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la ue an 1958 (C)(0)(0) L associaLei stut ents fay unalversit-y 0 ifornia vo C 85 facu_ richard 1. adams william g. donald douglas m. kelley mary f. patterson thomas d. stewart utterits dorothy progress bayles william aldrich dahl douglas joseph gray gary roger jarmen lln memoriana ➢0 wooliey editor many smitL it sports editor siuie mggart copy editor Ob Tien assistant copy editor wittman manager vane associate manager lynn wort ____ assistant manager evelitz, evvg,to et ex ellen t ese a Tillrip university wing grow events 1 1 1 page 135 65 c asses page Pub C " cations an 1 I 11 [I.:L. asuc page 09 pro ubs antl societies itorms and resittences page 207 fraternities and sororities page 245 and subsfance winter spring page 403 page 425 a ©tics page 381 450 V The memories of men are a multitude of greenhouses in which civiliza- tion grows and all the human institutions which are its fruit take sustenance, and find the means to flourish. Events and experiences drop out of the memories of men, unless someone has the foresight to preserve viable seeds of the basic idea in pictures or words on the face of a stone or the leaf of a book. The yearbook of the Berkeley Campus is such a resource for memory, certain to yield pleasure in the years ahead to more than a few. This particular book has a personal significance for me, for it represents the record of the last class to grad- uate in my twenty-eight years of service as President. I too am grad uating this June, and at an age when I realize clearly the significance of memories and the satisfaction that comes from friends associated with them. I recommend that you treasure both. There are few men who could equal the accomplishments of Clark Kerr during his five years as Chancellor of the University of California. Through his foresight and extreme intelligence, he has gained the respect of the faculty and his fellow workers. But his concern has been extended far beyond the realm of administration, for he has personalized the office of Chancellor. In his advocation of student government, he has shown an unfailing interest in the welfare of the student. We, at California, are proud that such a worthy man is to be the next president of the University. Dear President Sproul: In a few short weeks your career as president of the University of California will draw to a close. The University, during your twenty-eight years of service, has experienced phenomenal physical growth. In 1931 the idea of the present state-wide university was just a dream. Today that dream is a reality and has been extended to other tional systems. Intellectual development has not been neglected, as is witnessed by the continual emphasis on high academic standards. You have given to the University two valuable ideals concerning a college career: " the laying of a cultural foundation on which to build a rich, abundant and useful life, " and " the acquisition of knowledge and skills essential to vocational and professional success in specific fields. " A third ideal— " the development of civic consciousness and the capacity to meet the responsibilities of a democratic citizen " has grown with your support of student self-government. You have given the University ideals on which to grow; you have given the students more than that—a part of yourself. Your famous baritone and the tall tales which surround it, your friendly handshake at the Reception, your enthusiasm at athletic events, your heart-warming smile and your booming laugh, your sincere concern for student welfare these are all a part of the legend that is Robert Gordon Sproul. We would like to thank Mrs. Sproul for her many contributions to the University. She has been a charming " first lady. " It is impossible to say " goodbye " to you. You will be with all of us for many years to come, for you are one of the components to which this Blue and Gold is dedicated. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We give you our love and our wish for every happiness in the years to come. THE STAFF 15 ae regenfs The Board of Regents, in its last year under the leadership of President Gordon Sproul, is a most important part of University On the agendas of the Regents ' meetings this year were several issues and several major decisions. Included were the plans to three new campuses to the existing eight. Also included was their decision withdraw the University athletic program from the Pacific Coast and their appointment of present Chancellor Cl ark Kerr as the new President of University. The appointment of a new chancellor was also of major importance. 16 DEAN HURFORD STONE DEAN KATHERINE TOWLE DEAN WILLIAM SHEPARD Room 201 Administration Building, Berkeley Few students know more than this about our Dean of students. We visit " him " if we ' re in trouble or need an excuse from classes, but we usually do business with the office staff. Yet through his efforts and efficient administration 201 Ad Building serves and helps the students of our campus. Teas, luncheons, lectures and parties all receive that " little extra something " when presided over or tended by our gracious Dean of Women. She is never too busy to smile and talk to a worried student. With her busy and demanding schedule, rare indeed is the evening that the Dean spends at home, undisturbed. Our Dean of Men is known to students as Dean and Prof as he wears a path between the Ad Building and Dwinelle Basement where his speech classes are held. Many are the hours he spends in the interest of students and student groups, seling, and correcting. And many are the problems for which he has found solutions, in the best interest of the Cal student body. 0. CORT MAJORS, President RICHARD E. ERICKSON, Executive Manager 0 akinni association With headquarters in the Alumni House the busy University of California Alumni Association fulfilled its expectations of another successful Headed by President 0. Cort Majors and Executive Manager Richard E. Erickson, the association actively engaged in contact between its members and the campus population. The Alumni provides scholarships for many worthy students well as offering its premises to many campus activities. But perhaps it is best known for the support which its give to the Uiversity. r calilornia chi The purpose of the Cal Club is to promote unity and harmonious relations among the eight campuses of the University of California. All chapters meet each year at a convention to discuss new policies and to bring up any problems which may have arisen. The primary activity taken on by this group is that of the All-U Week End. Cal Club is most beneficial to the University in view of the fact that it helps to strengthen intercampus relations. With Garff Wits( n ' s friendly advice and Larry Stewai, is enthusiasm, the group had a most successful year. Members for this year were: Jay Bardwell, Carolyn Demeter, Madilyn Engvall, Gail Follett, Suzanna Green, Charles Holloway, Marian Hopping, Doug Ives, Carol Jackson, Richard King, Tita Kelly, Jane Lange, Dave Lowe, Ed Moosbrugger, Collette Morgan, Sam Peden, Sally Phillips, Annabelle Rea, Tom Ready, Marilyn Rohwer, Roger Samuelsen, Scott Sherman, Joan Spaulding, Larry Stewart, Patti Stewart, Bill Stricklin, Sue Trees, Monte Upshaw, Ron Wheatcroft and Peggy Wheatcroft. GARFF WILSON, Advisor LARRY STEWART, Chairman 18 LEE BONAR, Botany WILLIAM W. FERRIER, JR., Law GUY BUSWELL, Educatio n LUTHER C. GILBERT, Education HELEN L. GILLUM, Home Economics WACLAW LEDNICKI, Slavic Languages VICTOR LENZEN, Physics AMY A. MACOWEN, Nursing STEPHEN C. PEPPER, Philosophy 20 LESTER E. REUKEMA, Electrical Engineering refiring professors HENRY R. W. SMITH, Classics NICHOLAS TALIAFERRO, Geological Sciences HARVEY E. THOMAS, Agriculture DAVID WEEKS, 24 ro oo fo co Back at Washington the Pentagon with the problems of rivalry and considered ways and to restore confidence in invincibility and such. But here at University the R.O.T.C. seemed concerned about their own interservice of convincing each and every that THEIR service was the best. Once important choice was made the cadet the rigors of field and classroom, the taunts of fellow students " dress-up " day rolled around. Despite hardships, or because of them, R.O.T.C. produced its disciplined and continued its rather remarkable existence. COL. JOHN T. MALLOY Army COL. SAMUEL C. GURNEY, JR. Air Force COL. JAMES T. WILBUR Naval and Marine At ease, Men. 22 Inspection Day. 5 .; E 1.)ISCLOS AND tV Ni LE Nrvil Si D AN t) 17011.11CC:111P4 ' 1. I S 0 LA1 I 111::E.31. v4ININIENIEnta 7L 0001 00111 ••4111 " Yes, but who are all the others? " Lepinning " Seven o ' clock, and all is well. " Confusion, stairways, long lines, more confusion, IBM cards, tired feet, more confusion as to class status—all these are significant in the process of registration. Add monotone voices, book lists, and hands which are cramped from writing, and you have the first week of school. If the student is fortunate enough to survive such measures of torture, he is tested for further endurance in the form of pre-enrollment. The latter provides an incentive to rise early in the morning and let the body proceed automatically to stand in more lines in order to enroll in the proper classes. Fortunately, school begins soon after, and it is hoped that with the change, confusion ends also. Perhaps one of the most relaxing changes is found in the Freshman Reception which is held within the first three weeks of school. This occasion offers the student an opportunity to personally meet the very gracious President and Mrs. Sproul and Chancellor and Mrs. Kerr. In addition to this, the new student encounters many members of his class and has the " distinction " of dancing with a prominent member of the senior class. Refreshments and constant chatter add the proper informality necessary for the success of any party. This dance is indeed quite popular as approximately 3,000 students attend each year. " Hearty laughs and friendly handshakes. " 31 University of California at Los Angeles University of California at Santa Barbara Scripps Institute of Oceanowohy University of California at Riverside Medical Center, San Francisco Mt . Hamilton Observatory wee emit The tenth annual All-U week end sent many Cal students to Los Angeles to watch the Davis-Santa Barbara and Cal-UCLA football games. The purpose of such a week end is to bring together the students from all of the University ' s eight campuses in order to promote intercampus unity. President Robert Gordon Sproul presided over the All-U meeting and initiated the week-end ' s events by introducing the new President of the University of California, our own Chancellor Kerr. One of the highlights of the meeting was the coronation of the All-U queens. A rally with yells and songs led by the yell leaders of the various campuses terminated the All-University meeting. 32 -u wee entt On Friday afternoon one could see students piling into humorously decorated cars in anticipation of the trip South for the All-U week end. The theme of the week end was " Under the Bruin top. " A very colorful parade was held on Friday night, and on Saturday morning the Coliseum parade provided a pregame note of interest. Participating in the latter event were President and Mrs. Sproul, the All-U queens, the stu- dent body presidents, and the school bands. Despite the downpour of rain throughout the game, students in the rooting section showed signs of great enthusiasm. During the half time President Sproul awarded a trophy to the best All-U athlete. When the gun was shot and the week end was officially ended, the score read UCLA 16 and Cal 14. In spite of the loss, everyone agreed that it was a most exciting game and well worth while the long trip South. 33 King Mohammed V speaks to the students. university- meefings The year 1957-58 was outstanding in the field of University meetings. The opening meeting in the Fall brought the announcement from Cal ' s baseball coach that the team had won the NCAA title. The second portion of the program was devoted to a selection of songs performed by the University Glee Club, which had just completed its tour of Japan. The third participant, Dr. Joseph Kaplan, eminent physicist, spoke on the International Geophysical year; the speech was highlighted by his comments on the national gathering of geophysicists in Washington, D.C., at which the primary accomplishment was their tion towards peace. An ASUC meeting on October 10th supplemented a University meeting; at this time Walter Gordon, Governor of the Virgin Islands and 1955 California Alumnus of the Year, spoke on human rights. And on December 6th, President Sproul introduced Mohammed V, King of Morocco, who presented the president with manuscripts from his country and expressed his pleasure at being able to visit an American university and to meet its faculty and students. The year 1958 was highlighted by a visit from Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The topic of her discussion was " Changes in the United States over 50 Years " as compared to her impressions on her visit to Soviet Russia. This meeting honored the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the University Students ' operative Association. Each meeting with its varied programs appealed to a great many students, as was seen by the capacity crowds. 34 Capacity crowds attend Sex.1X. Nine-twenty one! lesson in the natural evolution of the hedge. Hey Ma, I ' m lonely. 35 36 What would we do without ' em? Way back when. anti_ ra iies " Where the hell is Oski? " This, of course, is the traditional cry wherever spirited Californians can be found. Topping the list of such " spirited " occasions are pregame rallies, either the big bonfire kind or the noon congregation type. Roaring yell leaders, prancing pompon girls, and the marching band entice even apathetic students to just less than riot in anticipation of athletic glories to come. Engineered by the busy Rally Committee, which solidly maintains that it does not stink, the rallies provide spirit and spark for Cal Sports. The games themselves are a still more important part of life on the Berkeley campus. From thrilling Saturday noons in Memorial Stadium to wild contests on the basketball court, sports hold the interest of many a student. 37 Shapiro and Larry Stewart, professional MC ' s, at work. The Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s and the Pi Lambda Phi ' s capture top honors in the Axe-travaganza, Oski Wow-wow. 38 BIG GAME WEEK COMMITTEE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Gayle Susnow, Andy Bershad, Carla Lowe, Carol Baccigaluppi, Dian Baechtel. SECOND ROW: Richard Capp, Ron Robie, Sonja Schultz, Judy Blum, Bill Hawley, Paul Blum. Big Game week at Cal is perhaps the most celebrated event of the year. as all students ipate in one way or another. Guided by the Big Game Committee, the week before the Stanford-Cal game provides much entertainment. Commencing with Blue Monday (Friday this year because of rain), those students who dare to wear red of any sort quickly find themselves locked in a cage, entertaining their fellow students. In the middle of the week, the traditional Axe Revue is staged in the Berkeley Auditorium. With MC ' s Larry Stewart and Mary Shapiro plying the audience with their subtle wit, the program consisted of musical acts performed by living groups on the campus. And on Friday night students and friends trudged up to the Greek Theater for the annual and most celebrated Gig Game Rally. Despite the cold, rainy weather, the bonfire crackled as Ralph Edwards emceed the program. It was at this time that ASUC President Roger Samuelson presented Larry Stewart with a plaque for being a most outstanding yell leader. After the traditional ceremony in tribute to Andy Smith, Californians turned home (or elsewhere) to prepare for the long awaited trip to Palo Alto. The game seemed to go by far too quickly for those in the rootin g section. Unfortunately Stanford did not provide our students with enough seats and more unfortunately, Stanford received the Axe. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, and it was pledged that next year, if we have to beg, borrow or steal it, we will get that Axe. 39 A great yell leader receives a tribute. The fairest of them all — LYNN PAWSON. Monday or Friday — it ' s still a blue day for red-wearing students. 40 " Show me the way to go home ... " Sixteen tons and what have you got " ciarlstrnas Christmas vacation is principally a time of color and gaiety with the Dwinelle Christmas tree being one of the most representative features of the season. As Santa makes his yearly visit, living groups give parties for underprivileged children, and carolers stroll through the campus. Then amid shouts of " goodbye " we go home once again and adapt ourselves to two weeks of relaxation. Some students do not take advantage of the opportunity and work during the vacation; others who seek more knowledge finish term papers which were due before the vacation began. But on the whole it is an exicting two weeks with the New Year enticing many students to turn to new resolutions for the coming semester. 42 " This IS the worst of all possible worlds! " exams When the library teems with students and a hushed tension spreads througout the campus and when students buy five blue-hooks at once and the lecture rooms are filled to capacity, it is fairly obvious that final examinations are upon us. Students resort to " no doze, " coffee, and cigarettes as the last salvation, and many can be seen scanning last-minute notes while on their way to a final. As students relapse into various stages of panic, the girls gain pounds while the boys lose them. But as all good things must come to an end, so must final tions. Now we have nothing to do but to pray. 41 With sunny afternoons in Memorial Stadium and the marching band a thing of the past. basketball season was upon us, with evenings (sometimes afternoons)) in the Men ' s Gym and the Straw Hat Band. And with basketball came the painful standing in line to try to get a ticket for Saturday night ' s game and the frantic dash to the ironing board so we could sit in the rooting section. The latter was necessary because Ex Comm passed a resolution requiring it; we liked the old way better. But conform we did, and win we did as the team really dazzled on the floor. Coach Pete Newell was his usual towel-chewing, excitable self as the above left picture will testify. Upper right we have Sam Peden as yell leader filling the shoes of Larry Stewart and as for us — Sure we ' re at the game. Tenth row up and fourth seat over. -44 springiunrie on cam _pus Spring fever and weakness are two symptoms which indicate that Spring has arrived on the Cal campus. Students become increasingly fatigued and often stop to nap on their way to classes; others crush their way into Jules only to find themselves staring into a blank sea of faces. Relaxation comes the prime motive for life—especially when the young man ' s fancy turns to thoughts of wine, women, and song. When the warm weather returns, the beaches and sundecks appear unusually crowded as people try to outdo one another in maintaining their tans. Springtime is indeed a lazy season and Friday the only salv ation for it. 46 cha rfer cl_ay The impressive academic procession of four hundred members of the faculty, led by Frank L. Kidner, professor of economics and University marshall, was preceded by a procession of alumni. Having been greeted by a standing ovation, President Robert Gordon Sproul made his last appearance at the 90th Charter Day ceremonies. He introduced Norman A. MacKenzie, president of the University of British Columbia and cipal speaker of the day, who spoke on " Canada, Britain, and the United States. " In his turn President Sproul outlined a brief history of the University ' s progress from the signing of its charter to the present day. The able ceremony terminated with honorary degrees being conferred upon Felice Battaglia, Karl Meyer, Thomas Parran, and Norman MacKenzie. 47 Don Sandstrom, IFC President, presents President Sproul with a donation for the Emergency Loan Fund as Dean Dutton and Skip Rhodes, IFC Vice-President, look on. Wee The activities of Greek Week represent a wide variety of interest of the Greek letter societies. To kickoff this year ' s Greek Week, a Talent-in-Review show was held in Wheeler Hall. On Tuesday night sorority girls attended exchange dinners, thereby extending their acquaintances on the campus. Panhellenic and IFC had their annual banquet on Thursday at which Dr. Garff Wilson gave the keynote address. The Theta Xi-sponsored Pushcart Relays had record-breaking participation this year as many Greeks entered the run which began at Hearst Avenue and ended in front of Memorial Stadium. During the week IFC officers gave a $500 check to President Sproul for the Emergency Loan Fund. Climaxing the week ' s events, the IFC Ball was attended by approximately 900 couples, who danced to music provided by Walt Tollefson. 48 Last year ' s winners again competing ... SPRING SING COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW, left to right: Rose Marie Turk, Joanne Wulf, Nancy Kawin Carla Lowe (chairman), Gayle snow, Fran Redewill, Joan Hynes. SECOND ROW: Elley Gardner, Garber Davidson, Steve Dear, Dinny Winsor, James Ring, Bob Smith, James Keck. spring sing Holding a special place in the Spring activities of the University campus is the annual Spring Sing concert. This year. under the chairmanship of Carla Lowe, the concert was held in the newly reopened Greek Theater on May 4th. Included as participating songsters were: men ' s singles Acacia, Sigma Pi, Phi Delta Theta; women ' s singles—Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, Epworth Hall, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu, Sigma Kappa; mixed division—Alpha Gamma Delta-Alpha Kappa Lambda, Fernwald-Barrington, Kappa Alpha Theta-Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Delta-Smythe-Medical School first-year students, Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Tri Delt. Included with the ringing notes of these groups was the music of the Straw Hat Band and SAE quartet as spot entertainment. 49 .� more spruagfime Spring sunshine revives many winter-buried recreations on the Cal campus. The UC folk and square dancers can whirl gaily on the lawn once again, enjoying the music and providing campus pageantry. Racquet-swinging students bemoan the decreased number of tennis courts as they watch new buildings being erected in their place. The SOS swim show highlights the pool activity in Hearst Gym, and many students flock to co-rec swimming hours to escape spring heat and less pressing problems. Some people take to wheels, and there are congregations of bicycles in mass parking places at all hours. Special signs of spring are seen in the increased number of students sitting idly on Wheeler steps, and in the festivities accompanying the Ugly Man Contest, Spring Sing, and Charter Day. But the best part of all the spring ' s activities is the glorious fact that we are once again granted ONE WHOLE WEEK OF SPRING VACATION! 51 Looking back what can we say? A short time ago we were Frosh, struggling to get papers in on time, worrying about outside reading and diligently going to our eight o ' clocks, Monday through Saturday. But then something happened, and we slid into the Soph year, confident and assured. We had an " in " with the T.A., we " psyched " out the essay questions, and eight o ' clocks—Good Grief! Then came year number three. Classes and assignments were such secondary things. The word for the day? Socialization. We must be well-rounded uals. And here we are today, ready to leave and feeling strangely unlike the Frosh, Sophs and Juniors we once were. We have learned many things. We have learned what a depth of meaning the word " education " contains. We realize that we are only beginning to be educated. We realize that not only is education a life-time job but that it is worth every ounce of energy we put into its pursuit. We have also learned the real value of fun and activities. Our ories are filled with the good times our college years have afforded us. And we have learned what it means to be a part of this great University. Yes, we are glad to be graduates, for it is only natural that we should want to mold our lives and pursue our individual goals. But as we graduate we cannot help but think that we will miss you, Cal, for at no other time and in no other way will we receive or experience what you have given us during our years here. 53 CARL McKOWAN, President JACQUELINE LLOYD, Secretary-Treasurer MARVIN SHAPIRO, Yell Leader CLARK MADDOX, Vice-president The center of attraction for all classes! semors The past four years have been revolutionary in nature, animals flying in the stratosphere, Stanford finally winning a Big Game, Bridget Bardot, and the most starting event of all, the class of 1958 will graduate on time! As some members look over their four, five, six years at the big U, they realize that the preceding years have not only held great memories for them, but now they will have to go to work. The senior class divided the year into two semesters—this was really the idea of the Ad. Bldg. Yet Carl McKowan took full credit for this. The Fall project was to give the class identity. But this failed because there was no one with whom the class could be identified. Clark Maddox, Senior Veep, spent the semester painting the Senior Bench green. The color should be brown. Comes the Spring with birds, trees, flowers, and Jackie Lloyd, class secretary, looking for her minutes. Marvin Shapiro completed the year without leading one yell. The sound of the bells of the Campanile are going faint. As the last strains of Hound Dog are heard, the class walks slowly, heads bowed low, wondering if they passed their finals and will really graduate. College is over; the Seniors have left, but the class of 1958 will never be forgotten (by the class of 1958) . 56 A memorable Senior Week was due to these lads and lassies. FIRST left to right: George Reichert, Ted Kazmier, Joyce Filmes, Carl McKowan, Shapiro, Jackie Lloyd, Clark Maddox. SECOND ROW: Larry Cohn, Donna Jackson, Karel Toll, Carol Parke, Suzie Uyeno, David Monasch, Don Chaffin. THIRD ROW: Bob Carlson, Gary Rosenberg, JoAnn Green, Barbara Bell, Sheila Wishek, Arlene Garner, Joan Zavattaro, Shirlee Laughlin, Norman Jachens. 57 Aasletten, Ellen Sacramento Abbott, George D. Napa AbuGhazalah, Ismail Acker, Gale Pasadena Adams, John Santa Ana Adamson, John Berkeley Architecture Political Science Lebanon Indus. Engineering Mathematics Zoology Honor Society Economics ESA; Amer. Inst. of Indus. Engineer- ing Glee Club AT; Alum. Sch. Honor Society; Stu. Un. Com. Addington, Curtis Aguilar, Esther E. Ahlenslager, Dona Ahn, Youngok Airoldi, Alan J. Aiello, Sharon South Gate Livingston Fresno Korea San Francisco Berkeley Elec. Engineering General Curriculum Sociology Chem. Engineering Mech. Engineering French Cloyne Court; Ritter Hall; Project Westminster House; TB II; MKT; A FA; AE; UCSEE Americas; Ushering KSS; AIChE ASME; IFC D.C. Prom. Mgr. Staff Alan, Richard J. Aldridge, Lewis H. Allari, Donald L. Allen, Barbara L. Allison, David B. Altieri, Robert San Francisco Long Beach Stockton Los Angeles Mill Valley Schenectady, N.Y. Physiology Chem. Engineering Zoology Anthropology Production Mgmt. Marketing Newman Club Smyth Assn.; Honor Society; Soc. for Adv. of AI II; Blue Gold AIChE; Calvin Club Newman Club Management Office Mgr.; CIC; Men ' s Ex Bd.; Welfare Axelrod, Alan B. Axionoff, Yuri J. San Francisco San Francisco General Curriculum Chemistry ZBT; Frosh Coun.; Armed Forces Big Game Week Comm. Assoc.; Soc. of Amer. Military Engineers Amano, Tetsuo Anderson, Ardene Japan San Francisco Civil Engineering Anthropology; International House Oldenberg Hall Ashford, Kirk Ashley, Anne Danville So. San Francisco Mech. Engineering Social Welfare ATA; Triune; Skull Joaquin Hall, Pres.; Keys; Winged YWCA; Undergrad Helmet; IFC; ASME Soc. Welfare Club Anderson, Carolyn Chatsworth Elementary Ed. Honor Society; Christian Sci. Or.; YWCA Asmundson, Vigfus Davis Political Science ADD; Stu. Jud. Comm.; House treas. Anderson, Gerald Long Beach Metallurgy AIME Ausley, Charles Grass Valley Mech. Engineering Flying Club Anderson, Robert El Cerrito Accounting Bacigalupi, Reyna San Francisco Speech AAA; CSTA Anderson, Sandra Ando, Ruby Andresen, Joan Oakland San Jose San Mateo Art Laboratory Tech. Political Science AZ; Chairman of Public Health AO II; YWCA; Stu. Union Counsel Jr. C oun.; Blue Gold; Sr. Coun. Bader, Elaine Baehr, Michael Bagnani, Jerrold Santa Monica Long Beach San Francisco General Curriculum Marketing Civil Engineering AEdi AKA ASCE Anderson, Gloria Anderson, Jane Oakland Hillsborough History General Curriculum YWCA TB4 ' ; YWCA Ballinger, Donald Napa Criminology AAE Bamford, Robert Vallejo Civil Engineering TB II; XE; EX; Honor Society; ASCE Barbour, Merlynn Ceres Political Science OAX Bardwell, Jay Barlin, Carole Sausalito Oakland Journalism General Curriculum Golden Bear, Ex. Pompon Girl; Rally Comm.; Editor Daily Comm.; KA Cal.; Pub. Bd., Cal Club Barnes, Mary Ann Berkeley Home Economics ABA; Pelican; Home Ec. Club Barnes, Paul R. San Bruno Zoology Barras, Stanley G. San Francisco Political Science Burros, Richard L. Hanford Production Mgmt. Newman Club Barry, Thomas S. Paso Robles Elec. Engineering Newman Club; UCSEE; IRE; AIEE 58 MARV SHAPIRO has become the professional M.C. of the campus, having provided us with his wit at Axe Reviews and Spring Sings. Although he would much rather be sleeping, he has indulged in Golden Bear, Gavel and Quill, and the Mask and Dagger Review. This year he was Senior Class Yell Leader. His main claim to fame is his lack of good eyesight and his perennial 5 o ' clock shadow. LAURA SHELLEY is primarily noted for heading the pompon girls. But her other activities have included Mortar Board, Cal Club, Prytanean, and Rallys and Games Council. At the present time, she is student teaching, having graduated in January. In addition to teaching, Lolly ' s future also calls for a wedding in June. Arakawa, Richard Reed ley Zoology Ash, Robert L. San Francisco Accounting Anixter, Sandra J. Antipa, Marian San Francisco Greenbrae General Curriculum Political Science AEI, Pelican, WAA ArA Aoki, Edward M. Oakland Electrical Engr. UCSEE, Nisei Stu- dents Club Apperson, Dianne Corcoran English Epworth, Sr. Class Coun., Calvin Club Arbuckle, Susan Argue, Carol J. San Jose So. Pasadena History General Curriculum Stern Hall Intramural, YWCA, KA, Class Councils Armstrong, Kath. Arens, Klaus Hayward Germany Child Development Electrical Engr. Honor Society, KA, Varsity Boxing, Class Councils, TB HKN, YWCA IRE, UCSEE Bailey, Anita M. Fremont Social Welfare Ag, Bailey, Duane Bailey, Wayne G. San AnseImo Stockton General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. AT,Triune, Winged Acacia Hel., Circ. C. Bakar, Oakland General Curriculum JIM, IFC Rep. Baker, Napa Criminology LAE, Canterbury Assoc. Baker, Linda L. Orinda General Curriculum Baker, William B. Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE, Circle C., Basketball, MN Bakke, Roger Baldwin, Anne Lakeport San Francisco Civil Engineering History Bowles Hall, ASCE Ritter Hall, Panile, YWCA, Mortar Board, Pyrt. Ball, Letitia Napa Structural Engr. Prospect Terrace, OT, ASCE Bass, John Berkeley Mechanical Engr. TBII, TE, ASM E Batchelder, James Berkeley Forestry U.C. Forestry Cl. Baxter, Barbara Oakland Criminology AAE, I,BK Bayley, Oakland Finance KT Bean, Ronald San Bernardino Medicine AKA, DI3K, Honor Society Bartell, Nancy Berkeley General Curriculum Ktl, YWCA Sor. Rep Ex. Comm., Finance Dr. Bartke, Richard H. Concord Sociology AXA, Commodore Vars. Rowing Cl. Big C Battaglin, Carole Bauer, Jane Baumeister, Fred Antioch Piedmont San Francisco History General Curriculum History X52, PIC, Young X52, Card Stunts, EX Repub., Card Class Councils Stunts, Int. Bask. 59 Bell, Richard Redwood City Civil Engineering Lawrence Manor Bell, Robert Anaheim Mech. Engineering TE; ASME Bellmore, Elizabeth Anaheim French Honor Society; Homecoming; Stu- dent Union Comm.; AAII; Bell, Barbara Bell, Jane Bell, Judith Berkeley Atherton Long Beach Clothing Textiles Child Development General Curriculum AEA; Jr. Sr. 1 ' 4,13; Mortar Bd.; Tcwer Flame; Class Councils; Pryt.; Women ' s J. CSTA; Big Game Home Ec. Club Comm.; Asst. Mgr. B G Beasley, Sylvia Beatty, Robert Beautrow, Phillip Beck, Robert Becker, Joanne Becker, Philip Fairfield Berkeley Santa Rosa San Diego Bakersfield Falls Church, Va. Political Science Production Civil Engineering Political Science Anthro. Math Chem. Engineering KA; Ski Club, WAA ZBT Ski Club; FSB; Barrington; TB H; Z ' I ' A; Secretariat; EX; AIChE Pres.; YWCA; Sports Car Honor Society; Club Calvin Club Beckley, Everett Becklund, Robert Beers, Donald Beier, Barbara Belcastro, Nancy Belding, Bruce Pomona Santa Rosa Sausalito Pomona Weed San Francisco Mech. Engineering History Mech. Engineering Sociology Accounting General Curriculum HX ASME; Hammer Dimmer; Mitchell Hall; Golden Bear; SAE University Theater Newman; ■DX(t) Calif. Pres.; IFC; APC; Men ' s Ex. Bd. Benedict, Susan Benevento, William Bengtson, Dale Bennett, Dolores Beason, Janet Berenson, Sandra Berg, Kenneth Berger, Caroline Berglund, Justin Berliner, Sanford Millbrae Mountain View Kingsburg Ventura Fresno Portland, Oregon San Francisco Los Angeles Redwood City San Francisco General Curriculum Accounting Political Science Civil Engineering Music General Curriculum Law Enforcement Criminology Business Admin. Accounting AOI1; Blue BAN ' ; BIT; ASCE Secretary KAH Big Game Comm.; EX; AAE; Frosh ASE; Director KA IAM; Fr. Yell Gold; Soph Sr. Varsity Baseball Greek Week; ADD Crew 1957 Spring Sing Leader; Store Coto. Board; Homecom- ing; COB Bhakta, C. B. Bielsker, Richar d Bien, Eric Biggart, Susan Billin, Robert Binsacca, Barbara Bird, Janet Bistor, Doretta Bjarnson, Dixie Bjarnson, Gary India Lemon Grove China Alameda Los Angeles San Mateo Berkeley Oakland Oakland Oakland Sanitary Science Elec. Engineering Optometry France Regional Political Science General Curriculum History Political Science English Business Admin. UCSEE CSA Bt; Blue Gold Copy Editor; Ace of Clubs Acacia; Masonic; Young Republicans XO; YWCA; Panne; Prytanean Mitchell Hall; OBK; YWCA; A MI ' AZ; Young Repub- licans; Model Sen- ate; Cal Engineer OKT KA Bobier, Melvin Boehler, Edward Bogdos, Harry Boiko, George Boland, John Bondesen, Patricia Boone, Ted Borg, Betty Bornhorst, H. B. Barra, Livio San Francisco Hebron, N. D. Berkeley San Francisco El Cerrito Salinas Roseville No. Sacramento Ft. Laramie, Ohio San Francisco Business Admin. Accounting Art Business Admin. General Curriculum General Curriclum Speech English Civil Engineering Indus. Engineering Ridge House; HMO; Stiles; BAT; Honor Society II KA TKE; Asst. Yell Leader; IFC; Ex. Com.; Megaphone KKF; WAA Intro- mural; Young Re- publicans VIA; Men ' s Rep.; Rep. at Large; Californians Epworth; Honor Society; UC Concert Band ASME; AIIE Society 60 16, . AAA MARY WITTMAN who is predominantly known as the smiling Manager of the Blue and Gold hopes someday to enter medical school and go to Europe. Having been tapped by Mortar Board, Mary is also a member of Gavel and Quill, Oski Dolls, and honorary societies. The Sigma Kappas will tell you that she is constantly seen doing 20 things at once—among them eating and talking. DON BOWDEN, alias Stork, who has contributed to the fame of the Cal campus by the first American to break the 4-minute mile record, now wishes to go one s tep further: to be a place winner in the 1960 Olympics. This Beta is a member of Big C and Golden Bear. His hobby, fishing, becomes secondary, however, to a brisk run around the Women ' s Athletic Field. Berman, Joyce Berman, Ronald Bernadicou, Doris Bernas, Theodore Oakland San Francisco Stockton Selma Speech Commun. Accounting Accounting AE4. Pub. Pol. AAA Smyth, Tower II IFC, Axe Review, Mask Flame, AIIE, ASME, Stiles Dagger Blaisdell, R. Blake, William Blanchard, Ann Blohm, Harry Davis Sacramento Santa Paula Hollister History Sociology General Curriculum Civil Engineering WAX; Stiles; AAS; Masonic; Varsity KAH Bowles Young Republicans Tennis Berman, Arthur Beverly Hills Political Science ZBT, IFC, Big Game Week, All-U Week End Blackwell, Arlyn Berkeley Mech. Engineering ASME; Engineer ' s Joint Council; II TI; Tint Bernero, Sacramento Public Health Ed. Peixotto Hall Pres.; Co-Chinn. WUS 1957 Berry, Harold Yorba Linda Accounting Bowles, Quarter- deck Society, BPI Best, Barbara Betts, Elizabeth Woodland Anaheim General Curriculum General Curriculum KAW; Ace of Clubs, Al ' ; PIC; IMO; BAB; Chil- mural Swimming dren ' s Hosp. of East Bay Bewley, Philip Oakland Geology Golden Guard; AlIVIE Blum, Judith Blumenfeld, Daniel Balboa Island Millbrae Spanish Political Science BTA; Jr. Veep; Sr. .2.AM Week Chmn.; Pom- pon Girl Chmn. Blyler, James Berkeley Industrial Relations Industrial Relations Assn. Boatright, Jimmie Porterville Production Mgmt. Bowles; Crew; Tower Flame Bobele, Merrill Downey Political Science- Internat ' l Relations KN; Cal Band; Varsity Debate Bottom, Berkeley Psychology AKA; Treble Clef Boulware, David Bowden, Don Bowles, Robert Boyarsky, Nancy Boyden, Jean Lafayette San Jose Richmond Oakland Berkeley Physics General Curriculum Accounting English Zoology IFC; Fr. Swim 13811; Golden Production Mgmt. Tower Flame; Water Polo; WAX Bear; Track; Big C AI II ; Honor Honor Society Society; IRS Bracken, Peggy Brackett, Lawrence San Francisco Woodside Speech Economics AA II; Oski Doll; Symphony Forum; Pryt.; Rally Comm.; Ski; Sailing; SAM; Panhellenic Young Republicans Boynton, Russell Alhambra Chemistry AX Brabazon, Cora San Diego Optometry KA; Ski Club; Sr. Coon.; Hiking 61 Bradley, Robert Bradshaw, Ann Brady, Carol Brennan, Susan Breshears, Robert Brewer, Helen Sal inas Berkeley Alameda Kentfield Whittier San Francisco Aero. Engineering Journalism, French General Curriculum English Mech. Engineering English Ridge House; MRA; TI Bti; eXiils; Daily ZTA ArA; Panile; TB II ; II TX; Californians; Band Cal; Ski Club; Homecoming; ASME YWCA; Christian Panhellenic Science Organization Brideson, John Brill, David Broadbent, Donald Brocchini, Paul Brookins, Douglas Brown, Carol Sacramento Oakland Hollywood Oakland Healdsburg San Leandro English Political Science Insurance Reg. Gp. Hispanic Geology English l ' O; Winged Het- KN XII; A KT; Pres. America Smyth; Honor Soc.; II BO met; Triune; Track; Insurance Society; SAO; Triune AMP; I9T YMCA Rugby Brown, Clark Brown, David Brown, Jacqui Brown, Lynn Brown, Mina-May Brown, Norman San Francisco Sacramento Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Albany English Agric. Economics General Curriculum General Curriculum Dietetics Mech. Engineering OKAY ATA Ar; YWCA KKr; " C " Society; KA; Home Ec Club; ASME; IT TE; SAE WEB; Pryt.; Torch Shield; WAA Class Coun.; Home- coming Comm. Browning, Tom Brucher, Peter Bismark, N. D. Pacific Palisades General Curriculum Marketing clit ' A; Triune; Pres. IFC; J. Comm.; Football; Winged Helmet Bryant, William Buchdruker, Elliott Buck, William Albany San Francisco Oakland General Curriculum Economics Anthropology Bunte, Nancy Burbach, Jerald San Lucas Richmond General Curriculum Law Enforcement Stern; Newman Pres. AAE Castle, Alison San Francisco Spanish Cahling, Aase Berkeley History Carvalho, Arselio Portugal Biochemistry Soccer Caldis, Jay Berkeley Law Enforcement 1)IK Casey, John Piedmont History Baton Soc. Pres.; Golden Bear; New- man; Cal Band Dir. Bruderer, Paul Berkeley Economics Crew; Ski Club Caldwell, Caroline San Mateo History Epworth; WDA; WAA; Ski Club Cass, Thomas San Francisco Physical Metallurgy fl)EK; BT; IFC; Quarterdeck Soc. Cathcart, Patricia Berkeley Social Welfare AO; Mortar Board; Pryt.; YWCA; Treble Clef Cavagnaro, Dennis San Francisco Business Admin. ATO Buckman, John Long Beach Chem. Engineering Smyth; Boxing Club Ceridono, Clifford Berkeley Production Mgmt. Class Councils; Rally Comm; AEll Buff, Charl es Inglewood Criminology Cloyne; AAE Cesario, Angela San Mateo English 11 BC Pelican Chackerian, Charles San Francisco Chemistry Smyth; SAACS Chaffin, Donald Sacramento Political Science TKE; Californians; Gavel Quill; Chmn. Rally Comm; IFC Calimbas, Andy Campbell, Barbara Stockton Oakland Mech. Engineering History Cloyne Ct.; ASME; Masonic Club IAS; MRA; Tower Flame; Sr. Coun. Cancilla, Jean Canino, Lorraine Capp, Richard San Francisco San Bruno San Francisco Criminology Psychology Dramatic Art Californians; AZ; Bowles; Dir. Radio- Masonic Club Pelican; Fr. TV; Dir. 1957 Axe Orient. Council Review Carlson, Arthur Carlson, Carl Piedmont San Francisco General Curriculum Civil Engineering WT; Big C Soc.; Ridge House; ASCE Triune; Swimming; Water Polo 62 The Oski Mama, COLETTE MORGAN, has certainly had a full college life being ASUC 2nd Vice-President, Junior Class President, and Chairman of Activities Planning. When she does not have a gavel in her hand, she is either seen visiting her dentist or with Larry Stewart?? Cal Club, Prytanean, Panile, Gavel and Quill and Ex Comm also claim Collette as an indis- pensable member. One of Cal ' s most valuable baseball and basketball players, EARL ROBINSON, kept himself equally busy as assist. yell leader and member of Big C, Panel of America, Golden Bear, and The Californians. Our loss was L. A. ' s gain as Robbie signed with the Dodgers after basketball season. Everyone remembers Earl for his terriffic personality and constant chatter. Burcham, Thomas Buriani, Elsie Burke, Elizabeth Burkett, Robert Burnell, June Burton, Gilbert Bryne, Harry Caesar, Claudia Cafasso, Yvonne Cahill, Carolyn Costa Mesa Portage, Penn. San Francisco Modesto San Leandro Lafayette Pontiac, Ill. San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Political Science Marketing Child Devel. Civil Engr. 3uying Fash. Des. Chemistry Zoology Biostatistics History Child Development Honor Society, Proj. Amer., IRB YWCA, AMA, 4,03 KAO, YWCA, HOE), Ranile, Rally Comm. Barrington Hall, ASCE AZ, Tower Flame, Pelican, UC Chorus Mitchell, PEE, Honor Soc., Masonic FIX, 1.13K Club Carlson, Donald Carlson, Edwin Carlson, Robert Carmody, Robert Carpenter, Vernie Carroll, Victoroine Carstens, Harry Carter, Robert Carter, Roderick Caruso, Anthony Lafayette Piedmont Lafayette Berkeley Rapid City, S. D. San Francisco San Francisco La Crescenta San Francisco Los Angeles Mech. Engr. General Curriculum Art Econ. Retreat. Indust. Engr. Indust. Relations Speech General Curriculum Indust. Engr. International Rel. Petro. Engr. Amer. Rocket Soc., 145 Basketball TT, Honor Society, Triune, Swimming, Water Polo ATS), Track, Class Councils, Home- coming AIIE, UC Sports Car Club, Campus Crusade APE, Marketing Assn., SAM AAA AIIE, A II M, TB It III, Dramatic Art Cloyne Court Chamlee, Domild Chan, Carol Chan, David Chan, Irene Chan, Shirley Chandler, Albert Chang, Sarah Channing, Clark Chapman, Richard Chase, Marla Represa Grass Valley Berkeley Visalia Grass Valley Berkeley Hawai i Turlock Berkeley Livingston Criminology General Curriculum Biochemistry Marketing General Curriculum Mining Engr. History Political Science Political Science Physical Educ. Del Rey, AAE Honor Soc., CSTA Premed Soc., Honor Soc. Fernwald, Chinese Student Club CSA, CSC AT, TB 11, Triune, IFCSHS, J Comm., IFPC AT A DE AA II, Orchesis, Class Council 63 Cheatham, Norden Berkeley Forestry Smyth, AZ; Baton Soc.; Cal Band Drum Major Chin, Jean San Francisco Clinical Laboratory Mitchell Hall; Pub. Health Undergrad. Assn. Christianson, Rob. Oakland Biostatistics Col. Women ' s Club Juniors Cherrier, Gary H. Antioch Civil Engineering Cal Marching Band; ASCE Ching, William San Francisco Civil Engineering Chun, Korea Psychology Cherrier, Mary M. Cherry, James B. Antioch So. San Francisco Accounting Business Admin. Marketing IN; Big C; Ath. Prytanean; WDA; Coun.; Frosh Col. Worn. Club; Varsity Football ‘13.X0: YWCA; Fr., Soph Councils Chong, Delano Christensen, Don. San Francisco Eureka Chemistry Architecture SAACS XAK; Arch. Assn. Church, Andrew Clarfield, Gerard Salinas San Francisco Finance Political Science Chew, Anne Chew, Rowland Orinda Oakland Public Health Indus. Engineering II WI ' ; Undergrad. AIIE; Chinese Stu- Pub. Health Assn.; dents ' Club Pres- Intramural ident ' 57 Christensen, Geo. Christenson, Carol San Pedro Chico Mech. Engineering General Curriculum HE; ASME; Yacht ZK; Class Coun- Club cils; Intramural; YWCA Clark, James Altadena Economics AXA Clark, Thomas T. Alhambra Petroleum Engr. TT; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Skull Keys; Track ArfiiiihdAL efra. eadlu Clark, William A. Palo Alto Marketing Newman Club; ROTC; Golden Guard; Frat. House Mgr Clasby, Francis Alameda Geography Arnold Air Soc.; Circle C; Rifle Club; Rifle Team Clayberg, Richard Pedro Valley Architecture Ridge House; Arch. Assn.; cPBK Claypool, Pete Berkeley History (4X; Univ. Chorus Clifford, Gail W. Los Angeles Political Science AXSI; Pelican; Intramural; Young Democrats Cline, James R. Coakley, Marilyn Maxwell Berkeley Political Science General Curriculum rPK1 ' ; Daily Cali- Newman Club fonder]; ,14. Ccates, Gwen A. Lodi Oldenberg Hall; Intramural Bowling Manager Cobb, Michael W. Palo Alto TKE; Rally Games Council; Card Stunts Comm. Chmn. Coffey, Carleton Windsor Civil Engineering Newman Club; ASCE; Folk Dance Group General Curriculum Mech. Engineering Cook, Benning P. San Francisco Phi losophy Canterbury Assn. Cook, Theodore So. San Francisco Economics Cooke, Arthur Coolures, Chris San Francisco Oxnard Industrial Relations Mech. Engineering SAM ASME Coppo, Richard Cornell, Marcus C. So. San Francisco Bakersfield Chem. Engineering Chemistry Smyth Assn.; Army Drill Team Cornfield, Robert San Francisco Marketing M Corsini, Yvonne A. El Cerrito AZ; ZKA; Ushering Corzine, Bruce Pasadena Indus. Engineering AIIE; A IIM Costanza, James L. Martinez Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn.; II T:.■: Pres.; ASME; Rep. Eng. J. Council Cummins, Sherwood Taft Philosophy LL Cundall, Don Berkeley Mech. Engineering Abracadabra; Cal Engineer; ASME Cunningham, Joseph San Jose Spanish Cupit, Nancy A. Berkeley History MP; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Torch Shield Currie, Barbara Curry, James T. Cywan, Esther F. Dahlinger, Richard Blacksburg, Va. San Andreas Petaluma Burlingame Sociology Engineering Child Development Law Enforcement Richards Hall; AKE; ' Ili II ; Hillel AXA; AAE; Honor Society; Winged Helmet Ski Club Newman Club Dahlman, Gerry A. Cloverdale Physical Education Epworth Hall; N.1:W Dailey, Michael P. Long Beach Sociology 64 Cohen, David J. Cohn, Larry H. Cole, Malcolm S. Cole, Terry C. Coleman, James H. CoHingham, George Collins, Marilyn Condas, Kleanthy Conrad, Tom .orstant, Janet Chicago, Ill. San Francisco San Francisco Santa Ana San Francisco Atherton Hayward San Francisco San Francisco Bakersfield Philosophy General Curriculum Music Physical Education Landscape Arch. General Curriculum General Curriculum German Civil Engr. General Curriculum Cloyne Court II A ' D, IFC Honor Soc., Rally Corn., SHE, Tower Flame Smyth Assoc., liBK, Honor Soc., Volleyball, Chor. accom. EN, Circle C, Winged Helmet, Triune, Basketball KAP, IFC, Greek Week KA Epworth Hall MO, XE The Californian Costanzo, Gerry Cotton, Nancy L. Court, Sandra Ann Cowman, Lyn Cox, John M. Cramer, Rock Crawford, Anne Creech, Mary C. Creswell, Edgar Crippen, Richard San Francisco Wilmette, Ill. Oakland San Francisco Piedmont Fresno Burlingame Chico Bakersfield Los Angeles Chemical Engr. General Curriculum Nutrition French Economics Production Mgt. English General Curriculum Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. CiAO KAO, YWCA, BAP, Rally Comm. 1956 Epworth Hall, ON APA, Pelican, Class Councils AM ' , Triune Bowles Hall, Golden Guard Pres., Italian Club Pres. ABA, Christian Science Org., Class Counc il KKF, Panile, Prytanean, Asst. Mgr. Blue Gold TB II ASCE Dalander, Marvin Daly, Elaine Dang, Elaine J. Daniels, Sue J. Dao, Tom Darby, Elaine A. Dare, Jerry G. Dash, Edward F. Daugherty, Carl Davidson, Ronald Berkeley Richmond Coalinga Kentfield Pasadena San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Marysville log lewood Civil Engr. General Curriculum Business Education Psychology Chemical Engr. English Biophysics Political Science Political Science Electrical Engr. Confer House, ASCE Treble Clef Ritter Hall, MO, YWCA, Chinese KAO, YWCA, Ski Club Pres. Chinese Stu- dents ' Cl., AICHE Ritter Hall, WDA, House Pres. AI , CSC, IFC tiEK, TB 11 Students ' Assoc. Although this TKE ' s favorite pastime is loafing, he attended Cal Club, Golden Bear, and University Affairs Committee meetings. DAVE LOWE has also served as a Rep-at-Large, President of Gavel and Quill, and Co- Chairman of Senior Week. A propos of a Speech major, Dave is especially noted for his strong lungs. In the future he wants to be a lawyer; at present he is pinned to the B G Sports Editor. To be the Chancellor of the Berkeley campus is SCOTT SHERMAN ' S ambition! To back this, he has served as Vice-Pres. of the ASUC, President of the Sophomore class, Chair. of the Memorial Union Advisory Board, and has been a member of Golden Bear and Cal Club. For relaxation this " most eligible bachelor " strolls through the campus listening to campanile concerts. Scott makes his abcde at the Theta Delt house. iAt d‘aicarik 65 Davis, Donald Napa Business Admin. AKT; Society for the Advancement of Management DeBenedetti, Jean San Rafael Speech Deleray, Arthur Walnut Creek Chemistry ATO; AIChE; Californians, Swim- ming; Water Polo Teams Davis, Gail Sacramento General Curriculum DeBerard, Helen Berkeley Scandinavian AirD DeLuca, Cecile Oakland Sociology Masonic Club Davis, Herbert San Francisco Physics KN; Boxing; Boxing Club Decker, Robert Albany Mech. Engineering ASME Demeter, Carolyn Orinda Political Science Pryt.; Penile; Cal Club; Speaker ' s Bureau Davis, Oakland Policy Admin. AMA; Society for Advancement of Management DeFields, Ronald Martinez Marketing AKA; Cal Glee Club Denker, Mexico Political Science Davis, Wood lake History Smyth Dent, Ellen Concord General Curriculum Honor Society; Academic Affairs Council Davis, W. P. Alameda Political Science Megaphone Soc.; Class Councils; IN Der, Ernest Los Angeles Mech. Engineering kSME; 111 ' 1; IAS; EJC; Honor Society DeJong, Carol deLemos, Bernard Bellflower Pacific Grove Laboratory Tech. Marketing Prod. Public Health Club; Control Yacht Club Devereaux, Ednola Oakland Recreation AEO; Recreation Majors Club DeVincenzo, John Shafter Bacteriology Aro DeWall, Lester Berkeley Chem. Engineering AIChE Dewey, John San Marino Business Admin. TT; Skull Keys; BB; Winged Helmet Dhi !Ion, Paramajit Diamond, Kenneth India Phoenix, Ariz. Forestry Economics Forestry Club; AKW; Prelegal Honor Society; Society UCSAI Diamond, Richard Stockton History IT; Golden Bear; Gavel Quill; NSA; Welfare Board; Fr. Track Dickerson, Roberta Petaluma Sociology AA II; Symphony Forum; Proj. PIC; Class Councils Dickey, Glenn Dieterich, John Santa Barbara Watsonville Journal ism Industrial Relations Smyth, Daily Cal Bowles; Big C; Crew; Arnold Air Society; Varsity Rowing Club D oughty, Darrell Oakland Engineering Physics ASUC Radio-TV; UC Chorus Downs, James Doyle, Noel Pasadena San Francisco Anthropology English Kroeber Anthro. AFA; Gavel Assn. Quill; Symphony Forum; Class Councils Drabkin, Joseph Sonora Marketing AMA; SAM Drake, Gary Stockton Foreign Trade I II; Dresser, Richard Fresno Forestry Club; AXA Dressler, Ronald Hill Valley Finance KI Ducato, John Burlingame General Curriculum AKE; Triune; Skull Keys; Winged Helmet Duff, Patricia Antioch French Stern; Newman; Tower Flame; Young Republicans Dumas, Larry Oakland Mech. Engineering IT TI; TB II; AS M E Edwards, David Oakland Economics MAE; Baseball; Intramurals Edwards, Gerald Oakland Elec. Engineering EKE Eglite, Anna San Francisco Biochemistry YWCA; Ushering; Latvian Student Soc.; Premed Soc. Ehlers, Mary Fresno Political Science II Bit Ehrlich, Sam Antioch Elec. Engineering Eichen, William Eidson, James Whitestone, N.Y. Modesto Sociol. Soc. Medical Science Institutions II KA; IFC Ekedahl, Robert Willows Accounting Bowles; AE II; Big C; Quarterdeck; Ball Chain; Crew Eklund, Arthur Santa Ana Business Admin. OX; Young Repub- licans; SAM; AMA Elgaaen, Gary Yuba City General Curriculum Bowles; Ski Club; Tower Flame; Circle C; Councils 56 Phi Tau DON McINTOSH, better known as " Tosh, " may be noted for basketball, but his favorite pastime is tennis. His major is Physical Education and in the future he plans to train lots of future cage stars for the Alma Mater. " Tosh, " who is engaged, is a member of Big C and the P. E. Majors Society. Football is not the single activity of RON WHEAT- CROFT. This End also participated in Cal Club, Order of the Golden Bear, Skull and Keys and Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board. " Bruno " is married to Peggy, favorite pastime is TV and main ambition is to crack the business world. Diller, Sheldon Diment, Judy A. Dixon, Anne H. San Francisco San Francisco Pasadena Accounting General Curriculum Anthropology EAM; Big C; AP; YWCA; Ameri- Epworth Hall; Varsity Tennis can Red Cross YWCA; Tower Flame Dixon, Arline S. Berkeley English Dixon, Schaefer Sacramento Civil Engr. AXA; ASCE Dizon, Jose M. San Francisco Zoology V.P. Filipino St. Cl.; Newman Club Dobbs, Ann I. Pasadena General Curriculum Ace of Clubs; Young Re- publicans; YWCA; WAA Dodds, Thomas K. Glendale Insurance OE Dominguez, Joseph Knightsen Journalism Doty, Richard E. Orinda Real Estate I ' KT Dunn, Charlotte Dunn, Diana San Francisco Taft Child Development Art MK; Class Council; EK; YWCA; St. Pelican; Rally Body Offices Com.; YWCA; Collegians Dunn, Marilyn Dunn, Parmele Burlingame Burlingame General Curriculum Sociology AAH; Oski Doll; ArD; Ace of Clubs Newman CI.; Intra- mural; Pelican Durham, George Jamestown History Bowles Hall; Bowles Assoc. Durst, Roger W. Oakland Architecture EAE; IFC Dye, Richard A. Goleta Electrical Engineer TB H; HKN Eddy, William A. Vallejo Mechanical Engr. ASME Edridge, Alfred Richmond Chemical Engr. ASCE; Arnold Air Society; Yacht Club Edstrom, Ronald Oakland Biochemistry Abracadabra; Engineer; Crew Engvall, Madilyn Enmark, Nelson Lemoore Santa Barbara English History Elliott, Jack H. Elliott, John A. Elliott, Roy C. Long Beach El Cerrito El Cerrito Physics History Child Development Student Welfare Board; Ushering Coun. Chairman Ellis, Patricia A. Oakland General Curriculum AAH Ellsworth, Robert Berkeley General Curriculum ATA Emerson, Sydney Turlock Optometry Acacia; Optometric Assoc. Endo, Arthur A. Los Angeles Psychology Euclid Hall; 1,11; Nisei St. Rally Com.; T F Eng, Wellington Oakland Sanitary Science Public Health Assoc. Cal CI.; Prytanean; Torch Shield; C Society AEA; Gavel Quill; Cl. Coun.; Young Republicans 67 Eppard, Gerald Epstein, Robert Erbentraut, Joan Erickson, George Erickson, Paul Erickson, Theodore Turlock Oakland Berkeley Bell Bell Berkeley Admin. Policy History English Electrical Engr. Electrical Engr. Social Psychology Soc. for Adv. of Mgmt., Amer. Mkt. Assoc. Masonic Club, Honor Society, Senior Council .X52, Cal. Student Teachers ' Assoc., Calvin C., Coun. Engineer, Photo Club, UCSEE Glee Club Sr. Mgr., Plymouth House Ernst, Ken Estes, Robert Evans, Mary Ann Ewing, Barbara Falsafi, Reza G. Fara, Emily M. Orinda El Sobrante Winona Lake, Weed Berkeley Lafayette Psychology Accounting Ind. Social Welfare Chemical Engr. Italian VI! A BT Speech WUS Council, YWCA Smyth Assoc. AEA, Newman Cl., Intermurals Faries, Hazel C. Farquar, Morley S. Fausone, Vincent Faust, Diana D. Fechter, Caroline Fedoroff, Serge Whittier Berkeley Le Grand Los Angeles Orange San Francisco Accounting Mechanical Engr. Medical Science Psychology Education Mechanical Engr. Oldenberg Hall, TX.43, BAT Honor Society, ASME AKK, USCA, Treas. Pre-Med Society YWCA, Yacht Cl. Dames, Tower Flame, CSTA Sec. YWCA, Treas. Mortar Bd., Prytanean TB n , n TE AdaiiiitAteati bar 41464 AgmAigrAtik Feinberg, Jack S. Fetta, Patrick J. Fetros, Peter G. Filmer, Anne Fiorentino, Marco Fish, Harry H. Fisher, Gay L. Fitzpatrick, Pat Flack, Nancy Floaten, Karen C. Hillsborough San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Italy Piedmont Las Vegas, Nev. Glendale Piedmont So. Pasadena Economics Metallurgy Political Science Art Biostatistics Accounting French Political Science English General Curriculum ZBT Cloyne Court, Bowles Hall X0, Card Stunts ATO A011, AMP, AXQ, Sr. Class KKP, Children ' s AAA AIME, TB II II AT, Fr.-Soph. Council, Young Hosp., Young Coon., Children ' s Democrats Republicans, Ski • Hosp. Fort, Laird R. Foster, Sharon L. Francis, Bobbie W. Francis, Richard Frank, Barbara Frank, Donald E. Frank, Janet L. Franklin, Lawrence Frazer, William S. Frazier, Ruth A. San Francisco Mill Creek Auburn Stockton Los Angeles Berkeley San Francisco Los Angeles Los Altos Sacramento Electrical Engr. English Chemical Engr. Mechanical Engr. General Curriculum Physics General Curriculum Marketing Biochemistry Physical Education X52, Panne, CSJA, H KA H KT TEE ATE EAM, Men ' s Table Cloyne Court Lantana Lodge, Prytanean Epicureans Pem Club, WAA Gallagher, Rose I. Gal lin, Joel G. Ganul in, Judith L. Garcia, Vee A. Gardner, Merrill L. Garner, Arlene L. Garvey, Sara L. Gatterdam, Dwain Geis, Everett R. Gerba, Raymond E. San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley San Francisco Hayward Pasadena Costa Mesa Downey Oakland Mathematics Biochemistry Journalism Pre-Med Psychology General Curriculum English International Rel. Electrical Engr. General Curriculum Sherman Hall, KN AST, Daily Cal Acacia, Honor AE4 ZTA, Elections AP, Symphony ATE HKN HAP PEE, Newman Nt. Ed., V.P. Society Councils, Class Forum, Fencing Club, USCA, CSTA Councils Cl., Cl. Coun. 68 The girl who hopes some day to teach swimming to ducks goes by the name of MADILYN ENGVALL. Presently, however, her main claim to fame is Chairman of Women ' s J Comm. She has also been Vice•Pres. of Pryt, Sec. of Cal Club, and a member of Women ' s C Society. Madilyn, who is an English major, claims her favorite pastime is making grass bombs??? fr Wry JOYCE HIMES ' calendar has called for her attendance at many meetings: Women ' s J, Gavel and Quill, Panile, all 4 class councils, WEB, and Ex Comm. Thus she is always in a hurry and can never be fcund at the A Chi 0 house. Women ' s Rep, however, was the ;min activity of this Speech major. P.S.: She ' s pinned to a man on the Farm. Fong, Mary Ann Sacramento Social Welfare Fong, Stanley L. San Francisco Psychology II A4, Fong, Robert Oakland General Curriculum SCS; IVCF Flynn, Evelyn Berkeley Home Economics ON Fong, Yieming Hong Kong Food Chemistry Chinese Students Assoc. AZ; St. Un. Coun.; Newman Cl.; Blue Gold; Cl. Coun. Ford, Ann C. Forsyth, Myrle L. Salinas Oakland General Curriculum English AAX; Internat. St. Fr. Com.; Calvin Club Follett, Gail Fong, Jones W. Los Angeles Sacramento Industrial Rel. Organic Chem. X.52; V.P. Mortar Chinese St. CI.; Bd.; Prytanean; Tower Flame; Cal Cl.; PIC Honor Soc.; SAACE Floris, Mary J. Berkeley English AEA; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Treble Clef; CSTA Friesen, John B. Bakersfield English Freeman, Michael Fregoso, Rudolph Walnut Creek San Francisco Electrical Engr. General Curriculum AT12; TB II; Fencing IIKN; Rifle Team Fregulia, Arlene Freuler, Anne S. Oakland Beaufort, S. C. Health Education Social Welfare Utrimque J ' M Fry, LaVerne A. Frye, William H. Napa Berkeley Home Economics Political Science ON; Prytanean; Masonic Club; Oliol,; Home Ec. Flying Club Ct.; Masonic Club Fukui, Ray T. Fuller, Barbara J. Sacramento Long Beach Physical Education History N SC Gaol, Phil L. San Francisco Civil Engr. GEC Gin, Ronald San Francisco Accounting BABY Gilbert, Paul H. Gill, Cindy C. Gillard, Nancy A. Gilmore, John S. Gilmore, Lawrence Healdsburg Oakland El Cerrito Long Beach San Mateo Civil Engr. General Curriculum History Commun. Policy Political Science Bowles Hall; AAA; Women ' s AZ; Orientation IN; Triune; Bowles Hall; TB H; Glee Cl.; Rally Comm.; Chil• Coun.; Class Winged Helmet; Daily Cal ASCE; XE; EJC; dren ' s Hosp.; Council Circle C; Frosh Rad-TV; GG Pelican Basketball Ghiggeri, Dennis Giannone, Leroy Gibbs, Benjamin F. Gi esen, Tracy M. Berkeley San Francisco San Diego Port Arthur, Tex Sociology Mechanical Engr. School of Medicine Decorative Art AKA AT; Rugby KA 69 Goldsmith, Claire Goldsmith, Martha Goldstein, Robert San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles English History Political Science Stern, Elections Peixotto, Pryt., ZBT, Homecoming, Coon., Collegians YWCA, Sports Ed. Greek Week, IFC Blue Gold Cinder, Valley of Moon History ZTA, YWCA, Ski Club, H Pelican, Sail Club, Soph Council Glacken, Gary Sacramento Optometry Oc Glading, Janet Escondido General Curriculum I-House, Pryt., Daily Cal, Hammer Dimmer Glagola, Steve Glassel, David Masontown, Pa. San Francisco Product. Mgmt. Marketing MAO, Varsity HAM, Axe Review Football, Rugby Glick, Anne Santa Monica General Curriculum Honor Soc., Cal Engr., The Cal ifornian Gluck, Los Communication Public Policy Hoyt, WDA Glueck, Alan Goldberg, Charles Watsonville Oakland General Curriculum Marketing Bowles, Golden HAM, Fr. Council, Guard, Radio-TV Marketing Assn. Golden, Sheldon El Cerrito Optometry ZBT Goldman, Shlorna Israel Statistics International House Goldman, Yvonne San Francisco Speech KAB, Children ' s Hosp., BAT Goldstein, Ronald Los Angeles Optometry Optometric Assn. Goliti, Edward San Francisco Industr. Engr. AIIE Goodwin, Marilyn Berkeley Decorative Art KA, Pelican, UC Chorus, Panhellenic, APC Gorbatenko, George Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon, Herb Gordon, Laurel Gordon, Roswell Gould, Albert Gove, James F. Goyette, Helen Graber, James C. Grady, Thomas B. San Francisco San Mateo San Leandro Los Angeles San Leandro China Lake Chula Vista Berkeley Corona Berkeley Electrical Engr. Advertising Psychology History Sociology Mechanical Engr. Insurance General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Mech. Engineering Acacia, Megaphone Ritter Hall, Pry., ZBT Sherman Hall, Glee Club, West- White Shingles, Acacia, Sr. Dean Blue Gold, Ski ASME, SAE ATO, ASME, Big C Soc., Radio Club, Mortar Board, FE minster House ASME, Crew Mgr. Rambler Football Cl., Newman Cl., Soc., Crew Marching Band Daily Cal Mgr. Col. Women ' s Cl. Green, Charles H. Berkeley Accounting MMEil, Triune Green, Joann G. Greenleaf, Violette Berkeley Fresno General Curriculum Home Economics Ar, Wom. J. Ritter Hall, ON, Comm., Ace of CI., Home Ec. Cl., Ger. Honor Soc., Linden Cl., Tower Fl. Hosp. Gregory, Donald Eureka Engineering Greife, John L. Bonita Geology Acacia, OT, Football Grell, Frieda L. Guerneville Child Richards Hall Grenfell, Gaye C. Stockton Decorative Art KKT Griffin, Andrew San Francisco History Z 4r Griffin, Anthony San Francisco English Mask Dagger, Drama, AKL Griffin, Oakland Political Science KAT, Stiles Hall, MRA Pr., Track, Big C, Men ' s Ex Bd. Hale, Arnold E. Hale, Barbara Hale, Max R. Hall, Dennis E. Hall, James Hall, Warren L. Hallett, Dorothy Hamatani, Tomio San Mateo Columbus, Ohio Corning Fi I Imore Red Bank, N. J. Manhattan Beach Sacramento Courtland Insurance Span. His. Am. Physical Education Mathematics Business Admin. Elec. Engineering Accounting Mechanical Engr. TKE, AKW Peixotto Hall, rn:, Pr., Proj. OAX, Golden Bear, Football, Rugby Smyth Assoc., UCSEE, AIEE KA, BAT, Tower Fl., Ski Team, EX- ASME, SAE Am., FSB, HS Day COM, Table Tennis Hagstrom, Ellen Diablo Scandinavian Hahir, Cl aire E. Redwood City History r ' ' B, Homecoming, Soph Coun. 70 SALLY WILLETTS MILICEVICH who is noted for her vivacious personality has served this past year as ASUC Rep-at-Large. Before she married Mitch on March 29th, she used to divide her time between the Kappa house and such activities as Pryt, Women ' s J, Ex Comm, and Finance Comm. True to the political science major which she is, she enjoys debating and traveling. Sports are CHUCK HOLLOWAY ' S primary hobby—he was on the All-Coast Water Polo Team as well as the All-American Swimming Team. Chuck, whose major is electrical engineering, is Prexy at the Beta house. He has attended meetings of Cal Club, Golden Bear, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Skull and Keys. In addition he is in the IFC Scholastic Honorary Society. Person- ality, popularity, brains! Graebe, Gerald Graff, Emil Graham, Billy Graham, Charles Gram, Marshall Graves, Stephen Gray, Donald Gray, Richard Gray, Robert Gray, Sue Cap itola Castro Valley Salinas Bakersfield San Marino Lafayette Berkeley Downey Oakland San Gabriel Civil Engineering Optometry Foreign Trade Petroleum Geol. Mech. Engineering Philosophy Petroleum Engr. Architecture Banking Finance General Curriculum ESA; ASCE; ASP UC Optometric AIME ASME; IAS; DI " ; IFC Honor TB H; EN; Skull Keys; TT; Winged Al " ; Children ' s Assn. Sailing Team Soc.; Glee Club IFC Honor Soc.; Circle C; Wrestling Helmet Hosp. Golden Bear Griffin, Richard Griffiths, William Grimes, Mary Guisti, Carol Gustafson, Lawrence Gustafson, Roy Haag, John Hagen, Patricia Hagge, Donald Haggerty, Nancy Long Beach Oakland Red Bluff Berkeley San Leandro San Mateo Hanford Erskine, Minn. Alamo, N. Dak. San Jose Geology Mech. Engineering History General Curriculum Civil Engineering Political Science Architecture Home Econ. Educ. Physics Sociology eT T ASME Ritter Hall; WDA YWCA; Westminster APO; ASCE EAE EN; Arnold Air KA; Oski Doll TB Beaudelaire; House; CSTA Soc. YWCA; UC Folk Dance; AMP Hamilton, Milton Hamm, Toni Hammitt, John Hampel, Jane Hand, Barbara Handin, Helen Hansen, Lois Harden, Russell Hardy, John Harker, James Central City, Neb. Santa Barbara Oakland Oakland San Francisco Los Angeles Fortuna Turlock Oakland Elsinore Elect. Engineering Political Science Forestry General Curriculum General Curriculum History Social Welfare English General Curriculum Real Estate HKN; UCSEE ZTA; Rally Com.; Ski Club; Forestry EK; YWCA; XS2; Elections Warring Place H B43; Soc. WM. Smyth AKE; Triune; Big international Fr. Sr. Councils Club; Arnold Air Intramural Coun.; ASUC Club; YWCA C; Winged Helmet; House; PE Soc.; Masonic Secretariat Californians; Crew 71 Haro, Robert P. Harper, Elizabeth Harral, James K. Harries, David G. Harris, Benjamin A. Harris, John R. Sacramento So. Pasadena San AnseImo Berkeley Cedarville Upland History General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Psychology Landscape Arch. General Curriculum KA, Class Council, ASME EX, Mask Dagger BX, Landscape Bowles Hall, YWCA, Intramural Review, Axe Review Design Club, IFC medical Soc., St. Christ. Coun. Harris, Michael G. Harris, Roberta J. Harris, Ronald Z. Harrison, Ronald Hart, Jewell Hart, Steve P. Berkeley Lakeside Berkeley San Bernardino Los Angeles Sacramento Economics Education Marketing Electrical Engr. Political Science Civil Engr. AEA, Alphian Soc., AKIlf, Am. Mkt. Collegian Hall, AgA EN Class Council, Assoc., Pres. TB II, Chess Club Baseball Mgr. Hartley, Robert D. Hartley, Suzanne Hartman, Barbara Haslett, Thomas Hastings, Patricia Hautly, Glenn E. San Bernardino Oakland Grass Valley Pleasant Hill Berkeley Long Beach Mechanical Engr. History Speech Marketing Political Science Production Mgmt. Cloyne Court, XO, International AXO, YWCA, American Mkt. YWCA, Folk Cloyne Court, Ski ASME Board, Collegians Honor Society Assoc. Dancing Club, Newman CI., Intramural Hau, John C. Hawkins, Ann Hawkins, Beverly Hawkins, Robert Haworth, Shirley Hayward, Gilbert F. Hayward, Peter B. Healey, Luise N. Hearn, Helen M. Hegerle, Pete J. Berkeley Pasadena San Francisco San Rafael Downey San Francisco Kentfield Martinez Bakersfield Orinda Geography History English Business Admin. Psychology General Curriculum Physical Education History History Political Science Del Rey AO, Women ' s C Soc., WAA BAT, Treble Clef, Class Councils, Ski Club AT, Triune, Frosh Football, Hcuse Mgr. Assoc. Colonial Hall Furman House, 1st 2nd Pl. Win- ner of Spring Mus. ' bKW Univ. V:I lage, C-m. on Foreign Stud. Affairs AXO, Senior Council EN, Triune Herrmann, Leonard Herz, Marilyn Herzoy, John Heyman, Roberta L. Higbee, Billy D. Higgins, Curtis C. Hill, Anthony W. Nimes, Joyce E. Hi-As, Torn A. H ink, John C. Sacramento San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Shafter Manhattan Beach Los Angeles San Francisco Alhambra San Francisco Civil Engr. General Curriculum Real Estate General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Marketing Electrical Engr. Speech Chemistry Chemical Engr. TB H AZ, Class Councils, Axetravaganza, St. AITI AGE, Tower Flame, Spring Sing II KA UCSEE AXO, Panile, II AM, Gavel Durant Place House Pres. ASCE, Arnold Air. Society Un. Coun., Elect. Quill, WEB, Oski Doll, NSA Holloway, Chuck A. Holloway, Richard Holt, Nicholas Horn, Faye Horn, Marjorie I. Horn, Wiley P. Homuth, Dick W. Honda, Virginia T. Honens, Dexter Hong, Jennie Whittier San L eandro Stockton San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Diego Sacramento Piedmont Mill Valley Electrical Engr. General Curriculum History Social Welfare Social Welfare Public Health Petroleum Geol. Mathematics Public Relations Marketing BO HKN, TB H, Californi- ans, Cal CI., S K, Bowles Hall, Golden Guard, Pres. Bowles Hall YWCA Bowles Hall, Cir. C V.P., Boxing CI., Wrestling, Football Richards Hall KA, E011, AMA Triune 72 PATRICIA TAFJEN ' s main ambition is to work in the professional theatre; in fact she hopes to raise 13 children who can work with her! Patty, who is President of Mask and Dagger, is a member of Hammer and Dimmer, Thalian, Mortar Board and Pryt. To pass the time away, she enjoys dancing, playing the and especially eating. " Simply amazing " is a favorite expression of JANE BELL who is Associate Manager of the Blue and Gold. When not golfing, sunbathing or spotting at Sather Gate, she attends Women ' s J Comm, Pryt, and Mortar Board. Jane is now leaving the Gamma Phi house and going to Europe where she hopes to find a rich man. Hiramoto, Edward Hirota, Joyce K. Hirschhorn, Irwin Hirst, James H. Hjort, Marilyn D. Ho, Adrienne Y. Ho, Wilfred D. Hobson, Doug Hogan, Sally E. Holford, Lillian Lodi San Francisco Los Angeles Glendale Stockton San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Redwood City Oakland Civil Engr. Social Welfare Process Engr. Lab. Ind. Rel. International Rel. Public Health Psychology General Curriculum General Curriculum Social Welfare ASCE Mitchell Hall, YWCA, Undergrad Soc. Wel. Cl. Pr. KN, AICE BX, AMP, Honor Soc., Fr. Cl., St. Adv. Bd., W. in For. Af. Stebbins Hall, Prytanean, Mortar board, YWCA Treas. VP, Skull Keys, BB AA II, OBI ' AKA Hoopes, John A. Hoover, Edward D. Hopfer, Audrey E. Hopping, Marian E. Horikawa, Jane N. Horler, Kathryn R. Horn, Peter M. Housden, Eric N. Howard, Robert H. Howe, Victor H. Berkeley San Bernardino Oakland Piedmont Los Angeles San Rafael San Francisco Laguna Beach Chicago, Ill. Longview, WW1. Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. Speech General Curriculum General Curriculum Psychology Foreign Trade Forestry Industrial Rel. Foreign Trade Acacia, ASCE, Golden Guard, XT, ADO HKN A‘Ir XO, Cal CI., Torch Sh., Prytanean, Mgr. Blue Gold Nisei Student Club OBE, Big Game Pub. Corn. Forestry Club, Flying Club, Crew Manager kEn, Daily Cal AKT a Helm, Elizabeth Hemley, Myron R. Sausalito Long Beach Physical Education Finance AAA, Life Guard Triune, Winged Corps V.P., Daily Helmet, IFC, Erb Cal, Wom. Act. Co. Henderson, Alameda General Curriculum AU, Blue Gold, Children ' s Hosp., Intermural Heidohrn, Douglas San Francisco Finance EX, Young Repub., Optometric Asscc., XPA H Heimann, Richard Heinrich, Jack Altadena Kerman Optometry Accounting EH, Photo Club Henry, Keith W. San Leandro Mechanical Engr. Herrick, Robert L. Vallejo Mathematics Herb, Michael D. Herman, Dov M. Berkeley Israel Political Science Mechanical Engr. XII er 73 Hrusoff, Joyce M. Huberty, Pat A. Hudnall, Bob M. Hudson, John J. Huen, Tommy Huffman, George Oakland Jackson Sacramento Carmel Berkeley San Francisco History Journalism General Curriculum Industrial Engr. Civil Engr. Political Science Westminster House, Epworth Hall, Bowles Hall Acacia, AIIE ASCE, Frosh Tennis AA , EBB, Arnold Masonic Club, 0E0, II AB, Proj. Air Soc., Hammer Honor Society Amer., Daily Cal Cof., Pelican Hughes, Florence Huguet, Maury E. Huitt, Helen A. Hull, Robert L. Hunt, Virgil R. Hurdle, Vanolin F. Richmond Martinez Berkeley Ferndale Detroit, Mich. Shell Beach German General Curriculum Chemistry Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. Civil Engr. Hoyt Hall BOB, Rugby Ciub OT, ZOH, Math Abracadabra, 00, Bowles Hall, Honor., ACS, ASCE, Engineer, TB B, BE, Baton Model UN Qtrdk Soc., Cal Band, EJC, SAA Hyde, Orra C. III Ilkovics, Robert Ingersol, Gordon Ingram, Ron Ingwersen, Jackie Isbell, William M. San Francisco San Ysidro - San Fernando San Francisco Sacramento Santa Barbara General Curriculum Medicine Industrial Engr. Business Admin. Political Science Physics LW, Skull Keys Bowles Hall, I ABE Bowles Hall AA II, Senior Cal Band, Flying Pres. House, AMT, Class Council Cl., Tower Flame, Tower Flame, Golden Bear, Baton SAMA Issurin, Fabiana Irvine, Bob L. Iwamiya, Tom M. lwao, Kumiy R. Jaber, Georgette Jachens, Norman H. Jackson, Carol J. Jackson, Donna L. Jacobs, Alyse Jacobs, Fred B. Israel Salinas Lodi Berkeley Jordan Alameda Fresno Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Political Science Marketing Civil Engr. Mechanical Engr. Political Science Political Science Speech General Curriculum History Zoology-Premed. ATS2 Euclid Hall, ASCE TB II, II T , ASME, Cor. Sec. II T I House, YWCA, Arab St. Assoc., I House Council Young Republicans, Pub. Aff. Council, Men ' s EX Board AT ' , NC, Panel of Amer., Cal Cl., Prytanean ZTA, Class Council I House Hillel, Symphony Forum, Intermural Sports Jinahyon, Sujin Johnson, Bruce E. Johnson, Earl Jr. Johnston, Esther A. Johnson, Eugene E. Johnson, Jacqueline Johnson, James M. Johnson, Ken H. Johnson, Robert Johnston, Gaile Thailand Winters Sonora Riverside Rocklin San Francisco Los Angeles Oakland Sacramento Sacramento Genetics Mechanical Engr. Labor Relations General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Social Welfare Psychology Landscape Arch. Chemical Engr. General Curriculum Soccer Varsity AXA Smyth Assoc. Senior Council, ABA TB II, II TB, ASME, Masonic AXS2 £AE, Circle C AT EK, Class Council, YWCA Club Kampp, Shirley E. Kang, Sang-Wook Kaplan, Marshall Karmilof, Irene Karner, Gary E. Karren, Fred L. Karvelis, Marilyn Katten, Ernest F. Katz, Joel Kavanagh, Hubert Piedmont Albany Oakland San Francisco China Lake Oakland Concord Mill Valley Los Angeles Rosemead Home Economics Mechanical Engr. Political Science Electrical Engr. Landscape Arch. Admin. Policy Statistics Electrical Engr Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. OM, Tower Flame, Home Ec. Club, Blue Gold ASME, Calvin Cl. USCA, ASE Peixotto Hall, LIKN Landscape Design Club, Space Mag. ZBT, Golden Bear, Californians, IFC, Gavel Quill KA, Pelican Cloyne Court, USCEE, Newman Cl., Hiking Club Cloyne Court, UCSEE, Hillel, IRE, AIEE II TB, TB ' D, ASME Publicity Ch. 74 MIKE WHITE is primarily noted for his participation in athletic events, having been captain of the football team as well as a member of the rugby and track teams. Cal Club, Californians, Winged Helmet, and Big C Society complete his list of activities. Mike will serve as Assistant Director of Cal ' s Alumni camp this summer. This A Chi 0, whose main ambition is to become a legal secretary, currently serves as President of Mortar Board. JOAN SPAULDING, who likes to sew and listen to music in her spare time, has attended meetings of Pryt, Cal Club. She was also the Berkeley Co-ordinator for All-U weekend. Her favorite pastime: cross-word puzzles. Jacobsen, Arthur Jacobsen, Richa-d Jacobson, Robert Jacuzzi, Remo C. Jayne, Dick P. Jensen, Lyle E. Jevas, Harry N. Jew, Nathan N. Jew, Soot M. Jimison, T. Edwin Pleasant Hill Piedmont Arcata Oakley Redondo Beach Walnut Creek Lynwood San Francisco Merced Napa Psychology-Law History Zoology Business Admin. German Accounting Optometry Physics Ma th Accounting History AKA 4,48, Triune, Frosh Baseball Pre-Med Soc., Newman Club ET, Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, Football Deutscher Ver., Hiking, Swimming Ant TBK CSC, Golden Guard XW Johnston, Robin Jonas, Nola C. Albany Conoma Del Mar Spanish Art XSI, Honor Soc., AXE Review, Young Republicans, Coun. Jones, Forrest Jordan, Leslie F. Nashville, Tenn. Orinda Law Enforcement Labor Ind. Rel. Jorgensen, Kirsten Denmark German KKF Juu I, Elizabeth San Francisco English AEA, Christian Science Organ. Kaddou, Ibrahim Iraq Entomology AZ Kaiser, D. Jane Kalsh, M illy A. Kaman, Norman Sacramento San Francisco China General Curriculum General Curriculum Electrical Engr. AA H , Junior 4,M, Blue Gold, KN Class Council YWCA, Stud. Coun. Kawahara, Momoko San Leandro History Keefe, George Sebastopol Accounting XW, BAT Kennedy, James M. San Francisco Economics EN Kavanagh, Joan M. San Leandro History AEA, YWCA Kay, Laurence D. Kazmier, Theodore San Francisco Sacramento Economics History EAM, Epicureans, Smyth Assoc., CVR, Ski Club Excom., Pres. Tower Flame, St. W. Bd. Keeney, Ronald B. Keil, Susan Modesto Riverside Electrical Engr. General Curriculum UCSEE, Radio Cl. HST, Public Aff. Coun., Intermural Kellner, Sue Fresno Business Admin. Homecoming Coun., Marketing Assoc. Kelly, Ann S. San Francisco Investments XO, Elections Coun. Secret. 75 Kennedy Jane L. Kenny, Philip C. Kern, Barbara A. Kern, Eileen S. Kerr, Patricia Khairallah, Samir Daly City San Francisco Van Nuys Canada Redwood City Lebanon Political Science Elec. Engineering Mathematics Home Economics Child Development Architecture Are Barrington Hall, UCSEE, Radio CI., Coop Engrs. Are EK, Home Econ. Club KAO, Life Guard Corps AIA, Arab Students Club Kiangsiri, Vallop Kim, Byong Jin Kim, Chul MD Kim, Yong Joon Kimura, Lawrence Kincaide, Richard Thailand Korea Korea Korea Lodi Oakland Economics Chem. Engineering Physics Political Science Mechanical Engr. Marketing Treas. Yacht Club ASME, SAE A4,52, IRA Sec., Brm Kindorf, David King, George A. King, Ken R. Kinj, Faouzi K. Kinsman, Harold Kirkendall, Jean Oakland Pebble Beach Redlands Lebanon Apple Valley San Francisco Mechanical Engr. Internat. Trade Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. Political Science General Curriculum AEA, ASME Golden Guard, ROTC, Drill Team, Diving, Trampol. Del Rey, Westley Found., ASCE I House, Arab Stud. Club AT, Triune, Greek Week Editor, DU Social Chairman AEA, Tower Flame, Big Game Comm., Class Councils A ataita iivilitILA bail Altai a .4 Kirkpatrick, James Santa Cruz Political Science Kirkpatrick, Loy Duane Colton Business Admin. lYT Kirshbaum, Donald Kisbey, Stanley Kitterman, Joe Kleeberger, Edmund Klehn, Henry Klinker, Margaret Knudsen, Arnold Knudsen, Harold Los Angeles Bakersfield Alameda Dixon Gustine Whittier San Francisco San Francisco Zoology Optometry Zoology Mechanical Engr. Geol. Engineering History Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering AE II KA, Crew, Big C ASME 4,KT, AIME Cal Engineer Smyth Assoc., Smyth Assoc., Society HKN HKN, TBII Koster, Bob H. Kovach, Eugene Kragen, Ken A. Kramer, George Krohn, Bernhard Kubly, Dan B. San Jose Los Angeles Berkeley North Fork Oakland San Bernardin o Production Mgmt. Civil Engineering Public Info. Journalism Forestry Mech. Engineering Honor Soc., IFC ASCE, Ski Club ZBT, Gavel Smyth Ski Club, For. CI., ASME EXCOM, Hillel, Y Quill, Golden Bear, Quarterdeck Soc. a Cab., New Faces Jud. Comm., U. V.P. Aff. Comm. Kuchar, Wayne Kulesza, Marcia Kurimoto, Etsuo Kurosawa, Anna Safford, Ariz. Venice Japan Sacramento Mech. Engineering Anthropology Physical Education Child Development ASME, Newman Ci. Treble Clef Lam, Lauretta Lam, Tat Cheong Lamb, Arnold M. Lamb, Victor T. Lando, Janice Laratta, John D. Larsen, Carrol Larsen, Hans Larson, Dayton Larson, Ron San Francisco Hong Kong San Jose Sonora Bakersfield Oakland Loomis Petaluma Turlock Van Nuys English Electrical Engr. Chemical Engr. Production Mgmt. Psychology General Curriculum English History Philosophy Political Science HKN, TBII AE II, Tower Bowles Assoc., Glee Club, Daily CSTA, Daily Cal Oxford Hall AXA, Glee Club Flame, AICE DMS, Golden Cal Sports Staff, Univ. Chorus, Crew Guard, SAM Hammer Dimmer 76 Perhaps one of the most representative persons in Treble Clef is MARY FLORIS who is Senior Manager of the group this semester. Mary is an AGD, looking forward to her future with Jan, in hopes that she will make a good lawyer ' s wife. She may also teach music or English. Now she participates in Pryt and Mortar Board. When not writing to Peter, her fiance, KYRA OPPER- MANN divides her time between Pryt, Mortar Board, and the Alpha Phi house where she was president. Perhaps that is where she got the expression, " Now, ladies . . . " Kyra has also served on Speakers Bureau, Student-Faculty Conference, and Cal 1A. At the present time Kyra is practice teachina. Ath AIM Ati► ittAliik ftN Ko, Lorraine Kobayashi, Masaaki Kobayashi, May Koch, Karl Kodama, Nobuo Kodani, Irene Kokus, Phyllis Kong, Raymond Koo, John Kosobayashi, Mae Los Angeles Sacramento Sacramento Greensburg, Kan. Hawaii Arroyo Grande Berkeley Sacramento China Pasadena Landscape Arch. Accounting Art Optometry Electrical Engr. Accounting Comm. Public Mathematics Production Mang. General Curriculum Landscape Design Club, CSA, Newman, Stebbins Cloyne Ct., NSC Beaudelaire, Nisei Club, CSTA, UC Optometry Assn. UCSEE, AIChE Hoyt, Honor Soc., Br): Policy ZTA, Bus. Mgr. Daily Cal, Pub. Bd., HAM, !E?: SAM Stebbins, Nisei Club Kutsurelis, Pearl Kuykendall, Eugene Kwak, Kirby Kwong, Kenneth Lacey, Michael Lafferty, Robert Laginha, Annette Lagomarsino, JoAnn Laichtman, Martin Lalley, Gerald Sacramento Riverside San Mateo San Francisco Los Angeles San Leandro Sonora Jackson Hollywood Long Beach Sociology Soc. Industrial Engr. Insurance Fin. Civil Engr. Electrical Engr. History Criminology General Curriculum General Curriculum Business Admin. Inst. EK, Pelican AHNI, TlS II, AIIE Insurance Soc., Soccer, Excelsis ASCE UCSEE, Ski Club AKA, Fr. Class Coun., 130 AAE, PEE; Soph., Jr. Ciass Coun. Richards, WDA Smyth, Pre-med Soc., Intramural EN, Triune Club Basketball Basketball Larson, Stewart Laub, Peter Laubly, William Laughlin, Robert Laughlin, Shirlee Lauric, William Laursen, Glenn Lea, Lyman Leavitt, Charles Ledger, Charles Walnut Creek Oakland Lompoc Oakland Pomona Inglewood Fortuna Roswell, N. M. Berke ley Stockton Civil Engr. International Rel. Public Admin. General Curriculum Decorative Art Electrical Engr. Civil Engr. English Mechanical Engr. Political Science AE4,, SAME, ASCE, Oski Cumin., Crew, Class Coun. Daily Cal Sailing Club, Ski Club, Masonic Club BO II APA, II AE, We B, Gavel Quill, Homecoming, Polly ASCE, Quarterdeck Soc., LSA AXA, IFC J Comm., IFC Honor Soc., Crew UC Cooperative Engr. Newman, Honor Soc. thAversIty of eallfornia - r,r1Aey POLICE L) P braniatration iWO4le 2 77 LeDoux, Sharon Lee LeDrew, Carol S. Lee, Hoover R. Lee, John H. Lee, Jong Sun Lee, Ronald Oakland San Mateo Oakland Korea Korea Woodland Decorative Art Political Science Business Admin. Political Science Bacteriology General Curriculum Masonic Club Epworth Hall, WDA ASE I Council Korean Student Assoc. Bowles Hall, Chi- nese Students Club Lee, Warren Lee, William G. LeFebvre, Joyce Lenhard, Robert Leonoff, George Lepper, James M. Sacramento Burlingame San Pablo Dinuba San Francisco Anaheim Accounting Petroleum Engr. Psychology Inter. Relations Architecture Electrical Engr. Br ' KA, 44, AIME YWCA. Prytanean Cloyne Court Smyth Assoc., IRE, UCSEE, ARS Leviev, Emi Levin, Warren S. Lewis, Noreen A. Li, Patricia D. Lidke, DuWayne Lightner, Carol Berkeley San Anselmo Hollister Hawaii Fairmont, Minn. San Francisco Agriculture Economics General Curriculum Home Economics Civil Engr. General Curriculum Hiking Club 4,1CM, Golden Bear, Blue Gold Rep., St. Mem. Un. Com. KKF, Young Repub., Ace of Clubs MOH ASCE AA II, Class Council Ligon, Eleanor Lilley, Richard Mariposa Los Angeles General Curriculum Electrical Stern Hall, Treble Clef Lim, Alfred Lim, Sylvia R. Lind, Peggy R. Lindauer, Stewart Lindemuth, Mary A. Lindsay, Ann L. Lipkin, Paul Lippett, Peter San Francisco Oakland Lodi Santa Rosa Garden Grove Berkeley Piedmont Los Angeles Electrical Engr. Food Chemistry Political Science Architecture Home Economics General Curriculum Marketing Political Science CSC, HKN, KAP Hiking Club AZ, YWCA KN AEII, ' TEA, Varsity Crew Lorber, Harvey R. Daly City Mining Engr. AIME, Wrestling, Engr. Joint Coun. Lorimer, Linda Loring, Chester J. Lorper, Marilyn Losee, Crandon Louchard, Suzanne Louie, Albert Louis, Sam Love, Colin Low, Vera Washington, D.C. Napa Berkeley Stockton Burbank San Francisco San Francisco Piedmont Oakdale General Curriculum Production Mgmt. Biostatistics Accounting Sociology Mechanical Engr. Civil Engr. Geology History IIB D, YWCA Acacia Cloyne Court Oldenberg Hap IAS Chinese Student ,DICT, AIME Hoyt Hall Assoc. Lund, Richard E. Luther, Bill A. Lutzker, Myra J. Lynch, Pat Ann Lynn, David K. Lyons, Donna J. Lyons, Richard Lyss, R. Simi McAdams, Joan McCarthy, Donald Pasadena Oakland Los Angeles Albany Long Beach Redwood City Alameda Grass Valley Walnut Creek San Francisco Forestry Business Admin. Anthropology Political Science Electrical Engr. Psychology Labor Relations Mechanical Engr. Social Studies Social Welfare Smyth Assoc., MKT, Baseball Kroeber Society, Newman Club, TB II AZ KA, Triune, IFC, riTE, TB II, 1K, Panile, Gavel i,DXK Forestry Club, Honor Society YWCA, Assoc. of Soph. Council, ASME, Golden Quill, Prytanean, Soc. Amer. For. Women in Foreign Quarterdeck Soc. Bear, MRA, Pres. Cal 1A-56, S. Sec. Affairs Oxford Hall 78 NANCY CUPIT has spent much of her time on Rally Comm. of which she is Women ' s Chairman. Other ties include Pryt, Mortar Board, Women ' s C Society, and Women ' s Ex Board. Nancy, an Alpha Phi, enjoys swimming and tennis and some day hopes to travel around the world—very slowly. Perhaps you may have noted her extreme height: 5 ' 2 " . If you ' ve been wondering who Cal ' s drum major was, his name is DAN " Whoops " CHEATHAM. When not prancing onto the football field, this spirited student is traditionally seen wearing his beloved racoon coat and yelling, " Go, Bears. " Dan is a member of Golden Bear, Baton Society, and Smyth Assoc. His ambition in life?—to get an " A " . Litman, Leonard Los Angeles Electrical Engr. TB II, HKN, UCSEE, Crew Lloyd, Jacqueline Lafayette Spanish OM, Gavel Quill, Sr. Sec.-Treas., WEB, Class Coun., COB Locke, Alice Loeb, Lloyd Los Angeles Modesto Public Health Nurs. Accounting AAX, RN ' s on KN Campus Loebbecke, James Albany Accounting Corp. Finance Lofberg, Lynn Santa Cruz Political Science AXS2, Honor Soc., Sr. Class Council Loftis, Franklin Stockton History Lake, Linda Loos, Ronald Lopez, Chester China San Francisco Sacramento Banking Finance History Forestry Chinese Student Smyth, OBI, Acacia Assn., Treble Clef, Tower Flame, UC Chorus Golden Guard, Young Dem. Lowrey, Nola Carmel Journalism Lowell, Terrance Vallejo Civil Engr. 4,40 Lum, Key San Francisco Optometry CSA, UC Optometric Assn., Intramural Lowe, Pardee Berkeley German AMP, Honor Soc. Lummis, Charles San Francisco Political Science Circle C, Varsity Skiing Lowe, Carla Lowe, David Pacific Palisades Eureka Criminology Speech AA II, Class Coun., TKE, Gavel Spring Sing, Sr. Quill, Californians, Week Chm., Golden Bear, Homecoming Rep-at-large Luberg, Karen Lucas, Barbara Lucas, Jacqueline Long Beach Millbrae San Rafael Child Develop. General Curriculum Psychology AAA AEA Richards McConnell, Arcadia Civil Engr. II KA McCorkle, Gerald Yuba City Chemical Engr. AXE McCullough, Valerie McDaniel, Robert Berkeley San Bernardino English English Newman IN, Intramural McDonald, Gordon Oakland Industrial Engr. AIIE McDonald, Janice McDowell, Barbara McElhoe, Bruce Oakland San Francisco Reedley Social Welfare General Curriculum Electrical Engr. AA H, Panile, Bowles, TB UC Class Council Masonic Club, Fly- ing Club, Cal Band McEnroe, Mary McEwing, Patricia Oakland Moraga Home Economics General Curriculum Home Ec Club ■DM, Young Rep., Sr. Coon., Sailing Club, Masonic 79 McGinn, Phillip McIlroy, Robert McIndoe, James McIntire, Willard McIntosh, Alan McIntosh, Donald Alameda El Cerrito Sausalito Sacramento La Puente Alhambra General Curriculum Accounting Marketing Mechanical Engr. Accounting Physical Education KA, Triune, Big C, BAT, Swimming XT, Triune, IFC, USCA, Apollo Cl., Bowles Hall, Big C, MKT, Big C Soc., IFC, Circle C, Vars. Team Winged Helmet, Ski CI., Flying Club Intramural Sports Basketball Swim. W. P. Megaphone Soc. McIntosh, Robert McKendree, John McKenna, Frank McKowan, Carl E. McLaren, Sally McMasters, Marilyn Stockton Richmond Oakland Palo Alto San Marino Lafayette Electrical Engr. Political Science Public Health Banking Finance General Curriculum General Curriculum TB ri , IINK TI KA Newman Club, TKE, Rally Cam., APA, Cal Student Stiles Hall Gavel Quint, Teachers Assoc., COB CI. Pres., Class Councils EXCOM McMasters, Velma McMurtry, David McPhee, David El Cerrito Sheridan, Ind. Lon g Beach Accounting Journalism Political Science BUT Golden Bear, TAX, ATE, AIE Sec. Daily Cal Man. Ed., Baseball Manager Publications Board McRae, Nancy Stockton English IT B4 ' , YWCA, Campus Crusade for Christ Machado, Marilyn Oakland General Curriculum Pelican, HAT, Sen. CI, Coun., Gavel Quill MacLeod, Berkeley General Curriculum AXO, YWCA, Intramural MacNabb, William Maddox, Clark T. Maddux, Jeanette Madsen, Vern C. Maestri, Beverly Maginnis, Judith Magnus, Ralph Mah, Clifford Makishima, Jun Mangum, Millard Indianapolis, Ind. Oakdale Walnut Creek Solvang Atherton Eureka San Leandro El Centro Berkeley National City Physics Business Adm. Hispanic America Mechanical Engr. History Spanish Political Science Mechanical Engr, Sanitary Science History Smyth Assoc., Glee Smyth Assoc., Cali- KAO, Panile, ASME, Calvin Cl., PCB, Homecom- Treble Clef, Col- ' TEA, Project Circle C, Weight, Radio Club Club Managerial, fornians, Cl. VP AMP, Speaker ' s Arnold Air Soc. ing ' 56 legions, Daily Cal, Amer., Golden Basketball Sr. Men ' s Oct. Honor Soc., Track Bureau Tower Flame Guard Martin, Walt M. Martins, Oluf A. Marx, Stan G. Mashikian, Steve Mason, Rex A. Mason, William Mathews, Donald Matsumoto, Alan Matsumoto, Hisao Matthiessen, Karen Millbrae Norway Beverly Hills Oakland Bakersfield Oakland Chowchilla Berkeley Sacramento Berkeley Marketing Pers. Mgmt. Production Mgmt. Mechanical Engr, Chemical Engr. Pre-Med. Engr. Physics Foreign Trade Internat. Relat. Hispanic America TKT Ski Club, Ski Team WAX, Gavel ASCE H KA, Senior Honor Soc., TB H, ATI ITB, AMP, Quill, Soph. Jr. Manager Glee Club Band, Masonic Cl., Tower Flame, Class Councils Ski CI., Eng. JC Pelican, Engineer, Y. Repub. Mendelsohn, Edgar Mercer, Charles Merchant, Carol Merenlender, Sylo. Metzler, John Meyer, Judith Mikelson, Carol Mikesell, Norma Mikuls, Gloria Miles, Maureen Berkeley Santa Rosa Winters France Glendale Sausalito Whittier Hayward Ventura San Francisco Physics Civil Engr. Psychology Chemistry Philosophy Psychology Home Economics Sociology Child Development English ASCE Stern Hall, Rally AXT, AXE, Smyth Assoc., Cal KKP AI ' AZ Epworth Hall, Mitchell Hall Committee SAACS, Hillel, Fr. Band, Inter-Faith Mortar Board, Cl., Israel St. Org. Coon. WEB, YWCA, Prytanean Ij 80 Last summer 4 Cal students made up the traveling team for Project PIC, and one of these members was CAROL JACKSON. Carol, who hopes some day to find out what organization is, seems to do quite well for herself in Pryt, Cal Club, Panel of Americans, and Univ. Affairs Comm. This is the Deegee who always has a warm smile for everyone--especially Monte: her fiance. If you hear the expression, " Who said that? " MARION HOPPING is sure to be around. Hoppy, who is a political science major, is a member of Cal Club, Senior Class Council, Women ' s C Society and Torch and Shield in addition to being the President of Pryt. She calls the Chi 0 house her home. Mann, Robert Mann, Roger March, William Marchand, George Marchi, Raymond Marcucci, Paula Marr, Joan Marshall, Douglas Martin, Joanne Martin, Ronald Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco San Mateo San Francisco San Lorenzo Paso Robles San Marino Oakland Petroleum Engr. Medical Sciences Optometry History Chemistry Decorative Art General Curriculum History General Curriculum Prod. Mang. HAD, IFC, Wrestling Team UC Optometric Assn., UC Pre-med KA AXE, Ski Club ZTA, Class Councils EK, YWCA, Intra- mural, Class Coun. KA AAA KAP Society William Meador, Norma Meaney, Margaret Medall, Sheldon Medlicott, George Meeker, Joyce Meikle, John Mekeel, Joy Mellis, Katherine Mellore, Rosalyn San Mateo Youngstown, Ohio Taft Sherman Oaks Oakland Berkeley Oakland San Jose Modesto El Cerrito Business Admin. Education Zoology Geology Landscape Arch. Psychology Biochemistry English Political Science General Curriculum KA, Winged Helmet, Triune, Marketing Assn. Richards Hall, Orientations, WDA Promotion Mgr. Daily Cal, WEB, HAN, Soph Coun. n KA, Winged Helmet, Skull Keys Christ. Sci. Org., Land. Design Club, Honor Soc. DM, YWCA, Pan- hellenic, Class Councils Radio TV Theater BD The Californian, Treble Clef Soc. WDA, Sr. Class Council Millar, John Miller, Alan Miller, Barron Miller, Edward Miller, Marilyn Miller, Mary Milihollon, Archie Mills, Jane Miner, Jay Mintz, Meryl San Marina Oakland Redlands Sacramento Oakland Berkeley Marysville Berkeley San Diego Oakland Business Admin. Ceramic Engr. Industrial Engr. General Curriculum General Curriculum Labor Indus. Rel. Elect. Engr. General Curriculum Electrical Engr. Social Welfare AX II, Daily Cal OX, TB H Del Rey, AIIE, OX, OT ADD, Pelican, Wesley Foundation WAA, Axe Review 4 ' X0, Ski Club, Barrington, UCCE CSO II BD, Ace of TB If HKN Clubs ADD a Misch, Franz H. Mitchell, Madeline Mitchell, Richard Miyamoto, Beverly Mizuno, Kaoru F. Moasser, Farrokh Berkeley Fresno San Francisco Sacramento Sacramento Iran Mechanical Engr. History Industrial Engr. Child Development Mechanical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Circle C, Rugby ' M, Blue Gold, Arnold Air Soc., Ritter Hall, Nisei ASME ASME Club Leadership Corn., Basketball Mgr., Stud. CI., WDA Orientations AIIE Rep.-at-large Moberly, John W. Mobley, Robert E. Moline, Robert M. Momii, Jack Eiji Momoda, Kazue Momyer, William San Bernardino Fresno Berkeley Los Angeles Japan Sonora 1VIetailurgy Mechanical Engr. Civil Engr. Zoology Chemical Engr. Chemistry Del Rey, AIME, ASME Del Rey, ASCE Ritter Hall Bowles Hall Senior Cl. Coun., Ski Club Monasch, David III Money, James B. Monnier, Richard Monroe, George A. Monroe, John D. Moore, Anita F. San Francisco Bakersfield San Jose South Gate Carmel Providence, R. I. Personnel Admin. Petroleum Engr. Electrical Engr. Mechanical Engr. Insurance Social Welfare Sr. Cl. Conn., ' 56 AIME 8E, TB II Acacia AA ' , Ski Club, Newman Club Homecoming Com., Crew Hilid, Elections ha. AA lima figN Art " 4111Lik Aom AAA bit Adak mil atirk► Moore, Dorothy J. Moore, Gary Lee Moore, Gene R. Moore, Thomas 0. Moosbrugger, Ed. Moreno, Madeleine Moreno, Samuel P. Morgan, Collette Morlan, George D. Morris, David L. El Cerrito Eureka Pittsburgh, Pa. Chico San Diego San Rafael Los Angeles Concord Pasadena Avenal General Curriculum Mathematics Public Relations Electrical Engr. Journalism General Curriculum Sec. Education Political Science Mathematics Zoology Newman Hall V.P. AMA, AAM 0AX, Golden MAX, EEE, Daily AA II Cloyne Court, Box- AA II, 2nd Veep Guard, Basketball, Cal, Cal Club, ing Cl., USCA ASUC, Jr. Class Christian Sci. Org. MRA, Golden Bear Pres., Pryt, Panile, Ex Comm. Muller, Enrique K. Mullins, Mary A. Mullis, Bruce G. Mulvany, Beverly Mundt, Wallis K. Munter, Richard C. Murphy, Joanne R. Murray, Elwood P. Murray, Patricia Musicant, Michael Di Giorgio Albany San Diego Pasadena Oakland San Francisco Mill Valley Berkeley Placerville Los Angeles Civil Engr. History Mechanical Engr. General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Medical Science Journalism English General Curriculum Zoology ASCE, Railroad Daily Cal, Sailing ASME, SAE I.M,B, Homecoming ASME, SAE Bowles Hall, Big C, t■Xe, APA, AMA, AAA Smyth Assoc. Club CI., Ski CI., Jr. Com., Class Coun. Ball Chain, Blue Gold, Cl. Conn., WFA Senior Track Mgr. Class Councils Nelson, Gail M. Newman, Jay J. Newmark, Harold E. Newmeyer, Peter B. Ng, Esther Ng, Gerald W. Nichols, Ann C. Nickerson, Hazel Nicolet, William Nielsen, Patricia Santa Cruz Berkeley Los Angeles Los Angeles Oakland San Francisco Arroyo Grande Arcadia Bakersfield Lemoore International Rel. Insurance Industrial Engr. General Curriculum General Curriculum Psychology Physical Education Mathematics Mechanical Engr. General Curriculum 4)1(.1 ' AIIE, A II M Bowles Hall, Ski CI., Quarterdeck, Big C, Vars. Swim. AWFA, Ski Club AAA, Prytanean, Torch Shield, C Soc., Rally Com. Colonial Hall House Mgr., Meredith Hall Barrington Hall XCE, CSTA, Life Guards, Elections Council This Phi Beta Kappa, who is always making lists of things which she must do, is DARCY RUDOLPH whose enthusiastic support has been given to Mortar Board, Pryt, and WEB. Next year she may be found attending the Union Theological Seminary in New York. Darcy, who is the YWCA President, enjoys reading old poetry and new plays. ASUC Senior Rep-at-Large heads the list of activities of JEAN SHINODA. Other meetings which she has included in her weekly schedule are Mortar Board, Pryt, and Activities Planning Comm. Jeannie, who is ning to attend Cal Med School in San Francisco in the Fall, enjoys painting and the great outdoors. Moss, Allan San Francisco Journal ism MAX, Daily Cal, Radio-TV Moss, Francis W. Los Angeles Electrical Engr. UCSEE, PDSC Matta, Anita L. San Francisco History YWCA Motte, Hortense Bakersfield French Pe ixotto Hall, Newman Club Mullen, Charlotte Inglewood Home Economics AAX, Home Econ. Club Morris, Edward A. Morrison, Donald Oakland Berkeley Business Admin. Mechanical Engr. KA, Skull Keys, XV ' , Arnold Air Winged Helmet, Soc., Fr. Swim- Triune ming, Water Polo Morrison, Joan M. Morse, Sandra Moskowitz, John H. Long Beach South Pasadena Santa Rosa General Curriculum Dietetics Mechanical Engr. X52, Ski Club Oldenberg Hall, AT, II TM, Honor Coll. Women ' s CI. Soc., TB II, Ski Jrs., Home Econ. Club, ASME Nadeau, Mary Nakagawa, Gordon Berkeley Lincoln History Electrical Engr. Cloyne Court, Rifle CI., Golden Bear, Circle C Nakagawa, Ruby A. Fowler Public Health Nolen, Berkeley Home Economics ON, Home Ec. Cl. Nakata, Haruko Nakatani, Mamoru Fresno Elk Grove Dietetics Civil Engr. Colonial Hall, ASCE, Engr. Coop. Home Econ. Club, Nisei Club Nomura, Arthur Y. Nomura, Eddie M. Oakland El Cerrito Optometry Banking Optometry Assoc. SAM, NSC Needham, William Neely, Dwight A. Lafayette Hawaii Industrial Engr. Architecture Abracadabra, AIIE, KAP, Architecture ASME, Cal Engineer Assoc. Norton, Carol D. Norwood, George F. Los Angeles Ceres General Curriculum Economics KAO, Rally Com., Masonic Club, Prytanean, Torch AOE, Flying Club Shield, BAP Neff, Theodore Tulsa, Okla. Mathematics Nunn, Donald Vallejo Electrical Engr. AIEE, IRE Nisbet, William A Nixon, Gordon L. Pomona Yreka Wildlife Conserv. Production Mgmt. " AX ZAE Naydo, Walter R. Naylor, Charles J. Pasadena Santa Rosa Civil Engr. Industrial Engr. Euclid Hall, NSC, A II M, AIIE, EJC ASCE Norbut, Joan A. Norman, Frances A. San Carlos San Francisco History Political Science MK, Model Sen. KA 83 Nurre, Gerald S. Nyheim, John A. O ' Callaghan, Tim. Ogden, Sherry L. Ogle, James A. Ohanesian, Malcolm San Francisco Oakland Altadena San Francisco San Diego Fresno Electrical Engr. Economics Analytical Chem. Psychology Business Admin. Mechanical Engr. Ridge House; OAX Durant Place; The Californian; KX; Triune; UCSEE 3AACS; Newman Cl. Sr. Cl. Council Winged Helmet Ohlson, David Okamoto, Roy Oliver, Rozzy R. Olker, Adele Olsen, Robert N. Olson, Gilbert L. Oroville Sebastopol Oakland Chico Eureka San Diego Agr. Economics Optometry General Curriculum Lab. Technician Electrical Engr. Corporate Finance ATA Optometry Assoc. AP; Panhellenic; KAO; Pub. Health Barrington Hall; Dwight Hall; YWCA; Children ' s Assoc.; Ace of TB n Mark eting Club Hospital Clubs; HEi0 Omohundro, Nancy O ' Neill, Peggy Ong, Joyce Ann Oppermann, Kyra Orbach, Eva S. Orear, Richard C. Los Angeles Fresno San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles San Francisco Accounting Home Economics Biochemistry Sociology Psychology Business Admin. Epworth Hall A A; Home Ec. Al.; Mortar Board; CAB; Triune Cl.; Newman Cl.; Prytanean; Panile; Senior Council Red Cross; YWCA Orovich, Thomas Ortner, Paul P. Osborne, Wayne S. O ' Shaughnessy, Phil Oss, Thora Ann Osteyee, David B. Ostrom, Peggy J. Oswald, Daniel D. Otis, Emily P. Otis, Norma M. San Anselmo San Francisco Lynwood Berkeley Hawaii Walnut Creek Aberdeen, Wash. Alameda San Diego Sacramento Art Zoology Civil Engineering Economics General Curriculum Mathematics English Forestry General Curriculum Chemistry OAX; Varsity ASCE ATS1 II 134,; Ski Club; APO Christian Sc. Org.; Forestry Club; Epworth Hall; Peixotto Hall Baseball Water Ballet; Honor Soc.; Coll. El II YWCA; Masonic Cl.; Intramural Women ' s Cl. Jrs. Wesley Foundation Parker, William Parrish, Holly Partch, Jane C. Paschkes, Vally Pascoe, Kay M. Patten, Marilyn Patton, Ronald S. Paul, Elizabeth Pauli, Gretchen Paulson, Carla Menlo Park Oakland La Jolla San Francisco La Canada Redwood City Birmingham, Ala. Oakland San Jose Berkeley Physical Education General Curriculum Child Development Chemistry Social Welfare Child Development Electrical Engr. Art Home Economics History N MD; Ace of Clubs The Californian; Peixotto Hall II Wh; WAA; Panile; TOE; Fr. UCSEE AO TI Richards Hall; A011 CSTA; Coll. Wom. Intramural Soph Coun.; Home Ec. Cl. Pres. Cl. Jrs. Homecoming Chr.; Ski Perdue, Charles L. Pere, Marlene M. Perrine, Colette Perry, Linda M. Perry, Richard Persello, Gene V. Perusse, Joan M. Pessin, Leo B. Peters, Alfred G. Petersen, Dan F. Decatur, Ga. Sebastopol Ashland, Ore. Tahoe Valley Oakland Richmond San Jose Burbank Dinuba San Francisco Geology French Decorative Art Decorative Art Production Mkt. Accounting Paleontology Mathematics Biochemistry Marketing OT Stebbins Hall AO II Lantana Lodge Marketing Club; AT Peixotto Hall; Bowles Hall; Ball AFQ TKE; Big C; Crew J.V. Baseball WAA Chain; Golden Guard 84 " Sigh " is the favorite expression of JAY BARDWLLL, editor of t he Daily Cal and fall semester chairman of Pub Board. Jay served as editor for the entire year, an extraordinary feat. Sigma Delta Chi and Xi Xi Xi are attended by this busy Senior in his spare moments. His favorite pastime is covering bomb scares in Wheeler Hall; ambition is to work for the New Yorker. As if Cal Club, Golden Bear, and Rep-at-Large didn ' t keep ROGER SAMUELSEN busy enough, the presidency of the ASUC was added this year. This Alpha pelt spent many hours at Ex Committee, speaking to various groups on " Projects for Progress, " and solving campus lems, with the help of side-kick Jay. Through it all Rcg managed to keep smiling, how we ' ll never know. Otto, Marie L. Overstreet, Dee Overstreet, Les San Francisco Berkeley Walnut Creek General Curriculum Psychology Metallurgy KAO; Intramural; KA; Coll. Women ' s Bowles Hall Young Repub.; Sr. Cl. Jrs.; Masonic Cl. Coun.; BAP Cl.; St.-Teachers Packard, Robert Pittsburg History MKT; Honor Soc.; Sr. Cl. Council Palmer, Lynne Napa Physical Education Epworth Hall; WAA; PE Majors ' Cl. Pres. Pang, Edwald K. Hawaii Accounting Collegian Hall Panttaja, Howard Reed ley Electrical Engr. TB II; HKN Pardini, Alessand. San Francisco Education I House Parini, Ronald El Cerrito Civil Engineering ASCE Park, Doo Whan Korea Political Science Korean St. Soc. Pavlich, Rick Eureka History IX Paxton, Jack D. Sacramento Chemistry TKE; Hiking CI.; SUCS; Ball Chain; Football Peal, Edithie V. Pearce, Merrie Pedersen, Anna C. Puerto Rico San Diego Los Molinos Physics Social Welfare English Stern Hall; Yacht CSTA CI.; Social Welfare Club Peer, Georgie Ann Pehling, James H. Oakland Oakland Anthropology Geography Project Cal-Indo.; Honor Soc.; Kroeber Soc.; Corr. Coun. Pellett, Richard Richmond Political Science HAX; Gavel Quill Pennoyer, Steven New York, N. Y. Wildlife Conserv. KM; Wildlife Club; YMCA Peppin, David G. Los General Curriculum Petersen, Valdemar Santa Maria History Bowles Hall; Stiles Hall; Rally Comm. Peterson, Edward Peterson, Joy V. Santa Rosa Los Angeles Real Estate Scandinavian ZW; Skull Keys; AXSI Triune; Winged Helmet; BB Peterson, Peter T. Diablo Business Admin. ATO Petievich, Oakland Industrial Mgmt. AKW; SAM; AMA Petithomme, Eliz. Petralli, Louis Angeles Camp Redwood City English Mechanical Engr. Stern Hall Phillips, Diane W. San Diego Speech AAA; Tower Flame Phillips, Roger A. Bakersfield Architecture XAK; Architecture Assoc.; Sports Car Club Phillips, Sharon Mill Valley Bacteriology Ski Club 85 Phinney, Lexy V. Pickering, Charles Pillsbury, Patricia Pimentel, Earl Pisciotta, John Pitto, James L. Sacramento Whittier Sutter Creek Albany Sacramento Walnut Creek English Forestry General Curriculum Spanish General Curriculum Journalism I House The Californian; Prytanean; C Soc.; TKE; Fr. Class Coun.; Rally Corn.; ,InAe; Editor Sextant WAA; WDA; CWC Sr. Class Coun. Jrs. Pletschet, Clif Plimpton, Hal Podsakoff, Pauline Polopolus, Judie Ponomareva, Tania Popp, Ronald L. Berkeley Willows Kerman New Orleans, La. San Francisco Merced Political Science Foreign Trade General Curriculum Art History Architecture Mechanical Engr. II MA TKE; Cal Band; Univ. Chorus; Stern Hall; YWCA; Calvin Club; Class United Daughters of the Confed. Architecture Assn, Bowles Hall; Arnold Air Soc.; Fencing Symphony For. Council Portale, Emil Porter, Marilyn Porter, Susan Powell, Frank Prager, Albert Prather, Eugene San Francisco Berkeley Pasadena San Diego Beverly Hills Albany Journalism General Curriculum Business Civil Engineering Accounting Optometry Daily Cal; 1AX; AA II; ASUC Store HIM.; WAA; JV Baseball T E,I4 YEE, 1 Advisory Board YWCA Prathnadi, Sompra. Pratt, Diane C. Price, Eleanor Price, Roxanne Priest, Ben F. Pringle, Marilyn Pringle, Mary Proctor, Priscilla Proctor, Shirley Prokupek, Alena Washington, D. C. Oakland Berkeley Chico Berkeley San Francisco Pasadena Piedmont San Bruno Inverness Criminology English General Curriculum History Accounting Philosophy General Curriculum General Curriculum Education Home Economics A.‘1,; WAA; I4 ' 13 Indust. Rel. Cl.; AA n ; Pelican; AAA AP; Ace of Clubs XS2; CSTA; YWCA; Intramural Soc. Adv. Mgmt. Class Council Card Stunts Raff, Garold Raffetto, Joseph Raines, Charleen Rammell, George Ramse:er, Roger Randall, Dwight Randall, Kathleen Randig, Robert Ranney, Jean-Louise Ravara, Ann M. Bell San Francisco Newport Beach San Bernardino Carmichael Glendale Alameda San Fr ancisco Fullerton San Francisco Landscape Arch. Economics Political Science Chemical Engr. Education Zoology English Civil Engineering Political Science Pre-Med. Landscape Design Club 03AX; Calvin Club, Yacht CI.; Glee CI.; Golden Guard I House; YWCA Cab.; Prytanean; EXCOM; Co-Ch. Del Rey Big C; Varsity Football, Basket- ball; TKE ATC2; Wrestling; Fr. Elect. Corn. MK ASCE AP; Torch Shield; Rally Committee Pre-Med. Soc. Cal IA Raynard, Lee Rhoades, Ellis Rhodes, John W. Rice, Charles Richardson, Caro! Richardson, Josette Richardson, Mary Ricker, Richard Riley, Dora J. Riley, Russell Long Beach Clearlake Highlds. Berkeley El Centro Alameda Danville San Francisco Bakersfield Atascadero Barstow Chemical Engr. Marketing Marketing Civil Engineering General Curriculum Education Chemistry Marketing Sociology Landscape Arch. Bowles Hall; Del Rey; AMA EN; IFC House ASCE KA; Masonic Club; AMP; Tower AZ; Tower Bowles Hall; Vars. Stern Hall OE; Landscape AIChE; EJO Sec.; Managers Coun.; Ski CI.; Spring Flame; Honor Soc.; Flame; St. Aff.; Rowing Club; Design Club Golden Guard Announc. Baseball Sing; AXE Review Masonic Club; Amer. Chem. Soc. Golden Guard Radio-TV The. 86 Famous for his aptitude of apply psychology is ' 56- ' 57 head yell leader LARRY STEWART. Credited with put- ting lots of " ocmph " into the " New Spirit, " his spare time activities include Californians and the Chairman- ship of Cal Club. He made a splash both in the Cal swimming pool and with his infectious comedy in the Axe Review and Mask and Dagger Show. Larry consigns the next six years to earning his Ph.D DAVE YAMAKAWA lists his special field of study as Public Administration and from the list of activities in which this busy senior has participated he has gained much experience during his stay at Cal. He has served as Men ' s J Comm. chairman and is a member of YMCA, Red Cross, WUS, Golden Guard, Alpha Phi Omega, APC, MEB and Orientations. Dave can truly be designated as one of Cal ' s activities majors. Prosek, Jean C. San Francisco General Curriculum KA Pruff, Pat L. Purdy, Robert Oakland San Mateo General Curriculum Industrial Engr. ' M; Masonic Club; AXA; Ski Club; Secretariat; YWCA; AIIE Class Councils Purrington, Bruce San Francisco Industrial Engr. SAX; AIIE; NROTC; Treas. AIIE Purvis, Betty Alameda Physical Education MM; WAA; Sport Cl. Chairman; Coil. W. Cl. Jrs. Pyne, Marilyn L. Quayle, Marlene Piedmont Alameda Education History AT; YWCA Comm. AE; AXO; Service Program Pelican; AXE Re- view; St. JCOM; Prytanean Quinn, Edward Pasadena Mechanical Engr. II TM; TB II; ASME; Honor Society Quistgaard, Richard Radebaugh, Alice Santa Rosa San Mateo General Curriculum General Curriculum Skull Keys Are Raymer, Charles Berkeley Communications Tennis; Daily Cal Sports Staff Ril ' era, Allan P. Vallejo Mechanical Engr. Read, Phyllis El Cerrito Political Science AZ Reagan, Lawrence Oroville Civil Engineering AXP; ASCE; TB II; XE Reamy, Richmond Marketing II KA Reeve, Mark S. Winton Political Science Masonic Club Rivera, Manuel Oakland Economics TKE Reichert, George Lafayette Marketing AM; Gavel Quill; Californians; MEB; APC; Cal IA; IFC Robak, Edward Berkeley Mechanical Engr. Remba, Mel J. Los Angeles Optometry Hillel; Israel Stu- dent Group; Tennis; Folk Dance Roberts, Jacquelin Berkeley History AEA; II AI; 5E5 ; Prod Mgr. Daily Cal; Adv. Mgr. Renius, Kay Rennick, Lyle V. Santa Ana Laguna Beach Clinical Lab. Electrical Engr. AA Women ' s VP JCOM; Rally Com.; Pub. Health Assn. Roberts, Jacklyn Roberts, Donald San Jose Berkeley History Communications KAB; Panhellenic; KAP Young Repub.; Ilee; Class Couns. Rexroth, Paul F. Arvin General Curriculum ATLI Robberson, Jack Atwater Psychology IFC; Honor Society Ringham, Janet Ringler, Harold Ristvedt, Per F. Mill Valley Lodi Norway Physical Education General Curriculum Marketing AZ; Ski Club; Pre-Med. Soc.; Women ' s Ski Team; Tower Flame WAA 87 Roberts, John Robertson, Robertson, Margo Robie, Ronald Robinson, Ralph Robson, Clayton San Francisco Jacqueline Long Beach Oakland Beverly Hills Dunsmuir Political Science Bakersfield History Speech-Journalism Finance Mechanical Engr. Art AI ' Thalian; Golden Stiles Hall; SAM; THE; TB II; Bear; ASUC Radio- Sailing Club; ASME TV; Daily Cal Insurance Society Robson, Marilynn Rocus, Mary Roddick, Robert Rodenhuis, David Rodgers, Donald Rodgers, Jerdan Lewiston, N. Y. Santa Barbara Los Angeles Redwood City Grass Va lley Napa Social Welfare Biochemistry Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Forestry Elec. Engineering Oldenberg; Pryt.; International EAE; ASME; Oxford Hall; CSO; UCSEE; 0E I ; Daily Cal; House; Yacht Club; Arnold Air Soc.; Forestry Club; Quarterdeck Soc.; WEB; YWCA; SAACS Golden Bear XIII; AB NROTC Class Coun. Rodick, Larry Rod ini, Robert Rodriguez, David Roesner, Luise Rohwer, Marilyn Roke, Arthur Sherman Oaks El Cerrito Glendale Hillsborough Sacramento Alameda Forestry Italian English Chemistry General Curriculum History Barrington; Yacht Newman EH; Golden Bear; Californian; EK; Panile; Pryt.; KAP; AOC Club; Forestry Club Gavel Quill; IFC; SAACS; Ski Club; Mortar Bd.; Cal Stiles Hall; Class C. Newman; Pre-Med. Club; Univ. Affairs Club Ronan, John Roney, Maryly Rooney, Phyllis Root, Marilyn Root, Phyllis Berkeley Pacific Palisades San Marino Danville Danville Chem. Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum History History AIChE; Ku ' AA II; Class AO II X4 Water Polo Council Rosberg, Eleanor Rose, Nancy Rose, Wesley Rosenberg, Connie Rosenberg, Gary Albany Sacramento Ogden, Utah San Diego Sacramento Spanish Child De velopment Optometry Sociology Political Science OT; WAA; The Continental; Are; Pryt.; Smyth; Welfare Intramural Newman Panile; YWCA; Bd.; Academic Cal IA; Faculty Affairs; M. Senate; Confer. Labor C. Ruhne, Vivian Runte, Jennifer Russell, Thomas Ruth, Thomas Saade, Edmond Salcedo, Renato Samuelsen, Roger Sander, Samuel Sanders, Robert Sani, Robert Burlingame Seattle, Wash. Oakland Concord Lebanon Berkeley Pasadena Los Angeles San Francisco Antioch General Curriculum Speech Personnel Mgmt. History Pol. Sci. Economics Elec. Engineering Political Science Indus. Engineering Business Chem. Engineering Ritter; Ski Club; II BO; WAA; MKT Honor Soc. ASA; International AA O; Cal Club; AIIE Varsity Track Acacia Sailing Club YWCA; Class House Rep.; Golden Bear; Councils; Sr. Week ASUC President Comm. Schauer, William Schaupp, Richard Scheibner, Suzanne Schlegel, Nancy Schmidt, Margaret Schmidt, Oscar Scholes, Nina Schorr, Frederick Schrepel, Louis Schroeder, Sandra Walnut Grove Esparto Los Angeles Fullerton Oakland Fresno Walnut Creek Downey Oakland Walnut Creek Business Admin. Mech. Engineering History General Curriculum Speech Real Estate General Curriculum Elec. Engineering Life Insurance Criminology ATA TRH; IITE; Stern Hall Stern Hall; WDA; r ' B; Blue Gold; AEC T. Flame; EN; II 1343 Mitchell; AAE ASME WAA; Women ' s Homecoming USCEE; AIEE; C. Soc. Daily Cal; Class Council $8 Travel is the word that GAIL FOLLETT lives by, as she plans a tour of Europe when she and Pete are married this June. This Chi 0 spends her time at Mortar Board, Cal Club, Pryt, PIC meetings (where she reminisces about the experiences of the 1956 Travel team), and " her " Hungarian Student Committee. Business Adminis- tration, with emphasis on Personnel, is the major Gail pursues. KEN KRAGEN insists that he is noted for " very little " but we would tend to disagree. He has been prexy of his Freshman class and Gavel and Quill, a member of Golden Bear, University Affairs Comm., and Men ' s J Comm., and manages to participate in athletics and dabble in art. With an eye toward his future career in Public Relations, and an advertising specialty, Ken now manages Cal Subscription Service. Rosenberg, John Rosenblatt, Donald Rosenquist, Robert Ross, Betsy Ross, Gordon Rossetto, June Rothman, Nathan Royle, Gordon Rucker, Virginia Rudolph, Darcy Piedmont Berkeley Berkeley Oakland San Carlos Weed Oakland Fresno Oakland Santa Paula Economics General Curriculum Chem. Engineering General Curriculum Linguistics General Curriculum Business Admin. Transportation English English AEA; Who Alphian Soc.; Class Coun. KN; Fr. Crew BE; AIChE AZ; Pelican; Intramural; YWCA; St. Un. Smyth; A MP; AME; UC Glee Club; QD Soc. Stratford Hall; Newman Hall; CSTA H AO; Axe Re. view; Sr. Council; Homecoming Com. CSO; Symphony Forum A AX; Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; MBK; YWCA; WEB Sarles, Barbara Saroyan, Jack Saunders, Margery Savignano, Joseph Sawa, Takao Sawula, John Saxon, Jack Schaal, Raymond Schade, Henry Schadlich, Stephen El Cerrito San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Walnut Creek Stockton El Cerrito Berkeley Berkeley General Curriculum General Curriculum Geography English Foreign Trade Marketing Mathematics Political Science Mech. Engineering Policy Admin. AEA H KA MBK; WAA AKP KN; Hillel; Intramural Acacia ASME; Skiing EN; Winged Hel- met; Varsity Track Schubert, Michael Schuettge, Richard Schultz, Jerold Schultz, Ronald Schumacher, Robert Schwarz, Carl Schwerin, Carl Schwerin, John Scott, Milton Scott, Robert Concord Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley San Mateo Fresno Turlock San Francisco Oakland Hayward Real Estate Speech Metallurgy Political Science Political Science Political Science Anthropology Real Estate Criminology Civil Engineering TKE Cal Band; Wrestl- Soc. for Advanc. EN ' PA; Skull Oxford; Stiles; KN; Golden LAE; Masonic Acacia; ASCE ing; Canterbury Management Keys; Triune; Wesley F.; MEB; Guard; IFC Club; Daily Cal Assn. Winged Helmet; Marching Band Golden Guard 89 Seligman, Ralph Setzler, Margie G. Seyden, John H. No. Hollywood Kansas City, Mo. Turlock Political Science Psychology Forestry TM); A AM Oxford Hall; For- estry Club; EEH Sheehan, Peter A. Shehadi, Nicholas Shelley, Laura San Francisco San Anselmo Pleasant Hill Business Admin. Pre-Med. General Curriculum KA; SAM Del Rey Ritter Hall; Mortar Board; Pryt.; Cal Club: Pomoon Scudier, Suzanne Oakland Decorative Art Masonic Club Shadley, Thomas Pacific Grove Political Science MAE; Asst. Yell Leader; Megaphone Society Shawl, Stanley H. Corcoran Business Admin. Bowles Hall; A.141; NROTC; Varsity Rowing CI.; G. B. Seebold, Escond do Art Univ. Coop. Assn.; ArE Shafer, Anne Walnut Creek General Curriculum MK Sheehan, Barbara San Francisco History AZ; FEE; High School Day Com.; Campus Tours Selby, Edward F. Ventura Economics ADD Shafft, Sally Piedmont General Curriculum AO II; Elections Council; Pelican Shapiro, Marvin Santa Rosa Speech Gavel Quill; Interum; Megaphone Yell Leader; AXE Sherman, R. Scott San Francisco Speech WAX; Golden Bear; Cal CI.; Gavel Quill; EXCOM V.P. Shane, Joyce A. Shapiro, Allan San Francisco Oakland Speech Zoology KN Aida 66111 lab Ali Jai 111 41. Sherry, Denis Berkeley Management Smyth Assn. Shiells, Barbara Fillmore General Curriculum Stern Hall; Treble Clef; Christian Science Org. Shinoda, Jean Shinoda, Sumko Los Angeles Berkeley General Curriculum Foods Nutrition Stern Hall; Mortar ON; C Society; Bd.; YWCA; Pryt.; Home Econ. Club; EXCOM Rep-at- NSC large Shipley, Sally Ann Lafayette Spanish YK; Class Coun. Shwe, Maung Hla Burma Physics ■DBK; Sidenor, John Sacramento Architecture MX; Ski Club Sieckman, Ted Siever, Howard San Diego Finance Real Est. Chem. Engineering EX XAM Sievers, Albert San Bruno Physics I House; Honor Soc.; ME; 443K Sklar, Judi Rose Los Angeles Marketing Stern Hall; AMA; Elect. Coun.; Stud. Wel. Bd.; Sp. Serv. Slack, George Rob. Turlock Accounting Slavin, Bernard San Francisco General Curriculum EAM; Pre-Med. Soc.; Symphony Forum; Water Polo Mgr. Slauson, Samuel Sloan, Eileen J. Small, Carol L. Small, Suzanne Berkeley Mill Valley Avenal Los Angeles Business Admin. General Curriculum Laboratory History IN; Big C; AAA Westminster H.; KA Football UIC; Pub. Health Assn. Smalley, Castroville Social Welfare Smiley, Noralyn leg lewood Sociology AFA; Prytanean; YWCA Smith, Albert Carmichael Banking Finance AKE Smukler, Bernard Los Angeles Metallurgy ( Snyder, Louise A, Stamford, Conn. English WDA; APC; Home- coming Attendant Soderberg, Arnold Soladay, Salle S. Berkeley Visalia Production Mgmt. English Masonic CI.; Yacht Mask Dagger; CI.; SAME; AXE Univ. Plays Shows; Sr. CI. C. Solbach, Elaine I. San Francisco Speech YWCA; CSTA Solomon, James Boise, Elec. Engineering White Manor; ' t ' TK; HKN; AIEE; IRE; Ski Club Somers, Coralie Sonnenschein, Ricky SooHoo, Diana Houston, Texas Berkeley San Francisco Political Science History Personnel Mgmt. LIMA; AZ; Honor ZTA; Panhellenic; Sherman Hall Soc.; Cal-Indo; Rally Committee; PIC Class Council SooHoo, Watson San Francisco Mathematics CSA 90 When not busy with Mortar Board, Prytanean and Cal Club, MARILYN ROHWER likes to relax and listen to good music. This peppy Sigma Kappa, who has been known to take three languages at once, hopes some day to work in South America. Marilyn also served as tary of her junior class. SUSIE SPONGBERG has more or less been an activities major on a large scale. She is on Mortar Board and Pryt but is primarily noted for her work in Art Bureau. Claiming that she enjoys doing most ing, watching rugby and people, reading books half way through — Susie plans to teach history in high school. Actually she likes excitement and would love to travel around the world. Simonds, Leslie Simmons, Jane Ann Walnut Creek Berkeley Elec. Engineering History UCSEE; Rally Com.; Xt2; Pelican; Blue Amateur Radio Gold; Card Stunt Committee Simons, Harold W. Simpson, Ardath A. Oakland Fairfield Mech. Engineer General Curriculum The Californian; CSTA; WDA Sjordal, Joyce E. Skey, Alfred Berkeley Los Angeles Art Psychology AE; Hoyt Hall; Soc. Chr.; USCA Bd. Rep. APC Sims, Wanda Lee Singer, Beate J. Singer, Roberta Sjordal, Gary D. Richmond San Francisco San Francisco Napa History Psychology History Indust. Engineering AZ; Blue Gold SEE (DEE AIIE; A II M Smith, Ethel L. Berkeley Music Smith, Gerald E. Los Altos Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE Smith, John Eureka Optometry Smith, Lyman R. Citrus Heights Marketing AXP; AMA; Arnold Air Society Smith, Maren E. Hayward Decorative Art KA; AXA; Class Council; AXE Review Smith, Rebecca F. Newport Beach English Stern Hall; Oski Dolls Smith, Robert P. Sausalito Political Science Smith, Susan E. San Anselmo Hispanic America KA8; YWCA; Project America Smith, William E. Smith, Woodrow Berkeley Napa Mech. Engineering Admin. Policy ATt2; ASME Smyth Assn. Steckelberg, Glor. San Francisco History CSTA Spencer, Ronald Oakland History KAP; Glee Club Stanley, Janet S. Oakland Social Welfare ZTA; Homecoming Ccmmittee Sec. Spencer, Sandra Spongberg, Susan Santa Ana Oakland General Curriculum History MI: Card Stunts• CSTA; Intramural Stange, Lionel A. Los Angeles Entomology AZ; Entomology Club Ch. Sci. Org.; WAA; Mortar Bd.; FSB; T F; Prytanean Springer, Lynn San Francisco Journalism Xt2; Young Repub.; 0 0; Card Stunts; Pelican; Cl. Coun. Sparks, William F. Spaulding, Joan Speckman, Janet Berkeley Van Nuys San Francisco Accounting General Curriculum General Curriculum Honor Society; AXt2; Mortar Bd.; AA H; Class Labor Relations Cal CI.; Prytanean; Council Soph. Assn. Gavel Quill Junior 91 Steen, William H. Steinberg, Sherna Steinhouse, George Stern, Joseph Stevenson, Susan Stewart, Larry Berkeley San Francisco Pasadena San Rafael San Francisco Whittier Political Science English Elec. Engineering Physical Therapy General Curriculum Psychology AAA; Triune; Internat. Board; TB II; HKN; AT; Baseball Stern Hall V.P.; Californians; AXE; Winged Helmet Hillel V.P.; EX- Cal Band WDA; Tower EX Bd.; G. Bear; COM; Model U.N. Flame; Yacht CI.; Head Yell Leader WDA Stewart, Patricia Stine, Joe Pete Stone, Christopher Stone, Helen E. Storey, Barbara Strickland, Ida Santa Cruz Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Chino Berkeley French Business Admin. Industrial Relations History General Curriculum English Finance EKE AEt1); Panhellenic; Honor Society; Class Councils; Treble Clef Homeccming Striker, Sandra Sacramento Elementary Ed. Ski Club; Class Coun.; Women ' s Day Com Stuhr, Barbara F. Sturrock, Harold Sukhon, Hassan K. Sultans, Warren Sullivan, Nancy Berkeley Los Angeles Jordan Mt. Hermon San Francisco General Curriculum Journalism Biochemistry Indust. Engineering English Pelican; 4AX; 12.AX; Editor Aril; AIIE Fr. Class Council UC Spts. Reporter, Cal Alum. Sullivan, Raymond Summers, Patricia Sung, Alfred Y. C. Sutton, Elizabeth Suzuki, Irene A. Suzuki, Margaret Suzuki, Tokuzo Swager, Doreen J. Swanson, Christine Swanson, James San Francisco Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Spokane, Wash. Japan El Cerrito Placentia Saratoga Chemistry General Curriculum Chem. Engineering History Biostatistics Sociology Mech. Engineering Political Science General Curriculum Indust. Engineering Smyth Assn. Newman Club AlChE Xt2; Mortar Board; ZTA; ASUC AAA Bowles Hall; Golden Prytanean; Panile; Secretariat Guard; Big C; Vars. Panhellenic; AMP Rowing CI.; Crew Tarke, Carol A. Taurman, Eugene Taylor, James A. Taylor, Judy A. Taylor, Sylvia D. Terry, Patricia Teyssier, Evelyn Thomas, Stephen Thompson, George Thompson, Jessie Meridian Riverside Ventura Piedmont Berkeley San Francisco Imperial Beach San Luis Obispo Visalia Oakland Political Science Indust. Engineering Geology General Curriculum English General Curriculum Biochemistry Production Mgmt. History General Curriculum ZTA ATt2 AO II; Blue AEA; Canterbury AB; Honor Society; AMCE Bowles Hall; SAM TKE XS Gold; Rally Com.; Assn. Intramural Sports Young Repub.; Food Chairman WAC; WAA Torgovitsky, Rita Torre, Joe Peter Torykian, Joan Toth, Robert G. Tower, Myron F. Townsend, Barbara Trimbach, Alfred Trottier, Francis Trout, Eugene R. Trudeau, Annette San Francisco Oakland Vallejo Oakland Berkeley San Diego Oakland No. Adams, Mass. Dinuba Alhambra General Curriculum Group History Political Science Metallurgical Engr. Political Science Music General Curriculum Art Biochemistry Decorative Art Univ. Christian Epworth Hall; MKT; Senior Foot- Treble Clef; ' .s. ' .,AE Yacht Club; Honor ABC! AA II; Class Coon.; Fellowship Treas. Honor Soc.; YWCA; ball Mgr.; Big C; Spring Sing Soc.; Pres. Art Newman Club and V.P. Westminster House AIME; Ball Ch. Honorary Society 92 JO WOOLLEY has an almost inhuman calmness about her, cons idering that she is Editor of this Blue and Gold. Thus, whether by name, number, or face, Jo knows YOU. When not at Pryt, Xi Xi Xi, or acting as chairman of Pub Board, she is found at the DZ house creating elementary teaching projects or contemplating her future life as a doctor ' s wife. Her typical sion: " We ' re not going to meet this deadline unless—. " Favorite pastime, writing to fiance Mart. Noted for always arriving late to meetings of Golden Bear, Californians, and Cal IA is MRA President JOE GRIFFIN. A political science major, he has also been busy with Univ. Affairs Comm. and with work on the Student-Faculty Conference. In his spare time Joe may be found burning up the track or laying plans for that book that he ' ll write someday. Swanson, Joanie Swanson, Stanley Sweeney, Bruce J. Arcadia Oakland Oakland General Curriculum Mech. Engineering History MA TB II; TE Tower Flame; Glee Club; Newman Club Sweeney, Daryl C. El Cerrito Zoology diBK Sweet, Antonia M. Sworder, Dave Berkeley Bakersfield General Curriculum Elect. Engineering AF; Symphony Ex. " " ; TB n Forum Tafjen, Patricia Takahashi, Naomi San Leandro Loomis Drama Public Health Mortar Board; Stebbins Hall; Mask Dagger; Public Health Hammer Dimmer; Undergraduates Prytanean Tanaka, Tom Tomi San Francisco Mech. Engineering Tang, Jerie H. Japan General Curriculum Thompson, Leonard Strathmore Chem. Engineering AIChE Thompson, Richmond Elect. Engineering USCEE; IRE Thompson, R. Pat. Thornton, Donald Lafayette Claremont Civil Engr. Mech. Engineering AAX; Tennis; Electronics Throop, Jack Todd, Jean Ann Clearlake Highlds. San Lorenzo Forestry Pub. Health Lab Del Rey; EXIT; Ritter Hall; Pub. Forestry Club; Health Undergrad Stud. Union Com. Assn. Toles, William Toll, Karel Lee Rochester, Mich. Oakland Elect. Engineering History ZTA; Class Coun. Tom, Helen Choy San Francisco Home Economics Home Econ. Club Toomey, Sacramento Business Triune; Winged Helmet; Baseball Trutner, Thomas Piedmont Pre-Ministerial Be II; Golden B.; Trune; Skull Keys; Circle C Tryon, John Fort Dick Civil Engineering ASCE Tsukamoto, David Berkeley Optometry Tucker, Hayes W. Carthage, Miss. Optometry Tuft, Mark Dennis Berkeley Mech. Engineering 4,1f1; Crew Tunheim, Edward Turk, Rose Marie Turnage, Thomas Turner, Barbara Turner, Peter J. Vallejo Oceanside San Francisco Ione Berkeley Forestr y Journalism Psychology English Economics Forestry Club; ADD; OIC WEB; Stebbins Hall; Del Rey; Newman SAF; Intermural Daily Cal; Class Tower Flame Club; Golden Guard Sports Coun.; Homecoming 93 Underhill, Gary Upshaw, Montague Ure, Marian U ' Ren, William Uyeno, Misuzu Vajta, Thomas San Diego Piedmont Portland, Ore. San Bruno Los Angeles Los Angeles Chem. Engineering Economics Social Welfare History Social Problems Mech. Engineering Masonic Club BOIT; Calif. Club; KE; Rugby LAE; NCF; Calvin Cloyne Ct.; ASME Californians; Club; FSB; PAC; Triune; Track Sr. Week Valentine, Robert Van Couvering, David Van Delden, Ronald Van Heuit, Robert Van Horn, James Van Loucks, Geoff. Modesto Orange Orange Berkeley Atherton Berkeley Chemistry Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Business Admin. Political Science ACS ASME; Water Polo ASME EN; Football Bowles Hall Golden Bear; J Ccm.; Young Repub. Vantress, Stephen Vasey, Wayne Vaugh, Robert Vay, Elizabeth Vehrs, Charles Venstrom, Eleanor Marysville Long Beach Long Beach Alameda Visalia Berkeley Business Admin. Engr. Physics Foreign Trade Slavic Lang. Lit. Elect. Engineering Criminology ATA; Triune; ' ' KT; AIME; AM II; Ski Club BT; AMP IX Treble Clef; SAM; AMA; Hysterisis Masonic Club; Ski Winged Helmet Club Vergez, Sue Vetter, Colleen Vierregger, Henry Villela, Ellen Voight, Dolores Vollmer, Joy von Bremen, Diane Voss, Carol Wagner, Ann Wakefield, Kimball Alameda Oakland Long Beach San Mateo Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco San Jose Sacramento Oakland Merchandising Anthropology Accounting Latin America History Child Development Speech English English Speech-Education KA; Newman; Masonic Club 4,1(11, Joaquin Hall; Hiking Club; Folk AZ; Elections; AXE1; Gavel AFA; II AT; EK Acacia; Track Class Coun.; Home FSB; FSHC; New- Sq. Dance Club Student Union Quill; Class Coun.; Panile; Prytanean; Econ. Club man; Step. Un. Axe Review; EEE; 814,; Comm. Panh. E.B. can; Tower Fl. Watanabe, Albert Waters, June Waters, Mark Watson, Marsha Watson, Marston Waugh, Richard Weck, Robert Wedegaertner, Don. Weder, Marilyn Weight, Lowell Cortez Concord Berkeley San Francisco Burlingame Sacramento Berkeley Kingsburg San Francisco Burlingame Mech. Engineering English Mech. Engineering History Banking Finance Mech. Engineering Marketing Chemistry Journalism Accounting TB II; FITE; Joaquin Hall; Fr. ' 1A8; Newman PEE; Masonic Cl.; Smyth; Masonic Smyth AKA; Golden Gd.; APO; Honor Soc.; A Erb ATA ASME Conn.; Intramural CIC; Utrimque; Club Homecoming Week IFC Radio-TV; Axe Chm.; Blue Gold Review; B. G. Whang, Francis Whang, Georgiana Wheeler, Forrest Berkeley Reedley Susanville Music Child Development Civil Engineering Honor Soc. Colonial Hall; EAE; ASCE Tower Flame; Italian Club Whisler, Forrest Whiston, Jan Whitby, Linton White, Lewis White, Mike Concord Covina Kentfield Long Beach Lafayette Production Mgmt. General Curriculum Mech. Engineering Indust. Engineering General Curriculum SAM; Yacht Club AZ; Pelican; ASME AIIE; AF; AM AT; Golden Bear; Orientations; High Cal Club; Triune; School Day Football; Calif. White, Minor White, Pat Laguna Beach Orinda History General Curriculum Who Alphian EtAll Soc.; Golden Gd. 94 We hope that you will have noted by now that one of Cal ' s past Rep-at-Laroes is now Cal ' s A-number-one gardener! But tilling the soil is merely a sideline, fcr TED BOONE has been Men ' s Rep and has participated in Californians. This dynamic speech major is a Fiji. Poll Sci and Sociology are MIKE MILLER ' S majors with student government his hobby. The latter is ascer- tainable by N.ike ' s participaticn in ASUC work as Rep- at-Large. He has presided ever Cloyne Court and Stiles Hall ard was Co-chairman of Slate this year. Wakinaka, June Walker, Robert Wall, Lynn Walter, Donald Walther, Austin Ward, Sue Warner, Brent Warren, Dolores Warren, Richard Washburn, Carol Penryn Crescent City Burlingame Oakland Berkeley San Rafael King ' s Beach Los Angeles Oakland Louisville, Ky. Public Health Elec. Engineering Political Science Political Science Mech. Engineering General Curriculum Music History Mech. Engineering General Curriculum Hoyt Hall; Public Smyth; UCSEE M. Board; Pryt.; N; Skull Keys; TKE; ASME II B‘D; Newman; TKE Hoyt Hall; A 0; KKr Health Undergrad. PIC Travel Team; Winged Helmet YWCA; CSTA; Class Oski Dolls; WAA Assn. YWCA Coun.; Young Rep. Weinberger, Donald Weiner, Helen Weinshenk, Joan Well, William Wentworth, John Wenzlaff, David Werronen, Diane West, Bill Westaway, Suzanne Weston, David Fresno Oakland San Francisco San Marino Pittsfield San Francisco Albany Long Beach Oakland Berkeley Chem. Engineering Social Welfare General Curriculum Civil Engineering Economics Civil Engineering Speech Accounting Journalism Indust. Engineering Acacia; IFHS; TB II; Cal Band; Ski Club; Women ' s Ski Team ASE Acacia; ASCE E DE ASCE Ritter; Treble Clef; LSA EX; Honor Soc. College Women ' s Club Jr. Ic•,o, AlChE Whitmore, Eleanor Wiesner, John Wiester, Barbara Wilcox, Lorraine Wilen, Letty Wiley, Barry Wiley, William Wilkerson, Marvin Willetts, Sally Willey, Patricia Oakland Daly City Los Angeles Torrance Avenal Tacoma, Wash. Tacoma, Wash. Santa Rosa Castro Valley Salinas General Curriculum Elec. Engineering General Curriculum History English Physics Physics English Political Science Political Science NA X,D; TB II; HKN; KN; KKr; Ace of Clubs; WAA Honor Soc. XIC; YWCA; UC Chorus; WAA EX KKr; Pryt.; Rep- at-Large; J Com.; I-House; Proj. Amer.; Assn. Golden Bear Cal 1A; Speak. B. Women in For. Aff. Ofa Williams, William Wilson, David San Francisco Joplin, Mo. History General Curriculum XAE; Big C Soc. Ridge; Rifle Club; Cal ifornians; Circle C Winocur, Berkeley Gen. Curr. Soc. YWCA; Hillel; CSTA Witzel, Joanna San Francisco Political Science APA; Pelican; Class Coon.; Elections Corn. Witzelman, Ronald Los Angeles Elec. Engineering AM; Store Bd.; FSB; SAM; Circle C; Sail Club; AIEE; IRE Wilson, William Albany Civil Engineering ESA Wolf, Judith San Francisco French Stern Hall; Pelican; Symph. Forum Winkenhofer, Karla Woodland General Curriculum KAI3; Ace of Clubs; BAP; 1119+3; YWCA Wittman, Mary Piedmont Med. Laboratory MK; Mortar Bd.; Mgr. Blue Gold; Pryt.; Panile Walken, Peter Palo Alto Mech. Engineering ASME; Cal Engr.; Ski Club; MAM Wishek, Sheila Wiston, Richard Lodi Berkeley Hispania America Political Science AX51; Sr. Class •141K ‘ Proj. Amer.; Wong, Adolphus San Francisco Med. Sciences IT A4, Wong, Calvin San Francisco Mech. Engineering ASME; IAS Wong, Carol Wong, Ernest S. Pasadena Oakland Stat. Math. Mech. Engineering Honor Soc.; Chi- Cloyne Ct.; ASME; nese Stud. Club CSC; USCA; Intra- mural Tennis Wong, Jack Wong, Jimmy Wong, Reynold Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering ASCE; CSC; CCC AIEE; HCSEE Wong, Oakland Elec. Engineering CSA Wong, Violet Wong, Virginia Sacramento China Lab. Technician Social Welfare Stratford Hall Wyatt, Frances Wyman, David Fresno San Pedro General Curriculum Geology YWCA; OT; Intramural WAA; Drama Music Corn.; Soph Doll Yamakawa, David San Frrancisco Public Admin. AI ' Q; WUS; Red Cross; CINO; YMCA; J. Corn.; APC; MEB; Orien- tation-s; MAC Yamamura, Hanford Accounting Young, Ken Young, Michael Zavattaro, Joan Zeidler, Jerry Oakland San Francisco Albany Walnut Creek Speech Physiology General Curriculum Engineering ATC2 YMCA; Daily Cal ZTA; Sr. Council ritICI; ASME 95 MARTY GOLDSMITH, Sports Editor for this year ' s Blue and Gold, has spent a busy term commuting between 110 Eshleman and the " Y " Cottage. As hectic as times have been Marty ' s warm smile and pleasing personality never seem to lose their spark. Prior to this year she was president of the WDA. When not at work nights on her favorite pastime, the Symphony, Marty could be found at the Senior Women ' s Hall for Pryt meetings. Known for his booming baritone is the perennial senior of 28 years, BOB SPROUL. Having been active at Stiles and a stylish drum major besides, Bob recently has spent his spare time in the Ad Building. Although his favorite pastime is interstate travel, has won honors by being a two-miler. His future calls for tion and time out to indulge in his special Sunday cooking. Woo, Ching Woo, Hall San Francisco San Francisco Food Chemistry Phi losophy Woo, John Berkeley Elec. Engineering IRE Woo, Ping Woo, Suelyn San Francisco Los Angeles Dietetics Art Peixotto Woo, Tommy Wood, Leslie Wcodward, Oscar San Francisco Cawille Fresno Elec. Engineering General Curriculum Political Science ' PM; Young Rep.; PAO; Triune; Pilmeutii Hcuse; Winged Helmet; Blue Gold Skull Keys; Californians Woolley, JoAnn Worsham, Gary Auburn Corona Speech Insurance AZ; 01(1); Blue Insurance Club Gold Ed.; Ho .or SAdents Yamasaki, Leiko Yee, Andrew Yerxa, Charles Yoshikawa, Yukio Berkeley San Francisco Alhambra Stockton General Curriculum Biochem. Chem. Mathematics Mech. Engineering Cloyne Court Zigmond, Hollywood Accounting Pers. Zimmers, Philip Oakland Elec. Engineering Al24); UCSEE; Fresh Crew Zitcer, Catherine Berkeley Biochemistry Panile; Pryt.; YWCA; PIC; SAACS; Ushering Zschach, Warren Seattle, Wash. Acc ' t Marketing 97 JAMES RING, President SUE TREES, Secretary-Treasurer SHARON ANDERSON, Vice-President Chairmen of the Spring Sing, which is sponsored by the LEE SMITH, Yell Leader Junior Class, take time out to pose for the " birdie! ' uniors A year full of events was the aim of this year ' s Junior Class and a busy year it was. Traditional Big " C " parties were very popular and the Senior Bench activities also provided a proof of Junior Class enthusiasm. Under its Freshman Big Brother project the class helped in the organization of the Frosh class, held a Fresh-Junior dinner in February, and introduced a scholarship program.The Spring Sing, under the direction of this mighty class, was very successful as was the Junior Prom at which the ideal Junior coup le was selected. The Junior-Senior retreat, although it may at times have had a serious note, proved very enjoyable and informative to all attending. The Junior Class will certainly be ready to take over as Seniors come next September. 98 This is after-dinner entertainment at the Junior-Frosh dinner! JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Hynes, Sue Trees, Sherry Anderson, Jim Ring, Lee Smith, Tim Schwarzer, Marlene Hetzel. SECOND ROW: Barbara Audrey Smith, Lou Vienop, Dorothy Zaro, Joanne Wolff, Margaret Whitmore, Natalie Hudson, M. Geyer, Claudia Talbert, Barbara Standall, Helen Lindgren, Barbara Davis, Sally THIRD ROW: Walt Duncan, Harry Bauman, Phil Reinhimer, Nancy Merrill, Mary Ann Gilkey, Sandy PoIse, Bob Smith, Steve Dear, Ned Dryer. 99 DAN LUBBOCK, President CAROL KAVANAGH, Secretary-Treasurer HOWARD KARR, Vice-President " All line up and curtsy to your partner! " DUKE STROUD, Yell Leader sop aomores The spirited class of 1960, under the leadership of its enthusiastic officers and capable committee chairmen, has had a successful year in all its fields of endeavor. We gathered informally at the Big C and formally at Council meetings, but the main activity for the year was the production of the biggest and best Soph week ever. The Week was held March 10th through 14th and was chairmened by Sandy Baskett and Jim Lindsey. It began with Soph Monday. Then followed the Soph Doll contest, Soph Cake sale ( something new and we believe in defying all tradition), and the Soph Sing. The culmination of the week was the Soph Hop, at which the Doll was crowned. In the Fall we participated in the Frosh-Soph brawl and in true blue and gold fashion allowed the newcomers to " best " us so they wouldn ' t feel unwanted in the Big U. The pig belonged to one of the Frosh anyway! In the future we hope to add all we can to the advancement of class unity and interest. Here ' s to bigger and better things next year. 100 JANET ANTHONY, our adorable Soph Doll. FIRST ROW, left to right: H. Hoffner, G. Shelley, J. Moffitt, H. Karr, C. Kavanagh, D. Stroud, N. Cobb, R. Montejano, M. Wright, P. Ralston. SECOND ROW: K. M. Englehardt, S. Johnston, G. Cureton, D. Samuels, C. Perkins, S. Jastremsky, M. Alexander, S. Edholm, G. Heiges, B. Henrick. THIRD ROW: P. Vyn, T. Fourkas, P. B. Miailovich, B. Strunk, J. Frazell, K. Anderson, M. Hughes, B. Butterfield, B. Barden. 101 BRITT POHLMAN President MARILYN FUNK, Secretary•Treasurer BOB LA LIBERTE, Yell Leader MARIA TORIGGINO, Vice-President " What the heck, we won didn ' t we! " amen Enthusiasm was the keynote of this year ' s Freshman class. Due to the planning of its capable officers and the large membership of its council a large activity program was carried out. The Fall semester was highlighted by the Frosh-Soph brawl in which we were victorious because of our brawn (contrary to reports that the Sophomores allowed us to win). Class cards were sold to serve two purposes: to let people vote for a Freshman queen and for the establishment of a scholarship for a deserving member of the class, two new ideas we hope to make traditional. For better class relations we held a Freshman-Junior dinner in February. Other events included the Frosh dance and the Frosh talent show. Due to us the Big C was well covered from the rain as many painting parties converged upon it throughout the year. Yes, the class of 1961 has really made itself known and respected by other members of the student body. 102 This is fascination! FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Williams, C. Grant, M. Thacker, J. Crawford, U. Holstius, C. Kane, M. Funk, B. La Liberte, B. Pohlman, M. Torriggino, B. Goodman, I. Hibler, L. Lokken, L. Franklin, N. Schoenfeld. SECOND ROW: B. Wood, V. Buckley, M. McLean, D. Romero, C. Hester, J. Solbere, J. Howell, R. Cantin, B. Volt, M. Reynolds, D. Brovelli, N. Cooper, K. Klapak, M. Moore, M. Penn. THIRD ROW: P. Dunning, C. Simonich, D. Sherwood, D. Rivers, P. Gloria, B. Clark, J. Seymour, J. Evans, S. Giberson, P. Ellerd, J. Rosson, J. Stelling, S. Blackwell, S. Warrington, N. Mount. FOURTH ROW: L. Higgins, G. Johnson, P. Anglim, J. Caldwell, M. Hughes, D. Garmus, G. Kachen, C. Highbee, K. Watson, M. McElhoe, L. Phillips, J. Mauser, M. Herbert. FIFTH ROW: K. Eisenberg, C. Sinn, J. Douds, V. Stahle, L. DeWitt, P. Berger, D. Mekander, D. Robbins, G. McMullen, N. Warren, A. Panttaja, G. Taylor, J. Trebath, M. Bennington, P. Peterson. 103 • 4Hr OAt.t FRY OR " 00 SEA OF Tickets, books, pencils, haircuts, shines, stamps, coffee and Big Wheels. The lower depths. " Feelthy " pictures. Vive la Band. 106 I don ' t believe a word of it. The hallowed halls of student publications. " After him, Men! " 107 Seca 611 YO,C0111 k Bake t ' co finance Co meriA J comet mraittee nieraj corm commt ees games cend rarneo tir) union tilde at welfare in+evricittionc4 tuitions fanctionicd Services 7twornerat e.xeciativire At- e xecutive activitiell officers a Acttion Ztarcient CLOCKWISE: Carl McKowan, Dick Diamond, Jay Bardwell, Judy Altermatt, Mike Miller, Dean Hurford Stone, David Lowe, Joyce Himes, Collette Morgan, Scott Sherman, Roger Samuolsen Joan Bewley, Paul Hastings, Arleigh Williams, Bill Stricklin, John Mahoney, Eric Bellguist, Sally Willetts, Jean Shinoda, Dick King. executive corainittee The smooth operation of the ASUC is the job of the Executive Committee. The aim of this year ' s committee was presented in a statement by our president, Roger Samuelsen, titled " Projects for Progress. " The projects were divided into five general sections—academic welfare, economic welfare, social-recreational welfare, student government, and general programs. Among the projects under discussion at the weekly meetings were the promotion of academic Dead week—the week just before final exams—a change in the ROTC program, and the extension of study hours. Several important seats on the committee are filled by student representatives-at-large, elected every semester. With an enthusiastic group of student officers and represent- atives, Execut ive Committee spent many hours working for the ASUC in their " home away from home, " Stephens Union. 110 Vice-President, SCOTT SHERMAN; Second Vice-President, COLETTE MORGAN ASUC President, ROGER SAMUELSEN SPRING REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE, left to right: Willie Gordon, Tom Ready, Bill Stricklin, John Mahoney, Bill Petrocell NOT PICTURED: Jean Shinoda, Pete Merle. effer from tae presDienf As one looks back over the 1957-58 academic year on the Cal campus, he is immediately struck with the unusual opportunities that existed and events that transpired. They have left unforgettable memories for all of us. To list all of them would be impossible, but at least four bear ing. The first: Robert G. Sproul concluded his term as University President, and Chancellor Clark Kerr was appointed as his successor. Few men have contributed more to the growth and life of the Berkeley campus. It is a privilege to have been associated with them. The second: the inauguration of the " New Spirit " within the student body. Renewed interest in activities, greater support of events, and increased loyalty to the University were the common signs. This was manifested in our spirited rooting section; the participation in the orientation programs, library tours, and ASUC elections; attendance at ASUC and University Meetings; and enthusiasm for and by our athletic teams. The third: A progression toward the new Student Center. The adoption of design, clearing of property, breaking ceremonies, and promotion throughout the State occurred. Of greatest importance was the spirit of operation among all facets of the campus community. Cal ' s Alumni Association alone raised well over its goal of two million dollars, for which we are thankful. The fourth: The ASUC ' s effort to create a more ideal campus munity through its " Projects for Progress " -26 programs to meet the students ' needs and desires, permit his coming more a part of the campus, and make his college experience more meaningful. Time alone will determine its success, but hopefully a firm foundation has been laid. To have been given the opportunity of serving as ASUC President during this time is an experience one can never forget. There were moments when the going was rough, the hours long, and the pressures seemingly great. But now, even the editorials by sidekick Jay Bardwell, PCC withdrawal controversy, the voluntary ROTC issue, SLATE activities, and election snafus don ' t seem too bad. Another year enters the record book. We are reminded once again of the greatness of our University—its istration, faculty, alumni, and student body. It has been a privilege working with each segment. I am grateful to all. ROGER SAMUELSEN, ASUC President III SEATED, left to right: Florens Garrett, Arleigh Williams, Scott Sherman, Roger Samuelsen, Joan Bewley, Paul Hastings. STANDING: Gordon Louvau, Dean Stone, Bill Stricklin, Henry Schacht, Dean Bellquist, William Monahan, Lindley Sale. ' committee Finance Committee holds the keys to the kingdom of ASUC tures, for it is their duty to recommend all ASUC budget changes, budgets, and expenditures for nonbudgeted items. All financial matters are first reviewed by this committee and then forwarded to Ex Comm, intact or with tion. Every Monday at 2:00 p.m. the " wizards " gather with pencils and accounting books in hand, and the clink of coins and the crackle of bills resounds through Stephens Union. Finance Comm has eight voting members—ASUC President and Executive Vice-President, two Reps-at-Large, and Chancellor ' s, Alumni, Faculty and Business sentatives—plus one nonvoting member, the Executive Director of the ASUC. 112 Athletics Director, GREG ENGELHARD Activities Director, ARLEIGH WILLIAMS Executive Director, PAUL HASTINGS FIRST ROW, left to right: Arleigh Williams, Charlie Clarke, Paul Hastings, Flornns Garrett, Darrell Thnmas. SECOND ROW: Walter Frederick, Bob Rubin, Harry Davis, Jack Happoldt, Greg Engelhard, Bob Commanday, Ed Kirwan. SAW e p art, e n is Exact efficiency is an important prerequisite for ASUC Management 2A. The term project for this course is handled by two closely cooperating committees — the Finance Committee (opposite page) , and the General Act ivities Heads. Passing the course with flying colors with his smooth functioning of the athletic side of the ASUC was this year ' s Athletic Director, Mr. Greg Engelhard. Also receiving an A-plus grade was the Activities Director, Mr. Arleigh Williams. Professor of the course this year was Executive Director, Mr. Paul Hastings. With this able " professorship " and such outstanding " students " as the above, ASUC Management of 1957-1958 had an immensely successful year. 113 SEATED, left to right: Fightmaster, Joyce Himes, Marlene Quayle, Madilyn Engvall, Sharon Foster, Jo Ann Green. STANDING: Kay Renius, Jo Anne Morrissey, Julie Casagrande, Jill Hollingshead. SEATED: Larry Lynn, Archer Pugh, David Yamakawa, Dave Yamada, Glenn Pierce. STANDING: Ken Kragen, Vigfus Asmundson, Geoff Van Loucks. ft° u corrinuffees With Madilyn Engvall and David Yamakawa at the helms, the Student Judicial Committees experienced a very busy year. The main job of these committees is the interpretation of the ASUC Constitution whenever a question of rules, regulations and procedures arises. One of their most well-known and controversial decisions of this year was handed down in relation to the elections regulations in the December ASUC elections. With this problem solved the committees moved on to other pressing problems: 1. " Does Santa Claus have the authority to solicit money at Sather Gate? " 2. " Are the claims of Crunchy-Munchy true, valid and sincere; for example — ' good for the spinal after finals ' ? " 3. " Who shot Cock Robin? " 114 SEATED, left to right: Jean Shinoda, Heidi Alstorfer, Collette Morgan, Judy Blum, Dean Patricia Brauel. STANDING: Donalee Fey, Gerald McFarland, Bill Petrocelli, George Reichert. cu.-vines p anming COMMititee Under the able leadership of the ASUC ' s ond Vice-President, Collette Morgan, the Activities Planning Committee coordinates and advises on all activities planned by recognized ASUC groups. Any group wishing to hold any type of function other than its regular ings must have the date approved by APC. The purpose of this is to be sure no two events are planned for the same time and also to organize the activity calendar so that there is sufficient spacing of major University and ASUC events. We of the Blue and Gold staff feel that the next job of APC should be to coordinate mid-terms and activities so that they don ' t fall at the same time. This would be accomplished preferably by postponing mid-terms indefinitely. IIR Mike Ballachey Kirk Bathgate Yosh Boakura Ted Boone Bob Bradley Don Chaffin Steve Cook Art Deleray Frank Elliott Joe Griffin Chuck Holloway Ralph Howells Fred Karren Ron Klinge Clark Maddox John Miller Ed Moosbrugger Maynard Orme George Reichert Don Sandstrom Stan Shawl Lee Smith Larry Stewart Monte Upshaw Mike White Dave Wilson _e The Californians, honorary men ' s spirit group, was establish ed by Executive Committee last year to help promote spirit and traditions on the Berkeley campus. The organization has been quite active in pursuing these goals. Made up of a group of from thirty to forty Junior and Senior men, chosen by Men ' s Executive Board, the Californians have actively promoted spirit in a variety of ways. Among their activities the Californians have brought back some old traditions to the campus. The Californians undertook to light the Big C on a few occasions last year, turning this activity over to the Megaphone society this year. Probably the biggest single activity undertaken by the group was the resurrection of the Frosh-Soph Brawl, an event that was astically received both this year and last. This event promises to take its place again as an annually anticipated event. The Californians also undertook a " get out and vote " campaign this year, assisted in the rooting section, and aided in the solution of various campus problems. 116 Marilyn Engelhard Donalee Fey Nancy Ghiselli Peggy Gompertz Suzanne Green Patricia Hagen Emily Abouaf Cherie Bernardo Peggy Bracken Linda Bush Laura Clark Sandy Cupit Joan Draper Marilyn Dunn Betsy Hampton Louana Hayward Linda Hill Ursula Hotstius Kyla Houston Judy Johns Sharon Johnston Ursula Kobierecka Mary Ann McGuire Gail Nicholas Bonnie O ' Brien Lynn Pawson, chairman Karen Pettker Gail Popkin Suzanne Ramey Joyce Robbins Cecilia Simonich Becky Smith Darlene Spencer Peggy Starr Irene Steinberg Barbara Stendell Dolores Warren Kenna Williams Ruby Williams Mary Wittman S The Women ' s counterpart of the Californians, and also a new group on campus this semester, is the Oski Dolls. The idea for this group of girls was conceived by our Women ' s Vice-President, Collette Morgan The Oski Dolls are composed of forty girls—ten from each of the classes—who are chosen by a panel of ASUC officers and faculty. These girls are a representative group from the University, organized for the purpose of acting as official University hostesses for a term of a year. This semester, most of the group ' s time was spent in an effort to organize a working program. The Dolls also performed such functions as hostessing at coffee hours, greeting visiting athletic teams and groups, and helping sponsor a " Mr. Sophisticate " contest during Big Game Week. I I 7 TED BOONE STEVE COOK SEATED, lett to right: Dan Lubbock, George Fogg, Steve Cook, Jack Kennon, Bob LaLiberte. STANDING: Bob Altieri, Mayriarci Orme, T. Z. Chu, Dave Yamakawa, Clark Maddox, Don Chaffin, Rcger Price, Jim Ring, Don Sandstrom, Carl Schwerin. ,0 men s execu_tve board responsibility of the MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD is the ordination of all men ' s activities on campus and the handling of the problems of a general nature relating to the men students of the ASUC. The job of chairmanship of the Board is given to the Men ' s Representatives, who this year were Ted Boone in the Fall, and Steve Cook in the Spring. The members of MEB are representatives of all the leading men ' s organizations on campus and of the living groups — for example, Interfraternity Council, Men ' s Dormitory Association, the various athletic societies, the Men ' s Judicial and Rally Committees, and the officers of the various classes. Since these members of MEB are drawn from such a widely representative area of campus life, the Board is one of the most effective organizations of the ASUC, and it gives the men students a more direct line of communication to the ASUC administration. 1 I 8 JOYCE HIMES JEAN BICKEL FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Cupit, Carol Kavanaugh, Madilyn Engvall, Lynn Vernon, Lynn Brown. SECOND ROW: Darcy Rudolph, Sue Meadows, Harriet Hoffner, Gail Merkt, Jean Bickel. THIRD ROW: Georgia Brum, Joyce Nimes, Dean Brauel, Maria Torigino, Collette Morgan, Shirley Hauter, Sally Hart, Gloria Mikuls, Sonja Schutz, Jacqueline Lloyd, Elaine Bjorgen. 9 , wornen s executive The function of the WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BO ARD is to make and revise the rules for women students. The board also has the functions of coordinating and publiciz- ing women ' s activities, as well as sponsoring special events for women. Meetings of the WEB are held each week, at which time the Women ' s Representative presides. During the Fall semester the chairmanship was held by Joyce Himes; the Spring chairman was Jean Bickel. Like the Men ' s Executive Board, the WEB represents a wide range of campus life, with such organizations as Panhellenic, Women ' s Dormitory Association, Women ' s Athletic Associ- ation, and the YWCA represented. The vice-presidents of each of the four classes are also voting members of the Women ' s Ex Board, in order to bring closer contact between classes and the ASUC. Further aims in this direction are made through the voting membership of the chairman on Executive Committee and Activities Planning Com- mittee. 119 KNEELING: Larry Stewart (Head Yell Leader). STANDING, left to right: Tim Schwarzer, Pete Bailey, Tom Earl Robinson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kitty Jones, Betty Young, Sue Stanley, Irene Takei, Laura Shelley, Sandy Stewart, Helen Larsen, Marlene Peck. 120 committees Of course no University of California football game would be complete without high-spirited yell leaders, cute and dancing pompon girls, and our very special mascot, Oski. Heading this year ' s staff of yell leaders was Larry Stewart. Larry had the good fortune and ability to lead one of the most spirited rooting sections to hit the Cal campus for many a year. Also adding to the spirit and color of the games was the corps of Pompon girls, who came up with a number of entertaining new routines. Mascot Oski standing on the goal post, turning somersaults down the field, or stealing the opponent ' s banners was a familiar sight to all. These antics, and Oski himself, were the product of the Oski Committee. These groups of students were a vital factor in the ment of the " new spirit, " which hailed the first year of Cal ' s new football coach, Pete Elliott. OSKI COMMITTEE -- SEATED, left to right: John Brennan and Al Barton. STANDING: Brian Vargo, Dave Large, Bob Lynch, Bob Giorni. 121 MEN ' S RALLY COMM. — FIRST ROW, left to right: Val Petersen, Carl McKowan, Mike Cobb, Don Chaffin. SECOND ROW: Kuhn, Harold Zlot, Ron Korman, Ron Bachman, Terry Feigenbaum, Harry Ramsey, Andrew James Ring, III. THIRD ROW: Bauman, John Segall, Al Warrington, Mike Friedman, Bob Miailovich, Robert Nelson, Howard Pelzner, Dudley Smith. ROW: Tracy Powell, Lloyd Tosse, James Wilson, Dave Backus, Ross Jacobs, Wright Morton, Richard Schimmel, Walt John Pearlstein. MISSING: Steve Jaffe, Rich Millikan. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMM. — FIRST ROW, left to right: Myra Lee Clark, Dinny Winsv, Jane Hammond, Ann Nichols, Cupit, Carol Norton, Mary Reed, Ann Ralston, Babs Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Carole Williams, Jan Blum, Marguerite Lika Chase, Fran Soares, Charlene Conrad, Virginia Claussen, Sally Goldsmith, Nancy Sands, Gail Shelley. THIRD ROW: Beatie, Melinda Wells, Marcia Miller, Anne Bowden, Judy Moore, Sue Skelly, Mackie Arbios, Gayle Merkl, Sharon Gail Trowbridge, Pat Kimball, Linda Blower, Gayle Fry. FOURTH ROW: Ann Leonard, Sue Cuddeback, Marty Toyama, Topping, Helen McCarthy, Sue Bennion, Margie Luther, Nellie Holcombe, Sally Olmsted, Lanny Hayward, Lynne Karen Cox, Gail Fisher. CARD STUNTS COMM. — FIRST ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Dickes, Sally Richardson, Jerrell Jacobs, Anne Arnold, Bauer, Joan Saltalamachia, Sandra Spencer, Sue Hall. SECOND ROW: Linda Proctor, Elaine Dickes, Judy Hines, Richardson, Marilyn Hughes, Mike Cobb, Fran Redewill, Shirley Proctor, Jane Simmons, Carrie Bragg. I22 STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE — SEATED, left to right: Shama Burpee, Beverly Ball, Frances Kimball (Spring Chairman), Carey Edson, Mary Swanstrom. STANDING: Dave Kennelly, Sandra Anderson (Fall Chairman), Pat Anglim, Walter Steigmier, Lora Barshell, Mary Bones. astir committees Up at the crack of dawn, run over to the stadium, Bang, Bang, Bang — this is the almost weekly routine of the MEN ' S and WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEES during the football season. These industrious young souls are some of the responsible factors for the success of Cal ' s card stunts, for it is they who mark the instruction cards and then tack them up on the seats before the games, early on Saturday mornings. Of course, it is not without the ingenious work of the CARD STUNTS COMMITTEE that this is done, since it is the purpose of CSC to draw and plan all the stunts. We often wonder how they can have so many good and different ideas. But card stunts and football season are not the only activities of the Rally Committees. They also prepare for and usher at the Rallies, sell pompons and rooter ' s hats at the games, and usher at the basketball games. Not all of their time is spent on work, either — it can be fun, too, as the group who left in a truck for the Stanford game well know. STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE helps promote the " Projects for Progress " in addition to planning events for the student body, while GAMES AND RALLIES COMMITTEE is concerned with the " New Spirit. " We would like to extend our thanks to Don Chaffin, head of the combined Rally groups; Nancy Cupit, women ' s head; Carl McKowan, men ' s head; Larry Stewart, Games and Rallies chairman; Mike Cobb, Card Stunts, and Sandra Anderson, Student Union Committee, for jobs well done. Here ' s hoping the good work continues. GAMES AND RALLIES — FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Nimes, Sue Seib, Laura Shelley, Nancy Cupit, Larry Stewart. SECOND ROW: Thomas Dutton, John Mahoney, Don Nelson, Don Chaffin, Mark Bloome, Harry Davis, Dan Cheatham, Mike Cobb. 123 FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Funk, Maria Toriggino, Bob La Liberte, Sherry Anderson, Carl McKowan, Shapiro, Jim Ring. SECOND ROW: Britt Pohlman, Carol Kavanagh, Dan Lubbock, Sue Trees, Lee Smith, Howard Karr, Jackie Lloyd, Duke Stroud, Clark Maddox. CARL McKOWAN, President LEFT TO RIGHT: Claudia Seberg, Bernadette Tourville, Richard Diamond, Susan Sypher. NOT PICTURED: Robert Aragon, Manuel Aragon, Lynn Gibson, Debby Nichols, Jerry Solari. RICHARD DIAMOND, Coordinator CO CLASS OFFICERS BOARD was established for the purpose of promoting closer contact and cooper- ation between the Executive Committee and the four class councils, and offering its services to the admin- istration and the ASUC for special work. The Pres- ident has a nonvoting seat on Executive Committee, and the board is also represented on Activities Plan- ning Committee. nsa The purpose of the NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION on the Cal campus is to handle inter- campus communications and act as a liaison body between the ASUC and the national, regional, and local organs of the United States NSA. It aids the ASUC in implementing the policies and programs of the USNSA. The head of the NSA on this campus, known as the coordinator, is appointed by the ASUC President, and holds a nonvoting seat on the utive Committee. boarais 124 FALL PUB BOARD — STARTING ON LEFT, CLOCKWISE: Jay Bardwell, Chairman; Mary Wittman, Margaret Cook, Assistant Director of Publications; Gail Nelson, Walter Frederick, Director of Publications; Paul Wadsworth, Jim Hatch, Dick Lee, Shel Carrot, Phyllis Kokus, Jo Woolley. ABSENT: Dave McMurtry, Ken DeFiebre. JAY BARDWELL, Fall Chairman SPRING PUB BOARD — FIRST ROW, left to right: Jo Woolley, Chairman; Walter Frederick, Betty Arnold, Bob Crisman. SECOND ROW: Dave Toll, Margaret Cook, Ed Moosbrugger, Jay Bardwell, Don Howard, Bob Shipley. ABSENT: Diane Wakoski, Paul Wadsworth, Mary Wittman. JO WOOLLEY, Spring Chairman pubhcafions 115 Eshleman was the home of this ASUC board; Wednesday at noon in the Fall and Tuesday at noon in the Spring its meeting hours. Pub Board is composed of representatives from each of the five Cal publications : the Daily Cal, Cal Engineer, Occident, Pelican, and Blue and Gold. It is the purpose of this board to coordinate all publications, regulate sales days, and advise each group on matters of policy and practice. The Director of Publications and his assistant, Mr. Walter Frederick and Mrs. Margaret Cook, are the official advisors. Pub Board approves all appointments of each publication before the appointments are accepted by Executive Committee. An advisory board, composed of Pub Board members, was established to assist Pelican with any proofreading lems that arose during the year. The board also supervised the organization of the annual High School Press Day, which was held in May. A photography contest, an integral part of the Day, produced some outstanding student efforts. Pub Board also regulates Publications Open Houses, held at the beginning of each seNnester. The several groups act as information centers, explaining the operations of their unit to interested students. While acquainting the students with the publication, the Open House also affords the groups with an opportunity to secure new recruits for staff. !25 DICK KING, Chairman HIGH SCHOOL DAY: Mike Goldman, Rose Gallagher, Sherna Steinberg (Chairman), Nancy Kuehn. ORIENTATIONS: George Reichert man), Sherry Anderson, Joan Hynes, Bob Carlson. NOT PICTURED: Donalee Fey, Sue Diamond. CONSTITUTIONS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Glenn Pierce, Anne McGilvray, George Kachen, Myla Greenberg, Susan Miller, Donna Adams, SECOND ROW: Gary Shelton, Lynn Cathcart, Tim Schwarzer. services UNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD ' S duties are to facilitate and expedite the various ASUC governmental functions. The chairman is appointed by the ASUC President and has a nonvoting seat on Executive Committee. The Board ' s work is vital to a smooth-running student government, and is made up of the various subcommittees pictured here. High School Day Committee, a relatively new committee, arranges tours of the campus on High School Day, which is designed to acquaint prospective students with the aspects of University life. Campus Tours council makes arrangements for groups wishing to tour the campus, and its members act as guides. Orientations Council helps orient new students on the ways of the Cal campus. Constitutions Council approves the constitutionality of constitutions and bylaws of groups to be recognized by the ASUC. Art Bureau makes posters and signs for campus organizations, while Secretariat handles all secretarial work for campus organizations. Campus contributions to the United Crusade are handled by the Campus Crusade Council. WUS endeavors to educate the campus about the world situation in respect to students. The Store Board, headed by store manager Jack Happoldt, plans improvement for the ASUC store and its services. And Elections Council regulates election procedures. 1 26 ART BUREAU: Susie Spongberg (Chairman). ELECTIONS COUNCIL: Tom Moseley, Steve Cook, Ron Kurtz, Carl McNall. WUS and CAMPUS CRUSADE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Eleanor Godon, Charle Hoffman, Suzanne Heustis (Campus sade). SECOND ROW: David Harris, aldine Solari, Lois Leonard, Howard Pelsnor. STORE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Chin, Marian Hopping, Holly Zacher, Emma Rider. SECOND ROW: Larry John Mahoney, Chuck Barrows, Jack poldt, Ray Parker, Randy Stearns, Brown. SPEAKERS BUREAU: Phil Ralston, Bollen, Jane Ann Dorward (Chairman), Bar- bara Candau, Pat Quigley (Chairman). 127 MIKE HONE, Chairman ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Pridham, Sally Hart, Bob Nelson, Nancy Hage, Joan man, Diane Wilson. SECOND ROW: John Gerstle, Frank Alberti, Gloria Mikuls, Pat Gloria, Jo Ann Fowler, Shirley Duncan, Frank DeBuren. COMMUTERS INDEPENDENT — FIRST ROW, left to right: Gordon Beal, Sharon Gould, Milton Lee, Stefan Beerr. SECOND ROW: Sohrah Arjmand, Iraj Radpour, ert Altieri, Chas. Renteria. THIRD ROW: Ron Shafer, Frank Breys, Walter Swan, Art Thistlewood. student welfare boartL supervises, directs, and develops plans to foster student welfare activities of the ASUC. It also investigates and acts upon su ch matters as student wages, living ditions, etc. The Chairman is elected in accord with SWB ' s bylaws. Like Functional Services Board, SWB is made up of a number of subcommittees. Academic Affairs Council works on Dead Week, loyalty oaths, and L S activities. Commuters Independent Council arranges car pools to and from the campus. Housing Council investigates student living conditions. Participation in forums, and working to get speakers on campus, is the particular function of Public Affairs Council. The job of Special Services Council is to work on book pools, discounts, and the student directory. Labor Council works on Fair Bear wages. 128 HOUSING COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy McPhee, Joan Coleman, Pat Anderson, Eileen Coltrell, Ann Wiegner. SECOND ROW: Chuck Baker, Myrna Bouchey, Valerie Lundgren, Lee Duffus, Al McMurry, John Olsen, Karen Betaque. PUBLIC AFFAIRS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Fisher, Joyce Baker. SECOND ROW: Dick Bowen, Keith Williams, Don Rosenberg. SPECIAL SERVICES: Beverly Jackson, Jack Hanessian, Jan Blum, Gayle Fry, Dick Ebert, Everett Merriman (Chairman), John Boland. USHERING COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Phyllis DuBois, Catherine Zitcer, Nancy Shapiro, Irene Adams, Janice Osborn (Chairman), Anne Baldwin, Sue Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Jack Wells, Francisco Rivera, Robert Barry, Thomas G. Rice, Jack Elliott, (Chairman), Frank Milliken. LABOR COUNCIL: Stanley Goobich, Jerome Jenkin, Elisabeth Seaman. 129 JUDY ALTERMATT, Chairman AIESEC — FIRST ROW, left to right: Bar- bara Boyce, Mary Mullins, Elgie Zaiss. SECOND ROW: Lou Harrison, John Williams, Sue Eubanks, Dick Chapman (Chairman). FOREIGN STUDENTS: Geraldine Ribeiro, Manuel Aragon, Jr. (Chairman), John Tachee Lee. PAKISTAN-INDIA•CEYLON— FIRST ROW, left to right: Maria Mothershed, Julie Jones, Darlene Dooley, Dick Maddox, Harriet Hoff. ner. SECOND ROW: Michael Appleby man), Patty Ellerd, Barry Malvin, Sue Eubanks, Jeff Horner. linfernafionai re afions might say that the INTERNATIONAL RELATION S BOARD is the ASUC State Department. It extends the University ' s hand of welcome to students across the seas. The purpose of this board is to promote student understanding of international affairs. The chairman holds a nonvoting seat on Executive Committee . Cal-Indo is an educational organization designed to increase understanding of Indonesia and international cooperation at the student level. Their project for this year was to make available distinguished speakers. Foreign Correspondence Council collects student pen-pals from all over the world and contacts California stude nts who want to correspond with these people. Foreign Travel Council is organized to give University students complete information on traveling abroad. Campus United Nations studies the foreign policy of an assigned country and represents that country in a model United Nations session held each Spring. It also helps in sponsoring the High School Model UN, the only collegiate-sponsored activity of its type in the United States. Fostering better inter-Amer- ican relations through personal and group contacts, seminars, public programs, and a travel team is the aim of Project Americas. 130 CAMPUS U.N. — FIRST ROW, left right: Al musewa, Janet Edwards, Jean Shinoda, Helmer, Merrill Bobeie. SECOND ROW: Staadacker, Haro:d Beral, Mike Schutz, Dr. Edvard Hamero (advisor), Vic Hebert (chairman), William Whitney. PROJECT AMERICAS — FIRST ROW, left to Hyale Wall, Judy Altermatt, Barbara Hale, Smith, Tom Burcham, Carl Schwerin. SECOND ROW: Jean Whitehead, Pat Willey, Mary Ann Jeanette Maddux, Anna Marie Taylor, Walter Barkas, Ray Verzasconi. FOREIGN TRAVEL — SEATED, left to right: bara Bask, Sandy Johnson, Joan Strauss, Mary pole. STANDING: Gustavf Eshildsen, Phil ner, Dick Fief, Dave Sanson. CAL-INDO — FIRST ROW (Seated), left to Janet Leonard (chairman), Anne Baldwin, Ralph Mon- tee, Henry Sjaardema, Ruth Riedelbach, Sally Hart, Sjahbanar Zahir, Dahlia Achiar. SECOND ROW: W. Soekotjo, M. S. Hasim, R. Hattari, Karis Roberta Dickerson, Robt. Brians, Sampurno Ismail Ibrahim, Soemardi Reksopoetranto, Asri THIRD ROW: Harry Edwall, Spencer Miller, Otting. HUNGARIAN STUDENTS ASSN.—LEFT TO Rose Marie Turk, Peter T. Peterson, Gail (chairman). 131 My, but it ' s good to keep in shape! RALFE MILER, Director lnifraraura Oski didn ' t caper for wildly cheering crowds; there were no dainty, dimpled songleaders. The coaches worked for nothing and the players were subsidized by their parents. Even the football field was smaller than regulation. After all, this was the University ' s intramural program, unnoticed by some, perhaps, but sive and effective and serving its purpose all the same. Football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and badminton gave every fraternity man a chance to put to practice all that he learned about " brotherly " cooperation and teamwork. The men from the dorms and co-ops had their chance too, in a league all to themselves. It was just like the big time—an American League for the living groups and a National League for the Greek houses, with a final play-off to determine the champion. But teamwork was not the only prerequisite for joining all the fun and excitement. Some naturally like to play by themselves. Tennis and table tennis, horseshoes, handball, and bowling left them to their own resources in the Fall. And in the Spring, track, swimming, skiing, and golf were around for amusement. And further, a few hardy independent souls held their own tournaments in all the individual sports plus boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, judo and weight-lifting. Ralfe Mille r had the job with all the paper work. He pulled the whole program together, giving the men the opportunity to forget all the pressures of the University and make like athletes. Brother Pete Elliott is watching you -- 132 WAA COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Purvis, Kay Pascoe, Lynn Brown (president), Miss Brasted, Pat SECOND ROW: Esther Frizza, Edrie Ferdun, Nancy Sands, Rachel Price, Carolyn Keller. MISS LYNN BROWN Presidert weta Hearst Gym is always a bustling place! There we find the busy members of Women ' s Athletic Association Council, directing affairs and swinging tennis racquets. Included in the Council are President Lynn Brown, President Kay Pascoe, Recording Secretary Edire Ferdun, Corresponding Secretary Jody Skoog, Treasurer Nancy Sands, Intramural Chairman Barbara Stark, Intramural Vice-Chairman Esther Firzza, Sport Club Chairman Betty Purvis, Sport Club Vice-Chairman Rachel Price, " C " Society President Patricia Pillsbury, AFCW Rep Carolyn Keller, Advisor Miss Brasted. Under the direct leadership of this council are Sport Club and Intramural Board, with a manager for each specific sport included in the WAA program. All this organization is set up so that on sunny days the tennis courts ring with the sounds of pounding feet, the ping-pong-ping-pong of table tennis games fill the gym and the shouts of spectators at the basketball games resound in the rafters. Included in the intramural program for women are basketball, bowling, swimming, table tennis, volleyball and badminton. In all these sports WAA mem- ber teams compete for individual trophies and for the over-all team award. The Sport Clubs also offer athletic activity to women students in badminton, fencing, hockey, riflery, tennis, softball, swimming, and Crop and Saddle. The special events which highlight the WAA program are Field. Weeks, during which intramural finals and special sports events are held. They are climaxed by the Field. Week dessert, a gathering of the clan for the presentation of awards. High School Sports Day, held in the spring, is also a special part of the WAA program, as is the " Sink or aquacade. Rai( ex shi,, WE SWIM. 133 Everybody UP. Check those knees!! All the news, when it ' s news, while it ' s news. 134 itestill111111on = pub]: cat to nsana procht emi■ .•••••••■•• IMMO ■•••••• bpi NE Director of Publications and Assistant WALTER FREDERICK and MARGARET COOK PUB OFFICE STAFF, left to right: Helen Harley, Dede Lyman, Marianne Loring, Dolores Van Loucks. News Bureau MARILYN JUDD and BOB RUBIN Ice The Publications Office is constantly at work helping the Daily Cal, Blue . . . . and Gold Occident, Pelican and Cal Engineer. Walter Frederick, Publications Director, and Margaret Cook head this office and give invaluable aid in the managing and editing of these various publications. Several staff members help Walter and Margaret with the work and are always ready to answer any questions that students may have. They not only help behind their desks, but are on hand at times to help with selling yearbooks or putting up various posters. Members of the office staff have charge of Eshleman Library where students working on publications can go to read or study. The News Bureau is also in Eshleman Hall and is headed by Bob Rubin and Marilyn Judd. This office serves as the connection between Cal ' s coaches and teams and the general public as represented by newspapers, radio and television. They see that sports schedules are printed and available to students. All ASUC news is corded in this office which works in close conjunction with the Publications Office 136 HAROLD AMLING and ED KIRWAN. Chester Plomgren, Jim Clark, Joan Sewell and Clayton Rush. adograp y fteparianerif Thanks to the efforts of Ed and Hal the Blue and Gold was well supplied with pictures. They were always on hand to shoot various events, often giving up lunch hours and evenings to help us out. Too often we forgot to express our appreciation and we would like to do so now. The help they gave us just can ' t be measured. Ed and Hal are assisted by Clayton Rush, Joan Sewell, Jim Clark and Chester Plomgren. The Photography Department also works with News Bureau and other publications on cam- pus. In addition to all this the Studio does portraits, and passport and identification pictures for individuals on campus. How they managed to put up with all our mistakes, broken appointments and bad weather is more than we can understand. 137 ED MOOSBRUGGER DAVE McMURTRY Fall Editor BOB COPPOCK Fall Managing Editor Spring !Va.:aging Editor Fall City Editor JIM YENCKEL Fall Assistant City Editor Spring City Editor EMIL PORTALE Spring Assistant Editor JAY BARDWELL Fall and Spring Editor AL MOSS MARCIA YOUNG SUE MEADOWS NANCY VOSS Fall Assistant City Editor Fall Assistant Managing Editor Spring Assistant Managing Editor Spring Assistant Managing Editor Spring Assistant City Editor CONNY Fall and Spring Art Editor 138 REPORTERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Bodenhamer, Sue Kamm, Ayla Ries, Paula McCord. CUB STAFF — SEATED, left to right: Nicki Maxwell, Stan Price, Brenda Zercher, Frank HiIf. STANDING: Bruce Kane, Bob Hughes, Connie Hughes, Ann Hammons, Mary Ellen Rose, Irvin Epstein. MISSING: Peter Laub. NIGHT EDITORS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Harrison, Ma rgie Madonne, Pat Lynden, Gene Turner. ING: Sheila Boyer. ASSISTANT NIGHT EDITORS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Green, Dan Silver, Margaret Wilson, Anne Ruggeri, Kitty Read, Corinne Purnell (seated), Jane Semple (standing). a ally cal editorial The Daily Californian, with 61 years of publication behind it, is today one of the outstanding college dailies of the nation, with one of the largest circulations. The paper is published by the ASUC and appears five days a week during the school year and once weekly during summer sessions. Editorial staffers work on the Daily Cal as reporters, photographers, artists. As reporters they cover all facets of University life from " Nightmare " rallies to Regents ' meetings. DC photographers present views of the campus life and its ities. Included are photos of prominent University speakers, campus queens, rallies, and University Theatre tions. Artists for the paper have contributed the cartoons on the editorial page, the drawings for supplements, and the portraits of outstanding University personalities. This year has seen the birth of a new campus political party and its newspaper, the phenomenon the " new spirit, " appointment of Chancellor Clark Kerr to the presidency of the sity, the controversies about the PCC—to name some of the University ' s outstanding events—and the big stories of the DC. On a smaller scale, the paper has tried to communicate the daily doings of a community of approximately 18,000. It has also tried to give the individual student a clearer picture of his school. To achieve this the Daily Cal has published supplements on Big Game week, on Fall and Spring semester elections, and on Charter Day. It also has published feature pages about special sections of UC life such as the University Radiation Laboratory, the UC Co-ops, and the National Students ' Association. Thus The Daily Californian as its editorial and news policy states, has striven " at all times to achieve the ideals of truth, fairness, accuracy, and decency in the presentation of news. " I 39 PHYLLIS KOKUS BETTY GORDON Fall Manager Spring Manager Fall Advertising JACKIE ROBERTS Spring Advertising Fall Production PAT HUBERTY Spring Promotion Fall Office Manager AL WADE Fall Promotion SALLY EDWARDS Spring Office Manager STEVE HANNA Spring Production( BILL ERAL Artist JUNIOR MANAGERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Tassielle„ Mike Little, Barbara Davis, Paul Chann, Chuck Hall. ABSENT: Beryl Gaidos. STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Pris Spires, Rennix Bond, Ann Quigg, Carol Dietz. SECOND ROW: Gail Giberson, Jack Taylor, Bob Kauffman, James Ono, Sharon Kingdon. ABSENT: Jeanette Christy, Ann Ruddy, Sue Chase, Carol Adair. y ca m_anageria The signs all said money, friends, and fun if you join the Daily Cal. and oddly enough this turned cut to be true for the thirty new staff members who joined us this year. It was true too for the old members. Money came the form of commissions payable to all those enterprising salesmen who " got out and sold " more space in the paper than had ever been sold before. Friends and fun came with the daily lower run and night staff and occasional parties. The climax of each semester was the Promotions Banquet. There the outgoing business managers awarded prizes to outstanding staff members in various fields and announced coming officers who will rule this small kingdom with " an iron hand in a velvet glove. " All in all this year was better than last year—but wait till next year! 140 SPORTS STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Gilmore, Keith Fraser, Glenn Dickey, Mike Burger, Mike Lebowitz, Doug Ives, Bob Steiner, Larry White. EMIL PORTALE GLENN DICKEY DOUG IVES CHARLES CRAYNE Fall Sports Editor Spring Sports Editor Ass stant Sports Ed:tcr Photography Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Hemmer, Norm Weinress, Charles Crayne, Bill Aiman. (tally ca sports The sports staff of the Daily Californian had the most comprehensive task of providing adequate coverage of some 500 athletic contests and meets in which UC students competed during the year. The additional job of writing features, columns, and various other news stories kept the DC sports scribes busier than ever. Sports editor for the Fall semester was Emil Portale, who was assisted by Glenn Dickey. Both were entrusted with the supervision of the five night editors—Doug Ives, Bob Steiner, Keith Fraser, Mike Berger and Carl Boggs. In the Spring term Dickey moved up to replace Portale and Ives was promoted to assistant sports editor. Steiner, Fraser, Berger and Boggs remained as night editors, with veteran Larry Gilmore stepping up to the vacant NE spot. Indeed, complete sports coverage would have hardly been attainable without the reporters. They included Walt Stegmeir, Joe Paff, John Laratta, Mike Lebowitz, Phil Wiseman, Mike Young, Bob McCallum, Larry White, Darrell Sevilla, Lewis Feldman, Chuck Raymer, and Ron Bergman. 141 CAREFREE JUNIOR EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Margie Luther, Marsha Watson, Jan Dumm, Marg Waldie, Delight Compton. AB- SENT: Ann Roper. BROWBEATEN SOPHOMORE EDITORS I EFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Candau, Evelyn Hollings. head, Ettene Regalia, Dorothy Beardsley, Shirley Kampp. SLIP•HAPPY FRESH MEN FIRST ROW, left to right: Rose Marie Rochex, Carol Schmid, Nancy Goldberg, Julie Palmer, Darlene Flint, Virginia Vourus, Dorothy Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Sue Ginsberg, Sue Hansen, Pat Vartanian, Martha Wright. THIRD ROW: Marilyn McElhoe, Mary Swanstrom, Sandy Hunt, Phil McMillan, Bon- nie Russell, Sue Wilde, Sonya Giles. 142 JO WOOLLEY Editor kw an C MARTY GOLDSMITH Sports Editor SUE BIGGART Copy Editor BOB ALTIERI Office Manager The mournful sigh of " Next week we must get organized " has been the key quotation in the history of the Blue and Gold Editorial staff. This year, as Jo assumed the role of Napoleon Bonaparte, Freshmen frantically sorted out pretty, colored paper slips and k ept the ledger in order. Other members of the hierarchy included: Marty, last seen chasing athletes; cynical Sue, who is busily writing the sequel to " Peyton Place " ; and finally Bob, who spent the maj ority of his time commuting between the library and photo lab. Then there were the junior " executives " who would outline the course of events and quietly slip away, leaving the Sophomores to complete the work. Quite naturally we indulged in the customary " office parties " at which everyone meddles in each other ' s business, thereby contributing to much anxiety and confusion. On occasion, we mingled with the managerial staff who still insist that they can sell a book even though editorial doesn ' t produce one. So as they sat and counted their money, we, what hysterically, compiled the contents which you see before you. With a laugh and a cheer, we light up a Philip Morris, borrowed from Max Shulman, and await your complaints in Room 512, Cowell Memorial Hospital. I 43 Christmas party time with Cal Engineer. . 111 .100 Oat 40111 .0100 ;pone wit. " BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR left to right: Elaine Bjorgen, Pauline Helen Goyette. BLUE AND GOLD SOPH MANAGERS, to right: Helen Ward, Jill Kaufman, Lee, Cheri Bernardo, Marcia Hughes. FROSH MANAGERIAL STAFF, left to right: E. Chu, T. Foukas, F. Lee, B. Leib, L. Franklin, M. Covert, B. Sawyer, M. Klein, J. Howell, D. Prentiss, G. Hughes, A. Atkins, Herkes, S. Sims, J. Conlin. MARY WFTTMAN Manager ue anit gok manager is Thanks should be given for the recruiting of our u nusually " red hot, " cooperative, and enthusiastic Freshman staff who served ably and competently throughout the week (that is, until Friday noon) . Friday afternoons were the most enlightening part of the week though with the outer office almost completely void of staff members while in the " office of no return " one could find Mary relaxing ( ?) in her Manager ' s Chair chanting our motto: " Do ANYTHING (within reason), BUT SELL 5,000! ! " Oh yes, Jane was there too, counting her capital, and wondering in vain if the Freshmen would ever learn the mechanics of adding, subtracting or multiplying. At the same time Lynn was deliriously trying to run studio and distinguish between taxable and nontaxable picture deposits. Pleasure was mixed with work and frenzy though, and our Halloween party, Christmas party and Spring Appointments banquet have made everything worth while. And now the book is Yours mission successfully accomplished. JANE BELL Associate Manager LYNN WORTHINGTON Assistant Manager 145 KEN DE FIEBRE DAVE TOLL Fall Editor Spring Editor LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandy Miller, Spring Advertising Manager; Jim Packer, Assistant Editor; Dave Sansome, Fall Advertising Manager. PELICAN APPOINTED STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Elshire, Sandy Cowgill, Sue Smith, Pat Jacobi, Angela Prata. PELLY SALESGIRLS. PAUL WADSWORTH Fall and Spring Muager DEE BARBER Fall Women ' s Director PAT JACOBI Spring Women ' s Director JANET KROGH Fall Art Director BILL HOOPES Spring Art Director Pe wan The Pelican began the new year by plumbing the depths of depravity with corresponding success in sales. The charges of perversion levelled at the magazine were chorused far and wide, but with little regard for the sensibilities of the staff. After all, think how our mothers must feel. Two-fisted editor Ken Defiebre and art Director Janet Krogh combined their abilities to produce the first four Pelicans. Editor Defiebre was presented with the D. H. Lawrence Shaft Award posthumously at the gala Pelican Banquet. Tom Rose also ran. The Pelican was a financial success for the first time in, lo, these many years. A major factor in this success was the fine publicity received from the Daily Californian in its reports of the controversies. Another was the enthusiastic way in which the Pelly girls rooted out customers. And yet another was the shift in editorial policy, by which we have tried to give the magazine a distinctive personality, rather than have it a second-rate imitation of the New Yorker. The magazine now has this distinctive personality, much to the consternation of the New York er. Too bad for them. The second semester saw a fresh group of patriots in the editorial chairs. By now you know what happened to them. The course of the magazine over the past fifty-four years has never been a steady one, but it has never been dull. Here ' s to the next fifty-four! Let there be light! 147 SHEL CARROL BOB SHIPLEY Fall Editor Spring Editor LYNNE DE ROY Fall Women ' s Director DICK LEE Fall Manager DON HOWARD Spring Manager FIRST ROW, left to right: Stephanie Sosin, Carol Levy, Betty Pemberton, Mary Steigerwald, Doretta Bistor, Marianne Erickson. SECOND ROW: Don Christiansen, Bob Shipley, Dick Lee, Don How ard, Ray Muzzy, Dave Gruver, John Grens. DORETTA. BISTOR Spring Women ' s Director Ca engineer The California Engineer slides on, waiting, hoping for the day the Dean demands its censorship. But until then circulation will have to depend upon the content of the magazine, happy that we as a staff hope to expand and improve in the following months. In the past year, student response has been gratifying .. . new articles and interests have helped the magazine develop, and this development has been reflected in highly creased circulation. Some of the major activities of the staff have been placing the Cal Engineer in over 100 fornia high school libraries, devising effective promotion methods, engaging in a successful subscription campaign, and working up an editorial policy that will make the magazine more entertaining and of more service to the students. This coming year we will continue these activities, and add many more to the list. Now more than ever the California Engineer offers excellent practical experience for students in every major, with the possible tion of animal husbandry. 148 JIM HATCH BOB CHRISMAN Fall Editor Spring Editor DIANE WAKOSKI Spring Manager FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Wakoski, Linda Katcher. SECOND ROW: Bob Chrisman, Marla May, Anne Johansen, Jim Armstrong, Alex Klimenko. GAIL NELSON Fall Manager OCCIL Cent The Fall and Spring semester issues of the University literary magazine, The Occident, initiated a new and revitalized program which expanded the magazine ' s literary scope. The enlarged format of x 11 " which also integrated art and literature in the magazine ' s actual substance, was initiated by Fall editor James Hatch, as were the germinal poetry readings and Jazz poetry session. Robert Chrisman, Spring Occident editor, expanded the literary program to include readings by publishing poets on the faculty, informal readings by students of their own poetry with Bob Neighbor ' s Band and an ethno-historic integration of music and poetry. Gail Nelson and Diane Wakoski were, respectively, Occident managers for the Fall and Spring semesters, and Marla May was Spring publicity director. Members of the Fall and Spring editorial staffs were Robert Chrisman, Louise Dolan, Steve Fowler, Herman Grishaver, Anne Johansen, Linda Kotcher, Eric Lindbloom, Peter Merner, Ann Milliken, Joe Morton, Joan Morton, Pat Mundell, Robert Newman, Roger Seaman, Robert Shelby, Florence ducci, Diane Waloski, Duncan Pierce, and John Lavie. Jim Armstrong and Carol Anderson provided the art work for the Fall semester; Jim Armstrong was art editor for the Spring semester. 149 MR. JAMES BERDAHL Band Director DAN CHEATHAM Drum Major cal bantl_ Under the direction of Mr. James Berdahl, the Marching Band had a highly successful season of performances during the football games. After opening the season by dedicating the first pregame performance to Coach Pete Elliott, the band sponsored the annual High School Band Day, which this year boasted 104 bands and 6,000 bandsmen, introduced gold bermuda shorts at All-U Week End, executed the steam heat dance step, went Around the World in 80 Days during half time, and serenaded Chancellor Kerr when he was appointed ident of the University. Eleven members were on hand to perform during the half time at the University of Oregon football game in Eugene. The band ended the season by dedicating the pregame show at Palo Alto to retiring ident Robert Gordon Sproul. The Cal Band is an entirely student managed organization. This year ' s officers were Dick Coleman, manager; Paul Bostwick. student director; Dan Cheatham. drum major; Neil Dickenson, rep-at-large; and Casey Randal, secretary. 150 CAL BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Casey Randall, secretary; Dick Coleman, manager; Paul Bcstwick, student director. SECOND ROW: James Berdahl, director; Hugh Barnett, assistant manager; Dan Cheatham, drum major; Bob Wylie, associate manager; Neil Dickinson, rep-at-large. PAUL. BOSTWICK Band Manager straw- laliers Once again the Straw Hat Band, under the direction of Paul Boswick and Des Casey, added spirit and color to Cal basketball games. Raccoon coats were a new addition to the traditional costumes of white shirts, bow ties and straw hats. It took a while to find fifty " skins " but with the help of I. Magnin all turned out for the best. The band took the annual journeys to Los Angeles and Palo Alto, plus an extra trip to Eugene for the PCC playoffs. They added their terrific spirit in S.F. at the NCAA tourney. Rallies, airport visits at 3:00 a.m., raising spirits when they are low, Davis Picnic Day—all afforded an opportunity for the band to strut its stuff. They went from straw hat to coonskin coat, " Fight for Cal " to " One More River, " bass drum to Fluegel horn, " Go, go, go Bears " to " Hello Bob Sproul, " always there giving their all for Cal. 151 SENIOR OCTETTE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill MacNan, Ron Mitchell, Henry Ramirez, Dick Perry. SECOND ROW: Larry Dinnean, Torn Kurtz, Wayne Wilcox. THIRD ROW: Dodge Wallace. GLEE CLUB AND TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS — FIRST ROW, left to r:ght: Ronald Mitchell, Diane Tallmon. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Porter, Sandy Baskett. THIRD ROW: Lance Lipscomb, Neil Lincoln, Leonard Schreiber, Lois Nakamura, Bill Mason, Mary Flails, Eleanor Ligon, Dodge Wallace, John Adams, Mary Steigerwald, Bill Patnaude. ROBERT COMMANDAY Director glee anti. f,reb e eel ' Under the management of Bill Mason and Mary Floris, and the direction of Robert Paul Commanday, the Glee Club and Treble Clef Society experienced a most active year, both musically and socially. With voices soaring to the rafters, the season was off to a rousing start with the annual Fall Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Glee Club was a Guest of Honor at the first University ing, following their successful month-long tour of Japan in the summer of 1957. They presented some particularly noteworthy performances for numerous campus activities and University Meetings, including a joint concert with Lucia Albanese in commemoration of the Hungarian revolution. The Second Annual Glee Club Alumni Reunion was well attended by the " old Grads. " The Glee Club may well be remembered for contributing a musical edition of Cal spirit to the Big Game Rally. In December, the rolicking carols enhanced the Christmas Spirit in San Francisco, as the groups conducted their traditional Christmas tour. But the highlight of the season—the bringing back of an old tradition was the Fall Concert, " Winter Song. " A special tribute should be paid to our Glee Club Octette, whose whimsical and original selections—ranging from " songs their mothers taught them " to rock- ' n-roll — have added the perfect light touch to concerts. The Spring semester was a busy one of performances throughout the Bay Area, and throughout the state. The Glee Club travelled to Southern California in March, for the Music Educators National Conference. Also in March the Treble Clef took their annual tour of the North Bay Area. Both groups joined in the celebration and the festivities of the dedication of the new music building on campus. The Spring Concert, accompanied by much heraldry and extra rehearsal, surpassed the usual fine standards of the groups, and thrilled the audience. The entire year has been one of the most busy and one of the most applauded in the history of the two organizations. Many happy memories will long be thought of, when this year is mentioned. 153 APOLLO MANAGERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Wilhelmsen, Director; Richard E. Albert, Publicity Manager; Jim Campodonico, Accompanist; Dave Melander, Personnel Manager; Richard Peck, Program Manager. e cairlorrna apalo This year The Apollo Club earned a distinguished position of its own as a singing group at the University. Three years ago, The Collegians, a mixed singing group, was organized into a male chorus to supplement the University Glee Club. In the Spring of 1957 it was named The Apollo Club. Directed by the capable and talented Ray Wilhelmsen, the group has bad its finest season on record. It joined with the Glee Club for its first appearance in a highly praised performance at last Fall ' s Big Game Rally. Numerous formances followed, for living groups and special occasions. Highlighting the season was their appearance in the majestic Berlioz " Te Deum, " joining the University Chorus, as a part of the music festival celebrating the tion of the new Music Department building. 154 Glue Club and Perfcrmance in Japan. Arriving at the Japanese airport on tour. How ' s that again? Admirers and autograph hounas. Commanday at work. I 55 PIERO BELLUGI Symphony DireC.or EDWARD LAWTON Chorus Director um-versify sylnap OPC Tesfra Under the skillful baton of Piero Bellugi, the University Symphony Orchestra has read during the past year seven of Beethoven ' s symphonies, several symphonies by Schubert, Haydn and Mozart, and works of Cherubini, Faure and Couperin. The orchestra performed works of zart, Rossini, Milhaud and Stravinsky at the Music Eudcators ' National Convention in Los Angeles and in Berkeley as a part of the Dedication Festival sponsored by the Music Department. Highlighting the year was participation in the six-week Music Festival which dedicated the new Hertz Memorial Concert Hall and the May T. Morrison Hall. In addition to the works already named, the Orchestra performed Berlioz ' Te Deum with the University Chorus, works of Ariosti and Vivaldi, and a Handel organ concerto with Lawrence Moe, University Organist. 156 FIRST ROW, left to right: Vern Spaulding, Joan Golobick, Annette Zamore, Judy Wol ' , Sue Kurtz, Rich SECOND ROW: Dick Royle, Joanne Miller, Dee Nancy Voss, Nan Fletcher, Keith Blakeney. symkaony forum The San Francisco Symphony Association works in cooperation with the University Symphony Forum aiding students interested in the Symphony by providing student tickets and ushering positions. The Forum, under the chairmanship of Rich Millikan, has succeeded in affording students various tunities to enjoy classical music. Many students ushered at Symphony concerts and the ushering service makes attending the Symphony a possibility for many young people who would have otherwise no chance to hear the concerts. unIverslity--lams The University Chorus has had one of the busiest years in its history. In the Fall semester, the group, under the direction of Edward Lawton, Jr., began work on the Berlioz Te Deum. This composition, which requires two large choruses, a soloist, and orchestra, is the opening selection on the program of the six-week music festival dedicating the new Hertz Concert Hall on April 15. In addition to preparing this April program, the Temple Emanu-El of San Francisco invited the chorus to participate in the celebration of Cantor Rinder ' s 40th anniversary. For this concert the chorus learned sections of the Bloch, Milhaud, and Marc Lavry Sacred Services. Lavry, a composer of repute from Israel, was on hand to conduct his own work. The chorus did a beautiful job. The Spring semester opened with 185 chorus members ready to continue work on the Te Deum and to learn a new composition by Randall Thompson, A Requiem. This work, commissioned by the music festival committee at the University to close the series of festival concerts, was completely unaccompanied and requires a large chorus, divided at times into three choruses. University Chorus has been fortunate in having Janet Goodman, the 1958 winner of the San Francisco Symphony Foundation Award, as accompanist. The teaching assistant for the year was Peggy Donovan, and the Spring semester required another assistant, Theodore Grudzinski. 157 varsity- ©bate The Varsity Debate squad is composed of selected members who engage in debate sessions and weekly discussions. This group, under the guidance of Dr. Fred Stripp, offers a varied curriculum to its members. In debating, the Varsity team is concerned with developing intellectual understanding among the members. ttebate The JV Debate group, also known as the University Roundtable, organizes many debate and discussion activities. Any person interested in debating, whether or not he has had previous speaking experience, may join the group. JV Debate is sponsored by the ASUC and speech department, and schedules intercollegiate competition with other debating clubs. Debate material is centered around important national and international topics, famous speeches and books. All members of JV Debate are eligible for promotion into Varsity Debate. 158 DR. JOEL HILDEBRAND DR. GLENN T. SEABOEG CHANCELLOR CLARK KERR .411Mi WIIII S0000 I 11111•111•1111•101kalkarriXtx-ManalloIMMilowir SEATED, left to right: Ron Robie (Associate Director), Bob Siegel, Jim Mantel. STANDING: Pat Royer, Darrell Doughty, Marvin Mizis, Marsha Watson, Madeline Moss, Dave Gomberg, Stephanie DeBari, Dave Jacobson, Richard Capp (Director-in-Charge). asuc rattio-f-T aeafre This year our two radio programs, " The University of California Hour " and " The Golden Bear Review, " celebrated their second anniversaries on the air. Guests during the Fall semester included GOVERNOR GOODWIN J. KNIGHT, Boston Pops ' conductor ARTHUR FIEDLER, and noted violinist YEHUDI MENUHIN. The Spring semester found us broadcasting concerts from the California Music Festival. In addition to our regular programs, we presented the annual " Christmas at Cal " and produced a complete radio version of gers ' and Hammerstein ' s " CAROUSEL. " A television show over KPIX was scheduled for the Spring. Our 24th year as the only student group producing radio and TV programs in the West came to a rousing close, as usual, with the nual " Roscoe Awards " banquet. At this time Capp and Robie finally gave up after about 330 broadcasts. Tape bonfire to follow. I 59 RICHARD CAPP PATTI TAFJEN JAMES MADISON ARTHUR CONRAD SALLE SOLADAY DORIS MEDD universify- aeater University Theater exists to afford opportunities to those students ested in the dramatic arts and to present cultural programs to the University community. The students pictured above were selected by Professor Fred Harris as those individuals who had contributed most to the theater during the past year. They are not solely actors, but also direct productions and supervise backstage activities. playwrights saw their plays pres ented in the Spring semester during the Playwright ' s Workshop, a student tion supervised by Marvin Rosenberg. The year for the theater began in July with the production of T. S. Eliot ' s The Family Reunion. The Summer session presentation was under the direction of Leslie J. Mahoney. The Fall semester brought four plays before audiences on campus. November in Wheeler Auditorium saw Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen on the boards with. Cecile and Scapin in December. Cecile was written by Jean Anouilh and directed by Robert W. Goldsby; Scapin, by Moliere, was also directed by Mr. Goldsby. The Studio Theater in Dwinelle presented The Trial, adapted from the novel by Franz Kafka, again directed by Mr. Goldsby, and Orpheus by Jean Cocteau, under the direction of James Kerans. With January came Shakespeare ' s Midsummer Night ' s Dream. The House of Bernada Alba, Twelfth Night and Camino Real, written by Federico Lorca, William Shakespeare and Tennessee Williams, respectively, were presented in Wheeler during the Spring. Directors were John Dreier, Theodore Hoffman and Robert Goldsby, respectively. In the Studio Theater Fred Harris directed S.O.S. from Easter Island, a concert reading of a new play by Cornel Lengyel. The second reading, directed by Miss Henrietta Harris, was The Trojan Women. With such a varied program the theater students have brought to the University community many able evenings. Each deserves commendations for the performances rendered. 160 A tense moment in TRIAL, a play of tragic stances. IOLANTHE, a fairy tale comedy presented Summer School. Another of the gay moments in IOLANTHE by Gilbert and Sullivan. A scene from HEDDA GABBLER, Ibsen ' s drama of the late 17th century. 161 Last-minute flurry in the dressing room. A delightful threesome perform in SCAPAN, a French farce by Moliere. The pairing off begins in CECEILE, a stylized, one-act play. 162 Fun and fancy united in " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " by Shakespeare. " The House of Bernarda Alba " was one of the outstanding productions of the year. " Scapian " — the French farce by Moliere. I 63 A revealing moment in " The House of Bernarda Alba. " Several of the sisters in Garcia Lorca ' s play, " The House of Bernarda Alba. " Puck and friend frcm " Midsummer Night ' s Dream. " Cast of " Mask and Dagger Review " appears in its entirety. 164 JO amino litsuat CI Sze ace of clubs (Intersoronty Social Organization) FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue Biggart, Barbara Best, Jo Ann Green, Adele Olker, Holly Parish. SECOND ROW: Ann Dobbs, Parm Dunn, Jane Mills, Noreen Lewis, Pril Proctor, Karla Winkenhofer. psi FIRST ROW, left to right: T. Sawa, J. Goodman, P. Trinchero, L. Duffus, D. Broad- bent, V. Parachini, V. Howe. SECOND ROW: J. Longstreet, 0. St. Germain, K. Diamond, R. Harris, C. Stone, C. Neale, H. Anton. THIRD ROW: G. Petievich, F. Rockwell, D. Kelley, A. Hale, D. Davis. 166 al omega (National Service Fraternity) John Adams Jim Barney Steve Cook Richard Ebert Richard Kincaide John Quinn Arthur Roke Stan Shawl Gordon Shell Anatole Wirclubowich p as --n FIRST ROW, left to right: Prof. E. Paul Degarmo, advisor; Harold E. New- mark, Ernest F. Bisbee, Charles J. Nay- lor, president; Charles K. Gocdman, Charles Schlegel, recording secretary. SECOND ROW: Gary Sjordal, corre- sponding secretary; Nicholas Baloff, vice-president; Lyle E. Delve, treasurer; Gordon P. McDonald. Bruce H. Corzine, Eugene Kuykendall, Robert J. Carter. 167 american institute of industrial engineers FIRST ROW, left to right: Professor E. de Garmo, G. L. Acker, R. J. Carter, C. K. Goodman, W. H. Franklin, L. B. SECOND ROW: Dave Weston, Bruce zine, Harold Newmark, Raymond Nichols, Robert Plummer, Charles Huddleston, Row- land Chew. THIRD ROW: Gary Stone, uel Sander, Charles Naylor, John Livio Borra, Eugene Taurman. ROW: Kermit Knopf, Nick Baloff, Miller, Edward Goliti, Gene Gary Sjordal. american society c aemica engineers FIRST ROW, left to right: Reza Lee Reynard, George Meyer, Phillip Becker, Byong Jin Kim, Youngok Ahn, Jack Swanburg. SECOND ROW: Robert son, Lester De Wall, William D. Arnold Lamb. THIRD ROW: Victor Lewis Aldridge, John Stewart, Arthur leray. 168 asce (American Society of Civil Engineers) sine (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) FIRST ROW, left to right: Alan Kubly, Robert Breshears, H. M. Kavanagh, Ernest Der, R. F. Steidel, Larry Dumas, James Costanza, Arvin Blackwell, George Monroe, Robert Bell, R. Simi Lyss, David Van Couvering, Ray Van Conner- ing, Andy Calimbas, Yukio Yoshikawa, Edward Takemori, Ernest Wong. SEC- OND ROW: William Eddy, Henry Lu- batte, John Moskowitz, Gene Johnson, Clayton Robson, Louis Petralli, Ronald Van Delden, Wayne Kuchar, John Stew- art, Robert Philipp, Wallis Mundt, Steve Mashikian, Jack Randall, Robert Brad- ley, Chris Coolures, Clifford Mah. THIRD ROW: Roger l-lile, Don Beers, Albert Watanabe, John Bass, Bruce Mullis, Leonard Maki, Val Watson, Rus- sill Duckering, Robert Hartley, Morley Farquar, Edward Robak, E. L. Klee- berger, John Apen, Thomas Vojta, Mal- colm Ohanesian. FOURTH ROW: James Ingram, Eugene Serex, Parker Smiley, Charles Henry, Ralph Jr., Norman Brown, Albert Gould, Marshall Gram, John Aguilera, Linton Whitby, Edward Quinn, Kumiy Iwao, Robert Mobley. FIFTH ROW: Jack Cauzza, Ed Liljegren, Douglas Johnson, Ronald Ryan, Austin Walther, William Griffiths, Sang-Wook Kang, Ingvar Olafsson, Gerald Pilz, Wil- lard McIntire, Farrokh Moasser. 169 arno iL air society (National Air Force ROTC Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Lee Hienz. Rob- ert Hofmann, George Huffman, Charles Thompson, James McKinstry, Ray Shurtz. SECOND ROW: Alan Pfeiffer, Alan Edridge, Donald Morrison, James Taylor, Rene Del- gado. THIRD ROW: John Hawes, Carter Blaisdell, Robert Ettinger, Joe Griffin, Frank Lowe, Ray Blackburn, William Hin- shaw, 1) ton society (University of California Band Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Neil Dickin- son, Fred Saunders, Van Olin Hurdle, Des Casey, Newton Lowe, Jim Mills, Wayne Foster, Grove Thomas. SECOND ROW: Chapman Dix, Hugh Barnett, Roger Tatum, Larry Anderson, Elton Butler, Ernie Lee, Arnold Leong, Terry O ' Neal, Larry Mathis. THIRD ROW: Bob Allen, Bill Moore, Tom Thurmond, Ron Gordon, Dave Rumberger, Gene Serex, John Sibley, Dick Coleman. 170 beta gamma sigma FIRST ROW, left to right: William Sparks, Mortimer Fleishhacker, Leland De Atley, Donald Sugarman, Bob Mc- Ilroy, Daryl Lenstrom. Robert Bolinder. SECOND ROW: John Cowel, Vera Twist, Ronald Dressler, John Herzog, Roy Brunicardi, Stanley Phillips. THIRD ROW: Ceanne Mitchell, Velma McMas- ters, Marilyn Monako, Alice Colbath, F. M. Nicosia, Royall Rohert, Warren Lee, Jack Tammi, Adc1ph Mueller, Rob- ert Webb. FOURTH ROW: Eril Dohr• mann, Lewis Dreyfous, Vic Parachini, William Engs, M. Harwayne, Ronald Kerns, Edwin Wingate, Donald Makcsky, Elton Clark, Richard FIFTH ROW: Dow Votaw, Harvey Segall, Jim Linn, Sam Arnold, Sui Wong, Edward Boehler, Robert Bowles, Stuart Gould, James Kinston, Paul Fisher. C llll epsil. (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) 171 c ainese situ_ ens association FIRST ROW, left to right: Professor Wilton Leong, Sant Louis, officer; Andrew Yee, officer; Robert Wong, of- ficer; Deanna Mee-Ying Lee, officer; Elaine Dang, officer; Irene Chow, of- ficer; Linda Loke, officer; Shirley Chan, officer; Professor Lin, officer. SECOND ROW: Tom Dao, officer; William Wang, Tony Huen, Howard Chung, Fong Ming, Lorraine Ko, Lauretta Lam, Kirby Kwok. THIRD ROW: Harry Som, Kai Chu, John Koo, Bill Sung, Jenny Tang, Frances Wong, Virginia Wong. FOURTH ROW: Jack Ching Tao Ho, Robert Pu, Benjamin Sheu, Phi Ka Tjia, Helen Woo, Theresa Tong Yiu, Philip Aloysius. C ainese students 9 c uh .4 LL _ILLL -u_ La t t Li.L. t t_t_u_L LULL) Litit_ L IA t_l_ FIRST ROW, left to right: Valerie Mock, Julie Ann. Wong, recording secre- tary; Donna Fong, Ginger Lee, Soot Jew, Big Game dance chairman; Brenda Lee, Alice Lowe. SECOND ROW: William Chan, Arthur McCartney, Diana Lee, publicity chairman; Alfred Lim, house manager; Irene Chan, corresponding secretary; Mary Ann Fong, ing secretary; Albert Cheng. THIRD ROW: Jerry Dare, Jimmy Kam, editor; Ernest Lee, Arthur Frank, Rowland Chew, president; Robert Yee, treasurer. itagbagfiffiffilestlYWORRIESIBI 172 C aristian science organization 2601 DURANT AVENUE Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 the Christian Science Organization of the University holds testimony meetings in its building. At these meetings students tell of physical healings and problems solved through the application of Christian Science. A library is maintained in the Organization building where college students may study the Bible and Christian Science literature in a peaceful atmosphere. The above picture was taken at a student reception, the purpose of which was to welcome new students to the University. 173 ege s ciu) juniors (Junior Auxiliary of the East Bay American Association of University Women I Toni Angie Betty Asaro Mary Cherrier Robert a Christianson Janet Constant Joy Cox Elizabeth Davis Helen Goyette Helen Larson Sandra Morse Jenalynn Pennock Pat Pillsbury Betty Purvis Claudia Seberg Susan Thursby Bernadette Tourville Suzanne Westaway Marydale Wigle Genny Willett 174 env lees council_ FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry chin, Philip Becker, Harvey Lorber, Lee Reynard, Paul Gilbert, Lynn Seaman, Charles Naylor. SECOND ROW: Ken Kwong, Richard Whitney, John Hoopes, George Zonoff, James Costanza, Arlyn Blackwell, Lee Nugent, Robert ica, Professor H. C. Bourne, advisor. efa Sapp 11111 (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Irene miloff, Charles Linnila, J. Brundo, R. Capranica, G. E. Meddaugh, Reukema, Bill Boggs, Klaus SECOND ROW: Masnd Hakim, Ronald Mitchell, Stan Mercer, Steve Tony Huen, Kazuo Hori. THIRD ROW: Buck Jordan, Jay Shahan, Deane Judd, James Solomon, Tat Lam. ROW: E. Floyd Kvamme, Jack dor, Len Litman, Richards Michael Freeman, Sherman Gee. FIFTH ROW: George Lendaris, Everett Geis. SIXTH ROW: James Gruenig, Albert Steinhouse, Richard Dye, Howard Pant- taje. SEVENTH ROW: Jay Miner, L. Leslie Hamilton. 175 FIRST ROW, left to right: Sab Shimono, Ken Yamashita, Bob Inouye, Jack Dairiki, Walt Naydo, Jim Yoshinaga, Terry Marau- yama, Kaz Abey. SECOND ROW: Dick Park, Ken Miyagi, Tosh Takashirna, Art Endo, Paul Shinoda, Akira Sano, Lester Ouchida. THIRD ROW: Mas Maroi, Akio Inouye, Tom Iwami- ya, Allen Izumi, Jun Tanimoto, Phil Nishi- kawa, Jinji Kobayashi, Yuji Kaneko, Mas Riusaki, Ken Hayashi. FOURTH ROW: Kaz Masai, Roy Yamamura, Allen Katsuyama, Burton Yamada, Neal Miura, Larry Kimura, Melvin Hisaka, Stanley Taniguichi, Tom Inouye. MISSING: Don Jung, Danny Ya- mada, Gary Lee, Bob Baba, Mas Fujii, Jack Mumii. forestry C J1 FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Ruth, B. Dennison, J. Frank, E. Tunheim, D. Os- wald, J. Bates, H. Seyden. SECOND ROW: R. Utterback, R. Ziemer, J. Smith, G. Morgan, J. Batchelder, J. Throop, J. Ceragioli, F. Gar THIRD ROW: F. Beard, R. Dresser, R. Sko ' man, R. Lund, R. Rennie, H. Ervin, J. Clif- ford, G. Hartzell, D. Rodgers, C. Kor- thals, B. Cannon, H. Sebring, D. Burns, J. Drake. FOURTH ROW: L. Rodick, C. Schaeffer, J. Isberg, J. Warnock, D. Parady, G. Lanier, G. Ferrell. FIFTH ROW: E. Housden, C. Pickering, T. Oldon, G. Goodacre, W. Wilcox, W. Butler. SIXTH ROW: R. Krebill, R. MacGregor, R. Perkins, F. Alfred, D. Dennault, C. Smith, H. Kolkman, J. Hammitt. gamma sigma sigma (Service Sorority) FIRST ROW, left to right: Jean head, Barbara Hale, Marsha Watson, Darlene Del Nero, Barbara Sheehan, SECOND ROW: Rose Gallagher, Joy German, Carolyn Malueg, Laurel don, Nancy Kuehn, Bennetta Strunk. gave and quill (Class Activities Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Colette " Oski Mama " Morgan, Joan Spaulding, Joyce Nimes, Harriet Greitzer, Sherry Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jean Hart- mann, Darcy Metcalf, Sue Trees, Joan Hymes, Shirlee Laughlin. THIRD ROW: James Ring, Ken Kragen, Chuck Stuart, David Rodriguez, Clark Maddox, How- ard Karr. 177 or er of file golden bear (Senior Men ' s Honorary) George P. Adams Albert M. Becker Louis H. Bell, Jr. Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Allen C. Blaisdell James Cason, Jr. Ralph W. Chaney Milton Chernin Paul Christopulos Robert P. Commanday John B. Condliffe James H. Corley Charles C. Cushing A. R. Davis Harry Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Thomas B. Dutton Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Warren H. Geidt Philip F. Griffin Charles A. Gulick Gerald H. Hager T. E. Haley UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Paul T. Hastings John D. Hicks Edward H. Heller Joel H. Hildebrand Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Charles G. Hyde William N. Keeler Richard K. Kelly Clark Kerr A. M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen George J. Lemmon Stanley McCaffrey Donald McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middlekauf Ralfe D. Miller William W. Monahan Harold P. Muller Peter Newell Harold C. Norton Peter H. Odegaard Gus Olson George Pettittt Kenneth Pitzer Clarence Price Alva W. Ragen Lester Reukema Leon Richardson George Schroth Glenn Seaborg William Shepard Robert Sibley Vernon M. Smith Herman Spindt Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Jesse Steinhart Hurford E. Stone Fred E. Stripp Jacobus Tenbroek Ian G. Turner Robert Underhill Lester Uren William Wadman Harold Walt Arleigh Williams John Williamson Garth Wilson George Wolfman Frank Woodward Henry S. Yee GRADUATE STUDENTS Richard Deitrich James Lcini Thomas Shephard Richard Dobbins Henry Lurie Jan Stevens Robert Franc Stanford Lyman Armogene Suttle Frank Hawkinshire Rudolph Moos John Taylor Robert Huskins Alan Nelson Donald Tronstein Paul Juette Hans Palmer Lloyd Tunik John Kalamares Claude Rohwer Michael White James Lemert Claude Schultz John Vlahos UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Anthony Asmundson James Huffstutler Maynard Orme Judson Bardwell William Isbell Valdemar Peterson Richard Bartke Jon Isberg William Petrocelli Kenneth Bathgate Thomas Jeffry Glenn Pierce Bruce Belding Donald Jones Ronald Robie Yoshinori Bokura Dorwin Josephson Earl Robinson John Boland Fred Karren David Rodenhuis Donald Bowden Yoshiro Katsura David Rodriquez Richard Capp Bruce Keppel James R. Samuelsen John Casey Morris Kosis Richard Schoen Albert Chandler Kenneth Kragen Robert Schoeplein Norden Cheatham Lyman Lea Marvin Shapiro Richard Coleman Warren Levin Stanley Shawl Richard Diamond John Lewis R. Scott Sherman Daniel Eisenstein David Lowe Bernard Simpson Robert Ekedahl Robert Lyss Larry Stewart John Elworthy Carl McKowan James Telple, Jr. Peter Frank David McMurtry Anthony Torrance Harry Ghilarducci Frank Mattarocci Thomas Trutner Joseph Griffin Michael Miller Geoffrey Van Loucks Donald Gray Edward Moosbrugger Ronald Wheatcroft Max R. Hale Gordon Nakagawa John Wiesner Charles Holloway William Neufeld David Yamakawa golden glum-I FIRST ROW, left to right: Lt. Col. Mason, Rockwell Cramer, Leo Pessin, Harry Hathaway, George King, Stuart Gould, Tom Clark. SECOND ROW: Capt. Kenneth Jansen, Serge Demyanenko, Ronald Maasberg, John Brown, Lawrence Lanning, Robert Goldstein, Claude Lowen. THIRD ROW: Capt. S. D. Wis- dom, Henrik Lunde, Rich Whiston, G. O. Gitchell, L. K. Wood, P. H. Gilbert, R. G. Pott, P. A. Sheehan, J. B. Du- cato, N. Petersen. yammer and dimmer ( Technical Dramatic Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Jan Glading, Joy Cox. SECOND ROW: Bob Conrad, Barbara Byer, Patti Tafjen, Art Conrad, James Madison. 179 Lei FIRST ROW, left to right: Fran Sachs, Naomi Sturman, Helen Hirschberg, Helen Katz, Israel Rogep. SECOND ROW: Richard Reese, Rosalie Eisen, Harry Strauch, Sherna Steinberg, Ben Minton, Ruth Abers, Irwin Hirschhorn. home economics c FIRST ROW, left to right: Mercedes Reberiego, Evelyn Flynn, Haruko Na- kata, Janet Peterson, Peggy Sieg. SEC- OND ROW: Judy Shearer, Helen Tom, La Verne Fry, Beryl Gaidos, Charlotte Mullen, Gretchen Pauli, Peggy O ' Neill, Barbara Garat. THIRD ROW: Sumiko Shinoda, Mary Tuemmler, Carolyn Moore, Joyce Peterson, Mary McEnroe, Nancy Kuehn, Miss Funk, Nancy Walsh. 180 honor students society (Upper Division and Graduate Scholastic Honor Society of the University) FIRST ROW: Ana Eglete, Patricia Dil- lon, Carole Peter, Muriel Prislin, Joyce Ong, Margaret Gericke, Joy Cox, Bar- bara Currie, Jeannette Richards. SEC- OND ROW: Patricia Huberty, June Waters, Anne Ashley, Pierre Merle, Alan Miller, Delano Chong, George Ezekiel, Lynn Seaman. THIRD ROW: Allan Moreira, Phil LaForce, Jens Pals- son, Islie Lazaro, Robert Epstein, Joyce Elshire, Lawrence Cohn, Judy Altermatt, Helen Bemis, Lorraine Wilcox, Henry Saar. FOURTH ROW: Jim Pehling, Torn Cass, Rickey Axe, Lanny Schonhoff, Robert Bowles, Edward Boehler, Jerald Burbach, Gary Countryman, Bob Men- delsohn, Donald Howard, Tom Browning, .Arnold Ogren, Bob Becklund. ABSENT: William Sparkes. alas dagger (Dramatic Honor Society) LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Luckhart, J. Cox, A. Conrad, P. Tafjen, S. Soladay, R. Stansbury. 181 masonic club FIRST ROW, left to right: Susie Hammon, Betsey Keasbey, Judy Van Etten, Rosie Bur- bage, Cecile De Luca, Pat De Laney, Sandy Olsen. SECOND ROW: Carl Kress, Mrs. Mainwaring, Elly Vendstrom, Barbara Sten- ninger, Sharon Kadell, Bob Epstein. THIRD ROW: Dick Emerson, Gordon Dean, Don Mathews, Mike Sweeney, Don Machen, Bob Conrad, John Ohlmann. omicron nu (National Home Economics Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Evelyn Flynn, Jeannette Nolan, Sandra Court. SECOND ROW: Sumiko Shinoda, Dr. Mery Ann Morris, Dr. Jessie Coles, Lois Hoskins. 182 moriar hoard ( Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) Ann Baldwin Jane Bell Patricia Cathcart Nancy Cupit Caroline Fechter Mary Floris Gail Follett Elizabeth Gordon Adrienne Ho Gloria Mikuls Kyra Opperman Marilyn Rohwer Darcy Rudolph Laura Shelley Jean Shinoda Joan Spaulding Susan Spongberg Patti Tafien Libby Sutton Lynn Wall Mary Wittman 183 newm an club (Organization for Catholic Students) University students attending Newman Club meetings have a chance to participate in many varied activities. On the social agenda for the past year were Tuesday luncheons, Sunday suppers, outings, athletic events including intramural sports, and the Spring formal. To further academic interests, the club holds inquiry classes and cussions. Many foreign students and graduate students are active in club affairs. Completing the Newman Club program are masses and devotions. Newman club also sponsors a choir and the student retreat is an anticipated high point of every year. 184 panile (Sophomore Women ' s Honor Society) Sherry Anderson Bonnie Bein Bobbi Bell Andrea Bershad Ann Bowden Barbara Breyer Betty Butterfield Myra Clark Sue Clayton Sue Dunlap Ann Gibson Harriet Hoffner Lita Howard Feelie Lee Margie Luther Ann McFarling Martha McEnerney Sue Meadows Beverly Reed Ann Roper Zilpha Shadi Nancy Shapiro Paula Skene Geraldine Solari Sue Stanley Anita Stelling Suzanne Stevens Claudia Talbert Nancy Voss Melinda Wells 185 C FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Gian. notti, Elaine Dang, Nancy Belcastro, Jennie Hong. SECOND ROW: Elsie Buriani, Virginia Reed, Kathi Minnick, Hazel Faries, Dorothy Lewis. p a sigma FIRST ROW, left to right: Beryl Gaidos, Barbara Davis, Sally Edwards, Sharon Johnston, Marcia Young, Joyce Himes, SECOND ROW: Betty Arnold, Phyllis Kokus, Sharon Ajello, Cherie Bernardo, Marlene Quayle, Pat Huberty, Shirlee Laughlin. THIRD ROW: Helen Ward, Margaret Meancy, Bobbie Levin, Mar- garet Cook, Elaine Bjorgan. 186 pi fall sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Wayne Brown, Ernest Der, H. M. Kav- anagh, Larry Dumas, Arlyn Blackwell, Robert Bell, R. S. Lyss, Albert abe, Kumiy Iwao. SECOND ROW: Pro- fessor R. F. Steidel, J. P. Faris, E. E. Johnson, C. W. Robson, Louis Petralli, Robert Breshears, Don Beers, Charles Trimbach, Thomas Vajta. THIRD ROW: Keith Nelson, John Bass, Roger Nile, Leonard Maki, John Moskowitz, man Brown, William Griffiths, Watson, John Apen, Edward James Costanza. pu is umbergra uates FIRST ROW, left to right: Tom Koda, John Wong, Carole Henrikson, Alicia Vega, Irene Suzuki, Inta Kumins, Larry Jung. SECOND ROW: Ruby Nakagawa, June Wakinaka, Jean Chin, Mary man, Kay Renius, Jean Todd, Anne Chew, Diana Chin, Violet Wong, Adrienne Ho, Annette Snyder. THIRD ROW: Carol De Jong, Jan Day, Mary Lofy, Henry Ed- ington, Frank McKenna, Jim Dowd, Wellington Eng, Chhaganbhai Bhakta, Sara Runoff, Carol Small, Arlyn Hunt. 187 jpryLanean FIRST ROW, left to right: Patti Tafien, Laura Shelley, Joan McAdams, Carolyn Demeter, Carol Norton, Marian Hopping, Madilyn Engvall, Nancy Cupit, Margie Lind ay, Willetts, Pat Pillsbury. SECOND ROW: Carol Le Drew, Sally Hart, Marilyn Rohwer, Bob ' m Binsacca, Mary Floris, Lynn Wall, Ann Nichols, JoAnn Green, Caroline Fechter, Opperman, Connie Rosenberg, Noralyn Smiley, Lynn Vernon. THIRD ROW: Libby Sutton, Gloria Mikuls, Leta Howard, Lynn Brown, Sharon Foster, Joan Spaulding, Collette Jane Lange, Marty Goldsmith, Jo Woolley, Marlene Quayle, Darcy Rudolph, Julie Casagrande, Martha McEnerney. 188 red cross (University of California Chapter) LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Good, Joan Stelling, Corry Schnitzer, Warren Mar- tin. sigma delta chi (Professional Journalistic Society) LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Moosbrugger, Jay Bardwell, Bob Gillen, Dave McMurtry. I 89 sabre air command FIRST ROW, left to right: James Chong, Joel Champion (Spring commander), Howard Green (Fall operations officer). SECOND ROW: James Welton, Boris Becker, uniden- tified, unidentified. THIRD ROW: Lee Heinz (Arnold liaison officer), Bill Hansen, Alex Znoj, Barry Davidson, Leonard Wohletz. FIRST ROW, left to right: Glen Jarvis (Fall com- mander), William Heinrich, Frank Wong, Charles Crayne (Fall executive officer), Vaughn Thompson, Donald Avary. SECOND ROW: Capt. Frank D. Hurl. bert (advisor), Ivan Cornelius, unidentified, John Quinn, Stephen Quock, Eric Martens, Norman Lob- dell. THIRD ROW: Don Snyder, unidentified, uniden- tified, Kenneth McMonique, Stanford Brown, Robert Wise (Spring operations officer). 190 an I keys (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS E. Peterson President J. Dewey J. Wilson Vice-President S. Nelson D. Reynolds Secretary H. Hathaway 0. Hyde Treasurer G. Thorne FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Ellworthy, L. Woodward, D. Reynolds, 0. C. Hyde, B. Hale. SECOND ROW: E. Peterson, J. Hardy, J. Marshall, B. Crawford, G. Gray, J. Dewey, S. Nelson, J. Wilson, E. White. THIRD ROW: R. Currie, B. Comartin, E. Morris, K. Ashford, S. Medall, deBenedetti, G. Hopper, C. Holloway, B. Landis. FOURTH ROW: G. Sterling, G. Davis, J. Ducato, T. Clark, T. Wilson, D. Bull, D. Hobson, D. White, G. Thorne, D. Bishop, K. Petron, D. Babros, R. Jacobs. FIFTH ROW: J. Howard, D. Osborne, C. Schwartz, B. Shannon, J. Woodward, D. Walter, R. Quistgard, P. Kops, H. Hathaway. 191 U1) FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonnie Thomp.. son, Ron Korman, Helen Weiner, Beaver Nash, Jaques Ullman. SECOND ROW: Sherry Steele, Wayne Littleton, Barbara Whitby, Gary Soderer, Al Grisemer, Moira Reesor, Shirley Schaupp, Terry Togmazzini, Stan Smal ley. stiles student cabinet FIRST ROW, left to right: Doug Waldenrath, Rudy Montejano (Secretary), Carl Schwerin (President), Don Mattison, Bruce Whipper. man. SECOND ROW: Tom McNally (Vice- president), Joe Schwartz, Dave Armor, Dave Yamada, Alan Madian, Dave Yamakawa, Walter Lipton. THIRD ROW: Pierre De- Lattre, Bill Davis, Peter Franck, Mike Appleby, Val Peterson, Paul Opler, Joe Weaver, Dick Bowen, Mike Miller, Cecil Thomas. 192 fau beta pi (Engineering Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Fin- nila, John Bass, Milton Hamilton, Alan Miller, Buck Jordan, Larry Dumas, Ku- miy Roy Iwao. SECOND ROW: James Gru-Uchite, H. M. Kavanagh, Edward Quinn, James Gruenig, Klaus Arons, Louis Petralli, Robert Breshears, Al- bert Watanabe. THIRD ROW: Jay Min- er, J. P. Faris, Masud Hakim, Theodore Jensen, Charles Trimbach, Gary Ccun- tryman, Keith Nelson, Orville Thomp- son, Richard Schaupp. ' an (Honorary Directing Society) LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Madison, Patty Tafjen, Art Conrad. IVs eifa sigma p ( Honorary and Professional Fraternity for Women in Journalism) FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Robson, J. Ganulin, A. Bradshaw, P. Hubberty, A. Teitsworth. SECOND ROW: L. Allen, L. Springer, R. Turk, C. Voss, M. Wittman. ione an shie (Women s Social Organization) FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Cupit, Lynn Brown, Roxie Price, Madilyn Eng- cal ' , Carol Norton, Jeanie Ranney. SEC- OND ROW: Marian Hopping, Ann Nichols. 194 triune (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to ri2ht: Frank Portman, Drew Robarto, R:ck Tavernetti, John Hall, Wheeler Coberly, President: Gordon Zuccherman, Mike Healy, Pete Frichette. SECOND ROW: Rick Richardson, Pat Newell, Claude Hutchinson, John Kelly, Terry Stephens, Jud Whitehead. Albert Clark. THIRD ROW: Blaisdell Carr, Grant Everret, Jack Wood, Bill Schneider, Dick Hughes, Danny Guggenheim, Doug Mcpherson, John McGuine, Scott Wilcott. FOURTH ROW: Tris Brown, Tim Muller, Jim Horsly, Bob Pool, Paul worth, Mack Brown, Cliff Weaver, Al Herd. FIFTH ROW: Steve Henderson, Bill Ingham, Bill Haden, Ken De Fiebre, Phil Miller, Dave Grether, Doug Moore, Peter Scott, 195 tower aritt 1 lame (Lower Division Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Zilpha Shadi, Treas.; Gary Hermes, Vice-Pres.; Joan Bittner, Pres.; Bev- erly Stocker, Sec.; Robin Wells, Council Member. SECOND ROW: Pam Boller, Janet Kelsey, Yvonne Esler, Linda Tenney, Pat Vartanian, Joy Holmes, Margie Reynolds, Elizabeth Morel, Ellen Saegebarth, Merry Wright, Lynn Eckersley, Sharon Gould, Ayala Ries, Suzon Solomon. THIRD ROW: Chin Lan Park, Teresa Aguilar, Roberta Bays, Virginia Buckley, Judy Musgrove, Diane Ammons, Bethann Wood, Laura Ott, Leaf Koch, Concetta Finocchio, Corinne Purnell, MaryAnn Rogers, Elizabeth Pemberton. FOURTH ROW: Merylyn Whited, Pat Ethridge, Barbara Schnaak, Judi Crawford, Lorna Phillips, Russ Duck- ering, Elwin Stocking, Carol Latta, Sonia Winsvold, Riley Parker, Sue Smith. FIFTH ROW: Andrew Win- nick, Bill Bohn, Jo Ann Viner, Judi Kohlen, Elliott - Pisor, Mike Lebowitz, Jim Payne, Gene Whealy, Leland Leisz, Lawrence Lu, Jerry Abad, Michael Friedman, Phil MacMillan. 9 uc mot -kers c (Founded at the University of California in 1916) The UC Mothers ' Club exists to bring its members close to the University student body by helping promote student welfare and maintaining social and intellectual connections with UC. The club has about 300 active members. Any mother whose son or daughter is or has been a reg stered student at UC may become a member of the club upon payment of dues. The Mothers ' Club sponsors many schol- arships for worthy students, but does not interfere with any administrative policies of the University. Mrs. 0. C. Jones, president of the club, has three sons and two daugh- ters who have graduated from UC. She has been an active member of the Mothers ' Club for 26 years. 196 uscee (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE) FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Goodbody, Harold Watkins, Howard Oku- mura, James Rierson, Theodore Netoff, Jack Salvador, vice-chairman; C. W. George Taylor, James Bryson, chairman; Miss Ursula Kobierecka, Thomas Kuhn, treasurer; Frederick Rosso!, publicity director; Anthony Hill. SECOND ROW: L. S. Litman, George Zonoff, Burton Dobratz, Reynold Wong, Jerdan Rcdgers, Robert Kennerknecht, Fred Bickford, Glen Diesteihorst, John Altstatt, Win- ston Scott, Klaus Arens, Stanley Mercer, Gerald Smith. THIRD ROW: Milton Hamilton, Donald Landis, Mike Lacey, Lee Hester, Marion Jones, Robert Brun- skill, J. G. Williford, Leslie Hamilton, Ellis Jacobs, Donald Sommer, Robert McIntosh, John Dickson. James Gruenig, Wayne Schenet, FOURTH ROW: Wing Lee, Martin Henry, Ken Marshall, F. W. Moss, Wong, Bob Thompson, Bob Niderost, Larry Vernon, Ronald Keeney. university interiait (To promote understanding and cooperation among faiths) 197 " atrial 1(rue (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) Arlene Fregulia Natalie Gomez Mary McEnroe Joanne Money Joan Nelson Peggy Sieg s c society (Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Esther Frizza, Bobbie Binsacca, Edrie Ferdun, Pat Pillsbury, Jean Cones. SECOND ROW: Nancy Cubit, Ann Nichols, Lynn Brown, Madilyn Engvall, Marian Flop- ping, unidentified. 198 wingect _lie met (Junior and Senior Men ' s Society) NEW NIEMBERS: Peter Ashby, Bruce Baker, Mike Ballachey, Ted Boone, Pete Bruch2r, Bob Comartin, Jim Curry, Jay De Benedetti, Bob Dunne, Bill Eddins, Greg Fowler, John Fraser, Bob Gray, John Gilmore, Tom Haseltine, Bim Hastings, Bob Hawkins, George Hill, Skip Huber, Roger Mazzera, Bates Mclndoe, John Michael, Ed Minugh, Bob Morton, Dave Osborne, Ed Peterson, Roger Peterson, Pete Raffetto, Tom Ready, Carl Schwarz, Jim Small, Rich Tomkins, Dave White, John Wilson, Dexter Wold. OLD MEMBERS: San Biddle, Hohn Brideson, Jim Burns, Lew Cobb, John Ducato, Don Fowler, Rogue Hemley, John Hardy, Roy Jacobes, Dick Jordan, Don Kosovac, Ed Morris, Jerry Milne, Bill Mayer, Shel Medall, Vic Nelson, Dave Ohlson, Ashley Payne, Fred Thodes, Steve Schadlich, Tony Torrance, Mike Toomey, Steve Vantress, Ed White, Tom Wilson, La rry Woodward, Jim Woodward, Don Walter. 199 (Senior Publications Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Hubberty, Sue Biggart, Mary Steigerwald, Harry Bau- man, Jackie Roberts, Marcia Young, Mary Wittman, Jim Yenckel. SECOND ROW: Ed Moosbrugger, Bob Altieri, Ren Regen, Eral, Steve Hanna, Marty Goldsmith, Lynn Worthington, Frank Tassielli. THIRD ROW: Dave Gruver, Stan Mercer, Shel Carrol, Lynn De Roy, Sally Edwards. Jo Woolley, Sue Meadows, Nancy Voss. ywca cabinet FIRST ROW, left to right: Adrienne Ho, Charleen Raines, Meredith Ludwig, Janet Mathiesen. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ser- geant, staff; Hilda Pato, Marjorie Lindsay, Ann Gibson, Carol Geren, Jane Lange, Connie Rosenberg, Elizabeth Jones, staff. THIRD ROW: Coralie George, staff; Pat Cathcart, Anne Baldwin, Sally Hart, Caroline Fechter, Suzi Moore, Nancy Bruce, Darcy Rudolph, Sara Nicholson, Hoffman, Bobbie Binsacca, Noralyn Smiley, Phyll ' s Phelps. 200 201 204 206 womens OFFICERS President Gloria Mikuls Vice-President Pat Pillsbury Secretary Judy Miller Treasurer Joan Bruhns Reps-at-Large. Myrna Bouchey, Cathryn Collins, Diane Macario, Myla Greenberg, Beverly Miyamoto Publicity Caroline Caldwell Constitution Nova Cavagnaro Judicial Anita Stelling, Carol LeDrew Social Barbara Moskowitz Service Jane Tabler Orientations Gail Jepperson WDA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE —FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Bruhns, Judy Miller, Gloria Mikuls, Mrs. Neely, Anita Stelling. SECOND ROW: Myla Greenberg, Myrna Boucney, Barbara Moskowitz, Diane Macario, Jane Tabler, Caroline Caldwell, Gail Jepperson, Nova Cavannaro, Beverly Miyamoto. COUNCIL MEMBERS FALL SPRING Helen Bemis Bayview Terrace Diane Daugherty Myrna Wood Beaudelaire Club Carolyn Widmer Judith Bradley Bennett Manor Estelle Zastrow Ardath Simpson The Californian Louise Von Ems ter Margaret Knapp Colonial Hall Alice Click Bea Gruen Elizabeth Barrett Barbara Breger Carol Lindemulder Epworth Hall Gloria Mikuls Anna Kennedy Hanson House Anna Rita Kennedy Arlene Gluck Hoyt Hall Jeanette Blank Anne Ashley Joaquin Hall Sherry Carlson Ruth Frazier Lantana Lodge Angela Pratta Joyce Hirota Mitchell Hall Sally Barrett Marilyn Robson Oldenberg Hall Sue Louchard Sandra Bernero Peixotto Hall Barbara Hale Lynne DeWar Prospect Terrace Sue Smith Joann Lagomarsino Richards Hall Joann Lagomarsino Elaine Darby Ritter Hall Marlylee Grimes Gloria Savage Sherman Hall Sharon Wolfe Adrienne Ho Stebbins Hall Marlene Pere Nancy Schlegal Stern Hall Maryann Stephenson Dina Jacobson Stratford Hall Carol Bee Helen Handin Warring Place Marcia Kulesza 208 hay view terrace 2335 WARRING We have a nice house mother, stratospheric sundecks, ve neighbors, three hashers and a cook. Life is not dull: it passes by our windows nightmare rallies, Sputnick, fra- ternity men, and a partridge in a pear tree. We have parties, popcorn, a fireplace to pop it in, and a bright pink ceiling. B. Babbitt, Jr. V. Barrusch, So. H. Bemis, Jr. D. Dougherty, Jr. C. Eaton, Jr. M. Goldwasser, Fr. T. Hagiwara, So. J. Imai, So. C. Irvin, So. P. Ja, So. C. Kleinman, Fr. S. Lee, So. M. Luther, Fr. E. McKee, Fr. N. Miller, Fr. C. Randolph, So. P. Reeves, Jr. H. Wolff, Fr. L. Wurz, Fr. B. Carmody, Fr. J. Chin, Fr. E. Chu, So. C. Conklin, Fr. J. Corr, Fr. M. Delbon, Fr. P. Dennis, Fr. Y. DeWolf, So. benneff manor 2721 CHANNING It might be said that Bennett Manor, affectionately referred to as " good old BM, " had a rousing year. Unfortunately this would be stretching the truth a little. We had a few exchanges at which the food was deceptively good, and the formal, planned for February, somehow seemed to fade away. How- ever there was a Christmas party with entertainment and presents but no refreshments. Ah, it was a pleasant year. We got up in the mornings; some of us went to classes while others got up for breakfast and then went back to bed. In the evenings we sat around or went to bed to catch up on the sleep we missed while eating breakfast. Sigh. J. Ex, Fr. C. Finocchio, Fr. G. Gagnon, Jr. • K. Holland, Fr. D. Hamann, Jr. J. Imai, Fr. J. Key, Fr. M. Lacis, So. A. Long, So. F. McCarthy, Fr. M. Mohler, So. E. Pemberton, Fr. J. Ping, Fr. S. Raggio, So. J. Shaw, Gr. S. Smith, Jr. E. Zastrow, Jr. 211 bowies az J. Aguilera, Jr. D. Ames, Fr. D. Anderson, Jr. J. Anderson, Fr. R. Bachman, So. R. Bakke, Sr. H. Bauman, Jr. R. Bedford, Jr. C. Bell, So. H. Blohm, Sr. J. Boatright, Sr. R. Bohn, Jr. L. Boone, So R. Brown, Fr. E. Budd, Jr. F. Byl, Fr. R. Capp, Sr. P. Cassinelle, Fr. W. Clark, Jr. R. Clark, Fr. R. Cramer, Sr. E. Cravalho, So. C. Cutter, So. J. Dieterich, Sr. G. Durham, Sr. G. Elgaaen, Sr. G. Erickson, So. D. Fagg, So. T. Feigenbaum, Jr. P. Fetres, Jr. C. Finnila, Jr. F. Fitz, Jr. D. Flinn, Fr. D. Flippin, So. D. Fong, Fr. D. Francis, So. R. Freeborn, So. M. Freidman, Fr. D. Gilbert, Fr. L. Gilmore, Sr. 212 A. Glueck, Sr. H. Green, So. L. Grivetti, So. J. Grout, Jr. Led by our Presidents Thomas and Newman, we received a first place in Big Game decorations and a third place in the Axe Revue. Fall saw the formation of the Bowles Dance Band and its Airport Dixieland Auxiliary. Jack Grout engineered the J. P. Erdman Memorial Picnic, and the Snow Job, while Glueck, the jolly green giant, managed the informal. Capp directed the Axe Revue, Del Liberate performed with the San Francisco Symphony, Lindsay came to every party, and bar- ber Homuth kept everything clean around the Hall. In sports we were represented by Blaylock in frosh football; Grout in basketball; Homuth in boxing; P.M. in wrestling; King in track. We discovered that Vic Lamb liked soft music. D. Hall, Fr. B. Hansen, Fr. D. Harris, So. J. Harris, Sr. R. Heckenlaible, So. N. Hill, So. A. Holbrook, Fr. R. Holloway, Sr. R. Homuth, Sr. H. Honea, Jr. R. Hudnall, Sr. R. Hudson, Jr. V. Hurdle, Sr. G. Hyde, Fr. R. Ingram, Sr. N. Jaffe, Sr. N. Jud, So. D. Judd, Fr. D. Kendall, Fr. G. Kenline, Fr. R. Korman, Jr. J. Kramer, Sr. J. Kusske, So. V. Lamb, Sr. 213 150W (CS hall taa J. Laure, Fr. J. Lee, Sr. R. Lee, Sr. S. Leffler, Fr. J. Lindsay, So. L. Lipscomb, Jr. D. Luna, Fr. J. Lyle, Fr. C. McCarthy, So. B. McElhoe, Sr. A. McIntosh, Sr. J. Medeires, So. J. Miller, Jr. B. Momyer, Fr. P. Mosesian, So. R. Muster, So. S. Myron, Sr. .1. Nelson, Jr. P. Newmeyer, Sr. W. Nordgren, Fr. D. Osborn, Jr. L. Overstreet, Sr. J. Passie, Jr. R. Patton, So. F. Pellissier, Jr. H. Pelzner, So. L. Pessin, Sr. V. Peterson, Sr. R. Ramsey, Jr. H. Ramsey, So. J. Redfern, So. L. Reynard, Sr. .1 A C. Richard, Jr. R. Rikor, So. R. Rose, Jr. W. Rosenfield, Jr. E. Ruff, So. S. Ruggles, So. D. Rule, Jr. C. Sakaldasis, So. D. Schlegel, Jr. W. Schmidt, So. L. Seeband, Jr. S. Shawl, Sr. J. Snow, Fr. K. Snyder, Jr. F. Steiner, Sr. J. Stewart, Sr. A. Stice, Jr. D. Sullivan, So. J. Swanson, Sr. K. Talarico, Fr. S. Thomas, Sr. R. Thunen, So. W. Torkells, Jr. D. Treadway, Sr, J. VanHorn, Sr. R. Verzasconi, So. F. Weaver, Fr. J. White, So. J. White, So. S. Wilson, So. J. Yenckel, Jr. S. Young, Fr. 215 Lae califorinuan 2155 PROSPECT STREET M. Abend, Jr. C. Anixter, Jr. Y. Anixter, Fr. R. Berry, So. J. Borad, Fr. P. Brady, Fr. S. Cagan, Fr. J. Cancilla, Sr. A. Channing, Jr. J. Chipman, Fr. K. Collins, So. J. Constant, Sr. C. Croter, Jr. B. Davis, Jr. I. Davis, Fr. J. deNola, Fr. M. Emard, Fr. P. Ethridge, Fr. D. Farrington, Jr. K. Fegen, So. S. Green, Fr. A. Harrington, Jr. L. Hayes, Fr. M. Hazel, Fr. S. Jastremski, So. J. Kohlen, Fr. E. Kollinger, So. R. Levin, Jr. D. Libby, Fr. D. Marcario, Jr. M. Meisinger, Fr. C. Mellis, Sr. M. Mitchell, Fr. S. Ogden, Sr. D. Papkin, Fr. J. Partch, Sr. M. Pensabenei, Fr. P. Phillips, Fr. P. Pillsbury, Sr. L. Planck, Fr. 216 L. Planck, Fr. A. Reitman, Jr. J. Riddell, Fr. M. Riggs, Fr. G. Riordan, Jr. L. Roesner, Sr. Up in the morning at 7:00 a.m. Eat that breakfast as fast as you can, Off to class or that coffee date Hurry, hurry, don ' t be late. Lunch finally comes, we meet the friends, Find out what ' s new in dating trends. Back to class then home to dinner " Don ' t eat so much — you ' ll never get thinner! " Homework next . . . " Has he called? " Off to bed for the beauty rest. Ardath in the Fall, Lauise in the Spring, Headed our meetings, helped plan all things. Formals, Open Houses and all, Loads of fun at The Californian Hall. B. Ross, Fr. B. Shelden, Fr. A. Shulte, Jr. I. Silverman, Fr. A. Simpson, Sr. C. Sinn, Fr. S. Snyder, Jr. J. Strong, Jr. A. Thielmeyer, Fr. L. Von Emster, Jr. H. Young, Jr. B. Zanger, So. N. Zucker, So. 217 C. Addington, Sr. H. Blather, Jr. C. Buff, Sr. c_oyne court 2600 RIDGE ROAD Despite little precipitation, it was a wet Fall and Spring. With- out planning ahead. Cloyne affairs ended as usual: the Social Committee ran out of vice money in the middle of the semes- ter, and the Education Committee presented Profs and Deans each week for target practice. Our social program featured the bawdy Bohemian Ball and kick-a-poo booze, everyone having a femme-fatale or at least a potent Gremlin. Our ath- letic centurions, the Clobberers, valiantly won the University crown for the third straight year. Scholastically, Cloynemen chained 100 members in their rooms every week end. A. Calimbas, Sr. A. Caruso, Sr. R. Chinn, Fr. D. Cohen, Sr. R. Darland, Jr. R. Emerson, Sr. P. Fetta, Sr. W. Frazer, Sr. D. Halstead, Jr. A. Hansing, Jr. R. Hartley, Sr. G. Hautly, Sr. D. Hopman, Jr. S. Kadri, Sr. E. Katten, Sr. J. Katz, Sr. G. Leonoff, Sr. J. Levenson, Jr. C. Losee, Sr. R. Lucas, So. G. Nakagawa, Sr. D. Rennels, Jr. G. Takahashi, Jr. T. Vajta, Sr. E. Wong, Sr. D. Yamada, Jr. T. Yoshikawa, Gr. Y. Yoshikawa, Sr. 218 D. Alvarenga, Jr. J. Badger, Fr. C. Bart, Jr. D. Bartholomew, So. B. Bates, So. A. Buck, Fr. A. Click, So. M. Engelhardt, So. co onia 2542 DURANT Highlighting Colonial Hall ' s activity calendar was its Spring formal at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. The girls and their beaus dined and danced till the wee hours of the morning. Other social events enjoyed by all were the exchanges, intramural sports, picnic, and Open House. In intramural sports the girls ' volleyball team strove to regain the trophy they had won from the previous year. Alice Chick headed Colonial Hall as prexy and Sandra Ostrander served as vice-president and social chairman. P. Fritz, So. S. Haworth, Sr. L. Kuda, Fr. C. Lembcke, Fr. H. Nakata, Sr. J. Orlemann, Fr. J. Orr, So. S. Ostrander, So. W. Ott, Fr. K. Rinkleib, So. J. Roundtree, Fr. D. Strickland, Jr. I. Ueki, So. J. Weston, So. F. Wong, So. V. Yoh, Fr. 219 2521 CHANNING WAY D. Apperson, Sr. N. Bartholomew, So. P. Bates, So. B. Borg, Sr. A. Botto, Jr. J. Bruhns, So. J. Bzoch, Fr. C. Caldwell, Sr. L. Canfield, So. C. Carkeet, So. J. Collier, So. L. Chase, So. S. Court, Sr. K. Condas, Sr. T. Cummings, So. G. Dahlman, Sr. M. Dawson, Jr. P. Dillon, Jr. L. Duncan, Fr. A. Dixon, Sr. S. Edwards, So. S. Edwards, Jr. S. Evans, So. K. Gerstung, So. J. Hacker, So. J. Halldorson, So. L. Hamilton, So. C. Hanson, Jr. P. Huberty, Sr. M. Helper, So. S. Kerper, So. K. Kerper, Jr. 220 C. Le Drew, Sr. C. Lindemulder, Jr. P. McCord, Jr. J. Markley, Jr. G. Mikuls, Sr. P. Moore, So. Again this year a large Oski and his cohorts brought a trophy to Epworth Hall for House Decorations, and they helped the girls carry home the WAA Bowling trophy. They were there watching the fun had by all at the Christmas Dance, and they spent many hours with the girls sunning on the roof, playing bridge, and drinking cokes. Though Epworth girls are repre- sented in a majority of campus activities, and honorary societies, Oski remarked that they seemed to find time for the Spring Sing and a Spring Formal. D. Nichols, So. N. Omohundro, Sr. E. Otis, Sr. L. Palmer, Sr. P. Porter, Jr. D. Pyper, So. A. Quigg, So. N. Scott, Fr. K. Shimmin, So. E. Sitton, Fr. P. Sixtus, So. T. Smiley, Jr. A. Stelling, Jr. J. Tabler, Jr. J. Torykian, Sr. M. Toyama, So. D. Tracy, Fr. E. Weppler, So. S. Yates, So. P. Zieger, So. 221 elm a:heal barreff 2438 WARRING STREET B. Bauer, So. E. Brandenberg, Fr. D. Canonica, So. J. Conlin, Fr. E. Cooper, So. R. Cranow, Jr. D. Eisenberg, So. B. Feldman, So. M. Finkelstein, So. S. Friedman, Fr. B. Giller, Jr. J. Glick, So. B. Hanfling, Fr. S. Hartman, So. N. Kantor, So. J. Kogan, So. S. Lerner, So. A. Muscat, So. J. Musgrove, Fr. L. Rolston, Jr. M. Rasmussen, Fr. C. Samuels, So. T. Sanders, Fr. S. Silverglade, So. J. Sirbu, So. J. Sires, Fr. J. Solof, So. S. Solof, Fr. J. Sperling, Fr. P. Starr, Fr. E. Sweeting, Fr. A. Taylor, Fr. B. Unger, So. J. Viner, Fr. 222 Werra X11 W R. Faltin, Fr. M. Probert, Jr. G. Heiges, So. F. Uota, So. E. Herrera, So. J. Walker, So. N. Haggerty, Sr. J. Shepard, Sr, M. Kobayashi, Sr. J. Walker, So. J. Mathiesen, Jr. C. Widmer, Jr. P. Noble, Fr. B. Palfalvy, Fr. M. Wilson, So. M. Wood, Jr. lanson house 2360 PROSPECT S. Blanck, Jr. D. Bullock, So. A. Giddings, Fr. D. Gravatte, So. A. Kennedy, Jr. M. Parrish, So. B. West, Fr. 223 h0 2519 RIDGE ROAD Hoyt looks in retrospect on the school year 1957-58. Foremost in our minds is a memory of the comradeship which pervaded our many activities within the house and with our six fellow co-op houses . .. the Christmas party for underprivileged children ... the midnight p izza party by the fire ... our Spring dance ... the annual Spring Tea which culminated the eling of our living room . . . the Co-op ' s formal dance . . . and the " blast " at La Honda Bowl. Personalities also figure in the memory: our presidents, Arlene Gluck and Jeannette Blank; finalist for Homecoming Queen; Joan Bittner, president of Tower and Flame; Ida Yamamoto, contestant for Nisei dents ' Club Queen ; and Shirley Duncan, co-chairman of Welfare Board. C. Ames, So. J. Bittner, So. P. Bookhout, Jr. L. Bush, Jr. J. Coleman, Jr. D. Cuadros, Jr. S. Duncan, Jr. A. Gluck, Sr. E. Hall, Jr. C. Ho, Jr. F. Hughes, Sr. J. Kiraly, Jr. I. Kodani, Sr. M. Kummer, Fr. K. Kurotori, So. M. Lee, Fr. V. Low, Sr. C. Masuda, Fr. P. Meuter, So. L. Nakamura, So. E. Pinsker, Jr. A. Ries, Fr. B. Sakai, Fr. M. Saufnauer, So. T. Siminowsky, Fr. S. Stenson, So. J. Stout, Jr. K. Yamane, Jr. I. Yamamoto, Fr. J. Wakinaka, Sr. D. Warren, Gr. 224 A. Ashley, Sr. C. Ashley, So. Joaquin 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE All-girl p.j. party . . . open house . . . CARE packages from home . . . Bernie ' s near suicide . . . " Meet ' cha at the Bear ' s Lair " . . . the smiling ( ?) faces at breakfast . . . Bev ' s fuzzy, wuzzy raccoon coat ... " helping " our good-looking hashers ... our " witching " Halloween party . . . Wading to the UCLA game . . . Big Game decorations . . . midnight bridge with Kappa Nu ' s . . . our dinners by candlelight . . . the fire drill everybody slept through . . the smell of burned popcorn throughout the house ... pounding on the piano by " callers " .... " Don ' t forget to sign out " . . . June ' s " major " operation . . • La Honda Bowl . . . Christmas tea for our parents .. our ever-thoughtful Mrs. Sunday . . . Good Gracious, the year ' s over! J. Broderick, So. D. Campbell, So. G. DeNatly, Fr. P. Dillingham, Fr. S. Goldman, Fr. C. Haerem, So. B. Herzog, Fr. S. Horton, So. D. Huey, So. J. Jacobs, Fr. L. Kullenberg, Fr. M. Lane, Jr. E. Lieberman, So. L. McLaughlin, Fr. R. Margolus, Fr. J. Mead, Fr. S. Miller, Fr. J. Mullen, Fr. C. Neilson, Jr. P. Pattie, Fr. S. Peterson, Jr. N. Sawyer, So. J. Shook, Fr. A. Vega, Jr. E. Villela, Sr. M. Walther, Jr. J. Waters, Sr. A portion of the Japanese Table—judo demonstration. internafionai louse More than five hundred foreign and American dents share in this experience of international living — " Dedicated to the promotion of understanding among the peoples of all nations. International ship and understanding are fostered through a wide variety of cultural, intellectual and social activities, presented by members and guests of the House. The activities during a typical week have included: Monday—Philippine Table presents " Tinikling " and other folk dances, meeting of I House council—the student representative board — and tea for women residents. Tuesday — A discussion on " Cultural Comparisons of Courtship and Marriage " presented by a sentative panel of students. Wednesday—Latin American Table with music and dancing during the dinner hour, and a meeting of the social committee. Thursday—Informal coffee hour with Dr. vitch, visiting economist from Yugslavia. Friday—Folk and social dancing, with special tainment by the French Jazz Band. Extra events at I House included Sunday Suppers and meetings with visiting ambassadors and scholars. Madame Pandit in discussion with I House students. Madame Vijalakshmi Pandit, visitor from Ind a. Tea honoring Mr. Mehta, the Indian am bassador. Eating the haggis at Bobby Burns dinner. " This is Persia, my home. " Mr. Kenneth Rexroth discussing " The Beat Generation. " Sultan Hamengku Buwono•IX from Indonesia. Scottish folk dance, a part of the Commonwealth Table presentation. 2939 DWIGHT WAY A. Anderson, Sr. M. Anderson, Fr. A. Angle, Jr. L Bracco, Jr. P. Carson, Fr. G. Coates, Sr. E. Colaianni, Jr. M. Counsil, So. B. De Stefano, So. C. De Vincenzi, Jr. J. Fong, So. M. Friedman, Fr. E. Frizza, Jr. B. Gassman, So. J. Jackson, Jr. P. Jacobson, Fr. B. Jeleti, Fr. J. Jenner, Fr. K. Johnson, Jr. M. Johnson, Jr. N. Kuehn, Jr. L. Leong, So. L. Malfanti, So. I. Manetas, Fr. 228 J. Meyers, So. S. Mitchell, Fr. N. Montgomery, Fr. S. Morse, Sr. B. Nelson, Fr. H. Oreb, Jr. Early in September when the Oldenberg co-eds moved into their newly painted rooms, the blank walls appeared startling- ly impersonal. When the Fall activities began, a clutter of reminscent bids, programs, posters and paraphernalia made the Oldenberg co-ed ' s room a scrapbook of college life. On the wall are neatly pinned a withered corsage from the in- formal at the Corinthian Yacht Club, a bid from the formal at the St. Francis Hotel. Next to these hangs her treasured menu from the restaurant which her class invaded on their sneak. These material memories and many more represent a successful year at Oldenberg Hall. C. Paul, So. D. Pirtz, Fr. P. Prezja, So. J. Ridenour, So. D. Robbins, Fr. M. Robson, Sr. B. Rodgers, Fr. P. Schoenfeld, Fr. J. Seitz, Fr. T. Takao, Jr. B. Temkin, Ft. P. Thorsrud, So. S. Thursby, Jr, J. Whitehead, So. 229 peixoffo HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT R. Abers, Fr. D. Bernero, So. S. Bernero, Sr. J. Berry, Fr. D. Bishop, Fr. B. Blei, Fr. M. Braverman, Fr. V. Carlson, Jr. B. Ceragioli, Fr. I. Chan, Sr. A. Chapkis, So. C. Coolidge, Jr. L. Deacon, So. R. Duben, Fr. E. Erman, Fr. D. Fong, Fr. M. Fong, Sr. A. Gallagher, So. J. Gotelli, Fr. B. Hale, Sr. D. Herman, Fr. M. Hirasaki, Fr. B. Huberman, Fr. S. Kamm, Fr. I. Karmilof, Sr. D. Lee, Jr. K. Likes, Jr. R. Lowenstam, Fr. F. McDonald, So. G. McKeown, Fr. L. Mette, Jr. K. Minnick, Jr. 230 M. Morgan, Jr. H. Motte, Sr. P. Ong, Fr. R. Oppenheimer, So. N. Paperno, So. V. Paschkes, Sr. Peixotto survived invasions of Asiatic flu, Bowles, Smyth, and fraternity men ( ? ) and still came out second in scholarship. We s tarted off the year with a bang ( one of our girls fell down ice skating and broke her wrist the second day of reg week) and ended with a fizz (we placed first in beer consumption among women ' s living groups). High points of the year in- cluded our great presentation of " The Peixotto Game " for the Hill skit night, and exchange with the handsome men of Cal Band. sojourns to Los Angeles and the Farm. and last but not least. the Hill formal. B. Perry, So. J. Perusse, Sr. V. Ree d, Jr. D. Rivers, Fr. M. Rogers, So. L. Sakae, So. S. Sardell, Jr. J. Seda, Fr. S. Stewart, Jr. S. Takeda, Fr. E. Teyssier, Sr. D. Thompson, Fr. N. Wakerfield, Fr. J. Whitham, Jr. J. Wong, So. S. Woo, Sr. B. Wr.ght, Fr. E. Zeller, So. 231 rlchards 2939 DWIGHT WAY y illak Alai Ala S. Benelli, Jr. B. Blum, Fr. A. Bow, So. D. Brown, Fr. B. Carson, Fr. P. Cheonis, Fr. B. Clark, So. J. Crossley, Jr. B. Currie, Sr. C. DeMont, Jr. D. Doman, Fr. M. Elgin, Jr. B. Eldred, So. B. Elman, So. F. Grell, Sr. G. Herr, Jr. J. Hestand, Fr. C. Hofmann, Fr. V. Honda, Sr. B. Hyde, Jr. C. Jones, Fr. C. Jones, So. J. Jorgenson, Jr. J. Jowett, So. H. Katz, So. E. Kaye, So. J. Lagomarsino, Jr. H. Lasson, Jr. C. Lee, So. K. Lee, Jr. P. Lee, Jr. D. Leong, Jr. M. Little, Fr. J. Lucas, Sr. K. McCallum, Fr. P. McDermott, Jr. M. McKeon, Fr. J. Mayer, So. N. Meador, Sr. J. Miller, So. 232 C. Mitchell, Fr. C. Naftel, Jr. J. Netoff, Fr. L. Newitz, Fr. L. Ott, Fr. G. Pauli, Sr. Under the guidance of Jo Ann Norma and Mrs. Bennit we have experienced a very wonderful year, socially and aca- demically. We have made many friends, some of which will be graduating this year. To them we wish the best of luck and fortune. The rest of us are eagerly looking forward to next year ' s potential fun. G. Rafferty, Fr. J. Robbins, Fr. R. Robinson, So. V. Saladin, Fr. R. Schuyler, Jr. L. Shelhamer, Jr. E. Spafford, Fr. S. Sul lwold, Fr. D. Susoeff, So. E. Talbott, Fr. M. Wigle, Fr. N. Wing, Fr. M. Young, Jr. J. Zander, So. 233 c HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WORK . . . PLAY . . . TALK . . . It was a great year! WORK ... papers ... mid-terms . . . cinches ... term papers . . . an English analysis . . . Finals . . . the End. PLAY ... Reg week on the Hill ... dances ... exchanges . semester formal and semifcrmal ... vacations ... snow party ... rallies ... football games ... Saturday nights ... pinnings, engagements . . . basketball season. TALK ... " Yes, Joyce was first semester president " ... " How rainy mid-terms do you have this week? " . . " Did you know Gail is an Oski doll? " . . . " Can I borrow a cigarette? " .. . " TGIF " . . . " Does anybody have anything to eat? " . . . " I ' m going on a diet! " WORK . . . PLAY . . . TALK ... It was a great year! R. Bays, Fr. N. Belcastro, Gr. H. Benthen, Fr. K. Burrell, Jr. Y. Cafasso, Sr. J. Chin, Sr. L. Early, Fr. J. Edwards, Jr. F. Ca:dos, Jr. J. Hirota, Sr. N. Jones, Sr. C. !Carmine, Fr. A. Kasa, Jr. M. Kidd, Fr. N. Komatsuba a, Fr. S. Matsuda, Fr. M. Miles, Sr. J. Muneno, Jr. B. Okamoto, Fr. P. Oyama, Fr. S. Potter, Fr. C. Purnell, Fr. F. Sachs, Fr. S. Schroeder, Sr. A. Scctt, Fr. C. Skoegard, Fr. S. Spald ng, So. J. Tashima, So. T. Trosper, Fr. ' IC all 234 _antana acige 2437 PIEDMONT P. Barkey, Fr. C. Collins, Jr. M. DeVincenzo, Jr. L. Grossblat, Fr. V. Haire, Fr. M. Hoffland, So. D. Jones, Jr. B. Knew, So. G. Brannelly, So. R. Frazier, Sr. D. Green, Fr. P. Nikula, Fr. L. Perry, Sr. A. Prata, Jr. V. Wood, So. E. Wright, Fr. J. Fox, Fr. S. Lawtcn, Fr. M. Moseley, Fr. S. Lachter, Fr. prospect ferrnce 2405 PROSPECT STREET Between house dances, TGIFing at Tilton, piazzas at one, Senior dinners, pinnings and engagements, midnight sere- nades, sessions of bridge and cribbage mingled with Stravin- sky and KOBY, week-end ski trips, and half-hearted attempts at studying, we conclude: That The Sun Also Rises ! D. Baechtel, Jr. L. Ball, Sr. B. Blanchard, So. J. Boggess, Jr. C. Chandler, Jr. L. Dewar, Jr. S. Dowell, Fr. M. Hill, Sr. P. Jacobi, Jr. P. Katanic, Fr. P. Lindsey, Sr. J. Nelson, Jr. M. Noble, So. C. Searls, So. A. Thie, So. D. Tuck, So. 235 riffer 2422 PROSPECT TERRACE In the Fall we moved into Ritter Hall which viewed both the sea arid the mountains. Elaine Darby was president. We had open house. " You get second prize in the large-mixed division, " they said during the Axe Revue. " Thank you, " we said. " You ' re welcome, " they said. Our house formal was called " Crystal Fantasy " ; the air was cold and clear. Finals came; it rained. In the Spring Mary Lee Grimes was ident. A riot was instigated with the Delt Sigs over some potted plants. We had representatives in Mortar Board, Cal Club and Pryt. The head songleader lived with us. e. hemingway T. Aguilar, Fr. A. Baldwin, Sr. M. Bouchey, Jr. M. Brown, Fr. N. Cavagnaro, So. D. Chin, Jr. E. Dang, Sr. E. Barby, Sr. D. Delnero, So. A. Friedman, So. B. Gordon, Sr. V. Greenleaf, Sr. M. Grimes, Sr. R. Hunt, So. E. Louis, Fr. K. Malmstrom, Fr. B. Miyamoto, Sr. K. Momoda, Sr. M. Reberiego, Jr. S. Reberiego, So. S. Robertson, Fr. V. Ruhne, Sr. P. Ryan, Jr. L. Shelley, Sr. A. Smith, Jr. B. Stocker, Fr. J. Takahashi, Fr. K. Takahashi, Fr. I. Takei, So. J. Todd, Sr. S. Treadwell, So. D. Werronen, Sr. 236 C. Bee, Jr. J. Cheu, Jr. M. Comstock, Fr. A. Diamond Fr. M. Fittinghoff, Jr. S. Gentles, So. C. Goodrich, So. S. Gordon, Jr. sfrafford lia 2520 DURANT AVENUE The 1957-58 year at Stratford Hall has been another memor- able one. The Fall semester saw a highly successful open house, " Getting to Know You, " a highly, highly successful act in the " Axe Review " —taking second place in the smaller group division—and a long-to-be-remembered formal dance, " Fascination. " Highlighted during the Spring semester were a second open house echoing the Fall theme and a formal dance, " Shadows of Spring. " Studying for mid-terms, pin- nings, noisy Freshmen, quiet hours? ? ?, and invaluable house officers such as Dina Jacobson and Carol Bee round out the pleasant picture. S. Greenberg, So. G. Groza, So. L. Hall, Fr. B. Hamilton, So. S. Hayes, So. M. Held, Fr. H. Hirschberg, So. 1. Holmes, So. M. Hunter, So. D. Jacobson, So. T. Klassen, Jr. J. Lewis, So. M. McCullough, Fr. N. Meserve, So. J. Rosetto, Sr. M. Sternberger, Jr. J. Wong, Fr. V. Wong, Sr. 9 7 smyt a association HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT Smyth Association is the only organized men ' s living group on a level with the top of the Campanile. This concept of stature pervades the entire ation, evidencing itself in the high standards of scholarship and service as well as in the inevitable high-j inks of fellowship. This year ' s social calendar was one of the fullest and most successful ever, and the Smyth governmental tions were ably carried on under the leadership of Presidents Dick Schoen and Tom Davis. Smyth was well represented off the Hill, too. In practically every men ' s service club, in intramural sports, in the fabulous Cal Marching Band, and in similar activities on and off campus, men of Smyth Association were in evidence. Because of its very situation, Smyth Association has instilled in its members the motto which they live by: Onward and Upward! R. Agnew, Jr. L. Aldridge, Sr. R. Andersen, Jr. M. Asimow, Fr. S. Backlund, Jr. D. Binsacca, Jr. R. Bishop, Jr. E. Blackburn, So. 238 J. Bowhay, So. P. Brill, Jr. R. Brock, Jr. D. Brookins, Sr. J. Buckman, Sr. L. Carm ' chael, Sr. J. Cerag ' oli, Jr. C. Chackerian, Sr. B. Chapkis, Fr. N. Cheatham, Sr. M. Cole, Sr. M. Cornell, Sr. D. Cox, Fr. T. Davis, Sr. F. Delvey, Fr. G. Dickey, Sr. L. Duffus, Jr. F. Elliott, Jr. R. Falsafi, Sr. B. Freeland, Fr. D. Fresno, Jr. J. Goodman, Jr. D. Goodrich, Sr. W. Hall, Sr. J. Hanson, So. R. Harden, Sr. T. Healy, So. R. Hile, Sr. G. Hyatt, Jr. R. Jarvis, So. E. Johnson, Sr. L. Jones, Jr. 239 smyth. association T. Kazmier, Sr. A. Knudsen, Sr. H. Knudsen, Sr. G. Kramer, Sr. M. Kuranoff, Jr. J. Lepper, Jr. G. Link, Fr. T. Lobdell, So. AIL 1k lib dig44 R. Laos, Sr. R. Lund, Sr. W. McCulloch, So. D. McDonald, Fr. A. McMurry, So. A. McRowe, Jr. P. MacMillan, Fr. C. Maddox, Jr. H. Marsh, Jr. D. Melander, Fr. J. Metzler, Sr. R. Miura, So. Mongan, Fr. K. Moore, Fr. M. Musicant, Jr. W. Powers, Fr. 241 G. Rosenberg, Sr. J. Purver, Fr. M. Robinson, So. R. Schoen, Sr. D. Sherry, Sr. A. Simonsen, So. G. Ross, Sr. D. Sanson, So. M. Smith, Fr. W. Smith, Sr. R. Sullivan, Sr. E. Sweeney, Jr. L. Tosse, So. P. Ulyatt, Fr. R. Walker, Sr. J. Wallace, Jr. M. Watson, Sr. R. Waugh, Sr. G. Whipple, Jr. M. Williamson, Jr. J, Wilson, Jr. G. Yancey, So. 241 stern CAMPUS E. Abouaf, So. S. Arbuckle, Sr. S. Bailey, So. J. Baker, So. S. Baker, Fr. D. Barber, Jr. B. Barron, So. D. Beardsley, Jr. A. Bergwall, Fr. V. Bissell, Jr. N. Bunte, Sr. S. Cowgill, Jr. N. Cuddy, Jr. A. Dorwart, Jr. P. Duff, Sr. P. Edelstein, Jr. J. Emerson, So. S. Ensler, Fr. J. Farrell, So. J. Fimberg, Fr. C. Goldsmith, Sr. M. Goldstein, Jr. N. Goodman, Fr. V. Green, Fr. C. Harbaugh, Jr. C. Higbee, Fr. L. Holden, Fr. H. Hooper, So. D. Horowitz, Fr. G. Jacobs, So. L. Kato, So. J. Kaufman, So. M. Leach, So. F. Lee, So. E. Ligon, Sr. M. Lilly, So. W. McAbeer, Fr. McElhoe, Fr. K. Matthew, Fr. M. May, Jr. 1A1 C. Merchant, Sr. A. Morton, So. B. Moskowitz, So. M. Mothershead, So. L. Mullin, So. G. Nelson, Sr. Stern opened with a new housemother and officers, The new girls were really great, and Everything got off to a fine start. Rep-at-large Jean Shinoda, Homecoming attendant Maria Mothershead, and Sigma Chi finalist Ann Bergwall made us proud, while Numerous other girls were active on campus. Hall activities were very successful And continued fast and furiously throughout the year. Last but not least we gave a Christmas party for underpriv- ileged children, so we ' re Looking forward to summer and a wonderful year next Fall. P. Nixon, Fr. J. Omata, Jr. M. Pearce, Sr. J. Perkins, Fr. E. Petithomme, So. P. Podsakoff, Sr. R. Price, So. J. Riley, Sr. L. Rowe, Fr. H. Rubin, Fr. M. Rubin, Fr. S. Scheibner, Sr. N. Schlegel, Sr. V. Seifert, So. B. Sepkowitz, Fr. N. Shapiro, Jr. B. Shiells, Sr. J. Shinoda, Sr. J. Sklar, Sr. R. Smith, Sr. S. Sarrells, Jr. S. Stevenson, Sr. J. Stitt, So. J. Straus, Jr. D. Tallmon, So. M. Waldie, Jr. K. Watson, Fr. F. Weiner, Jr. S. White, Fr. B. Wicklow, So. J. Wolf, Sr. •%••11. Z44 LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Scherman, Secretary; Don Sandstrom, President; Skip Rhodes, Vice-President. ABSENT: Bruce Belding, Tony Torrence, and Bill Kinney (Fall Officers). FALL OFFICERS FRATERNITY SPRING OFFICERS Ivan Polk Abracadabra Lewis Wood Kimball Wakefield Acacia George Gorbatenko Larry Dashiell Alpha Chi Rho James Henderson Michael Story Alpha Chi Sigma Gerald McCorkle John Schmidt Alpha Delta Phi Fred Rhodes, Jr. Robert Howard Alpha Epsilon Pi Bob Koster Donald Wedegaertner Alpha Gamma Omega. Donald Wedegaertner Warren Lavorel Alpha Kappa Lambda Robert Lafferty John Stewart Alpha Phi Alpha John Stewart Minor White ___ ______ Alpha Sigma Phi. Gerald McCloskey Michael Freeman Alpha Tau Omega Michael Freeman Thomas Trutner Beta Theta Pi Charles Holloway Edward White Chi Phi Clemens Laufenberg James Duff Chi Psi._ Del Rey Ronald Stevens Jack Throop Throop David Davis Delta Chi Jack Th David Davis John Ducato Delta Kappa Epsilon Anthony Griffin Edward Selby Delta Sigma Phi Edward Selby David Ohlson Delta Tau Delta Anthony Torrance Albert Chandler. Delta Upsilon John Hoskowitz Phillip McGinn Kappa Alpha Phillip McGinn Robert Nash Kappa Delta Rho Don Roberts Kappa Nu Lawrence Kroll Steve Kofman James Ogle, Jr. Kappa Sigma Robert Comartin Robert Purdy Lambda Chi Alpha Anthony Johnson Richard Jacobsen Phi Delta Theta Charles Johnson Milton Milne Phi Gamma Delta Milton Milne Steven Hunt Phi Kappa Psi Henry Vierregger J. Allan Kingston Phi Kappa Sigma Donald Gray Richard Doty Phi Kappa Tau Jack Scarzella Thomas Cass Phi Sigma Kappa David Nestor Patrick Dare Pi Alpha Phi Sherman Gee John McKendree Pi Kappa Alpha Roy Jacobes Steven Pennoyer Pi Kappa Phi Steven Pennoyer Ron Berman Pi Lambda Phi. Ron Berman John Dewey Psi Upsilon Duane Kirkpatrick Kenneth Johnson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Roy Gustafson Ed Smith Sigma Alpha Mu Harry Carstens John Lewis, Jr. Sigma Chi Bill West Richard Gray Sigma Nu Donald Walter Robert Puccinelli Sigma Phi John Brideson Roderic Thomas Sigma Phi Epsilon David Ball David Rodriguez Sigma Pi Maynard Orme Leslie Lackman Tau Epsilon Phi Leslie Lackman Don Chaffin Tau Kappa Epsilon Don Chaffin Benjamin Harris Theta Chi David Kennelly Stanley Marx Theta Delta Chi Stanley Marx John Shimmick Theta Xi Cornell Dudley Robert Goldstein Zeta Beta Tau Robert Goldstein Orra Hyde Zeta Psi Douglas Hobson 246 inferfrafernify sc ioiasfic onor society J. Apen J. Curry S. Graves W. Levin N. Peterson W. Strickl in R. Berman G. Day D. Gray D. Lubbock V. Prescop J. Throop D. Boulware A. Deleray R. Hertel L. Lynn E. Reeve G. Wilson S. Buchalter J. Dowell C. Holloway G. McFarland J. Robberson K. Yettick T. Cass J. Eidson T. Horner R. Mendelsohn G. Schutz A. Chandler S. Fralich B. Jordon P. Merle 1. Silvera L. Cohn H. Friedman L. Lea T. Miller L. Smith G. Cureton G. Frug D. Leonard J. Moskowitz P. Spalding ,fernifics The lnterfraternity Scholastic Honor Society is composed of upperclassmen who are members of recognized frater- nities. The purpose of the society is to encourage scholastic attainment among fraternity members. Considering the areas of scholastic, fraternal and campus achievement, the society selects outstanding men to be singled out for special recognition. In an effort to encourage higher scholarship levels, trophies are awarded to the houses with the highest achievements in grades, scholastic improvement, and over- all participation. 247 a racadahra 1756 LEROY AVENUE The Abras completed a successful year in all fields undertaken. Scholarshipwise the house placed in the upper bracket as usual. On the athletic field, we finished first in interfraternity bowling and were successful in other intramural sports. The annual alumni banquet was held in honor of brother Robert Gordon Sproul, retiring president of the University. Socially, many events from the past year will long be remembered. Two formals, the annual Spring Luau, a hayride, several changes and date lunches kept the social calendar constantly full. The " Saloon Dance " was undoubtedly one of our most outstanding and colorful social functions in recent years. E. Albrizzio, So. D. Butner, Fr. G. Claudius, Fr. E. Colmenares, Jr. D. Cundall, Sr. R. Edsirom, Sr. B. Fuhriman, Sr. R. Gaetjen, Fr. G. Hoffman, Jr. B. Hudson, So. B. Hull, Sr. B. Johnson, So. B. Johnson, So. D. Larson, Jr. B. Nichols, Sr. I. Polk, Sr. K. Price, Fr. D. Russell, Jr. L. Tessler, So. V. Torcat, So. L. Wood, Sr. 248 W. Birnbaum, Gr. D. Chambers, So. S. Estabrook, Jr. B. Fairbanks, Jr. R. Fleming, Jr. S. Gutman, Gr. G. Humphreys, Jr. J. Kilburn, So. a plaa r_10 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE With a cook preparing the best food on campus; a fast ning basketball, bowling and ping-pong team; a social dar ranging from barn dances to formals and a half dozen three-pointers, the " Crows " completed a highly successful semester. The House is especially proud of its new addition —vinyl-covered chairs in our recreation room which were designed by Don Smith and constructed by the members of the House. Looking over the achievements of this last semes- ter, the " Crows " can only see even greater ones ahead. T. Klein, Fr. B. Koch, So. J. Macomber, Jr. H. Mattison, Jr. J. McNely, Sr. P. Opler, So. J. Perry, Jr. R. Peterson, Fr. P. Piper, Jr. B. Poe, So. P. Rowe, So. D. Russell, Gr. D. Smith, Jr. L. Smith, Sr. D. Spongberg, So. J. Winslow, Jr. 249 aCKCift 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE B. Alexander, So. W. Bally, Sr. E. Benson, Fr. R. BOlin, Sr. B. Blair, Jr. F. Camp, Jr. B. Cannon, Gr. R. Cloutier, Jr. T. Conover, Sr. S. Emerson, Sr. W. Faris, So. W. Fletcher, Fr. V. Garcia, Sr. G. Gorbatenko, Sr. J. Gove, Sr. C. Hall, So. J. Hiebert, Fr. J. Hoopes, Sr. W. Hoopes, Jr. M. Horton, Jr. C. Lopez, Sr. R. toque, Fr. G. Monroe, Sr. W. Reed, Sr. 250 A. Reutter, Fr. J. Ritter, Jr. Whoever you are, whatever you do ... DON ' T READ THIS. Hey, I TOLD you not to read any further. This article con- tains nothing of interest or educational value. You must be an imbecile to continue reading. copy is just filler material to cover the blank portion of this page. We hope it will detract from the fact that we only have seven members in the house. (The numerous pictures are of the same seven men ( ?) with their hair combed differently.) STILL read- ing? You can ' t stop as your eyes search each unadulterated word for some hidden passage. You are the most stupid ignoramus I have ever met. W. Robinson, Jr. P. Rogers, Jr. R. Sani, Sr. R. Schaal, Sr. R. Schmidt, Fr. T. Schwarzer D. Scott, Jr. R. Scott, Sr. R. Story, So. T. Thomas, So. D. Van Gelder, Jr. K. Wakefield, Sr. D. Weinberger, Sr. J. Weinberger, So. W. Well, Sr. J. Wickman, Sr. 25 I aa. delta pai 2401 RIDGE ROAD A. Bailey, Jr. H. Bailey, Jr. A. Clark, So. J. Cox, Sr. D. Delahooke, Sr. J. Demsey, So. R. Engel, Jr, C. Eversbusch, Fr. P. Frichette, So. T. Gonser, So. R. Gordon, Jr. S. Harris, Fr. A. Hastings, Jr. S. Henderson, So. L. Henry, Fr. W. Johnston, So. Marchant, Fr. J. Monroe, Sr. D. Morrison, Sr. D. Nicholson, Fr. A. Payne, Sr. M. Pepys, Jr. A. Phipps, So. F. Rhodes, Sr. J. Rydman, Jr. R. Samuelson, Sr. W. Sisson, So. S. Skaggs, So. W. Steen, Sr. H. Stilley, So. T. Vinzent, Jr. T. Vogel, So. K. Yettick, Sr. 252 A. Barton, so. H. Beral, Fr. M. Berns, So. alp aa epsilon pi 2728 HASTE September saw the start of another golden year for the " Apes. " Dean Dutton honored us as chaperone for our hard liquor parties and Dean Towle was quite effective in keeping the girls on the bottom floor. Our satellite watching patrol boasts of spotting various identified unmentionable objects in the direction of 2728 Channing. . . . Scholastically speaking, this year has been a cinch; never before have the brothers made such an all-out effort to subsidize Messrs. Massey and Fybate. . . . Socially it was the same old tale with pajama parties and overnight beer bust exchanges. . . . M. De Berl, So. K. Gale, Jr. S. Ginsburg, So. R. Howard, Sr. B. Kirshbaum, Jr. D. Kirshbaum, Sr. R. Koster, Sr. A. Lamb, Sr. J. Lenchiner, Fr. P. Lippett, Sr. B. Mayer, Fr. B. Minton, Jr. B. Plat, Gr. M. Plotnick, Fr. M. Schutz, Jr. L. Smith, So. 253 alp ' IA gamma omega 2713 HASTE Alpha Gamma Omega had a rowdy but pleasant year. In the Fall the group had hayrides and folk dances, and school spirit then emerged as the house joined with Alpha Delta Chi at Big Game time for house decorating. Social affairs continued with a gathering of alumni and friends for our annual ders ' Day Banquet. In the Spring there were beach parties and the Spring Formal. The activities, especially the nightly free-for-alls, left little time for studies. Most important, the group in its activities and aims tried constantly to emphasize Christian principles in an effort to improve the lives of its members and influence those around us. B. Bitter, So. D. Bitter, Fr. J. Devincenzo, Sr. L. Gustafson, Sr. B. Irvine, Sr. 0. Kasponian, Fr. D. Lee, Jr. R. Lewis, Jr. P. Lindquist, Jr. D. Osteyee, Sr. A. Peters, Sr. B. Rasmussen, So. P. Rexroth, Sr. D. Short, Jr. W. Sullens, Sr. E. Trout, Sr. D. Wedegaertner, Sr. lrA ail ➢lia cliff sigma 2627 VIRGINIA STREET J. Augusta, Sr. J. Bingham, Fr. M. Blackford, Fr. T. Briggs, Jr. J. Carlson, So. G. Cunial, So. Well, this year was not much different from last. We enlarged our " still, " and therefore our treasury, but the Board of Equalization got on our necks for giving rum to the Berkeley High School " students. " Several members took it upon themselves to cut the ivy away from the old chem building, and contrary to popular belief, it didn ' t collapse. Some of our members participated in campus activities. Apathy still remained the most popular organization. The Associated Coffee Drinkers and Bull Slingers League met per usual at 10 a.m. every day in the Bears ' Lair. tki a H. Davis, So. G. Day, Sr. R. Ellis, So. S. Faberoff, Jr. G. Hultgren, Sr. D. Kuzmicky, Jr. J. McCorkle, Sr. J. Macomber, So. R. Marchi, Sr. A. Mitchell, So. R. Parrish, So. P. Russell, Jr. D. Shriver, Sr. J. Smith, Jr. M. Story, Sr. J. Yatabe, Jr. alpha p 1111 alp,-la 658 54TH STREET, OAKLAND There is the Sweetheart Dance with such lovely women as Ann Woolridge, our sweetheart; there are the beer busts after the games; there is the counseling program and the series of scholarship seminars and the " Conversation " that comes on occasion. Add to these things that Spirit of closeness, and you have a glimpse of Alpha Phi Alpha. R. Blackburn, Fr. A. Brown, Jr. J. Hart, Jr. W. Holiman, Fr. C. Holston, So. J. Stewart, Jr. A. Isabelle, Jr. J. Johnson, Gr. 255 alp aa ' Kappa _arnixta 2701 HEARST AVENUE E. Aguilar, Jr. M. Baehr, Sr. R. Bean, Jr. P. Clecak, Jr. C. Cordill, Jr. K. Cummings, Fr. R. DeFields, Sr. J. Dougharty, Jr. F. Droese, Fr. H. Jensen, So. K. Droese, Jr. A. Kennedy, Sr. G. Fittinghoff, Jr. B. Lafferty, Sr. D. Foster, Fr. C. Lambert, So. P. Foster, So. W. Lavorel, Sr. D. Ghiggeri, Sr. T. Leland, So. J. Gunn, Jr. H. Lincoln, Fr. A. Jacobsen, Sr. W. Little, Jr. ?CA Luini, Gr. B. McCallum, So. K. McKinnon, Jr. S. McMurry, So. D. Murley, Sr. J. Myracle, Jr. Alpha Kappa Lambda managed to remain obscure in prac- tically every aspect of campus life. What few exceptions we encountered were met with the sure, swift punishment of cization. Once again, apathy was the keyword. Previously dull parties were greatly enhanced by the presence of home-grown marijuana. When the local constabulary quashed this activity, the remainder of the social season was boring, and in general, a loss. Scholarship was a farce—a direct result of the faculty ' s in- ability to recognize the merits of our quasi-existentialistic school of thought. The Board of Health inspected the fraternity plant, labeling it " Fit for Animal Habitation. " Two members were censured, however, for allowing mice to breed in their beards. This would be longer but for two reasons: (1) we didn ' t do anything else, and (2) we really couldn ' t care less. B. Olson, So. D. Park, Jr. N. Petersen, Jr. B. Petrocelli, Jr. R. Poirier, Fr. S. Ruth, Sr. T. Seaborn, Fr. T. Simas, Jr. B. Simpson, Jr. F. Snyder, Jr. K. Swenson, Fr. B. Thompson, So. R. Tierney, Sr. B. Weck, Sr. D. Woods, Sr. 257 alpha sigma 2739 CHANNING WAY P. Barnes, Sr. J. Boyden, Sr. W. Branaman, Jr. J. Buck, So. T. Caverly, Sr. W. Crochet, So. A. Delisle, Jr. R. Ellis, So. C. Evans, So. J. Flowers, Fr. J. Foudy, So. P. Galva, So. D. Grener, So. B. Haley, Fr. M. Harris, Sr. B. Inch, Sr. T. Ingersoll, Jr. D. Jacobsen, Sr. J. Jefsen, Jr. B. Kassenbrock, Jr. R. Linn, Jr. B. Matthew, Jr. J. McCarthy, Jr. J. McCloskey, Jr. 258 B. Mills, So, J. Moore, Sr. F. Ovalle, Jr. P. Parks, Fr. " Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, Sermons and soda-water the day after. " G. Petty, Fr. J. Pierce, Jr. K. Riedy, Jr. B. Riegg, Jr. A. Rogers, Sr. J. Rosenberg, Sr. N. Ross, Fr. S. Simmons, Fr. B. Steiner, Jr. F. Sylvia, Jr. B. Weber, So. K. White, Sr. P. Zimmers, Sr. 259 a p as tau omega 2465 LECONTE AVENUE P. Arrasmith, Jr. R. Baxter, Gr. A. Berggren, Sr. R. Berry, Jr. T. Bitzer, Jr. P. Blaskowsky, Fr. J. Booty, So. J. Botz, Jr. B. Carlson, Sr. D. Cavagnaro, Sr. S. Cook, Jr. A. Deleray, Jr. D. Delong, So. J. Donaldson, Fr. T. Feldhahn, Gr. W. Ferris, Jr. H. Fish, Jr. R. Forward, Jr. M. Freeman, Sr. E. Gawain, Jr. P. Grady, Jr. T. Grady, Sr. T. Hendrix, Jr. R. Henry, Fr. E. Hobbs, Jr. D. Hubbard, Jr. L. Jensen, Jr. D. Johnson, Fr. D. Johnson, Fr. R. Leidich, Jr. C. McNall, Jr. R. Miller, So. 260 T. Moseley, Jr. J. Muehlbauer, Jr. A hard year for nonstudiers at the Northside Luncheon Club was seen in September. We feted our delegation to the UN Peace Commission with a mili tary ball and beat the American Satellite into the air by a full six weeks at our Moon Dance. Eric, as usual, got wiped out and spent much time in the hospital. Springtime brought the news of a grant from the Ford Foundation for the direct study of cirrhosis of the liver and its causes. Famous visitors included J. Cordova, author of " Building a Home Jai-Alai Court in Four Days. " B. Muir, Jr. D, Nadeau, Jr. M. O ' Day, Jr. P. O ' Shaughnessy, Sr. H. Pearson, Sr. P. Peterson, Jr. W. Price, Jr. D. Randall, Sr. G. Reichert, Sr. R. Rhinefrank, Fr. C. Rhodes, So. E. Robinson, Fr. J. Schleuning, Jr. K. Shelton, Fr. W. Singer, Jr. W. Smith, Sr. E. Taurman, Sr. J. Thomas, Jr. R. Westmann, Jr. K. Young, Sr. P. Young, Jr. 261 beia ttheta 2607 HEARST The Beta calendar will always be remembered as one of ress. This was brought about by a proclamation for greater balance within the chapter by an increase in social iture and a decrease in the gardener ' s salary. Like the brilliantly decorated Christmas trees, the brothers were glowing with yuletide spirit at the Christmas Formal. This glowing spirit carried into the Spring semester and was a contributing factor in such events as the Miami Triad, the Big Six, and Spring Formal. Betas in major sports, and a few subordinate ones, were physically and mentally uplifted by the undying inspiration of " Oski " Hooper. R. Bakke, Jr. T. Bates, So. J. Bordy, Fr. W. Bort, Jr. D. Bowden, Sr. D. Bull, Jr. J. Carney, Jr. D. Babros, Jr. D. Christie, Fr. D. Despars, So. J. Dickson, So. M. Edminster, So. R. Elzenga, Sr. J. English, Fr. J. Ferguson, Fr. S. Foster, Jr. G. Greenlee, Jr. F. Griffin, Jr. S. Herrick, So. G. Hill, Jr. J. Hilton, Fr. C. Holloway, Sr. G. Huber, Jr., So. M. Huguet, Sr. E. Landis, Jr. R. Laughlin, Sr. S. Lipman, Fr. D. McPherson, So. R. Nankervis, Jr. M. Nelson, So. J. Polite, So. B. Sperry, Fr. M. Storm, So. T. Trutner, Sr. M. Upshaw, Sr. T. Violich, Fr. B. Vaughn, Fr. C. Werdel, So. W. Whittaker, So. S. Wilcott, So. J. Wilson, Sr. 262 C. Ashman, Fr. B. Bell, So. T. Dixon, So. c p 2529 HEARST J. Fraser, Jr. M. Good, Jr. R. Good, Fr. B. Hart, Jr. J. Horsley, So. C. Jakobsen, So. C. Laufenberg, Jr. J. Luft, Fr. T. Lyman, Fr. B. Mclndoe, Sr. K. Meade, So. P. Morse, Fr. B. Pool, So. S. Better, Jr. B. Rice, Jr. R. Ryder, Fr. D. Schimansky, Fr. G. Smith, Fr. P. Wadsworth, Jr. B. Wait, Fr. B. Whaley, Fr. D. White, Jr. E. White, Sr. J. Weisner, Sr. 263 pS11. 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE D. Avery, Fr. S. Bischoff, Fr. B. Burkett, Jr. J. Duff, Sr. H. Elliot, So. S. Freeman, Jr. G. Keefe, Sr. D. Leonard, Jr. dattAiti E. Mascarin, Sr. L. Rinnick, Sr. F. Mead, So. D. Rutherford, So. P. Livanos, Jr. R. Martin, Sr. N. Proffitt, Jr. R. Reamy, So. B. Moir, Jr. J. Parsons, Fr. D. Pettys, Fr. G. Powell, So. J. Stedman, Fr. R. Stevens, Sr. 264 D. Chamlee, Sr. G. Foster, Jr. R. Gonsalves, Fr. J. Gunnarson, Fr. el rey 1727 EUCLID AVENUE The year opened with a great big bang, then the Dellers settled down for the long hard beat. The nights were loud and wild (until the neighbors complained too loudly) , and the days brought the usual hangovers. But things always worked out okay. In sports we again excelled—the ping-pong players finally won a match. Peyton Place held up our high literary and moral standards. B. Harris, Jr. J. Hau, Sr. J. James, Jr. J. Jonas, Jr. D. Judd, Jr. K. King, Sr. S. Millard, Jr. B. Miller, Sr. R. Miller, Fr. J. Moberly, Sr. B. Moline, Sr. A. Rammell, Sr. E. Rhoades, Sr. B. Robbins, Fr. N. Shehadi, Sr. L. Simmons, Jr. J. Throop, Sr. P. Turner, Sr. D. Whyte, Jr. 265 delf a c 2725 HASTE Delta Chi began a very successful year by pledging enough fine men to outnumber the active chapter two to one. It has been through the efforts of the large pledge class and also through the efforts of a very active alumni organization that the active chapter has been able to plan and execute a social, intramural, and study program which has been unexcelled in many years past. In addition to our annual events such as Founder ' s Day banquet, pledge dance, Big Game overnight, Christmas party for orphans, Sweetheart Formal, and Ha- waiian dance, we have had several " round-the-fireside " dances which have made the year especially enjoyable. G. Abad, Fr. D. Backus, So. D. Baily, Jr. B. Ballantyne, Jr. J. Becker, Fr. R. Boynton, Sr. D. Davis, Jr. K. Dawson, Jr. T. Depner, Jr. R. Dohm, Fr. T. Haddock, Fr. S. Hanna, Jr. W. Knutson, Jr. W. Lemen, Fr. F. Oakley, Gr. J. Ring, Jr. L. Sherwood, Fr. A. Trips, Jr. 266 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE Another good one for DKE. More tea dances and bridge. Fine year. P. Ashby, Jr. G. Brown, Fr. J. Curry, Sr. J. Ducato, Sr. R. Dunne, Jr. G. Everett, So. R. Fairchild, Jr. A. Farrand, Jr. A. Griffin, Sr. D. Moseley, Jr. J. Wagener, Jr. J. Hardy, Sr. M. Moya, Fr. J. Wood, So. E. Healey, So. C. Rolin, Fr. G. Zuckerman, So. H. Hummelt, Fr. E. Shell, Jr. J. Kelly, So. A. Smith, Sr. M. McNerney, So. R. Tolles, So. P. Maddux, Fr. C. Towle, So. R. Morton, Sr. H. Trapnell, Jr. 267 deka sigma phi 2415 PROSPECT STREET " Jones speaking; C. W. Jones, president of the Calso Club. We ' re talking to Herman Finkwater of Delta Sigma Phi. —Say, Herm, what ' s new this year? " " Well, it ' s this way, Jones; I always use Calso in all my drinks at the Big U. " " No, Herm, I mean in what activities, social functions, and athletic events has your fraternity participated this year? " " Well, ya see it ' s this way, Jones; I always use Calso in all my drinks at the Big U. " " No, I mean that I ' ve heard that the Delta Sigs have been giving parties, cooling their grades, and only excelling in sports this year. " " Well, it ' s this way, Jones; I always use Calso in all my drinks. It ' s one of the best mixes I ' ve ever found. " " Thanks, Herm, but I didn ' t come here for a commercial. Have you one final word for our readers? " " Smart boy, Jones, you ' re going places. " V. Asmundson, Sr. A. Braun, So. A. Burt, Jr. P. Campbell, Fr. B. Carmody, Sr. P. Cianfichi, Jr. B. Dahlstrom, So. B. Davidson, Fr. D. Deardorf, Jr. E. Devlin, Fr. D. Duncan, Fr. B. Durfee, So. M. Dunker, So. J. Ellermeier, Jr. N. Enmark, Sr. R. Gaarde, So. R. Gateley, Jr. G. Gnesdiloff, Jr. M. Grady, Jr. L. Graham, Jr. T. Heath, So. D. Helske, Fr. R. Hove, Sr. G. Kalian, Fr. D. Kindorf, Sr. G. Kneedler, So. S. Larson, Sr. T. Leahy, So. J. Leary, Fr. J. McFarland, So. L. Nicholson, Jr. T. Orchard, Sr. J. Pendergast, Sr. A. Richter, Jr. R. Remple, Jr. F. Schorr, Sr. B. Selby, Jr. E. Selby, Sr. J. Sh:vely, So. E. Spangenburg, Fr. B. Whelton, Fr. 268 C. Brown, Sr. 4 " ) -31 kappa psi 2625 HEARST AVENUE S. Brown, So. P. Bruderer, Sr. Phi Kappa Psi has enjoyed another successful year in intra- murals, rushing, and social functions. Of course the scholastic side of the picture ran a close fourth. Rushing brought three outstanding pledges! Bagger, dog; Nubby, guinea pig; Ed- ward, rabbit. The social calendar has been filled with the Fall Halloween party, the annual Spring South Seas, and the house was decorated for the Big Game. It looks as though Phi Psi will again finish in the top ten in intramurals, baseball and football being the most successful. The scholastic standing seems to be headed for improvement too. All in all, the year proved quite successful with a good time being had by all. J. Burden, Fr. R. Camozzi, Fr. R. Cantu, So. B. Fitzpatrick, So. J. Frasnelly, Jr. P. Hayward, Sr. F. Henchell, So. K. Holden, Gr. H. Horn, Sr. J. Hulboy, Fr. S. Hunt, Jr. A. Jorgensen, Fr. J. King, So. W. Kleinbauer, Jr. R. Labare, Jr. P. Larson, Jr. D. Moore, Fr. J. Moulton, So. R. Myldary, Fr. K. Newmark, So. R. Toll, So. H. Vierregger, Sr. N. Vivion, Sr. 269 eifa tau Itch 2425 HILLSIDE D. Amoroso, Fr. K. Ashford, Sr. B. Ausfahl, Fr. V. Binsacca, So. B. Brown, So. D. Brown, Sr. T. Brown, So. B. Carr, Jr. J. Christie, Jr. D. Duckhorn, Jr. D. Dumke, So. T. Falk, Fr. P. Dunn, Jr. J. Finney, So. B. Garretson, Sr. B. Gassett, Jr. D. Grether, So. J. Henrotin, Fr. S. Hospers, Fr. W. Keeler, Sr. E. Kinney, Jr. D. Leigh, So. D. Linck, So. G. Lloyd, Fr. C. McLeod, So. S. Marquard, So. P. Merle, Jr. P. Miller, So. 270 J. Moore, Fr. D. Ohlson, Fr. W. Nichols, So. D. Ohlson, Sr. Actually, the high spot of the year was the three-month period during which all the heads were out of order. Mr. Alex Gaviota and Mr. Hugo Bandini are relandscaping our yard next year —this we consider to demonstrate once again the merits of the barter system. Social activity reached fever pitch as September approached, and all parties began to resemble brawls, with many of the guests being punched. This year ' s luau was held amid the tiled splendor of the Dwinelle heads. The upshot of the whole year was that there wasn ' t a maiden rat to be found. B. Paxton, Jr. R. Peterson, Sr. H. Quackenbush, Sr. T. Ready, Jr. N. Salisbury, Fr. K. Scarpelli, Fr. B. Schauer, Sr. J. Serventi, Jr. G. Sherrard, So. D. Simson, Sr. J. Steidlmayer, Fr. D. Strough, Jr. J. Tegtmeier, So. D. Thinger, Jr. T. Thompson, So. T. Torrance, Sr, S. Vantress, Sr. B. Volt, Fr. L. Weight, Sr. J. Wilson, Jr. G. Wulfsberg, Jr. 271 fa. upsilon 2425 WARRING J. Adamson, Sr. N. Aliaga, Sr. G. Angus, Fr. C. Arnold, Sr. T. Bailey, Sr. D. Bertero, Fr. B. Boldt, Jr. N. Bostock, Jr. B. Burnett, Fr. J. Burress, Fr. A. Chandler, Sr. C. Channing, Sr. P. Cronenwett, Fr. P. Foreman, So. N. Freed, Jr. T. Gage, So. L. Giannone, Sr. B. Haden, So. B. Hawkins, Sr. J. Hawkins, Jr. B. Hobin, Fr. P. Hobin, Jr. J. Huntington, Jr. B. Ingham, So. B. Johnson, Sr. J. Jones, Jr. D. Kavanagh, Jr. B. Kinsman, Sr. D. Kloninger, So. P. Kloninger, Fr. M. Magnani, Jr. B. Myers, Fr. 272 J. Moskowitz, Sr. D. Olson, Jr. D. Perdue, Sr. P. Plant, Fr. M. Prado, Fr. E. Reeve, Jr. We, of DU, believe that a fraternity should be like a dry martini — a blend of fine ingredients mixed with a master hand. Using our two ingredients, scholarship and social activ- ities, we mixed a very dry martini. The meteoric emergence from the scholastic cellar to the rarified atmosphere of the upper academic echelons was the most noteworthy event of the year. This stran ge, intelligence, fortitude and low class averages. We also found time to pro- mulgate our reputation as " bon vivants. " Although hampered by the uncorruptible eye of our thrice-accursed administra- tion, we continued the tradition of revels, often lasting until the rise of the Golden Sun. B. Rood, Jr. R. Sanford, Fr. R. Sanford, Fr. B. Scholz, Fr. B. Sciutto, Fr. P. Spaulding, Jr. J. Stern, Sr. M. White, Sr. J. Whitehead, So. B. Wrixon, So. J. Wrixon, So. 273 kappa al 2425 PIEDMONT I • J. Berglund, Sr. G. Burr, So. B. Burton, Fr. B. Carver, So. W. Davis, Fr. D. Day, Jr. C. Dooley, Fr. P. Downing, Fr. D. Draheim, So. B. Eddins, Jr. J. Eisenhood, So. K. Elliott, Jr. T. Fortune, Fr. B. Gonzoles, Jr. A. Herd, So. B. Hirst, Fr. A. Holloway, Sr. D. Honens, Sr. L. Hudack, So. D. Jones, Fr. J. Kerr, So. J. Kitterman, Sr. D. Lamb, Jr. G. Lee, Sr, D. Lyman, Jr. C. Lyons, Sr. M. McFeely, So. J. McGinn, Jr. 274 P. McGinn, Sr. L. McNulty, Fr. G. Marchand, Sr. D. Marshall, Sr. B. Mayer, Sr. E. Minugh, Jr. The totality of university life enveloped us this semester. From our lofty bleacher seats we developed a keen appreciation for amateur collegiate athletics. We were roused to the proper levels of political indignation as critical amendments to crucial subsections of vital bylaws of the Student Constitution were attempted. We participated in those essential functions of student life : the coffee date, the drinking society, and the protest meeting. To all these august accomplishments can be added our recent discovery of those scientific study aids : the Outline Series and the No-Doz Tablet. A. Monaco, So. E. Morris, Sr. L. Parque, Fr. F. Portman, So. B. Rennie, Jr. R. Richardson, So. S. Rose, Fr. P. Sheehan, Sr. D. Shimek, Jr. B. Simpson, Sr. D. Thomas, So. G. Thomas, So. J. Udovch, Sr. R. Wiggins, Jr. 275 kappa lie fa rho 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE J. Alving, Fr. R. Anderson, Fr. J. Aspland, Fr. J. Brennan, So. G. Bridgeinan, Jr. R. Bodenhame So. H. Calkins, So. D. Cordell ' , So, R. Carpenter, So. R. Collingham, Sr. D. Davisson, Jr. C. Dinic, Fr. R. Gerba, Sr. A. Hill, Sr. D. Howland, So. J. Huseby, So. R. Jacobs, So, D. Jones, Sr. 276 W. Jump, Jr. P. Justin, So. This year started with a blue note. Our faithful mascot, Sam, winner of many Wheeler Hall battles, was banished from the campus, thereby becoming possibly the only dog in UC his- tory to be placed on social pro. The rest of us fared better, finding time to hold pledge dances, formals, our annual Ski Dance, and numerous impromptu beer busts. Combining our talents with the feminine ingenuity of the ZTAs, we created the " Tin Foil Worm, " which brought us the Big Game Week decorations sweepstakes. And looking back, we feel that it has really been a " sweepstakes " year for KDR. S. Lindauer, Sr. R. Martin, Sr. D. Meyer, So. W. Morton, So. R. Nash, Sr. N. Nielson, Fr. H. Richardson, Sr. D. Roberts, Sr, A. Roke, Sr. W, Scherer, So. B. Shoemaker, Jr. P. Smith, So. R. Spencer, Sr. B. Vargus, So. 277 Aappa flu 2412 PIEDMONT L. Belling, Fr. P. Berman, Jr. L. Blum, Jr. M. Babele, Sr. M. Bobrow, Fr. D. Brill, Sr. H. Davis, Sr. L. Dorshkind, Jr. B. Dubiner, Jr. M. Ellenberg, Gr. B. Engel, Jr. I. Feinberg, So. S. Franklin, So. G. Freeman, Fr. R. Frieman, Fr. J. Gallin, Sr. M. Gluskin, So. H. Goldstein, Fr. G. Green, So. T. Greenfield, Fr. G. Herman, Sr. A. Heskin, So. I. Hirschorn, Sr. B. Horwitz, Fr. J. Hyman, Jr. F. Jacobs, Fr. M. Jacobs, So. N. Kaman, Sr. K. Kofman, Jr. S. Kofman, Sr. R. Krevitt, Jr. B. Landsberg, Jr. 278 J. Lewis, Sr. P. Lipkin, Sr. L. Loeb, Sr. R. Melmon, Fr. R. Mendelsohn, Jr. G. Mintz, Sr. This semester Tau of Kappa Nu abandoned its old castle on Ridge Road and moved into a modern, new establishment at 2412 Piedmont Avenue. The transition from the gloom of Northside to the enthusiasm of Channing Circle prompted us to take 27 pledges, the largest number of any house on campus ( we had more room to put the new men) . In addition KN took a first place in the annual Axe Revue, and also cap- tured an award in the house decorations contest. In fact, everywhere anyone turned, Kappa Nu was winning something, leading one observer to quote: " How can you beat ' em? " I. Mitroff, So. M. Morris, Fr. M. Moscovitz, So. R. Moskowitz, So. M. Nagel, Fr. A. Ogren, Jr. G. Polinski, Fr. D. Roditti, Jr. H. Rose, Jr. D. Rosenberg, Jr. D. Rosenblaatt, Sr. J. Saxon, Sr. B. Schroffel, Jr. F. Schwartz, Fr. R. Schwartz, So. A. Shapiro, Sr. R. Sikora, So. E. Tanovitz, J r. M. Tessler, So. A. Traig, So. S. Trost, Fr. A. Twain, Sr. M. Weiner, Jr. M. Wolfenson, Jr. 279 ' Ka pa sigma 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE M. Baxter, Jr. F. Brown, Fr. J. Carnahan, So. R. Comartin, Jr. J. Contestabile, Jr. R. Day, Sr. M. Dervishian, So. R. Dixon, Jr. D. Donovan, So. R. Dressler, Sr. L. Eisele, So. A. Fields, So. J. Fletter, So. D. Gabriel, Fr. W. Harris, Sr. R. Hartsough, So. R. Hicks, Jr. D. Hilbebrandt, So. B. Hoffman, Fr. J. Holstein, So. N. Huntington, So. W. Johnson, So. G. Jones, Fr. R. Kahn, Jr. 280 J. Kieber, So. R. McCune, Jr. J. Madrosin, So. F. Moldonado, Sr. The great-hearted Kappa Sigs started the semester by striking a mighty blow for universal suffrage by pledging seventeen women. However, bigoted forces within the Dean ' s office blocked the move. We continued our grim fight against vice wherever it may be by facing the problem of the self-proclaimed Greek Godesses of this campus: why aren ' t they normal, instead of phony, callous, put-on and generally undesirable unless taken with drink? Scholastic trends led toward solving the perplexing questions of the human body through a rather questionable series of ancient motion pictures from romantic Old Mexico. R. Messer, Sr. J. Ogle, Sr. G. O ' Neal, So. A. Perrin, Jr. L. Porter, Fr. D. Skogstrom, Jr. M. Storm, Fr. R. Taggart, Jr. R. Tartre, So. J. Tamlinsem, Sr. R. Townsend, Jr. R. Tucci, Fr. W. U`Ren, Sr. 281 1 11111)(1_11 1755 LEROY AVENUE ate. J. Apen, Jr. R. Bartke, Sr. H. Bauer, Fr. D. Burchell, Fr. T. Burges, So. W. Burk, Fr. J. Carmany, So. D. Castagna, So. J. Cauzza, Jr. N. Choppelas, Jr. J. Clark, Sr. R. Clay, So. R. Clinchard, So. J. Coil, Jr. M. Colwes, Jr. R. Dahlinger, Sr. S. Del Pero, Jr. S. Dixon, Sr. R. Dresser, Sr. E. Dryer, Jr. R. Edmondson, Jr. G. Foster, Jr. A. Halden, So. R. Hoey, Sr. R. House, Fr. A. Johnson, Jr. B. Johnson, Sr. L. Jorgensen, Jr. A. Joyal, Jr. M. Justensen, Jr. R. Klinge, Sr. W. Korsinen, Fr. 282 U R. Larson, Sr. G. Laub, Jr. We began the school year with preparations for a jungle dance by damming up the creek to form a lagoon. Unfortunately, this undermined the south wing of our new house; the casualties amounted to three actives, two pledges, one cook and our beer supply. Luckily, one of the pledges was a former lifeguard and saved the beer. Exchanges were halted when an active playfully shouted " Shazam " and the resulting lightning bolt completely de- stroyed the rest of the house. House meetings a re now held at Mel ' s Drive-in. • In Memoriam • One House • Three Actives • Two Pledges One Cook Atia iiiitAikituA P. Lazo, So. L. Lea, Sr. W. Littleton, So. M. Love, Fr. W. McCambell, Jr. T. McCarthy, Fr. R. McCarty, Jr. G. McMullen, Fr. R. Malcolm, Fr. T. Noel, Fr. P. Osborne, Fr. A. Panttaja, Fr. R. Papike, Fr. R. Purdy, Sr. D. Roberson, Sr. R. Saville, Jr. D. Schultz, Sr. P. Shaffer, So. G. Soderer, So. L. Smith, Sr. J. Trembath, Fr. J. von Husen, So. D. Westeren, Fr. H. Williams, Jr. 283 cl_e fa 2717 HEARST - " eta B. Ash, Sr. M. Bogdanovich, So. C. Buckley, Jr. B. Clark, Jr. T. Conrad, Sr. D. Coombs, Jr. G. Costanzo, Sr. G. Cureton, So. F Daulton, Jr. J. Ernst, Fr. H. Guidice, So. S. Glagola, Sr. T. Goodale, Fr T. Grant, Jr. C. Green, Sr. A. Hathaway, Sr. W. Hayes, Jr. B. Henrich, So. J. Hokom, Jr., So. W. Holland, So. M. Hutchison, So. J. Jackson, Jr. D. Jacobson, Sr. P. Kelly, Jr. 284 K. Lawrenson, So. T. Lowell, Sr, D. Mayberry, So. P. Melvin, So. R. Milligan, So. G. Moore, Fr. All went well at the Phi Delt Correction home this year. After penal laws were relaxed the brothers romped at the Western Party, overnight formal, and exchanges with Agnew and Tehachapi. In the field of nuclear physics, the elusive element Bourbon was " isolated " in the basement. (However, several of the corps soon rushed to the scene of the " isolated " ele- ment.) Some men are preparing to launch the house into an orbit and eventually to the moon, thereby joining our other chapters. Most notable achievement was a direct wire to Santa Anita; our sorest point was our failure to negotiate a truce with the Dean ' s Office. M. Moore, Fr. J. O ' Leary, So. J. Pitto, Sr. E. Reese, Fr. J. Richardson, Jr. R. Rudy, Fr. J. Russ, Jr. G. Saywell, So. D. Scrivner, Jr. S. Sweeney, Fr. K. Tuck, Fr. S. Turner, Jr. B. Vezzani, Jr. M. Waters, Sr. M. White, So. B. Williamson, So. 285 ii gamma lieifa, 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE p G. Baldwin, Fr. K. Blakeney, Jr. J. Bogue, Fr. T. Boone, Sr. F. Brown, Jr. P. Brucher, Sr. S. Chappell, Jr. D. Clark, So. P. Costello, So. T. Craven, So. D. DeFeo, Fr. J. Dittmar, So. R. Dutton, So. D. Fowler, Sr. F. Gilberd, Fr. B. Goodwin, Sr. D. Guggenheim, So. J. Hall, So. R. Hathcock, Jr. K. Hayworth, Jr. J. Hudson, Jr. J. Hughes, So. R. Hughes, So. E. Johnston, So. T. Kelley, So. T. Kellogg, So. R. Kelso, Jr. K. Kirwan, So. J. Kite, So. R. Koch, Jr. W. Leath, So. R. Lynch, So. 286 J. McGuinn, So. R. Mangum, So. R. Mangum, Jr. Oh! pretty good! A. Mathews, Jr. M. Milne, Sr. C. Money, Jr. R. Montgomery, Jr. T. Muller, So. K. Petron, Jr. W. Purcell, Fr. J. Reeves, Fr. V. Rex, Fr. J. Robberson, Sr. C. Schwarz, Sr. F. Schwarz, So. C. Seaver, Fr. K. Seher, Jr. P. Simpson, Jr. M. Smith, Jr. F. Stillman, Jr. R. Tompkins, Sr. R. Trumbuel, So. C. Weaver, Jr. J. White, So. 287 B. Arnold, Jr. B. Belding, Sr. S. Bruno, Jr. A. Caldwell, Sr. I. Caldwell, Jr. T. Cochran, Fr. J. Eastin, Fr. R. Eddings, Fr. J. Edwards, Sr. D. Gray, Sr. P. Gray, Jr. H. Guittard, Fr. J. Hammon, Jr. L. Hendel, Fr. P. Hindes, Sr. P. Humphreys, Fr. B. Johnston, Sr. D. Jorgensen, So. J. Jorgensen, So. A. Kingston, Sr. J. Lansman, Sr. R. Lawyer, Sr. W. Levin, Sr. D. Livingstone, Sr. E. Mayer, Jr. G. McDonough, Jr. P. Menoher, Fr. 288 S. Morrison, So. D. Mulrhead, So. In keeping with the University motto, " Let there be light, " Phi Kaps enjoyed another school year — half lit. Our 90 will remember the swish of toothpicks at " Tini Time " and the Lumberjack Ball, which was a howling masquerade, set against the falling leaves of autumn; the brothers laying logs in the living room to provide atmosphere. Phi Kaps also opened the doorways of learning plus the fra- ternity ' s closets in search of " new spirits " and lost brothers. To foster scientific knowledge and international relations, we launched the 59th Sputnick containing our entire pledge class who became the first class to go around the world in 80 seconds. J. Newman, Sr. B. Ososke, Fr. V. Prescop, Jr. B. Rice, Fr. J. Ronan, Sr. B. Ruth, So. R. Ruud, Jr. B. Santee, Jr. T. Settle, Fr. T. Sherrod, So. P. Smith, Fr. C. Spott, Fr. K. Stone, Sr. M. Torrey, So. D. Totten, Fr. M. Tuft, Sr. B. Walsh, Jr. J. Wilberger, Fr. V. Wykoff, So. J. Yaeckel, Fr. J. Zeidler, Sr. phi ' Kappa tau 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE A. Airoldi, Sr. P. Albrig ' + Su. R. Bayley, Sr. G. Brenzel, Jr. R. Brooke, Jr. J. Butenschoen, So. J. Cline, Sr. T. Cloutier, Fr. D. DelRosso, Jr. D. Doty, Sr. B, Duey, Fr. D. Duey, Fr. S. Ferreira, Jr. G. Finn, So. D. Grove, So. B. Hobbs, Fr. D. Imhoff, So. 11. Klehn, Sr. B. Kristic, Fr. J. Long, Jr. 8. Love, Sr. B. Luther, Sr. J. McGinnis, Jr. D. McIntosh, Sr. 7 n W. Martin, Jr. G. Morrow, Jr. J. Nelson, Fr. R. Packard, Sr. Among the most noted of Phi Kappa Tau achievements this past year was our outstanding advocacy of the traditionally conservative doctrines held by the brotherhood. These, in short, were our steadfast observance of a unilateral declara- tion of nonparticipation in ASUC affairs and activities, and the usual amount of vehemence we put into our program for the rapid integration of the fraternity and sorority houses on campus. Long respected for our position on these matters we expect greater advances in the coming year as the impetus directing our movement gains greater voice and courage. T. Palma, Jr. R. Parker, Fr. R. Rohde, So. T. Russell, Sr. J. Scarzella, Jr. R. Shurtz, Jr. J. Smith, Jr. T. Tibbetts, So. B. Toth, Sr. W. Vasey, Sr. R. Vingo, So. M. Wedlake, Fr. B. Weiss, Fr. E. Werner, Jr. M. Wuth, Jr. G. Young, Jr, 791 piu sigma ,Kappa 2312 WARRING STREET J. Amos, Sr. M. Andrews, So. C. Arne, So. B. Bennitt, So. B. Boland, Fr. S. Bonasera, Fr. J. Caldis, Sr. T. Cass, Sr. H. Daigle, Sr. R. Davidson, Sr. G. Dunbar, Fr. J. Duncan, So. R. Englar, Sr. R. Evans, Fr. J. Fabera, Jr. E. Farley, Fr. L. Flores, Jr. B. Grossmann, Jr. C. Howden, So. A. Jamieson, Gr. B. Jones, Fr. M. Kelly, Fr. H. Lambert, Jr. D. Large, So. 292 C. Lincoln, Fr. L Loomis, So. D. Luttges, So. Dear Chick: I told you that I ' d make the California scene. I found a pad that really comes on the most. They just built it last year and, man, it wails. I was trailing down this drag and I heard this hi-fi sound; before I was wise to the kick, the cats had me inside and, man, they had East Coast jazz at one end of the hall, West Coast at the other, Brahms and Beethoven for long-hairs downstairs. The food here comes on like Kenton— and what fabulous chicks I got a line on at their dances. Well, must make a gig now, but we ' ll have a session with some of the cats in the house. Plant you now, dig you later, Sparrow E. Lynch, Fr. D. Malone, So. D. McCarthy, Sr. B. McMillan, So. F. Pape, Jr. S. Platt, So. B. Ready, Fr. H. Rohde, Jr. H. Schilling, So. T. Scofield, Fr. S. Smith, Jr. V. Smith, Jr. A. Sponsler, So. N. Stevens, Sr. B. Strauss, So. D. Tavernetti, Fr. D. Terry, Fr. J. Thomas, Fr. J. vonHoff, Fr. S. Wayne, So. R. Wiston, Jr. 293 pi alpha phi 2534 WARRING The Pi Alpha Phi ' s program for building well-rounded indi- viduals included (1) academics, (2) fellowship, (3) athletics. Academically, the membership attained a scholastic rating among the best in the IFC. To supplement the interest of the membership a fun-filled social program is included to fulfill the social and gregarious motivation of man. The semester began with a gala open house; later, there were festivities, including parties, formals, dinners, outings, and exchanges, providing pleasant social opportunities. Athletic participation provided for the physical well-being of its members. The rich fellowship of the members, each with his own intellectual diversity, but with a common goal, summates the objective program of the fraternity. H. Chin, So. J. Chung, Jr. J. Dare, Sr. P. Dare, So. A. Don, Jr. W. Fay, Fr. S. Fong, Sr. S. Gee, Jr. L. Gokson, Fr. D. Lee, Jr. S. Lee, Jr. A. Lock, Jr. E. Louie, Jr. E. Low, Jr. F. Lum, So. K. Tom, Jr. T. Tom, So. H. Yee, Jr. Y. Yee, Jr. A. Wong, Sr. 294 W. Arnold, Fr. H. Bogdos, Sr. J. Domich, So. J. Eidson, Gr. B. Francis, Sr. J. Green, So. J. Gretlein, Fr. R. Gunner, Fr, pi kappa alpha 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE D. Hansen, Fr. R. Hertel, So. C. Higgins, Sr. R. Jacobes, Sr. D. Kosovac, Sr. J. Loudgren, Fr. M. McCarthy, Jr. J. McConnell, Sr. M. McHugh, Jr. J. McKendree, Sr. T. McLaughlin, Fr. T. McLaughlin, Jr. 8. Mason, Sr. S. Medal!, Sr. B. Minor, So. E. O ' Dea, Fr. E. Pearson, Fr. P. Raffetto, Jr. R. Reamy, Sr. J. Saroyan, Sr. J. Simmons, So. W. Small, Sr. C. Smith, Sr. J. Stafford, So. 0. Stevenson, So. B. Taylor, So. F. Thirion, So. R. Thompson, Fr. J. Vernon, Sr. D. Welz, Jr. C. Wharton, Sr. C. Wingo, So. 295 lambiLa phi 2727 CHANNING WAY S. Abel, So. L. Avrech, So. S. Baker, Sr. T. Bell, Fr. R. Berman, Sr. B. Blum, So. L. Blum, Jr. H. Brody, So. B. Cohn, So. L. Cohn, Sr. L. Corren, Jr. M. Davis, Fr. P. Diamond, Jr. P. Diller, Sr. K. Eisenberg, Fr. C. Epstein, Fr. G. Elefant, Sr. J. Gerstle, Sr. D. Glassel, Gr. L. Goldberg, Sr. D. Hart, So. J. Stephen, Jr. W. Jacobs, So. R. Kandel, Fr. B. Key, Fr. D. Krutchkoff, So. C. Levin, So. M. Lichtenstein, So. 296 R. Mann, Gr. C. Marshall, Jr. T. Mathios, Fr. R. Mayerl, Fr. G. Melmon, Sr. Whoever said, " Lightning never strikes twice " would be dropped from the Pi Lam manor because for the second time in three years we swept away the Sweepstakes Trophy in the Axe Revue. In spite of the fact that our trophy case ate us out of house and home, we still found much action in the form of numerous beer and peanut blasts. When the foam was cleared, there was time for the " Flapper Dance, " which sent everyone back to the twenties in one way or another. Following this was an infants ' shower, or pledge dance, held at the caves, which had everyone in the dark. To ground out the year, the Lake Merritt Hotel was bought for a formal. D. Miller, So. P. Moncharsh, Fr. R. Moncharsh, Jr. J. Neft, So. S. Poise, Jr. R. Price, So. R. Price, Fr. P. Rothman, Sr. M. Sachse, Fr. J. Segall, So. F. Selinger, Fr. M. Shapiro, Sr. B. Siegel, So. L. Silverstein, Fr. G. Skopp, So. R. Strom, So. R. Tochterman, Jr. J. Tolson, So. S. Weiner, So. R. Weinshenk, Fr. P. Williams, Fr. 297 ) psi upsit on 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE J. Albers, So, R. Angell, So. B. Baker, Jr. W. Bergren. So, D. Bishop, Jr. J. Bode, Jr. C. Cambell, Fr. A. Carlson, Sr. E. Carlson, Sr. C. Ey, Jr. T. Clark, Sr. W. Gordon, So. W. Clark, Sr. R. Gray, Sr. P. Coakley, So. H, Hathaway, Jr. R. Cochran, Fr, M. Herb, Sr. A. Crist, So. P. Herb, So, J. Dewey, Sr. W. Hitchcock, So. R. Duane, So. J. Howard, Jr. 298 C. Hutchinson, Jr. E. Jaeger, So. C. Jenkins, Jr. D. Jenkins, Fr. S. Keller, Jr. D. Kelly, So. D. Kerckhoff, Fr. D. Kirkpatrick, Sr. J. McDonald, Fr. P. Michael, Fr. J. Neil, So. P. Newell, So. J. Normanly, Jr. R. Price, Jr. W. Reed, So. W. Schnieders, So. E. Stoney, Jr. P. Turner, Fr. A. Turpin, So. R. Wolcott, Fr. G. Wood, Jr. L. Wycoff, So. 299 sigma alpha epsilon 2722 BANCROFT WAY R. Arndt, Jr. R. Arne, So. J. Balaam, So. R. Boone, So. K. Bossart, Fr. L. Bowers, So. A. Bowker, So. J. Briggs, Fr. J. Clark, So. R. Marie, So. J. Crawford, Fr. A. D ' Agostine, Jr. R. Durst, Sr. C. Edwards, Jr. D. Edwards, Sr. R. F arnam, Sr. C. Gielow, Fr. R. Gustafson, Sr. W. Hawley, So. K. Johnson, Sr. J. Leslie, So. J. Mahoney, Jr. T. Miller, So. W. Mills, So. M. Newton, Jr. G. Nixon, Sr. H. Olguin, Jr. N. Olsen, Fr. R. Parr, So. R. Pride, Jr. W. Quigley, Jr. P. Ragsdale, So. 300 P. Ralston, So. J. Ring, Jr. M. Ring, So. D. Rodenhuis, Sr. R. Rott, So. J. Salsbury, Jr. If you can pledge, and, at the color of the house not sicken, If you can conquer math and not bog down in arithmeticken, If you arise post South Seas without effects of dissipations, If you can sit and watch the tri-delts work on house deco- rations, If you can sing in the Spring Sing, and never contemplate anything vaster, If you can get turned down for dates and then pretend you ' d never even ast ' er, If you can outlast finals, and still have fun, Yours is the school and all that ' s in it, and what ' s more, You ' ll be Sigma Alpha Epsilon, my son. L. Schreiber, Jr. M. Segale, Fr. T. Shadley, Sr. A. Stanford, Jr. J. Sutherlin, Jr. R. Symon , Fr. R. Taft, So. D. Thompson, So. A. Trimabach, Sr. M. Vail, Sr. F. Wheeler, Sr. W. Williams, Sr. 301 sigma a_plia MAR 1735 LEROY AVENUE R. Battat, Jr. S. Berliner, Sr. F. Booke, So. H. Carstens, Sr. D. Cohen, Jr. S. Diller, Sr. C. Dolginer, Jr. L. Douglas, Fr. D. Einhorn, Sr. M. Ezgar, So. L. Finkel, Fr. D. Fisher, Fr. S. Frallich, Jr. L. Franklin, Sr. D. Freeman, Jr. H. Friedman, Jr. G. Frug, So. R. Frug, Jr. J. Glass, Fr. R. Greene, So. P. Holzman, So. R. Kagan, So. D. Kaplan, Fr. L. Kay, Sr. D. Lederman, Fr. D. Leland, Fr. B. Lubarsky, Sr. G. Marantz, So. R. Miller, Jr. K. Natkin, Jr. M. Paull, So. 302 D. Pearlman, So. S. Ratner, So. Case History: A love of fair play, the opposite sex and home cooking. Symptoms: Formal and house parties that out-Michaeled Todd, infiltration of countless University activities, scien- tific hazing of pledges. Diagnosis: Ambitious, constructive, well-balanced, fun-lov- i ng, modest young men. Prescription: Continued practice of living to the hilt, enjoy- ing life. P. Reinhertz, Jr. M. Sloan, Fr. R. Rose, So. E. Smith, Sr. H. Siever, Sr. A. Swedelson, Jr. A. Silverman, So. H. Torgovitsky, So. M. Simon, Jr. L. Traubman, Fr. B. Slavin, Sr. S. Trilling, Fr. J. Ross, Jr. E. Weiner, Fr. L. Scheinbaum, Fr. R. Wizelman, Sr. 303 sigma 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE J. Allen, Fr, M. Allen, Sr. F. Baumeister, Sr. K. Berg, Sr. H. Bush, Jr. J. Champion, Fr. A. Church, Sr. W. Crow, So. C. Duncan, Jr. D. Eichorn, So. D. Emery, So. B. Fewster, So, A. Furbush, Jr. P. Gaul, Sr. D. George, F r. V. Ghio, Jr. G. Harries, Sr. D. Hiemann, Sr. J. Horner, Jr. T. Horner, Jr. A. Johnson, Jr. G. Johnson, So, H. Karr, So. M. Kennedy, Jr. J. Kennon, So. T. Kurtz, So. J. Lewis, Sr. B. Lukens, Sr. 304 L. Lynn, Jr. R. McCan, Jr. Beginning the academic year with a battery of new University rules and regulations, outdated files, no treasury and no dates, we diligently adjusted to our new environment and have been rewarded with more and better laws, competitive files in the RBR, deficit spending, and buckets. Despite the social calendar including the Sweetheart Formal, Miami Triad, Big Six, Spring Overnight, social welfare work, student activities, and the Big " C " Sports, we still managed a " B " minus average. Our real achievement came after Moose attended his 500th lecture and won his Bachelor ' s degree—he majored in edu- cation because he wants the Dean ' s job. R. McCreary, Jr. K. McManigal, So. M. Marston, Jr. J. Morrison, Jr. D. Mote, Jr. R. Pavlich, Sr. G. Posz, Jr. B. Quatman, Fr. B. Reed, Jr. R. Ricketts, Fr. J. Sidener, Sr. D. Smith, So. G. Smith, Jr. J. Smith, Fr. R. Suede, So. L. Treuer, Sr. C. Metre, Sr. B. West, Sr. C. Wilde, Sr. Moose, Dog 305 sigma nu 2710 BANCROFT WAY D. Adams, Jr. P. Alfieri, Jr. B. Amos, Fr. B. Baker, Sr. B. Baker, So. L. Barnett, Jr. A. Bass, Jr. D. Bradshaw, Fr. J. Burnett, Jr. P. Carey, Fr. J. Cherry, Sr. T. Cole, Sr. B. Dalton, Jr. P. Davis, Sr. K. Engdahl, Fr. J. Fetters, Fr. D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. G. Fowler, Jr. L. Fox, So. P. Frazier, Fr. T. Gillis, So. J. Gilmore, Sr. B. Gould, Jr. G. Gray, Sr. J. Haag, Sr. B. Hamilton, So. S. Hart, Jr. D. Hayden, Jr. P. Hegerle, Sr. L. Hitchock, So. D. Ives, Jr. T. Jackson, Fr. 306 J. Kennedy, Sr. J. Kindorf, Jr. P. Kops, Jr. B. Kuhs, Jr. G. Lalley, Sr. J. Langley, Jr. We stood behind our mascot, Gibson J. Dahrneaux, through- out the year. K. Lindgren, Jr. B. McDaniel, Sr. M. McNair, Fr. J. Maas, Jr. P. Madden, Jr. G. Mitchell, So B. Nemecheik, Jr. B. Parker, Sr. S. Rhodes, Sr. S. Schadlick, Sr. L. Schripel, Jr. B. Schumacher, Sr R. Senna, Sr S. Slauson, Sr. F. Stern, Jr. R. Stephens, Jr. R. Vanheut, Sr. D. Walter, Sr. D. Wold, Jr. 307 sigma. p 2307 PIEDMONT To those persons who have vomited out of their souls all remnants of goodness, there rests a certain pride in evil: and having else no shadow of glory left them, they glory to be constant in iniquity. — Sir P. Sidney. M. Ballachey, Jr. G. Bell, So. J. Brideson, Sr. T. Buckendorf, Fr. N. Culjis, So. J. Dempsey, Jr. B. de Villers, So. J. Fogarty, Fr. S. Graves, Sr. B. Gregory, Jr. G. Grupe, Fr. T. Hazeltine, Jr. R. Hemley, Sr. R. Jacuzzi, Sr. E. Johnson, Fr. R. Karlsrud, Jr. E. Klass, So. B. Lukens, So. D. Nolan, Fr. Fr. Offenbach, So. D. Phillips, Sr. B. Pitt, Fr. B. Puccinelli, Jr. D. Robinson, So. S. Rutherford, So. T. Ryan, Jr. M. Toomey, Sr. T. Wotkyns, So. 308 sigma pin° elia G. Acker, Sr. E. Beckley, Sr. The engineers of Sigma Phi Delta Professional-Social Frater- nity returned to campus after a very successful summer tion. Professor Sam Schaff spoke to the fraternity on " Outer Space Problems and Nuclear Fusion. " The hayride, Fall Ball, and skating party were exuberant successes. Scholastically, the fraternity maintained the high standard of the past with a grade point average which was " tops on campus. " D. Campbell, So. R, Carter, Sr. B. Corzine, Sr. B. George, Fr. K. Gielow, Fr. G. Graebe, Sr. K. Knopf, Jr. R. Nickols, Jr. R. Renner, So. P. Roberts, Jr. G. Svihula, Jr. D. Thompson, Fr. D. Weston, Sr. W. Wilson, Sr. 309 O sigma in 1816 SCENIC AVENUE R. Abegg, Jr. P. Bailey, So. T. Baker, Sr. D. Broadbent, Sr. J. Campadonico, So. R. Carter, Sr. S. Cummins, Sr. R. Diamond, Sr . G. Drake, Sr. R. Gonsalves, So. J. Hanessian, Fr. M. Hefflin, So. J. Heinrich, Sr. M. Hone, Jr. L. Inman, So. K. Johnson, So. A. Kellogg, Jr. K. Kelly, Fr. K. King, So. D. Klassen, So. E. Merriman, So. R. Morgado, Fr. B. Neely, Jr. B. Ogren, Sr. 310 E. Orme, So. M. Orme, Sr. D. Pankopf, Jr. B. Patton, So. R. Peterson, Sr. A. Pugh, Jr. Turn the page, leave us alone — P. Reinheimer, Jr. D. Rodriguez, Sr. J. Rudbach, Jr. C. Schorr, Jr. C. Shute, Fr. E. Siebert, Jr. J. Spitze, Jr. B. Struve, So. B. Srabian, Fr. " Athena-Nike " 311 sigma phi epsilon 2316 BOWDITCH The epidemic year bubbled to a convulsive twitch when 99% of the Brothers received Asian Plague during rush. But, carry- ing bravely on, undaunted by this perturbation, we obtained a pledge class of 20 lascivious hobble-de-hoy. The nagian happenstance of the annum was our Oriental Bender, highlighted by a prodigious 35-foot pagoda. Prodding selves to even more celestrial consummations, we had an exotic whirligig, our annual Christmas Party, Punch! ! At our gala Queen of Hearts Ball a pulchritudinous Co-ed was shrined as Queen. As all can plainly see, the Sig Eps had a frammistisal circlitude completely enbolished with glaner imity. D. Ball, Jr. M. Ball, Jr. G. Carlson, Fr. H. Cota, Jr. J. Dowell, Jr. M. Green, Fr. R. Hesse, Jr. J. Ingram, Jr. R. Jolly, So. J. Katze, Fr. J. Keck, So. R. King, Jr. J. Knox, Jr. R. Lavezzi, So. R. Lief, Fr. B. Little, Fr. D. MacLennan, Jr. M. Maloney, Jr. J. Mott, Jr. W. Paradis, Fr. J. Peirce, Fr. D. Perry, Jr. G. Raff, Sr. K. Sevier, Jr. R. Thomas, Sr. R. Udick, So. M. Wacher, Fr. C. Wright, Jr. Rudy 312 pi kappa phi 2425 PROSPECT Plodding back to campus after a relaxing summer, we termined to bring the house average back up to a 4 point from its prior 3.8. After three kegs of beer and a package of No-Doz we came to the conclusion that it was simply impossible. So to soothe our nerves we built a float for Home- coming, gave a diplomatic tea, and had a small exchange with Vassar. We are in the process of putting through extradition papers with Mass. and Conn. for the return of a half dozen brothers who defected to the East. R. Badger, So. R. Francis, Sr. R. Barden, So. G. Grismore, Fr. R. Basler, So. J. Hall, Fr. T. Hollis, Fr. S. Pennoyer, Sr, J. Ringer, So. W. Ware, Fr. tau epsi on p 2353 PROSPECT Led by its president, Les Lackman, Tau Epsilon Phi enjoyed a successful ' 57- ' 58 year. Achieving a well-rounded program, the Teps showed a spirited drive in their intramural ipation, and among others, managed to come up with flight tennis, ping-pong, and baseball teams. Socially the Teps showed as much spirit for their social calendar showed every- thing from a hayride to a most enjoyable overnight Spring Formal in Reno. Entertaining the SC chapter highlighted the SC-Cal football week end, while our house decoration, built in conjunction with the Phi Sigma Sigma ' s helped raise Pied- mont Avenue to a glory never before reached. AAA B. Bard, Fr. D. Berman, Fr. S. Feldman, So. B. Goodman, Jr. J. Haveson, So. S. Levinson, So. A. Prager, Sr. J. Plotkin, So. G. Price, Jr. P. Rosenthal, Sr. R. Seligman, Sr. B. Shluker, Jr. J. Slobodin, Gr. P. Wiseman, Fr. 313 oi tau ulppa epsilon 2725 CHANNING WAY J. Bell, So J. Boland, Sr. G. Branch, Jr. D. Brettner, Sr. R. Cartwright, So. C. Ceridono, Sr. D. Chaffin, Sr. M. Cobb, Sr. B. Coppo, Jr. S. Dedina, Jr. W. Donovan, Fr. W. Dozier, Sr. W. Duncan, Jr. N. Farrell, Sr. H. Garvin, Jr. B. Gassin, Jr. D. Gremaux, Jr. R. Griffith, Fr. A. Hale, Sr. R. Harrell, So. J. Harrison, Sr. R. Heglin, So. J. Hubbert, Jr. R. Kindorf, Jr. R. Klink, Jr. W. Kuhn, Sr. E. Lindberg, Fr. D. Lowe, Sr. G. Mattonen, Jr. W. McCombs, Jr. C. McKowan, Sr. R. Millikan, Jr. 314 L. March, Gr. T. Newell, Fr. G. Mussbaum, So. W. Crum, So. J. Paxton, Sr. S. Peden, Jr. Good-old-mom : Great year ! Only forty-seven of us flunked out, which makes it our best year scholastically. Setting the social world on fire, we had some nice tea exchanges with the house- mother next door; once the tea was so strong that my roomie got so giddy that he said he was going to vote for the SLATE. We had a great serenade when our House President got pinned to the cook. Our mutt, Brutus, finally got to smelling so bad we had to shoot him; however, after that, we ate some of the best meals ever. Our house b ills have come down to only $245 a month since the House Manager had kicked the habit. Will write again next year as soon as I get some free time from studies. Your loving son, R. Effing R. Penland, Sr. D. Peterson, Sr. J. Phillips, Fr. J. Pisciotta, Sr. J. Pohlman, Fr. H. Plimpton, Sr. R. Ramseier, Sr. F. Rivera, Sr. L. Sands, Jr. R. Schimmel, Jr. J. Server, So. D. Shawl, So. J. Slaughter, Fr. R. Smith, Jr. C. Stroud, Jr, R. Thompson, So, G. Townsley, Jr. P. Vincent, Fr. B. Warner, Sr. K. Werner, Fr. G. Wilson, Gr. Brutus, Dog 315 theta Ile " 2647 DURANT B. Balck, Jr. M. Barbour, Sr. C. Blaisdell, Jr. D. Boulware, Sr. B. Briggs, So. V. Brochard, Fr. B. Chiappone, Jr. P. Copland, Sr. B. Curley, Fr. L. Fellows, Jr. G. Gee, Fr. A. Grismer, Sr. M. Hale, Sr. K. Hockabout, Sr. A. Holland, So. D. Hume, Fr. A. Lackey, So. L. Little, Fr. D. Lubbock, So. E. McKenna, Fr. P. Mace, So. B. MacKenzie, Jr. S. Marx, Sr. J. Mason, So. J. Medanich, So. C. Merrill, Fr. T. Moore, Sr. W. Nisbet, Sr. J. Nyheini, Sr. R. Olmo, Fr. C. Orman, Fr. P. Ortner, Sr. 316 D. PeIlett, Sr. B. Purrington, Sr. J. Raffetto, Sr. J. Riding, So. A. Rossi, Fr. While struggling for existence in this dismal world, Theta Delts defied our Totalitarian suppressors and retained our charter. Scholastically the brothers are confident that a 1.0 won ' t be difficult to achieve this year. We would have had participants in intercollegiate athletics and campus activities, but our pledge class insisted that we remain locked in our cages except for the delivery of Chain Letters and Sales of Savings Bonds. Between parties we partook in such activities as: Cross-country races to the " V, " Satellite tracking at Grizzly Peak, Nightmare, and our own rally team (sports car ? ) . This year will not be forgotten by the brothers, the Dean ' s Office, and our good friend Terrence. C. Russell, Jr. M. Schardt, Sr. T. Schneider, Sr, J. Sears, Jr. D. Singleton, Jr. S. Sherman, Sr. J. Sparks, Jr. J. Spieler, Fr. F. Spieler, Sr. A. Stansbury B. Stricklin, Sr. L. Tacconi, Fr. W. Whaley, Sr. C. Womer, Jr. 317 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE G. Ashcraft, Fr. L. Bassham, Sr. H. Bohn, Gr. B. Bowers, Jr. G. Breed, So. T. Brudenell, Jr. D. unce, So. G. Chastain, Sr. S. Copley, Sr. S. Dear, Jr. B. Drake, So. B. Evanhoe, So. L. Foote, So. P. Forman, Jr. D. Garmus, Fr. G. Glacken, Sr. P. Coorjian, Fr. B. Guilbert, Jr. D. Hodgkinson, Fr. B. Johnson, Fr. P. Johnston, So. B. Krug, Fr. J. Matkin, Fr. E. Miller, Sr. 318 R. Monnier, Sr. D. Nixon, So. We started the year with two actives and nine second and third semester pledges. We pledged two more swell boys, majoring in sanskrit, to bring our total to eleven—two died during rushing from food poisoning. We had a dandy ex- change with the Berkeley High Frosh unt il the ABC men showed up. Several intramural championships included mar- bles, and quoits, while we took second place in the squash tournament. House decorations were hampered by rain, wind, and the fact that the judges didn ' t come down our street. Our one dance was a success because three of the brothers had dates. We plan to do even better next year. J. Pavlovic, Jr. B. Prislin, Fr. G. Quick, Jr. B. Rosenquist, Sr. D. Rowe, So. D. Sandstrom, Jr. D. Scolari, Sr. J. Shimmick, Sr. G. Simms, So. L. Smith, Fr. P. Scone, So. J. Sullivan, Fr. J. Trailer, So. B. Whyte, Jr. P. Wirtz, So. D. Young, So, 319 B. Armstrong, Fr. L aefa chi 2499 PIEDMONT H. Bausch, Jr. B. Bentley, Jr. L. Bonney, Fr. L. Cantarutti, So. Theta Chi started the year successfully by taking the biggest pledge class we have had in a number of years. The Fall social season was highlighted by our Dance des Apache for which we converted the house into a Parisian sewer. The pledges upset the house applecart by winning the annual pledge-active football game. Lorenzo Potter came to the house as a Christmas present from the Phi Mu ' s. The annual Spring formal was held in Carmel Valley. The construction started on our new wing just as dead week began in June. K. Carey, Fr. J. Hambric, Jr. D. Porcella, Jr. M. Tyrrell, Fr. R. Caselli, Jr. B. Harris, Sr. K. Reinke, Jr. P. Warner, Jr. P. Claypool, Sr. J. Hirst, Sr. S. Reynolds, So. B. Whipple, Jr. R. DeGolia, Jr. B. Jordan, Jr. M. Stewart, So. B. Whisler, Jr. R. Ebert, Fr. D. Kennelly, Sr. R. Talbott, Fr. C. Wolfe, Fr. R. Elliott, Fr. G. Frey, So. J. Loebbecke, Sr. L. Olsen, Jr. R. Tatum, So. P. Threefoot, So. L. Wylie, So. LP 320 J. Abrams, So. A. Axelrod, Sr. M. Balaban, So. B. Beck, Sr. zeta beta tau 1712 EUCLID AVENUE Our usual great pledge class helped us scholastically to attain a 3.2 average—this may seem a little high, but the brothers usually are. Socially we hit the rocks. Time passed quickly from the exchange with the Emeryville Kennel Z Club to the Valentine ' s " Heart Sandwich Ball. " The season was climaxed by our overnight, held at Little Rock ' s Central High, where we swung to the beat of Oroville ' s Hooded Six. In athletics, we had our usual sweaty year. Sparked by Johnny Walker, we placed high in social climbing, knife throwing, and pin the tail. On the whole, we had a hair-raising year, and hope to repeat our many conquests. B. Begen, So. J. Epstein, So. H. Gorden, Sr. J. Katzman, Jr. H. Marans, Sr, A. Berman, Sr. J. Feinberg, Sr. R. Hermann, So. S. Kenis, Jr. R. Miller, Fr. M. Bloom, Jr. P. Fleishman, So. A. Herzog, Fr. K. Kragen, Sr. J. Perlstein, So. P. Blum, So. S. Breitbard, So. R. Freeman, Fr. J. Fuchs, Fr. B. Horwitz, Jr. D. Howard, Fr. S. Krieger, Sr. S. Lazar, So. B. Schermann, Sr. D. Schweitzer, Fr. S. Buchalter, Jr. R. Ginsburg, Jr. E. Jacobs, Jr. P. Levin, So. J. Shafran, Jr. M. Cherniss, Fr. B. Goldman, So. P. Jacobson, Jr. D. Libby, Fr. I. Silvera, Sr. D. Epstein, Fr. B. Goldstein, Sr. F. Karren, Sr. B. Malvin, So. B. Weiner, Fr. 321 zeta psi " 2728 BANCROFT J. Bacon, Fr. T. Backaller, Fr. J. Brink, Jr. L. Bruner, Jr. W. Coberly, So. B. Dammer, So. G. Davis, Sr. J. DeBenedetti, Jr. J. Diment, Fr. A. Griffin, Sr. B. Haines, Jr. D. Hobson, Sr. N. Holt, Sr, 0. Hyde, Sr. F. Jordan, Jr. D. Keating, Fr. H. Kuechler, So. G. McCord, Fr. L. Miller, Fr. J. Mock, Fr. D. Moore, So. D. Nelson, Jr. R. Ore, Jr. D. Osborne, Jr. E. Peterson, Sr. J. Register, Fr. D. Roberts, So. H. Rose, So. P. Scott, So. B. Shannon, Sr. P. Siewert, Fr. J. Tarntino, Jr. R. Tavernetti, So. M. Vincent, Fr. D. White, Jr. B. Wofenden, Jr. 322 323 panhellenic counct FALL OFFICERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandy Stuart, Betsy Davis, Lynne Vernon, Sylvia MacNamara. SECOND ROW: Linda Pallay, Diane von Bremen, Mary Ann Gunder, Sue Davidson, Marilee Goodwin, SPRING OFFICERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Betsy Davis, Euvie Brown, Gayle Merkt. SECOND ROW: Roberta Brown, Nancy Dougery, Molly Nock, Pat Cox. SORORITIES DELEGATES Alpha Chi Omega Edrie Ferdun, Carol Neville Alpha Delta Pi Pam Orman, Judy Baker Alpha Epsilon Phi Helen Stone, Carolyn Spring Alpha Gamma Delta Marilyn Jeffries, Nan Hemphill Alpha Omicron Pi Joyce Schroder, Mary Mehan Alpha Phi Carle Hoffman, Judy Hansen Alpha Xi Delta Barbara Lucas, Doris Griffin Chi Omega Jane Blair Delta Delta Delta Meredith Bolton, Allison Pruyn Delta Gamma Nancy Knight, Joyce Peterson Delta Phi Epsilon Lyn Lerer, Julie Krone Delta Zeta Norma Mikesell, Carey Edson Gamma Phi Beta Sue Trees, Judy Odell Kappa Alpha Theta Jackie Roberts, Sue Davidson Kappa Delta Marilee Goodwin, Pat Barnard Kappa Kappa Gamma Sylvia Spridgen, Anita Erro Phi Mu Joyce Meeker, Ann Greenwood Phi Sigma Sigma Marcia Ferber, Barbara Kossman Pi Beta Phi Anne Cianciarulo, Jane Watrous Sigma Kappa Charlotte Dunn, Sandy Newell Theta Upsilon Roberta Brown, Roberta Griffin Zeta Tau Alpha Sherry Simpson, Mary Spencer so-rowrifies PRESIDENTS Barbara Good, Edrie Ferdun Elizabeth Bellmore, Marcia Johnson Marilyn Miller, Lois Sussman Marion Antipa, Barbara Tiedeman Martha Zimmers, Sue Selb Kyra Opperman, Sue Webber Mary Barnes, Pat Glendinning Jay Lee Thompson, Katie Bowes Vicki Carroll, Lynne Vernon Rosiland Oliver, Patty Bronson Judy Abramson, Karen Kricsfeld Jan Ringham, Anne Howard Lucia Vaughn, Sue Daley Adele Olker, Jan Armstrong Marilyn Collins, Fran Norman Noreen Lewis, Leta Howard Madeline Mitchell, Winona Johnson Timy Sherman, Flo Rozen Sue Biggart, Anne Cianciarulo Joan Prendeville, Letty Willen Dorothy Zaro Judy Blum, Sue Stanley 324 ■ A. Arnold, Fr. B. Baader, Jr. J. Baker, Jr. L. Baker, Sr. B. Barden, So. C. Basler, So. E. Bellmore, Sr. P. Berger, Fr. B. Blevins, So. J. Blum, So. H. Boggs, Jr. S. Bottorf, So. P. Bracken, Sr. M. Chase, Sr. S. Clark, Fr. J. Clemetson, Fr. S. DeMonte, Fr. L. DeWitt, Fr. R. Dickerson, Sr. E. Dickes, Jr. E. Dickes, Jr. alp aa.. pi 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE The Alpha Delta Pis started the year with Colette Morgan busily serving as Second Vice- President of the ASUC, and with Kitty Jones supporting the team as a Pompon Girl. Then Linda Hill, Peggy Bracken, and Marilyn Dunn were chosen among the new Oski Dolls. More fame was brought to us when Danny Moore was picked as a Homecoming Attendant, and when we and the Phi Taus were awarded the first place trophy in the mixed division for house decorations. The Parents ' Christmas Dinner, the Spring Formal, and many activities made the year a memorable one to all those who were there. 325 J. Douds, Fr. M. Dunn, Sr. P. Ellis, Sr. S. Faul, Jr. R. Filippini, So. J. Firpo, Fr. A. Forrest, Jr. G. Fry, So. C. Fulster, So. G. Garrison, Fr. D. Ghiglieri, So. M. Graham, So. A. Grizzle, Jr. C. Hester, Fr. L. Hill, So. S. Hogan, Sr. J. Hollingshead, Jr. " Ak J. Ingwerson, Sr. M. Johnson, Jr. C. Jones, So. J. Kaiser, Sr. B. Kincade, Jr. C. Lesnini, So. K. Lewis, Jr. C. Lightner, Sr. J. MacKenzie, Fr. B. McDowell, Sr. M. McLean, Fr. S. Meadows, So. D. Middleton, Jr. M. Moreno, Sr. C. Morgan, Sr. P. Orman, Jr. 326 D. Peterson, So. M. Porter, Sr. S. Pratt, Jr. M. Pringle, Sr. K. Renius, Sr. P. Riley, Fr. M. Riordan, So. D. Romero, Fr. P. Rooney, Sr. F. Rossi, So, A. Ruggeri, So. G. Shelley, So. J. Solberg, Fr. J. Speckman, Sr. P. Spoon, So. V. Stahle, Fr. P. Stone, So. J. Swinney, Jr. B. Taylor, So. J. Thebolt, Fr. M. Townes, So. A. Trudeau, Sr. L. Via!e, Jr. L. Vienop, Jr. A. Wallace, So. N. Wallace, Fr. S. Weiss, Fr, B. Wheeler, Jr. P. White, Sr. M. Wichman, Fr. B. Williams, Fr. S. Williamson, Fr. 327 a pha din omega 2313 WARRING STREET K. Anderson, So. D. Baird, Jr. P. Begg, Jr. C. Bernardo, So. J. Billings, Fr. B. Busselman, Jr. B. Butterfield, So. L. Carlson, So. B. Clark, Fr. S. Clayton, So. G. Clifford, Sr. N. Cobb, Fr. S. Edholm, So. E. Ferdun, Jr. P. Fitzpatrick, Sr. T. Fraser, So. M. Geyer, Jr. S. Gibbs, So. A. Girard, Fr. B. Good, Sr. M. Good, Jr. P. Hansen, Fr. B. Hartman, Sr. J. Herkes, Fr. H. Hearn, Sr. D. Hill, Jr. J. Himes, Sr. G. Hughes, Fr. M. Hughes, So. B. Jackson, Fr. J. Johnson, Jr. J. Johnson, Jr. C. Johnston, So. A. Jones, So. M. J. Capp, Jr. J. Klose, Fr. L. Lofberg, Sr. K. McGaw, Fr. J. McKean, So. S. MacLeod, Jr. 328 S. Masters, Jr. L. Mehloff, So. M. Miali, So. L. Morgan, So. C. Nevil, Jr. J. Peterson, Sr. It ' s Mother Tallulah time — 23 pledges — Joyce Himes, Women ' s Rep — scaling the kitchen fence at midnight Joan Spaulding, President of Mortar Board — Quayle, Prexie of Pi Alpha S igma — Oski Dolls, Cherie, Sharon, and Bobbie — Fisher, Sisson, Ferndun, Talbert, Stevens, Butterfield, Clayton, Stevenson, and Reed in Panile — Sigma Pi annex for octopos building — Win a few, lose a few! — Sally Ed- holm, finalist, Sweatheart of Sigma Chi—Prytanean members Spaulding, Quayle, and B. Good — Marianne Geyer, Delta Sig Dream Girl finalist — Formal at Green Hills Country Club. Tick, Tock, Tick — time to skitter! B. Pierson, Jr. D. Pratt, Sr. J. Pruiett, Fr. M. Quayle, Sr. B. Reed, So. L. Ricci, Fr. R. Rutherford, Jr. J. Seymour, Fr. N. Sides, So. L. Sisson, Jr. D. Solbach, Sr. J. Spaulding, Sr. B. Stendell, Jr. S. Stevens, So. C. Stevenson, So. C. Talbert, So. T. Tjomsland, So. P. Valiton, Jr. J. Vanatta, Jr. D. VonBremen, Jr. P. Vyn, So. H. Ward, So. L. Watson, Fr. S. Wilde, Fr. S. Wishek, Sr. 329 " 2726 CHANNING Activities and accomplishments resulting in excitement and enjoyment marked a successful year for the members of Alpha Delta Chi. Beginning the Fall semester by gathering in our redecorated living room for rushing, we gained many helpful pledges who presented the president with a " Wreath of Flame. " Other events included a Progressive Dinner which was out-of-this-world with an " Around the World " theme, our Founder ' s Day Banquet and a Christmas Bazaar. Further excitement came when we were awarded the Mary B. son Scholarship Cup. One of the most important events was a retreat during which we gained further insight into spiritual values. R. Bashor, Jr. M. Bollhoffer, So. J. Critchfield, Fr. C. English, So. A. Ford, Sr. J. Fortini, Fr. M. Gelsvik, So. K. Godsey, So. M. Hagood, So. J. Holden, Sr. B. Homer, Fr. L. Irvine, Fr. S. Krause, Fr. S. Larson, Jr. A. Locke, Sr. A. Martinez, Jr. C. Mullen, Sr. J. Murdock, Jr. H. Nishi, So. D. Rudolph, Sr. J. Russell, So. A. Sakai, Fr. B. Schnaak, Fr. 330 a_dla Aappa Fall ' 57 and Spring ' 58: Rush parties, mixers, projects and dances. Our Spring fashion. show brought admiring glances. Founder ' s Day was a sonal highlight. The AKAs enjoyed this day. The Sneak was. the Ivies delite, but with toxic punch they had to pay. The Snow Fantasy was enjoyed by all. It was a lovely Christmas present. Next we had the Bachelor ' s Ball which made the Spring more pleasant. C. Bottom, Sr. L. Bush, Jr. L. Holford, Sr. T. Johnson, So. M. Pearson, Jr. J. Pyles, So. P. Reynolds, So. J. Ware, So. J. Coleman, Jr. J. Hill, Fr. tteifa sigma Delta Sigma Theta was founded at Howard University, Wash- ington, D.C., forty-five years ago in February of 1913. Since that time the sorority has been growing at a nice rate and total chapter count at the present time is 239. These chapters are located in the United States and Hawaii and total ship is twenty thousand. The DSTs had an active year on campus as well as a full social calendar, with even more to come next year. p 111 AIL C. Bell, So. A. Bradford, Sr. N. Devereauz, Sr. M. Lindsay, Sr. P. Reynolds, Jr. G. Savage, Jr. D. Warren, Sr. R. Williams, So. M. Green, Fr. K. Hughes, Fr. L. Lindsay, Jr. 33[ a plia epsilon phi 2400 WARRING STREET L. Abers, Fr. B. Abrams, Fr. L. Adler, So. B. Ager, Jr. B. Alkin, Fr. S. Alter, Jr. W. Alter, Fr. S. Anixter, Jr. L. Bader, Sr. L. Bandel, So. B. Benjamin, Jr. S. Berenson, Sr. H. Berman, Fr. J. Berman, Sr. A. Bershad, So. G. Bisk, Fr. L. Bloch, Jr. C. Bolotin, Jr. J. Breitbard, Fr. L. Capin, So. S. Carlow, So. N. Corwin, Fr. S. Diamond, Jr. K. Epstein, Fr. L. Franklin, So. C. Fromsky, So. M. Gardner, Jr. S. Ginsberg, Fr. N. Goldberg, Jr. S. Goldstein, So. J. Golub, Fr. J. Goodman, So. J. Grold, Fr. D. Harris, Jr. J. Hartman, Fr. P. Juda, Fr. Kalker, Fr. J. Kaufmann, Fr. L. Kay, Fr. I. Klein, Jr. 332 H. Kramer, So, T. Lennett, So. C. Lev, So. M. Levee, So. E. Levin, Fr. R. Levin, Fr. Social events at the A E Phi house included: our Winter For- mal, the Pledge Dance, informative discussions led by guest speakers, exciting sneaks, Christmas party for underprivileged children. . . . Activity-minded Andy Bershad, was elected to Panile and was co-chairman of Big Game Week Administra- tion Committee; Helen Stone co-chairmaned the Panhellenic- IFC Retreat; Gayle Sussnow was Big Game Week Publicity chairman, and Agusta Wolffs was Queen of the Headdress Ball. During Big Game Week, we combined forces with the Pi Lambs and won first place in mixed division and also Sweepstakes in the 1957 Axe Revue. Our candidate, Frank Rivera, was chosen as Mr. Sophisticate. Now we ' re antici- pating the move into our new house. S. Levy, So. M. Penn, Fr. C. Spring, Jr. S. Wahl, Fr. D. Lindenbaum, So. J. Rosen, So. H. Stone, Sr. M. Weder, So. M. Miller, Sr. N. Schoenfeld, Fr. M. Stone, Jr. S. White, Jr. M. Mintz, Sr. S. Schwarz, So. G. Susnow, Jr. A. Wolffs, Fr. C. Morrison, So. S. Schwartz, Fr. L. Sussman, Jr. S. Wolins, So. M. Nagel, Fr.J. Nathan, Fr. I D. Semenov, So. M. Sider, So. J. Teitler, So. J. Thompson, Jr. B. Olf, Fr, R. Spivock, So. R. Turk, Sr. 333 all ha gamma de to 2424 WARRING STREET C. Baccigaluppi, Jr. K. Baker, So. B. Bianchini, So. E. Bjorgan, Jr. S. Aiello, Sr. J. Amadooni, So. J. Anderson, Fr. M. Antipa, Sr. N. Blanchard, So. M. Blum, Fr. A. Brandt, Jr. D. Brovelli, Fr. L. Carlston, Jr. M. Clark, Jr. E. Coltrell, So. N. Cooper, Fr. L. Cowman, Sr. C. Crook, Fr. C. Cruse, Jr. S. Cuddeback, So. A. Diehl, So. N. Doyle, Sr. D. Duller, So. M. Floris, Sr. D. Floris, Jr. L. Franklin, Fr. J. Golobick, Jr. D. Hacker, So. N. Hemphill, So. J. Henderson, So. J. Hilderley, Jr. F. Hodgdon, So. J. Hunsucker, So. P. Jordan, So. J. Kennedy, Sr. B. Kern, Sr. K. Klapack, Fr. S. Laughlin, Sr. E. Leonard, So. L. Lokken, Fr. 334 V. Lundgren, Jr. J. Macpherson, So. J. Martin, Fr. J. McDonald, So. J. McPhee, Jr. S. Melton, So. facts: 1. greeted mrs. greenleaf, new house mother 2. pledges partied a l.h.b. 3. decorated ' til dawn with pi lams 4. danced in december at mark hopkins 5. christmas week in cairo 6. lack of lights due to playful pranksters 7. spring break in spain 8. nonsense at night from noisy neighbors 9. so pleased to see sisters in mortar board, prytanean, panile, rally coin, treble clef, and women ' s ex. 10. enchanted with engagements, pinnings and serenades conclusion : wunnerful. wunnerful ! J. Miller, So. A, Radebaugh, Sr. L. Radonich, Jr. M. Reynolds, Fr. C. Rosenberg, Sr. J. Rosson, Fr. S. Ryan, So. B. Senram, So. B. Senram, So. B. Shutts, So. N. Smiley, Sr. J. Smith, Fr. S. Smith, Fr. S. Stevens, Fr. S. Stewart, Jr. M. Stone, Jr. D. Talbot, Jr. B. Tiedemann, Jr. M. Townley, Jr. G. Viery, So. M. Wells, So. A. Wiegner, So, H. Williams, Fr, E. Williston, So. A. Wiren, Jr. J. Witzel, Sr. L. Wood, Fr. 335 a_plia omicron pi 2311 PROSPECT STREET D. Adair, So, D. Affleck, Fr. J. Andresen, Sr. L. Atkins, So. S. Benedict, Sr. S. Blackwell, Fr. M. Bennington, Fr. D. Casanave, So. C. Coates, Fr. K. Cox, So. C. Erickson, Jr. G. Fisher, So. G. Fisher, Sr, S. Giberson, Fr. B. Goodwin, Jr. P. Greene, So. J. Grimshaw, So. M. Gunder, Jr. K. Hansen, So. P. Howland, Fr. B. Inch, So. J. Jones, Fr. M. Langdon, Fr. J. Laufenberg, So. P. McGuire, So. E. McInnis, So. J. MacNider, Jr. S. MacNider, Fr. M. Matlock, Jr. M. Mehan, Jr. M. Mcore, Fr. P. Morgan, So. 336 K. Mortensen, So. N. Mount, Fr. J. Mumbert, Jr. K. Nelson, Jr. J. Parker, Jr. L. Parkin, So. Looking back, this is what 1957-58 meant to AOPi: 28 pledges: their Halloween pledge dance; their spirited sneak in the middle of mid-terms; their talented Monday night en- tertainment! Football season: open houses; stadium crowds seen from our balcony vantage point; Big Game decorations contest with Alpha Tau Omega, capturing second-place trophy. Christmas: Founder ' s Day luncheon; our visit from Santa Claus; orphan party with Theta Xi; our fabulous Winter formal. Spring: house retreat; Spring sing; Spring fashion show; early tans acquired on the sun deck; and a memorable Spring formal. This is only a glimpse to remind us of a most exciting and successful year. E. Paul, Sr. C. Paulson, Sr. C. Perrine, Sr. P. Peterson, Fr. M. Root, Sr. M. Scholz, Jr. S. Shafft, Sr. B. Sharp, Fr. M. Smith, Fr. G. Taylor, Fr. J. Taylor, Sr. S. Toomajian, So. N. Warren, Fr, S. Warrington, Fr. K. Williams, Jr. J. Wulf, Jr. E. Zahas, So. J. Zimmerman, Fr. J. Schroder, Jr. S. Selb, Jr. J. Treher, So. J. Wallace, Fr. M. Zimmers, Jr. 337 a p 2830 BANCROFT WAY A. Bailey, Sr. M. Barker, Fr. L. Blower, So. S. Brochard, So. M. Bruck, So. B. Buechner, Jr. S. Butterfield, So. J. Campell, Fr. N. Carlson, Jr. J. Carmody, So. J. Carter, So. P. Cathcart, Sr. Claussen, Fr. J. Cotton, So. N. Cupit, Sr. S. Cupit, Fr. G. Diehl, Fr. B. Donahue, So. P. Dunn, Sr. J. Eagan, So. S. Erickson, So. C. Evans, Jr. S. Figel, Fr. G. Franchini, Fr. M. Garnsey, So. N. Ghiselle, Fr. S. Glover, Fr. A. Gaerlich, Fr. S. Griffith, So. C. Hall, So. P. Hamilton, So. A. Hawkins, Sr. M. Hawkins, So. L. Henrietta, Fr. C. Hoffman, Jr. S. Hoffman, Jr. K. Houston, Fr. S. Hurff, So. C. Kelley, Fr. M. Kelley, Jr. 12R R. Kling, Fr. S. Lankenau, So. M. Laurence, Fr. C. Miller, Fr. S. Miller, So. A. Moskowitz, Fr. After the confusion of rushing and we ' d pledged just enough girls so that there wasn ' t any room left for the actives (even in the new wing I , classes commenced. Despite the scholarship dinner with steaks, chops, stew and beans, and Monday night candles and candy, the semester went on ... so . . . we studied. Big Game Week was stuffed with crepe paper as was the object of our BGW affection — a gold-capped octopus from the C around us. Friday the 13th was " Multicolored madness and much fun " at the Pledge Dance. Home for the heart of the holidays, and ... we studied. Formal, fun, and then finals. C. Murphy, Fr. M. Newcomer, Fr. M. Nock, So. G. Noonan, Fr. K. Oppermann, Sr. H. Parrish, Sr. A. Perine, Jr A. Petray, Fr. E. Price, Sr. J. Pringle, Fr. N. Sands, So. E. Shepard, Jr. M. Sullivan, Fr. R. Trescott, Fr. S. Ulrich, Jr. G. Vance, So. D. Wadsworth, So. L. Wagner, So. M. Walpole, Jr. S. Webber, Jr. J. Wentworth, So. P. White, So. D. Windsor, Jr. L. Wood, So. 119 3 a xi 2833 BANCROFT WAY F. Anderson, So. C. Ashmore, Fr, B. Baker, So. M. Barnes, Sr. B. Bell, Sr. N. Boric), Fr. G. Brum, Jr. E. Cahoon, So. P. Chapman, So. B. Cornell, Sr. C. Civiello, So. A. Crawford, Sr. T. Cummings, Fr. D. Dowling, So. C. Enright, So. E. Fara, Sr. J. Frazell, So. A. Garat, Fr. B. Garat, Jr. G. Gerritz, Jr. L. Gilkey, Jr. C. Gimblin, Fr. P. Glendinning, Jr. L. Greve, Jr. D. Griffin, Jr. D. Hall, So. S. Haueter, Jr. L. Heath, Fr. L. High, Fr. M. Holcombe, Fr. J. Holmes, Fr. M. Jorgensen, Jr. E. Johnson, Sr. E. Juul, Sr. M. Keene, So. R. Kelly, Fr. P. Kimball, So. J. Kirkendall, Sr. B. Lucas, Sr. M. McConaughy, Jr. 340 A. Mola, Sr. E. Miller, So. E. McGilvray, Jr. N. Nicholson, So. P. O ' Neil, Sr. P. Parsons, So. Hustle and bustle has been the keynote at the Alpha Xi Delta house this year. Activities and studies claimed most of our hours, but we took time out for social events, too. In the Fall the Axe-Revue and Big Game decorating rated high on our list. Then there was the Pledge Dance, " Backwards Crawl, " the Winter Formal in Belvedere, and our never-to-be-forgotten Rose Formal. Birthdays, banquets, and bridge games also hold memories for us. All in all, from the Flu to the Formal, this was a wonderful year for the Alpha Xi Deltas. P. Perkins, Jr. C. Peter, Jr. J. Peters, Jr. M. Prislin, Jr. C. Quesnoy, Jr. K. Rasmussen, So. S. Read, So. J. Roberts, Sr. P. Royer, Jr. C. Samaras, Jr. S. Schultz, Jr. J. Scott, So. A. Severin, Fr. E. Starin, Jr. N. Straszer, Sr. S. Sypher, Fr. A. Talburt, Fr. S. Taylor, Sr. J. Tirico, So. D. Tischer, Fr. B. Tourville, Jr. G. Trowbridge, So. E. Turula, Fr. M. Varney, So. S. Walther, So. C. Wemett, Fr. B. West, So. B. Worley, So. 341 cc _ni omega 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE S. Alles, Jr. N. Bartell, Sr. C. Battaglin, Sr. J. Bauer, Sr. E. Bedford, So. B. Binsacca, Sr. K. Bowles, Jr. J. Caldwell, Fr. C. Canavan, So. S. Carlson, Jr. M. Cassayre, Fr. J. Clark, So. S. Collins, Jr. M. Dettner, Jr. M. Dunlap, Fr. J. Edlund, Jr. P. Ellerd, Fr. J. Erbentraut, Sr. J. Erwin, Fr. J. Evans, Fr. J. Ferris, So. A. Filmer, Sr. G. Follett, Sr. S. Forbes, So. S. Foster, Sr. M. Funk, Fr. M. Geffeney, Fr. M. Gherra, Jr. B. Ginter, So. P. Golden, So. B. Hand, Jr. S. Hanlon, Fr. S. Hartley, Sr. J. Haunschild, Jr. M. Henry, Jr. M. Hicks, Fr. M. Hopping Sr. N. Jonas, Sr. A. Kelly, Sr. M. Hughes, Fr. 342 B. Hunter, Jr. S. Lega ' let, Fr. L. McEneany, Jr. J. McGinley, So. M. Manning, So. J. Morrison, Sr. Physically, we came back in September—resolutely trudged through the reg. line, and with a sigh gave ourselves up to the mechanical monsters which govern our University cur- riculum. Mentally, we woke up in October—the pledges gave us a dance " Buttons, Buckles, and (shh! ) Beer! " —Axe Re- view—house decorations two formals, father-daughter ban- quet. A few daring souls watched the ghoul movies—however, unorganized defiance met with organized resistance, and the nonconformity was crushed—mass return to Playhouse 90. Next year we must get organized—we hear the University is getting difficult. S. Nealson, Jr. P. Pahl, Fr. W. Palmer, So. P. Pereira, Sr. S. Proctor, Sr. J. Pugh, Fr. R. Rahlfs, So. B. Redhead, Jr. M. Reed, Jr. K. Reilly, Jr. S. Richardson, Fr. M. Roberts, Fr. P. Root, Sr. S. Sanford, Fr. S. Schulz, So. S. Skelly, So. J. Simmons, Sr. C. Signorelli, Fr. T. Soeton, Sr. S. Spencer, Sr. L. Springer, Sr. L. Sutton, Sr. J. Thompson, Sr. C. Tuft, Jr. J. Valentine, Fr. P. Wadsworth, So. C. Wattis, Fr. J. Willis, Sr. H. Zacher, Fr. 343 _elftit (telta delfa H. Adams, Fr. 2300 WARRING STREET B. Anderson, Jr. D. Anderson, Fr. J. Anderson, So. C. Austin, Jr. M. Awtrey, Fr. R. Bacigalupi, Sr. D. Bardo, Fr. D. Bernadicou, Sr. I. Bernadicou, Fr. M. Bliss, So. J. Bonen, So. M. Bolton, So. C. Bragg, Fr. A. Brownson, Jr. J. Bush, So. J. Lockton, Jr. J. Casagrande, Jr. E. Conrady, Fr. J. Deppen, Fr. J. Eisinga, Fr. K. Floaten, Sr. A. Garbolin, Sr. C. Gill, Jr. V. Carroll, Sr. C. Gregory, Jr. A. Gustafson, Jr. R. Hague, Fr. B. Heston, Fr. V. Hoeker, So. U. Holstius, Fr. S. Holt, Fr. D. Gordon, Jr. A. Hotle, Jr. G. Iverson, So. G. Johnson, Fr. C. Kane, Fr. S. Kilpatrick, Fr. J. King, So. M. Klipfel, Fr. S. Honeychurch, Fr. 344 K. Luberg, Sr. J. Martin, Sr. N. McMakin, Fr. C. Medau, Fr. A. Moore, Jr. M. Murray, So. Thirty-five pledges filling up the spaces . . . Maria Torigg:no. Freshman Class Vice President . . . Asian Flu and unexpected vacations at Cowell . . . Big Game . . . Decorations . . . Sylvia Nelson, Homecoming Attendant . . . Lynne Vernon, Pan- hellenic President and Prytanean; Julie Casagrande, Women ' s " J " Committee and Prytanean; Ann Nichols, Prytanean and Rally Committee; Lynne Wilson and Jane Wallace, Rally Committee . . . masquerading as pirates at the Pledge Dance . . . our Winter Formal at the Mark . . . Annie and Pringle, the Hashers ' Queens . . . Spring semester with new leaves to turn over .. Spring Sing and hopes to retain the Sweepstakes trophy . . . Another fabulous formal . . . " Farewells " to our fifteen Seniors. P. Murray, Sr. S. Neff, Fr. S. Nelson, So. A. Nichols, Jr. A. Noid, So. M. Papke, Jr. D. Phillips, Sr. C. Pollard, Fr. M, Pringle, Sr. L. Prcctor, Jr. A. Pryyn, Jr. S. Rees, Fr. D. Richardson, So. P. Schultz, Fr. E. Sloan, Sr. P. Smith, Fr. J. Strand, So. D. Sullivan, Fr. C. Swan, So. C. Swanson, Sr. J. Swanson, Sr. M. Thacker, Fr. M. Thomas, Fr. M. Toriggino, Fr. L. Vernon, Jr. J. Wallace, So. E. Whitmore, Sr. L. Wilson, So. K. Wood, Jr. A. Wright, Jr. 345 gamma 2710 CHANNING WAY C. Ahlm, So. J. Anthony, Fr. J. Arbios, So. J. Auletti, Jr. J. Beaumont, So. A. Bell, Sr. J. Bickel, Jr. B. Boucke, So. A. Bowden, So. J. Brown, Sr. J. Colin, Fr. P. Cotins, Fr. A. Clayton, So. J. Crawford, Fr. A. Cummins, Jr. J. Diment, Sr. M. Dohrmann, So. M. Engelhard, Fr. S. Estberg, Fr. L. Eubanks, So. C. Fechter, Sr. E. Fechter, Fr. D. Fey, Jr. M. Fletcher, Fr. N. Fletcher, Jr. S. Fletcher, So. S. Fox, Fr. B, Galvan, Jr. T. Garmshausen, So. S. Garvey, Sr. M. Goodmanson, Fr. W. Graupner, Fr. S. Gray, Sr. J. Green, Sr. L. Groves, Fr. B. Hampton, Fr. J. Hart, Fr. J. Henderson, Sr. A. Hendren, So. H. Hoffner, So. C. Jackson, Sr. 346 D. Johnson, Fr. IC. Johnson, Fr. M. Johnson, So. N. Knight, Jr. L. Lovelace, Jr. L. Lupher, Fr. This year under the guidance of President Rosalind Oliver the Delta Gammas had a busy and wonderful year. The shouts of " quiet hours! " and " fourth for bridge? " reflected house life. While on campus we had girls active in Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Women ' s Ex Board, Rally Comm., Women ' s J Comm., and PIC. Janice Brown was California ' s Maid of Cotton, Janet Anthony was a finalist for the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and Karen Tallyn was a finalist for Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl. Last but not least the unforgettable fun of our Christmas Formal and our Father-Daughter Banquet. air Mb gift 41 dial lbw iftlasa aid11:16 ' K. May, Fr. L. Mellana, So. G. Merkt, So. R. Meyer, So. C. Mikelson, Sr. J. Moreland, Fr. M. Moore, So. J. Morrisey, Jr. P. Norton, Fr. R. Oliver, Sr. J. Peterson, So. M. Pyne, Sr. J. Ranney, Sr. H. Redford, Fr. M. Robertson, Sr. J. Roodhouse, Fr. J. Ryman, Fr. C. Scott, Jr. D. Sharpe, Fr. Z. Smith, Fr. G. Solari, So. M. Solari, So. S. Sommarstrom, Fr. S. Stratton, Fr. L. Swain, So. T. Sweet, Sr. K. Tallyn, Fr. P. Terry, Sr. J. Thatcher, Fr. B. Wilson, So. R. Wood, Jr. M. Wright, Fr. 347 Tfeifa pin epsilon 2u01 LECONTE AVENUE J. Abramson, Jr. D. Albert, Fr. B. Arnovitz, So. A. Beral, Fr. C. Berger, Sr. C. Birnbaum, So. B. Burstein, So. S. Chiate, So. B. Cohen, So. E. Cohen, Jr. D. Dennis, Jr. H. Faguet, So. B. Fox, Fr. D. Frankel, Fr. J. Frank, Sr. M. Gartzman, Fr. J. Goldberg, Fr. H. Greitzer, So. B. Grossman, Fr. J. Haberman, Jr. H. Harrosh, So. R. Heyman, Sr. J. Jaffe, Fr. J. Jordan, Fr. J. Kaufman, Jr. F. Kertz, Jr. B. Klaiman, So. H. Krawll, So. C. Krevitt, Fr. K. Kricsfeld, Jr. A. Leeds, Fr. L. Lerer, So. 348 B. Levy, So. K. Marquis, So. M. Moss, Fr. E. Moteff, Fr. H. Nathan, Jr. R. Nichols, Fr. As the D Phi E ' s began the Fall semester a new scrapbook was purchased, and lo . . . we filled every page! The active body received top scholarship improvement among women ' s living groups. The pledge dance, " Prisoner of Love, " and the active dance, " U ' N D Phi E, " broke up the Fall study hours. Other activities included our Big Game House decorations with the AKL ' s, the Santa Claus contest, Christmas Party, and formal in the Spring. Deephers busy outside the house were: Linda Pallay, Pan Hellenic Social Chairman; Cara Raport, Sigma Alpha Mu Sweetheart. These, plus the wonderful com- panionship of sisters made the year and D Phi E, the greatest. A. Paul, Jr. E. Paslin, So. L. Pinsler, So. N. Poliner, Fr. C. Raport, Jr. J. Raport, Jr. L. Robbins, So. C. Seldin, Fr. L. Shemanski, Fr. S. Sorkin, So. C. Stone, Jr. M. Ulene, So. M. Uhlmann, Jr. Veitzer, Jr. B. Weiner, Jr. J. Weinshenk, Sr. 349 Jeka zeta 2728 DURANT AVENUE S. Anderson, Sr. B. Ball, Fr. L. Barshell, So. J. Beesley, So. D, Bistor, Sr. M. Bones, Fr. J. Burnell, Sr. L. Canino, Sr. Y. Corsini, Sr. P. Cox, Jr. C. Greeley, Jr. J. Crisler, So. C. Dake, So. A. Deimel, Fr. C. Doane, Jr. D. Drew, Fr. D. Duffey, So. L. Edler, So. C. Edson, Fr. J. Elliott, So. M. Ericson, So. D. Flint, Fr. M. Forsyth, Sr. P. Gallick, So. N. Gillard, Sr. S. Godwin, Fr. S. Hall, Fr. S. Hansen, Fr. N. Hays, So. M. Herz, Sr. S. Hjortsvang, Fr. E. Hollingshead, So. H. Hops, Fr. A. Howard, Jr. S. Hunt, Fr. C. Kruger, So. J. Lercari, Jr. A. Lindsey, Sr. D. Lyons, Sr. N. Macisaac, So. 350 K. Mathesen, Jr. S. Mattson, So. 1. McLean, Jr. K. Mettler, Fr. B. Mikesell, So. N. Mikesell, Sr. Between studies and parties the DZ girls, Have held their own in the activities whirl. On the Axe Review we all worked hard. And brought home a merited third award. Our house as a whole moved bag and baggage South for the UCLA carnage. Individual honors have also been won. Louise Edler coordinator for the Pelican, And Jo Woolley editor for the B. and G. Look in the Daily Cal, Jane Semple ' s by-line to see. Sue Collier gets the Mortar Board call, And for Frosh Rally service, we offer Sue Hall. AigsbiLiair B. Muller, So. C. Perkins, So. M. Phillips, So. M. Pickford, Fr. P. Read, Sr. M. Richardson, Sr. J. Ringham, Sr. R. Rochex, Jr. B. Ross, Sr. B. Russell, Fr. M. Sandstrom, So. S. Schaupp, So. C. Schmid, So. C. Schurter, Fr. J. Semple, Fr. B. Sheekan, Sr. L. Shippy, Fr. L. Sims, Sr. C. Smith, Jr. C. Somers, Sr. L. Snyder, So. M. Swanstrom, Fr. P. Torrey, Fr. P. Vartanian, Fr. V. Vorous, Fr. K. Williams, So. J. Woolley, Sr. 351 gamma p 2732 CHANNING WAY eta M. Adams, Fr. K. Akerberg, Fr. G. Andrews, Jr. C. Beeson, Jr. J. Bell, Sr. M. Biggar, Jr. M. Bowen, So. J. Bowers, Jr. N. Bruce, Sr. M. Busch, So. S. Chew, Fr. P. Christensen, So. S. Cranmer, Fr. M. Cutting, Jr. S. Daley, Jr. J. DeBenedetti, Sr. J. DeBenedetti, Sr. L. Diederich, So. N. Dougery, Fr. P. Fitzgerald, Sr. N. Franks, So. N. Foss, Fr. S. Gardner, Jr. L. Gaylord, Fr. C. Geren, Jr. C. Hahir, Sr. N. Hampton, Jr. J. Happoldt, Sr. J. Harradon, So. L. Hayward, So. N. Holcomb, Jr. L. Hossom, Fr. N. Hudson, Jr. J. Jewett, Fr. E. Johnson, Jr. C. Kavanagh, So. M. Laine, Fr. B. Lieb, Fr. J. Luke, Jr. B. Maestri, Sr. 352 P. Maier, Jr. K. Matthesson, Sr. M. Montgomery, So. B. Mulvany, Sr. WW J. Munroe, Jr. J. Odell, So. S. Olmstead, So. M. Patten, Sr. C. Pearson, Fr. R. Price, Sr. N. Scholes, Sr. J. Shearer, Fr. L. Sheward, Fr. C. Simmonich, Fr. K. Snyder, So. M. Snyder, Jr. N. St. Amant, Jr. D. Stanley, Jr. J. Stelling, Fr. S. Stolich, Jr. B. Stuhr, Sr. S. Trees, Jr. S. Turley, Fr. S. Turley, Fr. J. VanHorn, So. B. Wilson, So. c.appa alp -la 2723 DURANT AVENUE acia N. Adams, Jr. S. Aisthorpe, So. L. Beatie, So. J. Bennett, Fr. J. Bentson, Sr. B. Best, Sr. A. Blanchard, Sr. J. Botsford, So. A. Bowman, Jr. E. Burke, Sr. C. Cashin, Fr. N. Cotton, Sr. S. Daniels, Sr. S. Davidson, Jr. C. Elliotte, Fr. T. Eldridge, Fr. L. Fairchild, Fr, E. Gibbons, Jr. K. Glasoe, Jr. Y, Goldman, Sr. M. Gompertz, Jr. M. Gramatky, Jr. D. Graves, Jr. E. Inman, So. S. Johnston, Fr. S. Jones, Fr. C. Judy, So. S. Kelly, So. P. Kerr, Sr. J. Liechti, So. B. MacAulay, Jr. J. Maddux, Sr. J. McCormack, So. J. McDermid, So. A. McFarling, So, M. Miller, So. J. Moore, So. J. Murman, Fr, C. Musto, Jr. N. Nibley, Fr. 354 C. Nilsson, So. C. Norton, Sr. A. Olker, Sr. M. Olsen, Fr, N. Otero, So. M. Otto, Sr. At the close of Fall rushing the valiant six, who survived a campus-wide Asian flu epidemic, welcomed our twenty-two lively, new pledges into Kappa Alpha Theta. A later swimming party for them and our pledge party, a " come-as-you-were when the ship went down " affair on the Harbor Queen, helped overcome the first disadvantages. Shortly thereafter came the Ace of Clubs dance, the pledge sneak, and Christmas, with mid-terms, of course, mixed in there, too. Big Game decora- tions with Theta Xi fraternity brought us an honorable men- tion award. We had two active basketball teams in intramural sports, as well as individual participation in many campus activities. Spring brought the formal and Spring Sing, and June concluded the year with fetters, farewells, and finals. S. Penny, So. G. Pollock, So. J. Post, Jr. N. Prindle, So. J. Randall, Fr. E. Rankin, Jr. J. Roberts, Sr. M. Rosenberg, Jr. S. Rossner, Jr. P. Skene, Jr. C. Smith, Fr. S. Smith, Sr. A. Stephens, So. L. Trotti, Fr. J. Viera, So. A. Weis, Jr. K, Winkenhofer, Sr. J. Winsor, Fr. G. Zinn, So. 355 kappa (tett 2461 WARRING STREET C. Argue, Sr. K. Armstrong, Sr. C. Barlin, Sr. P. Barnard, Jr. S. Beasley, Sr. B. Beise, So. S. Berta, So. C. Blower, Fr. D. Blunck, Jr. P. Boller, Fr. J. Bowman, Fr. L. Boyns, Jr. C. Brabazon, Sr. S. Bramble, Fr. M. Brown, Sr. M. Bruno, Fr. A. Buckner, So. M. Canzano, Jr. T. Chouret, So. M. Collins, Sr. B. Correia, So. H. Daane, Jr. H. Delvey, So. S. Dornin, So. S. Dunn, So. S. Fickes, Jr. B. Fletcher, Jr. J. Free, Fr. M. Freitag, So. J. Gange, So. T. Giesen, Sr. M. Goodwin, Sr. J. Grady, So. L. Gramlow, Jr. M. Green, Fr. A. Grohman, Jr. P. Hagen, Sr. D. Hallett, Sr. B. Hanna, Fr. K. Hansen, Jr. 356 B. Harper, Sr. J. Hartman, Fr. C. Helmkamp, So. L. Hieronimus, So, K. HiHiker, So. N. Hogan, Fr. The year went by like all the rest, Pass a mid-term, flunk a test. Plan a party, give a dance Look around for new romance. Go to classes, cut a few Wish that finals were all through. Look around and though you cheer it Can ' t locate the Big New Spirit. Hear of issues scintillating Like the TA ' s present rating. Stay up all night feeling static Find you ' ve got the Asiatic. Semester ' s over and nothing to do, So quit mourning — Things are Pretty good at Cal U. L. Howson, Fr. J. Jackson, So. S. Jackson, Fr. J. Johns, So. F. Johnson, So. S. Johnson, So. J. Keller, Jr. J. Kelsey, Fr. A. Kuhlman, So. S. Kurtz, Jr. J. Lateana, Fr. N. McPhee, Jr. N. Merrill, Jr. J. Michaels, Jr. A. Nicoletti, Jr. F. Norman, Sr. D. Park, Fr. M. Peck, So. J. Prosek, Sr. 0. Quiroz, Fr. E. Regalia, Jr. C. Richardson, Sr. H. Riedel, Fr. J. Ruth, So. B. Sharman, So. J. Slater, Fr. S. Small, Sr. M. Smith, Sr. S. Smith, So. J. Taylor, Jr. D. Thomas, Sr. B. Thompson, So. C. Tildsley, So. S. Vergez, Sr. N. Walsh, Jr. J. Wood, Fr. X57 A PIP gamma 2328 PIEDMONT P. Bell, Sr. S. Bennion, So. B. Best, So, A. Bias, So. P. Bondensen, Sr. L. Brown, Sr. F. Clarke, Fr. A. Coberly, So. L. Cockburn, Fr. S. Crary, Jr. M. Creech, Sr. C. Dean, So. J. De Benedetti, Fr. C. Demeter, Sr. J. Diddle, So. J. Draper, So. J. Dorward, Jr. J. Downton, Fr, L. Dunlap, Sr. T. Ehmann, Jr. A. Erro, So. B. Erro, Fr. B. Evans, Jr. N. Flack, Sr. P. Gooch, So. D. Gray, So. G. Grenfell, Sr. J. Hammond, Jr. L. Howard, Jr. J. Howell, Fr. J. Hurndall, Fr. T. Innes, So. K. Jorgensen, Sr. K. Klein, Jr. A. Kemph, So. J. Law, Fr. N. Lewis, Sr. B. Logan, Fr. L. Lombardi, So. B. Lundy, Sr. H. McCarthy, So. M. McGuire, Fr. C. Markham, Jr. J. Meyer, Sr. K. Mills, Fr. J. Moore, So. Many young women will say that a year at Cal isn ' t complete without hard work, intramural sports, activities, parties, and fun. We agree! But our year isn ' t complete without our Daughter Dinner. Our fathers remember old college days, and enjoy living young again. We are eager to introduce our fathers who have made it possible for us to enjoy so ly our college years and, after each party, we vow that, " Our hearts belong to Daddy. " B. Muller, Sr. S. Nelson, So. G. Nicholas, Jr. E. Olson, So. N. Pattinson, Fr. J. Patton, So. S. Robbins, Fr. M. Roney, Sr. S. Smith, Fr. S. Smith, Jr. S. Spridgen, Jr. J. Stadelmal, Jr. B. Stark, Jr. G. Swanston, Jr. S. To les, Jr. S. Topping, So. B. Walker, So. B. Wall, Jr. C. Washburn, Sr. S. Willetts, Sr. B. Wiester, Sr. L. Worthington, Sr. 359 0 p all 2722 DURANT AVENUE J. Arrigoni, Sr. S. Bachand, So. D. Baer, Jr. C. Bareilles, So. B. Bein, Jr. B. Bosma, So. J. Brown, Fr. M. Calhoon, Jr. J. Davidson, Fr. G. Davis, Sr. C. Douglas, Sr. C. Eden, So. B. Ek, Fr. P. Fitzgerald, Fr. M. Fonseca, Jr. G. Forsyth, Fr. S. Freuler, Sr. L. Gibson, Jr. J. Gray, Fr. A. Greenwocd, Jr. N. Griffith, Jr. B. Halvorsen, So. D. Hamilton, So. E. Henry, Fr. W. Johnson, Jr. M. Kalsh, Sr. S. Kampp, Sr. E. Keasbey, Fr. R. Langs, Fr. J. Lloyd, Sr. M. Lundroth, Fr. M. Luther, So. 360 P. McEwing, Jr. J. Meeker, Sr. 8. Middleton, Fr. M. Mitchell, Sr. M. Mitchell, So. J. Mixter, So. Following two " Hectic " weeks of Rushing, the Phi Mus ush- ered in twenty pledges. As the semester progressed, open houses, father-daughter luncheon, pledge dance with its theme of Mardi Gras, and the Fall Formal filled the semester. The second semester brought initiation banquets, Big-Little Sister dinner, our Spring Formal, the Symphony, and finals cli- maxed a very successful year for the girls. Phi Mus again proved active on campus. Jackie Lloyd was Senior Class Sec- retary-Treasurer. Margie Luther and Ann Roper were elected to Panile. Margie was also on the Rally Committee while Betty Purvis was Secretary of the WAA. M. Overfelt, So. P. Pruff, Sr. B. Purvis, Sr. M. Ray, So. A. Roper, So. C. Seberg, So. P. Semichy, Jr. D. Sherwood, Fr. M. Smith, Fr. S. Sprague, So. S. Stewart, Fr. S. Striker, Sr. P. Temple, So. S. Trout, So. L. Wood, Sr. M. Zinns, Jr. 361 sigma sigma 2434 PIEDMONT AVENUE " S ' Wonderful " sums up our year at the PHI SIG house. We ' ll never forget .. . our new housemon, MRS. GEIGER . . . ents and our terrific pledges . .. Monday nights . . . The Pledge Sneak . . . Study table . . . When IRENE STEINBERG was chosen as an Oski Doll ... Founder ' s Day ... the Parent ' s Dinner . . . ESTHER CYWAN ' S engagement . . . Pinnings .. . The Pledge Dance with an abundance of hot dog rolls, but no hot dogs! ... exchanges ... House decorations with the TEPs when the Stantanic almost sank . . . Storyville . . . The Spring Formal .. . and, of course, finals. These are our " Moments to Remember. " E. Baron, So. E. Cywan, Sr. J. Fischel, So. A. Francisco, Fr. B. Frank, Sr. P. Gogol, So. Hibler, Fr. F. Hillier, Fr. P. Kipnis, Fr, J. Koota, So. B. Kosman, Fr. J. Lenoff, So. A. Mendelson, So. V. Pearl, So. I. Ponve, Fr. A. Rosenberg, Fr. F. Rozen, So. C. Schneider, So. S. Sherman, Fr. B. Singer, Sr. R. Singer, Sr. S. Smith, Jr. Steinberg, Jr. R. Torgovitsky, Sr. M. Wexler, So. M. Zusman, So. 362 G. Baumgartner, Fr. R. Brown, Jr. V. Buckley, Fr. H. Burt, Fr. M. Carmichael, Fr. J. Carr, So. J, Christy, Fr. M. Conrady, So. ' lei upsilon 2732 DURANT AVENUE This has been a happy and busy year for the Theta U ' s with football games, rallies, house decorations, the Big and Little Sister Dance, picnics, bowling, date dinners, Faculty Dinner, Mother and Father Banquet, and the Christmas Formal at the Alta Mira Hotel in Sausalito. The girls have also been busy in such campus organizations as Panile, Treble Clef, Tower and Flame, YWCA and Phi Sigma Pi. All this has helped to make it a great year and we are looking forward to an equally wonderful one in 1958-1959. S. Dickey, Fr. C. Gazzano, Jr. D. Gazzano, Fr. R. Griffin, So. M. Hetzel, Jr. H. Huitt, Sr. S. Johnson, Jr. D. Kiely, Jr. L. Ludwigsen, Jr. C. McPherrin, Jr. M. Morse, So. E. Rosberg, Sr. B. Vay, Sr. S. Volpi, So. N. Voss, So. D. Zaro, Jr. 363 befa phi 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE J. Anderson, Sr. L. Baumann, So. H. Bevis, Fr. S. Biggart, Sr. B. Bingham, Jr. A. Bradshaw, Sr. B. Breyer, So. C. Brown, Sr. ligik ihaki alAk Li gigAi M. Budge, So. B. Busby, Fr. B. Candau, So. A. Chew, Sr. A. Cianciarulo, Jr. A. Crossan, So. L. Daly, Jr. B. Davis, Jr. M. Davis, Fr. J. Dieter, Fr. A. Dobbs, Sr. M. Donovan, So. N. Doyle, So. J. Dumm, Jr. L. Eberts, Fr. E. Ehlers, Sr. J. Frazier, Sr. L. Griffith, Fr. T. Hamilton, So. C. Hand, Fr. L. Hansen, Sr. W. Harris, Fr. H. Harrison, So. M. Hinman, Fr. M. Irish, Fr. S. Johanson, Jr. S. Keil, Sr. A. Kent, So. A. Kimberlin, Jr. M. Lamb, Jr. J. Lange, Jr. S. Little, So. 364 L. Lorimer, Sr. M. Marsh, Jr. M. McDonald, So. M. McEnerney, Jr. J. Mekeel, Sr. N. McRae, Sr. The Pi Phis ' year has been a gasser. Martha McEnerny headed Panile; Betsy Davis was installed as Panhellenic President. The majority of the sisterhood has been in training for the 1960 Olympics—bridge competition. Academically, i.e., class- work we soared to unprecedented heights of intellectual achievement—one 4.0. The usual dinners, formals„ etc., were conducted with traditional sober demeanor. Fall — 49ers football was supplanted by spring baseball with the " pretzel and sunshine " set avidly following the Giants. Pi Phi ' s chief claim to distinction has been its instrumental role in the signing of John Foster Dulles as a tour director for Eur-Cal. J. Mills, Sr. J. Moffitt, So. P. Molony, Fri A. Newell, Jr. L. Noll, Fr. L. Nyeland, Jr. B. O ' Brien, Fr. T. Oss, Sr. S. Owen, So. L. Palmquist, Fr. J. Paul, Jr. S. Paulson, Fr. L. Phinney, Sr. S. Porter, Sr. J. Robbins, So. P. Roberts, So. N. Rodger, So. L. Rogers, So. J. Runte, Sr. S. Schorer, Fr. J. Schreiber, Jr. A. Scott, Fr. S. Verble, Fr. S. Ward, Sr. S. Warner, Fr. J. Watrous, So. C. Watson, So. C. Williams, So. M. Wright, So. F. Wyatt, Sr. 365 skgraa. A a ppa 2109 WARRING STREET H. Altorfer, Jr. B. Anderson, Fr. S. Anderson, Jr. J. Archer, Fr. D. Bancroft, Fr. B. Barker, Jr. J. Bilafer, So. S. Bounds, So. M. Brown, Fr. M. Caffrey, So. R. Cantin, Fr. C. Christenson, Sr. C. Conrad, So. B. Cox, Fr. M. Cross, Fr. L. Daily, So. S. Dean, Fr. C. Dunn, Sr. D, Dunn, Sr. M. Evenson, So. B. Felling, So. N. Fertig, Fr. S. Freeman, Fr. T. Garthwaite, So. S. Goldsmith, So. V. Googins, Fr. J. Harsch, Jr. K. Hardison, So. S. Hart, Jr. J. Hartmann, Jr. J. Hemphill, Fr. S. Heustis, So. J. Hines, So. J. Hynes, Jr. S. Inman, So. L. Joesting, So. L. Johnson, Jr. G. Johnston, Sr. E. Kern, Sr. P. Kutsurelis, Sr. 366 H. Lindgren, Jr. L. Locatelli, Fr. L. Lowe, So. D. Lyons, So. J. Marr, Sr. J. McAdams, Sr. The Sigma Kappa ' s activities have been like a merry carousel. The social calendar included the wild Jungle Theme dance honoring our 31 pledges, Big Game decorations done with the Phi Psi ' s, the Winter informal, and the Spring formal with the San Jose SK ' s. Campus honors were many, with Judy Pollack, Daffodil Queen; Mary Wittman, Blue and Gold Manager and an Oski Doll; Sherry Anderson, Junior Veep; De Ann Lyons, Pelly Fashion Editor; Marilyn Rohwer and Mary Wittman in both Mortar Board and Prytanean ; Pryt also claiming Sherry Anderson, Heidi Altorfer, Sally Hart and Joan McAdams .. . ' round we went for a terrific year. C. McNeely, Fr. D. Metcalf, So. J. Munroe, So. J. Mouser, Fr. 8. Nelson, Jr. S. Nicholson, So. J. Norbut, Sr. S. Normand, Fr. L. Norris, So. G. Orsoe, So. J. Paine, Jr. J. Pollock, So. D. Prentice, So. J. Ragsdale, So. P. Robinson, So. G. Rohwer, So. M. Rohwer, Sr. M. Rudolph, So. C. Sartain, So. A. Shafer, Sr. S. Shipley, Sr. S. Sims, Fr. F. Soares, So. A. Wagner, Sr. M. Walden, So. P. Welsh, Fr. L. Wilen, Sr. S. Wilson, So. M. Wittman, Sr. J. Yager, So. M. Zack, So. 367 145 zeta fall a 2310 PROSPECT p-la S. Alpers, So. D. Ammons, Fr. S. Baskett, So. F. Bauman, Fr. J. Becker, Sr. J. Blum, Sr. C. Brady, Sr. N. Bremer, So. C. Brummond, So. S. Camoriani, So. S. Castagna, So. V. Claussen, So. C. Cooley, Jr. M. Covert, Fr. C. Davis, Jr. J. Davis, Fr. S. Denton, Fr. L. Dudley, So. P. Dunning, Fr. M. Fightmaster, Jr. A. Garner, Sr. L. Ginder, Sr. L. Graham, So. C. Grant, Fr. P. Grisham, So. T. Hamm, Sr. M. Herbert, Fr. L. Higgins, Fr. D. Jackson, Sr. P. Jansen, Jr. K. Kleiner, Jr. H. Larson, Jr. C. Le Duc, Jr. S. Luard, Fr. B. Maguire, Jr. P. Marcucci, Sr. A. Mayberry, Jr. A. McLean, Fr. S. McMullen, So. J. Melville, So. 368 A. Neville, Fr. C. Noe, Jr. L. Olson, Fr. B. Otto, So. L. Pawson, Jr. J. Peterson, Fr. This was a wonderful year for the Zetas. Pompon girls, Helen Larson and Sue Stanley added much spirit to the football and basketball games. Big Game week brought many honors. Lynn Pawson was chosen Homecoming Queen; Joanne Beck- er, attendant; and with Kappa Delta Rho, the Zetas won the sweepstakes for house decorations. The White Violet Ball and the Spring Formal added finishing touches to a wonder- ful year. L. Phillips, Fr. P. Rankin, Fr. F. Redewell, Fr. M. Reese, So. M. Rowe, Jr. A. Rutherford, Fr. J. Sanner, Fr. B. Sawyer, Fr. J. Seitz, So. S. Simpson, So. S. Slcman, So. E. Sonnenschein, Sr. M. Spencer, So. J. Stanley, Sr. S. Stanley, Jr. C. Sutton, So. D. Swagger, Sr. B. Wood, Fr. C. Tarke, Sr. E. Young, So. L. Tenney, Fr. J. Zavattaro, Sr. B. Thomas, Fr. K. Toll, Sr. 1VI. Whitmore, Jr. J. Williams, Fr. H. Wilson, Fr, 369 0 sigma omicron pit Sigma Omicron Pi began its year with a calendar of exciting activities. Starting with the Coke Rush, Informal Tea, fashion show, and Pledge Dinner, the calendar also included such memorable activities as hazing, initiation, and Founder ' s Day Dinner. The highlight of the semester was the Winter Ball at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. The members collected warm clothing for underprivileged foreign families as their ter project. In the Spring, the members enjoyed many Big-Little Sister affairs, a barbecue, pajama parties, and exchanges. The mester climaxed with the Senior Banquet. All these exciting activities made for a sensational year. Aka C. Lau, Fr, A. Bow, So. J. Chinn, So. K. Chinn, Jr. S. Chow, Fr. F. Fong, Fr. J. Fong, So. J. Hong, Sr. V. Lee, Jr. P. Li, Sr. E. Louie, So. M. Lowe, Fr. C. Wong, Fr. E. Wright, Fr. M. Yee, Fr. 3 70 375 GREG ENGLEHARD PAUL CHRISTOPOLOS HARRY DAVIS Director of Athletics Assistant Director of Athletics Ticket Office Manager FIRST ROW, left to right: Marge Patterson, Gayle Redden. SECOND ROW: Pat Gordon, Katherine Gowdy, Charlie Clarke, Henrietta Girgich, Bernice Beelyo. athletic actrninistration Again this year, Greg Englehard did an outstanding job as Director of Athletics His duties entailed scheduling and coordinating the activities of over 350 athletic events during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons at the University of California. Assisting him in this widespread job were Paul Christopolos, Assistant Director of Athletics, and Harry Davis, the Manager of the Ticket Office. These two were indispensable to the program as well as the office staff, headed by Katherine Gowdy. The combined efforts of the entire group made possible the athletic events which the student body was able to view during the 1957-58 season. 376 JAMES T. HARI NESS Team Physician ATHLETIC COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Cherry, Roger Price, Greg Engelhard. SECOND ROW: Maynard Orme, Bob Swanson, Dick Homuth. TRAINERS, left to right: Jack Williamson, Bob Peterson, Ed Byrne, Al Wyider. The Athletic program at California would he little without the hard workers in the background who " keep the show on the road. " Already mentioned has been Greg Engelhard, director, who is assisted by his student Athletic Council, a coordinating and policy-making body. Also, keeping the teams in top form are the group of professional trainers, on the job all read ' round. Last, but not least, is well-known James Harkness, the team physician. Keeping busy between the Men ' s Gym and Cowell Hospital, Dr. Harkness has his hands full. 377 c society FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Piestrup, Jack Hart, Hank Olguin, Jack Grout, Roger Price, John Petersen, Bruce Keppel, Rich Bartke, Bob Swanson, Joe Kitterman. SECOND ROW: Jim Cherry, Remo Jacuzzi, Harley Martin, Mike White, Dick Munter, Don Bowden, Bill Haines, Tom Grady, Pete Newineyer, Bill Carlson, John Stewart, Max Hale, Phil McGinn. THIRD ROW: Maynard Orme, Joe Contestabile, Ron Wheateroft, Curtis laukea, Bob Currie, Gulden Lloyd, Monte Upshaw, Don Bishop, George De Long, Claude Hutchison, Bob Puccinelli, Don Anderson, Sheldon Diller, Al McIntosh, Chuck Holloway. FOURTH ROW: Paul Piper, Bob Balck, Richard Dailey, Stuart Gould, Gary Wulfsberg, Charles Raymer, Charles Thompson, John Dieterich, Roger Grey, Bob Toth, Tom Palma, Mark Tuft, Paul Ortner. FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Bruce Keppel President Roger Price Monte Upshaw Vice-President George DeLong Roger Price Secretary-Treasurer Pat Newell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS FOOTBALL Gabriel Arrillaga SWIMMING Kenneth Bathgatr Albert Becker Brutus Hamilton Stanley McCaffrey Robert Rubin James Cherry Arthur Carlson Paul Christopulos James Harkness James Miller George Schroth Robert Chiappone Byron Dieterle James Corley Paul Hastings Ralfe Miller Glenn Seaborg Joseph Contestabilc William Haines Harry Davis Miles: Hudson Harold Muller Herman Spindt Robert Currie Charles Holloway Thomas Dutton Robert Johnson William Monahan Robert Sproul Ronald Currie Brace Keppel Carroll E bright Charles Keeney Edgar Nemir Richard Stevens Peter Domoto Kenneth Lindgren Peter Elliott Clark Kerr Charles Pease Arleigh Williams Frank Doretti Phillip McGinn Gregory Englehard Mike Kell Robert Peterson John Williamson Arthur Forbes John McNees Richard Erickson .1 mes Landoll Alva Ragan George Wolfram, Oran Franklin Peter Newmeyer Rod Franz James Lemmon John Ralston Henry Yee George Gillespie Terry Tognazzini Steve Glagola Ronald Volmer James Green BASKETBALL Gabriel Arrillaga, Jr. Allan Bach Jack Grout Joseph Kapp Donald McIntosh Earl Robinson Bernard Simpson, Jr. TRACK Robert Bellue Donald Bowden Richard Dailey Stuart Gould Joseph Griffin Leamon King Alan McIntosh Richard Munter Henry Olguin Maynard Orme Roger Price Darrell Roberts Ernest Thompson Montague Upshaw Michael White Gary Wulfsberg CREW Richard Bartke Don Bishop George De Long John Dieterich Robert Ekedahl Thomas Grady John Hardy Claude Hutchison Joseph Kitterman Dan Petersen John Petersen James Swanson Markham Tuft Arthur Ward Gerry Weyland Max Hale Jack Hart Charles Holston Curtis Iaukea Proverb Jacobs Charles Johnson Terald Jones Joseph Kapp Harley Martin John Michael Donald Newell Henry Olguin Donald Piestrup Nick Poppin Roger Ramsier Darrell Roberts Thomas Rodger BASEBALL Gabriel Arrillaga Kim Elliott Roger Gregg Bernard Kelly Edward Kraft Warren Lavorel Richard Nelson Donald Nusser Paul Ortner Thomas Palma Paul Piper Robert Puccinelli Roy Raymond Allen Reynolds Earl Robinson Bernard Simpson John Ronald George Sterling Franklin Sally Charles Thompson Samuel Slauson Douglas Weiss Howard Solvin John Stewart Robert Toth TENNIS Ronald Wheatcroft Robert Balck Michael White Carl Carlson Jack Yerman Edwin Dennison Sheldon Diller James Jackson Gulden Lloyd Richard Owens Charles Raymer 378 cIrc e c society FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Woodward. Don Gray, Don Allis, Dick Homath, David Ray Wilson. SECOND ROW: Xavier Victoria, Cornell Dudley, Bill Gassett, Ernest Solomon, Max Allen, Terry Cole, Wart Singer, Jun Makishima, Harry Kim, Fritz Camp. THIRD ROW: Herb Davis, Maynard Orme, Roger Price, Clark Maddox, Stuart Gould, Bill Baker, Tom Burcham, Franz Misch, Frank Clasby, Fred Daulton. SPRING OFFICERS President Maynard Orme Vice-President Don Gray Secretary Don Foster Treasurer Ernie Solomon FALL OFFICERS Donald Allin Dick Homuth David Wilson Donald Gray UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND Greg Englehard Bob Di Grazia Brutus Hamilton Lance Flanagan Norman Hinds Miles Hudson Charles Lucchesi Harry Morgan Ralph Miller Hugh Mumby Edgar Nemir HONORARY MEMBERS Herbert Newsom Charles Pease Alva Ragan George Schroth Hal Walt BOXING Robert Ettinger Dick Homuth Pat Hallinan CROSS-COUNTRY Stuart Gould Clark Maddox Don Foster Maynard Orme Roger Price Roger Stephens GYMNASTICS rthur Aldritt Donald Allin Fred Camp Donald Gray Harry Kim William Lambden Walter Singer Xavier Victoria FENCING Tom Burchan Jerome Klotz Edgar Strickland RIFLE TEAM Francis Clasby Fred Daulton Jay Folsom Maurice Milsted Gordon Nakagawa David. Wilson RUGBY David Babros John Elworthy Max Hale Franz Misch Mike White James Woodward WATER POLO Max Allen Will Gassett Richard Olson WEIGHT BASKETBALL Robert Arndt Terry Cole Charles Duncan Peter Hayward Ulan Hitchcock Mike White WRESTLING Cornell Dudley Dick Homuth Ernest Soloman 379 It ' s this , • • Johnn y Stewart attacked! Pete and friend- Which way—the ball? 380 coac_aing California performed this year under a new system of coaching with a new head football coach. Inaugurating the system was Cal ' s Pete Elliott. The season by wins, doesn ' t look outstanding but by the prospects of a bright future, looks promising. Elliott, with his Split-T, worked with a team largely composed of Juniors. Next year, in returning to varsity play, they will prove a great asset. Pete Elliott, at 30, is one of the youngest head football coaches in the country. He is an ex-Michigan star, who last year coached the University of Nebraska. He was not alone, as a new coach, in hosting a losing season. The PETE ELLIOTT Head Coach FIRST ROW, left to right: Gene Stauber, Pete Elliott, Rod Franz. SECOND ROW: Bill Taylor, Dee Andros, Buck McPhail, John Ralston. majority of the new coaches across the country hosted a more losses than wins season. Nevertheless, Elliott had the support of a more than willing team, a fine staff of assistant coaches. and a spirited student body. All are now looking forward to California Football, with head Coach Pete Elliott, in the seasons to come. Strong support was given Elliott by his head scout, Rod Franz, Frosh coach; John Ralston, Bill Taylor, Dee Andros, Buck McPhail and Gene Stauber. 382 EQUIPMENT MANAGERS -- LEFT TO RIGHT: Arthur Stevenson, Ernie Madison. STUDENT MANAGERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Toth (Senior Manager), Dana Marble. SECOND ROW: Ray Martsch, Jack Paxton, Al Skinner, Jay Todd. equipment an student managers The Athletic Organization would not survive without the stars behind the stage, the competent equipment managers and the student football managers. Under the leadership of Bob Toth, the football managers did a bang-up job in organizing the squad and doing odd jobs on the field, and in the gym. They could not have performed so efficiently without the aid of the equipment managers. Their job is more inclusive, though, being all year round. It entails not only a management job, but also repairing, cleaning, and other such, oftentimes, thankless tasks. Many thanks and much credit should be given to these hard-working, behind-the-scene, groups. 383 TEAM CAPTAINS, 1957 SEASON BOB CURRIE, ART FORBES, MIKE WHITE, season summary The 1957 football season, Coach Pete Elliott ' s first at California, wasn ' t success- ful from a won and lost standpoint. However, much was gained during the season in spirit and team unity. California opened its season on Sept. 21 with a tough 13-6 loss at the hands of Southern Methodist. The Bears scored in the first quarter on a Jack Hart one-yard run at the end of a 49-yard drive. However, the Mustangs powered to one touchdown in the second quarter and another in the third to sew up the contest. Next came the Washington State Cougars and a trip to Pullman. The Cougars ' famed pass attack was potent and they had a 13-0 lead before the ond quarter was very old. The Bears put together a 55-yard drive just before the end of the half, with Gabe laga sneaking over for the score. The half ended with the game score, 13-7. The powerful Michigan State Spartans visited Berkeley the following week, and they returned home with a 19-0 victory. Navy, the best team in the East, was California ' s next foe, and the Middies had to battle for their 21-6 triumph. The Bears scored in the second ter when they recovered a fumble on the Navy 16-yard line. However, Navy ' s over-all strength wasn ' t to be denied, and they ground out drives of 45 yards and 79 yards in the second half and wound up the scoring by intercepting a Bear pass. Victory finally came to the Bears the following week when they beat SC ' s Trojans, 12 to 0. End Mike White recovered an SC fumble on the first play of the game and the Bears drove 18 yards in six plays for their 6-0 lead. In the third quarter the Bears drove 73 yards in seven plays after the third quarter kickoff for a TD. The Bears hoped to make it two in a row when they traveled to Eugene to face the Rose Bowl-bound Oregon Ducks, but they were thwarted by a 24-6 margin. The Bears displayed tremendous spirit in their 16-14 loss to UCLA the following week. The Bruins raced to a 13-0 halftime lead but had to fight for their lives the rest of the way. The Bears ' first TD came late in the third quarter when they marched 59 yards to score. Kirk Wilson of the Bruins widened UCLA ' s lead to 16-7 with a field goal in the fourth quarter but the Bears battled back with a 68-yard TD drive. They closed the gap to 16-14 but couldn ' t get over the hump. Touchdowns came in droves the following week, but Washington ' s Huskies came out on top, 35 to 27. Next came the Big Game and Stanford was heavily favored. The Indians scored early in the second quarter on a 41-yard drive with Fullback Chuck Shea driving nine yards for the TD. The Bears came back with an 80-yard drive of their own with Darrell Roberts going the final yard over right tackle. Stanford took the second half kickoff and marched 73 yards for another tally, Jackie Douglas sneaking over the final inches. Cal didn ' t stop trying and scored in the fourth quarter on a four-play, 74-yard march. A 41-yard Joe Kapp to Steve Glagola pass paid off with six points. Final score, 14-12, Stanford. 384 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 6 0 0 0— 6 SMU 0 7 6 0 —13 Cal SMU Rushing Plays 69 56 Net Yards Rushing 206 251 Passes Attempted 13 8 Passes Completed 8 5 NET YARDS GAINED 300 304 First Downs 17 16 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 0 0 0 0 MICHIGAN STATE 7 6 0 6 —19 Cal Mich. Rushing Plays 42 60 Net Yards Rushing 89 271 Passes Attempted 23 22 Passes Completed 11 14 NET YARDS GAINED 273 467 First Downs 16 27 387 DARRELL ROBERTS begins 22.yard return after second quarter kickoff. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 6 0 6 USC 0 0 0 0 — 0 Cal USC Rushing Plays 57 60 Net Yards Rushing 203 164 Passes Attempted 13 18 Passes Completed 6 6 NET YARDS GAINED 365 258 First Downs 15 15 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 7 0 0 — 7 WASH. STATE 7 6 0 0-13 Cal WSC Rushing Plays 65 51 Net Yards Rushing 229 170 Passes Attempted 11 20 Passes Completed 4 12 NET YARDS GAINED 314 339 First Downs 15 19 .44 ;id HIS ... g EKIWOMftwoo:. ROGER RAMSIER recovers WSC fumble for Bears. 388 KAPP struggles against UCLA. JOE KAPP scores for Bears in fourth quarter. 390 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 7 0 13 7 — 27 WASHINGTON 0 21 0 14 — 35 Cal Wash. Rushing Plays 45 67 Net Yards Rushing 145 306 Passes Attempted 19 11 Passes Completed 7 4 NET YARDS GAINED 306 359 First Downs 11 16 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 0 7 7-14 UCLA 6 7 0 3 —16 Cal UCLA Rushing Plays Net Yards Rushing Passes Attempted Passes Completed NET YARDS GAINED First Downs 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 0 6 13 —19 OREGON STATE 7 14 0 0 — 21 Cal OSC Rushing Plays 47 58 Net Yards Rushing 129 189 Passes Attempted 14 13 Passes Completed 8 8 NET YARDS GAINED 259 311 First Downs 10 15 1 293 253 9 8 3 3 116 141 18 16 JACK HART scores for the Bears in the third quarter 39 I M C 1 2 3 4 Tot. 0 6 0 6 —12 0 7 7 0 — 14 Cal Stan. 55 59 195 270 15 19 6 8 316 339 18 24 Rushing Plays Net Yards Rushing Passes Attempted Passes Completed NET YARDS GAINED First Downs HANK OLGUIN receives pass for JOE KAPP. 0 CAL STANFORD PROVERB JACOBS blocks GABE ARRILLAGA as he rolls out to pass. JACK YERMAN stopped in first quarter. JACK HART gains yardage in first quarter. 393 Number two pass receiver and MIKE WHITE was a conistent performer on left end, Co-captain ART FORBES, fullback, marked improvement with his hustle and willingness. RON WHEATCROFT, a two-year is one of the best all-round ends on coast. B03 CURRIE, tackle and co-c aptain, showed aggressive and dependable speed, especial), on offense. Beginning as a leading runner at fullback MAX HALE was shifted to center early in the season. FIRST ROW, left to right: Darrell Roberts, Joe Kapp, Frank Doretti, Jack Hart, Mike White, Proverb Jacobs, Curtis Iaukea, Gabe Arrillacia, Emerson Byrd. SECOND Roger Ramseier, Dick Hathcock, Kenny Oran Frark ' in, Tom Fraser, George Dmeth, John Stewart, Jack Yerman, Bob Elzenga, Frank Sally, Tony Perrin, Knutson. THIRD ROW: Bob Hathaway, Wendel Brooks, Pat Newell, Greg Thomas; Bill Cooper, Sam Slauson. Hank Olguin, Bob Currie, John King, Howard Solvin, Glagola, Bob Rebol, George Gillespie, Charlie Johnson, Max Hale, Phil Mace, Bob Taylor, Bill Streshley. FOURTH ROW: Al Dossa, Cliff Wingo, Art Forbes, Don Pihl, Bates, Tons Rodger, Bob Gonzales, Ted Dinkier, Harley Martin, Ron Currie, Ron Wheatcroft, Lom. Henry Giudice, Terry Jones, Charlie Holston. 394 Fast and aggressive at guard position PROVERB JACOBS during his last year play. JOHN STEWART started the season as half, but proved himself a valuable by the end of the season. In his first year of varsity ball, senior tackle SAM SLAUSON was a stronghold in the line. Senior HOWARD SOLVIN proved a able center in his last year of play. Aggressive and a hard man to move tackle CURT IAUKEA during the season. Despite injuries, RON CURRIE proved good blocker and defensive end. A steady player at offensive end was ROGER SIER, although battling injuries for two years. GABE ARRILLAGA improved throughout the at the quarterback position. End STEVE GLAGOLA wound up his career by ing a touchdown pass in the Big Game. Junior halfback HANK OLGUIN was a with his rushing and pass receiving. " Playing outstanding ball as quarterback " is a good description of JOE KAPP ' S season record. The Bear ' s top ground gainer and pass receiver year was junior halfback JACK HART. HARLEY MARTIN ' S head injury was unfortunate the Bear line. Great speed as a defensive back characterized playing of halfback DARRELL ROBERTS. " A rough lineman " best describes junior CHARLIE HOLSTON. 395 396 In his second year of varsity play, GILLESPIE showed quite a bit of in the backfield. With another year of play at tackle, MICHAEL shows promise of continued work. Playing first string with the Ramblers most of season, junior BILL COOPER had some varsity tion also. TOM RODGER, junior end, was strong in his position. CHARLIE JOHNSON, a junior guard, proved a man to move. At left guard, PAT NEWELL, a may prove one of Cal ' s best in the two years. Only a sophomore, PETE DOMOTO shows promise of developing into an excellent back. A promising speedy sophomore at center is JONES. With more experience, sophomore FRANK should prove an outstanding center. A big loss to Cal ' s center position was BOB PONE, out at the beginning of the season with knee injury. Showing brilliance and speed, JACK MAN, sophomore halfback, has of being one of Cal ' s most backs. In the backfield, ORAN FRANKLIN development and improved speed. A great loss to Cal ' s line was JIM who saw little play as a sophomore, due arm injury. Up from frosh ball last year, FRANK sophomore guard, shows much promise as lineman. A strong sophomore quarterback, with an . encouraging future is TONY PERRIN. Head coach JOHN RALSTON brought forth many prospects with his winning team. WALT ARNOLD pushes forward for the Bears. Prospects of a bright three years of Varsity football was made apparent by Cal ' s Frosh team. This was the first time, since 1936, that the Bear Cubs beat UCLA, USC and Stanford all in the same year. In their first game they tromped UCLA 34-0. Next, USC was stopped at 13-9, and in the " Little Big Game " the Cubs held the Papooses to a 20-0 score. Doing an outstanding job in the backfield were Jim Ferguson, at quarter ; John Blaylock and Ernie Reese at half, and Walt Arnold at fullback. On the line were John Balaam, left end; Jay Gretlein, left tackle; Roland Lasher, left guard; Andy Seagale, at center ; Dick Duey, right guard; Bob Boland, right tackle; and Tom Cloutier, right end. All these men played an excellent defense as well as offense. We will certainly be seeing a great Varsity squad during the next three years. FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Bertero, M. Pardo, B. Hoffman, D. Duey, B. Duey, J. Balaan, J. Lundgren, J. White, W. Arnold. SECOND ROW: J. Burress, J. Grumbles, H. Cordova, C. Dooley, J. Ferguson, B. Vogel, T. McLaughlin, P. Steidylmayer, M. Leinis, J. Blayloch, E. Reese, A. Putnam. THIRD ROW: J. Bossact, N. Olson, P. Cronenwett, L. Tacconi, A. Segale, G. Coltrin, D. George, G. Moore, B. Boland, J. Bogue, F. Brown, T. Cloutier, J. Gretlein. FOURTH ROW: Coach Jim Cullom, Coach Bill Van Huit, R. Lasher, L. Parque, J. English, J. Snow, D. Furuta, B. Rice, Coach John Ralston, Coach Carl Van Heuit, Coach Bill Ystad. 3971 Bears swim hard against Palo Alto Swim Club. Coach GEORGE SCHROTH led team to PCC Championship. water Again the University of California ' s Varsity water polo team won the Pacific Coast ference Championship. This victory came as a great surprise to followers of the sport as the University of Southern California boasted of their best water polo team in the history of the sport. With the top Hungarian Olympic Games forward, two Rumanian Olympic Games team members and one United States Olympic Games player, they were supposed to wade through all opposition with overwhelming scores. The first encounter with the Polo Bears was in our own pool with Cal the victors on a narrow 4-3 score. A couple of weeks later, in the USC pool, the final score was 10-7 in the Bears ' favor. UCLA finished a poor third. The Varsity wound up their season with a won 15, lost 4 record. The California Junior Varsity surprised everyone by winning the Junior Pacific Association Championship crown. There were eight teams in this tournament and in taking the title they had to down some of the top teams in Northern California. Second place went to the Cal Aggies Varsity, third to the San Jose State Frosh and fourth to the San Francisco State Varsity. The JV squad finished the season with a won 13, lost 3 record. FIRST ROW, left to right: Will Gasset, Phil McGinn, Chuck Holloway, Dick Olsen, Bruce Kennel. SECOND ROW: Ron Rickson, Kenny Lindgren, John Mize, Kirk Bathgate, Larry Stewart. THIRD ROW: George Schroth, Dick Johnson, Dave Van Couvering, Art Deleray, Bob Clark. 398 BRUTUS HAMILTON took time out from the Dean ' s office to coach another Bear Cross-Country group. The long trip begins against San Jose State. cross,counfry California ' s 1957 Cross-Country runners faced the strongest opposition in Pacific Coast Conference history. Never before have there been so many fine distance runners in the western colleges. Course records were broken in nearly every race. After a slow start, the California men improved steadily and maxed their season with a splendid victory over Stanford at Palo Alto on November 20. Six men earned their letters: Don Foster, Senior; Clark Maddox, Senior; Maynard Orme, Senior; Roger Price, Junior; Skip Marquard, Sophomore; and Alan Gaylord, Freshman. The season ' s record (low score winning) : October 19 at Berkeley: USC, 30; Stanford, 37; California, 53. October 26 at Palo A lto: UCLA, 49; California, 51; San Jose, 51; Stanford, 60. November 2 at Los Angeles: UCLA, 21; California, 35. November 9 at Berkeley: San Jose State, 27; California, 30. November 15 at San Jose: San Jose State, 47; California, 65; Stanford, 72; Fresno State, 118; California technic Institute, 164. November 20 at Palo Alto: California, 25; Stanford, 30. (New course record by Don Foster in winning.) November 30 at Los Angeles (Pacific Coast Conference Meet) : Idaho, 25; Oregon, 31; UCLA, 58; USC, 67; fornia, 72; Stanford, 90; Washington, 95; Washington State, 112. FIRST ROW, left to right: Maynard Orme, Tony Thomas, Clark Maddox, Roger Price, Doug Griever, Val Prescop. SECOND ROW: Brutus Hamilton, Bill James, Alan Gaylord, Skip Marquard, Ernie Hall. 94 Ending the season with a good win record was Head Coach BOB DI GRAZIA. PABLO DIBOS penetrates Cal Aggies ' defense, supported by JOHN BORDY (in the center) and ALEX RALLI (in the background at left). soccer With a good 5-2 record at the end of the season, Cal placed third in the final standings of the ern California Soccer League. They came in close behind a winning University of San Francisco team with a 6-1 record and City College of San Francisco in second place with a record. But honors came especially when two Cal soccermen were named to the All-conference first team and another to the second unit during the season led by Dob di Grazia, head coach. Pablo Dibos, a 1956 All-Amercian forward, earned one spot and Freshman Fred Becker, goalkeeper, won the other on the first team. Another Freshman, Rumanian refugee, John Bordy, was named as a second team forward. Other Bears nominated were Junior forward Joel Kwok, Senior halfback Suj in Jinayhon, and Sophomore fullback Eddie Albrizzio. Jinayhon is one of two Seniors on Cal ' s soccer team. All in all, the season was good, bringing out some promising prospects in the Freshman and Sophomore brackets. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Watts, Aldo Araya, Alex Kersevan, Terry Dickinson. SECOND ROW: John Johnston, Russell Kwok, John Bordy, Alex Ralli, Pablo Dibos, Joel Kwok, Charles Schutt, Kirby Kwok, Ma. Allen, Al Doolittle. THIRD ROW: Coach Bob Di Grazia, Sujin Jinahyon, Allan Giovaccini, Helmut Lange, Henry Park, Eddie Albrizzio, Marcos Wolfenson, Dan Forster, Make Appleby (Manager), Dennis Trason (Assistant Coach). FOURTH ROW: Walter Sablinsky, Juris Jaunzems, Fred Becker, Mac Emshwiller, Don Gray, Fred Hanson, Bob Hutchison. 401 Head Coach PETE NEWELL was awarded " coach of COACHES—Rupe Ricksen, Pete Newell, Rene Herrerias. the year " honors. 1 The experts picked Cal to end the season somewhere in the middle of the ladder. Pete Newell and his squad outguessed the experts by finishing as PCC co-champions and placing second in the NCAA Western Regional play-offs. Starting with only six lettermen from the 1957 PCC championship team, Cal ' s mentor molded an effective unit led by the starting team of Bob Dalton and George Sterling, forwards; Don McIntosh, center, and Earl Robinson and Al Buch, guards. Preseason games included wins over San Jose State and St. Mary ' s and losses to USF, Kansas and Kansas State. In the ECAC Holiday Festival in New York, victories over Dayton and NYU earned the team second place behind Temple. Oregon State proved to be a formidable stumbling block, tripping Cal in the season opener at Corvallis, 55-43. Bouncing back, the team won successive games over Washington, 57-45 and 49-42, Washington State, 47-32 and Stanford, 60-45. The Bears avenged their first loss to Oregon State, the preseason pick to take the conference championship, by winning the return match 61-51. In a nonconference game, Santa Clara lost 54-45 and the Bears became the nation ' s fourth top defense team, holding the opposition to an average of 48-3 points. USC, winning over Cal, 58-48, was supposed to deliver the first of two knockout blows in Los Angeles. The second blow never materialized and a right-shooting Cal team could do no wrong as they edged UCLA 61-58. The next week end, USC met defeat at the hands of the suddenly high-scoring varsity, 80-62. And Stanford, who had earlier topped USF in the surprise game of the year, again lost to Cal, 67-59. 404 MAN I.G:RS—George Jordan, George Hill, Don Reames, Nick Cassidy, Rob Straka. EARL ROBINSON Captain season su_nurnary- Cal led the PCC in mid-February, but some observers thought the three-game northern swing would change matters. The Bears kept matters right where they were. Idaho fell 70-62 and Vandal player Simmons, tops in the PCC, was held to 13 points. WSC succumbed 59-48 but the Bears had to fight all the way with Oregon to win 61-60 in the last eleven seconds. At the end of this grueling four-day grind, Al Buch aptly spoke for the team: " They couldn ' t fake us out of position; we were just too tired to react. " UCLA didn ' t find them too tired; the Bruins lost out 56-50. That same night, Herrerias, scouting at Stanford, spoke ominously of Idaho ' s potential. And Saturday everyone found out what he meant. The Vandals ' accuracy reached 52% and Cal went down 82-71. But Oregon held the climax of the season. Shooting from virtually everywhere on the floor, the Ducks ' accuracy soared to 67%. A 20-foot jump shot that was still in the air when the buzzer sounded gave Oregon the game 64-62 and pushed Cal out of the conference lead. The next night Idaho topped OSC and the Beavers and the Bears were co-champions with 12-4 conference records. In the NCAA playoff in Corvallis, Cal decisively downed OSC 57-45 and went on to the Western Regionals in San Francisco ' s Cow Palace. Tight defense again won the game. Idaho State, accustomed to scoring 70 points a game, lost 54-43. On Saturday, in the regional title game with Seattle, Cal met up with Elgin Baylor and Charlie Brown and almost won. The regulation game ended 60-60. It wasn ' t until the last nine seconds of the overtime that Seattle pulled it out and went on to win 66-62. The season ' s top scoring honors went to McIntosh who earned 328 points for an 11.7 game average. Robbie, moving into fifth place in all-time Cal scoring with 1,036 points, closed his brilliant collegiate career by signing to play pro- fessional baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Northern California Sports Writers ' Association gave out honors to the team that compiled a 19-9 over-all record: McIntosh and Robinson were named to the all-Northern California basketball team and, for the second successive time, Pete Newell was named coach of the year. 405 December 6 December 10 JOE KAPP races far the ball. DON McINTOSH attempts to stop Gaels. CAL vs. SAN JOSE STATE 70-62 CAL vs. ST. MARY ' S 67-57 AL UCH holds for the Bears. BOB DALTON attempts shot for California. CAL vs. WASHINGTON STATE 47-32 January 11 CAL vs. WASHINGTON 49-42 January 10 407 DENNY FITZPATRICK jumps to recover ball. AL BUCH attempts to score. CAL vs. STANFORD 60-45 CAL vs. OREGON STATE 61-51 January 17 January 18 408 GEORGE STERLING vies for Bears. BOB DALTON and GEORGE STERLING score for California. CAL vs. KANSAS STATE 44-58 CAL vs. SANTA CLARA. 54-46 December 20 February 1 409 CAL vs UCLA February 28 " Robbie " recovers for Bears. 410 DON McINTOSH attern2ts to hock far California. CAL vs. USC February 15 AL BUCH debates before attempting a basket. " Robbie " goes high into the sky for the Bears. CAL vs. IDAHO 71-82 CAL vs. UNIV. OF OREGON .. 62-64 March 1 March 7 411 BOB DALTON fights for possession of the ball. BOB DALTON guards as EARL ROBINSON gets swamped. CAL vs. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY . . . 96-65 CAL vs. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY 57-69 December 26 December 30 412 Center DON McIINTOSH shoots for Bears. EARL ROBINSON controls the Bear ' s ball. CAL vs. IDAHO STATE 54-43 CAL vs. UNIVERSITY OF SEATTLE . . 62-66 March 14 March 15 nut fournarnenf 413 Senior guard EARL " ROBBIE " ROBINSON highlighted his last Varsity year of ball by spark-plugging Pete Newell ' s Quintet offense and defense. Senior DON McINTOSH was one of the Bears ' most valuable men, with his fine offensive and defensive board work at center. Junior guard AL BUCH played season of good ball, sparking the Bears to many a victory. 1 feam FIRST ROW, left to right: Thomas Kramer, George Sterling, Earl Robinson, Don McIntosh, Robert Nemechek. SECOND ROW: Norm Bostack, Gerald Mann, Robert Denny Fitzpatrick, Joe Kapp, Al Buch. THIRD ROW: Coach Pete Newell, Tandy Gillis, Earl Schneider, Dick Doughty, Darrell Imhoff, Jack Grout, Bob Washington, Torkells. 414 In his first year of varsity play, junior ward BOB DALTON proved to be a starter on the Cal Five. Junior transfer, DENNY FITPATRICK, a lot of help at guard as the Bears ' man. Coming up as the leading freshman last year, sophomore EARL was an excellent varsity asset. 77- Sophomore DARRELL IMHOFF, ienced until this year, showed signs brilliance at center and forward. Dependable at relief forward was BOB WASHINGTON, who showed quite a lot of promise this season. JACK GROUT returned this year to the Bears to victory with his jump shot and excellent rebounding. Hard pressing GEORGE STERLING gave the varsity much help at forward in his year. Versatile JOE KAPP saw much action a junior. Showing signs of promise at center was sophomore DICK DOUGHTY. BOB NEMECHECK lent a great deal support to the Cal Five. Senior TOM KRAMER had a constant and drive throughout the season. JIM LANGLEY, although he didn ' t see much action this year, was a good junior hustler. 415 FROSH TEAM — FIRST ROW, left to right: Dwight Johnson, Ed Pearson, Pete Steidlmayer. SECOND ROW: Bob Burton, Dave Stafford, David Alvarez, William Haley. THIRD ROW: Coach Rupe Rickson, Ned Averbuck, Stan Mor- rison, Thomas Fortune, Earl Schultz, Coach Rene Herrerias. BLUES — FIRST ROW, left to right: Thomas Kramer, Gerald Mann, Norm Bostack, Robert Nemechek. SECOND ROW: Coach Rupe Rickson, Tandy Gillis, Richard Doughty, Darrell Imhoff, Wally Torkel Is. 145 ' S — FIRST ROW, left to right: Mel Vail, Jack Young, Ron Arnt, Gordon Johnson. SECOND ROW: Coach Terry Cole, Mike White, Tim Miller, John Testmier, Ken Johnson. 130 ' S FIRST ROW, left to right: Fritz Stern, Dave Allara, Jim Makishima, Ed Nakamura. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach John Iskera, Bill Schnieders, Walt Duncan, Fred Hanson, Bill Gregory, Coach Lloyd Johnston. 416 1- Rene Herrerias, continuing as Frosh coach for 1957-58, held his first season workout in October with a collection of ex-high school ball stars all standing six feet or more in their sweat socks. These giant Cubs, developing a steady, deliberate offense and a tight defense, defeated San Jose State in the opening game. Losses to St. Mary ' s and USF were followed by four straight victories, including a USF return match and a 64-53 contest with Stanford. By this time, Herrerias had settled on his usual starting team of Earl Shultz and Ed Pearson, guards, Stan Morrison, center, and Dave Stafford and Ned Averbuck, forwards. Playing resumed after time out for finals: Stanford again was pushed over 51-45, but games were lost to Mon- terey Junior College and St. Mary ' s, despite the efforts of the team ' s sistent high scorers, Schultz and Stafford. That was the Cubs ' final setback. The three remaining weeks of the season held victories over Santa Clara, College of Marin, East Contra Costa and Modesto, plus a 52-47 win from Stanford. This time, however, the Frosh had to overtake the Papooses from a six-point half-time deficit. In closing with their third conquest of Stanford, the Cubs posted a season scoring average of 60.4 to their opponents ' 53.1, and an impressive 11 to 4 won-loss record. California ' s Junior Varsity basketball team, referred to in versity circles as the " Blues, " began their season with a 60-54 win over the Cal Frosh team and kept right on going to a final 66-52 defeat of the Stanford Braves. Only West Contra Costa, taking a 59-51 contest, tripped them up and accounted for their one loss in seven starts. Coach Rupe sen, aiding the Blues in their campaign as well as assisting Pete Newell in the successful PCC race, still managed to attend his second-year classes at Hastings Law School in San Francisco. In other games, the Junior Varsity team of USF fell twice, 57-50 and 45-41, the Cal Aggies of Davis were dumped 53-36, and in the game with City College of San Francisco, our Blues came out on top 55-50. But this seven-game schedule didn ' t mean the team had it easy, by any means. Throughout the season they were kept busy running through the plays of the opponents of Cal ' s Varsity team. Ricksen voiced optimism about the outcome of next season ' s campaign, with a majority of this year ' s team likely to return. As far as prospects for next year ' s Varsity team are concerned, the youthful coach felt that the Blues would do well for themselves if they furnished another Dalton or Sterling who moved up from last year ' s Blues to first string of this year ' s winning Varsity team. 114 Ending the season with a 12 wins and 4 losses record, coach Terry Cole, in his first year of coaching, did a fine job. The Cal 145 scored impressive wins over Cal Aggies at Davis, Concordia J.C., and a number of highly ranked Northern California High School teams. Although confined to one night of practice a week, the team gave a good account. The 145 ' s were led by high scorers, Ken Johnson, Ron Arnt and Mike White, who aided in developing a strong basketball team. They suffered narrow losses to Berkeley High, ranked second in northern California, and Sir Francis Drake, ranked fourth. The competition scheduled for the 130 ' s surpassed the teams played the year before. A slow start of three losses indicates the opponents ' caliber but succeeding performances reveal the team ' s progress. And no rationalization is necessary for the over-all season record of 14 wins, 9 defeats. Simple statistics illustrate a season ' s improvement: In the fourth game played, the 130 ' s defeated the Postal Transportation Service 40-34; in a return contest at the end of the season, the margin increased to 60-40. Additional teams also topped by Johnston ' s squad included St. Johns, Aca- lanes, Healdsburg and Vacaville High Schools. Individual player accom- plishments were highlighted by team captain Jun Makishima, who scored 139 points, and Walt Duncan, a repeater from last year ' s team, who scored 122 points. 417 Just making it over the horse. Coach HAL FREY did an excellent job in his first year as Gymnastics head. as The 1957-58 gymnastics team is being coached by Hal Frey, who replaces Chuck Keeney. Chuck Keeney had been head coach for twenty years and his teams have produced many Pacific Coast Conference and National Champions. Hal Frey was personally selected and recommended by Chuck Keeney to be the new head coach. He comes from the University of Illinois Undergraduate Division where in a two-year collegiate program he duced several Midwest championship teams plus a National AAU Championship team. This year ' s team deeply feels the loss of Seniors Don Allin, Art Aldritt, Eugene Royles, and Ray Cowan. The trampoline team of Roger Adams, liam Bodle, and Ronald Bieber is definitely the strongest part of the gymnastics team. Pat Kelly, a transfer from Long Beach State, is the backbone of the team. He competes on every event except trampoline. He is number one man on parallel bars, horizontal bar, tumbling, and all-around. Don Potter, a Junior transfer from University of California at Davis, competes on the side horse, and this past fall won the Pacific AAU side horse championship. This feat was more notable since he beat the defending National AAU side horse champion in winning the title. FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Adams (Captain), Pat Kelly, William Baffle. SECOND ROW: Coach Hal Frey, Andre Lubarsky, Michael Robbins, Roy Davis, Steve Monti, Don Potter. 41 • • • Of • • • • ••• U It• • • • • • • • • •••■■•••■••••••••••••• •• • • et. • m.o.. Ira • • • les • • ) • • • • • U • 0000 • • • • ow • • • • • yA ••••••• • a • ....... • 540• •• •••••1 418 Discussing the time of day. In his first year at the job, Coach SAM MORENO produced a good Bear Boxing crew, The California Boxing team had a new coach and a new team this year. Sammy Moreno, who boxed for Cal last year, stepped into the shoes of Eddie Nemir, and into a rough spot. The University of California does not emphasize intercollegiate boxing, so most of Moreno ' s talent developed from competition in the intramurals. Moreno took this green team and hammered it into a real fighting outfit. Led by clever and very tough Kayo Hallinan and sharp punching Dick Homuth, Cal dropped her traditional rival, Stanford, 12 to 1 in its initial outing. College boxing, as run at Cal, is clean, sharp and fast. Each man on the team is an important factor and is as vital as every other man. The team worked hard, was in fine shape and had a tenacious drive to win. Above all, they ' ve got lots of talent and spirit. These qualities, along with Moreno ' s " know-how " are just what Cal needs for a championship team. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Oakie, W. Holliman, R. Solomon, K. Hallinan, A. Paisel. SECOND ROW: K. Kofman, R. Sicora, J. Buckman, R. Homuth, F. Price, A. Adams, D. Tarmann. THIRD ROW: Coach Moreno, R. Neufeld, R. Ettinger, C. Buckman, R. Westberg, D. Kennedy, F. Weaver, P. Hallinan. ■ 419 Coach DEAN RYAN was very successful with Conference with the coach before the match. relatively inexperienced team. wresLing The UC matmen, under the qualified tutelage of Dean Ryan, have shown a great deal of spirit in this ' 57- ' 58 wrestling season. A relatively inexperienced group, they have a 4-6 record. At the end of the season, they attended the Pacific Coast Championships at San Jose. The squad consisted of four Sophomores and only two returning lettermen. Despite this fact, they displayed determination and spirit; this coupled with a pacity for constant and marked improvement gave them an admirable season, beating Stanford twice, Santa Clara, San Francisco State and UCLA. They lost to San Jose State, Cal Poly, Oregon and Oregon State. FIRST ROW, left to right: Rich Machado, Harvey Lorber, Carl Shirk, Ernest Solomon, Robert Harbaugh. SECOND ROW: Dick Homuth, Gary Svihula, Tony Johnson, Paul S. Mosesian II, Coach Dean Ryan. THIRD ROW: Glen Cureton, Cornell Dudley, Steve Del Pero, Thor Tessem, Dwight Randall, Don Wonder. 420 Getting instructions. M SGT. WILLIE HUNT brought forth another excellent Rifle Team. r ery Under the excellent coa ching of M Sgt. Willie B. Hunt, the University of California Varsity Rifle team and the other teams, representing the various ROTC units, had a most successful season. Highlights of the year saw the team travel to Texas for the ninth renewal of the Southwest Invitational Tourney at El Paso. The team showed a rousingly successful performance by breezing past all opposition to win the tourney. The Cal Riflers tallied 5717 points of a possible 6000, outdoing second-place Oklahoma by 55 points. Dave Wilson, with a perfect 300 for 300 in the prone position, and Fred Daulton, with 299 sitting, topped the Bears in the tourney. The Bears also eased to victories over San Jose State, Cal Aggies, Santa Clara, Stanford and USF. In a return meet with USF, the team suffered its first defeat in seven seasons. In the first engagement with the Dons the Bear marksmen eyed targets for 1444 points of a possible 1500, which was one point better than the all-time National legiate record. In February, Coach Hunt lost two of his top marksmen through graduation, but still had about the best gunners in the country. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronald Van Barnett, Thomas Kilfoil, George Powell, Maurice Mikted. SECOND ROW: Trent Logan, Victor Matteson, Don Wood, David Ray Wilson, W. B. Hunt, M Sgt. THIRD ROW: Joe Waddell, Wayne Genner, David Nattenberg, Seymour Rubin, Ray Warner. 421 " Touche. " Coach GEORGE PILLER in his first year at Cal, trained a championship team. fencing The future looks very promising for fencing at the University of California. After a long struggle for survival without the services of a coach, Cal fencers were fortunate in getting George Piller to serve as their coach, since Mr. Piller is considered one of the world ' s greatest fencing masters. Before coming to Cal, he served as head coach for the Hungarian Olympic team the gold-medal winners in the last Olympiad at Melbourne. As an amateur fencer George Piller held the world ' s individual saber championship for three consecutive years and in the 1932 Olympics at Los Angeles he won a gold medal in both the team and the individual saber competitions. Another break for the UC fencing team was the enrollment of Daniel Magay as a student in the University, for Daniel was a member of the Hungarian Saber team that won the gold medal in the 1956 Olympics, and he is presently the United States ' saber champion. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Schwarz, Rudy Fregoso, Gene Papp, George Piller (Coach), Jerry Gray, Daniel Magay, Daniel De La 0. 422 The race is on. Team Captain, AL GRISEMER. s inag This year ' s captain, Al Grisemer, led an outstanding championship ski team for California. The first big event of the season was the Nevada Winter Ski Carnival, in which the Bears wound up fourth in a field of twelve—the University of Montana coming out on top. Individually, Cal was paced by Lew Fellows, who finished second in the downhill. Lew Fellows was an alternate at the Last Winter Olympics for the United States. Added to this year ' s team were two foreigners, Horst Weitmayr of Austria and Oluf Martins of Norway. At Yosemite tional Park, the Cal skiers entered the Annual Tressider Cup matches, in which they only placed third, probably because of the absence of ace Lew Fellows, one of the finest four-way men on the Pacific Coast. Al Grisemer paced the Bear skiers at Yosemite, clocking a second place in the slalom, a third in the downhill, and a fifth in the jump. Doug Lummis came home third in the cross-country and fifth in the jump. The final challenge of the 1958 season was the Vanderbilt Cup matches at Donner Pass, which were sponsored by the U.C. Ski Club. LEFT TO RIGHT: Leon Goodman (Instructor), Al Grisemer, Doug Lummis, Horst Weitmayr, Don Alter, Graner Thorne. 423 Coaches — BR.UTUS HAMILTON and AL RAGAN. Brutus Hamilton always gives careful consideration to each member of his track squads to evaluate his fitness and potential effectiveness. Reversing this and evaluating Hamilton completes the track picture. A brilliant athlete himself, Hamilton was a football All-American selection and played on the national ship basketball team of the Kansas City Athletic Club in his native Missouri. He represented the United States in the Olympic games of 1920 and 1924. Coaching collegiate track kept him at Westminster College for five years before he moved on to the University of Kansas and then to Cal in 1932. He became Dean of Men and Acting General Manager of the ASUC, and in 1947, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, a job he held until 1955 when he decided to return to full-time coaching. Hamilton ' s achievements have been national as well, for the trackmen he has coached include world record holders. His ability was fully recognized in 1952 with his selection as the United States ' Olympic track coach. Al Ragan ably assists Hamilton and has proven to be outstanding in his own right. When Brutus spent time with the military during the Second World War, Al took over track and did well enough to defeat Southern California in 1943; Cal has yet to repeat this victory. In his own college career, Ragan was one of Cal ' s top hurdlers. MANAGERS — FIRST left to right: John Sibley, Charles Bell, David Benson, Donald Kendall, Alan Kova:ivker. SECOND ROW: Ernest Thompson, Norman Jud, Ronald Thunen, Robert Ramsey, Douglas Fagy, Ira Kiycmura. 426 DON BOWDEN: 880, JOE GRIFFIN: Hurdles. MAYNARD ORME: Mile. 427 DON FOSTER: Mile. PROVERB JACOBS: Shot Put. JOHN MERCHANT: Broad Jump. WILLIE WHITE: 100-ya:d Dash JACK YERMAN: 440. JERRY SIEBERT: 880. 429 Over the hurdles against San Jose State. Finish of the 440. varsity frau When Coaches Hamilton and Ragan looked over the track and field situation for 1958, both new and old stars brightened the prospects for the season ' s outcome. Returning was middle distance ace Don Bowden, the only American to break the four-minute mile. And newcomer Willie White, heralded as one of the track world ' s bright new discoveries last season, promised to adequately compensate for the loss of Leamon King, who bowed to the University ' s scholastic standards. Bowden, along with Jerry Siebert, Jack Yerman, and Maynard Orme already set the stage for the new season by setting a new Texas Relays ' record for the two-mile relay at Austin. Unfortunately, the team got off to a dubious start in a three-way meet by placing second to San Jose State. ton could undoubtedly expect more from the squad. FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Hamilton, Michael Healey, Robert Karlsrud, Henry Olguin, Robert Sarders, Roger Stephens, Richard Casper, Charles Lucas, Maynard Orme. SECOND ROW: Coach Ragan, Willie White, Norman Garrett, Oran Franklin, Tom Clark, Terry Kelley, Douglas Mackintosh, Gary Wulfsbert, Val Prescop. THIRD ROW: Robert Woodward, George Coad, Bruce Muir, Mike Baxter, Joe Griffin, Monte Upshaw, Wayne Crow, George Foreman, Roger Peterson, Don Foster, Captain Don Bowden. FOURTH ROW: Robert Carlson, Philip Threefoot, Jack Carmany, Norman Hill, Jack Yerman, Ronald Rott, Stuart Gould, Jack Harris, Jerry Siebert, Maurice de Villers, Ricky Axe, Roger Price. 430 Coach Al Ragan discussing strategy with Frosh track men. frac Although the season outlook for the Frosh Track Team didn ' t appear to be as good as the previous year, Coach Ragan had several newcomers who had been successful high school performers and who could very likely be worthy contributors to future Varsity teams. Top results were expected from Cebron Russ, an all-around star for Berkeley High, who stood out in hurdles and broad jump in last year ' s State meet. And Eureal Bell, undergoing a change in his high jump style, would no doubt give added strength to the team. With these and others to contend with, Ragan had his 1958 work outlined. And Hamilton had his future Varsity teams. FIRST ROW, left to ritit: David Epstein, Kenneth Kelly, James Carges, Barton Gale, Larry Longway, Gordon Whitehead. SECOND ROW: Helmut Lange, Gary Hornbuckle, Duane Johnson, Milton Smith, Eurael Bell, Anthony Thomas, Phil Cordero. THIRD ROW: Alan Gaylord, Karl Vebel, Warren Burkholder, Jr., Robert Boland, Robert Scholz, Richard Keating, Peter Frazier, Richard Sanford, Jerome Hall. 431 Joe Kitterman, Rich Bartke and Friend. Coach KY EBRIGHT works hard all year round with Cal ' s outstanding crewmen. , varsity crew In his thirty-fifth year as Coach of the California crew squad, Ky Ebright worked the entire year to bring forth a group to enter competitive racing in the Spring. The 1957 record, although not out- standing, showed prospects which proved valid for the 1958 season. This year saw seven lettermen returning from last year ' s Varsity, including the stern four. They are Richard Bartke, Don Bishop, John Dieterich, George De Long, Claude Hutchison, James " Bob " Swanson, and Joseph Kitterman. Returning Junior Varsity lettermen include Tom Grady, Robert Odermatt, Robert Wise, Donald Kearns, Lyman Lea, John Miller, Frederich Henchell, Bruce witz, Peter Lippett, and Stanley Shawl. As has been the case in recent years, California ' s program includes new oarsmen who did not row as freshmen. Some two and one half crews learned their fundamentals on the estuary in this manner, this year. In the two-month Fall season, the squad showed their ability, early, to hold their own in any competition. Five outstanding men, up from the Frosh squad last year, proved to be important factors in the Varsity picture. These are Ray Hertel, Gary Yancey, Joe Neil, Elmore Chilton, and Dave Flynn. The schedule this year included competition with the Alumni, USC, UCLA, the University of Washington, Stanford, and the sity of Wisconsin. The launch drivers and managers were as usual an indispensable part of the crew program. This group includes Bob Ekedahl, Vern Smith, Chauncy Yand, Brent Buhler, Doug Luna. Bob Patton, Steve Pace, Bob Selvidge, Dave Tavernetti, and John Yaeckel. FIRST ROW, left to right: Douglas Luna, John Yaekel, Dave Tavernette, Brent Buh ler. SECOND ROW: Bill Leve, Bob Patton, Bob Ekedahl (Senior Manager), Vern Smith, Chauncy Yand. 432 Spectators on launch take note of crew men. Getting instructions from the boss. • Preparing to leave. 433 FIRST ROW, left to right: Rod Rose, Stan Shawl, Pete Liggett, Joe Kitterman, Bruce Horwitz, Mike Stewart, Paul Shinoda, Arlen Lackey, Ralph Udick. ROW: Fred Heochell, Bob Swanson, Ray Hertel, George De Long, Don Bishop, Claude Hutchison, Roy Tuckman, Bob Brooke, Dave Flinn, Rich Bartke, Gary John Dieterich, Bruce Hansen. THIRD ROW: Ky Ebrigfit, Coach; Reyney Stokes, Alex Meloy, Jim Demsey, Elmore Chilton, Noel Helmbrecht, Dick McKinnon, Tom Sandy Skaggs, Chuck Bowden, John Miller, John Petrick, Gary Yancey. FOURTH ROW: Bob Gillen, Lyman Lea., Bill Simpson, Stan Backfund, Bob Wise, Don Vito Danis, Bob Odergiatt, George Breed, Roger Karlsrucl, Don Martin. 957 varsky crew recort_ Opponent Distance Place Margin Time Winner USC, UCLA 2,000 meters Los Angeles JV-9 lengths 7:21.7 California lengths 6:55.6 California USC 2 miles Estuary JV 4 le ngths 11:02.0 California Varsity lengths 10:49.0 California JV lengths Stanford 3 miles Estuary 15:39.0 California lengths 16:05.0 Stanford UCLA Estuary JV-12 lengths 17:03.0 California Wisconsin, UCLA 3 miles lengths 16:46.7 California JV 7 lengths 14:49.0 Washington Washington 3 miles Seattle Varsity 6 lengths 14:29.5 Washington miles Pull — One Fun, 434 FIRST ROW, left to right: Chuck Orman, Phillip Chang, Tony Holbrook, Jon Purver, Dick Libby, Pete Del Rico, Cliff Schultz, Steve Horn, Gary Farwell, Bruce Kane. SECOND ROW: Milos Terzich, Gerald Lanier, Alan Combs, John Hanson, Buck Ware, Gordon Claudius, Barry Davidson, Dusty Miller, Butler Minor, Bob Vienop, Wally Adams, Roger Saville, Gary Gregersen, Marty McNair, Jack Rydman. THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach John Petersen, Ron Price, Rich Price, Mike Green, Glen Denny, Bob Curley, Hank Webb, Leonard Wohletz, Jon King, Rich Costello, Dave Durbin, Tom Petersen, Dave Jorgensen, Dan Greenson, Tim Scofield, Bob Bathgate, Jim Lemmon, Freshman Coach. FOURTH ROW: Ron Gridley, Tim Lyman, John Christensen, Chuck Woodson, Chris Barnes, Bob Berry, Jack Matkin, Bob Pilch, Wade Davis, Ed Salisbury, Dennis Ames, Bob Verhoogen, Joe Newman, Don Coordt, Dave Totten, Phil Smith, Mike Fraser, Derek Simmons. a crew The Class of ' 61 has shown they are out to make their mark at the University. Jim Lemmon in his fifth year as full-time coach of the Freshman squad, greeted the largest turnout since World War II, a group of seventy-five eager frosh. Lemmon rowed in the Freshman and Varsity crews in the late 30 ' s and early 40 ' s. He was an important factor in pushing the resumption crew after the war and rowed on the postwar Varsity. This Freshman group made up four crews, competing with vigor for seats throughout the season. Their Fall progress proved they were determined to continue the fine record of last year ' s frosh — a four to one win record. They won the interclass race for the first time in history, which is more than small proof of their strength. With this year ' s enthusiasm, spirit and attitude, there should be no trouble " towing the mark. " The group is tall enough and strong enough to have good reserve strength besides the first squad. The Class of ' 61 promises to be a well represented class in the future Varsity crews at California. Strugyliny alorg A1K LEFT TO RIGHT: Assistant Coaches Pete Newell, John Stewart, Bill Van Hueit. KNEELING: George Wolfman. GEORGE WOLFMAN Head Baseball Coach ba With ten returning lettermen from last year ' s NCAA championship team, California once again was in strong contention for the league and " world " baseball titles. Of the nine lettermen not returning, four were pitchers. However, returning hurlers Kim Elliott and George Sterling gave Cal the nucleus of a strong pitching staff. Earl Robinson, Ed Kraft and Bernie Kelley all had eligibility left, but chose to sign professional contracts. California built this year ' s squad around 1957 all-CIBA team selections. Catcher Charley Thompson was both an all-CIBA first team choice and a third team NCAA selection. Roger Gregg was on the CIBA first team and outfielder Bob Puccinelli was given honorable mention. George Wolfman was coaching the team in his fourth year as head baseball coach at California. In three seasons he has led the Bears to a 79-35 win record. Assisting Wolfman this year were basketball mentor Pete Newell and two former Cal baseball players, catcher John Stewart and pitcher Charley Becker. The Varsity schedule this year included competition with San Jose State, Fresno State, San Francisco State, USF, College of the Pacific, Cal Aggies, Oregon, Chico State, Humboldt State, Cal. Poly, UCLA, Camp Pendleton, USC, Santa Clara, Pepperdine and Stanford. Cal proved extremely strong in the pitching department. Headed by Kim Elliott and Ted Falk and supported by Ted Settle and Dave Draheim, they all gave brilliant appearances. So, with a promising first team and excellent reserves, the fornia Varsity team appeared to be on their way to another championship. MANAGERS, left to right: Ed Takei, Robert Sarabian, Robert Kramer, Dick Nelson, John Towers. 436 .p w V A hit against Cal Aggies. Didn ' t beat the hall—in game against Fresno State. kno Sliding back to first. foam Warm up and ready to go. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Puccinelli, Kim Elliott, Falk, Gary Brenzel, Rog er Gregg, Jose Luceno, Bernie Simpson. SECOND ROW: Joe Richardson, Thompson, Dave Draheim, Ed Mascarin, Mike White, Bill Benevento, John Balaam, B II Murray. THIRD ROW: Coach George Wolfman, C harles Dexter, Paul Piper, Settle, Paul Ortner, Tom Palma, Tony Perrin, Keith Fraser, Bob Bandettini, Dave Edwards. 438 Senior PAUL ORTNER started first base. A letterman outfielder, PALMA, was in center. Filling in in the centerfield tion and doing an excellent was senior PAUL PIPER. I Reporting late after basketball, senior pitcher GEORGE STERLING proved strong after mid-season. Heading the outfield and crew was BOB PUCCINELLI, junior, who hit .288 in 1957. Heading the pitching corps was jun- ior ace KIM ELLIOTT. Starting in centerfield and stop, but moving to third base in the season was junior ED CARIN. Junior GARY BRENZEL was strong force in the catcher ' s tion. Sophomore ROGER GREGG the best second baseman in league last year, leading the in stolen bases with nine. Filling the shortstop position left open by Earl Robinson, was junior college transfer MIKE WHITE. Righthanded TED SETTLE, only a sophomore, pitched an standing season. Sophomore ace TED FALK was invaluable southpaw this year. 439 After a shoulder injury last year, BERNIE SIMPSON, returned at the first of the season to hold down the third base spot, but was switched to center field early in the year. Senior CHARLEY THOMPSON, a .318 average last year, led the league in RBI ' s while holding down the catcher ' s position. FIRST ROW, left to right: Adney Bowker, Joseph Epstein, William Belenis, Bob Cantu, Al Monaco, Bill Johnson, George Young, John Moulton. SECOND ROW: Coach John Stewart, Steve Ericksen, Dudley Smith, Charlie Johnson, Jim McManigal, Bob Kinney, Bill Cooper, Joe Miskinnis, Mike McFeely, Raymond Rohde. cinnam.®n tears The CINNAMON BEARS, coached by ex-Bear catcher, John Stewart, did a fine job in preparing a team for varsity play next year. A number of varsity reserves played JV ball this year. Most of their activity consisted of competition against Junior Colleges and outstanding high school teams in the area. Included in their schedule was City College of San Francisco, College of Marin. West Contra Costa JC, Menlo JC, Galileo High, Santa Rosa JC, San Mateo JC, San Jose State JV ' s, Cal Aggies, Sacramento JC, Oakland Tech High School, Mission High, Alameda Naval Air Station, Bellarmine High, Concordia College, Balboa High, Encinal High, Petaluma High, Citrus JC (at San Luis Obispo) , and Jefferson High. In the pitching box this year for the Cinnamon Bears were Raymond Rohde and Bob Cantu. In the infield positions were Charlie Johnson, Joe nis, Bob Kinney, John Moulton, George Young, Bill Johnson, Al Monaco, Joe Epstein, and Adney Bowker. At the catcher box most of the season was Bill Cooper. Out in the field were Steve Ericksen, Dudley Smith and Jim McManigal. Waiting for the pitch against Menlo Junior College. 440 FIRST ROW, left to right: John Short, Bob Duey, Paul Menoher, Steve Bordi, Jim McDonald, Robert Hobbs, Mike Camarata. SECOND ROW: Carl Polesky, Dave Amoroso, David Van Hoorebeke, Jerry Montgomery, Joe Shaw, Robert Krug, Mike Wedlake, Allan Kent. THIRD ROW: Tom Cloutier, Richard Johnson, Michael Winfield, Jerry Meyers, Lloyd Crenna, Dave Stafford, Ed Pearson, Richmond Johnson, Kevin Scarpelli, Coach Babe Ven Heuit. _Eros a Again in the spot of Frosh Coach, Babe Van Heuit, showed a strong group with ises for an excellent future Varsity team. A large squad, forty-six, showed up at the beginning of the season for play. The most consistent players throughout the season in the infield were Joe Shaw, John Short, Paul Menoher, Jim McDonald, Carl Polesky, Dave Van Hoorebeke, Mike Wedlake, Dick Johnson, Jerry Meyers, Ed Pearson, Richmond Johnson and Kevin Scarpelli. Pitching for the Freshmen were Jerry Montgomery and Mike Camaroto. In the catcher ' s box were Bob Krug, Bob Hobbs and Dave Strafford. In the outfield were Lloyd Crenna, Michael Winfield, Tom Cloutier, Allan Kent, Dave Amoroso, Steve Bordi, and Bob Duey. Competition this year included meets against local Junior Colleges, mainly Marin, West Contra Costa, Menlo, Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Also Stanford JV ' s, San Jose State JV ' s and Cal Aggies. Besides these teams they played many of the local and standing high school groups. The lively Bear crew on the bench- 44I MANAGERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Pearlman, Chuck Myers, Dave Leland, Coach GEORGE SCHROTH swimmang With the loss of such standouts as Ron Volmer and Bruce Keppel, the 1958 California swimming team had a rough struggle at the beginning of the season against many of the powerhouse West Coast teams. Returning to bolster this year ' s squad are two of George Schroth ' s mainstays, Chuck Holloway and Terry Tognazzini. Junior backstroker Tognazzini already lays claim to the varsity and pool 50-yard backstroke records of 27.4 with hopes before he leaves Cal to cinch to rewrite the Cal and possible conference record book in his specialty. Holloway, a senior, hopes to break Ron Volmer ' s 200-yard breast stroke mark of 2:20.5, with his best time at 2:24.7. In the 50 and 100-yard free style, a transfer student from Colorado, Harlow Rothbert, showed promise. Backing him up are vets Kirk Bathgate, Phil McGinn and Ron Richison. Distance man Jim Small, who was ineligible last year, has been rated along with the best in the 220 and 440 free style. The 400 medley was Dick Olson, replacing Keppel. In the diving division Cal depended solely upon Senior Paul Goorjian. The Varsity schedule included meets against College of the Pacific, San Jose State, Long Beach City College, Cal Poly, ford, USC, and UCLA. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Small, Phil McGinn, Chuck Holloway, Will Gasset. SECOND ROW: Bob McCuty, Ray Tolles, Ray Van Couveiing, Ron Richison, Mike Pratt. THIRD ROW: George Schroth, Fred Schwarz, Terry Tognazzini, Dick Duane, Kirk Bathgate. 442 FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Leigh Josephson, John Muehlbauer, Dick Duane, Dick Wilz. SECOND ROW: Miklos Gerandos, Harlow Rothbert, Jim Miller, Bob Clementson. Getting instructio n on timirg. Tarsify Under the guidance of Coach Leigh Josephson, the Cal JV ' s were in good shape. Josephson, a 50 and 100-yard free stylist, graduated from Cal last year. Although the group wasn ' t large, the petition was stiff. The season saw meets against Stockton College, Sacramento Junior College, Cal Aggies, San cisco State, Treasure Island and St. Mary ' s. Swimming excellently for Cal in this competition were Miklos Gerendas in the 50 and 100 free style, Harlow Rothbert in the 50 and 100, Jim Miller in the 220 and 440, Bob Clementson in the 50 and 100, John Muehlbauer in the 50 and 100, Dick Duane in the 50 and 100, and Dick Welz in the 220 and 440 individual medley. Working hard all season, the team showed promise for future varsity competition. The California Freshman swimmers, under the guidance of their new coach, Bruce Keppel, showed much promise this season. Keppel relieved Herb Steiner as Freshman coach. Keppel was a star here for three years and holds several varsity and pool records. The team was paced by four foreign stars. They are Ivan Jasko and Miklos Gerendos, who did their swimming in Budapest, Hungary, and gave the Frosh two strong contenders in the 50 and 100-yard free style. John Botoly of Rougheti, Rumania, gave Cal the advantage in the 220 and 440 free style. Another former foreign star, Laszlo Laky, who did his high school swimming at Carmel, ranks as the Frosh ' s top breast stroker. These and other promising newcomers make the outlook for 1958 excellent. Keppel had a good ing with 22 Freshmen on the roster. Competition included meets against St. Ignatius High, Belarmine High, San Jose State, Tarnalpais High, Capuch ' no High, Los Lomas and Acalanes High, Berkeley and Lincoln High, Lick Wilmerdine High, Lowell and Fremont High, Lodi High, Stockton College, Vallejo College, Richmond and El Cer- rito High, Castlemont High and Stanford Freshmen. FRESHMAN SWIMMING — FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Keppel, Coach; Lawrence Lapin, Les Laky, Robert Wells, Richard Dawson, Tom Fitzsimmons, James Glass, Glenn TaMmoto, Wiliam Westmzre. SECOND ROW: Bill Kerr, George Ososke, Richard Brown, Phillip Downing, Jon Katze, Alan Klockars, Ronald Huesman, David Alvarez. Discussing possible strategy. MANAGERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed McKenna, Carlos Merrill, Rob Balck, Samuel Spieler, Geoffrey Gee. Coach DICK STEVENS The University took away half the courts and started construction of a Fine Arts Building. The weather prevented the use of the remaining courts two days out of every three. Add to this the far-from-optimistic attitude of Coach Dick Stevens and you have the preseason outlook for the 1958 tennis team. In answer to the University ' s expansion program, all home games of the team were held on the courts of the California Tennis Club in San Francisco. And Steven ' s dismal forecast was understandable because graduation had removed some of last year ' s first-stringers from the ranks and this year ' s probable first man dropped out of school. Armed with these facts, Stevens went ahead with challenge matches and determined the team positions—players on the first team included Chuck Raymer, Sheldon Diller, Gulden Lloyd, Keith Hamilton, Warren Sisson and Paul Cohen with Jack Elliott joining in for the doubles matches. At the Northern California Intercollegiate Championships in Palo Alto, Cal ' s lack of preparedness was evident but the boys earned a tie for third place. The scheduled opening match of the season almost never made it to the courts because of the rain. But the Bears finally met and defeated San Jose State and went on to push over San Francisco State, Sacramento State and the California Tennis Club. Only the Olympic Club of San Francisco managed to trip Cal. By the middle of March, the squad compiled a record of four wins, one loss, and prepared for matches with the perennial powerhouses of Stanford, UCLA and USC. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kent Newmark, Sheldon Diller, Paul Cohen, Tim Miller, Warren Sisson. SECOND ROW: Coach Dick Stevens, Keith Hamilton, Bill Lukens. Gulden Lloyd, Charles Raymer. 444 The Frosh team getting in shape. «triglin.141:4. fermis The tennis team was expected to be an improvement over last year ' s team and possibly even outclass the 1958 Varsity as well. Early season victories over San Mateo Junior College and City College of San Francisco indicated that the Frosh would perform as well as expected. In preseason matches, two Southern California boys, Norm Slomann and Bob Jones, showed much promise and rated top positions. Art Kono, the team ' s Number 1 man, did as well as three Varsity players in the Northern California Intercollegiate Championships at Palo Alto by advancing to the third round. Coach Stevens didn ' t anticipate any considerable amount of depth in his Frosh team but admittedly had to reconsider his position when the Junior Bears outclassed CCSF by the good margin of 6-3—such a victory was not foreseen. With men like Kono, Slomann and Jones and the others, Leonard Saputo, Jim Holstruin, Chris Robin and John Hilton, the pace of next year ' s Varsity will be stepped up. And if Stevens can draw to Cal, as he hopes, some of the young enthusiasts he has been tutoring at the Berkeley Tennis Club, the caliber of both tennis teams will be high. I FIRST ROW, left to r ight: Norm Slomann, Chuck Benson, Len Saputo, John Hilton, Chris Rolin. SECOND ROW: Art Kona, Bob Jones, Dudley Stier, George Keriline, Joe Van Hoff, Jim Holstrom. 445 " Rugger " Coach, MILES HUDSON Out of my way, please! rugb Last year ' s record of eleven wins, two losses and two ties makes it evident that Cal has one of the best rugby teams in the nation. Such schools as Yale, Harvard, MIT and Princeton lost to the Bears in ' 57. From this team eighteen lettermen returned to form the nucleus for the new squad. UCLA fell to the ruggers in the open- ing match 14-9 and again in the return match at Berkeley, 15-13. But the Bruins spoke well for themselves and for their new coach and indicated that all future games would be decided by close scores. Cal and the University of British Columbia split the first two of their four matches, 8-6 and 9-17. The two remaining games in Vancouver would determine the winner of the World Cup Series. Each year this Cup goes to the team scoring the most aggre- gate points in the four matches. The Olympic Club proved to give some trouble before bowing down 8-5. And in another contest, fullback Tom Trutner, accounting for eleven points, led the team to a crumpling 23-6 victory over Stanford.Then the world-touring Australian Wallabies came to town with their impressive string of victories. The match was to be played under International Rugby rules : fifteen, and only fifteen, players could be used with no replacements permitted even in case of injury. On the appointed Thursday afternoon the rain, mud and the Aussies defeated Cal 12 to 5. The Bears ' Coach, Miles " Doc " Hudson, is an interesting American-New Zealand combination. Born in this country, he lived in New Zealand for eleven years where he acquired his knowledge of the game. His record of eighteen years at Berkeley-128 wins, 33 losses and 10 ties—reveals how well he imparts his skill. IN FRONT (with ball): Frank 1 lattarocci. FIRST ROW, left to right: Unidentified, Dave Babros, Tom Trutner, John Jim Woodward, Jack Hart, Ron Currie, Pat Vincent, Frank Maldenacio, John El!worthv, John Harrison, Art Howard. SECOND ROW: Gordon Greenlee, Jim Cullom, Steve Glagola, Tom Regers, Frank Nlisch, Tom Fraser, James La Rue, John Lee Smith, James Duff, Dick Moneymaker, Mike White, Dick Singleton, Miles " Doc " Hudson, coach. 447 BOB PARR Warming up! Coach PAT PATTON 448 The weather annoyed everybody. Roads were flooded in the valley; in Oakland, houses slid downhill. At the Orinda Country Club the Cal golfers had to contend with the rain and, to make matters worse, the opposing squads. Pat Patton coached the boys along and expressed a belief that last year ' s record of two wins in nine ings would be bettered. He was probably right. The team boasted eight middle 70 golfers of about equal strength, although an outstanding " par buster " was lacking. The starting team was led by John Kerr, spoken of as the most consistent shooter on the team, and Bob Boldt, Lee Brunner, Jim Langley, Bob Parr and Dave Krutchoff. Bill Ingam and Jay DeBennedetti gave added competition for the six starting positions. Collegiate golf matches are determined on a basis of three points per individual match. One point is awarded to the player winning the first nine holes, one point for the back nine and one point for the total 18 holes. Using this interesting scoring method, the Cal golfers took a contest from Cal Poly and one from St. Mary ' s by the impressive score of to 31 2. But San Francisco State temporarily postponed further victory by winning the third match 16-11. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Parr, Phil Ralston, John W. Kerr, Jay DeBenedetti, Jim Langley. NOT PICTURED: Dave Krutchtoff, Lee Bruner, Bob Boldt, Bill Inglan. 449 imtex ASUC Academic Affairs 126 Activities Planning Committee 115 AIESEC 130 Art Council 127 ASUC Structure 108 Californians 116 Cal Indo 131 Campus UN 131 Card Stunts 122 Class Officers Board 124 Commuter ' s Independents • 128 Constitutions Council • 126 Department Heads 113 Elections Council 127 Executive Committee 110 Finance Committee 112 Foreign Students Council 130 Foreign Travel 131 Functional Services Board 126 Games and Rallies Council . • High School Day Committee . . 126 Housing Council 129 Hungarian Students Council . 131 International Relations Board . 130 Intramural .... 132 Judicial Committees 114 Labor Council 129 Men ' s Executive Board 118 National Students ' Association 124 Orientations Council 126 Oski Committee 121 Oski Dolls 117 PIC 130 Pompon Girls 120 President ' s Message Project Americas 131 Public Affairs Council 129 Publications Board 125 Rally Committees 122 Representatives at Large Speaker ' s Bureau 127 Special Services Council 129 Ushering Council 129 Women ' s Athletic Association 133 WUS 127 Welfare Boa rd 128 Women ' s Executive Board . 119 Yell Leaders 120 ATHLETICS Golden Bear 178 Athletic Administration 376 Golden Guard 179 Baseball 436 Hammer and Dimmer 179 Basketball 404 Hillel 180 Big " C " Society 378 Home Economics Club . 180 Boxing 419 Honor Students Society 181 Circle ' ' C ' ' Society 379 Mask and Dagger 181 Crew 432 Masonic Club 182 Cross-Country 399 Mortar Board 183 Fencing 422 Newman Hall 184 Omicron Nu 182 Football 382 Penile 185 Golf 448 Phi Chi Theta 186 Gymnastics 418 421 42 ry e Rifl Pi Alpha Sigma 186 Pi Tau Sigma 187 Rugby 446 Prytanean 188 Skiing 423 Public Health Uhdergrads 187 Soccer 400 Red Cross Chapter 189 Swimming 442 Sabre Air Command 190 Tennis 444 Sigma Delta Chi 180 Track 426 Ski Club Executive Committee 192 Water Polo 398 Skull and Keys 191 Wrestling 420 Stiles Hall 192 CLASSES Tau Beta Pi 193 Freshmen 102 Thalian Society 193 Sophomores 100 Theta Sigma Phi 194 Juniors 98 Torch and Shield 194 Seniors 56 Tower and Flame 196 Triune 195 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES UC Mothers ' Club 196 Ace of Clubs 166 UCSEE 197 AIChE 168 University Interfaith Council 197 AIIE 168 Utrimque 198 Alpha Kappa Psi 166 Winged Helmet . 199 Alpha Phi Omega 167 Women ' s " C " Societ■,. . 198 Alpha Pi Mu 167 Xi Xi Xi . . . . 200 Arnold Air Society 170 YWCA Cabinet 200 ASCE 169 ASME 169 DORMS AND RESIDENCES Baton Society 170 Bay View Terrace 210 Beta Gamma Sigma 171 Beaudelaire Club 223 Chi Epsilon 171 Bennett Manor 211 Chinese Students Association 172 Bowles Hall 212 Chinese Students Club . . 172 Californian 216 Christian Science Organization 173 Cloyne Court 218 College Women ' s Club . 174 Colonial Hall 219 Engineers ' Joint Council 175 Elizabeth Barrett 222 Eta Kappa Nu 175 Epworth Hall 220 Euclid Hall 176 Hansen House 223 Forestry Club 176 Hoyt Hall 224 Gamma Sigma Sigma . 177 International House 226 Gavel and Quill 177 Joaquin Hall 225 450 Lantana Lodge 235 Interfraternity Council 246 Glee Club 152 Mitchell 234 Interfraternity Honor Society 247 Occident 149 Oldenberg 228 Kappa Alpha 274 Pelican 146 Peixotto 230 Kappa Delta Rho 276 Photography Department 137 Prospect Terrace 235 Kappa Nu 278 Publications Office 136 Richards 232 Kappa Sigma 200 Radio-TV Theater 159 Ritter 236 Lambda Chi Alpha 282 Straw Hat Band 151 Smyth 238 Phi Delta Theta 204 Symphony Forum 157 Stern 242 Phi Gamma Delta 286 Treble Clef Society 152 Stratford 237 Phi Kappa Psi 269 University Chorus 157 Women ' s Dormitory Association 208 Phi Kappa Sigma 288 Univers ' ty Symphony 156 Phi Kappa Tau 290 University Theater 160 EDITOR ' S LETTER 464 Phi Sigma Kappa 292 Pi Alpha Phi 294 SORORITIES Pi Kappa Alpha 295 Alpha Chi Omega 328 Pi Kappa Phi 313 Alpha Delta Chi 330 Pi Lambda Phi 296 Alpha Delta Pi 325 Psi Upsilon 293 Alpha Epsilon Phi 332 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 300 Alpha Gamma Delta 334 Sigma Alpha Mu 302 Alpha Kappa Alpha 331 Sigma Chi 304 Alpha Omicron Pi 336 Sigma Nu 106 Alpha Phi 338 Sigma Phi 308 Alpha Xi Delta 340 Sigma Phi Delta 309 Chi 07-iega 342 Sigma Phi Epsilon 312 Delta Delta Delta 344 Sigma Pi 310 Delta Gamma 346 Tau Epsilon Phi 313 Delta Phi Epsilon 348 Tau Kappa Epsilon 314 Delta Sigma Theta 331 Theta Chi 320 Delta Zeta 350 Theta Delta Chi 316 Gamma Phi Beta 352 Theta Xi 318 Kappa Alpha Theta 354 Zeta Beta Tau 321 Kappa Delta 356 Zeta Psi 322 Kappa Kappa Gamma 358 Panhellenic Council 324 INDEX Phi Mu 360 General Index 450 Phi Sigma Sigma 362 Personal Names Index . 452 Pi Beta Phi 364 Sigma Kappa 366 INTRODUCTORY SECTION 4 n o ati dic e Sigma Omicron Pi 370 Dedication Theta Upsilon 363 In Memoriam 2 Zeta Tau Alpha 368 Staff 3 Title Page 1 Table of Contents 6 UNIVERSITY California Alumni 18 PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTIONS California Club 18 Blue and Gold 142 Chancellor Clark Kerr . 15 California Apollo Club 154 Deans 17 California Marching Band 150 Robert Gordon Sproul 15 California Engineer 148 Regents 16 Daily Californian 138 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Adams, Donna Adams, Doug Adams, Heather Adams, Irene 129 Adams, John ....59, 149, 152, 167 Adams, Moral 352 Adams, Roger 418 Adams, Wally 435 Adamson, John 59, 272 Addington, Curtis 58, 218 Adler, Louise 332 Affleck, Diane 336 Ager, Betty 332 Agnew, Robert 238 Aguilar, Ed 256 Aguilar, Esther E 58 Aguilar, Teresa 196, 236 Aguillera, John 169, 212 Ahlenslager, Dona 58 Ahim, Christy 346 Ahn, Youngok 58 Airoldi, Al 59, 290 Aisthrope, Sharon 354 Ajello, Sharon 59, 186, 334 Akerberg, Kay 352 Alan, Richard 58 Albers, John Henry 298 Albert, Dale 348 Albert, Richard E 154 Albright, Paul 290 Albrizzio, Eddie 400 Albrizzio, Elgardo 248 Aldridge, Lewis H 58, 238 Alexander, Bruce B 250 Alexander, M. 99 Alfred, F. 176 Aliaga, Nick 272 Atkin, Barbara 332 Allara, Dave 416 Allari, Donald 58 Allen, Barbara 58 Allen, Bob 170 Allen, John 304 Allen, Marge 194 Allen, Max M 304, 379, 400 Allen, Sandy 342 Allin, Don 379 Allison, Dave 59, 256 Alpers, Sally 368 Altdorfer, Heidi 115, 366 Alter, Don 423 Alter, Susan 332 Alter, Wendy 332 Altermatt, Judy 110, 131, 181 Altieri, Bob 59, 118, 128 143, 200 Altieri, Pete 306 Altstatt, John E 197 Alurenga, Delia 219 Alvarez, David 416 Alving, John W 276 Amadooni, Jeanette 334 Amano, Tetsuo 58 Ames, Caralei 224 Ames, Dennis 212, 435 Amling, Hal 133 Ammons, Diane 196, 368 Amorosa, Dave 270, 441 Amos, Bob 306 Amos, John 292 Anderson, Ardene C 58, 228 Anderson, Barbara 344 Anderson, Brenda 366 Anderson, Carolyn 58 Anderson, Dennis 212 Anderson, Don 378 Anderson, Dona 344 Anderson, Flora 340 Anderson, Gary 434 Anderson, Gerald 58 Anderson, Gloria 58 Anderson, Jane Miller 58, 364 Anderson, Jerry 212 Anderson, Joan 3 34 Anderson, Judy H 344 Anderson, Kris 328 Anderson, Larry 170 Anderson, Mary Jo 228 Anderson, Pat 131 Anderson, Robert 276 Anderson, Robert Charles 58 Anderson, Robert L 238 Anderson, Sal ly 185, 366 Anderson, Sandra 58, 123, 350 Anderson, Sherry 124, 126, 366 Ando, Ruby 58 Andresen, Joan 58, 336 Andrews, Gayle 352 Andrews, Mike 292 Andros, Dee 382 Angell, Bob 298 Angie, Toni 174, 228 Anglim, P. 101 Angus, Gene 272 Aniter, Carole 216 Anixter, Sandra J 59, 332 Anixter, Yvonne 216 Anthony, Janet 346 Antipa, Marian 59, 334 Mr. Anton 166 Aoki, Edward 59 Apen, John 282 Apen, John R 167, 187 Apperson, Dianne 59, 220 Appleby, Mike 130, 192, 400 Aragon, Manuel 124, 130 Aragon, Robert 124 Arakawa, Richard T 59 Araya, Aldo 400 Arbios, Jackie 122 Arbuckle, Susan 59, 242 Archer, Judy 366 Argios, Jackie 346 Argue, Carol 59, 356 Arjmand, Sohrah 128 Armor, Dave 192 Armstrong, Bill 320 Armstrong, Jim 149 Armstrong, Katherine 59, 356 Arndt, Ronald 300 Arne, Claude 292 Arne, Robert 300 Arnold, Anne 122, 325 Arnold, Betty 186 Arnold, Bill F 288 Arnold, Carl 272 Arnold, Sam 171 Arnold, Walter 295, 397 Arnovitz, Barbara 348 Arnt, Ron 416 Arons, Klaus 59,175,193, 197 Arrasmith, Paul 260 Arrigoni, Jo Anne 360 Arrillaga, Gabe 392, 393, 394 Asaro, Betty J 174 Ash, Robert 59 Ashby, Pete 267 Ashcraft, Galen 318 Ashford, Kirk 58, 191, 270 Ashley, Anne 58, 181, 225 Ashley, Callen 225 Ashman, Chuck 263 Ashmore, Carole 340 As imow, Michael 238 Asmundson, Vigfus _38, 114, 268 Asplund, Jerry 276 Atkins, Linda Joyce 144, 336 Augusta, Joe 255 Auletti, Jan 346 Ansley, Charles 58 Austin, Carol 344 Austral, Bill 270 Avary, Don 190, 264 Averbuck, Ned 416 Avrech, Leon 296 Awfrey, Mary Claire 344 Axe, Rickey 181 Axelrod, Alan 58, 321 Axlonoff, Yury 58 B Baader, Bonnie 325 Babbitt, Barbara 210 Babros, Dave 191, 262, 447 Bacicalupi, Reyna 58, 344 Baccigaluppi, Carol 38, 344 Bach, Barbara 131 Bachand, Susan G 360 Bachman, Ron 122, 212 Bachus, David 122, 266 Backlund, Stan 238, 434 Bacon, John 322 Bader, E ' aine 58, 332 Badger, Bob 313 Badger, Joan 219 Baechtel, Diane 38, 334 Baehr, Mike 58, 256 Baer, Debra 360 Bagnani, Jerrold J 58 Bailey, Anita 59, 338 Bailey, Arthur E 252 Bailey, Charles 152 Bailey, Denny 266 Bailey, Duane 58, 272 Bailey, Herb 252 Bailey, Pete 310 Bailey, Sharon 242 Bailey, Wayne 59, 250 Baird, Donna 328 Bakar, Sherwyne 59, 296 Baker, Barbara 340 Baker, Bill 59, 306, 379 Baker, Bob 306 Baker, Bruce 298 Baker, Chuck 131 Baker, James 59 Baker, Joyce 129, 242 Baker, Judy 325 Baker, Kerin 334 Baker, Linda 59, 325 Baker, Sharon 242 Bakke, Bob 262 Bakke, Roger 59, 212 Balaam, John 300, 438 Ba ' aan, J. 397 Balaban, Mike 321 Baldwin, Ann 59, 129, 131 183, 185, 200, 236 Baldwin, Gardner 286 Ball, Bererly 123, 350 Ball, David M 312 Ball, Letitia 59, 235 Ball, Marshall 312 Bal lachey, Mike 116 Ballantyne, Bart 266 Ballinger, Donald 58 Baloff, Nick 167, 168 Balton, Martha 344 Bamford, Bob 58 Bancroft, Darla 366 Bandel, Linda 332 Banoettini, Bob 438 Baner, Bill 282 Barber, Dee 147, 242 Barbour, Merl John 58, 316 Bard, Bob Arthur 313 Barden, Brenda 99, 325 Barden, Bruce 269, 313 Bardo Denys 344 Bardwell, Jay . 58, 110, 138, 189 Bareilles, Catherine H 360 Barkas, Walter 131 Barker, Barbara 366 Barker, Mary Ann 338 Barkey, Pat 235 Barl in, Carole 58, 365 Barnard, Pat 356 Barnes, Chris 435 Barnes, Mary 58, 340 Barnes, Paul 58, 258 Barnet, Larry 306 Barnett, Hugh 151, 170, 255 Barney, Jim 167 Baron, Evelyn 324, 362 Barras, Stanley 58 Barretson, Bob 270 Barrett, Sally 152 Barron, Barbara 242 Barros, Richard 58 Barrusch, Verna 210 Barry, Robert 129 Barry, Thomas 58 Barshell, Lora 123, 350 Bart, Claude M 219 Bartell, Nancy 59, 342 Bartholomew, Deane 219 Bartholomew, Nancy 220 Bartke, Richard 59, 282, 387 432, 434 Barton, Al 253 Bash, Harry 306 Basher, Rochelle 330 Baskets, Sandy 152, 368 Basler, Carol 325 Basler, Richard 313 Bass, Art 306 Bass, John C 59, 169, 187, 193 Bassham, Larry 318 Batchelder, James 59, 176 Bates, Barbara 219 Bates, J. 176 Bates, Pat. A 220 Bates, Tom 262, 394 Bathgate, Bob 435 Bathgate, Kirk 116, 398, 442 Battaglin, Carole 59, 342 Battat, Ralph 302 Bauer, Bev 222 Bauer, Jane 59, 122, 342 Bauman, Freddie 368 Bauman, Harold 122, 200, 212 Berry, Rochelle 216 Bauman, Louisa 364 Berta, Shirley 356 Baumeister, Fred W 59, 304 Bershad, Andy 38, 185, 332 Baumgartner, Gretchen 363 Bertero, Dick 272, 397 Baumgartner, Phil 131 Berthen, Helen 234 Bausch, Hans 320 Beschta, Jack 152 Baxer, Edwin 310 Best, Barbara 60, 166, 354 Baxter, Barbara Ann 59 Best, Brenda 358 Baxter, Dick 260 Betaque, Karen 131 Baxter, Mike 280 Betts, Elizabeth Ann 60, 346 Bayley, Reg 59, 290 Bevis, Hilary 364 Bays, Roberta 196, 234 Bewley, Joan 110, 112 Beal, Gordon 128 Beyen, Bob 321 Bean, Ronald 59, 256 Bhakta, Chhaganbhai 187 Beard, F. 176 Bias, Adrian 358 Beardsley, Dorothy J 142, 242 Bickel, Jean 119, 346 Beasley, Sylvia 60, 356 Bickford, Fred K 197 Beatie, Lucinda 122, 354 Bickley, Everett 60, 309 Beatty, Robert 60 Bielsker, Richard 60 Beaumont, Joni 346 Bien, Eric 60 Beautrow, Phil 60 Biggar, Margie 352 Beck, Robert 60, 321 Biggart, Sue A 60, 143, 166, Becker, Boris 190 200 Becker, Fred 400 Bilafer, Judy 366 Becker, Jerry 266 Bi I lachey, Mike 308 Becker, Joanne 60, 368 Billin, Robert 60, 250 Becker, Philip Monrce 60, 175 Billings, Judy 328 Becklund, Robert 60, 181 Bingham, Betsy 364 Bedford, Bette 342 Bingham, John 255 Bedford, Robert 212 Binsacca, Barbara ....60, 188, 200, Bee, Carol 237 342 Beebo, Bernice 376 Binsacca, Don 238 Beerr, Stefan 128 Binsacca, Victor 270 Beers, Donald Lee 60, 169, 187 Bird, Janet Carolyn 60, 234 Beesley, Janet 350 Birnbaum, Carol 348 Beeson, Cindy 352 Birnbaum, Walter 249 Begg, Paul ine 144, 328 Bisbee, Ernest F 167 Beier, Barbara Jean 60 Bischoff, Steve 264 Bein, Bonnie 185, 360 Bishop, Dianne 230 Beise, Barbara N 356 Bishop, Don ....191, 298, 378, 434 Belcastro, Nancy 60, 186, 234 Bishop, Robert E 238 Belding, Bruce 60, 288 Bisk, Gayle 332 Belenis, William 440 Bissell, Vicki 242 Bell, Barbara 57, 60, 340 Bistor, Doretta 60, 148, 350 Bell, Carol 331 Bitter, Daryl 254 Bell, Chuck 212 Bitter, Robert G 254 Bell, Gene 308 Blamer, Joan B 224 Bell, Jane 60, 143, 183, 188, Bittner, Joan 196 352 B itzer, Tom 260 Bell, Jack 314 Bjarnson, Dixie 60, 290 Bell, Judith 60 Bjorgan, Elaine ......119, 144, 186, Bell, Phyllis 358 334 Bell, Richard 60 Black, Bob P 316, 378 Bell, Robert 60, 169, 187, 263 Blackaller, Tom 322 Bell, Roberta 185 Blackburn, Ed 238 Bell, Ted 296 Blackburn, Ray 170, 255 Belling, Larry 278 Blackford, Michael 255 Bel limore, Elizabeth 60, 325 Blackwell, Arlyn 60, 169, 175, Belquist, Dean 110, 112 187 Belson, Leonard 152 Blackwell, Sandy 101, 336 Bemis, Helen 181, 210 Blahm, Harry 60, 212 Benedict, Susan 60, 336 Blair, Byron W 250 Benelli, Shirley 232 Blaisdell, R. Carter ..60, 170, 316 Benevento, William 60, 438 Blake, William 60 Bengtson, Dale 60 Biakeney, Keith 157, 286 Benjamin, Barbara 332 Blanchard, Ann 60, 166, 354 Bennett, Dolores 60 Blanchard, Barbara 235 Bennett, Judy 354 Blanchard, Mary 334 Bennington, M. 101 Blanchini, Barbara 334 Bennion, Sue 122, 358 Blanck, Sharon 223 Bennitt, Bob 292 Blaskowsky, Pete 260 Benson, Dave 154 Blatner, Howard 218 Benson, Ed 250 Blayloch, J. 397 Bentley, William R 320 Blei, Bonita 230 Bentson, Janet 60, 354 Blevine, Bev 325 Beral, Ann 348 Bliss, Marilyn 344 Beral, Hal 131, 253 Bloch, Lois 332 Berdahl, Mr. James 151 B ' oome, Mark C 321 Berenson, Sandra 60, 332 Blower, Carol 356 Berg, Ken 60, 304 Blower, Linda 122, 338 Berger, Carrie 60, 348 Blum, Barbara 232 Berger, Paula 101, 325 Blum, Bob 296 Berggren, Arthur 260 Blum, Jan 122, 128, 325 Berglun, Justin Dalmar 60, 274 Blum, Judy 38, 60, 115, 368 Bergren, Willard H 298 Blum, Lee 278 Bergwall, Ann 242 Blum, Lorin 296 Berliner, Sanford 60, 302 Blum, Mary Louise 334 Berman, Arthur 60, 321 Blum, Paul 38, 321 Berman, David 313 Blumenfeld, Dan 60 Berman, Harriet L 153, 332 Blunck, Diana 356 Berman, Joyce S 60, 332 Blyler, Jim A 60 Berman, Paul 278 Board, Judy Ilene 216 Berman, Ronald 60, 296 Boatright, Jim R 60, 212 Bernadicou, Doris 60, 344 Bobele, Merrill Layton 60, 131, Bernadicou, Irene 344 278 Bernardo, Cherie 117, 144, 186, Bobie, Melvin 60 328 Bobrow, Morrie 278 Bernas, Ted 60 Bode, John 298 Bernero, Donna 230 Bodenhammer, Robert ....139, 276 Bernero, Sandra 60, 230 Bodle William 418 Berns, Morton 253 Boehler, Edward 60, 171, 181 Berry, Bob 435 Bogdanovich, Martin 284 Berry, Harold 60 Bogdos, Harry 60, 295 Berry, Joan 230 Boggess, Joan 235 Berry, Rick 260 Boggs, Bill 175 58 196,266 58 310 296 216 332 180 176 117,242 332 321 348 58 230 131 58,309 168 153,336 354 419 126 306 344 452 Boggs, Helen 325 Bogue, Jerry 286 Bohn, Bill 196 Bolin, Bob 152, 212 Bohn, Hank 318 Boiko, George Alexander 60 Bokura, Yoshinori 116 Boland, Bob 397 Boland, John 60, 128, 314 Boldt, Bob 272, 448 Bolinder, Robert 171 Bol len, Judy 127, 344 Boller, Pam 196, 356 Bollhoffer, Marlene 330 Bolotin, Carol Ann 332 Bonasera, Skip 292 Bond, Refini 140 Bondesen, Patricia Jane 60, 358 Bones, Mary 123, 350 Bonnington, Mary 336 Bonny, Lewis 320 Boone, Fred 302 Bookhout, Polly 224 Boone, Lawrence 212 Boone, Richard 300 Boone, Ted 60, 116, 286 Booty, John 260 Borden, Jim E 269 Bordy, John 262, 400 Borg, Betty L 60, 220 Borio, Nanci 340 Bornhorst, H. Bernard 60 Boroi, Steve 441 Borra, Livio 168 Bort, Bill 262 Bosma, Barbara 360 Bossact, J. 397 Bossart, Jan 300 Bostock, Norm 272, 414, 416 Bostwick, Paul 151 Botsford, Jyl 354 Botto, Alyce 220 Bottom, Charli 60, 331 Bottorf, Sue 325 Botz, Jim 260 Bouchey, Mynna 131, 208 Boucke, Barbara 346 Boulware, David 60, 316 Bounds, Sally 366 Bourne, Prof. H. C 175 Bow, Anna May 232, 370 Bowden, Anne 122, 185, 346 Bowden, Don ....60, 262, 378, 427 Bowen, Dick 192, 129 Bowen, Marilyn 352 Bowers, Judy 352 Bowers, Lynn 300 Bowers, Robert 318 Bowhay, Mike 238 Bowker, Adney 300, 440 Bowles, Katie 342 Bowles, Robert N 60, 171, 181 Bowman, Ann 354 Bowman, Judy 356 Boyce, Barbara 130 Boyden, James 258 Boyden, Jean 60 Boyns, Lee Ann 356 Boynton, Russell 60, 266 Brabazon, Cora 60, 356 Bracco, Irene 228 Bracken, Peggy 60, 117, 325 Brackett, Lawrence R 60, 304 Bradley, Bob 62, 116, 169 Bradshaw, Ann 62, 194, 364 Bradshaw, Dick 306 Brady, Carol 368 Brady, Pat 216 Bragg, Carrie J 122, 344 Bramble, Susan 356 Branaman, Wes 258 Branch, George Peter 314 Brandenburg, E:ain 222 Brandt, Ann 334 Brannelly, Gail 235 Brarerman, Marilyn 230 Brasted, Miss June 133 Brauel, Dean 115, 119 Braun, Arlo 268 Bredy, Harvey 296 Breed, George G 318, 434 Breem, Georgia 119 Breitbard, Joan 332 Breitbard, Stan 321 Bremer, Nancy 153, 368 Brennan, John 276 Brennen, Susan 62, 334 Brenzel, Gary R 290, 438, 439 Breshears, Robert R 62, 169, 187, 193 Brettner, Don 314 Breyer, Barbara 185, 364 Breys, Frank 128 Briars, Robert 131 Br ideson, John 62. 308 Bridgeman, Jerry B 276 Briffs, Bill 316 Briggs, Jon 300 Briggs, Tom 255 Brill, David 63, 278 Brill, Peter 238 Brinck, John 322 Broadbent, Donald Allen. .62, 166, 310 Brochard, Suzane 338 Brochard, Victor 316 Brock, Harry 154 Brock, Russ 238 Broderick, Judi 225 Brooke Rob ert 0 167, 212, 434 Brookins, Doug 62, 238 Brooks, Wendel 394 Brovelli, Diane Marie 181, 334 Brow, Atklin 255 Brown, Bob 270 Brown, Carol 62, 364 Brown, Clark 62, 269 Brown, David 62, 270 Brown, Dorothy A 232 Brown, Fritz 280, 397 Brown, Geoffrey 267 Brown, Jacqui 62, 346 Brown, Joan P 360 Brown, John G 179 Brown, Lynn .. 62, 119, 133, 188, 194, 358 Brown, Mac 195, 286 Brown, Margo 366 Brown, Marrian Lee 236 Brown, Mina May 62, 356 Brown, Norman J 62, 169, 187 Brown, Roberta 324, 363 Brown, Rodger K 212 Brown, Stanford 190 Brown, Steve 269 Brown, Tris 195, 270 Brown, Prof. Wayne 187 Brown, William 152 Browning, Tom 62, 181 Brownson, Anne 344 Bruce, Nancy 200, 352 Brucher, Peter V 62, 286 Bruck, Meredith 338 Brudenell, Tom 318 Bruderer, Paul 62, 269 Bruhns, Joan 208, 220 Brum, Georgia A 340 Brummond, Carol 368 Bruner, Leland 322, 448 Brunicardi, Roy R 171 Bruno, Marty 356 Bruno, Sal 288 Brunskill, Robert 197 Brussolo, J. 175 Brutus 314 Bryant, William 62 Bryson, James 197 Buch, Al 411, 417 Buchalter, Stuart D 321 Buchdruker, Elliott Donald 62 Buck, Audrey 219 Buck, Jerry 258 Buck, William 62 Buckendore, Tim C 308 Buckley, Charlton 284 Buckley, Virginia 101, 196, 363 Buckman, C. 419 Buckman, John W 62, 238, 419 Buckner, Adrienne 356 Budd, Edwin 212 Budge, Melinda 364 Buechner, Beverly 338 Buff, Charles 62, 218 Buhler, Brent 432 Bull, Donald 191, 262 Bullock, Dorothea 223 Bunce, Dick 318 Bunte, Nancy Ellen 62, 242 Burbach, Jerald Macgregor 62, 181 Burbage, Rosie 182 Burcham, Thomas 62, 131, 379 Burchell, Don 282 Burger, Mike 141 Burgess, Toby 282 Buriani, Elsie Louise 62, 186 Burk, Bill 282 Burke, Elizabeth 62, 354 Burkett, Robert 62, 264 Burnell, June 62, 350 Burnett, John 306 Burns, D. 176 Burpee, Sharon 123 Burr, George 274 Burrell, Kay 234 Burress, Jim 272, 397 Burstein, Benay 348 Burt, Al R 268 Burt, Harriett 363 Burton, Gilbert 62 Burton, Robert Will 274, 416 Busby, Bionic J 364 Busch, Molly 352 Bush, Jan 344 Bush, Linda 117, 224, 331 Busselman, Barbara 328 Butenschoen, Jim 290 Butler, Elton 170 Butler, W. 176 Butner, David 248 Butterfield, Betty 99, 185, 328 Butterfield, Susan 338 Byer, Barbara 179 Byl, Fred 212 Byrd, Emmerson 394 Byrne, Harry Milton 62 Bzoch, Valdka 220 C Caesar, Claudia Dale Cafasso, Yvonne Caffrey, Marcia Cagan, Sherry Cahill, Carolyn Cahling, Aase Cairns, Donald Caldis, Jay Caldwell, Alan C Caldwell, Caroline Caldwell, Isaac P Caldwell, Jane Calhoon, Liz Calhoon, Maridale Calimbas, Andy T Calkins, Hugh W Camarata, Mike Camberos, Lorri Camoriami, Stephanie Camozzi, Roy Camp, Fred A Camp, Fritz Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Craig Campbell, Dana Campbell, Douglas Campbell, Janet Campbell, Pete Campodonico, Jim Canavan, Carol Cancilla, Jean Candall, Dwight Candau, Barbara Canfield, Linda Canial, Gary Cannon, Bob R Canonica, Laiola Cantarutti, Lido Cantin, Robin Cantu, Bob C Canzano, Marlene Capin, Linda Capp, Mary Jane 328 Capp, Richard Paul 38, 62, 159, 160, 212 Capranica, Robert 175 Cardelli, Dave 276 Carey, Kenneth 320 Carey, Pete 306 Carkeet, Carole 220 Carlow, Susan 332 Carlson, Arthur William Sr 62, 298 Carlson, Bill 378 Carlson, Bob 62, 57, 126, 260 Carlson, Carl 62 Carlson, Donald 62 Carlson, Edwin 62, 298 Carlson, Gerald 312 Carlson, John 255 Carlson, Liz 328 Carlson, Norine 338 Carlson, Sara 342 Carlson, Vivan 230 Carleton, Elizabeth 334 Carmant, Jack 282 Carmichael, Martha 363 Carmody, Billie 211 Carmody, Bob 62, 268 Carmondy, Jean 338 Carnahan, Bill 280 Carney, Kimo 262 Carpenter, Bob W 276 Carpenter, Vern 62 Carr, Blaisdell 195, 270 Carr, Jane 363 Carrol, Shel 200 Carroll, Vickie 62, 344 Carson, Bev 232 Carson, Pat 228 Carstens, Harry J 62, 302 Carter, Jerady 338 Carter, Robert J 62, 167, 309 Carter, Roderick 62, 168, 310 Cartwright, Bob 314 Caruso, Anthony 62, 218 Carvahlo, Arselio 62 Carver, Barry 274 Casagrande, Julia ..114, 188, 344 Casanaus, Denise 336 Caselli, Rich 320 Casey, Des 170 Casey, John 62 Cashin, Carol 354 Cass, Tom 62, 181, 292 Cassayre, Mary 342 Cassidy, Nick 405 Cassineili, Pete L 212 Castagna, Dave 282 Castagna, Sue 368 Castle, Alison 62 Cathcart, Lynn 126 Cathcart, Patricia . .62, 183, 200, 336 Cauzza, Jack H 169 Cavaghoro, Dennis 62, 260 Cavagnaro, Nova 208, 236 Cavanaugh, Carol ......99, 124, 352 Caverly, Torn A 258 Cavin, John 152 Cavzza, Jack 282 Ceragioli, Barbara 230 Ceragioli, James 176, 238 Ceridono, Cliff 62, 314 Chaffin, Don 57, 62, 122, 314, 316 Chakerian, Charles 62, 238 Chambers, Dave C 249 Chamlee, Don 62, 265 Champion, Joel 190, 304 Chan, Carol 62 Chan, David 62 Chan, Irene 62, 172, 230 Chan, Shirley 62, 172 Chan, William 172 Chandler, Albert 62, 247, 272 Chandler, Carol 235 Chang, Phillip 435 Chang, Sarah 62 Chann, Paul 140 Channing, Alyce 216 Channing, Clark 62, 272 Chapkis, Abby 230 Chapkis, Andy 238 Chapman, Phoebe 340 Chapman, Richard Allen 62, 130 Chappell, Stephen A 286 Charmichael, Larry 238 Chase, Lida 122, 220 Chase, Marla Anne 62, 325 Chastain, Galen 318 Cheatham, Dan 64, 150, 151, t38 Cheng, Albert 172 Cheonis, Pat 232 Cherrier, Mary 64, 174 Cherry, James Bishop 64, 306, 378 Cherwiss, Mike 321 Chev, Jeanette 237 Chew, Anne 64, 187, 364 Chew, Rowland 64, 168, 172 Chew, Sharon 352 Chiappone, Bob C 316, 394 Chiate, Sande 348 Chick, Vicki 152 Chilton, Elmore 434 Chin, Diana 187, 236 Chin, Henry T 294 Chin, Jean 64, 187, 234 Chin, Jeanne 211 Ching, William 64 Chinn, Janet 370 Chinn, Karen 370 Chinn, Richard 218 Chipman, Jalibeth 216 Choen, Paul 302 Chong, Delano 64, 181 Chong, James 190 Choppelas, Nick 282 Chouret, Toni 356 Chow, Irene 172 Chow, Sylvia 370 Chrisman, Bob 149 Christensen, Don 64, 148 Christensen, George 64 Christensen, John 435 Christianson, Phylis 352 Christianson, Roberta 64, 174 Christie, Dennis 262 Christie, Jerry 270 Christopulos, Paul 376 Chu, Evelyn 144, 211 Chu, Kai 172 Chu, T. 118 Chung, Howard J 172 Chung, Jim 294 Church, Andrew 64, 304 Cianciarulo, Anne 364 Cianfichi, Paul 268 Civiel lo, Carla 340 Clack, Bob 212 C!arfield, Gerard 64 Clark, Al 195, 252 Clark, Barbara 232 Clark, Betty 101, 328 Clark, Bill C 212 Clark, Bob 284, 398 Clark, Dave 286 Clark, Elton 171 Clark, James 64, 282 Clark, Jim 135, 300 Clark, Johanna 152 Clark, Judy 342 Clark, Laura 117 Myra 122, 185, 334 Clark, Sandy 325 Clark, Tom 64, 179, 191, 298 Clark, William 64, 298 Clarke, Charlie 113, 376 Clarke, Fritzi 358 Clasby, Francis 64, 379 Claudius, Gordon 435 Claussen, Jane 152, 338 Claussen, Virginia 122, 368 Clavelius, Gordon 248 Clay, Robert 282 Clayberg, Richard 64 Claypool, Pete 64, 320 Clayton, Ann 346 Clayton, Susan 185, 328 Clazie, Ronald 152, 300 Clecak, Pete E 256 Clementson, Bob 443 Clementson, Judy Ann 325 Click, Alice 219 Clifford, Gail 64, 328 Clifford, J. 176 Clinchard, Bob 282 Cline, James R 64, 290 Clouteer Richard 250 Cloutier, Tom J 290, 397, 441 Marilyn Ann 64 Coakley, Peter 298 Coates, Gwen 64, 228 Coates, Cynthia 336 Cobb, Michael William 64, 122, 314 Cobb, Nancy 99, 328 Coberly, Wheeler 195, 322 Cochran, Dick 298 Cochran, Terry 288 Cockburn, Larrie 358 Coffey, Carleton T 64 Cohen, Bonnie 348 Cohen, David Jercme 64, 218 Cohen, Edie 348 Cohn, Bruce 296 Cohn, Larry 57, 64, 181, 296 Coin, John 282 Colainni, Ellie 228 Colbath, Al ce 171 Cole, Malcom 64, 218 Cole, Terry 64, 306, 379, 416 Coleman, Dick 151, 170 Coleman, James 64 Coleman, Joan 131, 224, 331 Coles, Dr. Jessie 182 Colfrin, G. 397 Colin, June 346 Collier, Jean 152, 220 Collins, Cathy 235 Collins, Kathy 216 Coll ins, Marilyn 64, 356 Collins, Patty 346 Coll ins, Sheila 342 Colmenares, Eduardo 248 Coltrell, Eileen Jane 131, 334 Colwes, Matt 282 Comartin, Robert 191, 280 Combs, Alan 435 Commanday, Bob 113 Compton, Delight 142 Comstock, Marilyn 237 Condas, Kleanthy 64, 220 Conklin, Carroll 211 James 152 Conlin, Judy M 144, 222 Conlun, P. 99 Conover, Tom A 250 Conrad, Art 160, 179, 181 Conrad, Bob 179, 182 Conra d, Charlene 122, 366 Conrad, Tom 64, 284 Conrady, Liz J 344 Conrady, Madeleine 363 Constant, Janet Claire 64, 174, 216 Constanza, James 175 Contestabile, Joseph 280, 378 Author 64 Cook, Cook, Denning Peyton III 64 Cook, Margaret 132, 186 Cook, Steve 116, 118, 127, 167, 260 62 62,234 366 216 62 62 152 62,292 288 ..62, 208, 220 276 101,342 340 360 62,169,218 276 441 152 368 269 250 379 62 298 225 309 338 268 154,310 342 62,216 62 127,142,364 220 255 176,250 222 32u 101,366 269,440 356 332 453 Cook, Theodore 64 Cooley, Carolin 368 Coolidge, Carole Elizabeth 152, 230 Coolures, Chris 64, 169 Coombs, Bruce 284 Cooper, Bill 390, 440 Cooper, Ellin 222 Cooper, Nancy 101, 334 Coordt, Don 435 Copland, Phillip J 316 Copley, Stephen 318 Coppo, Richard 64 Coppo, Robert 314 Coppock, Bob 138 Cordill, Chris A 256 Cordona, H. 397 Cornelius, Ivan 190 Cornell, Betty J 340 Cornell, Marcus 64, 238 Cornfield, Robert 64 Corr, Janice Joyce 211 Correia, Barbara 356 Corren, Len 296 Corsini, Yvonne A 64, 350 Corwin, Naomi 332 Corzine, Bruce Herbert 64, 167, 168, 309 Costanza, James 64, 169, 187, 295 Costanzo, Gerry 64, 284 Costello, Pete 286 Costello, Rich 435 Coto, Hof 312 Cotton, Joan 338 Cotton, Nancy 64, 354 Covert, Mary Beth 144, 368 Counsil, Marilyn 228 Countryman, Gary R 181, 193 Court, Sandra 64, 182, 220 Cowee, John W 171 Cowgill, Sandra 146, 242 Cowman, Lyn 64, 334 Cox, Brenda D 366 Cox, David 238 Cox, John Manning 64, 131,252 Cox, Joy 174, 179, 181 Cox, Karen 122, 336 Cox, Pat 324, 350 Cramer, Rock 64, 179, 212 Cranmer, Susan :352 Cranow, Roberta 222 Cranston, Rob 255 Craualho, Ernie 212 Craver, Tony 286 Crawford, Anne 64, 340 Crawford, B. 191 Crawford, Jerry 300 Crawford, Jodi 101, 346 Crawford, Judi 196 Crayne, Charles 141, 190 Creech, Mary Claire 64, 358 Creely, Cerini 350 Lloyd 441 Creswell, Edgar 64 Cricheite, Pete 195 Crippene, Richard 64 Crisler, Jowilla 350 Crist, Arthur Phillip 298 Cristenson, Carolyn Lorraine 64, 366 Cristy, Jeanette 363 Critchfield, Jean 330 Crochet, Will G 258 Cron, Wayne C 304 Crononwett, Paul 272, 397 Crook, Carolyn 334 ' Cross, Marion 366 Crossan, Aill1C2 8 364 Crossley, Jana 232 Croter, Carol 216 Cruse, Carolyn M 334 Cuadros, Dolores 244 Cuddaback, Sue 122. 334 Cuddy, Nathalie 242 Culjis, Nick .... ................ .. . 308 Cullom, Jim 397, 447 Cummings, Kent 256 Cummings, Tam G 220 Cummings, Tondi . ... 340 Cummins, Anne . ... 346 Cummins, Sherwood ... 64 310 Cundal I, Donald ..64, 248 Cunningham, Adrian ..... 152 Cunningham, Joseph . 64 Cupit, Nancy 64 119 122, 18.; 188 338 Cupit, Sandy 1U 138 Cureton, Glen 99 420 Curley, Bob 316 435 Currie, Barbara E 64, 181 :32 Currie, Bob 378, 3b1 390 Currie, Ron 191, 384, 33,0, 447 Curry, James 64, 267 Cutter, Charles 131, 212 Cutting, Mary 352 Cywan, Esther 64, 362 D Doane, Helen 356 Daegle, Hugh 292 D ' Agustino, Tony 300 Dahlinger, Richard K 64, 282 Dahlman, Gerry 64, 220 Dahlstron, Robert 268 Dailey, Michael 64 Dailey, Richard 378 Dairiki, Jack 176 Dake, Carol 350 Dake, Pat 294 Dalander, Maruin 64 Daley, Sue 352 Daily, Lynn 366 Dalton, Bob ....306, 415, 409, 414 Daly, Elaine 64 Daly, Lenora 364 Damner, Bert 322 Dang, Elaine 64, 172, 186, 236 Daniels, Sue 64, 354 Danis, Vito 434 Dao, Tom 64, 172 Darby, Elaine 64, 236 Dare, Jerry 64, 172, 294 Dare, John 152 Darland, Richard 218 Darr, Howard 304 D ash, Ed 64 Daugherty, Carl 64 Daulton, Fred 284, 379 Davidson, Barry 190, 268, 435 David son, Judy J 360 Davidson, Ronald 64, 292 Davidson, Susan 324, 354 Davis, Barbara 140, 186, 216 Davis, Betsy 324, 364 Davis, Bill 192 Davis, Bob 154 Davis, Carole 368 Davis, Dave 266 Davis, Don 66, 166 Davis, Elizabeth 174 Davis, Gail 66, 360 Davis, Gil 191, 322 Davis, Harry 113, 376 Davis, Herbert 66, 278, 379 Davis, Howard 255 Davis, Ilene 216 Davis, Janice 368 Davis, Joseph F 66 Davis, Mary Jeanne 364 Davis, Mike 296 Davis, Stan 264 Davis, Thomas 66, 238 Davis, Wade G. II 274, 435 Davis, W. Porter 66, 306 Damson, David Anthony 276 Dawson, Ken 266 Dawson, Margret 220 Day, Gene 255 Day, Jan 187 Day, Richard 274 Day, Richard 280 Deacon, Linda 230 Dean, Cathy 358 Dean, Gord on 182 Dean, Sharon 366 Dear, Steve 318 Deardorf, Dave 268 Deatley, Leland 171 DeBari, Stephanie 159 Debenedetti, Jay .191, 322, 448 De Benedetti, Jean 66, 352 De Benedetti, Joy 66, 352 De Benenetti, Judy 358 De Burle, Meyer 253 Decker, Robert Durness 66 Dedina, Steve 314 De Feo, Don 286 Defiebre, Ken 195 De Fields, Ron 66, 152, 256 De Garmo, Prof. E. P 168, 169 deGolio, Ron 320 Deimel, Adele 350 De Jong, Carol 66, 187 De lahooke, Douglas 252 De Laney, Pat 182 De Lao, Daniel 422 De Lattre, Pierre 192 Delbon, Marilyn R 211 Delemos, Bernard 66 Deleray, Arthur 66, 116, 398 Delevy, Fred 238 Delgado, Rene 170 Delis!e, Allan 258 Del Nero, Darlene..... ....... 117, 236 Debe, Lyle E 167 De Long, Dodd 260 De Long, George 378, 434 Del Pero, Steve 282, 420 DelRico, Pete 435 Del Rosso, Dave A 290 Deluca, Cecile A 66, 182 Delvey, Helen 356 Demeter, Carolyn 66, 188, 358 De Mont, Carol 232 De Monte, Sue 325 Dempsay, John 308 Demsey, Jim 252, 434 Demyanenko, Serge 179 Denatly, Gail 225 Denker, Richard 66 Dennault, D. 176 Dennis, Deanne 348 Dennis, Pat. A 211 Dennison, B. 176 Denny, Glen 435 De Nola, Joan 216 Dent, Ellen 66 Denton, Sue 368 Depner, Tom 266 Deppen, Judith 344 Der, Ernest J 66, 169, 187 De Roy, Lynn 200 Dervish ian, Mike 280 Despars, Denny 262 De Stefano, Beverly 228 Dettner, Martha 342 Deuerfaux, Ednola 66, 331 Deuincenzi, Carol 228 Devlin, Ed 268 De Villers, Butch 308 De Vincenzo, John 66, 254 De Vincenzo, Mary 235 De Vries, Jack 292 De Wall, Lester 66 Dewar, Lynne 235 Dewey, John 66, 298 Dewitt, Linda 101, 325 De Wolf, Yvonne 211 Dexter, Charles 438 Diamond, Arlyn 237 Diamond, Kenneth 66, 166 Diamond, Preston 296 Diamond, Richard . .66, 112, 125, 310 Diamond, Sue 332 Dibos, Pablo 400 Dickerson, Roberta 131, 325 Dickes, Elaine 122, 325 Dickes, El izabeth 122, 325 Dickey, Glenn 66, 141, 238 Dickey, Sandra 363 Dickinson, Neil 151, 170 Dickinson, Terry 400 Dickson, John D 197 Diddle, Jane 358 Diehl, Audrey 334 Diekson, Jim 262 Diestelhorst, Glen A 197 Dieter, Judy 364 Dieterich, John L 66, 212, 378, 434 Diets, Carol 140 Diewl Gretchen 338 Di Grazia, Bob 400 Diller, Paul 296 Diller, Sheldon 302, 378 Dillingham, Patricia 225 Dillon, Bill 131 Dillon, Patricia 181, 220 Diment, Jay 322 Diment, Judy 66, 346 Dinic, Carlton 276 Dinkier, Ted 394 Dinnean, Larry 152 Dittmar, John 286 Dix, Chapman 170 Dixon, Ann 66, 220 Dixon, Arline 66 Dixon, Richard 280 Dixon, Schaefer 66, 282 Dixon, Tom 263 Dixon, Jose 66 Doane, Carol 152, 350 Dobbs, Ann I 66, 166, 364 Dobratz, Burton E 197 Dodds, Thomas 66 Dohrmann, Eril 171 Dohrmann, Mary I 346 Do rier, Ray 256 Dolginer, Chuck 302 Domen, Dorothy 232 Dcmich, Jack 295 Dominguez, Joseph 66 Domoto, Pete 396 Don, Andrew 294 Donahue, Bebe 338 Donaldson, Jim 260 Donning, Pat 368 Donohoo, Micheal 152 Donovan, Bill 314 Donovan, Drew 280 Donovan, Maureen 364 Dooley, Clark 274 Dooley, Darleen 130 Doolittle, Al 400 Doretti, Frank 390 Dornin, Sue E 356 Dcrshkind, Larry 278 Dorward, Jane Ann 127, 358 Dorwart, Ann Marie 242 Dossa, Al 390 Doty, Richard 66, 290 Douds, Jane 101, 325 Dougery, Nancy 324, 352 Dougharty, Jim 256 Dougherty, Diane 210 Doughty, Darrell 66, 159 Dcughty, Dick 414, 415, 416 Douglas, Carolyn 360 Douglas, Leland M 302 Dowd, Jim 187 Dowell, Jerry T 312 Dowell, Sue 235 Dowling, Donna 340 Downing, Phil 274 Downs, James 66 Downton, Joyce 358 Doyle, Noel 66, 334 Doyle, Noreen E 364 Dozier, Bill 314 Drabkin, Joe 66 Draheim, Dave B 274, 438 Drake, Bob 318 Drake, Gary 66, 310 Drake, J. 176 Draper, Jean 117, 358 Dresser, Rich 66, 176, 282 Dressler, Ronald 171 Drew, Dolores 350 Dreyfous, Lewis 171 Droese, Fred 256 Droese, Karl E 256 Dryer, Ned 282 Duane, Dick P 298, 442, 443 Duben, Roberta 230 Dubiner, Bennett 278 Dubois, Phyllis 129 Ducato, John 66, 179, 191, 267 Duckering, Russ 169, 196 Duckhorn, Daniel 270 Dudley, Cornell 379, 420 Larrine 368 Duey, Bob H 290, 441 Duey, Dick C 290 Duff, Jim 264, 447 Duff, Patricia Clyde 66, 242 Duffey, Diane Marie 350 Duffus, Lee 131, 166, Dumas, Larry . 66, 169, 187, 193 Dumke, Dick A 270 Dumm, Jan 138, 364 Dunbar, Gary 292 Duncan, Charley 304 Duncan, Dave R 268 Duncan, John 292 Duncan, Lynn 220 Duncan, Shirley 224 Duncan, Walt 122, 314, 416 Dunet, Duane 254 Dunker, Mark 268 Dunlap, Louise 358 Dunlap, Mary 152, 342 Dunlap, Susan 152, 185 Dunn, Charlotte 66, 366 Dunn, Diana 66, 366 Dunn, Marilyn 66, 117, 334 Dunn, Parmele 66, 166, 338 Dunn, Phil 270 Dunn, Sharon 356 Dunne, Robert 267 Dunning, F. 101 Durbin, Dave 435 Durfee, Bill D 268 Durham, George 66, 212 Durst, Roger 66, 300 Dutton, Dick 286 Dye, Richard 66, 175 E Eachen, William A 66 Eagan, Joan 338 Eastin, Jim 288 Eaton, Barry 152 Eaton, Cyndy 210 Eaton, Mack 154 Ebert, Richard 128, 167, 320 Eberts, Lucy M 36t Ebright, Ky 432, 43,1 Eckersley, Lynn 191 Eddins, 27z; Eddings, Ron 283 Eddy, 66 Edelstein, Phyllis 242 Eden, Clarice 360 Edholrn, Sally 328 Edington, Henry 187 Edler, Louise 350 Edlund, Joanne 342 Edminster, Mike 262 Edmindson, Ron 282 Edson, Carey 123, 350 Edstrom, Ronald 66, 248 Edwall, Harry 131 Edwards, Charlie 300 Edwards, David 66, 300, 438 Edwards, Gerald 66, 288 Edwards, Janet 131, 234 Edwards, Sally 186, 200, 220 Edwards, Sue 220 Eglin, Mary Jane 232 Eglite, Anna Inese 66, 181 Ehlers, Liz M 66, 364 Ehmann, Terry 358 Ehrlich, Sam 66 Eichorn, Dave 304 Eidson, James 66, 247, 295 Einhorn, David 302 Eiseles, Larry 280 Eisen, Rosalie 180 Eisenberg, Bonna 222 Eisenberg, Kal 101, 296 Eisenhood, Jim W 274 Eisinga, Jan E 344 Ek, Barbro 360 Ekedahl, Robert 66, 432 Eklund, Arthur 66, 320 Eldred, Barbara 233 Eldridge, Tammy 354 Elefant, George 296 Elermeier, Joe 268 Elgagen, Gary 66, 212 Ellenberg, 278 El lerd, Patricia 101, 130, 342 Elliott, Frank 116, 238 Elliott, Jack 66, 129 Elliot, Jane 350 Elliot, John 66 Elliot, Kim 274, 438, 439 Elliott, Pete 380, 382 Elliot, Roy 66, 320 El I iotte, Carolyn 354 Ellis, Dick 255 Ellis, Pat 66, 325 Ellis, Ron 258 Ellsworth, Robert 66 Ellworthy, J. 191, 447 Elman, Bobbie 232 Elshire, Joyce 146, 181 Elzenga, Bob 262, 394 Emard, Marcia 216 Emerson, Jane 242 Emerson, Richard 182, 218 Emerson, Sydney 66, 250 Emery, Don 304 Emshw i I ler, Mac 400 Endo, Arthur 66, 176 Eng, Wellington 66, 187 Engdahl, Karl 306 Engel, Barrie D 278 Engel, Ralph 252 Englar, Roger 292 Eglehard, Greg 376, 113 Engelhard Marilyn ....99 117, 346 Engglhardt, Marcia 219 English, Carol 330 English, John 262, 397, 447 Engs, William D Madilyn ....114, 119, 188, 194 Enmark, Nelson 66, 268 Enright, Cathi 340 Ensler, Susan 242 Eppard, Gerald 68 Epstein, Bob 68, 181, 182 Epstein, Charles 296 Epstein, Dave 321 Epstein, Ervin 139 Epstein, Joseph 321, 440 Epstein, Kaye 332 Eral, Bill 200 Erbentraut, Joan Claire 68, 342 Erickson, Connie Leigh 336 Erickson, George 68 Erickson, Gerald 212 Erickson, Paul 68 Erickson, Sonja 338 Erickson, Theodore 68 Ericson, Mary Ann 350 Erman, Elizabeth 230 Ernast, Jim 284 Ernst, Ken 68, 264 Erro, Anita 358 Erro, Bobbie 358 Ervin, H. 176 Erwin, Jcanne 342 Eshildsan, Gustave 131 Ester, Yvonne 196 Estabrook, Stan 249 Estberg, Sue 346 Estes, Robert 68 454 Ethridge, Pat 196, 216 Ettinger, Robert 170, 417 Eubanks, Liz 346 Eubanks, Sue 130 Evanhoe, Bob 318 Evans, Barbara 358 Evans, Craig 258 Evans, Cynthia 338 Evans, Julie 101, 342 Evans, Mary Ann 68 Evans, Ron 292 Evans, Sandra J 220 Evenson, Maude 366 Everett, Grant 267 Evers, Darlene 152 Everbuch, Claus R 252 Ex, Joyce 211 Ewing, Barbara 68 Ey, Chris 298 Ezekiel, George 181 Ezgar, Mike 302 F Fabera, John 292 Faberoff, Simon 255 Fagg, Douglas 212 Faguet, Henrietta 348 Fairbanks, Bill 249 Fairchild, Lynn 354 Fairchild, Robert 267 Falburt, Ann 340 Falk, Tom 270, 438, 439 Falsafe, Reza 68, 238 Faltin, Roberta 223 Fanucci, Charles 212 Fara, Emily 68, 340 Faries, Hazel 68, 186 Faris, J. P 187, 193 Faris, William G 250 Farley, Edward 154, 292 Farnam, Bob 300 Farrand, Alex 267 Farrell, Jane 242 Farrell, Norm 314 Farrington, Diane 216 Farwell, Gary 435 Fain, Suzanne 325 Fausone, Vincent Jr 68 Faust, Diana 68 Fay, William W 294 Fechter, Caroline ....68, 183, 188, 200, 346 Fechter, Elaine 346 Fedoroff, Serge 68 Fegen, Kathleen 216 Feigenbaum, Terry 122, 212 Felling, Babs 366 Feinberg, Irwin 278 Feinberg, Jack 68, 321 Feldhahn, Tom 260 Feldman, Betty 222 Feldman, Stuart L 313 Fellows, Lew 316 Fenner, Wayne 421 Ferdun, Edrie 133, 328 Ferguson, Jim 262, 397 Ferrell, G. 176 Ferrirn, Stan 290 Ferris, Joyce 342 Ferris, William 260 Fertig, Nancy Jo 366 Fetros, Peter G 68, 212 Fetta, Pat 68, 218 Fetters, Jon 306 Fewster, Robert 304 Fay, Donnalee 346, 115, 117 Fickes, Sandra 356 Fields, Al 280 Figel, Sue 338 Fightmaster, Maren 114, 368 Filippini, Dotty 325 Fi lmer, Anne 68, 342 Fimberg, Judy 242 Finkel, Leroy 302 Finkristun, March 222 Finn, Gordon 290 Finney, Jack 270 Finnila, Charles 193, 212 Finocchio, Concetta 196, 211 Fiorentino, Mario 68 Firpo, Jacquie 325 Fischei, June 362 Fish, Harry 68, 322 Fisher, Barbara 129 Fisher, Dave 302 Fisher, Gail 122, 328 Fisher, Gay 68, 336 Fisher, Paul 171 Fittinghoff, Gregory L 256 Fittinghoff, Mary 237 Fitz, Franklin 212 Fitzferald, Pat 360 Fitzgerald, Peggy 352 Fitzpatrick, Butch 269 Fitzpatrick, Dennis Michael .306, 411, 415 Fitzpatrick, Pat 68, 328 Flack, Nancy 358 Fleishhacker, Mortimer 171 Fleishman, Phil B 321 Fleming, Ray 249 Fletcher, Barbara 342 Fletcher, Bill F 250 Fletcher, Mary 346 Fletcher, Nan 157, 346 Fletcher, Sharon 346 Fletter, James 280 Flinn, Dave B 212, 434 Flint, Darlene 142, 350 Flippin, David 212 Floaten, Daren 68, 344 Floes, Mary 68, 183, 334 Flores, Lou 292 Floris, Dorothy 334, 152 Floris, Mary ....149, 183, 188, 334 Flowers, Jim 258 Flynn, Evelyn 68, 180, 182 Fogarty, Jim 308 Fogg, George 118 Follett, Gail 68, 183, 342 Fong, Dave 212 Fong, Donna 172, 230 Fong, Frances 370 Fong, Joanne 228, 370 Fong, Jones Wing 68 Fong, Mary Ann 68, 172, 230 Fong, Nelly 57 Fong, Rhoda 152 Fong, Robert Winston 68 Fong, Stanley Lim Ming....68, 338 Fong, Yie Ming 68 Fonseca, Marilyn 360 Foote, Leonard 318 Forbes, Art 384, 390 Forbes, Susan 342 Ford, Ann 68, 330 Forman, Pete 272 Forman, Pete 318 Forrest, Audrey Anne 325 Forster, Dan 400 Forsyth, Gayle 360 Forsyth, Myrle 68, 350 Fortini, Joyce 330 Fortune, Tom 274, 416 Forward, Dick 260 Foss, Nancy 352 Foster, Dick 256 Fcster, Don 428 Foster, George 282 Jorry 265 Fc t er, Paul W 256 Fa t Sam 262 Foster, Sharon 68, 114, 188, 342 Fos,: r, Wayne 170 Fos d i, Jim 258 Foukas, T. 99, 144 Foe Barbara 348 Fox loan 235 Fox Larry 306 Fox, 3hee ' ah 346 Fowl.,e, Don 286 Fowle ' , Greig 306 Frai lit h, Sheldon 302, 247 Franc) ini, Gail 338 Franci ,, Dave E 212 Francis, Richard 68, 313 Francisco, Andi 362 Franck, Pt:ter 192 Frank, Arthur 172 Frank Barbara 68, 362 Frart, Ronald 68 Frwk, Janet 68, 176, 348 Frankel, Diane 348 Franklin, Lawrence C 68, 302 Franklin, Lee 101, 144, 334 Franklin, Lora B 332 Franklin, Oran 390 Franklin, Sid 278 Franklin, W. H 168 Franks, Natalie E 352 Franz, Rod 382 Fraser, John 262 Fraser, Keith 141, 438 Fraser, Mike 435 Fraser, Ron 394, 447 Frasnelly, Jim 269 Fraze ' l, Joan 99, 340 Frazer, Toni 328 Frazer, Will iam 68, 218 Frazier, Judy 364 Frazier, Pete 306 Frazier, Ruth 68, 235 Frech, Erwin 152 Frederick, Walter 113, 132 Free, Janice 356 Freeborn, Richard 212 Freed, Norman 272 Freedmand, Bruce 238 302 Gerstle, John 296 Good, Michael 263 278 Gerstung, Karin 220 Goodacre, G. 176 68, 175 Geyer, Mariann 328 Goodbody, Richard L 197 321 Gherra, Marlene 342 Goodale, Tom 284 366 Ghidos, Beryl 186 Goodman, Bob 313 263 Ghiggeri, Dennis Francis....68, 256 Goodman, C. K 167, 168 68, 422 Ghiglieri, Diane 325 Goodman, Janet 332 Ghio, Vince 304 Goodman, Jay 166, 238 68 Ghiselli, Nancy 117, 338 Goodman, Nancy 101, 242 356 Giannotti, Judy 186 Goodmanson, Marsha 356 238 Giannone, Leroy 68, 272 Goodrich, Carol 237 68, 360 Gibbons, Elizabeth 354 Goodrich, David 238 320 Gibbs, Suzee 328 Goodwin, Barry 336 418 Giberson, Gail 140 Goodwin, Bill 286 252 Giberson, Shirley 101, 336 Goodwin, Marilyn 70, 324, 346 236 Gibbs, Benjamin 68 Googins, Vivian 366 Gibson, Ann 185, 200 Goorjian, Peter M 318 Gibson, Lynn 125, 360 Gorbatenro, George 70, 250 Giddings, Ann 223 Gorden, Richard 252 Gielow, Chuck 300 Gordon, Diane Valerie 344 Gielow, Kenneth 309 Gordon, Elizabeth ....70, 183, 236 Giesen, Tracy M 346 Gordon, Herb 70, 321 Gi lberd, Fred 286 Gordon, Laurel 70, 177 Gilbert, David 212 Gordon, Pat 376 Gilbert, Paul 68, 152, 175, Gordon, Don 170 179, 212 Gordon, Eleanor 126 Giles, Sonja 130, 131 Gordon, Roswell 70, 152 Gilkey, Lee 340 Gordon, Susan 123, 237 Gill, Cindy 344 Gordon, Willie 298 Gillard, Nancy 68, 350 Gotelli, June 230 Gillen, Bob 189, 434 Gouchey, Myrna 236 Gi ' ler, Barbara 222 Gould, Albert S 70, 169 Gil lespie, George 394 Gould, Bill 306 Gillis, Tandy 306, 414, 416 Gould, Sharon 128, 196 Gilmore, John 68, 306 Gould, Stuart 171, 179, 378 Gilmore, Lawrence . .68, 141, 212 Cove, James Frank 70, 250 Gimblin, Cathy Jane 340 Gowdy, Katherin 376 Gin, Ronald 68 Goyette, Helen C 70, 144, 174 Cinder, Louise 70, 368 Graber, Jim 70 Ginsburg, Steve 253 Grady, Joan 346 Ginseberg, Roger 321 Grady, Mike 268 Ginsberg, Sue 142, 332 Grady, Pete M 260 Ginter, Barbara 342 Grady, Thomas B 70, 260, 378, Giovacchini, Allan 400 434 Girard, Anne 328 Graebe, Gerald Alson 70, 309 Girgich, Henrietta 376 Graff, Emil William 70 Gitchell, Go 179 Graham, Bill 70 Giudice, Henry 284 Graham, Jere 70 Glacken, Gary 70, 318 Graham, Loran 268 Glading, Jan 70, 179 Graham, Louise 368 Glagola, Steve 70, 284, 447 Graham, Marilyn 325 G ' asoe, Karen 354 Gram, Marshall 70, 169 Glass, Tim 302 Gramatky, Margaret A 354 Glassel, David Harold 70, 296 Gramlow, Lois 346 Glazola, Steve 394 Grant, Carol Lee 101, 368 Gleck, Arlene A 70, 224 Grant, Tom D 284 Glendinning, Pat 340 Grary, Sharon 358 Glick, Anne Barbara 70 Gratlein, J. 397 Glick, Judy 222 Gravatt, Diane 70, 223 Gloria, P. 101 Graves, Dorothy 354 Glover, Sheila 338 Graves, Steve 70, 247, 308 Gluck, Alan 70, 212 Gray, Diana 358 Gluskin, Mike 278 Gray, Donald Harford 70, 247, Gnespiluff, George 268 288, 379, 400 Goberly, Cissy 358 Gray, G. 191 Godsey, Kay 330 Gray, Jean 360 Godwin, Sally 350 Gray, Jerry 422 Goerlich, Annette 338 Gray, Peter 288 Gogol, Pat 362 Gray, Richard 70, 306 Gogue, J. 397 Gray, Robert 70, 298 Gokson, Lincoln 294 Gray, Sue 70, 356 Goldberg, C. Leonard 70, 296 Green, Charles 70, 284 Goldberg, Joan A 348 Green, Dee 235 Goldberg, Nancy P 142, 332 Green, Dick 302 Golden, Patricia 342 Green, Gera ' d S 278 Golden, Sheldon 70, 321 Green, Howard 139, 190, 212 Goldman, Barry 321 Green, Jim 295, 394 Goldman, Mike 126 Green, Joanne ....57, 70, 114, 166, Goldman, Sarena 225 188, 356 Goldman, Shlomo 70 Green, Marilyn 346 Goldman, Yvonne 70, 354 Green, Mike 312, 435 Goldsm ith, Claire 70, 242 Green, Mildred 331 Goldsmith, Marty ....70, 143, 188, Green, Sandy 216 200 Green, Suzanne 117 Goldsmith, Sally 122, 366 Green, Vicki 242 Goldstein, Bob 70, 179, 321 Greenberg, Sandra 237 Goldstein, Harold 278 Greene, Pat 336 Goldstein, Mary 242 Greengerg, Myla 126, 208 Goldstein, Ronald 70 Greenfield, Tom F 278 Goldstein, Sherry 332 Greenleaf, Violette 70, 236 Goldwasser, Marlyn 152, 210 Greenlee, Gordon 262, 447 Goliti, Jr., Edward 70, 168 Greenson, Dan 435 Golobick, Joan 157, 334 Greenwood, Ann 360 Golub, Judy L 332 Gregersen, Gary 435 Gomberg, Dave 159 Gregg, Roger 378, 438, 439 Gomez, Natalie 198 Gregory, Bill 308, 416 Gompertz, Peggy 117, 354 Gregory, Carol 344 Gonsalues, Ron 265 Gregory, Donald 70 Gonsalves, Ron 310 Greifet, John 70 Goner, Tom 252 Greitzer, Harriet 348 Gonzales, Bob 274, 394 Grell, Frieda Louise 70, 232 Goobich, Stanley 129 Gremaux, Don 314 Gooch, Patty 358 Grenfell, Gave Carmen 358 Good, Barbara 189, 328 Grener, Dan 258 Good, Marjorie 328 Grens, John 148 Freeman, Dave Freeman, Gordon M Freeman, Mike Freeman, Richard Freeman, Sue Freeman, Woddy Fregoso, Rudolph Fregulia, Arlene Louise 68, 198 Freisen, John Freitag, Marian Fresno, Dave Freuler, Suzanne Frey, Gregg Frey, Hal Frichette, Peter Friedman, Alice Friedman, Herbert J 302 Friedman, Michael ..196, 122, 212 Friedman, Mimi 228 Friedman, Sue 222 Frieman, Bob D 278 Fritz, Patricia C 219 Frizza, Esther 133, 228 Fromsky, Carol 332 Frug, Jerry 302 Frug, Ron 302 Fry, Bayle 122, 128, 325 Fry, LaVerne A 68, 180 Frye, William Halverson 68 Fuchs, Jacob 321 Fukui, Ray 68 Fuller, Barbara 68 Fulster, Carole 325 Fong, Henry 154 Funk, Miss 180 Funk, Marilyn 101, 342 Forbush, Alan B 304 Furuta, D. 397 G Gaol, Phil 68, 304 Gaarde, Ralph 268 Gabriel, Denis John 280 Gabriel, Laila 152 Gaetjen, Roger 248 Gaffith, Roger 154 Gage, Tom 272 Gagnon, Geri 211 Gaidas, Frances 234 Guides, Beryl 140, 180 Gale, Ken 253 Gallagher, Ann 230 Gallagher, Rose 68, 126, 177 Gall ick, Pan 350 Gall in, Joel 68, 278 Galvan, Barbara 346 Galva, Paul 258 Gange, Joanne 356 Ganulin, Judith 68, 194 Garat, Ann 340 Carat, Barbara 180, 340 Garbolin, Ann 344 Garcia, Vee A 68, 250 Gardner, Marrill L 68, 332 Gardner, Sue 352 Garland, Fred 152, 176 Garmon, Joy 177 Garmns , Dave 318 Garmshausen, Trudy 356 Garmus, D. 101 Garner, Arlene 57, 68, 368 Garnsey, Mary Lu 338 Garrett, Florens 112, 113 Garthwaite, Terry 366 Gartzman, Madeline 348 Garvey, Saralynn 68, 356 Garvin, John 166 Garvin, Mike 314 Gasset, Will 398, 442 Gassett, Bud 270 Gassin, Robert Wayne 314 Gassman, Barbara 228 Gateley, Ray B 268 Gatterdam, Dwain 68 Gawain, Gene 260 Gaylord, Alan 399 Gaylord, Lynne E 352 Gazzano, Carol 363 Gazzano, Diane 363 Gee, Geofferey 316 Gee, Sherman 152, 175, 294 Geffeney, Megan 342 Geis, Everett Ray 68, 175 Gelsvick, Marilyn 152, 330 Gentles, Sandra 237 George, Brian 390 George, Coral ie 200 George, Dave M 304, 397 Gerandos, Miklos 443 Gerba, Raymond 68, 276 Geren, Carol 200, 352 Gericke, Margaret 181 Gerritz, Gretchen 340 455 Greseher, Alan 316 Grether, Dave 195, 270 Gretlein, Jay C 295 Greve, Lily Marian 340 Gridley, Ron 435 Griever, Doug 399 Griffin, Andy 70, 322 Griffin, Anthony 70, 267 Griffin, Dorris 340 Griffin, Frank 262 Griffin, Joe 70, 116, 170, 427 Griffin, Richard 70 Griffin, Roberta A 363 Griffith, Lynn 364 Griffith, Nancy 360 Griffith, Roger 314 Griffith, Sally 338 Griffiths, William F 70, 169, 187 Grimes, Mary Lee 70 Grimshaw, Judith 336 Grisemer, Al 192, 423 Grisham, Pat 368 Grismore, Gerold 313 Grivetti, Louis 212 Grizzle, Ann 325 Grohman, Anita F 346 Grold, Joan 332 Grossblat, Leba 235 Grossman, Barbara L 348 Grossman, Robert F 292 Grout, Jack M 212, 378, 411, 415 Grove, Dan 290 Groves, Linda J 356 Groza, Gail 237 Grupner, Wendy 356 Gruenig, James W 175, 193, 197 Grumbles, J. 397 Grupe, George 308 Gru-uchitel, James 193 Gruver, David 148, 152, 200 Guilbert, Brian 70, 318 Guggenheim, Dan 195, 286 Guisti, Carol Virginia 70 Guittard, Horace Albert 288 Gump, William L 276 Gunder, Maryann 324, 336 Gunn, Jim C 256 Gunnarson, Jerry 265 Gunner, Richard 295 Gurdico, Henry 394 Gurmen, Joy 177 Garrison, Gretchen 325 Gustafson, Adrianne 344 Gustafson, Larry 70, 254 Gustafson, Roy 70, 300 Gutman, Stan 249 H Haddca, Terry Haag, John 70, 306 266 Haden, Bill 272 Haden Ken G 269 Haerem, Celia 225 Hagen, Patricia Ann....70, 117, 346 Hagge, Don 70 Haggerty, Nancy 70, 223 Hagiwara, Tanako 210 Hagood, Maralynn 330 Hagstrom, Ellen 70 Hague, Ruth Ann 344 Hahir, Claire 70, 352 Haines, Bill 322, 378 Haire, Ginny 235 Hajny, David 131 Hakim, Masud 175, 193 Halden, Alan 282 Hale, Arnold Edward.... 70, 166, 314 Hale, Barbara 70, l ' l 177, 191. 230 Hale, Max 70, 316, 378, 394 Haley, Bud 258 Haley, Wiliam 416 Hall, Charles 140, 250 Hall, Connie 338 Hal ' , Dave H 212 Hall, Denn ' s 70 Hall, Donna 340 Hall, Edna 224 Hall, James 70 Hall, Jerry 313 Hall, John F 195, 286 Hall, Linda Hann 237 Hal!, Sue 122, 350 Hall, Warren 70, 238 Hal ldorson, Joan 220 Hallett, Dorothy 70, 346 Hallinan, K. 419 Hallinan, P. . 419 Halstead, David K 218 Halvorsen, Bernita 360 Hamatani, Tomio 70 Hambric, John 320 Hambro, Dr. Eduard 131 Hamilton, Betty 237 Hamilton, Bill 306 Hamilton, Brutus 399 Hamilton, Doreen 360 Hamilton, L. Leslie 175, 197 Hamilton, Lorraine 220 Hamilton, Milton Eward 70, 193, 197 Hamilton, Pam 338 Hamilton, Toni 364 Hamm, Toni 70, 368 Hammitt, John Harris 70, 176 Hammon, Gerald C 288 Hammon, Susie 182 Hammond, Jane 122, 358 Hammons, Ann 139 Hanson, Carl 166 Nampa!, Jane 70 Hampton, Betsy 117, 356 Hampton, Nancy J 352 Hand, Barbara 70, 342 Hand, Carolyn Louise 364 Handin, Helen 70 Hanessian, Jack 128, 310 Hanfling, Beatrice 222 Hanlon, Sue 342 Haberman, Jackie G 348 Hacker, Dee Sherri! 157, 334 Hacker, Jean 220 Harlan, Bill 195 Hanna, Bobbi 356 Hanna, Steve 200, 266 Hansen, Bill 190 Hansen, Bruce 434 Hansen, Byron 212 Hansen, Don 295 Hansen, Karen 152, 356 Hansen, Nip 336 Hansen, Lois 70, 364 Hansen, Pat Jeanne 328 Hansen, Suzanne 142, 350 Flaming, Adrian 218 Hanson, Caroline 220 Hanson, Fred 394, 416 Hanson, John 238, 435 Happoldt, Jack 113 Happoldt, Jackie J 352 Haradon, Joan 352 Harbaugh, Carol 242 Harbaugh, Robert 420 Harden, Russell 70, 238 Hardison, Katie 366 Hardy, J. 191 Harker, James 70 Harnett, Barbara 368 Hare, Robert 72 Harper, Elizabeth 72, 356 Harral, James 72 Harre I, Dick 314 Harries, Griffith 72, 304 Harrington, Ann 216 Harris, Benjamin 72, 320 Harris, Bob D 265 Harris, Dana 332 Harris, David 126 Harris, John 72, 212 Harris, Michael 72, 258 Harris, Roberta Jones 72 Harris, Ronald 72, 166 Harris, Stephen 252 Harris, Wendy 364 Harris, William 280 Harrison, Bill 139 Harrison, Helen 364 Harrison, John 314, 447 Harrison, Lou 130 Harrison, Ronald W 72 Harms, David 212 Harrosh, Hilda 348 Harsch, Jacqueline 366 Hart, Bill 263 Hart, Darryl 296 Hart, Jack 378, 394, 386, 447 Hart, Jewell 72, 255 Hart, Judy 346 Hart, Sal.y 119, 131, 188, 366 Hart, Steve 306 Hartley, Robert Duane 72, 169, 218 Hartley, Suzanne 72, 342 Hartman, Barbara 72, 328 Hartman, Jean 366 Hartman, Joan 332 Hartman, Joy 356 Hartman, Sue 222 Hartsough, Ron H 280 Hartzell, G. 176 Harwaing, M. 171 Harwitz, Bob 154 Hasim, M. S 131 Haslett, Thomas 72 Hastings, Jim 252 Hesta3d, Jane 152 Hastings, Pat 72 Hester, Charlene 101, 325 Hastings, Paul 110, 112, 113 Hester, Lee M 197 Hathaway, Bob 394 Heston, Barbara 344 Hathaway, Harry L 179, 191, Hetzel, Marlene 363 298 Heustis, Suzanne 126 Hathcock, Dick 286, 394 Heyman, Roberta L 72, 348 Hathaway, Alson 284 H ibler, I I lana 101, 362 Hattari, Radon 131, 152 Hichcock, Bill 298 Han, John 72, 265 Hicks, Dick 280 Haueter, Shirley 119, 340 Hicks, Mary 342 Hauffman, Susan A 338 Hiebert, Jim A 250 Haunschild, Jean 342 Hieronimus, J. Lynn 356 Hautly, Glenn E 72, 218 Higbee, Billy Dan 72 Haveson, John D 313 Higbee, Cathy 101, 242 Hawes, John 152, 170 Higgins, Curt 72, 295 Hawkins, Ann 72, 338 Higgins, Lynne 368 Hawkins, Beverly 72, 152 Hi gh, Lee Emerson 340 Hawkins, Mimi 338 Hilderley, Jeriann G 334 Hawkins, Robert 72, 272 Hi!e, Roger 169, 187, 238 Hawley, Bill 38, 300 Hilf, Frank 139 Haworth, Ly:e 286 Hill, Anthony Whiting ' 72, 197 Haworth, Shirley 72, 219 Ben 276 Hayashi, Ken 176 Hill, Debbie 328 Hayden, Rich 306 Hill, Dorothy 152 Hayes, Bill 284 Hill, George 162, 405 Hayes, Loretta 216 Hill, Jackie 331 Hayes, Sharon 237 Hill, Lindak 117, 325 Hayes, Nancy 350 Hill, Maryann 325 Hayward, Lanny 117, 122, 352 Hill, Norman 212 Hayward, Peter Blake 72, 269 Hillebrant, Dan 280 Hazel, Margaret 216 Hiller, Frankie 362 Hazeltine, Tom R 308 Hilliker, Kathi 356 Healey, Louise 72 Hilton, John 262 Healey, Mike 195, 267 Himes, Joyce ....72, 112, 114, 119, Healy, Mike 238 186, 328 Hearn, Helen 72, 328 Hindes, Peter C 288 Heath, Linda 340 Hinds, Tom 72 Heath, Tom 268 Hines, Judy 122, 366 Heckenlaible, Richard N 212 link, John 72 Hefflin, Mike M 310 Hinman, Mary 364 Hegerle, Peter John 72, 306 Hinshaw, William 170 Heglin, Ronald G 314 Hiramoto, Edward 72 Heid, Marie 237 H irasaki, Midori 230 Heidohrn, Doug 72 Hirota, Joyce 72, 234 Haig, James 152 Hirschberg, Helen 180, 237 Heiges, Glenda 99, 223 Hirschhorn, Irwin 72, 180, 278 Heimann, Richar d 72, 304 Hirst, Bill A 274 Heinrich, Jack 72, 310 Hirst, James H 72, 320 Heinrich, William 190 H isaka, Melvin 176 Heinz, Lee 170, 190 Hitchcock, Larry 306 Helm, Elizabeth 72, 344 H jort, Mari lyn 72 Helmbrecht, Noel 434 Hjortsvang, Suzanne 350 Helmkemp, Charlotte 356 Ho, Adrienne ....72, 183, 187, 200 Helper, Mary 220 Ho, Colleen 152, 224 Helske, Dave 268 Ho, Wilfred 72 Hemley, Myron Rogue 72, 308 Hobbs, Bob L 290, 441 Hemmer, Dan 141 Hobbs, Ed 260 Hemphill, Nan 334 Hobin, Bill 272 Henault, Paul 154 Hobin, Pat 272 Henchell, Fred 269, 434 Hobson, Doug 72, 191, 322 Handel, Larry 288 Hockabout, M. Kent 316 Henderson, Joan C 334 Hodgkinson, Dave 318 Henderson, Mary Jane 72, 346 Hodgdon, Fredericka 334 Henderson, Stephen P 195, 252 Hoecker, Vicki 344 Hendrix, Tom 260 Hoes ' , Randy 282 Henphill, Jane 366 Hoff land, Nlaxine 235 Henrich, Bob 284 Hoffman, Bruce 280, 397 Henrick, B. 99 Hoffman, Charle 126, 200, 338 Henrikson, Carole 187 Hoffman, George R 72 Henrietta, Lynne 338 Hoffman, Guy 248 Henrotin, John 270 Hoffner, Harriet 99, 119, 130, Henry, Bob 260 185, 346 Henry, Charles A 169 Hofman, Robert 170 Henry, Chip 252 Hofmann, Cathy 232 Henry, Ellen 360 Hogan, Nancy 356 Henry, Keith W 72 Hogan, Sally 72, 325 Henry, Marian 342 Hokom, John T 284 Henry, Martin A 197 Holbrook, Anthony 212, 435 Henstis, Suzanne 366 Holcombe, Margaret I 340 Herb, Mike 72, 298 Holcombe, Nellie 122, 352 Herb, Pete 298 Holden, Janet 330 Herbert, Mary Helen 368 Holden, Lynne 242 Herbert, Vic 131, Lillian 72, 331 Herd, Alan 195, 274 Holland, Archie L 316 Herkes, Jane 144, 328 Holland, John W 284 Herman, Dorothy 230 Holland, Katharine E 211 Herman, Dos 72 Holliman, Bill 255, 419 Herman, Eugene 278 Hollingshead, Evelyn 192, 350 Hermann, Bob 321 Hollingshead, Jill 114, 325 Hermes, Gary 196 Hollis, Ted 313 Herr, Gail 232 Holloway, Chuck A.....72, 116, 191 Herrera, Esther 223 262, 378, 398 Herrerias, Rene 404 Holloway, Richard 72, 212 Herrick, Robert Lee 72 Holmer, Priscilla 131 Herrick, Steve 262 Holmes, Irene 237 Herrmann, Leonard Ralph 72 Holmes, Joy 196, 340 Hertel, Ray 295, 434 Holstein, Jack 280 Herz, Marilyn 72, 350 Holstius, Ursu:a 101, 117, 344 Herzog, Al 321 Holston, Charles 255, 394 Herzog, Beverly 225 Holt, Nicholas 72, 322 Herzog, John P 72, 171 Holt, Sherry 344 Hesfand, Jane 232 Holzman, Phil 302 Heskin, Allen 278 Horn, Marjorie Ingrid 72 Hesse, Bob 312 Horn, Wiley 72 Hamann, Dorothy 152, 211 Homer, Barbara 330 Homuth, Dick ..72, 212, 379, 419, 420 Honda, Virginia 72, 232 Hone, Mike 131, 310 Honea, Herb 212 Honens, Dexter 72, 274 Honeychurch, Susan 344 Hong, Jennie 72, 186, 370 Honnier, Richard 72, 318 Hooper, Harriet 242 Hoopes, John A 72, 175, 250 Hoopes, Will iam 250 Hoover, Edward 72 Hopher, Audrey 72 Hopman, Richard 218 Hops, Harriet 350 Hopper, G. 191 Hopping, Marian 72, 188, 194, 342 Hari, Kazuo 175 Horikawa, Jane 72 Horikawa, Koji 152 Horn, Hort 269 Horn, Peter Michael 72 Horn, Steve 435 Horner, Jeff 130, 304 Horner, Terry L 304 Horowitz, Diane 242 Horsley, Jim 195, 263 Horton, Mack 250 Horton, Shirley 225 Horwitz, Bob 278 Horwitz, Bruce 321, 434 Harwood, George 72 Hosdert, Connklins 270 Flunkies, Lois 182 Hansom, Linda L 352 Hotie, Arline 344 Housden, Eric N 72, 176 House, Bob 282 Houston, Kyla 117, 338 Hove, Roger 268 Howard, Anne 350 Howard, Bob 72, 253 Howard, Don 148, 181 Howard, Jay 191, 298 Howard, Leta 185, 188, 358 Howard, Richard 321 Howden, Chuck 434 Howe, Victor 72, 166 Howell, Jane 101, 144, 358 Howells, Ralph 116 Howland, Dave 276 Howlan, Pat 336 Howsen, Mary Linden 356 Hrusoff, Joyce 74 Hsu, Theresa 172 Hubbard, Richard 260 Hubbert, Jim 314 Huber, Gordon 262 Huberty, Pat ...74, 181, 186, 194 200, 220 Haberman, Barbara 230 Huckins, Lynne 325 Hudack, Larry 274 Huddleston, Charles 168 Hudnall, Bob 74, 212 Hudson, Jay 286 Hudson, John 74 Hudson, Mark 152 Hudson, Natalie 358 Hudson, Ralph E 212 Hudson, Wiliam 248 Huen, Tommy 74, 172, 175 Huey, Deanna 225 Huffman, George 170 Hughes, Bob 139 Hughes, Connie 139 Hughes, Dick 0 195, 286 Hughes, Florence A 74, 224 Hughes, Gail 144, 328 Hughes, Jim 286 Hughes, Kay 331 Hughes, Marcia 144, 328 Hughes, Marilyn 99, 122, 342 Hughes, N. 101 Huitt, Helen 74, 363 Hulboy, Joseph 269 Hull, Robert 74, 171, 248 Hultgren, Glen 0 255 Hume, David G 316 Hummelt, Harold 267 Humphreys, George 249 Humphreys, Phil 288 Hunsacker, Janet May 334 Hunt, Arlyn 187 Hunt, Ralph P. Jr 169 Hunt, Renee 236 Hunt, Sandy 142, 350 Hunt, Steve 269 Hunt, Virgil Ronald 74 Hunt, Willie 421 Hu nter, Bonnie 342 Hunter, Mary 237 Huntington, John 272 Huntington, Ned 280 Huquet, Mavry 74, 262 Burch, Lee 314 Hurdle, Vanolin Franic 74, 212 Hurff, Susan 338 Hurlbert, Frank 190 Hurndall, Julie 358 Huseby, James G 276 Hutchison, Bob 400 Hutchison, Claude _195, 298, 378, Hutchison, Murray H 284 Hyatt, Gilbert 238 Hyde, Barbara Ann 232 Hyde, Orra 74, 191, 322 Hyman, Terry H 278 Hynes, Joan 126, 366 Hyoe, George 212 I Iaukea, Curtis 378, 380, 394 Ibrahim, Ismail 131 likovics, Robert 74 Imai, Joanne 210 Imai, Judy 211 Imhoff, Darrall 290, 414, 415, 416 Inch, Betsy Helen 336 Inch, Robert 258 Ingersol, Gordon 74 Ingersoll, Torn 258 Ingham, Bill 195, 272 Inglian, Bill 448 Ingram, James H 169, 312 Ingram, Raonald 74, 212 Inwersen, Jackie 74, 325 Inman, Eileen 354 Inman, Les 310 Inman, Sandy 366 Innes, Tracy 358 Inouye, Akio 176 Inouye, Bob 176 Inouye, Tom 176 Irish, Mary Christina 364 Irvin, Carol 210 Irvine, Bob 74, 354 Irvine, Linda 330 Isabelle, Adrian 225 Isbell, William Marvin 74 lsberg, J. 176 Iskeral, Jahn 416 Issurin, Fabiana 74 Iverson, Greta 344 Ives, Doug 141, 306 Iwamiya, Tom 74, 176 lwao, Kumily Roy 74, 169, 193 Izumi, Allen 176 J Ja, Pauline 210 Jachens, Norman 57, 74 Jackson, Beverly Ruth 128, 328 Jackson, Donna 57, 74, 368 Jackson, Jan 356 Jackson, Jim 284 Jackson, Judith 228 Jackson, Sharon L 356 Jackson, Tom 306 Jacobes, Roy C 295 Jacobi, Pat 146, 147, 235 Jacobs, Alyse 74 Jacobs, Ellis B 197, 321 Jacobs, Fenton 278 Jacobs, Fred 74 Jacobs, Gail 242 Jacobs, Jerrell 122, 225 Jacobs, Marshall 278 Jacobs, Proverb 386, 392, 394, 428 Jacobs, Ross A 122, 191, 276 Jacobs, Sue 129 Jacobs, Walter 296 Jacobsen, Arthur H 74, 256 Jacobsen, Duane C 258 Jacobson, Dave 159 Jacobson, Dina 237 Jacobson, Pat 228 Jacobson, Paul 321 Jacobson, Richar Earl 74, 284 Jacobson, Robert E 74 Jacuzzi, Remo 74, 308, 378 Jaeger, Ed C 298 Jaffe, Joyce 348 Jaffe, Nick 212 Jaffe, Stephen 122, 296 Jakobsen, Graig 363 James, Bill 399 James, Jerry 265 Jamieson, Allan 152, 292 Jansen, Capt. Kenneth F 179 Jansen, Paula 368 Jarvis, Bob 238 Jarvis, Glen 190 Jastremski, Sonya 99, 216 Jaunzems, Juris 400 Jayne, Dick 74 Jensen, John 258 Jeleti, Barbara 228 Jenkin, Jerome 129 Jenkins, Charlie 298 Jenkins, Dan 298 Jenner, Janice 228 Jensen, Harley 256 Jensen, Lyle 74, 260 Jensen, Theodore A 193 Jepperson, Gail 208 Jevas, Harry 74 Jew, Nathan 74 Jew, Scott 74 Jew, Soot 172 Jewett, Jennie 352 Jimison, Thomas Edwin 74 Jinahyon, Sujin 74, 400 Joesting, Lyle 366 Johannsen, Anne 149 Johanson, Susan 364 Johns, Judy 117, 356 Johnson, Al 304 Johnson, Bab 248 Johnson, Bert 248 Johnson, Bill 252 Johnson, Bill 280 Johnson, Bruce 74, 282 Johnson, Charlie 394, 440 Johnson, Dianne 346 Johnson, Dick 398, 441 Johnson, Duane 260 Johnson, Dwight 260, 416 Johnson, Earl 74, 238 Johnson, Eleanor .. 352 Johnson, Emery 308 Johnson, Esther 74, 340 Johnson, E. E 74, 169, 187 Johnson, Faye 356 Johnson, Gale 101, 344 Johnson, Gordon 304, 416 Johnson, Jacqueline 74, 328 Johnson, James 74, 255 Johnson, Joelle 328 Johnson, Karen 346 Johnson, Kaye 230 Johnson, Ken 310, 416 Johnson, Ken 74, 253 Johnson, Linde 366 Johnson, Marcia H 325 Johnson, Marge A 346 Johnson, Marlene 228 Johnson, Richmond 441 Johnson, Robert 318 Johnson, Robert 74, 272 Johnson, S andi 131, 356 Johnson, Sandy 363 Johnson, Sharon 117, 186, 354 Johnson, Tanya 331 Johnson, Tony 282, 420 Johnson, Winona 360 Johnston, B ill 288 Johnston, Gaile 74, 366 Johnston, Gordon 255 Johnston, Lloyd 416 Johnston, John 400 Johnston, Phil 318 Johnston, Robin 74 Johnston, Sharon 99, 122, 328 Johnston, W. 286 Jolly, Robert 312 Jonas, Jim 265 Jonas, Nola 74, 342 Jones, Ann 328 Jones, Bob 292 Jones, Carol Ann 232 Jones, Catherine 325 Jones, David L 276 Jones, Dick 274 Jones, Donna 235 Jones, El izabeth 200 Jones, Gary 280 Jones, John 272 Jones, Julie 130, 336 Jones, Lawrence 238 Jones, Marion J 197 Jones, Nancy 234 Jones, Sandy 354 Jones, Shelley 152 Jones, Terry 394 Jordan, Buck 175, 193, 320 Jordan, Frank 322 Jordan, George 405 Jordan, Judy 348 Jordan, Leslie Forest 74 Jordan, Phyllis 334 Jorgensen, Bud 286 Jorgensen, David 288, 435 Jorgensen, Jane 232 Jorgensen, Jeuren E 288 Jorgensen, Kirstin 74, 358 Jorgensen, Mary 340 Jorgenson, Les 282 Jowett, Jan E 232 Joyal, Arnold 282 Jud, Norm 212 Juda, Patsy 332 Judd, Dave 212 Judd, Deane 175, 265 Judd, Marilyn 132 Judy, Carolyn 354 Juhriman, Bob 248 Jung, Larry 187 Justesen, Monte 282 Justin, Pete H 276 Juul, Elizabeth 5 74, 340 K Kachen, George 126 Kadarsan, Sampurno 131 Kaddov, Ibrahim 74 Kadell, Sharon 182 Kadri, Salahuddin 218 Cagan, Dick C 302 Jane 74, 325 (alian, Gary 268 Ca ' ker, Jeannette 332 alovarus, John 447 alsh, Milly 74, 360 am, Jimmy 172 Oman, Norman 74, 278 Kamm, Sue 139, 230 Kampp, Shirley 74, 142, 360 Kandel, Richard 296 Kane, Bruce 139, 435 Kane, Carrie A 101, 344 Kaneka, Yuji 176 Kang, Sang-Wook 74, 169 Kantor, Maomi 222 Kaplan, Darryl 302 !Caplan, Marshall Ray 74 1 app, Joe 380, 386, 392, 406, cii 4 415 Karlsrud, Roger F 308, 434 Karmilof, Irene 74, 175, 230 ' (arming, Cristel 234 Karner, Gary 74 Karr, Howard 99, 124 Karren, Fred 74, 116, 321 Kartz, Sue 157 Karvelis, Marilyn Derry 74 Kasa, Arlene 234 I asparian, Oscar 254 Kassenbrock, Bud 258 I atamie, Pat 235 Katten, Ernest Frank 74, 218 Kato, Lorraine 242 Katsuyamo, Allen 176 Katz, Helen Jane 180, 232 Katz, Joel 74, 218 Katze, Jon 312 Katzman, Jerry 321 Kauffman, Bob 140 Kaufmann, Janice 332 Kaufman, Jill M 144, 242 Kaufmann, Joan A 348 Kavanagh, Carol 99, 119, 124, 352 !Cavanagh, Don 272 Kavanagh, H. M 169, 187, 193 Kavanagh, Hubert 74 Kavanagh, Joan Marie 74 Kawahara, Monoko Miriam 74 Kay, Laurence 74, 302 Kaye, Betsy 232 Kazmier, Ted 57, 74, 238 Kearns, Don 434 Keasbey, Elizabeth 182, 360 Keating, Dick 322 Keck, Jim 312 Keefe, George 74, 264 Keeler, J. Wylie 270 Keene, Martha J 340 Keeney, Ronald 74, 197 Keil, Susan 74, 364 Keller, Carolyn 133 Keller, Joan 356 Keller, Steve 298 Kelley, Catherine 338 Kelley, David 166 Kelley, Margaret 338 Kelley, Terry 286 Kellner, Sue 74 Kellogg, Al 310 Kellogg, Ted 269 Kelly, Ann 74, 342 Kelly, David 298 Kelly, John 195, 267 Kelly, Ken 310 Kelly, Michael 292 Kelly, Pat 418 Kelly, Paul E 284 Kelly, Roxanne 340 Kelly, Sue 354 Kelsey, Janet 196, 356 Kelso, Richard W 286 Kemof, Anbrea 358 Kendall, Don C 212 Kenline, George 212 Kenis, Steve M 321 Kennedy, Anne Rita 223 Kennedy, Arlen L 256 Kennedy, Don 419 Kennedy, Jane 76, 334 ennedy, Jim 76, 306 Kennedy, Mike 304 Mary 152 ennerknecht, Robert 197 Torn 294 Jack A 118, 304 enny, Philip 76 Alice 364 Allan 441 enwelly, Dave 123, 320 eppel, Bruce 378, 398 erckhoff, Barry 298 ern, Barbara 76, 334 ern, Eileen 76, 366 erns, Ronald L 171 erper, Elna F 220 Karen L 220 err, John W 448 Jim 274 err, Patricia 76, 354 ersevan, Alex 400 ertz, Freddie 348 Bernie 296 ey, Jean L 211 Chan, Ron 280 Vallop 76 idd, Margaret 234 iely, Doris 363 ilborn, Jim E 152, 249 ilfoil, Thomas 421 ilpatrick, Sandy 344 im, Byong Jin 76 im, Chul Mo 76 Kim, Harry 379 im, Yong Joon 76 Kimball, Frances 123 Kimball, Pat 122, 340 Kimberlin, Ann 364 Kimura, Lawrence 76, 176 incade, Barbara 235 incaide, Richard 76, 167, 171 indorf, David 76, 268 indorf, Jim 306 (indorf, Robert 314 ing, Dick 112 ing, George A 76, 179 ing, Janet 344 ing, John 394 ing, Jon B 269, 435 King, Kenneth Barnes 308 King, Ken 76, 265 King, Robert R 312 King, Robin 338 ingdon, Sharon 140 Al 288 inj, Faovei 76 inney, Bob 440 inney, Ed 270 insman, Bob 76, 272 ipnis, Patti 292 Kiraly, Judith 224 irkendal I, Jean 76, 340 irkpatrick, James M 76 Kirkpatrick, Loy Duane 76, 298 Kirshbaum, Donald Martin 76, 253 Kirshbaum, Robert 253 Kirwan, Ed 113, 133 Kirwan, Kevin 286 Kiskey, Stanley G 76 Kistvedt, Per 76 Kite, John B 284 Kitterman, Joe 76, 378, 274, 432, 434 Klaiman, Barbara 348 Klapak, Karolyn S 101, 334 Klass, Ed 308 lassen, Dwight 310 lassen, Toni 237 leber, John 280 leeberger, Edmund 76, 169 lehn, Henry 76, 290 lein, Isabel 332 Klein, Kate 358 Klein, Minty 144 Klein, Thomas 249 Kleinbauer, Gene 269 Kleiner, Karol 368 Kleinman, Carolyn 210 Klimenko, Alex 149 Klinge, Ronald 116, 282 Klink, Richard 314 ' linker, Margaret Florence 76 Klipfel, Jane 344 Kloninger, Darrel 272 Kloninger, Phil 272 Klose, Jeanne 328 needier, R. Guy 268 new, Barbara 235 night, Nancy 346 nopt, Kermit M 168,309 nox, James 312 Arnold 76,238 nutson, Walter 154,266,394 Ko, Lorraine 76,172 Kobayashi, Jinji 176 Kobayashi, Masaaki 76 Kobayashi, May 76,223 Kobiericks 117,197,344 Koch, Bert C 249 Koch, Bob 286 Koch, Karl 76 Koch, Leaf 196 Koda, Tam 187 Kodama, Nobuo 76 Kodani, Irene 76, 224 Kofman, Ken 278,419 Kofman, Steve 278 Kogan, Judy 222 Kohlen, Judi 196 Kokus, Phyllis 76,140,186 Kolkman, H. 176 Koller, K. 101 Kol linger, Eileen 216 Komatsubara, Nancy 234 Kong, Raymond 76 Koo, John 76,172 Koota, Judy 362 Kops, Paul 191,306 Korman, Ron 122,192,212 Korsinen, Wayne 282 Korthals, C. 176 Kosman, Barbara 362 Kosobayashi, Mae 76 Kosovac, Don 295 Koster, Bob 76,253 ' Catcher, Linda 149 Kottler, Jody 246 Kovach, Eugene 76 !Craw, Ken 76,114,321 Kramer, Harriet F 332 Kramer, John 212 Kramme, E. Floyd 175 Krause, Selma 330 Krawl I, Helen 348 Krebill, R. 176 Kress, Carl 179,182 Kreuitt, Roland 278 Krevitt, Carolyn 348 Kricsfeld, Karen 348 Krieger, Steve 175,321 Kristic, Bob 290 Krogh, Janet 147 Krohn, Bernahard 76 Krug, Bob 318,441 Kruger, Claire 350 Krutchkoff, Dave 296 Krutclitoff, Dave 448 Kubin, Nancy 334 ' ably, Alan B 76,169 Kuchar, Wayne 76,169 Kuda, Louise 219 Kuechler, Henry 322 Kuehn, Nancy 126,177,180, 228 Kuhlman, Ann 356 Kuhn, Bill 122,314 Kuhn, Thomas 197 Kuhs, Bill 306 Kulchin, Larry 175 Kulesza, Marsha 76 Kullenberg, Linda 225 Kumins, Iota 187 Kumiy, Roy Iwao 187 Kummer, Marguerite 224 Kuranoff, Michael 238 Kurimoto, Etsuo 76 Kurosawa, Anna 76,152 Kurotori, Katherine 224 Kurtz, Ron Kurtz, Susan R 127 356 152,304 Kurtz, Torn 212 Kusske, John 76,366 Kutsurelis, Pearl 167,168 Kuykendall, Eugene ....76, 255 Kuzmicky, Don 400 Kwok, Joel 172,400 Kwok, Kirby 76, 400 Kwok, Russell 76,178 Kwong, Kenneth L La Bare, Roger 269 Lacey, Mike 76, 197 Lachter, Sylvia 234 Lacis, Mara 210 Lackey, Arlen 316, 434 Lafferty, Robert 76, 256 457 La Force, Phil 181 Lagintia, Annette Marie 76 Lagomarsino, Jo Ann 76, 232 Laichtman, Martin 76 Laine, Margo 252 La Liberte, Bob 101, 118, 124 Lailey, Gerald 76, 306 Lam, Lauretta 76, 172 Lam, Tat 76, 175 Lamb, Arnold 76, 253 Lamb, Marilyn 264 Lamb, Victor 76, 212 Lambert, Carl 256 Lambert, Howard 292 Lamp, Richar d 274 Landers, John F 168 Landis, B. 191 Landis, Donald A 197 Landis, Edward 262 Lando, Janice 76 Landsberg, Brian 278 Lane, Margaret 225 Langdon, Martha 336 Lange, Jane 188, 200, 364 Lange, Helmut 400 Langler, Jim 154 Langley, Jim 278, 415, 448 Langs, Rosemary 360 Lanier, G. 176, 435 Lankenau, Susan 338 Lanning, Lawrence 179 Lansman, Jack 288 Laratta, John 76, 152 Larer, Lynn 348 Larezzi, Bob 312 Large, Dave 292 Larsen, Carrot 76 Larsen, Hans 76 Larson, Dayton 76 Larson, Donald 248 Larson, Helen 174, 368 Larson, Paul 269 Larson, Ron 76, 282 Larson, Siv 330 Larson, Stewart P 76, 268 La Rue, James 447 Lasher, R. 397 Lasson, Harolyn 332 Lateana, Janice 356 Latta, Carol 196 Lau, Claribel 370 Laub, Jerry 282 Laub, Peter G 76 Laubly, William 76 Laughlin, Robert 260 Laufenberg, Clemens J 263 Laufenberg, Janet 336 Laughlin, Shirlee Marie ....57, 76, 186, 334 Laurel, Kay 332 Laurence, Mary Beth 338 Lauric, William 76 Lauro, Joseph 212 Laursen, Glen 76 Lavorel, Warren 256 Law, Joan 358 Lawrenson, Ken 316 Lawton, Sue 234 Lawyer, Ray 288 Lazar, Steve 321 Lazar°, Islie 181 Lazo, Pete 282 Lea, Lyman 76, 202, 434 Leach, Marguerite 122, 242 Leahy, Timothy 258 Jim 258 Leath, Bill 286 Leavitt, Charles 76 Lebowitz, Mike 141, 196 Lederman, Dave 302 Ledger, Charles L 76 Lednard, Dawson 264 Le Douy, Sharon 78 Le Drew, Carol 78, 188, 220 Le Duc, Clarisse 368 Lee, Brenda 172 Lee, Carole 232 Lee, Daniel 294 Lee, David 254 Lee, Diana 172, 230 Lee, Dick 148, 154 Lee, Ernest 172, 192 Lee, Feelie 144, 185, 242 Lee, Ginger 172 Lee, Hoover 78 Lee, Jim 212 Lee, John H 78 Lee, John Tachee 130 Lee, Jong 78 Lee, Kyung 232 Lee, Mary Ann 224 Lee, Milton 128 Lee, Pauline 232 Lee, Roland 78, 212 Lee, Sharon 210 Lee, Stephan 154, 294 Little, Lry 316 Lee, Virginia 370 Little, Mary 152, 232 Lee, Warren 78, 171 Lttle, Sharon Carol 364 Lee, William 78, 274 Little, Wayne 256 Lee, Wing 197 Littleton, Rock 282 Leeds, Andrea G 348 Littleton, Wayne 192 Lefebvre, Joyce 78 Livanos, Peter 264 Le Febvre, Mike 152 Livingstone, Duke 288 Leffler, Anford R 212 Livinson, Steve R 313 Lega let, Suzanne 342 Livio, G. 78 Lehhard, Robert 78 Lloyd, Geldon 270, 378 Leib, Barbara 144, 352 Lloyd, Jacqueline 57, 78, 119, Leidich, Ray 260 124, 360 Leigh, Richard 270 Lobdell, Korman 190 Leisz, Leland 196 Lobdell, Timothy 238 Leland, David 302 Locatelli, Linda 366 Lelend, Tom 276 Locke, Albert 294 Lembeke, Cindy 219 Locke, Alice 78, 330 Lemen, Bill 266 Lockshin, Arno ' cl 152 Lemmon, Jim 435 Lockton, Janie 344 Lenchiner, Jack 253 Loeb, Lloyd 78, 278 Lendaris, George 175 Loebbecke, Jim 78, 320 Lennett, Terry 332 Lofberg, Lynn 78, 328 Lenoff, Judy 362 Loftis, Frank 78 Lenstrom, Daryl 171 Lofy, Mary 187 Leonard, Elizabeth Ann 122, 334 Logan, Bailey 258 Leonard, Janet 131 Logan, Trent 421 Leonard, Lois 126 Loke, Linda 78, 172 Leong, Arnold 170 Lokken, Liz 101, 334 Leong, De Anne 232 Lombardi, Lynn 358 Leong, Leslie 228 Long, Anne 211 Leong, Wilton G 172 Long, Jay W 290 Leonoff, George 78, 218 Longstreet, Mr. 166 Lepper, James 78, 238 Loomis, Leonard 152, 292 Lercari, Jan 350 Loos, Ronald 78, 238 Lermen, Sima 222 Lopez, Chet 78, 250 Leslie, Jim 300 Lorber, Harry 78 Lesnini, Celia 325 Lorber, Harvey 175, 420 Lev, Carol 332 Lorimer, Linda 78, 264 Leve, Bill 432 Loring, Chester 78 Levee, Marianne 335 Lorper, Marilyn 78 Levenson, Jordan 218 Losee, Crandon 78, 218 Leviev, Emi 78 Louchard, Sue 78, 320 Levin, Charles 296 Louie, Albert 78 Levin, Ellen 332 Louie, Edmund 294 Levin, Phil 321 Louie, Ellen 370 Levin, Roberta 216 Lcuis, Evie 236 Levin, Roberta 186, 332 Louis, Sam 78, 172 Levin, Warren 288 Love, Colin 78, 290 Levy, Barbara 348 Love, Malcolm 282 Levy, Carol 148 Lovelace, Linda 346 Levy, Sandy 332 Low, Ernest 294 Lewis, Dorothy 186 Low, Vera 78, 224 Lewis, Janet 237 Lowe, Alice 172 Lewis, Jim D 278 Lowe, Carla 38, 78 Lewis, John 304 Lowe, Dave 78, 110, 314 Lewis, Kay 325 Lowe, Frank 170 Lewis, Noreen A 78, 166, 358 Lowe, Linda 366 Lewis, Ralph 254 Lowe, Marsha 370 Li, Pat 78, 370 Lowe, Newton 170 Libby, Diana 216 Lowe, Pardee 78 Libby, Dick 321, 435 Lowell, Terrance 78, 284 Lichtenstein, Mike 296 Lowen, Claude 179 Lidke, Duwayne Robert 78 Lowenstam, Ruth 230 Liechti, Joan 364 Lowrey, Nola 78 Lief, Richard 131, 312 Lowvau, Gordon 112 Lieverman, Edith 225 Lu, Lawrence 196 Lightner, Carol 78, 325 Luard, Susanne 346 Ligon, Eleanor Maxine 78.149, Lubarsky, Andre 418 152, 242 Lubarsky, Bruce M 302 Likes, Katherine 230 Lubatti, Henry J 169 Liljegren, Ed 169 Lubbock, Dan 118, 124, 316 Lilley, Richard 78 Luberg, Karen 78, 344 L i Hingham . George 78, 276 Lucas, Barbara 78, 340 Lilly, Margot 242 Lucas, Joan 78, 232 Lim, Alfred 78, 172 Lucas, Roger 218 Lim, Sylvia 78 Luceno, Jose 438 Linck, Donald 270 Luckhart. Dean 181 Lincoln, Carl 292 Ludwig, Meredith 200 Lincoln, Hcward C 256 Ludwigsen, Laural 363 Lincoln, Neil 149, 152 Luft, John 263 Lind, Peggy 78 Luini, James 256 Lindberg, Eric 314 Luke, Jean B 352 Lindemulder, Carol 220 Lukens, Bill 304 Lindemuth, Mary Ann 78 Lukens, Bill 308 Lindenbaum. Donna L 332 Lum, Francis 294 Lindgren, Helen 336 Lum, Key 78 Lindgren, Ken 306, 398 Lumis, Doug 423 Lindquist, Paul 253 Luna, Doug P 212, 432 Lindsay, Ann 78, 350 Lund, Jane 152 Lindsay, Jim 212 Lunde, Henrik 179 Lindsay, Luey 331 Lundgren, Jerry 176, 295, 397 Lindsay, Marjorie 188, 200, 331 Lundgren, Valerie M 131, 334 Lindsey, Peggy 234 Lundroth, Maureen 360 Link, George 238 Lundy, B ' air 358 Linn, Jim 171 Luther, Linda 346 Linn, Richard S 258 Luque, Ron 250 Linnila, Charles 175 Luther, Bill 78, 290 Lipkin, Paul 78, 278 Luther, Margie 122, 142, 185, Lipman, Steve 262 360 Lippitt, Peter B 78, 253, 434 Luther, IVIary Joan 210 Lipscomb, L ance 149, 152, 212 Luttges, Del 292 Lipton, Walter 192 Lutzker, Myra 78 Litmann, Leonard 78, 175, 197 Lyle, Jerry 212 Little, Barney 312 Lyman, Richard T 274 Lyman, Tim 263, 435 Lynch, Bob 286 Lynch, Ed 292 Lynch, Pat 78 Lynden, Pat 139 Lynn, David 78 Lynn, Larry 114, 304 Lyons, De Ann 366 Lyons, Donna Jane 78, 350 Lyons, Richard 78, 274 Lyss, R. Simi 78, 169, 187 M McAbeer, Winifred I 242 Mc4dams, Joan 188 McCallum, Bob 256 McCallum, Kathleen Alice 232 McCampbe I I, William 282 McCan, Roger 304 McCarth, Florence 211 McCarthy, Brian 258 McCarthy, Casey 212 McCarthy, Don 78, 292 McCarthy, Helen 122, 258 McCarthy, Mike 294 McCarthy, Terry P 282 McCartney, Arthur 172 McCarty, Bob 282, 442 McC ' oskey, Jerry 258 McCombs, Wayne 314 McConaughty, Marlene J 340 McConnell, John 78, 295 McCord, George 322 McCord, Paula M 139, 220 McCormack, Judy 354 McCorkle, Jerry 78, 255 McCreary, Robert H. 304 McCulloch, Bill 238 McCullough, Mary 237 McCullough, Valerie P 75 McCune, Richard 280 McDaniel, Bob 78, 306 McDermid, Judy 354 McDermott, Pat 232 Don 238 McDonald, Frances 152, 230 McDonald, Gordon 78, 167 McDonald, Janice 78 McDonald, Jim 298, 441 McDonald, Mary Louise 264 McDonough, Gary 288 McDowell, Barbara 78, 235 McElhoe, Bruce 78, 212 McElhoe, Marilyn 101, 142, McEnerney, Martha C.. 122, 185, 188, 364 McEnroe, Mary 180 McEwing, Patricia A 78, 360 McFarland, Jerry 115, 194 McFarling, Ann 185, 354 McFeely, Mike Lydon 274, 440 McGaw, Kathy 328 McGilvray, Anne 126, 340 McGinley, Janet 342 McGinn, John 274 McGinn, Phillip S 80, 270, 378, 398, 442 McGinnis, John W 290 McGuann, John 286 McGuine, John 195 McGuire, Mary Ann 117, 358 McGuire, Pat 336 McHinigal, Ken 304 McHugh, Robert 295 McIlroy, Robert Stewart 80, 171 Mclndoe, Bates 80, 263 McInnis, Elizabeth 336 McIntire, Willard Leroy. 80, 154, 169 McIntosh, Alan Ross 80, 212. 378 McIntosh, Don S 80, 290, 406, 410, 412, 414 McIntosh, Robert 80, 197 McKean, Judy McKee, Elizabeth 210 McKeel, Joy 80, 364 McKendree, John W 80, 295 McKenna, Edward A 316 McKenna, Frank Joseph 80, 187 McKeon, Mary 232 McKeown, Gwyn 230 McKinnon, Dick 434 McKinnon, Keith 256 McKinstry, James J 170, 171 McKowan, Carl 57, 110, 122, 124 McLaren, Sally 80 McLaughlin, Linda 225 McLaughlin, Tim 295 McLaughlin, Tom 295, 397 McLean, Allyn 368 McLean, Isabel le 350 McLean, Melinda 101, 235 McLeod, Clark 270 McMakin, Nancy 344 McManigal, Jim 440 McManigal, Kenneth 190 McMasters, Marilyn 80, 334 McMasters, Velma 80, 171 McMillan, Byron 292 McMillan, Phil 142 McMullen, Gary 101, 282 McMullen, Sue 3E8 McMurry, Alan 131, 238 McMurray, Sam 256 McMurtry, David 80, 138, 189 McNail, Carl 127, 260 McNair, Marty Bennett 306, 435 McNally, Tom 192 McNeany, Marilyn ' 342 McNeely, Carol 366 McNely, Don J 249 McNerney, Mike 267 McNu ' ty, Lynn 274 McNutt, Esmond 152 McPhail, Buck 382 McPhee, David 80 McPhee, Judy L 131, 334 McPhee, Nita 356 McPherrin, Corene 363 McPherson, Doug 195, 262 McRae, Nancy 80, 264 McRowe, Arthur 238 Maas, John 306 Maasberg, Ronald 179 Macario, Diane 208 MacCauley, Barbara 354 MacDenald, Judy 334 Mace, Phil 316 MacGregor, R. 176 Machaco, Rich 420 Machado, Marilyn 80 Machen, Don 182 MacIsaac, Nancy 350 MacKenzie, Jessie 325 Mackenzie, Robert Balfoor 316 MacLennan, Donald 360 Macloed, Sheilah 80, 328 MacMillan, Phil 196, 238 MacNabb, William ....80, 148, 152 MacNamara, Sylvia 324 MacNider, Joan 336 MacNider, Sandy 336 Macomber, James 255 Macomber, John 249 MacPherson, Jean 334 Madden, Phil 306 Maddox, Clark ....57, 80, 116, 118, 124, 238, 379, 399 Maddox, Dick 130 Maddux, Jeanette 80, 131, 354 Maddux, Parker 267 Madeiros, Joe 212 Madian, Alan 192 Madison, Ernie 383 Madison, Jim 160, 179, 181 Madison, Vern 80 Madonne, Margie 139 Madrosen, P. John 280 Maestri, Beverly Ann 80, 252 Magay, Daniel 422 Magnani, Mike 272 Magnus, Ralph 80 Maguire, Beverly 368 Mah, Clifford S 80, 169 Mahoney, John 110, 300 Maier, Phyllis 352 Makata, Haruko 80, 219 Makeshima, Jon 80 Maki, Leonard M 169, 187 Makishima, Jim 379, 416 Makosky, Donald E 171 Malcolm, Rick 282 Maldonado, Frank 280, 447 Ma ' fanti Lea 228 Malmstrom, Karen Jenefred 236 Malone, Dave 292 Malveg, Carolyn 177 Malvin, Barry 130, 321 Maack, Lucille 216 Manetas, Irene 228 Mangum, Millard 80 Mangum, Richard 286 Mangum, Rob 286 Mann, Gerald 414, 416 Mann, Robert 80 Mann, Roger 80, 296 Manning, Marcia 342 Mantell, Jim 159 Manton, Karis 131 Mantis, Howard 321 Marantz, George A 302 Marble, Dana 383 March, William 80 Marchand, George Lucien....80, 274 Marchant, Dave 252 Marchi, Ray BO, 255 458 Marcucci, Paula 80, 368 Merchant, Carol Lyn 80, 242 Margolus, Rona 225 Merchant, John 428 Mario, Diane 216 Merenlender, Aylvain 80 Markham, Connie 258 Merkl, Gayle ..119, 122, 324, 346 Markley, Jan 152, 220 Merle, Pierre 181, 270 Marquard, Skip 270, 399 Merrill, Charles Bruce 316 Marquis, Kris 348 Merrill, Nancy E 356 Marr, Joan 80, 366 Merriman, Everett 128, 310 Marsh, Harry 238 Messer, Roy 280 Marsh, Marilyn 364 Messer, Valerie 152 Marshall, Cliff 296 Messerue, Nancy 237 Marshall, Doug 80, 274 Metcalf, Darcy 366 Marshall, J. 191 Mette, Lois 152, 230 Marshall, Ken 197 Mettler, Kathy 350 Marston, Mike 304 Metzler, John 80, 238 Martens, Eric 190 Meuter, Pat 224 Martin, Don 434 Meyer, Dennis Vaughn 276 Martin, Harley 378, 394 Meyer, Ragna 346 Martin, Joan 334 Meyers, Jerry 441 Martin, Joanne 80, 344 Meyers, Margaret 228 Martin, Ralph 264 M iai lovich, Bob 99, 122 Martin, Ron 80, 276 Miali, Marlene 328 Martin, Warren 189 Michaels, Joan M 356 Martinez, Marty 330 Michael, John 396 Martins, Oluf A 80 M ickael, Pete 298 Martsch, Ray 383 Midd eton, Beverly 360 Maruyama, Terry 176 Middleton, Dolores R 325 Marx. Stan 80, 316 Miesinger, Marion 216 Masai, Kaz 176 Mihlhoff, Leta 328 Mascarin, Edward .264, 438, 439 Mikelson, Carol 80, 346 Mashikian, Steve 80, 169 Mikesell, Betty 350 Mason, Lt. Col 179 Mikesell, Norma Jean 80, 350 Mason, Rex A 80 M ikted, Maurice 421 Mason, Will:am 80, 152, 295 Mikuls, Gloria 80, 119, 183, Maser, Jon 316 188, 208, 220 Masters, Shirley 328 Miles, Maureen 80, 234 Masuda, Chiyo 224 Millar, John 80, 268 Mathesen, Karen 350 Sidney 265 Mathews, Donald 80, 182 Miller, Alan R 80, 181, 193 Mathews, Ted 286 Miller, Barron 80, 168, 265 Mathiesen, Janet 200, 223 Miller, Cathy 344 Mathios, Toni 296 Miller, Don 296 Mathis, Larry 170 Miller, Dusty 322, 435 Matkin, Jack 318, 435 Miller, Ed 80, 318 Matlock, Mary 336 M I ' ler, Elizabeth 152, 340 Matoi, Mas 176 Miller, Jim 443 Matsuda, Susie 234 Miller, Jeanne A 157, 334 Matsumato, Alan 80 Miller, John 116, 212, 434 Matsumato, Hisao 80 Miller, Judith 208, 230 Mattarocci, Frank 447 Miller, Marcia 122, 354 Matteson, Victor 421 Miller, Marilyn 80, 332 Matthew, Kay 242 Mil ' er, Mary 80 Matthew, Robert 258 Mil ler, Mike 110, 192 Matthiessen, Karen P 80, 352 Miller, Nancy 210 Mattison, Don 192 Miller, Phil 195, 270 Mattison, Harold 249 Miller, Randy 302 Mattonen, Gordon 314 Miller, Robert 127, 260 Mattson, Sherrill 350 Miller, Ron 265 Judy 101, 366 Miller, Ron A 321 Maxwell, Vicki 139 Miller, Spencer 131 May, Karen 346 Miller, Susan 126, 225 May, Marla 242 Miller, Tim A 300, 416 Maybery, Arlo 368 M i I I hol Ion, Archie 80 Mayberry, Doug 284 Milligan, Ron 284 Mayer, Ed L 288 Millikan, Rich 122, 157, 314 Mayer, Joan A 232 Milliken, Frank 129 Mayer, Robert 253 Millar, Sandra 344 Mayer, William 80, 274 Mills, Bob 252 Mayeri, Ray 296 Mills, Jane 80, 166, 364 Mead, Franklin 264 Mills, Jim 170 Mead, Judy 225 Mills, Kate 358 Meade, Ken 263 Mills, William 300 Meador, Norma 80, 232 Milne, Milton J 268 Meadows, Sue 119, 138, 185, Miner, Jay 80, 175, 193 200, 235 Ming, Fong Yie 172 Meaney, Margaret 80, 186 Minnick, Kathi 186, 230 Medall, Sheldon 80, 191, 295 Minor, Butler 295, 435 Medan, Christine 344 Minton, Ben 180, 253 Nledanich, Jim 316 Mintz, Meryl 80, 332 Medd, Doris 160 M inugh, Edward 274 Meddaugh, G. E 175 M inz, Gary 278 Medicott, George 80, 246 Misch, Franz Hardin 82, 379, Meede, Kenney 390 441 Meeker, Joyce 80, 360 Miskinnis, Joe 440 Meely, Bill 310 Mitchell, Alexander 255 Mehan, Mary 336 Mitchell, Ceanne 171 Meikle, John E 80 Mitchell, Charlotte 232 Melander, D. 101 Mitchell, Gary 306 Melander, Dave 154, 238 Mitchell, Madeline 82, 360 Mellana, Lauralie 346 Mitchell, Marianne 216 Mel I is, Carol 80, 216 Mitchell, Mary Ellen 360 Mellore, Rosalyn Carolyn... 80, 152 Mitchell, Richard 82 Melmon, Gary 296 Mitchell, Ronald 148, 152, 174 Melmon, Richard 278 Mitroff, Ian I 278 Meloy, Alex 434 M iura, Neal 176 Karen 336 M iura, Robert 238 Melton, Sandy 334 M inter, Janet 360 Melville, Judy 368 M iyagi, Ken 176 Melvin, Pete H 284 Miyamoto, Beverly ..82, 208, 236 Mendelsohn, Bob 181, 278 Mize, John 398 Mendelsohn, Edgar 80 Mizis, Marvin 159 Mendelson, Allene 362 Mizuno, Kaoru Frank 82 Menohen, Paul E 288, 441 Moasser, Farrokh R 169 Mercer, Charles 80 Moberly, John W 82, 265 Mercer, Stan 175, 197, 200 Moblery, Robert 82, 169 Mock, Joe 322 Mock, Valerie 172 Moffitt, Joan 99, 364 Moir, Barton 264 Mola, Andree 340 Moline, Robert 82, 265 Moller, Marilyn R 211 Molony, Tish 364 Momii, Jack 82 Momoda, Kazue 82, 236 Momyer, William 82, 212 Monaco, Albert Marion 274, 440 Monahan, William 112 Monako, Mari lyn 171 Monasch, David 57 Moncharsh, Philip 296 Moncharsh, Robert 296 Money, Chris 286 Money, Joanne 198 Moneymaker, Dick 447 Mongan, Tom 238 Monroe, George A 82, 169, 250 Monroe, John 82, 252 Monroe, Judy 366 Montee, Ralph 131 Montejano, R. 99, 192 Montgomery, Jerry 441 Montgomery, Marcia 352 Montgomery, Nancy 228 Montgomery, Robert 286 Monti, Steve 438 Moore, Anita Frances 82 Moore, Ann S 344 Moore, Bill 170 Moore, Butch 270 Moore, Carolyn 180 Moore, Dorothy 82 Moore, Doug 195, 269 Moore, Douglas 322 Moore, Gary 82, 284, 397 Moore, Jane 82 Moore, Jerry 252 Moore, Jo Ann 358 Moore, Judy 122, 354 Moore, Karl 238 Moore, Maureen 346 Moore, Melinda 101, 336 Moore, Michael T 284 Moore, Patricia 152, 220 Moore, Suzi 200 Moore, Thomas 82, 316 Moosbrugger, Edward Arthur 116, 138, 189, 200 Moose 304 Morel, El izabeth 196 More, Phil 394 Moreira, Allan 181 Moreland, Judy 346 Moreno, Madeleine Adrianne 325 Moreno, Samuel 82, 419 Morgado, Rich 310 Morgan, Bob 166 Morgan, Colette 82, 110, 115, 119, 188, 325 Morgan, G. 176 Morgan, Mary 230 Morgan, Lois 328 Morgan, Phyllis Ann 336 Morlan, George 82 Morris, David 82 Morris, Ed 82, 191, 274 Morris, Mark M 278 Morris, Dr. Mary Ann 182 Morrisey, Joanne 114, 346 Morrison, Carole 144, 332 Morrison, Dick 252 Morrison, Don 82, 1 70, 264 Morrison, Jim 304 Morrison, Joan 82, 342 Morrison, Stan 288, 416 Morrow, Gordon 290 Morse, Mary 363 Morse, Pete 263 Morse, Sandra 82, 174, 228 Mortensen, Karen 99, 336 Morton, Ann 242 Morton, G. Wright 122, 276 Morton, Penny 346 Morton, Robert 267 Moseley, Doug 267 Moseley, Maralyn 234 Moseley, Tom 127, 260 Mosesian, Paul S 212, 420 Moskowitz, Myron 278 Moskowitz, Ann 344 Moskowitz, Barbara 208, 242 Moskowitz, John H 169, 187, 272 Moskowitz, Ron 278 Moss, Allan 82, 138 Moss, F. W 197 Moss, Madeleine 159, 348 Mote, Dan D 304 Moteff, Elaine 348 Mothershead, Maria 130, 242 Newell, Pat 394 Mott, James 131, 312 Newell, Pete 195, 404 Motta, Anita Louis 82 Newell, Tom 322 Motto, Hortense Virginia 82, 230 Newitz, Louise 232 440 Newman, Jay Moulton, John 288 Mount, Norma 101, 336 Newman, Joe 435 Mouttoo, Mike 269 Newmark, Harold Edward..82, 167, Mowasch III, David 82 168 Mowey, James 82 Newmark, Kent 269 Moya, C. Mike 267 Newmeyer, Peter Bruce , 82, 212, Moyer, Judy 82, 358 378 Muchlbauer, John 260, 443 Newton, Michael Pierra 300 Mueller, Adolph 171 Neyherhoff, Edmi 131 Muir, Bruce 260 Ng, Esther 82 Muirhead, Douglas 288 Ng, Gerald W 82 Dick 269 Nibley, ibley, Nan 354 Muldory, D Mullen, Charlotte 82, 180, 330 Nicholas, Gail 117 Mullen, Jeanne 225 Nichols, Ann ... 82, 122, 188, 194, Muller, Barbara 358 344 Muller, Bertha 350 Nichols, Bob 248 Muller, Enrique K 82 Nichols, Debby 195, 286 Nichols, Michael H 124, 220 Muller, Tim 154 Mullin, Linda 242 Nichols, Raymond 309 Mullins, Mary Ann 82, 130 Nichols, Rhoda 168, 348 Mullis, Bruce G 82, 169 Nichols, Will 270 Mulvany, Beverly M 82, 352 Nicholsen, Sarah 126 336 Nicholson, David Mumbert, Joyce 252 Hank , nday o 154 Nicholson, Larry 268 Monday, 82, 169 Nicholson, Nancy Mundt, Wallis 340 Muneno, Janet 234 N icholus, Gail 358 252 Nickerson, Jo Anne Munro, Jean 82 Munter, Richard Carl 82, 212, Nicolet, William 82 378 N icoletti, Anne 356 , 330 Nicosia F. M Murdock, Janice 171 Morley, Dick J 256 Niderast, Bob 197 Joan , rman 354 Nielson, Carol Mu 344 Nielson, Norm 225 Murphy, Colleen 82 N iku la, Pat 276 Murphy, Jcanne 234 Murray, Bill 438 Nilsson, Carole 354 Murray, Elwood 82 Nisbet, William Archie 82, 316 Moira , rray 344 Nishi, Helen Murray, 222 N ishikawa, Phil 330 Muscat, Angie 176 Judy , sgrove 196, 222 Nixon, David , Michael 82, Musicant Musgrove, 238 Nixon, Gordon Caroline arol C , Musto 354 Nixon, Pat P Muzzy, Ray M 148 Noble, Marge , Bob 234 Myers, Noble, Patricia 256 Nock, Molly 223 Myracle, Jerry R 212 Nee, Carole 324, 338 , Myron, Stuart 368 Noel, Tom 282 Hold, Anne Marie 344 N Nolan, David Nolen, Jeanette 308 Nadeau, Doug 82, 274 Nadeau, Mary 82 Naflel, Carol L 260 N o I loway, Alan 82 Nomura, Edward Nagel, Madelin C Nagel i, Mike 232 Noonan, Ginger 338 82, 366 332 Norbut, Joan 278 Nordgren, Warren 212 Nakagawa, Gordon Ross 82, 218 Norman, Frances Nakagawa, Ruby 82, 356 366 Nakamura, Ed 82, 187 Normand, Sue 298 Nakamura, Lois 416 Normanly, John 82 Nakata, Heruso 152, 224 No 0 Norris, Arthur Lynne 366 Nakatani, Mamoru Nall, l, Laurie 82 Norton, Carol Dorothy 82, 122, 264 188, 194, 354 Nankeruis, Dick Nash, Robert 262 Now en, Charles 292 149 Nathan, Harriet 175 348 Nugent, n Marlat, Lee Nathan, Judy A 82 Natkin, Ken David H 84 Nattenberg, 332 Nunn, Donald Haydn, 300 Nurre, Gerald Walter 421 Nussbaum, Jerry 314 Naylor, Charles 364 82, 176 NNyuhthe,imM, John Mike 290 82, 167, 168, Nyeland, Lynne 82 84, 316 Nayward, Gil 175 Neale, Charles 166 Nealson, Sandra 342 0 Neely, Mrs. 208 Neff, Sandy A 266 Neff, Theodore 344 Oakley, Fanning 82 O ' Brien, Bonnie 117, 364 Neft, Joe Jerry 296 O ' Callaghan, Timothy 84 Neil, Nelson, Billie 298 Ochsner, Richard 166 260 Nelson, Bobbe 228 O ' Day, Mike 352 Nelson, Gail 366 Odell, Judy Nelson, Jan 82, 242 O ' Den, Ed 294 290 Odermatt, Bob 434 Nelson, Joan 84 Nelson, John Olaf 198, 234 Oesario, Angela Ann 212 Offenbach, Fred 3C8 Keith 187, 193 Ogden, Sherry L 84, 216 Nelson, Mert 262 Ogle, Jim 84, 280 Nelson, Richard Nelson, Robert 322 Ogren, Arnold 181, 306 310 Nelson, S. 12 2 Ogren, Bob 191 Ohanesian, Malcoln 84, 169 Nelson Sandy 358 Ohillon, Paramajit Singh 84 Nelson, Sylvia 182 344 Ohlmann, John Nemechek, Robert 306, 414, 415, Ohlson, Dan 270 416 Okamoto, Barbara 234 Netoff, Juanita 84 232 Okamoto, Roy Netoff, Theodore J 197 Neufeld, R. 197 Okumura, Howard S Neuil, Carol 419 Olafsson, Ingyar 169 328 Oldon, T. 176 Neville, Anne 284 368 O ' Leary, James Newcomer, Mary 332 338 Olf, Barbara S Newell, Anne 364 Olguin, Hank 9 Newell, Don P 298 Olguin, Hank 378, 392, 394 459 Oliver, Rozzy 84, 346 Olivier, Phillip 152 Olker, Adele 84, 166, 354 Olmo, Ray F 316 Olmsted, Sally 122, 352 Olsen, Dick 398 Olsen, John 131 Olsen, Mari lyn 354 Olsen, Neil 300 Olsen, Robert 84 Olsen, Sandy 182 Orson, Bob A 256 Olson, Dick 272 Olson, Elizabeth 358 Olson, Gilbert Jr 84 Olson, Larry 320 Olson, Louise 368 Olson, N. 397 Omata, Jean 242 Omonundro, Nancy 220 O ' Neal, Gary 280 O ' Neill, Peggy 84, 180, 340 Ong, James 140 Ong, Joyce Ann 84, 181 Ong, Pat 230 Opler, Paul 192, 249 Oppenheimer, Rose 230 Opperman, Kyra 84, 183, 188, 338 Orbach, Eva S 84 Orchard, Tom 268 Ore, Ron 322 Orear, Richard Coburn 84, 284 Oreb, Helen 228 Orlemann, Jean Lorraine 219 Orman, Charlie 316, 435 Orman, Pam 325 Orme, Evan 310 Orme, Maynard ......116, 310, 378, 379, 399, 427 Orovich, Thomas 84 Orr, Janice 219 Orsoe, Greta 266 Ortner, Paul P 84, 316, 378, 438, 439 Orum, Bill 314 Osborn, Del 212 Osborn, Janice 129 Osborn, Paul Gordon 282 Osborne, Dave 191, 322 Osborne, Wayne S 84 O ' Shaughnessy, Phil 84, 260 Oski 380 Oss, Thora 84, 264 Ostevee, Dave 84, 254 Ostram, Peggy 84 Ostrander, Sondra Lee 219 Oswald, Daniel Douglas 84, 176 Oswald, Fred 152 Otero, Rye 354 Otis, Emily 84, 220 Otis, Norma 84 Ott, Laura 196, 232 Ott, Wilma 219 Otting, John 131 Otto, Berdella 368 Otto, Marie Louise 84, 354 Ouchida, Lester 176 Ovalle, Frank 258 Overfelt, Mary Beth 360 Overstreet, Dee 84 Overstreet, Les T 84, 212 Owen, Sue Carolyn 364 Oyama, Pat 234 Oakie, J. 419 Packard, Robert 84, 290 Pahl, Penny 342 Paine, Juanita 366 Paisel, A. 419 Palfalvy, Barbara 223 Pal iner, Nettie 348 Pallay, Linda 324 Palma, Tom ... 290, 378, 438, 439 Palmer, Julie 142 Palmer, Lynne 84, 220 Palmer, Wendy 342 Palmquist, Linda E 364 Pang, Edward 84 Panhaja, Allen 282 Panie, Pat 225 Pankoph, Dick 310 Pansabene, Marilyn 216 Panttaja, A. 101 Panttaja, Howard 84, 175 Pape, Fred 292 Paperno, Natalie 230 Papike, Ron 282 Papke, Elta 344 Paprin, Diane 216 Parachini, Vic 166, 171 Paradis, Bill 312 Parady, D. 176 Pardini, Alessandra 84 Parini, Ronald Kenneth 84 Park, Chin Lan 196 Park, Dean H 256 Park, Diana 356 Park, Dick 176 Park, Doo Whan 84 Park, Henry 400 Parke, Carol 57 Parker, Bill 84, 306 Parker, Judy 52, 336 Parker, Riley 196 Parker, Roy 290 Parkin, Lois Fay 336 Parks, Pete 258 Parmann, Frank 274 Parque, Larry 274, 397 Parr, Bob 300, 448 Parr, Carol 152 Parrish, Holly 84, 338 Parrish, Martha Jane 223 Parrish, Richard 255 Parron, Bill 310 Parsons, Jim 264 Parsons, Patricia 340 Partch, Jane 84, 216 Pascoe, Kay 84, 133, 364 Pasehkes, Vally 84, 238 Pas] in, Esther 348 Passie, James 212 Patnaude, Bill 152 Pato, Hilda 200 Patten, Mari lyn 84, 352 Patterson, Marge 376 Pattinson, Nancy 358 Patton, Julie 358 Patton, Robert 212, 432 Patton, Ronald 84 Paul, Arline 348 Paul, Elizabeth 84, 336 Paul, Jenifer 364 Pauli, Gretchen 84, 180, 232 Pauli, Michael 302 Paulich, Rick 84, 304 Paulson, Sue 0 364 Pauson, Carla 84, 336 Pavlovid, Jack 318 Pawson, Lynn 117 Paxton, Jack 314, 383 Payne, Ashley 252 Payne, Jim 196 Payton, Bob 270 Peal, Edithie Ventura 84 Pear, Val 362 Pearce, Merrie 84, 242 Pearlman, Don L 302 Pearson, Carolyn 352 Pearson, Deward Earl 294, 416, 441 Pearson, Herb 260 Pearson, Maud 331 Peck, Richard 154 Peden, Sam 314 Pedersen, Anna C 84 Peek, Marlene 356 Peer, Georgee Ann 84 Pehling, James Henry 84, 181 Pell issier, Francois 212 Pelzner, Howard 122, 126, 212 Pemberton, Elizabeth N 148, 196, 211 Pendergast, Jim E 268 Pendray, Trevor 152 Penland, Bob 314 Penn, Marforie Sue 101, 332 Penney, Sheila 354 Pennock, Jenalynn 174 Pennoyer, Steve 84, 313 Peoffitt, Norm 264 Peppin, David Graham 84 Pepys, Mark B 252 Perdue, Charles 84 Perdue, Don 272 Pere, Marlene 84 Pereira, Patricia 84, 342 Perine, Ann 388 Perkins, Carolyn 99, 350 Perkins, Jeanne 242 Perkins, Polly 340 Perkins, R. 176 Perlstein, John 152, 321 Perrin, Toni 280, 394, 438 Perrine, Colette 84, 336 Perry, Barbara J 230 Perry, Dave 312 Perry, Dick 84, 152 Perry, James 249 Perry, Linda 84, 234 Persello, Gene V 84 Perusse, Joan 84, 230 Pessin, Leo 84, 179, 212 Peter, Carole Helen 181, 340 Peters, AI 84, 254 Peters, Jane 340 Petersen, Dan 84, 314 Petersen, John 378, 435 Petersen, Neal 179, 256 Peterson, Dorothy 325 Peterson, Ed 84, 191, 322 Peterson, Frank 310 Peterson, Janet 180 Peterson, Joy 84, 328 Peterson, Joyce 180, 368 Peterson, Joyce 346 Peterson, Penny 101, 336 Peterson, Peter 84, 260 Peterson, Roger 270 Peterson, Rolf R 249 Peterson, Sylvia 225 Peterson, Tom 435 Peterson, Valdemar 84, 153, 192, 212 Petievich, George N 84, 166 Petralli, Louis J 84, 169, 187, 193 Petray, Anne 338 Petrick, John 434 Petrie, Parricia 127 Petrocelli, Bill 115, 256 Petron, Ken 191, 286 Pettker, Karen 117 Petteys, David 264 Petty, George 258 Pfeiffer, Alan 170 Phelps, Phyllis 200 Phillipp, Robert R 169 Phillips, Dana 308 Phillips, Diane 84, 344 Phillips, John 314 Phillips, Lorna 101, 196, 368 Phillips, Mary 152, 350 Phillips, Patricia 216 Phillips, Roger 84 Phil lips, Sharon 84 Phillips, Stanley R 171 Phinney, Lexy V 86, 364 Phipps, Allen M 325 Pickering, Charles R 86, 176, 226 Pickford, Margie 350 Pierce, Glenn 114, 126 Pierce, James 312 Pierce, Jim 258 Pierson, Barbara 328 Pierson, Polly 152 Piestrup, Don 378 Pihl, Don 394 Pilch, Bob 435 Pillsbury, Patricia ....86, 133, 174, 188, 216 Pilz, Gerald 169 Pimentel, Earl Francis 86 Ping, Judith C 211 Pinsker, Evelyn 224 Pinsler, Lorraine 348 Piper, Paul ....249, 378, 438, 439 Pirtz, Diane 228 Pisciotta, John P 86, 314 Pisor, Ell:ctt 196 Pitt, Bill 308 Pitto, James 86, 316 Plant, Philip 272 Plat, Ben 253 Platt, William 292 Pletschet, Clifford 86 Plimpton, Hal 86, 314 Plomgren, Chester 133 Plotkin, Jay 313 Plotnick, Mike 253 Plummer, Robert L 168 Podsakoff, Pauline 86, 242 Poe, Bill 249 Poff, R. G 179 Pohlman, Britt 101, 124, 314 Ploesky, Carl 441 Pol insky, Gary 306 Polite, James 262 Polk, Ivan 248 Pollard, Carol 344 Pollock, Gay Ord 354 Pollock, Judy E 366 Polopolus, Judie 86 Poise, Sanford 296 Ponne, Irene 362 Ponomarena, Tanta 86 Poll, Robert 195, 263 Popkin, Gail 117 Popp, Ronald 86, 212 Porcella, Donald 320 Portale, Emil 86, 138 Porter, Lee 280 Porter, Marilyn 86, 325 Porter, Phyllis 152, 220 Porter, Susan 86, 364 Post, Janet 354 Postman, Frank 195 Posz, Bary 304 Potter, Don 418 Potter, Sandy 234 Powell, Frank 86 Powell, George 264, 420 Powell, Tracy 122 Powres, Walter 238 Prado, Mike 272, 397 Prager, Albert 313 Prata, Angela 146, 235 Prather, Eugene 86 Prathnade, S. 86 Pratt, Diane 86, 328 Pratt, Mike 442 Pratt, Sandy 325 Prentice, Donna 144, 366 Prescop, Val 288, 397 Preysa, Pat 228 Price, Bill 260 Price, Eleanor 86, 338 Price, F. 419 Price, Jerry 313 Price, Rachel 133, 242 Price, Rich 296, 435 Price, Roger ..118, 298, 378, 379, 399 Price, Ron 296, 435 Price, Roxanne 86, 194, 352 Price, Stan 139 Pride, Bob 300 Priest, Ben 86 Prindle, Naomi 354 Pringle, Judy 338 Pringle, Marilyn 86, 326 Pringle, Mary 86, 344 Prislin, Muriel 181, 340 Pristin, Robert 318 Probert, Margaret 223 Proctor, Linda 122, 344 Proctor, Priscilla ......86, 166, 346 Proctor, Shirley 86, 122, 342 Prokupek, Alena 86 Prosek, Joan 86, 356 Pruff, Pat 86, 360 Pruitt, Judy 328 Pruyw, Alison 344 Pu, Robert 172 Puccinelli, Bob 308, 438 Pugh, Archer 114, 310 Pugh, Janet 342 Purcell, Bill 286 Purdy, Robert 86, 282 Purnell, Corinne 139, 196, 234 Purrington, Bruce 86, 316 Purver, Jonathan 238, 435 Purvis, Betty 86, 133, 174, 360 Putnam, A. 397 Pyles, Janice 331 Pyne, Marilyn 86, 346 Pyper, Diane 220 CI Quackenbush, Hugo 270 Quatman, Bob 304 Quayle, Marlene 86, 114, 186, 188, 328 Quesnoy, Charlene 340 Quick, Glen 166, 318 Quigg, Ann 140, 220 Quigley, Pat 127 Quinn, Edward ..86, 169, 187, 193 Quinn, John 167 Quinns, John 190 Quistgard, Richard 86, 191 Quack, Stephen 190 R Radebaugh, Al ice 86, 334 Radonich, Lenore 334 Radpour, Iraj 128 Raff, Garold 86, 312 Rafferty, Gail 232 Raffetto, Joseph 86, 316 Raffetto, Pete 295 Raggio, Sarah 211 Ragsdale, Jeanette 366 Ragsdale, Peter 300 Rahlfs, Roberta 342 Raines, Charleen 86, 200 Ralii, Alex 400 Ralston, Ann 122 Ralston, John 382, 397 Ralston, Phil ....99, 127, 300, 438 Ramans, Andris 152 Ramey, Suzanne 117 Ramirez, Frances 152 Ramirez, Henry 152 Rammell, George 86, 265 Ramseier, Roger 86, 314, 388, 394 Ramsey, Bruce 212 Ramsey, Harry 122, 212 Randall, Casey 151 Randall, Dwight 420 Randall, Jack 169 Randall, Jane 354 Randall, Sharon 86 Randig, Robert 86 Randolf, Carol 210 Rankin, Liz 354 Rankin, Pat 368 Ranney, Jean 86, 194, 346 Raport, Cara 348 Raport, Julie 348 Rasad, Asri 131 Rasmussen, Ann 340 Rasmussen, Ben 254 Rasmussen, Mary 222 Ratcliff, Lucy 152 Ratner, Sandy 302 Ravara, Anne 86 Ray, Mary 360 Raymer, Charles 86, 378 Read Kitty 139 Read, Phyllis 86, 350 Read, Sandra 152, 340 Ready, Bill 292 Ready, Tom 270 Reafern, John 212 Reagan, Lawrence 86 Reames, Don 405 Reamy, Ralph 264 Reamy, Ronald 86, 295 Reberiego, Mercedes 180, 236 Reberiego, Sylvia 236 Rebol, Bob 394 Redden, Gayle 376 Redewi II, Fran 122, 368 Redford, Helen 346 Redhead, Bonny 342 Reed, Beverly 185, 328 Reed, Bill 318 Reed, Mary 122, 342 Reed, Ted 250 Reed, Virginia 186, 230 Reed, Walter 298 Rees, Sandy 344 Reese, Ernie 284, 397 Reese, Marilyn 368 Reese, Richard 180 Reesor, Moira 192 Reeve, Mark 86 Reeves, James 286 Reeves, Phyllis 210 Regalia, Ellene 142, 356 Regan, Francis 152 Regan, Ren 200 Register, John 322 Reichert, George 57, 86, 115, 116, 260 Reidy, Kevin 258 Reilly, Kathy 342 Reiner, Beverly 152 Reinheimer, Phil 310 Reinhertz, Paul 302 Reinis, M. 397 Reinke, Konrad 320 Reitman, Audrey 216 Remba, Melvin 86 Remrel, Roland 268 Renner, Robert 309 Rennick, Lyle 86, 264 Rennie, Robert 176, 274 Renius, Kay 86, 114, 325 Renteria, Charles 128 Retter, Stephen 263 Reukema, Lester 175 Reutter, Alan 250 Rex, Vest 286 Rexrath, Paul 96, 254 Reynard, Lee 86, 175, 212 Reynolds, D. 191 Reynolds, Lorene 331 Reynolds, Margie ....101, 196, 334 Re ynolds, Patricia 331 Reynolds, Sargent 320 Rhinefrank, Bob 260 Rhoades, Ellis 86, 265 Rhodes, Chuck 260 Rhodes, Fred 252 Rhodes, Skip 86, 306 Ribeiro, Geraldine 130 Ricci, Louise 328 Rice, Bruce 263, 397 Rice, Charles 86 Rice, Thomas 129 Rice, William 288 Richards, Tony 212 Richardson, Carol 86, 356 Richardson, Diana 122, 344 Richardson, Harold 276 Richardson, Joe 284, 438 Richardson, Josette 86 Richardson, Mary 86, 350 Richardson, Rick 195, 274 Richardson, Sally 122, 342 Richison, Ron 398, 442 Richter, Alan 286 Ricker, Richard 86, 212 Ricketts, Roger 304 460 Itickson, Rupe 404 Riddell, Janice 216 Ridennour, Joann 228 Riding, Jim 316 Riedel, Hildegard 356 Riedelbach, Ruth 131 Riegg, Bob 258 Rierson, James 197 Ries, Ayala 139, 196, 224 Riggs, Marilyn 216 Riley, Dora 86, 242 Riley, Pat 325 Riley, Russell 86 Rillera, Allan 86 Ring, James 122, 300 Ring, Jim 118, 124, 266 Ring, Michael 300 Ringer, John 313 Ringham, Jan 86, 350 Ringler, Harold 86 Rinkleib, Kelda 219 Riordan, Georgean 216 Riordan, Marion 325 Ritter, Jack 250 Riusaki, Mas 176 Rivera, Francisco 129 Rivera, Manual 86, 314 Rivers, Dee 101, 230 Robak, Edward 86, 189 Robberson, Jack 86, 246, 286 Robbins, Bob 265 Robbins, Dolores 101, 228 Robbins, Jeanne 232 Robbins, Joyce 117, 364 Robbins, Laurette 348 Robbins, Michael 418 Robbins, Sue Ann 358 Roberson, Darryl 282 Roberts, Darrell 394, 388 Roberts, Donald 86, 276 Roberts, Drew 195, 322 Roberts, Jacklyn 86, 354 Roberts, Jacqueline ..86, 140, 200, 340 Roberts, John 88 Roberts, Margo 342 Roberts, Paul 309 Roberts, Paula 364 Robertson, Margo 346 Robertson, Susan 236 Roble, Ron 38, 88, 159 Robinson, Bill 250 Robinson, Dick 308 Robinson, Earl 405, 410, 411, 414, 415 Robinson, Ed 260 Robinson, McDonald 238 Robinson, Pat 366 Robinson, Ralph 88 Robinson, Renee 232 Robson, C. W 88, 169, 187 Robson, Marilyn 88, 194, 228 Rochex, Rose Marie 142, 350 Rockwell, Frank 166 Rocos, Mary Lou 88 Roddick, Robert 88 Rodenhuis, David 88, 300 Rodger, Nancy 364 Rodger, Tom 394 Rodgers, Barbara 228 Rodgers, Donald 88, 176 Rodgers, Jerdin 88, 197 Rodick, Larry 88, 176 Rodini, Bob 88 Roditti, Dave 278 Rodriguez, David 88, 310 Rogers, Andy 258 Rogers, Israel 180 Rogers, Liz 364 Rogers, Mary Ann 131, 196, 230 Rogers, Percy 250 Rohde, Howard 292 Rohde, Ray 290, 440 Rohwer, Gail 366 Rohwer, Marilyn 88, 183, 188, 366 Roke, Arthur 88, 167, 276 Roland, Robert 292 Rolin, Chris 267 Rolston, Lois 222 Romero, Diane 101, 325 Ronan, John 88, 288 Roney, Marilyn 88, 358 Rood, Bill 272 Roodhouse, Janice 346 Roomey, Phyllis 88, 325 Root, Marilyn 88, 336 Root, Phyllis 88, 342 Roper, Ann 142, 185, 360 Rosberg, Eleanor 88, 363 Rose, Howard 278 Rose, Hugh 322 Rose, Mary 139 Rose, Nancy 88 Rose, Rod 212, 434 Rose, Rodger 300 Rose, Steve 274 Rosen Joelle 332 Rosenberg, Arleen 362 Rosenberg, Connie 88, 188, 200, Rosenberg, Donald Rosenberg, Gary Rosenberg, John Rosenberg, Margaret Rosenblatt, Donald Rosener, Louise Rosenfeld, William Rosenqu ist, Bob Rosenthal, Paul Roscff, Sara Ross, Barbara Ross, Betsy Ross, Gordon Ross, Neil Rosser, Ed Rossetto, June Rossi, Francine Rossner, Sue Rossol, Frederick Rosson, Jane Rothbert, Harlow Rcthman, Paul Rott, Ronald Rountree, Janet Rowe, David Rowe, Leslie Rowe, Mary Rowe, Paul Royall, Robert Royer, Pat Royle, Dick Royle, Gordon Rozen, Florence Rubin, Bob Rubin, Helen Rubin, Miki Rubin, Seymour Rucker, Virginia Rudbach, Jon Rudolph, Darcy Rudolph, Mary Rudy Rudy, Rory Ruff, Ed Ruggeri, Anne Ruggles, Stan Ruhne, Vivian Rule, Dave Rumberger, Dave Runte, Jenifer Rush, Clayton Russ, Jerry Russ, Joe Russell, Bonnie Russell, Buz Russell, Dave Russell, David Russell, Judy Russell, Paul Russell, Tom Ruth, Bill Ruth, Janet Ruth, Stuart Ruth, Thomas Rutherford, Ann Rutherford, Don Rutherford, Rosemary Rutherford, Steve Rutledge, Judith Ruud, Rick Ryan, Coach Ryan, Patricia Ryan, Ronald Ryan, Sally Ryan, Tim Ryder, Richard Ryman, Joan Rydmon, Jack 5 Saade, Edmond 88 Saar, Henry 181 Sablinsky, Walter 400 Sachs, Francine 180, 234 Sachse, Marvin 296 Saegebarth, Ellen 196 St. Arrant, Nancy 352 St. Germain, Orville 166 Sakae, Lily 230 Sakai, Ann 152, 330 Sakai, Babe 224 Sakaldasis, Gus 212 Sale, Lindley 112 Salisbury, Jim 300 Salisbury, Ned 270, 435 Salodin, Vicki 232 Sally, Frank 394 Saltalmachia, Joan 122 Saludo, Renato 88 Salvador, Jack 175, 197 Samaras, Celia 340 Samuels, Carol 222 Samue ls, D. 99 Samuelsen, Roger ..88, 110, 112, 252 Samuels, D. 358 Sander, Samuel 88, 168 Sanders, Bob 88 Sanders, Toby 222 Sands, Larry 314 Sands, Nancy 122, 133, 338 Sandstrom, Don 116, 118, 318 Sandstrom, Marilyn 350 Sanford, Richard 272 Sanford, Ron 272 Sanford, Sammie 342 Sani, Robert 88, 250 Sannar, Janet 368 Sano, Akira 176 Sansom, Dave 131, 146 Santee, Robert 288 Sardell, Sheila 230 Series, Barbara 88 Saroyan, Jack 88, 295 Sartain, Carole 366 Saufnaver, Marty 224 Sauignano, Joseph 88 Saunders, Fred 170 Saunders, Margery 88 Savage, Gloria 331 Saville, Roger 282, 435 Saxon, Jack 88, 154, 278 Sawa, Takao 88, 166 Sawdey, Carol 152 Sawula, John 88 Sawyer, Barbara 144, 368 Sawyer, Nancy 225 Saywell, George 284 Scarpelli, Kevin 270, 440 Scarzehha, Jack 290 Schaal, Raymond 88, 250 Schacht, Henry 112 Schade, Henry 88 Schaeffer, C. 176 Schauer, Bill 88, 270 Schaupp, Richard 88, 193 Schaupp, Shirley 192, 350 Scheibner, Suzanne 88, 242 Scheiders, Bill 195 Scheinbaum, Larry 302 Schenet, Wayne 197 Scherer, Wayne 276 Scherman, Barry 321 Schilling, Heinz 292 Schimansky, Dave 263 Schimmel, Dick 122, 314 Schladich, Steve 88, 306 Schlegeh, Dan 212 Schlegel, Charles 167 Schlegel, Nancy 88, 242 Schleuning, John 260 Schmid, Carol 142, 350 Schmidt, Bill 250 Schmidt, Margaret 88 Schmidt, Oscar 88 Schmidt, Werner 212 Schnaak, Barbara 196, 330 Schneider, Carmen 292 Schneider, Earl 414, 415 Schneider, Tom 316 Scheniders, Bill 298 Schnitzer, Corry 189 Schoen, Dick 238 Schoen, Paul 152 Schoenfeld, Nancy 101, 332 Schoenfeld, Pat 228 Scholes, Nina 88, 352 Scholz, Bob 272 Scholz, Margaret 336 Schonhoff, Lanny 181 Schorer, Susan 364 Schorr, Charles 310 Schorr, Fred 88, 268 Schreiber, Leonard 152, 300 Schricher, Judy 364 Schrepel, Louis 88, 306 Schroder, Joyce 336 Schroeder, Sandy 88, 234 Schroffel, Bruce 278 Schroth, George 178, 398 Schubert, Michael 88 Schultz, Cliff 435 Schultz, Dennis 282 Schultz, Earl 416 Schultz, Jerold 88 Schultz, Pris 344 Schultz, Ron 88 Schultz, Sonja 38, 119, 340 Schulz, Sandra 342 Schumacher, Bob 88, 306 Schurter, Colleen 350 Schutt, Charles 397 Schutz, Mike 131, 253 Schuyler, Roberta 232 Schvettge, Richard 88 Schwartz, C. 191 Schwartz, Fred 278, 442 Schwartz, Joe 192 Schwartz, Ronald 278 Schwartz, Sylvia 332 Schwartzkopf, Mike 328 Schwarz, Carl 88, 286 Schwarz, Fritz 286 Schwarz, Peter 422 Schwarz, Susan 332 Schwarzer, Tim 126, 250 Schweitzer, Dick 321 Schwerin, Carl ..88, 118, 131, 192 Schwerin, John 88, 278 Sciutto, Bob 272 Scofield, Tim 292, 435 Scolari, Richard 318 Scott, Andree 234 Scott, Anita 364 Scott, Christy 346 Scott, Don 250 Scott, Jennifer 340 Scott, Milton 88 Scott, Nancy 220 Scott, Pete 195, 322 Scott, Robert 88, 250 Scott, Winston 197 Scriuner, Dick 284 Scudier, Suzanne 90 Seaborn, Terry 256 Seaman, Elizabeth 129 Seaman, Lynn 175, 181 Searls, Katie 235 Sears, John 316 Seaver, Charles 286 Seberg, Claudia 124, 174, 360 Sebring, H. 176 Seda, Jarascava 230 Seeband, Lyle 212 Seebold, Carolyn 92 Segale, Andy 300, 397 Segall, Harvey 171 Segall, John 122, 296 Sehaydt, Max 316 Seher, Ken 286 Seifert, Virginia 242 Seigel, Bob 159 Seitz, Joan 228 Seitz, Judy 368 Seib, Susan 336 Selby, Ted 90, 268 Selby, William 268 Seldin, Cynthia 348 Seligman, 90, 313 Se! inger, Fred 296 Semenov, Debbie 332 Semichy, Pat 360 Semple, Jane 139, 350 Senna, Ronald 306 Senram, Barbara 334 Seppher, Susan 124 Seraph in, Norman 152 Serex, Eugene 169, 170 Sergeant, Barbara 200 Serventi, James 270 Server, Joe 314 Settle, Ted 288, 439 Setzler, Margie 90 Seuerin, Ann 340 Severin, Ann 152 Sevier, Ken 154, 312 Sewell, Joan 133 Seydin, Harold 90, 176 Seymour, Judi 101, 328 Shad i, Zi I pha 131, 185, 196 Shadley, Tom 90, 300 Shafer, Ron 128 Shaffer, Phil 282 Shafft, Mary 90, 336 Shafran, Jay 175, 321 Shane, Joyce 90 Shannon, Bob 191, 322 Shapiro, Allan 90, 278 Shapiro, ....57, 90, 124, 296 Sapiro, Nancy 129, 185, 242 Sharman, Barbara 356 Sharp, Barbara 336 Shaw, Janice 211 Shaw, Joe 441 Shawl, Don 314 Shawl, Stan ....90, 116, 167, 212, 434 Shearer, Judy 180, 352 Sheehan, Barbara 90, 177, 350 Sheehan, Pete 90, 179, 274 Shehadi, Nick 90, 265 Sheldon, Bea 216 Shelhamer, Lyla 232 Shell, Ed 267 Shell, Gordon 167 Shelley, Gail 99, 122, 325 Shelley, Laura 90, 183, 188, 236 Shelten, Gary 126 Shelton, Ken 260 Shemanski, Linda 348 Shepard, Emily 338 Shepard, Joyce 223 Shepkowitz, Bever:y 242 Sherman, Scott 90, 110, 112, 316 Sherman, Susan 362 Sherrard, Gary 270 Sherrod, Tom 288 Sherry, Dennis 90, 238 Sherwood, Dorothy 101, 142, 360 Sherwood, Leo 266 Lin 352 Shiells, Barbara 90, 242 Shimmack, John 318 Shimmin, Kathy 220 Shimono, Saburo 152, 176 Shimmer, Dennis 274 Sh ' musawa, Al 131 Shinoda, Jean ..90, 110, 115 131, 183, 242 Shinoda, Paul 176, 434 Shinoda, Sumiko ......90, 180, 182 Shipley, Bob 148 Shipley, Sally 90, 366 Shinny, Loretta 350 Shirk, Carl 420 Shively, James 268 Shluker, Robert 313 Shoff, Allan 152 Shook, Jeannine 225 Short, Dave 254 Short, John 441 Shriver, Du 255 Shuemaker, Brian 276 Shulte, Ann 216 Shurtz, Ray 170, 290 Shute, Ell ison 310 Shutis, Brenda 334 Shwe, Maung 90 Sicora, R. 419 Sidener, Jack 90, 304 Sider, Marcy 332 Sides, Nita 328 Siebert, Jerry 429 Siebert, Edward 308 Siakman, Ted 90 Sieg, Peggy 198 Siegel, Bob 296 Siever, Howard 90, 302 Sievers, Albert 90 Siewart, Pete 322 Signorelli, Charlotte 342 Sihas, Ted 256 Sikora, Robert 278 Silver, Dan 139 Silvera, Ike 321 Silverglade, Sigrid 222 Silverman, Arnold 302 Silverman, I la 216 S ' Iverstein, Larry 296 Sima, Sally 366 Siminowsky, Tedi 224 Simmons, Derek 435 Simmons, Jane 90, 122, 342 Simmons, John 295 Simmons, Larry 265 Simmons, Sherwin 258 Simon, Mike 302 Simon ich, Cecilia 101, 117, 352 Simons, Harold 90 Simonsen, Alfred 238 Ardath 90, 216 Simpson, Bernie 274, 438 Simpson, Bill 25 6, 434 Simpson, Dick 270 Simpson, Phil 286 Simpson, Sherry 368 Sims, Sally 144 Sims, Lee 90, 350 Singer, Beate 90, 362 Singer, Roberta 90, 362 Singer, Walt 260, 378 Singleton, Dave 316, 447 Sinn, Carol 101, 216 Sines, George 318 Sirbo, Judith 222 Siros, Joan 222 S ' rron, Esther 220 Sissoa, Linda 328 Sisson, Warren 252 Sixtus, Pat 220 Sjaardema, Henry 131 Sjordal, Gary D 90, 167, 168 Sjordal, Jcyce 90 Skaggs, Sanford 262, ' 434 Skefich, Skip 152 Skelly, Suzanne 122, 342 Skene, Paula 185, 354 Skinner, Al 383 129,278 57,88,238 88,258 352 88,278 88,216 212 88,318 313 187 216 88,350 88,152,238 258 292 88,237 235 354 197 101,334 443 88,296 300 219 318 242 368 249 171 159,340 157 88 362 113,136 242 242 421 88 310 88,119,183, 188,200,330 366 312 284 212 139,325 212 88,236 212 170 88,364 133 300 284 142,350 316 249 248 330 255 88,290 288 176,356 256 88 368 264 328 308 152 288 420 236 169 334 308 263 346 252,435 461 Sklar, Judi 90, 242 Skoegard, Claire 234 Skogstrom, David 280 Skolman, R. 176 Skopp, Gary 296 Sack, George Robert 90 Slater, Judith 152, 356 Slavin, Bernard 90, 302 Slaughter, John 314 Slawson, Sam V 90, 306, 394 Stine, Joe 90 Sloan, Eileen 90, 344 Sloan, Matt 302 Slobodin, Jack 313 Sloman, Susan 368 Small, Carol Louisa 90, 187 Srna ' 1, Jim 442 Small, Sue 90, 356 Small, Winslow 295 Smalley, Charles 90 Smalley, Stan 192 Smiley, Noralyn 90, 188, 200, 334 Smiley, Parker C 169 Smiley, Teddy 220 Smith, Albert 90, 267 Smith, Audrey K. L 236 Smith, Becky 117 Smith, Bob 314 Smith, Clare _ 350 Smith, Claire 152 Smith, Clay 176, 295 Smith, Don R 249 Dudley A 122, 304, 440 Smith, Ed 302 Smith, Ethel 90 Smith, George 304, 394 Smith, Gerald 90, 197 Smith, Grant 363 Smith, Jay 176, 304 Smith, Jim 290 Smith, John 90, 255 Smith, Judy 334 Smith, Lee 282, 447 Smith, Lee 318 Smith, Lee 124 Smith, Lewis 116, 253 Smith, Lyman 90, 249 Smith, Maren 90, 356 Smith, Marilyn 336 Smith, Marla 360 Smith, Martin 238 Smith, Merle 286 Smith, Peggy A 344 Smith, Phil 288 Smith, Phil L 276, 435 Smith, Rebecca Falls 90, 242 Smith, Robert 90 Smith, Sally 358 Smith, Sam 292 Smith, Sheila 362 Smith, Stephanie 358 Smith, Sue 131, 334 Smith, Sue 211 Smith, Sue 196 Smith, Susan 90, 354 Smith, Susan 356 Smith, Synthia 354 Smith, Vernon 292, 432 Smith, Wiliam E 90, 260 Smith, Woodrow 90, 238 Smith, Zoe 346 Smukler, Bernard M 90 Snow, Jeff 212, 397 Snyder, Annette 187 Snyder, Don 190 Snyder, Fred G 256 Snyder, Kathy 352 Snyder, Ken 212 Snyder, Lilybelle 350 Snyder, Louise 90 Snyder, Margie 352 Snyder, Sandy 216 Soares, Fran 122, 366 Soderberg, Arnold 90 Soderer, Gary 192, 282 Soekotjo, W. 131 Soeten, Theresa 342 Soladay, Salle 90, 160, Solari, Geraldine ....126, 185, 346 Solari, Jerry 124 Solari, Marianne 346 Solbach, Elaine 90, 328 Solberg, Janet 101, 325 Solof, Janet 222 Solof, Susan 222 Solomon, Ernest 379, 420 Solomon, James E 90, 175 Solomon, R. 419 Solomon, Suzan 196 Solvin, Howard 394 Som, Harry 172 Somers, Coralie 90, 350 Sommarstrom, Sue 346 Sommer, Donald J 197 Sonne, Pete 318 Sonnenschein, Ricky 90, 358 Soohoo, Diana 90 Sorkin, Sandra 348 Sorrells, Sarah 242 Sosin, Stephanie 148 Spafford, Edith 152 Spa-kiting, Phil 272 Spa ' ding, Susan 234 Spangenberg, Earl 268 Sparks, Jerry 316 Sparks, William 90, 171 Spaulding, Joan 90, 183, 328 Spaulding, Vern 157 Speckman, Janet 90, 325 Spencer, Darlene 117 Spencer, Mary 368 Spencer, Ronald 90, 152, 276 Spencer, Sandra 90, 122, 342 Sperling, Judy 222 Sperry, Bruce 262 Spitze, James 310 Spieler, Jon : 316 Spieler, Nathaniel 316 Spires, Pris 140 Spivock, Roberta 332 Spofford, Edith 232 Spongberg, Don 249 Spongberg, Susan ....90, 127, 183 Sponsler, Tony 292 Spoon, Pat 325 Spott, Curtis 288 Sprague, Sandy 360 Spridgen, Sylvia 358 Spring, Carolyn 332 Springer, Lynn 90, 194, 342 Srabian, Robert 310 Sreg, Peggy 180 Staadecker, Victor 131 Stafford, Dave 416, 441 Stafford, John 295 Stahie, Virginia 101, 325 Stanford, Alan 300 Stanley, Canny 138 Stanley, Dorothy 352 Stanley, Janet 90, 368 Stanley, Sue 185, 368 Stansbury, Ray 181 Starin, Elly 340 Stark, Barbara 358 Starr, Peggy 222 Starr, Peggy 117 Stauber, Gene 382 Steckelberg, Gloria 90 Stedman, Jon 264 Steele, Sherry 192 Steen, William 92, 352 Steidel, Prof. 169, 187 Steidelmayer, Pete 270, 378, 416 Steigerwald, Mary 148, 152, 200 Steigmeir, Walter 123 Steinberg, Irene 117, 362 Steinberg, Sherna .92, 126, 180 Steiner, Bill 258 Steiner, Bob 141 Steiner, Franz 212 Steinhouse, George 92, 175 Stelling, Anita 185, 208, 220 Stelling, Joan 101, 189, 352 Stendall, Barbara 117, 328 Stenninger, Barbara 182 Stenson, Sandra 224 Stephens, Ann 354 Stephens, Roger 306 Stephens, Terry 195 Steraberger, Marie 237 Sterling, George _191, 414, 439 Stern, Fritz 306, 416 Stern, Joe 92, 272 Stern, Thomas 152 Stevens, Noel 292 Stevens, Ron 264 Stevens, Suzanne ... 152, 185, 328 Stevens, Sylvia 334 Stevenson, Arthur 383 Stevenson, Carol 328 Stevenson, Ozzie 295 Stevenson, Susan 92, 242 Stewart, Bob 166 Stewart, Coach 440 Stewart, John 212, 255, Stewart, Larry ....18, 92, 116, 398 Stewart, Mike 129, 320, 434 Stewart, Sandy . 334 Stewart, Sue 230 Stewart, Susan 360 Stine, Alan 212 Sti I ley, Hugh 252 Stillman, Fowler 286 Stitt, Jeanne 242 Stocker, Beverly 196, 236 Stocking, Elwin 196 Stodelman, Judy 358 Stokes, Reyney 434 Stolich, Sandy 352 Stone, Caryl 348 Stone, Christopher 288 Stone, Clarke 166 Stone, Dean 110, 112 Stone, Gary 168 Stone, Helen 92, 332 Stone, Paula 325 Stone, Margie 332 Stone, Maxine 334 Stone, Roger 152 Stoney, Ed 2°8 Storey, Barbara 92 Storm, Mike 262 Storm, Mike 280 Story, Michael 255 Story, 250 Stout, Janice 224 Stout, Jeannine 224 Straka, Rob 405 Strand, Joan 344 Straszer, Nancy 340 Stratton, Patricia 346 Strauch, Harry 180 Straus, Jo Anne 131, 242 Strauss, Bruce r 292 Street, Steve 131 Stremel, Pam 131 Stresh ley, Bill 397 Strickland, Diane 219 Strickland, Ed 152 Strickland, Ida 92, 152 Stricklin, Bill 110, 112, 316 Stricker, Sandra 92, 360 Strom, Ronald 296 Strong, Judy 216 Stroud, Carter 314 Stroud, Duke 99, 124 Strough, Don 270 Strunk, Bennetia ' 99, 177 Struve, Bob 310 Stuart, Sandy 324 Stuhr, Barbara 92, 352 Sturman, Naomi 180 Sturrock, Harold 92 Sugarman, Donald 171 Suihula, Gary 309, 420 Sukhon, Hassan 92 Sul:ens, Warren 92, 254 Sullivan, Dan 212 Sullivan, Debbie 344 Sullivan, Joe 318 Sullivan, Molly 338 Sullivan, Nancy 92 Sullivan, Raymond 92, 238 Sullwold, Sandra 232 Summers, Patricia 92 Sund, Richard 92, 238 Sunde, Ron 304 Sung, Alfred 92 Sung, Bill 172 Susnow, Gayle 38, 332 Sussman, Lois 332 Sutherl in, John 300 Sutton, Claire 368 Sutton, Elizabeth 92, 183, 342 Suzuki, Irene 92, 187 Suzuki, Margaret 92 Suzuki, Tokuzo 92 Swain, Lynne 346 Swager, Doreen 92, 368 Swan, Carolyn 344 Swan, Walter 128 Swanson, Bob 92, 212, 378 Swanson, Christine 92, 344 Swanson, Joanie 92, 344 Swanson, Stan ley 92 Swanston, Gearse 358 Swanstrcm, Mary ....123, 142, 350 Swedelson, Al 302 Sweeney, Bruce 92 Sweeney, Edward 238 Sweeney, Mike 182 Sweeney, Shepard 284 Sweet, Antonia 92, 346 Sweeting, Erica 222 Swenson, Ken 256 Swenson, Patricia 152 Swinney, Janet 325 Sworder, Dave 92 Swsoeff, Dorothy 232 Sylvia, Fred 258 Symon, Robert 300 Sypher, Susi 340 Tabler, Jane T 208, 220 Tacconi, Leslie 316, 397 Tafjen, Patti _92, 160, 179, 181, 183, 188 Taggart, Robert 280 Tait, Richard 300 Takahashi, Gordon 218 Takahashi, Jane 236 Takahashi, Kay 236 Takahashi, Nacmi 92 Takao, Tomi 228 Takashima, Tosh 176 Takeda, Sylvia 230 Takemori, Edward 169 Takie, Irene 236 Talarico, Kari 212 Talbert, Caludia 185, 328 Talbot, Diane 234 Talbot, Susan 152 Talbott, Liz Ann 232 Talbott, Richard 152, 320 Tallman, Diane 152, 242 Tai lyn, Karen 346 Tammi, Jack 171 Tanaka, Tom 92 Tang, Jenny 172 Tang, Jerre 92 Taniguichi, Stanley 176 Tanimoto, Jun 176 Tanovitz, Edward 278 Tarantino, Jon 322 Tarke, Carol 92, 368 Tarmann, D. 419 Tartre, Dick 280 Tashima, Julia 234 Tassielli, Frank 140, 200 Tatum, Roger 170, 320 Taurman, Eugene 92, 168, 260 Tavernetti, David 292, 432 Tavernetti, Rich 195, 322 Taylor, Alice 152 Taylor, Anna 131, 222 Taylor, Betty 325 Taylor, Bill 382 Taylor, Gail 101, 336 Taylor, W. George 197 Taylor, Jack 140 Taylor, James 92, 170 Taylor, Judie 356 Taylor, Judy 92, 336 Taylor, Robert 295, 394 Taylor, Sylvia 92, 340 Tegtmeir, John 270 Teitler, Judy 332 Teitsworth Anne 194 Temkin, Beth 228 Temple, Phyllis 360 Tennels, Donald 218 Tenney, Linda 196, 368 Terry, Pat 92, 346 Terry, Richard 292 Terzick, Milos 435 Tessem, Thor 420 Tessler, Larry 248 Tessler, Myron 278 Teyss!er, Evelyn 92, 230 Thacker, Mary 101, 344 Thatcher, Jody 346 Thebolt, Jo Ann 325 Thie, Alice 235 Thielmeyer, Aieta 216 Thinger, Dick 270 Thirion, Frank 295 Thistlewood, Arthur 128 Thomas, Anthony 292 Thomas, Barbara 368 Thomas, Cecil 192 Thomas, Dale 274 Thomas, Darrell 113 Thomas, Diana 356 Thomas, Greg 274, 394 Thomas, Grove 170 Thomas, James 260 Thomas, John 292 Thomas, Margie 344 Thomas, Richards 175 Thomas, Rod 312 Thomas, Steve 92, 212 Thomas, Terry 250 Thomas, Tony . 399 Thompson, Barbara 356 Thompson, Blair 256 Thompson, Bonnie 192 Thompson, Charles 170, 438, 439 Thompson, Don 300 Thompson, Dot 230 Thompson, Doug 309 Thompson, George 92, 314 Thompson, Jacqueline 332 Thompson, Jessie 92, 342 Thompson, Leonard 92 Thompson, Orville 193 Thompson, Patton 92 Thompson, Robert 92, 197 Thompson, Rolfe 295 Thompson, Thomas 270 Thompson, Vaughn 190 Thorne, Graver 191, 423 Thornton, Donald 92 Thorsrud, Pat 228 Threefoot, Philip 320 Throop, Jack 92, 176, 265 Thunen, Ron 212 Thurmond, Tom 170 Thursby, Susan 174 Tibbetts, Tom 290 Tiedemann, Barbara 334 Tierney, Ron 256 Tildsley, Carole 356 Tirko, Jeanette 340 Tischer, Diane 340 Title, Mike 140 Tjia, Phi 172 Tjomsland, Judy 328 Tochterman, Ronald 296 Todd, Jay 383 Todd, Jean 92, 187, ' 236 Tognazzini, Terry 192, 442 Toll, Bob 269 Toll, Dave 146 Toll, Karen 57, 92, 368 Tolles, Raymond 267, 442 Tolles, Sara 358 Tolson, Jon 296 Tom, Helen 92, 180 Tom, Theodore 154 Tomlinson, Jack 280 Tompkins, Rich 286 Tong Bok Yin, A 172 Toomajian, Suzanne 336 Toomey, Mike 92, 308 Topping, Sherry 122, 358 Torcat, Victor 248 Torgovitsky, Harry 302 Torgovitsky, Rita 92, 363 Torkells, Wallace ....212, 414, 416 Torrance, Tony 270 Torre, Joe 92 Torrey, Michael 288 Torrey, Peggy 350 Torriggino, Maria _101, 119, 124, 344 Torykian, Joan 92, 220 Tosse, Lloyd 122, 238 Tossi, Alan 316 Toth, Bob 92, 290, 378, 383 Totten, David 288, 435 Tourville, Bernadette 124, 340 Tousley, James 152 Tower, Myron 92 Towlee, Charles 267 Townley, Mary 334 Towns, Mary 325 Townsend, Robert 280 Townsley, Gerald 314 Toyama, Martha 122, 220 Tracy, D ' Arrelen 220 Traig, Alan 278 Trailer, Jerod 318 Trapnell, Herbert 267 Trason, Dennis 400 Trattier, Francis 92 Traubman, Lionel 302 Treadway, Don 212 Treadwell, Susan 236 Trebath, J. 101 Trees, Sue 124, 352 Treher, Joan 336 Trembath, James 282 Trescott, Martha 338 Treuer, Larry 304 Trilling, Stan 302 , Trimbach, Alfred 92, 300 Trimbach, Charles 187, 193 Trinchero, Peter 166 Trips, Art 266 Trosper, Terry 234 Trost, Stan 278 Trotti, Louise 354 Trout, Eugene 92, 254 Trout, Sunny 360 Trowbridge, Gail 122, 340 Trudeau, Annette 92, 325 Trumbull, Robert 286 Trutner, Tom 92, 262, 447 Tryon, John 92 Tsukamoto, David 92 Tucci, Bob 280 Tuck, Dorothy 235 Tuck, King 284 Tucker, Hayes 92 Tuckman, Roy 434 Tuemmler, Mary 180 Tuft, Carol 342 Tuft, Mark 92, 288, 378 Tumheim, Edward 92, 176 Turk, Rose Marie ....92, 194, 332 Turley, Sandy 352 Turley, Suzy 352 Turnage, Thomas 92 Turner, Barbara 92 Turner, Gene 139 Turner, Park 298 Turner, Peter 92, 265 462 Turner, Steve 284 Vorous, Virginia 142, 350 Turpen, Lawrence 152 Voss, Carol 94, 194 Turpin, Tony 298 Voss, Nancy .138, 157, 185, 200, Turula, Emily 340 363 Twain, Srt 278 Votaw, Don 171 Twist, Vera 171 Vrocchini, Paul 94, 195, 284 Tyrrell, Mike 320 Vrolich, Tom 262 Vyn, Prudy 97, 328 Udick, Ralph 434 w Udorch, Joseph 274 Wacher, Mike 312 Uherback, R. 176 Waddell, Joe 421 Uhlman, Margit 348 Wadsworth, Diane 338 Ulene, Marianne 348 Wadsworth, Patti 342 Ullman, Jaques 192 Wadsworth, Paul .. 147, 195, 263 Ulrich, Susan 338 Wagner, Ann 94, 366 Ulyatt, Peter 238 Wagner, James 267 Underhill, Gary 94 Wagner, Linda 338 Unger, Beverly 222 Wahl, Sandra 152, 253 Uota, Fumiko 223 Wait, Brad 154, 263 Upshaw, Monte 94, 116, 262 Wakefield, Kim 94, 250 Ure, Marian 94 Wakefield, Nona 230 U ' ren, Bill 94, 280 Wakinaka, June 94, 187, 224 Utsumi, Ed 152 Wakoski, Diane 149 Uyeno, Suzi 57, 94 Walden, Mary 366 Waldenrath, Doug 192 V Waldie, Marg 142, 242 Walker, Blair 358 Vadick, Ralph 312 Walker, Don 94, 306 Vail, Mel 300, 416 Walker, Joan B 223 Vajta, Thomas 94, 169, 187, Walker, Joan T 223 218 Walker, Robert 94, 238 Valentine, Joan 342 Wall, Beverly 358 Valentine, Robert 94 Wall, Hyale 131 Valiton, Pat 328 Wall, Lynn 94, 183, 188 Vamasaki, Joan 94 Wallace, Ann 325 Vanane, Akiko 224 Wallace, Dodge 152, 238 Vanatia, Joan 328 Wallace, Jane 344 Van Barnett, Ronald 421 Wallace, Janet 336 Vance, Virginia 338 Wallace, Nancy 325 Van Couvering, David 94, 169, Walpole, Mary 131, 338 398 Walsh, Nancy 180, 356 Van Couvering, Ray 169, 442 Walsh, William 290 Van Delden, Ronald 94, 169 Walter, D. 191 Van Etten, Judy 182 Walther, Austin 94, 169 Van Gelder, Dan 250 Walther, Marsha 225 Van Heuit, Carl 397 Walther, Sandra 340 Van Heuit, Robert 94, 306 Walton, James 190 Van Heuit, William 441 Wang, William 172 Van Hoorebeke, David 441 Ward, Helen 144, 186, 328 Van Horn, Jim 94, 212 Ward, Sue 94, 364 Van Horn, Joy 352 Wan:, Buck 313, 435 Van Huit, Gill 397 Ware, Joan 331 Van Loucks, Geoff 94, 114 Waren, Ann 334 Van Olin, Hurdle 170 Warner, Brent 94, 314 Vantress, Steve 94, 270 Warner, Peter 320 Vargus, Brian 276 Warner, Ray 421 Varney, Marilyn 152, 340 Warner, Susan 364 Varros, Richard 94 Warnock, J. 176 Vartanian, Patricia 196, 350 Warren, Dolores 94, 117, 224 Vasey, Wayne 94, 290 Warren, N. 101, 336 Vaughan, Robert 94 Warren, Richard 94 Vaughn, William 262 Warrington, Al 122 Vay, Beth 94, 363 Warrington, Sue 101, 336 Vega, Alicia 187, 225 Washburn, Carol 94, 358 Vehrs, Charles 94, 304 Washington, Bob 414, 415 Veitzer, Natalie 348 Watanabe, Albert ..94, 143, 169 Veki, Iris 219 Waters, June 94, 181, 225 " enstrom, Eleanor ....94, 152, 182 Waters, Mark 94, 284 V, nstrom, Kay 152 Watkins, Harold 197 Verble, Susan 346 Watrous, Jane 364 Vergez, Sue 94, 356 Watson, Carolyn 364 Verhoogen, Bob 435 Watson, K. 101, 242 Vernon, James 295 Watson, Linda 328 Vernon, Larry 197 Watson, Marsha 94, 142, 159, Vernon, Lynne 119, 188, 324, 177 344 Watson, Marston 94, 238 Verzacconi, Ray 131, 212 Watson, Val 169, 187 Vetter, Colleen 94 Wattis, Carol 342 Vezzani, Barry 284 Watts, Dave 400 Viale, Lawrence 252 Wayne, Stan 292 Victoria, Xavier 379 Weaver, Cliff 195, 286 Vieira, Joan 354 Weaver, Fred 212, 419 Vienop, Bob 435 Weaver, Joe 192 Vienop, Louetta 325 Weaver, Margot 129 Vierregger, Henry 94, 313 Webb, Hank 435 Viery, Gail 334 Webb, Robert 171 Villela, Ellen 94, 225 Webber, Suzanne 338 Vincent, Mike 322 Weber, W. 258 Vincent, Pat 314, 447 Weck, Bob 94, 256 Viner, Jo Ann 196, 222 Wedegaertner, Don 94, 254 Vingo, Ray 152, 290 Weder, Marilyn 94, 332 Vinzent, Tom 252 Wedlake, Mike 290, 441 Vivion, Noel 269 Weight, Lowell 94, 270 Vogel, B. 397 Weigner, Ann 334 Vogel, Thomas 252 Weinberger, Don 94, 250 Voight, Dolores 94 Weinberger, James 250 Volt, Bob 101, 270 Weiner, Barbara 348 Vollmer, Joy 94 Weiner, Frances 242 Volpi, Sylvia 363 Weiner, Helen 192 Von Bremen, Diane 94, 328 Weiner, Mike 278 Von Emster, Louise 216 Weiner, Sandy 296 Von Hoft, Johannes 292 Weinshank, Joan 94, 332 Vonhusen, Paul 282 Weinshank, Ronald 296 Weis, Annette 354 Weiss, Brian 290 Weiss, Sarah 325 Weitmayr, Horst 423 Well, Bill 94, 250 Wells, Jack 129 Wells, . Melinda 122, 185, 334 Wells, Robin 196 Welsh, Polly 366 Weitz, Richard 295, 443 Wemett, Connie 340 Wentworth, Jean 338 Wentworth, John 94 Wenzlaff, David 94 Weppler, E ' Anne 220 Werdell, Chuck 262 Werner, Edward 290 Werner, Ken 314 Werronen, Diane 94, 152, 236 West, Barbara 340 West, Betty 223 West, Bill 94, 304 Westaway, Suzanne 94, 174 Westberg, R. 419 Western, Dennis 282 Westman, Russ 260 Weston, Dave 94, 168, 309 Weston, Jo ' Ann 219 Wexler, Marjorie 362 Whaley, Bob 263 Whaley, Warren 316 Whang, Francis 94 Whang, Georgianna 94 Wharton, Chris 295 Whealey, Gene 196 Wheatcroft, Ron 394 Wheeler, Barbara 122, 325 Wheeler, Forrest 94, 300 Whelton, Robert 268 Whipple, Bill 320 Whipple, Grey 238 Whisler, Bill 320 Whiston, Janice 94 Whiston, Rich 94, 179 Whitby, Barbara 192 Whitby, Linton 94, 169 White, Dave 191, 263 White, Dave 322 White, Ed 191, 263 White, Jerry 295, 397 White, John 212 White, Ken 94, 258 White, Larry 141 White, Lewis 94, White, ' Mike ....284, 416, 438, 439 White, Mike _94, 116, 272, 378, 394 White, Pat 94, 325 White, Patty 338 White, Shalene 332 White, Sharleen 242 White, Terry 286 White, Willie 429 Whited, Merylyn 196 Whitehead, Jean 131, 177, 228 Whitehead, Jud 195, 272 Whitham, Joan 230 Whitmore, Eleanor 94, 344 Whitmore, Margaret 368 Whitney, Richard 175 Whitney, William 131 Whittaker, West 262 Whyte, Bob 318 Whyte, Doug 265 Wichman, Mary Jo 325 Wicklow, Barbara 154, 242 Wickman, John 250 Wickstrand, Owen 152 Widner, Caroline 223 Wiegner, Ann 131 Wiener, Edward 302 Wienir, Bill 321 Wiesner, John 94, 263 Wiester, Barbara 94, 358 Wiggins, Ron 274 Wigle, Marydale 174, 232 Wilcott, Scott 195, 262 Wilcox, Lorraine 94, 181 Wilcox, Wayne 152, 176 Wildberger, Joe 288 Wilde, M. 304 Wilde, Sue 142, 328 Wiles, Letty 94, 366 Wiley, Barry 94 Wilhelmsen, Ray 152 Wilkerson, Marvin 94 Willett, Genny 174 Willetts, Sally 94, 110, 188, 358 Willey, Patricia 94, 131 William, Eddy 169 Will iams, Arleigh 110, 112 Will iams, Betsy 325 Williams, Buzz 282 Williams, Carole 122, 364 Williams, Helen 334 Williams, Jill 101, 368 Will iams, John 130, 152 Williams, Keith 129 Williams, Kenna 117, 336 Williams, Kevel 350 Williams, Pete 296 Williams, Ruby 117, 331 Williams, William 96, 300 Williamson, Bruce 284 Williamson, Michael 238 Williamson, Susan 325 Williford, J. 197 Willis, Jody 342 Williston, Eleanor 334 Wilsen, Letty 96, 336 Wilson, Barbara 346 Wilson, Barbara 352 Wilson, David 96, 116, 379 Wilson, Gary 247, 314 Wilson, Helen 368 Wilson, Jim 122, 191, 262 Wilson, Jim 238 Wilson, John 270 Wilson, Lynne 122, 344 Wilson, Margaret ' 139, 223 Wilson, Steve 212 Wilson, Susan 152, 366 Wilson, T. 191 Wilson, William 96, 309 Wilfield, Michael 441 Wing, Nikki 232 Wingate, Edwin 171 Wingo, Clifford 295, 394 Winkenhofer, Karla _96, 166, 354 Winnick Andrew 196 Winocur, Sara 96 Winscow, John 249 Winsor, Deana 332 Winsor, Dinny 122 Winsor, Julie 354 Winsvold, Sonia 196 Wipperman, Bruce 192 Wirolubowich, Anatole 167 Wirtz, Phil 318 Wisdom, Capt. 179 Wise, Robert 190, 434 Wiseman, Philip 313 Wishek, Sheila 57, 96, 328 Wittman, Mary 96, 117, 143, 183, 185, 200, 366 Witzel, Joanna 96, 334 Wizelman, Ron 96, 302 Woher, Charles 316 Wohletz, Leonard 435 Wojcik, Stephen 255 Wold, Dexter 306 Wolf, Judith 96, 157, 242 Wolfe, Cameron 320 Wolfenden, Bill 322 Wolfensen, Marcos 278, 400 Wolff, Helene 210 Wolffs, Agusta 332 Wolfman, Coach George 438 Wolgott, Robert 298 Wolins, Suzy ' 332 Wolken, Peter 96, 302 Wonder, Don 420 Wong, Calvin 96 Wong, Carol 96 Wong, Carolyn 370 Wong, Ernest 96, 169, 218 Wong, Francis 172, 219 Wong, Frank 190 Wong, Jack 96 Wong, Jimmy 96, 197 Wong, John 187 Wong, Joyce 237 Wong, Julie 172, 230 Wong, Reynold 96, 197 Wong, Robert 96, 172 Wong, S. 171 Wong, Violet 96, 187 Wong, Virginia 96, 172, 237 Woo, Ching 96 Woo, Hall 96 Woo, Helen 172 Woo, John 96 Woo, Ping 96 Woo, Suelyn 96, 230 Woo, Tommy 96 Wood, Beth 101, 196, 368 Wood, Don 421 Wood, Gary 298 Wood, Jack 195, 267 Wood, Judy 356 Wood, Kate 344 Wood, Leslie 96, 360 Wood, Lewis 179, 248 Wood, Linda 152, 338 Wood, Linda 334 Wood, Myrna 223 Wood, Rita 346 Wood, Valerie 235 Woods, Darryl 256 Woodson, Chuck 435 Woodward, Jim 96, 191, 379, 447 Woodward, Lawrence 179 Woolley, Jo Ann 96, 125, 142, 188, 200, 350 Worley, Betty 340 Worsham, Gary 96 Worthington, Lynn ..144, 200, 358 Wotkyns, Tony 308 Wright, Audrey 344 Wright, Brenda 230 Wright, Charles 312 Wright, Edith 235, 370 Wright, Martha 99, 142, 364 Wright, Merry 196, 346 Wriner, Helen 96 Wrixon, Joe 272 Wrixon, William 272 Wulf, Joanne 336 Wulfsberg, Gary 270, 378 Wurz, Lillian 210 Wyatt, Frances 96, 364 Wyckoff, Louis 298 Wykoff, Victor 288 Wylie, Bob 151 Wyllie, Loring 320 Wyman, David 96 Y Yades, Sue 220 Yaeckel, John 288, 432 Yager, Dolly 366 Yamada, Burton 176 Yamada, Dave 126, 192, 218 Yamakawa, Dave 96, 114, 192 Yamamoto, Ida 224 Yamamura, Roy 96, 176 Yamane, Keiko 224 Yamashita, Ken 176 Yatabe, Jon 255 Yancy, Gary 96, 238, 434 Yand, Chauncey 432 Yates, Barbara 152 Ydh, Vivian 219 Yee, Andrew 172 Yee, Harvey 294 Yee, Mimi 370 Yee, Robert 172 Yee, Yale 294 Yenckel, Jim 138, 200, 212 Yerman, Jack 394, 429 Yettick, Keith 247, 252 Yoshikawa, Ted 218 Yoshikawa, Yukio 96, 169, 218 Yoshinaga, Jim 176 Young, Betty 368 Young, Don 318 Young, George 290, 440 Young, Hope 216 Young, Jack 416 Young, Ken 96, 260 Young, Marcia 138, 186, 200, 228 Young, Michael 96 Young, Phil 127, 260 Young, Sheldon 212 Ystad, Bill 397 I Zacher, Holly 342 Zack, Marilyn 366 Zahas, Elene 336 Zahir, S. 131 Zaiss, Elgie 130 Zamore, Annette 157 Zander, Julie 232 Zanger, Bea 216 Zaro, Dorothy 363 Zashow, Estelle 211 Zavattro, Joan 57, 96, 368 Zehnder, John 152 Zeller, Elaine 230 Zeid!er, Jerry 97, 288 Zercher, Brenda 139 Zieger, Pat 220 Ziemer, R. 176 Zigmond, Rick 96 Zimmerman, Jane 336 Zimmers, Mardie 336 Zimmers, Phil 96, 258 Zinn, Ginny 354 Zinns, Marilyn 152, 360 Zitcer, Catherine 97, 129 Zlot, Harold 122, 212 Znoj, Alex 190 Zonoff, George 175, 197 Zschach, Warren 96, 320 Zuckerman, Gordon 195, 267 Zuker, Nancy 216 Zusman, Marcia . 362 463 The Blue and Gold for 1958 was born on June 16, 195 the first of many production meetings. In the ten months that have elapsed since that e the book that was just an idea has become a reality. There have been un " times and times when I thought things " couldn ' t get worse. " With the of many wonderful people all my plans have been assembled in the book you no hold. My very deepests thanks to: MARTHA for her contin favorite shoul " BIGGS " for her pricele the most BOB for faithful ct MY STAFF Delight, Mar li Margie, and elf MANAGERIAL Mary and a11—h. 1 und rstan ing an encouragement, plus my r to ry on hu or that p up when I needed it nce with m y " requests " ara, Jan, Ellene, Ann, es produced and slips filed masterpiece velyn, Mar Freshmen fo 1 in PUB OFFICE for the advic PHOTO LAB Ed, Harold, nd 4vieeded so much rin s, potntrs and all the fun and " heckling time., " L. S. Z. especially the " invaluables " Bob and Vince for bearing with me and all my " id as " end c anges and or always being cheery when I calledait e CAL ART specifically .1 arvin n through than s t JANE our artist, tal nte really I do! " THE STUDENTS . . . . for posing fo our deadline our robleinlhild finally came nd Kati nce d p tie t— " I do want orange, can ids nd helping us meet THE GANG Nancy, Mar, J or the r " help " DAILY CAL for the publi ity o m so reatly MARGARET I can ' t 1144.M.S ANNIE for just bein x nsm MY FAMILY for interest aid pati ' hen my to ,--- " _.-, MART for advice, c ncernnd them Oral sill 01 And to the many others who have contribute —the TC d rtme administration, the Stephens Union inhabitants, just taMai ' Vfew, m has been vz ' onde, ul, something I shall never forget. The B is yours. I hope you enjoy i nper was short port that meant so much zt, the faculty, the y thanks. The lue and Gold for 1958

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