295 Dunne, Robert 198, 204, 312 Dunning, Aletha 67 Dunning, Pat 410 Dunston, J. 202 Durand, Dora 436 Duren, Joan 141 Durfee, Bill 313 Dutton, Charles 67, 314 Dutton, Dean 130 Dutton, Richard 326 Dwelle, Steve 362 Dwyer, Michael Eagan, Joan 378 Eager, Ben 102, 324 Earl, Richard 67, 176 Early, Loraine 436 Eastin, Jim 328 Eastman, Chuck 362 Easton, Tod 306 Ebert, Richard 173, 355 Eberts, Lucy 406 Ebright, Ky 280 Edelstein, Brian 102, 130, 240, 279, 416 Edgecomb, Coryden 190 Edholm, Sally 366 Edler, Louise 392 Edlund, Joanne 67, 185, 382 Edmiston, Ann 396 Edmonds, Bill 131, 279, 346 Edmonds, Bruce 284, 316 Edmondson, Ron 324 Edmund, Louie 335 Edson, Carey 392 Edwards, Charles 67, 342 Edwards, Janet 67, 123 Edwards, Marty 398 Edwards, Roy 306 Edwards, Sally ....67, 92, 120, 143 Edwards, Sue 426 Egaas, Judy 408 Eggleston, Clifford 67 Eglin, Mary 67 Ehernberger, R. 186 Ehmann, Terry 67, 400 Ehritt, J. 203 Eich, Ronald 332 Eickman, Alex 285 Eigenheer, Dick 174, 359 Eisen, Rosalie 67 Eisenberg, Kal 338 Eisenstein, Barbara 315 Eisinga, Jan 386 Ek, Barbro 402 Jim 360 Elder, Jeryll 398 Eldred, Bob 440 Eldredge, Caroline 430 Elefant, George 338 Elephant, Ralph 192 Elgar, John 67, 322 Ellenberg, Marv 320 Ellerd, Patty ..131, 193, 365, 382 Ellermeier, Joell 67, 172, 184 Elliot, Roy 355 Elliott, Kim 67, 214, 266, 267, 318 Elliott, Pete 218, 230 Ellis, Dorry 67, 201 Ellis, Richard 67, 199, 297 Ellis, Temple 67 Ellsworth, Bill 177 Ellsworth, Cherel 184 Elshire, Joyce 67 Elson, Janice 183 Elting, James 68, 172, 350 Elzenga, Bob 306 Emanuel, Roberta 390 Emanuel, Roger 195 Emeldi, Audrey 68 Emerson, Jane 444 Emerson, Richard 68, 177 Emerson, Sidney 190 Emery, Charles 68 Emery, Jim 68, 352 Emery, Noble 68 Emsley, Judy 102, 394 E mswiller, Machellan 236, 237 Enderlin, S. 202 Eng, Charmaine 148 Engdahl, Karl 202, 348 Engel, Barrie 68, 320 Engel, Ralph 68, 298 Engelhard, Marilyn 134, 193, 388 Engelund, Ken 352 England, Donald 68 Englar, Roger 332 English, Carol 68, 373 English, Gordon 302 English, John 68, 271, 306 Enmark, Shirley 67, 76, 124, 185, 187, 194, 429 Enos, Carol 148 Ens, Charles 300 Ensler, Susan 420, 444 Enz, Ro bert 184 Epes, Al 306 Epperson, Larry 300 Eppinger, Josh 360 Eppler, Donna 446 456 Epstein, Bob 186 Epstein, Charles 338 Epstein, Dave 268, 278, 360 Epstein, Deanna 390 Epstein, Joseph 360 Erickson, Bob 68 Erickson, Connie 68, 376 Erickson, Niel 172 Erickson, Sonja 378 Ericson, Mary 150 Erman, Elizabeth 434 Erman, Jim 279, 416 Ernst, Jim 334 Erro, Barbara 100, 400 Eruson, Mary 199 Erving, Janette 68, 396 Erwin, Joanne 382 Erwin, William 68, 175, 254 Eschenburg, Richard 233, 324 Escobosa, Ann 386 Eshoo, George 100, 202, 323 Estabrook, Cliff 296 Ethridge, Patricia 420 Ettner, Jeanne 432 Eubanks, Carol 436 Eubanks, Elizabeth 388 Evanhoe, Robert 358 Evans, Cynthia 68, 378 Evans, James 68 Evans, Marilyn 376 Evans, Sandra 68, 426 Evans, Varnum 68 Evans, William 68 Evarts, Don 330 Evarts, Jack 416 Evens, Clyde 129 Evenson, Maude 408 Everett, Grant 312, 285 Everhart, Elizabeth 376 Evers, Scott 283 Eversbusch, Claus 298 Ey, Chris 340 Eynon, Marty 68, 426 Ezgar, Michael 344 F Fabera, John 332 Fadden, Arnold 68 Fagg, Douglas 274, 416 Faguet, Henrietta 390 Fain, Lynette 144, 374 Fair, Jevenee 402 Fairbairn, Thomas 68 Fairbanks, Janet 431 Fairchild, B 198 Fajans, Eileen 404 Falcon, Louis 68 Falk, Jerry 320 Flkk, Ted 214, 314 Falkenburg, Betsy 394 Falkner, C. 174, 176 Fallas, Claire 100, 386 Fallavena, Jean 68 Fanning, Tom 314 Farberoff, Simon 68, 297 Faries, Donald 180 Faris, Robert 68, 180 Faris, William 295 Farley, Ed 332 Farly, Bruce 352 Farnham, Calvin 68, 172 Farrell, Mike 337 Farrell, Norman 68, 354 Farrington, Diane 68, 201 Fasold, Deanna 402 Fat, Ken 416 Faul, Suzanne 68 Faulkner, Carol 374 Faulkner, Tom 340 Faure, Linda 420 Fay, William 335 Fechter, Elaine 388 Fedderly, Jane 148, 444 Feder, Jon 344 Feigenbaum, Terry _130, 192, 416 Feiling, Babs 408 Fein, Arnold 68 Feiner, Beverly 134, 390 Feldman, Nancy 424 Felix, Donald 68 Fellows, Olive 394 FelsenthalI, Judy 370 Fenner, Bob 177, 215 Fenner, Wayne 258 Ferdun, Edrie 72, 119, 194, 201, 205, 366 Ferdun, Edrie 68, 187, 207 Ferdun, Gareth 128 Ferguson, Jim 230, 271, 306 Ferguson, Sharron 398 Ferguson, Sharron 102, 144 Fernandez, Gary 352 Ferreira, Stan 68, 330 Ferrell, George 68, 181 Ferrell, R. 172 Ferris, Bill 306 Ferris, Joyce 382 Fessler, Vera 68, 201 Fewster, Robert 346 Fey, Donalee 68, 78, 117, 187, 194, 388 Fickas, Ernest 68 Fidler, Marjorie 366 Field, Kathy 102, 183, 376 Figel, Sue 378 Fightmaster, Maren 68, 410 Filippini, Dolly 368 Filson, John 301 Finch, William 162 Fine, Ruth 370 Finke, Roger 69, 172, 350 Finkel, Leroy 344 Finkelstein, C. 175 Finkelstein, Marsha 424 Finley, B. 175 Finn, Gaye 404 Finney, Jack 314 Finnila, Ronald 416 Firpo, Jackie 100, 134, 368 Firstenberg, Bev 444 Fischel, June 404 Fischle, Fred 69, 177, 440 Fishbein, Allan 356 Fishbein, Barbara 432 Fishell, Susan 144, 202 Fisher, Al 334 Fisher, Lucille 392 Fisher, Marcia 402 Fisher, Sue 102, 144, 400 Fitz, David 342 Fitz, Franklin 69, 256, 416 Fitzgerald, Diane 102 Fitzgerald, Tom 69, 342 Fitzpatrick, Dennis 96, 244, 252, 348 Flachsenhar, Jay Flath, Jeanne 69 Fleck, Robert 269, 328 Flegal, Nancy 394 Fleischer, Gerald 172, 174 Fleishman, Phillip 360 Fleming, Roy 296 Flerzog, John 180 Fletcher, Barbara 69, 398 Fletcher, Guy 354 Fletcher, Mary 388 Fletcher, Nan 388 Fletcher, Nancy 398 Fletcher, Pat 144, 398 Fletcher, Sharon 388 Fletcher, Tal 312 Fletcher, William 295 Fletter, Jim 323 Flinn, David 214, 280 Flint, Darlene 392 Flint, Nancy 102 Flint, Patsy 378 Flippin, David 416 Flood, David 69 Floris, Dorothy 69, 194 Flynn, L. 202 Fodchuk, Roman 69 Fogarty, Jim 202, 337 Folkerts, Raia 374 Folkman, Jon 175, 440 Folly 303 Fong, Barney 69 Fong, David 162, 416 Fong, Donna 434 Fong, Frances 405 Fong, Hobart 335 Fong, James 69 Fong, Jeanie 405 Fong, Joann 432 Fong, Rhoda 69 Fong, Stanley 335 Fonseca, Marilyn 69, 402 Fontaine, Diane 378 Fontenot, Dorothea 69, 385 Foon, Nancy 183, 437 Foote, Len 358 Forbes, Gary 348 Ford, Barry 236, 237 Ford, Charles 69 Ford, Mary 376 Foreman, Jud 318 Forman, Marilyn 404 Forni, Bill 318 Forrest, Audrey 69, 368 Forster, Dan 236, 237 Forster, Pat 406 Forsyth, Gayle 100, 402 Fortini, Barbara 378 Fortini, Joyce 373 Fortune, Tom 318 Forward, Richard 306 Foss, Nancy 394 Foster, George 324 Foster, Herb 337 Foster, Paul 301 Foster, Phill 336 Foster, Rich 301 Foudy, Jim 302 Fourkas, Terry 147 Fowkes, Gordon 283 Fowler, Donald 324 Fowler, Greig 69, 348 Fowler, Jean 106, 373 Fowler, JoAnn 69, 187 Fowler, Kenneth 279 Fowlks, Kristin 100, 126 Fox, Barbara 390 Fox, Jeanie 396 Fox, Larry 348 Fox, Richard 69 Fox, Sheelah 388 Frame, Carolyn 432 Franchini, Gail 378 Francis, David 416 Francisco, Andi 404 Franco, John 180 Frank, Ellen 102 Frank, Jim 181 Frank, Myrna 69, 182, 185 Frankel, Diane 390 Frankel, John 174, 440 Franklin, Lee 131, 374 Franklin, Lora 370 Franks, Natalie 394 Fransen, Jacqueline 102, 394 Fraser, Donald 69 Fraser, John 69, 196, 198 204, 308 Fraser, Tom 271 Fratus, Ann 368 FrazelI, Joan 380 Frazier, Pete 202, 348 Frazier, Ruth 436 Frech, Erwin 161 Frederick, James 416 Frederick, Walter 120, 138 Fredericks, Alice 141 Free, Janice 398 Freeborn, Richard 416 Freed, Nancy 404 Freed, Norman 202, 316 Freeland, Bruce 440 Freeman, David 69, 344 Freeman, Gail 444 Freeman, Gordon 183, 320 Freeman, Lee 313 Freeman, Mike 180 Freeman, Rick 360 Freeman, Roger 344 Freeman, Sherwood 69 Freeman, Sue 408 Freeman, Woody 309 Freewdl, Bernie 123 Fregoso, Rudy 262 Fresenborg, Ruth 429 Freuler, Jon 440 Frey, Gregg 355 Frey, Harold 256 Frichette, P. 290 Friedman, Francis 320 Friedman, Herbert 69, 291 Friedman, Michael 416 Friedman, Mimi 432 Friedman, Sharlene 434 Frieman, Robert 320 Fries, Sandra 102, 146, 147, 202, 402 Fritz, Bob 300 Frizza, Esther 69, 187, 205, 207, 432 Frohman, Enneth 69, 203 Fromm, David 416 Frug, Jerry 291, 344 Frug, Lori 404 Frug, Ronald 69, 344 Fruzza, Nancy 436 Fuhriman, Robert 69, 294 Fujimoto, Kenneth 69 Fujimoto, Tak 425 Fulfer, Darlene 102 Fulkerson, D. 408 Fulling, Roger 69 Fulton, Richard 311 Fung, Henry 69, 125 Furd, Mervin 161 Furuta, Doug 230 Furuya, Ritsuko 69 Fybush, David 125 G Gaarde, Ralph 313 Gaetjen, Roger 294 Gaidos, Beryl 69 Gaidos, Fran 69, 436 Gale, Barton 278 Gallagher, Jean 380 Galli, Frank 148, 368 Galli, Marian 148, 368 Galli, Sylvia 382 Galvez, Paul 303 Gamble, Wicker 314 Garat, Ann 380 Garat, Barbara 69, 188, 380 Garbor, Joan 436 Garcellano, Alice 185 Garcia, Dorothy 69 Garcia, Esther 423 Garcia, Kenneth 180 Gardner, Arline 148, 444 Gardner, Bill 172 Gardner, Philip 69, 186, 191 Gardner, Robert 70 Gardner, Susan 70, 394 Garibaldi, Marilyn 388 Garland, Fred 181, 294 Garmshausen, Trudy 388 Garmus, David 359 Garner, Carolyn 128, 402 Garretson, Robert 314 Garrett, Will 214 Garrette, Suzanne 70, 378 Garrison, Gretchen 177, 368 Garthwaite, Terry 408 Gartzman, Madeline 390 Garvin, Eugene 70 Garvin, Grover 214, 231, 232 Garvin, John 172 Gaskill, James 350 Gaspardone, Leo 256 Gassett, Will 70, 204, 314 Gastelo, Manuel 70 Gaston, Lee 440 Gates, Judy 70, 420 Gaudie, Alan 301 Gaunce, Pat 146, 147, 366 Gause, Gretchen 70 Gaylord, Allan 215, 240, 278 Gaylord, Fritz 348 Gaylord, Lynne 394 Gazzano, Carol 70, 412 Gazzano, Diane 131 Gee, Geoffrey 286, 356 Gee, Nancy 183 Gee, Sherman 70, 335 Gee, Wallace 70 Geffeney, Megan 382 Geil, Ken 336 Gelus, Kathy 382 Geoghegan, Mary 446 George, Brian 350 George, Dave 230, 346 George, Eddie 177 George, Lebert 70 Geraghty, Carla 70, 378 Gerdes, Anne 388 Geren, Carol 70, 194, 205, 394 Gerendas, Mike 238 Gerner, Mitchell 70 Gerritz, Gretchen 70, 380 Gerrman, Larry 338 Gessford, Glen 70, 174 Gettelman, Al 360 Gettelman, Michael 360 Gevert, Frank .. 70, 181, 199, 440 Geyer, Mariann 70, 366 Gianroli, Doug 186 Ghiggeri, Dennis 301 GhigIieri, Diane 368 Ghio, Vincent 70, 346 Ghiselli, Nancy 378 Gianulias, Gus 70, 214, 231, 266, 267, 342 Gibbins, Merle 134, 394 Gibbons, Elizabeth 70, 396 Gibbons, Roger 352 Gibbs, Suzee 366 Giberson, Shirley 376 Gibson, Ann 70, 178, 205 Gibson, Ann L. 70, 119, 402 Gibson, Joel 440 Gielow, Ken 350 Giffin, James 316 Gilberd, Fred 202, 326 Gilbert, Howard 320 Gilbert, P. 178 Giles, Sue 436 Gilkey, Lee 70, 380 Gillen, Robert 280 Giller, Barbara 70 Gillis, Tandy 244, 253, 348 Gilpin, Charles 70 Gilpin, Kate 70 Gimglin, Cathy 380 Gingg, Geri 406 Gingsberg, Sue 145, 370 Gingsburg, Roger 70, 360 Ginter, Barbara 382 Giovacchini, Al 70, 236, 237, 342 Giovanazzi, Joe 102, 324 Girard, Anne 366 Gitchell, Gil 295 Giudice, Henry 334 Giumarra, John 342 Gjestland, Lafe 271 Glabman, James 360 Glagola, Steve 334 Glander, Judy 102, 394 Glandon, Barbara 430 Glasoe, Karen 70, 396 Glass, Joan 370 Glau, Tom 416 Gleason, Terry 70, 176, 416 Glendinning, Pat 70, 380 Glick, Judy Glooschenka, Walter 185 Gloria, Patricia 100 Gluskin, Mike 320 Gnesdiloff, George .70, 135, 313 Godsey, Kay 373 Godwin, Sally 144, 393 Goerlich, Annette 378 Goggin, Bill 186 Gogol, Pat 404 Gokson, Lincoln 335 Goldberg, George 130, 360 Goldberg, Joan 390 Goldberg, Linda 420 Golden, Harlan 70 Golden, Sheldon 190 Goldfield, Helaine 404 Goldkuhl, Nancy 398 Goldman, Barry 360 Goldman, J. 183 Goldman, Steve 344 Goldstein, Hal Y320 Goldstein, Mary 70, 444 Goldstein, Ronald 190 Goldwasser, Marlyn 404 Golen, Dean 440 Golen, Lawrence 283 Golobick, Joan 70, 374 Goltz, Milton 180 Golub, Judy 370 Gomberg, David 173 Gomes, Georgiana 366 Gomez, Natalie 70 Gompertz, Charles 70, 311 Gompertz, Jody 388 Gompertz, Peggy 70, 396 GoneraiI, Cordelia 186 Gong, Tony 162 Gong, William 71 Gonsalves, Ron 352 Gonser, Tom 298 Gonzales, Bob 71, 214, 232, 234, 318 Gooch, James 71 Gooch, Kenneth 71 Gooch, Patricia 400 Gooch, Roland 176 Good, Michael 71, 204, 308 Good, Mike 308 Goodale, Tom 334 Gooden, Bob 416 Goodman, Brenda 100, 136 Goodman, Gloria 370 Goodman, Jay 172 Goodman, Kent 71, 172, 174, 199 Goodman, Nancy 444 Goodmanson, Marsha 388 Goodrich, David 334 Goodwin, Hubert 192, 440 Googins, Vivian 408 Goon, Clarene 102 Goorjian, Paul 71, 180, 214 Goorjian, Peter 302 Gordon, Bob 342 Gordon, Diane 71 Gordon, Ronald 71, 177 Gord on, Stewart 269 Gordon, William 71, 73 Gormley, Sheila 430 Gosline, Sally 408 Gospel, Wendy 424 Gotelli, June 100, 434 Gotshall, John 283, 324 Gould, Geoffrey 192 Gould, Linda 390 Gould, Marcia 380 Gould, Margaret 71, 178, 182, 438 Gould, Sharon 125, 202 Gould, Stuart ....71, 180, 278, 351 Gouzene, Alfred 332 Govan, Richard 279 Grady, Joan 398 Grady, Michael 57, 71, 313 Grady, Pete 71, 304 Graff, William 190 Graham, Doug 233, 271, 336 Graham, Judy 102, 131, 393 Graham, Larry 295 Graham, Loran 71, 313 Graham, Louise 410 Graham, Walter 71 Gramatky, Margaret 71, 396 Granger, Bill 312 Grant, Caroll 100, 147, 410 Grant, Gerald 416 Grant, Sue 146, 408 Granvill, Robert 175 Granz, John 150 Grasso, Cecilia 424 Grater, Barbara .. ....... ....100, 426 Graupner, Wendy 388 Grauss, Phil 354 Graves, Clifford 278 Graves, Dorothy 71, 396 Graves, Tom 269 Gravestock, Don 440 Gram, Herb 254 Gray, Cindi 429 Gray, Diana 400 Gray, Don 71, 236, 237 457 Gray, Janice 423 Gray, Jean 178, 365, 402 Gray, Loretta 394 Gray, Peter 328 Green, Dan 332 Green, Gerald 320 Green, Gretchen 102 Green, Harlan 283 Green, Howard 128, 146, 416 Green, Jim 214, 230 Green, Michael 351 Green, Mildred 429 Green, Pete 306 Green, Rosemary 426 Green, Vicki 124, 193, 444 Greenberg, Judy 404, 444 Greenberg, Myla 71 Greene, Richard 344 Greenlee, Gordon ....204, 271, 306 Greenwood, Ann 71, 402 Greenwood, Jerry 258 Gregg, Pat 146, 147, 366 Gregg, Roger ..178,.214, 266, 267 Gregorich, Greg 262 Gregory, Bill 337 Gregory, Carol 71, 127, 386 Greiner, Lee 316 Gremaux, Don 354 Grener, Dan 303 Grether, Dave 129, 314 Greuner, Pat 402 Greve, Lily 71, 380 Grey, Gary 284 Grey, Jerry 262 Gribble, Mary 446 Gridley, Ron 280, 310 Griem, Paul 322 Griffin, Dick 131, 323 Griffin, Dorris 71, 380 Griffin, John 71, 175, 362 Griffin. Roberta 412 Griffith, Lynn 144, 406 Griffith, Nancy 402 Griffith, Roger 354 Griffith, Sally 378 Griffiths, Stephanie 396 Grigg, Kent 330 Grisemer, Alan 356 Grisham, Pat 410 Grismore, Jerry 302 Grivetti, Louis 236, 237, 416 Grizzle, Anne 71, 368 Grold, Joan 370 Grosfeld, 404 Grossman, Jim 360 Grossman, Robert 332 Grothe, Carol 392 Groudine, Harvey 71, 123 Grout, Jack 71, 214, 244, 253, 416 Grove, Lily Grove, Thomas 177 Groves, Linda 131, 388 Groy, Jean 183 Gruen, Peter 100, 131, 136 Gruenig, Jim 181, 199 Grunwald, Joan 436 Grupe, George 202, 337 Gruver, Mary 71, 122, 194 Guard, Bill 175, 346 Gueffroy, Don 440 Guensler, Steve 351 Guerard, Roberta 424 Guernsey, Jere 354 Guggenheim, Dan 326 Guidice, Hank 230 Guinn, Robert 71, 174 Gulbranson, Mary 71 Gumbiner, Abby 436 Gump, Cherilyn 423 Gunder, Mary 57, 71, 376 Gunn, James 71, 301 Gunnarson, Jerry 310 Gunther, Steve 320 Gutjahr, Herbert 71 Gutman, Stan 296 Gwerder, Merrilee 400 H Haack, Alan 310 Haberland, Marguerite ....185, 446 Hackman, Timothy 312 Hacker, Dee 374 Hacker, Jean 426 Hadden, Kathleen 71 Haden, Bill 316 Hage, Leland 71 Hage, Nancy 71, 124 Hagedorn, James 122, 173 Hageman, Laura 426 Hagemann, James 301 Hageny, Daniel 71, 191 Hagiwara, Alvin 71, 424 Hagiwara, Tanako 415 Hague, Ruth 386 Haines, Bill 284, 362 Haire, Bob 71, 309 Haire, Ginny 100 Hajney, Dave 123 Hakmiller, Stan 334 Halden, Allan 324 Haley, Bud 254 Haley, Ellen 366 Haley, Sharon 374 Haley, William 303 Halim, Barli 127 Hall, Carole 72 Hall, Carolyn 72 Hall, Connie 378 Hall, Charles ..135, 143, 203, 295 Hall, Donna 380 Hall, Edna 72, 429 Hall, Jerry 302 Hall, John 326 Hall, Patricia 436 Hall, Priscilla 394 Hall, Sherman 72, 309 Hall. Susan 393 HaIlford, Dick 416 Hallin, Roger 72 HalIinan, Kayo 215, 256 Hallinan, Pat 212 Halloran, Michael 303 Halseth, Martin 302 Halstead, David 72, 203, 422 Halvorsen, Bernita 402 Hamai, Junji 72 Hambric, John 355 Hamilton, Bill 348 Hamilton, Lorraine 426 Hamilton, Richard 72, 174 Hamilton, Toni 406 Hamlin, Howard 180 Hammerman, Judy 404 Hammon, Eleanor 72 Hammon, Gerald 72, 328 Hammond, Jane 72, 131, 194, 309, 400 Hammond, John Hammons, Ann 178 Hampton, Betsy 388 Hampton, Nancy 72, 394 Hance, Janice 102, 386 Hand, Carolyn 119, 131, 193, 406 Hand, William 332 Handel, Larry 328 Handelsman, Ira 344 Hanerfeld, Hartha 125 Hanessian, Jack 124, 352 Haney, Sheila 374 Hankin, Jerome 176 Hanley, Pat 386 Hanley, Shiela 148 Hanlon, Sue 382 Hann, Linda 434 Hanna, Steve . 72, 143, 203, 311 Hannaford, Lynn 388 Hannah, Judith 72 Hannah, Pat 423 Hansen, Bruce 280 Hansen, Don 202, 336 Hansen, Evelyn 72 Hansen, J. 202 Hansen, Karen 72, 398 Hansen, Kip 376 Hansen, Lynn 102 Hansen, Pat 147, 366 Hansen, Suzanne 145, 393 Hansen, W. 175 Hanson, Caroline 72, 426 Hanson, Fred 236, 237 Hansen, John 310 Hanson, Judith 72 Hanson, Marilyn 102, 380 Hanson, Ray 72 Harada, Bette 72 Harada, Kim 119, 188 Harbaugh, Carol 72, 444 Harbaugh, Robert 257, 303 Harbrand, Newton 131, 320 Hard, Annette 415 Hardy, Beverly 385 Hargis, William 72 Harlan, Barry 298 Harlan, Bill 306 Harmeling, Anne 406 Harnett, Barbara 410 Haro, Robert 185 Harrington, Donald 185 Harris, Bill 72, 323 Harris, Brenda 130, 393 Harris, David 416 Harris, James 303 Harris, Paula 436 Harris, Robert 310 Harris, Valerie 370 Harrison, John 271 Harrison, William 185, 201 Harrosh, NiIda 390 Harsch, Joy 72, 408 Harshberger, Robert 337 Hart, Carl 323 Hart, Darryl 330 Hart, Jack 62, 72, 214, 230, 326 Hart, Judy 388 Hart, Sally 119, 408 Hart, Sally 57, 72, 185, 187, 194 Hartman, Bev 366 Hartman, Donna 400 Hartman, Joan 370 Hartzell, Lahman 72 Harvey, Steve 283, 416 Haskell, Anne 185 Haslim, Lenard 199 Hassard, Anne 378 Hastings, Barbara 134, 396 Hastings, Bim 72, 115, 298 Hastings, Dick 355 Hastings, Katie 437 Hasund, Shirley 410 Hatas hita, Lizzie 423 Hatch, Howard 184 Hatcher, Gerald 313 Hathaway, Al 72 Hathaway, Harry 72, 198, 340 Hathcock, Richard 326 Hattori, Yukiyo 431 Haueter, Shirley 72, 380 Hauge, Lee 324 Haunschild, Jean 72, 382 Haven, Caroline 72, 396 Haven, Glenn 296 Hawes, John 72, 175 Hawkes, Mavis 184 Hawkey, Frank 328 Hawkins, Joseph 72, 316 Hawkins, Mimi 378 Hawkinshire, Bob 117 Hawley, Bill 129, 285 Hawley, Larry 72, 440 Hawley, Willis 342 Haworth, Bob 295 Haworth, Lyle 72, 326 Hay, Dorothy 72 Hayashi, Ed 188, 440 Hayashi, Ken 72, 424 Hayashi, Robert 188, 440 Hayden, Larry 344 Hayes, Loretta 420 Hayes, Milton 173 Hayes, Peggy 400 Hayes, Sharon 431 Hayes, Will 334 Hays, Nancy 392 Hayward, Gerald 313 Hayward, Jerry 124 Hayward, Lanny 134, 394 Hazeltine, Tom 337 Healey, Edward 312 Healy, Mike 181, 199, 278 Healy, Myrtle 100, 434 Heaman, Mike 123 Heatherly, Mary 366 Heckendorf, Margaret 408 Heckenlaible, Dick 416 Hedlund, Lee 72, 203 Heflin, Mike Heid, Marie 410 Heiges, Glenda 415 Heimann, Dick 346 Hein, Bob 356 Heller, Marlene 390 Hellin, Mike 352 Helm, Frank 362 Helmbrecht, Noel 254 Helsby, Jack 313 Helske, David 257, 313 Heltibridle, Adrienne 402 Hemb, Beverly 73 Hemming, Ruth 141 Henault, Paul 440 Henchell, Frederick 280 Henderson, Gerald 348 Henderson, James 296 Henderson, Jane 378 Henderson, Joan 374 Henderson, Marjorie 382 Henderson, Stephen 298 Hendren, Andrea 183, 388 Hendrix, Lynette 402 Hendrix, Tom 304 Henley, Darryl 326 Henning, Elaine 144, 178, 402 Henrich, Bob 323 Hendrickson, Roy 73 Henrietta, Lynne 134, 378 Henrotin, John 202, 314 Henry, Chip 17 6, 298 Henry, Ellen 402 Henry, Marian 73, 382 Henry, William 73, 174 Herb, Pete 340 Herbert, Jean 368 Herbert, Joe 304 Herbert, Mary 410 Herbert, Nancy 73 Heringe, Carol 400 Herkes, Jana 131, 366 Hermann, Bob 177 Herndo, Bob 230 Herr, Gail 73, 438 Herrera, Esther, 173, 415, 420 Herrick, Stephen 306 Hersey, Laura 434 Hertel, Ray 198, 214, 291, 280, 336 Hertzberg, John 344 Herzog, Al 360 Herzog, Bev 430 Herzstein, Linda 390 Hess, Norm 440 Hesse, Robert 73, 351 Hester, Charlene 368 Heston, Barbara 386 Hetzel, Marlene 57, 73, 412 Heuga, Robert 294 Heustis, Suzanne ...124, 365, 408 Hewitt, Roger 233, 269, 295 Hibler, Lani 183, 404 Hicks, Mary 382 Hicks, Richard 73, 323 Hiebert, James 295 Hieronimus, Lynne 398 Higaki, S. 188 Higbee, Cathy 100, 119, 121, 136, 394 Higgins, George 358 Higgins, Lynne 100, 410 Higgs, Mary 385 High, Lee 380 Hildebrand, Dick 316 Hildebrand, Ron 342 Hilderley, Jeriann 73 Hilf, Frank 195 Hill, Bradford 314 Hill, Bryce 295 Hill, Deborah 73, 205, 366 Hill, Dorothy 73 Hill, George 73, 212, 214, 306 Hill, Linda 73, 368 Hill, Norman 240, 416 Hillebrandt, Don 323 Hilquist, Robert 73, 203 Hilton, Carole 131 Hilton, John 306 Hinckley, Doug 73, 172 Hind, Terry 176 Hine, Blair 378 Hing, Pat 73 Hink, Leslye 426 Hinman, Mary 406 Hino, Teruo 73 Hirano, Agnes 73 Hirano, Janet 188, 373 Hirasaki, Midori 434 Hirsch, Merrill 320 Hirschon, Barbara 423 Hirsh, Wayne 360 Hirst, Bill 268, 318 Hisaka, Melvin 424 Hitchcock, Bill 340 Hitchcock, Carolyn .. 73, 148, 444 Hitchcock, Larry 198, 348 Hjort, Marilyn 173 Hjortsvang, Susanne 393 Ho, Marie 405 Hobbie, John 177 Hobbs, Edwin 304 Hobin, Bill 202, 316 Hobin, Pat 73, 316 Hockabout, Kent M. 73, 356 Hodgdon, Fredericka 374 Hodge, Judy 380 Hodges, Sandy 426 Hoecker, Vicki 386 Hoefer, Carol 108, 388 Hoey, Randy 324 Hoff, Sunny 127 Hoffland, Maxine 434 Hoffman, Bruce 323 Hoffman, Charlie 73, 378 Hoffman, Mary 73, 125, 173, 199 Hoffman, Norman 257 Hoffmann, Sigmar 297 Hoffner, Harriet 388 Hofman, Margita 438 Hofmann, Robert 73, 175 Hofmann, Ron 320 Hogue, William 322 Hokom, John 73, 334 Holcombe, Margaret 380 Holcombe, Nellie 395 Holden, Lynne 444 Holland, Archie 356 Holland, Charlton 416 Holland, Nancy 366 Hollander, Bob 422 Hollander, Roger 102, 351 Holliman, William 73, 256, 291, 302 Deana 431 Hollingshead, Evelyn . .120, 144, 194, 203, 392 Hollingshead, Jill 73, 117, 185, 187, 368 Hollingsworth, Johnny 346 Hollis, Sylvia 123, 432 Holloway, C. 198 Holmes, Irene 148, 431 Holmes, John 330 Holmes, Joy .. 100, 136, 178, 380 Holmes, Roy 129 Holmes, Sandra 376 Holmlund, James 73 Holsinger, Madeleine 438 Holstein, Jack 323 Holstius, Ursula 134, 386 Holston, Charles 230, 302 Holstrom, Jim 202, 308 Holt, N. 198 Holt, Sherry 386 Holtsmark, Eric 236, 237 Holzman, Phillip 344 Homann, Dorothy 73, 423 Homer, Barbara 373 Hone, Mike 73, 81, 352 Hong, Adelyn 73 Hong, Laureen 438 Hong, Maxine 432 Honig, Ann 370 Honig, Myrna 420 Honigberg, Myra 370 Honzik, Eleanor 368 Hoogs, Bill 337 Hooper, D. 174, 178 Hooper, Harriet 37, 444 Hooper, W. 115 Hoopes, William 73, 185, 295 Hoorebeke, David 348 Hope, Jeanette 102 Hopkins, Alfred 295 Hopkins, Tim 354 Hopman, Richard 73 Hoppin, Dick 306 Hoppin, Jean 396 Hops, Harriett 185, 393 Hora, Mas 424 Horn, Stephen 360 Hornaday, Tom 233, 323 Hornberger, Jim 73, 191, 346 Horner, Jeff 123, 346 Horowitz, S. 203 Horsley, Jim 308 Horst, Jim 233 Horton, Mack 73, 295 Horwatt, Thomas 162, Horwitt, Gerald 73, 191 Horwitz, Robert 320 Hospers, Cornelius 314 Hossom, Linda 394 Hotchkiss, Cal 359 Hotle, Arlene 73, 386 House, Bob 324 House, Terry 102, 328 Houston, Kyla 378 Hove, Roger 313 Howard, Anne 58, 73, 144, 194, 203, 392 Howard, Art 324 Howard, Dick 360 Howard, Donald 74, 120, 150 Howard, Jay 74, 198, 340 Howard, Leta 74, 201, 400 Howard, Roland 294 Howden, Bill 181, 199 Howden, Charles 332 Howe, June 74 Howell, Jane ..131, 147, 193, 400 Howland, Pat 376 Howson, Lin 398 Howson, Lynn 410 Hoyer, Ernst 176 Hromadka, Elizabeth 378 Hseuh, Pu-Chin 423 Hsia, Y. 202 Hsu, Theresa 74, 185 Huang, Robert 74 Hubbard, Dick 74, 304 Huber, Dennis 74 Huber, Gordon 306 Huber, S. 198, 214, 232, 233 Hudson, Jay 74, 326 Hudson, Mark 306 Hudson, Miles 271 Hudson, Natalie 74, 394 Hudson, Ralph 74, 416 Hudson, William 294 Huen, Tony 74 Huesman, Ron 330 Huestis, Kathy 74 Huetinck, John 236, 237 Huffman, Mike 256 Hufford, Betty 74, 398 Hughes, Connie 141, 429 Hughes, Dick 326 Hughes, Gail 366 Hughes, Marcia 147, 366 Hughes, Marilynne ..100, 131, 382 Hulbert, Jerry 102, 162, 294 Hummelt, Harold 316 Humphrey, Harry 332 Humphreys, Donald 359 Humphreys, George 74, 296 Humphreys, Phil 328 Hung, Leila 74, 185 Hunolt, Jim 356 Hunt, Jim 302 Hunt, Marilyn 146, 147, 410 Hunt, Ralph 74, 176 458 Hunt, Renee 184, 185, 437 Hunt, Sandy 144, 393 Hunt, Steven 74 Hunter, Mary 424 Hunter, William 326 Huntley, Brad 175, 346 Huntley, Gordon 308 Hurd, Vivien 148, 393 Hurff, Susan 74, 378 Hurley, Jim 336 Hurschler, Jacqueline 74, 396 Hurt, Carolyn 374 Hurt, John 340 Huseby, Jim 322 Hussain, Afzaal 74 Husted, Russell 102 Hutchison, Claude ....214, 280, 340 Hutchison, Murray 334 Huth, Gaylord 440 Hyatt, Gilbert 74, 440 Hyde, Barbara 74, 438 Hyde, George 309 Hyder, Barbara 376 Hyman, Jerry 320 Hynes, Joan 57, 74, 119, 136, 194, 408 I Ichioka, Eddie 74 Iijima, Takenori 74 Imai, JoAnne 188, 415 Imhoff, Darrall 212, 244, 252, 330 Inch, Betsy 376 lngebretsen, Kaaren 386 Ingebretson, Robert 269 Ingersoll, Tom 303 Ingham, Bill 316 Inglis, Mike 328 Ingraham, Donald 185 Ingram, James 74, 176, 351 lnnes, Tracy 203, 400 Innis, Joseph 74, 318 Inouya, Akio 424 Inouya, Tom 424 Ipson, Dan 233, 3C8 Irvine, Bob 120, 148 Irvine, Helen 100, 373 Irvine, Linda 100, 373 Isabelle, Adrian 302 Isele, Tom 74 Isenberg, Bruce 74 Israels, Louis 74, 320 lvancich, John 186 Iverson, Ora 184 Ives, Doug 74, 120, 140, 142, 348 Izumi, Allan 424 J Jackson, Beverly 366 Jackson, James 74, 334 Jackson, Kent 190 Jackson, Nancy 429 Jackson, Pat 408 Jackson, Tom 348 Jacob, Ellis 74, 181, 199, 203 Jacob, J. 203 Jacobes, Branda 400 Jacobes, Roy ....74, 198, 271, 336 Jacobs, Allan 283, 422 Jacobs, Ellis 74, 360 Jacobs, Fenton 320 Jacobs, Jerrell 430 Jacobs, Marshall 320 Jacobs, Ross 322 Jacobs, Walt 338 Jacobson, Jon 74 Jacobson, Larry 320 Jacobson, Norman ....100, 274, 416 Jacobson, Pat 100 Jacobson, Paul 41, 74, 360 Jacobson, Sandy 346 Jacobson, Stan 123 Jacot, Yves 74 Jaeger, Ed 340 Jaffe, Joyce 390 Jaffe, Steve 131 Jakobsen, Craig 308 Jakobsen, Kent 308 James, Barbara 131, 380 James, Martha 131, 428 James, Molly 74, 374 James, William 75, 422 Jamieson, Allan 161 Jamieson, Anne 177, 432 Jamile, Alex 233, 269, 320 Janin, Barbara 408 Janisch, Catherine 102, 410 Jaramilo, Fernando 236, 237 Jarvis, Bob 440 Jefsen, John 75, 303 Jen, Jeanette 437 Jenkins, Dan 340 Jenkins, James 75 Jenkins, R. 176 Jenner, Janice 100, 432 Jennings, Chuck 100, 324 Jennings, Jim 324 Jennings, Lucille 438 Jensen, Diana 184 Jensen, Gale 184 Jensen, Harley 301 Jensen, Joseph 184 Jenson, Meg 400 Jepperson, Gail 444 Jessie, Larry 100 Jetha 127 Jevas, Harry 190 Jewett, Jennie 394 Johnson, Al 346 Johnson, Anthony 57, 75, 324 Johnson, Bill 323 Johnson, Bryte 75, 198, 312 Johnson, Carl 75 Johnson, Cash 308 Johnson, Charlie 214, 231, 232 Johnson, David 75 Johnson, Dick 238 Johnson, Douglas 75 Johnson, Duane 304 Johnson, Dwight 304 Johnson, Eleanor 75, 394 Johnson, Emery 202, 337 Johnson, Gale 131, 386 Johnson, Gordon 215, 346 Johnson, Ira 75 Johnson, Joelle 75, 366 Johnson, Karen 388 Johnson, Kathleen 400 Johnson, Ken 352 Johnson, Lance 190 Johnson, Linda 75, 408 Johnson, Marcia 75, 368 Johnson, Rich 348 Johnson, Sandy 75, 412 Johnson, Steve 102, 355 Johnson, T. 257, 266, 290 Johnson, Tanya 75, 385 Johnson, Verne 75 Johnson, Victor 75, 278 Johnson, Warren 75 Johnson, William 75 Johnson, Winona 75, 402 Johnston, Bill 298 Johnston, Everett 326 Johnston, Gordon 75, 254, 297 Johnston, John 236, 237 Johnston, Philip 358 Johnston, Sharon 134, 366 Johnston, Sharon 396 Johnston, Trudy 75 Joiner, Judy 423 Jully, Bob 351 Jonas, Jim 310 Jones, Ann 366 Jones, Carol 438 Jones, Dick 202 Jones, Gayle 366 Jones, J. 412 Jones, John 75,198, 316 Jones, Judy 100, 202, 410 Jones, Julie 376 Jones, Richard 186, 318 Jones, Robert ..100, 238, 286, 332 Jones, Sandra 385 Jones, Sandy 396 Jones, Shelley 426 Jones, Tom 102, 440 Jonhson, Terry 214, 231, 232, 330 Joplin, Glenn 75 Jordan, Buck 75, 181, 199 291, 355 Jordan, Judy 390 Jordan, Pat 100, 146, 366 Jorgensen, Dave 328 Jorgensen, Jane 57, 75, 438 Jorgensen, Les 75, 174, 324 Jorgensen, Mary 75 Joseph, Bob 177 Joseph, Dona 75, 370 Jotisalikara, Puangchan 200 Joyal, Arnold 175, 324 Juda, Patsy 370 Juday, Marilyn 438 Judd, David 416 Judd, Deane 75, 310 Judge, Bill 362 Jue, Ed 440 Jue, Howard 75 Jue, Jeanne 438 Jump, William 75, 322 Junker, Hans ...75, 181, 199, 203 Jurs, Lou 301 Justesen, Monte 75, 324 Justin, Jeanette 376 Justin, Peter 322 K Kachen, George 100 Kachi, Sal 172 Kadarsan, Halimah 127 Kadarsan, Sampurno 12 7 Kadell, Sharon 186 Kadri, Salahuddin 75, 422 Kagan, Richard 344 Kagan, Sandy 444 Kahn, Doris 370 Kahn, Ron 75, 323 Kahrs, Judie 102 Kaiser, Gary 215 Walter 75, 181 Kalamaras, John 271 Kalian, Charles 313 Kalker, Jeannette 370 Kallman, Allan 190 Kalman, Lynne 75 Kam, James 75 Kamm, Sue 128, 144, 434 Kandel, Richard 338 Kane, Bill 185 Kane, Carolyn 386 Kane, Christopher 359 Kane, Suzy 415 Kaneko, Yuji 424 Kangas, Malcolm 334 Kankam, Dick 195 Kapfer, Jay 155, 177 Kaplan, Melvin 173 Kaplan, Stuart 344 Kapler, Sharon 75 Kapp, Joseph 91, 214, 230 Kappel, Larisa 438 Karakantas, George 76, 337 Karasik, Aaron 76, 174 Karlsrud, Robert 76, 278, 337 Karlsrud, Roger 337 Karmine, Cristell 436 Karr, Howard 130, 135, 346 Kasa, Arlene . .76, 185, 188, 436 Kasemsap, Manas 200 Kashima, Tetsuden 283 Kashing, Gary 416 Kasparian, Oscar 300 Kasper, William 76, 123, 422 Kassenbrock, Bud 76, 303 Kato, Lorraine 444 Katsuyama, Allen 424 Kattler, Kohn 313 Katz, Harvey 344 Katz, Helen 420, 438 Katz, Maxine 370 Katze, Jon 351 Katzman, Jerry 76, 360 Kauffman, Robert 360 Kaufman, Janice 370 Kaufman, Nancy 420 Kaufmann, Joan 76, 390 Kaufmann, Walt 360 Kaufmann, Wendy 444 Kavanagh, Carol 134, 394 Kavanagh, Dennis 76 Kavanagh, Don 76, 316 Kawamoto, Jack 440 Kawaoka, Kenji 297 Kawasaki, Seiso 424 Kay, Laurel 140, 370 Kay, Lenore 370 Kaye, Betsy 438 Kaylor, Clark 301 Kearney, Ron 334 Kearns, David 306 Keasbey, Elizabeth 186, 402 Keating, Dick 202, 362 Keck, James 351 Keefe, George 309 Keefer, James 322 Keegan, Diane 434 Barbara 434 Keeler, James 76, 190, 322 Keeler, Wylie 76, 314 Keeline, Caroline 415 Keene, Martha 380 Kellar, Carolyn 205, 207 Keller, Joni 76, 398 Keller, Steve 76, 340 Kelley, Cathy 378 Kelley, Margaret 76, 378 Kelley, Terry 256, 278, 326 Kellogg, Ted 326 Kelly, Ken 352 Kelly, Pat 76 Kelly, Ron 330 Kelly, Roxanne 100, 129, 380 Kelly, Susan 396 Kelsey, Janet 398 Kelsey, Preston 177 Kelso, Richard 326 Kemp, Janet 197, 382 Kendall, Don 354 Kenis, Steve 76, 360 Kenline, George 416 Kennaugh, Jeanne 76 Kennaugh, William 76, 180 Kennedy, Anne 76 Kennedy, D. 178 Kennedy, Marie 102, 123, 148, 374 Kennedy, Michael 76, 290, Kenner, Mary . 76, 184, 188, 194 Kenner, Lee R. 184 Kennerknecht, Robert 76, 203 Kennon, Jack 135, 346 Kent, Alice 406 Kent, Allen 318 Kent, Patricia 76 Kenton, Elaine 446 Keranes, James 124 Kerckhoff, Darry 202, 340 Kern, Anne 205 Kerin, Leland 76 Kerley, R. 115 Kerper, Elna 426 Kerper, Karen 76, 426 Kerr, Kenton 190 Kerr, Wendell 284, 328 Kersevan, Alex 236, 237 Kertz, Freddie 76, 390 Key, Bernard 338 Key, Jean 423 Keyes, Dianne 184 Keyes, Jerry 184, 190 Khashoggi, Adil 76 Kidd, Margaret 436 Kiedash, Gail 123 Kiger, Ron 352 Kihlen, Judy 444 Kilfoil, Thomas 215, 258, 354 Kilgore, Patti 102, 368 Sandra 386 Kim, Pyoung 57, 76 Kimball, Pat 119, 365, 380 Kimberlin, Ann 76, 406 Kimmel, Gary 76, 180 Kimura, Eimi 76 Kimura, Naomi 76 Kincade, Barbara 76, 3E8 Kindorf, James 76, 348 King, Janet 386 King, Ken 76, 352 King, Linda 382 King, Louise 102, 402 King, Louise 426 King, Nancy 438 King, Richard .76, 114, 119, 152 King, Robert 76, 351 Kingren, B. 185 Kinner, Mary 183 Kinney, Bob 77, 230 Kinney, Ed 76, 314 Kinney, Robert 76 Kinney, William 77 Kinnick, Karl 355 Kinsinger, John 77 Kinsinger, Steve 77 Kipnis, Patricia 404 Kiraly, Judith 429 Kirby, Janet 408 Kirby, Kathryn 429 Kirby, Malcolm 172 Kirby, Richard 102, 162, 294 Kirby, Robert 185, 322 Kirk, Dianna 201 Kirk, Frank 186 Kirkman, Kathryn 426 Kirkpatrick, James 77 Kirkwood, Anne 77, 396 Kirshbaum, Robert 77, 299 Kirwan, Kevin 291, 326 Kirz, James 185 Kisbey, Stanley 190 Kishi, Billy 77 Kissack, Sheryl 128, 424 Kistinger, Diane 188 Kistner, Stanley 77 Kita, Chris 134, 434 Kiyomura, Ira 274, 416 Kjarsgaard, Sue 134, 386 Kjellstrand, Peggy 77 Klahn, Susan 426 Klakoff, Stephanie 77 Klapak, Karolyn 374 Klassen, Toni 77, 436 Klatzker, Suzanne 390 Kleeman, G. 202 Klein, Curtin 283 Klein, Isabel 57, 77, 370 Klein, Jeanne 420 Klein, Kate 77, 400 Klein, Tom 440 Kleiner, Karol 57, 77, 410 Klink, Richard 354 Klipfel, Jane 386 Klopstock, Samuel 358 Klose, Jeanne 366 Klugman, E. 183 Knight, Dave 199 Knight, Jane 412 Knight, Mike 102, 355 Knight, Robert 416 Knight, Sandra 100 Knoepp, Terry 334 Knopf, Kermit 77, 172, 350 Knott, Susan 100, 386 Knotts, Dianne 184 Knowles, Janet 77 Knowles, Lotus 77, 185 Knutson, Walter 77, 162, 311 Kobayashi, Richard 424 Kobayashi, Say 424 Kobuchi, Suzie 432 Koch, Albert 296 Koch, Elizabeth 77 Koch, Karl 190 Koch, L. 202 Kodama, Steven 424 Koenig, Daniel 77, 185 Koepinick, Marilyn 186 Koepsell, Kathy 412 Koepsell, Paul 332 Kofman, Ken 77, 320 Koh, Joong 77 Kohatsu, Lucille 77 Kojima, Moonray ....77, 180, 181, 199, 203, 422 Koldewyn, Phillip 184 Kolkmann, Harry 77, 181 Komatsubara, Nancy 188, 436 Kono, Art 286, 416 Koolen, Ginnie 102, 382 Kopke, Lynn 123 Koppitch, Judy 423 Kops, P. 198 Kordestany, Mandana 77 Korman, Ron 57, 77, 131, 416 Kornfield, Nancy 77, 125 Korsinen, Wayne 324 Kostiverika 186 Kovacich, Steve 184 Kovalivker, Alan 416 Kowalski, Lily 77, 432 Koyen, Ann 428 Kral, Barbara 432 Kramer, Bob 264 Kramer, Lotte 77 Krause, Del 323 Krause, Selma 373 Krawll, Helene 390 Kraemer, Sue 430 Kress, Carl 77, 174, 178 Krevitt, Carolyn 390 Krevitt, Roland 320 Kricsfeld, Karen 77, 390 Krieger, Mike 298 Krieger, Stephen 77, 360 Kristic, Robert 330 Kriten, Sig 174 Kriz, George ..199, 297 Krober, Ly nn 434 Kroenlein, Dieter 77 Kroes, Bill 309 Kroesen, Cynthia 134, 376 Krueger, Jim 297 Krug, Don 173 Kruse, David 350 Krutchkoff, Dave 285, 338 Kuamme, Floyd 199 Kubin, Nancy 77, 374 Kubly, Diane 77 Kuchar, William 77, 186 Kuechler, Henry 198, 204, 286, 362 Kuehn, Nancy 57, 77, 183, 432 Kuhlman, Ann 398 Kuhn, Michael 338 Kumragse, Skul 200 Kuperman, Murray 77 Kuranoff, Mich 78, 174, 440 Kurotori Katherine ..126, 129, 429 Kurtz, Tom 161, 346 Kurzman, Marjorie 370 Kurzman, Michael 338 Kuskie, Jerry 195 Kusske, John 416 Kuykendall, Gene 172, 174 Kvamme, Floyd E. 181 Kway, Wayne 78 Kwick, Kwan 127 Kwok, Gee-On 78 Kwok, Joel 78, 236, 237 Kwok, Russell 236, 237 Kysh, Judy 144, 402 L Labovitz, Carol 370 LaChance, Frank 416 Lackey, Arlen 180, 356 Lacy, Suzanne. 424 Laetz, Hans 236, 237 LaForce, Phil 257 LaFrance, Bob 197 Lagerstrom, James 78, 298 Lai, Ron 335 Laine, Margo 394 Laister, Lynn 428 Lake, Suzanne 400 Laky, Les 238, 284, 416 LaLiberte, Bob 132, 354 Lamb, Marilyn 78, 406 Lambden, Bill 215, 256 Lambert, Carl 301 Lamoreux, Larry 176 Lancaster, John 190 Ladd, Alice 396 Landau, Roberta 100, 404 Landers, John 172, 186 459 Landgrube, Jack 199 Landis, Edward 78, 306 Landis, Ellen 390 Landis, Janet 406 Landsberg, Brian 78, 320 Langdon, Martha 376 Lange, Donald 78 Lange, Helmut 236, 237 Langenbach, Robert 78 Langford, Wayne 342 Langhi, Walter 78 Langler, James 78, 199 Langley, Jim 244, 252 Langs, Rosemary 402 Lanier, Jerry 181, 280 Lankenau, Susan 378 Lansman, Jack 328 Lanz, James 172 LaPedia, Bernard 299 Lapin, Larry 302 LaPointe, Norman 78 LaPotz, Alex 257 Laramy, Lori 398 Laratta, John 195 Larsen, Arlene 426 Larsen, Avery 144, 402 Larsen, Don 294 Larsen, Linda 408 Larsen, Lorna 146, 147, 366 Larson, Helen 130, 133, 410 Larson, Lois 428 Larson, Siv 79, 373 Larson, Sue 184 Lasher, Roland 214, 231, 232 Lasky, Joseph 78, 298 Lassen, Karen 408 Lasson, Harolyn 78, 438 Lateana, Janice 100, 131, 398 Latif, R. 203 Latta, Patrick 332 Lau, Charles 405 Lau, Letitia 78, 405 Laue, John 78, 332 Laufenberg, Clem 308 Laurence, Mary 378 Lauro, Joe 416 Lavezzi, Bob 351 Lavezzo, Al 78, 416 Lavin, Annette 390 Law, Joan 400 Law, Kathleen 424 Lawrenson, Ken 334 Lawson, Pam 408 Lawson, Truman 78, 176 Lawton, William 78 Lawyer, C. 175 Lawyer, Ray 78, 328 Layman, John 173 Layne, Arthur 314 Layne, Bob 162 Layton, Susan 184, 431 Lazar, Alan 338 Lazar, Karin 424 Lazar, Steve 360 Lazarus, Bobbie 390 Leach, Charles 316 Leach, Marguerite 444 Leary, Jim 313 Leath, William 78, 326 Leathem, Joan 415 Leaver, Mary 78 Lebherz, Arlene 415 Lebowitz, Mike 142 Lechner, Valerie 438 LeDrew, Sandra 78, 366 Lee, Carole 438 Lee, Daniel 335 Lee, David 78, 300 Lee, Diana 78 Lee, Ernest 177 Lee, Feelie 134, 444 Lee, Freida 134, 434 Lee, Gary 78 Lee, Glenn 296 Lee, Homer 78, 203, 422 Lee, Jeannette 405 Lee, Kenneth 78, 185 Lee, Mary 429 Lee, Pauline 78, 438 Lee, Stephen 78, 335 Lee, Virginia 405 Leeds, Andrea Lefevbre, Mike 195 Leggett, Carol 185 Lehman, Gloria 102, 444 Lehman, Jac 162 Leidich, Ray 304 Leister, Charles 78 Leister, Gail 393 Leisz, L. 202 Leland, David 344 Leland, Tom 301 Lelin, Eddie 176 Lembke, Stephanie 428 Lemmon, Jim 283 Lemon, Wonda 176 Lenhard, Donna 78 Leonard, Ann 374 Leonard, Bob 181 Leonard, Dawson 78, 291, 309 Leong, Dale 438 Leong, DeAnne 78, 438 Leong, Jenkin 78, 181 Leong, Leslie 432 Leong, Mel 7 8, 174 Leong, Theodore 78 Leppaluoto, D. 202 Lerer, Lynn 390 Lesnini, Celia 368 Leu ng, Alice 423 Levey, Bob 416 Levin, Barbara 185, 201, 390 Levin, Charles 338 Levin, Ellen 370 Levin, Elsie 370 Levin, Phil 360 Levin, Robert 360 Levin, Roberta 79, 370, 420 Levin, Ron 320 Levine, Arthur 269 Levine, Bud 338 Levine, Darryl 390 Levine, Gary 360 Levine, Marina 79 Levitt, Beverly 390 Levy, Carol 79, 194, 250, 201, 203 Levy, Lou 360 Levy, Sandy 370 Lew, Audrey 405 Lew, Thomas 185 Lewall, Ned 121, 358 Lewis, Dee 269, 440 Lewis, James 79, 131, 320 Lewis, Jan 434 Lewis, Jan 432 Lewis, Jim 304 Lewis, Kay 79, 368 Lewis, William 350 Lewon, Carol 434 Li, Pat 405 Liang, Gay 429 Liapes, Mickie 122, 148, 444 Libby, Dick 360 Libman, Barry 338 Lichtenstein, Mike 338 Liebman, Bill 440 Liechti, Joan 396 Liff, Jana 134, 370 Lightbody, Marcia 201 Lightmaster, Maren 117 Likes, Katherine 79, 444 Likins, Jim 257, 440 Lilien, Dave 79, 360 Lilleston, Sally 366 Lim, Honson 335 Lim, Peter 79, 174, 178 Lin, Samuel 79 Lincoln, Howie 301 Lindauer, Diane 430 Lindberg, Eric 354 Lindenbaum, Donna 370 Linderman, Mike 298 Lindgren, Helen 79, 408 Lindquist, Paul 79, 300 Lindsay, Diana 388 Lindsay, Marjorie 79, 185 187, 385 Link, George . .100, 118, 136, 440 Linman, Lynn 300 Linn, Richard 79, 303 Linsburg, R. 290 Lipman, Donn 359 Lipman, Steve 238, 306 Lippert, Margaret 438 Lippman, Brian 344 Lippman, Marsha 390 Lipscomb, Lance 79, 161 Lipton, Walt 124 Liston, Becky 446 Little, James 323 Little, Mary 160, 193, 258 Little, Mike 124 Little, Steven 313 Littlejohn, David 79 Littleton, Wayne 197 Litz, Norman 180 Livingston, Bill 342 Livingstone, Duke 328 Lloyd, Gulden 79, 214, 314 Lloyd, Tom 230, 308 Loafea, Marsha 125 Lobdell, Norm 195, 322 Lobdell, Tim 440 Locatelli, Linda 408 Lock, Allan 131, 202 Locke, Laurel 102, 144, 402 Locke, Susan 444 Lockhart, Charles 352 Lockwood, Phyllis 396 Loeb, Steve 360 Loenard, Lois 186 Lofholm, Paul 301 Lofy, Mary 79 Logan, Bailey 400 Logan, Trent 79, 258 Logan, Walton 79, 312 Lollin, Eugene 416 Lombardi, David 314 Lombardi, Jerry 202, 252 Long, James 297 Longaker, Chris 298 Longway, Larry 324 Loomis, Bob 181 Loomis, Leonard 161, 332 Loomis, Sandy 148, 393 Lord, George 102, 324 Lord, Nancy 426 Lorenz, Beverly 408 Louie, Don 266 Louie, Ellen 405 Louis, Evelyn 100, 373 Louis, Samuel 174, 178, 440 Louvan, G. 115 Loveall, Dick 342 Lovelace, Linda 79, 388 Low, Judy 102, 410 Low, Siak 79, 183 Lowe, F. 175 Lowe, Linda 408 Lowe, Marsha 405 Luard, Susanne 410 Lubarsky, Andre 79, 181, 199 Lubarsky, Bruce 79, 344 Lubarsky, Diane 424 Lubatti, Henry 79 Lubbock, Dan 135, 136, 291, 356 Lubovich, Anatole 128 Lucas, Chuck 127, 195, 240 Lucas, Roger 284 Lucero, Fred 57, 79, 173 Lucero, Jose 79, 214, 254, 268 Ludecke, Frederick 79 Ludwig, Meredith 79, 205 Ludwigsen, Laurel 79, 412 Luft, John 308 Luke, Joan 79, 394 Lukei, Charlotte 102, 398 Lukens, Bill 286 Lum, Francis 335 Lum, Key 190 Luna, Douglas 196, 336 Lund, Robert 356 Lundberg, Anders 79, 176, 195 Lundberg, Karin 374 Lundgren, Jerry 214, 230, 336 Lundgren, Roger 172 Lundgren, Valerie 79, 374 Lupher, Linda 388 Lusk, John 295 Lustig, Barbara 430 Lutge, Barbara 402 Luther, Margie 145, 402 Luton, Caroline 437 Luttges, Del 332 Lutzker, Ray 197 Lynch, Bill 233, 334 Lynch, Pat 382 Lynch, Richard 440 Lynch, Robert 130, 256, 326 Lynch, Susan 100, 423 Lynn, Jane 79 Lynn, Laurence 79, 291 Lynn, Leanore 438 Lynn, Woodin Lyon, Stephen 344 Lyons, Constance 79 Lyons, DeAnn 193, 408 M Maas, Charles 102, 326 Maas, John 348 Maasberg, Ronald 79 Macario, Diane 79, 420 MacAulay, Barbara 79, 201, 396 MacCollom, Alexander 79 MacDonald, Al 176 MacDonald, Diane 426 MacDonald, Jim 268 Mace Phil 356 MacEachern, Marilyn 102 Machado, Rich 356 Machen, Donald 79 MacIsaac, Nancy 392 MacKenzie, Donald 80 MacKenzie, Jessie 368 MacKerron, Robert 80 MacKiegan, Georgia 261 Mackin, Ed 268 MacKintosh, Dougald 80 MacLenna, Donald ....80, 199, 351 MacMillan, Donald 80 MacMillan, Philip 440 MacMillan, Sheila 201 MacMillan, Wendy 406 MacNider, Joan 80, 376 MacNider, Sandy 376 Macomber, James 297 Macomber, Loretta 80 MacPhee, Chester 80, 348 MacVean, Duncan 80 Madden, Robert 190 Maddock, Dick 172, 186 Maddux, Parker 202, 312 Madian, Alan 117 Madison, Della 385 Madonne, Marge 140, 201 Magay, Daniel 262 Mages, Kathleen 80 Maginess, Judy 420 Magnani, Michael 316 Maguire, Patricia 412 Mahakian, C. 175 Mahlendorff 176 Mahoney, John 71, 80, 342 Mahoney, Pat 123 Maier, Phyllis 80, 394 Main, Virginia 202, 436 Maison, Sally 430 Maldonado, Frank 215, 271, 323 Maldre, Donna 102 Malet, Bill 316 Malfanti, Lea 424 Malhstrom, Ed 186 Malinovsky, Vera 446 Malmstrom, Edward 80 Malmstrom, Karen 420, 437 Malone, Dave 332 Maloney, James 323 Maloyan, Carol 144 Malstrom, Edward 185 Malueg, Carolyn 80, 185 Manalis, Rich 416 Mandelman, Morris 183, 299 Manetas, Irene 432 Manetta, Bill 323 Mangum, Carolyn 386 Mangum, Robert 80, 326 Manley, Mike 342 Mann, Jerry 244, 252 Mann, Nancy 185 Manning, Jim 296 Manning, Marcia 382 Manuel, Pamela 130, 134, 410 Manunapicho, Kanchorn 200 Mar, Steven 335 Marantz, George 344 Maraschin, Bob 80, 176 Marble, Dana 219, 440 Marcari, Donna 428 March, William 190 Marchant, Dave 298 Marengo, Raetta 444 Marett, James 313 Margolin, Barbara 370 Margolin, Malcolm 344 Margolus, Rona 404 Mariani, Gene 328 Marki, Gustav 80, 203 Markley, O. 172, 350 Marks, Alan 80, 172 Marks, Myrna 404 Marquis, Kris 390 Marrs, William 303 Marsella, Tom 326 Marsh, Harry 440 Marshall, Clifford 81, 338 Marshall, David 283, 342 Marston, Michael 80, 195, 346 Martin, Anne 378 Martin, Bob 337 Martin, Carol 388 Martin, Don 214, 280, 294 Martin, Gerry 102, 376 Martin, Heather 102, 134, 382 Martin, Kendra 146 Martin, Linda 121, 134 Martin, Melinda 393 Martin, Timothy 283 Martinez, Marty 57, 80, 373 Martini, Sharon 380 Maruyama, Teruo 80, 424 Masaki, Colleen 127, 415 Masaki, Harry 80, 424 Mascarin, Ed 80, 214, 309 Maschal, Jean 378 Maschino, John 314 Masharov, Elena 80 Maslenikov, Oleg Mason, Jon 356 Mason, William 336 Masters, Elizabeth 80, 380 Masters, Shirley 366 Masuda, Chiyo 429 Mathesen, Karen 80, 392 Mathews, Al 269 Mathews, Ted 80, 326 Mathiesen, Janet 415 Matkin, John 280, 359 Matlock, Charles 185 Matlock, Mary 57, 80, 201, 205, 376 Matoi, Mas 424 Matraveris, Brian 240 Matthew, Bob 80, 303 Matthew, Kay 444 Mattison, Harold 296 Mattock, Diane 410 Mattocks, Arthur 80 Mattson, Sherrill 392 Mauer, Jean 434 Mauser, Judy 408 Mauser, Molly 406 Maxwell, Ed 313 May, Karen 388 MayalI, Pam 80, 444 Mayer, Joan 438 Mayer, Lydia 444 Mayer, Robert 299 Mayfield, Barbara 426 Maynard, Margot 102, 408 Mays, Harry 362 McAbeer, Winnie 444 McAlear, Robert 173, 300 McAllister, Robert 190 McAuley, Malcolm 80 McBride, Don 422 McCabe, Jim 416 McCabe, Joan 408 McCaffrey, Robert 80 McCallum, Don 354 McCann, Fred 284 McCarthy, Ann 400 McCarthy, Brian 296 McCarthy, Florence 426 McCarthy, Helen 400 McCarthy, John 80, 303 McCarthy, Muriel 406 McCarthy, Terry 324 McCarty, Bob 80, 214, 324 McCarty, Elliott 118, 422 McCarty, Kathy 386 McCathy, Florence 100 McClain, Cliff 266 McClard, Rosemary 80 McClintock, Bill 244, 252 McClofflin, Tim 230 McCloskey, Jerry 80, 303 McClure, James 481 McClure, Mickey 328 McComb, Marshall 348 McCombs, Wayne 81, 354 McConaughy, Marlene 81,380 McConnaughey, John 81 McCord, Paula 81, 140 McCormack, Judy 396 McCormick, Donna 444 McCormick, Irene 406 McCowan, Bob 100, 416 McCoy, Robert 356 McCreary, Hunter 346 McCreary, R. 175 McCulloch, Bill 440 McCune, Heather 382 McDermid, Lani 396 McDermott, Pat 57, 81, 446 McDonald, Don 316 McDonald, Fran 160, 434 McDonald, Jim 202, 340 McDonald, Kathleen 184 McDonald, LeRoy 81 McDonald; Mary 406 McDonell, Jan 396 McDonnell, Jerry 348 McDonnell, Richard 81 McDonough, Gary 328 McDougall, Lorrie 141 McDougall, Robert 269, 309 McDowell, Carol 376 McDrew, Harriet 81, 186 McDuff 322 McElhoe, Marilyn 122, 382 McEneany, Lyn 81, 382 McEnearny, Cecelia 406 McEnerney, Martha 74, 81, 119, 130, 131, 178, 185, 194, 201, 406 McFarland, Gerald 124, 291, 313 McFarling, Ann 194, 365, 396 McFeely, Mike 318 McFie, Sue 400 McGarrey, Tom 266, 267 McGee, Arthur 81, 176, 180, 195, 199 McGee, Gary 81 McGee, Martha 412 McGee, Mary 183, 402 McGilvray, Anne ........81, 128, 380 McGinley, Janet 117, 382 McGinnis, John 330 McGlashan, Robert 362 McGrew, Don 195 McGuinn, John 326 McGuire, Mary 400 McHenry, Ronald 440 McHugh, Robert 336 Mcllraith, Terry 354 Mclnerny, Sheila 406 McInnis, Cathy 376 McIntosh, Cal 81 McIntyre, Robert 81 McJilton, Thomas 81 McKay, Anne 408 McKay, Anne 424 McKean, Judy 366 McKenna, Ed 177, 286, 356 McKennee, Corning 279 McKeown, Gwyn 434 McKinnon, Keith 81, 301 460 McKinnon, Richard 280 McKinstry, James ....81, 173, 175 McKnight, Lynda 428 McLain, Glenda 412 McLain, Jim 81, 174, 422 McLaughlin, Linda 382 McLaughlin, Tim 336 McLean, Isabelle 81, 392 McLean, Melinda 368 McLean, Norm 233 McLellan, Alden 177 McLeod, Clark 314 McMakin, Ben 318 McMakin, Nancy 386 McManigal, Ken 268, 346 McMillan, Byron 332 McMillan, Phil 145 McMullen, Sue 124, 410 McMurray, Ed 354 McMurry, Alan 176, 440 McMurry, Sam 301 McNabb, Don 81 McNair, Joyce 385 McNair, Marty 202, 280, 348 McNall, Carl 81, 117, 304 McNally, James 81 McNally, Tom 118 McNamara, Sylvia 81, 410 McNeal, Joe 199 McNeely, Carol 408 McNees, John 81, 190 McNeil, Mary 430 McNeill, Mike 340 McNulty, Bob 318 McNulty, Lynn 318 McNulty, Sandra 429 McNutt, Esmond 81 McPhail, Buck 230 McPhee, Judy 81, 374 McPhee, Nita 57, 81, 398 McPherson, Douglas 306 McPherson, Ruth 122 McQueen, Jim 283, 334 McReynolds, Peter 346 McRowe, Arthur 199, 440 Meacham, Susan 102, 380 Mead, Chris 440 Mead, Franklin 309 Meade, Ken 204, 230, 308 Meadowcroft, Bob 120, 203 Meadows, Sue 120, 140, 194, 201, 368 Meanza, Bob 355 Medanich, Jim 356 Medau, Chris 386 Medeiros, Jose 416 Medof, Lynda 370 Mehan, Mary 376 Mehran, Farrokh 81, 185 Meiggs, William 162 Meighan, Thomas 81 Melander, Dave 100, 351 Mellana, Lauralie 388 Mellema, James 202, 332 Melmon, Richard 320 Meloy, Andy 135, 174 Melstrom, John 351 Melville, Judy 410 Melvin, Peter 334 Mendelsohn, Robert 81, 185, 291, 320 Mendiana, J. 175 Mengshol, John 81, 295 Menn, Bella 81 Menoher, Paul 268, 328 Mentzer, Len 346 Merar, Renee 41 Mercer, James 304 Merga, Yvonne 402 Merigan, Helen 415 Merkt, Gayle 119, 193, 194, 365, 388 Merle, Pierre 77, 81, 196, 291, 314 Merner, Brett 323 Merrill, Bruce 184 Merrill, Chuck 356 Merrill, Daniel 81 Merrill, Jean 184 Merriman, Butch 219 Merriman, Everett 252 Meserve, Nancy 426 Metcalf, Darcy 408 Mette, Lois 81, 434 Mettler, Kathy 393 Meuter, Patricia 429 Mew, Wendell 335 Meyer, Carol 89 Meyer, Dennis 322 Meyer, Diane 426 Meyer, Molen 306 Meyer, Patti 123, 406 Meyer, Peter 123 Meyers, Judith 428 Meyers, Margaret 432 Meza, Raymond 81 Miailovich, Bob 128, 131, 440 Miali, Marlene 366 Michael, Fran 102, 415 Michael, John 198, 214, 231, 232, 336, 416 Michaels, Joan 82, 398 Michels, Terry 320 Michael, Pete 202, 340 Middlekauff, Woodrow 121 Middleton, Bev 415 Middleton, Bev 402 Middleton, Dolores 82, 368 Middleton, Kenneth 82 Mifsud, Anne 446 Mikesell, Betty 82, 392 Milano, Kathie 408 Millard, Sidney 82, 310 Miller, Cathy 131, 378 Miller, Don 117, 290, 338 Miller, Elizabeth ....176, 178, 380 Miller, Gary 82 Miller, Glen 416 Miller, Jerry 283 Miller, Joanne 374 Miller, John 82, 176, 416 Miller, Judy 186, 446 Miller, Judy 438 Miller, Lucien 280, 362 Miller, Marcia 131, 396 Miller, Marilyn 398 Miller, Phillip 314 Miller, Randell 82, 344 Miller, Robert 304 Miller, Roger 82, 118, 122, 152, 308 Miller, Ron 360 Miller, Ronald 310 Miller, Tim 286, 291, 432 Millerstrom, Bill 233 MiIlett, James 309 Milligan, Ron 334 Milligan, Terence 326 Millikan, Richard 82, 354 Milliken, Franklin 82 Millinich, Bob 266, 267 Mills, Bob 303 Mills, Bill 342 Milo, Frank 269 Milstein, Judi 370 Mindle, Rose 428 Miner, Georg 366 Minnick, Katherine 82 Minor, Butler 283 Minton, Ben 82, 299 Mintz, Natalie 82 Miran, Judy 434 Miranda, Marvin 82, 181 Miroff, lan 320 Miskinnis, Joe 266 Missling, Jane 147 Mitchell, Alexander 297 Mitchell„Charlotte 144, 438 Mitchell, Helene 57, 82, 415 Mitchell, Jerrold 82 Mitchell, Mary 368 Mitchell, Rex 184 Mitchell, Sandra 420, 432 Mittig, Pat 82 Miura, Amy 432 Miura, Neal 424 Miura, Robert 440 Mixter, Janet 402 Miyagi, Ken 82, 424 Miyaki, Betty 373 Miyamoto, Beverly 437 Miyamoto, Fumiye 82 Miyamoto, Jerry 424 Miyamoto, Sally 188, 202, 446 Miyasaki, Harry 82, 190 Mizuhara, Howard 82 Mjolsnes, Russell 416 Mobley, Malcolm 283 Mock, Joseph 202, 362 Mock, Valerie 82 Moe, Kenneth 82, 351 Moede, Austin 82 Moeller, Carol 423 Moen, W. 202 Moffitt, Joan 406 Mohn, Anna 368 Moir, Barton 82, 118, 309 Moir, Ralph 294 Mola, Andree 82, 380 Molaug, Norman 82, 172 Molinari, Barbara 374 Moller, Frank Moller, Marilyn 423 Mollin, David 199 Molony, Patricia 131, 406 Monaco, Al 318 Moncharsh, Philip 338 Moncharsh, Robert 338 Moneymaker, Dick 271 Mongan, Tom 303 Monroe, Judy 408 Monsanto, Dorothy 82 Montejano, Rudy 41, 98. 118, 130, 135, 136, 416 Montgomery, Jerry 266, 328 Montgomery, John 284 Montgomery, Marcia 394 Montgomery, Nancy 100, 432 Monzon, Thelma 186 Monti, Margaret 205 Monti, Steve 256 Moody, Ed 254 Moody, K. 175 Moody, Sharon 388 Moon, Ayounct 57 Moon, Ron 330 Mooney, Beverly 82 Moore, Ann 82, 201, 386 Moore, Butch 314 Moore, Calvert 308 Moore, Charles 82 Moore, Chuck 323 Moore, Daniel 82 Moore, Dorothy 186 Moore, Doug 362 Moore, Jim 312 Moore, Jo 365, 400 Moore, Judy 396 Moore, Judy 378 Moore, Karl 195, 440 Moore, Kathy 380 Moore, Lois 190 Moore, Maureen 388 Moore, Melinda 376 Moore, Sally 388 Moore, Sandra 431 Moore, Turney 328 Moraes, Jerri 408 Morales, Meliodoro 82 Mordasini 82, 318 Mordock, Tracy 313 Moreland, Judy 388 Morelli, John 174 Moren, Bob 296 Morey, Herb 322 Morgado, Rich 252 Morgan, Ann 380 Morgan, Gary 181 Morgan, Lois 366 Morgan, Mary 57, 82, 410 Morgan, Ronald 82 Moriarty, B. 175 Moriarty, Jeraldine 393 Morimoto, Kay 431 Morimoto, Sets 434 Morrey, B. 202 Morrill, Florence 378 Morris, Daniel 173 Morris, E. 203 Morris, Harry 186 Morris, Linda 432 Morris, Mark 320 Morris, Mary 188 Morris, Mimi 398 Morrisey, Joanne 64, 82, 117, 178, 185, 194, 388 Morrison, Jim 82, 346 Morrison, Richard 82, 298 Morrison, Stan 111, 244, 328 Morrow, Gordon 83, 330 Morrow, Ken 176 Morse, Janet 83, 386 Morse, Mary 412 Morse, Peter 202, 308 Morse, Steve 318 Mortensen, Karen 376 Morton, Ann 186 Morton, H. 175 Moseley, Bruce 306 Moseley, Maralyn 376 Moseley, Tom 83, 304 Moses, Arie 299 Mosesian, Paul 416 Mosier, Don 162 Moskovitz, Myron 320 Moskowitz, Ann 378 Moskowitz, Barbara 420, 444 Moskowitz, Jack 83, 135, 176, 180, 291, 316 Moskowitz, Ron 320 Moss, Madeleine 390 Moss, Sylvia 438 Mote, Clayton 83 Mote, Dan 346 Mote, Richard 83 Moteff, Elaine 390 Mothershead, Maria 127 134, 193, 444 Motoyama, Keisho 83 Motzer, Barbara 185, 400 Mount, John 181, 278 Mount, Norma 376 Mowry, Phillip 83 Moy, Michael 335 Moya, Mike 312 Mozley, Carol 437 Mu, T. 102 Muehlbauer, John 214, 304 Mueller, Coralie 205 Mueller, Sue 366 Muhlner, John 312 Muir, Bruce 304 Muirhead, Douglas 283 Muirhead, John 328 Mullen, Jeanne 430 Muller, Bertha 392 Muller Tim 326 Mullin, Linda 444 Muttanodo, Frank 212 Mulvany, Katy 382 Mumbert, Joyce 83, 376 Munakata, Don 424 Murday, Harold 83, 174 Mundt, Diana 100, 122, 382 Mundy, Della 176 Munlay, Ken 233, 269 Munn, Julia 83 Munro, Jean 83, 394 Muramoto, Edwin 83 Murano, Tad 83 Murauka, Jean 373 Murch, Lee 354 Murdock, Janice ....... 57, 83, 373 Murison, Ricky 195 Murman, Jona 396 Murphy, Colleen 378 Murphy, Jean 83, 186 Murphy, John 102, 337 Murphy, Patricia 185 Bill 186 Murray, Judy 428 Murray, Moira 386 Musgrove, Judy 424 Musto, Henry 306 Muzzy, Ray 150 Myer, Ragna 388 Myers, Bruce 83 Myers, Charles 97, 252 Myers, Darwin 310 Myers, John 416 Myers, Marjorie 378 Myers, Marjorie 128, 382 Myers, Sally 408 Myerson, Deanna 370 Myracle, Jerry 301 Myron, Stuart 83, 416 Myszka, Wanda 424 N Nadeau, Doug 83, 304 Naftel, Carol 83, 438 Nagel, Madeline 370 Nagel, Mike 320 Nagy, Miklos 83, 320 Naheiri, Mohammed 236, 237 Naimark, Dena 404 Naito, Kiyoshi 83, 185 Nakagawa, Fred 83, 425 Nakamura, Lois 160, 429 Nakano, Evelyn 102, 148 Nakano, Takeshi 440 Nakata, Sakaye 429 Nakawatase, Marsha 373 Nance, John 334 Nankervis, Dick 306 Napoli, Joseph 172, 174 Nash, Beaver 197 Nashner, Marjorie 370 Nasland, Don 83 Nasser, Robert 202, 332 Harriet 83, 390 Nathan, Judy 370 Neakowa, Ed 126 Neal, Karla 102, 398 Nealson, Sandra 83, 382 Neely, Betty 420 Neff, Harold 83, 300 Neff, Sandy 386 Neffian, Hartune 192 Nefoff, Theodore 162 Neft, Jerry 338 Negrin, Al 320 Duane 83 Neil, Joe 280, 340 Nelder, Wendy 380 Nellis, Walt 322 Nelson, Billie 432 Nelson, Bobbe 83, 408 Nelson, Joan 83, 428 Nelson, John 83, 174, 178 Nelson, Karen 83, 376 Nelson. V. 198 Nemechek, Bob 83, 348 Ken 257 Netoff, Juanita 173 Netoff, Theodore 83 Nettleman, George 306 Neuman, Richard 314 Neuman, Stephen 344 Nevil, Carol 83, 366 Neville, Anne 410 Newcomb, Charles 312 Newcomer, Mary 131, 378 Newell, Anne 83, 406 Newell, Cran 354 Newell, John 340 Newell, Minton 198, 362 Newell, Pat ...198, 214, 230, 340 Newell, Pete 244 Newell, Tom 354 Newfarner, G. 102, 136 Newman, Arlene 404 Newman, Chris 294 Newman, Natalie 390 Newmark, Kent ....... ......... 214, 286 Newton, Carole 102, 148, 368 Newton, Mike 83, 342 Ng, Valerie 437 Nibley, Nan 396 Nicholas, Gail 83, 185, 400 Nicholas, Whit 314 Nichols, Bob 84, 294 Nichols, Dean 83, 326 Nichols, DuBois 304 Nichols, Nick 102 Nichols, Rhoda 100, 390 Nichols, Will 314 Nicholson, Betty ....102, 148, 410 Nicholson, David 298 Nicholson, Larry 84, 313 Nicholson, Sara ..57, 84, 127, 408 Nicolai, Lynda 410 Nicoletti, Anne 84, 398 Nicoll, Jane 410 Nielsen, Carol 430 Nielsen, Janet 368 Nielsen, Norm 322 Nielsen, Shirley 400 Nielsen, Vic 122, 184 Nielson, Ron 233 Nikula, Patricia 431 Niles, Sara 401 Sara 402 Nilsson, Carole 396 Ninomiya, Ann 373 Nishite, Violet 438 Nissen, Edward 311 Nitsos, Ron 313 Nivolo, Lino 84 Nixon, David 358 Nixon, Jim 301 Noakes, Mike 266, 267, 323 Noble, Marjorie 41, 428 Nobleman, Sherman 332 Nock, James 362 Nock, Molly 365, 378 Noe, Carole 84, 410 Noel, Tom 324 Noid, Anne 386 Nolan, David 337 Nolder, Richard 184 Nolfi, George 202, 440 Noll, Laurie 406 Nomura, Akiko 84 Noonan, Ginger 378 Nordgren, Warren 416 Nordstrom, Gerald 330 Norick, Barbara 368 Norikane, Michie 185 Noris, Toschian • 201 Norman, Marc 320 Normand, Sue 408 Norris, Lynne 408 North, Gordon .84, 181, 199, 203 North, Pat 368 Northrop, Robert 348 Norton, Laurance 422 Norton, Nancy 382 Norton, Penny 388 Norton, Terry 294 Norwitt, David 84, 338 Novelli, Mike 102, 309 Nowells, Pat 184 Nowling, Barbara 84, 420 Nugit, Vio 299 Nussbaum, Jerry 354 Nye, Jerry 328 Nygard, Louise 102 O Oakes, Marilyn 434 Oakley, Bill 323 Oberg, Arthur 84 Oberman, Dennis 344 Obrey, Jerry 190 O ' Brien, Bonnie 406 O ' Brien, Dick 314 O ' Connell, Phyllis 388 O ' Connor, Linda 123, 131, 146, 147, 382 Oda, John 188, 425 O ' Day, Mike 304 O ' Dea, Ed 202, 336 Odell, Dale 328 O ' Dell, Judy 394 Odematt, Robert. 342 Offenbach, Fred 337 Ogden, Jerry 102, 330 Ogle, Anne 102, 376 Ogren, Arnold 84, 320 Ogren, Robert 252 O ' Hara, Katy 102, 393 O ' Hara, Pat 406 Ohlson, Dan 314 Okada, Donald 188, 425 Okamoto, Barbara 188, 436 Okamoto, Rou 190 Okamura, Tom 178 461 Okubo, Toshihiko 84 Olazabal, Gerald 350 Oldand, Anna 202, 446 O ' Leary, Jacqueline 444 O ' Leary, Jim 334 Olguin, Hank 230 Oliver, Al 359 Oliver, EIiabezth 410 Oliver, Gene 180 Olivete, Connie 434 Olivier, Phil 161 Olmo, Ray 238, 356 Olmsted, Bill 334 Olmsted, Sally 131, 394 Olsen, Ken 57, 440 Olsen, Neil 342 Olshen, Fran 390 Olson, Barbara 100 Olson, Bob 301 Olson, Charles 162 Olson, Dick 135, 238 Olson, John 125, 252 Olson, Liz 400 Olson, Louise 410 Olson, Norman 84 Olson, Pete 233, 306 Olson, Tom 84 Olson, Virginia 84 Omata, Jean 84, 444 O ' Neal, Gary 323 O ' Neil, Desmond 278 O ' Neil, Charles 84, 135, 174 O ' Neill, Marcia 205, 366 Ong, Chuman 425 Ong, James 84 Ong, Kwok 84 Ong, Pat 434 Onoda, Eleanor 84 Opler, Paul 296 Orchard, Thomas 84, 313 Orem, Bob 233, 295 Ormaas, Ann 420 Orman, Charles 280, 356 Orme, Maynard 79, 124, 214, 252 Orozco, Benjamin 84 Orsburn, Dayton 233 Orser, Bob 117 Osborn, Bruce 198, 328 Osborn, Delbert 84, 196, 416 Osborn, Paul 324 Osborne, Kenneth 174 Osborne, Shelly 119 Ososke, Bill 328 Ossin, Archie 320 Osthmer, Chuck 102, 308 Otero, Rye 396 Ott, Laura 176, 438 Otto, Berdella 410 Otto, Elizabeth 388 Otto, Marie 396 Ottosen, Jack 190 Ouchida, Lester 425 Ovalle, Frank 84, 303 Overfelt, Mary 144, 176, 178, 403 Overstreet, Jill 84, 382 Owen, Robert 328 Owen, Sue 406 Owens, Bruce 173, 283 Owens, Margaret 57, 84, 402 Owens, Meg 183 Owens, Richard 192, 356 Owens, William 184 P Pabor, Arthur 176 Pace, Stephen 41, 304 Packer, Jim 120, 148 Page, Georgia 400 Paige, Peter 330 Paine, Juanita 84, 408 Paine, Robin 398 Paine, Scott 316 Palmberg, Karl 300 Palmer, Hans 304 Palmer, Nancy 434 Palmer, Wendy 382 Palmquist, Linda 122, 406 Panella, James 84, 186 Pang, Winnie 185 Panttaja, Allen 100, 324 Paolino, Peter 84 Papagiannis, Merry 376 Pape, Frederic 84, 332 John 233, 336 Papke, Missie 84, 386 Paradis, Bill 351 Paraday, Dick 181 Parady, Richard 84 Parent, Lila ....183, 184, 185, 415 Parent, Nancy 436 Parish, James 84 Parish, Patty 120 Park, Dean 84, 301 Park, Diana 398 Park, Dick 188, 425 Park Sying 84 Parker, Ann 100, 394 Parker, Judy 84, 376 Parker, Riley 195 Parker, Russell 84, 174 Parker, William 283, 316 Parkin, Dick 84 Parkinson, Stanley 336 Parks, Jane 202, 430 Parks, John 84, 174, 178, 199 Parque, Larry 214, 232, 234 Parr, Bob 285, 342 Parr, Pepper 388 Parsons, John 279, 323 Parkin, Patty 420 Pasarow, Mike 338 Pasley, Gilbert 185, 416 Patnande, Bill 161 Patterson, Len 186 Pattinson, Nancy 400 Pattison, Robert 306 Patton, Barry 283, 416 Patton, Bill 232, 252 Patton, Julie 400 Patton, Melinda 134, 400 Patton, Pat 285 Patton, Robert 416 Patton, W. 174, 178, 199 Paul, Arlene 85, 390 Paul, Carolyn 125, 444 Paul, Jenifer 85, 406 Paul, Susan 394 Paul, Suzanne Paull, Ed 199 Paull, Michael 344 Paulson, Don 181 Paulson, Susie 406 Pavlovic, Jack 358 Pawson, Lynn 85, 410 Paxton, Robert 314 Payne, Brian 124, 313 Payne, Sheldon 359 Peabody, Jerry 322 Pearlman, Don 344 Pearson, Carolyn 394 Pearson, Ed 336 Pechoultres, Sue 386 Peck, Bob 140, 262 Peck, Marlene 98, 119, 133, 136, 398 Peck, Richard 85 Pecsar, Raymond 85 Peden, Samuel 85, 89. 178 130 132, 135, 354 Pedersen, Allen 322 Peet, Thomas 85, 314 Peevey, Michael 85 Pegueros, Raul 190 Peirce, Jim 122, 351 Peixoto, Frank 85 Pellissier, Francois 85 Pelmulder, John 195 Pelz, David 85, 174, 416 Pelzner, Howard 416 Pemberton, Bob 85, 180, 328 Penn, Bernita 370 Penn, Bob 337 Penn, Marjorie 370 Penney, Sheila 396 Pennock, Jenalynn 184 Pensabene, Marilyn 430 Pepper, Barbara 430 Pepper, Gloria 370 Peppys, Mark 85, 298 Percy, Sandy 374 Perine, Ann 57, 85, 378 Perkal, Michael 299 Perkes, Diana 400 Perkins, Carolyn 392 Perkins, Roy 181 Perlstein, John 130, 131 Perrin, Jennifer 406 Perrin, Tony 85. 214. 232, 233, 271, 323 Perry, Barbara 124 Perry, James 85, 296 Pesce, William 313 Pessin, Leo 85, 416 Peters, Carole 85, 380 Peters, Alfred 300 Petersen, Gerald 85, 203 Petersen, Neal 85, 291, 301 Petersen, Thomas 280 Petersen, Val ..124, 131, 195, 416 Peterson, Barbara 388 Peterson, Bob 85, 346 Peterson, Charlotte 374 Peterson, David 184 Peterson, 85 Peterson, Ernie 198, 340 Peterson, Frank 252 Peterson, Joyce 183, 388 Peterson, Karen 386 Peterson, Mary 386 Peterson, Roger 314 Peterson, Rolf 296 Peterson, Sylvia 85, 183, 430 Petievich, George 172 Petray, Anne 378 PetrocelIi, William 85, 87, 115, 301 Petron, Dan 85, 326 Petron, K. 198, 204 Pettefer, Carolyn 406 Petteys, Dave 309 Petty, George 303 Petty, Norma 402 Pezzolo, Pauline 412 Pfeifer, Kathy 402 Pfister, Chuck 202, 318 Phelps, Phyllis 205 Phelps, Marvin 85 Phelps, Michael 342 Philippi, Judi 85, 406 Philipson, Caryl 370 Phillips, John 354 Phillips, Justine 102 Phillips, Lorna 410 Phillips, Mary 392 Phillips, Patricia 365, 390 Phillips, Virginia 85, 205, 373 Phipps, Allen 298 Pia, Charlotte 186, 393 Pickford, Margy 393 Pickus, Joanne 370 Pierce, Bill 323 Pierce, Duncan 120, 139, 203 Pierce, Gloria 388 Pierson, Hank 294 Piestrup, Don 230, 309 Pigney, Jane 102 Pihl, Donald 85, 294 Pike, Sandra 431 Pilch, Gerry 423 PiIler, George 262 Pimental, Jan 128, 402 Pinkerton, William 190 Piper, Nancy 205, 426 Piper, Paul 85, 296 Piper, Will 295 Pirtz, Diane 432 Pitt, Bill 337 Pittore, Jess 233, 336 Pitzer, Ann 188 Pizzimenti, Frank 322 Place, Harvey 314 Place, John 85 Planck, Lucille 426 Plant, Philip 316 Plate, Kenneth 300 Platt, Chris 426 Platt, Steve 332 Plotner, Bonnie 376 Plotnick, Mike 299 Plummer, Robert 85, 172, 174, 350 Pohl, Nancy 402 Poirier, Ray 301 Pokrass, Sue 444 Polesky, Carl 360 Polf, Janet 423 Poliner, Nettie 183, 390 Polinsky, Gary 320 Polite, Franchot 306 Pollock, Judy 408 Polse, Ken 360 Polse, Sanford 85, 338 Pon, Chuck 85, 181, 199 Pond, Lewis 309 Ponder, Kenneth 290, 302 Ponso, Emil 310 Ponve, Irene 404 Pool, Robert 308 Popkin, Gail 370 Poppelman, Julie 368 Poquis, Robert 192 Porcella, Don 85, 355 Porlier, Victor 85 Porter, Diane 129 Porter, Gail 102, 148 Porter, Phyllis ..82, 85, 160, 178, 185, 194, 426 Porter, L. 117 Porton, Sandy 444 Potect, T. 172 Pott, Robert 85 Potter, Don 181, 256 Potter, Sandy 436 Pottet, Terry 150 Potts, Adrienne 376 Powell, Donald 85 Powell, Gary 337 Powell, George 258, 309 Powell, Marge 437 Powell, Mary 396 Powers, Linda 131 Powers, Paula 85, 410 Powers, Walter 440 Prado, Mike 230, 316 Prata, Angela 424 Prather, Eugene 190 Prathnadi, Somprasongk 200 Pratt, Kim 155, 177 Pratt, Mike 238, 284 Pratt, Sandra 86, 368 Prentice, Donna 408 Prescop, Val 181, 199, 240, 278, 291, 328 Press, Linda 420 Prestegard, Allen 86, 175 Price, Ben 332 Price, Gary 314 Price, Kent 294 Price, Richard 268, 338 Price, Rochel 207 Price, Roger 65, 86, 198, 240, 278, 340 Price, Stan 141, 440 Price, Tony 298 Price, Willard 334 Pride, Bob 342 Prince, Paul 303 Prislin, Robert 359 Pritchard, Paul 86, 174 Proctor, Linda 86, 386 Proffitt, Norman 57, 86, 309 Proffitt, Pat 86, 408 Proffitt, Steve 356 Prudler, Paul 336 Pruff, Pat 402 Pruiett, Judy 428 Pruyn, Alison 86, 386 Puccinelli, Bob 86, 214, 266, 267, 337 Pugh, Arthur 86, 117, 135, 252, 290 Pugh, Janet 382 Pugh, Mary 336 Puncher, Gloria 102, 430 Puorro, Richard 86, 191 Purcell, William 326 Purnell, Corinne 141, 201, 436 Purver, Jonathan 280, 313 Pyles, Kathy 102, 374 Pyper, Diane 185 Pyoung, Kim 173 Q Quatman, Bob 346 Quick, Glenn 86, 358 Quigg, Ann 426 John 354 Quigley, Pat 86, 342 Quinn, John 128, 173, 175 Quinn, Michael 309 Quinn, Wallace 172 Quint, P. 86 Quire, Dean 194 Quiroz, Olivia 398 Quock, S. 175 Quong, Roland 86 R Racine, Sherry 426 Radinovich, David 297 Radonich, Lenore 86, 374 Raff, Garold 86, 351 Raffetto, Pete 198, 336 Ragsdale, Jeanette 408 Ragsdale, Peter 342 Ragsdale. William 416 Rahlfs, Roberta 382 Raig, Don 356 Ralli, Alex 236, 237 Ralston, John 230 Ralston, Phil 285, 342 RameIIi, Annette 366 Ramirez, Margo 376 Ramsey, Bruce 274, 416 Ramsey, Harry 131 Rand, Joan 86 Randall, Bob 346 Randall, Jane 396 Rankin, Barbara 374 Rankin, Bonny 406 Rankin, Pat 410 Ranks, Jacquis 186 Ransford, Jim 356 Ransler, Gretchen 388 Carol 183, 434 Rapoport, Nadine 370 Rapp, Brian 306 Rappaport, A. 115 Ramussen, Ann 380 Rasmussen, Ben 300 Rasmussen, Fred 142 Rasmussen, Gerald ..100, 140, 416 Rasmussen, Mary 148, 406 Rasmussen, Mervin 184 Rasmussen, Ray 131 Rassmussen, Gerald Ratcliff, Lucy 160 Ratner, Sandford 344 Rauhala, Barbara 86 Ravella, Al 295 Rawson, Richard 86 Ray, Mary 402 Raye, Robert 416 Raymond, Anne 428 Raynard, Donald 86 Rayner, Ellen 368 Razzano, Ray 86, 174, 178 Rea, Rosalind 420 Read, Bridget 86 Read, Sandra Ready, Tom _18, 63, 86, 128, 314 Ready, William 332 Ream, David 57, 86, 184 Reamy, Ralph 309 Reark, R. 172, 174 Reber, Lelia 123 Reberiego, Sylvia 420, 437 Rebol, Robert 86 Redd, Shirley 86, 385 Redewill, Frances 410 Redford, Helen 388 Redhead, Bonny 86, 382 Redman, G. 172, 174 Reed, Bev 8 6, 366 Reed, George 86, 346 Reed, Irene 86 Reed, Mary 86, 382 Reed, Robin 382 Reed, Walter 340 Rees, Burt 342 Rees, Sandy 134, 386 Reese, Jay 86, 324 Reese, Marilyn 410 Reese, Ronald 124, 195, 440 Reesor, David 350 Reeve, Bill 316 Reese, Earl 86, 198, 291, 316 Reeves, Phyllis 86 Reeves, Ralph 86 Regalia, Ellene 86, 145, 398 Register, John 202, 362 Reiber, Norman 161, 342 Reiche, Jean 183, 188 Reiche, Lois 57, 86, 194 Reicherter, Wayne 86 Reid, Frederick 86, 199 Reid, John 308 Reid, Linda 102, 398 Reidy, Kevin 303 Reilly, !Kathy 87, 382 Reilly, S. 202 Reimche, Wallace 181, 199 Reinburg, Teddi 144 Reinhertz, Paul 87, 344 Reinherz, Teddi 404 Reinis, Mitchell 271, 360 Reinke, Konrad 181, 355 Reinl, Herb 440 Reitman, Audrey 87 ReitzeIl, Judy 432 Reiver, Beverly 122 Remba, Mel 190 Rempel, Roland 313 Rende 174 Rennie, Bob 87, 318 Requiro, Felicisimo 440 Retter, Stephen 268, 308 Retting, Ginny 388 Reutter, Alan 295 ReviIla, Gloria 396 Reynolds, Blake 87 Reynolds, Fran 186 Reynolds, Jack 87, 336 Reynolds, Judy 373 Reynolds, Lurene 385 Reynolds, Margie 100, 374 Reynolds, Patricia 385 Reynolds, Sarge 355 Rhinefrank, Bob 304 Rhodes, Dick 334 Rhodes, John 326 Ribero, Geraldine 186, 205 Ricci, Don 215, 256, 332 Ricciardi, Robert 87 Rice, Bruce 87, 198, 308 Rice, Richard 257, 416 Rice, Robbie 406 Rich, Diana 100 Richards, Charles 87, 416 Richards, Judi 406 Judith 102, 444 Richards, Paul 184 Richards, Tony 214 Richardson, Diana 203, 386 Richardson, Harold 322 Richardson, Jeanne 444 Richardson, Joe 87, 334 Richardson. Rick 318 Richardson, Sally 131, 382 Richardson, Tony 274 Richtel, Murray 344 Richter, Alan 87, 313 Ricketts, Roger 254, 346 Riddell, Janice 444 Riding, Jim 356 Rieber, Leah 102, 432 Riede, Penny 382 Riedel, Hilde 398 Riegel, Susan 430 Riegg, Robert 87, 303 Ries, Ayala 429 Rifkind, Louis 360 Riley, Nick 311 Riley, Pat 368 Rinehart, Judy 102 462 Rink III, Andrew 57, 87, 131, 135, 311, 342 Ring, Mike 342 Ringer, John 302 Rinker, David 346 Rinne, Ed 337 Riordan, Georgeann 87 Riordan, Marion 368 Rishwain, Tony 316 Rising, R. 314 Rist, J. 202 Ritchey, Glenn 87, 296 Ritchie, J. Bonner ....122, 152, 184 Ritter, Jack 175, 295 Ritterband, Lawrence 422 Riusaki, Masayoshi 87 Rives, Terry 398 Roach, Bill Robarts, Drew 362 Robbins, Dolores 100, 432 Robbins, Joyce 119, 406 Robbins, Mike 256, 440 Robbins, Susan 400 Roberson, Darryl 87, 324 Roberts, Al 180 Roberts, Bruce 322 Roberts, Donald 87 Roberts, Douglas 322 Roberts, Harry 87, 191 Roberts, Margo 382 Roberts, Nancy 400 Roberts, Paul 87, 174, 350 Roberts, Paula 406 Robertson, Ann 402 Robertson, Ramford 178 Robertson, Carroll 87 Robinson, Creighton 324 Robinson, Donald 87, 302 Robinson, Ed 304 Robinson, Gary 311 Robinson, McDonald 177, 440 Robinson, Patricia 408 Robinson, Randall 313 Robinson, Renee 438 Robinson, Roger 342 Robinson, Sue 378 Robson, Carole 408 Roche, G. 125 Rochex, Rosemarie 87, 144, 392 Rochios, Pete 348 Rockwell, Robert 87 Rocky 334 Rodgers, Nancy ............134, 406 Rodgers, Tom 271 Roditti, David 87, 320 Rodriguez, David 121 Roehr, Martha 415 Roesch, Ann 144 Rogers, Carol 420 Rogers, Diane 186 Rogers, Elizabeth 127, 406 Rogers, Grace 100, 416 Rogers, Julie 102, 376 Rogers, Mary ..126, 173, 185, 434 Rogers, Percy 87, 295 Rogers, Walter 416 Rognas, John 87, 191 Rohde, Edee 100, 193, 437 Rohde, Howard 332 Rohde, Seena 434 Rohr, Otto 236 Rohrs, Peter 312 Rohwder, Mary 382 Rohwer, Gail 408 Rolin, Chris 286, 316 Ralph, Don 87 Rolston, Lois 87 Romain, Stan 360 Romer, John 340 Romero, Diane 368 Ronald, John 214, 219 Ronan, John 87, 180, 328 Rondon, Fred 324 Rood, Bill 87, 172, 316 Roodhouse, Jan 388 Roosa, Christine 380 Root, Grove 309 Roper, Ann 402 Rosa, Gene 87, 440 Rose, Fred 87 Rose, Howard 87, 320 Rose, Larry 268 Rose, Mary 141, 385 Rose, Michael 338 Rose, Rod 87, 280, 416 Rose, Ron 416 Rose, Steve 318 Rose, Wesley 190 Rosen, Joel ' e 41, 122, 370 Rosenbaum, Arlene 404 Rosenberg, Margaret 87, 396 Rosenblatt, Joanne 370 Rosenfeld, William 87, 416 Rosenlieb, Jim 87, 252 Rosenlof, Jon 87 Rosenow, Verl 88, 215, 238 Rosenthal, Gretel 88, 431 Rosoff, 88 Ross, Barbara 390 Ross, Diane 123, 144, 202 Ross, Neil 122, 303 Rosser, Jack 318 Rossman, Michael 139 Rossi, Alan 356 Rossi, Don 326 Rossi, Francine 368 Rossman, Michael . .120, 139, 203 Rosso, William 88 Rossol, Frederick 88, 180, 199, 203 Rosson, Jane 100, 374 Rosson, Robert 362 Roth, David 338 Roth, Rich 360 Rothman, Cheryl 173 Rothman, Nancy 370 Rothman, Paul 88 Rott, Ron 185, 278, 342 Rountree, Janet 426 Roush, Richard 176 Roussakis, George 88 Rowe, David 358 Rowe, Don 102, 324 Rowe, Leslie 444 Rowe, Mary 88 Rowe, Monique 400 Rowe, Paul 296 Rowell, Galen 351 Roy, Delwin 88, 180 Royer, Patricia 88, 182, 185, 380 Rozen, Florence 404 Rubin, Carolyn 370 Rubin, Helen 444 Ruby, George 299 Ruby, Robert 88 Rudbach, Jon 88, 252 Rudd, Connie 431 Rudolph, Marlene 186 Mary 408 Rudy 351 Ruegg, David 348 Ruettgers, Janet 392 Ruff, Ed 416 Rugaard, Lawrence 88, 174 Ruggeri, Anne 140, 368 Ruggles Stan 416 Rule, David 88, 416 Rummel, Pete 301 Rupley, Bob 202, 308 Russ, Cebron 278 Russ, Mike 180 Russell, Bonnie 144, 393 Buzz 356 Russell, David 88, 176, 394 Russell, David 296 Russell, Marianne 373 Russell, Rennie 266 Russell, Paul 297 Russell, Tom 308 Ruth, Beverly 102 Ruth, Harold 88 Ruth, Janet 398 Ruth, Jim 181 Ruth, Stuart 301 Ruth, Tom 185 Ruth, William 328 Rutherford, Ann 410 Rutherford. Bill 308 Rutherford, Rosemary 88, 366 Rutherford, Steve 337 Rutzen, Suzanne 380 Ruud, Rick 328 Ryals, Auber 88 Ryan, Dean 257 Ryan, Juliann 88, 382 Ryan, Patricia 437 Ryan, Sally 374 Ryan, Shiela 148 Ryan, Tim 88, 337 Ryker, Harrison 88 Ryman, Joan 131, 134, 388 Rypinski, Donald 316 S St. Amant, Barbara 102, 394 St.Amant. Nancy 88, 394 St. Germain, Orville 172 St. Sure, Don 346 Saar, Henry 185 Sabin, Nadine 432 Sachse, Marvin 88, 172, 338 Sacks, Carole 370 Sadler, James 300 Saegebarth, Ellen 202, 402 Sage, Donna 88 Sailor, Wayne 252 Saito, Masanobu 185 Sakai, Ann 373 Sakai, David 127, 195, 422 Sakamoto, Shiori 256 Sakamoto, Toyoko 437 Sakarin, Aree 200 Salisburg, Ned 314 Sally, Frank 230, 234 Sally, James 336 Salsman, Lawrence 88 Saltalamachia, Joan 88, 410 Salute, Eugene 344 Salvaressa, Sandy 420 Salvig, Leonard 88 Samaras, Celia 88, 378 Samenow, Robin 370 Sammis, Rick 303 Sampson, Sanford 129 Samuelson, Marcia 134, 386 Sanchez, Elio 88 Sandahl, Carl 301 Sanders, Dale 298 Sanders, Jay 314 Marquis 88 Sanderson, Lorna 261, 378 Sands, Lawrence 88, 354 Sands, Nancy 193, 205, 207, 378 Sandstrom, Don 83, 115, 135, 358 Sandstrom, Marilyn 129, 392 Sanford, Richard 240, 278, 316 Sanford, Ron 316 Sanford, Sammie 382 Sanger, Gerry 366 Sannar, Janet 100, 410 Sanson, David 440 Santana, Judy 88, 183, 380 Santee, Robert 328 Santin, Louis 88, 176 Santina, Guido 88, 311 Sapperstein, Jay 344 Saputo, Len 330 Sardell, Shei ' a 88 Sarles, Donald 88 Sarlin, Marti 432 Sarratt, Owren 301 Sartain, Carol 408 Sasaki, Jane 88 Sasaki, Kenji 233 Satapun, Suntorn 200 Satlyman, Jerry 41 Sato, Kenichi 88 Satterburg, Mel 300 Satylman, Jerry 41 Saunders, Frnest 88. 185, 199 Saunders, Fred 155, 177 Saunders, James 192 Savage, Gloria 89, 385 Saville, Roger 324 Savitt, Ronald 360 Sawyer, Barbara 410 Sawyer, Nancy 394 Saxon, Diane 414 Saxon, Jack 89, 320 Saylor, David 89, 172 Saywell, George 334 Sbragia, Ron 356 Scarbe, Barry 176, 177 Scargell, Carl 89 Scarich, Vincent 89, 203 Scarpelli, Kevin 202, 314 Scarzella. Jack 89, 330 Schaefer, Ann 57, 89, 434 Schaefer, John 117, 118, 173 Schaffer, Mike 186 Schaub, Fred 89, 181, 291 Scheiders, B. 198 Schenet, Wayne 89 Scheppler, Nancy 102, 410 Schifano, Paul 89, 191 Schimansky, David 202, 308 Schimmel, Richard 89, 354 Schleef, Joe 296 Schlegel, Chuck 172, 174 Schlegel, Daniel 89, 416 Schleuning, Jon 304 Schlitz Sciutto Bob 202 Schmaak, Barbara Schmerl, Jim 359 Schmid, 145, 185, 392 Schmidt, Bill 295 Schmidt, Charles 150, 203 Dennis 303 Schmidt, Jan 382 Schmidt, Lyndon 89 Schmidt, Marvin 416 Richard 256 Schmidt, Werner 416 Schnaak, Barbara 373 Schneider, Carmen 404 Schneider, Dick 338 Schneider, Lawrence 89, 176„ 195 Schneider, Thomas 89, 356 Schneringer, Paul 354 Schniedens, Bill 340 Schnitzer, Corry 183, 404 Schoen, Marilyn 89 Schoenfeld, Nancy 370 Schoenling, Marilyn 402 Schoeplein, Joan 148, 410 Scholte, Lorelda 89 Scholz, Bill 440 Scholz, Bob 278, 316 Scholz, Margie 89, 376 Schon, Patricia 436 Schonhoff, Lanny 89 Schorr, Charles 252 Schottstaedt, Elizabeth 89, 410 Schreiber, Dick 312 Schreiber, Leonard 89, 342 Schrieber, Judith 89, 406 Schrock, V. 176 Schroder, Joyce 89, 376 Schroeder, Trude 43, 109, 436 Schroffel, Bruce 89, 320 Schroth, George 238, 285 Schultz, Cliff 320 Schultz, Dennis 324 Schultz, Earl 244, 253 Schultz, Judy 146, 147, 366 Schultz, Pris 386 Schultz, Roger 354 Schultz, Sonja 89, 178, 185, 194, 365, 380 Schulz, Royce 89, 416 Schulz, Sandra 382 Schum, Donald 89, 174 Schure, Stanley 324 Schurr, Margery 89, 415 Schutt, Charles 236, 237 Schutz, Gordon 89, 291 Schutz, Mike 123 Schuyler, Roberta 89 Schwab, Don 336 Schwab, Pokey 145, 376 Schwartz, Arthur 131, 299 Schwartz, Audrey 370 Schwartz, Carla 182 Schwartz, Bruce 344 Schwartz, Ronald 131, 320 Schwartz, Sylvia 370 Schwarz, Peter 89, 262 Schwarzer, Timothy ..89, 132, 295 Schwefel, James 89 Schweitzer, Dick 360 Schymeinsky, Mike 181 Sciutto, Bob 316 Scofield, Tim 280, 332 Scolari, Richard 89, 358 Scott, Audree 3E8 Scott, Don 89, 295 Scott, Jane 406 Scott, Lynda 388 Scott, Mary 261, 378 Scott, Nancy 426 Scott, Pat 446 Scott, Pete 198, 362 Scott, Sandy 394 Scrivner, Richard 89, 334 Seaborn, Terry 301 Seaman, Elizabeth 120, 150 Seaman, Lynn 89, 150, 174 199, 203 Seamon, Roger 139 Sears, John 89, 356 Seaver, Charles 326 Sebastian, John 162 Seberg, Claudia 176, 178, 402 Seda, Jaroslava 434 See, John 348 Lyle 177, 416 Seff, Karl 89, 135 Segale, Andy 214, 230, 234, 266 Segall, John 131, 338 Seilert, Virginia 444 Seiler, Gloria 423 Seitz, Joan 432 Selb, Susan 89, 376 Seldin, Cynthia 131, 390 Selinger, Fred 338 Selvidge, Robert 90 Semenov, Debora 185, 370 Semichy, Pat 89, 402 Semons, Ralph 123 Semple, Janie 141, 201, 393 Seneker, Lani 148, 378 Senske, Carolyn 90 Sepkowitz, Bev. 444 Seraphin, Norm 161 Serex, Eugene 90, 176, 177 Serventi, James 90, 314 Sessions, Phyllis 90 Settle, Ted 266, 267 Setzer, Linda 100. 404 Severeid, Gerald 90 Severin, Ann 205.. 207, 380 Sevier, Kenneth 90, 351 Sevilla, Darrell 90, 320 Seymour, Judy 100, 428 Shadi, Mrs. 173 Shadi, Zilpha 194 Shaffer, Phil 98, 136, 324 Shaffer, Roger 303 Shafran, Barbara 444 Shafran, Julius 90 Shafran, Phyllis 90 Shain, Hank 320 Shapeero, Jan 444 Shapiro, Letty 390 Shapiro, Susan 444 Sharp, Barbara 376 Sharp, Esther 392 Shaskan, Ed 360 Shaw, Carol 146, 147, 408 Shaw, Julie 406 Shaw, Pete 304 Shaw, Sue 146 Shawl, Don 354 Shawl, Stanley 135, 283, 416 Shea, Dennis 90, 346 Shea, Maureen 90, 400 Shead, Donald 90 Shechner, Mark 344 Sheeran, Mary 374 Sheets, Janet ' 90, 406 Sheffer, Tobey 420 Shehadi, Nick 310 Sheldon, Willis 90, 180 Shell, Gordon 173 Shelley, Gail 368 Shelton, James 90, 416 Shelton, Ken 304 Shemanski, Linda 390 Shepard, William 117 Shepardson, Terry 185 Shepherd, Conrad 90 Sheridan, Earl 90, 203 Sherman, Dennis 303 Sherman, Maile 380 Sherman, Pat 428 Sherman, Sandra 102, 398 Sherman, Susan 404 Sherrard, Gary 314 Sherrod, Tom 328 Sherwood, Dorothy 145, 176, 178, 402 Shields, Dennis 202, 303 Shifley, Joan 432 Shikima, David 425 Shimada, Mas 425 Shimizu, L. 188 Shimmin, Kathy 193, 426 Shimono, Sab 188, 425 Shinn, Youn 185 Shinkel, Susan 388 Shinn, James 362 Shinoda, Makiko 90, 183, 188 Shinoda, Paul 90, 280, 425 Shipley, Robert 150, 172, 180 Shippy, Loretta 393 Shively, James 313 Shoemaker, Brian 322 Short, Sandy 376 Shostak, Sylvia 126 Shrier, Linda 370 Shubb, William 185 Shuck, Jack 416 Shuey, Ann 131, 394 Shulte, Ann ' 90, 420 Shultz Earl 244 Shurlock, Arthur 256 Shurtz, Richard 90, 330 Shute, Clem 252 Shuttleworth, Jane 392 Shutts, Brenda 374 Sibley, John 177 Sidener, John 90, 346 Sider, Joanne 370 Sides, Nita 366 Siebert, Edward 252 Siebert, Jerome 278 Siede, Carol 150 Siegel, Maria 100, 134, 432 Siegel, Marjorie 90 Sig 337 Sigel, Helen 90 Signorelli, Charlotte 382 Silberstein, Marcy 420 Silpakanok, China 200 Silva, William 90, 174 Silver, Dan 141 Silvera, Isaac 90, 291, 360 Silverglade, Sigred 424 Silverman, Ila 370 Silverman, Mel 360 Silverstein, Larry 338 Silverthorne, Will 318 Simmons, John 336 Simon, John 344 Simon, L. 183 Simon, Maurice 344 Simonich, Cecilla 394 Linda 428 Simonsen, Al 324 Simpson, Bernie 90, 214, 244 253, 318 Simpson, Bill 301 Simpson, Melvyn 422 Simpson, Sherry 410 Sims, John 102, 351 Sims, Sally 408 Singer, Peter 320 Singer, Walter 304 Singleton, Dave 90, 135, 356 Sinn, Carol .............................. 370 Sires, Joan ............................ 444 Sisson, Linda 90, 366 Sisson, Warren 214, 287, 298 Sittinger, Marene 144, 376 Sixtus, Pat ............................ 426 Skaggs, Sanford 280, 298 Skelly, Suzanne 131, 382 Skene, Paula 90, 396 463 Skocovsky, Dennis 90 Skoegard, Claire 374 Skogstrom, Dave 90, 323 Slater, Judy 102, 398 Slatten, Darrel 90, 191 Slaughter, John 354 Slauson, Steve 283, 354 Slawson, Sandra 394 Slechta, Alfred 309 Sloan, Jared 344 Sloan, Matty 344 Sloman, Sue 410 Slomann, Norman 286, 344 Slthepitak, Saman 200 Small, Elizabeth 406 Small, Jim 204, 214, 238 Smalley, Stan 197 Smart, Rowena ...... ...57, 90, 434 Smart, Wesley 416 Smernes, Anthony ....102, 279, 332 Smiley, Parker 90, 176, 350 Smiley, Teddy 90, 426 Smith, Alice 90 Smith, Barbara 385 Smith, Barney 306 Smith, Benjamin 90 Smith, Bob 91, 185, 354 Smith, Carolyn 102, 382 Smith, Claire ....91, 178, 185, 410 Smith, Clare 392 Smith, Claudeen 400 Smith, Clay 202, 336 Smith, Darlene 102, 398 Smith, David 254 Smith, Don 416 Smith, Donald 91, 296 Smith, Dudley 131, 346 Smith, Eleanor 380 Smith, Elliott 346 Smith, Ernest 252 Smith, George 91, 346 Smith, Glenn 346 Smith, Jack 181 Smith, James 91 Smith, Jan 408 Smith, Jay 186, 264, 346 Smith, Jim 330 Smith, John 190 Smith, Judy 100, 131, 374 Smith, Judy 432 Smith, Judy 380 Smith, Lee 91, 271, 342 Smith, Leland 359 Smith, Lewis 299 Smith, Linda 386 Smith, Linda 410 Smith, Louis 102 Smith, Loyd 185 Smith, Marla 198, 402 Smith, Maryly 398 Smith, Marylyn 197, 261, 376 Smith, Merle 91, 326 Smith, Mike 340 Smith, Paul 306 Smith, Peggy 386 Smith, Phil 328 Smith, Phil 322 Smith, Robert Smith, Sally 400 Smith, Sam 91, 332 Smith, Sam 177, 440 Smith, Sheila 91, 183, 404 Smith, Stephanie 91, 400 Smith, Stephen 102, 416 Smith, Sue 205, 374 Smith, Susan 396 Smith, Susan 91 Smith, Susan 398 Smith, Sylvia 183 Smith, Tallant 311 Smith, Thomas 176 Smith, Vernon 332 Smith, Wayne 185 Smith, William 102 Smith, Zoe 388 Smyth, John 91 Snail, W. 203 Snider, George 91 Snider, Jim 355 Snider, Mercedes 91, 183 Snow, Jeff 214, 231, 232 Snyder, Fred 91, 271, 301 Snyder, Julie 91 Snyder, Kathy 394 Snyder, Margie 394 Snyder, Robert 257, 314 Soares, Frances 408 Soares, Nancy 202, 382 Sobel, S. 183 Soderer, Gary 197, 214, 324 Soekotto, Wahjoe 185 Soemanagara, Lien 127 Soeroto, Djoko 91, 127 Soetanto, R. 127 Soeten, Theresa 91, 382 SohIitz 425 Solander, Susan 185 Solari, Geraldine ....117, 127, 388 Solari, Marianne 388 Solberg, Janet 368 Solinsky, Frank 362 Solof, Susan 444 Solomon, Dick 344 Solomon, Ernest 91, 257, 422 Solomon, Terry 404 Solomonow, Allen ..91, 123, 299 Som, Harry 91 Somers, A. 183 Somerville, Jeannie ....57, 91, 432 Sommarstrom, Sue 131, 388 Sonne, Pete 358 Sonnichsen, Darrell 91 Sonske, Carolyn 186 Soper, Robert 308 Soo, Ying 91 Sorensen, Stan 332 Sorge, Anne 91, 400 Sortais, Curtis Sours, Marty 318 Sousa, Sharon 420 Christiane 91 Souza, Vicci 438 Phil 291, 316 Sparks, Charles 91 Sparks, Marilyn 91 Sparks, Thomas 91 Spencer, Gordon 91 Spencer, Mary 365, 410 Spender, Jerrie 134, 406 Sperling, Rennee 370 Sperry, Bruce 306 Spieler, Nathaniel 91, 356 Spiering, Frank 346 SpigarelIi, Don 440 Spiker, Phyllis 91, 186 Spires, Priscilla 143, 203, 429 Spitz, Susan 173 Spitze, James 252 Spivock, Roberta 370 Sponsler, Tony 332 Spoon, Pat 368 Spott, Curtis 328 Sprague, Sandy 402 Spratley, Given 148 Spridgen, Sherry 400 Spridgen, Sylvia 91, 400 Carolyn 91, 370 Springer, Ellen 390 Sprouse, Robert 180 Stadelman. Judy .....91, 205, 400 Stafford, Barbara Dave 244, 253 Stahle, Virginia 368 Staley, Jean 426 Stallings, Louise 102, 144 202, 398 Standish, Miles 186 Standlee, Susan 415 Stanford, Alan 342 Dorothy 91, 394 Stanley, 318 Stanton, Audrey 424 398 Susan 438 Starfford, Barbara 446 Stark, Judy 148, 410 Stark, Sue 412 Stayner, Dick 102, 324 Steacy, Barbara 394 Steck, Sharon 91 Steen. Verne 91, 174 Walt 142 Pete 314 Stein. 404 Irene 91, 404 Steinburg, S. 183 Steiner, William 142, 304 Steingrube, Miriam 91 Steve 360 Stelling, Anita 92, 178 185 194, 205, 426 Barbara ....... 92, 366 Stenson, Sondra 479 Ann 396 Stephens, Roger 92, 348 92, 444 Steppling, Fredrica 434 Stern. Fritz 92,348 Stern. Sandra 370 Sternberg, 129 Sternberger, Marie 92, 470 Bob 332 Stevens, Noel 92, 342 Stevens, Ronald 92. 309 Stevens, Sherry 197, 404 Stevens, 374 Stevenson, Art 219 Stevenson. Carol 193, 366 Stewart, Allen 92, 337 Stewart, John F. 92, 176 Stewart, John M. 92, 416 Stewart. John O. 92, 302 Stewart, Mike 355 Stewart, Richard 314 Stewart, Sue 92 Stewart, Susan 100, 183, 402 Stiefel, Miki 429 Stikkers, Don 181 Stillman, Fowler 285 Stinson, Bob 100, 334 Stitt, Jeanne 444 Stocker, Susan 444 Stockon, Charles 92, 174, 178 Stocper, Jean 230 Stoddard, Carol 184 Stolowitz, Sandy 434 Stokes, Reynold 280 Stome, H. 115 Stone, Carol 92, 390 Stone, Clarke 172 Stone, Dean 96 Stone, Edward 320 Stone, Gary 92, 172, 174, 199 Stone, Le 438 Stone, Marjorie 92, 370 Stone, Roger 422 Stone, Susan 144, 382 Stoney, Edwin 340 Stoops, Margo 92, 186 Storm, Mike 323 Storm, Mike 306 Storm, Nick 351 Story, Michael 92, 297 Stott, Mary 184 Stowell, Dick 233, 269 Strand, Joan 386 Strange, Richard 92 Stratton, Patricia 388 Straubel, Susan 92, 406 Strauch, H. 183 Straus, Jo 92, 444 Strauss, Bruce 332 Strebel, Beth 184 Street, Steve 440 Streshly, Bill 230 Stricklin, Bill 69, 92, 114, 115, 356 Stricklin, Suzanne 68, 92, 114, 121, 178, 185 Stringer, Jon 310 Stripp, Dr. 123 Strom, Ron 338 Stromberg, Nancy 423 Stroud, Duke 129, 132 Strough, Don 314 Struve, Friedhelm 236, 237 Stuart, Jeri 374 Stubbings, Russell 354 Studarus, Margaret 408 Studebaker, William 92, 186 Stuhr, Katie 406 Stull, Betty 92, 201, 424 Sturman, Michael 359 Sudman, Edythe 428 Suett, Elle 92 Sullivan, Ann 378 Daniel 416 Sullivan, Debby 386 Sullivan, Jerry 92 Sullivan, Joe 359 Sullivan, Molly 378 Sullivan, Robert 92, 180 Sullwold, Sandra 438 Beverly 202, 404 Sumarlin, J. 127 Sunada, Daniel 92, 178, 422 Susnow, Gayle 92 Sussman, Lois 92, 370 Sutton, Claire 193, 410 Sutton, Phil 92, 191 Suvetsugu, Tom 178 Suyetsugu, Tom Suyetsugu, Tsutomu 92 Suzuki, Katura 92, 422 Svihula, Gary 257 Swain, Lynne 183, 388 Swain, Margaret 128, 382 Swain, Sandy 430 Swan, Gary 386 Swan, Dick 186 Swan, George 92 Swan, Helen 184 Swan, R. 176 Swanson, Brian 340 Swanson, William 92 Swanstrom, Robert 92, 176 Swartz, Carla 185 Sweeney, Barbara 128, 402 Sweeney, Michael 92 Sweeny, Shep 334 Swenson, Ken 301 Swimmer, David 344 Swinney, Janet 92, 368 Sylvia, Fred 93, 303 Sypher, Susi 176, 178, 380 Syzygy, Paul 186 T Taber, Harold 342 Tabler, Jane 93, 420, 426 Tacconi, Les 356 Taggart, Robert 93, 323 Tahira, Kimi 102, 188, 202, 446 Tait, Richard 342 Takahashi, David 93, 185 Takahashi, Katy 437 Takahashi, Ken 93 Takao, Tomi 93 Takashima, Gary 93 Takeda, Sylvia 133, 434 Takei, Irene 133, 437 Takemori, Edward 93, 176 Takemoto, Carol 438 Takvorian, Charlene 93 Talbot, Diane 93, 374 Talbott, Liz 438 Talbott, Richard 161, 355 Talburt, Ann 380 Talley, Don 279, 303 Talley, William 197 Tallmon, Diane 444 Tallyn, Karen 388 Tam, Stella 93 Tamai, Wes 440 Tamblyn, Ann 438 Tamony, Joseph 93 Tamura, Miwako 93 Tan, V. 175 Tana, Yasuto 233, 279 Tanforan, Frank 93 Tanigawa, Kyoko 423 Taniguchi, Stanley 425 Tanimoto, Jun 93, 425 Tanner, Jordan 184 Tanner, T. 175 Tanovitz, Edward 320 Tarantino, Jan 362 Tartre, Richard 198, 323 Tashima, Ben 440 Tashima, Eugene 93, 176 Tashima, Julia 444 Tassielli, Frank 93, 143, 180 Taub, Louise 390 Taurman, Eugene 304 Taussig, Harry 416 Tavernetti, David 332, 362 Tavernetti, Rick Taylor, Anna 131, 374 Taylor, Betty 368 Taylor, Bill 230 Taylor, Bob 198, 336 Taylor, Gail 376 Taylor, Judith 93, 398 Taylor, Leslie 380 Taylor, Morse 93, 117, 360 Taylor, Terry 144, 202, 406 Taylor, Wade 330 Tedeschi, Marina Teel, Lewis 284, 348 Tegtmeier, John 314 Tehira, Kimi 148 Teipel, Elizabeth 93, 396 Teitler, Judith 370 Teitsworth, Anne K. 93, 201 Telford, Stephanie 148, 393 Temple, Phyllis 402 Tenney, Linda 193, 410 Ternquist, Sallie 394 Terry, Crystal 93 Terry, Jerald 98, 252 Terzich, Milos 93, 214, 280 Teshima, Claire 432 Tessem, Thor 257 Tessler, Larry 294 Thal, Dan 189, 299 Tharsing, Penny 146 Thebolt, Jo 193, 368 Theodore, Irene 129 Thie, Alice 428 Thinger, Richard ....198, 204, 314 Thiron, Frank 336 Thistlewood, Art 125 Thomas, A. 175 Thomas, Barbie 131 Thomas, Diana 93, 398 Thomas, Greg 230, 234 Thomas, Grove 41, 155 Thomas, Hugh 93 Thomas, Jim 93, 304 Thomas, John 332 Thomas, Marguerite 386 Thomas, May 93 Thomas, Terry 295 Thometz, T. 172, 174, 180 Thompson, Anita 426 Thompson, Barbie 398 Thompson, Bart 324 Thompson, Blair 301 Thompson, Charles 192 Thompson, Charles 93, 175, 214 Thompson, Don 195, 342 Thompson, Jackie 93, 370 Thompson, Kay 93, 386 Thompson, Paul 93 Thompson, P. 176, 354 Thomsen, Dorothy 202, 434 Thornton, Jim 416 Thornton, Joanne 423 Thornton, Katie 176, 178, 402 Thorwaldsen, Carl 440 Threefoot, Phil 355 Thrower, Billie 385 Thurlow, William 130, 304 Tibbetts, Tom 330 Tick, Julie 93 Tiedemann, Barbara 93, 374 Tierney, Ron 93, 301 Tilden, Bruce 313 Tillmany, Jack 93, 185 Timm, Lorence 93, 295 Tirico, Jeanette 380 Tischer, Diane 380 Tisher, Lucille 100 Tjomsland, Judy ....134, 205, 366 Toch terman, Ronald 93 Todd, Arthur 173 Tognazzini, Terry 197, 214, 284, 378 Toharaing, Penny 147 Tokerud, Robert 93 Tolles, Sara 93, 400 Tolson, Jon 338 Tom, Edna 415 Torn, Kenneth 335 Tom, Lily 94 Tom, Nelson 94, 181,199, 203 Tom, Quailand 94 Tom, Theodore 335 Tomita, William 94 Tomlinson, Bonnie 148, 380 Tomony, Joe 57 Tong, George 94 Tong, Steven 94 Toomajian, Sue 376 Topping, Sherry 205, 400 Torriggino, Maria ..100, 193, 386 Torkells, Wally 244, 253 Torrance, Anthony 94, 314 Torrey, Peggy 392 Torykian, Diana 94 Tosehi, Catherine 444 Tosse, Lloyd 130, 131, 440 Totten, Dave 280, 328 Totten, Jeff 301 Tourville, Bernadette 94, 176, 178, 380 Tourville, Gay 102, 368 Towle, Charles 312 Townley, Mary 94, 374 Townshend, H. 301 Townsley, Gerald 94, 354 Toyama, Marty 426 Tracy, Darrelen 426 Traglia, Deanna 102 Trapnell, Herbert 94, 312 Trapp, Barbara 429 Traubman, Lionel 344 Treadway, Don 94, 416 Treadwell, Sue 437 Trees, Sue 119, 394 Trefts, Park 302 Trembath, Jim 100, 324 Trethan, Ronald 100, 354 Trew, Leonard 94 Trew hitt, Janet 378 Trimbach, Charles 94 Bill 359 Troglia, Deanna 102, 380 Troppe, Aviva 94 Trosper, Terry 128, 202, 436 Trost, Evie 148, 402 Trost, Stan 320 Trowbridge, Gail ....98, 121, 131, 136, 380 Trowbridge, Lawrence 199, 203 Tsang, Kenneth 236 Tse, Cynthia 426 Tsukamoto, David 190 Tuck, Burius 195 Tuck, King 100, 334 Tuck, Loretta 378 Tucker, Hayes 190 ' Tudor, Robert 440 Tuemmler, Fred 233, 356 Tulalamba, Vitavas 200 Tully, Sue 444 Tuomsland, Judy 207 Turley, Sandy 394 Turley, Sue 394 Turner, Ann 388 Turner, Bill 233 Turner, Don 297 Turner, Gene ....94, 120, 140, 203 Turner, Nancy 408 Turner, Stephen 94 Turner, Yvone 406 Turner, Ralph 94 Turula, Emily 380 Tuttle, Joey 396 Tuttle, Ronald 94 Twain, Art 94, 320 Twight, Angenett 426 Twight, Susanne 426 Tyler, Errol 201 Tyler, Lynda 366 Tymstra, Frances 438 Tyre, Joy 370 464 Tyrrell, Mike 355 Tyson, Doris 408 U Uchiyama, Midori 183 Udick, Ralph 280, 351 Udovch, Joe 94, 318 Uebel, Karl 215, 240, 278 Ulrich, Susan 94, 378 Ulsh, Steve 356 Ulyatt, Pete 440 Unland, Elizabeth 431 Uno, Mabel 94 Unsoeld, George 181 Ura, Kozo 94, 173 Uthaivathna, Suchinta 94, 200 Utterback, Ray 94, 181, 440 V Vail, Mel 94, 342 Valente, Bobbe 428 Valentine, Joan 382 Valentine, Pete 306 Valentine, Sidney 94, 203 Valiton, Patricia 94, 366 VanCamp, Brian 100, 118, 136, 440 Vanderford, Dave 202, 348 VanGelder, Dan 94, 295 VanHeuit 174 VanHoff, Johannes 332 VanHoorebeke, David 202, 268, 348 VanHorn, Sue 386 VanHouten, James 174 VanHusen, Paul 197 VanKessel, Gordon 256 VanLuven, Don 324 Vann, Doug 334 VanNoy, Al 301 VanNoy, Liane 430 Vargus, Brian 130, 322 Varney, Marilyn 160 Vartanian, Pat 131, 393 Basey, Dick 181 Vaughan, Robert 180 Vaughan, Tonia 388 Vaughn, William 306 Vause, Stephen 185 Vay, Beth Venstrom, Kay 402 Verble, Susan 406 Verduia, Florence 139 Verhoogen, Robert 280 Berkozen, Jay 313 Vernon, Lynne 85, 94, 194, 201, 386 Vernon, Susan 386 Verran, Julie 431 Verzasconi, Ray 173, 416 Viale, Laurene 94, 368 Vice, Gary 269, 336 Victoria, Xavier 94 Victors, Alexis 94, 422 Videtsky, Wita 94 Bienop, Bob 94, 280 Vienop, Louetta 57, 94, 110, 133, 368 Viery, Gail 374 Viland, Judy 382 Vilner, Dave 320 Vincent, Tom 298 Vineys, Dennis 354 Vingo, Ray 330 Vinnecour, Keith 360 Viola, Frank 356 Violich, Thomas 306 Vinassai, Banphot 200 Vlautin, Kent 440 Vogel, Worth 298 Vogelhut, Paul 236 Vogelzang, William 94, 203 Vold, Mary 402 Volle, Merna 128, 131, 393 Volmer, Ronald 94, 190 Volpi, Sylvia 173, 412 Bolz, Al 195 Vondra, Marilyn 432 VonEmster, Louise 95 VonHusen, Paul 324 Vorous, Virginia 144, 393 Voss, Linda 102, 376 Vyn, Prudy 193, 366 W Wachtel, Eileen 370 Wacker, Mike 351 Wacoski, Dianne 139 Wade, Al 180 Wadsworth, Diane 378 Wadsworth, Paul 308 Wagener, James 95, 312 Waggle, Steve 354 Wagner, John 268 Wagner, P. 198 Wahl, Mary 188 Wahl, Sandy 370 Wait, Brad 202, 308 Wakoski, Diane 139, 203 Walden, Mary 408 Waldie, Marg 145, 203, 444 Waldron, Sally 376 Waline, Gwenn 100 Walker, Blair 400 Walker, Donna 95 Walker, Gilbert 283, 348 Walker, Karen 410, 428 Walker, Sally 95 Walker, Verla 432 Wall, Beverly 95, 400 Wall, Keith 346 Wallace, Dodge 161 Wallace, Donald 95 Wallace, Jan 376 Wallace, Jane 131, 386 Wallace, Nancy 106, 368 Wallach, Eduard 95, 174 Wallin, Pete 318 Wallis, Tom 95 Wallner, Chuck 95 Walpole, Mary 95, 378 Walsh, Nancy ....57, 95, 183, 398 Walsh, William 328 Walters, Mary 396 Walther, Marsha 95, 205 Walton, Ann 423 Wamser, Richard 95 Wandry, Warner 95 Ward, Helen 107, 147, 366 Ward, Judy 144, 396 Ward, Robert 314 Wardenburg, Fran 410 Wardhana, Ali 127 Wardrope, Tom 304 Ware, Buck 302 Warford, B. 202 Warner, Joan 402 Warner, Pete 355 Warner, Ray 185 Warner, Susan 100, 193, 136, 406 Warren, Laetitia 420 Warren, Norma 100, 376 Warren, Thomas 306 Warrington, Al 131 Warrington, Sue 376 Warshaw, Louis 192 Washburn, Laurie 400 Wasserman, Jerry 299 Waterman, Lynn ....102, 202, 430 Waters, Donna 428 Watkins, Harold 95 Watrous, Jane 406 Watson, Carolyn 406 Watson, Kathy 444 Watson, Linda 366 Watson, Patt 423 Watson, Vall 195 Wattenburg, Bill 117, 118 Wattis, Carol 382 Watts, Dave 236, 237 Watts, Kevin 95 Waung, Florence 95 Weant, Nancy 366 Weatherby, Eugene 95, 174 Weaver, Fred 256, 330 Webb, Henry 257 Webber, Suzanne 95, 378 Weber, Arnold 95 Webster, Valerie 150, 199 Webster, Virginia 382 Wedlake, Mike 330 Weedon, Carol 388 Weeks, Donna 102, 374 Weeks, Marshall 296 Weesner, Chuck 180 Weigand, Denny 230 Weii, W. 181, 199 Weikert, Thomas 311 Weinberger, Howard 295 Weinberger, James 264, 295 Weinberger, Janis 420 Weiner, Barbara 95, 390 Weiner, Edward 344 Weiner, Martin 95, 320 Weiner, Sandy 338 Weinshenk, Ronald 338 Weir, William 95, 203 Weis, Annetee 396 Weisenburger, J. 202 Weishahn, Dale 233, 269 Weisman, Michael 360 Weiss, Bev 368 Weiss, James 177 Weiss, Judi 100, 420 Weiss , Ken 440 Weiss, Sarah 368 Weissman, Edward 344 Welke, Elton 298 Wellington, Sue 402 Wells, Bill 337 Wells, Jack 125 Wells, Jacqueline 134, 444 Wells, Mary 426 Wells, Melinda 194, 374 Wells, Robert 303 Welsh, Larry 95, 180, 203 Welsh, Polly 408 Wemett, Conn ie 100, 131, 380 Wendell, Bob 244, 253, 326 Wentner, Alex 340 Weppler, E ' Anne 95 Werchick, Arne 123, 173 Werdel, Charles 198, 306 Werlng, R. 172, 174 Werner, Carolyn 183 Werner, Edward 95, 330 Werner, Ken 354 West, Barbara 432 West, Barbara 380 West, Betty 428 West, Harriett 202, 380 West, John 141 Westmann, Russell . .95, 178, 304 Westmore, Normand 95 Weston, Dave 172, 174 Westphal, Don 95, 174, 178 Westphall, Bob 303 Westsmith, G. 202 Wexler, Melvin 299 Weymouth, William 294 Weyrach, Martin 298 Weyrauch, Henry 240, 279 Whaley, Warren 95 Whang, Kyu 95 Whelan, Thomas 283 Wherritt, Robert 440 Whettan, John 184 Whilden, Steve 203, 256 Whipple, Bill 355 Whipple, Brandt 440 Whisler, William . 95, 176, 195, 199, 355 Whitaker, Barbara 95 Whitby, Barbara 197, 408 Whitcomb, Al 328 White, Blair 324 White, Dave 308 White, David 198, 362 White, Jerry 326 White, Joan 446 White, John 150, 185, 416 White, Mike 230, 266, 267 White, Shalene 95 White, Sharon 394 White, Willie 278 Whitefield, Brooks C. 201 Whitehead, Gordon 215 Whitehead, Jean 126, 173 Whitehead, Jud 316 Whitham, Joan 95, 434 Whiting, Keith 252, 278 Whitmore, Margaret 95, 410 Whitney, Betty 432 Whitney, Richard 94, 174, 180 Whitney, William 95, 120, 150, 203 Whyte, Doug 310 Whyte, Robert 359 Wible, John 269 Wichman, Jo 368 Wicklow, Barbara 444 Wickman, John 95, 176, 295 Wickman, Lance 102, 184 Wickman, Raymond 264, 295 Widener, W. 175 Wiegant, Bob 123 Wiegner, Ann 374 Wiener, Marty 123 Wienir, Bill 360 Wierzbianska, Elizabeth 173 Wigle, Marydale 176, 178, 438 Wilander, Connie 382 Wilcott, Scott 117, 198, 204, 306 Wilcox, Fred 96 Wilcox, Thomas 184 Wilcox, Wayne 161, 181 Wildberger, Joe 118, 328 Wilde, Charles 306 Wilde, Clark 254 Wilde, Harold 303 Wilde, Susan 366 Wilderman, Robert 440 Wiley, Nancy 438 Wilhelmsen, Ray 96 Williams, Betsy 368 Williams, Carole 131, 193, 194, 406 Williams, David 96 Williams, Edwin 96, 174 Williams, Ivan 96, 181, 199, 203 Williams, James 96, 181, 199, 203 Williams, Jan 96, 188, 380 Will iams, Jeanne 96, 426 Williams, Jill 410 Williams, John 161, 322 Williams, Keith 96, 123, 440 Williams, Kenna 96, 130, 376 Williams, Pete 338 Williams, Roger 96 Williams, Ruby 386 Williams, Susan 202, 404 Williams, Thomas 96 Williamson, Alfred 96 Williamson, Millard 96 Williamson, Susan 368 Williford, Jerry 96 Willis, Darryl 100 Willis, Dave 285 Willis, Ester 373 Willis, Jody 96, 382 Williston, Eleanor 374 Willits, Victor 283 Wills, Bob 233 Wilson, Arnold 96 Wilson, Bob 298 Wilson, Frank 96, 203, 422 Wilson, Garth 291, 354 Wilson, Gary 332 Wilson, Helen 410 Wilson, Kathy 186 Wilson, James 96 Wilson, John 96, 314 Wilson, Linda 368 Wilson , Lynne 386 Wilson, Margaret 140, 201 Wilson, Michael 175, 279 Wilson, Miriam 380 Wilson, Nancy 437 Wilson, Noel 283 Wilson, Pat 434 Wilson, Robert 184, 328 Wilson, Sue, 160 Wilson, Tom 354 Wilson, Vicki 119, 125 Wilstam, Lani 426 Windingstad, Kari 186, 202 Winey, Susan 374 Winkel, Tory 334 Winn, Gerald 96 Winn, Susan 366 Winslow, Donald 96, 174, 178 Winsor, Diana 96, 131, 194, 201, 378 Winsor, Julia 131, 396 Winter, Bob 181 Winter, Everett 96 Wirtz, Philip 96, 358 Wiseman, Joan 186 Witcosky, JoJean 446 Wivell, Tyrus 96 Woehrle, Betsy 102 Wohletz, Richard ....96, 175, 280 Wolcott, Robert 202, 342 Wolf, Richard 354 Wolff, George 338 Wolfe, Cameron 219, 355 Wolfenden, James 278 Wolfenden, William 96, 362 Wolfesen, Marcos 236, 237 Wolfman, George 266 Wong, Bill 142 Wong, Carolyn 405 Wong, D. 176 Wong, Dolly 96 Wong, Edward 96 Wong, Harry 440 Wong, Holden 440 Wong, Jeff 102, 440 Wong, Joyce 438 Wong, Lily 432 Wong, Patsy 96 Wong, Peter 96, 199 Wong, Stanley 96 Woo, Gar 96 Wood, Ann 374 Wood, Barbara 102, 382 Wood, Bethann 100, 193 Wood, Gary 340 Wood, Gary 96 Wood, Judy 398 Wood, Kate 386 Wood, Kent 322 Wood, Lewis 96, 294 Wood, Linda 374 Wood, Michael 340 Wood, Myrna 96, 415 Wood, Phil 201 Wood, Susan 431 Wood, Valerie 444 Woodard, Jerome 311 Woodard, Thomas 311 Woodin, Lynn 96 Woodward, Lawrence 96, 198, 340 Woodward, Ray 174 Wooldridge, Nancy 144 Worley, Ray 174 Woyciehowsky, Jean 376 Wright, Audrey 97, 386 Wright, Brenda 131, 410 Wright, Edith 405 Wright, Jay 201 Wright, Martha 144, 406 Wright, Merry 134, 388 Wright, Walter 185, 323 Wrixon, Joe 316 Wrixon, William 316 Wulf, Joanne 57, 97, 376 Wulffson, John 354 Wulfsberg, Gary 97, 214, 278, 314 Wuttke, Karl 256, 440 Wyckoff, Louis 340 Wykaff, Victor 328 Wylie, John 256 Wyllie, Loring 199, 355 Y Yaeckel, John 328 Yaeger, Edward 97 Yager, Jolly 408 Yagi, Karuko 97 Yamada, Burton 425 Yamada, Dave 61, 97, 115, 422 Yamaguchi, Jim 97 Yamahara, Shigeki 97 Yamakawa, Patricia 97, 185 Yamamoto, Ida 429 Yamashita, Kenneth 97 Yamashita, Larry 425 Yamklinfong, Prasert 200 Yancey, Gary 214, 280 Yano, Chauncey 214 Yao, Law 97 Yatabe, Jon 297 Yates, Arlene 370 Yates, Conrad 97 Yates, Joan 97 Yee, Carolee 373 Yee, David 192, 335 Yee, Harry 97 Yee, Harvey 335 Yee, Mini 405 Yee, Yale 97, 335 Yee-Litt, Frank 97 Yenckel, Jim 67, 97, 120, 140 Yerman, Jack 230, 234, 278 Yip, Marian 97 Yob, Vivian 373 Yoshikawa, David 440 Yoshikawa, Tadao 194 Yoshinaga, James 97, 425 Young, Arloine 97, 423 Young, Audriane 431 Young, Bill 342 Young, Colleen 148, 376 Young, Don 359 Young, Dorothy 437 Young, George 97, 330 Young, Hope 97 Young, Jack 302 Young, Jaydeane 186 Young, Judy 205 Young, Kirk 336 Young, Lynda 97 Young, Marcia 97, 141, 201 Young, Norma 184 Young, Roger 97, 186 Young, Virginia 148, 393 Young, Willis 97 Youngberg, Dav 184, 256 Youngson, James 97, 135, 175 Yudnich, Nishka 100, 183 Yuen, Jason 97 Yuhas, Jan 97 Yunkers, Madlain 97 Z Zaccone, Terry 262 Zacher, Holley 382 Zahas, Elene 376 Zahas, Gene 354 Zais, Albert 180 Zaki, Ismail 97 Zamore, Annette 97 Zanussi, Robert 97 Zaretsky, Zeeva 420 Zaro, Dorothy 97, 412 Zaviantseff, Vladimir 97 Zbitnoff, Igor 283 Zeiden, Sylvan 344 Zeimer, Bob 181 Zeller, Gordon 332 Zelonky, Shari 420 Zieger, Pat 426 Ziegler, Norton 97 Ziemer, Robert 97, 181 Zierman, Carl 97 Zilliox, William 97, 191 Zimmerman, Jane 376 Zimmerman, Marc 201 Zimmerman, Paul 97 Zimmerman, Robert 283 Zimmers, Mardie 97, 376 Zink, Robert 97 Zinn, Virginia 396 Zitlau, Nancy 378 Zitlaw, Adolph 97 Zlot, Harold ....97, 130, 191, 416 Zonligt, Deena 97 Zorfas, Melvyn 97 Zuardo, Jerry 336 Zuber, Maja 446 Zucker, Mike 320 Zucker, Nancy . 420 Zuckerman, Gordon 198, 312 Zuckerman, Ron 320 Zuckman, Adrienne 202, 446 465 Manager ' s Letter Working with the staff through a host of experiences in managing the yearbook will always be an important memory. There were " ups and downs, " but fortunately mostly " ups " because people were so nice. Bert, Mom and Dad, and Margaret were the moral support and encouragement. And to those who sold and helped to sell the book, my deepest thank-you. Elaine and Pauline handled sales, accounting, and studio beautifully. Marcia, Terry, Liz, Jane, and Jane were faithful, responsible and indispensable individuals on the staff. Howard, Sandra, Linda, Lorna, Penny, and Sue were outstanding in sales as well as in keeping office and studio hours. All of you are part of the 1959 Blue and Gold and deserve credit along with Editorial Staff. It ' s been exciting for me to work with you. The bouquets are yours. Editor ' s Letter As one of the most wonderful experiences of my life draws to a close, I find myself with a deeply thankful feeling that I was able to hold this position, and through it to express just a little of what Cal means to me. I am very grateful to all those who made this possible and who helped me so much during the year. Thanks to Jo Woolley, last year ' s editor, who advised me with the planning and organizing; to Margaret Cook for her priceless assistance and advice to the entire staff; to Anne Howard, who helped me over many, many a rough spot; to Ed Kirwan and Harold Ambling for their untiring efforts to secure just the " right " picture; to my family for their patience and understanding; to the many other students in ASUC activities who helped me so much, to my special helpers and morale boosters, Jo Crisler, Ginny Young, Mary and Sally Godwin; to Bob Ozias and Mr. Kolasa at LS Z ; to Bob Moon and Marvin Bonds at Cal Art; to Wally Frederick and all those in publications office; to Peg Davies in the activities office; to Mrs. Click in the Dean ' s office; to our student artists; to Mr. Levinson and The Cardoza Bookbinding Co.; to Keith Cole; and lastly to my wonderful staff who did things so capably so well and made things so easy for me—to these people, I say thank you, for it is because of each and every one of you that I shall always look back upon this year as one of the happiest, most challenging, and most rewarding of my life.

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