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9 eg PUBLICATIONS OFFICE TA MeV The sounds are gone, but THE HILLS SEND SACK THE cat through the 1955 SOUND edition of the Blue apd Gold. Footsteps hurrying to an eight o ' clock ... coffee cups clinking in the Bear ' s Lair ... the cry of the Pelly girls in Eshleman Court ... the whoosh of the vacuum tube while waiting for a book in the library ... the whistling wind carrying fog from the bay ... the hoarse retaliation of the foghorns. The crackling fire at the Big Game Rally ... the ear-splitting " spell out " from the rooting section ... the familiar music of the Band. Glee Club, and Treble Clef drifting out from Eshleman ... barking dogs in LSB the hup, swoop, threep, fourp of the drill field ... The Cam- panile chiming the hour, announcing liberation from the last lecture of the day ... playing the evening concert while you ' re walking up the hill to dinner ... THESE are the sounds of the Berkeley campus of t he University of California. --fee4.6 46 AUDIO DIRECTOR kicameivAt cht QL (4,9„, szcti_ atnt AnoAtivt, a.saceLM ettipro.tync.“4“, ajub:e V 1955 COPYRIGHT 1955 BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY 01 CALIFORNIA in memoriam faculty Ernest B. Babcock David P. Barrows Stuart Daggett Bernard A. Etcheverry Robert E. Freeman Harold H. Hitchcock Frederick L. Mason Thomas C. McFarland Ernest C. Moore Axel R. Olson Dickson Reck Lucy W. Stebbins Dwight E. Watkins Herbert V. Wiley students Peter Stanton Hales Donald Cameron Losser John Floyd Nelson. Jr. Ann Elizabeth Pinkerton Robert Louis Trimeloni dedicated to The bell ringers of the past and of the future. May their artistry forever peal forth the true California Spirit. " We ring, we chime, we toll; Lend ye the silent part— Some answer in the heart Some echo in the soul. " Isaac Flagg. ) the president ' s message To those students for whom this Blue and Gold provides a final record of a successfully concluded undergradu ate career, I offer my sincere congratulations and best wishes. How well you did in your studies is of less importance than how hard you tried, and in the years to come you will find that how hard you try will determine not only how well you do, but how well you feel about what you have done. The University of California wants that feeling to include a reasonable amount of satisfaction, and a dignified amount of pride, for in these there lies a measure of the value of what the University has achieved. Good luck. in the chancellor ' s message It is a pleasure to greet the !955 Blue and Gold and all the Californians pictured within its covers. I hope the volume will mean much to each of you as the years go by. recalling college days, good friends, new ideas, new skills. new understanding. Here page after page presents students, the primary reason for the University. These it serves, these it wishes well. to these it looks for leadership and strength in the years to come. I I the regents ' message We are all familiar with the classic allusion to that basic university situation involving the teacher, Hopkins, on one end of a log and a student on the other. While the primary factor of fine teaching. as exemplified by Hopkins, is recognized, the Regents are continually reminded of the inadequacy of that Hopkins log. Today, universities are faced with imposing and challenging problems. Man ' s horizons constantly are being expanded, and constantly must universities be moving into new fields of educational endeavor. Teaching must keep pace with the demands of a new age — must, indeed, inspire its greatest achievement. Thanks to a long line of education-minded governors and legislators, the University of California has been enabled to meet its responsibilities as new and pressing needs arise: has been able to build up a powerful faculty—without which no university can achieve real greatness. The river rises no higher than its source, and a university is great and strong as its faculty is great and strong. Our faculty members rank among the foremost scholars of the nation. Whether in the humanities, or in medicine, or in the research laboratories, the men who represent the University are pre-eminent. But the ever-increasing prestige of our University imposes upon the Board of Regents corresponding obligations. and it has constantly before it the necessity of securing for its faculty members facilities commensurate with their highest teaching goals. 12 governor ' s message In selecting as the theme for the 1955 edition of the Blue and Gold, the editors have chosen a challenging topic as the motif for this year ' s book. GOODWIN J. KNIGHT Govemor Few of us are fully aware of the multifaceted nature of this common word in our vocabulary. In one form, it symbolizes anything which is based upon a solid foundation, is free from flaw and merits trust. In another of its definitions it stands for a search for facts and motives which probes deeper than ordinary curiosity. In still another sense, it indicates communication by speech and the sensation of hearing. It would appear that in this common English word we have a definition of what should constitute the nature of a great university as well as a statement of the broader aspects of principles of learning and teaching in such an institution. MUFtFORD STOSE Dem el Sloth-, MISS KATHERINE TOWLE Dem el Woo administration officers The offices of the Deans are ever humming with the machinery of valuable advice and guidance adminis- tered by our highly capable staff of Deans. Their strongest hope is to establish a feeling of friendliness among the student body and spread an acquaint- ance of the office as a place where students can meet and talk with the deans, rather than appear only when confronted by a problem which evokes an unavoid- able visit. The success of their constant campaign to make this office known as a real student service cen- ter is evidenced by the continual line of appointment seekers filing in and out of rcom 201 in the Adminis- tration building each day. MRS. CATHERINE QUIRE Associate Dna Womm Dean Hurford Stone, who is in his twenty-seventh year with the University, spent half of this time on the Dean ' s staff at UCLA. His wide experience and interest in student affairs ably equip him for his duty as counselor and advisor to the numerous and various personal concerns of the members of the student body. One of Dean Stone ' s main subjects for advice is the achievement of high academic standards, but his Phi Beta Kappa, fine example as it is, is easier advised than attained. Dean Stone is active in civic organizations such as YMCA, Rotary International, etc., and has shown his enthusi- asm in upholding the new Student Union as chairman of the committee on Administration. In the same capacity. Miss Katherine Towle, Dean of Women and Associate Dean of Students, along with her assistants, lends aid to students in every way possible, in order that they may attain worthwhile and satisfying educational objectives during their undergraduate days in the University. In her own words she sums up the aim of her position, " As Dean of Women, my primary concern is the over-all welfare of women students and we work closely together in all facets of student life and activities. " Since Dean Towle ' s graduation from the University of California, her various positions have included Senior Editor of the University of California Press and administrative assistant to the Vice President and Provost of the University of California. As a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps, she became Di- rector of the U.S. Marine Corps Women ' s Reserve, and received the first appointment as Director of Women Marines in the regular Marine Corps. 14 MISS BETTY NEELY Anittant Dean of Woman ALEXANDER LEVENS Miltlat MY CI Stt•Stillt Included on the able staff of administration officers is Mrs. Catherine Quire, Associate Dean of Women, who helps assist and guide women students in their many scholastic, social and honorary functions. Assistant Deans Clinton Conrad and Alexander Levens, with Chaffee Hall, welcomed back after his leave of absence last year. and Betty Neely. newly appointed this year. expertly aid in the students ' prob- lems and services such as student loans, scholarship, and social approval. A new addition to the administration office this year is Miss Pat Brauel, who has accomplished a marvelous job of coordinating student activities and entering right into the " festivities " as advisor and participant in ASUC and other University-recognized activities. With such a competent staff of administrators ready to tackle any arising problems, the students at the University of California need never hesitate to bring their questions or difficulties to the Deans for friendly counseling. 15 r 0 f e 0 r ARNOLD N. ROWB•INCIY Nokia. of French LESLEY B. SIMPSON ProleIsor Of Spanish aid Rant: new BALDWIN M. WOODS Vice.Peti.RM—Ur:wrsny Exttesg. Prof mot Of Eniintoarq it Lot Raptlei of lAftltu :CAI it 544.4) MYRON E. KRUEGER Preinw of Faulty ASSOCGAtt foatln is tt EXPItiatIft.1 StullOrt WOODBRIDGE METCALC Osoxiate Professor of Forestry loplculturalkt is Aorkultwe Erteosieo RIKuR G. BRODEUR Professor a Engl.. Prang. A Gerrnmoc %Woken SAMUEL C. MAY Prdessor el Political Science Director of Strew of Public Ado:nistration r O e S S O r 17 12 r seA Linn r Ofelbm- n at HAR8ACH STAN MeCAFFRIT Neaten% ET Kul at alumni association From Berkeley to Baghdad the " Sons of Cali- fornia " keep their effervescent Cal Spirit on reserve for gatherings and reminiscences with alumni members from their own and other classes wherever they may meet. Enthusiasm reaches a peak at Big Game time each year with reunions and celebrations joining many voices in the strains of " Up with the Blue and Gold, down with the red. " One of the largest alumni groups in the nation, the association upholds its standard of benevolence to the Alma Mater, alumni and students as well. A number of scholarships and donations are awarded each year. and the facilities of the fabulous Alumni House on campus are en- joyed and appreciated by students and vis- itors each day. The California Monthly, one of the most outstanding alumni magazines is edited by a capable staff headed by Verne Stadtman. Former Californians are kept in contact with all University activities through this publication of University and alumni events. ABOVE, TOP: Intetite win of the fabulcas, aem Aka. Building Won Web was earned and adaired W all Ma catered. Tee atteioe o4 the Alm. Haase tootinued to deli all geseners as the tansaaolog trd linielbq teethes we MOW 0.949 thi mean. Tle recetetko Waldo Gontnsx Knfobt eased to be a Nut watts with a recotd.beeaklo; tomcat. Tee Alum) Cootgil at Or of its nimbly odmialsteti.; tO the welfare ol tfre Alonsi and the Univenity. • president ' s reception Heralding the beginning of the 1954-1955 school year was the always successful Presi- dent ' s Reception. Literally thousands of fresh- men. plus a large number of uninvited guests. filled Hearst Gymnasium to share in the fun. Magnolia branches and greenery added to the decorations and the highlight of the evening was the chance to shake hands with President Sproul. Chancellor Kerr and their charming wives. A dance with either a " gor- senior girl or a senior man helped the new students get in the spirit of the affair. From eight o ' clock until twelve the gym utterly overflowed with name tag bedecked students hailing from every loca- tion imaginable, including Sweden and the Gold Coast, not to mention those from every corner of the United States. As these new stu- dents mingled with the older ones, the earlier bewildered expressions could be seen chang- ing as the overwhelming traditional friendly spirit enveloped the tremendous group. The dance Poor never stopped lumping with one band playing an enthusiastic mambo while the other beat out an energetic Charleston. Fortunately, no one tripped the light fantastic into the swimming pool, and those who felt in need of refreshment made their way to the punch bowl. Long to be remembered is this 1954 reception which launched a great many students into their first wonderful Cal year. TOP TO BOTTOM: Leda like this freshman has a work PanMee that ' s really gala. am Veep Miner. Meawblk the female entree.a is raillery ostketty to be chanted by the ' Tea wheel " himself. The beaming smuts of this or Mem we:Caning tteenittee and Mob exteteled hardshalcm awn let Cohn cm eethniasm from the fInt hand to the two ttstind tad fins. This freshman lees My Incensed by the sparkly.; reception line of ' Sec Oft. ere at will waltz him at en to the ctewStel hose pictured below. 10 charter day March 23, 1955, marked the eighty-seventh anniversary of the granting of the charter of the University of California at 2:30 p.m. on this day. A gathering of students, faculty, and special guests witnessed this " birthday celebration " of the University. Guest speaker for this occasion was Harold W. Dodds, pres- ident of Princeton University, whose address on " What Makes A University? " highlighted the ceremonies. Honorary doctor of laws de- grees were conferred on Dodds and also Dr. Herbert M. Evans of the University. The pro- ceedings of the day struck a significant note for those present at this inspiring ceremony. Colorful, yet somber; impressive, yet per- sonal; the occasion symbolized the past, present, and future of our University, of which everyone, both students and faculty, have and will play a part. The academk massless wends its way Into the Greet Theaw with the poem arsI cheuntitasee belittle, the measles. A nail twit( in; It gists by Or. Sgeced is peesheation of the law elienb Sod. 20 university meetings Yuletide Weft lined the ea as the Star of Bethlehem thche owe the mod in the gen% Gym. The University family of students and faculty again gathered throughout the year to share in the knowledge and pleasure of others. Benjamin Ide Wheeler, once beloved Presi- dent of the University, provided humor and wisdom for the throng through excerpts of his speeches read by Fred Simson on the 100th anniversary of Wheeler ' s birth. Midway in the semester the campuses of the University massed together in the Greek Theater to greet each other during All-U Weekend and the traditional Christmas meeting was inspir- ing for those assembled in the Men ' s Gym as they joined in the festive yuletide sing. With the spring about at a close the students ioined together to honor the Oxford-Cambridge rugby team in a show of international flavor —the true University spirit. Bringing the year to an end the Seniors stepped into the lime- light as they delivered their farewell to the campus and their undergraduate days. CAROL MIXTER, Clig,l1COltts% of lot ARC, taunts PmiSent Scowl ard (Mx. ' c. Ken., ii, tri,• sILOdenl tot cards fee the 1955 year. _ A . r the eight campuses March 23, 1868—the birthday of the University of California. Since that day the University has grown from one campus to eight, and it carries out education in both a general and specialized manner. Expansion has been the key word in the past year for the University. Foremost has been the establishment of new campuses at Santa Barbara and Riverside. The opening of a new medical center at San Francisco was another highlight of the year. Davis has continued in its addition of letters and science courses to its fine agriculture course curriculum. " How deep is the ocean? " was the topic of interest at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, while " How high is the sky? " held the center of the stage at Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton. Topping off th e University are the broad campuses at Berkeley and Los Angeles. We are truly deserving in being called the " world ' s largest university. " 23 all-u week end Notable for its friendliness, spirit and the feeling of one university, the 1954 All-University Week End, held this year in Berkeley, celebrated two occasions. The main theme centered around a birthday party honoring Brother Bruin, but, at the same time, Riverside was given a rousing welcome into the University family. ALL-1.1 WEEK END COMMITTEE—SEATED, Nit to right: Gerry PlUtOttp Miry WWI, Gmboto Clymer, clMtmWc Jean Brady, Lesley color-0. STANDING: Kart WeIna, Jan Stenos, Bill Isbell, DPI Pace, Gary Poo II, Al Nene , Don Mania, Sob Sem , Nominee. Headlining this year ' s All-University get-together were: the All-University meeting at which the student body presidents and yell leaders from each campus " spoke " ; a rally composed of " talent " from each of five campuses, and a very successful dance at the Men ' s Gym—Brother Bruin ' s Birthday Blast. Rounding out the three-day period were the Saturday football games which added the final touch of spirit and good sportsmanship which highlights this week end every year. With the possible exception of the hard-working planning committee, a pleasant and relaxing time was had by all. 24 california club The California Club is composed of chapters at the Berkeley, Los Angeles, Davis, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Francisco campuses, with the purpose of promoting intercampus unity. Under the scope of its activities, committees work on intercampus information, hospitality and orientations, alumni and presidential ceremonies, all-university events, athletic relations, and academic and administrative problems—all with the idea of furthering better relations amongst the various University campuses and representing the individual campus in the best possible light. Once a year all the chapters meet at the Cal Club Convention to work out problems in the above fields, to propose new resolutions, and to set club policies. Anc son Belted Blatkottatr Crate Clymer Nuectrfoed JohnSoo lOarleaan Leslie Little bbluite Menlo Nutlet Muter nowt Powell Calmer Wadi Splekeernm Steams Spots Tricot( Wild le GAM WILSON, assistant to atesIdtel Sped, Inds Ns Make ad spirit to Cal Club allvities. PETE DOLLIVER and M thaitman o4 Cal Club In Me Fall, lumina his cake veer to Roe Caul. tea, win Wired Inttting$ in Ile 25 seniors The Class of 1955 had a very active year as they returned to campus in the fall to take over senior status. President Rich Davis led the class through their very eventful and successful year. Early in the fall, the senior class council sponsored a jazz concert which featured Cal Tjader and his mambo orchestra. As an added attraction of the concert the class presented Stan Wilson, famous guitar player, who performed in his usual manner and won the approval of all present. In late October the council sponsored their first sing of the year and used " Inter-Sing-Tun) " as the theme for the Halloween event. The sing was enjoyed by those attending, however, the group was small because this was the middle of knowledge testing time in the semester! Along with the other class councils, under the leadership of the Class Officers ' Board, the seniors helped sponsor and support the annual Santa Claus contest and Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The party proved to be very successful and found many happy children leaving the party with their much appreciated gifts. Occasionally throughout the year the council held informal meetings and three parties, which were observed in the traditional senior manner. They served as excellent mixers and a good time was had by all attending. The spring semester found the council concerned primarily with the preparation of the senior week activities. Sue Matthews and Hermie Lopez served as general co-chairmen of the week ' s events. The events and their chairmen held throughout the week were as follows: Baccalaureate, Corinne James and Sherrill Dobrowsky; President ' s Reception, June Hanson and Rosemary Meehan; Pilgrimage, Mary Rothganger; Ferry. boat Party, John Gerhart; Barbecue, Ted Johansen and Sylvia Swan; Men ' s Banquet, Chuck Stuart and Bruce Roessler; Women ' s Banquet, Barbara Clymer and Lou Curtis; Senior Ball, Rich Davis and Jerry Rowley: Breakfast, Bev Gleason and Fred Monroe. Other committees and their chairmen are as follows: Secretary, Irene Ruslender; Publicity, Mort Beebe and Carol Spiekerman; Privilege Cards-Tickets, Jim Van Noy and Gail Carroll; Queen Contest, Claude Rohwer; Finance, Jim Smith. and Senior Slogan, Charlene Walter. TOP TO BOTTOM: Rich Omit presenml; June Hanson, elet-Reeliclest: ROBBNY UMW, MU. " ' treasurer; Jim Beni , yell lead... 28 The Senior Peace (T) cc:enmities, Pictured Prof ably need paint remover to eradicate theenelres hem the Senile Mesh Beech if its I. Its [Waal state — met ' ie oleo paint. The seniors will be remembered in the annals of the University as Simply, class of but each member of the class will always keep in mind the part he played in living up to the class ' slogan: King for this Last Fling. " They achieved a grand success socially and plans galore highlighted the council meetings. A Christmas party put everyone in the spirit of Christmas and spur-of-the.moment gatherings in Tilden after council meetings put everyone generally in the spirit. Many hours were spent in anticipation of Senior Week which lived up to all expectations and supplied a glorious finish to the " last fling. " " Little green prOnlins " kept this committee Sty until the SinlOr Bench was sanded down to nothing. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to riots: Roseate, Meehan, Rich Oasis, Jake Hamcm, Jim Sahib. SECOND ROW: Nanny Flynn, Mary Johnstone, Mary Rothgarom, Carol Nordloot, Diane Elliott, Carel Dye, Nancy RosMNld, Diane Drake, Lou Bishop, _Roe Arric-kt, Aytek, Sandra Vcorhtd, Pat Brown. THIRD PtOW: Jim Van Noy, Eve Gate, Carol Wept ' , Michele 612min hien, Kay BeDarla, Barbara Baker, Marlene FOUR Smi th, SOrinne lintel, Norm; Lahti, Gail Carrell, FOURTH ROW: Bail Ruby, Denise DiHerding, Lois Matoshak, Dick Prosser, John Wet, Jim kunst Jeanne Hoppe, Dime Segel, Wilma Sicked, A die Headhill, Denise Star. FIFTH ROW: Joan Adams, Diane Wuxi Viral la Peek George Cake., Bill Fkdbrny, Pete Nutting, Pat Peterson, Poppy Ingram. SIXTH ROW: Chuck Stuart, Marlene crowd, Jerry Romley, Eddie Geode, Bruce Ronnie., Dare Perdergast, Barbara Cummings, itasmso Bedrosian, Mary Gores Patti Simmons, SEVENTH ROW: Al Penton, Pete Bonn, Gretchen Green, Bob Nelso_n • Charles Dalarans, Henan Sherrill °ottani ea, sae Gusty, Mary inc SOutdcw1, Marnelle Will, Mary Devine. EIGHTH ROW: Ted Johardcn, Lit Bash, Sue Matthno, Jean Ceif.eniii Shirk, Stitt. 29 A1310 AWN, ABRISNAMIAA, Hussain Ahmad ADAMS ADAMS. Donald L. ADAMS. James L. ADAMS, Joan E. ADAMS, Robert D. Iran Los Angeles San Francisco talon San Francisco Salinas Inig. Engineering General Ciontuhm Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Corriculum Political Science Physics ' Edutate.a XV.; ASCE; KS; IFC; Weight Orlon, Hall; Sea. :AY; Intern. KS; Pres., Joint Council. Basketball; C; Hon. Stud. Soc. bard and Blade; Quarterdeck $CC. Hosp. Group; Sen. Class Cowell. Helmet. AKAD, ALESSANDRIA, ALFORD, ALFORD, ALIREZA, AL•MASHAT, ANENT, Orger A. Elizabeth James A. William C. Hussein A. Mohamed S. Richard G. Turkel San Francisco Ft. Bragg Deistic Saudi Arabia Hag Scheib:1W Political S4 itlX4 Spanish History Chem. Engineering Ecommics. Criminology PsytholC91 Welfare Board; ATO. ZAK; Toad; Chairman, CIC; Winged Helmet; Women ' s Ea. Big C; Baseball; Corny; Act. Plan. Basketball. ANDERSON, Corms. Kenneth M. ANDERSON, Sacramento Robert T. ANDERSON, Walter A., Jr. ANDO, Fussy San Francisco ANDRADE, Chalet A. San Francisco ANDREWS, Phyllis Modesto ANIXTER, MIII•100 L. San Francisco General Curriculum Bakersfield San Francisco Political Science Engin.iPhySICS General CUI valt101 General Curriculum MAO; Sailing Petroleum Geology Economics Nisei Students LOA; Inst. of Nixon Hall 11 .%W. Club. EN; Big C; Ball and Chain; Winged Club. Aerairstical Sciatica. Helmet; Sr. Ida.. SvArmairq. ARNOLD, AROSTEGUI, Rot H. Frank S. San Mateo Marysville AT E$H IAN, KimtchIC9 M. ATWATER, Maxine H. San Bruno ATWOOD, Charles T. Jr. Pasadena AVLETTI, Ronald L. San Francisco AULWURM, Mary C. San Diego Accmanting General Curriculum hag Adveillslog General Curriculum Elec. Engineering Physical Education KX; Bring; Alit Civil EnglreMeg AZ; II AI; ST; Wrestling. KW; UCSEE. AO; Prw.; APC: Chits; Sen. Council; Jude; Arno. Min. BB; TII II. Aimee Manager, Daily Cal. Torch and Shield; women ' s C; Pres • Soc.; SAM. WAA: Wont Er. Rand. AUSTIN, AUSTIN, L. Alice Lloyd F. Visalia Vallejo AYERS, William T. San Francisco BABAYAN, Barbara Lee San Francisco BABCOCK. William J. Lafayette BASIN, amid R. San Carlos BACKLUNO, Norma C. Mathemalks Political Science Marketing Spanish But Minim. ledus. Relations Rattle, Scotts Assn.; Ski LX; A AI; SAM; 014; ()wham; ZN; Triune; 1ST; Fcotbarl; Srech Club; Smyth. Scales Council. BAHLS, BAETA, Elizabeth E. Concord Alfonso 0. Ted S., Jr. Chairman, MAC; Sr. Council; Gavel ant Quill; Daily Cal BAILEY. Tamarac iv+, Campus Tours; Pel4410, BAIN, D. Linda Weird ettleet. BAKER, Barbara J. Zones E. Soph. Council. BAKER, James 6. BALCH. Sacramento Hispanic America Accounting La Jolla Camel Zoo 011Y Redding General Curriculum Rnenidt General Curriculum Glenn EntomOlori ZTA; PrYt.; Track. Gavel and Quill; Mech. Engineering Stern Ralf; Richards Hall; . ' CA; Swimming AZ; Entomology Rally Cmatm•tte; WEI; Class COWICII . Team; Big C. Club; Pnoto Can,. CLAW Councils. A . ADAMS, syhal J. Berkeley Public Health Ed PrYtatwan; Set., Treble Ckl Sac. AGUILAR, AIZAWA, Margaret E. Kinbrna Livingston San Francisco General Currictoon Physical Mean Ritter Han; CSTA Wines Coun.; Newman Club. AMES, AMIOT, ANDERSEN, William A. Virginia C. Jenny 0. Walrus Creek San Francisco San Francisco Civil Engineering General Curriculum Clinical L.U. ATM. KK; Senior Class IX. Council. ARLON. ARMANINO, ARMSTRONG, Margot D. Frezokk 0. Ann Sao Francisco San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Indus. ((mowing Art Ritter Hall; Jr., nizvy; Alit KKH; WM. Sr. COIMMIA Wooled Helmet; TIZZ: Women ' s SAME. Activity Cam. BARBARA CLYMER, mote of Penile, ROI. Mato Board, Cal Club, A11.1.1 WatkeY4, Speakers ' Bureau, and Phi Beta Kappa, is home abase all for her ' In fat senile TAW. soreach all own her face. " Also, acting as Theta President, Barbara has never tip oriented an unevemeul day at Cal! s e n BALDWIN, BALL, Dafthea Mn Jan T. Berkeley Los Gatos General Curriculum Inswasce T num. BANCROFT, BANGERT, BAR, BARRIS, Daniel C. Dolton E. Muni bta L. Solon 0. Oakland Saceamento San Fraction Si. FeanOmo Oakland Ninon Haw Feonomns Mathematics Snail Welfare. Physiology ZVI; IFC; 1:K; Hone A•L1; KAI ' : Skull and Keys; (townies Ctn. Collegians. Ski Club. Winged Helmet. BARGONES, BARKAS, Ronald L. Katherine Alameda Santa Rosa Be.. Adm. Public Health II KA; IFC: KA; WAA. Ball and Chain. BARKER, Mama. Ef Sobrante General Curriculum. BARLOW, BARMAID, BARNES, BARNETT, BARON, BARR, BARRAZA, i E. Richard W. Pete. W, Roberta J. William A. Barbara J. Joan A. Marian E. Carlos G. Marilyn u Oakland San Francisco Willits Berkeley 11411yinacd Petalini Oakland Ontario Alban! Minnesota Marketing Journalism Pentane ' Admin. Indus. Engineering English General Curriculum Spanish Inter. Relation Chem. Epp...ening Political Science A AS; OAS; 33N; Water Poky Bearadela in; President, Ant CM4Innital, Richards Man; Remain Halt Stiles Mall; AXE; AICHE. Elizabeth Barrett; SAM. Circle C; Winged Viee.Pres., WDA; ASME; SAM. Sailing Club. Foik and Spume Model U.N. freer. Bd.; Forum Helmet. ONO. Dane Club. Council; MIMI; Pm-Legal Soeiely. BARTHOLOMEW, BASOGLU. BATCHELDER, BATTAT, BATTLER, BAUCH, BAUM, BAUMEISTER, BAXTER, BEADNELL, Gorda L. Adam M. George M. Franklin M. Jack R. Frames L. Bawdy H. band E. Robert W. Loma Beach Tunny khaki Sat Francisco San Diego San Dow Gridley San Francisco Woodland OrnOn PetroCeum Engin. Coil Enginenon Physics Mathematics General Curris•lum Bus. Admin. PlythOlon Political Science Cirri (Winning TIIII;OT; ASS. SAM; 0111i; 80alet Han. Richards Halt Bones Hall; Store AI% Pelican; KS ' ; SAM; Froth Assn.; Mow Student Vice•Prm YES; Bt.. Golden Bear; Fr., So. Covanoili; NE: ASCE. Swett: AIME Pres., IFSHS; As II; Gym. Mani; AIA. Cal Engineer. BEARDEN, BEAVER, BEDARD, BEDROSIAN, BEEMAN, BEHLER, BEITZEL, His interest in sportt shoes threngh in practically Donn R. May F. Oniony R. Hasmot Witham 1, Robert 0. Sown L. nen one a DICK AMEN! ' . activities. Bends Walnut Caen Piedmont Lafayette Altadbu Bmirdarne Stockton Concord Playing shortst and being ptain a the baseball team, Diek pin op t. J ng V basketball foe two years and Industrial Mgt. Accounting Cenral Curriculum Abreultim Sol " kin. " Pharmacy Decorative Art an president Ca the Elm C. The Inure plans of Sr. ZTA; XII. %TA: Life Cobs Hall; Smyth Assn. K.51 ' ; KY. Epoorth; Pane; psych imam mg being do glad by Rade Sam. Pelican; Ctn. Guard Corps. Ornatalitas: CM Club; Prgi; Cannot; Sr. Class CO " Gain acrd Quill; Cannon Club. Soph. Sic: Tree BELENIS. BELLARIA, BELLER, BELTRAMI, BENASSO, BENELISHA, BENJAMIN, Varian E. Katherine M. Laurence S. Alain P. Loan A. Jr. Alan w. Mona H. Richmond Crockett Long beach leloglesla Oakland Pasakna El Cenito General Curriculum General Curriculum Physics Political Science ...naming Political Sefton Political Science Rickards Hall; Agnes Hall. Smyth; Pen., MSS; IIA M. Smyth; AMil; Prytanemo r s BENNETT, BENNETT, BENOIT. BENSON, BENSON, BERDALIS, BERELSON, Councils; Vanity Debate; I. Ski Club; Railegad MAMA ' S .I Clan C J. Comm.; WAC. (14.; ModelSenate: Club. Model Senile; Chairman, PAC. Protein P.I.C. James R. Joh. II, Carol J. Corinne Lenard J. Stenanie M. Barbara IA Altadena Glendale San Francisco Greenbrier Santa Cna San Francisco San Fnecisos (In. Engineering Con Engineering, Miswrite America Psycaology Marketing General Curriculum General Corncob ' s TIM; HMV; A I ' A: AAA; YWCA; American Mad. Richards Mall; A EM; Flak IRE; AIEE; Class Councils. Symnony Ronal Ann.; Cal 23 Cheb. Folk and Square Son., Councils. Pro., UCSIE. Dancers. • BHARUCHA, Behrae H. India Elec. Engineering President, Indian Students Assoc. BIERY, BILLMAN, Melia M. Dand A. Rotolo. Hispanic America AthttliSM. Stern Hall; WAC; YW Cabinet. BILOTA, Joseoll J. BIRNBAUM, Ernest R. Lot Ammks El advt. Political Scnence Chemistry KS; Stud. Aft Pre.Legal Society. Amer. Clem. Sac,; Mittel Council. BERGLUND, BERMAN, BERMINGHAM, BERMUDEZ, Lesley E. Cecile E. Patricia J. Habana E. Napa Inglewood Lafayette Nicaragua Central Canicula, General Pawnlum Physical Education. Architecture. FOB; Chairman, Rally Coast; Pelt., Mortar Board. BERNHEPA, Robert San Francisco Real Estate II AO; SAME; Insurance Club; Sailing Club. BLAU, Israel Food Technology Food TethriCeOgY Club. BLAKE, BLANK, (knit ' M. George F. San Francisco San Jose Physical Metallurgy Alt); Scabbard and Blade. BOOKER, BOOKER, John G. Robert J. San Francisco San Francisco Chem. Engineering Chen. Engineering S111)1k Assoc. Smyth A VAX . BLOCH, Alfred G. Oakland Plt.M11•Cet Hon. Stud, Soc.; I. House; Premed. Sec.; Fah and So. Ounce. SORGE SON, Marcia D. Ojai HomeEconomia OS; YWCA. General Curriculum OM; ACC; CSTA; Tower and Flame; Clash Countils; leler.Club Cowell BONADED, Alfredo A. Itch Mantling. BISHOP, BISHOP, SUSI°, BLACKMER, BLAIR, BLAIR, Beverly A. La, Rand! P. William Dorothy E. Harry L. Sacramento Otatilk VAIlep Saaametto Sacramento Berkeley General Cunkulum Music Geology. Civil Engineer 40 Public Health Lab. General Curriculum Daily Californian. KA; AM; Al:; XI% TIM. AEG; A Al:; BO; POI.: Bus. Man., Daily Treble Clef; WAC; Cal; Scabbard and Sr. Coon.; Cal IA. Blade. BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM, BLUM, BONN, BOKINSKIE, Fk011a A. Howard A. Terry Ann Daniel B. Kant L. Many C. Oakland Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland Sebastopol Pittgue9 General Canicula... General CUttKIIIIM Social Welfare .kura.•Pol. Sd. Soils FferoCh AGE; WUS; A KO. I. Home; Hillel; HZ; AZ; Stem Hall; latteavaganza. Daily Callforttan, SYMPbOrm Ski Glob. BORGESON, BOUICK, BOULWARE, BOUTON, Ralph H. James B. Robert L. Lloyd M. 0111 San Francisco Sacramento San Diego Civil Engineering. Meth. Engineering Civil Engineering Petroleum Geology B;K; Pelican; A%; Collegian; Toner arsdFlame; ADP. Clam Councils; Treble Clef. Hon. Stud. Soc.; Blue and Gold; Ushering Comic Education CI1O. BRANCATO, BRANCH, BRANDT, BRANTLEY, Geraldine C. Beverly B. Robert G. Pauline E. San Jose Santa Barbara Antioch Louisiana Physical Thtti;Y Sociology. !Mut. Emotedno AKA; WAC; AXE); SystolsOrm AIM. CSTA. Forum; Blue add Gold; So, Coun. BOWEN, BOWERS, BOWLING, Paul W. Sheldon A. Earl J. Jr. Palo Alto Stoamento Oakland Petroleum Geology. Cs1 Engineering Geology KIK; ASCE. TK F.; Cal Cat: Hanecceileg Comm; Sweetheart CO411 71,; Rally Coed BOYNTON, BRACKEN, BRADFORD, Patricia Nancy E. Warw. P. San Drew Berkeley Oakland General Curriculum Al II; IT A! ' IX. Pry ' .; Maim Bd.; Blue asd Gold Ed.; Cast. Council. BRAS, Mack O. Concord Optometry. Whatever NANCY BRACKEN isn ' t Icahn ewer her desk in the Blue and Gold office she ' s probably Nan. Mg back in her chair sorryirq Abdul the enbelleyable Aloud d things Piled isd before her. With the begin. MA) Of Swing her favorite expression became " I dreamt I went to a formal in erry Petal:41r as she tiptoed Of to hes driving lessen. s e n Al: ; Golden Bear; ASCE. II KA; HT; Ea, Cann.; ASME; Winged Helmet; Store Board; Arnold Air Society. Finance Committee. BOYD, BOYD, BOYDSION, BOYDSTUN, Evelyn J. Mary Arm Eleanor H. Thomas E. Willows Healrlsbag Berkeley SOU Maria General Curriculum Child Development General Curriculum accounting Stern Hall; Prd.; IIFI;; HAW; OXE); As Board; WAC; Westminster. BRAS, Charles R. Fenno Civil Erginteed0 ATO: Track Quarterdeck; ASCE BRAUN, Beverly A. San Frond ' s Child Odelocnsent 1:1;; WAA; Prytantas; Blue and Gal. BRAY, BRENNER, BRIDGES, BROBSI, BROCK, Atthw P. Frederick C. Billie J. Susan E. akann San Francisco dein Berkeley Psalm:nit waded Mech. Engineering General ConlonNen Physical Education General Curriculum Anthropology. II TX; TH II; AAO; Erase; XXIV; Pdt.; Red Cross; Froth Smith; ASME; Circle C; Track; Mortar Road; Council; Pelican; Eno. Min Court. Seem; PIC. Women ' s C Society. .1.:K. BROKENSHIRE, BROOKS, BROOKS, BROSEMER, BROWN, Gerald I. Roscoe H. Ronald W. David K. San Jose Hilt Oakland Oakland Lafayette Psychology Crisainoka Infustrial Md. Chemistry hank. Econ. WO ATA; Triune; :CH; 0115; 0AH; Scaboard Winged Helmet; Frat. Schca. Six.; and Bradt. Football; Baseball, Frost, Con.; Ball and Chain; SAACS. BROWN, BROWN BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN BROWN, BROWNE, Dune A. Donald G. DoroUty D. Lind M. Maureen E. Patricia D. Richard T T. Robert 6. Robert E. Leo L. Berkeley Ohio S etaStopol Roseville Sal Francisco Pine trod Oakland San Carlos Berkeley Stockton Education Engin.. Clothird.Tdult. Insurance Physical Education General Cyr is a General Curriculum Illatbeenatks Political Science Journalismdision Pelican. •I;K. Penne; WAA; Richards Hall; AFROTC. OX. Smyth; ASPA. P.E. Mayan ' Club; CSTA; Senior Class U.S. Marine Corps. Council; WAC. BRUCE, BRUCKER, 1311USASCO, BRYANT, BUBLITZ. BUCKLEY, BUCKNER, BUMBERA, BUONCRISTIANI, BURES, Diana A. Donald Boris E. Howard C. Mann E. Elizabeth A. Carton L. William J. Ann M. Cecil C. Berkeley Los Annie, Oakland Vallejo Berkeley Piedmont Potion. Laguna Beach San Francisco Washington Potwar Science Optometry History Phystol Art Gaeta ENNA Petroleum Erg. General Curriculum Indus. Relation Fldt; Pride; Acacia. NY; Sr. Cana; Ridge Hanes Node %Y. AO II. Rider Mall; CSTA. Abracadabra; Ft ?mai I; 1.1C Honor Sm. Ad.. Mgent. WSSF; Class Cont. WPC; Neon an Club; Studrtit ' s Society. min. Tech. Asia. Soc. Council. Pelican. BURKE, BURKE, BURLEY, BURNELL, BURNETT, BURNS, BUSH, JOHN ENGVALL, who was the able President of Roderick L. Susan James H. Maisel L. Dorcald H. Jess E. Marilyn M. Bonnet Hall alto coated ammo his honors snip in Cal Club, Golden and the Chancellor ' s Berkeley San Maine Lod Beach OW Kentfield Alameda Berkeley athletic toad. His ambition is to gel out of the Nan Poi itical Science Political Science Soil Se Awe CiTii Engineering General Diroculuen Prinks General Parriceplum as finish school so that he and Ito wife, sylvan he Scabbard and Blade NKr; WAA. SAP,. IDS. KKI ' ; Red Cross; (worth; Pelican; NA; Fresh Class owned in rebnuty, can Mlle don when . he Rally Committee. Model UN. Conn.; Elections gen a civil enginttrirg job in Califonia. Con.; Pelican; Big Game Coen. BUTZ, BUWALOA, BYERS, CADY, CAGNONE, CAHN, CAIN, Donald J. Robed J. Roger S. Marjorie C. Lenny D. Lawrence F. Mary H. Manwille Pasadena Catari Sada Rosa Berkeley San Francisco Rivende General Curriculum. Political 54km. Mining. Political Science Vatkmatial Indus. Relation Journalism r s ZW; Erma Crew: ANC). Oil Rey. MN. Rind; Daily Cal, Triune; Winged Heinle.; Skull rdKeys. Natalie D. Robed C. Georgina L. Rotilla J. Man John Shirley A. Berkeley Richmond Pat-Weak Bakersfield San Francisco Hawaii El Monte Gretna! Curriculum History Social Weld,. HistOrY General Curriculum Economics MattematIcs Ng; Penile; Scabbard and Blade. Treble Clef. laillaN; Sailing AEA; Sr. Co...; YWCA; MASH Pelican; Elections Glob; Collegians. WAA; Sal Club; Council; CSTA. Cent and Saddle. • 10 CANELIS, CARLOS, CARLSON, CARLSON, CARROLL. (AAUP, Dorothy B. I. Elena S. Jeremy J. Virginia I. Gail E. lam A. Santa Rosa Berkeky Colton San Jose Reedier San Truth... Berkeley Misth•Statistics Political Science Social Welfare History Social Welfare General Curriculum Social Welfare KN: IFC; Fentwald; WDA. 011; CSTA ' WAC; AZ; Soc. Weil. wined Helmet; ' to; and ft Arnold Ale SOCIely. Class CcunciK. Soph. Council CAWTHON, CECCHETTIN1, CELESI IN, CERINI, CHAINEY, CHAKERIAN, CHALMERS CHAMBERLIN. CHAMSKAS, CHAN, Clarks C. Rutland A. Marshall J. Suzanne H. William Guibank D. Jacqueline R. Junes A, Medea% K. Hugh W. Lynwood Sacramento Oakland San Gabriel Oakland Oinuba Hawaii Millbrae North Dakota San Frarkisto Crimirolcery History Pcycham0 Public Health Lab. PsYelmcnY Mathematics MatheMatki Industrial✓ Mgt. Architecture Neck. Engineering USCA. AOA; Track; ASCII; Pot; A00; Model UN: Richards Hall; +KT. AIA. Flying Club; YWCA Cabinet; Newman Club; MIS; 1131E. 84 C. WAX Cr. and Sad. Campus Crusade; Manner. Big Game Parade. CHANG, CHANG, CHANTLER, CHAPMAN, CHAPMAN, CHARLTON, CHASE, CHAVIN, GHEE, CHERRY, Ahearn Priscilla Janet A. Lelia T. Ruth 0. Janet H. Barbara L. Marcia A. Alice, Donald N. Cain San Fearsiuo Drina Oxnard Oakland Alhambra Visalia Len Angeles Los Angeles Oakland (Inc. Engineering Liberal Ann Music History Sands Decaalrre Art Criminology General Currkulktm Physical Therapy Amounting HICK. • Stern Hall. No; AM; Pryt.; 7.TA; II A1; ASO. YWCA. AIR; AAK; Epos:ma Hall. 1011; CSC. KILT; 01.:I; Pude; Ski Club; Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; Blue and Gold; 111•C; HAW. Pit. Ed., 8 and G; Sp. Ed., B an G; Class Councils; Chair., Ponhell. Sub-Clair., WAG. Speech Am. CASTEL, John R. Oakland Chemistry ASIX. CASTILLO, CAUSEY, Pedro Catherine A. PUMP, Rico El Writer Physical Therapy Canterbury. ' ' VITA; Camel and Quill; COC; Class Councils. PETE DOLLIVER Toned as Cal Club chairman, IFC Veep, President, and crew member an (malty cli. macc4 kinCal carter with a weddirg In February. 4• ambition to find an industrial engineering lob in the bay area will haw to take a back seat unite he tales to the nigh seas For the Navy. CHEW, CHILD, CHIN, CHISWELL, CHIVERIS, CHORON2Y, CHRISTENSEN, Glotiette Eldabeth A. Betake Eleanor J. Dee Dee Irene M. Latta E. Oakland Sacramento San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Sama Rosa Minthala Herne ECOnheniel General Curriculum Mislay General Curriculum General Cumiaalinn Pentane! Admin. Social Welfare ON; YWCA; AO II; YWCA; CSTA. Women ' s C Society. RidginCell; lilt Name Loon Clob; Elections Con.; Newman Club. COCA. Class Comas. CLARK, CHRISTIAN, CHRISTIANSEN, CHRISTINE, CHUA, CLAHAN, CLARK, Barbara J. Covell L. Annabel M. Shirley E. Peter Eugene E. Barbara E. Merton Hilt Ontario Berkeley Oakland Philippines San Anselmo Berkeley English Latin Textilestrotrain Psychology Foreign Trade Production Mgt. !listen Mitchell; Cal., BarrinMal Home Eton Club; KA; Gast! an AT; Baseball; KU; Elections Club; Tower aril Dec. An Club. Quill; Sr. Clan.; Newman Can. a ascii; Fr., Sr. Flame; By Come Pelican; CSTA; Councils. Week Committee. Spring Show. CLIFFORD, CLOW, CLARK, CLASON, CLAWSON, Marlene G. CLIFTON, CLINE, San C. Kenton P. Broth T. Nancy Tracy Ronald S. Robert C. Berkeley Petaluma Comettioat Berkeley PablIshirry An Seim San Francisco Social Welfare Forestry General Curriculum General Currkulum Stern Hall; AIA; Inalbrial Mgt Zoology Prisons; Newman 111; KA. KA. Sr. Coat; Ski Club; Model Smote. Club; Soc. Well. Forestry Club. Asia. Ed., Cal Club; Ed. CM: Engineer. F. lad Si. Data. s e n COST PTO Rnsald MaryWille Electrical II TB II; UCSEE. CORI, Helen M. Sacramento English Stebbim Hall; Honor Students Soc.; BOA. CREECH, Leslie A. Chico Genital Curriculum My; Panne; Blue aura Coq; Rely Con.; CSTA. CROPPER, Alan B. San Francisco Accounting Kb; Baseball. CLYMER, COATES, COLBURN, Barbara Diana J. Nan H. Kentfield Fresno Plymouth History General Curriculum History ICAO; DICK; IC K I ' . OM; Treble Cued; Panda; Prytanean; Sr. Corneal; WAA; Mortar Bard; Car Ski Chita; Crop and Club. Sacld k; Swim Club. CONDREY, CONGDON, CONLON, Joanne M. Richard M. Dorothy Berkeley Redd ' , " San Framiuo General Caerdulunt Political Sikora Curriculum KM ' ; Clot XO. Class °AMOK. Councils; Secretariat. CORTINA, CORVELL, COSTA, Jut C. Dom K. David F. Mturt0 Van NuaS Callan, Petroleum Eno. General Curriculum Ambit owe l ' T:X; XX II; WEN. Oldenbena; WDA; Jamie CONCH. ARAMINTA BLACKWELDER, president ci4 Mortar Board, member of Paid!, Cal Club, tare and the PIC 195J cranium) learn, also to haw to be Alpha Phi mildedA firming sterns to be her Manta act only Ice immediately alter graduation she will be cm her way to France to matt her ausbard, Ben. COLBY, Jerrold G. Oakland Forestry COOK, Barbara A. Beverly Hills Central OVIKI111 1” II Ile; PIC. COTTER, Laurence R. Berkeley slit; Arnold Air Soc.; Radio TV Thellft. CREEK. David E. Illinois Metallurgy All); HT; MIA; Scabbard and Blade. COLBY, L aWit J. Swum. Physical Cfremistry OE; SMCS. COOK, Joseph E. Chico Mechanical Eno. Acacia; ASME. COTTON, Weald A. Poky Landuape Ault LO Club. CREVELLI, Jahn P. Santa Rota Bum Honor Students Sm.; Hiking Club. COLBY, NINA ' S. R. Berkeley Social Welfare Heft. COONIBES, Charles A. Nevada City Physics 11K; Crony- COWELL, Gay tienleis Political Science Peilotto Half; Model Senate. CREWS, Camille E. Oakland Psychology Ate; Daily Cal; IC. COLEMAN, ChradCn B. Go Francisco Indars. Relations AKA; Froth Coin.; Cal Circus. COOPER, Carolyn Bertetel Music Trthie Clef. COWG ILL, Diane M. Sanwa Political Science Stern; Cal EN. CRIGLAR, John J. Pin:tenni Electrical Eng. IRE; AEC. COLL, COLTRIN, Jot, D. Myrl D. FralCs10, Berkeley Hist General Currkslum Daily Cal. Treble Ckf; WAC; Folk and Spike Darting. OTROES, CORN, Carl H. William Oakland Beaicia Civil Entinetrin) Civil Ergineering TEE; MCC; Crew. COX, COX, Gmard C. William E. Torrance Wo:dlakt Chef Engineering ACCourbag IIA gl; Sevin. CROCE, CROOK, Santa H. Janet L. San FlalleSCO Radioed City General Carroculwe Central Curriculum OM; CSTA. Al ' ; Froth Coat.; PankielkoH. CRUMAL, Liana L. Visalia ' ors Psychology DAJANI, Mum F. Jordan IIKAblital Eng. Varsity Seater. CVIET USA, Donald S. Walnut Creel P re•Med XX; Triune; ARC; IFC; Winced H elmet. D AJANI, Yawl F Jordan Chemical Env. Vanity Soccer. CUMMINGS. CUNLIFFE, Barbra R. William H. Frew General Curriculum Political Science AEA; Class I House. Councils. (AKIN, DANEMAN, Dian B. Sun GYtamRga San Francitco Political Science Emilia KA; Model See.; AM!. Class Councils; Pelkan. CURTICE, CURTIS, LOUtIla M. Ralston Berkeley Rots General Curriculum Soil Science ICAO; PArllai Prytanean; WEB; WJC; WUS. DANSBY, Wilm a J. Trim. Social Welfare Olderen OrientatiCaS Con. DAGGETT, Willard M. Bantle, Medical Seim. our Triune; IF Sahel. Sat.; Big C Soc.; Water Polo; Swimming. DAVID, Leland M. San Francisco Civil Emirenini II AO; XE; TB II; OBE; IFSHS; PalV Cam. DANIEL, Diane G. Costa Mesa History UNESCO; Nadel UN DAVIS, DAVIS. DAVIS, DAWSON, DAY, DEARBORN, L. Rich Sherman L. Sue C. JoM P. Richard J. Terry H. Paso Robles Albany Clarkstorg OrinSi Cbtila Mkt, Salta Barbara Mining Mich Eng:retain; General Curriculum Political Science Forestry nepotism Gettig, " AF,; Sr. Class MX; Fr. Council; AM. OK X. Acacia; Foothill; HE; Sea. Conk; Pm.; Pres., COB ' SAME; ACME. Winged Helmet; Quarttnileck. Mens Exec.; APC Big C; Golden Bea; tin Gum Plan. Forestry Club. DEBOW, DEW, DEEVER, DELONG, DELUCCHI, DeLMANTY, DeMARAIS, DEMAS, DER, DER, tharlette A. Hubert H. Janet W. Roland Virginia A Ernst F. Charles C. William G. James J. Toy W. Red-nod City Ohio Ogfarad Berkeley Oakland Oakland Chico Sacrament North Carolina San Mateo Central evaluation Medicine Italian Architecture General Curriculum Ambitenure Enna Oarkulum General Curriculum Mech. Engineering Chemistry AEA; Fr. Coon.; XAE; NIX; Pamte; So. Can.; A TU. Hew mm Club; X. ot•A; Timm; 11.11; II TX; Warren ' s Counsel. Toner aid Flame; Treble Clef; CSTA. Winged Helmet; Clam. Band; CMS. Cam. Oral lUliana Sball aid Ken; Teen; Bin C. KRIEG, DERRY, DESMOND, OETHLEFSEN, DEVICH, DEVINE, DeVITO, DICKEY, DICKSON, DIEHL Sheila S. Joan M. Mary L. Philip I. Phyllis Mary G. Patricia L. Anomie ' D. Dona Lea ThethuM H. . Piedmont Atherton. Berkeley Watnewilk Santa Clara Vallee° Sloakton Antioch Social Welfare Predmoit Philippines General Curritmlum General Curriculum ' Shim Child DerelOptime Art Erqbser AO; Mortar Bd.; General Curriculum Political Science KAO; M. Pan.; Protons Terrace; Utrimque; Nauman BO; Scabbud and amaudetaire Club. Colonial Mall; Rutile; Cal Club; KAM; Pelican; SImitismy Foam; b., Si. Class Chb. Blade; Mink and Senior Carried. PM; Pro. PIC; Rally Comm Class Coincils; Commas; WAA. Riots; YWCA; Rally Comm_ Cams Councils. East Bay Ch. Hoop. kitten Manua DIETZ, DIFFERDING, DIGGINS, DIN, DINSMORE, OITO, DOBEAVSKY, SUE BEITZEL, who began as a ember 04 reaffirms Diane C. Denise Rome L. Jobs Slinky H. William G. Shemin L. council, [inane temetary-treawrer of the sophomore San Matto Walnut Creek CORO Sacramento Rama San Francisco Redding clam and continue) on to membeathip a Panda, Pry. Sociology Social Wellue nub. figure in Medicine Caelniftry Political Science General CuricnIum tannin, Gastt rd pain, and Cal Club. Sae also holds In ASA; Mod. Sen.; Smyth AtiOnatini; Pre.Med. Sii Club; SAACS. KA; Tense; Stern Hall; WAC; Fast idler l a Job an Munro Mal, We and elan ugust. in the Pelican; YWCA; ASME. Kitty; Cbillese Wisps Helmet; Sal Club; Pryt.; Class Councils. Students Society. Water Polo; IFC. Jr. Clan Conseil. DAVI 04E, George A. Studio City Coif Engineming XE; ASCE. DAVIES, DAVIS, OAVIS. Elutheth Y. Barbara EtMa.Gote Berkeley Lot Angeles San Francisco General Curriculum Public Health Lab. AO; AO; YWCA; Baby Hosp. Baby How. History DODSON, DOELMAN, DONAIRE, CONG, DONG, DONINUE, Robert E. Ham W. Jowls Eileen M. Eugene Donald D. Los Monet Camel Hayward Sr Francesco Salinas Modesto PhiM007 Meth. C nmibeering Spanish Social Welfare Physiology Sociology Barringto. Hall. , (north; Utrompe, X(ell . Siding Club; Smyth Asia:atm.; Nemeth Club; Photography Club; Wesley Fowdunn. With; IA II; Chinese St. Club. DONNELL, DONNELLY, DONOHOO, DORE, DORSEY, DOUGHERTY, DOWN, Laud D. Ray E. Robert A. Witham E. Ares E. Paul M. Gerald C. Darn Marysville Alameda El Cerrito Santa Mara Mitch Oakland General Curriculum Marketing Architecture Optometry AAA; Junior Crimiamlislim Bus. Mani.. K X; Ng C; Architecture Class Council; KA; Arnold Air Football; Association. Card Stints. Society; winged Skull rd Kent Melerst; Triune; WInaed Hemet. Tenth. DOCKHAM, Robert L. Tahoe City Mech. Emiameirg II KA; Winged Helmet. s e n DRAKE, DRENNAN, DRINKWINE, DUBOIS, Diane M. Gerald M. V. Joyce Robert E. San Francisco Oakland Inatome! Long Beach General Curriculum Civil (natality English Chemistry AA II; Gavel ' 1 ' R II; Baton So.; ArA; Abll ' ; Renal and Quill; Pres., NE; Cal Daily Cal dernan. Club; Photo Club Class Councils Band; Pets.. Tower and Flame; HSS. DULLY, DUNLAVEY, DUNN, OURANTE, DURKEE, Dale H. Dorian M. B. Roger C. Alfredo G. Bang R. Ormille New York Oracle Italy Berkeley Petroleum Geology Political Science General Curriculum Management Public Law 011K; II _ ' A; AKE; Sault and Smyth Association, HO II; CI(W. Uttering. Keys; Triunes Winged Hamm MC, Carol A. San Francisco General Cutriortsm Gael and gall; Class Councils. EDWARDS, EDWARDS, EDWARDS, Robert E. Jr. Thomas D. William C. San Icenwo El Cerrito Nteth SacranstMo Accounting Chi ' Engineering Political Science OK_ ' . Del Re,: ASCE; MIK; Cal•Irdo. Ski Club. EASTMAN, EAsnv000, CATON, EBERLY, ECHEINAN, ECKHARDT, ECKHARDT, Alice T. LeMoyne Richard L. Datid K. Marilyn S. Bettye M. Dorothy J. San Francisco Piedmont China Lake Ontario Sun Valley Glendale San Mateo Spanish General Curriculum Elm. Erarreming Neck. Engineering ' Oslo, General Curriculum English Okkntety; Kg; Pelican; AIEE: IRE. ASMC. Rickards Hall; Am; YWCA; Oldentena Hall; lermnon; Daily Cal; Blue and Gold. Hulce Baby Hospital, Dec Alt Society. Sailing Club; Ski Club. COWARDS. ELEFANT, ELKINS, EU.ENBERG, ELLENBERG, ELLIOTT, ELLIOTT, ELLIOTT, Yvonne E. Rwhaml M. Bert V. Alexander H. Mates A. Diane M. Marian C. Richard J. Oakland °MUM Berkeley Stockton Los Angeles Sam Francisco Mill Valley Santa Ara General Corieulum Real Estate Coil Engineering Medicine General Curriculum General Curricula. General Curriculum Weds. Enamelling Z111 ' ; Arnold An ASGE. 011%; AMY,; Steen Hall; WAA, Senor Council; Fell. Baerington Hall; Society; Fr-, So. Hint ' Masonic Club. Calvin Club. Class Commas. EMERSON, EMLEN, Awl D. Warren M. Oakland Lot Angeles General Curriculum Forested AO II; Pelican; AZ; Artold Dramatics. Air Society. En ' Mtwe Rop•at.Large JIM BOUICK MleJlied to deride Ms time between En Canine Finance tee, Store Board, ASME, and Golden Bear with sore time seem at sporting items. While busy on anus, his larvae pastime of sleeping was accomplished al the AEO nail. ENT, ERICKSON, ERICKSON, ESCNWIG, ESCOBAR, ETEMAD, EWOLDSEN, Kenneth E. Harlan K. Robert A. Robert L. Valeria E. D. Mohammad A. Ernst I. Washington F011.11011 San Francisco San Feancisco Sat Francisco Iran Big Sur BM, Adm. Martstieg Agriculture Enos. Criminology Archltecture Foreign Trade Engis,Mhysits AKK. EAE: AMR; OCk. Newnan Club. Riche; EJC. Class Councils. Gloyne Govt. EZERS, FABBRINI, FABRI EARN, FAIRHURST, LAiltYdniS W. Anna Lloyd d. Stanley Dared N. Utsia San Francisco San Francisco Savam4mo San Pedro Biochemistry Frond Athertising Medicine Accoutre MB; Pelican; Golden Bear; II At; Fr. Co.. ; Masonic Club. Italian Hon. Soc. Talent Shur;Tower and Flame; Axttramisava Rally Contenittee. • ' ors FARZAN, FATTAH, Jamskyo Kemal N. Iran Iraq (Inc. Engineering CMI (cantering Barrington Hall. FARRELL, FARRY, Charles W. .1:41n V. San Francisco San Francisco Mech. Engineering Bus. Admin. AT; Camerbury Club. FELLN ER, FAUS, FEARING, FECIOROV, Thomas G. FERGUSON, Don Edward A. Alexis V. Pledevot Madan C. Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland General Crarkulum San Leandro Insurance Amounting missend Kr; Crew BIg C; General Curriculum DAM. Toner and Flame Shit ad Hem; AATI; Pekin; Bock Pool. Maned Helmet; Fr., So. Cornelr; Triune. Big Game Pub. fan. FERRO, FIDEL FILIPPONI, Fowl, FINLEY, FIRBY, FIRTH, Raymond N. Jose T. Herbert W. Marilyn D. Margaret A Janes R. Patricia A Lafayette Steelton San Luis Obispo Oakland Ontario Pasadena Nee Zealand Genre ' Curriculum Central Curriculum. Call Enlistaim General CurrK•ium General COltiadurIc Geology Pali. Scc•Econ. EX. Waite Shingles; Bowles Hall; Collegians. KA; Daily Cal; II KA; HT. Project PIC ' Weight Basketball. ASCE. Soot, Class Coon.; CSTA. FIRTH, FISHER. FITCH, Robot D. Jowly I. Bendy A New Zealand Long Stun Guy Myth. Engineering ProlkletiOn Physical Education I. House; ASME; AN P; IFC; PM; Wceneo ' s J.; Ski Club, Scabbard and Vice.Pres , Pryt.; Blade; Sr. faun. Pres., MX; NSA; Homecoming. Fins, FLEMER, FLODBERG, FLOTO, FLYNN, FLYNN, FOGH, FONG, FONG, FONG, lane L. Pete William J. CM lent Nancy C. Paillip W. Mary G. Edward L. Kum. H. Phyllis A. Vallejo Sat Francisco Watsonville Motet Oakland Ventura Sebastopol Saaarranto North Sacramento Panama General Curriculum Wry town, History Art General Conic.lun Phys. Metallurgy General Grainy ' s... Chemistry Cremistry Indus. Engiacerag 1K: PIC; PHA.; EX. Del Roy; Track; AB; KA; Cal Circus; Aacacadabra; HT; Beard lute Club. Town and Flame; Warring Place; YWCA Cabinet; CI. Crens.CoantrY; Elizabeth Barrett. Gavel and Dull; Mgr., Engineer; SAACS; CSC; Folk AlOE. Cond.; Pelican; Sr. CI. Coat Pelican; WSSF; Pub. Board; Stab. and Square Dance. Rally COTT. Class Councils. and BT.; WA; 00. FONG, FOOTE. FOOTE, FORGENSI, FORSBURG, FORSSTROM, FORSYTH, FORTUNE, FOSDAHL, FOSTER, Ron Attie L. Thelma F. Willa " T. Ann Ronald E. Lon B. Richard L. Edward A. Sally E. Sacramento SAILS Paula Bakersfield New York Orirda flaky San Des Palo San Leandro Claremont Public Health Lab. Mech. Ernleeerell General Cornet.lum Arektettire Political Sc Via Soil Sclera PaHomology ECCOPX1110 General Curt:wren Anthropsogy I. House; Caine Abracadabra. Eponah Hall; XA K. X0; Eke. Can Atemadalma . ABA; Model UN; MX; Football. XV; Glee Glob. Elizabeth Barrett. Student CHO. Treble Clef; CSTA. CO-Ch.; Card Pelican; WSSF; Stints; Cf. Cam. Sununu. FOWELLS, FOWLER, FOX, FOX, FRADIM, FRANK, FRANKEL, " Miss Activity, " SUE MATTHEWS distributed her Rebert W. Bruce A. Marva L. Sally F. Roberta H. Asian A. Bernard time ante Beard and Pat, Gate and Quill, Berkeley Pasadena Oakland BASH San Gabriel Pasadena San Francisco Wc eon ' s Ex Board, Clumellor Kor ' s Cantina. foe Chemistry Criminology Art Art Social Welfare Mech. Engineering PlilcHOW Foreign Students, sewed as Senior Week co-Ouirnsan, social ol Wawa ' s Ex Board, ChlitIMA of AXE; AE; Daily Cal; AE. Model Senate: Barrington CSC. Jr. Vanity Student Unicri.Cownan Ccamittee, Co.thairman ol Hiking the. Pelican; Ski Club. Hind. Debate. WUS, Ardor Class V.P. and Clan Officers Coined. FRAZIER, FREDRICKSON, FREDRICKSON, FREEMAN, FREEMAN, FREISTADT, FRENCH, Many Outlet D. Walter G. An E. Sipa " ! A. Fracas A. San Marino Roseville Rostra San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Len Angeles General Carriage Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering HHINY Civil Engineering Elem. Education GeneralCurriculum X0; Elections 1.:OS; TH II ; " PA; 1111N: Buten:ale; WAC; II AP; TO II; Einvorth Hall. Foca°, Hall; Council; Jr., Sr. It K N; AIEE AIEE. WUS; Cal.Moteti; XE; ASCE; IFC; CSTA. Class Coonols. Olital 600$ COO. IX. FREY, FREY, FRICKE, FROOMIN, FROWNFELTER, FRYE, FUJIMOTO, Payne% R. Russell G. Je. Resent G. Carolyn M. Richard U. Cream E. I.3 Los Angeles Red 811111 San FIVICiSal SAS Francisco San Bernardino Santa Cruz Madrone Stneral Curriculum GeaeralCoteleulaos HMOS ' English Accounting Physics Medical Science P MA, EX; Water Polo. Mitchell Half; Honor Students OBI; Wrestling: Fr., SW, Cool.; Sale). Golden Bear; Ju40; WIC. Circle C; I. B4.; Cal•Indo; Bikini. s e n FUKUDA, FORDO Jim S. Samuel I Garden Grose Sacramento Amouming Electrical Eng FULKERSON, May S. Tennessee English BSU; Ede. CIA FURLONG, GALLICHOTTE, Donn B. Ann K. Oakland Sacramento Mach, ' cal Erg. History AZ; Pelican; Jr. Class Council. GAMLI N, GARCIA, GARD, GARDNER, GARDNER, -Nuns M. LeVerne W. Evelyn JoAnne C. Susan H. IIIirOk Berkeley Oakland San Jose Sacramento General Curriculum Electrical Eng. Child Dmeloprarnt Dec. Art Art NAM Gavel and Quin; .IAA; WAA Mgr.; WED; Prytarean; Class Councils: Class COurells. Mortar Board; Mg; Big Garr Comm. Mg. Ed., Daily Cal.; Pub. Board GARELL, GARRETT, GARRISON, GARZOLI, GAYLE. GEARY, GEE, GEISEL, GEISREITER, GEORGE, Henry A. Hoke M. Geraldine R. John M. Richard B. Arlk N. David Sallee II. William E. Edward 0. Maeda Vista Santa Ana Naps San Francisco Alameda Sin Bernardino San Francisco Sacramento Butlisarre WM. Gelatine, Civil Engineer. ' Psychology Political Science Petroleum Geology General Curriculum General Carrkulum General Curricolum General Cumieutum Retailing Class Councils. ASCE. Boo Hann; YWCA; NA; Football; OT; Sr. Coon. n ' C; MAE; Cloyee Coon. 1,11. X.; Sym. Forum; A1:0; Student Canvas Tours; Rugby. Panite; Poising.; Clan Cans.; Ski Union Comm.; Class WAA: LSA; SCC. Pelican; YWCA Cab. Club; Daily Cal; Cainells. WS5; Cticdetk SM. GERHART, GETMAN, GHIDOSSI, John W. Carolyn S. Alm R. GHIDOSSI, GIANUNZIO, GILBERT, GILL, GIUSSO, GLAVINOVICH, GLEASON, San MarlsVictor J. Gerald H. Gorden G. Erne H. Ukase ' . M. Santa Barbara Oakland William R. Beverly A. Mechanical Eng. A AO; ASME; General Oankultern en. Ad. Oakland Stockton Exeter Santa Maria Alameda Berkeley Santa Rota Vice.Pres., Ball General Curriculum Political Scienec General Curriculum Recreation General Otrkulum English English and Pain; Class Er; ' 53 Am. GET; Ball and Bowles; Cowl aid A Et; Circle C; MEN; A011; Prylanean; PT: Gavel aid Dana; Fathead Chain; Big C SOC. Guilt; Pres., COC; BA C; Balaban; Pacific Mann. Canal and Oar II; Darn; Pob. CM., Corm.; Bastes ' . Quack Soc.; Jr. Wale. Pok; MSS Sr. Council. So. Talent Snow; Class Yell Leader. Helmet. Class Councils. GOOSE?, GOOTFREDSEN, GOETZ, GOLDBERG, GOLDMAN, COMES, GONGS, Jack L. Lateens R. Adam Nancy S. Sheldon Mary M. Arthur A. Visalia San Francisco Israel Los Anoint Len Angeles Pittston Fresno Chil Erigimming Political Science !Sonora ' lain General Chemistry Nursing Education Political Science AI ' S; XE- Roam House. 0 ammo, Yourg Reptoblatet Colonial Hall; Cr. Bowles; Ball and Class Casa.: ANC. Min; Big C; Sr. Track Mgr.; ADS; Scabbard ant Blade. GOODNOUGH, GOODWIN, GOODWIN, GOTTFRIED, GOUDY, GOULART, GOULD, • Howard J. H. H. A. Caroline Leslie R Berkeley roline Stockton RonaldH. Orieda eslie San Falneil 0 ant J. R San Metro Ronald J. Daniel F. Tiburon Industrial MIMI Denteal Cumiculum Entertains. Cronin:Mgr Industrial Migmt. English Marketing II H.. AZ; CIC, EC. ATI). VEN: ONE; Ord.. of Ed., Pelican. Goads Bear; SUC. GRACE, GRAVATKY, GRANT, GRATIOT, GRAY, GRAY. GREEN, Richard C. Skew D Dan J. Barbara A. Gerald C. Rosalie J. Eileen J. Riverside Sacramento Buena Park Piedettlat San Pedro Rehm:en Washel9tOD ur.riteutato Home Economics Bacteriology General CurMOtum Chemistry Speech Social Villain AA E; WAG. NAG; YWCA; Sherman Hall; NA; CSTA; OE. OT: Varsity; Stelablm Hall, Hoe Econ. Club. USCA. Pelican. Debate; YWCA. MKS; Arnold Air Sec.; SOON. Crew Mgt. BOB LESLIE ' S minuet ranged Item track and licnenaellMto being president of the Pre Legal Society, motet ca Circle C, Scabbaed and Blade, Golden Beat, Cal Club, Athletic awned, APG, IFC, and Opt wean ol Memosl Limps Committee. Alter two gears in the Sieges 10 return to study at 0 GREEN, GREGORY, GREGOVICH, GRESCH(L, GALT TENBERG, GRIFFIN, GRIFFITHS, GROOT, GROVER, GRUNDER, Gretchen George 0. Robe " P. Jr. Chutes H. Dorothy J. Claude T. George W. Harty P. Woodbury L. Barbara J. Los Angeles Ska Fraclsco San Diego monterty Balboa Fullerton NiA Los Arrant, Pot Chicago lam Amon Genreal Curriculum Elec. Engimenri Esowmi " lidos. Engirrewirg General CongoIon Physic. Prey...014in Political Snake Irsur. •Real (slaw Horne Economia. Stern Hall; Pryt.; Kr ' krone; WC; Rally Comm.; Crew; Ads Elections Mw,; .1101. BIT; USCA; IN. AZ; Home OrleMationt Cam.; Golf; Cieck C; Ball and Chain; Coancil; PIC. Newman Club. Daily CO; Model Economics Club. Treble Ckl; Baskettball; Arnold Games and Rally Senate; Scabbed Crass Coestili. Alt Soak... Can.; Moak Cl. and Blade. GUTHRIE, GWEROER, HAAS, H•001GATI, HADOW, JIAG•R, HAGGLUNO, MANN, A. HAIGHT, HAIMOVITCH, Margery J. Nano B. Wallace L. Patricia IA Kenneth I .1. Garr B. Joan E. Alan R. Lorraine Vallejo Waft( Grow Len Angeles Delano Sao Frog boo Berkeley San LAWMO San Francisco Lafayette San Fraringe Art General Curriculum Architect... PochOlon Political Salem. Political Science Hone tcondengs wildlife Comer.. Geophysics Child Cfrewitiorg.t ..E. KKr. EA K; Pm, AEA; Syn. For; I. Hanel Pk... 7,w; Triune; 11110. KT. A F,. Arch. Ana. Pelican; CI. Coon.; Cowan Table. Wooed H.Imet; Basketball. HALL, HALL. HALL, HALL, HALLBERG, HALPIN, HAMBERG, HAMILTON, HAMILTON, HAMILTON, s. A E. J Emily P. D. Jam M. Dale M. Robert J. Ante S. Carolyn M. Gayle F. gamy O. Pledefrat Oakland Of it ' d+ San Diego Washington Bellflower San Matto Los Angeles Berkeley Vallek H OW Home EtororSti Wildlife G.M. Comonin Landscape 6.rth. General Ogryulum Insurance Social Welfare Civil EAgineann. HT; 0 0; A1K; Pelican; Abracadabra; FSB; Kr; Own Arid III; Triune; Big Ski OW.1%; Nags, XX; ASCE. aletUr Bd.; Pot.; Home (cot Club; Men ' s J; Golden KIM Wiped C; Winged Heirnat; Con.; Junior D aily Californian; Cwt. boy Club- Bear; Glee Club; Helmet. Gron-CCestry; Class Cow.; Model Stmt.. ESNS; Sc. di Illsk. Track. Pelican; nVCA. HAMILTON, HAMMER, A.. HAMPEL, HANAHAN, HAND, J. HAND, John W. T I Ann L. Went E. Kathleen L. San Farrows Saoarronto Oakland •lbarry South Pasadena Victor ilk Astagan Cod. Political SC MN. Public Health Lab. Ions. Relatrom Political Smartt Dramatic IA E; Rally CE•••01 ; OKW. Newman Club. rGE; Ski CIO; II HO; Act of Triune; Rugby; litequa Club; CI. Clubs. Water Polo. Can,; Aletinag. wHAiii4F,A P. Riversick Mansenntss S•11,1h A•10, II MK Young RICH DAVIS, rot colt wawa as Senior Class President this past year but also was a member of Golden Bear, Greet and Duill, Mews Eocutite Committee and mum others. This IAE laughingly can that after saying Woe years In the Mr Foace, he Non to became a milli . dollar mining engineer and retire at thirty. HANKINS, HANSCOM, HANSEN, HANSON, Date L. Ronald t.. Claire A. L. Jane bolo Berkeley Oaldard Burliagase Petroleum CM. ImutaKT Canal Curriculum Political Sting. Del Rey; AIME. ATO; Class KA; Panne; AID; Gail and Cooing; Fresh Set,..from.; 06111; Sr. Class SOrlsg Sues CSTA. Vice.Pres.; St. U. Corn.; Women ' . E. HARPER, HARRINGTON, Elden B. Jr. Irwe M. Los Gatos Mantata Agriculture (con. PSI lc Health ST; Triple. HAROCBECK, HARGROVE. HARKER, John H. Jean M. Howard R. Rodin Irsaimgrod Mill Valley Indus. MM. Social Stones Meth. Engineering II KA; Scabbard Emmetb Hall; and Blade; Fr., Class Councils; Soh Councils. life Good Corm s e n HARRIS. HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS. Hard S Jew D. Jura O. Melissa M. Room C. China 01k10111 Sacramento Oakland Redding Forestry General Olftkell•M Gtiltf.11CUtIMAIIII Athennirq MI; AZ; Lantana Lodge; Red (meth Hall; CSO; TEE.; Pub. 844 (centre Club. Cross; lilting Cl.; Edocallow Club; My., Polka ' ; UNESCO Conn.; Col. Woman ' s Club Pm., AST; Om. An Cl.; YWCA. Jordon; CSTA. Ell Mow yam. %WOO Alf); YWCA. HARRISON, HARTLEY, HARTLOFF, HARTONG, HARTZ, HARVEY, HASSOLEL HASTINGS. HATA piaLd..... Blame m ne L. Eelt J. Paul W. Jr. Joan L. Virginia A. Aan L. Harold N. Janes W. Jr. emitLo J. Minket Oakland Eureka Oakland Paws San Francisco Sebastopol Hall MoAn Bay Berkeley Oakland Cell Ergintenie Medi. Engiateeny History Cameral Curriculum Central Gunk.,lum General CIII I i011um Accounting Architecture Social Welfare Psych:J 3Y ' EVA; ASCE; II TX; ASME. AKA; Sr. CI. TOIL IN; ' XXII; Rahaads Hall; Smyth Asset.; XA K. U. of C. Hone Masonic Club; Barak Can.; Seale WAC. CSTA. IIAV. Society. SAC. Peace COMMA HAW, HAWKINS, HAYES, HAYS. HEADING1ON, HEARNE, KEENEY, HEFFINGTON, HEIOIG, HEIL, Joan William W. Meryl A. Billy G. Ron I. Julian Jr. Mary F. Juanita Merrill C. David H. Sacramento San Araelmo %talkie Bakersfield Oakland Viulla Huntington Beath Magnetic Alameda Glendale Central Curtiontlan Elec. Engineenag Journalism Indus. Mgt. Pte.:India ine Mc. Engineering Accenting General Dariculum Central Currialum Meth. Engineering MO; Pelican; OX; Soph TI111; WON; Seeman Hai; Class Councils; MAO. AT; Big C; Blue coed Gold; Class Council, UCSEE. III•X; MAW; Pelican. Baseball. Penile; YWCA; eNS; USCA: Class Councils. Neuman Club. HEINE, HEINRITZ, HEITMANN, HELLMAN. HELM, HELSETH, HEMPHILL, HERON, HERTZ, HEYMANN, Barbara S. Dietrkh W. Due B. Frederick W. Lawrence H. Robert S. Arnim Nancy Madan B. Carlos F. Los Altos Germany San Francisco San Francisco OMIaed allaillP At Oakland HAWaii San Francisco San Malta Journalism Chemistry General °gnarl. " General Curriculum Wildlife Comet Elec. French Political Sclera General Curriculum General Curriculum " ell. SAACS; OK " ; Swimming; Gymnastics; Circle Smyth ASSOC.: AA II; Senior illtOrY Lode; Cal A Xl): CAddreas ATI); Seater. University Chaco. Wined Helmet; C; Wildlife CPO; UCSEE. Council; Big Gan Circus; Big Caine Hospital; Class Water Polo; Circle Glue Club. Week Committee. Week; Mod. Seism: Councils, C; Triune. Engereer; Sailing. HEZLEP, HICKEY, HICKS, HIGGS, HILL, HILTON. HINOLEY, BERNICE PENCE Hoe as Rep•al•Large while Rotes B. Shirley L. Hwy T. Joan M. Harold H. Phyllis 0. CCIYeal Model Smut, Gavel aid Quill, the Meromal Union PasadenaWeed San Mateo Australia Prelmott San Ber nardino San Francisco Drive and class care OH i I consumed any lime she night taw She 4 tuna At " Bernie " to the Tr. Indus. Mgt. Marketing Accounting Eccaomios lades. Enflinemiml Mini " Paleoot01001. Celts and all her Mend, and International Relatiens Bowles Hall; Pees., eXO; IA C; Hit Smyth Assoc.; OX; TI M; Stratford Hall; SEE; PIlitan; rated a special interest with her. Winged Maine. Col. Worn. Club HAW; Mead Air II TX; SU Club, CSTA, Cal Engine ' : Jas,; Rally Coen.: Society So. Casa: Ski Club; YWCA; AMA; Sopa Council. Rally Committee. Spaeth Arts, HINDMAN, HINES. HIRAMOTO, HIRASAKI, HIROHATA, HITT, HO, • Laleta M. M. C Robe EdwardM. Pato E. R Bakersfield bases Fresno rd Lodi Gilroy oraid I. Sacramento N3 100 O. Cho•man Chico Haig Keg General °niobium Agriculture fee. Chil Engineering Educataa Public Health Lila. General Cue.culum Zoology Elmorth Hall; CM. ASCE: NSC. Nisei Students Stern Hall; Senior KEPE. Weren ' t Club AIL Club. Vast Council. HOADLEY, HOFF, HOGA•, HOLBROOK, HOLDEN, HOLLANDER, HOLMES. Thomas C. Douglas G. Philip A. Frank C. ben Theresa A. Homer E. Jr. Berkeley Santa Barbara Berkeley Idaho San Rafael Aroado Wicichts General Curriculum Mock. Engineering Geology Foreign Trade Speeh General Curricaum Call Engineering AT; Clan Coon.; SO. OX. " AF,; SY. VW; Stern Hall; WU; NE; TIl It. Homecoming. Scabbard and Jr. Class Coon. Blade. rs HOM, HONDA, HONES, HONEA, HOPE, HOPPE, HORST, HORST, HOSEGOOD, HOUSTON, Frances W. Jane E. Fraeklin I. leclbert M. Shirley M. Jeanne Jams A. Patricia A Rechard A. Ann C. San Francisco Sacramento Pittston Pittsburg San LO t6 0 Santa Grua Mau ' ' , Martinez San Bernardino Berkeley Meth (mien-trim Math Meth (mimetic, Indus. Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum Industrial Mgt. Getout Curriculum Civil Enpreerim Decceatne Art To II; II TX. testes Hall. Books Hall; Gold. Class Councils; OM; Ski Club; Nennun Club; Del Rey; ASCE. ANC); AXA; Bear; Football; Sailing N., Class Councils. Utriingre. Spring Show; CU,, THU; IITX. Conn.; Ch. Hosp. c dr A (41 AZ le k4 t ass Olt A.a2PA HOWDEN, HOWELL, HOWSON. HOXIE, Deoglas A. Cetily H. Roberta C. Ern H. Oakland Sacramento Gilmer Carmel Meth Engineering General Curriculum Architecture General SOnKOiuTI ZIP; Tames; Eoaoelh Hall Stern Hall Neuman II Pin., Beg C. Wont. Dorm. Amex. Club, Arch, Mgt; SHO; Class cow.: AAI ' . Yacht Club; CSTA; Pelican. HUANG, HUBER, HUDSON, HUDSON, HUGHES, HULTGREN, Inc Mary L. Helms A. Ruth A. William L. Medea W. Oaktand Piedermet Clarksburg Oakland Oakland Berkeley Physical Chemistry Game. ' Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science Chemistry LS; SAACS; KAe. II He; Pelican; AAA; Freshman Limo; Summing; AKA. Sailing Club. Blue and Gold; Class Council. Winged Helmet; Education Club; ICC Can. Corm. Clan Council,. HUMPHREY, HUNGERTORD, HUTCHINS, HUTCHINSON, HYATT, ICHIOKA, IDE, IDE, ILDEFONSO, ILLING Allan J. Janice E. Dayna Thomas B. Ante C. Dmothy Y. Clifford F. Tailed Carta R. Robert F. Berkeley Cugertien Berkeley Berkeky R,chmo,d Berkeley Utah loan Philippine-, San Francisco Physmt General CUFFKVIUM General Curriculum OCCOOPOInO EfOlitS Speech Mech. (milkmen; Social Welfare Architecture Political Selma; A70; Cal Hindi; 1.11; Mon. Bd.; Al " ; Ace of Club; Pen., Baptist Sec. Speech Arts XX; Tel II . Model Senate; Anold Air Soc.; Cal pout; Child. Hoe.; Fr. StadeM Union. Club; YWCA; Yong kleemAlicaas; Baton Society. Coo.; Football ushering Stall. Steles Hall. 8. and G.; Hostess. IMHOF, INDELICATO, INGRAM, INNCS, INNOCENT, ISKRA, IVANOVICH, Mary•AAn E. Vincent Pa,etta A. William R. Betty A. John Jr. Katie ire M. Oakland IdiaMMJ Oallired Si,, Francisco Salinas Oakland Wationinle Public Health Lab. General Currecvlum General Curriculum Retailer.; General Curriculum Accounting Simms A A II; Sr. Com.; Cal Baal. Neiman ChM. Pm., HAW; HtsrlOSA 0 . Y Rep; lame. WOW Basketball. IWAWAXI, JACK, JACOBBERGER, JAMES, JAMES, JAMES, JAMESON, Manly. Rotes N. Patricia M. Beetle C. firmly S. Preston M. Nano M. San FIMXHCO F mane Berkeley Tracy Piedmont Oakland Manion SimStatistki Geophysics Speech General COSHO.tholf General Curriculum Med item General Curriculum NSC. ANA; Scabbard Neiman Club; Richards Hall; ZTA. OXY.; AI ' S. and State; Speakers ' Bureau. Nauman; Manager; Quarterdeck Sit. WAG; YWCA. Aieetraraganza. JAMESON, JARRETT, JENKINS, JENSEN, JENSEN, JERVIS, !ESSEN, Ronald H. William W. Joyce L. Jerry L. Ronald L. Jan V. ROAM W. South Gate San Fernando Berkeley Berkeley La Haim Santa Am:0 Oakland Phys. Metallurgy General Curriculum SMIth NO04141 Jerusalem -bantam Wildlife Cavan. All; ASM, International II AX; Radm.TY SAE. XAX. KW; Wildlife Club; House. Thaw; Pelican; Pen., XSX. Ski Club. Collegiam; Jae.; Col. Weak Cl. Jr. en As Harmer ol the Blue and Gold MARY KELLY kept the accounts straet, attended Mortar Boyd and PrOantan nett Ms and still Managed to oratterA her 1110 011110 inate spare minute. Mary alumni remember Palto I as Net favorite llama as will her T.A. and lance, Pete. eibtse‘ni a V el° r P AN. A wqr, -C• 4t cr, at A A " 4 4— trJ e , A• ti JOE, JOHANSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. Ted L. Algot 8. Chamois L. Los Angeles Oakland Sacramento Stockton Child Omelopment Foreign Trade Elm. Engineering Oeco. Thera., Pets., Blind COL NO; APE; IIKN;11111. C5:S; Y Rap.; Student Assoc. Gel and Quill; !poke Camel ' . Band; Ropy; Class Ccuncilt. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON,JOHNSTAD, Miliard L. Jr. Richard W. Lump‘1114,11,5, Diane S. San Fernando North Dakota Glendora West Los Angeles Alameda SMIs Range Management Politifal Science Medical Scam. Speech Geneva! Curriculny Smyth Assoc.; KN. Atli; Chinn., ICE; Cal Club. A All; Prdantan; Pelican; Ski Clab; Sell Science Club; Cooslituttens Co.; Orientations Com; Class Councils. AZ. Fwec. Senn 8M. Memorial Union Co; L de Guard CODA. JOHNSON, Gordon V. leageemb KARL. KAHRS, Sacramento 8. , JOHNSTONE, JONES. JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JORDAN, KAESER Hollysed Oakland San FranosCO Utish San Francisco seeci,t. mea Mary C. Jack D. Janice Cm nic. Karolyn E. San Diego Irokmood Oakland NorWeIS Paul C. Raymond R. ru la A; Pelican; A011; Bowles Hill; Ora; 881... AAA; Rally 1; Social Welfare Cml Envies-Him Gener al Curriculum Meek. Engineering Market•Prod• Mitt• Psychology AAA; WAC; !ncti I u in Matheaultos d NMI; Comesittee. HALEY, KAL K Daily Hall; ; " C Oafs CDNION. Class Coumils. Clan Councils. lI u V. Rosin Club; C; AWE. LAL, KARSTEN, KASAM010, KAUFMAN, Melia Club. Mary J. Berney J. Erma E. Donald T. Valter Harm Ronald H. Harry Robert B. KASE, KEANE. KATO, HistOry San Leardro At trona Reams M eeting Archilettwe Claremom San Leanfro Soo HI Welfare General Conker. Politic al Science de General Art M cohme Hawaii lagfeed BaktnIteld Pasadena Pol P ASME. Armed Air Soc. %HT; Cal Cede; Euclid Nall; Noel AT; Circle C; Ci: Sc. (peen Hall. Tower aid Flame; Euclid Nall. ANO; oxen; Donald L. I ' . s " 3:0:::ct,ECk. San Councils; l s: Ca. Women ' s Club Sarre:NOM Forum; James S. KEKOOLANI, and 814 Ham. aril FresMnan Commit. 01m.; Tract; lhal. History HKEisltoryLEY, KECHELY, Donald L. KEENAN, KEENE, KEITH, Patricia A. CR:Silacfral91 " Latong BusO:Milan? Riven Hemail George H. Eatausiasrn plus are the words to describe GARY POWELL. Nit oN« ti still rolls) in the ear, 01 theetas leader. rats Kappa Sur •Iso spread kis olthuilasrl tc Joarnslism Mech. Erminterins Architecture San Francisco ' curets of the ' 54 ICOthall whin nee vat tell the All.0 and Big Came Committees, Cal Club aid NAN; Daily Cal; NE; ASCE. NA K; Treas., HT; CSO; IX; Rep.m.lanm: Smyth Atom; Cants and Rally Committee. Model Semite. Sc. and 81.; Big C: II TO:; Tills; Arch. Athletic Coon. AS Cal Ergireer. BoarE: PEE. Stockton TiCktdEsaRlettErR:anthce Michael J. KEMPE, KELLY, KENNEDY, KELLY. Vary E. Herbert M. fors Omrkulurn Foregignilakellatk044 Space Speech 14 ? S Alameda O Eon; 11 AE; 03401;:drivane; AMeriaa Cecil. General Curriculum Elm. Eolleieeria9 Mortar Board; Mgr., Treble Oa; and CSO. EurrinMon Half; IRE. Pasile: Pot.; Blade. . Sol. Min, 81. and Gold. KILO. KING, KERNS. KERZON, dL. KEY, KIDD. R. jr. ET: Ce: $4•189. I. Horse. David B. Braces Burlimanw Richard B. Alameda Pain E. Pitesbun) Warren J. San Francisco Finland lo Paek roreMseing Et K. ; Triune; A Z; Femur EX; General ConK8Ium Finance5 Pa Ball and bard and Blade. Chain; BD C; Rowing Club. Crew; Radio.TV Arnold Air SO . ; Club. Terris Heger. Theater. Rally Coon.; Stab. KNOERNSCHILO, KOBAYASHI, d K011: J. Harvey E. Chils C. Lancaster Sacramento Glendale Medical Somme Political Science Pofskal Science Smyth Assoc.; AS II; Sec. .Trets., Ton, and Flame. Paremllenic; Class COorcils. KRUGER, KRUSI, KUBIN, B radford E. CarlItle H. Robert H. Burlingame Istelmont San Fran✓ Engineering Political Science Psychology IIKN; ' Fit II; MA. Smyth Aire. O 11E; Bowles. LAHTI, LALO, LAMB. Norma E. Jack✓ Robert J. Berkeley Israel Santa Ana General Corrgulum Food Technology !eternal. Rel. CM; Pekes.: Sec.. CAFC. Scabbard and WAC; Class Court. Blade; LAS. KONG, Rose IA Delano Insurarar Leonard A. San Francisco Accounting till; Class Coon.; Big Game Chairman, LAMBERT, Witham J. Sacramento Political Science OKW. LARSEN, D arel V. BO. Banking LAUGHLIN Jan L. Eureka Economics SOE. LEACH, Honed E. Bea.. Architecture XAK; Bales; Cal Bard. ' Orford Ron " is RON KAUFAIAWS alias foe ewe he was seen em camas acting as chairman a Hormoomink 1952 Soong Slow IFC President, Cal Cbta, Golden Bear, PIC or at the busy, hr card be land try., to corners nook into 00o,0 Grey. s e n C11SLOW, KIES, KLAMT, KLEAVER, KLOPPINC, XISOEPFLVACHER Mary Ellen Welonl A. Robot H. Janes E. Caveat L. Ulreh C. San Francisco Arbuckle Yuba City Yreka Patterson Solna Cetera ' Carrick ' tom Lir ' Engintegrg Erg. Physics Markets+) Ark. Ey:nooks Arch:totem A O; Baby Hogs TEM; Orford Soaks; Scabbard Cloys Hall; ASCE; SAME. ad Blade; ASIAE Arch. Ana ; Had. K0110, KOROASII, KOVALEVSKY, KREBS, KRLKELER, KRESGE, Wilco Grate N. Pon J. Celine S. George B. Starve P. Riverside Berkeley Richmond Lag Beach Taft BolaIty Art lades Rel. Satoh PsecholOW Malbtmettics Enroll AE; Pro., Pre.Legal Soc.; AEA; Tate and Tower ad nano; Nrona Club. Dramatics; OrreIli. SU. Honor Soo. Flaw; Cal IA; WAC; W Debate; Darting Club. YWCA; Pelican; Speech Arts Sptakeri Bur. KUROSAWA, KUROTORI, KWONG, LaCOSIE, LACY, LA FRANCE, Joy M. Peggy J. Marie T. Constance A. Robert L. SaCrament Concord San Francisco Sr Francisco Stadion Alameda Social Wen✓ Social Welfare Chemistry French General Curricullam Aggc. NSC. Ante Chts Sec, OT; Secretariat; 111 10; Elections Pas., Cal Slit Palmer; Neoman Can.; Yacht Club. Club; Copy VI Club; French Club. Cal Former; SA; Team; Forestry Club LAMOUREU X, LANE, LANGLOIS, LANGROCX, LANSEERRY, LANAIS, Donald N. Barbara J. (Haw F. Don A. Sadder J. Saud Camao S. Francisco San Francisco San Mateo Bartley South Pasadena Agriculture Central Comic:bee Atom:Pol. Sol. Bus. Sown, J010.1111 11 General Corriculunt SAE.. Ellyabrth Barrett. HE•; II AS; KT; Order ei SSE; 0):0; AE; Prytastan; Ski Club; Blue Gold.. Bear; Trait Clef; SUEC. Torch and Saield; alkl Gold; CIC; !Hunt; Basketball Rally Com. Welfare Beard. LARSEN, LARSEN, LARSON, L•U, LAUB, LAUER, Jaya T. Perry Paul L. Lois Arnold Donna L. ElailAnd Port 14inestent Turlock San FlarCige Vallejo Compton Eighth Psychology Gametal Curriculum Retailing Central Curriculum General Curriculum ZTA; Class ATM. AT; Football. •X13; Amer. ZIIT. AXI); YWCA. Qantas. Mkg. Asko. LAURSEN, LAUTRUP, LaVIOLETTE, LAZAR, LEA. LEACH, Verner R. Charles F. Peggy Jobs A. Lila G. DOeilo R. Lokta Novato Berkeley San Fraiche From) Oars Fealty Infos Mums Cont. Jed Pub. Pol. Physiology Grit. ' Curriculum Bus. Admin. Forestry Club. ATM; Class AI ' S; II AS; 4tAel; MSS: Sr. SAY.; Class [atolls. Prioneaco Metter Class Council; Cann.; 511 Club. Board; Bak. Mr., litelleCOION Co.. Daily Cal; Pb. Bd. LEACH, LEATH, LEATHERS. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, Maurice R. Mantas F. Jcba C. Charles W. Esthet Honied Jean A. Valley Conned San Mateo Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Whittier Recalling General Geakulum Business Finance General Curriculum General Carricolum Elea. Engineering English Smyth Assn.; Scabbard and Prnanean; Class Golden Bear; Blue Soc.; U Theatre. Enema; Pamk; SAE; IFSS; II KO; Otrdeck CSTA. UC Coop; UCEE. Cam.; Pelican. and Gold; Scabbard Blade; LAS. and Blade; ere.. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEHMAN, LEHMANN, LEIGH, LESLIE, LEUNG, LEUTHARD, LEVE, Mama L. Robert E. Wilbur G. John P. Jane C. Weston Robert E. Can K. Willard J. Marshall S. Sacramento San Diego San Francisco San Diego Berkeley Berkeley Rattle, Hon Kota San Dingo Los Mules English Gererar Curriculum PeilliCJI Science Erg. Physics Dec. Art Medical Science Political Selene Accosting Public Health Hilton Bowles Hall. Model UN. OHS; Tun: AKA; Ski CIO. SAE; Scabbard It II S. Owe Cant; 81 Smyth Assoc.; and Blade; Track; C; Varsity Gen; Scab. and Blade. Cross.Cntry; CMUC; Citroen Soc. Golden Bear: APC. LEWIS. LEVY, LEWIN, Clarke H. LEWIS. LIEBERMAN, LIGHT, LIKES, LILLIS, LINO, LINDBERG, Janke L Charles J. Coronado Mary E. Janie E. Thomas M. Angel Diane T. William G. Leon N. Alameda Berkeley Chemical Engin. San Francisco Oakland Capistrano Barak Sacramento Manna Oakland San Francisco General Curriculum General Ciiigilltill ...Kw; Marketing Medical Science Real Estate History General Curriculum Ind atrial Mgt. Industrial Rel. PIC; Dairy Cal. PIC; Syn. Faun,. Al; SAACS; LAS; ASA; l•Xfl; I ecy; Cal Band; Boteki; Big C; Renews; WAC. SE; Pelican; CAN; Winged 011K; Model UN; Rugby Club; Class Class Gains.; WAC; Baton Soc.; Circle Varsity Re•dee Class Com., Helmet. Model Senate. Councils. Pelican; Syrknor, C; Wlmillml. Club; Grew. Rally Committee. Forum. LINDSAY, LINSDALE, LIPPI, LISS, LITTLE, LOBREE, LOCKER, Souktag CAROL SPIEKERMAN. Wornen ' s Rep, John H. 0011441 D. Gouge A. .4 a G. Katherine J. Suzanne H. Bendy A. nuncios of the ASUC setrewial, member of the Pasadena C3111144 Valley Sin Francisco Millbrae Stockton San Francisco El Cerrito YWCA cabinet, Pcsanean. Cal Club and Torch and Shield is too busy for a friendly visit. Alter ComonalNy EntornalogY Prerlegal. Spanish History Political Science General Curriculum orgtatrtA Spin plans to continue her come in OTA; Scabbard AZ; Saks; AY. AEA; I Board; Rickards; Cal Pres., Olderibm; AZ; Blue and Home Cc (clothing and tertiles) by going into a and Blade; Triune. (semi:logy Club. Sr. Clan Coon. Club; Rata Bd.; WDA Rep.; AC1. Gold; Elec. Com. train mg coarse in mailing. Pres., WDA. fors Donald Rel LOPEZ, 0. LOCKETT, LOUIE, Lynn E. JI.a0Cc‘KCHART. lStamp 0 . R . ro San Diego San Alban Modesto LOUIE, . x 0 Cl Cent Kong Entish PrcOntion Mot. Marketing Real Estate•Ins. General Curriculum Civil Engineering Education [ ' canto; CSTA. CAM; Scabbard Ill ' s; 1 NOM; KS; Circle C;Gavel and Quill; SE; and Blade; Triune; MSS; AMA; Rind Winged Helmet; Class Cam.; S. Winged MIR% I. Foundation. Varsity Golf. Week Co.Chne. LOUIE, ' LOUIE. LOUMENA, LOUTON, LO VE, LOW, ...Imre W. Wiilorn J. Joan E. Robert E. Alexander R. Lindbergh G. LOWERY. Olin San Francisco Maritsa Warne Oakland San Francisco Walter H. Art Amounting French Psychology Cnil Engineering Engineering Sacramento 11AW. Peixotto Hall. TKE; Soccer; ASCE. Bus. Admin. Circle C. Beaks Hall. LEE, LEE, LEE, Kenneth W. Laity Mame South Gate San Francisco Gem Civil Engineering Central Curriculum General Cuakulum Eon. SM.; Ski Soll. CSTA. Club. LUCCHI, LUCKING, Cuelino P. Mary L. Antioch Perris Eke. Engineering Personnel II KX; UCSEE; Amateur Radio. LUIS, LUKE, LUKE, Robot L. Blossom R. Therese W. Santa Maria Hannah San Francisco Petroleum Engin. General Curriculum Hotter Ovules Hall; I. Home. KM% Heilman Club. LURK, ; 1 1 Los Angeles General Curriculum .111K; Prot PLC; Pelican; HOW LYMAN, LYMAN,MmGOWAN, Stanford M. Sylvia J. Clyde L. Jr. San Francisco San Francisco Eureka San Francisco Smioacqy Sociology Hispanic America General Curriculum KS; OF.Y.:; Pryt.; Debate; ABE; NA; Winged Model UN; Model Model Senate; I. Board. Helmet. Senate; Debate; Welfare Board. T. aril Fl.; HSA. MACHADO, MacKENZIE, MAGARY, MADDEN, MADSEN, MAGID, MALLARE, MALLERY, MANSFIELD, MARACCI, Charles P. John R. Susan M. Jean H. J. Dean Marlene G. Gloria S. Virginia L. Diana Joan F. Maynard Sebastopol Los bucks San Francisco Walrus Creek San Francisco Philippines San Ermine San Promise San Francisco Indus. Mgt. PlilloseWiy General Curriculum Marktlied Indus. Ergrmerm General Curriculum Social welfare Sociology Coolish Wrestlieg; II HO; Ski auk: ATO. Mitchell Hall; Serial Welfare AZ; Pelican; II HO; Model UN; OH; YWCA; Golden Bear; Elections Council WAC; WDA Rep.; Club. Masonic Club; Pelican; I. 80.; Neenecomind; Gird C. Folk Jed Square. Up. On. Ho. Sm. Yoorq Repub. Speech Ans. MARANS, MARCH. MARCHASIN, MARELIA, MARK, MARKLEY, Donald B. Pail I. Sidney It Sumnne Haman L. Chain E. Montana Belmont San Francisco Chits Yuba City Albany Political Science Accounting Premedieine General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum AK II; Daily Cal; AXI ' ; AY II; Premed A:K; Secretariat; Premed Society; Pod; Boma; Toner and Flame; Scabbard aid Jr., Sr. Cl. Coon. Collegian. Styli aid Kris: Model Senate; Pre- Blade. Winged Helmet. Legal Soc.; Halal. MARTIN, IN, MARTIN, MARTINEZ, MARTINSON, NN. MARX, Jerry L. Jae E. Harold L. Hasa San Francisco Clairmont Berkeley Oregon Oakland Israel (mental Curriculum An Hist.•Arch. Intern, Rela. Bus. Ad. Advertising Soils AliA; WAC; CYO ' Sr. Coon.; YOZ:- Intemationif A AI:: Pelican. Clem Councils. Se. Peace Comm.; Home. An History Club. MARKOWITZ, MARSTON. MARTENS, MARTIN, Morton E. R.thard W. Kathy Carolyn P. Illinois El Cerrito San Mateo Fairfax Indus. Relations Irrig. Feciaetrini ATLI; Gold. Bear; Political Science Nagai. Art Editor, Civil Cal; Pm ASUC; Al; Football AAA. ASCE; HMO. WSSF; Prey., COG; HOstem. Car CI.; NSA; G. and Quill. JIM VAN NOY was a faithful sapportm of Class councils from kb freshmen to his sence year and food as President of the !aim Class, Pinkert of Gael and Grill, reinter of Cins Officers ' Comil and the Committee of Drama. Locum ad Mink. The Afpha Sig House and Oakland were his home. MASSING, Ralph R. San Francisco Civil ( " IMO ciao ant; Saar: Waged Helmet. MASUDA, MATAGA, MATASCI, MATARANGAS, MATSUBARA, MATSUMOTO, MATTHEWS. Grace N. Suikel Diane A. John S. Grow S. Tadao Joanne M. Los Angeles Ferns, San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Loell Burlingame Political Stigma Meth. Engirteilm General Carelpthin Marketing EMC. Engineering Gni] Engineering General Curriculum II TE; Nisei Neuman Club; OEK. TH II; IIKN; Euclid Hall; 1 ' 011; Symo`orty Students Club. Sr. Coon.; WAC; ROW Noise. MSC; ASCE. Forum. Education Club. MATTHEWS, MATTHIESSEN, MATTOS, MATULA, MATUSHAK, MAUGKELLI, MAYNE. Soon Jean Jacqueline John Lois R. Malalna M. Clifton P. Hopland Whittier Oakland Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco Lalayelte Poll. Sei..I. Rel.; Speech Public Health Lab. Physkal Education SmIal Welfare Bacteriology A toiling HT; Mortar Bd.; X0; Elections %TA; Pelican; Track; Football; Xii; Neiman Club; Bit C; II AY; Pry ' .; Jr. Conn. BIg Game Comm.; Neuman Club. Pelican; Ski Club; Basketball; Cf. VP.; Gra and Class CCumlli, Jr., Sr. Council. Teenis. Q.; VMS; Wa EL s e n MAYO. MiCABE, Rotten W. Clark Eviene A. Novato Walnut Creek Piedmont Menial Science I.4m. Relation Beds Engineering Boons Hall; It; Inure; eiX; Sin Club. Big C; Slimming; Football. Watt. Pat McCALL1STER, MICARGAR, !ante S. Mary Am San Francisco Yreka Naar Geared Curricula SO; UNION AAII;WAA; Council. Torch and VHS. VnCARTY, McCAULOU, " ON E. Dand R. Arlington ()Aland Engli0 Marketing Occident; A AX; AMA; Pelican.: SAM. Class Canals. mrCLELLAR, V CLOSKEY. McCONNELL, Maureen R. Nava D. Margaret 11 La Canada Hawaii Gonad General Curriculum Resta Political Science AAA; Pelican; ORK. Fermild. Pa•Ilelknic. AHLOY, McCULLOUGH, MdiONALD, IIIcDONOUGH, McDUFFEE, McFEELY, M(GOWAN, McGOWAN, M GRECOR, McINNIS, Nora J. James A. Jack L. Janet C. Kathryn A. Gall K. Golda Mary Lahr Jane E. Walter J. Ventura Costa Men Sacramento San Francisco Seerarnato San Fs artist. Corson Valk), Berkeley Nerdkii !own:Pon. I. Pwilsolory. Tina.. Relation General Cunha Om General Ourriankam Shama Pub. Heal. Nursing. Penne., Science Enilish Bus. Admit MT; OM Rey. Ski Cob; CIC. 1111.; Gnash; b:N; TA II; 11110; Pelican; 1l1 ' s; BAY; Pm.. 01.14.. Pat; Cal IA; AWS Bd.; Big Game Blue and Gold; Pry-Leaf Swing. Vee•Prei.. WAA; Week Cam ' s; Honor Spank., Fenn.: Aretraeranta. Students; Donn. Irma Council. McINROE, McIVER, McKAY, McKAY. lacKEEN, McKEEVER, McLAUGHLIN, McLAUGHLIN, McLEAN, IMMILLall, Anceon Joan C. Mary C. Thomas N. Robert V. Robert A. Betty L. tenant H. Mary Elko Croon M. Eureka La Crementa BerttleY Coati Pease.. San Francisco Caning Berkeley Wrath. Berkeley Bus. Admit Plytkal Chemistry. General Curricular. Gail Engineering Pale %Ratan Anonaltsm Pub. Neal. Nursing. Indus. Engineering Ptenial EiAkatioa laustrial Mgt. Yell. YOB; Syntenn %T. AKE. 0I:K, Trea•., AllE; Epaorth; NI:0; rPr " H; CSTA; AIME. B. and G.; YWCA: Worn. Dorm. Ann.; WU; P. E. Moon. Cull Gagiseenin General Curriculum But. Admin. Political Clod Ewhatray POIRM Eduatla ASCE. Fn., Sat Council. Senate; 01114; Skull and Kea; Comm.; Model U.N.; Cam., I. Bd.; Mel. Winged Helmet. Pin.; T. and Sit; U.N.; Detute. Sr. Sec.; Ca. Cry. MEEK, MEEKER, MELBYE, MELLIS, MENDELSOHN, MENDERS, MEREDITH, • Donald R Milton S. Sin Francisco Micoiaan Richard B. Spiro Claim N. L Fining Hills Santa Graz Israel ett Inlay Grain M. Berkeley General Curriatint hoes. pycnotoly Political Science But. Admin. Aviculture Ems. History Isintiolcoy TS; Tenn: SO; Track. 1:0; Fe. Coon.; Kooks Hall; EPS; AZ. AEX; CSTA; Nnictogy Sic.; Winged Helmet. Weight Basketball; Ball and Chain; 1011a. AFSC; YMCA. Circle C; Big C. Basketball Mgr.; tli9 C. MERIGAN, MERLIC, MESCHENDORF, MEYER, MEYER, MICHELI, MILBANK, Yana C. a. Canard Henry H..k. Etna A. Joyce D. Diane P. WreO C. San Francisco Jackson Yuba City India Inglewood Liverwort Oregon Medical Science Medi. Cninemini Bank. and Finance Civil Cnointevini General Curriculum General Curriculum General Cerritulurn Smith Assoc.; ASME. EX; Triune; SP.. Epsoril Hall; Rnnuth Hall. A Aili; Girt k C; Inns, OHO Coss.; Winged Rabat; CSTA. Ward Helmet; Rally and Gam. Co. Aveold Ale Soc. Triune; Scoter; IFC fan. Con. MARIANNE TRUSCOTT divided bee time between Mater Board. P05. Cal Club, Pala!, Cal.1.40, Rea ahlarge, Finnic Committee, ROI, Committee and Women ' s Direct . of Pelican and still enjwed Isom. bunk riding and seeing mmicals in lee spar tire. Sae may oo to graduate Rhea hat her definite awns include being a gad wile and Paring Soto of children. McNEILL, AUREYNOLDS, McSORLEY, McWILLIAMS, IJECKFESSEL, MEEHAN. Robot L. Mary G. Richard J. Wilson C. Donald C. Rosanna A. Bakersfield Sae Naha Oakland Merced Santa Rota Delano TIM; XE; ARO; Pelican; Saha Assoc.; Mod. AT; Raga: ARA; Big Cam McVEY, Sharon Filmed Hattori Ptootto Hall. tors MILISICH, Meade A. Lafayette Child Dm loonier ' AAA; Sr. Card Stunt Com.: Class Coons.; SVC. MILLARD, Burton F. Santa Clara Germal Curriculum SAE; Triune; Fr. Rally Gem.; UC Volleyball. MILLER, Daniel H. Berkeley Mechanical Erg. NW; Cal Bard; IFC; AllE; Quarterdeck Six. MILLER, MILLER, George G. Gladys T. San Calm Piedmont Physical EduCarOn General Curriculum ' .TA; Class Caroxil. ' ,ELLER. Lasence G. Sonoma BactermkgY. MILLER. Mar lene B. Santa Rom kccunttn9; YAM; Mitchell. MILLER, MILLSBERG, Mary E. Nelson M. Ingle mxd La Mem General Curricula Chemistry Epowth; Enc. ASS. WDA; Class Owns.; Pelican. MINER, Priscilla A. Colorado French Bon Ran; Weiler Foos.; avant. MINOR, MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MITCHELL. MITCHELL, MINTER, MOAR, MOBLEY, Ruth G. Etmerly J. Charles A. Donna M. Janet M. Susanne Carol A. Evelyn M. Earl K. San Matto San Mateo Sherman Oaks Susanville Valkp Ringside Athetten Sacramento Sin Francisco Castro Valk! Hillery JOOrnalivn Electrical Mgr. General Canicula Mathematics Swinish Speech Cm! Engineering. Home fermium Electrical Enge. KAI.; Symphmy Wt.; Prylareari: UCSEE; IRE; AIEE; Stern Hall. Bon Hawn; HSS. Mitchell; WDA; AMC; Panile; NEC; IMR. UCSEE. Fares; Intramural. Motu, Bd.; Daily ACM. WAA; Collegial; POiaiseNi; Mmtaf Cal; Model Senate. WUS. Be.; Cal Club: ASUC Vice•res. MODRY, MOE, MON, MONCRIEFF, MONROE. MONSANTO, MOORE, MOORE, MOORE, WIRGAN, Southard M. Albert G. Vincent Diane M. Frederick D. Francisco J. George H. Jame.; C. Wood L. Jo Ann Sausalito Oakland Berkeley San Francruo Downy Guaternala San FraMPCO San Dine Sat Marina El Cerrito Geopatarl Philoscohy•Er9. Political Science Speech Mechanical Eng. Education. Mechanical Engr. Engineering Mechanical Erg;. General CurtkrolOO Tante and Flame; SIC I House; Golden Symphony Forum; Luca ASME. MSK; AllE. Basin; ASME; SK. Cabin Club. Bear; NSA; SUC; Speech Arts. EJC; Cal Engineer. ASUC Exec. Cont. MORKEN, MORRISON, MORTON, MOSSMAN; MOTT, MUGFORO, MURPHEY, John S. Marilyn J. Ronald S. M,ra M. Molly Mary I. James E. Martinez Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley San Marino Sacramento Pasadena Cereal Curriculum Genital Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Architecture General Curriculum Child 0ml:summit Industrial Ewe. nig cc; Triune; AAX; YWCA: mks; ASME. AVA; Arch. KM ' . NKr; YWCA: Alit; Quarterdeck Mbood Helmet: WAA; Calvin CNA. Asset.; Ski CIA. 1M dermal. SCOMY. Stull and Keys. MURRAY, MURRAY, MYERS. tanzio, RARER. NAGLER, NAJARIAN, ChaltIty Mary L. Robin J. Charlene A. Salem S. Lona J. Gentle L. Santa Cruz Berkeley Marseille titian Jordan Greenville Oakland Malhenalots Marketing Hospital Admin. General Oetrkulum Electrical Com. Public Health Genets C4II ialitIT 4.M. SE. Acac ' a• NSA. AZ; Treble Clef. Bu neven Hall; AAA. OVA; Triune; AIEE; UCSEE. Big C; Winged Helmet; Football. NAKANO, NAKAISUKASA, NARDINI; NASU. NAUMAN, Svilitka Frank V. Peter J. Georgia M. Diana San Dios Escondido San kw Sacramento Piedmont Art. Electrical Eng. Sanitary Science. I1 2blic Health Political Science Rirloomont. KU. NAKAMURA, Kochi Leland T. Harman Berkeley Bacteriology Electrical Eng. YMCA. SAM; UCSEE. " Tom—the little is the name attached to TOM SHEPPARD whose many amhities included Chairman of Welfare Bond, Golden Bear, Vanity Dante, Senior Defense Committee and ethers. A loyal son of Modesto, Tom ' s Mune plant Include enteeng lass school when he will concentrate Co irrigation Ms. NELDELMAN, Rath Wire Art Hillary IMernatioral Hone. NEFF, Anna L. Sacramento Political Science KA: YWCA; Pan.Helfmic. NEIL, N. Oakland PsythOlogy. NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, Alan C. Carol A. Gary J. Rschrnond San Mateo Berkeley Bus. Admin. Goma! CiPteKtilum Chemistry TEE: Proi. PIC; Al ' . ' ; Debate; Chsi , Rally Comm.; Sr. Class Council. Men ' s En. Board. NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, Mm eel Nannette E. Paulette G. lone Berkeley Berkeley Pant Pathology Sava Art Smyth Assoc.; APC; KM ' : Mort. Bd.; AZ; Cal BANS; Pres , Pot; Baton Society. Ana., B. and C.; Teach antd Shield. NELSON, Richard J. Palma Ekc. Eagietwirg UCSEE. NELSON, NESS, FlieruEUMAI:, ' NEWELL, NEWTON, NICHOLS. NICOLAISEN, NIKAS, NOMURA, NOONAN, Roden P. Jr Louise Nemeth W. Pete. C. Nancy G. Patricia J. Edith E. George A. Thomas K. Patricia A, (1.11.1a14 Santa Cow . Burbank Oakland Yreka 001.300 Albany Greece Oakland Santa Rosa Briton ' Awountirg Sociology Be.. Admin, Gmeral Curriculum Anthropology Art Elec. Engineering Imarance English. OK b;; Circle C; II KA; SooN., Sailing Club; ZW; Winged AAII. Stebbins Nall. ZIA; Pelican; II KN; TB II; ...AS; AMA 80.nny; Pelican; Jr. Council; Cal " 23 " Club; Helm.; Skull and B. and 8. iliK0; ISOX; Rowing Club; Cal Circus. Ghia Club. KT: Triune; UCSEE; AIEE. Rugby Club. NOREHAD, NORSWORTHY, NUTTING, OBERKAMPER, O ' BRIEN, O ' BRIEN, O ' CONNOR, O ' CONNOR, OGAWA, O ' GftADY, Paul C. W. Wynn Peter A. Leon E. Are Nancy E. Barry L. William P. Mirror. Patricia C. Sacramento SKr aft010 Oraegmilk Modesto . San Diego Auks San Mateo Hanaii Pasadena Oakland nabobs! Selena Civil Ergtheering History Chit Engineering 1 " in General Curriculum. Pre.rnedicim Pre.kgal CartIal Dramatic Art 4rt:K; Pelican ' ASCE. Del Ray; Ski Club; Del Rey; ASCE. 111111. .LO; U. Theater; Rally Comm.; Cl. Swimming; IFC; Mask AS DI99n; Cain; Amway. Senior Council. Ham. and Dien. Student MINTER ASUC Vice.Fitesident ad gracious OKAWA, CILETTE, OLSON, O ' NEIL, ONSTEAD, PRIMUS. ORMSBEE, hostess for the Body is krona as ' tame to Mary Pol M. Robeet B. JIM P. Ralph S. F. Pamela V. regime. Her miraculous Ability for organkration San Francisco Belgium Upland Berkeley San Jose Pasadena Oakland kept her saifieg smoothly from the Alpha Omicron Pi Public Health Lab. Languages Mech. EngLeetring Speech Insurance Zoology Political Science Hone to meetings of Mortar Board, Prytanean, Cal SklClub; ASME. Jr. Mr. Teak ::AE; Thome; 1 ' n; Toner ArA; Model U.N.; Club, Penile, Women ' s A dotal Committee and the Carole F roam. Clel; Soma Caen.; Bp C. and Flame. I. Bd.; Sr.. Shoo.; YWCA. 8.1 Game Comm. Homecoming. fors ORR, OSTERLOH, OTAGIRI, OTAMURA, OTTER, OWENS, PADGETT, J ae., E. Karl L. kallitill N. One S. Richard C. RKIIWO Cl. Cease E. Jr. Canada La Jolla Berkeley Coeatl Bette anake9arill Won. Pys. Metallurgy Landtape Arch. Social Welfare Social Welfare Bank. and Finaffe AchtrIMM Sc:., AIME. Landscape Design Stetablm; CSTA; MX; Toner and Zia; A A:; Club. Nile ' Club. Flame; Engineer; CM., Nosiworning Repub. PADOU, PAEZ, PALMER, PAPASTERGIOU, PARAOIS, PARCHER, PARED!, Philip L. Lourdes C. James D. annuls 0. George 0. Jr. Robert L. Rodin J. Sr Francisco Pltilippines Wathiriglos.D.0 Were San Francisco 0.13.0. San Francisco Accounting English Lltmatitre Eke. Crelieetring Economic, Economics Psychology Petroleum Engin. Smyth MPH.; Neuman Club. IES; AIEE. I. Nouse; E0X; •KW; Winged Smyth Assoc.; OK?. RAW; Cal lard. Cable CIO; Helmet. SIM Hill. PATRICK, Jack W. Ontario PARKER, Ain D. Lafayette Psycho NY ASK. PARKINS. Julia D. Watson.Ile Qomlom Steen Hall; 441:0;WAA. FATTEN, San Diego Psychology NA; CSTA; WAA; Rally Committee. PARSONS. DecoOn E. Clarkstorg General Cornealum Plrysms II Ito. PATTERSON, Jack D. Long Beach Marketing MAK: Jr. Coon.; Mgr., Ennis; AMA YIN; AI ' S; Hence Studeats; Roger Williams CI PATTERSON, PATTY, PAXTON, Marilyn A. Virginia D. BUIliabalet Berkeley Berta " Home Economics Bm. Mena. Social Welfare NAM; ON; Ace ANA; Gavel and OM; YWCA; ol Clubs; Symphony Quill; Golden Blue and GO!. Forum; Home Econ. Bear; WUS. CIMa; YWCA. PAT I EN, Mangle E. Inglewood General Curriculum Evaceth Hall; Pelican: Class Corolla. PAYNTER, PEARL. PEARSON, PEARSON, PENCE, PENDERGAST, PENNA. PENNER, PENROSE, PEPPER, Rickard A. Julius J. Charles L. Janet A. Bernice E. David M. alveolar. V. F. Norman R. DOuglas F. Sheila, J. Oakland San Diego Visalia Glendale Millbrae Hayward Brun Reality Berkeley Sacramento Physical Education Zoology cio Engineering. English Inlet. Relations Anthropology CCOONTIICI. Psychology Market., English AT; Football; II AO; Premed. Epaorth; Utriegue; AAA; CI. Coon.: Ark Tome and AM; Band. Sailing Club. Stern Hall; WSSF; Winged Helmet. Soc.; Hiking Obb. Hon. Stud.; Daily RO-at.Large; Gas. Flame; Rally Can.; Tway and Flame; Cal; Como. Com.; and Cy; Met Sen.; Senior .1. Pelican; diem. Folk anal Some. mem. tm. Drum. Stela Peace CO " ; Clalit COW. PERCY, PERRY, PERSSON, PETERSON,PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSON, PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, Catherine E. Phyllis P. Arthur H. Marla. A. . Philip E. Robert L. Thomas A. Arlene L. Janet L. Fillmore Grass Valley San Francisco Oakland Oakland El Strad. Dos Palos National City La Canada 041and Zoology English Bin. Mita. General Curriculum General Curriculum ClirtlialliStif 4 Civil Enliatenna Journalism Pablit Health Lab. Elm, Admin. NA. Tome and AS II; Pelican; AA II; Pelican; 1•11. ME; ASCE. Pelson Hall; any Cal. Gavel and Quin; Rally Ctrs.; WAA; 0,X0. Jr, Sr. Cl. Cons. HOTKO.; Sr. Coon. PHILLIPS. PHILLIPS, PIERCE, PIFEL, PILATO, POKEY, 1::: ' , " ' Joan A. John R. Nancy J. Bruce A. Ralph A. John W. Rodeo Ilteteky Santa Ova Oceanside San Pedro San Leandro San Diego Physical Education Chen% Erginearkal Chemin ' , Com and Pub. Pol. Political Science General Curriculum Architecture Sado Hall; AA.; TI111; Rickards Nall; Seeks Hall; tar MAX; Young NAN; Newman WI. Basketball; Triune; LICE. SAACS; WAC. Engireo; Cl. Coon.; Dona.; Se. Cam. Club. Circle C; Track; Collegians; Scab. SAME. and Blade. PLANAKIS. PLESSAS, POE, POGUE, POPE. PORTER, PORTER, James B. James P. Nancy L. Patricia A. Jane A. Kedneth N. Patricia H. Berkeley San Francisco Piedmont Enter Vallejo Spring Valley Oakland Political Science. General Curriculum Economies General Oarkutum Holm La. Enfortement General Curriculum AT; Golden Bear; KAM; 015K; MR; Jr. Class Epeceth Hall; TISK; I. House; KAM; Pelican; Skull and Keys; Worn. Er.; Penile; COP.( I Hoar Studems. Pre • Legal SCR kty. Ace of CIMs; Winged Helmet; APC; Elec. COOL; Fr., Soph. Cm.. Track; Big C. Pam.; Cal Circ. POSTON, POWELL, POWELL, POWERS. PRACHT, PRATHER, PRATT, Alan Y. Gary W. Jerry A. Lenard C. Fred R. Ronald E. Eleanor J. San Frarcisco Alameda San Diego Petaluma Santa Gnu Illinois Berkeley Bank. and !Para General Curriculum Entomology Economics Bus. Admin. Elec. Engineering General Curriculum OKS; Pelican; NS; Cal Club; SOP.; AZ; A XI ' ; EMS; Boalts; AI II ; IRE; UCSEE. Doceathe Art CO.... Meres J.: Head YellLeader; Crons•Country; Chro, MAC; Peet, Ball and Chain; Club; College Mani Ey.; Orient. Clam., G. and Rally Track; IFC; Student Orient.; Crew; NeItalil CI.; Women( ' Club Jet Cam.; Gold. Bear. Corm.; Pompon Co Entwolgy Club. Pres., New.. Club. RoMag Club. Xit electron as Sophomore Class President Inamted DICK MARSTON into Is ocean 01 annities Mame he Tailed all the way to ASUC President. WUS came lint in kit lire of activities and he later oat a path Iran the ATM home to meetings ol ACB, NSA. Cal Club. Gael and (GM, and Golden Sear. s e n PROSSER, PROUDFOOT, PRUE.PURVIS, Richard S. Carol L. Janice S. T. Rosen T. Berkeley Berkeley Long Beach Terrance Journalism General Curnimium Chit Engineering Slack Languages Tramp:flake General Curricula, ' P. H. Nursing Civil Engineering. PsyclolOW. Daily Cal. WAA; (due. Club. XK; T110; AMR; I Homes. Model Sen.; SGC; Pell; Copy Ed., Carnet. Club; RNC; Car. Sec., ASCE. Sri Cub; Frost, Bk. and Cold; Sr. WAA Rifle Club. Baseball; Crow Class COun.; CSTA; [Mint " ; Swimming. Sp. Bur.; II AI. QIJACCHIA, OUILICI, RABINOVITZ, RABINOWITZ, RACINE, RADCLIFF, RAFFAELLI, RAFERTY. RAGATZ, RAGGIO, Rodney H. Eva M. Thelma L. Lawrence Carol L. Oarid A. Gall Jacquelyn J. Roben E. Allen J. San Francisco San Francisco Oregon San Francisco Lafayette Los Angeles San Francisco Inglewood San Maria Jackson Chemistry Mkto•Inclors. Mgt. General Curriculum Biol.:Aka] St I. General ClIlliCOPTUM General Curriculum General Courkulum Erglish•Drama Eng.; Pre.Med. SPcmh ACS; Neran Club. II XI; OXX; I House. OBI; Gawks. (roll; Pelican; Smiles; Seianing; POW Pelican; Arts; Sr. Cows; ISE111; Trine; Stern Nall. Waling Place; CSTA; i r. Council. water Polo; Bog C. Class Councils. Dram. An; Radio Winged Helmet; MC; AMA; WO TV Council. Cadet Bear. RAHL, RALPH, RALPH, RANDALL. RANNEY, RASMUSSEN, RASMUSSEN, RAWLS, RAYMOND, RAYNOLDS, Richard H. Lee J. Richard Joan D. Nancy M. Claudia Karl Jones V. Jean F. Peter A. Los Angeles San Lonny Bakersfield Waffler Placentia Tassajara Norway Berkeley Sacramento Woodland Hills Political Science General Curriculum Xt); Prytarwan; Bus. Admin. Physics General Curriculum General Fee Track Lana. Ara. English Industrial Rd. X.; Win; AAS; arm., Cud Stunts II KA; Clam JV Bastelbail. AI ' ; Ran and Stern; Pelican; A A I1. Smyth; Cal Band; Winged Helmet; 54 Gam.; Games.Rally Goias.; Cat Circus. Flaw; Rally Cam Class Conc. WUS; Scabbard and C; Cr. " ; IFC. Coon.; WUS. Blade; Newnan Cl. KATHY LITTLE ' S sparkling penoallty has won Mr a claim to fame in eery activity ice has ordenakm. As President or the Women ' s Dorm Assignation, meek br of Cal Club and Mortar Board she also lewd her sell chyme as one of Ike attendants to the Bin Came Stvettbtart. READING, RECIWWIG, REDMAN, REES, RUCHE, REITZ. REYNAUD, Nancy Raton M. Cluncalte Margot J. Robert R. David A. Jeanne C. San Francisco San ' AM GransValky mamba Sacramento Sacramento Petakana General Curriculum General Curriculum English Genoal Curriculum Political Science. Damned G. antral Curriculum WAX; Vault: Stratford Nan; KAM. Xi); Bin and Wrestling. Utrimque. Gold; Elections COWL; CSTA. • tors RHODES. RHODES. RICHARDSON, RIEWERTS, RIGGS, RIITAHO, RIVERA, James T. Leland D. Frances A. James C. Ramon W. Heikki S. Norman Berkeley Samara Los Angeles Oakland Iona Finland Bolivia Bus. Admin. Gettagy Clinical Pub. H. Bus. Admin. Pig ' s() Ay Transportation BarkingsFiaance IN; Triune; IFC; ITS; Triune; SAE. KME; Crew. I House. Winged Helmet; Circle C; Ski Team. Skutt and Keys. ROBERTSON, ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROCHE. ROCHE, ROCK, decent M. Berard J. Jani« E. John L. Janet E. Patrick J. Joyce M. Los Angeles San Francisco Sebastopol Marysville CMOs Vista San Leandro Oakland General Curriculum Economics JOIIII1111)171. Central Curriculum Social Welfare Civil Engineering General Curricular, Continental. II A•; HMO AT. I Home. AMU; Nenao) AEA; Blot and Faun.; UC P.440 Club; ASCE. GOA; U Meatre; Club; IFC. Class Cam.; WSSF. PRESTON. PRICHARD, PRITTEN, PRONIN, Barbara I.. Marjorie J. Len., 1.1. Alexander Millbrae Fontana Sacramento San Frarcisco PUTERMAN, Roslyn H, Santa Monica Political Science Panik. ROESSLER, Edward B. Davis Cenral Cutrkultim AI , Sr. Class Com.; Rally Com. ROTHMAN, Ise H. 1111015 Psychology Election Count. RYAN, Mkt V. San Francisco Cenral Oarriculum KAO; YWCA ' CSTA; Sym. Coma; Class Councils. Ruin K. Saw Diego Lab. Tech. ROCI If , Witham Berkeley General Currinkan IN: Winged Helmet. ROTHMAN, Morton San Persist Real Estate II AO.; Fr. Con. RYAN, Mildred A. Weavenille Englitb Stern Hall. SAUNDERS, e t t r 4 i ' ROHWER, Claude D. Dian General Curs diatom IA F.; CO Club; Vme•Pers., ASUC; RepatAng VAC; Pets., Model Stn. ROWLAND, Sally A. Dentin General Curriculum Neuman Club. IgArktrO. Fmlard Mannino Marketing Club. SAUNDERS, Sanford I. Admia. 0102; Golden Bear; Gavel and Quill; CMUC; PRC; Class Conan,. ROSE, ROSENFELD, Naomi Nancy Alameda Los Anpeles San Francisco Speech General Curr4ulam Central Carmenum Radio-TY Theatre; Gavel and Qui I r; Frain " ; Signal Class COISCIll. Arts Club. ROWLEY, RUBEY, RUBY, Gerald F. Norman A. Wilda G. koala San Diego Saorarriento Zoology Psychology Neogene Art IAN. ralg; Oski Com. IN; MSS; Class Coon.; Pelican. SABIN, SAERAN, SANDERSON, John U. Robert S. Roderick S. San Marino Los Angeles Concord General C1116(4411111 Per1144.; Psych. Mechanical Engr. Xa. Welfare Bd.; Med. Bonn; ASME. 541. Coon.; USCA. SAM WILLIAMS, tabbed as a " dantron passer, " came to Cal from Los Ist14111 and was a valuable MW ' for tar Bean. Sam it married rd will go Mao his major, or iminnegy, alter graduation. SCHREINER, SCHUMANN. SCHUSTER, SCHWABACHER, SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT, Jo Ann Janes F. Swann. 14g11411 F. Ow . H. James G. Ptter L. Modena Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Hills La Jolla How Ecomakt Chia Erminetrird Hinny. Industrial Moira. Gonna General Curriculum Mimics Eo; Pelican; OAX; ASCE. Smyth; AAS; YIDS. SAX; OT; IX. USCA; UC Hddro WDA; Treble Clef; Ball and CU;,. Club. Hone Econ. Club. r —.eat (fry , . ROODEN, RODKIN, RODRIGUEZ, ROORIGUEZ, Jack J. lea C. Hector A. Ray A. San cranny. San Mateo Mtraco Berkeley Meefraniaf Erg. Inaurame Chemical Env. SOanish IITI; TIM; 11.10; Circle C; A ICE. 0115:: ISO; Newman Club: GrtallliC.S. A01.1; Tower and ASME; IAS; EJC. Flame; MSS. ROSENTHAL, ROSS, ROTH, ROIMGANGER, Barbara I.. Franklyn W. Dorothy S. Mary E. Steely Hills Alameda Berkeley Piedmont Accounting Social Welfare Home Cos:inks (CIO; Prytaten; AX ' ,All; YWCA; MB; OX; Daily Cal; Hillel. Corn. Serval. Ronk; Pelican; Sr. Clan CO M; So. Bur.; NEC. RUSK, RUSLENDER, RUSSO, RU THERFORD, Jon Josephine,— Tudy Palmdale San Francisco Galan: San lane Eons°. Cenral Cureiculum Bad etiology. General Odedulum !III; Oxford. Rail, Con.; Big AO. Gam Can.; Sr. Week Com. SARGENT, SANKOWICH, SANTINI, Lila J. Rosalind D. Faye A. San FIA»01411 San Francisco Sacranento kaC " General Curriculum General Curricular, Medical Science French A En; PrStaM314 AO II ' Gavernal Bowan Hall. Tower and Flax; Mortar 60.; Torch Quill; Pelican; Education ChM. and Sasaki; Pres., Class Cons.; WAA. Panantl.; WEB. SAWAYA, SCHATTENBURG, SCHELLING, SCHLEir, Sidney C. Kenneth G. Margaret E. LER, PHrre E. Gerebe C. Bentley Fresno Bentley Hawaii Exeter Alameda oca,SCSMkilDIT, Orlvd Process Eni• Range General Curriculum Mechanical Engr. Decorative Art Petroleum Erma. Marketing T411,11. ATO; Gavel and IX Ski Club; Mg.., AZ; Collodium. NT; MIA; AIME. KT; Triune; Quin; SUC; NROTC; ASUC Ski Lodge. Tra411; 63Sktiball. Clan Council. s e n SELLMAN, SETTLE, Dal Howard M. Ontario Hayward SEAWRIGHT, SECOR, RorsildW. Kenneth E. Hermosa Beach Sacramento Cull Engineering Dsit Con.; NE; TIM; FX. Una. Theatre. SCOTT SCOVEL. SEALS, Robert G. Are F. Frances A. Alameda San Mateo valleks Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum Ats TB II; XE; EX; Al ' , Blue and SK; ASCE. SEDERHOLIA, SEGEL. SEILER, Charles H. Diane F. Stuart. W. Pleasant Hill San Mateo San Francisco Chemistry Journalism Inatana English Bus. Admin. 15 6; Toner and 011; Si Cow.; 11 AO; Intramural AVM; Daily Cal. AEA; Cal Band. Flame; FAAHS. Cahlecto; Daily Re. Cal; Blue and SEWILL, sEYMOUR, SEYNEI, SHANDORF, SHANK, SHARP, SHARPE, SHAVER, SHAW, SHEARER, Edna David H. Lithe. Mary Ann Stephen E. Robert S. Burton✓ S. William 8. (Jaw " A. Chesty E. Riverside Van Runt Oakland Long Beach Oakland Oakland San Diego San Jose Pula! 1 Rtedki Imemutional Rel. Bacterks Cgy Pub. H. Nursing. General Cerritubmi Paleontology Education Accounting Marketing Bus. Admin. Emil Engineering Sheoma; Daily Cal, Golden Sear; Daily Zl ' A; Gan, and Alt; MTA. TKE. ZIIT. LAE; Triune. TEO; Cal 23 XP.; ASCE. City Woe; Cal Scorn Ed. Quill; Neuman Club. Prylinean; MX.. Club; Class Coons. SKEPHARD, SHERMAN, SHERRILL, SHILLING, SHIRO. SHUGART. SHUM, SICKLER, SIDENER, SILBERBERG, Thomas J. Sandra R. Richard R. William G. James H. Lee A. lOsaitheong Ann L. Nancy L. Rein Modesto Bendy Hills BRAGA San Francisco San Francisco Glendale Singapore South Pasadena Sacramento Beriteley Political Science English Civil Engineering General tiorlashein Forestry F✓es°, Inehntrial Mom Social Welfare Economies Physics saw.; Vanity AEO; Fro " ASCE. %HT. AZ; SAME; SAE; TEE; Forestry 01 en berg Hail. FOIL HSS; LSA. Debate; Mod. Sen.; Coon.; Syne Forum. Forestry Club. Club; Ski Club. Reptailarge. fors SKIFFINGTON, SKINNER. SXREPLTOS. SLAM , SCATTER, SLOMER, SMALL. Dale A. Dell L. Chris N. AVMs 0. Stanley D. Ann Alum A. Scala LyieatoS Sacramento Hermosa Beath Lancere Glendale San Francisco IrOntrial Norm. Civil Engimerieg Sanitation Medicine. i0yrflalitin Decorative Art Speech; EX: Winged ATO; Talent `LAS. XX: Pelican; :SAM. Helmet. Council. Jr. Class Coon.; Neuman Club. ED WACHSMAN, extended his tine And interest to include Maternity Affairs Committee, Golden Bear, Model UN, Memorial Union Connuttte. and Viee•Pmedeot of IFC. Being President and House manager of the Macias also claimed came of his time. SILBERMAN. SILVCRSTEIN, SIMMEL, SIMMONS, Arthur L. Martha E. Edw✓d C. Patricia A. San Francisco Piedmont Los Angelis Biqa Bert. Admin. AucomIrg Psychology English EN: IITX; LAS; AT.,- A AX; Daily Cal. KA; CSTA; Oast Debate; Scabbard Coen.; Sailing and Blade; Class Chit. Conn.; 1555; 11C. SIMPSON. SIMPSON, SIMPSON, SIMS, SIPASON, SINAI, SID, Jo Amu Lloyd Mitzi A. (aeon K. Manfred E. Joe M. Jesse Berkeley Los Angeles Los Angeles Altadena Los Angeles Oakland Oakland Decorative Art Geological Sei. Hurling Edim. PsYchOlegy Speech General Commulum History Zs,. Acacia; M Chcrus. EX; Radits.7V 11.10. CSTA. Theatre; War., Blue and Gold Record. SIMON, SIMONS, SIMPSON. Marcia G. Mary E. Arthur L. Brneley Vacaville Fort Bragg Speech Horne Economics Architecture Rally Corn.; WAG; AAX; NEC. X0E; SAME; Bo Game Con Cal Bard. L SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, Andrea L. Caul M. Douglas L. Garrison 8. Jaws 0. Nathaniel K. Peter S. Shape Susanne Suzanne D. Haynard Steele, Illinois Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Smyth. Hills rimed Berkeley Carmel General °arkslum General Curriculum Itank•ilaance Humanities Real Estate.Insur. PsythMom General Conicuttin General Curriculum French General Opricucum AA%; FIK; 031; Cal Emitter AKE; SAM; Abracadabra; Ski AEO; Senior Cl. AOA; Cal Bard; A At; Soccer; Stern; Mato 84.; .111 ' ; OBK; KAM; Sysolsony Collegians; Fr., Sr. Council. Crew; Sailing Cl.; Club; PreiMed. Yeti Leader; Cl. Tow and Flame; Speal.en ' Bateau. Chas, WAG; Treble Speakers Bureau; Forum; Tennis; liking Gana. Marketing Club. Society; CSTA. Off. B4.; Se. W.; Stiles; Clef; Women, Ex. II AO; Freshman L. and S. Cannel. YMCA; Horton Hall. Beard; YWCA. Council. SMITH, SODERBLOM, SOLOMON, SOMERVILLE, SOMMER, SONNENBERG, SORENSON. SOTOMAYOR, SOYSTER, SPEISER, Thomas R. Atdrey N. William W. Bill Rust H. JoMtin Ronald E. Marta Jan E. Zane P. Lafayette Alladtra Stockton Berkeley Saa Francisco Oakland Sacramento Mein, Its Angeles Hollywood English Education Induttral Mgt. Political Select Iran. Relations Chemistry Meek. Enlinering Social Welfare General Oorkulum Art MB; Freshman Club; 01 " A; IFC J. Froth President; Cloyre; C31.1n$0; How Students OX ' ASME; Ridge Hone; AK. Council; IFSHS. Committee.; Moder Senate. Society. SAE. Chairman. WUS. SPENCER, SPIENERMAN, SPILLERS, SPINAZZE, SPINELLI, SPITLER, SPIVAK, SPOTTS, SQUIBB, SQUIRES. Nancy L. Carol M. William R. Laurel Francis R. Jr. Maidn E. awry R. Charles R. Samuel P. Bennett T. Oakland Lodi Frenno Hayward San Francitto Berkeley Oakland Arizona ittakleurg Sacramento General Curriculum Home Ecenomin Civil Engineering Eke. [(dimming Medical Science General Cotrkulent Bus. Admin. BatteriekgY Marketing General Curriculum AXE; SYmOkony; AO II; Cal Club; XE; TM II. ' 11011; ERN; Pee led:01 Soc. Zia. MOW Student Treas., AMA. Folk lad Square Education Club; wornen ' s Rep.; Bee Engin. Joint Coon. Society. Dangers. Jr. Mr ., Treble and Gold ' Pet.; Clef; YWCA. YWCA; Tor. and Sly STACKS, STANLEY, STAUB, STEARNS, STEEN, STEINERT, STEINMETZ, Lois M. Helen K. Josephine Diane V. Anne E. Wilma C. Florence S. Sam FranCisco Willits San Francisco Piedmont Berkeley San Rafael °amine General Curriculum India. RelatWs Education Dietetics General Curriculum Accounting General Curriculum AEA; Pelkw; Sesucleleite Club; .teK; WPC. AXE); ON: Pelican; Astor 031; Sr. Goan.; ASE; WAA; Class Conicity OXO; WDA Rey. Here Econ. OW; Class Commit. ItA.; ONO; CSTA. ChIldna ' s Hosp. Blue and Gold; Elections Council. STENSAAS, STEVENS, STEVENSON, STEWART, STITT, STOAKIN, STONE,. Larry J. Jan S. Janet C. Josephine M. Shirley L. Cornelia C. Nancy Modesto Grass Valley San Passim, Menlo Park AntlaCh Los Angeles Tennessee Pa1400t010)Y Political Science General Curelculom History General Oarriallum General Canons " General Curriculum Smyth As soc. Acacia; En. Comm.; AAA. Stem Hall; Cam., ZTA; Greta and Hiking Club. AA II ; Pelican. Editor, Daily Cal,; Weeders J. Comm.; Quill; Pelican; Cal Club; l ' AX; Westa ' s Ex. Bd. ; Fr., Jr., Senior Pub. Bd.; Go. Bear. WAC; WAA; SUEC. Councils. STOTT, STRINGER, STROBEL, STRONG STRYKER, STUART, STUART, Wyman K. Loran W. Janet L. Charles 4. Jr. George S. Aiwa L. Charles M. In int Sacramento El Centro Piedmont Fullerton La Canada San Leaning Central CarriWarn Elet. Engineering Zoology blistery Ch. ' ErAPPer PI Geseral Zeology.Physiolopt 83; ASR, Cloyne Count; AEA; MOW OXIC. Abracadabra; 11 BO. Bowles Hall; Gael --.—.., TINS; TB II. Students Wee. Baseball; ASCE. and Quill; Cam., SPC; Co ' Cla., Electlora. DOT CLEMENS acquired a nem name between stmts. ten but no ore had trouble idenlilpny the Etat Pmkient of thr Y, member of Mortar Board, Pry. tartan. Panne, Women ' s Et Board, Froth and Sooh class councils, Spriphony Forum aad naiad YWCA yaps. SUMMERHAYS, Jay Fresno Civil Engineering Grim:felon AKA; ASCE; IFC; XX. Class Conolts; Cal Mutt ' s. SNARE, SU, SUE. Isaiah Wellington 7. Berme Y. Artamas (Watley Popo Pre.Medical Civil Ergireming Central Curriculum KAY; TAX; X):; SCE. I Movie. Ramblers; Trak; Rugby. SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, James F. Jay San Francisco Altadena Transportation Political Selene XI ' . Hal I I; Rugby. SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, 1.01,104 P. Moron H. Sat Outland Accounting MICH: HAW; Unwept; CNC; Prmanean; WAC. SUMMERS, SUTHERLAND, Sylvia Jan Sae Leandro Ventura General CUITC0111111 General Currialum II HP; IX II . Richards Hall. SUTLIFF, SUTTON, SUMO ' S, SWAN, SWANSON, SWANSON, SWATMAN, SWENSON, SWENSON, TABER, Nancy E. Almada H. Ronald 8. SYlVil L. Marian Mariann E. Donald R. Burton C. Carolyn R. Larry K. San Diego Altadena San Franisco Oakland Los Angeles Saratoga Sa. FIMIC4CO Bentley San Francisco Oak Lard BIM Admin. General Curriculum Aucening Hatay Art Child Denkoment Public Health Civil Engineering Social WcNare BM. Admin. •X9; Peivotto; l ' XX; Oldenterg. XX; Basketball; OM; FIX; ErfoOrth. AZ; Election ZIP; XX, ' Winged AS ' ; Chem., PAO; Skull and Ueiy. Chores; UC Intramural; From Cane ' and Quill; Gown.; Class Coon. Helmet; Triune. PDX; YWCA; Clan KM Fegthalf. Folk Danterl. Class Council. Sr. Class Con. Council. Tract; Pres., Winged Helmet. TAKAHASHI, TALLARICO, TALLERICO, TALLMAN, TANDOWSKT, TANIGUCHI, TANIGUCHI, TANKERSLEY, TANNER, TARR, Jinn N. Inuit P. Rosie A. Gretchen Richard Amy Betty M. Raymond S. Douglas N. David H. Botelay Oakland Weed Beverly Hills San Francisco San Francisco Hawaii San Francisco South PAIJSMI Sierra Mader Chemistry Musk Spanish Central Curriculum English Chemistry Social Welfare Musk Mechanical Engr. Mechanical MK; ACS; NSC; Smyth Assn.; Univ. Ersorth; Newnan AS.S. NXA; NSC; CSCE; Neenas CIS; HSS. ATA; II TX; Bowles ' AWE; IAS. Cher. Club; CWC. Soc. Wel. CM. Waged Helmet. CLAUDE ROMER ' S high weer year actintirs, in. (Win ASUC Vke.Prtsident, President of Model Senate, Golden Bear, Cal ChM, President of Young Republicans, and SAE President kept him busy. buoy, but tent too busy for Natty. his favorite pastime. After three years In the Air Force, he plan to settle dorm to Ira school. TAYLOR. TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYNTON, TAYNTON, Margaret Patricia G. clued E. Tgornal N. William M. 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Palo Alto San Frarcisoa Civil Ergineerina Chemistry ASCE. Clore Court. THOMAS. THOMPSON, William M. Ca A. Ca P•Mtn Banta Crw English General Curriculum Satin; Blot a sd Pelican. Gold; Track; Sr " . TINSLEY, DamOa L. OMLind An Atm. TIPTON, TIRMAN, Richard N. Charles J. Jr. Pentad City Beverly Hint Architecture Mech. (minted " NAN; Tennis. Kt; IITTE TOCNA21111 I, Arthur J. San Francisco Pocholon t, D. Bear ley SPeea %TA. TOLL. Deborah A. Los Angeles General Curriculum 1061. Marna Bittern Sec INOVI toll. TOM, lOOLIN. TONG, Paul L. Gerald K. StailloY R. San Francisco Lag Beath Hong Kong Production Mgt. Men. Eminetting Araitectnee Tared and Flame; •Nsir; ASME; Intnrational SAM; Arnold Air IAS; AAE. House. Saito. TOOK, TORCHIO, TOWNSEND, ' STARERS, TRAVER, TRETHRIC. INAS, TRUSCOTT, SSC, TSUETAKI, One A. Lloyd J. Mary N. George R. Waldo E. Rickard A. John A. Marianna Marron M. Est M. Beverly Hills Lafayette Bakersfield San Francisco Los Oinks Antioch San Diego San Francisco San Franca. Looms Political Science Physical Malin Hon Enocanos Mech. Ensnaring French Production Ma. Zoology Antheopology Music Finance XN; Triune; BO C; OM; Cabinet. Ate; Circle C; 11 AO; !talon Bodes; Ssimming; A ATI; Mort. M.; X011: Bon Hann; Winged Helmet; Wt. Basketball. Cl.; French Cl.; Giving; Big C; RirmatiLanfe; Cal CSC; CCU. Sall and K. Spanish Cl. Premed Society. Club; Panile; Cal ' lido; Pryt. TSUTSUMIOA, TUCKER. TUNG, TUPPER, TUREIC, TYLER, TYLER. UNGAR, URTIEW, Wilmer YorikO C. Zane L. Faumtine M. Dean A. Twat M. Janet E. William H. Anhui J. Paul A. San Francisco Alitadu Oromile San Francisco Santa Duo Ohio Petalurrla El Centro Compton San Francisco Political Science Political Science Inten0 Rd. Accounting Geology General Conculum Recreation Economies Phyncs Meth. Engineering Stebbins; Model AIM . Glee Club; Con. Wonnee ' s (lento, Blue and Cold; Ski ChM; Gismo Court; ASME. Senate; Inter. Theater. Pelican. Pelican; Fencing Arnold Air SOC. Cal Band Rel. Club. Cl.; Rec. Mai. Cl.; WAA; Toned. VALENCIA, VALLERGA. VAN ALLEN, VANDERVOORT, VANGELE, VAN GILDER, VAN HEUIT, Alan John M. Leroy C. Richard R. James V. William L. Marilyn J. Hayward Arcata LM Baron Los Angeles 8Orliegarr. Oakland Bentley Romance Philology Physical Elec. Engineering Metallurgy Mark.•Pors. Admin. Indus. FOUtions General Curriculum Mask and Dagger; Football; P. E. Bard; AICC. X N; Hiking Club; Scabbard and NMA; SAM. A AN; Calvin Hammer and Dins.; society. Oranentak Soc.; Bade; AMA. Club; Honor Soc. Tame. and Flame; U. Tennis; Ski Club; Theatre; Glee Club. AIME. VAN NOY, VARNEDOE, VAUGHN, VAZNAUGH, VEERKAMP, VIAULT, VILMAUER, James G. Jr. Alice C. Helen Fred S. Ceedola L. Shares L. LtVetn T. Oakland Ojai Bendel Daly City Plat milk Los Angeles Lodi Accounting General Curriculum Chemistry Marketing Sociology Notary Cnrairsok9Y A XO; Pre., Jr- Tater and Flynn.; IITA; Wend Westminster Hone; ICAO; Class; Pits., Gana Ca. Wan. Cl. Jr.; Helmet. Student Chia On Fawn; Ace c4 and Pill; COC; SAACS; YWCA. Council. Clubs. Cams Cyanid VINCENT, VINCENT. VIRDEN, VITOLS, VOGELSBERG, VOORHEIS, VUKASIN, Elizabeth A. Phyllis M. Gayked A Valentin Louise L. Sandra George J. Oakland Ventura Oakland Fullerton San Francisco Piedmont Oakland General Curriculum Physical Therapy Political Science Mtels, Engineering CiPtentn KOH. Eton:ea+ Criminology KAO; Symptom Honor Students; TICE; Men ' s J.; T1111; TITIT; ASO; 11AX; :CO; Golden Bear; Forum; Life Guard Warner ' s Doom Model Senate; COC; ASME; IAS; Pelican; Horne En. Winged Helmet; Caps; CSTA; Fr. Assoc.; Cantobury SOO Yen Leader; Sailing Club; Cl.; G. and Q.; Cl. Rugby; Football; Clan Council. IFSHS; Talent Ski Club. Coun.; WAG; R. Co. Tonne; IFC. PAUL LARSON ' S name rang in the ears a all rooters during each football game as lad OrlElando9 tefbaCk broke OEMSe and passing records and pan the Wain; Maros a " tun for taw money. " In 19S3 tee team elected him tan most raluabre Player. s e n WACKSMAN. WACHIER, Eduard Versate G. Sin Rafael Napa Pohllul Some General Cued.hint Mama; CoNden AO II ; uk.•Sr. Bear; VAC; SVC; Class Caned; Model UN;• Semetaret. Large; IFC. gAr. WAHL t . Abdo ' B. Lafayette Pakistan Political Science Political Science XV. WALKER, Call A. Piedmont Mechanical It ATM; Gavel ad Du ill; ASME; COG; Goldea Bea; CMUC; Pres., Soph WALKER. Jan A. Salinas Political Soarer MSS. WALLACE, WALLIS, Paul R. Rickard Sall Francisco Breeky Electrical Fret Psychology X; Sudan IX; Waged and Blade. Helmet. WAGNER, WAGNER. build E. William L. New Vat Sacramento Zooid: Architecture Bowles; Tern ' s; KI. Glee Club. WALSH, WALSH, WALSWORTH, WALTER, WALTERS, WANG, WAR°, WARDEN, WARE. WARNER, Diane F. Margaret A. Minn M. Charlene C. Patricia Lily John R. Don L. voting Linda P. San Francisco Memo Park Nano Lm Angeles Saatarbfral0 San Francisco Battle, Berkeley San Francisco Raikeley General Ourrkolum GlOt f if Curt kolum Marlene) Art General French Bowen Admin. History Zoology Matherdom Al ' A; ASUC ATA; WUS. Joaquin Mall; WDA; sr. II AO; MSS; +AM; Scabbard Sailing CNN : Secretariat; Class AK; Sr. Coded. Pres.. Speech and Blade. Councils. Ant Club. WARWICK, WASH, WATANABE, WATERS, WAINER, WATKINS, WATSON. WEBB, WEBER, WEBER, Robert W. Dodd R. Masmeachi Sally Jan B. Robert D. Evelyn J. Darrell L. Gm D. Jack D. La Jona Fresno San Francisco Berkelty Endo CemPten Wm tattoo Anaheim Gagsbad Ettonline Geology Pkyskal Education Mechanical Env. gIntOrY Civil Egginerint Polk kaf Science netts Admin. Finn 7 Zoology Mechanical Enigg• • KE; Truk; II MA; Football; cu; Pretanran; Ntrainall Club. ()IX. CM; Exec. Crfell ; El II ' Forestry Cal Band. II TI: TM II; Big C Society. Winced Helmet. Erections faun.; Cann.. ACB; Cite; Bartidtte I II I; ASME; EX. Card Stunt,: Election Ccontil. Class Councils. Lcd Magnet rate. MATT HAZELTINE a oiler on nye first Albania...can teams and Cal Is Me brood M this outstanding ceder ml,, tend as captain 01 the team In hit stoke yeas. Matt Ault from Hadfield and made hit home at the Sigma Phi hOpit tam not at Ow Haden, WEBER, Laurence E. Redding Cornmeal An KO; A.11; Pelican. WEGER, WEINER. COO J. NAPA O. Oakland Oakland Coigne Emmett Admin. At) II ; Gael aid A AI; Rally Chilli; Neuman Conk; Mgr., EM Club; Clan Own.; Pelican; Pub. 114. WUS. WEINSTEIN, WEISEL, Haim Banters A. Ivael Fullertoe Engineering Pd. Health IA. ASCE; 111110. Stern Hall. WEISFIELD, Degglat R. Washington Cenral Curriculum %BT. WEISKE, Robes D. Piedmont Amami.) WESTBERC, WESTERMANN, WESTWICK. WELCH. WELLS, WENSINGER, Jsernee A. Boner L. Mary D. • Jane A. Donne R. Maril Long Beath San D. Sag Mateo Zookirl Eureka General Ovriculum Bactedokgy BerlIngane Coxed Political Science Padd Cleo:eaten An AKA; Sr. Clan AEA; Chem., Gala 14110.1141. tors X0; }MS; $ WHEATON, Club; Cal WHITE, an WDA; Ste Club. Tomer ad Flame; Coun.; PAIS. Jr. Lbw Can.: WHITE, WHITE, °gestations Coo.; CO.Chno., HS Dry; Rea Gems Hosted WHITE. WHITE, Patricia G. Code J. Floyd M. Herd L. KCI4011 S. Rded L. Oakland San Matto San Rabe Oakland Glendale Log Beach Cereal Curreuturn General Curriculum Marketing Civil Engineering English !tininess Anima .t1) II; Jr. Glatt COIN Gavel and AKE; Winged ASCE; SAME; UMC; Ed., Cal Ede. RM., Cal 25 Council. Dual; Pelican; Helmm; Vanity Scabbard-Blade. Club; AMA; CSTA; Clan Cain.; Basketball. Selling ciggi Pres., Tch..Shld. WHEATCROFT, Gary D. Los Meeks Pre.Las 110 II ; Triune: Winged Helmet; Bade Vaal!. WIIIIEFORD, Kandy:in E. Santa Rosa General Cwriculum WHITING, Jerome 0. San lUeltIA10 General Curriculum WILLIAMS, John R. Rivera 1.101017 TT; Baseball; Cross.Ceuntry; Cabin Glob; Casinos erns WINKENSACH, Robert D. Pitaunt Hill Accounting MN; RTE; RAW; IFHS; ARS; Fr..JV. Football. WHITSON, William W. San On90 Anthropology ATM; Symphony; Swimming; Ball and Chain; Watt, Polo. WILLIAMS, Joyce 094nd Public Health Lab. MAO WINSLOW, Robin E. Palo Alto General Curriculum TOR. WONG, Edward Oakland Elec. Coyle win) HEN; TRU. WONG, Henry G. Oakland Accounting RAW; Bath; Chem., Welfare 814 Sloe 84.; Model Senate. WONG, Ka i•Ca019 Hoeg Nog Biochemistry GSA. WICKMAN, LIIIMn Gridley Marry EK. WILLIAMS. L. Lucille Visalia Social Welfare Hoyt Half. WINTHER, Joan L. San Francisco General Curriculum K.1. WONG, Frisk San Francisco Atchilettwe Arch. Assoc. WONG, Howard BMW ' Wear Mech. Ergimering TR II; II TI: I Ho.; ASME; CSC. WONG, Yuen Y. Tahiti Marketing I Hatt. WICKMAN, Robert E. (hinds Forestry Abracadabra, AZ; EEII. WILLIAMS. Ruth C. Oastard SOW 147; Pelman; Sailing Club; YWCA. WIRTZ, Edward X. Burbank Civil Encomium OEN. WONG, Harry J. San Francisco Arthilethae Cloy,. Coart; CSC; XAK; AI WONG, Kul X. Hoeg Kong BmaemistrY Tennis. WOO, William B. San Francisco WIEGAND, WIESE. WILCOX, William E. Jars F. John C. Riehmcmd Stockton Elec. Engineering Sanitary Erg.. Business Pain. Bowles Hall; Blue ASCE. AT. and Gold Record. WILLIAMSON, WILSON, WILSON, Cast Edward L. Eugene B. Sacramento Sacramento Oakland General Curriculum CPR Engineering Atoning AAO. a;; ' 1111 ' lilt; RAW; Track; Big C. Gahm Club. WITTER, WOLFE, WOLFF, Sylvia C. Shekko H. Gerry P. Oakland Sus Framixo Atherton Accounting Spanish II AO; Mt: Lardospe Arch. gim; IFSHS; AWAA 1 ' ; fix; Rally cops.; WAA; LOC. Tom and Flame. Bin 80B MsKEEN, where batty became bream " words in basketball, also spem many tours a fat punt al Page Org cm tby ONE bog WO. After graduation he plans to go moo Public rel.mens sort, a very salable field. Biostatistks WILL WILLETT, WILLIAMS, Marne HI- L. Jame A. Janet L. Marys, die Sacramento Hawaii History General Curriculum General Curriculum %TA; Cowl and Ile II; Winged K K 1 ' ; YWCA Cow; Quill; S f . Class Heinet; weight WAA Badminton; Cowell. Basketball. Swim Club. WILSON, WILSON, WILSTEK, Gordon M. Helen E. Herbert E. Battler Sausalito New Ycet Business Admin. General Curriculum Pre.Law A K. ; Gavel and Smeohom TKO; Baseball. Quill; Rally Cone.; Forum. Class Councils. WOLFSOHN, WONG, WONG, Gail Anna Barbara S. San Francisco Los Angeles Berkeley PIRKO Coo MR Adrthn. Child Development BO; Card Stunts; 111K; WAA; CSTA; Sienna in; Soil Women ' s C Society; Cosa; Sal Club. Edw. Club. Smiling JAN HUNGERFORD spent most of her Senior sear beating a path from the Gamma Phi House to ten " Y " and Oa to a moans of Mortar Roans, tartan o ' Cal Club. Never too tog kr a teeny newel or a laugh, her feta it sure to hyR ncelung tot success. s e n WOODUL, Elizabeth Team W000, WOODLAND, CanOn J. Thad C. San Jose Sac Diego Zoology Banes Admin. English Ah. WOODWARD. WOODWARD, WOOLSEY, Berney A. Peppy A. Judith L. Fresno Oakland °nada WORTHEN, Marlene S. San Frantiwo WRAP, la Coronado WRIGHT, Janet M. WRIGHT, Pamela M. San Francisco Political Science Zoology General Canicula. General Currwulum General Celt Kulum Speech English KAM; UNESCO Tone, and F lame; II li•; II AS; Rickards Hall; A l ' A; Class Stem Hall; WAA K Kr; %hectare Cam Chem.; WUS; Treble Clef; PUS. IS II; Prytaatan; Class Courcil. Council. Foram; Promt I Board. Blue and Gold; PIC. WAA Golf My. TACHEY, YAMAMOTO, YAMASHITA, YAMASHITA, YEAGER, YEE, YEP, Harold H. Sun Mary Somata Anita F. Paul Y. Donald Monterey Park Petaluma Watsonville Oakland Los Gatos San Diego San Francisco YKKIIIPtll Engr. Clemistry Social Welfare English History Art teal Engineering ASME; Scabbard A XS. Stebbins Hall. and Blade. Prospect Terrace. Art Bur.; CSC. ASCE. YON EJI, TOSHIMOTO, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YUSHKOFF, Karumi J. manaru Alice Robert E. Shoal L. Tee F. Milo Palo Alto Fowler Dasis Florida San Jose San Francisco San Francisco Dietetics Electrical Engr. Retailing English Decorative Art Civil Enimmenr9 Peraotto NSC. Euclid Hall; ICC; OXO; I House; K. XE;TRII. Fencing; WDA. NSC; Ski Club. CSC; AMA. As Daily Cal Editor, JAN STEVENS kept news and headlines leftmost in his mind, but still matted to be active on Er Grummet, Publications Board, ZACHMANN, Helm M. Alameda ZAGREBIN, Natalie M. Berkeley ZANDER, Darrell V. Oakland Golden Gear, Gal Club, On:amity Affairs Committee, Sigma Delta Chi and Satan a Occupations Advisory General Ganculurn AZ; II Al; Blue General Cwericulow AA II; Sr. Class Marketing SAM; Cal Bud. Committee. The Acacia bow a:11.1ns tome away Iron and Gold; Class Council. Grass Valley. Corns.; PrYLInelmr ZEOLI, Irene E. ZORBAS Andrew J. ZUG, Nemeth D. South Gate San Francisco Pacific Grove General Curriculum General Curriculum Speech (duo. AM). AT. Del Rey; Harrow and Diener; APC; Mask and Dagger. ZUMWALT, Sara ZUNIGA, •NuO ZUNIGA, Roger A. Coluu San Francisco Nicaragua General CUIIKWYM AO. General Curricular. Newman Club. Civil Er Pearl., ASCE; Newell., Club. k=A; Panile; KS ' ; Toner and Peytanean; Class Flame. Cam.; Orient. Committee. Oars Kee Jennie J. China Oakland Electrical None Eccesonws NEC; ITC,. VEWOALL, TIM, Walter Alyce Berkeley San Francisco Business kIntia. Pub. Health Lab. Ski Ferrmald; Treble Clef; Newman Club; Italian Club. Tao.Tuan Chill Mechanical Engr. UC Rifle Club; Circle C; ASME. YMASA, Sophie V. Berkeley Social Welfare Newman Club; Only Cal Mr. BILL SOMERVILLE ' S grotiticai wens al Cal n a sure sip In will po fM I. Ns ambition to become a Statesman. He lord time for his best hck4y. tenor), in each of hit ativitin as Freshnsse class President, RalMatatlasaskarne. meat , of Golden Bear. Gavel and gull I, Daily Cal, Cochairman of WUS and Canoes Crusade. fors SENIOR WEEK COMMITIM Co-chairmen Sue Mathews, Hormio Lopez Secretary and Slogan Charlene Walker Publicity Mort Beebe. Carol Spiekerman Privilege Cards and Tickets . Jim Van Noy Finance. Jim Smith Sweetheart__. .. Carl Walker Baccalaureate. Corinne James. Sherill Dal:noway President ' s and Chancellor ' s Reception June Hanson. Rosemary Meehan Moonlight Cruise John Gerhart Women ' s Banquet Lou Curtis . Barbara Clymer Men ' s Banquet Chuck Stewart. Bruce Roessler Barbecue Ted Johansen. Sylvia Swan Pilgrimage . . Mary Rothgenger Senior Ball Rich Davis. Jerry Rowley Senior Breelfasi Bev Gleason. Fred Monroe 60 senior week and commencement " Senior ' s king for this last fling. " Under this theme the seniors participated in the traditional activities of Senior Week. Preceding the Senior Week festiv- ities, was the selection of the Senior Sweetheart. She reigned over all the Senior Week activities. This memorable week officially began with the Baccalaureate on Sunday, June 12. As is traditional, this event was held in Faculty Glade. Following the Baccalaureate was the President ' s and Chancellor ' s Re ception for the seniors. On this occasion the seniors go to the president ' s house and it is here that the Sweetheart is crowned. On Monday evening, June 13. with a full moon overhead, the seniors selected the " Queen " for a moonlight cruise. This is a newcomer to the Senior Week activities, and it is anticipated that it will become a tradition. Wednesday evening the traditional Men ' s and Women ' s Banquets were held at the Claremont Hotel. Speeches were made at the banquets and dancing followed. On Thursday, the seniors headed for the country and their barbecue—complete with steaks and dancing. And then the big day, Friday, June 17, Commencement Day! In the morning the seniors bid farewell to the campus in their final Pilgrimage enhanced by the speeches of several outstanding seniors given at different landmarks throughout the campus. At noon, in Faculty Glade, the Alumnae luncheon took place, and then in the early afternoon, with mixed feelings, the seniors participated in graduation. The day was not over, however, for the Senior Ball began with dancing which continued all night, and as a final climax, the early morning breakfast of ham and eggs was waiting after the Ball. Thus the seniors left the University, but with a busy, exciting week climaxing four wonderful and memorable years of college. LI MIKE SAVAGE Presitent juniors As it must to all classes, the junior year came to the Class of ' 56. To the great benefit and gratitude of the class officers the usual siege of apathy didn ' t settle in the Junior Class Council. The junior year is traditionally one in which there are few and often disinterested members of the council. This was very much not the case this year. With the support of an extremely active council, Mike Savage. president: Martha Kloster, vice•president; Margo Eichman, secretary-treasurer, and John Millis, yell leader, sparked the class to a socially and financially successful year. MARTHA KLOSTER Vice•Pres0tM MARGOT EIGIOAAN Stamary•Treassen JOHN MILLIS YtII LW. ' The junior class helped some of the more vital projects on campus in various ways. Besides this, the usual sings and other activities built up to the unforgettable Junior Prom, held at the Surf Club in San Francisco. With another year of progress and experience behind it, this year ' s junior class looks forward to next year, when once again the supremacy of the Class of ' 56 will be demonstrated. A7 BELOW — JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW, WI to right: Anne form, Am Deirepiant. Anne Richaed, Martha Kloster, Mike Savage, Margot Eichainn. ClO01 JO Mall, Mariano Austin, Lee SECOND RON: MOnlitat 147777 Kch•entorg, Inez Broca° Sall S Ea • 7 Simi 4174 Mrco, Ma Ana Jacrnto, Mary Am MtCra Seettwow, Ektty taxman, Arden teal Okk Vanderwort, THIRD ROW: Lion; t :If, AlenWer, Edith Parkin, Ban r. Si Na, Nancy Bagnadcolf, Dane Mill, awa, Stan Gelman, Sharon Waite Lentil6Mo. RIGHT: The Sigma Nu twartotte warms 7.7 the (road at Inc Armor Slag. TOM JEFFRY Prmkkm sophomores The sophomore class got off to a rousing start this fall, and with Tom Jeffry as president, their enthusiasm seemed to increase as the year progressed. Capturing the spirit of fall, they held the first Sunday Supper of the year, " Football Frolics, " on October 10, wh1le their sing on December I carried the theme of " Fireside Frolic, " and provided excellent entertainment. The class busied itself keeping the Big C gold and making plans for bigger and better things in the spring. The spring semester found the sophomores busily preparing for Soph Week, full of activity for the sophomores from March 7 to 12. BARBARA LEVIN Vrce.Preticlfat LDY t EARL DAVIS YtII Lemke Beginning with " no green Monday, " Soph Week included such events as the Soph Doll contest, a Soph Sing. Jazz Concert, and the Interco llegiate Hop. We were especially proud of June Derry, our Soph Doll, who out- shone the contestants from the other West Coast colleges and reigned as Soph Doll of all the campuses. 44 RIGHT: June Dam Taken top honors al Soya Doll with Yvonne Merkel and Dome MM. ' S as atterdaMs. BELOW - • SOPHOMORE COUNCIL FIRST ROW, 1St to mght: Dolores Dela ' , Nod Dan, Celia Gunn, Pat Kramer, AMY Mahon, Johanna Lee, Judy Hall, Barbara Levin, Tern Jeffry, Earl (Sans, Dean:0,11mm Martha Dadra% Manly. Peel, Pat Denton, Smie Somoibeno, Noreen Tyrell•Smith. SEC. OND ROW: M. MaDoml4, Sat McCauley, Chris Winters, Donna Hennessey, Sc. Mc. Lure, Kam Johmson, Manta Bateau, Ruth Anne Caldwell, Herb Philteic, Dais Ann Pm), Sara Wittlmotr, Carol Shunts, Nancy Warren, Katie GMbais, Lynn Campbell, Bar. bar. !bode, Stem Grams. THIRD ROW: Nancy Kinney, Pat Vilcatltkl, Navel Gets. tine, Sandia Faulk, Sylvia Reesman, Bob Gildatran, Roberta Frank, Ana Sanchez, am Roberson, Pat Glacomazzl, Pat Phillips, Phyllis Flu, Karen Washtmm, Phyllis Tors tells, Marilyn Smith, Pat Milts, Liaise Bowman, Linda Lida. FOURTH ROW: Dian. MicIwE, Shinty Hiertaby, Mary Elle. Plant, Mateyo Steiner, Ida Be. Due, Noma Altos nay, Mater Rafe, Canon Polled, Stuart Hall, Meyer Staallack, Nancy Ross, Bill KInmy, Sandy Stauffer, Kamm Minch, Bob. Ruby. FIFTH ROW: Sally Vaughn, Pith Keene, Gary Bun, Joan (Mantras% Mays.: Kraft, Manly. Ranked, Beverly Fonts Blffsda Enkana, Remy Wallace, Jim Lows Lynn Mayer, Monads Adeline, Pat Payne Dada WieNklt. SIXTH ROW: Don Jam Jon Kidder, Betty Peterson Clare VazarO, Shirley eSclens, Hugh R. se Bert Barker, Jean Vandarsten• SEVENTH ROW: Claudia Many, Sally Spat. 65 KEN KRAGEN PillMeet MARILYN RONWER Vice.Presidml ANN BLANCHARD SetreurpTrtatwer STAN BERLINER Yell Leabtr freshmen With a record council consisting of more than four hundred members, the Freshmen quickly made a place for themselves on the Cal campus. Although keeping the " Big C " a deep green hue took most of their time, they found the time for many other activities. During Big Game week, they were especially busy guarding the " Big C " and the rally fire as well as responding to the chants of " Hey Freshman, more wood! " during the rally. Freshman Week End was held December 3, 4, and 5 with a car wash and Sunday Supper as the main events. " Eh Compari, " as the Sun- day Supper theme, attracted a large crowd of guests eager to sample the pizza and spaghetti. On the serious side, the council inaugurated two new committees — the New Student Union Com- mittee and the Election Research Committee. During the year, as a service to the ASUC, the Election Research Committee conducted a poll of the students to determine the rea- sons for student apathy during elections. The results were used by the ASUC in later elec- tions to help overcome this problem. High- lighting the year for the Frosh was the suc- cessful Freshman Sing held on March 30. A large turnout made the sing both a socially and financially successful venture. With one year down and three to go the Freshmen are hoping that every succeeding year will equal their first, and if enthusiasm and ambition are any indication, the future looks very bright for the Class of ' 58. 66 The Blue and Gold Editorial Staff is sorry to announce that it cannot print the name of each member of Freshman Class Council because of lack of space. As everyone can see, with eighty names, the copy would overrun the page. And so we apologize and say instead. " they ' re all great and we ' re in favor of their enthusiasm. " Here at Fre show their enthnieson by attacking the Big " C " with Wount and the neeetf " green paint. 67 your university Charter Day and the President ' s Reception are two events of particular note on this campus. The two chief personalities of Charter Day are shown in contrast—Dr. Dodds, president of Princeton. receives the honorary Doctor of Laws degree from President Sproul and the University ' s oldest alumnus represents the class of ' 87 in the processional. As usual the decorations and the personalities were the two major assets of the President ' s Reception for new students. The picture of lush foliage conveys the idea of the decoration theme, while the expressions of the students show the eager excitement which typifies the new student. A reception of another type is shown in our fifth picture which features the arrival of the PIC group upon its return from its trip to India. 68 As an important institute of learning the University is frequently honored by the presence of people of note. Here we present a few of those who have so honored us this year. There is Lillian Galbraith who received this year ' s most valuable alumnus award for her lifetime of work and achievement. Repre- senting the political field there is the Italian ambassador to the United States. In the dramatic field there is that transient scientist The Alchemist. On a more permanent basis there are the University ' s own Nobel Prize winners: here we present five of the six. This just shows that at Cal you never know how important your neighbor is! 69 Entertainment is varied and ever- present at Cal. If a student prefers sports he can go to a game, watch the action. and be entertained at half-time by the California Marching Band. If he likes music and acting he can have both during Big Game Week in the Axetravaganza. Another entertainment of a comparable nature is the annual Mask and Dagger Revue. If his taste runs to less cultural amusement, Soph Week stunts are always good for a laugh. But the spirit of spreading good fortune comes with the Cal Band departing on a fling of music and fun. 70 " And here we have Eshleman Court, midway point between oblivion (the Bears ' Lair) and tedium (Eshleman Hall) " — this might well be what the orientations guide is expounding to his audience of attentive newcomers to Cal. Football was the keynote of the Fall excitement of these newcomers, as well of all the " old. timers. " Pretty Kathy Martens takes her place as California ' s hostess in the company of illustrious King Football. And the old and new combine to give a lusty cheer as the Football Hall of Fame award is presented to alumnus Stan Barnes by President Sproul. And finally there is the colorfully capped and lustily yelling (?) Cal roofing section almost outdone by the Calites of tomorrow as they appeared at the annual kids ' day football game. DEN as or Forming the plan for the new student union was the main task on the shoulders of Executive Committee the past year. Presenting the ideas of the union to the students, handling the ballot and interpreting the results of the election took a major portion of Ex Corn ' s time. During the past year Ex Corn brought in pompon girls, revised election rules to prevent recurrences of the Fall election snafu, brought in a constitutional amendment allowing initiative in the association, worked over the budget and approved all financial operations. Hotly contested debates ensued on such topics as Assembly Bill 1215 concerning property tax exemptions of the ASUC, desirability of sending UC students to Russia delegation. And finally on the social side, two banquets provided the gay life of the student politicians. SEATED, kft to riihSt: Bee Hamilton, Bernice Puce, Joan Pardee, Dean Stoat, Dick Manton, Carol Minn, Don Martin, Clan Rearaw, Bei Fitch, Eke Haskins. STANDING: Tom Jeffry, Wes McDaniel, Jos Buda, HearietU Girhich, Bernice Beotuden, Tom Strepherd, Nam Palmer, Pulite Nail. Gni Enakhard, Liz WaIdle, Hank Woe., Carry ihWilliNets. 76 77 TOP TO BOTTOM: Vivmkus MARI• ANNE TPUSCOTT, the bas y tee a Ex. Coma s, able rep WES McDANIEL —IFC aid ExCom; BERNICE PENCE, Me awe misses a tneetLeq. TOP TO BOTTOM: Individoalist JIM BOUICK, tube stands by his guns; tacky DON KEENE with hit may surprises. TOP ID BOTTOM: Mud waking TOM SHEPHERD, the Kirq of Sobccaml• tees; Welout mowed HANS PALMER, iatmater of new Ideas. representatives-at-large With their headquarters dressed up for the first time in years, the reps fired away at their work—heading subcommittees on student problems, initiating their own projects and sitting in on various boards and councils. Reps ' projects range from revamping the by-laws of a council to revising the entire slate of election rules. Each rep held two office hours per week to discuss any problems concerning the ASUC with the students. As usual, the outgoing reps, led this year by senior rep, Tom Shepherd, burst out with sad farewell speeches at the big banquet just prior to finals. a:76 OWEN, saw mooed Wch co:- itits after Marko Gemal PETE VON HOUTEN, the atn. letIc leAber el Eaton. Fun loving DON MARTIN, sib yanks bard " ten net Or Feign:Hy CRANE WALDEN. alive in titriOaTkUldf acthities. business administration The complex affairs of the ASUC call for precise efficiency in management. This role is carried out by two closely cooperating groups, Finance Committee and the Activity Heads. Finance Committee is composed of representatives from the ASUC, the University administration, Alumni Association and the student body. Direction of activities is divided between Brutus Hamilton, director of athletics, and G reg Engelhard. director of general activities. It is through the efforts of these people and their assistants that the massive ASUC is able to accomplish its aims in such an efficient manner. ABOVE, TOP—FINANCE COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW, left to I 1: Jim Boakk Dick Manton. Float% Garrett. SECOND ROW: R511Earilant Gear El War, Marl Step, W. ran Stone, Dick Nedoknon. GENERAL ACTIV. ITV REA-DB—FIRST ROW, kit to tire Mollie 1011, Batas Hamilton, Greg Carina if, Fkeero Garrett. SECOND ROW: El Inman, Bob Sky Marne Clarke, Gear Stirs, Bob Kentl, Jack Hataaar, Hairy Omit, Walton Fowlank. OPPOSITE: otos Hamilton, Oitectee of action ' s. BELOW: Grp Evans ' , Militant weal attnities. 78 judicial committees The Student Judicial Committee, which is composed of Men ' s and Women ' s Judicial Committees, was kept busy the past year by ruling on election procedures and by upholding the ASUC Constitution. Men ' s Judicial Committee had the task of hearing complaints against men students although Cal men behaved relatively well this year as indicated by the fact that not one violation of the Big Game pact was reported. Women ' s Judicial Committee met regularly to enforce the rules concerning women students, hearing mainly cases of lockout violation. All rules reviewed by Judicial Committee are made by the students. TOP—MEN ' S JUDICIAL 0:1LIMITTEE—SEATEl, GayD, Nit to right: Bob goblet Seel Wal r, Gott e, Alan P Ku ail cotort, Junto D. Nall. STANDING: Stew Gaa Min , Art NM.tart., Jim Kidde BOTTOM—WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—SEATED, ItIt to right: Loa Cortke, Cam( Sotokermag, Jo Steam. Margaret knew, WilMide. STANDING: Elizabeth Wolin, Pat UcGaIfigan, Katherine Little, Patricia Widemor, Beverly An Fitch. NOT PICTURED: Mid= BeAMAMI% LEFT: Al Poston, thaletnan Mta ' s Jo Stmt, chairman Womoes J. 79 80 (OP TO BOTTOM: ACTIVITY PLANNING COMMIT. TEE—FIRST ROW, left to rlsOrt: Jam Bann, An. mete O ' Connor, Carol Mister, Pat Brawl, NSW) Poe, SECOND ROW: Jerry Metter, Rich Dans, Bob Wee. Benches Sheer, Ken Co-Ito., Bob Leslie. Doe Na man, Hal Wilson, Karru K. twangs, Joan PaoSet Al Beloam ' , -loom Robson, Jim Kidder. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD—FIRST ROW, let to riobt: Wil. ma Oansby, Marilyn McCNmock, Bernice Brandon, Joan Werner, John Lava...Der. SECOND ROW: Dick Johnson, Lola Hirsch, Jim Hall, Sae Chutes, Sally Waters, Sheila McCarthy. CLASS OFFICERS COUR. CIL--FIRST ROW, left to right: John Millis, Martha Kloster, Mike Samoa, June Hasson, Jim Smith. Rose. Rich Data. SECOND ROW: Too Jet. fry, Ards Hall, Barbara Levin, Ken Kroger% hen Blanchard, St.. Berliner, Marilyn Rohner, Earl Davis. WELFARE BOARD—FIRST ROW, (nit right: Dixie Mathis, Rudy Moos, Hank Wow, Barbara La:roman, Al Ekltraml. SECOND ROW: Bob Hos- kins, Betty Alessandria, Sylvia Lynun, Ed Nomura, BMW Lanai Ns, Al Golderbtro, Elaine Matiooll (SRC moral, Joe Welch ISRC west), Cram Walden. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD — FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Colder, Carry McWilliams , Efitabeth Earmemelq, Al Beltraml. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Tokens, Jut Talbert, Jeffrey Russel, Keith Jewell, Jon) LPM, Samoa Lan, Enda Srpseii. boards Good planning through coordination and exchange of ideas is the keynote of the boards. Activities Planning Committee undertook the job of working out a master calendar of all campus activities for the year. Composed of delegates from a wide variety of groups, the committee met once a week to approve dates with the aim of seeing that " everything didn ' t happen on the same night. " Governmental functions of the ASUC were carried out through the work of Functional Services Board, The Board aided many councils in drawing up their by-laws, conducted counseling programs, and performed other important services. Class Officers Board coordinated the work of the four class councils and exchanged ideas regarding many class activities and social functions. Student housing and labor problems and a discount service were investigated by Welfare Board and plans were made for several forums. The Commutor organization, the ASUC book pool and the ushering service also operated under Welfare Board. International Board conducted various programs to make foreign students feel more at home while studying here and to provide information for American students planning to study abroad. In addition the Board sponsored such activities as Project Pakistan-India•Ceylon, Cal-Indo, Project Mexico and Model UN as well as a number of other worth-while works. TOP TO BOTTOM: CAROL MIXTER, Nimuq MtnMks Planate. CommIn; BERNICE BRONSOON, clulmaa, Functional SanMei Baud; RICH DAVIS, tItainnm, Cum (Mom Boyd; HANK WONG, (Minna., 8006; CAREY McWILLIAMS, Wkoun, InternaMoral Board. 91 women ' s activities Women ' s Executive Board is composed of seventeen women who are elected and appointed representatives for all Cal co-eds. It is a coordinating body for all women ' s activities on campus. WEB has three main functions. The major one is to make and revise the rules for women students, over which it has complete control. To coordinate and publicize women ' s activities is a second function of the board, while sponsoring special events is another main realm of WEB activity. Such special events are Women ' s Day in the Spring, and a Christmas party for children in the Fall. With the cooperation of Men ' s Executive Board, WEB co-sponsored a dance following the Spring Sing in March this year. A special project of the board this year was the publication of a booklet for all new women students, which explains the purposes and goals of WEB and contains the rules. Members of WEB are Women ' s representative, second vice-president of the ASUC, Women ' s Judicial chairman, Women ' s Activity Counseling chairman, Women ' s Athletic Association president, Women ' s Dormitory Association presi- dent, Panhellenic president, Senior Class vice-president, junior vice-president, sophomore vice-president, freshman vice-president, YWCA president, Intercollegiate Association for Women Students representative, Secretary, Social, Publicity and Newsletter chairmen. ABOVE: Ladles WceHeA ' s Re(otka and Waned% Ex Bawd Con. BELOW: CAROL SPIEKERMAN, vruc4w s w one n ' s um, aHd BEV FITCH, lebdiCut ttc, 82 . • • • Mt • " rm. t...• - • - .rtdrir TOP: A blunter ahem of Fatuity Glade Mtn a row approximation of the Female attendance at voinite, Day, aithoph San malts rmak Om tram.. BOTTOM: Tuttle Ott make, hay artily the we ShIPWS In miasmal terms. ThN year Women ' s Day mill be held in the Greek Theater rather than Fac•Ity Giotto tolkmiem a thereof +m id trawl. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—SEATED, left to right: Jo Stamart, Sue Mathews, Lou Curtice, CVO SpItketinIa, Matey Poe, Barbara Lelia, Carol Mtxttr. STANDING: Kathy Little,. Sharon Smith, Martha Klemm, Mary Atottt•m, Ltorethy Thelon, Lila Sarkorma, June HATIWO. Concentt0to4 wts;on of Wel UN men ' s activities After years of neglect and disregard by the ASUC similar to the " taxation without representa- tion " in the days of the Revolutionary War, the male population of this campus, or two-thirds of our enrollment, have been put on equal footing with the women. A Men ' s Executive Board, similar to the Women ' s Executive Board, was created last Spring through a constitu- tional change which at the same time created the position of Men ' s representative, who has the responsibility of chairing Men ' s Executive Board. This is the first time that men representing many different segments of campus life have had an opportunity to get together to talk over problems, exchange ideas, and bring the various branches of men ' s activity into a closer working and productive association with the ASUC. Members of the board are the chairmen and presidents of the major men ' s organizations on the campus. This year the board has spent much time in organizing, but has still been of definite help to the campus men ' s organizations. Men are now able to get together to discuss campus issues and make their will known through the Men ' s representative who holds a voting seat on the ASUC Executive Committee and an ex-officio position on Men ' s Judicial Committee. Both the Men ' s Executive .Board and the Men ' s representative have been excellent additions to the ASUC structure, and with the record of their assistance to men on campus during the past year and their plans for the future, more and better activities can be expected for the " Sons of California. " 84 BOB HAMILTON, fl ABOVE. TOP: DeNa Upsilons deal ni a canInl pow oa a Ccarmanity Service prOnCt• BOTTOM:One ol many salt) gatherings at Stiles Nall. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD—SEATED, lilt to Mont: Mel Unmet ' , Frank Sancho, Al Nation, Scott Sherman, Bob Itamdtm Bed klustIns, Ed Wachsnua Delta, Stenntmon. STANDING: Tom Jeffry, Ben Hamm), Mike sa.Nr. Gana Al RKh Days, Iter awn. 811 Mania Z.:oiling. Other than knowledge, sports, government and entertainment are the chief concerns on this campus. To represent sports we have Bob McKeen the " Jolly Green Giant " of the basketball court as he makes a triumphal exit on the shoulders of his teammates. Do not be deceived, those are not the legendary three monkeys but those who have steered student government through its difficulties this year. For enter- tainment we have the ever jolly mascot, Oski, as he and Cal ride onward to victory. The more serious side of entertainment is shown in the faces of these students as they prepore for the annual presentation of the Mask and Dagger s how. Only a small portion of the University ' s great versatility is shown here: and beyond that they teach us something too! 86 TOP: WAA COUNCIL—SEATED, kit to rit41: Maio. Menotti, Miss ESeensaa6e. Mazy Aube, KRIM McNiff , Mary Lynn Mitchell. STANDING: Billie BilOon, embark Maecanl. Jots Gann, Mullis Wm, Jae, Chinni!, Maslen NAloht. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Butes. BELOW: WAA social oteiloo. women ' s athletic association The Women ' s Association has had a very eventful year with Intramural and Sport Club activities. Both of these divisions of WAA operated in full capacity with the Secretariat, the third and new division, providing assistance in every form. The Sport Club girls who signed up in WAA individually had fun and did well in their intercollegiate event, the Sports Day. The Bay Area Sports Day was held at Cal in December with eight sports at the same time. The day ended with a hot lunch and program in the Women ' s Clubrooms. The Spring events included the High School Sports Day to which GAA members from schools in a 00-mile radius of Berkeley were asked to observe and participate in sports at Hearst Gym. The Swim Club presented the aquacade. " San for Women ' s Day. 88 The Intramural girls who sign up in WAA as organized groups on campus showed their love of volleyball by entering forty-two teams this Spring. Several girls travelled to conferences to discuss WAA at state and national gatherings. The Nominations Tea in May preceded the semiannual Field Week and Dessert at which time awards were given to groups from the Intramural League and to individuals in both Sport Club and Intramural. Many of the 800 WAA participants received membership cards at this time and some girls were honored by membership into the Women ' s " C " Society, WAA ' s honorary society. TOP, LEFT: SPORTS CLUB—FIRST ROW, left to noM: Jo Am Barnet, Barbera Woos, ()inn Reese, Joan Twiwton. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Tay , are Cuswt11, hold Blatt, Mmieeit Ave Dint , Joan Brady. THIRD ROW: Jo An Ridenour, Sandra Pest, UArOlrel Cope, Ream JcAtion, Anne talon, Row Wks. NOT PICTURED: Jets PSI Wry Jane Wallet r, JEW Walley. TOP, RIGHT: Riflery seurpitcoters in +diet LOWER, LEFT: INTRAMURAL BOARD—FIRST ROW, kit to risk: Seely Kostial, Barbara lAancati, Anne Gamey, Malty MOO. SECOND ROW: Ann Van Herten, P1Hlll, Fitt, PROF Deoicts Jan Kelly, Jeanne DoNatte. NOT PICTURED: Divots, Hallett. RIGHT: The Kamm and Epocnh lit It the badmIntoe chatepiarthity. OPPOSITE: MARY AULWURM, enerstlic president, tatubly poided the WAA Hilt year. 89 ymca Under the direction cf an efficient and capable cabinet, the University YMCA had a very successful 71st year. High points of the year were Cal in which the YM and YW had a camping trip, the purpose of which was to help orient new students in the University: the Model Senate. which again brought itself stature by debating the " Red China question. " and Stiles Hall ' s venture into the field of community service, which, with the help of Delta Upsilon fraternity, proved to be a very successful venture. SEATED, left to right: Bob Hamilton, Pete Dahl, Thel Mentors.; Paul MolLastk, Nati Gabler. STANDING: Coat Thomas, Tos10 ICaDtaal, Bill Omit, Larry Mawr, Jim Johnson, Jam Karoo, Dan Telea, Fred Molt, Mite Miller, Lawns Mercer, Mat Mather, Terry Jacloco, Leaman KI04. ywca This year the University YWCA has joined with YWCA ' s throughout the world in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the YWCA ' s founding. We have been further reminded of our connection to the movement as students attended the National Student Assembly of the YM and YW and the convention of the National YWCA. The many program groups and services have grown stronger in this Association and the Y-sponsored Cal I A, Freshman Breakfast, and Christmas Tea are deeply rooted in campus tradi- tion. Appropriately enough this year a new program, " Role of Women. " has been added continuing groups in serving the campus community. YWCA COUNCIL — FIRST ROW, left to rapt: Marian Tana, Cabin, Shirley Campbell, Dot Clemens, Jake Ho Word, Rowena Volt, Susan Takat, Irene Fitts, Mynle Franklin. SECOND ROW: Alice Kalitaal. Sherry Skits, Phyllis Warn., Eleanor Hartmtt, See WWI, Gory St ' Hahn, ROW Cremona. Palle Geary, Mary Alice Gahm, Wilma Wothria, Phyllis Dna. Collie Gnaw, Elizabeth Joon, Am Kern. mens ' activity counseling A member of the counseling staff indoctrinates each new entering male student to the wide variety of clubs and activities on campus. A student data card on each counsellee is kept in our office in 1 1 I Eshleman. Under this structure MAC helps new male students to find an activity in which they are interested, and facilitates the contacting of new members by the various clubs and activities on campus. After two weeks, each counselor personally contacts those counsellees whom he judges may welcome further help. FIRST ROW, left to right: Len Posen, Jim Thompson, Len Grossman, Art Woolworth, Thomas Dotter, Ken butte, Henan Shen, Hal Wilson. women? activity counseling Offering a friendly smile and good advice, counselors greet new women students at registration to discuss with them the necessary procedures con- nected with starling a Cal career. During the semester the group attempts to integrate new students into the academic. social and extracurricular life of the University. They hope to enthuse each girl by acquainting her with the many opportunities attendance at Cal offers her. The group does much in the way of making the first semester easier and more interesting and serves as an introduction to the many activities of the ASUC. FIRST ROW, left to right: Elaine Nemo, Helen Fm, Deborah Willey, Lois Heppe, Sharon Smith, Lee Chapman, Loretta Ramsay, Ginger Rafferty, Joan Nabut, Nancy Pierce, Marlene Rube. SECOND ROW: Sitwell Dobrowsky, AM. Rita LeawT, Pat Giatemlni, Pat Paillit4, Jo Ann Orman, UMW ' S Hate, Barbara Hale, Jam Osgood. Barbara 1.101:ItAIAI, Kathy Wham, Minim Thembroelce, Corinne Janos, Doris amuse,. TOP TO BOTTOM: Thelon enemas, Dot Ckmens, Ciree Posers, Sharon Smith. 90 4 , r C IL . ' t , L student union committee SUE MATTHEWS CU roam SUC formulates policies governing the use of Stephens Union and provides for better and more varied use of the ASUC buildings. FIRST ROW, left to NOW Linda SitAr, Helen Mat. 90Thfry, Sue Matthews. SECOND ROW: Noma Damen, claw Neuron, MI Sims, Edith Myers. THIRD ROW: Sally Bernero, Phyllis 7c:hells, Janet Paullm, be alum, Chuck Mock, Paul Gardner. card sales JOAN BRADY as LEE LEVY Cochairmen During both spring and fall semesters. at m t de th c e end of Reg line. the committee at ASUC could d purchased with a minimum of incon- made sure • venience. Over 10,000 were sold. 1 FIRST ROW, left to ' NM. AO. Scary, Lee Lew, Sue Ma • Swam. SECOND ROW: Maroon Oman, Barbara Leach Mel Bernstein, Jim Kidder, Sue Flatboat, flax Ntaccu. store board council BERNIE NEBENZAHL Cluirnun This year Store Board has included in its activities: work on improvements for the Bear ' s Lair and Tap Room, put- ting up the Bear Trap sign. rewriting its by-laws and bringing back the sale of coffee cards. FIRST ROW, lilt to rkght: Cagle Dana., Claire Martin, Shelia McCarthy, Berratcl Neteruahl, Eva Quaid. Ow Troastea. SECOND ROW: John A. Macon, Hank Wook, Marty Koffman, am Lugo, Jack Itaapoldt. NOT PIC. TURED: Jim Beata, Rowe Nalkin, Crate Walden nsa JOAN PARDEE Chairman NSA works to improve activities. stu- dent government, and orientation pro- grams, among other things. through the integration of its own ideas with those of other schools. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Minter, ban Pardee, Barbara Mills. SECOND ROW: Jim Kidder, Barbara Lean, Bee Flub, Jan Stevens. NOT PICTURED: Wince Mok. 92 93 MARTHA lAtBRIDE and JOHN LAUGENOUR, Co-elmIrma Speakers ' Bureau speaks in living groups for campus drives and activ- ities and also spreads the Cal spirit to the various high schools. FIRST ROW, Mb to ' et: Martha Markle, Tom rich. Barbara Levin, Betsy Pridbott. SECOND ROW: Carol Proadlom, Loam Collin, Gaye Watibefeld, Abbe Johnston. Leadership Training Council sets up programs and seminars that attempt to interest students in leadership posi- tions on campus as well as programs designed to promote good leadership techniques. LEFT TO RIGHT. Aartlo Oenidsen, Jim Mall, Sally Seen, Dania Maury. NOT PRESENT: Marilyn Jacobsen speakers ' bureau secretariat CHAZLET, elections ANN FORSBURG and SALLY WATERS, Cbchalnesen Through Secretariat a group of girls serving the executive officers in a sec- retarial capacity gain experience and on insight to campus activities. FIRST ROW, left to robt: Sue Mules, Carol Boyaratr, Tom Hamm. SECOND ROW: Ann Kelly, Joyce Riskin, Pat RabinS0a, duvet Schlan, hyllit Gifolly. THIRD ROW: Bobbie Hand, Anita Oyer, Edby Suttee. Climaxing in the election months of December and April, Elections Coun- cil has the all-important job of seeing that the elections run smoothly. FIRST ROW, lett to right: Ann McGee. Sally Waters, Ann Fehburo, Bob Bubb. SECOND ROW: Bleed, Efetani, Carol Hanes., Jennifer Darla, Duet Frazier, Miry Ellen Want. THIRD ROW: Natalie Cain, Jeanne Repeal, Jean Malthiessen, Peemy °teems, Joyce Barn, Marion Staerkel. leadership JIM HALL, Chaarear. 94 KAREN KIRK Minium Drives Council, working with the Com- munity Chest in the fall and Win in the spring, plans and coordinates the various activities used for raising funds. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rath CaIMll, Kern Kirk, Bernice Assisting Executive committee, Con- stitutions council prepares and revises the constitutions and bylaws of the various ASUC organizations as well as writing some for new organizations. LEFT TO RIGHT: Morns Kai., Did Mamma, Karen Fmkhs. In order to acquaint new students with campus activities and facilities, Orien- tations Council holds a welcome meet- ing with both student and faculty leaders. FIRST ROW, left to rifle: Martha McBride, Cresol , Green, Wilma °amity, Am CleReplant, Naas Meader, Dianne Driver. SECOND ROW: Ida Bona, Melia Matey, Salty Spear, Vie Wyman, !della Hill, Jock Ste , Mab Httschman, Ken Hallam Val Johnion, Lee Levy, Am Campus Tours has the job of arranging guided tours of the campus for visit- ing high school, as well as other various groups. It also works closely with the orientations program for new students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Nom COON Sammie drives council constitutions council DICK JOHNSON CMHolm orientat ions council WILMA DAYSEY Ctuomve campus tours EVADNA SAVVIER Ch.romp. pic KEITH SEXTON Diana The purpose of Project Pakistan-India- Ceylon is to further international un- derstanding through personal contact. Its activities include seminars and a Special Projects program which this year concentrated on sending books and magazines to South Asian li- braries. FIRST ROW, left to Ada: Claodia Harper, Ben mon, Natty Flake, Gar Jean Van der Ahter. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Mtistath Terry Gaither, Keith Sexton, Ware Ittylse, Alan Nelson, Nklans Bea. anin, Glance Mn ?NOW?. Am Firth. cal-indo JOE NUERTAS Chapman By exchanging scholarship students, as well as books and other materials on both Indonesia and the U. S., Project Cal•Indo hopes to further international understanding and cooperation. FIRST ROW, left to right: Nina Wean, Gary Drab, Pat Kers, Crane Wake, Has Dela , Sylvia Sket. sun, Ca Saes SECOND ROW: Kent Swann, Atm Bradford, Has Sarin, at Malin, George Pltyllis Soak, Dona Sample, Warm Saga nen, Mary Tannad, Pat Ydroirow, Arlene Galt, syed H. Allots. public affairs AL BELTRAMI Chairman This council ' s function is to bring speakers and discussions before the students. This year, the " Role of Ath- letics in the University " was discussed by a distinguished group from the faculty. FIRST ROW. kit to Wayne Walken, AI Hand Kay bawl,. SECOND rig R ht: OW: Llord Motif, Crane Ern, Kelvin bay. i reps LYONS anther in activities and discussions of their needs and possible nroblems of integration into campus life. LEFT TO RIGHT: )01 Iwo, Ywnne Way Jerry EeNth San, Frain Norsk, Joss Galant. 95 This council aims at increasing standing between American and for. eign students by bringing them to. 96 JANE TALALIRT Mama Under the direction of International Board. this council attempts to inte- grate new foreign students into the activities of the University. as well as discover the needs of these students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Shares LaN, Mari Jews, Jaw Talbert, Jean CReammer, Joyce Hatni, Phyllis TeetelN, Gail Nelson. Forum Council organizes and debates and lectures on national and interna- tional issues that are of current interest to students. Attempts are made to provide speakers who are experts on the subject. FIRST ROW, left Wright: Keith Jrat II, Welty ' Bank SECOND ROW: Harry Rents, !are Ades. Correspondence Council. under the direction of International Board, con- tinues and sets up an extensive pen. pal program covering most of the world. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kel Tanta, Charlotte Nigel, Jell Revell. Created by I Board for the purpose of examining and making recommen- dations upon the organizational struc- ture. administrative procedures. and functional activities of I Board and its councils. LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Belteaml, Jew: Lyon, Nara Wow, Jeff Revell. hospitality council forum council KEITH JEWELL c ha arnan correspondence council JEFF RUSSELL 6u ,rate little hoover commission HANK wONG CNAyr:an 97 unesco BEVERLY WOODWARD, Chairman UNESCO promotes student participa- tion in all intercollegiate international affairs. Highlights of this year were the WUS. SWAC, and Asilomar con- ferences as well as Collegiate Model UN. FIRST ROW, left to Nom: Dunbar Aitken . Pat Lynch. Mr Matthias. Rage Woodward. SECOND ROW: Get. and Geratb, L.I. Daniel, Shrum SteirAtm, Am HubertY. scholarship EVADNA SAYWELL, Chairman radio, tv ERIC BIEDERMAN, Ctairman This council aids international educe. tion by making information about scholarships and opportunities to study abroad available to both foreign and American students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Acy Cnheii, Naafi Hassell, (fins Say.erII NOT PICTURED: Sands SuRims, Paula Jensen, Carlos Brea, Mahal Yost. In order to gain acting and technical experience, Radio-TV members pro- duce a series of radio and television shows as well as other activities. F IRST ROW, kit to richt: Eric Bit :lemma. MAL Com. ;efts, Salty Si1w brio, Fred Simscri, Dick Capp. Edgar Freels. SECOND ROW: Ads J36.10, Carol Clifford, Lib Worq, JIM 54.41, 5a rael, Pat at GA BenNH, Marvin use. cud., Ron RO Rirson. engineers ALFRED ADAMS, au✓oun Engineers Council coordinates the ac- tivities of the various engineering so- cieties, plans an orientations program and handbook and presents technical movies. FIRST ROW, kit to rNhl: Laurel SP; nane, Cater Mat• cubara, Gordon twit, Allred Attain, Jerry Drennin, Philip Cray, Robert Scott. SECOND ROW: Al LeNMco, Bob Art Gauls.IAA BM Barrett, J. Russell Bernell, Ted George, Lee Dyad. THIRD ROW: W. Giedt, J. Spirakes, B. Kruger, E. GeNet. R. Byrn, E. (women, Jack Went. commuters-independents council B. ALLESSANORIA, Chairman CIC represents students not belong- ing to an organized living group. In addition to finding parking spaces and rides to and from campus. it sponsored a dance and built a float. FIRS . left to ft : Deana Lartalois, Bib Nestled, Betty Allestandsla, Eugene Memo, Joann Barnet. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Walker, Clack Bad, Janet Mc. Deacogh, Lew Thomas, Dixie Powell, Susan Speeterg. student relations council AL GOLDENBERG, Student Relations Council is con- cerned primarily with promoting un- derstanding and good relationships among racial and religious groups and aims to integrate students into the University community. FIRST ROW, kit to ribitt: Joao Levin, Teen Oats Al Gol denberg, Elise Undectet, Mango Leavla. SECOND ROW: Roger Sanwelten, Peter Lee, Mow Moskowitt, Ron Gersten. NOT PICTURED: Rook Wisely, Roger Wekb. academic affairs council CRANE WALDEN, Chaantan Academic Affairs Council works for the students ' right to a competent faculty, proper facilities for study, fair exams, and other matters affecting his role as a student. FIRST ROW, kit to sight: Jon Gan:Neal, Crane Walden, Bob Roder. SECOND ROW: Clay Bradley, Cary Rosen. berg, Walt Daelnleirer. housing council VERTOR DOWNING Housing Council, under the direction of Welfare Board, surveys student tastes in living accommodations and works with the University housing of- fice to establish standards in housing. It publicizes the need for more and better housing, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eric (roll, Attlee Obwoing. Fred JOAO, Art Rots. NOT PICTURED: Jerry Lytins, Stew Bcoaorw, Jerry (tenth. 98 99 Foreign Travel Council serves the student body as a type of travel in- formation bureau providing advice on student tours and foreign travel op- portunities in addition to working with EurCal Tours. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marken Rs , Henrik Lwatt, Mice Harris. model un Representing France at this year ' s Model United Nations which was held at San Francisco State College, were twenty student delegates. Delegations from eleven western states participat- ed in this event. FIRST ROW, kit to night: Marry Ream. Al ealtrarai, Prattle. Paul Sesbury, StAgora Lyman, Keith A we Sytrain lanesta ttler. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Sosnick, Na,, Gazdar, Sakai Miller, Caerry TWthienichl, Betty Koster, Armen TasthNan, Conine 000neY. PIM iasne Mer• Ian, Arm Firth, B. M. Angel. high school un BEY WOODWARD, Chairman wus PAUL ERICKSON, Ouinnin Through participation in the Model UN several hundred high school stu- dents have the opportunity each year to know the United Nations as a real and vital organization. FIRST ROW, wit to mkt: Ann Boardman, Blank awe, Ara Hobtrty. SECOND ROW: Pat Lynch, Chinn Toreills, Sews Laic. World University Service is an inter. national organization for educational promotion in needy areas of the world. At UC this Spring many organizations participated in an on•campus drive for funds. - 111 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Mort Berta, IN Sot, Anne Graft SECOND ROW. PAO Crichton, Torn MOttIgt foreign travel MARILYN RUDY, Cher rink, spring Spring, 1955, was a busy time. Campus organizations sponsored projects to support the World University " Fanfare 50 " was well received, Cal ' s talented ones met in the Spring Talent Show and the Sigma Kappas and the Sigma Alpha Epsilons walked away from the Spring Sing with top honors. The proposed student union was the BIG topic of conversation. However. activities and books were forgotten as the Spring sun melted Berkeley ' s winter " haze " and Wheeler Steps and Dwinelle Plaza were filled to overflowing with Spring fevered students. Senior Week and Commencement finally rolled around and another Spring semester is history. OPPOSITE: The TrI.Oeltas Mt WA and relax alter taint a a the Wag Slag. TOP TO BO TTOM: Musk amompults the ant and D tchel. M Remo: the hryiltwast IattiOn attracts Mtn at the bastetwn hashing team ' Ott On the Mat; mid Blade brims Into Its midst. fall Registration and pre-enrollment lines ushered in the Fall semester, with students madly dashing hither and yon trying to secure desired subjects. As classes began. school settled down to a steady hum. Football took the field and high spirits prevailed. Tradition was broken when pompon girls appeared at the Big Game. Activities, social events, and the inevitable lectures and section meetings consumed the students ' days. " Meet you for coffee " was the prevailing cry, and " Bear ' s Sather Gate and Wheeler Steps were the places of rendezvous. The rains fell, mid-terms came and went, and Christmas came to Cal, exemplified by the gigantic fir tree in Dwinelle Plaza. However, the echoes of " Happy New Year " changed to groans as classes resumed and finals rolled in. The Fall semester was at an end. OPPOSITE: The Antra-awn tan the seetIMM with linty voices and tewelly Wm. TOP TO BOTTOM: Oat amulet admires the foothill sktelIne attrattkas as the Maid M Cotton flutists also Mom beauty to can activities; Chrhtnus pastimes ceastIntofoms is RBR. Inn 102 big game week This year, as usual. Big Game Week began with an old tradition, Blue Monday. The members of the Rally Committee patrolled the campus all day and any students found wearing red had to appear in front of Kangaroo Court which was judged by members of the Big Society. Following the traditional Jazz Concerts on Tuesday and Thursday nights was the Axetravaganza. Before the show on Tuesday, Homecoming Queen, Pat Corrigan. was crowned to reign over all festivities. On Friday afternoon was the annual Big Game Parade. This year ' s theme was " The California Way, " and men ' s and women ' s living groups entered their floats under beauty, originality and humor. On Friday night, the Big Game Rally was held once again in the Greek Theater. Many traditional events took place including the pep talk by Coach " Poppy " Waldorf, various yells, and the reading of t he Andy Smith Eulogy by Professor Garff Wilson. The evening was completed when master of ceremonies, Ralph Edwards, presented " This Is Your Life " to Oski. The festivities of an exciting week were brought to a close with the Homecoming dance in the men ' s gym: music provided by Ray Racket and Margaret Whiting. All the enthusiasm built up during the week expounded itself in the victorious Big Game, the winning of which Cal has added to its list of traditions for the past eight years. Big Game Week committee, chaired by Ron Kaufman. worked many long hours planning and coordinating the numerous events pictured. Queen Pat Corrigan lends a fairy princess regality to the week ' s events while a more unfortunate Daily Cal photographer is caught on Blue Monday with a red apple in his pocket. Homecoming fans applaud the sweepstakes winning float of Liberoski entered by Alpha Chi Rho and Stern Hall. A solemn climax is brought to Cal ' s Big Game Week as Garif Wilson reads the Andy Smith eulogy to the strains of Sons of California. " The mood of the gathered throng is well portrayed in the faces of the queen and her attendants with the lighting of a myriad of Flickering candles and " All Hail. " 103 big game week 104 Oski, the California symbol of joviality and good sportsmanship, takes over as " King rating attention from Hollywood celebrities to pompons starlets while the Cal Band spirit.raising antics and music to kick the heels to. 105 Variety is the spice of life. as the saying goes, and Cal students really go all out to prove the truth of this statement. From traditions like Blue Monday to precedent- breaking acts such as the asassination of the ASUC second vice•president, they participate wholeheartedly. After all. who takes life seriously around here? " Order in the CCUTI, these !Yellw loci (under ts f.I Cal studeat shoos reactsces to UCLA set in the Talent Shea BOTTOM: The Globe Trotten support a fellow tearroate. ASUC eieCulivt$ 14t-preSteCnt. I41a COMerent: OW view horn here 106 ski club This year ' s history of the Ski Club has seen a record of advancing from " some to substance. " With an able group of officers led by Bob LaFrance it has: acquired over 500 members; obtained a duly ap- pointed coach, Dr. Ed Richardson who is also faculty advisor; instituted instructional meetings and an exercise program in the early part of the season to limber up stiff muscles; participated in numerous races with a pow erful aggregation of able skiers, particularly the girls; organized several new races— one with Tioga Ski Club, another with Stanford and Sacramento JC, and the intramural slalom, along with the annual " fun " race; obtained an instructor, Bob Shane, who advanced the " bunnies, " and held out- standing meetings highlighting such people as Dodie Post and Joe Merrillac of Squaw Valley, Al Steck who climbed on Makalu, and Eric Johnson of Dodge Ridge who demonstrated on his I 2-foot built-in " slope. " TOP TO BOTTOM: Bob Larrame oreikket, In SKI CLUB EX COMM—FIRST ROW, left to ,MM: Ray Kellner, Jerry Kneel . Delta: Hallett, SyNia Swan. SECOND ROW: Dr. Ed Rkhardsca, advisor; LaFrance, Frank Kenn, Nog Leach, Marlene Clifford, Lionel ' Paten. SKI CLUB tan. the pane that retreats to smIk foe the birdee. INTRAMURAL WINNERS on tht sal slope an FIRST ROW, left to NOM: SOY ' S ' anther. Dottie Hallett. SECOND ROW: LInaeli Poem, SyNia Swan, Janet Rioaarn, Pat PaRlios. NO. 1 WINNERS: Dottie Hallett and Dave Stevan. The Fall season brings with it the delight- ful odor of burning crepe paper as the many hours of unusual labor go up in smoke. The novel ideas put forth in the production of floats of color, beauty, and humor provide memories rich in the freezing hours of dawn before the Big Game parade, new friends, and cut fin- gers. Aside from the hazardous side of float building, the idea is wonderful so- cially and spiritually. as many will attest. Oskl mum Nam to as the recurs, not to mortis. the flu leaders. TOP TO BOTTOM: Salmon shade inn. chine. aim witts boils. in crepe over. This Is one case nun the •leht heron Is worth the morals.; alter. Everyone enjoyed the Mats with word Oleos, especially the afgelic voices of this rooting sulk 102 publications board Publications Board, composed of the editors and managers of the five ASUC publications, plus the Daily Cal managing editor, engages in the higher levels of publications policy making. This year ' s crowning glory came when a revived Occident, campus literary magazine, was set up by the board, and Occident editor and manager joined their literary peers from Blue and Gold, The Daily Cal, California Engineer and Pelican. In addition the board, headed by Jan Stevens and spring by Bruce Niel, sponsored a High School Press Conference in May. 110 A8OVE—SEATED, left to 601. Sue Oudot., Natty bade , Peggy La. VieNate, Haat WNeer, Mao Kelp, Ulan Morita STANDING: Ron Goa. Brute Jae Staters, Reese Nook. Walter bolt( DX OPPOSITE: Jan Stmts. LEFT TO RIGHT: Poblkatloas Off Ice Staff: Lao Crab°, amebae.. WOOD, Itriaree LeoIno BELOW: Bruce P11e3; Pat Upp, astis4 ant dinetter of poblNatlom; Wake. Froftfick, lint of coalkatioof. california engineer Academic ineligibilities and student apathy were not enough to stop the California Engineer, and the staff managed to put the magazine out, on schedule, every month. Increased coverage of campus activities, especially the student engineering societies, was the main addition to the magazine ' s content. A liberal number of parties, desserts, and " informal gatherings " kept the staff socially alive and resulted in the birth of a few stories which, no doubt, will become legend in the Engineer office. ABOVE—STANDING, 101 to tiolt: Marlene GIhIgQ Mule. Bloom Dick Woo, Bob Barroom, Betty Koster, Ken Mkt, VIcolois Davidscn, Joy Nall, Gni Half, fret, Bauch. SEATED: BBB Mel, Reeve Poinky, Kathy Crowfoot TV TO BOTTOM: out Mot; Anse Pololq, tv‘PPO; Kathy OranToed, Wciftres WNW.. blue and gold editorial staff It ' s a wonder that " red hot " Editor Bracken ever got her slow staff to move, but once she did, 1 10-B Eshleman showed a bustle of activity which lasted until the book was finally completed—one day before it came out. Urged on by jokes and numerous " coffee times " in the Bear ' s Lair, Bracken ' s helpers turned out to be, in their eyes, a very efficient and capable group. The sophomores and freshmen were offered many opportunities to meet and chat with campus " big shots " by tracking them down for interviews, which only in rare instances lasted longer than one very short minute. But if this kind of exercise became too strenuous for less hardy staff members, there was an opportunity to stay in the office memorizing faces and names, by identifying and pasting pictures and writing copy. If there was absolutely nothing else to do, the editorial staff, as they liked to call themselves, always enjoyed peeking through the glass into the adjoining managerial office, at Mary Kelly and her brood. The goal of the staff was finally achieved due to hard work and many sacrifices and a " tremendous book " was presented to the group at their annual Appointments Banquet in May, and a few days later to the entire student body. Thus ended the year of work and good times for Nancy and her friends in the Editorial Office. TOP: The raw Mita vitas Udall on the thcopiro block. CENTER: The editor also nods side employment 1:40iitabk. OOTTOM: Presiterus ralft to hide rathysiasm o,er St;a0latirg WC•k• 112 ABOVE, LEFT—JUNIOR STAFF—SEATED. telt to tight: Canon Cates. Sheila Ryan. STANDING: Enna Latglois Maryanne lawIan, Mary twits. Holland. NOT PICTURED: akly Woolsty. SOPHO. MORE STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: SalO Tuner, Jan HittMak km Val Hata. RECONFO ROW: Knee ,kbamen, Barbara Teo Gianni lairkella, Marlyn Otkois. FRESHMAN STAFF— STANDING, left to right: Am FaHanna, Anal KelWy. Linda Lula, Pat Pereira, Betty Koster, Penn Slow.% Marilyn Steiner, Ruth Har ' iogtfl Flora Nlooffirya, Agy Taylor, Debby Willey Jaw S UMW Kett, Judy Whoa, Sharon Randall. SEATED, lilt side: Ara Colby. ABOVE, RIGHT: Nancy BrWhen. Witco; Carol Pretad• loot, copy editor; Let Chapman, sports editor; Jame. Chattier, pkturt Oita. 113 114 blue and gold managerial staff " Silence is Golden " was the motto of the 1955 Blue and Gold Managerial Staff. And due credit must be given this industrious group of slave- drivers. Their goal was achieved. Silence reigned supreme in the Managerial Office in its usual uproar. But Manager Mary Kelly soon discovered a remedy for this shortcoming. With the aid of her two arch cohorts, Assistant Manager Sybil Stafford and Associate Manager Nan Nelson, an iron-clad rule was established in the office: " Nobody Allowed; admittance only on Emergency Conditions. " The success of the policy was over- whelming. Silence arrived and the managers left. The Blue and Gold Managerial Office is now preserved as a shrine to the 1955 managers. Not a foot has been set in it since January 32, 1955, the date of the famous Kelly Doctrine. Of course, there are times when the Editorial Staff gazes longingly at the vast empty space and contemplates about the days of old when those big, round, smiling faces filled the room next to them, but the editors will not have much longer to contemplate. They will soon be trodding down that long, long trail that leads from Eshleman. The book will be broke! TOP TO BOTTOM: Whew it came to pc011e swots, Managerial ooldid ' Moulin with eathotbsm. However, then were limes taw the staff twat Whorl of the duke). AUDIO STAFF—FIRST ROW, left to right: BM TORMRI Sir Philip, Fred Show. SECONO ROW: RR Marshall, Charles Stoned, Bill Witgard. THIRD ROW: Elliot Baum, Dave Puma. ■■■ V ABOVE, LEFT—JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to Mon: Sue Kan, Marian Archer, Jim railin. NOT PIC. TURED: Margaret Kennedy, Matgate Lemis.MIDDLE - SOPHOMORE MANAGERS: Nancy Walsh, Barbara Ruby, Marianne Kota, }MA Carte., Peggy Kiernan, Barbara DiMIXtd. OPPOSITE—FRESHMAN MAN. AGERS: Jane Bel l, Roxie Peke, Mist Nimes, Mary Vibitemn. Emily Siernie. TOP TO BOTTOM: Mary Kelly, Manager; Nan Nelson, Asseiate Manatee; Sybil Stalled, Att. tall Manager; Elliott Baum, Atdio Oector. 115 WAIOIE Sow Edda SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS—FIRSt ROW, kit to mil: Betty Koster, Flo LW, Luke Chmy. SECOND ROW: Sob Fitt, Stu Nall. 116 daily californian editorial staff The new California Memorial Union and student needs were the Daily Californian ' s two big topics for the year 1954-55. A short-handed staff got out special supplements for All-University Week End, the student union campaign, and Charter Day and produced the 57th consecutive year of Monday to Friday Daily Californians. Visiting high school journalists from all over the state toured the Eshleman Hall offices and the campus during the annual High School Press Day. Visiting professional journalists from all over the nation took over the offices when the American Association for the Advancement of Science convened on the campus during the Christmas holidays. SUE GARDNER MARILYN JACOBSON Fall Manning Editor $pliap Idilonidg Editor SENIOR REPORTERS—FIRST ROW, left to rioM: Dolan Schnimaa, SAIrle Mutpby, Niro Peppin. SECOND ROW: .My Bardaell, Owl Worabwell. h. REPORTERS, left to nolo: ilanlyn Robson. Lada Nitwit Bob CcopocI LES CARPENTER AUX COULOIR, BARBARA EARNER TOM LUBBECK hosUhl Mannino Editor Attuhot SOrioi City Edited ' Art Editor ABOVE: JOHN ROBSON, Spin; Aceittant BRUCE ARNETT, Fall City Edda; EDNA SEWILL, ire City Edited. CUB REPORTERS--FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Landis, Carotin Cahill, Lee ScNal. SECOND ROW: TN Petry, Cecil Van Louth, A00 Rodreoeyt, Don Ye " , Dot Hudson, Larry Rue, Thenas AndencH, Ray Okaoura. 117 ABOVE—JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to light: Lyme Rougher, Eaba Boa, Maine Lamttrt, Phyllis Date, Bob Sharon. BELOW—FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE MANAGERS: TItodoo Nay, Pat Fluatvak, Sanwa alma, Manam Money, Sharon Aiello, Bab Cretin). daily californian managerial Daily Cal Managerial, the business staff of the Monarch, provides a training ground for future " ad men " and other assorted dyspeptic executives. Besides learning how a big newspaper functions from the crass commercial side, staff members acquire such adjuncts necessary to the successful businessman as elbow-bending and banquet attending. Urged ever forward by out inspiring Latin motto — " Get Out and Sell, " the slaves of the capitalistic senior managers consider themselves lucky to end the semester with a one point and cirrhosis of the liver. PEGGY LA VIOLETTE Fall lotions MaNW LARRY BLAIR Swing Business Nature MARGE BUTLER Spin, Maasbg MSJWST PAT CONMELLY Span; Natation Mane SHARON LEVINSON tall Athenian, Manton erg I a ' 4r- STAN BRACKETT Sprig Prodvake MAANN, KEN VANTRESS SoeIra Aut. Preduction Manna GCS MARTIN PHIL MARCUS Pal] Spring feller sports staff Sports Staff was coming out for the last round in the Fall of 1954 when a timely influx of new blood not only saved the day. but made it better than ever. Sports Editor Don Martin started the semester with a small core of experienced men in his assistant Phil Marcus and night editors, Morris Kosis, Jim Lemert, and John Vlahos. This was an insufficient staff, but some highly talented newcomers in the persons of Jay Ross and Ed Moosbrugger, who moved up to night editors in the Spring, and Bob Kinsmen, put the staff back on its feet. In the Spring the new editor, Phil Marcus, was almost as lucky when Len Belson and Rod Rodriguez joined the staff and proved to be capable and reliable. Others who aided the staff during the school year were Bob Hayman, Jim Gerhart, a night editor, Ernie Leichter, Bob Frane. Emory Summers, Glen Pierce and John Gilmore. Two members of the fairer sex, Carla Getz and Dorothy Mansur, were also a big help in the Fall. ROM PLOWAIN Head Photerisact SPORTS STAPP SEATED, left to rel,t: Mont Korot, Ph. ' Ntrtep sr A ' ,DI G: Colmar Don Kim.—.m, Len Belson, EP Mootteurroar, TOP Lobbt T, Bob Pine, Joel Lertert, Carle Ger, Jay Ross, Rot Realer-az, John Vlaboo PHOTOGRAPHERS, loft to Mont: Ron Preform Eric UntO C, Geoff pelican The Pelican, being the seat of whimsy and humor in the Bay Area, began its majestic flight in the Fall with Ron Goulart as editor and Hank Weiner as manager. Carrying on the tradition of originality and creativeness, the high point in the semester was reached in the popular " Make Your Own Comics Kit. " In the Spring the editorship was assumed by Paul Norehad, with Terry Wollter later stepping in, while Robin Harris moved up to manager. With a running start gained from past traditions and famous editors emeritus, Pelly continues in its crusade for apathy and snide commentaries. This semester saw the return of the always well•received " Pictorial Digest. " The Women ' s Staff. so valuable in lending charm and grace to 109 Eshleman, boasted Bev Isenberg and Flo Anderson as Women ' s Directors in the Fall and Spring, respectively. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rea Goriest, Fall Edna; Kw Mann; Terry Wellter, Spiro Edna; Reek MUS, Spins Ham tr. TOP TO BOTTOM: Fall AM- date Editor, Peal Notek 6; Art Editor, Jerry lee; SPIN AM: vertlYn Meese, Orrin Utter; Fall Womeres Sty Issmbere: Serie, meter, Flo Artless . 120 ABOVE, LEFT—PELICAN " CHARMS " —STANOING, left to r.01: Margaret Mother, Shirley Star, Flo Andersen, Andre. Jona, Norma Klettaver. SEATED: Barbara J009. ABOVE, RIGHT—The teeth combine in the peeper atercaphere; kit to ribe: Jerry Lee, Joan Ruyle, Flo Aedersos. Robin Harris, June Derry, Terry Wolper. SEATED: Paul Nerehat PEAT GIRLS—FIRST ROW, Dft to right: Sue Steep, Shirley Herzig, Mary Dyke, Fran Seals, Ymnrot Mats, Sairlty Stone, Barbara Jong, Norma Kitchener, Bre Isenberg, Flo AnSersos, AnIree Joon, Elaine Matiroff. Joyce Jenkins, Jan Rosenberg, Jim Tyler, Adrienne Klein, Nancy Williamson, Jan Gaillard, Karen Matthitswn, Phyllis Realty, Kay Renius. SECOND ROW: Barbara Wetterlard, Joyce Lichtgam, Lentil. ' Barr, Barbara Hole, Marilyn Goodwin, Verna Pearso, Ruth Johnstone, Carron Sehlitatman, JOY« Johnson, Carona Berry, Toni Marchitetli, Diary Chinon, Muriel Kilo , Marilyn Collins, Alice Rideboaqh. Jane« Learner. Gloom Rafferty, Jeannie Cahn, Yuan« Beare], Celia Gunn, Barbara Benedkt. THIRD ROW: Andres Mona, Pat Eattart, MAMIE. Pole., Jean Kirkendall, Nancy Strawer, Eleanor EMlim, Carol Norris, Rae Sulfa , Cliant Orloff, Marsha Birbt411, Diane Mintii, Gloria HoaCro, Jane Simmons, Eyethla Fairtaam, Roberta GauSie, Ara Garfield, Joyce Borman, AIM Brader«, Lee Malaid. FOURTH ROW: Margie Shelly, Matte Kruger. Sony linaUSS. " . Slide POOL (Dam Caitiff. Mary Barnes, Charlene Emily Fara, Marilyn Manton, Barbara Nelson, Helen Starling, Margo Smith, LIRIan Amil, Lee Wertheim, Helen Stone, Marlene Berger, Marin., Miller. FIFTH ROW: Rita Togoritsky, Joyce Riskin, Sue Watrows, Jan Jantey, Barbara Semi. The time-honored tradition of the " Pelly Girls " was continued throughout the year. and the gi rls enjoyed many teas, fashion shows, and learned a great deal about magazine production. Despite the usual maxims such as " the Chappie is better " (it isn ' t), or " the Pelican isn ' t as good as it use to be " by checking back fifty years or so. it appears that it never was), or " Pelly is the West Coast ' s New Yorker " (which is nothing to be ashamed of), the Pelican retained its high position in the realm of college humor magazines, and looks forward to still greater accomplishments next year. 121 occident The University of California literary magazine, Occident, oldest literary magazine on the West Coast, brings before the students a dynamic representation of student creative writing. The aim of Occident, as is the aim of many literary magazines, is to seek out the expression of society through its youth and its youth ' s writing. This can sometimes become a struggling brutal mass of emotion; but it is what society is experiencing today. Minds are complicated. emotions are complicated, society is complicated — the editors intend to give a cross-section of society ' s mind through pages of poetry and prose. Occident ' s staff is an amalgamation of the various depart- ments and theologies of the campus• this fact brings the staff as an organism closer into a realization of what the various branches of readers want. We shall try to appeal to the various student body and personage of our immediate literary art. SEATED, kit to IOC STAND Ii PAWIla Mon, TAT Kloiki, Barlow, Jean oiska. STANDING: Harrkt Dolt, Kik. Welter, Olua Bruce, Karoo 11lao, Alberta Won., Geoid Merida, OrA4 MA, M. HOW Berndt. LEFT: TEO KLOSKI. Editor: RIGHT: BILL BARLOWE, Mane. 122 asuc photography The life of the ASUC Photo Lab was not an easy one this year. Following the example of previous years, the various publications which reside in Eshleman Hall continued to besiege the erstwhile residents of the Lab with multitudinous orders. But the Lab stood firm through all crises and carried out their complex schedules. Under the able direction of steady Ed Kirwan, no job proved too difficult or any problem too complex for them to handle. Seldom was the time of day when one could not find Ed, Sandy, Ken, Ron. and Joe turning out those precious prints which are so vital for all of the publications. Then came that fateful day when the Blue and Gold had been " put to bed " and the pressure on Room 4 Eshleman was off. The crew could sit back, catch their breath, and be satisfied that they had come through with a job well done. No more nights of missing their favorite TV shows or afternoons without lunches in order to take a picture of this council or that event. But they had better take a good rest now; after all, another year is coming up. TOP: WMletett ead Myrtle Sala, lialdea a Blue ant GOIO CENTER: A small ceeleb UEH Plea bitten Many ..111W.01, Ken Hell, 04 Myrtle Sydney. UPPER LIFT: Kee Hall. UPPER RIGHT: CO Kirwan. LOWER LEFT: Rea Plecoren art be Byrne. LOWER RIGHT: Myrtle Samtner. 123 ABOVE, LEFT: The stadium was badly In teed of Ina Owen, up Mitt way Cf the mid can Last Falf. ABOVE: Maegaret Whdia9 really stored " A at sae dance after the Ratty. " Eery Vestry Mors Vs, " there three loathes he 550 124 TOP TO BOTTOM: Ewe wren they in MOO the PcdotS 9dfs were a wowe of famiratios for the boys of any 9e. " Really, Mr DeMilk, do you think ste wceld he stars? ' The Pryt Auction moorded estry(so of the Rase mann, but actually, a 000d time was had by elf university theater The plays presented by the University Theater, under the direction of the Department of Dramatic Art, have a twofold purpose. They are selected to put before the University community a program of distinguished dramas of all times and all countries. In addition, they are planned to afford the students in the University an effective experience in dramatic art. Participation in the presentations is open to all students. The selection of plays which University Theater has offered to the public this year have been: " Othello, " " Desire Under the Elms, " " Back to Methuselah. " " The Alchemist, " and " The Lady ' s Not for Burning. " othello Shakespeare ' s tragedy of love and hate, nobility and debased human motives, was presented by University Theater as their " alumni presentation " in Wheeler Auditorium on September 23, 24, 25, and October I, and 2. Casting for this special event was open to both present and former students of the University, as well as members of the Dramatic Arts Department faculty. The principals in this production were Sam Levine as Othello, John Hetherington as lago, and Susanne de Lappe Geier as Desdemona. TOP TO BOTTOM: Oak Moffat, Thous More, ASIA Bill Pike, Bence Calvin. t U 126 university theater DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS " Desire Under the Elms, " one of Eugene O ' Neill ' s greatest plays, was the second major production of University Theater for th e 1954-55 season. The play, which had six performances, was presented at eight o ' clock on December 9, 10. 1 1 , 17, and 18, in Wheeler Auditorium. The play which is a tragedy concerned with the major themes of modern life, was under the direction of Theodore Kazanoff, instructor in dramatic art. The principal characters in the New England drama were William Price as Simeon, Ernest Rosenfelder as Peter, Stanley Kobsef as Eben, Dale Moffitt as Cabot. and Patricia O ' Grady as Abbie. BACK TO METHUSELAH On March 3, 4, 5, 10. 1 1 , and 12 of this year in the Wheeler Auditorium the University Theater presented the beginning and closing sections of George Bernard Shaw ' s " Back to Methuselah. " The first section " In the Beginning, " and the last section " As Far As Thought Can Reach, " provide a massive prologue and epilogue to the intriguing and imaginative story of how the human race preserves itself by extending the life span from the present " three score and ten " to a duration of thousands of years. The Wheeler Hall production was directed by Fred 0. Harris. It included in its cast: Thomas Moore as " Adam, " Sabre Firestein as " Eve, " Phyllis Newhouse as " The Serpent, " Walter Moulder as " Cain, " and Bernice Calvin as " Lilith. " TOP 10 BOTTOM: 04 fire Unto the Elms, " Ye make a slick pale o ' aftrOetIn ' took dowse " Ted Karaite Oleectirto Bill Peke and Ernie Rmerdelikt he Desk Under the Elms. " 0, cane now! " Bark to Methuselah, " I not to be bora! " 128 129 The truant begot In OTHELLO. OTHELLO, top to bottom: " Si it, Othello. " " I will but wend a mord hem in the bone, and SO aith )0% " It it at WI At yo, Wee Vt MOO, I ' AVM not be BACK TO METHUSELAH: " I am tied of myself. " 130 met of intibit • s, tto littot knelt for " Ps ••citr• fo straw hat band Under the direction of Tom Miller, the Straw Hat Band completed a highly successful season. The Band played at all home basketball games and at games in Los Angeles and Palo Alto. It also played for water polo, baseball, and rugby contests. Highlight of the season was a special half-time show presented during the USC basketball game. The Band played music by Irving Berlin for the show, a musical pantomime entitled, " Private Dreams. " The Straw kitten attract a lane yang al basketball games Aka Art Rebwa takes his plate of beta In " Print Dreams. ' e 132 iivety of scoot and a rvIollas bleed of yokes tete Glee Club and Treble Clef provided an air of I eativity ard introit:vat flavor in their December stow. 0 ' 1 • „ • • • Clvvznin r ' p nev ' r n,i1 glee club and treble clef show During the fall semester, the Glee Club and Treble Clef Society combined to present " Winter Song " under the direction of Robert Paul Commanday. The varied program contained music by Bach, Mendelssohn and Shubert, as well as folk music and Christmas carols. The Glee Club Senior Men ' s Octette, campus favorites, entertained with their novel musical arrangements. Many weeks of feverish rehearsal and preparation were rewarded by three fine concerts attended by the largest crowds in many years. TOP LEFT: Carolyn Cooper r4 Mena PC AWN. TOP RIGHT: Robert Emanuel BOTTOM: SENIOR °VETTE—FIRST ROW, left to SW: Martin Temple, Gene GIONI, Deck O ' Connor, Jerry Messer. SECOND ROW: Jim Caney, Ralph Green, Nark Ramletz, Store Kauffman. 133 FIRST ROW, left to r4bt: Dorothy lee, Wade Mansur, Recta Kelly, Harry Sp:Pc«, Ice Bishop, NON Parish, Rose Marty Costa, Janine Yolk, Ravin« White, Susan Ikeda, Mary McCurdy, Anne Abel:, RoWrt Paul Coruna«lay. SECOND ROW: Mary Keelson. Marl« Bottom, Marilyn Wheeler, Cretin« Grew, Vain« Carpenter, Mary Petenon, Myr ' Colulu, Baztath Mills, Lillian Lucas, Joan«. Zinsternan, Mary Jo MtTaggart, Susan Talbot. THIRD ROW: Rosalyn Mellott, Alice Mega, Thelma Face, Joyce Muttr, Marilyn Tires, Manua Mee, Mary Flout, Nan ettiMili Bnty W.Awns, Nancy CaseboIt, Am GivIA14, Joy Frew11. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Phil, Ida Alter, Janet Williams Mere, Janet Stator,,Elaabeth Warr«, Sandra Fault, Elizabeth Woodul, Nan Carolyn Cooper, Jan Haviik, Gail Smith, Joyce Irwin. FIFTH ROW: Sybil Knape, G.« Comm Lame, Betty Sypert, VAty Cluck Irsprd Bale, And, Sine«, Elaine Sidle, Jan Roberts, Helen Vaned Cane« IlelettA MargaM Mnt Mean, Anne Crosby, Vieginia Metal. 134 treble clef A week end rehearsal trip to Asilomar provided an exciting start for a busy year of the Treble Clef Society. Asilomar was followed just two weeks later by the concert for the State Eastern Star Convention. The important event of the Fall semester was the three-night concert with Glee Club. " Winter Song. " The Christmas season continued to be busy, as Treble Clef and Glee Club caroled together for a radio broadcast and campus groups. These official sings were followed by informal carol dates throughout the holidays — the San Francisco hotels and the 20-30 Club ' s Holly Ball were among these affairs. TREBLE CLEF JUNIOR MANAGERS—FIRST ROW. left to richt: Bobbie Mlllt, Nelda Herby, Arne Crosby. SECOND ROW: Gwen Line, Mpl Coltryn, Nancy Spencer. BOTTOM, LEFT: Sylvia Kenn, Strict Manner. RIGHT: Sylvia Maas, Senior Secretary. FIRST ROW, left to Hobe Meyer %Wick, Tory Lem, Rale, Green, Guy Rolla, Ronald Spencer, Robert Carman-lay (director), Larry Holm, Jam Valencia, Stewart Wean, Lee Stemma, Stec Ka:01mm. SECOND ROW: Lewis Themes, Dick DPW, Want Spence, Fred Halloo, Hank Ramirez, Km Foote, Remelt Gorden, Leotard Gramm, Warvin Kendrick, Alan Pfeiffer, Schoenfeld. THIRD ROW: Dm McMaster ' , Mediae Nance, Rick Role, Pat Bill maw, Dick [Men, Jem Hall, Jobe Nelson, Dale Enda, Ken Davis, Dan Wagner, Dick Woodward, Chock Watson, bum Metzger. FOURTH ROW: John Sanford, Brea Sweeney, Keith Heldman, John Golan, Bob Woodford, Gene Wee. Coatdte Wormy Dick O ' Coesue, Dee Banns, Vic Amok, Jesse bey, Gorden Skpel, Ted Erickson, Don Rae, Dan Tupper. F IFTH ROW: Tam Bob Warren, Keith Hassell, Jena ' Messer, Philip Freund, Mark Mitchell, Larry Dinnean, Muth Temple, Malcolm MacKukla John Clark, Bill Mason, Paul Gilbert, John Van;Itaten, Bate Gordon, John ColtIngham, Rammed Wilhelm:cm. glee club This year the University of California Glee Club celebrated its eightieth birthday by continuing to bring fine music to the University community and to the West Coast. Highlight of the year was the annual tour which brought the club before appreciative audiences throughout Central and Southern California. The gentlemen of song in their new dark blue blazers also appeared at many University functions, including the big game rally where its rendition of Cal songs added greatly to the spirit of the evening. The club joined with Treble Clef in the fall and spring to present program in Wheeler, as well as to enjoy social mixers and formals. Under the direction of Robert P. Commanday, Glee Club is fast becoming one of the nation ' s finest singing organizations. mem TOP: JUNIOR.SENIOR MANAGERIAL—FIRST ROW, kft to Mat Seem Hall, Jobs SIMOrd, Jeri Messer, Bob Wa:dfced, Gene Clemente. SECOND ROW: John Nebo, Len Grossman. NOT PICTURED: Duane Somme. BOTTOM LEFT: Jerry Messer, Senior Manager. BOTTOM RIGHT: John Sanford, Stoke Secretary. 135 FIRST ROW, let to eight: Ruben P. Ccenmatday, Grata Hopkins, CynaLa Steams, Nancy Graham, Joyce Palmer, Bereauis, DonaW Kilpatrick, Ernest rattan, Paul Hathanay, Owlet Crate, An Domes, MiSant Mouton, Keith Moseley, ParIlh Pmtnan. Claire Goldsmith, Patsy Kay, May LittleMlin, Grace Lea, Betty Nceem. SECOND ROW: Cast haulms, Lefty MIN, Elaine Reuter, Date Wire, Davis, brume Petersen, Alan Law, Wiley Ma Richard Brom, Robert Hall, Cogent Abshiry, Norms Mist, JimHMO; Jay Saintlee, Menu Steinberg, Oran AlmsOce, Margaret Awned, Jean IMOMOW THIRD ROW: Lois Le Brea, Shyleft Mama, Sala Combo, !re Weiner. Fill, Diane Wenom, Arnold Jay Alters. Herten Kowalski, Marks Barton Simon Skis, John Carina, Bob Coleman FOner Martin Cawkate Doan, Shane Foster, Margie Why, Janet O ' Connor, Joyce Jtaki01, Suaanne Hall, Anne Saadi. FOURTH ROW: Atre Fry, Shirley Kilpaukt, Bentley Cain, Pauli liSen. Deer Nina, Breen Slaver, Ann Sieben, Mae Haley, ore ikMtan, Tel Ally Eel is Bryce Pirel, ' lia Denny Stanley, Dick Scolari, Doe van Device, John Bulk ' , Carol Llaltrwekkr, Carolyn Saline, Andrea Seth, Suzanne Hartley, Noreen Ramos, Lonna Wanhot. collegians The Collegians, a mixed singing group of ninety students has just completed its fourth successful semester on campus. The group, under the capable direction of Robert P. Commanday, has enjoyed an active season of caroling, concerts, shows, and social gatherings. The fall semester was climaxed by an evening of caroling around campus with members from the Glee Club and Treble Clef societies. Then, in the spring the Collegians staged their annual show in Berkeley. The performances were highlighted by a medley of songs from " The Student Prince. " COLLEGIAN MANAGERS—SEATED, Mt to flake Ann Siebert, Ina PINT, SISK STANDING: Janet O ' Ceance, Dam Aleander, Joyce Jenkins, Jean ITIO Ke, Virelsla Watson. 136 Mame, BRUCE Plitt. ' Wtakiihas, FIRST ROW, kit to rloM: Juan Beretahl, R. Joyce, 0. Rirk, W. Pittance, T. Shodky, B. Mosky, A. NOW. D. Mn,O G. Watt, W. GokIntia, J. Sall, A. Moen, J. Team D. Chaim 8. Isbell. SECOND ROW: T. MOW, J. Craw, R. Oxkes111, W. Wet t, H. sea, J. Masa., A. Casetolt, D. Cesey, W. Cartel:RI, L. Smith, Id. Starr, J. Poilsw, G. Chenkr, H R. ubbard, J. Andante., J. Wilma, 0. Rea. THIRD ROW: 6. Colescolt, E. Jack, L. Kahn, P. Meat , F. Seeders, W. Pitocko, R. Haab J. Result, 8. WENN., J. Van lank., L. La, W. Rooky. G. Ritchie, A. Martinet, R. Ro sen, H. Pilings.. FOURTH ROW: G. McCall..., H. Lock J. Wattle H. Wells, K. moms. D. Sinn, A. licicacal, J. Ontabes G. Eicebataiho, R. biota, W. Hostica, J. tn. , T. Glaaaa. FIFTH ROW: C. Skeet, W. Janes, W. (woe, R. Cob, J. Iteteelstg, C. Andenos, L. Strom, R. Anders , Helton, K. Suntan, L. McGir., T. tIodereol, J. Herdeneo, R. R. Moan, K. Ana, R. Harmer, R. Mien. SIXTH ROW: A. Pincus J. Mettler, W. El G. Golehmum, G. Schultz, V. Hurdle, M. 141thabaad, K. Ritter, J. Knapp, .1 ncin, R. ca4.4.14, 4. Bostwick, R. Reynolds. SEVENTH ROW: K. mum, B. J. Far. W. Neuman, A. OWcia, L. 8rotiolno, S. Kesler, J. Frei:km% W. Stearns. cal band After celebrating its 30th birthday, the California Band completed a year of outstanding performances. New uniforms were provided by the ASUC and the Band improved its marching to match them. A new pregame entrance—with the entire band in two ranks—was introduced this year. The Band sponsored the annual High School Band Day and over 3,000 high school students attended. During the half-time of the Washington State game they formed a giant " Sousa " on the field. Late in the Spring semester the Band toured the Central Valley and coastal cities of California, giving fifteen concerts in six days. Officers of the Band were Bill Colescott, manager: Bill Isbell, drum major: Tom Miller, student director; Earl Jack, repre- sentative-at-large: Roger Hammer, secretary: Fred Goldbaum, librarian: Merritt Nelson, representative on Music Council. CAL BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, kit to it : The MIIke, Merritt Nebo., Bill Isbell, fan Jack, Fred Wawa, am Colncctl. JAMES BERDAHL Director 137 FIRST ROW, left to right: Howard Pamir, William Thomas, Gear Coker, Hank Sat. SECOND ROW: MiMN. Wanner, Caine flaion, Wary Lome McGo.u,, Huritt CIII Mime, Pam Wrkaa, Mak. THIRD ROW: June Marls, Vernke Men Ellen Rcuse, Margaret Walsh, Sue it.1241)1 454f. DOnatry Gretteabag, PatriciaCar, Diane 1,10eCtiefl, Sue Stearns. FOURTH ROW: Cru Ryas, Chain Slum, frank Rebbea, Bill Gelsreitte. symphony forum In the fall semester, the U.C. Symphony Forum distributed tickets to the Thursday night student concerts of the San Francisco Symphony to both its membership (living groups and individual members) and members of the campus community. Throughout the year regular meetings were held at which speakers and prominent musicians talked and performed. Included among these speakers was Earl Murray, assistant conductor of the San Francisco Symphony and Dr. Joseph Kerman of the U.C. Music Department. In addition. special evening forums were held which featured such artists as Enrique Jorda, conductor of the S.F. Symphony. To finish off the year, a dinner was held before the last symphony concert. HARRIET practice makes pedant. ' is UpIwnITISYST•on. • 138 university chorus With a year ' s devoted work under their belts, the 150 members of the University Chorus are ready to offer to the Bay Area, the first local presentation of J. S. Bach ' s " Mass in B Minor " in five years (when the same group performed it). Scheduled for June 2 and 3 in the Berkeley Community Theater, the per- formance will include the entire uncut Mass, with orchestra—a rare musical treat. Mr. Lawton, long- time director of the Chorus, has noted that this vear ' s group features the best balance and finest all-around choral material in years, and the performance of this monumental work was a fitting climax to the University ' s music calendar for this year. I MAUD LAWTON (thence Uniwnity (toms IMS,s wHiII beton warning up. university symphony The University Symphony, under the baton of Joaquin Nim-Culmell, performed the Bach Brandenburg Concerto, three Mozart Symphonies, and Milhaud ' s five Early Symphonies this year, in addition to their annual appearance at the Christmas Program. During the year the members were also occupied with reading through all of t he Haydn and Mozart symphonies available in the department ' s extensive orchestral library, and the minor works of contempoiary composers such as Honegger and Arnell. Those students interested in conducting have been working with the orchestra. JOAQUIN NIN•CULMELL Cuodalpf 139 Varsity Debate, selective in membership, offers a variety in curriculum for its members. Outstanding intercollegiate activities were the London Debate, West Point Debate, and the traditional Joffre Medal Debate with Stanford. In their attempt to develop intellectual understanding among themselves the members of the squad were guided by faculty members, Richard Wilson and Fred Stripp. SEATED, kit to rioht: OreId Russell M Du t Marilyn Sotto, Sksfoo Milk., tam M Yee uIke, t Bret t. STANDING: Harry Jim Wothorsoxo, Jim Nettles, Al Refuted, Kati Mora, Dr. R. B. Wilson teach) Mite Started Lyntu, Keith Ptintetto varsity debate Junior Varsity Debate, entitled University Roundtable, maintained a full year of debate and dis- cussion activities. The primary activity was the weekly pres- entation of topics of public importance including analyzation and discussion. Roundtable members also participated in the Northern California Forensic Association ' s speech tournament and in a student congress at San Jose State to discuss the problem of juvenile delinquency. SEATED, kit to right: Franck Willsarth, Donald taco Conch). 841ty Koster. STANDING: Robert Wetted: Km Allen Smith, Rohm Johroco, RR Wallace, Wrote Carter. 140 junior varsity debate air rotc Insight into the working of the Air Force and selection and training of future Air Force Officers are the two purposes of the Air Force ROTC. Emphasis is placed on flying by familiarization flights in conventional and jet airplanes. Two cross-country flights are planned each year so that approximately one hundred Cadets can visit several Air Force Bases. This four-year program furnishes a major portion of the newly commissioned Air Force Officers. COLONEL E. M. SCATTERGOOD Geounarding Officer TOP LEFT: Cadets on Texas two try cot the pilot ejection seat at Williams Aw Force Base. TOP RIGHT: FIRST ROW. let to tHht: Maj. D.C. Whom, Ma . W. F. Tatro. Lt. Col. R. B. Files, Col. E. M. Scatter. goad, Maj. C. J. Rouser, C44. K. W. Etrremen, Mal. G. W. Barnes. SECOND ROW: Capt. S. H. Lyons, M Sqt. J. N. Simmons, M Sot L. L. McDe.ald, M Sot. C. M. Strobel% M Spt. V. 0. Ham Capt. E. G. Trimmer. THIRD ROW: M, ' Sqt. E. N. Mursatroyd, M Sot. A. C. Routes, H Sgt. R. M. Mingo, T Spt. P. F. Part T 591. J. P. Eltackveil. BOTTOM LEFT: AFROTC Cadets to We a ride is a C.15. Flights of ten kind an ' raided lot =kis BOTTOM RIGHT: At the Big Game Parade the AFROTC drill teas displayed the precision Ice. 001 late. OS thtSi call 0%1 is Still team COeptlitiOn. 142 army rotc Army ROTC students upon graduation are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army. Their course of study includes military history, leadership, tactics, and administration, supplemented by practical training at summer camp. The University of California unit is one of the oldest and largest in the country. Its graduates have served with distinction in all branches of the Army. COLONEL CARL T. SCHMIDT Commanding Officer TOP LEFT: FIRST ROW, left to right: Lt. Col. Cliftte S. Lindsey, IL Col. Glya W. Peel Cal. Carl T. Snack Lt. Col Arthur J. Hama Lt. Col. Wilford S. Grata . SECOND ROW: Capt. MkMel J. DiSala, Ca William H. Schultz, Ilaj. Clem W. Pape, Lt. Col. Thomas C. Malone, Ma). Palm R. Moss, Lt. Winton F. Magill, III. THIRD ROW: Capt. Kenroth M. Mare, Ca. Jai E. Stake, C44. Clarence E. Wallas, Capt. Stephan J. Can, Jr. TOP RIGHT: At same. cap, Ft. Lail, Wash:ratan, Duane Spencer of Cal coaches fellow cakt aria aysital fitness test. BOTTOM LEFT: Getting a taste a army life, Cal studtots participate in cadet mite, at Ft. Lewes, BOTTOM RIGHT: Leal toy rakes Pad as CO. Masa Lucas awards sewed place medal fee MIldso Peaking to Dun A. Spencer. 143 navy rotc Established in 1926. Cal ' s Naval ROTC Unit is one of the nation ' s largest and oldest units. Besides summer cruises midshipmen receive a comprehensive course in Naval Science, pointing toward a commission as an Ensign, line officer or Supply Corps officer in the regular Navy or the Naval Reserve upon graduation. Student activities center around the semiprofessional society, Quarterdeck, and two unit publications, The Capstan, unit yearbook and the Sextant, a monthly newspaper. TOP LEFT: NROTC sturltets smug through impeet leo by Pad, Capt. O. McGregor. TOP RIGHT: FIRST ROW, kit to HAM: CAPT. Sanger L. Eddy, Jr., USMC; COR. George Shaw,Certhon, USN; CAPT. Donald McGregor, USN; COR. Cedric B. Bergguist, USN; LCDR. DIM T. Halter, USNR. SECOND ROW: LT. Charles A. Gardner, SC, USN; IT. Mortimer Steve ns, USN; LTJG. Paul L. Remelt, USN; GMC Percy L. Jove, USN. THIRD ROW: YNC Stanley K. HieNalls, ISS), USN; SKI Everett N. Beth, USN; QUI Otav L. Bate, USN; FT1 James A. Zile., (SS), USN; M SGT. James J. Garrison, USMC. BOTTOM LEFT: Prospector Naval officers — inspected I, Captain McGregor and Mani, BOTTOM RIGHT: " Preparing for IAN:talon " — a study im profiles. CAPTAIN DONALD McGRCGOR Commanding Officer 144 marine rotc The Marine Curriculum of the Naval ROTC program comes under the direct supervision of the Navy Unit. This course of study is offered to upper division students in Naval ROTC and results in a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the regular Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserve. The curriclum covers the Art and Evolution of Warfare through the study of selected ancient battles, U. S. military history, tactics and strategy, and amphibious operations of World War II. CAPTAIN SAMUEL L. EDDY C.:amending Officer 70P LEFT: Not a mown was minim ... TOP RIGHT: Mensal of aims practIce at weeny drill. BOTTOM LEFT: APPrombir4 ship the of the harder woo their.; summer cruise. BOTTOM RIGHT: SM. Genitor. (hicks offkm material at drill. 145 t- i GEORGE BRIGGS HARRY DAVIS ASSiStain Oirtaet Cl Athletics Athletic Ticket Office Wane I BRUTUS HAMILTON Cl Athktks OFFICE STAFF, let to ;pH: Gayle Redden, Katherim Geed,, Chun. Clad, Markt Koteliraolt Vivian Edison. athletic essentials ATHLETIC COUNCIL—STANDING, left to ryes: Ckrk Wallace, Okk Mike, Bob Leslie, Don Knee, George 841921, Ed Hush, Spiro M4111,, Did Anne, Cam Twist.In. SEATED: Brutus Hamilton. VIRGINIA HALL BOB RUBIN Atektit Ness Bureau (meow, Athktic News Bureau Brutus Hamilton, Director of Athletics and Head ' Track Coach, coordinates the scheduling of 375 athletic contests, handles financing, and is also responsible for the many public affairs and national conferences connected with the University of California ' s sports program and policies. George Briggs, Assistant Athletic Director, takes care of many details incident to the operation of the entire sports program. The Athletic Ticket Office which handles ticket sales for athletic events is headed by Harry Davis. Facts and figures on Cal ' s teams are issued regularly by the Athletic News Bureau directed by Bob Rubin. To keep students and the public informed of California ' s teams, facts and figures are issued regularly by the Athletic News Bureau directed by Bob Rubin. Rally and Games Council is the coordinating body for Rally, Card Stunts, ()ski and other committees which work together to make successes of events such as Homecoming and All-U Week End. The pompon girls are the newest of Cal traditions. Amidst mumbles and grumbles they were voted in by Ex Committee but they received a rousing welcome at their Big Game Rally. It looks like they are here to stay! Not only a eatable filth tut alto a Apra eMksslast, Dr. JAMES T. NESS, the team ' s mtclk, is an indispem sable part of the Bear squad. ABOVE, LEFT, GAMES ANO RALLY COUNCIL—FIRST ROw, kit to right: Noon Rutty, Bob Ktrfty, Carry Pon " , Les Berglord, Lee CHO. SECOND ROW: Lee David, Al Not. sort. Rath Wejra, Chuck Gresthel, Gone Kos, Barbara Clymer, Jane Halton, Bob Hamilton, Ron Kauffman. ABOVE, RIGHT, POMPON GIRLS—FIRST ROW, left to rihkt, tale Smith, Carol Shultis, Carol Nancy Wallace, int Den. SECOND ROW: Sot Palmer, +Boone Molter, Barbara Nowa, Lynn Patica, Debbie Ohca, Joyce Johnson, Pam Hush Shan (Whiny some of the 100Bethel! uniforms an ERNIE MADISON aid PAT DAY. These men an reSpOetible for tettain) the AStlCs Official equipment tam in WHOP postillion. It ' s spite a fob! KNEELING: JMk Well:mak Beal ItliOlt. STANDING, felt to tWit: Bob Peterson, Al Wyldet, Ed Brne. 149 kat : Lifit Var. C • dd Tres fly° rally committee Men ' s and Women ' s Rally Committees are the official welcoming committee for out-of-town teams and students. Under the blue and gold caps that converge on those wearing red at games or rallies are the members of Men ' s Rally Committee under Chairman Al Nelson. They are also responsible for many behind-the-scenes activities which include building rally bonfires, planning entertainment and putting up cards in the stadium. Lesley Berglund led Women ' s Rally Committee in its traditional functions of marking and placing card stunt sheets, selling pompons and rooters ' caps and distributing song sheets at rallies. Appointments to both committees are made on the basis of leadership, spirit, loyalty and service. TOP—FIRST ROW. kit to richt: Lee David, Hank Weiner, Al Nemo, Cheek Greuhtl. SECOND ROW: Jim Kidder, Cluck Cherman, Bed Miller, Bill Tilley, Harry Lantz Earl 81 Hermosa, Don Macintosh. THIRD ROW: Pock MacCrow, Aran Farrar, Garth Weir, Bob Sunnis , Wien Mather, Bob Coillb, Jack Meyer, Harr, Brock James L,ini. FOURTH ROW: Dick Howard, Bab CD:la, Jim Miller, Tulle Acquktanace. Bob Schaplen, Dick Mead, Wry Hurt. Itichvd Maeda, Al ester, Sus Gross, Dick Carina FIFTH ROW: Raymond Okumura, Inn PoIt. Joba Daly, Dick Flemito, Mon Nilson, Lovell a.., An Endo, Chris Wharton, Lin Agetins. CENTER—FIRST ROW, Net to :NM: Soma Levis, Lesley Oenload. Leak Oven. SECOND ROW: Saws Hanna, Priscilla Smote, Pony Salty Reif, Wry Alice Calvin, Barbara rantII, Man Ellen ROM, Tia Parody. THIRD ROW: Roth Haningtsa, Rkkey Sommetwin, Baton Bridonwater, Betty Jam Mitchell, Mary ENV.. Salty Spear, Clods Wyly, Marilyn Mania, Molly Mok, Kitty Heck. FOURTH ROW: Libby Kessler, Sharon Friedman, Mary Glasox Looser Melon, Saran Brae, Bien:la fang, Laverne Rohner. Jo AM Ceram.. Shinn Way, Sandy Pans:AIRn, Shine? Sank. troche FIFTH ROW: Marilyn licethosse, Sally Vapid, Sklla tan. Diann Onackel, Jan liktrnen, Marianne Hobbs. Jame Kennedy. Caine, Diane Reeder, Judi Palen. LEFT: Al Nelson, Cluinnan, Ma ' s Rally Comalute. CENTER: Lesley Unload, Chairman, Worms ' s Rally Committee. RIGHT: Gary Ptak Head Yell Leader. 150 card stunts Card Stunts Committee, under the able direction of Lee Ralph, united the traditional card stunts with excellent new ones to form outstanding half-time programs. Smoke bellows and yells in coordination with the stunts were used, as well as metallic cards and scenes from campus life at the Big Game. During the Oklahoma game television carried the clever and colorful stunts planned by this committee. oski committee At the Big Game Rally, Ralph Edwards unveiled the life of Oski. Cal ' s lovable mascot whose unpredictable antics entertain spectators at games and other activities could not exist without the dependable Oski Committee headed this year by Norm Rubey. yell leaders Though not yielding to the Bermuda look, Gary Powell and company did introduce some new yells as well as the new pompon girls. Throughout the season the yell leaders did a tremendous job keeping the men ' s rooting section on its best behavior and the great Cal spirit on top. TOP—FIRST ROW, kat to riobt: Peppy Klass, Jell Davis, Lee Rake, Diane MIclatll, Gall WMlsea.SECOND ROW: Jose Barrett, Salty Waters, Bo! Milky, Al Nelson, Ann Falba«, Sue Mew°leY, Karen Andersen. CENTER—SEATED, Kt to eaMt: Bob Gkval, Stu Mall anti, Norma. Rfley, Ron St...rat at, Tom Keen. STANDING: Heels Lashes, Ted Lamm, Oon Romeo. NOT PICTURED: flea Crystal, Roy Both, Deo Randall. CENTER TOP: Lot Ralph, Chalnrun Cud Stunts Cemaktet. CENTER BOTTOM: Norm Santee, DiftCICI OskI °Nominee. BOTTOM—KNEELING: Gay Pare " , teed mil Rake. STANDING, Not to ' Met: Dean Made., Jerry PeIlan, Jerry WWI, Bob Catena. Rod FrkoImao. 151 FIRST ROW. left to right: Imo Frpirroto, Jim 1.1itfrmaa, Irvine C.Culler. Sill Whitten. Warren Reginron, Jim Monk , Pal Madras,. Greene Trabert, Jim ' brayer, laa-Yuan We. Joe Smallr, Den 0.4.1fill, Bab Kirasby. SECOND ROW: Jose Cabin, Cann Maloartiao, Tony Manisa.. .kAn PRIflps, Clark Wallace, Click Pawnor, Mike Re., Leo Region. Bill Morley, Cturim Overeat., Gregg., Nam Cmoktsce. THIRD ROW: (thins Semanis, linitketrfied. Gorgon Gill, Maynard Orme, Clark 1.18650x, Bob Leslie, Pete Van Porten, Ram Filo, Ray Lee, Oslo Milbank, Fred Brenner, Bob Negro ■ J J , j J I mo:o4 circle society OFFICERS Prosidont Vice.President Secretary Treasurer Athletic Council Representative. . Spring Jim Maddox Pat Machado Warren Robinson Did Pawson . Rob Leslie UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS loll Clark Dick Rawson Jim Maddox AI Schmaiwr Bob loslio William Donald Greg Engelhard Sob DtGeatra Boxing Bob Norton Cross-Couniry Bob tetra Clark Maddox Jim Maddox Maynard Como John Nelson Golf Sob Grogovich Oors oper Maddox Michael Eel erring Peter Berge Jerry Klotz Brutus Hamilton Lance Flanagan Norman Hinds Mills Hodson Wayne Gallup Sob Rosin Gymnastics Bill Morley Leo Rodkin 145 Bill Bryant Sob De John Dick Melby Dick Pennon John Phillips Rich Turner Clark Wallace ISO Basketball Den Adams Jim Gregg; Charles Lucchesi Harry Morgan Ralph. Miller Hugh MumbY John IsRea Arlen Joe Mick. " hone George Trabett Riflery James Carter Hans Enron:boa Roger Fare Oradea Chrome ' , Jim Thayer Jahn Ward Tero•Yucor Wu Rugby Dick lawyer Al Schmeiser Bob Keene Well Sonic. Edgar Hemp Herbert Newsom Charles Pease Mrs Ragan Tony Harrison John Elsworthy Soccer Fred Penner Jose Cohen Ray Love Cater Malpartida Morris Milbank Camila Salo., Ed Simanrs Volleyball Sill Bell Para Van Houten Water Polo Mite Same° Walt Becker George Schroth Honor Stone Hal Walt Charles Cawthorn Richard Ehni Jim Fisher Sob Friel. Gordon Gilt Warren Hellman David Radcliff Warren Robinson Don Smalian Big Whitson Wrestling Irvine Coolie. Itoo FuirmatO Jim Pat Machado Henry Stone. Jr. 152 11111- _ - n FIRST ROW, ielt to rent ' has I ' tin, Dan Paula I. Bin Doors, Bob Mao. Joke. Gartok, Mike Gddirm, Joie Nuke., Stoma. Sajarian, Gerald Brooks, Jse Olisa, Dem. Hamden,. S. Borecnare, AI Buena, SECOND ROW: Rota. Yllittelira Doan Weeks, Don Tlitonstein, Ray DOOMO, Chuck Creschel, Karl Mmtwolt, Bob Rhin, Bill Black, Jerry Drew, Dick Amens, Frain Doelmun. THIRD ROW: Cal Thilsten, Jell Foley, Bch Elliot, Merit Ctill It re, Ton Kramer, Nick PoyCm. Vul Romkti, Dam Ks., John Maher et Al Kyle, Les Mitchel. Gordon Gill. FOURTH ROW: Dick Raki, Bob Blake, Bill Floyd, Do ' s Keen., Don Janes, Bill Walken, Tom Light. Seem Metes. Art Gotas, Vie Gianuntio, Bill Sox., Den Wafter. FIFTH ROW: Tom Fenner, Don %fillips, Malt Harralliet, Bill Demos, Jae Carmichael, Ed Hants, Faris Robe., 11.0 Norris, fell OFFICERS Spring Dick Anent Pre:ido nt Dick Righter Dick Right. ' Vice-President Don Yeenstein Sheldon Onsteed Secretary-Tree Va. " . Vic Gienunzio UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATIS AND HONORARY MEMBERS big Albert M. Becker George al iOCIS Relish W. Chaney Zeb D. Cheat. Paul Christopule. James H. Corte1 Or. William G. Donald Carroll N. (bright Gregory F. Engelhard Richard E. friction Clinton W. (won Stanley B. Freeborn Wesley L. Fri Harold Grant I Hamilton Dr. James T. Hoary.. Joel H. Hildebrand De. Herold H. Hitchcock ...amen I.. Howell Wei R. Hoch . Claude B. Hutchimm Robert S. Johnson CharlesJ. Kam Clark Kerr Harry L. Kingman Mike J. Kell C. Bentley Lyon Stanley E. McC•Htey Joseph P. McKim James M. Miller Rolfe D. Miller Or. Harold P. Muller Edgar Mamie William J. Norton Franklin C. Palm Charles A. Pease Robert A. Peterson Clarence M. Price Alva W. Regan Gear W. Schroth Glenn Seabird Harry W. Shooed Herman A. Spindt Robert G. SpYavl Richard H. Stovers Henry Stone Charles W. Thompson Herbert S. Thornier. Jr Edwin C. Voorhie s Lynn 0. Weldor. John P. Williamson Robert Wilson George Workman Henry S. Yea society Football Sebastian J. Bordenaryi Edgar J. Brandt, Jr. Gerard I. Brooks James A. Carmichael Micheal J. Cowry James A. Dillon Steve J. Dime.. Raymond A. Donnelly Jerry D. Drew John M. Garton Harry Gliitardocci Michael R. Giddingt Donald J. Gilkey Theodore 0. Granger MON.+ Hateltine, Jr. James R. Kidder Thomas M. Kroner Paul L. Larson John W. lAahalley George L. Najarian Herold Norris Joao F. Olive Robert W. Oliver George E. Pelonis Donald L. Phillips Nick J. Poopin Kenneth L. Schmscko Donald G. Tronstein Samuel L. Williams John M. Wilson Olen C. Wright Basketball Robert Alb bert Ma Froth Hess Bertram I. MOSIMY Clifton Menne Robert V. McKeen Spiro Mollie Milton J. august Floyd H. While. Jr. loseball Robert Alba Rickard G. Assent Robert C. Elliot Joe Speer. Gordon C. Gill David H. Heil Alvin R. Kyte, Jr. Jack L. Mackey Franklin V. Merle Lester R. Mitchell Donald W. ' Thomas Pollack Michael J. Ref felto William F. Slack Don Troastein Donald L. Walker Track LeYMIOCO B. Anderson Alfonso Beets Goy T. Blackburn Walter M. Brian Cherie, R. Butt Marshall J. Celestine Thomas J. CtsekNY Feast Deanna. John D. George Victor J. Gienunio Arthur A. Gros D. Hero Henry H. Jackson Les Kahn Eric D. Murray Harold Norris Jams P. Men ai Dick Righter Leonard Simpson John T. Steller. Robert W. Warrick Swimming Walter A. Andaman. Jr, James D. Baker Welter S. Beaker Willard M. Padget. Jr. William S. Floyd, Jr. John J. Foley Gerald Hays Rod Lindoui0 Karl Marhenke Bob Mayo Richards S. Melby R. Sheldon Onsteed William R. Phillips. Jr. David A. Redcliff William W. Spore John A. ' Dias Dale A. Webster Crew William I. Weiner II Carl E. Thoreson Robert A. Rhein Richard E. Rain Thorne. M. Light Marshall S. Levi. Jr. Donald L. Keene John W. Jones Charles H. Grochel Thomas G. Wine Tennis Cl ltos P. Mayne Heenan P. Molina ogees F. Jr. Devoe 1. Kim Herschel H. Hyde Dangles A, Hamden William G. Dames Donald IA, Pirmbry Virgil L. Remit; Ronald M. Woods 153 The Fall semester has an atmosphere an its own—rallies. Oski appearances, Rally Committee hats bobbing in the rooting section, the games, open houses, pompon girls. Big Game— a spirit that can ' t be duplicated at any other time of the year. Trying to capture in words some of the excitement pervading the campus is impossible. These candids catch a few of the incidents that add to the whole exuberant spirit of the football season at Cal. BELOW, TOP: Scant halftime eatertalaawel was peceldel by tar Stow Rat Bard and Decease. An Robson, ma is now In Beall Lae School. BOTTOM: Spectacular anti Calm chi this shyt of a tumblioy at diving the Staelord.Cal basketball game. . Coach Pee Nowell IS, a little awed sweat fa Ms basket. belkrs Nam the Mach. That ' s the fames towel he has Matched In his hard. A emcee Bab MeKeen will meats, oat alter IM Int gene of his alley arm •Aen he en warmly coevateLtted by his ltatnalattS. the bear story " Winning is not everything and it is far better to play the game squarely and lose than to win at the sacrifice of an ideal " — The inspiring words of Andy Smith were re- f ected in the indomitable spirit of the California Varsity— " a team that wouldn ' t quit because it was behind or because dreams of a national rating were gone; a team that finally finished with some of the glory it deserved — the 1954 Golden Bears. " —Fred Herman, California Football Review, FIRST ROW, left to t4 : !QS Wilton, John Ganell, Past WWI, Matt Naultine, Chinn Mancini, Nal truth, Mike GldelieRte George Najarian. Jim Nanilan, Ken Stiemxbs, Ray Donnelly, Lloyd Total., San winos ' s, NI Maguire, Ted Gramme. SECOND ROW: Bill ValkAtta, Gerry Gottlieb, Jerry Crow Stew Dirt, Toe Kramer, Bob Olimt„ Oen Tramiel., gamy ObilatOgd, Jim Mite Casey, Dem Gilkey, Ed Brandt, Art Weber, Ma Peppin, Mite Phelan, Jim Kidder, Kinard GailInget. Tr the 54 record of S.S might Mt San brio hit best, Coach LYNN O. (PAPPY) WAL. DORF tour) the Bean numb ont of their roKiNett schedules a ' 4 ;art the farts home sot-dual ' r and creating football. SEASON SUMMARY BEARS OPPONENTS Total first downs 175 136 Net yards rushing 1600 1581 Net yards passing 1724 1001 NET YARDS GAINED 3324 2582 Number of rushing plays 394 413 Average gain per rushing play 4.06 3.83 Passes attempted 228 155 Passes completed 139 72 Total points scored 249 I77 156 season summary Although winners in half the season ' s games, the Bears put on many a spectacular show. Every game was close, and with a little men o fire in the clutch, Cal might have lived up to its preseason ranking as Coast co-champs. As individuals, and as a team, the ' 54 was the most unique in Golden Bear history. Statistics-wise, the team was superior in all but three departments. Paul Larson sported the best pass percentage in the country for a new PCC and national record; Jerry Drew rushed for three new marks, and Jim Hanifan was the nation ' s leading receiver. Larson. Hazel- tine, and Hanifan made All-Coast, and Larson and Hazeltine garnered All-American honors. For the first time in Cal his- tory, aerial yardage exceeded rushing yardage. Lack of game experience, especially in the heart of the line, hurt the attack since Cal met the veteran lines of three of the na- tion ' s top ten teams. At that. Cal ' s younger team met and matched the best. Game by game, here is the rundown on ' 54 highlights: TOP: Destribe0 as the to collealate linebacker, mom Captain MATT HAZELTINE was directly respossible lar a tight Meese. Ability to disrat MOOmMe plays before they sUrted--Ms ea asset. BOTTOM: Senior manner, JOHN MAHAFFY, headed as now stall. Theo roamed to be ferias from ulcers over the hactk ;main Johe did a ortat job an earned letters of steammtdation from three visit:no KNEELING: HOD Each Lynn 0. Om Waldorf. STANDING, left to right: Jim Suthttard, Zeb GhamY, Hal Gam, Herm Meister, Calf Yee wit, WIS Fry. 157 Ali.Anwrecan PAUL LARSON, uhaNsto- idly Cal ' s greatest passer, set a or« nalosal nutk N 64.1tS oarnPlel ton. A sP•Oce from Turlock, he was especially dangerous on IticO•off returns and capped his cot Not career with perfornumsti In the East-West game and the Pineapple Soul. Dagger DON GILKEY, a scoscosare guard, compote a 48.5 yard torne for mints before bon; stkliced for the yeaun with a cream foot. 14N sae and speed Mould ptcdoet plenty no acticw Ice Cal fans non year. KEN SCIIIVOCHO, junior tackle Iron Baoersfied, copped kis cord smolt football in ward. Theugh sbel imp Part of Ow wasps •alt in layer ' , be taw Mon a rowan time ryina for a spot it the nutting lineup. A great defemive tomb., HERM MEISTER, also lass Claim to two Woe distiactkas—Hr ' s a Native Sow as Use only Sear coach to hold a degree from the Usionity of California, Berkeley. the football story A • • ' f ! ; 1 • ty • • t 4s: ' 11.41 • tr. • la the wanes owner against tcotankcel 01Ialsanu. JIM CARMICHAEL takes pass horn Lanai for yardage that helped to out.fim down the head irq OKLAHOMA — Nation ' s num- ber one ranked Sooners are Bears ' initial game foe. Larson scores from one out on quarter- back sneak to close out half at 7-6. Driving deep to Okie eight in third period, Cal then fumbles away scc re lead. On next down, Boydston outruns Bear safety on 87-yard pass play. Sooner power good for two more markers. Hanifan ' s great scoring catch keeps Bears in the game. Larson starts record breaking with 16 completions. SAN JOSE STATE—A first play Bear fumble and Spartans move to Cal four. Larson recovers first of 13 visitors ' fumbles on one- yard line. Larson for three and then Wilson gallops untouched for 96 and first of seven blue scores. Another SJ fumble re• covered by Oliver. Six plays and Granger sweeps left and for sec- ond marker. From here on in Granger adds twc. Carmichael and Bordonaro receive for one I 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 6 0 7 13 Oklahoma_ 0 7 7 13 27 No. of rushing plays 37 46 Net yards rushing. 70 181 Posses attempted 25 4 Passes completed 17 1 Net yards pasting 173 97 NET YARDS GAINED 243 278 F1tst downs . . II II I 2 3 4 Total Cal 12 14 7 12 45 San Jose St 0 0 0 0 0 No. of rushing play: 44 31 Net yards rus111119 309 106 Passes attempted 20 20 Passes completed 14 II Net yards passing 193 112 NET YARDS GAINED 502 218 EIrst downs 18 11 As 1AVOlite tarot Ins Poet Lark " JIM HANIFAN, the nation ' s too collegiate eels receiver, snagged 44 aerials for 569 yards aid semi touchdowns before desire; dot his college football career. 158 apiece, and Drew scoots for 49 to cap the days point drive. OHIO STATE—Bears not rolling till second half. Behind 14.0, Cal drives downfield on Larson ' s 68- yard kickoff return with key blocks of Norris, Granger, and Poppin. Norris scores from three out. Third quarter drive of Lar- son completions to Carmichael and Hanifan takes Bears to the MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right Byron Tenneer, Rechad Pony, Cheeks Ware. SECOND ROW: Joe F rentita. no Maluffey, Ron Tina, op to ctola up the want that set a ten JERRY GREW returns the Nu 15 tacit JP .b., San SAMMY WILLIAMS. another stellar IJear, was a told, dependable back and also shone in tie left hall %sm. He turned in one of 1954 ' . tap Pine mantes Makin) the incest ception run of the season lot 60 yards in the Bob Game. floc cotton some stiff coepetitios fOr Starling POistetri senior guard, MIKE GIDDINGS, frem Neuptet Beach, leaves Gal vith Inc year vanity await and a degree in business adminstrattoe. Backfield coach, WES FRY, has put the punch into the hard.ha049, corerfut back1rt1d1 of recent years. Cal ' s hack. held taints the Fry touch with its ruPied bleckloo ad teir.), the effect ol his Insistence on pretisicP. 10S• KRAMER gareatoth Kate OA nes scoria-CI dampen GEORGE NAJARIAN ' . desire to play football. Taros?. sonealsal serail dor tackle, ! ' e COrisemoted fv ta, C1011 ' v.: • tattle BOB OLIVER lived us to preitasos expectabes1 by aUlOrsa storriatol bons lrq le sue Ottfoimancm ea both Wanly aid defense. With a frill hatkeroupd of football rmerence from a bkdoe9 back at use to Mae coach at JIM SUTHERLAND moot up fete Ramat coach to assist Waldorf with IM vanity this was. the football story With relate. MN pass ctutthed, CHARLES MARTUCC1 bears done into tenacey. 160 I 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 7 6 0 13 Ohio State 7 7 0 7 21 No. of rushing plays 38 44 Net yards rushing 101 285 Passes attempted 13 12 Passes completed . . 7 7 Net yards passing 88 89 NET YARDS GAINED 189 374 First downs 12 18 I 2 3 4 Total Cal 13 0 0 14 27 Oregon 0 13 20 0 33 No. of rushing ploys 42 41 Net yards rushing 110 112 Passes attempted 14 20 Passes completed . 7 12 Net yards passing 106 160 NET YARDS GAINED 216 272 First downs 14 16 I 2 3 Cal 0 7 0 Wash. State 7 0 0 4 10 0 Total 17 7 No of rushing plays 38 38 Net yards rushing 119 117 Passes attempted 31 8 Posses completed 17 I Net yards passing 235 8 NET YARDS GAINED 354 125 First downs 18 7 Buckeye 12. Larsen wide right to twin stripe and fumbles on goal. Hanifan recovers in end zone for the score. With board reading 14-13, Bucks spearhead new drive but halted by a Kramer sparked Bear defense. Cassady interception cools Westerners with final TD. OREGON — Hanifan recovers Duck fumble on Oregon 31. Four plays and Granger scores. Mar- tucci recovers another fumble and Larson caps scoring drive of 30 yards in six downs for 13-0. Shaw enters game for Ducks and runs and passes Webfoots to 33- 13 lead. Bears all but fold in sec- and third periods. In final quar- ter with tremendous rooter support. Cal rallies too late on Hanifails 16-yard paydirt catch, and Larson ' s 56-yard runback behind Giddings and Ghilar- ducci. WASHINGTON STATE—Cou- gars open at 7-0 against sluggish Bears in first half. Starting on own 13. Cal drives 14 and 45 on Hanifan and Wilson receptions. Rated at Cal ' s best lalocktra bads, HAL NORRIS, a tomtle.1 coard. c.cald be Counted ten for Isoadsaos llotba(lina as well at pootrlul tin• a1 delves from the fullback slot. Wilson runs it over for 7 up. Ghilarducci and Hazeltine smother the Palouse attack in second half. Still seven.all going into final period, Larson boots 3 pointers from the ten to give Bears lead. Blue and Gold of. fense sputtered repeatedly near Cougar gcal till Larson ' s passes set up final scoring dash by Drew. HAL NORRIS US clean any as JOHNNY WILSON 144) lights to trot 23•yang line on a kkkolf moan in the third want g the W ash ' nal on State game. TOP: TED GRANGER oWns yatelem mounl Oregon ' s tight end in a gam that Cal was slated to win (bat didn ' t). ABOVE: Oat of Wands into a lint d phOtalfaip wri On to 9, PAUL LARSON gas for 10 yards in third owner II the Within:won State STEVE DIMEFF firedog the Beat offense with bit groundilining record and ability as PI eking back efpHlally against the pap low Figueroa Tech. Stoning ability to run with the pigskin ma he lambed onto lt, JIM CARMICHAEL snagged 33 rides tor 020 yards daring the season. The saitheerer, " FEB CHANEY acted as head scoot flafflifq COP:olio weak spots anal4.9On off the Bear elesen 161 With pitnty 44 gad when weedoS, fatback JOHNNY WILSON added that Med.aeray potential to Cars ba4111.14. A 96-yard reap Saint San Jose shooed him at Ms bent. A product ad L.A. NIA ED BRA ' ,DT nose filmy of save at satin offensive and defer sift end. Co plenty of ( limitsi to be a wee starter nest year. maker TED CHANGER played a consistent game, gaining an wen low yards ow carry in his first year as varsity fullback. With still um 1,110ft years of vanity oserieme to go, NICK POPPIN snowed that agility and gukk.thinking . cae often anownemer brawnier Ion. the football story 1 3 4 Total 0 7 7 13 27 7 7 8 7 29 The dynamite combinMkw of Ursa to alanilaw shows is attic awash UCLA. This one ma lot 9 In the second 4.13Ittf before HANIFAWs stepped by Clare., Nails. 162 USC — Bears fumble kickoff on own 30. Troy scores to take 7-0 lead. Powering all the way back, Wilson ' s scoring run nullified by goal line fumble. Crimson score at 14.0 and Bears begin to move. Norris. Drew, and Wilson move on land—topped off with Larson flipping to Hanifan for marker. Behind 20-7 in third. Cal moves 84 yards with Larson led by Han- ifan and Norris for second mark. Troy gets 2 on end zone tackle for safety. Gr anger ' s running sets up Norris ' TD crack for 22- 21. Lightning Trojan score puts Bears in hole, but Williams catches a 32-yarder to set up short score burst by Carmichael. Hopes soared as last SC touch- down almost nullified. UCLA— Held to 28 on ground. Bears match Bruin land attack with 280-yard air volley on phe- nomenal 25 completions of 38 Larson attempts—breaks all UC Cal USC No. of rushing pays. Net yards rushing Passes attempted Passes completed . Net yards passing NET YARDS GAINIr First downs . SI 41 160 150 . 18 16 . 14 9 . 167 155 . 327 305 . 19 14 I 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 6 0 0 6 UCLA 7 7 0 13 27 No. of rushing plays 28 46 Net yards 28 280 Passes attempted......._ 38 10 Passes completed -- 25 7 Net yards passing__ 280 120 NET YARDS GAINED 308 400 First downs 21 21 Wirier a the IMO Tessier Award la mast insprored lineman, big JOHN CARZOLI also won tion frees his perIoneance In the Lettuce Bend In Saloum. record. Villeneuve too much to hold and Uclans pile up 14-0 sec- ond quarter lead. Carmichael. Williams. and Hanifen catching passes in furious air assault gives Bears only TD with Williams run- ning final seven. Driving deep to Bruin three in third, Cureton hits Williams so hard he fumbles to Ellen. to break up score thrust. Westwood has too much and powers ahead though Beers nev- er give up. NAL NORRIS fleas IMEk MS. rem re heel Or intitel UCLA deem. Pictvre of the Hason raises Question of Re Year: Was SC ' s last loacadown malls legal ' hose °Ir9 ! use el the hmls by Frank Clayton of SC on WI ' s JOHNNY WILSON—before Linde. Crow stepped one the goat lire. W«an ' t blase the refs—they call what they we can ' t help Ago:lewd what would haw Warned if the touthdarn: play was 011411 back with a 15-yard mushy wt ... oh well, cent la vie. Ovenhadomed by as All.Ameelun. RAY OONNELLY spelled Hmelline cm many occasions and promises to be NO. I at center for tee Bean tone SePteltbel Junior college transfer aml Emameeriml mator JOSE OLIVA rose from the Ram. Men to tor the kit guard niche before the Ohio game. CHARLIE MARTUCCI, retrain; n`al lettermen. taught plenty ot ta. PeeHede with hie to Ms guard MUM where be " Rabid a4 himself as one of Cars best defensive Worm 163 ' iKI CASL1 I 2 3 4 Total Cal 6 6 20 14 46 OSC 0 0 0 7 7 No. of rushing plays......... 33 48 Net yards rushing 354 103 Passes attempted 20 26 Passes completed 8 8 Net yards passing 153 89 NET YARDS GAINED 507 192 First down; 18 13 I 2 3 Cal 0 14 0 Wash. 0 0 0 4 13 6 Total 27 6 No. of rushing plays 44 39 Net yards rushing 182 89 Passes attempted 27 20 Passes completed 16 6 Net yards passing 179 51 NET YARDS GAINED 361 140 First downs ... 19 I 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 21 7 0 28 Stanford 0 0 13 7 20 No. of rushing plays 39 39 Not yards rushing 167 158 Panes attempted 22 19 Passes completed 14 9 Not yards passing ISO 120 NET YARDS GAINED_.: 317 278 First downs 19 16 WASHINGTON — Fast charg- ing Cal line catches Huskies off balance all day long and spoils Seattle homecoming. Drew, Dimeff, and Granger lead Bear rushing attack for much yardage. Carmichael intercepts a Cox pass and shoots 68 only to have marker called back on clipping penalty. Timely interceptions help Cal as Huskies attempt to take to the air. Granger, Norris, Hanifan and Dimeff in on scor- ing. OREGON STATE — Beavers hold their own in first half. Ma- guire passes to Hanifan for 25 and first Bear score. In second half, roof falls in as Maguire and Casey quarterback Cal to run- away lead with drew dashing 67. 59, and 54 fcr three TDs and rec- ord California game yardage total of 283 yards. Carmichael intercepts and bursts 43 to pay- dirt. Peppin and Brandt figure in key blocks as offensive drive ex- plodes in second half. 164 the football story Dspesdable Can MAT HAZELTINE. Plaelid heads up ball, betals tiO a Staked pass play. Flaishlap Iw mire wawa, LLOYD TORCHED was cottkkred most ccasht• at lintIlkUl. Co-captain ee the 0% dame, be one depth at new nal was sharp ea ellensIve Ill wed. big game Penalties mark first quarter. Norris recovers Neff ' s fumble on Cal 18 to halt Red threat. Bears move out on Larson passes to Carmichael and Norris. Gustafson fumbles to Hanifan. 49 yards and 6 plays later Williams goes over from the six. Brodie ' s pass intercepted and Williams rambles 60 yards. Its Drew for 27 and third Bear score. In the third period, Cal caps 72-yord drive in ten plays with Hanifan ' s eight-yard scoring catch. Stanford on the move, Young hops 34 for Card TD. Tarr on one-man drive to goal. Seven plays of goal-line frustration and Brodie finally makes it. With nine minutes left, Tarr intercepts and Dorn scores. With board at 28-20, Larson knocks down desperation pass and Bears take one-game series lead. URSON makes a six.poInt Madleo as be crashes taw). the Stanthed ft r.r. Wish be Stanford men to stop him SAMMY WILLIAMS WAX into the ad tare fa the sate. Final tally pat GI ahead In the 84 Game series. DON TRONS EIN cane up from tht Ramblers early in the mom. Dhlath Ms Mama owl football lad baseball be acts a pad 06 at lab. Seasoned with No years of Rambla +NY, +abate ' . ethia " St8 " 8OROON. ARO eateNd his varsity fetter while a SOS yards per tarry math lath on road lot ' 91. Meth ad nth road to he JIM KIDDER ' s specialty. Until a bet spay sideliatd mat he pave Canakesatl a ton fa first.string tad position. 165 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Wawa, Kuhl, Ktlad, HO . Bonn, Awn,Os, Fay, Sta le, Riggs. SECOND ROW: Ktner, Moore, lam Bonnet, Oat Pato, Fktchr, Inset, Maw, Breen, HMITIA, Ware. THIRD ROW: Whitley, Greek NeRtet, Murray, King, Yang, ' Witte, Philips, Weight, SO. whet, Hoffman, Nasal, DOHA. v. ' ' tuatto, Stucker, VA- He.. .1 11 4:tclzn, Senel Ctr.,,iM, rit, Kync. SECO V) ROW: Coach Marc Ens!, Jacohs, Clifford, Coakley, Gem, Koko, Kinney, Don. Deitnic, hlatcvin, Gt000la, Fn,. Vonore, Nantelille, Hsat,ns, Oath DO. THIRD ROW: Pawn, Nenon, Fent% Piam tO ed, IkLean, Ranewitt, Cc, Hale, Ott,.,,, Perla% Ben7HOI, (Hiner, RoHhoii, Kith,, CoOky, FitspaUkk, Cherry, Stt.mragk, Coach P•I " tif. I sly 11 + 2E11 r IV it) ; 45 I 41 43 ' j3 c r oó A ' sfa i rt. i • k Pi I .t-:.4tifti;e011 tklis 3C0 ILA ILA LL, 1.? a 441 1 After PALMA gals, LORENZ 1251 tarree ball, DAL PORTO DAD and MURRAY 173 tee to I Mant le In DUMP among Vote of unIdatIrin Braes. The 113-13 Man for m teems, ?v. Gal bete a Muffle streel foe U Bask Ivrolweemals In Walclatiam style football with entails team deekosieet Is the mane emu by each NAL GRANT to Dolma Amefuls. Rambler own, CARL VAN NEWT, wit a former Myeat " co the Cal feu. His jab: Felelve peen. till Mae for tbe Bear See. • _ ramblers Cal ' s Ramblers gained a 5-5 win-loss record in the ' 54 season under their new coach, Carl Van Heuit. Posting wins over the Cal Aggies, TI, Alameda NAS, San Francisco Presidio, and the Stanford Braves, the Ramblers rolled up 211 points to the opponents ' 165. In the final game, the Bear bombers shook the Stanford Braves 18-13 in the first Cal win over the Card JV ' s since 1952. Potential for next year ' s varsity was displayed by backs Papac, Lorenz, Hoffman, Brazil, and Murray. Ends Hartman, Brewer, and Hughes, and tackle Baranco also showed to good advantage. Bear Varsity ranks should be bolstered by many of the forty-two Rambler award winners in ' 55. frosh The new PCC ruling allowed three freshman games this year, but it apparently had no sparking effect on the Cub eleven. Meeting the UCLA, USC, and Stanford frosh, the Cubs were dumped in their three outings. Though showing considerable potential, the Cal frosh blew a 27-0 lead over USC in their one scoring blast of the season. The following week the Card frosh buried the Cubs in a point landslide. Individually, the frosh should bolster the Bear Varsity next year by adding Art Forbes, Ron Wheat- croft, Gus Gianulias, Ralph Clifford. Ken Short and Bob Jordan to the roster. In the Rat game of the tease. Awl 11wIr last les, sawal Cal mesh eye a free ball as Byers of Startled fumble. 167 Toward the end of Fall semester and into the Spring—basketball dominates the sports calendar—the crowded gym, pounding of the varsity down the court, the Straw Hat Band and half-time entertainments, those breath- taking moments when a last-second score wraps up the game for Cal. Long after the win-loss record is forgotten, impressions such as these caught by the candid camera are the memories that will remain. SECT ION • k A sight Aka not lc may Cal rectos see is the postgame baleen speeds raters captains and Caleb fetnentat an the Bryn glens ...this eat ea after Big Cane. Marching Nab Cal bad escorts sad asth the treat Cal ' mina section foe a Bmkarop came the F.:alba!! Bunn and attendant during of the Ottahanu.Cal football optnn. BOTTOM The An, lifted high Age the maim! ' (MAI, Stan In Cal A•4s rat. Ca-uOtaias fee the Big Caw, Lama, Mandan AM itattltien, leg satisfied with the con lass as the Staglad captain ' , ex• pension adegrately tangy% his feeling an the natter. 168 i varsity With the Southern Division slated for extinction, it was fitting that the last year be the biggest and best. Individually, Cal caught its share of glory with Bob closing out a great four years by taking the all-time Division scoring honors, and California records by the dozens. Bob ' s three-season conference mark of 675 points bettered the fabled Hank Luisetti record of 18 seasons ago. In the win column, the Bears were unimpressive. Aside from McKeon, Coach Pete Newell had to rely on sophomores and transfers when all the other league teams were loaded with veterans. At that, the Bears held up high in competitive spirit and paradoxically enough out-field-goaled their opposition 579 to 572. FIRST ROW, kit to runt: Larry Frieed, Bob SECOND ROW: Bob Bray, Bert ' Antra, Everett Keen, Joe WSW. THIRD ROW: Pete Newell iceatIO, Al Wisest , Mite Diaz, Cliff khyr , Gabe rill , Frank Hess, kb Stake. LEFT: PETE NEWELL Cars first new basketball toad Soot 1925, is regarded S coach ' s; circles as a astute swims of the Pax. CM fans saw scat smart ball bangles freal Petes nowaiicoed teas Stile they also enionil the antks of this owl who ghes Ms " all " km the WO. RIGHT: Holds of envy seceirg mark is California ' s history, Captain BOB KEEN closed out a Silliant Salk Carey by leatlirg the Ban in points la at lurch straight wawa. the Bear captain Nose the XIX ie Soethem ' Thisbe. history and received ecesiderableall•Asericaa notation at the season ' s tad. 170 2-..) MT V4111= ' r Navin the r:Ot tItliv In the ORM place at the thAt time b Moslem Dere to fret a dernInOleg lob In a canal memo—. Staiee Manama SPIRO MELLIS. intersectional With a new coach and a young team, Cal poured it on for an early season record of eight and three to show lots of potential. Impressive wins over Oregon State, Colorado, Ohio State, and Kansas stand out. Competing in the Big Seven Tournament was a highlight of the pre-season preparations for confer- ence play. The traveling Bears found Kansas State too much to handle at the Kansas City tourney, but rebounded to take Kansas in their second game. The strong Santa Clara and USF oufits put Cal in a back seat in Bay Area rankings, but the Bears whipped St. Mary ' s Gaels from the CIBA contingent. The Cal-Bronc game was lost in an overtime, and USF ' s All-American Russell called McKeen his best opponent which kept up respect for Coach Pete ' s club on the local scene. With the brand of competition faced, and a green team, t he Bears did all right with an 8-5 nonleague mark. ABOVE: 10P, LARRY FRIEND pets ell jump Mot while Obi Suit 611e14ee math futile attempt to Vat it. CENTER: BOB Mc.KEEN and a Colceado man battle for lease ball In one of cars vont. BOTTOM: FIRST ROW. left to Mobt: RON Pour, Stn. MITI , Spiro Wills. SECOND ROW: Wayne Elnle, RiCIIMO MiteRell, Salttan Hubbell, Leo Pesti...THIRD ROW: Don Mlyanaso, Mal Hartmann. 171 bears vs. bruins FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1935 CAL fo tp 21 Friend 2 IPA%) 9 22 Id(Keen, 8 26 Pla.ik 13 OW Arriflaga 93 1 Taft Bare 6 3 13 8 MtKeen, E 1 White 4 0 Bunny 0 0 Brow. Mastro, 2 0 Costello Nall 0 0 SterlMq . Hooke 0 0 Ballard Kett 0 0 0 0 Masse 0 64 83 CAL SATURDAY, F fg It BRUARY 3, 1955 Blake McKeen, E 1 3 1 1 UCLA 84 Mama 8. . 5 8 OiM . 8 6 0 0 (Won 3 1 Stinting 0 0 Hess 3 2 .astr8e 0 0 Hagler 0 0 Mayne 0 0 CAL FRIDAY, Ig FEBRUARY 18, 1955 UCLA BeOwe 1 6 55 McKean, 8 9 25 Oia .. . 2 4 Antllaila 2 4 Keen, E. 1 0 0 Mastro 1 2 Me nee 0 0 48 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1955 CAL Brom. . II fl tp UCLA 8 Bragg fg It 1p I 2 4 Blake 4 4 12 Moore 6 9 21 McKee, B 15 6 36 Nlulls 3 0 6 ArrIllaga 0 0 0 Taft 10 6 26 2 2 6 Bane 9 6 24 Maten, E 4 0 8 White 1 1 3 2 0 4 0 0 0 84 Mastro, . 0 2 2 Fe; ABOVE—TOP. FreKEEN to tune up with ball despite efforts of Taft and Bran of UCLA. BOTTOM: The Amiga catches a good anale on that ' miscible M KEEN hock. Blond SOB BLAKE, bothered by a ANA injury list season, grabbed a first suing forward berth at the beginning of the year and retained i1 for tae enure season. Altheogh only 6 ' 2 " , Blake did a imitable AO on the taX1003,01 and was one of the Bean ' best outside shot. Eligotit crowd Messer among the Beam was undoubtedly MIKE DIA2, stocky little mgtonstre guard. Possessed of tremendously quick hands heed a rare ability to stay wsperded In midair. Din had tore Orem motes than amene on the Bear squad. A new to California cage fans was Sub LARRY FRIEND, southpaw Corned. ' need was hobbled by injuries daring the Southern Division PUY, but dlt• prayed a deadly two.harded set Not when be was a regular [any in the year. Bear fans are looking for. ward to Urn ' s two nate yaws ceder Coach Newels bears vs. trojans FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1955 CAL fp It tp USC It tp Brown 4 4 12 Pull ' s ........ ...- .1 3 15 Slake .. ... 4 3 11 Mcgetro, R. 5 5 15 Diaz . 4 4 12 Can 2 6 10 ...wiry 1 3 5 Mtf(ten, 0 1 1 Hess 0 0 0 Lcurkli 0 3 3 Hagler .. 0 2 2 — 57 58 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1955 CAL fg It to USC 19 Slake 1 2 4 Psaltks 5 Brown 1 4 6 0 McKee°, 6 2 14 Inf. 6 3 3 9 Can Anillaga 2 0 4 Welsh 8 1 McKee " , E. 2 6 10 Paw. 4 Hen . 2 3 7 Dunn 1 Wiex•trvb 1 2 4 maw, 1 Sterling . .. 0 2 2 Ludecke 0 H agler 0 2 2 Leath:, 0 Mayym 0 0 0 Launch Findley 0 62 80 FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1955 fi 11 CAL ti %; Iris Frites] Blake 1 PAI410 B. 5 5 1 Inns . 1 0 Welsh Diaz 4 4 1 Can Wirsttrvb 4 0 Dunne Andla0a 0 0 E. 2 4 1.4.3StOv Brews 0 1 Kaultun Mayer .0 0 Findley 14691tr 0 1 loeekh Raapst 0 0 Lirdebe 6$ Mount SATURDA , JANUARY 9, 1955 CAL fp I tp USE 1: Friend . 5 Psaltd Blake 5 11 Pane 1 1 3 McKee, B. 13 30 Irvin 7 5 19 Diaz . 2 4 Weld 4 7 15 H ess . 0 1 Cur . 3 2 8 Winetrub 0 0 Dunne 2 0 4 1 2 Nags. 0 0 0 McKee, E. 1 3 Leather 0 0 0 Mayer 0 0 — Brunt . 0 0 63 H agler 0 0 56 It tp 8 6 15 14 14 17 2 2 0 0 3 0 0 81 tp 8 4 17 0 26 8 2 3 0 2 0 0 808 MO(EEN ovt,urnv. m. SC ,nis In .bat flown to be a sure tip•pn who. troth.. EV turn in disbellerement. BOTTOM: Araeher atterw Oat cater, EV MtKEEH on ten terns with SC man in Ice a rebeAsnd Oubted the ' Say Caballero " by the press, CABE ARRILLAGA was definitely the " boiler guy ' on the California Net. A spirited sotthemore ward, this neon) Wakes. was the mutt P99tettiVe Menthe Player en the Bear squad. Vanier brother of Captain Bob, EV McKEEN thawed lots Of Promise as a laPho• more forward. Hes a fine rebconekr and a determined defertsbe player. He dewlap...1 a lump shot in the latter stages of the WalOn and stesold become a Heedful 41 he OtatitiOtt to rgeore as he did this past season. California ' s sus ' tank prayer who bottles at a battling basketball ward, CLIFF MAYNE is one of tee oldest and nyst kited Players on the Ben Swag. Mayo it one el the two seniors on the squad afore with Captain Bab MtKett. bears vs. Indians FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 1933 CAL McKee , E f8 ft tat STANFORD II It tc Blake 4 0 8 Boma . 2 0 4 WOKeta, 8 6 5 17 Leerier . 3 2 If Diu . 7 1 15 Tcwww . ... 10 3 23 Winettob 1 0 2 Selle4t 3 1 7 Feeen0 5 S 15 Wagon 0 0 0 — — 57 59 SATURDAY, JANUARY IS, 1935 CAL fg It to STANFORD Ity It tat McKeon, E.. .. 6 4 16 Bea 1 2 Blake . 0 3 3 Sand 4 12 McKeen, 8. 9 5 23 4 10 Diu . 3 1 7 Inlet 13 Wenetneb . 0 0 0 Wave elea . 1 4 ' ,Funk 7 2 16 Stored 5 19 Nees . 0 0 0 Townie 3 11 Marx 0 0 0 Wagon, N. 2 4 WNW., R. 0 0 — 75 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1955 CAL 14 to STANFORD 19 It to Blake 5 17 Bond 3 2 8 Bros " Boma 4 4 12 McKean, E. 0 Schneer 4 4 12 Friend 6 13 tamer 5 4 14 Naar 0 0 %end 9 8 26 Mcgme, 5 13 30 Selleck 3 10 16 Diaz 2 8 Turner 1 0 2 Arrillap 4 10 Ness 0 0 Nay 1 2 • - 84 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1955 CAL 18 tp FORD fo I 12 2 0 0 Brown McKee, B. 8 18 Linder ArrIN194 1 3 Tarns 094 51 20 Seneca Friend 4 9 Bea McKee., E. 2 4 Waver, N. Hen 1 2 Schwager Pagke 0 0 Tray Mayne .0 0 Wagner, R. 68 ABOVE—TOP: MIKE DIAZ has a seat I. the ale while hews Mama lour Stanford dthaine men. BOTTOM: A Stanford man HMI himself tied ed by awe inane wade co the put of AL WINET121.18. Probably the steadiest of all of Coach Newell ' s %Weds, AL WINETRUB, a tuner had San Francisco, had the espewence that prated valuable 10 the yeasty Sean this season. Thrs capable guard, mho started a fen pawn during the maw, will be back again neat year. Playing behind Carstaie Bob McKean fee a lull season helped this 6 ' 8 " more Inunewsely. JOE NAGLER has developed a tine heck fide with either bud and coulee] Weeny a eapirif next Ingo II he gams tie stamina necnouy to play in the lwIlled Southern Division. A moped rensenlee lad a phad outride theCter, BOB BROWN erne at mantes lo eau a staging alhgrnWM in a fa Panel alter Larry hand was intend. Becton is the tray ennead wan on tlw tear ear swea4 nonconference CAL OPP. 52 Oregon State 50 Oregon 52 ' 7 ....COP 82 64 St. Mary ' s 51 57 Colorado 44 59 Colorado 46 74 Ohio State 63 54 Ohio State 7; Kansas State 88 45 Kansas 62 NJ Colorado 69 Santa Clara 66 42 USC 84 ABOVE—TOP: LARRY FRIEND takes the spotlight M the Cow Palace with his 1441•1mecled Ono shot sires Santa Clara. BOTTOM: COP guys up co LARRY FRIEND as be comes •Sown with a rebound. Possessor of a Eon kft.isawSed posh shot all a (hewn. lapin cm the fast break, FRANK NESS was one of the few exprillNtd players On the team at the teglonino of the season Nets it another Saa tonna product and a )ththe with one note anon ahead of him. Etcelsmni by a len Unary each la the year. BERT MASTROY veer did quite iamb up On season. Yastrow Is a hustling player bid a strop] towel may hawse., and should be balk in top shape next season. Although latkia9 in MKT. new, GEORGE SEEKING can the ere of Cane Newell with his treandous jumboability obi clettrmisatioa. Salina lanald a w .. 1 nose ebb ' In the season to WM a Vanity mem. BLUES—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dennis Untie...nen, Rodney Grill ' ' ' . SECOND ROW ' Al Roe, Gear Sterling, Bill Wetch, Jerry Raosivst, Art Galled (coach). FROSH—FIRST ROW, left to rent: Bernie Simpson, Earl Itobieson, Real Blake. SECOND ROW: ArealLoom Norm Wilton, Robert Erickson, John Gilmore. THIRD ROW: Bob Albo (cacti, Robert Tealet. One Carne, Barney Smith, Robert W Shirrildl, Jerry Anderson (assistant coach), lad GlIclefflern falSillial Oath) 176 Mach to the Mow of the Stanfod Brans, Cars Sloes uke canto( of a Icor bet. Sob Washington teintreit ten tipmff in Cal frottfs victory ol USF freshmen. SOS ALSO, to•captain of last year ' s Vanity basketball team, hardier] de Itigkry rated Fresh team v4 coached Orem %MOO a winning Rivaling Harry Owens with his Hawaiian spent tmdts, ART GAL. LON, fitistdd his fourth sem, as assistant coach this year as well as a doctoral ditheltatigagn the lord. Oros of the PCC. blues Art Gallon ' s Blues basketball squad completed their season with a 7-5 win-loss record. The Blues were shorthanded because of injuries the last half of the season and such varsity reserves as Joe Hagler, Bert Mastrov, Clif Mayne and George Sterling saw action under Gallon. Standouts for the squad were Hagler, Jerry Raugust, Sterling and Rod Griffin who copped most of the 784 points in the 12-game schedule. Hagler, center, led scoring honors with 134 points for a 15.8 game average. froth Under the able guidance of former Cal star Bob Alba, the frosh basketball team wound up with a 13-2 record, the two defeats coming at the hands of a strong Athens Club and CCSF varsity squads. The team worked well as a unit, and mainstay of the club was 6.4 center Bob Washington, Cal ' s highest scorer with a game average of 15.2. Playmaker Earle Robinson, injured the first part of the season, also posted a 15.2 average. Not to be outdone, the Cal forwards John Rubeson and Bob Tealer were perfect supplements to Washington ' s rebounding. Bernie Simpson, Robinson ' s running mate, was the deadly outside shooter of the team. Next year the varsity is sure to gain some valuable material from this frosh squad. 177 weight basketball 49 74 Gring Pest Control Parchester Villagers Sv Berkeley Square ....... . 28 32 Dorchester Villagers. Mt. Diablo High. Bashers NiseiNisei24 33 Acetones OPP. 29 22 35 39 33 36 CAL 64 40 44 60 Gring Post Control 26 Berkeley Square Vacaville High Albany High Acetones High Albany High 28 OPP. 3 Berkeley 30 37 39 27 145 SEASON RECORD Berkeley Nissei 32 47 El Cerrito High 36 51 ... Buskers 30 Cal 130 plater GEORGE TRABERT is aught in a awe of arias and Iron al the ball tomoncetnedly garden tonard basket. LOWELL GLENN gots up fora as the Cal 145s wapete in league ply. ABOVE LEFT—FIRST ROW, left to right: Gordon Bill, John Phillips, Km Ander. son, Loan Glints (coach). SECOND ROW: are Larder, Clark Wallace, Terry Cole, LonellGkon. THIRD ROW: Dot Rawson, Bill PUMP . ABOVE RIGHT—FIRST ROW, left to riots: Jet 11131cialma, Jot Fleel. SECOND ROW: Jack Lockhart, Angelo Damn, Ramie oilmen, Hal Griggs. THIRD ROW: Bill Pace, Don Adams, George Trabert, Bill Van Gerdy, Lloyd Johnston (coach). 130 SEASON RECORD CAL OPP. CAL OPP. 28 Simmond ' s Shade Shop 27 49 Mt. Diablo High. 77 44 Berkeley Gazette 33 46 Berkeley Gazette 14 Robert E. Lee TV 34 — 69 Berkeley Gazette 64 . Spartan AC 40 48 Robert E. Leo TV 36 El Cerrito JV 39 Folsom High _..32 Berkeley YMCA 29 30 Spartan AC 31 Healdsbutg High 42 52 Vacaville High . 38 7, ran-toad ' s Shade Shop 38 41 Berkeley YMCA 29 Hughten High 11 ' s .36 SI Spartan AC. 37 .Hughson High 44 46 Folsom High 52 track The 1955 track prospectus is somewhat shaky since graduation thinned the ranks of outstanding cindermen considerably. A pessimistic preseason prediction made, indicated that with the weakened roster the track varsity could conceivably lose all dual meets. So far there has been one bright spot in the horizon—a win in the dual Cal-Fresno State meet. The Bears have been defeated by the Olympic Club in a triangular meet on March 26, though in this same meet they edged the Santa Clara Youth Center by 8 points. Against San Jose, Cal mustered up 59 points to their opponent ' s 72. There is little comment to make on the snowing the Bears took at the hands of USC in the Coliseum on April 16. Some potential for national honors may exist in two returning trackmen, John Stellern, shot-put record holder and Dave Seed, ineligible in 1954 but ready to hit the cinder this Spring. Two other trackmen, Chuck Butt, shot-put and discus specialist and Larry Anderson, NCAA pole vaulter, who had been heavily counted on, are saving eligibility for the Olympics in 1956. VARSITY TRACK SQUAD—FIRST ROW, kIt to riobt: Jerry Paoli, dohs Kahan, Rerun Leslie, Sun Gilbert, Robin Faithairn, Marshall Cecilia, Russ Hill, Duane Bailey. SECOND ROW: Harold George Coeur, Gorge Tome, Lanrera SAMS, Robert Cop , Jean Bowen, Sire Schadlick, Tom Trainer, Michael White. THIRD ROW: Charles Travers, William NoteId, Clayton Um Rebut Lett, James Johnson, Robert Warerkk, Chutes James, Robert Tones, Heavy Hermann, Richard Battelle, Eric Murray, Richard Him, FOURTH ROW: James Pluses (captain), Al Buts, John SteIkrn, Ricturd Myer, Ed Hersh, Frans DOeillUel, Chinks Compute, Rob Warren, William Fixiber0, Al Cullom. TOP, LEFT: Hod (rut cock BRUTUS HAMILTON has an antler-0nm reputation in the field of sports. His distinction bamitt h m an levitation from the State Department to conduct a good-will muckier, clink In India this Fall. CENTER: One of the ration ' s best assistant took coadbel, AL RAGAN has the distinction of being hod math In 1943 ' hen Cal last but the USC cindermen. BOTTOM: Leading a double caching Efe is assistant HAL GRANT, Atm hal thine of the yearlings in both track aid eesall. TOP: JIM PLESSAS, Cablornia ' s dry aM Insulting captain was 4 poiet ' wirnee in the sprints, hurdles aM broad jump. BOTTOM: Senior Marshier VIC GIANUNZIO was kept busy Peeing that both equip- ment and manager were around at crucial moments. 11 TOP: Camera oldies HAL NORRIS, la, with the kmelln, aed JOHN KAHNERT, rigM, with shot•ut, petIceralro in tit intrasqoad competition. BOTTOM: LON SPURRIER, font , Cal 880 man, now •ith Wimple Club, is shown setting a new wirld ' s 880 record 1:474 in Ow Cai.00.XYC tratoular meet LEFT, TRACK MANAGERS--FIRST ROW, left to .4;M: Oick Monter, Vic Glanumio, Sill de. Campe. SECOND ROW: Hugh Well, Dick Vance, Tam Thieben, Ron Poop. RIGHT: Good natured and intelligent Argentine JOHN KAHNERT, a red HJORRTIOrt addition in the weight rivets, kti the discus Ily in the Cal.San Jose meet. 181 1955 varsity track meet results Triangular Meet March 26. 1955 Olympic Club 65 California 521 2 Santa Clara Youth Center 441 2 Highlights: The California varsity members faded into the back. ground as a Cal alumnus, LON SPURRIER. running for the Olympic Club, set an unofficial 880 record. Time: 1:47.5. San Jose Dual Meet April 2, 1955 San Jose 72 California 59 Highlights: Eric Murray ' s B ' improvement in discus over last year ' s 149 ' to 157 ' . Bob Warwick ' s :49.2 in the 440 and Jim Maddox ' s 9:9.1 two mile—their all•time best. Dave Seed ' s 14 ' vaulting with no practice since February. Fresno State Duel Meet April 9, 1955 California 75 1 6 Fresno State 55 5 6 Highlights: Hal Norris ' best ever javelin throw of 200 ' 9 " . His previous best was 187 ' 10 " last year. USC Dual Meet April 16, 1955 USC 1071 4 California 233 4 TOP: One of the best ywltm In Galant+ bistro, DAVE SEED is also a siatiemal ' Silo; ' must. lie swatter his high schoolmark or 10 ' 6 " to better than 14 ' in this, his senior year. CENTER: ERIC MURRAY St a fast ' Salo Obeys cow vine also plays feaball in the Fall. BOTTOM: AL BAE A, name aliases me from ' 14 A 1 10 Ohre AL " is a ecosistent point winner in the MIAOW cringer as awl ' as a witty Aid inspiring leader on the union. 182 • • A ' ' ..,•.--•-••• • : • V. LEFT, TOP: JOHN STELLERN is a senior shot.patter and holder of the University retad. CENTER: Geokoy major BOB WARWICK tame to Cal adiout any Nab school merleeice at a runner and Ns derekeed reynarkaly. BOTTOM: A soon; and coda:ton holdnder is (0 HERSH abs has irtsprowd ' natty due to OttefffliftltiCtl and hard week. BELOW, TOP: A last Organ. ' yeoh In the jianif am birdies, MIKE WHITE, s shown at I ar right as he takes a slyest lend oree opyaHnts ctemino the second turdk of the 120 NH Ott. CENTER: Cal and San Jose own hand off at erta terns oa the third lap 0 the mile relay. BOTTOM: Ruh Tarr, Prom, Son out JIM PLESSAS In the 100 as JOHN St ELLERN, left, tries his hand at the sprints. 183 RIGHT; F CO stags 0011 BOWDEN. kit, and MONTE UPSHAW, right, look ta as mad oath BRUTUS HAMILTON decks his stopwatch. BELOW: Cal apUin and ae.arcene per form JIM PLESSAS Is nipped at the sod to the 220 by Don Crockshad of Santa Clara ' dad Censer. IT.weerurner. MARSHAL CELEST IN it spun itOond at the cad of his Owe- 184 ' 54 highlights Opponent Olympic Club, Fort Ord Santa Clara Youlk Center San Jose State Kansan UCLA USC Stanford Fresno Relays Coliseum Relays Modesto Relays FCC NCAA Pot vauita DAVE SECO it thorn In a wccetaul ltieh jump against Frew Stale. Retail Won Won Lost Won Lost Won 2nd-IC. 3rd open 2nd 2nd 3rd Cal Opp. 79 1 6 Ord.S7 5 6. OC.21 70 SCYO64 SJS18 50 1 2 70 1 1 91 40 44 1 7 86 7 3 80 SI 43 1 2 ( ' Cl. 19 (open) (Individual Competition) 18 1 4 USC-54 49 LOSC.70 17 USC.67, Illinoit.32 Stall C: LEAMON KING, fro.” right, off theyrtard, LEAMON KING, ;Rah sprint star, has latle tro.rble in 9 let 100 against the San Francisco Selcol All•Stars frosh The 1955 track season has been outstanding for the Frosh thinclads. who have yet to lose a rack meet as of April 17. The team as a group has not proven to be strong; rather it has been individual performers who have come through with the first place points. Don Bowden, Leamon King, Monte Upshaw, Joe Griffin, Maynard Orme, and Dave Baker are the consistent winners. Upshaw ' s 24 ' broad jump is a new frosh record, as is Bowden ' s I :52.2 880 time. King has a 9.7 100 and a 21.3 220 to his credit, while miler Orme hit 4:30.7. Griffin and Baker have run, alternately, 1-2 in the 120 HH. It is quite possible that by the end of the season all of these men will have improved upon their times and distances, as each week they have individually shown improvement in their events. FIRST ROW, kit to right: Bob Celiac Mate Joe Gtiffia, One Saw, Art Weiner, William Hotchkiss. SECOND ROW: Hal Grant, coach; Milian William, Deal 30.60, Oak einhold, Richard Dild000d , Rould Seam, Richani Morrison. THIRD ROW: Den Robing., Maynard Oune, Groadlne, Leanto Teal Clark, Milks Hollmaa, John Merth.att, John Beidesce, Soso erellirg. 185 St BRUTUS HAMILTON, atnaYs a great to kaiak effectivity coaches both trots-earthy and track. Hailing Ito., Missouri like liami t0a, AL RAGAN is regarded as ore of the best assisUrt track coaches in tee United SUDS. Tboagh sidelined emly In Os sewn •ith as Willies tends , injury, AL (UEFA turned in cutstanding pee forme:was and was top rated Ee Hamilton. BOTTOM—That last minute eICItteatnt grant bolo as Sono Hamilton gash heal instructions. RIGHT TOP—FIRST ROW, left to right: Out Tenn. Al 6.1041, Clark Maoloit, Dale Rienhall, Maynard Orris Dare Leckie, Gerry Powell. SECOND ROW: Brutus Hamilton. Larry Shares, Bob Leslie, Jciin Ntiun, Bill Williams, Ed Wilson, Fran Doeleur. J.m Muldow Disk Meyers, V,c Gifutitao. 186 cross-country Starting the season with what looked like a potentially strong squad, the cross-country team ' s record reflected the result of injuries to two key harriers, Al Baeta and Len Simpson, who were out for most of the season. Though winning their initial encounter with San Jose, the cindermen bowed to UCLA, USC and Stanford. Al Baeta grabbed a third place against the Trojans at the Westwood meet while Clark and Jim Maddox placed eighth and ninth. The brothers were also top finishers for Cal against UCLA. " CA RIGHT: Stouts of " Ws aid Owe echo across the eittan M the lint shell bits the wawa. ' 55 varsity crew Spirits are high over the approaching 1955 crew season. With many of last year ' s oarsmen returnin g, and an up and coming group of Cal ' s younger manpower, the competition for seats on the first boat should be plenty stiff. The Bears had their first test of strength against the Oregon State College Beavers on March 27. Both the Varsity and Jayvees took the Beavers on the Estuary. The Washington race, which means the same to Cal oarsmen as the Stanford game means to Bear grid will give the Bears the acid test. Some stiff competition is ahead back East when Cal meets some top flight eastern crews in the IRA Regatta. The Berkeleyites should be sparked by the prospect of an Olympic year in 1956. From the looks of past records this sort of anticipation seems to have done the trick. The Bears will be in there all the way. ABOVE: Ewe adffiald by an it Cal ' s emo coach KY (BRIGHT whose wining teams Mgt beta the melt of his pent stress an funSanstata ' s aid plain had %nib RIGHT: ' 4(Y " Wes minters el the Vanity cleric° a UM in the lock, tom. 188 ftql. ,and r-on Ice C JO1 XAS Sealer Viraou DICK BYTIhES hem San FIRST ROW, kit to right: ttifeca Ronk., Chuck Macerate, Dick arm " , senior mapper; Fred Naar. SECOND ROW: Al Galati!, foam Rote, Bill Lew, Douglas Sparer, Bob Ekedahl. highlights From " Ky " himself the season prospectus was viewed in these words: " While several good veterans were lost by graduation, this year ' s varsity squad has been strengthened by the addition of several promising sophomores. The spirit of the squad is better than for several years and the number is greater. Last year we had four varsity crews, this year we have five. The weather has been unusually favorable this Spring and progress has been satisfactory. While it is impossible to foretell what the results of the season will be, I feel that it will be another year of improvement. This freshman class does not seem to be quite so strong as that of last year. But I believe that we will be able to boast a crew next year that can be a factor in the Olympic Trials. We would like to win it—but if not, we would at least like to maintain our record of never yet having failed to gain the finals. " FIRST ROW, kit to tight: Gat Rest, Geo Hassel, Rod FrkOman, Brooks Key, Jim Batts. SECOND ROW: Race Rim, Jim Jokes " Bob Raney Bill Walker, Garter Sweats, Tom Lift, Roo KAroe, Steve Otooto, Mara Len, Norm Parsons, Star WWI OM, in F04.11Pitt, Ben KlIN11)0. THIRD ROW: Ky (gift, Rog teat. Jerry Delta, Don Hrodea, Did D0I:4104, Did Jay Reel.. Tom Wady, Mark Tuft, P111 Mettler, Cary Kurth. amet Card, Bob Olatootal, Min Melton. FOURTH ROW: Dan Petersen. Clark Gilbert, Dan adman, Ralph Kelly, Tor, Hadersto, NV. Tuttle, Bob SteaM, Mike Atom, Dia Kahl, Tom Fenner, Jacques daalmier, John Harpy, John Ponta. t n t. " ' ,4) Aet 4 IS_ t I - • • 189 RIGHT: A for entry nUlOr on at Cal is picture day. Nett the lint e4ht on Vanity Crew OW fa a battery of OKAOraSers. highlights With wins over USC, UCLA and Stanford and a second place in the Western Sprints Championship race, Cal aimed for the capstone to every season, the IRA Regatta in Syracuse. A stop at Wisconsin en route provided a tight race. The Jayvees won by several lengths but the Varsity yielded to host Wisconsin by a deck. At Syracuse. Cal rowed past the finish in fifth place, nosing out six other crews. The Bears ' time of 16:22.7 fell ony 18 seconds behind winning Navy. The Jayvees took a third boring only to Cornell and Navy with a clocking of 16:33.2. This bettered Washington ' s time and gave the Jayvees a victory over these arch foes who had bested them on the coast. ABOVE: taupe on the job in wry crew ' sb attire an the managers and equipment men MATT FRANICI4 and JACK DONNELLY, nKeStary element% for an tfficient y fonetkuley crew. RIGHT: Getting set for tee of Ow Gx days of practice each .at--a mood Palike schedule ohms a winning trew. 190 of 1954 1954 VARSITY RECORD Distance Margin (lengths) Time Nees Winner USC 2.000 meters 2 6:04 Estuary Cal UCLA 3 miles 5 16:15 Estuary Cal Washington 3 miles eh 15:21.6 Estuary Wash. Stanford 3 miles 12 15:27 Estuary Cal Western Sprint 2.000 meters 2 6:29.9 Newport I. Navy 2. Cal Harbor arbor 3. Stanford 4. UBC Wisconsin 1 ' ' s miles deck 8:52 Wisconsin Wisconsin IRA Regatta 3 miles Cal. 5th 16:04.4 Syracuse. I. Navy N.Y. 2. Cornell 3. Wash. 4. Wisc. A steady, cnaltItha Gamma, Common JACQUES OE LORMIER aomoon Woe the estuary as Sas Francisco, vine he is is his I lest mot of Ma selbsol. Rem this ' mintage Point KY keeP, tar shells under II It suntillact brim Monte. " Axe " Aft " 191 RICHT: Yearling summed had practice the cney Sot to petit( ' carnation—rain a shine. BELOW: JIM LEM4tOts respoembildy JS fro-at Math if to prow% the lordarroottals necessary Ice high grade varsity material. frosh crew The fifty new oarsmen and the nine coxswains comprise the turnout for Frosh crew in 1955. With the 1954 record of four wins and one loss, this year ' s contingent will have to be in top condition to capture the same laurels or better them. Approximately half the turnout are new this semester, so the season thus far has meant hard, steady drive and practice on the Estuary. If they can maintain the pace they ' ve set already. there is little doubt that frosh crews from USC, UCLA, Washington and Stanford will be rowing against a winning team. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jan Rosati, Bob Wetnter, Ray Schaal. Pete Bruce Habits, Sun Shawl, Don Scheratt, Joe Kaltman . SECOND ROW: Jra SOU ight, Bob Colston, Rdh Sankt, Lee Merin, Mlle Zneed Rae Rhein, John Ditinkh, CAVE Carl Bob Sr Anson, Wray Weyfand, Ed Reichert, Rich Dante, Phil Basler, Stew Chapman. THIRD ROW: Fred Miler, assistant comb; Dia 140.110A, Jean COT, Dew Brow. Jack Llmed, Mad Barrett. Leonard Silt, Paul Brocchini, Lea Litman, John Gratin, Bill DankII, Rome Bakke, Bob Nichols, Jim Lannon, Intsh coach. FOURTH ROW: Frank Stemma. Stu Ems, Dick leotard, Sun Backkad, But Bob Bain, Bruce Belong, Al Smith, Rudy Kuhn. Don Rosenblatt, Al TrImbath. John (km IL 192 N .. ' ' 4 4, • vo4 • - v‘gia, • IRMO. 4•14, . 1 va-.. Ai MANAGERS, kit to eight: Jeha Geth.vdt, Lamle Woodard, Jae ainaarfmn, Nick Gutting and Harris. Coach GEORGE WOLEMAN, former Call. fcenla all pro star, takes over the reins Of Clint Evans. In his eleven season at Mission NO he turned out a wed nseriste of nu and minor lemmen. PETE NEWELL is vnNlinp Wellman mite the varsity now that his basketball Mier art as fee the scum. baseball 19.55 season Starting the season with a good nucleus of returning lettermen, the Varsity baseballers got off to a shaky start against several professional and semi-pro teams. They then went into a winning streak of nine straight games against collegiate competition. The opening league game against Santa Clara was disastrous—resulting in a 7-1 loss. The return game against Santa Clara resulted in a Golden Bear victory. This was followed by a win and a loss against UCLA on Edwards Field. The following week UC was the recipient of a double loss in Los Angeles by the USC Trojan. The 1955 Varsity is a " symphony of inconsistency. " Offensively the team has done well, but practic ally every loss can be attributed to loose defensive play. The returning veterans have not played to their capabilities, and as a result, the season has been up and down. Doug Weiss, Charles Becker and Ronald Gaggero, all sophs, have shown well in their initial season with the Varsity. Lloyd Canton and John Kalamaras, both junior college transfers, have also shown to advantage. Cal toasts one of the limit shertstoos in the Rape In DICK AMEND. Oitt OH_ ”le$ captalo, Is playing his fourth yeu as Vanity %WINO. AL KYTE, first tamoun, mows by the spat natoolly. No Ways good steady ball all manages to COO WOW " Ith may HMO ' base MU. Right fielder OON MUSSER has Improved lameesely since his sophomore year. Don WOW a at arm and is a poser hitter. A hostile ' ) too-year letterman, DON WALKER is a left fielder confined from Will base all has proven annuli a lint [luta enter. Last ye✓s CISA kaput-kadina hitter, JOHN DERDIVANIS is playing his fast s ea. son In abler IBM after florin) anal two let eau-NI JOHN GERHARDT holds an etwntlal poi,. ton that it rewired to the Meech back. stage frarateOroma el the team. Veteran pitcher PDF GAGGER( ' is a fourth )tar nun ' Mow 3 4 as sidearm delivery haw Wend men noosing batten. Captain DICK ANENT a at bat for the Burs in an ea Voss with the Wore Realty Conan. FIRST ROW, left to right Ghana Becket, Frank Powell, Dan, John Dertfineis. Con Stowell, Den Walker, Rachard Amen, to Mitchell, On TrObsteiA 71wItce Henderson, NateCa Short. Larry Posey. SECOND ROW: Darcy! Smith, Bill Slack, Bernie Stonawan, Jaw Kalemmas, LInd Canton, Dort Natter, Fred Bereskro, Pete Van Hato.. Al Kyle, Robert Verrill, Dag Wins, Ray Santa, Bill Bohn, Ben Lilian, lOren Barth.If, Carl Klee . THIRD ROW: Cents Teen Keogh, Coach Pete Newell, Pat Fly..., Warren Lanett, Dick Perry, Ron Jaren Wt16:e, Ted Pollock, Norm Bedell, Joe Isere, Ernie iceberg, Crone Stettin, Ate Luca°, Pete batman, Rod Griffin, Gibe Coach George We11 ' run, Manger Jobs Gerhardt. v APS fr. i X11 v..- t T vira. ais apivithpariinille7raiterahokilteft. atilt S t CP i.)(1 Ct5 195 1955 PREDEADLINE RESULTS NONCONFERENCE GI 7 4 4 I 10 10 ... Alumni . . Major League All Stan Hayward Merchants Weer League All Stets San Franchco University of San Frarc 17 4 18 . . Cal Aggies B ..Sen Jose. 8 COP. 19 University of San Francisco 1 7 State 2 Chico Slate 7 I University of Oregon. 5 3. San Jose 7 7 Oalland Oak 10 8 Modesto Reds 9 CIBA Cal Opp. L. San. Clare 9 $__... Santa Clore 4. UCLA UCLA 4 USC 10 USC Finked by head coach Cease Wolirrun on the neat aed assiitam Pelt Newell on the left, the Cal baseball beech watches the IMO aka. A e sun a [ ' mita future, RON GAGGER() Wds from Sacred Hart MOM in San FrantiSCO. A steady, dtperdable Mad tsarina., Rol Is a real " tam " man. The ampirt NM a towns time Whop this one as DON NUSSER in the Cal-Onion Gant. CO won bat Newt was out at lint. 196 rte ' M • • zicitstr. n-a " .•• " ?.... " . " 7-Cre4 :1 • - • JOHN KALAMARAS, • mean Item Valtei0 X, or tared first Wing catchlno Oakes and In addition to MN he Ns capable Mtn, base oath Went. and an invisiv Santa gllta ' s nab the ball la time to nip a wry 6Memtiord DON WALKER at Inst. Lelt.haftlo1 LLOYD CANTON, leadide NM is at how row on wend waning tat wawa, at third. Steelton COkw; less Is Cars gain. • .0: „ • • _ In a haw ow with MU. DON KISSER mnsts Now plate as stale Cal INA MISS third to etela the Bean with two runt. 197 cinnamon bears The 1955 Cinnamon Bear team was ably handled by Tom Keough. Their season record to date against mostly junior college teams and other college junior varsity teams approximates a .750 average. The team is composed primarly of sophomores and a sprinkling of juniors. Dave Ackerman ' s pitching has been outstanding along with the hitting of Darryl Smith and Fred Beresford. Warren Lavorell, Ted Pollock, Mike Weldon and Gabe Arrillaga, all sophomores, show a great deal of promise for future varsity activity. TOM KEOUGH, farm. All•Amerkaa oat. Gelder on the 1952 nanny, k had Goa the Weans Bean. FIRST ROW, Itft to rkaht: Fred Stretford, Richard Perry, Sthetk Fru Pow11, William Sohn, Lome Bar SECOND ROW: EyOtoe RateICk fir " onni Smith, Norman Bedell, Peter Vaitoutta, Peter Ammo; Carl Klerk, Entente Posey. THIRD ROW: Gina Tom ICteoph.. Botha Short, James Weldor. .Edward, Ed. Pollock, JosePh Jaeger, Ernest M Eldern. Gece9e Stetlirq, Jost Loam, Rodmy Grit lin, Gabriela Slag :hot atom FRED BERESFORD antic:patina a IOW pitth • ..,th the Stanford GINO. 198 freshmen A busy man this Spring aas owl. BOB ALSO wlho no stoner finished antics with the fresh wawa than he headed le. the Pasteurl diamond and the froth spud. To date the California freshmen have won thirteen games and lost none. The squad is coached by Bob Albo with an assist from Cas Munoz, who shifts between the frosh and the varsity. The team seems well on its way to one of the greatest seasons any California frosh team has ever enjoyed. On the mound the Cubs are led by Chuck Dexter and Mike Toomey who, between them, have accounted for all thirteen victories. Along with Captain Paul Piper and top hitter Earl Robinson, players such as Raymond. Kennaugh, Palma, Gianulias, Fink, Simpson, Stewart, Ramsier, Thompson, Ortner, Luther, Jacobson, Kinney, Leidich, DeBenevento, and Samuelson are all strong prospects for the varsity nine. FIRST ROW, kit halt ' . Robert Kinney, Owlet Thompson, Mite TCOnIfy, Itayagni CJ, Gisyn;bs, V4, Miswin. SLONICS ROW: fhthod Fist, Pao Piper (003:0, Earl Raolason, Richard Jacobsen, John Stroart, Bernild Sans.% Charles DURO ROW: Robert Albo ronaebl, Cas Monti Itasca°, James SamonS0o, Michael Fuhrio, Paul Mar, Roger Ramseier, William Rename, Tow Palma, William Whet, Roy Raymeal. Ear? Robitisoo moods lint as Ray lelOkh coaches. It Wks lite a sore disable for the fresh keit Missica Nigh School. gairtanammistrotr. " ---=tm- I " t • • namlittlitsturi 1954 CIBA RESULTS Cal 2 4 13 3 USC UCLA. . UCLA Santa Clara Santa Clara Snnta Clara Opn USC 12 USC . 11 3 Stanford 12 3 UCLA . 4 3 UCLA 4 2 USC 13 Stanford 5 8 Santa Clara 0 5 Stanford 4 Stanford LES MITCHELL, • minima Whatnot, hit .192 In wt•tinse backstop an tan wage. BELOW, TOP: An cutstandiol xybonte. DOUG WEISS possesses log spent a curve ball and 04474 et pace in 46411kn to belle one el the tearn ' s better batters. 80TT011: DOUG WEEKS, • nr.handqd piton, win, tune ball and sliders specialties, Pm returred Nom two wart ' mtw dolt pith the USN. 44J4111 conla ri p. slants .tr: liclut n ' trarr HARRY DAMS lir e,H ' PiTF " PETER504 2C0 " • • FIRST ROW left to rwht: Den% tcaotalrO, Don Hinge " , CHI Mayne, Herschel Hyde, Dick Stevem teothl. SECOND ROW: Swint Summer, Larry Mte Tcm Syron, Fred SeNwtry, Clay BradHY, Frank H C9:en a,raa ' ,raga). Considered ton It his proefloca, Coach DICK STEVENS Ms turned cut Hew t00. setded Intercollegiate mow.. 1955 varsity tennis With last year ' s first four lettermen returning. Mayne, Demas, Hyde, and Pimley, and the addition of such strong sophs as Frank Golder, Clay Bradley, Buzz Summers and Larry Axtell and Stan Hack, Coach Dick Stevens had a strong backbone for his 1955 varsity. After shellacking the San Jose Spartans and the COP varsity, the netmen moved into the Berkeley Tennis Club meet for another victory, 8-1. The NCI tournament crown went to the Bears as they gathered 14 points to nose out Modesto. Stanford and San Jose. San Francisco State was snowed 9-0 but the Berkeleyans were edged by Modesto 5-4. The squad is steadily improving and though they bowed to USC in the Southland meet there is a chance for a league tie if Cal can top them in their second encounter. 202 Despite the protest of this %Ma tennis ma-msc MARK HODGSON, his portrait appeared In EsAk man Coot. Caught Ina prctice on it the doubles tons el Captain BILL DEMAS and HERSCHEL HYDE, a °Indent. crinialtiOn. 1 LAINMPami P g :IL 1 d il IK II ilia, ' A ;en aid captain of the team for (no sears, BILL DEMAS well Yrant for his eternalness and seldom elf Ns Sane. He POIltnet VW Of the best backhand net 0 (GUN tenth tale!. FIRST ROW. left to mat: 1116ferand, Mark Hodgson, Mehn Ndnan SECOND ROW: Earl Norgard, BO Heim, Bract Ascher.. 203 We ' re not sure, tot we thin% 0.1 4 doodles. A very owl lelt•handed serve tdohlights CLAY BRADLEY ' S gam, and when he gains control of his Speed he sill be a attain cooteMer for No. 1 mae. TOP: As winner and runrenup reSpectistly d the VERA daubers in 1952 and 1951, CLIF MAYNE was eillsolting his test firm. Although taken III In ' 53 he premses to be at his best again as No. 1 mae on the %pad. BOTTOM: Very latt and alert on the wart, sold BUZZY MO a year of vanity openetes behind him, Mould be a great PUT° Mil year. 204 ABOVE: STAN MACK with unique hum ad CLW MAYNE table in a practice session cn the cants. LEFT: Stow HERSCHEL HYDE Ms been pi the team since ♦ if tnaln and with hit alto court atme has plays best in doublet. His style emphasises the enrd•Insting wen. varsity tennis ABOVE: DON FINLEY (mimes Tad strokes with had hitting. Although teratic at times with his hard te is we ol Cal•s tont whim Teerws• FAR LEFT: Whole rat particularly ceAstanding in any one deswleweit sothomace STAN HACK Winks to the count an alloseound Wen Slane and it outsuedisp (cantina. LEFT: Another gob, LARRY AXTELL, who ANTS in the No. 6 MCA meth tut woe awarestive pane to put hit " near the too. 205 FIRST ROW. lilt to raaht: SHegon Diller, Nom Jew, Ken At Mt, lanai Keno, Bill Blake. SECOND ROW: maned Seim, Albeit Chazdkr, Terry Waoner, JOr Stbmana, Dick Sterna, coach. frosh A successful season for the Cal frosh tennis team was predicted at the beginning of the season. Optimism characterized Coach Dick Stevens ' outlook when he stated that wins would probably exceed losses during the season ' s competition. In their debut with College of San Mateo, the yearlings came through with a 6-3 victory. Later competition with Stanford featured a match between Douglas of Stanford and Cal ' s Bill Blake, with the match going to Douglas. In total team com- petition the Indians managed to squeeze a 5-4 victory out on the Cal courts. Next year ' s varsity should be filled with such mainstays of the I 955 frosh team as Masami Kono, Terry Wagner and Bill Blake. ABOVE: Coa:h DICK STEVENS watches trattice on the owns as his varsity and hog teams prep la tee Stardom ' matches. The varsity defeated the Palo ANA, 74. CcosisteM practice hmtent4 Iona as these froth aim fa vanity play WO WriOn. 206 .itse.ste, I I I I °! tenstt∎e4 77 7 7 Affable and tuned GEORGE SCHROTH bat passed is Mk ellIcitocy aM too Phoo co to oalsttedwg Cal tviownio; team. IIRST ROW, let to nitt: Jeff Coin, Kart VErttetat. SECOND ROW. D.N.Oot KtDtatl, Jim Lawson, ban RAteldI. THIRD ROW: Oath Goxot Schroth, BM Floyd. Jack MtNets, Jerry Nap, Bill Scat. SWIMMING MANAGERS. left to tt : Den OrIRA, Bill SotAIM Warn Waleson, Aida Aration. varsity swimming In keeping with the yearly progress. this year ' s varsity swimming team is no exception. in the advancement in quality which has been experienced here at the University of California the past seven years. The UC swimming squad finished out their season with an enviable record. They met the best teams in the state of California and in every instance gave a good account of themselves. Outstanding on the Blue and Gold team was Jerry Hays who set several records in breast stroke. Bruce Keppel, a sprint breast stroker and individual medley man, set a number of pool and varsity records. Bill Spore, sprint freestyler came along fast in midseason and proved to be the mainstay of the team on the four-man relay. Dave Radcliff garnered more than his share of glory in the middle distances, while Bill Floyd in the backstroke kept the Cal mermen in the running in his specialty as well as lead-off man on the medley relay squad. 208 ALOEM MIDERSON, waioe maiuotr, churl pftotitetf into k. the Scfrothmen, finally got to the Ptoto lab in lint. FASTER! TOP: Fogel the form the Witte% wont BOTTOM: a relay, COP mitt on the Berkeley 209 Sp ' mien in onimm—backstrolot CoMPtt.t,011 •att Si, Jose State. 210 FROSH—FIRST ROW, left to rioht: Art Dekray, Toe Row, Phil McGirr ' , Bead. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Phillips, Cart Selmer., Chuck HoDonay, Larry Stones, Kid Bathgate, 1.41.4 Woad. junior varsity Littk distance mantes these free style swimmers In the Stockton Collept.Calikenia SW11111111D) meet as they approach a tom Saone abort 4 the start of the 150-yard Individual medley as the Cal Fresh tattled it out with entrants from Lodl aid Lincoln Nitres. The junior varsity swimming team started the season rather disastrously, losing a number of meets before hitting their stride. The promotion of Gordon Gill, Don Reidt, and Larry Harper to the varsity did not help matters in the over-all record of thejayvees. The jayvee squad had thirteen meets, all against varsity opponents. Along with those mentioned, Eric Hubach„ Carl Drews, John Hollenbeck, Pete Nutting and Art Nicolaysen showed to advantage on the squad. frosh The freshman swimming team completed one of the most vigorous seasons in the history of the sport at the University of California. Twenty-six opponents were met in competition, with our frosh emerging victors in the large majority of cases. Outstanding on the yearling team were Charles Holloway in the breast stroke and individual medley, Kirk Bathgate in the backstroke and free style sprints. Phil McGinn in the free style sprints, and Art Delerey. also a sprinter. JUNIOR VARSITY—FIRST ROW, kit to right: Mike Banuto, Elie Nubach, Larry Harper, Phil Reline, Bill Carlson. SECOND ROW: Art Nkolaysen, John Carl Dross, Don Rekt, Don Patton, Ed Carlton. Adore his po ' • knit ocume the Brinm Com GEORGE SCHROTH checks over NH entente details nab Senior Atwater SILL WHITSUN. FIRST ROW, kit to right: Dave Radcliff, Chit Cawthoo, Warren Hellman, Gordo. Gill, Don Smallas, Pete larnato, Denis DeLachi. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hap. Bill Phillips, Cordon Hall, Eric Hobach, Bob Muskies, Phil Berlin, Jim Fisher, Max Allen, Mite Basso. THIRD ROW: Herb Steiner IN coach), Don Reid, Cad Drew% An Nkolsysee, Bill Spore, Bill Fiend, Mel Kepptl, Morels Kitt, tar ry Harps, Sob Filch. water polo Working through an I 8-game schedule the Cal varsity water polo team finished the season with victories. This amazing record won them three league crowns, the Northern California Water Polo League crown, the PCC title and Pacific Association laurels. Center Guard and Co-cap- tains Don Smalian and Gordon Gill were out- standing players. Forward Jerry Hays led Coast Conference competition scoring honors while Gordon Gill led in over-all competition. With the JV and frosh squads stronger than ever, the sea- son record for all three teams gave Coach George Schroth an enviable tally of 42 wins and 3 losses. JACK McNEES, named to the Nerthern Cahlornia Water Polo LemAte, dribbles tall man, game mit UCLA. JERRY HAYS SCR Ort 01 Marry 0101., at op:poem ' s goal—in this case, UCLA. Final scar: Cal 14, UCLA S. 2 I 1 LEFT: The tome " 00C " HUDSON Is Raked to whining Califonls Rugby learns in the Sports ityr10 ard to his Mal capabilities in the Medkal ocofession. RIGHT: Holelino his foil the mai Naito Is Seek. Mar Ater CUD SYMES. FAR RIGHT: men Ceotisate ie Ca Of the matches against UK TIonOabIrds ' hint Cat woo. rugby California ' s rugby team so far this season has compiled a commendable record against its opponents. Starting out the season with a strong 7-3 victory over UCLA, Cal went on to three more victories before falling prey to the UBC Thunderbirds on their home field. Cal first registered two wins against UBC here before the journey northward. By virtue of the greater number of points scored in the four-game series with UBC, Cal regained possession of the World Cup. Probably Cal ' s best display of all-around talent was in the forward wall. FIRST ROW, left to right: Hoge Maguire, Rabb 144kAin. Nab bank°, John EtacnOnh m.rJo Nicolnon SECOND ROW: Jim Hugbn, Tosai Ramat (bebird Nughal, and Sottlemin, Harry Ghslarduco, Oon Goan ' , Ray, Walt Show:, Mkt Phelan. THIRD ROW: Chuck %Stott, Jean Maselltoo, Al Wiley, bon Philbps, Dick Hattntm, Ted Gramm bob Ilutch.m, " Oa " Hudson, coach: Matt Murillo. 212 LEFT: Moth to the auarement el all {combed, leads d. ball by a Cif lineman fails to met the ball for his team In • Ilne.mat mains( the UCLA maim team. ABOVE: A Cal bade tertian a eke pass-oll in a AM rush Wing tbe COOOSilko, Pet as two net are about to When him down. The probable Calmat. wears to be elated ter the whole matter. The size and power of the linemen were two decisive factors in Cal ' s wins over UBC. The California ruggers ' initial victory over the Stanford team proved to be a close match, with the final score 10.8. However, in the second game Cal showed its over-all superiority and strength as it toppled Stanford 25-6. Outstanding in that game was second five Noel Bowden, who has been pacing the team in scoring up to this time. He made two 52-yard penalty kicks and tallied a total of 19 points. The junior from New Zealand has been the scoring punch on the team throughout the season and will be counted on heavily to lead Cal to victory in the Oxford-Cambridge series which comes up after we go to press. While his teammates yenta with varying degrees of emotion registered their facts, a Cal back adikeelly awaits the ball as a emitel UCLA Hoene brtikS thecreah tee lire•ort with tut one app rent intent in Mind. 213 214 boxing The 1954-55 season must be classed as one of building for the future. With only four lettermen returning, the inexperienced Bears dropped four out of six meets, winning only from SF State and Stanford. MST ROW, kit to rWht: Gaston de Prat Gay, Oen Ames, Eddie Pao, Al Tones, Leo Quartet. SECOND ROW: Don Moon, George Moots, Am Lackey, Stem Dimelf, Om Wilson, Ivan Polk, Ed Neenir, mech. Some of the am poicntiers In NW competition haw Otto the pugilist nets of Comb ED NUJ IR. The picture for next season looks much brighter because only three of thirteen lettermen will be lost by graduation. Several individual performances were excellent. In dual meets, Steve Dimeff lost only one bout in the heavyweight division, and Leo Gaspardone racked up a similar record in the 132-pound division. George Pelonis was undefeated in dual meet competition but lost a split decision in the PCI to Gladson, two-time NCAA champ from Washington State. GEORGE PEtONIS was undefeated in fix deal welts. A secordimar nue, he wem to the. NCAA flails and lost a wry close decisien to Washington State ' s CladSon. AL TORRES, a sopa with several somas of eligibility to cm won two Out of three in his first ' eat of tommtition in the 126maird class. Another soolsonme, LEO CASPARDONE Cal ..1 1 a 5.1 n s toic retied I sr el Senior STEVE 0:NEFF spends his Sprits is the boxing tin ae0 fait la the stadium as vanity Melba% Ne won km at of fim his first season. wrestling Henry Stone ' s matmen wrestled through a moderately successful season with a 5-win, 4-loss record. The absence of Co-captain Ben Fraticelli, Pacific AAU 125 champion, was a severe blow to Cal ' s chances for a better record. Tally on the win side showed victories over Stanford twice, Cal Poly, Santa Clara and San Francisco State, while Oregon, OSC, UCLA and San Jose took matches from the Bears. Henry Stone, Jr., Tom Kikuchi, Pat Machado, Wayne Loucks and Tod Likins, a sophomore, who took a second place in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Championships in the 147 lb. class. were the mainstays of the varsity wrestling team. WRESTLING VARSITY—FIRST ROW, left to rioht: H. Stone , R. Medic, T. Mins, T. Klkadd. SECOND ROW: N. Gay, L Bartknow, E. Sottenno, J. Kink,. THIRD ROW: CAW% Nary Stone, W. Giles, P. Sheet, R. Re.Unit P. Machado, D. Ryan, assistant coach. Piaci second in the Paeifk MV Ceedistently successful throoMmirt Tope to family traditka HENRY 123 lb. oast was TOM the season was 167 powder PAT STONE, JR. ludds the 115 lb. Pa. KIKUCHI. MACHADO. olk AM) championship. Co-captain WAYNE LOUCKS, 147 lbs., was a steady winner tut mimed the thairolteahlo meat who the ski season took Its toll. Coach HENRY STONE, with mow years 01 ludo and nestling supen knee behind him, costleualty tuns ' out champions In the Pacific lotto tolltgiate and ARV. 215 4 4. Team captain. BOB GREGOVICH, a Kappa tat only Mute•y. man De the team. ' BEBE MURRAY. rn)nNer. httOs iguiPmeg and scted‘Ns straight at the home came in RAY ANDERSON, coach, COITWINTWS OttYe. Rich. mond and San Jose to oulde the Melee tluengh the season. golf With ten matches and two tournaments left to go, Ray Anderson ' s golfers have a two-win record in their six practice matches. The only graduate this semester is team captain Bob Gregovich who leaves the ranks blostered by promising sophomores Don Tartre, Bob Jones, and Lee Gustafson. Perhaps the top of the list is Fred Soloman who, with one year left, is the team ' s biggest boon in the low scoring bracket. Prospects for the 1955 golf season look bright with twelve reserves being on hand for the first time in five years. FIRST ROW, lef t to right: John Tarim Rchert Taut, Mae Rel, Gene Murray, manner. SECOND ROW: Bob Gretwith, Lee Gustafson, Fred Solar:co, Bob (memo, Ralph Westover, Dee Twits. NOT PICTURED: Bob StA111%. 216 Plus coaching the " west to another success• fur masc., congenial Coach BOB OIGRAZIA also lot sew practical foreign largo °Whence. soccer Bob DiGrazia ' s soccer team closed the season with a 4 wins- I loss record earning a place in league playoffs with USF. Chances looked good for a top spot in the conference but USE cracked Cal ' s defense putting Cal in third spot standing. Dennis Trason led the scoring department with 7 goals and made All-Conference I st team along with Fullback Bob Parr. Camelo Salgar, Jose Cohen and Yusef Dajani all were chosen 2nd team All-Conference. Goalie Joe Hare placed on the 3rd team. In a six-game schedule the junior varsity ended with a 4-1-1 record to capture second place in season competition. :11; kke - • Y FIRST Ow, felt to right: Ont. Akad, Dog.. Kallalu, Anal West, Kwamwo Kahan. Joe Hate, Dennis Treaties Kirby Kook. Russell Kook, Bob mess. SECOND ROW: Elias Hanle. Ritard Towered, Charles Hadlo,., talc Salem, Fred Etwor, few Malpartida.. Kahle, Aussi, Jest Cohen, Omar NIndlyeb. THIRD ROW: Ron Al Ridiard Thum, (dries Skean ' s, Gig Hoffmann, Bob Parr, Pail Vooeflmt, Bob Brownlee, Keith Mario. Aka LW. FOURTH ROW: Coach Bob OiGratia, Walter Singer. Mite Bank Tom Manila, Dennis Watt, Bob Cakatich, Walter Sablinsky, Bill Wary, Gerald Pesavemo. Color Forward KWAMINA HAGAN is show in the S.F. State game taking a OW at The Beal from 10 yards out. DENNIS TRASON stands ready in (Woo the that co a rebated frees the ' cake. Calirotma defeated State by a score of 3.1. DENNIS TRASON, Califs:rub Wide Forward is shown beadier; the bare alter a Clara tack lot mintd the bill. KWANI NA HAGAN and DOGAN KALFAOIU in rerfinets to oho the bell fee Cat emir 3, Santa G Ord 0 fencing During the 1955 season, the California fencing varsity broke even on dual meets. In the Amateur Fencers ' League events the Bears tallied two firsts, three second and two third place honors in competition. The Western Inter- collegiate Fencing Conference, held at UC this year. ended with Jerry Klotz topping 39 opponents to take a first place in the individual event. The team of Klotz, Pete Berge and Wayne Gallup placed fourth. With only one graduating senior on the squad, Bob Keasby, Art Lane has a good number of experienced men as potentials for next season. Some too feteets lure ten turned eat ceder the Mk ( NM® of sof t.spotta Coach ART LANE. FIRST ROW, kit to fight: Sherwin Lade, Willer awe, RomId Popp. SECOND ROW: Comb Mho Lane, Warier WM , Rotett Krashey, Edau SItleklafd, Could Chaffir, ,kroex kl%r. T.aoal Lem toe xto knows is a rter " o ' 9B L 218 LUT TO RIGHT: Al S91. Willie Moat, T. Y. Wu, Chuck QueMOT, JobeWant Jaws Chew, rands View, M S91. William Elliot. Co-coatbn M SS. WILLIAM ELLIOTT and M S9I. WILLIE HUNT. riflery The Golden Bears from the Hearst Rifle Range have hit a real winning streak this season. Thus far they have suffered no defeats and have scored phenomenally high marks against all opponents. Proof positive of their marksmanship came with the winning of the National Intercollegiate Riflery competition against 83 other colleges. Not only did the varsity take first place. but the B team, not to be outdone by another college, stepped into second. Len Puccinelli became the new intercollegiate champion scoring 293 out of a possible 300. Danny Wu, paralleling Puccinelli for top honors, also holds several Bay Area titles. Along with these. Clasby. Quesnoy, and Carter, the team as a whole boasts All-Americans and potential All-American material. So many claims to glory emerged from the 1955 team that Coach Elliott ' s only remark was before have few done so much For so many. FIRST ROW Nine flat: Jule Fry, Dint " T. Y. N1 41, J:Ao Parke,. Job Ward, Gordon Natigara, Francis Vasty, Rottioelli, Martin cast,. SECOND ROW: M Sqt. Willie Hunt Om Ooeloe,, Jet Smalley, an Gray, Rove Fag, Ames Cuter, Militias. Stemma, Mike Emma.% M S9t. Wiliam Elliott. 219 Trampoline aM IuMltiog an the lanes el junior RAVE SEED. mho placed high in national competition sal svho was lot the stases by I 9:00 margin. I. las lint year of comeetitica. ART AIR WT. a sorborrom, has same great promise as an albareund gymnast, being the test man on the team it several MOIL gymnastics The 1955 gymnastics team has been one of the smallest teams in the history of the sport at California. The season started out well with a victory over Stanford 611 2 to 191 2. Washington State took a dual meet over our team by a six point margin and then UCLA and USC. Each beat the Cal team by convincing margins. In the National Collegiate Meet, UC scored a surprising ten points to place ninth in the nation among 22 teams entered. A practice meet with the Olympic Club and several team exhibitions were included in the season which wound up with the southern division PCC championships in which Cal placed third. FIRST ROW, Nat to risk, Ray taus, Kendal Star, Walt Singer, Ken Morrison. SECOND ROW: Coach Cinch Keeney, Robb tram Sill Morley, Caw Seed, An Aldritt, a Goo. Coach CHUCK KEENEY proved his uli rat as an m.c. by em4lair4 the (annaraes el his gymaastk team durim basketball balhtimrs. KEN MORRISON. a ate 5014 year, if the team ' s bey. cii 220 LEFT TO RIGHT: IXNea libth, An kisser, Ray Kellner, Howls Nalco, Lew Holston, Canna lAtKissick, ART BREWER, stows at 114t was the mast cconstem point wiener he tee team He wen the SItheitISter award as the top tostway competitor at the Witch:It Melt. skiing The ski team completed its most successful season in several years despite the loss of its captain, Lee Rhodes, who Was injured at the Sun Valley training camp. Two meets highlighted the season. In the Reno Winter Carnival the skiers placed fourth among top collegiate teams in the nation. The last meet of the season, the Vanderbilt Memorial at Squaw Valley, finished with the Bears in first place and Arf Brewer winning the Skimeister Trophy for the four-way championship. This year the team was recognized as the best team in the conference and with only two graduating members, Doug Leach and Lew Holston, the outlook for next season is very bright. LEW HOLSTON, one of the hest slalom men ce the oast, plead 7tb la at Vardeibilt Met ono St against Woo; college cceneetiteen In the Nevada Winter Carnival. Sao as he starts em tee tome stretch M the Vanrkrbilt Gross•Ctontry race at Scrum Valley Is Go.captala RAY KELLNER, Aroma ceOSS•Caroka and jumping ace. intramural Highlights of the Intramural program are the University championships as well as competition for league titles, either National or American. All-University League basketball winners in 1953-54 were the PE Majors in Fall and the Rover Boys and Jive Five in Spring. NROTC walked off with touch football honors while Boalt Hall and the Latin Americans tcok the softball and soccer championships respectively. A recent and interesting innovation in the program is the co-ed intramural volleyball team. Last year the Bowles team wound up in first place. Though the 1955 season competition still has some time to go, some championships have been won—Bowles topped Theta Xi for the All-U football title and the PE Majors came through with the basketball crown. The whole intramural program, under the direction of Ralfe Miller offers the male contingent of the student body a means to participate in an athletic program just for the sport ' s sake. Rhin 0. MILLER ably coodifatei the mt ietramona wins la atm A Bowles Hall man pacts up yardage is the All.lisiversity Chattoonhis, I t with Theta Xi. 84.0141 Iron 19 to 10. inumna.ti WnirJ Niphi uncatred Foss.01e Lek,ilion Deolf II. 222 223 lb lot a tooth .. Sport American National All.University League League Champions Football Bowles Theta Xi Bowles ( 55) Tennis Smyth Sigma Alpha Epsilon Smyth Horseshoes Cloyne Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cloyne Volleyball I House Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi Bowling Cal Lodge Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Chi Rho Basketball PE Majors Tau Epsilon Phi PE Majors Handball Boalt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Boalt Softball Boalt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Boalt Table Tennis Cloyne Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Lambda Badminton Smyth N Kappa Alpha Smyth Swimming Cloyne Sigma Phi Track Cloyn•mith Golf Boalt Hall Feeds. el dsthig Catmint 14M— " ad yes ft badly in tine no won. " cv:r TUSA CORLEY• Pre. ttcr t SeatUry.Tresymet inter fraternity council fall Members Fraternity Spring MiIMMO; James Ha Robert Wickman Ed Wechsrn. ' Edward Wechsman Jimmy Fisher Alpha Pr r. ...... Jimmy Fisher William Font!, ...Alpha Chi Sigma. .. .......... Gary Nelson Richard Massing Alpha Della Phi . .Frederick Brenner Ronald Abend. Alpha Epsilon Pi . Sidney Kett Walter Von Flue. .. Alpha Gamma Omega. .Lawrence Gustafson Vernon Sullivan .. Alpha Kappa Lambda . Jimmie Westberg Irvin McCain .. Alpha Phi Alpha ... . . .Nathaniel Smith Gordon Gill . Alpha Sigma Phi William Walton Ronald Hansom „Alpha Tau Omega Ronald Hansom Stephen Turner.._._ Beta Theta Pi. . Albert Ebright Richard Rahl .. Chi Phi Earll Riley Daniel Miller Chi Psi Wayne Peterson Pete Nutting .. Del Rey . .. ....Peter Nutting James Kleaver. . . Delta Chi ...... . . . Thomas Marks Roger Dunn . ... Delta Kappa Epsilon.. Floyd White George Trabert Delta Sigma Phi George Trabort Eugene Geritz Delta Tau Delta.__ .. Thomas Wright James Messes ... _Delta Upsilon Edward Garvey William Vito Kappa Alpha . .... Gerald Down Dwight Neely__.... Kappa Delta Rho.... Barton Byers Lawrence Cahn Kappa Nu . Sheldon Grossfeld William Davies.. .... - -Kappa Sigma .. . James Hell Charles Bun.. ... Lambda Chi Alpha. Clayton Berg John Risbrough. ... .Phi Delta Theta Lawrence Taber William Dramas .. Phi Gamma Delta. William Dames John Parr... Phi Kappa Psi. William Lowe Charles Machado Phi Kappa Sigma Joseph Geggero Jim Chamberlin Phi Kappa Tau. . Daniel Gould Kenneth Bechtold. Phi Sigma Kappa. David Schoettler Timothy Gee.. Pi Alpha Phi ....Keith Bull Ronald Bargones Pi Kappa Alpine Phillip Chan James Mien... Pi Kappa Phi Kenneth Ness Sigmund Freeman Pi Lambda Phi Sheldon Wolfe Ronald Plough .Ps; Upsilon.. .Roy Polkinhorne John Leathers cgrne Alpha Claude Rohwer Darrel Zander Sigma Alpha Mu Ahem Smell Charles Flower. ...Sigma Chi Steve Goal James Rhodes . Sigma Na Alden Anderson James Jacobus Sigma Phi Clifford Meese Jerry Powell Sigma Phi Epsilon. Jerry Powell Robert Halpin Sigma Pi Ronald Browner Fred Miller Epsilon Phi Wilson Powell John Richardson Tau Kappa Epsilon Alan Nelson -- Harold Hill Theta Chi. William Horton Virgil Romiti Theta Delta Chi Virgil Romiti Bob Peterson Theta Xi Clark Wallace Richard Owens Zeta Beta Tau Richard Owens Daniel Bancroft Zeta Psi.... Burton Swenson CVIETJ Sn WACHS11 01 CORLEY .trt t Vice•Pmkkol Strunasy.Treayner 226 4„( it Sae abracadabra 1756 LEROY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1895 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allen Boynton Kolar Lewis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Greg Englehard Frank Spurrier Stu Kimbell Robert Underhill Robert Using.. GRADUATES Roy P. Haddock Bob Merlevitch Erwin Kelly Larry Waldron SENIORS Bill Bambara Jim D. Hall Word Flynn Garry Smith Lynn Foote Bart Stryker Ron Forsstrom Ron Tinny Bob Wickman JUNIORS Lincoln Angelius Jim W. Hall Kerwin Berlin Herold Hartmann George Chisholm Bill Karnpp Jon Crawford Ron Kubec Don Lundell Art Millar Bob Slauson SOPHOMORES Earl Davis Bob Hull Ron Eddstrom Curtiss Kennon Larry Harper Herb Kraft FRESHMEN Bob Fuhriman Guy Hoffman Bill Needham SPRING PLIDOES Ken O ' Hara Byron Things? Ivan Polk Lewis Wood , A tv.. Kelly Fcnstrom Tint GNAW. Hartmann Oama Kttman Sumbna Hall Wkkinat [fantail Kwrit3 Eesacm Kraft NteOltam Guy fpm Smite Amours 0.1 Safi Kubw !Neiman torn (cote StolmY Bolls Mall, J. W. Slayton Hull Hallman 7F1 alpha chi rho 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE. 189S PHI RHO BACHELORDAN CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Baldwin M. Woods GRADUATES Will Ellington Peter Norton SENIORS Frank Broaden Ron Carpenter Carlos Cortez David Dooley Norman Bedell Walter Birnbaum Patrick Hallinan JamesJensen George Kimball Phil Moeller Donald Espindola James Franklin Stanley Gutman Leland Jarnagin Mork Jennings SOPHOMORES James McNely William Parente Gale Petty David Russell Richard Woodward Harry Eliopoulos Roger Lowe Jimmy Fisher Paul March Len Powers JUNIORS FRESHMAN James Henderson SPRING PLEDGES Jack Thornton Cln ng March Gents Jmun WCIthwani Russell tiptoe Flat Lae Paws Brandt, Cypeater Dealey Estirdols Franklin Jamaala Ikelefl Malkin Kimball McNely Punt re timbals Itealeesca Petty " Dever " " WNW 229 Beeson Co Monroe Waterman Sarkis Greiff 8.1411, 087 Sinn Mebero Canon Hudson a.xert Mreo Stevens Same Ihnnms Nom acacia 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1904 FORTY.ONE CHAPTERS Acacions celebrated their fiftieth anniversary at Cal this year and the house, antediluvian and mellow. resounded with the cries of its merry. makers: aro the carousing of its drinkers, the loud exclamations of its famed lovers and the soft, articulate recitation of its near-extinct student. Active mon on campus included Ed Wachsman, IFC Veep and ASUC Veep candidate, and Jan Stevens. Deily Cal Editor and Fall Pub Board Chairman. Football players Jim Kidder. John Griefe. Fred McLean: Rugby players Don Powell, Ron Berridge and Crew men Jerry Denham and Ray Schaal were among Acacia ' s athletic contingent. The year featured a trophy won on the Big Game Float, built with the AZD ' s. Spring Formal in Carmel and KD exchange. Staying off the roof at night and refusing to watch late movies on TV kept the house scholastic overage at an august .0001. 230 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes Edward A. Dickson R. T. Crawford B. L. Robertson R. B. Tippett GRADUATES Allen Beeson Mal Zirker SENIORS Bob Meyers Fred Monroe Gilbert Muck Greg Sims Jan Stevens Edward Wachsman JUNIORS Robert Ryborg Kelly Sete, SOPHOMORES Ronald Berridge Ray Knapp Robert Cannon Don Powell Jerry Denham Martin Reite John Gran Ron Rinta John Hudson Robert San; Jim Huss Robert Scott David Jones Ronald Showbridge Jerry Kellog Larry Thompson John Vanderveen FRESHMEN Jon SeatsJohn Mongshol John Hoopes Richard Ott Dick Kellog Raymond Schell Frod Mclean Kim Wakefield Donald Weinburger SPRING Skip Cristianson Vee Garcia Gil Gitchell Greg Gitchell Ron Jack Bradley Don Brucker Joe Cook Dick Day Jim Kidder PLEDGES Jack Perron Willis Piper Don Scott Steve Wisenand Doug Young a.m.; Ponen Scent Beaty McLean Soma Relict J. Rene StextoenMe Hcopel Mesphol Ktap0 SW Via:antra Kelkg, D. Olt Weinbaerf 231 7627 VIRGINIA I Professional Chemistry Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFIY•SEVEN CHAPTERS alpha chi sigma UNIVERSITY ASSOC Frank W. Allen Arthur B. Anderson Leo Brewer Leroy A. Bromley Robert E. Con nick William V. Crows L. F. Foster Dean Fraser N. W. Frazier William D. Gwinn Donald N. Hanson Joel H. Hildebrand Paul L. Kirk Wendell M. Latimer GRADUATES Feri Amin! Lee Gunther Bob Coffman Paul King Wayne Compton Richard Porter Dick Seifert SENIORS Phil Anderson George Batchelder John Castel Gene Clark Joe DoGraw Dick Ely Ken Fordyce Joe Augusta Dave Bente ' Pat Brennan Leigh Clark Torn Jamas Bob Fahey Paul Russel FRESHMEN Soren Anderson Bill Wilson Saha Gag I Or GI a. SPRING PLEDGES Cl, land For Is Mill berg Halts ' s. Ht lion Bill Heertel Std rbon Yamamoto Brennan Sylvain Moreland.: Clark James Itts4095t SOPHOMORES Irving Nelson Mike Story MASCOT Sandy JUNIORS IATES Donald S. McClure Chaster T. 01Conski Hello Pace George C. Pimento! Kenneth S. Pity.. Richard E. Powell John 0. Rasmussen Gerald K. Rollelson Glen T. Sea bore Thomas D. Stewart C. W. Tobias Theodore Vermeulen Charles R. Wilke F. Cornball Bill rowel ' s Neilen Holleran Eric Lund Nelson Millsberg Gary Nelson Charles Sederholm Satch Yamamoto Bob O ' Brien Lenny Replogle Duward Shriven 232 k AID t 1 41 i i Sr A k 4 A ela) alpha delta phi 2401 RIDGE ROAD SOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE. 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TH1RTY.FIYE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas H. Copp Froderick M. Jordan Charles S. Davidson Hans Listen William C. Deemer John McGee Herbert M. Evans Karl E. Scbe•ill T. H. Goodspeed Horbore S. Thomson Donald R. Hodgman John H. Woolsey John Jr. GRADUATES Preston Hotchltis H. Randall Stoke Frank template; SENIORS Smith Anderson Richard Massing Frederick Brenner Ric hard Mead David Cunningham Morris Milbank Alfred Ford Richard Phillips John Gerhart Peter Smith Jack Grigsby Cress Williamson Duncan Haynes JUNIORS Richard Atkinson Donald Martin Richard Battelle John McCutchan Ben Hammon Eric Murray Michael Lasky Ord Slater John Lauganour Richard Thorn SOPHOMORES Ross Burns Thomas Nichols Cutting Ashley Payne Donald DelPorto Fredrick Rhodes John Erickson Thomas Sess Kendrick Johnso David Stewart FRESHMEN Richard Morrison Thomas Ross W;Iliam Steen SPRING PLEDGES WI Hamilton gs Roger Samuelson Belton Mayer John Cos Roger Meuera John Merchant Julian Anabo George Gidd Massim Willimesou laliger4340 Than Ericks0a Sens Werssm Cvmonfrum Gertart GrIgsb, Mobaci Phillips Smith Sattelk Marini°. laity Martin McCulthan Skier Corm Culling Winona Johnsen 1.40 1014 Rhooti StMeart Ceo Mrrcha.i R044 Slits, Gus Gas 1 11 1 III 233 ' 0)119cm aszOle Anti :ou,A8 pop% uojmoN acquits ' s tonny4 " LIMNS Ipme111 Hls!SAnor Nen ' Mgt untstMS rang ueWVSy OngOVID 6.iM491$ 710X PAY 094111 nwJcs pam011 wipe u.QAS otos SNOW MOOS SdOINIIr swinee4 S ?JOIN ' S $1131d1 2140 331dVHD VHd1V 1HO A1101 M3N 3141 IV 0301‘11101 133VIS 3ISVH flu rd uonsde otidio SIZ 90e1 lood uoupog ;main swarm °MONIS counsel! psoups 9Hosto4Y woo " ssoddsi stood coNnq MINCH nmulu°S sfrIst 00.MOIN 4J01:110H sr°, err NoS 8 Isogon • • • .•• • s • • • • alpha gamma omega 2523 HILLEGASS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS David Motd Norman Penner Ernest Hansen Gerald Nen JUNIORS Allen Catebelt William McNaughten James Enns Lorimer Olson Richard Enron David Rorie Robert Fuqua George Tennis Walter Von flea SOPHOMORES Lawrence Gustafton David Short ns Keith Larson Wayne Sullens James Unman Les Switzer FRESHMEN Jarnos Holmlund Ralph Von Flue SPRING PLEDGES Oslo Bengtson Donald Wedegeertner Afford tawbolt PAtturghtot Hamm Eon ' Olson Perot, Fears, Rope It tr, terms von Fist, W, Gustatu• ta”ca lom. Shot Suiten, Sadite Holata1 Vm Fla, R 235 alpha phi alpha FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY. 1906 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1972 ONE HUNDRED TWENIY.FIVE CHAPTERS ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN GRADUATE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Archiaus Mosley SENIORS Norman Author Frank Gardener Marshall Celestine Adrian Isabelle Bobby Cooper Nathaniel Smith JUNIORS Nathaniel Brazil Jim Gordon Rufus Darden Irwin McCain. Randy Harris Benedict Mosely Don Smith SOPHOMORE Lorrain Woodland Male ' , A. astir, Celestir4 Comer !sae Senith, N. Biala Harm Gordon McCain( ' UoselY, D. Snith, D. Woodland 236 alpha sigma phi 2739 ClIANNiNG WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHIY.IWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J. Carlson Robert Sewell GRADUATES George Coleman Al Ludwig Bob DeJohn Eric Schnurmrschor Archy Korman Jack Stirton Lynn Leffler Russ Wardner Dana Wemple SENIORS Gordon Gill Steve Shenk Jim Hayden Zane Tucker Milton Hewn Jim Van Noy JUNIORS Iowa Alderson Arnold Evans Duane Alegander John Haw Dan Bookie. Jon Hitchcock Bob Carrick John Jenkins 8i11 Carroll Chuck Martin Bob Coonce Boyd Moore Bob Elliott George Telmen Ron Ensign Bill Walton Phil Zimmors SOPHOMORES Paul Ballard Ede Brown Tom °swirly FRESHMEN Stuart Burr Bob Inch Mike Horns John ROSonburq John Trump SPRING PLEDGE .lorry Moore Cu Slunk Van NOV Carroll Cconce Lahti Evans Now Hncbccct Jetioan Moore Walton Zimento Ballard Brim. Ca way Burr Ina Rosentwry 237 Colima. Patty Seim Wtkberg Callen PnaktOlt Motion Panky Sunivin MB Congniagy Hanka, alpha kappa lambda 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS This has been a hard year for Ala ' s. A maze of parties. campus activities, studies, and " jes plain relazin ' " left time for little else. A top notch social calendar featured the Big Game Cal.Stanford overnight at Rancho Raphael. the Spring Formal at the Castlewood Country Club and the Parisienne Apache and Roman Toga Pledge Dances. Many AKI:s actively participated in campus activities, varsity sports and studying while the rest of us had a good time. Yes, this has been a tough year. 238 gi?. _it:. A UNIVIR.74:T ASSOCIATES William R. Donee Knowles Ryerson Fred Stripp GRADUATE Samuel Howl? SENIORS Charles Almada John Pirnley Sheldon Coleman Donald Rogers Paul Hartloff. Jr. Howard Settle Marston Leigh Vernon Sullivan Prank Patty. Jr. Jim Westberg Gordon Wilson JUNIORS Ronald Sorrell; Robert Latimer John Catlett Norman Lockwood Garth Cummings Harry Lohstroh Ronald Dallas George Millar Phillip Erickson Robert Motto Terry Harrison Herbert Parks Arthur Jacobsen. Jr William Tilley William Turner SOPHOMORES Richard Howard Donald Enmity George Ingrah•m Karl Schutt Jr. Warren Lavorel Frank Stevenson Richard McCurdy Emory Summers FRESHMEN Ronald Hintz Donald Randall Richard Lane Stuart Ruth Hubert Townshend SPRING FUDGES Ron Bean Bob Lafferty Don Cutler Jim Maddox Ron Green Neal Petersen 239 alpha tau omega 216S LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE. 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS The ' long, " northside ' s most elaborate eating club, bought a new television set this year. The fathers ' club, a group of dessicated old presented the chapter with a floor waxer and a picture of George Washington. who was a Mason. Several Alpha Tau O ' s attended football and basketball games. A lot of Alpha Tau Omega ' s cut through the library, then through Wheeler Hall. and across Wheeler steps on their way to class. Most of the Aloha T O ' s went home for Christmas and " liked it fine. " :cry Paint Amo Alwaltt Bland Bias Bone CM Delco; G011itied now Hinfc0m, Ron110 yawn ResPluvt Lana Lanny KW ' . Manua Rickards Salerno; Simone ' Waiter, C. wan, S. limo Brom Budget Grimm 240 Howard Jory Alan Ames Glenn Atwater George Blank Paul Bowan Charles Bros Thomas Cline David Creek Roland De Long Frans Doelmen Leslie Gottfried Ronald Hanscom Edwin Hersh Carlos Heymann Robin Brown William Buckley James Floyd Elmer Grimes Jack Hohmann Marlin Johnson Robert Keller Robert Carlson Warren Conklin Art Dabney Rey Laid, SPRING Fred Barry Dick Claxton Norman Kellison Gerald Luthin Carl McNeil Hans Palmer Allan Humphrey Richard Johnson Perry Larsen Charles lautrup Richard Marston Gordon Ragan Robert Richards Sidney Schilling Chris Skrepetos William Smith Carl Welker Steve Walker William Whitson Mike Lenschau Alan McMaster% Richard Painter Warren Robinson William Russell Mike Savage Wayne Stark PLEDGES Bill Price Tom Revy Bill Shafer Phil Simmons Al Slutmen GRADUATES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES William Bedard Thomas Grady Richard Carlson Don Davis Robert Hanscom Mike Freeman Monroe Kanouse Dave Knoll Tim Gordon Ron laMarre Forest VanWeck FRESHMEN Deo McMaster% Richard Munn George Reichert Kenneth Young Arnold Weber 241 242 Mike Beaker Dave Baker Paul Blake Jack Cook Pete Gees Maury Huquot FRESHMEN Penn Keller Ted Martin John Moyer Barney Smith Monte Upshow Ron Wheatcroft Dave Babros Don Bull Charles Holloway SPRING PLEDGES Mike Klement Buzz Landis Bob Laughlin beta theta pi 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY.FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Pet Groff Royce Lewellen Mike McGuire SENIORS Bart Prom Buzz Rogatz Jay Sullivan Frank Toombs Steve Turner Gary Wheaten:ID Jim Willett JUNIORS Hugh Maguire Frank Robinson Brock Settlomier Bill Spore Allan Symes Ronald Tatum Howard Turner Don Wilson Ed Becciocco Craig Brandt John Elworthy Nail For Stan Hack Bob Wells ewtet Eznsts Motto Itt9III Sullivan wheats oft, G. worst Backer Blake. B. Beams Onarenonel G✓e, Marmot Robinson 9e.tieraw Soon Sysres Turner Wilson. D. Ban Seco 0 Brardi, C. Cloonan for Hack JaClaCil Mates Into , Wawa Wilton J. Bain Blake. P. Cool ' Glen Hugon Kr:lec Mania Mena Small Upsilon Wens SOPHOMORES Roy Hollister Herb Jackson Jack McNees Torn Trulner John Warren Jim Wilson AI Bull Wally Everett Greg Doorschlag Barry Durkee Al Ebright Torn Henze John Marken Mike Phelan Harry Backer Bob Blake John Bowron Ed Brandt John Dalton Glen Drummond Tom Gervey Jim Hill 0 ' ' , t ' :-- • kv _, ,IvA aerAtt IA S r it ArAA ,._ sita chi phi 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY•FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Frank D. Trask UNIONS John Ball Richard Levis Richard Congdon Shy Meeker William Geisreiter Richard Rahl Douglas Hoff Jack Sabin Larry Weber JUNIORS Allan Atmore Wes Lewis Joe Bingaman Frank Marto Hubert deHeint:ch Darryl Peterson Denton Dank Robert Keith Jewell Earl Riley Murray Hannon Stan Songer SOPHOMORES Gordon Clark Leo Roberson John Griffith Edward White FRESHMEN Walter Chintz James [Aster Robert Hotle Bates Mclndoe John Wiesner SPRINTS PLUMES Larry Hjertager Chester Path Ball fteffen Geisreita Moll Lint Mean RAN Saban Wen Atmore SiePao deHeirektt Haw Jowl ' Lewis Web Mane. Pan Riley Scarf Griffith 1.10stw White Nene Glatt McInfer Wieser " Chnitt 243 Robert Albo George Wyllie Daniel Miller George Roeding Keith Sparks James Sullivan John Wahl Lawrence Bingham Robert Burkett Robert Denison John Fihtimmons Edward Fosdahl Wayne Peterson Larry Church James Gustafson Leonard Richards James Barber Robert Coleman James Duff Robert Haire SPRING PLEDGES Edward Mascarin James Millett Bruce Roeding Michael Webb chi psi 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES John Berakos Richard McDonnel Donald Foreman Ivan Radek Michael Honey Torn Rimer Wayne King Duane Roach Will am MacLean Paul Trento FRESHMEN Charles Atwood Donald Morison Richard Colo Lyle Ronnick Robert Good Ronald Stevens Ronald Goodman John Waggoner Edwin Wood Clutch EtJrakos Mc Donne I Trento Morrison WjKie Gustaf son orient Rat ct mood lintrikk Swint Sr Haan Peen.% Kerry Lest? Goof Berens Foula•l was Recbarth Mac Reda Good nun W.P9Orar 244 del rey 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORINIA. 1903 ONE CHAPTER UNIVIRSITY ASSOCIATE Herman Soirrdt GRADUATE Edward McCombs SINIORS Leroy Carona Dick Hosegood Thomas Edwards James Jenny Victor Emmerich Jack McDonald Bill Flodberg Gerald Gilardi Peter Nutting Loon Obarkamper Douglas Zug Dale Hankins JUNIORS Dick Orownlie Dick Eppley Dick Cameron Mari Fosterr James Craig Walter Maclean Bruce McCormick SOPHOMORES Gordon Corwin Pat Loughboro FRESHMEN Richard Poppin Tom Roberts Peter Turner SPRING PLEDGES Gene Crew Don Chemin Deane Judd Wilbur Lamson Caro Edwards Floattre Gilmdi Hakim Hose9Oce McDonald Nutting Oberker Zug amok Casten Crag Cooler Poster MtFormkk Corwin tonhboro Peppis Roberts Turner 245 delta chi 7725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY. 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr W. W. Ferrier. Jr. Perry Evans Leo McClatchy hank Russell SENIORS Jim Klement Frank Ross John Tate JUNIORS Ted Andreefte Tom Marks Bob Davis Ed Nissen SOPHOMORES Chris Christianson Chuck Gompertz Bill Giles Lee Wilson D;nt FRESHMEN Geri Farley Rick Reichert Bob Mullikin Norman Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Jay Alpers Bill Howard Bob Day Rodger Jennings Kloster ROSS Tale Salreatta CiasiS Marks Mimeo Owimiaasen Giles cavern Wilsokt. many Fades Mullikin Rekberl wilson, M. 246 delta kappa epsilon 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballontine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putman GRADUATES Ted Engs Peter Jordan SENIORS Roger Dunn Douglas Smith David Goodwin John Walkor John Gould Floyd White JUNIORS James Fisher Robert McKean Frank Hess James Reid James MacDonald Charles Rosekrans Alex McAlister Charles Stephenson Stuart McKee Robert Tulle. Patrick McKeogen Ernest Voigt SOPHOMORES Edward Conner John Hardy James Copy Bryte Johnson James Gerhart Peter Neuman George Griffiths Thomas Wilson FRESHMEN John Brown William Hudson William Crawford Dudley Knit! James Curry Herbert Knill John Ducato Stanley Nelson Anthony Griffin Albert Smith Thomas Wells SPRING PLEDGES Stuart Engs Harold Griffith, Charles Griffith, Gary Shaffer Perry Wagner Eats Dunn Smith, 0. white Fisher Kest PRA litter McKee In Ken " MeKeth ROO Rostrums ' Stephenson Tuner PORI Col0 Cohan Griffiths Hardy Namara Wilfea Deo. Oaulonl Coo Outgo Coffin Hodson Kuril, D. Kroll, SP !deka, Smith, A Wells 247 delta sigma phi 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY.ONE CHAPTERS A name that is generally applied to all those vertebrate animals that live in water. swimming by fins and breathing by gills. Modern authorities are inclined to separate those which have no gill arches and those which have no jaws as a distinct class. The sharks and their allies are also separated as a distinct class from the true horny fishes. The fish is a bilaterally symmetrical animal adapted to an aquatic environment. This past year our environment has been limited to a one-room shock on Claremont St. off Telegraph. sz_ awA0i . • aka 4P% 111 Blair Book. Gear Martin Peedeteast, O. Roessler Smith Traben Clotc1011 Crum Frolick Knotelt 248 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Max Berle) A an Louderbact GRADUATES • ' al Hungerford :lois Krell Kenneth Lester Richard Persons Thomas Wood SENIORS Jerry Merlin Robert McParland Philip Palmer David Pendergast Bruce Roessler Ronald Seawright James D. Smith George Trabert Elmer Tretten JUNIORS William Churchill Frank Kendall Jerry Crump Charles Mack Raymond Etter Richard Mead Gordon Frolich James Pendergast SOPHOMORES George Bullard Jerry Lambden Gary Burt Ernest Moore Robert Carmody James Nilson Richard Fleming Robert Rice William Hoffman John Scully Charles Kilmer William Selby FRESHMEN Robert Benschotor David Kindorf Paul Gardner Lawrence Nicholson Louis Siracusa SPRING PLEDGES Jack Can Frank Milliken Nelson Enmart Toole Myers Tom Griffin Harry Trues Carl Menette Rodger Williams Frank Baron Sidney Blair William Crump Stephen Heckel Laurence Blair James Bouick Thomas Boydstun Dennis Dorgan James Ervin Edward George Dale Hall John Johnson r Peadetyayl, J. Cant. KHmn Nitta Rice Kistiorf fireball Bullard rtrminp Lanibeird Selby Nichols . Burt Hollow Moore Scully Carder. Siracusa 249 delta tau delta 2425 HILLSIDE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE. 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Bete Omega of Delta Tau Delta experienced another glorious year of spectacular activities. A completely new concept in social formats was adopted at the beginning of the fall semester and was carried through the entire year with utmost success. While not obtaining universal acceptance, we were thrilled that three other living groups also feel that Saturday evening lectures on temperance. bicycle tours of San Francisco. and exciting games of Scrabble have gained a growing place in Fraternity life at the University of California. Highlighting our extracurricular activities were our drive to reinstate the 80E in California. backing a move to make Nevada a dry state, translating lectures on abstinence into twenty-four foreign languages, and the public auction of various furnishings of the house. including one brass rail, two slightly rusty church keys. and four wheelbarrows of moist sawdust. All in all this Delt year can be summed up by our undying gratitude for George Gobel. Brooks Salm Rossi Tanner Wahworth WeIsite Wright Botsford Crete ' s farmer Guilt GItenoo Reynolds Richard, R. B. Start Swinrstrtoo Toone Welsh Zec 250 tisv • .., tr. ( 14 A- t t UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Frank Kelly Lawrence Foster Ed Manske Brutus Hamilton Morough O ' Brien Roy Jastram Warren Perry Tom Steel Don Chapman Jere Brooks Steve DimeR Jack Godsey Frank Packard Bob Rossi Fred Beresford Chuck Botsford Brian Brennan Pete Crebbln Jim Farmer Gene Geritz Mike Tim RaiIton Jon Reynolds Kirk Ashford Jim Callaway Gene Davis Ron frieberg Gary Hill Rick BeIlantine Dave Brown Jim Clinton Wylie Keeler Stan Butolph 0.0. Dobs GRADUATES Pete Pierson Doug Tanner SENIORS Al Rutledge Doug Stowell Jim Walsworth Bob Waist., Tom Wright JUNIORS R. B. Richards Don Rutledge Don Sawyer Bill Stuart Ron Swinnerton Bruce Towne John Wade Chuck Welsh Ron Woods Dave Zec SOPHOMORES Amos Johnstone John Pollan Roy Richard Dwight Stratton Lowell Weight FRESHMEN Frank King Dave Ohlson Bill Schauer Tony Torrance Stave VenTress SPRING PLEDGES Jud Ostle Dick Platt Dwight Stratton Ashford Castaway Darn LneGera Kin Johnston Ratan Rail R Stratton Wein Banantste Breen Chases Keeler Kira OMeon Torrance VauTress 251 delta upsilon 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE. 1814 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY CHAPTERS The California chapter of Delta Upsilon finished another year with pleasant memories of a successful scholastic, social, and athletic year. In the Fall the DU float once again captured first place for humor in the " Big Game " Parade, while the ' Winter Formal " and the " Two Yard Hop " proved to be top events on the social calendar. In the Spring many memorable events took place. The annual " Bad Taste Party was one of the most outstanding. With numerous members in Triune, Winged Helmet, Beta Beta. Skull and Keys, on athletic teams, and in the classrooms. the California chapter of Delta Upsilon is looking forward to more prosperous and active years in the future. I _4-Adria % • 252 ti L a .--,-. , if 1 ,.....,, man Merrill San Solari Tang Wilma Balky Griffin Not Kepler WI:Kona O ' Conrell Pollack Rims Seat Simi Saes Tether Wallace Nike Owner Cobb Crag Haskins Mestastu Wes Barker Paul Larson Don Reardon George Lipp; William Beeson Don Mackfessell Robert Brownlee Themes McKay Eugene Clahan Howard Harker Barry O ' Connor Joe Peulucci Richard Poynter Blaine Harper James flosses Dave Heil Tom Pollock Alan Hughes John Robinson Steven Jones Jerrold Turner Robert Keen John Wilcox John Keith Andrew Zarb ' s% JUNIORS Arthur Bartell Robert Jones Charles Clay Mark Meherin James Corley Robert Merrill Neil Ferr John Oswell Jack Ferry Charles Pusey Edward Garvey Edgar Sayre Terry Gaither Mervin Hal, Charles Taylor Norm Solari Kenneth Wilson James Hughes SOPHOMORES Duane Bailey Edward Pollock James Davidson Manford Riggs Rod Griffin Phillip Short John Holt Donald Simi John Kihn Mervin Sohn% Rudy Kepher Kurk Toohey Henry McDonnell Ron Turner John O ' Connell Ralph Wallace Gary Olson Michael White IRISHMEN Albert Chandler Richard Craig Lewis Cobb Robert Hawkins Jack Moskowitz SPRING PLEDGES Bill Adams Mike Carpenter Jack Axtman John Kalamaras Bob Kinsmen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward 8. Brewer Donald Pyle Monroe E. Deutsch George Shaw Lloyd F. Ferrer Robert Sibley James Hopper Herbert Stoltz Neal McKeller James W. Thompson Lawrence M. Price Robertson Ward 253 fir- sk7A kappa alpha 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 NINETY CHAPTERS The brothers returned to campus last Fall in time to see the Big Game on TV. Finding it impossible to fit academic activities into our annual program, we rapturously embarked upon the following gala events: a faculty tea. a croquet tournament with the Mother ' s Club. and an exchange with Brownie Troop 69. Plans are now being formulated to organize a party to bring back the brothers who ran away to Mexico with the Brownies. Dampen dui Doom Waal Kerns Krinl MaGeerao Meal Alton Clattloalar$ Beak Brows Ciliate. Clark Grant flow MOS 264 , Jai F a e. • 4 Jn Ridgeway Raern Marna- Tilley Onnstreet Smear WartaCt Oanoen faraday lOtterman Mayer McGowan Meyer Mans Rana Snnasors Wane Rick UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Lieutenant SENIORS Fred Davenport Ron Kerns Bill Dito Carlisle us; Jerry Down Clyde MacGowan John Garrott Torn Neal JUNIORS Bill Alton Dick Mesin Roger Baccigaluppi Bob Beale John Mortenson Ron PeMrson Ralph Brown Dick Pickett Lee Ridgeway Grant Cattaneo Jim Clark Bob Rogers Gone Tilley Don Grant SOPHOMORES Dick Overstreet Oki Snibbe Erdl Wallace FRISHMEN Dennis Daniels Bill Meyer Dave Faraday Ed Morris Joe 104mo,, John Rubens Bill Mayer Bernie Simpson Sandy McGowan Joe Udovch SPRING PLEDGES Art Briuolora Arnold Lopez Terry Conner George Marchand Hal Dungan Phil McGinn Al Holloway Bud Williams Chuck Youngquht 255 kappa delta rho 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY. VERMONT. 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY.ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Robert F. Harrigan GRADUATES Warren Addicott Bob Gearing Bob MacMahon SENIORS Solon Berbis Rid Bruce Don Bahia ' . Lynn Charnpornier Mack Bras LoVorne Garcia Warren McCord JUNIORS Norbert Babin William Moore TOM Bolger Dwight Neely Barton Byers Edwin Olson Dick Caserotti David Robison Jim Hodges Ronald Spencer 12: Howell David Turner Clyde LaJeunesse Norman Vaughn SOPHOMORES Larry ArtsII James Keeler Ron Collingham John Larson Ray Gorba Robert Nash David Jones Frank Stoll Torn Keefe Tom Tellefsen FRESHMEN Stan Reinak Joe Whyte PL EDGES Robert Divots Donald Roberts David Howland Richard Trull t.L4044ao4 fascia Byers Neel, Terme Cuba Larsen Barbi, McCord Casatgo Olson Pant. Juts Nash Whyte Bth10 Sabin Howell Rama, dell Neck Stoll Bras Solon Move Spear Collinabam Keeler Tellers.° 256 kappa nu 2316 BOWDITCH STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Lawrence Cahn Jerome Greenbaum Lawrence Dolgoff Donald Stone Irwin Weiss SENIORS Don Adams Stanford Lyman David Birenbaum Arthur Mafialy Ernest Birnbaum Arthur Silberman Roy Kon Paul Tobias JUNIORS Richard Albert Gary Gottlieb Jay Begun Sheldon Grossfeld Bennett Mel Donald Rosenberg Daniel Fischer Martin Strauss Claude Ganz Peter Wertheimer SOPHOMORES Donald Bourn Lawrence Kroll Gerard Brewer Paul Liptin Leonard Cohn Princeton Lyman Larry Ephron Henry Maher Robert Gilderman John Schwerin Eldon Grupp Lee Seligman Norman Kaman Allan Shapiro Stewart Weinberg FRESHMEN Eugene Herman Steve Kofman Paul Kepler Darrell Seville Edward Tenn. ' ,llz SPRING PLIDOES Paul Berman Hal Chasid Lee Blum Jim Lewis Don Rosenberg 00101 Wtol Adams Ihrtbnum Cann Lyman Ibttnan Coen Tauter Caw Geoss nv.erOnN Strains WetlIxoner Baum Smote. Cam Enaeon GoMerman Kaman Krell Wm LON ' Mann Schema Selyrnan Lupin neembeen Herman Se ilia Tanowitz 257 eawl n .gal ,c _, ,,k ..,, Juin, Ai, a at ti kappa sigma 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY•FIVE CHAPTERS During the past nine months there have been many developments at the Kappa Sig house. Socially the year was gotten under way with the traditional postgame parties, and was continued by beer busts. barbecues, and some pretty rare exchanges. One of the highlights of the Spring social calendar came in the form of a Hell Dance. This year the Kappa Sigs abandoned their usual search for rhododonrons. and looked instead for coals and brimstone to tranform 2220 Piedmont into an almost perfect replica of the second level of Dante ' s Inferno. Some Kappa Sigs participating in sports included Ray Donnelly. varsity football center; Tom Fellner and Brooks Key, on varsity crew: and Bob Gregovich, captain of the golf team. Ben Stirnaman was on the baseball team, while Murdo Nicolson and Frank Mattarocci strengthened Cal ' s rugby team. Kappa Sigs participated in all intramural sports, but managed to hit the books hard enough to sky rocket the grade point average to its highest point in recent years. All in all Kappa Sigma had another totally successful year. rie A Olatin041011110 SOW BIM Don ley Feline Menlo blvd. Soon Key LOON IOW Wort Postil Stem StiMetytca Wit- Ardnat Na. Cur. c.-ook•ke Kill LIMA Fkenter Slane Deck Kph 258 k fra. , , . ., _r, . ..... A A ' A YA .. • ■ 4V. Leona Maddox Mete Souza if ev ' c FaCenc Long. 0;fe UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Clerk Kerr G.y Wet Fry Richard Rice GRADUATE Julio Navarroildonto SENIORS Brooks Key Cal Larson Don Loopy Hank Meschordorf Gary Powell Mike P enter Fred Simson Dale Stiffington Bill Wagner Jack Wolf Thad Woodland JUNIORS Carlos Andrade Jack levitan John Baird Dean Maddox John Chinn Don Moore Ken Clerk Murdo Nicholson Lyle Deck Don Scenlin Bob Enloe George Souza George Frederic Ben Stirnaman Welly Hagglund Martin Temple John High Ken Ventres, Bill Hockenberry Dick Volonte Bob Kuhlman Pell Voorheis Dine Lekos Doug Young SOPHOMORES Gary Donovan Roy Messer Burt Froorn Jim Prescott Jim Hopper Bill Spain John Knapp Don Tarte. Jim Little Dick Willey FRESHMEN Harry Bader Bill Harris Jim Ogle SPRING PLEDGES Art Redarmann Frank Mettarocci Clay Bradley George McInnis Dave Baxter Bob Bird Vince Campodonico Pet Davies Ray Donnelly Bob Etter Torn Feltner Bob Grogovich Jim Hall Swede Johnson Truman Johnson , 259 ts A _a A 1571 r Bate Kinn XMAS XMAS Sett SKI Padgett Cyclist. Jolutsco Peterson Gnabna JO Nevski Kenn en GoPPY Millis lambda chi alpha 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSilY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED FORTY.SEVEN CHAPTERS • We did all sorts of little things this year—yes we did! Why, we had parties and we served cookies and punch too, and gee, it was fun. Sometimes we spiked the punch with old corks and labels, but we didn ' t dare take too many chances like that. Once, after a football game though, one of the fellows brought up a can of beer and boy. oh boy, did we have a time! But we didn ' t have parties all the time — no sir. We studied a lot, for after all, that ' s what we ' re here for, isn ' t it? Oh yes. Occasionally we tcok time off from our studies to lose an intramural game of some sort and well ... so there you are! 260 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. E. C. Bellquist SENIORS J. O. Baler C. R. Bull C. K. Cole R. T. Duncan G. G. C. Hensley. Jr. R. C. Hines R. N. Jack D. Johnson W. J. Kerzon G. L. Wapping G. E. Padgett, Jr. JUNIORS C. A. Borg W. D. Knick M. Bozo:ion J. C. Millis G. D. Cerbionor M. Painter . C. A. Grondone. Jr. B. Possalacque G. W. Guppy J. L. Rovoley B. E. Kinilan. Jr. R. C. Ustick R. A. Kling° T. Williams W. F. Worthington. Jr. Painter Wolklotus LAW Rene Font M. Donning H. H. Hand F. Jacobs R. Larson J. Lykins PauImam Ronk% UUKk Deere Jacobs tariOn D. Dahlinger Mitadal Pa tItt Per E. Enell Ryes Whoa l•A °Allow Rcterse. B. Gotshall J. Russia SOPHOMORES J. R. Macaulay P. Patin R. N. Purdy F. D. Roos. D. A. Ryder W. A. Wilson FRESHMEN L. Lea D. Roberson J. Ross SPRING MOM R. R. Pestalacqua J. R. Conners, Jr. H. F. $bragia T. C. Shadloy 261 phi delta theta 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UN IVERSITY. 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN CHAPTERS Phi Delta Theta prides itself on its unselfish aid to the down and out. Here we see one of the more unfortunate members of the community freely discussing his troubles with sympathetic Phi ' s. mat Retlyough Yahoo... Brown Hans Jack . Keenedi Lind Markley Olivet Paxson taber Townsend Ward Domani Flaherty Johnson Jens Kluwer War Lockhart Ronan Shelley 0 - ' t 1 %t 262 .. tlialk UNIVERSITY ASSOC HMS Bob Arnold Dr. George McChesney Dr. Dewin Baldrey James McVaine Dr. Karl Bowman Cyrus Mead George Break James W. Fesler Dr. Alvin Powell Dr. Raymond Nutting Parley Ray Norman Fosworthy Harold Smell William Gillis Thome, Stow Joel Hildebrand William Twitcholl Oily Kern GRADUATES Harmon Green Jack Risbrough Morris Kirk LeVerne Wheat Jack Western SENIORS Kenneth Anderson Gene Markley Kirk Brown Charles Mertucci John Coolly James Edwards Res Oliver Richard Pawson John Parrot Webb Hayes Lorry Taber Robert Jackson William Taylor Herb Kennedy Curtis Townsend William Lind Bob Ward JUNIORS Skip Anderson Paul Jones Bill Bixby Allen Kluge.. Joe Burns John Laser Gordon Cerdona Jack Lockhart Bill Christie Jerry Raugust Dennis Cutland Bo Sanford Don Dorward John Shelley Keith Flaherty Robert Watkhs, Richard Johnson Charles Whyte SOPHOMORES Jerry Becker Ton Conrad James Boodell Alen Jenkins Paul Brocchini Lynn Nebeker Roy Burks Richard Orate Rick Carver Bill Parsons Don Sobei FRESHMEN Ken Bittner Torn Hays Thomas Cruelly Richard Jacobsen Gerry Content Bruce McCauslend Fred Ebey Charles McNeill Tom Grant James Kilo Charles Green Don Shea .11111 James Groneiger Mark Waters James Woodward Doccbini Bub Cowed Jetties tan area, PasIM SPRING PLEDOES SAG Mum. Comity, J. Cesium Steven Glegola Richard Randall (tea Cram Otte Demise Raymond Lewis Lawrence Oliver; Hari Jacobite Rabau4s:1 WWII! Hue woodvatd Sanford San Wars 263 Doss LioNay Abode% Way Mattel McKissick Solonunn Bohn Mat NlAtilt) Stevan Boom Portlk (It phi gamma delt a 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS What a year! Oh Boy, did we have fun. You just couldn ' t ask for anything more . . . except parties. But you know how those things go here today. gone tomorrow. So in order to exhaust our exuberance in other more profitable directions, we swung into Intramural with unbridled enthusiasm. So what happens? We get to the finals in football when our pipeline to good fortune snapped and the game was forfeited by us just because Y. A. Tittle was in the backfield. Rejected on every field of endeavor and only remaining proficient in the necessities of life. we turned to new and heretofore unexplored horizons. We got a dog. But no one quite knows what to make of it. So maybe if we don ' t feed it, or invite it to go to Church with us, it ' ll go away. And we ' ll be back in our rosy little world once again where we walk with sin, or so some seem to think. We still have our glorious house. All we need is for the University to condemn it and build a series of tennis courts over it. But seriously. in spite of all said. one must remember that at Phi Gamma Delta " progress is our most important product. " 11S. at Alit: W.fson Falge Pape Etnscbte Rommel Biddle Gould Schwan Si,., J. Ogle Mon. Boone Tompbm Store, A. CWISOla MMSwain Stgiterion Sliltrng. A igkr. A .71) UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Norman Hinds William Laub Woodb4dgc• Metcalf Jacques Schnier SENIORS Robert Brown Carson McKissick William Demos George Najarian Robert Eschwig Alan Oleson Bruce Fowler Lloyd Pringle Edmund Gildersleeve Leland Rhodes John Hayden Lee Sammie Herschel Hyde William Solomon John Lindsey Kent Stewart Thomas McGrath Frederick Verneugh Douglas Weber JUNIORS William Bohn Richard Cooper William Govan Irving Hurd William Marin Dean Nicols SOPHOMORES Samuel Biddle John Leavitt Lawrence Cordons Duncan MacSwain Burton Doyle Jerry Milne Richard Falge Nicholas Peptic Robert Gould Stanley Sparks Alan Stevenson FRESHMEN Theodore Boone Carl Schwarz Peter Brucker James Stillman Richard Tompkins SPRING PLEDGES Paul Frederick Kent Stefigen Louis Alvares George C. Briggs Charles Derleth William Durham Robert Prindle Ronald Pritchard Arthur Rommel Andrew Stone James Stone John Wilson George Blair Don Fowler 265 Fort Jinn Valbtr Thome,. `town At lett. Mamma Lambnt Pandit Tirman Aran phi kappa psi 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS Socially, then athletically, then scholastically. finally in infinite, unknown factors. Cal Gamma of Phi Psi completed another banner year. The Fall Formal and the Spring South Seas. transplanted from Juarez and Eniwetok. respectively. were the highlights of each semester. Scholastically. we were beyond fondest expectations. or interpretations. A number of the group was engaged, during the year, in the Kinsey Research lab. Study time and coffee hours in the catacombs of Cory Hall undoubtedly affected what we learned. In intramural football we played from September until February and didn ' t lose our faces once. Volleyball and basketball in the back yard. along with Jive Five play at noon kept us busy on the other athletic fronts. Three meals a day, parties on week ends. Balboa and Golden Gate Fields to consume some of our spare time. and recuperation on the sun porch on Sundays. did manage to keep us slightly ahead of the presumed cultural and conservative makeup of the community. All in all, just a successful, balanced year of liberal education. which we hope has paved the way for another of the same this year. 266 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edwin W. Nulty William Schultz Guinn Smith SENIORS Frederick Armanino Clark Lewis Ro nald Auletti Fulton Mather Herbert Bell Donald Pareells Leroy Bernedou Robert Pared; John Brewer John Parr Neil Fore William Schmidt Thomas Hammer Carl Merest) William Hehir Charles Tirman Warren Hallman Gerald Tomlin John Jervis Ernest Watson William Lambert Bedford Young JUNIORS Edward Arena Pierre Pellisier Bob Brown Robert Schroll Kenneth Elvin Harry Summers Robert Johnson Thomas Wangsness Brook Lowe Richard Wolfson Roger Wright SOPHOMORES Ray Arena Ross Hoffman Pete Brewer Hartley King Clerk Brown Charles Kops Paul Bruderer Richard Moore Pete Hayward Robert Polhemus Tony Henderson John Schwobeda Hominy Viorroager FRESHMEN Jack Kistler Jcrry Sops SPRING PLEDGES Fred Miller Paul Larsen Joe Rondo John Whitaker 267 phi kappa sigma 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY•FOUR CHAPTERS Phi Kappa Sigma ploughed through the year with few noticeable changes. Monday night meetings were still held at the Square: the athletes continued to be athletic: and the nonathletes switched to Chesterfields: the activities majors wcnt down to Stephens Union and occupied their 4.2 square feet: the Phi Kaps again ran away with the intramural bocce•ball trophy: and their scholarship chairman studied. As dry parties were the rule. they eliminated vermouth from their martinis, and dates were encouraged to bring their mothers to parties. All Phi Kap activities came to an abrupt halt in May, when none of the members managed to make it back from Balboa. r `21-- ,....,n • 4. ..-, . . _ . 0,• t -. ___ , ,frn,, ._ ,.. , re__ • , Y A Asfa Beeler James Mammon Dame Chide ' s ' , B. Edwasels Erns Chide ' s ' . A. Gadd Hair Merck ' s°. maw.% Mona Wuxi Pomo. Yam VkJin Walker Warrick Saunders Ayer Females Amdan Myrick Malone 268 r Owen Besse Jun Peoples Adams Gray so ' Cu sr, Moan Swansea Bemire Marti. mown Fraser Lan Starr Calenif Hannan Baran Gustafson Let Tuft Grtmq Ronan UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Thomas N. Borrows Lt. Col. Roger B. Files John U. Callon. Jr. Walter M. Hart R. Courtney Cornett George D. Louderbach Malcolm M. Davisson Heber A. Newsom GRADUATES Gunning Butler Bob Daman Jerry Hinton Preston James Gil Atkinson Jack Autenrieb George Chaffin Phil Dawson Bob Edwards Bob Ellis Bill Foley Al Ghidossi Bill Ghidossi Dan Gould Tony Height Bill Anderson Tom Ayer Joe Fournier Mike Jordan Pete Benson Bob Besse Bill Dunn Bob Fraser Lee Gustafson Chuck James Jon Adams Bruce Belding Al Caldwell Mickey Gregory Prod Lee Bob Steiner Bill Verend Bob Young SENIORS Herb Henderson Jack Koehn Pat Machado Ron Morton Bob Nelson Al Poston Sandy Saunders Sandy Vicain Randy Welder Bob Warwick Lynn White FRESHMEN Don Gray Don Martin Jay Newman John Ronan Ben Yates JU NIORS Stone Myrick Art Nicolaysen Bob Owen Gordon Thorpe SOPHOMORES Jeff Koppel Ray Lau. e toe Dick Peoples Gary Simonsen Jim Starr Mark Tuft SPRING MIDGES Ed Irvine Jerry Edwards Ray Lawyer 269 phi kappa tau 233S PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED Al MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS All through the summer we looked forward to the completion of our new chapter house, the opening of which was accompanied by a campus open house. Our social program for the year was highlighted by our annual flapper party. our Winter Formal held at the Orinda Country Club. and our Highlands Fling, held at the Highlands Inn in Carmel. The Phi Taus again started the new year with. by far, the biggest " boom " on campus. and full of spirits we are confident of en even more glorious future. We were well represented on the athletic field by Nick Poppin and Don Phillips in football: Duane Asplund in basketball: Lloyd Canton. Carl Harris, and Carl Klenk in baseball: Don Reidt in swimming: and Norm Parsons in crew. Dick Righter and Vic (ianunzio held offices in the Big C. ai■ .1111 Chantedin Sight, •. Tao.lop. Do 0•1111p (torte Otatatti G.atoru:3 Lanycd ROter Tapley. Chat Casten Reid( Row Rum ' ' , J. Stheettler Sena Stun 270 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Paul Christopoulos Kenneth Poulovich Robert Kersey William Schmidt!. Albert Mai% Gilbert Smith Warren Wagner SENIORS John Anderson Alan Haight Walter Brient Marvin Hun Torrence Briscoe Donald Langrock James Chamberlin Glenn Miller Edward DeMatei Norman Persons Thomas Dial Richard Righter Richard Dokey David Schoettler Victor Gianunzio Donald Taynton Gerald Gillespie Douglas Taynton JUNIORS Donald Avey Donald R M Fred Eliagini William Rose Lloyd Canton Leighton Royston Jack Dokey John Russell Dolph Leffler Allan Smith Donald Phillips Robert Strand Robert Webster SOPHOMORES Donald Anderson Robert LeBaron Robert Clarke Arlen Mills William Clarke Barton Olt David Cobble Nicholas Poppin Attilio Golliani Henry Richards Clark Gilbert Thomas Russell Carl Harris Wayne %tam Donald Havis William Welch IRISHMEN Barry DeWitt Harold Johnson Richard Doty Colin Love Paul Height Welter Martin Edward Hamill Gordon Morrow John Poppin SPRING PLEDGES waster Norm Potion. N. Ruv.elt, T Vasty Welds Da) GA.,. His;`..., P. Ilt..•;11 Lore Vidttn Moir:« Poppin, J. Duane Aspland James Cline Richard Freshchi Carl Klonk William Nankeville Roy Raymond Raymond Shutt? Bruce Waldron 271 phi sigma kappa 7112 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE. 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Omega of Phi Sigma Kappa. in its forty-seventh year on the U.C. campus. continued its high standards of work and good times. Phi Sigs were seen in many places around the old U. For example. five of our number lent their talents to the Axeitravaganza. Norm Rubey headed the Oski staff. Editors of the Pelican were Ron Goulart and Paul Norehad, with several members contributing humor. Socially we continued onward with our formals and pledge dances, climaxed by the annual 49 ' er dance in the Spring. Along with this our scholastic standing was high. with several men attaining honor societies. aka Bv.htold Eckards IM Mope Stroni Beosn Go.olatt MCCIOsto Northad Watkins 272 NmInal Rely Floyd %Jos Laren Sift UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adam: Welter Frederick Charles Babcock August A Marra Clinton Evens Thomas Mayhew Franklin C. Palm SENIORS Kenneth McCloskey Robert McKeever Jim Moore Paul Norehed Doren Roberts Norman Ruby Chad., Strong Robert Watkins Ed Winer JUNIORS Richard Lawton Al Moe Dick Monne, Keith Nelson Bob Owens Earl Paulson Bob Pierce Art Soderblom AI Wyland SOPHOMORES Denis Deluchi Dave Pearson Mike Floyd Jim van Lobel, Sels William Nestor Robert Win,: FRESHMEN Colin Berveridge Rich Whiston SPRING PLEDGES Hugh Dagle Jerry Smotror Don McCarthy Noel Stevens Ernie Sore Bill Tarr Dale Zerda n a AM t. Kenneth Bechtold Jerald Backstrand Mac Brown Keith Bull William Edwards Ronald Goulart Ernest Guisso Clifford Ida Jack Johnson Charles Buller Dave Coss Tom Damson Bob Day Bon Finney Douglas Hibbs Al Jamieson Steve Kroll Keith Mostly Tom Cass Phil Bewley Tod Melbin John Quell John Amos Warren boy Jim Waters 273 pi kappa alpha 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED NINE CHAPTERS The past year wes highlighted by the frequent visits of Shiver, the enthusiasm with which the intramural sports were undertaken, and the various social events. The Purple Passion Party added a touch of color to the nearly unchangeable routine. The costumes varied from many purple bermudas to a siamese twin suit. The Big Game Float was completed with the Kappas adding the feminine look. Later on in the year the Annual Dream Girl Contest and Spring Formal captured most of the excitement. The working spirit was stimulated from time to time throughout the semester with frequent work periods to fix up the newly acquired annex. Aar ditc.I. Pigott; Atrrt Yawn 4 lb. • • 4. 274 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Thomas D. Stewart Roy Plots Lynn 0. Waldorf Morris Stewart B. Wilson GRADUATES Robert Sad .II Witham Marlowe H Charley Byerly Howard Johnson Herb Moor Ronald Otter Walter Sharman SENIORS Ronald Sargon.% John Hardebeck Denny Berries Richard Miles Bruce Beebe Kenneth Ness Martin Bouton Micheal Raffetto Thomas A. Bowles Richard Ralph Robert L. Dockham Donald Wash James R. Firby Edward Writs William Haney Bartley Young JUNIORS Alden Barstad Donald W. Kosovac Jay Brunhouse George Larson Peter Byrne John A. Meson Arthur Dun John F. Med Peter Fluetsch Sheldon Modell Claw Frazier Donald W. Range Michael W. Guinan Jack Ryan Richard Holmes Lowell H. Won Raymond Isitt Gerald Taadermen Donald Tomatello SOPHOMORES Francis Comarth Jack Saroyan Anthony Desmond Warren Solberg Del Darracq Winslow Small Jack McConnell Charles Were Raymond Mathis Frank Thompson F Peter B. No. move, Dennis Watt Boyden Ralph Garth waif Chris Wart on FRESHMEN Donald Collins Ralph Clifford William Mason Thomas McLoughlin Edward Pearson Jack W. Elliott Don Schwab Curt Higgins John Sordo Roy Jacob. ' Mike West Robert Liles Richard Well Albert Marquette SEE tc) ititictrtat I:otut4:10 Danic: Dornot.1 le.arsl, Ra ' Et`, Et Sd Etttitttot V;La,ph- ' SG 275 Crow ahrece lee Duni Aaderson ' mock Gamete Ewa Bison Moore ' tames " pi kappa phi 2674 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY.SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Ausman Adrian Foster Henry E. Erdman Houston Lashus GRADUATES Robert Parmelee Paul Peterson SENIORS James Aljian Keith Johnson Arthur Beni Richard Larson Allen Cropper Charles Lee John Earle Donald Rau Joseph Gagger°, Jr. Harland Ross James Thayer JUNIORS William Anderson Lawrence Olson 83ly Evans Dwayne Rood Richard Francis Allen Sprague SOPHOMORES Ronald Gaggero Richard Melon FRESHMAN Steven Pennoyor SPRING PLEDGES Steven Blot Houston Lashes 276 James Parsons Leon Richardson Rudolph Schevill William Simpson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES B. Etcheberry James Hahn Donald Mackay Dr. H. Naffziger Charles Bates Willard Daggett Fred Emanuels Preston Gado George Gibbs Clifton Mayne Keith Meserve Walter Moulder JUNIORS Michael Casey Robin Fairbairn Harry Hallenbeck Timothy Howard William Koller James Lackey Peter Brobst Peter Coakley Louis Gerhardy Preston Heimark Hamilton Kelly William Carlson Edwin Carlson Lawrence Cheneult Thomas Clark William Oliver Ronald Plough Roy Polkinghorne Gordon Reed Arthur Ryan Kenneth Simpson Miles Turpin John Williams Thomas Kramer Nick Mulvany Les Van Eaton Al Wiley Morton Williams Olen Wright John Dewey Donald Dobkin. Thomas Rose Roger Sandberg SPRING PLEDGES George McWilliams Ken Myers SOPHOMORES James Lorenz Gary Norris Peter Shea Craig Wiley Lawrence Woodward FRESHMEN psi upsilon IBIS HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY.ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Monett blew. Malan, J. Lackey Brant Lorca Calton, W. Enamels plomb Faiebairs Kramer Coakley Shea Cbemale Row GYM Maybe Pobleghcow Ryan Hallenbeck Howard Mince VasEalcw Wm KelenwIt Wiley Wags:we Clark Demi Sandberg Moulder Sinueson Kelkr William, M. Kelly Cerise., C. bobtlres 277 pi lambda phi 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY.THREE CHAPTERS The fall semester for the Pi Lams started in a rundown hotel which we almost completely demolished. We were forced to live in this quaint abode awating the completion of our new house. Finally after a month ' s survival in Berkeley ' s home for the aged we moved into the luxurious and spacious halls at 2727 Channing Way. The house was completely remodeled. from heed to head. and there was new furniture for the entire house. This operation set the alumni back to selling pencils. Also. a modern re.equipped kitchen was installed. Along with the new house. after much deliberation, came our new house mother. Gina Lollabrigida. The social activities of the semester included picnics and beer busts, dances at the San Francisco Yacht Club. Zombie Village and Barnum ' s at the Beach. A Big Game formal was held at the Belivue Hotel with the alumni. Academically the Pi Lams excelled as usual, ending up second on campus in scholarship. On campus the house is well represented with Rod Friedman acting as head yell leader. Fab onid Mastheiw. Realm. Walk Ankle. freeman Milk. Bargain Gokkon Ilvtatim LeW Rothman Sinai Ghana. O ' Knent 278 ORADUATIS Marvin Brownstein Marvin Levin Donald Cohen Al Levin Norman Dossier Morton Leiter Robert Fox Ronald Lyons Stanley Fahn Al Wolfe SENIORS Harrison Anixter Richard Mannheim., Gene Baker Chuck Miller Robert Bernheim Jock Pearl Leland David Stanley Pollack Sigmund Freeman Rodney Friedman Leo Rodkin Morton Rothman Bernie Robinson Jack Garfinkle Stuart Soilor Martin Koppich Carl Selingor Walter Kaufman Joe Sinai Harvey Levy Sheldon Wolfe JUNIORS Lloyd Barnblatt Gary CEKrent Robert Cowan Howard Marguleas Charles Gherman Ralph Nofield Ronald Goldman Norman Robinow Larry Goodfriond Eugene Ross Robert Lesser Jerald Sarrow Neal Siegel SOPHOMORES William Applebaum William Brodovsky Richard Blum Julien Lifschii Joel Borger Berney Micel Donald Rothman FRESHMEN Sherwin Baker Ernest Leichter Mershon Berol Roger Mann Ronald Berman Gary Rifland David Glessel Donald Rubin Leonard Goldberg Fred Sorkin Hervey Kemeny Marvin Shapiro Thomas Theiben I71 . Marg ultai N Cl aril RC b Sway Siegel Appletinam Blum BrcdonkY Lifuna Morel Reihnva Bar Cana Reiman Glassel Goldberg Kamen, Mann Rifkied Rain Sorkin Empire Thiene., 279 sigma phi delta FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 1924 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harold B. Setae% Francis H. Moffitt SENIORS Chuck Andrede Chuck Fredrickson Richard Burnell Walt Fredrickson Blaine Morrison JUNIORS Edward Bennett Jim Nettles Robert Christensen Don Siefert Roger Ante John Smith Gerald Snob Harold Tudor Bill Graham William Wilson Art Woodworth SOPHOMORES Eagle Brawn Charles Last Henry Lune SPRING PLEDGES Ulf Dahlgren Ken Pins William Klionsmith Deve Wilson Lowell Pen Tom Vojta Frcdrgkson, C. Fredrkkson, W. 143mice mei CM Itttattn Flake Grade. Gram Nettics Stem Salk Tut Wilm: Weadsonk Brom Leaf Lurk 280 sigma phi epsilon 2714 RIDGE ROAD lOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND. 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James Corley James Miller W. K. Emerson Al Rogers Robert Johnson Arthur Sampson Robert Merriam H. R. Wellman GRADUATES Fred Applegate Melvin Brunetti SENIORS Welter Hanahan Jerry Powell John Laughlin Arthur Simpson JUNIORS Howard Boarlin Dan Clancy David Breen Peter Hatton Lester Browning John VanZander SOPHOMORES William Boone Edward Subberra Grogan Gitchell Rod Thomas Clifford Woodward FRESHMEN Jarrell Johnson Jerry Satoh; SPRING PLEDGES Stephen Brundage Allen Koflinow Hanalan Simpco• Scoot Thomas Laughlin Sterns Matte., Cliche° Woo:Mani Saab ' Powell Breen Varauder Stitogra Joht6on 28 I sigma alpha epsilon 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY•SEVEN CHAPTERS Amidst the red and gold of falling autumn leaves, straggling remnants of the house of thousands milled into the hallowed halls and iniquitous dens of Minerva Manor. Rippling with unbridled gaiety. the caustic brothers reincarnated daily travails and nocturnal soirees. Unrepressed by the heated pressures generated from nearby granite structures, the fires of the spirit were quenched by repetitious one-mile sojourns. The uncultured. lacking elevator facilities to the basement TV. turned to the south windows for this entertainment. Intermingled with these paltry insignificances. hordes of culture-mad brethren diligently resumed the trodding of the ivy paths. While at home. revelers reclined in the new wing, sipping from the pledge scholarship cup and contemplating the master strategy by which the intramural trophy could be retained. And now, as the sun sinks slowly in the blue and the brothers slip slowly from their stools. we write finis to another school year. awn ay Er ' ago Garland Ha-itta IC11 Hotta Jean tanset• Lead. leathers Leslie Alla °MINA Skeen, R. Sane Raent Roles Raley Sena( ' Rao Fatia GiaralLyt Hider Kellam Maas 282 Ilk r " ) ' -• 6. fan 4 ' lassanini itswisen Hrlson Scnnviser SrObtoo, E. loll Van Ronson Appel Cowen Cunsimiham Pia Count Kg Rei Steconon Miss oodoccon Exiling ConnObeir Cole DerOnano Edwards Firearm Ftlerdentiack Gianullos PM kir ' UNIVIRSITY ASSOCIATES Stuart Dagget Paul Streubinger R. 0. Nervy Jim Sutherland Rolfe Miller John Talbot GRADUATE John Gratz SENIORS Richard Amen Don LATOCQUX James Burley Douglas Leech Tom Dahlgren John Leathers Rich Davis Robert Leslie Herbert Dido Burt Millard Richard Donnel Chuck Minnie Hadend Erickson Sheldon Onstead Bruce Garland Richard Sjoberg John Hamilton William Shaver Merry Hicks James Riewerts Franklin Holbrook Phillip Rogers Jerry Jensen Claude Rohwer Jerry Rowley JUNIORS James Benison Keen Majors Clay Costello Ernest Megazzini Robert DeKlots Denman Morrison Jerry Dustimer George Nelson Joe Farina Bob Oliver Andrew Gienulies Alan Schmeiser Dave Hiden John Slernans Ralph Hoff man Ellis Sjoberg James Kidder David Toll Peter lien Houton SOPHOMORES Cyril Appel Harry Gileoducci Fred K. Coburn Alvin Kyle William Cunningham Ken Johnson Michael Diaz Michael Rol Roger Duni Carl Stechrnen Douglas Weiss FRESHMEN Robert Anderson Bob Farnnarn homer Broiling Jim Friedenbach Jim Carmichael Gus Gianulies Bruce Campbell Roy Gustafson Gordon Cote Joe Saunders Harry Derdivanis Alan $009 6.6$ Dave Edwards Bill Williams SPRING MOORS Roy Spine John Stewart Rich Trainer Carl Wilson Mel Bail Jay Griffin John Olofson Dave Rodenhuis 283 sigma alpha mu 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Sigma Alpha Mu is extremely proud of its accomplishments this year. For the first time in our chapter history, we won the National Improvement Cup, which is one of the highest awards given nationally by our fraternity. Athletically. scholastically and socially we have also had a very good year. Several good dances such as the " Sammy Safari, " the " Sammy Circus. " and a formal at the Palace Hotel have highlighted our social season. There is a large number of men in our house who are holding down better than a 2.5 grade point average and belong to scholastic honor societies. Many of the fellows are serving on important campus committee s and competing for the school in athletics. Sault. F. Mont Sandy Bon AY Cow Cann Gokknan Jacobs Levin NalkIn Neteozahl Pole , Regius Rudy Scott Tarlow Tow WInelrvb Satin, H. Wow. Frmletatnl Glazer Gloter Goldberg 284 SENIORS Leslie Cooper Herbert Dinits Darrell Zander Ralph Zusmen JUNIORS Bill Boyarsky Reese Polosky Allen Casper Lee Ragins Marvin Cohen Alan Rudy Bruce Goldman Howard Scott Gerald Jacobi Paul Stern Berry Lazar Mervin Tadow Stuart Levin Harvey lover ger Neticin Donald Tronstein Bernard Nebenzahl Arthur Weber Alvin Winotrub SOPHOMORES Sanford Kopelow Alfred battik: Herbert Writ: Howard Marylander Phillip Newman Arnie Pincus Morn Small Edward Smith Robert Solton Ronald Stein Claude Stevens Donald White FRESHMEN Larry Kay Iry Kornfiold Paul Matloff Harris Miller Paul Soling.: Gordon Siegel Howard Siever Marshal Wengrow SPRING PLEDGES Doug Miller Howie Straus. Mike Zwardling Dave Barnett Franklin Banat Howard Bloom Arnold Barer Harry Benet Michael Diener Dave Fractenborg Sanford Garfinile Jerome Glaser Gory Glober Joseph Goldberg Louis Hersch Gary Jacobs David Kelton Martin Koffman Harty Ambrunn Barry Oafish Stan Berliner Bob Cornfield John Dollar Ricky Diamond Sheldon Diller Merle Greenstein Dick Baker Harry Carstens Ken Labovitz JaCot S Kt:th ' L:0111, H. Mmylhhim 54,111 Smith Amh urm StM- St OM, GrNlIS tem Vomit Kar Komf.,:10 hiAthall M II:tr $l•itt 285 sigma chi 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY.TWO CHAPTERS Amidst construction, the Sigs opened their Fall semester and soon a beautiful, remodeled house was the gratifying reward. Under the able leadership of Fred Hundhammer. our Sweetheart Contest culminated in December with pretty Peggy Hansen being crowned the 1955 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi by Fall President Pete Flemer. Coming up from the frosh. Don Gilkey end Bill Vallotton played guard and end respectively for the varsity football squad. Other sports showed Steve Devoto in crew. Mary Lacey in Rambler football. Jud Landis in 145 basketball, Max Allen in water polo. Tod Likins in wrestling, Bob Leet in track. Don Gilkey in rugby. and Dick Keene and Mary Lacey in Varsity baseball. In activities Don Keene was rep. at-large. Jerry Wendt was assistant yell leader, Larry Billings and Don Keene were elected to Scabbard and Blade, and Spring President Steve Gaol was on Men ' s Judicial Committee. The house was beautifully decorated with Spring flowers at our Breakfast Dance, which was completed in the vicinity of Angel ' s Camp at a brother ' s ranch. Together with a good intramural season and many other fraternity activities. the Sigma Chis completed another successful year. Amid An F Inn Ha: el comae Scott Sarterta0 Sv•h. Tyke GYI Boh., Maas Ot Veto Kier , Dick La“, Sow Moot, Taiessen ide Tubb - _ exc. ri Ass)ra sit, rt A essik ofr-- t - • - evit: 0%. 286 Wendt Galore Lett Norkom nerneres San:Jena Alley Rackeek tains Portion Coen Siemer Far bash ICan Mart Rtllly Barrie, Trerer Gilkey Urdu Mote Sharer Vita UNIVIRSITY ASSOCIATES Hon, Stanley N. Barnes Charles E. Noble William Kesler Clarence " Nibs " Price Or. H. P. Muller William Wurster SENIORS Roy Arnold Wayne Olson Bill Ayers Jim Scott Homer Bradford Jay Summerhays Pete Floater Ron Svihus Dave Harper Bill Tyler Pete Hazel Bill von Ofenheim Oen Keene Paul JUNIORS Larry Billings Mary Lacey Stave Devote Harry Larsen Richard Feline, Larry Moore Fred Flowers Hank Schneider Steve Gaol Ernie Smarr Fred Hundhammer Derek Thiessen Dick Keene Bill Tubbs Jerry Wendt SOPHOMORES Men Allen Tod LAMS Carlisle Becker Bob Marks Don Furbush Mike Mote Don Gilkey Martin Newtons Clerk Gilson Larry Poulton Allan Hitchcock Torn Reilly Kim Kahn Bob Shugart Jud Landis Bins Thompson Bob Leal Bill Vallotton MIN Andy Church Charlie Sanderson Graf Harries Jack Sidon a Dick Heimann Larry Treuer Dick Vance SPRING PLEDGES Fred Baumeister Bob Nambo Ken Berg Roy Burr Gordy Raub Pete Omit Dave Ridenour Paul Dinkalspiel Rowan Rowntree John Dowdell Charlie Vehrs Fred Hendrix Clyde Weston Bill Lukens -- eln sigma nu 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE. 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS The California chapter takes pride in having a well-balanced group. represented in sports and student social and scholastic activities. With the outstanding leadership of the respective Fall and Spring semester presidents, Jim Rhodes and Alden Anderson. this current school year will be remembered as one of the very best in Beta Psi history. Athletically, the House was well represented in football, basketball, water polo, track, crew, boxing, and on the ski teams, with the names of brothers Torchio, Bordonaro,logo and Kellner standing out. Scholastically the House prospered with all of the new Fall pledges making their grades while the rest of the members kept their wits and powers of scrutinization keen by daily noontime visual workouts on the front wall. as many a shapely female will attest. Customarily, the Sigma Nus maintained a full and outstanding social schedule culminating in the annual winter White Rose Formal held at the Carmel Valley Inn. On the activity scene, Don Cvietus was elected I.F.C. president: Wes McDaniel, rep-at-large: Ed Greub. president of Winged Helmet, and Al LaRue, president of Triune. Adams Andosan Bahr Banat° Catty Cvidasa inn) Fricke Fulbeight Meet Rhodes Rayin Loral Astarost xpMS 1. 288 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame Den Radar GRADUATES Gordon Gardiner William Hooy Jordan Montano II SENIORS Robert Adams Robert Fricke Alden Anderson Gary Fulbright William Babcock Woodberry Grover Richard Baker Raymond Kellner Peter Somata Donald Meek Anthony Biggs James Rhodes Sebastian Bordornaro William Rogin Scott Carey Donald Smalian Don Cvietusa Lloyd Torchio Raymond Ferro Richard Wallis Robert Winkenbech JUNIORS Mike Ambrose Bill Jensen Michael Bernal Alen LaRue Russell Codwell Wesley McDaniel Edward Greub J. M. Ramsden Herb Hughes William Sutherland SOPHOMORES Gabriel Areillega Sheldon Gebb William Baker John Haag Dennis flortlosmen Rober Metz James Cherry Michael Myers Terry Cole Carl Vogt Newton Davis William Wilson John Witherspoon IRISHMEN William Coglirer John Rhodes Phillip Cole Ronald Senna Peter Hegerle Stave Shedlich Burton Leaver Pere Thompson Robert Roark Jerry VanBuslark Don Walter SPRING PLEDGES Porter Davis Sid Muck Don Drenth Ray Raiser John Dunlop Hal Richardson emir) Fowler John Gilmore Sam Slauson Lou Schrepal Jim Thompson Bill Gould Bob VanHeult Bob McDaniel M Denel entire Cck Nan Volt Cterlier Rhodes Tlempw• ReneGen Stale-riser Sari Cert ' eunar. Dens Gebb Mete Mn,, Wilson Witherspore Cat revere Semi Shadlick Yes Beget Walter 289 sigma phi 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS The past year has been another milestone in the annals of the Sigma Phi. From its lofty position socially, scholastically and geographically. the men of the Alpha have been able to observe the evolution of man by looking to the north and northwest . The past year was noteworthy as well as a jolly one. The United States Supreme Court and the All-American football team discovered their need for a Sig. Entertainment was found, as usual, at the palaces of pleasure of the world. The annual Fall Formal at Monte Carlo was a roaring success. The rest of the brothers ' time was spent indulging in lawn bowling, cribbage and in quest of the Holy Grail. In short, a splendid year. await Lan Aka Vukasis Bea Jaas Dtthfef sen Lanais Ostat Ada Gear Loa 290 Rollo Rash Wanda ' ' , G. potbm Grave% Jacuzzi Ladish Sterrad Turret Tuttle Watedall, N, %flint hat W,tehent BN99. Gh.tprnas Hefnlry StaborY roam UNIVIRSITY ASSOCIATES William Cruttss Grant Loomis Dr. William G. Donald Robert Olson Clifton Kroeber Earl Warren SENIORS Nick Loundagin Cliff Meese Dick Melby• Thomas Osborne Mike Traynor George Vukasin JUNIORS Clark Adams Chuck Jones John Andrews Art Loring Jack (trough Chuck Rand Douglas Cooper Bruce Rollo Jim Jacobus Ken Roush Gordon Waterfall SOPHOMORES Dick Dobbin: Al Stewart Steve Graves Bill Turner RomoJecuTzi Norm Tuttle Scott Laidlaw Neal Waterfall Dana Phillips Dave Whitechat Dick Witehurst FFFFF MIN Donald Briggs Rogue H•mley Steve Chapman Torn Seebury Mile Toomey PRIMO PLEDGES Don Banks George Meese John Bricleson Toby Popper Bob Chapman Charles DeMarals Philip Dethlofson Malt liessItine Ted Johansen Terry Larsen 291 292 SENIORS Ronald 810141re r Kenneth Clark Robert Halpin Ronald Jameson Clyde Marguard Phillip Paterson Victor Amerio James Hatpin Raymond Kelley Lewis Russel Clarke Wilson Theodore Baker Michael Brisky Lewis Crawford Robert Duggan John Kalivas Dougeld Macintosh Thomas Meighan Maynard Orme Vincent O ' Rourlo George Pickett David Rodriguez James Rosenlieb Browse. ZunHo W.Iscn D ' Amico Stalked DLIDan Clark Amerio 8Istop Davis Wells Kenos sigma pi 1816 SCENIC AVENUE FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY. 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harry Anderson James Martin George Mallory Maynard Morris GRADUATE Clocd ' ard Egon JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Bruce Bishop Robert Black Ronald Gilstrap Ronald Hrusoft Richard Brunt John Mattson Lawrence Connolloy Donald Smyth Theodore D ' Amico Jam.); Stafford James Davis Neal Wells FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES Sherwood Cummins Bob Ogren Dick Diamond Walter Sablinsly Halpin, R. .tano—..on Halpin, J. Kenny Blatt won, Gilstrap Ronal Baker Buoy Macintosh Meighan Rodriguez Rounlieb r- a Orkkett Helena, Howl Donnelley Mattson Crandon, Orne (son use At Bretton Joni Shen Wink Erection Ladr-aa Mastro( Milk. Morgan Row Bootie, Klee Rosenthal Bass Groodine tau epsilon phi 2717 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1910 EPSILON ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1954 FORTY.T NVO CHAPTERS SENIORS Kenneth Bremen Edward Shaw Paul Juana Herbert %V;Busk JUNIORS Modify Engelson Bert Mastrov Thomas Hogan Fred Miller Leslie Lockman Stave Morgan Selwyn Rose SOPHOMORES John Bowling Jerald Kier Larry Friend Paul Rosenthal FRESHMEN Isaac Bass Harvey Groudine Wilson Powell SPRING PLEDGES Norman Becker William Nevfeldt David Levens Richard Passer Mike Schein 293 tau kappa epsilon 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED FOUR CHAPTERS " Smashing " is the only word suitable to describe Tau Kappa Epsilon ' s phenomenally successful year. All twelve of us were glad to welcome the new pledge, and we started the year off with a bang by filling the fire extingushers with gasoline at the annual " Volcano Stomp. " We ten then set to work on the yearly project, but the sorority discovered the tunnel before it was completed. The trial was a short one, and afterwards the eight of us prepared for the annual " Hot Chocolate Social. " Somebody made a mistake and actually served hot chocolate. The shock was fatal to a few. We four lost the semi-annual " Push-Cart Race " whon a wheel came off the diesel truck, but both of us expected to win the annual " Father and Son Potato Sack Race. " However, because of a particularly sharp potato chip. I alone am looking forward to another successful year. a VAN C Grew, Link Belk Virden Boynton MaclAtoin Bovhn; Hyrii IttWo∎ Millrauth, S. NGm Slurp Sha;af. Wilson Yon.) Brock Leliber9 tAtIlraitli, T. Pitt.. Stneenon Caron Lan Paler Smith Bnl Unreal Senior Thodielion 294 Oftlj 4r kr ad . rAi sit ' A In- • riv-s-a „At • fan UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. E. Gh :so ' , Dr. S. R. Jayne Cr. G. Le•c:owski SENIORS Al Nelson Ken Porter Don Rolfe John Richardson Bob Sharp Lee Shugart Torn Smith Gay Virden Garth Wilson Rey Young Stuart Mc ' ,faith JUNIORS Terry Monteith Bill Milligan Doug Patton Walt Senior Bob Stevenson Lorry Thorkelson Terry Wollter SOPHOMORES Jack GUMS Jake Mathis Jim McMullen Howard N1mir Dan Petersen Don Romeo Fred Schott Dick Schuelfge Roger Venturi Brent Warner FRESHMEN John Pliciotta Hal Plimpton Pete Starman Ed Thompson Bob Weis SPRING PLEDGES Chuck Greene Jack Lloyd Dave Lowe Roger Ramseier Dave Balmer, Jerry Bowling Bob Collins Carl Cordes Jeff Graves Jim Griffin Robin Harris Bob KeasbeY Ray Love Fred Lusk John Bell Earl Boynton Harry Brock Jack lehberg Bill Leworont Macintosh Carl Anderson Dick Anderson Roy Berry John Boland Cliff Ceridono Don Chaffin Mike Cobb Kan Davis Ed Dawson Ken Evart Gene Cherry Norm Farrell Jim FItipatrIct Dick Galax Bill Kuhn mirs at° Or ita Ardente, C. Catidora Lena Primal Ventral Fatten Parlotta Wets AnIretten Ctralfin Crarat Rano KittPatrkk Plimptra Irmo. Berry Ontrt Matta Scholl Animas. 0 (atm Starran Boland Dutton Kcmn Staudt°. COM Kuhn TWryKn 295 theta chi 2462 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD. VERMONT, 11356 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN CHAPTERS Under the seething roof of Theta Chi was collected a wide variety of interests. Besides helping to stage exchange dinners, alumni smokers, and costume dances, the members displayed interest in phases of campus life that ranged from the fine arts to rolling dice. In the field of sports. Bud Harwood, left field on the varsity baseball team, held the spotlight, Jim Cundall played a role in the entertainment field, while Ken Kolb, PeIly editor; Jack Griffin, Cal Engineer editor: and Bob Rouse, Doily Cal reporter, kept things lively in the literary department. 296 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. R. H. DeWitt Kirk Rowland GRADUATE Phil Wood SENIORS Gene McCabe Bill McDonald Dick Otter Bill Pence Ron Sorenson Bob Thurston Dan Truman Marty Young JUNIORS Don Pettit Pet Raine Dave Swanson SOPHOMORES Dave Been Mary Kendrick Jim Ferrer Bob Meloy Ken Hagan Bill McDonald Jim Hemmill Frank Romeo John Jacobsen Ken Rouse FRESHMEN Rick Adams Ted Georges Pete Cleypool Dave Kennelly Pat Crowley Jim Loobbecle Jim Reyroad SPRING PLEDGES Jim Arthur Ben Harris Don Cooper Larry Weaver Bob Brown Herb COI( Sherm Davis Ron Heddington Hal Hill Phil Hogan Hank Maschal Ray Clark Bill Horton MO:Y:1,A Kg ' re:). 297 theta delta chi 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Another great social and academic year has rolled up for the Theta Delts. Long will we remember the thrills we had playing the new party game the policeman. " The crowning success of the social season was of course the annual exchange with the SLOBS (Society Ladies of Berkeley). It was at this function that the game hereofore mentioned was initiated. The Fall Formal was less spectacular; however, the weight lifting exhibition given by a University of San Fadang coed in the middle of the flange room will never be forgotten. The unidentified young lady pressed 200 pounds to the music of Chopin ' s " Reverie. " Sportswise. Theta Delts showed avid interest in marbles. croquet and tetherball matches. Most Theta Delts feel that it ' s a shame that Block C ' s aren ' t given for these most delightful sports. Concerning the academic year. as the French so aptly put it, cued la vie. Ink King PallersOR Retalwir Rtaidi 54humas Stott Andenon Denies GilStrap HamiltOo Hey Helot Hildittard litorlOn Refleitir Aista0Mt Baby Bigelee Ft ' rt AAA A .., .. _ - ilLt • 298 je„ ‘ ri t. afri r A tilk ktiois, :7 if lit‘i 1 4 1;,. 444.-k _kat I Hotbed Bolton R. W. Clough Richard Erickson Burton King UNIVERSITY viipodaereltirt Harold GRADUATES Harry HandbY Jim Whitley Floyd Mellon SENIORS Jack Patterson Most Boob Dave King Virgil Roma. Jim Schuman Bob Rechtri.9 Charles Scott Ralph Pilato JUNIORS Philip Anderson Mack Douglas Dave Gilsfrao Bob Hamilton Sandy Hey Aisthorpe Bert Barker Don Jones Bill Kinney Jon Bigelow Tom Lubbock John Soaker John Daniels Tom Moore. • BrucePurnognan Paul Erickson Byron Hildebran d Joe motto Dave singleton FRESHMEN Bob Hein Noel Mark Hodgson Don Holston Jack Mara " Al RegertY SOPHOMORES Tom Jeffry tern ' s, Jr ' :Oft kW.) Kr ' et P“rtio 14116tbranS Lubbock gorkrtgul Willie Bill Bergman Bill Bliss Dave Boulwere Man Hale Roger Briggs Bob Duca Philip Gilman Earl Norgerd Paul °rifler Kent I ' lyf Naahob?mb°ut John Scoff Sherman Warren Whaley SPRING Paulsen Dick Pellet y Roland Penmen Stansbury George Strobl 299 theta xi 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Rounding out their studying with a variety of activities such as intramural athletics. social functions. Friday afternoon refreshments, and campus activities, the men of Theta Xi enjoyed another year of rewarding college life. In athletics. Nu surpassed its previously fine records by capturing the interfraternity championship in football and with good participation in other sports, should profit from the sportsmanship and friends gained from this worthwhile and very engaging activity. Nu ' s social program included a hay ride, a pledge dance for the new members, several exchanges, the Spring Formal, and something new in a week-end party at Lake Madrone. In conjunction with an increased emphasis on scholarship, the men of Nu also found time for a full agenda of extra- curricular activities, and then came finals. , - ,. ,its: A a) a. A At t Bah Broar Waif Foley Grrr hooka SuMud Bcar Swan Mkt Gm. Hell Machaha Marshall 1.1,1:or, J. 300 P11,n v: c, Smith Oudley Moreland Salad Van Trees Symons Gfackm Mtirhead Stdotleitt Watson AtaiStapase JaelmOn Radford Sally Athearn Mtn Millet, E. Robbins Seat OEM UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Reymond Jones Harry Shepherd Edgar Nemir Kenneth M. Stampp Royal Roberts Edwin C. Voories GRADUATES Robert Acquislepace William Blare Robert Peterson leanord Rodney Conrad Shepherd William Stoddard Norman Staff Harley Steinman Willis Swan Clerk Wallace James Miller Harry Munsinger Jerry Quigg Don Smith George Symons Bruce Wilson SOPHOMORES Tulio Acquislapace Douglas Muirhead Thomas Alters Greg Osheroff Stanley Boone Glenn Radford Cornell Dudley John Robbins Gary Glackeo Roger Sanford Terry Jackson Robert Shopelein Leo King John Scully Edward Miller Robert Snow Andrew Morland James Yen Trees FRESHMEN Steve Copley Robert Rosenguist John SERINO PLEDGES Robert Barron Dick Holmes Gaylen Chastain Howard Pearson SENIORS Jerry Athearn Hinrich Bohn David Brown Lewis James Colby Terry Dearborn Jeff Foley Jerry Grey Thomas Hoedley JUNIORS Russel Dillow James Greco William Heil John Kiffmeyer Kit Machado Don Marshall 301 zeta beta tau 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Returning to the campus last Fall. the members of Zeta Beta Tau were pleased to find an entire new wing added to the house during the summer. Thanks are due to Eugene Elks, Jr. and his associate alumni trustees. The new addition included six new bedrooms and a spacious recreation room. Those taking an active part in campus activities included: Ron Kaufman, who served as president of I.F.C. and chairman of Homecoming Week; Donald Newman who was co-chairman of Homecoming Week: Arnold Cohn. chairman of Queen Committee: David Pollock. active in the Jan Concert; Leon Waxman, advertising committee chairman, and Earl Williams. business manager of the Axetravaganza. Ken Kragen served as freshman president. Officers for the year were Richard Owens. president; Norm Bowen vice-president; Robert Caine. treasurer: Leon Blum, secretary and Arnold Cohn. historian. Aka 4, A ' 1113 sr7) ki n n A a A .1t4 Cherry Kolb Sable We 111111, Boma Jacobs Simla Coin Spot War Lay Rhoda 302 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohen Charles Fletcher Harold Linden GRADUATES John Fletcher Welty Koblict Victor Ginsberg Jerry Nankin Robert Rouda SENIORS Jerold Sabin Allen Levine George Block Richard Owens Richard Elefent Robert Rogers David Glickman William Schilli ng Ronald Kaufman Burton Sharpe Leonard Kully Douglas Weisfield Harold Wollenberg JUNIORS Leon Blum Leslie Minkus Norman Bowen Donald Newman Robert Caine Gerald Rodder Arnold Cohn Ronald Rouda Michael Glick Fredric Rubel Henry Herman Donald Schwartz Stephen Jacobs Lloyd Tunik Leland Levy Earl Willens SOPHOMORES Donald Aschlt Paul Kaufman Laster Berme Alan Morrison Stephen Pro Harris Nussbaum Alfred Bretlamer David Pollock Henry Gates Donald Simon Peter Goldberg Warren Sussman Stenly Gross Leon Waxman Sanford Haber George Wills Donald Yost FRESHMEN Arthur Berman Fredric Kasten Robert Blumenthal Kenneth Kragen Nolan Diller Howard Marans David Gansel Barn, Schermer ' Richard Gelber.) Stephen Smith boar12 Wdlnst Maven Berry, SPRING PLEDGES Block Breslin. Cotes MOrI1101. Seymor Alterman Jack Cohen Nessbaan POIlook Simla Alan Axetired Len Marcus Amman Wills Yost Berman Charles Wollenberg Blumenthal Silk ' Goldberg Habig Karen Korn Mann Unman 303 SINIORS Daniel Bancroft Donald Rhoades Robert Buwalda Gerald SchnurrnaLber George Hager Burton Swenson Douglas Howden Thomas Taylor Peter Newell Robert Wallis Malvin Wiegman 1 re- tot n. Mapar sot— Beckman Hutchins Br afam Grain Mon McGuire Pettnen Banccalt Newell Vheinun Flan, SoSe Flirt Nqt Stetting maid. Bootle Boat, Brien Bridges Gasparecne Slew St. Sewell MovnIen Tolor Glen Kaqht Bois Grit. Shannon Nelsen zeta psi 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY.TWO CHAPTERS JUNIORS Dwight Barker Lemoin Beckman Robert Finn William Floyd Alonso., Green Kenneth Harrell Robert Hutchins Gordon Knight John Suhr SOPHOMORES David Bridges Nicholas Holt Charles Brigham Joseph Jaeger Gilbert Davis Minton Newell Larry Fites William McCubbin Leo Gaspardone Craig Moore Jack Grant Robert Shannon Charles Green George Sterling Douglas Holt Terry St. John IRISHMEN Pat McGuire Richard Nelson John Mott Edward Peterson SPRING PLIDOE Joseph Konen 304 LILA SANKOWICH MARJORIE MacKENZIE SUZIE DANEMAN panhellenic council Fall Lila Sankowich Marjorie MacKenzie Suzie Daneman OFFICERS President Vice•President Secretary.Treasurer Spring Marjorie MacKenzie Anne Baumgartner Mary Louise Holland, Ninon Teager CHAIRMEN Roberta Vigna Publicity Claudia Mauzy Marianne Zerwick Intorsorority. Sandra Pamphilon Kathy Schumacher Social Jean Roberson Rosalind Santini Junior Panhellenic Martha Kloster Activities and Program Judy Palmer DELEGATES, Fall and Spring Alpha Chi Omega Reba lichtfuss, Diane Jonas. Marcia Jobe Alpha Delta Pi Linda Gallagher. Shannon Russell. Betty Jane Mitchell Alpha Epsilon Phi. Ann Siebert, Arline Aidelberg, Janet Heskin Alpha Gamma Delta Gail Miley, Diane Walsh. Anne Jarvis Alpha Omicron Pi. Dorette Dufour, Karen Munck, Carol Kelterer Alpha Phi Ginny Organ, Cynthia Palmer, Shirley Williams Alpha Xi Delta. Sharon Christopher, Sue Sandford. Nancy Williamson Chi Omega. Barbara Clarke. Jean Mathewson, Kathryn Holliger Delta Delta Delta Maureen McClellan, Barbara Lameroux, Adrienne Oscemou Delta Gamma Suzie Lanzit, Sue Cerro!, Marianne Somers Delta Phi Epsilon Adrian Klein, Elynor Furtig Delta Sigma Epsilon Inez Brooks. Ann Richard. Barbara Chase Delta Zeta Helen Zachmann, Diane Shepard. Anne Kent Gamma Phi Beta Sally Whitehead. Laura Judin Kappa Alpha Theta Martha McBride, Donna Dickson, Margaret Ann Willard Kappa Delta Carol Sue Doll, Anna Leo Neff Kappa Kappa Gamma Joanie Howard, Ann Baumgartner, Mary Lou Coate Phi Mu Betty Short, Sue Fowler, Lucille Bowman Pi Beta Phi Jane Sartori, Bev Chappell Sigma Kaopa Joan Dowdell, Carolyn Mead, Claire Coakley Theta Upsilon .Bev Gleason. Sue Matthews Zeta Tau Alpha Sandy Terzien, Charlene Parmley. Janet Thorne 306 JUNIORS Carolyn Guider Naomi Nateatime Marlys Morris Margaret Rainey Marilyn Sutton SOPHOMORES Sally Jonas flora Ninomiya Sue Wilson V4nUlt Sauce Era Rudolph Andrea Smith Marilyn Van Hotta kink. Rosa Leo Thiors Nancy Webster Jaws Miasma bidet O alpha delta chi FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES. 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Frances Eastha GRADUATE Marilyn Morrison SENIORS FRESHMEN Ida Alter Anne Hussey Lori Fox Lydia Lee Lynne Plachnen Mary Pederson Darcy Rudolph SPRING PLEDGES Margaret Humphrey Miriam Kewahara Dianne Lindgren 307 alpha chi omega 2313 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY. ISc5 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Because we have lived in three houses during the past year. we especially appreciate our wonderful new house on Warring Street. Our Fall semester was temporarily spent in The Californian. during which time Mary Louise Holland was secretary-treasurer of Panhellenic. Joy Peterson a finalist in the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest, Myrtle Franklin. president of Sorority Rrepresentatives for the YWCA. and Sandra White AWS representative. The past year will always be remembered by us. for we were joined by a gray cat of doubtful heritage. named Clyde. He was an outstanding pledge. and he and our many social activities combined to make the previous year a special one in our memories. Cady Deck. Ddreredn De Yloz Haman Henn HaltCd K 11.11 lane, Sieldon Steyyrd itOli Bennett Ca Don DJ Nal, Hill Hmonne Pipet HOltrd Manny Penne Rust SeoaII Vointd, W.110, Mite heediat Br ee . ... t Car nell 308 Maly Ptaklin Gettthint Goddard Gaye tonne Imwrik Jae Joan tochtlms Robinson, J. Smith, D. Wthenun Yarn Below Brown Drew Fr tipor ink Coed Rimer Mail 1401.e4 Peterson Platt Ga ale Rambo, R. Smith, M. Sonoleine Stolmq Stows SENIORS Claire Cady Sue Cori Suzanne Denman Mine DeWitz Becky Elfving Jean Farquhar June Hanson Lynn Hertz Ann Houston Beverly Kallel Donna Lauer Mary McReynolds Carolyn Sheldon Donna Shoemaker Martha Sproul Carmen Starr Diane Stearns bone Zooli JUNIORS Nancy Bennett Marian Pease Sigrid Carbon Joan Polkey Barbara DuNah Shirley Russ Beth Hall Jan Sewall Suzanne Harrison Joan Stanton Patricia Hayes Terry Vilardi Mary Louise Holland Eileen Walsh Joan Maness Sandra White SOPHOMORES Barbaro Benedict Claudia Coralyn Brenneis Marcia Barbara Caldwell Diane Jonas Sally Dillaway Reba leichtfuss Sandra Faulk Von Pohlman Myrtle Franklin Robin Robinson Nanci Getschine Dade Smith Marilyn Goetz Jane Wineman Sue Gorman Liz Young IRISHMEN Beverly Below Diane Pratt e. Carole Brown Marlene Quayle. Christine Diener Jane Robinson Patricia Fitzpatrick Margo Smith Barbara Good n Sterling Joyce Himes Barbara Nevil Lao Staves Barbara Nylund Norma Thurston Joy Peterson Joan Vanatta 309 t. , e . Irr ire ' alpha delta pi 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY CHAPTERS With the welcoming of new Fall pledges. ADPis began another busy year which included the Faculty Dinner, a Big Game float. Parents ' Dinner, International House exchange and the Dads ' Dinner. Yvonne Merker as Soph Doll attendant joined other girls in campus activities including Penile members Sally Neil, Betty Jane Mitchell and Mary Dyke. who were also active on Rally Committee: Prytaneans Judy O ' Connell and Pat Connally: and Pelican Women ' s Director Flo Anderson. Membership in Prytanean, Cal Club. and Mortar Board was awarded to Marianne Truscott in addition to her duties as rep-at-large. Val Johnson worked on Women ' s Day, the California Memorial Union, as well as Prytanean Society. On the social side the California Country Club hosted the Fall formal and the Spring dance was held at the Orinda Country Club. After the celebration of the sorority ' s 104th year at the New Hampshire convention, ADPis will be looking forward to occupying a new wing which will be added to the house this summer. Oral Grosso yamilmo lleaPhal ' WIT icanwn Kahn Peu.wat. M. Pearson, P. Daysand Stowe Inneeit Andenen, F. Andras M. COewolly Corr Day Fwnoli G811600 Itkallon Newicut awn Lull McDowell Malfaal Whoa O ' Cale.11 Rebels Kasen Slay Sundt.. Wakefield 310 SENIORS Carol Covert Parana Ingram Nell Davit Valerie Johnson Diane Drake Bonnie Kohn Marian Ferguson Marlene Peterson Norma Grosso Pat Paterson Carol Hamilton Jean Raymond Archery Hemphill Nancy Stone Marianne Truscott JUNIORS Beverly McDowell Jacqueline Malfanti Sally Neil Janice Nelson Judith O ' Connell Patricia Roberts Shannon Russell Patricia Sperry Janice Stacy Jeanne Standring Roberta Vitra Barbara Wakefield Sandy Walker Nancy Wichman Natalie Zagrebin SOPHOMORES Cynthia Bares Yvonne Marker Pamela Bush Betty Mitchell Marilyn Collins Nancy Palmer Dessert Geraldine Porten; Mary Dyke Davis Pray Carol Egan Carla Sanders Boverlee Galli Gloria Snapp Helen Landregan Sharon Tallent Carol May Robin Wagner IRISHMEN Linda Baker Marilyn Porter Peggy Bracken Kay Remus Roberta Dickerson Barbara Rising Marie Duhrinq Phyllis Rooney Janet Goodfellow Frederica Roper Sally Hogan Annette Trudeau Lynn Ley Janet Turner Barbara McDowell Patricia While Madeleine Moreno Susan Weight SPRING MIDGES Patricia Graham Donna larnach Barbara Kincade Sylvia Leman Phyllis Knutson Sherri) Steinman Carole Watchers Flora Anderson Marlene Anderson Betty Campbell Patricia Connolly Paula Cory Ann Day Carol Fowler Lucille Frugoli Linda Gallagher Barbara Hamilton Patricia Henricus Nancy James Donna Kangas Joan Lutz Dann Near. !anent Gcoacellm Realm TeeM, Zaerybln Dyke Galli Machyll Petrele Bata Bracken Noon Makatea Rising Rosary White Wright Bush Wares. Pray Dickerson Moreno Rosa( Collett Kay Solders Behan POM, irvtleau 311 alpha epsilon phi 2728 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE. 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY.NINE CHAPTERS With the Fall pledge class ' " Baby Buggy Bounce. " soon followed by the Winter Formal, the girls of A E Phi began a very active school year. Philanthropic work started with a toy drive for the Lincoln Home and a Christmas party for several underprivileged children. A new trophy was added to the case when the ping•pong team won the intramural tournament. Starting early in the Spring semester with rehearsals for the Spring Show, the girls anxiously looked forward to the Spring All-Day affair. Again the A E Phis welcomed underprivileged children at a party featuring an Easter Egg hunt in their spacious gardens. Prominent in campus activities were Lila Sankowich. Panhellenic president: Bev Isenberg. Pelican Women ' s Editor: and Diane Berman. a star of the Axetravaganza. 81-eliai, B. Biwa Sadendcb Stevens Sistritte tame Bowel Garlief Nestle bate. Lunt. Rase liter Sleben SIleteten Straw Doran tette relent ' . 11111Inn. win Wax 312 Lute mon rem GInhan Heine Simon Shenker Bahr Davidson Kaplan Peak, SuprOin Dryad.— Drrelson, P. Frames Knishen Segal VinesKour VanRoskel Daronsco Eliordrath Karp Schneider Turk SENIORS Berbera Berelson Lila Sankowich Terry Bloom Sandra Sherman Jacqueline Solberg Martha Silverstein JUNIORS Barbara Aaron Marlene Kemeny !dela Bercovich Peggy Mintz Sue Bovine, Selma Polonsky Florian DeNola Madge Rose Ellen Finkel Helen Selinger Ann Garfield Judith Setter Judith Glaiberman Ann Siebert Diana Goldberg Sally Silverberg Janet Hoskin Rhoda Stein Joan Irving Marine Stone Beverly Isenberg Carol Waller Jean Weiman SOPHOMORES Melinda Adelson Barbara Goldstone Arlene Melberg Barbara Goer Barbera Ullman Norma Hillinger Diane Berman Carol Horwitz Nancy Blumberg Nancy Keen Roberta Butom Jane Leanse Frances Cohen Lenore tuber Sondra Cohen Sharon Miller Barbara Dorman Elaine Nassitier Phyllis Duchoney Marilyn Shenker Jane Fagan Linde VanRonkel Mitzi Feinstein Lilo Wertheim Jacqueline Gilbert Gwendolyn Wolkow FRESHMEN Barbara Krushen Lee Malnick Adrienne Modlin Marcia Merchasin Marilyn Miller Merle Mintz Adria Peak Eleanore Pearlman Syril Schneider Barbara Sher Judith Siegel Joan Simon Carol Stern Helen Stone Gayle Susnow RoseMerie T urk Leslie Vinnecour PLEDGES Gloria Jacobson Margot Leavin Lynette Lewin Roberta Rica Leone Rotenberg Sunny Williams Carol Wollbert Joan AldeR Lillian Antal Eliot,. Bader Sondra Women Patricia Berelson Marlene Berger Joyce Berman Carolyn Bower Toby Davidson Rita Eichenberg Barbara Eisendrath Robin Frames Bette Gershon Ann Hahn Peggy Kaplan Gail Karp SPRING Sandra Anixter Arlene Diller Mena Epp Tobi Feldstein Maureen Grant Phyllis Gouldin Barbera Jackson 313 alpha gamma delta 2424 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSItY. 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS October 28. 1954—The day the Alpha Gams moved into their new chapter house at 2424 Warring Street was one of the most exciting days in Omicron ' s history. Another exciting event of the Fall semester was the acquisition of the Scholarship Cup for fop scholastic honors among the sororities. Spring semester brought the Pledge Dance. the Spring Formal held at Sequoia Country Club. a luncheon, the Faculty Dinner. The ASUC activities have been many and varied. with Rosemary Meehan elected as senior class secretary; Sylvia Kempe, senior manager, and Nelda Herby. junior manager of Treble Clef: Peggy La Violette. business manager, and Joyce Drinkwine. women ' s editor. of the Daily Californian. and Norma Kleebauer, fashion editor of the Pelican. Marian Sullivan was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Sylvia Kempe and Peggy La Violette were tapped by Mortar Board. Kathleen Schumacher, Sylvia Kempe, and Nelda Herby were elected to Prytanean and Helen Free and Betsy Pridmore were elected to Penile. nod Conlon Colnkrilot HaECitan Amnon rope Koralentl U Violate Martin lArthas Welton Oman (Stay Rkhardson Wahb way Breyer Orifice:41as Calvin Collins Evans Flood Ford Jarvis gittbW L 065 HAMM Yana Olney WM 314 SENIORS Carol Benoit Dorothy Conlon Joyce Drinkwine Patricia Haddican Nancy Jameson Sylvia Kemp. Diana Kovalevski Margaret LeVioletta JUNIORS Pat Brent Elaine Christopoulos Dora Cochrane Eleanor Collins Caroline Coro Ellen Evans Margaret Flood Joan Ford Ann Jarvis Arlene Jones Barbara Willie SOPHOMORES Catherine Coyne Jean Merlin Helen Free Patricia Mayo Berbera Grison Betsy Pridmore Jen Kennedy Janet Schuoiller Kitty Bello Koons. Roberta Shirring Jean Leming Rae Stallcup Karen Lindberg Joenrae Zimmerman Nancy Wineman FRESHMEN Sharon Aiello Alice Radobaugh Barbara Behar Connie Rosenberg Carlene Buechel. Peggy Rummel Sue Kellner Nancy Schaefer Lee Larsen Norelyn Smiley Carol Nelson Gail Smith Carol Norris Susan Watrous SPRING PLEDGES Carolyn Blair Barbara Hunt Molly Daemon Marilyn Jeffries Ann Flood Shirley Laughlin Nelda Herby Connie Remde Janice Merlin Rosemary Meehan Carol Nelson Pamela Ormsbee Jacquelyn Ann Richardson Diane Walsh Patricia Wray Norma Kleebauer Kathy Lyons Patricia Malloy Joan McKean Gail Miley Marcia Schuotz Kathleen Schumacher Jane Stotnette Perdite Swift Carol Werner mS WdlIams Ltralatr9 Shitlina Nal Morris Smile Schanachte rro! Fief Grnon Martin Mayo Winona Sunbelt Keene Radetiaigh Rosenberg Smith Memos Swift Keret Pridincte ZaltaNIMan Lana., Rummel Warw. Komar Sewell es NNno Nelson, C. R. Scheele ' 3 I 5 alpha omicron pi 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY•FOUR CHAPTERS As guests of our new fall pledges, the Alpha Os began a busy. but fun-filled year with a pledge dance held at the Mira Vista Country Club in October. Another highlight on our social calendar was the December winter formal given at the Castlewood Country Club. Big Game Week was also an important event for the Alpha as. All of us pooled our talents with the Phi Kaps to enter the annual Float Building Contest, while Kathy Florness won honors as attendant to the Big Game Sweetheart. Aside from a well-filled social year. the Alpha Os were active on campus as well. Carol Mixter and Carol Spiekerman were kept busy at their ASUC duties, while June Derry and Debby Olson added up activity hours as Pompon girls. Nancy Bracken worked as editor of the Blue and Gold and Marianne Hobbs and Sandy Pamphilon also did their share as members of Rally Committee. We are proud of June Derry. too. who won the Soph Doll contest, held during Sophomore Week. Thus, locking beck. this past year can be chalked up as a successful and exciting one for all of the Alpha O ' s. Bricked Buckley Glerelsodch Jones Soitterman Thereto Wheaton Curry Flatness Galbenta Leek Leaden Muck don Child Marvin Tinsley Delius Mack McLean Sommerton Cu`c,..• Moult, Wachter Wes, Dunmire Eddy Jelinfan Kaolin MelD Meoclonea Tellelwo Wateelon %%estate. loll i0 t 316 SINIORS Nancy Bracken Betty Buckley Elizabeth Child Michele Glavinovich Jan Jones Clarinet Koehnen Carol Miller Rosalind Santini Carol Spiekorman Anne Thornton Pat Tinsley Vernice Wachter Carol Wager Pat Wheaton JUNIORS Mary Lou Curry Diane London Cynthia Delius Judi Marvin Dorette Dufour Gael McDonald Ann Dunmire Judy McLean Helen Eddy Iris Mello Kathleen Flatness Karin Munck Sue Galbreath Janie Noddar Carol Hack Barbara Smith Janice Keehn Carol Waterlow Margaret Levis Gaye Wiesenteld Judy Zollinger SOPHOMORES Barbara Alesander Marilyn Marshall Ann Atkins Janice Melton Judy Barbet. Donna Mendonce Grace Cudworth Nano Nagle June Derry Nancy Palmer Anna Marie Gamin Sandra Pamphilon Nancy Hansen Marilyn Root Janet Harkness Janet Stockersd Carole Henry Sally Shrift Katherine Harms Ann Summerton Marianne Hobbs Joyce Sundman Kip Hutchins Betsey Tolleison Elaine Johnson Adele Ticoulat Jacqueline Jones Diane Walters Carol Keltere; Diane Wuhan FRESHMAN Margie Fleming Sally Orton Diane Hofmann Elizabeth Paul Kathleen McKeany Carla Paulson Nelda Merry Melinda Percy Annetta O ' Connor Sally Shalt Debby Olson Judy Marcia Thornton SPRING PILIDOE Ann Boardman Alexander (prig Hobbs O ' Ctona• Statkant Wain " Olson Taylor Art ins 8arbata Cadnorth Deny Masan Harkness Henry Hams Hutchins Jores Kelton Nat te Palmer Pathan Root Stint Rio roman I rcorlat Warier% Flamm; Hohmann McKean, Merry Orton Paul Percy Shahs Mormon 317 komp. Ilaidoin. A. an. Daratats Eckhardt German Gretleubpu 16.614A. Rutherford SOW. Wall frinall Deiced.. forme 144.bact JON, Moller Moore COWS Pa:mer We Glare kitwin, L thapsdre Campbell alpha phi 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Numerous Alpha Phis returned to the Berkeley campus to further their search for knowledge and some returned as usual. Activities played a prominent part during the year, with Araminta Dickey as president of Mortar Board, Mary Aulwurm as president of WAA, Patsy O ' Grady initiated into Mask and Dagger and several girls on Rally Committee. Alpha Phis showed particular enthusiasm for our Cardiac Aid Project, the Christmas party with the Phi Kaps for underprivileged children, and the Father. Daughter Dinner. Attendance was poor at the Winter Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club due to the fact that finals were only two months away. High spirits prevailed when the Alpha Phi•ATO float won first prize for originality in the Homecoming Parade. Were all looking forward to a speedy summer vacation so that we can return to our studies in the Fall. 318 Daily Larders Scant Una Hrortios Price Deena, Lana Taw( Faye Jestars Stemot Gam How, Wets Hall CANA: I FNZI alaPeonam Wong art POUF COMO ' ream Hanish SENIORS t Cum Ann Baldwin Elizabeth De ' Douglass Barbara Into ' b Bettye Eckhardt Barbara Tra Zumwalt Gerry Wolir Carolyn Geyman er Sore Shall° Yoell JUNIORS Jr. Patricia Dorothy o r g e Loam 1 " Su Lynn yni PalmerRutherfordI ip d V Sue Clark Gene Deichler Margaret Forrest Suo Hogback Charlotte Pat MacLeod Linn Baldwin Campbell lizebeth Brevind et Pholacg Cramer K Daily Margaret wel De Sheila Evens wcce Sandra Fond Hall Heaton n r Ann Hurt SOPHOMORES J rgers ttn Janet Susan r Talbott tt gNancy e West Williams FRESHMEN Anne Moller Mary Wore Shine Organ Cynthia Palmer Margie Ann V EPN:liesinaCcs:etCh Dunn : Ta 0 Marty Factor male n Elaine Freitas Ann Hawkins Helen Joseph Katharine Kruger Kyra Oppar rnan Holly Parrish Eleanor Price Nancy Young Jane PLEDGES Cede Geraghty tt] Ma Judith Moore Sylvia Wata, core Nag ging. Web:glow 319 Campbell Canaan Oa Be. Duly: Litt Ron Rat lemma TalAnan Vitinsana WO:.1 Curth One Enron. Jobaston Lozano Mania Rain Rea Su. alpha xi delta 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURY. ILLINOIS. 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS The Fall pledge class started off the Alpha Xi Delta year ' s activities with their " Harvest Hoedown " Pledge Dance which was held at La Honda Bowl. Within a few weeks actives and pledges alike were busy making ' n millions " of flowers for the Big Game parade float which they made with Acacia fraternity. It was a happy day indeed when the float won first prize in the Humor Division. Fun was had by all at the Christmas Dinner-Dance which was held at the Claremont Hotel. The ever-present exchanges and serenades added to the social whirl. The Spring semester ' s calendar was with such events as the Father-Daughter Banquet. Spring Fashion Show, another pledge dance, the Faculty Dinner and Family Night Dinner. The year was climaxed with the annual Spring Formal—the dance especiale. Alpha Zees were well represented on class councils, with Margot Eichmann serving as junior class secretary. Also busy in campus activities were Sheila McCarthy. chairman of Store Board: Shirley Stone. sales director of Pelican. and Carolyn Swenson. head of the campus chapter of the Berkeley Red Cross. Jean Evanikoff and Carolyn Wood were active in Penile and Carolyn was also in Prytanean. 320 SENIORS Jean Campbell Joyce Rod Barbara Cummings Lois Stade Charlotte DeBow Anne Steen Denise Differding Janet Strobel Mary Lewis Carolyn Swenson June Liss Gretchen Tallman Sue McCabe Bonnie Westermann Rosemary Robb Carolyn Wood JUNIORS Janice Arthur Elaine Martin Helen Berejkoff Sheila McCarthy Mary Curtis Mary Ann Morris Elise Dwyer Roxanne Rasay Margot Eichmenn Joan Reed Jean Evaniloff Shirley Stone Esther French Dee Lee Van der Boom Arden Johnston Nancy Wegis Helen Lozano Sharon White Nancy Williamson SOPHOMORES Arlene Allen Carole Hemphill Barbara Beckett Marilyn McClintock Arlene Burgle Florence Seelher Diane ChB Susan Sandford Sharon Christopher Alice Self Loans Collins Patricia Stanley Ruth Tinthem FRESHMEN Joanne Hamer Jean Kavanagh Mary Barnes Jean Kirkendall Gaylen Derneille Emily Fare Andrea Mole Marilyn Marston Jacqueline Roberts Gael Gander Nancy $1,6aOr Jean Harper Sharon Westlake Elizabeth Juul SPRING PLEDGES Jacklyn Cahill Claire Keler Patricia Royer Wepis we It Wstliarrtsta Allen Wien Borate Cahill Cklipe Mittel:Alf Collins Helen ' II Mtel:ntets Smith . Stanley Tlnkeam Salton Flames Darrell Fata Guder Harper Jowl transact. Kirkendall Mart ton Nola Roberts Sower Westlake 321 cat 44an11er mane rob.. Repaid Copeland Ce. Kleine L bo ttanett 3,po chi omega 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY Of ARKANSAS. 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Returning from summer vacations, the Chi O ' s settled down to an eventful year that began with a barbecue-swimming party for their new pledges. Also listed on the social calendar were Faculty Desserts, the annual Father- Daughter Banquet. Date Dinners, the Legacy Tea, Winter and Spring Formals. and the Senior Breakfast. Not to be outdone " activity-wise. " wearers of the Cardinal and Straw took part in a full program of campus activities. The house continued to be well represented in campus honor societies by Bernice Calvin, Janet Chantler. Jennifer Davis. Lee Ralph, and Sally Waters in Pryt, and Jennifer Davis (president), Mary Ellen Grant {secretary-treasurer), Judy Hall, Sue McCauley. and Ann Van Houten in Penile. The •hantler-Davis combination, " as presidents for Fall and Spring respectively, aided by the good work of subordinate officers and the cooperation of chapter members has certainly provided Chi Omega with a successful year and an excellent record 322 Mall Ratalord Battaglia Dunniwo Fawn Kral t SP•iretr hereon Winters Clondier diner Kelly SPOKE Mcmwr Vilma Ca, tor Fairtwon WWII " ; Simmons Wan Wen McGuire Van lkoten MIK° FR nowt Jetity PertirJ Mc Gault, Todd Save Eterolit Had Mitenio Sutton SENIORS Gamlen Beaver Natalie Cake Bernice Calvin Janet Chantler Barbara Clark Leslie Creech Bobby Eastwood Ann Forsburg Diener Frazier JUNIORS Karen Anderson Carol Bakke Gloria Booth Carol Copeland Nancy Crum Gloria Davis Jeff Davis Joan Fisher Ronan Hagens Carol Havner Pat mach Carol Batteglin Jane Beyer Barbara Binsacca Martha Caylor Lynn Chandler Pat Dunnigen Judy Ebright Joan Erbontraut Cynthia Fairbeirn Anne Earner Sharon Foster Jenny Gasparich Shirley Glenn Claudia Harper Jean Matthiessen Diana Neuman Mary Pierce Lee Ralph Jeanne Reynaud Sally Waters Gail Wollsohn Harriet Higgins Key Holliger Peggy Kleiman Jane Lambert Ginny Male Marilyn Martin Harriet Mervin Carol Prather Carol Warren Loraine Woollomes SOPHOMORES Sue McCauley Beale McGuire Sue McLure Jeana Nerdone Marilyn Ransford Allaire Toddhunter Ann Van Houten Sue Vinson Chris Winters Joyce Barrett Sandra Bros, Sheila Buchanan Peggy Clements Anita Dom Blonde Enkema Bev Forster Mary Ellen Grant Judy Hall FRESHMEN Bobbie Hand Suo Hartley Marian Hopping Ann Kelly Mary Kraft Jacgui Minimise Pot Pereira Jane Simmons Sandy Spencer Lynn Springer Libby Sutton Jey Lee Thompson Kathy Wahlgron SPRING PLEDGES Sara Carlson Marion Shoats Edith Sedgwick Jody Willis 323 delta delta delta 2300 WARRING STREET POUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY. ' Bed PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED IWO NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS " Quiet hours! " for Bridge? " and " The lights are out again " were cries which reflected the varied activities of the last Tri-Delta ' s year. The wearers of the crescent-shaped pin enjoyed a full social calendar, including the Christmas Formal. Pledge Dance. an underprivileged children ' s party, and the winning of the Santa Claus contest. With Spring tans and cottons came the Father ' s Day Banquet, Mother ' s Brunch, Spring Sing, Spring Formal, and Faculty Dessert. Climbing the hill didn ' t diminish the enthusiasm of Bernice Pence, rep-at-large, or Helen Montgomery, secretary and regional representative of the Student Union Council. or Barbara Lamoreaux with her duties as president of the Honor Students Society. The intramural swimming trophy has a place in the den, and Lea Rideaux rode in the Big Game convertible as homecoming princess. Liz Ehenzwig served as International Board vice- chairman, while Rally Committee, Penile. and Daily Cal claimed still more Tri-Deltas. was the majority consensus, even though there were a few with the lonesome and martyred question. " Anyone driving to an eight 0cteson, C. ft—sa Mil . islch Oath Illike Omer lacCklian N Car er Nicholls, 0. Oxman Talent K Hualbertstie ri Nero IV kt: Sadtralom Statason Smith, J. WS.” " Nak: 4000um hawk Ann $1.01kmon Basteau Barbet Barnes FICT1 tigE Burnam oste Cam Daviehoe 324 SENIORS Corinne Benson Elizabeth Crosby Sue Davis Anne Dorsey Jo Anne Gardner Carolyn Martin Meade Milisich Cynthia Miller Maureen McClellan Lone Nagler Bernice Pence Audrey Soderblom Janet Stevenson Ina: JUNIORS Marianne Austin Nancy Blackest Joan Didion Elizabeth Ehrenzweig Phyllis Harris Ann Hudson Marjorie Hyde Garner Lu Jordan Karen Kirk Brigida Knauer Barbara lamoreaux Phoebe Moss Doris Nicolls Adrienne Owamou Jane Osgood Evedna Servo!! Sherry Sides Janet Smith Shirley Stephenson Mary Jane Talbert Beverly Patricia Wescott Mary Lou Wyman Marianne Zerweck SOPHOMORES Judith Aasum Marilyn Martin Joan Angus Catherine McMahon Marsha Barbed Ann Mclnerny Susan Barker Gail Messina Judith Barnes Sandra Millar Judith Brown Helen Montgomery Mary Frances Burnham Marilyn Morehouse Sandra Carey Elite Patton Sue Davidson Nancy Peppin Posits detkioste Eleanor Pierson Marilyn Floyd Margaret Reiber Carolyn Frick Lea Rideaur Nancy Ann Gay Marcia Savage Margaret Giusto Shirley Schneider Meredith Gore Patricia Sturdy Shirley Hierlilly Diane Tocchini Giovenna Lauricella Pat Trombetta FRESHMEN Reyna Badge!up; Mary Anne Lorenz Donna Benson Denise Mears Nancy Brecht Diane Michel; Mardi. Buchtel Marilyn Miller Doris Bernedicou Patricia Murray Vickie Carroll Ann Carter Nichols Frances Ann Erikson Diane Phillips Mary lee Gannon Eileen Sloan Ann Garbolin Christina Swanson Eleanore Whitmore Coy Guiaa Gut Olitnitrt LauticeIla Marlin, M. 1110.14hon Mchitt ay Messbid Miller, S. Meateedonnt Patted Portia Pierson Rinke Rideaux Swede Schneider Sturdy Tocchini Trttnbe41.1 Blicialill). Beason Stenadico, Brecht Bechtel Carroll Erickson Gannon Girl:alio tonere Mean Michell Miller, M. Murray Pings, A. Pligign Sloan Swanson Whitmore 325 delta gamma 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL. 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY.EIGHT CHAPTERS Enthusiasm reigned in the house this year during football season with the selection of Kathy Martens as football hostess. Along with Kathy, many other girls won honors in campus affairs. Outstanding was Sue Smith, a junior, tapped by Phi Beta Kappa. Suzie Lanza and Gerry Munger were initiated into Prytanean. Gerry is also a member of Cal Club. Betsy McGill joined the members of Penile. while Suzie Lanzit, senior. Mary Alice Galvan. junior, and Mary Glascock and Louanne Moloney. sophomores, received Rally Committee appointments. Our Spring Formal at the Peninsula Country Club, our Father ' s Dinner and Mother ' s Club Fashion Show added the finishing touches to a great year! Itantatm Crook Engem Metthins Wait Eagan Minim Rang Reading Semi Smith Walters Wade Athena°, C. Addenda, J. 8that CaneII Cispwath Onager Cantos Oitatf Drape Galam Manua Hitchcock Mandan Waddell Mills mum A. Mart, J. Munger Petennan Pollard Refolds Ate MS Oaken 0 10.1 326 UNIORS Janet Crook Yvonne Edwards Sue Frost Dayna Hutchins Sue lanzit Ginny McEneeny JUNIORS Joan Anderson Ellin Anderson Marlene Biggs, Sue Carroll Jo Ann Clayworth Jane Coglizer Marian Crampton Sue Ditzlar Florence Draper Mary Alice Galven Wanda Hansen Sue Hitchcock WSW MORSE I elan; Andrews Midge Lenahan Barbara Bakken Beth Linsenbard Cannella Cellini Betsy McGill Helen Ellington Louanne Maloney Judy Franck Joyce Moore Mary Glascock Debbie Ploss Done Green Diane Sanguinetti Jacqueline Kemsloy Jody Shenk Shelby Kostiel Marianne Somers Joan tegorio Nancy Claire Wallace FRINUMN Berbera Benson Gayle Irwin Elltebeth Betts Carol Jackson Michelle Conan Susan Johanson Judith Diment Carol Miketson Tahlie Edmonds Karen Nielson Caroline Noisier Rosalind Oliver Poisson ' Garrison Priscilla Proctor Sara Lynn Garvey Marilyn Pyno Nancy Sue Gray Jeanaouim Rennin Jo Ann Green Antonio Sweet Jane Henderson Patricia Terry Kathy Mertens Nancy Bonney Ann Soave ' Sue Smith Petrick Walters Virginia Were Jane Plurndall Jane MecFadden Sue Mills Ann Moore Janet Moore Gerry Munger Carol Murray Beth Pendleton Jamie Potennan Jeanie Pollend Diane Reynolds Ruth Richter 1(.%ual Makes, Wallsce tdenoids Green MikeIsot Rainey Lviotio Koss Britain FecAter Henderson Nielson Sweet Glasost4 lenanan Singuintui Belts Garrison Irwin Olne. Terry Gwn. D. Linsubard Shin Go trey Garry Jackson Proctor Kenilty McGill Secrets 1). meal Gray Jcbanson C5ne 327 : A, delta phi epsilon 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 191 DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY.IWO CHAPTERS " Lots more in ' SC might well have been the Delta Phi Epsilon motto last year. and the girls carried over into 1955. Twenty-three pledges swelled the Deepher ranks in September. Lea Boxerbaum was one of the attendants in the ' Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " contest and Elaine Marinoff was chosen Vanity Fair editor of the Pelican. The house was the scene of the Fall Pledge Dance. Jones Locker? ' and assumed a tropical atmosphere for its Hawaiian dance. The social highlight of the Spring semester was the annual formal. The girls collab- orated with Kappa Nu fraternity to build a Homecoming float and with Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity for their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. The Deephers sponsored two first-run movies at a local theater and sent the proceeds to the World University Students. The girls are looking back on a great year and forward to an even greater ono. Bloom Caren Klein Rldker Andtbaum Ganulo Matlack Roblason Erma tea Stab, Kate Matt Stoll relblenua Jacobs 328 Ban Oxus Greenberg Lefler Stu linen ALM • Blum Frank Hey man Mann W.PMA Zarchin Brxerbases Gcsltner Lawn Rosenthal Wearnhenk Berger Fob Handetereten Thelma • SENIORS Lorraine Haimovitch Joyce Staub JUNIORS Jean Baker Elaine Merinoff Suzanne Corran Marjory Mizel Audrey Geoulin Diane Orloff Adele Katz Barbara Ridker Elaine Kiang Sandra Robinson Adrienne Klein Sheila Stoll SOPHOMORES Sharlene Ackerman Elynor Fertig Judy Applebaum Jeanne Jacobs Helen Ermann Marlene Liberman Irene Feibelman Floie Tannenbaum Ardis Feldman Joan Wallin Deborah Zarchin FRESHMEN Leetrice Barr Roberta Heyman Caroline Berger Judith Landis Marcia Blum Marine Wider Leetrice Boxerbaum Joyce Lichtgarn Rene, Davis Joan Metzger Deanna Fish Joel Rosenthal Janet Frank Marcia Shulman Judith Gosliner Patricia Targow Rochelle Greenberg Marlene Wegman Sondra Handelsman Joan Weinshank SPRING P1I00 IS Anne Brown Margit Uhlmann Roslyn Menkes Toby Walk... 329 delta sigma epsilon 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1914 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1951 FIFTY.ONE CHAPTERS Fall activities started with a bang for the DSE ' s this year. National Vice•President Margaret was a guest at the house and remained on hand to welcome the new pledges. One of the first activities of the energetic new group was to present the annual Fall Pledge Dance. Greatest Show on Earth " was this year ' s theme, with balloons. candy canes. and confetti prominent in carrying out the glitter of the circus mood. The DSE ' s were thrilled to present Stan Wilson, popular entertainer from San Francisco ' s Hungry at their Open House after the Oregon State football game. The Winter Formal, held at the Dolphin Club, was highlighted by a midnight buffet. The Dad ' s and Daughter ' s Dinner, Mother ' s Tea, Easter Egg Hunt for Underprivileged Children, Faculty Dinners, and the annual Tea Rose Formal at the San Francisco Yacht Club rounded out the schedule of major events. Still exuberant after winning Blue and Gold and Pelican top sales trophies last year the DS ' s again went out for these and other campus activities. Braun Oust H. Lansbnry Dann Pere, Ste. NOtrCee, N. Breaks 0011 p rat Hunter. S. Knelsen Riekut1 Sons Spew ' , M 330 Stamou Wtstali Wool YOIrq Allen (nip Marb• Dapo I ,, C! lard Hurter, Scot Steehan GRADUATE Helen Papas SENIORS Beverly Braun Graydon Hindley Barbara Chase Shirley Land:wry Emily Hall Ann Parker Florence Steinmetz JUNIORS Sally Sims Marjorie Spencer Mary Lou Stanton Marilyn Westall Janice Wood Edra Young SOPHOMORES Natalie Fleisher Janice Longstreet LL Martin FRESHMEN Patricia Depro Edith Hunter Dorothy Elk Godly Scoff Nancy Gillord Barbara Sheehan Jo Wooley SPRING PLEDGES .leanene deTreville Jane Leland Shirley Borglin Inez Brook Ann Dellepiane Suzanne Hunter Mary Kefelsen Ann. Richard Joan Allen Frances Crisp 331 • I Ati yr. te, .„ • Y delta zeta 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHE D 1912 SEVENTY.SIX CHAPTERS Under the guidance of Marianne Swanson, Fall president, and Ann McGee. Spring president. Delta Zeta again had a prosperous and successful year. One of the highlights came when the Delta Zeta Big Game float won first prize in the beauty division. The Fall social season started with a Beaux Arts Ball presented by the twenty-seven Fall pledges, followed by several house exchanges, the traditional open houses after football games, a family Christmas dinner, and the Winter Whirl at the Claremont Country Club. The Spring brought another pledge dance. a Mother-Daughter Lunch, a Father.Daughter Banquet. a Senior Banquet. and a Spring Formal. Delta Zeta was well represented in campus activities this year by Bernie Bronsdon, Prytanean, Functional Services Board chairman: Helen Zachmann, Prytaneon; Kathy Crawford. women ' s director of Cal Engineer. Ex. Comm., Prytanean: Mork, Shelvy, subscriptions editor of Pelican. and Ann McGee, cochairman on Elections Council. Jon Jonkey won the award for being the outstanding freshman on the Pelican women ' s staff, and Feb Oakley was a finalist in the annual Maid of Cotton contest. Atwater GOO Mamilion Lake Swanson Ullman Corbin Creston ICOMention McGee Wank Stand Caner Caner Malloy Caner Coney MoUtt Stair Cow Calf .1O Myszbn Come Galbraith Oakley Wombwell Collins f 332 rink., has Got Ha.rty Henan Kent KrwlWri Pare R17.1411 Sthindln Shaped Seeley Sadism Themes Anoteton Beraell COMII Fe:fritter Forsyth Hall Hayseed Men Minoan Jchtion beefy Liteuy Lowell Meow Moot Rtonttut Richardson ihniteain Sorters ZUrtnall GRADUATE Barbara [martian SENIORS Maxine Helen Atwater Beverly Jean Locker Mary Ann Louise Boyd Virginia Lee Mallory Joan Anne Carter Charlene Anisette Myske Ann Katherine Gallichotte Margaret Elizabeth Schleif Barbara Jean Grundy Marianne Elise Swanson Helen Maria Zechmann JUNIORS Carol Lou Bader Helga Margaret Kohlenberg Dorothy Ann Boone Ann Elizabeth McGee Bernice Norine Bronsdon Lois Winnifred Mentzer Virginia Temple Corbin Pharaba Vaughn Oakley Kathryn Carol Crawford Audrey Lee Pfeiffer Ardith Ann Eudey Naomi Margaret Schnee ' Phyllis Lorraine Galbraith Marion Janet Steed Eleanor Marion Hartnett Linda Hobson Stohr Denise May Wombwell SOPHOMORES Tracy Lee Argens Ann Merireather Kent Sally Jane Caster Kathleen Jean ' Chewer Anne Winslow Colby Sally Louise Kruetzberg Brenda Catherine Collins Patricia Ann Payne Patricia Donne Conley Donna Lee Reynolds Gloria Elizabeth Drucker Joy Ethel Schindler Phyllis Jeanne Firth Dian Shepard Carol Grant Gore Marjorie Jean Shaky Sydney Maureen Harvey Jean Lois Spealmen Bobbie Roberts Megan Carole Anne Thomas FRESHMEN Sandra Lynn Anderson Janice Cecelia Jonkey Ann Lorene Lindsey June Marie Burnell Leslie Florence Cowell Marcia Eloise Lowell Carol Ann Forrester Martha Marie Corner MO. Laurie Forsyth Marleen Lee MOW Carol Louise Hall Dale Arlene Reinhart Margot Duet Hayward Mary Charlotte Richardson Marilyn Eleanor Herz Janet Marianne Ringham Ruth Ann Hauring Coral ' s:, Joyce Somers Jacqueline Mario Johnson Joy Elizabeth Zumwalt SPRING PLEDGES Suzanne Collier Isabel McLean Gwen Jackson Darlene Winvick 41 si ' 3 i ...-- 333 gamma phi beta 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS In the reflection of the year 1954-55. Gamma Phis see first and foremost their grand pledge class of twenty-five girls. followed by a whirl of activity enjoyed by the entire house. The work and fun of building our float with the TKE ' s resulted in a first prize in the beauty division of the parade. Our Christmas season began early in December with a formal at the Huntington Hotel and climaxed with a Christmas party and caroling excursion before vacation. The coming of Spring brings 31, mind the sun porch. renowned for tanning girls and fading books, the faculty and father-daughter dinners and the glorious formal at the Castlewood Country Club. Our four Mortar Board members, Dot Clemens. Mary Kelly, Lesley Berglund and Janice Hungerford. inspired us all scholastically and activity wise Joan Brady and Jan Hungerford were members of Cal Club. Dot Clemens was president of the Y. Les Berglund chairman of Rally Committee, Mary Kelly. Sybil Stafford and Carol Proudfoot manager, assistant manager and copy editor of the Blue and Gold respectively. Hyland Bryce, 0. Colby Elliot fawini Geist! Hancyc Heine Huawfad Kt1111 Ktfittt011 Manton Mthea meKar Pogue Prow:Hog R.fine Raflaelll Rolhymn Sinew That " Thanson White Wifbead wilicel Wing . ArtItr009 Barry Beady Cassidy Ot Bonus Denney (Weston Glaraiiwa Gm 1186t• Harker HoIIy.00d 14aentiener Lilian Lusk MacKenzie Morel Moot lacGaffinn O ' Famll Rouen 334 Richardson Stafford Whitehead Wiltiass Wog:Duff Wright Abbett Beecley Binh Chick Caisson Dillan Dodson Hindu Keck Judin Linn Marchitelli Mayo Pent Peet Schakeacher Sibteit Stead Turner Vaughan Wt rick De Benedetti. Jain De Beare. N. Garlic. Dan Habit , Happoldt Napkin Mallarfm MallllrNrn Mulvery Patten Pinkerton Pike Scnkies Stoke Tickler SENIORS Alicoon Mclnroe Barbara Parish Patricia Pogue Carol Proudhsol Carol Racine Gail Raffaelli Mary Rothganger Nancy S idener Dorothy Thaler, Colleen Thompson Cynthia White Joy Wilbrand Helen Wilson Winslow JUNIORS Jean Armstrong Patricia Barry Joan Brady Bette Campbell Claudia Cassidy Malaya Do Bonis Patricia Demsey Cornelia Eggleston Leanne Giovanzana Diana Gray JoDeane Haden Linda Harker Coralee Hollywood Joan Honsberger SOPHOMORES Antionette Marchitelli Patricia Marsh Shirley Mayo Carla Nelle Jean Niethernmer Mikell Anne Peel Shirley Schuhmacher Carolyn Shaw Patricia Sibbett Suzanne Stead Joanne Turner Lucia Geraldine Weirick FRESHMEN Jane Ball Isabel Mallerino Jean Do Benedetti Karen Matthiessen Joy De Benedetti Beverly Mulvany Nancy Bruce Marilyn Patten Norma Carlson Ann Pinkerton Joan Dart Roxanne Price Claire Habit Nina Scholes Jacqueline Happoldt Barbara Stuhr Sally Hopkin Carole Tishler Patricia Walker Leslie Berglund Diana Bruce Marjorie Colby Corinna Elliott Anne Fabbrini Sallee Gaisel Joan Hartong Barbara Heine Janice Hungerford Mary Kelly Shirley Kesterson Jody Matthews Mary McKay Robin Cynthia Liners Patricia Lusk Margery MacKenzie Joon Morel Charlotte Moyer Pat McGafRgan Barbara O ' Farrell Jinx Reynaud Ann Richardson Sybil Stafford Sally Whitehead Linda Williams Nancy Woodruff Ann Wright Jane Abbott Ruth Bless Virginia Bentley Dorothy Brandes Jan Bush Victoria Chick Lucy Covington Shirley Dillon Ronlyn Dodson Harriet Kettles Catherine Huck Laura Judin Betty Linn 335 Cermet Oink Merin Okksol Granule, Her Markle Minor Foe Ponce Rees RIK a. virtu Vlazem Wallas Wcoalwartl Caltaell ciwiston Feel Memoir Mama Pardee Seale Sue. Maw Willard Yellarid BMW Ca ftell Dalton Der kappa alpha theta 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY. 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENIY•E1GHT CHAPTERS Fall semester marked the beginning of another busy and eventful year for Theta, With the enthusiastic support cf the pledge class, Ann Blanchard was elected secretary of the Freshman Class. Additional honors were brought to Theta by Adele Olker who was selected as an attendant in the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest. Activities played a major role in Theta life this year. Barbara Clymer acted as chairman of Week-End " and served on Mortar Board. Lou Curtice has devoted much time to Women ' s Judiciary Board, and Joan Pardee has been busy on Executive Board. Penile claimed sophomores Judy Johnson. Lynn Campbell and Sally Vaughn, while Peggy Willard was invited to join Prytanean. Theta followed tradition and again built a Big Game float with S.A.E. November found us welcoming a new house- mother, Mrs. Constance Ditzler, who has already found a very special place among us. 336 441 n MI - Blessing Clymer Curtico Derieg Dickson Grarnatky Huber McBrido Caldwell C ha rloston Fontana Ingham KOMMAI Neely Bacon Camboll Dalton Dunn Gibbons Groff Huber. S. Johnson Best Blanchard Boer ' Burke Conner Goon Goldman Hamilton Lamb SENIORS Wood we rd JUNIORS Zarloy FRESHMEN Minor Pa t to no n Poe Porter Roes Via ult Vinzont Williams Pa rd se Rowoll Snide Stroh Weber Willard McDill Reeder. D. Raeder. P. Rosa Ron Scott Straub Vaughn Landels Maddox Norton Olsen Oiler Roberta Small Wentnor Winionhofer Yellend SOPHOMORES ClbboPs Groff Hubei, S Johtwon McD II Reeder, Reeder, P Roe Ross Ryws, 0. Scott Siraub Vat.; Zarky Best Blanchard Soccer Bake Caw. Goette Goldman HYMIlOn Lamb Lards rs Maddug Norton Olttr Olsen Rooms Small Moine. Winkenb:lt. 337 kappa delta 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS The pledging of thirty-one new girls, football games followed by open houses and a fun-packed Suppressed Desire Pledge Dance began the busy whirl of college life for the KDs. The Fall semester was also highlighted by a wonderful Christmas Formal at the Orinda Country Club. followed a few days later by our Family Christmas Party. The White Rose Formal, the Big and Little Sister Tea and the Father-Daughter Banquet helped fill out the Spring social calendar. But studies were not neglected nor were campus activities. Mary Ellen Rouse. Joanne Kennedy and Shirley Herzig served on Rally Comm. Lou Bishop spread her talent by becoming secretary of Mortar Board while Jean Roberson was busy as Panhellenic social chairman and as a member of Tower and Flame. Mary Ann Sanchez and Mary Jo Freshman, among others, were also Tower and Flame members. In the sports light Katy Barkas was elected treasurer of WAA, Sylvia Beasley was tennis manager for WAA and Dottie Hallett was intramural tennis manager. This merry-go-round of college life ended in a gala year for the KDs. n 15al c ()An Onstin. f vile {Inn Ila Jo tore, M. Nell Patten PHUT Pe unit Unman Tama, S. Chrlstos Crrr Onalsoltan Johnstone. R. KlnItlz La Ins Raw TrIonot Truman Arnold Boyar Bray Curran Doll Frank Cootie; Giggle Goo5n4M Herzig Jemy ci 338 SENIORS Katherine Barka% Claire Hansen Lou Bishop Mary Johnstone Marilyn Bush Anna Lee Neff Shirley Christine Sharlono Patten Nancy Clawson Catherine Percy Dian Damn Claudia Pringle Margaret Finley Patric ia Simmons Nancy Flynn Barbara Turner Barbara Gratiot Laurie Turner JUNIORS Evelyn Christos Lois Kinierz Loretta Collins Margery Lawless Sharon Clare Betty Read Kay Cunningham Mary Ellen Rouse Ruth Johnstone Daphne Triphon Martha Lee Truman SOPHOMORES Patricia Arnold Nancy Kenny JoeIle Beyrla Mersali MacDonald Carole Bray Claire McVeigh Leah Curran Rosemary Nichols Sue Doll Dee Overstreet Gail Fletcher Verne Pearson Roberta Frank Carol Rechtiene Mary Jo Freshman Joan Ripley Sheila Goering Jean Roberson Martha Geggie Mary Ann Sanchez Mary Goodknight June Smith Shirley Herzig Patricia Spiri Sandra Jimmy Noreen Tyrell•Smith Joanne Kennedy Karon Washburn Patricia Kennedy Patricia Wheat-fill FRESHMEN Carol Argue Betty Harper Sylvia Beasley Janet Holmkamp Catherine Braig Diane Johnson Mina•May Brown Charlotte linstrum Marilyn Collins Frances Norman Patricia Gilmore Phyllis Rawlins Marilyn Goodwin Suzanne Small Ann Green Phyllis Staples Dorothy Hallett Sue Verge. Karen Hansen Sallie Ward Carol White SPRING PLEDGES Joan Buhl., Leilani Church Carol Richardson !Comfy, J. Kenny MacDonald swift Nichols Orenteeet Pearsor Raley Roberta. Sateen Swath Sort larallSiesta Wasntwen WawaIfill Anise Beasley (nap Brown Collins. M Greta NAOMI Namur, K Kasper He:Wane JOYMOo LirdMtuM Normal Ratios Sall Staples Wren Ward White 339 kappa kappa gamma 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 1954-55 means to the Kappas a very busy year and one not soon to be forgotten. Along with studies, the social calendar kept everyone in a constant whirl. Included on the agenda of the latter were open houses after football games, the Christmas and Spring Formals. the Mothers Club Fashion Show, the Faculty Dinner and the Fathers Dinner. Many of the girls occupied their spare moments with campus activities. With winter came skiing trips to Sun Valley. Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley: then came Spring and many could be found on the beaches at Carmel or farther south. These pest two semesters will remain a long while in the minds of the Kappas. AwnPeng Cabo NelSos Wriobt Kelly Main Bkdea Gilles Taylor Currie Ken-nd, 1 cOon•r1 Berke tattoo Toll Dookttle Logan Pinney Waite, durnett Mat Welt Cato Lulu ReynoleK Views .. " Lnictr! 340 CI a , ... .._ v , ,,,,,--0 ......, IN C.- SENIORS Ann Armstrong Marion Haight Barbara Braden Carol Lee Moore Susan Burke Mary Lee Mott Dorothy Burnett Mary Mug ford Diane Coates Nanette Nelson Joanne Condrey Robnett Shiftier Mary Franck Margaret Taylor Susan Franck Deborah Toll Joyce Gillen Jeanne Welch Diane Gwerder Janet Williams Pamela Wright JUNIORS Marie Casey Sally Logan Katrina Currie Terry Luke Jean Doolittle Sally McClure Irene Gallwey Mary McDonald Joan Greer Marilyn Moore Kathleen Herrington Cynthia Pinney Ann limberly Marvel Ann Reynolds Dorothy Hughes Margaret Shea Georgina Kelly Edith Stahl Margaret Kennedy Katrina Watson Margaret Viore SOPHOMORES Ann Baumgartner Diane Gworder Mary Anne Buckley Jane Gustafson Gray Burnham Joan Howard Mary Lou Coat Cynthia Hyde Sheryl Coberly Molly Mock Janice Cowing Dorothy Nathan Arden de Martini Judith Perrin Ann Ehmann Courtney Weldon FRESHMEN Susan Adams Nancy Fleck Linda Bailey Mary Ann Garner Phyllis Bell Judy Kirkham Patricia flondesen Noreen Lewis Lynn Brown Blair Lundy Huntly Cockburn Judith Meyer Mary Claire Creech Maryly Roney Carolyn Demeter Claire Valletta Befit Feregen Barbara Weister B..iiIri Buninnt, COM, tooth Cooing Is oaciri (brute Geflaff , Comte, Hama Hoe Nock MOM Petro Mite cases Saco Bell Benson Biwa Canaan Creech Drawl now Flack Gaeta Kirkham Lents Mew Reedy Valletta Welster 341 a .7 A II i. ...- phi mu 2722 DURAN AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Phi Mus and their dates started off the year at a barbecue and swimming party given by the Fall pledge class in honor of the big sisters. Then in November. the pledges gave their semiannual pledge dance with a theme of Leagues Under the December was a big month for Phi Mus with the election of Bev Fitch to Women ' s Rep, a Christmas party for underprivileged children and the Winter Formal held at the Sequoia Country Club. We also started a toy cart at Herrick Hospital for our philanthropic project. The Spring semester came fast with a Founders ' Day Dinner on March 4th in honor of our 103 years. The Spring pledge class gave their traditional pledge dance and everyone had a wonderful time at the hayride. Our Spring Formal came in May and all enjoyed the delicious dinner climaxed by dancing at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Throughout the year we had Sally Spear and Claudia Mousy on Rally Committee. Marianne Meylan and Bev Fitch were both elected to Prytanean and Alix Bouldin was a member of Penile. Bev was also a member of Women ' s J. Committee. Cti“ Sivmay SF, htlylari Watch Amp Cmull St ' h., LAM, Mats“. Smith Stlorrt Il.ttbet SIOCuins 10 yhr 0 ' Betel ShMt itch Stain rileh Paxto Trila Norma Blake Hefty Sciel Ton mad McGhee 342 FRESHMEN Nancy Begley Donne Middleton Gail Davis Madeline Mitchell Jean FaBevan. Marion Newstrom Susanne Freuler Jeanne Nielsen Beverly Hawkins Yvonne Sherpa Joyce Meeker Sandy Striker Audrey Wallis SPRING PLEDGES Claudia Guilieni Marilyn Smith Barbara Sabayon Denise Blake Gail Carroll Nan Colburn Sandy Croce Peggy Donovan Beverly Fitch Jeanne Hoppe Norma Lahti Diana Berber Pat Gregory Betty Hoemen Mary McCurdy Pat McKenna Marianne Meylen Dottie Argue Ju anita Badyna ' Nn Bon[din Luc; Bowmen Eunice Cherry Sue Fowler Phyllis Gillogly Nancy Graham Maggie Gray SENIORS Joan Marne; ChaIkley Murray Diane Pastan Diane Segel Carol Smith Wilma Steinert Sylvia Swan Patricia Taylor Mary Townsend Evelyn Watson JUNIORS Lyn Morrow Maggie Meyer Marion O ' Brien Betty Short Janet Welsh June Zech SOPHOMORES Shirley Kampp Linde Lutz Claudia Maury Pat Miles Sally Spear Sandra Stauffer Berbera Thode Marilyn Weil Marilyn Zinns • i I Ikelpstk Soule - Chuserun Cheery Fowler Gillesly Gralu— Gray Kano UN Maury Miles Spear Staple° Tbede Weil Zees Realty Davis FalLnena Miretint Meyker MockIkon Mitchell Neastreer Nielsen Shale Striker Wallis 343 pi beta phi 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. 1967 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 19130 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS The Pi Phis, in keeping with campus tradition. had a very successful year. Activities—house. campus and otherwise—provided the foundations. Peggy Hansen was selected " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " in December. In campus activities, Kiefie McDuffee served as vice•president of WAA, and, along with Judy Woolsey, was a member of Prytanean. Kiefie was also elected to the Women ' s " C " Society. Stay Palmer was one of the six pompon girls, supported by Dee Dee Dunkel and Jan Hickman on Rally Committee. Barbara Cook was a member of the PIC traveling team this last summer, while Hattie Fincke served as PIC secretary this past semester. As a group, the Pi Phis had their Fall Formal in San Jose, their Spring Formal in San Francisco. and their Spring Recess in Balboa. The Spring Fashion Show. the Faculty Dinner and the Fathers ' Dinner, held at respectable intervals, rounded off the calendar. Ccok Radio McComas Summers Crubt SMIKflif Cava la NagsInd Hama Hack lacy Madan Maitifit McOvt fee O ' llelas Parsons Stet, Sloan WoMM Ann eenme lirkhetto Kimball La Nana meetky WC 37 andy QM Caapptll Oerctel Eitreit Flacke Gist 344 Sheldon Berry Frazier Kell Wong Start Sartori Artanon Elden Jamse Oliwe Shane Palmer Taller Dobbs Karr:tom Morrissey Rene Wyatt Smith Chew Marren, P Mills RoserwlaM men SENIORS Connie Lacy Diane Mansfield Susan Modary Kier, McDuff. Mary Louise McGowan Dorothy Parsons Janet Skeet Anne Stuart Sylvia Summers Judy Woolsey JUNIORS Roes Auger Molly Markley Babette Bermann Marilynn Morse Joan Brichetto Mary Ann McCrary Jane Crocket Nancy Patterson John Kimball Ann Seulberge r Kitty La Hann Mary Jane Stoll SOP NOMORIS Winnie Brady Jan Hickman Carol Ostrow Karen Johansen Beverly Chappell Suzy Palmer Dianne Dunciel Jane Sartori Jean Everett Janith Scanlan Hattie Pinola Sandy Sheldon Ruth Gist Barbara Simpson Grace Herrington Sue Smith Sally Tuller IRIS II MIN Jane Anderson Joy McKee! Pat Berry Jane Mills Carol Brown Biddy Mawr:say Anne Chew Pam Oliver Ann Dobbs Alezendre Phinney Elizabeth Ehlers Susan Porter Judy Frozler Wilda Rosendohl Lois Hansen Jenifer Runts Peggy Hansen Susanne Sharpe Maggio Harrison Mary Sturdy Janet Jansse Sue Ward Susan Keil Debby Willey Frances Wyatt SPRING PLIDOIS Sue Biggar) Ann Newell Bonnie Bothwell Janie Whitnou Jo Ellen Coate Barbara Cook. Beth Early Carol Goodwin Joan Hagglund Barbara Hand Lynn Howie Helen Hudson Yvonne Kennedy Carolyn Kutuct 345 sigma kappa 2401 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SIXTY.THREE CHAPTERS Football season marked the beginning of a busy year for the Sigma Kappas, with Carol Sneddon a finalist for " Big Game and building our float with Bowles Hall. The Pledge Dance for our thirty-eight new pledges was also a highlight of the Fell semester. On campus Martha Kloster was vice.president of the Freshman Class. Martha is also junior Panhellenic chairman. Irene Fitts was tapped by Prytoneen and Joan Dowdell and La Verne Rohwer were initiated into Penile. Andree Jones was publicity director of Pelican and Fran Seales and Sue sherry also received appointments. LaVerne Rohwer and Jo Ann Gentner were on Rally Committee and Sue Chazalet was chairman of the Secretariat. Lorraine Smith and Joyce Johnson were selected as pompon girls. Our social calendar was highlighted by our Christmas Party, the informal at the Orinda Country Club, Father-Daughter Banquet, Spring Bar-B-Que, Faculty Desserts. and to end a wonderful year, the Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. 346 Learns Armet 8°,4 Brant Martz Ham MinusMk Mtiale Seals %dnee (Ilk Grant Mead Mee Seefte Sorts Doran( EcIca SENIORS Joan Adams Joan Hew Virginia Amlot Diane Lillis Jenny Anderson Susan Marone Mimi Ashes Diane Matesd Barbara Badger Lois Matushak Dolores Bengert Gail McFeely Pat Bermingham Barbara Mills Joann Boyd Jo Ann Morgan Sue Brobst Mary Lu Murray Janet Charlton Jeanne Nick!. Irene Fitts Gail Ruby Julie Geary Frances Seals Margaret Hanna Ann Slomer Virginia Hartz Lillian Wickman Sherd Young JUNIORS Gayle Bennett Beverly McKee Suzanne Chazalet Rosemarie McKenzie Clare Coakley Carolyn Mood Ann Ellis Marilyn Mee Anne Greiff Karen Okerberg Carol Jo Hall Gayle Shuttleworth Diane Hill Lorraine Smith Martha Kloster Carol Sneddon Darlene Styles SOPHOMORES Nancy Bagdanoff Patricia MacGregor Sandra Cadwallader Judith Mahon Chris Cranston Adrienne Maid ' Martha Davidson Carol Martin Joan Dowdell Sharon McGill Patricia Ecker Veda Porter Felice Fitzgerald Joan Prendiville Jo Ann Gentner Barbara Rohwer Celia Rae Gunn Le Verne Rohwer Joyce Hardt Corinne Schliclitmenn Joan Jack Marilyn Schoenler Mary K. Jensen Suzanne Sherry Andrea Jones Susan Smith Joyce Johnson Janet Spurlock Patricia Kramer Anne Stavropoulos Johanna lee Ruth Steiner Barbara Long Marguerite Synon FRESHMEN Ann Adair Muriel Kilgo Shirley Beckman Joan Mare Jacqueline Brown Joan McAdams Ruth Ann Caldwell Dawn Murry Carolyn Christenson Judy Peterson Patricia Clark Sharon Randall Patricia Cowley Marilyn Rohwer Nanette De Marais Virginia Ruder Charlotte Dunn Ann Shafer Alexandria Gordon La Verne Snow Stephanie Hall Ann Wagner Amine Hartloff Letty Wi en Linda Ingersoll Nancy Wise Gene Johnston Mary Wittman Catherine Zitcor Mci Jensen tons Mahon Pour Prudenlk Shiny Smith, S. SY C. Adair CAI ig.titel Clark Garden Pall Man Money Ruth. Shafer Merton ZItcher 347 Jones Lee, J. Paulin McGill Sealatonal Sehnertkr Sienna:aloe Steiner Oran, J. Calosell De Yang Dunn !anginal Kilt RaabII Ronne, M. Warn wine Jobnun Ma lob Rehm., L. Spalcialc Backman Conley tirrekiff antenna Wagner - • ' 4at Ste ' I ' 4.- • sr— - 0 ) - ' .... .4 1 4 ..,,, k- au ,...„.„,..k...-. theta upsilon 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY CHAPTERS Theta U ' s enjoyed a busy but exciting year. Returning in September to a newly redecorated house, the girls began a hectic semester highlighted by the faculty dinner, winter formal, Christmas party. and pledge dance. Spring events included a masquerade dance, Mothers ' . Fathers ' banquet, and the Iris Ball. Climaxing the year was the traditional Junior-Senior banquet. Theta Upsilon was well represented in campus affairs also. Elizabeth Waldie served as editor of the Daily Californian, and as a member of Women ' s Judicial Committee. She was active in Cal Club. Pryt and Theta Sigma Phi. Jan McCoy was president of Theta Sigma Phi, journalism honorary. while Suo Mathews and Ann Hall were members of Mortar Board and Prytaneen. Sue was social chairman for Woman ' s Ex Board Ind co-chairman of Senior Week. Brno, Gleams Grey Kan mill Katy LaCoste Mates McCoy Nona Witness Moses Skaosth MoMMY Myers, E. Nam, J. Porilus Twee Doris Brusasco Beverly Gleason Rosalie Grey Mn Hall Joanna Hill Ann Johnson Janice McClouth Maureen Murphy tea. " Edith Myers Judy Myers SENIORS Patricia Kelley Merle LaCoste Sue Mathews Jan McCoy Elaine Neerson Ruth Williams JUNIORS Janet Paulius Ninon Teeger Buie Venstrom Lis MAIM Ginny Watson SOPHOMORES Marilyn Doodler Betsy Leurenson Barbara Agnew Betty Peterson Letitia Ball Shirley Sheldon Claire %Guard FRESHMEN Safe Myers Meg Owens Jean Swanson Beth Vey SPRING PLEDGES Gladys Betz Sylvia Thompson Arline Mary Elgorriage Patty Hebei Joyce Moore Vq:Arcl 349 zeta tau alpha 2310 PROSPECT PLACE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY.SIX CHAPTERS This year. after enlarging the family with thirty-six pledges, Zetas started the Fall social activities with the pledge dance, " Hernando ' s Slideaway. " Then as the season progressed, the whirl of Family. Date and Dean ' s Dinners helped to fill up the busy social calendar. Football season brought Rally Committee sophomore appointments to Bleb Sonnenschein and Ruth Harrington as well as the exciting news that Carol Shultis and Barbara Nelson were chosen as two of Cal ' s first pompon girls. Also busy with campus activities were Lee Chapman. serving as Mortar Board vice-president, sports editor of Blue and Gold, co-chairman of WAC. and a member of Prytanean: and Liz BahIs. house president, active on Senior Council, Pryt, and Gavel and Quill. 1954 wound up with a memorable December which brought the party for underprivileged children held jointly with Alpha Tau Omega, the Christmas Bazaar, and the traditional " White Violet Ball. " Allen ii Bakes Mauer Canty Millet Chapman Slundorl idI On Suit Tolle Will Canal! Dondle Dmmb Durr KimMock Mott Irving Jadan Le Ow lee MO; Olsen Newman Schneider, A. Sdinekkr, E. Weight Beller Denton Garner Mania Jamernen Krum MkAwls 350 SENIORS Janet Allen Elizabeth Bahl. Catherine Cathay Lelia Chapman Johanna Ellis Joyce Larson JUNIORS Marlene Campbell Dixie Dowdle Diane Drumb Mary Jo Duff Janet Hitchcock Janice Hunt Jacqueline Irving Katherine Jordan Elinor. Baiter Patricia Donlon Roberta Gardner Ruth Harrington Janet Harris Rosemary Krum Loretta Michaels Charlene Parmley FRESHMEN Audrey Anderson Diane Arnaud Judith Blum Claudia Caesar Phyllis Dan; Lorraine Durant., Judith Fry Janet Gaillard Arlene Garner Louise Gelder Toni Hamm Patricia Hewitt Barbara Hjorpo Gwen Hughes Joyce Martinelli Jacqueline Mattos Gladys Miller Mary Ann Shandorl Annette Tolin Mernelle Will Karol Leo Jacqueline LeDuc Mona Mealey JoAnne Neuman Jacqueline Oliver; Anne Schneider Eve Schneider Louise Wright Donna Jackson Marianne Jambecl Janis Jenne Shirley Jorgenson Clarissa LeDuc Paula Marcucci Karen Maths, Barbara Nelson Lorna Pischoft Mary Rowe Roberta Shields Nancy Sullivan Carol Tarte Janet Thorne SOPHOMORES Marilyn Peri Karen Price Carol Salukis Erika Sonnenschein Susan Stearns Sandra Tertian Carol Thurston Nancy Warren Karel Toll SPRING PLEDGES Diane Alerandar Carolyn Cooley Nancy Kelly Sce•edschtie Arnard Fry Hewitt Jere Pdchoff hat. Paredes Strarm Blum CmIlard Horde Le Due Roue loll Perk Thyestes C.aew Garner Moot Marogei Shields Price Warn " Da•i Girder Jackson Mann. Sullivan Schutt° Isiderma CtIAllte Hamm Jambeek Nelson Take 351 Map Lee, L. To Let, E. Goa sigma omicron pi FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1930 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATE Gladys Yee SINion Eileen Dong Marlene Tom Lefty Lee Monroe Tse Dort; Yee JUNIORS Alice Chan Gloria Leong Barbara Chen Batty Lim lily Ginn 3eyerly Wu Emily Lee Frances Yee SOPHOMORES Susan Chow Dorothy turn Virginia Jarq Evelyn Chan FRESHMEN Row LOA Yvonne Chew 352 FIRST ROW, left to right: Karen Frerichs, Sarbanne Krim, Kathy Little, Kathy Vinton, Fano Rosenberg. SECOND ROW: See Mitchel?, Gelb Howell, Karns KAISterSer, Ada Myra Act,, Dian Richard, May Tapia. women ' s dormitory association P,,, Kathy L.•• v Vice.Presicite• Snitlianas Milker Carlene Roberts Secretary. Treasurer . Kathy Wham Representative-at-Large. Cagily Howell .. Ada Marie Atli%•Large Joyce Meyer Representetive•H.Large Kerne Karstanson ... Sue Mitchell Social Chairmen . Sisson Service Chairman_ .. .. May Taoda Publicity Chairman. ,,,,, . , Karen Ferichs Orientations Chairman . Constitutions Chairman . ,, Sam Samson Social Handbook Chairman. .......luMyaAry Cain Fell COUNCIL MEMOIRS Spring Phyllis Dovich Eleaudelairs Club Karen Frerichs Beverly Steal , Et ,,,,, t Manor. Mary J. Dunham Rolla Berk. Bon Haven. Pat Williams Beverly Toot° Colonial Hall Mary Gomez Berbera Baron The Continental Betty Koster A. Midge Eichenbaum Elizabeth Barrett. Midge Eichenbeum Carrie Hammond. Epworth Hell Mary Kaley Constance Ste!mach Hoyt Hell__.... .Carolyn Herman Ann Harper Joaquin Hall Joan Freedman Rozilla Call Lantana Lodge. Joyce Harris Sandra Stalling Mitchell Hall Pal Butler Marlene Magid. Oldenberg Hall Wilma Densby Suzanne Lobes Peizetto Hall Marian Berretta Ange Lam Prospect Terrace Barbara Levin Anita Yeager Richards Hall. Jan Sutherland Sydney Koenig Ridgemont Hell Irene Choronny Mary Howard Cain Ritter Hall Mary Cain Sarah Ishikawa.. Sherman Hall . Diane Richard Eileen Green Stebbins Hall.. Cherry Tsusomide Sheila Joy Pepper Stern Hall Sharon Smith Ada R. Jacinto Stratford Hall Suzanne Sampson Eva M. Quill Warring Place Jonni Hover 354 beaudelaire club 2347 PROSPECT SENIORS Roberta Barnes Mary Fogh Phyllis Devich Helen Stanley JUNIORS Nancy Crozier Shirlianne Hiller Karen Frorichs Nancy Jackson Donna Montmorency SOPHOMORES Evelyn Bran Robin Kelly Jerry. Brook Verne Robinson Elaine Brett Carolyn Shook Barbara Wadsworth FRESHMEN Sandy Berman Mary Lou Domenichelli Eielean Birmingham Sherry Neill SPRING RESIDENTS Nancy Jenks Holly Reid bennett manor 2721 CHANNING WAY SENIORS Marian Kaneda Phyllis Peres JUNIORS Marie Femme; Marilyn Harrison Nancy Krupacki Barbera Lofgren Joan Macrarland Marilyn Morse Loretta Null Mary Heron; Karen Scherer Beverly Steel Nankai Warm sinew tronewn Rerun Jones Sokbau SOPHOMORES Mimi Adams Mary Jay Dunham Sonia Binder Janith Scanlin Anne Doughtory Mimi Wilson FRESHMEN Ann Brown 1-lalceyon Miller Ene Dubnoff Hilda Pato Alice Fullmer Carol Phillips Millie Garlitz Carol Spicknell Roberto Jones Rite Torgovdsky Margo Kronsborg Janis Walker Pet Von Schlegel! SPRING RESIDENTS Helen Adams Margaret Norstrom Beryl Schulman 355 A I. a bowies hall Commencing the second quarter century of the existence of Bowles Hall. an enthusiastic association membership plunged into the year ' s crowded social, athletic and academic schedule. Two able presidents, Mil t Honea and Art Gonos. wielded the gavel at house meetings. Greater leadership in campus affairs was stressed as Bowles took the leadership in the formation of the Men ' s Dormitory Association destined to become one of the most potent forces in student activities in years to come. The gay Gambler ' s Gamble, a colorful Hawaiian luau and a festive post-Big Game informal were but a few of the numerous events sponsored by Bowles class organizations. Numerous exchanges and serenades. in addition to the ever-popular Winter and Spring Formals rounded out the annual social calendar. Sauk. Bala Goons Hutto Kira Ronan Ltic.• Light Linadale loner, Millis Move, R. Rabinowitz Radcliff Fl.; 356 a Abb.,Asts 0 -4 • ,tn ra AAAY,. -a UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Chaffee Hall Richard Nedderson William Norton Walter Steilberg Scott Wilson GRADUATES Gerald Addicott Robert Miller SENIORS Lawrence Anderson John Battler Elliot Baum Laurence Boller Leland Butler Robert Durkee John Engvall Herbert Filipponi William Foster Gerald Gilbert Arthur Gonos Farl Henna John Heilbron Bruce Hezlep Franklin Hone. Milton Hone, John Jones Robert Klampt Jerome Klotz Bradford Kruger Howard Leach Robert Leo Jerry Lewis David Wagner Thomas Light Yen Walker William Wiegend JUNIORS Thomas Albright Clifford Anger James Arbuckle Arthur Babb Robert Bristlin Lowell Brown Francis Calton Albert Campbell James Carlisle Welter Deardorff William de Camp Robert Dow Harold Fandl Paul Fong Gerald Gabhart John Gering Berry Gilbert Donald Gilles James Griggs Eugene Groan Jeremy Kilpatrick Jerome Klotz Duane leetzow Zenveck Frederick Zscheile Donald Linsdale Walter Lowery Robert Luis Paul March Robert Meyo Spiro Mellis Richard Moore John Nelson John Phillips Bruce Pifel Frederick Pracht Donald Price Lawrence Rabinowitz David Radcliff Lew Raney Rodrick Sanderson Philip Sepunor Lonnie Spurrier Charles Stuart David Tarr William Thomas John Tries Richard McFarland Paul McKasIle Jack MacKay William McKeemen Alvan Messer Thomas Miller Karl Munz Lorin Olsen Mickey Perry Howard Rice Don Robertson Lawrence Ryan William Ryan George Ryst Theodore Stubbs Armen Tashdinian Dwight Teeter William Welker Phillip Warriner Kenneth Wersema Donald Wilde Robert Woodford Teas Ware Wpeold BMM (Malik Calton EkCamp Fan Gablmm Grips Green Kilptiocli Murat Olwn Perry Ryan, L. Ryan, W. T ash], oan Wank , Wp16.1 area cansw GInivt, B. Masse for Terser stud Onardall Ones tame Rennin ' van 357 ;a) Aikliira I ag: • Oat I - )ir V. I 2 ..4 1 ..., _ cal zi) it;-• Nir More Bowles men than ever before participated in various ASUC activities particularly in publications, the Cal Band, and promotion of the new California Memorial Union. Not only did several men qualify for intercollegiate varsity and JV athletics, but the intense rivalry on the intramural field was just as high as ever. Bowles continues to field winning teams in all sports throughout the years. Few Bowles men will soon forget the Christmas party for underprivileged children, the first project of its kind undertaken by the Hall for several years. which left association members filled with the true Yuletide spirit. Much " elbow grease " on workdays was topped off by the classic John P. Erdman memorial beer bust. With the cooperation of Sigma Kappa, a memorial Big Game float constructed in tribute to Andy Smith and featuring his " spirit " rising from the Greek Theater will long live as an example of the principle to which Bowles men have dedicated themselves— " Education through Fellowship. " Woodford Barry Bloc " Mall 14.3X L,,, Pancom BA:or dparL, H Kr Aletafre, 358 :PP r . teArt!IAsiti 771. rit n , Ins therms Minn DereStIl Maks Stasi Yam Rcrtentra. Samos Mute Baetneht nese Sainte Mytene „gas ,n on - -r A Yr% i Cnk Tw ' L 4 4. % t SOPHOMORES James Adams Richard May Gary Bacon Gary Merrihew John Ball Thomas Barry Harry Bauer Charles Becker Harold Berry Paul Bianchi Hugo Bianchini Russell Boynton Robert Brooks Richard Capp James Cossolies Rockwell Cramer Ashley Cunningham Thomas Edwards Robert Fran Stuart Hall Harry Harris Douglas Hayden Herbert Honea Robert Hunt Gary Hursh Stephen Kauffman William Knutson Charles Krehmalkov Charles Kuhl Victor Lamb Alan Laser Herbert Lee Lawrence Lee Charles MacCrone Paul Weber Alex MacNicol Hugh Wells Alan McIntosh Ken White Richard Adams Ronald Allynen John Anson Kenneth Ardet Arthur Berggren Harry Blohm Bernard Bernstein Jimmie Boetright Donald Bowdon Gary Chewier Ted Class John Dowdell George Dunham Robert Ekedahl Gary Beason Wayne Engel Paul Gilbert John Gilmore Alan Glued George Gould David Hoilbron Kenneth Young Norton Ziegler SPRING RESIDENTS linffai Ng Lloyd Old Boon Sons Prephei Mike Soule John Stewart Ken Thomas Don Treadway Jim Van Horn Bob Washington Alec Willis Joseph Yardumian Martin Mittelman John Newell Leslie Overstreet Alan Perrigon Burton Parsons Peter Patella Roman Pendia. Mervyn Palmer Ronald Popp Terry Prindiville Allan Querin Jose Ramos Richard Randolph LeRoy Reynard Richard Richer Richard Roberts Gest Rosenthal Larry Rue Charles Schlegel David Schutt Douglas Shearer Denny Stanley Fenian Steiner Edgar Strickland Carter Swenson Stephen Thomas David Thompson Gerald Vonderehe Richard Waddell FRESHMEN Richard Holloway Daniel Hon. Robert Ilkovics Hong Anthony Jew Mike Leach Ronald Lea Bruce McElhoe Richard Monter Donald Orlich Leo Pessin Earl Robinson Thomas Shadley Stanley Shawl Gary Sheldon Peter Stone Steven Stone Bernet, Sumski James Swanson Gary Weyland Robert Wisner Phil Berlin Tom Genial, Terry Gleason Howard Globenfell Bob Hudnall Ron Ingram Jim Kern John Layman Ron Locke Dave Muir 1KO Geraldine Garrison Daryl Grey Claire Ho!dredge Rolla Berk Gloria Leong Evelyn Ayers Lois Burton Myrna Blum Elizabeth Caudal Connie Cunningham Ellen Dent Beverly Eckhardt Barbara Ewing Beatrice Friedman Punnets Kiangsiri Helen Kung SENIORS Priscilla Miner Janet Mitchell Maryan Tse JUNIORS Patricia Nitrify Joan Rader FRESHMEN Rose Lew Eleanore Ligon Alice Megaw Roberta Oliver June Roundy Doris Tersich Barbara Trabucco Patricia Willey Sherrill Wood bon haven 2709 CHANNING WAY SOPHOMORES Sheryl Cohn Patricia Newton Patricia Williams SPRING RESIDENTS Jackie Grey Daryl McTernaken Joan Stearns Sherrill Urton Toy Der Susan Chow Olivia Doppe Mary tee Flannery Baron Kern ' 12,1 Galeria..? Kelm Maupin the continental 1571 BENVENUE Barbara Baron Charlotte Bognor Nancy High Ann Jensen SENIORS Morgan Robertson JUNIORS Diana Kelsey Jill Kent Betty Koster Jean Land SOPHOMORES Shirley Dorman Marilyn Garfield Elaine Entner Renee Ury FRESHMEN Joan Greenberg Mary Ellen Mack Berbera Kelsey Claudia Maupin Eileen Kern Sandra Walsh). SPRING RESIDENTS Laura Block Florence Lau Virginia Davidson Nola Murray Anne Dragonette Nancy Noshiin Jean Kaplan Fern Victor iM Bedrosian °rim ar)an Giminger PlaW•erMra Stow ' Calker 1.6,4 Takniusl, ' Now ()antis Nunn Ganes 8,ce, Kantensson Parkin %CISCO rent.. r Mau Palente Vant$ C:tarit KM ' S 7 Simpson ORADURTE Joyce Jacobs SENIORS Hemsig Bedrosian Mary Devine Beverly Murders JUNIORS Dario Briones Barbara Bryan Nancy Grossinger Mary Hughes Kerne Karstensson SOPHOMORES Lois Bernstein Elkin. Gautier Sandra Louie Evelyn Metric Jena Washburn FRESHMEN Yvonne Chew Jane Kennedy Beverly Clearia Carle Sampson Betty Jo Cornell Helen Sorvi Berbera Daniels Elizabeth Shoe Henryetta Henson Endless Wectiord Georgian, Wheng SPRING RESIDENTS Jean Gokson Marilyn Kepi. June Weiner colonial hall 2547 DURANT AVE. Mary Gana, Dorothy Johnson Edith Parkin Marilyn Plentenhonn Barbara Stover Susanne Wilson Kathryn Zimmer Joyce Palmer Mae Takahashi Beverly Tuoto Ras; Valles epworth hall 2521 CHANN1NG WAY The fall semester, always an exciting time of year due to the football season, was no less so for the girls of Epworth Hall. Under the able leadership of Carrie Hammon. president, many delightful functions were successfully conducted. Among these were: the Open House and spaghetti dinner held during All-U week end: the Big Game Float made with Abracadabra Fraternity: and the highlight of the season, the winter informal held at the Rockridge Women ' s Club. With the spring semester under the guidance of Mary Keley. president, came the high point of the year— the decorous Spring Formal held at the Sequoia Country Club. Other events which took place included the congenial Apple Polisher ' s Dinner and the Mother ' s Tea. In spite of its numerous activities, the Epworth girls did not neglect their studies, always staying with the top five houses scholastically. Epworth Hall is also proud to claim two members of Cal Club, Penile, Women ' s Judicial Committee and one member of Prytanean. Burnt Chi tit Crory or roar Pm-runt ,eft Garcia Nand KWSWOW 11,r.frutr. Monti! Karr Lath Mum M !Her Yr Lon Patten Per S.. P•r r:o 41:i HAMM:MI JAC kw •ncn luta, Mincing 362 P Sc " S• OHM Tans GUI Raesder Wake Lem torero Salley OeVaur Parr Volt Laeolia ORADLIATI Ernyleu Howell SENIORS Margaret Anderson Susan Belie! Jean Burns Marcia Chavin Kay Chilquist Jay Domains Thelma Foote Frances Friestedt Patricia French Margaret Garcia Kathleen Hand Jean Hargrove Laleta Hindman JUNIORS Cathryn Baldwin Patricia Biddison Marilyn Dorsey Connie Downey Suzanne Hall Carrie Hammond Margaret Jackson Elisabeth Johnson Lillian Lucas Dolores Honing Mary Mitchell Janis Morgan Jean Yuan SOPHOMORES Yvonne Beane! Ada Buono Kathleen Daily Kay Darrow Dawn DeVeur Evelyn Estop Phyllis Fitz Ann King Wilma Wuthrich PRESNMIN Gloria Bis chel Joan Booker Madlyn Engvall Lacy Ann Heimke Louise Jones Shirks, Laughlin Carol LeDrew Donna Long SPRING RESIDENTS Sally Harr Shirley Jean Laird Gloria Mikuls Carol Welter Godly Howell Mary Kaley Alma Kahn Marilyn Leath Joyce Meyer Mary Miller Mary Ellen McLean Margorie Patten Janet Pearson Jean Peppers Jane Pope Marianne Swanson Rosie Tallerico Berbera Hakes Patsy Norberg Elaine Cartel Kathryn Palmer Janet Prather Christine Reilly Donna Smiley Mary Jo Tanner Nina Tieslau Nancy Welch Kathryn Wham Sharlene Willhide Lynne Mayer Sandra Moore Elinor Parr Lynn Raoscher Martha Scheel Jere Lu Scott Patricia Thompson Rowena Volt Sally Neal Beverly Olson Carolyn Sellten Janet Sewell Annetta Snyder Susan Thomas Marsha Williams Helen Wilson Kathryn Powers Mary Lou Rough Harriet wrath Carol Weiner) 363 elizabeth barrett hall 2436 WARRING STREIT SINK RS Jean Campbell Nancy Goldberg Charlene Floto Barbara Lane Sally Foster Pat McKinney JUNIORS Marilyn Barth Renee Harmon Helaine Berger Barbara Jopp Midge Eichenbaum Jackie Martin Barbara Hagernenn Phyllis Peek SOPHOMORES Pat Bares Simeon. Moiseeff Glenda Bartel Janice Norton Ida Bona Sandra Pardini Frances Davis Judy Rosenblatt Sandra Ellis Marcia Sevin Sharon Freidman Carol Sinton Sharon Hyslope Rochelle Steinberg Libby Kessler Glenda Unger Marion Lambert Meth Warman Arlene Weimar. FRESHMEN Dorothy Al!grim Phyllis Packman Marian Antipa Roberta Rice Mary Capron Judy Schlesinger Regina Greenberg Rhona Gross Alma Spivock Lena. Scott Fran Napoli ' , Joan White SPRING RESIDENTS Jean Arrington Maxine Israel Diana Brilliant Mamie Kantor Carolyn Crow Ann Kelly Marcia Garfield Judy Maginnis Claire Goldsmith Cherry Varner Flew Rite Sakslaset Vell.te Barth Foster Galata Uwe DPP Ekbalmum Rawson Mama Dads Pak Saul Eat Mau Oak. Sal Ileiwell Wear; Ad. Sidon Bow WOW MI allala Nagle Palos 364 Haggles swath Pollack SodliM Freedina. Ythltallet Berg Ridemur ThCenvon Jacob, Goldsmith Robins , r joaquin hall 2430 PIEDMONT AVE. Judy Mock Barbara Dearman Joan Freedmen Ann Harper Carol Higgins SENIORS Charlene Walter JUNIORS Nancy Hulick Shirley Miller Joan Spencer Janice Whitaker SOPHOMORES Carolyn Monaco Eloise Ogilvie Jean Patton Arlene Schwartz Karen Weseth FRESHMEN Pat Robinson Barbara Rosa Barbara Sodlink Joanne Taylor Beverly Thompson Ruth Weber Lois Wanton Joan York SPRING RESIDENTS Dorothy Margaret Sokol Elaine Solbach Mary Sullivan Helen Trietol Sylvia Weis Sandra Horn Eleanor Jacobs Kathy Lusk Marily Menzin Shirley Benedict Betty Borg Claire Goldsmith Vaughn Lauritzen Camille Pollock Shirley Proctor Jo Ann Ridenour Roslyn Alpert Hilda Bristol Nola Jonas Nancy Krauss Karen Matheson 365 lantana lodge 2437 PIEDMONT AVE. SENIORS Rosins Call Nancy Heron Joyce Harris Diana Mansfield JUNIORS Marian Berger Kathryn Bell Carole Jefferson Carol Macknight Marjorie McCarty Corinne Corbel! ' Patricia Corrigan Anne Westervelt SOPHOMORES Beryl Bradley Nancy Marshall Beverly Howell Lois Robinson Joyce Simmons FRESHMEN Ines Barrelier Linda Perry Peri Davis Sherry Price Barbara Townsend SPRING RESIDENTS Joanne Beckett Loretta Null Barbara Clerk Iron. Owens Darlene Little Janey Reading Martha Manner Sarah Sorrel ' s Sondra Springer tall Nark Kr,: Bell kflenc• MatKe.;•• WesterMt Maw Newel Rceirewe Stoma Barrette. prospect terrace 24C5 PROSPECT SENIORS Jan Casagrande Norma Davy Shirley Cornelius Joan Derry Carol Lowe JUNIORS Catharine Dotta Judith McBride Ann Hant!burst Beatrice Ransom Gail Hettich Paula Roloff Margaret Ann Mather Carol Weinart Ann Yeager SOPHOMORES Dorothy Burns Barbara Levin Nancy Derry Sally Nelson Susan Hovey Janet Schlause FRESHMEN Dagmar Neick Pauline Wood SPRING RESIDENTS Georgenna Allen Gail Garvin Sarabath Ashbroolt Martha Begin Patricia Corrigan Nancy McWeeny tassel Haan Welton Late DWI McBride Wkart NIha Data Wolf Dem N. Wood Deny, J. Range Nekk 366 mitchell hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Ann Teel SENIORS Anna Buoncrittieni Elena Carlos Barbara Clark JUNIORS Marian Archer Irene Ivanoff Patsy Butler Rosaann Kalich B everly Clesby Margaret Nielsen Pat Briskell Janet Rosenberg SOPHOMORES Sue Anderson Duke Dodger ' Lorna Bell Alice Doidge Jacqueline Cline Nadine Dotson Elizabeth Coles Joan Roberts Patricia Con Hope Rubsernon Joan Shaheen FRESHMEN Carol Anger Marilyn Horwitz Marie Arndt Nancy Jones Janet Bird Lynette Dentin Beatrice Born Maureen Miles Eva Fernandez Ardell Olson Joyce Hirota Claire Poplin Dorothy Smith SPRING RESIDENTS Edna Azich Lisa Seer Marilyn Fonsica Marlene Magid Marlene Miller Suzanne Mitchell 367 ' it. il , oldenberg hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Sweet ones and kind ones. some saints. no sinners. Informals. formals—parties and dinners— Studies and seminars—cramming and dates— Hiking and skiing and gliding on skates— You name it, then look to us for response: We are it or did it—Abramovice through Younce! We had a Fall Formal—theme Mistletoe Magic— And a ski trip that netted us nothing tragic: Our Fall informal showed a Driftwood World Where the lads and lassies dipped and twirled. The Spring dances as well, were a huge success And our dinner exchanges went off with finesse. The Christmas party was a great highlight. The result of our planning well into the night. Our dear Mrs. Craig, in her gentle, firm way, Sees to it that we ma ke the most of each day. Our scholastic achievements will discourage the thought That we had only fun—when to study we ' d ought! Carden Cersill Caret bast Vint Sickle, Wadel Breslau, Cain °lamed Cabo Hate 14 I b 1 Honk Lc.trei Met loth Newnan Saaquleettl Maker %%town 368 Virginia Carden Dona Coryell Wilma Dansby Alice Eastman Doris Aldrich Kathryn Breslauer Beverley Cain Carolyn Devreur Barbara Diamond Barbara Gerber Joan Goldammer Alice Hammond Joan Haug Nelda Herby Eosins Horak Kathleen Kelly Joan Ledgerwood Halina Bergen Anita Blau Jean roue Joann Cass Marlene Conklin Dianne Driver Kay Helgesson Mob Hirschman Luise Abramovice Maria Caruso Kloanthy Condos Hazel Crenshaw Beverly Ender Idella Hill Penelope Hisey Paula Jenson Barbara Jeskalian Annette Laginha Elise Landercler Margo Leavin Bertha Loa Paula Bacalar Linde Elsohn Elaine Gautier Alyse Jacobs Nancy Kiser Mary Ellen Mack GRADUATE Loatrice Knopf SENIORS Dorothy Eckhardt Suzanne Lobroo Ann Sickler Almada Sutton Elizabeth Woodul JUNIORS Yoke Wiling.? Jane Lowry Nancelee MacKay Marion Merlotti Shirley Mitchell Montejean Newman Allen Petty Mildred Sadler Barbara $andkuhl Joan Sanguinetti Patricia Wininger Nancy Wotell Shizumi Yokoyama SOPHOMORES Sally Jensen Beverly Kipnis Lorraine Laird Beth Little Dixie Mathis Winifred Olive Martha Ragin Cynthia Stearns Miriam Younce FRESHMEN Terry Lee Joan Levin Harlan Long Norma Meador. Katharine Kitzner Sandra Morse Anita Motto Marcia Powers Marilyn Robson Barbara Stanton Delia Waller Helen Wostly Cherry Varner Aci6onnn Yukon SPRING RESIDENTS Caudia Maupin Mary Piorotti Claire Rafferty Jo Ann Ridenour Elise Shebat Louise Snyder Elaine Von Buskirk BIN ma ROB Crenshaw L.flinto Loot Matta Yukon Sanwa Blank Younce Enter Lan Go Meta. Panen Can COnklia Laird Lane 02,ranovice Caruso Hog haw Lee, B. Lee, T. Minuet mane Rowe Yentl, peixotto hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY During the year 1954-1955 Peixotto Hall was engaged in many activities. During the Fall there was the Big Game Float, the Formal, and the Informal, all of which were joint projects of Fernwald and Smyth. The Christmas Party for underprivileged children, a Peixotto tradition, was very successful. Much of the credit for the success of these activities goes to Fall Semester President, Angel Likes, as well as to the rest of the Peixotto officers. Under Spring Semester President, Marian Barraza, Peixotto participated enthusiastically in such activities as WUS, joining with the rest of Fernwald and Smyth to raise a large Hill contribution. Peixotto ' s officers planned the traditional Spring Formal and the Informal, and there were the usual open houses, exchanges and dances. Arderos luau. towel Likes Lo:iett Moron McVey Phillips Scouring. Sutliff %Wee Bliss Cbeasis Pin DuBois Kapouchi Yuan Bettis 861117 [...Regal Freed ma MOIcesbeeo 370 ilnp 9 Is Z:- V. % , i GRADUATE Dorothy Koenig L,•1 Strom, KegPer Mite II Purawal Wald Wolper JONI Ills Terssier Mathes Ruby Davis Knauss. Rerun. TWWI SENIORS Phyllis Andrews Marian Untie Maureen Brown Sera Clew Gay Cow ell Angel Likes Mile Yushkoff JUNIORS Martha Bliss Nan Botha% Mary Cheonis Nancy Chin Mary DuBois Marjorie Forrester Co nstance Grenoski Rine Hollander Norma Huth Susan Kadoguchi Toby Kane SOPHOMORES Beverly Bertosh Barbara Bluestein Mary Britley Constance Covington Phyllis Frank Carol Freedman Lois Holcenborg Mabel Holstein Katherine Kaseles Marjorie UTE Marie Wait, FRESHMEN Sandra Berner Carolyn Cahill Marion Davis Toby Feldstein Phyllis Goulden Patricia Griffin Barbara Hale Carol Jones Karen Kerper Phyllis Knutson Wolff Koenig SPRING MINIM Carol Chew Judith Clark Doris Dean Ellen Dent Mn Jensen Robin Johnston Eileen Kern Helen Kung Lynn Lockett Joan Loumena Sharon McVey Janet Phillips Margery Schreiner Nancy Sutliff Elizabeth Ketonic ' Marilyn Kinchenbaum Patricia Moore Jacqueline Munroe Jacqueline Riskin Carlene Roberts Lelia Seagal Margaret Soon Sandra Shapiro Patricia Stroud Lovell. Wong Toys Matsuda Judith Meyer Karen Minick Thelma Montan Sim. Redsun Ruth Rogin Barbara Rohn tuber Ruby Phyllis Torkells Joan Werner Marina Wolper Sharon Lois Norma Mlles.! ' Joan Penns. Roberta Peters Yvonne Pones; Myra Schwartzman Evelyn Teystier Chiruwan Thirawat DoraMey Thunen Carol Wallbert Patsy Wong TS Katherine Likes Faye Mosekian Hilda Pato Shish. Sardell Marjorie Saunders Renee Ury Frances Weiner Lorne Zbitnoff 371 richards hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY With a number of enthusiastic new girls as well as the old, Richards Hall got off to a good start this year. both acadethically and socially. Academ- ically speaking, Richards Hall was very high with a 1.7 grade-point average for the fall semester. We were well represented on class councils and committees. and Seniors Nancy Pierce and Corinne James represented us on WAC. We were all proud of Kathy Little who was WDA president. member of Cal Club and Mortar Board, and who was chosen as one of the Big Game Queen attendants. Two social traditions initiated this year were a get.acquainted watermelon feed at Tilden and a fabulous ski trip in February to Yosemite. These were added to the social list of formals, informals, open houses. and the " Hilltop Casino. " As the Campanile bell echoed up " the hill. " Richards Hall waved a sad goodbye to its grad- uating seniors, and another year was over. KeaItmo Bake. Ban FieKatie Bede14 Brea° (clean Haney James Michell Pierce SeIlteellw4 Belem Chia Cunt tenclisca King Komi) Notsvicetlei Robertson Sind.Is Sisson 277 S r Si GRADUATE Peggy Hosting Barbara Baker Joan Barr Frances Bauch Stephanie 1301.614 Patricia Brown Jacqueline Chalmers Marylyn Echelman JUNIORS Ann Norsworthy Gwen Robertson Dorothy Sandals Janet Schlen Harriet Sheri Sue Simon Myrtha Thornbrooka Carlene Viergues Carole Von Finnan Nancy Wadsworth Jean Younger Ruth Younger SOPHOMORES Janice Marple Barbara Bay Jean Fancher Lathe Martin Laurette Fox Elynor Moskowitz Pat Giacomard Pet Phillips Shirley Helmer! Edith Urfa Nancy Kassel Betty Smith Shirley Lipian Corinne $tratinsky Constance MacDougall Sane Wittlinger FRESHMEN Linda Keenan Sarah Chang Geraldine Dahlman JoAnn Lagomarsino JoAnne Delo Mary Ellen Link Dorothy Fabburn Joan Lucas Gay Fisher Ellen Mack N Joyce Forrest Noreen Pearl. Barbera Fuller Cosatte Plan Frieda Grell Gloria Ramos Jacguelynne Hardester Margaret Rogers Jean Holmes Mary Sebastian Patricia Huberiy Joanne Tinsman Elena Kesadamoff Jessie Volt; June Waters SPRING RESIDENTS Marilyn Angel Karen Scherer Beryl Bradley Mary Stuart Barbara Fuller SENIORS Ann Harvey Corinne James Katherine Little Diane Michell Nancy Pierce Jan Sutherland Marlene Worthen Genie dem Carolyn Chinn Marlyn Cunoo Dolores DeCadi Lan; Dorcy Carol Erikson June Fields Mary Inglima Constance King Sydney Koenig Jo Anne Logue Muriel Lum Von 14etmect Sden Chant Fenest Noises Lucas Vmli wedsnorte mmOchAall Smith Dahlnan Fuller Huberty Platt Fanclet Guccauni Manic Stratinay Wittlinaer Oslo Faktorn Ora Han:kite Lnonwsin, LiN Sebastian Tinsensn 373 ritter hall 2422 PROSPECT TERRACE GRADUATE Charlotte Woebcke Margaret Aguilar Margot Adorn Evelyn Brokanshire JUNIORS Alone Burke Roberta McDowell Carolyn Cain Thelma Mesa Gloria Care Carolyn Miyakama Elaine Darby Maryann Myers Carol Druhen Betty Ragle Barbara Grant Jo Robustelli Joanne Lanier LaVannes Schwalm Jacqueline Lusher Hilda Stern SENIORS Carolyn Buckner Mary Cain Cerolea Ann Wheeler SOPHOMORES Ann Danberg Ardyth Fleet Mary Jo Maaggert FRESHMEN Esther Aguilar Elizabeth McKimmy Dawn Allen Cherleen Raines Anita Angerman Vivian Rohn Elaine Derby Laura Shelley Grace Ichishita Lynn Well Jean McGeorge Marilyn Wheeler SPRINO RESIDENTS Diana Chin Thelma Saugestad Jona Tang 374 stratford hall 1520 DURANT AVE SENIORS Elizabeth Duque Phyllis Hilton Karolyn Kanter JUNIORS Katinka Flora Elizabeth McDowell None Flora Claudette Mork Eleanore Hake June Morris Ada Jacinto Joyce Nielson Suzanne Sampson SOPHOMORES Hotc., Kane From, K. Flom, N. Hake Hint° Mork Monis Nielson Saps . Owen Hamilton Kanto Knapp Len Maw, Perordi or VdallOortor Cauca Carlson Clifford Fuluda Kir Masson Mtead Miller Mott Pauli Pillsbury Rick ROWI10 St..-ott Leila Church Janine. Hamilton Betty Kaneko Beverly Knapp Marlene Levy FRESHMEN Sue Baton Barbara Bowdin Joanne Butler Dorraine Canino Kathleen Canyon Carol Clifford Carol Doran Lou Fukuda Patsy Key Toni Klessen June Gottleib Beverly Graham Reggie Greenberg Phylis Hilton Diane Knolls Maxine Mason Phyllis Newhouse Sharon Perondi Eloise Spurr Sylvia Wallburger Doris Langford Anita McCord Diane Miller Rita Molt Lynn Palmer Gretchen Pauli Pat Pillsbury Wanda Rich June Rosette, Judy Selmont Elizeboth Koch Susan Mario Livingston Marie Michelis anise Morph " Nancy Omohundro Mono Smith SPRING RESIDENTS 375 smyth association HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT Members of Smyth Association will look back upon 1954.55 as one of the best years in its history. President Pete Reynolds had a fine and active team of officers in the Fall. and under their leadership the Smyth-Bowles Council was established, along with a series of regular Sunday Concerts, under the direction of Bud Crystal. and a comprehensive orientations program for new residents. In the Fall, too, Smyth led all other men ' s living groups in grade. point averages. Fall social events began with the " Lunar Leap. " continued as the juniors sponsored the " Harvest Hop, " and then reached a high point with the informal in November at the St. Francis Yacht Club and came to a climax with the December Winter Formal, " Mistletoe Magic. " at the Fairmont Hotel. On week ends when there was nc organized social activity, both Smythmen and Fernwald girls could be found ice skating at Iceland. At the Senior Dinner near the end of the semester. The Bertha Easter Trophy was awarded to Roger Leach. " Rog " subsequently was elected president to lead the Spring term to a very successful conclusion. Calk Berme ecoler, J. Cox, W. Greet Mee Payne ream Sake, R. 019Rim Mad kensoa satin katlitha Bray Deveat Kissed Kxira Beadrell ScrrAr Bran, Dwa lr Mrbelt 376 V. 1. ilk Loch Lehman 204Williess Helga Pack Ratchet Reynolds Rothman StIvaabacher Stotptard Sieit4 SteisaaS Titlark Weinberg Wang Sevette Beano Booty Bridges angora Beers dun Coast Costanza, R. GRADUATES Duane Dailey Roland Payne SENIORS Michael Higgs Parsons Holladay Pete Hurlimann Gordon Johnson Sid Keith Dick Knapp Bob Kubin Roger Leach John Lehman Steve lower Wilson Carey McWilliams Paul Molge Merril Nelson Phillip Pedou Robert Percher Dick Placone Pete Reynolds Lee Rothman Herb Schmitz Michael Schwabecher Thomas Shepherd Lawrence Siegel Larry Stenseas Irwin Tellerico Lloyd Austin Robert Bodeen William Boman Al Beltrarni Alan Benelishe Ted Barnes John Booker Robert Booker Phil Bray Robert Brown Jim Carter Jim Christiansen Tom Colton William Con Roger Diggins Donald Donahue Alfredo Durant. Ed Dutto Don fades Don Fernguest Erich Geuglitz Tom Griffin Galen Grant William Hof Herold Hassold Henry Van Galen Robert Helseth Art Weinberg Ron Henley Honry Wong Lee Woodward JUNIORS Earl Johnson Barry Long Dennis McCosh Earl McCune Bill Mayfield Richard Moody Gene Memos Berry Mendoza Dave Meyer Dick Myers Robert Osborne Dick Parker Mario Pick. Ray Reinhard Wesley Robinson Don Saba Lewis Samuels John Schultz John Schwabacher Mike Shepherd Torn Steen Jack Stole Ray Sullivan Bill Thompson Kenneth Tornberg James Townsend Ken Tucker Crane Walden Dick Welch Herman Aguirre Will Alexander Bill Barnett Bennie Banning Jets Sequent, Steve Bonanno Kelvin Booty Joel Breilbart Bill Bridges Larry Brodersan Len Brutoceo Jack Surges Ted Chun Vernon Coats Harold Coffee Robert Costanza Bud Crystal Walter Dohsteiner Larry Edsinger Joseph Frantz a Yun.Tong Fung Art Garebedien Ronald Gersten Don Gilbert Bob Giorni Kon Maslen Gary Hill Jim Harlan Michael Hurley 377 Highlighting Leach ' s term of office was the Hilltop Casino. sponsored jointly by Smyth and Fernwald, with the proceeds going to fill the campus quota for WUS. Al Beltrami directed the Casino and his crew made it the best ever. As days lengthened, the nights became warmer, and aided by such social events as the Soph Dance. the Spring Formal at the Mark, " the beach party. picnics, and so on, more and more pinnings and engagements were announced. and then, suddenly it was June. Summer employment, the army, and permanent jobs awaited the men of Smyth. Some graduated, never to return. but others will return to maintain the tradition that is Smyth. Smythmen were active on the campus, too. Tom Shepherd was elected rep•at-large. Henry Wong was student Welfare Board chairman. Carey McWilliams became chairman of International Board. Bob Kubin was chairman of Elections Council. Crane Walden and Bob Percher served as chairmen of Academic Affairs Council, Herb Schmitz returned from Indonesia in time to serve on the executive committee of Cal.lndo. Pit k . . t o Air , 4:1 yr Aran ict—alltr. Dachsteher tOtinOrr F mann Fon Gersten Gilbert Glom ' Murky Lean MeerII IdyerS Ostorne Reinhard %Slaw Sad, Tko0104n Triter. Townsend Walden Banks Manna Bradley Wealth Correll 378 costive., J. Het Fain, F wage. Kemal Lame Seam UM, Osmium Davis Kenner Kull Names, Names f atweera lbw Geletafen Gone WWI h SOPHOMORES Joe Senates John Grosvenor Robert Banks Hens Hehnte Wayne Bantou Tom Hark Robert Binsacca John Kirkwood Bob Bishop Ron Koenig Cloy Bradley Dick Kolm Gordon Cavana Bill Lockett Rudy Ceragioli Joe Loomis Charles Chackorian Charles Marlalas Marcus Cornell Gene Mayer George Conolios Norman Morgan Jim Costanza Bob Popper Geoff Davis Glided Pilo Bob Elliot Elwyn Raffetto Andrew Farrar Dick Rystrom Arnold Fein Wayne Schultz Don Flickinger Howard Soligman Bob Fredricks Vern Soldberg Mils Fukumura Bill Tamerlane Tom Garvey Jim Tooker Dave Goodrich Davin Utter Robert Zanussi FRISNMEN Paul Kirlogeard Wynne Krell Charley Lewis Ron Loot John Metzler Howard Morrow James Ong Dick Parkin Ell Patterson Louie Palfini Bill Peterson Glen Pierce Paul Post Richard Reynolds Bill Riddell Gory Rosenberg Howard Solvin James Taylor Torn Corbin Norman Vanderplaars Tarry Wagner Richard Waugh John Wickman Mike Azevodo Ed Bennett Rick Berry Gordon Briggs John Buckman Bob Champlain Dan Cheatham Rich Cohen Don Thomas Davis John Dowson Bennie Eisler Bob Erickson John Gardenal Dave Gilbert Al Goldenberg Dale Hackney Pet Healey Dick Hibbard John Hint Jack lsborq Ted Kezmier SPRING Lanford Adami Ronald Allbee Stanley Boatload Glenn Bacon Ray Benson Richard Berger Robert Capranica Peter Chung James Clarke Ronald Cooper Thomas Coulson James Con John Getto John Grant Ray Kaplan RESIDENTS William Kennaugh Waldemar Mika Martin Laichtman James too Stanley Levey Norman Molaug David Muir Mayer Musket Robert O ' Donnell Leigh Palmer Ronald Rissone Eugene Rosa Julian Ross Grayson Takata Louis Vegedori Jerrie; Wilson 379 1, V ' • . . • Bain Siert Berke Orgill Debtankr Gm Mitcht41 Parkins barn Smith Stewart Mk Salty Sainte Kart J.0 Koch Msrani lanes stern hall Between lemi stick and bridge almost any Stern Hall resident could find refuge from studying. Also, a number of exchanges, open houses. picnic. and coffee hours were included in the calendar. The most exciting event of the Fall semester occurred when the Stern-AXP float. " tiboroski, " won the Sweepstakes in the Big Game Parade. The holidays were heralded in December by the Christmas Formal, a confection of pink and silver. Spring semester was punctuated by Stag Night, the Faculty Dessert, Family Day, and the Informal. The Formal was held April 15, at the St. Francis Yacht Club. The year drew to a close with the Senior Dinner. The Study Coat, the Goddy Hat, Alice the Squirrel, and Duck-rewards for strict application to academic pursuits, found new homes. Stern could look back upon a full and successful yea•. 380 da. IF II GRADUATE Marilyn Ahlport SENIORS Theresa Hollander Donna Mitchell Julie Parkins Shiela Pepper Allen, Reggio Claudia Rasmussen Mildred Ryan Sharon Smith Josephine Stewart Barbara Weisel el Marguerite Wright JUNIORS Johneene Koch Nancy Lund Barbara Nencarti Gail Nelson Lauren Norton Sarah Price Loretta Riguney Marilyn Scott Sylvia Shookman Mary Anne Stuewe Carolyn Wiley SOPHOMORES Margaret Anderson Sylvia Hotchner Nancy Meath° Grace Inadomi Joan Brodovsky Emma Kraft Carolyn Leto Brumwell Anna Leovey Ida Leo Bue Kate Lucas Kathleen Hazel Chambers Sharon Miller Bodeen. Crano Marianne Pugh Janet Helen Dont Shirley Rapaport Merle Sandra Ensler Judy Sklar Susan Gladstein Judith Sontag Joan Goldstein Marilyn Steiner Sara Leo Gordon Marilyn Thum Lois Heppe Helen Weimar Claire Young FRISNMIN Susan Marie Arbuckle Carol Merchant Nancy Banta Joanne Phillips Mavourneen Ann Byrns Martha Randolph Clara Clark Suzanne Schoibnor Patricia Duff Eva Field Nancy Schlegel Joyce Spivock Sharon Steele Joan Fleming Patricia Tafjen Glenere Hamill Susanne Thomas Marlene Langan Yvonne Worth Janet Littlejohn SPRING RESIDENTS Alice Fullner Sandra Shorrick Joan Levin Barbara Stover Barbara Lofgren Martha Anne Williams Mildred Wilson Linde Bain Malta Story Patricia Boynton Priscilla Chang Joan Chergin Marione Clifford Diane Cowgill Sherrill DobrowsLy Gretchen Green Nanon Hitt Jan Ada Marie Actis Marie Body La Nene Seiner Janet Chipman Rose Marie Costa Barbara Fair Jean Fell Janice Her I Anne Jud Dorothy Juts Patricia Kearns Becastro Goldstein Lean " Sklar Yews Phillips Phillips Steele But Gordon Liam Social State Hamill Randolph Therms Grate Haase Miller Steiner Gawk Ldneen Schesbner Cnsler Wachner Pugh Thum Dull Littlajohn Schlegel Gladstelo Indeed PaPaport Weiner FNH Merchant SIMMitt 381 ENTRAL OFFICE Fite ROA1 USCA Ineapoeate01934 BARRINGTON HAIL 2315 06410 Way EttaNNW 1935 university students ' cooperative association It was twenty-three years ago that a handful of students first gathered at Stiles Hall to solve the high cost of living in those depression years. The intervening years have wit- nessed a growth from the original ten men to a current membership of nine hundred men and women students. There has also been a growth in the $600 original borrowed capital to total assets which approximate a half-million dol- lars. To many minds the history of the USCA is one of the finest success stories in modern bay area history. The past twenty-three years and the development of the organization is a monument to student achievement. The organization is standing proof that students of college level can success- fully handle their own affairs with no more expert guidance than a similar nonstudent organization would demand. The USCA is completely student owned and governed. The largely autonomous house units govern their own affairs STEBBINS HALL 2527 Rdtte Road Blablithe4 1936 OXFORD HALE 2140 Othtd St. Established 1939 CLOTHE COURT 2600 RION Road Established 1946 RIDGE HOUSE 2420 RIffie Roof Established 1945 through their elected councils under a pattern laid down by a board of directors of representatives from each house. In this way the general business of the organization is handled. The students are aided in their business operations by a paid staff of advisors. Represented on the board of directors is an alumnus, a staff member from Stiles Hall, and three University faculty and administration members. As much as student responsibility and control have been instru- mental in the USCA ' s development, the general philosophy of the organization has perhaps been a greater factor. This philosophy dates back to 1844 and Rochedale, England, when the first successful modern consumer cooperative was established. It has been out of the history of the cooperative movement that the overriding principles of the USCA have been taken. A person is judged on his ability to cooperate in the common experience of group living. Race, religion, political creed have not been a criteria for membership in the Co-op. The welcome mat is out to everyone. Differences are expected and respected. As a result of this general theory persons have found more possibilities for individual. ism through cooperation. As a result of the wide diversity of background and interests of the membership possibilities exist for broadening one ' s social outlook. It has been this atmosphere that has largely encouraged the growth of mem- bership and marks its potential contribution to campus life. The past twenty-three years have witnessed the USCA in- volved not only with its own problems but with the problems of the community at large. Its members have been active in the ASUC, honor societies and other student groups. The organization has been particularly interested in problems which face the University such as student housing and the reception and adjustment of foreign students to University life. Community interest is a sure sign of maturity. No longer can it be said that the USCA is an experiment in student government; rather it must be said that the USCA offers a unique experience in student responsibility and group living. HOYT HALL, establiibed 1953, is pictund at the left. SHERMAN HALL 2250 Progoot (stablistod 1943 BUENA VISTA 10 Baker St. San Fram;ito white shingles 2521 HEARST AVE. SENIORS Cesar amanna Petrick Roche Jose Fidel John Rodden Dole Hallberg Richard Thomas JUNIORS William linguist Aden Diamond Fredric Strange SOPHOMORES Gilbert Hayward Jerry Moore FRESHMEN Donald Abrams John Hawes Wesley Stoneman Arnold Lamb Daniel Connelly David Simons Roger Engler Bruce Warner Charl es Green Larry Weaver Gamma Fan Hallberg Roc he Rocklec Tlwrws Ban:putt Oiarnwel String. 14aweard More Abram. COMO) Eoglar Gram ligneS Lamb Simon., WNelef Weaver fti VA Y. 384 ace of clubs finfortrusr:T, Or9 en :cit:bn) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1928 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to Shaten Vault, CCaStE CuOl GOOd•s, Are Ann Mascot SECOND ROW: Barhwa WM. Deborah Toll, Dom Hutchins, Ytonne Kennedy, Ann Salaam, P31 Porto. THIRD ROW: Soma Bea., Ellie CAWS. tOo. Aiu DR plass, San 20 fnall. alpha phi omega (National Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE. 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY.FIVE CHAPTERS Bob Barks Al Beretela L et Bunnell Bill CAR ,F Tom Cook Carlos Conn Thcasat Doctor BO Erickson Walt Kale J AI Ritchcak Karoo Roil ficti Ksae Ron Kurt; R. T. teal Walt Pilgrim Pat Roth In Ross Roan Slam Mel JAI Thompson Art TerunInl Rat Wilson Ray Tolman 386 MAriin ?alight american marketing association AFFILIATED WITH NATIONAL CHAPTER. CHICAGO U.C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1949 Fl FlY.ONE STUDENT CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, cot to now Bob Wrlie, Oliva Stan, Jr, Varoclre, W,Iliam PaJI, Al Walker, Re. ' Pkeitortn. $ECONO ROW: Ancfrey Jobroo; Alice Yang, Loh Lae, Stan Leek Mr. M. F. AnYera, Sob WhIte, Sam Squibb, Shirley metey, Eta Quillel, THIRD ROW: Jed( Malec Auto Saul , Erie BAnin, Allan Son, Roger Loa Emma Cassette, Joe galftICO, Sans Lee, Rossi Tatapoervata, Sob Kayla, Leonard Benson, Ron Title:tan, Gear Color. FIRST ROW, kit to tight: Kyra Oacteman, Janet RIretam, JoAnne Ballots. SECOND ROW: Gately,. Swer640, eine Weak, Lmelda Fox. american red cross LOCAL COLLEGE UNITS FOUNDED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 387 asce PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED. 1852 U.C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1911 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, Ith to raght: A. MHAelbacher, Janes Salto, Don LlecUle, Paul Kett. SECOND ROW: Witte, (mkt ' , Gasket John- son, Lowell Glenn, John Ilroaks, Wale awry, Jerry Pearl!. THIRD ROW: Artand Harris, Merritt New, Wotan Feesytht, Lon Spnwlet, Don (140,con, Ron Geolain. alpha zeta (Ho.14,1,3-y Ayr “,.!..r a: Froterr.,I.,; FOUNDED AT OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. 1887 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY.NINE CHAPTERS 388 FIRST ROW, Wt to right: Daviom, Scott, Lowe, Duet. Holmes, BeadneS, Gant, Manoaiu, Drennan. SECOND ROW: Leach, Mime, Rceanson, Goose,, Reese, Salida, Los, Su, Conde, Owem, Frreman, Wool- worth, Adam, Pradit‘nanij, Zenist THIRD ROW: Wee,, Elkus% Sauna, McGarry, Nenwortni, Blalmer, Wools. Seca, Gan sett, Boras. FOURTH ROW: Mean, Be.. tea, HannItcH, Stunner, Miyake, Neese , Ortara, Peterson, Unidentified, D.h4. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gkidossl. Leach, Kuhl., Bonn, Frisklin. SECOND ROW: Wiry, Homsamy BaumIst, Tom, Email, Omporkh, SitOttinao, Cherry. THIRD ROW: Lyttces, Harker, Ian. Laos, Hkks, Knape, Caper, Hoskins, EleMM, Kosomc. FOURTH ROW: Bnehause, Smith, Schooky, 01$40, Emits, Chisholm, Galant He- ring. ROW: Lind, ShitIds, Worthino. too, Wanness, WoodIced, Wilson, Tubbs, Ward. arnold air society (National Air Force Honor Society FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI 1947 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SQUADRON FOUNDED 1952 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY.EIGHT SQUADRONS FIRST ROW, left to fight: Wintenbath, nal, Hatt, Lamb, Mad " , Kato. SECOND ROW: Schulz, Millis, Baird, Sanaaaef, Dallas, Las, Mica, Rohn... THIRD ROW: bits, Boatoo, Otaglas, Marge..., 51000, Monty, Mank Megan, Hurd. FOURTH ROW: McGerd, Paten, Kir° h, Golds. Wm , odes, Scott, Loodnin, Nano, Don, RAM, Tyler. 389 Goer Broacher. B. Grantee!, C. HbrtMlini HC001.00 King •notraon Brits Gratin; ' dropper Flewai P301101 Prscat Menu Relletto Robretitn p ) PaN e ' r ball and chain je annin, President . Spire Monts Vice.Presklent Ma Brynot Secretary John Mahaffey Treasurer Nick Culling Randal !May Watt WhiIlca baton I tCriarsity oi Ca ' fore a Beta Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1934 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, Not 10 ream: Tom Walter Jim Rssoli, Alba Humdet7, Jog Frodaren. SECOND ROW: Jim Lamson, Allen Casebrel, tools Kahn, Ford Goldbawn, Tony Manion, 304 Flu, brae Ritter. THIRD ROW: ark rerMats, John Ball, Fred Sardon, Bill Moore, 11.11Colesoott, Bob Joyce. 390 FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to rapt: Peter Bak, Mate Colt-am, Sloo:artt Cmco, loot Caron,. Eva ()whet Yen MM Twist, Grace Kcedash, Tale Palos, Babas McCown, Sttittrt. SECOND ROW: Anima Silberman, Professor Paul Wendt, Walter Meta.. Robert Brewer, Carl Lturq, Resold Clifton, Roan Medical:rack Donald Thiel. THIRD ROW: Donato Cherry, Jan Leathers, Ma ' corm Putnam, Jack Sande s. Stan lab, Bread Albert, Alan Plea, Has Betogadh, act Maw, Tom Ktlilt FIRST ROW, left to tq14: Don Durbin, Nan Gutter, gamma Garvin, Peter S:og, Gas Seib. SECOND ROW: Job, Bowling, tattle laussi, Violet Ropserich, Jeanne Piper, Bob White, reside . THIRD ROW: Laois Miles, Tall Dapple, Jesse Shoo, Gwen Whacked, Bob Parent, Leosa McGann, sponsor; Mary Rose Corn. FOURTH ROW: Bill Madden, Irene Bonn, Brae beta gamma sigma (Commerce Scholestk Honor Society) cal 23 club (Speer( Orgethetion for Students Over 21 Year, of Age) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1949 ONE CHAPTER 391 wow. Fermi Swan CaretabeN Wallace Hatt Gear KetNI.ani Richard Ktllon Howard Loath 0...egad MEMIllm Luis Pot Ron SSe Dradit Rank Smiler it,thard Tipton AV e chi alpha kappa (Profastional Architecture Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1922 ONE CHAPTER chi epsilon (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1922 THIRIY•SIX CHAPTERS 392 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Hug Hamilton, Gado. Look, GeraN Drmaan, Haw Kohn, Amok Qum RoWet Scott. SEC. ORD ROW: Jack Colin, Ceo-pe DaviOW, Ben Owen, WeHinton Su, Alfred Mann, Let Dmid, Mown Nad,tt.wail, Sir alsol Fenian. THIRD ROW: Mite. Stoat. et, TN Gear, toad PetiN10., Ed Wilton, Ken Sm.. William Olathe., nil VI.:45, Robert Bead .II, Joseph Berton. christian science organization This organization was founded in 1907 for the purpose of uniting the Chris- tian Scientists in the University of California in closer bonds of Christian fellowship, and to afford to those of this University so desiring, opportu- nities to learn more about Christian Science. The organization welcomes the campus public to its Tuesday evening meetings, at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given: to a Christian Science lecture given once a semester by a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts; and to the open house given each semester. The activities of the organization are conducted entirely by its membership, which is composed of registered students and faculty members of the University. These activities are carried on through various committees such as the Accommodations committee, which maintains a file of living accommodations and work offered to and requested by Christian Science students attending the University; and the Library committee, which maintains a library open to the campus public where the weekly lesson sermon may be read or borrowed. The organiza- tion ' s present edifice was completed in 1933 and dedicated in the Spring of 1941. The campus public is cordially invited to its meetings and to par- ticipate in its activities. 393 reel ;prim, 114-0, Kin:, A Kin, J. Matle Smith Seabeds Derby Jt(0. , S. liftt liketnerency Nears Newnan Slits When Willi kktnnan Dolma college women ' s club juniors JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF TH E AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN KA; r. Herby Ilanit Herman Ilikte ECM Janice Herman Lorraine Sullivan Ann King Alice McCrudden OFFICIRS Spring President Sue Jenkins First Vice-President. Donna Montmorency Second Vice•Prosident .. Joan Metz Third Vice-President Margaret Harris Pita Barbera Ackerman Margaret Cornball Nancy Celcastro Marian Belenis J Culver Elaine Derby Pat Dogenhart Barbara Diamond Yvonne Dairen Carol Mae Erickson Ardyth Fleet Susan Freemen Lois Heppe Margaret Harris Nelda Herby Janice Herman Shirley Hickey Shirlienna Milker Meredith Hinz. Joyce Jenkins Sue Jenkins Helen Jensen Beverly Kellal Priscilla Kennedy Ann King Alice McCrudden Sally McDonald Lela Martin Joan Metz Donna Montmorency Elaine Neeron Montejoan Newman Nancy Pierce Shirley Pitts Eve ()aid Shirley Roberts Leven Shoe Diane Smith June Smith Claire Stewart Lorraine Sullivan Helen Svobode Barbara Wadsworth Kathy Wham Vaden Willis Miriam Zerich Barbara Agnew Margaret Aguilar Anna Baldwin Marjorie Barba Eugenia Brunsfeld Nancy Omohundro Carolyn Buckner Gloria PaneIli Mary Cain Jan Phillips Irene Choronzy Dorothy Pudoff Elizabeth Coles Dale Richardson Hazel Crenshaw June Rossono Virginia Davidson Joan Sabine Antonia Dean LeYonne Schwalm Carole deFremery Suzanne Scudier Dolores Doyen Beverly Smith Mary Griset Susie Spongberg Key Holegson Nancy Sutliff Jeanneane Hover Marilyn Thornton Barbara Hunt Karen Waseth Nancy Jackson Suzanne Westaway Nancy Jenks Elizabeth Woodul Kristen Olson 394 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ernest Kalen, George Kuban, Richard Mow, Joseph Welch, John ktine, Grady Crape Geiger, William Hicks. SECOND ROW: Ose• nil Almoner, RnscII Month Allen Sprague, Chmin Gordon, Jae Martine:, „Units Oren. San, Richard %teeKr, Stiffing Osrren. THIRD ROW: Thomas Canstron, Richard Kearns, ROben Gordon, Alcorn Raven, Ralph Phillips, Phillip Isom, Richwd Crtchtll, Ashley Newitt. delta phi epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS eta kappa nu !Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT 11-1E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1904 MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 191 5 FIFTY.ONE CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Laurel Walter Chem, Riceard Simplon, James Ben- roth Krum Strand Won, B. mbeyt, Lora Strung ' ' , Gear Matsuhara. SECOND ROW: Hearne, Al•Ehryn Chart Renton Ball, Ronald Mitchell, Rod en SPYY, Cordite toed. THIRD ROW: Jot. Sato, Dna Dailey, Bill Ham, RkloYd leanyore. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Pesavento, .RROwNIKa.!:Itatia01;:hk-inscamE:tGdocIdiuearoajr7mr9kL, Kenneth Tucker, Pall Wallace, WIlliani 13(.03.1. 395 uc forestry club (Member of ' Moro log;ele Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 FIRST ROW, left to right: Hariss, Bereeen, Morn, HoIctin, Webb, Haight, 00, Burrell, Atkinson, Inge, Co. SECOND ROW: Shiro, Cat Oat , Rusk, Laursee. Seeeerere. ie., Colby, Krtin, Foster. THIRD ROW; Munro, Clark, eater, Lowell West, Cl.. bush, Kiwi. FOURTH ROW: RUMP, Mel. er, Matey, Winton, Mead, SOM. FIFTH ROW: Anhird, Dotty, Van Zander, Wal. Orme, McDonald, Owen. SIXTH ROW: Rove, Shogart, Waksclal, Bans, Crebbin, Tarlott. gamma sigma sigma (Notional Women ' s Service Sorority) KAPPA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1953 396 FIRST ROW, left to right: Holly Reed, Sans dra Margaret Gray, Dorothy Argue, Sara Gordon, Carol Fitment., Again Coda, Holey Grimebitch. SECOND ROW: Man Jane Gerhardt, Ann Butler, Connie Can, Panetta Lapin, Norma Meatter, Barbara Hale, Arlene Dore, Alma Salton, Jere Lu Scott, Andrea Smith. THIRD ROW: Martha Pat MtGreets, ABMs Morgan, Newman, Data WWII, went Furth, Miss Patricia Brauel, Marion Merlotti, Miss Katherine Tank, Minton, Mn. Peg Davies, Ain Sickle, Faye Ma Dell, Bettye Sweet, Ann William, Clauda Ardnats, Hannan, Fran Omit. Iry %.1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Cay Cauwi. Jim Van Nay, Marianne Amon. SECOND ROW: Shirley Cwistme, Mar%( EtChtfarl, Martha Mom., Nancy Fire, Slot Mattbrm, Rev McDowell, Diane Drake, Marlene Peterson, Marilyn Comm, Rosemary Meehan, Mack GLwinovla, Judy Johmon. THIRD ROW: Lit tally Wes McDamelMike Shaer, Barbara Lew., Raid GetsetrIne, Gordon Wilson, Art NocoldrAll, Orel Miff, Rich Davis,D Rosalind Samni, Sahrti Stitt, Syhia Swan. FOURTH ROW: Ted Johtmon, Inez Bucks, Bill Somerville, Anne Richard, Bernice Peace, Jam Ramon, Sardra Moshe ' s, Earl Davis, In Levy, Cella Conn, Andy Stauffer, Bob Stevens. FIFTH ROW: Sally Spear, Claudia Mazy, Jim Kidder, Tom Jeffry. gavel and quill (Clan ActIvIties Honor SocItIvi FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1949 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left ha wet: Joan Fisher, Gillian Turner, Bernice Calvin. SECOND ROW: Careen Boer, Douglas Zoo, Saba Farmtem, CeraM !heath, Ron Straript, Bob Keastwy. hammer and dimmer FechMcal Drornohc Horor Socsty) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1936 ONE CHAPTER 397 golden bear (Senior Mon ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 George P. Adams David P. Barrows Alber M. Becker Louis H. Bell. Jr. Eric C. BoIlquist Allen C. Blaisdell George C. Briggs John U. Calkins James Cason. Jr. Ralph W. Cheney Milton Chemin Robert P. Commander John B. Condliffo James H. Corley Chas. C. Cushing Alva R. Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Charles Derleth. Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch E. A. Dickson William G. Donald Carroll M. Ebright Gregory F. Englehard Clinton W. Evans Earl J. Fenston W. W. Ferrier. Jr. Walter S. Frederick Warren Herding Giedt Phillip R. Griffin Ram S. Agrewal Alfonso D. Beata Bruce C. Barnett Elliot G. Baum Morton P. Beebe Albert P. (Wham; James B. Bouick William E. Chainey Richard A. Clarke Robert W. Collins Thomas M. Cook Donald S. Cvietusa Robert S. Daggett Laurence R. Davis Hans D. De Le Roi Douglas S. Dempster James L. Dillon Donald DeW. Donihue Albert H. Ebright Lloyd G. Fabri moo Fujimoto John G. Fu ' bright John M. Garzoli Gordon G. Gill Arthur A. Gonos Daniel F. Gould Robert P. Gregovich Charles H. Greschel Glenn Galvin UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Gordon Griffiths Charles A, Gulick Gerald H. Hagar Theodore E. Haley Chaffee E. Hall. Jr. Brutus K. Hamilton Edwin L Harbech James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Edward H. Heller John D. Hicks Joel H. Hildebrand Joseph L. Hodges. Jr. William N. Keeler Richard Kelly Robert L. Kerney Clark Kerr A. M. Kidd Frank L. !Griner Harry L Kingman Elmo J. Koll John E. Landon George D. Louderbeck Stanley E. McCaffrey Donald H. McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow W. Middlekeuf Rolfe D. Miller John Francis Neylan Harold C. Norton William J. Norton MEMBERS Kernel M. Gurbingol James D. Hell Harry A. Hansen. Jr. Matthew E. Hazeltine. Jr. Tholton Henderson Milton Honea Preston B. Hotchkiss Nathan Huggins Harold R. Hungerford. Jr. Albert J. Johnson Louis E. Kahn Teoshihiko Kajitani Ronald H. Kaufman Robert Kubin Donald A. Lengrock John C. Leathers Robert E. Leslie Stanford M. Lyman Charles P. Machado Wilson C. McWilliams Robert V. Markovich Richard Marston Donald P. Martin Winton E. Mather Morris C. Milbank Vincent Mok Herbert P. Moore. Jr. Alan C. Nelson John I. Nelson Peter ()dotard Gus Olson George A. Pettit) Kenneth S. Mug Clarence M. Price Joseph H. Quire Alva W. Ragan Leon J. Richardson William F. Shepard Robert E. Sibley Owen Guinn Smith Vernon M. Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Redmond C. Stash Verne A. Stadtman Wendell M. Stanley Hurford E. Stone Fred S. Striper Jacobus Tenbrovi H. Sedgefield Thomson Ian G. Turner Robert M. Underhill Lester C. liter. William W. Wadman Lynn 0. Waldorf Harold R. Walt Garff B. Wilson Baldwin M. Woods Henry S. Yee Hans C. Palmer Frank A. Patty. Jr. Paul A. Peterson James P. Plestes William 0. Plosser Alan Y. Poston Robert E. Roger Richard H. Rahl Peter A. Reynolds John Richards Richard L. Righter Claude D. Rolvwer Jack L Rubin Sanford I. Saunders Charles T. Sherringhausen Herbert K. Schmitz Thomas J. Shepherd Bill Somerville Lonnie V. Spurrier Jan Stevens Thomas H. Taylor James E. Thayer George J. Vukasin Edward Wachsmen Carl A. Walker Donald L. Walker Clerk E. Wallace Howard Wiggins John M. Wilson 398 F Int ROW, 144t to nigh): JO.. Spencer, Manly. Barth, Mabel Holstein, Bernie Rob. oson, Morrisa Wolper, Eleanor Jeacts, Helen Schroer. SECOND ROW: Rabbi H. Gumbiner (director), Lam Spat, Emit Birnban, S. towel, Irwin TalIwko, Mary 13.emlotk. hillel (A Nat;cnol ageniteCon Devoted to Cultural. Religious and Count;ling Service Among Jewish Students on the College Campus) interfaith council 1Tc p.cnTh..e Ur derstendinq and c0000rat;ort among faiths) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1941 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ray Oars, Ahin Ka, Paul Hathaway, Cyril Appel, Bee Gibbs, Richard Lottridoe. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Bailey, Barbara Hall, Mary II: ninonientr Valero. Kay, Charlotte Bern, THIRD ROW: Cecil Thomas, Ernest Megazzak Hale McMahon, Gimrre Cabs, Barbara (11{41. death, Jobe Kevx, Mono, Hilliard, Or. Clarence impel 399 honor students society [ Upper DbAsion Honor SI.xlenls Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1946 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, HI; to tight: Mil., in, Yet, Wang, Laawedix, Bryant, thatched Mamma. Pent ' , Thy, Bartholomew.. SECOND HOW: Hata, Coalman, Othewomi, More, Womb. wth, Mahe ' , Eby, YRbI, C4rt, Bracahtlor, lhaeleat, therm. THIRD ROW: Ryr, Was, Pantie, Arylatos, Warr, Meer, M t, Frye, Wardr MINH.. Polar, trepan. FOURTH ROW: Osborne, Caustell, Harr, 1, Wen Urns% Itatrhee. Gant; nebben, waiter. FIRST ROW, kit to tiro: Pal Sommers, .Nook Wm, Bletalta Venom, Wor. (way, ' Unimak Jeri Siert, McRepelds. SECOND ROW: Edythe lutille Fnemil, Elan Graeralky, Irene Tar. Croke Denary, Stwilya Pattened, Clown. the , Carol Gahm Emily Hall. THIRD ROW: Beryl Bradley, Birch BigNman, MAK.) rcrque, iutAt, Talky. thr-or Ja:gro:hr roc, N,,, Tay. home economics club FOUR i 4:..;:;(;REL) CHAPTERS 400 mask and dagger (Dramatic Honor Society] FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, kit to right: Bill Price, Jan infs.., Oak Moll ' s, Gillian Turner, Larry Sherrill, Gerald CIstoch. SECOND ROW: Wog Log, Gaffe ' Bon, Jan ValtAtil, Albert Joteson, Walt MNShe, Sabra Firestein, Pat O ' Grady, BO Keasbey. With Lad Griffith aul Ktrros Cartwright as ctromodoreS, Yacht Club entased twist this craft, ore of their et racing WM). yacht club FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1937 ONE CHAPTER 401 FIRST ROW. lea to rapt: Date Hill, Ann Moore. Claa.Joe Clark, Mine Bettie?. D enim Oilladina. SECOND ROW: twol Murray, Joe Welch, Ed Holtman, ducat Ronan, Sharon Mira, Beth Huron, Sue tAtCauley. THIRD ROW: Kara Cater:ant. Seyran Mena, Frt0 Jacobs, Jan Benvaa, Manta Cayloe, Patti Banta, Renee Hy an Cathy Below. Terra Rata, ROSePUI me Mogen H. FOURTH ROW: Cm Tall, Dick Faith:., Scat Shaman, Gay Rosenberg, Bob Illly, Okk Pronto ' . model senate republican caucus BOTH GROUPS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 195) ONE CHAPTER model senate democratic caucus BOTH GROUPS SPONSORED JOINTLY BY STILES HALL AND THE vviCA SESSIONS SPONSORED BY THE POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 402 FIRST ROW, kit to alit: Nan theirs. Tan Shepard, UAW theitall, Mani dl Savo. SECOND ROW: Okay Thutiumitla, Kann Judy Men. Hanel Cody, Sylvia Lyman, BIB Laken, Al Goldeatana. THIRD ROW: Beth Little, Jaw Wetter, Ptinatte Lama.. Haan Elnan Al 0.1. trash, tan Uttletohn, Tay lune mortar board (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE. NEW YORK. 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY SPONSORS Mrs. Emerson Korn Mrs. Kerr Mn. Donald McLaughlin HONORARY Leila Anderson Margaret Beattie Carol Simmons Bell Mn. Ralph Cheney Louise Cobb Mary Davidson Mrs. Monroe Deutsch Helen Fenchn OFFICERS President Araminta Blackwelder Vice.President Lee Chapman Secretary Lou Bishop Treasurer Mary Kelly Scribe Sue Gardner MEMSIRS Inlay Berglund Mary Kelly Lou Bishop Silvia Kemp Araminte Dickey Blackwelder Peggy LeViolette Nancy Bracken Kathy little Billie Bridges Sue Melhews Lee Chapman Beverly Mitchell Dorothy Thelon Clemens Carol Mister Barbara Clymer Nan Nelson Sue Gardner Lila Sankowich Ann Hell Sharon Smith Janice Hungarford Marianne Truscott MEMSERS Alice Hoyt Mn.Clerk Kerr Mrs. Joseph Quire Violet Marshall Lillie Sherman Mrs. R. G. Sproul Mrs. Lynn Waldorf Dr. Margaret Zeff Steeled 131,top Stic nide, Bracket Briers Clayman Clymer Gaidner Hall Hunerforel Kelly Kempf UV.°tem Little Mathews Mitchell Miner Metsan Settee.Ice Smith These. Tema° provide for the cooperation between societies. to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship. to recognize and encourage leadership. and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " 403 newman club (Organization for Catholic Students) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 Under the guidance of Fathers Donegan, Quinan and Lynch, a varied spiritual. intellectual and social program is provided for the Catholic students on the California campus. Among the successful events of the year were the Fall and Spring Reception. Men ' s and Women ' s Retreats, picnics, a hayride, the annual Spring Formal, the Honor Banquet, and the Pacific Coast Province Convention in Fresno. OFFICERS President Len Powers Vicaresident Nita Bacot Secretary Barbara Weiser Treasurer. Micky Sommers 404 panne (Sophomore Women•s Honorary) Baum...tree Bceioin CarmAon Davis Dcmoeu Coke Erie itoll Fret Cruet Gray Hall Milker Huck PArrterg Yohn,:ri Blotter Levin AltCyrIby McCauley McGill Marchitelll Mitchell Pridmore Rohn, Seltumacher Sides Vaugto Vole Wham Willard A phi chi theta (Commerce Woman ' s ProfassIonal Fratern3y) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY.EIGHT CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to fir: Wilma Steirert, Irene Chotauy, Better} Kallal, Shirley Hickey, Marko Millie, Helen SW ley. SEE. OND ROW: Gloria Ginter, Elaine Nana, Earl) Palos, Eva Oultki, Lois Lau, Mani Lewis, Barbara Van AMP Webb, Marion Stantal, Helen Cigna. THIRD ROW: Kathy Wham, Mary haw, Pat Kearns, Mary Hemel, Nancy Sothic, Alice Yang, Senn Phillips, Barbara blbCobeell, Margaret Garcia, Audrey Pfeiffer, Roberta Barnes. 405 FIRST ROW, kit to NM ' Barbara Min, Elaine 8a tam JcC9, from }tom Norma Kleebmer. SECOND ROW: Marcy Williamson, Carol Smddon, Mamie Shehy, Pat Denton, Yon Iltatt, Emily Inkt, Sot Sherry, Lorraine Smith. THIRD ROW: Lynne Ramat ' , Enka Brats, Nancy Wadsoorth, Flora Atldft$Ort, Marilyn lim, Mullane Hobbs, Janis Mown, Jean. Ohm, Lee Wertheim. pi alpha sigma (National Profea;onal Adveni‘ing Society) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1937 prelegal society FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1952 406 FIRST ROW, kit to kW: Gnu VeLudt, Cliff KordW E4ine Neaten, Vic Billig. ton, Marilyn M. Whaley, Pall Kim, SECOND ROW: Harty lcbstrob, Sbekko Roth:Ent, 801 PM meth, Stan Gutman, Sob Lelk, Yokixtri kora. THIRD ROW: Pal Hanlon, Frank Simonson, Phil Thorp. ton, Karl Mora, Joe Bike, Manton Fite. man FIRST ROW. RN to right: Hevy Go, OctGiackltn. Clue Nash, Gaunt Cismovhirt. David Reno, AVA011. SECOND ROW: mans LekInman, Tashi BabaY, DUI WM, Dee FIkkIrver, Janet Sewell, Gloria THIRD ROW: Richard Was, Rumul Maar:a-cf, Forest Van 11leek Boa Jane, J. Rotard Bean, Swat Tam Glees FortVI. premedical society The purpose of the Premedical Society is to encourage, aid and orient the premedical student to the challenge he has before him. The society offers to all premedical students: Authoritative speakers from the various medical fields. Restricted medical and surgical films. Field trips to hospitals, laboratories and institutions. A bimonthly publication of pertinent information. A complete library of medical school catalogues. Banquets, dances, and other social events. Fall OFFICERS Spring Rudy MOOS Pros:dent Did Gladden Dick Gladden of Activities ..Reed Miller Pet 1.4cUn Wco-President of Advising ... Herb Cohn Dorothy Rezin Secretary . Connie Cunningham Don Flickinger. Treasurer .._Dave Morris Mary Wimp:. Epithelium Editor. Clare Vinard 407 sigma delta chi Profosslonal Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT OEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 FORIY•FIVE CHAPTERS LEFT TO RIGHT: ONO Clark. Jim Benaisoe John Jervis. Ronald Jensen, Sun Staten, Don Martin, Larry GtMier, Dick pokey- FIRST ROW, 1$t to riohl: Kenneth Letthee, Sonia ender, Haney March, Benny Montt!, Bill Knutten. SECOND ROW: Can Cetiti, Sot Parsons, ex Takahashi, Joel Ilettoceth, Ca ton Mat Let, Adolphus WON- prepharmacy society President Hervey March Br: Bathurst Vicares. Beverly Howell, Bill Knudsen Secretary...Joan Kalish, Nancy Winernan Treasurer Sonia Binder, Calvin Lee 408 FIRST ROW, lilt to tight: Marilyn Lush, Calm. James, Margaret Ardente, Mary Aelnerni, Llla Saokookh, Kathy Little, Rosemary Meehan, Kathy Schumacher, Kelm Eschew, Sally Waters, Lee Ralph. SECOND ROW: Peggy Willard, Sterrill , Gretchen Green, Lou Curtke, Mn. Quire, Nan Nelson, Bev Fitch, Michele Glognorich, Sharon Smith, Pat Med, Hence Mel:Arnie, Tia Pinney, Judy O ' Connell, THIRD ROW: Irene Fitts, Jan Hurspertced, Sue Gardner. Oot Cltnem, Lee Chapman, Liz Bahl.. Bev Mitchell. Marilyn Jacobson, Peggy LaViefette, Mary Kelly Marilyn Settee, Barbara Brass Resethal, Carol Mister. Julie Geer,. Nancy Bracket FOURTH ROW: Lesley Berglund, Site Cerisi, Val Johnson, Marianne 7 vireo, urea Bain, Joyce Conklin, Sot Mathews, Miriam ElteHmin, Sylvia Lyman, Bee Isenberg, Ann Ran, Marianne Meylan, Judy Woolsey, Billie Bribers, Bort ke Bromides. prytanean Wunior.Sonior Women ' s Honorary) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1900 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Nan Nelson Vic•resident Bev Fitch Secretory Lou Curtice Corresponding Secretary Michele GlavinovIch Treasurer Sue Bonnet Membership Chairman Carol Spelterman Projects Chairman ,, Rosemary Meehan UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Miss Leila Anderson Mn. Amy Buenstead Mrs. Ruth Donnelly Mrs. Jean MacFarlane miss Carmel Riley Mrs Barbara Arms?tong Rh, Marierie Carlton Miss Anne EsPensehode Mrs. Margaret McQuery Wm Agent Robb NOS. Anne Banner Wm Vera Corston Miss Hope Cladding Mrs. Hildegard Millar Miss Li lie Sherman Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Louise Cobb Mrs. Marie Glass Mn. Agnes Mangan Miss Consort“ Steal Miss Eleanor Berrien Mrs. Charlie Clark Mrs. Keilimil,B Gent Miss Florence Mullins Miss Kotherine Towle Mist Margaret Beattie Miss Edith Coulter Miss Pauline Hidgson Miss Margaret Murdock Mrs. Marguerite Von Der Wetter Miss Fredric. Bernhard Mist Lucille Czornowsti Miss Alice Hoyt Miss Cecil KW Of. Margaret Zeff Miss Olga Bridgeman Mrs. Mary Davidson Mrs. !flee Henson Mrs. Catherine Quite Mrs. Sue Brown Miss Sarah Davis Mrs. Marion King Miss Aurora Chiron SENIORS Adorns Nancy Bracken Irene fins Kathy Little Lilo Sankowich Margaret Anderson Billie Bridges Sue Gardner Sylvia Lyman Edna swill Mary Aut.-ram Bernims Calvin Michele Glevinovich Sue Matthews Sharon Smith Linde Bain Sue Cretin; GreteJsen Green Rosemary Meehan Carol Spiekerrnaa Liz Batas Janet antler Ann Hall Beverly Mitchell Lorraine Sullivan Sue Beittel Lee Chapman Janice Huegerford Carol Mister Marilyn Miriam Benjamin Dot Clemens Marilyn Jacobson Kathryn McDuff ' s! Marianne Trvscolt LeVey Berglund Lou Bishop Lou Curtice Corinne James Val Johnson Nen Nelson Nano, Poe Salty Waters Peggy Willard Blackwelder Sherrill Debrowskv May Kelly tee Ralph Carolyn Wood Patricia Boynton Bev Filch Sylvia Kempe Berbera Rosenthal Judy WOMMY Sue tenet JUNIORS Joan Brady Kathy Crawford Marilyn Hansen Marianne Meylen Connie Finney Bernice Isonsdon Joyce Caitlin Jennifer Davis Nelda Herby Shitlionne Hilton Beverly Isenberg Garry Munger hdy O ' Connell Why Schronekee Liz Wale Margery MacKenzie 409 FIRST ROW, left to right: ken Palen, 1st Limiter it Fred fro Linterni JO, Lthn.11., tyer t Cantata Bob Leslie, 1s Sergeant TS Berms, Jack Lockhrs, Warren McCord. SECOND ROW: CorOca Ragan, Miklo Sao Jim Griggs, Bob Mimi, Bob Lamb. Samuel MItata, Ed Diner. One Maddox. Ken Vastness, Bryce Pifel. THIRD ROW: Retell Jack, Joist Leather ' , Carter Swage, Ken Wieners ' , Alvin Len, Bill Mart Herb , James barn, Dick Para., Pete Yee Warm Jones Frei Bob Heasley. FOURTH ROW: Red Surke, Ron in Wayne Collin, Gay Wrdet. James Hall, Yell Otane, Rotert Wickman, Haney Grad,, WcoJbery Breavell, She , Rothblatt, Paul Mani, One Swim, Robert Welnkk. FIFTH ROW: Dkk Pawn, Bob Mitre, Gwen Holt, Keith Bull, Par Tom, John Hardeteck, Pail Wallace, Roger Lore, Lee Posen, Rehm Caldwell, Pete Ray ' olds, ecarn Scuttall. scabbard and blade (Norionm Istflaary Honor EDdoty) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1905 COMPANY M, FOURTH REGIMENT. FOUNDED 1923 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY.TWO COMPANIES OFFICERS Captain First Lieutenant. Second lieutenant First Sergeant Robert E. Leslie Frederick L. Green. John P. Lehman Theodore P. Berne% FAUMIERS James Adams Gee. Clements Harvey Grody Roger Leach Joan Moon Bernerd Stepan., Theodore Bert., William Coleman Arthur Goren John leathers Charles Moore Lowell Shirley Richard tierce Allen Collins James Hall Robert Lerner Richard Myers Richard Sjoberg terry Satires Ronald Dallas Johns Hardebact Robert Leslie Ed Nissen Charles Southall Harry Blair William Decamp M. M. Hoyden Justus lemons. Yuji Okeno Wayne Spence Lee than Sennett libel Charles Cr Iler. Stephen Dimaff Ralph Hoffman Williem John Lehman Alan Olean John Peden Harley Steinman ' Akio Soo Charles Botsford Franklin Ehrhardt Hell Tholbert Hones Roy Linn Richard Parson Burton Swenson Earl Boynton Sumner Ely Robert Jack Jack Lockhart John Phillips Carter Swenson Arthur Brinolare Richard Etter Mark Jennings Roger Lowe Bruce Prel Paul Tong John trough Raymond Etter Keith Jewell James Lugg Leo Pitcher Peter Van Houten David Brown Ham beoldsee Miller Johnson Dean Maddox Stanford Pollock Ken Ventres " William Buckley Phillip Flynn Robert Kombey Mynas Marks Leonard Powers John VOA Zander Keith lull William Foley Herbert Kennedy Paul March Owlet Quesney Gaylord Virden Lee Bateau James Fold Ronald Kerns Donald Martin Gordon Rogan William Underwood David Burke Lowell Glenn John Kiffmeyor Spiro Mollie Peter Reynolds Paul Wallace Roderick larks Ronald Goodwin Robert Clams Warren McCord J. L. Rowley Henry White Robert Caldwell Frederick Greens Robert Knowlton R. J. McGregor Ralph Ricks Robert Wilma, Jamie Carter till Greschal Den Koscrec James McMullin Sheldon Rothblatt Kenneth Wienema Roy Chas " Harold Griggs Robert Lend Samuel Where Kelley Saferey Terry Wallet. Terry Larsen 410 I HOUSE COUNCIL—FIRST ROW, kft to Emile Chisholm, Regina VaivadS. WO Lamb ' , (Knob Kohn, Pat Canteen, k ' Bola. SECOND ROW: Dr. Rarmkoristni, VkICe Oluno, Jan Allifm, Jaen WaIsk Ten Manhall, Joh, Wall. THIRD ROW: Allan am, Min Wittlason, Ooo Luc:atoll. Knnal Gentsloact international house International House, " residence hall for students of many lands, " was founded at the University of California in 1931. Fifty-five countries are represented by the residents. All are united by the theme of life at Inter- national House which is exemplified by the words of the mott o: " That Brotherhood May Prevail. " The following countries are among those represented: Argentina Columbia Hong Kong Mexico Singapore Australia Cuba ndia Netherlands Spain Austria Denmark ndonesia New Zealand Sweden Belgium Ecuador ran Norway Switzerland Brazil Egypt raq Pakistan Syria British Guiana El Salvador creel Peru Tahiti Burma England taly Philippine Islands Thailand Canada Fiji Islands Jamaica Portugal Trans Jordan Ceylon Finland Japan Puerto Rico Turkey Chile Greece Korea Rumania Venezuela China Guatemala Lebanon Scotland 411 FIRST ROW, lett to rant Bob Randle, Hard, Bob Ebewalda, Bart Prom, Jim McDonald, Gorge Gibbs, Tom Taylor. Tcm Feltner, Don Mtddessel, Tel Canty. SECOND ROW: Jim Rhodes, Tom Wright, Pete Newell, Gene Markley, Chuck White, Ken masa , Stu McKee, Larry Table, Dan Bancroft, Alpheus Bell. THIRD ROW: Lee Sltenbs, Roger Dunn, Pis Pines, Steve Turner, Jim Jacobus, John marten, Kegs Magum, Bill Citrus, Jobs Wilson, Lloyd Pringle, Matt HatrItim, Toni Kramer, Mite Cary. Ed Gnus, Ray Connelly, Jim Hall. skull and keys (Limier and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. NM ONE CHAPTER loll Bars Prom Torn Feltner George Gibbs John Wilson OFFICERS President .. Vicaresident Secretory Treasurer HONORARY MIMIERS Spring John Wilton Tom Feline, Ken Herren George Gibbs Dick Morey W. H. Durham De. James T. Harkness Ralph P. Merritt G. Sericklin Stab Allison Kv Ebright Robert Hemphill Ralf. Miller Fred Shipp Iodic Andrews Greg Engelhard Norman E. Hinds Brick Mitchell Mohr J. S. Swifter David P. Barrows Capt. Neil Edmunds John Hottest.. Rut Nagler Nicholas L. TelWerra Gill Becker James K. Ftsk H. S. Howard huger. Neuhaus Liter. Comdr. H. L. Tallman Dr. Boles Wally Frederick Miles Hudson John Francis Neylan E. H. Taylor N. S. Buchanan Stanley B. Freeborn James F. Hutchinson R. L. Olson Col. Thomas John U. Calkins. Jr. Horace R. Gaither Dick Kelly F. C. Palm J. Trues Donald 0. Cameron Everett Glass Dr. Frank Kelly Maio. G. H. Peaody n. Iltritz Andy Carlson Cap?. P. C. Godwin Alexander M. Kidd Robert A. Peterson Charles R. Voltz R. W. One., Georg Good Lowrance Kinneird Al Ragan Edwin C. Voorhies Zeb Cheney Capt. Sandy Goodman M. Latimer Carl Reich Lynn 0. Waldorf Walter Christie Walter Gordon Karl C. Leobrick L. Reno Benjamin Wallace Clarence Corey lieu?. Merry Greenlaw E. tendon F. M. Russell Frank Wickhont James A. Crutchfield E. T. Grath.. Austin MacDonald Maier C. R. Sargent Jack Williamson Harry Davh John Grover Walter E. Magee Geo. Schroth Beb Wilson M. M. Monroe E. Deutsch Chaffee Hall. Jr. Brutus Hamilton Eggs Manske G. E. Mess James G. Yaeffer Robert G. Sproul Ga riff I. Wilson Jean C. Witter William G. Donald James Hamilton Jock McKenzie Tom Stow Carl Zembach Newton B. Jack HaPPOldt Herrn Meister ACTIVE MIMSIRS H. E. Saone Oen Bancroft Henry Hand Den Mciesonal Bill Dena. Lloyd Pringle Sob Slake Jahn Hayden Don Meek Roger Dunn Barr Prom Sob BoweIda Doug Holt Kevin Merrick Tom Feltner Jive Rhodes Mike Came Ken Morrell John Morken Geer,. Gibbs Lao Sarnia ' s. Ray Donnell! Jim Hughes Rob Prinled Jim Hanifen Ken Simpson Jim Edwards truce Fowler Tom Kremer Jim MacDonald John Steve Turner Matt Hateltine Jim Jacobus terry Taber Tom Taylor Ted Garrey Hugh Maguire Charlie Whyte Paul Larson Lloyd torchie Ed Great, Gana Medley Tom ' MAIM Pete Ken Ventures Jim Hall Ste McKee Jim Hews John Wilson 412 FIRST ROW, left to •Oti Mer CF Lal, Toy Der, Joffe Talalthi, an Krone, Ron Browner, Ernest imbials, Letter rum, Alan R. McIntosh, Ntdc A . Jeff. SECOND ROW: James Lim, Therese Hume), Kayo Fong. Eugene Row, Ted Sen. nett, Ohio GOMA. Comte CannIngham, Den Gdmm, Or, Kerry Rapoport. THIRD ROW: Helm Vaughn, Dtettech W. HnreiLJ, Laurence Hunhs, Robert Meredith, Lee Jan noon, Starley Dinsmore, Betty Ragle, Ray °karma. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Jones, Willa. Harrison, Lad Phillips, Stephen K. Lome, hrtilen Helliven, Rich Lassie , Charlet Sederhcem, Joe Sonnenberg, Edell Short. student affiliates of american chemical society PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1876 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED 1938 tau beta pi (Enmintarlrry Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED 1907 EIGHTY.EIGHT CHAPTERS 4 FIRST ROW, left to right: Coto Loge. Al LeigMen, JAW, Der, laurel Spirant. Phlii. Bray, Let Drod, pretitni; then Scott, Jimmie Ducar, Homer Hairnet. Jeer, Drennan, John Lehman. SECOND ROW: I. Mohammed, K. Meads., J. Hearse, A. Johnson, R. Common, J. Bennett, E. G. PI drys, Jack Weixt, C. Banholosech feed Adams. THIRD ROW: 8. OnoSery, Ken Soor, Lewis Psalm George MaIsubara, Loran StrIntr, William Taylor, Ed Wilton, Bill Blolorter, Bill Fiord, Erre( Etcetera Millie St . FOURTH ROW: Ycoliki OshInu, Nonacid Joy, Nil Woods, Sig Freeman, Erman Pearce., An Carabedian Larry Etd, Wlllimn Srldmet, sibs. 413 LEFT TO RICHT: Alton JcAnson, Golan Theme, Robert Keasbey. Vogima Beach, Grin10 (BONDI, Reittet Benewds. thalian ' Honorary Directing Society! FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 theta sigma phi HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN IN JOURNALISM 414 FIRST ROW, left to rent: Meryl Hayes, Barbara Rosenthal, Pada.% Bre httheII, Jut McCoy, Ann Hall Alma Kahn, till SECOND ROW: Carolyn Copeland, Eleanor lamkis, Sheila Ryan, Hatmio Bedrosian, Marilyn Jacobson, Janet Prather, Shirley Hat1HW, Patricia Blddi• sot. THIRD ROW: Shirley Lansbary, Sandra LittWaco!. Denise Wootbstil, Betty Kint- ner. Virginia Din ichen, L4 ware.t. FIRST ROW, lelt to rim ' George MOnani, ChIle% Andrade, Bill Iron, jag Sm. Ward Flynn, Jack %ethyl % , Ton Rogan, sin Wardle. SECOND ROW: awry Sahnomachw. Delo., Pole Norton, Prot D. W. Mitchell Red. .130 Esertden, Prof. Adolf Palm, Ord. Ralph Chaney, (ha THIRD ROW: Rog Ardectcw Slim Millen. Wag. Warn. Add.cotl, Den Skoo, Don Schmidt, Don lane., Rog Rose, Gado. 5artholows, Al Oar. FOURTH ROW: Solt Cicely, Prot CMWIMS Curtis, Prof. E. R. Wine ' , Da. S. P. Walks. theta tau I Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHE D 1911 TWENTY.FOUR CHAPTERS torch and shield [Woman ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1906 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Nan Nelow, Mhartat McCooar, Carol Smeierrno, Cynthia What, Lila Sathoolitly Mary Aulywnn, Kathy SuTle Unit, Margaret Aydencn, Rowmary Meehan. 415 FIRST ROW. left to E.t.o ;Arry V.x.S.a,i, Rod Graft Mike Mite, Doe On does, !ply Bliley, Boo Rape. SECOND RON: Jerry BNIcer, Lyn Ntheket Don Dal Porto, Kirk Ashford, Alan LaRue, Choate Green, Terry Cole, SAO Cobb. THIRD ROW: Dick Ortar, Hugh Detlemrkh, Darryl Petenon, Roy lictards, Gene Davit, UN Pow, Stan Sonny, Mike Myers, Jam Hopper, .101n O ' Connell, Joe Jaeger, Gil Davis, Rick Carr, John Matteson, Ortk Snubbe. FOURTH ROW: Rkh Battelle, Ben Hammon, Jack ((Khoo, Here Tuttle, [barley Stevenson, Pete Nankin, Ben From, Gary Napa., John Chinn, Grant castrato, Bill Wallw. triune (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1934 Herb Jackson Neil Fox Jack McNees Tom Trutner John Warren John Elworthy Nick Papac Dick Falgo Art Remmell Dunc McSwain Ted Boone Bill Govan Jerry Nilno Stan Sparks Iry Hurd Peter Neuman Bright Johnson John Hardy Ed Connor Jim Crilly Charlie Stevenson Gary Donovan Jim Little Jim Hopper MEMBERS Bert Froorn Tom Morris!. John Chinn Ben Hammon Dick Willey Jim Burns Wally Haggland Fred Rhodes Bill Voriess Bill Wallace Benton Stiniman Grant Cottoneo Jerry Becker Dick Snibby Lynn Nebeker Bob Rogers Bob Watkins John Mortensen Paul erochini Jean Tilley Rick Carver Al Holloway Dick OReer Ron Thieman Bill Parsons Al Stewart Joe Burns Norm Tuttle Kirk Ashford RemoJecuzzi John Pollan Pete Linton Bob Wallace Scot Laidlow Jim Calloway Neil Waterfall Gene Davis Rod Griffin Roy Richard Hank McDonnell Jack Erickson Kirk Teohey Don Del Porto John O ' Connell Ashley Payne Tony Bailey Rich Battelle Ron Turner Mao Whit Chuck Clay John Holt Gabe Arrilliaga Denny Bertlesman Terry Cole Bob Metz Mike Myers Sheldon Gobb AI La Rue Steve Sheath Lee Roberson Stan Songer Hugh deHeinrich Bob Pope Alan Atmore Darrel Peterson Bill McCubbin Bob Shannon Leo Gespardone Charlie Greene Joe Jaeger Dave Bridges Gil Davis 416 ucsee Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE) FOUNDED IN 1947 FIRST ROW, kit to right: Joseph Mei; Join Soucy, William loin, Urge Rat J. R. Nowt% Garr lalw:Wora StiOND ROW: Gi C. Meemeleil,ii: Be ICeeeett fidget Oosse Palley, Girlie Leal, Loan Sulam, J. leees, W. Word. MHO ROW: Mum Gem, Mite May, Pad Wallace, Puke Prathee, RAM Whelk Samna Foleett Maxi Ncoeiry. Sakes MSc. FOURTH ROW: Rag Natateukasa, Lead Musa, Jana Liam Richard Tasemen, airkS HMI, Helena N. J. Snell, Ja p Fan an, Tendert Knott uc mothers ' club FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1916 The UC Mothers ' Club has as its object to bring its members in social and intellectual intercourse; also to keep in touch with the Uni- versity authorities in promoting the welfare of the student body. Mothers of all students, past and present, are eligible for membership in the club which meets every Wednesday, Septem- ber through May. With section meetings in gardening, travel, literature, hobbies, drama, women ' s world, and choral and the general meeting featuring outstanding speakers, each individual taste is met. MRS. FREOCAIGIC J. NICHOLAS limuNent 417 FIRST ROW, left to milt: Jim WOlttA, Dick Hill, Sally McDonald. Joan Metz, Frank %made, Ott Omoteett. SECOND ROW: Al Leighton, Joe Yardumian, Corky Etimcomb, Dan Memel, Mrs. Eisner Mairmarleq, Mn. Mao Freeman, Carol Richardson. THIRD ROW: Don Roberts, Kam Swanson, Les Waite, Bob Hattrup, Sur Jenkins, Dew Fairhurst. masonic club (Co-educeronel Student Center for Mesonk Affil;etes I FOUNDED 1923 winged helmet [Jen;or and Senior Men ' s Honor SoCe1y) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1901 ONE CHAPTER 418 FIRST ROW, Jolt to (raft: Robby Tulle.. Das Bancroft, Gimp Hare, 17,11 Deems, Dirty Pringle, loan Wilson. John Hoyden, Boo Priedle, Art Rummel, Al Green, Doug ISM, Hen Hammond. SECOND ROW: Pete NANTIA, Mary Wfroman, Jack MOO, Jim Rhodes, Km Vantms, Gil Nelms, Rich Thera Ed Grob, Don Mott Bill Hughes, Slily. Wei Bohm, Jim Corley, Ray Donnie,. THIRD ROW: Bill Griffiths. Don Datuded, John Sulu, Mockiessel, Ron Picogla, Robin Unidentified. Un. identified. Bob Rogers, Jim Clark, Ron Peterson, Unidentified, Don Mogen, Bob Grelonch, Jim Hall, Toe Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Skip fleclunan, Disk RN!, Al LaRan, Unidentified, Ow Milbank. les Howard, Ted Gamey, Jim Hughes, Unidemified. HAM mmaerdaf, Gnome Soon, John neon. Alden Ancient.. eit ( J tow w Jo li 13indivon Won Drucker Freeman Minor Kahn Jcrtmorency Ponca Pool Powell Prather Oallni Redman Schmidt Sullivan Wadsworth utrimque I ASUC Women ' s Sobel Organization ' FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1932 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President .. Elaine Nearon Secretary. Dixie Powell Treasurer Barbara Sendelin I iistorien Joann Brennen MEMBERS Patricia Biddison Joann Brennan Elizabeth Cole: Elizabeth Drucker Ann Freemen Shirlianna Hilker Alma Kahn Jaye Miller Donna Montmorency Jan Pearson Shirley Pool Dine Powell Janet Prather Elaine Nearon Eva Quaid Charlotte Redman Barbara Sandelin Norma Schmidt Lorraine Sullivan Berbera Wadsworth 419 women ' s c society (Woman ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 ONE CHAPTER Anniltorg Autmurri Briers McDuff.. Mat Wag MIMBIRS Ann Armstrong Marion Haight Mary Attlwurrn Kathryn McDuTtie Joan Brady Mary Mitchell Joann Brennan Carol Moore Billie Bridges Molly Moll Barbara Wong pi tau sigma Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1915 PI OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS 420 FIRST ROW, kit to MAI! JOE Der, Homer Hoard, Janet Der. Jack Redden, Philip Bral. Draft TRHTe, AIRS Lett C. J. ThIowan. SECOND ROW: Francis Noon, (went Nan. My, Howard Womb Vane. Rasa, Walter Maclean. THIRD ROW: F. Fkickt. P. andro, T. Haim,, M. KCO, Paul King. FOURTH ROW: Val Vitals, Sill Floyd, Teo kora:ell, Professor E. D. kw,. Wallet bet, J. W. Mark. FIFTH ROW: Professor H. W. lwrsos. Prolow M. A. JoMoon, J. C. If19.1F•011{, Inonar Kama VOla0a, Norma TIOHIrnky, alpha delta sigma (National Profr.sional Advert. sing Fraternity FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI. 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, tat to riots: Mal Beebe, PiOitsn ' Pc " P PresIdea; Sta. Brackett, Lam Way. SECOND ROW: Rschird Bader, Darr licallor, Ed Simnel, Herb Martin, Bill Awn, Barry Colbert Ht N ' tirer, Dick OrArretto. NOT PICTURED: Free Simon, Oen Price, Paul Allman, 6.01 Miller. FIRST ROW, let to Jam Waary, Val Petersen, Barbara Kelsey, Joyce aural, oaraby Bliss, Userly Anapp, Alt Soulain, Decal, Hallett. Jean Spedlown. SECOND ROW: Tan Dan, MaraIm Smith, Margaret Meaty, PM ROAMOI, Pat HubenY, Herman. Joyce mato., Reba% Bamford. THIRD ROW: ion Dietrich, Sam Kennedy, Dana Wiregar, Jokey Laternasino, Mary Lewis, Karen SAtisstw, Mary Jane FOURTH ROW: John Hans, BMW. Bridgewater, teem cow, Shirks Laogluq Violin Greetkal, David Word. tower and flame FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1934 ONE CHAPTER 421 index ACTIVITIES 87 108 Odd Committee 151 Mortar Board Academic Affairs 98 Rally Committee 150 Newman Club 404 Big Game Week 102 Riflery 219 Penile 405 Cal.lndo 95 Rugby 213 Phi Chi Theta 405 Campus Tours 94 Skiing 221 Pi Alpha Sigma 406 Card Sales 92 Soccer 217 Pi Tau Sigma 420 Constitutions Council . 94 Swimming 207 Pre.Legal Society 406 Co-Rec Tennis 201 Pre.Medical Society . • • 407 Correspondence Council . 96 Tract 119 Pro Pharmacy Society . . 408 Drivel Council 94 Water Polo 211 Prytanean 409 Elections Council 93 Weight Basketball 178 Sailing Club 401 Engineer? Council 97 Wrestling 215 Scabbard and Blade 410 Fall Highlights 100 Yell Leaders 151 Sigma Delta Chi 408 Foreign Travel 99 Ski Club 107 Forum Council 96 Skull and Keys 412 High School Model UN 99 Student Affiliates. Hospitality Council 96 CLAMS 26 71 American Chemical Society 413 I. Representatives Council 95 Freshmen 66 Tau Beta t 413 Leadership Council 93 Juniors 62 Thalian 414 Men ' s Activity Counseling 91 Seniors 28 Theta Sigma Phi 414 Model UN 99 Sophomores 64 Theta Tau 415 NSA 92 Torch and Shield 415 Orientations 94 Triune 416 Project PIC 95 UC Electrical 417 Radio.TV 97 MSS AND SOCIETIES . 385421 UC Mothers ' Club 417 Scholarship Exchange . . 97 Ace of Clubs 386 Utrimque 419 Secretarial 93 Alpha Delta Sigma 421 Winged Helmet 418 Speakers ' Bureau 93 Alpha Phi Omega 386 Women ' s " C Society . 421 Spring Highlights 100 Alpha Zeta 388 Store Council 92 American Marketing Association 387 Student Relations 98 American Red Cross . . . . 387 Students Union Committee 92 Arnold Air Society 389 DRAMA 125130 UNESCO 97 ASCE 388 Back to Methusela 129 WAA 88 Ball and Chain 390 Desire Under the Elms 129 Women ' s Activity Counseling . . Baton 390 Othello 127 WUS 99 Beta Gamma Sigma 391 Scenes 130 YMCA 90 Cal 23 391 University Theater 126 YWCA 90 Chi Alpha Kappa 392 Chi Epsilon 392 Christian Science Organization . 393 College Woman ' s Juniors . . 394 ATNLITICS 146.223 Delta Phi Epsilon 395 FRATERNITIES 226304 Athletic Essentials 148 Eta Kapp Nu 395 Interfraternity Council • . . . 216 Baseball 193 Forestry Club 396 Abracadabra 228 Basketball 169 Gamma Gamma Sigma . . 396 Acacia 230 Big " C " Society . 153 Gavel and Quill 397 Alpha Chi Rho 229 Boxing 214 Golden Beer 398 Alpha Chi Sigma 232 Card Stunts 151 Hammer end Dimmer . 397 Alpha Delta Phi 233 Circle Society 152 Hillel 399 Alpha Epsilon r 234 Crew 187 Home Economics Club . . 400 Alpha Gamma Omega . 235 Cross.Counlry 186 Honor Students Society . . . 400 Alpha Kappa Lambda 238 Fencing 218 I to fails 399 Alpha Phi Alpha 236 Football 155 International House 411 Alpha Sigma Phi 237 Golf 216 Mask and Dagger 401 Alpha Teu Omega 240 Gymnastics 220 Masonic 418 Beta Theta Pi 242 Intramural 222 Model Senate 402 Chi Ph ' 243 422 index Chi Psi Del Rey Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Rho Kappa No Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Doha Theta PM Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Ph ' Pi lambda Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma PM Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tay Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Ch; Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi MUSIC AND DEBATE Band Collegians Debate Gleo Club Show Straw Hatters Symphony Forum Treble Clef University Chorus University Symphony OPENING SECTION Contents Dedication 244 245 246 247 248 250 252 254 256 257 258 260 262 264 266 268 270 272 274 276 278 277 282 284 286 288 290 280 281 292 293 294 296 298 300 302 304 131.140 137 136 14C 135 133 132 138 134 139 138 I. 7 6 5 In Memoriam 4 Title Page 2 PUBLICATIONS 109.124 ASUC Photography 123 Blue and Gold Editorial . 112 Blue and Gold Managerial . 114 Cal Engineer III Daily Cal Editorial 116 Daily Cal Managerial . . . 118 Daily Cal Sports and Photo Staff 119 Occident 122 Pelican 120 Publications Board 110 RESIDENCES 353 384 Women ' s Dormitory Association 354 Beaudeleire 355 Bennett ' s Manor 355 Bon Haven 360 Bowles 356 Colonial 361 Continental 360 Elizabeth Be 364 Epworth 362 Joaquin 365 Lantana Lodge 366 Mitchell 367 Oldenberg 368 Paisotto 370 Prospect Terrace 366 Richards 372 Ritter 374 Smyth 376 Stern 380 Stratford 375 USCA 382 White Shingles 384 ROTC 141.145 Air 142 Army 143 Marine 144 Navy 145 SORORITIES 305.352 Panhellenic 306 Alpha Chi Omega 308 Alpha Delta Chi 337 Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Gamma Della Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Phi Alpha Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Dolts Sigma Epsilon Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Della Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Mu Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa Sigma Omicron Pi Theta Upsilon Zeta Tau Alpha STUDENT LIFE Activities Planning Committee ASUC Administration . . . Business Administration . . Class Officers Council . . . Executive Committee . Functional Services Board . . International Relations Board . Judiciary Committees . . Men ' s Activities President and Vice•Prosidonts Represantatives•at•large . Welfare Board Women ' s Activities THE UNIVERSITY Administrative Officers . All•University Week End Alumni Association Board of Regents California Club Chancellor ' s Message Charter Day Governor ' s Message President ' s Message Professors Reception The Eight Campuses University Meeting 72. 86 310 312 314 316 318 320 322 314 326 328 330 332 334 336 338 340 342 344 346 352 348 350 • 80 • 75 • 78 • 80 . 76 • 80 • 80 • 79 84 • 75 • 77 80 82 25 . 14 24 I8 12 25 I I 20 13 10 16 19 22 21 423 personal name index A nealreasen, Jim 137, 295 Baker, Linda Mtn, Robe. ' 311 3% Becker, Gawks 195, 358 Bruer, Jerry . .416 aaItio, Tmr• Andreatta, Tenant. 246 Baler, Ted 292 IWO% Sub ' " . 312 Andrews, Jan . 290 Bakken, Barbara 326 M " . Judy 324 Andrea,, !MIMI 326 Balbaky Vas .. 407 Cotner, Yvonne . .... 363 Abbott, last . 335 Andreae, Phyllis 30, 370 Jams amn 30 Bedard, Derail . 31 Abend. Romid 234 Moans Claudia 396 Baldwin, Ann ...... 31, 318, 386 Bedell, Norma 195, 198,229 Abd Arm. Hunan 30 Baldwin, Lim _. .318 8rtrosiast, Burnie ....29, 31,361, Abtamoce, Lax . 369 Argil, Dr. Clarence. .. 399 137, I% 414 Adams, De 384 AnDelm, Lire . 150, 226 Ball, Joan T.._ 31,243, 390 Bedrock, Jamie Ann.-- -343 Abrisharnian, Amur; 30 Amor, Carol . . Ilan, Letitia.- 349 Beebe, Mort. 61,99, 298,421 Miller, Engem 136 Anger, Ctill . . ... 357 Ball, Last -... .. 367 Beeman, William 31,376 Ackerman, Barbara 394 Argus, Joan 324 Ball, Nevelt - 395 Beermsna, William 135,299 Ackerman, Sharlene 136, 328 Armee, Harmer. 30, 278 EtallaMine, Richard . 251 Beeson, Allan. 230 Arad, Margaret 136 Arndt, Philip . Ballard, PM -... . Begl.y,Nancy. .343 aquistagoc, Julio 150, 301 Amin, Lillian 121 Banner, Joanne . 321, 387 fklul, Barbara 121,315 Mils, Ada Marie 354, 380 Appel, Cy . . 283, 399 Ballow 276 BOW., Donald 31, 256 APPOtown, William 279 Bamford, Robert ... 421 Baiter, (More 350 Al 97, 388, 392, 413 APPelborm, AMY 328 Bann!, Patti ... . ... 402 Benxi, Sue ..... 25, 31, 36, 362 Adams, Chit . 2% Arena Edward 266 Bartrolt, Daniel 31, 704, 412, 418 lusts Nary 381 . Mama, Donald 30, 152, 257 Mall, Ray . 267 Sanaa, Mitt . . ... 217 Fred 30 Arbuckle, Jam ' s, 357 Banged. Dolores 31, 346 Belegif, Mama 31,394 Adams, Am Letter 30 Arcata, Marsh, . 115 367 Banks, Donald Ross . 396 Bell, Jan 115, 335 Mart Joao . 29, MI, 346 Amens, Tracy Lee . 332 Banks, Robert Stephen 378, 386 Bell, Jam - 294 Adams, Jon 269 Argue Carol . 339 Bart, Mary Ellen 65 Bell, Kathryn 366 Adams, Richard 297, 407 Arose, Dottie .. .. 342, 396 Bannon, Loren 195, 198 Adams, Richard 359 Arlom, Margot 30 374 Bte, Meyer. . 31 Bellaria, Kay 29, 31,95, 372 Adams, Robert 30, 288, 418 Armanins, Fred 30 266 31 Seller, Larry Scat. 31, 356 . Adams, Sue 341 Armstrong, Ann . 30. 340 420 Balaim, John 244 Belem, Cathy 402 Ada Sylvia 30, 134 Anntillet, Jean 334 Barance, Vw . 166 Belt.. Boyd, 309 Meat. Warren 415 Arnaud. D ' art .. 351 Barbata, lady 317 Adelson, Melinda 6$ Arndt, Kenneth 137, 202 359 uteri, Marsha 65, 121, 324 BelSen, Len ... . 119 Ara, Barbara 349 Arnold, Pat 338 Bark,, Diana 342 Beltrami, Al 80 95 96, SI ...31, AlKentas, Marry 166 Arnold, Roy . 29. 30 286 Bardwell, Jay . 116 Om 4of Aguilar, Esther 374 Arostetwi, Frank 30 Cartes, Sobs 31, 256 Aguilar, Margaret 30, 374 Atilt . Gate .. 170. 173 195 135 eutoict, Bantam ..........121, 308 Aiderbert, Arlene . 312 1% 2e4 Barr,, Marian Borediet, Shirley 365 Aisthcrte, Bob 2% Mbar, Janice 320 BangOres, Ronald 31, 274 Senelhas, Alan ....... 31, 376, 386 Aitken, Dunbar 97 whole., Doaald 303 Barns, Katherine 31, 338 Airawl, Kashiva 30 Barker, Ben 65. 298 Britannic, Miriam 31,95, 409 keno, Sarin 118, 315 Basler, DwIget . 304 Bennett. Edward - ........ 280 Akad, Ozer 30, 217 Kahan 217 fluter, Many 31 Bennett, James Russell ....31, 97, Akers, Teen301 Ateattan, Khatchig 30 413 Barker, Susie . .. 324 395, 413,017 Albert, Bernard Amara, Folger 301 Barker, Wes 252, 418 Bennett, John ....„ ... 31,413 Albert Richard 257 Atkins, Am 317 Barlow, 8111 . Bennett, Nancy 308 . - Au bet 176, 177, 244 Atkinson, Gil Barlow, Richard .31,421 Bennett, Ted 413 ... Alden, Jom Vickie . 313 Atkinson, Alice .. 396 gnat, Babette 13entisen. Janes . 282,440 Alreitt, Art 220 Mitre Allan 343 Banat , Mart 210, 288, 418 Serene, Carol . 31, 123, 314 Alessaakta, Betty 30, 80, 98 Atwater, Ole,,,. Bansto, Peter 30, 288 ' hounder, Robert 249 Alexander, Barbara 317 Atwater, Maxine 0 332 Barnblatt, Lloyd . •-•... 378 Semen, Barbara 327 Alexander, Dann 63, 136 Atwood, Charles 30 244 Benson. Comm. . 31, 138, 124 Alexander, Dunn Anger, Been 344 Banes, bane 80, 98 Benton, Dana. 325 Alford, .tamrs Dar 4 AI ord, harn 30, 235 t Autetti, Ronald . 30, 266 Au.swein, Man 30,83,138,89, Baran, Judie .. Benin, Mary . .. 121, 321 (tenon, Letimd . 31, 387 81,10,1, Pete ..._ 269 Ala. , Syed . 95 318, avg. 415, 420 Barnes, Roberta . 31, 355, 405 Benson, Rkhard 97 Alien Hussein 30 %until% Alice 30 Bantu, Brtce . . 117 Benksrnan, De. " , 176 Allen, Mem 321 Austin, Lloyd 30,95, 376 tent, Jo Len 89 Bentley, Virginia 335 Allen, Janet 350 Austin, Marianne 63, 324, 397 Barrett, Bill .. 31, 97 8rotrout, Joan. 402 Allen, Ann Maw 331 Anther, 236 Loot Barbara . . 31,360 %went, Jess .. 377 Allen, Max Milton 287 Autio, ICen . 91 Banoroon, Santa .313 Beedahl, Jaws 137 A Dorothy 364 ra ja. . 411 Avalt011, Joe 407 Anell, Larry . 202, 205, 256 Bargain, William Barr, Joan .. 384,389 31,372 BetdaliS, Stephanie 31, 372 Bernstein, Dorm AIM°, Norm 65 Amman, Peter . 195, 1% Bare, Lemke . 121, 329 Benno., Barbara 31, 312 Allman, Ronald . 359 Anv, Ton 268 Salinas, Marian 31, 370 anat. Pali 313 A1.11Abliat, Mohamed 30 Ayers, William 29,30,286,021 Banner, NH 366 Botsford, Find 195, 198 Alper% Jay • 136 Barrett, Joyce 93, 151, 322 Beni, Clay 180,260 Alschuln, Don. ..- Aitrr, Ida 134, 307 C Sarritn, Carlos Garea Batt, 91 BMW, Carel. 329 Berge, Marlene 121,313 Mow William 254 Bats Barbara 30, 342 Ilittad, Alden W4117m 274 Haas Atziel, Charles 417 Babcock, William 30, (WU, Arthur MutLed., 24, 33, 149, Emboss, Oznid 288 CUM 256 Bartel, An 350, 334, 403, 409 Ambeenn, Harry 28$ Sabin. Jerold 30, Bain, Norbert, 302 Bagel, Glenda Benin, Beenia 228 Mmt, Dick 30, 31. 148, 153 194, 195, 28i 256 234 Barth, Marilyn 31, 96 364 394, .so6 Bella, Phil ... 210 enlarger, Stan.. 66,80, 285 IStaisrteisal, Roger Ivor no, Victor135, 292 - Batt...Xs% Edward 242 Bartball, Loan 195, 198 Berman, Maser 303 Ames, William 30, 240 Bo:Mold, Km 272 Bartholomew, Gordon 11, 413, 415 Berman, Cecile 32 Amid, Virginia 29, 30, 346 BaCigalti, Bern Kt Harry 33 Barton, Mules 136 Berman, Diane 312 Ardemen, Audrey 951 Andetit‘ Bob 283 242 .30 Basoglu, Mean Ian, Isaac 31 293 Berman, Joyce . 121 Berman, Let 303 . Backlurd, Norms Anoints, key 30, 346 (Lotman, Snaky 347 Batchelder Gear 232 Berman, Renard 279 Andersen, Karen Joyce 322, 151 Bacon, Gary Bacon, Gregory 358 Bannon., kirk 210 Berrn)bleil, Patrior 31, 346 Anderson, Al 208, 209, 418 Anderson, Bin . 269 336 313 Battaglia, Carole BatUt, Harry. Bermuder, Humbert E tonne 32 Berratim, Roben 32, 278 Bader Elie Anderson, Carl 137. 295 Bader, Harry Banat, Frank . 31,254 StIrtadiC4O, Doris 325 Andersen, Dan 189 Bills, Al 30. 153, 180, 182, 186 Battelle, Richard 180. 233,416 Albeit. . Anderson, Dick 137, 295 Bagdanall, Waxy 63, 346 °auks, Jack 31,356 13meas. Ted .. . 376. 389 Anderson, Ellin 326, 386 1346:441, Joe,, 411 Bank Frances 31, 111, 372 Berme Sant 92, 371 Anderson, Flora 120, 121, 310, 406 Bahls, Liz 29, 30, 350, 397, 409 Bars, Harry . 358 .. Benestein, Lois .. 361 Anderson, Jar 345 Barey, Duane 150. 253 Bauer, Jane Swintela, Mel 85, 2, 136 Anderson, Jerry . 176 Bailey, Linda 341 Bauer, Walter .218 Berol, Marshal . 210, 279 Ardersal. Joan 326 Bailey, Silva 399 Baum, Donald . 257 Beremist, Ctdek 144 Antiersen, Ken Bailey, Ted 10 Baum, Elliot 31, 115. 114,356 tealdge, Ron .. 230 Amen.; klangam Bailey, Tony 416 Baumeister, Beverly 31, 326 Bert, nit . 334 Bally, Marie 380 Baumgartner, ARM 306,405 Beery, Pat .. 345 Arteries, Marlene 310 Bale, Lists 30, 380, 409 Baumgartner. Clines 340 Berry, Rof . - 295 Anderson Pedersen M. F. 387 .. 232 Bairn., La NOW 380 Baird, Joan 258, 389 Baxter, Carol Baxter, Dab 332 31, 258 Bury, Wade 388 Bertelman, Decay 289 Ardersca Philip J. 298 Etna,, Sherwyne Baylor, Bob 387 269 Anderson Robert 30 Baker, Barbara 29, 30, 372 Beath, Virginia 414 Best, Barbara 337 Anderson Shady 333 Baker, Bill 289 Bodoni, Rabies 31, 376, 388,392 13e5), Everett 144 Anderson Baker, Dave 185, 242 Beale, Bob . 254 Batts, Ann . 327 Andersen Ton . 117 Baker, Dean 144 Bean, Dart 297, 407 Andenon Walter 10, 288, 390 Baker, Dick 288 Eleanlea, Donn 31,252 Beveridge, Cella 273 genie, Jodie 338 Anderson. William G. 276, 415 Baker, Gene 278 Beasley, Sylvia 107, 339 Sauna., Mike 260 Ando, Fundy 30 Baker, Jams 30,260 Beaty, Jon 231 Shwas., Betram .. 32 Andrade, Gatos 258, 415 Bake., Jean Rose 32P Beam, Mary . 31,105 Blake,Micluel . 234 Mina, Jon kink, Marlene eggs, Tony . tarry 286 Vie 406 Dean, um • 32, 294 IOW !ORO John 32, 406 nuke, Sonia 355, 408 matron, Jamb 194, 243 maces, Sable 323 mace.. Robert 378 rd, Janet 367 Robert 258 rlem, Genie 372 ' edam, Ewell 32, 257, 159, 413 (arm, Walter 229 sari, Gloria 407 shoo, Beverly Ann 32 shop, Bruce 292 shco, Lou 29, 32, 134, 338, 403 Ronald . 32 otos, Zelma . 402 liner Kenneth 263 leek, town 292 lakes, Nancy lackowe, William 32, 188, 392 413 In elder, At nta Okkey. 25, 35, 36, 403 ladwiell, Jan . 142 le, Derothy Evel3n 32 Isle, Larry 32, 118, 248 ate, 8111 . 202 Bob . 153, 170, 172, 242, 418 late, Wake . 29, 32, 3.42 Pal . . 176, 242 mined, Am 66, 80, 337 ark, Geroge 32, 240 Martha - 370 iss, William loch, Alfred 32 loom, Florence 32, 328 loon., Ho,nvd 32 loom, Terry 32, 312 lom Oan .......... - 32 lum, Jo 351 Iwo, lee 302 to, Mania .. 329 MS Uri 360 Jim, Richard 279 lontemkat, Robert 303 Boardman, Ann 49 Boittrw6t, Jim 359 B460, Art 357 err. Jean 337 tterepplt, Tradi 391 Boer, Garret 397, 401 Boerlin, Howard 281 Bogner, Ourlotte 399 Bone, Irmold 134 Wm, Hag 32, 138, 300 Bohn, William 195, 190 264 Bolomke, Mary Bohm; Yoshinori Boland, .18.4 Raw, Teen Bonadeo, Alfredo mom Stew Bordlesen, Pat Bond, Clack Boodell, Jim Bootee, Joan Boom, Dorothy , el Dia% Hato . 358 rbel, 840•441 257 Iddesorq, Jean 136 Mimi, Eget 398,386 1001soe, Paint ' s Roth 362, 414, 419 kldle, Sam 265 Sean Eric leastock Mary 399 32, 380 298 326 406 295 256 32 377 341 98, 189 262 12, 376 332 265 Bowe. William 281 Booty, Kate 95, 377 BON441110, Sebastian 153, 165 Bong, Betty 365 Sawn, Marcia 32 Ihneson, Ralph 32 B otta, Ida . 94, 364 flowelli, Ron 238 Bostwick, P. 137 Booked, Charles 250 B ottom, Charlie 134 Bosid, Jim 29, 32, 37, 76, 77, 78, 248 424 Buller, Chanty Catlegt, John 238 Butler, Gunning .. .266 caws, Carer 344 Butler, Joanne .. 375 Callan, Grant 254, 416 Butler, John Canty, City 29, 34, 350, 397 Butler, Matte Eav✓ma, Cesar .. 384 Butler, Pat Camay, TB: at . .. 237 Butt, Charles 260 Ca thou, Charles 34 Butz, Doak 33 Caykr, Martha 323, 402 Soraida, Bob 33, 3(11,412 Cecchettini, Richard 34 n, eant 256 Crytn, Rpm 418 Bain, Roper 33, 97 Gelatin, Marshall 180. Byrne, Ed 149 180, 236 Byre , Joe 123 Byrne, Pete 29, 274 Byrnes, ' Inked 189, 234, 393 Byron, Torn 202 Btokir, Alla 117, 343, 405, 421 Boatm✓), Ovid Germ 299 Boaloam Robert 32 Taut ' butt., Martin 32, 274, 389 Boados, Don 184, 185 Beaton, Noel 212 Bowes, Norman 302 Bann, Paul 32, 240 Bowers, SeeIdon 32, 388 Boater, John 299 189 Bon:ts, Thomas 274 BowImp, Earl Jerome 32, 294 Bowline. Aka 293, 391 Borman, Lucile 65, 343 Bowron, -scan 180, 242,418 fkkertaum, Leatna 329 Bonner, Carol 93, 312 Boyanky, Bill 284 Boyd, (yelps 32, 346 Boyd, tarry 413 Boyd, Mary Ann 32, 332 Boylston, Clearer 12 Boydstun, MOMS Edward 32 248 Boynton, Earl 150, 294 Borneo, PattiOa 32, 380, 409 Royston, RinseII Fred 358 Bracken, Nam " 32, 110, 113, 316, 403, 409 Bracken, Peggy 311 Brackett, Sun 118, 421 Bradford, Arne 95 Bradford, Hoary 32, 286 Bradley, Pool 400 Bradley, Clay 98, 202 204, 378 Bradley, ban 366 Bradley, Jack Lynne 230 Brady, Joan 24, 25. 89, 12, 334, 420 344 Brady, Winifred 339 Bray, Kay 384 Branarnam Wet 32 EtranatO, Gerald,re 32 Branch, Beverly 229, 389 Brandes, Frank 242 Brandt, Craig 156, 162 Brandt, Ed 122 Brawl, M. Haltrohk 32 Brandt, Robert G. 121 Branford, Ave Brantley, Pauline 32, 240 Bras, Charles R. , Mark D. 32, 2% Bran, Evelyn 118, 355, 406 Brawl, Pat 80, 396 Brun, Beverly 32 330, 409 Firminder, EWA:4th 318 Bray, Photo 33, 97, 376, 413 Bray, Canle 338 Bronco, Capt. K. W. 142 Bra, ill, Nathaniel 166, 236 325 Been, Dane tiling, Bawer 185, 283 Breiseth, Nan . 134,402 Braman, Ken 293 Brennan, James A. 395 Braman, Jo Am 91 Braman, Patrick 232 Brrynels, Cora.. 308 Breve, Fredrick C. 33. 152, 217, 233 Breve ' , Patrk4 314 Ittslauer, Al 150 Breslautr, Kay 368 Branner. Alfred 303 Brewer, Gerard F. 257 Braver ken 266 Brewer, Robert 391 Briorytto, Joan M. Orodestm, Jolla 185 Bridges, 8118 Jean 33, 88. 403, 409, 420 Bridges, Dam M. 304, 416 Bridges, William 377, 395, 417 Brithewater. Barbara . 150, Bripm, Den Brag, George 78, 118, 149 AM, Gerdes 379 Brigham, Charley A. 304 Brews, Darren Ann 361 Shirley, Mary Lou Brittlin, Robert C (titbit, Pelt, Brook. Suran BraChiel, Paul PnoliP Brock, Karl Brock, Jo Am Braden, Prof. Arthur Brcdonry, Bill BrOlardbre, Evelyn Brant,, William Brim:don, Bernice N 76, 80, 81, 94, 332, 409 Brook, Jorre 355 Brooks, Jar 33, 153, 250 Brooks, Jo% 388 Brooks, Inez C. 63, 330, 397 Brooks, Barry C. . 358 B rook:, Roscoe Harris, Jr. . 33 Brow, Sandra 160, 322, 452 Brcinerrin, Ronald W. 33, 292, 413 Brett, Elaine 140 B romh, Jack 290 B rownian. Sylvia Brown, Bob 170, 174, 266 Broom, Cake 345 Brawn, Carole 309 Brown, Clark 166, 267 Brown, Datid 300 Brown, Demi 33, 262 Brown, David A. . 251 Brows, Diane Adrien-e 33 33 Brown, Dorothy Dairy B rom,, Earl 0. 280 Brown, Erie IL 237 Brom+, Irene 391 Brom, Jaitgueline 347 Brown, John 247 Brawn, Judy 324 Brown, Lloyd McCiena• 33, 272 Brown, Lynn 341 Brown, Maureen 33, 370 Brown, Mina•May 359 Brown, Hera 231 Bryan, Patricia Dive 29, 33, 372 Bova, Ralph E. 251 Bryan, Richard 33, 136 Broom, Robb 220, 240 Brave, Rotel D. 33, 296 Broma, Roan E. 33, 376 Browne, Leo 33 Brormoq. L. 137 Itrownlie, Pinned E. 245 Browny, Bob 217, 252 vat, Diva Abbey 33, 122, 334 Bruce, Navy 355 Brother, Peter 265 B rucker, Donald 33, 230 Bryderer. Paul 267 Beunterg, Ewald 395 Brohome, Jay 274, 389 Bnoi, Richard 292 Emmy% Doris 33, 348 Bratorao, Leourd Janes . 377 Brutus 295 Bryan, Amy 411 Bryan, Barbara 361 Bryant, Howard 33, 400 Batik Maxwell 33 Buchanan, Bird. 400 Bunonla, Samba 322 Sable!, Mardi. 325 Buck, Peter . 391 Buckley. Elizabeth 33, 316 Buckley, Mary Ave 341 Buckley, William 137, 208.240 Buckner, Carolyn 33, 374 But, Ida 65, 99, 381 Bumhek, Clarkne 315 Buena, Tony 402 Keith 222 Bollard, Gen 241 Benbert Williarn 33, 228 Bovell, lee 386, 3% BeMe, Nancy 191 Busectimivi, Anna 33, 367 Burn, Cecil 33 Baron. Jach 377 Burgess, Bob 217 Burgle, Arlene 321 Burgua, lea 369 Burke, Altre 374 Benin, Elilabeth 337 Barka, Roderick 33 Berke. Stan )3, 340, 386 Barlett. Bob 244 Burks, Roy 263 Burley. Janet, 33, 282 Burrell, June 333 Burnell, Richard 33 Burnett, Dorothy 33, 334 Burntmnii, Gray 341 Burnham. Mary 324 Burns, Jean 33, 362 Bunn, Jol 233 Burns, Ross 166 Ed 136 Burr. Stuart 237 Bursas. Doris Burt. Gan 65, 150, 249 Buena, Jos 388. 392 Buth, Jan .. 335 Bush, Marilyn Marie 33, 3% Bush, Pam 149, 311 Bglenaol. J. . 137 Baler, Am 3% C Gadwell, Russ 288 Cady. Claire 3), 308 Caesar, Claudia 351 Carom, Leroy 33, 245 Cohan,°auk, 140 Cahill, Carolyn 117 Cahill, .tmilyn 321 Cahn, Lawrence 33, 257 Cain, Beverly 136, 368 Cain, Mary 33, 374 Came, 846 80, 30 Cake Natalie 33, 93, Caldwell, Alan 189, 269 Caldwell, Barbara 308 Galant ' , Pale . 336 Caldwell, Rotten. 33 Caldwell. Ruth Anne 65, 94, 347 Calilf, Georgina La . 33 Call, Ronal. 33, 366 callawar, Jim 251 Calton. a rank 357 Calvin, Bernice 126, 397 Cameron, Richard 245 Cameron, Thomas 395 CameVell, Bruce 293 Carecntell, Jean 21, 33, 320 Campbell, Lynn Carrotell. Jan Camptell, Lynn 65, 336, 405 Campbell, Marlene 350 Campbell, Shirley 33, 91, 402 Campolonico, Vince 258 Crumbs, Dorothy 34 Como, Lorraine 375 Carom, Bob 230 Lloyd 195, 270 97, 359 Capp, Richard C✓Okam, Gail Carden, Virginia 368 Cardora, Lawrence 265 Carey, Sardra 324 Carty, Scott 34, 288 Carlisle, Jim 357 Carlos, Elena 34, 367 Cubed, Al 180 Cadge, Bill 210, 277 Carinr, Ed 210, 277 Carlson, Normand . Ann Cuba, !tre Carbon, Rkhud 150, 241 Carlson, Robert . 185, 241 Carlson, Sigrid 308 Carlson, Virginia 34 Carryon, Kethletn Marie 375 Carmichael, Jim 153, 156, 158, 161 249 Carmody, Bob 117 Carpenter, Its 229 Carpenter, Ronald 134 Carpenter, YAW. Carroll, Gail 29, 34, 342 Carroll, Sue 326 325 Carroll, Vial 237 Carroll, W. H. fatten, Pat 411 219 Caner. James Carter, Joan Ante 34, 115, 332 140 Caner. Winston 402 CartivrryM, Herm Caruso, Maria Caner, Rick lee Casawand. Jan Cautetti, Dick Btattelt, Allen Caseboli, Nancy Casey, 0. Casey, Mile Cason Allan Cary Come Cam, Joann Cassano, Emma Cassidy, Claudia 334 Castel, Joan 34, 232 Canto, Sally 332 eastillo. Pedro 34 Cathcvt, Pat 121, MS Cellini, Lamella . 326 Ceragioll, Rudolph 378 Ceridona Cliff 295 Crone, Sue 34, 91, 308. 409 Crriari, Gary 108 Chaffer. Don . 218, 295 Camirey, Boll 34. 386 Chaplin, Donald 34 Chalmers, Jscoaehre 34, 372 Chamberlin, Jane, 34. 270 Charmless, TOYS:rat 34 Chan, Ns 34 Chamlier, Al 202, 253 Chard.., Lynn 323 Chmey, WS . 415 Clammy, Ett 151, 161 Chars, 413:toon 34, 39 Craw, Priscilla 34, Chang. Sarah 373 CI:antler, Janet 34. 113, 322 Crann✓, Lee 34, 92, 113. 350 403. 408 Osmium, Ruth 34 Capron, Snot 291 ChKiell, Bea 344 Charleston, Barbara 336, 386 CBVII01, Janet Helen 34, 346 Chase, Barbara 34, 330 Clink, Marcia 34, 362 Chrualet, Sae 63, 80.93, 346 Cheatham, Don 137, 379 Chet, Alice 34 Chenaw11, Lawrence 277 Cherry, Bill 85 Lamm% Mary 370 137 34, 302, 391 295 116, 343 345 34,400 134, 335 34, 316 65, 121, 321 362 34 Clasby, Francis 219 clay, 44etia 219 Casson, firmly . 34 Ctavnon, Nancy 34, 338 Coy, Charles 252 Chyrorth, Jo Am 326 Clark, Beverly . 361 Ciernees, Dorothy Trylen 54, 55. 9011, 334, 403, 109 Clements, one . 135 Clements, Peggy 93, 322 Clifford, Carol 97, 375 Clifford, Marlene 29, 34, 111. 107, 380 Clifton, Ronalo 34, 391 Cline, J. 133 Char, Jackie 367 Gine, Robert 34 Choice, Jim 251 Clon, Sag, 34, 370 Clymer, Barbara 24, 25, 30, 35, 61, 119. 336, Clare Wm 263 Coakley, Pete 277 Coate, Mary Lou 341 Cates, Diana 35, 340 Coats, Vernon 377 Cobb, Lewis 253 Camay, Sheryl 341 Coburn, Fred 283 Bnetaree, Oa, 314 C4 kburn, Huntley 341 Calk ill, R. 137 Calms, ' totem 136, 232 Ccolizer, Bill 289 Cooling, Jane 326 Coln), Jose 217 Cohan, Man 284 Ara 302 Cohn, Leaped 757 Coke, Philip Coker, George 29, 95, 138, 387 COSMO, Alice 311 Co-Mum Nan 35. 134, 342 Colo, Anne 89, 111, 332 Colby, Jerry 35, 396 Corny, Lewin James 35, 300 Colby, Mariam Rae 35, 334 Cole, Gordon 283 Cote, Terry 178, 289, 416 CVeremn, Gordon 135 Coleman, R. 137 Canton, Stclolon 35, 238 Cats, Elilabeth Ann 367,419 Colescott, Bill 137, 390 Coll, John Dank! 35 C011irqham, Rol 256 Collins, Bob 150, 294 Calla% Brenda 332 Collins, Don 275 Collins, Cleaner 121, 314 Collins, laboa 93, 321 Collim, Loretta 338 Collins, Marilyn 121, 311, 406 Collins, Marilyn 339, 397 Coheir, Myrl 35, 134 Commanlay, Robert 133. 134. 135, 136 Ccement, Choi 97 Compton. Boned 35, 413, 417 Canniest. tarry 395 Conley, Jeanne Marie 35, 340. 186 C40.101, Richard Martin 35, 243 Cadilin. Jon. 409 369 Calklia, Warren Crag 241 Cowley. Pat 317 Cowl% Dorothy 35, 314 Cornell " , Daniel 384 Connelly, Lawrence 292 Cover. Enrabeth 317 Connally. Pat 310 Ccnrad, Chigoe 15 Conrad Earl 263 Cook, Barbara Ann 35, 344 CO , Jmk 242 Cook, Joseph 35, 230 Cook, Torn 386 Covibm. Charles Allan 35 (Wisc.. Bob . 237 Coots, Jr.r 133 Cooper, Bot8a 236 Cooper, Careen. 35, 133, 134 CCOpet, Dan 140 C40Per, Dont., 2% C000er. decry 180 Cosner. Cop.. Margaret 89 Copeland. Carol 322, 414 Copley. Stem 301 Cepple. Beh 97, 180, 388 Cc000ck. Bob 117 Corbin, Cindy 91, 332, 399 370 357 277 33,346 263 150, 294 33 17 279 33, 374 219 370 72 259, 3 416 411 228 34, 88, 89 34 34, 391, 405 352 31 280 34 C✓istiania " . Annabel 34 Chris tiansen, Chris 246 Christman. Carolyn 347 Christine. SAMity 14, 338, 397 Christopher. Samos 321 Chritt000rlos. Elaine 314 Wimps, Evelyn 338 Chau, Peter 34 Chun, Clarence 95 Chem Ted 377 Church, Arch . 287 Chant, Laifani 375 C✓ Larry 244 Charthill, Bill 248 Clabamah Dick 396 CraNan, Ewen, Edward 34, 1%. 252 Clary Dan 281 Clare, Sharon 19 263, 416 Clyne:4, Jerry 234 366 Clark, Barbara 34, 377 256 Clark, Barbara 34, 367 137, 235, 390 Clark, Carroll 408 134 Clark, Clara 381, 402 137 auk, Gordon 243 156, 164, 412 riark, Jim 254, 418 99, 284 oak, John 135 396 Clark, Ken 34, 292, 396 369 Clark, Leigh 232 Clark, Patti Anne 347 Clark. Bl 79A Clark. 318 Clad. Tom 185, 777 Clarke, Rob 150 Clarke, Charlie 78, 148 assay, Beverly 367 Donau Cherry, Eugene Cherry, Eunice Chew, Ares Chew, Glairtle Chick, Vicky Child, Clint tin ChilMn, Diane Chilguist, Kay Chin, Bernice Chin, Nancy Calm, Carolyn Chinn, Joan Chisholm, Emilie Chisholm, George Jane Chinn ' , Dry Dry Chomp " , Irene Chou, Sultan ChnitaittA, La Yonne Christensen, Rotel 425 Cadet, Carl Corley, Jim 226. 35, 294 252, 418 D Deems, William 36, 153 202 203, 264, 416 Dow 229 Canell, Jelin 351 Elliott, Richard 37 Elliot, M Sgt. Witham 219 Corn, William 35 Dachsryiner, Walter 98, 378 De MAO. Ed 270 Dowdell, Joan 346. 405 Ellis, Ann Lade 346 Camll, Marco .. 378 Da%ett, Willard 35, 277 Demeter, Carolyn Doodle, Oak Lee 350 Ellis, Bob 268 Cornfield, Robert 285 Daggett, Bill ... . Davey, Patricia 34 Down, Gerald Charles 36. 254, 389 Ellis, Dot 331 Corr, Patrkm . 138 Dag, Pete .. 91 DenAlni, ray 189, Downey, Connie 99, 362 Ellsworth, W. 137 Cairn Suzanne 328 DiNliort, Richard . .. 261 Demon, Alice 350 Downing, Menon 98, 261 Elibsch, Gerald 397, 401, 014 Cat, Helen Mabel 35 Dahlman, Geraldine . 373 Nam. Pat 65, 406 Dolor 65 ErymnhY, J ohn 212, 242. 416 Cates, Carlos . 113. 229, 386 Daily, Kaholyn . 319 Der, Alma Joe 36, 413 es yer, Anita65, 312 Ely, Sumner 232 Cortina, Juar 35 Daises, Musa 35 Der, Tay 36, 413 Doyle, Burton 265 (mamas, Fred 277 Corwin, Gordon 245 Dalin ' , Yawl 35 otedartii, Nary 283 Drake, Diane 29, 37, 310. 397 Enemas Jan Dais 27, 316 Cory, Paula 310 Dan, Dian 35, 338 Derchatill., Jan 194, 195 Drake, Cary 95 (mien Warren M. 37, 388, 389 ConeII, 00a 35 368. 3% Dallas. Ron. 238, 389 Dena, Sheila 36, 336 Corson Flossie 326 Enchell, JO ' 97, 134 Costa, David 35, 273 Dailey, Dane 376, 395, 417 Der gr. 366 Drennan, Any 37, 97,132 ,7 388, Ender, Beaty Lee Costa, Rose Mara 134, 380 Dalo Jo Anne 373 bee 121, 14936, Dam bee , 317 392, 413 Endo A • 150 Calla Alma 379 Dal Porto, Dec 166, 167, 416, 233 Derry, Nara Drew, Jerry 153, 156, 159, 164 Snell, Eric 98, 261, 402 Costanza, Roan 377 Dalton, Elizabeth 336 Desmond, Anthony 275 Dress, Car l 210 Engelhard, Greg 76, 78 Callao,Gerry 263 Daly, Ashn 150 Desmond, Mary Lee. .. 36 Drinkwine, Joyce 37, 314 Engelion, Bun 293 151 Danko, Theodore 292 Destert, . 311 Driver, Dianne 94 Engem Roger 384 ' Caton. Ken 80 Damrmn, Sari 35, 306, 308 EletAkfteta, Philip 36, 290 Drachm, Eliaa8eth 322, 419 Etryit, Ware! 171 Cotter, Lawreme 35, 389 Dam, Phyllis 118, 351 CH Winne, Rail. .. 324 Drobarn, Cato! 374 Entail, Join 33 John . 195 Drell, Diane 35 De Vary Dern 363 Onovb, Diane 350 ovary Marilyn J. 363 Cala Oa. 35 Daniel, Lib . 97 Derich, PhyRii . 36,89, 91, 355 Druntmord, Glen Allan Enkeaa, Glenda F. 65,93,150. Coate ' , Irvine 152 Daniels, Barbara . Dais, Mary29, 36, 361 Du Bois, Mary Ruth 370 322 Catena, Michele 327 Dariery, Dennis - 255 De Vito, Patna. 36 Du Bat, Ronal Eyes, Ernst James 235 Canaa, Calory 370 Daniels, Jean . 299 De Veto, Steve 189, 286 Jmn 247 fake, Male S. 381 Corington, Lucy .334 Dansby, Wilma 80, 94, 368 Dewey. John . 277 Dudley, Cornell 301 Cm, Keareth E. 37, 247 Cowan, Robert Cordell, Day 278 35, 370 Damn, Patricia 331 Darby, Elaine Asa 374, 394 De Witz, Uldire 308 Diamond, Barbara 115, 368, 394 Jo 350 Pat 381 fatal% Elaine 360 Ephron, Larry 257 Cowell, Leslie 333 Waren°, Dot 421 Diamond, Richard 185, 285 (afar, Dant 316 (coley. Richard 245 Cony " , Din 35, 180 Darnela, Gallant 321 Diann:al, Robert 384 Detain, Paul 292 Erbentraut, Joan 65, 323 Cowing, Jan 341 Oarracq, Dal 275 Din, Michael 170, 172, 283 Duhring. Marie 311,402 Eriasoo Robert 37, 176, 386 Cowley. Pat laIlie 347 Danes, Kay Eileen 363 Ditkerion, Roberta Joyce 311 Duino, Dann 136 Erickson, Carol 372, 394 Cox, Al 415 Dart, ban 335 Dickey, Ara arta 25, 35, 36, 403 Dula ' , Se 3 Erickson, Harlan 37, 282 Car, Gerald 35 Dave vat. Fred 254 Dickson, Dena lea 36, 336 DuNah, Barbara 63,308 EricksOn, Jack 233, 416 Cos, Herb 296 (laird, Leland 35, 97.149, 150, Didion, Joan 122 °note, Diane 150, 344 EriCkad, Paul 99, 299 Co., Janet 396 278, 388. 392, 413 Diehl, Theobald 36 Ounam, Ma ry Erickson, Phil 0. 238 Cot Jones 233 Chnidge, George 36. 388,392 Diane, Walter 395,417 Ounienty, Dorian Erickson, Ted 135 Ca. Patrit4 347 Davidson Manna 65, 93, 346, 396 Dieter, Christine Marie . 309 Dunmire. Ann 316 Ericksen, Age 134, 325 Ca, William 35, 376 Davidson. Sue . 324 Dena, Mike 284 Darn, Charlotte 121, 136, 347 Erman, Knee 328 Coyne, Carolyn 314 Davidson. Toby 313 Dietrich, ben . 421 Oita,, Carat Loa 336 Eno, Bill 415 Gribbe, Lu 110 Davidson, Virginia 111, 414 Dieu, Dime 36 Dun. Parm 319 Escimig, Robert Lee 37, 264 Craig, lens 245 Denies, Liz 36,318 Oillerding Denise 29, 36, 320, 402 Dank Roger 37. 247, 412 Escobar, Valerlo 37 Craig, Richard Howard 253 Dans e, Peg 3% Diggint, Roar 36, 376 Darn, William 269 ESPUISChadt, M In Ama 88 Gan, Mare Rose 391 Dens, Ann 65 Di Grmia, Bob 217 Donigan, Pat 323 Enindtaa, Donald 229 Cramer, Phebe 318 Dais, Barbara 36 Dillan, Shirley 334 OurAllt, Allred 37, 376 Este ' , Evelyn 363 Cramer, Rocky Charles 393 Dads, Bill 91 Dillmay, Sally 309 Darante, Loraine 351 Etemad, Mohammed 37 Cranston, Manan 326 Owls, Bob 246 Diller, Dick 135 Dobin, Dee 391 Etter, Ray 248 Gant, Rteemm Cranston, Sonya 381 346 Dark, Carolyn 1 Davis, Dm Diller, Nolan 303 Diller, Sheldon 202, 285 Doke, Barry 37, 242 Cunt, Roger 283 Etaky, Ardiry 332 Evanikery Jean 320, 405 Cranford, Bill 247 Omit, Earl 64, 65, 80, 228. 397 Piney, Russell . 300 Elise 320 Evans, Arnold 237 Cranford, Joe 228 Dash, Edna.Gene 36, 318 Dingle, Steve 156,214 29, Dye, Carol 37 Evan, Don 27 Crawford, Kathy 111, 332 Oath, Frances 136, 364, 396 Dinneet, Judy . 327 Dyke. Mary 121, 150, 311, 405 Evans, Ellen 314 Crawford, Leas 292 Davis, Gad 343 Din, John 36 Evans. Sheila D. 150, 319 Cr bbln Pete Cme(h, Leslie Ann 35. 250. 3% 150, 322 Davis, Geer 251,416 Davis, Gil 151, 304, 416 Dineen, Marjorie Am 89 Dimas, Hark . 284 E Everett, Anne 63 Everett, Jean 344 Creed ' , Mary Claire 341 Davis, Harry 78, 148, 200 DInnean, Lary 135 EastIkk, Franco 307 Evernorn, Prof. Jack 415 35. 240 Davit, James 292 Dinsmore, Stanley 36, 413 Ea stman, Alice 37, 368 Caftan, Bob 216 Creeli, Scott Janie. 93, 322, 405 De Sala, Michael 143 Eastwood, It Non 37, 322 Ewing Barbara 360 Crenshaw, Hazel 369 Davis, Ken 135, 295 Di Suwro, Mask 402 Eaten. Rickard (wart, Kennett 295 Creolli. John 35 Dan, Ned 65 Ddo. Bill 36,254 (berry, David 37 Ewing. Barbara 360 Crews, Camille 35 Davis, Newton 289 Dula, Suzanne 326 Eta, Fred 263 Enoldsen, Ernst 37,97, 013 Gioia, John 35 Dan, Ran 329 Dobbins, Donald 277 (bright. AI 242 (goiters Han, 152 Frilly, Jim 247 Omit, Rich 28. 29. 36, 40, 61, Dobbins, Richard 189, 291 (bright, Ky 188, 189 Elea. LairnOnit 37 Crisp, Frances 331 80, 81, 85, 282, 397 Dobbs, Ma 345 (bright, Judy 323 Cryee, Sandra Crockti, Jane 35 342 344 Dans, Seaman 36, 2% Davis, Sue 36, 324 Dobrow, Brian 402 khrgaskY, Sherrill 29. 36, 61. Wellman, Marilyn 37, 372 Etta Patti 346 F Crook, Janet 35, 326 Clams, 710ma 371 91, 380. 409 tetanal, Bettye 37, 318 Anna 37, 334 Erman, Charles 136 Davit, Thomas 379, 421 Dann. Robert . 270 Eckhardt, Beverly 360 Ethel, Lloyd 37 Cropeer. Alan 35. 276 Dana., Carolyn 368 Doctor, Thomas 91, 386 Eckhardt, Dorothy 37. 368 Fadden, Arnold 136 A Crony, nne 134 Deny, Norma 366 °titer% Rank 335 kW Samuel 144, 145 Bitty 319 Crowley,Patrick 297 Dana, Ed 295 Dodson, Rotel 36 Eddy, Helen 316 Jahn, Sat 37, 278 Crain, Macy lee 355 Damon, Jolt Phillip 36, 268 Doelman, Fran 153,180 Edgecont. Catty 418 Fair, Barbara 380 Engel, Carol 400 Dawson, Margaret 319 Neiman, Kant 36 Edison, Vivian 148 F 311b11 11, Cyntha 121, 323 Dom, Nancy 322 Day, Ara 310 Daffier. Marilyn 98, 349 Edmonds, laghe 327 NI bairn, Rain H. 151 180 Crynal, Glint 35 Day, Pat 149 Doi , Alice 367 Edsinger, Larry 378 277, DNmP. Jerre 248 Day, Richard 36, 230, 396 Doi on, Frame 394 Egstran, Res 228 Fairborn, Dorothy 3 73 Cudeorth, Grate Marian 317 Day, Robert 273 Dotty, Dick 408 Edwards, 01ft 283 FM:ant David 37, 418 Culim, Leona 421 Daley, Dave 229, 396 Whoa, Pete 25, 34 Edwards, Robert False, Dick A. 265 Cahn, Jane 121, Curnagi, Zulfilar 314, 406 274 Darnall, Walt 357 Dearborn, Terry 36, 300 Dr-Benedetti, Jan 335 Dattinitte9i, 355 aware, Jowl, 36, 362 Arlene 3% Edwards, Tan 358 Edwards, Tom 37, 245 Edwards, Wiliam 37, 272 Fate, Bob 116 Falba, Dick 402 Faltastvu, Jean 113, 343 Cummings, Barbara 35, 29, 320 De Benedetti, Joy 335 Don Edson 36, 352 Edwards. Yonne 37, 326 rancher, Jean 373 Cummings, Garth 238 De Sonic. Marilyn 113, 334 Don, Eng em 36 Eggleston. Coml.. 334 Fandl, Harold 357 Cunall. Dal - 228 above, Charlotte 36, 320 Donitwe, Donald 36, 376 (bins. Elisabeth 345 Fn, Emily 121, 321 Caron. Marlyn 372 CM Cams. Bill 181, 357 Donnell, Richard 36. 282 Wet Click 135 Faraday, Dan 255 Carafe, William Ilarc4.1 Cumirglum, Bill 35 283 Deck, Lyle 258 Dad.; Herbert 36, 282 Denary, Ray 36, 153. 1S6. 163. 258. 412. 418 Dox600, Rebel (Imam, Ann 341 ChIPIIVIC9, Liz 80, 324 Eryntan, Helen Farina, Joseph 282 Farkas, Ernest 196 Farley, Robert 246 Davit Janet WillOMS 36,134 DeGraw, Joe 232 Cunningham, Connie 407, 413 Domain, Gary 259, 416 Fiatobawn Minute 364 Farmer, James W, 250 Cumeglum, 0. ' 14 233 De Henekh, Hubert 243, 416 Deotittk, Jeanne 89 Eigenn, Margot 62 egg inn Bob 783 Cumirgham, Kay 338 Dakhla, Gene 318 Occ4ittat, Jean 340 397 Farquhar. Carol 136 Cupit, Nancy . Curran, Leah Currie, Katrire Derry. Jim 319 338 340 247 Arthur 210, 241 Delerol, Sims 95 Dense, Knosie 415 Dellis, Cynthia 316 Dellar, AM 285 art 372 e, William Daman, Barbara 312 Dorsey, Arne 36, 324 Dorsey, Marilyn 362 Enyndrath, Barbara 313, 399 Ekedahl, Bob 189 (Want. Richard 37, 302, 389 Erymen, Gary 359 Elgortia03, Mary 349 Fan, Neil 252 Fars, Andrew 150.379 Farrar, Jim 297 Farrar. Marty 319 Farrell, Charles 37 Cary, Mary La 316 Dellepiam. Ann 63, 94, 330 Dorward, Don 262,418 Eftioaton, Helen 327 Farrell, Norm 295 Conk , Loo 35, 61. 79, 83. De Long, Roland 36, 240 Dalian, Nadine Ela 367 Elliot, Bert 37, 188 Fart John 37, 252 336, 409 De torimier, Jacques 189, 191 Dow, Cathy 366 Elleatry, Alexander 37 Jansavel 37, 417 Cann, Garniss 415 De lachi, Denis 273 Noy, Richard 271 (fleabag. Mann 37 Fattah, Kanul N. 37 Comm.ts Mary Caryl, 320 35 De Local, Virginia 36 lie Manly. Ernest 36 De Marais, Chinks 29, 36, 290 Dougherty, Pail 36 Douglas, Mac 298. 389 Douglass, Ann 318, 386 Ellington. Will B. 229 Elliott, Bob 153, 195, 237 Elliott. Diane 29, 37 Faulk, Sandra 65, 134 Fag, Don 37 Fay, Mao ItS6 Calla. Nichols 194, 233. 390 De Marais, Nanette 347 Doummi, George 415 Elliott. Jack 275 Fearing, Edward A. 37 Cvklusa, Donald 35. 226, 288 De Martini, Aida 341 Davis, Araks 136 Elliott, Corinne 37, 334 F•11011, Richard 235 426 realer. Carolyn 327 Foster, Salty 38, 364 Gallop, Wayne 218 Giles, William 246 Graham, William .. 280 Fmen, Jame 312 Foster, Shunt 136, 323 Galva; Vary Alice 91, 150, 326 Ginty, Don . 156, 158, 212, 287, GeamalkY, Ele✓or 39,91, 336, Fetbeirnav, Irene 328 Few-ries Joe 189, 268 Gamlitt Joanne 39 Gin, Gordon ... 39, 152, 153 400 Feemov. Alexis 37 Feinstein, Mitzi 312 Fennell ' , Wow ' , " Fork.% Braze 38, 232 38, 264 Canter, Gail Gandie, Roberta 121 178, 231 Nancy 331 Granter, Ted 156, 161, Gram, Oen 112. 212 . 2S4 Feldman, Ardis 328 Foxier, Sue 343 Ganiats, Ton Gillen, oyce 340 J Grant, Dern . . 39 Fell, lean Gall 380 Fox, Loretta 307. 387 Canton, Mary Lee 325 GIllies, Dos...- ..... Grant, Hal 157, 167, 168, Feltner, Torn 37, 153, 189, 258 Fox, Marva la 38 Gartlin, AnItry 328 180, 185 412 Sandra 319 Fox, Neil Foe, Sally 242 38 Gant. Claude Garatedien, Art 257 97, 413 Gillcgly, Phyllis . . 343 Gilmore, John 176,359 Gram, Jack . Mary Ellen 93, . 322, Ferayen, Beet 341 Fractenbere, Dane . 289 Garbolin, Any 325 Grant, Tom . . 263 Ferguson, Marian E. 37, 310 Fralin, Roberta 38 Garcia, LaWroe 39, 256 Gilson, Clark 287 Graturtzio Vic . 181 Ferro, Ratered 38, 288 Franck, Judy 327 Garcia, Margaret 362, 391, 405 Cream, Barbara Ann 39,338 Fertig, Elytur 328 Franc, Bob 119, 358 Gard, Evelyn 29. 39 Girstrap, Ron Gretna, 1.1, Col, Milord 143 Fidel, Jae Tomas 38, 384 Kraal, Andrea. . 38 Garden ' , John Cinder, Louise -351 Grant, Jack . 295 Field, Eta L. 381 rules, June 96 Frank, Janet Frank, Roberta . 329 65, 338 Garditm, GMAT, Gardner, Charles S. 200 . 144 Ginter, Gloria 405 Worn, Bob .. ... 151, 378 Grams, Steve Green, Steve . . 65, 291 Fite, 152, 219 Frankel, Bernard 38 Gardner, Jeanne 39, 324 Gimanteta. Learn .... . 334 Gray, Diane ... 334, 405 Fuel, Lt. Cm R. 8. 142 Franklin, Jim 115. 229. 389 Gardner, Paul 92, 249 Gist, Ruth 344 Grit Jerry - Filipponi, Herbert 38, 356, 390 Fratklen, Movie 91, 309 Gardner, Roberta . 350 Gitclull, Gregory 281 Grey, John ... . . 219 Film., Fragh, Either 320 Gardner, SvSart . 39, 110, 116 Gitchtli, Richard 395 Gray, ManiWet . 343, 396 Fineke, Harriet 95, 344 Fraser, Bob . 269 403, 404 Giusso, Ernie 39 Gray, Rosalie . 39, 348 Fini, Marilyn D. 38 Fraser. S . 274 Carel!, Henry ... 39 Giusto, Margaret 325 Gray, Sue 327 Fiat, Roger 280 Frazier, Dime 38, 93, 322 Garfield. Ann ..... 121, 134, 312 Clacked. Gary 301 Greco, Jim . 300 Finley , Margaret A. 38, 338 Judy 345 Carload, Brwee 282, 389 Gladden, Mk 407 Green, Atanleo 304,418 Firs, Bob 304 Frederiic, GeOnae Carlin, Ann .. 136 Gladitein, Sae . 381 Green, Ann 339 Fippl, George Alex 38. 252 Firby, James Ronald 38. 274 Frederick, Walter Fredgren, Jerry - 78, 110 137, 390 Ganinger, Howard Garlitz, Mildred 156 355 Glascock. Mary . 150, 327 Glaser, imam 284 Great, ChM , . Charles Gran, M 36 3 304, 416 Ficestein, Sabra 397. 401 Fredrickson, Charles Dee 38.280 Garner, ArleM 351 Want ' , Druid . .279 Green, China Lens 384 Firth, Anne 38, 95, 99 Fredrickson, Walter 38, 280 Garner, Ferrel 341 Glavinoticlt, Michele 29, 39. 316. Green, Dona 32 7 Firth, Plebs 333 Free, Helen .. 91, 315, 405 Garrett, nacre 78 397,409 Green, Eileen 39 Firth, Robert 38 FreedMin, Card 370. 396 Garrett, Holm . 39, 388 Glazier, Larry . 448 Green, Gretchen 29, 40, 94, 134. Fischer, Dan 257 Freedman, Joan Alice 365 Girrlf40. Geraldine . 39, 360 Gleason, Bendy . 39, 61, 348 380, 409 Fisk, Deanna 329 Freeman, Ann 38, 94, 419 Garrison, James 144, 145 Gingen, T. . 137 Green, Jo Ant 327 Fisher, Jim 247 Freeman, Mn. Marie 418 Garrison, Pui 327 Glenn, Lomeli .. 63, 100, 178, 388 Green, Ralph 133, 135 Fiatsr, Jimmy Lloyd 38, 229 Freeman, Manrell 406 Caney, Joanne 88, 89 Glints, Dan .. 178 Greenberg, Bob 118, 234 Fisher, Jan 126, 397, 401 Freeman, Mlle . 219 Caney, Sara 327 Glob., Wry 284 Greenberg, Jou 360 Fishman. Burton . 234 Freeman, Sigmund 38, 278. 388. Garrey. Ted .. . 252, 412, 418 Gluck, Arlene .. . 95 Greenberg, Roohtlle 379 Fitch, Beverly 38, 76. 79, 82, 92, 342, 3%, 409 Freeman. Susan 392, 413 394 Garrey, Tharnai Gaol., RaMana 242 391 Go, Henry 407 GOYA Agnes 396 Greenfield, Stuart Greenleaf, Violette . 392 421 Fit.,, Larry 304 . Friesian. Frances 38, 362 Garton, John 39, 153, 156, 162, Goddard, Jean 309 Greemteln, Merle 285 Fitts, Irene 38, 91, 346. 409 Frew, Elaine Franco 319 54 Godley. data 39, 250, 388, 392 Greer, Joan 340 Fitt, John 137. 390 French, Pat 38, 362 Gasparekne, Leo 214, 3 Gcdtfreelsen, LionaCe 39 Grew, Jim 152 Flu. Phyllis . 65, 81 363 Frond, Andrew Gates, Gilbert . . 303 Gotrig, Anna Marie . 317 Grei9OrY, George 40, 417 Fitzgerald, Feline 346 FrtnUen, 378 Gautier, Ellare . 121,361 Gaut, Kati . 337 Groom. 14 ' 411, 269 Fitzpatrick, Jim 295 Frerichs, Karen 94, 354, 355 Gay, Nancy 325 Goetz, Adam 39 GreiliOrf, Pat 342 Fitzpatrick, Pat 118, 309 Freulee, Swarm Gayle, Richard . 39 lace, Marilyn 150,309 Gregotick Robert 40, 216. 258. Flack, Nancy 341 Freund, Philip 135 Gondar, Nan 91.99, 391 Goklinvner, Jean 368 389, 418 FLMerty, Keith 262 135 Geary, atilt 39, 91, 346, 409 Goldatnrner, Jean 95, 96 Cecile, John 230 Fleet, Aedyth 374, 394 Frey, Phyllis Rica 38 Gebb, Sheldon . 289, 416 Coldbaum, Fund 137, 390 Grill, Frieda 373, 407 Fleisher, Natalie 331 Frey, Russell 38 Gee, David . 39 Goldberg, Bull 779 Guide ' , Bill 137, 390 Pete 38, 286. 389 Feick, Canalift 324 Getting, Sheila 338 Goldberg, Dick 303 Gres:NI, Charles .. 40, 149, 150 Fleming, akk 249, 390 Fricke, Robert 38, 288 cety e, Marty . 338 Goldberg, .6e9h. 153, 390 Fleming, 381 Fneberg, Ron 251 Geiger, E... 97, 395 Goldberg. Nancy 39, 364 Gressirner, Nancy .361 Fleming, Margie 317 Fritdenbach. Jim 283 Geist ' , Sallee 39, 334 Cecialenbeto, Al David 80, 98. 379, Centenberg. Dorothy 40, 138, 318 Fletcher, . - 166 Friedman, 360 Gensler, Carolyn 311 402 Green, Ed 166, 412, 418 Yotroer, CID 338 Friedman, Rod 151 Gelsreiter, Willnon 39, 138 243 Cotter, Carol Grey. OW Id 269 Flickinger, Don 379,407 Friedman, Rod 189 earner, Ann 150, 346 Goldtr, Frank 202 Griffin, Claude 40, 376 trodbmg, Mann 29, 38, 180. Friedman. Sharon ISO George, Coralie 402 Goldman, Bruce 284 Griffin, Jot 185 245 Friend, Larry 170, 172 Greer, Edward 39, 248 Goodman, Role 278 Griffin, Rol 176, 195, 118, 253. Flood, Margaret 314 Fritz, Ira 234 George, Eddie 29 Goldman. Sheldon 39 416 Flan, Mary 134 Frolith, Gordon 248 George, Ted 392 Goldman, W. . 137 Griffin, Toed 247 Flatus, Kathy 316 Froom, Burton 259, 416 Georges, Theodore 97, 297, 388 Goldman, Yvonne 337 Griffis. PM . 97 Freed, Caridad 375 Froomin. Carolyn 38 Ctralh, Gerald 97 Goldsmith, Claire 136, 365 Griffith, Join . . 243 Pao, Esperatua 375 Fronnfelter, Richard 38 Gab, Goldstein, Jean . 381 Griffiths, 13ifl 247 Fame, Charlene 38, 364 huge ' . Lucille 310,400 Gerber. Barbara 368 29. 39, 361 Griffiths, Bill . 418 (Write.. Fred 286 Frottess, Robin 313 GontiyeVte, Charles 180, 246 Griffiths, Ge0f9e 40 Dloyd, 8111 153, 208. 304, 413 Fry, Jesse 219 Gerhardt, John 194, 195 Gong, Wallace Ji Cdets, m 357 Floyd. Marilyn 324 Fry, Judy 136, 351 Gerhardt, Mary 3% Enna, Art 39, 356, 389, 390 Grigsby,Jack 233 Froaal, Mike 273 Fry, Wes 157, 159 Gerturdy, Lou 2 Good. Barbara Grimes, Elmer 740 Fhtetsch Peter 274 Free, Graham 38 119, 247 GrirMINItclo Helene 3% Flynn, Nancy C. 29, 38, 338, 397 ' Oriole, Richard 228 Getnart. Atha . 39,61, 233 Goodleikve Janet . 311 Grison, Barbara 315 Flynn, Pat 195.198 Foul. Lester 413 Gergich, Henrietta 76 Ilcodfriend, Lorry 278 Grade, Ram ' 40, 402 Flynn. Phillip Ward 38, 228, 415 Fujimoto, ' no 38, 152 Geritz, Gee. 250 Coodtr9ht. Mary 338 Green, Gene 133, 135. 357 Fmets. Edgy 97 Fukuda, Jim 39 GerAim, Bette 313 Goodman, Roo 245 Grote Pat 337 Foot, Man 38. 355 Fokuela, Lau Ann 375 Centel), Ronald 98. 378 Caddo:4h. HOward 39 Crandon Carl 260 Foley. Jeff 153, 2(8, 300 Fultuda, Samuel 39 Getschine, Nardi 65, 309, 397 Goodnin, Carol 39,344, 386 Gross, Stan 150 Foturoff. S. 399 Fuleada Sam 417 Getz, Carla 119 Goodwin, Marilee 121, 339 Grosso. Norma 310 Ford, Eddie 38 Fokurrura, Mils 379 Gorman, Carolyn 39, 318 Goodwin, Ronald 39, 389 Grossfeld, Sheldon 257 Fong, Kvitac 38 Fufbright, JoAn 288 Chain ' , M. S. 395 Gobaterko, G. 137 Grossmar, Len 91, 135 Fong, Intern 413 Fullerton Mary 39 Glterman, Chuck 150. 278 fkrdon, Akundria 347 Crmeniger. Jim 263 Foto, PlwIld A. 38 Fuller. Barbara 373 Chide ' s ' , Alan 39, 268, 389 Gordon, Bruce 135 Grcodire, Harney 293 Fong. Rorie 38 Fong, 15m Tang 378 Chides ' ' , William 39, 269 Gordon, Charles 395 Groidire. Ann 185 Fomana. Lynne 336 Focus, Robert 735 Ghiladucci, Harry 156. 164, 212 Gordon, James 236 Groom, Woodbury 40. 288 1 ' oste, Kea 135 Forbush. Dceald 287 Ciaccmani, Pat 65, 91, 373 Gordon, Robert 315 Grander, Barbra 40.332 Forte, Lean Altin 38.228 Furlong. Dona 39 Glamillas, Andrea ' 282 Gordon, Roswell 135 Gomm, Michael 274 Foote, Thelma 38 134, 362 Fusco, W. 137 Glanumio, Victor John 39. 153. Gor don, Sandra 396 Chian. John 135 Fat ban 314 181, 270, 390 Gadon, Sara 1% Gene, Email 272 Fore, Neil 266 Foreman, Cron R. 244 G Gaon.. Kathryn Gbbs Ben , Abbsi 65, 337 399 Gordon. TirrOthy 241 Gore, Meredith 324 Gumbiner. Rabbi intent, Conn, Celia 65, 121, 399 346, 397 Forgerni, William 39, 392 Gal. Stem 79,286 412 German Sue 309 Game. Ammer " AO Greer Glbencn. Mike roman. Maros 400 Lathan. Gerald 357 250 Gosfiner, My 329 Drytotroar Kraal 4)1 Forrest, Joyce 373 dada, Fresno 277 Giblan, Erk 387 Coos, Alt 153 " GhorGus " 233 Forrest, Margaret 318 Forrester, Carol 333 Forsteny, An 13. 38, 151. 322 Funtrom Ron 38. 228 Gaggero, Jon Byrne . BOn Collard, Janet Gaither. Terry 195 195 121, 351 95 Ciddino. Mae Meek W. Cites, Paul Gilardi, Gerald 153, 156, 159 97 242 245 Gotthan, 261 Gottfried, H. Leslie 39, 240 Gottlieb, Gerry 156 Goody, Katherine 148 Gun Cam. Stecaan GottalsOn, James Govialson, Jane 143 244 341 Fenster. Beverly 65, 322 Cakovith. Bob 217 Gilbert, Barry 180, 357, 421 Goody, Robert 39 Gustafson, Lawrence 235 , Galbraith. Polk 332 Mort, Clark . 189 Goulart, Ronal 39, 110, 120, 272 Gustafson, Lee 216, 269 Forsyth. Mirk Laurie 333 Galbreath. Sue Ann 316 Gilbert, David 413 Gould, Daniel 39, 268 ROY 283 Forsythe, Warren 388 Gantt. Dick 295 Gilbert. Don 378, 413 Could, Rotes 265 Guthrie, Margery 40 rortlel, Glenn 407 Fortune. Richard 38 Pennant, Edward 38,244 Foster, Herbert 3% Gallagher. Linda Gallon. Art Gals. Beverly Calliani, AEI 310 176, 177 311 271 Gilbert, Gerald Gilbert. Paul GildetInIsi, Bob 611de sleeve, Ed 39,356 135, 359 65,257 264 Grate, Richard 189, 241 Gratbe. Gerald 280 Grant, Anne 99, 346 Gutman, sta. 63, " Goy " Gverdtr, Chant 229, 406 228 341 Foster, Mad 245 Callichmte, Ann K. 39, 332 Gildersleeve, Jack 176 Graham, Nancy 136, 343 Gattder, Nancy 40.340 427 H Hanson, June 28, 29, 40, 61, 80. 83, 149, 308, 397 Hell, David H. . 41, 252 Heim, Jolene417 Haman, Arthur 143 Haman, Betty 63, 136, 342 Mack, Caml 316 Hant, William 395 Heimann, Dick 28 7 Hoff, Douglas 41, 243 Hack, 203, 205, 242 Napa, Lois . 91, 381, 394 Heimark Gant .. 277 Ho faun, Bill 185, 249 Hackman, Lynne Happoldt, Jack 92, 78 Melnik., Lacy Ann 363 Mamma, Ed . 002 MaddsCan, Patricia 40, 314 Happoldt, Ja:kie 335 Heiner(, Shirley 373 HOman, Cosy 217,278 334 Harback Edwin 18 1140, Bob .. 203, 218 Hoffman, Ralph 166, 212, 282 116:1104, Ounces .217 Wisbath, Sown F. 92, 150, 318 Heine, Barbara 41, 334 Hoffman, Diane 317 Radom, Kenneth 40 KardebaCk, John Howard CO, 274 Hakim:, Oktrkb W. 41, 413 Hogan, Paul, 41, 296, 297 Hater, DAM 144 Ha duster, Jacqueline . . 373 Heitman, Dime 41 Hoban, Salty 311 Hagan, kw.m.4s 217 Hardt, Joyce 346 Htl4nan, Keith . .... . .. 135 Haan Torn 293 Migar, Gemyt 40. 304 Hmdy, Jahn 189, 247, 416 Hellman, Frederick 41, 266 418 Hagman, taartima 364 Hare, Jot.. 217 Helm, Lawrence H. 41, 135 Haman, Jack 241 Hawn, Rena 722 tarpon, JON 362 Helmtamp, Janet . 339 Holler. Charlotte 46 Hager, Game 418 Itmgrom, Richard 395 aleketh, Robert 5. 41, 376,417 Holbrotik, Prank 41, 282 Hamlard, Man 40, 344 Hann, Homan) 40. 252. 389 Healey, Robes 291 alokenberb goody 370 Hagler, Joe 170, 174 Hatter, Leda 334 Hemplill, Artery 29, 41, 310 Holden, Daniel 396 Ma Mr, Claire 335 Arms, Or. 149 Heinlein, Circle 1. 321 Mogan, Jan 41 Hahn, Ronald 40 Marl:rusk Jun 317 MerdersOn, Herb 268 Holdtedge, Claire 360 Haigh, Alan 40, 270 Hainan, Reere 364, 402 Henderson, James 137, 229 Holland, Maw Lome 113, 308 Haight, Henry 249, 3% Harper, Ann 365 Henlena, Jane 327 Halts dm, Taffeta Ana 41, 380 Haight, Marion 88 11•11Ptf, SUS 40, 252 Cardenas., Thelon 85. 90, 91, 195 Hallenbeck. Jaen 210 Paul 271 Harper, Claudia 95 Herdetson, Tony A. 189, 267 Hain, Niche, 252 Hakim itch, lbraine 40, 328 Harper, Elizabeth 339 Henkels, Pal 144 Holloway, Chick 210 Have, Elea der Harper, jean 321 Heremsty, Dana 65 Hollywood, Coale. 334 Hale, Barbara 91, 121, 371, 396 Harper, Larry 210, 228 Herman, Patricia 310 Holmes, Homer 41, 388, 392, 413 Hale, Mat 299 Harries, Grilf 287 Hem, Carols 121, 317 Hale, Walter Hartingta, Inert K. Hem, Michael 244 HoIrms, Richard 274 Halm, Mite Harrington, Roth 113, ESC). 350 Henries, George 260 Hoemlund, James 235 Hull, Ann 40. 348, 403. 409, 414 Harris, Arland 40. 388, 396 Herby, Nelda 134, 368, 394 Holstein, Mabel 399 Hall, Barbara 319, 399 Harris, Bill 259 He,lc, Too M. 379 Hohten, Dick 166 Hall Beth 308 Harris, Can . VI Herman, Caraqn Holt, John 253 OH, Crag 333 Harris, Ham 358 Herman, Eugene H. 257 Heft, Nicholas 304 Hall, Carol 63, 111,346 Harris, Jean . 40 Herman. Janke . 294 Him, Francis 42 Hall, Pallet 15, 76 Hanle, Joyce 40.96. 99, 366 Hermann, Henry 150, 180, 302 Ham, Wiley 136 Hall, Emily 40, 330, 400 Harris, Margaret 394 Heron, Nancy 41, 366 Hada, Jam 42 Hall, Gordon 208 Canis, Mellissa 40, 394 Herring, Merritt 389 Hone, Daniel 359 Mall, James 40, 258 412, 418 Harris, Milt 194 Herat, Loth 80 Haw, Frank 42. 356 Mall, Jim 0. 40, 79. 80, 93. 135, 228 Hall, Jim W. III. 228 Rancklph 236 Manic, Robin 40, 121, 294, 421 . Held, Ed 148, 153, 180, 183 Hens, Marilyn 41, 308 Hertz, Seamen 234. 402 110.04, Herb 137. 358 MOON, M.11 42, 356 akeslarger, }Ws 334 Hall, Jury 64. 65, 80. 323, 405 Harrison, Blaine L. 41, 280 Hen, Marilyn E. 333 Hoops, John 231 Ken 123 Harrison, Margaret 345 Haim, Shirley C. 121, 150, 338 How, Shirley 42 Hall, Stephanie 347 Karate., kWh. 355 Hestik Am 312 Hopkin, Sally 355 Hall, Steen 65, 116, 358 Manisa, Swam 308 Hess, Ftask 170, 175, 247 Hopkins, Gloria 121. 136 Hall, Stamine 136, 362 . Harrison, Terry 238 Hail, Gene 189 Jeanne 29, 42, 342 Hall VEllinill 148 Harrison, TM 152 Hearing, Ruth Ann 333 Hooper, atamet 259, 416 Hallb09. Dale 40, 384 Harrison, William 413 Hewett, Patricia 351 Hopping, Marian Hallenbeck, Harry 277 Hart. Janice 380 Hewitt, Ashley C. 395 Moak, Elaine 95, %, 368, 387 Millet, Dorsky 107, 233, 319. Heyrrun, Roberta 329 Hod, Kano 386 421 Hanky. Sown, 136, 323 Brawn. Carlos 41, 240 Nast, James 42 Hallimn. Butch 299 HartIolf, Assilla L. 347 Neale., Brat R. 41, 354 Horst, Patricia Ann 42 Makin, Bob 40, 292 Hanlon, Paul W., Jr. 41, 238 alibtotd, R. 137 Henan, William 296 Halpin, Jaunt 136, 292 Hartman, DIes 212 Hibbs. - 166 omit:, Carol 312 Holmberg. Amid 40 Hannan, Herold 171. 228, 389. Hickey, Shirley 41, 387, 394, 405 Hoewitz, Marilyn 367 Hamill, Ed 271 390 Hictam. Pm 11 3, 150, 345 1010990, Richard 42, 745 Hartnett, firkin, " 91, 332 Hicks, Ham T. 41, 282, 389 Hocking, Pe909 372 Hammill, Glenne 381 Hamilton, Ilarthasa 310 HartiM9. Jain 41, 334 Hicks. William A., Jr. 395 Hoskin ' , W. . 137 Maniltlin, Bob 24 25. 76, 79. Hertz, VIrgliii Am 41, 346 Hideo. Dave 282 Hotchkiss, William 185 84, 91. 149, 2% Haney, Ann 41, 372 mefliln, MAW 65, 324 Holahan, Syria 381 Hamilton, Bylaw 78, 148. 180. Sydney 333 Hippie ' , Curt 275 Hook. Ream 243 184,186 Hallam. Ken 94 Ham, Michael 41, 376 Hasten, Ann 42, 308 Hamilton, Carolyn 40, 310 Mangold, Harold 41.376 High, Jam 258 Home, Jearame 113 Hamilton, Elitateth 337 Hastings, Jan 41 Mak Harty 360 Howmd. loan Rialto, Gayle 40, 332 Hata. Yoshito 41 Miteanee, Dkk 271 Howard, Richard 150, 239 Walton. Marry 40, 388, 392 Hatfield, Shirley 414 Hildebrand, Brum Everett 202, 299 Howard, Robert 234 Haag, -Han 289 Hathaway, Phil 136, 399 Hildetwand, Noel 156, 298 Howard, Tim 277, 418 Hem, Wailnor 40,392 Hatter, Mtn 281 MIMI, Shirlianne 91. 354, 355 Haden, Dwain 42, 153, 304 Haber, Sanford 303 lialtrirp. BM 418 394, 40S. 419 Howell, Betray Ramon, arneanne 375 Haag, Joan C. 368 Hill, Diane 63, 407 Howell, Cavity 42, 354,362 Hamilton. John 40, 212. 282 Hamm, Clunks . 41 Hill, Old 418 Howell, R. Z.. 256 Hum Toni 93, 351 Hmlik, Jar. 134 Hill, City 251 Hymen, Colleen 42 137 firma, Carol 93,322 Mill, Harold 41, 291. Mak. Lanne 42, 344 Hamner, Tom 40, 266 Han, Join 41, 316 sin. Icklia 94, 349 Heirsql, Jona 421 Maimill, Am 297 Ha., ..10e 237 Hill, Mollie 78 Hrusaf, Ronald 292 Hammon, Benjamin 85,95. 189. 233, 416. 418 Hints, John 384, 421 Hankins, Ann 319 Hill. Zits IRO Hilliard, Mato 399 Hwang, Luc 42 Mum. Therese 413 Hammond. Alice 368, 396 Hankins, tram 343 HIllinar. 1621 4 312 Hobson, Eric 210 Masinsos4 Carrie 362 Hankins, Bob 8. 253 Hillan, Phyllis 41, 375 Hubbel, Sntadon 171 Hammond, Edna 400 Hankins. William 41 Mimes, Java 115, 309 Huber, Marylou 42, 336 Hammond, M. 137 Hay. Eduard 298 Hindus, Harks 315 Haber, Serowe 337 Havel, Pen 40 Harden, Doman 189, 358 Mirdirwh, Omar 217 bigamy, Pro 95,97,99, 340 Hannan, Walt 40, 791 Hayden, John 418 Hindle,, Grade. 41, 330 Motert• Pat . 373,421 Raid, Barbara 40, 344, 386 Mayen, Meryl 41, 414 Hindman. Lakta 41, 362 Hock, Kitty 150. 335, 405 Maud. Bobbie 323 Hayes, Pat 308 H,nei, Robert 41. 210 HOAK° Ana 42, 324 Hard, Henn 417 Hats, MISqt. Mk., 0. 142 Ma, John 379 Hodson Dirt Had. Kathleen 40, 362 Hayes, Webb 267 Ronald 239 Hodson Doe 212 Handelman, Sidra 329 Has, Billy G. 41 Hlrasarsto Fdward 41 Hogan Fred 135 KIN, Bill 217 , Ham, Jer ry 208 Hirmaki, Pik 41 Hata Helen 42, 344 Marl William 40,376 Hint, Tom243 Moduli, Ronald 41 Hodson John 230 Hood, Elias 217 Hayward, Oil 384 Mira., Joyce 367 Hodson William 247 Mandan, Jim 154, 156, 158,162 Hansard. Margot 133 Hiner, Penn, 136, 31.9 Agra% Joe 95 Ma Dale 40, 245 Hannon, Murray Haman] Pete 247 Hazel. Pete C. 286 Hitchcock, Allan Hitchcock, James 737, 38 787 Hug inn, Carol 365 lengoim, Nat 402 Hanscom, Robert D. 241 Ilnelunt, Matt 57 153. 154 Hitchcock, Janet 350 Hughes, Alan 252 Hanscom, Ronald 40, 240 156, 157. 164 712 Hitchcock, Sulk 326 Hughes, Gwentlobe 351 Hansen, Claire 40,318 Noaairohon, Ron 41, 217, 7% Hill, Heron 41. 29, 384 Hughes, Herbert 288 Hansen, Dom L. 215 Hear, Pit 115 Mimeo Barbara Its H11010, Jim 166, 212, 251. 418 Hansen, Kasen D. 339 Meanie, Airlift 41, 395, 413 Larry 243 Mambas, MIliam 42, 418 Hansen, Loin 345 licofiotlh. Mel Ho. CM.Man Hudak Maur 242 Madam, Nang Mn 317 Wang, Mary 41, 405 317 Hull, Bob 136,228 Hamel, Pauline 136 blefbroton. Juanita 41 Hagan. Beam 333 Hoaelle2. Wmas 41, 300 Hultoren, Neaten 42, 232, 411 Haricot, Peggy 345 Heoefle. Peter J. 289 Hobbs. Marone 115, 150, Humphrey, Allan 42, 137, 240, Hansen, Wanda 326 Heidi Merrill C. 41 Makabom Kent 299 :39. 390 Hamra, liebytlll J. Heil, Bill 300 Hcdbsn, Mark 202, 203, 298. 390 nerinthawrier, Fred 286 legnarfad, Abate 25 42, 58, 91, 334. 403, 409 Hunt, Janke .. 350 Hunt, Robert . 358 Hunt, 111:591. Wil ye 219 Hunter, Edith . 331 H unter, Sue .. 115, 330 Hurd, In 264, 389 Hurdle, V... . 137 Hurley, Michael 378, 395, 417 Horedall, Jane 326 Nona, Gary - 189 alma, Skip 358 Hat, Ann 319 H eschnws, Mab 94 Huskies, Bob .76. BO, 85:98, 389 Husk Jame 230 Hassel. 441 - 307 Hutains, Dam 42, 326, 386 Mutalas, Kip 317 Muldia, Robert 212, 304 Huta:awn, Thkumi 42 Hyatt, Alice 42 H yde, Herschel 202,205 Hale, Margery 324 H yde, Mimi 341 I anted, Lomita 391 chloka, Dorsky 42 de, CMG:ma .. 42, 272 de, Taiko 42 Helens., Gulps 42 Ikon in, Robert 359 ihno, Actert 42, 402 MAL SVIJA 134 race, MarYiAnn 42 mink, CIMiclia 309 rodmi, Grate Sralko 381 h, Robert 237 neat VISCtSt 42 TKO, Centro 396 ngham, Emily Lane 336 nValurn. George . 239 °VIM, Parana Ann 29, 42, 310 nets, William 42 maxenti, Betty 42 rim, Gail 327 rem, Joyce 134 rritg, Isom. ' nr 350 sabtile, Adrian 234 gel, Bill 24, 137 enbtrg, Be ' , 120, 121, 405, 409, 312 in, Raymond 274, 389 skra. John . . 42 rata Sam 97 Irene 367 Katherine 42 araki, Matto 02 J Jacinto, Ada 63, 97, 375 Jack, Earl 137 Jack, Joan 346 Jack, Robert 42, 260 Jackson, Carol 327 Jackson Donna 351 Jackson. Bert 242 Jackson, Terry 91, 301 Jackson, Margaret 362 Jackson, Nancy . 355 Jacksan, Rabat Jacobberger, Pat 42 Jacobus, Roy 275 Jacobs, (Mara 365, 399 H acobs, Fred 98, 261, 402 Jacobs, Girl . 285 Jacobs, Gerald 284 Jacobs, }ranee 328 Jacobs, Stephen 302 Jacobson, Aft 238 Jacobsen, Dkk 263 Isfahan, John 297 Jmotncn, Mandan 116, 409, 414 Jambes, Jan 2%, 412 JltUtZt, Remo 291 Jaeger, Joe 195, 1%, 304 Jai a, Bob 234 Jaffe, Nick 413 Janteck, Marianne 351 James, Beverley 41 James, Chuck 180, 269 James. Came 29, 42, 91, 372. James, Dorothy James, Nancy James, Rana James. Tom James, William ItmnAl, WWI Janata, Ronald J11111M441, Alfred Jankey, Jan 413 310 42, 268 232 137 42, 123, 314 42, 292 273 121 428 Jame, Jamm910., Jarrett, Janis, Jean., Jefferson, Jeffry, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jen , Amen, Jensen, Jensen, ow., Jensen, Jensen, Army, , alien. Jesse., Jew, knell, Jobe, Johamon, ;Maroon, !Kutner ' , Johns, khosco, Johnson, brimal, JohnSon.. Johnson, Janson, Joanson, .Matson, Johnson, Mau " Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jaarnen, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jansen, Johnson, Johnsen, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnsen, Janson, Jehnscm, Johnson, Jennson, Jorostad, Johnston, Johnston, Johnstone, Johnstone, Johnston., Jim Jaw Jones Jones Jones Jonas Jones bon Rats 1006 Jones Jaws Jones Jaws Joys Jots Jones Jon Jots Jon Jones Jones Jokey, Jag, Jonly,, Jordan, Jordon, Jorgensen, Joey, Joseph, Joyce, Jul, Judi.. Joe, Amite, AM, Joe, Elisabeth Janet Lee 229, 413 Miran, Arne 314 Joe 416 Welt 366 Tom 64,65, 76,80, 85, 299, 397 Alan 263 Job ' 23 Jerre 42, 121, 136, 394, 418 Jams 351 Bill 288 James 229 Jerry 42, 282 Mary 347 Paula 369 Ronal 42, 408 Sandra Jan 42, 266, 408 Robert Sally 369 Hoag 202 Keith 80, 96, 99, 140, 243 Marcia Louise 309 Am, 43 Karen 65, 113, 345 Sayan 327 Ted 29, 43, 61. 290. AIM 411 Alan 401, 414 4190 43, 413 Am 348 Audrey 387 Bob 140, 267 Bryte 247 Clarron 43, 396 Dents 260 Diane 339 Okk 43, 94, 240 Elaine . 316 Elizabeth Cordon 43, 376. 388 Harold . 271 Jackie 333 Jams 91, 180, Jarrett 281 Joyce 121, 149, 347 Judy . 337, 397, 405 Keith . 276 Kerek . . 233 Lee . 258 Marlin .. . 241 Millard . . 43 Paula Richard M. . .142 Rick 80, 262 Truman 25, 43, 258 Valerie 43, 94, 310,409 Dana Sheila 43 Arden 63, 93. 320 Bill 299 Amos 251 Man 29, 43. 338 Ruth 338, 347 271 Charlate 318 Dive Louise 309 Anlree 121, 347, 406 Arleme 314 Bob . 253 Carol Am 371 Charles 290 Dana . 256 David . 231 Den 65, 153 Eliabeth 91 Jack 43 bcoaline 317 Janice 43, 316 John 43, 356 Mary 96 Paul 43, 262, 299 Perry 144 Raynand 43 Roberta 355 Sally 307 Jan 333 Bartyma 121, 364,406 Garnaolu 43, 324 Katgerlre 350 Mitt 268 Shirley 350 Howard 240, 413 Helen Amu 319 Bob 137, 390, 407 Anse 380 Laura 335 Dorothy Ann 380 Paul David 293 Eliabeth 321 K Kadeguchi, Stun 370 Kahn, Janice . 316 Kota., Karolyn Elaattth 43,375 Kahl, Marietta 43 Kahn, Kimball Kahn, 137,390 Kahnect, John 180, 181 Kars, Alma 49, 262, 414,419 Kaptani, Alice 91 Kautani, 74410 91 gain, Mary . 43, 362 Kalfaog (Rasa Degas . 217 Kalich, n . 367 Kallal, refry 43, 308, 394, 405 Kaman, Kaman . 257 Karnerry, Haney 279 Kaertiry, Marla 312 Kam , Bill . 220 Kano , Shirley 343 Kareko, Betty _ 375 Kanouse, Monroe 1)3, 135,241 Kaplan, Peggy 113 Karp, Gall 313 Karmen, Fred - 303 Kanter,. Ernest . .... . 49 Kanteasson, Karra 80, 354, 361 Katmai°, boats 43 Kaat. Palter 43 Kassel!, Nancy Kato, Herat 43, 389 Katsura, Yost _.212 Kau, Adele 328 Kauffman, Stephen, 133, 135, 358 Kaufman, Ronald 25, 43, 44, 149 226. 302 Kaufman, Walter 278 Kamilla 4. Many. 43 Kavanagh, Joan . 321 Kay, Larry 285 Kay, Palsy 136, 375 Kay, Valet re 399 Karmler, Keane, Robert 41, 252 Kearns, Pm 95, 380, 405 Keasbey, Robert 43. 152, 218, 294, 397, 401, 414 Kteheley, Don . 43 Kee, Jerry . 120 Keefe, Torn . . 151, 256 Keeler, Jim 256 Keeler, Wylie Keenan, Bob Keenan, LISa . . 117 Keene, Okk 65, 286 Keene, Dca 43, 77, 148, 153, 286 Ketery, Chuck 220 Keil, Suwon 345 Keith, Sid James 43, 376 Kekeolani, George 43, 392 Keivcal, 215 Keller, Bill . 277 Kehl., Pens 242 Kelm, Robert 241 Kellett, Natalie 43 Kelley, Ante 113 Kelley, Patricia 43, 348 Kelley, Rannad 92 KelleY, Tom . 391 Kellner, Ray 107 Kellner, Sue 315 Kellogg, Jerry 231 Kellogg, Richard 231, 392 Kelly. Arm . 323 Kelly, Erwin . 228 Kelly, Hamilton Kolb, Jan 89, 340 Kelly, Kathleen Mary YaS Kelly, Mary 42, 43, 110. 115, 334, 409, 403 Kelly, Michael 43 Kelly, Ralph 189 Kelly, Robin 134.355 Kelsey, Barbara 360, 421 Kelteret, Card 317 Kelton, Dana 285 Kolas, Sylvia 43, 134, 314, 403 Kemsler, Male 327 Kendall. Frank 248 Kendrick, Mason 135, 297 Kenmoir. Ann 336 Kennedy, Herbert 43,262 Kennedy, Jan 315 Kennedy, Jaw 361 Kennedy, Joanne 150, 339 Kennedy, Mattital 340 Ketinedy, Priscilla 43,394 Kennedy, Sam Kennedy, Yvonne 43, 421 386 Kennelly, Dare . 297 Keeney, Nancy 65.339 Kenner ' , Curtis Kern, Aran . 333 Kett, Jill 360 Keough, To " 195, 198 Koppel, Bruce 208 Koppel, Cooling 269 Kern, Ann , 91 Keen. Eileen Keener, Theodore 43, 417 Kerns, Renard Lane 43, 254 Keeper, Karen Lorne Kerr, Chancellor Clark 11, 21 Kerley, Bob 78, 149 Kessel, 166 Kenai, Warren 43, 260, 389 Kessler, Libby 150, 364 Kester, S. 137 Kesterson, Shirley Aen 334 Ketelsea, May 134, 330 Kevin, Paul 43,388, 396 Key, Brooks 43, 189, 258 Kidd, Rickard 43 Kidder, Jim 65, 79, 80, 92, 150, 156, 165, 197 Ciffmeyer. John 300 Kip°, Muelll 121,347 Kilmer Chulo . 249 Kilo II , Kilpatrick, Donald 136 Kilpatrick, Jeremy 357 Kilpatrkk, Mann 136 Kim, Pall .. 406 Kimball, Gear 229 Kimball, Johns Lou 344 Kinatel, Dan 249 King, Ann 363, 394 King, Connie 372 King, David . 43, 219, 298, 390 King, Fruit . 251 King, Hartley 267 King, Jean . 394 King, Leman 91, 185 King, Richard 180 Malec, Lois 338 Kinikien, Bea Kraal ' , William 65, 299 KInslort, Mary Ellen 44, 318 Kiasman, Da .. 119 Kim, Richard . 44 Micah, Beverly Ruth Kirk, Kam . KM, Morris 262 Kirtemlall, Jean 121 Kirkham, Jody 341 Kowa., Ed 78, 123 K Merman, 255 Mem Rob ert 44, 356 Kiang. Claire 328 Klassen. Tone . 375 Kleaver, Jan , 44, 246 Klabauer, Nom 121, 314, 406 Kleomm, Peggy 115, 151, 322 Klein, Adrien 121, 328 Klerk, Carl 195, 198 Klee, AMY . 293 Kluge, Ronald 189,260 Klopping. Coons Lewis 44, 260 Kloski. Ted . 122 Kloster, Martha 62.63, 80, 83. 396, 397, 405 Klota, Jerome 218 Klugar, Allen 262 Knapp, Bendy Rena 375, 421 Knapp, J. . 137 Knapp, Be Kraut., Ilnelgidia 324 Kemal, Elden 396 Knech. Jerry 107 Bill 260 Knight, Con. Goodw in 13 Knight, Gordon 304 Knill, Dudley 247 Koifl, Herbert 247 lOncepOnnultr. Uli 44 Kmeraschild, Haney 44 Knoll, Dave 241 Krutsen, Bill 358, 408 Knutson, Phyllis 371 Kobayashi, Clwichi 44 Kock, Johreene 380 Koenig, to 379 Koenig, Sydney 372 Koenig Walita 371 Koffman, Marty Kohl yang, Helga 63, 332 KoM, Berne 40, 310 Kohn, Dinah 411 Kong, Rose Mae 44 Kono, Masarri 202 Kona, MIdoei Koonce, Kitty Belle 315 Koontz, Richard 395 Kopek% Sanford 285 Kappa. Rudy 253 Kegs, Miles 267 Itetdarn, Gnat. 44, 391, 406 Cornfield, Irving . 285 Koh, Mari ' 94, 119 Kostet, Betty 99, III, 113, 116, 140, 360, 414 Koala!, Shelby 89, 327 Kotellitkoff, Marion 148 Keel, Sidney 234 Kane, Joan 91, 399 Kra lanky, Diana 44, 314 Ktnaltko, Norbert . 136 Kraft, Magpie Kraft, Mazy Kragen, Kea . 66, 85, 80, 303 Kramer, Pat Kramer, Tom . 153 156 159 166, 271, 411 Krebs, Erna Selma . 44 Helen, GtOrgt 44 Krell, Leland Wyny 379 Knee, Frank 107 Kresgi, Stephen 44 Kreallberg, Sally 333 Kroll, Steve 273 Kroft, Robert 228 Kroll, lantrene 257 Krueger, Prof. Myron 16 Kruger, Bradford 44, 97, 356, 395 Kruger, Katherine 121, 319 lthro. Rosemary 350 Kruthen, Barbara 313 16,41, Carlille 44, 254 Kubm, Gram E4vrir 395 Kann ' , Rea 228 Kobin, Bob 44, 79, 93, 376, 389 Kohl, Chock 166, 358 Kuhlrenin, Robert 259 Nunn, William Nun 295 Kutendall, Jean 321 Kufty, Leotard 44, 302 Kurosawa, Constance 44 Kronen, Joy 44 Kurtz, Ron 386 Knot, Kirk, 217 Kama, Rawl! 2❑ Napo), Peggy 44,413 Kyle, Al 153, 176, 194, 195, 283 L Lacey, Man 286 Lackey, James 277 LaCkeS1n, Leslie 293 Intone, Mend 44. 348 Lacy, Canillne 44, 344 La France, Bob 44. 107, 111 Lawio, Joan .327 Laginha, Annette 369, 396 Inarnarsino, JoArd 373, 421 LaHann, Kitty Lahti, Norma 29, 44, 342 Laiehtnun, Martin 407 Lai, Mirq Gm 413 Laidlew, Stott 291 Laird, Jean 360 Laird, twain. . 369 Lail, Sharp, 80 96, 99, 371 Ultritz, Al 285 Waltz, Herbert 285 laid, Jack Lalaarre, Ron 241 Lamb, Ann 337 Lana, Arnold 384 Lank Robert 44, 389 Lank, Vkla 358 Lantden, Jerry 249 Lambe Mint 411 Lamteel, Bill 44, 266 Lambert, Janie Lambert, Mario, 118, 364 Lana eau., Barbara 80. 91, 324, 400 Lamoreaux. Don 44, 282 Landetier, Elise 98. 369 Landels, Marcia 337 Linden, Lee 319 Landis, AM 178, 287 Landis, Jolly 117,329 Landman, Helen 311 Lan., Arthur 218 Lane, Barbara 44, 364 Unger. Marlene 381 Laaglors, Elea... 44. BO, 98, 113, 414 largrock, Dal 44, 270 LaMbern, Shirley 44, 330, 414 Lamit, Soma 44, 150, 326. 415 Large, Caen 134 tart, John 395 tarred. 84etara 117 Lanni, Darel 44 Larsen. Harry 286 Larsen, Jean 256 Larsen. Joyce 44, 350 Levan, Keith 235 Larsen, Jerry 44, 240 Larsen, Tory 290 Larva, Calvin Larson, Let 315 Lanai, Paul 44, 56, 154, 156, 158, 161, 163, 165, 252 Lana Ron 1 Alan 288. 416, Lashes, Hugh 151 Lasky, Mike 233 Latimer, Rotert 238 Lau, Florence 116 Lau, Lois 44, 387, 405 Laub, Arnold . 44, 302 Laudrel. Warren . 195 Lauer, Deena 44, 308 Laugencur. Jean 80, 93, 233 Laughlin, Jon 44, 281 Lagghlle, Sholte 363,421 Uurtnton, Betsey 349 Lannella, Giovannn 113, 325 Laursen, Wan 44, 396 LartOn, Robert 44 Laatrug, Chunk 44, 240 Law, Ray 269 LaVrolette, Peggy 44, 110, 116 314, 403, 404 Leonean, William 295 Laren ' , Mann 338 Laarma, Eric 119 larriloo, Jim 1)7, 208, 390 Lawton, Edward . . 139 Lantos, Rich .413 Lazar, Alan 136, 358 Lazar, Barry 284 Lazar. Jelm 29, 44, 262 Lea, Lila . 44 Lea, Lyman 137. 261 Leath, Doug 44, 107, 282 Leach, Honed 44, 137, 356, 392 Leath, „Urger 388 Leath, Minorite 45, 377, 389 Mike 359 Leath, Roger 387 Leal, H. 7, 386 Leann, Jan 312 Lear, Charles 280 Loath. Marilyn 45, 162,409 Leathers, John 45, 282, 391 Leavy, Anna 91, 381 Leann, Margo 98 LeBron, Lois 136 La, David 750 LeDrew, Caol 363 larisse 351 LeDtm, Cr LeCO4, Jacqueline 350 Lee, Bertha 369 Lee, Bob 45, 356 Lee, Calnn 408 Lee, Chitin 45, 276 Lee, Dood y 134 Lee, Emily 352 Lee, Esther 45 tee, Herbert 358 Lee, Koreard 45 Lee, Ira 269 Lee, bales 387 Lee, Jerry 121 Let, nanny 65, 347 toe, John A. 45 Ire, Karol 350 Let, Kenneth 45 Lee. Lawrence 358 Lee, Letty 45, 352 Lee, Mayne 45 Le , Norma 45 Lee, Ronald 359 Lee, Terry 369 Lee, Wilbur 45 Lett, Bob 180. 287 Lehberg, Jack 294 Lehman. Jobn 45, 377, 413 Lehman; June 45 leichtfoss, Reba 309 Leder. Maxine 329 Lektich, Ray 241 Leqh, Manton 45, 238 legolon. Al 97, 413, 418 Lelcos, Dino 259 Lent Grace 136 Leant Jim 119 Lemma, Jim 192 Leona., Midi 329 Leastruu, Mat 241 Leslie, Bob 25. 39. 45,80, 148. 152, 180, 282, 406 Lonny, Carl 45, 391 letehe., Kenneth 408 Leathod, Willard 45 Len, Bill 189 Len, Marshall 45. 189 Leven,, Altura, 15 Levin, 8300ra 64, 65, 83,93. 366, 397, 405 Loin, Joan 98, 369 Leon, Start 284 Levrman, Mason 118 429 Lees, Margaret . 316 Led,, Rkaard . 243 Lail4n, Jut 259 Lay, Haney 278 trey Janke . 45 Let 63,92, 44, 302, 397 Lew, Marlin 375 Lewerse, Bill . . .. 294 Lewin, Parses 45 Leon, Clark 45, 266 389 Lenia, G. Weston 243 Leah, Jerry 356 Lewis, Mary . 45, 320, 405, 421 Lewis, Naas . 341 Lewis, Robert . 234 Liberman, Marlene 328 I:chimera, Joyce .. 121, 329 Litter. Jim 243 Lieberman, E. James 45, 152 Linen Cynthia .. 334 Lilt, Marjorie )71 Lifschia, Jolla 279 Light, Tau ... -45, 153, 189, 356 Wm, IMMO 360 Likes. Amid - 45, 370 tains, Ted . 151,287 11111S, Dia . 45, 346 Lim, Maw .. .. 413 Lind, William 45, thedt4e9, Kars 315 Liedbew, Leon . . 45 Lltdarulder. Carol 136 Lindsay, Ann 42, 333 Lindsay, John . 45, 264 Lindsay, Lt. Coe. Clifton S. 143 Liu, Mary Ellen 373 Leman, James 235 Linn, Batty 335 llinsdak, Don 45, 356, 388 Linsenb✓d, Beth 327 tentage, Clerlotte 339 Lipkin Paul R. 257 . 2 Lialt, Peter .. . 34 1.1pol, Gear 45 Lim, am G. 45, 320 Little, Beth 369,402 Little, Jams . 259 Little, Kathy 25, 45, 51. 79, 83, 354, 37Z 463, 409, 415 LlttleMan, Jaret 381 Littkaohn, Larry 402 LIttleilan, Ma9 136 Llttlewocd. Sandra 414 Lobree, Samna Helen 45, 368 Leon, Beserly A. 45, 332 Lockett, Bill 402 Lockett, Lea Ellen 4S, 370 %Whin, lack Carl 45 , 262 lak•ad, Nam 239 Lab, Stanley Rohn 45, 387, 391 Loebtake. Jim . 297 Lofoten, Barbara J. 355 Logan. Sally E... 340 ' ten " . 228 La-stroll, Harry 150, 239, 406 London, Diane . 316 Long, Barba 347 Lag, Barry 378 Lon), Margaret . 319 Lorgstreet. -.mare 331 Loomis. Joe 379 Looter, Donald 45, 258 Loa., Arnold 176 Loper, Hartle F. 45, 61 Lorenz, Jim 166, 167, 777 Lorne, Mary Lava, Arthur 290 Laing, Marian. 110 Lottrklere, Richard 399 bats. 215 Low, 7617 152 Lxga0ao, Pat 245 Luck. Gorda C. 45, 97, 38B. 392, 413 Look., Saw 45 Lucie, Malta 45 Louie, Sberwin 218 Louie, Sawa 361 Louie, %Ili✓ J. 45 Lawmen+. Joan E. 45, 370 Loondagin, Nick 290,389 Loma, Reber) 45 Loatzenhersa, See 138 Low, Alearder Ray 45, 217, 294 Low, Colin 271 Loa, Liadbergh G. 45 Lowe, Brook. 267 Low, Roger A. 189, 229, 388 Lowell, Marcia . 333 Lawn, P1.111 396 Lower, Stephen K. 314 Latry, Walt Hansen 45, 356 Lonny, Jane 368 Lousy, Helen 320 Lubbock, Tose 117, 119, 299 Labe,. Lenora 313 Limas, Joan 373 Lucas, Kate 381 Lau, Lillis. 134, 362 Marcucci, Paula 351 Marcus, Phu 119 Mantle, Susan 46, 346 Mangufeas, Honed 279 Matterne, Karl 208 Maingl, Elaine 121 328, 402, 406 Maris, Howard 303 Mark, Norman 46, 136 Markley, Charles 46, 263 Marble,. Gene 412 Allekcailz, Morten 46, 388 Marta, Bake 287 Marks, Tom 246 Mart, Jots Am 347 Marring, Dolan 363 Marshall, Don D. 300 Marshall, Nancy 366 Marshall, Ray 114 kJ hall Torn 011 Manton, Oct 26 46, 50, 75, 76, ' 78, 240, 389 Manton, Marilyn 121, 321 Manes, Kathy 46. 326 Malta+, Carol 347 Martin, Carol 46, 324 Martin, Don 24, 269, 408 Martin, Don 25, 76, 77, 119, 233 Martin, Elaine 92, 320 Martin, Janke 66 314 Manic, Jean 315 Main, Jerry 46, 248 Kaolin, Leila 373, 394 MIMS, Ladle 331 Martin, Marilyn 150, 325 Mails, Ruth 136 Mania, Theodore 242 Martin. Walter 271 Martinelli, Joyce 350 Martinez, lot 46, 395 Martine:, Toni 137, 390 Martina Harold 46 Manama, Sodas 95 M✓tat., Charles 156,160, 163 Manus, Herber 46, 421 Marvin, Jodi Marylander, Howard 285 Man, Halm 46 Marie, Dick 254 Mason, 8,11 135, 275 Mason, Jane 386 Mason, Joke 92, 274 Mann, Main 375 Matting, Ricked 46, 233 Masts, Karen 351 Matra, Ben 170,175, 293 Nasals, Grace 46 Matadi, Sulky 46 Ilatarangah, John 46, 273 Mauna, Diane 29. 06, 346 Mather, Futter. 266 Mather, Margaret 121, 366 Mather, Win 91, 150 Mathew, haw, ' 371 Mathis, Dixie BO Mathis, Jacob 295 Mathis. Ray 275 Malan, Paul 285 Maturbara, GtON4 46,97, 395. 413, 417 Matsda, Tart 371, 396 Materaoto, Tadao 46 Matthews, Jody 46, 97. 334 Matthews, Sue 21. 38 46. 61,83. 92. 348, 397. 403, 409 Matthiessn, Jean 46. 93, 311 1 milkmen, Karen 121, 335 Matta, Mamas 46. 350 Mattoon, Min 292 Maula, Man 46 Malusha, Lon 29. 46, 3411 Malign, Joan 329 Maudlin, Adrian. 313 Maghtlli. Meade M. 46 Masan, Claude 360 Mark, Evelyn 361 Mann. Claudia 93, 94, 343, 397 Maxey. Carl W. 396 May, Carol J. 311 May, Prof. Samuel 17 Mayer, 8,11 B. 255 Mar, Cow 379 Miter, Louis 166 Mawr, Lynn 65, 363 Mayne, Christine 340 Maya, C61 46, 153 170. 173 20 ' 764. 277 Mayo, Bob 47, 153, Mayo, Patricia Ann 315 mao Shirley 335 McAllister, Alex 247 McBride. Clam 47, 290 mcfle‘oe, Jr 95. 346 McBride, Martha 93, 94. 334 McCabe 47,2% McCaffrey, Stan 18 McCain., Irvin McCollister, Jo Awe McCallum, . MeCargar, Mary Arm McCarthy, Sheila 80, 92, McCarty. Annelle (rely. McCarty, Mariaie McCauley, Sue 65, 323, McCarron, Dave IWCauttand, Brae , Mary McClellan, Maureen McClintock, Marilyn McCleary, Newell, McClure,Sally McConnell, Barbra McConnell, Jack MeCeenen, Margaret McCormick, we McCaO, Anita McCord, Warren McCoy, Jan 47, McCrary, Mary Ann tlaullaeM, Jaws McCurdy, Mary McCurdy, Ric M! 1J Cu✓lan, knit McDaniel Wes 76, 77, McDonald, Jack McDonald, Js McDonald, Lyle McDonald, Mary Agnes MtDonsb, Robert McDonald, Salty McDonald, William McDoreel, Richard McDowell, Henry Valonswa, Janet McDowell, Barbara McDowell, Elizabeth McDolfee, Kid M 47, McOderry, Ernie McElhx, B. LicEneany, Virginia McFarland, Richard lareely, Gad lAcCellwan, Pat Wends, Leda McCraw, 1.. McGee, Ann McGill, tatty McGill, Sharon McGinn, Pail McGowan, Golda McGowan, Mary lase McGoaan, Sandy McGregor, Wald McGregor, Jane McGregor, Pat McGuire, Beak MeGulre, Pat Mcllraith, Stuart Melfraite, Terry Melnda, Bates McIneeny, Ann McInerny, Carol Mclnnit, Walter mcbmge, Aliceon McIntosh, Alan Metre., John McKanna, Parke McKaskle, Paul McKay, Mary MeldaY, 71metm ekKeas, Join sal(eaty. Kathy McKee. Stuart fkKeegan, Pat kKorl, 4,1 114Kttn, Bob 47, 58, 14 Keen Everett McKeever, Robert McKenzie, Rost Marie MOCiannt, Elizabeth McKissick. Carson McLain Vartykia McLarohlin, Betty Let Mclashlin, Edward Melons 1W Ton McLean, Jab Arm McLean, Mary Ellen McLean Verne Molouth, Janice McLane, Sue McMahon, Catarina McMahon Hale McMafters, Alan McMalters, Dee McMillan, Gordon Grady Lan 236 47 137 47, 415 310, 405 47 366 402, 405 47, 421 350 47, 324 80, 321 47, 272 340 391, 405 275 47 245 375 256, 389 348, 414 63, 344 47 134, 342 329 233 289, 397 337 47, 245 412 142 340 396 418 296 244 253 47, Se 310, 397 . 375 88 344. 409, 420 195. 198 137 326 407 47, 346 79, 334 391 137 93, 332 327, 405 347 210 47 47, 138. 344 255 144 47 396 323 304 151, 294 294 243 325 399 47, 391 47,334 413 47 342 91 47. 334 47, 252 314 317 247, 416 243 168, 170 247 170, 173 47, 346, 402 374 264 134 47 47 275 316 47, 142 731 348 65, 323 325 399 241 135, 241 4 395 IkNawbtoi, Milian 235 208, 242 McNeill, Clurks 263 McNeill, Robert 47 McNelY, Tim ' 229 McReyrolds, Mary 47, 308 McReynolds, Priscilla 400 McSorley, Richard 47 McIalgart Mary Jo 134, 374 McVe igh, lire 339 McVey. Sharon Garr 47, 370 McWilliams, Wilmer Carey 41, 76 80,81, 37 Mead, Carols . 346 Mead, Dick Ewald 150, 248 Mead, Robert R. 396 Linda, Hama 94, 369, 399 Mew ' s, P. 137 Meaty, Margaret 118, 421 Mean, Denise 325 Meatier, Norm 396 Mechendorf, Hank 418 Mecklessel, Donald C. 47, 412 418, 252 Malin, Stelae 274 Met, Marilyn 134, 346 ' hem., Rosemary 28 29, 47, 61, 80, 314, 197, 409, 415 Meek, Do old Russell 47, 288, 418 Meeker, Jar. 343 Meant, Milton S. 47, 243 Merry, Richard 378 Max, Cliff . .. Megaw, Alice .I. 134, 360 Megazini, Ernest 283, 399, 417 Mewls, Than 136, 292 Meister, Herm 157, 158 Mein, Spero 153 MelOye, Dick 47, 290 mega, Spam 47, 148, 171, 356, Mello, Ira A. 316 Melkee, Rosalyn 134 Maw, Robert Mwdelsohn, Calm Menders, Lett 47 Menanca. Donna 316 Mer43401, Jain G. 231 Mentzer, Las 332 Mend, Ow 418 Metter, Lunn 91 Merchant, Carol Merchant, John 185, 233 Meredah, Gerald 47, 122 Merenlencin, $Mein 413 99 Megan, Thomas Chafer, Jo. 47 Maker, Yvon A. 65, 121, 149, 311, 4% Markley, Maly M. 344 Medic, Edward 47 Malt Frank 153. 243. 418 Merlotti, Marion 88, 368, 396 Meta Martha Marie 333 Maria , Gary 358 Merrill, Bob 195, 253 Merry, Raids 317 MenvI n, Harriet 138 Mesthendort, Henn 47, 258 Messer. Alvan 357 Moser, Jerry 80, 133, 135 Messer, Roy 259 Messws, Gail 325 Metall, Pre4. Woodbridge 17 Metz, Joan 394,418 Metz, Robert E. 289 Metzger, Its 135 Metzler, Ma 137, 379 Merl, John 274 Meyer, David 396 Meyer, Ezra 47 Meyer, Jack 15D Meyer, Jon 242 Mayer, Joyce 47, 362 Meyer, Andy 341, 402 Mere, Mapla 134, 342 Meyer, Willem T. 255 Meyers, Robert 230 Meylan, Marianne 63. 95, 99. 113, 342, WO Mel, Ronald 122 Michelbacher, A. E. 388 Michell, Diane 47, 372 Mkhen, Dew L. 65, 121, 151. 325 Michels. Loretta 350 MI6dSauff, W. W. 78 Middleton. Dana 343 MAAS, K. 137 Mikelson, Carol 327 MikewII, Nana 92, 371 Milani, Morris 47, 152, 233, 418 Miles, Ock 148 Mlles, Loris 391 Miles, Patricia L. 65, 343 Miley, Gail 314 Lam, C44. Mason 143 Lan, Ray 220 Leech ' , Quells 46, 395, 417 , 195, 198 Mary L. 46 Ludolph. Don 411 left Jia 92 Loin., Jim 65, 150 Luis, Robert 46, 3% Luke, Masan Rae 46 Lae , Ten, 46, 340 Leek Muriel 372 La Tow 135 Lad, Erie 232 Uncle, Remit 99 Inks Dolan 46 Lure, Hero 280 Lusk. Fred 194 LS , Patricia Leis 334 Lutz, aid 310 Lutz, Linda 65 113, 343 LOS !erg 261 Lyle, Lywun, Princeton 140, 257, 402 Lyman, Stanford Morris 46, 99, 140, 257 Lyman, Syteia 46, 80, 402, 409 Own, Pat 97, 99 Lyon. Jerome 46, 80. 95, 96, 395 Lyons, Kathy A. 314 Lyons, Capt. Samuel H. 142 M Macaulay, Jack 261 MacCrone, Camck 150, 189 MacDonald, Masai. 65, 339 MacDcugall, Come 373 McFadden. Jane 326 MacGosan. Clyde 46, 254 Machado, Kit 215.300 Machado, Pat Charles 46, 152. 268 Macintosh, Don 150,794 Mack, Chuck 92, 248 Mack, Mary Ellen 360 MacKenzie, John 46 MacKenzie, Malcolm 135 MacKenzie, Marto Jean 306. 334 Mackey, William 264 Mackintosh, Donald 292 MacKnight, Carol 366 MacLean, Willa 244 MacLeod. Pat 318 MaMahcw, Bob 256 MacMillan, Donald 392 MaS•aln, Duncan 265, 416 Madan., Susan 46, 344 Madre.. 8111 391 Madden, John H. 46 Madam Clark 152 Maddox, Dean 151,259 Madam, Jen 152 Madan, Jeanette 337 149 Madsen, J. Dean 46 awed. Marlene 46. 367 Magill, Lt. Willa F. 143 Malnutseer. Sails 121 Maguire, Hugh 25 156. 1%, 212, 242, 412 Malsoffy, John 153, 157, 219 Mahon, Jody 65.113.347 Maier. Jack 387 Mairmarirry Mrs. Either 418 Maloll, Dade 347 Maps. Kern 282 Male, Vaglala 138, 322, 452 Malcom., Jacareline 310 Malta Gloria S. 46 Molfarla. Isabel 335 MaPerY, Vir ' 74°M 46, 332 Malloy. Patricia 314 Mania, Lee 121 Malone, Lt, %I. Thaws 143 Maine,. Lonna 327 Maloarticia, Cesar 152. 217 Matter, Mank 257 Manarti, Barbra 88, 89, 380 Maness, loan 308 Mann. Roger 219 Manntrineer, Dick .. 278 Mewing. Dolan 362 Mansfield. Diana 46, 344 Marrow, Deathy 307 Molnar, Mans 134 Mao, Bob 153 Maraca, Ma 46. 342 Mans, David 46, 234 Mans, Himmel 307 March, Haney 408 March, Paul 46, 229 Marchasin, Sidney 46 Marianna, Toni 121, 355, 405 430 lAllhich, Meade 48, 324 Moan, Russell . 395 Millard, Burton F. 48 Mond ' , Richard 150 Miller, Bud 150, 151 Mortars., Marilyn 150 Milky, Carle. 278 Morel, Joan 334 Miller, Cynthia 324 Moreland, Andy 301 Miller, Daniel H. 48, 244 Moreno, Marra 311 Miller, Diane 375 Morgan. Janis 363, 396, 406 Miller, Ed 301 Morgan, Jo Ana 48, 346 Miller. Fred 293 Morgan, Jorge 391 Miller, George 239 Morgan, Stew 293 Miller, George 48 Mat, Claudette 375 Miller, Gladys 48, 350 Morten, John 48, 242, 412 Mines, Harris 285 Motley, Bill 152, 220, 389 Miller, Jaw 419 Man, David 407 Miller, Jim . . 150, 300 Marti. Ed 255 Miller, Lanveme 48 Morris, June 138, 375 Miller, Marilyn L. 121, 325 Mara, Keith 217 Milk., Mary 48, 362 Marls, Marlys 307 Miller, Marlene 48, 367 Morris, Mary Ann 320 Mire, Marlene 405 Marisa, Torn 93,99, 217, 233 Miller. Mike . 91 Monk.% Allan .. 303 Miner, Sandra 325 Menial, Deaf 283 Miller, Sharer, 99, 140, 381, 402 Morison, Dick 185, 233 Miller, Tom 137. 357, 390 Marisa, Don .. 244 Millis, Joke 62, 80. 260, 389 Morrison, Ken Mills, Barbara 92,134 Morita, Marilyn 48, 307 Mills, Jane 345 Morrissey, Ant 345 Mills, Susan 326 Morrow, Gordon 271 Miner,. Nelson 48, 232 Mona, Marilyn 342 Milne, Jerry 265, 416 Morse, Sandra 369 Milewch, Lee 234 Mortensen John 254, 416 Minoru. Jacqui 323 Morton, Barbara 110 Minn, Priscilla 48,360 Mao. Ronald 48. 268 Minick, Karen F. 65. 371, 402 Moseley, Keith 136 Mime, Richard 277 Moskosite, Joa 253 Minor, Ruth G. 336 Mal ey, Manaus 236 Mitchell, Betty 311, 005 Mosley, Benedict 236 Mitchell, Beverley J. 48. 403,409, Moss, Varna 143 414 Manna. Myra • Mitchell, Chan 48 Mole, Mike 287 Mitchell, Prof. D. W. 415 Mott. Molly 48, 89, 300, 420 Mitchell, Donna M. 48, 380 Motu, Anita 369 Mitchell, Hank 135 Motto, Robert 239 Mitchell, Janet 48, 360 Moulder, Walter 277, 401 Mitchell, Its 153, 195, 200 Moyer. Charlotte 334 Mitchell, Madeline 343 Muer. Joyce 134 Mitchell, May Lynn 88, 363, 420 Mocked. Man 48, 340 Mitchell, Rickard 171 Muirbtad, Orgies 301 Mitchell, Ronald H. 395 Manny, See 335 Mitchell, Swann. 48, 354, 367 Molina., Robert 246 Miura, Katherine L. 369 Mumma, R. 137 Mister, Carol Ann 21, 25, 48, 49, larch Karin 316 75. 76, 80,81, 83,92, 93, Merger, Cary 24, 25, 91, 326 316, 403, 409 Munn, Rich 241 bloakana, Carolyn 95 Alamo, Bill 396 Fr anicto Don 171 Munro, Don 137 Miyake, Van 48, 388 Mara, Jacamline 370, 400 Mud, Bernard H. 279 Mns ' rger, Harry 300 Mal, Mallory 328 Monter, Dick 181 Moan, Evelyn 48, 400 Mere, Karl 140. 357. 406 Mobley, Earl 48 urea, Beth 336, 402 Mock, Molly 150, 341 Ourgatrayd, Edward 102 Modry. Southard 48 Murphy, Jame, Moe. Albert 48, 273 Murphy, Manta 348 Moeller, Ph il 189 Shine, 116 MOD!. Dale 126, 001 Murray, Carol 326, 402 M:harnmed, I. 413 Murray, Chitlins 48, 342 MoiwIl, COSIOnte 964 Murray, Dawn 347 Mot, Fred 91 Murray, Eric 180, 182 Ma, Vincent 48 Murray, Gene 216 Mole, Andra 121, 321 Murray, Patricla 325 Moller, Am 318 Murry, Mary Lu 48 346 Moloney. Leanne 150 Mydlard Joan 136 Moll, RIta 375 Myers, Dick 137. 150. 378 Monaca, David 234 Mon, Edith 92. 348 Moncriell Dime Mahn 48, 138 Myers, Ady 92, 348 Moiroe, Frederick 48, 61, 236 MST ' S, 374 Moves, Herbert 234 Myers, Michael 189, 289, 416 remora, Francisco 47 Moen, Robert 48 Montgomery, Helen 92, 325 Myers. Sara 349 Montmorency, Denim 355, 394, 419 Myrick, Stew 171, 268 Montoya, Mtlya•el 136 Myna, Charlene 48, 134, 332 Mona Thelma 371 Moon Richard 395 N Mersey, A. 137 Mono Alden 237 Haber, Salem 48.417 laeore Ann 326,402, Nano 317 Moore till 137, 256, 390 Nagler, Lana 48. 324 Moon Clan 304 Najarian, Gera 153. 1%, Moore Dick III, 356 160, 264 Donald 259,418 N larnsek Keith. as Moore Ernest 249 Nalaniure, Laird 48, 417 Moore Gwent 48 Natant Sane 48 Mare Janet 316 NalAshima, Naomi 307 Mare Jams 413. 772 NMatsubar. Frank 48, 417 Mare Jerry 384 Nalkitaa, Gordon 219 Moore Joyce 349 Marin, Fran 364 Moore Kenneth 143 Hardin, Peter 48 Marc Larn 286 Harden, Jeans 323 Men Marlene III, 345 Nash, Robert 256 Mcore Man 318 Nasu, Georgia 48 Metre Rickard 48 Nathan, Lindsay 341 move Richard I 47, 267 Hanks Roger 284 Hoeft ins 126, 299 Marna Diana 48, 322 Man Rudy 80 Milainin, Pete 241, 416, 418 Lkoybrurn, Ed . 119 Nava:m.16mo, nho 258 Neal, Sally 363 Neal, Tam 254 Neared, Elaine 63,91, 92, 394, 400, 405, 406 Pal Neater, Lyrn 263, 416 92, 284 Hama ' , Bernie 78 Nedderien, Dick 228 Needham, Bill 49 Needanan, Ruth 15 Rely, Belly 256 Neely, Night 49, 338 Nell, Anna . 366 Nekk, Doren 49 Neil, Harold 150 Neil, Sally 355 Neill, retry Jean Melia, Al 24, 49, 85, 95. 149, 150, 151, 294 Here, Barbara 121, 149, 151 Heiser, Bob 79, 49, 152, 268 Nelson, Carol 315 Nelson, Carol 49, 314 Nelson, Dick 304 Nelson, Cad 96 Nelson, Gat 49, 232 Nelson, George 283 Near, GII 418 Nelson, Joni« 310 Helton, John 135 Helton, Keith 273 Nelson, ' 49, 137, 377, 388 Nelson, Km 49, 115, 340.403. 009, 415 Nelson, Palette Nelson, Richard Nelson, Sarah And Nelson, Stanley Nemir. Ed Nemle, tionard Ness, Kerner Nestor, David Nettles, Jim Neoleld, William Neuman, Jo Arne Neuman, Louise Neuman, W. Nail, Barbara Knell, Joan Plevelf, Minton Neall, Pete 49, 103. 170, 194, 195, 304, 412 Natal, Marto 287 Nyman, Da 80, 302 Newnan, Jay James 269 Newman, Meese lean 368. 394, 316 Newreyet, Pete 275 Heaven Maria 343 Nestee, Nancy 49 Micah, Arn 325 NKr ' s, Dean 264 Nichols, Patricia 49 Nichols, Rottman 339 Nkholls, Stanley 144 Rich:Awn Larva 249 Nicolaistn, Edith 49 N korner,. Art 79, 210, 268, 397 Nicol ' s. Oorls 324 Nionlson, Muno 212 Nielsen, Karen 377 Nielson, Jean 343 Nielson, Joyce 375 Nikal6o, R. 137 Indio. Garr 49, 395, 413 Nin•Cufirell, Joann 139 NInomiya, Flora 113, 307 Nissen, Edward 2 Nits ' s. Jim 92, 150, Hodder, Janie 316 Wield, Ralph 279 Notes, Barbara 363 NOM, Gvy 135 Nocrura. Ed 80 Nome., Thomas 49 Noonan, Patrres1 49 Noddy, Moo 417 Norterg, Patsy 363 Norbet, Joan 91 Nellard, Earl 203 Norther!, Pal 49, 120, 121. 272 Norman, Franco Ann 339 reran, Lynne 319 Beni% Carol 121, 315 Norris, Hal 153, 156, 160, 163. 180 Nonatethy, Ann 372 Nonnorthy, Walter 388 Nonworthy, Wynn 49 Newton, Carol 337 Norton, Janice 314 Nona, Pete 229, 415 Morton, Soma 380 Nona, Laurence 413 Nussbaum, Harris 303 Rosa, Don 194, 195 Nutting, Pete 29, 49, 245 Avon, John 203, 299 Nylon!, Baran 118, 309 0 Oakley, Plurraba 309 Oaks, R. 137 Oterkaresper, Leon 49, 245 O ' Brien, Anne 49, 344 O ' Brien, Marra, 342 O ' Brien, Nary 49 O ' Connell. Joan 253, 416 rromer,Aneette Margaret 80, 317 Otconer, Dick 133, 135 O ' Connell, Jody 310, 409 Otonner, Janet 136 Otenner, Will am 49 °tanners. Barry 49, 252 °Tosses, seo 189 Oertel, Elaine 363 O ' Farrell, Barbara 150, 334 Ogata. Helen 405 Ogan, Mire. 49 Ogle, 259 Patricia 49, 318, 01 Oren, Root 292 Ohlson, David 251 Oltlekara, Ray 117, 150, 399, 413 ()Una, Mary Orrent, Gary • , moue, Pot Oletno, Victor 011ra, Jose Oliver, Bill Olinv, Bob Oliter, Pa Olivet, Rosafind Oliver, Rex Oliver. Roberta °linen, Jackie Otter, Adele Ololson, John Otal, Mel Olsen, Lorin O hm Marcy Olson, Debtne Olson, Ed Larry Olson, Lana Olson, Robert O ' Neil, Jann Patricia Onaera, Ben 388, 392, 413 Onstead, Sheldon 282 Dearman, K,ra 319,381 Orear, Dick 263, 416 rams. Jaren. 49 Organ, Virginia 310 Orrh, Don 200 Or Oda 121, 328 Oran, Maynard 152, 185. 292 Ormsbee, Pans 49, 314 Orr, James Edward 49 Rohn 395 Orton, Sally 317 °mama, Adrienne Jeao 324 Osborne, Robert 318 Osborne, Thar 290 Osgood, Jane 91, 94, 324 Chharig, Yoshili 413 Oman, Sterling 395 Nylon, Karl 41 rain, Kalhrin 49 Olarrnalt, Irene 49 Ott, Mel 231 Otter, Richard 49, 296 Ortrstrett, Beverly 339 Overstreet, Dee 418 Dick 255 Ora, Bob 77, 269 One, Donis 3% Ortens, Donald 368 Oars, Margaret 349 Ones, Rickard 49, 302 Ora, Robert 273 D Pabst, Prof. Adolf 415 ILICloilan, Phyllis 136, 364 Padgett, George 49, 260 P ads,, Philip 49, 377 Piet, Layers 49 P aget, Sandra 89 Hamlet, Mae 261 Pal Cynthia 318 Palmer, Hans 76, 77, 240 Palmer Jam 49 Pa mer, Joyce 136, 361 Palmer, Judy 150, 319 Palmer, Kathy tic 363 Palmer. Lyra 375 Palmer, Nancy Eller 317 Palmer, NIL 248 Palmer, Say 149, 345 Paechilto, Sandra 150, 317 Papa, Nick 265 PleasterlisCu, lawns 49 Paper, Hewn 330 Paradd, Don 49, 266 Paratort, Vidkam 118, 229 Paha Bob 49, 98, 371 Pardee, Joan 76, 80, 92, 336 Paredi, Raert 49, 266 Part, Rant 142 Parte., Ann 50, 330 Padrin, Edith 61, 361 Parkins, Dare 50, 380, 414 Pans, Herb 239 Paean, Charlene 351 Parr, Bob 217 Parr, Allea 363 Parrish, Maly 134, 319 Parsers,, Burt 358. 408 Dances, Dorothy 50, 344 Parsons, Norm 189 Pa 10M, William 263 Pans, Bob 391 PaSialaCeitle, Robley 261 Patella, Pete 158 Patrick Jack 50 Patten, Margie 50, 362 Patten, Marilyn 335 Patten, Sharlene 50, 338 Patterson, autism 50, 336, 400 Patterson, W. 137 Patton, Donlan 210, 294 Patton, Chu Marie 325 Patty, Freak 50, 239 Paul, Elgarth 317 Paul, William 387 Paoli, Gretchen 315 Pallas, Janet 92. 148 Paulsen, Brun 203 Paulson, Carla PIM!1.5C1, Joe 252 Parrh, Roman 358. 390 Paxson, Dick 152, 178, 262 Pawn W 149 Parton, Virginia 50, 342 Podeo, John 219 Paine, Paint. ' 65, 333 Pone, Retina 316 Palmier, Rickard 50, 252 Peale, Mere 313 Pearl, Julins 50 Pemnon, Chile, 50 Ponca, Dart 114, 273 Pearson, Ed 275 Pearson, Erna 413 Pearson, Jan 50, 362, 419 Pearson, Verna 121, 339 Pease, Marion 308 PoStfirCrra, Mary 307 Peek, Phyllis Ann 364 Pen, Mit:. 335 Ninon, Waite! 388 Pelkan, John 151, 251, 416 Polkey, ban 308 Peloths, George 214 PlIzter, Man., 358 Pence, Bernice 41.50 76, 77, 324, 397 Pence, William 296 Pendergast, Dare 29, 50, 248 Perdergast. 89 249 Nona, Hercule. 50 Pinner, Hermes 50, 235 Pernoyer, Steen 276 Penrose, Douglas 50 Peoples, 114harel 269 Pepper. Shine 50, 380 Peppin, Nang 116, 325 Peppin, Richard 245 Percy, Catnin 50, 338 Percy, Melinda Ann 317 Pereira, Patricia 323 Perl, Matra 65, 351 Perot,, Sharon 315 Perrelli, Gen 311 Perris, Judy 341 Perry. Dick 195,198 Petry, Linda 366 Perry, Mickey 351 Perry, Phyllis 50 Perry, Ted 117, 118 Pinson, Arthur 50 Peeusne, Jean Marie 371 Pesaento, Gerald 217, 395 Pessirt, Leo 171, 359, 390 Peterman, Jerrie 326 Peters, Archie 142, 389 Peters, Roberta 371 Petersen Dan 189 Petersen Jobs 189 Peterson Val 421 Peterson Betty 65, 349 Peterson Dan 295 Petersen Darryl 243, 416, 418 366 247 214 138, 295 49, 274 271 140 180 350 49 137 309 358 278 264 49 411 153, 163 160, 277 156 345 327 262 360 350 337 189 367 357 337 149, 317 256 276 235 49 49 431 Peterson Donald 392 Posers, Larrell 107 Rasnwen, Karl 51 ROO, RoseWry . 320 Rossi, Bob 250 Peterson Eduard 304 Posen, Marta 369 Rau, Don 135 Rettem, Ftaak . . 153 Roth, Dorothy 52 Peters, Eugene 93, 136 Pfacht, Fred 50, 189, 356,390 RanWft, Jerry 176, 262 Rubble, tkils .. 301 Rotablat, Sheldon 006 Peterson JO, 309 Pr:dish prat Clanton 388, 392 Rautcher, Lynne 118, 363, 406 Rebanon, DPW 261 RotiManger, Mary 29, 52,61, 334 Peterson Judy Ruth 347 Prather, Janet 363, 414, 419 Rs. " , Jacques 395 Retiteson, Jos .. . 65, 339 Rothman, In 52, 317 Peterson Marlene 50, 310, 397 Patter, Ronald 50, 417 Rank ' s, Phyllis 339 Rotten, What 370 Rothman, Merle Don .279 Peter on iX Pratt, Diane 309 Ras, James 51 Roberts, Den . 418 Rabrnar, Morton 52, 2713 Peterson Patnna 29, 310 Pratt, Eleanor Rtrinonl, Jean 51, 310 Roomy, lackk . 337 Rada, Ronald . 302 Peterson Phmp Robert Icon 149 Pray Dave 311 Pereira, Pat 113 gonads, Pete Rine°, Jon, 51, 377 396 Roberts, Jacqueline 321 Rebid% Joan 134, 367 Randy, lee Rose, R. .137 no, 300, 384 PrendimIle, Joan 342 Rea, D. 137 Robots, Pat .. 310 Recast, Ken Peterson Ronald 254, 418 Prente, Mike 258 Readrm, Nancy 51, 326 Roberts, Royal .. 421 Rouse, Wry Ellen 138, 150, 338 Peterson Ton 50, 260 Prescott, James 259 Rotating, Bob 51,298 Roberts, Tom . 245 Routh, Ken . 291 Peterson Wayne Leonard 244 Preston. Barbara 51 Redden, Calk 148 Rodman, Dm 357, 390 Ronocitess. Pal. Arnold 16 PeMOcell I, 8111 Price, Bill 126, 401 Redman, Charlotte 51, 419 Robertson, Gavin 372 Rowe, Bets 396 PPM, Dan 296 Price, Don 24 Reed, Betty . 338 Robertson, Marlene 51, 360 Roue, Mary • 351 PettyGale Winfield 229 , Price, Eleanor 319 Reed, Hotly 396 Roble, Rem Rowland, Sally 52 Pfeffer, Alan. 135 Pose Karen 351 Reed, Joan 320 Robincm, NOnaan 279 Rowley, Jerry 29, 52. 61, 282 Pfeiffer, ArSrey 332, 405 Phelan, Mike 156, 212 Prize, Roan 115, 335 Mot Sarah Arleta 380 Reeder, Owe Reebor, Paula 150, 337 337 Robinson Robinson Berman! 51, 278, 399 Ds . 185 . 189, 270 Rubes, B 78, 148 hillock, Herb 65 Pvithsed, Matjone Rees, Margot 51, 336 Robins Earl 176 Ruben, Joh. 255 Phillips, lultee Louise 50 Pomander, Betsy 93, 315, 405 Reese, Da,.: 261 Robinson Frank 242 Rubes, Fredrkk 302 Phillips, Bill 210 Prinfle, Bob 264, 412, 418 Reese, Curs 89 Robinson Jane 309 Rubey, Rama 52, 149,151, 272 Phillips, Dana 291 Prim Inlet, Terry 358 Jay 189 Robin% Airnkt 51 Ruben, David Phillips, Diane 325 Pringle, Claudia 338 Reno, Harry 96, 99, 100 R0b1M4A Joe 387 Rubin, Don Phillip ' , Don 153, 166212, 270 Prinz ' s, Floyd 418 Regan, Bain 242 Robins, Jo ' s 51, 252 Ruby, BSI 65, 115, 371 Phillips, Janet Louise 50, 370, 405 Pritchard, Ronald 263 Rei, Mike 152, 216, 283 Robinson loss 366 Ruby, Galt . 29 Pans, Jo Anne 381 Nilsen, Lewis Menke] 51, 413 Reaper, Peggy 325 Robinson Pal .. 93, 365, 421 Ruby. Walla Phillip ' , Mao 4.50, 152, 178, 3% Proctor, Prescilla 327 Reek, Robert 51 Robirns Robin 309 Rabe, Yemenis 347 Phillips, 3:bn R. 50. 233 Proctor, Shirley 365 Redeem, Ecai, 246 Robinson Sandra 328 Rudolph, Darcy Phillips, Lad 413 Pros Bart 412 Reicked, George 241 Robinson Rudy, Alan Phillips, Pat 65, 91, 107, 373 Proem, Aleardee 51 Reid, James 247 Robinson Warta 152, 241, 208 Rudy, Phiflips, Ralph 395 Power, Rebate 29, 51, 402 ROO, Donald 210, 270 Robinson Wesley 378 Rae, Uwe 117, 359 Phirney, Alexandra 345 Proul004, Carol 29, 51, 93, 113, Realty, Chain s 363 Robinson William 388 RPM HR. , Phi Upsilon 282 334 Reilly, Therms 287 Robison, Dan . . 256 374 Pickett, Dick 255 Pme, Janke Renhad, Ray 378 RObiOn, A. ,, 137 418 Pkkell, George 292 Pierce, Alm 391 Pow, William Ibsen 51 Pannell, lir. 219 Reinhart, Dale Renahld, Dale 333 185 Robson, John . 80, 117 Raton, Maihn 117, 369 315 345 Pierce, Nancy 50, 91, 372, 394 Pnh, Reams, Edward 234 Robosteeli, Sabha 374 52, 396 Pierson, Gleamy 325 Potcry, Rohm 261 Res, Marta 231 Roche, JAN( SI der, Irene 52 Pile, Bruce SD, 110, Ill, 136, Proringts, Brace 299 Reitz, Dand 51 Roche, Marlene 65, 91 Recto Shirky 308 356 Purvis, Robert 51 Ret. Donald 294 Roche, Patrick .51, 364, 366, 388 Rostall, Bill 241 Pilate, Ralph 50, 298 Priterruss Roily. 51 Rese Anew 265 Rock, Joyce . 51, 320 Rosen, Dna . 140, 229 Pilgrim, Walter 137, 386 IN tram, Malcolm 391 Rena, Day 121, 311 Redden, Jack .. 52, 364 Result, Jack . 270 Pillsbury Pat 375 Pyre, Marilyn 327 Rolnick lyk 244 Radar, Gerald . 302 Rases, Jef I 80, 96 Nagel, 202, 205, 239 Reptiple, Larry 232 Rodgers, Don 238 Raises, Jim 137, 390 Rullef, John 50, 238 Pincus. Arms! 137, 285 a Reuter, flake Rowley, Bad 136 261 Rodenn. leo. 52, 152, 278 Rodriguez, David 292 Russell,Keith 135 Russell, lens 292 Ping, Lyn 50. 392 Oracchia, Roden 51 Remelt., Janes Rodrivom, Hector . 52 Russell, 310 Pinkerton, Ana 335 Clunk, Marlene 309 Reward, Low 359 Rodriquo, Ray 52 Russell, Ten 271 Pinney, Cynthia 150, 340, 409 %era, Allan 137, 359 Reyaud, Jeanne 51, 93, 362 Rodriguez Red 117, 119 Rano, Josephine 52 Pinorien,, Liz 329 %ems, Chaffee 152, 219 Reyraud, Jim 334 , 244 Ruth, Stuart 239 Piper, Mane 391 Ovq9, Jerry 300 ReleOlds, Dane 326 Rouser, C. J. 142 Rohe ad, Tudy 52, 318 Piscaoll, Lena 351 Ulla, Eva SI. 47, 387. 391 Remolds, Donna 333 Ronnie, Bruce 29, 52,61, 248 Ruyle, !On 121 Pisciotu, John 295 394, 405, 419 Report, Jon 250 Roars, Bob 255, 418 Alace 52, 336 263 Plana is, Jamb Nee, Otan Caterers 14, 409 Ours, Jimmie 388, 392, 413 Reynolds, Marvel Are Remords, Richard 137, 340 379 Ropers, Robert 302, 416 Roan, Tom 415 Ryan, Arthur 277 Ryan, 881 357 Plaraertorn, Manly, Jon 361 Seen, Bob 153, 189 Rain, 8,11 52, 2% Ryan, Dow 337 Plate, teeter 373 Rhesus, Jars, 50, 180. 181, R RAcanti, Ds lbectlel, Fred 304, 418 233 ROW, Dave 235 Roamer, Claude 25, 52. 55. 75, 76, Ryan, Jack 274 Ryan, lair! 357 252, 412 Rabinsitz, Thelma 51 Rhodes, Jim 51, 288, 412, 418 282, 389, 402 Ryan, Mildred 52, 380 Plimpton, Itplow 137. 295 Rabironitt, laspence 51, 3% Rhodes, John 289 Ronne, La Very 150, 347, 405 Ryan, Sheila 113, 400, 414 Pioergren, Ron 119, 123, 387 Reim. Carol 51, 334 Rhodes, tNand 51, 264 korner, Marilyn 66, 80, 347 ROM. Robert 230 Pass, Debbie Radcliff, David 51, 153,208, 356 Rate, Bob 249 Ronne. Jo Axil 52 RYAN, Douglas 261 Peough, Ronald 277, 418 Raabe 1 Alice 121, 315 Rice, Bobbie 364 Rollo, Bruce 291 50, 80, 83, 336 Pogiie, Pa 50, 334 Raffaele, Fail 51, 334 Rafferty, Al 2% Res, Howard Rich, David 357 122 Robe!, Paula 366 Romeo, Dom 151, 295 S Pat, 122 Rafferty, Gage 91, 212 Rich, Want 375 Romeo, Frank 297 Saorio, Jmkko 52, 387 Pohl, Glyn 143 Raffetto, Joe 299 Richard, me 63, 330, 397 Range, Virg 219, 218, 390 Sabl, John 52, 243 Perlman, Von 309 Raffetto, Michael 274, 390 Richard, Diane 354 Ronan, John Thava 269 Wafter 217 Poksky, Rene 110, 111, 284 ' leafy, Jacquelyn 51, 314 Rnhat 0, Robert 250 Rosin. Phyllis 121, 311 Sheen, Jerry 281 Polestar, Jan 137 Rases, At 180, 186 RNM1ard, Rcy 251,416 317 Sadler, MelMed 368 Pollard, Jeannie 326 R.N., Gordon 240 R Wards, l eo 244 k Rope, Frail 311 Saltier, Flores Sara 321 Polk. Ivan 150 Rama, Robert 51 Richards, Robert 240 Ropierich, Violet 391 Saban, Bob 52 Poltachcree, Roy 277 Raggio, Allen Joan 51, 380 Richardson, Ann 334 Rosa, brine 189, 413 Salm John 395, 413 Pollock, Camille 365 Raga, Marty 369 Rocha Own, Carol 418 Rose, Bill 270 Salm., Camila 217 Pollock, C.vrell 65 Roan, lee 284 Rickets, Ed 107 Rose, Bob 415 thin, Samuel MS Pollock, Dave 103 RaMe, Betty Jean 374, 413 Richardson, Frances 51, 314 Rose, MOW 312 Sallies, Carolyn 336,363 Pollock, (00aed 253 Ran, Richard 51. 153, 189. 243. RKhardsm, May 333 Rose, Nehru Saks, Lee 412 Pollock, Ted 195, 198 389, 418 Ricker, Rkhard 189, 359 Res Richard 135 SIW01011, Carta 361 Pool, Shirley 121, 419 Rain , Pat 297 Rideau, Lea Rae 325 Rose, Roberta 336 Samson, SWARM 375 Pope, Glenn 143 Raines, Choked 374 Inferno, Jo Ann 89, 365 Rose, Selwyn 213 issue ' s. Leeds 378 Pope, Ane 50, 362 Riley, Margie 307 lirelltrrao. lee 255 Rose, Tom 210, 277 Sanchez. tam . 65 Pope, Robert 243, 416 Ralph, Boyden 275 Ran, Barbara 378 Ramberg, Connie 315 Sanchez, Frank 85 Rot 18I, 218 Ralph, lee 51. 149, 151, 372, 409 Rieman, J. 137 Sanchez, Mary Anne 339 Poppin, John 271 Ralph, Richard 51, 274 Rime., Rom 244 nbero, Gan 98, 379, 402 Sandals, Dorothy 372 Poppin, Nick 153, 156, 162, 271 Ramakodthrta Dr. Inserts, Janes 51, JR Rosenberg, Janet 121. 354 Sandberg, Roger 277 Roast, Peter 261 Ramirez, Hank 133. 135 Rifkimf Gary 279 Rosenberg, Jobe 237 Sander, Carla 311 Porter, Kenneth 50, 294 Ramos, Noreen 136 Rows, MaMord 166, 253 Roterdahl, Wilda 345 Sanders, Bob 118 Porter, Marilyn 121, 311 Ransfen, Jean 289 Rim, Ramon 51, 189 Rosenfeld, Nancy 29, 52 Saademem. Charles 287 Porter, Pat 50, 336, 386 Rand, Charles 290 Richton, Did 270 Rosemkram, Charles 247 Sardem.n, RoSerick 52, 356 Potter, Mame 171 Randall, Donald 239 Raguall, twits 91, 380 RostrAeb, Jim 212 Sandia Herb 263 Pater, Satan 345 Randall, John 51 RAW. Heikki SI ROWearant, Robert 301 Sannew, Myrtle 123 Poetry, Veda Jean 347 Randall, Shan 113, 347 Riley, Earl 243 Rosenthal, Barbara 52, 409, 414 Sandreeto, Jose 421 Posey, Larry 195, 1% Randolph. Martha . 381 Rimini.% Janet 107, 333, 387 Rosenthal, Get 359 Sanford, John 135 Potts, Al 29, 50, 79, 85, 268 RAE " , Ma 1Y Risley. Joan 339 Rosenthal, Mel 291 Safcmd, Roper 301 Potter, Nancy Harding 319 , 274 Ririe, 0. 137 Ratnthal. Pau: SamOoInelli, Joan CP01 368 Oslo ' , Toula 391, 405 Remy, JeanK 327 Ri9.9 John 262 Rosner, C. J. 142 Sangvinnti, David 396 Poulton, Larry Walter 287 Rainey. Saucy 51, 326 %Sara 111 Rmetto, June 375 Sanouinttli, Deane 327 Pawn, NS 98, 419 Rareaford, Marilyn 65, 323 Riska, Jerry 234 Ross, Franklin 52, 246 Sane, Robert Powell, Dm 231 Ransom, Beatrice 366 Rids. Jose 93, 121 Ross, Gene 189 Sankonich, LIM 52, 83 306. 312. Powell, t rank 195. 198 Rapaport, Shirley Ann 381 Ritchey, ism 417 Rosa, Jai 119 403, 409, 415 P0.411, Gary 24 25 43 50, 85. Riteowt Henry 413 Rachie, G. 137 Rom, 98, AI Unlink Rosalind 52, 316, 397 149, 150, 151, 258 Rapick, Ivan 244 Ritter, Kuhr 131, 390 Rims, .blian 386 Swore, Phil 52, 356 Parnell, Jerry 50 180 281, 388 Raw, Row 320 Rivera, Norman 51 Rens, Nancy 65, 337 Sawa, PAW S2 Pawls, Lea 50, 90, 91, 229 lialaussem. Claudia 51, 380 Reach, Dame 244 Rots, Tom 233 Saroyel, Jack 275 432 Sere., Jerome 279 Simon, Jam 345 SUM, Kelley 230 Saw, Ruth 52 Saunders, Fred 1 37, 390 Sateden, Jack 52, 391 Saurden. Sanford .. 52, 268 Savage, Marcia 325 Sklar. Mike 62 63,80. 85, 24, 397 Saar, Nene 52 Sayer, Jeri San, Bud . 253 Samuel!, Evadna 80, 94, 97, 324 Suern Don . 259 SCAtter9e0d, E. M. 142 Saud., Anne Schaefer, In 117 Schaefer, Marcy 315 Schmimk, Meyer 65 Schaumburg, George Schemer, Bill 251 Scixtt, Harry Schectmu, Cockers 116 Scheel, Martha Scheibma, Suzanne 381 Stesillina Sidney 52, 240 Barry .a 303 atuennana, Ken . 52 Schilling, William Schirsas Joy . 333 Schindler, Jay Satan, Janet 93,372 Schlegel, Charlet ...359 Schlegel, Nancy 381 Schleif, Margaret 52, 332 Schlosintr, Judy 364 Schlichtmaan, Cain 121, 347 Schnether, Alm 166, 283 Schmidt, Carl 143 Sdwnicte, Donald 52, 415 Schmidt, Hama 419 Schmitt, Ham 95 Schneck, Naomi 332 Schneider, Anne 350 Schnabel% Ca 350 Saantider, Ha . 256 Schneider, Shirley 325 Schneider, Syce 313 Scanunnocher, Jerry .415 Schx•MeSd, Gem 135 Scadepkin, Bob 150, 301 Schoettler, David . . 52, 270 Schetttler, Marilyn 346 Ulnae, Nina . 335 Sch:olty, Fred 202 , F Sthreifter, Jo AO 52, 370, Moll, Bob 267 Schroth, George 208, 222 Schuettge, Dick 295 Schwa, Mama 314 Schulte, G. 137 Schultz, William 143 Seornachtr, Kathy 315, 405, 409 Scekhmisher, USW, 150, 335 Schurz,., Janes 52, 298, Wyman 388 Karl 239 Saunter Swann 52 Schist, David 359 Schwahacher, Michael 52, 377, 389 Sclnmalm, La Venn .314 210,265 Seeman:: Donald . 303 Samtartt, Joe 202 Schwenk., Jaw 315 SClowerie, John 257 Sterwoclio, Ken 156, 158 Scalar ' , Okk 136 SCO4t, Gene 331 Stott, Charlet 52, 298 Scott, Prof. H. J. 417 Scott, Howard 284 Scott, Janet 319 Scott, Jew Le 363, 396 Lott, Jim 52, 97, 286 Scott, Manta ' 380 Scott, Pete 52 Scott, Robert 97, 231 Scott, Robert G. 53, 388, 192, 413 Scat, Semler, Jean 337 Scowl, Ann 53, 326 Sally, John 301 Sully, 1:6n J. 249 Seibert Pall 99 Seatury, Tom 291 Seals, Frames 53, 121, 346 Seawright, Ronald 53, 151, 248. 397 Sebastian, Mary 373 Secor, Kenneth 53, 388, 392, 413 Sedehnlm, Wiles 53, 232, 413 Seed, David 182. 184, 220 Segel, Diane 29. 53. 342 Seib. Gam 391 Seifert, Richard 232 53, 278 249 135, 257 278 312, 285399 .134 . 53 375 418 212, 294 185, 289 267 233 53, 219 212, 242 63, 344 . 257 308, 407 53, 117 95 53 53 131, 359 180,2139 . 347 .77 .. 367 shandoi4, Mary Ann 29, 53, 350 Stunk, Stew . 53, 231 Shuinca, Bob Shepard, Dan 333 Shapiro, Allan 257 Sr0, Marra 279 Meyer 135 %beat Nina Shard Ribbed Sharpe, Simon Starpe, Susanne Shane, Vienne Sham, William Seam, Edward Slurs.Cortlern, George Shawl, Stanley She, Dee Shea, LINO Sam, Peter . 277 Water, Chester 53, 388, 392 Satanism, Barbara Artne . 331 Sheehan, Jack 415 Sheeknun, Sylvia 95, 380 Sheldon, Carolyn 308 Sheldon, Garr 359 Sheldon, Sandra 345 Sheldon, Shirley 65, 349 Shelley, Alum Vim 374 Shelley. Jean 262 Shelly, J Madam 121, 136, 333 406 Sheik, 327 Shenker, Marilya 313 SPethard, Tom 48, 53, 76, 77 377, 402 Satiated, Connie 142 Shaman, Sandra 53, 312 Sherman, Scott 85, 299, 402 Sawn, Larry 401 Sherrill, Richard 53 Sherry, See 121, 346, 406 Shewbrkge, Ron 231,392 Shields, Roberta 351 Santry. Lowell 275 Shilling, William 53 ShirlorA Rabat] 315 Sstro James 53, 388, 396 Shy Marxism 80, 91, 220, 366 Seal Bett 342 Sheet Davi 2 Shot 95. Short Mattes 195, 198 Sleet Phil 253 Sham Jesse 391 Shreve...6m, Rim 392 Sarin., Waxed 232 Shugart, Lee 53, 294. 396 Showed, Bob 287 Ywleark Marcia 329 Moorman, Richard 234 Swims Carol 65, 149, 351 Shuns kaai Cheong 53 Shuttleisorth, Gayle 346 Sibbett, Pat 335 Sickle,, Mn 53. 368, 396 Sider..., Jack 287 Sidener. Nancy 53.334 Sides Sharon 91, 324, 405 Siebert, Ann 136, 312 Sttlert, Do. 280 Segal, Lawrence 311,399 Siegel. 135, 285 Siegel, Jody . 313 Siegel, Neal 279 Sieve, Howard 285 Silbeebetg, Rein 53 Silberman, Maur 53, 257, 389. 391 Sites, Edith 373 Uwe, C. 137 Stlmra. Ray 195, 1% Silverberg, Salty Jane . 97, 312 Silverstein Martha 53, 312 Somas, Edvins 217 Simi, tanked 253 Simmel, Edward 53, 421 Simmons, Jane 113, 121, 323 Sideman, John 142 Simmons, Joyce . 366 SiserlOnt, Patricia 29, 53, 338 Simon, Donald 3 Simon, Jo 30 Jon Mato 313 Sheol, Marcia 5) Siscm, David Simon., Mary Elizabeth 384 53 Soralten, Gary 269 Sirrwson Arths 53, 281 Simpson Barton. 345 Simpson Bernard 176, 255 Simpson Jo Mn 53 Simplon Kenneth 277, 412 Simpson Prof. tette, 16 Simpson LlOyd . 53 Simpson Mitzi Ara 5 Simpson Rothad 395 Sims G agora 53, 230 Sims, Sally 63, 330 Simian, Fred . 53, 97, 114, 258 Simi, Joe 53, 278 Saga, Walt 220 Simon, Caroler 217, . 364 Siracusa, bale 249 Sisson, Sue .. 372 Sot, Jessie 53 Sleben ' , Ellis 283 Sjoberg, Richard . 282 Stan, . eel . 344 Skew, Dm . . 415 Strefingtoe, Dale 53, 258 Slims, all Loyd 53, 388 Sklar, Ant 381 Stregretos, Chris . .53, 240 Slack, Bill .. . 153, 195 Sian, Janet ... 53 Stater, Ord . .233, 418 Matters, Stanley 53,403 Slauvm, Robert 228 Sloan, Eileen ... Slowm, Penny . .. 1)3 Slomer Ann . 5),346 Sinus, Simol Slut run, Allen . 395 Small, Alsom 53, 285 Small, Saw . 337 Small Suzanne 339 SznalY Winslow 275 Smalley, Jew 152, 219 Snail loy, Sandra 396 Senn, Deniu 363 Smiley, lament 315 Smit, Jag 415 Smith, Albert Smith, Allan 140 Smth, Anima 54, 136, 307, 396 Smith, Sleety 1]6.242 Smith, Betty Yana 373 Smith, Carol . 29, 54, 342 Smith, Dale 309 Smith, Darryl 195, 198 Solidi, Diate 394 Smith, Donn 236 Smith, Donald 301 Smith, Dorothy 367 Smith, Douglas 54, 247 Smith, (dineed 285 Smith, Gad 134, 315 Smith, Gary 54, 228 Smith, James 28, 29, 54, 61, 80 7:8 Smith, Amer 324 Sato, John 280 Sash, lam 339 Smith, Lorraine 149, 346, 406 Saab, Margo 121, 309 Smith, Marilyn 65,421 Smith, Nathaniel 54, 236 Smith, Oireer 387 Smith, Peter 54, 233 Smith, S. 137 Smith, Sandy 270 Smith, Sharon 54, 83, 90, 91, 380,403, 409 Smith, Ste 54, 326 Smith, Susan 347 Smith, Satan D. 345 Smith, Samna 54 Smith, Tom 54, 294 Smile., bake 392 Smarr, Ernest 286 Snetkow, Coot 346, 406 Snell, Allan 387 Sokoto, Dek 255, 416 Stow, Robert .301 Scares, Laurence 180 SOW, Don 263 SoderNam, Audrey 54, 324 Scalene, Barbara 365 Scans, Marvin 253 Solari, Norm 253 SOTbem, Warren 275 Solley, John 417 Soloman, Fred 216 Selwyn, William 54, 264 Sperms Email. 99 333 Somers. Marianne 327 Sornermile, 1111 54, 59, 397 Sommer, Hunt 54, 95 Sommer, Melvin 234, 386 Peter 391 Scoot, Stanley 243, 416 Se...metro, Joseph 54, 413 Scnneuschein, (nu 150, 351 Scala., May .. 381 Sordo, Mem 275 Sorenson, Ronald 54, 296 Sorkm, feed SOteak. Malin 95, 99 Sotomeyor, Meats 54 Souza, George 259, 418 Somter, Joan 54, 318 William 259 , .. .. 265 Spauldrag, JOAn Snalman, Jean 332, 421 Saes, UN 65, 93, 94, 150,343 39i Soaker, Lane 54 Satnce, Duane 135, 137, 143 Spencer, Joan 365, 399 Spence, Mesem• . 330 Sweet, NAM, ' 54, 134, 330 Spencer, Rauh ' 135, 256 Spence•, Sandra . 323 Sphailer, Lon . 388, 396 Spielman, Carol 149, 355 SiNekerman, Carol 25, 45, 54, 61, 79,82,81 $16, 415 Spillers, Wham Russell 54 Spisazze, Laurel 54, 97. 395, 413 Spialti, franca 54 Spirakts, J. 97 Spin, Patricia 339 Smiler, Marion 54 Sonia, Barry . 54, 302 Sprecck, Jaye 381 SPongberg, Saran 65, 92, 98 Some, Bill 153. 208, 242 Spates, Clarks 54 Seroattee, Alan 395 Sarager, Lynn 323 Spool, Robert 10, 21 Spry, Robert 395 Spolock, Janet 347 Spun, CkSw 375 Spurrier, Len 181 Squibb, Sanwa] 54,382 Soares, Bennett . . 54 Stacker, 104 54, 320 Stacy, Juke . 310 Stately ' , Msrion .93, 332, 405 Stafford, James 292 Stafford, Sybil 115, 334 Steal, Edith 340 Staelcuo, Rae 121, 315 Sundring, Jean 310 Stanley, Dense 136,359 Stanley, Utak. Kay 54, 355, 405 Sankt ' , MM44 318 Stanley, Pat 321 Stamm, K. 137 Stanton, Mary Lou 331 Staple, PhYlils 339 Stan, Wayne 241 Starling, Helen 121, 309 Strawy Pete 295 Star, Jan 269 Starr, M. 137 Stang , Josep hine 54, 328 Stauffer, Sandra 65, 343. 397 Slaws, Lee 309 Starropoulon, Ana 347 Stead, Same 335 Steam ., Cynthia 136 Stearns, Diane 54, 308 Stamm, W. 137 Stednao, Earl 283 Sleek, Sham. 381 Stem, Arse 54 Stem, Bill 233 States Ronnie 285 Steinberg, Maul 234 Steinberg, Shama 97, 136 Steiner, Mariten 65, 113, 381 Steiner, Man Mare 347 Steinen, Wilma 29, 54, 342, 391, 405 Steinke, Emirs ' 115, 406 Stove, Jean 143 Suieseu Florence 54, 330 ammJ St , oh, 180, 181, 183 Stmsam, Lamy 54, 377 Stamm, Joan 308 Sterthentem. Charles 247 Stepaenson, Searle 324 Stevenson, Bob 150 Sterling, George 175, 176 195, 198 304 Sturm, Sue 138, 351 Stevens, Anita 134 Stever , Claude 285 Stevens, Dock 202,206 Stamm, Jan 24, 25, 54, 59, 92, 110, 116, 2)0 Stevens, Mortimer 144 Stevens, Ronald 244 Stevenson, Al 265 Stammers Bob 294,392 Stevenson, Chides 314,416 Stevenson, Orme, 239, 406 Stmensak area 54, 324 Stewart, Allen 291 Stewart, David Henry 107, 233 Stewart, Jo 54, 79, 83, 380 Stewart, Kent 764 Stewart, Larry 210 Stewart, Stillman, James Since-Ian, Berton 195 259 Stitt, Srlirky 29, 54, 350, 397 St. John, Terry 304 Stoakin, Cantu 54 Stoddard, Jaret 134, 317 Stoddard, BM 300 Sic ' s, Leda 92 332 Stoll, Frank 256 Stoll, Mary 344 328 Stone, Amara 265 Stone, Helen 121 Stone, Beat Rucked 14, 76, 78 Stone, Jaxs 26 Stone, Nancy 54,310 Stone, Stew 359 Stone, Shirley 121, 320 Stcob, Jack Al, 389 Stornetta, Jane 315 Stott, Norman 54. 300 Storer, Barbara 136, 361 Stowell, Doak 195 Steals 36 Strand, BobSum 3 189, 270 Straroe, FIN 384 Straus, Natty Lee 121, 321 Stralintky, Coronet 373 Stratton, Dwight 251 Straub, Marilyn 337 Strauss, Martin Lee 257 Stricilard, Edgar 218 54, 272 150, 336 StrYks, Bart 54,228 Stuart, Anne 54,344 Stuart, Boll 250 Stuart, Charily 29, 54, 356 Soon, Isaiah 55 Stale, Barbara 335 Stales, Silly 317 Study. Mary 345 Storey, Pat 325 Styles, Darlene 346 Su, Wellimun 55, 388, 392 Subberra, Edward 281 Sue, Bonk. 55 304, 418 Sultans, Warren 235 Sullivan. JO 55, 242 Sullivan, Jim 55,244 Sullivas, Laraine 55, 394, 419 Sullins, allay 351 Salinas, Venial 55, 238 Sarealimys, Jay 55, 2% Soren, Buzz 202, 204, 239 Samna, Harry 267 Scads, Pat 400 Summers, Sylvia 55, 344 Scuremnen, Georgia Am 316 Sandman, Joyce 317 Soo, Maio 413 Stnnow, Gayle 92, 313 Sussman, Warren 303 Sutherlawl, Jan 55, 312 Sutherland, Jim 158, 160, 166 Sutherland, William 289 Sutliff, Nancy 55, 370. 405 Sutton, Almada 55, 368,396 Sutton, Lrbb• 93, 323 Svtlon, Marilyn 140, 307, 409 Svekvs, Ronald 55 Seihus, Ron 286 400 Saner, Sinn Stow, Howard Selby, William Seligman, Nona Selqman, Lee Satins,. Carl Lung.., Helm Setteger, Pmf Stile, (lathe Sellman, Dal Salmon, Judah Semi, Don Saner, Walt SPAR, Ronald Seta, Jerry Sea, Thomas Settle, Howard Settleser, Batt Smilterger, Am Sevilla, Darrell Sewall, Ju Sewill, Edna Seaton, Keith Serrate, DIMS Semel, Esther %Wiry, Tom Shadlia, Steve Shafte, Elizabeta %alit, Sally 53, 294 53, 302 345 343 53, M2 53,393 - 359 . 263 Stringer, Loran 54, 395, 413, 417 54, 320 Strobel, Janet Strong, Chalet Streufe, Omani 433 Snaboda, Helm 394 Sean, Sylvia 55, 61, 107, 342, 397 Swan, Willis 300 Stanton, Carolyn 320 Stamm, Chris 325 Swanson, Dane 297 Swanson, ran 349 Swanson, Marts Robert 359 Swanson, Karen 418,421 Swanson, Marianne 55, 362 Samna; Marianne E. 55, 332 Snatnun, Don 55 Sweeney, Bruce 135 Sweat, Toni 327 S•enS0n, Burtn 55, 304 S•emon, Candle 55, 387 Swenson, Cantor 189. 359 Sinnwriftn, Ronald 250 Sails, Perdu .315 Saitzer. Lester . 235 Symes, Alan 25.142 Sped, Bud . 212 Symom, Gerd .301 Sync " , Marguerite 347 Sypert, Betty 134, 396 T Taber, Larry 55, 262, 412 Takahashi, Joyce 55, 413 Takahashi, Mat 361,408 Talton, Mire 80, 96, 324 Talbot, Jam . Talbott, Susan 91, 134, Taltatico. Irwin 55, 177, 399 Tallend, Strum . 311 Tailcoat Rorie . 55. 362 Talley, Isabella 4110 Tallman, Geom. 299 Tallman, Gretchan 55, 320 Ta-dowsky, Richard 55 Tang, Irene 400 Taaquai, Amy 55 Taniguchi, Betty . . 55 Tankersley, Rayed, ' . 55 Tatman maw. Florae 329 Tanner, Douglas 55, 250 Tanner, Mary Jo 363 Tancritz, Edwud 257 Tatra, May 354 Tamparevara, Russ, 387 Tat9M, Patricia 329 Tyke, Carol 351 Tarter., Mervin 284 Tarr, David 55, 356 Tame, Don . 259 Terve, Man 216 Tasectinam, Outran 99. 357 Tate, min . 246 Tatra, W. F.. 142 Taubrols, Richard 417 Taylor,Chuok 253 Taylor, James 379 Taylor, Joanne 89, 365 Taylor, Judy 113, 317 Talk., Margaret 55, 340 Taylor, Marion Pat- 55, 342 laykr, Richard 55 Taylor, Thomas 55, 304, 412, 418 Taylor, Bill 55, 413 Tadao., Donald 55, 270 Taynton, Douglas 55, 210 Tantalite ell, Victor . 55 Teaderman, Gerald 275 Teaser, Ninon 306, 348 Teak., Robert 176 Teeter, Dwight 357 !elec. Dan 91 Tellefses, Chris 390 Tends ' s, Thomas . 256 Telkfton, Elizabeth 316 Term , Marlin 133, 135, Teata, Gnome 35 Terranera, Ronald Men 55 Terry, Patricia . . 327 Terzich, Doris 360 Tdtske, Emir 371 Mayer, Jaws 55, 152, 276 Thieben, Tom 181. 279 Thiel, Donald 391 Thiele, E. 413 Tatman, Ronald 255, 387 Thief), Gerald 55, 137, 235 Testes, Roulet 55, 307 Thiessen, Derek Ann 286 Tkirarial, Chary van 371 ' Thor, 8mbara 65, 113, 343 Thomas, Carole . .333 Thowas, Cecil 91, 399 Thomas, Lew Thomas, Rickard Thereat, Portia Thomas, Steven Thomas, Sue hookas, Susanne381 hood, Wiliam 55, 138, 356 honorer. Pate 289 A hen 238 Menden, emery 365 hcmpson, 8.11 378 Mamma, Bam 287 Meow, Breaks Ann 55 Men our, Collate 55, 334 Mmosce, Ed 295 bototer, Frank 275 tOmptes. Aaron 91, 386 tomptar. Jay Ler 323 Dandy% Man 89 %mato, Marilyn 55 moron, Patricia 363 oodden, Phil 406, 421 Comsat°, Dick 415 boretet Carl 55, 153, 266 bortroon, Larry 294 bombrood, fartha 91 home, Janet 351 botntian, Anne 55. 316 Menton, Marcia 317 brae, fade 269 hope, Sfercer 407 hronstein, Dm 153 hum, Marilyn 381 Penn, Donna, 371 Morn. Richard 217. 233, 418 mamma, Carol 351 Penton, Norma 309 Halal An relit Idiom 317 150,239 ilky, Gene 255 retool, Ricarral Noy, Ronald 228,890 Mham, Rath 321 PatriCia 56, 316 Jo Anse 373 Richard 56, 392 Charles 56, 266 ad, Caere 335 mthri, Diane 325 Ocher, Don 415 Coker, Jim 137, 379 oddhuMer, Andre 323 alnaUfw. Anthta 56, 386 cies, William 417 Kin, Matta 56, 150 oll, Dart 283 On, Deborah 56, 340, 386 oil, Karel 351 on, Marko! 56, 352 Tam, Paul Laurence 56. 389 ocusella, Da 275 dints, Km Wu einilio Gerald 56, 266 mt. im, Richard 265 sumo, 56 awry, Mid 291 coney, Kurtz 253 oar.hlroCe 56 Genoa, Lloyd 56, 156, 164, 288 agoritsky, Rita 121 orkellf, Phyllis Laraine 65, 80, 92,96, 99, 371 alarm°, 196 dorm, Kenneth 378 prance, Anthony 251 Wei, Rorer 180, 214 m.,,, Karol 284 owl., Dean Katherine 14, 396 250 262 56, 95, 342 239 56, 152, 248 217 56 140, 180 290 244 so 240 287 56, 357 217 142 338 153 rombetU, Patricia 325 Om 92, 148, 156 165, rekaa, Annette 311 Hyman, Donald 296 woman, tally 338 nascott, Marianne 25, 47. 56, 77 310, 403, 404 rhtner, Tom 180, 242 se, Marten 56, 352, 360 %attain, Eve 56 tokmento, Warm 56 sutwmada. Cherry 99, 402 sutsurcida, turtle 56 Tubd, William 286 Tucker, Nemeth 395, 413, 417 Taker, Zane 56, 237 Tudor, Harold 280 Tuft, Mark 189, 269 Tufts, Dee 216 Taller, Robert 216, 247, 418 Tyner, Sally Tc•y, Fan-dine 113, 345 56 Tuna, Lloyd 63 Teoto, Berdly . 361 Tupper, Dean 56, 135 Tank, Yvonne Helene 56 Turiver Janet Lorene . 311 Turk, Rote Mane Turner, Barbara Turner, Dave Turner, Gino, Turner, Hniend Turner, Janet Turner, Mann Turner. Pete Turner, Stem Turner, VOltiam Tared, Murray Tattle, Norm Twist, Vera Mae Tyler, Bill Tyler, Janet Tyrell.Smth, Noted U Udoith, Joe 255 Underwent Ted 137 Ungar. Arthur 56 Umer, Glenda 364 Up1Mvi, Moser 184, 185, 242 Drum, Paul Andrew Lied Renee 360 Wench, Martin 97 Ustick, Dick 261 Utter, Drain 120, 379 V Vairadt, Regina 411 Valencia, Juan . 56, 135, 40 Valleror. John so Vanes, Rod 89, 361 Valletta, Crane E. 341 Vallottos, Bill 156 Van Leroy 56 MIASMA, Joan K. 309 Van Buskirk. Jerry 289 Vance. Richard C. 181, 287 Van Den Aide Joan 95 Van Dm Boom Irate 320 Vandenten, iota T. 65, 135,231 Van:rented, Rich.vd 56, 63 Van Orden, Don 136 Van Enc., Ise 277 Minnie, Janet 56, 387 Van Gilder, William 56 Van Hewn, Carl 157, 167 Van Herm, Ma rya J. 56, 307 Van Houten, Ann 89, 113, 323 Van Herten, Peter 77, 152 195. 196, 283 Van Lobrnseis, James 273 Van L000ks, Gaol ' 117, 119 Van Noy, Jim 29, 46, 56, 61. 237, 397 Van Ranker, Linda 313 Montane, Frank 418 Van Trtet, James 301 Vanden, Ken 118, 259, 418 Vantmes, Stem 251 Van Week, Forett, Jr. 241, 407 Van Zander, Jack 137, 281, 3% Vatmcloe, Alin C. 56 Varney, Hem 134 Vasty, Wayne 271 Vaugha, HOT " 56, 394, 413 Year, Lucia 335 thorn, Now. 256 Vaughn, Any 65, 150, 337, 405 Betts 349 Vazraor, Fred S. 56, 264 Vet-Hump, dyed. Velarde, Calf B. 406 Veedrem, Evelyn 400 Venturi, Roper 295 damn, Samara 400 llamas Carlene 372 Vault, %atm 56, 336, 386 Victin, Donald 286 Vturetser. Head C. Viltiline, Le Vern 56, 262 Terry 308 Vincent, Phyllis M, 56 Virmecour, Leslie 313 Vita, Sim . 323 termed. Elizabeth 56, 336 Viva, Maagamt 340 Virden, Gay 56, 79, 294 rands, Valentin 56 Vizzard, Clare 65. 349, 407 Wail, .84n 119 Vopelmt, Paul 217 Vortsberg, Louise 56 Vogt, Jim 289 Vorght, Ernest C. 247 Volk, Janine 134 Von M•ller, Larry 140 Von Pianos, Carole 373 VOnhtit, Pell 259 Vcorheia, Sandra 29, 56, 308, 397 Vali, Mule 373 Vaasa, Georg J. 56, 290 Ward win, Ed W 53, 57, 85, 221a, 230 Wachter, Venice Gladys 57. 138, 316 Waddell, Richard J. 359 Wadsworth, Barbara 355.194, 419 Wadtwonh, Nancy 373, 406 waggoner, Joan 244 Wader, Bev 324 Wheatan, Marlene 329 Wagner. Ann E. 347 Ward, OlvW . . 57, 135, 357 Wagner, Terry 202 W300t. Within . 57, 258 Wan, a . . 57,244 WIWI, Abdur . 57 Walden, Kathy 323 Wakefield, Bartara 110 Wakefield, Kim 231 Wakodal, Harold 396 Walden, Crane 77, 80, 95, 98, 378 Waldie, Elizabeth 25, 76, 1479, 116, 9, 414 Waldorf, Lynn 154, 156, 157 Waldron, Bruce 396 Walker, Al 387 Wafter. Bill 189 Walker, Carl 57, 240 walker, Don 153, 194, 195 Walker, Jan 57 Walker, Patricia Ann .. 335 Walker, Randolph 268 Walker, Sand . 311 Walker, Stew 240 Walker, Wayne 95 Walker, Wham J. 153, 357 Wall, Lynn Keith 374 Wallace, Clark 148, 152, 300 Wallace, Natty C. 149, 327 Wallace, Nick 140 Wallace, Paul R. 57, 295, 417 Wallace, Ralph W. 65, 253 Wallace, William H. 255, 416 Cull 371 Wallane., Sylvia 375 Wallin, Joan 329 Wallis, Audrey 343 Walla, Richard 57, 288 Walsh, Diane 57. 314 Walsh, Eileen 308 Walsh, Jan 115, 342 Joan 411 Walsh, Margaret 57, 138 Walsh, Raney Waliwneth. James H. 57, 230 Walter, Charlene C. 57. 61, 165 Walter, Don 289 Walter, leery 120 Walters, Patricia 57, 326 Walton, Milan Robert 237 Wang, Lily 57 Waroshess, Tom 267, 389 Wmchot, Loretta 136 Ward, John Robert 57, 219, 262 Ward, J. W. 389, 417 Ward, Salto 339 Wank Sue 345 Warden Den . 57 Ward., Bill 415 Ware, CtlfItt 166, 275, 390 Ware, Virginia 57,326 Wanner, Brent 295 Warner, Fred 384 Wattle, Linda Patricia 57 Warren, Carol Diane 322 Warren, Elizabeth 134 Warren. John 242 Warren, Nand J. 65, 351 Warren, Plods 91 Warren, Robert 135, 180 Warrant., Phil 357 Warwick, Robert W. 57, 180, 183, 268 Wash, Dm R. 57, 274 Waratorn, Karen 65, 339 waraingten. Robert . 176 Watanabe, Masamithi 57 waterfall, Gordon . . 291 Waterfall, Heil . 291 Waterloo, Carol 316 waters, Mark H. . 263 Waster, Sally 57, 80,93. 151, 322, 409 Watts, John 57 Watkins, Robert 57, 272 Warm, Sorkin Pa 121, 315 Watson, Chock 135 Watson, Evelyn 37, 342 Watson, Strome G . 301 Watson, Katrirt 340 Watson, Virginia L. 136, 349 watt, Denis. 217, 275 Walters, Dirt 317 Ways, Richard C. 379 Warman, Leon 303 Weary., Larry 91, 384 Webb, Barbara Van Aldine 405 Webb, Darrell 57, 396 Weird, Arnold . 241 Went, Art . 156 Weber, Cynthia . 336 Wean, Doug 264 Weber, Gene D. 57, 137 Were, Jack . 57, 97, 413 Weber, Lawman 57, 241, 421 Webster, Robert L. 271 Weeks, Dom . 153, 195, 200 Were, Carol 29. 57, 316, 397 Wears, Nancy 321 Werpht, Lomeli 251 Weil, Marilyn 343 We Man, Ardah 364 Walnut Arlene .364 Miran, Carol 366 Worttry, Artery 377 Weinberg, Stewart 257 Webb:dyer, Donald 231 Wese, Art - 185 Hank 24, 57, 110, 120. 149, 150, 421 Weiner, Helen 122, 381 Weiner, Jun 136 Weintbenk, Joan 329 Weinstein, Harm 57 Weir, Garth 150,225 Maack,. Gerry 355 Welt, Bob 295 Whet Barbara Are 57, 380 Weislield, Dallas 57. 302 Weal, Robert 0. 57.250 Weiss, Drag. 195, 200, 283 Weiss, Irwin 257 Week Jeamt 57, 340 Welch, Joe 395, 402 Welch, William 176, 271 Weldon, Carted 341 Weldon, lard 195, 1% Willer, Dr. S. P. 415 Wells, Bob 242 Wells, Donald Ronl at 57 Wells, Huts 137, 181, 359 Wells, Neal 292 Wells, Tem 247 Welsh, Ova 250 Welsh, Jot 80 Wendt, Jerre 24, 25, 151, 287, 418 Wendt, Prol. Paul 391 Wensiegm, Marityn 57 Wenner, Mar ha ben 138, 337 Werner, Carol 315 Werner, Jan 80, 402 Warlords Dian 136 Weldon, Lilo 121, 313, 406 Wertheimer, Pete 257 Wester% Karen Marie 365 West, Allan 217 Wed. Nancy Etta 319 Westall, Marilyn 331 Writterg, Jim 57, 238 Westerberg, Robert 140 Westerland, Barbara 121 Mittman°, Bonnie toy 57, 320 Westerselt. Acne L. 346 Westlake, Sharon 321 Wanly, Rarbild 369 Western, Ralph 216 Westwick, Mary 57 WeyasW. Garry 59 whyley, V. L., Jr . . 3 406 Whalley, Warren Fad 299 Wham, Kathy 91, 354, 363, 394, 405 Wbanl, GenliaSO 361 Wharton, C1r2 150, 275 Whealcidt. Gary 57, 242 WhealInlI, Per 65, 319 98, 135 55, 384 281 359 363 Come, Nmee Ownend, Curio Owasso Janes Ownend, Man ondred, Ben raven, Coact ratan. Dens., awr, Waldo ravers. Charles ayear, Mike rent , Paul rethrit, Richard mum Fled Mom Larry rim, Jots grams, Edwin Heron, Danner 2 397, 242 121 335 245 412 291 189,291 416 391 56, 286, 389 56, 121 65, 339 %Mate Dick 259 Volt, Ronan! A. 91, 363. 405 Vender AM, Jerry 359 Von Flue, Ralph D. 235 Von Flue, Walt 235 .313 Von Geldem, Ann 318 434 Wheaton, Pat 57. 316 Willard, Peggy 150, 336, 405,409 Winsek, Hobert E. 58, 293 Wood, Pauline M. . 366 Yep, . 59 Wheeler, Marilyn 134, 374 Willem, Earl P. . 303 Winegar, 0,440 421 Wood, Phil 296, 392 Yen4411, Walter, Jr. 59 Wheeler. Richard S. Willett, James A. 58, 242 W.-iceman. Jaw 309 Wood, Sherrill 360 Yin, Alyce 59 wnistna-d, Ste.. 189 Willey, DebiNah 91, 113, 345 Wittman, Nang 315 Woodard, Lorain 194, 236 Ymna, Sophie V. 59 Whitten, kithard . ..__273 Willey, Dick . 259 Wmmlrv6, Al 170, 174, 284 Woodford, 134.6 135, 358, 389 Yoloyama, Shiturni 368 Wititalree, Janice Willey, Patricia A. 360 Yogic ' , Richard G. 246 Woodland, Dad C. 59,258 Yoewli, HAN. J. 59 Waite Carol _.339 Wiilkide, Sharlene 79, 363 Wirg, Dana 136 Woodruff, Nancy J. 335 Gteege 180 Waite, Ghotk Williams, Ann 396 Wilkes:men, Robot Dean 58, 288, woods, Prof. Baldwin 16 Ymaisnoto, Mma.1 59 White, Cgatnia 57. 134, 415 .1. Williams, Ilmtsra Helen 315 389, 391 Woods, Phii 388, 413 303 White, Don Williams, Betty 134 WieJtenliorer, Karla 337 Woods!, Elizabeth 59, 134, 368 taw, Ral )84 Mite Edward 243 Williams. Janet 58, 340 Wortmger Pat 79, 95, 368 Woodward, Beverly 59. 97, 99 YOJebOt. Miiiem L. White, flyer 51,247 . Williams, Joh. R. 58, 277 WiMaow, 58. 334 Woodward. Clifford .. 281 Young, Aloe 59, 387, 405 Waite, Homy 57 Williams, Joyce 58, 336 Meters, Chris 65 Wo odward, Dick 135, 229 Young, Ban 274 White, Jean 364 . Williams, Linda 335 Winter ' , Christine 323 Woodward, James 263 Young. BeNted, Jr. 266 White, Kendall 359 . Williams, Lucille 58 Whither, Joan 58 Woodward, Larry 277 Young, 381 White, Keaton, Stowell 57,111 Williami, Mem 277 Winton, Lona, L. 396 Woodward, Peggy Anne 59 Young, Don 319 White, Les 418 .... .. Williams, Pat .. 318 %gnu, Ed K. 58, 272 Woodworth, Art 91, 280 Young, Douglas 117,259 Walla, Mike 180, 253. 416 . wifliamt, Ruthie . 57, 349 Whitt, Robert 273 Woolen, Jim 418 Young, Edra 331 White, Pat - . 311 White, Robert L. 57, 387, 391 Williams, Sunny 52, 156, 159 I6S Wmcck, Darlene Wile, 65 347 WOolleY, Jo Ann Woollornes, Loraine 331, 421 322 Young, Elaateth C. Yang, Got M. 309 296 White, P woe Williams, Snotty ...319 Wino, E. R. 415 Woolsey, Judy 59, 344, 409 Young, Ktv 359 White, Sandra H. 308 Williams, William C. 283 Witherspoon, Ann V. 289 Worth, florae 95 Ymeg, Ken 241 White, Sharon 321 . ..63, Williandan, Cress . 58, 233 Witter, Sy na 58 Wooten, Marlene 29, 59, 372 Ycz eg, Ray 212, 294 tilhiteclut, David 291 Williamson, Jut .. 149 Wittlager, Sara 65, 373 Worthington, William 261, 389 Yong, Robert 59 Whiteford, Bruce Wifliamson, Nancy L. 121,321, Wadi, Nancy 368 Yore°, Sharer 59, 346 Whiteford, Gwendotan 57,391 409 Wallin:, Mary Jane 21 Wohtmcoon, limn 140 Yoc, Ye t F ry . 59 Whitehead, Sang . ' Willis " ..299 Wolfe, Sbeldon 58, 79, 278 Wray, Pat 59, 314 369 Whitt...gest. Richard 291 Willis, Paden . ... . .. 394 Wolff, Gerry Wright, Ann Env. 335 Yinhkolf, Mila 59, 370 Whiting, Jerome D. 58 Whitley, Jimmie 166 Whitman, Way. 115 Yrtlinaarth, Grants Willoughby, B. Wills, George 140 _.131 303 WW4tIma.17•G444. Clarence C. Wolfson, Gail 58, 151, 119453 322 Weight, Janet M. Wright, Louise L. Wright, Ponala M 59, 59, 380 350 138, 340 Z Whitmore. Eleanor .325 Wilson, BM 232 Wolfson, Al 194 Wright, Roger 267 ilaiTAlle, Keen 59. 332, 409 Whitson, William W. 57, 138. 152, 222, 240, 390 Wilson, Bill . Wilson, Bill . . 261 289 Wolfson, Dies Wolknbog, 511,9 267 415 Sue Wright, Toni 311 250, 412 2apresin, Natalie M. Zander, Drrtll 59, 59, 284 Whyte, Angus 256 .1.. . Wilson, Blake 166 Wallin, Terry Wu, Dao•Ket 59 Zamosi, Robert 137, 379 Whyte, Chios .212 Wilson, Elute 292 WON?, Mal AL 89, 371, 399 Wu, Jennie 59, 400 Zatchin, DttCfah 329 Mean, Greta 366 Wilson, Major D. C.. 142 WomBnit11, Penne M. 116, 332, Wu, Tae.Yu al (Danny) 59, 152, Earley, Minis 337 Wklinum, Nancy 311 Wilson, Don . - 242 414 219 Zee, bane 250 Wittman, Bob E. 58, 228 WilsOn, Edward 58. 392,413 Wong, Adolptus 408 Wigan, Dane 317 Zech, June 342 Wickman, Lillian 57, 346 Wilson, Bogert G.. . 58 Wong, 4403313 52258581:8711 Watarich, Wilma Mae 91, 363 Zeoli, Irene 59, 308 Wickman, Jahn . 379 Wilson, Peg. Guff 25, 294 58 Wyatt, Prints 345 ZeNa, Dale 135 Wiegard, William Edward 58, 114, Wilson, Gordon ... 58, 238, 397 58, 89, Wrtdtr, Al 149 Zerweek, Cast 358 357 Wilson, Hal . 80. 91, 386 Wog, Edward Wylie, Bob 387 28e, James 144 Marina t, Markin 304, 418 Wilton. Helen Elitabrtl 58, 334 Won,, Frank J. se Wyllie, George 244 Zimmerman. Joan R 134, 315 Wiese, Junes Franker, 58,188 Wiese eled. Cart 93, 316 . Wilson, J.. Wilson, Jim . . . 137 242 Wag, Ha. 58, 76,80, 81,92 Wyman, Vie 94 Zimmer ' , Pail Zinn% Marilyn 237 134, 343 Wiesner, -Kan 243 Winter, Barba ra Wilton, John J. 153, 162. 163, 156, 161 265, 416 Wong, 58 Y Zitoo, Catherine Zollinget, 747 316 WAttrink. ANoth ._ 137 Wilson, Jtoreth Wog, ICMEtirting Casey 58 Ymkey, Harold 59 Martin 85. 386 Worand, J 334 ot . - 246 Wong, Kai Kmon1 58 Yamamoto, Saohao 59, 232 urban, Andrea J. 59, 252 Wilcox, John 57, 252 Wilson, Name 246 Wawa. Lili 97 Yamashita, Wary 59 Zuhole, Paul 358 Wilde ' , Donald Wilson, Dr. R. B. 140 Yoe, 58 YarroshiU, Santa 59 Zug, Douglas 59, 245, 397, 401 Wen, Letty 136, 347 Wilson, Stewart 135 oo, a I YarCrlmila, Jot 418 Zumwalt, E. .len 333 Wiley, Al 111 Wiley, Craig _177 WatImsco, Raymond -••• Wilkinson, Jahn Wilson, Sue Wilson, Sewn . Wilton, Tom H, Wilson, Wayne 307 361 241 . 95 Woo, William Wood. Carotin Jane 59, Wood, Daub Wood, Janice 320 421 331 Yates, Ben M. Yeager, Anita F. Yee, Frances Yet, P•41 Y. 268 59, 366 352 59 Eutweralt, Sara Zings, Also Zuniga, Roger 59, 318. 386 59 59, 292, 388 Will, Marrelle L. 29, 58. 350 Wilson. William 780, 388 Wood, Lewis 210 Yelland, Gwen 336 Zoom., Ralph M. 284 435 Office of the Editor 1955 BLUE and GOLD 110 Eshleman Hall April 6, 1955 Dear John: This is the way it all happened. Last May I found a new home and the fun really began. Now that the year has almost passed it is time to thank all those people without whom the 1955 Blue and Gold would not be possible. To my staff--the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen who make up the backbone of the Proudy whose cheery smile made each day Lee who was never too busy to help others... to Janet, The Calm One--MY THANKS. To the front office--Wally, Barb, Lu, Marianne, and most of all, Pat, the guiding light of the artists--Marj Morris, with the aid of daughter Maxine, and Bob Codeglia--who were so patient with the editor ' s use of a woman ' s prerogative--MY THANKS. To Bob, " Zyg, " Ken, and everyone at LS Z who almost lost their hair in worry over Marvin, Ruth, and the crew at Cal Art who straightened out the confusion over Bill Retchin of S.K. Smith Co. for the Frank Schimenti of Colonna Studios for maintaining his Ed, Ken, Sandy, Ron, and Joe of Photo Lab who did so much for the book and the editor ' s ego--MY THANKS. To all those on Daily Cal who helped us to reach the Peg in 301 and to Bob and Virginia of News everyone who helped--the coaches, managers, chairmen, administrators--MY THANKS. To managerial--Mary, Nan, Sybil and staff who did such a wonderful job with the Elliot and the Audio Staff for the in- spiring my parents and friends for their understanding .to everyone for their criticisms, suggestions, and interest... to you for your confidence in me--MY THANKS. ?ranet Can you hear still? Is the sound really gone? It all seems far away now, muffled, as hoard from the distance of a height above campus. Ascend again into this height and. if you quietly reflect, you will hear THE HILLS SEND BACK THE CRY. To bring you this recording, many people have given their time and talents in the hope that you will be able to recapture those sounds of college life that seem to be forgotten with the passing of the years. John M. Noyes Chimesmaster Manfred E Simson Narrator William H. Thomas Continuity William E. Wiegand Tape Editor Yvonne Werth Activity Coordinator Ray Marshall, Dave Pearson. Warren Solberg, Charles Stevenson. Vic Wyman Recording Technicians Ward E. Tabler Recording Advisor Louis Testardi Engineer Patricia T. Lapp Assistant Director of Publications

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