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in memoriam FACULTY ROY E. CLAUSEN CHARLES DERLETH, JR. ROBERT J. KERNER ROBERT J. TRUMPLER BALDWIN M. WOODS FLORA L. ANDERSON PETER R. DEBALL STUDENTS MAZIE Soo Hoo WILLIAM E. B. SPENCER barbara thode editor linda lutz sports editor sally tuner copy editor Jim nitsos associate sports editor Jan hickman associate copy editor anne colby office manager karenljohanson pictures editor marion hopping manager mary claire creech associate manager mary wittman assistant manager of the university associated students of California volume 84 gold is going to the dogs! Therefore, toyou, St. Bernards, Great Danes, and mongrel pups, edition tails blue eon; PUBLICATIONS AND contents campus 8 varsity 24 activities 72 ASUC PAGE 77 PRODUCTIONS PAGE 109 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES PAGE 139 athletics 178 a FALL PAGE 187 WINTER PAGE 211 SPRING PAGE 231 living groups 260 SORORITIES PAGE 265 FRATERNITIES PAGE 313 RESIDENCES PAGE 395 index 432 president ' s reception Any new student lucky enough to successfully emerge from the maze of registration, is pleasantly surprised to find an invitation to the President ' s Reception enclosed in his blue envelope. The students, most of whom are participating in their first of the University ' s many traditions, have the pleasure of meeting the very gracious President and Mrs. Sproul and Chancellor and Mrs. Kerr. Furthering the enjoyment of the evening is the opportunity to meet a prominent member of the Senior Class, who after one dance introduces his partner to another new student. Thus begins a round of dancing interspersed with refreshments brought to a close at midnight: everyone returning home with fond memories of their first event at Cal. ��- ��,�, •�, ;, science research The observation of a new kind of neuclear reaction that yields energy and is akin to thermonuclear reactions was made late in 1956 by scientists in the Radiation Laboratory of the University of California. The new phe- nomenon is described as a " catalyzed nuclear reac- tion. " This adds to ' those re- actions already known a new and third way of making a nuclear reaction take place. In order to make a nuclear reaction take place, two nu- clei must touch. The new dis- covery is a way of pulling two nuclei together so that a proton and a nucleus of heavy hydrogen (a deuter- on) can combine to form helium-three with the re- lease of 5.4 million volts energy. This pulling together takes place in a " mesic mole- cule, " and is achieved by a mu meson. The reaction is termed a catalyzed reaction because the mu meson is not consumed by the reaction, but may be ejected from the molecule by the energy re- leased. The mu is then free to catalyze more reactions, in chain fashion. The photograph shows a catalyzed nuclear action recorded In a hydrogen bubble chamber by scientists at the UC Radiation Laboratory. Beginning at upper right (A) and streaking almost all the way across the picture in a gentle downard curve is a mu meson. At the end of this track (B) a mesic atom has been formed, and the mesic atom drifts slightly to the left, forming a gap in the track. On the left side of the nap (C) the mesic atom has fused a deuteron and proton into helium, with the ejection of the mu meson, which makes a short track upward and to the left (D). At the end of this short track, the meson stops and decays into an tron which starts toward the right and turves upward to the left (E). 12 class activity Bumps, bruises, and hot tempers were the order of the day for the traditional Frosh-Soph Brawl held in the Fall. Only the members of the two classes were allowed to participate in the battle for supremacy, but all students came to cheer for their favorites. Preceding the Brawl, spirit was high as hostilities were intensified by the burying of the " spirit of the sophomore class. " In retaliation, the sophomores hanged a " typical freshman " in effigy at Sather Gate. Following the event, the freshman class staged an informal dance, " The Brawl Crawl. " In addition to the Brawl, each class participates in its own activities. High on the freshmen ' s list of favorites is the exchange with Stanford in the Spring and of course, the Sunday Suppers and Sings held by both classes proved fun and good food for everyone. The sophomores declare one week in the year, " Soph Week " reigned over by the Soph Doll and culminated by the Soph Hop. All in all, whether it be a brawl or enjoyment of a more refined sort, both classes find that these activities are fun and provide an excellent way of meeting new students. 15 university meetings The occasion of the first University Meeting of the year 1956-1957 was to honor the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the Student Health Center. Chancellor Clark Kerr presided over the meeting and Dr. William Don- ald, director of the health service, spoke on the activities and achieve- ments of the University health program during the past 50 years. Also speaking of his impressions of his recent trip to Russia, was Luis W. Alvarez, who attended an International nuclear physics congress in Moscow. The second University Meeting was to welcome students from the eight campuses who were participating in the activities of All-U Week End. The annual Christmas University Meeting was held in the Men ' s Gym the week before vacation and featured music presented by the University Chorus and the University Symphony Orchestra. They per- formed many traditional works including the familiar Hallelujah Chorus from Handel ' s " Messiah. " The traditional Christmas message was delivered by Joel Hildebrand, professor of Chemistry, and the evening was completed by everyone joining in singing favorite Christmas carols. 16 I7 architecture Four years have passed since the modernization of the curriculum at the College of Architecture; the traditions of which the Architect is so fond have changed: gone are the renderings of plaster busts; gone is the Beaux Arts grading system; and lost is some of that small college atmosphere which used to pleasantly surprise newcomers in Architecture. Fortunately, some traditions are left. Architects still swill cokes, draw pictures in the most improbable places, drink coffee at Cooper ' s Northgate, and stay up all hours before a problem is due. They still have costume balls and tours, and continue to wax enthusiastically over the old " temporary " Architecture Building. Sometime in the 1960 ' s they will have to transfer their affections when their new quarters are built, and the old Ark is finally demolished after more than fifty years of good service. 18 , „ all-u week end and homecoming On Friday, October 19, Cal once again played host to the festivities of All-U Week End. Heralding the beginning of the week end was the University Meeting at which time the student body presidents from each campus spoke. Skits by members of the different campuses were featured at the Rally that evening and the highlight of the activities was the Saturday football games. The All-U Dance brought to a close the action-packed week end. A few weeks later enthusiasm, excitement, and the true Cal spirit penetrated the Big Game Week. Introduced by Blue Monday, the week that followed was full of such traditional activities as the Queen contest, the jazz concert with Stan Kenton, and the Axe Review. Under the theme of " Big Game Daze " the Men ' s and Women ' s living groups decorated the front of their houses and the winners were announced at the pregame rally Friday night. The enthusiasm of the week ' s activities was expounded in the game, the victory of which was celebrated by all loyal Californians. T to announces ofalmt, 1-14. e A X( senior week With the able assistance of Barbara Levin and Tom Lubbock, co-chairmen, and Howard Seligman, business manager, Senior Week was, as usual, a ' tremendous success. Of course, the senior class officers led by Bert Barker, president, lent a hand to help the week run smoothly. Among the traditional events staged were the Men ' s and Women ' s Banquets, a picnic barbecue, Senior Sweetheart contest, Senior Ball, and a tea given by Mrs. Sproul following Baccalaureate. The Pilgrimage took the seniors, attired in caps and gowns, on a sentimental final tour of the campus. And, of course, graduation itself brought to an end the week ' s activities on a note of sadness but one of sheer relief as well. This week will be long remembered by the seniors for it marked the culmination of a seventeen-year career in institutions of learning. a fig ' 11104 it c President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL The Board of Regents of University of under the leadership of ident Robert Gordon has before it the necessity securing for its members facilities surate with their teaching goals. 26 administration Room 201 Administration Building is forever bustling with activity. It is a room where students, during their four-year residence, may bring their problems to be solved by the Deans. They are advised about academic questions, as well as problems of a more pleasant nature by these tireless officers. It is the hope of the administration that a feeling of friendliness and an acquaintanerOf the office as a place where students can meet and talk casually with them will be established. Thus the role of friendly counsellor is put into effect and appreciated by all who come in contact with them. Chancellor CLARK KERR MISS KATHERINE TOWLE, Dean of Women and WILLIAM SHEPARD, Dean of Men HURFORD STONE, Dean of Students 27 W. LEONARD CRUM, Business Administration PERCIVAL B. FAY, French M. W. GARDNER, Plant Pathology RALPH W. CHANEY, Paleontology JO!-!N D. HICKS, H ALEXEI KONEFF, Anatomy .10 retiring professors FRANKLIN C. PALM, History ALBERT P. KRUEGER, Bacteriology DOROTHY B. NYSWANDER, Public Health CARL 0. SAUER, Geography ARCHER TAYLOR, German T. DALE STEWART, Chemistry 29 alumni association Under the capable leadership of President 0. Cort Majors and Executive Manager Richard E. Erickson, the University of California Alumni Association had a very successful year. Characterized by being the most avid fans at Cal games, the alumni supply numerous ships for needy students and lend moral as well as material support to the University. President: 0. Cort Majors Executive Manager: Richard E. Erickson CALIFORNIA CLUB—SEATED, left to right: Sally Vaughn, Ann Van Houten, Ida Bue, Carolyn Miyakawa, Jay Bardwell, Tom Lubbock, Anne Baumgartner, Pat Marsh, Judy Johnson, Barbara Levin. STANDING: En McKeen, Jim Lemert, Mike Lenschau, Ron Albee, Gary Burt. california club To further the unity and harmonious relations among the eight campuses is the purpose of the California Club. Under the able leadership of Tom Morrish, Cal Club carried on their activities, committee meetings and seminars on how intercampus relations could be strengthened. Each year their activities are centered around promoting a successful All-U Week End, to which they played host this year. Every year all chapters meet at the Cal Club Convention to solve their problems and establish n ew policies. TOM MORRISH, Chairman GARFF WILSON, Advisor COL. CARL T. SCHMIDT, COL. E. M. SCATTERGOOD, Commanding Officer Army ROTC Commanding Officer Air Force ROTC CAPT. WILLIAM HERRIN, Commanding Officer Marine ROTC COL. T. J. WILBUR, Commanding Officer Navy ROTC rotc The four ROTC units of the University offer the male students who desire it, the opportunity to become officers upon graduation in their choice of units. Each unit in its own way trains the students for whatever military experience lies ahead of them. These units, a part of the University ' s administration, function as a separate department. 33 Aalam, Jahan Iran Public Health 1. House; YWCA; Public Health Club. Abbott, Jane Oakland Physical Education P.E. Club; NEW; WAA. Abernethy, Kenneth Oakland Public Health JVGC. Abreu, Ted Hayward English Ackerman, Barbara Berkeley General Curriculum College Womens Club; CSTA; Class Council. Acquistapace, Tulip Ukiah Business Admin. OX; Golden Bear; Quarterdeck S.; Rally Comm.; Sp. Talent Show. Adams, Modesto General Curriculum Richards Hall. Adams, Jim Long Beach Engineering Bowles Hall; 4311E; TB II; Pres. of Bowles Hall. Adams, Santa Mathematics Glee Club. Adkisson, Bakersfield General Curriculum Aertker, Sam Alexandria, La. Geology. Agnew, Barbara Salt Lake City, Utah Decorative Art 8T; College Wom- en ' s Club Jrs.; WUS; Frosh Class C.; Jr. Panhell. Pres. Aidritt, Art Oakland Physical Education Circle C; PE Club; Capt. of Gymnastics Team. Aiello, Robert Fresno Economics. Albert, Richard San Francisco Engineering KN. Albertus, Karen Monterey English Oldenberg Hall. Alexander, Derrill Monterey Internat ' l Relations A(1)E; Newman Club; Stiles Hall; Univ. Chorus. Alexander, Peigi Los Angeles Anthropology ZTA; Foreign Travel C; Secre- tariat. Smyth Assoc.; Golden Bear; Cal Club; Head Yell Leader; Rally Games. Allen, Joan Lafayette English AZ; Honor Society. Alschuler, Donald Beverly Hills Accounting ZBT; IFC; Grk. Wk. Chair.; Golden Bear; Arnold Air Society; DASS; Big Game Comm. Alton, William Oakland Mech. Engineering KA; Winged Helmet. Amir-Aslan, Amir Iran Chem. Engineering SACE. Ancona, Marie Pittsburg French Sherman Hall. Andersen, Robert Los Angeles Architecture EAE. Anderson, Carl Pasadena Political Science TKE; Senior Class Council; PIC. Anderson, Richard Albany Mech. Engineering TKE; ASME; Cal Band. Anderson, San Predentistry (IIKT; Crew; .11) Anderson, Hunter San Francisco Marketing AAE; Am. ing Assoc.; Soc. for the Advancement of Man. Anderson, Robert Mountain View Physics Barrington Hall; Univ. Christian Fellowship. Angus, Joan Hayward English AAA; Symphony Forum. Anton, Oakland Civil Engineering XE; ASCE; terdeck Soc.; NROTC; Pres. Lutheran Assoc. Anzilotti, Vincent Orinda Economics A■DE. Apel, Warren Pasadena Elec. Engineering IRE; AIEE. Ap pel, Cyril San Francisco General Curriculum EAE; Newman Club. Apperson, Oakland Social Welfare Masonic Club; Orchesis. Apple, Joe Albany Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE. Applebaum, Bill Sacramento Marketing II AO; Frosh Crew. Arata, Ray San Francisco General Curriculum Sports. Argo, Alexis San Francisco Geology A. Argue, Dorothy South Pasadena Mathematics OM; FEE; II ME. Armerding, George Berkeley Indus. Engineering AIIE; ASME; Engi- neers Joint Council; Calif. Engineer, Armstrong, John Guernsey, Wyo. Elec. Engineering UCSEE; AIEE. Armstrong, Robert Walnut Creek Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Arnstein, Lois San Decorative AO H; Orchesis. Arrigoni, Jo-Anne Santa Rosa Anthropology Ch. Leadership Training; ASUC Green Cross Rep.; Class Council. Arrillaga, Gabe Inglewood General Curriculum EN; Big " C " ; Varsity Basketball, Baseball. Ashcraft, Barbara Oakland General Curriculum AO H. Adams, Henry Smyth Assoc.; Helen, Georgia Occid.; Ch. of Acad. Affairs C. Psychology. Student Welfare Bd. Allbee, Ron Fair Oaks Aisthorpe, Robert Criminology Chico Business Admin. OAX. Asimos, Chrisula San Francisco Psychology Joaquin Hall; Treble Clef; Honor Stu- dents Society. Asplund, A. Duane Kingsbury Physical Education Big C; Varsity Basketball. Awaya, Atsuko San Francisco H i story. Axtell, Lawrence San Francisco Anthropology KAP; Big C; Var- sity Tennis Team. Babin, Norbert San Francisco Political Science KAP; Golden Guard. Bacciocco, Edward San Francisco General Curriculum BO H. Bacon, Gary San Jose General Curriculum Bowles Hall. Bacon, Glenn Sacramento Elec. Engineering Smyth Assoc.; HKN; UCSEE. Bacon, Gregory Carmel General Curriculum KAO. Bailey, Janet Washington, D.C. General Curriculum ZTA; AMF. Bakken, Barbara Long Beach Political Science AF; Blue Gold; Freshman Class Council. Ball, John Kingsbury Economics Bowles Hall; Baton Society, Quarterdeck Society; Cal Bands. Ball, Lorna Calistoga General Curriculum Mitchell Hall. Banks, Robert Sacramento Mech. Engineering FITE; TBH; ASME; Golden Guard; Treas. Pub. Chair. ASME. Bantau, Wayne Inglewood History Smyth Association. Most of RON ALBEE ' s time this year was spent with activities as Head Yell Leader. This criminology major also busied himself in Cal Club, Golden Bear, Megaphone So- ciety, Rally and Games, APC, and Men ' s Executive Board. Despite his favorite pastime as " avoiding studies, " Ron plans his future as a probation officer. BERT BARKER thoroughly enjoyed his favorite pastime, meetings, by presiding over the Senior Class, and attending meetings of ASUC Ex Board, Class Officers Board, Men ' s Ex Comm. and the Golden Bear. When not enjoying hobbies, travel- ing, records, and automobiles, he finds time for his major, History, and plans a career in Business, Barancik, Bill Los Angeles Indus. Engineering TB II, AIIE, EJC. Barl in, Carole Oakland General Curriculum KA; Rally Comm.; Pompon Girl Barb eau, Marsha Barnes, Betsy Bakersfield General Curriculum AAA. Barnes, Joanne San Francisco Art Barish, Barry Pres. Ski Club; Angeles Newman; CIC. Los Physics TAM; Tower Flame. Barnes, Judith Pasadena English Barker, Herbert AAA. Oakdale History OAX; Ex. Comm.; Pres. Senior Class; Men ' s Ex. Bd.; Chairman COB, Barker, Subie San Jose General Curriculum AAA. Barrett, Joyce Danville Political Science X.H; Panile, Pryt- anean, Elec. Coun.; Card Stunts; Rally Games. SENIORS 35 Meg. Soc.; Mask Dagger; Card Stunts; Yell Leader; Axe Revue. Binnall, Eugene Bixby, Bill Baldwin Park San Francisco Elec. Engineering Speech Smyth; UCSEE; IRE; AIEE. Barstad, Alden Sal inas Architecture II KA. Barton, Frances Stockton English Oldenberg; Honor Students Society. Batchman, Pasadena Mech. Engineering Battelle, Richard Sacramento Business Admin. Triune, Winged Helmet. Bauer, Vallejo History Bowles; Quarterdeck Society. Baumgartner, San General KKF; Panile; Pryt; Cal Club; WEB; Rally Comm.; Pan. Assoc. Bay, Barbara San Mateo Psychology AXSI; Tower Flame. Bean, David El Cerrito Engineering EIX; Quarterdeck; UCSEE. Bedell, Santa Political Science Bedell, Santa Business AXP; Arnold Air. Bedynek, Juanita Richmond Decorative Art OM; Treble Clef; BAT. Beiter, Elinor Pasadena General Curriculum Beland, Donald New Hampshire Business Admin. Bell ino, Anthony San Bernardino Marketing Smyth, SAM. Bemis, Walter Redding Forestry Forestry Club; Soc. of Amer. Foresters. Bennett, Barbara Altadena Home Economics UC Folk Dancers. Bennett, Irene Berkeley Nursing Education. Bennett, Tom Canada Marketing BOIT; Br. Benseler, Rolf San Jose Forestry Forestry Club; AZ; EEI H. Bentsen, John San Bernardino Engineering Del Rey. Bequette, Carol Lindsay English Stebbins. Bergen, Hal ina San Francisco General Curriculum Peixotto, Radio Club. Berman, Diane San Francisco Dramatic Art AErD; Thalian, Mask Dagger; Director, ' 56 Axe Revue. Bermstein, Lois San Francisco Child Development Stratford; Hillel; CSTA; Class Council. Bernstein, Mel Los Angeles Physics Ridge; TB II; UC Hike Club; APC; MEB. Berridge, Ronald San Mateo History Acacia; Circle C; Rugby. Berry, Deacon Huntington Park Business Admin. TKE; Senior Council. Bertelsman, Denny Sal inas Agriculture Econ. Circle C; Big C; Basketball. Biasotti, Ceci la Berkeley General Curriculum. Biddle, Lawrence Burbank Economics. Bien, Fred Bakersfield Physics Billings, Larry Berkeley Mech. Engineering EX; AZ; Scabbard Blade. Binsacca, Santa Civil Smyth; ASCE. Birkland, Dennis Tacoma, Wash. History Arch. ‘1,1011. Bishop, Fair Business Admin. Blank, Jeanette Delano General Curriculum Hoyt. Bliss, Dorothy Berkeley Hispanic America Honor Student Society. Bluer, Phillip Oakland Business Frosh Basketball. Blumerfeld, Sacramento General Curriculum Bock, LaVan Bakersfield Mech. Engineering ASME. Bohn, William San General Curriculum Borba, Marjorie Albany Spanish Newman; College Womens Club. Italian Elizabeth Barrett; Daily Cal; Home- coming. Bolsholm, Paul Carmel Architecture Iowa State Tech- nical College; Footbal Bouldin, Berkeley Internat ' l Relations OM; Mortar Board; Pryt.; 1413K; Cal Club; Daily Cal Editor; NSA Co- ordinator. Bock, LaVell Borra, Ida Bakersfield San Francisco Mech. Engineering ASME. Blacker, Elizabeth Rosevi Ile Industrial Relations ol,Xe; BPI; SAM; Industrial Relations Assn. Boerlin, El Cerrito Elec. Engineering AIEE; Yacht Club; Ski Club. Bounds, Sharon San Francisco Journalism Thalian, Little Theatre Dramatics. Bowles, James San Leandro Business Admin. AXA; Big C; Var- sity Rowing; Quar- termaster; Crew; Forestry Club. Boyce, Clayton Buena Park Civil Engineering ASCE; UCSCC. Bown, John Los Angeles Elec. Engineering White Shingles. Boysen, Walter Orinda General Curriculum IFC; Pres.; Intramurals. Braby, Carolyn Berkeley General Curriculum. Bradley, Clay San Francisco Business Admin. KT-; Y.; Sec. Big C; Golden Bear; Acad. Affairs Coun- cil; Varsity Tennis. Bradley, Evelyn Stockton Horne Economics CSTA; Home Econ. Club. Brandt, Craig Los Angeles Accounting BO II. Brass, Evelyn Culver City Internat ' l Relations Beaudelaire Club; BAY.; Daily Cal Managerial. Bravinder, Elizabeth Oakland Psychology ACto. Brazi II, Nathaniel Berkeley Accounting Football; IFC. Brennan, W. Patrick Lodi Civil Engineering AXE; ASCE. Brenneis, Coralynn Oakland Social Welfare AX52; Young Republicans. Brenton, Charlotte Alameda European History. Brenzel, Patricia Oakland Music AL ' A; MENC; CSTA; Secretariat; Pelican; Symphony Forum. Bretherton, Sidney Long Beach Elec. Engineering Bridges, David Orinda General Curriculum Triune; Winged Helmet. Bridges, Larry Stockton English Glee Club; Senior Men ' s Octette; CSTA. Bridgewater, Barbara Berkeley Chemistry AKA; Tower Flame; Rally Comm. Brodesky, Davel Buenos Aires Finance International House; Brodovsky, William Sacramento Prelaw II House Steward; Freshman Class Council. Brooks, Robert Merced Elec. Engineering Bowles Hall; IIKN; TB II; UCSEE; Sailing Club; Wes- ley Foundation. Brooks, Susan Santa Barbara Sociology Mitchell Hall. Browman, Sylvia Oakland General Curriculum Commuters Inde- pendents Council. Breslauer, Alfred Brock, Harry Berkeley Piedmont Elec. Engineering General Curriculum ZBT; Rally Comm.; TKE; Rally Comm.; Homecoming Comm. Class Councils. SENIORS 37 Stretching up to her full height, 5 ' 2 " , to pound her gavel upon the rostrum, ANNE BAUMGARTNER presided over the weekly Panhel- lenic meetings. When not at the Kappa House, Bummie could be found running from Pryt to Cal Club, or to Women ' s J. An avid tennis player and horse lover, this General Curric major from San Mar- tin plans to enjoy her favorite pas- time, relaxation, after graduation. Noted for her participation in such activities as Thalian Society, the Mask and Dagger Review, and di- rector of the AXE Review, DIANE BERMAN gained an extensive back- ground for her ambition to attend New York Theater School in prep. aration for a career in musical com- edy. Residing at the AEI) house, she finds much time to study her major ... drama. Boysen, Luella Oakland General Curriculum Epworth Hall; WDA; University Bowers, Claire YWCA. Berkeley General Curriculum. Bowen, James San Diego General Curriculum UC Judo Club; Ski Club. Brown, Beverly Redondo Beach General Curriculum AZ. Brown, Earle Stockton Indus. Engineering ESA; TB II; II TX; AIIE; ASME; EJC. Brown, Judith Gridley Speech English AAA. Brown, Margot Kansas Political Science AEt. Brown, Burbank Mech. Engineering Frosh Basketball. Bruce, Robert Long Beach Reg. Grp. Major— Russia AMP; Cal Band. Brumwell, Carolyn Coachella General Curriculum Stern; YWCA; Pelican; Tower Flame. Brunhouse, Jay Sacramento Metallurgy II KA; AIME. Bruni, Richard El Cerrito Forestry XII; Ski Club; Forestry Club. Bryson, James San Francisco Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court, UCSEE, Bubar, Encino Home Economics AE4 ' ; Home Ec Club; AXE Review; Rally Comm. Buchignani, Albert Sacramento Civil Engineering Cloyne Court; XE; TB II . Buckley, Mary Anne Piedmont History KKP; WAA; Ace of Clubs. Bue,, Ida Burney History Stern; Pryt; Cal Club; All-U Week End Comm. Buller, Thelma Fresno Psychiatry Bay View Terrace Burgle, Arlene Vallejo History ABA; WAA; Ski Club. Burnham, Gray Pebble Beach English KKP; WAA; Ace of Clubs; Young Republicans. Burns, Thomas Ohio Psychology. Bush, Pamela Sacramento General Curriculum AA II. Butler, William Oakland Indus. Engineering AIIE. Butler, Duane Petaluma Civil Engineering Varsity Baseball; Engineers Club. Butolph, Stanley Tracy Production Mgmnt. Cahill, Jacklyn San Francisco Political Science ABA; Pelican. Cal imbas, Andy Stockton Mech. Engineering Cloyne Court; ASME; Class Council. Callaway, James Sacramento Political Science ATA; Triune; Winged Helmet. Cameron, Judy Bonsall Decorative Art Sailing Club. Canevari, Curtis Santa Rosa Civil Engineering Collegian, ASCE. Cannon, Robert Oakland Marketing Acacia. Carey, Oakland General Curriculum AAA; YWCA; Class Councils. Carlson, Richard Danville Economics ATO;Ski Club; APC; All-U Week End Comm.; Chmn. AXE Review. Carolan, San General XAE; Intramural. Carpenter, Helen Alhambra English Epworth; YWCA; Sailing Club. Cartwright, Keras Walnut Creek Geology Stiles; Yacht Club; Model Senate; Sailing Team. Casebolt, Berkeley Social Welfare Pryt.; Mortar Board; Treble Clef. Catrow, Carol Sacramento General Curriculum H B4 ' ; Ace of Clubs. Cavanagh, Sandra Lemon Grove General Curriculum Epworth. Cellini, Carmella Stockton General Curriculum AP. Capellina, Natayle Oakland History. Ceragioli, Rudolph Santa Cruz Marketing AX II. Chaffin, Donald Sacramento Political Theory rKE, Rally Comm.; Cal Band; Fencing. Chambers, Fresno Mech. Engineering sPEK. Chan, Helen San Francisco Insurance ' X8; FIX; surance Society. Chan, Sumney San Francisco Chem. Engineering EE; AICE, Chappell, Gilroy Optometry Lawrence Manor; Chess Team; MRA. Brown, Richard Piedmont General Curriculum Bruner, Larry Winged Hel- Oxnard met. Real Estate Carpenella, John Carver, Richard Pittsburg Berkeley Mech. Engineering. Political Science Triune; Winged Helmet. Caverly Thomas Santa Ana Elec. Engineering Cartwright, Sharon ADD. South Pasadena Economics Pryt.; Panne; Mortar Board; YWCA; Debate. Chauvaud, Margaret Walnut Creek Textiles Epworth; Masonic Club of UC. Chaw, William San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. Chebib, Mamoun Damascus, Syria Civil Engineering International House; ASCE; Arab Assn. Chee, Lawrence Locke Civil Engineering ASCE; CSC. Cherry, Eurnice Larkspur Internat ' l Relations 8E43; Pryt.; Mortar Board; B ' BK; Daily Cal Assistant Editor. Chlao, Johnson San Francisco Sanitation Public Health Assn. Chick, Victoria Berkeley Business Admin. Treble Clef. Chin, Betty San Francisco Child Development CSC; Honor Students Society; Child De- velopment Club. Chin, Dennis Berkeley Bacteriology II ArI . Chin, Ging San Francisco Civil Engineering XE; ASCE. Chin, Herbert Oakland Mathematics. Chinn, Roger Isleton Architecture Ridge House. Chow, Susan San Francisco General Curriculum ton. Christensen, Robert San Leandro Marketing UC Ski Club; Sports Car Club. Christopher, Sharon San Jose Political Science Class Council; Young Republicans. Chua, Simon Philippines Indus. Engineering International House; AIIE. Church, Leilani Burlingame Art KA; International House; CSTA; AE. Clark, Benjamin Gilroy German, Slavic Languages Liter- ature. Clark, Kathleen Burbank Public Health Lab. YWCA; Public Health Assn. Clark, Leigh Mill Valley Chemistry AXE; 1FPC. Clark, Robert Berkeley Civil Engineering Oxford Hall; ASCE. Clausen, George Red Bluff Physical Education Cline, Robert Oakland Forestry Society of Amer- ican Foresters; Society of Range Management. Coats, Roy Bakersfield Mech. Engineering ASME. Coberly, Sheryl Los Angeles Economics KKI ' . An International Relations major hailing from Berkeley, ALIX BOUL- DIN divided her enthusiasm between Pryt, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Cal Club, Xi Xi Xi, and being Editor of the Daily Cal. Known around the Phi Mu house for always going to meetings and avoiding parties, this member of Phi Beta Kappa plans a career as a Foreign Service Officer. Because of " prior commitments " which caused her to miss so inany meetings, IDA BUE became in- famous with other members of the All-U Week End Hospitality Com- mittee. She could have been at Cal Club or Pryt meeting, or even busy with her major, history, in prepar- ing to teach high school. Now much of her time is taken up by husband, Lon. SENIORS 39 Coburn, John Carlotta Forestry EMIT; AZ; Forestry Club. Coburn, Ken Mill Valley Banking Finance EAE. Cohen, Marvin San Francisco Physics MAM; IFPC. Cohn, Len Millbrae Marketing KN; Golden Bear; American Marketing Assn. Colby, Anne Berkeley General Curriculum AZ; FLEE; EKA; Blue Gold; Vice- president WAA; APC; " C " Society; Debate. Cole, Clifton Oakland Public Health Public Health Un- dergraduate Assn. Coleman, Kyle Williams Psychology. Coleman, Robert Oakland Business Admin. XT. Collins, Brenda Oakland History AZ; ZKA; Pub. Chmn. I Board; All- U; Class Councils; Model Senate. Collins, Loana Hayward Art AEA; Y WCA; Intramurals; AE. Coney, Donald Berkeley Communications Public Policy Mask Dagger; Hammer Dimmer; Un. Theatre. Conn, Charles Portland A ccounting Marketing Club; Judo Team. Conners, John Berkeley Civil Engineering AXA; ASCE. Connolly, Robert Toluca Lake English TFA. Converse, Joan Los Angeles Child Development rI BO. Cook, Glenn Windsor Chemistry Smyth; SAACS. Cook, Grant San Francisco Accounting TAO. Cook, Janet Concord Spanish Richards Hall; President Richards Hall. Coop, Jane Walnut Creek Decorative Art Ski Club Cordy, Robert Sherman Oaks Elec. Engineering AEA. Corwin, Gordon Highland Marketing Del Rey; Quarter. dock Society. Coston, Kenneth Yuma, Arizona Hospital Admin. Barrington Hall; MRA; USCA; Masonic Club. Counts, Larry Compton Political Science Varsity Debate. Covel, Henry Richmond Political Science TKE. Coverdale, Charles Downey Chemistry White Shingles; Arnold Air Society; S.A. American Chemical Society. Covington, Lucy Burlingame General Curriculum FTB. Cow an, Curtis Oakland Prcd. Management Circle " C " ; Gymnastics. Conan, Robert San Leandro Accounting BAT, Cowing, Janice Woodland Art, History, English KKr. Creasey, Lawrence Long Beach Optometry Cal Lodge; Masonic Club; UC Optometry Assn. Crippen, Robert Long Beach Zoology. Crocket, Jane Alameda English n BT; Cedar Cam- pus Branch of Chil- dren ' s Hospital; YWCA; WAA Intra- murals. Crosby, Alexander San Francisco Accounting. Cudworth, Grace Alameda Education A011; Pelican Staff; Freshman Class Council. Cunningham, Ashley Carmel Physics Bowles Hall; TEE; Sailing Club. Cunningham, Fred Bakersfield Engineering Physics Ridge House. Cunningham, Cuthbert, Alfred Fairfax Accounting ATSZ; Al II; Newman Club. Cutting, Nichols Los Angeles General Curriculum AAA; Big " C " ; Ball and Chain; BAT; FIFE; IFC Scholastic Society. Daily, Kaholyn Pleasant Hill History AT; YWCA. Dahl, Peter San Francisco Chemistry Ridge Co-op; CSTA Stiles Hall; Chess Bridge. Dahlgren, Ulf El Cerrito Mech. Engineering ETA. Damns, Harold Albany Elec. Engineering AIEE; UCSEE; IRE, Danberg, Ann Los Angeles English. Daniel, Marilyn Fresno Social Welfare Warring Place; Honor Students Scciety; Social Welfare Club. Daniels, John Daly City Business Admin. OAX; Intrafrater- nity Council; Golden Gu.; Cal. Mem. Un. Comm. Dare, Richard San Francisco History. Darracq, Dal Yuba City Prelaw II KA; Winged Helmet; Arnold Air Society. Darrow, Kay Woodland Social Welfare Epworth Hall; YWCA; Blue Gold Representative. Crua, Frank William Oakland Berkeley Civil Engineering Accounting ASCE. EAE; Golden Bear; Calvin Club; Quar- terdeck Society; Model Senate. 41 Davenport, Whitney Auburn Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; UCSEE. Davidson, Martha Oakland Speech EK; PIC; PEE; Class Councils. Davis, Arlene San Francisco Dramatic Art Joaquin Hall; University Plays. Davis, Don Lafayette Mech. Engineering AT52; ASME; IFPC; Fresh Football; Ski Club. Davis, Ken Berkeley General Curriculum TKE; Glee Club. Davis, Lowell Los Angeles Real Estate TES. Davis, Newton Lafayette Political Science EN; Tower Flame; Gavel Quill. Davis, Pax Alameda Production Mgmt. IN; Class Council. Davis, Stuart Pacific Palisades Finance Smyth; AI II; Blue Gold Representative, Day, Richard Pasadena Mech. Engineering KE. Dean, Antonia Oakland Speech I,AE; Speech Arts Club; Pel ican; Engineer; Daily Cal. De Klotz, Robert San Jose Production Mgmt. EAE; Rally Ccmm.; Elections Council. De Luchi, Denis San Francisco Geology PIK; OT; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; IFC; Water Polo. Dent, Janet Concord Psychology Stern Hall; Editor of Pelican. Denton, A. Patricia Sonoma Political Science Sociology ZTA; II EA; II AE; 4,13K; Panile; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Pres- ident YWCA. Derry, Richard San Francisco Personnel Mgmt. Smyth; AX II; Golf. De Salles, Albert Berkeley Political Science BIT; Table Tennis. Dessert, Valmere, El Centro English AA II. de Urioste, Rosita San Francisco History AAA; Newman Club; Red Cross; Young Republicans. Diaz, Michael Fairfield General Curriculum EA E; Californians; Big C; Basketball. Di Caprio, Grace Paterson, N.J. Sociology International House. Dinelli, Ann Petaluma English Stratford; CSTA; Newman. Di Iton, Thomas Ditmare, Dennis San Diego Optometry Di nkelspiel, Paul San Carlos Political Science X. Dcnins, Richard Berkeley Phys:cal Education IQ , PE Society; Golden Bear; Cali- fornians; VRC; Big C. Dodson, Ronnie Berkeley English FOB. Doerfler, Marilyn Oakland German 01C ; CIC; German Club; Ski Club. Di Ilehay, Ron Santa Cruz Psychology Dinnean, Lawrence Red Bluff English Glee Club SENIORS GARY BURT concentrated his forts on being Rep-at-Large, but still had time for ASUC Executive Comm., Cal Club, IFC, Golden Bear and the Californians. Gary resides at the Delta Sigma Phi house where he serves as President, and spends his time skiing on the week ends and sleeping through classes during the week. Taking time out from baking cakes for the Blue and Gold, where she is Office Manager, ANNE COLBY man- aged to be Vice-President of WAA, Secretary-Treasurer of EKA, and a member of Xi Xi Xi and Women ' s C. Known as " Colberry " around the Delta Zeta House, this General Curriculum major enjoys diving, ski- ing, and symphonies, and upon graduation hopes to earn enough money to go Aeroskobing. Donovan, Dong, Richard San Jose Sacramento English. Mech. Engineering H TM; TBH; ASME; Assistant Corres. Secretary for TB H . Donovan, Thomas San Jose Political Science ASE; ROTC. Ellenberg, Marvin Elmore, Doris Stockton San Francisco Political Science English Utrimque; CSTA; French Club. KN; Model UN; Prelegal Society; Rally Comm.; Peli- can; Debate Elder, Charles Washington, D.C. General Curriculum Doerr, Martha Pasadena History AI ' ; Panel of Amer- icans; WAA; Intra- mural. Doidge, Alice Sacramento Zoology Mitchell Hall; Newman Club. Dominion, Edward Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE. Dong, Berkeley Civil Engineering TnB; XE; ASCE. Doing, Berkeley Public Health. Donovan, Gary Oakland HistorY KM; Triune. Dotson, Kelseyville Child Development Mitchell Hall; Rep- at-large for WDA; Rep for WUS. Dowdell, Joan Sacramento Spanish MK; Panile; Secre- tary of WUS; Secre- tary Student Union; Intramurals. Downing, Mert Martinez Zoology AXA; Premedical Society. Downing, Willis Long Beach Elec. Engineering HKN; KN; EE Honorary. Doyas, Dolores Oakland General Curriculum Elizabeth Barrett; Gavel Quill; Blue Gold; Class Coun- cils; Pelican. Drenth, Oakland General Curriculum IN. DuBois, Mary Los Altos Child Development Californians; WDA Constitutions; Ski Club; Class Council. Duey, Arthur Santa Rosa English II KA. Dugan, Robert Santa Barbara Civil Engineering ASCE. Duggan, Robert Berkeley History II; dent World Affairs Conference. Dunn, Vallejo Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Dyke, Mary Berkeley General Curriculum AAII; HAM; Panile; Rally Comm.; Pelican. Easter, William Joshua Tree Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Eaton, Merle Ecker, Oakland History Young Republicans. Edery, Esther Cali, Colombia, Bacteriology Newman Club; Pre- med Society. Edwards, Danvil le Mech. Engineering Bowles Hall; Circle C Society; Golf. Egan, Carol San Francisco History AA IL Ehman, Ann Piedmont General Curriculum KKr; Ace of Clubs; Dramatics; Intra- murals. Ehrhardt, Franklin Oakland General Curriculum Scabbard Blade; Sailing Club; ASCE; Ski Club. Ekstrom, Gail Lodi Education AAA; Card Stunts. Elkington, Walt Long Metallurgy }.7.41E; AIME. Elliott, Robert Berkeley Physical AE 4,; Big C; MI; Quarterdeck; Base- ball. Ellis, Donald Nevada City Accounting. Ellison, David Ponca City, Okla. Political Science MiE. Elworthy, John Victoria, B.C. Predentistry BOIL; Circle C; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; Tri- une; " Cal. " Emerson, Martinez Mathematics. Enos, Rex Sausalito Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE; AI EE. Erickson, John San Marino Merchandising AA ' ; Triune; Winged Helmet. Erickson, Paul Stockton Business Admin. OAX; Californians; Golden Bear; Gavel Quill; Vice-Pres- ident ASUC. Ermann, Helen San Francisco Social Welfare ASE; Secretary In- ternational Board. Ervin, Lawrence Walnut Creek History Model UN. Eschmann, Barbara Concord Child Development International House. Eske, Oakland Decorative Art. Estep, Evelyn Redwood General Curriculum Stratford Hall; Manager Women ' s Rifle Team. Etemad, Jacqueline Menlo Park Sociology. Evans, Anne Woodland History Wesley Foundation; K4 ' . Evans, Dort Stockton Civil Engineering H Kt ' ; ASCE; Arnold Air Society. Evans, Sheila Santa Ana General Curriculum A4,; Prytanean; Torch Shield; Rally Comm.; YWCA. Fann, Willard Ewer, Howard Sacramento Oakland History Production Mgmt. A4,E; XKA. TX. Fanucci, Marie Facchini, Norma Santa Cruz Oakland History Italian Epworth Hall. Newman Club; Circolo Italiano; II MI. Fahey, Robert Bijou Chemistry AXE; SAACS. Farr, Betty Sal inas English Epworth Hall; K4 ' . Farrar, Jim San Diego Elec. Engineering 43X; IRE; AIEE. Faulk, Sandra San Clemente General Curriculum AXtI; Treble Clef; Class Councils; Homecoming Comm. Faust, John Berkeley Physics UC Folk Dancers. Feldman, Ardis San Mateo General Curriculum A4,E. Feustel, Doree Berkeley General Curriculum Field, Robert La Habra English Literature AKA; Pelican. Fincke, Harriet Altadena History II " I " House; YWCA; Prytanean; Project PIC. Finger, Milton Santa Barbara Chemistry Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society. Finks, Stephen Los Angeles Hi story Cal Lodge; A4 ' 0. As president of YWCA and an en- thusiastic member of Pryt, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa, PAT DENTON lived up to her reputation of being busy. P.D., as she is known around the Zeta Tau Alpha house, is a Political Science and Sociology major with hopes of going on to grad school and with one ambition in life — to marry a professor! Graduation in June isn ' t HANK di SUVERO ' S ambition for he accom- plished that feat in February. His past activities were University The- ater, Ru ' e 17 Committee, University Affairs Council, Ex Comm., Finance Comm., Stiles Hall Cabinet, and Golden Bear. Preparing to be a lawyer involves him in politicking, and arguing and his favorite ex- pression, " You ' re wrong in assum- ing that . . . " is evidence of this. Feldman, Jerrold Cambridge, Mass. Real Estate TEC Fell, Jean La Canada Psychology Stern Hall. Fenzl, Sandra Piedmont General Curriculum A4?; Thistle Branch Children ' s Hospital; Pelican; Intramural. Ferrer, Constance Ferzad, Ehsan Kabul, Afghanistan Architecture. Fandl, Hal Sacramento Engineering Bowles Hall. Faringhy, William San Diego Landscape Arch. Farley, Sheila SENIORS Falge, Richard Piedmont Production Mgmt. Triune; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; Californians. 43 Fisher, James San Francisco Marketing AKE; Circle C; Water Polo Fisher, William San Francisco Economics Vice-President Ski Club; Chairman Cornmuters-Inde- pendents Council. Fites, Larry Berkeley Civil Engineering Fitz, Phyllis Woodland Physical Education Epworth Hall; WAA; WDA; UC Folk Square; Sailing Club; Ski Club. Fitzgerald, Felicie Los Altos Home Economics EK; Home Econ. Club; YWCA; Class Councils. Fitzgerald, Robert Oakland Business Admin. EAE; Blue Gold; IFC Rush Comm. Fleet, Ardyth Oakland Child Development Ritter Hall. Fleming, Robert Berkeley Elec. Engineering Ridge House; HKN; TB II; UCSEE. Fletcher, Eugene Windsor Architecture Smyth Assn. Flickinger, Don Pacific Grove Zoology Smyth; Premed Society; Newman Club. Floro, Caridad Manila, Phil. Social Welfare " I " House; Newman Hall; UC Fil. St. Club. Floyd, Mari lyn San Gabriel General Curriculum AAA; Calvin Club. Foley, Robert Berkeley German Tower Flame; Honor Students Society; Hiking; German Clubs. Folkers, Lorrayn Oakland History ZTA. Fong, Chung Sacramento Mathematics Fong, Kuey San Francisco Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; TB II. Fong, Quock Sacramento Accounting Forbes, Richard Santa Rosa Forestry AZ; Vice-President Forestry Club; FC Annual. Ford, Ann Salinas General Curriculum AAX. Foreman, Donald Berkeley General Curriculum Quarterdeck Society. Forman, Marcia Sacramento General Curriculum AAA. Forster, Beverly Oakland Journalism X52; Blue Gold; Class Councils. Forsyth, Myrle Fortini, Glenn Oakland Medical Science 4,13K; Premed Society. Foster, Margaret San Francisco General Curriculum 4 M; FEE; CSTA; ASUC Secretariat; Blue Gold; New- man Club. Fox, Gene Sacramento General Curriculum Be II. Fox, Lauretta San Francisco Political Science Stern Hall. Fox, Neil Pasadena General Curriculum Bo II ; Califor- nians; Skull Keys; Triune; Football; Rugby. Franck, Judy Palo Alto General Curriculum AF; Ace of Clubs; WAA; YWCA. Frane, Robert Modesto Political Science EAE; Ad. Asst. to ASUC President; Student Counseling. Frank, Phyllis San Bruno Hcme Economics Peixotto Hall; WAA; Home Ec. Club; Collegians; Riflery. Frank, Roberta Santa Ana Genera! Curriculum KA; Speech Arts Club; Class Council. Franklin, Lewis North Fcrk Elec. Engineering AE ' I ' ; Ski Club. Franklin, Myrtle Pebble Beach General Curriculum AX52; Senior Class Council; YWCA; President AX52. Fraser, Robert Berkeley Production Mgmt. PKE; Intramural Football, Basket- ball. Frates, Virginia International House. Glee Club; Senior Octette; Order of Oski; Wrestling; Circle C. Frech, Erwin Sanger Elec. Engineering OCSEE; HKN; Glee Club. Fredricks, Robert Inglewood History Smyth Association. Freedman, Carol North Hollywood Spanish. Freeman, Susan Oakland Decorative Art College Women ' s Club; Ski Club. French, Wesley Frey, Jesse Berkeley Communication Pub. P. Rifle Team; Glee Club; Circle C. Frick, Caroline Piedmont Political Scie nce AAA; Red Cross; International Board. Frieberg, Ron San Leandro Insurance ATA; Winged Helmet. Fries, Robert Fresno Political Science Lawrence Manor. Frocm, Burton San Francisco Marketing KE; Triune; 44 1.. Fuentes, Jose Stockton Foreign Trade Cloyne Court; AGE. Fujimoto, Yoshiko Morgan Hill Art Hoyt Hall. Fraticalli, Ben French, Carol Hayward Inglewood Sociology Soc. In. General Curriculum Prospect Terrace; CSTA. Fuller, Lester Palisade, N.J. Political Science Lawrence Manor; Ski Club. Fung, Wing Hong Kong (B.C.CT Civil Engineering International House. Fuqua, Robert Long Beach Electronics APO; UCSEE; IRE; AIEE. Furbush, Donald Alameda General Curr iculum Gal lemore, Victor San Rafael Law Enforcement AAE; Ski Club. Galletly, Robert Glendale Mech. Engineering AXA; ASME. Galli, Beverlee San Francisco Dramatic Art AA II; Mask Dagger; Thalian; Hammer Dimmer; University Theatre. Garvey, Thomas Pomona Marketing AE II. Gaspardone, Leo Berkeley Business Admin. ZW; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Circle C; Boxing Team. Gates, Gilbert San Francisco Banking Finance ZBT; Class Coun- cils; ASUC Card Sales; ROTC Torch. Gay, Nancy Ann San Francisco General Curriculum AAA. Gebb, Sheldon Long Beach Political Science EN. Gee, Alice Elmira General Curriculum Hoyt Hall. Geggie, Martha Berkeley General Curriculum KA; Daily Cal. Gentner, Joanne Courtland General Curriculum EK; Rally Comm.; Class Councils. Giacomazzi, Patricia Soledad Social Welfare Panile; WOA; WAA. Gibbons, Graham Corona Del Mar Accounting AT; Sailing Club. Gibbons, Katherine Berkeley Child Development KAO; Class Coun- cil; Senior Week; All-U Week End. Gibbs, Lewis Long Beach Mech. Engineering ASME; TB TI; FITE. Gilbert, Clark Atherton Insurance DKT; Gilbert, Jacqueline Burl ingame General Curriculum ADD; College Women ' s Club Juniors. Giles, William Walnut Creek Marketing AX; Golden Guard; ROTC Drill Team; Wrestling. Gilkey, Don Corcoran Agriculture Econ. EX; Skull Keys; Winged Helmet; Football; Rugby. Gillette, Bennie Berkeley Music AEO; YWCA; MENC; CSTA. Gillogly, Phyllis Woodland Accounting Sri; Mortar Board; Prytanean; BrE; BAT; BAT; J. Comm.; Chairman ASUC Secretariat. Gilson, Clark Oakland Geology EX; OT; Ski Club. Gilstrap, Mary Berkeley Speech X52; Panile; Daily Cal Managerial; Elections Council; Speech Club. Gin, Sandra Fresno Child Development Chinese Students Club. Gish, Claudia Berkeley English A X52; YWCA. Gist, Ruth Piedmont Education II CSTA; Class Council; Pelican; YWCA. SENIORS 45 A Bus Ad major hailing from Stock- ton, PAUL ERICI SON spent most of his time with activities as Vice- President of the student body. Paul lists his ambition as " happy and successful, " and when not at the Theta Delt house can be found play- ing tennis or golf. His favorite pastime is Katy on whom he plans on bestowing his name in June. Leading the Cal basketball team to victory as high scorer and captain, LARRY FRIEND is also active in baseball and Big C. Not only an athlete, Larry is also musically inclined and he enjoys playing the piano and singing. Following his marriage in Septem ber, he is plan- ning a double career, pro basket. ball and advertising, prepared for by his major, public relations. Goodwill, Jeff Reed ley Civil Engineering ATtI; ASCE. Giusto, Margaret San AnseImo Marketing AAA. Glaesner, Margot Fairfax General Curriculum ZTA; Admin. Officer for ASUC. Glascock, Hughson General Curriculum Ar; WAA. Glass, Glenda Hollywood English AZ. Glasson, San Premed, Newman Club. Glober, Gary Los Premed, Psychology TAM; Freshman Football; Publicity Director of Cal Engineer. Goetze, Marilyn Burlingame Decorative Art AXtJ; Soph Rally Comm.; Symphony Forum; Young Re- publicans. Goldman, William Oakland Psychology Daily Cal; Cal Band. Goodanetz, Eugene Petaluma Sanitation KAP; Ski Club. Goodrich, Healdsburg Chem. Smyth Assn.; Gordon, Sara Petaluma Economics Stern Hall; FIT; Collegians; Welfare Board; Store Board. Gordon, Tim Salinas Petroleum Geology AT52; Daily Cal; Rally Comm. Gore, Meredith Los Angeles History AAA; Tower Flame. Gorman, Ann Pasadena History AM; Newman Club; NSA; Young Re- publicans. Goto, Lodi Landscape Architecture. Gould, Robert Chula Vista Marketing ' FA. Graham, Nancy La Canada General Curriculum ' M; Treble Clef. Grant, Jack Indio Production Mgmt. Graw, Berkeley Physical Education PE Society; Bas- ketball. Greeff, Santa Child Blue Gold; Con- stitutions Council; Young Republicans. Green, Deborah San Francisco History Psychology AME. Green, Dona La Canada General Curriculum Ar; Ace of Clubs. Greer, Berkeley General Curriculum KM. Gregory, San Jose Mech. Engineering TBII; ASME. Greschel, Bill Albany Production Mgmt. BFX; Masonic Club; Soc. for Ad- vancement of Man- agement; Baton; Cal Band; Crew. Griffin, Rodney Crescent City Marketing AT; Triune; WinaPri HpImpf Groener, Liam Newport Beach Mech, Engineering White Manor; ASME. Grossman, Peter Shafter History MTK; IKA; Glee Club; Intramural. Guthrie, Donald New Mexico internat ' i Relations TAB; UC Railroad Club; Golden Guard. Habeeb, Robert San Francisco General Curriculum Canterbury Assn. Hadlow, Charles San Salvador, El Salvador Foreign Trade International House; " I " House Council. Hahesy, Juanell Visalia General Curriculum KKF; Speech Arts; Boalt Law Wives. Hale, Ontario History. Hall, Judy Orinda General Curriculum XO; Class Council; CSTA; Pani le; Speech Art Club. Hall, Stuart San Political Science Bowles Hall; TAX; Golden Bear; ASUC Rep-at-Large; Daily Cal. Hall, Warren Manhattan Beach Elec. Engineering Smyth Assn. Halsted, Ceci Pasadena General Curriculum KKr; Blue Gold. Hammill, Jim Berkeley Mech. Engineering 0X; ASME; TB II;FITT. Hammon, Sacramento Foreign Trade AAA; Winged Hel- met; Golden Bear; Crew; PIC. Hanscom, Robert Berkeley Engineering ATtI; AIIE; IFC. Hansen, Carl Cambria Marketing OKT; AT II; American Market- ing Assn.; PIC. Happe, Lois Taft General Curriculum Stern Hall; Sym- phony Forum; Class Councils. Harker, Linda Sacramento General Curriculum r4■13. Goyette, Jane Green, Charles Milbrae San Francisco General Curriculum General Curriculum X1. ZW; Triune; ed Helmet; Skull Keys; Blue Gold. Riverside KKF. Music Ridge House; munity Service Board; Stiles Hall; AMO; UC Choir. Hafner, George Gwerder, Diane San Pablo Walnut Grove Accounting Greiner, Robert General Curriculum BA+. When not busy as Chairman of ASUC Secretariat and FSB, or attending meetings of Women ' s J, Mortar Board, Pryt or Beta Gamma Sigma, PHYLLIS GILLOGLY enjoys her favorite pastime: reading mag- azines. Known as Phyl around the Phi Mu House, this accounting ma- jor, noted for organization or the lack thereof, plans a future as a good accountant and a good house- wife. Rep-at-Large, Daily Cal, and a member of Finance Committee, MRA, Golden Bear, HEA, and IAX, ranked high on the list of activities of STU HALL who also found time for stamp collecting and politics—his hobbies. Noted for his oral and written ver bosity, he " packs more into words " than most. After satisfying Uncle Sam, Stu plans a career in journalism. Harrington, Ruth Carmel Internat ' l Relations ZTA; Rally Comm.; Blue Gold; Pres- ident ZTA. Harrington, Theresa Inglewood Psychology Yacht Club; WAA; Tennis. Harris, Carl Grass Valley Business Admin. MKT; TO; Baseball. Harris, Charles Dunsmuir Geophysics Big C; Circle C; Swimming; Water Polo. Harris, Harry Hanford Political Science Bowles Hall; Arnold Air Society; XKA; Tower Flame. Harrison, John Sydney, Australia Physical Education TKE; Rugby. Hart, Shirley Alleghany General Curriculum Hoyt Hall. Hart, Stanley Alleghany Mech. Engineering Barrington Hall. Hatcher, Owen Kerman Physics Barrington Hall. Hattrup, Robert Oakland Production Mgmt. Masonic Club; Golden Guard; So- ciety for the Ad- vancement of Man. Hawes, John San Jose Mech. Engineering AT(; ASME. Hawkinshire, Frank Berkeley Criminology LAE; Student Jud. Comm.; Men ' s Jud. Comm.; " I " House; Folk Dance Group. Hay, Edward Long Beach Petroleum Geology BAX; BIT; Men ' s Jud. Comm.; Fresh- man Tennis. Hayden, Douglas Fresno Forestry Bowles Hall; Fores- try Club; Varsity Rowing Club; Crew. Hayman, Robert St. Louis, Mo. Bacteriology KAT; Daily Cal; Sports. Hegan, Bobbie San Leandro General Curriculum AZ. Heimark, Preston G. Indio Economics TT. Heimerl, Shirley San Francisco Retailing Accounting Epworth Hall; OXO; BAT; BUM. Hemphill, Katherine Susanville General Curriculum Epworth Hall; Treble Clef. Henderson, Anthony San Leandro Law Enforcement OW; Freshman Crew. Henderson, Charles San Mateo Personnel Mgmt. BS-Civil Engineering Scabbard Blade; ASCE; SAME. Hendrix, Frederic Yuba City Psychology EX; Crew. Henry, Michael San Francisco Criminology XT. Herman, Carolyn Sanger General Curriculum Hoyt Hall; CSTA; German Club. Herzig, Shirley Walnut Creek General Curriculum KA; Senior Coun.; AE; Pelican. SENIORS 47 Hesselberg, Erwin San Francisco Zoology Masonic Club; B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foun- dation; Premed So- ciety; Fencers. Hibbs, Douglas Baldwin Park General Curriculum MEK; Football. Hickman, Jan Ross General Curriculum II BM; Blue Gold; YWCA; Rally Comm. Hierlihy, Shirley Rio Vista General Curriculum AAA. Higbee, Ralph Palo Alto Production Mgmt. ' FA; President Plymouth House; Glee Club; Home- coming. High, John Glendora Psychology KE; Golden Guard; Football. Hildebrand, Byron Oakland Zoology WAX; Axe Show; Tennis Manager. Hile, Roger San Bernardino Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn.; TBII; IITE; Jr. Varsity Glee Club; ASME. Hill, Dean San Bernardino Psychology Premed Lawrence Manor; Premed Society. Hillinger, Norma Pasadena Sociology AE ' ' ; Hillel; Varsity Debate. Hindes, Harriet San Fernando General Curriculum TO13. Hineman, Eleanor Goodyear, Ariz. Psychology Ar. Hines, Charles Carmichael Speech OTK; Occident; Westminster. Hines, Douglas Albany Mork Fnoineering ASME; ; FITE. Hirshman, Mab San Francisco Chemistry Oldenberg Hall; Student Affair of America; Chemical Society; LEH. Hitchcock, Al lan Salinas Marketing EX; Circle C; Volleyball; Basket- ball. Hobbs, Marianne San Francisco Zoology AO II ;HAI; Panile; Blue Gold; Rally Comm.; Class Councils, Hodgson, Mark Oakland Geology 0AX; Big C; WT. Hoffman, Harold Burlingame Geophysics Ridge House; SEG; WT. Hoffman, Lynette Stockton General Curriculum Ar. Hoffman, Ross San Francisco General Curriculum MKW; Winged Helmet. Hoffman, William Oakland Political Science AEM; Model Sen- ate; Rally Games Comm.; Class Coun- cil. Holcenberg, Lois San Francisco Child Development Peixotto Hall. Holden, Janet Pomona English AAX; Treble Clef. Hollister, Barbara Sacramento Psychology Stern Hall. Holloway, Alan Oakland Accounting .KA. Holmes, Paul Niagara Falls, History Honor Society; Yacht Club. Holt, John Hillsborough General Curriculum AT; IFPC Judicial Comm.; Triune; President AT. Horn, John Berkeley Civil Engineering TBII; XE. Hong, Paul San Francisco Political Science Chinese Social Club. Hong, Roland San Francisco Sanitation Public Health Un- dergraduate Assn., President. Hopkins, Gloria Oakland General Curriculum AZ; Masonic Club; II AE; Vice-Pres- ident Senior Class; Women ' s Ex. Board. Horn, Walter El Monte Civil Engineering AAE; ASCE, Stu- dent Chapter. Horton, James Salinas Elec. Engineering Smyth Assn.; UC SEE; IRE; APE; UCARC. Horton, Joyce Auburn Psychology Mitchel Hall. Hosburg, Gregory Hoskins, Larry Berkeley General Curriculum Arnold Air Society. Hostetter, Karl Oakland Criminology AAE. Hotta, Masao French Camp Crirninalistics Cloyne Court. Houlder, Kathleen Burl ingame Political Science AZ. House, Palmer Dana Point Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn.; ASME. Hrusoff, Ronald Oakland Political Science EH. Huber, Suzanne Piedmont Social Welfare KA0; Prytanean; PIC; YWCA; Chil- dren ' s Hospital. Huck, Catharine San Mateo Speech FMB; Prytanean; Women ' s Ex Board; Chairman Women ' s Rally Comm. Huey, Harry Fresno Architecture XA K. Huffstutler, Robert Oakland Economics Westminster House; Varsity Debate. Hughes, Patricia Danville General Curriculum AOII; Class Coun- cil; Pelican. Hunt, Robert McCloud Political Science Bowles Hall. Hurd, Richard Stockton Zoology Dwight Hall; MRA; Wildlife Conserva- tion Club. Hurlocker, Kathleen Trona English Newman Club; Orientations Council. Hutchins, Jane Pasadena General Curriculum A011; Pelican; YWCA; Class Council. Hutton, Gary Monterey Physics. Ichinaga, Grace Pixley Social Welfare Hoyt Hall. Ide, Clark Modesto Economics California Boxing Club; BHP; Var- sity Boxing. Ikeda, Simona Sal inas Zoology. Inadomi, Grace Montebello General Curriculum Stern Hall; NSC; WDA. Ingalls, Philip Santa Monica Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; Insti- tute of Radio Engineers. Ingraham, George Oakland Bacteriology AKA; Occident. Inouye, Nancy San Francisco Social Welfare NSC. Intaglietta, Marcos Argentina Mech. Engineering H T; ASME; Ski Club. Irvine, Edward Sacramento Decorative Art Megaphone Society. Ish, Kathryn San Leandro Dramatic Art Prytanean; Mask Dagger; Hammer Dimmer; APC; Axe Review. Ishino, Ben El Monte Mech. Engineering ASME; NSC. Itaya, Gladys Stockton Clinical Laboratory Public Health Assn.; Nisei Students Club. Iwamura, Thomas Selma Geological Science AIM ME; UC Hiking Club. Iwawaki, Yaeko San Francisco General Curriculum H AO; NSC. Jaber, Muhammad Jerusalem, Jordan Chem. Engineering " 1 " House; ACS; AIChE; Treasurer Arab Student Assn. Jachens, Carole San Mateo Business Admin. AEA; Student Union Comm.; Class Council. Jackson, Charles Pasadena Mech. Engineering. Jackson, H. Herbert Sacramento General Curriculum BO Ft ; Triune; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; BB; Big C; Circle C. Jackson, Leslie Burl ingame Elec. Engineering OE; IFPC Rep-at- Large; Golden Bear; Cal Engineer. Jacobberger, Nancy Jacobs, Anthony Hermosa Beach History KA; Mt. Jacobs, Jeanne North Hollywood General Curriculum Jacoby, Jerrold San Francisco Indus. Engineering AIIE; II TX; TB H; Freshman Basketball. Jaeger, Joseph Napa Accounting ZW; Californians; Big C; Winged Helmet; Baseball. Jaffa, Robert Berkeley Mathematics AEH; Masonic Club; 4)HE; Tower Flame; University Symphony. Jaffe, Nick Cotati Chem. Engineering Cloyne Court; AIChE; Basketball. Jameson, Richard Woodland Elec. Engineering TB II; HKN; UCSEE; EJC. Jamieson, Alfred Oakland History KATHRYN ISH, a dramatic art jor, participated in Mask and ger, Hammer and Dimmer, Thalian Society, Pryt, and University atre. Obviously interested in theatre work, she enjoys singing, dancing, and acting and her ambition is to participate in musical comedy. She once entertained at the hungry i but now is content to drink tea, talk, and listen to music in her spare time. 49 Catherine, alias " KITTY " HUCK, when not making noise around the Gamma Phi house, could be found at Women ' s Rally Comm. where she was chairman, at Pryt meeting, Women ' s Ex Board, at Rally and Games Council, or " spotting " in Dwinelle Plaza. Taking time out from hobbies — golf, tennis and reading—she worked on her major, speech, preparing for a career in the field of public relations. SENIORS Jansse, Janet Orinda Public Health HBO; Ace of Clubs; RNs on Campus. Jayne, Clare Colusa Speech. Jeffrey, Richard Sacramento Mech. Engineering 10E. Jenkines, Nancy San Rafael Child Development Ski Club. Jensen, Mary Berkeley Criminology MK; AAE; can; Class Councils; Young Republicans. Jensen, Petaluma Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Jermy, Sandra Los Angeles Home Economics KA. Jiminez, Irene Niles Social Welfare The California. Jobe, Marcia Downey Social Welfare AXO; YWCA " Y " Teen Rep.; Class Councils; Stephens Union Comm. Jacobs, Eleanor San Francisco English Vice-President Hillel Foundation. Johannes, Sandra Anaheim General Curriculum Peixotto Hall; Pres- ident Sailing Club; Masonic Club; Chorale Sing. Johanson, Karen Lafayette General Curriculum II HO; Prytanean; Blue Gold; Sym- phony Forum; Chil- dren ' s Hospital; Intramurals. Johnson, James Castro Valley Retailing II KA; Winged Helmet; Rowing Club; Crew. Johnson, Joyce El Cerrito Correction Probation 1K; AAE; Gavel Quill; Song Leader; Pelican; Class Council. Johnson, Orinda French KAB; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Cal Club; Torch Shield. Johnson, Paula Richmond Physical Education WAA; Women ' s C Society; PE Majors Club; Newman Club. Johnson, William El Centro Labor Industrial Relations Men ' s Ex. Board; Men ' s Residence Assn.; Society for Advancement Mgmt. Jonas, Diane Burlingame Decorative Art AXO; Class Coun- cils; YWCA, Jones, Andree Berkeley Criminology XIC; TIA1; can; Young licans; AAE; Sec. retariat. Jones, Dave El Cerrito Political Science Acacia; Golden Bear Rep.-at-Large; IFC Judicial Comm. Jones, Donald Watsonville Business Admin. EIAX; President Circle C; Golden Bear; Californians; APC. Jordan, Alameda Production Mgmt. Jordan, James Minnesota Indus, Engineering AIIE; ASME; Pres- ident TB II; H TX; Golden Bear; Engineers Joint Council. Jue, Spencer San Francisco Architecture Jung, Georgia General Curriculum mon. Jung, Mary Berkeley General Curriculum CSTA. Kahnert, John Argentina Physical Education Kamer, Dorothy Alhambra English Daily Cal; Mlle. College Board. Kan, Raymond Oakland Optometry Optometric Assn.; Judo Club. Kanouse, Berkeley Music ATO; OHM; Tower Flame; Symphony Forum; Newman Club; In- terfraternity Scho- lastic Honor Society. Katagi, Kazuo Parlier Elec. Engineering. Kato, Eisei San Mech. Engineering. Katoh, Japan Transportation. Kawahira, Kenji Kawamoto, Gunichi Loomis Sanitary Science. Kawano, Delano Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE. Kawasaki, Rose H. Honolulu, T.H. Psychology Hoyt Hall; USCA; Newman Club. Keefe, William Sacramento General KAP; Oski Comm. Keene, Orland Business Admin. X; Class Councils; IFC; Baseball. Keith, Carolyn Grass Valley Political Science Hoyt Hall. Keith, Kevin San Francisco Political Science AKE; Newman Club; Young Re- publicans; Model Senate; Yell Leader; Swimming. Kelly, Barbara Danville Political Science, Kelterer, Carol San Francisco History AO H; Secretariat; Pelican; Class Council. Kemsley, Jacqueline Alameda General Curriculum AP. Kennedy, Turlock Civil Engineering ASCE. Kennedy, Patricia San Diego History International House; EKA; Secretary " I " House Council; Cal Monthly. Kennelly, Dollette Hayward Speech Peixotto Hall Bryn Mawr; Daily Cal; Collegians. Kenney, William San Mateo Psychology AXA. Kennon, Curtiss Hollister Forestry Abracadabra. Kenny, Nancy San Francisco Speech KA; Speech Arts Club. Kent, Anne Santa Barbara General Curriculum AZ. Kent, Roy Hayward Physics. Kessler, Elizabeth San Francisco Speech Elizabeth Barrett; Rally Comm.; Class Councils. Kidder, Hayward Political Science 1AE; Cal Club; Golden Bear; IFC; Californians; ASUC President. Kilburn, Kent Bakersfield Criminology Ridge House; AAE; University Young Democrats. Killion, Dalton Garden Grove Accounting. Kim, E. Korea Banking Finance. King, Keith Long Political Science Honor Students Society. King, Margaret Gridley Political Science Prospect Terrace. King, Sheila Millbrae Psychology DM; Blue Gold. Kingston, Al San Francisco Internat ' l Relations DICE; ASE; Men ' s Rep.; J. Comm.; Californians; Ex. Comm. Kinkel, Joan Berkeley Psychology Ski Club. Kinney, William Willows Business Admin. OAX. Kitazawa, Thomas San Jose Indus. Relations. Kite, Barry San Marino Anthropology rl■EA. Kleebauer, San Foreign Trade. Klement, Mic hael Orinda General Curriculum Be II; IFPC; Skull Keys. Kliewer, Kathleen Santa Ana Speech AZ. Klikoff, Waldemar Santa Monica Geolog. Engineering Smyth Assn. Klinge, Ronald North Hollywood Geology AXA; FAAB; Big C; Golden Bear; IFPC; Californians; Golden Guard. Knittel, Elizabeth Pasadena German AAX; Folk Square Dance; man Club; Intra- mural Sports. Knobel, Lafayette Music Composers Forum; Music Educators National Congress. Knoll, Dave Berkeley Indus. Engineering ATS2; AIIE; Rally Comm. Captain of the football team was DON GILKEY ' S main c ' aim to fame as well as Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, and Rugby. A Sigma Chi and Agriculture-Economics major, he plans a future in farming. HERB JACKSON, Most Valuable Player in football, and East-West Game, was a Gen Curric major pre- paring for a career in law. He was also a member of Skull Keys, Winged Helmet, and B6 1I. As President of IFC, chairman of the Comm. of University Affairs, and a member of the Californians, TOM JEFFRY earned his nickname, " Little Caesar. " Taking time out from hobbies, fishing and swim- ming, Tom is majoring in prelaw and hopes to become a corporate lawyer, but meantime enjoys favor- ite pastime, married life with wife, Blenda. SENIORS Kiangsiri, Punnee King, Jean Thailand Oakland Physics Art E. Life Guard Corp; Plymouth House AE President; Class Council. 51 Knotts, Allan Santa Cruz Business Admin. EAE. Knuth, Karl San Francisco General Curriculum KA; Ski Club. Kobayashi, Robert Mountain View Elec. Engineering Euclid Hall; UCSEE. Koehler, Juergen Germany Marketing " I " House; Soccer. Kohut, Bill Alameda Mech. Engineering ASME; AIIE. Kojima, Takasumi Penryn Architecture Cloyne Court; Architecture Assn.; Golden Guard. Kolkmann, Oliver San Leandro Forestry Forestry Club; EX II; AZ. Kolm, San Civil Smyth Assn.; ASCE Koo, Chong San Francisco Sanitary Science Public Health Assn. Koskela, Albion Elec. Engineering Co-op. Kosovac, Indiana Architecture H KA; Winged Helmet; Rambler Football. Kostial, San Diego General Curriculum AT; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Wom- en ' s C; Secretary WEB; WAA. Kovac, Orange Elec. Engineering Oxford Hall; Stiles Hall. Krause, Michigan Law Enforcement. Kreutzberg, Sally Oakland Law Enforcement AZ; AAE; YWCA Community Service; President R. Krogh, Carolyn San Carlos General Curriculum Epworth Hall. Krum, Oakland General Curriculum ZTA; Pompon Girls. Kuhl, Charles N. Sacramento Criminology Bowles Hall; AAE; Block C; Football; Track. Kuritsubo, Kiyoshi Oakland Accounting. Kurosawa, Roy Sacramento Mech. Engineering White Manor; ASME. Kurtz, Oakland Business Admin. Chairman Homecoming Parade. Kyte, Alvin Oakland Physical Education EAE; PE Majors Society; Big C; Triune; Golden Bear; Baseball. Laidlaw, Scott Sausalito Finance EC Winged Hel- met; Triune; Soccer; Ski Club. Lakritz, Alfred San Francisco Economics EAM; Honor So- ciety; Model Senate. Lam, Chi Hong Kong Zoology. La Marre, Ronald Piedmont Real Estate AT52. Lambert, Oakland Civil Engineering XE. Lambert, Marion San Francisco Communications Pub. Policy The Californian; Mortar Board; Prytanean; FLEE; Daily Cal. Landis, Berkeley General Curriculum EA; Circle C; Basketball. Larsen, Harry San Leandro Economics EX. Larsen, John Berkeley General Curriculum KAP; Quarterdeck; Stiles Hall. Larson, Oakland General Curriculum KA. Larson, Oakland Personnel Relations H KA. Larson, Berkeley Chem. Engineering AECI; AIChE. La Rue, Alan Altadena Mech. Engineering EN; Golden Bear; ASME; Skull Keys; Winged Hel- met; IFC. Lau, Florence San Francisco Advertising International House; Daily Cal; 4,XEI. Lauricel la, San Francisco Italian AAA; HMI; man Club; YWCA; Blue Gold; " I " Board; Italian Club; Freshman Council. Laux, Raymond Vallejo Production Mgmt. ,DKE. Lavin, Marvin Oakland Social Welfare KN; Social Welfare Club; Daily Cal; IFC; Intramural Boxing. Lawson, James Berkeley Optometry Cal Band; Swim- ming; Baton Society. Lazar, Alan Palo Alto Foreign Trade Bowles Hall; Glee Club; Senior Octet. Leal, H. T. Emeryville Business Admin. II; New- man Club; Daily Cal; MAC; Chair- man Ugly Man Contest. Leaver, Piedmont General Curriculum EAE; Cal 1A; Stu- dent-Faculty Con- ference Comm. Leavey, Anna Rita Sacramento General Curriculum Stern Hall; Newman Club Historian; Women ' s Activities Council; Club Council. Lebovitz, Kenneth San Francisco Public Admin. EAM. Lee, Amy China Social Welfare CSA. Lee, Dalliance Oakland General Curriculum E0 II; Chinese Students Club. Lee, Edgar Honolulu, T.H. Civil Engineering Barrington Hall; XE; TB II; ASCE. Lakritz, Herbert Landers, Marion San Francisco Berkeley Accounting General Curriculum EAM; Rugby Club; Ace of Clubs; French Club. YWCA. Arnold Air Society; Chinese Students Club; Scabbard Blade. Lemert, James Chico Journalism Leong, Kenneth President IAX; Salinas Daily Cal; Golden Architecture Bear; Cal Club; EE E; Ex. Comm. 53 Lee, Edwin San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. Lee, George AKE. Lee, Lois San Francisco Psychology EK. Lee, Lorna Honolulu, T.H. Psychology Continental; New- man Club; Chinese Students Club. Lee, Robert San Francisco Electronics AIEE. Leet, Robert Oakland General Curriculum MX; Track. Le Fevre, Shirley Lehmann, Richard Rosemead Elec. Engineering. Lehrfeld, Toby Alameda General Curriculum Lendaris, George San Francisco Elec. Engineering Smyth Assn.; Glee Club; TB II; HKN; UCSEE. Lenschau, Justus Millbrae Political Science ATO; Cal Club; Golden Bear; Gavel Quill; Rep-at- Large. Leone, Charles San Francisco Mech. Engineering ASME; 1AS. Leong, Effie Arizona Sociology 1 ' 0 11; Richards Hall. Lester, Edward San Francisco Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn.; ASME. Levin, Barbara San Anselmo Physical Education Prospect Terrace; Mortar Board; Cal Club; Prytanean; ASUC 2nd Vice- President. Lewis, Helen But tonwillow English Mitchell Hall; WDA. Lewis, Lynne Ontario General Curriculum AE,D; YWCA. Liberman, Marlene Val lejo General Curriculum Licari, Gerald Salinas Geology. Lillagore, Joan New Jersey Elec. Engineering AIEE. Lilleland, Ardath Davis Child Development Westminster House; California Student Teachers Assn. Lin, Tong-Joe Formosa Chem. Engineering International House; AIChE. Lindgren, Dianne San Pedro Child Development AAX; French Club; Folk Dance; CSTA. Lindquist, Evert Sal inas Entomology 4,13K; Entomology Club. Levy, Marlene Likins, Tod Burbank Santa Cruz English Physical Education Stern Hall; Tower X; Director Oski Flame; Hillel; Comm.; Captain Daily Cal; WDA. Wrestling Team. SENIORS Lewis, Isabella Berkeley Home Economics President ON; Home Economics Club. Linn, Betty Burlingame Political Science Panile; YWCA; WAC. Wielding the at Mortar Board this year was JUDY JOHNSON, who also found time to attend meetings of Pryt, Cal Club, and Women ' s J. When not at the Theta house, Judy could be found at the golf course or on the tennis court. After chang- ing her name in June, she hopes to tour France and to put her major, French, to use. Wielding the gavel at the Acacia house, where he is president, DAVE JONES also spends time in various campus activities — Rep-at-Large, Golden Bear, and IFC Judicial Comm. His spare time is taken up with sports — softball, tennis and basketba ' I. Following graduation this poli sci major plans to enter the legal profession. Livermore, Jean San Ramon Speech BO; Pelican; Children ' s Hospital; Cal Maid of Cotton ' 56. Livezey, Ontario Mech. Engineering ASME. Lockett, William Sacramento Political Science Smyth Assn.; J. Comm.; MRA; Comm. on Living Accommodations. Long, Margaret San Francisco Physical Education AO; Children ' s Hospital; Intra- mural Board; WAA. Longworth, William Dana Point History TKE. Lorenzen, Angus San Mateo Mech. Engineering ASME; UCYC; UCSEE. Loughboro, John Ojai Elec. Engineering Del Rey; Golden Guard; UCSEE. Louie, Sherwin Berkeley Bacteriology Chinese Students Assn. Low, Berkeley Lab Technician n TO; Public Health Assn. Lubbock, Alameda General Curriculum OAX; Cal Club; IFS; Golden Bear; Californians; Daily Cal. Luke, Myrna Long Beach General Curriculum Westminster House; CSTA, Lunde, Edith Ross English roB. Lurie, Henry San Francisco Mech. Engineering Barrington Hall; ASME; TB n ; TX; DDA; Golden Bear. Lutz, Linda Anaheim General Curriculum OM; Prytanean; !FIE; ODD; BAT; Class Councils; Blue Gold Sports Ed. Lyman, Berkeley Mech. Engineering rI TE;TB II; (MX; ASME; 22.E. Lyman, Princeton San Francisco Political Science KN; International Board; NSA; Debate. McCarty, Richard Arizona Architecture Cloyne Court. McCauley, Oakland Art X52; Chairman Card Stunts; Panile; Model Senate. McClintock, Marilyn San Francisco English AEA; LAWS; Rep. Women ' s Ex. Board; Class Council; Daily Cal; Symphony Forum. McComb, Delmar Stockton History Newman Club. McComb, Berkeley Accounting. McConnell, Nina San Diego General Curriculum II BC McDerm id, Mary Ann La Canada Home Economics ON. McDonald, David Sierra Madre Marketing AE . McDowell, Jennifer Berkeley English. McGowan, Velma San Francisco Social Welfare AKA; Stebbins Hall. McGrath, Harold Oakland Production Mgmt. Masonic Club; Off. of Rep-at-Large. McIntosh, Carol San Gabriel General Curriculum MB; Junior Class Council; Home- coming. McKeen, Piedmont Mech. Engineering Californians; Cal Club; Golden Bear; Big C; Basketball. McLure, Sue Oakland Speech X52; CSTA; Speech Arts Club; Club Council; YWCA; Ski Club; Blue Gold. McMahon, Kay San Francisco History AAA; Red Cross. McMannis, Sue Santa Rosa General Curriculum ArA. McMasters, Alan El Cerrito Mech. Engineering ATO; ASME; IAS. McTaggart, Mary Martinez General Curriculum Ritter Hall. McTigue, Monica San Francisco Biochemistry SAACS; Honor Stu- dent Society; Deutche Verein. Macdonald, Miriam San Francisco History Honorary Society. Macdougall, Connie Fontana General Curriculum Richards. Mace, Robert Berkeley Accounting. MacLean, William Piedmont General Curriculum Xklf. MacRury, Barbara Walnut Grove General Curriculum AA II. MacSwain, Duncan Oakland Criminology DT ' A; Winged met; Triune. Madison, James Walnut Creek Dramatic Art Mask Dagger; Hammer Dimmer; Thal ian; University Theatre. Magistretti, Paul San Francisco English Varsity Track. Magnuson, Harold Oakland Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE; SAACS; Freshman Football; Intra- mural Swimming. Mahaffy, John Burl ingame Mathematics Dwight Hall; Ath- letic Ccuncil; Big C; Ball Chain; Manager Football Basketball. Mah akian, Marissa San Leandro General Curriculum AM); Pelican; Cass Councils. Mahal la, Shalom Berkeley Metallurgy USCA. Mahler, Berkeley Child Development. Longmore, Livezey, Jack La Jolla Alhambra Biochemistry. Elec. Engineering. 7 Mahler, Raydean Berkeley Production Mgmt. SAM. Mahoney, Berkeley Physical Education. Mailliard, Nancy San Francisco General Curriculum WAA; In- tramural; YWCA; Children ' s Hospital. Maagels, Robert Kansas Elec. Engineering TB II ; Quarter- deck Society; Honor Students Scciety. Mann, Robert New Jersey Paleontology 8T; Intramural Football. Marchitelli, Toni Manteca Art FOB; Torch Shield; Panne; Gavel Quill; Orchesis; Vice- President Junior Class; BCD Rep. Margolin, Harold New York Traffic Management Radio-TV Theatre. Marguleas, Howard San Francisco General Curriculum H M ' . Maringer, Kirk San Francisco Production Mgmt. Marr, Janeth Bakersfield English Daily Cal; Cal Engi- neer; N. Calif. Press Conference paper Clinic; Tower Flame. Marsh, Margaret P. Mill Valley Speech IM B; Ex. Comm; APC; Cal Club; Gavel Quill; ASUC 2nd Vice- President; WEB. Marshall, Nancy Oregon Mathematics Peixotto Hall; EEI; II ME. Martin, Carolyn Paradise General Curriculum Newman Hall. Martin, Lucille Berkeley Geography AXE; KC Martin, Marilyn Piedmont History AAA; Rally Comm.; Class Councils; In- tramural Swimming. Martin, Robert Vallejo Forestry ATA; Forestry Club. Marylander, Howard Richmond Accounting LAM; IFC Initiation ity Board. Mason, Maxine Lodi General Curriculum Stratford Hall; WDA; YWCA. Mathis, Jacob San Francisco General Curriculum TKE; Tower Flame; German Club; Rally Spring Sing; Water Polo. Matsumoto, Norma Lodi German. Mattarocci, Frank San Diego Sales Advertising KE; Winged Hel- met; Triune; Big C; Circle C; Football; Rugby. Matushak, Sacramento General Curriculum Maughelli, Mary San Francisco Decorative Art Oldenberg Hall; Decorative Arts Club. Mauric, Evelyn Los Angeles Art NET; Yacht Club; Ski Club; WAA; Orchesis. Mauzy, Claudia Walnut Creek Social Studies OM; Gavel Quill; Prytanean; APC; FSB; PanHell. Ex. Board. SENIORS 55 Being President of the student and a member of Cal Club, the Californians, Golden Bear, IFS Hon- or Society and University Affairs Committee occupied most of JIM KIDDER ' S time and left little for favorite pastime—sleeping. An Economics-Political Science major, Jim resides at the SAE where he tried to squeeze in for his hobbies — music, poetry, sports, and theater. AL " Beat the Bruins " is often noted for starting contro- versies. His other activities away from the Phi Kap house clude Men ' s Rep on Ex Men ' s Ex Board, Californians, Comm, Activities Planning and Rally and Games Council. Any spare time is spent playing mural basketball and collecting jazz records. With a major in tional relations, Al hopes to do administration work overseas after graduation. Mayeda, Edward Yuba City Accounting Euclid Hall; NSC. Mayer, Dolly San Diego English Joaquin Hall; Cal Engineer. Mayer, Gene Niles Political Science Smyth Assn.; Arnold Air Society; Golden Bear; Yell Leader Senior Class. Mead, Shirley Minnesota Child Development KA B. Meerly, Richard Menlo Park History Smyth Assn. Meidell, Everett Santa Rosa Biochemistry Lutheran Student Assn. Mendonca, Berkeley Public Health AO II; YWCA Vice- President; Public Health Assn. Menke, Arnold Los Angeles Entomology White Shingles; AZ. Menzel, Sally Berkeley Art Masonic Club; Tower Flame; College Women ' s Club Juniors. Mercer, Lauren Angels Camp Civil Engineering Cloyne Court; ASCE; YMCA. Mercer, Nebraska Elec. Engineering TB IT; HKN; UCSEE; IRE; Cal Engineer Technical Editor. Mercer, Yvonne Lafayette Decorative Art AA II; II AX President. Merrihew, Sonora Accounting Bowles Hall; A KW. Merrill, Robert Modesto Agricultural Econ. AT; Baseball. Merson, Bakersfield Engineering-Physics Barrington Hall. Mesina, Gail San Francisco Social Welfare AAA. Metz, Robert Berkeley Political Science IN; Winged Hel- met; Triune; Circle C. Meuser, Velma Sacramento Physical Education Epworth Hall; Ski Club; Honor Stu- dent Society. Michaels, Loretta Oakland History ZTA. Micheli, Diane Walnut Grove Education AAA; Torch Shield; Card Stunts; WUS; APC Secre- tary. Mickle, Kathryn Lafayette English HBO; Honor Student Society; YWCA; WAA; Tow- er Flame; Peli- can; Class Council. Miles, Patricia Lafayette Business Admin. OM; Home- coming; Spring Sing; WUS; Class Councils. Mill, Sal inas Civil Engineering ASCE. Millar, Victor Brea Accounting HAW. Miller, Buddy Healdsburg Physical Education Freshman Football; Rally Comm. Miller, David Concord Civil Engineering ASCE. Miller, Reed San Mateo Medical Sciences Cloyne Court; 4,BK; University Symphony; Concert Band; President Premed. Miller, Sandra Sacramento General Curriculum AAA; PanHellenic Delegate. Mills, Barton Santa Barbara Mech. Engineering HTI; ASME; TB H. Milne, Milton Sacramento Optometry 4 ' ra; Triune; Winged Helmet; Optometry Assn.; Freshman Track. Melton, Salinas General Curriculum Class cil; Blue Gold; Student Union Comm. Minick, Koran North Hollywood Political Science Californian; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Torch Shield; Women ' s Ex. Board. Mitchell, Betty Jane San General Curriculum AA II; Rally; Panile; Panhell; Homecoming; Class Ccuncils; Blue Gold. Mitchell, Ronald H. Sacramento Elec. Engineering IIKN; TB II; UCSEE; Orchestra; Chorus; Glee Club. Mitchell, Ronald L. Garden Grove Mech. Engineering White Shingles; ASME. Mittelman, Martin Concord Physical Metallurgy Bowles Hall; Bowles Hall Assn.; AIME. Miyakawa, Carolyn Sacramento Child Development Ritter Hall; Pryt• anean; Pan. of Am.; PIC; California Club. Mize!, Bernard San Francisco General Curriculum H A ' P. Mock, Molly Los Angeles General Curriculum KKI ' ; Dramatics; Rally; Collegians; Red Cross; YWCA; Pelican. Mock, Nancy Williams English. Mohamma, Pakistan Engineering. Moir, Al Forestville Chemistry Moloney, Louanne San Marino History AC; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Torch Shield; Rally Comm. Monaco, Carolyn San Francisco Speech Jcaquin Hall; WAA; Fencing, Intramural; WDA; Freshman Secretariat. Monako, Marilyn Orinda Accounting Insurance BCE; BAT; OXE). Monzon, Thelma Berkeley Biochemistry Fernwa:d Halls; Newman Club. Moore, Florida Elec. Engineering. Moore, Mary Mill Valley Political Science Welfare Board; Academic Affairs Council; Special Services; Mcdel UN; YWCA. Moore, William Anderson Accounting AKT; Baton So- ciety; Cal Band. Morales, Rafael 57 Moreda, Richard Petaluma General Curriculum Barrington Hall; Rally Comm. Moretto, Elmer Stockton Accounting Collegian Hall; BAT. Morgan, David San Francisco Elec. Engineering AEO. Mori, Osamu Torrance Accounting NSC. Moriguchi, Eddie San Francisco Accounting NSC. Morrish, Tom Orinda General Curriculum AA(D; Californians; Gclden Bear; Wing- ed Helmet; Cal Club; Speakers Bureau. Morrison, Allan San Francisco Premedical ZBT; Homecoming; Axetravaganza. Morse, Frank Berkeley Mathematics Tennis. Mortenson, John Monterey Public Admin. KA; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Tennis. Moseley, Keith Hayward Business Admin. OEK. Mosier, Kimberly Mosley, Benedict Pacific Grove General Curriculum Barrington Hall; A ' I ' A; Arnold Air Society. Mote, Michael Sausal ito Premedical EX; Yacht Club. Munk, Miner Napa Physics. Munn, Josephine Oakland French. Mural, Aron Menlo Park Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; TB II; FIKN; UCSEE; Hiking Club. Murley, Richard Taft History AKA; (1)4(; Young Republicans; Junior Class Council. Myers, Michael Berkeley Political Science EN; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Cali- fornians; Crew. Nagafuji, Akemi Los Angeles Zoology Hoyt Hall; NSC; CSTA; Vice-Pres- ident Honor Student Society; Student Advisory Board. Nagle, Kathleen Long Beach Physical Education Prospect Terrace; WAA; Hiking Club. Nagle, Nano San Francisco General Curriculum AO II; Speech Arts Club; Newman Club; Freshman Class Council. Naito, Mitsu Reedley Civil Engineering NSC; ASCE. Nakano, Yoshio Oakland Real Estate Narita, Kiwi Berkeley Finance 4 X0. Nash, Robert Delhi Accounting KAP Neale, Charles Berkeley Marketing AAE; AIOY; Am. Marketing Assn.; " I " House Assn. Neely, Arthur Honolulu, T.H. Architecture KAP. Nelson, David Berkeley Elec. Engineering Ridge House; UCSEE. Morehouse, Marilyn Morris, James Lafayette Pasadena General Curriculum Mech. Engineering AAA. ASME. SENIORS Noted for forgetting meetings, SHELBY KOSTIAL is required to attend quite a few of them- Pryt, Senior Class Officers Board, Mortar Board (of which she ' s Treas- urer), and Women ' s C where she presides. On week ends she enjoys tennis and horseback riding with girls from the house where she lives. New York City and executive secretarial school are plans for Shelby after graduation. When not searching vainly for a hollow leg, MARION LAMBERT is busy managing Occident, and at- tending meetings of Pryt, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, and Xi Xi Xi, the latter for which she plans to win international acclaim. When not " more depressed than you are, " she can be found studying cation and public policy, her major, or doing thumbtack spinning and dream analyisis. Nelson, Oregon Accounting. Nelson, Joyce Twain French Hoyt Hall, Pres- Newton, Patricia ident; Women ' s Redding Judicial Comm. General Curriculum Bon Haven; Women ' s Activities Council; Nelson, Merle YWCA. Napa Marketing XAE; SAM. Neyman, Elizabeth Long Beach Spanish. Nels on, Jr., Rex Bakersfield Geology. Nickel, Walter Reed ley Elec. Engineering Neu, Harold Lodi Accounting Glee Club; Quarter- Niemi, Aldrick deck Society. San Francisco Political Science. Nitsos, James Sacramento Accounting ADD; AKW; BAT; Blue Gold; Rally Comm. Noda, Judy Stockton Civil Engineering ASCE Secretary. Nofield, Ralph Oakland Civil Engineering II AM; ASCE. Nomura, Betty El Cerrito Zoology. Norman, Piedmont General Curriculum AM; Children ' s Hospital; Pelican. Notley, Gaye Boyes Hot Springs English Bayview Terrace. Nussbaum, Harris Berkeley Real Estate ZBT. Nutting, Jean Orangevale History Peixotto Hall; Yacht Club. Nygren, Hayward History Ritter Hail; YWCA Cabinet; Folk Dance Club; University Interfaith Ccuncil. Nygren, Berkeley History Honor Society; Daily Cal. Oakes, Charles Sacramento General Curriculum President, Univer- sity Christian Fellowship. O ' Hara, Kenneth San Bruno Psychology Abracadabra. Okano, Kango Yuba City Marketing Buddhist Men ' s Dormitory; Nisei Students Club. Okino, Parlier Elec. Engineering. Oliver, Esley Modesto History Olivier, Barry Berkeley Business Admin. Glee Club; Fea- tured Artist " UC Hour " ; UC Radio; TV Theatre. Olivier, Berkeley General Curriculum Treble C ' ef, Omdal, Diane South Pasadena Marketing Colonial Hall. Osborn, Red Bluff H i story Ritter Hall; Student Teachers Assn.; History Club; PIC. Oskay, Turkey Journalism International House; 01M. Ota, Arlene Berkeley Child Development. Otis, Emily San Diego General Curriculum Richards Hall; Ma- sonic Club; YWCA; Dormitory Repre- sentative Council. Ott, Barton H it lsborough Political Science MKT; Homecom- ing; Senior Class Council. Ott, David Illinois General Curriculum MT. Owens, Irene Sacramento History AA II; Treble Clef. Owens, Richard Livermore Premedical OAX. Pace, Bill Turlock Agricultural Econ. APT; AZ; Circle C; IFPC; UCF. Paget, Sandra Albany Psychology WAA. Palmer, Leigh Sacramento Smyth Assn. Palmer, Nancy Oakland Decorative Art AO 11. Pamphilon, Walnut Creek History AO H; Officer Pan- hellenic Inter- sorority; Prytanean; Torch Shield; Rally. Panagakis, San Francisco General Curriculum Elizabeth Barrett, President; CSTA. Pancheco, Andre Saratoga French Foreign Trade AGE; II AM; AMP; Cerce Francais. Newman Club; Young Democrats; College Wcmen ' s Club Juniors. Pappakostas, Kathy Val lejo Social Welfare Richards Hall; WDA. Parker, Merced General Curriculum Epworth Hall. Parker, Donald Sierra Madre Mech. Engineering ASME; Yacht Club; Ski Club. Parker, Oakland History. Parrigon, Alan Merced Accounting. Patterson, Dale Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; Quarterdeck Society. Panelli, Gloria Albany Palmer, William Communications Tujunga General Curriculum -.. ' M11111111 When not at classes, coffee, or the A ' Ft house where he lives, MIKE LENSCHAU can be found working hard in Cal Club and Golden Bear. lie plans to put his major, political science, to good use, for his bition is to become city manager of Berkeley. This busy girl, BARBARA LEVIN, who claims eating is her favorite pastime, finds time to be in numer- ous activities and still maintains a sufficient grade average to be a member of Mortar Board and Pryt. Speakers Bureau, Soph Vice-Pres- ident, WEB, ASUC Second Vice- President, Ex. Comm., Cal Club, and co-chairman of Senior Week have made her four years at Cal busy ones. She even fits sports into her schedule in preparation for her vocation as a PE teacher. Patterson, Leon Arcadia Optometry. Patton, Jean Pasadena Speech YWCA; Symphony Forum. Paulson, John Oakland Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE. Pavlich, Roman Eureka History MX; Ball Chain. Payne, Ashley Woodland Business Admin. AA ' ; Winged Helmet. Payne, Patricia Escalon History AZ; PIC; Class Council. Peahi, Lawrence Pearson, Dave Sal inas Journalism 02.K. Pearson, Verna San Francisco English KA; Class Council; Pelican; Intramural. Peet, Mikie Millbrae General Curriculum PDS; Class Coun- cils; YWCA Cabinet. Pelkan, John San Jose General Curriculum ATA; Triune, Rally Comm.; Yell Lead- er; Megaphone Society. Pellissier, Pierre Whittier Elec. Engineering Winged Helmet; Circle C. Pelzner, Marvyn San Mateo Optometry Bowles. Penry, Neil Healdsburg Architecture International House. Peoples, Richard Sacramento Mech. Engineering EKE; ASME. Pepper, Robert Sacramento Elec. Engineering Smyth; TB H HKN; EE; SHE. Peppin, Nancy Berkeley Internat ' l Relations AAA; Daily Cal; Prytanean; Mortar Board. Perl, Marilyn Piedmont General Curriculum ' LTA; Tower Flame; Class Ccun• cils; Orientations. Perondi, Sharon Sutter Creek History Peixotto; WDA; Newman Club; NSA; WAA; WAC. Perrelli, Geraldine Gilroy General Curriculum AAH. Perrin, Judy Atherton English KKT; Election Council; Class Council; YWCA. Petersen, Darryl San Francisco General Curriculum XiIi; Winged Hel- met; IFPC; Triune; WSSF; Californians. Petersen, John Oakland Forestry Big C; Forestry Club; Rowing Club; Crew. Peterson, Donald San Francisco Chemistry SAACS. Peterson, Eugene Grass Valley Business Admin. AKA; CIC; RHBS; Gavel Quill; A AI; Welfare Board. SENIORS 59 Quon, Jeannette Purdy, Robert San Mateo Indus. Engineering Radford, Glenn AXA; AIIE; Oakland Ski Club. Business Admin. Peterson, Judy Berkeley Clinical Laboratory IK; Public Health Assn. Petrosky, Joseph M inersvi I le, Pa. Slavic Languages Literature Dobro Slovo. Pettigrew, Jimmy Albany Chem. Engineering AIChE. Pfeiffer, Gretchen San Jose General Curriculum A011; YWCA. Pfeiffer, Jacqueline Nevada Political Science WAA; Fencing Club Sports Club Board; WUS. Pfeiler, Peter Glendale Civil Engineering ASCE President. Phi Ibrook, Gordon Albany Chem. Engineering AIChE. Pierotti, Mary San Leandro Art Oldenberg Hall; Newman Club. Pigott, Bud Arizona Physical Education PE Majors; Senior Class Council; Fly- ing Club; Ski Club. Pilgrim, Walter El Cerrito Political Science Band; Baton; Pilz, Gerald Sacramento Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn.; ASME. Pimentel, Gerald Fremont Criminology AAE; Big C; Ball Chain; Golden Bear; Senior Foot- ball Manager; Boxing. Pimley, San General AKA; Tennis. Pincus, Philip San Francisco Physics Cloyne Court; 4411 ' ; 4•13K. Pitts, Kenneth Los Angeles Elec. Engineering IRE. Plat, Ben Los Angeles Accounting AE II; Circle C; Gymnastics Team. Platt, Richard Orinda Speech ATA. Platz, Casette Atascadero General Curriculum Richards Hall; Class Council. Platzek, Rudolph Orovi I le Landscape Architecture. Poncetta, Elizbeth San Francisco. Porter, James Kansas Social Welfare Acac ia. Potts, Marianne Oakland Physical Education WAA; Yacht Club; Manager WAA. Powell, Fresno Social Welfare College Women ' s Club Juniors; Utrimque; WEB; Com. Independents Club. Powell, Donald Vancouver, B.C. Journalism Acacia. Powers, Susan Berkeley Zoology YWCA. Preble, Joan San General Curriculum Stern Hall; Pelican; Cal Engineer; Class Council. Prendiville, Joan San Francisco History IY,K; Freshman Council; Pelican; Intramural. Prescott, Berkeley Econcmics KI; 1,HE 01-11i; ‘1,4,; fraternity Scholastic Honor Society. Pridmore, Betsy Los Altos History APA; Panile. Prindle, Robert Oakland Geology SPA; Skull Keys; Winged Helmet; Wrestling. Provenzano, Chula Political Science. Pudoff, San Physical Education College Women ' s Club Juniors; WAA Council; Senior Class Council. Pugh, Marianne Modesto French YWCA. Quan, Keith Oakland Civil Engineering ASCE; TB II; XE; IE. Quick, Covina General Curriculum TKE. Quigg, Gerald Los Altos Civil Engineering OE; ASCE; Fresh- man Crew. 0E; Megaphone Society; Yell Lead- er; Californians; Pub. Homecoming; Pushcart Relays. Raffetto, Michael Auburn Mech. Engineering II KA; Ball Chain; Big C; ASME. Ralph, Boyden Bakersfield Business Admin. II KA. Ralston, Charles Costa Mesa Civil Engineering Smyth Assn.; ASCE. Ramirez, Richmond Rel. Group Major Hispanic America A4,E . Rammel I, George San Bernardino Chem. Engineering Del Rey. Ramsey, Ralph Sacramento Spanish Smyth Assn. Secretary. Rand, Margharita La Jolla English. Randolph, Richard Oroville Anthropology Kroeber Anthro- pology Society. Ransford, Marilyn Oakland General Curriculum X11; Class Councils; CSTA; Blue Gold Managerial. Rauscher, Lynne San Francisco General Curriculum Epworth Hall; II AI; CSTA; sonic Club; Daily Cal Managerial. Raven, Peter San Francisco Botany Pacifica President; Hiking Club; New- man Club; President Honor Students Society. Ray, Daniel Berkeley Physics. Ray, Marion San Francisco School of Nursing. Rearick, Harold San Jose Elec. Engineering Smyth Assn.; 43HE.; IRE. Rechtiene, Carol Lafayette Speech KA; Class Councils; Young Republicans; Speech Arts; Circolo Ital. Redsun, Sima Sonora History. Reeder, Diane Santa Paula General Curriculum KAO; Rally Comm. Reeder, Paula Palo Alto Child Development KAO. Reese, Cherryl Walnut Creek Physical Education WAA Council; C Society; Senior Council; Ski Club. Rehfuss, Marcia Oakland Physiology Epworth Hall; WDA; WAA; YWCA; Col- lege Women ' s Club; Symphony Forum. Reidt, Donald Oakland Civil Engineering tbKT; ASCE; Big C. Reilly, Thomas San Francisco Medicine EX. Remington, Earl Berkeley History. Renteria, Richard Fillmore Elec. Engineering IRE; AIEE. Reynard, Lee Long Beach Chem. Engineering Bowles Hall; Tower Flame; AIChE; President, Golden Guard. Rhodes, Fred Pasadena Business Admin. A AtI,; Triune; Winged Helmet. Richmond, Frank Alvarado Insurance Barrington Hall; President Insurance Society; Senior Manager Gymnastics Team. Richter, Walter Bellflower Elec. Engineering USCA; UCSEE. Rideaux, Lea Bakersfield Physical Theerapy AAA; Red Cross. Riek, George Hayward Civil Engineering Ad,Q; XE; TBII; ASCE; Lutheran Student Assn. Riemer, Monika Pacific Palisades General Curriculum Epworth Hall; YWCA. Rigdon, Edith Carmel Political Science Lantana Lodge. Riggs, Manford Lodi Business Admin. AT. Ripley, Joan Oakland Decorative Art KA; WAA; Pelican; Freshman Class Council. Roberson, Lee Mountain View General Curriculum X ' I; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Fresh- man Class Council. Roberts, Frances Applegate General Curriculum Mitchell Hall; Treble Clef Society. Robertson, John D. Long Beach Elec. Engineering Bowles Hall; Big C; Ball Chain; Yacht Club; Senior Man- ager Crew. Robinow, Norman Piedmont Art II Ms. Robinson, Jr., Beryl Nevada City Production Mgmt. Acacia; Masonic Club. Robinson, Warren Oakland Business Admin. AT52; Golden Bear; Gavel Quill; Big C; Circle C; MEB; APC. Roche, Marlene Newark General Curriculum AZ; Class Council. SENIORS 61 TOM " T " LUBBOCK finds it ficult to work studies into his tivity schedule. Art and raphy are his main interests and as art editor of the Daily Cal Ile is preparing for his ambition: to do commercial art arid illustration. Junior Cass President, Cal Club, Bear, co-chairman of Senior Week, President of IFSHS, NSA and APC member are among his activities when not at the Theta Delta Chi house. Prominent in Varsity Basketball, EV Mcl EEN is also active in Cali- fornians, Golden Bear, Big C, chair- man of Athletic Relations of Cal Club, and a member of Senior Week Committee. Hailing from Piedmont, Ev is a mechanical engineering ma- jor and his ambition is to be an executive in industry after uation. Rohl, Nancylee Oregon Psychology Model Senate; Ski Club; Yacht Club. Rohwer, Barbara Sacramento Internat ' l Relations MK; Class Councils; YWCA. Rohwer, LaVerne Dixon Lab. Technology K; WAA; Penile; Rally Comm. Roloff, Paula Carmel General Curriculum Prospect Terrace; Ski Club; WAA; Blue Gold; Daily Cal. Rose, Kentfield Art KAB. Rose, Pasadena English Literature International House. Rose, Oakland Sociology Glee Club; Canter. bury. Rose, Jr., William Oakland General Curriculum ' KT; Triune. Rosenthal, Gerry Guatemala, C.A. Foreign Trade Bowles Hall. Ross, Dennis Hayward Economics AM. Ross, Nancy Los Gatos General Curriculum KAe. Ruby, Kentfield General Curriculum Gavel Quill; Ski Club; Blue Gold Managerial; Class Council; Big G Week; Senior Week. Rue, Larry Fresno Political Science Bowles Hall; Golden Bear; 1AX; Daily Cal. Rusca, Rose Oakland Bacteriology Newman Club. Russell, David Hayward Accounting AXP; Debate. Russell, James Oakland Music Cal Band; Baton; Music Educatiors National Conference; Masonic Club. Rutz, Jerry Ryan, Charles El Verano Mech. Engineering Cloyne Court; ASME. Ryan, Donna Santa Paula Art KAO; AE; EITPA. Ryan, John Oakland Marketing IT KA; Cal Circus; Class Councils; IFC; Marketing Club. Rydberg, Sonya San Diego Sociology Social Insitutions ArA. Saeltzer, Florence Sacramento Speech AEA; Class Councils. Sagmeister, Art Nevada Architecture. Sakai, Hiroshi Berkeley Architecture. Psychiatric Social Work KA; Social Wel fare Club; Honor Society. Sanchez, George Arizona Optometry. Sanchez, Louis Oakland Wildlife Conservation Del Rey; Wildlife Conservation Club. Sanford, Gridley Marketing OM; Marketing Club. Sanguinetti, Dianne Stockton General Curriculum AT; Ace of Clubs. San Juan, Gloria Berkeley Child Development Newman Club; Choir; Filipino Stu- dent Club; Treble Clef; YWCA. Sorrow, Jerome Studio City History HAI); Chairman Student Judicial Comm.; Interfrater- nity Honor Society. Sasaki, Sachiko Albany Lab. Technician Nisei Students Club; Public Health Assn. Saugestad, San Lorenzo German Ritter Hall; Wom- en ' s Dormitory Assn.; LSA; Tower Flame. Savage, Marcia Mill Valley Decorative Art AAA. Scanlan, Pasadena General Curriculum Symphony Forum; Young Re- publicans; Intra- mural. Schade, Berkeley General Curriculum Homecoming; President Italian Club; Senior Coun- cil; Senior Week. Scheel, Martha Dixon General Curriculum Epworth Hall. Scherzinger, Dennis Vallejo Ci vil Engineering 4,A13; UCCE; Squash. Schiller, Ventura Mech. Engineering Masonic Club; ASME. Schlegel, Stockton Indus. Engineering Bowles Hall; AHE; Golden Guard. Schlichtmann, Corinne Oakland Social Welfare _MK; Pelican; PIC Experience in In- ternational Living. Schlientz, Randall San Jose Architecture White Manor; Orien- tations Comm.; Campus Tours; Rally Comm. Schlumpf, Walter Los Angeles Forestry EE H ; Forestry Club. Schmidt, John Point Richmond Business Admin. A40; Order of Oski; Quarterdeck Society; Navy ROTC; PIC. Schmitz, Gerald San Mateo Production Mgmt. Schneider, Henry Orland Mech. Engineering X; ASME; IT T ; AAS. Schneider, Patricia San Mateo History 49T; Class Councils. Sakai, Jerry Stockton Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; UCSEE; Yacht Sablinsky, Walter Club. San Francisco Russia E. Europe EN; A ' DE; Sanchez, Ana Circle C; Soccer. Berkeley Sabino, Mary Antioch Spanish Stebbins Hall. 63 Schone, Marilyn Colorado Anthropology AAX; YWCA; Symphony Forum. Schultz, Claude Davis Physics AXA; Men ' s Ju- dicial Comm.; 4,13K. Schulz, Nancy Oakland History College Wemen ' s Club Juniors. Shepherd, Michael Salinas Elec. Engineering Smyth Assn.; IRE; UCSEE; UCARC; APE. Sherry, Denis Berkeley Accounting Management Smyth Assn. Sherry, Suzanne Piedmont Political Science EK; AM; Peli- can; Young licans; Class Councils. Seligman, Howard Stockton Political Science Smyth Assn. Vice- President; Welfare Board; Ex. Asst.; All-U Week End; WUS. Sessions, Robert Ontario English. Schutt, Lindsay Elec. Engineering Bowles Hall. Scott, Janet Berkeley General Curriculum AT. Scott, Larry Berkeley Electronics TB II; HKN. Shea, Peter Los Angeles Business Admin. WT; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; Skull Keys; Golf. Shearer, Douglas Sacramento Communications Public Policy Yacht Club; Debate. Shelvy, Marjorie Los Business Admin. AZ; TI Al; can; Collegians; Class Councils. SENIORS Meeting people and organizing are PAT MARSH ' S favorite pastimes and become obvious in her many activities. She is Second Vice-Pres- ident of the ASUC, chairman of APC and Ath ' etic Reception Com- mittee and a member of Gavel and Quill, WEB, and Cal Club. In tion to campus activities, she joys music, sports, a.ld keeping the Gamma Phi house amused. " Next week I ' m going to get or- ganized " was a favorite expression of CAROLYN MIYAKAWA, speaker for the Panel of Americans and a member of the PIC travel team, Cal Club, Prytanean, and Intervaristy Christian Fellowship. A resident of Ritter Hall and a Child ment major now engaged in ele- mentary teaching, Carolyn ' s tion is to take another trip to India—this time more leisurely. Scott, Phebe Oakland Psychology AW; WAA. Schneider, Shirley South Pasadena General Curriculum AAA; Women ' s Judicial Comm.; Class Council; Intramural. Schoeplein, Robert Burlingame Finance BE; Arnold Air Society; Ski Club; IFC; Rally Comm. Schulz, Wayne Los Angeles Geology Smyth Assn.; Golden Guard. Schurz, Karl Beverly Hills Indus. Psychology AKA. Scoville, Walter Pasadena Labor Industrial Relations AXA. Segol, Martin San Francisco Accounting Oxford Hall Officer; Intramural. Shaffer, Gary Woodland Real Estate AKE; Winged Helmet. Shaheen, San Diego Anthropology Mitchell Hall; Kroe- ber Anthropology Society; Yacht Club. Shenk, Joandra San Francisco Speech AP; Panhellenic. Shenker, Marilyn Oregon Social Welfare AEA; Chairman Volunteer Workers; Day Nursery; Class Councils. Shibusawa, Berkeley Business Admin. Shirachi, Annabelle Watsonville Physical Education Stebbins Hall; WAA; NSC; PEM. Shoptaugh, Leland Lafayette Business Admin. AX. Short, David Long Beach Mech. Engineering Bowles Hall; Hiking Club; Quarterdeck Society; Rally; M RA. Silver, Gary New York General Curriculum Barrington Hall; Basketball; Baseball. Simanis, Edwin Oakland Marketing AIB; Circle C; Soccer; Chess. Simi, Madera General Curriculum AT; Winged Hel- met; BB; Skull Keys. Simmons, Philip Lafayette Journalism MEB; APC; Rally Games; Publicity Chairman coming. Simon, Donald Los Angeles General Curriculum ZBT. Simmons, Joyce Bakersfield Art AE. Simpson, Suzanne Pasadena Psychology AEA; Class Coun- cils; Ski Club. Sjordal, Gary Napa Indus. Engineering AlIE; ASME. Skillman, Mary Hollywood General Curriculum KKP; Ski Club; YWCA; Yacht Club; Social Welfare; PIC; Symphony Forum. Skow, Richmond Foreign Trade A KT. Skujins, John Berkeley Biochemistry ATE; Latvian Students Assn. Slutman, Allen Oakland Elec. Engineering ATO; HKN; TB 11. Smith, Carol Stockton German. Smith, Frank Whittier Geology OT President. Smith, Berkeley Business Admin. American Assn. Smith, June Albany Public Health KA; Masonic Club; Public Health Assn.; College Women ' s Club Juniors. Smith, Madeline Antioch Accounting TX°. Smith, Prince Berkeley Child Development A O, University Christian Fellow- ship. Smith, Robert San Francisco American History AXA. Smith, Roberta Concord Clothing Textiles ON; KO; Wesley Foundation. Smyrnos, Gus San Mateo Elec. Engineering. Snapp, Gloria Sacramento Decorative Art AA II; Torch Shield; Pompon Girl; Panhellenic. Snow, Robert Sacramento Personnel Mgmt. WE; Yacht Club; Society for Ad- vancement of agement; Golden Guard; Spring Show. Sohns, Oscar Visalia Architecture ATA. Somers, Marianne Orinda Elem. Education AP. Sommer, Mel San Jose Accounting AE ATO; Sec.-Treas. COB; MAC; Tower Flame; IFPC. Sontag, Judith San Mateo English Stern Hall; OED; Cal Engineer; Pelican. Soo Hoo, Horace San Francisco Accounting. Soulis, Ronald Oakland Chem. Engineering AIChE; Newman Club; Intramural Football; Boxing. Southard, Margaret San Diego French AMP; Cercle Fran- raise; Folk Square Dance. Sparks, Auburn Political Science TPA; Triune; Winged Helmet. Spealman, Jean Berkeley Social Welfare AZ; Ski Club; Social Welfare Club; Hik- ing Club. Spear, Sally Berke ley General Curriculum Women ' s Rep. Ex. Comm.; Class cils; Rally; FSB. Speetzen, Claudia San Francisco Clothing Textiles AZ; Home Eco- nomics Club; Class Council. Spink, Charles San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE; SAME. Spongberg, Richard Oakland Mech. Engineering KAP; Ad O; ASME; Ski Club; Yacht Club. Sprague, Donald Carmichael Forestry TKT; Forestry Club. Spurlock, Janet Sacramento Speech IK. Spurr, Ukiah General Curriculum Stratford Hall; Can- terbury Club; CSTA; Symphony Forum. Stackhouse, Amos San Anselmo Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Stallings, Sandra San Bruno History Hoyt Hall. Stolzman, Betty Red Bluff Public Health RN ' s on Campus. Stanley, Patricia Santa Ana General Curriculum AEA; Senior Class Council; Song Leader. Stansbury, Raymon Alameda Speech WAX; Glee Club; Axe Review; Uni- versity Theatre. Stanton, James El Monte Accounting BAT. Stark, Dean Live Oak Mathematics. 65 Sports rank high with TOM RISH, who lists as his hobbies, ing, fishing, and skiing. When on campus, he fits into his busy sched- ule Winged Helmet, Go ' den Bear, Californians, chairman of Cal Club, Speakers Bureau and All-U Week End chairman. After attaining his degree in General Curric., he plans to leave the Alpha Delt house and o overseas as a military gence officer. Graduation is the main ambition of SALLY SPEAR, whose major is general curric. Although she claims she is noted for nothing, she is quite active as Women ' s Rep, and as a member of Gavel and Quill, Ex Comm., WEB, APC, Rally and Games, and Women ' s J. Comm., definitely disproving her claim. Stauffer, Sandra Fairfax General Curriculum OM; Gavel Quill; BAT; Ski Club; Class Council; Women ' s Ex. Board. Stavropoulds, Anne Piedmont General Curriculum EK; Symphony Forum; YWCA. Stechman, Rupert Louisiana Chem. Engineering MAE; AIChE; Elec- tions Council; Class Council. Steinman, Sherril Idaho English AA 11 . Stein, Ronald North Hollywood General Curriculum EAM; Big C; Store Board; Water Polo; Swim Team. Stensaas, Don Modesto General Curriculum EAE; Big C; Varsity Tennis. Stephenson, Chad( San Francisco History AKE; Triune; Winged Helmet; KA; Golden Guard; Track. Stevenson, Frank San Leandro Real Estate AKA; Crew; Freshman Football. Stewart, Claire Castro Valley Music. Stewart, Joseph Oakland Zoology EO; Premed Society; Occident. Stimson, William San Francisco Marketing BPI; Class Coun- cil; Young Repub- licans; Model Senate. Stokes, Edward Oakland Mathematics TKE. Stoll, Frank Oakland General Curriculum KAP. Stone, William Sar Francisco Physks OHM; Newman Club. Stowers, Judy Oakland Accounting Strange, Fredric San Carlos Mech. Engineering White Shingles. Stretcher, Joan Berkeley Architecture. Strickland, Edgar Fullerton Engineering Physics Bowles Hall; NRA; TB n ; Fencing Club. Strobele, Calion Long Beach Elec. Engineering Bowles Hall; AES; AIEE; IRE; Cal Engineer; Yacht Club. Strom, Lawrence Long Beach Physiology Oxford Hall; Cal Band, Drum Major; Premed Society; Baton Society. Stubbles, James Crescent City Elec. Engineering UCSEE. Sturdy, Patricia Sacramento History AAA; Women ' s C Society. Sugimoto, Thomas Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court. Sakuma, Donato Menlo Park Landscape Arch. Landscape Design Club; Assoc. Ed.- Space Mg.; NSC. Summers, Emory Ceres Physical Education AKA; Big C; Californians; Varsity Tennis. Sundman, Joyce Berkeley Marketing A011; YWCA. Svoboda, Helen Czechoslovakia Slavic Studies International House; Utrimque; Dobro Slovo; Newman Club. Sweet, Warren Arcata Production Mgmt. Steiner, Marilyn Stilley, Howard San Jose Oakland Journalism•English. Indus. Engineering. SENIORS Tajima, Mikio Japan Internat ' l Relations Barrington Hall. Talamantes, Philip Petaluma Indus. Relations WAX; SAM. Talbot, Michael Oakland Elec. Engineering AIEE. Tallent, Sharon Pleasant Hill Jcurnalism AA n. Tallman, Elissa Redwood City Anthropology Plymouth House. Tanner, William Montrose Petroleum Engineering AIME. Taoda, May Los Angeles General Curriculum Hoyt Hall; NSC; WDA; YWCA; Chair- man WDA Service. Tappeiner, John Santa Barbara Forestry ESE; Forestry Club; Quarterdeck Society; Ski Club. Tartre, Donald San Diego Accounting KE; Circle C; Golden Guard; Winged Helmet; Golf. Taylor, Eugene Vallejo Journalism Radio; TV Theatre; EAX. Teaderman, Gerald Santa Rosa Marketing H KA. Teixeira, Theodore Berkeley Criminology. Tellefsen, Elizabeth Berkeley General Curriculum Aon. Theilacker, George Pasadena Mech. Engineering. Thieben, Thomas San Francisco Investments II Ail; Junior Track Manager. Thiessen, Derek Florida Production Mgmt. EX; ANSI; AX II; AIME. Thode, Barbara Livermore General Curriculum EEE; BAT; Blue Gold Editor; Publications Board; Class Council. Thomas, Frank Redlands Mech. Engineering IITE; TBIT; IAS; Treasurer ASME. Thomas, Roderic Richmond Civil Engineering 1,1,E; ASCE. Thompson, James Berkeley Elec. Engineering Plymouth House; UCSEE; IRE; A M2; Yacht Club. Thompson, Gerald Huntington Beach Journalism AT; Daily Cal. Thompson, Joan Richmond Physical Education Epworth Hall; Pres- ident WAA; Wom- en ' s Ex. Board. Thompson, Patricia Salinas General Curriculum Epworth Hall; WDA; WAA. Thompson, Philip Nevada City Political Science Cloyne Court; PIC; President Tower Flame; President Prelegal Society. Thompson, Robert Bakersfield Accounting Cloyne Court; AX Thompson, William Martinez Business Admin. Smyth Assn.; SAM; AM II; IRA; Cal Band. Thompson-Bowers, Ian Canada Criminology AAE. Thor, Joanne San Francisco Social Welfare Elizabeth Barrett; Social Welfare Club. Thornton, Jack Terra Bella Communications Public Policy AXP. Thornton, Marilyn Oakland History College Women ' s Club Juniors; Orien- tation Council. Thurn, Richard Sacramento Business Admin. AA ' ; ' AE; Winged Helmet. Thurston, Carol San Francisco Mod. Leg. Institutions ZTA; Blue Gold; Pelican; Class Coun- cils; Greek Week. Tinkham, Ruth Pasadena Criminology AEA. Tobias, Myana Portervi I le Educating AA II . Tocchini, Diane San Francisco Marketing AAA. Tom, Arthur Marysville Accounting AAE; Chinese Students Club. Tom, Reynol d Oakland Zoology Honor Student Society. Toohey, Kurk San Francisco Finance AT. Torkells, Phyllis Inglewood History Stern Hall Presi- dent; Class Council; Hospitality Council; " I " Board. Trabert, Doris San Francisco Dietetics OT; IE II; ON; Home Economics Club. Treitel, Helene Hollywood General Curriculum Straford Hall; Hillel; Red C; YWCA; CSTA; UCYC; Cal Engineer. Trevino, Alberto Pasadena Landscape Architecture. Trombetta, Patricia Fresno History AAA. Trostrud, Arville Santa Monica Elec. Engineering UCSEE; IRE. Trower, William Indiana Physics DDE President; Ski Club; Quarterdeck Society; IFC. Trump, Shirley Berkeley Criminology Treble Clef. Trutner, Thomas Piedmont Pre law BOIT; Triune; Skull Keys; Track. Tsuji, Seiyo Mountain View Elec. Engineering. Toyer, Marvin San Francisco History Tocher, James EAM. Dos Palos Civil Engineering Smyth Assn; TB II; XE; Baton Society; Vice-Pres- ident ASCE; Cal Band. 67 Uyesugi, John Seattle Marketing Nisei Club. Vaughn, Sally Tucker, Joe Valentine, Herbert Berkeley Berkeley Oakland Van Ronkel, Linda History Production Mgmt. Twohey, Thomas Personnel Mgmt. KA(-); Panile; AKA. San Francisco Society for Advance- WEB; Prytanean; Architecture. ment of Manage- ment. Van Sant, Genee Cal Club; Rally Comm.; All-U. Tuller, Robert South Pasadena General Curriculum AKE; Winged Hel- met, BE; Triune; Ulrich, Robert Long Beach Elec. Engineering Vanderveen, John Chula Vista Business Admin. Van Vleck, Forest Placerville Water Polo. Venturi, Roger San Francisco History Skull Keys. White Shingles; Acacia; All; TKE; Elections Big C; Ball Chain; Glee Club. Council. IRE; UCSEE; Vaughan, Lucia Rowing. Orinda Tuller, Sally South Pasadena General Curriculum Unger, Glenda Van Houten, Ann Santa Cruz Psychology Store Board; WAA; Young Re- Vizzard, Clare San Francisco 1113(1); Ace of Palo Alto Physical Education publicans. Psychology Clubs; Blue Gold Copy Editor; EiEiE; Speech X52; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; (-)T; Prytanean; Tower Flame; Intramural; Young Republicans. Elizabeth Barrett. Cal Club; J. Comm.; C Society. Vaughn, Norman Premed Society; WAA. Burbank Utter, Devin Communications Tuttle, Barbara San Francisco Van Loucks, Dolores Public Policy Vlahos, John Piedmont Elec. Engineering Berkeley KAP; AAE; Yacht Club. Oakland Psychology Smyth; Golden General Curriculum Economics AO; Axe Revue; Bear; Rep-at-Large; Mortar Beard; Daily Cal; 1-7,Eill-1; Spring Sing ()HE; IRE; Pelican. 0E4); FLEE; Daily 1)BK; Golden Director. Cal; Young Re- publicans. Bear. Uyeminaml, Joe Tuttle, Norman Sacramento Vogiatzis, Chris Orinda Sanitary Science. San Francisco General Curriculum ii1); Winged Hel- met; Golden Bear; Social Welfare Social Welfare Club. Big C; Californians; Crew. SENIORS Getting the yearbook out on time and marriage to Ron in June are the plans of BARBARA THODE, 1957 Blue and Gold Editor. When not at her office or a meeting of Publications Board, Xi Xi Xi, ior Council or Beta Alpha Tau, Barby is usually at the Phi Mu house playing just one quick round of bridge. As Rep-at-Large, a member of Golden Bear, and student repre- sentative on the Chancellor ' s Com- mittee of Buildings and Campus Development, DEVIN UTTER found little time for his favorite pastime, sleeping. An electrical engineering major residing at Smyth, where he served as President, he plans a career in automatic control neering. Voigt, Berkele, English. Vclsk, Helen Los Angeles General Curriculum AA II; Class cil; Pelican. Volz, Rowena Modesto English Epworth Hall; Mor- tar Board; Pryta- neon; YWCA Vice- Pres:dent. von Matuschka, Marianne Switzerland Political Science. Waddell, El Centro Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; ASCE; Golden Guard; XE. Wagner, Robin Hillsborough General Curriculum AAII; Song Leader Comm. Walenta, Arthur San Anselmo Banking Finance Barrington Hall; USCA; AE H; MRA; Golden Bear; op Assn. Walker, Scotia General Curriculum. Wallace, Janet Wallace, Nick La Jolla Banking Finance Collegian Hall; A II; MRA; APC; Rooting Section Subccmm; Debate. Wallace, Jr., Ralph San Diego Mech. Engineering AT; Rambler Football. Wallin, Vallejo General Curriculum A0E; Ski Club; Pelican; Class Councils. Walsh, Yvonne San Mateo General Curriculum OT; Newman Club; Class Councils. Ward, John San Carlos Elec. Engineering Circle C; Rifle Team. Ward, June San Lorenzo Speech Wesley Foundation; Varsity Debate. Ware, Fresno Marketing II KA; Ball Chain; Big C; IFPC; Manager Football Baseball. Warren, Martha Long Beach Education AAA; Ski Club; Young Republicans; Pelican. Washburn, Ronald Casper History. VVashington, Kathryn Berkeley Criminology AAE; Z$B; WAA. Waterfall, Neal Glendale Accounting EcI); Triune; Winged Helmet. Watson, Alan El Cerrito Real Estate Arnold Air Society; Flying Club. Watson, George San Francisco Elec. Engineering OE; AIEE. Watters, Diane Novato Psychology AOH; Class cil; Blue Gold. Waung, Berkeley Mathematics Webb, Albany Child Development Warring Place; Treble Clef. Weedel, James Bakersfield Paleontology Weil, Marilyn Pasadena Mathematics 4,1‘,I; Tower Flame; WAA; Hiking Club; Class cil; All-Cal Table Tennis Award. Weiman, San General Elizabeth Barrett. Weinberg, San Francisco History KN; Crew; Class Councils; Model UN. Weiner, Helen Los Angeles Social Welfare Stern Hall. VVeinmann, Raymond New Jersey Forestry rorestry Club; AZ; EE H . Weirick, Geraldine Fresno General Curriculum I ' ' 3; WAA; tions Council. Weisbart, Harry Los Angeles Insurance AM. Welch, Oakland Dramatic Literature International House; Masonic Club; Var- sity Debate; Speech Arts; Yacht Club. Wells, James North Hollywood Elec. Engineering AX. Werling, Richard Gardena Indus. Engineering AIIE; ASME; Engi- neers Joint Council; Activities Planning Comm. Werner, Carl San Francisco Banking Finance Cloyne Court. Wertheim, Lilo San Francisco Political Science AE,It; II AE; OED; Prytanean; Women ' s Director Cal Engineer; Pelican. Weseth, Tiburon General Curriculum Stern Hall. West, Nancy San Francisco French YWCA; Speech Arts Club; WAC. Westal I, Mari lyn Long Beach Architecture Architectural Assn.; Junior Class Coun- cil; Model Senate. Wetch, Robert Sebastopol General Curriculum II K■It. Wheatfill, Patricia Alameda History KA. Wheeler, Oakland Marketing. Whitacre, James San Diego Forestry AXA; AZ; EX II; Forestry Club. White, Berkeley Civil Engineering XO; Triune; ed Helmet; Skull Keys; Rugby. White, James Sacramento General Curriculum Bowles Hall. Whitmer, Robert Berkeley Criminology AAE. Whipperman, Bruce White, Minor Compton Laguna Beach Chem. Engineering History Cloyne Court; Stiles AElt; Golden Hall; YMCA; Blade. AIChE. Vice-President of Mortar Board heads the !ist of activities of ANN VAN HOUTEN, who hails from sunny Santa Cruz. Other activ- ities include Pryt, Cal Club, Wom- en ' s C, and Women ' s J. While at the Chi Omega house, she enjoys listening to her record collection and writing letters to Don in Ger- many, perhaps influencing her de- sire to go to Europe this summer. Williams, Virginia Santa Monica H01112 Economics FOB. Whizin, Nancy Whyte, Angus Sacramento French KAP; IFC; Ski Club; Axe Revue; Greek Week; Cou- Ovat. Fr.-Amer. Wiedmaier, Marcel Pittsburg Political Science 40E. Wiley, Craig Soledad Entomology TT; Triune; Ento- mology Club. Willey, Richard Oakland General Curriculum KE; Triune; Wing- ed Helmet; IFPC; Crew; Class Council. Williams, Helen Y. Berkeley Physical Education College Women ' s Club Juniors; PE Majors; Masonic Club. Willis, Alec Mill Valley Mech. Engineering Bowles Hall; IITE; TB 11; ASME; Golden Guard. Wilson, Lee San Leandro Marketing 4X; IFC; Chairman Elections Council; FSB, AMA; SAM; 41011; Hiking; Ski; YMCA. Wilson, Linda Bakersfield General Curriculum KA; Homecoming; Vice-President Living Group. Winters, Christine Orinda Art XS). Wintz, Robert Burbank Business Admin. 0EK; BPE. Winvick, Darlene Watsonville Internat ' l Relations AZ. Wong, Cecelia San Francisco General Curriculum. Wong, Eva Hanford Personnel Stebbins Hall; FEE; WAA; WDA. Wiemken, Albert Oakland Mech. Engineering ASME; 0T ; TB II; Honor Students Society. Wiese, Loy Alameda Chem. Engineering Masonic Club. Williams, Kenneth San Bernardino Social Welfare. Williams, Marian Canada Public Health Nursing. Williams, Robert Turlock Accounting. Wilson, Anna Wilson, William A. Pittsburg Sacramento Home Economics Accounting AAX; ON; PIC. AXA; President Gavel Quill; Speech Club; Junior Class Yell Leader; Wilson, Bruce Class Off. Board. Pasadena Mech. Engineering ASME. Wilson, William H. Piedmont Business Admin. Wittlinger, Sara Claremont General Curriculum AXO; Secretariat. Woell, Fred Chico Mech. Engineering ASME. Wong, Florence Berkeley Home Economics Home Economics Club; ON. Wong, Henry San Francisco Social Welfare. Wong John Berkeley Insurance Real Estate. SENIORS Wilson, William R. Berkeley Elec. Engineering UCSEE. 69 Wong, Sandra Alameda General Curriculum Chinese Students Club; Honor Stu- dents Society. Wood, Calvin Berkeley Physics AAE; Honor So- ciety; Big C; Glee Club; Swim Team. Woods, Ola Berkeley History. Woodson, Sigrid Martinez Chemistry Folk Dance Club. Woodworth, Arthur Berkelly Civil Engineering IDA; ASCE; Hiking Club. Wroblewski, Arnold Ontario Mech. Engineering Smyth Assn; TB II; TE; ASME; Newman Club. Wulff, Carla Davis Psychology Oldenberg Hall Treasurer. Wuthrich, Wilma Morgan Hill Social Welfare Epworth Hall; Prytanean; Panne; Mortar Board; YWCA Cabinet; Women ' s J. Comm. Wyckoff, Robert San Leandro Political Science AKA; IFPC Ex. Council; Rugby. Wyland, Alvin Monrovia Mech. Engineering DEK. Yamada, Ko Redwood City Business Admin. BMD; NSC. Yamamoto, Yutaka Petaluma Struc. Engineering Buddhist Men ' s Dor- mitory; NSC; YBA. Ybarra, Tony San Jose General Curriculum Stiles Hall; New- man Club. Yee, Kane San Francisco Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; MX; TB II; HKN; USCA. Yee, Paul San Francisco Elec. Engineering IRE; CSC. Yee, Toy San San Francisco H i story 1011. Yett, Shirley Burlingame Bacteriology Biochemistry Pelican Staff. Yoshikawa, Tadao Stockton Indus. Engineering Cloyne Court; AIIE; Intramural. Yoshikawa, Yukio Stockton Mech. Engineering Cloyne Court; ASME. Wood, Charles Wong, Yee-Fung San Francisco San Francisco Business Admin. Civil Engineer ing N. ASCE. Wood, David Woo, Hiram San Francisco Accounting. Wood, Richard Long Beach Elec. Engineering Woo, Wesley Smyth Assn. San Francisco Physiology. An Economics and Prelegal major with hopes of becoming a judge, JOHN VLAHOS busied himself with duties as Asst. Managing Editor of the Daily Cal and such other activ- ities as Golden Bear, Cal Club, APC, Xi Xi Xi, and Radio-TV The- ater. Also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, John enjoys reading Shake- speare and listening to records. Known as " Willie " to her friends at Epworth Hall, WILMA WUTH- RICH is also known for her active participation as Chairman of Wom- en ' s J, President of Prytanean, and Secretary of Mortar Board. Her ma- jor, Social welfare, will be useful in her ambition, to work with high school students in a Young Life program after graduation. Younger, Harold Sacramento Civil Engineering XE; ASCE. Feeney, William Mill Valley Elec. Engineering. Potter, Nancy Zee, Yung Robert, Don Shanghai, China Bacteriology. Yu, Cher Hong Kong, China Civil Engineering CSA; ASCE. Yung, Margaret China Psychiatric Nursing RN ' s On Campus; Chinese Student Assn. Zelinski, Jane San Francisco Sociology Ski Club. Zimmerman, Joanrae San Francisco Social Welfare ArA; Treble Clef. Soloman, Ernest Mountain View Geological Science. Watt, Dennis Berkeley Premedical. Zaccour, Makram Chiah, Lebanon Foreign Trade BPI; National Business Admin. Society. Bobb, Art Cavanaugh, Neal SENIORS Zamora, Arnulfo New Mexico Social Welfare Student Social Welfare Assn. 71 7d UMMQUE APRS CALE 75 76 FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Marsh, Jim Kidder, president; Paul Erickson. SECOND ROW: Lew Cobb, Gary Burt, Elaine Tippett, Bert Barker, Al Kingston, Ted Kashmir, Dr. Belguist, Mr. Siler, Sally Spear, Carol Jackson, Ted Boone, Eric Wolff, Phyllis Gillogly, Bob Falk, Dave Jones, Hank di Suvero, Stu Hall, Roger Samuelson. executive committee The academic year 1956-57 saw a change in the working procedure of Executive Committee. There were many of the familiar midnight long meetings delving into pertinencies and trivialities concerned with the operation of the Association; however, there was a new air of order about it all. Our president, Jim Kidder, had specified a list of items to be worked on and, if possible, accomplished during this session of Executive Committee. Definite written assignments were given to board and council chairmen. Dates were set when progress reports would be due. The reps-at-large were relieved of a good deal of the heretofore prevalent subcommittee work in order that they might concentrate their efforts of truly representing their constituents. A general reshuffling of the duties of the elected and appointed officials of the Association and the procedure by which work was undertaken was put into effect at the beginning of the year and we feel that it proved its worth to the Association as evidenced by the accomplishments and advancements made during the year. And perhaps the biggest accomplishment of all were the expressions of renewed and revitalized confidence in our student government system received from many sources, the most appreciated of which emanated from students themselves. 73 FALL 1956 ASUC REPS-AT-LARGE—SEATED, left to right: Hank deSuvero, Dave Jones, Lew Cobb. STANDING: Stu Hall, Ralph Shaffer, Graduate Representative; Roger Samuelsen, Ted Boone. NOT PICTURED: Gary Burt. representatives-at-large Following a heated debate during the Spring 1956 ASUC election over the " representation " issue, the Representatives-at-Large embarked on an ambitious plan to give real representation to the students. The Reps made self-assignments to serve as " contact " men between the ASUC Executive Committee and such groups as Glee Club, Cal Band, the " Y ' s, " Eshleman Hall " fishbowl " activities, Engineers Joint Council, and graduate student associations. So enthusiastic was the response to this program of regular contact that the plan was continued through the Spring semester. Leading the Reps during the Fall semester was Ted Boone; during the Spring term Stu Hall chaired the weekly Rep meetings as Senior Rep. Retiring at the close of the Fall semester were Ted Boone, Gary Burt and Hank Di Suvero. Following a disconcertingly perennial election snafu, Sally Willetts, Dave Lowe and Mike Miller were elected Reps for the year beginning with the Spring semester. 79 FINANCE COMMITTEE—LEFT TO RIGHT: Dean Stone, Stu Hall, Sally Willits, Paul Jim Kidder, Florens Garrett, Paul Hastings, Dean Belguist, William Monahan. GENERAL ACTIVITIES HEADS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Peg Davies, Jo Gilberg, Hauser, Florens Garrett, Mrs. Charles Clarke, Clyde Evans, Beth Penry. SECOND ROW: Kirwan, Bob Commanday, Jack Happoldt, Harry Davis, Walter Frederick, Bob Rubin. 80 administration TOP: Activities Head, Dick Holler. BOTTOM: Athletics Head, Greg Englehard. The complex affairs of the ASUC require precise efficiency in management. Two closely cooperating groups, Finance Committee and the Activity Heads, work hard to see that the ASUC accomplishes its aims. Finance Committee is compos ed of representatives from the ASUC, the University administration, Alumni Association, and the student body. Heading Activities this year was Dick Holler, who with Greg Englehard, Director of Athletics, made things function smoothly on both the activity and the athletic side, and with the added hard work of Executive Director " Bud " Hastings, a very profitable and enjoyable year resulted. Executive Director, Bud Hastings. 81 MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Hawkinshire, David Yamakawa, Claude Schultz, Bill Lockett, Jerry Sarrow, chairman; Scott Sherman, Glenn Pierce. NOT PICTURED: Tom Miller, Berol Marshall. student judicial committees Student Judicial Committee worked this year to fulfill their role in student government and in addition cooperated with the ASUC Executive Committee and other organizations in seeking ways to improve the student judicial system. Heading Men ' s Judicial Committee was Jerry Sarrow, while Wilma Wuthrich ably presided over Women ' s Judicial Committee. Men ' s and Women ' s J Comms. joined in discussion of matters concerning student affairs. JERRY SARROW Men ' s Judicial Chairman WILMA WUTHRICH Women ' s Judicial Chairman WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE -- SEATED, left to right: Jane Bell, Sally Spear, Judy Johnson, Wilma Wuthrich, Ann Van Houten, Madeline Engvall, Phyllis Gillogly. STANDING: Joyce Nelson, Kay Renius, Sally Willetts, Shirley Schneider. FIRST ROW, left to right: David Yamakawa, Collette Morgan, Nick Wallace. SECOND ROW: Paul Newman, Pat Marsh (Chairman), Tom Lubberk, Ann Colby, Madeline Severine.1HIKU ROW: Earl Kelley, Dean brawl, Sue Tree, Sandy Anderson, Valerie Lundgren, Joanrae Zimmerman, activities planning committee Under the guidance of bubbly Pat Marsh, Activities Planning Committee met once a week and worked out a master calendar of all campus activities for the year. Composed of delegates from a wide variety of groups, they approved dates with the aim of seeing that " everything didn ' t happen on the same night, " discussed the over-all planning for the Fall and Spring semesters, and heard reports on the various activities the members represented. PAT MARSH, Chairman 83 men ' s executive committee Men ' s Fall Rep, Al Kingston. Spring Rep, Ted Boone. The chairman or president of each organized men ' s living group comprises the membership of Men ' s Executive Board. This gives the men students a more direct line of communication to the ASUC administration than any other ASUC body. Ted Boone, chairman of the Board, has been concerned with developing this Board into the effective group which is possible because of the wide area from which the members are drawn. The Board has concerned itself with sponsoring a men ' s smoker, reviving a long-neglected tradition, and also moving the office of the men ' s rep into the Men ' s Clubrooms. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: John Lewis, Ted Bcone. SECOND ROW: Howard Seligeman, Dan Alschuler, Bob Altieri, Art Walenta, Joe Griffen, Stan Shawl. THIRD ROW: Bill Leath, Daniel Eisenthcrn, Clande Schultz, Bill Neufeld, George Reichert. NOT PICTURED: Larry Stewart, Dick Howard, Bert Barker. women ' s executive board Women ' s Executive Board has three main functions, the major one being to make and revise the rules for women students. To coordinate and publicize women ' s ities is a second function of the board, while sponsoring special events is another in the realm of WEB activity. Under the leadership of Sally Spear in the Fall, a handbook for women students was published, which aided new women students in getting acquainted with campus life. In the Spring, headed by Joyce Himes, WEB sponsored a gay Women ' s Day, complete with the crowning of a Campus King, which gave a festive finish to their activities for 1956-57. JOYCE RIMES, Women ' s Spring Representative SALLY SPEAR, Women ' s Fail Representative FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Blum, Dixie Powell, Sue Diamond, Pat Marsh, Sally Spear, Shelby Kostial, Marilyn McClintock, Joan Spaulding, Donalee Fry. SECOND ROW: Anne Baumgartner, Harriet Greitzer, Kitty Huck, Bill Lindsey, Shirlee Laughlin, Rose Marie Turk, Wilma Wuthrich, Dean Brawl. boards Pub. Bd. Chairman, Dolores Van Loucks; NSA Chairman, Carol Jackson; Welfare Chairman, Ted Kasmier; COB Chairman, Bert Barker; FSB Chairman, Phyllis Gillogly; IRB Chairman Eric Wolff. CLASS OFFICER ' S BOARD--FIRST ROW, left to Mel Sommer, Collette Morgan, Bert Barker, Marilyn Rohwer. SECOND ROW: Al Van Noy, Judy Blum, Harriet Greitzer, Gloria Hopkins, Sherry Anderson. THIRD ROW: Bill Lindsey, Mike Edminster, Gene Mayer, Nelson Enmark, Mike Geyser. These six boards play a major role in organization of the ASUC. Class Officers coordinates the work of the four councils and exchanges ideas class activities and social In addition this year they sponsored a Claus contest and a Christmas party needy children. Functional Services facilitates the various functions of the ASUC and counseling programs. Board discusses matters relating to all cations or the immediate problems of one publication. International Relations conducts programs to make foreign dents feel more at home here and information for American students planning study abroad. Supervising and plans to foster th e general student welfare the duty of Welfare Board, while proving orientation programs, activities, student government through the of ideas with other schools is the of National Students Association. FUNCTIONAL SERVICE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Hall, Ellen Villein. SECOND ROW: Maridale Calhoon, Barbara Levin, Phyllis Gillogly, Claudia Maugy. THIRD ROW: Lee Wilson, Ruth Anne Caldwell, Ron Wiselman, Richard King, Susie Sp ongberg. 86 PUBLICATIONS BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Knotts, Dolores Van Loucks, Marian Lambert. SECOND ROW: Janet Dent, Barbara Thode, Jo Gilberg. THIRD ROW: Bob Falk, Wally Fredricks, Judy Sontag. NSA—FIRST ROW: Carol Jackson. SECOND ROW, left to right: Libby Sutton, Tom Lubbock, Colette Morgan. THIRD ROW: Richard Diamond, Ann WiIgner, Bernadette Tourville. • INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Suzanne Hartley, Helen Ermann, Sherna Steinberg, Del Neick. SECOND ROW: Eric Wolff, Princeton Lyman, George Ku b in. STUDENT WELFARE BOARD—FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Sklar, Ted Kazmier, Susie berg. SECOND ROW: Dee Dee Moore, Norman Jackens, Shirley Duncan. THIRD ROW: Ted Abreu, Gary Rosenberg, Mike Hone. 87 MEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Art, Dick Howard, Jim Luini. SECOND ROW: Don Chaffin, Bill Petrocelli, Marshall Hero!, Carl McKoway, George Speckman, Richard Diamond, Val Peterson. THIRD ROW: John Beilstein, John Segall, Ron Kahn, Harold Zlot, Dave Quittner, Harry Remsey, Stephen Jaffe, Bill Kuhn. FOHRTH ROW: Andrew Ring, James Ring, Roger Hove, Jun Tanimoto, Ron Korman, Ron Bachman, Rich Millikan, Bob Gassin, Bob Nelson, Pete Graham, Dave Backus. really committees With the traditional cry, " Take off that red shirt, " Men ' s Rally Committee was off to another season as the staunch and fearless guardian of the Cal colors. Not the least bit swayed by the usual dissatisfied cry, " Rally Committee stinks " abounding from the stands above them they managed to promote spirit and still maintain some semblance of order in the stands. At the same time, Women ' s Rally Committee was plagued by their old traditional problem. Their usual post-card stunt plea to the cards to the right " was followed by a storm of cards flying in every direction. However, after gravity had finally brought them down, the girls managed, as always, to save " at least a few of them " for the next game. KITTY HUCK and DICK HOWARD, Chairmen of Rally Committees. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Louanne Moloney, Kitty Huck, Sheila Evans. SECOND ROW: Peggy Bracken, Joann Green, Jeanie Ranney, Nancy Cupit, Carol Merchant, Ann Nichols, Jean De Benedetti, Carol Norton, Lynn Brown. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Watson, Bobbie Galvan, Dinny Winsor, Marilyn Hand, Jo Anne Straus, Mary Reed, Ann Ralston, Sheila MacMillan, Liz Rankin, Sylvia Spridgen. FOURTH ROW: Lynne Nyeland, Annette Weis, Barbara Wheeler, Sandy Milfs, Joan Saltalamachia, Clara Walker, Zoe Fart, Myra Clark, Carol Mitchell, Janie Lockton, Carol McDowell, Martha McEnerney, Sandra Le Drew, HOMECOMING COMMITTEE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Kragen, Diane Berman, Joyce Himes, Dolores Doyas, Jackie Happoldt, Sue Kellner, Marilyn Patten. SECOND ROW: Myra Clark, Mark Bloome, Bart Ott, Barry Scherman, Howard Marans, Bob Goldstein, Fred Karren, Claire Hahir. NOT PICTURED: Bruce Belding, Gary Levin. all-u week end committee and homecoming committee Due to the extended efforts of Homecoming and All-U Week End Committees, campus spirit was greatly enhanced this season. The purpose of All-U Week End—to promote greater u nity between campuses—was accomplished by means of a rally, a dance at the Men ' s Gym, and various other activities. Chairman Tom Morrish should be quite proud of his committee ' s success. Under the direction of Chairman Ken Kragen, Homecoming Com- mittee aroused a real tumult of Big Game spirit with a full calendar of events. Such traditional activities as the Axe Revue, Blue Monday, and the Friday night dance were spiced by a variety of new surprises such as an old car display, house decorations, and Sather Gate decorations. Ken Kragen and Tom Morrish, Chairmen ALL-U WEEK END COMMITTEE — FIRST ROW, left to right: Susie Spongberg, Joan Spaulding. SECOND ROW: Katie Gibbons, Barbara Levin, Ida Bue, Judy Johnson, Sally Vaughton. THIRD ROW: Bill Moore, Kumurah, Tom Lunhock, Tom Morrish, Ron Albee, Howard Seligman, George Riker, Dick Carlson. senior class council On their " final fling " the seniors are " whooping it up " with a full calendar of events for the traditional Senior Week. Under the able direction of Senior Week chairmen Tom Lubbock and Barbara Levin, the senior class has a real treasure chest of pleasant memories for years to come. Such events as the Baccalaureate Dinner, the Senior Men ' s and Women ' s Banquets, the Senior Barbecue and the traditio nal Senior Ball spark " the week they ' ve been waiting for. " GENE MAYER Yell Leader MEL SOMNER Secretary GLORIA HOPKINS Vice•President BERT BARKER President SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mel Sommer, Bert Barker, G Fria Hopkins, Gene Mayer. SECOND ROW: Bart Ott, Myrtle Franklin, Dolores Doyas, Susie Spongberg, Bobi Ruby, Sandy Stauffer, Shirley Herzig, Helene Treitel, Anna Colby. THIRD ROW: Barbara Levin, Sue McLure, Marilyn Ransford, Phyllis Jorkells, Lois Happe, Diane Jonas, Anna Rita Leavey, Sally Spear, Claudia Mauzy, Barbara Thode, Larry Winans. FOURTH ROW: Carl Anderson, Dick Willey, Dick Keene, Bill Bixby, Tom Lubbock, Bill Hoffman, Howard Seligman, Gary Burt, Dick Schade. 92 ;J:5•!:•., .•••••- 404,1.-4,„ junior class council The junior class was full of enthusiasm this year under the leadership of Colette Morgan. The juniors didn ' t let the freshmen and sophomores have all the fun in painting the Big " C. " They painted it black and orange for loween and red and green for Christmas. The junior class served the University by devoting long hours to the publicizing of Proposition No. 3 for the November elections. The highlight of the year was the versity Informal held in April at the Fairmont Hotel where the " Ideal Junior Couple " was selected. MARILYN ROHWER Secretary NELSON ENMARK Yell Leader COLETTE MORGAN President JUDY BLUM Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Blum, Colette Morgan, Nelson Enmark. SECOND ROW: Marla Chase, Joyce Nimes, Barbara Hale, Carol Lightner, Louise Snyder, Jackie Ingwersen. THIRD ROW: Barbara Bell, Joanne Murphy, Janet Bentson, Carol ' Brem, Shirlee Laughlin, Jackie Lloyd, Annette Laginha, Mary Mullins, Barbara McDowell, Judy Baumann, Pauline Wood, Jane Kaiser. FOURTH ROW: George Reichert, John Brideson, Scott Sherman, Lew Cobb, Carl McKervon, John Vasquez, Stan Marx, Greig Fowler, Bruce Jackson. 94 �1 sophomore class council The sophomore class, being tionally very active, has sponsored and planned many events for this year. Fall activities included the Sunday Soph Supper and many Big " C " functions. Spring semester activities were even more eventful with Soph Week, ing a jazz concert, Soph Doll contest, Blue Monday, and the Sophomore Intercollegiate Hop. In addition it has kept its vow to keep the Big " C " gold. BILL LEATH President MIKE GEYSER Yell Leader SUE DIAMOND Vice-President SHERRY ANDERSON Secretary SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Geyser, Sherry Anderson, Sue Diamond, Bill Leath. SECOND ROW: Peggy Gompertz, Marty Dettner, Freddie Kertz, Louise Edler, Linda Sisson, Anne Nicoletti, Zandra Milfs, Joanne McHenry, Laurene Viale, Bonnie Baader, Cosette Peltzer, Audrey Forrest, Elsie Cooper, Greta Orsoe, Joan Hynes, Judy Odell. THIRD ROW: Heidi Altorfer, Joy Harsch, Kathryn Bowles, Nancy Shapiro, Claudia Talbert, Shirley Brancato, Lee Gilkey, Sara Nicholson, Diane Macario, Carol Croter, Jeannette Coakley, Charm Hoffman, Walter Chintz, Jean Munvd, Dave White. FOURTH ROW: Lee Smith, Lee Duffus, Jerry Carson, Bob Mendelsohn, Art McCartney, Dorothy Zaro, Marlene Hetzel, Roberta Brown, Jan Rowley, Jane Douthit, Sue Stanley, Virginia Reed. FIFTH ROW: Bill Stricklin, James Ring, Joe Merdler, Jud Foreman, Lenora Daly, Dan Baechtel, Carol Baccigaluppi, Sandy Stewart, Sally Edwards, Paul Wadsworth, Walter K. Chintz, Bob Bell. 96 freshman class council Getting off to a good start, the class organized a " vigilante " committee and had its first Big " C " painting party. The spirit and unity of the class of " 60 " was shown at the Frosh-Soph Brawl and the frosh gave the sophs a able trouncing. The freshmen celebrated their victory with a dance held after the Brawl. As the second semester progressed, so did the class. Long hours of planning resulted in the success of the Freshman Semiformal and also the Freshman Exchange with Stanford. Many lasting friendships were made at these highly successful events. HARRIET GREITZER Secretary AL VAN NOY Yell Leader BILL LINDSEY Vice-President MIKE EDMINSTER President FRESHMAN COUNCIL MEMBERS—Barbara Boucke, Sue Meadows, Linda Hubbard, Jackie Arbios, Gayle Merkt, Bobbie Moskowitz, Mickie Liapes, Prudence Vyn, Susan Carlow, Marcia Sider, Lynn Hubbard, Ann Rasmussen, Judy Melville, Jean Macpherson, Janet Minter, Pan Gallick, Ann McFarling, Carol Kavanaugh, Mary Dohrmann, Judy Johns, Bernita Malvorsen, Betsy Inch, Lucille Lillevick, Mariane Mehlhaff, Susan Gibbs, Duane Duner, Joan Frazell, Liz Carlson, Anne Bowden, JoeIle Rosen, Sally Olmsted, Eleanor Holcombe, Nita Sides, Carol Hansen, Judy Seitz, Sherry Simpson, Frances Weller, Jean Rusk, Linda Freedman, Ann Jones, Gail Trowbridge, Linda Blower, Lanny Hayward, Pat leery, Sandra Sorkin, Doug Tamkin, Leta Mehlhoff, Jane Wallace, Greta Ann Hemphill, Barbara Bianchini, Dolly Filippini, Gail Shelley, Paula Stone, Benay Burstein, Nancy Norton, Marcia Manning, Peggy Torrey, Charlene Conrad, Dave Christen, Marlene Peck, Donna Hall, Judie Miner, Carol Birnbaum, Val Pearl, Donna Eisenberg, Janet Ruth, Marsha Finkelstein, Betty Ann Young, Sue Bottorf, Diane Murray, Reg Gaarde, Audrey Stevens, Bill Hawley, Judy King, Brenda Barden, Peter Lazo, Judy Van Etten, Brenda Young, Rita Rasmussen, Betty Worley, Ann Leonard, Karin Lundberg, Judy McDonald, Sally Albers, Alice Thie, Carol Basler, Dorothy Peterson, Sharon Johnston, Jeanette Tirico, Andrea Bershad, Joleen Walters, Gail Rohwer, Celia Lesnini, Sue Wolins, Harriet Hoffner, Jeanette Amadooni, Barbara Senrane, Edith Benner, Dana Marbel, Loretta Dito, Jan Blum, Pat Spoon, Janet Hunsucker, Kip Hansen, Marlene Peck, Lucy Berner, Barry Burr, Elizabeth Golden, Lora Barshell, Bruce Fink, Judy Belafee, Jolly Yager, Hallie Gelston, Priscilla Jacobson, Carole Rae Marshall, Betty Lou Salisbury, Janice Krummack, Marlene Bollhoffer, Virginia Clausen, Diane Lazarevich, Will Crockett. 98 campus tours council Arranging guided tours of the campus for visiting high schools, as well as for various other groups, is the main function of Campus Tours Council. Under John Jones, this group effectively led many such tours, as well as assisting with the orientations program for new students. CAMPUS TOURS COUNCIL--SEATED, left to right: Sheila Sardell, Barbara Hale, Chairman; Martha Wright. STANDING: Bill Reed, Carol Schmid, Bob Peterson. constitutions council The Constitutions Council, under the leadership of Dick King, has en- thusiastically undertaken their job of preparing and revising the constitutions and bylaws of the various ASUC organizations as well as writing some for the new organizations. CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to right: Anne McGilvary, Richard King, Chairman; Holly Greeff. SECOND ROW: Russell Mjolsmes, Ron Pinnell, Dick Kono. elections council Entrusted with the job of conducting all the class and ASUC elections, and seeing that they run smoothly, the members of Elections Council. especially Lee Wilson, chairman, will long remember exciting nights of counting ballots. ELECTIONS COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandy Stewart, Joy Zumwalt, Judi Sklar, Annette Lindenburg, Joan Eagan. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Scheibner, Marilyn Hen, Lee Wilson, Chairman; Barbara Hand, Jody Willis. ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL— FIRST ROW, lets LU riyht. Sara Ashrook, Nira McConnell, Margaret Ann Icing, Sue Diamond. SECOND ROW: George Reichert, Collette Morgan, Tom Lubbock, Barbara Levin, Mike Lenschau, Dave Yamakawa. orientations council Under the able leadership of Barbara Levin, Orientations Council holds a welcome meeting, with prominent University members speak- ing, in order to acquaint new students, both freshmen and transfers, with campus life and with the activities and facilities available. Activity coffee hours are also held, in which the students can further their acquaintance with the ASUC. 100 store council Redecoration of the Bear ' s Lair and the installation of a juke box in the Bear ' s Lair were largely the result of the hard efforts of the Store Board Council, especially chairman Ron Wizelman, to make the facilities of the Bear Trap, the Tap Room, and the Bear ' s Lair more comfortable and of more benefit to the students. STORE comet, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Ligon, David Revzan, Ron Wizelman (Chairman), Art Walenta, Bokura. speaker ' s council Speaking in living groups for var- ious campus drives and activities, and spreading the Cal spirit to dif- ferent high schools, are among the activities of the Speakers Coun- cil, under the excellent leadership of Carolyn Demeter. SPEAKER ' S COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, irk to right: Sally Willetts, Carolyn Demeter (Chairman), Carole Holabird, Barbara Muller, Barbara Levin, SECOND ROW: Roger Samuelsen, Mike Edminster, Dan Lubbock, Jim Small, Mike White, Tom Morrish. leadership training council Led by Claudia Mauzy, the Leader- ship Training Council, with the objective of interesting students in leadership possibilities on cam- pus and also of promoting good leadership techniques, has set up seminars to practice and analyze leadership skills. LEADERSHIP TRAINING —LEFT TO RIGHT: Claudia Mauzy, Pat Semichy, Jo Anne Arrigoni. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD 101 WoU.S. World University Service, an inter- national organization for educational promotion in needy areas of the world, had a very active program this year. Their special Hungarian Relief drive in the Fall was climaxed by their regular Spring On-Campus Drive for funds. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Hale, Nadine Ellen Villela, Ellie Godon. SECOND ROW: Dave Yamakawa, Sandra Bernero, Jack Isberg, Geraldine Solari, Mary Ann Gunder. secretariat Through the Secretariat, a group of girls, headed by Maridale Calhoon, provides a secretarial service for all student activities. Although these girls are always busy, they somehow found time to help to publicize various campus events, in addition to their routine office work. FIRST ROW, left to right: Marlene Ballhoffer, Duane Duaer, Bonnie Bein, Maridale Calhoon, Pat Semichy, Phoebe Chapman, Virginia Reed, Rochelle Bashor. SECOND ROW: Nan Hemphill, Eleanor Ligon, Joanne Becker, Suzie Uyeno, Audrey Diehl, Maren Fightmaster, Mary Townley, Barbara Bosma. art bureau The function of Art Bureau is to pro- vide art services for those persons or groups which cannot or do not wish to do such things for themselves. This Spring the Bureau did some " Oski-head " painting as well as poster-making, banner painting, and brochure designing. LEFT TO RIGHT: Claire Stewart, Dolores iVlalloy, Susie Spongberg, Miriam Spongberg. STUDENT WELFARE BOARDS 102 housing council Surveying the student tastes in living accommodations, the members of the Housing Council, with Claire Goldsmith as chairman, have worked with the University Housing office to establish standards in housing and to better present and future student housin g. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rochelle Davidson, Rudy Trifon, Marsha Finkelstein. special services Under the capable leadership of Mike Hane, the Special Services Council is working this year for the publica- tion of a student directory of names and addresses. A nonprofit book exchange for the benefit of all students is another of the many projects of this council. academic affairs council Shirley Duncan and the members of the Academic Affairs Council consider the most important phase of a student ' s life to be his demic education, and to further this, this council works for the student ' s right to a competent faculty, proper facilities for studying, fair exams, and other academic needs of the student. FIRST ROW, left to right: Judi Sklar, Audrey Duhl, Melinda Wells. SECOND ROW: Fran Collin, Pat Kimball, Joyce Baker, Sandy Stewart. THIRD ROW: Diane Lazareviel, Mike Hene, Elena Masharov, Tom Hays. FOURTH ROW: Oscar Zilch, Bill Neely Chas. Schorr, Jaime Alvarado. NOT PICTURED: Susan Dunlap. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dee Dee Moore, Shirley Duncan (Chairman), Gary Rosenberg, Ted Akiuu, Judy Wollenhaupt. STUDENT WELFARE BOARDS 103 project mexico Project Mexico is a new addition to the International Relations Boards, and under the sparkling leadership of Del Neick, the group has done much to promote a better understand- ing of Mexico and its problems and values among the students. LEFT TO RIGHT- Ciirm Freedman, Bruce Farley, Sheila Wishek, Judy Altermatt (Chairman), Carla Bryan, Fernando Rondon, Robin Johnston. LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzie Spongberg, Bob Alturi, Dixie Powell. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Wall, Susan Berman, Mary Richardson, James Parsons, Ann Baldwin (Chairman), Janice Osborn. commuters- independent council " Rides and riders wanted " is the call of the Commuters-Independent Council. Besides representing and integrating into the campus life the students who are not affiliated with a living group, this council, headed by active Susie Spongberg, tries to vide more parking spaces and rides to and from school and home for the holidays for students. ushering council You don ' t have to be rich to attend all of the plays, symphonies, a nd other events of that nature that you desire to see, for Ushering Council, under the direction of Anne Baldwin, sets up a program which enables students to attend these without charge in return for their services as an usher. STUDENT WELFARE BOARDS 104 pic Conducting seminars to further national understanding through personal contact and interchanging ideas is the primary purpose of Project Pakistan-India-Ceylon. This year the group has carried out an effective program under the capable leadership of Chairman Merrill Miller ti FIRST ROW, left to right: Carolyn Miyakawa, Anna Marie Wilson, Betsy McGill, Suzanne Huber. SECOND ROW: Howard Nemir, Ernie Goldsmith, Gail Fullett, Merrill Miller, Chairman. cal Indo Project Cal Indo is working to develop interest in Indonesia and to estab- lish a continuing friendship with the students of Indonesia, through a scholarship exchange program, book exchange, and the cooperative building of a student center. FIRST ROW, left to right: M. S. Hasmi, Ruth Riedelback, Georgie Peer, Ismail Ibrahim. SECOND ROW: Indra Hattari, Cy Ganick, Garnawan Shomiaputra, Ang Hian Liang. foreign travel council Working with Eur-Cal Tours, the Foreign Travel Council, with George Kubin as chairman, serves the student body as a travel in- formation bureau providing advice on student tours and foreign travel opportunities. LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Alexander, Phil Baumgartner, George Kubin, Chairman; Anita Axt. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARDS 105 Campus un Campus UN, which coordinates the Model UN and High School UN, promotes student participation in all intercollegiate international affairs and furthers student knowledge and interest in the United Nations. FIRST ROW, left to right: Adrienne Weingarten, Barbara Benesch, Marianne Meylan, Ellenherg, Lynn Archer. SECOND ROW: Armen Tashdinian, Dwain Gatterdam, William Bulganin, David Darisky, Mike Hone, Charles Cutter, Bill Dillon. correspondence council Serving as the " pen pal " bureau of the ASUC, Correspondence Council promotes mutual understanding and appreciation between students at the University and students in foreign countries by aiding the exchange of letters between them. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Kelley, Barbara Allan, Theresa Soeten, Sue Hartley. student union committee The Student Union Committee, besides providing for better and more varied use of ASUC buildings, and formulating policies governing the use of Stephens Union, has also been very busy making plans for a new Stephens Union, which would provide better facilities and services for all members of the University. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ella Rose Villela, Maple Forsyth, Jill Hollingshead, Joy Zumwalt, Donna Lyons, Karen Mathesen, Pat Barnard. SECOND ROW: Madeline Severine, Lora Barshell, Sandy Anderson, Marilyn Herz, Bertha Miller, Pat Cox. THIRD ROW: William Hayes, Ken Lawrenson, Bruce Williamson, Jack Throop, John Adamson, Davie Kennelly, Jaime Alvarado. 106 WAA COUNCIL—FIRST ROW left to right: D- Espenschade, Kay Pascoe, Joan Thompson, president; Anne Colby, vice-president; Lynn Brown. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Pudoff, Phyllis Fitz, Betty Purvis, Paula Johnson, Nancy Schlegal, Shelby Kostial, Barbara Stark. waa The Women ' s Athletic offered a new sport program this Independent Teams. Members of new program and those of Sports and Intramural Board were to participate in any of the Sports Days. The Christmas week dessert sponsored by these honored Mrs. Robert Gordon and past presidents of WAA. In the WAA sent representatives to Nebraska, for a AFCW Convention some girls attended the meeting in California. High Sports Day and the Bay Sport s Day were also held and annual Aquacade and dessert ended the semester ' s activities. SPORT CLUB—FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Brasted, Paula Johnson, chairman; Betty Purvis. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Pfeiffer, Annabelle Shirachi, Evelyn Estep, Pat Sixtus, Sumi Shinoda. INTRAMURAL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Stark, Nancy Schlegel, chairman; Dr. Espenschade. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hubbard, Pat Sturdy, Esther Frizza, Pat Pillsbury. 107 801 Ions publications office Pub Office works hard all year to aid Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Pelican, Occident, and Cal Engineer in managing and editing their publications. The office is headed by Wally Frederick and Jo Gilberg, whose competence is never ceasing in coordinating tions activities throughout the campus. NEWS BUREAU—Bob Rubin and Marilyn Lochausen. Walter Frederica and Jo Gilberg. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dede Lyman, Helen Harley, Pam Gordon, Marianne Loring. Wally and Jo are aided by four pensable staff workers who will try to answer any questions you may have. Also housed in Eshleman is the Athletic News Bureau, which is ably directed by Bob Rubin. He is assisted by Marilyn Lochausen who always keeps their office friendly and cheerful. 110 photography LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Yettick, Jim Clark, Chester Plcmgren, Sandy Sandner. Ed Kirwan and Harold Amling. Crazy? Yes, but also ready to jump whenever you are desperate. That ' s Ed, Harold, Chester, Jim, Sandy and Diane in the hectic photo lab of Room 4, Eshle- man Hall. H there is a " gripe, " a com- plaint, a request, a " please, I need it in 15 minutes, " down the stairs and around the corner we go to the photo lab, with a pleading smile and " I ' ll really do the same for you someday. " But we all lived through the headaches — Was it worth it Ed and Barb? REPORTERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Jay Bardwell, Margie Madonne, Tom Lubbock. DAILY CAL NIGHT EDITORS — SEATED: Marsha Young. STANDING, left to right: Jim Yenchel, AI Moss, Peter Graham. CUB REPORTERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Debbie Semenov, Helen Benthem, , Jerry Pimentel. SECOND ROW: Pat Chaney, Marla May, Joelle Rosen, Ann Lorimer, Janet Olson. THIRD ROW: Bill Sanderson, Rudy Montejano, Ralph Hinton, Sue Murray, Irwin Spector, Marjie Hrapoff, Zeke Hendricks, Elena arov, Dave Backus, Ed Collins. DOLORES VAN LOUKS Fall Managing Editor BOB FALK Fall Editor JAY BARDWELL EUNICE CHERRY Spring City Editor Assistant Editor JIM LEMERT Spring Editor NANCY Spring Managing Editor 112 daily cal editorial Amidst the clatter of typewriters, the ringing of telephones, the stacks of coffee cups and the piles of notes, re- leases and copy paper, a staff of about 40—according to our official rules, actually more likely of 10 or 15, works five days a week ( at least) to put out a daily newspaper for the campus community. Unlike many other activities which involve a meeting here and there or long hours of work for only a few weeks out of the year, the Daily Californian represents a full-time job to most of its editorial staff members, who work to put out a regular daily newspaper within the framework of metro- politan working press standards. Among the types of news covered in a typical year are University events, Radiation lab discoveries, ASUC activities, Executive Committee meet- ings, the YM and YWCA, and a host of off campus and world events of interest to the students, includ- ing the San Francisco Symphony season and the continuing Suez Canal crisis. This year ' s BIG stories included the discovery of the antineutron, the national elections and the October-November Middle East crisis, when our own Associated Press wire service brought the latest news to campus. Special series on the ASUC store, local eating spots and other topics of interest made the daily columns as well. Despite the usual drawbacks of inadequate staff and the necessity of going to class (once in awhile), " the press " has labored on to produce another set of volumes of " The Monarch of College Dailies. " DAILY CAL ASSISTANT NIGHT EDITORS — SEATED, left to right: Sue Meadows, Nancy Voss. STANDING: Tom Ander. son, Bob Siegel. DAVE McMURTRY Assistant City Editor LARRY RUE Assistant City Editor BOB COPPOCK Assistant Manager Editorial Administration " ,da TOM LUBBOCK Art Editor JOHN VLAHOS Assistant Manager Editorial Personnel FLORENCE LAU Fall Assistant City Editor 113 MARGARET MEANY Promotion Manager MARIAN Fall Manager JACKIE ROBERTS Promotion Manager DIANE GORDON Production Manager EVELYN BRASS Office Manager DICK BOWERS Spring Manager PHYLLIS Advertising Manager FRED Fall Photo Editor JOHN VLAHOS Fall Sports Editor CHESTER PLEMGREN Spring Photo Editor ED MOOSBURGER Spring Sports Editor DAILY CAL SPORTS STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Glenn Dickey, Ed Moce.buraer, Emil Portale, Rudy Montejano, Pimentel. SECOND ROW: Bill Goldman, Steve Bensman, Bob Jarvis, Larry Gilmore, Bob Goldman. THIRD ROW: Keith John Stanton, Dan Decious, Bob Steiner, Paul Chann. 114 daily californian JUNIOR MANAGERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Davis, Pat Huberty, Don Cardno, H. T. Leal. =NM: rogermaaramomatmeow••••■•■•■ 40•01•1111 „■■•••••■•■■„■■■■.... ammemon. molowootal managerial Advertisement SOPHOMORE MANAGERS ® LEFT TO RIGHT: Sybil Markus, Sally Edwards, Charles Hall, Steve Hanna, Charlene Jimerson, Al Wade. GIVEN: DAILY CALIFORNIAN MANAGERIAL (and a love of black ink) TO PROVE: That it is the HEART of THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN 1. Is a haven for business majors, activity ma- jors and others. 2. Makes large profits. 3. Keeps the D.C. out of the red. 4. Sells ads, sells ads, sells ads. 5. Arranges delivery of the paper. 6. Wrangles — with anyone. 7. Hard working and enterprising. THEREFORE Onward and upward forever or FORWARD! flat-footed solicitors (motto) THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN MANAGERIAL Room 114, Eshleman Hall 4.11110 DAILY CALIFORNIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Limes, Kaye Johnson, Charles Crayne. SECOND ROW: Mike Kuranoff, Norm Weinress, Fred Ras- mussen. sports Under the guidance of John Vlahos and Ed Moosbrugger, sports editor and assistant sports editor, respectively, in the Fall, and Ed Moosbrugger and Emil Portale in the Spring, the Daily Californian sports pages presented more feature material and better minor sports coverage than it had in the past five years. The backbone of the staff were our night editors: Glenn Dickey, Bill and Bob Goldman, Doug Ives, Larry Lynn, Al Moss, and Emil Portale. 115 KAREN Pictures Editor JAN Associate Copy Editor BARBARA Editor LINDA LUTZ Sports Editor SALLY Copy Editor ANN COLBY Office Manager JIM Associate Sports Editor BLUE AND GOLD JR. EDITORS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Collier, Dolores Doyas, Taylor, Sue Biggart. NOT PICTURED: Marty Goldsmith, Jo Wooley. BLUE AND GOLD SOPH EDITORS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Delight Compton, Pat Gail Schoeder, Marje Scholz. 916 blare and gold editorial The inmates of 110 Eshleman Hall rarely saw the light of day. To them this den of iniquity proved to be one of slave labor, worsened eyesight, and overconsumption of caffeine. Although fun was found in work nights, afternoon parties, and just plain work, that familiar strain, " Final Deadline—April 1st, Let ' s get busy " perme- ated throughout. And busy they were when the last-minute pressure finally de- scended upon them. Who would have ever dreamed that they could have produced the book in a month!! Certainly not the editor, who served as backbone of the office and led her staff to a satisfactory completion of the yearbook. Finally, the Appointments Banquet cleared the air of inequities and brought to a close a hectic but enjoyable year. BLUE AND GOLD FRESHMAN EDITORS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Mullins, Miliy Kalsh, Margie Luther, Ann Roper, Pam Gallick, Shirley Kampp. SECOND ROW: Ellene Regalia, Mary Pickett, Sheila King, Elene Zahas, Claire Kruger, Betsy Kaye, Marg Waldie. THIRD ROW: Marsha Watson, Marty Bucklen, Jan Dumm, Lois Parrin, Joan Andersen, Diane Duffy, Ginny Zim. 117 MARY CLAIRE CREECH Associate Manager MARION HOPPING Manager MARY WITTMAN Assistant Manager BLUE AND GOLD SOPH MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Elaine Bjcrgan, Joan Ruby. SECOND ROW: Joyce Himes, Shirley Brancato, Lynn Worthington, Cece Halsted. BLUE AND GOLD JR. MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Bell, Barbie Stark, Bobbi Ruby. 118 blue and gold managerial An atmosphere of enthusiastic activity has prevailed in the Managerial office of the Blue and Gold this year. As " Hop " sat in her Manager ' s Chair planning for the " bigger and better " sales campaign Mary Claire was sitting at her desk counting all " her " ( ? ) money. Meanwhile Mary spent a good part of the semester frantically searching for " someone in studio. " Conversation was comparatively restricted ... in fact, " SELL " was the word. And we did! Through various means ( all approved by the University) we executed our sales campaign to a successful conclusion. Relaxing from our intense selling efforts the staff found time for a little party time and now is anxiously awaiting the annual appointments banquet scheduled for May. Working not only with staff members but also with representatives from living groups, Managerial carried forth its aim to bring the 1957 Blue and G old to a greater and wider number of students. FROSH MANAGERIAL STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: H. Ward, C. Bernardo, H. Hirschberg, S. McMullen, C. Morrison, J. Clark. SECOND ROW: K. Hardison, H. Goyette, D. Fr ost, N. Norton, L. Dobbins. 119 JANET DENT JOHN RUYLE Fall Editor Fall Art Editor DIANE KNOTTS Fall Manager CAROL NORRIS Fall Women ' s Director ii 1457 I 2 7 8 9 A A A 21 22 23 28 ALLAN HISLOP Spring Editor RUSS HUFFMAN Spring Manager JERRY LEE Spring Art Editor BARBARA BENEDICT Spring Women ' s Director PELICAN STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Louise Edler, Pat Jacobi, Binki Benedict. Dee Barber, Margaret Gould. SECOND ROW: Janet Krough, Charlotte Lee, Cringe Jang, Marlene Pick, Cathi Enright, Joyce Elshire, Sonya Jastamski, Martha Wright, Kerin Baker, Evie Trost. THIRD ROW: Miller, Barbara Baker, DeAnn Lyons, Megowan, Sarah Sarrells, Lucy Berner, Nita Sides, Sue Carlow, Linbre Karff, Sandy Cawght. pelican Pelican reinforced its position as the Monarch of the College Monthlies during the Fall semester with the completion of its new build- ing, a structure which is rivalled only by the United Nations building in magnificence. The Fall editor, Janet Dent, and the Fall manager, Dianne Knotts, became respectively the first editor and manager of Pelican to occupy the building. They were also the first female editor and manager team the Pelican has had since the assassination of President McKinley. They were ably assisted by A. Boone Hislop as associate editor, Rollo Huffleberger as advertising manager, Tobias Q. Eldritch and J. Eric Ruyle as art directors, and the Norris chorus as women ' s director. In the Spring, Pelican sustained the high standards set by the Fall staff. Alan Hislop courageously attacked vice, corruption, and hypocrisy on campus from the editor ' s chair, and Rollo Huffleberger changed his name to Russ Huffman to become the Spring manager. They were respectively the second editor and manager to occupy the new building. Also, they were the first male editor and manager team the Pelican has had since Nasser seized the Suez Canal. The Spring staff made a special effort to be good ; but when they weren ' t good, they were careful. PELLY GIRLS — Lorella Standley, Marilyn Machado, Jeai McNitt, Louise Barbara Benedict, Cecil Norris, Pat Jacobi, Shirley Yett, Shirley Laughlin, Joan Christianson, Joan McNider, Joan Preble, Sonya Jastremski, Carol Stevenson, Emily Abouaf, Yvonne Low, Dee Barbar, Sandy Mi.ler, Galina Overfrieff, Sara Sorrells, Janet Lanfenberg, Weegie Williston, Betty Lou Salisbury, Janet Ruth, Judy Pollack, Barba " a Barker, Liz Carlston, Diane Talbot, Gail Weller, Sandy Melton, DeAnn Lyons, Ann Leonard, Kaiiin Lundberg, Corinne Jang, Pearl Kutserelis, Kris Anderson, Nita Sides. DAVE GRUVER Fall Manager cal engineer The California Engineer, the true representative of the and K E set, once more reached the towering of success. This is merely to that there were no more than usual number of and only one salesgirl sisted in the attempt to sell subscription to Dean While low on staff members, still managed to copious quantities of and staff representation the Bear ' s Lair never If our banquet had been more successful, we would been banned in Boston ever. Editor Mercer, this blurb over the shoulder, peevishly reminds that in spite of all the mentioned gaiety, a magazine produced too, and would please mention the high of said publication. Enough said. AL GEIGER Fall Editor LEE WERTHEIM Fall Women ' s Director SHEL CARROL Spring Manager STAN MERCER Spring Editor MARY STERGERWALD Spring Wcmen ' s Director STAFF— FIRST ROW, left to right: Joanne Strauss, Lee Wertheim, Joyce Meyers, Al Geiger, Helene Treitel. SECOND ROW: Karin Matthiessen, Mary Steigerwald, Lois Gaddie, Carol Harbaugh, Judy Sontag. THIRD ROW: Dave Truver, Stan Mercer, Dick Lee, Cal Stroeble. FOURTH ROW: Sheldon Carroll, Dave Lewis, George Armending. TED FOURKAS Fall Editor MARION LAMBERT Spring Manager MARLENE CLIFFORD Spring Editor STAFF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Marion Lambert, Ethel Benson, Marlene Clifford. SECOND ROW: Walt, Jack Adler, Ted Fourkas, Phil Heron. occident The high point of this year for the Occident staff was a move across the hall to more spacious quarters in room 108 Eshle- man. As usual Occident published two fine magazines, one in the Fall under the direction of editor Ted Fourkas and the Spring edition with Marlene Clifford as editor. As the quest for literary talent among Cal studen ts continued throughout the year, the staff held its customary enlightening discussion meeting. A new addi- tion to office furniture was the celebrated padlocked box which was stealthily installed under cover of night. It was felt that this box would insure that literary manuscripts, as well as miscellaneous scraps of paper and shy staff members would be read anonymously. At present, Occident is looking forward to an even more productive 79th year of publication. cal band The University of California is very proud of the Cal Band, under the direction of Mr. James Burdahl. They have won many awards all over the state for marching and technique tition. The band is a student-managed organization, which has become a part of every football game in the Fall and every ball game in the Spring. In the Spring, though, the subsidiary band, The University Straw Hat Band takes the spotlight. The Cal Band, during football season, sponsored the High School Band Day, in which all high schools in the Bay Area participated during the halftime activities. MR. BURDAHL, Director NEWTON LOWE, Drum Major 124 BAND MANAGERS -- LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Austin, Dick Coleman, Newt Lowe, Des Casey, Bill Moore, Walter Pilgrim, Paul Bostwick, James Berdahl (Director), DES CASEY Band Leader straw hat band Under the direction of Des Casey the Straw Hat Band had a most successful season. With the UC basketball team on top this year, the band accompanied them up and down the coast for nearly all their competition. Those on the west coast from Los Angeles to Washington State heard and saw the " strawhatters. " The season ended with a bang when the band piled on a bus and drove all night to Corvallis, Oregon, to The Bears play in the semifinals against Kansas State and the University of San Francisco. Long live the strawhatters for they are almost part of the team. I 25 FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Shields, Charlie Bottom, Marilyn Diane Tallman. Martha Weatherholt, Sandra Faulk, Claire Smith, Liz Miller, Terry Garthwaite, Hawkins, Helen Boggs. SECOND ROW: Kay Hemphill, Sally Barrett, Lucy Radcliffe, Marilyn Zinns, Barbara Boyce, Juanita Bednynek, Sherill Urton, Janet Holden, Barbara Townsend, Jane Barmore, Chris Asimos, Carol Coolidge. THIRD ROW: Rose Mellore, Ida Strickland, Gwen Large, Pat Cathcart, Johanna Clark, Elaine Daly, Barbara Wicklow, Mary Floris, Dana Adair, Lois Nakamura, Lois Lafrance, Sandra Reed, Dorothy Saroka, Sandy Basket, Charlene McKenzie. FOURTH ROW: Maryanne Lindemith, Mary Stiegerwald, Mickey Ligon, Vicky Chick, Phyllis Jordan, Joan Roberts, Mary Kenner, Donna Larnick, Pat Moore, Sue Talbot, Diane Stern, Elie Venst mom, Diane Werronfn, Pat Odell, Shirley Trumd, Phyllis Porter. TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS — STANDING, left to right: Hemphill, Marilyn Zinns, Rose Mellore, Mary Floris, Mary Steigerwald, Barbara Townsend. SEATED: Pat Cathcart, Sandra Faulk, Mickey Ligon. treble clef The brilliant Treble Clef year started with the annual Retreat in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Inter- national House Anniversary Concert, the Noon Concert in Wheeler, and Christmas Caroling in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco rounded out the Fall activities. In the Spring, for the first time, Treble Clef went on Tour with concerts at East Contra Costa JC, Woodside, and San Mateo. Other Spring concerts included the Walnut Creek Youth Concert Series, the Composer ' s Forum, the Easter performance of Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony and Lully ' s Te Deum with the San Francisco Symphony. As always, the highlight of the semester was the annual Spring Show in Wheeler Auditorium. Treble Clef offers all girls interested in choral music an exciting opportunity to sing and meet new friends. Its varied 126 performances and social activities offer a maximum of enjoyment to campus co-eds. glee club Under the direction of Robert B. Commanday, the Glee Club successfully completed another year of fun, work, and entertainment. The Fall semester was filled with concerts, highlighted by the University Christmas program in which the Glee Club sang together with the University Symphony and the Treble Clef Society. The Glee Club also participated in week-end retreats, social mixers and formals. The Spring semester was highlighted by a performance with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, at Easter, of the Missa Solemnis. A unique occasion will end the year when the Glee Club, during the summer, takes a tour to Japan. They are financing this tour almost entirely themselves. Certainly the University can be proud of this group and proud of all the distinguished performances which it has made and will make in the future. 127 FIRST ROW, left to right: John Da: Ros Gordan, Patrick Holien, Ed Najera, Ncrm Seraphin, Mike Donahco, Ben Fraticelli, Jerry Jonas, Simeon Akaka, Harold Neu, Len Grossman. SECOND ROW: John Hawes, Pete Grossman, Al Schoff, Bole Bowers, Al Lee, Steve Graves, Len Schreiber, Bob McFarland, Bob Irvine, Herb Brown, Dave Gruver, Phil Olivier. THIRD ROW: Don McNabb, Ted Mohler, Ken Davis, Alix Ravnik, Al Lazar, Walt Cates, Jess Frey, Ron Mitchell, Dick Perry, Al Pfeiffer, Jim Van Tress, Len Loomis. FOURTH ROW: Henry Mitchell, Fred Oswald, Ron De Fields, Bruce Sweeney, Don Baker, Barry Eaton, Koji Horikawa, Bill Brown, Ray Wilhelmsen, Larry Bridges, Bill Patnaude, Wayne Wilcox, Paul Shoen. FIFTH ROW: Erwin Frech, Ron Clazie, Dodge WElace, Bill Joe Rafetto, Dan Oruten, Paul Gilbert, Galen Russell, Tom Kurtz, Bill Mason, Walt Badley, Niel Lincoln, John Gates, Ralph Stigbee. GLEE CLUB MANAGERS — FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Davis (Associate Senior ager), Martin Temple (Senior Manager). SECOND ROW: Ben Fraticelli, Len Schreiber, Bob McFarland, Pat Hobin, Ros Gordon. THIRD ROW: Dodge Wallace, Wayne Wilcox, Al Lazar, Bill MacNabb, Bill Mason. BOB COMMANDAV Conductor SENIOR OCTETTE — TOP ROW, left to right: Larry Bridges, Bill MacNabb, Martin Temple, Larry Dinnan. BOTTOM ROW, top to bottom: Al Lazar, Walt Cates, Hank Ramirez, Ben Fraticelli. california up on. " club Two years ago, the Collegians, a mixed singing group was organized into a male chorus supplementing the University of California Glee Club. In the Spring of 1957 the name was changed to the California Apollo Club. During the semester, under the direction of Glee Club Director Robert Paul manday, the group gave several concerts on campus and formed in conjunction with the University Chorus, Treble Clef Society, and Glee Club in performances of Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony and the Lully " Te Deum " with the San Francisco Symphony. FIRST ROW, left to right: Albert Zais, Richard King, Walter Knutson, Richard Cheu, Torn Stern. SECOND ROW: Reynold Wong, Charles Markee, Esmond McNutt, George Lendaris, Ray Vingo, Lee, Dave Mara. THIRD ROW: Gene Johnson, Don Cairns, Carl Drews, Jerry Laughlin, Jim Conlin, Ken Abernethy, Will McIntire. NOT PICTURED: Bruce Appel, Choong Cho, Bob Clark, Audrian ham, Ken Ernst, Henry Fung, Sherman Gee, Jim Langler, John Laratta, C. R. Larsen, Stepher Lee, Tom Leland, James Mclnstrey, Charles Patterson, James Ponder, Kent Rice, Don Rossi, David Silvio Skefich, Ed Utsumi, Devin Utter, Ron Wong, Victor Wykoff. iv debate The Junior Varsity Debate team is better known as University Roundtable. This year was full with debate and discussion activities. The group is sponsored by the ASUC and speech department and is open to any students interested in forensic activities, regardless of previous speaking experience. These students can participate in intercollegiate competition with comparable groups. This enables those participating to be eligible for promotion into Varsity Debate. The group concentrates on important national and inter- national topics, famous speeches and current books. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lawrence Ccunt3, David Dansky, Richard Falknor, Joseph Motakin, Arthur W. Walenta„Ir., Dr. Fred Stripp (Coach), Allen Ehle. SECOND ROW: Nick Wallace, Princeton Lyman, Nancy Welch, Norma Hi[linger, Noel Marsh, Douglas Shearer, Robert Huffstutler, June W. Ward, Erik McTernan. varsity debate Varsity Debate, selective in membership, offers a variety in curriculum for its members. Guided by Dr. Fred Stripp, the group engages in weekly discussions. Outstanding activities this year included the debate with Oxford University here at Cal, the Joffre Debate at Stanford, and a tour of the West Coast campuses, debating the national topic. FIRST ROW, left tc right: Charlotte Albright, William Fife Sparks, Mary Kimball. SECOND ROW: Marc Monheimer (Coach), Miguel TeubaL MARY KIMBALL Manager PRINCETON LYMAN Manager I29 SYMPHONY FORUM — FIRST ROW, left to right: Carole Marshall, Toni Sweet, Monroe Kanouse, Joan Angers, Diane Jonas. SECOND ROW: Pat Hobin, Charles Cutten, William Rosenfeld, Roberta Dickerson, Karen Johanson. university symphony The University Symphony had a most successful year with visiting professor Piero Bellugi as their director. Much hard work and practice resulted in some spectacular performances. In the Fall the semester was highlighted by two outstanding concerts. The first, put on exclusively by the symphony orchestra, included such selections as Corelli ' s Sarabanda, Giga e Badinerie, Mozart ' s Symphony No. 34, Ravers Suite from " Ma Mere l ' Oye, " and Stravinsky ' s Suite No. 2--going from the classics to the modern. The Orchestra again presented selections at the University Christmas Meeting, including Berlioz ' s " Farewell of the Shepherds, " from The Childhood of Christ. In the Spring the Orchestra was fortunate enough under Mr. Bellugi to take a short tour within the area. PIERO BELLUGI Director symphony forum The Symphony Forum, under the chairmanship of Monroe Kanouse, succeeded this year in providing the students with various opportunities for enjoyment of classical music. This is offered especially by the San Francisco Symphony Association, which provides student tickets and ushering positions. This is co-ordinated by the Symphony Forum, to help bring the student in closer contact with classical music. Thanks again this year to Dr. Joseph Kerman, for his advice and guidance as sponsor. EDWARD LAWTON Director university chorus The University Chorus, under the direction of Edward Lawton, had a most successful and productive year by contributing greatly to the musical programs on the campus and in the community. In the Fall the Chorus joined with the University Symphony in the traditional University Christmas program, featuring a production of " Farewell to the Shepherds, " from the Childhood of Christ by Hector Berlioz. In the Spring, the Chorus felt very honored in again joining with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Enrique Jorda, conductor, in presenting a special Easter production of Beethoven ' s Missa Solemnis. 131 RADIO•TV STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Capp, Bob Siegel, Ron Robie, John Miekle, Kathi Bishop, Gene Taylor, John Arendt. radio-television theatre The purpose of the radio-television theater is twofold. The programs selected to put before the listening audience programs of an interesting informative nature, and in addition they are planned to afford students in the University an effective experience as an activity in all phases in the field of radio production. This group the only totally student group producing radio series in the West. highlights of the year were two Golden Bear Reviews, one in Spring and one in the Fall, featuring ASUC Athletic and Administrators, football and basketball players of the the Cal Marching Band, and the Glee Club. There was a grand total of individual programs, containing hours of program with over 600 performers and musicians. 132 Manuscripts of new plays are solicited by the Department. Gifts of costumes and stage properties are gratefully received. Presentations of the University Theater this past year were, among others, " Prometheus Bound, " " Ring Round the Moon, " " Beyond the Horizon, " " The Doctor ' s Dilemma, " " The Lower Depths, " " Macbeth, " and " The Lady of the Camellias " (Camile). university theater Plays presented by the University Theater under the direction of the Depart- ment of Dramatic Art have a twofold purpose. They are selected to put before the University community a program of distinguished dramas of all time and all countries. They are also planned to afford the students in the University an effective experience in dramatic art. Participation in the presentations is open to all interested students on the campus. GRIF RICHARDS KATHRYN ISH DIANE BERMAN JOHN CONEY GERALD ELSBACH JAMES MADISON BEVERLEE GALLI THOMAS MOORE In addition, there are three dramatic honor societies which present productions each semester: Thalian Player, directing honorary, who this past year presented a major production in the Studio Theater, Dwinelle, " The Gioconda Smile " and " Summer and Smoke, " and several Thursday afternoon presentations, including a comic opera, " Thomas and Sally " ; Mask and Dagger Society, acting honorary, who present an annual revue, this past February — " What ' s the Catch " ; and Hammer and Dimmer, the technical dramatic honorary who each summer present a melodrama in the Studio Theater, Dwinelle, the last presentation being " Ten Nights in a Barroom. " 133 beyond the horizon CAST Andrew Mayo Anthony Griffin Robert Mayo Ken Young Ruth Atkins Bonnie Rothbart James Mayo . ... Gruff Richards Kate Mayo Patricia Griffin Captain Scott .... Hiram De Witt Mrs. Atkins Linda Kotcher Ben . . • • ... . Stanley Parry Dr. Fawcett Alvin Foote 134 the doctor ' s dilemma CAST Redpenny Arthur Berggren Emmy . Dean Luckhart Sir Colenso Ridgeon Richard Albrecht Dr. Schutzmacher . .. .. . Arthur Sharr Sir Patrick Cullen Thomas Moore Mr. Cutler Walpole Walter Nelson-Rees Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonnington . Douglas Reynolds Dr. Blenkinsop James Madison Jennifer Dubedat .. Carmen Azar Louis Dubedat John Hetherington Minnie Tinwell. Sarah Gill A Newspaper Man . . .. Francis Weaver Mr. Danby Kenner Foote 135 the lower depths THE CAST THE BARON Michael Backer KVASHNYA, peddles dumplings in the market Olga Emerson BUBNOV, a capmaker Neal Murphy ANDREY DMITRICH KLESTCH, a locksmith John Carnahan NASTYA, a girl of the streets Laura Stine SATIN Richard Mondon ANNA, Klestch ' s wife Joan Waite THE ACTOR Gordon Taylor MIKHAIL KVANOVICH KOSTYLYOV, keeper of the lodging Roderick Carter VASSKA PEPPEL, a thief Paul Marianetti NATASHA, sister of Vassilissa Kostylyova Kathleen Scarlett LUKA, a pilgrim Charles Matlock ALYOSHKA, a cobbler Duncan Sim VASSILISSA KARPOVNA KOSTYLYOVA, wife of Mikhail Kostylyova Frances Wyatt ABRAM KVANICH MEDVEDEV, policeman, Vassilissa ' s and Natasha ' s uncle Stanley Parry THE TARTAR Jacques Tillmany THE GOITER John Tomlinson macbeth THE CAST Thomas Moore MACBETH Beverlee Galli LADY MACBETH Anthony Griffin MACDUFF Hank Di Suvero MALCOLM Bertram Schwarzschild DUNCAN Robert Dunne BANQUO Stephen Vause FLEANCE Arthur Berggren DONALBAIN Richard Albrecht LENNOX Arthur Conrad Ross Ed Smith SEYTON Raymon Stausbury S ERGEANT Ronald Nicholes, Ted Eisteat, Alan Mendelsohn MURDERERS Bonnie Rothbart, Cottrell, Arthur Conrad WITCHES Mimi Azar LADY MACDUFF Judy Off ord YOUNG MACDUFF Stanley Mielson DOCTOR Merilyn Hand GENTLEWOMAN 137 ACE OF CLUBS (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Sally Tuller, Dianne Sanguinetti, Judy Palmer, Barbara Best. SECOND ROW: Carol Catrow, Dona Green, Margie Dawson, Lee Landers, Adele Olker. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Buckley, Judy Franch, Gray Burnham, Ann Ehinann, Pril Proctor. NOT PICTURED: Janet Jansse, Holly Parrish, Berta Rose, Kathy Gilbreath. Hunter Richard Don Bob Len Corren David Crum Dave Gruver Charles Hall Russ Huffman George Lee Charles Neale Eugene Peterson Bill Schnieder David Spence Tom Tellefson Arthur Tom Norman Vaughn ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 140 ALPHA PHI OMEGA (National Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity established at Lafayette College, is actively carrying out its thirty-first year in four fields of service: service to the University, service to the membership, service to the community, and service to the nation as par- ticipating citizens. The major projects undertaken by Gamma Gamma chapter during the 1956-1957 school year include hospital recreation service, collections for the Campus Crusade, the Ugly Man Contest for the benefit of the World University Service, Christmas at Cal contest, and assistance to various student activities, including handling of the ASUC Elections for the Spring semester 1957. Alpha Phi Omega strives for the develop- ment of leadership and the promotion of a fellowship program for its membership. Social life and fellowship also play an important role in the integrated program of Gamma Gamma chapter. This year we have had several social functions : three exchanges, a barbecue-hayride, our famous pizza feasts, and our popular noon hours in the office —lunch or study ! ! John Adams Jaime Alvarado Alfred Cuthbert Robert Kaar Jim McKinstry Richard Spongberg Alexis Argo Robert Gruver Ron Kurtz George Riek Keith Wheeler Steve Cook Wilbur Hieb H. T. Leal Stan Shawl David Yamakawa 141 AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) CALIFORNIA CHAPTER OF STUDENT AFFILIATES FIRST ROW, l eft to right: Michulik, Jaber, Hauserman, Pettigrew, Philbrook, Rhodes, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Renard, Heil, Meng- sholi, Weinberger, Treadway, Lamb, Bates, Huntsinger, Soul ' s, Stechman, Rosenquist. THIRD ROW: Blakeley, Knapp, Dowd, Hew, Walker, Gahr, Wahl, Buehler, Clark, Larson, Becker. FIRST ROW, left to right: Prof. E. Keachie (Faculty Advisor), Dick (President I), George Armerding II), Robert Carter (Treasurer I, ident II), Bob EnIde (Vice-President Rowland Chew (Secretary III, Earle Brown, Jr. (Secretary I), Bruce (Treasurer II). SECOND ROW: Donald Lam- bert, Tadao Yoshikawa, William Lee Butler, Farney Bisbee, Kermit M. Knopf, Gale Aeker, William H. Franklin, Simon John M. Boyle. THIRD ROW: James C. dan, Gene Kuykendall, Jerrold J. Barron Miller, Bill Barancik, Gary Sjordal. AIIE (American Institute of Industrial Engineers) FOUNDED AT COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1948 U.C. STUDENT CHAPTER FOUNDED 1952 142 ASCE PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 U.C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1921 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS ASME PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1912 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: John Horn, ald Babbitt, Keith Quan, Al Hairi, Shah Mohammad, Larry Ku ' chin, Jim Tocher, Pete Pfeiler, Jerry Quigg, Albert nani, Rufus Darden. SECOND ROW: H. Davis, Leroy Kennedy, Lawrence Chee, Bob Copple, Bob Bamford, Watt Anton, Edward Dominion, Harold Younger, John Lambert, Stanley Donq. THIRD ROW: Patrick Breman, W. A. Geloner, L. N. Launer, F. M. Powell, William Roils, Robert Dugan, H. Veizoides, Mamoun Chebib, Y. F. Wong, James Suye- masa. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Osborne, Noel Hildebrand, John Conners, Charles Curtis Canevari, Duane Butler, Wayne Lidke, Edward G. Schultz, Jr., Frank Crua, Chung Fung, Will Baker. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barton Mills, Doug Hines, Lewis Gibb Frank C. Thomas, Prof. R. Steidel, Peter Lyman. SECOND ROW: Bruce Wilson, Arthur M. Collins, David L. Woodard, William F. Schick, ard G. Dung. George W. Armerding, Fred M. Strange, Richard M. Spongberg, Roy Scott Hickman, Robert B. Greene. THIRD ROW: Ted Tchillo, Angus Lorenzen, James P. Morris, Donald J. Guild, Norman J. Brown, A. Greg Wroglewski, L. L. Vonce, Jr., Charles Y. Leong, Joseph Han, James son, A. Wayne Elittner. FOURTH ROW: Earle 0. Brown, Jr., Henry Lurie, Alec R. Willis, James Hurley, Patrick Dunne, S. Krishna Setty, Palmer A. House, James H. Roth, Michael J. Raffetto, Robert B. Decker. FIFTH ROW: Albert J. Wiemken, William H. Wallace, James L. Costanza. Gary D. Sjordai, Gerald J. Pilz, Edward C. Lester, Lewis Samuels, Jim Ingram. SIXTH ROW: Phil Niles, Roy Coats, John Bentsen, Rod eron, Bill King, Richard Livezey, Roger W. Chaney, Eugene R. Serex, Donald P. Detrick. 143 AMERICAN RED CROSS LOCAL CHAPTER UNITS FOUNDED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 ALPHA KAPPA PSI FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Kyra Oppermann, Susan Fisher, Prudy Vyn. SECOND ROW: David Yomakawa, Channing, Sima Lerman, Susie Paula Skene. Don Davis Lee Duffus Ray Galliani Jacques George Gary Bill Moore Charles Neale Jim Nitsos Richard Ochsner Stanley Siegel Richard Skow David Spence 144 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY (National Air Force ROTC Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, 1947 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SQUADRON FOUNDED 1952 FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry G. Hoskins, Alan W. Watson, Donald W. Evans, Richard Spongberg, Richard Mitchell, Dave Roden- huis, Edgar L. Strickland. SECOND ROW: William R. Hinshaw, John C. Hink, Carl A. Bergard, Charles Coverdale, Robert F. O ' Brien, Marcel A. Wiedmaier, John L. Haag, Henry J. Schneider, Dal J. Darracq. FIRST ROW, left to right: Norton Ziegler, Ron Popp, Gene Mayer, Harry Harris, Ben Mosley, Frank Brandes. SECOND ROW: John Wickman, Dave Dieterich, Russ Huffman, Bob Ettinger, Bob Towle, Jim Taylor. 1 46 BETA ALPHA PSI (National Accounting Society) FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Helmer!, Phyllis Gillogly, Gordon Foster, Doris ston, Victor Millar, Marilyn Monako. OND ROW: Dave Nagao, Bob Cowan, Harry Weinberg, Jim Stanton, Barbara McConnell, Mel Sommer. FIRST ROW, left to right: James Berdahl, Advisor; Ron Gordon, Kevin Stanton, Larry Strom, Newt Lowe, Dick Anderson, Jim Law- son. SECOND ROW: Dan Cheatham, Ellsworth, Neil Dickinson, Walt Carl Schwerin, Bill Moore, Des Casey, Mary Atchley. THIRD ROW: Paul Bostwick, Hugh Barnett, Van Hurdle, Bill Isbell, Dick man, Gene Serex, Earl Jack. BATON SOCIETY (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER d FILIPINO STUDENTS CLUB OF UC GAVEL AND QUILL (Class Activities Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1949 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to Mansueto Conk? (Publicity Chairman), Iluminada Javier (Vice-President), Odeon Briones (President), Darie Briones (Secretary), Rafael Morales (Treasurer), SECOND ROW: Mr, Pete San Juan (Advisor), Loreto G. Gaba, Ernestina Sison, Purification Megino, Constancia rer; Josefina Cortes, Cardad Flom, Mrs. Mar- ciano Fernadez (Advisor). THIRD ROW: Bias Labad, Roberto Grey, Maria N. Mata, tricia Bacol, Gloria San Juan, Justina Pancho, Ruth McPherson, Raymond Pautar. FOURTH ROW: Ben Mendoza, Danny Con- cepcion, Jose Juliano, Adolfo Eleazar, Jose Olson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Torn Lubbock, Bill Wilson, Shirley McLaughten, Duke lett. SECOND ROW: Joanne McHenry, Jean Hartmann, Heidi Altorfer, Sharon Anderson, Pat Marsh, Hoyce Himes, Dolores Doyas, Sue Diamond, Nel Sommer, THIRD ROW: Start Marp, Colette Morgan, Marilyn Rohwea, Claudia Mauzy, Bobi Ruby, Myrtle Franklin, Barbara Levin, Marilyn Machado, Judy Blum, Gene Mayer, Harriet Greitzer. FOURTH ROW: Bill Lindsey, Bill Bruce ing, Bill Stricklin, Edward Windeler, Warren Robinson, Nelson Enmark, Ken Kruger, Lee Smith. 147 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION FOUNDED 1907 Pictured is the library of Christian Science Organization at the University where college students may study Christian Science literature in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 meetings are held at which college students tell of physical healings and problems solved through the study and application of Christian Science. Readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy precede the testimonies. COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN Barbara Ackerman Marjorie Borba E. M. Coburn Dolores Caudros Susan Freeman Roberta Gaudie Jackie Gilbert Helen Coyette Patricia Lynch Beth McKimmy Sally Menzel Sandra Morse Peggy Ostrom Gloria Panelli Dixie Powell Dorothy Pudoff Marcia Rehfuss Nancy Schutz June Smith Marilyn Thornton Susan Thursby Barbara Whitaker 149 DELTA SIGMA P1 (Professional Business Administration and Commerce Fraternity) Rudy Alfred Stuart Davis Bob Thomas Robert Claude H. T. Leal David Ed Robert Arthur Walenta Nick Wallace 150 DELTA PHI EPSILON (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED 1923 ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 1915 FIRST ROW, left to right: Arthur W. Simp- son, William S. Kasper, Jose Fuentes, Grady McMurtry, George Kubin, David Stenzel, Vincent Anzilotti, Jr., Andre Pancheco. SECOND ROW: Willerd Fann, Hoover Lee, John Layman, Dwain Gatterdam, Eric Wolff, Ernest Kaim, George Nolta, Hisad Matsu- moto, David McPhee, Norman Nielsen. THIRD ROW: John S. Shannon, Ashley He- witt, Jr., Thomas Stephen Camerson, Francis Gist, Derrill Alexander, John Skujins, Charles Hedge, Richard Peterson, Jeris Strain, Beverly D. Draughon, Hayward Blake, David Ellison, Jack Donald Dokey, FIRST ROW, left to right: Lester Reubema, Richard Rogertson, Aron Mural, Thomas E. Dillon, Gard E. Meddaugh, Irene Karmilof, James Gru-Uchitel, Glenn Bacon. SECOND ROW: Michael Athanassiades, Larry Scott, Robert Pepper, Stanley Mercer, Roy Sokoler, Kane Yee, Richard Lawhom. THIRD ROW: Chuck Holloway, Ronald Mitchell, George Lendaris, Robert Brooks, Richard Jameson. FOURTH ROW: Erwin Frech, Jr., Vladislav Bevc, Johan F. Blokker, Alfred Lim, Charles Cook. FIFTH ROW: Ken Tucker, Bill Boyd, Robert McIntosh, Richard Coutes, Albert R. Watson. SIXTH ROW: Al Slutman, William Bridges, Robert Fleming, Jules Pearlman, Jr., M. S. Ghausi. SEVENTH ROW: William Boggs, Tom Nonsmoker. 151 BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Royal, E. Blacker, R. V. Jones, C. Walsh, D. Egan. SECOND ROW: D. Porter, Vonder, G. Linde, M. Monako, S. Heirml, D. Nagao, P. Gil- logly, G. Foster, R. Walker, M. Zaccour. FIRST ROW, left to right: Harissis Veizades, John Horn, Stanley Dong, Robert Bamford, Richard Waddell, John Lambert. SECOND ROW: Ging Chin, Keith Quan, James Tocher, George Riek, Edgar Lee, William Gelonek, Harold Younger, THIRD ROW: Fred Biagini, Richard Haelsig, William Blythe, Paul Yin- cilione, Robert Taylor, Lloyd Launer, Albert Buchignani. CHI EPSILON (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS 152 GOLDEN GUARD FIRST ROW, left to right: Masao Hotta, Yukio Yoshikawa, Tak Kojima, Norbert Ko- wa ' sk i, Bill Kinney (First Sergeant), Chuck Schlegel (Captain), Tom Miller (First Lieu- tenant), Alec Willis, Leroy Reynard, BiH Greschel, Donald Guthrie. SECOND ROW: Charles Travers, Charles Stephenson, Richard Bowers, Norbert Babin, Bob Hattrup, Bob Snow, Lee Shoptaugh, Wayne Schulz, Jost Ramos. THIRD ROW: Ron Maasberg, Rock- well Cramer, Leo Pessin, Pardee Lowe, Rich- ard Holloway, Vic Lamb, Vanolin Hurdle, Bob Swanson, R. Scott Sherman, Pat Lough- boro, Bob Weck, Peter Sheehan. FOURTH ROW: Al Gluck, Serge Demyaneko, Thomas Burcham, William Frye, Tom Moore, Larry Stewart, John Schwerin, Don Jones, Ed Morris, John Ducato. FIFTH ROW: Col. C. T. Schmidt, Col. S. H. Know!tan, Col. A. J. Hoeman, Col. J. P. Mason, Capt. T. W. Doeppner, Capt. K. F. Jansen, Capt. S. D. Wisdom, Maj. R. S. Bentley, Capt. T. Murphy, Capt. W. R. Deeley. Lt. R. H. Rhodes. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Coney, John Choy, Herald Elsback, Kathy Ish, Arthur Conrad, Joy Cox, James Madison. HAMMER AND DIMMER (Technical Dramatic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER 153 HILLEL (A National Organization Devoted to Cultural, Religious, and Counseling Service Among Jewish Students on the College Campus) SEATED, left to right: Naomi Sturman, Pat Gogol, Sheila Smith, Jerry Goldman, Sandra Bachels, Andrew Bachels, Manley Horowitz, Diane Horowitz, Joe Doestein, Steve stein, Robin Gordon, Warren Levin, Jacob Naor, Rowalie Eisen. STANDING: Norman Nayfach, Terry Bloom, Sherna Rabbi Joseph H. Gumbiner. FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Marilyn Marston, Besyl Gaidos, Peggy Sieg, Jeannette Nolen, Peggy O ' Neil. ROW: Wydonna Badely, Kay Burta Lynn Pawson, Eileen Kern, Gretchen Pauli, Sandra Morse, Dede Brandes. ABSENT: Mil- dred Anderson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FOUR HUNDRED CHAPTERS 154 MASK AND DAGGER (Dramatic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Patti Tafjcn, Mary Harrington, Diane Berman. SECOND ROW: Thomas Moore, Douglas Reynolds, John Coney. FIRST ROW, left to right: Peggy R. Stewart, Florence Wong, Isabella T. Lewis (Presi• dent), Barbara J. Bennett, Evelyn Venstrom. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Day, Mary Ann McDermid, Anna Marie Wilson, Miss Ruth Hawthorne, Dr. Jessie Coles, Dr. Ruth Okey, Roberta Smith, Doris Arlene Trabert. OMICRON NU (National Home Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 JOINT BERKELEY AND DAVIS CHAPTER FOUNDED 1944 155 MORTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 Sharon Cartwright Eunice Cherry Shelby Kostial Barbara Levin Nancy Casebolt Phyllis Gillogly Karan Minick Nancy Peppin Alix Bouldin Judy Johnson Marion Lambert Ann Van Houten 156 NEWMAN CLUB (Organization for Catholic Students) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 The value of the Newman Club cannot be overestimated in relation to its effects upon the social, educational and religious lives of the students on campus. Some of the important activities that took place during the year included the Fall Reception, Friday Night Dances, lectures, luncheons and Retreats. The Chapel of St. Aquinas is open daily for devotions and it is a source of inspiration and a haven of refuge for those students who may be troubled and in need of spiritual or temporal help. The extra- curricular events provided by the Catholic Center at the University offer fun, as well as the spiritual graces which will leave an everlasting impression on our lives. C7 PI ALPHA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Society) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1937 FIRST ROW, left to right: Lee Wertheim, Carol Norris, Marlene Quayle, Phyllis Dani, Mary Dyke, Lynne Rauscher. SECOND ROW: Shirlee Laughlin, Margaret Meaney, Evelyn Brass, Sharon Ajello, Norma Kleebauer, Jacklyn Cahill, Marian Hopping. FIRST ROW, left to right: Peter Lyman, Henry Lurie, Alec Willis, Robert Banks, James Hammitt, Earle Brown, Jr., Ernest Der, Albert Wiemken. SECOND ROW: Jer- rold Jacob, Douglas Hines, Leonard Maki, Phillip Legendre, Frank Thomas, James Jor- dan, A. Gres Wroblewski, Gnome Armerding. THIRD ROW: Henry Scheiner, John Bass, Frank Tanforan, L. L. Vance, Barton Mills, teo Dabaghian, Roger Rile, Lewis Gibbs, Albert T. Watanabe. ABSENT: Prof. Carl C. Vggt, Prof. Harold W. Iverson. PI TAU SIGMA (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1915 PI OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 CR PRYTANEAN (Junior-Senior Women ' s Honorary ) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 TWO CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Dalton, Libby Sutton, Wilma Wuthrich, Sheila Evans, Joyce Barrett. SECOND ROW: Joan Thompson, Carol Jackson, Sandy Pamphilen, Sue McCauley, Marian Hopping, Nancy Cupit, Jane Bell, Susie Spongberg, Anne Baumgartner, Judy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Linda Lutz, Barbara Levin, Caroline Fechter, Lilo Wertheim, Joan Werner, Marion Lambert, Eunice Cherry, Bobbe Binsacca. FOURTH ROW: Kyra Oppermann, Suzanne Huber, Claudia Mauzy, Karen Johanson, Ann Van Houten, Anne Baldwin, Carolyn Miyakawa, Joan Spaulding, Phyllis Gillogly. FIFTH ROW: Colette Morgan, Carol Norton, Carolyn Demeter, Sally Vaughn, Louanne Moloney, Gloria Mikuls, Madilyn Engvall, Carolyn Saltzen, IC9 P REPHARMACY SOCIETY SEATED, left to right: Sue Davidson, Bob Foreman, Marshall Storz, Dr. David Ken- drick, Faculty Advisor; Gail Schroeder. FIRST ROW: Joyce Taylor, Margot Lilly, Julie Ann Wong, George Pemebaker, Ma- soud Makhani. SECOND ROW: Don Lee, Don Sturdevant, Ron Allsman, Gary Pichon, Dick Pfarrer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kathleen Clark, Ann Chew, Adele Olker, Gladys Itaya, Sachiko Sasaki, Davi Pray, Inta Kumins, Jahan Aalam. SECOND ROW: Dean Charles Smith, Donna Mendonca, Arlyn Hunt, Ro- berta Gaudie, Marilyn Lorper, Gael Mac. Donald, Judy Pererson, LaVerne Rohuer, June Thomas, Ruby Nakagwa, Mary Proc- tor, Mrs. Nancy Harvie (Advisor). THIRD ROW: Roland Hong, Tom Koda, Gumichi Kawamoto, Edward Low, Clifton Cole, James Dowd, Hoe Uyeminami, Johnson Chiao, Choug Koo, Yoshiaki Fukuda. 160 P UBLIC HEALTH U NDERGRADUATE ASSOCIATION PHI CHI THETA (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 RN ' S ON CAMPUS (Registered Nurses Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Elizabeth Ponutta, Helen Chan, Jeannette Quon, Marilyn Monaki. SECOND ROW: nie Hong, Elizabeth Blacker, Madeline Smith, Mr. Roberts. THIRD ROW: Irene Shirley Helmer!, Hazel Crenshaw, Joanne Murphy. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Alice mise, Sponsor; Corrine Sater, Janet Jansse, Vice-President; Genee Sant, President; Cornelia Tamley, urer; Mariwyn Schneider, Social Chairman; Virginia Waddill, Program Chairman. OND ROW: Violet Stone, Betty Stolzman, Josephine Mauiello, Marion Ray, Jeanne Mc- Innis, Norma Watson, Alys Mount. THIRD ROW: Margaret Yung, Frances Eleanor Mason, Charlotte Holloway, Virginia Thompson, June Abbey, Mary Gibbs. ROW: Ann Nishio, Diane Spangler, Virginia Frates, Helen M. Williams, Rosemary ing, Dixie Damon. NOT PICTURED: Marian Chittick, Dorthy Allen, Olivia Doppe, Lois Farnsworth, Jane Guarfot, Margaret Vogler, Betty Wolfe, Kathryn Hollister, Polly inson, Virginia Barham. 161 PANILE (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary) Heidi Altorfer Jean Bickel Ann Blanchard Nancy Bruce Maridae Joan Martha Sue Barbara Dickey Caroline Fechter Edrie Ferdun Canalee Fey Susan Fisher Carol Geren Judy Hampton Colette Morgan Kyra Opperman Marilyn Patten Susan Pauley Linda Sisson Nancy Shaeffer Joan Spaulding Sylvia Spridgen Mary Steigerwald 162 SABRE AIR COMMAND SAILING CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Peterson, Gary Bartick, Lee Heinz, Bob Hofmann, George Higgins, Jim McKinstry, Anatole Wirolubowich, Ron Goldsborough. SECOND ROW: Chauncy Yano, Charle Crayne, John Enkoji, Gary Cunial, Glenn Jarvis, Bob Brauer. THIRD ROW: John Ronald, Jim Youngson, Ray McLaughlin, Paul Schoen, Deane Maegers, Roy Watley, Edward Ruff, Dave Egly. SIGMA DELTA CHI (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 4 100 117 )1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gene Taylor, Steve Shih-Chao Huang, Rob Pepper, Larry Rue, Jim Lemert, Gerry Thompson. SECOND ROW: Ted Phillips, Dwight Teeter, Ed Moosbrugger, Jay Ross, Stuart Hall, Jay Bardwell, Rav Smith, Tom Anderson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lawrence Greene, Doretta Bistor, Armen Tashoinian, Mr. Gene Brucker, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Faun (Fall President), Anne Colby (Fall Secretary-Treasurer), Yvonne Corsini Secretary-Treasurer), Pete (Spring President), SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA (History Society) FOUNDED 1950 164 SKI CLUB ••■■IEMM.- MMUINIMNI Believe it or not, the group in the picture, kneeling: Willie Lamson, Lou Solomon, Bill Fisher; First row: Sandy Stauffer, Helen Weiner; Second row: Doug Lummins, Jack Reetz, Joan Haug, Bob Vaughan, Skip LaChance, and Joanne Barnes, President, is the UC Ski Club Executive Committee. In spite of being run by a motley crew and not having had much snow this year, some of our 400 members have managed to make as big a contribution as ever to the brewing industry. We have had many parties and have found time to represent the club in such races as the BASF and Signal Hill. We would like to say goodbye to the graduating seniors in the club; maybe you won ' t be around Eshleman any more, but we ' ll see you on the slopes. I 65 SKULL AND KEYS (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Klement, Robby Taller, Charlie Green, Larry Woodward, Jim McDonald, John Dewey, John Elworthy. SECOND ROW: Ron Wheatcroft, Bob Pr,nd.e, Dick Falge, Pat Vaznaugh, Jim Raney, Bill Crawford, Remo Jacuzzi, Jim Wilson, Tom Trutner. THIRD ROW: Don Simi, R. B. Richards, Ed Peterson, Lee Vaneaton, Neil Fox, Dwight Allen, Mike White, Al LaRue, Jim Lorenz, Gary Gray, Pete Shea , Ed White, Crosby Hyde, Norm Becker. 1 66 STUDENT AFFILIATES OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1876 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED 1938 MEMBERS: Mike Story, Louise Roesner, Ray Marchi, John Ronan, Bob Fahey, Glenn Cook, Gordon Johnston, Janet Macomber, Don Mosiet, Anthony Waiss, George Seto, Glen Hultgren, Garlok Woo, Fred Werner, Bill Aiman, Rod Tognetti, Dick Ellis, Scott Arigh, Evelyn Teyssier, Mab Hirschman. SEATED, left to right: Eunice Cherry, Mix Bouldin, Lee Wertheim. STANDING: Pat Hubberty, Judy Landis, Linda Lutz, Dot Kamer. THETA SIGMA PHI (Honorary and Professional Fraternity for Women in Journalism) 167 TRIUNE (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 Fall Officers Spring Ross Kerr President Dave Osborne Ken Petron Vice-President John Frazier John Wilson Secretary Harry Hathaway Dick Dixon Treasurer John Wilson 168 THALIAN SOCIETY (Honorary Directing Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 TAU BETA P1 (Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER 1907 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Elsbach, Richards, Tom Moore. FIRST ROW, left to right: Erman A. son, Harold A. Johnson, Ronald H. Mitchell, Lyle E. Delow, Richard Robertson, James C. Jordan, Chas. R. Moore, Glenn C. Bacon, E. D. Hoag, Robert Pepper, Werner Goldsmith, Otto J. M. Smith. SECOND ROW: Kuey Fong, Richard E. Haelsig, Gard Meddaugh, Johan F. Blokker, Roy Sokoler, Keith Quan, Lewis Giggs, Alec Willis, Doug Hines, Henry Lurie, Robert S. Banks, Stanley L. Mercer, Richard D. Lawhorn. THIRD ROW: Jules Pearlman, Jr., T. E. Dillon, T. A. maker, D. L. Moorehead, Kane S. Yee, Wing Lee, Adrian Messner, Gerald P. Kooyers, Charles C. Cook, Robert W. Fleming, Barton Mills, Larry Scott. FOURTH ROW: Fred Reid, Bill Boyd, George Tallman, Albert R. Watson, Albert J. Wiemken, Robert M. Bamford, Richard Jameson, Jim Tocher, Vladislav Bevc, Francis C. Pribbenoa, a ' d Billett, George Lendaris. FIFTH ROW: John H. Hom, Edgar Lee, Ray Scott man, Erwin P. Frech, Jr., Charles S. Hoyle, Robert B. Greene, L. G. Rowan, Don Hagge, Jim Luini, Frank C. Thomas, Peter T. Ly- man, Van Hurdle. I69 TOWER AND FLAME (Lower Division Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1934 MEMB ERS: Ralph Hudson, Nova Cavagnaro, Nancy Hage, JoAnn Tovvler, Shirley Duncan, Delight Compton, Coralei Amen, Bob Nelson, Evelyn La Miller, Joan Bittner, Boyer, Carol Marshall, Diane Hutton, Zilpha Shadi, Gary Hermes, Don McLennan, Ivan Williams. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandy lon, Diana Michell, Ann Baumgartner, Karan Minick. SECOND ROW: Shiela Evans, anne Maloney, Tony Marchitelli. TORCH AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1906 170 UC MOTHERS ' CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 This club, established in November 1916 has just brated its 40th anniversary. The object is to bring its members into social and intellectual intercourse and keep in touch with University authorities in promoting the fare of the student body. It shall in no way interfere with the administrative policies of the University. Any mother whose son or daughter is, or has been a tered student in the University of California may become an active member of the club upon payment of dues. We have 300 active members. Mrs. Jones has three sons and two daughters who have graduated from U.C. Has been an active member for twenty-five years. We maintain many scholarships for worthy students. FIRST ROW, left to right: Burt Barnes, Robert Mann, Mark Hodgson, John Griefe, Frank W. Smith. SECOND ROW: Victor Zullo, James Weddle, Prof. Jack F. den, Prof. Garniss Curtis, Paul D. Juette, Ronald B. Parker, S. P. Welles, John W. Cosgriff. THIRD ROW: Rex Olsen, Charles L. Perdue, Jr., Jolly DeLuchi, Sandy Hay, old Hoffman, Tom Turcotte, William Barker, Ralph W. Chaney, Parker D. Trask, Frank G. Sieraski. THETA TAU (Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 171 INTERFAITH COUNCIL (To promote understanding and cooperation among faiths) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1943 STANDING, left to right: Bob Harry Strut, Janet Edwards, Joy Ruth Lewis, Rabbi Gumbier, Ted SEATED: Carolyn Senske, Jan Tom McNally, Elaine Nygern. FIRST ROW, left to right: William Feeney, Amos Stackhouse, Sterling Jensen, Rex M. Enos, William A. Easter, Richard Gus Kapandritis, Jim Bryson, Stan more, Arv. Trostrud. SECOND ROW: Warren C. Apel, Albert R. Watson, Joan N. gore, James A. Horton, Michael J. Shepherd, Aron I. Mural, Philip A. Ingalls, Calton H. Strobele, George G. Lendaris, John Loughboro, Stanley L. Mercer, Richard Ren- teria, Al Geiger. THIRD ROW: Robert Norris, Chas. P. Bourne, John 0. Jack A. Livezey, Erwin P. Frech, Jr., G. Farman-Farmanian, Eugene Binnall, S. Armstrong, Gordon R. Nakagawa, Ronald H. Mitchell, William H. Clark, Jack Lindsley, Choompong Songeharoen, W. Rierson. UCSEE (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE) FOUNDED IN 1947 172 WINGED HELMET (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 FRONT, left to right: Tony Torrance, John Ducato, Sam FIRST ROW: Doe Kosovac, Jerry Milne, Stan Sparks, Duncan MacSwain, Edward White, Gary Donavan, Jim Ogle, Don Tartre, Rogue Hemley, Mike Toomey. SECOND ROW: Steve Schadlich, Sheldon Medal!, John Elworthy, John Brideson, Mortenson, C. W. Ferguson, De Roy Jacnbes, Scott Laidlaw. THIRD ROW: Charlie Stephenson, Dick FaWe, Al Stewart, Ed Morris, W. B. Mayer, Lew Cobb, John Holt, Tony Bailey, Dick Jordan. ROW: Mike White, Mike Myers, Dave Bridges, Bill McCubbin, Joe Jaeper, Rod Griffin, Leo Gaspardone, Don Lowber. 173 UC FORESTRY CLUB (Member of Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Johnson, Dale Hosier, Larry Larson, Dick Lewis, John Coburn, Dick Fores, Bob Cline, Oliver Kolk- mann, Ray Weinmann, Dick Johnson. SEC- OND ROW: Rolf Bensiler, Charles Schaefer, Dick Carson, Bob Winter, Walt Kaiser, Walt Bemis, Harold Seyden, Jack Throop, Walt Schlumpf, Ben Krohn. THIRD ROW: Don Owen, Jim Bates, Frank Beard, Gary Plisco, Dick Krebill, Dan Oswald, Jack Iseberg, Ed Tunheim. FOURTH ROW: Pete Twight, Skip Benedictson, Wayne Knauf, Sam Van Wyck, Merlin McKnight, Tim Cannon, Hasan Qushu. FIFTH ROW: Bob Martin, Zeiv Vered, Her- man Zittel, Nick Poppin, Phil Lord, Harry Kolkmann. SIXTH ROW: Jim Whitacre, John Warnock, Don Rogers, Cleburn Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Harold Sebring, Don Olson, Jim Batchelder, John Pererson. EIGHTH ROW: Ed Stone, Sammy Samson, Bob Col- well, Marsh Palley, John Hammit, Doug Hayden, Rudy Grah, Harold Heady, Bob Cockrell. Yvonne Cafasso Doris Elmore Arlene Freguilia Natalie Gomez Mary McEnroe Dixie Powell Barbara Sandelin Margaret Sieg Helen Svoboda Marsha Watson UTRIMQUE (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1932 174 XI SIGMA PI WOMEN ' S C SOCIETY (Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 FIRST ROW, left to right: John Coburn, Rolf Senseler, Dale Hosier, Oliver Kolkmann, Walt Schlumpf. SECOND ROW: Larry son, Don Rodgers, Jim Jenkinson, Ray Wien- mann, Charles Schaefer, Jim Wlutacre, Hasan Qushu. FIRST ROW, left to right: Divvy Reese, Betty Johnson, Madilyn Engvall, Shelby Kostial. SECOND ROW: Pat Sturdy, Anne Colby, Joan Thompson, Ann Van Houten, Paula Johnson. 175 XI XI XI (Senior Publications Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1956 KNEELING, left to right: ALIX BOULDIN, Undersec. of State, Castle Haunters ' Soc., Cub Reporter, emeritus; CAROL NORRIS, Women ' s Director Pelican, Circle C Soc., Hammer and Saw; RICHARD BOWERS, Women ' s Director Daily Cal, Panile, Heel and Sole. SEATED: JO GILBERG, Standard Bearer, Dachshund Lovers International, Cal Band; MARION LAMBERT, Sickle and Quill, Sandwich and Milk, Guillotine and Thumbscrew; MARIAN HOPPING, Pub. Board, WCTU, AA, QPYZU; LINDA LUTZ, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Social man, Big C Soc., Hoof " N Mouth. ING: JIM LEMERT, Subchairman, Social Comm., Subchairman Daily Cal Comm., Sub and Sub; BARBARA THODE, Deutsches Verein, Unamerican Activities Comm., Amer- ican Socialist Congress; JOHN RUYLE, Brick and Brack, Cough and Hack, Zeke and Zack, President Aching Backs; RUSS HUFFMAN, AROTC, SPCA, Mortar Board; ANNE BY, Ex Comm., J Comm., Finance Comm., Inter Comm., Be Comm., A Bomb Comm.: ROBERT FALK, Water Boy Daily Cal, Ghostwriter, This and That, Hither and Yon, Every Which Way. FIRST ROW, left to right: Peter Lee, Doug Waldenrath, Rudy Montejano. SECOND Joe Schwartz, Carl Schwein, Mike Bruce Whypperdick, Al Volz, Elwin Barrett. THIRD ROW: Tomas Torisson, Tom Nally, Randy Hoey, Larry Lynn, P eter Dahl, Roger Mu Idavin. YMCA (Stiles Hall) FOUNDED OCTOBER 6, 1884 176 THE INITRAM FOUNDED SPRING 1957 YWCA FIRST ROW, left to right: Bobi Ruby, got Glaesner, Sue McLure, Shelby Kostial, Barbara Levin, Rowena Volz. SECOND ROW: Gloria Hopkins, Don Furbush, Howard Selig- man, Dick Schade, Mel Sommer, Susie Spongberg. THIRD ROW: Bert Barker, Ev McKeen, Dick Willey, Mike Lenshau, Gary Burt, Terry Jackson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Adrienne Ho, Charleen Raines, Noralyn Smiley, Betsy Gill, Seren Low. SECOND ROW: Rowena Volz, Nancy Bruce, Joyce Le Febire, Pat Denton, Joan Werner, Darcy Rudolph. THIRD ROW: Anne Kern, Barbara Sergeant, Phyllis Phelps, Marilyn Rohwer, Carolyn Saltzen, Caralie George, Batty Fincke, Elaine Nygren, Bobbe Binsacca, Caroline Fechter, Dolores De 177 0 180 181 PAUL Assistant Director of Athletics GREG ENGLEHARD Fl ST ROW, left to right: Jim Cherry, Nat Brazils, Clark Maddox. Director of Athletics SECOND ROW: John Mahaffy, Greg Engelhard, Bob House. HARRY Ticket Office Manager 182 athletic administration Greg Engelhard in his first year as Director of Athletics did a capable job of planning and scheduling the some 375 athletic events for the University of California. In addition, he was responsible for the financing, and the public affairs and national conferences connected with California ' s sports program and policies. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Williamson, Bob Peterson, Ed Byrne, Al Wylder. SEATED, left to right: Muffy Davis, Norma Martin, Katherine Gowdy. STANDING: Gayle Redden, Henrietta Girgich, Charlie Clarke. Paul Christopulos was Assistant Athletic Director and handled many of the details which kept the entire sports program running smoothly. The Athletic Ticket Office, headed by Harry Davis, was in charge of ticket sales for all athletic events. 183 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ronald Volmer, Bruce Keppel, Larry Harper, Cal Wood, Don Stansaas, Bob Elliot, Al Kyte, John Stewart., Doug Weiss, Gus Gianulias, John Kalamaras, Nat Brazill, Dick Dobbins, Torn Grady, Norm Tuttle, Gerald Pimentel, Nick Cutting, Charley Ware. SECOND ROW: Jim Lawson, Charles Harris, Phillip McGinn, Chuck James, Bill Newfield, Canton, Buzz Summers, Don Pimley, Ron Stein, Shel Diller, Gabe Arrillaga, Earl Robinson, Bill Walker, Garry Weyand, John Dieterich, John Petersen, Ramon Riggs, Mark Tuft, Jim Bowles, Rcnald Klinge. THIRD ROW: Peter Van Houten, Dick Owens, Bill Carr, Paul Ortner, Roy Raymond, Tom Palma, Don McIntosh, Nick Poppin, Duane Asplund, Ev McKeen, Joe Hagler, Mike Diaz, Joe Jaeger, Ted Pollock, Mike White, Jim Cherry, Ed Kraft, Bernie Simpson, Chuck Holloway. FOURTH ROW: Robert House, Maynard Orme, Alan McIntosh, Dick Munter, Charlie Becker, Don Robertson, Bob Ulrich, John Mahaffy, Bill Williams, Joe Griffin, John Kahnert, Clay Bradley, Bill Vallotton, Harry Ghilarducci, Remo Jacuzzi, Jose Oliva, Paul Piper, Ron Wheatcroft, BIG C SOCIETY fall officers President Peter Va n Houten Vice-President Bruce Keppel Secretary Clay Bradley UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Albert Becker Harold Grant Joseph McKim Glenn Seaborg George Briggs Brutus Hamilton Herman Meister Carl Seborg Ralph Chaney James Harkness James Miller Herman Selvin Paul Christopulos Joel Hildebrand Ralfe Miller Harry Shephert James Corley Harold Hitchcock Harold Muller Herman Spindt William Dean Miles Hudson Edgar Nemir Robert Sproul William Donald Claude Hutchison William Norton Richard Stevens Carroll Ebright Robert Johnson Franklin Palm Charles Thompson Gregory Engelhard Charles Keeney Charles Pease Herbert Thomson Richard Erickson Clark Kerr Robert Peterson Edwin Voorheis Clinton Evans Harry Kingman Clarence Price Lynn Waldorf Stanley Freeborn Mike Koll Alva Ragan John Williamson Wesley Fry Stanley McCaffrey George Schroth George Wolfman Henry Yee FOOTBALL Norman Becker Nathaniel Brazill Michael Casey James Cherry Robert Currie Jerry Drew Carlos Fackrell Arthur Forbes Harry Ghilarducci Gus Gianulias Donald Gilkey Remo Jacuzzi Henry Jackson Jose Oliva Gerald Pimentel Nick Poppin Roger Ramseier John Stewart William Vallotton Ronald Wheatcroft Michael White ' 184 BASKETBALL Warren Lavorel William Neufeld John Hardy Albert Asplund Allen McIntosh Maynard Orme Eugene Hessel Michael Diaz Donald Nasser Ronald Klinge Joseph Hagler Paul Ortner SWIMMING John Petersen Charles Hartmann Thomas Palma Kenneth Bathgate John Robertson Frank Hess Paul Piper Lawrence Harper Markham Tuft Donald McIntosh Michael Raffeto Charles Holloway Norman Tuttle Everett McKeen, Jr. Roy Raymond, Jr. Bruce Keppel Robert Ulrich Earl Robinson Allen Reynolds James Lawson William Walker Bernard Simpson, Jr. Gene Stang Karl Marchenke Garry Weyand Peter Van Houten Phillip McGinn BASEBALL Donald Walker John McNees TENNIS Charles Becker Lloyd Canton Douglas Weiss James Weldon Donald Reidt Warren Robinson Lawrence Axtell Clay Bradley Nichols Cutting William Spore Carl Carlson Robert Elliott TRACK Ronald Stein Edwin Dennison Ronald Gaggero Robert Bellue Ronald Volmer Sheldon Diller Joseph Jaeger Joseph Griffin Calvin Wood Mark Hodgson John Kalamaras Robert House Richard Owens Bernard Kelly Charles James CREW Donald Pimley Edward Draft John Kahnert James Bowles Don Stensaas Alvin Kyte, Jr. Leamon King John Dietrich Emory Summers Richard Muster Richard Cobbins Ronald Woods FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Keppel, Stuart Gould, William Paratore, Ben Platt, Harry Kim, Jud Landis, Jim Woodward, Gordon Nakagawa, Fred Daulton, Bill Davis, Frank Clasby, John Elworthy. SECOND ROW: Larry Harper, Larry Stewart, Ray Cowan, Don Allin, Ernest Solomon, Walt Singer, Alan Grisemer, Ken Fristoe, Frank Misch, Max Hale, John Ward. THIRD ROW: Don Jones, Warren Robinson, Robert House, Clark Maddox, Maynard Orme, Mike Backer, Ron Berridge, Edwin Simanis, Bob Hearther, Leo Gaspardone. FOURTH ROW: Alan Hitchcock, Herb Davis, Dick Homuth, Ed Strickland, Bob Metz. Bill Baker, John Gilmore, Don Tartre, Charles Harris, Pablo Dibos. CIRCLE C SOCIETY fall officers President Jim Woodward Vice-President Judson Landis Secretary Gordon Nakagawa Treasurer Walt Singer UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS William Donald Greg Engelhard Bob De Grazia Brutus Hamilton Lance Flanagan Norman Hinds Miles Hudson Charles Lucchesi Harry Morgan Ralph Miller Hugh Mumby Edgar Nemir Herbert Newsom Charles Pease Alva Ragan George Schroth Hal Walt BOXING GOLF 145 BASKETBALL Gordon Nakagawa Herb Davis Dean Maddox Bill Baker John Ward Gaston de Prat Gay Tom Edwards Terry Cole Bob Walton Leo Gaspardone Don Tarte Allan Hitchcock Pat Halliman Bob Metz Kayo Halliman Judson Landis RUGBY Dick Hamuth FENCING Bill Paratore Dave Babros Don Jones Jerry Klotz John Elsworthy Don Ricci Wayne Gallup Carlos Fackrell Edgar Strickland 130 BASKETBALL Max Hale Mike Barker Ken Fristoe Jim Greggs Steve Glagola CROSS-COUNTRY Stuart Gould GYMNASTICS Jon Makishinm Herb Jackson Craig Moore Bob House Art Aldritt Franz Misch Clark Maddox Maynard Orme Donald Allin Harry Kim RIFLERY Walt Senior Alan Schmeiser Dale Reinhold Ben Platt Francis Clasby Brock Settlemeir Ray Cowan Jay Folsom Jim Woodward Bill Morley Mike Freeman Walt Singer Jess Frey SOCCER Jose Cohen Bob Hearther Dave Moore Walt Singer VOLLEYBALL Pete Van Houten WATER POLO Jim Fisher Bruce Keppel Phillip Keppel Warren Robinson Larry Stewart Forrest Van Vleck WRESTLING Richard Gray Ernest Solomon 185 186 . . r - - • ' AM 1111r1111110 " " VoPos$4045.600,44406,0-- - , 1,1116? a • • • . : 4: • • ,• , • , P,AtiiN football coaching Coach Lynn 0. (Pappy) Waldorf completed his tenth and final season as head coach of the Golden Bears with a record of 67 wins, 32 losses and four ties. During this time he has made outstanding contri- KNEELING, left to right: Carl Van Heuit, defensive backfield coach; Lynn " Pappy " Waldorf, head coach. STANDING: Herm Meister, line coach; Jim Lawson, end coach; Rod Franz, freshman coach; John Ralston, rambler coach; Nibs Price, scout; Wes Fry, backfield coach. hutions to the world of sports and to California football teams. " Pappy " has always been held in high regard as a gentleman and a sportsman by the people around him. With his retirement, California loses one of its greatest all-time coaches. I 89 HERB JACKSON scores against Pittsburgh. PAT FARRAN and ERNIE MADISON. season summary While the 1956 football season at California was not a success from the won and lost standpoint, three victories and seven defeats, it certainly had its moments of excitement. In each of California ' s three triumphs the Bears were underdogs and came through with inspired performances. California opened the season by losing a heartbreaker to powerful Baylor 7-6. Next, the Bears traveled to Illinois and lost, 32-20. The Bears returned to Berkeley and whipped nationally ranked Pittsburgh, 14-0. It looked like the Bears were on their way, but Oregon State, ultimate PCC champions, up-ended California, 21-13. Next came UCLA, and after giving the Bruins a 14-0 lead the Bears battled their rivals on even terms. However, UCLA finally prevailed, 34-20. California then traveled to Washington and capitalized on Husky mistakes to win 16-7. In the Bears ' worst performance of the season, they lost to Oregon 28-6. After leading 7-0 at the intermission at USC the next week the Bears wilted and lost 20-7. Washington State ' s Cougars came to Berkeley and returned home with a 14-13 victory. Stanford entered the Big Game heavily favored, but California displayed awesome power and came through with a great performance to win 20-18 to finish the season. FIRST ROW, Jerry Pimentel. SECOND ROW, left to right: Herb Deardorff, Jack Paxton, John Ronald, Bob Toth, Don Larson. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 6 0 0 0— 6 BAYLOR 0 7 0 0— 7 Cal Bay. Rushing Plays 42 51 Net Yards Rushing 107 225 Passes Attempted 25 7 Passes Completed 17 2 Net Yards Passing 188 9 NET YARDS GAINED 295 234 First Downs 15 16 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 7 13 0 0 — 20 ILLINOIS 0 0 26 6 — 32 Cal Ill. Rushing Plays 47 45 Net Yards Rushing 201 246 Passes Attempted 17 17 Passes Completed 10 9 Net Yards Passing 128 145 NET YARDS GAINED 329 391 First Downs 17 17 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 7 7 0-14 PITTSBURGH 0 0 0 0— 0 Cal Pitt. Rushing Plays 34 43 Net Yards Rushing 85 165 Passes Attempted 32 17 Passes Completed 20 5 Net Yards Passing 174 44 NET YARDS GAINED 259 209 First Downs 14 9 192 JERRY DREW ploughs through a host of WSC tacklers. ROGER RAMSEIER catches a pass from JOE KAPP against Oregon. Another score against the Indians, with JACK HART carrying. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 6 7 0 0-13 OREGON STATE 0 0 7 14 — 21 Cal OSC Rushing Plays 28 63 Net Yards Rushing 72 279 Passes Attempted 21 11 Passes Completed 12 8 Net Yards Passing 144 76 NET YARDS GAINED 216 355 First Downs 11 23 194 MAX HALE carries and bobbles against Baylor. JACK HART scores against WSC. 1 2 3 4 Tot. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 7 7 6 0— 20 CAL 0 9 0 7— 16 UCLA 14 6 7 7— 34 WASHINGTON 0 0 0 7— 7 Cal UCLA Cal Wash. Rushing Plays 52 34 Rushing Plays 45 54 Net Yards Rushing 137 114 Net Yards Rushing 131 251 Passes Attempted 25 17 Passes Attempted 17 11 Passes Completed 9 9 Passes Completed 6 2 Net Yards Passing 170 171 Net Yards Passing 85 16 NET YARDS GAINED 307 285 NET YARDS GAINED 216 267 First Downs 13 12 First Downs 11 12 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 0 6 0— 6 OREGON 7 14 7 0 — 28 Cal Ore. Rushing Plays 37 62 Net Yards Rushing 102 330 Passes Attempted 23 6 Passes Completed 9 2 Net Yards Passing 117 17 NET YARDS GAINED 219 347 First Downs 13 15 196 Most of the UCLA team greets JERRY DREW with an unwelccme surprise. 1 2 3 4 Tot. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 7 0 0 0— 7 CAL 0 7 0 6-13 USC 0 0 7 13 — 20 WASH. STATE 7 0 0 7 —14 Cal USC Cal WSC Rushing Plays 40 55 Rushing Plays 70 31 Net Yards Rushing 67 202 Net Yards Rushing 286 117 Passes Attempted 18 14 Passes Attempted 14 16 Passes Completed 5 8 Passes Completed 6 12 Net Yards Passing 67 138 Net Yards Passing 55 118 NET YARDS GAINED 134 340 NET YARDS GAINED 341 235 First Downs 8 17 First Downs 21 11 I 97 big game HERB JACKSON carries Stanford tacklers across the goal line, and Cal leads! JACK HART moves for 11 yards in the Big Game. 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 14 6 0 0 — 20 STANFORD 6 6 0 6 — 18 Cal Stan. Rushing Plays 67 42 Net Yards Rushing 281 284 Passes Attempted 6 18 Passes Completed 2 9 Net Yards Passing 15 92 NET YARDS GAINED 296 376 First Downs 16 23 Ingwyrip 7r5,11111 4 se tog , • 4 ' ;di i 4 aliy ' ..,. .. 46. 44 ' ' f , di " ' ' . 1 1.., .,. I ....:, % -.. ` ' ,k 1 A U. ' ' ' s 4 4 4 " ' , s ,. , • . " 1. it.. t =. - . ' 4 ... ,,. . vk V J t.,, ' 4%. , e _ , ,i, t ,or . ' " is 4 . .„ .., , , . A k 11 .,., Or ' ..W %,-,0111W .,. 4,Ar 7, If ; t C111 4, ' .. 0 4 $ 4 1 . 4- . L i, ' ' ' ,0 .., 0 1 ' t ' 4 ' r4- . ,. t . . .,,,, wt 1 Pk 1 pi 4,040 Firk.. T 4 ... Nit ' .., 141.1 .- • " Tr Os; 10- • Pregame warmup for the Golden Bears. JOE KAPP completes to NORM BECKER for 17 yards and a touchdown against UCLA. JOE KAPP fires to ROGER RAMSEIER in the Oregon game—incomplete. JOE CONTESTABILE to NORM BECKER for six points against Illinois. 200 FIRST ROW, left to right: Max Hale, Jack Hart, Chuck Kuhl, Nat Brazil ' , Jose Oliva, Herb Jackson, Bob Currie, Remo Jacuzzi, Gus Gianulias, John Kalamaras, Tom Rodger. SECOND ROW: Joe Kapp, Jerry Drew, Bill Vallotton, George Gillespie, Doug Hibbs, Manny Agorastos, Bob Van Heuit, Bill Cooper, John Stewart, Darrell Roberts, Jim Cherry, Ron Wheatcroft, Frank Mattarocci. THIRD ROW: Roy Jacobes, Roger Ramseier, Terry Prindiville, Joe Contestabile, Mike White, Steve Glagola, Charles Johnson, Rudy Martin. FOURTH ROW: Sam Slauson, Art Forbes, Curtis Iaukea, Harley Martin, Jim Lorenz, Stan Boone, Joe Smidt, Ray Arata, Renny Russell, Bob Eizenpa, Dick Kolte, Jim Gove. FIFTH ROW: Dick Paige, Oran Franklin, Don Pihl, Tony Perrin, John Michael, Max Anderson, Henry Olguin, Don Gilkey, Norm Becker, Joe Innis, Howard Tom McLaughlin. An injured knee hampered an otherwise bril- liant job of Quarterback GUS GIANULIAS, Season captain DON GILKEY, guard, was nominated for the East-West game. Senior Guard REMO J5CUZZI proved self a fast rugged lineman. Nagging injuries prevented End RON WHEATCROFT from showing his ican potential. Veteran FRANK MATTAROCCI turned in iron man ' s performance at center. Tipping the scale at 240 pounds, Tackle HARLEY MARTIN ' S outstanding game was against USC. Starting Halfback NAT BRAZILL that rugged little men are good enough for college ball. Fast and powerful best describes soph Half- back JACK HART. Tackle JOE OLIVA showed well, on defense. marked the playing of senior Junior End ROGER RAMSEIER was kept from steady action with recurring injuries. Center MANNY AGORASTOS. 202 Power man in the backfield was HERB JACKSON, also a varsity track sprinter. What Guard BOB CURRIE lacked in size made up for in speed and coordination. Best noted for his defensive work is back JIM CHERRY. Hawaiian bred Tackle CURT IAUKEA ises to be tough next year. Surprising all with his offensive work End NORM BECKER. Defensive ace in the backfield was MAX HALE. Moved from center to guard, PRINDIVILLE played heads-up ball in new role. With a touch of speed Fullback ART could go a:I the way next year. The five-game rule limited explosive running Fullback JERRY DREW. Up from frosh ball and running well Halfback GEORGE GILLESPIE. JOE SMIDT, a smart and aggressive man at the tackle slot. Best passer on the squad was JC transfer JOE CONTESTABILE. DARRELL ROBERTS was Cal ' s elusive ning halfback. Junior End MIKE WHITE ' S all-around ity added depth to that position. End BILL VALLOTTON proved to be amcrg Cal ' s best defensive men. Given experience, Quarterback JOE may well develop into Cal ' s best ever. Soph Tackle JOHN MICHAEL added consid- erable depth to this key position. 203 FIRST ROW, left to right: Oran Franklin, Tom Rodger, Sam Slauson, Renny Russell, Ray Arata, John Kalamaras, Frank Mattarocci, Rudy Martin. SECOND ROW. Don Piestrup, John Michaels, Roy Stan Boone, Henry Olguin, Bob Elzenga; Joe Innis, Jim Gove. THIRD ROW: Howard Solvin, Dick Paige, Gene Mayer, Dick Kolte, Charlie Johnson, Tom McLaughlin. ramblers The 1956 Rambler football team began their season by ing Oakland JC 27-7 and then losing 19-0 to the Aggies. The Ramblers then beat meda Navy 46-0, tied Stanford 13-13, lost to Fort Ord 27-7, beat San Jose State 39-13, lost to San Diego Navy 34-6, beat Moffett Field 32-12 and lost to Stanford 33-20. The Rambler attack was led by Olguin, Franklin, maras, Arata, Currie, Elzenga, Rodger, Glagola, Solvin, Boone, Martin, Mayer, and Innis. JOHN KALAMARAS carries against Stanford. JOHN RALSTON did an excellent iob as roach of Ramblers in his first season, 204 FIRST ROW, left to right: Al Dossa, Rich Serra, Alan Stiles, Bob Chiappone, Al Richardson, Gerald Erickson, Alan Hops, Will Silverthorne, Bob McCallum, Henry Giudice, Gordon Finn, Norm Smeenk, Smith. SECOND ROW: Ken Meade, Skip Huber, Karel Swanson, Bob Lom, Wayne Crow, Bob Clay, Bill Bergren, Jim O ' Leary, Jon King, Jack Yerman, Bruce Kurtz, Ken McManigal. THIRD ROW: Bill Tom Bates, Charles Towle, Merzyn Nelson, Pete Domoto, Jim Green, Don Linck, Pat Newell, Bruce Strauss, Ozzie Stevenson, Larry Eisele, Henry Park, Jack Domich. FOUR TH ROW: Coach Don Wilson, Jim Cullom, Coach Rod Franz, Coach Bill Van Heuit, Bill Patton, Ron Gonsalves, Art Keough, Darryl Merrihew, George Barstow, Dick Dumke, John Towers, Bob Taylor, Charles Holston, Coach Walt Manager Jack Paxton, Manager Don Larson. fresh The 1956 Freshman Football team completed its season with victories over UCLA, 13-7, and USC, 25-7, and a loss to Stanford, 33-13. The team played with great spirit and determination and was considered one of the finest freshman squads in a number of years. Outstanding backs included Wayne Crow, Captain Pete Domoto and Bill Patton. Bob Chiappone, Jim Green, Bill Streshley, Frank Sally, Tom Bates, and Charles Holston bolstered the line. PETE DOMOTO plunges for yardage against UCLA. Freshman Coach ROD FRANZ made his first season with his old Alma Mater a winning one. 205 Californ ' a ' s winning water polo teams were all under the fine coaching of GEORGE SCHROTH. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ray VanCouvering, Charles Holloway, Gordon Hall, Jack McNees, Larry Stewart, Larry Harper. SECOND ROW: Coach George Schroth, Dave VanCcuvering, Bill Gusset, Ken Lindgren, Ron VOlmer, Bruce I eppel, Kirk Bathgate, Ron Stein, Manager. Cal and Athens Club in the " swim of things. " water polo The University of California one of its most successful water polo in the history of the sport. The California vars ity went through their ence schedule without a defeat, them sole ownership of the coveted Outstanding on the Bear were goalie Gordon Hall, backs Stewart, Kirk Bathgate, Jack and Will Gassett, while the forwards were Charles Holloway, Volmer, Kenny Lindgren and Larry Not satisfied with winning the PCC the varsity also emerged triumphant a three-day grueling Senior Pacific ation tournament. The University of nia ' s junior varsity also brought and titles to the University. The junior competing in the B Division of Northern California Water Polo first won the Western Division and won the over-all league championship the third consecutive The University of California also swung into the title bracket by winning the Junior Association In breaking the season ' s record down, varsity won 14 and lost three, the varsity won 13 and lost two while the freshmen won 15 and lost none. 206 BRUTUS HAMILTON did an outstanding job developing the performances of this year ' s cross-country team. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tony Schultz, Doug Greiner, Allen Herzog, Val Prescop, Milton Marquard, Jr., Maynard Orme. SECOND ROW: Coach Hamilton, Stuart Gould, Bob House, Don Foster, Clark Maddox, Roger Stephens, Roger Price. BOB HOUSE finishes another race in front. cross-country Led by Captain Bob House, the best cross- country runner ever to wear the Blue and Gold, California closed its most successful season in years with a splendid victory over a stro ng Stanford team. The team suffered one defeat by USC in a triangular meet at Stanford, but two weeks later reversed this decision by a glorious come-through victory over the Trojans over their home course in Los Angeles. House, whose develop- ment has been amazing since he came to Berkeley two years ago, came home first in each of the six races. Already the holder of the University record in the two mile with a 9:11 performance, Bob shows promise of becoming a distance runner of world class. Bob was ably assisted by his teammates who showed steady im- provement throughout the season. Don Foster and Roger Price ran brilliantly. Veterans Maynard Orme and Clark Maddox were steady and scored well through- out the season, while newcomers Roger Stephens and Allan Herzog added strength to the team and showed promise of great things to come. Nonletter winners who added spirit as well as ability to the team included Stewart Gould, Gary Wood, Val Prescop, Greiner Marquard and Tony Schultz. 207 BOB DiGRAZIA coached a fine 1956 soccer team. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Gray, Dan Forster, Vern Carrier, Joel Kwok, Walter Sablinsky, Juris Jaunzems, Kirby Kwok, Milward Montoya, Pablo Dibos, Boris Brodsky. SECOND ROW: John Normanly, Eddie Albrizzio, Mike Appleby, Juergen Koehler, Bob Hearther, Scott Laidlaw, Dave Larsen, Guy Hoffman, Marcus Wolfenson. THIRD ROW: Bob DiGrazia, coach; MacLellan Emswiller, Edvins Simanis, George Fenner, Dave Watts, Wheeler Coberly, Russell Kwok, Man Mennie, Antero Partanen, Paul Kneifel, Allan West, Dennis Trason, assistant coach. Cal breaks downfield against the Air Force Academy. Cal man is " taken for a ride " against SF State. soccer The varsity soccer team finished the 1956 season in third place in the Northern California Intercollegiate Soccer Conference with a record of three wins, two losses, and one tie. The Soccer- Bears lost only to CCSF by a 2-1 score and to USF 3-0. The three wins were over Santa Clara 3-0, San Jose State 4-0 and Stanford 1-0, with a 2-2 tie against SF State completing conference games. The season was highlighted by two intersectional games. The US Air Force Academy team tied the Bears 2-2 in a thrill-packed contest, and the University of British Columbia stopped the varsity by a 2-0 score. Four players were chosen on the All-Conference team with Pablo Dibos, forward and Walter Sablinsky, goalie, making the first team. Bob Hearther, back, and Joe Muscat, forward, were chosen on the second team. Pablo Dibos was the team ' s leading scorer with ten goals and was the play- maker in the forward line. Bob Hearther and Walt Sablinsky led the defense which yielded only seven goals in conference play. Also consis- tently strong on the defense were Dave Moore, right halfback, and Dave Larsen, right fullback. 209 0 210 FOREGROUND: Pete Newell. STANDING, left to right: Rupe Ricksen, Rene Herrerias, Ed Gildersleeve. basketball coaching Towel-chewing Pete Newell led a strong defensive Cal team to the first basketball championship since 1946. Rupe Ricksen and Rene Herrerias, aided by Ed Gildersleeve, combined to coach the Blues and Frosh to successful seasons. 212 FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Brown, Rob Straka. SECOND ROW: Don Reames, George Jordan. THIRD ROW: John Mahaffy, George Hill. Given an outside chance of winning the PCC, the Bears came through in a fashion to delight even the most optimistic fan by winning the conference title and turning in one of the greatest team efforts in many years. Com- piling an over-all record of 21 wins against 5 losses, the Cal cagers took 14 out of 16 con- ference games, losing only to UCLA and Washington. But against each of these foes the Bears came back the second night to win the " pressure " game, bouncing back to beat the Huskies on their home court, and taking a vital second game from the Bruins. Then, needing a sweep in their final regular sea- son series with USC to win undisputed posses- sion of the title, the Bears came through under terrific pressure by beating the red-hot Trojans twice on their own court. Advancing to the Western Regionals of the NCAA champion- ships, the Bears continued to play mag- nificent ball although severely hurt by the ineligibility of first-string center Duane Asplund. In their first game, the Cal hoopsters put on a terrific scoring splurge in the second half to swamp Brigham Young Uni- versity, 86-59. Then, in the qualifying game for the national finals, the Bears turned in one of their finest games, battling USF up to the end before losing out in the final seconds, 50-46. Although the Bears didn ' t take top spot in the playoffs, they did well indi- vidually. Captain Larry Friend, senior forward, was named the most valuable player, while junior guard Earl Robinson was also named to the all-tourney team. Friend, who was named to every PCC and Pacific coast team as well as Associated Press ' s third-string All- American unit, established a new one- season scoring record at the University with 491 points, breaking Bob McKeen ' s former mark of 475. The 6 ft. 4 in. forward was also called " the finest all-around player I ' ve ever coached " by Cal Mentor Pete Newell. 213 56-70 December 1 CAL vs. USF EV McKEEN tries to control a rebound in the USF game. CAL vs. ALUMNI 66-52 November 30 LARRY FRIEND shows All•American form against St. Mary ' s. DON McINTOSH fights for control of the ball against Arizona State. CAL vs. ST. MARY ' S 59-47 December 15 CAL vs. KANSAS 56-66 December 18 CAL vs. ARIZONA STATE . . December 7 CAL vs. ARIZONA STATE . . December 20 214 Center DUANE ASPLUND displays the form which made him a mainstay on the Bear ' s championship five. GABE ARRILLAGA goes up for two points against Kansas. CAL vs. ARIZONA 70-49 December 22 CAL vs. COP 76-34 December 27 ALLAN BUCH and JACK GROUT jump for the ball against COP. DUANE ASPLUND fakes Kansas ' Wilt the Stilt out of position and scores. CAL vs. SAN JOSE STATE . . . 69-47 December 29 CAL vs. WASHINGTON STATE . 66-58 January 4 CAL vs. WASHINGTON STATE . 61-51 January 5 EARL ROBINSON meets a Stanford man under the basket. Oregon player scrambling for a wayward ball. DON McINTOSH and San Jose player jump for a rebound. CAL vs. OREGON 53-46 January 11 CAL vs. OREGON 71-57 January 12 CAL vs. STANFORD 59-45 January 8 CAL vs. STANFORD 67-64 January 25 CAL vs. OREGON STATE . . . . 73-60 February 8 CAL vs. OREGON STATE . . . . 62-51 February 9 217 Capt. LARRY FRIEND leads the attack on UCLA. MIKE DIAZ drives in against Stanford. DUANE ASPLUND up-2 points against Idaho. CAL vs. IDAHO 91-54 February 15 CAL vs. IDAHO 71-56 February 16 CAL vs. WASHINGTON 57-70 February 22 CAL vs. WASHINGTON 72-62 February 23 CAL vs. UCLA 66-71 March 1 CAL vs. UCLA 73-68 March 2 218 GABE ARRILLAGA recovers the ball from a fallen UCLA man. JOE KAPP scores against Idaho as Buch and Bertelsman look on. All-American Forward and Captain of the 1957 Basketball Team, LARRY FRIEND. CAL vs. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA . 61-55 March 8 CAL vs. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA . 89-83 March 9 219 ALLAN BUCH possessed a good overhead set shot which accounted for his being one of Cal ' s leading sophs. Forward JACK GROUT became Cal ' s most promising sophomore. EV McKEEN used his defensive skill to great advantage and was a strong replacement at the forward spot. Guard BERNIE SIMPSON was a top de- fensive player with a good outside set shot. All-American Captain LARRY FRIEND led all other scorers with his deadly set shot as well as all-round floor game. With terrific speed and reflexes, EARL ROBINSON led the guards on Cal ' s pionship team. A fancy floor game best for the pressing defense made GABE ARRILLAGA one of Cal ' s best guards. Although plagued by injuries, Forward DON McINTOSH proved himself an excellent re- bounder. DUANE ASPLUND, first-string center, proved his worth for rebounds and tip-ins. Center JOE HAGLER used his size to great advantage at the post aud for his hook shots. With a deadly aim from the free throw line and a wide variety of shots, MIKE DIAZ proved a leading guard. An excellent team player, DENNY BER- TELSMAN was another of Cal ' s fine guards. 220 FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike Diaz, Larry Friend, Gabe Arrillaga. SECOND ROW: Bob Dalton, Earl Robinson, Bernie Simpson, Denny Bertelsman, Allan Buch. THIRD ROW: Coach Pete Newell, Joe Kapp, En McKeen, Don McIntosh, Joe Hagler, Duane As. plund, Jack Grout, George Sterling. Fiery Forward JOE KAPP proved his merit in the Stanford game and developed a good all-round game. Senior Basketball JOHN MAHAFFY worked hard for the success of the team. 221 FROSH — FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Finney, Jerry Mann, Roger Salem, James Butenschoen. SECOND ROW: Coach Rene Herrerias, Dennis Despars, Victor Binsacca, McCullough, David Pryde, Larry Hitchcock, Coach Rune Ricksen. THIRD ROW: Terry Thomas, Adney Bowker, Pete Gray, Earl Schneider, Darrall Imhoff, Tandy Gillis, Milligan. Coach Ed Gilderleeve. BLUES — FIRST ROW, left to right: George Kramer, Dennis Bertelsman, Herbert Friedman. SECOND ROW: Coach Rupe Ricksen, Robert Dalton, Gnome Sterling, James Robert Nemecheck, Michael White. SECOND ROW: Coach Dan Glines, Herb Graw, Buck Bailey, Mike White. SECOND ROW: Dan Glines, Herb Graw, Buck Bailey, Mike White. 130 ' S — FIRST ROW, left to right: Pete Hayward, Bob Kirschbaum, Nick Jaffe, Bill Gregory. SECOND ROW: Fred Hansen, Walt Duncan, Larry Biddle, Coach Lloyd Johnston. 222 The California freshmen, though hampered by illness and ineligibility, still wound up the season with a 7-7 record. The Cubs split with arch- rival Stanford, winning the first game at Berkeley and losing the second at Palo Alto. Scoring stars of the freshmen were Earl Schneider at forward and Gerry Mann at guard. Schneider tallied 222 points in 14 games for an excellent 15.8 average. Mann scored 153 points for a 10.0 average. Integral members of Califor- nia ' s successful basketball program are the Blues. Al- though they played very few games, they were very successful in those which they did play. More important, they spent most of the season running the plays of the Var- sity ' s opponents which helped immeasurably in preparing the Varsity for upcoming games. Two Blues players, Denny Bertelsman and George Sterling, were re- warded by accompanying California ' s PCC champions to the NCAA Western Regional playoffs in Corvallis. Defensing their opponents to an average of 37 points per game while averaging 50 themselves, the Cal 145 ' s, coached by Danny Glines, amassed a record of 17-3. Leading scorers were Jud Landis, Mike White, and Ron Arndt. Despite a consistent height dis- advantage the Cal 130 ' s, coached by Lloyd Johnston, swept the Berkeley City League championship and finished the season with a 17-5 record. High point men included Pete Hayward, Walt Duncan and Mike Backer. Gymnastics Coach CHUCK I EENEY led the Cal men to another highly colorful season. FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Nelson, Frank Richmond, Ben Platt, Eugene Boyle, John Winter, Xavier Victoria. SECOND ROW: Coach Chuck Keeney, Capt. Don Allin, Ray Cowan, Walt Kaiser, Bill Lambden, Walt Singer, Fred Camp, Art Aldritt. 224 gymnastics Beaten only by a very strong UCLA team the 1957 Bear Gymnastic squad under Chuck Keeney looks back on a successful season. Stanford, USC, and San Jose State fell victims to the team by lopsided scores in dual meets. A dual meet defeat at the hands of the Bruins and a second place in the Southern Division Championships completed the season. Three individual stars competed in the NCAA meet at Annapolis. Art Aldritt and Capt. Don Allin entered the parallel bars while Ben Platt climbed the rope in 3.7 seconds for a new University record and several points for California. This gave Cal 13th place in National Team Standing. The Gymnastics team holds another strenuous workout. ED NEMIR did another of his outstanding jobs in developing Cal ' s boxing Learns. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Kofman, Bill Holliman, Leo Gaspardone, Bill Anderson, John Buckman, Sammie Moreno. SECOND ROW: Ed Nem r, Herb Davis, Bob Ettinger, Charles Duncan, Clark Ide, Jim Vogt, Dick Homuth. Coach EC NEMIR watches boxing practice. boxing Although the record shows one win, two ties and three losses for the Cal Varsit y coached by Ed Nemir, it does not adequately measure the abilities of the team. A number of very close individual bouts were awarded to the opponents. The Blue and Gold men were well condi- tioned, hard fighting, and filled every minute of every round with notch action. Outstanding ances were turned in by seniors Sam Moreno, Clark Ide and three-letter winner Leo Gaspardone. Junior and two-letter men Herb Davis and Dick Homuth won the majority of their matches. Winning their first awards were seniors Mike McPherson and Don Nemir, juniors Bob Ettinger, Jim Vogt and John Buckman, and sophomores Bill Anderson and Charles Duncan. 225 The wrestling season was a successful one under new coach JOEL GROSE. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tod Likins, Harvey Lorbar, Dick Homuth, Jim Miller, Joe Russ, Bill Kish ' , Ernest Solomon. SECOND ROW: Coach Grose, Tony Johnson, Cornell Dudley, Tony Irvin, Thor Tessem, Glen Cureton, Carl Shirk, Don Wonder. Wrestling practice under the watchful eye of JOEL GROSE. wrestling With only one returning man, Tod Likins, the versity of California Team under Coach Grose faced a long and season. The final win loss column doesn ' t the team strength and velopment at the end of season. After losing of the early season matches, team came through with record of 3-5. High points the season were a win Santa Clara, reversing earlier defeat, and a tory over Stanford. The outstanding man on squad was Capt. Tod who lost only once in competition and placed in the PCI Prospects are good for season with the entire team returning. 226 M SGT WILLIE B. HUNT led the 1957 Riflery Team to another highly successful season. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gordon Nakagawa, Fred Daulton, Ken Cunningham, Maurice Milsted, Jerry Dowell, David Ray Wilson, Jesse Frey, Francis Clasby. SECOND ROW: John Brennan, Craig Stutler, George Powell, M Sgt. Willie B. Hunt, Bob Tudor, Neil Lincoln, Gary O ' Neal. M SGT. HUNT shows the team some excellent marksmanship. riflery Coached by M SGT. Willie B. Hunt, the University of California Varsity Rifle Team and teams representing the various ROTC units enjoyed a successful season. The Varsity made a clean sweep of the Northern California Intercollegiate Rifle Con- ference and won second place in the 1956 National Intercollegiate Championship matches. In the same matches, the JV was the third ranked team in the United States. At an Invitational tournament at the University of Nevada against some of the top c ollegiate teams in the nation, the Varsity won first place. A 1955 graduate of the University and out- standing shooter while a student, T. Y. (Tiger) Wu, won the privilege of competing in the 1956 Olympic Games as a representative of Nationalist China. 227 Captain of the Fencing Team, ED STRICKLAND. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Strickland, Ron Swartley, Tom Burcham, Rudy Fregoso. NOT PICTURED: Carle Privette, Ron Locke, Lieh Lee. fencing With no coach and only one return- ing letterman, the University of California Fencers turned out a fair team to fence for the University. After a poor showing in the Western Intercollegiate Fencing Conference, the Cal Fencers came back strongly to defeat Napa JC. Although they started rather late in the year, the fencers also met Stanford, San Francisco State and Santa Rosa JC. Prospects for next year appear to be good, for only two men on the squad are graduating and the prospective fencers look good. TOM BURCHAM and RUDY FREGOSO practice the art of fencing. 228 DOUG LUMMIS captained the 1957 Bear Ski Team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lewis Fellows, Howie Norton, Miss Rhonda Fleming, Leon Goodman, Skip La Chance, Doug Lummis. NOT PICTURED: Graner Thorne, AI Grisemer. LEW FELLOWS jumping for another first at the Yosemite Meet. skiing What might have been the strongest ski team ever assembled at Cal was crippled when Al Grisemer broke his ankle during their annual Sun Valley training session. However, they still completed a successful season by placing second to Nevada in the NCII meet, defeating Nevada for fifth in the University of Nevada Winter Carnival, then taking second in both the Vanderbilt Memorial and the Tressider Memorial. Lewis Fellows sup- plied an element of monotony by placing first in downhill, slalom and jumping in all three of the all-local meets. The remainder of the team was led by Captain Doug Lummis, slalom ace Howie Norton, Finnish exchange student Antero " El Toro " Partanen, Steen Gantzel, Graner Thorne, Skip La Chance, and Francis Willmarth: 229 230 Track Coaches BRUTUS HAMILTON and AL RAGAN. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Ilkovics, Dick Kramer, Tony Richards. SECOND ROW: Albert Skinner, Ernie Thompson, Alan McIntosh, Steve Stone. BOB HOUSE finishes first in the Olympic Club meet. track Co-Captains Bill Neufeld and Art Stewart will lead a varsity team composed of some brilliant ual performers but lacking in all-around team strength. Leamon King in the sprints and Don Bowden in the middle distances, both of whom made the 1956 Olympic Team as sophomores last year, should give California great strength in those events. King is co-holder of the world ' s record in the 100-yard dash at 9.3 seconds, of the 100-meter dash at 10.1 seconds, and won an Olympic gold medal at Melbourne as a member of the world ' s record breaking meter relay team. Bowden, although handicapped by injuries most of the 1956 season, still managed to set a new University record in the mile at 4:08.2. As a freshman in 1955, Bowden set a UC record in the 880 at 1:51.5. Two other University record holders will be mainstays on the 1957 sity: Dick Dailey who jumped as a frosh last year, and Bob House who did 9:11 in the two-mile last year and won American honors. Improved late season performances should give California a respectable dual mee t team and one which should score rather high in national meets. PAUL MAGISTRETTI: Shot Put ART STEWART: 440 BILL NEUFELD: Javelin DAVE BAKER: Hurdles BOB DICK DAILY: High Jump GARY WOOD: 880 234 DON BOWDEN: 880 LEAMON KING: Sprints DON FOSTER: Mlle 235 FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Olyuin, Cliff Marshall, Duane Bailey, Joe Griffin, Dick Dailey. SECOND ROW: David Jones, Hardy Nielsen, William Neufeld, Roger Price, Dick Casper, Gary Darryl Roberts. THIRD ROW: Bruce Muir, Stewart Gould, Bob House, Maynard Orme, Bill Williams, Gary Wulfsberg, Paul Magestreth. FOURTH ROW: Oran Franklin, Roger Stephens, Art John Normanly, Dougald MacKintosh, Jay Howard, Proverb Jacobs. ART STEWART comes from behind to finish first in the 440 against the Olympic Club. DON BOWDEN cracks the 880 record in Cal ' s first meet of the season. 236 FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Healey, Maurice deVillers, Jim Polite, Douglas Greiner, Audrian Cunningham, Ricki Tavernetti, Bob Angell, Fred Henderson, Bob Karlsrud, Gary Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Clyde Haralson, Jim Lindsay, Doug McPherson, Bill Schneiders, Jack Yerman, Jon King, Charles Holston, Bob Bechtel, Bill Hamilton, Clifford Graves. THIRD ROW: Brian McCarthy, Donald Matteer, Dodd DeLcng, Norman Hill, John Mount, Ross Shoaf, Louis Salabar, Jack Domich, Ronald Rott, Bill Patton, Jerry Siebert. Start of the two-mile run against Oakland JC and San Francisco City College. frosh track Subject A and Math 3A must take some of the blame for the fact that the UC Frosh are weak in several events this Spring. However, the Cubs still have a fairly good all-around team including an excellent group of quarter-milers. Outstanding is Jerry Siebert, State Prep 880 Champion. Other good men are Jack Yerman, Ron Rott, Roger Peterson and Bob Karlsrud, quarter-milers; Skip Marquard, mile and two-mile; Ed Healey and Cliff Graves, hurdlers; Ricki Tavernetti and Bill Patton, discus and javelin; Brian McCarthy and Bob Bechtel, pole vault; Butch deVillers, sprints and broad jump; and Jack Domich, weights. 237 KY EBRIGHT completed his 34th season as Crew Coach for the University of California. crew As the 1957 competitive crew season opens, California looks forward to races with all major Pacific Coast Midwest crews. The first event is Alumni Crew Day when interclass races are held. The first collegiate races are with UCLA and USC on Ballona Creek in Los Angeles. Later both of these southern crews come north for ments on the estuary. A feature of the UCLA race will be the inclusion of Wisconsin for the first three-mile three-way crew race on the Oakland Estuary in over thirty years. It will also be the first meeting in history of Wisconsin) and UCLA crews. The " Big Regatta " with Stanford will be a two-day affair with third varsities and second freshmen meeting on Friday. Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman crews race the following day. As a climax to the regular season three California crews will journey to Seattle for the biennial races with University of Washington. Later two varsity crews will ticipate in the National pionships sponsored by the collegiate Rowing Association at Syracuse University in New York State. A squad of four varsity and five freshman crews work out daily in preparation for these events. The crewmen look forward to an exciting competitive season with hopes for a high rating in the won and lost column. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bob Zink, Bob Ekedahl, Bob Ulrich, Vern Smith. SECOND ROW: Chaunce Yano, Bert Gould, Harry Ramsey, Howie Levenson, Toby Burgess. Crewmen prepare the shell for action. Frosh Coach JIM LEMMON. In the locker room just before the race. Varsity Crew practice on the Oakland Estuary. Stroke ' 239 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gene Hessel, Paul Shinoda, Joe ' Merman, Bruce Horwitz, Bob Giauque, Don Schwab, Stan Shawl, Pete Lippett. SECOND ROW: Lyman Lea, Dan Petersen, Reynold Stokes, Dick Howard, Frank Stevenson, Fred Henchell, John Dieterich, Bob Swanson, Dick Dante. THIRD ROW: Coach Ky Ebright, Ben Hammon, Norm Tuttle, Don Bishop, George DeLong, Stan Backlund, Rich Bartke, John Havlina, Graham Gibbons, Bob Odermatt, John Miller, Fran Magers. FOURTH ROW: Fred Hendrix, Bruce Hansen, Don Kearns, Tom Grady, Bob Santee, Dick Jordan, Al Hatheway, John Monroe, Don Anderson, John Petersen, Garry Weyand, Paul Arrasmith, Claude Hutchison. 1956 varsity crew record OPPONENT DISTANCE PLACE MARGIN TIME WINNER UCLA-USC 2000 meters Ballona Creek, La. length 6:18 California Varsity-2 feet 6:16 USC USC 2000 meters Estuary JV-5 lengths 5:59 California lengths 5:56 California Stanford 3 miles Estuary lengths 16:20 California Varsity-31 2 lengths 15:34 Stanford UCLA 2 miles Estuary JV-6 lengths 9:45 California 3 miles Estuary Varsity-12 lengths 14:53 California Washington 3 miles Estuary JV-2 lengths 15:04 Wash ington Varsity-4 lengths 14:47 Washington Wisconsin miles Madison, Wisconsin JV-6 lengths Varsity-3 lengths 9:02 8:42 California Wisconsin IRA Regatta 3 miles Syracuse, N.Y. JV-Cal-6th 17:01 Washington Varsity-Cal-10th 16:22 Cornell 240 FIRST ROW, left to right: Alan Bartcn, Mike Stewart, Brian Vargus, Arlen Lackey, Ralph Udick. SECOND ROW: George Coltrin, Gordon Johnson, Bruce Barden, Elmore Chilton, Lewis Smith, Jerry White, Roy Tuckman, George Breed, Gary Anderson, Jim Alcorn, Bill Simpson, Don Wiesner. THIRD ROW: Assistant Coach Ray Riggs, Tom Wittingslow, Ray Hertel, Mike Rose, Gary Yancy, Jim Demsey, Tom Gonser, Jim Bates, Vic Wycoff, Chuck Hcwden, Paul Foster, Noel Helmbrecht, Coach Jim Lemmon. FOURTH ROW: George Innes, Bob Patton, John Petrick, Vito Danis, John Albers, Joe Neil, Stan Morrison, Don Martin, Bob Gillen, Dave Flinn, Bob Wise, John Tegtmeier, Roger Karlsrud, fresh crew Unique among the major sports, not one of the freshmen has prior experience in the highly refined art of collegiate eight-oared rowing. They must quickly team to adapt themselves to the intricate demands of the oldest major competitive sport. Starting indi- vidually in a large flat-bottomed scow, they are soon out in the sleek racing boats displaying teamwork and precise coordination. With a good foundation of physical conditioning the yearling crews conclude their sea- son in May by taking on such traditional rivals as Stanford, Wash- ington, UCLA and. USC. This year ' s Frosh under coach Jim Lemmon have proven themselves a promising group in size and in ability. All he needs is a black whip! 24( In his third year as head coach of the Bear baseball teams, GEORGE WOLFMAN turned out Cal ' s best ball club in a iiumber of years. ASSISTANT COACHES, left to right: Peter Van Houten, Bill Van Heuit, Pete Newell, Lloyd Canton. MANAGERS, left to right: Charley Ware, Dave McPhee, John Stafford, Dick Nelson. baseball Coach George Wolfman ' s baseballers, possessing tremendous pitching and great all-round strength, entered the CIBA race as favorites to dethrone perennial champion USC and gain a shot at the NCAA title. While the Bears boasted veterans at every position it was the superb pitching of veterans Doug Weiss, Chuck Becker and Gene Stang that aided the Bears in compiling an early season 12-2 record including two wins over tough Fresno State and one over strong Oregon. Weiss won five straight. Wolfman ' s squad was built around four 1956 all-CIBA first and second choices in Stang, Earl Robinson, Warren Lavorel and Al Reynolds and two 1955 choices in Weiss and Ron Gaggero. However, even with this great veteran strength two outstanding sophomores battled their way into the starting lineup. Outfielder Bob Puccinelli proved to be one of the top hitters on the club and second baseman Roger Gregg showed good power and fine fielding ability. Another soph, hurled Dick Nickison, also saw considerable early season duty and impressed Wolfman with his fine performances. The Golden Bears ' top-flight pitching staff gained consid- erable aid from a sharp fielding unit, with shortstop Gaggero, third baseman Ed Kraft, first sacker Lavorel and centerfielder Bernie Kelly turning in great defensive efforts. Kelly was also the top early season batter. mortml•MIIIMIN■ Imo` " =. MOM 21•11.1nMEW 4 " N WIPao4masis..smorlr imemon Cal batter at the plate vs. San Jose State. GAGGER() is safe in a play at first during the San Francisco State ball game. Some action at the first base bag when Cal played the Aggies. Outfielder BERNIE KELLY Cal man hitting the dirt in the Chico State game. There she goes—against Cal Aggies. Kicking up dust at home plate against San Jose State. 244 FIRST ROW, left to right: Manager Charles Ware, William Bohn, Tom Palma, Al Reynolds, Gary Brenzel, Charles Becker, Richard Nickison, Douglas Weiss, Charles Thompson, Robert Puccinelli, Gus Gianulias, Joseph Jaeger, Edward Pollock, Charles Dexter. SECOND ROW: Bernard Kelley, Edward Kraft, Rodger Gregg, Ronald Gaggero, Warren Lavorel, Gene Stang, Paul Piper, William Kremwinkel, William Benevento, Anthony Mascarin, Kenneth Dito, Earl Robinson, Bernard Simpson, Coach George Wolfman. foam Sophomore BOB PUCCINELLI was the standing newcomer and a powerful hitting outfielder on the Cal squad. DOUG WEISS was Cal ' s " winningest " and most consistent pitcher throughout the early part of the season. CHARLIE BECKER relied on a ing curve to maintain his status as a top hurler for the Cal nine. • Third baseman ED KRAFT was an sea- son top stickman and played gcod ball at the second base position as well. Long-ball hitting Sophomore ROGER GREGG was a spark plug for Cal in the infeld as well as on the basepaths. Outfielder EARL ROBINSON reported late due to basketball but his ability as a strong hitter and a good fielder rated him one of Cal ' s most valuable players. W. .1m " tit Heavy hitting and smocth fielding best de- scribe WARREN LAVOREL who held down the first base bag. Knuckleball pitcher GENE STANG was Cal ' s top hurler in ' 56 and remained a mainstay on this year ' s squad. A good defensive outfielder, BERNIE KELLY led the Cal regulars during March. Infielder RON GAGGERO was a consistent performer through his dangerous hitting and fine fielding. • A strong hitter and good fielding outfielder, AL REYNOLDS remained one of the top men in the CIBA. 245 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Johnston, Manager; Dick Nelson, Manager; Dave McPhee, Manager. SECOND ROW: Toni Perrin, Ed Burns, Joe Stern, Sanford Kamezawa, Don Kennels. THIRD ROW: Stephen Better, Bob Kinney, Chuck Mews, John Mahony, Jim Salisbury, Kim Elliott. A Cinnamon Bear at bat against Marin Junior College. cinnamon bears Coach Pete Van Houten ' s junior varsity club ran into early season trouble, dropping four of its first six games. However, the Cinnamon Bears boasted some standout individual performers who showed promise of future help to the varsity. The early season lineup usually found Mike Purcell, Sanford Kamezawa, Steve ter, and Tony Perrin in the infield, Bill Bohn, Charlie Meggs and Bob Kinney in the outfield and Ed Burns behind the plate. Dave Edwards, John Mahony, Charlie Dexter, Kim Elliott, Jim Salisbury and Bill Krenwinkel handled the mound chores. 246 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gary Aldric h, Bob Cantu, John Dittmar, Mel Canavero, Arty Keough, Ken Meade. SECOND ROW: Manager John Stafford, Ted Settle, Steve Erickson, Mike Moulton, Joe Epstein, Frank Portman, Mike McFeeley, Jerry Silva, Wheeler Coberly. THIRD ROW: Coach Lloyd Canton, John Balasm, Dave Drahiem, Gerald Erickson, Adney Bowker, Ray Rhode, Ken McManigel, Al Koch, Ozzie Stevenson, Dave Castignola, Coach Bill Van Heuit. frosh bears Coach Babe Van Heuit ' s frosh team should provide considerable help for the varsity next year. The Cubs Jumped off to a quick 4-1 record, mainly behind the excellent pitching of Ted Settle, Bob Cantu and Dave Draheim. Settle, a former all- CIF performer, fanned 20 men in his first nine innings of action, while Cantu struck out nine in one of his starts. Outfielder Arty Keough was the top early season hitter for the Cubs and showed good defensive ability in the outfield. Another bright light for Van Heuit ' s club was shortstop Jerry Silva, a great fielder and all-round performer. The frosh baseballers score against Mission High. 247 Cal ' s swimming and water polo teams were under the guidance of Coach GEORGE SCHROTH. FIRST ROW, left to right: Herbert Lakritz, Frederick Booke, Dave Einhorn, Ron Stein. SECOND ROW: Don Hill, Frosh Coach; Donald Pearlman, Ben Dubiner, Leigh Josephscn, JV Coach. The big splash. Led by Coach George Schroth, the Uni- versity of California ' s swimming team, though not spectacular in any one department, boasted one of the best balanced teams they have had in a good many seasons. Only lack of depth prevented Cal from being very formidable in the Pacific Coast Conference. A number of records were set by Ron Volmer in free style sprints and butterfly breast stroke. Ron was, by far, the most out- standing butterfly swimmer we have ever had on the roster. Bruce Keppel set a number of records in the individual medley and was a valuable man on both relays. Terry Tognazzini was Cal ' s outstanding backstroke swimmer and only a soph- omore. Charles Holloway de- veloped into an outstanding breast stroke swimmer being ranked among the best on the Pacific Coast. In diving, Jim Lawson finished the season in a blaze of glory although he was forced to miss a number of important meets due to illness at the beginning of the season. Jack McNees was Cal ' s best in the distance free style races. Jack got off to a slow start but rounded into condition to tally many an im- portant point in the conference cham- pionships and conference meets. Congratulations should go to two breast stroke swimmers, who came from nowhere during the season to prove that they are to be considered tops in 1958. Bill Haines and Ray Van Couvering strengthened the team by their sensational improvement. The balance of the team gives promise of remaining strong next season. Nearing the finish. Swimmers making the turn. Flying over the Campanile! Diver JIM LAWSON shows his form doing a jackknife. 249 neffite FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Car:son, Ray VanCouvering, Kenny Lindquist, Phil 7, Bruce Keppel. SECOND ROW: Jim Lawson, Bill Haines, Jack McNees, Kirk Charles Holloway, Ron Volmer, Terry Tognazzini. MISSING: Pete Neumeyer. CAL VS. FULLERTON JC. 250 jr varsity The University of California Junior Varsity swimming team, coached by George Schroth, ended up the season with an enviable record. The JV ' s met varsity teams of San Francisco State, Treasure Is- land, Stockton College, Ar- den Hills, and others. There were a number of fellows who started the season on the JV squad who found that they had improved to the point where they advanced to the Varsity and thereby strengthened Cal ' s first team. Bill Haines, Ray VanCouver- ing, Dick Olson, Larry Har- per, Pete Newmeyer, Paul Goorgian, and Ed Carlson all started on the JV team and finally found places on the Varsity through consist- ent hard work, training and conditioning. 4111allYIN Poised for the start. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carl Schwarz, Paul Goorgian. SECOND ROW: Bill Lucas, Ray VanCouvering, Bill Carlson. THIRD ROW: Ed Carlson, Larry Harper, Phil Berlin. frosh Freshman swimming exper- ienced one of its poorer sea- sons due to the absence of quantity not quality. The Frosh were coached by Don Hill, former NCAA 50-yard free style champion and member of the U. S. Pan- American Olympic Games team. Coach Hill frequently had to forfeit a final relay, or enter only one man in an event. Outstanding was Frank Newquist who swam the distances, the butterfly breast stroke, and competed in the individual medley. Ron Richison developed into one of Cal ' s best backstrok- ers, and Jay Clifton became an excellent diver. Fred Schwarz was a mainstay in the sprints while Mike Pratt showed to advantage in the distances. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jay Clifton, Russell Mjolsnes, Dick Johnson. SECOND ROW: Roger Nussbaum, Roger Lucas, Mike Pratt. THIRD ROW: Frank Newquist, Frederick Schwarz, Ron Richison. Ready, set! 251 tennis The 1957 Varsity started the season with a severe blow when Emory ( Buzzy ) Summers, a senior and the team ' s most valuable player, could not pass his physical, and was declared ineligible for the season. Without Summers and his partner Don Pimley, California lost one of the top intercollegiate doubles com- binations in the United States. However, this year ' s squad under the coaching of Dick Stevens consisted of six returning lettermen in Warren Dennison, Don Pimley, Larry Axtell, Don Stensaas, Clay Bradley, and Sheldon Diller. A team with good depth, but lacking in top players in relation to the schools of Southern California. California tied with Stanford for last place in the 1956 Pacific Coast Conference race. This year ' s team was strengthened with Gulden Lloyd of Santa Monica Junior College, and Charles Raymer from Modesto Junior College. The season opened at Pebble Beach with the PCC Invita- tional Tournament consisting of four players from each school, with UCLA and USC dominating the event. UCLA, 1956 National Inter- collegiate team champions, and USC, who came in second to UCLA in the NCAA, are returning this year with practically the same teams and should fight it out for the Conference championship. In the Northern Califor- nia Intercollegiate Championships this March in which we were defeating the team title from 1956, Stanford won. This puts California in the posi- tion of fighting it out with Stanford for third place in the Conference. Tennis Coach DICK STEVENS led the varsity through the rugged competition on the cific Coast. MANAGERS, left to right: Phil Mace, Crews Beebe, Bob Balck, Jim Medanich. VARSITY—FIRST ROW, left to right: Sandy Walker, Sheldon Diller, Bill Blake, Donald Pimley, Larry Axtell. SECOND ROW: Charles Raymer, Frank Morse, Don Stensaas, Clay Bradley, Lorin Dennison, Ccach Dick Stevens. 253 frosh tennis This year ' s freshman team has possi- bilities of becoming a very strong team. There is not a top ranking player on it, but every boy shows a chance of great improvement within the next three years. Under coach Dick Stevens the Frosh have won their first four matches, defeating San Mateo JC, Oakland JC, Piedmont High and Downey High School of Modesto. Warren Sisson, Kent Newmark, Irwin Klein, and Henry Kuechler are the present stand- outs on the team, and have an excellent chance for the varsity next year. The Stanford freshman team is favored to defeat Cal this year, but it should be a close match. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kent Newmark, Myron Maskovitz. SECOND ROW: Henry N. Kuechler, Tim Miller, Warren Sisson. THIRD ROW: Bob Hoag, Bill Lukens, Steve Levinson, Dick Bowen, Coach Dick Stevens. Tennis warm-up. The coach for the Cal Golf Team was PAT PATTON, Orinda Country Club Pro. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Pete Shea, Mel Vail, Dick Derry, Alec Eickman, Bob Boldt, Burt White, Jim Langley, Coach Pat Patton. golf Under the auspices of Coach Pat Patton, the 1957 Cali- fornia Golf Team looked for- ward to a successful season. Matches were held with Stanford, USC, UCLA, SF State, San Jose State, San Diego State, Fresno State, Chico State and Cal Poly. Many of these matches were held on the Cal " home course " at the Orinda Country Club. In addition, the divot dig- gers competed as individuals in the PCC championship tournament at Stanford in May. This year ' s team was strengthened by returning lettermen Tom Edwards, Pete Shea, Mel Vail and Dick Derry. The rest of the team was composed of Alec Eickman, Bob Boldt, Burt White and Jim Langley. The golf team watches one of their members teeing off. MILES " DOC " HUDSON coached the California rugby team for the 18th straight season. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mike White, Ron Currie, Jim Woodward, John Elworthy, Tom Trutner, Bob Brooks, Pat Vincent. SECOND ROW: Steve Glagola, Norm Becker, Ron Berridge, Frank Mattarocci, John Harrison, Tom Rodgers, Max Hale, Jim Duff, Dave Babros, Skip Huber, Coach Miles Hudson. THIRD ROW: Franz Misch, Bob Chiappone, Tom Frazier, Don Piehl, Walt Senior. California rugger, aorntridLe syainst MIT. Cal man trying to get rid of the ball in some rugged action against UCLA. rugby Another great year seems to be in the offing for the Golden Bear rugby team coached by Miles " Doc " son. The season opener on the Memorial stadium turf saw Cal ' s fighting aggregation put on a great show of offensive and defensive strength while blasting the visiting UCLA Bruins, 14-0. In their next outing the ruggers knocked over the Olympic club, 12-3, with a great second half splurge. Fighting against the visiting University of British Columbia squad for the World Cup, the Bears took the first game, 8-0. On the following day the contest ended in a scoreless tie with both teams showing top defensive work. When Cal traveled down to wood t o again meet Brother Bruin, UCLA was ready with one of the biggest and toughest forward walls on the coast. In a very rough contest, the Bears were held to a 6-6 tie. In their next three games, the ruggers routed MIT, 36-0, and then blasted Yale 13-0 and 31-12. Australian John Harrison, New Zealander Pat Vincent, and Bob Brooks put on some of the out, standing performances in the three-game series with the Eastern clubs. Yet to be played are two games each with Stanford and the UBC team, and the Easter Week trip to the East to play Ivy-Leaguers Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. 257 RALPH D. MILLER, Intramural Coordinator intramural The University of California Men ' s Intramural Sports program, under the direction of Ralph D. Miller, gave all the students and officers a chance to participate in any of a wide variety of sports. Horseshoes, football, and volleyball were offered in the Fall while softball, soccer, basketball, tennis, bowling, badminton, table tennis, swimming, track, golf and handball were all offered at various times throughout the semester. In all, there were 22 different sports and events in which 800 teams made up of more than 4,000 individuals com- peted in a total of 1,600 games or matches. In each of the various sports, the championship team was chosen after they had won the most games from their opponents. With this vast program, it has been virtually impossible for a fraternity to win the National League All-University Championship for three years in succession. DR ESPENSCHADE, WAA Advisor Wale. The University of California Women ' s Athletic Association ' s intramural sports program attracted over 1,000 girls this year who took part in several different sports each semester. In the Fall, intramural bowling, basketball, table tennis and swimming were offered, while other sports such as volleyball and tennis later attracted many girls. Dr . Espenschade ably coordi- nated the various activities. Other events in the WAA calendar included the various sports days, the Field Week events held each semester and the annual California Athletic Federation of College Women ' s Conference. Three hundred girls took part in the WAA Sports Clubs which included such things as badminton, fencing, sailing and riflery. At the two Field Week Desserts, 800 girls received WAA member- ship cards. In addition, the team and individual trophies were awarded, and a few girls were presented with membership in Women ' s " C " Society, the highest award given to WAA members. 262 263 264 O 0 M VI h h 1111111111 PANHELLENIC DELEGATES Delegates Presidents Alpha Chi Omega Edrie Ferdun Barbara Good Alpha Delta Pi Pam Orman Elizabeth Bellmore Alpha Epsilon Phi Helen Stone Marilyn Miller Alpha Gamma Delta Marilyn Jeffries Marion Antipa Alpha Omicron Pi Joyce Schroder Martha Zimmers Alpha Phi Charle Hoffman .Kyra Opperman Alpha Xi Delta Barbara Lucas Mary Barnes Chi Omega Jane Blair Jay Lee Thompson Delta Delta Delta Meredith Bolton Vicki Carroll Delta Gamma Nancy Knight Rosiland Oliver Delta Phi Epsilon Lyn Lerer Judy Abramson SPRING OFFICERS--LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia McNamara, Lynne Vernon, Betsy Davis. Delta Zeta Norma Mikesell Jan Ringham Gamma Phi Beta Sue Trees Lucia Vaughn Kappa Alpha Theta Jackie Roberts Adele Olker Kappa Delta Marilee Goodwin Marilyn Collins 1 Kappa Kappa Gamma Sylvia Spridgen Noreen Lewis Phi Mu Joyce Meeker Madeline Mitchell Phi Sigma Sigma Marcia Ferber Timy Sherman Pi Beta Phi Debby Willey Sue Biggart Sigma Kappa Charlotte Dunn Joan Prendeville Theta Upsilon Roberta Brown Dorothy Zaro Zeta Tau Alpha Sherry Simpson Judy Blum FALL OFFICERS--LEFT TO RIGHT: Judi Hampton, Anne Baumgartner, Nancy Schaffer. I 266 ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Myana Tobias Geraldine Perrelli Pam Bush Valmere Dessert Mary Dyke Carol Egan Beverly Galli Barbara Macrury Yvonne Merker Betty Mitchell Irene Owens Davis Ann Pray Gloria Snapp Sherrill Steinman Sharon Tallent Helen Volsk Robin Wagner JUNIORS Linda Baker Elizabeth Billmore Peggy Bracker Marla Chase Roberta Dickerson Pat Ellis Beverly Erickson Mary Lou Fredericks Sally Hogan Jacqueline Ingwersen Jane Kaiser Phyllis Knutson Donna Larnach Carol Lightner Barbara McDowell 267 The Alpha Delta Pis began the Fall semester with forty-two pledges who made their bow to the campus in Bermuda shorts at their pledge dance. Danny Moore was chosen Queen of the Air Force Ball. Others who brought fame and fortune to us were: Bonnie Jaynes, a pompon girl; Colette Morgan, junior class ident and a member of Cal Club; Peggy Brocken, a member of Pryt; Babs Wheeler a nd Sandy Milfs, Rally Committee members; and Elaine and Elizabeth Dickes, bers of Card Stunts Committee. Other noteworthy events included the Father-Daughter Dinner and the Senior Breakfast. ALPHA DELTA P1 Madeleine Moreno Colette Morgan Barbara Murray Marilyn Porter Kay Ranius Phyllis Rooney Janet Speckman Janet Turner Pat White Sue Wright SOPHOMORES Bonnie Baader Judy Baker Helen Boggs Vondra Bush Lynn Cowling Geraldine Daneri Elaine Dickes Elizabeth Dicker Marilyn Dunn Suzanne Faul Audrey Forrest Carole Fulster Lynn Huckins Bonnie Jaynes Jane Johnson Marcia Johnson Kay Lewis Elizabeth Maas Christine Maginnis Joanne McHenry 268 Zandra Milfs Pam Orman AAA Cosette Peltzer Sandra Pratt Janet Swinney Lorraine Viale Barbara Wheeler FRESHMEN Susan Anderson Brenda Barden Carol Basler Beverly Blevins Jan Blum Susan Bottorf Dale Coop Stephanie Dawe Rose Filippini Gale Fry Hallie Gelston Catherine Jones Celia Lesnini Danny Moore Irene Mortara Dorothy Peterson Marion Riordan Ann Ruggeri Loreetta Scalinetto Gail Shelly Pat Spoon Sue Stedman Paula Stone Elizabeth Taylor Ann Wallace 269 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 2313 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Barbara Diane Corky Sandra Faulk Myrtle Franklin Marilyn Marcia Diane Rissa Sara Wittlinger JUNIORS Gail Clifford Barbara Barbara Helen Joyce Lyn Sheilah Diane Pratt Marlene Quayle Elaine Solback Joan Spaulding Helen Starling Margo Smith Norma Thurston Joan Vanetta Sheila Wishek SOPHOMORES Carol Donna Pauline Beverly Shirley Brancato Barbara Busse[man Mary Jane Capp Gail Collins Edire Ferdien Susan Fisher Margie Good Judy Hirst Jackie Johnson 270 If you were an Alpha Chi you would have found yourself in a whirl of activity this past year. IF YOU WERE: Pat Fitzpatrick you would have been planning for our Halloween Pledge dance and Christmas formal. Diane Von Bremen you ' d be working on " Flappers Days " with the ATO ' s for the Axe Review. Joan Spaulding you could be found at Women ' s Executive Board, Prytanean, or with Linda Sisson, Edrie Ferdun, and Susan Fisher at Panile. Joyce Himes you ' d have been elected Women ' s Representative of ASUC. From start to finish it ' s been a great year—we know because we were there. Joelle Johnson Sandra LeDrew Shirley Master Carol Mitchell Carol Nevil Barbara Pierson Lynn Preston Rosemary Rutherfod Linda Sisson Barbara Stendell Marianne Terry Diane Von Bremen FRESHMEN Helen Allison Kris Anderson Mimi Beck Cherie Bernardo Betty Butterfield Liz Carolson Susan Clayton Janice Driscoll Carol Fairman Toni Frazer Susan Gibbs Bev Hartman Joyce Hoover Marcia Hughes Sharon Johnson Ann Jones Leta Mehloff Lois Morgan Judy McKean Renee McKellar Maria O ' Neill Beverly Reed Judy Roberts Nita Sides Sally Sinsel Suzanne Stevens Claudia Talbert Helen Ward 271 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 2400 WARRING STREET TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Diane Margot Sonia Sondra Jacqueline Gilbert Lynn Lewis Marilyn Shenker Linda Van Ronkle Lee Wertheim JUNIORS Elaine Joyce Ann Hahn Ceci Barbara Barbara Marilyn Miller Joyce Helene Rose Turk SOPHOMORES Betty Susan Sandra Marilyn Lois Block Carol Bolotin Judy Colton Sue Arlene Merrill Gardner Barbara Gillman Judith Glatt Ann Gai l Hirson Suzy Rhoda Sandra Marilyn Muller Ardyth Andra Carolyn Spring 44 ' ' ' Aiggh-thii 272 The calendar was filled with many events this year. The pledges, dressed as Mickey Mouses, presented their dance, and a scholarship dinner, senior dinner, and Winter Formal were held. We participated with the Pi Lambda Phis in the Axe-Revue, and Diane Berman directed the show. Sue Diamond was elected to Panile, Rose Marie Turk participated on Daily Cal, and Lee Wertheim was Woman ' s Director for Cal Engineer; Santa Claus ushered in the Christmas season with toys for underprivileged children. Spring brought the Sing, the dance at the Villa Hotel, and ended with vacation; but those experiences will linger for many happy years. Joan Steinsapir Lois Sussman Jackie Thompson Shalene White Nancy Whizin FRESHMEN Louise Adler Linda Bendel Andrea Bershad Susan Carlow Hinda Flatow Lora Franklin Carol Fromsky Penny Gershgol Elizabeth Golden Sherry Goldstein Carolyn Hirshberg Prilla Jacobsen Lenore Kay Renee Klein Harriet Kramer Sydney Kramer Marianne Levee Carol Levin Sandra Levy Donna Lindenbaum Lynda Medof Carole Morrison Joel le Rosen Marcia Sider Roberta Spivok Judy Teitler Sue Wol ins 273 , ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2424 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Pat Norma Sue Betsy Joanrae Zimmerman JUNIORS Marion Antipa Evelyn Molly Noel Mary Floris Marilyn Jeffries Shirlee Laughlin Joanne Murphy Carol Norris Alice Radebaugh Charleen Raines Carolyn Saltzen Nancy Schaefer Noralyn Smiley Sue Watrous Joanne Witzel SOPHOMORES Carol Dian Elaine Jean Ann Brandt Myra Dorothy Joan Nancy Balerie Catherine Lenore Radonich 274 Pleasant memories linger: The Housewarming Barbecue, the Pledge Dance, a gay Winter Formal at Mira Vista, our Christmas party, the Father-Daughter Dinner, midsemester break on the ski slopes, our Spring Formal, the Scholarship and Faculty Dinners, the Mother ' s Luncheon, and the Senior Breakfast. Blue and Gold, YWCA, " Jules, " Treble Clef, WAA and others. Honorable mention: Carol Norris, Women ' s Director of Pelican; Shirlee Laughlin, Women ' s Ex Board; Nancy Shaefer, Panile; Carolyn Saltzen, Prytanean; Marion Schmerl, Attendant for Maid of Cotton; Noel Doyle, Gavel and Quill; Myra Clark, Rally Comm. A year of fun and friendship that will long remain in our memories. Marina Silnitsky Sandra Stewart Maxine Stone Diane Talbot Barbara Tiedemann Ann Wiren FRESHMEN Jeanette Amadooni Nancy Blanchard Sue Cuddeback Audrey Diehl Duane Dunner Deanna Frost Dee Hacker Sharon Haley Nan Hemphill Joan Henderson Fredericka Hodgdon Janet Hunsucker Ann Leonard Karen Lundberg Jean Macpherson Judith McDonald Elena Masharov Sandra Melton Marilyn Montgomery Betty Lou Salisbury Barbara Senram Betty Senram Kay Talbot Mary Townley Gail Weller Melinda Wells Ann Wiegner Eleanor Wi I I ison 275 ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Elizabeth Bravinder June Kaholyn Sheila Sandy Ann Gorman Lee Landers Margaret Long Lynne Norman Jean Patton Nan cy Potter Janet Scott Barbara Tuttle Nancy West JUNIORS Anita Bailey Pat Cathcart Nancy Cupet Parmele Dunn Helen Joseph Kyra Opperman Eleanor Price Judy Salter SOPHOMORES Lynn Beverly Deedee Barbara Dickey Ginny Drake Suzanne Garrett Carla Heraghty Merrie Hand Charle Hoffman Susie Hoffman Margaret Kelly 276 Rushing—Pledges Retreat—Pledges, pledgy—Sneak with " Bonjour, Alpha Phi. " .. . Actives, active—Prytanean, Rally Comm., Panile, one FyBater . . . House supports YWCA and Daily Cal . . . Formals out of moth balls . . . Dads and Daughters speak across the ham . . . EXcellent EXchanges . Oski and Indian in a pot with help from Kappa Sigs . Our second AXE first for large women . . . Mid-term Madness brings crowded cinch study hall . . . Merry Christmas and Final Finals . .. Sing, Formal, Fashion Show . . . Spring has sprung . . . Faculty and Students get acquainted—good dinner equals good grades . . . no annex but vacancies from marriages . . . Sneak for Second Semester Pledges . . . Home to sit in stuffy offices. AMAAlial Aka tidliaiigh AAA gEdlifiliMIAAah Melinda Leithold Judy Moore Susie Ulrich Nancy Walpole Dinny Winsor FRESHMEN Sue Adair Linda Blower Suzanne Brochard Meredith Bruck Jean Carmody Lynn Cathcart Joan Cotton Bebe Donahue Joan Eagan Sonja Erickson Mary Lu Garnsey Sally Griffith Connie Hall Pans Hamilton Meredith Holland Susan Hurff Susan Lankenau Jean Maschal Molly Nock Lorna Sanderson Nancy Sands Judy Scott Nancy St. Clair Ginny Vance Diane Wadsworth Linda Wagner Patty White 277 ALPHA OMICRON P1 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Janice Melton Lois Grace Marianne Pat Kip Jacqueline Jones Carol Kelterer Nano Nancy Sandy Gretchen Joyce Sundman Elizabeth Tellefson Diane Waters JUNIORS Joan Susan Gay Joan Johnson Elizabeth Paul Carla Paulson Marilyn Root Sally Shafft Judith Taylor Marcia Thornton SOPHOMORES Barbara Joan Barry Mary Ann Joan Mary Mehan 278 Twenty-six vivacious pledges . . . presents night dinner in a spacious new room . . . a fabulous week end in the Santa Cruz mountains . . . blue jeans and hats at the pledge dance at La Honda . . . Christmas formal at Mira Vista . . . Daze at C (AOPi and Alpha Tau Omega sailed away with the House Sweepstakes trophy on their imaginative pirate ship! ! ) . . . Spring sing . . . daughter dinner . . . Spring formal at the Fairmont Hotel . . . 10 o ' clock treats Mrs. Guthrie ... noontime hikes to 2311 Prospect . , . " peanut pals " . . . quiet frantic pledge sneak ... 10 a.m. at Jules ... This was 1956-57 at Alpha Omicron Pi. Joyce Mumbert Carol McDowell Bonnie Nason Sally Rogers Margaret Scholz Joyce Schroder Susan Selb Janet Stultz Martha Zimmers FRESHMEN Dana Adair Linda Atkins Denise Casanave Joan Christianson Pat Greene Judy Grimshaw Kip Hansen Ann Hemphill Betsy Inch Judith King Janet Laufenberg Marianne Mehlhoff Phyllis Morgan Karen Mortensen Patricia McGuire Joan Pearson Audrey Stevens Suzanne Tommajian Joan Treher Eline Zahas 279 ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURY, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Arlene Jacklyn Cahill Aharon Christopher Loana Carol Mari lyn Eleanor Florence Jean Suzanne Simpson Patricia Stanley Ruth Tinkham JUNIORS Mary Barnes Barbara Bell Ann Crawford Emily Fara Shirley Haueter Esther Jean Kirkendall Barbara Marlene Marilyn Marston Peggy Charlene Quesnov Jacquiline Roberts Gail Rogers Patricia Rover Nancy Straszer Sylvia Taylor SOPHOMORES Carmen Azar Georgia Brum Betty Jo Carolyn Barbara Gretchen Lee Marian Patricia Glendinning 280 Excitement reigned high in the lives of the Alpha Xi Deltas this year. Among the most prominent events of the Fall semester were the Pledge Dance, " River Rat Ramble, " and the Winter Formal, given at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Special events in the Spring included the Father-Daughter Banquet, Fashion Show, Faculty Dinner, and, of most importance, the annual Rose Formal. The house was well represented on campus by Pat Stanley, Pompon Girl; Marilyn McClintock and Georgia Brum on Women ' s Ex. Board; Mimi Azar starring in the hit play " Doctor ' s Dilemma, " and by Sue Smith on Rally Comm. It was a good year for everyone. Lily Greve Doris Greiffin Mary Jorgensen Elizabeth Masters Maureen Mattis Jessica Monian Elizabeth McGilvray Polly Perkins Carole Peter Muriel Prislin Tana Purssel I Celia Samaras Judith Santana Sonja Schultz Mary Westfal I Jan Williams FRESHMEN Flora Anderson Elizabeth Calhoon Phoebe Chapman Carla Civiello Loretta Dito Donna Dowling Donna Hall Martha Keene Patricia Kimball Elizabeth Miller Diane McNamara Nancy Nicholson Ann Rasmussen Sandra Read Jennifer Scott Susan Talbot Jeanette Tirico Gail Trowbridge Sandra Walther Barbara West Betty Worley Susan Zimmerman 281 CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Joyce Barrett Joan Erbentrout Jane Goyette Judy Sue Sue Marilyn Ann Van Chris Winters JUNIORS Carole Battagl in Jane Bobbe Judy Cynthia Fairbairn Anne Gail Follett Sharon Foster Bobbie Sue Marian Nola Ann Jacqui Joan Morrison Jill Overstreet Pat Perieta Shirley Procter Phyllis Root Jane Simmons Theresa Soeten Sandra Spencer Lynn Libby Jay Lee Thompson SOPHOMORES Sandra Alles Katie Bowles Sara Carolson Sheila Collins 282 Having built a new wing and taken a pledge class of thirty-one, the Chi O ' s started the Fall semester with a bang. The usual Pledge Dance, Winter and Spring Formals, and exchanges followed. Taking time out from these social functions, we came through scholastically in sixth place. Our bowling team won the Intramural trophy. The Chi O ' s were also represented in honoraries with Marty Dettner in Panile, and Joyce Barrett, Bobbe Binsacca, Sharon Foster, Marian Hopping, Sue McCauley, Libby Sutton, and Ann Van Houten in Prytanean. Ann Van Houten was also in Mortar Board and Cal Club. Diane Davis Marty Dettner aug Zoe Fort Jean Haunschild Eileen Heimark Marian Henry Diana Kercheval Lyn McEneany Patsy Myers Sandra Nealson Mary Reed Kathy Reilly Carol Tuft Pat Wilding Jody Willis FRESHMEN Betty Bedford Jane Blair Carol Canavan Judy Clark Liz Dobbins Joyce Ferris Sue Forbes Barbara Ginter Pat Golden Bonnie Hunter Marcia Manning Eleanor Moffat Katy Mulvany Nancy Norton Wendy Palmer Pat Partridge Roberta Rahlfs Nancy Richard Sandra Schulz Marilyn Seely Suzanne Skelly Patti Wadsworth 283 DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS Joan Angus Marsha Barbeau Susan Barker Judith Barnes Judith Sandra Gail Marilyn Floyd Marsha Nancy Margaret Guist° Meredith Shirley Kierlihy Giovanna Kay Marilyn Martin Gail Diane Micheli Sandra Miller Marilyn Nancy Lea Marcia Shirley Pat Sturdy Diane Patricia Trombetta Rosita deUrioste JUNIORS Reyna Bacigalupi Doris Bernadicou Margery Buchtel Karen Floaten Mary Lee Elizabeth Karen Susanne Ann Diane Phillipps Mary Pringle 284 C. FRICI V. CARROLL Fall President Spring President Remembers .. . Sinking knee-deep into our new rug . . . Sylvia Nelson, Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi . . . sore backs, frozen fingers and the warm feeling of accomplishment that went along with our first-prize Big Game decorations with the Phi Taus . . . the marvelous view of the bay from the snowbanks on the sleeping porches . . . Timmie the Hasher ' s Queen . . . No-Doze, and endless mid-terms and finals . . . " Fourth for bridge? " .. . " Could someone take phones for me tonight? " . . . Missie Papke, Homecoming Attendant . . . and wishing our thirty-one seniors " Good Luck " . . . and it was a g reat year .. . visiting hours at Cowell, 2-4 and 7-9. Eileen Sloan Barclay Stephans Christine Swanson Joan Swanson Eleanor Whitmore SOPHOMORES Barbara Anderson Carolyn Austin Meredith Bolton Suzanne Bragg Ann Brownson Julie Casagrande Cindy Gill Diane Gordon Judith Hampton Judith Lyon Ann Moore Janet Morse Marsha Mortland Missie Papke Linda Proctor Sharon Robinson Lynne Vernon Audrey Wright FRESHMEN Judith Anderson Marilyn Bliss Martha Bolton Janet Bush Victoria Hoecker Greta Iverson Janet King Carol McCallum Moira Murray Sylvia Nelson Diana Richardson Joan Strand Jane Wallace Beverly Wilson 285 DELTA GAMMA 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1.873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Barbara Bakken Carmella Cellini Martha Judy Dona Lyn Jackie Shelby Kostial Louanne Maloney Diane Judy Marianne Somers JUNIORS Jackie Brown Caroline Fechter Pui Garrison Mary Glascock Sue Gray Joann Green Jane Henderson Gayle Irwin Carol Jackson Susan Johanson Carol Mikelson Rosalind Alberta Petri Pril Proctor Marilyn Jeanie Margot Pat Terry SOPHOMORES Jan Auletti Mary Bacon Mary Ball Jean Bickell Pat Bronson Anne Cummins Donalee Fey 286 " Quiet hours! " and " fourth for bridge! " were cries reflecting the activities of the year, under the guidance of presidents Louanne Maloney and Rozzy Oliver. Fun was had at our Christmas Formal and at our costume party given by the pledges. Bobbie Galvan was Homecoming Queen Attendant; Joyce Peterson became Sigma Chi Sweetheart Attendant; and Christy Alhm was chosen California Ski Queen. We had girls active in Panile, Prytanean, Rally Committee, Mortar Board, Big C Society, Women ' s Ex. Board, and PIC. Thus looking back, this year can be chalked up as successful and exciting for all the DG ' s. Barbara Galvan Judy Kinsell Nancy Knight Carolyn Lenz Joanne Morrisy Janet Olson Pat Ryan Laverne Tweed Cynthia Watson Lynne Williams Rita Wood FRESHMEN Christy Ahlm Jacqueline Arbils Joan Beaumont Barbara Bourcke Ann Bowden Ann Clayton Mary Dohrmann Elizabeth Eubanks Sharon Fletcher Trudy Garmshausen Andrea Hendren Harriet Hoffner Margaret Johnson Lyn Littleton Anne Long Lauralie Mellana Gayle Merkt Maureen Moore Ragna Myer Joyce Peterson Marianne Solari Lyne Swaine Barbara Wilson 287 DELTA PHI EPSILON 2601 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1917 DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Helen Ardis Jeanne Marlene Libermna JUNIORS Carrie Leatrice Boxerbaum Janet Frank Sylvia Halote Roberta Heyman Judy Landis Janis Walker Joan Weinshenk SOPHOMORES Judy Jacqueline Marilyn Clarfield Edith Deanne Rosalie Eisen Paula Friedenthal Judith Katz Joan Kaufmann Fredrica Kertz Leea rt Kraft Karen Kricsfeld Joan Barbara Judith Ann Carolyn Carol Mencoff 288 Dear Diary: What a year for us Deephers! We acquired twenty-three pledges, Harriet Greitzer becoming secretary-treasurer of the freshman class. In " High Society " pledges gave their dance in San Francisco, while Alameda housed the actives ' dance. Helen Ermann is secretary of International Board, Judy Landis, Dale Rice, and Barbara Arnovitz work for Daily Cal, and Rozi Mann is on Rally Comm. Our nominee, Art Twain, was elected campus Santa Claus. Plans for Spring included the " Spring Sing, " our formal, the Founders ' Day luncheon, and the Parents ' Dinner. I ' ll close for now, looking forward to another semester; maybe I ' ll get that fraternity pin! Harriet Nathan Elinor Olden Linda Pallay Arlene Paul Cara Raport Julie Raport Lolly Robbins Jill Skolnek Carol Stone Margit Uhlmann Natalie Veitzer Diane Wechsler FRESHMEN Barbara Arnovitz Carol Birnbaum Benny Bornstein Sandra Chiate Henrietta Faguet Harriet Greitzer Jacquelyn Haberman Hilda Harrash Martha Hulls Barbara Klaiman Julie Krone Lynn Lorer Esther Paslin Lorraine Pinsler Madeline Randolph Dale Rice Laurette Robbins Sandra Sorkin 289 inr DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Joan Allen Beverly Brown Ann Colby Brenda Collins Leatrice Fisher Glenda Glass Bobbie Hegan Gloria Hopkins Kathleen Houlder Anne Kent Kathleen Kliewer Sally Kreutzberg Patricia Payne Marlene Roche Marjory Sheivy Jean Spealman Claudia Speetzen Darlene Winvick JUNIORS Sandra Anderson Doretta Bistor June Burnell Lorraine Canino Suzanne Collier Yvonne Corsini Myrle Forsyth Nancy Gil lard Marilyn Herz Gwendolyn Jackson Jacqueline Johnson Janice Jonkey Ann Lindsay Donna Lyons Norma M ikesel I Phyllis Read Mary Richardson Janet Ringham 290 We returned to the grind with trunks on our backs Finding house full of carpenters, nails and sacks. The gorgeous new wing, room for incoming faces Was filled up with pledges and actives — in places. Winter brought parties, studies and fun Lilybelle ' s " Miss December, " and Santa Claus — won. And then it was Spring! Projects and romance .. . The Ugly Man spirit and our fabulous dance. We ' ve lived through sneaks and mid-terms, contests and celebrations The year has fulfilled our great expectations! Betsy Ross Barbara Sheehan Lee Sims Caralie Somers JoAnn Wooley Joy Zumwalt SOPHOMORES Penny Blackfield Paula Colvin Pat Cox Cerini Creely Derry! De Guire Carol Hicks Anne Howard Janice Lercari Isabelle McLean Karen Mathesen Jeanette Sawyer Shirley Schauma Gail Schroeder Judy Stemler Lynn Williamson Reva Wilson Elizabeth Young FRESHMEN Lora Barshell Janet Beesley Johanna Clark Diane Duffey Pan Gallick Evelyn Hollingshead Claire Kruger Nancy MacIsaac Carole Marshall Bertha Muller Lilybelle Snyder Torrey Kevel Williams Suzanne Williams 291 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS killa AIM 916114 :11U SENIORS Gregory Bacon Katie Gibbons Suzanne Huber Judy Johns on Shirley Mead Diane Reeder Paula Reeder Roberta Rose Nancy Ross Donna Ryan Sally Vaughn JUNIORS Barbara Best Ann Blanchard Jean Boeger Elizabeth Burke Nancy Cotton Susan Daniels Yvonne Goldman Elizabeth Hamilton Marilyn Hudson Patricia Kerr Jeanette Maddux Mary McDaniels Carol Norton Adele Olker Jacklyn Roberts Susan Smith Marsha Wenter Karla Winkenhofer SOPHOMORES Nina Adams Janis Armstrong Janet Bentson Ann Bowman Susan Davidson Janette Erving Elizabeth Gibbons 292 The Thetas began the year by welcoming a wonderful new house mother, Mrs. Marino. Special social events were the pledge dance and the Christmas party. In activities, Judy Johnson was president of Mortar Board, member of Women ' s J, and Cal Club. Katie Gibbons was football hostess; Sally Vaughn was on WEB and Cal Club; Carol Norton, Judy Johnson, Elizabeth Dalton, Susan Huber, and Sally Vaughn were on Pryt and Ann Blanchard was on Panile. Among the pledges, Carol Daley, Rye Otero, and Ann McFarling held honors in the activity field. The completion of our new wing will complete a wonderful year. Karen Glascoe Peggy Gompertz Margaret Gramatky Caroline Haven Georgia Houston Kathryn King Barbara MacAulay Karen Olson Marie Otto Janet Post Margaret Rosenberg Paula Skene Annette Weis FRESHMEN Sharon Aisthorpe Beverly Baker Lucinda Beatie Jyl Botsford Judy Chapman Judith Foss Dorothy Graves Jacqueline Hirschler Carolyn Judy Susan Kelly Joan Liechti Virginia Zinn Marcia Miller Judith Moore Judith McDermid Ann McFarling Rye Otero Sheila Penny Naomi Prindle Sue Rossner Ann Stephens Joan Vieira Patsy Webber Jill Winkenhofer 293 KAPPA DELTA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Carole Barlin Bert Frank Marty Gaggle Shirley Herzig Sandy Jermy Nancy Kenny Verna Pearson Carol Rechtiene Joan Mary Anne June Pat Wheatfill Linda Wilson JUNIORS Carol Kay Armstrong Sylvia Beasley Mina-May Brown Cora Brabazon Marilyn Collins Tracy Giesen Dotty Hallett Betty Harper Fran Dee Jean Carol Suzie Maren Sue Vergez SOPHOMORES Jean Pat Diana Marlene Carol Helen Marilyn Day 294 Presents found twenty-seven new faces at the Kappa Delta house. Besides studies and activities, the KD ' s enjoyed the Christmas and White Rose Formals, the pledge dance, Christmas and Easter parties, and the Big and Little Sister Tea. Big Game Week found Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha in possession of the sweep- stakes and the first place mixed division trophies for " The Kal and I " in the Axe Review. House decorations with Sigma Alpha Epsilon were awarded third place. Interest in activities drew Kappa Deltas into Blue and Gold, Pelican, Pompon girls, Treble Clef, YWCA, and ASUC committees. Sylvia Fernald Sandy Fickes Jean Finch Barbara Fletcher Doni Fray Anita Grohman Janie Howard Joni Keller Sue Kurtz Sue Lamberth Lin Marks Nancy Merrill Joan Michaels Marta Millholland Anne Nicoletti Peggy Purcell Ellene Regalia Carolyn Rowe Judie Taylor Adele Teza Diana Thomas Carole Tikdsley Nancy Walsh FRESHMEN Barbara Beise Toni Chouret Barbara Correia Helen DeIvey Marian Frietag Joan Grady Charlotte Helmkamp Judy Johns Sandi Johnson Ann Kuhlman Marlene Peck Judie Thomas Barbie Thompson 295 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Anne Baumgartner Mary Anne Buckley Gray Burnham Sheryl Coberly Ann Cowing Ann Ehmann Diane Gwerder Cece Hatsted Molly Mock Judy Perrin JUNIORS Pat Lynn Mary Claire Carolyn Bitten Feragen Gaye Grenfell Marilyn Hubbard Noreen Lewis Blair Lundy Marilyn Morris Marily Roney Joan Tegtmeier Barbara Wiester Sally Willetts SOPHOMORES Kate Abernathy Idel le Buckley Sharon Crary Cathy Dean Toni Dibble Jane Ann Terry Sue Dinky Jane Lita Connie Markham 296 Cindy Merill Barbara Motzer Barbara Muller Susan Pauley Gigi Poulson Marueen Shea Stephanie Smith Sylvia Spridgen Judy Stadelman Barbara Stark Sara Tolles Bev Wall Lynn Worthington Rita Wright FRESHMEN Sue Bennion Brenda Best Adrian Bias Robin Burnham Cissy Coberly Joan Draper Louise Dunlap Anita Erro Patty Gouch Tracy Innes Andrea Kampf Lynn Lombardi Helen McCarthy Jo Ann Moore Sandy Nelson Elizabeth Olson Julie Patton George Ann Swanston Sherring Topping Blair Walker Patty Webber 297 GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS oh miliHi SENIORS Vicki Chick Lucy Covington Ronnie Dodson Linda Harker Harriet Hindes Kitty Huck Betty Linn Ede Lunde Tani Marchitelli Pat Marsh Carol McIntosh Mikie Peet Joann Turner Lucia Vaughan Beanie Weirick JUNIORS Jennifer Barnes Jane Bell Nancy Bruce Jean DeBenedetti Joy DeBenedetti Claire Hahre Jackie Happoldt Beverly Haestri Karen Mathiessen Dorie McCay Beverly Mulvany Marilyn Patten Roxie Price Nina Scholes Barbara Stuhr Carol Tishler SOPHOMORES Janet Ames Gayle Andrews Marjorie Biggar 298 Dear Family: At last I can tell you about our activities. Thanks to Bev Mulvany we pledged twenty-five girls. Spirit grew and we worked with ZBT ' s on our float, winning second place. Dory McCay as Santa Claus made a big hit at our Christmas party and our Christmas formal was fun. But after this . . . finals! Now activities are underway again. We will participate in Greek Week and the Spring Sing, holding our formal in May. There will be sad moments when my sisters leave, but my memories of Gamma Phi will always remain. Love from your daughter, Pam Clarke Mary Cutting Jane Douthit Peggy Fitzgerald Sue Gardner Carol Geren Nancy Hampton Ann Hinder Eleanor Johnson Phyllis Maier Jean Munro Jeanette Puckhaber Nancy Sawyer Nancy St. Amant Margy Snyder Sue Trees Dixie Tinsley Ann Wilcox FRESHMEN Marilyn Bowen Marilyn Case Phyllis Christianson Sue Daley Linda Diederich Nellie Holcombe Carol Kavanagh Marcia Montgomery Judy Odell Sally Olmstead Kathy Snyder Sandy Stolich Jul ie Van Horn Barbara Wilson 299 PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Dorothy Argue JoAnne Arrigoni Juanita Bedynek Alix Bouldin Eunice Cherry Margaret Foster Phyllis Gillogly Nancy Graham Sheila King Linda Lutz Claudia Mauzy Patricia Miles Sandra Stauffer Barbara Thode Marilyn Weil JUNIORS Gail Jean Beverly Hawkins Milly Shirley Jacquline Joyce Mary Ellen Patricia Pruff Betty Purvis Marilyn Smith Sandra Striker Leslie Wood Marilyn Zinns SOPHOMORES Bonnie Bein 300 A fun-packed week-end retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains began the Fall semester for the Phi Mus. Here, after the hectic weeks of rushing, we relaxed and became acquainted with our twenty-eight new pledges. Open houses, parties, dances, banquets, plus attendance at symphonies, filled the remainder of what was to be a busy and successful year for the Phi Mus. Phi Mus again received many campus honors. Among the outstanding were Barbara Thode, Blue and Gold editor; Phyllis Gillogly, chairman FSB, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa; Eunice Cherry, Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa; and Alix Bouldin, Cal Club, Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board. Maridale Calhoun Frances Collins Diane Douglas Marilyn Fonseca Ann Greenwood Sue Johnson Winona Johnson Pat McEwing Pat Semichy FRESHMEN Susan Bachand Catherine Bareilles Deanna Beck j Barbara Bosma Clarice Eden Kerma Giannini Rosalie Guarneri Joan Guyot Bernita Halverson Karen Kooyman Marjorie Luther Madeline Mitchell Janet Mixter Barbara Nelson Mary Beth Overfelt Carolyn Parish Mary Ray Ann Roper Sandra Sprague Phyllis Temple Sunny Trout 301 P1 BETA PHI 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Carol Catrow Jane Crocket Hattie Fincke Ruth Gist Jan Hickman Janet Jansse Karen Johanson Nancy Maillard Kay Mickle Suzie Palmer Janith Scanlon Sally Tuller JUNIORS Jane Anderson Sue Bi3gart Ann Bradshaw Carol Brown Anne Chew Ann Dobbs Liz Ehlers Judy Frazier Peggy Hansen Lois Hansen Susan Kiel Linda Lorimer Nancy McRae Jane Mills Anne Newell Pam Oliver Thora Oss Sue Porter Jenifer Runte Sue Ward Debbie Willey Frances Wyatt SOPHOMORES Louisa Baumann 302 The Pi Phis had several simply scintillatingly successful semesters. We had all the traditional functions. Most of them were approved. Our grades were gross, but our activities abounded. This spring Betsy Davis served as vice-president of Panhellenic. In addition, aside from voting almost unanimously to keep Russian tanks off Berkeley streets. the Pi Phis were overwhelmed when Frances Wyatt was chosen Homecoming Queen, were overjoyed when Hattie Fincke and Karen Johanson were elected to Pry- tanean, and were overcome when Jane Mills bought us an eight-foot Christmas tree for only $4.60. " Sal " Betsy Bingham Anne Cianciarolo Jeannette Coakley Lenora Daly Betsy Davis Janet Dumm Sue Johanson Happy Jordan Ann Kimberlin Jane Lange Maureen McCord Martha McEnerney Lynne Lyeland Judi Phillipi Judy Schreiber Janet Sheets FRESHMEN Barbara Breyer Marty Buckley Melinda Budge Barbara Candau Maureen Donovan Noreen Doyle Jackie Fraser Toni Hamilton Helen Harrison Suzanne Kresser Sharon Little Mary Lou McDonald Joyce Robbins Paula Roberts Nancy Rodger Liz Rogers Jane Watrous Carolyn Watson Carole Williams 116411 liárairmill 303 SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Martha Davisdon Joan Dowdell Felice Fitzgerald JoAnn Gentner Mary K. Jensen Joyce Johnson Andree Jones Jody Mary Ann Judy Joan Prendiville Barbara LaVerne Corinne Schlichtmann Sue Janet Anne Stavropoulos JUNIORS Ruth Ann Carolyn Pat Charlotte Dunn Diana Dunn Sandie Gordon Muriel IClgo Joan Marr Jane Martsolf Joan McAdams Joan Norbut Sharon Marilyn Ginny Anne Sallyanne SaVerne Mary Terwilliger Anne Letty Wilen Mary Katherine Zetcer SOPHOMORES Heidi Altorfer Sherry Ann Barber 304 Barbara Barker Sue Brem Elsie Cooper Barrie Croce Judy Fogg Joy Harsh Sally Hart Jean Hartman Barbara Heil Joan Hymes Linda Ingersoll Linda Johnson Gail Johnston Pearl Kutsuralis Marilyn Mauger Toni McDonnell Sandy Newell Grete Orsoe Pat Proffitt Carol Weiske FRESHMEN Judy Bilafer Marcia Caffrey Charlene Conrad Lynn Daily Maude Evenson Barbara Feeling Suzanne Heustis Judy Hines Sandra Inman Lyle Joesting Linda Larsen Darcy Metcalf Joan Osorio Judy Pollock Pat Robinson Gail Rohwer Mary Rudolph Carol Sartain Bette Shipley Frances Soares Sue Wilson Jolly Yager 305 SIGMA OMICRON P1 FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1930 • • IF ONE CHAPTER Sigma Omicron Pi opened a successful year with its galaxy of exciting activities. Be- ginning with the Coke Rush, Informal Tea and Pledge Dinner, the calendar included such memorable activities as hazing, initiation and Founder ' s Day Dinner, but the highlight of the semester was the Winter Ball at the Lake Merritt Sailboat Club for the girls presented Christmas Baskets to an underprivileged family. In the Spring, the girls enjoyed a barbecue, a costume party and a dance in honor of the annual Sigma Omicron Pi Heart-Throb, the proceeds going to WUS. The semester was culminated with the Senior Banquet. All this made the school year sensational. SENIORS Susan Chow Jean Jung Effie Leong Yvonne Low Suelyn Woo Toy San Yee JUNIOR Pat Li SOPHOMORES Jo Ann Chew Joanne Fong Betty Sue Gee Addle Hong Virginia Lee Barbara Lee FRESHMEN Anna May Bow Janet Lee Ellen Louie Winifred Owyang June Wong 306 THETA UPSILON 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY CHAPTERS This has been a happy and busy year for the Theta U ' s with football games, rallies, house decorations, the Big and Little Sister Dance, picnics, bowling date dinners, Faculty Dinner, Mother and Father Banquet, and the Christmas party. But best of all was the Christmas Formal at the Sheraton-Palace. The girls have also been busy in such campus organizations as Prytanean, Treble Clef, Tower and Flame, YWCA, and Phi Sigma Pi. All this has helped to make it a great year and we are looking forward to an equally wonderful one in 1957-1958. SENIORS Barbara Agnew Marilyn Doerfler Arlene Trabert Pat Schneider Clare Vizzard Yvonne Walsh JUNIOR Helen Huitt SOPHOMORES Roberta Brown Marilyn Dickman Carol Gazzano Marlene Hetzel Sandy Johnson Laurel Ludwigsen Corene McPherrin Eleanor Roseberg Dorothy Zaro FRESHMEN Jane Carr Madeleine Conrady Carol Goodrich Mary Morse 307 ZETA TAU ALPHA 2310 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Diane Janet Bailey Pat Lorrayne Margot Ruth Harrington Rosemary Loretta Michaels Marilyn Perl Carol Thurston JUNIORS Joanne Judy Blum Phyllis Dani Arlene Garner Louise Ginder Toni Hamm Mary Harvey Donna Jackson Paula Karen Rickey Janet Doreen Carol Tarke Janet Karel Toll Sherrill Joan Zavatarro SOPHOMORES Carolin Carol Maren Fightmaster 308 A year to remember—how can we ever forget Presents, the pledge dance, football season with pompon girls Judy Blum and Karen Mastne, the Dad ' s dinner, the White Violet Ball, the Christmas party, the Fashion Show, and the strange ringing after it was established that our fire alarm system really worked. A few members managed to dis- tinguish themselves in activities — Pat Denton, YWCA President, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa; Judy Blum, Junior Class Vice-President, Gavel and Quill; Phyllis Dani, Production Manager for Daily Cal; Margot Glaesner, Assistant to the ASUC President. Thus, this year will be remembered by every Zeta. Paula Jansen Helen Larson Clarisse LeDuc Sherron Magers Nancy Kelly Sylvia McNamara Lee Perdue Marcia Silvernale Sue Stanley Mary Rowe Clara Walker Roberta Wall Margaret Whitmore FRESHMEN Sally Alpers Sandra Baskett Stephanie Camcriani Sue Castagna Virginia Claussen Marie Clerev Louise Graham Carol Ha-son Nancy Hunter Diane Lazarevich Judy Melville Marilyn Reese Judy Seitz Sherril Simpson Sue Sloman Brenda Young Elizabeth Young Barbara Harnett 309 The only really spectacular thing we did was to summon (inadvertently) four fire engines which came screaming up Channing Way to put out a few sickly flames on the back of the kitchen stove; but we had a wonderful year, anyway. Date functions, working with Alpha Gamma Omega on a " Christmas at Cal " project, miscellaneous parties and retreats, even rushing, were generally happy experiences, although they did involve some agitated mo- ments. On the whole, we ' re glad that we had 1956-57 and that we had a chance to use it as a Year of our Lord. ALPHA DELTA CHI 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Ann Ford Elizabeth Knittle Diane Lindgren Anna Marie Wilson JUNIORS Ida Alter Janet Holden Charlotte Mullen Darcy Rudolph SOPHOMORES Rochelle Bashor Delores Clauson Janice Murdock FRESHMEN Kay Godsey Karen Larsen Rho chapter had many activities during the year under president Velma McGowan, and Dean of Pledges, Lillian Holford. They included a rush party with an Oriental theme, a dance following the Cal-UCLA football game, and a Christmas dance. For their Christmas project, the pledges visited a crippled children ' s hospital singing carols and distributing gifts, and a Christmas party was held. High- lights of the year were the " Bachelor Ball, " in April and the Mother ' s Day tea. Rho is represented in Treble Clef by Charli Bottom. The program included a civic and cul- tural project carried out in the Spring. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SENIORS Barbara Bridgewater Velma McGowen JUNIORS Charli Bottom Lillian Holford Blanche Maulet Virginia Rose SOPHOMORES Linda Bush Joan Coleman Arlayne Gambreli FRESHMEN Sedonia Moore Patricia Reynolds DELTA SIGMA THETA FOUNDED IN 1913 AT HOWARD UNIVERSITY IN WASHINGTON, D.C. KAPPA CHAPTER FOUNDED IN 1921 TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS Carol Bell Nola Devereaux Flyden Bennett Bennie Gillete Delores Harrison Lucy Lindsay Margie Lindsay Dabney McKinney Pat Reynolds Mary Smith Delores Warren With the beginning of the Spring 1956 semester, Mu was reborn on the Berkeley campus, ably mothered by Zeta Gayle Spero with the aid of Marsha Mason. We plunged successfully into the new semester, encouraged by a new house and fine pledge class. Social events of the semester included many parties. " We ' re Having a Ball " was the title of the first, followed by a cock- tail and dinner-dance. " Night Lights, " the Fall formal, and the announcement that Irene Steinberg was chosen as a finalist for the Arnold Air Force Society queen contest, culminated the winter calendar. PHI SIGMA SIGMA SENIOR Toby Rose Lehrfeld JUNIORS Esther Cywan Marsha Mason Temera Sherman Roberta Singer Gayle Spero Barbara Temen Rita Torgovitsky SOPHOMORES Marcie Linden Shirley Schreiber Irene Steinberg FRESHMEN Sima Burnstein Marcia Ferber Allene Mendelson Valerie Pearl Carmen Schneider 312 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL FALL MEMBERS FRATERNITY SPRING MEMBERS Ronald Edstrom Abracadabra Robert Hull David Jones Acacia John Hoopes David Russell Alpha Chi Rho David Russell Robert Fahey Alpha Chi Sigma Robert Fahey Kendris Johnson Alpha Delta Phi Thomas Morrish Mel Sommer Alpha Epsilon Pi Mel Sommer Bill Pace Alpha Gamma Omega Bill Pace Robert Wyckoff Alpha Kappa Lambda Frank Stevenson H. Adrian Isabelle Alpha Phi Alpha Nathaniel Brazill Robert Elliott Alpha Sigma Phi. Kendall White Don Davis Alpha Tau Omega Don Davis Michael Klement Beta Theta Pi Edward Bacciocco Ear11 Riley Chi Phi Edward White Michael Henry Chi Psi Robert Coleman Gordon Corwin Del Rey Gordon Corwin Russell Boynton Delta Chi Russell Boynton Gary Shaffer Delta Kappa Epsilon John Hardy James Smith Delta Sigma Phi Gary Burt William Stuart Delta Tau Delta John Ashford John Holt Delta Upsilon Rodney Griffin John Mortenson Kappa Alpha George Marchand George Willsey Kappa Delta Rho John Larsen Richard Albert Kappa Nu Richard Albert Richard Willey Kappa Sigma Frank Mattarocci SPRING OFFICERS—President, Don Alschuler; John Holt; Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Schoplein; Representatives, Nat Boazill, Tony Torrence, Ron King, Bruce Belding, Roger Durst. Ronald Klinge Lambda Chi Alpha Lyman Lea Richard Carver Phi Delta Theta Dennis Scherzinger Peter Brucher Phi Gamma Delta Peter Brucher Ross Hoffman. Phi Kappa Psi Hartley King Peter Benson Phi Kappa Sigma Bruce Belding Carl Harris Phi Kappa Tau A. Duane Asplund Denis DeLuchi Phi Sigma Kappa William Nestor Sherman Gee. Pi Alpha Phi Jerome Dare Don Kosovac Pi Kappa Alpha Christopher Wharton Steven Pennoyer Pi Kappa Phi. Steven Pennoyer Larry Goodfriend Pi Lambda Phi Robert Mann Lee Van Eaton Psi Upsilon Richard Brown, Jr. Roger Durst Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cyril Appel Marvin Cohen Sigma Alpha Mu Howard Marylander Richard Keene Sigma Chi Michael Mote Sheldon Gebb Sigma Nu Michael Myers Norman Tuttle Sigma Phi Rogue Hemley Peter Trower Sigma Phi Epsilon Roderic Thomas Richard Bruni Sigma Pi Lewis Crawford Carl Anderson Tau Kappa Epsilon John Boland Kenneth Hagan Theta Chi James Farrar William Kinney Theta Delta Chi William Kinney Leslie Jackson Theta Xi Edward Miller Fred Karen Zeta Beta Tau Fred Karen Charles Green. Zeta Psi Joseph 3 aegar FALL OFFICERS—President, Tom Jeffry; Vice-President, Don Alschuler; Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Schoplein; Representatives, Gary Burt, Bob Wyckoff, Ron King, Bruce Belding. 314 INTERFRATERNITY SCHOLASTIC HONOR SOCIETY The Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society is composed of thirty upperclassmen who are members of recognized Cal fraternities. The purpose of the society is to en- courage scholastic attainment, as well as participation in campus activities, among fraternity members. Men who have made outstanding achievements in both scholastics and fraternal and campus activities are thus singled out for special recognition. The outstanding event of the year for the society was the initiation banquet given in the Spring. At this function the guest speaker was Dean of Students, Thomas Dutton. Trophies were awarded to the houses with the highest achievement in such fields as grades, scholastic improvement, and over-all participation. It is felt certain that the project of the Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society to encourage even higher scholar- ship levels for fraternity men will succeed. David Boulward Lawrence Cohn Nicholas Cutting Denis DeLuchi Robert Fahey Stephen Graves Donald Gray Donald Guthrie Charles Holloway Richard Keene Allen Kenouse James Kidder Lyman Lea Thomas Lubbock Donald McNely James Prescott Thomas Reiser Jack Robberson David Russell Jerome Sarrow Claude Schultz John Vand erveer Donald Weinberger Robert Wells Keith Yettick 315 ABRACADABRA 1765 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATES Berwin William Bumbera SENIORS Ronald Edstrcm Curtiss Robert Ken Ivan Polk JUNIORS Earl Davis Robert Robert William Needham SOPHOMORES Donald Robert Maraschin Donald Pihl David Russell Lewis Wood FRESHMEN James Greene Karl Hagebusch Roland Howard Robert Johnson David Pryde Larry Tessler Norman Worth 316 ALPHA CHI RHO 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 GRADUATES Dave Dealey Stan Gutman SENIORS Norm Bedell Jim McNealy Bill Paratore Dave Russell Jack Thornton JUNIORS Jim Henderson Paul Piper John Zacharias SOPHOMORES Larry Dashiell Nick Goldman George Humphreys Allen Koftinow Don Smith Ron Wilson John Winslow FRESHMAN Jack Stafford 317 ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 SENIORS Ron Berridge Robert Cannon David Jones James Porter Don Powell Beryl Robinson Robert Sani Robert Scott John Vanderveen William Well JUNIORS Wayne Jim Ball Robert Billin William Blair Vee Gilbert Gitchel George James Gove John Hoopes Richard Kellog Hans Larsen Chester Lopez John Mengshol 318 Acacia takes immense pride in its rich and colorful heritage. Acacia was founded in 622 B.C., in ancient Greece. The Acacia brotherhood spread to Rome, but unfortunately it did not fare too well. However, Androcles and the lion propagated the future Acacians. In 963 A.D., Eric the Red brought the secrets of Acacia to North America, and through the centuries it has flourished and grown. From early Greek Mythology to present-day mass imboglio, Acacia has pursued its struggle for Justice, Domestic Tranquility, Promotion of the General Welfare and 3.8 beer. We stand behind our motto — Fraternity, Paternity, Eternity. Willis Piper Raymond Schaal Peter Thayer Donald Weinberger John Wickman SOPHOMORES Fred Camp Richard Cloutier Howard Dade Doyle Dodd William Hoopes Russell Horton Jack Ritter William Robinson Timothy Schwarzer Donald Scott Dani le VanGelder FRESHMEN Bruce Alexander William Faris Gary Gallup Richard Story Clifford Temps Terry Thomas George Wilson James Weinberger 319 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 SENIORS Richard Batelle Nichols Cutting John Erickson George Giddings Ben Hammon Thomas Morrish Ashley Payne Fred Rhodes John Schmidt Richard Thurn JUNIORS John Douglas Dona:d Koss Thomas Littlefield John Thomas Roger Samuelson William Steen David Travis Keith Yettick SOPHOMORES John Conley 320 John Day Richard Gordon Dan Hall Arthur Hastings Richard Jarrett Joseph Lasky Roger Mazzera Thomas Vinzent. FRESHMEN Marshall Brown Albert Clark James Demsey Pete Frichette Thomas Gonser Stephen Henders on William Johnston Thomas Kearney Allen Phipps Terry Stephens Worth Vogel 321 ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS I. Scholastic A. We studied? B. Study table for pledges? C. Scholastic Committee " ? ! " @ D. Grade Point? II. Social A. Dated B. Drank C. Danced D. Drank — Beer E. ? III. Professional A. Drank Beer (With Profs.) B. Drank Beer (With Chemists) C. Chem. IA seminar (confused the opposition so we would get good grades) D. High School Day (convinced High School students not to come to college) IV. Conclusions A. Draw your own, we ' re stumped. SENIORS Leigh Clark Robert Fahey JUNIORS Glen Hultgren Donald Kuzmicky Slyvain Merenlender Carroll Robertson Duward Shriver SOPHOMORES Joseph Augusta Gere Bridgeman Gary Cunial Dick Ellis Sigmar Hoffman Downey Mosier Michael Story Donald Turner William Wilson Phillip Wirtz Stephen Wojcik FRESHMEN Robert Cranston Jim Minder Richard Parrish Rodney Tognetti 322 ALPHA EPSILON PI 2728 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS op GRADUATE Leonard Levenson SENIORS Mike Bialos Ira Fritz Bob Jaffa Ben Plot Mel Sommer JUNIORS Phil Cooperman Steve Firestone Don Kirshbaum Bob Koster Arnold Lamb Lee Milovica SOPHOMORES Mike Gegser Bob Kirshkasem Ben Minson Mike Schutz Al Solomonow FRESHMEN Al Barton Dan Cherney Dick Eisenrod Bruce Fink Loves Smith Howard Veia Terry 111 ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2713 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 TWO CHAPTERS AGO began the school year by moving to Haste Street and the world was rosy until the bill collectors found us. Our social program got off to a slow start but it gained momentum and reached a giddy climax with the Spring Formal. In the field of athletics Alpha Gamma Omega ' s sporting set compiled an impressive unbeaten and unopposed record in the manly sports of tennis and handball. Scholastically, midyear cinches were miraculously transformed into multitudinous grade points. Keeping in mind its purpose as a religious fraternity, AGO scheduled weekly devotionals and periodic deputations throughout the school year. SENIORS Bob Fuqua Keith Larson Walt Nickel Bill Pace JUNIORS John Devinsingo Larry Gustafson Jim Holmlund Bob Jennings Jim Larson Dave Lee Ralph Lewis Don Wedegaertner SOPHOMORES Vernon Coe Jim Lagerstrom Paul Lindquist Dennis Norrby ALPHA PHI ALPHA 658 54TH STREET, OAKAND FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1906 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 GRADUATES Warren Forsythe James Johnson SENIORS Nathaniel Brazil Charles Elder Benedict Mosley JUNIOR H. Adrian Isabelle SOPHOMORES Atkin Brown Oran Franklin Jewell Hart. Proverb Jacobs Arthur Stewart Roy Watlely FRESHMEN Rudolph Johnson Cleveland Vivian John Stewart DELTA CHI 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Russell Boynton William Giles Leland Shopstaugh Lee Wilson SOPHOMORES Dennis Bailey Richard Curtin David Davis Andrew Ring FRESHMEN David Backus Robert Kirby Roger Jennings 325 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Bob George Jim Luini Dick Morley Gene Don Brad Frank Stevenson Emory Summers Bob Wychoff JUNIORS Mike Baehr Ron Bean Chris Don Ron Dick Devencenzi Karl Jim Arlen Bob Lafferty 326 Alpha Kappa Lambda has pledged itself to the following: 1. Motherhood, the American way, and high scholastic standards. 2. Strawberry Creek shall not be diverted as a WPA project. 3. We shall not interfere with the reduction of the National Debt. Our alarming lack of bisexual exchanges can be attributed to the fact that we ingly pledged a leper. Socially, the semester was set with an array of gems: the Apache Pledge Dance, the preparation of a house decoration with Sigma Kappa and the formal. Our pledge class financed its semester activities by selling beer to students of Berkeley High. One of the noteworthy functions of the Spring semester was an impromptu panty raid on the staff of the Ad Building. Other spare hours were spent sweating finals and expulsion, and dodging summons servers, bill collectors, and the draft. Warren Lavarel Keith McKennon Neal Paterson Stuart Ruth Fred Snyder George Speckman Ron Tierney Bob Weck SOPHOMORES Jim Dougharty Hardy Dunn Greg Fittinghoff Toni Leland Dean Park Bill Petrocelli Ted Simas Al Van Noy FRESHMEN Clark Kaylor Bill Simpson 327 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Larry Bruner Thomas Bob Elliot Pete Merner Ken White JUNIORS Paul Barnes Jim Boyden Wes Gransmer Mike Harris Robert Duane Bud Kassenbrock John Richard Bill Weber Phillip Zimmers SOPHOMORES Stuart Burr Bob Church Al DeLisle Jim Foudy 328 Returning in September, wagging our buckles behind us, we pledged several fine men including an Arab student. Socially speaking, we had many fine beer busts and stag parties, and even scraped up enough dates at one time to have a dance. Academic competition was fierce for the Oliver J. Smiley award, with fourteen brothers finally claiming it. In intramural sports, the Alpha Sigs were again strong in such major sports as darts, quoits, and gremlin throwing. Tom Ingersoll John Jefsen Richard Linn Bob Matthew Brian McCarthy Gerald McCloskey Andy Rogers Bill Steiner FRESHMEN Gene Babington Will Crockett Ron Ellis Dan Grener Richard Kempf Ken Kol le John McKissick Bob Mills Frank Ovalle Jim Price Don Smith John Towers 329 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Don Davis Glen Donaldson Jeff Goodwin Tim Gordon Bob Hanscom Monroe Kanouse Dave Knoll Ron LaMarre Mike Lenschau Warren Al Slutman Forrest Van Vleck JUNIORS Art Berggren Rick Berry Jim Harry Mike Freeman Tom Grady Jack Havilina Lyle Jensen Ray Leidick Dee McMasters 330 Fraternity life continued again this year at Alpha Tau Omega. The brothers were given an innovation in their development from boys to men with the introduction of 3.2 beer (that is, the boys over 21) . Several fellows made their debut in our joint presentation with AXO ' s of the " Boy Friend " in the AXE Revue. Some of the boys found girl friends. The engineers saw the great out of doors when they designed and constructed, with the supervision and assistance of much feminine ingenuity, an addition to the AOPi House. This addition won the Sweepstakes in the house decoration contest. Carl McNalf Phil O ' Schaughnessy Pete Peterson George Reichert Walt Singer Gene Taurman Tony Wall Ken Young SOPHOMORES Tom Bitzer Tom Bone George Goad Bill Ferris Pete Grady Ed Hobbs Dick Hubbard Bob Mattson John Muehlbauer Bruce Muir Mike O ' Day Jim Thomas FRESHMAN John Booty 331 BETA THETA P1 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Ed Baccracco Thomas Bennett Craig Branot John Elworthy Gene Neil Herbert Michael Klement Thomas Trutaer James Wilson JUNIORS David Michael Backer Paul Blake Donald Bowden Jack David Robert Paul Charles Hallaway Maury Penn Ed Kraft Ed Bob Laugalen Lea Martia Harlow Rothers Barney Smith Monte Upshaw Randall Victory 332 Beta Theta Pi can look back on nine months of great accomplishment. The Fall semester began with a beer party. This proved so successful that we didn ' t have any more parties. Academically, the house average was kept up in the Fall by several brothers who sold their souls. The premiums for souls, however, decreased as the year progressed and we would have made a bad show this last semester had it not been for a unanimous decision to sell our Virtue. Athletically, we did quite well, ending up with two lead pipes, several cans of teeth, and the Nogoodnick Trophy for bad sportsmanship. Robert Wells SOPHOMORES Ronald Brown Donald Bull Kenneth Fristoe Gordon Greenlee George Hill Gordon Hooper Dorgon Hieber David Paul Paul Smith FRESHMEN Thomas Bates Ronald Bauer Robert Boag Larry Burris Kimo Larney Dennis Despors James Dickson Michael Edminster Steven Herrier Douglas McPherson Meryln Nelson James Polite Lewellyn Smith Michael Storm William Vaughn Wess Whittaker Scott Welcott 333 CHI PHI 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS As the year opened, the Chi Phi ' s mourned the loss of one of the Campus Greats, Hiram Walker. Dreary existence continued under social probation, until the joyous day when we deliriously returned to " Carbonated Orange Juice. " Once under way the calendar included a winery tour and the memorable exchange with girls from Tehachapi State. We reached a new pinnacle of success in intramural sports, placing third in kayak racing (with coxswain) and one of the brothers set a speed record to the " V " for the large stock car class! The year ended successfully as Walter Chintz again maintained a 3.0. SENIORS Darryl Petersen Lee Roberson Edward White JUN IORS James Lidster Bates Mclndoe John Weisner SOPHOMORES Richard Clark Keith Fisher John Fraser Michael Good Clemens Laufenberg Roger Miller John Reid Stephen Retter Bruce Rice David White FRESHMEN Bob Bell Ken Defebre Tom Dixon Larry Freels Jim Horsley Ken Meade Bob Meadowcroft Bob Pool Paul Wadsworth Don Weisner Chinze 334 CHI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 If on my theme I rightly think, There are five reasons why I drink, Good wine, a friend, because I ' m dry, Or lest I should be by and by, Or any other reason why. SENIORS Walter Boysen Robert Coleman Donald Fareman Michael Henry William MacLean Bart Noir Thomas Reiser John Waggoner JUNIORS William Finn Richard Good Robert Haire Edwin Jimeson George Keefe Ralph Marten Edward Mascarin Donald Morrison Lyle Rennich Ronald Stevens SOPHOMORES Donald Fleisiher Thomas Fraser Sherwood Freeman Sherman Hall Peter Levinos Dawson Leonard Ai Moir Donald Piestrup Norman Proffitt FRESHMEN Michael Davis Franklin Mead Donald Rutherford 335 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS James Kevin Gary Charles Stephenson Robert Tul ler JUNIORS Frederick Bradley James John Dudley Knill Robert Frederick Tom Wilson SOPHOMORES Robert Douglas Moseley Kenny Russell Herbert Trapnel FRESHMEN Frank Everett George Gamble Fritz Griffin Mike John Somnel Raymond Gordon Zuckerman 336 DEL REY 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER The Dellers had many active and interesting events this year. With the legalization of the little brown jug, our basement room was transformed into the " Deller ' s Cellar. " Top social event on our expanded social calendar included a SMASHING steak feed, with a pool (no, not hall), the traditional Big Game banquet, complete with alumni and jokes, and a really enjoyable winter formal. As usual, acamedic prowess was strived for, and all through the house, noses were pressed to books (God ' s Little Acre, Love Without Fear, etc.). All in all, Del Rey men were in high spirits, and enjoyed the year immensely. SENIORS John Betson Gordy Corwin Pat Laughboro Arland Rammell Louis Sanchez JUNIORS Donald Chamlee John Hau Deane Judd Kenneth King Bob McGlue Doug McHugh FRESHMAN Barron Miller John Moberly Robert Moline Ellis Rhoades Jack Throop Pater Turner Bruce Warner SOPHOMORES Girard Foster Bob Harris Clarke Miller Stuart Rhoads Larry Simmons Bruce Kurtz 337 DELTA SIGMA PHI 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS MALI PRINCIPI MALUS FINIS and as we look back over the year all we can say is " Shucks. " It ' s true enough that our social life was a smashing success, we won first place in humor in House Decorations, our athletes garnered laurels on the fields of Berkeley, our cook started serving food and house bills have been lowered to a pittance of $500.00 monthly. The sun has shone, the birds have sung, and. Ike has won. The axe is back. What more, what more? SANS VIN, AMOUR N ' EST REIN. GRADUATES Gerald Crump Charles Mack SENIORS Robert, Bohle Gary Burt Robert Cordy Lewis Franklin William Hoffman David Morgan Frank Morse James Nitsos JUNIORS Vig Asmundson Alan Burt George Conlin Nelson Enmark Roger Hove Leslie Hovey David Kindorf George Monroe Robert Newman Russ Parker James Pendergast Frank Reed SOPHOMORES Lee Duffus Joel Ellermeier Michael Grady Loren Graham Alexander MacCollom Thomas Orchard Paul Rahn Fred Schorr James Shively FRESHMEN William Durfee Barry Eaton Ralph Gaarde Robert Stevens Arthur Toor 338 PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS This year was successful for the Phi Delts because we avoided embarrassment by the Dean ' s Office. The Fall semester started fashionably by pledging many splendid fellows. The only way to describe their enthusiasm is by recalling how the smallest member of the crew slugged the pledgemaster during the pledge sneak. Intramurally, we again led the way in many sports, including squash and handball. Alumni moral support has been partly responsible for our success. However, if these stalwarts could extend their financial aid, next year would be the greatest. SENIORS Bill Bixby Rick Careen Grant Cook Dennis Scherzinger JUNIORS Bob Ash Paul Brocchini Bob Clark John Coakley Gerry Costanzo Fred Ebey Steve Glagola Charlie Green Al Hathaway Tony Irvin Dick Jacobsen Bruce McClausland Larry Oliveri Jim Pitto Joe Russ Mark Waters Ray Zak SOPHOMORES Charlton Buckley Dennis Coombs George Gumbel Jim Jackson Charles Johnson Paul Kelly Joe Richardson Dick Scrivner Stacey Wathall FRESHMEN Gary Aldrich Henry Guidice Bill Hayes Bob Henrich Ken Lawrenson Ron Milligan George Saywell Bruce Williamson 339 340 DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 11► SENIORS Kirk Ashford Jim Calloway Ron Frieberg Bob Garretson John Pelkan Dick Platt Bill Stuart JUNIORS Dave Brown Gary Haase Wylie Keeler Dave Ohlson Bill Schauers Dick Simpson Tony Torrance Steve Vantrees Lowell Weight SOPHOMORES Blais Carr Charles Dick Gaetjen Bill Gassett Dick Pete Bob Roger Peterson Tom Ready Jim Serventi Roger Solem Don Strough Terry Sullivan Dick Thinger John Wilson FRESHMEN Vic Binsacca Bob Brown Tris Brown Dick Dumke Tony Egan Jack Finney Dave Grether Reed Hertford Don Luick Milton Marguard Clark McCloud Phil Miller Will Nichols Bob Norman Gary Sherrard John Tegtmeier Tom Thompson 341 DELTA UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Tony Graham Rod John Holt Bob Merrill Manford Don Gerald Thompson Kirk Toohey Ralph Wallace Mike White Ken Wilson JUNIORS Nick Aliaga Carl Al Clark Lew Cobb Rich Craig Lee Giannone Jim Glugoski Bob Hawkins Bob Johnson 342 This year was a lot like last year. Bob Kinsman Jack Moskowitz Don Rupinski SOPHOMORES Bill Anderson Nor m Freed Joe Hawkins Pat Hobin John Huntington John Jones Don ' Cavanaugh Charles Knobel Mike Magnani Don Perdue FRESHMEN Tom Fletcher Tom Gage Bill Haden Bill Ingham Darrel Kloninger Bill Lindsay Doug McDonald Jud Whitehead 343 KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Bill Alton Stan Holloway Tony Jacobs Grant Lee John Mortenson Bill Wallace JUNIORS Justin Gerglund Dennis Daniels Clifford Ferguson Frank Jacobs Joe Kitterman Cap Lyons George Marchand Doug Marshall Bill Mayer Ed Morris John Rubens Pete Sheehan Bernie Simpson 144 This year was somewhat frustrating for the KA mob. As we found no replacement for our late mascot, Rick, the pledges organized a dog hunt and begged, borrowed, or stole twelve mutts, but none survived the rigorous basic training and were returned. Social highlights were the midnight rally for our presidential candidate, T. Coleman Andrews, and a large soiree at the Lake Temescal boathouse. Athletically we take pride in our intramural trophies in mah-jongg, mumblypeg, and three-card monte; and politically we scored by having the Stamp Club sergeant-at-arms and the grand nephew of the president of the WCTU. Joe Udovch SOPHOMORES Dick Day Bill Eddins Kim Elliot Dave Faraday Frank Innis John McGinn Ranny Pond FRESHMEN Barry Carver Mike Chandler Al Herd Larry Hudack Mike McFeely Bill McKissock Albert Monaco Frank Portman Rick Richardson Willis Silverthorne 345 KAPPA DELTA RHO 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Larry Axtell Norbert. Babin Ron Col lingham Jack Howes Dave Jones Tom Keefe John Larsen Stewart Lindauer Bob Nash Dwight Neely Frank Stoll Tom Tel lefsen Norm Vaughn Angus Whyte JUNIORS Chuck Bailey Ray Gerba Ben Hill Ron Martin Don Roberts 346 Another apathetic year at KDR. Our Engineer designed a water-cooled hydraulic pusher type boomshaker, while our entomologist was successful in termite-proofing the Campa- nile. Our rushing functions at the El Rey were apparently successful. We pledged the Berkeley Police Force and Abigail Van Buren. Our social calendar was highlighted by the formal in Hearst Gymnasium, the pledge dances on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge, and the Ski Dance on the slopes of the Matterhorn. We ranked third in peewee golf, second in kickball. Academically through it all we remained true to our creed: Live Obscurely. Art Rake Ron Schneck SOPHOMORES Dean Fenley Dave Howland Bill Jump Gary Kimmel Len Newstrum Ron Pinnelli Harold Richardson Doug Roberts FRESHMEN Hugh Calkins Dave Cardelli Jim Huseby Bruce Hyman Pete Justin Dennis Meyer Wright Morton Phil Smith Babe 347 KAPPA NU 2714 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 SENIORS Richard Albert Leonard Cohn Marvin Ellenberg Lawrence Kroll Marvin Lavin Princeton Lyman John Schwerin Stewart Weinberg JUNIORS Merrill Babele Herbert Davis Larry Ephron Joel Gallin Eugene Rudolph Norman Dennis Kane Paul Kaplen Steven Kofman James Lewis Paul Lipkin Lloyd Loelo Danald Jack Edward Arthur Twain SOPHOMORES Paul Berwin 348 The men of Kappa Nu have been enjoying to the fullest every minute of their wonderful college years, from the mental and physical exhilaration of afternoons on the drill field to the benefits of a close, informal relationship with the faculty. We reveled in the brisk walk from parking places in Alameda, mourned the resignation of beloved Pappy Waldorf, laughed at the clever stories in the Pelican, voted for student candidates on the basis of their ability, studied diligently all year to eliminate the necessity of ming for finals, and visited Cowell Annex once a week. Leland Blum Harold Chusid Harold Engel Kenneth !Colman Rodney Levin Robert Mendelsohn Howard Rose Donald Rosenberg Martin Weiner FRESHMEN Stanley Aranson Berle Bel iz David Dansky Irvin Feinberg Michael Gluskin Gerald Greenback Allan Heskin Jerome Hyman Marshall Jacobs Robert Lom Myron Moskovitz Ronald Moskowitz Ronald Schwartz Robert Sikora Lawrence Stern Myron Tessler David Trauner 349 KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Clay Bradley Dick Day Dennis Ditmars Gary Donovan Burt Froom Dick Haelsig John High Frank Mattarocci Jim Prescott Frank Stevenson Don Tartre Dick Willey JUNIORS Gordon Austin Ron Dressler Carlos Fackrell Ross Kerr Jim Ogle Suggie Tassen John Tomlinson SOPHOMORES Mike Baxter Bill Carnahan Eric Colby Bob Comartin 350 " Banquets and parties and balls, balls, balls. " Yes, this year, quiet, reserved K Sigs whispered this war-cry at all of their Rat Functions. The highlight of our limited social season (scholarship and manners were mostly emphasized) was the annual " Jail Bait Party. " The decorations lay around the theme, " You ' re Never Too Young. " Our other activities consisted of: a few hooks at the " V, " shooting at Sather Gate, supporting a mixed rooting section and the usual illegal operations. The only worth-while thing did was to bet and lose a beaver pelt to our Oregon State chapter. Dan DeBonis Dick Dixon George Eshoo Charles Greene Bill Harris Dick Hicks Del Krause John Madrosen Tony Perrin Dave Skogstrom Bob Taggart Bob Townsheno FRESHMEN Drew Donovan Larry Eisler Stan Fields Ted Hanson Ron Haersough Jack Holsterin Bill Johnson Frank Maldonado Lee Rodgers Rich Serra Dick Tartre 351 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS James Bowles James Bussio Gail Carbiener Merton Downing Robert Galletty William Kenney Ronald Kenige Jack Macaulay Robert Purdy Doug Ryder Claude Schultz Robert Smith William Wilson JUNIORS Richard Jim Clark Dick Schaeffer Richard Dresser Ed Enefer Bob Gotshall Errol Huey Lyman Lea Jerry Lykins 352 Well, we finally got our new house (thanks alums) , and got moved in about two weeks after rushing. We discovered a long latent talent for music amongst the brothers and teamed up with the KD ' s lilting soprano voices walking off with the Sweepstake honors in the Axe Review. Then came the Lambda Chi Alcatraz, the Christmas Party, and finals. The Lambda Chis once again selected the most beautiful girl on campus to reign as the Queen of the Daffodil Festival. Then came that great Spring Formal, and the wild, wild jungle dance. Yessiree, it ' s been a great year . . . now, how to make some grade points? Darryl Roberson SOPHOMORES Dave Castagna Jack Cauzza John Coil Matt Colives Bob Conner Ron Edmondson George Foster Hugh Headrick Tony Johnson Jerry Laub Bob McCarty Mike Root Dennis Schultz Lee Smith Harvey Williams FRESHMEN Nick Coppelas Bob Clay Allan Halden Pete Lazo Wayne Littleton Brian McCourt Paul Von Husen 353 PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS William Bohn Ted Robert Richard Robert Barry Kite Duncan MacSwain Jerry Milne Robert Prindle Jack Robberson Stanley Sparks Fred Vaznaugh JUNIORS Peter Brucher Don Fowler Lyle Haworth Carl Schwarz Phillip Simpon SO PHOMORES Frank Steve Jorgen Bill Cooper Richard Jack Hart Richard Jay Richard Kelso 354 Phi Gamma Delta would like to extend to all campus living groups an invitation to our annual hard liquor party, bring your own charter. Due to the University cation of our liquor locker we have dominated all the parties on campus. The proof is 86.8% attended while only 3.2% stayed home. Yes, prohibition set in and it was goodbye to hard booze, but we still had a terrific year. Socially it was the some ole tale; scholastically it was a cinch; but if there ' s one thing that holds us together it ' s athletics; everybody was out for s omething, and some of them got it. Robert Kock Thomas Leavitt Robert Mangum Ted Mathews Robert Montgomery Ken Petron Don Rossi Ken Seher Merle Smith Richard Tompkins Cliff Weaver FRESHMEN Bruce Budge David Clark Anthony Craven John Dittmer Dick Dutton Richard Grace Daniel Guggenhein John Hall Stan Hinman James Hughes Richard Hughes Ted Kellog Jon Kite Gary Lammon Fritz Schwarz James Spangler 355 PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 SIXTY CHAPTERS GRADUATE Roger Wright SENIORS Ray Arata Clark Brown Bob Brown Tony Henderson Ross Hoffman JUNIORS Pete Hayward Paul Larson Frank Lucero Bill Mills Jerry Hank Vierregher Noel Vivion SOPHOMORES Jim Frazneley Don Geddes 356 We of Phi Kappa Psi had another excellent year. A successful rushing season, including swimming parties, sailing, and water skiing, resulted in too many pledges. Scholastically it looks as though Cal Gamma will once again be among the top five fraternities. We have had several special parties this semester with everyone, including the pledges, pitching in to help decorate the house. The three exchanges during the first semester proved to be quite amusing. Once again the Phi Psis will finish among the top eight in the intramural leagues this term. All in all, we enjoyed a very well-balanced year. Steve Hunt Tom Innis Roger Labare kis Fred Henchell John King Mike Laurenson Roger Nance Kent Newmard John Stone Bob Toll lib Ivan Muzinich FRESHMEN Barry Burr Phil Caine Bob Cantu Duane Copley Butch Fitzpatrick 357 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1765 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Pete Benson Bob Fraser Ed Irvine Al Kingston Ray Laux Dick Peoples Louis Rhodes JUNIORS Jon Adams Ed Bruce Bill Cirimele William Edwards Don Gray Pete Hindes Chuck Games Ray Lawyer Warren Levin Harvey Lorber Don Martin Jay Newman Bob Pembrtyon John Ronan 1CR During February the Phi Kaps started their joyful migration to the promised land of Southside. Awaiting them was a palace in the heart of Sorority Row, thanks to our generous alumni. This year ' s social calendar got off to a smashing success with our annual dive dance, fully equipped with a fallen sphinx, and ended with our Spring Formal. Athletic-wise we rolled up an impressive string of victories in intramural and as for football, " Wait till next year. " Through rushing we acquired a canine pledge, Baron, who has left his mark on more than one of the brothers. Mark Suft Aubrey Ward Jerry Zeidler SOPHOMORES Bill Grim Walt Healy Ed Mayer Lon Nole Bob Santee Bill Walsh FRESHMEN Jim Eastin Bill Edwards Peter Gray Gerald Hammoa Bill Johnston Jack Lansman Duke Livingston Val Prescop Bill Ruth Tom Sherrod Gary Thorley Mike Torrey Vick Wykoff 359 PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Dwain Asplund Fred Biagiani Bob Raymond Clarke Gilbert Carl Harris Carl Hansen Barton Ott Don Reidt Bill Rose Tom Russell Don Sprague Bob Toth JUNIORS Allen Airold Howard Andrew Reg Gary Jim Cline Chuck Dick Doty Henry Cohn Bill Luther Don Gordon Morrow ,L_ 360 Phi Kappa Tau, noted for starting out slow, but then tapering oft, saw several signs of the changing times this past year. From sweepstakes to divisional honors, from extremely poor relations with the next door Pi Phis to just poor relations from anti- exchange sentiments to Fall exchanges, and from several athletes to many athletes. But scholarship played its usual minor role. Ending another year, the sign points onward for the Phi Tau House, situated high atop a basement full of beer, overlooking fraternity row, and just a few minutes drive from the " V, " the " Horse, " and the " Square, " etc., etc. Bill Nankeville Bob Packard Tom Palma Roy Raymond Ray Shertz Bill Young SOPHOMORES Gary Brenzel Richard Buriani Dennis Erickson Terry McDermott John McGinnis Anthony Riccabona Glenn Rith James Smith John Vasqu ez Ed Werner Ed Young FRESHMEN Skip Brust Jim Butenschoen Ted Cano Stan Dunham Reg Leighton Roger Thompson Torn Tibbetts 361 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS John Adkisson John Chambers Denis DeLuchi Peter Grossman Douglas Hibbs Alfred Jameson Keith Moseley Bill Nestor Dave Pearson Robert Wintz Alvin Wyland JUNIORS Tom Jay Roger Erglar Don McCarthy Jack McKnight Noel Richard Robert Zwarg SOPHOMORES Hugh Daigle Fred Pape Vernon Smith FRESHMEN Robert Bennitt John Duncan Howard Lambert Lenard Loomis Del Luttges Byron McMillal Steve Platt Bruce Strauss Stan Wayne Sandy Brown 362 PI ALPHA PHI ONE CHAPTER The Pi Alpha Phis were pleasantly surprised this Fall by finding a new house awaiting them. The members appreciated this acquisition and put in a lot of time and effort renovating it these past two semesters. We had a successful scholastic and social year. We achieved top honors in scholastic standings; highest active average, and highest over-all average. The numerous social activities of this year were highlighted by our annual Winter Informal, which was a bright success. With these achievements, Pi Alpha Phi is looking forward to another successful year. SENIORS Dennis Lew Chin Edward Low JUNIORS Jerome Dare Randall Mar Adolphus Wong Harold Wong Yale Yee SOPHOMORES Jimmy Chin James Chung, Jr. Stanley Fing Sherman Gee Clayton Tom Donald Wong Harvey Yee FRESHMEN Patrick Dare Daniel Lee Stephen Lee Albert Lock Ernest Low 363 P1 KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEV EN CHAPTERS GRADUATE Charles Byerly SENIORS Albert Barstad Harry Bogdas Jay Brunhouse Del Arthur Jack Elliot Ray James Johnson Don Sheldon Royden John Jack Saroyan Warren Gerald Charles Dennis Chris Wharton Bart Young JUNIORS William Boram Kent James Paul Frakes 364 Bob Frances Curt Higgins Roy Jacobes John Kalivas Dick Kyhn Bill Mason John McConnell John McKendree Toni McLaughlin Pete Raffetto Ron Reamy Don Schaub John Sordo Ray Taylor Carl Todd SOPHOMORE John Michael FRESHMEN Jack Domich Ray Hertel Bob McHugh Butler Minor Robert Never John Stafford Ozzie Stevenson Robert Taylor 365 PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1.922 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Bill Applebaum Dick Bill Brodovsky Dave Howie Barney Ralph Norman Robinow Jerry Sarrow Tom Thieben JUNIORS Sherry Bakar Ron Berman Marshall Berol Larry Len Maxwell Len Ernie Leichter Roger Gary Paul Thomas Marvin Shapiro Sandy Weiner SOPHOMORES Leon Lorin Martin Preston Diamond 366 The 27-27 club soared to unprecedented heights as the undisputed leading fraternal resort of Channing Way. A lucky thirteen pledges added to the house income and batting average. The popularity of the Initiation Dance at San Francisco ' s Cliff House crowded many a brother onto Seal Rock, but they were able to sleep it off at a " Pajamarino. " A real " snow job " terminated an eventful social semester, through a " frigid " winter week ender at Pinecrest. The " mansion " served as a hospitality center for a Christmas party for underprivileged youngsters besides those already living in the house. Paul Diller George Elefant Pete Feder Sheldon Franklin John Gerstle Steve Jaffe Cliff Marshall Len Marshall Gary Melmon Don Miller Bob Moncharsh Dave Norwitt Sandy Poise Bruce Schwab Mike Singer Ron Tochterman FRESHMEN Steve Abel Ken Bley Harvey Brody Darryl Hart Walt Jacobs Dave Krutchkoff Arnold Lockshin Jerry Neft John Sega ll Bob Siegel Gary Skopp Ron Strom 367 PSI UPSILON 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Brown Lawrence Ervin Gene Heimark Jim Lorenz George David David Lee Van Eaton Craig Wiley JUNIORS Bill Carlson Ed Carlson Bill Clark Tom Clark John Robert Mike Ken Rodney Schleicker Larry Woodward SOPHOMORES Bruce Baker Don Bishop John Bode Chris Ey 368 Harry Hathaway Jay Howard Charles Jenkins Steve Keller John Normanly Roger Price Dave Smith FRESHMEN John Albers Bob Angell Bill Bergren Bud Crist Dick Duane Mike Ellis Pete Herb Bill Hitchcock Claude Hutchison Ed Jaeger Joe Neil Pat Newell Stewart Reed Bill Schneiders Tony Turpin Gary Wood 369 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Bob Anderson Cy Appel Ken CaroIan Ken Coburn Bill Cunningham Mike Diaz Roger Durst Bob Fitzgerald Bob Frane Keith Guthrie Jim Kidder Allan Knotts Mike Rei Pat Scruggs Carl Stechman Don Stensaas JUNIORS Ron Al lsman Dave Edwards Bob Farnain Gus Gianulius Roy Gustafson Gordon Nixon Torn Shadley John Stewart 370 This semester started somewhere along in September. Driven by the strongest fraternal motivations, we scoured high and low seeking pledges. We found some, however, in spite of our rushing. We had many social functions, including a gala formal with 3.2 martinis generously donated by the Dean ' s office, and a jazz concert by the Salvation Army. We tried to give a Christmas party for underprivileged children, but they took one look at the house and decided there was no place like home. We did all sorts of other things this year, but modesty and censorship prevent us from mentioning them. Al Trimbach Mil Vail SOPHOMORES Ron Arndt Tony D ' Agostino Charlie Edwards Tom Fitzgerald Jack Grout John Jones Tim Miller Mike Newton Hank Olguin Bob Pride Pat Quigley Jay Ring Leonard Schrieber Hap Stallman Al Stanford Russ Symon FRESHMEN Lynn Bowers Adney Bowker Jim Clark Fred Henderson Phil Ralston Ron Rott 371 SIGMA ALPHA MU 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FIFTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Barry Barish Cohen IVIike Diener Gary Glober Alfred Lakritz Herb Lakritz Ken Lebovitz Howard Marylander Dennis Ross Bob Stein Marvin Toyer Harry Weisbart Don White Ron Wizelman JUNIORS Stan Berliner Harry Carstens Shel Diller Howard Siever Bernie Slavin Mike Zwerdling 372 SOPHOMORES Herb Friedman Allan M ad ian Jared Morris Paul Reinhertz Stuart Salot Mike Simon Howard Strause FRESHMEN Ralph Battat Shel Brucker Mike Ezgar Dave Freeman Dick Greene Barry Malvin George Marantz Sanford Ratner Roger Rose Loren Rothschild Barry Slatt 373 SIGMA CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Thomas A lmberg Ken Berg Paul Dinkelspiel Don Furbush Don Gilkey Clark Gilson Fred Hendrix Al Hitchcock Jim Hornberger Ron Johnston Dick Keene Jud Landis Harry Larsen Bob Leet John Lewis Tod Likens Bill Lukens Mike Mote Ronald Nichols Pete Orvis Rick Paul ick Thomas Reilly Bob Shugert Derek Theissen JUNIORS Max Allen Fred Baumeister Rod Bu ntzen Andy Church Phil Gaal Griff Harries Dick Heimann Jack Sidener 374 All year we did what Mommy, Daddy and Dean Stone told us and we feel much better knowing that we are finer fellows. Life is beautiful now that we no longer see the agonizing results of hard liquor, cigarettes, and fast women. Because our pledges are so refined, we could stress the more obscure points of social conduct — such as not belching during meals. We really want to make this the best university in the whole world. So would you please inform us as to how we can help to bring light and knowl- edge to others, less discerning than we. Larry Treuer Charlie Vehrs SOPHOMORES Harry Bush Charlie Duncan Al Furbush Vince Ohio Jeff Horner Terry Horner Al Johnson Mike Kenne Larry Lynn Mike Marston Jim Morrison Dan Mote Roger McCan Bob Peterson Bill Reed Dennis Shea Torn Silk George Smith Clark Wilde FRESHMEN Sheldon Crandall Wayne Crow Gordon Johnson Howard Karr Tom Kurtz Ken McNanigal Dudley Smith Bill Streshley Moose 375 SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Gabe Arrillaga Bill Baker Denny Berthelsman Jim Cherry Terry Cole Newton Davis Paxton Davis Donald Drenth Sheldon Gebb John Haag Dave Jordan Alen LaRue Bob Metz Mike Myers Steve Schadlich Pete Thompson Bill Wilson Chuck Wood JUNIORS Art Bass Dick Casper Greig Fowler John Gilmore Gary Gray Pete Hegerle John Kelsoe Bill Krenwinkle Jerry Lalley Bob McDaniel Bill Parker Clark Raiser 17h 377 Sigma Nu managed to struggle through another miserable academic year. Our biggest scare came following the UCLA-Cal football game when a screaming mob of unruly coeds fought their way to the upper floors of the house in what looked like a reversal of last year ' s panty raid. Even though our social calendar was heavily loaded with teas, rummage sales and flower shows, we still found time for our White Rose Formal and other humorous social functions. In the field of athletics, the brothers again found time to warm the bench for many sports and a few managed to actually play. John Rhodes Lou Schrepel Bob Schumaher John See Ron Senna Bob van Heuit Don Walter SOPHOMORES Doug Adams Pete Altieri Larry Barnett John Burnett Ed Cruchley Bob Dalton Bill Gould Dick Hayden Doug Ives Warren Johnson Jim Kindorf Paul Kops J ' m Langley Bob Nemechek Fritz Stern FRESHMEN Bob Baker Larry Fox Tandy Gillis Bill Hamilton Larry Hitchcock Gary Mitchell Rex Richmond SIGMA PHI 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS Once again the time has come for the Alpha to pause and view in retrospect the more salient aspects of another magnificent year. Striking the perfect balance between social, scholastic and fraternal endeavor, Sigma Phi generously tolerates the feeble attempts of those who emulate her. Having reached this pinnacle of success, the Alpha now turns to the betterment of the world about her. Undaunted by the re-enactment of the eighteenth amendment, Sigma Phi stands alone in her age-old struggle against pro- hibition, tyranny and bureaucracy. SENIORS Douglas Cooper Richard Dobbins Stephen Graves Remo Jacuzzi Scott Laidlaw Norman Tuttle Neal Waterfall JUNIORS John Brideson Stephen Chapman Rogue Hemley Allen Stewart Michael Tocmey David Whitechat SOPHOMORES Michael Bellachey Vern Carrier William Gregory Thomas Hazeltine James Jackson George Karakantas Robert Ruccinelli Tim Ryan FRESHMEN Gene Bell Keith DeVillers Edward Klass William Lukens Anthony Wot kyns 378 SIGMA PHI DELTA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 1924 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 THIRTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Earl Brown Ulf Dahlgren Henry Lurie Thomas Mill Donald Siefert David Weston Art Woodward JUNIORS John Boyle Robert Carter Robert Christenson Thomas Vajta William Wilson SOPHOMORES Jerry Crabtree Leonard DeMartini David Kruse Ivan Williams Michael Williamson FRESHMEN Douglas Campbell Gilbert Emmert Michael Enfield Robert Maranhao Robert Renner Gary Svihula 379 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2316 BOWDITCH FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND. 1901 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS The Sig Eps were heard? Never before did such noise ring off the scarred buildings of the University of California ' s underworld. Everyone was talking about how we stood on our heads for three days protesting the kind of beer President Nasser drank and how we imported from France the original red mill for our Moulin Rouge Party. Between week-end cell meetings for social enjoyment, we brought our scholastic stand- ing up to second spot, promoted flagellated unity among the eleven new inmates, began remodeling our beloved den of iniquity, and trained our recently acquired portentous canine. SENIORS Howard Boerlin Richard Doyas Walter Elkington Dick Jeffrey John Tappeiner Roderic Thomas William Trower Jack Van Zander Clifford Woodward JUNIORS Dave Baar Marshall Ball Max Corazza Hal Cotta Tony Jarret Mark Maloney Dave Perry Gerold Raff SOPHOMORES Jerry Dowell Bob Hesse Jim Ingram Bob King Don MacLemmon Dave Rinoni Dean Rasmussen Jerry Sacchi Charles Wright FRESHMEN Dave Ball Jim Campodonico Jim Keck Orin McCune t 380 SIGMA PI 1816 SCENIC AVENUE FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS It was a struggle, but we made it. Through another year, we proselyted and cajoled rushees into pledging and proved that fraternity life wasn ' t so bad. The junior actives were bundles of energy and senior actives shoved their weight around. Engineers criticized the Bay Bridge while L and S people sat in mickey mouse courses. Athletes ran up and down Strawberry Canyon looking for something they never found. The IFC made sure everybody drank beer; because the state said so; the first time many people had heard about the state. Parties were successful and the formal delightful. Finals terrible. SENIORS Robert Bishop Richard Brunt Paul Duggan Walter Sablinsky JUNIORS Edwin Baker Kenneth Bline Michael Briski Donald Broadbent Rodrick Carter Lewis Crawford Sherwood Cummins Richard Diamond Gary Drake Jack Keinrich Kenneth King Alan Miller Robert Ogren Maynard Orme David Rodriquez SOPHOMORES David Gruver Michael Hone Alvin Kellogg Bill Neely Jon Rudback Charles Shore James Spitze FRESHMEN Michael Heflin Kenneth Johnson Everett Merriman Henry Newhall Evan Orme Egon 381 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY CHAPTERS GRADUATES Lee Murch Garth Wilson SENIORS Carl Anderson Dick Anderson Roy Berry John Boland Harry Brock Don Chaffin Mike Cobb Hank Conele Ken Davis Jack Grauss John Harrison Bill Kobus Bill Longworth Jake Mathis Howard Nemir Don Quick Ed Stokes Fred Thill Roger Venturi JUNIORS Steve Dedina Ken Ewart Norm Farrell Jim Fitzpatrick Bill Kuhn Dave Lowe 382 Gar( McKowan Jack Paxton John Pisciotta Hal Plimpton Roger Ramsier Dick Schimmel Pete Starman Ed Thompson Brent Warner SOPHOMORES Mike Garvin Bob Gassin Don Gremaux Ron Heglin Jim Hubbert Bob Kindorf Dick Klink Gordon Mattenon Wayne McCombo Bill Orum Bob Penland Larry Sands FRESHMEN Jack Bell John Gates Dick Harrell Jerry Mann Frank Sally Joe Server 383 TAU EPSILON PHI 2717 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1910 EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1954 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS Led by its president, Al Schwartz, Tau Epsilon Phi enjoyed a banner ' 56- ' 57 year. Achieving a well rounded program, the Teps showed a spirited drive in their intramural participation and among others managed to come up with a top-notch basketball team. Socially the Teps showed as much spirit, for on their calendar was included everything from a Haunted House Extravaganza to a most enjoyable Spring Formal in Carmel. Entertaining the UCLA chapter highlighted the All-U Week End while a dual effort with the AEPhis on homecoming decorations took top billing during Big Game week. SENIORS Lowell Davis Jerry Feldman Jim Gelbert Les Lackman JUNIORS Larry Srbeitman Barry Benjamin Stan Klein Norm Lewis Al Schwartz Ralph Seligman Fred Steinberg SOPHOMORES Herb Bloom Howard Brucker Ron Cline Mike Milstein FRESHMEN Stu Feldman Lon Soloman Ken Young 384 THETA CHI 2499 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Dave Bean Jim Farrar Jim Hammill Stan Miller Frank Romeo JUNIORS Rick Adams Pete Claypool Ben Harris John Jacobsen Dave Kennelly Jim Loebbeck SOPHOMORE Ron deGolia FRESHMEN Lido Cantarutti Rod Hussey Karl Kinnick Mike Stewart Craig Stutter Phil Threefoot Loring Wyllie 385 THETA DELTA CHI 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHARGE ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY CHARGES GRADUATES Bill Carr Rateb Shallah SENIORS Bob Aisthorpe Bert Barker John McCleary Paul Ed Hay Byron Mark Don Bill Kinney Torn Lubbock Torn Bill Nisbet Dick Bruce Joe Raffetti Ray Stansbury Phil Talamantes JUNIORS Don Mel Carter Blaisdell Bill Bliss Dave Phil Allen Max Hale 386 The Theta Delts enjoyed another successful year at the Big " U. " The brothers were active in affairs both on and off campus and there were the usual number of athletics and their supporters. Our social season was highlighted by our annual party. We also had an excellent pledge class, but he didn ' t make his grades. The year 1956-57 marked another milestone in our continual struggle for existence in this dismal world where we are but innocent babes, protected from the forces of evil by only the sheltering arms of the Dean ' s Office and the ABC. Kent Hockabout Dick Johnson Stan Marx Earl Norgarol John Nyhum Paul Ortner Dick Pellett Tom Schneider Scott Sherman Dave Singleton Fred Speller Warren Whaley SOPHOMORES Bob Balch Bob Bubi Bob Chiappone Lew Fellows Cay Russell Max Schardt John Sears Bill Stricklin Chuck Werner FRESHMEN Glen Heinbockel Dick Jones Arty Keough Dan Lubbock Phil Mace Bob MacKenzie Mike McCutcheon Jim Medanick 387 THETA XI 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Hank Bohn SENIORS Tulle Acqu istapace Loyal Davis Gary Glacken Terry Jackson Edward Miller Gerry Quigg Glen Radford John Robbins Roger Sanford Robert Schoplein John Scully Robert Snow James VanTrees George Watson JUNIORS Larry Bassham Galen Chastain George Christensen Stephen Copley Richard Monier 388 Once again combining active social, athletic, and scholastic achievement Theta Xi enjoyed another excellent college year. Ambitiously looking forward to the coming semester, Nu launched into the new social season with the much publicized " Shipwreck, " and climaxed it with the Spring Formal. The realization of the responsibilities before them prompted the men of Nu to balance social and athletic endeavors with high scholarship, ranking in the top fifteen scholastically. Good representation and par- ticipation in campus affairs further complimented the house administration. All in all, a well balanced and eventful year joined its predecessors in the logs of time. Robert Rosenquist Richard Scolari SOPHOMORES John Bodle Robert Bowers Stephen Dear Brian Guilbert John Hixson Richard Karcher Glenn Quick Donald Sandstrom Larry Sweringen Michael Ward Robert Whyte FRESHMEN George Breed Phillip Johnson David Nixon Peter Sonne Rod Trego Jerod Trailer Victor Winkel " Furlush " 389 ZETA BETA TAU 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Don Alschuler Steve Block Alfred Breslauer Hank Gates Alan Morrison Harris Nussbaum Don Simonk JUNIORS Bob Beck Arthur Berman Arnold Chasen Jack Feinberg Bob Goldstein Herb Gorden Bill Honiz Fred Karren Ken Kragen Martin Ross Barry Scherman Dick Schulman Stan Siegal SOPHOMORES Al Axelrod Mark Bloome Stuart Buchatler Mike Epstein Roger Ginsburg 390 Zeta Beta Tau, the organization that is a friend to those who have no friends, pursued a course this past year dedicated to the existence of Fybate Inc., Massey Seminars, Sem-Notes, Cal Seminars, and Crib Notes. The social scene had an incongruous ending in the Fall semester, however, we rallied in the Spring to have a rip snorting affair at our annual Boiler Stokers Convention. To create evidence of our imaginative talents in the house decoration contest we added another foot .of span to the Golden Gate Bridge. Zeta Beta Tau was very prominent on various lists of which the Dean ' s supersedes all. Lloyd Goldwater Bruce Horwitz Ellis Jacobs Paul Jacobsen Jerry Katzman Steve Kenis Steve Kreiger Jim Kurtz Gary Levine Dave Levy Dave Lillien Morse Taylor FRESHMEN Jon Abrams Bob Begen Stan Breitbard Joe Epstien Phil Fleishman Alan Gettelman ' la! Kern Steve Lazar John Perlstein Dave Quittner Doug Tamkin Dick Yadley 391 ZETA PSI 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Dave Bridges Larry Fites Leo Gaspardone Jack Grant Charlie Green Joe Jaeger JUNIORS Charles Brigham Andy Griffin Doug Hobson Crosby Hyde Richard Nelson Ed Peterson SOPHOMORES Jim Berryhill John Brink Lee Bruner Jay deBenedetti Frank Jordan Dave Osborne John Tarantino Dave White Bill Wolfenden FRESHMEN Jay Bridges Wheeler Caberly Bert Damner Gary Dykstra Hank Kuechler Doug Moore Drew Roberts Pete Scott Rick Tavernetti 392 PI KAPPA PHI 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS Pi Kappa Phi, the fraternity dedicated to improving and developing the finer qual- ities of gentlemen in their membership, have undergone modifications due to a more rigid enforcement of the liquor law. Strict training in the manly art of beer consumption was initiated in order to compensate for this infringement of a gentle- man ' s natural inclination toward inebriation. However, through these hardships, Pi Kappa Phi has stood the test and has emerged victorious. The fraternity ' s social functions have been numerous and successful. Activities other than those of a purely social nature are also encouraged, such as studying diligently and attaining good grades. SENIORS Donald Evans Robert Welch JUNIORS Herbert Anderson Steven Pennoyer FRESHMEN Bruce Barden Richard Basler John Ringer Wilbur Simpson 393 394 WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President, Karan Minick Vice-President, Gloria Mikuls Secretary, Anita Stelling Treasurer, Beth McKimmy Rep-at-Large, Anne Baldwin Rep-at-Large, Thelma Saugestad Rep-at-Large, Nadine Dotson Rep-at-Large, Joann Lagomarsino Rep-at-Large, Pat Pillsbury Social Chairman, Carol LeDrew Service Chairman, Cathi Enright Publicity Chairman, Marcia Rehfuss Constitutions Chairman, Marty DuBois Orientations Chairman, Violette Greenleaf Student Faculty Chairman, Karen Kerper FIRST ROW, left to right: Nadine Dotson, Pat Pillsbury, Beth McKimmy, Karan Minick, Gloria Mikuls, Anita Stelling, Marty DuBois. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Fitz, Karen Kerper, Marcia Rehfuss, Violette Greenleaf, Joan Lagomarsino, Anne Baldwin, Tammy Saugestad, Cathi Enright. COUNCIL MEMBERS Bayview Terrace, Gaye Notley Beaudelaire Club, Sandy Berman Bon Haven, Sylvia Volpi Californian, Jane Partch Colonial Hall, Marilyn Mills The Continental, Anna Pedersen Elizabeth Barrett, Connie Panagakis Epworth Hall, Louella Boysen Hoyt Hall, May Taoda Joaquin Hall, Dolly Mayer Lantana Lodge, Pat Willis Mitchell Hall, Pat Lewis Oldenberg Hall, Norma Meador Peixotto Hall, Sandy Johannes Prospect Terrace, Paula Rouloff Richards Hall, Jean Black Ritter Hall, Thelma Saugestad Sherman Hall, Betty Burrows Stebbins Hall, Eva Wong Stern Hall, Phyllis Torkells Stratford Hall, Carol Corallo Warring Place, Roberta Robbins 396 MEN ' S RESIDENT ASSOCIATION Officers President Art Walenta Vice-President, Chairman, ASUC Relations Committee Fred Hanson Recording Secretary Frank Elliott Corresponding Secretary, Chairman, University Relations Committee Alan Chappell Treasurer Bob Bradley Chairman, Boarding House Committee, Editor, MRA Newsletter Jerry Richardson Chairman, Social Committee Pete Williams LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Hanson, Alan Chappell, Bob Bradley, Frank Elliott, Jerry Richardson, Art Walenta. Council Members Arch Place Benjamin Yardley Barrington Hall Michael Appleman Bowles Hall Gary Merrihew Cloyne Court Gordon Nakagawa Collegian Hall Harry Guthrie Durant Place Ray Marchi Lawrence Manor Dean Hill Oxford Hall Howard Olsen Pacifica Jim Youngson Ridge House Tao-Zeun Chu Smyth Association Richard Kolm Shingles James Solomon 397 BAY VIEW TERRACE SENIORS Thelma Buller Gaye Notley JUNIORS Sandra Court SOPHOMORES Kate Gilpin Pat Lawrence Pat Lynden Loma Spencer FRESHMEN Lucy Berner Barbara Tanako Joanne Pauline Ja Sharon Lynn Edie Van Trojen BEAUDELAIRE CLUB 2347 PROSPECT STREET SENIOR Evelyn Brass JUNIORS Sylvia Baber Nancy Haggerty Marian Irvine May Kobayashi Joyce Shepard SOPHOMORES Judith Byers Wanda McKenney Margaret Probert Caroline Widmer Myrna Wood FRESHMEN Judith Chamdler Glenda Heiges Esther Herrera Dorothy Tuck Joan B. Walker Joan T. Walker Margaret Wilson BENNETT MANOR 2721 CHANNING WAY JUNIORS Diane Byers Joan Dalton Eileen Kern SOPHOMORES Wendy Mal len Carol Seibold FRESHMEN Lida Chase Hope Church Barbara Clark Pauline de Silva Roberta Hooper Kaye Johnson Nancy Merserve Nancy Moore Barbara Wicklow ovg iiiii1611111illiilkii Mai BON HAVEN 2709 CHANNING WAY Fall social activities for the girls of Bon Haven commenced with the traditional open house. Throughout the first few mon ths numerous exchange dinners were shared with men ' s living groups. As the semester progressed, the members of the house, with the aid of president Sylvia Volpi and vice-president Lu Roesner, co-sponsored their winter formal with four other women ' s residences. They also joined the campus crusade for Hungarian relief. Miss Volpi was elected to lead Bon Haven again for the Spring term with Betty Hamilton as her veep. SENIOR Pat Newton JUNIORS Lorraine Barry Arline Dong Flora Leow Marlene Mendelson Mary Lou Rocus Luise Roesner Susan Sebo SOPHOMORES Claire Cole Ginger Lee Sylvia Volpi FRESHMEN Janice Benson Lee Brown Sharon Davidson Georgia Goold Betty Hamilton Lorraine Hamilton Barbara Knapp Janette Lawson Alva Lynch Carolyn Swan 399 BOWLES HALL GRADUATES Howard Globenfeld Arman Tashdinian SENIORS James Adams Gary Bacon John Ball Harry Bauer Harold Berry Arthur Bobb Robert Brooks Rockwell Cramer Ashley Cunningham Harold Fandl Thomas Edwards Stu Hall Harry Harris Douglas Hayden John Kramer Victor Lamb Alan McIntosh Gary Merrihew Martin Mittleman Marvyn Pelzner Ronald Popp Emeron Reynard Charles Richards John Robertson Gerald Rosenthal Larry Rue Charles Schlegel David Schutt Edgar Strickland Caljon Strobel 400 The Fall semester saw the return of many of our prominent members. Many a night was spent listening to tales of the two-man plague, Halloway and van Horn. Grad res- ident Armen Tashdinian pledged AMORC. Kinnison Thomas Stephen Thomas Richard Waddell Alan White Alec Willis JUNIORS Roger Baake Jimmie Boatright Richard Capp Gary Cherrier Robert Ekedahl Gary Elgaan Paul Gilbert Terry Gleason Alan Glueck Joseph Griffin John Harris Richard Homuth Robert Hudnall Vanolin Hurdle Robert I I kovics Mike Leach Ronald Lee James Passie David Pelz Leo Pessin Valdemar Petersen Fred Phillips Stanley Shawl Gary Sheldon David Short Robert Stein John Stewart Donald Treadway Gary Weyand 401 How are you fixed for blades? The hall was well represented in school athletics and in the Olympics by Leamon King and ex-Bowles man Lon Spurrier. On May 16 the flag was flown at half staff for those who took part in last year ' s efforts on Piedmont Avenue. And then there were the graduation exercises — will see you on the beach. Kenneth Young SOPHOMORES Paul Arrasmith Robert Brooke Erwin Budd Frank Cassidy Robert Clark David Del Tredici Terry Feigenbaum Peter Fetros Charles Finnila Fred Hanson Willard Henry Roger H erst Ralph Hudson Jim Ishimaru Donald Lee Lance Lipscomb Arthur McCartney John Miller Delbert Osborne Wilfred Oswald Lee Oxsen Francois Pell issier Gary Pichon Glenn Pierce Chester Blomgren Rodney Rose William Rosenfeld James Salisbury 402 Royce Schutz Julius Shafran Kenneth Snyder Marshall Storz Ernest Thompson James Yenckel Harold Zlot FRESHMEN Ronald Backman Charles Cutter Gerald Erickson Charle s Fanucci David Flippin Robert Gardiner Louis Grivetti Richard Heckenbaible Norman Jud Arlen Lackey Albert Larezzo James Lindsay Darryl Merrihew Paul Mosesian Robert Patton Harry Ramsey Stanley Ruggles Gus Sakaldasis Daniel Sullivan Ronald Thunen Wayne Walker John White Steven Wilson 403 THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Marty DeBois Irene Jimenez Marion Lambert Karen Minick JUNIORS Jean Cancilla Janet Constant Marian Franklin Judy Garell Anne Glick Dorothy Hanesch Carolyn Lowery Jane Partch Patricia Pillsbury Barbara Shiells Arline Stehle SOPHOMORES Juliette Amadei Carol Birnbaum Geraldine Browarny Barbara Colbert Carol Croter Barbara Davis Lynne DeRoy Diane Farrington Ruth Franken Sue Franklin Lerna Hamp Nancy Kuehn Roberta Levin Carol Levy Diane Macario 404 We remember .. . The headhunting house decorations with the atmospheric music that pleased only the natives and not the neighbors, the gala San Rafael Formal, idle mad mumbling in the halls, MG motors idling in front of the house, going out with that " nice " boy who was last semester ' s idol, Daily Cal Business Manager Lambert, Woman ' s " C " member and Spring President Pillsbury, Fall President Partch, prancing, Kotcher and Kiki emoting, the Phi Beta Kappa who never studied, too many phone calls and not enough phones, the three girls applying for employment at Grace Kelly ' s palace, trying to beat lock- out or get beaten up by WDA President Minick, never having enough time, even when the Campanile stopped, but most of all . . . we remember BOYS. Sherry Miller Barbara Howling Suzanne Rosencrantz Annette Russell Kathleen Scarlett Geraldine Segal Judy Strong Diane Usab FRESH MEN Rochelle Berry Lorelle Cohn Anne Gallagher Jo Anne Gange Gloria Goldberger Twila Green Karen Guthertz Cynthia Harken Lanny Hotward Sonya Jastremski Elaine Klein Linda Katcher Beverly Kramer Judy Lenoff Julie Marculescu Judy Mizrahi Judy Murphy Debora Semenov Marilyn Spivak Carol Stevenson Prudence Vyn Nancy Zuker Natalie Winic 405 The fifty members of Cal Lodge which is located at 2330 College Avenue, successfully combined numerous activities with their studies during the semester. We had enjoyable exchanges with Bennett Manor and Bryn Mawr and participated in numerous Open Houses. One of the highlights of the year was our annual Christmas party. The " Lodge " was always well represented at University functions and gatherings as well as social events and athletic contests. A great deal of interest was devoted to sports. We had an out- standing basketball team with an average height of six-foot-two per man. SENIORS Sam Aerther Lawrence Creasey Stephen Finks JUNIORS John Adamson Melson Gustin Toni Haslett James McCuteham Torn Orovich SOPHOMORES Donald DePuy Tom White FRESHMAN Clark Carriker CAL LODGE 2330 COLLEGE AVENUE LAWRENCE MANOR 2428 COLLEGE AVENUE SENIORS Stan Chappell Lester Fuller Dean Hill JUNIORS James Bailey John Cassingham Glenn Dickey Robert Dixon Robert Frees George King Murray Kuperman George Marian Harold Ringler Eugene Varela SOPHOMORES Eugene Cunningham Ronald Kahn Robert Perrin Fred Sylvia Russell Zabell FRESHMAN Claude Arne CLOYNE COURT 2600 RIDGE ROAD The Fall social season at Cloyne started off with a highly successful Reg Week open house dance. Then followed the Rowdy Romp at La Honda being most outstanding. The semester was capped off by the winter formal, Brazilian Fantasy, at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Scholastically speaking, the noble Cloynemen fought to regain their high grade point average which put them above all other men ' s living groups a short year ago. In athletics, we headed for high honors in intramural sports which would enable us to retain the highly coveted American League championship trophy which we now hold. SENIORS Jim Bryson Earl Buchignani Andy Calimbas Whitley Davenport Jose Fuentes Masao Hotta Phil Ingalls Nick Jaffe Lauren Mercer Reed Miller Richard McCarty Aaron Murai Dale Patterson Phil Pincus Walt Richter Charles Ryan Jerry Sakai Thomas Sugimoto Phil Thompson Robert Thompson Carl Werner Bruce Whipperman Kane Yee Tadao Yoshikawa Yukio Yoshikawa 407 ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARRING STREET SENIORS Ida Borra Delore Doyas Elizabeth Kessler Connie Panagaki Beverly Smith Joanne Thor Glenda Unger Ardith Weiman Arlene Weiman SOPHOMORES Louise Edler Barbara Giller Elaine Greenberg Lynne Kalman Lois Ralston FRESHMEN Barbara Blanchard Ellen Cooper Donna Eisenberg Marsha Finkelstein Judy Glick Suzanne Hartman Laurane Krantz Sally Lambert Margot Landay Sima Lerman Ingrid Levin Mildred Lymberis Bonnie Rothbart Janet Ruth Janet Solof 408 HOYT HALL 2519 RIDGE ROAD This year at Hoyt Hall was a memorable one for all of us — our snacks with the other Co-ops were a great success and our Fall dance was marvelous — theme Opus in Pink. Our annual Christmas party for underprivileged children was very successful due to the careful planning of our president, May Taoda. There was a new addition to the House. Mrs. Tyler became our new house mother and guided us through all our social activities. And then there ' s school ... Our scholastic standing jumped from thirty-second to fifth in over-all standings. SENIORS Jeanette Blank Alice Gee Shirley Hart Grace Ichinago Rose Kawasaki Carolyn Keith Akemi Nagafuji Joyce Nelson Sandra Stallings Delores Warren JUNIOR Joyce Sandretto SOPHOMORES Linda Bush Joan Colman Shirley Duncan Miriam Fowler Nancy Hage 404 EPWORTH HALL 2521 CHANNING WAY SENIORS Luella Boysen Helen Carpenter Kay Darrow Marie Fanucci Betty Farr Phyllis Fitz Shirley Heimerl Katherine Hemphill Carolyn Krogh Velma Meuser Barbara Parker Lynne Rauscher Marcia Rehfuss Monika Riermer Martha Scheel Beverly Swope Patricia Thompson Rowena Volz Wilma Wuthrich JUNIORS Dianne Apperson Barbara Beier Betty Borg Caroline Caldwell Geraldine Dahlmann Madelyn Engvall Barbara Fuller Alice Huberty Margaret Koepke Carol LeDrew Margaret Meaney 410 Nineteen fifty-six and seven was another successful year at Epworth Hall. Mortar Board, Prytanean, Women ' s Judicial Committee, and Women ' s Ex. Comm. were among the many organizations which found a part of their membership here. The house as a whole, however, contributed more to the University than the individual members. Epworth was again a contender and a winner in intramural sports. Our house decoration for Big Game Week End won honors. Many social functions were held throughout the year. The Christmas informal, the Christmas Tree Decorating party, the Spring formal and the Mother ' s Tea are especially memorable. Gloria Mikuls Glenda Odale Nancy Omohundro Bonnita Romness Annette Snyder Sue Thomas Joan Torkian SOPHOMORES Janet Carlson Margaret Dawson Ellen Duvall Sally Edwards Joan Fanoe Carole Hall Mary Helper Carol Lindemulder Pearl Seale Teddy Smiley Joan Svensgaard Diana Torykian FRESHMEN Joan Bruhns Linda Burns Carole Carkeet Tamra Cummings Suzanne Gray Angenett Jones Nancy Piper Ann Quigg Kathleen Shimmen Marilyn Spandu Joleen Walters 411 THE CONTINENTAL 2531 BENVENUE SENIOR Lorna Lee JUNIORS Dede Bennet Margaret Klinker Anna Pederson SOPHOMORES Beverly Hamilton Carol Randolph Mary Steigerwald Rita Zimmerman FRESHMEN Corinne Jang Marcia Kustner Anne Loftfield Ann Morton Pat Thorsrude Ellen Trimcove LANTANA LODGE 412 SENIORS Louise Snyder Edith Rigdon JUNIORS Mariana Culkins Ruth Frazier Alice Megaw Pat Willey SOPHOMORES Pat Chaney Cat hy Collins Marilyn Gammell Donna Jones Marlene Miali Tinka Schmidt Diane Stern FRESHMEN Karen Alex Beverly Hayden Nancy Hays JOAQUIN HALL 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE Fall found thirty-three girls entering the narrow confines of Joaquin Hall. President Mayu stated University rules in order to legalize subsequent solitary for such small offences as signout vi olations and or missing lockout. Dinner exchanges were per- mitted for the purpose of displacing agitation. Unfortunately the engineering students installing the motor in the Big Game decoration were all switching to Bus. Ad. and the motor burned out in twenty minutes. December found snowballs falling around Bermuda Palms which was the setting for our Christmas dinner-dance. Spring sprung with June graduating four inmates from the institution. fib NA SENIORS Chris Asimos Arlene Davis Dolly Mauer Carolyn Monaco JUNIORS Anne Ashley Jo Hartman Nancy Krauss Toni Salmon June Walters SOPHOMORES Jackie Burris Joyce Elshire FRESHMEN Jane Barmore Judy Broderick Catherine Enright Celia Haerem Kathleen Hamill Barbara Hendricks Evelyn La Miller Virginia Liggett DeAnn Lyons Michele Megowan Lois Oransky Pat Petralia Joan Romer 413 MITCHELL HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Mitchell began the Fall semester by being awarded the Mary B. Davidson cup for academic achievement. Another achievement was Merle Zemlicka ' s election as Attendant for Homecoming Queen. The Smyth-Fernwald winter informal and formal were events well attended and greatly enj oyed by us. The Fall president, Pat Lewis, contributed greatly to the success of the semester. Under the leadership of Sue Brooks, Spring semester president, activities and enthusiasm continued. The high points included the Hill ski trip, the Spring informal and formal, and the Hilltop Casino. In this way, Mitchell closed another year of academic and social success. SENIORS Lorne Ball Sue Brooks Alice Doidge Nadine Dotson Joyce Horton Helen Lewis Frances Roberts Joan Shaheen JUNIORS Carol Anger Janet Bird Jean Chin Joyce Hirota Maureen Miles Sandra Schroeder SOPHOMORES Sally Barrett Nancy Bender Kay Burrell Janet Edwards Frances Gaedos Margaret Karnesky Matsumi Muneno Loretta Squibb Merle Zomlicka FRESH MEN Ellen Brewer Aina Bumanis Vilma Chewers Rochelle Davidson Judith Kogan Angela Muscat Carol Samuela Arline Schaefer 414 PROSPECT TERRACE 2405 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Carol French Margaret King Barbara Levin Nina McConnell Kathleen Nagie Paula Roloff JUNIORS Sarabeth Ashbrook Letitia Ball Peggy Lindsey Del Neick Pauline Wood SOPHOMORES Jane Aaron Rita Haskell Mary Ann Hill Jean McNitt FRESHMEN Darlene Nel Nero Pat Jacobi Gwen Kelly Judy Lane Katie Snarls Diane Yettick RITTER HALL 2422 PROSPECT TERRACE SENIORS Ardyth Fleet Mary Jo McTaggart Carolyn Mivakawa Thelma Saugestad JUNIORS Anne Baldwin Elaine Dang Elaine Darby Betty Gordon Violette Greenleaf Mary Lee Grimes Beth McKimmy Beverly Miyamoto Kazue Momoda Elaine Nygren Janice Osborn Vivian Ruhne Jerie Tang Jean Todd Edie Walker Diane Wernen Mari lyn Wheeler SOPHOMORES Myrna Bouchey Mary Brown Deana Chin Helene Fackler Janet Horning Ruth Louis Mercedes Roberiego Audrey Smith FRESHMEN Sylvia Roberiego Irene Takai Susan Treadwell 415 PEIXOTTO HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Henna Bergen Phyllis Frank Lois Holcenberg Sandra Johannes Nancy Marshall Jill Nutting Sharon Perondi Marge Saunders JUNIORS Sandra Bernardo Irene Chan Jeannette Cheu Ellen Dent Barbara Ewing Dorothy Garcia Marty Goldsmith Barbara Hale Andy O ' Brien Norma Otis Joan Perusse Roberta Peters Sheila Sardell Evelyn Teyssier Sherrill Urton Suelyn Woo SOPHOMORES Elsa Bigiolli Janet Bilker Claudia Bruno Vivian Carlson Carole Coolidge 416 Delores Cox Mary Ann Fouts Harriet Koch Diana Lee Katherine Minnick Maria Parker Virginia Reed Dixie Samuels Sue Stewart Joan Whitham FRESHMEN Bar bara Baker Kerin Baker Evelyn Baron Reena Cohen Valerie Darrow Lorine Dudley Madeleine Epelboim Frances McDonald Rose Oppenheimer Natalie Paperno Barbara Perry Mary Ann Rogers Carol Schmid Patricia Sixtus Evelyn Trost Mary Walden Julie Wong • 417 OLDENBERG HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Fall had just come to Oldenberg Hall; Norma was busy presiding o ' er all. First on the fun list came Harlequin ' s Holiday, Followed soon by the formal tres gai. Armadillos, Wapitis and another few score Kept life hopping quite madly on every floor; Decorations and carols at Christmas-time; Then, Pow! came the shock of the finals ' grind. Then Spring arrived with Kay at the helm. (More terror and frivolity into our realm!) But now this grand year has come to an end, Good riddance to work, but we ' ll miss our friends. SENIORS Karen Albertus Frances Barton Elinore Beiter Mab Hirschman Mary Louise Maughelli Mary Lee Pierotti Carla WuIft JUNIORS Geven Coates Hazel Crenshaw Mary Ann Fong Annette Lagenha Suzanne Louchard Norma Meador Sandra Morse Marilynn Robson Joyce Shifley SOPHOMORES Antoinette Angle Sue Borshel I Diane Burnside Dean Debora Carrol DePoljevoy Carol DeVincenzi Mary Erazim Frances Evans 418 Esther Frizza Janice Hensill Berniece Justeson Judith Tardy Susan Thursby FRESHMEN Jacqueline Chang Marilyn Counsii Catherine Covington Ellen Des Jardins Beverly DeStefano Jane Ellison Michelle Liapes Judy Meyers Marjory Myers Helen Nishi Lorraine Olivero Oppo Berdella Patricia Parsons Carolynn Perkins Janice Pyle Charlotte Rickman Lily Sakai Claudia Seberg Andrea Slavin Constance Stanley 419 RICHARDS HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY There are so many things to remember when we look back at life in Richards Hall. Reg Week . . . parties, new friends, old acquaintances, classes and MID-TERMS .. . Maggie, Napa Valley Queen; Julia, Cal-Nisci Club, and Patsy, candidate for the Air Force Ball . . . all looking lovely. Sunday concerts . . . Paula stealing the show .. . Big Game and the party afterwards with Joan, Marcia and Cookie . . . The dances .. . diamonds . . . stars . . . orchids. Christmas ... decorations, a wonderful dinner, caroling parties, " cherubs " and " angels, " mid-terms, and elections. And on into the Spring . . . with each day a bit better because " I ' m from Richards, so . . . " SENIORS Effie Leong Beth Adams Yvonne Cook Kathy Pappakostas Emily Otis JUNIORS Dona Ahlenslager Jean Black Marcia Boles Frieda Grell Jean Holmes Virginia Honda Pat Huberty JoAnn Lagomarsino Joan Lucas Gretchen Pauli Gail Weirda SOPHOMORES Shirley Albright Irene Ayala Joan Bell Ellen Brown Beverly Cassell Carol DeMont Ma ry Jance Eglin Carolyn Gailfelen Pauline Lee Mary Ellen Link Yvonne Meyer Paula McCord 420 Pat McDermott Patsy McKee Phyllis Porter Charlotte Rheingruber Marlene Sanes Charlene Takavorian Karen Von Valkenberg Marcia Young FRESHMEN Sandra Breder Arlene Chartok Barbara Crenshaw Barbara Elman Diane Ghiglieri Gail Groza Janice Hierschberg Carole Jones Sheila Judis Helen Katz Carole Lee Janice Lowett Joan Mayer Sybil Markus Judy Miller Sara Raggio Renee Robinson Brenda Shutts Dorothy Suseoff Jul ia Tashima 42 I SMYTH ASSOCIATION HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT SENIORS Ron Albee Glenn Bacon Wayne Banuay Anthony Beleino Eugene Binnal I Glenn Cock Stuart Davis Richa rd Derry Don Flickinger Robert Fredericks David Goodrich Roger Hile James Horton Palmer House Waldemar Klikoff Richard Kelm George Lendaris Edward Lester William Lockett Gene Mayer 422 Smyth started Reg Week with participation in an ALL HILL RECEPTION, attended by the Deans, the " Beachcomber ' s Ball, " and a picnic-dance at Hidden Valley Ranch. Smyth classes presented their respective functions highlighted by the Senior Dance which featured a lunar eclipse and a running waterfall. The Informal at Mira Vista and the Formal at the Fairmont were also widely acclaimed successes. Academically, many studied to the music of the new hill radio station, KHIL, only to be overcome by riotous All-U and Big Game week ends. Led by two presidents, Tom Heric and Devin Utter, Smyth planned, performed, and progressed through a profitable semester. Richard Meerly Leigh Palmer Robert Pepper Charles Ralston Ralph Ramsey Harold Rearick Wayne Schulz Howard Seligman Michael Shepherd Denis Sherry Will iam Thompson James Tocher Devin Utter Richard Wood Gregg Wroblewski JUNIORS Stanley Backlund Marcus Cornell Thomas Davis William Dozier 423 Beginning the Spring semester was the traditional ski trip giving Smythmen a chance to become better acquainted with students of the Hill. Sportsminded men turned their attention from the rigorous intramural football of the Fall semester to competition in basketball and volleyball. The well rounded sports roster was a means of releasing energy and establishing good fellowship. Gambling equipment was again taken out of moth balls for the annual Hill Top Casino, the proceeds going to WUS. Climaxing the semester under the leadership of Richard Kolm was the Spring Formal held at the Bermuda Palms. Theodore Kazmier Richard Lund William MacNabb Clark Maddox John Metzler Richard Parkin Woodrow Smith James Wilson Robert Zanussi SOPHOMORES Guy Beckley Edwin Blackburn Jon Blumeirstock Julian Breillatt Peter Brill Max Burchett Jerry Carson James Ceragioli Frank Elliott Donald Gillis John Hanson 424 Roger Leontie David Lewis Arthur McRowe Edward Siebert Louis Vagadori Dodge Wallace FRESHMEN Mike Bowhay Ronald Clazie Donald Emery Hubert Goodwin Michael Healy Carroll Jones James Manning Robert Muira Alan McMurray Herbert Rheingruber Alfred Simonsen Dennis Starleaf Lloyd Tosse James Vaughan David Woolf 425 STERN HALL Under president Phyllis Torkells and housemother Mrs. Meservey, Stern Hall had a great Fall semester. There was the Halloween Informal, the " Pink Champagne " formal, the Christmas fireside, and parties for underprivileged children. Maria Mothershead was Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Emily Abouaf was finalist in the Arnold Air Society Contest, Nancy Schlegel was elected to Women ' s " C, " Anita Stelling was secretary of WDA, Judy Sontag was on Cal Engineer, and we housed " Lady X " alias Janet Dent, Pelican Editor. Spring, under president Helen Weiner was successful with the formal, Stag Night, and Family Luncheon. Now we are looking forward to more fun next year. SENIORS Carolyn Brumwell Ida Bue Janet Dent Jean Fell Lauretta Fox Sara Gardon Lois Happe Barbara Hollister Grace Inadomi Anna Leavey Marlene Levy Joan Preble Judy Sontag Phyllis Torkells Helen Weiner Karen Weseth JUNIORS Susan Arbuckle Nancy Bunte Pat Duff Roberta Gibson Marcia Johnson Ella LeDuc Eleanor Ligon Carol Merchant Pauline Podsakoff Suzanne Scheibner Nancy Schlegel Sue Stevenson Frances Weiner Yvonee Werth Judy Wolf SOPHOMORES Carol Anderson Freda Barber Dorothy Beardsley Vicki Bissell Pat Chambers Sandra Cowgill Nathalie Cuddy Phyllis Edelstein Mary Goldstein 426 Carol Harbaugh Pat Kita Marla May Jean Omata Ann Ralston Joan Ruby Nancy Shapire Sarah Sorrells JoAnne Straus Paula Stone Joyce Taylor Margaret Waldie JoAnn Williams FRESHMEN Emily Abouaf Mary Allan Judy Allen Joyce Baker Sharron Bailey Barbara Barron Joan Cuizend Jane Emerson Jane Farrell Phyllis Garfield Harriet Hooper Jill Kaufman Marguerite Leach Julie Lee Lucille Lillevich Margo Litty Margaret Loomis Marcia Meeker Barbara Moskowitz Maria Mothershed Stella Hadelman Elizabeth Petithomme Rachel Price Kitty Rud Virginia Seifert Jeanne Stitt Diane Tol I man Gail Jacobs 427 WHITE MANOR 2521 HEARST STREET The social season began triumphantly with the Halloween Ball, delightfully entitled " The Witch ' s Twitch. " With the maze and abundance of refreshments, one spent the entire evening on one ' s knees, didn ' t one? Our many and diverse activities were in progress in many and diverse fields, with a high degree of excellence. They were, essentially, many and diverse. GRADUATE Ted Furinka SENIORS Lee Groener Roy Kurosawa Randall Schlintz James Soloman JUNIORS Bill Keeseie Bob Rockwell SOPHOMORES Jim Arcaris George McCrown Doug Madeau FRESHMEN Charles Boag Jim Duncan 428 Jim Harrison Ron Jacobs Mike McCullough John O ' Neill Dick Palmquist John Tzukamoto Alan Wingrove Paul Zitlau WHITE SHINGLES 2521 HEARST STREET Topping off the Fall social calendar came the smashing Christmas dance. Everyone had a fabulous time because of the fabulously original variations on the Christmas theme — fabulous, wasn ' t it? However, the rigid scholarship requirements were rigidly upheld. Wasn ' t one fabulously rigid in many and diverse fields? SENIORS John Bown Sidney Bretherton Charles Coverdale Albert Gould Arnold Menke Ronald Mitchell Fred Strauge Bill Tanner Bob Ulrich JUNIORS Ed Criswell Jere Graham Rex Mason Bob Nichol Lionel Stange Dave Sworden Stan Thomas SOPHOMORES Lloyd Hildebrand Wayne Little Jerry Richardson FRESHMEN Lawrence Boone Richard Boone Cal Crews Paul Endlond Archie Holland Stan Lucas Ron Schaefler Grad Resident 429 STRATFORD HALL 2520 DURANT AVENUE Pinnings, elopements, and other romances. Formal. Parties, and casual dances. Steady streams of flowers to Cowell. A laugh, a sigh, an occasional howl. Working through the Axe-Revue Cheering loud for gold and blue. An open house with lots of guests. Dancing, singing, exchanging jests. Basketball ' s happy cheers, Friends departing amidst tears. Fingers doodling a piano tune. Stradfordites swooning as hashers croon. Memories are incomplete Without a mention of someone sweet. So Mrs. White we say to you, Thanks for being our " Mother " true. SENIORS Lois Bernstein Anne DineIli Evelyn Estep Maryanne Lindemuth Maxine Mason Eloise Spurr Helene Treitel JUNIORS Judy Gianotti Pat Li June Rossetto Phyllis Spelker Nancy Twomey SOPHOMORES Pat Bates Joenne Cannon Carole Corallo Ann Gleason Marian Gomes Sharon Hayes Annette Lindenberg Josette Mirands Yvonne Low Patricia Mundell Bonnie Phelps Sheila Smith Mary Wells FRESHMEN Dora Droise Elizabeth Flaherty Sandra Gentles Sandra Greenberg Helen Hirschberg Irene Holmes Renne Hunt Mary Hunter Dina Jacobson Edna SiIton Barbara Stern Betty Willis 430 I ASUC ACTIVITIES 76-107 Academic Affairs Council . . • 103 Activities Planning Committee . 83 Administration 80 All-U Week End Committee 91 Art Council 102 Cal Indo 105 Campus Tours 100 Campus UN 106 Card Stunts 88 Class Officers Board 86 Commuters Independents 104 Constitution Council 100 Correspondence Council 106 Election Council 100 Executive Committee . 78 Freshman Council 98 Functional Service Board 86 Games and Rallies 89 Housing . .... 103 International Relations Board 87 Intramural Board 107 Junior Council 94 Judicial Committees 82 Leadership Training Council . 101 Men ' s Executive Board . . 84 National Student Association 87 Orientation Council 100 Oski Committee 88 PIC 105 Pompon Girls 89 Project Mexico 104 Publications Board 87 Rally Committee 90 Reps-at-Large 79 Secretariat 102 Senior Council 92 Sophomore Council 96 Speaker ' s Council 101 Special Services 103 Sports Club Board 107 Store Council 101 Student Union Committee 106 Travel Council 105 Ushering 104 WAA Council 107 WUS 102 Welfare Board 87 Women ' s Executive Board . 85 Yell Leaders 88 index ATHLETICS 178-259 Athletic Administration 182 Baseball 242 Basketball 212 Big " C " Society 184 Boxing 225 Circle " C " Society 185 Crew 238 Cross-Country 207 Fencing 228 Football 188 Golf 255 Gymnastics 224 Intramural 258 Riflery 227 Rugby 256 Skiing 229 Soccer 208 Swimming 248 Tennis 252 Track 232 WAA 259 Water Polo 206 Wrestling 226 CAMPUS 8-23 All-U Week End and Homecoming 20 Architecture 18 Catalized Nuclear Reaction 12 Frosh-Soph Brawl 14 President ' s Reception 10 Registration 13 Senior Week 22 University Meeting 16 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES 138-177 Ace of Clubs 140 Alpha Delta Sigma 140 Alpha Kappa Psi 144 Alpha Phi Omega . 141 AIChE 142 AIIE 142 American Red Cross 144 Arnold Air Society 145 ASCE 143 ASME 143 Baton Society 146 Beta Alpha Psi 146 Beta Gamma Sigma 147 Chi Epsilon 147 Christian Science Organization 148 College Women ' s Club Juniors 149 Delta Phi Epsilon 151 Delta Sigma Pi 150 Eta Kappa Nu 151 Filipino Students Club of UC 152 Gavel and Quill 152 Golden Guard 153 Hammer and Dimmer 153 Hillel .. 154 Home Economics Club 154 Mask and Dagger 155 Mortar Boa rd 156 Omicron Nu 155 Penile 162 Phi Chi Theta 161 Pi Alpha Sigma 157 Pi Tau Sigma 157 Prepharmacy Society 160 Prytanean 159 Public Health Association 160 RN ' s on Campus 161 Sabre Air Command 163 Sailing Club 163 Senior Week Committee 177 Sigma Delta Chi 164 Sigma Kappa Alpha 164 Ski Club 165 Skull and Keys 166 Student Affiliates American Chemical Society 167 Tau Beta Pi 169 Thalian Society 169 Theta Sigma Phi 167 Theta Tau 171 Torch and Shield 170 Tower and Flame 170 Triune 168 UC Forestry Club 174 UC Mother ' s Club 171 UCSEE .... 172 University Interfaith Council 172 Utrimque 174 Winged Helmet 173 Women ' s " C " Society . 175 Xi Sigma Pi 1175 Xi Xi Xi 176 YMCA 176 YWCA ..... . 177 432 index Theta Delta Chi 386 Mitchell 414 Theta Xi 388 Oldenburg 418 Zeta Beta Tau 390 Pexiotto 416 Zeta Psi 392 Prospect Terrace 415 Richards 420 OPENING SECTION 1-7 Ritter 415 Contents 6 Smyth 422 Dedication 4 Stern . . .. 426 In Memoriam 1 Stratford 430 Title Page 2 White Manor 428 White Shingles 429 Women ' s Dormitory Association 396 FRATERNITIES . . 312-393 Abracadabra 316 Alpha Chi Rho 317 Acacia 318 Alpha Delta Phi 320 Alpha Chi Sigma 322 Alpha Epsilon Pi 323 Alpha Gamma Lambda • 324 Alpha Kappa Lambda • 326 Alpha Phi Alpha 325 Alpha Sigma Phi 329 Alpha Tau Omega 330 Beta Theta Pi 332 Chi Phi 334 Chi Psi 335 Delta Chi 325 Delta Kappa Epsilon 336 Del Rey 337 Delta Sigma Phi 338 Delta Tau Delta 346 Delta Upsilon 342 IFC 314 IFC Scholastic Honor Society 315 Kappa Alpha 344 Kappa Delta Rho 346 Kappa Nu 348 Kappa Sigma 350 Lambda Chi Alpha 352 Phi Delta Theta 339 Phi Gamma Delta 354 Phi Kappa Psi 356 Phi Kappa Sigma 358 Phi Kappa Tau 360 Phi Sigma Kappa 362 Pi Alpha Phi 363 Pi Kappa Alpha 364 Pi Kappa Phi 393 Pi Lambda Phi 366 Psi Upsilon 368 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 370 Sigma Alpha Mu 372 Sigma Chi 374 Sigma Nu 376 Sigma Phi 378 Sigma Phi Delta 379 Sigma Phi Epsilon 380 Sigma Pi 381 Tau Kappa Epsilon 382 Tau Epsilon Phi 384 Theta Chi 385 PUBLICATIONS AND PRODUCTIONS . . . . 108-137 Blue and Gold 116 SORORITIES 264-311 California Apolla Club 128 Alpha Delta Pi 267 California Band 124 Alpha Chi Omega 270 California Engineer . 122 Alpha Delta Chi 310 Daily Californian 112 Alpha Epsilon Phi 272 Debate 129 Alpha Gamma Delta 274 Glee Club . , .. 127 Alpha Kappa Alpha 310 Occident • • .. 123 Alpha Omicron Pi Photography Department . I 1 1 Alpha Phi 276 Pelican . . . • 120 Alpha Xi Delta 280 Publication s Office 110 Chi Omega 282 Radio-TV Theatre 132 Delta Delta Delta 284 Straw Hat Band 125 Delta Gamma 286 Symphony Forum 130 Delta Phi Epsilon 288 Treble Clef 126 Delta Sigma Theta 311 University Chorus 130 Delta Zeta 290 University Symphony 130 Gamma Phi Beta 298 University Theatre 133 Kappa Alpha Theta 292 Kappa Delta 294 Kappa Kappa Gamma 296 RESIDENCES . 394-430 Panhellenic 266 Bay View . . . , 398 Phi Mu 300 Beaudelaire . 398 Phi Sigma Sigma 311 Bennett Manor 399 Pi Beta Phi 302 Bon Haven 399 Sigma Kappa 304 Bowles 400 Sigma Omicron Pi 306 Californian . 404 Theta Upsilon 307 Cal Lodge . 406 Zeta Tau Alpha 308 Cloyne Court 406 Continental 412 Elizabeth Barrett 408 UNIVERSITY 24-71 Epworth 410 Administration 26 Hoyt Hall 409 Alumni Association 30 Joaquin 413 California Club 31 Lantana 412 Retiring Professors 28 Lawrence Manor 406 ROTC 32 Men ' s Residence Association 397 Senior Portraits 34 433 ' personal name index A Anderson, Mildred 154, 310 Anderson, Robert 34 Jahan , 34, 160 Anderson, Sandra 83, 106, 290 Aalam Aaron, Jane 415 Anderson, Sharon 152 Abbey, June 161 Anderson, Sherry 86, 96, 304 Abbott, Jane 34 Anderson, Sue 207 Abel, Steve 366 Anderson, Tom 113, 163 Abernethy, Kate 296 Andrew, Howard 360 Abernethy, Kenneth 34 Andrews, Gayle 298 Abovac, Emily 426 Angell, Robert 368 Abrams, Jon 390 Angers, Joan 131 Abramson, Judy 288 Angle, Toni 418 Abreu, Ted 34, 87 Angus, Joan 34, 284 Ackerman, Barbara 34, 149 Anixter, Sandy 272 Ackland, Don 386 Antipa, Marian 274 Acquistapace, Tulio 34, 388 Anton, Walter 34, 143 Adair, Dana 278 Anzolotti, Vincent 34, 151 Adair, Sue 276 Apel, Warren 34, 171 Adams, Beth 34, 420 Appel, Cyril 34, 370 Adams, Doug 376 Apperson, Coline 34 Adams, Henry 34 Apperson, Dianne 410 Adams, Jim 34, 400 Apple, Joe 34 Adams, John 34, 141 Applebaum, Bill 34, 366 Adams, Jon 358 Appleby, Mike 209 Adams, Nina 292 Arata, Ray Joseph 34, 201, 204 Adams, Rick 385 356 Adamson, John 106, 406 Arbietman, Larry 384 Adkisson, John 34, 362 Arbios, Jackie 286 Adler, Louise 272 Arbuckle, Susan 426 Aeker, Gale 142 Arcaris, Jim 428 Aertker, Sam 34, 406 Archer, Lynn 106, 276 Ager, Betty 272 Argo, Alexis 34, 141 Agnew, Barbara 34, 307 Argue, Carol 294 Agorastos, Manny 201, 206 Argue, Dorothy 34, 300 Ahlenslager, Dona 420 Aritz, Ira 272 Ahlm, Christina 286 Armerding, George. .34, 142, 143, Aiello, Robert 34, 334 157 Aisthorpe, Robert 34, 386 Armstein, Lois 34, 278 Aisthorpe, Sharon 292 Armstrong, Janis 292 Ajel lo, Sharon 157 Armstrong, John H 34 Albers, John 241, 368 Armstrong, Kay 294 Albert, Richard 34, 348 Armstrong, Robert ..... ....... 34, 171 Alberts, Karen 34, 418 Arndt, Ron 222, 370 Albright, Shirley 420 Arne, Claude 406 Albrizzio, Eddie 209 Arnedt, John 132 Alcorn, Jim 241 Arnold, Carl 342 Aldrich, Gary 247, 339 Arnovitz, Barbara 288 Aldritt, Art 34, 224 Aronson, Stan 348 Alexander, Bruce 339 Arrasmith, Paul 240, 400 Alexander, Derrill 34, 151 Arrigone, Joanne 34, 101, 300 Alexander, Diane 34, 105, 308 Arrillaga, Gabe 34, 184, 221, Aley, Karen 412 376 Al-Hairi, K. H 142 Ash, Bob 339 Al iaga, Nick 342 Ashbrook, Sarabeth 100, 415 Allan, Barbara 106 Ashcraft, Barbara 34 Allan, Mary 426 Ashford, Kirk 340 Allbe, Ron 31, 34, 35, 88, Ashley, Anne 413 89, 91, 422 Asimos, Chris 35, 413 Allen, Dorothy 161 Asmundson, Vig 338 Allen, Dwight 166 Asplund, Duane 35, 184, 221, Allen, Joa n 34, 290 360 Allen, Judith 426 Athanassiades, Michael 151 Allen, Max 374 Atkins, Linda 278 Allen, Capt. Don 224 Augusta, Joseph 322 Allison, Helene 270 Auletti, Jan 286 Allsman, Ron 160, 370 Austin, Gordon 350 Alpers, Sally 308 Austin, Larry 89 Alroldi, Al 360 Averch, Leon 366 Alschuler, Donald 34, 84, 390 Awaya, Atsuko 35 Alter, Ida 310 Axelrod, Alan 390 Alter, Sue 272 Axt, Anita 105 Altermatt, Judy 104 Axtell, Larry 252, 346 Altieri, Bob 84, 104 Ayala, Irene 420 Altieri, Pete 376 Azar, Mimi 280 Alton, William 34, 344 Aitorfer, Heidi....96, 102, 152, 304 Alvarado, Jaime B 106, 141 Amadei, Juliette 404 Baader, Bonnie 96, 267 Amadoon, Jeanette 274 Baar, Dave 380 Ames, Janet 298 Babbitt, Donald 142 Amir-Aslan, Amir 34 Baber, Sylvia 398 Amling, Harold 111 Babin, Norbert 35, 152, 346 Ancona, Marie 34 Babington, Rennie 328 Andersen, Joan 117, 278 Babros, David 257, 332 Andersen, Robert 34, 370 Baccigaluppi, Carol 96, 274 Anderson, Barbara 284 Bacciocco, Ed 35, 332 Anderson, Bill 225, 342 Bachard, Susan 300 Anderson, Carl 34, 382 Bachman, Ron 400 Anderson, Carol 270 Bacigalupi, Reyna 284 Anderson, Carol 426 Backer, Mike 332 Anderson, Dick 34, 382 Backland, Stan 240, 422 Anderson, Don 43, 240, 360 Backus, David 325 Anderson, Flora 280 Bacol, Patricia 152 Anderson, Gary 241 Bacon, Gary 35, 400 Anderson, Herb 393 Bacon, Glenn 35, 151, 169, 422 Anderson, Hunter 34, 140 Bacon, Gregory 35, 292 Anderson, Jane 302 Bacon, Mary 286 Anderson, Jean 294 Badely, Wydonna 154 Anderson, Judy 284 Bader, Lonny 272 Anderson, Max 201 Baechtel, Dian 96, 274 Baehr, Mike 326 Bagdos, Harry 364 Bailey, Buck, 222 Bailey, Chuck 346 Bailey, Dennis 325 Bailey, Duane 236 Bailey, James E 406 Bailey, Jan 35, 308 Bailey, Sharon 426 Bailey, Tony 173, 342 Bailey, Wayne 318 Bailey, Anita 276 Baird, Donna 270 Bakar, Sherry 366 Baker, Barbara A 121, 416 Baker, Bev 292 Baker, Bill 376 Baker, Bob 376 Baker, Bruce 368 Baker, Dave 233 Baker, Edwin 381 Baker, Joyce 426 Baker, Judy 267 Baker, Kerin 416 Baker, Linda 267 Baker, Will 142 Bakke, Roger 400 Bakken, Barbara 35, 286 Balasm, John 247 Buick, Bob 252, 28 6 Baldwin, Anne 159, 415 Ball, David 380 Ball, Jim 318 Ball, John 35, 400 Ball, Letitia 415 Ball, Lorna 35, 414 Ball, Marshall 380 Ball, Mary Lynn 286 Balachey, Michael 378 Ballhoffer, Marlene 102 Bamford, Robert 169 Banks, Robert 35, 158, 169 Bantau, Wayne 35, 422 Ba rbeau, Marsha 35, 284 Barber, Ann Louise 304 Barber, Dee 121, 426 Barbis, Barbara 278 Barbour, Mel 386 Barden, Brenda 267 Barden, Bruce Ralph 241, 393 Bardwell, Jay 31, 112, 163 Bareilles, Catherine 300 Barger, Ed 358 Barhem, Virginia 161 Bar ish, Barry 35, 372 Barker, Barbara 304 Barker, Bert 78, 86, 92, 35, 84 Barker, Suzie 35, 284 Barker, William 170 Barl in, Carole 35, 294 Ba rmore, Jane 413 Barnard, Patricia 106, 294 Barnes, Betsy 35 Barnes, Burt 170 Barnes, Jennifer 298 Barnes, Jo Ann 35, 165 Barnes, Judie 35, 284 Barnes, Mary 280 Barnes, Paul 328 Barnett, Larry 376 Baron, Evelyn 416 Baroncik, Bill 35, 142 Barrett, Elwin 176 Barrett, Joyce . 35, 88, 159, 282 Barrett, Sally 414 Barron 366 Barron, Barbara 426 Barry, Lorraine 399 Barshell, Lora 106, 290 Barstad, Alden 36, 364 Barstow, George 205 Bartelsman, Denny 36, 376 Barden, Alan 241 Bartke, Richard 240, 353 Barton, Al 323 Barton, Frances 36, 418 Bashor, Richelle 102, 310 Baskett, Sandy 308 Basler, Carol 267 Basler, Richard 393 Bass, Art 376 Bass, John 158 Bassham, Larry 388 Batchelder, Jim 173 Barchman, Don 36 Bates, Jim 173, 241 Bates, Pat 430 Bates, Tom 142, 205, 332 Bathgate, Kirk 206, 250 Battaglin, Carole 88, 282 Battla, Ralph 372 Battelle, Richard 36, 320 Bauer, Harry 36, 400 Bauer, Jane 282 Bauer, Ron 332 Baumann, Louisa 302 Baumeister Fred 374 Baumgartner, Anne 31, 36, 85, 37, 159, 296 Baumgartner, Phil 105 Baxter, Michael 350 Bay, Barbara 36, 270 Bayley, Reg 360 Bean, David 36, 385 Bean, Ron 326 Beard, Frank 173 Beardsley, Dorothy 426 Beasley, Sylvia 294 Beatie, Lucinda 292 Beaumont, Joni 286 Beck, Deanna 300 Beck, Miriam 270 Beck, Robert 390 Becker, Charlie 184, 245 Becker, Joanne 102, 308 Becher, Norm 166, 201, 203, 257 Beckley, Guy 422 Bedell, Joan 36 Bedford, Bette 282 Bedynek, Juanita 36, 300 Beebe, Bob 252, 386 Beesley, Janet 290 Beeson, Cindy 298 Begen, Robert 390 Begg, Pauline 270 Behrendt, Marilyn 272 Beier, Barbara 410 Bein, Bonnie 102, 300 Beise, Barbara 294 Beiter, Elinore 36, 418 Beland, Donald 36 Belding, Bruce 91, 152, 358 Beliz, Berle 348 Bell, Barbara 280 Bell, Bob 96 Bell, Carol 311 Bell, Gene 378 Bell, Jack 382 Bell, Jane 82, 159, 298 Bell, Joan 420 Bell, Robert 334 Bel I ino, Anthony 36, 422 Bellmore, Elizabeth 267 Belquist, Dean 78, 80 Bemis, Walter 36, 173 Bendek, Nancy 414 Bendel, Linda 272 Benedict, Barbara 120, 121 Benedict, Susan 278 Benedictson, Skip 173 Benesch, Barbara 106 Benevento, William 245 Benjamin, Barry 384 Bennett, Barbara 36, 155 Bennett, Dolores 412 Bennett, Floydeen 311 Bennett, Irene 36 Bennett, Tom 36, 332 Bennion, Susan 296 Bennitt, Robert 362 Benseler, Rolf 36, 173, 176 Bensman, Steve 114 Benson, Janice 399 Benson, Pete 358 Bentley, R. S 152 Bentsen, John 36, 143, 337 Bentson, Janet 292 Bequette, Carol 36 Berg, Ken 374 Bergard, Carl 145 Bergen, Halina 36, 416 Berger, Carrie 288 Berggren, Art 330 Berglund, Justin 344 Bergren, Bill 325, 368 Berlin, Berwin 316 Berlin, Phil 251 Berliner, Stan 372 Berman, Arthur 390 Berman, Diane 36, 37, 91, 155, 272 Berman, Joyce 272 Berman, Paul 348 Berman, Ron 366 Berman, Susan 104 Bernadicou, Doris 284 Bernardo, Cherie 119, 270 Berner, Lucy 121, 398 Bernero, Sandra 102, 416 Bernstein, Lois 36, 430 Berol, Marshall 82, 366 Berridge, Ronald 36, 257, 318 Berry, Deacon 36, 382 Berry, Harold 400 Berry, Rick 330 Berry, Rochelle 404 Berryhill, Jim 392 Bershad, Andrea 272 Bernstein, Mel 36 Bertelsman, Dennis 222 Bery, Ken 366 Best, Barbara . 292 Best, Brenda 296 Bevc, Vladislav 151, 169 Biagini, Fred 360 Bialos, Michael 323 Bias, Adrian 296 Biasotti, Cecilia 36 Bickel, Jean 286 Biddle, Lawrence 36, 222 Biddle, Sam 173 Bien, Fred 36 Biggar, Margie 298 Biggert, Sue 116, 302 Bigiolli, Elsa 416 Bilafer, Judy Ann 304 Bilker, Janet 416 Billett, Ronald 169 Billin, Robert 318 Billings, Larry 36, 374 Bingham, Betsy 302 Binnall, Eugene 36, 171, 422 Binsacca, Bobbe 159, 176, 282 Binsacca, Robert 36 Binsacca, Vic 222, 340 Bird, Janet 414 Birkland, Dennis 36 Birnbaum, Carol 404 Birnbaum, Carol 288 Bisbee, Farney 142 Bishop, Don 240 Bishop, Kathie 132 Bishop, Robert 36, 381 Bissell, Vicki 426 Bistor, Doretta 164, 290 Bitzer, Tom 330 Bixby, Bill 36, 339 Bjarnson, Gary 360 Bjorgan, Elaine 118,274 Black, Jena 420 Blackburn, Ed 422 Blacker, Elizabeth 36, 147, 161 Blackfield, Penny 290 Blair, Jane 282 Blair, William 318 Blais, Beverly 270 Blaisdell, Carter 386 Blake, Bill 252 Blake, Hayward 151 Blake, Paul 332 Blanchard, Ann 292 Blanchard, Barbara 408 Blanchard, Nancy 274 Blank, Jeannette 36, 409 Blevins, Beverly 267 Bline, Ken 381 Bliss, Bill 386 Bliss, Dorothy 36 Bliss, Marilyn 284 Block, Lois 272 Block, Steve 390 Blokker, Johan 151, 169 Bloom, Herbert 384 Bloome, Mark 91, 390 Blower, Linda 276 Bluer, Philip 36 Blum, Dinae 294 Blum, Jan 267 Blum, Judy 85, 86, 89, 94, 152, 308 Blum, Lee 348 Blum, Lorin 366 Blum, Milton 366 Blume, Jacqueline 288 Blumenfeld, Diane 36, 270 Blumenstock, Jon 422 Boag, Bob 254, 332 Boag, Charles 141, 428 Boatright, Jim 400 Bobb, Art 36, 400 Bobele, Mettill 348 Bock, La Vail 36 Bock, La Van 36 Boeger, Jean 292 Boerlin, Howard 36, 380 Boggs, Helen 267 Boggs, William 151 Bob C 338 B 434 ohn, Hank 388 ohn, William 36, 245, 354 okura, Yosh 101 oland, John 382 olatin, Carol 272 oldt, Bob 225 oles, Marcia 420 olton, Martha 284 olton, Meredith 284 ona, Ida 36, 408 ondenson, Pat 296 one, Tom E 330 none, Lawrence 429 oone, Richard 429 oone, Stan 201, 204 Gone, Ted 78, 79, 84, 354 Doty, John 330 oram, William 364 orba, Marjorie 36 org, Betty 410 orshell, Sue 418 osholm, Paul 36 osma, Barbara 102, 300 otsford, Jyl 292 ottom, Charlie 310 ottom, Meredith 88 ottorf, Sue 267 otz, James 330 ouchey, Myrna 415 oucke, Barbara 286 ouldin, Alix 36, 39, 156, 175, 300, 311 oulare, David 386 ounds, Sharon 37, 302 ourne, Charles 171 ow, Anna May 306 owden, Ann 286 owden, Don 235, 332 owen, Dick 254 owen, James 37 owen, Marilyn 298 owers, Claire 37 owers, Lynn 370 owers, Richard 114, 140, 152, 175 owers, Robert 388 owhay, Mike 422 owker, Adney 222, 247, 370 owles, Jim 37, 184, 352 owles, Katie 96, 282 owman, Ann 292 own, John 37, 429 oxerbaum, Leatrice 288 oyce, Clayton 37 oyd, Bill 151, 169 nyden, Jim 328 oyle, John 142, 379 oynton, Russell 325 oysen, Luella 37, 410 oysen, Walter 37, 334 Sue 284 Cora 294 raby, Carolyn 37 Peggy 267 Clay _37, 184, 252, 350 radley, Eevlyn 37 radley, Rick 336 radshaw, Ann - .... ... 302 Jean 274 ranaman, Wesley 328 rancato, Shirley 96, 118, 270 Dede 154 randt, Ann 274 randt, Craig 37, 332 rass, Evelyn _37, 114, 158, 398 rastad, Miss 107 raul, Dean Patricia 83, 85 raviuder, Elizabeth 37, 276 razil, Nat 37, 184, 201, 202, 325 redez, Sandra 420 reed, George 241, 388 reeve, Charles 350 reiliatt, Julian 422 reitbard, Stanley 390 rem, Carol 304 reman, Patrick 142 rennan, John 227 rennan, William 37, 322 renneis, Coralynn 37, 270 renton, Charlotte 37 renzel, Gary 245, 360 renzel, Pat 37, 274 reslauer, Alfred 37, 390 retherton, Sidney 37, 429 reuner, Lee 392 rewer, Ellen 414 reyer, Barbara 302 rideson, John 183, 378 Bridgeman, Jerry 322 Burgle, Arlene 38, 280 Bridges, David 37, 173, 392 Buriani, Dick 360 Bridges, Jay 392 Burke, Liz 292 Bridges, Larry 37 Burnell, June 290 Bridges, William 151 Burnett, John 376 Bridgewater, Barbara 37, 310 Burnham, Gary 38, 296 Brigham, Charles 392 Burnham, Mary 296 Brill, Peter 422 Burns, Ed 246 Brinck, John 392 Burns, Linda 410 Briones, Darie 152 Burns, Thomas 38 Briones, Odeon 152 Burnside, Dinne 418 Briski, Mike 381 Burnstein, Sima 311 Broadbent, Donald 381 Burr, Barry 356 Brocchini, Paul 339 Burr, Stuart 328 Brochard, Suzanne 276 Burrell, Kay 414 Brock, Harry 37, 382 Burris, Jackie 413 Broderick, Judy 413 Burris, Larry 332 Brodesky, Davel 37 Burstein, Benay.. 151 Brodovsky, Bill 37, 366 Burt, Gary 31, 41, 79, 78, 338 Brodski, Boris 209 Burt, Richard 338 Brody, Harvey 366 Bush, Harry 374 Bromwell, Carolyn 37, 426 Bush, Jan 284 Bronson, Pat 286 Bush, Linda 310, 404 Brooke, Robert 400 Bush, Pamela 267 Brooks, Robert 37, 151, 257, Bush, Vondra 267 400 Busselman, Barbara 270 Brooks, Susan 37, 414 Bussio, Jim 352 Browarny, Geri 404 Butenshoen, Jim 222, 360 Browman, Sylvia 37 Butler, Bill 38, 142 Brown, Atkin 325 Butler, Duane 38, 142 Brown, Beverly 38, 290 Butolph, Stanley 38 Brown, Bob 340 Butterfield, Betty 270 Brown, Bob A. 38, 356 Byerly, Charles 364 Brown, Carol 302 Byers, Dianne 399 Brown, Clark 356 Byers, Judy 398 Brown, David 340 Byrne, Ed 183 Brown, Don 213 Brown, Earle 38, 142, 143, 158, 379 Brown, Ellen 420 Cafasso, Yvonne 172 Brown, Frank 354 Caffrey, Marcia 304 Brown, Jackie 286 Cahill, Jacklyn 38, 158, 280 Brown, Judith 38, 284 Caine, Phillip 356 Brown, Lynn 107, 296 Ca:dis, Jqay 362 Brown, Margot 38, 272 Caldwell, Caroline 410 Brown, Marian 399 Caldwell, Ruth 304 Brown, Marshall 320 Calhoon, Liz 280 Brown, Mary 415 Calhoon, Maridale 102, 162, Brown, Mina May 294 300 Brown, Norman 143 Calimbas, Andy 38, 407 Brown, Richard 38, 368 Calkins, Hugh 346 Brown, Roberta 96, 307 Callaway, James 38, 340 Brown, Ron 332 Cameron, Judy 38, 276 Brown, Tris 340 Cameron, Rod 143 Brownson, Anne 284 Cameron, Thomas 151 Bruce, Ann 282 Camoriani, Stephanie 308 Bruce, Nancy 176, 298 Camp, Fred 224, 318 Bruce, Robert 38 Campbell, Arlayne 310 Bruck, Meredith 276 Campbell, Douglas 379 Brucker, Gene 164 Campodonico, Jim 380 Brucker, Howard 384 Canavan, Carol 282 Brucker, Pete 354 Canavero, Mel 247 Brucker, Shel 372 Cancilla, Jean 404 Bruhns, Joan 410 Candau, Barbara 302 Brum, Georgia 280 Canevari, Curtis 143, 366 Bruner, Larry 38, 328 Canino, Lorraine 290 Brunhouse, Jay 38, 364 Cannon, Joenne 430 Bruni, Richard 38, 381 Cannon, Robert 38, 318 Bruno, Claudia 416 Cannon, Tim 173 Brust, Skip 360 Cano, Ted 360 Brutus 382 Cantarutti, Lido 385 Bryan, Clara 104 Canton, Lloyd 184, 242, 247 Bryson, Jim 171 Cantu, Robert 247, 356 Bubar, Sonia 38, 272 Canzano, Merlene 294 Buch, Al 222 Capp, Mary 270 Buchalter, Stuart 390 Capp, Richard 132, 400 Buchignan, Albert 142 Carazza, Max 380 Buchtel, Mardie 284 Carbiener, Gail 352 Buckles, Martha 117, 302 Cardelli, Dave 346 Buckley, Charlton 339 Cardiker, Clark 406 Buckley, Idel le 296 Cardiner, Bob 400 Buckley, Mary Ann 38, 296 Cardon, Don 115, 320 Buckman, John 225 Carey, Sandra 38, 384 Budd, Ed 400 Carkeet, Carole 410 Budge, Bruce 354 Carlow, Sue 121, 272 Budge, Melinda 302 Carlson, Bill 250, 251, 368 Bue, Ida 31, 38, 39, 91, 426 Carlson, Dick 91 Buechner, Beverly 276 Carlson, Ed 251, 368 Bulganin, William 106 Carlson, Janet 410 Bull, Don 332 Carlson, Liz 270 Buller, Thelma 38, 398 Carlson, Sara 282 Bumanis, Aina 414 Carlson, Vivian 416 Bumbera, Bill 316 Carlston, Doris 146 Bunte, Nancy 426 Carmody, Jean 276 Burchett, Max 422 Carnahan, John 350 Burnham, Thomas 152, 228 Carney, Kimo 332 Burdahl, James 125 Carolan, Kenneth 38, 370 Burdick, John 320 Carpenella, John 38 Burg, Gary 360 Carpenter, Helen 38, 410 Burgess, Toby 238 Carr, Bill 184, 386 Carr, Blais 340 Carr, Dee Dee 276 Carr, Jane 308 Carrier, Vern 209, 378 Carrol, Shel 122 Carrel, Victoriane 384 Carson, Dick 173 Carson, James 143 Carson, Jerry 96, 422 Carstens, Happy 372 Carter, Frank 393 Carter, Robert 142, 379 Carter, Roderick 381 Cartwright, Keros 38 Cartwright, Sharon 38, 156 Carver, Barry 344 Carver, Rick 38, 339 Casagrande, Julia 384 Casanare, Denise 278 Case, Marilyn 298 Casper, Dick 236, 376 Cass, Thomas 362 Cassell, Beverly 420 Cassidy, Frank 400 Cassingham, Jack 406 Castagna, Dave 352 Castagna, Sue 308 Castignola, Dave 247 Cathcart, Marilyn 276 Cathcart, Patricia 276 Catrow, Carol 38, 302 Cauzza, Jack 352 Cavanagh, Sandra 38 Cavanaugh, Neal 38 Caverly, Thomas 38, 328 Ce I I ini, Carmel la 38, 286 Cepallina, Natalie 38 Ceragioli, James 422 Cerag iolo, Rudy 38, 338 Chaffin, Don 38, 382 Chambers, John 362 Chamjee, Donald 337 Chan, Helen 38, 161 Chan, Irene 416 Chan, Sunney 38 Chandler, Al 342 Chandler, Jody 398 Chandler, Mike 344 Chanye, Pat 412 Chaney, Ralph 171 Chaney, Roger 143 Chang, Jacqueline 418 Chann, Paul 114 Channing, Alyce 144 Channing, Clark 342 Chapman, Judy 292 Chapman, Phoebe 102, 280 Chapman, Stephen 378 Chappel, Alan 38, 406 Chappel, Steve 354 Chartock, Arlene 420 Chase, Lida 398 Chase, Marla 267 Chastain, Galen 388 Chauvaud, Margaret 39, 410 Chaw, Willia 39 Chebib, Mamoun 39, 142 Ghee, Lawrence 39, 142 Chemers, Vilma 414 Cherney, Daniel 323 Cherrier, Gary 400 Cherry, Eunice 39, 112, 156, 159, 167, 300 Cherry, Jim 184, 203, 376 Cheu, Jeanette 416 Chew, Anne 160, 302 Chew, Jo Ann 306 Chew, Rowland 142 Chiao, Johnson 39, 160 Chiappone, Bob 205, 257, 386 Chiate, Sandra 288 Chick, Victoria 39, 298 Chilton, Elmore 241 Chin, Betty 39 Chin, Dennis 39, 363 Chin, Diana 415 Chin, Ging 39 Chin, Herbert 39 Chin, Jean 414 Chin, Jimmy 363 Chinn, Roger 39 Chintz, Walter 96, 334 Chittick, Marian 161 Choppelas, Nick 352 Chouret, Loni 294 Chow, Joyce 306 Chow, Susan 39, 306 Choy, John 152 Christensen, Robert 39, 379 Christenson, Carolyn 304 Christenson, George 388 Christenson, Gorgen 354 Christianson, Joan 278 Christianson, Phyllis 298 Christopher, Sharon ..........39, 280 Christopulos Paul 182 Chu, Evelyn 306 Chua, Simon 39, 142 Chung, Jim 363 Church , Andy 374 Church, Bob 328 Church, Hope 399 Church, Leilani 39, 294 Chusid, Hal 348 Ciancianilo, Anne 302 Cinial, Gary 322 Cirimele, William 358 Civello, Carla 280 Clare, Jayne 50 Clarfield, Marilyn 288 Clark, Al 320 Clark, Barbara 399 Clark, Benjamin 39 Clark, Bill 172, 368 Clark, Bob 339 Clark, Bots 140 Clark, Dave 354 Clark, Jim 352 Clark, Jim 111, 370 Clark, Johanna 290 Clark, Judy 119, 282 Clark, Kathleen 39, 160 Clark, Leigh 39, 350 Clark, Myra 91, 274 Clark, Richard 334 Clark, Robert 400 Clark, Robert 39 Clark, Tom 368 Clarke, Bob 360 Clarke, Mrs. Charles 80 Clarke, Charlie 183 Clarke, Pam 298 Clasby, Francis 227 Clausen, George 39 Clauson, Delores 310 Claussen, Virginia 308 Clay, Robert 205, 352 Claypool, Pete 385 Clayton, Ann 286 Clayton, Sue 270 Clazie, Ronald 422 Clerow, Marie 308 Clifford, Gail 270 Clifford, Marlene 123 Clifton, Jay 251 Cline, James 360 Cline, Robert 39, 173 Cline, Ronald 384 Cloutier, Dick 318 Coad, George 330 Coakley, Jeanette 96, 302 Coakley, John 339 Coates, Gwen 418 Coats, Roy 39, 143 Cobb, Lew 78, 79, 173, 342 Cobb, Mike 382 Coberly, Aileen 296 Coberly, Sheryl 39, 296 Coberlyl, Wheeler ....209, 247, 393 Cobrun, Ken 40, 370 Coburn, Eda 149 Coburn, John 40, 173, 176 Cock, Grant 40, 339 Cockrell, Bob 173 Coe, Vernon 324 Cohen, Edie 151 Cohen, Marvin 40, 372 Cohen, Reena 416 Cohn, Lawrence 366 Cohn, Len 40, 348 Cohn, Lorelle 404 Cohon, Sondra 272 Coil, John 352 Colbert, Barbara 404 Colby, Anne 40, 41, 107, 116, 164, 175, 176, 290 Colby, Eric 350 Cole, Claire 399 Cole, Clifton 40, 160 Cole, Terry 222, 376 Coleman, Joan 40, 310 Coleman, Kyly 40 Coleman, Robert 40, 335 Coles, Dr. Jessie 155 Collier, Suzanne 116, 290 Col lingham, Ron 346 Collins, Arthur 143 Collins, Brenda 40, 290 Collins, Fran 300 Collins, Gail 270 435 Dickey, Glenn 114, 406 Duggan, Robert 42, 378 Dickman, Marilyn 307 Duizend, Joan 426 Dickson, Jim 332 Dumke, Dick 205, 340 Diederich, Linda 298 Dumm, Jan 117, 302 Diehl, Audrey 102, 274 Duncan, Charles 225, 374 D ienner, Mike 372 Duncan, Jimmie 429 Dieterich, John 184, 240 Duncan, John 362 Di Grazia, Bob 209 Duncan, Shirley 87, 409 D ikeman, Molly 274 Duncan, Walt 222 Dinar, Sheldon 184, 372, 252 Duner, Duane 102, 274 D i I lehay, Ronald 41 Duning, Rosemary 161 Diller, Paul 366 Dunlap, Louise 296 Dillon, Bill 106 Dunn, Charlotte 304 Dillon, Thomas 40, 151, 171 Dunn, Diana . 304 Dinham, Alan 360 Dunn, Hardy 326 Dinkelspiel, Paul 41, 374 Dunn, Marilyn 267 Dinnean, Lawrence 41 Dunn, Parmele 276 Dinnelli, Ann 41, 430 Dunn, Wesley 42 Dinsmore, Stan 172 Dunne, Patrick 143 Di Suvero, Hank 43, 78, 79 Dunne, Robert 336 Ditmar, Dennis 41, 350 Durfee, William 338 Dito, Kenneth 245 Durst, Roger 370 Dito, Loretta 280 Dutton, Charles 340 Dittmer, John 247, 354 Dutton, Richard 354 Divencenzo, John 324 Duvall, Ellen 410 Dixon, Dick 350 Dyke, Mary 42, 158, 267 Dixon, Robert 406 Dykstra, Gary 392 Dixon, Schaefer 352 Dixon, Tom 334 E Dizon, Jose 152 Dobba, Ann 302 Eagan, Joan 100, 276 Dobbins, Dick 41, 378 Easter, Bill 42, 172 Dobbins, Liz 119, 282 Eastin, Jim 358 Dodson, Ronnie 41, 298 Eaton, Barry 338 Doeppner, Capt. T. W 152 Eaton, Merle 42 Doerfler, Marilyn 41, 307 Ebelstein, Phyllis 426 Doerr, Martha 42, 286 Ebey, Fred 339 Dohrmann, Mary 286 Ebright, Judy 282 Doidge, Alice 42, 414 Ebright, Ky 240 Dokey, Jack 151 Eder, Patti 42 Domich, Jack 205, 364 Eddins, Bill 344 Dominion, Edward 42, 143 Eden, Clarice 300 Domoto, Pete 205 Edery, Esther 42 Donahue, Bebe 276 Edler, Louise 96, 121, 408 Donaldson, Glenn 330 Edminster, Mike 86, 98, 332 Dong, Arlene 399 Edmondson, Ron 352 Dong, Elaine 415 Edstrom, Ron 316 Dong, Richard 42, 143 Edwards, Dave 376 Dung, Stanley 42, 143 Edwards, Charlie 370 Dung, Sylvia 42 Edwards, Gerald 358 Donovan, Drew 350 Edwards, Janet " 414 Donovan, Gary 42, 350, 173 Edwards, Sal ly 96, 115, 410 Donovan, Maureen 302 Edwards, Thomas 42, 225, 400 Donovan, Shirley 42 Edwards, William 363 Donovan, Thomas 42 Egan, Carol 42, 267 Doppe, Olivia 161 Egan, D. 147 Dorward, Jane 296 Egan, Tony 340 Dossa, Al 205 Eg lin, Mary J. 420 Dotson, Nadine 42, 414, 102 Ehle, Allen 129 Doty, Richard 360 Ehlers, Elizabeth 302 Dougharty, Jim 326 Ehman, Ann 42, 296 Douglas, Aenone 300 Ehmann, Terry 296 Douthit, Jane 96, 298 Ehrhardt, Franklin 42 Dowd, James 160 Eickman, Alec 225 Dowdell, Joan 42, 304 Eidson, Jim 364 Dowell, Jerry 227 Eisele, Lawrence 205, 350 Dowling, Donna 280 Eisen, Rosalin 288 Downing, Mert 42, 352 Eisenberg, Donna 408 Downing, Willis 42 Eisenrod, Richard 323 Doyas, Dolores 42, 91, 116, Eisensthorn, Daniel 84 152, 408 Ekedahl, Bob 150, 238, 400 Doyas, Richard 380 Ekstrom, Gail 42, 284 Doyle, Noel 274 Elder, Charles 42, 325 Doyle, Noreen 302 Eleazar, Adolfo 152 Dozier, William 422 Elefant, George 366 Draheim, Dave 247 Elgaaen, Gary 400 Drake, Gary 378 Elittner, Wayne 143 Drake, Virginia 276 Elkington, Walt 42, 380 Draper, Joan 296 Ellenberg, Marvin ....42, 106, 348 Draughon, Beverly 151 Ellermeier, Joel 338 Drenth, Don 42, 376 Elloit, Jack 364 Dresser, Richard 352 Elliot, Kim 246, 344 Dressler, Ron 350 Elliott, Frank 422 Drew, Jerry 203 Ell iott, Robert 42, 184, 328 Driscoll, Janice 270 Ellis, Donald 42 Drocter, Shirley 282 Ellis, Mike 368 Droese, Dora 430 Ell is, Patricia 267 Droese, Karl 326 Ellis, Richard 322 Duane, Richard 368 Ellis, Ron 328 Du Bois, Mary 42, 404 Ellison, David 42, 151 Ducato, John 152, 173, 336 Ellison, Jane 418 Dudley, Cornell 226 Elman, Barbara 420 Dudley, Lorine 416 Elmore, Doris 42 Duey, Arthur 42, 364 Elsbach, Jerry 152, 169 Duey, Kent 364 Elshire, Joyce 121, 413 41 Duff, Jim 257 Elworthy, John 42, 166, 173 131, 267 Duff, Pat 426 257, 332 88, 267 Duffey, Diane 117, 290 Elzenga, Bob 201, 204, 332 88, 267 Duffus, Lee 96, 338 Emerson, Amy 42 162, 276 Dugan, Robert 42, 143 Emerson, Jane 426 Collins, Katherine 412 Collins, Loana 40, 280 Collins, Marilyn 294 Collins, Sheila 282 Coltrin, George 241 Colvin, Paula 290 Colwell, Bob 173 Commanday, Bob 80 Compartin, Robert 350 Compton, Delight 116 Concepcion, Danny 152 Coney, Donald 40 Conley, John 152, 155, 320 Conlin, George 338 Conlu, Mansueto 152 Conn, Charles 40 Conner, Bob 352 Conners, John 40, 143, 352 Connolly, Robert 40, 354 Conrad, Arthur 152 Conrad, Charlene 304 Co nrady, Medeleine 307 Constant, Janet 404 Contestible, Joe 201, 203 Converse, Joan 40, 302 Coady, Robert 40, 338 Cook, Charles 151, 169 Cook, Glenn 40 Cook, Jack 332 Cook, Janet 40, 420 Cook, Steve 141 Cooley, Carolin 308 Coolidge, Carole 416 Coombs, Dennis 339 Coop, Dale 267 Coop, Jane 40 Cooper, Bill 201, 354 Cooper, Douglas 378 Cooper, Ellin 408 Cooper, Elsie 96, 304 Cooperman, Phil 323 Copland, Philip 386 Copley, Duane 356 Copley, Steve 388 Copple, Bob 142 Coppock, Bob 113 Corallo, Carol 430 Cordill, Christie 326 Cornell, Betty 280 Cornell, Marcus 422 Correia, Barbara 294 Correa, Len 140, 366 Corsini, Yvonne 164, 290 Cortes, Josefina 152 Corwin, Gordon 40, 337 Corzine, Bruce 142 Cosgriff, John 171 Costanza, James 143 Costanzo, Gerald 339 Coston, K. L 40 Cota, Hal 380 Cotton, Joan 276 Cotton, Judy 272 Cotton, Nancy 292 Counsil, Marilyn 418 Count, Sandra 398 Counts, Larry 40, 129 Courreges, Carol 294 Coutes, Richard 151 Covell, Henry 40, 382 Coverdale, Charles ... 40, 145, 429 Covington, Catherine 418 Covington, Lucy 40, 298 Cowan, Curtis 40 Cowan, Ray 224 Cowan, Robert 40, 146 Cowgill, Sandy 426 Cowing, Jan 40, 2% Cowles, Matt 352 Cowley, Patricia 304 Cowling, Lynn 267 Cowman, Lyn 274 Cox, Dolores 416 Cox, Joy 152 Cox, Pat 106, 290 Crabtu, Jerry 379 Craig, Rich 342 Cramer, Rockwell 152, 400 Crandall, Sheldon 374 Cranston, Robert 322 Crary, Sharon 296 Craven, Tony 354 Crawford, Anne 280 Crawford, Bill 166 Crawford, Lewis 381 Crawford, Robert 386 Crayne, Charles 115 Creasey, Lawrence 40, 406 Creech, Mary Clair 118, 296 Creely, Cerini 290 Crenshaw, Barbara 420 Crenshaw, Hazel 161, 418 Creswell, Ed 429 Crews, Clemont 429 Crim, William 358 Crippen, Robert 40 Crist, Bud 368 Croce, Barrie 304 Crocket, Jane 40, 302 Crocket, Will 328 Crosby, Alexander 40 Crater, Carol 90, 404 Crow, Wayne 205, 374 Crua, Frank 40, 143 Cruchley, Ed 376 Crum, Dave 332 Crum, Davucl 140 Crump, Jerry 338 Cuadros, Delores 149 Cuddeback, Sue 274 Cuddy, Natalie 426 Cudworth, Grace 40, 278 Culkins, Mariana 412 Cullom, Jim 205 Cumminhs, Tamra 410 Cummins, Anne 286 Cimmins, Sherwood 378 Cunningham, Ashley 40, 400 Cunningham, Eugene 406 Cunningham, Fred 40 Cunningham, Ken 227 Cunningham, William 40, 370 Cupit, Nancy 159, 276 Cureton, Glen 226 Currie, Bob 201, 203 Currie, Ron 257 Curry, James 336 Curtin, Richard 325 Curtis, Prof. Garniss 171 Cuthbert, Alfred .. 40, 141, 150 Cutler, Don 326 Cutten, Charles 131 Cutter, Charles 106, 400 Cutting, Mary 298 Cutting, Nichols 40, 184, 320 D Duane, Helen 294 Dabaghian, Leo 158 Dade, Howard 318 D ' agostino, Tony 370 Dahl, Peter 40, 176 Dahlgram, S. 40, 379 Dahlgran, Chuck 360 Dahlinger, Richard 352 Dahnman, Geraldine 410 Daigle, Hubert 362 Dailey, Dick 234, 236 Daily, Kaholyn 40, 276 Damns, Harold 40 Daley, Sue 298 Daily, Lynn 304 Dalton, Bob 221, 222, 376 Dalton, Joan 399 Daly, Lenora 96, 302 Damner, Bert 393 Damon, Dixon 161 Danberg, Ann 40 Daneri, Geraldine 267 Dani, Phyllis 114, 158, 308 Daniel, Marilyn 40 Daniels, Dennis 344 Daniels, John 40, 386 Daniels, Sue 292 Danis, Vito 241 Dansky, Dave 129, 376 Dante, Dick 240 Darby, Elaine 415 Darby, Joan 162, 278 Darden, Rufus 142 Dare, Jerry 363 Dare, Pat 363 Darf, Richard 40 Darracq, Dal 145, 40, 364 Darrow, Kay 40, 410 Darrow, Valerie 416 Dashiell, Larry 317 Daulton, Fred 227 Davenport, Whitley 41, 407 David, Don 41, 330 David, Harry 80 Davidson, Martha 41, 304 Davidson, Rochelle 103, 414 Davidson, Sharon 399 Davidson, Sue 160, 292 Davies, Peg 80 Davis, Arlene 41, 413 Davis, Barbara 115, 404 Davis, Barbara ' 282 Davis, Betsy 302 Davis, Carole 308 Davis, David 325 Davis, Earl 316 Davis, Elizabeth 302 Davis, Gail 300 Davis, H. D 142 Davis, Harry 89, 182 Davis, Herbert 225, 348 Davis, Ken 41, 382 Davis, Lowell 41, 384 Davis, Loyal 388 Davis, Michael 335 Davis, Muffy 183 Davis, Newton 41, 376 Davis, Pat 41, 376 Davis, Stuart 41, 422, 150 Davis, Thomas 422 Dawe, Steffi 267 Dawell, Jerry 380 Dawson, Margaret 410 Day, Dick 344 Day, John 320 Day, Marilyn 294 Day, Richard 41, 350 Day, Ruth 155 Dealy, Dave 317 Dean, Antonia 41 Dean, Cathy 296 Dean, Deborah 418 Dear, Steve 388 Deardorff, Herb 190 DeBenedetti, Jean 298 DeBenedetti, John 392 DeBenedetti, Joy 298 Debonis, Don 350 De Carli, Delores 117 Decious, Dan 114 Decker, Robert 143 Dedina, Steve 382 Deeley, Capt. W. R 152 Defriebre, Kenneth 334 De Fields, Ron 326 De Golia, Ron 385 De Guire, Derryl 290 De Klotz, Robert 41, 370 Delabooke, Dougas 320 De Lisle, Al 328 Delisle, Glenn 356 Del Nero, Darlene 415 De Long, George 240 Delow, Lyle 169 Del Tredici, Dave 400 De Luchi, Denis 31, 362, 173 De luchi, Jolly 171 Delvey, Helen 294 De Martini, Leonard 379 Demeter, Carolyn . 159, 162, 296 De Mont, Carol 420 Demsey, James 241, 320 Demyaneko, Serge 152 Dennis, Deanne 272 Dennison, Lorin 252 Dent, Ellen 416 Dent, Janet 87, 41, 120, 426 Denton, Pat 41, 43, 177, 308 De Polievoy, Jeanne 418 De Puy, Donald 406 Der, Ernest 158 De Roy, Lynne 404 Derry, Dick 41, 225, 422 De Salles, Albert 41 De Silva, Pauline 399 Des Jardins, Ellen 418 Despars, Denny 332, 222 Dessert, Valmere 41, 267 De Stefano Beverly 418 Detrick, Donald 143 Dettner, Martha 96, 162, 282 De llrioste, Rosita 41, 284 De Vencenzi, Carol 418 Devencenzi, Dick 326 Devereaux, Nola 311 De Villers, Maurice 378 De Vincenzo, John 324 Dewey, John 166 Dexter, Charles 245 Diamond, Martin 366 Diamond, Preston 366 Diamond, Richard 87, 381 Diamond, Sue .96, 85, 100, 152, 162, 272 Diaz, Michael ...A1, 184, 221, 270 Dibble, Toni 296 Dibos, Pablo 209 Di Caprio, Grace Dickenson, Roberta Dickes, Elaine Dickes, Elizabeth • Dickey, Barbara 436 " Emery, Donald 422 Emmert, Gilbert 379 Emswiller, Maclellan 209 Enefer, Edward 352 Enfield, Mike 379 Engel, Barrie 348 Englar, Roger 362 Englehard, Greg 81, 182 English, Sue 296 Englund, Paul 429 Engstrom, Barbara 398 Engvall, Madilyn 82, 158, 175, 410 Enmark, Nelson 86, 94, 152, 338 Engs, Rex 42, 172 Enright, Cathi 121, 413 Epelbolm, Madeline 416 Ephron, Larry 348 Epp, Arlene 272 Epsteen, Michael 390 Epstein, Joe 247 , 390 Erazim, Mary 418 Erbentraut, Joan 282 Eric 330 Erickson, Beverly 267 Erickson, Dennis 360 Erickson, Gerald ....205, 247, 400 Erickson, John 42, 320 Erickson, Paul ....42, 45, 80, 78, 386 Erickson, Sonja 276 Erickson, Steve 247 Ermann, Helen 42, 288 Errd, Anita 296 Ervin, Laurence 42, 368 Erving, Janette 292 Eschmann, Barbara 42 Eshoo, George 350 Eske, Mary 42 Espenschade, Dr. 107, 258 Estep, Evelyn 42, 107, 430 Etemad, Jacqueline 42 Ettinger, Bob 225 Eubanks, Elizabeth 286 Euernden, Prof. J. 171 Evans, Anne 42 Evans, Barbara 296 Evans, Clyde 80 Evans, Don 42, 145, 393 Evans, Fran 418 Evans, Sheila 43, 158, 276 Evenson, Maude 304 Everdun, Edrie 162, 270 Everett, Grant 336 Ewart, Ken 382 Ewer, Howard 43, 374 Ewing, Barbara 416 Ey, Chris 368 Ezgar, Michael 372 Facchini, 43 Fackler, Helen 415 Fackrel, Carlos 350 Fagestrom, Dick 354 Faguet, Henrietta 288 Fahey, Robert 43, 322 Fail, Sue 267 Fain, Willard 43, 151 Fairbairn, Cynthia 282 Fairman, Carol 270 Falge, Dick 43. 166, 173, 354 Falk, Bob 78, 87, 112, 176 Falknor, Richard 129 Fall avena, Jean 300 Fandl, Hal 43, 400 Fan, Willard 151, 164 Fanoe, Joan 410 Fanucci, Charles 400 Fanucci, Marie 43, 410 Fara, Emily 280 Faraday, Dave 344 Faringhy, William 43 Faris, Bill 318 Farley, Bruce 104 Farley, Sheila 43 Farman-Farmain, G. 172 Farnham, Bob 370 Farnsworth, Lois 161 Farr, Betty 43, 410 Farran, Pat 190 Farrar, Jim 43, 385 Farrell, Jane 426 Farrell, Norman 382 Farrington, Diane 404 Faulk, Sandra 43, 270 Faust, John 43 Fechter, Caroline 158, 162, 177, 286 Feder, Peter 366 Feeney, William 43, 172, 407 Feigenbaum, Terry 400 Fe iiing, Barbara 304 Feinberg, Irwin 348 Feinberg, Jack 390 Feldman, Ardis 43, 288 Feldman, Jerry 43, 384 Feldman, Stuart 384 Fell, Jean 43, 426 Fel lner, George 209 Fellows, Lewis 229, 386 Fenel, Sandra 43, 276 Feeley, Dean 3 46 Ferber, Marcia 311 Ferguson, Clifford 173, 344 Fernald, Sylvia 294 Fernandez, Marciano 152 Ferrer, Constance 43, 152 Ferris, Bill 330 Ferris, Joyce 282 Ferzad, Ehsan 43 Fetros, Peter 400 Feustel, Doris 43 Fey, Donalee 85, 162, 286 Fickes, Sandy 294 Field, Robert 43, 326 Fields, Alan 350 Fightmaster, Maren ........102, 308 Filippini, Dolly 267 Filner, Anne 88, 282 Finch, Jean 294 Fincke, Harriet 43, 177, 302 Finger, Milton 43 Fink, Bruce 323 Finkelstein, Marsha 103, 408 Finks, Stephen 43, 406 Finn, Bill 335 Finn, Gordon 205 Finney, Jack 222, 340 Finni la, Charles 400 Firestone, Steve 323 Fish, Harry 330 Fisher, Gay 278 Fisher, James 44, 336 Fisher, Keith 334 Fisher, Leatrice 290 Fisher, Susan 144, 162, 270 Fisher, William 44, 165 Fites, Larry 44, 392 Fittinghoff, Gregory 326 Fitz, Phyllis 44, 107, 410 Fitzgerald, Fel icie 44, 304 Fitzgerald, Peggy 298 Fitzgerald, Robert 44, 370 Fitzgerald, Tom 370 Fitzpatrick, Burch 356 Fitzpatrick, Jim 382 Flaherty, Liz 430 Flatow, Hi Ida 272 Fleet, Ardyth 44, 415 Fleischer, Don 335 Fleishman, Phil 390 Fleming, Robert ........44, 151, 169 Fletcher, Barbara 294 Fletcher, Eugene 44 Fletcher, Sharon 286 Fletcher, Tom 342 Flickinger, Don 44, 422 Flippin, David 400 Floaten, Karen 284 Floris, Dorothy 274 Floris, Mary 274 Floro, Caridad 44, 153 Floyd, Marilyn 44, 284 Fogg, Judy 304 Foley, Robert 44 Follett, Gail 282 Fong, Chung 44 Fong, Joanne 306 Fong, Kuey 44, 169 Fong, Mary Ann 418 Fong, Quock 44 Fong, Stanley 363 Fonseca, Mari lyn 300 Forbes, Art 201, 203 Forbes, Richard 44, 173 Forbes, Suzy 282 Ford, Ann C. 44, 310 Foreman, Bob 160 Foreman, Don 44, 334 Foreman, Jud 96 Forman, Marcia 44, 284 Forrest, Audrey 96, 267 Forst, Deanna 274 Forster, Beverly 44, 282 Forster, Dan 209 Forsyth, Myrle 106, 290 Forsythe, Warren 325 Fort, Martha 282 Fortini, Glenn 44 Foss, Judy 292 Foster, Don 207, 235 Foster, George 352 Foster, Girard 147, 337 Foster, Gordon 146 Foster, Margaret 44, 300 Foster, Paul 241 Foster, Sharon 282 Foudy, Jim 328 Fourkas, Ted 123 Fouts, Mary Ann 416 Fowler, Don 354 Fowler, H. 376 Fowler, Jo Ann 409 Fox, Gene 44, 332 Fox, Larry 376 Fox, Lauretta 44, 426 Fox, Neil 44, 166, 332 Frakes, Paul 364 Francis, Bob 364 Franck, Judy 44, 286 Frane, Robert 44, 370 Frank, Janet 288 Frank, Phyllis 44, 416 Frank, Roberta 44, 294 Franken, Ruth 404 Franklin, Lewis 44, 338 Franklin, Lora 272 Franklin, Marion 404 Franklin, Myrtle 44, 152, 270 Franklin, Oran 201, 204, 236 325 Franklin, Sheldon 366 Franklin, Suzanne 404 Franklin, William 142 Franz, Kay 154 Franz, Rod 205 Fraser, Jacklyn 302 Fraser, John 334 Fraser, Keith 114 Fraser, Robert 44, 358 Fraser, Toni 335 Frates, Virginia 44, 161 Fraticelli, Ben 44 Fray, Donavee 294 Frazer, Toni 270 Frazier, Judith 302 Frazier, Ruth 412 Frazier, Tom 257 Fregoso, Rudy 225 Frech, Erwin ....44, 151, 169, 172 Frederick, Walter 80, 87 Fredericks, Mary Lou 267 Fredericks, Robert 44, 422 Freed, Norman 342 Freedman, Carol 44, 104 Freels, Larry 334 Freeman, David 372 Freeman, Maxwell 366 Freeman, Michael 330 Freeman, Susan 44, 149 Freeman, Woody 335 Fregulia, Arlene 174 Freitag, Marian 294 French, Carol 44, 415 French, Wesley 44 Frey, Jesse 44, 227 Frichette, Pete 320 Frick, Caroline 44, 284 Friddin, Joe 184 Frieberg, Ron 44, 340 Friedman, Herbert 222, 372 Friend, Larry 45, 221 Friendenthal, Paula 288 Fries, Robert 44, 406 Fristoe, Ken 332 Frizza, Esther 107, 418 Fromsky, Carol 272 Froom, Burton 44, 350 Frost, D. 119 Fry, Carolyn 280 Fry, Gayle 267 Frye, William 152 Fuentes, Jose 44, 151, 407 Fujimoto, Yoshiko 44 Fukada, Yoshiaki 160 Fuller, Barbara 410 Fuller, Lester 45, 406 Fullett, Gail 105 Fuloter, Carol 267 Fung, Wing Chung 45, 143 Furkiman, Bob 316 Furbush 388 Fuqua, Robert 45, 324 Furbush, Alan 374 Furbush, Donald 45, 374 Furdike, Ted 428 G Gaol, Phil 374 Gaarde, Ralph 338 Gaba, Loreto 152 Gaetjen, Richard 340 Gage, Tom 342 Gaggero, Ron 245 Gaidos, Betsy 154 Gaidos, Frances 414 Gallenmore, Victor 45 Gal letly, Robert 45, 352 Gall i, Beverlee 45, 267 Gall iani, Ray 144, 360 Gall ick, Pan 117, 290 Gallin, Joel 348 Gallup, Gary 318 Galuan, Barbara 286 Gamble, George 336 Games, Marion 430 Gammell, Marilyn 412 Gange, Joanne 404 Gannon, Mary 284 Gaold, Georgia 399 Carat, Barbara 280 Garcia, Dorothy 416 Garcia, Vee 318 Gardner, Merrill 273 Gardner, Susan 298 Garell, Judy 404 Garfield, Phyllis 426 Garmshausen, Trudy 286 Garner, Arlene 308 Garnsey, Marylu 276 Garretson, Bob 340 Garrett, Florence 80 Garrette, Susie 144, 276 Garrison, Pui 286 Garvey, Thomas 45, 338 Garvin, Mike 382 Gary, Sue 286 Gaspardone, Leo 45, 173, 225, 392 Gassett, Bill 206, 340 Gassin, Bob 382 Gates, Gilbert 45, 390 Gates, John 382 Gatterdam, Dwight 106, 151 Gaudie, Roberta 149, 160 Gay, Nancy 45, 284 Gazzano, Carol 307 Gebb, Sheldon 45, 376 Geddes, Don 356 Gee, Alice 45, 409 Gee, Betty 306 Gee, Sherman 363 Geggie, Martha 45, 294 Geiger, Al 122, 172 Geloner, W. A 142 Gelston, Hallie 267 Gemberg, Thomas 374 Gentles, Sandy 430 Gentner, Joanne 45, 304 George, Coralie 177 Geraghty, Carla 276 Gerba, Ray 346 Geren, Carol 162, 298 Gerritz, Gretchen 280 Gershgol, Penny 272 Gerstle, John 366 Gettleman, Alan 390 Geyser, Michael 86, 96, 323 Ghausi, M. S 151 Ghiglieri, Diane 420 Ghilarducci, Harry 184 Giio, Vincent 374 Giacomazzi, Patricia 45 Giannini, Kerma 300 Giannone, Lee 342 Giannotti, Judy 430 Gianulias, Gus 184, 201, 245, 370 Giauqua, Bob 240 Gibbs, Lewis 45 Gibbons, Graham 240 Gibbons, Katherine 45, 91, 292 Gibbons, Liz 292 Gibbs, Lewis 143, 158, 169 Gibbs, Mary 161 Gibbs, Susan 270 Gibson, Roberta 426 Giddings, George 320 Giers, Pete 332 Giesen, Tracy 294 Gilberg, Jo 80, 87, 176 Gilbert, Clark 45, 360 Gilbert, Jacqueline 45, 272 Gilbert, Jim 384 Gilbert, Paul 400 Gildersleeve, Ed 222 Giles, William 45, 325 Gilfelen, Carolyn 420 Gilkey, Don 45, 51, 201, 202, 374 Gilkey, Lee 96, 280 Gill, Cindy 284 Gillard, Nancy 290 Gil len, Bob 241 Gil ler, Barbara 408 Gillespie, George 201, 203 Gillette, Bennie 45, 311 Gillis, Donald 422 Gillis Tandy 222, 376 Gillman, Barbara 272 Gillogly, Phyllis ....45, 47, 82, 86, 78, 147, 159, 300 Gilmore, John 376 Gilmore, Larry 114 Gilpin, Kate 398 Gilson, H. Clark 45, 374 Gilson, Marion 280 Gilstrap, Mary 45 Gin, Sandra 45 Cinder, Louise 308 Ginsburg, Roger 390 Ginter, Barbara 282 Girgich, Henrietta 183 Gish, Claudia 45 Gist, Francis 151 Gist, Ruth 45, 302 Gitchel I, Gilbert 318 Giudise, Henry 205, 339 Giusto, Margaret 46, 284 Glacken, Gary 388 Glaesner, Margot 46, 308 Glagola, Steve 201, 257, 339 Glascock, Mary Lu 286 Glasoe, Karen 292 Glass, Glenda 46, 290 Glasson, Jim 46 Glatt, Judi 272 Gleason, Ann 430 Gleason, Terry 400 Glendinning, Pat 280 Glick, Anne 404 Glick, Judy 408 Glines, Dan 222 Globenfelt, Howard 400 Glober, Gary 46, 372 Glueck, Al 152, 400 Glugoski, James 342 Gluskin, Mike 348 Godon, Ellie 102 Goetz, Marilyn 46, 270 Goldberg, Charles 366 Goldberger, Gloria 404 Goldblatt, Ruth 426 Golden, Ann 272 Golden, Elizabeth 272 Golden, Patricia 282 Goldman, Bob 114 Goldman, Nick 317 Goldman, William 46, 114 Goldman, Yvonne 292 Goldsmith, Ernie 105 Goldsmith, Martha 116, 416 Goldsmith, Werner 169 Goldsteen, Robert 91, 390 Goldstein, Mary Ann 426 Goldstein, Sherry 272 Goldwater, Lloyd 390 Golobick, Joan 274 Gomez, Natalie 174 Gompertz, Margaret 96, 292 Gonsalves, Ron 205 Gonser, Tom 241, 320 Gooch, Patty 296 Good, Barbara 144, 270 Good, Bob 334 Good, Margie 270 Good, Mike 334 Goodanetz, Eugene 46, 346 Goodman, Leon 229 Goodrich, Carol 307 Goodrich, David 46, 422 Goodsey, Kay 310 Goodwin, Barry 278 Goodwin, Hubert 422 Goodwin, Jeff 46, 330 Goorgian, Paul 251 Gorbatenko, George 318 Gorden, Sandie 304 Gordon, Diane 114, 284 Gordon, Elizabeth 415 Gordon, Herb 390 Gordon, Richard 320 Gordon, Sara 46, 426 Gordon, Tim 46, 330 Gore, Meredith 46, 284 Gorman, Ann 46, 276 437 Goto, Leo 46 Gotshall, Bob 352 Gould, Albert 429 Gould, Bert 238 Gould, Bill 376 Gould, Robert 46, 354 Gould, Stuart 207, 236 Gove, James 201, 204, 318 Gowdy, Katherine 183 Goyette, Helen 119, 149 Goyette, Jane 46, 282 Grace, Dick 354 Grady, Joan 294 Grady, Michael 338 Grady, Pete 330 Grady, Tom 184, 240, 330 Graebe, Gerald 379 Grah, Rudy 173 Graham, Jere 429 Graham, Loren 338 Graham, Louise 308 Graham, Nancy 46, 300 Graham, Peter 113 Gramatky, Peggy 292 Grant, Jack 46, 392 Grassel, David 366 Grauss, Animal 382 Graves, Dorothy 292 Graves, Steve 378 Graw, Herbert 46, 222 Gray, Bob 368 Gray, Donald 209, 358 Gray, Gary 166, 376 Gray, Peter 222, 359 Gray, Suzanne 410 Greeff, Holly 46, 100 Green, Charles 339 Green, Charles 46, 166, 392 Green, Deborah 46 Green, Dona 46, 286 Green, Jim 205 Green, Jo Ann 286 Green, Twila 404 Greenbach, Gerald 348 Greenberg, Sandra 430 Greenburg, Elaine 408 Greene, Dick 372 Greene, Jim 316 Greene, Lawrence 164 Greene, Patricia 278 Greene, Robert 143, 169 Greenleaf, Violette 415 Greenlee, Gordon 332 Greenwood, Ann 300 Greer, Evonne 46 Gregg, Rodger 245 Gregory, Tom 46 Gregory, William 222, 378 Greiner, Doug 207 Greiner, Robert 46, 141 Greitzer, Harriet 85, 86, 98, 152, 288 Grell, Frieda 420 Gremaux, Don 382 Grener, Dan 328 Grenfell, Gaye 296 Greschel, Bill 46, 152 Grether, Dave 340 Greve, Lily 280 Grey, Roberto 152 Griefe, John 171 Grienetti, Lou 400 Griffin, Dalton 392 Griffin, Dorris 280 Griffin, Frederick 336 Griffin, Joe 84, 236, 400 Griffin, Rodney 46, 173, 342 Griffith, Sally 276 Grimes, Mary 415 Grimshaw, Judith 278 Grisemer, Alan 386 Groener, Liam 46, 428 Grohman, Anita 294 Grossman, Peter 46, 164, 362 Grout, Jack 221, 370 Groza, Gail 420 Gru•Uchitel, James 151 Gruver, Dave 122, 123, 140, 378 Guarfat, Jane 161 Guarneri, Rosalie 300 Guggenheim, Dan 354 Guilbert, Brian 388 Guild, Donald 143 Gumbell, George 339 Gunder, Maryann 102, 278 Gunn, Jim 326 Gustafson, Lawrence 324 Gustafson, Roy 370 Gustin, Nelson 406 Guthertz, Karen 404 Gutherie, Donald 46, 152, 370 Gutman, Stan 317 Guyot, Joan 300 Gwerder, Diane 46, 296 H Haag, John 145, 376 Haase, Gary 340 Haberman, Jackie 288 Habub, Robert 46 Hacker, Dee 274 Haden, Bill 342 Hadlow, Charles 46 Haelsig, Richard 169 Haerem, Celia 413 Hafner, George 46 Hoge, Nancy 409 Hagegusch, Karl 316 Hagge, Don 169 Haggerty, Nancy 398 Hag inara, Tanako 398 Hagler, Joe 184, 221 Hahesy, Juanell 46 Hahir, Claire 91, 298 Hahn, Ann 272 Haines, Bill 250 Haire, Robert 335 Halden, Allan 352 Hale, Barbara 100, 102, 416 Hale, Earle 46 Hale, Max 201, 203, 257, 386 Haley, Sharon 274 Halkin, Cynthia 404 Hall, Carole 410 Hall, Charles 115, 140 Hall, Connie 276 Hall, Daniel 320 Hall, Donna 280 Hall, Gordon 206 Hall, John 354 Hall, Judy 46, 282 Hall, Sherman 335 Hall, Stuart 46, 47, 78, 79, 80, 163 Hall, Warren 46 Hallett, Dotty 294 Halote, Sylvia 288 Halster, Ceci 46, 118, 296 Halvorsen, Bernita 300 Hamill, Kathy 413 Hamilton, Betty 399 Hamilton, Beverly 412 Hamilton, Bill 376 Hamilton, Brutus 207 Hamilton, Elizabeth 292 Hamilton, Lorraine 399 Hamilton, Pam 276 Hamilton, Toni 302 Hamm, Toni 308 Hammill, Jim 46, 158, 385 Hammit, John 173 Hammon, Ben 46, 240, 320 Hammon, Gerald 358 Hammond, Jane 296 Hamp, Leona 404 Hampton, Judy 284 Hampton, Nancy 298 Han, Joseph 143 Hand, Barbara 100, 282 Hand, Marilyn 276 Hanisch, Dorothy 404 Hanna, Steve 115 Hanscom, Robert 46, 330 Hansen, Bruce 240 Hansen, Carl 46, 150, 360 Hansen, Carol 308 Hansen, Kip 278 Hansen, Lois 302 Hansen, Peggy 302 Hanson, Fred 222, 400 Hanson, John 422 Hanson, Ted 350 Happe, Lois 46, 426 Happoldt, Jack 80 Happoldt, Jackie 91, 298 Harbaugh, Carol 426 Hardison, K. 119 Harker, Linda 46, 298 Harnett, Barbara 308 Harper, Betty 294 Harper, Lerry 184, 206, 251 Harrell, Dick 382 Harries, Griff 374 Harrington, Mary 155 Harrington, Ruth 47, 308 Harrington, Theresa 47 Harris, Ben 385 Harris, Bob 337 Henchell, Fred 240, 356 Harris, Carl 47, 360 Henderson, Anthony 47, 356 Harris, Charles 47, 184 Henderson, Charles 47 Harris, Harry 47, 400 Henderson, Fred 370 Harris, John 400 Henderson, Jane 286 Harris, Mike 328 Henderson, Jim 317 Harris, William 350 Henderson, Joan 274 Harrison, Dolores 311 Henderson, Steve 320 Harrison, Helen 302 Hendren, Andrea 286 Harrison, Jim 428 Hendricks, Bobby Jo 413 Harrison, John 47, 257, 382 Hendrix, Fred 47, 240, 374 Harrosh, Hilda 288 Henrard, Jacques 144 Harsch, Joy 96, 304 Henrick, Robert 339 Hart, Darryl 366 Henry, Marian 282 Hart, Jack 201, 202, 354 Henry, Michael 335 Hart, Jewell 325 Henry, Willard 400 Hart, Sally 304 Hensel!, Janice 418 Hart, Shirley 47, 409 Henze!, Sally 47, 149 Hart, Stan 47 Herb, Mike 368 Hartley, Suzanne 106, 282 Herb, Pete 368 Hartman, Barbara 270 Herd, Alan 344 Hartman, Beverly 270 Herman, Carolyn 47 Hartman, Ceci 272 Herman, Eugene 348 Hartman, Jo 413 Herrera, Esther 398 Hartman, Sue 408 Herrerias, Rene 222 Hartmann, Jean 152, 304 Herrick, Steve 332 Hartsaugn, Ronald 350 Herst, Roger 400 Harvey, Mary 308 Hertel, Ray 241, 364 Harvie, Nancy 160 Hertford, Reed 340 Harz, Marilyn 100, 106, 290 Herzog, Allan 207 Harzig, Shirley 47, 294 Heskin, Allan 348 Haskell, Nita 415 Heese, Robert 380 Haslet, Thomas 406 Hessel, Gene 240 Hastings, Arthur 320 Hesselberg, Erwin 48, 167 Hastings, Paul 80, 81 Hetzel, Marlene 96, 307 Hatcher, Owen 47 Hewitt, Ashley 151 Hathaway, Harry 368 Hexter, Barbara 272 Hathcock, Richard 354 Heyman, Bobbi 288 Hatheway, Al 240, 339 Hibbs, Douglas 48, 201, 363 Hattrup, Robert 47, 152 Hickman, Jan 48, 116, 302 Hau, John 337 Hickman, Roy 43, 169 Haueter, Shirley 280 Hicks, Carol 290 Haug, Joan 165 Hicks, Dick 350 Haukenshire, Bob 82 H ieb, Wi!bur 141 Haunschild, Jean 282 Hierlihy, Shirley 284 Hauser, Joan 80 Higbee, Ralph 48 Haven, Carolyn 292 Higgins. Curt 364 Havl ina, John 240, 330 High, John 48, 350 Hawes, John 47 Hildebrand, Byron 48, 386 Hawkins, Beverly 300 Hildebrand, Lloyd 429 Hawkins, Joe 342 Hildebrand, Noel 142 Hawkins, Robert 342 H i le, Roger 48, 158, 422 Hawkinshire, Frank 47 Hill, Ben 346 Hawlsig, Richard 350 Hill, Dean 48, 406 Haworth, Lyle 354 Hill, George 213, 332 Hawthorne, Ruth 155 Hill, Maryann 415 Hay, Edward 47, 386 Hillinger, Norma 48, 129, 272 Hay, Sandy 171 Himes, Joyce 91, 84, 152, Hayden, Beverly 412 118, 270 Hayden, Dick 376 Hindes, Ann 298 Hayden, Douglas 47, 173, 400 Hindes, Harriet 48, 298 Hayes, Bill 339 Hindes, Peter 358 Hayes, Sharon 430 Hi neman , Eleanor 48, 286 Hayes, William 106 Hines, Charles 48 Hayman, Robert 47, 144 Hines, Douglas 48, 143, 158, Hays, Nancy 412 169 Hayward, Louana 404 Hines, Judy 304 Hayward, Pete 222 H ink, John 145 Hazeltine, Thomas 378 Hinman, Stan 354 Headrick. Hugh 352 Hinshaw, William 145 Healy, Edward 336 H insucker, Janet 274 Healy, Mike 422 Hirota, Joyce 414 Healy, Walter 358 Hirschberg, Helen 119, 430 Hearn, Helen 270 Hirshler, Jackie 292 Hearther, Bob 209 Hirschman, Mab 48, 418 Heckenlaihle, Richard 400 Hirshberg, Carolyn 272 Hedge, Charles 151 Hirson, Gail 272 Heflin, Mike 381 Hirst, Judy 270 Hegan, Bobbie 47, 290 His!op, Allan 120 Hergerle, Pete 376 Hitchcock, Al 48, 222, 374 Heglin, Ronald 382 Hitchcock, Bill 368 Heidel, Eva 310 Hitchcock, Larry 222, 376 Heiges. Glenda 398 H ixson, John 388 Heil, Barbara 304 Ho, Adrienne 177 Heimann, Dick 374 Hoag, E. D 169 Heimark, Eileen 282 Hibbs, Ed 330 Heimerl, Shirley 47, 146, 147, Hobbs, Marianne 48, 278 161, 410 Hobin, Patrick 131, 342 Heinark, Gene 47, 368 Hobson, Doug 392 Heinbockel, Glen 386 Hocaboux, Kent 386 Heinrich, Jack 381 Hodgdon, Fredericka 274 Heirshberg, Janice 420 Hodgson, Mark 48, 171, 386 Helm, Elizabeth 284 Hoecker, Victoria 284 Helmbrecht, Noel 241 Hoeman, Col. A. J 152 Helmkamp, Charlotte 294 Hoey, Randy 176, 352 Helper, Mary 410 Hoffman, Bill 48, 88, 89, 338 Hem ' ey, Rogue 173, 378 Hoffman, Charle 96, 276 Hemphill, Ann 278 Hoffman, Guy 209 Hemphill, Katherine 47, 410 Hoffman, Harold 48, 171 HemphiII, Nan 274, 102 Hoffman, Lynette 48, 286 Hoffman, Ross 48, 356 Hoffman, Rudy 348 Hoffman, Susie 276 Hoffman, Sigmar 322 Hoffner, Harriet 286 Hogan, Sara 267 Holcenberg, Lois 48, 416 Holden, Janet 48, 310 Holland, Archie 429 Holland, Meredith 276 Holler, Dick 81, 89 Holliman, Bill 225 Hollingshead, Evelyn 290 Holingshead, Jill 106 Hollister, Barbara 48, 426 Hollister, Kathryn 161 Holloway, Ala n 344 Holloway, Charlotte 161 Holloway, Chuck ....151, 184, 206, 250, 332 Holloway, Richard 152 Holmes, Irene 430 Holmes, Jean 420 Holmes, Paul 48 Ho ' mlund, Jim 324 Holstein, John 350 Holston, Charles 205 Holt, John 48, 173, 342 Ham, John 48, 143, 169 Homberger, James 374 Homuth, Dick 225, 226, 400 Honda, Virginia 420 Hone, Mike 81, 87, 106 Hong, Adelyn 306 Hong, Jeannie 161, 306 Hong, Paul 48 Hong, Roland 48, 160 Hooper, Gordon 332 Hooper, Robbie 399 Hoopes, Bill 318 Hoopes, John 318 Hoover, Joyce 270 Hopkins, Gloria ...A8, 86, 92, 290 Hopper, Harriet 426 Hopping, Marian ....118, 158, 159, 176, 282 Hops, Alan 205 Hore, Roger 338 Horn, Walter 48 Horner, Jeff 375 Horner, Terry 374 Horning, Jan 415 Horsley, Jim 334 Horton, James 48, 172, 422 Horton, Joyce 48, 414 Horton, Mack 318 Horwitz, Bruce 240, 390 Hoskins, Larry 48, 145 Hosl er, Dale 173, 176 Hosretter, !Carl 48 Hutto, Masao 48, 152, 407 Houlder, Kay 48, 290 House, Pa ' mer 48, 143, 422 House, Robert 184, 207, 234, 236 Houston, Georgia 292 Hovey, Les 338 Howard, Anne 290 Howard, Dick 240 Howard, Janice 294 Howard, Jay 236, 368 Howard, Leta 296 Howard, Roland 316 Howden, Charles 241 Hawes, Jack 346 Howland, David 346 Hoyle, Charles 169 Hezcombe, Eleanore 298 Hrusoff, Ronald 48, 381 Huang, Steve 163 Hubabrd, Marilyn 107, 296 Hubbard, Richard 330 Hubbert, Jim 382 Huber, Skip 205, 257, 332 Huber, Suzanne 48, 105, 159, 292 Huberty, Alice 410 Huberty. Pat. 115, 167, 420 Huck, Kitty ....48, 49, 85, 89, 298 Huckins, Lynne 267 Hudack, Larry 344 Hudnall, Robert 400 Hudson, Jay 354 Hudson, Marilyn 292 Hudson, Miles 257 Hudson, Ralph 400 Huesby. Jim 346 Huey, Harry 48 Huffman, Russ 120, 176 Huffstatlar, Robert 48, 129 42R Hughes, Dick 354 Hughes, Jim 354 Hughes, Marcia 270 Hughes, Patricia 48, 278 Huguet, Moury 332 Huitt, Helen 307 Hull, Bob 316 Hulls, Martha 288 Humphreys, George 317 Hunt, Arlyn 160 Hunt, Renee 430 Hunt, Robert 48, 400 Hunt, Steven 356 Hunt, Willie 227 Hunter, Bonnie 282 Hunter, Mary 430 Hunter, Nancy 308 Huntington, John 342 Hurd, Richard 48 Hurdle, Van 152, 169, 400 Hurff, Susan 276 Hurley, James 143 Hurlocker, Kathleen 48 Hussey, Roderick 385 Hutchins, Jane 49, 278 Hutchison, Claude 240 Hutton, Gary 49 Hyde, Crosby 166, 392 Hyman, Bruce 346 Hyman, Jerry 348 Hynes, Joan 96, 304 Iaukea, Curtis 201, 202, 203, 204 Ichinaga, Grace 49, 409 Icing, Margaret 100 Ide, Clark 49, 225 Ikeda, Simona 49 Ilkovics, Robert 232, 400 Imai, Joanne 398 Imhoff, Darrel 222 Inadomi, Grace 49, 426 Inch, Betsy 278 Inch, Robert 328 Ingalls, Philip 49, 172, 407 Ingersoll, Linda 304 Ingersoll, Tom 328 Ingham, Bill 342 Ingmise, Dr. Irene 161 Ingraham, George 49, 326 Ingram, Jim 143, 380 Ingwersen, Jackie 267 Inman, Sandy 304 Innes, George 241 Innes, Tracy 296 Innis, Joseph 201, 204, 344 Innis, Torn 356 Inouye, Nancy 49 Intaglietta, Marcos 49 Irasnelly, Jim 356 Irvin, Tony 226, 339 Irvine, Ed 49, 358 Irvine, Marian 398 Irwin, Gayle 286 Isabelle, Adrian 325 Isberg, Jack 102, 173 Ish, Kathryn 49, 152 Ishimaru, Jim 400 Ishino, Ben 49 Isitt, Ray 364 I taya, Gladys 49, 160 Iverson, Greta 284 Iverson, Prof. Harold 158 Ives, Doug 376 lwamora, Tom 49 Iwawaki, Yaeko 49 J Ja, Paul ine 398 Jaber, Muhammad 49, 142 Jachens, Carol 49, 280 Jachens, Norman 87 Jackson, Carol 78. 86. 87, 159, 286 Jackson, Charles 49 Jackson, Donna 308 Jackson, Gwen 290 Jackson, Herbert 49, 51, 201 202, 332 Jackson, Jim 339 Jackson, Jim 378 Jackson. Leslie 49, 388 Jacob, Jerrold 158 Jacobberger, Nancy 49 Jacobi, Patricia 121, 415 Jacobs, Eleanor 49 Jacobs, Ellis 390 Jacobs, Francis 344 Jacobs, Gail 426 Jacobs, Jeanne 49, 288 Jacobs, Marshall 348 Jacobs, Proverb 236, 325 Jacobs, Ron 428 Jacobs, Roy 173, 201, 204 Jacobs, Suzanne 272 Jacobs, Tony 49, 344 Jacobs, Walt 366 Jacobsen, Dick 339 Jacobsen, John 385 Jacobson, Dina 430 Jacobson, Duane 320 Jacobson, Paul 390 Jacobson, Priscilla 272 Jacoby, Jerrold 49, 142 Jacuzzi, Remo .. 166, 184, 202, 378 Jaeger, Ed 368 Jaeger, Joe 49, 173, 184, 245, 392 Jaffa, Bob 323 Jaffe, Nick 222 Jaffe, Steve 366 James, Chuck 184, 358 Jameson, Richard 49, 151, 172 Jamieson, Alfred 49, 362 Jang, Corinne 121, 412 Jansen, Capt. K. F 152 Jansen, Paula 308 Jansse, Janet 50, 161, 302 Jarat, Barbara 154 Jarrett, Richard 320 Jarrett, William 380 Jarvis, Bob 114 Jastremski, Sonya 121, 404 Jaunzems, Juris 209 Javier, I I lumi nada 152 Jaynes, Bonnie 267 Jeffrey, Richard 50, 380 Jeffries, Marilyn 274 Jeffry, Tom.. 51 Jefsen, John 328 Jenkins, Charlie 368 Jenkinson, Jim 176 Jennings, Bob 324 Jennings, Roger 325 Jenrines, Nancy 50 Jensen, Lyle 330 Jensen, Mary 50, 304 Jensen, Sterling 172 Jermy, Sandra 50, 294 Jimenez, Irene 50, 404 Jimerson, Charlene 115 Jimison, Ed 335 Jobe, Marcia 50, 270 Joesting, Lyle 304 Johannes, Sandra 50, 416 Johansen, Karen 50, 116, 131, 159, 302 Johanson, Susan 286 Johanson, Susan 302 Johns, Judy 294 Johnsen, Ron 374 Johnson, Betty 175 Johnson, Bill 350 Johnson, Bob 316 Johnson, Charles ....201, 204, 354 Johnson, Dave 173 Johnson, Dick 173, 251, 386 Johnson, Eleanore 298 Johnson, Esther 280 Johnson, Gordon 241, 374 Johnson, Harold 169 Johnson, Jackie 290 Johnson, Jacqueline 270 Johnson, James 325 Johnson, James 50, 364 Johnson, Jane 267 Johnson, Joan 278 Johnson, Joelle 270 Johnson, Joyce 50, 304 Johnson, Judy 31, 50, 53, 82, 91, 156, 159, 292 Johnson, Kaye 115, 399 Johnson, Kenneth 381 Johnson, Linda 304 Johnson, Marcia 426 Johnson, Marcia 267 Johnson, Marge 286 Johnson, Paula 50, 107, 175 Johnson, Robert 342 Johnson, Rudolph 325 Sandi 294 Johnson, Sandy 307 Johnson, Stewart 374 Johnson, Susan 300 Johnson, Tony 226, 352 Johnson, Warren 376 Kazmier, Ted 78, 86, 87, 422 Johnson, William 50 Keachie, Prof. E. C 142 Johnson, Winona 300 Kearnes, Don 240 Johnston, Bill 320 320 Kearney, Rex Johnston, Bill 246, 358 Keefe, George 334 Johnston, Gaile 304 Keefe, Tom 50, 346 Johnston, Lloyd 222 Keeler, Wylie 340 Johnston, Phil 388 Keene, Dick 50, 100, 374 Johnston, Robin 104 Keene, Martha 280 Johnston, Sharon 270 Keeney, Chuck 224 Jonas, Diane 50, 131, 270 Keesee, Bill 428 Jonas, Nola 282 Keik, Jim 380 Jones, Angenett 410 Keil, Susan 302 Ann 270 Keith, Carolyn 50, 409 Jones, n Jones, Audree 50, 304 Keith, Kevin 50, 336 Jones, Carol 420 Keller, Joan 294 Jones, Carroll 422 Keller, Penn 332 Jones, Dave . .50, 53, 78, 79, 318 Keller, Steve 368 Jones, Dave 236, 346 elley, Earl 83 Jones, Dick 386 el ley, Margaret 276 Jones, Donald 50, 152, 386 ellner, Sue 97 Jones, Donna 412 ellogg, Alvin 381 Jones, Jackie 278 el logg, Dick 318 Jones, John 370 Kellogg, Ted 354 Jones, John 342 elly, Ann 282 Jones, Kitty 267 Kelly, Bernard 106, 245 Jones, R. V 147 Kelly, Dave 339 Jonkey, Jan 290 Kelly, Gwen 415 Jordan, Dick 173, 240 Kelly, John 336 Jordan, James 50, 142, 169 Kelly, Nancy 308 Jordon, Don 50, 376 Kelly, Page 50 Jordon, Frank 392 Kelly, Sue 292 Jordon, George 213 Kelso, Dick 354 Jordon, Jaes 158 elsoe, John 376 Jordon, Nona 302 (elterer, Carol 50, 278 Jorgenson, Mary 280 (empf, Andrea 296 Joseph, Helen 276 empf, Richard 328 Jowett, Janice 420 emsley, Jackie 28 Jud, Norman 400 endrick, Dr. David 50, 166 Judd, Dean 337 enis, Steve 390 Judis, Sheila 420 ennedy, Leroy 143 Judy, Carolyn 292 Cennedy, Michael 50, 374 Jue, Spencer 50 ennedy, Patricia 50 Juette, Paul 171 ennel ly, Dave 106, 385 Jul iano, Jose 152 ennelly, Dollette 416 Jump, William ... 346 enney, Bill 50, 352 Jung, Eugenia 50, 306 (ennon, Curtiss 316 Jung, Mary 50 enny, Nancy 50, 50, 294 Justin, Pete 346 ent, Anne 51, 290 Justison, Betty 418 ent, Roy 51 eough, Arty 205, 247, 386 K eppel, Bruce 184, 206, 250 Cercheval, Diana 282 Kaar, Robert 141 ern, Anne 177 Kahn, Ron 406 ern, Eileen 399 Kahnert, John 50 , 184 (ern, Hal 154, 390 Kaiser, Jane 267 err, Dotti 292 aiser, Walt 224 err, Ross 350 alamaras, John . .184, 201, 204 ertz, Freddie 96, 288 (alivos, John 364 essler, Libby 51, 408 alm, George 151 (idder, Jim .... ...... 51, 55, 78, 80, alman, Lynne 408 3 alsh, M illy 117, 300 ilburn, Kent 315, 51 Kaman, Norman 348 i Igo, Muriel 304 amer, Dorothy 50, 167 illion, Dalton 51 amezawa, Sanford 246 im, E. 51 ampo, Shirley 117, 300 imball, Pat 280 an, Raymond 50 Gmberlin, Ann 302 Cane, Dennis 348 (imrnel, Gary 346 anouse, Monroe . .131, 315, 330 incade, Barbara 267 Capandritis, Gus 172 (indorf, David 338 Kapler, Paul 348 indorf, Jim 376 Kapp, Joe 201, 203, 221 Kindorf, Robert 382 , Bill 381 (ing arakantas, George 143 archer, Richard 388 jog, George 406 , 121 ing Janet arff, Linbre 284 241 ing, Jean arlsrud, Roger 51 armilof, Irene 151 ing, Jon 414 ing, Judy (arnesky, Margaret 205, 356 278 Howard 374 Clog, Katie 292 Ca, (arren, Fred 91, 390 ing, Ken 381 Casper, William 151 leg, Kenneth 337 Kassenbrack, Bud 328 leg, Leamon 235 Katagi, Kazuo 50 King, Margaret 415 Cato, Eisen 50 King, Richard 51, 100 Tatsu 50 King, Robert R 380 atoh, ro atz, Helen 420 King, Sheila atz, Judy 288 Kingston, Al 51, 117, 300 atzman, Jerry 390 51, 55, 78, 84, 358 aufman, Jill 426 Kinkel, Joan 89, 51 Kaufman, Joan 288 Kinney, Bill 386 !Cavanagh, Carol 298 Kinney, Bob 51, 152, 246 Don 342 Kinnick, Karl 385 Kavanagh, Kenji Ken , Kawahira 50 Kinsell, Judy 286 Gunichi Gu Kawamoto, 50, 160 Kinsman, Bob 342 Kawano, Kengo 50 Kirby, Robert 325 Kawasaki, Rose 50, 409 Kirkendall, Jean 280 Kay, Lenore 272 Kirshbaum, Don 323 Kaye, Betsy 117 Kirshbaum. Robert 222, , 326 Kirwan Ed Kayler, Clark 80, 111 Kishi, Bill 226 Kita, Pat 426 Kitazawa, Thomas 51 Kite, Barry 51, 354 Kite, John 354 Kitterman, Joseph 240, 344 Klaiman, Barbara 288 Klass, Edward 378 Kleebauer, Charles 51 Kleebauer, Norma 158, 274 Klehn, Hank 360 Klein, Elaine 404 Klein, Renee 272 Klein, Stan 384 Klement, Michael 51, 166, 332 Kliewer, Kathleen 51, 290 K I ikoff, Waldemer 51, 422 KI inge, Ronald 51, 184, 352 Klink, Dick 382 Klinker, Margaret 412 Kloninger, Darrel 342 Knapp, Barbara 399 Kanuf, Wayne 173 Kneifel, Paul 209 Knight, Nancy 286 Knill, Dudley 336 Knittel, Elizabeth .51, 310 Knobel, Richard 51 Knohel, Charles 342 Knol I, Dave 51, 330 Knopf, Kermit 142 Knotts, Allan 52, 370 Knotts, Diane 87, 120 Knowlton, Col. S. H 152 Knuth, Karl 52, 344 Knutson, Phyllis 267 obayashi, Robert 52 Kobus, Billy 382 och, Al 247 och, Harriet 416 och, Robert 354 oda, Tom 160 odani, Irene 161 Koe, Juergen 52 oehler, Juergen 209 Oepke, Margaret 410 ofman, Kenneth 225, 348 ofman, Steve 348 Cogan, Judith 414 ohut, Bill 52 oijma, Takasumi 52, 152 olkmann, Harry 173 (olkmahn, Oliver 52, 173, 176 Kol le, Ken 328 Kelm, Dick 52, 422 olte, Dick 201, 204 (onig, Bill 390 us, Chong 52, 160 (ooyers, Gerald, 169 (cayman, Karen 300 Cops, Paul 376 oskela, Leo 52 osovac, Don 173, 364 Coss, Donald 320 Oster, Robert 323 ostial, Shelby ....52, 57, 85, 107, 156, 175, 286 ostinow, Allen (etcher, Linda ovac, John ovayashi, Mary (owalski, Norbert raft, Ed raft, Leean ragen, Kenneth Cramer, Beverly ramer, Dick ramer, George Cramer, Harriet Cramer, John Cramer, Sydney Krantz, Laurane raus, Nancy (rause, Del Rey Krause, Elmer rebill, Dick Kremwinkel, William resser, Suzanne Kricsfeld, Karen Krieger, Steve Krogh, Carolyn Krohn, Ben Kroll, Lawrence Krone, Julie Kronwinkel, Bill Keough, Janet Kruger, Clare Krum, Rosemary Kruse, David 404 52 398 152 184,245,332 151 89,91,152, 390 404 232 222 272 400 272 408 413 350 52 173 245 302 288 390 52,410 173 348 288 376 121 117,290 52,308 379 439 Krutchkoff, Dave 366 Kubin, George 105, 151 Kubin, Nancy 274 Kuechler, Hank 254, 392 Kuehn, Nancy 404 Kuhl, Chuck 52, 201 Kuhlman, Ann 294 Kuhn, Bill 382 Kulchin, Larry 142 Kumins, Into 160 Kuperman, Murray 406 Kuranoff, Mike 115 Kuritsboro, Kiyoshi 52 Korosawa, Roy 52, 428 Kurtz, Bruce 205, 337 Kurtz, James 390 Kurtz, Ron 52, 141 Kurtz, S ue 294 Kurtz, Tom 374 Kustner, Marcia 412 Kuturelis, Pearl 304 Kuykendall, Gene 142 Kuzmicky, Don 322 Kwok, Joel 209 Kwok, Kirby 209 Kwok, Russell 209 Kyhn, Dick 364 Kyte, Alvin 52, 57, 184, 370 L Labad, Blas 152 La Bare, Roger 356 Labow, Barbara 272 Lacari, Gerald 52 La Chanche, Skip 165, 229 Lackey, Arlen 241, 400 Lackman, Leslie 384 Lafferty, Bob 326 Lafferty, Bob 354 Lagerstrom, James 324 Laginha, Annette 418 Lagomarsino, Jo 420 Laidlaw, Scott 52, 173, 209, 378 Lakritz, Alfred 52, 372 Lakritz, Herb 52, 372 Lailey, Jerry 376 Lam, Chi 52 Lamarre, Ron 52, 330 Lamb, Arnold 323 Lamb, Vic 142, 152, 400 Lambden, Bill 224 Lambert, Donald 142 Lambert, Howard 362 Lambert, John 52, 143 Lambert, Marion 42, 59, 87, 114, 123, 156, 159, 176, 404 Lambert, Sally 408 Lamberth, Sue 294 La Miller, Evi 413 Lamson, Willie 165 Landay, Margot 408 Landers, Marion 52, 276 Landis, Buzz 332 Landis, Jud 222, 374 Landis, Judy 167, 288 Lane, Judy 415 Lang, Jane 302 Langley, Jim 222, 225, 376 Lankenau, Susan 276 Lansman, Jack 358 Larke, Carol 308 Larnach, Donna 267 Larsen, D ave 209 Larsen, Hans 318 Larsen, Harry 52, 176, 374 Larsen, Karen 310 Larsen, Linda 304 Larson, Carol 52, 294 Larson, Don 190, 316 Larson, Don 205 Larson, George 52, 364 Larson, Helen 308 Larson, Jim 324 Larson, John 52, 346 Larson, Keith 52, 324 Larson, Larry 173 Larson, Paul 356 La Rue, Allan 52, 166, 376 Lasky, Joe 320 Lau, Florence 52 Laub, Jerry 352 Laufenberg, Clemens 334 Laufenberg, Janet 278 Laughlin, Bob 332 Laughlin, Shirlee 85, 158, 274 Launer, L. N 142 Laurenson, Michael 356 Lauricella, Giovanna 52, 284 Laux, Ray 52, 358 Lavezzo, Al 400 Lavin, Marrin 348 Lavorel, Warren 245, 326 Lawhorn, Richard 151, 169 Lawrenson, Ken 106, 339 Lawson, Jim 52, 184, 250 Lawson, Janette 399 Lawyer, Ray 358 Layman, John 151 Lazar, Steve 390 Lazartuich, Diane 308 Lazo, Pete 352 Lea, Lyman 240, 352 Leach, Marguerite 426 Leach, Mike 400 Leal, H. T 52, 115, 141, 338 Leath, Bill 84, 96, 152 Leaver, Richard 52, 370 Leavey, Annarita 52, 426 Leavitt, Tom 354 Lebowirz, Ken 52, 372 Le Drew, Carol 410 Le Drew, Sandra 270 Le duc, Clarisse 308 Le Due, Eloise 426 Lee, Amy 52 Lee, Carol 420 Lee, Charlotte 121 Lee, Daniel 363 Lee, David 324 Lee, Diana 416 Lee, Dol I ianne 52 Lee, Don 160, 400 Lee, Edgar 52, 169 Lee, Edwin 53 Lee, Feel ie 426 Lee, George 53 Lee, Glenn 317 Lee, Grant 344 Lee, Hoover 151 Lee, Janet 306 Lee, Jerry 120 Lee, Lois 52, 304 Lee, Lorna 53, 412 Lee, Pauline 420 Lee, Peter 176 Lee, Robert 53 Lee, Ron 400 Lee, Sharon 398 Lee, Stephen 363 Lee, Wing 169 Leet, Robert 53, 374 Le Febire, Joyce 177 Le Fevre, Shirley 53 Legendre, Phillip 158 Lehmann, Richard 53 Lehrfled, Toby 53, 311 Leichtec, Ernie 366 Leidich, Ray 330 Leigh, Richard 340 Leighton, Reg 360 Leithold, Melinda 276 Leland, Tom 326 Lemert, Jim 31, 53, 112, 163, 176 Lemmon, Gary 354 Lemmon, Jim 241 Lendaris, George 53, 151, 169, 172, 422 Le Noff, Judy 404 Lenschau, Mike 31, 53, 59, 100, 330 Lenz, Carolyn 286 Leonard, Dawson 334 Leonard, Elizabeth 274 Leong, Charles 53, 143 Leong, Effie 53, 306, 420 Leong, Ken 53 Leontie, Roger 422 Leow, Flora 399 Lercari, Jan 290 Lerer, Lynn 288 Lerman, Sima 144, 408 Lesman, Joan 288 Lester, Edward 143 Lev, Carol 272 Levee, Marianne 272 Levenson, Howard 238 Levenson, Leonard 323 Levin Barbara 31, 53, 61, 91, 100, 152, 156, 415 Levin, Gary 97 Levin, Ingrid 408 Levin, Roberta 404 Levin, Rod 348 Levin, Warren 358 Levine, Gary 390 Levinson, Steve 254 Levit, Rhoda 272 Levy, Barbara 288 Levy, Carol 404 Levy, David 390 Levy, Marlene 426 Levy, Sandra 53, 272 Lewis, David 422 Lewis, Dick 173 Lewis, Helen 414 Lewis, Isabelle 53, 155 Lewis, James 53, 348 Lewis, John 84, 374 Lewis, Lynne 53, 272 Lewis, Moreen 296 Lewis, Norm 384 Lewis, Ralph 324 Liapes, M ickie 418 Liberman, Marlene 288 Lidke, Wayne 53, 142 Lidster, Jim 334 Lieberman, Sandra 272 Liechti, Joan 292 Liggett, Virginia 413 Lightner, Carol 267 Ligon, Eleanor 101, 102, 426 Likins, Ted 53, 226, 374 Lilien, David 390 Lillagore, Joan 53, 172 Lill i land, Ardath 53 Lillevick, Lucille 426 Lilly, Margot 160, 426 Lim, Alfred 151 Lim, Barbara 306 Limes, Bob 115 Lin, Tong 53 Linck, Donald 205, 340 Lincoln, Neil 227 Linde, G. 147 Lindauer, Stewart 346 Lindemulder, Carol 410 Lindemuth, Mary Ann 430 Linden, Marcie 311 Lindenbam, Donna 272 Lindenberg, Annette 88, 100, 430 Lindgren, Dianne 53, 310 Lindgren, Ken 206 Lindquist, Evert 53 Lindquist, Kenny 250 Lindquist, Paul 324 Lindsam, Lucy 311 Lindsay, Ann 290 Lindsay, James 400 Lindsay, Margie 311 Lindsey, Bill 86, 98, 152, 342 Lindsey, Peggy 415 Lindsley, Jack 172 Link, Mary 420 Linn, Betty 53, 298 Linn, Richard 328 Lipkin, Paul 348 Lippett, Pete 240 Lipscomb, Lance 400 Little, Sharon 302 Little, Wayne 429 Littlefield, Thomas 320 Littleton, Lyn 286 Littleton, Wayne 352 Livands, Peter 334 Livermore, Jean 302 Livezey, Jack 172 Livezey, Richard 54, 54, 143 Livingston, Duke 358 Lloyd, Jackie 300 Lock, Albert 363 Lockett, William 54, 82, 422 Lockshin, Arnold 366 Loeb, Lloyd 348 Loebbecke, Jim 385 Lofberg, Lynn 270 Loftfie ' d, Anne 412 Loin, Bob 205, 348 Lombardi, Lynn 296 Lon, Edward, 54, 363 Long, Ana 286 Long, 54, 276 Longmort, Bill 54 Longworth, Bill 54, 382 Loomis, Lenard 362 Loomis, Margaret 426 Lopez, Chet 318 Lorber, Harvey 226, 358 Lord, Phil 173 Lorenz, Jim 166, 201, 368 Lorenzen, Angus 54, 143 Lo rimer, Linda 302 Lorper, Marilyn 160 Louchard, Suzanne 418 Loughboro, Pat 54, 152, 172, 337 Louie, Ellen 306 Louie, Sherwin 54 Louis, Ruth 415 Lourence, Patricia 398 Love, Col in 360 Low, Edward 160 Low, Ernest 363, 422 Low, Seren 177 Lowber, Don 173 Lowe, Dave 382 Lowe, Pardee 152 Lowery, Carolyn 404 Lozar, Alan 54 Lubbock, Dan 386 Luberg, Karen 284 Lubock, Tom 31, 54, 61, 83, 113, 152, 315, 386 Lucas, Bill 251 Lucas, Joan 420 Lucas, Roger 251 Lucas, Stan 429 Lucero, Frank 356 Luckenbi II, Susanne 284 Lucus, Barbara 280 Ludwigsen, Laurel 307 Luini, James 169, 326 Luke, Myrna 54 Lukens, Bill 254, 374 Lukens, Bill 378 Lummins, Doug 165, 229 Lundberg, Karen 274 Lunde, Edith 54, 298 Lunden, Pat 398 Lundgren, Valerie 83, 274 Lundy, Blair 296 Lurd, Richard 422 Lurie, Henry 54, 143, 158, 169, 379 Luther, Mariorie 300 Luther, William 360 Luttges, Del 362 Lutz, Linda 54, 116, 159, 167, 176, 300 Lykins, Jerry 352 Lyman, Peter 54, 143, 169, 158 Lyman, Princeton 54, 129, 348 Lynch, Alva 399 Lynch, Patricia 149 Lynn, Larry 176, 374 Lyon, Judy 284 Lyons, Cap 344 Lyons, De Ann 121, 413 Lyons, Donna 106, 290 M Maasberg, Roil 152 Macario, Diane 96, 404 MacAuley, Barbara 292 Macauley, Jack 352 MacCol loc, Alex 338 Macdonald, Gael 160 MacDonald, Miriam 54 MacDougal, Connee 54, 420 Mace, Phil 252, 386 Mace, Robert 54 Machado, Marilyn 152 MacIsaac, Nancy 290 Mack, Charles 338 Mackenzie, Bob 386 MacKintosh, Douglas 236 Maclean, Bruce 336 MacLeod, Sheilah 270 MacLeon, William 54, 335 MacNabb, William 422 MacN ider, Joan 278 MacPherson, Jean 274 MacRury, Barbara 54, 267 MacSwain, Duncan .54, 173, 354 Maddox, Clark 207, 422 Maddux, Jeanette 292 Madian, Alan 372 Madison, Ernie 190 Madison, James 54, 152 Madrosen, John 350 Maestri, Beverly 298 Magers, Fran 240 Magersi, Sherran 308 Maginnis, Charlotte 267 Magistretti, Paul 54, 223, 236 Magnani, Michael 342 Magnuson, Harold 54 Mahaffy, John 54, 184, 213 Mahakian, Rissa 54, 270 Mahal la, Shalom 54 Mahler, Barbara 54 Mahler, Raydeen 55 Mahoney, Daniel 55 Mahoney, John 246 Maier, Phyllis 298 Mailland, Nancy 55, 302 Makhani, Masoud 160 Maki, Leonard 158 Makkus, Sybil 420 Makraver, Judy 288 Maldonado, Frank 350 Mal len, Wendy 399 Mal loy, Dolores 102 Maloney, Mark 380 Malthiessen, Karen 298 Malvin, Barry 372 Mangels, Robert 55 Mangum, Robert , 354 Mann, Gerald 222, 382 Mann, Robert 55, 171 Mann, Roger 366 Mann, Rosalind 88 Manning, James 422 Manning, Marcia 282 Mar, Randall 363 Maranhao, Robert 379 Marans, Howard 97 Marantz, George 372 Maraschin, Bob 316 Marchand, George 344 Marchitelli, Toni 55, 298 Marcucci, Paula 308 Marculescu, Julie 404 Margolin, Harold 55 Marguleas, Howard 55, 366 Maringer, Kirk 55 Marken, Cathy 274 Markham, Connie 296 Marks, Lin 294 Markus, Sybil 115 Marp, Stan 152 Marpet, Carolyn 288 Marquard, Milton 207, 340 Marr, 55 Marr, Joan 304 Marsh, Noel 129 Marsh, Pat ....31, 55, 63, 78, 83, 85, 152, 298 Marshall, Carole 131, 290 Marshall, Cliff 236, 366 Marshall, Doug 344 Marshall, Leonard 366 Ma rshall, Nancy 55, 416 Marston, Marilyn 154, 280 Marston, Michael 374 Bob 173 Martin, Carolyn 55 Martin, Donald E 241, 358 Martin, Harley 201, 202 Martin, Lucille 55 Martin, Marilyn 55, 284 Martin, Norma 183 Martin, Ralph 335 Martin, Robert 55, 173, 340 Martin, Ron 346 Martin, Rudy 201, 204 Martin, Ted 333 Martin, 360 Martinez, Marty 310 Martsolf, Jane 304 Marx, Stan 386 Marylander, Howard 55, 372 Mascarin, Anthony 245 Mascarin, Edward 335 Maschal, Jean 276 Masharov, Elena 274 Maskovitz, Myron 254 Mason, Eleanor 161 Mason, Col. J. P 152 Mason, Marsha 311 Mason, Maxine 55, 430 Mason, Rex 429 Masters, Liz 280 Masters, Shirley 270 Mastne, Karen 308 Mata, Maria 152 Mathesen, Karen 106, 290 Mathis, Jake 55, 382 Matsumoto, H isad 151 Matsumoto, Norma 55 Mattarocci, Frank ....55, 201, 202, 257, 350 Matthew, Robert 328 Matthews, Ted 354 Mattis, Maureen 280 Mattonen, Gordon 382 Mattson, Bob 330 Matushak, Mary 55, 304 Mauger, Marilyn 304 Maughelli, Mary 55, 418 Mauiello, Josephine 161 Maulet, Blanche 310 Mauric, Evelyn 55 Maus, Elizabeth 267 Mauzy, Claudia 55, 101, 152, 159, 300 • AA McMurtry, Grady 151 McNally, Tom 176 McNamara, Diane 280 McNamara, Sylvia 308 McNees, Jack 206, 250 McNely, Donald 317 McN itt, Jeanne 415 McNull, Carl 330 McPhee, Dave 151, 242, 246 McPherrin, Corene 307 McPherson, Doug 332 McPherson, Ruth 152 McRae, Nancy 302 McRowe, Art 422 McTaggart, Mary 56, 415 McTennen, Eric 129 McTigue, Monica 56 May, Marla 426 Miller, Liz 280 Morgan, Colette 83, 86, 87, 94, Mayeda, Edward 56 Miller, Marcia 292 100, 152, 159, 267 Mayek, Joan 420 Miller, Marilyn 272 Morgan, David 57, 338 Mayer, Bill 344 Miller, Merrill 105 Morgan, Joan 270 Mayer, Ed 358 Miller, Mike 176 Morgan, Phyllis 278 Mayer, Gene 56, 86, 92, 152, Miller, Phil 340 Mori, Osamu 57 204, 422 Miller, Ralph 258 Moriguchi, Eddie 57 Mayer, W. B 173 Miller, Reed 56, 407 Morlan, George 406 Mazzera, Roger 320 Miller, Roger 334 Morris, Ed 152, 173, 344 Mead, Franklin 335 Miller, Sandra 56, 121, 384 Morris, James 57, 143 Mead, Shirley 56, 292 Miller, Sherry 404 Morris, Jared 372 Meade, Kenneth 205, 247, 334 Miller, Timothy 254, 370 Morris, Marilyn 296 Meador, Norma 418 Miller, Tom 82, 152 Morrisey, Joanne 286 Meadowcroft, Robert 334 Mi I lhol land, Marta 294 Morrish, Tom 31, 57, 65, Meadows, Sue 113 M i I I igan, Ron 222, 339 91, 320 Meaney, Margaret....114, 158, 410 Mills, Barton ....56, 143, 158, 169 Morrison, Allan 57, 390 Medall, Sheldon 173, 364 Mills, Bob 328 Morrison, Carole 119, 272 Medanich, Jim 252, 386 Mills, Jane 302 Morrison, C. 119 Meddaugh, Gard 151, 169 Mills, William 356 Morrison, Don 335 Medof, Lynda 272 Nlilne, Jerry 56, 173, 354 Morrison, Jim 374 Meeker, Joyce 300 Milovich, Lee 323 Morrison, Joan 282 Meeker, Marcia 426 Nlilsted, Maurice 227 Morrison, Stan 241 Meerly, Richard 56, 422 Milstein, Mike 384 Morrow, Gordon 360 Megan, Alice 412 Milton, Janice 56, 278 Morse, Frank 57, 252, 338 Meggs, Chuck 246 Minder, Jim 322 Morse, Janet 284 Megino, Purificacion 152 Minenna, Jacqui 282 Morse, Mary 307 Megowan, Michele 121 Miner, Judie 308 Morse, Sam 336 Mehlhoff, Leta 147, 270 Minick, Karan 56, 156, 404 Morse, Sandra 149, 154, 418 Mehlhoff, Mariane 278 Minnick, Kathie 416 Mortana, Irene 267 Meidell, Everett 56 Miser, Butler 364 Morton, Ann 412 Meikle, John 132 Minton, Ben 323 Morton, Bob 336 Mel lana, Lauralie 286 M irande, Josette 430 Morton, Wright 346 Melmom, Gary 366 M isch, Franz 257 Mortenson, John 57, 173, 344 Melton, Sandra 274 Mitchell, Betty 56, 267 Mortenson, Karen 278 Melville, Judy 308 Mitchell, Carol 270 Mortland, Marsha 284 Mencoff, Carol 288 Mitchell, Gary 376 Moseley, Doug 336 Mendelson, Allene 311 M itchel I, Madeline 300 Moseley, Keith 57, 362 Mendelsohn, Bob 96, 348 Mitchell, Mary 300 Mosesian, Paul 400 Mendelsohn, Marlene 399 Mitchell, Ronald 145 Mosier, Downey 322 Mendonca, Donna 56, 160 Mitchell, Ronald 56, 429 Mosier, Kimberly 57 Mendoza, Ben 152 Mitchell, Ronald H. 56, 151, Moskovitz, Myron 348 Mengshol, John 142, 318 169, 172 Moskowitz, Jack 342 Menke, Arnold 56, 429 Mittelman, Martin 56, 400 Moskowitz, Ronald 348 Mennie, Alan 209 M iura, Robert 422 Mosley, Benedict 57, 325 Mercer, Lauren 56, 407 Minter, Janet 300 Moss, Al 113 Mercer, Stanley 56, 151, 169, Miyakawa, Carolyn 31, 56, 65, Motakin, Joseph 129 172 159, 415 Mote, C ' ayton 374 Merchant, Carol 426 M iyamoto, Beverly 415 Mote, Mike 57, 374 Merdler, Joe 96 M izel, Barney 366 Mothershead, Maria 426 Merenlender, Sylvain 322 M izrahi, Judy 404 Motzer, Barbara 296 Meeker, Yvonne 278 M jolsnes, Russell 100, 251 Moulton, Mike 247 Merkt, Gayle 286 Moberly, John 337 Mount, Alys 161 Merle, Pierre 340 Mock, Molly 56, 296 Moyer, Doily 57, 413 Merner, Peter 328 Mock, Nancy 56 Muehlbauer, John 330 Merrihew, Darryl 205, 400 Moffat, Eleanor 282 Muhn, Josephine 57 Merrihew, Gary 56, 400 Mohammed, Shad 56, 143 Mu ir, Bruce 236, 330 Merrill, Cindy 296 Moir, Al 56, 335 Muldavin, Roger 176 Merrill, Nancy 294 Moir, Barton 335 Mullen, Charlotte 310 Merrill, Robert 342 Moline, Robert 337 Muller, Barbara 296 Merriman, Everett 381 Maloney, Louanne 56, 156, Muller, Bertha 106, 290 Merser, Stan 122 159, 286 Muffins, Mary 117 Meserve, Nancy 399 Monaco, Albert 344 Mulvany, Beverly 298 Messina, Gail 56, 284 Monaco, Carolyn 56, 413 Mulvaney, Katie 282 Messner, Adrian 169 Monada, Kazue 415 Mumbert, Joyce 278 Metcalf, Darcy 304 Monahan, William 80 Mundell, Pat 430 Metz, Bob 56, 378 Monako, Marilyn . . 56, 61, 146, Muneno, Janet 414 Metzler, John 422 147 Munk, Miner 57 Meuser, Velma 56, 410 Moncharsh, Robert 366 Munro, Jean 298 Meyer, Dennis 346 Jessica 280 Munter, Dick 184 Meyer, Yvonne 420 Monnier, Dick 388 Munvd, Jean 96 Meyers, Joyce 272 Monroe, George 388 Murai, Aron 57, 151, 172, 407 Meyers, Judy 418 Monroe, John 320, 340 March, Lee 382 Meylan, Marianne 106 Monski, Marlyn 161 Murdock, Janice 310 Miali, Marlene 412 Montejano, Rudy 114, 176 Murley, Dick 57, 326 Michael, John 201, 203, 204, Montgomery, Marcia 298 Murphy, Joanne 161, 274 364 Montgomery, Marilyn 276 Murphy, Judy 404 Michaels, Joan 294 Montgomery, Robert 35 4 Murphy, Capt. T 152 Michaels, Loretta 56, 308 Montoya, Milward 209 Murray, Barbara 267 M icheli, Diane 56, 284 Monzon, Thelma 56 Murray, Moira 284 M ickle, Kay 56, 302 Moore, Ann S. 284 Muscat, Angela 414 M ikelson, Carol 286 Moore, Bill 56, 89, 91 Mushowitz, Barbara 426 M ikesel I , Norma 290 Moore, Charles 56, 169 Muzinich, Ivan 356 Mikuls, Gloria 159, 410 Moore, Danny 267 Myer, Ragna 286 Miles, Maureen 414 Moore, Dee Dee 87 Myers, Kenneth 368 Miles, Pat 56, 300 Moore, Douglas 392 Myers, Marjory 418 Miles, Sandy 282 Moore, Jo Ann 296 Myers, Michael 57, 173, 376 Milfs, Sandy 96, 267 Moore, Judy 292 Myers, Patsy 282 M ill, Thomas 56, 379 Moore, Judy 276 Myrnos, Gus 57 M i I lar, Victor 56, 146 Moore, Mary 56, 276 Miller, Al 381 Moore, Maureen 286 Miller, Alan 385 Moore, Nancy 399 Miller, Barron 142, 337 Moore, Tom . 152, 155, 169, 386 McAdams, Joan . 162, 304 Miller, Bud 56 Moorehead, D. L 169 McCallum, Bob 205 Miller, C. A 337 Moosbrug ger, Ed 114, 163 McCallum. Carol 284 Miller, David 56 Moose 374 McCann, Roger 374 Miller, Don 366 Morales, Rafael 56, 152 McCarthy, Brian 328 Miller, Edward 388 Moreda, Richard 57 McCarthy, Don 362 Miller, Jim 226 Morehouse, Marilyn 57, 284 McCarthy, Helen 296 Miller, John 240, 400 Moreno, Sammie 225 McCartney, Art 96 Miller, Judy 420 Moretto, Elmer 57 McCartney, Arthur 400 McCarty, Bob 352 McCarty, Richard 56, 407 McCauley, Sue 56, 88, 89, 159, 282 McCausland, Bruce 339 McCay, Dorothy 298 McCleary, Douglas 386 McClintock, Marilyn 56, 280 McClintock, Marilyn 85 McClollough, Mike 428 McCloskey, Jerry 328 McComb, Delmar 56 McComb, James 56 McComb, Wayne 382 McConaughy, Marlene 280 McConn, Gary 428 McConne I I, Barbara 146 McConnell, Nina 56, 100, 415 McConner, Jack 364 McCord, Maureen 302 McCord, Paula 420 McCourt, Brian 352 McCubbin, Bill 173 McCullough, Witto 222 McCutchan, Jim 406 McCutchen, Mike 386 McDaniel, Bob 376 McDaniels, Mary 292 McDermid, Judy 292 McDermid, Mary 56, 155 McDermott, Patricia 420 McDermott, Terrance 360 McDonald, David 56, 338 McDonald, Doug 342 McDonald, Frances 416 McDonald, Jim 166 McDonald, Judith 274 McDonald, Mary 302 McDonnell, Toni 304 McDowell, Barbara 267 McDowell, Carol 278 McDowell, Jennefer 56 McEneany, Lyn 282 McEnerney, Martha 302 McEnroe, Mary 174 McEver, Orin 380 McEwing, Pat 300 McFarl ine, Ann 292 McFeely, Mike 247, 344 McGhie, Bob 337 McGill, Betsy 105, 177 McGilvray, Anne 100, 280 McGinn, John 344 McGinn, Phil 184, 250 McGinnis, John 360 McGowan, Michele 413 McGowan, Velma 56 McGrath, Jarold 56 McGuire, Pat 278 McHenry, Joan 96, 152, 267 McHugh, Robert 364 Mclndoe, James 88, 334 McInnis, Jeanne 161 McIntosh, Alan 184, 232, 400 McIntosh, Carol 56, 298 McIntosh, Don 184, 221, 360 McIntosh, Robert 151 McKean, Judie 270 McKee, Patsy 420 McKeen, Everett 31, 56, 63, 184, 221 McKel ler, Renee 270 McKendree, John 364 McKinney, Jody 398 McKenzie, Melissa 292 McKimmey, Mary 149, 415 McKinney, Dabney 311 McKinnon, Keith 326 McKinstry, Jim 141 McKissick, John 328 McKissock, William 350 McKnight, Jack 362 McKnight, Merlin 173 McKowan, Carl 382 McLaughlin, Tom 201, 204, 364 McLaughton, Shirley 15 McLean, Isabelle 29 McLennon, Donald 38 McLeod, Clark 34 McLure, Sue 56, 28 McMahon, Kay 28 McManigal, Ken 205, 24 McManigue, Ken 37 McMannis, Sue 56, 27 McMasters, Alan 33 McMasters, Harold 33 McMillan, Byron 36 McMullen, S. 11 McMurry, Alan 42 McMurty, Dave 11 Mc N Nadeau, Doug 428 Nadelman, Stella 426 Naderson, Kris 270 Nagafuji, Akemi 57, 409 Nagao, Dave 146 Nager, Carol 414 Nagle, ' Cathleen 57, 415 Nagle, Nano 57, 278 Naito, Mitsu 57 Nakagawa, Gordon 172, 227 Nakagawa, Ruby 160 Nakano, Yoshio 57 Nance, Roger 356 Nankeville, William 360 Narita, Kimi 57, 161 Narrby, Dennis 324 Nash, Robert 57, 346 Nason, Bonnie 278 Nathan, Harriet 288 Neale, Charles 57, 140, 144 Nealson, Sandy 282 Needham, Bill 316 Neely, Dwight 57, 346 Neely, John 381 Neft, Jerry 366 Neick, Del 415 Neil, Joe 142, 368 Nelson, Barbara 300 Nelson, David 58 Nelson, Dick 242, 246, 392 Nelson, Don 224 Nelson, George 58 Nelson, Joyce 58, 82, 409 Nelson, Merle 58, 370 Nelson, Mert 332 Nelson, Mervyn 205 Nelson, Rex 58 Nelson, Sandy 296 Nelson, Sylvia 284 Nemechek, Bob 222, 376 Nemir, Ed 225 Nemir, Howard 105, 382 Nestor, Bill 362 Neufold, Harold 58 Neufeld, Bill ....84, 184, 233, 236 Neumeyer, Pete 250 Neves, Robert 364 Nevil, Carol 270 Newell, Anne 302 Newell, Patrick 205, 368 Newell, Pete 222, 242 Newell, Sandy 304 Newhall, Henry 378 Newman, Bob 338 Newman, Jay 358 Newman, Paul 83 Newmark, Kent 254, 356 Newquist, Frank 251 Newstrum, Leonard 346 Newton, Michael 370 Newton, Pat 58, 399 Neyman, Elizabeth 58 N icholes, Ronald 374 Nichols, Ann 284 Nichols, Bob 316 Nichols, Will 340 0 Nicholson, Nancy 280 0 Nicholson, Sara 96 0 Nickel, Walter 58, 324 2 N ickison, Richard 245 4 Nicol, Bob 429 7 Nicoletti, Anne 96, 294 4 Nielsen, Hardy 236 4 Nielson, Norman 151 0 Niemi, A. E 58 0 Niles, Phil 143 2 Nisbet, Bill 386 9 Nishi, Helen 418 2 N ishio, Ann 161 3 Nitsos, Jim 58, 116, 144, 338 441 Nixon, David 388 Noxin, Gordon 370 Nock, Molly 276 Noda, Judy 58 Nofield, Ralph 58, 366 Nole, Michael 358 Nolen, Jeanette 154 Nolta, George 151 Nomura, Betty 58 Norbut, Joan 304 Norgard, Earl 386 Norman, Bob 340 Norman, Frances 294 Norman, Lynne 58, 276 Norman, John 209, 236, 368 Norris, Carol .....120, 158, 176, 274 Norris, Robert 172 Norton, Carol 159, 292 Norton, Howie 229 Norton, Nancy 119, 282 Norwitt, Dave 366 Nowling, Barbara 404 Nunamaker, Tons 151 Nussbaum, Harris 58, 390 Nussman, Roger 251 Nustin, Carolyn 286 Nutting, Jil l 58, 416 Nyeland, Lynne 302 Nygren, Dick 58 Nygren, Elaine 58, 177, 415 Nyheim, John 386 0 Oakes, Charles 58 O ' Brien, Andy 415 O ' Brien, Robert 145 Odale, Glenda 410 O ' Day, Michael 330 Odell, Judy 96, 298 Ogle, Jim 173, 350 Ogren, Robert 378 O ' Hara, Ken 316 Ohison, David 340 0 kano, Kango 58 Okey, Dr. Ruth 155 Okino, Tom 58 Olden, Elinor 288 Olguin, Hank....201, 204, 236, 370 Oliva, Joe 184, 201, 202, 205 Oliver, Esley 58 Oliver, Pam 302 Oliver, Rosalind 286 Oliveri, Larry 339 Oliver°, Lorraine 418 Olivier, Barry 58 Olivier, Helen 58 Olker, Adele 160, 292 Olmsted, Sally 298 Olsen, Rex 171 Olsen, Sandra 149 Olson, Don 173 Olson, Janet 286 Olson, Karen 292 Olson, Liz 296 Omdal, Diane 58 Omohundro, Nancy 410 O ' Neal, Gary 227 O ' Neil, Marcia 270 O ' Neill, Peg 154, 280 Oppenheimer, Rose 416 Opperman, Kyra 144, 159, 162, 276 Oransky, Lois 413 Orchard, Tom 338 Orman, Pamela 267 Orme, Evan 381 Orme, Maynard 184, 207, 236, 381 Orovich, Tom 406 Orso, Grete 96, 304 Ortner, Paul 184, 386 Orum, William 382 Orvis, Pete 374 Osborn, Del 400 Osborn, Janice 58, 415, 104 Osborne, David 392 Osborne, Wayne 142 O ' Shaughnessy, Phillip 330 Oshsner, Richard 144 Oskay, Ref ia 58 Osorio, Joan 304 Oss, Thora 302 Ostrom, Peggy 149 Oswald, Dan 173 Oswald, Wilfred 400 Ota, Arlene 58 Otero, Rye 292 Otis, Emily 58, 420 Otis, Norma 416 Ott, Barton 58, 91, 360 Ott, David 58, 366 Otto, Berdella 418 Ovalle, Frank 320 Overfelt, Mary 300 Overstreet, Dee 294 Overstreet, Jill 282 O ' Weill, John 428 Owen, Don 173 Owens, Dick 184 Owens, Irene 58, 267 Owens, Richard 58, 386 Owyang, Winifred 306 Olsen, Lee 400 P Pace, Bill 58, 324 Packard, Robert 360 Paget, Sandra 58 Paige, Dick, 201, 204 Pa!kers, Lorrayn 58, 308 Pallay, Linda 288 Palley, Marsh 173 Palma, Tom 184, 245, 360 Palmar, Leigh 58, 422 Palmer, Nancy 58, 278 Palmer, Suzy 302 Palmer, Wendy 282 Palmer, William 58 Palmquist, Dick 428 Pamphilon, Sandra ....58, 159, 278 Panagakis, Connie 58, 408 Pancheco, Andre 58, 144, 288 Pancho, Justina 152 Panelli, Gloria 58 Pape, Fred 362 Paperno, Natalie 416 Papke, Missie 286 Pappakostas, Kathy 58, 420 Paratore, William 317 Parish, Carolyn 300 Park, Dean H. 326 Park, Henry 205 Parker, Barbara 58, 410 Parker, Bill 376 Parker, Maria 416 Parker, Mary 58 Parker, Ronald 171 Parker, Russ 338 Parkin, Dick 106 Parrelli, Geraldine 58, 267 Parrin, Lois 117 Parsons, James 104 Parsons, Patricia 418 Partanen, Antero 209 Partridge, Patricia 282 Pascoe, Kay 107 Paslin, Esther 288 Passie, James 400 Pattern, Marilyn ' 91, 162, 298 Patterson, Dale 58, 407 Patton, Bill 205 Patton, Bob 400 Patton, Jean 59, 276 Patton, Julie 296 Patton, Pat 225 Paul, Arlene 288 Paul, Dave 332 Paul, Elizabeth 278 Paular, Raymond 152 Pauley, Susan 162, 296 Pauli, Gretchen 154, 420 Paulson, Carla 278 Paulson, John 59, 172 Pavlick, Norman 59, 374 Pavtch, Jane 404 Pawson, Lynn 154 Paxton, Bob 340 Paxton, Jack 190, 382 Paxton, Jack 205 Payne, Ashley 59, 320 Payne, Patricia 59, 290 Pearl, Valerie 311 Pearlman, Jules 151, 169 Pearson, Dave 59, 362 Pearson, Erman 169 Pearson, Joan 420 Pearson, Verna 59, 294 Peck, Marlene 294 Pedersen, Anna 412 Peet, Mikie 59, 298 Pelkan, John 340 Pel lett, Dick 386, 152 Pellissier, Francois 400 Pellissier, Pierre 59, 356 Peltzer, Cosette 96, 267 Pelz, David 400 Pelzner, Marvyn 59, 400 Pemberton, Bob 358 Pemebaker, George 160 Pendergast, James 338 Penland, Bob 382 Pennoyer, Steve 393 Penny, Sheila 292 Penry, Beth 80 Penry, Neil 59 Peoples, Richard 59, 358 Pepper, Roberts 59, 151, 163, 169, 422 Peppin, Nancy 59, 112, 284 Perdue, Charles 171 Perdue, Don 342 Perdue, Lee 308 Pereira, Pat 282 Pererrson, John 173 Pererson, Judy 160 Perkins, Carolyn 418 Perkins, Polly 280 Peri, Marilyn 59, 308 Perlstein, John 390 Perondi, Sharon 59, 416 Perrin, Anthony 246, 350, 201 Perrin, Judy 59, 296 Perrin, Robert 406 Perrish, Richard 322 Perry, Barbara 416 Perry, Dave 380 Peahl, Lawrence 59 Perusse, Joan 416 Pessin, Leo 152, 400 Peter, Carole 280 Peters, Roberta 416 Petersen, John 59, 184 Petersen, Neal 326 Petersen, Val 400 Peterson, Bob 183 Peterson, Darryl 59, 334 Peterson, Donald 59 Peterson, Dorothy 267 Peterson, Edward 166, 392 Peterson, Eugene 59, 326 Peterson, Joyce 286 Peterson, Judy 59, 304 Peterson, Richard 151 Peterson, Robert 100, 374 Peterson, Roger 340 Petralia, Pat 413 Petri, Alberta 286 Petrocelli, Bill 326 Petron, Ken 354 Petrosky, Joseph 60 Petterson, Pete 330 Pettigrew, Jim 60, 142 Pfarrer, Dick 160 Pfeiffer, Gretchen 60, 278 Pfeiffer, Jacqueline 60, 107 Pfeifer, Peter 60, 143 Phelps, Bonnie 430 Phelps, Phyllis 177 Phil, Don 316 Philbrook, Gordon 60, 142 Philippi, Judy 302 Phillips, Diane 284 Phillips, Frederick 400 Phillips, Ted 163 Phipps, Allen 320 Pichon, Gary 160, 400 Pick, Marlene 121 Pickett, Mary 117, 161 Piehi, Don 257 Pierce, Glenn 82, 400 Pierotto, Mary 60, 418 Pierson, Barbara 270 Piestrup, Don 204, 335 Pigott, Bud 60 Pihl, Don 201, 316 Pilgrim, Walter 60, 141 Pi I lsburg, Patricia 404 Pillsbury, Pat 107 Pilz, Gerald 60, 143 Pimento], Gerald 60, 114, 184, 190 Pimley, Don 60, 184, 252, 326 Pincus, Phil 60, 407 Pinnelli, Ron 100, 346 Pinoni, David 380 Pinsler, Lorraine 288 Piper, Nancy 410 Piper, Paul 184, 245, 317 Piper, Willis 318 Piscotta, John 382 Pitta, James 339 Plat, Ben 60, 224, 323 Platt, Dick 60, 340 Platt, Steve 362 Platz, Cosette 60 Platzek, Rudolph 60 Plimpton, Hal 382 Plisco, Gary 173 Plomgren, Chester 111, 114, 400 Podsakoff, Pauline 426 Polite, James 332 Polk, Juan 316 Pollock, Edward 245 Pollock, Judy 304 Pollock, Ted 184 Poise, Sanford 366 Poncetta, Elizabeth 60 Pond, Ranny 340 Ponutta, Elizabeth 161 Pool, Bob 334 Popp, Ronald 400 Poppin, Nick 173, 184 Portale, Emil 114 Porter, D. 147 Porter, James 60, 318 Porter, Marilyn 267 Porter, Phyllis 420 Porter, Susan 302 Portman, Frank 247, 344 Possner, Sue 292 Post, Janet 292 Potter, Nancy 60, 276 Potts, Marianne 60 Poulson, Marguerite 296 Powell, Dixie 60, 85, 104, 149 Powell, Donald 318 Powers, Susan 60, 360 Powell, F. M 142 Powell, George 227 Pratt, Davis 320 Pratt, Diane 270 Pratt, Mike 251 Pratt, Sandra 267 Pray, David 160 Preble, Joan 60, 426 Prendevi Ile, Joan 304 Prescop, Val 60, 207, 358 Prescott, James 60, 350 Preston, Lynn 270 Pribenoa, Francis 169 Price, Eleanor 276 Price, Rachel 426 Price, Roger 207, 236, 368 Price, Rozanne 298 Pride, Robert 370 Prodmore, Betsy 60, 274 Primacove, Ellen 412 Prindeville, Terry 201, 203 Prindle, Naomi 292 Prindle, Robert 60, 166, 354 Pringle, Mary 284 Prislin, Muriel 280 Probert, Margie 398 Proctor, Linda 284 Proctor, Mary 88, 160 Proctor, Pril 286 Proffitt, Norman 335 Proffitt, Pat 116, 304 Prosek, Jean 294 Provenzano, Edward 60 Pruce, Jim 328 Pruff, Pat 300 Pryde, Dave 222, 316 Puccinelli, Robert 3 Puckhaber, Jeanette 245, 29788 Pudoff, Dorothy 4 Pugh, Marianne 60, 149 Purcell, Peggy 294 Purdy, Bob 352 Purrington, Bruce 386 Purssell, Tana 280 Purvis, Betty 107, 300 Pyles, Janice 418 Pyne, Marilyn 286 Q Quan, Keith 143, 169 Quayle, Marlene 158, 270 Quesnoy, Charlene 280 Quick, Donald 60, 382 Quick, Glenn 388 Quigg, Ann 410 Jerry 60, 143, 388 Quigley, Pat 370 Quittner, Dave 390 Quon, Jeanette 160, 161 Qushu, Hasen 173, 176 Radebaugh, Alice 274 Radford, Glenn 60, 88, 388 Radonich, Lenore 274 Raff, Garold 380 Raffetto, Joe 386 Raffetto, Michael 60, 143, 364 Raffetto, Peter 364 Raggio, Sara 420 Rahlfs, Roberta 382 Rahn, Paul 338 Raines, Charleen 177, 274 Raiser, Clark 376 Ralph, Boyden 60, 364 Ralston, Ann 426 Ralston, Charles 60, 422 Ralston, Phil 370 Ramirez, Lloyd 60 Rammell, Arland 60, 337 Ramos, Jose 152 Ramseier, Roger 2O1, 202, 382 Ramsey, Harry 235, 400 Ramsey, Ralph 60, 422 Rand, Margharita 60 Randall, Sharon 304 Randolph, Carol 412 Randolph, Madeline 288 Randolph, Richard 60 Raney, Jim 166 Ranney, Jeanne 286 Ransford, Marilyn 60, 282 Raport, Cars 288 Raport, Julie 288 Rasmussen, Ann 280 Rasmussen, Dean 380 Rasmussen, Fred 114, 115 Ratner, Sanford 372 Rauscher, Lynne 60, 158, 410 Raven, Peter 60 Ray, Daniel 61 Ray, Marion 61, 161 Ray, Mary 300 Raymer, C harles 252 Raymond, Roy 184, 360 Read, Kitty 426 Read, Phyllis 290 Read, Sandra 280 Ready, Harold 173 Ready, T. J 340 Reames, Don 213 Reamy, Ron 364 Rearrick, Haro ld 61, 422 Reberiego, Sylvia 415 Rechtiene, Carol 61, 294 Redden, Gayle 183 Redsun, Sima 61 Reed, Beverly 270 Reed, Bill 100, 374 Reed, Franklin 338 Reed, Mary 282 Reed, Stewart 368 Reed, Virginia 96, 102, 416 Reeder, Diane 61, 292 Reeder, Paula 61, 292 Reese, Dinny 175 Reese, Cherryl 61 Reese, Marilyn 308 Reetz, Jack 165 Regalia, El lene 117, 294 Rehfuss, Marcia 61, 149, 410 Rei, Michael 370 Reichert, George 84, 100, 330 Reid, Frank 169 Reid, John 334 Reidt, Donald 61, 360 Reilly, Kathy 282 Reilly, Tom 61, 374 Reinhertz, Paul 372 Reiser, Thomas 335 Remington, Earl 61 Resins, Kay 82, 267 Rennels, Don 246 Renner, Robert 379 Rennick, Lyle 335 Renteria, Richard 61, 172 Retter, Stephen 246, 334 Reubema, Lester 151 Revzan, David 101 Reynard, Lee ....61, 142, 152, 400 Reynolds, Al 245 Reynolds, Douglas 155 Reynolds, Lurene 310 Reynolds, Pat 311 Rheingruber, Charlotte 420 Rheingruber, Herb 422 Rhoades, Ellis 337 Rhoades, Stuart 337 Rhode, Ray 247 Rhodes, Fred 61, 320 Rhcdes, Louis 358 Rhodes, Lt. R. H 152 Rhodes, Skip 376 Riccabona, Anthony 360 Rice, Bruce 334 Rice, Dale 151 Rice, Kent 325 Richard, Nancy 282 Richards, Char!es 400 AA ' ) Richards, Griff 169 Richards, R. B 166 Richards, Tony 232 Richardson, Al 205 Richardson, Carol 294 Richardson, Diane 284 Richardson, Harold 346 Richardson, Jerry 429 Richardson, Joe 339 Richardson, Mary 104, 290 Richardson, Rick 344 Richison, Ron 251 Richmond, Frank 61, 224 Richmond, Rex 376 Richter, Walter 61, 407 Rickman, Charlotte 418 Ricksen, Rape 222 Rideaux, Lea 61, 284 Riek, George 61, 141 Riemer, Monika 61, 410 Rierson, James 172 Rifkind, Gary 366 Rigdon, Edith 61, 142 Riggs, Manford 61, 342 Riggs, Ramon 184 Riker, George 91 Ring, Andrew - 96, 325 Ring, Jay 370 Ringer, John 393 Ringham, Janet 290 Ringler, Harold 406 Riordon, Marion 267 Ripley, Joan 61, 294 Rith, Bill 358 Ritter, Jack 318 Robberson, Jack 354 Robbins, John 388 Robbins, Joyce 302 Robbins, Laurette 288 Robbins, Lally 288 Roberiego, Mercedes 415 Roberson, Darryl 352 Roberson, Lee 61, 334 Roberts, Mr. 161 Roberts, Darrel 201, 203, 236 Roberts, Don 61, 346 Roberts, Doug 346 Roberts, Jackie 114, 292 Roberts, Jackie 280 Roberts, Joan 61, 414 Roberts, Judy 270 Roberts, Paula 302 Robertson, Carroll 322 Robertson, Don 184 Robertson, Eleanor 280 Robertson, John 61, 400 Robertson, Margo 286 Robertson, Richard 169 Robie, Ron 132 Robinow, Ron 366 Robinson, Beryl 61, 318 Robinson, Bill 318 Robinson, Earl 184, 221, 245 Robinson, Patricia 304 Robinson, Polly 161 Robinson, Renee 420 Robinson, S haron 284 Robinson, Warren 61, 152, 330 Robson, Marilyn 418 Rocas, Mary 399 Roche, Marlene 61, 290 Rockwell, Robert 428 Rodenhuis, Dave 145 Rodger, Nancy 302 Rodger, Torn 201, 204 Rodger, Don 173, 176 Rodgers, Gael 280 Rodgers, Lee 350 Rodgers, Mary Ann 416 Rodgers, Tom 257 Rodriquez, David 381 Roesner, Luise 399 Rogers, Andy 328 Rogers, Elizabeth 302 Rogers, Sally 278 Rogertson, Richard 151 Rohl, Nancy 62 Rohwer, Barbara 62, 304 Rohwer, Gail 304 Rohwer, Laverne 62, 160, 304 Rohwer, Marilyn 94, 152, 162, 177, 304 Rake, Arthur 141, 346 Rollman, 150 Roloff, Paula 62, 415 Rolston, Lois 408 Romeo, Frank 385 Romer, Joan 413 Romness, Bonnie 410 Rona ' d, John 207 Ronan, John 358 Sakai, Hiroshi 62 Rondon, Fernando 104 Sakai, Jerry 62, 407 Roney, Maryly 296 Sakaldasis, Gus 400 Rooney, Phyllis 267 Salisbury, Betty 274 Root, Marilyn 278 Salisbury, Jim 246, 400 Root, Mike 352 Sally, Frank 382 Root, Phyllis 282 Salot, Stuart 372 Roper, Ann 177, 300 Salter, Judy 276 Rosberg, Eleanor 307 Slatzen, Carolyn 159, 177, 274 Rose, Berta 62, 292 Sam 346 Rose, Bill 62, 360 Samaras, Celia 280 Rose, Catherine 62 Samford, Bob 142 Rose, Howard 348 Samon, Toni 413 Rose, Richard 62 Samson, Sammy 173 Rose, Rod 400 Samuels, Carol 414 Rose, Roger 372 Samuels, Dixie 416 Rose, Virginia 310 Samuels, Lewis 143 Rosen, Joelle 272 Samuelson, Roger 78, 79, 320 Rosenberg, Don 348 Sanchez, Ana 62, 294 Rosenberg, Gary 87 Sanchez, George 62 Rosenberg, John 328 Sanchez, Louis 62, 337 Rosenberg, Margy 292 Sandelin, Barbara 174 Rosenblatt, Don 348 Sanderson, Lorna 276 Rosencrantz, Ardyth 272 Sandner, Sandy 111 Rosencrantz, Sue 404 Sandretto, Joyce 409 Rosenfled, William 131 Sands, Lawrence 382 Rosenquist, Robert 142, 388 Sandstrom, Nancy 276 Rosenthal, Gerald 62, 400 Sandstrom, Don 388 Ross, Betsy 290 Sanes, Marlene 420 Ross, Dennis 62, 372 Sanford, Roger 62, 388 Ross, Jay 163 Sanguinetti, Diane 62, 286 Ross, Martin 390 Sani, Bob 318 Ross, Nancy 62, 292 San Juan, Gloria 62, 152 Ross, Torn 320 San Juan, Pete 152 Rossetto, June 430 Santana, Judy 62 Rossi, Don 354 Santee, Robert 358 Roth, James 143 Sardel I, Sheila 100, 416 Rothbart, Bonnie 408 Saroyan, Jack 364 Rothert, Harlow 332 Sarrow, Jerome. 62, 82, 315, 366 Rothman, Paul 366 Sartain, Carol 304 Rothschild, Loren 372 Sasaki, Sachiko 62, 160 Rott, Ronald 370 Sater, Corinne 161 Rous, William 142 Saugestad, Thelma 62, 415 Rowan, L. G 169 Saunders, Margery 416 Rowe, Carolyn 294 Savage, Marcia 62, 284 Rowe, Mary 308 Sawyer, Jan 290 Rowley, Jan 96 Sawyer, Nancy 298 Royal, R. 147 Saxon, Alexander 348 Royer, Pat 280 Saywel I, George 339 Rubens, John 344 Scalinetti, Loretta 267 Rubin, Bob 80 Scanlan, Janith 62, 302 Ruby, Barbara 62, 118 Scarlett, Kathleen 404 Ruby, Bobi 152 Schaal, Raymond 318 Ruby, Joan 118, 426 Schadlich, Steve 173, 376 Rucker, Virginia 304 Schaefer, Charles 173, 176 Rudbach, Jon 381 Schaefer, Nancy 162, 274 Rudolf, Mary 304 Scharot, Max 386 Rudolph, Darcy 177, 310 Schauer, William 340 Rudy 380 Schaupp, Shirley 290 Rue, Larry 62, 113, 163, 400 Scheck, Ronald 346 Ruggeri, Anne 267 Scheel, Martha 62, 410 Ruggles, Stan 400 Scheibner, Suzanne 100, 426 Ruhne, Vivian 415 Scherman, Barry 91, 390 Runte, Jennifer 302 Scherzinger, Dennis 62, 339 Rusca, Rose 62 Schick, William 143 Russ, Joe 226, 339 Schiller, Ted 62 Russell, Annette 404 Schimmel, Richard 382 Russell, Coy 386 Schlegel, Chuck 152 Russell, Dave 316 Schlegel, Nancy 107, 426 Russell, David 62, 317 Schleicher, Rodney 368 Russell, James 62 Schlichtmann, Corinne 62, 304 Russell, Renny 201, 204, 336 Schlientag, Randall 62, 348 Russell, Tom 360 Schlotzhauer, Jean 280 Ruth, Janet 408 Schlumpf, Walter 62, 173, 176 Ruth, Stuart 326 Schmid, Carol 100, 416 Rutherford, Don 335 Schmidt, Col. C. T. 152 Rutherford, Rosemary 270 Schmidt, John 62, 320 Ruth, Glen 360 Schmidt, Tinka 412 Rutz, Jerry 62 Schmitz, Gera ' d 62 Ruyle, Eugene 224 Schneider, Carmen 310 Ruyle, John 120, 176 Schneider, Earl 222 Ryan, Charles 62, 407 Schneider, Henry 45, 63, 158, Ryan, Donna 62, 292 381 Ryan, John 62, 364 Schneider, Marilyn 161 Ryan, Pat 286 Schneider, Patricia 63, 307 Ryan, Tim 378 Schneider, Shirley 63, 82, 284 Rydberg, Sonya 62 Schneider, Tom 386 Ryder, Doug 352 Schneiders, Bill 368 Rypinski, Don 342 Schoeplein, Bob 63, 388 Scholesk, Nina 298 Scholz, Margie 116, 278 Schone, Marilyn 63, 310 Sabin 0, Dolores 62 Schorr, Charles 381 Sablinsky, Walter 62, 209, 381 Schorr, Fred 338 Sacchi, Jerry 380 Schrieber, Judith 302 Saeltzer, Florence 62, 280 Schreiber, Leonard 370 Sagemeister, Art 62 Schreiber, Shirley 310 °t. Pmant, Nancy 298 Schrepel, Lou 376 St. Clair, Nancy 276 Schroder, Joyce 278 Sakae, Li ' y 418 Schroeder, Gail 119, 160, 290 Schroeder, Sandra 414 Schroth, George 206 Schufler, Ron 429 Schulman, Richard 390 Schultz, Claude ....63, 82, 84, 352 Schultz, Dennis 352 Schultz, Edward 142 Schultz, Sonja 280 Schultz, Tony 207 Schulz, Nancy 63, 149 Schulz, Royce 400 Schulz, Sandy 282 Schulz, Wayne 63, 152, 322 Schumacher, Bob 376 Schutt, David 63, 400 Schutz, Mike 323 Schwab, Bruce 366 Schwab, Don 364 Schwartz, Al 384 Schwartz, Andrea 272 Schwartz, Carl 251, 354 Schwartz, Joe 176 Schwartz, Ronald 348 Schwarz, Frederick 251 Schwarz, Fritz 354 Schwerin, Carl 177 Schwerin, John 152, 348 Scolari, Dick 388 Scoten, Theresa 282 Scott, Don 318 Scott, Janet 63, 276 Scott, Jennifer 280 Scott, Judy 276 Scott, Larry 63, 151, 169 Scott, May 169 Scott, Pete 392 Scott, Phebe 63 Scott, Robert 318 Scoville, Walter 63 Scrivner, Dick 339 Scruggs, Pat 370 Scully, John 388 Seale, Pearl 410 Searls, Katie 415 Sears, John 386 Seberg, Claudia 418 Sebo, Susan 399 Sebring, Harold 173 See, John 376 Seely, Mari lyn 282 Segal, Geraldine 404 Segall, John 366 Segal, Maran 63 Sehwarzer, Tim 318 Seibold, Carol 398 Seifert, Virginia 426 Seitz, Judy 308 Seib, Susan 89, 278 Seligman, Howard 63, 84, 91, 422 Seligman, Ralph 384 Semenov, Debora 404 Semichey, Pat 101, 102, 300 Senior, Walt 205, 257 Senna, Ronald 376 Senram, Barbara 274 Senvanti, Jim 340 Seps, Jerry 356 Serex, Eugene 143 Sergeant, Barbara 177 Serra, Richard 205, 350 Serrah, Betty 274 Server, Joe 382 Sessions, Robert 63 Settle, Ted 247 Setty, Krishna 143 Seve rine, Madeline 83, 106 Seyden, Harold 173 Shadley, Tom 88, 370 Shafer, Ann 304 Shafer, Arlene 414 Shaffer, Gary 63, 336 Shaffer, Ralph 79 Shafft, Sally 278 Shafran, Jay 400 Shaheen, Joan 63, 414 Shallah, Rateb 386 Shannon, John 151 Shapiro, Marvin 366 Shapiro, Nancy 96, 426 Shawl, Stan 84, 141, 400 Shea, Dennis 374 Shea, Maureen 296 Shea, Peter 63, 166, 225, 368 Shearer, Douglas 63, 129 Sheehan, Barbara 290 Sheehan, Peter 152, 344 Sheets, Janet 302 Sheldon, Gary 400 Shelley, Gail 267 Shelvy, Marjorie 63, 290 Shenk, Joandra 63, 286 Shenker, Marilyn 63, 272 Shepard, Joyce 398 Shepherd, Michael ....63, 172, 422 Sherman, Scott 82, 152, 386 Sherman, Tinny 310 Sherrand, Gary 340 Sherrod, Tom 358 Sherry, Denis 63, 422 Sherry, Sue 63, 304 Shibusawa, Al 63 Shiells, Barbara 404 Shimmin, Cathy 410 Shinoda, Sum 107 Shipley, Elizabeth 304 Shipley, Joyce 418 Shipley, Sally 304 Shirachi, Annabelle 64, 107 Shirk, Carl 226 Shively, James 338 Shoptaugh, Leland ....64, 152, 325 Short, David 64, 400 Shriner, Duward 322 Shugert, Bob 374 Shurtz, Ray 360 Shurz, Karl 63, 326 Shutts, Brenda 420 Sidener, Jack 374 Sider, Marcia 272 Sides, Nita 121, 270 Siebert, Edward 422 Siefert, Donald 379 Sieg, Margaret 154, 174 Siegel, Bob 113, 132, 366 Siegel, Stanley 390 Sieraski, Frank 171 Sinner, Howard 372 Sikora, Robert 348 Slier, Mr. 78 Silk, Tom 374 Silnitsky, Marina 88, 274 Silton, Edna 430 Silva, Jerry 247 Silver, Gary 64 Silvernale, Marcia 308 Silverthorne, Willis 205, 344 Simanis, Edwin....63, 64, 150, 209 Simas, Ted 326 Simi, Don 64, 166, 342 Simmons, Jane 88, 282 Simmons, Larry 337 Simmons, Phil 64 Simon, Donald 64, 390 Simon, Frances 161 Simon, Mike 372 Simons, Joyce 64 Simonsen, Al 422 Simpson, Arthur 151 Simpson, Bernie 184, 221, 245, 344 Simpson, Dick 340 Simpson, Phil 354 Simpson, Sherri! 308 Simpson, Suzanne 64, 280 Simpson, Wilbur 393 Simpson, William 326 Sims, Lee 290 Singer, Mike 366 Singer, Roberta 310 Singer, Walter 244, 330 Singleton, Dave 386 Sinsel, Sal ly 270 Sison, Ernestina 152 Sisson, Linda 96, 270 Sisson, Warran 254 Sixtus, Pat 107, 416 Sjordal, Gary 142, 143 Skelly, Suzanne 282 Skene, Paula 144 Skillman, Mary 64, 296 Skinner, Albert 232 Sklar, Judi 87, 100 Skogstrom, Dave 350 Skolnek, Jil 288 Skopp, Gary 366 Skow, Richard 64 Skujins, John 64, 151 Skull 429 Slatt, Barry 372 Slauson, Sam 201, 204 Slavin, Andrea 418 Slavin, Bernie 372 Sloan, Eileen 284 Sloman, Sue 308 Slutman, Allen C 64, 151, 330 Small, Suzie 294 Smeenk, Norm 205 Smidt, Joe 20, 203 Smiley, Noralyn 177, 274 S 443 Smiley, Teddy 410 Smith, Audrey 415 Smith, Barney 332 Smith, Bev 149, 408 Smith, Carol 64 Smith, Dean 160 Smith, Cleburn 173 Smith, David 368 Smith, Don 328 Smith, Donald 317 Smith, Dudley 205, 374 Smith, Frank W 64, 171 Smith, George 374 Smith, Herbert 64 Smith, James 360 Smith, June 64, 149, 294 Smith, Lee 96, 152, 352 Smith, Lewis 241, 323 Smith, Llewellyn 332 Smith, Madeline 64, 161 Smith, Marert 294 Smith, Margaret 270 Smith, Mari lyn 300 Smith, Mary 411 Smith, Merle 354 Smith, Otto 169 Smith, Paul 332 Smith, Phil 346 Smith, Prince Etta 64 Smith, Ray 163 Smith, Robert 64, 352 Smith, Roberta 64, 155 Smith, Sheila 430 Smith, Stephanie 296 Smith, Susan 292 Smith, Vernon 236, 238 Smith, Woodrow 422 Snapp, Gloria 64, 267 Snow, Ann 304 Snow, Robert 64, 152, 388 Snyder, Annette 410 Snyder, Fred 326 Snyder, Kathy 298 Snyder, Kenneth 400 Snyder, Lillybelle 290 Snyder, Louise 412 Snyder, Margaret 298 Soares, Frances 304 Soeten, Theresa 106 Sog into, Thomas 64, 407 Sohns, Oscar 64, 340 Sokolar, Roy 151, 169 Solari, Geraldine 102 Solari, Marianne 286 Solbach, Elaine 270 Solberg, Warren 364 Solem, Roger 222, 340 Solof, Janet 408 Soloman, Ernest 64, 226, 323 Soloman, James . 428 Soloman, Lou 165, 393 Solomonow, Al lan 323 Solvin, Howard 201, 204 Somers, Coralie 290 Somers, Marianne 64, 286 Sommer, Mel 64, 86, 92, 141, 146, 152, 323 Songeharoen, Choompong 172 Sonne, Pete 388 Sontag, Judith 64, 87, 426 Soo Hoo, Horace 64 Sorrells, Sarah 121, 426 Sorrenschein, Ricky 308 Sorrin, Sandra 288 Scales, Ronald 64, 142 Southard, Margaret 64 Spandau, Mari lyn 410 Sparks, Stan 64, 173, 354 Spangler, Diane 161 Spangler, Jim 354 Spaulding, Joan 85, 91, 159, 162, 270 Spealrnan, Jean 64, 290 Spear, Sally 64, 67, 78, 82, 84, 85, 89 Speckman, George 326 Speckman, Janet 267 Sneetzen, Claudia 64, 290 Spence, David 140, 144 Spencer, Loma 398 Spencer, Sandra 282 Spero, Gayle 310 Spieler, Fred 386 Spilker, Phyllis 430 Spink, Charles 64, 143 Spitze, Jim 381 Spivak, Marilyn 404 Spivock, Roberta 272 Spongeberg, Miriam 102 Spongeberg, Richard 64, 141, 142, 145, 346 Spongeberg, Susie 91, 97, 102, 104, 159 Spoon, Patricia 267 Sprague, Donald 64, 360 Sprague, Sandy 300 Spridgen, Sylvia 162, 296 Spring, Carolyn 272 Springer, Lyn 88, 282 Spurlock, Janet 64, 304 Spurr, Eloise 64, 430 Squibb, Loretta 414 Srene, Paula 292 Stabbles, James 64 Stackhouse, Amos 64, 172 Stadelman, Judy 296 Stafford, Jack 317 Stafford, John 242, 247, 364 Stallings, Sandra 64, 409 Stal (man, Hap 370 Staney, Thomas 429 Stanford, Al 370 Stang, Gene 245 Stange, Lionel 429 Stanley, Conny 418 Stanley, Janet 308 Stanley, Pat 64, 280 Stanley, Sue 96, 308 Stansaas, Don 184, 252 Stansbury, Ray 64, 386 Stanton, James 64, 146 Stanton, John 114 Stark, Barbara 107, 118, 296 Stark, Dean 64 Starleaf, Dennis 422 Starling, Helen 270 Starman, Peter 382 Stauffer Sandra 65, 165, 300 Stavropoulos, Anne 65, 304 Stechman, Robert . .65, 142, 370 Stechman, Susan 267 Steen, Bill 320 Stehle, Arlene 404 Steidel, Prof. R 142 Steigerwald Mary 122, 412 Steiman, Sherri) 65, 267 Stein, Ronald 65, 184, 206, 372 Steinberg, Fred 393 Steinberg, Irene 310 Steiner, Bill 328 Steiner, Bob 114 Steiner, Mari lyn 65 Steinsapir, Joan 272 Stemler, Judy 290 Stenart, Sue 416 Stendel I, Barbara 270 Stensaas, Don 65, 370 Stenzel, David 151 Stephens, Ann 292 Stephens, Barclay 284 Stephens, Roger 207, 236 Stephens, Terry 320 Stephenson, Charles 65, 152, 173, 336 Sterling, George 221, 222 Stern, Barbara 430 Stern, Diane 412 Stern, Fritz 376 Stern, Joe 246 Stern, Lawrence 348 Steven, Audrey 65, 278 Stevens, Dick 252, 254 Stevens, Noel 362 Stevens, Robert 150 Stevens, Ron 335 Stevens, Suzanne 270 Stevenson, Carol 404 Stevenson, Frank 65, 326 Stevenson, Frank 350 Stevenson, Ozzie . .205, 247, 364 Stevenson, Sue 426 Stewart, Allen 173, 378 Stewart, Art 223, 236, 325 St ewart, Claire 65, 102 Stewart, John 325 Stewart, John 400 Stewart, John 184, 201, 370 Stewart, Larry 84, 152, 206 Stewart, Mike 241, 385 Stewart, Peggy 155 Stewart, Sandy 95, 100, 274 Stien, Bob 400 Stiles, Alan 205 Stilley, Howard 65 Stimson, Bill 65 Stitier, Craig 385 Stitt, Jeanne 426 Stokes, Edward 65, 382 Stolich, Sandy 298 Stoll, Frank 65, 346 Stolzman, Betty 65, 161 Stone, Bill 65 Stone, Carol 288 Stone, Ed 173 Stone, Dean Hurford 80, 89 Stone, Helen 272 Stone, John 366 Stone, Maxine 274 Stone, Paula 267 Stone, Paula 426 Stone, Steve 232 Stone, Violet 161 Storm, Mike 332 Storm, Richard 318 Story, Mike 322 Storz, Marshall 160, 400 Strain, Jeris 151 Strake, Rob 213 Strand, Joan 284 Strange, Fred 65, 143, 429 Straszer, Nancy 280 Straus, Jo Anne 426 Strause, Howard 372 Strauss, Bruce 205, 362 Streshly, B ill 205, 374 Stretcher, Joan 65 Stricklin, Bill 96, 152, 386 Strickland, Edgar 65, 145, 400 Striker, Sandy 300 Stripp, Dr. Fred 129 Strobele, Caljon 65 , 172, 400 Strom, Lawrence 65 Strom, Ron 366 Strong, Judy 404 Strough, Don 340 Stuart, Bill 340 Stuhr, Barbara 298 Stu ltz, Janet 278 Sturdevant, Don 160 Sturdy, Patricia 65, 107, 175, 286 Stutler, Craig 227 Suihula, Gary 379 Sukuma, Don 65 Sullivan, Dan 400 Sullivan, Terry 340 Summers, Emory 65, 184, 326 Susoeff, Dorothy 420 Sussman, Lois 272 Sutton, Libby 87, 159, 282 Suyemasa, James 142 Svendsgaard, Joan 410 Svoboda, Helen 65, 174 Swager, Doreen 308 Swain, Lynne 286 Swan, Carol 399 Swanson, Bob 152 Swanson, Christine 284 Swanson, Karel 205 Swanson, Mary 284 Swanston, George 296 Swartley, Ronald 225 Sweet, Toni 131 Sweet, Warren 65 Sweringen, Larry 388 Swinney, Janet 267 Swoder, Dave 429 Swope, Beverly 410 Sylvia, Fred 406 Symon, Russ 370 T Tafjen, Patti 155 Taggert, Robert 350 Tajima, Mikio 66 Taken, Irene 415 Takorlau, Charlene 420 Talamante, Philip 66, 386 Talbert, Claudia 96, 270 Talbot, Diane 274 Talbot, Kay 274 Talbot, Michael 66 Talbot, Suzanne 280 Tallent, Sharon 66, 267 Tallman, Elison 66 Tallman, George 169 Tallmon, Diane 426 Tamkin, Douglas 390 Tamley, Cornelia 161 Tanforan, Frank 158 Tang, Jerie 415 Tanner, Bill 66, 429 Tanovitz, Edward 348 Tarantino, Jon 392 Tardy, Judy 418 Tartie, Richard 350 Tartre, Donald 66, 173, 350 Tashdinian, Armen 106, 164, 400 Tashitia, Julia 420 Tassan, August 350 Taurman, Eugene 330 Tavernetti, Lynne 398 Taylor, Betty 267 Taylor, Bob 205 Taylor, Eugene 66, 132, 163 Taylor, Joyce 160, 426 Taylor, Judie 294 Taylor, Judy 116, 278 Taylor, Morse 390 Taylor, Ray 364 Taylor, Robert 364 Taylor, Sylvia 280 Tchillo, Ted 143 Teaderman, Gerald 66, 364 Teeter, Dwight 163 Tegtmeier, John 340 Tegtmeir, Joan 296 Teitler, Judy 272 Teixeira, Ted 66 Tel I efsen, Elizabeth 66, 278 Tel lefson, Tom 346 Tetuan, Barbara 310 Temple, Phyllis 300 Temps, Cliff 318 Tenics, Beverly 267 Terry 323 Terry, Marianne 270 Terry, Pat 286 Terwilliger, Mary 304 Tessem, Thor 226 Tessler, Larry 316 Tessler, Myron 348 Teyssier, Evelyn 416 Teza, Adele 295 Thayer, Pat 318 Theilacker, George 66 Thieben, Thomas 66, 366 Thill, Fred 382 Thinger, Dick 340 Thode, Barbara . 66, 67, 93, 116, 176, 300 Thomas, Diana 294 Thomas, Frank 66, 143, 158, 169 Thomas, James 330 Thomas, Judie 294 Thomas, June 160 Thomas, Kinnie 400 Thomas, Roderic 66, 380 Thomas, Stephen 400 Thomas, Sue 410 Thomas, Terry 222, 318 Thompson, Barbie 294 Thompson, Charles 245 Thompson, Ed 382 Thompson, Ernest 232, 400 Thompson, Jackie 272 Thcmpson, James 66, 141 Thompson, Jay Lee 282 Thompson, Jerry 66, 163, 342 Thompson, Joan 66, 107, 159, 175, 410 Thompson, Patricia 66, 410 Thompson, Philip 66, 407 Thompson, Robert ....66, 407, 338 Thompson, Roger 360 Thompson, Thomas 340 Thompson, Virginia 161 Thompson, William 422 Thompson-Bowers, Ian 66 Thomson, Pate 376 Thor, Joanne 66, 408 Thorde, Janet 308 Thorley, Gary 358 Thornton, Jack 66, 317 Thornton, Marcia 278 Thornton, Marilyn 66, 149 Thorsrud, Pat 412 Threefoot, Phil 385 Throop, Jack 173, 337 Thunen, Ron 400 Thurn, Richard 66, 320 Thursby, Susan 149, 418 Thurston, Carol 66, 308 Thurston, Norma 270 Tibbets, Thomas 360 Tidemann, Barbara 274 Tierney, Ronald 326 Tildsley, Carole 294 Tinkham, Ruth 66, 280 Tinsley, Dixie 298 Tippett, Elaine 78 T irico, Jeanette 280 Tishler, Carole 298 Tnada, May 66 Tobias, Myana 66, 267 Tocchini, Diane 66, 284 Tocher, James....66, 143, 169, 422 Tochterman, Ron 366 Todd, Carl 364 Todd, Jean 415 Tognazzini, Terry 250 Tognetti, Rodney 322 Toll, Karel 308 Toll, Robert 356 Tolles, Raymond 336 Tolles, Sara 296 Tom, Arthur 66, 320 Tom, Clayton 363 Tam, Raymond .... 66 Tomlinson, John 350 Tompkins, Richard 354 Toohey, Kurk 66, 342 Toomajiun, Suzanne 278 Toomey, Michael 173, 378 Toor, Art 338 Topping, Sherry 296 Torgovitsky, Rita 310 Torisson, Tomas 176 Torkels, Phyllis 66, 426 Torrance, Tony.. 173 Torrey, Margaret 290 Torrey, Mike 358 Torykian, Diana 410 Torykian, Joan 410 Tossanco, Anthony 340 Tosse, Lloyd 422 Toth, Bob 190, 360 Tourville, Bernadette 87 Marvin 66, 372 Tovernitti, Rick 392 Towers, John 205, 328 Towle, Charles 205 Townley, Mary 102, 274 Townshend, Robert 304 Trabert, Doris 66, 155, 307 Trailer, Jerod 388 Trapnell, Herbert 336 Trask, Parker 171 Trason, Dennis 209 Trauner, David 348 Travers, Charles 152 Travis, David 315, 320 Treadwel I, Susan 399 Treddway, Don 142, 400 Trees, Sue 83, 298 Trego, Rod 388 Treher, Joan 278 Treitel, Helene 66, 430 Treuer, Larry 374 Trevino, Alberto 66 Tridon, Rudy 103 Trimback, Al 370 Trombetta, Patricia 66, 284 Trost, Evelyn 121, 416 Trostrud, Arvi Ile 66, 172 Trout, Sonny 300 Trowbridge, Gail 280 Trower, W. 66, 380 Trump, Shirley 66 Trainer, Tom ....66, 166, 257, 332 Tsuji, Seiyo 66 Tsukamoto, John 428 Tucker, Joe 67, 310 Tucker, Ken 151 Tudor, Bob 227 Tuerk, Fred 336 Tuft, Carol 282 Tuft, Mark 184, 358 Taller, Robert 67, 166, 336 Taller, Sally 67, 116, 302 Tunheim, Ed 173 Tuppeiner, John 67, 380 Turcotte, Tom 171 Turk, Rose Marie 85, 272 Turmer, Janet 267 Turner, Don 322 Turner, Jo Ann 298 Turner, Peter 337 Turpin, Tony 368 Tuttle, Barbara 67, 276 Tuttle, Norman 67, 184, 378 Twain, Art 348 Tweed, Laverne 286 Twight, Pete 173 Twohey, Thomas 67 Twomey, Nancy 430 U Udick, Ralph 241 Udovich, Joe 344 Uhlmann, Margit 288 Ulrich, Robert 67, 184, 238, 429 Ulrich, Susan 276 Unger, Glenda 67, 408 Upshaw, Monte 332 Wagner, Robin 68, 267 Urton, Sherri! 416 Walden, Mary 416 Usab, Diane 404 Waldenrath, Doug 176 Utter, Davin 67, 69, 422 Waldie, Margaret 117, 426 Uyeminami, Joe 67, 160 Waldorf, Pappy 188 Uyeno, Susie 102 Walenta, Arthur 68, 84, 101, Uyesugi, John 67 129 Walker, Bill 184 V Walker, Blair 296 Vagaderi, Louis 422 Walker, Clara 308 Vail, Mel 225, 370 Walker, Edie 415 Vajta, Thomas , 379 Walker, Joan 398 Valentine, Herbert 67 Walker, Joan B 398 Vallotton, Bill 184, 201, 203 Walker, Merle 68 Vanatta, John 270 Walker, R. 147 Vance, Ginny 276 Walker, Sandy 252 Vance, L. L. 158, 143 Walker, Toby 288 Van Couvering, Dave 206 Walker, Wayne 142, 400 Van Couvering, Ray 206, 250, Wall, Beverly 296 251 Wall, Lynn 104 Vanderveen, John 67, 150, 318 Wall, Roberta 308 Van Eaton, Lee 166, 368 Wall, Tony 330 Vangender, Dan 317 Wallace, Ann 267 Van Heuit, Bill... ,,,, 205, 242, 247 Walace, Jane 284 Van Heuit, Bob 201, 376 Wallace, Janet 404 Van Horn, Julianne 298 Wallace, Nick . 68, 83, 129, 150 Van Houten, Ann....31, 67, 69, 82, Wallace, Ralph 68, 342 159, 175, 282 Wallace, William 143, 344 Van Houten, Pete 184, 242 Wallin, Joan 68, 272 Van Loucks, Delores ....67, 87, 112 Walpole, Mary 276 Van Noy, Allan 86, 98, 326 Walsh, C. 147 Van Ronkel, Linda 67, 272 Walsh, Nancy 294 Van Sant, Genee 161 Wals h, William 358 Van Tress, James 388 Walsh, Yvonne 68, 307 Vantress, Stephen 340 Walter, Don 376 Van Trojin, Edith 398 Walters, Joleen 410 Van Valkenberg, Karen 420 Walthall, Stacy 339 Van Vleek, Forest 67, 3 ' 4 Walther, Sandra 280 Van Wyck, Sam 173 Ward, Aubrey 358 Van Zander, Jack 380 Ward, Helen 119, 270 Varela, Eugene 406 Ward, John 68 Vargus, Brian 241 Ward, June 68, 129 Vasgues, John 360 Ward, Mike 388 Vaughan, Bob 165 Ward, Sue 302 Vaughan, Jim 422 Ware, Charley 68, 184, 242, Vaughan, Lucia 67, 298 245, 364 Vaughan, Sally 31, 67, 91, Warner, Brent 382 159, 292 Warner, Bruce 337 Vaughn, Norm 67, 346 Warnock, John 173 Vaughn, William 332 Warren, Dolores 311, 409 Vaznaugh, Fred 354 Warren, Martha 68 Vaznaugh, Pat 166 Washburn, Ronald 68 Vehrs, Charles 374 Washington, Kathryn 68 Vein, Howard 323 Watanabe, Albert 158 Veitch, Ken 388 Waterfall, Neal 68, 378 Veitzer, Natalie 288 Waters, June 413 Veizoides, H. 142 Waters, Mark 339 Venstrom, Evelyn 155 Watkins, Richard 328 Venturi, Roger 67, 382 Watley, Roy 325 Vered, Zeiv 173 Watrous, Jane 302 Vergez, Sue 294 Watrous, Susan 274 Vernon, Lynne 286 Watson, Alan 68, 145 Viale, Laurence 96, 320 Watson, Albert 150, 171, 172 Victoria, Xavier 224 Watson, Carolyn 302 Victory, Randall 332 Watson, Cynthia 286 Vierra, Joan 292 Watson, George 68, 388 Villela, Ellen 102, 106 Watson, Marsha 117, 174 Vincent, Pat 257 Watson, Norma 161 Vincent, Tom 320 Watt, Dennis 68, 364 Vivian, Cleveland 325 Watters, Diane 68, 278 Vivian, Noel 356 Watts, Dave 209 Vizzard, Clare 67, 307 Waung, Francis 68 Vlahos, Jahn 67, 71, 113, 114 Wayne, Stan 362 Vogel, Tom 320 Weaver, Cliff 354 Vogiatzis, Chris 67 Webb, Nancy 68 Vogler, Margaret 161 Weber, Bill 328 Vogt, Prof. Karl 158 Weber, Patsy 292 Vogt, Jim 225 Weber, Patty 296 Voigt. Marjorie 68 Wechsler, Diane 288 Ronald 184, 206, 250 Weck, Bob 152, 326 Volni, 399 Weddle, James 68, 170 Volsk, Helen 68, 267 Wedergaertner, Don 324 Volz, Al 176 Weight, Lowell 340 Volz, Rowena 68, 177, 410 Weil, Marilyn 68, 300 Von Braman, Diane 270 Weinberg, Harry 146 Von Haven, Paul 352 Weinberg, Stewart 68, 348 Von Matsuchisa, Marianne 68 Weinberger, Don 142, 318 Voss, Nancy 113 Weiner, Frances 416 Vyn, Prudence 144, 404 Weiner, Helen 68, 165, 426 W Weiner, Martin 348 Weiner, Sandy 366 Waddell, Richard 68, 400 Weingarten, Adrienne 106 Waddi I I, Virginia 161 Weinmann, Ray 68, 173 Wade, Al 115 Weinress, Norm 115 Wadsworth, Diane 276 Weinshenk, Joan 288 Wadsworth, Patti 282 Wierda, Gail 420 Wadsworth, Paul 96, 334 Weirick, Geraldine 68, 298 Wagoner, John 335 Weis, Annette 292 Wagner, Ann 304 We ishart, Harry 68, 370 Wagner, Linda 276 Weiske, Carol 304 Weiss, Doug 184, 245 Welch, Nancy 68, 129 Well, Bill 318 Weller, Gail 274 Wells, Bob 332 Wells, James 68 Wells, Mary 430 Wells, Melinda 274 Welman, Ardith 408 Wentner, Marsha 292 Werling, Richard 68, 142 Werner, Edward 360 Werner, Joan 117, 159 Werronen, Diane 415 Werth, Yvonne 426 Wertheim, Lee 68, 122, 158, 159, 167, 272 Weseth, Karen 68, 426 West, Alan 209 West, Barbara 280 West, Nancy 68, 276 Westall, Marilyn 68 Westfall, Mary 280 Weston, Dave 379 Watch, Robert 68, 393 Weyend, Garry 184, 400 Whaley, Warren 386 Wharton, Chris 364 Wheatcroft, Ron 166, 184, 201, 202 Wheatfill, Patricia 68, 294 Wheeler, Barbara 267 Wheeler, David 68 Wheeler, Keith 141 Wheeler, Marilyn 415 Whipperman, Bruce 68, 407 White, Burt 225 White, Jerry 241 Whiston, Richard 362 Whitacre, James 68, 173, 176 Whitaker, Barbara 149 White, Dave 96, 392 White, David 334 White, Don 372 White, Edward....68, 166, 173, 334 White, Jim 68, 400 White, John 400 White, Mike....166, 173, 184, 201, 203, 222, 257, 342 White, Minor 68, 328 White, Pat 267 White, Patty 276 White, Robert 388 White, Shalene 272 White, Thomas 406 Whitechat, David 378 Whitehead, Jud 342 Whitman, Joan 416 Whitmore, Eleanor 284 Whitmore, Margaret 308 Whitmore, Robert 68 Whittaker, West 332 Whizin, Nancy 69, 272 Whypperdick, Bruce 176 Whyte, Angus 69, 346 Wicklow, Barbara 399 Wickman, John 318 Widmer, Caroline 398 Wiedberger, James 318 Wiedmaier, Marcel 69, 145, 151 Wiegner, Ann 87, 274 Wiemken, Albert 69, 142, 158, 169 Wienmann, Ray 176 Wiese, L oy 69 Wiesner, Donald 334 Wiesner, John 334 Wiester, Barbara 296 Wilbur, Col. J. T 32 Wilcott, Scott 332 Wilcox, Ann 298 Wilde, M. Clark 374 Wilding, Patricia 282 Letty 162, 304 Wiley, Craig 69, 368 Willets, Sally 80, 82, 296 Willey, Deborah 302 Willey, Patricia 412 Willey, Richard 69, 350 Williams, Bill 184, 236 Williams, Carole 302 Williams, Harvey 352 Will iams, Helen 161 Williams, Ivan 379 Williams, Jan 280 Williams, Jo Ann 426 Williams, Kenneth 69 Williams, Kevel 290 Williams, Lynne 286 Williams, Marian 69 Williams, Robert 69 Williams, Suzie 290 Williams, Virginia 69, 298 Williams, Yvonne 69 Williamson, Bruce 106, 339 Williamson, Jack 183 Williamson, Lynn 290 Will iamson, Michael 379 Willis, Alec 69, 142, 152, 158, 169, 400 Willis, Betty 430 Willis, Jody 100, 282 Williston, Eleanor 274 Wilson, Anna ....69, 105, 155, 310 Wilson, Barbara 278 Wilson, Barbara A. 286 Wilson, Beverly 284 Wilson, Bill 322 Wilson, Bill H. 69, 152, 376 Wilson, Bruce 69, 143 Wilson, David 227 Wilson, Don 205 Wilson, Garff 31 Wilson, Garth 382 Wilson, George 318 Wilson, James 422 Wilson, Jim 166, 332 Wilson, John 340 Wilson, Kenneth 342 Wilson, Lee 69, 100, 325 Wilson, Linda 69, 294 Wilson, Margie 398 Wilson, Reva 290 Wilson, Steven 400 Wilson, Susan 304 Wilson, Thomas 336 Wilson, William 69, 352 Wilson, William 379 Wilson, William R. 69 Windeler, Edward 152 Wingrove, Allan 428 Winie, Natalie 404 Winkel, Victor 388 Winkenhofer, Jill 292 Winkenofer, Karla 292 Winslow, John 317 Winsor, Dinny 276 Winter, Bob 173 Winters, Christine 69, 282 W inters, John 224 Wintz, Robert 69, 362 Winvick, Darlene 69, 290 Wiren, Ann 274 Wirhgt, Audrey 284 Wirhgt, Sue 267 Wirtz, Phil 322 Wisdom, Capt. S. D 152 Wishek, Sheila 104, 270 Witteneau, Jamie 302 Wittlinger, Sara 69, 270 Wittman, Mary 118, 304 Witzel, Joanna 274 Wizelman, Ron 101, 372 Woell, Fred 69 Woerner, Carlo 69, 407 Wojcik, Steve 322 Wold, Dexter 376 Wolf, Judy 426 Wolfe, Betty 161 Wolfenden, William 392 Wolfenson, Marcus 209 Wolff, Carla 69, 438 Wolff, Eric 78, 86, 151 Wolfman, George 245 Wol ins, Sue 272 Warner, Charles 386 Wonder, Don 226 Wong, Adolphus 363 Wong, Cecelia 70 Wong, Donald 363 Wong, Eva 70 Wong, Florence 70, 155 Wong, Harold 363 Wong, John 70 Wong, Julie 160, 416 Wong, Sandra 70 Wong, YeeFung 70, 143 Woo, Hiram 70 Woo, Wesley 70 Wood, Cal 184 Wood, Chuck 70, 376 Wood, David 70 Wood, Galvin 70 Wood, Gary 234, 236 Wood, Leslie 300 Wood, Lewis 316 Wood, Myrna 398 Wood, Pauline 415 Wood, Richard 70, 422 Wood, Rita 286 Wood, Sherrill 308 Woodard, David 143 Woods, Ola 70 Woodson, Sigrid 70 Woodward, Cliff 380 Woodward, Jim 257 Woodward, Larry 166, 368 Woodworth, Art 70, 141, 379 Woolf, David 422 Wool ley, Jo 116, 290 Worley, Betty 280 Worth, Norman 316 Worthington, Lynn 118, 296 Wotkyns, Anthony 378 Wotto, Marie 292 Wright, Charles 380 Wright, Martha 100, 121 Wright, Rita 296 Wright, Roger 356 Wroblewski, Greg ....70, 143, 156, 422 Wulfsburg, Gary 256, 340 Wuthrich, Wilma 70, 71, 85, 87, 156, 410 Wyatt, Frances 302 Wyckoff, Robert 70, 326 Wykoff, Vic 358 Wyland, Alvin 70 Wylder, Al 183 Wyllie, Loring 385 Y Yadley, Dick 390 Yager, Joelle 304 Yamada, Ko 70 Yamakawa, David 82, 83, 100, 102, 141, 144 Yamumoto, Yutaka 70 Yano, Clarence 238 Ybarra, Tony 70 Yee, Harvey 363 Yee, Kane 70, 151, 169, 407 Yee, Paul 70 Yee, Toy San 70, 306 Yee, Yale 363 Yenckel, Jim 113, 400 Yerman, Jack 205 Yett, Shirley 70 Yettick, Diane 111, 415 Yettick, Keith 320 Yoshikawa, Tadao 70, 142, 407 Yoshikawa, Yukio 70, 152, 407 Young, Bart 364 Young, Betty 308 Young, Brenda 308 Young, Elizabeth 290 Young, George 360 Young, Ken 330 Young, Ken 384 Young, Kenneth 400 Young, Marcia 113, 420 Young, Wil I ia 360 Younger, Harold 71, 143 Yu, Char 71 Yung, Margaret 71, 161 z Zaccour, M. 147 Zacharias, John 317 Zahas, Elena 117, 278 Zak, Ray 339 Zamora, Arnulfo 71 Zanussi, Robert 150, 422 Zaro, Dorothy 96, 307 Zavattaro, Joan 308 Zee, Yung 71 Zeidler, Jerry 358 Zelinsky, Jane 71 Zemlicka, Merle 414 Zeverd I ing, Mike 372 Ziebell, Russ 406 Zim, Ginny 117 Zimmerman, Joanrae....71, 83, 274 Zimmerman, Rita 412 Zimmerman, Susan 280 Zimmers, Mardie 278 Zimmers, Phil 328 Zink, Bob 238 Zinn, Ginny 292 Zinns, Marilyn 300 Zirlaw, Paul 429 Zitcer, Catherine 304 Zittel, Herman 173 Zlot, Harold 400 Zucker, Nancy 404 Zuckerman, Gordon 336 Zullo, Victor 171 Zumwalt, Joy 100, 106, 290 Zwarg, Robert 362 445 Every year the editor has to try to thank everyone who has helped her book become a reali ty. Per usual it has to be a hurried thanks because deadline is approaching and this is one of the last ten pages in. It is hard to remember in a hurry all the things that have been done for one and all the people who have been nice or extra considerate. There are always the few who come immediately to one ' s foggy mind and those whose help has been immeasurable. To: Linda for holding me up when I was sinking fast, Jan, Sally and Karen for always being so cheerful even in the face of five mid-terms, Anne for coffee and doing the paper work so cheerfully, The two Sues, Judy, Marty, Jo W., Dolores, Delight and Janet for not being too perturbed when I " spoke " to them, " Hop, " Mary and Mary Claire and others on managerial for explaining patiently all the things I didn ' t know about financing the book, My Mother, Father and Danny for their interest and their understanding when I was feeling low, Ron for his help and consideration, My sorority sisters—and especially roommates—Pat, Milly, Gail and Juan—and the BATS who spurred me on, My guardian angel, Jo Gilberg, who aided the book ' s progress from June 1956 to June 1957, Harold, Sandy, Jim, Diane, and especially Ed, who gave courage and very good backrubs, in the photography department, Wally, Helen, Pam, and Marianne in Pub Office for all their help, Zyg, Bob and Vince at LS Z, and Marvin and Ruth at Cal Art, And of course Jane Bacher, our very clever artist, Andre Godet for the sweaters which they donated to studio, Colonna Studio, the University ' s Architecture Department and Professor Genes, Dan Wilks in Public Information, and all the dogs who posed so nicely, Bob and Marilyn in ASUC News Bureau who helped our Sports department so much, And to everyone who, by his suggestions and criticisms, added so very much to the making of this 1957 Blue and Gold. BARBY. 446

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