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•• 4.; • • MS 2 • oeffitii4E ' a!Attif • t • asi nz etc a r S., wut tart aa ' , " ? - OIRste.171 ' et. — sle. • Aer AWRIF. AW: • • • • IN MEMORIAM FACULTY WARNER BROWN EGON BRUNSWIK MANFRED F BUKOFZER MONROE E DEUTSCH EDWARD A DICKSON GEORGE V LANTZEFF WENDELL M LATIMER BERTRAM V A LOW.BEER SAMUEL C MAY WALTER MULFORD GERHARD K ROLLEFSON HENRY A STONE SPECI AL MRS SIGMUND STERN STUDENTS EDWARD L BAKER BEVERLY CASE HEINZ A KREBS MICHAEL E MCLIN NOLA R MURRAY JOEL M PEPPER JR ,‘,PstrAWIIII., el Y, • Li -, • , , , • . I ..•• " .... , ., ,•,.. ., ‘,..., ‘ - , ...%`.1.t; .. 4 jc " • cnIx CARLOS CORTES; editor MARY LOUISE HOLLANO, spurts eihiCrr MARIANNE MEYLAN. coAt ' editar thiElLA RYAN. associate JIM FRANKLIN. assistant manager MARGARET LEVIS. associate manager WARREN SOLBERG. audio _—• SLA i: • iv - " AV P BLUE GOLD VOLUME 83 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA COPYRIGHT 1956 C CHANCELLOR ' S MESSAGE An inscription on Si. Paul ' s Cathedral in Lotuktn. rcierring to Sir Christopher Wren. reads: SI MONUNIENTUM REQUIRIS CIRCUNISP1Lh. (If you seek his monument, look about you.) When we look about us on the Berkeley campus, only one of the eight campuses of the University of California, ROBERT GORDON SPROUL is evident in much that we see. During his twenty-five years as President these buildings rose: Administration. Alumni House, Cory Hall, Crocker Laboratory. Donner Laboratory, Dwindle Hall, Edwards Field, The Engineering Building and Laboratory, The Engineering Field Station at Richmond, Eshleman Hall, Fernwald Halls, Forestry, Home Economics. Law, Lewis Hall, Low Temperature Laboratory, Men ' s Gymnasium. Optometry, Stern Hall, University Press, Virus Laboratory, Warren Hall, annexes to Cowell Hospital, Hesse Hall, he Come Hall, the Library. and the Radiation buildings on the Hill—the the Cyclotron, the Synchrotron, Chemistry. Administration. Engineering, and others. That is an impressive list. averaging, on this one campus alone, more than a building a year, in spite of depression and wars. Still more significant are the people inside those buildings. In distinguished faculty members attracted to the campus during his quarter century, in students stirred by great teaching " to follow knowledge like a sinking star beyond the utmost bound of human thought. " in new knowledge gained through research, and all it promises for mankind—in these and in much more the name of ROBERT GORDON SPROUL is written large about us. Dedication To you. Robert Gordon Sproul, President of our University we dedicate this, the 1956 Bum AND GOLD. To you because of your many years of service and loyalty to the University. Busy as you have been you are still known by students for your earnest and untiring support of student rights and activities of every nature. You have upheld the traditions of a great University. We appreciate the privilege of studying and living a short part of our lives under your guidance. We will all long remember you, your family, your annual Reception for new undergraduates, which many of us have attended more than once, your 25th anniversary picnic, your song " Old Bob Sproul " and last but not least your hearty laugh. During the year you have been honored in many ways but we wis h to add to this list in a way that will be lasting. In the future, students will look back upon their years at Cal with its traditions and legends with a sense of longing and loyalty. You, although you may not always realize it, have contributed to this feeling. You represent the continuity of the generations of students that pass through the University. For all you have done — thank you. GOVERNOR ' S MESSAGE As Governor of the state of California, I ant pleased to have the opportunity to join in the tribute to Robert Gordon Sproul on his silver anniversary as President of the University. The University of California stands as a dynamic monument to the ingenuity and intelligence of the men and women who have guided the academic and extracurricular affairs of its thousands of students and alumni. For over twenty-five years, President Sproul has symbolized a positive cohesive force which binds the many colleges and far-flung campuses into a single mighty institution of advanced learning and scholarship. In a sense. he has become a living tradition in the long, glorious history of the school he came to as a student in 1909 and with which he has been associated almost constantly since. Robert Gordon Sproul has been an active leader not only in the field of education but also in numerous civic and cultural activities in add ' tion to his work with the University. It is altogether fitting that the life and work o this man should provide the theme for the 1956 edition of the BLUE Ago Cow. I know that this will stand high among the many honors which have been accorded him during his lifetime of service to humanity. REGENTS ' MESSAGE It was Robert Gordon Sprout ' s good fortune to have been privileged to serve under three able and distinguished Presidents of the University—Benjamin Ide Wheeler. David Prescott Barrows and William V. Campbell. From those great scholars, he learned the basic principles of University administration. One of the youngest men ever chosen as executive head of an American University. President Sproul, in his twenty-five years of service. has built well and has extended widely the fame and glory of the University of California. Those years represent a story of great devotion and untiring zeal on behalf, not only of our parent institution at Berkeley. but of every one of the eight campuses that are included in the University ' s educational empire. Happily. President Sproul recognized a primary principle—that a University is great and strong only as its Faculty is great and strong. Over the years he assembled about his academic table a truly notable group of scholars. Today the University of California has the largest number of Nobel Prize winners included in its faculty of any university in the country. It has the largest number of distinguished departments it maintains: the University of California today ranks second among all American universities. That, in brief, is the rich product of a quarter of a century of service of a great President. EVENTS 1 UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS PRODUCTIONS FRATERNITIES SORORITIES CLUBS SOCIETIES CONTENTS SIGHT SOUND 417 RECORD 434 PERSONAL NAME INDEX 438 Registration Week 10. President ' s Reception 11. President Sprouts Picnic 12. Discovery of the Antiproton 13. C ' Se Rally 14. .4II•U Week End 15. Virus Synthesis 16. Polio Virus Crystallized 17. Big Game Week 18. University Meetings 20. WA.; Field Week 21. Soph Supper-Sing 22. Fall Elections 23. Charter Day 24. Graduation 25. Administration 28. Retiring Professors 30. Cal Club 32. Alumni Association 33. ROTC 34. Freshmen 36. Sopho- mores 37. Juniors 38. Seniors 39. Senior Portraits 40. ASUC Organisation Chars 78. ASUC President and Viet-Presidents 79. Executive Committee 80. Representatitys•t-Large 81. Finance Committee 82. ASUC Directors 82. General Activity Heads 83. Judicial Committees 84. Activities Planning Cony mister 85. Executive Boards 86. Class Offnerd Board 88. Functional Services Board 88. Student Welfare Board 88. In- ternational Relations Board 89. Publications Board 89. National Students ' Association 89. Card Stunts Committee 90. Gaines and Rallies Committee 91. Yell Leaders 91. Oski Committee 91. Pompon Girls 91. Rally Committees 92. Activity Coun- seling 93. Senior Class Council 94. Junior Class Council 95. Sophomore Class Council 96. Freshman Class Council 96. Class Officers 97. Campus Tours 98. Constitutions Council 98. Elections Council 98. Store Council 99. Speakers Bureau 99. Leadership Drives 99. Orientations Council 99. Public Affairs 100. Commuters•Indtpendent Council 100. Stu- dent Relations 100. Academic Affairs 100. Housing Council 101. Special Services 101. Ushering 101. Project Cal- ludo 102. Campus UN 102. Foreign Trawl Council 102. Correspondence Council 103. Project PIC 103. WC ' S 103. W.4.4 Council 104. Sports Club 105. Intramural Board 105. Secretariat 106. Card Sales 106. Student Union Council 106. Publications Off ice 108. News Bureau 108. .4SUC Photography 109. Daily Californian Editorial 110. Daily Californian Alan- agerial 112. Daily California Sports 113. Daily Californian Photography 113. Blue and Gold Editorial 114. Blue and Gold Managerial 116. Pelican 118. California Engineer 120. Occident 121, California Band 122. Straw Hat Band 123. Treble Clef 124. Glee Club 125. IV Glee Club 126. Debate Team 127. University Chorus 1. 3. University Orchestra Symphony Forum 129. Radio-TV Theater 130. University Theater 131. .4i-e of Clubs 136. Alpha Delta Sigma 136. Alpha Phi Omega 137. Alpha Zeta 138. American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers 138. American Institute of Industrial Engineers 139. American Red Cross 139. American Society of Civil Engineers 140. American Society of Mechanical Engineers 140. Arnold Air Society 141. Ball and Chain 142. Baton Society 142. Beta .4lpha Psi 143. California Student Teacher Association 143. Beta Gamma Sigma 144. (hi Alpha Kappa 145. Chi Epsilon 145. Christian Science Organization 146. College Women ' s Club Juniors 147. Delta Phi Epsilon 148. Xi Sigma Pi 148. Delta Sigma Pi 149. Eta Kappa Nu 150. Forestry Club 150. Gamma Sigma Sigma 151. Hammer and Dimmer 151. Hilld 152. Home Economics Club 152. Interfaith Council 153. lambda Alpha Epsilon 153. International House 154. Mask and Dagger 155. Club 155. Mortar Board 156. VC Mothers ' Club 157. Omicron .Vu 157. .Vcroman Club 158. Penile 159. Phi Chi Theta 160. Pi .4lpha Sigma 160. Pi Tau Sigma 161. Predental Society 161. Prelegal Society 163. Prepharmacy Society 162. Premedical Society 163. Prytanean 164. RN ' s on Campus 165. Sigma Delta Chi 165. Ski Club 166. Skull and Keys 167. Sigma Kappa .4lpha 168. Society for the Adtuncement of Management 168. Student Affiliates of the Amer- ican Chemical Society 169. Tau Beta Pi 169. Thant:it 170. Theta Sigma Phi 170. Theta Tau 171. Torch and Shield 171. Triune 172. Tower and Flame 173. VC Society of Electrical Engineers 173. (Heiman 174. Womeics C Society 174. Winged Helmet 175. YMCA (Stiles Hall) 176. YWCA 176. Yacht Club 177. Xi Xi Xi 178. Athletic Administration 182. Rig C Society 183. Circle C Society 184. Football 186. Water Polo 202. Cross-Country 204. Basketball 206. Weight Basketball 216. Gymnastics 216. Boxing 218. Wrestling 218. Fencing 220. Skiing 222. Track 224. Crete 230. Baseball 234. Swimming 240. Tennis 244. Golf 250. Intramural 251. Soccer 203. Riflery 220. Rugby 248. Inserfraternity Council 254. Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society 258. Abracadabra 259. Acacia 260. Alpha ( ' hi Rho 261. Alpha Sigma 262. Alpha Delta Phi 263. Alpha Epsilon Pi 264, Alpha Gamma Omega 265. Alpha Kappa Lambda 266. Alpha Sigma Phi 268. Alpha Tan Omega 270, Beta Theta Pi 272. Chi Phi 273. Chi Psi 274. Del Rey 275. Delta Chi 276. Delta Kappa Epsilon 277. Delta Sigma Phi 278. Delta Tau Delta 280. Dean Upsilon 282. Kappa Alpha 234. Kappa Delta Rho 286. Phi Sigma Kappa 287. Kappa Nu 288. Kappa Sigma 290. Lambda Chi Alpha 292. Phi Delta Theta 294. Phi Gamma Delta 2%. Phi Kappa Psi 298. Phi Kappa Sigma 300. Phi Kappa Tau 302. Pi Kappa Alpha 304. Pi Kappa Phi 306. Psi Upsilon 307. Pi Lambda Phi 308. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 310. Sigma Alpha 3Iu 312. Sigma Chi 314. Sigma Nu 316. Sigma Phi 318. Sigma Phi Della 319. Sigma Phi Epsilon 320. Theta Chi 321. Sigma Pi 322. Tan Kappa Epsilon 324. Theta Delta Chi 326. Theta Xi 328. Zeta Beta Tau 330. Zeta Psi 332. Alpha Phi Alpha 333. Pi Alpha Phi 333. Panhellenic Council Gamma Delta 344. Delta Gamma 356. Alpha Theta 366. Theta Upsilon 378. 255. Alpha Chi Omega 336. Alpha Delta Chi 338. Alpha Delta Pi 339. Alpha Epsilon Phi 342. Alpha Alpha Omicron Pi 346. Alpha Phi 348. Alpha Xi Delta 350. Chi Omega 352. Delta Delta Delta 354. Delta Phi Epsilon 358. Della Sigma Epsilon 360. Delta Zeta 362. Gamma Phi Beta 364. Kappa Kappa Delta 368. Kappa Kappa Gamma 370. Phi Mu 372. Pi Beta Phi 374. Sigma Kappa 376. Zeta Tau Alpha 380. Sigma Omicron Pi 382. Delta Sigma Theta 382. Women ' s Dormitory Association 256. Beaudelaire Club 384. Bennett Manor 384. Californian 390. Cal Lodge 391. Lawrence Manor 391. Colonial Hall 392. The Continental 396. Fireside Manor 396. Hoyt Hall 397. Joaquin Hall 398. Pelson., Hall 402. Richards Hall 404. Rater Hall 406. Stratford Hall 407. Vim, Han 414 Proerert Terrace 416 Bon Harem 385. Bowles Hall 386. Elisabeth Barrett 393. Etteorth Mitchell hall 399. Oldenherg Hall Smyth Association 408. Stebbins Hall The 394. 400, 412 REGISTRATION " Reg Week " is a fairly common term denoting confusion, long lines and IBM cards. After the student has passed through this process of registering officially in the University several times he thinks he has it down to a system. The registrar ' s office sets up a list every semester to tell the students which days and at which times they must register. It is usually recommended that the student come equipped with pen, identification. $45 this year, much to the shock of those who duly arrived with their $42, and patience. This latter is not required but is quite necessary if one wishes to begin the semester with a somewhat peaceful mind. After the student finds the Men ' s Gym, if he has timed it right, he can walk right in. IMPORTS KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS Then, the Registrar ' s Office insists that no one can pos- sibly get lost. the student is sent through a maze of pathways. upstairs. downstairs. through doors, receiving cards and finally outside. He is then asked to part with his money. given more cards and finally the way out seems clear. All in all it can he said that Cal would not he the same if the Registration system were changed. It is one of the traditions that Cal students will be talk- ing about for many years. PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Enclosed in the new undergraduate ' s blue envelope is Pre sident Sproul ' s invitation to the Reception for New Undergraduate Students. All students receive this invitation once during their years at Cal; some students, when they are seniors, receive invitations to attend again as hosts and hostesses. Other students manage to attend every reception. Some of these find invitations hard to obtain. but others have it worked to a system. A good time is had by all except perhaps when students wait in line out in the cold to shake the hands of Dr. and Mrs. Sproul and Chancellor and Mrs. Kerr. Of course, this is slight incumbrance compared to the thousands of hands the Sprouts and the Kerrs have shaken. always with a smile and warm word of greeting. When the new student arrives he is directed to the cloak- room or upstairs where he is asked fill out a name card. Once he has gone the receiving line he is greeted by either a senior man or woman. They partake in mild chatter and the new student is then introduced to another new student. The round then begins and by 12 o ' clock everyone is ready to return home. especially the ladies in high heels. All in all it can be said that the affair is a huge success. A testimonial to this effect is the fact that students return year after year. • et Pt ■ I • I ' N:NINgirA LISIPs - ' 73 PRESIDENT SPROUL ' S PICNIC The President ' s picnic, attended by approximately 7,000 students. was just one of the many tokens of tribute offered President Sproul in this his twenty-fifth year as president of the University of California. Highlighting the picnic was a humorous speech made by President Sproul himself. In it he lamented his inability to know each individual student personally, as he had done in his earlier years when the University was so much smaller. Oski, the Glee Club and Senior Octet. and drill teams from each of the ROTC departments made up the entertainment. While President Sproul. his wife. his mother and the various speakers sat upon a raised dais, the students of the University clustered around on the grass of the North Field. Presentations made to the President during the program were: a plaque from Publications board, a gavel from the ASUC, a Golden Bear blanket from the Big " C " society, a beer mug from Men ' s Residence association and Interfraternity council, a silver cigarette box from Panhellenic and Women ' s Dorm association, a baton from the band, and life memberships-in the University Glee Club and Baton. Mrs. Sproul was made an honorary member of Treble Clef. DISCOVERY OF THE ANTIPROTON A new era of nuclear research may have been inaugurated at the University of California this year, with the discovery of the proton. A measurement of its mass and charge has been made by its four discoverers : Owen Chamberlain, associate fessor of physics; Emilio Segre. professor of physics ; and Clyde Wiegand and Thomas Ypsilantis, physicists. This discovery reinforces and solidifies the current theory concerning the atomic nucleus. The antiprotons are not a part of the atomic nucleus itself ; they are born and " live " outside the nucleus, as the result of some high energy nuclear event, such as the collisions resulting from the bevatron ' s bombardment of targets. Experimentation on the antiproton was only possible after the construction of the bevatron. The discovery climaxes the many years of research by scientists of the University ' s Radiation laboratory. Confirmation, by visual observation, of the antiproton ' s existence came a short time afterward. Observation was the result of the cooperative work of the scientists at the University of California and the University of Rome. The Rome group actually saw an explosion created by all antiproton on a photo-emulsion plate. Because anti- protons are so scarce there is no known way of using the energy released. USC RALLY Spirit runs high during the fall semester and rallies are usually well attended, rain. fog and chills notwithstanding. Very often rallies are followed by a University dance and the rally before the USC game was no exception. The crowds headed toward the Greek theatre that Friday evening could hear the early arrivers singing and shouting. As more and more people filed in through the " check-gates " the songs could be heard farther and farther away. Strains of the " drinking song " and others floated up through Strawberry Canyon. The favorite ones were as usual led by the yell leader and the pompon girls but spontaneous outbursts of " Hey, Bears, beat the Trojans " could also be heard. Since the rally ' s primary function was to raise spirit for the game next day. Coach Lynn " Pappy " Waldorf appeared along with the team captains. Someday Pappy may get two sentences said before the roars of approval drown hint out. The master of ceremonies at the rally was Harry Lieberman, leading member of the CC Laugh society. which meets at noon on the Campanile steps. The Rally was followed with a (lance in Stephens Union. Portions of the Axe-revue were presented during the intermission at the dance. ALL-U WEEK END On Friday, October 28, the annual All-U week end got on its usual boisterous way. This year the UCLA campus assumed the responsibility of hosting the festivities. Though the meeting of the eight campuses of the University at some member campus is a regular occurrence, this year ' s confab had the additional purpose of honoring President Robert Gordon Sproul on his twenty-fifth year in office. Events got under way with the All-U meeting on Friday morning. At this time the President spoke and the queens were crowned. In the evening three happenings kept the students occupied. The first of these was a parade over which the President presided. It included sonic 50 floats from various groups, based on the theme " The C Around Us. " Next came the rally featuring skits from each of the University cam, uses and the yell leaders of each group. A dance in the women ' s gym completed the evening. At midnight the float winners were announced. On Saturday came the Cal-UCLA game, the high point of the week end. After the game the week end officially ended and among wails of sorrow the representatives of the Berke- ley campus returned home to bury their heads in their books. VIRUS SYNTHESIS The 512 pieces of the tobacco mosaic virus have been taken apart and reassembled. Simple as this sounds to the layman, it marks a great step in biological research and another first for the University of California. The intricate experimentation which led to the partial synthesis was conducted by Heinz L. Fraenkel-Conrat. associate research biochemist, and Robley Williams, professor of biophysics, both of the University Virus laboratory. Partial synthesis has been clone with many other compounds, but this is the first time it has been done with a self-duplicating system like a virus. This step may lead in the future to the formation of new viruses or the recombination of exi:tinir one:. esisigs•••• " ' " " ... Such an advance in the fiekl of viruses gives hope of similar steps in the field of genes and chromosomes. the agents of heredity; viruses and genes are the same size and composed of the same materials. It may be possible in the future to synthesize viruses which give immunity. but are incapable of carrying disease. It seems to reduce the study of viruses to the level of a complicated chemical problem. %Vitale new fields of research have been opened up, as the mystery of viruses has been diminished. Th scic inc: ent flui of for hoz to " POLIO VIRUS CRYSTALLIZED A week after the announcement of the virus synthesis the University of California Virus laboratory revealed still another first in the progress of science. Speaking before the National Academy of Sciences at the California Institute of Technology, C. E. Scltwerdt, associate research biochemist, and F. L. Schaffer, Research fellow, reported the successful crystallization of purified poliomyelitis virus. Crystallization of plant-infecting viruses dates back to 1935 and the experimentation of Wendell M. Stanley, the present director of the Virus laboratory ; Stanley received the Nobel Prize for his work. This, however, is the first time an animal-infecting or human-infecting virus has been crystallized. Crystallization is an important criterion for purity ; as a result the virus crystallized by the two scientists at Berkeley is one of the purest samples of animal virus ever made. This step is very important ill polio research, because now scientists can be sure that no contaminating body will be included in the virus particles used for research. The entire mass of virus, extracted from the tissue culture fluid of a monkey ' s kidney, weighed only one thousandth of a gram. To produce a pound of virus crystals, sufficient for a billion doses of vaccine, would cost about $500 mil- lion. But, regardless of cost, another step has been taken toward the elimination of polio. r BIG GAME WEEK Since 1892 the University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford University Indians have battled it out during the Big Game. This year the week preceding the game was combined with Homecoming. Rain very nearly washed out many of the functions and stunts but the hard-working Homecoming committee members insisted that rain or shine " the show will go on. " The week started off as usual with Blue Monday. Large crowds of students gathered around the kangaroo court in Eshleman Court to watch the unfortunates receive judgment and punishment for wearing red. Blue Monday, formerly called " I hate red " day started in 1948 and is the newest tradition to invade our campus. All people wearing red are sought all over the campus and brought back to be placed in the Eshleman jail and then tried. re ' Some students objected to being imprisoned and were released without fines or punishments. but the weaker students who could not convince the court otherwise were asked to perform various " feats of skill " before they could be released. Another Big Game tradition is the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and her attend- ants. The Quern and her court are chosen by a panel of five. and the combined appearance of Sammy Davis, Jr. and the queens drew a large crowd. While the judges tabulated their results Sammy Davis entertained. BIG GAME WEEK Next on the agenda was the combined rocking rhythm of modern and Dixieland jazz concert in Wheeler Auditorium. Virgil Gonsalves and his sextet presented a study in modern jazz. John Mathis also was received with much enthusiasm by the crowd which cried for " more. " Last to appear on the program was Bob Scobey and his " Frisco Jazz Band. " The jazz enthusiasts, including men, women, and a few dogs, who attended the concert were royally entertained. This year something new was tried in the place of the traditional Axetravaganza show. Called the California Kaleidoscope, it included both competitive and noncompetitive acts. Although the show was long, the Berkeley Community Theater was nearly filled to capacity for the event and those attending decided it was well worth the time. The rain came down with a vengeance on Friday. the traditional day for the Homecoming parade and rally. At II a.m. everyone was earnestly scanning the skies and debating whether the drizzle would he classified as rain or not, for if it was. the parade would be called off. But the slight drizzle failed to dampen the spirits of the thousands who turned out along Telegraph Avenue to watch the parade, nor the spirits of those riding or fun- alongside of the floats. That eve g large numbers of people turned out for the Big Game Rally, complete with raincoats and hats. Thus the theme of the week " Ours to Remember " was achieved. • • . • ,, " . • • •• • —It Arts. 41 a ow ' UNIVERSITY MEETINGS The first University meeting of 1955-56 got under way with the official welcome to the students by Chancellor Clark Kerr. The meeting had several other functions. First it served to remind students that this would be President Robert Gordon Sproul ' s twenty-fifth year as president of the University. In this regard the Chancellor mentioned the symposium on the development of science and the students ' picnic which would honor the President at later dates. The final point of interest was a speech by E. 0. Lawrence, professor of physics and director of the University ' s radiation laboratory, in which he reported on the scientific conference at Geneva. The chief event at our second University meeting was the presentation by Paul Hoffman, chairman of the Fund for the Republic, of $5,000 to Stiles Hall, University YMCA. for its " distinguished service to freedom of speech and equality of opportunity. " Hoffman also gave a report on his recent trip to Europe. The meeting ended with a speech by Terry Gaither on Project Pakistan- India-Ceylon ' s progress in furthering mutual under- standing, and with a speech by John Bahcall on the value of I House to the campus. WAA FIELD WEEK Badminton, table tennis, swimming, riflery. basketball, hockey, fencing, and bowling were the choice of sports open to participants in the week and a half long Women ' s Athletic Association Field Week. The event, which is a semiannual occurrence began November 28 and ended December 7 with a dessert in the theme " Winter ' neat! ' the C. " At this dessert the winners of the various intramural events received their awards and five women were honored with admission into the Women ' s " C " society. Dean Towle, Mary J. Pyatt, junior supervisor of physical education for women, and Iris Woods, from the service and supplies department of Hearst gymnasium, were made honorary members of the society. The week itself was an exciting one. Girls could be seen running hither and yon on their way to the Hearst Gym. the West field, the Berkeley Bowl, or wherever their prowess was to be tested. A feeling of good-hearted rivalry spread over all the hustle and bustle as houses strove to outdo each other and the Sports Club, in the name of the University, competed against " outsiders " • SOPH SUPPER-SING On Sunday, December II, a relatively new type of activity occurred as the Sophomore Class presented a combined supper-sing. entitled " Mistletoe Mingle. " in the second and third floor lounges of Stephens Union. The event was open to all corners and was designed to accommodate a large crowd as most living groups do not provide Sunday night dinner. For the cost of a dollar and ten cents those attending enjoyed a sumptuous dinner of chicken pies, salad, vegetables and dessert. Following the supper there was a planned program of entertainment featuring campus talent. Following the group singing, entertainment was provided by the Tau Kappa Epsilon jazz band and the Alpha Tau Omega Quartet. Steve Walker and Jay Griffin presented a western nov- elty and a Santa Claus skit was also presented. Several hours of dancing completed the evening of festivities. Class sings are a long-standing University tradition. Usually each class presents a sing to which members of all classes are invited. These functions are an important part in the money-raising program of the classes. FALL ELECTIONS Highlighting this fall ' s elections was the constitutional amendment which places a single administrator in charge of the entire association. Student voters also went t o the polls to elect three representatives-at-large, a men ' s and women ' s representative to the ASUC Executive committee and a head yell leader. Monday, December 12. dawned and the hard-working ladies and gentlemen of elections council were already busy at their desks beside the booths placed in various campus locations. Students who wished to vote had many opportunities as the polling places were open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All during the week preceding the voting days, candidates campaigned diligently. Posters of many colors and shapes were on display in the usual spots and students discussed the possibilities of each one as they wound their way among them. Even the rain did not deter the placing of posters as they appeared with fancy plastic covers. Those in living groups were able to see the campaigners and hear their platforms as they visited houses during meal times. Other students gained their information from meetings and forums and from the " grapevine: which seems to be a fine method of campaigning. A dark-horse candi- date also in the running in the finals was the write-in candidate, Simba. the 7-11T pooch, who polled around 200 votes for rep-at-large. CHARTER DAY Slowly the procession of scholars and alums wended their way up to the Greek Theatre. Charter day had arrived once more. The line of distinguished men presented a pleasing picture to the eye of an onlooker. Resplendent in their gowns and different colored hoods they stood as personifications of the knowledge which flows from institutes of learning all over the world to find their home at the University of California. Following the Chancellor and the President the flowing mass of humanity moved slowly along its campus route, pausing for a moment at Founder ' s Rock, and then on to the Greek Theatre to hear the speaker of the day. At the theatre they were awaited by the students of the University who overflowed the seating capacity of the structure on to the green banks behind. The plat form . the center point of attention, was draped with various banners. The speaker of the clay was James Bryant Conant, ambassador to Germany and president emeritus of Harvard university. Conant, who was educated at Harvard, had held various posi- tions in the Chemistry department, before he became president in 1933. In 1953 he retired and assumed the duties of this country ' s chief representative in Germany. The day, the 88th itch one in the University ' s history. was dedicated to Presi- dent Robert Gordon Sproul. GRADUATION The end of the year rolled around and toour amazement many of us found that the University of California felt that we were now ready to venture out into the cold, cruel world bearing our papyrus before us. Before leaving the dear old haunts of these carefree ( ?!) days we decided to follow tradition and devote our final week to ceremonies and social gatherings such as we had not previously encountered. We began with a thought to the future as we sat and listened to the Baccalaureate speaker. Following this we trooped off to shake hands for the last time with the President and Chancellor and their charming wives. The next major events were the Men ' s and Women ' s banquets. The traditional pilgrimage from spot to spot on the campus. interspersed by speeches from students. was enough to make even the most bard boiled gulp. And when commencement exercises got under way and we realized that this little hit of paper meant that we were leaving Cal and our friends, an empty feeling settled in our solar plexes. We knew that part (4 Cal was going with us into our new lives. cc nt21 tuns fit oliz teritum Giwk 1030000CIX) rTh TOP. Chancellor CLARK KERR, President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL. LEFT TO RIGHT: HURFORD STONE, Dean of Students; MISS KATHERINE TOWLE, Dean of Wow.; ERIC BELLQUIST, Assistant Dean of Students; CLIN• TON CONRAD,. Assistant Dean of Students; MISS BETTY NEELY. Assistant Of M al Sta. dents: ALEXANDER LEVINS. Assistant Dean of Statical; MRS. CATHERINE QUIRE, Associate Dean el Women; WILLIAM SHEPPARD. Asia. caste Dean of Students. DM I N I STRATI ON 28 Despite the feeling of fear that their names instill in sonic elements of the student body, the primary function, and hope, of the seven Deans is to aid and guide the falter- ing footsteps of Cal ' s en- rolled members through their four-year residence here. Their campaign to make room 201 in the Ad- ministration building the center of student service illustrates the role of friend- ly counsellor which the Deans adopt in their rela- tions with both individuals and groups. The Deans are ready to answer the ques- tions and requests of all who take the trouble to approach them. 29 TOP: Frederick S. Baler, Professor of FcrestN; CENTER ROW. left us rMM: Hope M. Gladdirg, Professor of Decorative An and Onion; Raynxod W. Seam, Professor of Arthitettre; !nee JAITW Wil, Professor of Civil EnoMINNr9: W. Sheciwid, ProIrmo of Landscape MONK. tare; Robert K. MOWN, Peanut of Spanish and Portiere. BOTTOM: Chaco Evans, LK surer in Merits PE and forint, 8aseR.RI Conn. RETIRING PROFESSORS 30 LEFT TO RIGHT: Human 0. L. TWAIN, Pro. Iona of Illochealiatry; ELS ' L. Phelps, in Hort (commits; Roland W. Pongee, Loctwor in Mechanical Emden ino; CLmence M. (Nan Peru, lactose in Muds pE aed I come ball Coach. BOTTOM: Clinton C. Coma unae in Edacatioa, Dinette. ' of Sopwrised Teach. in; rd •SOSI.71 Dean of Students. Eshleman Library Univengty off Catifernia 31 CALIFORNIA CLUB Joan Btach Sim Hmtiatb Gerry Monow Bernice Bronstko Melton Han:WIGS PUlatY ilia Boildin My Janson Joan Rama Les Catpenur Jim Kidder Pat Scrimp Lu DflapPfl 81 ball Lelia Cron Tromttin Part Erickson Xyb Maawirt Pelt Van Houten Rtd Fritthort Dos Martin Jerry Wendt Bob Hamilton Pal MtCmffigart CARFF WILSON Advisor BUDD SYMES Chairman The California Club, founded in 1934, is under President Sprout ' s personal sponsor- ship for the purpose of " maintaining harmo- nious relationships and unity among the stu- dent groups of the several campuses of the University through the development and maintenance of the highest possible standards of sportsmanship, friendship and coopera- tion. " Among other activities within the club committees work on intercampus information, hospitality and orientations, and all-Univer- sity events. An annual convention is held be- tween semesters on one of the campuses. IA a IL C stha tangitatiat nIga: LI 32 Cal by Edwin Harboth and Stan McCaffrey, she Califor- nia Alumni Association, one of the faring such groups in the ?sailor., effectively com- bines spirit and benevolence. among the most avid supporters at game time, the Association is also active in helping needy students by means of scholarships. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Left EDWIN HARBACH, President; L • Left: STANLEY lAcC-Af FREY, Execmiln Secretary 33 The four ROTC units of The University offer the male stri- dent more than just the chance to wear on attractive uniform. Each unit in its own way trains the student for whatever military experience lies ahead of him. Each unit functions as a separate de- partment of the University ' s administration. LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Cad T. Schwa. Commodleg Officer Amy ROTC; Col. E. M. ScAttercycd, Canmaidieg Officer Air Fcect ROTC; C. David McGregor, Gem. 011Ker Naval ROTC; clot. W,111 Roan, Ccalriwzdog 011ker Marine ROTC. 35 FRESHMEN 3b 4112IIIILAIIIJV ' 0 JUNIORS SENIORS 39 ent)cIrmrzr triscsakaktiiiriat, thLiaisa it? n pcp 2 :45 rs (7), r et, n El Aiitatate Aaron, Barbara Illinois General Cunicaum AII0; Hillel; Big Gamy Comm.; WAA; Comm. Sea. Alrani, Halem Rai, Iraq Engineering ASCE. Madan, Lima Aguirre, Herron Livingston Santa Ana Nista! Sharron Hall; Smyth Assoc.; Pol. Science Mumma Hal. Newman Hall; CSTA; USCA. Amok, Victor Andersen, Gerald Oakland Alameda Elect. Faienweirg Elect. Engineering III; Glee Club. Soccer. Al.Athem, Alila Aidabbam, Dam Baghdad, Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Child Orrelomand Indus. EnginetriN AllE; IA M. Andersen. Ellin Andenon, Flora OleOrnOot San Francisco Child Dnelopment Pol. Science AF; Ace ol ClubS; .t All; Pelican. Torch and Shr4W; Cedar Branch. Mord, Margaret Actls. Ada Sawmill. Etakenlield Child Development Z011ogy Colkgians; K.. Stan; WDA; Rep. at Lame; Wee and Gold Ed. Alderman, Jalna Alecto 5er, Dion Ali, Natlif Washington Santa Barbra Basra, Iraq Sociology General Curriculum Engineering YWCA. Collegians; Class 54..1; XI: cond.; Spring ASCE; UCAC; " I " Ham. Arnim. Gear Amdahl, Alarms Sacramento Richmond Cal Engineering hunch. ASCE; X EJC; Newman Half; Act. Planning Anderson, Larry Anderson, Marlene Anderson, Mil red Glendale ON4M Louisiana Chemistry General CurliCelum Gentili, Curriculum Bowl..; Big " C ' ; A3.11; Pelican; AAX; Mortar Song lead. Comm; Board; Tennis; B and G; Italian. Swimming. Andrew ' , Job, Berkeley Regional Grp, Mr. Anderson Robert Oakland Civil Engineering DOH; ASCE; Cal Bad. Arrinyton, Clue Cairo Hone Ecoromici Elizabeth Barrett Hip; Haw Sts.; Howe Coot ChM. Andrade, Calm Andreatta, Taoist Brazil Berkeley Geology Business Ad. HI; HT; AK. Triune; AIME; Golden Bear. Auk...a, Allen Alan.. Abdul Santa Barham Alramtan Chll Engineering Economics. Euclid Hail; NSC. Amy, Hear, Philippines Marketing Marketing Assoc. Angel, Warily! " San Francisco Chemistry Richards; SAACS; HMO. Anger, CIIII Anthony. Rwhard Archer, Marian Arrnstrorq, Jean Lag BOO Oakland Santa Barbara Grimes Physics Holiness Ad. Pol. Science General Curnkulan Bowles; Mitt. Mitchell Hall [Mgt. Science Organ. Blue and Gold. An Eche( Atwater, Glenn Pau P310 Atte Economics Bushiest Ad. 141 ' ; Ski Crab. ATM. Iidate, Rattigh Ansa, Ran Anther, No Man Aetna, Kenneth Raga Boulder Creek San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Burlingame Business Ad. General Curriculum Irramwe Geophysics Antantswg Il l ' I; Stiles; 11110; Pelican; AMA; Asia; KA; Winged Phillynts0a1C Rally Comm, Baseball. Lutheran Assoc. Helmet. Chorus; UNRUH. Bagdanolf, Nay Bally, Mule Sacramento Fort Braga General Curriculum General Curriculum SE. Stern Hall WAA ketch Arts. flattoky, Yam ' Syria Pre. Medicine Barrington Hall; Nonce SM.; " I " Howse. Backe, Kathetine Pimiento( General CuIFINAM K KM; IIAr; Blue and kW Intramural. Backer, Harry Bacol, .lienite San Diego Vallejo English Public Health Hall; Frogs Newma Hall Football; Olympic Pub. Health Assoc. Cyclist. Baiter, La Nelle Baird, Jack fIllkalhr, Paula Baker, Barbara Oasis San Diego San Francisco San Francisco Child Development Civil Engineering General Curn ulan Decorative Art Stern Nail; KS; Engin. SOC.; Oidetbeey Hall. YWCA; NSA; BAG: Arnold Air SOC4tY. HP Et. Club; Photo. Bend, Nancy Canoga Pan Criminology AND; AAK; Intramural; PIC; Pelican; Councils. Benison, James Sausalito Joantalism TAB. Begun, Jay Bell, Kathryn Belthe, Carol Bennett, Gayle San Francine Oakland Hartford Berkeley Accenting Journalism General Curriculum language HN; BM; DAY. The Canto Man CO; Pelican. BK; YWCA; inmecoralrm Ch. Toper Flame. Bilfintff Ad. TT; Winged General Curriculum 134; Class Commits; Blue and Cold. 41 Berlin, Benin Oakland Miter) Abracadabra Berms, Theodore Selma BuSiteit Ad. Smyth; AIIE; Stiles; Air SOC.; T• F.: S. elan. Baguette, Jesse Berg, Clayton Ronny Sari Diego Eke. Engineering Public Utineks Smyth Assoc. AAA; ItrX; IRE; AIEE. IFC; Truk. Bernstein, Donna BeIUWIIi, Km Anilmh Petaluma Speech Elect. Engineering (laity Cal; PIC; Inter. (bud. It Ass tel e •ATtirt itiAikeksia Pnviaizr. r r es aetktftikaaLgita A t k Pm ' c OA 4 Basketball lakes se most of the time of Beta Testa Pi BOB SLAKE. After a two.year stay in (At Nary Bob olsm en a Caine as a has. Mihail coach—to rapine Pete Newell, when be retires. Tas itecninet rrembtr el Winged Hairnet, Skull and Keys a d Big C enjoys sending hit free time bells on cur loath. era Wanes. The first assignment for " grommet MORT BEEBE will be no pears at Nam Flight School In Fkrida. Krona a cend canes as oPproluxer of the 1955 One.traYagalla, Publicity dountor Ice the Studmt linen Drive, director an producer of the Les Brown Show for WUS. Wort it well on his way to mowing the usual Afrartising ul:tn. Baldwin, Cathryn Basks, Don Richmond Sacramento French. Fanny Z.; AZ; Forestry Club. entry, Diana Bann, Wes Sacramento Saw Anselmo General Curriculum General Curriculum Ohl; TT II; AC13; AT; !EC; FSB; Speech Am; Winged Helmet. Secretariat. Barman, Babette (3 nato, Michael Chico San Francisco Barnett. William Barry, Pat Pomona San Francisco Elec. Engineering Social Welfare Smyth Assoc.; 1414. IRE; UCSEE. Bank., Betty Snaky. °wins Beale, Rearm Cowed Berkeley Saw Amens, Law Enforcement Emrscenict Stebbins Hall . ' AN.; Newnan NA. WDA;StelabimPres. Hall; Orient,. Bann, Arthur Atherton Entomology Beck, Doan Beek, Roy Oakley Ukiah Elec. Engineering Eke, Engineering TB II . Radio Club: Elec. Engineers; UCSEE. Beckman, le awn Beebe, Bruce loth San Diego Busmen Ad. Arclutecture ZIP; Taunt; II KA. Wunged Helmet; IFC; Skull aid Keys. Beebe, Murton 134kler, Daniel Pedmere Santa Mani Athtflitinq General Curriculum HAS; AA ' S; A ' ZO; $4. WUS; PIC; Axe Ry,; Golden Um. Seniors 953 or3 :tient; ' ,Mixt14 :19XII :2V e cINSC purl Ito artsag ' veptuog 000.03 :11r)se4 :03h1A 01311,1120 proeurs • P :nem rue 5e44rys :4!4,1 latal06,3 : Onpetij urS IN) ' LlOINOCI sew ualS LIS.U043 liar yes nor I1to0el012 UV 111414 rocenelVle 11UPLan 1419 ' Intmaag 01441613 :33530 :11 Hi. 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Cfr TS4‘F sk 9 IF,w4P. nip. Burke, tamely Walnut Creek Emilia A I ' d; Treble Clef. Burke, David San Inteeratieral Rd. Scabbard 8 Blade; Sailing Club; Nonce Students Society. Buchanan, Botta San Diego Heel! (commits ASH; Stebbins Nall; How Econ. Club. Barb Jack Glendale Law (Worriment Smyth Assoc.: .1Att. Buchanan. Saciia New -knee My; Punkt PICO S. Club. Bargain, Robert SPUlten10 Elea. EnpOwerirm I kyle; RR Club; Pre•Pled. SOC.; AIEE; Eng. .15 Cow.; Soccer. Huhn. -WW1 Burner, Robert Valle., Long Beath Chemistry In (Worcester! Student Alla. AAR. Amer. Chen. Sol. Barbell, CY IeS Barton, Joseph Long Beach Berkeley Petra. Eregileaf. Uninnity Chorus. Kadin in the ASUC roc het ISB banwets, BERNICE BRONSCON speeds most of her Pew in Inewaries as president of Prytnwas and Veep of Morlar Bold. This Cella Zoo tows for a career in ycoup PSeChOlbtraPY intimpeined with swimming and water Win; at the Russian River. Civil CogiNering HIP; Tit II ; XP,; ASCE; Rally: En9. Jt. Gaon. 43 Gametal Curriculum eta; Hi Crow: Rally eteenIllet. Skulk Joni Brown, Bob Bryon, Out . Oneida Burbank Oakland Business Ad. Mech. Einweimin 54 ' ; Track; OKT. Scabbard and Blade. Political Sanwa Class townies; Proton PIC. Bruguiere, Huhn., trunbarg, Ewald Piedrrone Bakersfield Du. Engineering IIMN. Bucks. Iota Richmond (Month Art AIX; SUEC; Gawl and Quill; Class Gwoofs. Brow, telami Walrus Cud CorestrY poultry Chet Norman Berkeley General Currecuhri Raley Committee Brown, Ow Portion, Hiner, Physical Ede:. Secrete Gonnindo. Lester Pod Bugg CrimioolOw SOX; AAR; Cal Bard; Baton. Brurdin, Clark Risers Mich. Engineering Yacht Club; ASME; TIM; MEX. Brown. Jamn Oakland Engineer. Physics I. ol Ana Select Amer. Rocket SW.: ASME. Brownlee, Roteet Yalu City Marketing AT; lbagbY. Breen, Barbara Ann Yreka Psychology Colonial Hall. Antony major JOAN BRADY Ms participial. Id in such varied bells M WAA, Soca VreP, Ski CAW taw Sans. Mortar Bond and Cal Mb. Krona to Gamma Phi Beta utoritY sisters as " Bride; ' Joan ' Yam to obtain teaching CrtiRetill and to folic Ikif up with a ski ton of Eirow. Seniors Bra., Lowell Visalia Physics Bawer, Han. Brown, Maui, 8 0efine, June San Joie Redwood City English. General Curriculum Bruce, Wawe Santa Con Clad Engineering XX. Swale, Wiliam Biome, hawk Berkeley P40 Model UN; Model Swale. Psychology ATM; Cal Barn(; Scabbard Blade; Swim Team. r onntn r el) ntatesittistamth c r n •LOa i : .._,. z. A I ' at S I . t n 1„. itattastiss 16 La Ait Stt elk ids e fas ithata 13astamante, Bulk., Charles Butler, Patsy Herman Mill Valley Ovoid San Francisco Jourrulism. General Curricuhun Elec. Engineer ng Mitchell Hall Spanish Club. WDA Council. Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Marlene 1111,0601110, Aileron San Diego Vincent Social Studio Public Health Lodi 1411; YWCA; %TA; Pelican; General CwrIculoen Intramural. Public Health UN. KS. Grad. Asscc. Campbell, Belli Oakland Elec. Engineering Medical Science History Child Development Finance Civil Eegineeting Indus. Relatmn U SCA; LICE; KAP; !rush II KA: Saab., Oldenbtro Han; ZI1T; HIS; Books Hall; A.C.11; Blue and UCSEC. Tenth Team. Jr., Se. Councils. Collegian; Chin Ate Revue; APC; SAME; Cann Ow Gold; Pelican; Bevel. Club. Spring Sao., Gavel and Oaill. Canerati, Eugene Only, Barbara Crublener, Gall Callsco, Sigrid Carpenter, Lester Carom+ Roberto Carroll, Saltier Santa Rosa Oakland Acton Berkeley Marysville Antofagasta San OUgo English. Physics and With. " mimic Ad. Social Welfare Joaroafism Chasinto Ad. Spanish Neuman Hall; AMA. AMR. Daily Cal; Golden Ma; Hoax Sec. +MK. Bear; Cal Club; Es Comm.; Pub. B eller, Walter Byers, Barton Byrn, Pete Gera, Brew 0 Caine, Robert Florida Oallud Menne Glendale Shuman Dar Calton, Felton San Jose Carroll, Soe Casarande, Jan Canons, James San Francon Sutter Creek Nokia, Decoratrve Art General Curriculum Meth. Engineering 11% WAA; Cedar Prospect Terrace KAP; ASME. Branch. Neuman Hall; WAA; Juke Coon. riper, Allan Camino, Emma Cassidy. Claudia Caul , Janet Cita abet George San Francisco Oakland Saa Francisco San Francisco Alameda Elec. Engineering miners Ad. General Curriculum Ploskakgy. Marketing SAM; FSB. 1411. AMA; Ski Club. Carus+, Corclui Sacramento Ecoromus Swot AMC.; Model Senate; Stu WeNue Board. Cabanolb, Hubert Garden Grote Pol. Science. Cavanna, Cesar Cecilia,,, Jana Charepormer, bun Modesto San Jose Csalard MIN. Engineering General Curriculum Mathernatics Whitt Shingles Neuman Hall KAP. ASME; Neuman Pre.Dem. Hall. Chan, Alice Chun, Batton Clan, PhIll+ Minn, Ernest Locke Locke 0,0144 Oakland General venereal Deo:eat:A Art Zonal, Ettnomm Ad. roll; CSC. TO II; CSC. II A0; IFC; CSC; To and Flame; Huron Students. Charleston, Barbara Chazalel, Sue mug San Francisco San Francisco Sarrialtet0 General Curriculum General Currirelum Education ICAO; Ate of TN; Penult° Hall. Globs. Class Courts.; 158. Cleurg, Munro Childers, C. B. CollquIst, Kay Walnut Gent Arvin 0:410Y6 Foreign Trade Rennin, Cris:nolo, Jlwriroton Hall; 1lAt; }WT. Epuorth Hall. CSC. Chin, Nancy Ching, Erten Chinn, Cara,. ClOpenan, Janet Chisbolm, George Salinas Hawaii Sacramento Yuba City erliegen ' Social Welfare Insurance History General Curriculum Accounting Peitotto Hall Ridge House. Richards Hall Stern Mall. Abracadabra CSC. Hence Students; Ag: II; APS. CSC. ChM, Ede Onstos, Evelyn Hong KINN Alban Atartettert History YMCA; CSC. KA: Obl; Perron. fl • ,±40•4111Orgaz iris yer ' s Blue arb Gold Editor. CARLOS CORTES, also wailed the gavel at Publna. two Board meetings. Known to those who wort with hint lot his efficiency, ' Big Cato? ' greets all with a ow impression aid a `IbIngs are tmible. " Nailing Ion, Kansas City, Carlos tunes his sat at the Alzaa Chi Rho Welt Editor of the Daily Californias ard memW. of Cal Club aid Golden Bea% LES CARPEN• TER ' S ambitSos is to low his inlet buying the New Tort TIMES. A surnatisen map from Marysville, Les is content with doing " anything, " althowsh Ml larsorile mgeaion it " people an CO 61 11 1 eat " Seniors Own, Keith Church, Eitsin Churchill, Within Clancy, Dan Clare, Sharon Clark, lama Lone Alameda likillerter West Virginia Sec lase San Mateo Maiming Hotta Architecture Zoology General Curraslum Economics Chinese Students XtV. 1:01:. KA; Pelican; KA; Triune; Club; (Reese Stu. Class Council,. Winged Kernel; !Mega.. Ofgan. ChatiltrOclt Sec. Clark. Patsy Clan. So Clay, Chuck Clayworth, Jo Ann Clements, Margret Coakley, Clare San Diego Burlingame San Mateo °gland Alameda Piedmont Cloth. Textiles Speech Marketing Ilium laternatiomi Ref. Child Clertlepnwel ON. AO; Elections AT; Timm; AP; IKA. Xtl; Card Stunts. IK; Pelican; Ct•Nil; SitutAter ' s Winged Helran; Class Councils; Buena. Run Club. Child Dec Clan. Coalam, Jan Cols, Arne Cole, Dan Cotentin. Gordon Collins, Elearor Collins, Loretta Martinez San Fr➢rvnt0 Bakersfield Oakland San Mateo Placerville Genmat Curriculum Genial Curriculum Civil Endive-rine. Sanitation General Carraulum Accontirq %MT; Heenecomire HIT; Gin Ch.; A l ' AT II AI; KA; WAA. Chow Chairman. Uedergrad. Public ClassConrail+. Health Club. Pelican. Collins, Mary Gene Contest, Bryce Coststock. Larry Conant, George Conklin, Joyce Coals% Mansuete Saw Leandro Settler! Santa Crux Turlock Berkeley Philippines Child Derelorrot Law Enforcement Cleo. Engineering Civil En9iO446.9 Nutrition and Diet Moth. Engineering Stebbirn Hall AAR; Wesley Safi Prom; Ski ASCE. ON; ' Ill; MSC ROBE Howse 1 ' 11. Feurittation. Club; T In II; Pintlitritaa; A Sit Newnan Club; II ICK. ASME; F il ' ODD Club. COmOltt, Patricia Unfit I itti, Mee. Cook, ThOINS COCK., Bob Coop.% George Corr, Richard Saw Franciwo San Francisco Oakland La Gatos Richmond Smowento General Canitulutt Zoology. Political Science Product. Managed FOrestil Business Ad. ANN; Prytarean; SOU; Interfaith AIR. It; Forestry Mortar Beard; DC Coun.;MeWsEaBd.; Club; Track. Manotrial; II AI RC; Homecoming ClUirmtri. 45 ah t 4t) 1. a d triti F 9 " n rel p ems n StillialWalltaa SASS car ritN, tts_k " it p • -4 hi° e• ' • Cope, Margaret Sacramento Noma. WAA: R.N. ' s; Women ' s C Ste. Comm, Carol Sal Mateo Decorative Art Crotar. Nancy Whittier Art Beaudelaire AK. Cootlaro, Carol Oakland General Curriculum SO; WAA; CSTA. Corley, James Berkeley General Curriculum AT; Triune; Winged Helemt; IC. Cowan. Rearm Coyne, Carolyn Porterville Hayward Sociology Pol. Science Model Senate; AP S; Torch Tower Flame; and Skied. Yvan; RIO.; SAM. Crum, Gerald Crystal, Grael Sacramento Oakland Pol. ScienceSc PsythglogY xe; meell Smyth, Nona Senate; Melt .1 SW. Sad Oski Comm.; JUC. Comm; Daly Cal. Corrigan, Pammia Codes, Carlos Nollymcod Kansas City Pol. Same Coma Pub. PO 11 110; ASP; A44); Senate; Noncom. Blue and in) queen. 1954. Gold Ed.; Pub. Eld Craig, James Crarr.400, Kum Pacific Grow Sam Francisco Zoology eminent Ad. Del Rey. Culver. Jeanne Cummings, Garth Adel San Leandro Social Mech. Ergirttring Pefman; YWCA; A KO; ASME. Model Senate; Coll. Wo. Jet. Cory, Paula Costa. Rose Otinda Los Amos English English " All. Stem Nall; WAA; Treble Ciel; Neiman Hall. Cranford, Jon Crawford, Kathy Santa Paula Stade, Pet_ Engineering Pol. Science Abracadabra AZ; Rely Come_; AIME. Pelican ' II AY.; 1 ' L S; Pub. ' curd. Cummles, Daniel Cuneo, Marlyn SOMA Gate Jackson Lave Enforcement General Curriculum Otlewtations; CSTA. .AE. Costansagna, Date; San Rafael Pol. Science. Catlin, Peter Yreka Forestry ATA: Triune; Winged Helmet; AV.; Ram. F101. Cu " ,, Mary Lou San Francisco H istory AO II Neiman, Costanza. Robot Ccortney, Harold Martinez Whittier Indust. Engineering Optometry. Smyth Assoc.; AllE; SAM; ASME. Crory, Elizabeth Berkeley Eds. ArtibleCtirre LardSC401 Design Club. Curtis, Mary Palo Alto General Curriculum AEA; Blue and Gold; Councils. Crosby, Anne Berkeley Social Welfare Treble Clef. Collard, Dennis Taft General Cadman, SAO; Track: Winged Helmet. Davidson, Virginia Dams, Carolln Santa Barbara Evaritton Dathsteirw, W. Montana Marketing Smyth Assoc.; Nonce Stu. Soc.; Odentatins. Dam, AVMs Bellflower Business Ad. L II; Glee Club. Owns, Jemller San Jose General Carriage YD; Paulo; Prmantan. Davey, Ron Dmidun, Robert San Francisco Pendleton Pre.Dental Marketing. Tot; Ire; Platonic Club; Class Council. Davis. Nell Damian. Carol,. Day, Ane Piedmont Palo Alto Oakland General Guswculuni Central Curriculum Home Economics AA II; YWCA. Ordaang. AA II; Pelican; Scentst; Big Game Cowry General Curriculum 4E4; YWCA; Daily Cal; TW•YM; Cal Engler. Genialurriculum Treble Clef; Jr. My.; " Y " teen athime. D Frank Davis, Gloria San Diego Santa Ana General Curriculum Potholed:re SD. Deatty. David Dec, Mary Grain. ledgna Forestry General Curneub, ASP; AZ; Bbw and Gold; knurl Club. Danis, Robert Berkeley Mali. Engineering iftbea ;As de Gag, With Modesto Pol. Science Snits Nall; Ball and Chain; Scabbard Blade. Damon, Lillian Daniels, William Piedmont Oakland General Curriculum Chem. Ergineming WAA; Yacht Club; AICNE. Biting Club. Day, Mary Arn D ay, Robert Wationalle Berleley General Currintim Marketing Blue A Gold; PIC; Newnan Nall Woraen ' s At. Coon.; Interne! Rd. PrIsIning with a new name foe ken Itrabr ELIZABETH WALOIE OCIAPSTER 6,0,1 heMelf ketPk9 Nose for husband Wig. Nevertheless, the ti.tditOf of the Daily Cal Heels time lot Moetat Board, Cal Club, Prfiletta, WOWS ' S J, and Theta Sigma Psi . For Liz, the future acids the came a a newspaperman ' s wife ard the possibility of tenting herself. Seniors n tni an n _ t {ap ft: ri A a a r e " ie aktifkli ,te ra r t;) esi 44 thstkrtalaildick Deck, Lyle Lag Beach Central Curriculum EX. 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Okees, Marjorie Dime, Debra Ortrela Petaluma Speech WAA; Speech Arts Club. Damalas, Mac Ottawa George. San Francisco Berkeley Advertising Geological Science SAX; Arnold Air NT. Soc. 0111; Doctor, ThOITIM Oakland General Curriculum AdstE MKS Ex B4.; Newman Club. Douses, Anger Monterey Park Pcatocal SOUK, Toner Ftlme; Weght Basketball. Do age. Sanwa Domy, Linda San Leardro Honolulu Criminology General Curticuturn AAE; Ski Club. RkAanat Hall; WDA Corm.; Clan Cows; !Monett I Spats. (byes, Richard DOAN!. Patrice Oakland Santa Row Engineer. Physics BaCtoklogg X1E. Mitchell Hall; Honor Students Soc. Oceenk M, Sylvia Petaluma 4101f.11CWTKOlual Senior Cornell; CSTA; Y Carnselce. Ortolan, Carol San Francisco General Curriculum Ron Hall; CSTA; Newman; College Wow.% Club. Altbargh an calria molar, SABRA FIRE. STEIN kits mast of her time to dramat• KS as a member 44 Mask and Dagger, Tha. Ida, Hammer and Dimmer, ant University Theater. ' tittle Swint " also finds lime foe Mona, Board and Prytarean, as well as het sOeline hobby of colltetleg earrings. Eu. Nee, by hoot or by crook, is the hope d this Berkeley lass. Choke! Pools Life Guard Caps; Otani. 47 4; in rin . ii c rN lea ( t c ' it 1 01 4_ 11 etkt. ,s ti S e tel nt stag, p f tt 42. inn tcs. Alb ft alfite • Sts Droarb, Diane Dubinikr, Joseph Dudley, Donald Duff, Mary Jo Canada San Francisco Berkeley Bakersfield Pol. Science Pol. Science. Elec. Engineering General Comoculwa Dufour, Donne Oakland Duke, C•-..nn Conrad %Iv, Corazon Sacramento Durgin, liana, San Luis Obispo English Urdu,. arm. Genera ' Corr.:taunt Insurame Dunmire, Am Onsthtmer, Jerry San Lceenao Redmond City General Curriculum Admrtiiirg A011; Prytaneie; SAE. Teeth Shield; Women ' s J Comm. ZTA. IRE. ZTA. A011. Erchenbarm, Midge Eidnan, Maygot Eire, Patricia San Francisco San Francisco Ditto, General Curriculum General Curriculum C.Cfra41 Cortkulum WDA. AEA; 1 ' 1E; NSC. Tower Flame; Cawl G Drill; Grant ils. Engel. Eugene Ernksol. Carol Erickson, Phillip San Francini, Richmond Concord Elec. Engineering USCA; UCSEE; Arnold Air Soc. Farlan.Sorreeo, J. Peru ArchiteCtune. Genital Currkraism EfOrallits Richards Hall; AKA; ZI Gib; Coll. Worsen ' s Club Talent Shorn Jet. Furies, Donald Fumes, James Temple City Pasadena Physiology English Smyth ASSOC.; ATA. Pre•Dent. Dwyer, Joan Early, Richard Ebner, Michsel Eddy, Helen Edgier, Leo Ersgetornb. Corydon fakes, Almon Los Angeles Eureka El Cerrito Oakland PliTippines Escoidndes Canaria Per. Correction Pt . Engineering PsychakgY• General Oar lusher Mathematio. AEA: Class IAS. A031;WEB;WAA; Councils; YWCA; HarseconangComni.; Mau Studenta y Big Game Cons. Sic. Club. Sailing, Ellissamlo, Elaine tiling, bawls. EI.Ray,i, Fatok Ely, Sumner Ernanuess, George Emerson, bawd Emery, Ashley San Ramon Conrad Berkeley Los nsegelts CoriNd Newnan Brisbane Hispanic America History Chem Engineering Clem. Engineering Foreign Trade Newman Hall; Coll. Womeres AICHE; UCAS. ASS. VT; Crew. Hall. 4.116 ' nr;:l 166; Model Senate. Cub. AWE; Eng. Coon. Curley, Mulish Eva lib:1f, Jean Evans, Ellen Everett, Ante fair, Barbara Fairtnirn, Robin Fa•dl, Harold San Berm din Diann Berkeley Oakland Oildale Rosemead Anthropology Rel. Grp. Moe.; Journalism Decotatiw Art Cetera! Curriculum Real EstateChem. Engineering AZ; Rota Stu,: Penile; AEA; AEA; Pelican; Cal Engineer; Stern Nall. VT; Triune; Boas Hall Kindle. Antis. Soo.: Inter. Board; Rally Club. Bob Slam. Good; Councils. Club. Blue Coll. Women ' s Winged Helmet; AICHE. Big C Society. Faulkner, Jame; Fronton, Richard Fein, John Fell, scan Ferrer, Andrei Field ' , June Berkeley Coalinga villein Palo Alto Philippines San Diego Bankirg Proc. Engineering Sociology. Psych:40;Y Chem. Ergivering Pol. Science ATCI; Scabbard A Ell; ASME. Stern Hall MCE. Richards Hall; Blade; Football. Ski Club; WDA; YWCA; Yacht Club. Dairy Cal. rinkt, Roger Finn, Robert Sacramento Sari Rafael Engineering Marketing Z.A; II TE; Zr; AliE. Winged Helmet. Filer, Jailor Fikt, Roger Oakland Chin Pub. Health Nursing Accounting Zen; RN ' s en EIX; Rilk. Camput. n. With an " all right roo guy? ' future Dean of Women. 8EV FITCH, wielded the pawl at Women ' s En Board and Gamma Sigma Sigma letttlent. Known for me Oetereeination on Co Cemenittee this Women ' s Rep made headlines with her 2o campaign antl slant, on the H c toning section. Ben often held gab sessions in 301F, her some aosi Item the Phi Me hearse. I 4 n • ,4041, rit op.! k ' ' gal EA dta lek C r eL-- A1 41.1a Seniors ;Irby, Amin Pasadena Palma-1000r 1114A; (41 ' . FbMfly, Robert 04Iend Bus. Administnation Firettem, Sabra Mal English Maus Bd.; Ham ' r F. Dimmer; Mask 0..99et; Flood, Margaret Piedmont General Cortiostem A PA; Class Councils. Fisher, Joan San Francisco Dental Hygiene M : Reiman; Sto Club; tetra. rural. AO ; Speech Arm Pres.; Allem). of Hornmanno. Fisher, leatoft Orin Decorator Art .5%; Blue A Gold. Nose Econeetei I House; Newman; Howe Econ. Club. Fitch, Beverly Pa imams City Physical 051; Mortar BO.; Wcmen ' s Rept Pert.; l ' XX; APC; NSA. Flootts, Frederick Oakland Business XX; St1 Club. Fitapetrwk, Joe South Pasadena English, An Beale. Hall. Flosd, William Jr. San Francisco Industrial Ecgin. MP; 8g C; IFSNS; 71111; IITX; Trios; Swimming. Flotnets, Kathleen Flora, Etperanza Oakland Philippines Foley, John Fong, Albert Berkeley imminent General Curriculum al«contina. HZ; 44: Big C; Triune; Swimming. Fop, Bemarron Fort Gate Fontana, Lyuae Foote, Kenneth Hayward Sacramento Fresno Bakenlield General Carotidal, Sakai Willie, Art General Curricula. Barrington Hall; Stebbins Han; KAM; Ace of Lawrence Manor; Calvin Club. I ' Llt; Cheese Clubs; ISA l ' . Glee Club. Students Club. Fatter, William El Cerrito Acemmirq Boole. Hall; Tenms. Fournier, Joseph Foe, Thomas Frantd, Edward Feat, Julian Vallejo Willows Alettatate0 San OW90 Physical (duo. Architecture Biochemistry flanking Finance OKI% Golden X A X. Seaman Club. MIT. Bear; Ramblers; Crew; Rowing Mb Foster, Mart Bertelelr FottStrY Del Rey; Hamner A Dimmer; Forestry Curb. Frankan, James OraWIR Geography AXP; Arnold Air Soc.; Assist. Mgr. t4 Blue and Gold. Best knOwn as head Yell leader, ROD FRIED. MAN also found time to attend extents al Men ' s Ex award, ARC, Rally and Garnet Cennelk Megaphone Society and Cal Club. This future amaitett (wittys painting and a 900d Oast 01 milk. His carious headquarters is tee Pi Lambda Phi hone, when not dam at the estuary. Ford, Barbara Fore, Neil San Bernardino Lodi English Crimeclogr A l ' A; Sen. Class 0E0; .5AE. Sec:Treas.: NSA; Gsnl Foes, Jinx Forrester, Ma brit Foster, Gordon Berkeley Glendale Costa Mesa Speech PlaCtsekny Accounting Peixotto Hall. 49 r, cs a:likes a It .c. 4. Ala kagis AA► n c e n 2 e - v ceakis , ... . . , • oak St la Ergkeminl ZS; TIM; AllE: II T%; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet. Fraser ' , Esther Loh Home [colones AZA; YWCA; Hove (co. ' . Club Frontier, Joseph Arbuckle Agra Ecoacnics Sant ' Asa..: AZ; Bali $, Chain; Asst. Sr. Mgr. Football. Fultelkt, Mill Valley Bendy Hills Saimaa Carole. Ingleadod General Curricula. Architecture How Economics Political Scimxt Seatcletain; Prat.; II AM; Cal ChM; AA II; YWCA; Richards Hail. Mortar Bd.; VIDA; Cm.; Head Yell Big Game; YWCA; T. 4. Skid. Leader; Ea. Bd. Home Eton. Glib. {tag, FIX,03, Robert Hong Kong Len Beach Mathematic, teammates% Sn,,th Astor.; It ME. Gan, David Gam, Claude Berkeley Sae Eremite Public Health Infas. Management Pub. Health Stu.; EN; Sal Club. ASSN Cultural Chairman. Furmte, Tetsuo Sacrament Much. Engineering Garabedpan, MAP Hollywood EngineteIng Sreylb ASSOC.; UCSEE; T1111: Frerkbs, Karen ineignas. Rodney Frotall, Lucite Fraunaga, Betty Gail, Stephen Gage, William Gino, Helen Gardner, George Gaither, H. Rowan Gallagher, Linda Gallup, Wayne San Froneno DAMN Victonille San Fraiche New York Watsonville Wilma Medicine. FRC Engineering UCSEE. Physical Education General Curriculum Pol. Suitt: General Curriculum Hoyt Hall; NEW; AXA; AT; Triune; PIC. AA II; Torch and rE):. Circle C; Pelican; Shield. Ball Chain; Pub. An °deed Hall Circle C: Fencing. Wring, John Garrey, Eduard Caney, Join°. Ganes ' , Thomas Gee, TienOtby Tali Pasadena Berkeley Oaa4rd Berkeley General Curricslum Marketing History Pro. Management Bowles Hall; ,VF: Triune; Mona. loud; HQ II. Ski Club. Winged Helmet; Pet; WAA; Skull Keys; IFC. Woven ' s C Gardner, Funk Oakland Speech. Zoolo9Y II AO; IFC; Blue and Gold; Pre.Med Soc. Gilbert, Don W MAO Chemistry Smyth AISOCialit0; Sues. Gerhart, John San Mariam Meth. AA.; Big C: Gavel and Quill: ASME; B. Chaim; Golden Bear. Gillum% David Auseadens Coil Engimerirg MAX; ASME; AXE. Garcia. Margaret Wilbws Administration HonorStu. $X- CCM; Omani, Menammed Afghanistan Elm. Enginnering TIIII; %KS; IRE; UCSEE; ASAUS. Cocalini, Joyce Giamlias, Andrew Gibbs, George Glower, Nark Mites ' , Joseph Berkeley Sacramento San Mann Cancel Lodi Social Welfare Speech General Curriculum Petroleum Geology Much. Engineering Stern Hall. ZAE; Stilts Hall. PT; Triune; Dwight Hall. ASME. Winged Helmet; Stall and Key,. Geiger, Edwin Geisha, CarOMe Arcadia Lattyette Indus. Engineering Dietetics TIM; II TX; ASS; Home Econ. AIIE: ASME. Club; Hiking. Gildersleeve, Ed Gilles, Donald Oakland Yuba City Physical Etic, Medical Sciences M. Bowlet Hall. Clotenfelt, Howard Frown Outeentley Bowles Hail. Ginn, Lily Gaiter, Glom Glued ' , Robert Girtaneana, Leona Gitlia, altnaCistri Giuliani, Claudia Gladden, Richard Bottle Pasadena Daly City San Francisco Israel Mill Valley Fortuna General Curriculum Business Ad. Chemistry General Curriculum Soil Science Political Science %OM. OMenberg Hall SAACS; Otki Pelican. Hine. OM: Guth endemic Affairs; Committee. Francois; PIC; l ' :%; OSO. Honer Stu. Sec. Gleerop, Richard Glenn, Loren Oakland Exeter Elm Engineering Awl. ECOr0mi(S AKE. Cloyne Count; AZ; Circle C; Rally; S. Blade. Sociology Pre.Med. Sof ; Honer Students Sec. , fr, 70 , Th, el i i gia V rit , SAS ath, 4 .ray r 9, atic A ata Gioia% Rates Goldammer. Joan Goldtoum, A ' ohm Goldman, Chute Gctdrtun, Ronald Go.shich, , Santa Monica San Francisco San Mateo San Francisco Oaun4 San Frami•c Petroleum Engineer. Bacteriology Chemistry Real Estate Zook°, Psuglogy. AIME. Oldentag Nall; Cal Band; Baton; SAM; !outage II Aits. YWCA; Ski Club. Hillel. Society; Real Estate Soc iety. Goodman, Beverley Graflt, Anne Grant, Barbara Grant, Ekraid Grant, Shirley Pasadena Sinter San Pedro Santa Rasa Gotta Mesa General Curriculan Political Surge General Cariculeg Marketing Engin! ShaesanHafl;CSTA; SK; Maur Board; Ritter Nall; CSTA; 4•XX; Rally Conn.; Stebbins Nall. Haw Students •I1K; Pryt.; WUS; Ski Club; Newnan; Yell Lead.; AA.X; Soc.; Hiking; Mlle,. Panda; Rally Comm, PIC; Cot W. Cl. Jr. Marketing Assn. Greek James San Francisco Carnal0100 OE. Gregg. Patricia Greschti, Bill Berkeley Alban Accounting T.ouatidlal alloat 051; SAW: EA M; Scabbard di SPX; YWCA; Made: (lard; Crew; Comoro. Seg. Corn. Baton; Mina Club Gurbingol, Kemal Gutman, Stan Hated, Rolls) Yugo( Ross Redding Insurance Political Science Call Engineering I House; Golden ASP; IFHS Pen. Dort Coot; AFCE. Bear. Gavel Quill; Pre Legal Soc.: Class Council. Green, Manson Greg, Sanwa GreepAorfet, Jowoh San Francisco San Fr. Cisco San Francisco Genital Curriculum Psychology. Penises. XV; Skull and Ken: Winged Helmet; Greenfield, Start Lot Angeles Architecture Arch, Assoc.; Pres XA K. Grow, Joel yalki0 Physical Education Pro. Men ' tPESoc.: Cock C; grettlig• Grassing., Nancy Grit " , Rickard Groentwold, Sally Grandam, Carl Napa Menlo Park Iowa CsahUnd !Mutt. Engineering Physical Education Chem. Engineering Nursing Optometry AI I E; Mmonk Club; COICOill Hall; WAA. Halpea Hall; Amt. RN ' s on AXA; UC Ball di Chain; Eng. Inst. Ghat EAT, OlatOtrottriC Assn. Jt. Coen.; Big C. Gregg], Charles Mammy Usti, Wiliam Grosso. Werra Gunderson, Bryce Vallejo San Francisco San Francisco Sanitary Science General Currkulum Chill Engineering IS Newnan Cl.,. AA II; Clue Gld.; Oxford Nall: SF,; Newman; Italian TS II; ASCE. Clb.; line-ming Com. HAMILTON, the mm 100 Nape, to nThotHil lilt baoclortood until he is 26, lists among hit numerous activities—Cal ChM, Golden Bear, Meats Rat YMCA, PIC, and Freshman president. In additkn to this to Amore to be the President of tee ASUC. Afternoon " TOT TH, Hob lie Up to his from Ile examiion, ' Imp tale. " Seniors Nailing from La Ant , SUE NARBACJI, also anew at ' Sat Reck, " resides at IM Alga Phi house ball, the months of Sty ' UmberWogs June. Active on Woeen ' n RADA Committee, Cal CIA, Pelican. Senate Clint Council and Univemily Alf airs Carmit. tee, Set follows in the footstetai OS We loth?, the president of the •Wirni Assam ation. 51 Hack, Carol 13 414moet English SOU; Colley Women ' s Club. Haden, Mary Harman, Barbara Harm, Hake Hagan Wallace Halt, Walter Hall, Carol Watwmille Livernsere Drina Si, Leandro Albany Redding Bernal Curriculum General Currkulum Home Ecnomics General Curriculum Transportation English Phil; Rally. Elie. Barrett; NO; Ski Club; K X; Triune; A00; Railemad :: K; Rally; WAC; Sloe Gold; Rally; Pelican. Winged Helmet. Club; Hiking. Clan Councils. Foreign Trawl. Hall, Harold CHIA Elec. Engineering Clam Court Tit it; UCSEE; UCARC; Am. Radio. Stall, Ste Halpin, Janis San Pedro Bannon, General Curriculum Anthrogology Colonial Hall YWCA; Treble CIO; Hiking Club. 1 LE ESA eilwip kandrakThilt. EA 7 aka •Le.‘ea Hazen, Richard Reedit Civil Engineering Art); ASCE: ITC; ASME; UCF; Glee Club. Hatfield, Shirley Texas barn liter Towner Kali tel: ; Walk; WDA; Cal Erg. Hansen, Wanda Forum.) LAS Al ' ; Blue MO Gold: YWCA. Cogent °towbar, Hall Hamm Stu. Sec. ' Ski Club; Decider d. Mart, Milan San Francisco Eke. Engineering Ridge House; UCSEE; II K. Harris, William Knights Landing Elec. Embittering Tlt II . General Curriculum CO; CSTA; WAC; Elections. Harris, Margaret Harris, Randolph Oakland Berkeley Home CCONSHIK% Psychology Coll. Women ' s ChM; 505. Home Econ. Haug, Joan Hamer, Carol Sacramento Frey Hamilton, Barbara Chico PsyelmelogY AS II. Hamilted, Robert Hammer, Roger Hansen, Roger Hammond, Alice HaITHICY4, Hansen, Joyce Loin Heath San Awls Eel Rock San ' amigo Vallejo Ventura Pre•Law Journalism Meth. Engineering Mathematics Art Nursing flew. MAX; Cal CIO; I:5X; Cal Bard; ASMC. n Hall; Egmateth Hall R.N. ' s on Campus; Pres. ASUC; YMCA. Baton; N numanHal I; 1 ' 1:r; Cowles. Teeth and Shield; le CF. Pelican. WDA. Harbath, Safari Harley, Mary IlleaNara Renee Harper, Ann Harrington, Kay Harris, David Hand, Jean Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Minato Los Angeles Speech Child Onieloornent. steed History General Curriculum Mech. Enginatim) Political Science 50; Cal Club; Elizabeth Barrett; PUMP. Kill; XXI ' : Ace of Clubs; ASME. Model Senate; Rally; UAC. YOB; Model Blue Gold; WDA; YWCA; WUS; antra. Young Decants. Senate; Y. Rep. Seaman Hall. mural. Harrison, Terry Hartenarks, Charles Kantrett, Marks Hasenorn, Carobs Naslam, Kenneth Halitalty.1, Robert Bentley Kollaster China Lake Britain Sacramento Margate Chem. Engineering Mech. Engineering Speech General tatill AKA; AICE. Abracadabra; AZ; YWCA; Stern Kan; Ball di Min; Oraeatations; WAC; Paml°1 ' Orientatiom; Center. Big C; Arnold (Motion. Pre•Med.; COO. Air Soc. Harem:0 Suzanne Berkeley Child Oewlmoment A XII; Pelican; B. G.; Linden Br Class Councils. Ha., Jean Hayes, Patricia Hawthurst, Are Headley, Norman ' Maher, Althea artiste, Robert Heim, Joseph Sacramento Pasadena tag Beach Los Angeles (lathed Alameda Albert General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science Medicine Ruh Health Foreign Trade ON. Engineering 5M); Lilt Guard III . NI:N. R.N. ' s on Campus. AMA; Al:II. UCSEE; IRE. Cots. Henderson, Herb Berkeley General Curriculum Heade me, Shirley Berkeley Central Curriculum. Henderson, Then , Los Angeles Political Schwa. Cal Club; YMCA; PIC; Golden Bear; Bag C; T. Heian{a. Ba.r)ara Calla Mesa Erglnn Stebbins HMI; MOW Students Soc.; Col, W. Club Mtn tan Patr,a Hralty. Ceara Hepburn, Shirty Nona, laria... Hrerana, Paco San Francisco lac Beach Sebastopol Oakland San ErinetsCo Internat ' l Retattom Production law. Pub. Nealtb Norsirq. Music Forttal Trade AAII; IGKA; A l ' A; Mortar Bd.; %1ST; Track; Pelican; Newnan; Pry ' .; Jr. M. al Rally Comm. Rally; I Board. Treble CBI; 11 Hitchcock. Snug Wang, Paulo, South Pasadena MOnlereg Gametal Curriculum Cation Stebbins Hall. Hillier, Shahan, Hill, Diane Hirst Irving Hitchcock, Janet Safi Matto St. Helena Oakland Sarnia Rosa General Cerrito Ma ErgNth Personnel MAW.. BlaUtillaf Beaektaire; YWCA; );K: Jr. Council; Pres. Mortar Ord.; Modal Senate. Pryl.; Pant.; WEB. Holt, Douglas Stockton Hilton ZY; Shull aid Kew; Winged Helmet; Triune. Hollywood. Cealet Alameda Cava! Curtailyrn IWIt; B. S G. Norribtrget, Jose Naftali, Kenneth Horwitz, Carol Haley, Edward Helot Los Armpits Piedmont Oakland Central Cyorlcutom ZY; Skull Keys; Illoory Geology :VII. Winged IleMat; A KO; Class AOC,. Triune: 1111. Councils. Henna, Gail Alden, Dana San Francisco Oakland Niue, Matecirta Peasant Tema.. BAK. Piffled, Harnett Hildebrand, Noel Santa Ana ' Bolts General Cericults Civil Enameling CU; CSTA; Blue t4.SX: God. Bettye., motes, sleepy and a hobby a pholcougat THELTON HENDERSON has lord time to be YMCApresident and a mem- ber of PIC, Golden Bear, and Cal Club, AcMi• tatty] tree hoots have beta taken up by base• ball and football. A political science enapw " Herd, " hopes to enter and lease law sChcel, (7, n rat ekv2 ,a ors ‘a, • 4r;t1 Hat La v r. tik Mental, Hewitt steskin, Jars Berkeley Berkeley GeoknY Swabia ., WE; Arnold Air AES. PanneDew, Society. Hanes. James 140trnaA Elizabeth Hoffman, Erhard Hcarnans, John Holland, Mary Kcilice, Kathryn Sam Lean. Berkeley New Vat Oakland CAW " Stockton Marketing Internatil Relation Palatal Science Chem. Engineering Decorative Arts General Curriculum K AP. OM; Pryl; COM Model Senate; Yoaeg ATO. ABU; Pryt.; BE4 Xtl. Council; Oratsts; Reffab.; Students toe Sawa, Ed.; YWCA. Patella. k: Ski. America; V. Debate. Seniors This yeals YWCA president, SHIRLIANNE BILKER, WOW sake boors kailling thennh class. With a boy yearl including WDA, Pour van, Moan Board, Horde Students and Women ' s Activity Coons Gni " %al " how In the Mee to " kW ard be lewd. " Noted as as early bird, " Shur wiled the Y with a vettld. " 53 Economics Ed; Treeet; Winged Helmet ' IFC; SMC; G. Bear. Jacobus, Jewry Janes. Thtems Othda Long Beach Chemistry AXE. Forester Forestry Club; S E It. .knen. Robert Jewll, Keith Jamie., Richard Jdmson, Anne Oakland Fresno San Matto San Bernardino Political Science Lao (revetment Child Demegommtry X0; Golden Bear; OM); Triune; OT; YWCA. Debate: Ern. Circle C; Wiped Comm.; Honk Soc. Helmet. Zoology EpnOrth Half KO; Wesley. Mathematics Christian Science Omonzation. Central Curriculum Al ' . ' ; Homecoming Comm.; WAG: Councils; Skiing. Janis, Anne Minna,. CUM. Sacramento San Francisco Physkal Education Yacht Club. fis rte Li P A It gaga at star I is ' raliC r t Vasil r ' lath iSisia el t 1;14 Howard, Timothy Pkdmork Finance WY; Triune; Winged Helmet. Hunter, Sulannt Richmond General Curriculum AEIC; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Class Consols. Inek, Joyce Canada Geneva! Cueriorlum Mortar Bd.; Treble CIS; YWCA Hospital. Jacobs. Gerald San Mateo Poritical Science !AM; Skiing; Sailing. Jenkins, John Los Gatos Psychology Mr0, Anr. Los General Curriculum K K r; Torch and Shield; UNESCO; PIC; I Board; Herd, Irving Berkeley Political Science Ol ' A; Winged Helmet. Isenberg. Seattle Dab land Genera Curriculum A MO; Parklei Pot.; Pelican; WAG; Councils. ascot Anthony Los Angeles Nntory Jena ' s, Mark Oros lie Pol it ital Science A%1 " Hummer and Dimmer. Humbs. Laurence Heiveastle Chemistry Cloy« Court; SAACS. Hurley, Aiken Pleacantoa History EKA. kap, Yoshio Stockton Archit•Clure dome Caen; Architecture Attn.; Wesley Foundation. Jacobsen, Asthma Plain-A 14111 General Curriculum AK A. Jensen, Marlene Alameda Speech Blue and Geld; Secretariat. Nappies. Goof San Francisco General CUmkulum. H anky, hlithatl San Francisco (Inc. Engineering Smyth Association; IIKN; IJCSEE; Nelms.. Hall. Intsoff, Irene San Francisco Searle Mitchell Hall Slavic Honor Society. Jacobson, Mullen Benny Hills Joernalisni Stebbins; rEE; W M.; Pub. Bd.; Daily Cal. Macaws, Dorothy San Mann) English EKE; PIC; Symphony Forum; Intramural. Hurndall, are Hempen Beach General Curriculum M ' ; Ace of Clubs. lwaMI, Any Len Angeles Social Weilarr Stebbln4 Hall YWCA Cabinet; NSC; USCA. Hughes, Herbert Merced Zoology EN. Huston, Kenneth Berkeley English Se nior Class Covecie. HoMes, aloha.; Oakland Marketing AT; Rugby. Hutchins, Robert San Francisco Political Science Zill; Triune; Rugby; Crew. Jar " , Virginia Salinas Social Welfare SOH. Irgemoll, Robert Bertelel Corrections ATM; .‘AE. Jaime«, Leland Oregon Chemistry AXP; Stiles: Hiking; AMO; SAACS; SCLU. Johnson, Earl Salinas Elec. Enginemleg Smyth Asscciatkn; IRE; UCSEE. Irvine, Virus Berkeley General Curriculum Rithards Hall ProMed; Utrungee WM; G. Ned. Johnson. Entire La Jolla General Cvnkulkos AO)II. Hunt Edwin Turlock Psycholc910 Collegian Hall. truing, JaCquellm Walrus Cent English ZTA. Jackson, Roden Fresno Mech. Engineering OAS. Mimeo, Elizabeth Lompoc French Epapth; Yacht CI.; WAA; Ferying; Life Guard. Nownef, Merriman Handiumnstr, Fred Piedmont Honolulu Marketing Economics eiZA: EX; Winged Waned Ktlmsl. Helmet. MONO, Ada Jackson, Harold Alaska San Francisco Eccoomics Economies WOW; Model EKA. Senate; YOurri Republicans. Jackson., Margaret Ja:ksoa, Nancy Sebastopol Nakao c .c ...., 4 ' 1 Genial BOB BUSKINS ably chaired Student Welfare Board this year and represented it on En Committee. Studying, skiing and hik. dg took up tie rest of his time. Noted for the venal qualities el his take of the phone, Bob boots for a career in industrial manage• melt after a goon gay in grad +canal- , . . eatia A 1-7 el 0 r it. ibis ' Mega rs, ri ric::3 n ti eas a Jomistort Arden Johmitote, Ruth bras, Charlotte Jones, Arline Piedmont San Oieg. San Frannie° San Francisco POIrtrCJI Science General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum .ASH; Class Coon.; K.N. AO; Intramiyal; Al ' . ' ; Class Secretariat; Pally; At of Clubs; Councils. Speakers ' Bureau. YWCA; Young Reps. Janet. Chalet Atop. Barbara Jordan, Katherine Jordan, mote San Francisco Stockton Oakland Oakland Artrerthing Journalism Caild Dewtkomem SO; SYROIHRY Elisabeth Barrett; %TA; Class Forum; Triune; Pally; II AS; Ccomili; Bp Game Mask and Dapper. Gins Council. Committee. Jut, Booth Jut, Kenneth Jogotheuron, bin -testis, limn Hair, Robert KadohlKet, Serif Ventura Berkeley Berkeley Bakersfield Martina Menlo Park Personnel Phynotooy. Speech Elect. Engineering PaleV1101001 Phylioloil Stern Mall; SR Con Councils; AIEE. Aoht . Peockto Hall. Club. Sailing CUM. Ka•iter4140. gain, Kato, Edward Katt Adele Hearts, Patricia Keller, Rawl Kelley, Ares Yreka LOI. goers San Francisco Sallee Creek Lafayette Hen Yak Social Welfare ACCOAltint SOMA Welfare Ptnoteel Admin. Mech. Engineering MOM Beet:mitt Colonial Hall: WEB; Euclid Hall; NSC. SOK; Millet; Stern Hall; III1 ' ; ATM; Tin II; Elitabeth Barrett; WDA; Speech Arts WUS; COM COWL; Xerl; NationalS; ASME; Home Cc. Club; Club. PM VOW Sailing. Students Society. Ski Club. Newman Club. Janet, Jamn Johnson, Kolb Tennessee Lon) Beach Political Science PliocherrittrY ARA; Hosting II KO; Toner and Gained: Sops; Flame; IFC; Track. Cog Empnenina Pre•Medloology OKs; Tit II; NH. Pres. Pre•Med. SCK.; Cal Band; Masons; Baton; RR Club. Sege, Rawl San Francisco -Rd, Anne Saga Cog Sotto Stern Hall; WDA; WAA. HatIM, Janice Kallin, Rogow Kamm " , Isearkne Santa Rosa San Francisco Oakland General Curriculum rata. (Miter kr) General Courlieukin AOI I; Elections Boags Hall; AE.; Toner AM Con.; YWCA; Calvin II TS. Flame. Club; Class Council. Naomi), William Kmpler, Carolinelan, Edward Piedmont Salinas Hollywood Cod Engineering Ant. Marketing Abracadabra; Asa. Amer. Market. Ass 55 Seniors A cc LACC, MARILYN JACOBSON rapidly made a name for herself as 1.11arag. In) Editor of the Daily Californian. Stebbins Hall, the Joornallem department gel the Daily Cal office Kam emu " Jake ' s " three cansus. In each of thete the Cheer. Iry Wetted friends with " Itye get nowt for mt. " t, •-• - p , c 1 ISIA I a 2 CI 4 Cla ' fri e 2 r Elks,. A II ....h di 4 " ... 4 tit 110idia Ott RAS tli 4 si ;heti ) ri an (41 ap rt c tN ci ei - r i a ;a ' Lc Kelley, Raynor., Kelly, lly, Kathleen Kenai, Weston Kenna, Elizabeth Kerneerly. Margaret Kern. James Kerry, Georg... Ke Fenryt Trade Marketin.. 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Cord: AE; Councils. Class taxi ' s. Kloster, Minh San Francisco History SK; Pa; PM.; Worwas Ea. BO.; G O; COB; Cog M Klotz, Jerome KNIPP, Barely Knapp, Raymond Knapp, Rith•d Kraut., Briggs Krick, William Knight, Gordon Myrna San Ono Forest Ili Lancaster Hollywobd Tait Bentley Mathmatics Psy. NeinIng Meek. twinge in. Architecture Social Welfare Political Science General Canicula Baits Hall Stratfod Hall Alicia; ASME. Smyth Asocial: a; AAA; ANA; Bq C; XT. la mg:; circle C. T. name; Hoar LAS; AIA. Women ' s C Society. Track; Skiirq. Cam; 21 Club. Knowlton, Sylvia Kobayashi, Anger Koenig. Ron Mean, HeOa KewwWi, Plead Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco Caking Los Angeles French Mech. Enaineering Hillary Gemini Curricula Trade I Home; Treble Clog; USCA; ASME; NSC. Smyth Association. AZ; Goma. Club; MSC; Eyelid Hail. Unit. Theater: Class Council. Cock Francois. (03, Ming San Francisco Mach. Engineering ASME; II TX; Till ' . Koster, Betty Kota, Sidney Kulownlo, Eugene Kraft, Herten San Jose Berkeley Low; Bela Name% Jarful , Marketing Petrol. Erqinmeng HtilMY Daily Cal; Cal AK II; Ian AIME; SAME. Engineer; YWCA; WC. Poona,. Kra, Eugene Reedit Cal Eareemq ASCE. Kroft, San Frantic Accounting OEK; Gibs Councils; 0 ' talus. Knox. Laurence San Francisco Civil Engineering Kubec, Ronald Koairrus, Robert Nulty Jill Kunisana, Illy Kunkel, James Kurkjian, Louis Downey Sacramento Los Angeles San Francisco Alhambra Los Angell. Metallurgy Mech. Engineering Central Cavrirolzm egttflOICO. Wildlife Con. Elec. Engineering Abfladafi; Cal K!; Sailiwg, Balt Wilts Clog. Hence Sty. Sat.; ROW Ham; (Form; AIME. Flying Chan UCSEE. CammatIon Club. Lam, Winfield Monaca Physical Education EX; Football; Winged Helmet; PE Satiety; Baseball. General Curriculum AAM; Medal Senate; Crew; FSB: Stmorsony Forum. Latimer, Robert LuageoNar, John Berkeley Woodland Chemistry AKA. Political Somme OC Protoraphec Flying Club; P1 440 Club; Sadie) Club. Laboratory KA; College Wotan ' s Chub Jn.; Honneeming Comm Lawless, Margery Lawrence. John Lament, Richard Oakland Berkeley Oxnard Organic Chemistry 05K; SAACS VP, Lee, WHOM San Francisco Elect. Engineering NOWITIA: UCSEE. Leach, Dorothy Lee. Emily San Francisco Home Econcenocs General Curriculum Nom, Ec Club. 1011. Lee, Jolla San Francisco Ore. Ionian 31011. Leiobtoo, David Rodeo Personal Admin. Waffle., Veda Waoomille General CUIliOSIIIT. Economics helps MARGARET KENtoCDT imp track of Or peraim Cr Be BLUE AND GOLD where she sits in • glass mobbytnok marine Manager. What remains of Matt noon after Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Publications Board, are wont with so- rority sisters at the Kappa Kappa Garnett house. Seniors lamina, John Lthann, Katherine New York Oakland Economics Art ASO; 00. II ItT; Symptom, Forum; Treble Clef. Lai, Mong•Gon Laird, Jean Oakland Molest Cheadle " History Amer. Chem. Sec.: EtmOrth Hall. Chinese Students ASWICIJI1C4. Usrabee, Merle Larson, Cabin Modesto Alameda Civil Engineering CriminologY Cloy ne Court; ASCE. Baseball, tale, Hagit Israel Art. Latter, Michael San Francisco Marlottorg AM.: PIC; Sal Club. Hire Economics YT ' Trine; Witeyed Helmet. Lambert. Cessna tamoreaer, Barbara Lark, John Sacramento NAV San irately. General Corrkolum General Curriculum Elect. EngMetrir9 KM; Pelican; PIC; AAA; Toner 6 TB II; II KN; Elections Comcii; Flame; POT: WAG; EX, WAS. Rep. at Large. Lairischell, Joie StbaSteiel Elect, Engineering UCSEE; LICARC. Latium, OW. LeMhton, Alan IL ' •--- Fonta-a Pacific Grow, BARBARA LAVOREAUX, can be lama wait " her office noon owe coffee 11:00 in os " Darr Crockett, " this Tri.Deit (tat from Napa. Noted Inc 10,003 projects and a now noneament pony tail, Barbara hOptt to trawl alter graduation. Petrol. Engineering Petrol. Engineering BOSOM Hall; AIME. TB II; Masonic Club. Leong, Gloria Leopold, Ernest Lesmeistee, .tKet. Leine., Ray Redwood CitY San Era come Roterille Si " Francisco General Currkulum Inctasuial Mort. Social Welfare Petrol Engineering 3:01I. Dwight Hall. Newman Club. Mineral Yea Assoc. 57 Lilky. Jots San Diego Physics. Lewis. Jerry Ojai Chem. Fri inKt aM Cates Hall AICE; SAACS; Tam m4 Flame. Leon, Gerald San Francisco Dramatic An M. NNW; H. Dimmer; Thalum; Unimsrsity Theater. Margaret San Carlos History A011; Mortar Bd.; Pr ' s.; Pat; II A 8. Gold Mgr. Lesih Richard ievilan. Jack San Francesco San Mateo Cetera ' Cutriatfum Economics Xe. K1; Skiing. Loy. Haney Lew, Leland Lew, Victor Leament, William Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Canaria Business Ad. Political Science Cm ' Engineering General Curriculum MIST; G. Quill; ASCE. TEE; G. Bean; ARC: Card Sale.; COB; Ex. Comm; Senior Council. G. 4 Quill; Skiing. Lim, Betty San Francisco Social Welfare I(111. R8hard Ueld, Efarffn San Diego Carmel Mech. Ergineeting History KA; AWE; Triune. Lim. James timlorl, Mania Oakland Oakland Chem. Engineering Call Engineering AICE; CSA, T1111; NE; ASCE. Lockwood, Norms Lolgroi, Bar balit Puente Glendale Political Science General Curriculum AKA: (Lain Steen Half. Councils; Rally. Lirdgitish Dorian Lipian, Slides Linkup:0, Sandra Berkeley San Francisco Oakland General Curriculum Sociology. Journalism Fresh Council; Su Ok:0; Penile: Club; ElectiOns; Daily Cal.; Cal. Sailing. Engineer. Loran, Helen Los Angeles Spanish Louie, Albert Sat Francisco Sanitary Science II A.P. Long, Barry Loans, Wayne Long Beach Hayward Elec. Engineering Personnel Adm. Snmth Assm. Circle C; AIEE. Wrestling. Logan, Sally [Astra, Marry Pasadom WJIlla Creek General Curriculum Political Selma KKE; Intramural; AKA; G. Bear; Hospital. Rally; EL Board; Scabbard and Blade. Lewin% William Lome, Roger Lone, William Lome!, John Caning San Jose Sacramento Berkeley Pro. Management Chi, Eaginenini Political Science Political Science trA. A x1 ' ; Big C Scc.; II KW; IFC; Scabbard di Blade; Triune. SCE; Cm.•. Lusk, Fred Seal Beach Petrol. Einthettirq THE; AIME. Lusk. Patricia Ualrell, Envie Lou. Jan Lyom, Sharon Sacramento Oakland Sant a Ay Berkeley Architecture Comiimhan General Curriculum History 1 ' 011; Arch. l ' Ali; Newnan AA II; IKA; ABA; YWCA; Assoc.; Skiing. Hall; WAA; Elm Game; Intranmral; Or Urnatlom. Class Councils. Class Council. Lures, Lillian Lum, Muriel tom, Puty Luna, Maven Lusher, Jacqueline Oakland HtWall China San Francisco Sas ' racism. Social Welfare Art Education Chem. and Math. Biochemistry Genera ' Curriculum Treble Cif Mgr. CSC; AE . GSA. Neuman Hall; CSTA. Filipino Students CIO. f A Ita LI falSik nan sit No 4 i ■ , , ;Ager Asa apr ei anstath aittasan dk:s . , )--,ak, us, ' r A ri rat PI n t, c I Tr JAI McCain., Inlet McCarthy, Sheila McCarty, Marjorie McClure, Sally McConnell, Barbara Oakland SoCvM9 Sacramento Lafayett e Oakland Pre.Me0. Speech English Cenral Curriculum Accounting A+A. AIIA; PIA.: ESC; Prospect Terrace; KKR; MAR; MAW; POI.; Are Shoe; Rosman Hall. Warren ' s C Society: •X0. Sr. Week; Councils. Intanurat McCormick. Bruce McCrary, Mary McCurdy, Mary McDaniel, Wes McDowell, Beserky Redwood City Eureka San Bernardino San Francisco Com. 8 Pub. Policy Art %S; IFC; Rep ' at AA II; Rally Goa.; Large; Golden Bev; Sec.. awl Q ; Senor Week Chair. Crass Councils. Marketing Der Rey; Skiing; Rally Committee. Child Otmtkini0t English 11150y WAA; 0M; Treble YWCA; Junior. Senior Councils. With hadparters at tie Za: •oust LEE LEVY hen branched out to wct taned actin. tin as Gavel ard Quill, ARC, Card Salts, Rally Committee and SOphcenote Yell With a major in political sCience. Lee hoots to enter Om 14k1 of city Enninfrelli ki ' ffa titi • iniAstiadia Seniors McDowell, EleaWth MtGalf.wn, Patricia liteGarragne, Jr .111t Watsomille Redommi City Sarcastic lassecIon Child Development Drommtk Art Veen) Rtcob. Club. Mortar EA. SI% Unmemty Pres.; Aryl.; Cal. Theater; Rader TV CM; Vim. J. Com. Theater. McGee., James Optometry. Molts,, George Oakland History McKailk, Paul San FreintioC0 N Gwen Nan; YMCA P ees.; Golden kw; Men ' s Cu. Beard. McKean, Joan Tranguillel AI ' S; Senor Class Council. McKie, Gently McKee. Stuart Santa Rosa Piedeetnt Welfare Gm. Adminisiraticm NICK; Worged Toone; Stele and Keys. McKee-an, William Matenlie.Romnsame McLean, Milk San Francisco Monticello Wreak Mathematics General CAtritutum History Genies Nall. KA; Model Senate. Mill. Maaakleg. Jaw Machado, Kit Mack, Charles Los Angeles Lakemet Sacramento NOM (cordlike General Cuisiaolurn Ntspasec Anwelu Al; YWCA; WAA. HZ. Model Senate; MAC; Class Coen.; COB; Yell Leader; NKR. MacKenzie. litmgem Ma:Lean. Walter MacLean Pat Los Angeles Alameda Ivwdmoet Gitintell Cu Int. Wm Meek Enginemeq General Catrveukim [Molt; Pros.; WEB; Bel Reg; II TX; AO; Calvin OW Mortar Board; Tien; SNA dE; Rally Cow ; Class Paratlknic. ASME; CAC. Councils. MacKay, Jack MacKay, NAtCtite MacKenzie, Malian San Diego Pasadena 0.01 od Cm! Cegmemeg None Eceeminsks, Medical Same Bowles Nall; ASCE; Glee ChM; Track; Sig C; Baseball; Kew Stodemts Gal. Society. McLean. Robert Mclouth, lama San Leandro Fenno Civil Egieerirg AnthtopROM MKT; ASCE. 44T; l ' XE: GA. Wort Club; WUS; YWCA PON. McNaughtm. William Los Angeks Civil Artl; ASCE. _se A transfer front Illinois Westryaa, BILL LEWERENZ has beta busy at Cal. His Wk. ities include bean President of the Mkt Class. Golden Star, E. Eemtnittee, Metes Ex Bard, COB and Genet and Quill. Two yews in the Ai. Face, wtta law school afterwards. are the alms of Om Tao Kappa Epsilon. Ma n Lame Ni,, Jersey Corrections SAE. PAANire, Huh Mae, Jack Len Anetles Petaluma Firance and Balling Irdentrial Mnpm. 114411; Football; Eallealan Club; Cal Club; Beg C; Renames Club. Gold. Bear; Sc. K. Main, kilt Main, Thelma Maioll, Adrienne San lames San Francisco San Francisco Musk. Nursing Eckmallon Cetera! Curriculum RNs on Cameo, SK. Symphony Forum. 59 Cif ffs at A IC LILL sica atti raLaitaar frag in pn ceennc? AieloSAE(A 0. " 1 ' w ' 1 Male, Virginia Sal Gail, Indus. Relation. X11; Odin. Relo tom Club. Martkimen, Arthur San Franca° Sudan Science Public Health AMOCiatiOn. Malian°, Jatia San Framisco General [medians AA II; Pelican; Big Game Foamy; NearMs Hall. Mann, Douglass Ma-ring, Deletes Martha, Vincent Istanoson, Ralga Marks, Thomas Manes Fred San Marino Rosalie San Francesco Selma San Diego Albany Marketing Child Psychology Nippy. Personnel Mgr. I Ow. Relations Cenral Corrntilu SAM. Fawns Hall XX; SAM. AX; Scabbard and TICII. Treble Clef; Tao Blade; Quarterdeck and Flame; B. S C. Marshall, Donald Marshall Patricia Dans Berkeley Chemistry Gaol Dakota OE; SAACS: AXIL); Sailing; Westminster. WAA; Hascoming Committee. Martin, Gould Martin, Marilyn Martinelli, Joyce Martinetti, Nowak Martinson, Oa Manta, Mason. John Maw, Robot Mantra, Bert San Lorena Oa land Fcrestmlle Pittsburg Merced Sacramento Bentley SaCfallnt0 Los adults Journal kin S Speed History Child Development Pub. H. Nursing Public Health General Curriculam Baseness Adm. Architecture General Osrriculom A AO; LAX; NO Codicil: %TA; Jr. Cana; R.N. ' s on Cameos. Hose Hail. A011; II .V.; II KA: Class Arch. Association. TKO: Big C; Cal Club; G. Bear; CSTA; Election. Me and Gold. Jr. and Sr. Class Caeca; Cal V. BaLetbau. Rep.atilo.; Daily C Councils. Band; Talent Sea. Masada. Toshiyvki Mather, Fulton Mather, Manama Mathis, Dixie Matsumoto, Bill Matsuura, Wrenn Mead, Carolyn Meal, Richard Mead, Robert Leona Long Beach Yoantedle Stockton San Jest Sato Clara San Jose Sanger San Marino Napa Lag Beach Civil Engineering Psychology Political Soda. Penman Adm. Ilmccomorra Meth. Espana, Child Development Cosiness Adm. Forestry (acrid, Euclid Hall; ONO. II AE; Skiing; OXO; Welfare BA; MAW: ASME; IAS. XK; OliK; Ale; Rally; Foray Club; ZTA. MSC. PIC: Peas; All U Weekend. Nal Club. Seth. Corned; All U Wettest . Ski Club. C. Mel. Club. Illtoauine, Ernest Mello, Int Mendelsotu, Rim Mean, Allred Merdoza, Barry tienteet, Lad Mental, Dane° Meredith, Robert Motley, Molly Menlo, Franklin Fresno Beckett Israel Oakland San Frame San Francisco Berkeley Tens Dixon Chico Elec. Emu mead Public Health Decoration Art. (Inc. Crigitatto (Mc. Enginterlo litre. Relations Chtdstry Cannery Civilness Ades Indio Maragement XAK; UCSEC; A011. Neuman Hall; Smyth AllOCiatiOIR AZ; Pelican; SAACS; Masonic SAACS; LICE; II II.; C. Society; XO: Big C: IFC: AKE; Neuman Philippine CAM. TIIII; II KS; Orientations; SUC; Club. Till!. Ace ei Clubs; Treat: APC; Hall. Wing C:mm. Election; R. Cross. Sons Chub. Winded Helmet. AF ROTC Merlotti, Marion Santa Can Physical Ed. OMenteeg Hall; Mailman: WAA; PE Mayors Messer, Alvan Melt Joan Merl Meyer, David Meyer, Gail Veylan, Madame Wohefl, Kay St. Oka Botta Lel Bra Glendale Oakland Berkeley San Diego Central Curricula Public Health General CUrriCAIUM POOR 7 General Curreculum Political twee Psychology Glee Club; Baton; C. Wesen ' S COO; II KA; ProMed AZ: 31:0: OM; Mona BO.; Toner aid Flame; Octet Band; AFC; PHUA; Masonic; Soc.; Blot Gold. Foestry Club. Pro.; PIC; ' SD; Canterbury. G. kW; Madrigals Class Councils. OXO; B. E. Ed. Meta Smoot Miley, Gail San Francisco San Jose Mech. Engineering General °menu . Seabird Blade; A l ' A; Panhellenic; II TX; ASME; Pally Committee: IAS. Vat Carlene. Euapino Irma the snug of Let Ardelet, MARGIE MACKENZIE came to Cal Mere she gained lame as President c4 Panhellenic and as its reNeientatin on Worsen ' s En Board. Magie also spent Pay on Mortar Beard and PlytlatiA. After attain:, a temb ' m credential the hales t o go to Canape and sat thee. Seniors Miller, James Cannel Brumes, Admin. WE; Rally Cm.; Ski Club; Sawa Shoo Milk,. Thomas lent Chemistry Beals; Scabbard Blade; SUM; Cal lied; Batas Soc. Millis, John Modesto Inwrarde AXA; lawn. Cub; Gavel le Quill; Yell WON. Mills. Sawn Berkeley General Curriculum SF; Intramural; WAA. Mateo Paid Mitchell, Lester Turlock. El SemodO Medical Science Mech. Encomium) Toner and Flame; Bq C; Winged Weiat Basketball. Went; Baseball; ASME. Mitchell, Mary Susanne intypeal Education With; Wornen ' s C Society Mitchell, Shirley Miyakkera, Carolyn Mlyansa, Mabee MiyamXo, Shutt " San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Sacramento BacterolcgY Odd Development Ecereasec Stat. Child Dnelopment Olderthem Hall. Ritter Hall; PIC; MSC; Herm Student Ritter Hall; IVCF. Inter.Vanity C. F. Sa.; CIC. MON, Mulkey San Francisco General Currqulum A•IS. Meek, lady Santa Cruz Criminology Joaquin Hall; .SA K. Moller, Are Montoonery, Stacker Thomas Social Welfare Fort Bragg AO: Red Cross; Accounting YWCA. IIFX; HAW. Montmorency. Dona Los Gatos English Archaean Han; Ste Club; Col. Women ' s Club. Mops, William homy, Apart Canlihtfl Bakersfield Elec. Engineering Amnon. Econ. RiOgelloase;BCSEE Bard; SPWS. Mcore, Ann Lenz Beach 14htory Al ' ; Athletic Rat UM; Unit Crusade; Mod. Sea.; YWCA. Mme, Marilyn Motel. Joan San Francisco Welke English Social Welfare KBE; Elections row Coon.; Worn. Act. Corn; Intranwrai. Morley, William Mono Bay ' baboon ABU; AAS; Circle C; GP Team; Seim Team Mown. Maryann Sacramento English AZA; Class Councils; Pella.; Brannan COW Mont en r IN activities on the fpxoao hew HUGH aims ler a carver as a maker. At velem is a meatier of Cal Club, Winked Mel. net, Skull add Keys aid Golden Bear. He is best known among bit teannotrs for NS ability to see the ends ed. the linemen ' s beads. Mori, Arthur Reuyille Marketing. Morrism, James San Real Elate SAE; Home Stmtents Socety. Morse, J. Gory San Francisco Psychology A041; Newman. Mont, Marlyn Mortereon, Joha •Itadera Monterey General Cwricutwo Public Adam. II 110; Model MA; Triune. Imrariural. Moss, Phoebe Berkeley History AAA; Pelican; Elec. Cconcll; Malayans, Mary Lodi Laboratory Teo. NSC. 61 A ft A PlAk;:ds ika ,L. n n gra Music Iishair Iwo teem. Eagiwerin) AICE; Jolt.. Myrick, Stephen Ltmoxe Coe. Pub. Policy OBE; Ball and Chain; Glee Club. Neil, Sally Bakersfield history AA It Nissen, Edward Oakland Finance AX; Daily Cal; Hew Set.: S. and Blade. O ' Brien, Robin Maynard Marketing AXE. Nakagawa. Klyosal Rieman! Gail Engineering ASCE. Holder, Janie Walnut Creek Speech A011; Speech Arts Club. O ' Connell, Judith San Mateo General Curriceolum AA II; Panik; G. Quill; Pros.; Pelican; YWCA. Nalashima, Bev. Long Beath Zoolo AAX; Noses, Barbara San Lorenzo Gwen! Curriculum EPorOrth Nall CSTA. NAM], Clicked ItIngebag Architecture XAK. Noon.Allawles, P. Iran Indus. Engineering AllE. Mum on, JuCenehre Maeirmey, HMIs Mewl, Karl Healdsburg Red Well SatiserntiutO Home figments Psychokei Political Science Remain. Men OE; Pre.lited, Bowles; Debate: Horne Eton. Club. Society. Model Senate; PIC; Ado; Councils. Nelson, Jan Nelson, Keith Pamir. Donald San Jost San Francisco Berkeley Botanist Ad. General Currioelum ECOtrainicS AA II; Sling; OXId. Flying Club; AMA; Women ' s J. Boning. COMO.; YWCA, Dente, Elaine °false, Josephine MINN) Saul Francisco ConeCtions Education. (patrol Hall AAE; Saihrg; Life Guard Corp,. Moulten, Elmid Moire, Charlotte Make, Joyce Pawner, Gerry Mumma, Rctert Hinge,. Oriabire Altader.a Berkeley Templeton Lindsay Castro Valley Tustin " dun. Management General Cerrimilern General Cerrkulom Foreign Trade Pmeaolopy Art Sailing Club; Plill; PAWN; Treble Clef; III ' S; " I " Nocbt. Cal Seed. AV; Mortar Board; SAM. YWCA, Mow SW. Soc. Poe; Panne; Cal Club; YWCA. Murrell, Shirley Murray, Carol Murray. George Mien, Edith Metre, Judith Myers, Ricturel San fracisco San Francisco Coconino Norwalk Norwalk San Francisco ibumulism General Gurney:en Physics. General Gecko:am History Memnon, Ore; Daily Cal; AI ' : Model Senate; MY; Intramural; ear; Student Smyth Association; Gal Entirety; Yvan; Rep. Student Union bitten Comm.; Hat; Baton; Pelican. Ctterm. Council. Senior Council. S. A Blade; Bard. Naples, AnthOily Barnum Walter Nearcn, Elaine Nelmazahl, Bernard Nee. Cog ' Relent, Jam Kea York Hawaii Atherton San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Slam amtwelogy. Real Estate Accamelrg Art ENC. Engineering Newman Hall. WY; exii; SAM; IFC; Alt; CSA. TRH. ItIt POI.: CUSS CONKIIS. Uvlm.; Honor Stt. Neuman, .lo Ann Newnan. Donald Newton, Leone alkaloses, Amine Nicelli, Doris Nielsen, Margaret 1.11.1)ttle Oklahoma Long Beath Berkeley San Gar el Mount Shasta Decorative Art Eton:buts Physical Ed. Medical Science Speech General Corriculuire ZTA. " ZIT; APC; Prospect Terrace •KE: G. Bear; AAA; YWCA; Mitchell Hall Homecoming WAA; 1:0; YMCA; Rally; IFC; Pelican. WAA; UCYC; WOA. (woe letramwal. Cal Band; NSA. NOOilY, Mead Notclia, Paul Norse:nay, Ann Norton, Loren O ' Brien, Marian O ' Brien, Robert Iran Indio Sunniest Port Costa Berkeley Elec. Engineering Physics Ambropolegy Political Science General Curti alum U Engineering Ineerleg UCSEE; EX; Honor Sludent Soc.; Krceber Society. Stern Hall; OW DST : Skiing. AIME. Flying Club. Daily Cal; Daily Gal; Hiking Club. Sailm) Club. Model Senate. 0 ' Pereli, Barbara ONannon, Paul Ofni. Tern °Larnaca, Rannord Okano, Rebuke Oiler,, Jacqueline Redmond City Fenn San Franco, Rooter Gilroy Oakland General Curriculum Meth. Erdman:rug Sarno, Science Cfraistry Laboratory Tea. Child Onekonwnt Felt; Rally Com. II TX; ASME. Nisei Club; aCL; DC; Rally Coon.; Num. Student+. ZTA; Pannllenc; hal 4 Health Assn Student £1111.; Pelican; WAC; Rally ACS; ICC. 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Seniors lin RS_ Palmer, Cynthia Palner, Donald Palmer, N. loan A public relation major WES McOANIEL San Rafael Bottle Los Aryl.s capably filled the presithnoes el IFC. Senior Central Carricultro Mech. ginning. Elect. Enumerung Week and the Sophomore Class. Other ann. Ad; Cahn Club; UCSEE feature.. roes MOO claimed his Allende were Rey. Red Cron al•Large, NSA, Triune and Golden Bear. An attnecation of the Rathskelleds 3.2 ac couMs foe hit pastime ateut.; to get Out of meetings. Padland, (nine Germany remit Club; WAA; II Th. Patrice, Moan ' Pasadena Landscape Ana. AKA; Editor land Deign Clubs Anneal Publnauon. Palmer. Brute Rennin) WUOUIe Conserv. Palmer, lUtaryn Castro Valley General Curriculum. Epeonth: WDA Repnat.Loge. Pardee, Joan Political Science Speakers Bureau; NSA; Model Senate; You. Repub. Parent, Chains Porter, Ridded fterkek1 San Francisco General Candulom. Ciril Ergineeng Smash; ASCE; 443 Noun Club. Pa seas, Norman Pau, knelt Walnut Creek Reedit, Preowc. Known . God Enginflin9 niiy; Rowing ASCE. Club; Crew; Big C. 63 as n it..) m t74 c i, tAirAkiatts ii, ale Cal Lodge; Pre, ' Pharmacy; Bikini,. Pinney, Cynthia Piper, William Sat Francisco General Curriculum Zoology KAT; mortar ad; Pryl.; Cal Club; BaifY COMM. Pritchard, Leland Oakland Price, Sarah r) it? LILL A Ailailet III els . Ath tis ticis 2A on PatmImam ' , R. Sacramento Accomming Pendleton, Ella. Ulaiett• psithalogY Petty, Allem Carmel Social Welfare WAA. Pohum, Jan San Francisco Chenlatry Ridge House Walrus Bd.; GI Bad Patton. Carole Woadsidt General Curriculum. Pertain, Phyllis Oakland Child DwelopeteM. Plainer, Audrey 10th Metchandisirg AZ; WNW; B um and Gold; Electicwi. Patten, Douglas Vallejo Accoretirg TAY,; HUT, Pre-Ure; Baton; Cal Band; T F. Parrott, Jahn Eclat, Cm l Erepratirri Phillips, LIad Perris Chemistry Model Senate: Motor Studeets; Y ReP.; SAA. Patterson. Kiwi Fresno English 11110; IIA ; Model Senate; YWCA; Neiman. Perry, Cole San Mateo Music ((Imam id Hall Concert Bard. Pica., CAW° San Salvador Archilatiat Smyth AMC IMMO; Archilectare Assoc. Porto. David Ukiah Adm. and Policy 11TX; SAM; AMA; Sailing. Paulo. Janet Lot Angela SPANK OT; YWCA; Intramural. Pasoan°, Gerald Sacramento CrDiMaini IIKN; MEE; Gorden Bear; Soccer. Pero, Sawn Menlo Park PhiloWorri ZTA; YWCA: Ski Club: Clan Councils. Porter, Moo. Bawdy Hilts Mathematics OMR; Honor Students Society. Psalm., Burt San Francisco History. Poem " Jame Pasadena General Curriculum Paxson, Richard Albany Accounting ,AO; Triune; Circle C; Winged Helsel; S. di Blade. ld oevi Eadataird Civil AXSCE;E1;.S1111iiing; Pearl, Roger El Cerrito English and Sank Simi How Soc.; Chriataad Sc rice Onmairation. Petition, Ronald San Matto Meth EagireeriAl KA; AWE; !ISMS; Winged Helmet. Pitts, DUMPY Berkeley Int. Relations Masonic Club; Colt. Werne✓% Clati. Poichntan, Gene Sat Francisco Political Scatter Claim Cowl; Stilts Hall, Pease, Patricia San Leaadro General Curriculum A X0. Peterson, Wayne Selma General Curriodum XT. Pi0eagroa, Ronald Alameda Fie; Dal Cal PhcaoPaWW; Store Council. Pawn, Connell •loneda General Carriculuni Pella.; Skiing. POMP , Joan El Cerrito Cominakqi A XU; AA K; Pelican; Skiing. Petriratk, Aln. Chile Prix. Eniineiteill• ptouy.y. Rould Palo Alto Walt. Relations ' PT; Tr surd: Winged Helmet. Peplos, Taira Oalland Accounting ONO; HAW; UW; T. S Pakininart, Roy Smith Pasadena Rom ration Trade Child Otwkrimarl MT; Skull and K m; Winged Helmet. hthati td IL an It 1s Asia Porter, Robe l Potter, Seipie Albany San Matto Perytical Edw. Etwohics. Silks Hall; Physical Education Dimity; IntraraIral. Prather, Carol Santa Cruz SaioWy KM; Psnile; Card Stuns. Prather, Janet Kearney J oaularn Evemrth Hall ice; WAA. Prather, James Berkeley Archaectore. Decorative Art Traesportatica. Steen Hall WAA; Cal Eq.; Class Councils. Proctor, CWAtale Oakland Social WM.... Prue, Walter Bottle, Flo. Erglearimg Pride, Donald El Canto Martetini Basketball; Baseball, P.M, Thomas Oakland Political Science Pnell, Carroll Sacramento History TKA. One eighth of last summer% PIC team was MARIANNE MEYLAN. Petite in such mom. Italian at Prtharean. and Boyd. mucho4 " Menials " time, mien the is not in the Sea ' s Lair flashing her wide min, a iWt at Cain edam of the Base and Gold. To we UM math Is her ambitim. t ' • it•thrithithwrii on r Saki s — fsrt Cy) fst kiAktee Seniors Questhy, Charles Jr Oak lad Real Ettate Circle C; Scab. Blade: Tone. Rifle Team. Rawl, Len Whittlee Elect. Engineering Briars Kali; UCSEE. Rector. WIllwm La Mesa Merit Ergirtering ASME; Lutheran Asswiation. Quow, Rawl San Francisco Social Welfme. Retu, Jut Belmont Mech. Row, Gordo ' Berkeley Marketing atl. Scabbard Slack, J Conm ; Rank, Betty Rio Lada Chemistry Rater Nall; Tow. and Flame; SAACS. Raub, Goeck• Suttee Rosiness Admin. IX; Cm.; Roman Club. Rwes•Larnbe, Mira Sac triune French I Nov..: Milk ' : II At; WEB: ROI. Ray. Ronald Beach Elect. Engineering UCSEE; IRE. ' Galata, Peter fluky Elect. IIKX. kaneta. Jot Sack Dago Fotwtry• Rernmei, Arthor San Mateo Central Curriculum erg; Winged Helmet; Snare. Range, Donald Rmwol, Merced lag Engineering Petro . Ethan rag II KA; IINX: AIME. Tull; Football: UCSEE. Reeves. Harry Reinhard, Rid Remelt, Allen Oakland Glendale Richenortl Political Seaga General entritillyen Mech. Engineering International Bd ; Smyth; $ptvtli Awt; ASME; Masonic Debate. Imeamerat. Club. Resulat, Iunkln Himall draitechre Newnan Club. Replogle. Lanny Santa Barbara Chemistry AK] ' ; Weight Reed, K✓i Los Angeles Mech. (thawing ASME. Reeky. Menials Riverside Bosinent Admin. ANA; Gen. Rkico, Rmuld Montana Cronlnallstat. RegnoMi, Dime Bedew Nome Economia% Rice, Howard San Francisco HistOth B owles; Student Un. Con.; Orientations Com. Reynolds, Jon Walnut Creek Business Admin. ATA; Ward Helmet; Irene; Ski Chef. Ricked, Anne Ricamord General Curriculum ASK; Carel I and QaNU Glass Goan.; SUIC. Tearthorq and beaching In Hawaii An the cl ANN MOORE. • Delta Gw• " Annie " became (uncut as the football bathes, on the Athletic Remit10a Geenmattee. She has alto PartitiPattd in Prillantan, Mole Senate, ' YWCA cabinet and the United Cniude. This Eenthean history major SOO ' S her some hours leaching Way School. Rtynokri. Mantel Rhoades, Omuta ROW. Bette Nebraska Atherton San Jose General Curriculum Gessal Curriculum Social Welfare NEI% Intranwal; GM; Circle Ci AKA; YWCA; PIG. YWCA. Waged Helmet: Trite; Water Polo. 65 e nit aA ilILL AL Root, Hilliard San Leandro Political Science Tennis. Russell, Bill Lafayette Pretax Nutting Education Cablorn Ian; RN ' s on Campus. Foreign Trade History X.; Triune; Winged Helmet; Shall and Keys. Ross, Franktyn Reit, Jay Rothblatt, Sheldon Rout, Mary Log Roam, Mari Ellen Alameda Belmont Oakland Lancaster Watsonville (comets Political Salem Mislay English Odd Demloprrent AX. Smyth Association; XHA; Scabbard II BO. NA; YWCA; CSTA; Adta; Daily Cal. aid Blade; Pre- Rally; Pelican; Legal Society. T. 6 F,; Art. Br. Russell, John Russell, Lewis Russell, Richard Russell, Shannon Ryan, Lawrence Lafayette San Jose San Diego Berkeley Salinas Business Adm. Plinks Business Admire. English Political Science KT; Crew. Ill; Glee CIO; Fr!: Crew; ASH; Ranh Hall Cal Engineer. Junior Council. Neerrnm Mel; Newman Halt 8. 6 G.; Cumuli Is Row , John Rowe, Eldon Rosati , to, se Piedmmeit Tulare Turlock Ryan, Sheila Ryan, William Sue, Henry Berkeley Venturi Oakland Jan. and Eolliih Public Health Business Adm. Blue and Gold; Books Hall; Daily Cal; SAM; Pnliani an; Glee Club; AIME; Pre.Law; Hefei SOCHI . PhaMant. Honer Stu.; T. 6 F. Saba, Don Sacramento Optooetry Baits Hall; Smyth. Sadler, Mildred Santa Gnu Rdty, Earl! San Rafael Geo. Engiceming XII; Triune; Winged Helmet; IFC; CtonCilt. Rinker, Barbara Eggs, Ramon Oakland Iona Social Weller !Myths Atli; Hatt; ROuieg; KME; Red Cross; WUS; Crew. Councils; Sailing. Robinson, Wesley San Francisco Music CSTA; Smyth kw.; Music Clef; Folk aA Square Dancers. RObtinCio. Frank Robinson, Sa dna Hertek7 Piedmont Michelin) Speech ItO II; Winged AME: Pelican; Helmet. WUS; Frosa Council. Rosen, Richard Rosenberg, Carol Rosetberg, Donald Missouri San Eremite Oakland Central Curriculum KS. Cetera! Curriculum CSTA; Sr. Council; Cceaselot. Ritchie, Robert Roberts, Carlene Massachusetts Richmond Ott. Engineering Spanish UCSEE. Reiman : WOA; Robson, John Robot Ill, J. New York Stockton Political Science Gotta! Curriculum (laity Cal; Cal Club; Ritter Half; Golden Bear; Newman Hall; Smyth; Rifle. CST . Rosemmr9, Janet Ross, Eduard Lees Beath Oakland Recreation Business Adm. WOA; Pelican; YWCA; NSA; Rm. Club. Richard, Rebut RNhards, Leonard Richardson, Ann Riciard, William Riclpt•ay, Goiter, Thalia Berkeley basis Low Beach Sin Matto General Curriculum History Pollikal Science History Economics Ain; Trim; Xo; Fen% FOB; Class J.V. Glee Club; NA; Triune; Shall aid KW. Football. Councils; MRA; APC. Winged Helmet. Homecoming. Roberts, Donald Roberts, Patricia Robiehek, Alex. Robins. am Robinson , David Richmond Sacramento flatland Albany Pltettvilk COWMAN Central Curriculum Accounting Marketing Amormina Masonic Club. A All; YWCA; PBX; IIXX; AE11; UFX. Orthesii. Sorority Reim. HAW. Redder, Gerald Redrei, lecrard Horn, Robert Rollo, Bryce Romiti, Virgil Fresno Belmont Oakland Temple Call Oakland Business Adm. Citil Engineering EN:inclines Oil Engineering Elec. Engineering ZBT. 03; ASCE; 819 KA; Triune; Ill; ASCE. MAX; Be, C; IRE. Game; Football; Winged Helmet; Track; Pub. Rd. Axe Show. BERNIE NEBENZAHL has put his account. soar to goal vu as batman oil Stone Board. Bernie it an none OastkiPant in the hull sessions at the Sammie house, where he also resides. Hit expression ' lake It hut tybollet hit ((Aridly attitude. A wets Ian, Bernie liars to become a school principal. rbit irk tat Sib r ri tik) sl 41114 Seniors Sanderwo, William Samar. Senrino Sank, Nathan Gridley San Francisco Richmond Vattern:4k. Elect. ErgInteelng, Economics. Weed Nall. Saban, Visas Iraq Mech. Engiumkg Intramural; ASME. Satan, John Sampson, Suzanne Alameda Oceanside Elect. Engineering General Curriculum Tit III;IINN; Eirnorth Hall; WDA; UCSEE. F58; Life Guard Corps.; Sec. Act. Cooed. Samels, Matisse Sagthet, Andy Samee4, Lase.. North Holtptood RichntOM Berteley General Curriculum Napes. Numirg Eduutka RM. ' s on Campus. Sayre, Cagy SlYseell, (MIN Scanlin, Donald Sacramento San Mateo Fillmore Political Science Internael Relations Geology AAA; Pot.; FSB; I Bawd: En. Cow.; Mortar Board. Scattergood, Worth Schtlin, Edwin Schlan, Janet Schmetser, Alan Schmidt, .khn Beating San Mateo Los Angeles (Noon Illinois Political Science Cirri Engineering GUMP General Curriculum Chemistry. 11110. ASCE ' AGSM; ACI; Richards Hall: ASUC Circle C; Intramural. Secretariat; Class Rugby Ch.0. Conti ' s. Schoele, Francis SarObkr. Delano ' Schemer, Karl Searcillit. Robert 5001, John Red Bluff Chmeha hetet San Marino Los Aeries Meth. Engineering Accoamirg Production Mgt. Real Estate GeOfkrsk1 ASME. Barrington Nall; IIF.t. 0EW. Snub; AAS. 111; MVP. Schmidt, Norma Bertefey Matheeanics Peru Stu. SOC.; Tower and Flame; Se.hum.xher, Kathleen Los Angeles History AEA; Panlk: Pqt.; Nectar 84.; WAQ WEB; Parialkek. Scott, Marilyn Los Angeles General Curriculum Stern Nall; Pally. I •-• As avid Republican Is JOAN PARDEE, the ulnae:strati assistant to Use ASUC presi• dent. Joan has also been president of the Young RepubliCaat, Cbakamn of the Reekh. nun Caucus, a member of Model Senate and a NSA to.ordarator. Noted for her strong mmsereatism, Jots It also Won for " rt. ting in ennuniel all. " 50.M:ocher, John Setnalm, Grant San Francisco Pomona Indust. Engineering General 0:entwines Srenth: TIT.; AAX: Synthong TRH; AAS. Forum; Cot Wont. Club; CSTA. Schnuti, Wald Scimantott, Past Schnieso, Gretchen Oakland San Francisco Menlo Park Mae. A Marketing. French cuadnolegg le Genie Franclit; AAR; YWCA. Halal, 67 t I ' ,e1 %tit 1 - a,y ith At r r ilk A 7 It ak r ,Ateas 7 , alit A swi fly if Mik gra - 4aItlh• Oakland Curriculum 0hla .1 Clor El0EbEth Kew: Pelican; Cl pet Show. --- tale, et Chn ' T,al; SIStDos,elitor, el. an l St. Ralph nn et tiek h,H1 Curriculum K! ' . Sides. Judith Stint Franciseo San. WeIrmen Bray Serial 09141.s. 1 San Er ANN aet Lids HO Hn a- on, 1071 And Folk ecbilh Hine Dane Shaw ' DonaSara. 0ranhanU too.. Stan Sne and Hoyt Oa :.ochiro4o Polley. li Janit no Sea ua Ann SanaSnoe.tihe u °AXEL En! pIC Lowell Civil Salinas II KA. D.ohnInwe, ASCE ' rd 04 Elflt tan ans. Jo„,n Hall oweget 9.403 et Spanish. Sion shaa " ,:„Nta . Pefilical San NS; Shag " ' Sattatte. Deba anon. Robert Education TIC b. SlHa ' Martian Richmond Hall; rft man New W Kona Chat. $hJO " Berkeley nt peca jx " gli n. t " ' rte. ' s s auk. ' pan, Angeles SO Los A wt.% Hall lich A441; GVanas USCA; E " Ss „nod 1,,N RH Du, AH Hall; Mau. Saw ' held sae; no„pyi_ Emathar Wean ' CCaMs Short hawlAngelesEN Welfare erema,. reArySaS,....__YWCAn tec Rally . petal Slaanal Blue anditatil C !union. tl. Ant Sing FOS ' iern San tha Deer it A-bell, AF Treble WAA; ;new Cal EN it; NE pill Dom, ' 0 E " Sae " ' d Park HkE Hoban Ota annee SEu ' c100 " Curriculum Hut1 Donitu 10: Cal. Daily Cal ' Stmt, Madera Psacht HE HO, Pt Kis p•a• y.04. Smith, Alan PE1,0cal Science DaKT. SlnalairiraN ' EC° jalanne San " „ca. Smith, Barbara a Sel0 e ulnas Ken Angeles Gammas GheLt • SIUOn,Ann own Ural Curl CT SE " Janet .„ Valley C ‘,„m ral cu " , Ellin . Stoniness unties ' BEEit; QUA ' JOSE fait-h aIsoa Frnc San ,t9 MI; ElmerSuter.l Pasadena dAl!n Winged Ero. atirete. Su lk, laa " InC Central Ca?it Al. -,-K; Cal. Haiti gull Smith, PItelda Petal ma „toes H SU ' Hall. all. Robert AA Pt Smith, ;thin kleaCE AA H; Smith. Ronald easa Edon kin H. re. unfit St. ' s.. Steno Economics XS ' nald Genital Do , Carol Viarki m Del ll Cu AEtCu m Sa Hee „ Fred Kph Han. . SN ' t acen " ,1, HPro.M!apn Co.,. II A., Ann 14. A Effie " Mark Ling 4.071Eland DP i Clubsin na, d Blade. ak :In :MC; fa) n tat ' as r P akariatrtik Deseite a hobby 01 osH000phy, a favorite pastime 01 photographing beautiful .)men and a position as bred phteteareette of the Daily Cal, RON PLOMGREIVS ambition is not to be a photocraoher. The reminder of this Al3Ttdafet nem is sort as Chairman el Store Board and a member of TSB. Ztht a La La re) Seniors Spencer, Joan San Free:oho Political Science HMO. Spurs, Louise Burlingame Classics. Spry, Robert Priscilla •ioany Pasadena Elect. Eregieteorn History IIKN. KAO; Rally tom.; Pol.; DAWN Bid. Star , Shinty Slob, Jose StormAta, iota Stout, Mak Piedmont Vittonilk Santa Maria 0114ale Decorative An Stallseks General Curriculum Mech. Erg:WHIM AEA; Petty; WEB; Smyth; AdS; A FA; FX.X; ASME; Ski Club. EI AI; YWCA; Orientation Coon,; Class Council.. Class Council. Acad. Affairs Coon. Statrkel, Marc., Stafford, Sybil Alladma Alameda Marketing AZ; ONO; Emetic° Ccunol. Steffen, Elizabeth Berkeley Social Welfare AAA; I Board; Pryt.; Hoof Six. Stivnaman. Bernard seagoing Insurance EX; Winled Helmet; Tram; Baseball. Stoat, James Stone, Peter San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Accounting OFN; Football. Westeninstee Hg; Ski Club. Store, Sabra Carmichael Bacteriology Steve; Comegign; YWCA. First Vict.Piesdr-t M tine ASlid, MIKE SAVAGE hopes to become rice, before the ale ed thirty, Wile his favorite pastime of sleeping. Although rated fee beiro ineonsPiO scot: and ahoYs tired, Mike NI tonged to attend mettieos of Cr Committee, Finance Committee, Cal Club, Mee( t Ex Bawd, and Gotten Bear. Stahl, Edith Oklahoma General Corticuhatt NEI ' . Steeeo°, Joan San Francisco History AXE); Beaman. Stehr, Linda San Leandro General Curriculum AZ; Studeo Union Council; APC; Elections Conlon. Stoll, Mary Jane oil. Sheila Berkeley San Francisco General Curriculum Education 11 110. NOE; HOPI. StandrIng, Jeanne Stanley, Marione Stark, Walter Sacramento Berkeley Dion Sproch Social Welfare Business Again. AA II: Orientations AO; Symphony ATM. Caeca. Forum; YWCA; Class Conmcih. StephenSon, Shirley Stevens, Anita Stenart, Kent Heyward El Cerrito Davis Decoothe AA General Curriculum Chemistry AAA. Treble Clef; OPA. Toner and Flame. Stone, Jessie Berkeley Mathermtk. ha General Curriculum 1011; II Ar; Ant. Mgr. Bleu GOO; M. Can Subdues, Berney Nebraska Child Doelopment Lutheran Student Center. Stoddard, William Oakland Petroleum GeolOO OX; OT. Straits, Mania Sara Francisco Bacterlology KN. 69 ituk.t. ii lb " - St‘t, gia kil Alit tik ate. % " ‘ 0 ill r7 skagsbietli. •sh Ni It ctistka tads Similar nomad Steck Sazy San Jose Los Angeles English General CLIMCIlita 311; MS; KAO; OAF. Varsity Debate. Summers, Ham Chico Hntory 0A O. Sun. Dorothy Hang Row Physics Sleben es Hail. Talbert, Mary AltAttOtI Hilfank ATeriCA AAA; AX II; latereutka.H Tale, John Ccenond Marketing AX. Terry, Magog Salinas History. Talbot, Satan Hitler General Currkulum AO; YWCA; T. and Flans.; WAC, Treble Clef. Taylor, Jean Santa Ana Politkal Solemn VAC; Mew ' s Judkim Conoittee. Thayer, Paul Beath, Ease Astallo X 1X; Galindo, Model UN; Daily Cal. Strom. Shaky Stung, EOnArS SOW:, Rangy Sugua, Ohs San Francisco Los Angeles Fullerton Sudewa Scandinavian. Cita vowing Central Cwritutmn PIC ,. Management ASCE. Steen Nall. Football; Rugby. Sun Mitt, Sunk, Gene Swanson, David Swanson, Eugene Fresno San Francisco Costa Mesa Oxnard Pet. Enginegring Social Welfare Zoology Elect. TI1II; AIME; Silks Hall; OX. UCSEE Scabbard I. Blade; Westminster SAME. Horse; PIC. Talley, Ben TARRY, Wilson Tanaka, Eddy Toner, Mary Bakersfield Berkeley Walnut Grow Santa RM. Watt Endow. gq. Milts Rosiness Adm. Child Psychology String. !manna( Sickly. (panda Hall; WAA; YWCA; CSTA; Col. Wm. Cl. leake, Quentin Taylor, Robes Taylor, Robert Ge rald Ricbaord Berkeley Rnnside Santa Rosa General Corritulon English. Civil Ergnewirg hlerthardising SX4r; FSS; NSA; Toll; XE. II KA. Councils; Visited Canada; Clean. Takla, Ernest Thkista, Dank Thomas, Donald Thceras, Ethel Berkeley Nevada City San Francisco Richmond Indust. Engineering Mining Engineer Accounting Nursing Education TI111; II TX. IX: AM; Ara. RN ' s ow Canpas. AIME; Flying Cad; Salting. Stamm, gu.u.4„, Stubbs, Theonme Sweat, Mary Los Angeles Sacra mato El Segundo Real Estate Physics Internal. Relations ATh; Crew; Bowles Hall. Stern Hall; Winged Helmet. Waxman Hall. Solluan, Maker, Rye. MIKA. Engineering ASME. Sutton, Cann Smarwtton, Ronald dynes, Alan Sapert, Bettye Los Gatos Altadena Pattlancel Rartelea evilness Mai Gdoecil Caoraculum Marietta) Hulory Bowles Hall; 11011; Ill ' I; ASO; YWCA; Scabbard dr Blade; Cal Club; Triune; Interfaith; Big C; Crew. W. Helmet; Cr. t. Treble Clef. , Tammr Lonnie isnot 1, V c Tatiow, Merrill Tadao:11Ra, Amen Sariamenl0 las Algal ECCeanikS French. XAM. Barks Hall; XKA: Jr. Model Senate. Teeter, Night Tent, Stanley Tenth. George Annul Oakland Grass Valley Joartalism AtclailKlive History Bonin Hall; XAK. Ara; UCF. ' SAX; Rally; Tower and Flame; News. Thous, William Thomason, Barbara Oakland Lon Angeles Marketing Clinical Laboratory AbelCadbArE ZTA. IOSettalal Relation; Instwance Sudety . Trager, Mimes Santa Monica Geonal Curriculum OT; Congas. Damn, Lewis Oakland Duce the Art Glee Club; Folk and Square Damn; Ski Club; Newman. ThOmPled. um San Framluo Law Edam-mart AAE. AiVos ✓ tails C1 Tom Deane Torn James Oakland Oakland Matheoatks Soil; CSC; COCA. Mech. Enorterim ASME; Society of Autonative Eng. Econooks ZAK: tattatter Deck Society. Tote, Harvey San Francisco Marketing SAM. Tobin, Leopard Toll, Philip Sun Francisco Oakland General Curriodurn Tatter% Kenneth San Ftarcirco History Smyth Association; townie. Club. Political Science KA; DPI; Class Council; Imratnural; tkenKtaing. Civil Eke: ' q SAM; Big C Soc.; Football; Cal Club; :CE; Golden Bear. er el € iskatekatanikta Total, Deborah Los Pewits Pah. Hlth. Hung " ASO; YWCA; RN ' s on Campo. Tomita, Kei Japan Sec lology Hoyt Hall. Toy, Like San Francisco Dietetics Home Econ. Mk Chinese Studem Club. Trisitma, Daphne Tromtein, Polak ' SW manta Los Angeles Noted for his leadership and talents, HERSHEY SHORR hat been a bet of USCA, Barrirqten Hall, Alpha Phi Omega, and APC. In addition to the Hosier It a letter mace the Gymnastifs tom. Hon. ever, much of hit time Is spent ctoen:•1 coyote and keeping hit car tadetatr. Twkroto, Miriam Tucker, Keenest Tyke, Hated Los Angeles Martinez San Frarsixo Architecture Elect. Engineering Elect. Engineering WIWI Stieleets Club. Sregth; MKS: ' LOA; UCSEE. 111 H; UCSEE. TuetIln, WIIIJm San Dingo Elect. Careering Ridge Hove; UCSEE: II KN. Tunllt, Lloyd San Francisco Political Science ZEIT; Gaul and Cheill; Golden Bear; Clam Councils. Twda, Honer Florin Elect. Careering AUSEE. 71 EVADNA SAYWELL is loot bum butler; a oath from the TrliDelt muse to Smarted Union titre she Atte meetings of FSIS, Ex Committee, I Board, Mortar Board, Pa. unean, W IN Clvotalledt tallittat on foreign students. This Intonational relations mayor from San Mateo hopes to otter grad a 19 r ses ' tat% iiistk n r n tin n t tathfittseS ICI Tbanpice, Phyllis Montata General Curriculum Taunt, Rickard Tilley, las, Roberta Sacramento San Mateo Seises General Ceroculum Ea:names A AO; 0% A; KA; Tram; Winged Helmet. Class Councils. emit, Roost., Lafayette Bexeemistry Abracadabra; Amer. Gem. Soc.; Ball and China Tismces, Eduard Cierkeleg PA Education ChM Engineering Chinese Staddlitt Basketball; Track Club: Crew ASCE. Students Tam, Raymond Oakland Meth. Erpkw in; ASME. Trunnin, DONIS Tiny, Roger Tuts. F. " Pie:toast Oakland Note Kong Pmthelmy Actontirq OK; Pre.Mtel. Soc.; AMA. Class Councils. Elect. Engineering Newman Club. Seniors Tonne, Bruce Toward, Cutts Walnut Grove Taft keit. ECOnCataci ATA; AZ; Winded Helmet; PIC; Trlure; Track. Townsend, James Lot Gatos Mutellna Smith Association Civil (brewing AO; Asa. r n n fr,att) reb) ct Stalk te, itt ei, r41 agh 4., LI Asa 2.2. Irct:AatZtaili Tote, Richard Torrey, Charles Viukia Berkeley Political Scitace A•E; PIC. Van Dec Alder. J. Van Der BOOR. D. Los Angeles Sacramento Political Science English EKE ' ; PIC. ASA. Elect. Erkinee•RO IIKS; UCSEE. Turner, Kinard T won ' t , Sally Sacramento Oakland General Curriculum Social Welfare. 110 II; Triune; Winged Helmet. Van Eaten, Lee van Galen, Henry Palo Alto San Francisco General Curriculum Chem. Enamoring WT. Smyth Asscc.; AICE. Tyler, El Centro Econamks XS; JAS; Men ' s lad. Comm.; Ski Club. Van Marten, Peter Sato Can Physical EduC. XAE; Trio : G. Bear; ay C; Cal Club; PIP Truk Piny San Rafael General Curriculum Al ' ; YWCA; Rally; Prytartan. Vantress, Ira Magnate Accounting Kr; Uwr; Skull di Keys: W. Helmet; SIB Uchida. Harakki Ura, Frank ' Alia, Richard Valenza, Vittorio Hawaii emceed Modesto Oakland Carectional. fleet. Entine...rya Pet. Geology IUI. 6 SPaMsh KT ' S: UCSEE: AXA; NROTC. CIrcolo. lullano; Nisei Stu. Club. Neuman Hall. Van Zander, John Vaughn, William Velanda. Clan Verstrom, Evelyn Santa Barbara Concord Philippines Berkeley Forestry Political Political Science Horne Economics XSE; Baton; Yacht Club; Own Place; MY; ON; Cal Band; SOD. UCYC. Preis : Home Econ. Club; band and Blatt. Henn Hall. Coll. Women ' s Jr. Vmeent, Margaret Toss General Curriculum NKr. Volt, Janina Berk Icy HMO " HOPI. Viarguts, Carlene Sin Francisco Political Science Richards Hall Clan Councils. Vigna, Roberta Vilardi, Joanne San Francisco San Francisco General Curriculum Psychology AA II; Pelican; BsVC; APC; !Lilian Club. Vcigt, Ernest Piedmont Public Relations AKE; Triune; Winged Helmet; Football. Van Fide, Walter " On Geklern, Ann Von Prince, Carole Youths, Karlette Kerman San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Mach. Engineering Speech General Cunkulum Physical E6xation Ar11; AS ME: AW; Elections; Richards Nall NElf; WAA; Cal TB II; II l ' X; Councils; tetra. Clam CO.InCilS. 21; Skiing; 1. IFC. aural. Guard. Wadsworth, Harr! Wored, Bereft, Wakefield, Barbary Waksdal, Harold Berkeley Oakland Sacramento Oakland Psychology General Curriculum History Forestry Rickards Hall AAA; YWCA; AATI: XKA: Forestry Club. Pelican; T1 AX; CSTA. WAA; Big Game; TAF; Coocils; Councils. WDA. Walsh, Janet Walt, Peter Wilda, LOretla Ward, James San Gatriel North Dakota San Francisco Camarillo Generate CunIculum Analtecture Socolool Elect. Engineering OM; Councils; Newman Hall Ridge Houle,: SSG; CSTA; En Collegians. rftK; IIKS; RAS Board. UCSEE; AAE. Walker, Donald Walter, Randolph Walter, William Wailer, Carol Los Angeles San Francisco Riverside San Malta Physical Education Pro. Management EadO9F General Ourkulum Big C; G. Bear; Orl. Smiles Nall; AEO; Hillel; Stiles Hall; Big C; Rontrni; Sector Council. P. E. Satiety. Crew. Wanking, Philip Waterfall, Cordon WaltelOW. Carol Waters, James San Jose Glendale Alameda Bakersfield Cried Engineerini Accoumlng French accounting Banks Hall; 1:0; Triune; wit ; Pelican; MIK; AS II; T1111; NE. Winged Helmet; ASUC Secretariat; UPS. JAS. Skiing. Walden, Crane Concord Pmontel Smyth Assoc.; Pelican. Ward, Nancy San Francisco Political Science WaltI a, Brace Alhambra Forestry shRT; AZ; Forestry Club. Wardyroki, Donald Illinois Physical Education. it DON TRONSTEIN ' S thie4 claim to lame. but Cal Club, Golden Bear, Bi C, Cori Epsikn and Store Board also mate de. marks on his time. " Chow ' s " hobby of tar. wntry should prow vklut in ho, proposed future in the construction bustess. le. mead may entire an this enlierrerind m wonen, Civet Bowl, Hills Correctkas Al% Epaorth; AAE; WAA; Golf Club Mgr. Welnia, Robert San Francisco International Rel. Welch, litithwrd Mono Bay General Ourkubm Smyth; Chwundett Soc.; dti How Club. PotemirOdY A011: Elections Conn: Men Utica Cony Penile; YWCA WiesealetC, Gaye WitterInk, Joseph Berketee CUPlard Pspcholo0 Cal Bans. Pgltical Science 1ST; Froth Coon; Hoinwcwing Sub•Chrws Ewa:elks English WI; Circle C: Richart; YWCA; Winged helmet; WOA; WAA; Triune; BB. Orchesis. tice,tt AsiallASAsta ) fl gel Weller ' , Tow Wendt, Jerry Werner, Cara West, Allen Rumple Bellwood Redwood City England Production Meant. General Cumitalum General Curriculum Forestry Newman; Soc. ice IX: Cal Club. A VA; Class YS II; AZ; Ad.. of Mngmnt. Consols. Forestry CNC Stew. Whitt...grit, Dick Whyte. Glendale New Tat PrerLIrar Per Med I . he; 118; SUN Kew; Mew; Rigby. Watson, Katrine San framisto Central Corritukuin K Kr; Intramural. Weser. Hcniard lot Argeles Architecture 11 .%O. Webster, Nancy Sierra Madre English A AX: Red Cron; WA A. rx) I, A Welsh, Charles San Mateo Saints Admit AT Winged HtNett: Imurake Soc.; Triune. Welsh, Terence Corona del Met Polak.] Sckwu Sailing Team; Class Caere its Westcott, Patricia Soled Mrietirq AAA; ink. MOM, Margavet Santa Barbara Political Science II BO. Mum, Kathryn Business Adas:n. [ ' myth; Panay PrYl.; 0%0; WAC; WEB; WDA. Wicks, Bran Richanood Math Social Ben; Toner A Flame. White, (damn Architects we X.; Rugby; Ti.,.,.; FRCP Whitehead, Sally Mill Valley Correction San Luis Obispo Berkeley Wiegard, Witham Wiegman, Marvin Payette.. Berkeley Vett. Enliven ' ' General GyeektPum Bowles: BAG; ZW; Winged Record Stall; Helmet; Rugby. 1:1:X. Wks, Sylvia La Angeles General Curriculum JedWin; Yacht Cat; Ski Club; YWCA; Clan Corn; Hind. Wine, Disk Valleio General Currkulum %TA. Wilteand, Joy Sacramento Math. Stat rest; ski Club; Froth Counul. Wiley, Allan Wiley, Carolyn Wrllms, Eatl Solo:lad Sao...eine Stockton Seniors Athletics sewn to hut wen the main lute:. est of PETE VAN HOUTEN, although ee Miami MAR to be Rep.atilerge and Prelekilt of SAE, (oboe S is krosen as ' Van Volley. ball,. Pete plans to put bit tavience on Big C, Circle C, Athletic Council, and the baseball and volleyball Wants to we as an atkletk administrator. 73 t • P : ,.:4 " ) ir‘ - dia a ' ri el e ir, ,n to I. ...i . tilt aA • th ai eer.‘ Willis, Madan Redding English Watson ' s dab Juniors. Wilson, Susan Piedmont H Mary Daily Cal. WlllWde, Sam Willman, Linda Williarrn, PIOIIM Palo Alto San Marino Oakland Tediles General tetritulum General Corylogurn Erwin!. Mali; TOD. Worntres Jr. Pryl.; MTh; Ad. Comm.; Ex Board. Wilson, Don Wilson, Carob Wilson, Hailed ' Los Angeles Clattand Berkeley Physical Education Elect. Engineering Buttress Adm. Circle C; P. E. TKE; IIKX; Meronen Mall Soc.; Stiles; Trill; UCSEE; Agiti; AX II . rcolbar. Fut. Honor Soc. winkki, Joseph Wininger, Patriots Weiner, Terry San Diego Exeter Oakland General Curriculum Decorative Art English Oldenberg Mall TKE; Pelican; Women ' s Ad. Co.; Scabbard and Blade. FSIg; VMS; Cal Ind . Williamson, Nate, Sari Plato General Curriculum AEA; HAI; CSTA ' Coll. Wo. As.; BAG; YWCA. Wilson, John Pasadena Mech. fogiattrin •rA; Trivat; G. Star; Skull Keys; W. Helmet. Wornbnell, Denise San Gabriel Journalism 2; Ott: Daily Gil. Willman, Leland WillamhhY, E. Wilson, Claim Palo Alto Santa Barbara Berkeley Political Science kccurstiag Insurazt ATM. RAP; Cal X II; Cass; Daily Cal; Insurance Soc. Wing, Diana Sactarento Elem. Education Mot Hall; Ion; CSTA; Collegians; Manor Students. machine, Richard Winning, Alvin Santa Ail San Francisco Ind. Engineering ASME: AllE; XAM; Big C; Basketball. Wong, Anna Wong, David Wong, Donald Wong, Janet San Francisco San Francisco San Mateo Tulare General Curriculum Mech. Engineering Ste. Engineering Pege• Engineeeiag CSTA; MCA. ASME. ASCE; XE. USCA; Hoyt Mall; GSA. Wood, Janke Wood, Philip Wood, Robert Woollonts, L. Woon, Hien ' Wort, Robert Wotell, Nance Wright, be El Cork Berkeley Taft Atherton Oakland Huntington Beach Los Angeles Berkeley Political Science BUSitIM Adm. Architecture Gas yral Political Science Mech. Engineering Child Dewlonnwnt General Curriculum AXE; Courcili; ex; ITC: Arch. Assoc. X1); Elections AtE; AE; ASME. Oldenbeng Hall; T1113. Pelican; Model Toner 4 Flame; SOO Council. Mandarin Round rxs. knit; Orthtsis. Skiing. Table. 74 Wright, Laurie Weight, Roger Weight, Tons Wu, Elvin Wyman. Wary San Luis Obispo Lop Beath Berkeley Oakland Sacramento General Currlathull Chem. General CuerIcalleat Psychology. General Curakuluen ZTA; Junior Kim; AlCME; ATA; Stall 4 Council. Mono? Stu. Sm.; KM; Winged SAACS. levet. Yee, Franco Oakland HMV) Son; CSA; Toner Flame; Haar Students. Yee, Jimmie Yokoyarna, Sills Sacramento Pail lee Civil Engineering General Curvioalwn ASCE; XE; CSC. OMenberg Hall Mono. Students. Ymn, Vincent San Francisco Zoology. Zech, Wm Zelda. Dale Sin Berkeley General Curricular. Fenton Trade OM; 3: n; ACS; ASUC Secretariat; Speech Arts. Zamgref, Judy San Francisco Iodide, Martin Berkeky Central Oarriculare Sociology A011: SLIM, A411; Hiking Club; Ski Chub. Club. Youmans. Ray Yourg, Edna TOWC, Wiliam Utah Walnut Creek Tracy Soonest Main. Criairclopy Call Eagiewrim A00; lit ' ll. %?;E; AAN; TUE ; Elections Pelican; B C; Coon.; Football; Class Councils. eg C; ASCE. Jean Yuan, Chin Tons, Sawn Santa Crut How Kew Berkeley Art Chemistry Mcch Eminent ' ? Richards Nall; Ewalt ' Hall. ASME. Hennas Club. Strunk, David Zuntwaan, Beverly Zimmerman, John San Jose Clow Washington Political Science Clinical Tech Child Cleralooment Bowles; I Board; Taw Flame; Model Saute; Ouartetd«k Soc.; MU; Class Cwn. Scabbard b Blade. Juliette, Frederick Daman, Ralph Medicine Oregon Nestles; DN. Chem. Ergirenirg " AM; Pan. Erg. Six. A lavome pastime of ' Maks has stood CRANE WALDEN In good stead In his pato tgas S Chairman of the Welfare Beard, Chairman of Academic Attain Corot ' and Repiat•Larpe. At present ' WNW ' is wow. " sent on the Pelican Editorial staff, Were 4 is wild for Ns esebnuo. This Ws ad moor from Concord is 90 into Pa ' sonnet omit. K van for their polo...ounce or no Natoli field are JIM CARMICHAEL a " d JOHN SON. While Jim Plans to follow op his 333. UV days meta a career in pram:Anal football, Whiny plans to abandon athletics, tempt as 3 horn, and take op a career as a bunions executim in engireertr9. Seniors Cal Club, Gelder. Bear and sitting on wheeler steps LOCI? op JERRY WENDT ' S eaveurrci WO time this yaw. In the past he easerded with OM NMing tea man ' s rooting seo• Ow as Assistant Yell leader. Latin American dances leered on a wore( naval noise nuke Jerry an said party goer. 75 1st 41 Rues Actorrty Oxman Wunce ' s Actipty Counseling Puccitut B:J 0 Woennec Execwite ' Board GENERA!. ACTIVITIES DIVISION Director ACTIVITIES PLANNING COMMITTEE. A I Card Saks Secretariat Student Unloe Athletic RetepOW CI.ASS OFFICERS BOARD Stew ' haw Sophown hush—. El ' NCT IONA I SERVICES BOARD Como, Touts Censtitutkus Elections Lea kohl; Oilematkni Sweaters Stew INTER NATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD Cal Undo Campus UN Coutwicire ' erxe Foreign ' pawl PIC WUS Itl. (CATIONS BOARD Cold CAL Ernin(t• Wakeman STUDENT• WELFARE BOARD Achcemic Affair; Cuernuter,RdeutuRnt 1101.0109 Pali( Si.:. Sen ' eAs St Ar Relative NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SAM Nrbate Glee Club Radkullf WAA ASUC structure Admin Biretta Finance Committee EXECUTIVE (OM SUTTEE XECUTIVE DIRECTOR INTERCOLLEGIATE. ATHLETICS DIVISION Glrecter STUDENT JUDICIAL COM M ITTEE Vice•Presweent NN Vicc.Prn4ent ASSOCIATED STUDENTS LEFT TO RIGHT: ASUC Preside. " , B013 HAMILTON; ASUC Sewed Vice•Pres. Went, BARBARA LEVIN; ASUC First Vi .President, MIKE SAVAGE. 79 Executive Committee As in years past the ASUC Executive Committee weathered another interesting year. The responsi- bilities assumed by the members of Ex Comm are seldom realized. The ASUC Constitution says: " All legislative and final administrative authority of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the Association. " The importance of the sincerity and ability of Ex Comm members is suggested by the great scope of responsibility outlined above. In light of the wide range of freedom accorded student government at the University of California, this importance is further emphasized. Members of the 1955-56 Executive Committee faced many problems, some routine, some significant and unique, during their terms. They are the first to recognize their failings in some particulars, but outside observers cannot help but note the distinct successes on many fronts. Above all, the upper- most concern of the 1955-56 Executive Committee has been the sincere serving of the interests of the University and the Student Body. If good will, hard work and hope of accomplishment is any criterion, these efforts must have been to a considerable degree successful. Exeter Commence Caught at one el ItS axe sedan moments. Representatives -at-large 1. OS lase lad 1 Sumo Ted Score Gary Bort Ihrtara lrOftalIZ Pete Van Konen 111Ioe Uncial Kathy Uttk Den Martin KS Woos Devitt Utter Kidder Hasn ' t anyone come in today ? — Think I ' ll hold office hours out on the balcony! — Anyone want a cup of coffee? — Have I had any calls ? — When is that subcommittee meeting? Have your report ready! — Where ' s that Turkey, Martin ? — Who can type a letter form? Didn ' t the Secretariat finish my report yet, I turned it in an hour ago? — Look, some 1911 Daily Cals! — What did you think of the rooting section last week ? — Anyone not going to use their comps for next week ' s game? — Please, you guys, clean off the tops of your desks ... 01 FINANCE COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to then: W. I. Noble, Dean Store. Dr. Eric BfPAM, Jim Kidder. MBA Sine, Bob Kamilla% Flo Garrett. Greg Eegellwe, George MOOS, Hero Schad. STANDING: Beth Pnrr Kinn Little, Bob HAMbr. Pep Damn, Aclemristrotive Assistant to le Ale, department; Bob Kftiri, Actistart Director of Actnitiet, LEFT: Greg EroRlhad, Director of Genteel Activities UPPER RIGHT: Brows Hamilton, DIrettor of Athletics. LOWER RIGHT: William Monalush louring Execvthe Director. 01 Under Finance Committee and Activity Heads the affairs of the ASUC were smoothly conducted. Helpful Peg Davies and genial Bob Kersey combine to make things easy on both the athletic and activity sides. Activities are headed by Greg Engelhard. The resignation of Brutus Hamilton as athletics director led to a re- vision of offices and the appoint- ment of William Monahan to the position of interim executive di- rector. Thro ugh the efforts of these people the ASUC was able to function efficiently. Administration GENERAL ACTIVITY NEAOS—SEATED, left to right: no Garrett, William M000han, Mollie Hill. STANDING: Ed Kirsoo, Bob Kenee, Greg Engeirard, Jack NanoMt, Guth, Clarke, Bo Robin, Walter Frederick, Name Timis. 83 FRED SORKIN, Chairman Mid, Judicial CamelMee Student Judicial Committees worked this year to fulfill their role in student government. and in addition cooperated with the ASUC Executive Commit- tee and other organizations in seeking ways to improve the student judicial system. en ' s Judicial Committee met weekly to handle infractions of the Women ' s Rules drawn up by Women ' s Executive Board. The Men ' s Committee stood ready to handle cases concern- ing only the male members of the student body. S. FIRST ROW, kit to rpm: kr, Tar:or, Jerry Sarrow, Fred Steam, Jerry Con , Bob Falk. SECOND ROW: Sandy Nay, Garden Ragan, Bill Lockett, Smut Kati Student Judicial Committees FIRST ROW, kit to mgM: Phan.; G,INgly, Jan Ralson. km Vas Pat McGaff:gam, Beverly Filth. SECOND ROW: arch Joantrm, Pat W.raycr, Snarler V4ila:de, Wilma Wutheldr, Lan Dinah , Elreabeth Dempster. ea ARC—FIRST ROW, kft to tight: Joan ay, Oa Michell, Barbara Leda, Lee Levy. Loalw Seder. SECOND ROW: rake lareasefoo, Pat Salon, Come AMMO, Bill Lockett, Al Klagsten, Tiny Stamm, Oaa Alamo, Warta RotNasco, Bet Fitch, kcal Sherman, Bob Kersey, Dr. . Beilquist, Cob Falk, The meetings of the Ac- tivity Planning Commit- tee have been spent in considering date approval applications, discussing the over-all planning for the Fall and Spring semesters and hearing reports on the various ac- tivities the members rep- resent. The inauguration of the Master Calendar was a step taken toward coordinating all the seg- ments of the campus. Activities Planning Committee BARBARA LEVIN, ARE (tannin 85 Women ' s Executive Board 1955-56 proved to be an exciting and industrious semester for the women students. Activities included t he two semiannual rules meetings, a Christ- mas project for underprivileged children, Women ' s Day, revision of the Women ' s Handbook, MEB- WEB exchange dinner, decorating the Stephens Union Christmas trees. the Alumnae Dessert during Home- coming week, sponsoring the Service Women ' s Information Table, and sending representatives to the IWAS conferences at Davis and in Cob- rado. Women ' s Executive Board luncheons and dinners added a gay touch of fun and relaxation to the year ' s activities. (ALL: Sc. Fnch, Worntr ' s Rtreitotative; AI KingStOti, Mews RtoNelfrIlAlixt. Men ' s Executive Board SPRING: Salt SPA ' , Reffemetanye; Al Kingual Mete, Represtelatise. Men ' s Executive Board progressed to a position of still greater responsi- bility during the Fall semester. 1955. The members of MEB are leaders of. and influential in, the strongest men ' s organizations on the campus. Among the major functions of the Board are the discussion of the prob- lems of men students and the recom- mendation of action based on this discussion, and the assistance in the programming of activities of mem- ber organizations. SEATED, kit to right: aril)). McChace., Barbara Levin. Melee EM. 8th Fitch, Maas AustM, Shirley Sion, Mariam WIIlaa, Kelm Kvstenssed. STANDING: Sally Vann, Cool Jaime. Sad, Stauffer, Saatity Mee, Cathy Wham, Phyllis Teal MarcbitelII, Marftie MacKenzie. FIRST ROW. left to right: Sill Laken, Pat Some, Al KInatten Scat Swaths., Warren Robinson. SECOND ROW: SID Lamm, Mthe Sows, Tim MOP, Mel Bermlein, H. T. Leal, Jed Foreman, Rod Friedman, crank Meelo, Tom totemic Wes McDaniel CLASS OFFICERS BOARD—FIRST ROW, kit to kW: Pat Denton, Bill Lentrera, Toni Marchitelli, Carol Jackson. SECOND ROW: Scott San Lirda Pallay, Jud Forerun, Tom Lubbock. Jean madams, Dick Pellet, Judy Salter. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD — FIRST ROW, kit to rioM: Sally Spear, Jody MOW, Ida Roe. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Mika, Au Delkotaw, truism Sammll, Sam Sarrosco, Susie Wrack. THIRD ROW: Tan Norrish, Row VeMml, Bobby , ken Plomiren. BOARDS UPPER ROW, kit to ris: BILL LEWERENZ, Chairman, Class Officers Board; EVADNA SAYWELL, Chairman, Fractional Smite, Soar.; KEITH XV ELL, Chairman, International Relatkos Board. LOWER ROW: BOB HOSKINS, Calmar, Welfare Board; CARLOS CORKS, Chairman, PublkatIons Board; PAT KEARNS, Chairman, Natkeal Student ASSOdatim. WELFARE BOARD—FIRST ROW, kit to ISM: Carl Anomie, Gene Peters . SECOND ROW: Joyce Sykora, Donna Hennessey. Bob Hanlim, Sara Cords THIRD ROW: Jain Alderalan, Ted Kansan, Gary Rowbtig, Ted Atte ' , Nor rTh The six organizations depicted on these pages play a major role in the A SIX. COB is concerned with coordinating the class councils and their various activities. It is the duty of FSB to facilitate and expedite the various governmental functions. Supervising and directing plans to foster the gen- eral welfare is the job of Welfare Board, while International Relations Board supervises various activity groups dealing with functions of an inter- national nature. Publications Council discusses matters relating to all publications or the imm ediate problems of any one publication. NSA works to im- prove activities, student government, and orienta- tion programs through the integration of its own ideas with those of other schools. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD—FIRST ROW, kit to right: Stamm Manley, Carol MaiMann, Ke ith lawn, Many Reeve,. SECOND ROW: frit Wolf I, Braila Collins, An Nobeny, PlayIlls Tettelit, Monad Ntair. PUBLICATIONS BOARD—SEATED, kit to right: Mlle, an:9AM MOW , Bill Baen, Carlos Cates, Walter Frederkks, Pat LAW, Marie Butler. STANDING: Lint Angeles, Gant Kuppen, Marilyn Jacobite, Alit IkeMin, Ban Milk., Al Geiger. NSA—FIRST ROW, let to f Ott Joan Pinkt, Pat Karns, Jdy Stonier. SECOND ROW: Wes M OMMtl, Joe Kidder, 140n011 Jaatf6, Can, Fry. The spectacular card stunts of last fall ' s football season were the products of the Card Stunts Committee. The brilliance and coordina- tion of this year ' s committee has never been equaled. The success of this year ' s athletic events is due to the planning and coordination of the Games and Rallies Committee. Other functions under their direc- tion were Homecoming and All-U Week End. Under Rod Friedman in the fall, and Ron Albee in the spring, the yell leaders led Bear rooters as they cheered on the Blue and Gold. Oski again delighted the crowds as he cavorted through this year ' s sports whirl. The Oski Com- mittee was. as usual, responsible for this reckless Bear ' s escapades. Football in 1955 was highlighted by the official debut of the Pompon Girls. These active spirit-raisers performed at all major sport home events. CARD STUNTS YELL LEADERS CARD STUNTS COVIJI7 TEE FIRST RON. ctIt. to Jeff 04,1, chairman; Nona; • lootOotooF ItiC t.IF ROW: See M CF.Ity, THIRD POO:. Pooty CI, ' CMS, Co•cl PtAltNee, ha a liar Dot, POMPON GIRLS GAMES AND RALLIES OSKI COMMITTEE GAMES AND RALLIES—FIRST ROW, kit to right: Ante Baumgartner, RIISoHla Sauk Jewilet Saris. SECOND ROW: Bob Kersey, Carol SaultIs, Harry LObStrea, Sally Soot THIRD ROW: Fred Sao Wert, Al KIngstta, Ron Allbte, god Crystal. YELL LEADERS—FIRST ROW, lilt to right: Larry Hbertager, BM Bixby. SECOND ROW: Den Gtant Rol Friedman, Ron Alen. OSKI COMMITTEE—.FIRST ROW, felt to right: Bea hatetlll, Oca Rowe. SECOND ROW: Tom Merle, ToSLILIns, Don Nelsen THIRD ROW: Sod Crystal, Bob 6brnl, J M Woo:Nana. POMPON COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, Wit to right: Leslie Minorco ' , Swy Palmer. Laura Shrill, Carol with. SECOND ROW: Layette Snow, Barbara Gloria Snapp, Napo Saa.k. THIRD ROW: Lynn Pastan, Rosemary Kow•L Joyce Johnsen. key Blum, Robin Wagner. : ' ' EN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to riyht: Hairy Lthstroh, Don Macintosh. SECOND ROW: Rich Morns, Art Endo, Jim Loin ' , Oka Mead, Alio ACCWitUpitt, Gary Burt, DO H00,110. THIRD ROW: Jamey Papte, Nceman Bev, Torn Thkhen. Larry ' Cohn, Date Seco, Richard Diamond, Donal Bruen...It, Dm Neb. " amt Canna. FOURTH ROW: Bruce JOhrdat Dog Chaffin, Marshall GerelY Careerer, Jerry Z:edrer, Bnl Rog Etctenen, Matt Cowles, Ron Green, Bill Petro:ell. FIFTH ROW: R03 Kind., Bill Kuhn, Cart McKosan„ Richard Better, Joe Button, Pete For ' el Jet ' , SomiLz, Ben Hann, Frank 1.3c:foci. Don Sandstrom, Mike O ' Day. Howard Cornell. NOT PICTURED: Jr, Kidder, Bud Miller. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW. Nit to rift: Tie Pinney, Prison ' . SECOND ROW: Laura Moloney, Kitty Hock. Sheila Evans, Ante Baumgartner, Diane Reeder, Betty Jan Mitchell, Sandy Parrealron, karmic Ramer, Saddle Brave. THIRD ROW: Judy Taylor, Kathy lakKemy, Nancy Schaefer, Peggy Bracken, V40 fib Burke, Nancy Caton, Mary Nosier, Carole Barely Noreen Paaske, To-i Hamm, Jr, De Bersfettl, FOURTH ROW: Jay Ritter, Carol Metthisl, Kr, Realm, Jane Leland, Maria licoolm, Elaine Enka., Shirley Preemie, Eamkgme Own, Gwen AMMO, Carol Rolm Jeanie Ranmy, Jean De Benedettl. FIFTH ROW: Mara Coale, Linda Balky, Lyra km.. Rally Committee The Men ' s and Women ' s Rally Com- mittees are the behind-the-scene workers for Cal ' s athletic events; they are busiest during football sea- son. At the Friday night rallies the men take charge of the rally bonfires and the entertainment while the women hand out song sheets. During the game the Men ' s Committee sees that everything runs smoothly ; the Women ' s Committee sells pompons and rooters ' caps when they all have finished marking and placing the stunt sheets. During the basketball games and track meets they are there to represent Cal ' s loyalty and spirit. Both committees ' members are ap- pointed on the basis of their leader- ship and service. 92 RALLY COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Harry LObttrOh and Priscilla Smote. ACTIVITY COUNSELING ACTIVITY COUNCIL CHAIRMEN: H. T. Leal and Kathy Wham. Recognizing the need for better coordination in the orientations of new students to the University, Men ' s Activity and Wome s Ac- tivity Counseling have merged with Orientation Council so as to better orient incoming students. MEWS ACTIVITY COUNSELING—LEFT TO RIGHT: °arid Yamakawa, Ray Youmans, H. l I: lom Dacia, loot Co , Ron Kong. WOMEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNSELING NOW, left to right: Shirk Lama ' s, Gloria Mauls, Join Dart, Sharon Nandi. SECOND ROW: Ellen Evans, Jo Ana !Iceman, Swim° Lamoreauk Kathy Wham, Etattua Hale, Connie Rointerg, THIRD ROW: Judy Tapp, Merely., Salty. Alke Raigebaugh, Stoat Mason, Paula Maud, Lou Ann FOutta. „ 1111 11111 44- 1 2 SENIOR COUNCIL FIRST ROW, kit to eight: Bill Lowery, Mmannt Austin, Jon Feed, Chick Mat. SECOND ROW: Barton Wakefield, Mr. ard Mrs. Porte. (Imo lea SyMa Win Martel fiat nano Stan Gutman, Belly Mason, Betty Short, Jan Walsh. THIRD ROW: Joan Lou, Lee Lew, Carol Waterlon, Mary Lou Carry, Witt Kmlis, Gaye Wieselfekl, Calm Sow Kota, Judy Mi nis, Westin Tank., Len Huston. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Blair, Lila Loam , Joan Maeaa, lank Darcy, Nancy Wadssorth, Arta Johnston, Shirley Stoat, Sheila McCartlo, Janice Wood, Ana Richard, lees Broths, Jane Stornetta, Am Janis. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ann McCrary, An Seulterser, Susan Pierce, Nita Tiny,, Wm Rearm, Lards Star, Nancy Williarroco, Carol). Curtis, Wes McDaowl, Ed Dawn, Ray ROHL Mutant Flood, Dick Mead. 94 FIRST ROW, left to richt: Tom Lubbock, Pat Demon, Toni Bill Wilma. SECOND ROW: Tan Jeffry, Bknda Enkerm, Dolores Doyas, Sae lmo, Kath:ten Owner, Mareetee Sheley, °media Slaning, Wats NoahIns, Sink Somobero, SOS Brooman, Faith Simonsen, Pat Schneider, Pat MANI. THIRD ROW: Barbara Trot, JoAnne Anigoni, Sae Stormer, Sharon Chris. toktr, Flortnce Satinet, Pat Stantry, Pat Dole, Lois Bernstein, Carol Mkhae10, Ben Broom, Flo Rea Pasco!, Pat Kramer, Bete Ruby, Margot GI:Hiner, Lin Maw, Jo. Hall. FOURTH ROW: Lea Amnia, Mary Ellen cram, Baebata Leto, Barbara Bay, Ywnne wake, Clan V uzard, Brenda CoMns, Culbert Gates, Dona Hennessey, Judy Goodman, Fred Saari, Colette Penine. FIFTH ROW: Gram Cattamo, Jim Hisses. Harry Truax, Eocene Peterson, Don Jams, Bert Barker, Gary Bat. JUNIOR COUNCIL 95 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Scott Saimaa. Carol Jae tron, Jean McAdam, Dick Pellet. SECOND ROW: Sue Smith, Lit Burke, Gay Fisher, Mary Wittman, Barbara McDowell, Joyce Hums, loan Soaaldlog. Lee Stones, Helen Starling, Pauline W000, allytt Ellis, Libby Samoa, Nola Junin, Marilyn Jeffries, Alice Relate It Carla Sumnietter. Noel Dark, Smiley, Sairlee Laughlin, Carla Samosa, Craig Confer, THIRD ROW: Susan Hughti, Roberta Oliwr. Lyn Cowman. Judy Sarum, Marilyn Lora., Karen Toll, Arlene Garner, Muriel Kilga, Peggy O ' Neill, Sally Staley, Betty Blake, Grit Kittredge, Margaret Khatr, Rai, Johnston, Carol Norton, Ann Blanchard, Pauline Podsaiolf, Kay Armstrong, M. Kent Hatabout, Pat Ellis. Marilyn Prink, Kama Hansen. FOURTH ROW: Carol tacKaan, Nina Sambas, Peggy Ryan, Marilyn Patten, Mary Mullins, Joan Zavattaro, Jean Seraneten, Arliw Harrel, Annette t,a irha, Marilyn Machado, Mary Len Wirth, Emily Fan, Beverly Erickson, Barbara Sheehan. Phyllis Staes, Karen Smith, Pat Gilmore, Dm Singleton, Tom Sateridu, Sun Man, John MaKendree. FIFTH ROW: Norman lather Ed Dawson. Kann Matthiessa Patti Walker, Clare Colette Mayan, Card LlatMr, Jarel Speck. man, Elaabeth Bellmore, Carolyn Cron, Jaime Wiwi, Pat Graham, Nancy Gaud, Marlene Rteomi, Bob Allied, Richard Moaned, Barbara Nelson, George Relent. Kate. Mastne, Brace Belding, Paula Marcucci, Art Dekray, Keith Tettick, Norm Tonle, Roger Sanueson, Bob Koster. gin oNgE IMM4 III Ii II SOPHOMORE COUNCIL FRESHMAN COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Blum, Linda Palby, JIM SAW, Jed Forman. SECOND ROW: awe Battle, Lin Sissor. MarleneGberra, Marty ( Mr, Katie Bowles, Barbara twat, Mamma Mattis, Jessica Mania., Carafe Peter, Rosalie Elate ' . la Naomi Feder, Harriet Nathan, Arlene Paul, KOOK Levin, Pat McNamara, Seam Hartmann, Joy Hand, ban Liman, Pan Oran, Eric. THIRD ROW: Sandy Sobel, Mary Steam Md. Mercedes Rebtao. lanes Rowley, Margaret Danes, Sherry Anderson, Joan Morris, Adele Tex; Ann Wirer, Carol Bacigalutai, Sandy Stewart, Marlene Knight, Pat Cm Pasha Bag. Jane Reynolds, Jane Donna, Judy Bowen, La Grew. FOURTH ROW: Baba Wheeler, Juliette A...M(0, Barbara Buyer, Joan Way, Nary lichen, Carol McDowell, Mariam Terry, Shirley Brancato, teeCre NKholscre, Anne Howard, Pat Glerdinninl, Georgia Brim, Anne KeKIKnal, Arlie Cinwere24, Marone Kelley, Sue lagoon, Gaye Fisk, Sandra Le0rew. FIFTH ROW: Pete Merle, Rosalie Andre, Sandra Cagily Bill Stricklin, Al Solomaron, Bob King, Dick Hicks, sin Petrecelli, Neal Petersen, Boo Beebe, Lyn Cowling, Marilyn Day, Sylvia Haat, Jerry Carton, Bob Sown, Gam Gobtl, Marlon Brando, Pat Prianore, Jim Ring, Jean Brady, Jay Grattan. OA SENIORS Preekat BILL LEWERENZ Viee.PrtMant MARIANNE AUSTIN Sewttary.Teesweee JOAN FORD Yell Lear CHUCK MACK Class Officers JUNIORS Prwant TOM LUBBOCK VKe-Prtsident TONY MARCHITELLI Setectary•T maw ter PAT DENTON Yell Leae BILL WILSON SOPHOMORES President SCOTT SHERMAN Vict.PresiderA CAROL JACKSON SettelarpTreawrte JOAN MeADAMS Yell leader DICK PELLET FRESHMEN Proklest JUD FOREMAN Vice•Preslowit JUDY SALTER Seeretwy•Treaswer LINDA PALLAY Yell Lear PAUL BLUM 97 CAMPUS TOURS Campus Tours has the job of arranging guided tours of the campus for visiting high schools, as well as various other groups. It also works with the orienta- tions program for new students. FIRST ROW, left to Set: Bob BrkIE Judy Man. SECOND ROW: Jean Brady, Jan Auletti, Kathy Marken, Ann Inane Doman, Gracie Betio CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL This year Constitutions Council had a brand new start when twelve members were selected from thirty-five appli- cants. The new Council plunged immediately into the agenda of Consti- tutions and Bylaws awaiting their ap- proval, and tackled with enthusiasm the many documents submitted to them. FIRST ROW, Mt to NOE Roo Partin, ea Brown, Sam Sampson, Pat Swam, Bob Dully. SECOND ROW: Carol MkMoll% Evelyn TNII, Holly Gull, Gleela !Adult, Richard King, Robert Altkol, Esla Barrett. ELECTIONS COUNCIL Elections Council consists of approxi- mately 200 members and is entrusted with conducting all the class and A SUC elections. It is gradually eliminating the more troublesome factors encountered during elections. Because of its enor- mous size, a new training plan has been put into effect for all appointments. LEFT TO RIGHT: Royer Venturi, ISobi Nand, Seywore Hots. a Pima; has apri r STORE COUNCIL Headaches concerned %vitlt the super- visionof the Bear Tr ap, the Bear ' s Lair, and the Tap Room are delegated to the Store Board. This advisory committee solves problems and suggests improve- ments to make these student-operated activities of more benefit to the student body. FIRST ROW, left to !tom: Ron Stein, SWIM MeGasIbY, Barbra Herter, Roberta Rite, Sin Gordon. SECOND ROW: 5.(44 kfiftM174111, Ron Nommen, Rai Waelmas, Ed Schoen. kid, Pat knew. CIE, Bradley. SPEAKERS ' BUREAU Speakers ' Bureau speaks in living groups for campus drives and activities and also spreads Cal spirit to the various high schools. SEATED. lilt to rota: Barbara Larnamon, Sally Winans, Carolyn Defrays ii,ta Daphne, Ida Bat, Massbv MMebassle. STANDING: Roam Sxrueismi, E. McKee.; Don Martin, Torn Sets, Rick dolmas, Tom Monists. LEADERSHIP TRAINING COMMITTEE The objectives of leadership training are : (1) To become aware of and de- velop individual potentialities for demo- cratic leadership. and (2) To develop, practise and analyze leadership skills and techniques. The main projects this year have been two week-end retreats for Ex Corn at the Cal Ski Lodge. SEATED, left to SIC Clasdia Massy, Sally Spew, Gall Darla STANDING: Joyce Meat, MasINo Mama, BMW. NM, Jam Natal ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL Orientations Council acquaints new students, both freshmen and transfers, with the University. We have a wel- come meeting with prominent Univer- sity members speaking, and small dis- cussion groups led by students and faculty members at which time many academic problems are explained. FIRST ROW, Mt to rliaM: Badmen Sheehan, Roil An DMIMAIMI, %detain Caniro. Lois Bernstein. SECOND ROW: Jack CM, a guest, Tom Grillin, Gag Bun, Claudia Malay, Dock Mack Barbara Taman . Jena Camp, gall. • 99 PUBLIC AFFAIRS The role of Public Affairs Council is to stimulate student interest in the impor- tant questions of the day by means of speakers, forums, and debates. This year " the role of the men ' s rooting sec- tion " was discussed by leading student personalities as the first in a series of campus debates. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Cassia, GUNN, neer, Cad Paten son, Swale NMI, RIO MI11010, -ban Natal. COMMUTERS-INDEPENDENT The Commuters-Independent Council, operating as a member of Welfare Board, is a social organization for all students in the University who are not members of a living group. Particular emphasis is placed upon integrating in• to the social and student government sides of the University those people who Commute to and from classes. SEATED, left to tiohl: Bill Sebkk, Ron Goodwin, Sill Asher, DIM Powell. STANDING: Sob Aided, Nem Saar, Lew themes, Terry SIMIIICAS, Sal it SFOlgbill, Due Marshall, Eleanor Unglols, • cont. STUDENT RELATIONS The Student Relations Council works on all phases of minority problems and attempts to further understanding and good relationships between all students. This year the council ' s project is to compute and draw up the results of a survey of the campus living groups on members ' attitudes toward other races and religions. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Spridoew, Mary Cork Marten, Jane Ann Dcmvard, Jalna Alterman. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COUNCIL Academic Affairs Council has contin- ued its policy of evaluating students ' academic needs and acting upon them. It c ontinues in its policy of working to improve the most important phase of college life, academic education. FIRST ROW, left to right: Shane Nardi, Waft Dadhstelm, Ted lOamItr. Elk,, Pont, Gloria Ginter. SECOND ROW: Wry Rased:erg, Ted arm nn HOUSING The purpose of the Housing Council is to look after the student needs in hous- ing. To do this we have conducted sur- veys, held forums, gathered informa- tion and made reports. The Council is composed of interested students who wish to better present and future stu- dent housing. LEFT TO RIGHT: Norman banns, Rimini. Rose, Dona Hennessey, ColId Gnash, Janus Wilson, Jr. SPECIAL SERVICES The Special Services Council is respon- sible for such projects as the nonprofit book exchange at the start of each se- mester and the publication of a student directory of names and addresses in the spring. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rant Altkel, Rickard Diarrond, Jo11 Sklar. NOT PICTURED: Rod Cute., Bill Neely, Okk Peck. USHERING Ushering council under the direction of Welfare Board is in charge of a pro- gram which gives the students a chance to attend plays, symphonies, and other events of that nature in the San Fran- cisco area without charge in return for their services in ushering at these events. FIRST ROW, kilt to eine: Fernando Riben, Mk Sun, Al Kunst SECOND ROW: Sore Caner, Ante Delon Lori Fa, Jean CantsII, Mina Reines•Lambe, Resold WINN, M. Rene, Eleanor Floyiktea. CAL-INDO Through a scholarship exchange pro- gram, book exchange, and the cooper- ative buildingof a student center, Proj- ect Cal-Indo is working to establish a continuing friendship with the students of Indonesia as well as to develop in- terest in Indonesia on the campus and in the community. SEATED, kit to right: Phyllis Sotslet, Nina Shrike, Desna Bernstein, Ann Bradford. STANDING: Paula Mate. Ikon Septlin, Tee Drake, Soo Barth lean, Canna Berlin. CAMPUS UN Campus FN. which this year coordi- nated ' N ESCO, Model UN and High School UN. promotes student partici- pation in all intercollegiate international affairs and furthers student knowledge and interest of the United Nations. LEFT TO RIGHT; Atm Panning, May McDaniels, Sally Wink, Ann Cutely. FOREIGN TRAVEL Foreign Travel Council serves the stu- dent body as a type of travel informa- tion bureau providing advice on student tours and foreign travel opportunities in addition to working with Ear-Cal tours. SPAYED, let to right: Ash Cables, Eric Wolff, Bethke HAWITLIM. STANDING: Feed Thiel, George Kobe, Flank Prohatta. CORRESPONDENCE COUNCIL Correpandence Council, under the di- rection of International Board, con- tinues and sets up an extensive pen-pal program covering most of the world. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara ;dim ✓dy Alterman, Are Howard, Scam Hartley, Ounnun. PIC Project Pakistan-India-Ceylon is the undertaking of a concerned group of students who believe that world ten- sions are in part the result of miscon- ceptions and lack of understanding between people of differing cultures. Through personal contact and inter- change of ideas these can be replaced by mutual respect and genuine friend- :hip. FIRST ROW, left to racks: Joan Van Oen Ann. Betsy McGill, Corinne Schlett•un, Rain anti. SECOND ROW: Bob Ho, Lynn Nall, Terry Gaither. Miriam Benjamin. Carl Monson, Chock Toren. WUS World University Service is an inter- national organization for educational promotion in needy areas of the world. At UC this spring many organizations participated in an on-campus drive for funds. SEATED, left to right: Carolyn Demeter, Pat Miles, Diana Wight. STANDING: Row S 111•0140, MOONS Cock. Jack 103 WAA WAN COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, left to noht: Dr, ENttnekede, Paula Jana.. Joan Bode. RIVIGS BMU, An Kelly, threw Rene. SECOND ROW: JON Garvey, Shelby 1(ottial, Aim Van Kamen, Meg Mitchell, Jean Thoeomn, Mutt Denten, I lighlighting the activities of the Women ' s Athletic Association this year were two Bay Area Sports Days. High School Sports Day, the Fall and Spring Field Week Events, and the annual California Athletic Federation of College Women ' s Conference. Three hun- dred girls participated in such VAA Sport Clubs as badminton, fencing, sailing and riflery. They enjoyed attending a number of sport days at the various colleges in the Bay Area and won more than their share of events. WA A intramural sports attracted 1,000 girls who participated in four sports each semester. New this year to the sports roster was the National Telegraphic Meet in bowling. During the week end of March 9t h our WAA served as President school for the California Athletic Federation of College Women ' s Confer- ence at Asilomar. There were forty colleges and universities represented at this meeting to discuss current problems in the organization and functions of VAA ' s throughout the state. The annual High School Sports Day, also held in the spring, was highlighted by demon- strations of the various VAA sports. At the Field Week Dessert each semester, some 800 girls receive VAA membership cards, many individual and team awards are presented, and a few girls are honored by membership in Women ' s " C " Society, highest WAA award. 104 SPORTS CLUB BOARD--FIRST ROW, left to wren: Joao TN:no:Ton, May Mitchel, Mitt Bunted, Carol WirerTI. SECOND ROW: MOOT Medley, Nancy Posen, Betty Pat Pillsbury, Yvonne [ ' Woo Joelyn Ryay Mannar Potts, Margaret Copt Adi IN TRAlh PAL BOARD --- FIRST ROW, lilt to light: Dv. Froanula, Snotty Kostial, Ann yen Houton. SECOND ROW: Margaret tong, Lynne Palmer, Dorothy atuonen, Joe, Sunman SECRETARIAT The Secretariat provides a secretarial service for all student activities. In addition to routine office work, this group was responsible for the distribu- tion of publicity for many campus events. Secretarial experience and an insight into campus activities are gained by girls working with the Sec- retariat. • CARD SALES During the fall semester, at the end of Reg line, Card Sales committee made sure that ASUC cards could be pur- chased with a minimum of inconven- ience. STUDENT UNION COMM. The Student Union Committee formu- lates policies governing the use of Stephens Union and provides for better and more varied use of ASUC build- ings. This year the Student Union Committee has included in its activ- ities: work for improvements in the Lounges, rewriting its policies and by- laws. and promoting the use of the union. FIRST ROW, kit to not Barbara Stead.% Joa Spaoldirq, Maggie Gray, Diana WIgM, Sue Stank,. Bonnie Beak Phyiiis Gil. I4911. SECOND ROW: Ms, Nosier, Ja-Anne Arriooni, tarifale Ca!keen, Flan Collin, Janet Schian, Joan Swattoard. FIRST ROW, left to rent: Joyce , Barbara Levin, July Nall. SECOND ROW: Dolores Onyx, Vet Peteeson, Claudia Many, Sally Spar. FIRST ROW, kit to right: Linda Star, Pat Sentfla, lea Mcritgowery, Jerry Crump. SECOND ROW: Jack Carr, Sandy LOH. toy, Ann Nichols, Ike Ker. wy, Sandy miner, Owls Festivities, Ctuck Man, Carol Jackets. lob PUBLICATIONS OFFICE—LUT TO RIGHT: Pal LAPP, Aa Mtn. WAIF natal PUBLICATIONS OFFICE Pub office staff is the coordinating link between the various publica- tions on campus. Headed by Wally Frederick, it seems to man- age to competently smooth out all the difficulties that beset the edi- tors and staffs that deal with it. A major change occurred in the middle of the year when Jo Gil- berg replaced Pat Lapp as Assist- ant to the Director, however, the transition seems to have been ac- complished quite successfully. The remainder of the staff consists of three highly efficient women who can always answer our questions, or at least always know where to look for the answers. NEWS BUREAU—LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Rubin, Marilyn LocAmmun. PUBLICATIONS OFFICE STAFF—LEFT TO RIGMT: Luka era one Orr, Barbara Mertes, Mar.,.. LainO 108 LEFT TO RIGHT: Clmster Pl«n, Hamtd Fintiro, Jim Glatt. " I need a two and three quarters by one and a half of the ROTC by two tomorrow. " " Let me in, I have to pull Garff NVilson. " " Be in the Rep ' s office at four on Tuesday for a casual shot. " Despite several shouts of this nature, all given at the same time by members of different campus publications, the staff of the ASUC Photo Lab manage to keep Room 4 Eshleman in some semblance of order. With Ed, Ken and Ron taking the pictures, and Sandy helping in the processing, all orders were eventually filled and all publications appeared as scheduled. LEFT TO RIGHT: Harold Amtima Let MrOwls. PHOTOGRAPHY LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandy Gardner, Ken Hall, Ed Kirwan. Daily ALI% BOU LOIN LES CARPENTER Fall Edna Wig Eellue ASSISTANT NIGHT EDITORS ROW, itlt to Host: RObsOn, Linda Kona SECOND ROW: Rig Wawa, Bob Hopper, Davi McAatry. BOB FRU( DENN1E WOMBWELL SWIM AtS;0301 Editor Spring AM. Edit ALLELE. 11111 IN IIII-OFFS: lakWaBEINAIM at MEE CI 0SEIIER POST • — • •—• 1 0 ESIBMIIR Voters approve ant:limed; cr ram:tte loaitt at Polk. one executive to lead ASUC • - -• v-- • MIT flEICILT REARS! r2 MARILYN JACOBSON Fall ManatiM SHIRLEY MURPHY Spring Manning (calor JOHN ROBSON Fall City Editor DOLORES VAN LOUCKS Spina City Editor 110 Californian Editorial Always noisy, always bustling—that ' s 12 Eshleman Hall, office of the Daily Californian editorial staff. Headed by the Senior Editorial Board, the approximately forty members of the staff have claimed this office as their second home. Right in the center of all campus life, the monarch of college publications prints the daily events of concern to the University. From dawn till long after dark, members of the staff interview, type, read copy. write headlines, read proofs and ad infinitum. Only when the paper is " put to bed " can the weary staffers relax. The work may be long and tiring, but it never lacks excitement. SPRING ASSISTANT CITY EDITORS Left to eight: ft., Leven, Stu Huh FLORENCE LAO Sono; 011Kt Al✓ort TOM LUBBOCK An Edna SPRING SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS—FIRST ROW, left to richt ' (+AK! Chtfr). Nro Peppin. SECOND ROW: Jen Bare•til, Loh-, Rue. NOT PICTURED: Bob COppoa. SPRING REPORTERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Joy Boat, Ton A-dervm. NOT PICTURED: Muth Yon ' , Be Soopt Jon Man. SPRING CUB REPORTERS—FIRST ROW, telt to rot: Welt Langford, Louht LtOvc, Deaolhy New. SECOND ROW: Rene Waal, Wry Mucia Ycww, THIRD ROW: (Nit Jaunts, frank Neu, John Reblem. MARGE BUTLER Fall Manske, STAN BRACKETT Swint Maraper DAILY CALIFORNIAN JUNIOR MANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Wynne, Manton Montt (vett, Brass, H. T. Leal. NOT PICTURED: Jackie Roblin. Pit Daily Californian ■ 1 a PATRICIA CONNOLLY RICHARD BOWERS Fall Pecclottgo Maws. Spying Product , Man MARION LAMBERT Athertiting Manger SHARON AJELLO Prompt , Maroon PHYLLIS DAN! CHIKe Manner DAILY CALIFORNIAN SOPHOMORE 10 RIGHT: Pau Coat Barbara Darcy Pat Haberly. Betty Gordon. NOT Frank King, Ellis Jacob% Pen MANAGERIAL Behind the double glass doors labeled " Daily Californian Business Office " lurk the members of the Daily Cali- fornian ' s managerial staff. Daily Cal Managerial, it is said, is noted in publications circles on two counts, for the quaint sophistication of its parties, and for its staff members ' padded pocketbooks. Judging from the satis- fied expressions on the faces of this year ' s staff members, the latter is true in any case. Sparked by the sterling words of wisdom spoken by the five senior managers and thoroughly indebted (to use an expression only) to the cause, Managerial staff considers this one of its finest years socially, and of course, financially. The aims and goals of Daily Cal Managerial can perhaps best be expressed in the words of the staff motto: " Fiat Ad- vertisia. " I DAILY CALIFORNIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS — LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Woolf, Assistant Pbxamaphy Edam; Ron Plomertn, PtotoraPil Edam. DAILY CALIFORNIAN SPORTS STAFF—FIRST ROW, let to .MM: Warren Bird Mtn Itiabos Fd Mt:theatre. Dill Goldman, Bob Howard. SECOND ROW: Emil Portal.. Dam Ives, Nett Deardorff, Martin Weiner, Lary Lynn, Dm Roberts. JIM LEMERT JAY ROSS rmi Stuns Editor Spring Seats Edam Sports staff didn ' t have many champion- ships to write about this year, but top class work was turned in by most of the staff members. Fall sports editor Jim Lenten and the spring editor Jay Ross both had thin staffs which were further curtailed by illnesses, ineligibilities and transferring. However, a small core of experienced crop report plus an outstand- ing cp of cubs t in long hours to turn out a good sports section. Parties and games in the Eshleman-Stephens Union League helped to vary the activ- ity and stall off writer ' s cramp. SPORTS RON PLOMGREN ERIC LAWRENCE Fall PN:toaraaby Editor Spin; Proteraphy Leap 113 Blue SENIOR EOITORS—EUT TO RIGHT: MARIANNE MEYLAN, CoP% Edda; CARLOS CORTES, Editor; SHEILA RYAN, Astrxtoto Cosy Editor; MARY LOUISE HOLLAND, Soots (dila. Cries of " Hail to Big Caesar " and " Yes, Carlos " rang through 110B Eshleman as seniors and freshmen alike ran to do the bidding of their all-powerful editor. As one of the few men on staff, Carlos tried to prove the superiority of the male. Though the majority of the staff (female) may argue about his success in this field, all will agree that extraordinary efficiency went into the production of this year ' s BLUE AND GOLD. Between work parties and social parties, the staff managed to get to know one another. The eventual outcome of all this conviviality was the work you see before you, one of which we are rightly proud. 114 EDITORIAL STAFF and Gold SOPHOMORE EDITORS—SEATED: Jody STANDING, left to. alit: Roth Wilmot.% Sue Vomit, Natty LawnlIR Carta Gtraahty, Pmaten, Jody Talor. JUNIOR EOITORS—SEATED, left to $01: Sawa Tbode, Peaty Slearm. STANDING: Anne Colby, LIM ' Lutz, Sally Teller, Kano Johanson, Am Hickman, Jim Haws. FRESHMAN EOITORS—FIRST ROW, kit to rIcht: Satan Golotimith, Tam PonceII, Dawes Dam 11a7 Manion, Jaals William, Glenda Glass. SECOND ROW: Kathy Relay, Belly La Went Lay Tudor, Swine Collier, Lee Si.;, Gail SOmmler, Sem Brom, Leattice fisher, Market Leen , Alice Brink. THIRD ROW: Are Matte roast, Bob Mini, Swan Paul, Pat Fan , Maria Heat NAdiet Grata Matla latEmmey, Kenna William, Pat WOW. 115 " Economy " and " Economize " were the watch- words of the Brim AND GOLD managerial staff. Ably led in their penny counting by the two Mar- garets. the people of 110A Eshleman moved from their office to Eshleman court and back again. In the court and around campus these eager salesmen became known for their jazzy sales pitch given to the tune of Dragnet. In their leisure moments man- agerial combined with editorial in their partying, in this way serving to integrate the economic and editorial functions. LEFT TO RIGHT: MARGARET LOGS, swine MatOW; WARREN SOLBERG, AWN° OittoMG JIM FRANKLIN, Auisunt Mature; MARGARET KENNEDY, WSW. Blue and Gold Managerial I b ANAGERS—LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Mire Creech, Rolunne Ante, Jut Bell, An Walsh, Mary Wittmaa. SOPNOWORE 117 FRESHMAN MANAGERS--FIRST ROW, All to right: St u9 Lana:tilt, B,m,e Star , Many good Joan Ruhr, cool mitt., Pat Chambers, Sharon Andean, Marjorie Good, Joyce Taylor. SECOND ROW: Sara Ashworth, 013A 8ancotel, jar Rtynatos, Paola Ben, Janette Edina, Georgia Natalia, As Auletti, Elaine Etjonary THIRD ROW: Holly Greell, Coen Halted, Judy Meyer, Nellie Oat,,, SAAlry Brancato, Mary Gaming, Ann Worn, Banta a Buster, Pat MCNAMI J, DOIIIII Smalley. JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED: Marianne Maas. STANDING, left to right: Marke NotypIrg, BeIN Rubi, Emily Steinke, Peggy Kiernan. FALL—LEFT TO RIGHT: Rorie, Elite.; Brt MIIin, thaw; Tor Ono, Art Oka.; Norm Kleetruer, Wesee ' s OrrKter. SPRING -LEFT TO RIGHT: Gen GrE,str, Manger; Kathy Genfced, Wore.Es Dirtxtee; J✓ Ruyle, Ectot; Barry Natl.:we, thenlug %UAW ' • peireall Pelican EDITORIAL STAFF -- SEATED: Jerry Lee, STANDING, left le (HUH: Orman VoTeasky, Jim OW, Alm Hick., CM Walden, Menne Srlortfly, Terry Willie. 1. • —V €J P iltse..SeriSCIPalr Sir Sr PELICAN GIRLS—FIRST Kw, left to ript: Marion Wed, Shorky Herrin, Marilyn ' Amman, Carol Npris, Kathy Gloria Hopkins, Hama KkeOlOW, Barbara relict ado. Gils.Tri Lee IMO ' OYU, FM ' GOrliptrtt, Lenore Carla°, Judy Bonen. SECOND ROW: Myra Clark, Cathy Marlon, .ban Ratky, Mary Anaemia, Barbara Hair, ETTaTeth Donn, SIMMIry, Dadra Forfeit, Katy Loy Watb, Iteeityn Machado, Karel Mathinstn, Ronald. Andre, Joan Kaufmam, Carol Altschul. THIRD ROW: Sally Ryan, Jean Beady, Maoartt Kelley, Julio CaSalyarde, LOWS. Edit, Shirley Braman, MIN Johnota, Lynn Preston, Lida Proctor, Climy Pinto., Cady Gill, Psalm Sem Jane Ramie ' s, JIM Wolf. FOURTH ROW: S. Littlefield, Nancy Robin, Sid Salzhno, Jan Williams, Jar Douthit, Lenora Daly, Soma thaw. Nancy Walsh, Shirk LaughTn, Barbara Hunt. PELICAN ' S two semesters were particularly memorable this year. It began in October with an all-new staff on both editorial and man- agerial. Editor John Ruyle and Associate Editor Jerry Lee managed to stumble through four magnificent issues and despite almost insurmountable obstacles ended with a superb semester. Bart Miller, Fall Manager, and John Brewer. Fall Advertising Manager, placed the usual stumbling blocks in the way of the editorial staffs, and managed. with the help of Norma Kleebauer, Women ' s Director, and her staff, to make the semester a spectacular fiasco financially. In the spring the magazine took an upward turn, and cash issue became more amusing than the last. John Ruyle retained the editor- ship. Jerry Lee stepped into the position of Art Director, and Janet Dent and Alan Hislop were named Associate Editors to fill Lee ' s capable shoes. On the managerial staff, George Gardiser somehow became Manager. Barry Hutchison was appointed Advertising Manager, and good old Kathy Crawford returned to be ‘Votnen ' s Director. The semester was one of the best in recent years, in spite of all the pressures from Publications office and the Office of the Dean of Students. " Honi soit qui mal y pense. " 110 ENGINFER California Engineer Probably the greatest invention since Fulton ' s steamboat is the CALIFORNIA ENGINEER. Why? Well, one look at the great month- ly magazine gives all the answers. Although aimed mainly at the Engineering, Physics and Chemistry departments, cther widely separated areas have come within its scope. For instance .. . parties (wild, weak and wooly) ... jokes (clean, our standards are high) ... borderline or semitechnical articles (written in bor- derline style) ... cartoons (Raphael, Van Gogh, etc.) ... and MUCH more. What this country needs is a good five-cent ENGINEER, and brothers and sisters, that is what the staff is working on. FALL—LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Hall, Wont.% Director, Pail Stern, LLNATee; Al Coign, SPRING—LEFT TO NWT: SO Mull, Manner; Toni Dean. ' s Directr; Lew Editor. RutwIl, Editor. SENIOR STAFF—FIRST ROW. left ton : Lee Wertheim, Jan Myr, An Stotert. SECOND ROW: Bob Hall, One Grim., Lou fanull, Deo laaclesean. ALL :Err BILL B ARLOW, Editor. RIGHT: GEORGE RUPPERT, Manager. SPRING—LEFT TO RIGHT: JOAN DIDION, Chia: MARGE BUTLER. Site. • SECOSII) RON. left to L4ht: Ted AbeIv, Occident Occident, UC ' s literary magazine, celebrated its diamond anniversary this year, again publishing a representative selection of student poetry and prose. Publication day this spring was May 16, and the staff managed to increase contri- butions, build up sales, and keep busy in general. Among other things, we had a party or two, read lots of stories, and perpetuated the myth that Jack London and Gertrude Stein once wrote for the Occident. Plans are now underway to associate the magazine with a new honorary literary so- ciety on campus. 121 CAL BAND The Cal Band, under the supervision of Mr. James Berdahl and student manager Fred Saunders, is a student-man- aged organization with many diverse activities. The Marching Band, under the directorship of drum major Larry Strom, had a highly successful season performing during the football games last fall. The Marching Band, like its subsidiary organization, the Straw Hat Band, has become well known throughout the state by frequent appearances on television. The Straw Hat Band keeps up school spirit by performing for basketball and rugby games. The Concert Band also had a triumphant season climaxed by its annual Spring Concert Tour. The Cal Band has grown into a well-known and popular organization through entertaining students and public alike at games, rallies and school functions. I 11 STRAW HAT BAND The University of California Straw Hat Band played at all home games during basketball season and most members managed to take the time to vocally and musically support the team at some of its road games. The Band also played for other athletic contests including water polo, baseball, and rugby. n1 TREBLE CLEF — FIRST ROW, left to right: Jan NW, Joan UMW Martha Weatherholt,la Fernald, Kitty Lamm, Rose Male Costa. Wetly Ellis, Sandra ' Soak Unsay, Dolores Mannish, Meennly, Glegla San Jean, Mary Jo MoTaowl. SECOND ROW: Carole Rcein Kelly, Sally Barret, Geraldine Mean, Joan Godttsrd, Marilyn Wheeler, Stowe Nell Gwen, Nano Webb, Holly payiyo, maw Gwyn, Gwia " Noy, Ann Garfield, Diann Wwwern THIRD ROW: Row Mellen, Kay Hemphill, Zee Fort, Barbara Caftan, Marcia SiNernale, More Mary, UMW. CarPetter, Jargt HOW. Nancy Bruce, Diane Stenh Barbara Tows end, Joyce Irwin, PaUkla Odell. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Darls, Dorothy Hill, Jawt Stodmed, Angela Waldenratn, Ida Alter, Janet Meyer, Sew MoMannis, Joanne Zimmerman, Mary Flails, Betty Williams, Nan WNW, Katherine Gilbreath, Shirley Trunw, Eleanor Wawa. FIFTH ROW: Cantata Best, Bettye Syp.n, Mary Ste:yen:MA Eleanor LW , Vicky CM . Karen Haan, hen Siebert, Anita Steens, Joan Roterts, Hike 011yko, Janos line Pkklet„ MaNearre Chang, Arne CIOSbY, Phyllis Porter. TREBLE CLEF Tretk Clef ' s busy year began with a week-end rehearsal trip to the Santa Cruz mountains. This week end was followed shortly by a concert given at the annual Sun- day Supper at the International House, which this year commemorated Robert Gordon Sproul ' s twenty-fifth year as President of the University. Treble Clef com- bined with Glee Club to sponsor the thirteenth Annual High School Sing and also to sing at the University Christmas Meeting. One of the most enjoyable activities of the Christmas season was caroling with the Glee Club. In the spring we combined with Glee Club and t7te University Chorus in performing Beethoven ' s Mina Solemisis with the San Francisco Symphony under the direction of Enrique Jorcla. MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to eat Nancy Cowbell, Jayne Irene, Senior Kamm; Carolyn Day ' s, Senior Secretary. SECOND ROW: Vicky MA Jews Zimmonten, Lillian Lucas, Sara Faulk. NOT PICTURED: Robin a lit t. 11116 is.k FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Ramirez, Ron Spencer, Dick Oilier, Mike It Feture. Les Thomas, tin Director Robert D. Coirrnarday, Jean War, Ben Fratkelli, Ray Starneury, Al Pfeiffer. Stu Wilson. SECOND ROW: George Cutbbertion, Walt Cate,. Jim Hackle., ten Russell, Oua-e Settee, Bill Metzger, Dee Demon, Cliff Dabs, RanII Gerdes, Walter Schatz, Ted Erickson. THIRD ROW: Menge Kanouse, BO! Unfor0, Don Baker, Tony Lust, Bill Stevensen, Al Uri., liPpft Sarno, Ken Foote, Ken Davis, Carl Resternan, Pit Robin Spike as Wyck, Ron 110:d0Orauplt. FOURTH ROW: Hank Witten, Bob Woodford, Jerry Masser, Dee McWasters, Rick Rose, Den van Dadra, John Adams, Ed Stearns, Karly Knuth, Rowe Fredrickson, Abe Vandenteo, Bane Gordon, Ray WONInnen. FIFTH ROW: Bill McNabb, Larry Dinneas, Okk Sort, Joe Rafletto, Ton Ganiaus, Jen Fry, Gene Citroens, Keith Heidausi, Charles Bailey, Malcolm MacKenzie, Mattis Bill Masco, Vic Armee. PM Gilbert, Cal Wood, Fred Garland. ANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to rAtt: Ray WIIbelmsen, Ted Erickson, Gee Clews% Rick Rose. SECOND ROW: Brace Satiny, Maio, Torok, Lam Cancan. Ken Davie. GLEE CLUB This past year has proved to be a busy and successful one for the Glee Club. The highlight of the fall semester was the annual tour, which brought the club before ap- preciative audiences throughout Southern California and Arizona. There were also many appearances through- out the Bay area and at University functions. The major events of the spring semester included the performance of the AI issa Solemn is with the San Francisco Symphony and the annual Spring Concert with Treble Clef. Other activities of the Glee Club included a week-end retreat, social mixers, and formals. Under the direction of Robert P. Commanday, the Glee Club is becoming one of the finest college singing organizations in the nation. ROBERT PAUL COY.MAKDAY, (Sector SENIOR OCIETTE—LEFf TO RIGHT: Rant Ramirez, Walt Coln, Paul Merle lag DIANA Mania bowie. Dire Edwards, Jerry Wessel, Ted Eskimo.. FIRST ROW, let to ra: Norbert KmalLki, Jerry Ftederen, Albert Mouha•, Don Scott, Join Triat, Jobs Watts, Site Kennedy, Harald Nap, Arkid Ital13 Al, Rant Cormanday, Chrectot. SECOND ROW: Den Fart, Pete Grossmann. ECM Saws, Janet Cnenimham. R. V. Coats, Bill Patnme, William Rickard, Jan Van Tens, Allred Newnan, Ronald Lerch. THIRD ROW: Vill Homrd, Dodo. Wallace, Re. De FaeIds, Tan Bennett, Jon RAS HMAM, CMI Den, Emil. tads, Ernest Lee, Sill Ryan. In the fall, the Junior Varsity Glee Club was established as a new musical activity of the Associated Students. Starting out with a membership of eighteen men, it grew to over forty voices quite rapidly. Under the baton of Glee Club-Treble Clef Director Robert P. Commanday, the group acquired a considerable repertoire of mu- sic which included folk songs, college songs, and both popular and serious music. At the same time, the JV singers received vocal and musical training which prepared them for the several concert appearances on and off campus during the spring se- mester. As a result of this training, many of these men will become members of the parent organization, the University Glee Club, next fall. JV GLEE CLUB 126 VARSITY DEBATE SIIARON MILLER Weer FIRST ROW, left to right: Nick Wallace, Mehl Jet Art WaleMa, Frisch Willmank Retry Reews, Pocono, Lyman, Noel Mann. SECOND ROW: Bob Vffitettea Dv. Fred SOW, Keith Jewell, Karl Manz, Ann Craddick, Barbara Nochown. Sham Mille., Nolenuo, Named Slrelflord, Bab Johmol, Sulk Sepal. Varsity Debate attempts to develop intellectual understanding among the members of the squad. It is selective in membership and offers a variety in curriculum for its members. This year Dr. Frederic Stripp has acted as advisor. JV DEBATE FIRST R0o, el Hare, Munn Frwenan, Muc Monbtitaer, Coach; John Adltissao, Jr., Dahl Iletabaker, klaswer. MARC MONNEIMER SECOND ROW: Tan Joe, Muth Weiser, Cy Cookie, Nall Woo. Maur The University Roundtable ( Junior Varsity Debate), sponsored by the ASUC and the speech department, is open to students interested in forensic activities, regardless of previous speaking experience. Participating students are eli- gible to compete in intercollegiate contests, and other speech activities with opportunity for promotion into Varsity Debate. Subjects discussed include national debate and discussion questions, important national and international topics, famous speeches and current books. The University Roundtable was represented at the Humboldt State College tournament in November and at the Linfield College tourney in January. 127 Long hours of tedious and patient practice combined with rewarding and triumphant performances, under the directorship of Edward Lawton, characterized the past year for the University Chorus. In the fall, the Chorus and University Symphony, under Joaquin Nin- Cu!mil, gave the first Bay area performance of a modern composition by William 0. Smith. Later in the fall the Chorus, augmented by some members of the Glee Club, Treble Clef, and Repertory Chorus, sang Ernest Block ' s Sacred Service in the Temple Eman- u-El, own the occasion of the composer ' s seventy-fifth birthday. The musical season of the Chorus was climaxed during the Easter week end when the 200 -member organization, under the direction of Robert Commanday, joined with the San Francisco Symphony under Enrique Jorda to offer two performances of Beethoven ' s Af issa Solemn is. The Unmesily %MAW " was by " " Oaffitil. UNIVERSITY CHORUS SYMPHONY FORUM SYMPHONY FORUM—FIRST ROW, kW to ORM: AIM Wilk. Joan tonittif, Noel Dolt, Joan Ford, Joe FMK., Sarallo Garvey, Oollot Argue, Claudia limy. SECOND ROW: Mary Eller. Row, Kitty Larry, Eloise Sower, Beverly Eon, Lye Wall, Janice °Oxen, Mary Comm Helen Wearer. THIRD ROW: Hemet, Klein,, Marilyn Gott , SIRS Cake , Cads ' Sten, Jam Otoom, Oat nom Marg.% %Winer. Lute 01(erbtrt Marion ' Humparey, Geraldine Perrelli. FOURTH ROW: IS Poison, Jack Room, Honed leave, Dick Gaelrn, John Hudson, Kid Cull . The University of California Symphony Forum attempts each year to bring students into a closer relationship with classic music. Its purpose is realized in the continuing student attendance at the concert series given especially for their benefit by the San Francisco Symphony Association. Efforts are also made to obtain speakers or guest soloists for the enjoyment of Forum members. Among Forum guests have been Enrique Jorda. the distinguished conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, and Earl Murray. the assistant conductor. Dr. Joseph Kerman of the music department ends his appreciated guidance each year as the Forum ' s advisor. Leading the Forum this year were Howard Nemir. chairman ; Monroe Kanouse, vice-chairman, and Karen Okerherg. secretary-treasurer. JOANIN Galata°. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY RADIO-TV THEATRE The ASUC radio-television theater, this year celebrating its twenty-first year, has had a very successful year. They have produced a total of ten half-hour radio programs, six being of a dramatic nature and four musical. All of the programs presented by this group have a two-fold purpose. They are selected to put before the listener a program of an interesting and informative nature, and in addition, they are planned to afford the students in the University an effective experience, as an extracurricular activity, in all phases of radio production. The productions, w hich are completely student-operated, afford participation in direction, engineering, acting, editing, rehearsing, publicity, sound effects and script writing. RADIO.TV THEATER—FIRST ROW, kit to OVA: Mora. MaroolIO, CM SECOND ROW: Roo Roble, Hal Martolie, Lem Author, Wand Wm, Dick 130 UNIVERSITY THEATRE Much Ado About Nothing " Never came trouble to my house in the like- ness of your Grace ... " Both variety- and extent were notable in the campus theater attractions in the year 1955- 1956. In Wheeler Auditorium, its platform valiantly adjusted to the shape of each show. were seen " Picnic. " " The Confidential Clerk " " Much Ado About Nothing. " " There Shall Be No Night. " " Yes is for a Very Young Man. " and " Prometheus Bound. " In Wheeler also the Mask and Dagger Society presented its twenty-third revue " Turn ' Em Loose " which turned out to be outstanding in charm and expert staging. The Axe- Revue. " California Kaleidoscope. " presented in the Berkeley Community Theater as a pan of the Homeco • g Week celebration, estab- lished a new mode for the perennial fall fes- tival and played its single massive perform- ance to an enthusiastic capacity audience. The Studio Theater in Dwindle Hall provided the location for several Thalian Society and Hammer and Dimmer presentations. " Theian and Undid at the atonic of Hero Rot CIredloi " Much Ado About Nothing THE CAST Dos PEDRO, Prince of Arragon Gerald Loin Dos JOHN, his bastard brother... Roderick Carter CEA um, a young lord of Florence Arthur Berggren BKNEDICK, a young lord of Padua Anthony Biggs laxam, Governor of Messina Thomas Moore ANTONIO, his brother Carroll Hauser BALTHASAR, attendant on Don Pedro Ray Wilhelmsen BoRActt to. follower of Don John Philip Newman COMRADE, follower of Don John J ames Millets A Messenger Roger Fredrickson FRIAR FRANCIS Garret Boer DOGDF.Rire, a constable Douglas Reynolds VERGES a licarthorough Gaylaird Bissell A Sexton James Madison Murat 0.vtva Kr_ watchman John 603Ret: SRACOLE. watchman Walter Moulder Other NVatehmen John Calmat.. Thomas Slattery. Garret Boer A Musician Thomas Bridges Servants Thomas Slattery. David Hauser, Louis Hightower HERO, daughter to lniato Patti Tafjen Bgvnuce, niece to Leonato Virginia Beach MARGARET. waiting gentlewoman to I Ii ro Diane Berman ITRXELA, waiting gentleo I ollian I. Hun ' Gillian Turner A Singer Ruth Piette A Musician Sue Durham Servant Girl Beverly Reel ' tat. Too come II atte to tt flunked to Ott Count? ' • 133 Inebted gala! I suppose I asked lot It. That ' s wtut oxen of being cursed with a sum like Road. " " I ' ve Just ' ,on..., ibrc, The problem was, utast.. is bow so trop he, fed Nixon. meals. " " Mt when we think we hoe settled our account. tile ureteric us with a sow tee, more difficult to PO. " The Confidential Clerk THE CAST SIR CLAUDE MULHALIMML Walter Moulder EC.GERSON . Dale Moffitt Colon. SlurxtNs Richard Benson B. KAGHAN Richard Craig LUcASTA ANC,]. Mary Harrington LADY ELIZARETH MULHAMME.R Vie5inia Beach MRS. GUZZARD Kathryn Ish BEHIND THE SCENES DR. !SAMOA VALKOSt ' r ' rur he Corbett MIRANDA VALKONEN Kathryn ISII DAVE CORWEEN... ..... Hiner Mather PHOTOGRAPHER. Paid Marianetti Gus SHUMAN John Choy UNCLE. WALDEMAIL ;riff Richards ERIK VALKONEN John Longres KAA110 ALQVIST Marylyn Hansen I-Emrt Bartel Selig Joan Arnold Da. ZIEMSSEN lames Madison MAJOR RIJTKOWSKI Fred Sonenberg JOE BORNE= Anthony Griffin BEN GICH NM John Laratta FRANK OLMSTEAD Ray Stansbury SERGEANT GOSDE.N Bruce Vogel There Shall Be No Night THE CAST " Est I Premise roe that the greatest ol all athesturrt In trek alien is still beta us—the exploralltra of eon himself, his osind, hit saint—the thing to call his Oveactet, the goal ity velkh has raised his stew the beasts. " SABEL FIRESTEM DALE L ' Cr- TOM MOORE KATHLEEN HUTCHINSON CLUBS SOCIETIES YIRST ROWmi. in • ;it amt., klurn:.p I. SECOND ROW: DIAtne Saimuinttli, Jan Kelly, Janet Jame, Join Brichetto, Molly Med Icy, Pommy 14,4net, prim roman, THIRD RON: Staley Williams, OurWM dotal, Ellin Pederson. tom Campbell, nilY Kathleen WM°Soo ACE OF CLUBS I lacroorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAI MOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 192$ FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dand Sprrct, Orono: Gambier. Ronald Rehr, Stanley Remlett, Dorton Miller. 136 fn‘ CR. John Admen Thxnat Doctor Alan town Dort06 Siefert Roy Werke. Ale. Aro. Walter Hale Guy Moon Mel Seamen Hal Wilson Kenreth Auto Virus Cock Repent Kaar Keith Kerr Bruce Paine Gone Rkk RielanR SpOrIken9 Derek Thiessen An Woodworth Dave Yarnakeffla Cat fas Calm Ron Kivu Stan Shoal Lines mocrwton Ray YOsaain Daniel trite H. T. Leal licrukcy Sheer Al Wade Martin Z01141 ALPHA PHI OMEGA (National Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE. 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity established at Lafayette College is actively carrying out its thirtieth year in four fields of service: service to the University. service to the membership. service to the community and service to the nation as participating citizens. The major projects undertaken by Gamma Gamma chapter during the 1955-56 school year include the Big Game Parade. collections for the Campus Cntsade. the Ugly Man Contest for the benefit of the World University Service. Christmas at Cal Contest, and assistance to various student activities. Alpha Phi Omega strives for the development of leadership and the promotion of a fellowship program for its mem- bership. Social life and fellowship also play an imponant role in the integrated program of Gamma Gamma chapter. This year were had several social functions, two exchanges, our famous pizza feasts and our popular noon hours in the office—lunch or study! 137 FIRST ROW, left to right: Lau West, A. E. likkelbliatt, Loath D. Orrin, Raymond G. Weitann, Raul! H. Go.:3 SECOND ROW: }Pin Cobtun, Waiwit Boddturi, Iskaridet Alsat, Joseph E. Frites,. CLirtree T. Hebei, tee Borten, Dick Vasty, Act litre°, Gem Uematto. THIRD ROW: Ed Soder. worn, L. Keith Helhttook R. W. Jessie, Clinks Schmitt, Jim Whitacre, Dam Drain, Dick Fors, Ply Stechomn. ALPHA ZETA FOUNDED AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. 1887 CALIFORNIA CIIAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 (Honorary Agricultural Fraternity) FORTY CHAPTERS AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) CALIFORNIA CHAPTER OF STUDENT AFFILIATES FIRST ROW, left to ript: Dallis, Wbicmerman, Hareatantion Van Galen, Or. Byrne, Dr. PrausnItz, Dr. Hanson, Or.Petersen. SECOND ROW: NIshierura, Reel, Elgin, Kendall, Mara., Daniels. Lewis. THIRD ROW: Brown, Karoo, Gras, nettker, foie°, Sara login, Gore, !aeons. FOURTH ROW: HoS,ane, Clark Drienpxt, Fandl, Robbins, Wrrokt, Rosemont, Meaux. NUMW, Ferrer, kite. 138 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Dhia Ai Datiese, Jared Jordan, Wino WiesenMK flatlet Schierl, Emit Boma, Gary Fulbright, Prof. Bruce G. MeCagle . SECOND ROW: Houma Wiley, William Barnett, Roger Mit, (net Thiele, Robin Coital:a. Pamir Mimi, TIMMS Keating. THIRD ROW: Rehen Enloe, J. M. Lelard, J ereDIO Mae . WARY Erma, W. E. Reel nem E. R. Geiger, C. W. Geoderham, Gary 0. Sham W. FOURTH ROW: Victor L. Celan, Joe bider Rkhied Wetting, keen Hann . Dan Mimi., Gliatlet H. Geetentl, Charles Nelson. ADE (American Institutcof Industrial Engineers) FOUNDED AT COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1948 U.C. STUDENT CHAPTER FOUNDED 1952 TWENTY-FIVE STUDENT CHAPTERS FIFTY SENIOR CHAPTERS AMERICAN RED CROSS LOCAL COLLEGE UNITS FOUNDED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1944 FIRST ROW, RI( to riohl: Jan. Bonnie Vasa ' , Glare StsIlitt, Eno Opownuso. SECOND ROW: Colette Oaths, Nag Gwent, Alicia Etten, Jose Abbott, Alto atomics 139 FIRST RON, kit to rstet: Krnenwer, Franc Kinn, Rufus Denby Jim Pelt Pinter, Gordo- Levin, J.r.-e Yee, Kiyoshi Hammon, limit Ali, Don Pennon. SECOND ROW: Mho Hale, George Anus , Dick Harem Robert Mho:, Wane Collins, Sheldon Bowen, Robert Whacks-, Ian Reenigt, Gerald Thins, Wayne htseCknoell. INIRD ROW: Pan Toro, Lowell Pall, Robert McLean, Curti, Canton, Dana Samson, John Wan, Ocew Woro, William Iwamoto, be Boners, Lloyd Roberts, Harold Coffee, Feint Johnston, Edgar Lee. FOURTH ROW: John MellenMtn, Rottn Tap, Jerry Shawn, We ' ve Bruce, Harry Tomb Gary tanibell, Yoh Mawda. ( " cot Conant, Lauren Mercer, Vole torrent. Rollin Hanel.. Welk Jr " . Victor Lest. FIFTH ROW: Robert Clan, Venbot Sullivan. Dew Babbitt, Clifford Sales. Arlene SOAlder, Jamey Murray, Gerald Dater, Edward Timm " Jr. NOT PICTURED: Tay Know. ASCE PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED. C. C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1921 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED, tet.S1.! FOUNDED AT TILE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1912 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to non: Robert F. Stetdef, John Gentart, Peter Lyman, Walter MacLean, William Rector, Charles Stintmel. Richard winner, Rickard Welt. Don Edmond, 0,1,4 Harris, DO Kern. Arthur Kobayashi, Melvin SECOND ROW: William Stephens, Ben Talky, Joan Male9MIM, Francis Schoen, Manson Cont., tamenee MLA, Warren Wiesenfeld, Robert Canasta, 02 4id Wino, Peter Weeds, Jack Randall, Sohn Rakkk, Joe On. THIRD ROW: Roy Coats, Jack Steck Allot Knit ' , Rickard Sponabeirg, Diek Csaarotti, Clan Etninfin, Garth Cummings, Clayton Victims!, Merry Lorin, Alec Akins, Seine Brno, James Tom, Raymond Tan, Creighton Dem . FOURTH ROW: Chants Etiberbact, Wastrel Hailer, Greeks tannin, Jack Rens, Jot Cob, Rottn Wort, Jour Gilbeao, Palmer A. Home, Pane Brown, James Brno, Rebel L. Osborre, Gary Oen. Specie. 140 FIRST ROW, left to ndlit: Lomeli SMItIty. Tbecdore Berms, ;totem Smith, Roost Hoskin, .Pm Franklin. SECOND ROW: Janet Watd, Wlllyn Ramolu, tug Gctdstoroinh, Donald SICtlds. THIRD ROW: Laimm Open, Larry Meow, {Mahe Alpert.% Ent " ( took, Don nosoac. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ( National Air Force ROTC Hunor Society ) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, 1947 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SQUADRON COLONEL GEORGE H. STEEL FOUNDED 1952 ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX SQUADRONS FIRST ROW, left to eight: Joke WM% Thtokre Reams, Ronald Darks, William Morley. SECOND ROW: Reposed hitt, [twits ICvlmlink WarrenMM.% Wiliam Ebtbart, Mac Dtoglat, Gordon Waterfall, Norman Bedell, Brand . THIRD ROW: itatair Popp, Aided Ranted, ROOM WInkentab, Cent MAIM Jchn Schulz, Donald Scott, Wadren McCord, Harry Korb, kiln Sthnabacho 141 FIRST ROW, left to eight: J:An ktin Cerruti, Hal Hamann, Leo Pesti,. SECOND ROW: Rich Partici, Clarity Woe, To Callum, Bob Jury Ccn Viytmo10 THIRD ROW ' D.:k !Junin, E. Frentzt,, Den Robertson, Bill de Camp, Robert Ulrich, Hugh Wells, To, Tbiebet. BALL AND CHAIN (Managers ' Honor Society) BATON (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: WI Jack, Da Aram " antes loan, Knit Static.% Kay Mik.uni. SECOND ROW: On Casey, Fred Stade ' ' , Cads Thieriot; BIII Moore, Jerry Titters, Lairs Strvm, Bob Joyce. THIRD ROW: Jerry F,TD;ter, Bin, Den Munro, Neat LOW, Corr Cheerier, Old Coleman, Rove Haman, BIll 6., I1. Door, 142 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Barbara McCoewell, Jones Colisk, Robert Childs-r, Jay Sefton, Robert Scion, 1101 Mamma . THIRD ROW: 0 ' Sebrat O ' osier, Tb- ?seal. SECOND ROW: Doll Colston, C. B. Foote., Alexasier RObithek, W. C. Babb. BETA ALPHA PSI (National Accounting Society) CALIFORNIA STUDENT TEACHER ' S ASSOCIATION FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 FIRST ROW, left to bght: Jean.. Nodose, Foster, lay Lac Thosto:co, Cool Hare . SECOND ROW: ide Erbenttlut, Anis Mona., Shebat. U—eoblite Pry% 143 FIRST RON, kit to r Os; Elaine NeatC., Prot Pail F. Weeds, Margaret Garcia. Alexasder k000heS, Dons C.v SECOND ROW: Pat Gregory, boa MoScoot% Tonle Poulos, Came Kordash, Alice GoMoth, Vera Mat Timm, Jay Segos. lommeme CIoIgc00, Sidney Kelt. THIRD ROW: Tim Radio., David Pont,, Gem MveIke, Douglas K. Patton, Am Carlisle, Maurice Moyal, Deed Worms, Thomas Mosegonwry, Sob Cain, tee Blum, C. 8 Childers. Hwy Seine. FOURTH ROW: David leighico, H. R. MOM, L. I.. Vance. Alan Spnes, M. Moonlit, Dock Robe-, A•dren iota, Daree Kelly. Del Schroeder, Raleigh Omelette, Sob Clayton an. BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS Fall Officers Spring A lexander A. Rohichek President William C. Bagot 1 Valiant C. Bagot iee-President jay Begun Margaret Garcia Secretary l!arbara McConnell Margaret Garcia Treasurer Hideyo H. Otsuji Beta Gamma Sigma is the national Business Administration Honor Society. The society has three types of members: student. faculty and honorary. Membership is by invitation and is based on scholastic attainment and personal character. The local chapter. Alpha of California. holds initia- tion luncheons each semester. The faculty and honorary members elected arc initiated at the annual spring banquet. The local chapter meets every other Wednesday during the regular semesters. Dis- tinguished speakers are invited to these meetings. The members have the opportunity to become better acquainted and to meet persons in various fields of interest. 144 Art Bob! Thwas Fox Kin Gaeta Stuart CretnIg EM WAWA Dw Kelk09 Howard Inca Willis Now Deo Ralph Stinky Taal Fall Officers Spring Howard Leach President Art Bobb Don Hicke y Vice-President Bob Ricciardi Dick Kellogg Secretary Gary Mann Don Rolph Treasurer Connie Yates CHI ALPHA KAPPA (Professional Architecture Fraternity) FOUNDED AT TIIE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 ONE CHAPTER x A I CHI EPSILON (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS FIRST ROW. WI to AWL: Rent Tacks, Jae tit, Wok AIL MONO ROW: Oki 4. GAAS UAW. Ass (tow THIRD ROW: Wahl Dim, Plat. F. L. Italletheck, Jw WU., Ow Mira In tat ' . Aizai 445 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION I El) 1907 A friendly welcome awaits the campus public at the Christian Science Organization, or better known as the " Org. " A prime func- tion is to unite those who are students of Christian Science and also newcomers to this religion " in closer bonds of Christian fellow- ship. " There is a library in our building where all are welcome to read The Bible and authorized Christian Science literature. Our meetings, which are open to all who are interested. are held every Tuesday evening and provide opportunities for sharing testi- monies of healing in Christian Science. Once each semester we hold an open house to which we invite the public to come and get acquainted with the " Org " and its members. The public is also cordially invited to the lecture on Christian Science which is given once a semester. Membership is open to those students and faculty members who rely com- pletely on Christian Science. 146 a Lit tica. CI at Ss in, ads lis? AA a At SA Po‘ graN s SASS Barbara Ackerman Elizabeth Goan Haiti Genitor Arldid edam Cants de Fresco Mass Ogyas Carol Orulsa Omtlie Ellin Cup( Erickson Anne (went Susan Fretoun Roberti Gaudie Margaret Harris Barbara Henning ' Patricia Hemel IMO McKimmy Enke Melnik. lam Metz Elaine Heand Gloria Hameln Miele Pima Donny Pude° Just Rosette Vivian Rues Nancy Scholl Lam SPAY tat. Shelley Susie SOMben Geeing Sick, Honest Tense Clare Vinat0 Suzanne Westasay Pb,llis Williams Valor Wind Yvonne Waco Arita Fleet Sot anikirn %Play Pith La Voss ScHitalm Marilyn Tbeenton COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN 147 MT ROW, kit to Wow, Rkhard Damon, Omni Stenzel, GT sfy McMurtry, SECOND ROW: Pal WalLme, NMI Phillips, Jots StisIlm, Charles .. MdmW. Casten Nino,. THIRD ROW: Mattel Vbednulef, E mem Goldsmith. Niels WWII. Gown Rubin. Nktolas letwaff. F00 ROW: Jaws Brown, Jam ' ,aim. JS, Ssinnos, Menus Cameron, William Wootemetlk RAW Heviltt. DELTA PHI EPSILON (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS XI SIGMA PI (National Forestry I lonorary) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1908 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to riots: Lee Bunnell, Da14 Meyer, Allan West. Jr.i Whitacre. SECOND ROW: Ed Suet, L. Winton, Stan lOwnsn, Dick Volt Sob men. THIRD ROW: Leslie Smith, R. F. Cash, Hated Heady, P. M. Barr. SIMS Sitwell, .J 2leowska. 148 Robert Alterl John Griffin Elmer ON Slate Ray Yemen% ft Rady Conlon Robert Heartier William Robert Layne Gear Chita Im Oscar Hero Edam Wade Robed Ekedahl Joao Rebins Nicholat Wallace Toms Caney Bill Russell Jams D. Walters Robert Citrate Echlin Slyest Hai Wow, DELTA SIGMA PI ( Prolessional Adiniiiittral ion and Commerce Fraternity) Delta SigmaSigma Pi, recently reactivated on this campus, is a professional fraternity in the field of busi- ness administration and commerce. The functions of the fraternity include sponsorship of profes- sional tours through industrial facilities as well as inviting prominent business men to appear as guest speakers at meetings. The men of Rho chapter, also being interested in social activities, amply fulfilled this desire during the fall semester with a social calendar including a luncheon at Larry Blake ' s restaurant, a dinner-dance at the Claremont Hotel, the semiannual pledge-active day (which pits the pledges against the actives in a " no holds barred " football game) in addition to the mem- orable times had by all during the rushing period and general meetings. The semester began with a core of nine men and with the willing help of Professor Royal A. Roberts, chapter advisor, they initiated fifteen new members during the fall semester. With a quota of fifteen additional actives set for the spring semester the brothers of Rho chapter feel that Delta Sigma Pi will now enjoy perma - nent success on this campus. 149 FIRST ROW, Mt to right: Ci Walter Diem, Daniel J. Dm, Richard Simpson, Reten Orrick, ' tern Sry, Gerald Pennon, Walla Bridges, Kane Yet. SECOND ROW: Joao Ratio, Yost Oshawa, James Ward, join AMITY., Peter Rain, Roy Sroler. THIRD ROW: an Guardian, Charles Griffin, Ginn Bacon, Jeri Lark, altory Lanaastet, Robert Brooks. FOURTH ROW: Laud Comma ' , Richard RObtrts, Miami Hurley, Don Rama.. FIFTH ROW: Richard Robenten, William Tomlin, Harold Hall, Loan Whom, Gent Leadarls, Moharromed thatni. SIXTH ROW: Richard Torte, L. E. OiliflertStel. ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 MI: CHAPTER FOUNDED 1915 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS UC FORESTRY CLUB (Member of Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 FIRST ROW, left to right: darks Schaefer, Kr Manrisen, Bon Rennie, Bob Clint, Dick Lash, Bob Cothmr. Lee semen, Jtaa loan, Al Alf SECOND ROW: Mir West, Bob Whiten, Sam Van Visa, Mennen bitell, Rolf littler, Don lOrmlem. Joan litho Phil Lowell. THIRD ROW: Lee Sampan, Cian rem, MASSY Elumana, Pete Trial. Bob Mead, Lee Nein, Watt Saloom., Dick Bran. FOURTH ROW: Jean Toopeina, caa Many, Inc. Wa ' Ortal, Don Bars, Dan Doyle, Bill Aso mica, Jack Rams , Er Hannon+, tamed Wakadol, Karl Rearm. FIFTH ROW: Ray Weinman. Bob Jew; Gary Plisa, Cast Kerma, Don Samoa, Toby Kraal, Jim Car SIXTN ROW: Dick Vino, Wayne Kraal, Dale 1101Iff, Jim Whitacre, Din Rennin, Dick Fens. ISO FIRST ROW, kit to non embryo Mott Clatid;a AnCrot, Dorothy ArD.e, Yfroo.t Gray. SECOND ROW: Gloria Hothitwat, Holm Poona, JcIte Pettrwe, Cate Loot, Tare BarDira Atka, Janice Uttstah. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA National Wunicris Ser. ice Sorority) KAPPA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALI FORNIA, 1953 HAMMER AND DIMMER (Technical Dramatic I lonor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, kit to right: Sabra Firestela, ERIS Twat., Alm Coati, Wanba Malta, ICAllOhl IJ. SECOND ROW. Oriel Boer, Tlatotay Moore, Gerold Clithich. 151 FIRST ROW, left to dont: Ruth Rotemtein, Joan r, Marvin Biemteck, Eleanor Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Manth Segal, Ss Berman, Leila SOW!, (tarry Jacobs, Rabbi mph Codeine. HILLEL (A National Organization Devoted to Cultural. Religious and Counciling Service Among Jewish Students on the College Campus) HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FOUR HUNDRED CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, kit to rigea: Gretotn Pauli, Carole. de Frewevy, June Whittle, Paola Coloin, Jo Tarr., Mariarwe Terry. SECOND ROW: Arkne Embed, Carob ' Gelder, Carla Jung, Isabella beech ' , Jea, Arrington, Ewlyn Realtor., Bobbie Colbert, Jane MO nMen. THIRD ROW: Joann Dab, Dianne Krefic, Awe Keller, Miss Bowel Myers, Barbara Sennett, Pauli Schneider, Jade Johnson, Poor Ruder, Mercedes Rotondo, 152 FIRST ROW, let to ripM: Vickie Bissell, Carol Small, Judy Goodman, Matins BLxkviocel, Bettye STOW. SECOND ROW, Owt !ma, Nolen Uhl Haw, Frail( Wilson, Davie: Rieh. THIRD ROW: Rabbi Joseph GIMIlbirite, Moiler; Charles Bailey, Thomas Cosh, Cecil Thomas, Adr.sor. INTERFAITH COUNCIL (To promote understanding and cooperation among faiths) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1943 LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON I National Professional law Enforcement Fraternity) GRAND CHAPTER FOUNDED 1937 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 EIGHT CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, let to rroan: Judith Mod, Nancy Bennett. Bate Ccabelt, Bosnia Ptah , Marshall SWOntrd. RAW, EMI beim Lott ell, Karl Hostetter, [Ora Young, Gerald Parente, Gerald Cam, Kea( Kilburn. SECOMO ROW: Robert , aide., Sally km14101,11. Joan Tarnow " Lois Selminnin), Elaine Oriel, Hal Mamma. Jam lawny, Ed Eltrearald. THIRD ROW: HMI Fart, Mel Faraday, Lot Mullett, Jan Beek, Juba Imenoll, Gretchen Sthnieseo, Eel Tremlinsoe, Ian Thonmson•Bowers. FOURTH ROW: Dan Commies, William Lam, Kathryn Washington, Thomas eracelery, HIM WOW, Ram Oren, Les Ilran..o 153 FIRST ROW, left to eight: Imo Koalas, Su , Mara. Sim.. Model TROdWi. SECOND ROW: Fred Wow, Eno Utast, Kay Rsky, Maudntber Suggs, Shell lidoptlea, Gad , Croix. THIRD ROW: Weigel Dime, MithaeI Ramat, Sherwood Patter, Talc VI Mk Jos EtaVIII. Gear thaer• INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Dedicated to the ideal " that brotherhood may pre- vail, " International House in Berkeley for the past twenty-five years has been the cultural and social center for the foreign students of the University of California. And so it has fostered international un- derstanding by means of a rich program of cultural, intellectual, and social activities. Mention may he made of a few : the weekly music hour—folk danc- ing—discussion groups—Sunday suppers—dances and regional tables at which programs are pre- sented by members of the five major geographic regions represented ill the House. Actively pro- moting international understanding is the program of " Understanding through Hospitality, " which enables foreign students to visit Bay Area homes. clubs, industries and schools, as well as scenic places throughout the state. Thus, in its Silver Ju- bilee year. International House continues to assist and enrich the lives of many hundreds of foreign students and their American fellow students. 154 SEATED, Idt to (pH: Albert Jarman, Tlocries Moot, Janos Hermon, Walter Moulder, Gerald Loin. STANDING: Sandra Tuner, Kay HatchInirs, Galin Turner, Sabra FIrtitein, Marilyn Hymn. MASK AND DAGGER (Dramatic I donor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER MASONIC CLUB (COraftlati0O211 Student ( ' enter Masonic Affiliated) FOUNDED 1923 FIRST ROW, lilt to debt: Jim Woollen. Gall WRNS), Catty alma , Jean Black, Le Vetere Stan er Jot Yareumian. SECOND ROW: Walt tareasur, SUIAW SCuthef Paella Macey Mary Mat Nobe% Dan Railmarorieh, Gary Underhill, Called Yeller. THIRD ROW: Al Leiobtol, JON Nana, Gordon pan, roe Raga?, Boa Henna Ray St•.th, Mrs. Esther lialtregelrq. 155 ares Jean Brady Brady )(yen Frerichs Margaret Penned, 4.tnia P Ira, Betake Brpork. Patricia Connolly Elizabeth Dempster Sabra Fireman Beverly Pita Joanne Caney Anne Wall Nelda Herby Sairliaant Hilter Joyce Innis Margaret Leas Murry MacKenzie Patricia MeGalligan Marianne Meytan Gesture Musser Nina Slyivell Katbken Schteacher Priscilla Seale MORTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK. 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY SPONSORS Miss Patricia! Braul Mrs. Emerson Kern Mrs. Donald McLaughlin HONORARY MEMBERS Leila Anckrson Alice Hoyt Margaret Beanie Mrs. Clark Kerr Carol Simmons Bell Mrs. Joseph Quire Mrs. Ralph Chaney Violet Marshall Louise Cobb Lillie Sherman Mary Davidson Mrs. R. G. Sproul Mrs. Monroe Deutsch Mrs. Lynn Waldorf Helen Fancher Dr. Margaret Zeff OFFICERS President Patricia McGalTigan Bernice Bronsdon Secretary Nelda Herby Treasurer Anne Grant Scribe Elizabeth Dempster " T o provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " 156 The UC Mothers ' Club ' s objective is to bring its members into social and intellec- tual intercourse; also to keep in touch with the University authorities in promoting the welfare of the student body. Mothers of all students, past and present, are eli- gible for membership in the club. With section meetings in gardening, travel, and choral and the general meeting featuring outstanding speakers, each individual taste is met. MRS. T. F. ZimMFRIAAN Prestdem UC MOTHERS ' CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 OMICRON NU (National Home Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 JOINT BERKELEY AND DAVIS CHAPTER FOUNDED, 1944 THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, kit to root: Gros Day, Evelyn Vaibisun, Peggy Kletenan, Lois Hokin. SECOND ROW: Ants TONT Phelps, Rath Hantorne, Jessie Coin, Newt) Nam. !S7 NEWMAN CLUB (Organization for Catholic Students ) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1899 CHAPLAINS Rev. Francis G. Quinan. C.S.P. Rev. Jerome P. Donegan. C.S.P. Rev. Kevin Lynch, C.S.P. Rev. Louis P. McKernan.C.S.P. OFFICIRS President Tom Tindall Vire-President . . . . . . . Juanita Bacol Secretary . . . . . . . Daryl MeTarnaltan Treasurer . . . Ray Flanders Representative-or-large . . . GICTIOTC Hamill Newman Club. the Catholic Center at the University is more than a student center—it is a union. an organization, a way of living—and some say a grand hotel. It is devoted to enriching the religious, academic, and social life of Catholic students and non-Catholics on campus. In the past year, activities in all three fields of endeavor have been full and outstanding. The year ' s beginning was marked by the Fall Reception which drew a crowd of over 500 people for a gala evening. The series of talks by Dr. Mortimer Adler brought large numbers of interested students to hear theories on the existence of God and the place of religion in education. The annual Spring Formal in the Terrace Room of the Fairmont Hotel was only a climax to the long series of successful Friday Night Dances at the Club. Ski trips, picnics, weekly luncheons. Sunday suppers—not to mention the daily coffee bar and study- ing in the well-stocked library—where can one begin to count the number of events and their worth? At the center of all activity at Newman Club is the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas. Open daily and offering a regular schedule of devotions, the chapel fills the religious needs of Catholics on campus and acted this year—as al% ays—as the stabilizer at the Club and on campus. The year was good, the fun was great, the crowds were huge, and Newman Club ' s 56 years haven ' t slowed her down a bit. 158 An Baldwin Joyce Barrett Join Dart Pat Denton Marianne Hobbs Marian Hopping Helen MorrtgorherY Mallet Moore Carolyn Salina Marilyn Steniav Pauline Wood Catherine Enter Jane Bell Elizabeth Omelet Carol Jackie., Barbara McOcraell Elizabeth Sutton Barbara Bnesatch Blerda Entente Betty Lin " Carol Norris Patti Talon Elizabeth Burke Stivon Foster Jeanette Maddox Marilyn Ronny Susan Wa1 011$ Mary Claire Creech Joyce Mimes Sharon Mike Connie Rounberg Mary Wittman PANILE ( Sopltinnorti Sh I loporary ) Panile is one of the three honorary societies for women on our campus. Membership is granted to out- standing students in scholastic and extracurricular activities. Outstanding service in any ASUC activity plus a grade average of 1.4 are the necessary qualifications for Panile membership. Panile takes its name from Cal ' s campanile, and the pin is in the shape of a small campanile.The pins are received at a formal initiation at the beginning of each semester. Membership is limited to thirty- five. As a service organization, Panile discusses campus problems, maintains a bulletin board to publicize special campus events, and raises money through sales for charitable contributions. In the fall of 1955, with Joan Dan as chairman, Panile held a candy sale which realized $50 for the ' WEB Christmas Party for underprivileged children. In the spring, Panile held a carnation sale, and pro- ceeds went to the WUS Drive. • 169 FIRST ROW, left to nght: San Stan, Touts Polkas Marlon Sumer, Kathy Wham, Unmet Cants, Florence Lau, Audrey Pfeiffer. SECOND ROW: Shirley Haien, Pavan Weak Sally Stelfenset, IAAry Moiety, Ana Dellepiane, Ann Ma Loot Dixie Mathis, Elaine ?Maros, Gloria Ginty Barbara McConnell, Pat Writcat, Judy Stoner!. PHI CHI THETA (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO. ILLINOIS, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS PI ALPHA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Society) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1937 FIRST ROW, left to OS: Lee Wenheim, Knew Mahn, Mary Oft, Kathy Cranked, SECOND ROW: Glom Hopkins, Toni Dean, Rearm Kleettage, Nana, Hopping, Jeanne Cuher, Marlene %Jilt. THIRD ROW: Cara Norris, Am Sieben, EveNn Brass, Muriel Alpo, RObbill Gardner, Penmen, Lonna Canna. 160 FIRST ROW left to e T ' t T.ealow Patio, Etat Diet Pal hag. wan IIMIfM, Simi Lys% OUR { logaelleua. Joe OH, Union Wham. SECOND ROW: Aal Ma.le J3T,S H.4qh.Jn Lie 0101110, CUM Isamu Jams Hew, Lone, Jaelc Rem. THIRD ROW: trophies Clegew. Rot et tastes, bn; Kw, Es It fowl. FOURTH ROW: J. W. JetwaN. C. J. Vas, J. A. Won, Jut E. Sim, Hsi Rued, E. R. Geiger, ' III MK S. S. Hems. PI TAU SIGMA (Mechanical Enginetring Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1915 PI OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS P REDENTAL SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to regal: Jon Mann, Rkhard ' hem. Ronald torn, Da,4 taw, Dark Winegar. SECOND ROW: Coy Roull, James Let, Cnatki Airteti, m.osh. Dots. THIRD ROW: Ciwouy YE , Sire Firestone. Janes Camobell, Donald Brit ' s. 161 FIRST ROW eft to IOW Dongtai Patton, Grace Kadah, Jams 54.0eabewte, MN Rea. SECOND ROW: Da, Moore, Stew Dolma, Theorist Bw]cham, Dgeg Ga4.,1Constb WSW, Sob Rodgers. PRELEGAL SOCIETY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1952 PREPHARMACY SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Gale Torbert, tad Schroeder, Joyce Taylor, Ronald Amman, Jerry Helton, Settee Om, Robert Chin. SECOND ROW: Donald Wag, Richard Ardent., Virginia Valente, Eugene Go, Kanti Lal, Roan A. Salo, Joan Hitl, Marion Garnet, Oufit Anti Ellen groan, Naomi Miyahara. THIRD ROW: Carol Nolyfield, Ed Mimstry, Care Huse, Jim What, Gary Rinehart, Jon 81oremteek, Jim Laewn, Ted Bauman, Gear Pentehatee, Elena Maslow., Nam (doer, Albert Penro. 911111la CST I 62 FIRST ROW, left to volt: D. J. Lawrence. Ben Gibbs, Joyce Rotel ' . Reed Miner. SECOND ROW: Sheldon Far lin, Htkn More, Make Knight, Sylvia Volb, be Aaron. Ong Chan. THIRD ROW: David Citarnoto, Ken aunt Peter Brill, John McGinn, Howard Braver, Donald Rossi, Glenn Fonini, Don Pea, Kaden Pauky. Wham More. PREMEDICAL SOCIETY Fall Officers Spring Reed Miller President__ . — HerbCohn Herb Cohn I ' 1(4—President, Activities .. —.Clare Vizzard Connie Cunningham I ' ice-President, Advising — —Glenn Fortini Clare Vizzard —Secretary Connie Cunningham Ben Gibbs. Treasurer — Ron Bean Ron Beau Epithelium Editor..._......._ The purpose of the Premedical Society is to encourage, aid and orient the premedical student to the challenge he has before him. The society offe rs to all premedical students: authoritative speak- ers from the various medical fields; restricted medical and surgical films; field trips to hospitals, laboratories and institutions; a bimonthly publication of pertinent information: a complete library of medical school catalogues; banquets, picnics, coffee hours, and other social events. 163 FIRST ROW, left to nom: Corotyn D.M. Hilts alontoontny, Anne Great. Jeff Ennis, Am Dunmire, Dina lircesta, Kathy Cia lord. salty Van... Tie Pinney. SECOND ROW: Claudia Maury, (Nile Meow, .JoAnn Rattan, Shed.. Ryon, Aso an anon, Mayan Levis, Joan lady, Dennle wentoneD Itleti.limbt, Endo, SayNell, La Stefen. THIRD ROW: Yoram Ikylen, Malan WW, SWIM Kloster, Keenly Fit. (Iowa Lanolols ninths Barban Lam:demi., B110. .1 lent% Pettoln, Jose Irwin, share wawa, hare ganef, (habitat Dempster. Maremet Miss Leila Anderson Mn. Barbara Armstrong Mrs. Anna Bahme Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Eleanor Bartlett Miss Fredrica Bernhard Miss Olga Bridgeman Mrs. Sue Brown Joan Brady JoAnn Brennan Bernice Bronsdon Joyce Conklin Kathryn Crawford Jennifer Davis Elizabeth Dempster Ann Dunmire Beverly Filch Karen Frerichs Ann Baumgartner Alix Bouldin Mrs. Amy Bumstead Miss Marjorie Carlton Miss Vera Carlton Miss Louise Cobb Mrs. Charlie Clark Miss Edith Coulter Miss Lucille Czarnowski Mrs. Mary Davidson Miss Sarah Davis Joanne Garvey Anne Grafft Marilyn Hansen Diane Gray Shirlianne Hilktr Nelda Heft Elizabeth Iloeman Mary Louise Holland Ann Huberty Beverly Isenberg Ida Lee Bue Carolyn Davis Phyllis Gillogly UNIVERSITY AISOCIATIS Mrs. Ruth Donnelly Miss Anna Espenschade Miss Hope Cladding Mrs. Marie Glass Mrs. Katherine Gowdy Miss Pauline Hidgson Miss Alice Hoyt Mrs. Joyce Henson Mrs. Marion King SENIOR MEMBERS Joyce Irx iii Marilyn Jacobson Pat Kearns Robin Kelly Margaret Kennedy Martha Kloster Betty Koster Barbara Lamorcaux Margaret Levis Eleanor Langlois JUNIOR IMMO Amy Iwasaki Barbara Levin Claudia Maury Mrs. Jean MacFarlane Mrs. Margaret Mee, nary Mrs. Hildegard Millar Mrs. Agnes Morgan Miss Florence Mullins Miss Margaret Munkick Miss Cecil Piper Mrs. Catherine quire Miss Aurora Quiros Margery MacKenzie Sheila McCarthy Pat McGaffigan Marianne Meylan Ann Moore Geraldine Munger Elaine Nearon Judith O ' Connell Cynthia Pinney Mina Raines-Lambe Helen Montgomery Nancy Peppin Sandra Pamphilon Miss Carmel Riley Miss Agnes Robb Miss Lillie Sherman Miss Constance Steel Miss Katherine Towle Mrs. Van Der Werker Dr. Margaret Zeff Sheila Ryan Evadna Saywell Kathy Schumacher Sharon Sides Priscilla Sroufe Elizabeth Steffen Sharlene Willhide Kathryn Wham Rowena Volz Denise Wombwell Sally Vaughn Ann Van Houten PRYTANEAN (Junior-Senior Women ' s Honorary) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1900 TWO CHAPTERS 164 June AbtAT tome Roam Margaret Calm Ethel Thrreat loom Fare Dehorah Titus Jon Kasai Gage Van Sat Man tkalltr SIGMA DELTA CHI (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS R.N. ' S ON CAMPUS (Registered Nurses organisation) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, kW to oat: Carlo, Cortes, Roper Hammer, Arthur Colton. Nosh: Teeter. SECOND ROW: Gaston de Prat Cm, inm Sherkok, Can William M ictey Chanel Hu Rao 165 FIRST ROW, left to :Int: Joanne Barnes, SAM, SiasHet, Al NAARRusk Sylvia Swan. SECOND ROW: awn Talky, Dottie KaIRO, Wlllle Upton, Gear CalImb7, ask Salience,. SKI CLUB Ski Club activities were numerous both on campus and in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. Gay local activities in the form of meetings and parties, and stimulating, eventful periods of pleasure in the beloved " ski-country " resulted from the rabid enthusiasm of the club ' s executive committee under the superior direction of President Al Dekelbaum. Center of activities was the ASUC Ski Lodge at Norden, California. perched at 7003 feet elevation on the Donner Summit Highway. Here associates of the University receive the warm hospitality and excellent cooking of resident lodge manager, Jayne Glass. From the Ski Lodge. students and guests found courage (and energy) to leave " sitzmarks " from Cisco Grove to Slide Mountain. Bewildered beginners as well as the somewhat exasperating experts took to the slopes with previously unmatched zest. Intramural races, a " bunny week end, " tours to surrounding mountain peaks, moonlight skiing, unorganized skiing. assorted broken bones, and pulled muscles, and unannounced activities in the Lodge ' s famous " Drying Room " were high- light activities which brought infinite pleasure to club members. An unusually large snowfall and ex- ceedingly fine weather added to the success of a delightful ski season which was, nevertheless, marred by only one incident—the most unfortunate discovery that classes, books, and exams must necessarily inhibit a greater indulgence in the sport. 166 FIRST ROW, left to B. Soothed, Robert MIMI , Jlabo Wilma Pete NIMmIn. Nage, Jolla Sulu Al Greta, Jim McDonald. SECOND ROW: Amide Gibbs, Jim Ottlot Ken Ronk GeoMe Snug Kea Vaatrett. red Gamey. Mar Sao, Ken Horan. Jim Hoehn. THIRD ROW: Jack amide... R. 8. Rnhva, Remo Jacinzi, Henry Han), Jim Jambes, Al Lave, Tom WrItral. Herb !action. John Hayden. Larry Woodward. FOURTH ROW: Ross leuiltene, St. mace, me nu , goo Beckman Om Simi, Bob Bide, Rey PoiLinchornc. SKULL AND KEYS (Junior and Senior NIen ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER Fall George Gibbs Ken Horral John Suhr.. Bob Prindle Officers President I ire-President Secretary Treasurer HONORARY MI ARIAS Spring Rob Prindle Roy Polkinghorne Stu Mckee Pet e Nauman l)kk Motu James K. Fisk kitauder II. Kidd Major C. R. Sargent Stub Allison ' allyr Frederick .awrence Kinnaird Geo. broth Ilodie Andrews Stan 4y B. Freeborn U. hi. latimer James G. Shaeffer David P. Barrows Horace R. Gaither Karl C. Letbeeck Robert C. Sproul Gill Becker Everett Glass E. Landon Tom Slow De. Boles Capt. P. C. Godwin Austin MacDonald II. E. Stone N. S. Buchanan George Good Walter E. Magee Edward G. Strkklin John U. Calkins. Jr. Capt. Sandy Goodman Eggs Manske Fred Sttiep Donald D. Cameron Walter Gordon G. E. Marsh Major J. J. Swittor Andy Carbon Lieut. Harry Greenlaw Jack Mackenzie Nicholas I.. Talialerre R. W. Chaney E. T. Grcuther Item Meister Lieut. Comdr. H. I,. Tallman Zeb Chaney John Grover Ralph P. Merritt F.. H. Taylor Walter Christie Chaffee Ilall. Jr. Ralfe Millet Col. Thomas Clarence Corey ' Brutus Hamilton Brick Ilitchell J. Truex James A. Crutchfield limey Davis ack Hawed Rus Nagler Eugene Neuhaus Irv. Cleric Chalks R. Volta M. M. Ilavisson h. James T. Harkness John Francis Nellan Edwin C. Voorhies Monroe E. lacutseh Robert Iltenhill R. I.. Olson Lynn 0. Waldorf William G. Donald Norman E. Hinds F. C. Palm Benjamin Wallace Newton B. IhurY John Howler Major G. 11. Peabody Frank Wickhonst W. II. Durham I. S. Howard Robert A. linemen Jack Williamson Ky Elwight Miles Hudson Al Ragan Bob Wilson Greg Enakbard ' Ames B. Mitchinson Carl Reich Jean C. Witter Capt. Neil Edmunds Dick Kelly I.. Reno Carl Zandoch Dr. Frank Kelly F. 31. Russell ACTIVE AUMURS Jerry Becker Henry Hand Bill Loveless Bo Sandford :51c:p Beckman Iimd Fuss !albinos Pete Shen Jack Mickley John Hayden McDonald Don Simi Bob Blake rank Iles. Hugh Maguire Ken Simpson Mike Casey Doug Holt Stu McKee Jabn Su hr Dick Falge K Dorval Pete Nauman gt Sum Don Gibe m Hughes Roe Polkinghotne Charlie Whyte George Gibbs fkl. Prindle John Wilson Al Green Ed Clutch flesh,ackson Jim Jcobus Remo Jacurzi I. B. Rkkar.b. Ken Roush Larry Woodward Toot Wright Al I.. Rue 167 SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA (History Society) FOUNDED 1950 SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT (National Business Profession Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1940 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, lift to ride : Armen TeeAdieits, Hoard Riot, Bruce SineWe, Camel: Powell, SWAIN RothOlatl, Nand Cowl SECOND ROW: Batt• Wakefield, Joao Gott Pat Waticen, ' try Senor., Jo Ann Ctapporte, %moo Russell, Aden Marley, Tittont Meta, Pit Knuth. illtST ROW, Mt W riot: worn an mercy say. DarA Pater, Ought Waw, Ce•POten, Carlton Nu. SECOND ROW: Tow Game, Bill Toneeto, Dan Moshe , Hero lea}wont. Rtbert Burr. Bill Gnu.lel, Teen Welt... Al (WIN. Grant Ca:WOO. 168 FIRST ROW, left to Meat: Theme Hoare, Janet Carlson, MC 1O Methane, Josephine D. Farina, Miro.Gon W i, Oaf Pi.rnpv, J.:r lm. Jo., Reid SECOND ROW: Raymond °Immure, Rich Laitod, Resold Timy, Betty Rath, Gilbert Dome, Ed Blackbon, John Mitchell. Let tea C. E. Govertule. Boom Barnett. THIRD ROW: fitly TOSsIer, Val Petersen. Feed Schetedes. FOURTH ROW: G. M. Cuneirgham, Jeanne liner, Et. ene Rosa, Dead Lawn, Jerry °cavil. John Smith. FIFTH ROW: Don Marshall, Bill Haat , Ronald Coilleath Ted Bennett, Robert Meredith. STUDENT AFFILIATES OF AM ERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1876 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED 1938 TAU BETA PI (Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY. 1885 J 1.0CAI. CHAPTER FOUNDED 1907 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, lent to runt: Joe Burton, Bob Orrick, Man Linda!, Ken Tucker. SECOND ROW: Keith Our Chides Klmlness, Kme Tee, Richard Sirm401, Jack Stout, Leonard An:, Harold Hall, Zuhair Munie. John Kern, Jere Der, Robert Meredith. THIRD ROW: William Ne1111, Charles Bildetback, William Br.dyes, Richard Jarrescd, Warren Knapp. Lamy Conntcck Larry Boyd, Robert Taylor, Oaks Griffin, Mohammed Otani. FOURTH ROW: Walter Maclean, Tem Gregory, John Reginald Neelandi, Jim Tether, Yoh Oshims, Gordon Lode, Dick Winkler, Jimmie Ocon. FIFTH ROW: Daniel Dem, Roy ScheMe, Rthen Curt, Clark tirundln, An Garatedian, S. Theodore Perkins. SIKTH ROW: StanNy Mercer, Gary FultitigM, Jilts Pearlman, Jae Hallenbeck, Brice Gunderson. Robert kin Sails. SEVENTH ROW: Ralph Kelly. Henn Lurie. Don Petersen, Lawrence Mandril, Pelee Lydian, William Ham, Albert W Alta Phil Wariner, Bob Keller, BPI Floyd. I 69 FIRST ROW. let to right: Sara Finkel°, Marylyn l nsel. G Levin, ea Elsbach K , nsaLiI144 Tema. SECOND ROW: Will RKhar4,, Gantt L. Beer, d Tharas . THALIAN (Honorary Directing Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 THETA SIGMA PHI (Honorary and Professional Fraternity for Vonien in Journalism) FIRST ROW, kit to right: Matto $Rtala Ryan, Sandra 1.11tHeCCd. Peet Woods. SECOND ROW: Drank Wombwell, Haat. Pippin, Haag Piclatroilln, Minnie Ittylan, Cecelia KUHR, Mary McElwain. THIRD ROW: Wetly Sutton, Virgiata Bitty Kate Marily. JaCObSea, Janet Prather. Eleanor Langlois, Patricia Blegison, Alla Bold Oebbyt Sisk Temple. 70 FIRST ROW, Mt to Mat: Savvy Hay, Merritt Herring, Jack Smith, Gone Dorman ' , Gear MacRae. SECOND ROW: Mark Hodgson, Willa better, Paid Jamie, Canaan Canis, Alan fkall, Jack Estorden, Robert Row, Ralea Mary. THIRD ROW: W. C. Wardle, C. AStabe, G. L. Schnernmeber, A. V. Cox, Don Sustain. I.. C. then, Rowel Williams, N. I.. TallNerro, Rmstll Batson. FOURTH ROW: H. Clan Gibe., Ed Milkr, 8111 Stoddard, Denis De Laehi, an Glide, Reams Mann, Rickard S. P. Weller, P.D. Tram. THETA TAU (Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS IMO dii TORCH AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1906 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Lir Gallagher, Link Hammed, KAM Freekhs, Owe Williams, Am Drake, Ann Hoterty, Jon Brady, (Ilk Astra 171 FIRST ROW, left to ' MM: J. Wctereard, P. arcane:, J. Masterly. T. Cwt, L. Woodased, J. Merrell, M. Newell, C. Holloway, J. Wilson, 0. JACCiritll, C. McNeill, S. Clapata. SECOND ROW: B. Parsons, B. HenstIns, D. Feeley, J. Dam T. Beane, J. Gilmore, G. Fowler, P. Neeerle, O. Walser, L. S. SoadIke. THIRD ROW: J. WIeme, J. Holt, 13. Mclelee, B. Mayer, E. Moths, D. Nom, G. Giddings, P. McGuire, E. Mex., V. Nelson, J. StIlisan, B. CraolaS, J. Douses J. Rabies. FOURTH ROW: D. Fate, M. Upeuve, L. Cobb, J. Marshall. J. Litter, B. Sum F. masks, J. Burns. 0. KMII, S. Spats, C. Saar.. B. weir. J. Becen. TRIUNE (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1934 MIJAURS Harry Bader Dave Faraday Pete Linton Toby Popper Dave Baker Greg Fowler Pete Ly0HS Jim Reiniheinier Ted Boone I.eo Gaspardone Jim Marshall Fred Rhodes Don Bowden George Giddings Frank Manarocci John Rubens John Brideson John Gillmore Bill Mayer Stan Sparks Paul Brocchini Steve Glagola Bates McIndoe Bill Steen Dave Brown Tony Griller Charlie McNeil Jim Stillman John Brown Pete Hagerle Pat McQuire Mike Toomey Pete Bruecher Rill Harris Ed Morris Tony Tourance Jim Burns B. B. Hawkins Jack Moskowits Rem Turner Bill Carbon Roger I Hanley Ken Myers Monte Upshaw Ed Carlson Larry Hjertager Dick Nelson Steve VanTress Toni Clark Chuck Holloway Vic Nelson Ron Walters Lew Cobb John Holt Minton Newell Ron Wheateroft Bill Crawford Dick Jacobson Jim Ogle John Wiesner John Dewey Frank King Dave Olson Jim Wilson John Ducato Bob Kinsman Bill Parsons Jim Woodward Dick Paige Dudley Knill Ed Peterson Larry Woodward Jim 1.idster 172 FIRST ROW, left to tight: Nancy Herten. Joyce Hrooll, Theodore Kamm , leas David Vinegar. SECOND ROW: Aline Deflotos, Joanne Mc- Henry, Jaah Wittlams, Judy Wolknhaupt, ShIrky Oman, Irene Ho-MA, Carol Germ Joan Brarafits. Arlene Wechsler, Jean HaroistAlld, Barbara Twat., Beverly Kay Lewis, Ana Marie Dcrwart, Diana Magnet THIRD ROW: Claire Biagio. Gail Mottos. Martha Eynon, Donald MacLennan, Jerry Dowell, Herb Gordon, Ivan Derry, DeGaire, Din Reeda FOOL Louise Holstein, A. Claudia lin; Lams Only. FOURTH ROW: Ben HAMM " MOM Hump more, Norm height, Ron Leos, Nara Olson, Marsha Mallard, Gall Schroeder, William 9mges, Joe Avatolf, Philip RIM. Jac Ritter, Lynn Ealing. FIFTH ROW: Charles Schorr, Karl Sell, William Frazer, William Beregento, Raid Moan, Retort King, Peter Belle, Harry Kim, Ed Anton, Mary Nosier. TOWER AND FLAME ( Lower Die ision I honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER EE JO NT ENT I-YE UCSEE (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE) FOUNDED IN 1947 FIRST ROW, left to ' mat Fella Tsang, Mania Menntla, Silt Mom. Mae moan, H. Joan Palmer, Lama Boyd, Mond Normill, Bob Barge ' s, William Gale, Loth Ktirkitin. SECOND ROW: Ernest Magazin ' , Isaac Meter?, Norman Callers, Bill Barnett, Met G. Tingly, Moe Lamm Om Ream. 7141R0 ROW: Joseph Helm, Carl Johnson, Eugene Liman, Whitley Daweport, Jim Etna., Ste Pepper, Dan Oct,, Gm. Lento:Is. FOURTH ROW: William Turnlis, James Ward, Lierttoe Hasekelf, Uoturd AIM, M. 5, Citursi. FIFTH ROW: Eugene Swanson, David Lome. Jesse. Begrette, Walter Sulks, George Swanson., Donald Ray, Anthony Hill. SIXTH ROW: Frank Urn. Walter Prue, Richard Gloomy, Robert Orrick Ralph Theatl0(1, Harold Hall, Robert Curdy, Dr, FrecMer. 173 FIRST ROW, Wt to right: Dixie Powell, Elaine Nt310., .1)Ann Brennen, Bar (Ufa Sand(lin. SECOND RCM. Helen Saobega Ma am Zara, Oro Eirnere, Jean Taentscre, Las Balsa:rd. UTRIMQUE (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1932 ONE CHAPTER 174 WOMEN ' S C SOCIETY (Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1916 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to ASO Mary Athreso, PJUI4 Jotoson, lain Brady, Molly Malley, Canny Retse, Mary Lynn MItaell, Phyllis Star. SECOND ROW: lab Kan, Arse Colby, Sally 1.14Clure, Mn Van Houten, JOJAM Gantt Margaret Cope. Joann Breen.; Jon Kelly. of tt FIRST ROW pelt to new: Don Som., Jam Jmettn. SECOND ROW: Man Warsaw, Dew novae, Comte Brown, Ken Singled, Bets Prank, Ken Moral, Pete kannus, gem Wined, Roth Skarn, Ben Kann, Dave Pope. THIRD ROW: Earl Riley, Frag Menlo, Happy Han, Form, Yarn, On Stater, Dick taint Smith, Gen Soma, Nick Carter, Km Kaaren, Jim Corley, Non. 5014 1, Eric Stymy, FOURTH ROW: lint Weataard, Richard Johnson, Tent Taney, Darn Bankunan. kb Metz, Herby lathier, Frank Robinson, Stock Seukeen, 11140 Syrnts, John Elowrew, Howard Turner, Make Waite, We, O ' Connell, Kea Rovah. FIFTH ROW: Check Green, Terry Cole, Red Crofton, Al laRne, Mike Boom , Gordon Waterfall, Creme PeMann, Near Waterfall, Remo J.Htithi, Bill Stewart, Pete Ctetain, Kirk Atedord, Dm Saga, Wm Callaway. SIXTH ROW: Dane Beiges, Fred Homdhanatr, Man User, Bea Foitaright, Kane B. Blat, Mike Mym, Al Carew Jim HogMI, Slip Beekman Doug .1011. Ann Suer, Dray Rongon, Nick Huewrel, SEVENTH ROW: Hogg TOP, Jag Clad, Gear Sterling, lot Jaeger, Bob Finn, Jackie Janson, John Olzerntosto, An Remora, In Hand, Nam Tuttle, Jack Erickson, Cruet Canine°, Ittm Blank, Witham P. Smith, 0. Brown, Bill Allan. WINGED HELMET (Junior and Senior Men ' , Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1901 ONE CHAPTER MMUS Bill Allan Don Gilkey Stu McKee Gary Shaffer Kirk Ashford Rod Griffin Carson McKissick Pete Shea Don Simi Roger Baccigaluppi Hugh McGuire Al Green Chuck Green ' es Barker Sheldon Medall Ord Slater Mike Barium Wally Hagglund Shy Meeker Norm Solari Skip Beckman Ben Hammond Frank Merlo George Souza Denny Bertlesman John Hardy Bob Metz Stan Sparks Bob Blake Dick Hartman Don Moore Al Stewart John Bowen John Hayden Eric Murray Bill Stewart Dave Bridges Tim Howard Mike Myers George Sterling Dick Brown Fred Hundhammer Pete Nauman Charlie Stevenson Dick Button Jim Hughes John O ' Connell Bernie Stimanun Jim Callaway Nick Hummel Dick Pauson John Suhr Grant Canute() Iry Hurd Pierre Pellissier Brock Suttlemier Don Cincaide Remo Jacuzzi John Perrot Dick Thum Jim Clark Herb Jackson Darrel Petersen Howard Turner Chuck Clay Jim Jacobus Roger Petersen Norm Tuttle Tom Coakley oe Jaeger Dick Pickin Ken Vantress Terry Cole Dick Johnson Roy Polkinghorne Ernie Voight lim Corley John Kahnert Bob Pope John Wade Pete Crebbin Clark Kenyon Bob Prindle Gordon Waterfall Dave Cunningham Don Kosovac Jerry Raugust Neil Waterfall Denny Cutland Mary Lacey An Remind Chuck Welsh Dal Darracq Jim Lackey on Raynolds Mike White Jack Erickson Alan La Rue Lee Ridgeway Mary Wigman Robin Fairhairn Pete Linton Earl Riley Dick Willey Dick Fa!gee Jim Lorenz Frank Rohinson Tom Wilson Bob Finn Jim McDonald Bob Rogers Jim Woodward Ted Garvey Pat .McKecgan Ken Rousch Bart Young Buz Sawyer ft4 175 FIRST ROW, tell to vial: Clark Maalox, Don McKay, Siebaoo Land. Raney Heey, Jolts Willis. Nael GrAM, leanted Klee. SECOND ROW: Karl Mac, Tteiton Henlend.% Sob Mendip., Dark, Mhos, Pad 1 titmice., Val Petersen, Mike Millet Carl SantIrs LAIN SPelmac THIRD ROW: Ceoll Npernan Jmhern, Wesley French, Nat Shaffer, Sill Davit, Chock alley, Dan Tat, Jerry Jackson, Rena14 Allman, Peter Dahl, Peter Franck, HIM di snare, Mart RADON. YMCA Miles Hall) FOUNDED OCTOBER 6, 1884 THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT COLLEGE CHAPTERS YWCA FIRST ROW, left to .4,5: :taboo Daily, Rowel Vela, MIkle Peet, Catacme litter, See Hall. SECOND ROW: Ihrtail Sarong, Sharon MOW, Donna Merdente. Sherry Wei, SA•Illa Hater, Mkt ' UAW, Knew Fmk ' s,. Judy Palter. THIRD ROW. Monica tft1W, Dandies, Any 1.2Slki, Cdtthe George, Art Kten, Diane Gray, Bente Etinsatts, Manly. Stow. Ste.r m.t.r. oat sea, 176 FALL - LEFT TO RIGHT: Gone Sitio, Bull Vaught, Dan Moulton, Clad Etnethn, Mullins. Wayne ;mom. YACHT CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER SPRING—SEATED, left to FINN: Witty Johrstce, Kathy Reilly, Clark SIUMM, Donna Hantisey, Bill Baldwin, Mule Jam. STANDING: P.M! Hatt. In SEATED, telt to .411: Wye Butler, Nnoy Slows, Entry Onford, Tool Dor, STANDING: Griot Cortes, Barry 1•Achnon, Gear CatOiter, Stan Baum, Jc•nn Rote. XI XI (Senior Publications Society) The first chapter of XI XI Xi, the new Honor Society of the Journalistic Arts and Crafts, was founded at University of California in the spring of 1956 by a courageous group of students who. as a body, dared to oppose the function and will of the ASUC and the University Administration. Branded as pariahs, the following seniors were the founding charter members of the whole rotten organization and should be held responsible for whatever happens: LINO ANGELUS, Speech major, 1FC, Rally C ommittee, Manager Cal Engineer, Abracadabra. Publications Board• STANLEY BRACKETT, Anthropology major. Business Manager Daily Cal. Publications Board, Alpha Delta Sig- nor; Ileatjortie A. BUTLER, Architecture major, Business Manager Daily Cal, Business Manager Occident, Publications Board. Beret and Sandal (Intrabohemian Society) : CARLOS CORTES, Poultry Husbandry major. Alpha 0)i Rho, Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Phi Omega, Golden Bear, Editor Blue and Gold, Rally Committee, Hook and Tong ; KATHRYN CRAWFORD, Oriental Philosophy major, Delta Zeta, Rally Committee, Prytanean, Manager Pelican, Assistant Chairman Publications Board, Women ' s Director Pelican, President Berkeley Nihilists ; TONI DEAN, Electrical Engineering major, Art Editor Cal Engineer. Young Republican, Art Editor Pelican; GEORGE GARDISER, Comparative Literature major. Manager Pelican. Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Delta Sigma. Soccer, Circle C, Ball and Chain, Sanskrit Club, Publications Board; BARRY HUTCHISON, Zoology major, Kappa Alpha. Assistant Production Manager Daily Cal, Advertising Manager Pelican, Occident Salesman, Keg and Stein, Alpha Delta Sigma ; BARTON D. MILLER, Sociology major, Manager Pelican, Press Club, Flask and Goblet, Women ' s Director Pelican; Jon): Ruvin, Sanskrit major. Editor Pelican, Mace and Glove, Liberate Pound League, Ivy Society. Senior Gobang Champion, Racquet and Quiff, Pub- lications Board; PENELOPE SLocum, Public Health major. Blue and Gold, Theta Sigma Phi, Hand and Foot. 178 CALIFORNIA vs. STANFORD, 1910: UC yell leaders made history by originating and directing the first set of organised bleacher pictures ever attempted by assembled rooters in America. 179 ■ Ics ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Brick Mueller, Jock %Home. SECOND ROW: Bob Pittman, Al Wyldee, Ed Besot LEFT TO RIGHT: HARRY DAVIS, TNket Olike kkomotr; BRUTUS HAMILTON, Dinette of AlbIWO: GEORGE BRIGGS, Assist Director ol Athktics. In his last year as Athletic Director, Brutus Hamilton ably coordinated the planning and scheduling of athletic events. He was also responsible for the many public affairs and national conferences connected with the University of California ' s sports program and policies. To find a replacement will be a difficult task. The man who handled the details. George Briggs. Assistant Athletic Director. was appointed Director at the University of 1Vashington. Harry Davis is in charge of all ticket sales through his Ticket Office. ATHLETIC COUNCIL—SEATED, left to clot Ted Boa, 141c11 Nooks, Harry Cads. STANDING: WM Hartmmn, Walk Dee TrcesteirL Dee John, Noel Radio. ATHLETIC OFFICE STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Katherine Goo , Charlie Clarke. STANDING: Elizabeth Coo:Alin, Pot R M, Gayle Redden, Name Wok in. 182 FIRST ROW, kit to ei9ht: Stew Breit, jos.. Wilson, Din Righter, Bill %Yaks., Roger Loge, Caner Snag.% Jerk Vskem. Jock Smith. Later H1•‘,f, acn Omit, Cm ReA, soc ' s noggin, Manhael Ukraine. SECOND ROW: Bill Bore. Don Tronstein, Robin Fairt.tirn. Dick Otht Ins, Ramon Riggs, Emene Rots, Norm Tuttle, Jean Matey, SAI Kre.k, R oc Khnee, Nam Parsecs, In Mitchell. Nick guinea,. THIRD ROW: Sam Faros. Bob Blake. Bill Snag Dm Robertson. Bert Mastrov, Joe Hagler, Ctegk Greschel, Frank Colder, Larry Melt, Clay Bradley Frank Bodo, Pete Van Houten, Charles Becker. FOURTH ROW: Jab Bill Flood, Hal Hamann, to McKee.), Sick Monter, Jena Kahren, Bob Elliott, Join Gerhart, Mike Weldon, DOM Iketke, Jim Cann:crawl. FALI. OFFICERS President . . . . . . . Frank Merlo Rill Floyd Vice-President Secretary-Trensueer . . . . . Hill Walker Albert M. Rake George Brien Ralph W. Chaney Zeb I). Chaney Paul Christopoko James H. Corky Dr. William G. Donald Carroll N. Ebright Gregory F. Englehard Richard E. Erickson Clinton W. Evans UNIVERSITY Stank, B. Freeborn Wesley L Fry Harold Grant Tutus Hamilton Dr. James T. Harkness Joel If. Hildebrand Dr. Harold If. Hite mock Maxwell L. Howell Miles R. Hudson Claude A. Hutchison Robert S. Johnson ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Charles J. Keeny William J. Norton Clark Kerr Franklin C. Palm Harry L. Kingman Charka A. Pease Mkke J. Koll Robert A. Peterson C. Bentley Lyon Clarence M. Plitt Stanley E. McCaffrey Alva W. Ragan Joseph M. Miller eph P. McKim George W. Schroth Glenn Seabees alfe D. Miller Carl Seborg Dr, Harold P. Muller Harry W. Sheen Edgar Nemir Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Richard H. Stevens Henry Stone Charles W. Thompson Herbert S. Thomson, Jr. Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn 0. Waldorf John P. Williamson Robert Wilson George Wolfman Henry S. Yee football Gerald I. Brooks Norm Becker Nathaniel llrazal Jim Carmichael Michael J. Casey Jim Cheesy Robert Clinic Steve J. Dirndl Jerry ID. Drew Carlos Fackerell Arthur Forbes Howard Garlinger Harry Gbilarducci Gus (Ilan link Donald J. Gilkey Theodore D. Granger Dick Hartman Ralph Hoffman Hub Jackson Reno Jacuzzi James R. Kidder Hugh Maguire John W. Mahaffy Donald Mitchell Mutt Nicholson Jose F. Oliva ' Robert V. Oliver George C. Pelonis Donald L. Phillips Nick J Poppin Roger Ranneier Walt Senior Donn Smith George Sousa John Stewart Donald C. Tronsttin William Valletta., Ron Wheatcroft Mike White Basketball Robert II. Blake Michael Dia s Joseph W. Hatter Charles II. Martinson Frank Hess Bertram I. Mastro. E E. McKee.,. Jr. Milton J. Raummt Alvin Winetrub Baseball Charles P. Becker Lloyd E. Canton Nicholas M. Cutting Robert C. Elliot Joseph A. Gaggero. Jr. Ronald G. Gagger°. John W. Gerhart Bruce A. Keppel Warren A. Lavoie! Alvin R. Kyte. Jr. leek T_ Mackay Franklin V. Met Lester R. Mitchell Donald W. Nunn Michael ). Raffetto Douglas D. Stowell Peter S. Van Houten Donald L. Walker Douglas S. Weeks F. Douglas Weiss James M. Weldon Track Lawrence B. Anderson Guy T. Blackburn Chalks R. Butt Marshall Celestin Thomas J. Coakley Robin Fairbaim John D. George army II. _Jackson John H. hahnert William D. grade Richard C. Monter Erie D. Murray John W. White Swimming William S. Floyd. Jr. John J. Foley IANtente V. harper Gerald C. Hays Karl Marhenke L. Lawson ohn P. McNees. Jr. onald J. Reidt Warren II. Robinson William W. Spore John A. Trim Crew Richard T. Dobbins Charles H. Creachal John P. Hardy Ronald A. Klinge Roger A. Lowe Norman M. Parsons Eugene H. Rom Ramon W. Riggs John D. Robertson. Jr. Carter P. Swenson Mark Tuft Norman K. Tuttle II William J. Walker Tennis Lawrence A. Axtell Clay P. Bradley Carl A. Carlson. Jr. Frank B. Coldest Stanley C. Hack. Jr. Douglas A. Hoyden Mark A. Hodgson Donald NI. Pimley Emory F. Summers Ronald M. Woods BIG C SOCIETY 181 FIRST ROW, kit to riga: W. CoIlup, J. Klotz, C. gator A Cann, N. Deaden, R. Yon, W. Reeds D. Junin. H. EsMdse.% R. File. J. Wild. C. Oarinov. SECOND ROW: D. Wilton E. Gaspard: G. DePratt, E. Solomon, A. Wart IC On C. Madded, A. AMdtt, W. Skirt. THIRD ROW: T. Co M. Banoto, J. Makishima, W. Pa atm, L. Glenn, E. Sloane, D.Tartre, M. Rel, P. Van Kaden, J. Either. FALL OFFICERS President . . . . . . . . Warren Robinson Ittee-Presulent Noel Bowden Secretary ... . . . Don Jones Treasurer . . . . . . Ray Young SPRING OFFICERS President . Jones Pin-President Clark Maddox Secretary . . . . Dale Reinhold Treasurer . . . . Wall Singer William Donald Greg Engkhard Bob DeGrazia Brum• Hamilton UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lance Flanagan Norman Hind. Miles Hudson flank. birched Harry Morgue AND HONORARY MEMBERS Ralph Muller Hugh Munn., Edgar Enna Herbert New thanks Pease Ala Ragan George Schroth Henry Stone Hal Boxing Gaston de Put Gay Leo Ga•pardone Don Jones Bob Nebac Cross-Country Rob Leslie Clark Maddox Maynard Omit Golf Rob Gregovich Don Loaner Ikon Maddox Michael Nei Don Tarte lensIng Peter Berge Jerry Khali Wayne CwIlup Rob Kcasby Edgar Strickland Gym eta the Arthur AMritt Ido Malkin Bill Motley Walt Singer 145 Basketball 11111 Bryant Lowell Glenn Bob deJohn Bob Keane Dick Melbye Bill Parana. Dick Lawson John Phillips Richard Turner Clark Wallace 130 Basketball Don Adams Jim Greggs John likra Arlen Jee Jun Makishima miekey Pent George Tralwrt RH ory Francis Cla.hy Ilan. Ewald... Roger Pike Mike Freeman Charles Due noti: m Thayer John Waal . W. Wu Rugby Noel Bowden John Elswortht Tony Fdarrlvm Ralph Harman Bob Keane Dick lawyer Al Scholar.... Walt Senior Ray Young Sean one Cohen Ray Love Cesar Maiparlida Morris Milbank Cann!. Salgar Ed Simani• Vol eyboll Pete Van Houten Wear Polo Mike Ramat. Walt Becker Jim EiMer Rob Fricke Warren Hellman Warren Robinson Rill Whitson Wnstling Irvine Coultee P m Lieberman at Maeludo Ernest Solomon Henry Stone. Jr. CIRCLE C SOCIETY 184 Football The " Wise Walrus of Strawberry Canyon, " coach Poppy Waldorf inspires his players to efforts they did not believe themselves capable of performing. Coaching Organization is probably the keyword in Coach Pappy Waldorf ' s life and it is certainly the key to his success in the uncertain career of football coaching ... assisting Pappy, Cal ' s line coach Herm Meister is rated as one of the best developers of the forward wall, especially defensive . . . with a large part of the credit for this and previous years ' successes going to backfield coach Wes Fry. Much of a team ' s success is due to pregame scouting, which is handled for the Bears superbly by assistant coach Zeb Chancy ... while the task of coaching Cal ' s Frosh team falls on the very capable shoulders of Hal Grant ... and Carl Van Heuitt. Rambler coach, who turned in a good season for his " old Alma Mater. " LEFT TO RIGHT: Hewn Meister, Carl Vas Ikea, Hod Web Welded, leb Chow, Wes Fry. NOT PICTURED: Nil Grin. 187 1955 I 2 CAL 7 0 PITTSBURGH 0 7 3 4 rot. 0 0— 7 0 20 —27 Cat Pitt 1 2 CAL .....-- ....... 0 7 ILLINOIS -.— 0 7 3 6 7 Cal 4 Tot. 0-13 6-20 fit Rushing Plays 33 62 Rushing Plays 21 69 Net Yards Rushing 29 274 Net Yards Rushing 62 359 Passes Attempted ..—.- 6 10 Passes Attempted . 24 13 Passes Completed _____ 2 5 Passes Completed 9 6 Net Yards Passing 56 81 Net Yards Passing.. 175 94 NET YARDS GAINED 85 355 Ner Yaas GAINeo 237 453 First Downs 4 16 First Downs 10 25 24 188 1 CAL 0 PENN 7 2 3 4 Tot. 7 0 20 — 27 0 0 0— 7 Cal Penn Rushing Plays SO 41 Net Yards Rushing__ 204 22 Passes Attempted 12 Passes Completed 4 5 Net Yards Passing 45 59 Ntr YARDS GAINED 249 81 First Downs 16 5 PENNSYLVANIA—October 1 189 I 2 CAL 0 0 USC 6 6 3 0 0 Col 4 Tot. 6— 6 21 — 33 USC I CAL 0 WASH. 0 2 3 4 Tot. 6 7 7 —20 6 0 0— 6 Cal Wash. 1 2 CAL 7 0 WSC 7 0 3 6 7 Cal 4 Tot. 7-20 6 —20 Rushing Plays 28 58 Rushing Plays 63 31 Rushing Plays 41 39 Net Yards Rushing 66 297 Net Yards Rushing 188 62 Net Yards Rushing 103 68 Passes Attempted 22 20 Passes Attempted 11 16 Passes Attempted 27 12 Passes Completed 11 12 Panes Completed 6 7 Passes Completed 16 4 Net Yards Passing 170 144 Net Yards Passing 52 59 Net Yards Passing 243 139 NET YARDS GAINED 236 411 NET YARDS 240 121 NET YARDS GAINRD 346 207 First Downs 12 27 First Downs 16 7 First Downs IS 10 SOUTHERN 22 WASHINGTON—November 5 WASHINGTON STATE—October 8 191 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 0 0 0 0— 0 UCLA 7 20 7 13 —47 Cal UCLA Rushing Plays 33 42 Net Yards Rushing 93 204 Passes Attempted 18 26 Passes Completed 3 16 Net Yards Passing 36 265 NET YARDS GAINED 129 469 First Downs 7 23 OREGON STATE—November 12 1 2 3 4 Tot. CAL 7 7 0 0 —14 OSC 13 0 3 0-16 Cal OSC Rushing Plays 58 32 Net Yards Rushing 175 180 Passes Attempted 20 7 Passes Completed 12 1 Net Yards Passing 139 53 NET YARDS GM N RI) 314 233 First Downs 16 7 UCLA—October 29 ;93 I 2 CAL 0 0 3 0 THE BIG GAME 4 Tot. 0— 0 STANFORD 6 6 0 7-19 Cal Sten. Rushing Plays ...... 34 47 Net Yards Rushing 66 207 Passes Attempted 22 31 Passes Completed — 10 20 Net Yards Passing 141 253 NET YARDS GAINED 207 460 First Downs 8 22 - JIM CARMICHAEL, Cars depeedable End, nailed Its selsOn captain In ' 55 aM was snood it oll•time DC pass catches. STEVE DIMEFF was " old relLabIe " on titit year ' s team. He could always be counted on when the chips met down. Halftwk TED GRANGER ' coped ell the star by plop ing hea0s.up hall both offershely and defernimly. Virtually unktcon at the start of the season, 0...r terbact RAI.P14 HOFFMAN cowed to be a IplItOtlt Met to the team. team arm Although starting the season off on the Ramatert, EM DICK HARTMAN slot, himself a position on the Vanity anal %ma ard eletermimtko. FIRST ROW, left to right: Doo Mitehtll,throh Mogulte, Dos Smith, Nat BrazIll, duct Kuhl, Jobs Wilma, kb. Flodonam. Ted Granger. SECOND ROW: Nick Peppin, Art Fates, Rolfe McCaw; Nick Paige , Jean Stevan, Gus Moulin, Jim Duff, Ken Myen, Homard Garlitcler, Jim Cheery. THIRD ROW: Dick Kiag, Don Tramiel.; Bill Valletta. Frank Tieltrads, Herb Jackson. Don lialSOCCi. .1:0 comestible. Menlo Nkolmen, Roo Wheaton Vie New, Chabght FOoRTH ROw: Ray Tomo Jim Cantikhael, Bob Oliver, NO Gilkey, George Souza, Bob CurrIe, Runs Jocular, Carlos Cockrell, Wee White, Walt Senior, Nam Rocker, Dick Karim DICK KING, a if feral of college bal, has ben a great asset to the team, ocetteg in lit ta:kk Oosibco. A junior hew San Diego X, CARLOS FACICRELL. beat Et a Wohly rated cord Own last pe✓s lint string. Wienloo his lint Vanity letter at a wake, FLi HOWARD GaRLINGER Hayed a consistently steady wow both ans. team Ron:wp a leg owe at the teaming Cl the seasch did not weft. TANI! BOB OLIVER from Mooing Wornswe wow on the Oftwire line. Anecugh playing Wired two loERT rated reds, WALT SENIOR showed Veal patentialitY. NalRoct DONN SMITH, despite his wall ski, " David for wont ' one ol the Net pi the Swim. Hard-hail• GEORGE SOMA, senior, was a Teo Too-year ktterrnan JOHN WILSON an the sensa• ticwal money factor in the WAIN:Aston State game, racking td of the three TD, a Cal. RAY YOUNG ' . contrast worissneteu Awl him seri fat starlog befit on the Varsity spud this year. Feld potent HUGH MAGUIRE. ow of the Ind✓; passer. in the KC, alto peeved to be a tutedeut ea the Wont lineup. Seldom publeited, Sake COW DON M1TDNELL an aimed " Most VahMble PION ' by Ms teas. tenet. 197 Known tat fn his depeodabk kkkln9, Arnim ' Guard Soph Guard REMO JACUZZI shono5 peed poetise as One of the fees returning lettermen, Mite Guard DON GILKEY has Ova, up best in the Cal defemise be ease fast toward the end el the season. NICK POPPIN also turned up as the PAT specialist. team FRANK TINKNAM, a junior reicraLto from the ice, played well at center, pa tkoLatte On defense, Ram Senor rants DON TRONSTEIN, though loot out a lot because of knee inoy, supplied plenty el chary for the line. BO Janke EM BILL VALLOTON displayed fine de. fetish, ability In cloning en mar oPpiceerns ' rum. Sophomore sensation End ROGER RAMSEIER had caught 17 passes few 209 yards in four games belga becoming %dinned with a shoulder sepwatyce. Rapidly hepatic.; Sop! Guard BOB CURRIE shale, be one of the sisal cop in the midd:e of Cal ' s lore rent year. Imme Halfback JOHN STEWART fort ries his rutted type CI comatlitoos not only to the football field but Is a foe boxer, to. Rugged Sophcacee Tackle RON Tv HEATCROrf proved to be ore of the Moonier stalnarts of Cal ' s lie . Quarteeback GUS NULIAS looks ined for a first ' Irina both kr his next tnoyears on the team. 198 While California ' s football fortunes approached the depths in 1955, the Bears weren ' t without their exciting moments. Over-all, California wound up with a 2-7-1 seasonal record, poorest since Coach Pappy Waldorf took over the grid reins in 1947. The Bears opened the season at Pittsburgh, and lost to the powerful Panthers, but the Bears actually led on a pass from Maguire to Valbtton. At home the following week, the Bears lost a thriller to Illinois, yet California displayed a surprising pass game, completing nine aerials for 175 yards. California grabbed one of its two victories beating Penn. 27-7. The Quakers led at first, but touchdowns by Wilson, Granger, and Smith iced the contest for the Bears. Cal tied Washington State next, but had all the better of the statistics, gaining 346 yards to the Cougars ' 207. The less said about the Bears ' next performance the better. At Portland, California played its worst game of the season, losing to Oregon, 21-0. Despite losing to USC, the Bears played the favored Trojans fairly evenly for awhile. They trailed by a small margin after three quarters, but the Trojans eventually wore down the out- manned Bears. Cal was no match for the all•conquering Bruins, and fell by a 47-0 score at Los Angeles. The Bears pulled off the biggest surprise of the season by whipping a strong Washington team at Berkeley, 20-6. California completely out- played the Huskies, dominating the game, with Smith and Brazil! giving outstanding performances. Oregon State came to Berkeley with an efficient eleven that prevailed, 16-14. The Bears led. at the half, but a third-quarter OSC field goal ended the scoring. Next came the Big Game, a contest that the Bears had not lost since 1946. But the well-balanced Stanford Indians passed and ran to an easy 19-0 triumph. Coach Pappy Waldorf had finally lost a Big Game. Ton:cfrei Manren Plt DA, eneynety any FOOTBALL MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, Int to rook: Tea Larsen, Dick Pont., Tea CamIwo. Noinrrren of a • , et SECOND ROW: Bob Toth, Ted Boone, Airy Pintetel. THIRD ROW: Byron linnet Joe intim, _lea Midwife, GNaylts Wan. Season 1955 199 RAMBLERS FIRST ROW, lift to rioht: Terry Wit inn, Nat Braila Chick Kuhl, Wiwi Sabin, Max Ha , Ken Ann, DeOwn Merril. Jenne " KaSeas, Stew Clap,Ia. SECOND ROW: Jim Leant, NNk Poet, Ray Arita, Jim Oen, J.a Churl. Mai, Rporarstos, Mon✓a Gasliner, Si ' Hoerath. THIRD ROW: Joe HesseII, Sr Strewn, Mite Whiz Pete Breit, Pete Bruner, Norm Becket, Gene Mat. FOURTH ROW: whet PliantOP, Rey Jacobi ' , Watt, Stan Sow, Di ck H✓TIM1 FIRST ROM, kit to rokt: Hal Graft, coach; Nolte, Sparkt, Porn, Piestrup, Rictus, W✓ky, Kennady, Pernrb. Pianos. alliattro. SECOND ROW: Hart, Datil ' , lacksos, Twig., Stillman, Krause, Matbess, With, Sewn, Haitian. Kayo. THIRD ROW: Van Hoist. Cavananh, Lake., Dab., Manama,. Frankro, Capeland, Riciies, Parks, Noised, Pampa, NsPaw, Kkie. FOURTH ROW: Kammer.. Dawn , Pao, Cooper, Gamin, Russel, Pair, Gi14104, alma. Michael, Hallman, Dalton, Nsebai✓, Taft...P. FR OSH 200 Under the coaching of Carl Van Heuitt. Caps Rambler team rolled up a 3.3-1 in the ' 55 sea- son, outscoring the Cal Aggies. San Diego Marine Recruits, and the Naval Training Center, but dro-ping three big games to Hamilton Air Force, the Presidio, and the Stanford Braves. Van Heflin singled out quarterback Nick Papac. and ends Kenny Myers, Mike White. and Dick Hartman. In the forward wall, the stars were Gene Mayer, 210-pound junior, and 230-pound tackle Ken Short. CARL VAN HEUITT amplead hit secte1 MOM n 101 ere the Ramblers. Ramblers Charge throne to Iona+ feast fa the TO. An alert Froth pieta beta up a USC pits. With a score of 32-14 the ' 55 Freshman team ran all over the Stanford Papooses in a partial revenge for last year ' s defeat at the hands of the Redmen. Playing only three games, the Cubs were defeated in the other two, playing against UCLA and USC. However. Grant is proud of the Freshman show- ing as individuals. Singled out as exceptional during the sea- son are fullback Doug May- berry, rangy Joe Kapp, quar- terback, and fullback Bob Gonzales. Coach NAL GRANT shapes freshman payees Into pobable Vanity material. 201 FIRST ROW, loll to riaat: Jan Mtketw, Chin Hollowly, One Huns, Jerry Hays, Don Rhoades, Rea Yew., Ray Vannawrin. SECOND ROW: nil gene!, Bob Mink, John Mn. Max Allen, Larry Harper, Eric HAAG), Art Delray. Carl Sonny, Jrm Sornue. THIRD ROW: Butte Knpel, Phil McGinn, Dow Motown, Dan Kenton, Bill Spare, Mon Bunt , Carl Drew, Joan HeeRepack, D.ckWO, C•arlti. Wont, Larry Stewart, Kirk Battoate, Conn Mall, Ron Stein, Forest George Schroth, coal, the rune:tot can of the three loolnear learn GEORGE SCHROTH. WATER POLO Although opening the season with a loss to a powerful Olympic Club team. California ' s water polo team under Coach George Schroth managed to effectively organize itself into a winning combination by the end of the season. The fast improving squad won two more games before being stopped again by the Winged 0 club. From here it was a six•game winning streak which ended in the only other loss of the regular season. Undoubtedly the most outstanding game was their first encounter with a USC squad which was rated as tops in the nation. It took brilliant playing on Cal ' s part and five goals in overtime to win the match 9.6 over the former Pan-American games champions. Singled out for his fine defensive play was goalie John Mize, who consistently stopped SC scoring attempts. Their first and only loss in PCC play came at the hands of USC, when forward stalwart Jerry Hays was not in the line-tap. This loss put Cal and USC in a tie for the PCC championship. The record, however, is a commendable one, considering the great number of sophomore men on the squad. Forwards Jerry Hays and Chuck Holloway, and Goalie John Mize were singled out by Coach Schroth for their exceptional play. goat su«eeds lc breaking up a Went ' s! Cal Rey sure. FIRST ROW, kit IO " OW wait Jose Cam; UkWitco Ossio, Allen West, Gloram Sall, Joel Kook, Gonad Petavento. SECOND ROW: Coach 800 D•Crana, Carlos Osslo, One Moore, RICard0 Mown Casks HetRoo, CIRRI. SOW, Jet. Olga, Pablo 011x4, be Muscat. Too•IlnOt soccer memo, BOB 0:GRAZER kept tae Scccertears at their test, Opt 611Iy to detest. SOCCER The Soccerbears during the 1955 season turned out to be a fine defensive team and wound up play in second place in the Northern California Soccer League. It was to USF, probably the strongest national college team, that Cal suffered its only defeats. They started the season with a close 2-1 win over SF State and went on to whitewash San Jose State, 6-1. Then against a strong USF team they fell, 5-2. From here on it was necessary for Cal to win all its matches in order to get a chance at a title match with USF. An 3-1 rout of Santa Clara followed and then the Soccerbears were faced with an unbeaten CCSF team. The ever defensive minded Bears turned the tide with a 2-0 victory, which Coach DiGrazia called the best performance of the entire season. The next week Stanford fell by the identical score as Pablo Dibos turned in a fine offensive game. Then it was the championship playoff with the USE team, led by Prince Jose Njoku-Obi of Nigeria. Although managing to keep the Dons in check for the first half, Cal fell to a better team by 4-1. Pablo Dibos proved to be the Bear ' s scoring punch from his center forward post. Carlos Ossio at fullback and his brother Uldarico as goalie were important factors in the effective defensive set-up. The Secombems, phyla, one d their bass elekesbe ones of the stases, Sensed the Rants met Uttar mint-place Mt. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Saws Ham ' Ito% Clark Mak , Stewart Gook, Oa Nome, Bill William% Maynard Orme, Dale RekloM, AI Kea, Okk Muter. CROSS-COUNTRY The California 1955 Cross-Country Team, manned primarily with freshmen and sophomores, turned in an over-all fine season, although they won only one meet the entire season. Cal dropped their first two meets to USC and UC- LA. However, in the San Jose State meet, which Cal was scheduled to lose, Bob House with a first sparked Cal to a victory. The following week they placed second in the San Jose Invita- tional Meet and on November 16 closed out the season with a close loss to Stan- ford. W► BRUTUS HAMILTON, Isaias creantity to oat with, eontlbtless dertkerd taw line into-4W Oa. ors; tM pace bete the Stea•terry Csnon path m SC. • . t • 1 • • Neal coach PETE NEWELL la his wand season with at Bears. BASKETBALL COACHING Newell, assisted by cage coaches Art Gallon, who is in his fifth year at Cal, and Jerry Anderson, who formerly played two years in the center spot for the Bears, started the 1956 season with nine returning lettermen and a more experienced team. 206 CAL vs. DARTMOUTH: 78-59, December 24 CAL vs. ST. MARY ' S: 52-62, December 10 CAL vs. SANTA CLARA: 59-51, December 17 CAL vs. WISCONSIN: 62-55, December 2 CAL vs. USC: 52-51, January 6 64-77, January 7 ( .1 I. s. l ' SF: 24-33, Jan zifir CAL vs. OSC: 65-63, February 3 69-56, February 4 CAL vs. UST 209 CAL vs. WASHINGTON STATE: 87-55, February 17 CAL vs. WASHINGTON: 74-62, February 24 73-59, February 18 63-60, February 25 210 CAL vs. STANFORD: 63-66, March 9. 68-70, March 10. CAL vs. UCLA: 80-85, March 2. 62-84, March 3. 211 it ir Cade ' on the team as Captain 808 PRANK HE ' S uhrd, vie ■ BLAKE, Icessard. Veteran TED BELL, forward, moved up Oh. txpeitierdt. Oetnrn flatbed at playing of pond DENNIE BERTELSMAN. Odoel.eye at the fret throw line nst MIKE OIAZ, board. Top swag Moors we10 ftevatd LARRY FRIEND. Six foes t renter JOE HAGLER, developed all Guard JIM STEPHENS genstSSed a aide sanely of Transfer lowed DON McINTOSH capably spelled pa considerably. mom Ow first stringers. BASKETBALL Soot, goad EARL ROBINSON %Aimed the greatest indindal urven•ment. mid . a. WOW promising C01.01,01t gumd BERNIE SIMPSON. When the 1955.56 season began, California had hopes of improving its 9-16 seasonal and 1-11 conference records of the previous year. Two weeks before the past season came to a close the Bears were a contender for the PCC championships. That the Bears wound up in a third place tic in the new, nine- team league and a 17-8 seasonal record in no way dims their accom- plishments, and Coach Pete Newell and his hustling band of cagers deserve high praise for a job well done. Few seasons in California ' s long basketball history have had so many exciting moments. During one stretch, the Bears played, in order, a one-point victory, a forfeited game, a one-point loss, a two-point victory, a highly controversial " stall " against NCAA champions USF, and a two-point overtime victory. And then the following week, Coach Newell ' s wife presented the Bear coach with his fourth son. It ' s no wonder that the towel-chewing Newell had to have a bigger supply than ever this season. After dropping their opener to St. Mary ' s, the Blue and Gold cagers won eight straight contests. The Bears finally lost to Oregon, 63-62, but came back to beat the Webfoots, 67-65. the following evening. Then came their 24-33 loss to USF in a weird game that saw the Bears stall for eight minutes. Most observers overlooked the fact that California put on a magnificent display to build up a 13-3 lead against the " invincible " Dons. There followed eight more California triumphs, all against PCC opponents. At this point, the Bears had a 174 over-all record and a 10-2 conference slate. But they ran into the all-conquering UCLA Bruins. The first game of the series was a tense one, with the Bruins winning. 80-85. In the second the Bruins ran over the Bears. 84 to 62. The Bears closed the season by dropping two torrid games to Stan- ford 63 to 66 and GS to 70. Only graduation losses are Capt. Bob Blake, who gave the Bears wonderful leadership. and Frank Hess, spirited reserve guard. 213 VARSITY TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to elobl: Beet blAstrov, Bab BMW, Frank Mn,. SECOND ROW: Al Ike Writ Simms, Cabe AreIllaga, Deem Betteltme, Earl Robloso, AI Ken. THIRD ROW: Pete Newell, Comb; Lam Friend, DCA McIntosh, Joe Hagler, DAN Ted Bell, Jim Supbea. FRESHMAN TEAM—FIRST ROW, left to 604: Robert Dalton, lm Hemelrel. Al Beef, Jot Kapp, Hertert Fein:Man, Bob Nowak-lc Ja Empty. SECOND ROW: Art Gallon, COX1; Dave Osborne, AO Grort, Gary Welfstsg, Dick Doughty, Nkk Coldwan, Kee Mallory, Garold Melenen, Assist. Comb. ! ar.L ea Alt lea 214 BASKETBALL MANAGERS — KNEELING, left to HIM: OWOnde, Hmtnmto, MDR. STANDING: MtubtIt, Date, Miumoto, MORtinet. Rm.II, Al 1000. USE, rWity 2$: An et to (Pante? The 1955-56 Freshman Bas- ketball squad, with fourteen wins and one loss, completed the most successful season for any yearling group since the 1949-50 quintet. As a team they averaged 74.1 points per game as compared to their oppo- nents ' 49.7 average. In com- piling this record, guard Allan Bud) finished the season with an average of 18.4 points per game. This is the highest scor- ing average of any freshman in California ' s yearling compe- tition. Close behind him was Jack Grout with a 12.7 aver- age, Joe Kapp with a 10.2 aver- age, and Richard Doughty who was limited to eight games be- cause of scholastic difficulties, with a 12.1 average. Good height, speed, shooting ability and tremendous desire are characteristics of the squad as a whole. Throughout the season their willingness to learn and improve themselves made them an outstanding freshman team. As a result of this attitude, several boys have a golden opportunity to make the varsity squad next year. In addition to those boys previ- ously mentioned, Bob Dalton and Ken Mallory should do particularly well. Special trib- ute should be paid Gary %Vol fs- berg, who, without any previ- ous high school experience. made a vital contribution to the success of the last four games. Dave Osborne. Herb Friedman. Bob Nemechek, James Lang- ley. Jay Howard. and Nick Goldman made up the balance of the squad who completed the season. NUM Oath ART GALLON. remAnun Witt in Cody% ED GILDERSLEEVE and JERRY ANDERSON 215 145 ' s vs. Rochelle. V.ILapes, Derceaber 8: " You can ' t take tam away from we. " LEFT TO RIGHT: DANNY CLINES, 145 ' s Conk ad LLOYD JOHNSTON, 130 ' s Cock Despite their lack of height the UC 130 ' s finished the 1955.56 season with a 13-5 record and a second place in the Berkeley City League. Leading the team were senior guards Douvos and Van Cundy. Douvos, the season cap- tain. was the top scorer. Other members of Coach Lloyd Johnston ' s starling five were Griggs, Makashima and Sum- mers. Showing much promise were sophomores Backer, Sakamoto and Wells. The top team performance of the season was the 44-42 upset victory over strong None Del Rio High School of Sacramento. The winning basket came in the last second as Makashima swished a 25-foot set shot. The 130 ' s utilized a pressing defense and depend- ed upon team speed and accurate shoot- ing to offset their consistent height disadvantage. GI ' s gymnastic team modes haILUme eatertateatent at basketball Lame. 145 LB. BASKETBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, kit to right: Nab Lee, Lowell Gk., Ad Landis, Gary ' Sbaffer. SECOND ROW: Al HIteboxt, Bab Melt, Mike VAR , Tony Balky, Terry Cole. THIRD ROW: Dan GIIon, Herb Ga., Jean Gilmore, Bill Bate. 130 LB. BASKETBALL TEAM—FIRST ROW, kit to rl9ht: Bill Pastore, Wee Sakmoto, Jae NISHMau. SECOND ROW: Bill Van Gandy, Bob Wells, Amato Cannot, Bun Saran. THIRD ROW: Larry Skidk, Asti Pace, Mile Saar, Lloyd Montan. the best Cal gymnastic team in ten years before the season, this spirited and competent group set right out to prove it. Led by Captain Art Aldritt and ex-captain Dave Seed, the team won the first three dual meets by lopsided scores, winning all nine first places against each victim, San Jose, Stanford and Washington State. The outlook is for a victory at the expense of USC, and a close battle for confer- ence honors with UCLA. Success has been due to many factors. The return to campus of seniors John Zachry and Paul Goodale and the fast development of sophomore Harry Kim have helped a great deal, as has the assistant coaching of national champion Hal Lewis. Gymnastla Coach CHUCK KEENEY. GYMNASTICS TEAM—FIRST ROW, kit to right: Hersabell S cheer, BM Morley, Don Ana, Harry ten, Ben Platt. SECOND ROW: Ray Cowan, Don Gray, Dave Seed, Gat Rbyle, John Caine. THIRD ROW: Militant Coach Hal MY " Frank RictaorM, Valet Vittoria, Captain Art Aldrltt, Jobs Zany, Paul Geodale, Coact Chuck Keeley. GYMNASTICS 217 BOXING BOXING TEAM—FIRST ROW, Mt to float: 00r4 Ricti, Owls Turotr, Eddy Tanks, Lee GMPWCIOne. SECOND ROW: Clot Ide, Gary Sere , Dict Meath, Cary Adage, Pa: Hallman. THIRD ROW: Ed Mena,. [Oath; Dam NemIr, Bill Hotchkiss. Cane Peloals, Kayo HaDinka. Herb Davis. With six bouts gone the Bears have a record of three won, three lost, and two more matches to go. Led by George Pelonis, 1955 NCAA 178 pound run- ner-up, and Leo Gaspardone, 132 pounder, the squad shaped up into an aggressive, hard fighting team. At the Chico Invitational Tournament, Pelonis and newcomer Pat Hallinan won cham- pionships, and Gaspardone lost out in the finals on a 2-1 vote. Because it was Olympic year, freshmen were eligible. with the result that two frost, Kayo I lallinan, heavyweight, and Ron Ricci. 145 pounder. won over the number one spots where they performed creditably. Pelonis, Gaspardone, and the two Hal- linans .were entered in the PCI cham- pionships at Sacramento, and those with good records will be taken back to the NCAA Championships at Mad- ison, Wisconsin. Boxing Cosa ED NEIAIR Dcadastiating Gars ansthoO :Newts, a, baslcUlall halftone. Boil, polo. A Ted under ON watOdol to a Coud Ed Nemo. The University of California wrestling team completed the 1955-56 season with one win, six losses, and no ties. The one win was at the expense of Santa Clara, the final score being 18-16. The squad ' s improvement throughout the season was shown in its second meet with Stanford. In the first meet Stanford won easily by a 26-3 margin. The second meet, however, was a hard fought contest with Stanford finally winning 20-16. In the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Tournament Dave Kikuchi won a third place for Cal ' s only victory. Letter win- ners were Gary Gray, Bob Hill, Dave Kikuchi, Tod Likens and Bob Prindlc. The death of Coach Henry Stone, Dean of Pacific Coast wrestling coaches, at midseason was a personal loss to all of his boys. HENRY STONE. foirner Wrenn tug Coact:. WRESTLING TEAM—FIRST ROW, kit to HIM Bob Pordtt, Din ' Ouch:, Tod bloc SECOND ROW: Nov Lobo Gary Cody, 41lkd ay Riley. THIRD ROW: Cuero Cowl. Joel Grow Goy Schultz. Cary Seko ' s. okkobbed. COACh peon WON WRESTLING 219 RIFLERY The Varsity Rifle Team again turned in a fine season performance, winning seven matches in dual competition and also winning honors in the Texas Southwestern Conference and Na- tional Intercollegiate competition. In Texas, the team came in second, only four points out of first place, while ' ,even men won places in the individual c:nnpetition. California placed second to Nevada in both the Sectional and National Intercollegiate matches. Indi- vidually, Chuck Quesnoy placed first in tie Sectional and second in the Na- tional. The first team includes Quesnoy, John Ward, Jess Fry, Hans Ewoldsen and Frank Clasby. On the strong sec- ond team are Fred Daulton, Bob Wal- ton, Bill Davis. John J. Folsom and Cordon Nakagawa. RIFLE TEAM—FIRST ROW, left TO 41M: John Wand, David Whoa. MY row " . am Dabs.. SECOND ROW: M Sgt. Willie Neat. Coach; Naas Eynon:Nen, Frank Clasby, Chock Fred Odultoo, Gados Science., Roder Fete. Riflery Coach SGT. WILLIAM 8. HUNT Towne—As the (eosin; team practices foe its mix match. Ca Denis Rifle Teas in alien on the fir Ilse. In the fall, the California fencing team competed in two matches, winning one and losing one. They defeated SF State handily and lost a close one to Stanford 13-12. Return matches are held in the spring against both these teams. The big meet of the season is the Western Intercollegiate Fencing Conference Tournament to be held in Tucson, Ari- zona. Three men compete in each weapon, foil, epee and saber, as a team. In addition there is individual compe- tition for each weapon. Jerry Klotz is the team ' s main hope, having won the individual foil title last year, and placed second the year before. Cal placed third and fourth in 1954 and 1955, respec- tively, in the tournament, and again has hopes of doing well. FtVidal Coach ART LANE FENCING TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: tom KkAe. E6oat Stncklann, Wayne QUO Am acme FENCING 221 HOWIE NORTON running a Slalom Gate at Sun Valls Improvement is the word which de scribes this year ' s ski team. Under the skilful coaching of the West ' s top racer, Jim Baker, the team recovered from an outbreak of bad luck and in- juries at the Reno Winter Carnival ti. place second to Nevada at the Memorial at Yosemite, winning the downhill and slalom and placing second in the six and one half mile cross-coun- try race. Al (Horse) Grisemer placed second in the downhill and Howie Nor- ton was third in the slalom. At the time of writing the team has strong hopes of winning the Vanderbilt Memorial at Squaw Valley and expects to enter the NCAA Championships at Winter Park. Colorado. The only graduating member is Captain Ray Kellner. Hen Ski Coach JIM BAKER _an111111r. SKI TEAM—LEFT TO RIGHT: Cosh Am Balm, Captain Ray KtIlme, Allan Gowns ' , Owl Lummh, Howie Norton, TS Mathews. SKIING 222 4 SCUTUS HMAILION Track Tim:is alai HA DON BOWDEN ' S rrcH. Track Manners RICK PAVLIEK and RICHARD SUFIC The 1956 Varsity, though thin; has several outstanding men who may reach international rank. Three sophomores and three seniors are especially gifted. Don Bowden, Leamon King and Monte Upshaw are wearing varsity colors for the first time this year. Bowden is a star miler and half-miler, Upshaw is brilliant in the hurdles and broad jump (if he recovers from an early season knee injury), and King is one of the world ' s great sprinters. Charlie Butt and John Kahnert in the weights and Larry Anderson in the pole vault are the seniors who have outstanding records. Other improving athletes who should develop to the point where they can combine with their gifted teammates to give California a very respectable team include: Mike White and Dave Baker in the jumps and hurdles ; Joe Griffin in the hurdles ; Eric Murray and Paul Magistratti in the weights: John Merchant in the broad jump; Bill Neufeld in the javelin ; Robin Fairbairn in the high jump ; Dennis Cutland in the pole vault ; Captain Bill Knick and An Stewart in the 440; Bill Williams and Al Carlson in the 880; and Bob House, Maynard Orme and Clark Maddox in the distance runs. 774 225 DON BOWDEN: MIN Run. 226 JOHN KANNERT: Suet Put. Clothe BILL KNICK: 440. VOTE LPSHAW: 220 lot CHARLIE BURT; Sot Put LARRY ANDIRSOtt.Juuc:tt ?: JOE GRIFFIN: HO HurdIt,. of MMI _I , -, tr _,. 4 PE fr■ A mg , maillitedulea;aiatatadhaaLait..1 VARSITY TRACK TEAM — FIRST ROW. left to ' met: Joe Gullet, Dare Baker, Tom Trutntr, Mote Upham, itiln Kalinett. Pad Mae.strattk Robert Tarn. SECOND ROW: Wm What, Dm: Marlton, Eric Many, John MtrOvnt, Room Fairbairn, Al Carlton, Maynard Mme, Clark Ma4•Jor, Do. woos.. THIRD ROW: Charles Butt, Bill alum, Dale Hmkeey, Chuck James, Larry Anotnoo, 8.11 Krick, Bill Neufqld, James Jam it Track runners check eauipnwrt mice to a awl. Um )(meter Cal VI Sao Jom Stror 228 bressloos dorcm be. • 1.0 I FROSH TRACK The California frost ' , though thin like the varsity, can boast some out- standing men who will make them- selves known in future years as var- sity competitors. Outstanding among the forty prospects are Dick Dailey, high jump and broad jump; Charl- ton Buckley, broad jump; Al Kel- logg, sprints; Stewart Gould, 440; Gary Wood, 880; Roger Price, dis- tance runs; Mike Baxter and Don Dirienzo, weights: and Don Neu and George Coad, pole vault. Fro! ' Track Mentor 1441. GRANT g. C. FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM — FIRST ROW, left le re : Comb Hal Griot, Jim Jaased Don Howard, Charlton Buckley, ROM POW, Mike Singer, Don Nell, Gary Wood, Jan Notmasty, 1.104 HiltlebrarM, Clifford Marshall. SECOND ROW: Start Gould, Oran Franklin, 14111111 Read, Don atmm. Michael Lees, Getrao Coad, Robert Manse.. Jack Cana. Pan Peak,. Val Pimp,. THIRD ROW: Russell Grans, John Fraser, fticbasO Dailey. Moms White, Al Kellogg, Don DIrrearo, -tact Goldman, Wenger% Jay Howard, Mike Baste., Rome Pfeifer, SINessecel Freeman. .. ,., . . AP 1 I o. c.a c , at. -ii 4.c, i tal 1 cosh -ROSH .1 ' , rim . " 4, ' sir .e. .. ,, , „ , i t: 3 - q0SH " 4 ,).C. ll C C C :ROSH ROSh ROSH 46 IC SH • H :1 %C . ROSH S C. C S e ' POSH 1.1 .C :RCS ip c ‘ N C ) ' 1 0 nolo Own are developed y C KY WRIGHT. CREW Crew hatoost: The ASUC Boatheme. CREW MANAGERS AND LAUNCH DRIVERS--FIRST ROW, Mt to rioht: Red Ekedahl. Don Robertson, Vern Sou h. SECOND ROW: Eric Homan, Feed Wooer, Gene SChntider. Ben Gould. 1956 is another Olympic year. This year ' s crewmen hope to add another to California ' s unmatched string of three Olympic victories. The squad has many good men. Many of them are juniors who should be in their athletic prime this year. They all say they mean business. They could go far. From last year ' s varsity come Norm Tuttle, stroke, John Hardy No. 6, Dick Dobbins No. 5, Mark Tuft No. 4, and Ramon Riggs No. 3. From the jayvees come Carter Swenson, stroke, Bill Walker No. 7, Roger Lowe No. 1. and Gene Ross, coxswain. In addition there are many good men from last year ' s lower boats and a strong group from the freshmen. Last year California won all races from UCLA, USC. Oregon State, and University of British Col hia. The jayvees and freshmen won handily from Stanford, although the varsity race was lost. California jayvees won from Washington, rowing one Washington oarsman right out of the shell. But the varsity and freshman races were lost. So California won lots of races on the Pacific Coast. In the National Championships at Syracuse, the Cal varsity defeated six crews and lost to five. The jayvees won from four and List to five. Eastern crews are now stronger than in many years so Westerners must be at top strength to make a showing. With the move of Stanford crews into the great power class. the sport takes on added significance at California. The BIG RACE will now be an annual feature. This year Olympic trials and the Olympics themselves provide increased incentive. Rank! RAMA; Club Etamodat CARTER SWENSON. Gating WI EN a ringed IMAM ma the Eftwary. Cray. VARSITY CREW - - FIRST ROW, Celt To rcm: Skin Shanik Jim 11CM ' Il, 1:1:0 SOM1b, Brit G: Ir Rink Pete Lippett, Gene Rion:. Dion Cow,. SECOND ROW. 8:k Gotshall, Don Matson, Jim BoaleIght, Carry Wyead. Sanaa, Bill Walter, Rost Lot , Rtpis, Ralph Kell , Soh Dick Dente, Sob Spaiszik Jim Johrmn. 111150 ROW: Coach Ky (bight, Radon Raub, Mere Chapman, Sim BxkluaS, JONI DleterIcb, Stu Lte Eerie. Tom Grady, Dick Dobbins, Dick Noosed, Dick Jodan. FOURTH ROW: Phil Brain, Rich Sankt, Dan P(10300, Joke Harty, Jean Pellet.% Yeas Streemen, Beer flawnmek Mike Myers, Noon Tattle, Mad Tun. mm JACK DONNELLY and MATT FRANCHI an tasaht noairicg Ow warn a a shell. 1955 VARSITY CREW RECORD OPPONENT DISTANCE MARGIN TIME PLACE WINNER (lengths) Oregon State 2.000 meters i4 6:31 Estuary California UCLA 3 miles 6 15:41 Estuary California Washington WI miles 6 14:29 Seattle Washington Wisconsin 3 miles 3 15:7 Estuary Wisconsin Western Sprint 2.000 meters Calif. 4th 6:44.5 Newport I. Navy Championships Harbor 2. Stanford 3. Washington Stanford 3 miles 2% 15:26 Redwood Stanford City IRA Regatta 3 miles Calif.6th 15:49.9 Syracuse. I. Cornell N.Y. 2. Pennsylvania 3. Navy 4. Washington 5. Stanford 232 FROSH CREW FRESHMAN CREW AT CALI- FORNIA—the stepping stone to the University ' s world-famous varsity crews. Without experience before they enroll here, the freshman crew- men advance rapidly, and by May they arc engaged in a full regatta schedule. Teamwork, precision, and timing are the keynotes in this, one of the oldest of competitive major sports. These men form the nucleus for future varsity crews. During 1936 the Cub crews will race such traditional rivals as Stanford, UC- LA. USC. and Washington. Lan year ' s only defeat came at the hands of the Northerners, and the Califor- nia yearlings get their chance for re- venge in their final race this season. Iwo duties go to Cdn FRESHMAN CR(W -- FIRST ROW, let to right: Al lcansw, Stu Ruth, Nen Seabee, Pete Grady, Bob Claque, Rol Row, Paul Ship:da, 8111 Asher. SECOND ROW: John Rilln, Paul AtraVIllth, Joh Gene Paco,. CAN Kuhn, Bob Ortleernnt, Mike Cr-Amite Boa Brooke, George Cverttel, Ron Hearn, Don BishCo, Feed A Achill, On White. THIRD ROW: Asaistam Coach Carl Thorned, -Hy Shahan, Ack tEtNiurico, Cac:k O ' Neil, Brute Rice, Deane !Ince , NIT Lein, Renrry Stotts, Doe Allta, Bob Folstiatan, Terry Ranee, Clank Metchitoo, Gogh Jim Lt461911. FOURTH ROW. Bob °Awn, Bea Jew:I Han, Fred Awe, BA Hamad. Vic Rauh, bman la Al Steiraciuse, Stew Bradley, Building around a nucleus of veterans bolstered by an outstanding group of junior college transfers, Coach George Wolfman ' s baseball squad turned in an impressive practice season record. The Bears, who entered the CIBA race as co-favorite with USC, racked up an 8-2 pre-CIBA mark, including two shutouts and two one-run pitching performances. Forming the foundation of the Bears were four 1955 all-CIBA first and second team selections—third sacker Ron Gaggero. outfielder Lloyd Canton, pitcher Doug Weiss and first baseman Al Kyle. However, it was newcomers and reserves of last season who carried the early load for the Bears. Outstanding among the newcomers was right-hander Gene Stang, who had pitched West Contra Costa to the championship the previous year. Stang rang up a 3-0 pre-CIBA record, including one shutout. He had a string of 243E4 consecutive scoreless innings. First baseman Warren Lavorel and shortstop Mike Weldon, both 1955 reserves, were carrying the hitting load for Cal. Other newcomers to earn starting spots were second baseman Ed Kraft and outfielder Al Reynolds from West Contra Costa. Reynolds was one of the top hitters in early season play. With a strong-hitting, well-balanced team that also included the best mound duo on the coast—Weiss and Stang —the Bears entered CIBA play with a good chance to dethrone USC. The reserves were also strong with curve-ball artist Chuck Becker providing good insurance in the pitching department. Things look even more promising for the Rears next season with only Canton and catcher John Kalamaras departing from the starting lineup. Vanity lamball Coach GEORGE WOLFMAN. BASEBALL Cadet JOHNNY KALAYARAS ' Nu up jot inks. BASEBALL MANAGERS — EECT TO RIGHT: Jay Rine, Ed TAO, Leraln Woodard, Nita CNIINN, Sneer Manager. 234 F Cars stroro ma at the Nate is LLOYD Last season ' s gym ratable Plain is JOHN KALAMARAS, graduating senior, CANTON, untried into wthelder. RON GAGGER°, third Wrenn. der neahly holds down the catarg Genteel..loge BERNIE KELLY enters the lain alter a swan hitch. . — Smooth fielding lint Putman WARREN LAVOREL tarthliret is heat rum Ou tfielder Al REYNOLDS gins Cal that extra tuition prrch. WCCJC transfer GENE STANG brings with him an inoresshe record. Itcoirq to repeat wah the best LIRA ERA n pitcher DOUG WEISS. Lead.oef hitter :s scrappy shatYMP MIKE WELDON. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM — FIRST ROW, PM to right: tharleS Thompson, Dan Edwards, Jan Kalartwas, Gus Glanullas, Bob Merrill, Frank Menlo, Al Reynolds, Al Kyte, Lloyd Canton, Pete Veuharten, Gene Slimy, Charles Dexter, Syl MoNinch, Let Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Paul Otter ' , Earl Robinson, Paul Pine, Bill Luther, Roy Rammed, Tom Palma, Carl Harris, Frank Powell. Joe Jaeger, Warren Easel, Gabe Amillaga, Stew Asian, Butch Bohan, Commis Walker, BM THIRD ROW: Coach Gen " ( WOlfemn. Bill BerAmMo. Roma Bedell, Duane Bag, JOhe Stewart, Bernie Singe.% Bob Elliott, Bill Keene Mkt ' , Charles Becker, Mike Weldon, Dan Weiss, Ron Gagger°, Ed Kraft, Bernie Kea . t.a ;:, s-4 44 ta to? in w.aau a ' At t . 41,17171‘7.117-InXii:Wrire 414 Z % N Na •• ♦ ' • • . • •p e amp: - a as. •••••-••• •••••.- CINNAMON BEARS CINNAMON BEARS TEAM — FIRST ROW, lett to rWM: Bob Elliott, John Stewart, tholes Thompson, Owlet Beata, Carl lards, Bill Kennawh, Norm (WOOL SECOND ROW: Coach Syl McMinch, Paul Canner, Dave Wards, track Poot11, Bill Becerwto, Butch MAMA, Duane Bela, Bob Merrill, Assistant Coach Les Mitchell. FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM — FIRST ROW, kit to right: J. Thaws, R. Mahal, T. Perris, R. Gem, J. Han, I,. Smlib, R. Scandal, J. Salisbury, G. Era ' s, P. OonN40. SECOND ROW: G. Smith, M. Rat, T. BrozovicA M. Punell, J. Meta:dug. G. annul 8. Catania, R. Russell, G. Rutt, 8. Cavdotd. THIRD ROW: Coach 0. Waller, R. McCarty, G. Youro, G. Glikitak, 0. Mayberry, J. Rhodes, K. Elliott, C. Minion, F. Opetti, S. Ritter, K. Mallory, J. Mshomy, Coach W. Van Knit. FROSH 238 The Cinnamon Bears, consisting in large part of performers from last year ' s undefeated freshman team along with some veteran junior varsity players, got off to a slow start this season. Playing mostly against junior college competition, Cal could win only three of its first thirteen games, including among its losses one to arch rival Stanford. However, even though not faring well in the win-loss department, Coach Syl McNinch ' s squad included sonic players with fine varsity potential. Leading the hitting parade were Norm Bedell, Paul Conner. Mar- ion Buljan, Bill Kennaugh and Rich Fink, while Frank Powell, Bill Krenwinkell and Joe Jaeger carried the big load on the mound. Head Coach Bill V an Heuit and his assistant, Don Walker, have fielded a well rounded Freshman Baseball Team this year. Playing the best high school and freshman clubs in the area, their record thus far is four wins and three losses. As is characteristic of all Cal nines, spirit and hustle have been prevalent in both victory and defeat. The outstanding players these first few games have been Brenzel, Crawford, Gregg and Puccinelli. On the mound, Mal- lory, Nickison and Salisbury have also done an exceptionally good job. They will undoubtedly help the varsity next season. With nine games remaining, the Frosh should improve upon their rec- ord considerably. Cineamos Sear Coachrs. LES MITCHELL and SYL M HINCH. Prose Coaches, BASE VAN NEWT a4 DON WALKER. The umpire had no treobIt calling this one. Plenty of sweat from the Froth Sant Prr p 239 The 1956 Varsity swimming team was probably the best balanced team we have had for a good many years. We had at least one good man in every event on the program and in some cases two. This balance gave us many victories. Opponents could not swing their individual stars around and place them in critical events as they would be offset by our balance. Outstanding for the Blue and Cold were Bruce Keppel in the individual medley, Charles Holloway and Charles Harris in the breast stroke, Ron Vollmer in the sprints, Bill Floyd in the back stroke, Jack McNees and Bill Spore in the distances, and Jim Lawson in diving. Bruce Keppel competed in the NCAA champio nships in the Yale pool in New Haven. He competed in the 200-yard individual medley and the 200-yard butterfly. An eighteen- man team competed in the Pacific Coast Conference championships at Stanford University. California wound up the season with an excellent record. Toughest opponents were Stanford and USC. These two were the powerhouses in the conference this year. The individual improvement was very gratifying this season. Practically every man on the team turned in his all-time best for his particular event. This over-all improve- ment strengthened the team considerably and gives promise of a much stronger team in 1957. Coach GEORGE SCHROTH relaxes WI:wen matt. SWIMMING Tiostes bench .a the CAI:FULLERTON meet. SWIMMING MANAGERS — FIRST ROW, left to ' I ' M: Rich Peck, Warren ReMmon. SECOND ROW: Dick Vanleck, Haws riM. 240 V.n.ty dint JI11 LAY60% a bmkoar4 gaintr. Swung lams el ttd bs tM CAL•FULLERTON met. It " bate VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM -- FIRST ROW, left to ?phi: Bill Floyd, OW lei Mollemay, Bill Seca, Jack Plates. SECOND ROW: Phil M Ginn, Doan Harris, LaChinn eahrt, KarlCoa Matheat. ROW: Kok Ltathotte, truce Kt(40, ROA aWool, ch Girdle hroth. A largo (Wed Bathes at tat start of the 100.pardlOrw1 " al • " VI 1111 - lam. JR. VARSITY The Junior Varsity completed their 1956 season with an en- viable record, competing in thirteen meets. Starting the season rather weak in person- nel, the team improved with the addition of a number of good swimmers and divers who up after the season started. Two JV swimmers im- proved to the point where they made Varsity. This took some strength from the JV team, but by the same token, strengthened the Varsity. Those who showed to advan- tage were Marhenke in the sprints, Harper in the breast stroke, Ed and Bill Carlson in the sprints and distances. Hol- lenbeck in the distances, Buck- ley and Schwarz in the back stroke and Stewart in the in- dividual medley and distances. . number of team members competed in the Pacific Coast Conference meet held at Stan- ford University. IV TEAM — KNEELING, Mt to oft: To CAIIICA, Lorry Harp.,, Aft Oliva, Dick Welt. Bill Gann, Karl Do ' Rein, Bill Beaky, Gel Saran. Caliente, come to ,our marts. FROSH Beginning the season with an unusually small and inexperi- enced team due to some criti- cal ineligibilities, the Fresh have gradually continued to improve in both performance and experience after their ini- tial two losses in the first two meets. The team ' s strength has also been enhanced through the addition of some swimmers who were unable to come out for the team at the beginning of the season. At midseason. the Frosh have won eight dual meets while losing three. The individual standouts on the team thus far have been Cap- tain Larry Smith in the back stroke, Ken Lindgren in the middle distances, Dick Olsen, Terry Bernard and Bill Haines in the breast stroke, Byron Dieterle and Pete Gray in the sprints, and Dan Petron in the diving. Tete elf Nd waft at the Warw..% pun. WIESIOLUI SWIMMING TEAM — FIRST ROW, jolt to right: LAMA Soith, Dick Cilwe, Km thedina Bra dank, Oan Peony SECOND ROW: Ken Nadu, Keith Darn, Bill Hunt, AY KIM " Gli Nat THIRD ROW: CANA II Oft Clark, Cl., Sath, Terry Ileenard, Pete Ca), Saafted Pete. 243 " This !slow It ' s dem. " TENNIS MANAGERS — SEATED, loft to eight: Boo Brtbe, Bob Bakk, Earle Noroard. STANDING: Carter (Hamden, Earle Nisbet, Dmk Poem, Stake Winner. VANSI TV TENNIS TEAM — FIRST ROW, I ' ll to tynt Lan) knoll, Optic BUT Sumner. SECOND ROW: John Walker, Skidoo Oilier, Omit Vandenoort, Jobs Elortamon. THIRD ROW: Cloy Bradley, Lorin Dennsol, Roo Woods, Frank Moog, Jock El Frank Golder, 17kk Stereo, Coen. TENNIS The California Tennis Team started its 1956 season with the loss of Don Pimley, Northern California Intercollegiate Doubles Champion, and Stan Hack, Jr.. who played No. 3 position last year, taking some strength and depth from the team. However, the returning junior lettermen Buzzy Summers, Larry Axtell, Frank Colder, and Clay Bradley. form the nucleus of this year ' s team. Buzzy is one of the finest intercollegiate players on the coast and only his size and stamina keep him from being the best. Axtell is improving rapidly, turning in great wins so far this year. Colder and Bradley who played in the 8th and 9th positions, have moved up higher. Lorin Dennison, who returned from the service, is at the No. 1 spot playing great tennis, but will face the toughest intercollegiate tennis in the United States meeting Jack Frost of Stanford, Myron Franks of UCLA. and Alex Olmedo of USC. Don Stensaas, a transfer from Modesto JC, is playing No. 4. Sheldon Diller. Ronald Woods. and Dick Vandervoort round out the team. To date Cal has a 3-win ?doss record. 2 FRESNMAN TENNIS TEAM — FIRST ROW, kit to tight: Root Host, Jim Jackson, Lloyd Gokkaltte, RoOtet SECOND ROW: Drewry Kelly, Alm Comkk, Gary Lee, Den Binsacca, COICh Dick Stamm. FROSH TENNIS ' Ilk: 1956 I: reshot:I team is not up to the standard strength of the past years. However, three boys stand out as possible Varsity material in the future. Jim Jackson from Berkeley, who is the No. 1 singles player ; Gregory Kelly of San Francisco: and Robert fa from San Mateo. The rest of the team is made up of Lloyd Goldwater, Donald Binsacca, Al Cornick, Roger Herst, Gary Lee, and Yit Nan Louie. The season is too early to predict how many matches they will win. According to reports, Stanford Freshman team appears to be stronger. Rs Coach MILES MOD HUDSON. Sete Wain MAURY musurn. RUGBY The defensively strong Bear ruggers opened the season with a 14-3 victory over UCLA in Los Angeles. Continuing on the road, California outlasted the COP Tigers at Stockton, 11-3. The Bears opened their home season against the Olympic Club, and led by the kicking of five-eighths Noel Bowden, Cal whitewashed the club, 21-0. Following the first series with British Columbia, " Doc " Hudson ' s ruggers nipped the Indians at Stanford in a wild one, 24-18. At one time Cal saw a 16-0 lead diminish to a 16-18 deficit, but surged in the final minutes to down the Cards. The Bears rolled to their fifth straight win when they shut out UCLA, 18-0 in a rematch. Bowden starred with five penalty kicks for 15 points. California next traveled to Vancouver, B.C., to meet the UBC Thunderbirds. The Bears came out with a 6-6 tie and a 9-0 defeat, but still retained the coveted World Cup. Two victories over the Thunderbirds at Berkeley earlier in the season practically guaranteed that. Over-all, the 1956 Bear ruggers appeared to be one of the finest of Coach Hudson ' s long career at Berkeley. CAL vs. UCLA: Ball, ball, who ' s got the ball in a line-ous? RUGBY TEAM — FIRST ROW. Mt to Oat: Nal Bowd en, John (Inward, York Katsina, One Baba, Kew Mita, Leif G ntland. SECOND ROW: Chock white, Rom Bicker, Broth Settle Me, Jim Rook% AI Wiley, Carlos Fmkrell, Murdo NMI, Ism Walt Soak . THIRD ROW: SAM KWh, Frank Matuncd, Herb Juctsoo, Otis Stroud, Atm Sttuntistr, Rry Young, Stott SMWM, Bill ROI OdnIcl9t, Joke Perrot, Coach Melts " Occ " Nuttom. NOT PICTUREO: Fero Moth, Jim 0,11. CAL vs. BRITISH COLUMBIA: A Gil back breaks across for a try. GOLF The golf team in the past few years has been in a process of rebuilding. Last year ' s was one of the most successful in several, with a seven and seven won-lost record and a third in the Southern Division of the PCC. With the setting up of a freshman team for the first time in many years, the team expects to become stronger in the future. The team has just moved to Orinda Country Club this year, and Pat Patton, the head pro, was appointed coach. With his instruction, it is hoped to have a strong club with Tom Edwards, a promising junior ; soph Grant Erickson; and senior co- captain Bob Schnal forming the nucleus of the team. GOLF TEAM — LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Pat PAW% Grant Erkksal. Tommy Ettearth, Bob Seoul, Dos Tann, Pete Shea, Mn Vail, Bill Morrell, Dick Dewy. NOT PICTURED: Dan Beekler, Bob Ericson. BILL MORRELL, Gotha Golf team members Iftsprot DON TARTRE ' S new Otref. Onola Gouty Club Pro and Golf Coach PAT PATTON. cotechonor 608%104AL 250 latramwal Coordinator RALPH 0. MILLER. INTRAMURAL The Intramural Sports program is designed to offer athletic participation to all students and officers of the University of California. Each year approximately four thousand individuals compete in more than sixteen hundred games or matches which are scheduled for eight hundred teams in twenty-two different sports and events. A frater- nity has never annexed the National League All- University Championship three years in succession. However, another championship season in 1955-56 for Sigma Alpha Epsilon will establish an un- precedented feat in Intramural annals. In the American League, Bowles Hall, All-University champions for six years running, was challenged by Cloyne Court for league honors. The All-Uni- versity touch football title was awarded to Boalt Hall who climaxed an unbeaten season by conquer- ing Theta Delta Chi 20 to 12. In basketball, the PE Majors successfully withstood the challenge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon to earn a 58-51 All-Uni- versity victory. The winner of the Coyne Court and Sigma Chi volleyball match was crowned All- University champion. Not until later in the spring semester were the champions in softball, horse- shoes, tennis, bowling, badminton, table tennis. swimming, track. golf, and handball determined. b. uamutal NOON tit lot Lids: Intramural SOECE P Istrattwal HORSESHOES: RtiOy. Mt, 90! Alter-ant tom: Intarnaral VOLLEYBALL IA amoral Bud It • f 4 a a ,4 449; 41Prir INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL FALL- •LEFT TO RIGHT: JIM CORLEY, VHA.Prevotti; WES LIERANIEL. Pinion ' : GORDON RAGAN, Setromy. Trtavoer. SPRING MEMBERS William F. Nampa Bradley Donald J. McNely __Alpha Chi Rh Donald James McNely Thomas C. James ....Alpha Chi Sigma. 1.cigh B. Clark Donald P. Martin. Alpha Delta Phi - Eric Dudley Murray Newt Brown Alpha Epsilon Pi Mel Sommer Lawrence Gustafson Alpha Gamma Omega Walter L. von Flue Garth E. Cummings. Alpha Kappa Lambda Garth Ellis Cummings James Johnson Alpha Phi Alpha. James C. Johnson John C. Jenkins _Alpha Sigma Phi John C. Jenkins Gordon L Ragan Alpha Tau Omega Gordon L. Ragan Michael 3. Phelan Beta W eta Theta Pi WilliamWade Spore Franklin V. Mean __Chi Phi Darryl J. Petersen Edwin L. Church, Jr Chi Psi Walter N. Boys,. Jr. Bruce McCormick Bruce .Del Rey Bce Alan McCormick John Tate Delta Chi Edward M. Nissen Swan McKee. De to Kappa Epsilon . Frank Hess Gary Gar F. Burt. Delta Sigma Phi Gary F. Burt Thomas P. Wright —..--Delta Tau Delta Charles Arthur Welsh Michael J. Hughes, Jr _Delta Upsilon James Merrill Corley Roger Baccigaluppi Kappa Alpha Eugene Parks Tilley Edwin Olson _Kappa Delta Rho David I.. Jones Princeton Lyman Kappa Ni Richard S. Albert Vantress, Kappa Sigma, Bernard B. Stirnaman. Jr. Clayton A. Berg Lambda Chi Alpha ..... Ronald Albert Klinge Richard F. Pawson Phi Delta Theta Charles J. Edmund Gildersleeve Phi Gamma Delta Edmund Gildersleeve Robert Schroll Phi Kappa Psi Neil W. Fore Joseph 0. Fournier Phi Kappa Sigma 3, ..cpli Oscar Fournier John Russell .Phi Kappa Tan Alan Eugene Smith Denis A. DeLuchi..-...- ......... - .Phi Sigma Kappa Denis IkLuchi Jimmie E. Quon Pi Alpha Phi Phillip Shin Chan Jack D. Ryan Pi Kappa Alpha . .Don E. Kosovac Arthur W. Barsi Pi Kappa Phi James P. Kinlock Fred L. Sorkin Pi Lambda Phi L. Sorkin George A. Gibbs Psi Upsilon Timothy C. Howard Peter Van Houten Sigma Alpha 14.111)11 J. Hoffman, Jr. William Boyarsky Sigma Alpha It, Gerald A. Jacobs Fred Hundhammer Sigma Chi William Tyler Russell Cadwell N Sigma U Robert Ernest Metz James J. Jacobus. Sigma Phi Charles McCue Jones John M. N ' anZander Sigma Phi Epsilon Clifford G. Woodward Richard L. Bruni Sigma Pi Richard Lee Bruni Fred E. Lusk, Jr Tau Kappa Epsilon Lee Shugart Philip R. Wood Theta CM Richard Charles Otter Ralph A. Pilate. Theta Delta Chi... .............Edward A. Hay Jim Greco Theta Bruce Bretnnan Wilson Frederic H. Rubel Zeta Beta Tau Frederic Harold Rubel Alanson Wood Green Teta Psi Robert B. Finn III , ern; GORDON RAGAN, Bk.-PEGG:mt. FALL MEMBERS FRATERNITY Ron Kobe, " Abracadabra Jack Bradley a4(060 254 FALL—RUT TO RICE: Are Inenoartne, Vke•akkM; Mangle lataaeolk, Pregnant; NW Tenger, Smeary. Treairen DELEGATES Alpha Chi Omega Marcia Jobe, Claudia lmwalle Alpha Delta Pi Betty Jane Mitchell, Roberta Vigna Alpha Epsilon Phi_ Rita Eichenberg, Marlene Kameny Alpha Gamma Delta Anne Jarvis, Margaret Flood Alpha Omicron Pi Carol Kelterer, Dorette Dufour Alpha Phi__ Barbara Hall, Gail Garvin Alpha Xi Delta Nancy Williamson, Dea Lee Van der Boom Chi Omega_ Kay Hollinger, Jennifer Davis Delta Delta Delta drian °seamen, Maureen McClellan Delta Gamma Jody Shenk, Ellin Anderson Delta Phi Epsilon_ Adrienne Klein, Helen Ehrmann PANHELLENIC Delta Sigma Epsilon Nancy Gillaird, Inez Brooks Delta Zeta Anne Kent, Audrey Pfeiffer Gamma Phi Beto. ...Lucia Vaughan, Joy Wilbrand Kappa Alpha Theta....._ ...Karla Winkenhofer, Lynne Fontana Kappa Delta_ Joan Ripley, Daphne Triphon Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Lou Coate, Cynthia Pinney Phi Mu _Madeline Mitchell, Betty Hoetnan Pi Beta Phi__ _Janet Jaime. Nancy Patterson Sigma Kappa Sharon McGill, Clare Coakley Theta Upsilon Janet Paulius, Maureen Murphy Zeta Tan Alpha Janet Thorne, Jackie Oliveri SPRING—LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Salutlfer, Hampton. Vice.Pteslina; An Etatng rttn. Petyickni. 255 Cflocrin COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW. kit to right: Shaer Piercer, June Randy, Karr Frerichs, Kano let AIM la dvals, Arrant Now, Pat SECOND ROW: Carrie Hammed, CAIN Koran Mirk, Gloria Saris, Nancy Schlewl, Sr Samosa, Starer OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Karen Frerichs Suzanne Sampson Anne Baldwin Jonni Hover Representative-m-Large _ Karan Minick Representative-al-Large Sharlene Villhide 0 M E N ' S Representatire-d-Large _Maxine Mason TO Representative-at-Larg Representative-at-Large Louise Snyder DOR MI R Y e_ Thelma Saugestad Social Charnu ASSOCIATION ' m Carrie Hammond Service Chairman _June Roundy Publicity Chairman__ ...... ____ .... _ __ __Gloria Mikuls Constitutions Chairman ____ ........ . Orientations Chairman Sharon Perondi COUNCIL MEMBERS Bea:detain- Club- Riemer Bennett Manor Janice Hoffman Bon Haven_. Beverly Brown Californian Shirley Carroll Colonial Hall Joan Friedman The Continental Sherrill Urton Elizabeth Barrett Barbara Jopp Epworth Hall- Kathy Palmer Hoyt Hal _Sandra Stallings Joao • IlalL. Karen Wesseth Lantana Lodge _ __.Shiela Marren Mitchell Hall _Nadine Dotson Olden berg Hall _Marion Merlotti Peixotto Hall. Constance Covington Prospect Terrace Gail Hettich Richards Hall Constance McDougal Ritter Hall ..... . ..... Carolyn Miyakawa Sherman Hall Jan Fabric Stebbins ..... _ _Amy Iwaski Stern Hall Sarah Price Stratford Hall _Dianne Miller Barring Place Barbara Green 256 FRATERNITIES a n tal e6 • el 4. • 19, taiii N105 mp, 4. )ls. Astis a C . r SilhicrL_t; irbir:e ' .. falf: L ....2., e • sr . Nike incl., i ti Alan Santa yoriluidbkyVt Jr. MP7111“ipl(Katrl Ronald Petenon Peter Van No-km Coined Mown Nkk Coiling Gerald Crump Stanley Gutman Mona% James Tan Lubbock Keith Jewel James Kidder Martin kwriliarnSjr5:: Gann rth Wilton Carlos Cates Robert Cain INTER-FRATERNITY SCHOLASTIC HONOR SOCIETY The Inter-Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society is composed of thirty upper- classmen who are members of recognized Cal fraternities. The Society and I FC work together, not only to promote increased scholarship standing, but also to encourage active participation in student body and fraternal affairs. Men who have made outstanding achievements in both scholastics and fraternal and campus activities are thus singled out for special recognition. The outstanding event of the year for the Society was the initiation banquet given in the spring. At this function General William F. Dean was guest speaker, and new members were initiated. Moreover, the awards given out showed how great a position that fraternity men play in campus activities and that scholarship levels for such leaders are correspondingly high. It is felt certain that the project of the Inter-Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society to encourage even higher scholarship levels for fraternity men will succeed. 258 The Abras have just finished a very successful year in all fields they have undertaken. Scholarshipwise, the house continued its excel. lent record of recent years by again placing in the upper bracket. Abra had one Phi Beta Kappa, and two members of the Intra-Fraternity Honor Society. On the athletic field, the Abbies finished among the top third houses in intramural sports. Inter- collegiate sports participated in by house mem- bers included varsity swimming, water polo, rugby, basketball, and boxing, and frosh foot- ball and water polo. Socially, many events from the past year will long be remembered. Many hours of hard work on the Homecoming parade float were rewarded by a first place trophy in the originality division. Two formals, the annual Fraternity Friendship Dance and Spring Luau, a hayride, plus several exchanges, date lunches, and other dances kept the social calendar constantly full. The " Abra Danses des Paris Apaches " was one of the house ' s most outstanding social functions in recent years. Au revoir. GRADUATE Bill Stabtra Rol Tway SENIORS Gorr ChitNem Bit Kanto JUNIORS LI-colrt Ant:lies Jon Crawford Herb Kraft Earl Dads Bend, Beth, Rat Kttec Rol (thin)°, bury Harper Bob Null Carlin Keneta ABRACADABRA 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER SOPHOMORES toed Wood Dot Pad Ken O ' Hara Bob i nun FRESHMEN Date Rutted Ina Pea Fred Godard Do ' , Tanta MASCOT Byron Talbott Bill Knows Bob MarastAn Goy id‘ittea Jibe. asc p r cki let LiaseSciac 269 An active social year plus a good participation in college athletics and scholarship, have made this school year a good one for Acacia. Highlighted by two formals, two parties in San Francisco, and various functions at the house, our social year was really a big success. Acacia always takes pride in its athletics, and this year was no exception. Ray Schaal on the Crew, Ron Berridge in Rug- by, Willis Piper in Soccer, and Stewart Bender and Kim Wake- field in Track, were just a few of the Acacians who went out for college sports. All in all, Acacia ' s past year at Cal has been a very successful one, and we hope to do even bigger and better things in the future. ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Jack Braley JO G co k Robert Caw NNIORS Jerry Drams Rat 30149e Greg Haul! Jan Greiff Jilin Madman Date }ants Raymoed 10400 Martin Reite Robert Scat Jeep Vardenten SOPHOMORES R.hard KeIteQg Gil Gitchall John Lai. Jam How, iota M.00110 Ray SOull Pat NMI Wakefield Doi Weinbtrwr FRESHMEN Vet Garcia DanaM Scat Dan Van Gelder t- on ca2 re) r r diattai tea. funeral et tlaLL.Lii.S. 260 The Phi Rho Bachelordon Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho was the object of much attention from the local health authorities. SENIORS SAMOS Cotes Ora NAM, Rm Franklin Stan Gutman Lte Jatnagin Jack Thornton Mark Jennings JUNIORS Sod Birnbaum Bob Orton Lane Norm Bodell Ocerot Kli.Wll Hill Parson aaa Smith Bob Blackford Jim McNely Dare Russell ALPHA CHI RHO 2311 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY CHAPTERS Nevin Sturay FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES Pail P.orr Lary Otahk11 Bill Poe 1m Heedtese, Lyman Smith Dick Nennintsen Smith Al Habra.. Ron Wilson Roper HPirriPl% Sam Week, tisasam ii Ha r ti; r c astaiatibtairada 7 Pin 4 a14.4attscataitaisia 261 The Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity is a Professional Chemistry fraternity which was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1902. The growth of the fraternity has been steady and has ex- tended to all parts of the country. There are at present sixty-two collegiate chapters and thirty professional chapters. The Uni- versity of California Sigma Chapter was established in 1913. Nationally the fraternity sponsors the American Chemical So- ciety Award in Pure Chemistry. In spite of the numerous dances, various " bull sessions, " and other miscellaneous activities, the " AXE " house managed to maintain its high scholastic average. ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN GRADUATE Leigh Glut Cock Ely Bob Cairko Bob Fan Joe :Resist! Mote Slog Scott Mead Don Xusmicky Phil Andersen Jce De Grin Tom Jame; Lamy Replogle SytvaIn Mereales4er Paul Rom! Bill vnisce Jdtn Eletottoe Dos Turner 262 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Rica Battelle Arm Gerken Mike LAM, Jean Lao:woo Rich Thorn JUNIORS Julian Anabo Jim Berm Nick Collin) SOPHOMORES John Ca John Urethan. Dick Martha Tom Ras Rare Samarium Bill Steen FRESHMEN AY Leaky Jet Lasky Rowe llama MASCOT Con Gus Don MatIn Belton Mott Eric Wray Oed Slater Jack Ultimo Gaye Giddings Bea Ham Rick Johnson Dave Larsen Miley Payne Fred ItImdes John Schmidt Gen Eltradai er Hastings Jon e e 11 Adak S. I, T ef :gra eis La:AL 263 The past year has been a busy one for the A E Pis. A well rounded program of dances, exchanges, beer busts, athletics. campus ac- tivities, and cultural events left little time for anything else. The actives were requested to " Go to Hell " for the fall pledge dance which proved to be a " hot " dance. Other dances included Pajama Game, Oriental Dance, and our formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club, overlooking San Francisco Bay. The year wasn ' t all fun. though. Besides their party time the men again ranked high on the fraternity scholarship list. The highlight of the year was hav- ing A E Pi ' s beautiful candidate. Marlene Levy, chosen Home- coming Queen of 1955. The men enjoyed this year at Cal and hope that they ' ll enjoy many more of the same. ALPHA EPSILON PI 2728 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 SIXTY CHAPTERS SOPHOMORES Ed Reisman SENIORS JUNIORS SS HMS Bob Jail a Step Firestom Bed Koster FRESHMEN Stu SAM Sid KM: DNk SWAN: Mike Biala LOW Mel Scan Bun Folmun tee Milovitit ONk Marlll Al Se•iememe eti. e Ate i,. c . t, 264 This year has been a great one at A G 0. Beginning with an invasion of a San Fran- cisco stage play, continuing with progres- sive dinners, parties, spontaneous and otherwise, the social program swept to a brilliant close with the Annual Spring Banquet. Athletically, A G 0 fielded teams in nearly every sport within the intramural program. Basketball has been our strong- est point in recent years, and barring in- juries to key men should continue to be a threat. Scholastically, the fraternity al- ways tries for the most, whether it be cinch notices or grade points. Despite a near- record in the former, our pledges received the Scholarship Trophy. Alpha Gamma Omega. realizing that spiritual needs must be fulfilled for the well-rounded personal- ity, stressed such activities as Monday de- votionals, morning Bible study groups, and deputations to local church youth groups. Our motto: " Fraternity for Eternity. " ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2523 HILLEGASS AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 TWO CHAPTERS GRADUATE Robert Ware OonNelTbunas DSO SW% SENIORS Retell rugs. Letirrer Oho, Waller We Flue Keith Lana Ware Sullen Rklune Dole Richard Hama Monroe Other. JUNIORS Walter Meal SOPHOMORES Richard ream William mestmontea Greer Tennis Lawrence Gust hen Billy Pace Dale Setntsan FRESHMEN James Itehahad James Lisette= Paul LItdoist Donald WetSpanner David umber. Anatole Wirotabovria L 44;AsiAdria 17 r ri ealidatSiklk a r La lthetiali nal 265 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS SERIOUS JUNIORS GRADUATE Ramie Darnel Gana Cueslegs Terry D. torrisoe Robert It Lorimer Harry Leh:Ural% h khan A_ Baehr Jams F. Tidal D. Maynard Pinky Jason W. Gillett Jr An Catlett PRA D. Encino Anher H. Jacobsen Norman Locinexd Herten W. Parts Wu VI Camel C1Pient W. Peterson Karl O. Schorr. Jr. 266 Beginning the semester by pledging a lusty crew of lads, as is generally done in these times, AKL got the social ball rolling early with an " apache " pledge dance. The dance proved true to all good French traditions with the possible exception of certain legislation proposed by a M. Mendes- France. The intramural ball squad played its way to some degree of fame ; as did our contingents in other sports. A well-rounded social program left little to be desired. It included e verything from a swimming party to a formal held on Big Game night with our Stanford Chapter. The nice clean aspect of a new year in which to excel provided impetus for the pledging of several new members. These lucky fellows were treated to a Roman Toga party, the like of which would doubtless have had the revered bones of Caesar himself wildly a-spin. Numerous parties, exchanges, and beer busts ensued. The culmination of one of AKL ' s most prosperous years came in the form of our annual spring formal. We are now patiently awaiting the arrival of the mail man, and his post cards, hoping that we can return once again for more of the same. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Frank A. Steremo A Ronald Ronald Hintz Donerd M. Nelson Ted T. Sit-at Hubert 1. Townshend James R. Doyenne On H. Pak Entry Floyd Summers Ronald K. Green Rcben H. lalloty H. Stunt Ruth Gear Robe W. Week Nerdy F. Neal L Petems.- Wdlon Petr«ell, r cm) n n or h Stith tin t Ji Aea, 267 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2793 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS JUNIORS Phillip Zimmen SENIORS Erle Brown Gerald Connell Peter Munn SOPHOMORES Daniel Bentler Robert Cp:nee Jobs Hew !dm Jenkins !An La Gana Teomm Caetely Robert EllkIt Kea Mote Wee [Paean, SA I ' . tri; ii 268 All the Alpha Sigs returned from their summer homes in Bermuda, Nassau, Miami Beach, Ukiah, and Yuba City, all sporting charcoal brown suits with buckle back pants, anticipating rushing. We managed to pick up a few guys whom we hope to shape up during their five or six years at the big " U. " Our sparkling social program included many high spirited parties. The best parties were those for which the members were able to get dates. Academically speaking, we raised our grade point average for the third consecutive semester from .42 to .69 and now to .86, proud improvement record! Red•hottedly speaking, we had all sorts of jocks, vice committee chairmen, and T.A. ' s. In the intramurals, we participated! A touch of dignity was added to our premises through the presence of " Berkeley ' s finest " at our ceremonies in Alpha Sig circle. It was a glo- riously dissipated year, and it is certainly leaving indelible scars on us. Richard Clem! Michael Mattel Robert Inch terry Mo ose Roseate " FRESHMEN Grant Arcot Rear, Chueth lanadoa CIncroale Jean Gordon Johnson Robert Johnson Richard Linn Addy Reien t7 Stir la‘ Sid1111 -,, tc A twin b. 269 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2469 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Jdin Johnson e 0 Keller Mike Lentchao tr. n 77. itai1Sati at;hAlk tthai JUNIORS Al MU Asters Bill Russell Dick Who " Alike Fteenua Bob H1ASCOT Re. LaMaire Cade. Ragan Warne Stark Don Davis Tim Gordon Morro Karouse Al Slatrun Warren Retbirson Leland Willman Glen Donaldson Tom Grady Dave Kroll Forest Van Vlett ta dika r 1::: thtii iAt SENIORS Al Ames Glenn Atmater Buckley Frans Dolman 270 Dear I received your name and a personal recommendation from a an brother, alumnus, friend of the house. I wish to take this opportunity to extend to you the open hand ... of friendship from our truly open-handed group. Ours was one of the first fifty-two fraternities established and is founded upon the unique principle of service to God, mother and home. We are avid believers in the doctrine of a well-rounded en- vironment and number among our members anarchists, socialists, fascists, Republicans, Demo- crats, tight-rope walkers and aesthetes. We have garnered every school intramural championship for the past fifty years. Our social cal- endar is chock full of fun. The highlight of our social year is our blase dance. Everyone comes dressed in festive costumes and all work hard at being bored. All is not play among the Taus however. Scholastically we rank first one year and last the next (in keeping with our belief in a well-rounded house). We ' d like to have you drop by if you ' re over our way. If none of the enclosed dates fit your sched- ule, please feel free to ask for another and another and another ... For brotherhood and service Your friend WAYLAND QUINCE, Rushing chairman SOPHOMORES Walt Slime Art Berpken Warw. Whin Dee lAchlaraters Bill Price Ken Young Toni Sow Bull Emit Rick Berry Art (Micro Earl AkNall Gtteryt Reichert FRESHMEN Din Claxton Pete Grady Bob Cad . Ray LOSkil Phil Daft ReinhoM Tow Mute Grave Cowl Hy Grafton Ed HolPs Mova•6 Schirmer Bruce WI, t IiikstAIS‘iga r citesic eh Ili 271 SILL PORE HARRY SACKER Pres..:ent Vice•Preoldent BETA THETA PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS The boisterous brothers of Beta Theta Pi began another year of academic achievement with a Roman Toga Party, which amid cries of " Julius " — " Se izer, " was registered a naked success. The football season started out in a flurry of gridiron defeats. girls, gremlins, and GINger ale, and was consummated by the famed Omega demolition squad ' s mass movement upon Santa Cruz during the Big Game week end. With Big Boy, our infamous cook, putting the Seasonal Bird on the table, Thanskgiving slithered away easily. Although the Christmas formal was a mis- erable failure, all the brothers were blind with Yuletide Cheer. Among the favorite pastimes on the agenda for the spring semes- ter were : frequent evening seminars in the Berkeley hills, numer- ous visitations to the Varsity Milk Bar, the much publicized Root Beer Float, dahh Marlon Brands Parlay, and the loosing Beta Theta Pi pushcart. By an overwhelming majority, the Betas rounded out their suc- cessful year of campus participation by landing a candidate on the Freshman Council. and Penn Keller won the Indianapolis " 500 " ; on Champion Spark Plugs. SENIORS John 8140ey JoAn Bono Edgy Brandt, Jr. Ttooto Gamey, Jr Hullo MaValle Frank ROI Brock Settlemetr Allan Sinn Howard Tomei Don Wilton JUNIORS Thynat Benrett William Fos, Jr. Entne Fm Robot L. Laughlin Brute Hiatus Trutt . James Wiho. SOPHOMORES Darts Babes MlcAal Backer Paul Blake, Jr. DcomW Bandon Jack Coe David Crum Kennel, Frame Paul Glees Vaurke limpet Peat Kelln Theodore Mar tin RcOeft Wets RotaId Wfratcroft FRESHMEN Rosen WHO Rom% Brom Donald Bill Gorda Cmtra,o Georg Hill Louis Hooper Ed•md Kraft Ed•ard Lunn Dana Paul Paul Smith ra, nth kik% oast ean et-1 - c s2 = dot nom mat z r r ,n-- P2 • ;. t!. ‘diasiai ath At 2529 Hearst Avenue is the Chi Phi fraternity. Its graduate students include: Richard Congdon, Milton Meeker, Robert Pope, and Lawrence Weber. The seniors are: Joseph Bingantan, Hubert de Hein- rich, Keith Jewell, Richard Levis, Frank Merlo, Earll Riley, Donald Wells, and Ed- ward White. In the junior class we have Darryl Petersen and George Lewis. In- cluded among the sophomores arc: Robert Hode, James Lidster. Bates Mclndoe and John Wiesner. Filling the remaining space are the following first-year men : David Allen, Richard Clark. John Fraser, Michael Good, Clemens Lauf enberg, David White. Thomas Lloyd. Roger Mil- ler, John Reid, Stephen Retter, and Bruce Rice. Also seen occasionally on the premises are a cook called Porter and a beast named Chintz. CHI PHI 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED ISM THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATE JUNIOR Rebel SENIORS Keith Jewell Each Racy Darryl AMISH, SOPHOMORES Bates Idaho Jots Witmer Rietaed Clark Charm Laketon Jehn Reid David White Mesh Bingaman Richard Levis Nelda Well. RCOOS Nell FRESHMEN Jobe Pratt Thomas LISTJ Sense Renee MASCOT NAM de Heinrich Era:Min Meek Ward White James Litter David Allen Michael Geed Raw Milkr BMX Rite Chintz 7-1c A c tA AP tid Sh r c)rellsitrirs:;) ki heist. tits MAU 273 274 Alpha Delta Delta of Chi Psi has enjoyed a successful year, which was marked by increased participation in campus activities and on the athletic front. Chi Psi ' s served Cal on her Football, Water Polo, Rugby, Basketball, Track, and Baseball teams. We eased the academic tensions with various intermittent social functions including costume parties, exchanges, week-end soirees, and hayrides. We are all gratified that our academic standing has been maintained at a relatively high level. A year of extensive improvement on the Lodge itself was initiated with the repainting of the front of the structure. We are looking for- ward to an even better year to come in all phases of academic and social life. CHI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Worm Mena Meisel Hen E. Laurette Chserch JUNIORS Robert Coleman William Matter. Jamee Waukee James Barber William Fire Ivan Raekt Richard McDonnell Walter Boyso Donald Freeman Thomas Relief Leonard Rithards Job, WM1Oner Robert Good SOPHOMORES Robert Haire Richard Cole Eduard Mascatin James 001 Junes Minim thoael Webb Donald Morrison FRESHMEN Barton Lyle Reenkt Shenocd Freeman Ritfwd Pierce Dunn Road ' SJernin Hall Norman Prcifitt Rohakl Steven Ed J Gecelrey Wahl cs 2 r• ri,..) n , • iniussa htt ,,. .. ittbira c A Ilk di ;sit ' bit sill IS t AS i m, 7$ :711 „In ,, i ._, n L stAtihsiiiii,,estiva is Ike:cc pr- ata ti This was a big year for Dellers; we started off the fall social events with a terrific swim and steak feed. Many of our alumni attended in order to start the semester rolling with a close almuni-student associ- ation and with this extra support on the part of the alums, our social calendar has been full. The many events that we have had have been more than enough to keep all of us on the go. Our Christmas dinner dance was held at the house this year ; all the Dellers got together and really did a bang-up job on the arrangements. This Christmas dance and the rest of the many events of this past year will long be re- membered by the present members of Del Rey. DEL REY 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER SENIORS Loos Sanchez John R4001 FRESHMEN Sbamt Met Richard Comecon Mast ram JUNIORS Pal 1.0U9h0Ca0 Tom RotIMs Ds Made Richard Peppin Girard Rote Can Wood JAMS Cram Rkhaod Harm! JAM Bentsen Sena, Miller SOPHOMORES Jobe Na. Pao. Turner Deb Hunk MASCOT Out Edward, !Puce Mcfmmkk Ccrtly Con., n Arland Renown !bawd Satan Ow Judd Bract Want. ' Clarke Milk, UOOA 2,..n1 , tt ri its $ ca tithe.. a:AsfaUl ' a .a.attfis . c , _ 1,± __,k da4 ht. its aisath 14 A ,:::, ir 17 17) ii r 4, i•etaitkat...4, t j 275 DELTA CHI 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS The California Chapter dedicated itself to making this year suc- cessful as old traditions were continued in the social calendar while new activities also found great favor among the members. The Mardi Gras provided a new atmosphere as the costumed Delta Chis danced with their dates in a street of Old New Or- leans. However, the highlight of the fall semester shown at the Tracy Inn as the Big Game Dinner and Dance climaxed a week ' s work on the Delta Chi-Joaquin Hall float and the Big Game. The spring semester and rushing started off with a large pledge class eager (at first) to begin pledge duties and embark upon growing into fraternity membership. Continued endeavor to improve grades was the note of the spring semester, but everyone let up for the Hawaiian Dance and its preparations of palm leaves, mats, cocoanut shells, masks, and heavily scented gardenias and camel- lias. The year brought changes in ideas and faces—a year marked with success—and represented that combination of work and play which made for happiness on all sides. JUNIORS In Wilton lighard Winfrey SENIORS Franklyn Rots lam Giles III SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN David ()Nis Enable An:Pearl. Robert Davie Monti. Math Erhard bitten John Tee, Jr. Clarks Compute Norman Wilma David Batten Mkt. Ring III 276 • Long noted for its conservative influence on University affairs, Delta Kappa Epsi- lon once again enjoyed a quiet school year. Our days were filled with classes and con- versation, interrupted occasionally by breaks for joy. See you next year. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS SENIORS James Reef Jces, Hardy William Griffiths Ernest V. Mt Gary Shaffer Will ilin Crthfmel Mules Grillithit FRESHMEN Frank Heat JUNIORS Conks Wanton., Jars Garry Harold Griffith Albert Smith Peter Ashby Fred Gelled Brun Michas Sloan Mthe Eduard Corner SOPHOMORES Joan Nut° Oudley KAM Pam Wagner William Cole Robert Fairchild Canon Mitchell Peter Houma, James r Hatt Jo " r Antaday Griffin Herb Knill Thereat Wells Robert Darn. Walton Lewis Wallace Trapnell r r 4ticiadiAl 271 DELTA SIGMA PHI 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS JUNIORS SENIORS MCKIM Mead GM Bud Bob [wary GOMOn Frolic), Fr. Maw Jim Pen:liff{PM BID °nodal Jerry Cron) Clack Mack Ciutatin Taylor Bob Carmody Ray Elite Bill Hallam.. Jim Nitta Nam Truax n alt t1 41 tits ea t rd radialai siaAka C 278 Here we go again. It wasn ' t particularly an interesting year. The year ' s main project to redecorate our living room fell through along with the ceiling. But not all was lost, as we no longer have to deepen our basement. However, not ones to be easily discouraged, we have adapted admirably to the rope ladder to the second deck. Socially, our little club mushroomed all over—parties, banquets, and balls. Topping the gala whirl was our Carnation Stomp at Mel ' s and the Initiation Banquet at North Gate. In keeping with our national policy, the year ' s top exchange was with the local WCTU chapter. Our Sailor ' s Ball was given an authentic twist as the December draft, assisted by the Dean ' s Office, cleared out the more patriotic and less intelligent brothers. All these, along with hundreds of assessment dances, left our brothers financially and morally exhausted. Athletically, our house was fairly strong this year, as anyone who smelled them can testify. Our football season was climaxed in the first week when our coach was hung, but not in effigy. In spite of a typical Cal season, we came back to win the conference championship in backgammon. Once again we thought we smelled roses, but it turned out to be only our team. Our scholarship was unbelievable, depending upon how much emphasis is placed on good grades. And, in conclusion, we say to all ye doubters, " Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. " SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Jack Can knead Gianeta Dane X indeel Ted Selby Alan Burt Ron bitten NOW Emmet Charlet Kilmer Larry KmIrolsim Wslaws Wel Lam Fireball Pail Ram Jim Shively Pete livarim ,_37) nisatti. Atett AleA AA ABA $.1 A tat 279 DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 1111.i.S1DE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE. 1838 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 18918 EIGHTY•F1VE CHAPTERS JUNIORS Roy lifeline SENIORS Hot Callaway Rai Fneben Lowell Weigel. Chuck leoltIced Steve Dime Dick Plat R. 8. Rehard Ron StOnnenot Cheek Wflth 4444 Ornit Cary Hill SOPHOMORES Pete Crtbbni Jim fume J0,1 Reynolds Bel Stuart Bruce Tonne Torn Wriebt Hared Eni! John PtILIO Dan BeIhni siii irb- 1 _f tit mita i A IS an 1sic tit is 1 1 fia p :ft 280 The gregarious nature of the brothers reached its pinnacle during the course of the past year— Brotherhood in its fullest blossom. Quail hunting absorbed a good deal of time for most of the Deltas and the week ends found several of the bruthers shooting bird. The highlight of the social calendar was our annual exchange with Muthers ' Club and though somewhat anticlimactic, we attempted a Big Game float. It sank. We instigated a queen contest but from its inception, it showed signs of weakness for, although we advertised, nobody wanted to be our Queen. Emphasis in scholarship was unsurpassed in the annals of D. Tau D. and it wasn ' t without reward for we were fourth on campus (reading the list from the bottom up). The jamming machine replaced the other forms of maintaining discipline and any squeak trying to rank was considered candy and was dealt with in quick order. Looking back on it, it was a great year for the Delts. In fact, as my old Grandmother used to say ... Guy Maas. Frank Kong Bill Scram, FRESHMEN Scott NMOes Oak OhIwo Tony Terrance Sky Arnold Charles CoOkay Chyle; DOW Pismo Meek Bob Patton Sahn Wllxn Wylie Keen Jim Reinheirme Sleet Vantrms Mtn Cox Doren DAMN Bon Gannon Roper Peterson Torn Ready Gary Wulhter9 ,t71 r4t1 beittAtaaitli P rin " tibk11 ALI S LZ stir:C it f), CP go 281 DELTA UPSILON 2426 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1835 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS JUNIORS Graham Gitedni Joni Kalardtraf .din O ' Connell Astraw Bartell Robert firoonlet Check Clay Ted Gamy Sod Sayre Bill Adami Rod Griffin Mark Ythenn Bill Rhoadn Wesley Luker James COley Terry Gaither III Michael Hors Cheek Taylor Mike Carpenter John Holt Room Yelnli Oon Simi 282 We, of Delta Upsilon, believe that a fraternity should be like a dry martini—a blend of fine in- gredients mixed with a master hand. As any bartender knows, a good martini should be very dry —6 to 1 is an excellent proportion. Therefore, using our two ingredients, scholarship and social activities, we proceed to mix a very dry martini. The proportion used of each ingredient we leave to the active mind of the reader. The meteoric emergence of Delta Upsilon from the scholastic cellar to the rarified atmosphere of the upper academic echelons was perhaps the most noteworthy event of the year. This strange, unpredicted and unprecedented happenstance was the result of intelligence, fortitude and low class averages. Coasting on our cushion of gratuitous grade points, the D. U.s also found time to en- hance and promulgate our reputation as " bon vivants, " and exponents of the good and or social life. Although rather hampered by the omnipotent and uncorruptible eye of our thrice-accursed administration, we managed to continue the well-established tradition of revels which often lasted until the first rays of the Golden Sun. It was extremely gratifying to the social chairman that these functions met with unanimous, or practically unanimous, approval. Although most of the brothers lean toward the academic rather than the athletic, we managed to field numerous athletic teams which represented D. U. on the intramural scene. Now that the echoes of the past year have faded into the rose-tinted memories. we of Delta Upsilon can look back over the joyous events of the bygone year and look fonvard to the mix- ing of other, and perhaps even drier, martinis. Knn Wil144 Jerry Thompson SOPHOMORES Rich Er Pierre Predis Kurt Tecbee AI Csandlef Sob Ilaitim Soh Hammen FRESHMEN Norm Freed Pat Robin Kavonaol, Don Purest Ralph Wallace Lew Cobb Diet Jort110 Jack Moskowitz Bob kids Joe Hs,I,iM JOta lic•ttfitOn Milt Moortion Earl Reese it teas 283 KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY•SIX CHAPTERS JUNIORS Chick Thorp:pin SENIORS Jot. Mcatemon Bob Room Deck Oventrett SO RHO IA OR ES Sill ARM Sob Seale ale Chart Don Giant Ton Jacobs Ron Peterson Got bury Sob Rennie Teary Ocean Rage. Seac Cant Cgt.Mo Hat Durgin Alan Dick Maim Let Ridgway Don Volima, Sill Wallace Dennis Danith C 1: MUM A lid r` a ' k 284 Another happy year away from home. Degenerates all! Some of the brothers took out different girls, but most of them were content with a normal college life. Our mascot, a dog, was finally forced to take a rest. This was in part due to suspicious circumstances surrounding the attentions he seemingly received from some of the less fortunate members. We intend to purchase two new sturdier dogs for next year. The brothers have spent a good many hours in the making of a truly representative piece. This is understandably hard to do, but we never tire of trying, and most of us believe that we have finally crossed the barrier. Of course, some aren ' t quite sure. So ends a report on progress. On Faraday Gots Lyons Pfil McGinn Ed Maris FRESHMEN Joe KiNegev., Gaspe Mackin., Salt McGowan Join Rvbero Bank Simpson Sill Eddins Jo! iceman Jan McGinn RJOrty Pond Dos Le Bill Maya Bill Meyer Pete Sixtus Jet Uotroth Jel Farrell Fran Innis BM NUNN, Ron Wryly t itStkila la at t AIL 0,€.1 285 KAPPA DELTA RHO 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS The 1955-56 term will be remembered by all KDRs as the year of Sam. All through the year of Sam, KDRs kept up what they believed to be a well-balanced program of studies, athletics. activities and social life. The social season was highlighted by a Winter and a Spring Formal, two pledge dances, the Big Game Puckers, and the annual Ski Dance, as well as weekly record dances, exchanges, and TGIFs. Although most KDRs were active in campus activities, everyone spent time in the running of the house. Ed Olson, fall president, and Dave Jones, spring president, both did a fine job in leading the house to a successful term socially and academically. The loss of Babe, our mascot, was one bad spot in the past year but a new KDR one was finally obtained after a long search for the right kind of dog and it proved to be as popular as the old one. Rea Wear Frank Stoll FRESHMEN JUNIORS One Jones Jim lanen Tan Tellelsen Dave Hoerlard Bill Jon.. Larry Axtell Tom Neel. Stewart LIrdauee SOPHOMORES Don Roberts Doug Roberts Ron Gollielham Jim gala ecb Bob Chocks Mt mote Babe GRADUATE James Hodges Thomas Boger Dick Casarottl SENIORS Barton Byers Ed ONee Nab BUM Lynn Gimmpoier Jack (Mown c Pit) es.: c esteatthilat. k get L r ro tibiltabitiwAtAits c., salts SA 266 E ' Twas the night before finals, and all thru our house Not a creature was stirring, save Nelson, that souse. Gone, the sweet scent of malt front our halls God, life is bare, sans parties and balls. No time now, to irrigate flowers and lawns The tri-Delts must miss those memorable dawns. And Sandy just lies there ; we know in his head He must think all his masters are certainly dead. Those water bags on Fridays were such fun to throw But in blue books, the throwing ' s quite different you know So we knuckle down, buckle down ; our books we attack Cramming and cramming—let ' s get a six-pack ! PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Dale Enda Jerry 8aCkstrard Stem Kroll Jerry Sinttier JUNIORS Keith Moseley SOPHOMORES Wayre Bryce Rick LreflOn From Son Denis DeLothl Bill Hello Joh. Amos Chinks Butler Keith Nelson Jim Waters Al Jardestm Date Pennon Torn CM Ben Coining Bob Owens John Winship Kett Xiibite Bob Witte Haply CAliolt Noel Sunset Al Coldeederg FRESHMEN Vinson SaNth Don McCarthy Rich Leach Don Riccl Al Revers Fred Pape Sant Diemen frn rt Eltsb nib ' Ls% daath r 1-7;) n fie t. 287 KAPPA NU 2714 RIDGE. ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. N.Y.. 1911 TWENTY CHAPTERS Ilartlo Stoats GRADUATES SENIORS JUNIORS Urn 1.4wrat Kroll Nagy Mallet Laurence Dolb:4I RIthard Albert Davit Bibti Claud. Gin Mani. Kurtz Ward Stew Rudolph Kaman Plinio Lavin r Stanford Lyrun Jay Begun Ronald Fink Sander Crossfeld Ocuoto Rosenberg Laved Cohn Norman Kaman PtinalOn Limos Stewart SchweWelaberrali2 I n n 2 pi, " rio... t.„- Sa Lt it. Isli .2, ..-. • t 4 Itailailiii i r r n tosii r P ,A th, II 289 This past year the men of Kappa Nu continued to search for truth and higher learning. Some con- templated the futility of man ' s existence ; others were in favor of abolishing wire-tapping as evi- dence; and one engineer locked himself in his room, worked with slide rule and calipers for eight months, and finally emerged with a detailed assembly drawing of the human soul. On the lighter side, the KN ' s social season was a smashing success. In December, the Annual Christmas Party for Underprivileged Sorority Girls was well attended, with Santa passing out such coveted goodies as fraternity pins, Cadillacs, and money. And everyone had a wonderful time at the Spring Formal, this year held at the beautiful Crabby Joe ' s. with dancing to the music of Vic Troia and his orchestra. Even with the house manager ' s diligent efforts to minimize expenses. house bills had to be raised, to cover the bribes demanded by various authorities, who kept com- ing around at all hours of the night and threatening to take away the wine cellar. Rather than sub- mit to such gross injustices, the rising costs of living were partly offset by a very successful com- munity-service project. The pledges spent the entire month of March traveling between Ciudad Juarez and San Diego ; all in all, they transported upwards of two thousand wetbacks across the border. Around the house there was always something going on. April was highlighted by an ex- change with the Young Socialist League, and one in May was held with the San Francisco Home for Unwed Mothers. In the warm weather, water fights were perpetual, but drownings were kept at a minimum, and, due to the inflexible nature of our Firechief, many disasters were narrowly averted. Such prominent alumni as Thomas Jefferson, Aristotle. and George Washington Carver would be proud to come back and see the heights to which Kappa Nu has risen this past year. And the men are looking forward to the opening of even greater vistas in the years to come. SOPHOMORES Anew. Tvgaie bey Davis Steve Holman Lloyd Lab FRESHMEN Mania Elleteerg JAWS Lewis Allan Slapire Paul Berman Harold Cousw Kenneth Kolru Rodney Levin Robert Me naelsclin Donald Routherg Engine Hannan Paul LRAM (beard Tanaka Lelnd Blum Barr Emsl Brian Landsberl Jonathan Lmimon Al Nt9rin BLAZt c i_. tas 0 (cimbi, , ? tip si sat, 120 KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS ASSOCIATE Ylaa CaRp: ..:. Ca SENIORS Carlos Arc1 49,1e Jac Uhl lake Deck Comp FrOm{ Watt HAOglead Job N1911 Bob Kuhlasin Cal Lama Jack LeVild4 Stoop McInnis Don More Ben Stimstaan Kea VifItteil Dsk whey JUNIORS Clay Bradley Dick Day Otcnis Dittmrs Gary Dorman Ion Frown ROW Hello Jim Little Fa, Wattanxcl tp, • Asti ialtagatte k P ,,0 €.5, try thstA :AAA ' 290 What a year this has been ! We ' ve done almost everything under the sun. Of course in order to ac- complish the fulfillment of our social obligations, CPA ' s were bound to slip a wee bit, but we managed to " hang in there " scholastically too. After a very successful rushing, we pledged eighteen, and football began. Several of the K-Sigs were on the varsity team. They were Carlos Fackrell, George Souza, Murdo Nicolson, and Frank Mattarocci, who was injured early in the season. On the froth team were Tony Perrin, Bob Comartin, and Del Krause. Others out for sports included Mike Baxter (track) and Nicolson, Mattarocci, John High and Dick Willey on the rugby team, also Clay Bradley (tennis), and Ben Stirnaman (baseball). Parties were the high- light of the social year. Those which were particularly outstanding included our fabulous Spring South Seas, the Christmas Formal, Big Game Smash, and " Bolieme " theme plus the many other " Saturday Nighters. " Exchanges, beer busts, a Christmas Party for Orphans, TGIF ' s, and some- thing new—TGITs—made our social year one o f the best ever. House officers for the Fall were Ken Vantress, president ; Carlos Andrade, vice-president ; Dick Willey, treasurer ;and Jack Levi- tan, secretary. Also many members are affiliated with such campus organizations as Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune, Golden Bear, Scabbard and Blade, etc. All in all we Kappa Sigs had another great year, one which we will long remember. on " Jfri a et a • r ea BM SPAM FRESHMEN Dick Ikea M.I.e Baster SOPHOMORES Harry Bahr Bill Harris Ross Kerr 8® Camelia Cad r lek Charlie Greer Jos Prescott Frank Stevenson Don Tann Roy Messer Bob tale Jim Ogle Jahn MidelAtt Tony Perrin Dan Skoostrom Dick Dick Hicks Del Krause Bob isnot nfram-iN stakiat:k 291 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS GRADUATE JUNIORS AIN MeNhIrter Nike Elnaa:RY Jelin Canon Ben KUitia Ibny Lento Bob Paysalacqua Robert Bald " Bob Galletly Jack Knaton SENIORS Jim By.ssio Cad Croedona Re, Kiln9. .10n Mills Bud Reetky Jim Bexley Bruce John " . Del McComb Clay Bet Oak CatOenee Hen rty BUI K tk Mite Palette Dick UytItt Men Damning 8111 Kenner J " Payne n iiirALM aithAttimita ir a A taiusia stint it • 292 " I have certainly noticed that unmitigated athletics produce a sort of ferocity, and a merely literary and musical education makes men softer than is good for them. " (Plato) Somewhere between Elmer Olvensinski and Liberace lies Lambda Chi. We pride ourselves on ferocious representation in track and crew, with nonetheless grrr in intramural activities; all this is amply balanced by our fine scholastic standing. accredited of course, to our Apple Polishing Party of the Fall, where was established better student-faculty understanding. The frosting on our cake that we bake here is supplied by the selection of another volup tuous blonde Daffodil Queen (our tenth annual) as well as by our social calendar. As we must " ... purge ourselves of luxuri- ous excess " we naturally cracked down to a mere whale of a season of social excess: the Alca- traz, the Jungle Dance, the Spring Formal, all those plain Saturday Mite parties, our great ex- changes. etc., etc.. etc. To add to our season ' s success were two organizations behind us with full support—our alumni and our Mother ' s Club. In fact, things rolled so smoothly this year that a new house will be built to make more room for our expanding heads. We ' ll remain on Northside, however, since we could never do without swimming in the Creek and lolling on our spacious lawns. By the way, we are all applicants for Plato ' s Utopia. Chuck Pince Sob Patch Oen Reuse Clog Ryder Claude Schultz Bob SaabSaab Geoid Wettest " Bill MSc., SOPHOMORES f5 Club Okk Wittier Pete Flechel Sob Gotteall Lea Lerma Darryl Roberson anzz Schmitz FRESHMEN Jerry Cartlente Jack CA1173 .knn Coil Matt Cowin Ned Nye Ron r Cease Fast., Bob McCarty Rat Elton Smith Ilan WillLtme ali A tab r r :13 rar ti 4,4 i∎ fn r israiws-,P.ithodaa 293 PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN CHAPTERS Chides lase SENIORS Ed Segall JUNIORS Tem Coorad Tea KOS Okk Om Too Costley Webb Notes Oka ante. Dick Parsee John Valley Bill el Gant Co Alas Klee Bill NIMES Wolf Merl ladles NM Law Be Sanford 0.1rlb Terteerd Paul koala! Jim Granite. Dam Leak Bill Soon Li Ili INA cir• tral akiciaLlatc,,,Sh 1,1 si7 era AAA tr. 294 The fall semester found the Phi Delts engaged in their usual number of diversified activities. These activities were so diversified that it was deemed necessary by the gids that we take an ex- tended vacation from our many more publicized soirees and devote our entire output to scho- lastic endeavors. We are glad to announce that this policy has greatly increased with the level of our intellects and the Phi Delts will probably place in the top five scholastically this fall. A good bunch of fellows was rounded up in rushing to do the work around the house, and a good number even found time to turn out for freshman football. In the Axe-Review before Big Game, the Phi Delts also proved their worth as thespians by en- tering a skit and winning first place in their division. This was a new activity for us to take the place of our former ones, and it turned out so well that we are considering an offer to appear at the Blackhawk for three weeks this spring. Many improvements were made on the house before the semester. The ceilings in the downstairs were repainted, and the Mother ' s Club came through for us again by having the stairs recarpeted as well as getting us a new grand piano. The major project undertaken by the Phis themselves was the installation of a basketball court. Plans are continuing for our barbecue, swimming pool, and parking lot. It will only be a matter of time before these projects will be completed. Willard Price ice Rkhardsca Jim Rhoads Dick Scrimer FRESHMEN Charlet McNeill Jim Pato John Sealer John Hamm tarn Olney Don Shea Clutha, Buckley Don Himard Doug Mayberry Jim Pearce Mark water Den it Coombs Ckarki Janson Bryan Pearma SOPHOMORES hely Cattalo ChatIts Can Fred net Okk Jacobsen Stem Ginola Bryce McCaw.laol tikAbtrik et fr crm- r r- ca: Ars a thithAVAditil , eat di giAtiala 295 PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE ENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1930 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS John Wilson Starky Sparks SENIORS levies lewd Arthur Retread JUNIORS Peter planer John Leavitt Jerry Mike Alan StereAsOn Wllliu Scan Cchnorel GlIeJerskert William Loveless Neat Rowan Havel Stone Don realer Duncan NKSwain Jim Nth . SOPHOMORES Rickard Cooper Nick Hummel Rctete PrIndk Jim Soo Riclurd Fano Rotors Gould Richard Manpsn Jack RcOtornon Sam Elddle ‘. " :. • ' ,t4 Ack:LLAL,:i4:Li. .771 r sthiiiitk kaki N. • 296 Looking back over the sands of time, one finds that Phi Gamma Delta enjoyed its usual unfor- gettable year, cutting a long and bloody swath through the customs and mores of the fraternity system. However, we remained undetected by those in authority whose attention was necessarily drawn to such things as Burton Abbott, assault and battery cases, jet explosions and the practice of free love by the bohemian element within a hammer and sickle ' s throw of Sather Gate. We greatly acknowledge the leniency of Berkeley ' s undermanned police force. without whose help these crimes could not have been perpetrated. Socially, we had a veritable ball. Most memorable in the twisted little minds of the brothers was the Christmas Formal, the Grass Skirt (16 arrests) and the Muthah ' s Club Charity Luncheon to establish a home for alcoholic alumni. However, we look back most longingly at the Christmas Party we gave for underprivileged girls over 18. Yes, sir, it was a festive holiday. We remained within the limit of the law since all we had to drink was egg-nog, which as you know is made up of egg and nog-nog, that ' s Islandic for wood alcohol. Since everyone was tired of eating dog meat for lunch, we switched our mascot this year to a talk- ing Mynah bird which picked up its vocabulary in the sewers of Chicago. We feel, however, that through the good example set by members of the house. this vocabulary problem will be quickly cleaned up. at which time the bird will be accepted by the house as a duly initiated member and continue to lay talking eggs for our breakfast enjoyment. These talking eggs tended to scare our cook for awhile but she was compensated by an adequate salary raise. This. then, was our year. Little more can be added without jeopardizing our position as a social fraternity. We led the good life. As far as grades went, we all got them. It was a year of triumph and tragedy, blood, sweat and tears, merriment and mayhem. And please don ' t believe the vicious rumors started by rival fra- ternities that we are hiding Adolph Hitler in our linen closet. Thank you! Phil Simpson Peter Cloche Jaws Sultry-b., Jr. Joie- Carislewd Retort Ranh RkMrd Kelso Robert Maths aw weaver Narrate Caroaca FRESHMEN Don Derby Jack Han Robert Koch Ted Matthew, Doe Nelsta Ken sew MASCOT Carl Selman F. Macaroon Frank Dorm Jay Hutt. Thomas Litwin Raton Moatcomay Kea Petrco Fmk. Stillmaa Ditty air r t s. t F (.7; alita astb 11 A cr) r etc, 71 r tiaikaAft .1ST. atin i. crnn geallft la 297 PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 SIXTY CHAPTERS JUNIORS SENIORS Fulton Mather Han) Summits Rry Arata Paul Allan Gay John Stew Robtrt Bra " N4.1 Fon William tone Roben ROW Wright Clad( Beam Owlet Cops tit) AAtit AI in 298 We of Phi Kappa Psi are proud to say that it has been another rousing year at Cal Gamma. To start things off right, we banished apathy by unanimous consent. With this spirit, there was nothing to stop us. Every party was a splendid success—just ask the few that went to them—the Flapper Ball in the fall and the South Seas in the spring proved to be most interesting and enter- taining. In intramural sports it looks like Phi Psi will once again be in the top five or ten — we showed up for all games. This is due, in part, t the many recreational areas about the house such as a combination football field and parkin; lot in front, volleyball court and outdoor patio in back, and our own indoor tennis court. Tryin; to equal our scholastic record of last semester, we meticulously maintained study hours and fitted all those who were silent. All in all, we hate to brag, you know ; but what the heck, we enjoyed a successfully balanced year. Oolun Gtints Ron Hof Inni Join Sclimitotia SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Nit Howard Robert PoNnus Heir, %wenn Octmlas Halbert Nol Lorna Witham Re moat Any StPi Alex Too lines stalk: 1 sc? 299 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1765 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATE WI Vinod JUNIORS SENIORS Don Cram TOM RAM Mike Aka Sine Myth Sob Bill Asecnon Bob Fact It Lie Gustation of Fanner DIA cold Keit KertItnen Ray Lan .tolayien Rudy Wale. Brute Beknoo Bob F raw U. Hewer ezt,i Naar 1 els, A r r r 914 isZ s • It Ai aradiatisitaThth 300 Fall of ' 55 found the PHI KAPS assembling at t he " Skull House " for the big fall intramural event, RUSHING. Our rushing " Mogul " Thorpe deployed his " Sandbaggers " to the local hotels where it was every prospective pledge for himself and may the better participant emerge victorious. We all had high hopes for acquiring a unique pet for the house in the person of a skunk, Mlle. FIFI. The only thing that got high was the aroma de FIFI. Our big fall social event, the Dive Dance, was a greater success this year than in preceding years. The Oriental theme which took us to the " land of many squints " really set the pace for the en- thusiasm and spirit needed to make this event the success it was. The great job of decorating and the costumes were a credit to all the " Skulls. " We almost lost the Flo Chadwick of the house, Pete Benson, when he attempted a one and a half step over nose dive into the lotus blossom pool. The pledges took their big event early in December. With the Mother ' s Club supplying the culinary finery the Phi Kaps had two memorable exchanges, the " Silver Fizz " breakfast and the " Screwdriver " dinner. Its beans for the rest of the semester, but worth it. With the advent of fall the Phi Kaps also ushered in the intramural sports program with an offer- ing to the God of Sports, Jock LeStrap. Off to a slow start, this proved to he the right panacea for we ' ve been climbing steadily to the top of the intramural ladder, without the help of " The Daily Cal ' s " publicity. Highlight of our football endeavor was our annual " Little Big Game " with our Stanford chapter which we won 14-6. The Paul Larson of the squad, Bob Owen, kept up his record of never losing to the Stanford men in three years, thanks to his field generalship and a hard- working team. Spirit and determination are high and will be the big factor for the Black and Gold Blasters. f SOPHOMORES TomISESR iroHMANd, Ed Urine Jet f Heppe! Mare Tuft Ax Ayilms Jerry Earatet Dale Hadar Ray leaym Jay Neiman MASCOT Charlet James Diet Pressley Jemy ZerdlerCaldym Oar Cam Pete HIndo Ed lAwr Jar Rena, Petenla !alp ( " Pk , ,• Alserd_ ittlattstistA IC ill tc41 A 301 PHI KAPPA TAU 233$ PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS GRADUATE Richard Lehrnao Jam Russell SENIORS Ed DeMatti Arlin Mills Bill Row Alan Smith Duane ktp erd Dolph Leffler Nornun Parsons Leighton Royston Erma JUNIORS Don Anderson Fred Si lha Bob Clarke Carl Harris Set Ott Nick Poppin Don ROA Torn Ritstli Wayne Vim ' A th tibia r • • SOPHOMORES Honed Andrews Rog Gayle-, Cli• r a itt 302 Dear Pop: Lots of news from the Phi Tau house this past semester. Activities began when most of the upper classmen arrived to see how rushing had gone, and the excitement mounted when Wayne and FA changed rooms and Don left school ... too bad (about Wayne and Ed) I Hank and Mary were married in October, and then Hank left school, too. Bruce and Arlen were almost thrown out of the Men ' s Rooting Section at the Washington game for holding up the right cards and spoiling one of the card stunts; they got into trouble with Rally Committee again for " sticking around " for the " All Hail " after one of the basketball games ... redhots! There were lots of athletes in the house though: Howard upset Carl for the House Championship in Beaver- shooting ; Don retained his lead in the bird-dogging competition, and because other guys kept throwing sand in their faces at Balboa, Duke and Gordon started a Charles Atlas course by correspondence. Oh, yes. we also found out that we had placed third in intramural sports in 1955 ... we won the All-University Softball Championship that year ; remember, you and Mom flew up from Benicia to see the game. The annual Underprivileged Children ' s Christmas Party was upset just a little when Duane started kicking one of the eight-year-olds, because she wouldn ' t let him play with the sawed-off shotgun one of the guys had given her. But it was lots of fun, and it was nice to see their happy little faces as they left with their presents, especially little Max, as he walked out the door carrying his new slot machine. Of course the big news of the year was that Rookie got a date for the Highland Fling Formal at Cannel, and has seen quite a bit of her since. Incidentally. I owe the House $493.00, and even though the House Manager said to forget it. I ' d like to pay some of it. Please wire $50.00. Jim Beam Your son, Ray Shun Blli Ycunit Duties Dahlgren Georcs Ye,ni FRESHMEN ein Lather John McGV is Rith Snort Do, SPrigUe MASCOT Gary Sequel Terry MeOrnrom. John Parker J•rn Smith Ed Werner vc, r -- cc .Arn Hefty Klehn Don dotal.% Tom Palma Galin Lew Conk!, Marva Joan Ponin Walter Paulin Bill Nankeoille Roy Rannonf tri, re. ra • r :77) atatairlisit 303 PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN CHAPTERS .• • t loolf Stinky SENIORS James Fdtry Don Rosa. MicMel Welt Gerald Teadennin Arthur 09r1 Gear Larson Seddon Pilda11 Alder. Barstad by Brunt ' s se John Ha detect Jain Mason Ow Race JUNIORS Ed Fitzgerald Rapated Mathis Pelee Nevenratr (Ince Bret Peter Byrne Molars ,lf " - Meal Jack Ryan Harbet Clark Mat% JOhetaa Jack McCamell Jack novo r r r p ' Lat. giii Aeatibli SA • 304 The PiKas spent another glorious year living up to their motto of Sex, Sin, and Syncopation. A true fraternal spirit of come one, come all was kept throughout the Pi Kap ' s various activities. The highlight of our fall semester was the winter formal which was held in the cellar of Bacon Hall. There was no band, but combs, waxed paper, and tambourines were passed out at the door. We managed to donate to the Campus Home for Unwed Fathers and bob for beebee ' s in tubs of Vodka. On the intramural side we were again triumphant in the Annual Sewer Submarine Races from the I House to the Estuary. In a more philanthropic moment we managed to give a Christmas party for needy children. The affair got out of hand, however, when some of the Brothers began to drink the children ' s presents. With spring we saw an even less exciting semester. We had no parties, no dates and one exchange (cancelled). A few of the alumni managed to stimulate our annual Dream Girl Formal ; some parents came and one brother managed to get a date. Our House President ' s mother was chosen Dream Girl, as at the time of vote, the other four couples had left the dance. Although academics were not stressed this year, one of the more studious brothers undertook the complicated study of a comparison between the position of the stars and the overhead sewage sys- tems in China and discovered these astounding facts: 1. There are 14 Indians still living in the State of Delaware. 2. Saltpeter is more radioactive than Thorium. 3. At exactly 12:45 am., June 7, it will be high tide in Honolulu. Retert Wend Gordon Shanks Chalet Wart Chili Marton Donald Collins Roy Jaettes Jobs McKeedree Donald Sch.ab FRESHMEN Winston Small Dennis Watt SOPHOMORES Jack Elliott Karim Tom McLaughlin en Marvin Tonto John Michael Warren Solberg Edmard Weiss Marshall Ban Curt Higgins William Melon Ronald Ream, Richard Welt Richard Kybn Petty Raffetto P n a A 305 PI KAPPA PHI 4634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS Our motto this year was cat, sleep, drink, be merry and possibly study ; subsequently, our social program was highlighted by such outstanding events as tea and crumpets with the Women ' s Club next door. Our annual picnic and crab feast with crabs caught near the bayshore highway at low tide, was undoubtedly the peak of pleasure that could be attained at such low cost. And that ' s not all ... we studied occasionally, too. A typical evening began with a pledge approaching the pledgemaster with, " Please, sir, may I go to a movie tonight, sir ? Can I ? Huh! Sir ! " The pledge- master usually snarled and said, " Yeah! Wait a minute and I ' ll go with you. " However, our scholarship chairman is confident that we ' ll rise above the grade point average of 0.01 which we made last year. Another event, of world-wide importance. was the birth of teen puppies to our dog and mascot. Juno. This monstrous great Dane is loved by everyone who knows her. Anyone want a pup? GRADUATE Jack Moor. SENIORS Art Ian. JaeGaffe Keith Jcammo Jim Kinlock Du9S Lair) Olio. Al Sprague Jerry Ens= Ron Samos Bob Welsh Bill Wood SOPHOMORE Stem Penrose. Jar FRESHMEN Kim IMO. Bob Leslie Joe Mans leas }A tk rt 306 I ' M NOBODY Fin Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there ' s a pair of us — don ' t tell! They ' d banish us, you know. How dreary to be somebody! How public like a frog To tell your name the livelong day To an admiring bog! —Emily Dickinson PSI UPSILON ISIS HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS George (marvels Sheaf Ewing Robin FM:bairn Gomm Gibbs Harry HalWeber-1 Timothy Howled William Keller James Lackey Reten Maliany Ronald Plover Roy Polkingivorne Lee Van Eaton JUNIORS Rechard Brown Preston Heaa,b Hun lion Kelly Jams Loan Gant akWillianti Joan Norris Roger Sandberg Peter Seta Craig Wiley SOPHOMORES Antour Carhop. Ed.. ' Carlson Thane, Club John NW? Kenneth Myers Lawrence Woodeard FRESHMEN Bruce Baker Co. Waco William Clad Ronald C Lawlentt (nil Robert Gray Harry Heiner 1Y Jay Ho•ard Multi Jeakint SUS, Keller JOH Newman% Roger Frio David Smith c‘ ' LiaZa r eitilickAsyhtiktik is r alas. tL I - 1 Ikea tt . . • . - ' k ,.. i ali likai L 7 Si PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS Peed Satin Trim Thieben SENIORS Hann Leg Noun Robinoa JUNIORS Bill Enrcdonnhr Juhnn lifsce In SOPHOMORES Lamy Cohn SAMIY 0:0IM Ronald Goldman Harmed Man:Wen !memo Samoa Bill Apcelbawil David Simnel Barmy Mimi Rum Berman Len Correa Rod Friedman Laurence Goodfriend Ralph J. Holield oral Stun: Dick Blum I me Jackman Carl Senfo.trro WHOM! Bard Marcell Fromun :1l itttillit rit)fs stias Atli . rci? P Sirs.; ter en C ■ A A Litt 308 Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity has been on the Berkeley campus since 1922. During these past thirty- four years Tau Chapter has been very successful with its many accomplishments. In the fall semester of 1954 redecoration of the chapter house was completed. Many University meetings a nd activities have taken place here. The men of Pi Lambda Phi have fared well in school activ- ities and athletics. The popular " Push Cart Relay " during Greek Week was won and the excite- ment of Big Game Week was highlighted as Pi Lambda Phi, in conjunction with Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority won the Sweepstakes Prize by presenting a fine act in the " Axetravaganza. " The head yell leader of the University is a brother of Pi Lambda Phi, something of which we are all proud. We are also proud of our other brothers who have proven themselves in crew, rally com- mittee, judicial committee, megaphone society, and various other campus activities. The fall se- mester of 1955 found Pi Lambda Phi with a pledge class of twenty-three. For the last few years this fraternity has been among the top fraternities scholastically, placing first and third in the last academic year. Pi Lambda Phi men have been above average since the founding of the fraternity. At no time have they ranked lower than third in the National Interfraternity Conference ratings of all the sixty national fraternities in the country. Pi Lambda Phi is proud of its scholastic aver- age as well as social. athletic, and campus achievements over the past years and will continue to be a true symbol of fraternity in the future. Doe Rubin Bud Goldberg MEEelMentaru Morin Skinks Win Blue Jan Gentle Leonard Maroon Roger Kirsch can Raided FRESHMEN Prelim Dianxod Stephen Jaffee Can MeInca One None at Jules Rooltett Mitt Sins Row Mann Paul Rothmun Harold Blown Pail Diller Cliff ors Marshall Bob Meacharsh Sandy Poise Bruce Saaah Rod To:chi man t‘,1 stAA,Iat, Shia 309 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS At Ault I et . T Ail 1__Astal , 3 ... SENIORS JUNIORS Renard K. SaneStrt Janes Robert Fitharty ErNett Iltoartu. Ellis Sebte9 Robert Anderson wiwen Conmegasn Jay Al Kyle Can SttChtlIan Robert MOM Anerea Gi NAM J. DefISMI lbotrito- David Toll Cell APPel Rowe Owe Kenneth Allen Eater Dean Penal, Donald Stentant !My Otnthiser Dared Alden Alan Sehnteier Peter Van Raton Kenneth Carotin Wenn Fumy Michael Re. Dcoylat Wt t$ c17- „ff 4 c Ahtik it At aid AS. Vth Elan c c ?SS Midst an air of serene companionable atmosphere, we at the Bancroft Biltmore returned last fall to luxurious accommodations and excellent food of infinite variation, prepared by our new chef, formerly with the Kilamanjaro Hilton. Our employee complement, increased by nineteen ex- perienced personnel in September and several more in February offered prompt. cordial service at no extra cost. As usual, our sports and recreational program was unexcelled. Alto we tried this year a new educational agenda, which was slow to catch on, but should be an added delight to our tenants next year. All things considered, the Biltmore. under its superlative management, fulfilled its policy of less for ntore at Biltmore. H. Wilson SOPHOMORES (kat BreIllrg band Edwards PM Up Rote l Far am Jame Frltdenbach Gus ClamHas Row Miler Gad Stillman Patriot CMalleY Alan Slated Jan Rio. Russell Spivs 471 n lila e 11 Eel) r icrt stlys hi,. k ithilla41614 , A AAA tisk Willa Williams Roy Cottage Patrick Scruggs Richard Train. ' FRESHMEN Thomas Fitzgerald J an Thomas Saadley Allred Triaath Ronald Arndt George Gillespie Onid Rockehuis John Stewart Mehis Joel Copeland Michael Heaton 31i SIGMA ALPHA MU 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IN 1929 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Harty Welsbart SENIORS Don Trotstein Ron Wiztelnun Gill loyarslor Al Caspef Brim Goldman Jerry Jacobs Al Ruby Mervin Tula, Al Winetrub JUNIORS Kory Batut Mary Cohen Jerry Glaser Gary Glace Herb Lalultz Howard Marylander Ed Smith Ron Stele Joseph Go$dbn, SOPHOMORES Ralph Yuma, Bernie NeWezahl Harm Tom Barry Barka Mike Diener AI Lalultz Death Ross Claude Stevens Hato. Ambrean ft) CdA P. IP fi Fitratka liatSAI.A Learaaftti 1 :FIJI rel ram ' 312 This past year has been one of the busiest of record for the men of Sigma Alpha Mu. Not only did they find time to participate in varsity athletics and support an intramural athletic program which placed among the best five on campus, but also they managed to fill their calendar with out- standing social events and rank high in scholastic attainment. Once the fellows had moved into their newly remodeled house, it didn ' t take long for activity to begin at 1735 LeRoy Avenue. An event which will long be remembered by the Sammies was the checker tournament which en- grossed their house for several weeks. The competition was stiff, and each person battled with his neighbor to receive the high social distinction of Grand Master Checker Player. When Big Game week end rolled around the f rat members could be found busily building a homecoming float, which although not receiving first prize, kept everyone busy and caused a lot of confusion. One of the highlights of the year was riding to the Spring Formal aboard a steamship. There were several close calls, but fortunately no one fell overboard. In reviewing the past season, the Sammies look back with mixed emotions at the cooking of Viola, the mysterious midnight raids which besieged the kitchen, the water bombs that came from outer space, and the quiet, restful atmosphere of the fraternity house. Bernie Slavin Stan berloor Rick Diamond Larry Kay Gene Rudolph FRESHMEN Kwry Carstens Inge Lubargy Paul Rembertz Hoaxed Strause Dan Slyoneedeld Sbel In Kern(Old Mike Siegel Mao Black Den Freeman Jared WWII{ Jerry Ras Mat Zwettllary Boo cannel Larry Franklin Paul Make Monona Saver Al Buck Herb Friedman Ken Makin Mike StelP41 Pal ifhivaitikeh t.k. si titto r n k, A‘nik Atik 116,diaAailk 1 2 1, FL ' cgl skir trithisitt S it sa 313 SIGMA CHI 2346 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 5111 Tyler SENIORS Hand Ext. Stem Gal Hairy Lassen Hank Schreiner William Tubbs Jerry Wendt Tan Mater, Don Forbush Jid Landis Torn Lane John Lewis 81.4 Nkholes Thom, Reilly Bob Sescert Frey) Flowers Okk Kane Pat Onis Enge Sean JUNIORS Clark H. Gilson Bob Len Rick Paslkh Steyr art Room Fred 1110Hham.yet Man Lacer Caeca Raub Derek Thiessen ma Albs Allen Hitchcock Mae Mae Lane PouHos Tod tildes en oft -) rat, aai e A Li II 44141k 314 n r Sigma Chi probably would have had an eventful year had it not been for the rainy winter. An uncontrollable fear of jungle rot caused everyone to stay home in the rack until the dry season. Nevertheless, the men of Alpha Beta did leave their mark on the world. The literary world was astounded by the accomplishment of two of the brothers in translating the complete works of Mickey Spillane into the Swahali tongue. During the course of the year, the rooms on the second floor were all converted into individual closets so as to simplify rushing procedures in the future. Sigma Chi membership has remained constant throughout the year. As more men were pledged, an equal number were thrown in jail. Fraternities traditionally have financial problems. Alpha Beta ingeniously circumvented this problem by the installation of pay toilets at the corner of College and Channing. Others may point with pride to their well-kept houses, or their men in activities. We refer you to our garbage cans, which are so outstanding that the State Board of Health came up and took pictures before calling the police. This year has had its trials—skir- mishes with the ABC. range wars with the sheepmen who would fence off our parking lot. and the downfall of our illustrious alumnus Juan Peron. Such problems might discourage a lesser Prat club—but not Sigma Chi, where the philosophy of " Give a blivet " reigns. Fred Hendrix Crurr Venni SOPHOMORES Roy Barr ONk Heirabor Cwkt Saodersce Clyde Weston Ken Noun Fred Baumeister Andy Church Bill Lukens Jack Stdener FRESHMEN Allan Furbirsh Hyatt. McCreary WA Mote Bill Reed Ken Beg JoAn Donde!! Bob Kariba Jack TrImmlnotom Al Adams Alla Munro Mite Milkr Oars Mu ie Grope Stalin Larry Billonas Gril Narks Roast Rountree Larry Irene WIN Burke Larry Lynn Jim MaMson Bob Peterson Glenn Sarin r r g‘ti.‘„ sitilia et A A4athathers 315 SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1859 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Wet McDaniel ma Baker Selmstlan Boreloam° Jan %Mgt Bill Baiter Mike Barnato Gary Futteright JUNIORS Dennis Hermlimas Tony Biggs Francis Lloyd Gabe Anillacra Terry Cole Pale TN:nmson Keaton Dana Don Mike Myers Bill Wilson dein Dunlap Don Dittos John Haag Clark Raiser SOPHOMORES Greg Fowler Shedon Gen Sid Mud( Ray Rase, Porter Dans Jae Gilmore • w. wc j at r .4 - sal L ,:1) 11 k sitturikeik r " pi SACS?. giS,4;16 316 Sigma Nu—the California " Snake " chapter takes pride in having a well-balanced group repre- sented in athletic, social, and scholastic activities. Along with the fine group spirit existing in the chapter, the excellent leadership of Presidents Tony Biggs and Bob Metz has made this year one of the best in Beta Psi history. Athletically, the house was well represented in football, basketball, water polo, track, crew, boxing, and skiing, with the names of brothers Arrillaga, Cherry, and Kellner standing out. Scholastically, the chapter has maintained its usual high average. On campus Wes McDaniel served as president of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and snake representation was extended to the other various campus organizations. Meanwhile, the rest of the brothers sharpened up on other objectives with daily noontime visual workouts from the front wall, as many a shapely female will attest. Customarily, the Sigma Nus maintained a full and outstanding social schedule, highlighted by our traditional White Rose Formal, this year held overnight at the Cannel Valley Inn, and the Insane Asylum held at the chapter house in the spring. Pete Knell. Bill Ju-sen Bill Nrenainkel Bob McDaniel John Rinades Stew Scludlich Loult Stareptl Bob Scturnscan Rea Seen Bob Vas Bevil FRESHMEN Doug Adams Larry Barrett atlas Burrell Ed truckle, Oast Font! Doug Ives Warren Jolasoa Don Jotdaa Jim Kireorf Paul Keen Jan Langley Canter MacPhee BM Nmetheck Eery Roeder Fritz Stern Pen Wilbur 317 SIGMA PHI 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS The Alpha, now approaching the half century mark, pauses in its onrush toward the fourth dimension, to recount the memorable events of another glorious Sig year. The Sig house once again kept its position as the center of campus high life, with the brothers being seen at all the better functions throughout the year. This phase of Sig life was topped off once again by the annual South Seas party and the Spring Formal. Aside from their more lucrative social endeavors, the brothers were to be found engaged in various other latitudes of campus activities with some of the more athletic brothers taking the field in Bocceball, Jai Lai, Conversation, Squash and Medicine balls. The various traditions in Sigma Phi were carried on in a glorious manner, with the Fishpond, the Acid-test, and finally the Pledge 880 receiving their share of initiates. With this good Sig year having passed into history, the brothers can only wait for the next, while recalling this as one of the best. Kan nth Rana AIM,, St wart Gilbert Ileac Oradea Waterlall Stephen Iram Noonan ' NUN Do4,14 Ergo Mkhael Tome, Sista Joan Richaa VAitherm Remo Jaeumi Neal Waterfall Stevan Chapman COMO VA.teclut Tom Osbarre JUNIORS Scott Laidig. SOPHOMORES Rowe Remit, FRESHMEN Sams Rollo Rkkard Dobbins Oana Philipps John Bronco Peter Liman Michael 64113C047 SENIORS CNA PS Jack era Joan AMMO CaNeglas Caps Oon Basis Jae Jacoby. wslhan CregorY Teny healers Toby Poptxy Tim Ryan 3 cc ataidAitth AEA h eski sin istA si ea) ) 9.1., nal fa% a Al alwi I . 1 4 k diA L.: " . ditia • 4 r 318 The engineers of Sigma Phi Delta came back from summer vacation early, setting aside their slide rules and plumb bobs in order to remodel and refurnish their newly acquired house at 2731 Durant Avenue. The field glasses, telescopes, and cameras were set up, and readied for the gruelling school work ahead. Academically, Sigma Phi Delta began the fall semester tops on campus with four members newly elected to honor societies. Social activities have included a house warming, a costume party, and the annual " Fall Ball. " Undoubtedly, this has been Sigma Phi Delta ' s most successful year, and the fu- ture is looked forward to with greater exuberance. SIGMA PHI DELTA 2731 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UN I VERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 1924 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 ELEVEN CHAPTERS SOPHOMORE SENIORS Harry Tudor Pill Slake, Reteft Christmas Dap Siefert JUNIORS Ulf Dann Tom Vajta FRESHMEN Leo De Magid Roger FISce Mr Smith Lark Brew, Hurry Lurie Art WcoOrdorth Jerry Crabtree Ton Hen:lemon Barry Herne David we Aaneh Asa mama t AKstbikietth 319 Now ole Sig Ep had a mighty fine rep King of frats was he, Called for his pipe Called for his bowl. Called for his freshmen four : Jerry Dowell, Bob Hesse, Hank Kidder, Bob King. Called for his sophomores three: Tony Jarrett, Jarrett Johnson, Jerry Sacchi. Called for his juniors ten : Bill Boone. Walt Elkington, Ron Davey, Dick Jeffrey, Gene Long, Mark Maloney, Ed Subberra, Rod Thomas, Pete Trower, Cliff ‘Voodward. Called for his seniors seven: Howard Boerlin, Les Browning, Dan Clancy. Dick Doyas, Pete Hatton, Jack Van Zander, John Tappeiner. Called for his grads four: Fred Applegate, Mel Brunetti, Bob Judkins, Jerry Powell. Called for his University associates eight : James Corley, William Emerson, Robert Johnson, Robert Meriam, James Miller, Al Rodgers Arthur Sampson, H. R. Wellman. SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2316 BOWDITCH FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Me Hatton Pete Trove. Janet Jclunca GRADUATES SENIORS Dan dad VIA Zander Walt Ellington Ed Subbeera Cliff Woodward Jerry Sacebi Bob Ilene Bob Judkins Howard Bodin Ron NM JUNIORS Dkk Jeffry TAPPOter SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Hank Kidder Jerry Poke! Us Bremner.) Dick [ ' Gym 8111 Scone Malt Maloney Red Maw Tony Janet Jerry Down Sob Kir, n . et c c r.1. n e , tiskalittleatte; ,),A,ettkicanaf,A, 320 George ' s room was more splattered than Romeo ' s, dingy in a different way. Every- thing had a battered, trampled-on look, as though the place had just been visited by some large violent cook. Games impedi- menta — hockey sticks, boxing gloves, a burst football, a pair of sweaty shorts turned around — lay all over the floor. From the broom closet could be heard the familiar cry, " Really Peter! " The quick rejoinder followed, " Just a quick one, Your Highness. " And we all knew that Peter Clark was back on the bottle. On the walls were pink banners of YSL (Youths Study Late), and a full-sized picture of Big Brother nearly obscuring the overly full-sized pic of MM. The scampering sound of tiny termite feet nearly drowned out the reading of Ted who had made a ballad (in couplet) of Freud ' s sequel to Orwell ' s. 1969. As leg after leg was broken the now familiar cry of " where ' s Nadine rent the air. THETA CHI 2499 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD. VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Euro McCabe Phillip Wood K meth Rouse Donald Truman Rohe Fite JUNIORS Kenneth Hagan SOPHOMORES Renma, Harris Jain Quell SENIORS Richard Otter Robert COthlill James Hamill P ler Claymol Da106 Kemeny FRESHMEN Roger Otater Carl Kress Wewdell Broderick David Swanson James Farrar Frank Romeo Theodore Gauges Jan lottemke Rorald DeGolo Bernard Jordan .khn Ronald l era lithAtsta e %-ac • 321 SIGMA PI 1816 SCENIC AVENUE FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY CHAPTERS GRADUATE SOPHOMORES VK Amino JUNIORS Rebect RAN. Edwin Baker Redick Cane SENIORS Raymond Kelley Monad StreiNord Robert Bishop Theoebre C Amito Jain Mattson Walter SAORath, Miami Briski Led Crawford JanN Halpin Lewis Result Clarke Wawa Itlawd Reuel Paul OWITan Alan Miller Robert Whitson Daunt BecwItent SMntod Germ,ss IA ' S ski eati ,719) :,113 322 1 " OH FUDGE, MOTHER, I CAN ' T WRITE! " R.-chard Diamond Jack Heinrich FRESHMEN an Drake Ttgents Me an Mapiard Orme James Ron and. Dennis Anfersess Perin Kellen Jan Neat Frank Peterson Gnarls ShOrr F rank GMllanra Robert Oren David R:driosez Jerald Terry Michel ROM Any nal William lately David Redo Epee n. et . Alt ark di Mk - sL Stiih iA rs ' LL 3 " TAU KAPPA EPSILON V25 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Ras Tao? Mike Cobb Silt Mos Earl Boynton Jack lebbera Fred Mara, Wall Senior Deal Westel JUNIORS ROY Berry Kee Davis WIIIMm Lomporth Harry Brock Sill Leoment Terry Licliraith Bob Sharp Cloth Wilson Carl Anderson Dan With Wm Evans Howard Nemir Robin Harris Prof Lusk (moon PAROI Bob Stevenson Terry %Politer Richard 1044fsa Cliff GeriEsio Ken Ewan Dan Peters.. 324 " Well, it ' s been a great year for Tau Kappa Epsilon. Pass the milk, George. " " Don ' t you think you ' ve had enough, Frank ? It ' s chocolate, you know. " " Throw caution to the wind! What a year ! Remember the dance? " " How can I ever forget it, Frank. Three solid hours of Spade Waco and His Sweet Potato Six. The dance would have lasted longer if the record hadn ' t cracked. " " And some of the guys even got dates, George. I ' ll bet not many of the houses have a dance in the Cooks ' Union Hall. We pledged twelve cooks and heard a swell meeting besides! " " And Frank, remember those Friday afternoon coffee busts, and how we smuggled instant coffee into the rally in our overcoats? When it rained we just wrung out our coats into our cups. What memories ! Have a cookie. " " How about the activities. George? We were right in there. Old Bill was presi- dent of the Latin Club until he was impeached for a wrong conjugation. " " And old Jack was a member of Hammer and Nail, the scholastic honor society for one point. Easy, Frank, that ' s pasteurized. " " I can handle it, George. How about sports? We came out tops again in the annual Eshleman Court Pitch, thanks to old Toni and his six-foot ann. How ' d he get that arm, Frank ? " " Caught it in the Campanile elevator, George. And don ' t forget that we won the yearly Ineligibility Race. George, you ' re sliding under the table again. " " Frank. remember our float entered under ' cheapness ' ? Two mice pulling a collection plate and a copy of the House Mortgage. " " It kept us in Spanish rice for a year, Frank. And we would have won, if somebody hadn ' t entered Dwinelle Hall. Cops. Hey. Fred, give me a hand with Frank. I think that last bottle was a little sour. " Don Quick SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Don Roemo Bea Campbell Jim Fitmatrkk Carl MOCeman Pete Sturman Roca Boom Bob Cassia Robert Mod Norm Rnoalds Roger Venturi Jay Ccoatgogb Chuck Greene Jan PiSCiOltA Ssrt Wainer Stew Oedlna Om Cream. Wayne McCombs fry Park Brutus Harman Fatrell Sill Kota Hal Plimpton Robert Well Mike Gamin James Hubben Rice MIllikan Dick Wolf II plata St ■ .A ' Pin CI C. P Atti dliA;ieh 7) r r r ick Stith gaas;a 325 THETA DELTA CHI 2647 I)URANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHARGE ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY CHARGES GRADUATE Vasil RealI SENIORS Ma ton Beebe Poste Roost Mac Donibs DmsoCitstraP Robert Hamilton Said Hay Robert Hein Byron Hildebrand Noel HMOS:wand Mark Hodes . RaIsar Pilate Albert Rafferty JUNIORS Robert Mills:one Bert Barter John Bowler John Daniels Paul Erkhen Donald Janis Tom Jeffry Wiliam Kum, To Lubto:k ARM McVitae Tom Moore William Nisbet RithaN Omen Croce Ihmrinston bakssa. Aaiun givi-A is1 vs r s_ c cl r r i ,gat aeAttik ii ii Sal. ► lac LS 2 r 326 The men of Delta Deuteron have made the past year one of the most colorful and progressive we have enjoyed during our fifty-six years at Berkeley. To keep pace with the ever-increasing birth rate, we have constructed a modern new seven-room wing. These rooms have all sorts of con- veniences, such as desks, for example. The other featured project was undertaken with even more success than the construction job. We went all out and bought two new decks of bridge cards!! The social highlights included Tip ' s party, the annual " Jeff ' s " party, and two excellent formals. A large variety of exchanges, banquets, and have-fun-parties served to fill out the successful social season. As usual, Theta ' kits were to be found participating in nearly every campus activity. Among us were the ASUC President, the Junior Class President, and Sophomore Class Presi- dent and the Sophomore Yell Leader. Others were active in committees and clubs of all sorts. With men competing in eight different intercollegiate sports, we still dug up enough athletic hobos from our midst to have a very good intramural year — especially in football. Also, our Engineering boys have added real contributions in developing water-bag techniques to a high degree of precision. Notwithstanding all the athletes, politicians, and Engineering boys, we have a preponderance of real down-to-earth college men who play pool, watch the noon parade, and in their spare hours still find time to play As one might readily observe, the presence of the college makes life at the Theta Delt house a good deal more interesting. .kneph Hallett° Hawses Sias wry Witham Berme:in Dalt Boal•are Max Nate John Nybekn Flithasd Pelktt End SPellft SOPHOMORES Carter Blaisdell Phil Gilman Kent Hakabeat Carle Nomard Teo Sdketbkr Gen Suet Donald POlarel William Bliss Alan Grimmer SW Man Peal Omar Scott Sheilah Wane Maki FRES 111EN Robert Barth Pam Beebe Jea Sears knee Gawked Wilkes Stekkka Arica ' s ‘git,A A atilt Al e: thaikst tars. 7:3 327 THETA XI 1739 LA COMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. t$ NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 19W FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Jerry Gray Jobe Foley Donald Manama! GRADUATES SENIORS Dam Drown Jim Grace Jim Milk. Hank Soho Jerry Athearn Russ Dilky Jahn Killmmer Kit laahrdo JUNIORS Nary Muininsou Riak Russell Tull. HCOUfflaikkai Ed miner Jerry Quin Sill Stoddard Gan Giackta may Len Rodney Brace Wilson Terry .tmksco Cl.. Fu reed . diN e t1ts , f cadifairadAsik 328 We may begin with the beginning—a traditional place to start. Our most illustrious pledge pres- ident. Alfre d E. Neuman, inspired by the leadership of his active overlords, got pinned. With his activity hours spent as assistant cheerleader for the Northside chapter of the Student Apathy League, he had little time for Nu ' s traditional rodent functions. His pledge brothers, all nine good men and all ten good heads, were one hundred per cent volunteered for their pledge project : paint- ing the Bay Bridge. The more mature spirit of the actives was represented at our annual mixed party, i.e., males and females. Several of the fellows even got their own dates with college girls. We feel justifiably proud of our outstanding athletic achievements in viewing the den glittering with trophies won in the local snooker parlor. So passed the semester, and amid shouts of " care, care " and " knock it off guys, the mother ' s club is downstairs, " Nu fought its way to scholastic oblivion. FRESHMEN Job ' Bonk Chattel Haikoll Do) Sob Rbseopsist Oick Slab Bob SAO. John Ninon Greg Kelly Melts Memo Won Ov KR Jim Van Tuts Rim Riley Bob S:hotolein Gee.. Watson SOM. Cluistertnen John Robbi !Kin Scully SOPHOMORES Sten Cooley ROW Sanford Gear Syences Calm Chaytaln Rood Pearson s aair, rrnn itasistaia Dm Sardstrom Limy Sweliimee 329 ZETA BETA TAU 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES LlopI Toner Stew Block Peter Go!Oben Donald Huhuler Art Bernie EAUIhns Alfred Bre,Lug, Sheraon Corder Seymour AR00111 Holm Oilier Joe Wird. Gilbert Gott: Bob Beck Herb Gorden George W Ile SENIORS Kerry Henan Jett Roddir Lee Blom Arnold Coen Lelees0 Lyre Bob Rogue Bob Wee Julian Fran DPI Newnan Doe SoIwo- L r A tadtha aiiili t llEE it siaizi.ik a n . r, c r r- 1 it , cr atil th, ic) 330 The members of Zeta Beta Tau spent another intellectually stimulating year at the University of California. Our fraternity is composed of men who have banded together to further their academic endeavors. Spurred by love of learning and a true delight in the higher values, ZBTs spent many an evening in deep contemplation of Nietzsche, Pythagoras, Spinoza and Lycurgus. But not all of our endeavors were channelled in the direction of scholarship. We have long recognized the value of a diversified range of interests. On Big Game night, lockout was extended until well after midnight because of the incessant demands of the actives. Our busy social season was climaxed by the annual Box Lunch Picnic which was very successful. As we look back upon a wonderful year, we realize the veracity of the immortal words of Rupert Brooke: " But somewhere, beyond space and time. Is wetter water, slimier slime! " Larry Helier Friel Karren Kin Graven Gary Levine Ted Reich Mark NAM. ' Iry Silvery ikta S. rat r n deSA a in kc! p iietseati. Den Yost Stan Serial FRESHMEN Paul Blom Lkryd Goldeake Elln Jacobs Imre Sherman Alan Azeht4 Stuart Beckkalter Rashid Kerman. Pael Yemen.. Jim Keen Dia Shullryan Mari Bloom Jaa Cohen vet litervitz Stevan lOrteer John Keimic 331 332 ZETA PSI 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Ardor Kniat George SteNiag FRESHMEN Leeman Beckman Ktmath Mortal ' Dru:4 RhomMs Larry Fitts Aybrey Hotnica SOPHOMORES Jame. Bedrykill W JUN. Hams Iota Tamura Robot Finn John Harrill Marvin Wlesesan, Je. Leo Daspi•doisr Douglass Holt Ocra Hyde III John Brink Frani ' coda Jack Wilkds William Flay Jr. Dania, Hem6e. JUNIORS Jack Grant JCWDh Japer 0o Add MsGaire Jahn De Beradattl David Osborn David ?Amity Jr. Alamos Greta, Jr. Robert Matchirs, Jr. Darn, Bridles Chalet Green William McCalbin Edna ' Peterma Allred Ocialittle Chaeln Perkins William WolIendce atikg4ALtiiiitts re- SA c frati — A =NANA ibstrA 37 athigtbs;AaA ha ha 001•C IA 1;11 i i iki- LAL ts. g11111t5 GRADUATE Warr...Fors,loe SENIORS Jame, Jornson lbeoyernia Mowry Owlet Purcell Norma Miner Irvin lidaiee Donn Smith Robert Wathitoton Min Ovaleo JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Lorrain Warlord Frig GMdner Mantic:el BriaiII Adrian IMLelle F RESHMAN Randolph Hand Charlet Elder Lean , King Roy Watley The year 1956 is another milestone in the history of Pi Alpha Phi. It marks the first full year of existence since its reorganiza- tion in the fall of 1954. Our members can point with pride at the many achievements of the fraternity. The highlight of our social calendar was the Sixth Annual Dance held at Montclair Women ' s Club. Pleasant memories will be associated with the dance, for the occasion also marked the beginning of the long-awaited Christ- mas recess. We can also point with pride to our scholastic achievement. a jump from forty-fifth in the fall of 1953 to sec- ond in the spring of 1955 on the combined scholarship list of men ' s living groups. GRADUATE JON Nt Qaon SENIORS Mkt than rood! " Cr Albert Louie JUNIORS Dorgan Chi. Ammo Imo SOPHOMORE Jerre Dam FRESHMAN Storms Gee a r As. PI ALPHA PHI 333 ALPHA PHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT CORNEI.L UNIVERSITY, 1906 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS ALPHA CHI OMEGA 2313 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT DePAUW UNIVERSITY.18:35 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Terry V.Ludo Reba LeithlIttm SENIORS JUNIORS Cats Swath mm Sara %Maw Joan Goddard Nancy mutt Pat HOPS Pat ManhaII Shiite; Rats Barbma Ram Studra Faulk Ste Pastalit SOPHOMORES Barban Goof Settba Ca;Imo Mary Louise Holland Marian Pewee Janet Sewall Barbara Bay WHIN Franklin Mania Jam Bermly Below Sanwa Hartman Suzatne Hateisea Rau Mahaloan Joan Paltry Joan Stmt., Diane Blumtnfetl MPhil palm Diane has Dail Cl flont Joyce HImm 0 I Ai._._.- ,.._....,- e . • 336 12;a41 Irtvzi 12igd A small, slightly worried pledge ascended the stairs of 2313 Warring Street on September 19. What was sorority life like? She would soon find out ! She was quite surprised that she wasn ' t the least bit homesick, due to the endless round of classes, activities, social events, and, of course, those pledge duties. She and the other twenty-five pledges found that life in Alpha Chi Omega was going to be nothing to fear. Claudia Imwalle, who held the high ly esteemed position of pres- ident, was really very friendly and quite human. And it was discovered that, after all, the mighty seniors had once been freshmen themselves. She was not worried any more. In fact, she and the other twenty-five became so bold that they took a sneak in November which caused quite a stir at 2313. After things had somewhat settled down to normal, the active members held a pledge dance to honor the wayward group. " Our pledge " was quite impressed with this gay party, the theme of which was " The Twenties. " Flapper dresses and raccoon coats were the rage, and a " real cool " jazz band played on into the night. Then came Big Game Week— " our pledge " was bombarded with things to do. She helped build the float, and she participated in the Alpha Chi musical number for the Axe Revue, directed by Marcia Jobe. And of course she went to the rally and Big Game. Somehow she was a little worried about her mid-terms that week, but she vowed she ' d get A ' s in all her finals. She was thrilled that one of her pledge sisters, Sheilah Mac- Leod. was chosen a finalist in the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest. Although she was busy writ- ing a paper on " Candida " by George Bernard Shaw for English IA, she tore herself away in time to go to the Winter Formal. It was held at the Orinda Country Club on December 3, and the center of interest was a huge Christmas tree. Her idols were Joyce Himes and Mary Louise Holland— Joyce a member of Panile, and Mary Louise a member of Prytanean and Sports Editor of the BLUE AND Gout She wished she could sing half as well as Sandra Faulk, Joan Goddard, and Joan Stenson, members of Treble Clef. But she did do her pledge duties excellently—she did do well in her finals, and in the spring semester she became an active member of Alpha Chi Omega. In retrospect, she realized that her apprehensions of pledgeship had really been un- necessary! Elaine Schwa Barbara Stendell Mariana, Ina Patricia Valk Mane Von Mal Mary Lon Wirth tika 337 Norma Label Barbara Nail Joy Peterson Plane Pratt lk • Marle.e Caurflo Joan Spaulding Nolen Statile Lee Slaws Norma Thuile ' Joan Vanatu Edrie Fawn FRESHMEN Satan Fisher Sibley ancato Markel. Good Mary Jane CaPP Sara .kbroon Jodie Jobesoa Shielah MacLeod Shirk, Masters Carol Mitchell Soun Rawlings Rosemary Rutherford Linda Sisson " et RIS. Carol Neil Barbara Mason Lyra Prosion • At From the first thump of heavy trunks being dragged upstairs at 2726 Channing Way, Alpha Delta Chi has had a busy and ex- citing year. Studies, campus activities, church activities, and socials have all been included in the schedules of the pearled A pin wearers. " Country Capers " began the social calendar for the A D Chis and their dates with a country dinner and hike followed by a swim. With the busy month of December came a Christmas party at The Shadows in San Francisco. The pledges surprised the members one fine December morning at the pledge party by announcing—not breakfast which concluded in San Leandro! Also in December were the Christmas Bazaar and caroling at the Matilda Brown Rest Home. The Mother-Daughter Banquet held in the spring and the Senior Breakfast along with a steak fry at the beach, rounded off a wonderful year. ALPHA DELTA CHI 2726 CHANNINt, WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS Lyre lOgkrun Anti HaSen UNIONS tarekr•Gosser LaVerne Schwas Naomi Nalushirni HAKE JUNIORS Is Ford Diane Lin:leen Maoist, Price Elizabeth Annie Jean Marsoall Anna Marie Wilson SOPHOMORES Ida Altm Wadi Bake, FRESHMEN Atmore Harvey " Delores Clausen I Acne NOM Emily Hscloects Darcy RaSsisa Janice Murdock ites n C 2 at 338 ALPHA DELTA PI 240U PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY CHAPTERS SENIORS flora Andenon Carol Gomm twee Fowler Barbara Hamilton Helen Vast Marlene Arderwn Paula GP, Lucille Fvpoll Patritia Netekut Beverly McDowell Jetlith O ' Ccantll Gloria Stapp Barbara WaktIKW Mary Dyke Betty Campbell Nell DAVIS Girds Gallagher Joan Lutz Sally Nell Pat Roberts ham. Stardrina JUNIORS Caen Egan Pat Cc cry AN Day OHM Grosse Jacqueline Mallano JlaaPC Nelson Wove Russell Roterla V qra Valetta Dessert Beverly Galli rte stir n Ge, ...I ItAittO amCsAl. ' s;s ei re arhiSa .4, 339 ALPHA DELTA PI Rodin Warier awceolineWarw. Mary Lym ley CoHtte lActglei PAO Glass Betty Mitchell Owl; Are Pray Doe Wriabt triiabeth Bellmore Pat Elf; Barbara Ki-Clia Carol Lightner Barbara Murray Barbra MaeRun Irene Owns Carla Sander SOPHOMORES Pony Bracken Wary LW Fredericks Phyllis Kunsan Barbara McDowell Murrill Pont. Ywant Merin Geraldine Pettit. layam Tobin Lin da Bar an, Busby Sally Hogan Ores Lvnaen Madeleine Moreno Marilyn Pringle u as (7) ts ts Aglikh Is a 340 Highlights of the spring semester were the formal, given at the Orinda Country Club, the Father ' s Dinner, and the Senior Breakfast. Honors went to Pat Connolly, tapped by Mortar Board ; Bonnie Kahn, co-Senior Sweetheart ; Yvonne Maker, Soph Doll attendant, and Barbara Rising, queen of the Phi Tau Spring Formal. Many A D Pis enjoyed the sun at Balboa during spring recess. Returning from summer vacation, A 1) Pis were greeted by a new wing to the chap- ter house and welcomed thirty-five new pledges. Honors this semester went to Jan Nelson, appointed to Women ' s Judiciary Committee ; Barbara McDowell, initiated into Panile, and Carla Sampson, voted attendant to the Homecoming Queen. Activities included the open house and Parent ' s Dinner, Winter Formal, and the Christmas party for needy children given with the Alpha Sigs. The winning of sweepstakes for our float built with the Phi Taus added one more memory to a year that A D Pis will always treasure. Ray Renivs Cala Sunman Margaret Writ ' s In tars Rising Jodi Steldon Trudeaa FRESHMEN Patricia Beekkr Suzanne Feel Marcia Johnson Jeanne McHenry Janet Sitiotity Magill ' Roney Janet Sorckenza Janet Turner Jail tette Arno i Gentling Oared Sinn Halt Kay Lettit Pam Orman Leanly VIM. Shull! Steinman Stamm Tallent Carol watOsers Jugs Bakes Marilyn Dom Ronnie Swots Eltat.401 Maas Santa Pratt Banta ' s r . ti alk ASII6A1661a1 - 1 1 in, n nt 01 " 2 is. 4 c_. 341 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 2728 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS JUNIORS Marilyn Shenter Sandra Berme. Rita EHMaberg Ann Halm Lynette Lewin Barbara Amen Carel Henna Jorith Sever Arkne Melberg SOPHOMORES Patricia Baena Arlene Epp Barbara Herter Ise Sue Boymer Sewer beaten An Siebert Bea Bernstein SanSra Anixter Marlene Beerier Total Feldstein Jacobsen Adrian Medlin Janet HestIn Marlene Katmai Carel Wailer Stag Bober Elaine Back. Askew (Mkt Martine Gnat Margot ltiVia Marilyn Millet (0 I 342 A gaily decorated room with lollipops and peppermint sticks ushered in the A E Phis ' first major event on the social calendar, the pledge dance, " Down Candy Lane. " The remainder of the social calendar included several exchanges, a scholarship dinner, and a senior dinner, and it was cli- maxed by the Winter Formal held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. Scholarship was not neglected as can be witnessed by the honor of winning the scholarship cup awarded by the Panhellenic Associ- ation to the women ' s living group with the highest scholastic average. The holiday spirit was initiated when the house gathered for a pre-Christmas celebration, with fifteen underprivileged children as guests. But social events were just a small fraction of our semester ' s activities. Under the direction of Diane Berman our house along with the Pi Lambda Phis won the sweepstakes award from the Axe-Revue. Several of our members were busy with campus activities also. They are Beverly Isenberg, a member of Prytancan ; Ann Siebert, who is serving as Art Direc- tor of the Cal Engineer ; Lee Wertheim, Personnel Director of the Pelican ; Leslie Vinnecour. elected to the songleader committee, and Diane Berman. who played one of the leading roles in the Axe-Revue. Marilyn Weider Else Rent Gary Swat FRESHMEN Rotes Rix Rosa Mane Turk Swan Alter Jerly Callen Merrill 4midaet TWA Case Marilyn itmeet Ina nen Leslie Virinmcor Mazilan Belvendt Sae Olanand lolith Glatt Rtte let Satan Villa. JoIlth SWIM Carol Wal nom CON Ann Galatia Arlen Eltentiteg Gail Minos Santa Lieberman Marilyn Rellnick areyth Reatnuanu lie Sauna Carolyn Spin; Lois Sumner JxaM 7Inaammx %Mem Wet CS r in a ort) r Alit as AA iii Is ait a[ la c r 0 Isi ri 91 tal 1 SkasiassISA as. I Anil 343 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2424 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Ante Jared SENIORS Crogn Cele Joan Ford Nana Blair then Evans Nfli Herby Carl Maley (Rance CotInn Mamma Frond Arline Jones Kathtert Scluntachn Jane Sternelta Carol Werner JUNIORS Pat Stenzel Ilekn Fret Karen Linder o Joan McKean Stte Ltatavnis Betty Pen:loon kalif le illtIMMIII3r1 SOPHOMORES %Ron Aiello Menke Anlipa UArrlyn Burman Cielyn Centrum Catherine Coyee Molly Dtterrun Noel Dot4 Mary nein Barbara Hunt Vastly. Jefferies St irky UaenLn 344 SA la i a:at A tit 01 Pipc Aras asagiiia ea LL2 Despite rumors to the contrary, Alpha Gam and its sixty-odd members are still alive and kicking at 2424 Warring after a hectic but wonderful year. Things began well in the fall and ended even better with summer vacation. On the agenda were such things as our Winter Formal at the Peninsula Country Club, our Fall Pledge Dance at the chapter house, a Father-Daughter Dinner, a Faculty Dinner, and a Scholarship Dinner, not to mention our Spring Formal at the ever-pop- ular Claremont. Came class elections and Joan Ford was elected Senior Class secretary-treasurer. as well as secretary of the Class Officer ' s Board. Came Mortar Board and Kathy Schumacher and Nelda Herby were tapped, Nelda being elected secretary. Came the Pelican, and Norma Klee- bauer was appointed women ' s director. Came Panile and Carol Norris, Connie Rosenberg. Carolyn Saltzen, and Sue Watrous were elected. Came Rally Committee, and Nancy Schaefer made the grade. Came Treble Clef, and Nelda Herby was elected senior secretary. Came the Big Game, and the Alpha Gams toiled over a float with the Theta Cltis. Came the Ski Queen Contest, and Marion Schmerl was voted Ski Queen of the Cal Campus. Came the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Contest, and Marion Schmerl became an attendant. Came Christmas, and we gave a party for underprivileged children with the Pi KM. Came our altruistic project, and we became a new branch of the Children ' s Hospital of the East Bay. Came finals and skiing. Came spring semester, and we entered the Ugly Man Contest. We kept up our activities such as Orientations, Elections Council. Buie AND GOLD, Pelican, and Treble Clef. Came spring vacation and sun-tans. Balboa. and Palm Springs. Came weddings, engagements, pinnings, exchanges, and Friday afternoons all year. Came May and finals. Came summer, and we staggered home. Barbara Mann Carol Notrli Roberta Oletier Alice Radebaugh e Purina Reim Cantata Rem Comma. Raeretarg UMW. Ultra Ma✓y Schafer Pantie Smiley Set✓ Watrous Joanna Wind FRESHMEN San Carol Bacigalupo ' Diane Baetartel Jean Brady Una Byremstee Cwt Jane )(tuned, 1010 Ka ' n Susan Link held Valeta Lundgren Catherine Marken Pat Prodmore Lenore Radonica Sally Rya Mae ma Sarnia Marina Sire:1sta Sandra Stewart Maxine Stone Barbara T OttkflP.M1 Ann Wren alit‘ad eim tLffi, fr ass 345 ALPHA OMICRON PI 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Mary Lou Gary Gmithia Delius Doane Meer Ann Dunmire Hike Eddy Kathleen Flown Carol Ann Hatk Elliot Jobroon Janke Kaolin Margaret IS, Gail Mackaald Judith Mani. Iris Mn Mello -With McLean Janie Nobler Barbara Smith Gael Water loo Gaye WisenIeld Judith Zellinom JUNIORS Lao Arnstein Kathleen Clark Grace Grxhmorth Mariam, Hobbs Patricia Kolbe. Kip Nutchim Jacqueline Jones Carol gefterer Marilyn Marshall Janke Melton Doom ato deeca Nano Nagle Nancy Palmer Sandra rt EA a eats As 346 With members returning from such enjoyable vacation spots as Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, and Europe. the Alpha Os found that they had won the award at national convention in Spring Lake, New Jersey, for outstanding participation in campus and community activities. Not to dampen their record, numerous girls spent many hours on campus activities. Margaret Levis was associate manager of the But AND Cow and attended meetings of Mortar Board and Prytanean : Ann Dunmire was vice-president of Prytanean and a member of Women ' s Judicial Committee ; Sandy Pamphilon held a junior appointment on Rally Committee as well as being in Prytanean and Panhellenic Intersorority Chairman : Marianne Hobbs worked on BLUE AND GOLD and was treasurer of Panile ; Kathy McKeany and Judy Taylor were members of Rally Committee: Ann Boardman was chairman of High School UN Day ; Helen Eddy was secretary to Women ' s Ex- ecutive Board and Kathy Florness wielded the gavel at Speech Arts meetings. Their community service was highlighted by helping their Italian war orphan, Christmas caroling at Herrick Hos- pital, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Their fall social calendar included a pledge dance given by the twenty-one new members, building a Big Game float with the Sigma Phis, the Faculty Dinner, football open houses, exchanges and the Christmas Formal at the Ormda Country Club. During spring semester, more exchanges, a Spring Formal, the Mother-Daughter luncheon and Father-Daughter dinner, and the Junior-Senior Brunch at the Claremont were high spots of a successful social season. Between studying, activities and social life, there was never a dull moment and the Alpha Omicron Pi house looked forward to another year of fun and also the completion of the new wing to the house. Colette Peals. heel Stoclund Ann SAfleittiCA JOKe Soneltnat Elitabete Telbelsen Dane Wallets SOPHOMORES Stun Arm Sear:het Ann wdman Gay Fisher Sasan Foyle. Joan Je mon Hilda Merry lathken McKean Sally Orton Elizabeth Past Carla Nutter Jost Iwo . Ulf Stunt - doh Taylor FRESHMEN Barbara Bauer Allot Chunk. Joan Darby Jeri Our. Fdlirg tlf Mary Ann Gunder Mazy Mehan Joyce Mumbert Carol YeDontil COMit Mason Sally Habits Myrt. tut Scher Janet Stultz Kenna Mazttu Zimeres asts asa etffi el orf 4(pai tes 4rs s, ;;Ates Aik r aweigh 347 ire ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Sue Clark Gem Wake Sur Nubia, Nan:y Cayit Paean (Henn MIN FINm Gall CAnlotte JOC111 Pat MacLeod Anne itgler Janet Scott JUNIORS Nancy West Cynthia Palmer Ann Yen Go Wen Elizabeth BrayInder Sandra Fent I Jean Patton Dana Yang Marge Stanley Nancy Ward Judy Camera Barbara Hall Natty Potter SOPHOMORES Sae Talbott Shirley Williams RahYin Daly Margaret Lap by Ritter Mardi Cohen ( I el) SAE tral ral n stasis rt, 7-1 348 The Alpha Phis started a wonderful year with a great pledge class of twenty-four girls. One of them, Judy Salter, was soon elected Freshman Vice-President. The week after school began the entire house went on an overnight to the Napa Valley. It was the first year we have had such an event and it was so successful that we are planning to have it annually. Left over from last year was an unexpected award for the greatest improvement in scholarship. Our Father ' s Dinner and Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. with some Sunday Suppers in between. came and went too quickly and we are looking forward to our Spring Formal. The rain couldn ' t dampen our spirits when it came to making our float with the Sigma Chis for the Big Game Parade (al- though it did dampen the float). The Alpha Phis entered the Axe-Revue in the Homecoming celebration with a skit entitled " The Sorority Game " under the leadership of Barbara Hall and Kaholyn Daily and won the trophy for first place in the singles division. Other girls active during Big Game Week and before the football games were Sue Harbach with a senior Rally Committee membership, Sheila Evans on the Junior Committee, and Nancy Cupit and Elaine Freitas Soph- omore appointees. In other fields Margaret Long was chairman of intramural basketball and Pat Cathcart and Ginger Waterlow were models on the Pelican. With many girls in other campus groups, we led a very busy school year. At Christmas time we had our traditional Santa Claus at the house, and shared our Christmas with the ATOs at a joint dinner for underprivileged chil- dren. We also continued our Cardia help for the children of the Bay area. As the year ends, we hear the pleasant tap. tap, thump of hammers adding on to the house. Hence, next semester we will be greeted with a new kitchen and dining room and be ready to start another wonderful year. Carla Geraghty Ann Hatina Melt Joni Kataerine Eleanor Price Mary Wale. FRESHMEN Lynn Archer Vary littleia Judy Moore Kra Owermem ikiry Pato°, S Beverly anchor Cynthia Evans Merck Had Sharon Jena SOIA Mcliath S Barbara Dickey Swann Garrett. Check Hoffman Margaret Kelley Virginia Drake Katai Citron, Sue Hoffman Melinda Leithold Judy Salter Sue Moore s .07i U r rt sica4A SS a I a in0 A 4 ASS 349 lass iss ste ALPHA XI DELTA .933.3 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURY, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS Nancy Williamson SOPHOMORES SENIORS Jean Evanston Mary Ana Morris JUNIORS Loam Collins Flamm Saline Patricia Stanley Mary Anne Barnet Esther Johnsen Mary Curtis Arden Johnston Malt McCarthy Barbara Rearm Betty Gantt Jean Schlotehmen Rath TitAbam dealt Elizabeth Jan! ban Nye. Nevin Lozano Shirley Store Meat Burgle Carel Jack.% Alice Sell Marylou Tay . Emily Fara Jean Kirkendall Margot Shaca lyces Dea Vardar BOOM Sharon Civistop‘er Marilyn MtCri Mat Sauna Simpsas Marilyn Wynn Gal Gander Barbara Itch el isat ; rii (14 rs ._ risi t ' .... .4,.. aka s eras Attli. 1 0 n 1 i r, asist jests vittA ;k Si 350 L tb.1 :) r r t in: ? it art i „Ara As Ji ' EL „St it-, n ri ri gt) .. ,, sk ' etaL:t The Alpha Xi Delta pledges gave the fall semester a hearty start with their successful pledge sneak. A few weeks later the actives feted the pledge class to a healthy pizza dinner. Returning the compliment, the pledges gave a masquerade dance, Pirates ' Plunder, at La Honda Bowl. Big Game week saw Alpha Xi Deltas putting their talents to active use. In the Axe-Review, they dis- played their musical ability by joining with the Phi Sigma Kappas in an act written by Al Golden- berg, directed by Jeanne Evanikoff, and starring Ernestein Gilbert and Bill Nestor. For the parade they showed their talent for originality and design by combining efforts with the Alpha Kappa Lambdas in building a beautiful float. Highlighting the semester and holiday season were the dazzling Winter Formal at Mira Vista Country Club, the hilarious Christmas party with Santa as honored guest, and caroling with the Acacias. The spring calendar included many lively social events as well as participation in college events. On the social side was the annual Father-Daugh- ter Banquet, the Spring Fashion Show, given for the Mother ' s Club, the Faculty Banquet, and the Family Night dinner. An annual college event, the Spring Sing, saw several Alpha Xi Deltas again displaying their talent in music and acting. The year culminated with the annual gorgeous Rose Formal and a luncheon for the graduates. University Chorus, Ski Club, Elections Council, Class Councils, Pelican, Bum AND Cow, and Daily Californian were participated in. Noreen Paaske was active on Rally Committee, Shirley Stone and Marilyn McClintock served on Women ' s Ex- ecutive Board—Shirley was publicity chairman and Marilyn was reappointed AWS represent- ative—and Sheila McCarthy served as projects chairman of Prytanean. Peggy O ' Neil was elected vice-president of Newman Club and Arden Johnston was a finalist for Cotton Queen. The year of 1955-56 will burn brightly in the memory of the Alpha Xi Deltas as one of the most outstanding years of their lives. Saes Westlake FRESHMEN Mary Malloy Name Paste Bartmea Gain Shirley HaoMee Elizabeth Mattis lark., McConatighy Apiece Mama Delon Ramassen Carmen Azar Grelthea Wentz Cynthia Hensel! Mamma Mattis Mazie McCoy Pet. ' J. 4 •th Saran Arm Nenpart Jaceveline Roberts Gambia Bevm Pat Gkrdinnine Sylvia Hose Jessica Monies Elizabeth McGann, Fans very Westlail Margaret O ' Neill Nancy In Strain, Carolyn Fry Llly Greet Mee Iversen Nornb Monti Levee Nkhotsca Patricia Rost, :ants Wittiams tevirrtnnon iL4hste:A Ata gig n ,410) tr AI t II. lea ifill4Ag ALA 351 CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Gard Prather SENIORS dal Cadand Rau Menem Peggy Merman Lorraine %Moms aka. Entail.. Mary Ellen Grant Carol Bela Gloria Oads Carol Hamer Janie Lambert JUNIORS Joan Eamtrat Jody Hall Sheila eothanaa Jennifer Oa.Is Markt Maim Sinai Male Jose Burnt timely tenter Mary Kraft Peggy Clements Jam Fisaar Kay Hollis, Marilyn Mania Santa Brae Jam Garet See McCauley Am Van Homo Sue McClure Cmistine Winters Jane Sauel Jean Harekne SOPHOMORES Babe Illmama Itatilyn Rated Paul Banal Sara Carlson Libby Sutton Carole Battaglia Martha Caylor ,54 this n ri) (RI ‘1,4 t-Attatt The Chi Os began the 1935-56 season by honoring their twenty-three new pledges at a barbecue and swimming party. During the fall semester, Mrs. Lola Hanavan, CM Omega ' s National Vice- President, was a chapter visitor. Aside from studies, several social functions brightened the school year. Among these were the Exchanges. Date Dinners, Open Houses after each home football game, the Faculty Dessert, and the Winter Formal at the Orinda Country Club. Not to be omitted from this list were the Senior Breakfast. Spring Formal, and the Legacy Tea. The highlight of the year was an Open House sponsored by Chi Omegas and Chi Phis in honor of the famed entertainer, Sammy Davis. Jr. On campus, the wearers of the Cardinal and Straw were very active last year. Nancy Copeland was one of the finalists for " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " while Nola Jonas entered the semifinals for " Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi. " Homecoming Week found the Chi Omegas engaged in a three-ring circus. Sue McCauley had entered the Homecoming Queen contest while thirty-eight girls were presenting their interpretation of the " Birth of Blue Monday " at the Axe Revue. At the same time, the Chi Os and the PiKAs were working on their float for the Homecoming Parade. Chi Omega was well represented in many organizations on campus. Panile elected Joyce Barrett and Blenda Enkema president and secretary respectively, and Bobbe Binsacca. Marian Hopping and Libby Sutton became new members. Ann Van Houten was initiated by Prytanean. Jeff Davis, secretary of Prytanean. was also chairman of Card Stunts Committee. Looking back over the past year. Chi Omegas will remember it as a most successful one. Nancy Copeland Anita Boyer Pat Cuomo, AN; Cynthia Fabdierl Anne Filmier Sharon FIAT( ' Bobbie Hard Sue Hanky Mayan Sloacio7 Nola Jams Ann Kelly Pat Pereira S‘irley Proctor Edy Sedeakk Aye Sirnmrs Stem, Lye Satinet Jay Lee Theeimson Kathy Wahpeen Jody Willis FRESHMEN Sandy Alin Katie Bowles Diane Collins Sheila Ulla Manske Davis Marty Began Zee Fort Market China (Ikea Heitnart Marian Retry Nell McClure Lye McCreary Jill Persian Clary Redhead Mary Reed Theresa Soden Larks Strecker Cue. In Tuft Pat Wilding 19 AtiAll A aiAStita J r ) Atiseiss ctidis r efr4 rs ria,4 Lai r gra 1 4 ti`41, r it MAUREEN McCLELLAN CAROLYN FRICK Fall Preside Spring PM Mat DELTA DELTA DELTA 23W %AAIMING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY. 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS JUNIORS May Jane Talbert Joan Argus Judith Bran Matily• Floyd Meredith Gore Ann Idelmal Diane Michell Peggy MOW Oartly Water Juan Bathyal Sloe a Carry Maras rennin Timm ' . Griffith Nn McMahen Helen MOMMeMieel to Manx Patricia Wettatt Sams Craw Sue Onneka Moro GM piney MOM) Marilyn Mania Pam Ora Mania Savage Mary Lieu Wyman n Bores Gad Ekestran Mer9Int Gino, Glownem SaniCien.1 Gall lAestna Nancy Pep pin Shirley Schneider SENIORS Siidida Knauer Ombra Llee0Muit Phoebe Moss Doris Niwila Jane Osgood vadm Sayrtil Shay Sides dare( Smith rt r nr e £sS aSSISA ra ale • " tiifes astalits k-:- citim Jr‘z1 tfH ...Aka ask as ii; arisas Tri Delt Smiles On . . . . Missie Papke, this year ' s Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . Coffee breaks at New Jules .. . Pringle ' s " Yust came over " . . . Hibernates during finals ... " Shad ' s Pad " ... The " SILENT " pledge sneak ... Winter, snow, skiing, and bruised bodies . . . " Gazaap " ... Monday ' s engage- ments, pinnings, or hasher ' s nastys for suspense ... Brig frowns on " litterbugs " ... Our Rep- at-large—Barbara Lamoreaux . . . " Doormat " ... Scowls on History 101 ... " Ours to Remem- ber " with Bowles Hall for a first in the Big Game parade Caterpillars ... The pledge dance and reams of streamers ... Mrs. Bergen ' s efficient but personal guidance . . . Mambo with the Theta Delts for a divisional first in the Axe-Review of 1955 . . . The hashers ' smile on Judie Barnes, their queen . . . Wonders at wandering potted plants? ... Beams on Sammy, Carmen and the crew ... Athletic endeavors ... Howls at Marquis ' antics ... The pledge class smiles on Schneider, while all together salute Moe ... Alumni ... Life at 2300 Warring Street. Pat Stwdy Diane Tmcnial Pn TIOTDOU SOPHOMORES Bryn, Bacigalupi Donna Benson Doris Elereadicou Nancy Brecht Marlery Boatel Vicki Carroll Mary Lee Gannon At Caroolin E:inbeth Helm Mary Am Loan Java Mat,, Denise Mews ken Nichalt Dirt Phillips Mary Pringle Eaten Sloan Barclay Stephens Christine Swam . Else Whitmore FRESHMEN Barbara Anderson Carolyn Aastin Saint Bran Joel Bosh Diana Dahl Cady Gill Diane Gordon Adrienne Gystalson Judith Hampton Susan Lay Janie Lakton Judith Lyn. Mn Moore Janet Mrs Many Mallard Missie Papke Lyme Memo holm Wright 1 ei illalis .A411 Aii el sr Vv ibia ILI Ste. ri Arai .th.Ags e fits 441 46, AIL S■ DELTA GAMMA 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL. 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Ellen Anderson Madene 83991 Sue Carroll Jane C011atr Moan Caftan WArda Mow Sue Hitchcock Ja% Horde( Jackie Kum ' s, Jane MaCfackka Jtanrt McGaHNNIY Sot Mills Ann Moore Carol Murray Seth Po-dittos Jamie wow Jeanie Polland Diane Rabablds Linty PHI " JUNIORS Satyr Ballet Cullas RIRda Frana Mary Glarcbec DON Green Shelby ICOstral Bea, Linsenbard lOtt reb Hu Moat Diane Sallibinetti Joh Shenk Matnrre Scorers SOPHOMORES Ann its Michele Carney Judy ant lathe Ferrenbs Caraprt Raw San Iasi Garrey Sue Gray Jon Grum SkiiiiatAistiidea m. • c::7‘ lti iv fort 0 to) r; ei 0 a Ara Asesti. isi raS tt, • .4 4 III- 1 241.; attn. AAA ;21 Life at the Dee Gee house this fall semester began with the droning of a bulldozer and the eternal static of a riveter. It took our thirty-one new members a while to become accustomed to the din but with ear plugs distributed at the first pledge meeting, all fared well. Now with the work completed we are all overjoyed with our so-called " Swiss Chalet. " Due to unfinished construction our thirty-one neophytes received their parents and friends at the University Women ' s Club on Presents night, and thus commenced their University life. This year we worked with the Delis on our Big Game float which depicted Oskie ' s college life during the four seasons of the year. With the house completed by Christmas time, spirits ran high at our annual egg-nog party which officiated the opening of the downstairs rooms. December 9th in the Dee Gee house was a busy day as it was the day of our Christmas Formal at the Sequoia Country Club. An evening of dinner and dancing was climaxed by the arrival of Santa with presents for our escorts. Spring semester was launched by the annual costume party at La Honda Bowl gi ven by the pledges. Present were a wide assortment of characters, ranging from Porky and Petunia Pig to Romeo and Juliet. Our Mother ' s Fashion Show Tea and Father ' s Banquet were two of the highlights of the spring semester. The Faculty Dinner was another. While Gerry Wallace is busy working on Mortar Board, Carol Jackson is kept busy by her re- sponsibilities as Sophomore Class vice-president, and as a member of Panne and Gavel and Quill. Shelby Kostial was appointed secretary of Women ' s Executive Committee and Ann Moore re- ceived an invitation to Prytanean. Fall semester Jeanie Ranney and Joanne Green were appointed as sophomore representatives to Rally Committee and Louanne Moloney received a junior ap- pointment. Jam Ilmderam Gayle Irwin Carol Jacks., Satan Jame. Carol MIchelsOn Resallol 011m Pell Pratte Marilyn Pine Jeanie Ramey Tani Sweet Pat Terry FRESHMEN Jan Auletti Barbara Baker Mary Ball Ji m Bickel Pat Bronson Jackie Siva Anse Cummings Martha Dom Doyle Fey Eloise Fletcher Nan Fletcher SaMra Eon larbm a Cabin Cattierire Grevb Barbara Jensen Nancy Knight Pal leftnich Carolyn ten Dieu Lindsay Lira Lovelace Pat Mahan " Joanne Morrisey Nancy McCnam Alberta Petri Pat Ryan Laverne Tweed Cynthia Watson Lynne Willastit Rita Woad 4 r AA ' r 41111 141 es se tv, at , ■ se. a ut --% P a - k-- .z 1 St i.: a t._, Sk - 1 tat‘rS kaivA s;. k jer i t—all grWS ‘thei Atle at . ' DELTA PHI EPSILON 2601 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1917 DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS 358 Seethe Robinson Flora, Tannin ' s ' s.% SENIORS Sheila Stoll And., Feldman Joan Wallin Mania Blum Deanna Fish Sandra Handelsman Joan Mauser Abele Kau Marjory Wt.! JUNIORS Jeanne dancers Dacia!, bechlin LOSUKt Bourrbsum Janet Frank RoMeta Heyman Joel Rosentlml Elaine Kling Onw OHM, Mitts Applebaum Marlene literman SOPHOMORES Anne i1040 Andy Costner Adak Landis Patrucla Tarpon. Adrienne Klein Banbara Rldkee Helen Ermann Roilyn Menses Caroline Burr Irene Fe ibelman Rodin le Greenberg Jaya Lkhtgarn .11iil. Walker Silk Oliallk ittk fit f:tet n .„- ti) el ri Ins [ A ;rata aisSk et ait ' s a asi Clifi. el fitiN .74 : , .. N i 1 tri a ak :11 1 AA fis fill rt es r on ,,.k The year 1955-56 really proved that nIkephers are better than ever. " It all started on the first day of rushing when we returned to the house, which our Parents Club had just redecorated from top to toe. By the time our excitement over the beautiful new decor and furnishings calmed down slightly, we were ready to help our thirty-two new pledges get settled. The glorious year con- tinued as Linda Pallay was elected freshman secretary-treasurer. We built our Big Game float with Kappa Nu fraternity. The Christmas season ushered in our traditional " Little Angel " party and cur annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, given jointly with Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. Our social season was a smash success. " Artistry in Rhythm " enthralled the many gay couples at the pledge dance. held at the Marine Recreation Center in Alameda. The Brazilian Room teas the setting for delightful " Deepherland, " the active dance that found the happy Deephers in a make-believe Disneyland. Several exchanges rounded out the social calendar. Romantically speaking, another boom was on for the D Phi Es. A generous supply of pinnings, engagements, and marriages found the Deephers passing candles and or candy almost every week. D Phi E claimed the presidency of Junior Panhellenic as Paula Friedenthal led the younger intersorority group. The Deephers went for publications in a big way : Patty Targow, Leean Kraft, Freddie Kern. Joan Kaufman. Deanne Dennis. Carol Altschul. and Elaine Ranier worked on Pelican ; and Judy Landis was appointed senior night editor on the Daily Californian. Helen Ermann, our president. went to the D Phi E national convention in Washington, D. C., and re- turned with an armload of awards for Delta Zeta chapter. These included a certificate of merit for our Parents Club for outstanding contribution to the house, a certificate for scholarship, a spoon for one of the best skits at convention, and a bowl for being the most efficiently-rim chapter. And so the D Phi Es take another set of finals, wind up another eventful year. and look forward eagerly to another sparkling semester. There ' s no two ways about it : Deephers are better than ever—and still going up! Jon Wilnthenk FRESHMEN Edith Coat, Paula FINNIC 0.11 Joan Kalmar Judy Abramson Deanne Dennis Carol Cell Freddie Ken, Carol Altvaal Rosalie Own Hilda Burma Linn Kraft Marilyn Clarlithl Naomi Feder Judith Kau Sharp, Leikan Joan Leann JWiIN Makrawa Roberta Learn Carol Memel ulnae Paul Natalie Linton Kankt Nathan Claire Ramer Roufird Mann Linda Pallay Cara Papas Julie Rader( Carol Stone Loretta Robbins Marmot Uhlmann .h11 Storer Diane Wechsler eY r la es Ava r e 359 DELTA SIGMA EPSILON 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1914 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 19$1 FIFTY•ONE CHAPTERS Janke Weed Faith Sinxnum SENIORS Anne Rkhard JUNIORS Mith M• Gloria WOIns SOPHOMORES Shirley Bonilla lam Arent Anne OeHeenan Huy Jeat KeleIto MetItin Westin jean Mtn Allen fl Goodman Joyce Salter Income Can: no r r n fl AbiAtEal arag.a. MEI 360 The fall term opened with a stimulating roller coaster ride with the Bay area alums, only losing a few of them along the way. Scintillating is the word for the ASUC marble tournament. Upon reaching the semifinals, we were promptly disqualified when it was discovered that we were using loaded " aggies. " Along a more social line, our Winter Formal was held at the Fun House ; a delicious midnight buffet was catered by the Doggy Diner. We had a fair time, but our joy was dampened by the loss of three pledges who got caught in the maze of mirrors. However, we were told that in the July cleaning, the girls will be found and returned. The spring social calendar was full ; boy, did we have a time — the greatest ! We entered the campus Spelling Bee: we fought hard but without the incentive of $64,000 we goofed. We had the annual Coffee Banquet Formal at Milpitas—it was really super-duper. At the close of the school year, we had our father-daughter jump rope contest. And now we are preparing for a gruelling summer vacation, looking forward to September. to come back and rest at the old U. Let there be light! FRESKMEN Navy GIIIKA Jane Leland Barbs ' s Sheehan Alice Brit. Patricia Grakam Karin Olsen An, Wools, Asn Dcnart Florence Gustalidn Adak Jackson PIryllis Read Clutlolte Rheinondo Sara. Spencer ars ri r k aa r`t r n .iii tad " 361 OUE TO A CIRCOMSTAE MOND YOUR CONTROL THE PLEDGE TAKE BEEK ..•l A Wm DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 EIGHTY CHAPTERS 362 Leda Star Jun Spealean SENIORS LNs Mentzer Conks Wombweit Banda Collins Glenda Glass Kathleen Kliewer Cfaudia Speetna Aone Burnell Betake Brandon Leateke Fisher Plutaba Oakley JUNIORS Patricia Cagey EstbNe Hogan Sslb Kreetzbena Darlene Winria Same Collier Kathryn Crawford Ounce Hartnett Avdrey Pfeiffer Poorly Brom Elizabeth Dnethet Kathleen Hodder Patricia Payee SOPHOMORES lAmityn Hen Ardith Eudry Helga Kealtnberg Maria. %Hotel Awe Colby Carol Gee Anne Kent Mangle Site Soaks :Wawa RN Hewing ;.1 dishes liasH: Sash Ass ral ,e) 1 It 9111 cs 46. Ei ;set f I ' ) The activities of Delta Zeta for the fall semester, under the guidance of our president. Audrey Pfeiffer, combined both social life, on and off campus, and studying. First came the excitement of the twenty-six new pledges moving in. Following this came their pledge dance with the theme of " Snowbound " on December 9th. One Saturday in October, we took over a service station owned by one of the girl ' s fathers. The (lay was filled with fun and mistakes because of inexpe- rience, but all in all it turned out to be a successful venture for we turned in over $150 to the campus crusade. We enjoyed the football games and the open houses after each game. At the end of this season, we all had fun building a float for the Big Game parade. On November 11th. our formal, " Winter Fantasy, " took place at the Claremont Country Club. While all these things were going on. we had also the usual announcements of pinnings and engagements, exchanges and bridge sessions. Founder ' s Day took place on the 23rd of October at the Claremont Hotel. The Family Christmas Dinner was held on December 4th. The spring brought another pledge dance. initiation, a tea, the Senior Banquet, the Father-Daughter Dinner, the Mother-Daughter Lunch- eon, State Day, the Legacy Luncheon and the formal at the Palace Hotel. Also we entered into the general Civil Defense Organization in Berkeley and helped out as much as we could. We were represented this year very well in campus activities. Some of our outstanding representatives were: Bernice Bronsdon, president of Prytanean. vice-president of Mortar Board. Cal Club. University Affairs Committee Sub-Coordinator o f NSA ; Dcnnie Wombwell, assistant city editor of the Daily Californian, Prytanean, Theta Sigma Phi ; Linda Stohr, chairman of the Student Union Council; Eleanor Hartnett, publicity and public relations chairman of the YWCA; Penny Blackfield, social chairman of Junior Panhellenic ; Gwen Jackson was on Rally Committee; Liz Drucker and Marlene Moore were in Panile, and Audrey Pfeiffer and Marion Starke] were in Phi Chi Theta. We were also well represented on Elections Council, Pelican, BLUE AND GOLD, and Orientation Council, and Women ' s " C " Society. A very successful semester was carried on by the house with the help of officers and members. Gwendolyn Jaatele Jacqueline Johnion Janice Janney Ann Undsay Marto Lowell Nand Mutes II Marko. More Dale Reuben Owned Reynold, Mary Rictantsto Janet Hingham Lee S,nts Goalie Son e " Jay Zonnalt FRESHMEN Betty Baron Dryetta awry Reedy SlaktieW Barbara Clark Pada Colvin Patricia Cox Daryl DtGulre [mot C.1101 Hids Anne Head Janie Lyon Isabel McLean Jeanette Sawyer Karel Mathew Gail StheCtotr Jean MAIN. Mallory Siwban Judy Steinke Lynn Villhaanon Elizabeth Yard ter art Ma ka.-- tik las As r- ir,v3 p stalk Alas at rel As laves 1;vis ANA 363 GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 18IN SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Patricia Barry Joan Brady SENIORS Donthy Baron Jean Armstrong Elizabeth Campbell Clain Canary Pittkis Deane) Learn Guttman A 4oDeate Haden Comte. Hollywood Joan Motel Ann Rtchirdson John Unmeant Moyer Sybil Stafford Patriot. Lusk Pate PLY McCallelan Small Whitehead WOW, MacAimee what. Cdfaertn Joy %Wand Lind. Williams Ann Wrght JUNIORS Vow ' . Bentley Roth Blest Vidtotia Chick Lay GAMOW Shirley Chelan Rontyn Dodson L•sda leather Callutine Hoek Betty Ore Pat Mina Toni Mankitelli Shirk Map Carol McIntosh Jean Nitthammer 4:11 AgaSk ala St eat, ), Act:t Looking back over 1955-56. the Gamma Phis began the year by pledging twenty girls. Activity- wise, the year got off to a wonderful start with Pat Marsh singing in the Axe-Revue. On the same night, Carol McIntosh was attendant to the Homecoming Queen. We welcomed in the Christ- mas se ason with our Formal at the Sequoyah Country Club. and our annual Christmas party and caroling excursion added to the gaiety. Skiing was a main pastime between semesters, blessing many of the Gamma Phis with sunburned faces and happy memories. Joan Dart and Jane Bell were elected to Panile, the sophomore honorary society, while Margie Mackenzie. Panhellenic president. was elected to Mortar Board. the senior women ' s honorary, along with Joan Brady and Pat NfcGaffigan. Appointed to Rally Commmittee were Kitty Huck, and the twins, Jean and Joy DeBenedetti, while Toni Marchettili was Cal ' s Junior Class vice-president. FRESHMEN Janet Amp, Marjorie Biooar JNHA nos Pamela Clarke MO Harm Peet Pat Sibbett Nix, Bruce Claire HOB Be. Meier, Barbara Suite Gent.line Weirkk Joan Dart Harriet Heroes Marilyn Patten Carole Fishier SOPHOMORES Jean DeBenedetti Karen Mina,Irvin Ronnie Poet Jame Tomer Jane Bell JOy DeBnictirtti Dorothy McCay Diem holes Patricia Waller 4 ill ' , flitrsl 11...., a k. " Ir likk aNik L 4. -- Nancy Manton Ann Harden Eleanet !Amor Sheila MacMillan Proltis Maier Jea yette Puclhabet Dale Sackett Nancy 5.16)11 Suwon Trees pot art Mary Cottini Jane Ocireteit SVSal EarcIrrer Carol Gene - c 94 • f S 441). %fraa KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY. 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS JUNIORS Marlon Zailey Ustara Cnakstoo .our Pardee Creamy (Mom Suzann Rester Polly Redff NAM y Ron SOPHOMORES Jean Bow. Sue Danith Lrne Ponta, ' Prnalla Ton Inn Cnobeli Judy Minna, RattlA Rost SPirley Scoot Barbara Son La Buda Kathy Conte A. Kenn,: y Suza—e Sun ' KA:+t G,becri Otam RatOtr Neu Ryan Sally Vasil., Ann lit Coat ' Yftfint Coldest, 9t) dis 41t, SA . 11 sy. 4 t- arra Aliii, data r e gistals‘t,:s7 ,A‘ ilk S 174 St ir 366 After two weeks of rushing, the Thetas relaxed their smile muscles and introduced twenty-two lovely young ladies to the noble joys of the pledge period. They brought entirely too many crinolines and are quite noisy, but they are nice girls, answer doorbells and polish silverware well, and complain very little. They made their bow to the campus social set at a charming affair held at La Honda Bowl. The gay ballroom was transformed for the eve- ning into a German rathskeller and all the guests came attired in Bermuda shorts and knee socks (except those who didn ' t, and they were sorry after they ' d come down the slide a few times). The " Piece de resistance " was the authentic Tyrolean flavor added by the snatching suspenders made by the girls for themselves and their dates. They looked terribly fetching and were also a fine way of finding your date when it was time to go home. We have had many other good times, including our exchanges with boys. But we had one at which something we thought very strange happened. They explained it was a water pipe in the ceiling breaking. but we think that if those boys do not want to have an exchange with us next year, all they have to do is tell us. We do not expect much in the way of grades from this year ' s pledges, as we have had to put beds in their study hall while we are building a new wing. Now everyone studies in her room and we mostly spend the time from 7:00 to 9:30 pounding on the ceiling and screaming " be quiet ! " But we are getting very agile and our lungs are developing if our brains are not. In spite of this handicap, some girls have managed to distinguish themselves. Priscilla Smote was chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee and a member of Mortar Board. Also on Rally Comm. were Carol Norton and Elizabeth Burke. Jeanette Madux and Elizabeth Burke were initiated by Panile; Sally Vaughan, secretary of Worn. en ' s Ex Board, by Prytancan. Judy Johnson was chosen for Cal Club. We wish they would not do things like that. Then our parents say " Why can ' t you do that? What is the matter with you? Do you ever do anything besides go out every night? What do you think I am spending all that money on you for? " Karla NV irkerboler Lir Hamill , Mary kfsOaniels Julie Roberts FRESHMEN Ann Soon ' 410Ittlt EMIrld Peen wady Patricia Kerr Liz Raskin Tony Latsdels Groh NOW Sot Sotth Nina Adams start Cross Liz Gibbons Georgia Houston Kathryn KIrq Kink ROSenher9 Jeannie Maddox Adele Olkos Marsha Menton Jams Armstrema Sue Daodson Pe99Y COSIVertz Sandy Aronson Paula Olson Kann Skew At Aragai , cl es ;Atia 367 KAPPA DELTA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 NINETY.ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Margie Laming On Chemin Daphre Triphon Sharon Clare JUNIORS Loretta GoHim Pat Arnold Rhth Jcanitone Caro Bray SOPHOMORES Leifan ' Meth Shirky Herzig Maraflk MEDomila Mary Ann Santhez Kay Armstrong Sot Doll Sant JernlY Carol Rechtitne June Smith Cad Balm Sheila Levin }Anne Kennedy Joan Ripley Pat Magill Judi Baumann Natty Genie Natty harem Roberson Linda Wilton Bewley Virgin4 Blume Marilyn Cellist Kay Mg Pat Gilmore Mina May Orono Dotty Hallett Joan Sables Karen Hawn 368 tt AsSAa Ass S‘digik AtirAlula dAThire trit% s A ri cfr a f Als; Al1 itt; aSSA kifras lika The pledging of thirty-four girls opened a fun-packed school year for the Kappa Deltas. The fall semester activities included the perennial football games, rallies, open houses, exchanges and serenades. Founder ' s Day was celebrated with the alumnae at the traditional formal banquet. Bohemian costumes and Steig cartoons highlighted the pledge dance, " La Boheme. " The Big Sisters next presented a Big and Little Sisters Tea in honor of the pledges. Homecoming week was filled with work and play as the Kappa Deltas worked with the Theta Xis to build the win- ning float of the humor-doubles division. The Christmas Formal, the Family Christmas Party and trips to Oak Knoll Hospital to entertain the patients completed the semester calendar. The spring semester began with the Scholarship Banquet, the Father-Daughter Banquet, another Big and Little Sisters Tea, a philanthropic Easter Party, the spring White Rose Formal, and the Senior Banquet. Serenades and exchanges helped to fill out the calendar and keep the girls busy. The Kappa Deltas were represented on campus in various activities, clubs and organizations such as Class Councils, Rally Committee, Trebl Clef. Pelican, BLue AND Com, Masonic Club, Red Cross, YWCA, Speech Arts Club, Ski Club, awl many others. Phyllis Staples Betty HOPI. SW . Prime See Verges Diane Blond Verna Ednsmassm Donne Fray Sue Lambert PI Ann Nicoteut Mart WHAM Jean Prose FRESHMEN aukne Cal an) Sylvia Fernald lois Cosmic,. Linda Karts Peggy Purcell Melt aria Swan Hashes Carol RkharOsem Jea anoenea Helen Dante Saedra Fkkn Joni Kok. Nancy Merrill Carolyn Ron Diane Thomas Fran Na can Sae Small Claire Satin Pat OeSlha Jean Fink Sue Karts liana Milholland Mame Smith Nato Walsh st, ;Ai rfr, 4,, , c r LA ri irs) rastaasiltazils, di 369 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 234S PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS KAMP]. Watson SOPHOMORES SENIORS Death llogbes Sally McClure IThoadts JUNIORS Shoo Ccoerly Are Ernann Cynthia Hyde Nettle Omen Spun Alms Katherine Bach Jan Kitty Marilyn Mope Margaret Shea Mw Mary Randolph Cclimas Jane esnsirson Molly Mock Portia Linda Bailey Kathleen MarinoIce Margaret Kermit Cynthia Pinney Edith Stahl Mary Anne Backlry ice Otani Cannier Helm Morrison Claire Valltue Phyllis Bell Ann Hobert, ' Sally Logan May Anne Reynolds Joan Van Den Alter Gray Korean Arden deMartini Cerritos Halstead tirdsay Nathan Courtney WthSen BOnderOn if, trt a- atvA1 :fr,is 0 n n tt es ei rt) The year 1955-56 has been a most enjoyable one for all the Kappas. We started the year by pledging thirty-four new girls and have continued with studies and social events such as open houses after football games, The Christmas and Spring Formals, the Mothers ' Club Fashion Show and the Fathers ' Dinner. Special events were the crowning of Sylvia Spridgen as attendant to the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and Leta Howard as the Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi. The Kappas captured the intramural sports plaque for the fourth consecutive year and our football team scored a triumphant 28-17 win over the Pi Phis. It has been a great year and we look for- ward to an equally wonderful one in 1956-57. FRESHMEN Lynn Brown Bitten Ferawn Mardyn Habana, Manta " Monk Pa1661 VAIISCMP1.11 Kate MX Cathy Barbara tune Reality CaThum Nancy Flack J.dy Kirkham Barbara Muller Carol Washburn Sharon Cray Clad Curer Mary Claire Cinch Ready Gainer Noreen Lenin Mary ly Raney Barbara Wieser Toni 040le JAN Harrnord Carolyn Demeter Harriet HoIlea:seek Judy Meyer Joan Tegmettica Sally Willits Jane Asn D000Ce.4 Leta Noeard Lue.rda Merrill Sfinta SPridden Barbara Metter Jot Stadetimn Mardi ' Paulsen Barbara Start Lyrn Worthington SIIPhls“. Smith Beverly Wei Rita AM Wright t PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Jane %gala Baran The Diana Barber Clagdla Giuliani Manatee MegIcn Jobe Sea kasha trek Phyllis Sdlofly Oct Kamer Miles Marilyn Well Barfly Fitt. Belly Ntegnan Marion O ' Brien JUNIORS Mix Saddle Nancy Graham Linda Litz Salty Spar SOPHOMORES Patricia Gregory Mary 1kCurdy Belly Short JoAnne Are : E fudge Chan Marconi Gray Claudia Navy Sandra Stauffer Cad Davis 372 Phi Mus started off the 1955-56 year very successfully with an open house following the USC rally, complete with the Bowles Hall combo. We then gave a tea in October honoring our Na- tional President who is an alumna of our own chapter. The fall pledge dance, held in November, was a huge success with Phi Mus and their dates dressed as famous couples to follow the theme of Noah ' s Ark ; the house was decorated accordingly. Also in November, girls from San Jose State came up to our chapter house when we pledged our newest Phi Mu group. Then in Jan- uary we went to San Jose to initiate them at their new house. Along with December came our annual Christmas Formal which was held in the Italian Room of the St. Francis Hotel; while girls and their dates danced to the music of Paul Law, Santa Claus paid a visit with gifts for the fellows. Also during the Yuletide season a Big and Little Sister Dinner was held at the Orinda Willows. We held our annual Christmas party at the house and went Christmas caroling for elderly hospital patients in Oakland. The spring semester was equally as busy, with a party given by the new initiates in honor of their big sisters and the rest of the house. Then in March we celebrated our 104th birthday with a Carnation Ball for both actives and alumnae. Also in March was the traditional Spring Pledge Dance. Later in the semester Phi Mus and their dates enjoyed dinner and dancing at the Meadow Club in Mann County. Throughout the year we had many people in activities. Alix Bouldin was editor of the Daily Cal. Marianne Meylan was copy editor of the Ewe Atm Cow, also helping on the yearbook staff were Barbara Thode. Linda Lutz, and Jan Walsh. Bev Fitch served as Women ' s rep and both she and Marianne were members of Mortar Board. Phyllis Gilbgly served as chairman of Secretariat and Claudia Maury and Sally Spear were co-chairmen on the Homecoming administrative committee. Claudia. Phyllis, Alix and Betty Hoeman were initiated into Prytanean and Alix was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa. FRESHMEN m t a a Falltrena 914 ky Kano Marion Neastrom Barbara Stone Bonnie kin Fran Collim Amoy lieltdget Bee Layman Pat Stake, Sue ' miler Joyce Meeker leant Nielsen Sara Sinker Dabs Betsey Diane Deuolas Sc ' Jonason -Name Norton Audrey Walt, Der Hadtint Madeline Mitchell Betty Pori; Marilyn Zinn Mandate Ultimo Marilyn Fonseca Wineaa Jtemen Barbara Pair Diana Wight 373 PI BETA PHI 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Mandy PaMalan JUNIORS Ma Ann Ann SevibM9en Sandra SbeIdon Rem Auden Kitty Salim Jane Corneae Hattie Find, Kann JOhanion Ann Clobbs Elizabeth Ehlers Sattue Elanniin Mary Wendy Mary Jame laniard J i Fr odazier Jane Cninket Reh Gist Nan (twit Sa haul Melly Manley Manx Dynckel Gate emission SOPHOMORES lois Hansen Jou, Sackett° Marilynn Morse CarolCams Jean Everett Jan likkoun Nay hhekle Suzit Painter Sean Ede Pim Hansa 1-1 4..„4, ,,-_. f , 1 • I f P) ftml;..... t..- I 1 dialLt.:7,L. ta A;A ' ai thatt Ir 0 ma , in if., tt-4 0 riA . ilk Iiii a■ e- n A ---) 1 , .). ii r; :_s i , n , ,- , ' :7: - 1 tAilfrSa‘ a ' SO ast siTs,,s , • Nid WS a The Pi Phis, through their exciting activities and fabulous social events, made the past year an outstanding one. In November, Jean Everett was chosen California ' s Maid of Cotton. Suzy Palmer, as one of the six pompon girls, led enthusiastic football rooters in Cal songs. Hattie Finke visited India, Pakistan and Ceylon during the summer as a member of the PIC traveling team. Molly Merkley was elected to the Women ' s " C " Society. Socially the year was a big success for the Pi Phis. The fall brought open houses, the Faculty Dinner, the Winter Formal held at the Claremont Country Club, and the Christmas Tea. Fall recess found many Pi Phis migrating to the cold snowy slopes and warm lodges of Sugar Howl and Squaw Valley. Vith spring came the Father•Daughter Dinner, the Mother ' s Luncheon and Fashion Show. The annual Spring Formal brought to a close a full year. All this plus many enjoyable hours in study hall made the year complete for the Pi Phis. Marilyn Lame An UAW Shirley Leisure Marilyn Minh Jeannnte Costley Lenart [Pah Betty Davis See Johansen Manna McCord Martha MeEaerow Barbara Meyer Lynne Nyeland erA ail SAS Judi Philippi Jody Schreiber Janet Sheets Sue Sirautel tt k tal aS eat z% t--- ::-; a 1 ' Annie Harrison Janet Jartsw Svsaa Kell Sally Mt Wt, Joy Meteel Jan Mills Anne Newell Pam Oliter Kay Pascoe Levy Nilotic Sue Porter Wilda Remedahl Sue Sharpe Sue Ward Debbie Willey Jamie Watteau traces Wyatt FRESHMEN Louisa Baumann Sets; Bingham Anne Cibmiluvio SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE. 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Lorraine Smith Corinne Statical nano, Nancy Sago Ante Grafts Adrienne Makin Carol Jo Ann Centre, Joyce Johnson Sharon McGill Joel SowEat Patricia Clank Charlotte Donn Gayle Eletnett Cara Jo Hall Bowery McKee JUNIORS Celia Cann Aare Jean Florence Pascoe Ant StaarepOole Cate Clifford Sandie Galen Sot °wake Maw Hill Rosemary Maccie Sonya Cranston Joan Jack Patritia Kramer Barbara Rohm SOPHOMORES Patricia Conley Calk Johnston Clare Coal , Martha Klatt. CM0Mn Mead Milk, Davidson vary Jensen Vary Pen. Matoshat taVerne Rchner Carolyn Canntryon Nanette DeMarne Muriel Alpo ar i.Satt e aetCa a St at Sat lt 1 Beginning the fall semester with thirty-two new pledges, the Sigma Kappas enjoyed a very successful year. Our social calendar was headed by our pledge dance, followed by a bridge party for our new housemother, Mrs. Patterson. our Founder ' s Day party, and our Christmas party. On returning from Christmas vacation we had a wonderful time at our annual semiformal at the Sequoia Country Club. Our social calendar also included building our float with the A T O ' s and a number of exchanges. On campus a number of " ladies " were represented in activities. Carolyn Mead, Ann Grafft, and Cris Cranston continued their first year in Phi Beta Kappa, while Ann Grafft was also honored by being chosen a member of Mortar Board. Mary Wittman, Katherine Zitcer. and Marilyn Rohwer became members of Punk, and Mary Nosier, Charlotte Dunn, and La Verne Rohwer were active on Rally Committee. LaVerne Snow was chosen a member of the Pompon Girls and Joyce Johnson served her second year as first string songleader. Joan Mc- Adams was secretary-treasurer of the Sophomore Class. Jackie Brown was officially recognized by the AAU as All-American Champion of a synchronized swimming team. As the spring se- mester progressed and drew to a close we enjoyed our Pledge Dance, Father-Daughter Banquet, Faculty Dessert and Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Joan Mar. Jae Naftali Mao McAdam Joan Rebut Mary Nosier Juanita Palm Jody Peterson Sharon Rardall Marilyn Flamer Math) " Ross VIrolnla ' Mein Anne Shafer Werra Snow Mary Terwilliger Matt Walker Lefty Melon Mary Wittman Cotheriwe Eater FRESHMEN Heidi Allah. Sharon Art:Sena Asa Barter Jew Warr, Carol Sue Orem Elsie Cower Barrie Croce Jon Oo1e1e11 Joy Rana Jtall Linda Ingersoll Linda Jansen LIMA Johnma Manella Toni McConnell Pat Magnum Jan Nelson Sanly Newell Paulcm Proffitt Carol Welds Betty Leo Wood ..-Is : " r ' :•_ q , , , ..: .. , ,. t ti- „ , 6.,.. A.,-. 4`.1 1ZI 117 1) 3 4 - • 116K ArA t is;kitsarial 1) t:k aitt Jaii;sai ris 1-% ‘ 5 n ra6.,Alakays, rie aal Ak THETA UPSILON 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY CHAPTERS Juice McLowth Anne Jame. Edith Myers Arlene Trabett Ewlyn Yenstrem c. SENIORS Gladys Btu JUNIORS Letitia (tall Marilyn Devlin Belly Peterson PM Schneider irr Janet Nunn Beare MY Myers Elaine NearoP Ada Viltaly Clare %hazard 378 The Theta Us have had a busy and a happy time going to all the football games and rallies, at the same time trying to make good grades. Our Christmas Dinner Dance Formal at the Mural Room of the St. Francis was an outstanding success matched only by our Spring Formal. Be- sides the many other house parties and functions, members of the house have joined such organ- izations as Utrimque, Prytanean, Gamma Sigma Sigma, WAA, and Mortar Board. The members of Theta U join unanimously in saying that life here at Cal is a busy one on and off the campus. This year will long be remembered by the girl: as one of the happiest. Yoe... Watrn Iles Verstrom SOPHOMORES Joyce Moore Sylvia Thompson FRESHMEN Carol Gana Sandra JCAMOrl P.ItettiS Heise! Jena Swam.. Beth V Ay Mara ' , Oilman Maier. Hetzel Don Kiely Late Luttaisran COrtlY StePherrin ()toothy Luc 379 ZETA TAU ALPHA 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS 380 Carol Shuhis Nay Wants SENIORS Katherine Jordaa Dixie Wiese Janet Balks Martme Claimer Fla Rath Mogan SOPHOMORES Phyllis Dani Marlene Camplixt1 Kral IWO Joyce Martinelli Laurie Wriaht Pat Canton Ruth Harrington Marilyn Pert Mely Blum Judy Fry Mane Drat Janet Miasma Alms Meaty JUNIORS Lorna Fellers Rosemary Knim Karen Price Carol Mate Mier Gardner Mary Jo NM JaCCIUtlit ' at Irvin; Jackie Olistri Dime Akuside Rotieru WASH Loretta Michaelis Lucy Pada Claudia Cana, Leah Olean ra r3 Et Ataa awaltart p • ir ' s a e_c ‘s Aar r Jags a a 41111461b, sta In retrospect—twenty-five girls were presented at the close of our 1955 fall rushing. " This and That, " dinners for Dean Towle, Family, and Dates, and numerous exchanges have made a frantically busy time for all Zetas. " Do You When? " , under the direction of Rose- mary Krum and Judy Fry, was selected to be one of the single groups to compete in the Axe- Revue, " California Kaleidoscope, " the Homecoming week show. The spirit of our rooting section was bolstered by the smiling and twirling songleaders — Carol Shultis, Judy Blum, Rosemary Krum, and Barbara Nelson. The Christmas spirit was exemplified when our pledges entertained a group of children from the California School for the Deaf. Each child was made very happy when Santa Claus appeared and distributed gifts to all. Of the twenty-two sororities affiliated with the National Panhellenic Association, Zeta Tau Alpha was third in attaining the highest grade point average. Pat Denton, with a grade point average of 3.0 helped the Zetas greatly in their scholastic rating. Pat is secretary to the Junior Class and is active in the " Y " work. In anticipation—the " White Violet Ball " and the Spring Fashion Luncheon are traditional events that will surely make the New Year sensational. Joan Latter° Toni Her Marilyn Lacier Lau Pdenal Carel hub FRESHMEN Carole Oats Saicy Kelly Patsy Hewitt Paula Marcucci Roberta Sale Janet Thorne Autirty Anderson Maroon Ovalle Ilekn Larson Elizabeth Peron Clara Waller Candolyn Hyhes Karen Master Ricky Conntrtschein Karel Toll Renee CaStagnola Barbara Grtnuninotr Sharon Mayen Marcia Stherhik Pawns Wail Donna Jackson Barbara Mellon Jann Stanley Sherrill wool Carona Cooky Sandra Haney Susan °larder Susan Stanley MetiattlYihdriort idatL IS n .,-,,- as st ArAaA SkAi n --.7 , tal en P tii _b—.... trt t Milk stSa Ara . ' t r: in - -c: c pc,) lik 2 i, on . 1 Ark_ r w , ' At Stalk - .. , , 381 DELTA SIGMA THETA FOUNDED IN 1913 AT 110W RU ) UN! VERSITY WASHINGTON, D.0 KAPPA CHA PT ER FOUNDED IN 1921 TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS EIGHTEEN THOUSAND MEMBERS . Birds Ednola fiesta. Smile Gillette node., (knot t Prince Etta Small Jericho Haney Otte Tim Margit Lutliay Gloria Saint May Smith Bettye STPut A The past year has certainly been a busy and eventful one for the Deltas. Sorors of Kappa Chapter launched the fall semester with their first formal rush party entitled " An Afternoon with Delta. " The second major rush function entitled " Let ' s Meet Again, " proved to be a very enjoyable affair, affording everyone the oppor- tunity of becoming better acquainted. Our first dance of the fall season. " Let ' s Do It Again? was presented the evening following the Cal- USC football game. The theme of the roaring twenties was successfully carried out as prizes were awarded to those wearing the best costumes and to the best Charleston couple. Our Christmas project of the year included the pledges and sorors distributing canned food boxes to needy families in the community and of the pledge club sending clothing to help relieve flood victims in the flood-stricken areas of our state. The Christmas spirit and good cheer was further climaxed as big sisters and little sisters joined forces to present their annual Christmas party. The Deltas began the new year in high spirit by Presenting their " Cage-Orama " Dance. The high. light of the program was the presentation of out- standing basketball players of 1956. The remain- ing events of our snring semester included a Mother ' s Day tea, a Father and Daughter break- fast, and Kama Chapter ' s annual King and Queen Coronation Ball. SENIORS Mote Chan Barbara Can Lily G.N. Virginia .tgai Emily Let Ann Lee Glow leo.; Getty Lon Diana Wing Revert, Wu irran Vet JUNIORS Susan Clow Carolyn Om, Gaye Lull Suelr Woo FRESHMEN JoArn Chew adebn Nom Virginia Let M324 SouNoa Toy Kim Vet The highlight of the year for the Sigma Omicron Pi sorority was its twenty-eighth anniversary celebration. A dinner dance was given by the members and the alumnae on November 5 at the Lake Merritt Sailboat Club House to mark the festive occasion. Other activities on the calendar for this year include a pledge dinner, a costume party. and a dance in honor of the annual Sigma Omicron Pi Heart-Throb. The Ikart-Throb will be chosen on popularity votes and all the proceeds of the dance will be donated to WUS this year. SIGMA OMICRON Pt FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1930 ONE CHAPTER On 382 BEAUDELAIRE CLUB 2347 PROSPECT 9.1 sis Formals, teas, parties and picnics are all in the limelight at Beaudelaire. In December there is the Christmas Formal, and in May, the special Spring Formal. The big open house tea in April is a special event eagerly looked forward to by the house alumni, parents, friends and relatives alike. The faculty dinners held each semester are loads of fun, and of course the annual picnic at Tilden Park adds extra pleasure to the already crowded social calendar. To top all of these events are the small parties held at the house from time to time. Yes, life at Beaudelaire is really great. SENIORS ShirlIblee Hiker RoberU Kelly JUNIORS lyn Bran Marian Irvine Monis. ' Denier Verna Robinson Barbara denim SOPHOMORE Sandra Inman FRESHMEN Maroaret Proton AMY WOOd SENIOR Phyllis Peres SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN JUNIORS Franore Co . Dolan Arnbtostni Ellie Leong Eileen Km France, Blocs Janis 0 414.411 Edith Mayer Barton Gum " Eleanor Retest , Mary Let blelzker Janice Hoff mae Donna Arne. Diner Lee Pauline lee Muriel McPherson Marlene Mellon Jardith Saito. Carol Seibold Santa Sobel Bennett Manor maintained a full house of thirty one girls, active in various organizations, all year. A Parisian open house was very successful at " La Cafe Benet " in early November. And ending the month was a very pleasant exchange with Piedmont Lodge. Combining with Bon Haven and Continental in December, we held our winter formal, " Whirl- ing Winterland. " at the Hotel Claremont in Berkeley with dancing to the music of Al Wil- liams. We end the year retaining many pleasant mem- ories of experiences and activities. BENNETT MANOR 2721 CHAXXING WAY 384 " September Song " was the appropriate theme of Bon Haven ' s fall open house event. Following this soiree under the leadership of President Maxine Russo, the house concentrated upon plans to fill the semester calendar. The Sunlight Room of the Claremont Hotel was the setting for " Whirling Winterland, " a formal dance jointly sponsored with Bennett Manor and the Continental. Three exchange dinners with various campus organizations livened up the semester ' s program. Santa Claus in full regalia visited the house on Channing Way at a gala Christmas gift exchange party. The fall semester drew to a close with the unique development of a Latin American combo to fill in the leisure hours. President Sue McCall guided the house affairs during the spring semester. Under her leadership we carried out plans for a Spring Formal, a basketball tournament within the house, development of an enter- tainment committee which prepared skits and programs and more dinner exchanges. BON HAVEN 2709 CHANNING WAY JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Ark.. Roxeni Bendy groan Florence McLean Oalyte Elks FRESHMEN Joan Farce Peggy Shelley Nance KM:gild Monica McTishe Margaret Klinker Janet Cries, Muhl Mtrarh Mooeyeen Splha Nmalk Ifelux Doris Whiprxernan DOB Wong Carol MkkWh Maine Ruin Barbara Parker Martha Entice Sae WWII Unita Sault. Ve4p1 Gail Winston Into 21adel A4Asillaesi 385 BOWLES HALL SENIORS 14•0741 Finol Joan Gni r9 James Kris Pea LettOs McKterrun Ober Ltaren« Allmon Checks Bicker Francis Calico JOuVIt Policia Mk David Gilles Jeremy Kilpatrick Jerry ben Thomas Miller Mickey Perry Clifford Knott AlihM Cobb, h. Walter Deardorff William Foster Messed Olotedelt Robert Kiang Paul McKaslle Karl Mum Len Raney limes Pabtickle Lovell Brown William Camp Gerald Gateart Inemsr Nils ICallIn Jerome Klett Jack MacKay Lie•Fai Howard Rice it sitata p kiwis MSS Ak litki i 4, Philip 386 What a year ! And, as the popular so ng so tritely said, we ' ll have these moments to remember— the night we tore down the Kangaroo Kourt Korrall; the Beer Bust in memory of John Peter Erdman and John Peter Engavall ; the prize-winning float we built with the Campus Queens, the Tri-Delts; the activities of President Bill McKeeman and the activities at Bill ' s home before the Big Game Informal ; the Winter Formal at the Peninsula Country Club; the Gambler ' s Gambol ; La Boheme ; the Boat Dance in the spring; the Christmas party for underprivileged children ; and finally, the cinch notes ... But it was a successful year—even academically, as Bowles again placed high on the Dean ' s list. Bowles Hall also contributed greatly to the spirit at football games and rallies, and presented Governor Knight with an apple core at the Stanford game. Jchn Robertson Unnence Rpm William Ryan Twedwre Stubbs Carter Samson Armen Tatbdialan Categht Teeter William Walter dead did Zschelk Phillip Warmer JUNIORS William WAAMM James Adams Robert Woodford Gary GAMA Gassid went Jciin Ball !bonus Barry F rank Bauer Magold Berry Rotel! Borten Robert Brooks FIKKird Can Rockwell Cramer Dimwit Edwards Stuart Hall Harry Harris Coughs Hayden Robert Hunt Vec tor LAW, 44bn Laymaa Alan Gala, Herbert Lee Lawrence km r r gaiehdiata ,‘ " , slaktida easiii en SA Allki th I 387 BOWLES HALL Gary lawn . JOha Newell Peter Patella Marion Mane Eiterca Reward GM C. Rosenthal Larry Rite Chitin Schlegel David SentIt Franz Steiner Gallon Strobele Kinnison Thomas Stethen Thomas Richard Waddell Alec Willis SOPHOMORES Ronald Allman Roger Bakke Jimmie Boa°Ight Rom Burke Wry Cinder John Ogettoch Retied Ekedahl Gary Elwin Pawl Gilbert Terry Gleason Allan Glint Jean Hams Richard Holloway Richard He truth Rcoerl Hudnall Rotten Nitwits Ronald Instant Leann Or n rei r) 388 Bowles men protected the " Big C " against the depredations of both Cal and Stanford vandals. Larry Anderson ' s music appreciation campaign for the Washington marching band was also memorable, as was Ken Arndt ' s course in destructive ornithology. We had something to cheer for, on both the varsity and the intramural battlefields. Chuck Kuhl and Dwight Bianchi played football, while Bob Washington bucketed many a point for Pete Newell. Leaman King and Larry Anderson were outstanding in track, and " Lizzie " Becker threw a mean fastball. On the intra- mural front, " Tiger Lew " Raney led his football stalwarts through another successful season, as Bowles fared equally well in other athletic activities. And, with cries of " Arbuckle " still ringing in our ears, we packed our University-approved ashtrays and headed for the cold, cruel world. John Kramer MkhAel Leath ReeaW Lee Robert Lilienthal Richard Monter Leo hula Vakkaur Petersen Stanley Sheol Robert Washington Gary Sheldon Gun Woyard Peter Store FRESHMEN Sob Seamen Rebmt Brooke Donald Tendert Edwin Budd Robert Clark Ronald Hooted ' Charles Fmnila Donald Lee Let We James Salisbury Alan Slice Edward Heia Arthur MeCanney Cagy P if bsa Lee Schameelter Richard Van VIeck Roger Hint Oclbert Ostan Rimy Ramsey Kenneth SnMer Warren Walker CNA (16 ' rc r r r atitaktata Att. ,ital ri c.7 r a It Alatimert eihitaais ale, r .1 in Ager.,A1 els 389 Glad to be back on campus after being inactive as a dorm for a year, The Californian started the semester off with a successful open house. Under the leadership of fall president Bonnie Tuber and spring president Shirley Carroll, the house participated in many activities. Highlights of the year included the Winter Formal, " Christmas and Candlelight, " held at Lake Merritt Hotel, an annual Christ- mas party, a Faculty Dinner, and several exchanges. which rounded out the social calendar. Representing the house in Freshman Class affairs were Carolyn Green and Meredith Bolton. Selected as one of the finalists in the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest was Morley Perrish. The year was filled with many happy events, only one incident marred our otherwise perfect year—who stole our sign? THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT STREET SOPHOMORES Virginia Valente SENIORS Lain Rosario Smiley Mead Myrna Fox FRESHMEN Lyrae Otroy Carol Enflame Jaw Ranch Ar oh Summon Kathy Bel( JUNIORS Mary Peppy Pat Robineot Carol Birnbaum Rata FraMtn Anne Glick Pearl Seale lone Sorenson Shirley Carrell Barbara Embenan Bonnie Ester Gayle Torbert Grace Maori, Suzann Frantim Dane Mecum Geraldine Segal Gay Wei., ISISiiias dlitai,n 390 sta firm CAL LODGE AND CAL LODGE ANNEX aA Cal Lodge and Cal Lodge Annex houses fifty- two men students. Several of the men are grad- uate students and are not pictured here. The two houses are governed by two sets of officers. Highlights of the fall semester were parties at Stratford Hall, Colonial Hall, Ron Haven, and especially a marshmallow roast and dance party at Fireside Manor. Officers for the year were: Cal Lodge: Nick Aliaga, president: Robert Olsen, vice-president: Fred Hilts, secretary; John Paul Jones. treas- urer. Those of Cal Lodge Annex were: Ronald K Zeitzeff, president ; Robert Taylor, vice-pres- ident; Robert Spats, secretary treasurer, and J. Lawrence McConville, social chairman. tia r CoLLEGE AL ENUE SENIORS Robert Taylor Robert Slows J. Lawrence MtComille William Piper Hal Remick JUNIORS Ronal! Ztistof I Lawrence Cram° Lewis Gibbs SOPHOMORES Nelson Gamin. Claud Holtman, FRESHMEN Howard Correll Bob Gramm Rod, Mattson R. anew O ' Day Imo TWIN Thom WNW GRADUATE Conrad Petorson SENIOR Ralph HElsoa JUNIORS William Alwortw Alan Chappell Harold Neu Maser Seharimk SOPHOMORES Merlyan Butmor Retail Dion Harold Rimier FRESHMEN Donald Hechla Max Patti Marten Mashy Donld New Williem Onon William Pampas Philip Read Paul Wane I f ' t t r 391 Positioned neatly in every nook and cranny of Lawrence Manor ' s hallowed interior, its ver- itable fountains of intelligence and knowledge were bent over intellectual and technological problems of the highest significance. Whether the problem be the mastery of pinochle or chess. the appreciation of modern art or even an attempt at studying. it was overcome with great alacrity. Displaying the same sort of enthusiasm. the mem- bers of Lawrence Manor in their first year of organization actively participated in picnics, ex- changes. parties, athletics, and student organi- zations. LAWRENCE MANOR COLLEGE AVENUE The 1955-56 year was a successful one for Colonial Hall. To start off the fall semester, an open house was held. November and Big Game brought float building, followed by the busy month of December. The Christmas Formal held at the Claremont Hotel, caroling at the Highlands Hospital, and the " Christmas Angel " project were fun for everyone taking part. Meetings were pre- sided over by Dark Briones, president. Colonial Hall girls took part in a variety of campus activities, including Women ' s Dor- mitory Association. WDA president for the year was Karna Karstenson. COLONIAL HALL 2542 DURANT AVENUE SENIORS Dark Pan Selects Barbara Bryan Kama Karam., Jeanette Oven Nancy Grtnlillgt JUNIORS Jean Humphrey Pony Southard Sue Hall Lois Bernstein Jo Ann Nkketwo Rai Ann Befits e SOPHOMORES Jody Clerk Nancy Cotten Judy Gianoetti Evelyn Hales Henryetta Haman Alia Lam Edith Wellitereo emplane flog FRESHMEN Claim Biorgan Ann Brandt ulnae Cetus Dark. Richman tfi L ' t r A NI Aillhatailik ak nr at 392 The year 1955-56 was a very successful and enlightening one for The Elizabeth Barrett. Along with the studies and books, many good times were also had — ex- changes. dinner dances, open houses, etc. The Homecoming Parade float, which was built with the Pi Lams, also added a high- light to the fall semester, along with the Underprivileged Children ' s Christmas Party. With the coming of spring and finals past for another year, everyone is eagerly looking forward to another enjoy- able year. ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARRING STREET SENIORS Jean Arrington Reree Harmico Barbra lopO Ante Kelley JUNIORS Ida Bona Dolores NOM Libby Fmk. Conk Panagakis Yvonne Patel:4 Arlene WrImao Jean Joanne Thor SOPHOMORES Mildred ICAO Cherry Varna Dime Brilliant Suzanne GMdman GleMa Unger Dorothy tinge kl P4i !is Putnam FRESH MEN Geri Brouarey Lynn Phillips ardite Wriran Cis et Gotgi,ith Judy Sale-dor( Frances durst lOuiae Edit. jintt RONIff 11121 ,...,. ,4! „) . .,,r. 44 ) it 393 • EPWORTH HALL 2321 CHANNING WAY Mary Lek Pooh JUNIORS Evelyn Esti Valerie SENIORS .kan Lard Hoban Hotel Carol WeInell Yflent Intel Pat Biddison Shirley Hatfield Oolofts Mimicry Elaine Outel Suzitne Kathryn Mum Luella Row Marie Farucei Sandra Moore Eli Lynne M Mary Kay Cal Deana Smite; Shiflett wii Medal Margaret .1.0300 Mry an II Kitt°. palm° mio. Bey ' Bradley Carrie Hameaand zabeth .Unis Magpie Jan Prather Mary Jo Tanner Kay n. Holly Fitz olly Green Jean Yuan O v. Tht Yi . ei. ..., Adiai 394 Epworth Hall, under the guidance of Elaine Dertel, president, has passed another fine year filled with many fun-filled and successful events. Football season saw two open houses after the SC and I.JW games ; Homecoming Week, always exciting, was even more so since our float-building efforts with Abracadabra fraternity were rewarded by a trophy fororiginality. The highlight of the season was the annual Christmas Informal held at the Town and Gown Club. With the swing semester almost here, plans have already begun for several functions, such as the Apple Polisher ' s Dinner. the Mother ' s Tea, and of course, the Spring Formal, which will be held at the Sequoyah Country Club. Campus activities are not being overlooked by the girls of Epworth Hall either. Kathy Wham, chairman of WAC. Sharlene Willhide, chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee. and Phyllis Matz, president of VAA, are on Women ' s Executive Board. Kathy and Sharlene along with Rowena Volz, are members of Prytanean, while Wilma Wuthrich holds a seat on Women ' s Judicial Committee. Rowena was also co-chairman of Cal IA. In another aspect of campus activ- ities " Sam " Sampson is chairman of ASUC Constitution Committee. Epworth is well represented in WDA Council, since Sharlene Willhide and Kathy Palmer are Reps-at-large, and Carrie Ham- mond and Gloria Mikuls are Social Chairman and Publicity Chairman respectively. Another suc- cessful year has passed and been enjoyed by all. Lynne Rancher Roberta Smith Patricia Thompson Rowena Volt Nancy WelCh Wins. Warthtith SOPHOMORES Anth Andrew° Joan Becker Joyce Dann MAMBA Entail Rebena Jona Carr? LeDrev. Carol Lintmente Gkna MAW. Ann Mobar Sall, Neal Linda MitolaMert Nancy Oenclandre Jere Lu Scent Annette Sr yeer SueThomas Joan TROmplfn Joan Tornian Carel Welter FRESHMEN Margaret Dawson Elk. Davit Sandra Cram Gaye Fin Karen Gratirk Caro Hall Carol Markley Shirley ScbluPP Beth Wiest C eft asi r , A In rt " ,:‘16 11 ki) ArA AtS r r ,Fri 395 112 THE CONTINENTAL 2531 BENVENUE " The Continental " had many activities during the school year. under its presidents, Laura Block and Sherrill Urton. The joint picnic with Collegian, the open houses, the " Mayflower Com- pact " party and the Saint Patrick ' s Day party were all successful. The formal, " Whirling Win- terland. " at the Claremont Hotel, was the high- light of the year. JUNIORS Evelyn ken Lana Lee Sandra Morn Rdy Naknama Sava Limont Sandy Schauos, Dorothy Lem Betty Taff NOM ARMY SOPHOMORES Sherrill Una, Barbara leikaltan Jody Yates FRESHMEN May Barnett Lars Block Jacqueline Hard CAS. lt0ag Debi Levy Nancy SlapHo Kruk Vaal Bantam Harm Ur Sal Mfrs Crack Barbara Firestone Melinda Raphael Diane Stern Barbara Davis Sabra Gillen Marine Rsflin BtxnlY SWODt Betty rWr Elaine Greenberg Sue Rosentrau ENO. Zane Fireside Manor. the newest and smallest wom- en ' s dormitory, has had a very successful se- mester. By working together, the girls were able to join the ranks of the dean ' s approved housing list the first semester. The activities of the house began with an open house which was attended by many. Following was a date Halloween party, exchanges with men ' s living groups, and a Christmas affair. The girls also contributed to making a needy family happy at Christmas time by supplying a food basket. There are only fourteen girls in the house, and friendliness and unity are prevalent. Fireside Manor hopes that this success will continue in the future. FIRESIDE MANOR 396 Reg Week started Hoyt ' s year off in a cloud of heliotrope smoke with Open Houses, snacks, and parties with other members of the Co-op family. Under the sterling leadership of our house president, Joyce Nelson, and Co-social chairmen, Shirley Ramsey and Joyce Sandretto. we have seen a never-to-be-forgotten college year slip rapidly before our eyes. High- lights included a dinner honoring Alice G. Hoyt, ex-assistant dean of women, for whom our house was named, the All Co-op Picnic at Lake Temescal in the fall, an evening spent building the first float the Co-op has entered in the Homecoming Parade, our Christmas Semiformal, " Snow flurries. " a Christmas Party for underprivileged children, the Spring Tea, and the All Co-op Formal in the spring. Angela Waldenrath was our contestant for the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest, and Carolyn Herman shared the honors as ad- ministrative assistant for Homecoming. HOYT HALL 2519 RIDGE ROAD SENIORS Lynda OrrIMO Comm Delay Irmo OPPollonlly Donna Serena Kei Tema. Jantt Worm JUNIORS Norms Allegro 14rn Elaratch Jeannette Illank Yoshrto FolorkatO Shirley Hart Carolyn Henna( Gene [thinners Sharon Larden Atom! NnaltrOi Joyce Nelsen Carroll Pollock Any Loa Rhodes Sandra Stallings May Taoda Diana Wing SOPHOMORES Irene Kedani Shirley Ramses; Joyce Sandretto Elizabetb Wood FRESHMEN Joan Coltman Skieley Denham Ann Faresotrik Jo Ann Fool . Elizabeth Hex Judith Kin Pavkia Odell Mich Walkninaupt • e - ) i I a a II laz assi. e2 NE7 itsadigsair 397 tatki 9 ' Et T ' I think that I shall never see, a group that had such fun as we. Our Pajama Party was rip-roaring, that ' s one fact we ' re not ignoring. Our Open House was a sensation, from boys and girls we had participation. While working on our float we nearly froze, we could hardly even move our toes. Although with time it was a trying race, we smiled as they announced us second place. We had a dance and dressed as songs, the costumes ranged from rags to sarongs. At football games we ran a parking lot, so we would have some money in the pot. At Christmas time we trimmed the tree, and put it in the window for all to see. We held a dinner dance in the spring, our special fellows we were asked to bring. So as we look back upon the year, we feel so glad we have been here. And as we depart we have the thought, did that money really go into the pot ? JOAQUIW HALL 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE Helene Treat! Dorothy Salmon SENIORS JUNIORS Dolly Mayer Karen Weseth Arlene Davis FRESHMEN Nancy Stilts Nancy latMman Susan Suites Mty Mock Nancy Krauss Carolyn Monaco SOPHOMORES Roberts Gibson Cara Anderson Joan Slam MOO Swart Pen Mart Toan ky Syhta Wks Katleilae task Palsy Swale Betty Bore Gloria Kovaccelch Jane Camaro Selnu Cornier .kan Saltalarnacnia Seiner Waaltnan it:, v. 12 tanz it a 398 With a number of enthusiastic new girls, Mitchell Hall got off to a good start this year. During the fall, there was the Big Game float which won Fernwald first place in its division. Also, there was the Infor- mal and the Christmas Formal, both of which were joint projects of Fernwald and Smyth. Much of the success of these activ- ities goes to the fall semester president, Pat Butler. and her officers. Under the spring semester president, Nadine Dotson, enthusiasm continued to stimulate activ- ities. which included a fabulous ski trip in February to Yosemite and the Hilltop Casino for WUS. These were added to the s ocial list of open houses, exchanges and (lances. As June rolled by, Mitchell Hall waved a sad goodbye to its seniors: Pat Butler. Pat Driskell, Marian Archer, Irene Ivanoff and Margaret Nielsen. Thus an- other year was recorded in our book of memories. MITCHELL HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY SENIORS Ire. Iwo( Mon Ramseur. FRESHMEN Malan Anntr Marred N KW. Clinton Coles Nadine Dago SOPHOMORES Sue Lica Nancy Reedy Pat Bullet JUNIORS Patricia Co. Jute Hereon Carol Aimee Maureen M.In Kay Burrell Joan Hill Patricia KuMom Patrke (Nigel! Susan Betas Alice Dolor Patricia Lewis Joyce Hoots Helen Weiner Janet Edwards Margaret Karresky Joan Maelibeer 399 OLDENBERG HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY SENIORS Shire Yokeyeena Simona Ikeda Gloom RafMete Paula BaLaths Bendy Cain Joan Goldammet Kathleen Kelly Elise Sham JUNIORS Jean Bona Nancy Jenkins Louise Snyder Betsy Booth Carolyn Dasmetm Alice Nammord Marian Merlotti Pat Smith Joanne Banes Stun Freeman Velma Mesmer Soelyn Woo Kay Beetlame Gloria Skeet Joan Naos Shirley Mitchell Nancy WattII Frances Barton Virginia Gale Mary Pierced Carp WaIII AAA rel vsthaa rio oFfil fr:“; !el I el% ass .. 401 Nat SA a 400 Rounding out the year, Oldenberg girls tallied up a full season of scholastic and extracurricular activities. Starting the year with a skit take-off on " Mr. Roberts " and continuing through the semester with pie-throwing contests to raise money for WUS, Oldenberg enthusiasm always showed through. During the fall, Oldenberg participation in the Winter Formal and Winter In- formal proved to be highly successful. Other activities of the semester were dinner exchanges, intramural sports, the successful stealing of the coveted Smyth Flag, donations to the Lincoln Home for Children, and gifts to the Children ' s Hospital. Events that Oldenberg was especially proud of were Lou Snider ' s election as an attendant to the Homecoming Queen ; the Fernwald Float winning first place in the humorous division of the parade ; and the election of Kathleen Kelly as the most outstanding girl of Oldenberg. The fall semester activities ended with a cheerful and enjoyable Christmas party. Registration week activities opened the spring semester and Olden- berg girls returned minus two graduating seniors, Kay Breslauer and Nancy Wotell. Activities such as the Hill Ski Trip, the Spring Informal and the Spring Formal, and participation in the Hill Casino were events that will be remembered by all Oldenberg girls. SOPHOMORES Louise Abeorngske Hate! CastmhaN Pentispe Misty laginisa Elise tandeeter Terry In Mary Ellen man Henna Mufti Margaret Macey Morse Sharon Phillips Marcia Posen Jo An. Itiornoar Marilyn, Robson Della Wallet. Ronnie Wrstly FRESHMEN Tot. Angle Rats Ante, Dare Seamus, Debbie Dean Whin Friara cool OeVinctrui Harty Anima France, Evans Patricia MrdcII Snap Sea Judy TarOY Susan TharSby et) a, AAAate n rt aairAi sta ta 401 PEIXOTTO HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Shoop Perusal JUNIORS Mabel Holstein Nancy Marshall Bobs Ruby Carlene Roberts Lou Raisin Sandia Johannes Tat Matsuda Joan Warne Joyce Sims Constance Covington Maryorit Lill Karam ?Amick SOPHOMORES Lorene Wont Lois Holterberg Gay Lunt lean NvItlig Sandra Certain SENIORS Manisa Mks klarkek Fortner Mary Chanel% Susan KaClOgothi Nancy Chin Jay Munroe Garcho Cahill Barbara Ewing Yvonne Chew Carolyn Foster a Moms ONis Barbara Kale Ellen Dent Mire Hemel VA it alit eiN n IL ;it 402 Sneaking, creeping, we are seeking Open transoms for our peeking! Betooking, looking, necks we ' re crooking Lots of activities Peixotto ' s booking. Sighting, writing, never fighting Peixotto life is real exciting! Dances, prances, stolen glances Led to many Hill romances! Keen, we deem Carlene our Queen As one of the best Prexys Peixotto ' s seen. Bonnie Connie with smile sunny Was President next with humor funny. Creep sneak one fine week Upstairs left the downstairs meek. Fun done by everyone With Fernwald float a prize was won! Ski ... Wheel Whatta spree! But, oh how sore each back and knee! Invitation, decoration, soon led to vacation We wish that these hadn ' t a ratan! Yeamin ' , learnin ' , brains were burnin ' When finals came and set us squirmin ' . More galore could be in store Peixotto Hall is full of lore. Even grievin ' we ' re bereavin ' Such fun and joy we ' ll soon be Oman Thiravrat Walita Koenig Hilda Palo Iris Whitman Janet 8itklv Daryl MarnaIan Joan Pervsse Patsy Wong Claudia SCV.3 Nowa Edwin Manisa Goldsmith Marilyn Arno Norma Otis Maromy SaunderS FRESHMEN Jeanette Ono Jody Onion Cardin Mobil Hank% Keck Maroaret Paris Estrin Teyokr Lavin Hainan Mary COI, Jo GI( mine Deana Jong Katherine Iles Jean Melholland Sheila Ann O ' Brien France% Weiner Rowiro Roque Jan lw atairada 403 RICHARDS HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY JUNIORS Evelyn Mount SENIORS Undo Doren Betty f Worley Deana MentanHency Edith Haney Walsworth Shirley Helroerl Corner Plato Asmel Carolyn Chinn Carol Erickson COMLIPCC King Gwen Rotetuon CareneVisques Carolyn WHO Carolyn Krogh SOPHOMORES bleak Milken Ma b11 Cunt June Folt Shirley Ugrian Janet Schlott Carole Von Pinson jean ' ,cone tomtits. Macclommli Sara Crum r attstia SS or, • cr) : 1174, . gra tow l: r tit es saa43.• Take 78 girls (unsifted), One Grad. Student (unbeaten), One housemother (rare) ; Combine with sufficient amounts of : Late-hour excitement, Morning-after groans, Parties, brawls, Cats, dogs, washing machines, Loud typewriters, Fun (add continually), Enthusiasm, Effort ; Top generously with : Unforgettable formals (2), One Yosemite week end. Two scholarship trophies, Homecoming float award. Simmer for one year in friendly atmosphere. Serve. This recipe is guaranteed to be unforgettable (or so we are told). FRESHMEN Jo Acne Dalo Jul Holmes Elaabeth Kota Greethen Paull Irene Ayala Marcuret Could Paula McCord Gull Pattkia HubettY Jo Pun lanarnanino bans Tinsman (Um Brown Caine Kegley Sand Partgien Sheila Sala Jute INk Ja anew. Hausa: °Iron. Renal Javan:Int ilia% Ella V.Hela Cane Coot Genevieve Let %tarns Pater Chalere TaInteian Fiances Velasooez O c Aiska Alta 405 The year has proved to be an especially busy one for Ritter Hall. Highlights were the open houses, the exchange dorm-sorority dinner, two formal dances, one of which was held in the beau- tiful Hawaiian Gardens in San Jose, a Christmas party for under- privileged children, a scholarship dinner where we were honored to have Dr. Jayne as guest speaker, and as a climax to the year, the annual dinner in honor of our graduating seniors. Anne Baldwin, an active member of our hall, was WDA secretary during the fall semester. The freshmen this year proved to be very enthusiastic and led the hall in badminton in the intramural sports activity. Of special note was the initiation of all new girls to short-sheeting and missing clothes. With two very able pres- idents, Aline Burke and Carolyn Miyakawa, the hall will be associated in their minds with many new friendships. RITTER HALL 2422 PROSPECT TERRACE SENIORS Carol (Mohan Barbsta Errant Terry Umbel Ardyth Fleet Carolyn Miyakawa Betty ask JOht011int Robuitelll Tbelma SPASesIbl Jean Todd JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Vrokile Gresalol Vivian RuAnt Lynn Wall Ruth loth Wiry Jo McTaogart Anne Bald fin Jean M GtOrS. Laura Sbtlky FRESHMEN Audrey Smith Jilott Oster. (Anna Chin Elizabeth McCreary Jerk Taw Helen Faalet Alit. Weintraub 406 Girls who returned to Stratford last fall found the hall sporting an elegant gray and white paint job, and Mrs. Marino, our new housemother, putting the finishing touches on her " pink room " by installing pink light bulbs in all the lamps. On Halloween night a masqueraded troop of Stratfordites managed to dunk for apples, play nonsense games. and in gen- eral kept up a party spirit until plenty after twelve. Also enjoyed were fluid-raising activities for Campus Crusade, a Thanksgiving Date Dinner, a door decorating contest for Christmas. and a Christmas party. Colonial and Stratford Halls joined efforts and topped off the fall semester with a formal dance on December 9. The year ended with a general feeling among all the girls that the spring semester would be even more successful. STR ATFORD HALL 2520 DURANT AVENUE SENIOR Best, HAIUIP Eloise Soon NNIORS June Mink Dianne Broth Betty Katt° SOPHOMORES Diane Koetsell Marilyn Wonsan Muir Maw. las Ann Fituda Doris Langford Pants% Pillsbuu Vera Nook Toni Klan " Dank. Miller Jose Roselle igy klatbik tOt ' S FRESHMEN Wry Balm, Madeline Fame Starr Hate, Vane low Lenny Ceplenow Mirka Gann Jam elorrAng Meredith Lud•rg Marsmet UM " Ara GltifOn Sumer. Lotbetr Patty Mate n ets ro. a,_ ‘_ —as a,. 4 a SA al d-aa. Virginia Reed CHeo SaanEl PlIent WNW.. 407 SMYTH ASSOCIATION HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT SENIORS Yun.Toe, Ftdo MRS.! Hurley Barry Lou) William Barnett Eocene Brinell William (trid9t% Walter Butler Bud Crystal Oswald Fria Arthur Gersbedian Earl Johtson Berry lAtudoz• Jesse Sequent Joel Brtnbart any Brcrlaw Gordon Carted Walter 0aclottirev Joseoh Frentteri Donald Wool Richard Kral. Marro Pltht frf ed, n :!..) c , L tbilaitilatia:4 ii7 .r a 4 t hatiAsi hitsitt t P 0 El. 408 Two hundred fun-loving men at Smyth combined to make the year one of the best in the five years since Smyth was first established. Fall president Barry Mendoza brought a " new look " to house meetings in a serious attempt to get something done. The Smyth executive committee performed its job efficiently under Men- don and his vice-president, Howard Seligman. Ron Gersten and his social committee chose the Richelieu Hotel for a Parisian informal and the Mt. Diablo Country Club for the Winter Formal, and La Honda for a very casual Junior Class Dance. Smyth and Stern combined for an act in the Axe-Revue, gaining for its cast and its directors, Crane Walden and Dick Rystrom, second place honors. Down at Iceland, the upperclassmen defeated the lowerclassmen in a game of ice football. Anna " Ulm Jahn Rohm, John klutz JUNIORS Robed ethane !Wan Rost John Schwabachet Jams Tanned! Kenneth Tucker Theodore Abet. Mihaly Stilino Rudolph Ceram DO Chaim. Renard Pewter Crane Walden Min SIMI Kenneth Talton) Hairy Varnalen larked Adana Robert Simatca Robot Colton, Rom Hilt t ribt 12 mirl n ci_ , ... etas tel a a A atiettlais at . AN t ♦ is 409 SMYTH ASSOCIATION HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT Palmer kat Ramat !Canby Richatel Rolm Whoa taint Robert Pepor Janet Rosen George LeadarIs Ricbad Panay Ray Reinhard Rertert Ruby Wayte Sagla Homard Seligman Albert verran Grohen Takata Darold Goeekb willwn Ttanprar Jam. Touter Dean Utitr Robett Walker RKPard Welsh ROOM baussr f. acs tr, hittitk ra, r • , c r n tis:: pi A aiii:kkitaiseakt. s ' ,- ,_,,--el :Actaff.a 410 On campus, Smyth was prominent in the ASUC with Bob Falk holding an editorial position on Daily Cal, Jay Ross serving as assistant sports editor. and Jim Rosoff doing photography. Crane Walden worked on Pelican. Devin Utter held a rep-at-large position on the ASUC Executive Committee. The annual fall picnic was marked by a low turnout but those who did attend were glad they did not have to make the refreshments go around any farther. In the spring, president Tom Steen led the Association through a successful term. Picnics, dances, and other activities rounded out the social life of Smythmen in the spring. Along with the spring informal, the Spring Formal at Castlewood Country Club saw many Smythmen and their dates having a good time. In June, the Senior Class graduated, leaving the other classes to welcome a new group of fresh- men and begin again the yearly cycle of studies, activities, and social life. it. SOPHOMORES R.Hurd Urger THNHas Davis FRESHMEN Cordon Briggs Joan Bannon THasat Heck Ramie. Jon. Metier Stanley lid lvd Frank Ellice VICIOI Hauser Root 11,(Ya• ' , Richard Colin Panel( Healey Jobs Hist twit Mayer limn Taylor Edwin Blackbon Robot Hamilton Dare Lew., Tom Stn., r n sitigiat:.Asthitsitgatrn i 44) ct fel € r dibtraVA Atwitista laicA n 4 1 1 STEBBINS HALL 2127 RIDGE ROAD Amy Iwasaki Eva Wong SENIORS Greet Frog Marilyn JaPtbsot Nary Bus Malaga Graves Velma Mcfreaan SOPHOMORES Irene Beth Hilda Fag Betty Marie Bartke Shirley Grant Dorothy Sun Helen Chan JD Griffin Loretta haler Mary Ellen Anderson Kathleen GarlycK Rita Guillaume Birda Buchanan Barbara Henn rgi JUNIORS Dorothy Ca:Wm Lorraine KO Dolores Sabin Mans, Blaster:0 Lill Daniel Edythe Hananord Mary Gov Collins Patricia Rae Haab? Card eadsletle Mary Chal Gladys Lee Annabelle Salra:11, Mary Lou Sleassamidt Oath Pain Adrienne Ho fai IC) avaaatja4ass Aaaaiaisa fl (I) ?At a ita 412 The fall semester at Stebbins Hall was a very busy and exciting one under the leadership of Betty Marie " Bemmer " Bartke, president, and Elythe Hammond. social chairman. The oritnta- lions and welcomes of registration week incltuhd an open house and several exchange snacks with other houses. The two main events which always characterize the fall semester at Stebbins are the Date Dance. which was called " Snowball Swirl, " and a Christmas party for underpriv- ileged children. Besides these, we enjoyed havin; a Faculty Dinner, and an exchange dinner with Delta Zeta. We had lots of fun helping the othe ' houses of USCA make a float for the Home- coming Parade—the theme. " Old Bob Sproul. " Stebbins is proud of their bowling team which came in third in intramural sports. Not only do s mne of the girls enjoy athletics. but some arc fortunate enough to be attractive, so we had representatives in the Maid of Cotton and Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contests. Gloria Hochstadt Mary Ake Levis Serene Low Nis Manna Grail Rana Barbara Saadelm Carolina Smoke Santa Steinberg lobar. Tweet Jessie Yostl ' Arias Walter bath Mabel Jacqueline Mew, FRESHMEN Rhoda Fong Mathew.. Satin Myrna Frank Suaarne Cabal! Haulm Gomez Stephanie Dana (Rana alibi IbMul Kirke Hosalzaki Myra Jneedeef Wry Sue Jean Dixie Karon Letitia Lau Meta lakCIPmry Dorm Matlack True1 Mew CarofNakaaara Jam Oko Bridget Read Ann Trilling Carol %%mon o ca relrinn c cift: ak eat IffAria a a Es a I ahAca " r r t 413 STERN HALL GRADUATE Gattthea Gate SENIORS Ada Welt Wyk Salty La Mlle Rainer Joan Broctomky Joel Chipman Rom. Mn se Costa Bactara Fair Jean Fall Anse Ail Dorothy au( Patricia Kearns Barbara Lacroix Norton Sarah Price Marilyn Scott Sandra Satoh " (Mahan Stott Nang Stye. JUNIORS Nancy Beicastra Irrnmard Alt Ida Sue laurtua Fox lot Ham Claire Young Grate Inkorni Manly Pugh Judy Sontag SOPHOMORES Anna Rita Leavy Stith " Rapaport Marilyn StcHin Susan Arbuckle Maxine lacy Sandra Sterna PRO., Torten. Anne Wind imam Milian Judy Rote Sklar Melte Wainer Nancy Butte k fa : , ri fl E: 2 giaiitaS EA Ataniiis n n n n ! " __,, , C 4: `r Lights . s Open houses, dinner exchanges, serenades, and dances were highlights of the fall semester activ- ities. During football season Stern Hall held open houses after each game. Mardi Gras was the theme of the fall informal; streamers, confetti, and large bunches of balloons constituted the decorations. At Homecoming everyone was madly making flowers for the Stent-AXP float, work- ing on the Stern-Smyth entry in the Axe-Revue, or attending the queen judging contests. Inci- dentally, Marlene Levy of Stern reigned over the 1955 Homecoming. The holiday season was celebrated by the Christmas Formal and several parties within the hall. Election of officers brought the fall semester to a close and Sarah Price took over Ann Jud ' s ditties as president. In the spring, along with all the senior activities, there was the Apple Polishers Dessert, Stag Night, and the Sweetheart Breakfast which added to the excitement of a full and eventful year. Gun Curt Batik is Bell En Field Alice Fullmer Gleams Hamill Joao lesi• Eleanor Ligon Janet Littkloha Carol Merchant Pauline Podtakelf June Round, Bonen. SChotetr Riney Schlegel Slums Steele Gyula SterenSOn Patricia Tahen Susanne TbOnsal grow Werth !ay Well FRESHMEN Winifred Bailey Freda Barber Joyce main Denary Beardsley Vicki Shull Ann Bogart Patricia Mater; Turin Cosgill Nathalie Wide Ruth Goldblatt Mary Goldstein Carol Holyfield Parka Kits Jean Qualm Doeothea Ralston Jun Ruby Nola State Jame sinus Joyce iota Unkkel Margaret Watelle r n r et, ilk St Sart 2 fl r ' aSS SENIORS Gall HMO JUNIORS Kathleen Nagle SOPHOMORES Janke Eastward. McCarty Getegarea Allen Manna Ravi, Letitia Ball PateIda Carrigan Louise Newtea Margaret Ana Kin Paula Ronal Sally Nelsen Nancy Deny Minuet Mart Urban Levi. Sarabeth Affibrook FRESHMEN Ann Him McConnell Jean HaurachIld Jean MeNitt PROSPECT TERRACE 24115 PROSPECT Hawaii. tennis. music, Europe, sunbath- ing, skiing and Shakespeare, were among the many things occupying the minds of our twenty-three. A few enterprising souls achieved high honors in campus activities. Panile claimed Pauline Wood, and Marty Ragin contributed greatly to Pelican sales. Cal Club, Prytanean, and the office of ASUC Second Vice-President were some of the numerous things that kept Barbara Levin busy. The group got together for several successful parties throughout the year. Studies? . . . Hnunnumn. Olt, well, maybe next year. 416 i•ht and Soun I 420 421 t . . P.. vs- 4 1•4. ' ••• • ••• • i.••••• - mai { I 425 428 t EEP • 1 jili r II 1III odi 111 Igo Warren R. Solberg, Audio Director Gene Taylor, Boy Reverter Galli. Girl William E. Wiegand, fin seer Dave Pearson, Richard Clark, La Cobb, John Kaliras. Marshall Ball, Recording Technicians Ward E. Tablet, Recording Advisor Jo Gilberg, Assistant Director of Publications 434 e Personal Name Index Aaron, Abbey Abbott, Abernetby, Abbinotme, Abrw, Attenman, Acttnnan, Ackland. Atord, Aryaustapace, And, Barbra 342 June 165 Anderson Adana Mama Askew Anderson Andersen Arden. Andersen Aide... luldence Anderson ActIttlal Aid..... Andersen Askew Meknes Aredrade, Andre, Roane Mdeeatta, Aaltewr , kanni, ' Mat Mmily• Aarhus. Angry. Ca Anger, 44.910us, Angle A Aaiun, Ammoth, AAlluary, Antipa, Anton, al. A l Cyril ppe, Appelbase, Aguilar, APPlebanm, Aryeckk, Aeboale, kat% Archer, Ana, Aley Argot Dwell, Alight • L. Annan:29, lemstrent, Arald, Bread, Amite% Ankara, Arriltom, Ae " Maury, Aharocit, s Ascension, Asay, 7777c Ashford, Adragtb, Asolund, Asolia, Murata Atwater, exalt% Appeal, Mast; Aulettl, Austin, Aurae., Luckier. Avalooff, Ariell Larry Ayala, leas km, Aug leonlod Agar, Mimi Jon 161, Dick. 142. 162,324 Oon Ellin 40, 136, 171, 366 Flora 40,339 limb r ' - " Larry 40 183 Marlere 40,339 Wry Ellen . . 413 Mildred 40, 156, 338 PAilm 261 Robert 00 Robert H 310 106, 362 Saxon 96, 117, 377 Tom. ... Carlos . 40, 171, 290 96,119 Ted 40,276 .. limard . - 40, 318 Cada . 151 Line MI. ..... . I .... Lincoln 89 259 ntoinette . 354 40 342 Mania 127 Rklued 40 Marian . 347 Ii6 Bill 308 Ueda 40 Jely 358 2133, 298 Jim . 386 Sow 414 Lyra Madan . . . 137 in, 151 Scott . 262 36y Cal . 311 Gary .. . 281 Patricia 368 1-777 346 Jeanne 372 Cabe „ , , 316 Jean 40, 39) Ike Matta . Sargeth . ..... 416 Bill 150 277 Ka 275 Sara 345 Dune Glenn 40,270 Rakhall 40,144 Rot .... 40, 374 Fran 393 ate 262 Jan ...-.-96, 117, 357 mar Jane ..............87, 94 Norman ...-.... 40,333 Leah . _....-__95, 130 Joe ... .......--163,173 183 286 6 Etateitt, Don Sabin, Norbert . Batten, Dart Baba Cliff . .. , Buceprscoi, Roger 13acee, ?Wenner Bach -an, Ted . Bacuplum, Resta Backer, Harry ...eater ' . ' ,4•7e mirk strand, Jerry csus, Dare . Beryl, Juarnry Baten, Gary . Bacon, Glee. . Bata, Gregory Bader, Elaine .. Badger. HAM Satchel, (Nan Bear, Mlaal Suer 8111 8111 15m0mbell, Marcy 8lha Janll, . Iltalley, Charles Balky, Chuck .. Bailey, Janet . Balky, Linda Balky, Mark . Balky, 709 Balky, Winifred Etalner, LaBelle Baird, lack Baird, Lynda Bekaa., Paola Beltran Stanley Baler, Barbara Baker, Barbara Baker, Bill Baser, Bruce Baker, Dick Baker, Doe Balm, Gerald . 84km, ,hdy . - . 140 . 286 . 272 .„125 , .... ' ' 40 „ 40, 370 162 355 40, 272 212 287 176 40 387 150 366 342 291 117 , 345 267 153 - 123 . 153,176 380 92, 370 4(1, 414 217 173.414 40, 414 40, 290 338 41, 400 . .411 41, 336 357 217, 317 317 125 341 . 340 . 322 388 41 101, 406 41 292 140 403 387 378 117, 305 357 318 352 41, 150, 318 390 354 377 . 415 391 111 . 312 95, 326 354 41, 282 92 89, 111 41, 374 41, 175, 183 184, 202, 31 166, 400 354 350 275 169 396 .41, 139, _. 143 90, 159, 352 Barrett, Sally .. .124 Barry, Pat 41,264 Barry, Tom 387 tarsi, Artier . . 306 Alden 141,304 Bartel, Art 41, 282 .. oartholerre., Sue .. 102 Bartle, Betty .41, 412 llatton, Francis BaSkin, Joyce 96, 415 Batligate, Kirk 202 Battaglry, Care:. . . 352 Battelle, Riehera 263 tenet, Harry 312 Bauer, 96, Bauer, Harry Bauer, Jam . 352 Bauman Hato14 . 309 (Loftin, lady Ilastainn, Louisa .. Baumeister, Fred 315 Baurro.vtre., Anne 91, 92, 225, 376 Baser, Hain 387 Baxter, Michael 291 Bay, 04.004 95 Blqr41, Reg Bareky, Thomas 41, 153 Stale, Robert . 41, 284 Bean, Ronald . Beardsley, Perm , 415 Betuk% 57hu . 368 Beam, John 295 a, Donald 41 Beck, Ain 153 Berk, Batt . 41 Bede., Charles 183, 356 Beam, Jerry . Beck, ' , Norm 183, 196, 200 Beam, Walt 183 Bedell, Baryary Staley, Claire . . 369 8aacknwl, LeMon 41, 167, 175, 332 Beene!. Yroere 394 Bedell, Norm 141, 261 Bedymk, Auras .. 372 04144, Bob 96, 327 Bette, Braley 41, 304 Beebe, Merton . 41, 326 Beetle,, Dan 41, 268 Illetkle., Pstrr:., 341 Beermane, Wm.!, 327 8499, Pauline 96 Begun, Jay 4I, 143, 144, 280 Behrendt, Manly e 343 Bein, Bonnie 106, 373 Belied.,, Joe ' 377 Eklastro. Nancy . 414 BeInsteck, WHY i n 183 Belding, Bruce . 96, 254, 287 Bell, Jane .. 117 Bell, Jane S. 265 Bell, Kathryn 41, 390 Belling, Nancy . 393 Bell, Phyllis 370 link Tony 409 Bellmore, Elaateth 96, 340 Belkm y, Fred 95, 154 tenant, A. 82, 85 Below, Bendy A-, 336 Belpillit, Dr. 82 Bette, Carol 41, 352 Bender, Marcy 399 Btredict, Sink. . 119, 160 Benedict, Satan ile i 347 Brywento, Willa, 173 8trgston, Dale . 265 teretsta, .1cen W. 262 Benuntine, MOOT 103 Bennett, Barbara . 152 Bennett, Floyder 382 Bennett, Gayle Barrett Hang • 153 Bennett, Ted 169 Bennett, Ton 272 Bennisoo, Jame, 41, 310 Bersteke, Roll .. 150 kasaa, Dona 355 Beeson, Russell Balky, June Batsco, Beattie, Mast Bertha, Pau. Berymon, Sont•a Berg, Clayton Berg, Nen .. Berge, Peter Bert, Carrie Berger, Elizabeth Berger, Marine . Benet RIchatd Serge ' , Richard .. Art Beth,,tie-nein . Berlitet, Stan Berman, Aft Berman, Ron Berman, Sandi Benudew, Dor.s Bernie, Thecdo,e ammue, Saale flenstein. Sea Bernstein, Dom. Bansteln, Lois Bermtern, Met feenal, Marshall Saran. Ron Berry, Nat era Berry. Pit Berry, Rick Berry, Roy. Berm lull, Sunset Btfteltrrian, Creme Best, Barbara Beet, Cumtanee Betts, Aim BatIm111, Ken Stu, Glary Bezaziaa, Mike Ben, Pauline Biaphil, Fred Bialos, Mickael Waal, Doitibt Bibt4, Bennett Bickel, Jean Badmen. Patricia Biddle, Sas Eliedermam, fru Biggar, Margie . Siam% Sue ....__.. Bigge, Marko. Bryn Tom . BIldeduct, Charles BIker, Jan Billings, Larry lawman, Joseph Bingham. Betsy tn ey, n . Blmacca, Bober MIMIC°, Robert Bird, Warren Bulem, Eugenie Birnbaum, Bad Birrbaan, Carol Bishop, Bruce %ORO, CR Elislup, John Bnhcp, W. C. Bissell Wry, Bulbs, Dowry B,swell, Hmold Bitts, Mary Barn, Teen Bixby, Bill Riordan, Clare Black, Bob Bata, Jean Snack, mac Blackburn, Edwin Blackburn, Guy Ellacklield, Perry Biattford, Robert Biackkeocd, Matins Blair, Carolyn Blaisdell, Carter Blake, Bob . ..... Blake, Paul . . .171 275 41, 173, 408 . 342 341 41, 144, 292 ' . 315 183 363 . . . 342 . 411 92 271 . .41, 259 313 330 X6 152, 384 354 41. 141 402 342 41, 102 93 99, 392 87 92, 306 260 187 . 374 271 324 332 175, 316 124 . 356 . 41 151, 378 42, 292 117, 119 . 302 264 196, 200 42, 288 257 42, 170, 394 296 42 . . .265 _ _114, 374 42,356 .. 42,316 140, 169 .403 .325 . 42, 273 .375 42 167, 272 159, 176, 351 . 409 113 42, 404 261 390 371 307 42 143 153. 415 363 1413 412 271 91, 294 117, 173, 392 98, 327 155 313 169, 411 . 183 363 .... _153, 327 183, 272 - . 272 Jane Nate - 371 Lion 400 Theodore 88, 100, 4 Barbara , 147 J. , 200 Donald . . .327 Margaret 40 Rabe .ii, MS Ma 40, 414 Laney Albert . ... 315 282 .. 318 Don . 183 Doug . . 317 387 John 125,145 Nona 367 Sue .... 370 JcAn 127 138 Istandar IJa-ny Thomas Arlene 264 Jane .. 88 Pinny .. Herman .40. 304 Robert _ 326 Stine 344 Re 91 Richard . 298 Allis 40 DOM 40, 139 Jolla ... 40,100 Arthur ._. . . 183, 184 40, 140. 145 Dawn Barbara ------103, 151 David .273 Day . . 416 Ma 202, 314 Salem 351 A. 215 Doom 373 PlOre-a 397 RersE4 _ 161, 176,388 314 Charles 161, 391 Halm 40 175 124, 338 Sue . 343 StramOse 330 Jae 103 Bob 96, 100 101 114,164 Bill Allette 96,340 George A. 40,85, 140 lean .. Harry .. 312 Carol119,359 Marina 40 Vic 125 Bret 40,123, 322 Janet William .. 270 NI Gerald .. 40 ........... ___ Bill 300 Cad _Mt 103, 103, 324 Carol . 398 A% Plasm. Munn Abems Adams Adams Maw Ahab Adams Marc,. Adam ' Adeam Adk.sson, Maar, Agonsiten, kabala, Aidelberg, Alderman, Apnrot, A ' vrt, Authorise, Airily, Aibry, Albert, Alattherl, Aklabagh, Aldeemae, ANDO, Almenaer, Allem ABM Alla, Allen, Alp, Allison, Aligrim, Ailosay, Almgren, Altar., Alter, Alteraun, Alt...nett Altimi, •ltea, Anudei, Ammo, Mut Marron% Altscbel, Aracel, Ammo, Leeds. Ames, Aims, Andersen Avarua Aedryson Lama AMersai Anderson. Anderson Baer, LIM1.1 Baker, Ted .... Bake, Roger " all " BakMln. Lane Baltbeln, Battamirl, Robert Bales, Clifford Bata, Rath Ann Ball, John Ball, 1.4311. Ball, Martial! . Ball, Mary .. 11.111achey, Mae Sanaa, Patti , ,.. Itletinh, Lye Barbeau, Marsha Jo Barber, Ann - Baebee, Ott .... Barbera., Mel - . Baas% Barry Bahm, Beet Beam, Sulk . Bar vie, el Basile, Carole kr on,Bill Banana,Be beery Sanaa., Jane . . Barnet., Mite . Barnes, Joaane Barnes, Judith 8anws, Mary Barnet, Rickard Buret, Buford Barrett, Larry . Etatnett, Mary Barrett, William Barr, P. N. . Barrett, irre 405 392 . ----I69, 173 . 35 438 E Wiley, B. 96, 138 Mu, AnyIlls ..._._ 37; I69, 174 are 289 Mary Log - -..- 412 kmenfleld, Joan 398 iss, Martha . _42, 402 its, William 327 kr Laura - 396 lock Strohm .. bark Frames 384 kim., Mike 380 sat.. 42, 144, 330 Ism Lee 289 Cork Lewis 309 urn, Marcia 359 um, Paul 96, 97, 331 Ian, Ricked . 303 atfight, Ansel 388 386 tier, Jean Bonne, Homed ____---42, 320 Boort, Ann . .. 415 Bogart, Charlotte 42 Bole, Hank 328 Bairn, William 296 fk40t, Bob 282 Botger, Thomas 286 Bonen.% Brody • 407 Bolotia, Carol Arm 343 Sandmen, Pat • 370 Bone, Tom 264 looter, Joan 395 Boom, Stan ...._ .. ..... - 200 ore, Ted ._.. 81, 172, 199, 296 Booth, Elizabeth. .. -42, 400 Booty, Kelvin ... .. ... _ 42, 88 Botdomro, Sebastian 42,1%, 316 (Smell ' , Ronald .... 266 809, Belly .. 398 Borglio, Shirley ......_._...42, 360 Born, Ida .. 393 Boomell, Benoit . 374 Botsford, Chalet ...-.... -42, zeo Bald., Alit ... .89,120 Bauman., %rid . _ 327 Nal 42,184 Bonen, Catarrh .....- ... 96 Boners, Bob 41,126 Boners, Judy -96, 119.265 Comm, %Mee 140 Bowe s, Stewart . 314 (touter, John 326 Bram. WI .. 353 Bo-ma. ' , Judy - 96 Bognor., Inn..... _...42, 175, 272 Borcrbwat Leatri .... 358 Boyarsky, VAIIIMei 42, 312 130g6, Lanni. --.42, 169,173 hasten, Eleanor _- . .. 101 Borman, Earl . ._ ..... - 42, 324 Bosun, Walter ...... - ..... 274 Boytton, Leighton 42, 302 Couch, (Maid 42,324 Bradford, Anne Bradford, Frank Bradford, Lynda Snaky, Beryl . . ... _ 414 92 42, 317 394 Snaky, Clay 99. 183, 290 Bradley, Jut 02,260 Brady, Ceti 380 Brady, Jean 96, 93, 119, 344 Brady, Joan 41, 85, 104, 171, 174, 264 Bmig, Sue 355 Saito, Joy 111 Swami; Wet 268 Brancato, Sairlry 96, 117, 119 Bramles, Ertel 141 Braretson Brandt, Brandt Joan -.-...- 173 Ann Ed 42,27 Smoker ' ,, Ewald- .- - 43 Brood,,, Clark Ilmnet, Roger 325 Campbell, Market West -.44, 380 Campbell, Elizabeth Aran -44, 364 Camt0411, Gary190 Charleston, Barbara 136 Chastain, Gale. Chatelet, Sue 376 - ----•---- - ..- Campbell, Jams C _161 CMS., Mary 402 -.-- --Ail, gni, Richard 321 Campbell, Joan .. - 101 Cherries, Garry -.-- 142 Brass, Emirs . 112,160, 384 Bruno, Bennie_..__..___.._..1N Bmno, Cl o114 - ..._173, Roan, Barbara An- 43 392 Lion . . .......... 136 Campbell, Mark. 84, 380 Campo:lank , Vince 44, 290 -- Cherry, Jim . 183,196,200 Chester Selns. 398 atilt .. _183 196 Bryant, Bill - .183 Canyon, Eugene _44, 140 Chet, Jeanette . . 403 206, 331 r, Salk . -- 342 [anima, Lorraine ......99, 119, 160 Sre11109, Balmer Bmen, Allen 313 . _. Carirat Bob 260 374 BreiSetkilan _42, 124 aValln.ln, Bird. - 43, 348, 412 Cantos, Lloyd .. 183 Clew, Jo Arm . - 382 Joel 42,400 Bcchrian, Sheila .-- 43, 352 Canty, Barbara - 44 Oa, Yew 402 BtehIctd, Lois ______-.42, 174 chid, Don 391 Centel , Market 369 Clack, Victoria 124 Capp, Mary Jane 337 Childers, C. B. 143, 144 - -44, Breams, Jo Ann 9), 174 ethane., Stuart 331 Capp, Arched - -.. 130 Chilerist, Kay 44, 394 Brenton, James 148 Beckley, Bill 43, 142, 270 Cartilener, Gall _............44, 292 Calk Bolan 162 --..--- Brennan, Nem - 42 Beckley, Charlton .. Carbierer, Gerald .... -92, 293 Calk Diana .. 006 Brennen, • SWUM Mary Ann .370 Cartolle, Ann 355 Chin, Douglas .. - 333 Brenzel, Cary 303 Seed, Nola 389 Cardoza, Len-recce Chln, Nancy 44, 402 Beeilaurer, KathrIll 42, 400 Beddliati, WAND. . Carry, Dates .. 355 Ding, Freest 44 Batsmen Al 330 B.., Ida . ....-88, 99, 414 Sues-a. Boner!, .349 Carlisle, James E. .........143, 144 Calm, Carolyn 404 _---44 Carlson, B111 Clink Victor _ 139 Bricketto, Joan 136, 374 ..._.....42, Bele, JameS - - . .. 43 Bell, Dee 272 Claw, Richard 270 _ - Chin, Eddie - 44 Bridges, Dane 175, 332 ...... Bailin, dime 139 Cation, Robert 271 Pin, Mary J. 012 Britian, William .... . 42 150 nt 4o6 Beaten, Bill .......... 259 Bemenlekt Dan 313 Colson. Sara 352 Canton, Sigrid 129 Cabot tChl Pal - 273 Chen, Smut 382 Bela, Georgia 96 . . Beam, Roten 43, 151 Cartsuct Doris 143, 144 . Chrisholm, George .44, 299 Briggs, Don .. --161, 318 Bunaell, Lee 138, 148, 150 Carlton, Frank -44,130 Christensen, Gear 329 igen. George 82 Bente, Meer - 415 Oshtemo, Jorge _._ 297 Benham, Thomas 162 Carmichael, Jim ----Tile, 1% Qmviste sen. 1. Mgt Roderte - 326 Sureties ' ,, Max 391 Cannoty, Bob 278 Christensen, Robert - ... 319 81111, Peter 163, 173 Delsteeson, Carolyn ... 376 Brilliant, Diana . Burins, Robert 173 Carpenter, Valerie -- 124 Mall, Eugene 173, 408 ....42, Beek, Arlene . . . 350 Carpi., Gminif 154 ..- Okelstas, 44, 368 Snorts, Dark Ann ---.42, 392 BOMA J99° Swett Bonny 43 Carr, Gerald . .153 Oa Keith - _ 45 CM% Km G 163 Brink Alke _114, 361 Carr, Jack -99, 104, 279 Carrosco, Roberta 44 Os A . 315 Brink, Jan 332 WW1, Michael 322 Flurte, OOP). - .. ....315 risky, Mary Lou 366 Burke, Elizatetir 92;96,1 Brie, Roger ' 388 Carroll, See 356 - -44, Clank E. 1. - _45,274 kind 4I, Aran, 42 . . Lel Lad .368 Suing., Welly ' , 344 Broadbent, Could 92, 322 . 21=11, William - 45, 278 Burrrester, Carla ----... 96 Brachini, Paul . . 172, 294 Broth, Hog . .. 324 322 Clanotamio, Aare - ____. 375 BrOzlerico, tarry Casegramfe Jan 44,416 Bealorsky, 8i:1 . . 306 Casagrarde, Arlie .96, 119 Claelleld, Marilyn --...... ........ 358 Wonky, Joan 42,414 Caroni, Did .. 44,140, 286 Clark Barbara M. -- 110 Braikelon, Canoe 32, 43, 85, 362 Burr. Wien .. .168 Casetell, KIM 124 Clark, Bob 302 Bronson, Patty Burr, Roy . .315 Casey, Des - - . 142 Clark, C. .83, 138 Brooke, Skean . 387 Burrell, Kay 399 Casey, Michael J. 183 Clark, Carroll 165 Brooks, Gerald . 183 Casper, Alit. 44, 312 Clark Clara -.015 Begat Inn 43, 94, 360 Casugrela, Renee 381 Bits-, Roben 150, 387 Burt, Dick Cass, Toil R 297 Clark James 293 Boos-, Si,e 399 Burt, Gary --81, 92, 95; 94, 278 Castle, Jamn 44 Clark James _.... ....45, 175,284 Brost Sala 92, 352 114009k, Joke ... 43,318 Burton, Jose% ....---43, 92 140 144 Cassette, Emma 44 Caumbay, George 44 Clark Judith _ - 392 Clark, 1Cathken . - 346 Brovrarny, Geraldine 393 Cates, Watt 125 lemmas, Sylvia ... 95 Called, JOY 266 Glance, Delores - 338 Anse 359 Calumet, Mast 95, 168,175, 284 Clairton, Richard 271 Brown, emery Caalla, Jack Clay, Chuck .. . 45, 282 Brom, Brom, kin.., Bendy . .. 95,114, 362 Bob . 43, 138, 2% Catena Jack . _ 92 Cavanna, Caesar . 44 Camas, Gorden 44,408 . Claypool., Laredo. - 269 Ciammto, Jo Art .45, 163, 356 Clark. Berney 350 Oave 280 . Butler, Alane 112, 121 Candy, 7114entl 268 . Clements. Gene . .125 Bros% Bnpan, Bream Dan 43, 328 .. - Butler, Pat . 44, 399 C...... C . 200 Clemmts, Margaret _ .45, 90,143 Don _ 43 Butler, Walter .... ----Al, 173 Color, Martha 352 35i Behrts .. 129 Earle _139, 140, 161,319 Butts, Judy 360 Catlike, Jt Crkstke, Marsi.mi -....- 183 Breen °Ill°, Nodded E. . 173 Cellini, Cannella.. 156 Clint, Jams .. Brom Bremt JaatieT.:= 357 " 149, Ceragioti, Rudolph169, 409 Cud, Ceo ' s 271 James Byrne, Pete - ... 44,304 Certicao, Cliff -. .. -...- 324 Brom Brown Breen coakky, mimes 183 Brom Lowell 43,386 C ChalMonitr, Lynn _44, 236 Coats, R. V. Be Lyre, 92,371 Chas, Alice - -.44, eez -172, 283 Iron Mack 296 Brom Ilrfnm 00 , °mid am, Helen ...._ .... .. .... .. 412 Cobb, Mate .. 924 Brown Mohan! . Chat Paiillp Saki .44, 173,333 Cockburn, Huntley . ...... .. 371 Brown Broom Range 272 Seedy 287 Cala, bendy .... -___44, 400 Caine, Bob -04, 144, 330 Chandler, Al 203 Chewy, Ralph - 171 Chun, lab 187 Clark, Myra Lee. ......- -119, 345 Clark, Patti Breeming, Lester 43, 153, 320 Brownlee. Robert Cahill, Carolyn . . ... 402 Caiiagay, Jaidtt 280 Chaco, Sarah 404 Chen, Mmiram Clark, Patty 45 Bra, Horn-a. ' 43, 92 Canaell, Outml 44 Chaco, Ernest Clark, Robert J. -140, 169, 387 Bruce, Nancy 124, 265 Clum, Paul 112 Clark. Sue .45, 348 Bruce, warn 43, 140, 287 Ca-rerm, Rod 275 Channel, Alyce L. 102, 347 Clark, Tom 172, 307 angler, Peter 200,296 Canwron, 791004 148 °United. Chris 376 Clarke, William Brecterer, Paul 298 Campbell, Betty 339 ChAPOUI. Sure . 318 Clarke, Charlie . 182 Brugaiere, Kathlete .. .... ..... . 43 Chappell, Alan 391 Clarr, Sharon ..45, MS Bruns, Crorg la 351 Campbell, L... 136, 366 Charleston, Barbara 44, 366 Coburn, John 133 439 Ccere, Pared 100 CogGeer, Jam 45, 356 Edit .-.148 CoMa Fres 284 Cohen Jack 131 Cohen Jose 181, 184, 203 Cohen Mardi 348 Cohen Richard . _ _ 011 Cohn, tiny _• 92 Calk Lawrefte Can, Leonard _ Col, Mon Cclt ' ath, Alice Colton, 152 Coq " , Arne .. 115, 174, 362 Colt, Richard - 274 Colt, Terry . _175, 184, 217, 316 Cole, . 277 Colman, Robert _-... . - -- 274 Coles, Elizabeth . . 147, 399 Colescott, Bill 142 CollMay, Chad.. 281 Cellidge, Carole 124 Collier, Suzann - -101, 114, 262 Collirmhas, Ron ....... .-._.-. 286 Collins, Secede 03, 95, 262 Loam Collins, Lonna Collins, Marilyn .. 368 Collins, Sheila 353 Cohan, Wayne 140 Colton, Judy .. .... 343 Conan, Mary an 151 Conan:a, Sob ..... ....-.200, 291 Combos, Bruce . ---45, 153 Comstock, Larry . ..-...41, 169 Comstock, Rictird 150 Count, Geary, . CoUry, Pat Co , Manson, .45, 140 [smell, Jack .._ termer, toned 277 Conner, Elizabeth Conner, Terry . 734 Comm, John .... _...---- 292 Cannorty, Patricia . --45, 339 Conrad, Thomas . 294 Conglierl, Alberto . 45 Coogan. Suzanne . 124 Cook, Joe 100, 260 Cooley, Carol la . 331 Coome, Bob . 268 Cooper, C 200 Cooper, Elsie 377 Cooper, Richard ... _ . .... 45, 296 Cope, lazaCtwet 46, 1115, 165, 174 Copelard, Carol 46, 352 Copeland, Joel ... 311 Coaelard, K 200 Coalestont, Lotto Coakty, Swam -.-.. 329 coos., Sanford 308 Corer!, Nomad 92, 191 Canflod, Robert . 313 Cortn, Len 308 Corrigan, Pat 48, 416 Catts, Carlos 45, 46,138, 89, 114, 191, 165, 173, 84, 261, 432 Cowin, Gordy Coq, Paula . 46, 339 Costa, Oat _ Costa, Rose 46, 124, 414 Costanza, Rant 46, 139, 146, 409 Centavo, Gerry 295 Cousin, Bob 150 COMA. Nancy ....92, 392 Coeghlin, Elizabeth 182 Carlson Tom _ -----142, 199 Coelter, beta . . 183 Coectney, Harold 46 Cowry, Michelle . 156 Coverdale C. E.. - 169 374 Connate . Constance ....-.--. 402 Cowan Robert .- 46 Cargill, Sandra 96, 415 Cordes, Matt . ... ____92, 293 171 Ca, Jim - .... 150 Cm, J04 - 363 Coo, Pat 96,363 Coo, Patricia 399 Core, tat44 _ 344 Ceabbe, Lode ....... 103 Craedia, Jam 127 Craig, James -.46, 275 Craig, Richard . Cramer, Rockwell 387 Compton Marion -- 46, 356 Crary Sharon Cravdord, Bill .. 172 Crawford, Jon .... _46, 259 Cravdord, Kathy -....118, 119, 160 Crawford, Leen - 322 Cranford, Robert CreaSel, l.aareece 391 C.etbln, Pete ............46, 175, 281 Greta, Mary Clare --- 371 Denham, Nisi .-....--147, 401 Grim, OMNI - 137 -.. 377 Crory, Elizabeth - Comby, Ann ---.46, 114 Cron, .. 367 Cr,,., Carolyn 96 OWN% Ed .. 317 Jerry 46, 84, 99, 106, 278 Cruller, Mabry Lee --- 46 Crystal, Graff 46, 91,408 Cuchrano, Grace --.- 346 Culver, Jeanne 46, 119, 147, 160 Cummings, Garth 46, 140, 266 Cummins, Das 46, 99, 153 Conic, liertre 46, 404 Cunningham Bill 310 Cunningham, G. M. 169 Currie, Robert ........183, 196, 198 Curie, Ace W. 307 Curry, James 277 Curry, Mary Len 46, 146 Curtis, Carolyn - 94 Curtis, Gaits .... .... .. _ 171 Cuthbolson, George .... ...-- 125 Cutting, Mary . . 117, 129, 265 Caitlin, Nick 129, 142, 183, 263 D Dame, Helen 369 Dabagnian, Leon 161 Oachsteintr, Walt . 100,408 Dation, D. .......... ... ....-- 138 DAM, Diane 355 DAL Peter 176 Palk, Nog - . 287 Oalry, Kayeryil 176,348 Dallas, Ronald - 141 Dalo, Jame ..... 152, 404 200 Day, 710, 173, 375 Dined, Genie - 341 Dingell Lillian 46 gerilis 3130 Daniel, lili ..... ......- ........ Daniels, Otenis Cwiels, John .326 Daniels, Susan 366 Daniels, William .. -46, 138 Darker, Darrell 200, 281 Darby, Joan 96, 307 Darden, Rufus 140 Dart, Jean 91, 265 Norton, Joyce -.395 Datenent, Whitley _ 173 Ono, on -.---46, 320 Davidson, Sue - 354 Davidson, Susan _. 367 Davidson, Virgin. -36, 170, 176 Ones, Ptg - 82 Dawn, Arlene B. -398 Doris, Betsy -...............119, 375 Clans, Blit- . -- 176 Clots, Bob .-. -46, 276 Oasis, calk _381 Oasis, Carolyn -46,124 Davis, David - .... 276 Owls, Don - • 270 Oasis, Earl 259 Dais, Eugene 280 Dais, Harry ---.--. 43 Dais, Nob 218 Davis. Jolt, 90 Davis, Moat; Oasis, Kea Davis, Nell . - .46, 340 Davis, Mrs. Porter --- 94 Davis, Pater W.. - Davis, Peter - . 316 Davis, Than •• 402 Davis, Thomas 411 Dawson, Ed - 96 Daiwa, Mtn _. 411 Dawson, Ken .- 315 Daweal, Margaret .. ........ --96, 395 Davnon, Richard 1413 157 Day, Mary Ann Dams, Delores . 90 Only, Dane -46, 138, 261, 432 Dean, Antonia 120, 160 Dean, Gordon 155 Dean Tod 160 Deardoeff, Herb Deardeell, Walter . De Semdetti, Jean 92, 265 de Elene0011, Joy . BZ 265 Sao, Aline . 173 a Brulnlate, Charles 298 Dec, Mary de Camp, ......._.,.46, 142 Cede, 171e _ 47, 290 Dedim, State - ....... --162, 325 Omer, Janet .- 124 Ot EieldS, Ron . Oe Eta, Dos - . de Preen y, Careite 141, 152 De troirt, OerryL 173, 368 Oe JOIM. BOO - 183 Delcelbams, Al 166 De Klett, Bob 310 de Heinrich, Hugh 47, 273 De4cAler, Engem . 47, 348 De Gras, Joe 47, 262 esekray, Arthw 96, 271 Dello, Cynthia 47, 346 Del replant, Am -88, 99,160, 360 De Lanai, Denis 171, 287 De Manias Nanette... . 376 de Martini, Arden 370 De Martini, Leaur4 919 De Matti, Edward .. .47, 302 Demeter, Carolyn -3 . 99, 103, 371 Dempster, Elizabeth .2. 47, 846 176 Orrasty, Pat 41, 364 Derke, Michael . 154 Dent!, Mange 104 Denim, Jerry 260 Dennis, Dorm 148 DNA, Elkn ...100, 402 118 Denton Pat 88, 95, 97, 159, 380 Doerr, CreMMcn . 47, 140, 161 184 De Put Gay, Gaston 183 Dee, Joe 47, 140, 161, 169 Denthanis, Harry 47 Dere Danui 150,169, 173 De Roy, 1.)81). 390 DtICIOX, Edna. 982 416 Deny, Nancy De Silva, Pat 369 Dessert, Valmere 339 Dentin, Marty 96, 353 Dteinceal, Carol 401 172, 307 Dewey, Jena 321 Dour, Roger Diamond, Diana 173 Diamond, Nemeth . 162 Diamond, Proton DiarnoW, Richard 88, 96, 101, 313 Diamerd, Richard 92, 323 Diamond, Sue . 343 Diaz, Mike . 183 Dibble, Toni . 371 (Mos, Jose . 203 Oitos, Pablo . 203 Dkaprk Grate 390 Dkary, Barbara 349 Dkarnan Marilyn 379 %Non, Joan 47 Dion, C. Walter 47, 150 Diner Mite Okterfolk. Jean Di Creak, Bob ... 203 Diteram, Molly __ 344 Oilier, Arlene . Diller, Nam 330 Diller, Paul . - 709 D iller, Richard 47, 125, 265 Diller, Satin 313 O Russel Aetna - 47, 928 Dientlf, Stew ._47, 183, 196, 280 Henry 123 Colak, Debra . 47 Dirn, Larry 125 D iriemo, D. 200 Dirty Bird 297 Di Sulmeo, Hera 81 174 Ditntws, Dooms 290 Diem, Robert 391 04661n, Diet 189, 318 Cobbs, Arm 374 (goad, llamas 47, 87, 93, 117 Ocetoun Frans 270 Donlan, Marilyn 378 Door, Matt.. 357 Dogmas, Dolores 147, 393 DOdge, Barbara 47 Doane, Like . 399 Dolton. Yvome .. 147 Doleolf, Lasireme 144, 288 Doll, Sot . 368 D enalson, Glow 270 Donovan, Gary 290 Doolittle, Alfred 332 Dotty, Lilian 47, 94, 404 Dore, Jerome . 333 Dortateld, Sylvia . 47 Doettl, Frank Dorian, Yvonne .... -- 105 Donned, Jane . ._100, 371 Doman, Arm ... 98, 114, 171, 361 Dotson Nadir Douglas, Mac 47, 141, 326 Domani, Gower . 47, 171 Douthit, Jar . 96. 119 Demos, Anpeo 47 Dowd, Gilbert 169 Damien, John 315 Dowell, Jeer) 169, 173, 320 Doming, Mott 292 DPVIS, Dick 47,320 Doris, Dolores 95, 114,147, 393 D oter, Anita 352 Doyle, Oust 150 Doyle, Noel . 96 129, 344 Doyle, Pet 95 Gorge, Gary 102, 215, 323 Geed, Virginia 349 D eath, Don 316 Drew, Jerry 183 Dire, Can 176, 202 Driskill, Patrice 47, 399 Orman, Elizabeth 362 ( Man, Carol 47, 147, 406 Drab, Matt 380 Dryer, Ned . 293 Calmly, Joseph 48 Prato, John 172, 277 Dadkr, Donald Dairy, art . 304 Cell, ARMS 196, 200, 274 Doff, Mary Jo Doff. Pat . Duffy, Bob 88 Dolor, Dante 346 Clones P. Bob 322 Dukes, Daan 412 fallry, Canon 48, 397 Oullum, Marshall 153 Dunbar, Mar km 391 Duncan, Shirley . 173, 397 Dunckel, Dianne 374 Duncan, Harold 48, 284 Dunlap, John 316 Dunmire, Ann . 48, 84, 171, 346 Dunn, Charlotte . 92, 376 Dunn, Hardy 267 247 Dunn, Marilyn 341 Dunn, Pestle 348 Dunne, Robert 277 Ounnigan Pat 352 Cowen KeY - 394 burst, Roger 310 Ousthirntr, km 310 D utton duck . 281 Donal, Ellen . 395 Diger. Joan 48, 350 Dyne, Mary 119, 160, 339 Early, Rickard 48 Eke,, Fred 295 Ebner, Mkhart as (bright. Judy 353 Nom 173 Eddins, Bill 285 Eddy, Nthn 48, 87, 346 . 375 Edeger, Leo . 48 Edema . Corydon 48, 155 Ernie, Lonse 119, 393 Edmond, Don 140 Edmonds Tahl,e Eelreencimes, Ed Edo:MUM, ROI 293 Eciroxvism, Bern, 369 Edstron, Ron 259 Edwards, Dart 125, 275 Edwards, Dud 311 Cowards, Gerald 301 Edwards, Janet 399 Edwards, Torn 387 Edwin, Norma 162, 403 Egan, Carol 339 323 Ehlers, Liz 374 Ehlers, Vernon Erman, Ann . 370 (when, William 141 Eiclentaum, Midge 48 Clamant, Margot 48, 94, 350 Clatterer!, Rita . 342 (Irk Patricia 48 Eisen, Rosalie 96, 358 440 4 Cismberg, Arlene 343 Ekedahl, Bob . 388 Eby..., Gail . 354 168 138 Elea., E. .. _ Callum, Gary . 388 Elisscedo, Claire Elbe ton, 320 ElRang, Martin 289 El109, Darcim Ewa, Frank 48, 147 411 Elliot. Jack 305 Elliott, Bob 183 CIlis, Nine 96, 385 Ellis, Dorothy Ellis, Pat 96. 124 340 403 Gibson, lady Eltnenderl, Grog. 263 Ellen, EI Res1, Faro 48. 138 Elsbok Gerald 151, 170 183 Egan:nay. Joan Ely, Sumner 48, 262 48, 307 Eatansel, Fred . _ Eany, Ashley Eatienu, Blerda 95, 159. 152 92 Endo, Art Easel, Barrie 289 (mei, Eugene 48 Cron, Harold 280 Caplehard, Greg ........82, 83 Eilall Madityn 395 Enloe, Rohl 139 Ennatk, Nelsen ..... 279 Epp, Arlene 2:bedfast, loan _.- -143. 352 Rawly 271 96 Erickson, Carol 48, 147,404 Erickson, Jack 175, 263 Eermmi. Helen . 359 Eghmarn, Barbira 390 Espeastaade, Dr.._ .... --104, 105 Estee, Einrn . Etter, Ray 271 Eppley, Ardith 48, 362 Enallecdf. Jean 48, 129. 350 Cans, Barbara 371 Gam,emit , 349 Evans, Den 906 Evans, Ellen 48, 93, 94, 344 Evans, France, 401 Y 324 Evans, Sandra 395 Evans, Shea, 92 Everett. A-re 49, 147 (writs, Jelin 374 Corn:ten. Jack 171 Ewan, Ken 324 314 Ewing, Barbra 402 Essiro, Jinni. 117 Ewing, Verde 307 Cruzidson. Hans 183, 184 Eynan, Muth. 173, 387 F Fail,. Jan 124 Fackerell Cries 183, 196, 197 Fackler, Itekro . Fahey, Robert C. 262 Fair, Barbara 48,414 Faireairk Cyril ' ' , 353 Fautsaita, Rob,, 48,307 Fairchild, Bob 277 Fair, 172, 296 Fall, Bobob 84, 85 Fallanna, Jean 373 Fandl, Moab . 48, 386 Far di, F. Fame, Meant ,l Mast Fara, Emily Faraday, Dave Faraday Mae Tadao-Wreak Jean Faris, Jolephilie - - 169 Fain, Donald T.. 48, 126, 408 hrnv, Jambe _ c8 280 Farm., Rybert ... .. . 311 Fammortb, Art . .397 Farrell, Norma. . 325 Farrow. Madeline .407 Fano!! Jell . . 285 ewanne . .114, 341 . Faulk, Sandra . 124 Faulkner, Jaen 48 Fastait, Robert 300 Fermi, Richard 265 Fenster, Caroline 356 Feder, Naomi 96 Feitelman, Irene 359 Jew% Lee ..... - " " --- 358 Feldman, Ardis . Feldstein. Tobl Felii, 4ohn . .. Feral . .. Fernald, Sylvia ... . 124. 396 Ferris. Armes ..... 49, 138 Ferris, Bill _ . 271 Festivities, GOD Fesurcrf, Magas 14$ Fey, Ocealm Flan, Sandra Fledge. R. Richard .. Field, Erva . 4 Fields, Jane ii, 406 Filet, !ovine . 47 Fiat Roger 47, 183, 184, 321 Fafnir, Any 353 Finch, Jean . 369 float Hattie 394 Fink Earl 291 Fink, Mould tat, Roger Fun, Bob 47, 175, 332 Finn. Bill . 274 Fiesila, Outlet . 386 ;Irby, James 304 Firesteln, Sabra 49, 1, 155, 1%, 170 Firestone, Barbara 396 Firestone, Stephen Harris 161, 264 i ha, Oemna 359 Nan Bill - . . 100 Fain, Gay Leah - . .96.347 Fester, Janes 183. 181, 277 inter, Joe ..... . 49, 352 Nate, Leatrice 49, 114,362 Fisher, Swum . 119, 337 Fhk, Gage.. . .46, 395 i itch, .49, 84, 85.86,87 156, 371 Flies, Lamy ... 332 Fittlag1 441, Mary 347 Fitt, lityllis .-. . 394 Fitzgerald,Eduard 153, 304 Fitaperald Thomas 49, Fitmatriek, Jim 325 Fiupa✓ick, Joseph Ftok, Nancy Flaherty, Robot 49, 310 Flint, Peter . F:en, Anima . 147,406 Fletcher, Ele:se .. 357 Fletcher, Nan . .. 357 Flickinger, Doe D. 409 Flood, Margaret . 49, 94, 340 124, 344 gels, Nary . . Flamm Kathy 49.346 Flom, 49, 154 Flown Fred Weight 49, 314 Floyd, glii ...... __lel, 169, Floyd, William 5 .... . .. 183 Fo:tma, Lunn 380 tong,Albert . 49 imp, Benjamin . 49 Fogg, Graze .... 49, 412 Foam, Rhoda . 173,413 Fop, vit. 412 Foams, Marilyn 99, 373 Fauna, Tyne E. 49, 136, Fate, Nemeth R. 49, 125, 391 Fortes, Arttor 183,1% Fad, Am 388 Fort Jean 49, 94, 97, 129, 344 Falonmaa, telly _ 50,404 Fort, Nen 49,153, 298 Fulbight, J. Gary 50, 139. Frton, Don 273 Fulling ' s ' , NS 175 218,316 Forman, id 87, 88, 97,285 Fres, Dick 138,150 Fuller, Toa Fens, . 354 49 Forrester, Carol 363 FS, Robert Ferm an, Marrs Forrest, Audrey . - 119 Forrester, Marge 49,402 Forster, Beverly . - - ... 352 Fannie, Warren 333 - _ 305 -.124, 353 163 402 Falter, GeOrge . ------- 293 Gablart, Gerald 386 later, Gins _.. _.. 2]5 Gaff, William 50 Foster, Gordon 49. 143 Gaggiak Dick 129 Fester, Mart ...... 49, 275 283, 306 foster, Storm ... _... 353 Gsggurg, Ran ... .. . . 183, 306 Foster, Waken 49. 386Gaines. Helen . . - 50 Fournier. Joe . 09, 300 Cagier, H. Rowan .. 50, 103,282 Fowl ' , Dave . - 317 Gager ' , Linda ... - 50, 339 Fowler, Cool . Malt., Jove Feeler, Sue Feeler, Den Feeler, Greg 96 172, ... 292 Fa, Gene , 273427 Warn, 162,407 Fey karma 88, 701, 414 David 50 Fey Myra Fo e, Neil.. CaalteGasno(8Maall 350 Fe Mary Lee -...... 355 Ea, Saida . s -- 357 Can Claude .- so, 288 Foe, Thaw 49 Garaiediak Antler 1 50. 150, Frortk, Pete .._ _ - 176 Garet, gallon Front BS 310 Garda, Margaret 50,144, 51 Frank 49,330 ...- ----110, 136 Fre , _ . 41) Gardner, Frank 50, 333 Franklin, Maki . 49. 261 Garden, Reterla - 14o, M30 Franklin, „„.._...... 200, 313 Gardner, Sue 26s Franklin, Myrtle ...._......... 336 Womb, Am _ . . 124 Franklin, Sheldon .......- 163 Caring, John Ben _. 91, 125 Garret, Barbara . 3134 Fray, Doom . 369 Garrett, Flo _..82 49 Frazee, Pala ,1,14.. an Garrett. Suzanne 949 Frazer, William 4 r Cty, -Sunni _50, 104, 156, 174 Frage., Judy .7 374 Gamey, Edgard 4 .. 50,127,50.167,282 Fresh, (dab 128 Garrey, Sara Lynn .. 121,272 Frederic, Gear 290 Garrey, Thomas _ .54, 168, 272 Frederick Walter 83, 89, 108 Garvin. Cad 348 Fredericks, Airy boo 340 Gascardore, Leo _..172, 183 1134 Fred e,, Roper . .. 125 278,332 Froopen, 142 Casten, 8111 ____ 281 Free, Helen Freed, Norman 283 Garvin, Mite ----- 325 Freeman, Dan 313 Gates, Gilten . ..... .....--.95, 330 Freeman, Mermen . 127 308 Caulk R .dtierts 147 Freeman, Michael 183, 270 . - 298 Freeman, Woody ,..,. Gay, Mao - 354 Elaine 348 Garda., Marl ....--- _ 176 French, Wesley 176 Garzano, Carol --.- 379 Frenleen, Grab, 316 Frenuen, Joeeph 50, 142, 199, 408 Gosdes, Doe 299 Freekks. Kane 50, 156, 171, 176 Gee, Sherman 333 Fraley, Same 373 Gee, Timothy ... - 50. 333 Frick, Carolyn Genie.), Santa 368 Fricke, Bob....183 Comm, Al 89. 120 Fritter% 044 280 Saw, dealt 50, 119, 161 FrieMnbaek James . Geiger, Carole, ..... - 50, 152, 338 FilettAlhal, Paula SDI Le 359 Friedinks Carol Gab, Yiktiria 203 Friedman, Herb 91, Gellert, bed . 277 .. Friedman. Rod 50, 308 Gemmel, JaAm ____._ 376 ingot, Kee Frieze, Estee 401 George, Jean 183 Frolmh, Gorden nun. Burton truant, Gar 339 cere, Gam - 173, 362 Frugal, Luclik 50, 339 Gerhart job. _ __ 50, 140, 142, Fry, Carolyn 88, 351 183, 263 Fry, Jess ...125 Cerkte, Margie 381 Fry, Jody330 Unita, Gentiles . . 351 Fry, Wes Frahriman, Bob Fujimoto, Titbit. (Ikeda, Lou Ana .. Cheer; Marlene .... 114, 353 Ghilarei«i, HUFF 183 ClaceliM, Janice . 50, 414 Giallania, Frei. .. 323 Guava, J. Howard . 279 392 Glanellas, AnNe. 50, 310 Giamlias, Gas 183. 1%, 198, 311 Gibt•xis, Graham . 282 Gibbose, Katherine . .. 366 Gibbs, lam, .. 163 Gibbs, George Gibbs, Gibson, Relev37-- 149 GladirK8, George 172, 263 Gietak. ........ 269 Gins, Pete . . 272 Simmer, Frank ..... 50 Gateau, Joseph 50, 140 Gilbert ' , b 106 Girton, 169 Gilbert, Enostem 350 Gilbert, Paul . _.. 125, . 125, 388 Gilbeath, Kathi _124, 349 Gilbert, DM 50, 408 Gikkrsleem, Ed _ -50, 287 Giles, Jeff ... 276 Gilfillaa 316 Gllett George 200, 311 Gillett, Joan .. . 286 Gillette, Bennie 382 Gillis, Donald . 50, 386 Gill:91y, Phyriis 88, 106, 372 Gilman, Phil 327 Gilmore. John . 172, 217, 316 Gilmer., Marilyn Gileame, Pt .. . 96 Gilson, Clark 171, 314 Glistrap, David 50, 326 Gimlet, Louise 307 Girt, Lily - 50, 382 Ginter, Gloria 50, 100, 160 400 Goinil, Robert 50, 90 Giovamank Grshla 50, 704 374 172, 200, 295 356 12 114, 3 340 308 343 407 388 50, 173 403 96, 351 SO, 138, 183, 184, 217 Goble, Virginia 400 Goddard, Joan . .. 124 Gouge, ..287 366 Gott:, Mara,. 129 Joan Goldbamn, Frederic . Goldberg. Peter Goldberg, -. Goldberg. Bad Goldblatt, Rath Golden, Sheldon GOIdeuberg, Al . Golder, Frank Goldman, Bill 385 394 96, 305 172.285 151 48 315 Fainalbe, Tetsm 50 G 125,259 Francis, Dick 306 Garlieger, Reward .._ 183, 1%, 197,200 • ..... _•, • • ._..259 Gentk, Jots 397 Wad, Mdiamened 50,150. 169,173 Choke% Gil 260 Cation, Creamy 260 Gitla, Menachren 50 Caste, Margaret 354 Glacbn, Guy 328 Gladden, Rlehlid 50 Glaesne. Margot 95 Glagola, Steve Glax«k Mary Claw, Jerome Glass, Glenda Glass, Pat GlASSIG Dam Glatt, Judith Glemai, Gleason. Terre Ginn , Richard Ghetto.. Jo Cleadiroirg, Pat Giese, Lowell Glick. Anne Gliter, Dan Globenlell, Howard 50, 386 Globe, Gary _...._ 312 51 51,400 51 330 51, 312 309 415 310 288 183 113 441 Gokman Bran 51,112 Grans, Jim 183 Gregory, Pat ---- 51, 144, 372 Crtgorid, Bob . 183 Grell, Ffircla 405 Gramm net, Sabah 381 Grattan, Doi 325 Crochet Bill 51, 168 Gerson I, Charlet ---. 51,139, 183 Gressiaper, Nero 51, 392 Crew, Lily --.96, 351 Greg, Richard .. . -51, 1% Griffeath Rol 169 Hall, Judith Hall, Lynn Hall, Sherman Hall, Stuart Hall, Sae Hallenbeck, Harry Nallerbeck, Jain Hallett, Dorothy Hallinan„ Kapti Hallinor, P. Halpin, lanes HAIRS, Groften Hamill, Gleeore 14maillon, blexarder Hamilton, Barbara Hamilton, Brutus Hamilton, Lit Hamatin, Robert Hamilton, Retell K. Harms, Toni Hammer, Roar . Hanwell, Jan% 90, 95, 352 . 103 84. 387 52, 176, 392 307 140, 169 166, 368 200, 218 52, 322 117,370 . 415 52 33 9 82, 204 52, 32, 82, 176, 326 411 381 52, 142, 165 161 173, 175, 263 52, 400 52, 171, 394 412 71 1 225, 355 265 98, 353 167 3% 349 381 52, 165 96, 124, 368 374 151, 155, 170 155 96, 374 52, 140, 265 52 52, 356 392 270 138 52, 169 414 138 52, 248 52 101 167, 183, 277 168 52. 372 52, 393 . 52 369 183, 202, 259 314 52. 136, 37 114, 380 92, 371 275 52 202 140, 202 141, 168 52 388 387 52, 333 324 52, 147 52. PA 291 374 5?. 346 52, 267 183 359 96, 377 200, 297 397 .88. 103, 353 . 141, 183 196, 200, 215 ILVUM141, Hal . 52, 102, Hartman Jean Haney, Jerodiee Hastings, Bon . Hartnett, Eleanor Handaff, Lawrence Hamtkoen. Carolyn Haskell, Chuck Maslen, Kenneth Haste., John . Hatfield, Shirley Hatamiga, Robert Hathaway, Harry Hatton, Pater HattrUp, Bob . Ha, John Hawbuse, Jackie Hammer, Shirley . Haug, Joan . leauglam, Jones HaomchIld, Jr.. . Hamer, Victor Shirley .. Hanna, CAM ..... Haw, Joht _ Hawkins, Asa . . Hadons, Bendy............ Hartins, Bob Hartan. Joe Northam, Roth Hay, Sandy . Hayden, Doug Hayden, John . Hayes, Patricia Napes, Sharon . Hayes, Wet6 Hays, Gerald Hays, William Hayward, Pete learneurst, tame Heaney. Naman mean, Harold Healy, Pal Mealier, Althea Heaney, Lee Heartburn, Robert . Hearty, Mary Hewn, Ektrbse Hernat, Pete Heilman, Gene Heim, Joseph altimarti, Dick Heitnerl, Shirtry Hen, Robert Heinrich, Jack Hein, EtImard Hein, Lee Heldman, Keith . Hellman. Warren Hellstrom, L. Helm, Elisabeth Nelmkamo, Janet Patios S. S. Hpillel, POMP - Hemphill, Kay Handwrite, Herb Henderson, Jan Herderson, arks Henderson, Shirley Henderson, Theta., Henderson , Tom Hendrix, Hemmen, Lim Henntnry, (Min Heimma, Barbara Henurriton. Okk Hennas, Pat Henekus, Pat . Henry, Marian Henry. Michael Hensley. Grone HOW:41, Barry . Hepburn, Shirley Herbert, Many Habit, Carolyn Herby, Nelda Hens, Oscar . Berk, Tom Marsha, CA10114 Herman, Gen . Herman, Haak Hamann, Bob Herring, Merritt Herrington, Grace Hest, Roar 183, 259 96, 377 263 52, 362 169, 173 52 329 3333.. 52 155 52, 394 52 200, 107 139. 320 275 351 52, 400 140. 161 52, 173, 416 411 351 52, 143, 352 52, 268 349 373 .172, 283 283 . . 157 84, 171, 326 .150, 387 167 52, 336 407 294 . 183, 202 - 299 52, 416 148 . 411 52, 165 300 52 160 362 317 307 52, 173 315 160, 404 326 321 389 150 . 125 183 138 355 369 161 318 52, 300 357 261 51 32, 52 176 319 155 88.95, 100 53, 147, 413 261 53, 339 168 114, 353 274 53, 292 319 53 173 403 53, 156, 344 149 411 397 289 53. 330 331 53, 171 374 389 Herr, Mary,. ..----........362 Henn, Shirley ......- 119, 364 Hoskin, Janet . _53, 342 %nap, Karol . 380 Mess, Franc .. ..._.....-- 183, 277 Hew, Bob- Hellkh, Dad ._ . .53, 416 Meta, kliime - . 103 Httlet. Marlene 3 3 33 379 Helot, Patricia . 147, 379 Henna, Ruth Ann 362 Hewitt, Ashley Nevin, Patsy. ' 381 Nitta, - -99111 HMI, Ibuii 413 Nickamn, 314 Nicholls 115, 374 Hicks, Oltk. . 96, 291 Minn, Darn . . - 53, 310 Mend, Eaten . . . 353 Miming, Shinn . 354 Hillman, Ed Nitta, Ralph 126 %mina, Curt Shogns, Hairiest 53, 352 High, Joan . 114hell, Kay .. Hadebrand, Byron 326 Hildetwand, Noel 53. 326 HOe, Royer 409 Haler, Sharlanne 53, 87, 156. 176, 384 Hill, Diane . . 53,376 Hill, Dorn% ,1,24, Hill, Anthow ..... •fir Hill, Gary HHI, Gape 2]2 Hill, Jon ..... --- 162, 399 Hal, Walk . ...-- 83 Halos, Royce .. ..... - . 290 %nes, Joie . . . _... 96, 336 Hines. Scott ...- .... 281 Hien, JOS4 --- 411 Hind, %mid 3 333.__.... . 267 %rots. Joyce . - .... 399 Hirsch, Iniq 333 3... 51 Hines, Gall Roma - .. 343 Ilkley, Penelope 112, 401 Nista., Man 119 Hitchcock, Allan 217,314 Hitchcock, Janet 53, 280 Hitchcock. Susan 53. 356 Hato , Joh. Ifietager, Larry 91 Admen Yee 412 Ho, Bob 103 How, 4494 4444141 . 316 Homo, Patricia 53, 412 xNbs, Ed 271 Hobbs, Marina 116, 159, 346 Ham, Pit 125, 283 Hopson, Douglas 332 Hochman. Barbara 127 Inchstal 3 Glom 151, 413 Hocliabon, Ken 96 Hodges, James 53, 286 nap% Mart 171, 183, 326 Hamm Betty . 53. Katy, Randy , _ . 176 Hdlm1n, Bill . . 2 ' 79 Hilfrnan, Clark 349 Hillman, Edward 53 Hinman, Jam 184 Italnan. Balch 183, 196 Hoffman, Ross 299 Hoffman, Rody 3333 288 Holleran, Sue Hof nun Km 289 Hogan, Sally 140 Hohmann, H 183 Norylield, Carol 162 cheat John 295 Hokenberg, Lois 402 Nolen, J•tt 174, 338 Holimins, Jam . 53 Holland, Mary Loam ... _. 51 114 139, 336 Hallenbeck, Harriet L 341 Hallenbeck, Join 145,202 Rol Myer, Kathryn 53, 352 Holloway, Alas . 384 Nealearay, C. -172, 202 Goldman, Row% ....__.. Gotdvried, Clare 51, 308 393 Goldsmith, Marsha Gold•Ma, Lloyd Garet, Natalie ..... _ 114 . . 331 413 Camera. Chales .-...-_ . . 276 Gortperu. Peg ....... .._--.119, 467 Gantt Cy 127 Gonzales, C. emobich, Stanley 51 Goal, Kenneth 145 Gon, Barbara 336 Goad, Marjorie 117, 337 Goad, Robert . 274 Gonertam, C. W. 377 139 Jean , Gocarien$, Lamy . .. 308 Goodman, Beverly 51 %anal, Judy .. 95. 153, 360 Goodrich, Druid . . Cotthr,n, Res. 100 Cordon, Bent.. . . 112 Gordan, Brace ... . 125 Gonon, Diane . 355 Cocoon, Herb 173, 330 Ciackm, Sande . 376 Gordon, Sara .... .... 88. 99, 414 Gordon, Tim._. , . 270 Gore, Meredith .. 354 Gorman, Ste - 336 Goshen,, Judy 359 Gotha!, Bob 293 Could, Bob . 2% Gould, Dan 300 Gran. Marautt . 405 Gould, Strain .. 203 Coady, Katharine 182 %nue, am 352 Grady, Pete . . 271 Gres Y. Tom 270 Gra0t, Pale 51, 156. 376 Grafters, Jay 96, 271 R, I ' . . 148 Graham, Bob . ... . 391 Graham, Ellie 413 Graham, Nadine 114 Graham, Nona 372 Graham, Pat .. . 96, 361 Crarnatim, Margaret.. 367 Grano..., Lois 369 Grainer, Ted . . 183, 196 Grant, Barbara .... 51, 147, 406 Grant, Don Grant. Don . .. __ 287 Grant, Hall 200 Gant, Jar. Grant, Mary Ellen. .. 93, 152 Grant, Ignore 51, 412 Gratink, Kara .. 395 Graves, Kathy.. 412 Gram, Steve 318 Gras, Herb 217 Gray, Bob . 307 Gray, Diane . 176 Cray, Donald 301 Cray, Jerry . 138, 328 Gray, Margaret Foster 151, 372 Gray, Sue 3% Greco. Jim 51, 328 Greta, Holly 117, 194 Green •larrios 51, 167, 175 332 Green, Chanel 295 Green, Charles R. 175, 332 Green, Dona 356 Green, Gretchen 414 Green, Amour 3% Green, Ronald 97, 267 Greenery. Jack 121 Gretincela, Jot 51 Ghanian, Swat 51,145 Greenbarg, Claire 396 Greenberg, Rochelle. 359 Gretna, Charles 325 Greenleaf, Plante 406 Greenlee, Gordon 272 Griffin, Anthony 277 Griffin, Charles 150, 169 Griffin, Jay 310, 412 Griffin, John 149 Griffin, Roo . 175, 282 Griffin Tom Grafitti, Vomit 354 Grillittn, Bill . 277 Griffiths, Owlet 277 Griffiths, Garold . 277 GriMmer, Alan 327 Gromennid, Sally 51 Grainger. James . 294 Groolona, Carl . 51, 292 Grose,51 Grossfekl, Sheadon 288 Groin, William . . . 51 Grossmann, Pete . 126 Grosso, Mama 51,339 Grant., Dare 98 Guillaume, Rita 412 Gumbakilm, Rabbi Josent :153, 181 Gunder, Mary Ann 347 Ganfersers, Brute 51, lhel Gym. Celia . . . 376 Gan G. ..... .. 118 Csubingol, Kenai 263 %Hann, Anima . 355 Gustafson, Flo _.361 Gwatalson, James 274 Grits ' s , Jane 370 Gistalscm, karma . 265 Gestason, Lee 300 GustiASOn, Rol. 311 Gaul,, Nelson 391 Catnip Stan 51 26. 94 Gwadar, Diane 370 H Haase, Gary 162,281 Habech, 51. 140 Darlene 392 Hatt C3 01 52, 346 Hay Stanley 183 Hackle., Jan 125 Hackinan, torn. 138 Hackney, Oak 301 Haden, Jody 52, 264 Radian, [Multi 203 Haerlse, Bill 169 Peaky 397 e en, atata 52 linm B Harem, Helen 52, 352 Hagerle, P. 172 Kagglund. Wallace Hag kr, Joe 155, 183 Hone, Mir 96 Hasa. hen 342 Haight, Henry 300 Haines, Bill 332 Hake. Bob 274 Hulbert, %Atm 299 Hale, Barbara 93, 119, 151, 402 Hale, Man 200, 327 Hale, Philip . _ _ 140 Hale, Susan 341 52, 137 Hales, [mist Hall, Barbara 348 Hall, Bob 98 Hall, Carol ... 52, 376 118 395 Hall, Gad% Hall, Karon 150 __52,120 Hammon, Be Hammond, Alice It✓amond, Carrie . Hammond, Edythe Itaistnad, Jane Haefnen, Bob Hsapton, Judi Hampton, Nam, Hand, Barbara Hand, Henn Nand, Jacqueline Hand, Meme leadelsows, Sandra Haney, Sandra . Hansen, Karen ..._ . Hansen, Lon - Hansen, Marylyn .. Hann. Paula .. Hansen, Peggy.. Hansen, Richard . Hamra, Roar Haman Wanda Ramos, Hecuyetta Mansion, Bob Haman fa. Hard, (Nairn Haze, Lois Happoldt, Jack H✓eintantan, H. Sue Har6rbeck, Jan Harlan, Ronan Hardy, -Wen Lints Harley, Aiken Haler, MN Horeoun, Reran Harper. Ann Harper, Belly Harper, Lan Harks, Gull Hareingta, Kathleen Ranirgters, Ruth Harris, Barbara Ben Harris. Bob Harris, Bob Mario, Carl Harris, Dane Harris, CAM% Harris, Dirk Hake, Harry Harris, John Harris, Job. Harris, Hurl Harris, Randolph Harris, Rohn KWh, May Maris, William Harris, William Harrison, Margaret Harmon, Scathe Hanson Tray Harrison, Tony Hama, Hilda 1410444, JOY Hal, Jack Hart, Shirley Hartley, Satan Hartman, Clarks . Hainan, Dick 183, 173, 169 4 442 Holloway, Rich 388 Hollywood, Conic .. 53 Hama, Arline 96, 402 Holmes Rkhard C. Hointharci, Jim ... 265 H ohtein, Louise 173 Holstein, Mattel 402 Holt, Douglas 53, 175, 332 Holt, John . . 172, 282 Holybeld, Carol IS Hornsib, Richard . 200, 218, 388 Nom, Michael 127, 383 Honsberger, Joan 53, 364 Hornell, Cynthia 351 Hower, Cordon 272 Hoopes, Jan A. 260 Hopkins, Donn 102 Hopkins, Gloria .95, 119. 160, 360 Hoppirg, Marian 92, 116, 160. 159, 353 HOInbaktt, David 127 Homing, Jane• . - 407 Morrill, Jon 172, 332 Morrell, Ke•th 53, 167, 175, 332 399 . 416 53,342 275 413 157 150 53. 137 153 .218 145 ._273 382 204 140, 410 117, 367 118,389 96, 10), 163 113, 264 92 ' Hulett Joyce Hw, Carlton Huarg, Therese Hsbach, Dick Hutzler, Emit Hubert " . Pat Hubbard, Marilyn Hubbert, Jim Hater, Suzanne litaten, Am ' Huterty. Huck, Kitty Hudgem, Emory Hudnall, Robert H udson, Jay Hudson, John H udson Ralph 391 Minglis, Lantenec 54 Huggins, Carol Hughes, Dorothy 54, 105, 136, 370 Hunts, Gwendol]n 381 Hughes, Harry 153 Mighte, Herbert 51 Hughes, Jim 167, 175 Hushes, Michael 3. 54, 282 Hughes, Susan 96 Hugon Maury 272 Hull, Hebert 250 11•Iterti, Charles 165 Hotline " Mertens, 54, 175. 296 Huncarey, Jean 392 HurnoWty, Margaret 129, 338 Humphrew, George 261 Htnemore, Mike 173 Hundtammer, Fred 54, 175, 314 Hume, Edda 54 Hunt, Barbara 119, 344 Hunt, Robin 387 Hunter, Manuel 140 Hunter, Suzanne 54. 360 Joh. .. . 283 Acorns. J. 138 Hadoery, George 121 law I R rro 161, 175, 183, 196, Hurd, Intro J. ... 54,175, 296 198, 318 Kerley, Allen Jaeger, Joe 175, 332 Hurley, Mike . 54, 150, 173, 408 Jaffa, Bob 264 Hordall. Jane 54, 136, 356 Jahn, Al ........ . .... 150 Muslim, Bob . 88 Jaffe, 5:wren Hussey, Anne 338 Jeweled, Myra......_... 413 Huston, Ken . . Joints, Charles ...._ 301 Huaon, Len . ...... 94 James, Tom . .......54, 262 Hutchins, Jane 346 JanItiOn, Richard .....-. 169 Hutchins. Robert B. 54. 332 HutehImon, Barry 118 Hutca ' nun, Kay 155, 170 Halter, Larry 331 Hyde, Mimi 370 Hine, Otto C. 332 Ck ' act 397 218 Ilea, Simms 400 JefitnOn, tarok .. . lilmnits, Robert 388 Jeffrey, Richard Jeffries, Marilyn Inmalle, Claudia 396 Inademi, Grace 414 Imh, NW 269 !Own, Joan .. Ingersoll. Lips 371 Jennlaqs. Mark Ingersoll. Charlie Ingtwoll, John 5 Ingersoll, Robert 54, 153 rk Jenkins, Nancy - John Ingram, Ron 388 legwersen, Jackie 340 Jen Ins. Terry. lean, !rant .. 285 Jensen, Barbara Jensen, Bill 317 Plain, TOM .. 200. 21? .men, Mary K. . 376 Ink , CUM 153368 Intaglietta. Marcos 161 Jeskalian, Bar Jiver. Irvine, Ed 301 Barbara 396 . . 384 Jewell. Keith 54, 68, 89, 127, 273 Irvine, Manan . Jimison. Ed 274 Irvine, Vivian ..... .. 54 Jenkins. Sue 147 lintMl, Jacqueline 54, 380 54 Irwin, Gayle ...... 356 nuts. Marked 124, ISS Jesse., Robert 54, 138, 148, 150 IM1IM, Joys Isatelk, Adelane 333 Jobe. Mania 336 103 Jcchens, Norymn 100 hberg, Jack 127 Isenberg, Bev .. 54, 342 Jee. Melvin Ilk, Kathryn . . 151 Joe, Tom 127 Iskra, John . 141 183 Johannes, Sandra . 402 Ittferg, Jack . 138 Johanson, Swan 115, Issit, Raymond . Johanson, Karen lap, Yoshio . 51 Johnsen, Richard 54, 294 155, 170. 315 Rand , Irene 54, 399 Johnson. Al Ian, DouglaSs 113, 317 352 Johnson, Betty .- ..Ramon, Anse 54, 378 105 Iverson, Arlene Johnsen. Bob 127 Jambi, Berge Iwamoto, W.iliaw 140 92 Iwasaki, luny . 54, 176, 412 JOaneOn, Charlie 200.295 Janson, Dick :53 Janson, Earl 54, 173.409 Manson, Elizabeth 350 Janson, Elaine Johnson, Johnson, Boddie Johnson, Jackie 367 Johnson, Jacwelim 337 Joltmen, JAM., 55, 331 161. 320 Johnson, Jarrett Johnson. Jim Johnson. owe 119, Johnson, Joelk Johnson, John 91, 376 Johmon, Keith 55,306 Johnson, Linda 377 310 Johnson, Kenneth -Vinson. Marcia 341 Johnsen, Jan Maureen 347 Johnson, Judy 84. Johnson, Paula 104, 174 Johnson, Rack 99, 175, 263 :01tritOn, Sandralo . .379 Johnson, Sue . . 96, 374 Jeanson, Warren 327 Jcanston, Auk. 55, 94, 350 Johnston, Forrest JOhnitOtt. Cade . . . 376 Johnston, Snomien . 364 Johnston, Valerie . 394 JOhintal, Robin 96 Jacobs,Tony Johnston, Ruth 55. 348 Jlet Jacobsen. Alt tgten, Dick 172, 275 54. -- bas, Diane 3% 55,1%, 336. 348 Jacobson, Gloria 342 Jonas, Nola .. . . 353 Jaccenen, Marilyn 94,89, 170, 412 376 Jacoby, Gem " 331 119 Jinn, M. Jacobson Paul 55, 144 JatOtun, Jim 54, 167, 175, 318 Jones, Clucks 55, 318 Jones Dare ...260 Jots Date . .286 Jones Don 95, 183, 184, 326 Jots Donna 384 Jones laccurelire 346 Jones Mary Sue 412 Jones Roberta .. 395 Jones Jones Wylie 140 Jopp, Barbara 55, 393 363 321 Jordan, Bock Jordan, Don 317 332 Jordan, Frank 139 Jordan, Jams 55, 380 Jordan, Katherine 55, 300 Jean, Mike 119 Jorganstn, Man 349 Joseph, Helen 55, 142 JOyee, Robert 55, 145 ABI, Anne T.. 275 Judd, Deane 320 Judtirrs, Bob 55, 414 Jut, Dorothy Ann 55 Joe, 171 Jodie, Paul 55 Jugenheirner, Joar 305 55 Junin, Jon 350 In K Kw, Robert Kaddo, James Kadin. Janice Karmen, John Kardswi, Alice Kalenwas, Jan Kabuli, John Kollin, lemma( Kafir, Sadly . . Kaman, Norman Kammy, Marlow Kanto, Bill Kanto, Betty Knome, Monroe Kaden, Carol Lee Kaplan, Edward Kapp. K. Karnegy, Margaret Kann, Fred Karnes, Dixie Kanttett04, Karns Kato, Edward T. Katz, Adele Katz, Judy Kattleann, Juan K.lulmann, Judy Kavanagh, Om Kay, Larry Kayo:tr. Theodore Keane, Bob Kearns, Pat Keastm, Bob Keating, Bernard Keefe, ThOrms Keeler, J. Walt Keeler, James Keenan, Linda Keene, Dick KrgIey, Corirrne Kelltr, Anne Keller, Bob 55, 140, 169, 270 Keller, Jean 369 Keller, Penn Keller, Steve 307 Keller, William 307 Kelley, Anne 55, 152, 393 Kelley. Rayerond 56, 322 Kelkg, Akin 323 Kellogg. Dick 145, 2°0 Kelly, Ann 353 Kelly Dmid 56, 144 Kelly, Gregory 329 Kelly, Hamilton 56, 307 Kelly Jan 56, 104, 136. 174, 370 Kelly, Jon 263 Kelly, Margaret 96, 119, 349 Kelly, Nato 381 Kelly, Ralph 169 Kelly, Robin 103, 124, 3111 Kelso. Dick .. 297 Kellen,. Carol Arta ..... 346 gelidity. Jackie 356 Kendall, K... Kenton, Gun l ' e 150 56, 366 Kenmisse, Ann Kennaly, 8. 200 Kennedy, Dave 202 )45 Kennedy, Jars Kennedy, Joann Kennedy, Margaret 156, 370 126 Kennedy, Mae 168 Kennedy, Pat Kenney, 8I11 92. 292 368 Keeney, Nancy 259 Kennon, Oarttss 362 Kent, Anne 183, 202 Kneel, Brace 202, 300 Keppel. Jeff 176 Kern, Arne 384 Kern. Eileen 56 169386 Kern, Janes Kern, AM W. 204 Kerr, Al 56, 137 Ken, Keith Kerr, Patricia 367 82, 85, 91, 106 Kersey, Bob . Kerte, Freddie 358 Knee, Warren 141 Kessler, Donald 56 Kessler, Libby 393 Ketelnen, Vary Jane 56, 360 Khdowchi, Susan 56.402 Kiar9sPri, Row. 385 Kieklum, Pat 399 Kidder, Henry 320 Kidder, Janes 81, 82, 183, 310 Kitry Doris 319 Kiffmen, John 56, 328 Kligo, Muriel 96. 160, 376 Kilburn, Kent 153, 287 Kilmer. Charles 279 Kilpatrick, Jeremy 56, 1I6 Kim, Kerry 171 Kimball, George 261 Klmade, Barbara 340 Kindness, Charles 169 Kiedoef, Dane 279 K inder ' , Don 317 K !Woe ' , Robert 325 King, Constance 56, 404 King, Katherine . 367 K im, Freak 112, 281 Kim, Learner, 176, 333, 383 King, Margaret 416 Kin), Paul 141 Kin), Richard . 56, 196, 197 King Robert 96, 173. 370 Km:Ma% Al 85, 86, 87, 91 inset:, Lon ' Curtin, Ben 292 )(kiosk. James 56, 306 Kinney, William . 326 Kinsman, Bob 283 Judith 397 Kirkendall, Jean 350 KIrkhaan 4.142 370 Kirfnmed, John 150 Kirsch, Roger 92, 309 Kirwan. Ed 83 Kit... Pal 15 K Merman, Joe 285 Kittredge. Gres 96 Klieg, Elan 56, 148 K laert, Robert 56 K amen, Toot 407 Tai 343 Korner. Frans 140 Kleebaart. Norma 56, 118. 119 160.167. 344 Kleeman, Peggy 56, 116, 157, 352 Kkhn, Henry 303 Klein,. Adrian 56.354 Klein K. 200 Kirin claw. Jim 140 Ithever, Kathleen 95, 229,362, Krim. Ronald 183, 292 K linter. Margaret 96, 385 K lobas, T. 200 Kloster, Martha 56, 376 Klou, Jerome 56, 184, 386 Kiss., Altars 294 Knapp, Omen 56, 129, 407 Horwiti, Bruce Honvitz, Carol .. Hosegood, Richard Koski:4W, Kiwito Haim, Lois Hotter, Dale Hosier, Edward Hostetter, Karl Hoeciliss, Bill Hotel, F. L. Hoek, Bob F. Hwy, Add.. Hosteler, Kathy House, Bob Hone, Batas.. Houston, Georg a Huston, Ron Howard, Are Howard, Bob Howard, Dick H onard, Don Hoard, My Howard, Lila Bernard. Tins Howard, Viii Hoyden. Douglas 200,295 307 371 54, 307 126 183, 392 Hese, SPA 96,351 Magian Dave 286 173 168 169 202 202 405 371 325 176, 366 54, 88, 102. 171, 370 112 92, 264 338 388 296 129, 240 96 Jong. Deanna . . 403 Jane!, Virginia 54,382 Jamiesen, Al • 287 Jansen, Linda 377 Amsse, Janet 136, 375 Junagin, UMW 54, 261 Jarrell. Tony . 320 alkyls, Anne _ 54, 94, 344 Jaynes, Bennie Kay 341 183 54 320 96, 344 95, 326 268 54, 261 307 54, 268 400 352 Dater, J. 138 Athens, Carol 106. 350 JaCIttni, Korman 88, 96, 176 Jack, Jean 376 Jack, Earl 142 JaClit ' 0, Ads 54 Jackson, Irwin 308 Jackson, Carol ... 87,88, 96, 97, 159, 357 Jacksok Donna 381 Jackson, Gwen 92, 363 Jackson, Harold 54 Jackson, Henry 183, 200 Jackie., Herb 167, 115, 183. 196 Jackie, Jerry 176 Jackson, Margaret 54. 394 Jackson, Nancy 54 :acktOn Robert 54, 294 Jackson, Terry Alcobes, Roy Ja«.5s, Barry . Jacobs. Eleanore Jacobs, Ellis Jacobs. Gerald Jacobs, Jeanne Jacobs, Roy 200 152 183 112, 331 54, 312 358 55, 137 148 55. 94. 346 183 176 200, 282 305 55, 161, 386 393 288 55, 342 55, 259 407 125, 270 55 55 200 399 331 413 55, 87, 39 55, 358 359 119 55, 358 283 313 88, 100, 173 183 55,88, 414 163 139 91, 286 281 286 4 05 314 130, 405 100, 375 443 Knapp. Itryroted _ 138 -M. 260 Klapp. Richard • --545 408 Krupp, Warren Kr 169 Knaul, Wayne . ._., ..... . 150 Knout, TOW Kiang, Breda 56:174, 354 Kmiec i Knight, Gordon ... 56, 332 Knight, Male« .96, 163 Kniqht, Nancy . 357 MI. Dudley 172, 277 Kelttel, 0..anth .. 338 Dew 270 210 ' Keel, Dian« Knemltos. Sylot 152, 56, 407 154 Knuth, Ma rley . 125 Knob ' s. Bill K 56, 144, 264 Kneen, Jack ration, Phillis Kobayashi, Arthur 56, 140 Koch, Sob . Koch, It KnA Elizabeth Kodan., Irene 173, 397 Koenig, Ron 56, 408 Kenn, Wald, 402 Kaman, Stew Xcetiroor, Al . 261 K tileibtrg, Helga 56, 363 Kollmann, Claude 391 Kelm, c elm, Richard . 410 Note, K. KoW19.16 RARaymond 56 56. 161 ICK4WW ' r P441.1 317 Kentish, Grace 144, 162 Kond416, In )13 Kenhell, 0Anne 407 Knont, Don 175, 304 Renee, Betty 56, 170 Robert 96. 264 Kenna ' , Shelby 104, 101 356 Kole Syn.« . K OWCW4 h, Glop. 398 Kosealsk I, Norbert . 126 Kozlovesti, Ewen. 56 K roll, Ed 272 Knit, Hob 56. 259 Kraft, Lean Kral. esp.:. 352 Kreger., ken 272 sew. John Kramer, Pat 95. 376 200, 291 . rim, Nancy Kau . 398 Kreb, E.0 " , 56 Kewanee, Bin 317 Vateitibtry. Sally 153, 362 Krieger, Steve 331 Ms, Altert 140 Kroll, Steven 287 Krogh, Carolyn 4C4 Kroll, Lawrence 289 Kruger, Katherine 349 Known., Stan 148 Krum. Rosemary 91, 38) Krum, Dave 319 Kruse, Immure. 56 Kubn, R0404 56, 259 Kubin, Gene Kubin, Nancy 119. 345 148 Kuhl, C heck 196, 200 Khlman, Robe« 56, 290 Bill .92, 325 Kull«, 811 56 Kunlun, Ito 144 Kuropola, !tam Ku nisawa, Rios 173 se. Kunkel, .8en sa Kuno«, Al Inntion, Louth 56, 56, 101 Kurtz, Jim 331 Kunz, Marvin 288 Kur tz, Ron 93, 137 Ku...Jacky. Don . 262 Kw«, Joel 88 Rickard Nye, Al 187, 310 . • - L lineman, Saadi. Lane ,, 343 UM, Lee . . 112 tiff, Manta - . , 169 La Bock. Tom , ... Si, MI, 95. 97 402 LeiCar, Barbara . Lacey, Man 56, 175, 314 3131.99 Ly 57. Ledaur, Stan t, Nancy • • • .... 398 tont. Julian 297 Leavitt, Carol Lackey, -Lent 57, 307 96, 395 llisn, flume , .. __„ .. ..58, 124 Laing, Metedith Carol .... _... 407 Lathe . . 275 . 389 Likes, Katherine. ... .... -403 Lanett ' , Bob .140 Likes, Tod 91, 314 (mini, Imes 92, 266 Lawmarsino, Jorlen . . . 405 Let, Edgily Sidra 57, 382 Lilienthal, . 315 . Legal., kW . .. 57, 268 Lee, Emily 126 Lilies, John 1 5 . . . . : . • 3 8 81 5 84 22 : : 1 392 Larerran, James ... 265 Le, front 405 , y LaOirtia, Annette . Lee, Ceneverve 96, 401 Lawn. Key .. 57, 124, 12% 374 La, Glad 412 lA : 384 lam, James . rmentel, Jerry Lanz, Santiago .. __ _ ..... 176 Lai, Min Gon Lee, Herten 217, 387 Linen, Rasura Lliglam, SCC4t . 57, 169 318 Let Awes Cs. Ler, Jerry 161 Li 396 Tony - - - 125 Uird, Jean t, . . 345 . 57, 394 Lee, Joann 57, 382 Linter., Deed . Lane, Al . . ... 312 L . 387 Lneltstn. Karen _ . 265 Lunren. Valerie 312 Lee, Lauveree Linstimr ' der, Carty Lurie, Henry 140, 161, 169, 319 lusher,, Jack. UkrrU, Kerb . . 162 Loom Lai Kant; Lilo, Want 57 et. Pauline odge ' s, one 338 Lusk, Ertel 398 SS, 169 Lamarre, Rea .. 270 Jerry 58, 324 L Urdowl, D Manla .. Lusk, Pat 58, . 34A .. 375 T . 401, Dorian 57 LiMemiSt, Paul .. 265 Lathe William 303 . 387 Le, Wilfred 58, 153 57. 353 Len, 8.0 363 Lutt.ell, Eno« V. Lutz, Jcan Loan 58. 339 Umber ' , JUG! Lettrow, Chew 314 Lindsay, Aro Umber«, Susan . . 17, 369 57, 386 Lindsay, Den Limn.... Barbara 57,81. 93, 99. Le Fare. Mite 125 Lindtay, Margie . ,-. 382 Lau, Leda 115, 372 . 164, 354 teller, (Wyk 302 Linn, Betty Lamson, Willie . .. ...... .. 166 Lancaster, Henry - . 150 Leftwitth, Pat Intel Jack . 357 Len. Richard . 324 (leery. Maine . - 7.weton . 12); Na Beth 356 Lman, StanfOrd 155 Leaman. Riehard LAnnlitte, Walt 130 Linen, Natalie _ _ ,„ 315 1.44440:41, Elite 401 Lehm«, Lards. GDon« , enie Lasell, Ton 367 150 LIMA, Pete . 355 LeiChtlinf, Rota Unce, Shun, 397 285 land... Buzz 272 336 lipCAM, Johan Leitlkh, Ray . Lyen, Judith 271 Liman, Shirley .. . 5., 404 Richard 58, 150 land, Ja1 talon«, Alan . .. . 284 Lent, Shame . Landis, Judy 217, 314 . . eighto.. Daved 57, 155 Lipki.. Pail 44 Litman, oan . .. 96 n, Simi .... _ 161 293 358 Stuns 49`7° ehrer., Wen ale La«, Torn L . 314 359 Little, J Jamey 375 Lenge, Job. D 11.614tttrei.z8410,S 81, 82 Sue ..- .119, 345 415 M Jean 407 Ray 57 Littkfrohn, Janet _ 349 Langley, Jim 317 Leisure, Shirley 375 Little Km% Mara A 314 L Lanett (karat Lealwld, Stelinda 394 LIttliwWf, Sandra McAdarM, Jain . 88, 96, 97, 377 100, 170 Leland, J. M. 58. 217798 envoy, Jar 139 Lam, DOW Limper. -tonere 169 Lelensuland,„Jacne99.9, . 139 Leans, Pete ... 92, 361 Liwtt, Richard .. Laoda, May . 162, 279 39 173, 410 Living 4w, Marna ._ 58. 154 l$et 385 InS. 58, 333 51 164. M Lerreau, Mike McCvtly, Don Lapp. Pat 89, 108 Lem, Groan 270 Leett, Richard . .. 357 LION, frarKii . _ 59, 316 McCarthy. Gael 273 laralle, MiM 126 Le Lark -Wes 57, 150 Leon, Carole Leon, Ella. McCx•tk y, Sheila 94, 99 Llosd, Tbomes tarn«, Won . 340 384 LObense, Darryl . . 293 389 108 Lea Gin.. McCarty. Bob . . 293 Lamatee, 414114 57, 140 57, 382 Lectsuum, Manly, ockett. Willem 84, 85, 87, 410 Lane, Om Lanes, Johh 286 Leone Roger 139 L 355 58, 416 139 nit, 263 Leone, Ernest 57 Lent«, Ct 0 hia Lockmood, Namara 5893, 266 e 90, 352 Urseo, Donal 259 tenni, Sluice . _ Lerch, Ronald 289 McGinn. Bru« 9 . . 295 Larsen, Tom 199 329 1.4r1441, BOb 126 LOtb. Lind 007 McClelland, Aunt Lan«, Geer 304 Lome, .14.14 183, 306 toebteke. Jim 359 Loaner. Ulan« 337 mlic.CcikvenstaiM4atilye Larson, H Harry Lawmen, Jonathon Lalben, Us 381 Lein.. Rini Leon., Etatbara . McCenb, Dent Larson, He 162 Levin. Barbara . 79, 85, 87, 91 LOYM Sally - Wenn« Wayne 351 Jime ..rsOn, Keith Linn, Paul 0. 29 265 9 Lein, Gerald 58, 131, 155, ' . . . 23417;13704 McConashy. Marlene McConnell. IMMO 141 144, 160 167, 175, 200 Lein Joan .... _ .. 415 ditto Nary . 58. 91, 92 266 304 Lanm, Al Levin, Roberta .... 96, 359 Lon, Alice Mn 306 Rodney . . 9 Lap. r7 WO:oral% Jack 416 Lashio, Hugh 58. 408 McConnell, Nina 434 , Lein, R 261 Levine, Gary 331 Lon. Idapartt 105, 348 375 Lasky. Mite 58, 261 324 hkComille. La. 391 4C5 Las...tine .tHquaitne 58 Leos, Margaret Alice 51 346 Lonqaotth, Willem 183 141 Latimer, Robert 58, 266 rio244 kkIlizi4ccoyCor84404,,,APM:aiuelr Lens, Ricnirtil Rhoda 173 Lau, Florence 160 lautentrag, Clement Josiah 273 Uvitan. Jack 58, 290 1.401411. Jim M COrd, Warren McCormick, Bane 58, LavYtnOur, John 58, 263 396 Lcreett, Mary Aram WeCra 3a4 Lownen. A444% 200. 307 . 173 ry, May Ara 58, 94, 374 Lasiellin, BobLeo Harvey 315 272 Levy, Let Lamiklin. Shiite. 93, 96, 119, 344 58, 85. 94, 730 Loring. Me 357 Lauricella, GiCranna - 414 Laing, Mann« .108 . . 87, 88 cm, agrochee, Josti . 58 Lew, Vict 340 Lope. MarilynMcCurdy. Mary 174 300 or L Leanen, Bill 58. . Loucks ' W48 ' 4 . . 413 McDermott, Tory 3 Lae:tete. Lenin Gallon 102. tang Vane 2E8 183, 266 Lewis, Lewis,, Lynette Bran ' W, 324 Lootbor. Pat 169 , hm 16] McDonnell,MDow Richard 274 Lanni, Warren LeMI, Dant 41.1.1449:::4,...R84G:a114:24: 140, 145, 939 __. .,, ra 96 159. 340377 law. Susie Lain, Dick ?ll Lewl., Dick 152 tones% Willam . -.58, 296 1.4mtentt, John E. 58 Lewis, lutella , 58, 338 Lea, A. 5S, 183, Lee, Newt Lewis,Jame . 137 Laerecn. shm 142, 143 284 Lowe, Alan McDowell, Carol . 56, 333 McDowell, Elizabeth 59 leer, Rmti 55, 169 Lewis, 58. 138, 384 Lone, Altert 161 Lawn. BaY Lon, $erene Claire . 413 McChain, Mary 170 Lawton, Fenn . - 407 McEneaty. Model Lawyer, Ray . 353 Lawy Layman, Jahn 341 Leo, Ywonot _ 64. 56 7 Lem, Alan 387 Len. Mary Alice 4 125. Lewis,Nome 371 Lae, one, Roger 261 Lazar, John 175, LI.Leiewthtyminisg,asn.oca85 Lo 399 Lomb William . . 58, 153, 298 McGatragtry. Jeanie Lime well, Marcia 363 103 Leath, Howard 145 Libtenen, Market . 150 376 358 Lanni, Phil McGill, Sharon Leath, Michael 358 Laney, Jobn P. ._ . 58 96, 351 Leah. Richard 287 Wet«, Jim 172, 273 Loamy. Nola Jane 58 413 Ho To 87,93, 112, 137 Limbering. Jim 183 1.01m4, Helm 58, 350 McGinn, „Ioni 163, 285 4 McGinn Phil ....------202, 285 McGowan, Sandy 285 Maddox, Dean Maddox, Janette 367 Mnmni, Michael -..- 283 Mature, Hugh _61, 167, 183 196 10,2n Malang, Man W. -.142,183, 194 Maier, Jack Alba. 63 Mastron, Bert . 60,183 MaSU.Sa., YOShiyok. . . 60,140 Matamcci, Don Mather., Felton . 60, 298 Mather, Margaret Ann... 60 Mathiessen, Karen 96, 1 363 Mathews, led . 200,296 Mathis, Dine 60, 88,160 Munn, Jain . ... ... 363 Mathis, Ray leatiosco. Lica kat at, Donna .413 Peatlofl, Paul 313 Mummery Arthur . 60 Matsuda, Tay... 151 Matsumoto, Bill 60. 143 Matwura, Melvin 60 Mattis. Maureen 96, 351 Mattson, Robert 991 Mateser, Joni 358 Matta 04cl, Frank 290 Mattson, Jahn 322 Matmluk, Mary Aim 376 Mamie, Evelyn . Monty, Claudia 93, 99, 129, 372 Martha, Vincent 60 haying, 0009 200, 295 Maw, Earl 1E0 Meyer, CecIlk 398 Mayer, Bill 172,285 Ma, Ed 1 Gene 141, 200, 41 301 Mayer, Let 384 Mark Shirley 264 Mantra, Row . 263 Mead, Carolyn 60,376 Mend, Dick ..... . . 92, 94 Mead, Raw R... ....60, 149, 150 Meade, Richard 60, 278 Meader, Norma ..401 Mealy, Aiwa 60, 380 Denise .. 355 Joyce x Ernest .. -60, 173, 310 Maus, Chock . Mote., Mary Elizabeth .....96, 347 Meherin, Mart Meiglan, 766mM 187 Meted, Joy 375 Menge, Click 183 Mello, Iris .. . 60, 346 Mellott, Rae .124 Mellow, Marlene 384 helnan, Gary . Melton, Janice 346 Meltzer, %sin .. . 343 Mandl, Carol Meratall, Sheldon ...- 304 Mendelsohn, Rim Menkluhn, Robert . . . 289 Mendenca, Donna .... .176,346 Mendoza, Allred .. . .. .-. 60 aterMom, Barry 40, 008 Marginal, Joan . 260 Wafts, Roslyn . 358 Mentzer, Las.... 362 Navel, Dees . Marc.. ' , Lawn 140 Mercer, Stanley . 169 Merchant, Carol 92, 415 Merchant, Jean . 263 Meredith, Robert 60, 169 Merelender, Sylvain ... 262 Mader, throw 160, 330 Markley, Molly . 60, 105, 136, 174, 374 Merle, Noe . . -.96, 281 Merle, traMiin 44, 87 175 let, ni Merlotti, Marion 60, 400 Merrier, Joan. 402 Meerihese Gary. 388 Merrill, Sob ... Merrill, Ginty 371 Merrill, WY 369 Merry, Nadi 347 Mesa, nothall . 168 Mestina, Gail . 354 Mew, Aiwa Messer, Jerry . 125 Mater, Roy 291 Malaise, Monica 169 Metz, Bob 175. 217 Metz, Metnier, MS Meow, Meyer Mat VOW Meyer Meyer Meyer Meyer, Maw, Wilma, Michael, Michael., Michaels, Mmhtli, Mickel, Miara, MMa Whalen, Milani!, Mavis, milbank Milts, Mils, Miley, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Millet, Milky, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Milkit, Manus, Mills, Mills, Mills, Milne, Went, Milovich. Milton, Mina, Mawy, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mummery Miyalura, MiyaLina, Miyanu, Miyarnato, Mite, Weal, mud, Mock, Meek, Median, Mow, Mow, MOM, Mailer, Mollett, ktOkda, Mama°, Moog°, Mogan, Mesa, Mkbelbscher, Moullwah, Morheirnee. Moatipbelleaf, Montgomery, Joan KW Mary Lee Velma Sahara Silica Bill David . Gail Sutra . Edith Kea Manama . John Carol Lenin A. E. Dia a . Kay . Sawed I K Carol Mama Gloria Maureen Patricia Gail .... Alan . . Bann Clarke Olne Ed James Marilyn Mike Reed Roger Sang Sharon Thorns. Jim Rxhard am Arks Jar. Susan Jerry Paula lee Darla Karen Mason Betty Carol Carson, Jr. Don Hans Jahn Les Mary Shirley Teal NOcirei Carolyn Adeline Don Joan Berard Malay Judy .. molly Abeam William Solon Ahem Ante Cecelia Lowe Carolyn Marilyn Robert Marc WC! Alice Helen Rahn 60, 147 173 384 400 375 263 60, 148,150 396 60, 378 200 60. 114, 170, 372 200, 305 .. 95, 385 38) 138 85, 106, 354 374 60, 161 142 363 93, 393 183 391 103,372 122 275 1 89, 118, 171, 328 61, 328 342 176, 315 273 . 126 127, 159, 176, 414 61, 386 100, 325 61, 141, 292 302 375 61, 1% 296 102 264 61 402 285 92, 340 337 277 196, 197, 215 125 169 183 61, 104, 105, 174, 394 162 61, 406 61 142,215 308 61, 358 61, 153, 398 370 342 161 274 351 61, 348 170 92, 356 396 160 309 127 96, 351 106, 354 297 Mentoomery, ThCI•13 61, 143,144 Meats, Mama likawarency, DithA 404 173 Now, Ann - 61, 356 Uwe, Sill 142 Mow, Owe Move, Gil 318 Wore, Jerr y Moan, SW 88, 349 Moore, Maiden -61, 370 Moore, Marks -159,363 Moore, Sun .329 Moore, Tom 151, 170,326 awe, Them 155 Mco:bruozer. Ed . 113 Moron, Rich 92 Moreen,r, Malian 99, 354 Mordant, Andy.. 328 Mateo, 340 Manna, Colette 96, 340 Morgan, Ja nu. 143, 394 Mon, Arthur Morley, Sill 61, 141,383 Mona. Joe .... 306 Morris, Dan Morris, Delon 200 Mortis, Ed 112, 285 Morris, Jared Muds, Jun Morris, Mary Air . 61, 350 Meals, Marilyn . . 371 Mornay, !awn 357 Moorish, Tom . 78 BS Morrissey, Ed 162 Marlton, Geeny 61, 310 Morrison, Dick 263 Morrison, Don 202, 274 Monism, Hekn 370 Mama, Gordon 303 Maw, Frank 278 Woe, Jam Max, J. Gorey 61, 137 Meru, Sandra 401 Morse, Marilynn 61, 375 Maternal, John 61,184 MortIrd, Marsh 173, 355 Merton, Butara 108 hlosturerer, Am 395 Moseley, Keith 287 Moilowiu, Jack 172, 283 61, 354 Mammary Marilyn 119, 407 Mote, Dan 315 Mote, Mike 314 Motoyank, Mary Monitory Jim 315 mower, Walter 155 Marlton, David 62,268 MatorKe 143, 144 Moyr, Charlotte 62, 264 Mu, Sanely 382 Muck, Sid . 316 Macke, Jona 62, 124 At 806 202 Weller, M. Brick Moeller, Carl 62, 144, 151 Mel, Linke . 271 Moir, Dane 315 Moller, Barbara 371 Mullet, Les . 153 Mullins, Mary 96, 114 Haag, Barely 265 Magary, Robert 307 Milaitiell, Joyce..347 Mumma, Robert 62 Mundell, Nilif ' d 401 Mawr, Gerry 32, 62, 156, 356 Mungri, Jerry 323 Meal, 2uhair . 62, 138, 169 Mwde, Jacqueline Munro, Den 62,142, 266 Munsluier, Marry 62, 328 McGowan, Velma 412 McHenry, Joanne . 173,$41 Melhank Terry 324 Melti Am 354 172,273 McInnis, COW 59,290 McIntosh. Don .303 McKaille, Paul 59. 176, 386 McKay, Don .176 McKean, Jan 59, 344 McKean, Kathy McKee, Bendy 59,376 Ideate, Patsy .. 407 McKee, Stu ... .59, 167, 277 McKenun, Bill 386 McKeon, Ey 99, 183 Packet, ie, Rose Mark .......59, 376 McKimmy, Seth ....-147, 406 McKirKey. Jean 394 McKeon Carol .......-- 96 McLaren, Sally 375 Mciughtio, Nancy ...... 114,170 McUusibliry Tan 305 McLean, Florence .. 385 Mclean, 1uMlIr .,. 363 McLean, Robert . -59, 140, 302 Mcleln, Jody 59, 346 Melanin, Janice 59, 147, 151, 378 Mame, Sue 95, 352 McMahon, Kay.......354 McMaster ' , Dee .__ 271 McMurtry, Grady .. 148 McNabb, Sill -.125 McNabb, Susan McNall, Carl McNansva. .- 96, 117,377 Mak mystery Willi, _ .59,265 McNees, Wit 183, 202 McNeiney, S.. .. - 215 McKim, Jean . . 416 McPherrin, Cent 379 McPherson, Muriel - 384 KW 44 ..- 124, 406 Wiantalua, Daryl 403 morrow, Kaska . 385 MtWilliatis, Carol _ - 88 McWilliams, Gnaw ... . - 307 Maas, Beth . MacDonald, Gad . 346 MEDOnat11, Wayne MacOosgall, ton ele 404 --- Malltard, Nancy .... 374 Mai, Arlene - 63 Mak, ' Thelma - 63 Millenaries,. Esther --- . 155 Adrienne ---63, 376 Make, Juri - 161 M akishima, Jun .. ... -183, Malmsey, Judith 359 - Male, Virg W -63,352 Mallanti, Jaywalk. --63, 339 Malloy, Diane . 151 Munich, Lee . - 342 Kalmar, Mark Malpartida, Gear _183, 184 Maim., Henry.................288 Mamelery Ken 150 Mammal, Richard Marn, Barbara Eleanor ... 378 Man Donk% .63, 168 Mans, Geraldine 124 Mans, Rated ____.---.... 171 Mann, Rarer - . 333 hareirq, Dolores 124 Marto, Dee Marthitellt, Toni -87, 88,95, 91 Marcucci, 96, 381 Marelli, Richard Caen, 264 hlareoliry Hal Margolin, Marcia Margotian, Ralph 60 Marswelss, award 333 Marken, thy. 98,119,345 Martha Connie .....-- 100 Nutley, Canal ...- --- 395 marks, lie . Marshall, Clifford .- 353 Marshall, Donald ----60, 169, 328 Marshall, Jean - 338 Marshall, Leeward .... 333 Marshhl, Marilyn - 346 Marshall, Nancy.......402 Marshall, Patricia Jane ...AO, 336 Manure, Melvid . Marti , Don . ...... 60,63,81,99 254, Martin, Jaime355 Martin, Marilyn 60, 352 Martin, Marilyn Frailee% 354 Martin, Norma 182 Martin, Ted . 272 Martinelli, Joyce 60, 380 Mutiontl, Norma .. 60 Martial, Jane . .. 377 Marx, Stan . 327 Marylandee, 110wArd 312 Magary Mdse 377 aLmuria, Edward Manbaror, Clem 162 Mask, Dick ... Masao, Jo hn . 60,306 93,407 Mas4e, William. .125,305 Masser, Jerry . 125 Masters, Elizabeth . 351 Masters, Shirley 337 Masan, Karen . 381 Mufalden, Jane .--.59, 152,356 Mack, Chuck 97 MacKay, Jack _... .61, 183,386 MacKay, Native . 61 Mai:hernia, Malcolm 61, 125 Machado, Kit 61, 328 Machado, Marilyn _ %,119 Machado, Pat 183 Macintosh Don 92 - MaCk, Charles 61, Mack, Mary Ellrn 401 MacKenzie, Margery 61,87, 156, 264 Maclean, Walter -61, 169, 275 MKLean, William 274 MacLennan. Donald .........173, 120 MacMillan, Sheila . . 265 Machmtre, MxP nee , Chute, Paddock317 Mammy, Barbara . . 340 Maddox. Carl ... 2136 Madden, Clark 176, 183, 184 445 Male. , Dock. 142. 183, 204, 389 Mow, Karl . ... 62, 127, 176,386 Murdock, Janice lames . 153 Murray, Bartura Murray, Carol 62, 356 Murray, Eric 175, 183, 263 Murray, Nola 396 MWraY, James ........ 140 Mewl, Jot Myers, Bererty 152 157 Myers, Judith 62, 378 Myers, Kea ..- . . 196 earn, Len 307 Myers, Michael 175, 316 Myer, Rxhard 62, 409 Myrick, Steve . 62, 300 N . 396 62, 140 . . 413 62. 338 62 . 315 303 62 259 90, 143, 352 62 286 347 96, 359 370 ... 313 167, 115, 277 . . 390 323 Neal, Sally 395 Memo., Elaine 62. 144, 147, 160, 174, 378 Netenzahl, Bern,. 99 Nee Cora .. Needham, Bill Neelauls, John Neely. John Negri., Alas Neil, Silly 62, 340 Nelson, Barbara 91, 96, 381 Nelson, Bob . 183 Nelson, Chanel 139 Nelson, Don 91, 92, 267 Nelson, Donald 297 Nelson, Jmnes 296 Nelife, Jan 61, 84, 339 Nebo., Janet 377 NOW., Jerry 162 Nelson, Keith 62. 287 Nelson, Sarah 416 Nelsen. Vie 172, 1% Nene-chile Bob 317 Nemir, Donald 62, 218 Neter, Ed 218 kerma, Howard 88, 129, 324 Nestor, Dan4 287 Neu, Donald 391 Neu, Harold . 126, 391 Nall, Bogota 337 Nen ' , Carol 337 Hessen, !gm 388 Newell, Minton 172 Newell, Sandy 377 Magnus, Allred 126 Newnan, DoesId 62, 330 Heyman, Jay Nmarwl, Jo Ann Nonntyrer, Peter Newport, Anne Neelw, Louise Nonce, Mike lie Fa, Nieholes, Bob Nichols, An 106, 355 Nicholson, Lawrence 279 N2601109 Lyrae 96, 351 NiChOlvan, Undo 183, 1% Nickel, Walter . 265 Nkktnon, Jo Ann 392 Nkolaide1, Linda 395 NIS01104 1, An 62, 300 Itkolettl, Anne 369 Nkollt Owls 62, 354 NiebRatr, K... . 200 Nielsen, Jeanne 373 Nielsen, M✓ny✓et 62, 399 Nittlamav, Jean 264 Haiti, Clarence 138 Nigel, William 326 Mishima, P. 138 Nissen, Eear✓d 62, ns, 276 Nitsos. Jim .. 95, 115, 278 Nino, ROn 279 Noble, W. I. . 82 110000 Jon 62. 346 1141105, Ralph . 308 lechleti, Mary Jane Nobs, Baetura 62, 143, 394 Noora••lameh, Pares . 62, 139 Nosily, Monad 173 Jean 100, 377 Nan., Paul Jr. 62 Nordlund, Bruce. . . 272 Nor9hrd, task 327 Noeinsty, John 307 NOrrii, Carol 119, 159, 160, 345 Noon, Gary 307 Nonwortly, Ain 62 Nato, Carol 92, 96, 160, 367 Motto., leant . . . 99 Nana,. Lauren .. 62, 414 North, David Nligler, Mary . 92, 106, 173, 377 Noah, Vera 407 Mincer, Wald 183 Nuttin g. Jill 402 Lynne ... 37 Nfreim. John 327 O Oakley, Pharatu 362 013 84, Ann Dell 403 O ' Brien, BCD 62. 262 O ' Brien, Marian 62. 372 O ' Connell, John 175, 282 O ' Connell, Jody 62, 339 O ' Day, Michael 92, 391 Ott, ear 302 Ottosen, Jack 63, 286 Onelletel, Jill 353 Osmtrett, Raard 284 Owen, Mettle 117, 320 Owen, Robed Mom, Irene 340 Nem, Moo 139 Owens, Robert 67, 287 Owens. Ranted 326 Denten, Robert 261,423 Ouse; Let 389 Onont, William 63 P Ranks, Mann 92. 351 Pace, Bill . 265 Packmae, Phyllis 393 Page, Barbara Lyre 99, 373 Pahling, (Wile 63 Paige, P. . ?CO Paine, Joano, 377 Painter, Michell . . 63, 292 Parlay, Linda 88, 97, 359 Palma, Thomas 303 Palmer, Bruce 63, 137 Palmer, Cynthia Alin 63, 348 Palmer, Donald.. 63 Palmer, M. James 63, 173 Patmee, Judy 136, 176 Palmer, Richey 63. 394 Palmer 91, 374 Palmer, YC, 346 Pankohileo, Sandia 92, 346 Pampa 19, Game 393 147 Paw, Nick 196, 200 Pate, Fred 287 Page, 355 Paratore, Bill 114, 183. 184, 261, 432 Pardee, Joan 63, 88, 366 Pannier, line 405 Parent, 63 Pans, Margaret 403 Park, Dean 267 Park, Gents 325 Parker, Barbara 785 Parker, Jean 303 Parker, Righted 63, 409 Parke., Snensool 154 Parks, Nab 200, 264 Parlkh, Rich 142 Pallo01, Holly 124, 349 Parsons, Bill 172, 294 Parson, NOIffOr. 63. 183, 302 ParsoM, Michael 154 Pagel., Jan 390 Paseo Flames 95, 376 Pax°, Nay , 375 Patsalatgua, R. R 64, 292 Patella Pelee 388 Patnaude, Bill 126, 391 Pato, Hilda 403 Pall, Lomeli 63. 140 Patten, Marie " 96, 265 Patterson, Nancy 64, 374 Pattgeh Carole 64 Patton, Douglas K. 64.144, 164, 324 Pallas, Jean 1 29, 348 Paul, Aelene 96, 359 Paul, One 272 Paul, La Ara 347 163 Patsy, Keeler Paoli, Grelchte 152, 405 295 64 Pianos, Bryan Pearson, Dart Pearson, Reward N, Pease, Patricia M. Peet, Mon. Pellett, Richard SR, 96, 97, 327 Pellissiet, Pent 175 Pekno, George 183. 218 Penner, Manyn 388 PeeMeraast, Jim 278 Pemlktoe, Eh skits 64, 356 Pease, Aleert 162 Penrotaker, George 162 Pegger, Stem 306 Perry. Beth . 82 Peoples. Dick . 301 Pimp, Seri 398 Pepper, Retort 169, 173, 410 Peppin, Dick 275 Peppin, Nasty 111,170 Perdue, Don 283 Pereira. PM 353 Perm, PhIllk 384 Perkins, Charles . 332 Peekins, Phyllis 64 Pukes, Theodore 161, 169 380 Perot% Sharon 93, 100, 402 Perrelll, Goldin 129, 340 Peetifi, Tonl 200, 291 Denim, Colette 95, 347 Perrot, Join 64 Peary, Cynie 61 Peery, Mickey Proem, Assn 403 Deus-ergo. Gerald 64, 150, 203 Peoonm. Date 150 Pets% Leon Berra, ' 142, 215, 387 Peter, Carole 96, 351 Peterrnan, .W114 356 eters, Aligia Peter-we, Darryl J. 273 Petersok Betty 378 Priersce, Bob 182 Peterson, Bob 200, 315 Peterson, Conrad 391 Fineness, Pan 324 Pelenok Dould 67, 125. 140 145, 169 138 Phillip ' , Diu 355 Paillips, Donald 183 Phillips, Jeans 183 Phillips, 1.1,4 64, 169 Phillips, Lynne . . . 393 Phillips, Ralph 148 Phillips, Slurps Phiney, 375 Picks, Marts• 67 Pichon, Gary Peck , Jacopelito . 124 Rime Chock , 293 Pierce Rka✓d 274 Pierre, SOMA 64, 94, 380 Pieneti, Mary 400 Pierson, Barbara 337 Person Dew 200 NM, Don 200, 259 Prato, Ralg 326 Pillsbury, Pat Ellen 105,407 Pimeetel, Gerald 153, 199 Pinsky, Don U. . 183. 266 Potty, Cynthia 32, 64, 12 156, 376 Piper, Paul . 261 Piper, Wino .. 145, 260 Pischoll, Lorna. Pisclatla. Jobs Paul . . . .. 295 Pitts, la . 64. 147 . Plata, C00414 PlimPlen, Hal 325 Plow, Gag 150 Plomyeen, Rashid 64,138, 113 Plop , R4 5111 64, 307 %bag, Mazy Podukoll, Pauline 96, 415 Poe, William 261 Poitou, Gaston . 148 PolMmut, Robust 299 Polgisar. Ivan POlkinghten. Roy 64, 167, 307 Pollard,Jeanie 64, 356 Pollock, 397 Polroven, Roe 99 Poise, Sandy 309 POW, Raney 163 175 273 Pepe, Robert D. 141 Popp, Ronald Popper, TOW 318 Pogue, .Kan 303 Peppin, Nigh 183, 1%. 198, 200, 302 Portak, Emil 113 Pate ' , Dayid 64, 144, 168 Porter, Dick 199 Port(1, Loretta 412 Porter, Marilyn 340 Potter, Myron Righted 64 Ponta, Phyllis 124, 405 Ponta, Ram 64 Porter, Scipio 64 Pollee Susan 375 Pcnchmes, Gee 64 Postelle, Kane 393 Potter, Nancy 348 Potts, Marianne 105 Poulos, Toils 144, 160 Poulton, tarry 314 Powell, Ilgk 1. 100, 147, 174 Poem% Jerry 320 Powers, Kathenn 394 Powers, Linrell 64 Points, Marcia 401 Pages, N✓e,. 105 Praglin, Mark 331 Prielm, Boruom 153 Prather, Carole 64, 90, 159, 352 Natter, Janet 170 Prater, Jim 64 Chane 337 Pratt, Sandy 341 Peausniu. Dr. 138 Pray, Dais 340 Preston. Lynn 119 Price, Bill 271 Price, 349 Price Karen, 380 Price, Marilyn 338 Price ROW r 307 Nagalogs, Aamt Hoak, Nano Nakano, ROW Nakagawa, K gosh ' Nalunara, Canal lialushena, Na4mi Natal., OilIcted Malebo, Bob H✓ktryilk, Bill Naples, Antbool Naeaschln, Bob Mandate, Jeans Maniuma, Walter Hack, Robert Mason, Bonnie Nathan, Harriet llatUn, LIndsee Martin, Kewth Nauman, Pete. Head, Shirley 62 259 62, 169 323 Cleetei, Elaine 61, 153. 394 289 Walsh Josephine 62 Ole Jean, Mike 309 O ' Garrell, Barbara 63. 364 Ogle, James A. 291 oven, Roten 323 011antiLts, Paul 63 O ' Mara, Kenneth A. 259 OW, Tom . 63 thison, David 281 Phenix ' , Ramona 63, 169 Okamoto, Dasnl 163 O✓ , kabuki: 63 O ' Kerbag, levee 129 0aadrr, Soun 381 0104m, Janice NA One., lowish 183 Oink., Para 375 Cline, Robert 183, 196,197 Oliver, Roberta 96. 345 OIrree, 357 Olnen, Jacquelin. 63, 380 Oliver., Larry 295 Olivier, Helen 124 ODs, Adele . 367 Olsen, Karen 361 Olsen. Lain 63, 386 Olson, Ed 286 Often, Karen 173, 367 301 Olvx, Larry 306 62 Olson, Lorimer 6) 304 Mason, John S. 311 351 Omenhumfro, Nancy 147, 395 62, 416 O ' Neill, Peggy 96, 351 311 0.9, Mgt 413 386 OPoeniardet, Irma 63, 397 Opperrnarn, Kra 139, 349 °rte. Sighted Ogoll, Diane 358 Oman. Pans 96,341 Orrne, Maynard 183, 184, 204, 123 Orris.. Robert 1.63, 150, 169, 173 Ones Penny 354 Oahe, Anna 165 Onnet, Paul 327 Paultch Rkk Onto, Sally 347 Pasha. Gretchen Om% William A 391 Psalms, Janet Onus, Pete 314 Paulsen, Burt Oaten, Felten 389 Paulson, Carta .347 Olean. lanky 129, 406 Paulsen, Leon 129 Dstoent, David 332 371 Osborne, Roam 63, 140, 408 PaiteMa, 91 Osten , Tismas t 63, 318 Pavien. R had F. 64, 183, 294 Osborn, Monroe 63, 265 Payne, Ashley _ 263 Opal, Jane 63, 129, 354 Payne, Jamn 92, 292 on, Josh 63. 150, 169 Pat oltu.qh.,y, Ps,lip 271 Payton, Bob Ostradee, D Oxon, U1S✓oo 88, 203 Pearl, Roger Otis, ham 403 Pearlman, Jules, Jr 142, 314 152 64, 378 15Q 169 200, 295 287 329 64, 336 176, 265 Peterson, Peterson, Fgaard N. 172. 332 Peterson, Eugene 88, 95, 266 Penmen, Fr✓ge 321 Peterson, tent 88 Petersen, Joy 337 Peterson, Joyce 151 Peteeson. Judy 377 Petersen, Neil 96, 267 Peterson, Royer 281 Petersen, Ronald Peterson, Val 90, 169, 176,389 Pettemn. Wayne 64, 274 Petn. Altittla 357 PIIr•.pK, Akaarder 64 Petro:elle Bill 92. 96. 267 Petrol, Ken 297 Petty, Allen 64 Peel. 301 Pleiller, Al 125 Pfeiffer, Audrey 64, 160, 363 Pteiler, Pete 140 Weller, Roger 311 Pilaster, Jack 306 Phelps, Ethel 157 " Iligge, Atli 335 Phillips, NH 318 446 .359 359 270 65 351 150 65, 314 183 395 65, 173 303 65,1550 138, 391 361 Rc8eld, Joan Richardson. Cara 369 Ronan, John Romani, Marlene Rkh.vdson, Mary ...- ... 363 Rorty, RkhDene, Carol _---._ 368 Ramey, Phyllis Rick, Georg . .-..- .... 137 Root, Mike Rosa, Eugene Mcleaul, DM .....--... ..... 354 Rost, Rick 125 S Ridrnour, Joann ..._,.....- 401 Row, Robert 171 Row, Roberta 366 66, Rest, Virginwt 100 ----• - ' ' 412 Rosen. Rithard Sabine, Dolores Rosenberg, Card 66 ' 322 Rarebtil, Crab 93, 159, 345 4 JerrY 320 Placated, Donald 6.6. 288 Sadler, Mollerd Rosenberg, Gary pz 100 Saell2ef, tharenhe 350 Rosenberg, Meet: Safi, Chulam Rosenbeni John 269 Sahatiem, Valle ' , Rmencrantz. AN). .. ..... 343 5 " , Jobs Ratner 0M, Sue ....... --Ago Rosenbal, yaw . _..-..375 Rowilliell. DIMS ...- - 323 Rosetweist, Robert __. 138, 329 Solaro ' 961 RMas, Rama . 66, 183 - Riley, Earl 66, 175, 273 Riley, Kay . 154 Riley, rusk ..............729 Rinehart. Gary _ 162 Ring, . .. .. . 276 Ring, Junes % 361 Riaglum,Janet 363 Ringlet, Harold 391 ROME Joan 368 Ris 341 Ritter, Ritter, JoY 92, 348 Rosa?. Janes .... ..... 113, 410 Ross, Oernis . 312 Ross, Eugene - 183 Robtason, Jalz ... . 66, 409276 Ross, Malib. . 377 Robbins, R. . . 138 Ross, Raney . 346 Roberien, Mercedes -152 263 Roberson, Jean Rouctu, Joe 147, Rossi, %said 6 Roberts, Don _..69, 286 Roswell, Gordon . 1 125 Rotenberg, Leon, 343 Roberts, Jackie .... ..... ......112, 351 Roth, Jesse.. 162 Rothtatt:Paul 51,eldon 66. 168 124 ht 309 Roberts, Lloyd 140 66, 394 415 Roberts, Joyce ...163 Rough, Mary Los 66 Roberts, Pat 69, 339 Ro.004, Rowan 275 Roase, ally Ilk, 66 150 Rouse, Many Roberts, Richard Roberts, Tan 66. 129 309 04940Robertisre., Gaon bin 30966 318 161, 115 Robertson, Don 142, 183, 387 Rook Ken Robertson, Richard 369 130, 136 Rowley, Janet 96. :93 66 Eiden . Robichet, Akaardu 66, 143, 144 Reek, Ronald Robins, Dick.. 144 Royer, Pat . Retinal. Don . . 66 Remade, Leuist 66, 165, 390 Robinson, frank 66, 175, 272 Rote, Hillard . Robinson, None . .. 308 Ruben, John 285 Robinson, Patty .. Rubenstein, Ruth 163 Robinson, Sydra 66. 358 Rubin, Bob Robinson, Warr., 85, 87, 183, Rahman, Hoge 399 399 Robinson, Verra ... 384 Rubin, Donald 184, 270 Ruby, 846 - 410 Robinson, Wesley _66; 139 Ruby, flobi Robes, John 32,66,409 RvW, Joan Ramon, - 401 ROcker, Jim, Retestelli, .howl one .66, 406 Reams, Carru 102 Rola, Mrs. 101 Rudolph, Darn 338 RoMer, -Wry . ..66 330 Rudolph, Eugene 313 Roferamis, Dave 311 Alan 312 Rodgers, Bob .. 162 Rue, Lany 388 Rcekin, Leo II), . 183 Ruhr , Vroan 406 Rosen, Leonard 66. 328 Reser, Robert J. 143, 144 323 Russell, S 01 . ill 44,270 117 Russell, Coy 161 Roger, Al . 140 Res it David 215, 261 Raven, Assn. III, An 259 66, 302 Rome, Sea 66, 284 Russell, Lewis 120, 125, 322 Rogers, Robert 330 Russell, Paul 4 262 Regers, Sally 347 Russell, Mewled D. 64, 200. 328 Rooms, Jack 129 Russell, Sharma, 66, 168. 339 R04 14, Reeialine 403 Russell, Tom .. 302 Roaster, Barbara 376 Russo, Maxine . 385 Roemer, Unerne 376 Ruth, Stewart . 267 Roemer, Marilyn 377 Rutledge, Wart 176 14411•1110, Ed 89, 118 Roldsboecogh, Ron 264 Role, Johs 175 Ryan. Alan . Rolnick. Marilyn 343 Ryan, Bill 171 126 ROM, Bryce .. 66. 118 Ryan, Dawn 366 Raga, Paula . 416 Ryan, Jack Re10, Der 145 Ryan, Lawrence 66, 82 Ryan, Pat Ream, Oen 91, 325 Ryan, Sally • Rosin, Virgil 66, 326 Ryan, Sally nen 329 Ryan, Sheila C. 66, 110, 170 301 Ryan, Tim . .... - 318 96, 385 Ryan, William m. .66, 387 371 ROM ' , Dag , 341 Ryder, Robert 293 787 357 119 345 Price, Ramat 117 Price, Sarah . ....... _ _64, 414 Price, Willard 295 Pridmore, Betsy 344 Prkmoee, Pat 96 Prisle, Bob 167, 175. 296 Prirgle, Mullya - 96. 340 Priegk, May . 355 Pritchard, Leland 64 Probed, Margie An .. . Proctor, Doe Proctor, tyreia .119 Prater, Pill . 357 Procter, Salrley 92, 353 Prodis, Pierre A. PRAIRE Nom . 274 Proffitt, Pat 114, 377 Plile, Willer 64,173 Rusher, Jan 64,394 Pryde, Donald Duckhabei, Jeanette Racial, Dorothy 147 Polk Malang 414 Pugh. Thomas . . 60 Purcell, Charles 333 Pared!, Margaret Purdy, Bob 293 habit, Maoism. 370 men natl.. Brute 326 Newell, Carroll 64. 168 Pummel, Tana 114, 351 Pereis, Betty Haydn ._.273 Prre, Marilyn . 357 Q Evan. Keith 145, 169 Quasima, Hassan 150 Quayle, Market 160,337 Ramey. Charles 65, 183,184 Quick, Don Quick. Glens 329 0419, Jews 328 Quigley, Pat 311 Clews, Jeanette 992 Quern, lank 145, 169, 333 %egg, Hazel 65 Quag, Helen 151 R Radelbamt, Alice 93, 96, 345 Radford, Glenn 328 Raelky, Joan 119 Radenanorich. Dan . 155 Rlibilith, Leone 345 Rafferty, Al 326 Rafferty, Ginger 400 Retina, Joe 125. 327 Relent , Mike 183, 304 Renato. Pete ens Raw, Gordon 65, 270 Rash, Gordon 84.416 ftwin. Marty Reek, Betty . . _ 65, 169, 406 Rahn, Paul 779 Railt0a, Ton 144 Raton, Chulan 345 Rairts•Umbe Mina 65. 101, 54 Raiser, Clark .. Raker, Ray Rtlkk, Jean Ralson. Peter 65, Ralston. An Ranters. And-is Ramirez, Henry 125 Rammeit. Arland 275 Ransm, Gkra 413 Ramsey, Hairy Ramsey, Sairley 397 Rope. 183,198 Randall, Atli C. 140 Randall. Share Rarer, Lew Allan 65, RWele. Don - 65, ISO, 173, 304 Milt, Lie 367 Rawl, Jeanie 92, Ransfo.d Maori 352 Rance., Elaine 359 Rapaport, Eleanor twist 343 Rapaport, Shirk, 414 Raphael, Melinda 395 Ranges, Mk Ranier, Ivan II Rascal, MU . Rasennwm, Oee Rawest, Milton J Rancher, trine Ray, Ronald L Rawan, Rey Renew Jobs H. Read, Phil Read, Phyllis Ready, Reny, Ron _ 117, 305 Retains, Mercedes 96 65, 140 Redden, Gayle 1t2 Redhead, Bonk Lynn 353 Redo, Dodd L. 323 315 Reed, Bridget 413 Reed, Jobs 169 Reed, Marl Frances 117, 353 Reed, Vidinta _. 007 . Reich, Ted .. Reichert, Geode Reid, J11 1e1 Reid, Joha Relek, Donald .. Rlly, Kathy ... MOMS . 314 Rai •• • . 65. 408 Reinhart, Dale , . 363 Reinhelwr, William 281 Paul 313 Reinhold, Dale. 204, 271 274 Renaults, Bill.. 299 Martin .269 DeilADRIA. Cael . 125 Retie, Ronk, Connie 345 Remind, Anhui 65, 175, 296 Remmell, Allen _ 65 Raring, Karl Remota, William. 65 Ftenn kk, Resins, . 92 341 Lyle . . .274 Rennie, Robert am Replogle, Lanni . 65, 262 Resist, Karl . 65, 161 Reiter. Stephen . . 273 Reveky, Jersirgs 65, 292 Reyes, Phillip._. .. . 173 Replant LeRoy Reynolds, Diane . . 65,3% Reynolds, Doma . 3 Reynolds, Jam 96, Reynolds, 444 65, 280 Marvel 65,370 Reynolds, Iceman 325 Reynolds, Tons .. 301 RheirgraMt, Charlotte .. 361 Rhoades, Donald 65, 175, 202, 332 Rhoades, bet 200, 295 Rhoades, Marilyn .. 370 Rhoads, Bill .. %Om, Free 172. 263 Rhodes, Jean 317 nodes, Stuart 275 Ribbs,13Mte , 65 Rita innate 101 Ricci, Den Rico, Resale ' 65 Rice, 13cla6le 99, 343 Rice, Brew 273 Rice. Hotrard Rich, David . . 153 Richard, Anse 65, 94, 360 Richard, Robert . 66, 167, 280 Rehire Rey . .. 280 Richards, 80 .. 411 Ricea do, Leon ard 66, 274 67 67,169 1 13, 203 389 384 398 264 Saltalaxhia Jo., . 398 Salta, Joyce .. .360 Salter, Judy 88, 92 Sallies, Carolyn . 159, 345 Salzterg, Site .. 119,3% Sample., Carla ..., _96,341 Sampxe, Scarce ..67,88.394 Samuels, Mmissa . .. ___ .. 67 Samuelses, DOW 96,91,103, 263 Saacky, Laois ....... ............ _... 275 Marie 368 Shake, Ella 154 Shake, Lillian . - 67 Sandell , Barbara .170 Sander, Gana 340 Sanders, Fred 142 Sanders, Richard . .. 310 Sar441140, Durk, 315 Sanderson, Willwrn . . . 67 Sandford, Bo . . 294 linefeed, Rome. . 16i_, . 329 %knelt. Joyce %Mita, arbara . 413 Sandstrom, Den . . 92, 328 Snead, Bill . 125 Svguinetti. Dianne 136, 356 Sin Juan, Gloria . 124 Saner, Judy 351 Santo, Severino 67 Serail, Sheila Saroyan• Jack Sarre " , Jerry . .. 84, 308 %wanted, Tarn e Sounders, Fred 91 Seurkers, Margery 403 Savage, Gloria 382 Saline, Mania 354 Susaa, Mike 82, 87 Sam. Gene Sanford, Don Sawyer Jeanette •e16 140 150 415 376 286 Ikeda, Paola 366 Reese, Wrny Reese, Jay 293 Neu, Jack 65, 140, 161 Remo, Emi Reeves. Harry 65,8B, 127 Rei, Michael 183, 184, 310 152,354 331 96, 271 277 273 183, 302 175 364 Szer, Ber 396 Sayre, Edgar 67, 282 Saynell, Evadna 67, 88, 1%, 354 Scans, Maudeseve 154 Scanlan. Jails, 374 Stanlin, Don 61, 171 Scattergood, Worth 67 Scam!, Par . 260 Schacht, Henry . 82 khiel:ich, Stew 172. 317 Schaefer, parks 138, 150 , my 92, 345 Scher ' s , Meyer Schatz, Walter 125 Schauer, Bill 281 Sandra 396 SCI14390, Shirley 395 Schamiater, lee 389 Seetbetiee, Fred 169 ScMiemer. Suzank 415 Scher ' s. Edwin 67, 304 Schemer, William 171 Schick, Bill , 100 SchiffnUn, Koren . 153 Schleifer, Arthur 140 Schlegel, Chides 139 Schlegel, Haney 415 Sale., Janet 67, 106, 404 447 Schlesinger, Jot• - • 393 Schlkbtmann, Palmy . 10 376 Schliromo, Howard . 271 Schlosberp, Carl .. _ 308 Schlotanwer, Jean 350 Set lump, Walt . ISO SeAmeiw, Al 67, 183 310 em Scha!, Mario 119, 345 Schmidt, Jon 263 Schmidt, HOMY 67 Schmidt, Ruth . . 121 Schmiu, Jerry 92. 293 Schneider, Ka 314 Schneider, Pat 95, 378 SChneider, Pauline 152 Schmidt., Shirley 354 Schne der, Tom 96, 327 Schrwrrnachca, G. L. 171 Scheeler, Franca 67, 340 Schwafeld. Ed . .. 99 Scbotaatin, Bob 329 Steam, Nina . . 96, 365 SOolz, Mama 347 Saar. Charles . 173, 323 Save law. bly . , 375 Schrenl, Louis. . 317 akar, Joyce _ .. 347 Schroeder, Detoo 67, 143, 140 Schmidt., Gail 114, 162, 173. 363 Schrader, Karl 67 Sara ' , Robert 67. 298 Schroth, George 202 Schubert, Mallory 363 Schulman. Dick . Rhin,. Claude . 293 Schultz, Linda 343 Schott, .kan 67, 141, 408 Schatz, Marcy Goo 147 Saute, Wayne . 410 Schanacher, Bob 317 Schamaaaer, Kitty 67, 340 Schutt, Doe 388 Schwab, Bruce 309 Schwab, Donald 305 Scenvabarher, Jot., 67, 141, 400 Schwalm, Grace 67, 147, 338 S Psan, Carl 172, 202. 297 Sanaa. Don 67 Schwanban Paula 67 Samara, Carl H. 176 Schoen, John . 288 khaki°. Gretchen 67, 153 balsam, Loa 153 Samn66.4a, Jon 299 Scott, DOI . 126, 141, 260 Scat, Jinn 348 Scott Jere Lou 395 Scott, Marilyn 68, 414 Scott, Ralph ... 68 Scat, Robert . 760 Stott, Shirley 366 Scribner, Oidc 295 Savoys, Pat .85, 87, 99, 106, 311 Sadler, Suzanne 15 John . . Sonel, Leila Seale, Pearl . 929 68, 152 397 17 Edith 1 . Karl 173 Segal, Bernie 127 Segal, Geraldine 390 Stool, Martin 183 Sao, Sei Ken - 297 tio61, Cael 384 401 Seliman, Name 410 Sancho " , Mitt Senior, Walt 183, 196, 197. ne Sena, R Sena., Candy. ..__112 Sets, Tow 99 Settlemiet, Brock 175. 272 Setter, Judy 342 5eviterger, Ann 68,94, 374 Stverson, Mary 168 Sewall. Jan 68. 336 Sewell. Edmund. 294 Shams, Elide 68,400 SNOWY, Thanes 311 Shaeffer, Nancy 225 Salem, ham 377 Shaffer, Gary 217,277 Shaffer, Nat 176 WM, Sally 347 Shantz, Jemy . 140 Shapiro, Nancy Shapiro, Sudy .... -.68,414 SaWnoll, Nina -..... _ .102 Sp Robe t 68, 324 Shope,Sue 375 Sherd, Nulty 137, 164 Shea, Do 295 Sbea, Marouet -68,370 %ea, Peter 167, 307 Sheehan, Caroni 96,99, 361 Sanaa Pete . 285 Sheets, Janet . 375 Panda. bd. 341 Sheldon. Sandy 374 Shelley, E. Jr. 294 Shelley, Laura 91,406 Salm, Mara 95 Shenk, Jot 156 Shenker, Marilyn 342 Sark , Jan 165 Sherman, Jaccuelaw 68 Sherman, Scott 85, 87. 88, 96, 97, 327 Sherman, Stan 68 Shona, Sardoi a, Shields, lamell Shipley, Sally Shiratla, Anruten Shively. James Shope, William Shea, Hershey Short, Betty Shan, David Shot, Edith Stan, Elaine Shahan, Lee Sherri. Bob Slalom. Dick 51oltit, Carol Shirrs, Ray mete, Rickard Sibbnt, Pat Masao, Rennie Kay Siam.. Jack Tyler Sides. Sherry Slant, Ann Siegel, Mike . Neal Siegel, Stole Slew, Howard Sigmund, Sh-rlel Silen, Edith Sileitskv, Maw-, SINN, Robert Irvine Sitthale, Mora Simms, E. Slehmis, Edvins Sinus, Ted Sisal, Dm Simeon, Joan Samoa, Jam Simmons, Tory Simon, Mite Simanson. Faith Simpson, Simpson, Brae Ken S mama, Ph, i Simpson, Smote., Sve Sims, Joyce Sinn, Lee Simlair, Bruce Sinclair, Jolenne Sieger, Mae Singer, Walter Singleten, Ent Sisson, Ana .. Slum, Lin Si:41449, Elul Sbratl, Dean Sam, Paala Skillman, Mart 100 Standing, Job 96, 106, 337 Sklar, Judi 88, 01, 414 Spealean..kan 362 Slugstrom, Day Saar, Sally . 87. 88, 90,91, Sholnek, Jill .359 99.372 Slealias, Jean SPeckwan. Gera .. 267 Stakey, Philip .. 319 Sparkman, Ann . 96,341 Stater, Ord 68, 175, 263 Spettzea, Claudia .95, 362 Slausak, Sam Spear, Nathaniel . ... 327 Sarin, Bernard . 313 Shama, Leslie . 176 Slaw, Dak Spears, David - 68,136 Slam, Eaten - 355 Spews, Pram.._ .68, 125 Sitowil, Penny .. 68, 115, 170 Santo, Ronald 125,286 Slalom, Allen 270 Samar, Santa ... 353 153 Spencer, Sara ... 361 Small, Suzanne 369 Sponge, Deane . . . 69 Small, Winslow . _ 305 Spenser, ban ... . 69. 152 Semi°, Marotta . 68 Sport, Louise .. 69 Valley, Peggy 985 68, 299 Mamma e 385 Statute, Jerry . ... . rack, Joyc . Be Sulky, Dona 68, 394 Sachet ' , Amhara . 137, 140 Sculley, Nom, n 93, 96, 345 SPontene, Susan . 88, 95, 100 Solt Comm L • Spore. Bat 193, 202, 272 Smith, Alas 302 Spate, Allen . .. 306 Smith, Albert 150, 303 Smith, Anthony G. . 153 Spra,ue, Jim . Smith, Audrey Spridoen, Sylvia 100, 371 Smith, Barba ' , Ann 68,346 Swing, Coolen 343 Smith, (turd 700, 307 SPOego, Lon 353 Smith, Don 261 SpreOle, Robert .143 Smith, Don . 183, 196, 197, 333 Spry, Roma . 69,150 Smith, Eduard .. 312 Spotak, Jan . 376 Smith, George. .. 315 Spry. Elone 129,407 Stith, Glenn 315 Sara, Lorna . 385 Sahib, Jan 68, 280 Steinman, Amy _ . 371 Smith, Jim B. . 303 SUarket, Marion 69, 160, 342 Smith, Jack 171,183 Stafford, Sybil . 69, 364 Smith, John I. 69, 169, 319 Stahl, Edith 69. 370 Smith, June 129, 147, 368 Stahl, Lamer " . 140 Smith, Lee Stillman, Cul .311 Smith, Leslie Standley, lerella 117, 119 Smith, Lora ,e 68, 376 Skating, Jenne . 339 Smith, pmt 261 Stanford, Alan • Smith, Mann 96, 369 Stanley Janet . 381 Smith, Margo 91 Stanley, Margie . .. .348 Smith, May 382 Stanley, Pat 95, 350 Smith, Pat 68, 400 Stanley, Susan . .. 106, 381 Smith, Paul 272 Sumburry, Raymond 125, 327 Smith, Prince Etta Staten, Kean . 142 Smith, Ray .. 155 Staples, Phyllis . 96, 969 Smith, Rebut 162. 293 Stark, Barbara 117, 371 Smith, Robert W. 68, 261 Stark. Wayne . 69, 270 Smith, RoRna 395 Stank , Han 46, 337 Smith, Rcnald .. 68 Stamen, Pete . 325 Smits, Sheilah Stan, Sam . .160 Smith, Stephanie 371 Stones, Came_ .... 143 96, 367 Stauffer, San ,a 87, 166, 374 287 SteirOntilOS, Anne 282 Storm, la . 218 Stearns, Ed . 125 68 Stearns, Paul SleChMera, Cal 310 Stedman, man, Jahn . .138 Steele, Shama . .415 Steen, William 172, 263 Steffen, Elizabeth 69, 354 Stollens m Sally 160 Stagennald, URI ' 96, 124 Stela, Roo 99, 202. 312 Salaams, Brolly 69 Steinberg, Sitcom 413 Stelae., Fran Stelae, Manly, .. . 176 Stein ke, Emily 116 Stamm, 341 Stevan, Judy 88.89.363 Sandell, Barbara 106, 337 Stomas, Don 310 Seeman, ban 69, 124, 336 Steatel, David 148 Stnhens, Barclay 355 Steoheaton, Charles 277 Sahleason, Sabley 69, 354 Sterling. Escape 175, 332 Stern, Diane 120, 399 Stern, Fritz 317 Steen, Hllde 101 Stern, Paul 120 Stevens, Anita 69, 124 Stays, Glade 312 Steam, Noel . 287 Slyness, Ronald 274 Scans, William 292 Stamen, Alan 296 172, 200, 296 Steavaa, Bill 125 Stemma, Bob 324 SteaniCa. Frank 267 Stamen, ?rant 291 Stnensco, Sue 415 Stewart, Allen . . .318 Stewart, Bill .175 Stewart, Jots _183, 196, 198. 311 Stewart, Kent . 69, 296 Steam, Larry . 102 Steaart, Saida 96, 345 Stoney, Itoward ... .139 Stillman, Fake 200, 297 Stillman, James 172,297 Stimmel, Owlet . 140 Stocklund, Janet L. 124, 347 Stoddard. Bill . 69, 171, 328 Stator, Geney . 147 Slaw, Linda. 69, 94, 106,362 Stoll, Frank 288 Stoll, Mary Jane 69, 374 Stoll, Sheila . 69,358 Stone, Barbara .373 Stone, Carol .. 159,415 Stone, Dean .. 82 Stone, Ed - 148 Stone, J:Sfie . . . 69 Stone, Jim 69,2% Stone, Maine A. . . . 345 Store, Peter ..... Sleet, Sibley .... 69, 87,94, 350 Stonebtat, Jones - 162 Lath La Stag, Jam C.. 69;409 Stomata, Jae 69,94, 344 Stout, Jack ... 69, 140, 161, 169 Swanked, Le Verne . .. -.155 Stowe, Barbara . 69, 414 Sitwell, Oman . 183 Sloan, !PO Strange, Diet 291 Strait, Nam• Lee 351 Strautel, Susan ........ 375 Steam, .M Ana Steams, Mania . .... . _69, 288 Stee.ker, Lista .153 Streaked, Homed 70, 127, 322 Strict 4m, EOM.. 183 Stringer, Loran 150 SUIT , De. Fred . 127 Strialin, Bill 96, 327 StrOatb Suile 10. Sawa, Gala Strom,.Eel . 70 Amid, MVO . . 70 Stroud, Otis . 70 Stroult, Priscilla 69, 91,92, 156 164, 366 142 411 70,180 70, 287 70, 414 347 Swan, Pat ..... 176, 398 Swan, Syhia . 166 Swaa, WM am 294 Snow, 8ob 389 Smarts, , ChIn 355 Swanson, Dew, 70, 140, 321 Swanton, tumor • 40,173 Sea.slors, Crepe 173 414 68, 397 381 68, 304 96 412 279 173 68, 137 68. 94, 372 92, 265 98 69 150 314 264 68, 91, 380 303 303 265 139 . 315 69,176, 3S4 68, 120, 124, 160, 342 Smith, Sat Siefert, Cara 68,137, 319 Smith, Verron Siegel, Judy - 343 Smith, Um...a 313 Smoak, Gary 308 Scram, John 331 Sang, Gloria 313 Saler, Errant ? Snag Croi Arn 68. 404 Scow, Bob 118, 345 Sc., Laverne 68 Setdo, Annette 331 Sayclea, Ken 124. 381 Soar, Lois. 184 Sobel, Sandra 183,279 Sedentrok Ed 267 Semen, Theresa 167, 175, 282 Schlbeg, Von 105 Solar, Ref 353 Saari, Nona 85, 100 Atom Warren 313 Solteall, Don 95, 360 Solemn, Ernest 390 Sealtemnow, Al 172, 285 Sao,. Howard 375 Savers, Goalie 297 Santo, Mel 150, 169 Seamen, Warranhe 95 Sonnenuftein, Baty 68. 402 Sontag, Mali 114, 363 Seo. Merit 168 Sordo, John 68 Seesaw. Lora 309 Sorkin. Fred 183. 203, 271 Sooda, Phyllis 96 Southatd, Peggy 68 Soma, George 68, 310 Sera, Ernest 139, 140 Spa, William 367 Spank,, Stanley 339 68,314 68, 3 ' 6 91, 377 395 389 85, 400 96, 384 68.138 353 410 150, 169 175 305 68, 330 18), 184 96,264 200 363 137, 260 356 381 414 382 nO5 390 48, 84, Ha 102 167, 175, 196, 197 68, 287 S4rubele, Calbb Strum, Lary Strutlwrs, Tom Stuart, Bill . Stubbs, Theodore Vomit Mary Arm Slidle dinar Sleedidl, Whim Surer, 044 354 Sawa. Eduad C. 320 Duo 162, 407 Ser Jan ..167, 175 Salient, Wayne .. 265 Sunman, Malcolm Stillhan. Vernon 140 ElnIty 183, 267 Swanton, Gag.. A. . 94 Sun, OorcIty I Stan _ 70 Sundown, Joyce 347 Sao, Maio Sorra, Gayle 343 Sussman,Lon • 343 Sutherland, Namara -.- 153 Saws, Elizabeth 96, 159, 352 Salon. Wendy 448 124 Vas Wok, Sam 150 Van W3 11 Spike 125 179 Vat Zander. Jack 72, 320 71 Vmend, Bill 300 71 Vary, Dick 148 71, 314 VaSey, Okk 138, 150 139 Warr, Wayne 302 169, 2 87, 366 7 19 ay, t 379 380 Vdokh, Joe 285 53 Vedansty, Dmitri 301 Vein, Chants 315 14 Veitzen, Natalie 385 74 Velarde, 152, 124, 45305 330 30 Totten ' s, Eleanor Vvylincerlonnur,:i ' LeaSoe1149 " yrinerol 88, 98, 325 413 369 70 Vetter, Colleen 155 Walt. Lanett 341 72, 404 V C V 299 772. 336 , Vsimeli, Terry 72, Yakut, Ella 405 Vincent, Margaret 72, 370 357 Vinnecow, Lena 91, 343 Vittaly, Ada 378 150 Vizzard, Clare 95, 141,378 144 113 316 72, 356 Swanson. Jean Ann 96,379 Sweet, tab 357 Swenson, Carlo 70, 183, 387 Sweringen, Sweeny, Bruce . 125 3samerton, Ronald 70,280 Swinney, Janet met, Alas R.. 32,27 70, 144, 175, 2 Symm, 0. Russell, .1r. . 311 Symons, Gone snort, Betty 124, 153, 312 T Takata, Gravies 410 Talton, Patti .. 159, 415 Mangum, Charlene 405 Talkers, May 70,354 Takott, Sue 70, 348 Tabaleno, N. L. Talley,Slavon Talley, Ben 70, 140 70,166 Tanaka Et . 70, 218 333 Targ, Jerk Tareenbaam, Flora, 357 Tanner, Wry Jo 70, 107, 394 Tamed , Edward 289 Tappeler, John 150,320 Yarmaino, John 332 Tardy. My 401 Tarpon, Paukia Atn 359 Take, Carol . 381 Tarim., Mervin 72, 312 Tarnagin, Marilyn Rae 403 Tame, Don 183,184 Tante, Lamle 70 Tan, Elizabeth .396 Tashartias, Armen 70,108, 317 Tate, ices 70, 276 Tole., Clarks . - 282 Taylor, James A. 411 Tak, lane 117, 162.415 Taylor, Judy Ardith 92,91, 110, 347 Taylor, Ouiatio 70, 90,278 Taylor, ItoWet 10, 140, 145,169 Teadennan, Gerald 70, 304 Tenet, Nine.... 70,94, 378 Team ' , Baum .147 Teeter, Dwight 70, 165. Tefft, Stray 70,145 Tegtrmier, Joan Take, Jerry 176 Tenantry Betsy 347 Tenantry Tem 287 Tallow, Chris 142 Tennis, Geer 70, 265 Task, 80bbye 370 Temple, Mania 125 Terry, Mariano 96, 152 Terri, Morton . 10 323 Teny, Jerald 357 Tory, Patricia Asa ,384 317 Termliger, Marl Tetsuo, Gerald 306 Temakr, Engirt 169, 403 96, 369 Thayer, Am 183 260 Thaw, PS 70 Thieten, Tom 96,142 Tkdemenry Barbara 119 Thiele, En . 70,139, 161 Taros. Jerry 140, 142, 145 Themes, Derek 70, 137. 314 Thirawat, Carina . 403 Tishln, Carole 265 Thomas, Ethel .70, 165 Thomas, Fraek C. Therms, Jim Ward 391 Thomas, Leah . 70,125 Thorns, Millis. 70 Thomas, Muriel 154 ThmieS. Red . . 320 Thomas, Stephan . 388 Thomas, Ste . 395 Thomas, Swore 145 Thompson, Barbara 70,83 Owego.; Jaclk . 343 Tronmson, James 137 Thompson, Jay Lee 143, 353 T Pompon, Jerry 283 Tecenmon, Joan noniron, Joan 70, 104, 105, 153 Tromso., Pat .• 395 1 kook., Pete . ,, 316 1 hempsm, • • 71 Thomsen, Ralph 173 Thomsen, SOY .. 379 Tho-ason, William 149, 168, 410 Thonoson.114mers, law 153 Tom, - .124 Thor, Jowe 393 Thorne, Janet 381 Tbanntral, Jack 261 Thornton, Maribn 147 Thum, Richard .. 72, 175, 263 Denby, Susan . 401 Taunton. Noma 337 Tick, Julie 405 Tiedemarn, Bream 345 limey, R.cha•ol 161 limey, Ronald 161 Tilley, Gene 71, 284 Ti Roberta 71 Tlamors, Edward 71,140 Tiro; Rauh . 71, 142. Tkgley, Robert 173 Tininam, Frank 196,198 Tinkham, Ruth 350 T intawn, Joanne . 405 Tinder, Car .265 Tilers, Ottnrah 71. 165, 382 WA; Ardmv Tobias, Mona 340 Tobin, Leotard 71 Tocchini. Dime Totter, Robert ,, 410 Techrer. Jim 140, 142,169 ToMermary Ron 307 Todd, Jean . David 71, 310 , Karen 96 381 Torn. Darlene 71,382 Tom, Mean 71, 140 Torn Raymond 71, 140 Unita. KO 71,397 Tomlinson, Earl 153 Tong Paul 281 TeeNy, Kurk 318 Toone; Ma 200 Tackles, L. Totelk, Phyllis 88, 414 162, 370 TabeeL Gale Thomberg, Kenneth 71,409 281 Trance, Whorl Tornian, -ban 395 142, 199 Toth, Bob . 71,312 Tont, Many 71, 280 Towne, Brae 398 Tannic,, Marl Meowed. Coln 71, 294 267 Tonnsokl, Hubert 71, 409 Ton need, James 71 imbed, Arlene 157, 378 Trabot, GeOes. 181 Trainer, Rkhard 311 TrarA, P. D. 171 Tramell, Herbert 277 Treadway, Dceald 389 Treaty, Wry 315 Terkel, Helene 398 Trial, Joke 126, 183 Trkueros, Ricardo 7031 TrIlhno, Ann 413 Trimbach, Alfred 311 Triminplam, Jack 315 Triphon, Daoh.e 71, 368 Tromteka, Pat 355 Tnestein, Don 71, 183.196. 198, 312 Troyer, Pete 370 Truax, Harry 95, 140, 279 Trades ' , Amelia 341 Truman, Donald . 71,324 Trump, Rome 71 Trump, ' Titter, Tom Tsang, Felix .. Twdly 141009 Tsukamoto, WillLun Tubbs, William Tucker, Ken 71 Toler, Sandra Tudor, Harold 71, 3 Twor, Lucy ... 114, Tuft, Carol .. 3 Tuft, Hark 183, Tiller, 8111 11.3 Teller, Sally 115, 3 Tm eakein,Lloy l 71, 150,71, 1 Tw Turk, Rose If INC Turk ' , Richard 72,1 Turner, Barbara 173, 4 Toner, Charles 72, 103, 2 Tutor, Don 2 Turner, Gillian 151, 1 Tamer, Janet Tamer, Howard 72, 175,172 Toter, Jo Am 265 Tamer, Peter 275 Tyner, Richard 183 Tower, Sally 72 Tuttle, Hem 96, 175, 183, 318 Twain, Arthur 289 Tweed, Lamer. Twbin, Pete Twist, Vera Tyler, Mary Taman, Man Uchida, Itankil Unmatva, Gene Uhlmann, Mae it tll Hwy Talib Ulrich, Sown Vlach, Robert Uederhlll, G-67 liklieda 1 nifits, Ina C. Uota, Fra Monty Una, Sherrill Ustkk, DIck Utter, Derla V Vail, Mel . Valles, Ron km 392 Valente, Virginia 162,390 Walton, Pat 337 Valles, Ron Valletta, Claire 370 mot " William 183, 196, 1913 Varian.. Joan 337 Van Bryon, Diane 337 Vantowerirg, Ray 201 Vander Boom, On lee ....72, 350 Van Der Abler, Joan .72, 103, 370 Vandeneva, Jan 125, 260 Van tato., Let 72,707 Vaa Galen, Hefty 409 Van Ikult, Carl 187 Van been, Am -...84, 104,105, 174, 352 Van Houten, Pete 72,81.183, 184, 310 Van Sant, Game 165 Van Trees, Jim 126, 175, 329 Votress, Ken . ... 72, 167, 290 Van Vied, Forest _ .202,270 Vat Vied, Richard Waltman, Shirley Waddell, Richard Wade, Al 137, 349 72, 94, 404 Wadsvalb, NMCI WaNkner, John 274 71, 355 Waal... Bet Wagerer, James 277 Wagner, Robin May 91, 340 Geoff 274 353 Wakkeren, Kathy Wainield, Barbara 72,14. 168, 339 Wakefield, Kira 260 73, 150 Walydal, Harold 118 Walden, Crane Wabenrath, Angela 124 415 Waldie, Man1k Waldorf, " Poker 186, 187 waldron, Bob 73, 302 150 Waldron, Bruce An Walker, 8111 13, 183, 286 Walker, Clara 381 Walker, Del. 401 Walter, Donald 73, 172, 183 Walker, Jan 377 Wow, Pat 96, 265 Walker, Randolph R. 73, 300 Walker, Robert 410 . . Walker, Warren 389 Wallace, Nkhatm 279 Wall, Bev 371 Wall, Lyra 129, 406 Wall, Roberta 381 Wallace, Bill Wallace, Clark 126, 183 Wallace, Nick 127 Wallace, Paul . 148 Wallace, Ralph 283 Wallbert, Carol Rae . 143 Walldee, Cram 79,409 Waller, Card . 73. 302 Wallin. Joan 148 Wake . MMY 349 Walsh, Jan .. 94, 117 Walsh, Nancy 119.369 Walsh, 95. 379 Walterback, Mix, 413 Peter73 Warchot, Loretta Ward. Jam:, . 73. 150, 173 Ward, John . 183, 184 Ward, Haney 73, 303 Ward, So 375 Wardle, W. C. 171 Wardynki, Oona ' d 73 Ware, Cawley 142, 159, 210, 205 Wanner, firen 325 Warner, Brace 215 Wane, Dennis 168 Warren, Platte 280 Warrior ' , Philip 73, 169. 287 Washburn, Carol . 371 Washington, 844 . 333, 389 Washington. Kathryn 153 Watchers, Carole .. 341 Waterfall, Gordo 73. 141. 175, 318 Waterfall, Neal . _ 175,318 Waterloo, Carol . 73,94, 346 Waters, Jim 73, 149,287 Waters, Mark295 Watley, Ray 200, 333 Watmos, Sue 159,345 Watson, A lbert 169 Watson, Watson, George 329 Watson, Katrina 73, 370 Watt. Clovis 305 Walters, Diane 346 Weatherlaolt, Martha 124 Wear, Clifford 297 Webb, Michael 274 vow, Nancy • 124 Webber, Swaney 349 Weber, Howard 73, 38 Webster, Nancy 73, 338 Wasiak., Arlene 173, 407 Wechsler, Oiane .. 359 Wert, Bob 267 Wedeganteer. Donald - 265 Wader, Mar PIP 343 Wens, Dwain 183 Weeks, Samuel . 261 Weibel, Dean 324 Weight, Lowell 283 Weiman, Ardith 393 Wonsan, Arlene Wein, Ca • - • Weinberg, Stewart 289 Waidterger, Den 260 Weiner, Frances 403 Weiner. Helen 129. 397 Weiner, Helen . 414 Weiner, Mani, 113,127 Weinert, Carol 73. 394 Weirdo, Robert 73 Weinman, Ray 138,150 Wenn , Joan 359 Weintraub, Alan 406 Wels, Redact . 325 Waist:art, Harry .. 312 Weince, Carol 17, 377 Weiss, Doug .. 310 Weiss, F. Doug 183 Wens, Ed 305 Welch, NAM " 395 Welt , Comm, Weldon, Jaw . 183 Weldon, Mae - 181 Welles, S. P. 171 Wellington. Edith 392 Welk, Ebb 272 Welk, Domld 273 Wells, Hugh .142 Wells, Tom Welsh, Charles 73.280 Weld, Richard 73, 409 welsh, Tram . 73 Welter, Carol Welter, Tem .73, 168 Wets, Okk Wendt, Jerry 32, 73. 314 Wendt, Dr. Paul 161 72 138 358 154 88, 349 142 155 393 415 161 172 72, 173 171 396 72, 292 81, 410 Vogt, Ernest 72,277 Vollmer, Don 284 Vont, Janine 72 Volmtv, Row . 202 Yelp, Slkla 163, 385 Vol . Helms..,,.. 339 Volt, Rowena 176, 395 Von flue, Walter 72, 265 Von Caldera, Am 72, 348 Von Pianos, Carole 72, 404 Vie Schleeell, Pat 371 Veal, Jessie 413 Warns, Karlette 72, 139 Wan, Jean 72 , 394 449 Weever, Manta 129,367 Melina, Renard 139 Werner, Carol . . 73, 344 Wiener, Ed Wane, Robert 265 Werroman, Dianne 124 Werth, YKat 415 Wertheim, Lee 109, III, 119, 160 Went, Paul 391 Mut, Hair, 398 Wessel, Bob 117, 305 West, Allaa 73, 138, 148. 150, 203 West, Nancy ........349 Welting, Swarm 147 Westoott, Patricia 73, 160, 354 Westertmg, Bob 127 Mouse.. Gerald est a , . 351 Westlake, Sharon 351 Westly, RagooloW 401 Weston, Clyde 315 Wryand, cart 389 Wane., 327 Wham, Kathryn 73, 87, 93, 160, 394 Wham, Georgian 305 Wheatrtell, Ron . 183. 196, 1%, 272 Mink.. Bab; .. 96, 341 Wheeler, Marilyn . . 124 Whiweveun, Oons 138. 385 Whitacre, Jim 138, 148, 150 Mite, Dave White, David V. 273 Whitt Ethvmd 73, 273 White, Jim 393 White, Aga .183 %kite, Mike 175, 183. 196. 200, 217 White, %altos . 343 White, Thous 391 %Mitchel, Claild .318 Whitehead. Salty 73, 364 Whilehunt, D ick 73, 318 Whitelm, Robert Whiteman, leis . 403 Vibithaus, Joan 403 Whitmore, Eleanor 355 Whitmore, 381 Whits0n, 8111 . 183 Masco, John 322 VAittle, June . 157.407 Whyte, Charles 73, 294 Wican, Margaret -73,416 Wicks, Byron _ - 73 Medamler, Mind 148 Winded, Bill ..__. -73,386 Wiegman, Maras ....73, 175, 332 Wrens, Margaret 341 Maeda tail 155 Win, Syhia . 73, 94, 398 Wine, Beth 395 Wiese, Dixie . . 79, 380 Witseeleld, Gore 94 Wieseefield, Wrtren 139, 140 Winner, J. . 172 Mauer, Sanwa 371 Wiggins, Ron . 285 Wight. Diana 103. 105, 373 VI ItabOth, Rcbtit . 141 Wikkerher, Joe 73 Wilts., Roe 317 Midge, Patricia 353 Wile, telly . 377 Wimy, Allan . 73, 184, 307 Wiley, Carolyn 72, 404 Wiley, Crag 307 Wilbelmsen, Ras 175 Wilkes, Call . .. 73, 330 Willelts, Sally 99, 371 WIlki, Deborah . _. 375 Willey, Did 175 Willhge, Snug " . 74, 84, 87, 394 Williams, Belly 124 Williams, Bill . . 204, 311 Williams, Ban 293 Williams, Haan . 171 Williams, Ivan 173 Williams, Janice ... 114 119, 173, 351 Williams, Kenna . .. . 114, 347 William, Phyllis ......- ...... 74, 147 Williarrn, Roger 279 %Marro, Shirley 136 William, %Arley ..... .._...171, 348 Willtassoo, Jack ...... _ ... _ . 182 Williamson, Lyte ---- 363 W111144104, Marcy _74,41, 350 Willis, Jody ..-114, 353 Willis, Al . ... 140, 388 Willis, Jolla . W11111 Vaden . .74, 147 Willits, Sally Willman. Dag ' 144 Willman. Wand 74, 270 Willemith, Fug, 127 Willocks, Joel . 332 Milongby, Ben 74 Wills, Crone 330 Wilsen, Bill 316 Wilson, Bill 95, 97, 293 Wilson, Bruce . 328 Wasco, Cad • 311 Mien, Clarke 74, 322 Wilton. David 5. . 176 Wilson, Don 184, 272 Wilson. Doe 74 Wilsey,. Frank 153 Wilma, Jason 100 Wilson, Garth 74,24 VAN " John 74, 167, 175, 183, 196, 197, 29 . 281 Wily Jim . 162, 172, 272 WilsOç Kenneth . 283 %lice, Lee 276 Wilson, Roe .. 261 Wilson, Sow 74 Wilson, See .. 338 Weide., Risaad . . 74, 140,169 Wirer.. David . 161,273 WittM, Al ... .. 74, 183, 312 Winfrey, Dick . .276 Wing, Olana 74, 382, 397 WINch, Japer 74, 330 Wins% Pat Wiakenholer, Carla 367 Whom, Carol - 105 Monk Darlene 362 Winnings., Pat Wimlip, John Winter, Ding 349 Misted, Gal 173, 385 Winters, Bob . 150 %atm, Chris 129, 352 Winton, L.. 148 Wen, Robert . 287 Wimick, Darte.m 362 Winn, An ' . 96, 217,345 Wiroln, Smith 265 Walk, Mary Lox 96. 119, 337 306 Withairm, Tern ' Wittemu, e . 37$ Wittman, Mary 96, Ill, 159,377 %gel, Jeanne 96.345 Witehma, Ron 99,312 Well, J. A. . 161 Wolf, Judy 119, 415 Wolf, Richard 325 Walked., Sill 332 Wolff, Eric BB Wolff, Noels 148 Wollenhamp, Jody 173. 397 Wainer, 7eng 74, 118,324 Wornbetil, Deng 74, 111 170, 36i woo ' , Anita. 74 Wong, Desk 74, 140 Woeg, Dolly. Wong, Dena !el 74, 162 Worg, Eva 412 Wort Hank . . 81 Wong Alert 74, 397 Wont Werth Woo, WM, Weal Wood Wood, WWI Weed Weed Wood Wood Wog Woodard. Wealocd. Woxlvratd, Woolnorth, WO:doodle %solemn, Mon, Wotell, Wright. Wright, Wright, Wright, Wash ' , weight, Wolff. Wtabting, Wuthrkh, Wyatt, Wild... Wye. WM , yet, Yamatea, Ylnosnoto Y41407, Yam, Worthingtos, Welg It,Snan We, Elvin Joh.. Patsy, Hal Bartle env Log Cal . Eltsiiell Jaek Rita bosh Bob Larry Ash Win as lien m He Lynn May Audrey Rita . Roger Laurie To Carla Wilma Frances Al . Limo Ed . Kanto David Mae Cheery Cheney 140 403 127 .. .. .114, 377 125 397 - 74, 94, 960 357 339 125 125, 387 140 320 91, 171,175 117, 307 137,319 148 155 79, 352 74,148 74,140 74, 400 74, 364 355 371 74, 13 8. 298 74,380 74, 167, 280 74 183 400 287 .84, 395 275 182 350 112 396 93,137 413 393 161 Ye, 7t4 Yeti , Yost, Yokota OWIWIS. Yonag Yea; Yang Young yoone gcongs., Yconyquist, Zaclay, Zarraml, Zara, Zeitzeff, beamed. Zingitrrem, Zimmerman, 2immers, Zimmer,. 2inel, Thanks baker, Zeallgt, Zuhele, Zusmaa, Zwerd1149, Yee, Jimmie ... 74:140, 145 Mt 150, 169 Kim 382 Keith . • .... . - 331 Da- Shit -74,400 Ray 75, 93 137 144, n4 Para . 1i3, 360 George 363 301 Jackie Rm . 184 1% 10 324 Jean R. 75,404 CAarles ,.284 . 75 396 z Jam 150 Robert 410 Dorothy _- 379 %mg ... - 391 Dam 75, 287 haamat ...--124, 344 John _. 75 Weak 347 Pat 368 lets 385 17i, 977 John 148 Jetty 75,147 Martin 75,177 Paul , 74,387 Rah . 75, 312 313 450 r 0 1956 It takes almost a year to produce an annual. June 20, 1955 was the date of the birth of the 1956 Blue and Gold. On that day we first discussed concrete plans for this volume. June, July and August were spent in research, meetings and planning. The major product of the summer ' s work was a theme: • This is Cal, 1956.° We felt that the primary aim of the book should be to present to the student body a picture of the campus as it existed this year, and the book was organized with this objective in mind. To do this we added two new sections to the Blue and Gold: the Record Section, which we felt should convey the •feel• of the campus, and the Events Section, which would cover the actual events which are special to this school year. The production of the book was a long and complicated process, and it took the combined efforts of countless numbers of people working long hours to give the fi nal result which you hold now. I would like to thank everyone who had a part in the development of this year ' s book, but particular thanks are due the following people: Barbara Morton, Lu Crabbe, Rosemary Ellingson, Marianne Loring, • Wally• Frederick, Pat Lapp and Jo Gilberg in Publications Office; Ed Kirwan, Harold Amling, Ken Hall, Sandy Sandner, Ron Plomgren, and Jim Clark in A.S.U.C. Photo Lab; Harlan Crippen, for his excellent art work and book design; Bob Ozias, •2y• Kolasa, Vince Ungaro and Ken Matthiesen at L. S. Z. Marvin Bonds and Ruth Prichard at Cal Art; Frank Callan and Adrian George from Colonna Studios; Bob Rubin and Marilyn Lochausen in A.S.U.C. News Bureau; Warren Solberg and the Blue and Cold Audio Staff; Margaret Kennedy, Margaret Levis, Jim Franklin and the Blue and Gold Managerial Staff; Marianne Meylan, Mary Louise Holland, Sheila Ryan, Penny Slocum and the Blue and Gold Editorial Staff; g. Paul Bishop for the portrait of President Sproul; • Wad Comics• for the use of Melvin Sturdley. It ' s been a great year. We hope that we have been successful in presenting to you, in both sight and sound, a picture of this University and its student body, and that it will keep Cal, 1956, alive for you in the coming years. Than ks again to everyone and good luck. Carlos Cortes Editor, 1956 Blue and Gold Ir• •

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