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DEDICATION AMONG THE traditions of this University seldom can one man find a place. This year of 1954 we have found such a man. Eleven years Governor of our state, he always was a friend to the University. Now elevated to national prominence, we shall not forget him. To Chief Justice Earl Warren, distinguished alumnus of the Class of 1912, we sincerely dedicate the 81st volume of the BLUE AND GOLD. IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Bert A. Rudolph C. H. Paxton John H. McDonald Olaf Lundberg LeRoy H. Briggs Paul E. Jeffers Philip Adams Brewer John C. Kaudy George Potter Eric Mendelsohn Alexander S. Mornell Louis Barnier William A. Smith Frederick W. Cozens Margaret Carhart Ralph Elliott Smith Eugene R. Chapman Gerald Branch STUDENTS Peter Edison Young Frederick H. Reed Frederick E. Miller Francis Leroy Trumley Ralph L. Edmister James Walter Nance Rick Silverman 4 NIVERSITY . . . LASSES STUDENT LIFE 74 ASUC ADMINISTRATION . . . 76 ACTIVITIES 87 PUBLICATIONS 105 DRAMA 121 MUSIC AND DEBATE 127 ROTC 137 ATHLETICS 142 ORGANIZATIONS 220 FRATERNITIES 223 SORORITIES 303 RESIDENCES 351 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES .. . 383 6 24 • Chancellor CLARK KERR and President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE IT Is not strange that University men and women set great store by tradition, for it is tradition that inspires student, professor, and alumnus to join strongly in sup- port of the highest intellectual ideals of mankind. Through the centuries this golden thread of tradition has drawn together the many facets of university life and made of them a durable fabric of mutual under- standing and shared enthusiasm. How fortunate it is, therefore, that you whose book this is, share with your fellows on eight campuses the traditions of so great an alma mater as the State-wide University of California. CHANCELLOR ' S MESSAGE " TRADITION WEARS a snowy beard; romance is always young. " —(Whittier.) In our traditions we find dis- tilled the experiences of the past; in our romances the breathless expectations of the future. No secular insti- tution so well combines respect for past forms, past thoughts, past deeds with such vibrant enthusiasm for the new method, the new discovery, the new idea as does the great university—as does the University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley. Tradition and romance here go hand in hand. And so the BLUE AND GOLD for 1954 honors the old while presenting the new. 8 BOARD OF REGENTS—Clockwise from left: A. J. McFadden, C. J. Haggerty, Brodie E. Ahlport, Donald H. McLaughlin, Roy E. Simpson, Edward H. Heller, Victor R. Hansen, Earl J. Fenston, Robert M. Underhill, Edward A. Dickson (chairman), Robert S. Sproul, John F. Neylan, Fred M. Jordan, Edward W. Carter, John P. Symes, Howard C. Naffziger, Thomas J. Cunningham, James Silliman, Jesse H. Steinhart, Gus Olson. GOVERNOR ' S MESSAGE THE EDITORS Of the BLUE AND GOLD have chosen well in selecting " traditions " as the theme for 1954. The splendid traditions of our State and Nation are rich and vigorous, forming a firm foundation for a sub- stantial present and a promising future. The back- ground of individual dignity and freedom which came West with the pioneers from the eastern sea- board, plus the wealth of culture derived from the Hispanic period of our past, combined to form a unique heritage for California. These things, in turn, have helped to establish the great traditions of the University of California in its countless contributions to the culture of our State and Nation. These are worthy of active and intense support, so that they may be passed on to those who will come to our great State University in the years ahead. GOODWIN J. KNIGHT Governor 9 HARRY WELLMAN HURFORD STONE Vice-President, Agricultural Sciences Dean of Students MISS KATHERINE TOWLE MISS ALICE HOYT Dean of Women Associate Dean of Women ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS HOUSING THE Dean ' s offices, the Ad Building is well known for vari- ous reasons to the students on this campus. The administrative offices are always open to University students with problems and questions of any kind. Graciously and willingly these deans give their time to anyone who might need it. The University was happy to welcome a new assistant dean of students this year, Dean Faunce. Also we enjoy having Dean Towle back after her absence serving the Women I0 CLINTON CONRAD DALE FAUNCE Assistant Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students MRS. CATHERINE QUIRE ALEXANDER LEVIN Assistant Dean of Women Assistant Dean of Students Marine Corps. The Assistant Deans of Women, Dean Quire and Dean Hoyt, also give their time to help guide and advise the women students in addition to sponsoring some of the Women ' s honoraries and other activities. Dean Huford Stone, assisted by Dean Levin and Dean Conrad, settles both graduate and undergraduate problems with mastery, and spends much time guiding student affairs; they patiently sit with the Ex Committee on Monday evenings. ORLANDO WILSON Dean of the School of Criminolcgy MORROUGH O ' BRIEN Dean of the College of Engineering KNOWLES RYERSON Dean of the College of Agriculture KENNETH STODDARD Dean of the School of Optometry EWALD GRETHER Dean of the School of Business Administration SCHOOL BEANS THE INDIVIDUAL colleges and schools, under the direction of the deans, play an important part in maintaining the prominent and respected position of the University of California. The deans with their expert guidance and genuine enthusiasm aid the students and conduct the colleges along the paths of progress. In addition to the task of upholding the high standards of their respective colleges and schools, the deans are looking forward to expansion and better facilities. Three of them are even now devoting part of their time to the preparation and supervision of three new buildings. Dean Smith of the School of Public Health is eagerly 12 ALVA DAVIS FREDERICK BAKER Dean of the College of Letters and Science Dean of the School of Forestry CHARLES SMITH KENNETH PITZER Dean of the School of Public Health Dean of the College of Chemistry WILLIAM WURSTER Dean of the College of Architecture awaiting the completion of the school ' s new home, while the new Forest Products Labor atory, which is being built in the Engi- neering Field Station in Richmond, will be an added responsi- bility for the School of Forestry ' s Dean Baker. Also, Dean Pitzer of the College of Chemistry expects the new annex to Gilman Hall to facilitate the low temperature research that is now under way. All of these are only a few of the many projects in opera- tion on the Berkeley campus—projects which, when completed, will mark another step in the never-ending growth of this great University of California. EDWARD Z. ROWELL WARREN C. PERRY Speech Architecture FRANZ SCHNEIDER FRANK RUSSELL German Political Science EDWARD 0. ESSIG Entomology and Parasitology PROFESSORS PROF. ROWELL of the Speech Department specializes in re- search on public address and argumentation and is active in the Western Association of Teachers of Speech. Past president of Phi Beta Kappa, PROF. SCHNEIDER of the German De- partment has received wide acclaim for his Student-Faculty Reaction Sheets. Listed in Who ' s Who, PROF. PERRY has been Dean of the School of Architecture and also designed Edwards Field, Boalt Hall, and Lick Observatory. PROF. RUSSELL of the Political Science Department is on the Ex- ecutive Committee of the Institute of World Affairs and his writings include " Theories of International Relations. " Listed in the American Men of Science, PROF. ESSIG has written a textbook on entomology and plans to continue research with the sphids after retirement. RAYMOND T. BIRGE J. J. VAN NOSTRAND Physics History EDWARD C. TOLMAN EMANUEL FRITZ Psychology Forestry CHIURA OBATA Art CHAIRMAN OF the Physics Department, PROF. BIRGE is a leading authority on the values of general physical constancies and has been elected Vice-President of the American Physical Society. PROF. VAN NOSTRAND of the History Department whose field of emphasis is Roman Spain, has also taught at the University extension division in Japan. A leading psychologi- cal theorist, PROF. TOLMAN has written several books along with heading the American Psychological Association and In- ternational Congress of Psychology. PROF. FRITZ, teacher of lumbering and wood technology in the Forestry Department, plans to continue in study of redwood forestry after retirement. Well known on and off campus, PROF. OBATA of the Art De- partment is kept busy by exhibitions and demonstrations. I Evening sessions around the campfire wrote the finale to many pleasant days spent at the Alumni camp, the Lair of the Golden Bear. SEATED, left to right: Doreen Liddicoat, Viola Birchland, Stanley McCaffrey, Jean McNeill, Bernice Irwin. STANDING: Cliff Dochterman, Jean Cantelow, Helen Watt, Verne Stadtman, Dan Watt, Greta Johansen, Mike Koll, Anne Bell, Robert Rupert. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION THE HIGHLIGHT of the year for the Alumni Association was moving into the newly com- pleted Alumni House, the funds for which were donated by more than 7,000 alumni throughout the world. The building provides a large lounge for visiting alumni, conference rooms, and of course, the offices of the Association. In addi- tion the Association has continued to serve the University and Alumni in many ways, through scholarships, many of which are given each year, and through the summer camp, the Lair of the Bear, in Pinecrest, that is filled to capac- ity every year. Also, the California Monthly is published by the Association, and each year a state-wide alumni conference is held. Administrative duties were capable handled by STANLEY E. McCAFFREY, Executive Manager, and JOHN P. SYMES, President. President SPROUL and Chancellor KERR along with their wives greet the new students in a flower-filled reception room of the Hearst Gym. Senior hosts give frosh gals their approval. 1 PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION Two DANCE bands, super refreshments and a well-organized group of hosts and hostesses combined in the Hearst Gymnasium to make the President ' s Reception a huge success, as was evidenced by the large number of " unexpected guests. " Highlighted by the opportunity to meet President and Mrs. Sproul along with Chancel- lor and Mrs. Kerr, the evening promised a dance with a lovely senior gal for every enter- ing man, and handsome big-men-on-campus for the coeds. Not until midnight, with community singing as the finale, did the last ones drift homeward. Between the dancing hosts, hostesses and guests, Hearst Gym was filled to capacity. I7 ABOVE: The colorful Charter Day procession added a bright spot to a beautiful Spring day. CHARTER DAY THE UNIVERSITY ' S 86th Charter Day saw a display of Spring sunshine that was made to order. Leading off the ceremony was the tradi- tional academic procession which wound a bright ribbon of color through the campus, ending in the Greek Theatre for the address by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Introduced by President Sproul after Chancellor Kerr ' s open- ing, the former California Governor stressed the importance of education in between a few humorous remarks. CENTER: Chief Justice Warren received a glad welcome from his alma mater, as speaker of the day. BOTTOM: While two California governors chatted President Sproul flashed one of his well-known smiles for the Brue and Gold. King Paul and Queen Frederika of the Helenes were greeted by enthusiastic Cal students who packed the Greek Theatre in one of the largest crowds of the year. UNIVERSITY MEETING UNIVERSITY MEETINGS began with a welcome to Dean Katherine Towle and included an an equally thrilling one honoring King Paul and Queen Frederika from. Greece when many students had their first glimple of royalty in person. The year wouldn ' t have been complete without the traditional Christmas program, either, and with the Senior Farewell, another wonderful year in the University ' s history was brought to a close. As June and graduation apprcached, the traditional Senior Meeting in Dwinelle Plaza marked the end of another school year and a fond farewell to the Class of ' 54. At the first meeting of the year, the University ' s new Dean of Women, Miss Towle was introduced to the student body and formally welcomed back to her Alma Mater. popoponE 4111111111 19 BECAUSE THE Berkeley and UCLA campuses are in themselves so large, there is a tend- ency to forget that the University actually extends over all of California from Davis in the north to Riverside in the South. The latter, though still a world-famous Citrus Experiment Station, has recently offered a liberal arts curriculum from its site at the foot of snow-capped mountains, where stu- dents can enjoy the advantages of an uncrowded personalized college. Boasting the newest campus, however, is Santa Bar- bara College which will move next year to the site of a former Marine Base on the Pacific Ocean. In the meantime, Cal ' s other six campuses were going ahead, also, with new buildings and improved equipment. Scripps Institute of Oceanography concen- trated on life under and about the sea while Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton took care of the sky, but the Medical Center in San Francisco and the agricultural campus at Davis stayed on land, training young men and women to cure the ills of man and beast alike. With all of their diversity, though, the eight campuses still managed to keep in touch with each other and even trek to UCLA for the All-U Safari. ggJ c7ugff ALL U WEEK END THE ALL-UNIVERSITY Safari climaxed with the UC-UCLA game, was hosted by Brother Bruin while professors found their classrooms vacated by students who crowded the roads for the Southland. Opening the week end with a morning rally, the crowning of the UCLA home- coming queen by President Sproul com- peted with the entrance of the Cal Band who were decked in appropriate outfits. In the evening a colorful parade featur- ing floats from the UCLA living groups was followed by a rally and dance. Then on Saturday the rooters gathered in the Coliseum to cheer their respective teams in the traditional battle. Finally, after the festivities, Cal students found their way home again, and greeted the pro- fessors on Monday with a yawn? Im- possible!! !! The UCLA Homecoming Queen walks through the honor guard to receive her crown. President ROBERT SPROUL traditionally opens the All-University meeting. The UC and UCLA bands join together before the game to play our National Anthem. One of the prize-winning floats in the annual coming parade. 22 Co-genial JIM ROSS chaired Cal Club meetings in his usual petent manner, while Bart Brown took over the leadership in the Spring. Sue Beitzel Bill W. Bell Bart Brown Barbara Clymer Doug Dempster Araminta Dickey Pete Doliver Gene Donnelly Carole Gerhardy Doug Gordon John Engvall Don Harris Nancy Harris Don Hartley Ann Hawley Barbara Kinkaid Leatrice Knopf Dick Marston Tevis Martin Carol Mixter Carol Montgomery Bill Morrish Gary Powell Jim Ross Forrest Storz Ralph Vetterfein Georgia Wilcox CALIFORNIA CLUB STRONGER FELLOWSHIP and unity be- tween the campuses, the prime goal of the California Club, inspired the group to sponsor many varied activities this year. Under the leadership of Spring Chairman, Bart Brown, the Berkeley branch played host to Cal Clubbers from the other member campuses at their annual convention held between semesters. They also helped with Char- ter Day activities, made plans for the All-U Week End and entertained visit- ing students to the University. These enthusiastic Bears are a binding tie that helps to hold together the branches of our University, and are to be com- mended for their excellent representa- tion of Cal spirit. 23 SENIORS THE SENIORS began their last year on campus looking forward to both work and fun. Their plans for the year were considered and reconsidered at a few night meetings at Larry Blake ' s early in the fall. Believe it or not, they actually got things done at those meetings —things like the plans for their class sing. On October 28, the result of such planning took the form of Cal-O-Ween Sing held in the Men ' s Clubrooms. Their ingenious class float brought many laughs at the Big Game Parade. On December 13, in the Women ' s Clubrooms, the class put their Christmas spirit to good use, and sponsored a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The spring semester found the seniors looking forward to graduation, and again plan- ning, but this time for the activities of their last semester. On Febru- ary 15, they held a Senior Week Slogan Contest, and in May another class sing was added to an already busy schedule. Under the chair- manship of Benjy Abramovice, Senior Week activities, Baccalaure- ate, and Commencement brought to a close the last unforgettable year for the class of 1954. LEFT—SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, top to bottom: Huss, President; Betty Terzian, Vice-President; Nancy Martin, Secretary; Dick Erb, Yell Leader. A glimpse of the crowd at the Cai-O-Ween Sing. lr• ?wed. oct.28 where? merit elution what ? s ' ingtn3,datians nter tearme refresUrn writ s how? )Ott SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Martin Huss (president), Betty Tertian (vice-president), Dick Erb (yell leader). SECOND ROW: Mary Haworth, Elsie Vidovitch, Jo Ann Galt, Unidentified, Ysabel Urquiza, Lucie Brandon, Gladys Tolhurst, Barbara Kyte. THIRD ROW: Benjy Abramovice, Bobby Beatty, Pat Smith, Sally Jolfymour, Tom Cline, Don Sargeant, Joe Rodgers, Gene Davis Barbara Emerzian. FOURTH ROW: Carl Walker, Joe Apfel, John Kirby-Miller, Unidentified, Bill Ayers, Unidentified, Walter Hanson, Charlie Stern, Bruce Sypkens, Ilse Kirchoff. SENIOR MEN ' S BENCH: The Senior Peace Committee is ready and waiting for the paint spfashers and bench sitter-oners. 77 A native son from Berkeley, IFC Prexy WINT MATHER (also known as " Wafer " ) rose to fame in 1952 when he was chairman of the Spring Talent Show, on top of which he squeezed Rally Committee, Golden Bear, Gavel and Quill, Arnold Air Society, Fraternity Scholas- tic Honor Society, Delta Sigma Pi and Beta Gamma Sigma. In addi- tion, he was president of Theta Xi and yet found time for his hobbies, including playing the accordion, golf, skiing, and throwing water bags. However, although he ' s noted for getting confused, his ambition is still to be a big magneto and on a background in business adminis- tration and finance. ABBOTT, ABINGTON, ABRAMSON, ABPLANALP, ABRAMOVICE, PATRICIA BENJAMIN F. LEE E. VIRGINIA F. BENJAMIN G. Long Beach Vallejo Santa Rosa Pacific Grove Martinez History Mathematics. Business Admin. General Curriculum Pre-Medical Richards Hall; II KA; Winged Honor Students; Bowles; Gavel and Newman Club. Helmet; Gavel and Junior Council; Quill; Honor Quill; Class Coun.; Education Club. Students; Glee Club; Home- Large; Class Coun.; coming Chr.; Jr. WUS; Pre-Med. Prom; Sr. Octet. Society. ACCORNERO, ACQUISTAPACE, ADAM, ADAMS, ADAMS, RONALD ROBERT E. ROBERT BRIAN BURTON Oakland Santa Rosa San Francisco San Rafael Sacramento Advertising Education Medicine Journalism General Curriculum ADD; A41; OE. ,DX; Hiking Club; Bowles; Ch. FSB; Del Rey. Daily Cal Mgr. Folk Dancing. Exec. Comm.; Asst., ASUC Pres.; Pres., EAX. ADAMS, ADDICOTT, ADDISON, AGRAWAL, AGUILAR, ELIZABETH GERALD L. ADRIENNE RAM S. ROBERT PETER San Francisco Pasadena Berkeley India Pittsburg French Accounting Public Health. Industrial Manag. Poly. Science. Elizabeth Barrett; Bowles Hall; UC Folk and Sq. SHE; BIEM; Dance; Newman Glee Club; Club; Cercle Varsity Debate; Francaise. Model Senate. AHLPORT, AKERS, ALBERT, ALBO, MARILYN V. SALLY R. BERNARD S. ROBERT Pasadena Castro Valley Vista Berkeley Physical Education Child Development Elec. Engineering Pre-Medical Stern Hall; Mortar AZ; Class Coun.; Ridge House; XT; Skull and Board; Prytanean; Ch. Dev. Club. TB H; HKN; Keys; Winged Women ' s C Soc.; Honor Stu. Soc.; Helmet; Golden WAA; Pres., WEB; UC Soc. of Elec. Bear; Basketball, ACB. Eng., Chr.; Baseball, Co-Capt.; HKT, Treas. Athletic Comm. ALESSANDRI, ALIREZA, ALJIAN, ALLAN, JOSEPH P. MAHMOUD Y. NANCY A. DON L. Redwood City Saudi-Arabia Oakland Spokane, Wash. Civil Engineering Poly. Science General Curriculum Social Welfare. OAX; Senior Pre-Legal Society; AZ; Blue and Gold. Council. Comm. Chm. of Arabian Students Association. ALLEN, ALLISON, ALPEN, ALTERMAN, DUANE E. JAMES ANNE E. EDWARD R. Los Molinas Fresno Lafayette Newark, N.J. AXP. Psychology Math. Statistics. Journalism AXP; Asst. ZBT; Frosh Manager of Baseball; Class Blue and Gold. Council; Social Bears. AMBER, AMBINDER, ANASTASOPULOS, ANDERMAN, ROBERT J. GERALD E. THEODORE A. ELAINE L. Berkeley San Francisco Honolulu Aftadena Public Health Philosophy History Speech 4X. II AO. Smyth Assn.; AZ; Pelican; EDE. Collegians; Class Councils; Homecoming. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDRESEN, ANDREWS, JOHN W. PHILIP D. WALTER R. BARBARA REGINA A. Roseville San Rafael Oakland San Mateo Sierra Madre Business Admin. Chemistry Poly. Science Personnel Mang. Zoology Tower and Frame; Smyth Assn. KAP; AXI. II 13,13. Daily Cal. Pelican Ed. ALBRIGHT, CHARLES F. Berkeley Chem. Engineering. ALLEMANN, RUDOLPH T. Berkeley Chem. Engineering Cal Ski Club. ALVERSON, JAMES E. Gardena Civil Engineering XE; ASCE; Collegians. ANDERSON, JAMES M. Oakland Accounting BON; ; Winged Helmet. 28 Between being president of both Gamma Phi and Mortar Board, busy ANN PAINE began to hear the ringing of bells. This sparkly lass from Burlingame contributed to such activities as Pryt, Women ' s Judicial Committee, and as Social Chairman of Women ' s Ex. Board. " Paine " —as the name is shouted by erstwhile friends—is a Social Welfare major, yet yearns to be an Air Line hostess. Miss Paine insists her claim to fame is a somewhat hazy relationship between herself and the famous Thomas Paine of revolutionary era. Immediate plans for the future call for a trip to Hawaii at the end of the semester and usual pilgrimages to the " C. " APFEL, ARAI, ARCHER, ARONOFF, ARTURO, JOE H. MIDORI ELIZABETH M. STUART B. ELEANOR NI. Redding Japan San Francisco Los Angeles Los Angeles Physics Social Welfare English. Accounting Education Sr. Council. Nisei Club. EAM; Cal Circus; EK; Education Homecoming-Big Club. Game Week; Inter- fraternity Council. ASHE, ASHTON, ASKIN, ATKINSON, ATMORE, DONALD J. WILLIAM B. RALPH J. GILBERT P. KATHRYN A. Burlingame Piedmont Pasadena Berkeley Santa Paula Business Admin. Marketing Architecture General Curriculum General Curriculum Bowles Hall. fiTA; Triune. Smyth Associa- ,PI(E. KA(); tion; XAK. AUSLEN, AYERS, AZALDE, AZEVEDO, BABALLE, DONALD H. WILLIAM T. JOSEPH I. DONALD J. LORRAINE E. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Concord Turlock Insurance Marketing Pre-Med Electrical Eng. Speech Bowles Hall; Soph. Chairman Men ' s Newman Club; HKN. Women ' s Day; Rally Corn.; Intra- Counseling; Daily Pre-Med. Class Councils. mural Sports; Mgr. Cal Managerial; Society. Bowles Hall. Sr. Council; Masonic Club; AAE; American Marketing Assn. BADGLEY, BAGG, BAGNASCO, BAGVIE, BAILEY, ANNE C. LESTER H. MARIE B. SYLVIA I. ROBERT K. General Curriculum Riverside Monterey San Francisco Palo Alto Ritter Hall; Architecture Public Health. Int ' l Relations. Public Health YWCA. XAK. Barrington Hall. BAKHTIARI, BALDWIN, BALIN, BALL, BALLARD, GOODARZ A. JOANNE H. ELISABETH S. DONALD G. LEIGH H. Iran Fresno San Francisco Santa Ana Minnesota Political Science Physical Therapy Mathematics. Medical Science Civil Engineering Photography Club. Epworth Hall; OAX; Class Cloyne Court; XE; Mortar Board; Councils. TB II; ASCE; Pryt.; Rally Corn.; Eng. Joint Council. Women ' s Dorm. Assn.; Social Chr., YWCA Cabinet. BANBROCK, BARCLAY, HELEN J. JOAN L. BARKELL, BARNES, BARNES, REGINE ALICE M. MARY ANNE Pacific Grove Sacramento Sacramento Auburn San Francisco Social Welfare Speech Speech General Curriculum History Peixotto Hall; AA II; University AA II; Red Cross; AEA; Ski Club; AP; EKA. Honor Students; Chorus; Class Homecoming; Class WAA; Education Folk Dancing. Councils. Councils. Club. BARNETT, BARONIAN, BARSHELL, BARTALINI, BARTLETT, MORRIS A. ELEANOR G. MARGARET L. DICK ANN Ramona Alameda Burlingame Alameda San Francisco Mech. Engineering Child Development. Music Political Science History Bowles Hall; Cal AM; Music Honor Ball and Chain; AP; EKA. Engineer; Engs ' Soc.; WAA Fencing; Varsity Basketball; Joint Council; College Women ' s Track; Football; ASME. Jrs.; Christian Athletic Council. Science Organiza- tion. BARTON, BASSEL, BAUDONNET, BAUER, HUGH PERRY STEPHEN NI. FRANK A. JOHN M. BAUSCH, NORBERT L. Massachusetts Escalon Berkeley Davis Piedmont Industrial Manag. Personnel Admin. General Curriculum Industrial Relations Zoology Bowles Hall; Model ATS); and Personnel KAP. Senate; Class Fresh Football. Management. Councils; Young Republicans. 29 BAXTER, BEATTY, BEAVER, BECKER, BEERMANN, JAMES M. ROBERTA BARBARA A. WALTER S. LOUIS L. San Rafael Livermore Long Beach Berkeley Oakland Real Estate Home Economics General Curriculum Accounting Business Admin. IIAE; Winged ZTA; Gavel and AI ' A; Model UN; Circle C; Big C; AT. Helmet; Football; Quill, VP; VP Jr. Class Councils; Newman Club; Car Baseball. Class; Women ' s Secretariat; Band; Varsity Exec. Bd.; Class Cal Circus; Swimming and Cons.; Home Ec. Pelican; Water Polo. Club; Pres. Class Education Club. Offs. BEESON, BELL, BELL, BELL, BELL, ALLAN W. KENNETH S. MARTHA L. WILLIAM G. WILLIAM W. El Cerrito Newport Beach Piedmont Salinas Long Beach Forestry Architecture Geography Economics Speech Acacia, Scabbard BOIL. XCI; Freshman Scabbard and KX; Golden Bear; and Blade; Council. Blade; Glee Club; Cal Club; Skull Forestry Club. Senior Octette; and Keys; Head Axetravaganza; Yell Leader; Chrm. Quarterdeck Soc. Spring Show; Axe. Show; Circle C. BEN-ARY, BENI O, BENNETT, BENNETT, BENSON, JACOB PAUL V. LOUISE PATRICIA C. BETTY JEAN Israel Berkeley Milbrae Alamo Oakland Mech. Engineering Plant Pathology Biostatistics General Curriculum General Curriculum AZ; Plant Stern Hall; AX(; XX II. .1,M; Treble Clef. Pathology; UC Symphony. Occident. BENSON, BERGEN, BERRY, BERRY, BERRY, JOAN M. HAROLD E. CLIFFORD MARILYN J. SHIRLEY L. San Leandro Reedley Sal inas Modesto San Jose Political Science Civil Engineering History General Curriculum General Curriculum AA II. . ASCE. Axe. AI ' . AEA; Prytanean. BERRY, BERTAGNINI, BEST, BIBB, BINNINGER, WADE L. GILDA J. CHARLES R. WILLIAM J. DONALD L. Turlock Oakland San Francisco Sacramento Albany Soil Sciences Public Health General Curriculum English Forestry AZ. Newman Club; BO II; Pre- XAE; Triune; KA; AZ. YWCA. Dental Society. Golden Bear; Scab- bard and Blade; Rally Com.; Quarterdeck. BIRCH, BISCHOFF, BJORKLUND, BLACI MER, BLACKWELDER, THOMAS B. MARGRET A. GLENN J. WILLIAM H. BERT E. Oakland San Francisco Long Beach Temple City Rio Vista Int ' l Relations General Curriculum Indus. Management Civil Engineering Business Admin. AGE. AA II . AUX; Scholarship TB rr ; XE; AA ' ; Frosh Track; Soc.; Baseball. ASCE; Social PIC; Triune; Bears; Winged Helmet; Hiking Club. Golden Bear. BLAKE, BLOM, BOBERG, BOBET, BOEGE, TOM S. ELEANOR E. SHIRLEY A. MARILYN M. RAYMOND E. Oakland San Francisco Whittier Oakland San Rafael Chemistry Nursing. General Curriculum General Curriculum Business Admin. Folk and Square AOII. Pryt.; Treble Clef; El. Dance; Collegians. WAC; Educ. Club; Blue and Gold. BONNELL, BORING, BOW, BOWMAI I, BOWMAN, RICHARD I. DIX MARY RICHARD G. WILBUR G. Los Angeles Chico Arkansas Redlands Long Beach Civil Engineering History Home Economics Psychology Elec. Engineering Smyth. XF; Triune. Home Ec. Club; Ski Club. Chinese Christian Dec. Art Soc.; Collegiate Assn. AXP; Tower and Flame; Sec., of UCSEE; Sec. of UCARC; Internat ' l Bd.; Rifle Team; Bachelordon. Rep-at-Large DON HARTLEY also managed to find time for Cal Club, Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, Scabbard and Blade, and Athletic Coun- cil. In addition, he was captain of the rugby team and president of both IFC and the Athletic Advisory Board. Having an interest in sports in generar, but particularly sailing, Don ' s claim to fame is being for the navy, instead of against it. Even being from San Diego hasn ' t changed his mind. However, looking further into the future, insurance beckons to this XAE as a result of his Bus Ad major, with his favorite hobby, Lois, running a close second—maybe even as far as the navy goes. 30 BRADLEY, BRAITHWAITE, BRAMHALL, BRANDON, BRAUN, ROBERT E. LLOYD M. EUGENE H. LUCI A WESLEY J. Sacramento San Bernardino Berkeley Berkeley Reedley Finance Correct. Crim. Industrial Relations Social Welfare Civil Engineering. KE; Triune; AAE; Stiles Hall; Ski Club. Oldenberg Hall; Winged Helmet. Badminton Club; College Women ' s Psychology Society. Club; Gavel and Quill; Pryt.; WAC; Cal Circus; Class Cou ncils. BRECK, BREITENSTEIN, BREITENSTEIN, BRESCHI, BRESCHINI, SAMUEL B. EUGENE P. RICHARD E. AUGUSTO C. JEANETTE C. Piedmont China Lake China Lake Italy Salinas Political Science Mathematics Erect. Engineering Foreign Trade. English Skull and Honor Students Cloyne Court; Utrimque; Keys; Scabbard Society; II ME. HKN; TB H ; Big Game and Blade; Big C; UCSEE Vice- Winged Helmet; Chairman. Golden Bear; BB; Crew; Triune. BREWER, BROCK, ROBERT H. ELAINE C. Ojai Alameda Personnel Ad. and General Curriculum Industrial Relations Folk Dancing Club. Honor Students; Amer. Marketing Assn.; Society Ad. Management. BROWN, BROWN, BARTON A. HERBERT A. San Francisco Piedmont General Curriculum Erect. Engineering MX; Golden Bear; Collegians; Fraternity Scho- UC Folk and lastic Honor Soc.; Square Dancers. Cal Club; IFC President. BUNNELL, BURGER, BURGESS, BURGIN, BURKE, STERLING DIANA LEE WILLIAM J. DOREEN H. GLENN A. San Francisco Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Pre-Med Psychology Elect. Engineering Art Chem. Engineering OX; Cal Engineer. KA; Ski Club; HKN; TB H; Tower and Flame; Ski Club; University Chorus. AE; Daily Cal. AIChE. Libreary Univenity el CEEferrnit ED GILLIGAN, better known as " Three-headed Ed, " found time to be Publications Council Chairman, secretary and treasurer of ADS, and chairman of the High School Publications Conference, in addition to his work in the Education Club, Card Sales Ccmmittee, and Senior Privilege Card Committee. His greatest fame, however, came from his association with the Daily Cal, where his work as manager is re- puted to have literally turned his hair gray, and where he was also hailed as " Gorgeous Gilligan in all his gory glory! " On the more seri• ous side, though, this AChiRho from Alameda, is aiming for a job as superintendent of schools or better, perhaps after being one of those beloved (?) history teachers. BROWN, BROWN, WILBUR K. WILLIE LEE Piedmont Mississippi Physics Zoology-Chemistry Collegians; Barrington Hall; Glee Club. Barrington Council- man. BRUTOCAO, BRYANT, ALBERT WILLIAM R. Covina Berkeley Civil Engineering Speech Smyth Association; AT; Triune; ESA; ASCE. Winged Helmet. BROGAN, BROOKS, PATRICIA M. HARTMOND D. San Francisco Adelanto Public Health Mech. Engineering Utrimque; College Smyth, Women ' s Club; Newman Club. BROWN, BARRY P. San Jose Soil Science Bowles Hall; Frosh-Rambler Football; Soil Science Club. BROWN, JOSEPH C. Los Angeles Civil Engineering WAX; Swimming Team; Collegians. BROWN, BROWN, PHILIP M. ROYAL A. Sacramento Sacramento Mech. Engineering Political Science USCA; Cloyne Court; Quarterdeck Society; Pres. of Board of Directors, Univ. Co-op. Assn. BROWNE, BROWNFIELD, BROWNSTEIN, KENNETH R. MARSHALL MARVIN A. Long Beach Nevada Petaluma Elect. Engineering Slavic Languages Bacteriology UCSEE; UC Photo Smyth Association; H At ' ; Tower and Club. Dobro Slovo. Flame; Cal Circus; Pre-Med Society. BUEERMANN, BULL, BUNCE, RICHARD A. ALPHEUS, JR. BARBARA H. Oakland San Francisco Burlingame Civil Engineering General Curriculum Music ASCE. BO II; Triune; AX52; Big Game Winged Helmet; Committee; Jr. BB; Skull Council; Symphony, and Keys. BURKETT, BURMASTER, R. WILLIAM NEAL C. Lodi Yorba Linda Marketing; Chem. Engineering. SAO; APE. BURROWS, BURTON, ROBERT F. CAROL A. San Mateo Coalinga Civil Engineering Epworth Hall; BO ; Skull and Treble Clef. Keys; XE; ASCE; Golden Bear; SAME; Winged Helmet; Triune. BURTON, GRACE D. Vacaville General Curriculum YWCA Treasurer. 31 BURTON, BUSH, BUSH, BUTLER, BYERLY, LARRY R. JOHN B. SAM A. LELAND E. CHARLES T. San Jose Pasadena Costa Mesa Susanville Oakland Forestry Chemistry Mechanical Eng. Law Enforcement H KA; Tower and Forestry Club. ATO; Scabbard KA; Honor Bowles Hall; Flame. and Blade; SAACS; Students Society; Tower and Flame; Model Senate. ASME; AIIEE. Quarterdeck Soc. CAIN, CALDWELL, CALLAGHAN, CALLAND, CAMPBELL, SARAH E. JOHNNIE M. DORRIS E. JUDITH L. CLAIRE C. Ventura Berkeley San Mateo San Diego Alameda General Curriculum Social Welfare General Curriculum Marketing Decorative Art Ski Club; Uni- DI,B; IC13; KAO; The Cali- KAO. Joaquin Hall. versity Theater; Tower and Flame; fornian. Blue and Gold. NAACP; CSTA; YWCA. CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CANNATA, CAPP, CAPPS, JACK E. MARGOT JOSEPH A. CHARLES D. VIRGINIA L. Pacific Grove Carmel Pittsburg San Francisco Oakland Bacteriology Art. Economics. Medical Science General Curriculum Del Rey. Bowles Hall; Mask and Dagger; NEN. Hammer and Dimmer; Uni- versity Theater. CARAMELLA, CARITHERS, CARLIN, CARLSON, CARLSON, C HARLES A. JUDITH CAROLE L. DWIGHT A. EUGENE T. San Jose Santa Rosa Marysville Dinuba Hawaii Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum Economics Speech Big Game Com- AO II; Rally Com- AZ; Car Engineer; Arnold Air Society; Cal Lodge; mitten; Crew. mittee; Class Rally Committee; Track; Football. Speech Arts Club. Councils; Blue Class Councils. and Gold. CARROLL, CARTER, CARTER, CARTER, CASSIDY, WILLIAM J. MARTHA L. MARY PATRICIA A. CAREN C. Ross Los Angeles San Francisco Arizona San Francisco General Curriculum General Curriculum Mathematics History Art AT; Winged Hel- OT; YWCA OM; YWCA; Soph. Honor Students KA. met; BB. Cabinet; Jr. Council. I House; Sailing Council. Club. CASTRO, CASTRO, CATUIRA, CAVANAUGH, CAYFORD, BARBARA J. FEDERICO IRINEO D ' ARCY M. CATHLEEN M. Seaside Tehachapi Philippine Is. Canada Oakland Social Welfare Retail Management Banking and Business Admin. General Curriculum Sherman Hall; Honor Society; Finance. International AAA; Westminster WAA. American Market- House. House. ing Association. CHAM, CHAM, CHAMBERS, CHAN, CHAN, CHARLIE L. JOSEPH CAROL J. EDISON LUCILLE Philippines Philippines Sacramento Berkeley Isleton Economics. Civil Engineering Home Economics Marketing Insurance. ASCE; TB II; Oldenberg Hall; Chinese Students XE. Orientations Com.; Club. Home Economics Club. BILL W. BELL, not to be confused with the Glee Crub variety, spent a fascinating semester as Head Yell Leader—in charge of difficult rooting sections. His summation of of the fall semester " . . . pain in the neck. " Five Fingers Bell was also given a thrilling demonstration of appreciation by a capacity Big Game Rally crowd in the Greek Theatre as they stood for a five-minute ovation. This Speech major spread his talents around to include many MCing jobs, and incidental things such as his portrayal of Artie in the Axe Show, Chairman of the Spring Show, University Affairs Council, Cal Crab, Golden Bear, and that lethal society Skull and Keys. The future holds the imminent call of Uncle Sam—and after that—anybody need a press agent? CARRILLO, CARRILLO, CARROLL, GLORIA A. MANUEL C. JOAN M. San Francisco Los Angeles Healdsburg Social Welfare. Political Science. General Curriculum ArA; Class Council; Big Game Week; Intramural. CARLTON, DONALD N. Berkeley Accounting d ' Ae. CARMINATI, EARL M. Santa Rosa Bus. Adm. ' PA. 32 RUTHIE KUMMERFELD had the distinction of simultaneously holding two important offices as she wielded the YWCA gavel and acted as chief judge and juror of Women ' s Judicial Committee. However, as if this weren ' t enough, she also was President of Theta U and a member of Women ' s Ex Board, WAC, Mortar Board, and Prytanean, cheerfully knitting her way through all of these meetings and her classes, too. Coming to Car from Berkeley, Ruthie majored in social welfare with graduate school now in the near future. However, even with (and per- haps because of) her sievelike memory, her recollections of Cal are pleasant, with an enthusiastic recommendation for everyone to join activities! CHAN, CHAN, CHANG, CHEESMAN, CHEONIS, ROBERT H. RUTH YONG-SHAN JANET E. ERNEST G. San Francisco Visalia China San Pedro Sacramento Architecture Marketing Chem. Engineering Dramatic Art Political Science. Cloyne Court Stern Hall; Honor AICHE. Mask and Dagger; Coop. Students; Chinese Hammer and Students Club; Dimmer; University American Marketing Theater; Radio-TV. Association. CHESHOLM, CHEW, CHEW, CHEW, CHIANG, BARBARA M. DONALD R. JEANETTE ROBERT H. CYNTHIA Sal inas San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco China General Curriculum Soil Science Child Development Optometry. Journalism. HBO; Ace of AZ. Education Club; Clubs; MX H. Child Development Club. CHINN, CHIVERIS, CHONG, CHOU, WILBER DEDE MILLIE J, ALBERT S. Isleton San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Sanitation General Curriculum General Curriculum. Mech. Engineering II AO. Joaquin Han. CSA. CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTMAN, CHUA, CIBULL, RAYMOND M. DORIS L. SENG G. BOB M. Minnesota National City Philippines Oxnard Political Science English. Marketing. Optometry Masonic Crub. ZAM. CLAPP, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CAROLYN L. JOETTE C. LILA F. NANCY R. PATRICIA A. Hayward Los Angeles San Diego Los Angeles San Francisco Zoology English Math. Statistics Art Transportation Ars; Senior AA H; Panile; AI ' A; Intramural AE; Utrimque; Ski AFA; Senior Council; Cal Circus; Rally Committee. Board; Secretariat. Club; Collegians. Council; Intramural. Secretariat. CLARICE, CLASS, CLEAVER, CLEMENS, CLEVELAND, WILLIAM H. JOHN F. RICHARD D. WILLIAM A. E. JANET Ontario Riverside Burlingame Berkeley Berkeley Civil Engineering English-Physics Insurance. Geology Social Welfare ASCE. Bowles Hall; Crew; AKA. ,I,M; Panile; Big C Society; II AE; OX13; Varsity Rowing Prytanean; Asst. Club. Ed. Blue and Gold; YWCA; Fr. Council; WAA; Secretariat. CLINE, COATES, COBURN, COEN, COFFEE, THOMAS H. MARILYN J. GANELLE W. ROWENA S. PAUL B. Danville San Jose Carlotta Santa Ana Madera Mech. Engineering Speech General Curriculum. Decorative Art Business Admin. ATCI; Senior Stern Hall; Senior AXA. AT; Winged Council. Council. Helmet; BB. COFFELT, COFFMAN, COHEN, COIL, COLBERT, DESMOND W. RALPH L. JOYCE HENRY W. JR. WESLEY C. Alameda Beverly Hills San Francisco Riverside San Francisco Geology Business Admin. General Curriculum Geology General Curriculum Smyth Association; XAM; ROTC. AEA; Pelican; AXA; ' Is; OT; 040. JV Varsity Crew; Elections Council. Class Councils. MTA. CHRISTENSEN, LESLEY-MARIE San Francisco Political Science Beaudelaire Club; Daily Cal; Cal Frolics; Freshman Council; University Masonic Club. CLANCY, MARIE T. Berkeley Child Development Honor Students; The Child Deverop- ment Club. 33 COLLINS, COLVIN, ROBERT W. CLIFFORD B. Oakland Lodi Civil Engineering Chemistry TKE; Rep. at Bowles Hall; Large; Rally Honor Students Committee Society. Chairman. COOMES, JOSEPH E. Yuba Journalism Bowles Hall; MAX. COOPER, ALFRED C. Berkeley Economics KAP. COSE, COVITZ, LEROY E. MARTIN B. Alameda San Francisco Physiology Public Health UC Radio Club; Education Glee Club; APHA. MARS. CURRY, WILLARD L. St. Helena History AX. DALLEY, DUANE G. Lemon Grove Elect. Engineering Smyth Association. DACEY, DA-DALT, FREDERICK P. ALBERT D. Vallejo Burlingame Economics Economics Honor Students; MN. Newman Club; Intermural Boxing. DAIS, DAMN, EUGENE E. DIAN B. Redding Cucamonga General Curriculum General Curriculum KAP; Bonnheim KA. Scholar; Frosh Basketball; Weight Basketball. DANIELS, CAROLYN B. Ventura Journalism Californian; ODD. DANIELS, JOAN A. Carmel English Treble Clef. CRABBE, CRAMPTON, JOHN K. HOWARD H. Auburn Santa Cruz Political Science Histo ry Bowles Hall; Bowles Hall; MAX; Daily Cal IKA; Scabbard Sports. and Blade. CREW, CROCKETT, CROSS, CULVER, JAMES L. ROBERT W. MARGARET L. JANICE A. Oakland La Canada Illinois Berkeley General Curriculum Civil Engineering General Curriculum Speech Baseball. Smyth, ASCE. KKr; Intramural; Epworth; II AM; UNESCO; Elections WAC; Pelican Sales Council; Axetrava- Director; College ganza; Model U.N. Women ' s Club; Speaker ' s Bureau; Col leg ians. CRANE, BARBARA R. Santa Ana General Curriculum International House. CRAWFORD, WAYNE L. Ukiah General Curriculum AiDE. COLLINS, BARBARA F. Los Altos Physiology AA n ; Gavel and Quill; Pelican; Fr., Soph., Jr. Councils; Women ' s Activity Counseling. CONTA, DOLORES P. Berkeley History EKA; Newman Club; Model UN Sect.; UC Folk and Square Dancers; Col. Women ' s Club; Treble Clef. CORLEY, JOHN M. Concord History AX; AiTi52; AGE; MKA; Glee Club; Pre-Legal Society; Fr., Soph. Class Councils; UC Yacht and Hiking Clubs. COYNE, GWENNA L. Hayward English ATA; Senior Class Council; Prytanean; Spring Show; Cal Circus. CRENSHAW, !CATHARINE L. Nevada General Curriculum KAO; Pre-Legal Society; WSSF; Radio-TV Theater; Intramural Swim- ming. CUNDEY, BARBARA J. Danville Dietetics AZ; Elections Council; Home Economics Club; Senior Council. DAHILL, NANCY E. Oakland Journalism AZ; 0E4); Daily Cal; Sailing Club; Erections Council. DALEY, LEONARD T. Oakland Mech. Engineering Pres. Amer. Inst. Indust. Engineers; ASME Engineers Joint Council. COLLINS, ROBERT D. Piedmont Political Science KAP; 44; Sophomore Rally Committee. COOK, SALLY E. Ross General Curriculum KKT; Ace of Clubs. CORWIN, RICHARD A. Highland Marketing Del Rey. CURTIN, MERVIN A. Sonora Rear Estate AX. DANCEL, TORIBIA P. Philippines Education. As captain of both baseball and basketball, BOB ALBO from Berkeley just barely found time for Athletic Council, Skull and Keys, Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, and Big " C. " Nevertheless, " Box " still com- pleted his pre-med major and kept up with his activities in the Chi Psi House along with his many hobbies. As for the future, anyone gazing into a crystal ball will see Bob as a general practitioner, but still giving his magic shows all over the Bay Area for Television, hos- pitals, and schools. COLLINS, LYNNE C. Pasadena Education 11131i. COOK, RICHARD J. San Francisco Architecture CORREA, ROBERT C. Sacramento Spanish. DAHLIN, DAHLQUIST, RONALD A. ROBERT L. San Diego Riverside Engineering Soil Science OX; Footbalr. Barrington. 34 Bowles Hall; AIEE; IRE; UCSEE; Glee Club; Hiking Club. DAVIE, DAVIES, WALTER C. GLENN R. Los Angeles San Rafael Erect. Engineering Forestry Smyth Association. DARBY, DARTER, ROBERT N. ROBERT W. Sacramento Industrial Relations Public Health KM. AKA. DATTA, DIANA T. San Francisco Bacteriology. DAVENPORT, STEPHEN L. Compton Insurance Wesley Foundation. DAVIDSON, ANAN H. Oakland Political Science; ATA; Model Senate. DAVIS, DAVID W. Marysville Political Science " I " House Glee Club. DAVIS, KENT D. Kingsburg Civil Engineering. DAVIS, PHILIP J. Sacramento Business Admin. AKA; Junior Council; Axetrava- ganza. DAY, DAY, DAYVAULT, DAVID L. DONALD B. JOHN H. Burlingame. Alameda Santa Cruz Mech. Engineering Psychology Geology Swiming Team; A4351; Model U.N.; KE; International Water Polo Team. MAC. House; OT. DEAN, DEAN, DE BACKER, CARLA M. RUTH W. CLAIRE M. Ventura Pennsylvania San Francisco Psychology History Chemistry Californian; KKA; Tower and " I " House; ON; Symphony Forum. Flame; Honor Home Ec Club. Students; Ski Club; Photo Club; College Women ' s Club. DELISLE, DELLAZOPPA, DELVAILLE, GLENN E. YOLANDA M. JOHN P. El Cerrito El Cerrito Riverside Wildlife Conserva- History Physics tins; (DIOR; Newman Club; Bowles Hall. Gymnastics. Education Club. DEADY, WILLETT C. Sacramento Business Admin. TKE; Rally Comm.; Cal Circus Comm.; Junior Council. DE HAAN, PATRICIA P. Stockton General Curriculum. DEMITH, HELEN San Francisco General Curriculum Epworth; KA; Honor Students; TI AO; Education Club. DE HAAN, ROBERT B. Stockton Accounting. DEMPSTER, DENTON, DOUGLAS S. DONALD R. Berkeley Oakland Political Science Insurance KAX; Editor Daily AXA; Fr. VP. Cal; Golden Bear; Soph Yell Leader; Cal Club; University Asst. Yell Leader; Affairs Council; Gavel and Quill; Publications Bcard; Freshman Football; Ex Committee. Golden Bear. DERRY, DESCH, BEVERLY J. LEWIS G. Oakland Oakland General Curriculum Architecture. AXO; KK II . DEVEREAUX, DEVINE, JOYCE LYNNE G. San Francisco San Francisco Political Science Music X51; Pelican; " I " Epworth Hall; Board; UNESCO; Symphony Forum; Elections Council. YWCA. DAWSON, CAROL N. San Francisco English AA n ; Crop and Saddle; Junior Council; Intramural sports. DEA LY, DAVID J. Santa Monica Business Admin. " I " House. DER, ALBERT J. San Francisco Architecture. DERDIVANIS, JOHN P. Oakland Pre-Dental KAE; Big " C " ; Ball and Chain; Baseball. DE REGO, ANSON C. Hawaii Industrial Rel. D, DE SOTO, DESSLER, MICHAEL N. NORMAN A. Willows Speech Oakland Science; Aii ; CSTA; JournalismPolitical KAP; KAX; Mask and Dagger; and Ball " C " ; " C Speech Arts Club; " Class Councils. Chain. DE SILVA, ED 0. Oakland Business Admin. KM; 44 ' ; Winged Helmet. DE VRIES, HARRIET J. Bakersfield Physics. DEWHIRST, DIBERT, KENNETH C. CAMILLA J. Tracy San Francisco Chemistry Spanish. Smyth Association; SAACS. Hailing from the " smoggy " city of Los Angeles, DICK HEXTER man- aged to hold down the posts of Store Board Chairman, Cal Engineer Business Manager, Men ' s " J " Committee Chairman, Publicity Chair- man for the Cal Circus, and Phi Eta Sigma President. Then, on top of this, were University Affairs Council, Golden Bear, Photo Club, Tau Beta Pi, Interfraternity Scholastic Honorary, Homecoming, Senior Week Committee, Publications Board, AIChE, and SAACS. As if this weren ' t enough, Dick also indulged in his hobbies of photography, sports, and reading, besides working on his chemical engineering major and looking in at the SAM House occasionally. " Muscle Man " as he ' s better known, is noted for his practical jokes, too, and as for ambitions .. . " to be an educated bum! " 35 DIGRAZIA, WILLIAM W. San Francisco Business Admin. AXA. DICKINSON, CHARLES S. Redondo Beach Forestry EX: II; AZ; UC Forestry Club; UC Hiking Club; A4,52. DIMITRIOU, DEMETRIOS Berkeley Economics Abracadabra; 44. DIEPENBROCK, ALEXANDRA South Pasadena Education KKr; Panile. DIEPENBROCK, VIRGINIA F. Sacramento Political Science X52; Ski Club Publicity Chr.; Jr. Council; Secreta- riat; WAA; YWCA; Cal Engineer. DI SILVESTRO, ANTHONY Ontario General Curriculum AEA; Rally Com- mittee. DONLON, DONNELLY, DAVID D. EUGENIA M. Piedmont San Anselmo Commun. and Pub. Policy; ZW. DING, ISADORA Q. San Francisco Commun. and Pub. Pol.; WSSF; WAA; YWCA. DOLLIVER, PETER C. Berkeley Indust, Engineering AT; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet; Cal Club; Commodore Varsity Rowing Club. Political Science AAA; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Cal Club; Vice-Chr. I Board; ASUC Vice-Pres. DOYLE, PATRICIA L. Alameda English Utrimque. DORSETT, CHARLES B. So. San Francisco Architecture 9E. DOUGLAS, BARBARA J. Piedmont Art Ar; Ace of Clubs. DOWNING, MARION Altadena Sociology Stern Hall; Pryt.; Honor Students; WAC; Class Coun- cils; Women ' s Ex Bd.; Newsletter Chr. DOZIER, JAMES R. Santa Ana Mech. Engineering KA; Winged Hel- met; IITE; TB II; Track; ASME; AIIE. DRYDEN, JOHN E. Santa Barbara Civil Engineering A052; XE. DUCKERT, PATRICIA J. Berkeley General Curriculum Ar. DRAPER, THOMAS C. Highland Marketing Del Rey; (1,0, DRESEL, CHARLES F. Napa Accounting TT; Triune; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big C Society; Basketball, IFC. DROITCOUR, GRACE M. Hayward Retailing Stebbins Hall; ,DX0; BrE; AMA. DUGHI, ELVA E. King City Child Development AEA; Pelican; Soph. and Jr. Councils. DUCKWORTH- FORD, ROBERT W. Oakland History. DUEWEL, DUFFIELD, JOHN F. JOYCE M. Long Beach Sebastopol Industrial Mgt. General Curriculum American Associa- Treble Clef; tion of Engineers. Women ' s Dorm. Assn.; Women ' s Day Committee. DUNCAN, ELLEN C. British Columbia Social Welfare AA II; Gavel and Quill; Class Councils. DUNCAN, DUNLAP, RODERIC GEORGE L, Belvedere Tulare Business Admin. Hisotry EAE; Golden Bear; Smyth Assn.; Daily Cal City Ed. Honor Students. DURIE, ROBERT S. San Francisco Business Admin. X(I,; Daily Cal. DURHAM, LOIS J. Oakland Chemistry Honor Students; IX II; SAACS. DUNN, MYRON San Francisco Mech. Engineering TB II; n TM; Ski Club; ASME. DYCHE, DYER, KIM NORMAN Watsonville Berkeley History Architecture Smyth Assn.; EKA; AKE. Scabbard and Blade; Daily Cal Mgr.; Soph Council; Model Senate; Can- terbury Club. DURRSCHMIDT, FRANI M. JR. Connecticut Business Admin. DURLAND, EVELYN A. Albany Sociology 8T; YWCA Mem- bership Chr.; ASUC Leadership Develop- ment Committee. DUTTON, THOMAS B. Alhambra General Curriculum WT; Varsity Foot- ball; Big C Society; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keyes. EAKIN, CAROLYN J. Oakland Retailing AZ; 4,X0; B AX; Elections Council; Pelican. EBRIGHT, C. MALCOLM Berkeley Business Admin. AT52. EASTVOLD, JUNE C. Speech Speech Arts Club; Choir Director; Mask and Dagger. EDGERLEY, AMY E. San Francisco General Curriculum X52; Panile; Peli- can; Class Council; Rally Committee; EE II. EATON, CAROL LEAH Walnut Creek Journalism AZ; °III; Daily Cal; PIC; Panel of Americans; Axe- travaganza; Spring Show. PEGGY HOSKING as Senior Manager of Treble Clef managed to fill any additional spare time in WAC, SUC, Prytanean and Mortar Board. Her obvious hobby of singing, and her less obvious one of collecting " giraffes " gave added interest to the life of this Concord lass. Never- theless, she was still noted for coming to meetings, and Oldenberg Hall saw quite a bit of her too, as she held several offices, including that of vice-president. As for the future, though, Peggy plans to put her English major to use, and terrorize high school students with the same. EDWARDS, EDWARDS, EERKENS, EHNI, EICHENBERG, ARTHUR A. COLLIN B. SJEF RICHARD W. MICHAEL Oakland Rio Dell Netherlands La Canada Israel Mech. Engineering Poli. Science Engineering Criminology Agriculture AKA. MAE. Physics; I House; Ks; Pres., Genetics; Yacht Club; Triune; Winged I House. Flying Club. Helmet; VD; Big C; IFC; Cir. C Pr.; Scabbard and Blade; Ath. Coun. Chrm. EIZENBERG, ELDER, ELIAHOU, ELKEND, YISHAI DENNIS L. EZRA H. ELFVING, ALEX Israel San Francisco Berkeley BECKY Oakland Agriculture Marketing Civil Engineering. Oakland General Curriculum Economics. Advertising Psychology Handball; Bureau; ATA. Cal Ski Club; Univ. Chorus. Jr. Class Coun.; AXQ; Pelican. ELLIOTT, ELLIS, EMERICK, EMERZIAN, ENGS, M. JOANNE WALTER A. ROBERT R. BARBARA J. ELEANOR Mill Valley New York, N.Y. Lancaster, Pa. Modesto Piedmont General Curriculum Economics. Civil Engineering General Curriculum History FOB. Dance Instructor. AZ; Treble Clef; KK1 " ; Ace of Univ. Chorus; Sr. Clubs. Class Council. ENGVALL, EPPS, ERB, ERICKSEN, ERICKSON, JOHN P. CRANDELL DICK NEIL L. OSCAR J. Lemoore Los Gatos Missouri Berkeley Richmond Civil Engineering Poll. Science General Curriculum Indus. Engineering Marketing Bowles; ASE; Glee ADD; Big C; Sr. XIV. Fencing; Track. Club. Cl. Yell Ldr.; COC; YMCA. Ball and Chain; Gavel and Quill; Sr. Sing; Art Bureau Chm.; Sr. Int. Mgr. EVANS, EVELETH, EVERS, MILLICENT J. SUSAN M. MARGARET V. Orinda San Francisco Biggs Foreign Trade English General Curriculum I House; SAM; I House. Stern Hall; Treble Clef; Education Club. Canterbury Club; College Women ' s Club; UC Folk Dance. FACTOR, FANUCCI, FARMER, FELDMAN, GERALD J. DANIEL F. JOHN H. SANDRA D. Los Angeles San Francisco Berkeley San Mateo Physics Indus. Engineering. Pre-Theological Psychology ZBT. Sophomore ASE; Class Track Manager. Council; Big Game Comm.; CSTA. FETROS, FEUERSTEIN, FIDEL, JOHN G. DONALD L. PASCUAL A. Sacramento San Bernardino Stockton Business Admin. Civil Engineering Marketing BFE; Tower and Football; Weight Flame; EME; Sailing. Basketball. American Market- ing Association. FILOMEO, FINK, FINKEL, FISCH, FISHER, EDWARD S. LOIS B. THELMA P. ERNEST A. JOHN W. Martinez Oakland Petaluma Los Angeles Santa Rosa Accounting Decorative Art General Curriculum Elec. Engineering Business Admin. RAM. Decorative Art Sherman Hall. M(DA; FIKN; AT; Track; Society. TB TI; Cal Eng.; Golf. UCSEE. ERSKINE, ESH I MA, JOANNE E. JACK Ventura Berkeley Journal ism Architecture Stern; Honor XAK. Students; Treble Clef; Christian Science Organiza- tion. FAANES, MARVIN W. San Pablo Marketing American Market- ing Association. FIFIELD, ROBERT K. Coronado Elec. Engineering Sailing Club; UCSEE; IRE; UCARC. FIGEL, RONALD G. San Francisco Marketing ZBT; Junior Council. A likely candidate for " Busiest Man on Campus " is BENJY ABRAMO- VICE, who held down the posts of Representative-at-Large and Senior Week Chairman, yet still found time for Gavel and Quill, Honor Stu- dents, Store Board, WSSF, Homecoming, and Class Councils. Then, too, water skiing, swimming and intramural basketball beckoned to Benjy in his spare(?) time. However, this Martinez son plans on a career in medicine, so next fall he will trade his residence at Bowles Hall and Cal far medical school, where he hopes people wil! do better at spelling his name, thus leaving him no more pet peeves over that little matter! 37 FITZSIMMONS, AUDREY R. Santa Cruz Economics. FITCH, CHARLES R. San Mateo Mech. Engineering SAO; Skull and Keys. FLINT, ROBERT E. Oakland Geography. FLORES, RICHARD M. Bakersfield Bacteriology Oxford Hall. FORMAN, R. ANN Glendale Biochemistry FOSS, CHARLES W. Walnut Creek Architecture. FONG, FONKEN, HANLEY GERHARD J. San Francisco New Jersey Civil Engineering Chemistry. ASCE. FORNI, BARBARA V. Martinez Accounting AEA; cl,X13. FOTH, ULLRICH A, Los Angeles Civil Engineering BO H; Ski Club; ASCE, FLETCHER, FLINN, JOH N C. SALLY L. San Francisco San Francisco Medicine General Curriculum ZBT; AAA; Frosh, Fr. Council; Rally Soph. Junior Committee; Home- Councils. coming Comm.; Symphony Forum. FOLSOM, FONG, LOIS JEAN BARBARA M. Downieville San Francisco Foreign Trade Home Economics Home Ec. Club; Child Dev. Club; Education Club. FORD, FORELLI, CAROL L. FRANK J. San Bernardino San Diego Sociology Mathematics Bowles Hall; Scabbard and Blade; II ME. FRASER, ALAN P. San Francisco Political Science XO; Triune; IFC; Frosh Baseball. FRIEDENBACH, P. MICHAEL Fortuna Accounting EAE; BAT; Newman Club; Rally Comm. FLAUMENHAFT, FLAUMENHAFT, ABRAHAM JANET B. San Rafael San Rafael Public Health General Curriculum Hillel. AEA; Masonic Club; Symphony Forum; Cal Ski Club; Hillel. FRANCK, FRANCK, MARY L. SUSAN C. San Mateo San Mateo General Curriculum General Curriculum KEE; Intro- KEE; Intramural; mural; Ski Club. Ski Club. FREEDMAN, FREEMAN, BARBARA M. CAROL J. Altadena San Francisco Public Health English AEA; Elections Elizabeth Barrett; Council; Sr. Class Pelican; Class Council. Councils; coming; Cal Circus; Radio-TV Theater. Art Psychology AE; Ski Club; Daily Cal; Ski College Women ' s Club; Sailing Club. Club Jrs, FLEETWOOD, PAUL S. Concord Chem. Engineering. FLOWERDAY, THOMAS W. San Francisco Eng. Physics TB II. Marketing AEll. FRIEDERICH, FRIEDMAN, FRIEDMAN, JANET ANNETTE L. DANIEL San Mateo Los Angeles Los Angeles AZ; Panile; Pryt.; Mortar Board; Women ' s J.; Model UN; Erec. Council; OXO. FRIDMAN, URI Israel. FOON, ANNIE Suisun General Curriculum Ritter Hall; Tower and Flame; CSC; CCCA. FORNI, JAY SUMNER Walnut Creek Indus. Engineering ' 0T; A II E. FOUNTAIN, JEROME G. Piedmont Elec. Engineering Abracadabra; Hammer and Dimmer; Mask and Dagger; IRE; AIEE; Cal Band; University Theater. FRANKE, RICHARD T. Sacramento Elec. Engineering UCSEE; AIEE; IRE. FREYSCHLAG, CAROL E. Elk Grove General Curriculum Stern Hall; Women ' s Exec. Board. AEA; Symphony Forum; Sailing Club; Secretariat; Student Welfare Board. FORSEY, FRANCES F. Concord Physical Education Stern Hall; WAA. FOURKAS, PETE Richmond Social Welfare Daily Cal; EPS. FORURIA, THEODORE El Cerrito Criminology E4 ,E; LAE; Pre-Legal Soc.; Sailing Club. FRANCIS, DAVID E. Sacramento Indus. Management TILE; Rally Comm.; Crass Councils. FRAYSIER, WILMA E. Bakersfield Public Health Lantana. HAL HUNGERFORD, known around the Monarch as " Halib ut Q. Hem- rningway, " reigned as the managing editor of the Daily Cal, sub- chairman of FSB, and chairman of Campus Opinion Council. In addi- tion, he also served on Men ' s Judicial Committee, Junior and Senior Class Councils, WSSF, and Publications Board, to say nothing of his membership in Golden Bear, and EAX. Any more spare time was taken up by his hobbies of reading and stamp collecting, Delta Sigma Phi ar.d a major in English. Noted for his car with no gearshift, Hal could be heard after five o ' clock, shouting, " One, two, three . MANAGERIAL!! " through the basement of Eshleman Hall, but in the future, his hopes lie in a job as librarian and the fulfillment of his favorite ambition—to finally get enough sleep! 38 FRIESEN, LLOYD E. Lynwood Mech. Engineering OEK; ASME; SAE. FUENTES, JOHN E. San Diego Speech EAE. GALLI, JO ANN A. Cloverdale Psychology Richards Hall; Jr. and Sr. Class Councils; Orientations. GARRARD, ROBERT P. Richmond Indus. Relations. APA; Prytanean; Int ' l Board; Chancellor ' s Corn. on Foreign Stu- dents; PEE. GEE, GENE San Francisco Architecture. GERLACK, NANCY S. San Francisco English and History Pelican. GILARDI, GERALD L. Hillsborough Bacteriology Der Rey; Blue and Gold; Men ' s Activity Council. GLEASON, GLENN, CURTIS A. ROBERT HENRY Isleton San Francisco Elec. Engineering Political Science Wesley Co-op; AKA; ArI E; HKN; TB II; Daily Cal UCSEE; IRE; AIEE; gerial Staff. Cal Band; Pres., Wesley Foundation. GARRICK, GARRISON, DOROTHY J. LOWELL E. Santa Ana San Francisco Int " ! Relations Paleontology ADD. FRIETZSCHE, FRISBIE, HELEN A. CAROLYN C. San Francisco Pebble Beach Child Development Sociology Class Amer. Red Cross; Councils; Model High School Secretariat. UN; NSA Regional Delegate. FUKUTAKI, FULLER, ALBERT Y. JACK T. Pasadena Arizona Civil Engineering. Accounting. GAFFERY, GALLAGHER, RICHARD E. JOHN P. Kerman Piedmont Chemistry Political Science Bowles Hall; Z111; Skull and Crew. Keys; Winged Helmet; Triune; BB; Rugby Club. GARBER, GARDINER, GARDNER, STEVE L. GORDON M. BERT E. Los Angeles Bakersfield Berkeley Struc. Engineering Political Science Accounting. SEA; Sailing EN; Winged Club. Helmet. GALVEZ, RICHARD V. Roseville Architecture. GARST, ROBERT K. Merced Real Estate TKE; Soph. Rally Committee; Arnold Air Soc. GEARY, BERT Oakland General Curriculum OX. GERHARDY, CAROLE L. Oakland General Curriculum AP; Prytanean; Cal Club. GERCICH, DONALD F. Oakland Physical Education Circle C. GIDDINGS, GIKAS, ALISON J. ATHENA M. Modesto Bakersfield Political Science Psychology A011; Mortar Bd.; Continental. Pryt.; Panile; Gavel and Quill; B G Sports Ed.; Class Councils; Axe and Sr. Shows. GLASSER, GLASSMAN, HENRY L. BERNICE ANN San Francisco Los Angeles Accounting English AE II; BAT. ADD; Spurs; Daily Cal; Worn. Exec. Bd.; YWCA Comm. Serv.; Women ' s Day. GLENN, ARCHER II Pleasantgrove Zoology Scabbard and Blade. GLINES, KENNETH PAUL Albany Architecture ()AO. GOEDEWAAGEN, PIETER Alameda Journalism E ' EK; Pelican; EAX; Rally Com.; Men ' s Activ. Coun.; IFC. GEERING, GEORGE, ROBERT J. ALEXANDER J. Oakland San Francisco Architecture Elec. Engineering KAP; Fr. Water UCSEE. Polo; Arch. Association. GERLOFF, GIANOLA, ROBERTA L. CHARLES M. Stockton Vallejo Child Development Accounting. APA; Senior Council, Big Game Corn. GILLIGAN, GILLS, EDWARD F. WILLIAM R. Alameda Glendale History Economics AXP; AAE; HIC.13; Glee Mgr.. Daily Cal; Club. Chm. Publications Bd.; Collegians; ASUC Card Sales. FROID, JAMES C. Long Beach Civil Engineering XE. FRY, ROGER G. Sacramento Civil Engineering " You ' re kidding! " and " What? " were the trademarks of busy LEA- TRICE KNOPF who spent so much time as Women ' s Representative, parliamentarian of Ex Committee, and veep of the Education Club, that Stern Hall hardly knew her. Then, in between these duties, she also found time for the Chancellor ' s Committee for the Counseling Center, Senior Council, Senior Week Committee and Cal Club. Coming to Cal from Ripon, Lee hopes in the future to travel further still to Hawaii for a couple of years, and then a flying trip to Mars from which to jump over the moon. However, in view of the fact that she majored in education administration, chances are better that she will be found behind the principal ' s desk in an elementary school. GOETZ, GOFF, GOLF, GOOD, GOODANETZ, DOROTHY JAY K. KARIM FRANK GUST ROBERT JAMES EUGENE Salinas Stockton Canada Susanville Petaluma Biochemistry. Sociology Business Admin. Business Admin. Sanitation and Social Inst. Carisecle Lodge, M; Triune. KAP; Sky Club. Bowling Champs, ' 53; E ' . GOODING, ALICE Alameda General Curriculum AA II. GORLICK, ALLAN Sebastopol Communication KN; Varsity Debate; Radio- TV Theater. GRAY, JOHN T. III Tennessee Business Admin. ATE; Circle C; Big C. GOODSTEIN, GORDON, GORDON, GOREE, RUTH DOUGLAS JERRY IRENE LYNNE San Francisco Berkeley Oklahoma City Oakland Psychology General Curriculum Marketing Amer. Civilization Warring Place. 11,T; Cal Club; n A‘D; AI II; AZ; Prytanean; Winged Helmet; Men ' s Judicial Treble Clef; Jr. Golden Bear; Committee. Manag.; Crop and Varsity Track; Saddle. Athletic Advis. Bd.; U. Speakers Bu. GOULD, GRAEBE, GRANT, GRAY, STANLEY G. FRED VICTOR L. GLENN A. Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco San Jose Architecture. Civil Engineering Accounting Elect. Engineering XE; TB II; !DEA; Winged TSB. ASCE; ASC; LSA. Helmet. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, BLISS H. DORIS J. GEORGE HARMON B. JR. Walnut Creek No. Hollywood Oakland San Francisco Agri. Economics Architecture. History. Real Estate IN; Winged 1 A0. Helmet; IFC. GREEN, GREENBAUM, GREENWOOD, GREER, NORMAN M. JERRY J. GEORGE E. PHILIP C. Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Maryland General Curriculum Medical Science Civil Engineering Psychology ADD; Circle C; KN; Tower and ASCE. Oxford Hafl; Athletic Council; Flame; Honor Stu- A,D52; Pres. Track; Cross- dents; ' I ' I-II; ISHS; MAC; Wesley Country. Crew; Frosh Coax- Foundation; ci l; JV Debate; Model UN. Pre-Med Soc.; Hil- lel; Alum. Scholar. GREEN, AMJES F. Massachusetts Political Science Varsity Track; Cross-Country; Boxing; Circle C; Pre-Legal. GRENS, WALTER B. Burl ingame Mech. Engineering TB II; ATI; Crew. GSCHWEND, LOUISE San Francisco Speech Newman Club. GRIFFIN, JAMES R. Irvington Economics TKE; di ' ; Class Councils; IFC. GRIFFIN, RICHARD G. San Diego Medical Science KAP. GRINBERGS, GROLLMAN, AINA ARTHUR P. Latvia Texas French English Mask and Dagger. ADD; Transfer from SMU; Senior Council. GUILBERT, GUNHEIM, GUNN, GURROLA, SUZANNE M. HELEN E. JOSEPH R. GEORGE Chula Vista Santa Rosa Mill Valley Escalon French Social Welfare. Statistics Elect. Engineering I House; Cercle SAM. AIEE; Newman Francaise. Club. GWERDER, GWYNN, HAGEN, HAHN, FRANK JOSEPH JOHN L. JOANN CAROLYN K. Walnut Grove Oakland Santa Paula Oakland Agric. Economics Business Admin. History. Public Health. ATA; Triune; AKE; Winged Helmet; Helmet; Track. Skull and Keys; BB. GUSTAS, JULIA San Francisco French Daily Cal Editor DOUG DEMPSTER, also chairman of Publications Board, Ex Committee member, lAX, IVY, and Golden Bear, but more time was spent on his hobbies of collecting post offices, hiking to Davis, eating lunch with Liz, and watching the dogs in Faculty Glade. Noted for being the first Republican Editor on the Daily Cal in five years, this Poli Sci major had a genius for conducting Pub Board meetings without order and also evading Hal and Rod who thcught he ' d look better sailing out through the window! However, when his duties as " Chief Reader of Ice Box Letters " are over, Doug ' s future seems well filled by " greetings " from Uncle Sam, mar- riage, and eventually building his own house. 40 HAHN, F. ROBERT Sacramento Business Admin. HAMILTON, MARLIENE A. San Rafael Political Science Joaquin Hall; WAC; YWCA; Crop and Saddle. HANNA, MARGARET A. Davis Hispanic America MK. HANSEN, RICHARD K. Reed ley Civil Engineering AUCZ; ASCE; Glee Club; Track; University Christian Fellowship. HARPER, DAVID H. Palos Verdes Est. Architecture IX. HART, PAUL R. Berkeley Elect. Engineering TB II; HKN; UCSEE. HAWKINS, HOWARD D. Los Angeles Industrial Manag. AXA; Track. HALL, SUZANNE J. Pasadena General Curriculum Oldenberg Hall. HAN, CHUNG F. China Law Enforcement AAE; CSA. HARRIS, DONALD F. Piedmont Civil Engineering XE; Triune; Winged Helmet; Big C; Circle C; Rugby; Football; Skull and Keys; Cal Club. HARTLEY, DONALD J. San Diego Insurance EAE; Winged Helmet; IFSHS; Rep-at-Large; Ath- letic Council; Pres. Advisory Bd. Ath. Control; Rugby. HASSOUN, HAHOCH R. Israel Banking and Finance BUM. HAWKINS, PETER A. San Rafael Industrial Manag. X‘D; Triune; SAM; Winged Helmet; IFC Pres.; Frosh Water Polo. HALLIN, JOHN E . Eureka Civil Engineering Scholarship Societies; ASCE. HANDEL, LLOYD W. Shafter History MKA. HARRIS, NANCY L. Yreka Internat. Relations AA II; Mortar Board; Cal Club; Jr. Class Sec.; Pryt.; Panile; Torch and Shield; Women ' s J Committee. HARTLEY, JOAN A. Oakland Speech Stern; Honor Stu- dents; Ex Com.; Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; Model UN; NSA Coor.; Model Sen.; Debate; Orientations Committee. HAUG, JAMES A. Sacramento Pre-Medical Smyth Assn.; Honor Students Society; Pre-Med Society. HAWLEY, ANN E. Berkeley Political Science FIB ,13; Panile; Cal Club; Prytanean; Mortar Bd.; Rep-at- Large; Fin. Comm.; Women ' s J; Class Couns. Jr. Rally. HAMILL, JAMES P. San Francisco Medical Science DX; Tower and Flame; Honor Stu- dents; Newman Club; Pre-Med Society. HANKENSON, ALBERTA L. San Luis Obispo Anthropology Ritter Hall; UC Folk and Square Dancing. HARRISON, ROBERT H. Hollywood Real Estate TT; Daily Cal; Swimming; Water Polo. HARVEY, CLESSON H. Berkeley Physical Chemistry. HAVEN, I(ATHLEEN IC. Pasadena General Curriculum AZ; Elections Council; Pelican; Soph. and Jr. Class Councils. HAWORTH, MARY A. Taft Zoology ZTA; Blue and Gold; Women ' s Act. Counseling; Class Councils. HARRELL, TAYLOR M. Berkeley History Soph. Class Council Chairman ; Special Events Committee. HART, ROBERT L. Piedmont Medicine 0E; NEN; Class Councils. HAWKINS, MARY J. Flintridge English Mr. HASHIMOTO, HASHIMOTO, AIKO ALICE WALTER W. San Francisco Marysville Child Development. General Curriculum Pre-Medical Soc.; Nisei Student Club. HALBERSTADT, JOYCE A. San Leandro Political Science Utrimque, I House. HAMILTON, WALTER E. Richmond Mech. Engineering AX, HANNAFORD, HANSEN, PETER D. SHIRLEY Piedmont Marysville English General Curriculum 0E; Chr. Meetings AA II. Council; FSB; Daily Cal; Fr. Council; NDTA. HANSEN, HANSON, SHIRLEY L. WALTER A. San Francisco Phoenix, Arizona Political Science Insurance OM; YWCA; Senior Smyth Assn.; Sr. Class Council; Class Council; Model Cal-Indonesia. Senate; Sr. Peace Comm. Chairman. HANSEN, HANSEN, JOHN H. KEN G. Fortuna Oakland Political Science Marketing K1; Triune. OX; Varsity Boxing. HARDING, HARGROVE, BRUCE H. RICHARD 0. Walnut Creels Inglewood Agriculture Elect. Engineering Economics Bowles Hall; Golf. N. MARILYN AHLPORT, better known as " Airport, " managed to be both president and treasurer of WAA and yet still finds time for Women ' s C Society, NEB, PE Majors Club, Prytanean, Mortar Board and Utrimque. Originally from Pasadena, but more recently from Stern Hafl, Marilyn kept up with her favorite hobbies of sewing and horses, while still working toward her s econdary teaching credential in Physical Education. 41 HAYDEN, HAYDEN, HAYES, HEALY, HECKLEY, JAMES W. RALPH 0. WILLIAM S. EUGENE C. ROBERT T. Hawaii San Jose Buellton San Francisco Santa Rosa Marketing Physiology History Psychology General Curriculum Al2.0; Citi. Pre-Med Society; Sailing Club; Ridge House. AXP; Honor Photography Club. Band Announcer. Students Society; Pelican. HEIDE, HEIMANN, HEIMANN, HEIMARK, HELM, HAROLD J. JANET G. RICHARD F. DONALD E. FRANK H. Glendale Santa Cruz Mill Valley Indio Richmond Mech. Engineering home Economics Wird! ife-Conserv. Marketing Chem. Engineering Smyth Association. Home Economics ' ' T; Winged ATCE. Club. Helmet; BB; Skull and Keys. HELVENSTON, HENDRICKS, HENDRICKS, HENION, HENRIE, LYNN DAVID W. EDWARD S. W. BURR KEITH L. Hollywood San Francisco Carmel Berkeley Utah Philosophy Civil Engineering. Optometry Personnel Mgt.; Mech. Engineering XO; " I " Board. UC Optometry Ind. Rotations Pres. ASME; EJC. Society. Ski Lodge Mgr. HENRY, HERRMANN, HESS, HEWITT, HEWITT, MERLIN L. DOT A. CLAUS W. HAROLD G. SALLY P. San Francisco Pasadena San Anselmo Sacramento Berkeley Transportation Psychology. Production Mgt.; Psychology Marketing Scabbard and Sailing Club. Bowles Hall. Are. Blade. HEXTER, HEYER, HICKS, RIGA, HIGGINS, RICHARD M. JACQUELINE L. ALFRED W. MIKI0 JAMES P. Los Angeles Los Angeles Berkeley Okinawa Marysville Chem. Engineering Education Journalism. Political Science. Mathematics. XAM; TB II; AXO ; EE H. Pres. il)H; Gorden Bear; Chmn. Men ' s Jud. Comm.; Bus. Mgr. Engineer; Chmn. Str. Bd.; AICE. HIGLEY, HILDEBRAND, LAUREL D. HILDEBRANT, HAROLD H. HILL, JOHN W. HILL, WILLIAM L. BARBARA H. Carmel San Rafael Mill Valley Los Angeles Berkeley Home Economics Marketing Civil Engineering Chem. Engineering General Curriculum Prytanean; Smyth Association. ASCE. Bowles Hall. KA. ON. HILTON, HINES, HIROHATA, H ITCHCOCK, HOERR, GEORGE F. CHARLES M. HELEN F. RALPH T. ROBERT C. Oakland Valrejo Arcadia Salinas Missouri Optometry Accounting. History Civil Engineering Forestry Ridge House; Pres. AAX; Calvin Club; Abracadabra; XXII. AAE; V. Pres. Opt. ASUC Secretariat; ASCE. Assn.; Panel of Nisei Students. Americans. HOFFELT, HOLM, HOLMES, HOLMES, HOLMES, MERRILL M. SHIRLEY M. DONALD K. JOAN F. THOMAS R. Sacramento Oakland San Francisco Santa Ana Santa Ana Accounting General Curriculum Elect. Engineering Recreation Business Admin. Acacia; Football. College Women ' s ADD. AEA; Blue and ri KA. Club; Jr.; Educa- tion Club. Gold; Ski Club; Intramural Bd.; Lifeguard Corps. In addition to being Pelican Editor, WALT ANDERSON divided the rest of his time between his Pori Sci major, IAX, Golden Bear, and the KAP house. Noted for being " just a good guy, " and underplaying all situations, this " dour Scotsman " says his claim to fame is the fact that he has no home town, and is merely a " Northern California Cosmo- politan. " However, beyond this, Walt claims to lead " a very vague existence " ! 42 HOLT, PATRICIA R. Los Angeles General Curriculum Blue and Gold Managerial; Fr., Soph., Sr. Crass Councils; Speech Arts. HOTCHKISS, JOHN F. San Marino General Curriculum AAA; Triune; Circle C; Fr., Soph. Councils; Fr. Foot- ball; Soccer; Rugby. HOUSTON, WILLIAM C. Lodi Agriculture Econ. OA°. HUBBARD, COLIN P. Hollywood Hospital Admin. Smyth Assn. HUNGERFORD, HAL Cupertino English Golden Bear; Daily Cal Manag. Ed.; Men ' s J; WSSF; Pub. Bd.; Jr., Sr. Councils; Sub-Chmn. FSB; XAX. IBISON, GEORGIA B. Los Angeles General Curriculum Epworth Hall; WAC; Lifeguard Corps; CSTA. ISNII, KENNETH Japan Political Science " I " House. HOSKING, MARGARET A. Concord English Oldenberg Hall; Mortar Board; Pryt.; Treble Clef; Women ' s Activity Counseling. HOTZ, DAVID F. Armona Physics. HOWARD, JOANN A. San Francisco Public Health. HUDSON, DARRIL Walnut Creek Internat. Relations International House; International Board. ING, WAI K. Canada Bacteriology. IVEY, DWIGHT L. Los Angeles Landscape Architecture. HOLTZ, HOM, ARLENE OAK S. San Francisco San Francisco Criminology Civil Engineering AEC Gavel and TETI; XE. Quill; Big Game Activities; WAA; Class Councils. HOPE, HORN, JANICE E. NORMAN L. Chester Stockton General Curriculum History Epworth Hall, OX. Torch and Shield; Women ' s Dorm. Assn. Pres.; Act. Coordinating Bd.; Women ' s J Comm. HUNT, HUNTER, CECIL M. V. CAROLYN Lafayette Oakland History General Curriculum. AAA; Triune; XKA; Fr. Class Council; Fr. Foot- ball; Speaker ' s Bureau. HONER, HOOPER, HELEN J. MARILYN J. Santa Ana Sausalito Politicar Science Music KA; Sophomore KKr; International Council; Inter- House; Ski Club; national Board; Music Club. Symphony Forum. HUEY, HUGUET, MARJORIE G. MAY L. Martinez History Stockton Public Health TIBcb; XII; Elections Council; XO II; Chinese Students Club. Model Senate; Freshman Council. HOTLE, JOSEPH M. Santa Rosa General Curriculum til " A; Ski Team. HOVER, HARRY C. Whittier Social Welfare AXP; Blue and Gold. HUBBS, JACK A. Springville Political Science ICH INAGA, NORMAN Pixley Criminalistics Barrington. ISOYE, YUKIO San Francisco Air Transportation. HOSKINS, HOSMER, MARILYN K. BARBARA J. Lafayette San Rafael General Curriculum Journalism AXE; Collegians. Stern Hall; ODD; Crass Councils; Women ' s Exec. Bd.; Newsletter; Sailing Club. HOUANNISIAN, HOUGH, RICHARD G. ROBERT E. Tulare Ukiah History Accounting International X DE; Tower House; EKA; and Flame. AAE; APM; Model UN. HOWARD, HOWSLEY, KENNETH I. BARBARA B. Illinois San Francisco Psychology General Curriculum AE II; Scabbard AXE; Pelican; and Blade. Blue and Gold. HYMES, JACK L. San Francisco General Curriculum ZBT; Big C; Tennis. IBANEZ, PATRONIEA Philippines Bacteriology YWCA. INMAN-KANE, MARIE L. Lafayette Home Economics AAX; Calvin Club; Home Ec. Club; Secretariat. JACK, EARL D. Sacramento Political Science Baton; Band; Masonic Club. IRWIN, GRACE J. Richmond General Curriculum Daily Cal; II AX; Pelican. JACKSON, CAROL M. Alameda Education XXII; CSTA; Masonic Club. " Just any sports, " but especially swimming and skiing, are the hobbies of GENE DONNELLY, best known for being ASUC Veep. Other events in the past and present of this San Anselmo lass; incruded the chair- manship of Forum Council, her work on I Board, and, of course, Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. However, while she was at Cal, the Tri Dolt House was her home-away-from-home, and what spare time she had was taken up by her major in Poll Sci and International Relations. 43 JACOBS, GRETA K. Oakland Social Welfare Pelican; Vanity Fair; Social Wel- fare Club; Ski Club; YWCA Community Service; K. JACOBSON, MARLENE F. Costa Mesa General Curriculum Treble Clef. JACOBY, ERGAD Israel Mech. Engineering. JEE, JEFCOORT, ARLEN W. JERRY D. Berkeley Redding Criminal istics Marketing AAE; Circle " C " ; EKE; Symphony Weight Basketball. Forum. JELLY, JENKINS, DOROTHY A. JOYCE L. Oakland Berkeley Education Speech CSTA, EE II; Pelican; II Al; Masonic Club. Collegians; College Women ' s Club Jrs, JEFFREY, HAROLD H. Sacramento Accounting EWE. JOBE, JOHANSON, JOHANSSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, GORDON A. LYNN V. EMY M. ALBERT J. ARTHUR E, San Francisco San Francisco Merced New York Lafayette Criminology Business Admin. Real Estate English Economics Tower and Flame; AF; Ace of St. Margaret ' s; Smyth Association; Baseball; Weight Football. Clubs. Hiking Club; Daily Cal; PIC; Basketball. Masonic Club; Casa Occident; Mask and Hispana; PIC. Dagger; Radio-TV; Axetravaganza. JOHNSON, BARNARD C. Marin County Civil Engineering EWA. JOHNSON, GEORGE C. Concord Indust. Engineering WT; Winged Helmet. JOHNSON, LUMARIE R. Oakland General Curriculum ABA; WAA; Fr., Soph. Councils; Pelican; Intramural; Personnel Council; " Axe. " JOHNSON, CARL R. Los Angeles Engineering Cloyne Court; Masonic Club; AICE. JOHNSON, GORDON D. Berkeley Political Science Physiology EH; Eur-Cal Tours; International Travel Council. JOHNSON, MELVYN A. Burlingame General Curriculum Judo; Ski Club. Sociology. Journalism Honor Students 4112; LAX; Society; Newman Daily Cal; Club; Pre-Med Horton Hall. Society. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, NEIL H. ROY M. STEWART L. Modesto Salinas Burbank Chem. Engineering Elect. Engineering Political Science. Honor Students; Varsity Tennis; Store Board; AICE. AIEE. JOHNSON, WILLIAM H. Berkeley Marketing Scabbard and Blade; Amer. Marketing Assn. Club; Jr. Council; Daily Cal. JOLLYMOUR, JONES, SALLY M. CLAIRE E. Oakland Burlingame Social Welfare General Curriculum ZTA; Senior 4011; Sophomore Class Council. Council. JONES, DOLORES A. Oakland Personnel WX8; Newman Club; College Women ' s Club Jrs. JONES, DONALD P. Balboa Indust. Relations 8X; Ski Club. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, DARLENE A. DOUGLAS S. Yreka lone General Curriculum Business Admin. EK; Axetrava- 4111. ganza. JOHNSON, ELDON M. Marysville Criminology Bowles Hall. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, GORDON 0. HELEN S. KLINTON D. Sacramento Berkeley Los Angeles JORGENSEN, JORY, JAMES A. HOWARD R. Dos Palos Berkeley Marketing Elect. Engineering 0X; 4E H. ATO; WHIT; HKN; Crew. JUNG, GILMAN E. Oakland Sociology CSC; CCCA. JURJEVICH, JUSTESON, CVITA M. JIMMY T. Oakland Yuba City Child Development. French Smyth Association; Cercle Francais. JENNINGS, WILLIAM A. Berkeley Internat. Relations XT. JENSEN, CLARENCE D. Oakland Zoology Pre•Med Society. NAT HUGGINS, the affable Welfare Board Chairman, who lists San Francisco as his home town, hopes to return to these hallowed halls of learning for grad work in the field of history which is also his under- graduate major. Answering at times to the nickname, " Baldy, " given him by his fellow COOP residents, Nat ably red this Association as their President. His other activities included Student Relations Coun- cil, Panel of Americans, Stiles Hall Cabinet, World Affairs Council, and Golden Bear. Known to some as a member of the Tweedle-dum- Tweedle-due team, Nat, capably represented Student Welfare Board on Ex Committee. 44 KAAR, JAMES S. Martinez Psychology Barrington; A052; MAC. KADISH, AM RAM Israel Forestry EXIT. KAHL, ROBERT L. San Francisco Elect. Engineering EN; Triune; Water Polo; Circle " C " ; Swimming. KANBARA, JACK N. Stockton Internat. Relations. KANELOPOULOS, GUS San Francisco Communication- Public Policy KANNELAUD, KATCH, JEAN DAVID Oakland San Francisco Elect. Engineering Indust. Engineering TB II; ; HKN. ASME; AIIE; SAM. KAWARATAN KAY, YUI IO AIAN M. Long Beach San Francisco Landscape Arch. General Curriculum Euclid Hall; ZBT. Nisei Students; Landscape Design Club. KAUFMAN, EMANUEL Israel Civil Engineering. KEATING, CAROL D. Ukiah AAA; Pelican; Stephen ' s Union Council. I ELLER, RICHARD B. Berkeley Music Symphony; Music Club; Canterbury Club; St. Mark ' s Choir Association. KEN, YING F. San Mateo Decorative Art EO II; YWCA; Student Union Council; Panel of Americans. KEEGAN, JAMES E. Salinas Smyth Association; OHM; Newman Club. KELLEY, WILLIAM J. Piedmont Marketing Society for the Advancement of Management. KENNEDY, MARGARET A. Compton History Epworth Hall. I EIFER, JOHN P. Sacramento Phi losophy. KELLY, ERWIN L. Salinas Pori Sci.-Econ. Abracadabra; Cal Band; Mgr. Engi- neer; Blue and Gold; Pub. Bd.; Sym- phony; Men ' s " J " ; Baton. I ENNELL, DAVID E. Connecticut Physics " I " House, Swim Team; Water Polo; Big " C " Society. KEILES, LYN San Francisco Child Development Mitchell Hall; V. Pres. Social Bears; WAA; WDA; YWCA; Psych. Club; Folk and Square Dance Group. KEMP, ERNEST E. Long Beach Personnel Admin. KENNEY, JOHN Berkeley General Curriculum X111. KEITH, JOHN H. Sacramento Indust. Mngmt. AT; Winged Helmet. KEN, JACK B. San Mateo Architecture XAK; Fencing Team; Architec- ture Association. KEOSEYAN, JOYCE M. Oakland Child Development. General Curriculum English KEOSEYAN, I ERATZIDES, LYNETTE J. ALEC A. Oakland San Francisco General Curriculum. Mathematics. KERBY-MILLER, JOHN C. Alameda Economics AKA; Gavel and Quill; Ball and Chain; Sr. Peace Comm.; Class Coun- cils; IFC; Honor Society. KERkil ICKEL, HOWARD P. Oakland Rear Estate. KERR, JACQUELINE Albany Real Estate II BO. I ESSLER, KEYSER, JOHN B. BEATRICE A. Berkeley San Diego Marketing Bacteriology Daily Cal Head Richards Hall; Photographer. Sink or Swim Club. KILLEEN, KIMBER, KINCAID, KING, KINKEAD, THEODORE T. ROBERT J. NILAN L. RICHARD K. BARBARA J. San Francisco Sacramento Napa Alhambra Menlo Park Real Estate-Insur. Political Science Elect. Engineering Law Enforcement General Curriculum XI ' ; Gavel and Bowles Hall; UCSEE; Amateur AEA; Boxing Ad.; Cal Club; Ace Quill; Class Model UN; Model Radio Club. Team; Boxing Club. of Clubs; Pryt.; Councils. Senate. Mortar Board; Chr. Women ' s Rally Comm.; Torch and Shield. KHAN, M. SAIFULLAH Pakistan Mech. Engineering ASME. KHOO, YEOW H. Malaya Chem. Engineering TB II; AICE. KIDWELL, JANET E. Berkeley General Curriculum Utrimque; Speech Arts Crab. The third grade will never be the same again, after CAROL MONT- GOMERY starts teaching it. This Gamma Phi, known as Monty to most, but as Twinkle to some, calls Burlingame home. Past escapades include such notorious events as being Junior Class Prexy, Soph Veep, Secretary of ACB, COC, Alumni House Student Committee, and Cali- fornia Student Teacher ' s Association. Honors include the presidency of Torch and Shield, Cal Club, Gavel and Quill, and Panile. 45 KIRBY, KIRBY, KIRBY, KIRCHHOFER, KIRK, ARTHUR F. JANET B. MALCOLM W. ILSE E. JOHN H. San Francisco Berkeley San Diego Santa Barbara Berkeley History Political Science Marketing lnt ' I Relations Marketing KAP; Pre-Legal AX52; Prytanean; APO; Speech Arts Peixotto Hall; MAE; AA1 ' ; Society; Class Model Senate; Club; Glee Club; Model Senate; Glee Club. Councils. International Cal Engineer; SAM; Class Council; Board; YMCA. ASME; Swimming Hiking Club. Team; Masonic Club. KIRK, KIRK, KIRI BERG, KIRKPATRICK, KIRKPATRICK, KATHARINE MORRIS P. EUNICE M. ROBERT R. RAMONA M. Ross San Marino Inglewood Long Beach Long Beach General Curriculum Business Admin. Georgraphy Pre-Legal Child Development AI; Tower and rbAO; Circle C; AAX; Life Guard ATQ; Golden ABA. Flame; Fr., Soph. Water Polo; Corps; Bear; Honor Council; Children ' s Swimming. Intramurals. dents Soc.; J Hospital; Ace Com.; Rally Com.; of Clubs. Jr. Appt.; FSB; Store Board; Welfare Board. KLEVEN, I NAPP, KNIGHT, KNOPF, KOBAYASHI, MURIEL D. ROBERT R. ANNA L. LEATRICE J. EIZO Castro Valley Palm Springs Oakland Ripon Berkeley English Psychology Political Science Education Social Welfare. AAA; Pelican; X. Treble Clef; Fr., Stern Hall; Cal L. and S. Advisory Soph., Jr. Class Club; Women ' s Council. Councils; ACB. Rep.; Women ' s J; Exec. Committee; Senior Council. KODAMA, KOENIG, KOENIG, KOHLE, KOKUS, FLORENCE Y. BARBARA E. DOROTHY A. CARSON F. JOHN, JR. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Santa Paula Berkeley Public Health. General Curriculum English History Merchandising ATA; Soph. and Peixotto Hall; Bowles Hall. AA1; A52; Jr. Class Councils; Counseling; Boxing Club. Secretariat. CF2K. KOMIN, KONG, KONISHI, KONO, KOO, FRANK J. AUDREY F. P. T. DONALE Y. KENSO KWUN D. Los Angeles Hawaii Orosi Rio Linda San Francisco Civil Engineering Marketing Civil Engineering Civil Engineering. Accounting Smyth Association. MOH. Euclid Hall; BPI; ASCE; NSC; Tower and Flame. KOONTZ, KOSTIAL, KOTELNIKOFF, I(OTLER, KRABACH, RICHARD W. DIANE IGOR S. JAMES C. EDITH V. San Francisco San Diego Berkeley Oakland Oakland Internat. Relations. Landscape Arch. Transportation. Civil Engineering Public Health. KA; Landscape Football. Design Club; WAA Council; Symphony Forum. KRATZ, I RAUTH, KRESSER, I(RIEGER, KROEGER, BRYSON M. KENNETH M. GERMAINE T. L. PATRICIA BARBARA J. La Canada North Dakota Pasadena Ross Davis Political Science Marketing Political Science Decorative Art Decorative Art H KA. UC Photo Club. HI34.; Co-Chm. X52; Chm. Card Stern Hall; Republican Caucus; Stunts; Pelican; MM. Model Senate. Pryt.; Panile; Fr., Soph. Councils; Rally Council; Elec. Council. KROOSKOS, KULEMIN, I UWADA, KUMAGAI, VIRGINIA VICTOR B. JAMES T. KIYOKO San Diego San Francisco Wilmington San Francisco General Curriculum Criminology Chem. Engineering Public Health. Richards Hall. Newman Club. Cloyne Court; AICHE. KUMMERFELD, RUTH H. Berkeley Social Welfare ()T; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; YWCA Pres.; Women ' s J Chm.; Women ' s Ex. Bd.; College Women ' s Club. A San Rafael to San Francisco resident, currently living at Bowles Hall, BRIAN ADAMS spent most if not all of his time in activities. This journalism major with a special interest at Mills College, was heard pounding the gavel at the meetings of FSB during the year. Other activities included MAX President, High School Publications Day, ASUC Christmas Party, administrative assistant, and class coun- cils. Sometimes called the " secret boss of the ASUC, " Brian hopes to put all his activity work to use in the Public Relations field. 46 As the illustrious Sports Editor of the Blue and Gold, ALISON GID- DINGS spent her senior year tracking down athletes with the pho- tographer in tow. Then on week ends, she managed some sports of her own, particularly skiing. Ambition? To get down the big hill at Sugar Bowl without sliding. However, in her saner(?) moments Alison served as vice-president of Alpha Omicron Pi, as well as president of Panire. At other times, though, she was known for doing a little bit of everything in campus activities . . . namely class councils, Axetravaganza, Senior Show (when a freshman), Big Game Committee, Cal Circus, L and S counselling, Prytanean, GaveT and Quill, and Mortar Board. Nevertheless, Alison ' s great loves to which she gave her staunchest allegience were her continual round of parties and her poll sci major which she settled for after getting an " A " in her first poll sci class. KURODA, KYTE, KURTZ, LACKEY, LAGESON, KOSON BARBARA L. ROBERT L. JOYCE A. ERNEST B. Long Beach Oakland San Francisco Long Beach Pittsburg Zoology Decorative Art Marketing. General Curriculum Indus. Relations I House; Honor Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; KA. XT.; Rugby; Students. Chm., WAC; Ex. Daily Cal; IFC; Bd.; FSB; Col- Fresh Football. iegians; YWCA; Sr. Coun.; College Women ' s Club; AXA; Utrimque. LA GRONE, LAMBERSON, LAM KEN, LAMBERT, LANDSBERG, ANN E. JOHN R. MARK L. HARRIET J. NORMAN S. Berkeley San Leandro Los Angeles Orange San Francisco General Curriculum History Political Science General Curriculum Business Admin. Richards Hall; MIK; Ball and AE II; Scabbard Honor Students; College Women ' s Chain; Sr. Mgr. and Blade; Yacht Canterbury Club; Club Juniors. Baseball; Big C Club; SOMM; Folk and Square Society. Quarterdeck; Dancers. Photo Club. LANGFORD, LANSING, LAREAU, LARK, GRUNETTA CHARLES M. RICHARD J. EDWARD A. LARK, IN THOMAS H. Oakland Oakland San Diego San Francisco Sacramento Physical Therapy Transportation Architecture Mech. Engineering History College Women ' s Pres., Society for XAE; Pres. Advancement of KAP; Ski Club; WAX; Sr. Council; Club Juniors; Architecture Assn.; ASME; SAM. Mgr., Tennis. Class Councils. Management. Co-Editor Student Year. LARSON, LA VAGUE, LAVERTY, LAWSON, LAWSON, DONALD G. GEORGE B., JR. ROSS M. SALLY A. THEODORE C. Kerman Oakland Berkeley Sacramento Piedmont History Accounting-Retail. Mech. Engineering Journalism Elec. Engineering APO; Cal Band; OAX; Class EH; TBH; AAA; OEM; MAO; Triune; Oski Com.; Model Councils. II TX; KME; Pelican. Fresh Council. UN; UNESCO; Canterbury Club; Sr. Council; Calvin Christian Council; Club; Elections ASME. Council. LEACH, LEACH, LEAVITT, LE DUC, LEE, GERALDINE F. MARY LOU GAILE L. MARCIA A. BETTY Vallejo Los Altos Oakland Walnut Creek Lemoore Music General Curriculum Nutrition History Child Development ZTA; Tower and KA. ON; Home ZTA; Eur-Cal Stern Hall. Flame; Treble Clef; Economics Club. Tours; Chm. Symphony Forum; Foreign Travel- Speech Arts; Foreign Corms. Jr. Council; Councils. Univ. Chorus. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, DANIEL C. FORD GOW Y. HAROLD P. HARRY A. San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Chico San Francisco Soil Science Architecture. English. Journal Bowles Hall; Political Science Baton; AZ; XAX. Cal Band. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, LEFFLER, HIM ISABEL M. KENNETH J. RONALD C. LYNN E. China San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley San Carlos Foreign Trade General Curriculum Medicine Medicine Biochemistry Sailing Club. Sailing Club; MX; ' BK. OX; MBK. AEA; Varsity Orchesis; Tennis Newman Club. LEONG, LESSER, LETTIE, LETTIERE, LEVERONE, LEONARD P. J. JOHANN G. BARBARA JEANNE M. LOIS H. Hawaii Los Angeles Santa Barbara Pittsburg Oakland Insurance General Curriculum Sociology General Curriculum General Curriculum ' I ' HX; BPX; AME. KAO; Californian. ZTA; Soph. Newman Club; Arnold Air Soc.; Council; Jr. Red Cross. Scabbard and Blade. Panhellenic. 47 LE VEZU, LEVIN, LEVINE, LEVINE, LEVINSON, CHARLES G. IRWIN H. HELENE A. RETA LOIS S. Oroville Long Beach Hayward Richmond Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Communications- Psychology Social Welfare Economics HKN; UCSEE; Public Policy AM ' ; Ski Club; DE. ASE. UC Photo Club. KN; Hillel; Model Treas., Pre-Med Senate; Inter- Soc.; Symphony Faith Council. Forum. LEVY, LEW, LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, MARK C. EDITH ARTHUR T. BEVERLY A. WILLIAM A. Modesto San Francisco Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Physics Decorative Art Civil Engineering Marketing General Curriculum Crew. Decorative Art XE; TB n ; KA; OXØ; HAI; EN; Swimming; Society. ASCE; Rally Fashion Ed., Peli- Water Polo. Comm.; Crew Mgr. can; Secretariat; Jr., Sr. Councils. LEWIS, LIDDICOAT, LIM, LINDSTROM, SONYA S. JOANNE L. MAY CAROLE A. Nebraska Sacramento Oakland Arcadia English General Curriculum Child Development General Curriculum ZTA. AAH; Gavel and CSTA; Univ. Epworth Hall. Quill; Pelican; Christian Fellow- Soph., Jr., Sr. ship; Chinese Councils. Collegiate Christian Fellowship. LINZ, LIPP, LITTLE, LITTLE, CLIFFORD F. DAVID 0. JOHN C. RICHARD D. Fresno Sacramento Stockton So. Pasadena Insurance French-German Chemistry Political Science Tower and I Board; Chm., API; SAACS; Smyth Assn.; Pres., Flame; BMA; Pres., Forum Council. ACS. Orient. Coun.; Big Pre-Dental Soc.; Game Planning Intramural Comm.; Welfare Football. Board. LOCKETT, LONG, LONG, LONG, PETER P. JAY H. KATHERINE MARGARET P. Oakland Berkeley Oakland Santa Cruz Accounting Political Science General Curriculum. Speech Collegians; AMA; .0BK; Golden Bear; Mask and Dagger; Christian Science II A; Chm. I Thalian; Pryt.; Organization. Board; Model UN; Hammer and Dim- Forum Council; mer; Univ. Theater. NSA; Exec. Comm.; Masonic Club. LOOMIS, LOPEZ, LORENZO, LOSBERGER, DONALD K. MANNY LUIS F. ROD Berkeley Tulare Philippines San Francisco Architecture Social Welfare Agric. Econ. Physical Education XAK; Jr. Assn. Smyth Assn.; PE Majors AIA• Newman Club. Society. LOWE, MARILYN C. MYRA LAWRENCE F. CHARLOTTE A. JANE W. LOWE, LOWERY, LOWREY, LOWRY, Albany San Francisco Oakland San Jose Piedmont Music Public Health Journalism Political Science General Curriculum Sec., College EO II . KAP. EE II. KKr. Women ' s Club Juniors. JOANNE I. DONALD R. BARBARA BUN M. WARNER LOWRY, LUCE, LUM, LUM, LUSARDI, Berkeley Idaho Berkeley Oakland Vista Clothing Textile English Public Health. Accounting XE; TB H. A011; Home Stiles Hall; CSC; CSA; Econ. Club. Pres., Orchesis; Scabbard and Project PIC. Blade. LING, GAYLE A. Hawaii Dietetics Home Econ. Club. LOBREE, SUZANNE H. San Francisco Political Science Oldenberg Hall. LOOK, HENRY San Francisco Architecture Architecture Club. LOUIE, AIMEE San Francisco Decorative Art Decorative Art Society. 48 Busy NANCY MONCURE in four short years managed to be vice- president of both the YWCA and Panile, president of Prytanean, and to even work on Rally Committee, L and S Counselling, and the Ad- visory Committee on Student Health. Always efficient, regardless of the job, " Monk " could also be found at the DeeGee House, where she served as vice-president, or driving the Anna Head School station wagon, and sometimes she even saved time out for her favorite hob- bies . . . " Wick " and tennis! However, her ambition since high school has been to become a social case worker in child welfare, although for the time being, she ' ll settle for " conquering the army " and get- ting one of its members in the bargain. LUTHER, LYMAN, LYMAN, LYONS, LYONS, MEREDITH J. JOHN T. RICHARD M. RONALD I. VINCENT J. Berkeley Berkeley Oakland Los Angeles Napa English Zoology Communications- Political Science Economics HBO; Honor Stu- KA; Ski Club; Public Policy Ft AO; Arnold Air WT; Winged dents Soc.; Inter- Stephens Union OX. Society; Interna- Helmet. national Bd.; Council. tional Bd.; Rifle Project PIC; Team; AFROTC. Women ' s J Comm.; Women ' s Activity Council. MOCK, MADDEN, MADSEN, MAGGENTI, MAHANY, HARRY, JR. SUSAN E. CHARLES A. ARMAND R. RUTH M. San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Alameda San Francisco Marketing Political Science Psychology Entomology- History Fr. Tennis KA; HAI; AE4); Rally Parasitology WM; EKA. and Basketball; Prytanean; Pulite; Committee. AZ; Varsity Crew; Varsity Basketball; Pelican. Entom. Club; Ski Club; Chinese Varsity Rowing Student Club. Club. MAIORANA, MAKIMOTO, MALAMUD, MALDONADO, MALLEA, VINCENT J. JANICE C. ERNEST I. MARY D. CARMELITA G. Monterey Loomis San Francisco San Leandro Modesto Physical Education Physical Education Physics Political Science Journalism KE; Big C; Stratford Hall; Bowles Hall; 11134); ME II; Bon Haven; Pryt.; Football. Orchesis; Pres., SHE; UCSEE; Model Senate; Honor Students Women ' s PE Hiking Club. Ace of Clubs. Soc.; Welfare Bd.; Majors Club. Cal Indo; 0E4); Chm. Stu. Rel. MALNICK, MALONE, MANGELSDORF, MANJI, MANOOGIAN, IRVING L., JR. GLENN A. NANCY A. HARRY M. RICHARD J. Piedmont Antioch Oakland Yuba City Fresno General Curriculum Chem. Engineering Political Science Sanitation. Architecture. ' GET; Rally KAP; AICE. A011; Ski Club. Committee; Council. MANZONI, MARCH, MARENGO, MARKEVITCH, MARKI, CHRISTIAN J. DANIEL R. RONALD J. BOB V. GUSTAV P. San Francisco San Francisco Albany Berkeley San Bruno Law Enforcement Indus. Management Rear Estate Elec. Engineering Biochemistry Bowles Hall; AXP; AE II; ' AO. Abracadabra; White Shingles. AAE; Scabbard SAM; Rally TB11; Cal Engl- and Blade; Soph Committee; Sr., Jr. neer Ed.; Daily Cal; Crew Manager. Class Councils; HKN; Photo Club; SAACS; AICE. Store Bd.; Radio TV; AAE; UCSEE. MARKS, MARLER, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, J. DONALD FRED W. DOYLE GEORGE F. JERRY L. Fresno Redding Rialto Berkeley Claremont General Curriculum Speech Mech. Engineering Zoology Art History WAX; Big C; OE; Tower and Del Rey; TKE; Symphony AEA; TGIFC. Winged Helmet; Flame; Fraternity ASME. Forum. Varsity Football. Honor Society; Vice Chairman Store Bd.; Cal Band; WO. MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARZLUFT, MASCITELLI, NANCY L. TEVIS P., JR. WILLIAM JACK M. SALVATORE J. Arizona San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Martinez Journal ism Political Science Political Science Accounting Chemistry Richards Hall; WAX; Cal Club KAP; WW; Fr., RAW; Scabbard Barrington Hall; Gavel and Quill; Winged Helmet; Soph. Class Coun.; and Blade; Glee Men ' s Activity College Women ' s Skull and Keys; Constitutions Club; Sr. Class Counseling; Club; Sec.-Treas., Sr. Class; OED; Golden Bear; Big C; Univ. Affairs; Council; Meetings Council. Council; Sr. Peace Com.; Megaphone AWSI. Orient. Council. Coun.; Football. Society. MASSIE, MASUDA, MATEJCEK, MATHIS, MATSUNO, CHARLOTTE 0. HIMEO B. RONALD E. HARRY L. SHOZO Soquel Salinas San Luis Obispo San Francisco San Francisco Public Health Elec. Engineering. Indus. Management Political Science Physics. KA. BE H. AM); Scabbard and Blade; Circle C; Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society. Handling the financial reins of the Blue and Gold, JANET MILLARD LA ROQUE, in addition to her job as manager, still saved some time for Publications Board, Senior Class Council, the Chancellor ' s Com- mittee on Public Ceremonies, Sigma Kappa Alpha, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. As for hobbies, Jan claims that she just doesn ' t have any spare time for any hobby other than writing thank-you notes! Looking back, though, this history major frcm Concord could recall playing tennis with Rod before the army staked out its claim, and now with graduation near, her plans for the summer include a move from her four-year home at Oldenberg to a new one in the East; where she will join her husband as an army wife and later, in the fall, teach first grade. 49 MATSUOKA, MATTHEWS, MATTOON, MATTSON, MAYBEE, ATSUMU JAMES H. JOAN P. DONALD E. WALTER W. San Francisco San Jose Garden Grove San Francisco Manor Mech. Engineering Political Science General Curriculum. Business Admin. Mech. Engineering. Euclid Hall; Bowles Hall, Sr. ATQ; Big C; ASME. Crew Mgr.; Big C; Track. Ball and Chain; Varsity Rowing Club; Athletic Council. MAYNE, MAYS, MECUM, MEE, MEHRTEN, MARY S. CROWELL H. MARY S. DONALD E. MARIAN R. San Mateo Maricopa Sacramento El Cerrito Exeter French Elect. Engineering General Curriculum Architecture. Child Development AiD; Symphony HKN; IRE; ARC; XO; Pelican; Oldenberg. Forum; Hospitality Symphony Forum; Symphony Forum; Com. for Foreign Sailing Club; CSTA. Students; French UCSEE. Club; PIC Project; Sailing Club. mENDENHALL, MENDOSA, MENEND, NANCY C. FLORENCE J. CHARLOTTE Z. Washington Mendocino San Francisco Social Welfare- History Speech Anthropology Richards Hall. AZ; Elections ZTA. Council. MILLARD, MILLER, MILLER, JANET M. HERBERT J. JEAN G. Concord Palo Alto Oakland History Indust. Rel.-Mang. General Curriculum Oldenberg; XKA; AZ H; Scabbard Freshman Vice Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; and Blade. President. Sr. Class Council; Blue and Gold Manager. MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, LEE A. MARVIN R. ROBERT B., JR. ROBERT H. WILLIAM V. Modesto Los Angeles Sacramento San Francisco Altadena Political Science Real Estate Optometry History Mech. Engineering International Bowles Hall; UC AETI; ETA. USCA; ASME; House. Optometric Assn. Hillel. MINCH, MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MITCHELL, MIYACHI, FLORENCE M. DAVID L. JOHN K. PEGGY A. HIROFUMI Sacramento Oakland El Segundo Piedmont San Mateo General Curriculum Transportation Civil Engineering General Curriculum Architecture. Axetravaganza. AZ II. Baseball; ASCE. AAA; Elections Council; Pelican; Fr. Soph. Council. Rotating between Cowell and Econ classes, LOIS FOLSUM managed to become one of the most active girls on campus. Included among her activities were Elections Council chairman, Model NU, Women ' s J Com- mittee, Mortar Board and Prytanean. Hailing from Downeyville, " Fol- sum, " as she is often called, plans to major in Foreign Trade and per- haps a future in Law School. Known as a bridge hound, Lois can be found during rare free hours playing this game, often with Delta Zeta sorority sisters. This busy, but friendly gal is, according to her friends, noted for complaining but not really meaning it. MELLON, M ELVIN, FLOYD L. LAWRENCE J. Dunsmuir Los Angeles Civil Engineering Civil Engineering OAX; XE; TH IT . 1,A0. MERRICK, MERRILL, MERRIMAN, MESERVE, ROBERT G. GRACE M. PHILIP E. KEITH W. Oakland Long Beach San Francisco San Bernardino Speech General Curriculum Business Admin. International Rel. AT; Freshman Lantana Lodge; NN; Mi. TT; Triune; Big C; President; Class Treble Clef. Winged Helmet; Council; Gavel Skull and Keys; and Quill. Football; Rugby; Cal-Indo. MEYER, MEYER, MICHEL, MICHAEL, JACK A. JOANNE C. GLENN W. SHIRLEY A. Al Tahoe Oakland Bakersfield San Leandro Indust. Engineering History General Curriculum Geography Bowles Hall; AO H. KAP; Oski Staff; Education Club; TB II; Golden Pelican Editorial College Women ' s Bear; Chr. Board. Club. Store Bd.; Sr. Member Rally Corn.; Men ' s " J " ; AIIE. MERAW, KENNETH L. Canada Philosophy Philosophy Club; Newman Club; Ski Club. METZLER, GAYLE L. Ukiah Social Welfare Mitchell Hall. MILES, MILL, RICHARD N. THOMAS D. Auburn Salinas General Curriculum Civil Engineering ri KA; Golden Bear; Ball and Chain; Big C; Sr. Football Mgr.; Ath- letic Council and Reception Corn. EI,A; Intramural Sports; Skiing; Swimming; ASCE. 50 Listing her home town as Oakland, BETTY TERZIAN, this year ' s vivacious Senior Class Veep, spends much of her time thinking about Europe and more specifically a certain lieutenant over there to whom she is engaged. " Terz " as she is called by Zeta Tau Alpha sorority sisters is involved in many activities including Women ' s Ex Board, Class Officers Council, Senior Banquet Chairman, Prytanean, and Gavel and Quill. As a political science major, Betty hopes to become a " good- will ambassador to Russia, " but more likely a 2nd grade school teacher. MORTENSEN, MORTON, MOSBARGER, MOSSBERG, MOSTIN, DONALD G. JAMES H., JR. JACQUELYN C. RICHARD C. ELEANOR D. Pleasanton San Jose Santa Cruz Long Beach San Pedro Mech. Engineering Business Admin. General Curriculum Civil Engineering Insurance KAP; ASME, XV. (Elem. Educ.l Smyth Association; OXB. ETA; Class ASCE. Councils; Education Club. MOSTIN, MOSZKOWSKI, MOTT, MOULIN, MUCK, RAYMOND J. ADA TOM DONALD J. GILBERT P. Lakeport Berkeley Santa Rosa San Mateo Sacramento Petroleum Geology Social Welfare Accounting Personnel Mgt. Agric. Economics Varsity Wrestlin g; Honor Students SPA; Winged AT; IFC; Fr., Acacia; Soph. and Circle C Society. Society; Psych. Helmet; Weight Soph. and Jr. Jr. Council. Society; Undergr. Basketball; Councils; Jr. Class Social Welfare Circle C. Social Chairman. Club; Hiking Club, MOLLER, MONCURE, MONTGOMERY, FREDERICK J. NANCY C. CAROL Berkeley Berkeley Burlingame General Curriculum Social Welfare General Curriculum ATA; Intermural AP; Prytanean; POE; Cal Mb; Swimming. Vice-Pres. YWCA; Pres, Jr. Class; Sr. Appt. Rally Vice-Pres. Soph. Comm.; Pryt. Pres.; Class; Panile; T S; Student Health Sec. ACB; COC; Committee. UAC; Gavel and Quill. MOODY, MOODY, MOORE, WILLIAM B. LAVERN C. RICHARD L. Berkeley Oakland San Marino Journalism. Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Rifle Team; Bowles Hall; Circle C; American ASME. Inst. Indust. Eng.; AIEE. MOORE, LILYAN S. San Leandro Accounting College Women ' s Agric. Economics Club; Juniors XAE; Elections Women ' s Activity Council; Class Counseling. Councils. MOORE, SHELDON G. Lodi MORAN, RUSSELL L. Berkeley Economics AOE; EAM. MORAN, MORENTZ, SEILA M. ETHEL I. San Francisco General Curriculum. English. MORGAN, MORGAN, BRUCE R. LESLIE C. Sacramento Long Beach Accounting. Speech KI; Triune. MORRIS, MORRISH, KLONIE L. WILLIAM B. San Diego Orinda History General Curriculum II BO; IKA; AAA; Triune; Jr. Council. Winged Helmet; Golden Bear; Cal Club; IFC; Chmn. Campus Crusade. MORRISON, MORRISON, MORROW, LOIS K. MARILYN J. HOWARD Oakland Berkeley San Francisco General Curriculum General Curriculum Bus. Administration KA; Intermural AAX; Calvin E■13E; Big C Sports; Ed. Club; Club; WAA; YWCA; Society; Fr. Cal. Teachers (Sorority Rep. Council; Crew. Assn.; CTA. Steering Comm.) MIYAMOTO, GEORGE N. San Francisco Bacteriology. MOIR, ROY ALEXANDER JR. Los Angeles Elect. Engineering. MUMFORD, MUNGER, MUNOZ, MURET, LISA H. MAYNARD JR. CASIMIRO, JR. RICHARD T. Oakland Fresno San Leandro Glendale English Pre-Med. Physical Education Elect. Engineering AP; Speaker ' s OKE; Ball and Physical Education Co-op; Masonic Bureau; Red Cross; Chain; Big C Society; Big C; Club; UCSEE; Baby Hosp. Society; Sr. Baseball. AIEE. (Linden); Basketball Mgr. Intermural. MUSHLITZ, MUTO, MacDOUGALL, MacGREGOR, WYNONA C. CARL N. BEATRICE M. JOHN F. Sacramento San Francisco Oakland Ojai English Medical Science General Curriculum. Criminology Bryn Mawr; OX; SHE; AAE; Model UN; Education Club. Freshman Dance International Com.; Stephens Board; High Union-Eshleman School Model UN. Committee. MULLER, IRIS C. Los Angeles English AXE); WAA Council; Ski Club; Class Councils. MURPHREE, BARBARA L. Hayward Nursing Education RN ' s on Campus. 51 McBRIDE, McCANN, McCAULEY, McCLELLAND, McCOLLUM, LANDY J. RAY A. MARVIN L. WILSON M., JR. JACK R. Costa Mesa Napa Vallejo San Francisco Pittsburg Botany. Civil Engineering Geology Physics Economics ADD; ASCE. EKE. Bowles Hall; Arnold Air OHE; Society; Scabbard and Blade. McCOMBS, McCULLOUGH, McDANIEL, McDONOUGH, McDOUGALD, EDWARD E. COLLEEN ROY F. ADELA T. ROBERT N. Turlock Dunnigan Concord Lafayette Visalia Political Science Economics Elec. Engineering Physical Education. Civil Engineering Del Rey; Ralry YWCA. AIEE; UCSEE; OX. Committee; IRE; UCARC. Class Councils. McGINNIS, McGLASHAN, McGOWAN, McGRANE, McGUIRE, NANCY A. WILLIAM E. BEATRICE A. GORDON R. JAMES G., JR. Berkeley San Diego San Leandro Long Beach Arkansas Speech General Curriculum Accounting General Curriculum General Curriculum AXCI. OX; Tower and Stebbins Hall; WAX; Fr., Soph. AXP; Car Band. Flame; Blue and BrE; ' I ' XO. Class Councils; Gold; Pre-Legal Rally Committee. Society; Men ' s Counseling. McHALE, McINTYRE, McKEE, McKENZIE, McLAUGHLIN, EDWARD E. LEO W. WILLIAM P. JANET ROBERT R. Oakland Lafayette Santa Rosa Alameda San Francisco Communications- Civil Engineering. Elec. Eng.-Comm. General Curriculum Civil Engineering Public Policy Abracadabra; IRE; AXA; Pelican; XE; TB IT. WAX; AAI; Jr., HKN; APE; Jr. Fr., Soph., Jr. Sr. Councils; Cal Council and Pub. Class Councils. Circus; Spring Com.; Exec. Corn.; Show; Student UCSEE; ACB; Health; Adv. Bd. Eng. Coord. Bd. McMILLAN, McPHERSON, McSWEENEY, McTIGHE, NAEF, JEAN JAMES R. JOHN P. JAMES A. EMIL J. Berkeley Newport Beach San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Business Admin. Personner Admin. History Elec. Engineering Psychology. E0E; Football EKA; Historical Del Rey; Rally Manager; Inter- Honor Society; Committee Sr.; fraternity Council; Cal Student Newman Club; Sr. Quarterdeck Soc. Teachers Assn. Class Councir; UCSEE; JV Basketball. NAOR, NARA HARA, ISRAEL JOAN Berkeley Alameda Civil Engineering Bacteriology ASCE. YWCA. NEIL, NEILSON, NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, THOMAS L. NANCY A. BERTHA C. CLAIRE S. HARRY T., JR. Paradise Oakland San Diego Pasadena San Leandro Forestry Philosophy Psychology Social Welfare Chem. Engineering Forestry Club; Pre-Legal Society; International Epwarth Hall; Barrington Hall; Gymnastics. Philosophy Club. House. Prytanean; Com- American Institute munity Service of Chemical Chairman; YWCA. Engineers. NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, NEPHEW, NEVIN, JOHN I. JOYCE A. TED W. WILLIAM A. HUGH J. Stockton San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley Oakland Personnel Manag. Home Economics Forestry Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; Big C; II AE; Daily Cal; Acacia; EMIT; ASME. SPA; Winged Circle C; Golden Jr., Sr. Councils; Forestry Club. Helmet. Bear; Track; Sailing and Ski Glee Club. Clubs; Newman Club; Home Ec. Club. NAKAGAWA, KENZO San Francisco Medical Science ' ' HE; Premedical Soc.; Honor Students Soc.; Nisei Students Club; University YMCA. NALBANDIAN, STANLEY J. Fresno Elec. Engineering AIEE. NANKIN, GERALD A. Oakland Optometry ZBT. TOM DUTTON successfully combined football and an education major with marriage andsill left time for listening to his jazz records. Better known as " T " or " TD, " he was the most outstanding lineman as a junior and football captain, later collecting such honors as election to Big " C " Society, Triune, Winged Helmet, and Skull and Keys. For the time being, though, this Psi U is aiming for a masters and Ph.D., and admits that life with a certain Theta from UCLA is certainly preferable to remaining single, besides being cheaper, tool 52 NEWELL, NG, NICKELL, NICKOLAS, NICOLAI, STANLEY D. LIN-RING JEANNE PETE ADOLPH 0. Berkeley China Pasadena Wyoming San Francisco Civil Engineering Civil Engineering General Curriculum Physics Accounting KA; ND; ASCE. XE; TB II; EK; Model UN; Smyth Assn. 111{43; BAIP; OBE. V.-Pres. American BPE; Fraternity Marketing Assn. Scholastic Honor Society. NIELSEN, NIELSEN, NINOMIYA, NISHI, NORALL, DALE 0. JACK L. ALICE Y. MARY H. G. BURTON Fresno Ferndale Richmond Pasadena Richvale Mech. Engineering Architecture History. Zoology Economics Tower and Flame; AAX; Nisei BE; AE II; Alumni Scholar; Students Club. Treas., Jr. Class XAK. Council. NORBERG, NOREN, NOVARESI, NOZAI I, NUKOLLS, SONJA M. DON W. ELMO J. VIOLET S. BARBARA B. San Francisco Santa Cruz Stockton Los Angeles Ventura Amer. Civilization Chem. Engineering Architecture Personnel General Curriculum AFA; Pelican; MKT; Scabbard Newman Club. 0)(0; Honor Soc.; Elem. Educ.; Class Councils; and Blade; Rally Tower and Flame; ZTA; Life Guard Education Club. Corn.; Men ' s Coon.; W DA; WAA. Corp.; Educ. Club. ATCHE; Students Affiliated with Amer. Chem. Soc. NYMAN, O ' CONNOR, O ' GRADY, OKEY, MARJORIE P. BARBARA A. PAULO D. WILLIAM A. Turlock Berkeley Brazil Pasadena Mathematics General Curriculum Civil Construction Business Admin. AAX. Elem. Educ.; OT; III; Soccer Team; X43E; Class Yacht Club; Circle C Club; Councils. Women ' s Coun.; Newman Hall; YWCA. I House; ASCE. OLKEN, OLSAN, OLSONOSKI, OMI, O ' NEILL, GERALD DAVID P. NORMA A. JEANETTE S. JAMES Los Angeles Riverside Minnesota San Francisco Mill Valley Speech Political Science Georgraphy Laboratory Tech. General Curriculum I House. Gavel and Quill; WAA; YWCA. Nisei Student AT; Winged Class Councils; Club. Helmet; BB. FSB; Symphony Forum. ONO, O ' ROURKE, ORPILLA, ORTA, OSHITA, MARTIN Y. DEIRDRE M. EVELYN L. CARL GRACE K. Sacramento San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles Santa Maria Clinical Laboratory. Political Science Zoology Aero. Engineering Zoology Elizabeth Barrett; Pre-Med. Soc.; Mitchell Hall; Senior Class Secretary, Honor Students Council. Philippine Club. Society. OSTROWSKI, OSUNA, OTAGIRI, OTTO, OWENS, RICHARD D. MARIANA JAMES S. GLENN WESLEY D. Cottonwood Marysville Berkeley Berkeley Benicia Geography Nursing Business Admin. Psychology. Political Science AXP; Blue and Joaquin Hall; Arnold Air Soc.; Gold; Track. AM-2; Transfer Pre-Legal Soc. from Univ. of New Mexico. PACHECO, PACKMAN, PAE, PAINE, PALGI, BETTY ANN BARBARA RUTH PATRICIA ANN C . ASHER M. Niles San Francisco Burlingame Israel Social Welfare Int ' l Relations. Pryt.; Mortar Board; Women ' s J; YWCA; Sec., Women ' s Ex. Bd.; Soph. Class Counseling. OKINO, HARRY K. Santa Barbara Civil Engineering Euclid Hall; Nisei Student Club. Physical Education Stratford Hall; Utrimque; WAA; PE Majors Club; Sports Club; Soc. Beams. Journalism Californian; Romantic Lead Axetravaganza 1953. Representative-at-Large ANN HAWLEY capably managed to divide her time between her office in Stephens Union and her other activities, including Finance Committee, Women ' s Judicial Committee, Rally Committee, Cal Club, Mortar Board, Prytanean and Panile. In addi- tion, her immediate aim is to have a career, so a poli sci major claimed some more of her time, as she prepared for graduate work in management training. Nevertheless, " Hawley " didn ' t get so busy that she couldn ' t still be seen " booming " in and out of the Pi Phi House where she liked to indulge in her favorite hobby . . talking! Always available for chit chat, she was noted around the House for her smile and the fact that nothing ever got her down! 53 PAPEN, HELEN A. Indiana General Curriculum AXE; Personnel Director Pelican; Class Council. PARKER, SALLY C. Long Beach Child Development AEA; Prytanean; WAC; RBP. PATRICK, DONNA ELLEN Gold Run English Oldenberg Hall. PEDERSON, PETER Piedmont Sales Management KAP; Class Council; Blue and Gold. PEREZ, MANUEL San Jose Hospital Ad. APHA; AHA. PALMER, PATRICIA Berkeley Child Development. PARCELLS, ALAN Monrovia Biochemistry. PARKIN, BOB W. Long Beach Criminalistics 1.1(111. PAYNE, ROLAND Ukiah Mathematics Smyth Association; APE; Honor Students Society, PELOWSI I, MARCELLINE D. Berkeley English Newman Club; Education Club. PERSONS, PHILIP JR. Chico Agricul. Economics. PALMTAG, CHARLES A. Watsonville Insurance PARK, PRISCILLA A. Oakland Retail Management AZ; YWCA; Marketing Club; Treble Clef; Class Council; Sr. Show 1951. PARM ELEE, NANCY WELLMAN Berkeley General Curriculum Blue and Gold; Jr. Management; Treble Clef. PECHT, VIANNA MARLENE Oxnard General Curriculum ZTA; Women ' s Activity Counseling; University Chorus. PELSINGER, ROLAND San Francisco English. PETERS, BARBARA San Francisco Social Welfare Joaquin Hall; YWCA Dormitory Rep.; WAA; PA. PHILLIPS, BETTY JOE Sacramento English ABA; Crass Coun- cil; Red Cross; Panhellenic. PALOMBO, ROBERT Richmond Indust. Psychology E II; Pelican. PARKER, JANET MARY Dixon Bacteriology Meredith Hall; Newman Club; Pre-Med. Society. PARR, JOHN S. Sacramento ' KW. PEDDICORD, PEGGY LOU Ventura Psychology ZTA; Junior Pan- hellenic Pub. Chmn. Activities Co-ord. Bd.; Class Council. PEREIRA, MARILOU Lemoore General Curriculum X52; Panile Elect. Council; CSTA; WAA; Blue and Gold. PETERSON, BETTY ANN Pennsylvania General Curriculum Pelican; Intramural; Red Cross. PHILLIPS, EDWARD A. Richmond Engin. Physics Barrington Hall; TB II; SHE; Honor Students; Scabbard and Blade; Coun. of Honor Stu.; Var. Track; Radio and TV. PIODA, VIRGINIA MARY Salinas Speech PCB. PALMER, PALMER, BRETON HANS C. Glendale Los Angeles Engineering Physics Economics Barrington Hall; AT51; Honor Society; Inter- Frat. Alum. Advis. Council; Model Senate; Const. Council. PETERSON, PETTA, PFEIFFER, CAROL ARLEEN MARGIE VALERIE ANNE Oakland Sacramento Berkeley General Curriculum Dietetics Nursing Ed. Utrimque; College OW; Home Ec. Pub. Health Nurse; Women ' s Club, Club; Newman RN on Campus. Club; Folk Dancing, PARAVENTI, JOSEPHINE A. Berkeley Public Health. PARKHURST, ARLENE M. San Diego Accounting Oldenberg Hall; Treble Clef. PATTEN, BARBARA Turlock History EK; Class Council; Blue and Gold; WSSF; Song Leader. PELL, MARY RITA Oakland Lab. Technology KA; Pelican; Newman Club, PERRY, ROBERT Berkeley Accounting ATS2; BAT; BPE; A6. . PIERROU, PIERSON, GEORGE BERT JR. PETER Modesto Sacramento History Political Science Bowles Han; ATA; Triune. KA; Honor Students Society. PIKE, PINONOMI, BURTON R. MARY E. Modesto Reedley Business Admin. English MO. Honor Students Society; YWCA. Noted for stimulating athletes ' interest in the• Daily Cal, GEORGIA WILCOX headed the " Monarch " as fall editor and also found time for Publications Board, Executive Committee, Theta Sigma Phi, Cal Club, and Prytanean. Hailing from our neighbor across the bay, " the foggy city " (better known as San Francisco), Georgia made the Journalism Department her home away from home, and in her four years at Cal became fondly known as " Gooch. " As for the future, though, her am- bition after marrying Don, is to then settle down to quiet (?) life with four children! 54 RALPH VETTERLEIN had a busy career at the University, serving not only as rep-at-large, but also as ASUC President. In fact, his hobbies of sports and music pretty much lost out while " Vet " devoted time instead to Cal-Muters, Social Planning Committee, Cal Circus, Junior Class Council, Model UN, Spring Talent Show, and Cal Club. Even with all these activities, though, the AKL House still saw him occasionally, and Ralph also comp leted his major in the combined fields of industrial relations and personnel management. As for the future, though anyone with a crystal ball can see a job in public relations work with com- munications in addition to a home and five kids, no less! PIRCHER, PISCITELLI, PISENTI, PISSOTI, PITKIN, LEO J. SAMUEL T. CLIFFORD J. LILLIAN E. ROGER P. Berkeley Pasadena Santa Cruz Los Altos Berkeley Accounting Insurance Elect. Engineering Zoology Economics ATLI; BIT; THE; BFX. AXP. Masonic Club; ' FT; Winged BAN ' ; Honor Hiking Club. Helmet; BB. Students Soc.; Scabbard and Blade; Fr., Soph., Jr. Councils; JV Debate; Model Sen. PIXLEY, PLESSAS, PLUESS, POLANSKY, PITTMAN, EUGENE M. JAMES P. JOANNE V. ROSSLYN PATRICIA E. Springville San Francisco Long Beach El Monte San Francisco Soil Science Education Chemistry. General Curriculum. General Curriculum Oxford Hall; AT; Skull and Richards Hall; Continental: UC Band; Rifle Keys; Big C; College Women ' s Newman Club. Team. Winged Helmet; Club. Track. POON, PORTER, PORTER, POST, POTTER, LILLY S. CRAIG W. KENNETH W. JAMES T. DAVID C. San Francisco Davis Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley General Curriculum Gen. Agriculture Internat. Relations Medicine General Curriculum Tower and Flame; EN. MAE; Octet; Bowles Hall; AKA; TO; Honor Society; Glee Club. Men ' s Rally Sophomore Ushering Staff. Committee; THE; Council; Ski Club. Glee Club. POTTLE, POWER, PRATT, PREGERSON, PRESS, JEROME F. DANIEL H. JOHN C. JIM RICHARD L. Berkeley Glendale Connecticut Los Angeles San Francisco Sociology. Civil Engineering English Accounting. Political Science; ET; TB II; XE; ZW. Dwight Hall; Tower and Flame; Cal-Indo. Varsity Crew and Rowing; Inter- fraternity Council. PRINTZ, PROBERT, PRODANOVICH, PRUCHA, PUCKHABER, FRANCES MYRON E. MILEVA WILLIAM J. JOAN Oakland Oakland Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum Internat. Relations Journalism General Curriculum College Women ' s OKM; 00; College Women ' s ATA; Triune; I ' ' B. Club; YWCA. Intramural Sports; Club; Ex-Com. and Winged Helmet. Symphony Forum; Cabinet; YWCA. Big C Guard; Pelican. PUTNAM, QUINTERO, QUINTERO, RABE, RAEVSKY, DONALD B. GEORGE J. LUIS E. FRED N. OLGA P. Piedmont Los Angeles Panama Fresno Oakland Insurance Civil Engineering. Sociology Civil Engineering Bacteriology. TAO; Winged Smyth Association; ASCE. Helmet; Skull Model Senate; and Keys; Track. Newman Hall Club; Fencing. RAKONITZ, RALLS, RALLY, RAMONT, RANDALL, MARIETTA E. GORDON C. JR. DEMETRIUS G. RICHARD L. JACK F. San Francisco Martinez San Francisco Modesto Long Beach Internat. Relations Mech. Engineering Mathematics. Elect. Engineering and Education Bowles Hall; Oxford Hall; Public Relations. Bon Haven; Fr., Tower and Flame; TB II; HKN; Soph. Councils; ASME; Scabbard UCSEE. Cal Engineer; and Blade. Model Senate; Hillel. RANSFORD, RASMUSSEN, RATTY, REA, REAVES, DIANE NORMAN L. DONALD K. LEONARD A. DONALD L. Pasadena Oakland San Diego Glendale Los Angeles General Curriculum General Curriculum. Optometry. Mech. Engineering Psychology. AAA. AT; ASME. AlIE. 55 REEVES, DAVID E. San Diego Speech Bowles Hall; Tower and Flame; Scabbard and Blade; Model Senate; Symphony Forum; Speaker ' s Bureau. REMINGTON, THOMAS M. Sacramento Civil Engineering Acacia; ASCE; Jr. Class Council; Rugby Club. RICE, KATHRYN J. San Francisco General Curriculum Elizabeth Barrett; Symphony Forum; Ski Club. RIEGER, THOMAS Berkeley General Curriculum ' FA; Triune; Winged Helmet; Varsity Football. RODGERS, JOSEPH F. Napa Mech. Engineering KA; Triune; Winged Helmet; Tower and Flame; ASME; AIIE; Soplt. and Sr. Class Councils. ROSE, HELENE J. San Francisco Speech. REEVES, HORACE V. Benicia Political Science VW; Arnold Air Society; man Tennis. RIGHTER, RICHARD L. Burlingame Business Educa. MKT; Golden Bear; Gavel and Quill; Asst. Prod. Mgr. Daily Cal.; Big C; MAC; Track; IF Scholastic Society. ROACH, RUTH Piedmont General Curriculum Al " ; Ace of Clubs. RU ED ING, GEORGE C., III Niles Agri. Economics )01 . ROSENBERG, JACK L. San Diego Psychology REEVES, JILL Benicia Child Development AAA; Daily Cal.; WAA Swimming Mgr.; Intramural; I Bd.; Life Guard Corps. RINGO, BARBARA J. Berkeley Dramatic Arts; ZTA; Treble Clef; Axetravaganzas; Opera Production. ROBBEN, FRANK A. Dixon Engineering Physics Smyth Association; TB II. ROBINSON, SHIRLEY Oakland Child Development AKA. ROGERS, HARRIET G. Bakersfield General Curriculum AZ. ROSENBERG, RICHARD A. Oakland Optometry KN. REUTHER, HILDA P. Er Cerrito Business Admin. AX52. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM A., JR. San Diego Architecture OX. RIPPLE, CHARLES D. Alhambra Soil Science AZ; Soil Science Club President. ROBERTS, DORSEN D. Visalia Business Admin. 0 K. ROCHE, ROBERT B. San Francisco Elect. Engineering 1N; Triune; Swimming; Water Polo. ROGERS, PHILIP C. Los Angeles Zoology AE; Scabbard and Blade. ROSS, AUDREY J. Berkeley Criminology K; AAE; Class Council; Pelican. REYNOLDS, THOMAS H. Fresno History KA. RICHTER, PHILIP J. Downey Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; Upper Division Honor Society; ASCE. RISBROUGH, JOHN H., JR. San Francisco Political Science 0AB; Triune; Winged Helmet; Sophomore Council. ROBERTSON, LEE San Francisco General Curriculum AEA; Senior Class Council. RODOLF, CARL D. Piedmont Civil Engineering KA; ASCE; SAME; 00. ROMASHKO, LEONA M. New York Psychology. ROSSER, JOHN C., JR. Oakland Engineering Physics TB II. REID, REILLY, JOAN C. WILLIAM A. Arcades San Francisco General Curriculum Medicine AP; Freshman X; Swimming. Council. RIVERS, GAYLE Berkeley General Curriculum E0B; Panile; Pryt.; B. and G. Ed.; ASUC Card Sales Chmn.; Sr. Appt. Rally Com.; Sr. Council. ROBINSON, ROBINSON, JAMES M., II NANCY E. Montebello Berkeley Economics Child Development 0; Triune; KA(); Panile; Winged Helmet; Prytanean; Ace of Quarterdeck Soc.; Clubs; Rally Com.; Scabbard and Blade. Class Councils. RENNER, REPATH, ROBIN L. KENNETH H. Berkeley Netherlands Political Science Indust. Engineering Del Rey; JV Debate; AXA; AIIE; Sailing Club. Swimming. RICHARDS, RICHARDS, BENJAMIN R. ROSEMARY S. San Francisco San Francisco Internat. Relations; Social Welfare Abracadabra; AZ; Panile; Cal. Engineer. Pelican; WAC; Class Councils. Nursing private headaches, elections council chairman, GLADYS HURST spent most of her time this semester working to get voting machines for the spring elections. This active Berkeley gal lists some of her activities as Gavel and Quill, Prytanean, Class Councils, chairman Card Sales Committee, FSB, Daily Cal and of course tions Council. With an ambition to see the world, " Glad " is a political science major who is going to attend Grad school with an eye towards foreign service work. At present home to Gladys is the Deta Zeta house where she spends much time knitting argyles, just for whom was not disclosed. 56 ROTTO, ROYER, RUBY, RUDY, RUNNION, MARTIN A. PATRICIA A. RONALD H. JOHN H. JACK C. Alameda Berkeley Oakland Pasadena Albany Forestry Social Welfare Physics Mech. Engineering Personnel Admin. XIII; JV Crew; KA; Daily Caf; Rugby. ASME; Calvin and Ind. Relations Forestry Club; Junior Council. Club. EKE; Fr. and Quartermaster Soph. Councils. of URC. RUSS, RUSSELL, RUSSELL, RUUD, RYDER, MARIANNE FRAN KAY LOUIS ANDREW JR. ARTHUR C. JR. Menlo Park Berkeley Berkeley Eureka Bakersfield Sociology Speech and History General Curriculum Entomology Chem. Engineering ZTA; KA; Panile; KA; Women ' s Entomology Club. Smyth Association; Women ' s Activity ACB; V. Pres. C. Soc.; Intram.; AICE. Counseling. WAA; Intram. Sr. Class Council. Class Council; Women ' s C. Soc. SADOWSKI, SAITO, SALAS, SAMISH, SAMMIS, FELICIA V. SETSUKO S. ELSA JO ANNE P. LEE CHAPIN Concord San Francisco San Francisco Pasadena General Curriculum Child Development Journalism Political Science Sherman Hall; AAX; Child 0E4,; Daily Cal. SPA; Winge d YWCA; Development Club; Helmet; Skull Calvin Club. WAA. and Keys. SANFORD, SARAFIAN, SARGEANT, SARQUIS, SAUNDERS, WILLIAM M. RICHARD DONALD C. ROBERT H. ALISON B. Berkeley Alameda Walnut Creek Visalia San Francisco Business Ad. History. History Elect. Engineering Botany Glee Club; LINO; Blue and Smyth Association; Peixotto Hall; Forestry Club. Gold; Glee Club; UCSEE; IRE. 013K; Class Coun. Chmn.; WAA; WAC. Float Com.; Sr. Peace Com.; Axe. SAVAGE, SCHAFER, SCHAPIRO, SCHARF, SCHENDEL, WAYNE KARLA A. SUZIE WALTER D. JOAN D. Watsonville Berkeley San Francisco Beverly Hills Pacific Grove Physiology. Child Development Internat. Relations Economics Social Welfare AT ' ; Symphony AEA; Tower and International AEA; Forum. Flame; WAA. House; Pelican; Soph., Junior and Symphony Forum. Senior Council. SCHERRER, SCHLAADT, SCHLAEPFER, SCHMITT, SCHMITZ, ROBERT A. ANNE T. CARL E. ARMAND J. WILLIAM B. Sacramento San Francisco Bakersfield Santa Rosa San Marino Chemistry History Elect. Engineering Business Ad. Paleontology AXE; California Oldenberg. HKN; TB H. . AXA. OKAY. Honor Students Society; Daily Cal. SCHNEIDER, SCHONBERGER, SHUSTER, SCHULTZ, SCHULTZ, HERBERT JR. IRWIN W. JANET L. BARBARA W. DONALD L. JR. Berkeley San Francisco Piedmont Santa Clara Victorville Civil Engineering Psychology Art Criminology. Civil Engineering AT; Triune; EAM; AEO. KA; ASCE; Freshman Council Judo Team. Track. IFC. SCHWABENLAND, SCHWARZ, SCHULZE, SCHWEDE, SCHWEITZER, DOROTHEA L. HENRY C. GEORGE A. JR. MARIE REJEAN A. Fresno Menlo Park Sacramento Long Beach Los Angeles Physical Education Forestry Insurance English General Curriculum Bon Haven; WAA; EE H; Forestry Bowles Hall. Stern Hall. Joaquin Hall; YWCA Cabinet. Club. YWCA. Blue and Gold Copy Editor, JAN CLEVELAND, was often heard begging for copy in order to fill one of her ambitions—that of getting the book out in time. Another active gal from Berkeley, she had many activities including YWCA, WAA, Frosh Council, Secretariat, and honor societies such as Panile, Prytanean, 8 4 , and H AL This cheerful lass who spends most of her time knitting socks for fiance Bob plans to grad- uate with a major in Social Welfare. The reason for all those architec- ture courses has not yet been explained. In the future Jan sees a mar- riage and a lot of trees. Toward this she spends much time practicing her cooking much to the delight of Phi Mu sorority sisters. 57 SCOTTOLINE, SCRUGGS, SEALE, SEGALL, SEIFERT, FRANK J. LOUISE M. THOMAS A. MOSHE RICHARD M. Pennsylvania Los Angeles Berkeley Israel Jackson Architecture. Generar Curriculum Political Science Indust, Engineering. Chemistry Big Game Week Arnold Air Society; AXE. Com.; Symphony Glee Crab; Hiking Forum; Young Club; Scabbard and Republicans. Blade; Junior Council. SEKIGUCHI, SELDON, SERNA, SERVATIUS, SETTLEMIER, MARIKO BARBARA J. ELIZABETH E. EVELYN M. GRANT A. Lindsay Sacramento Westwood San Bernardino San Francisco Mathematics•Stat. Psychology General Curriculum General Curriculum Marketing NSC; Nisei II BC TT II; Elizabeth Barrett Mitchell Hall; B011; Christians. Class Councils. Ski Club; Sailing Treble Clef; mural Boxing. Club; Newman TEO; Ski Club. Club. SEXTON, SEYMOUR, SHAHORI, SHAIN, SHALHEVET, ROY K. RICHARD L. RUTH HOWARD L. JOSEPH Barstow Berkeley Israel San Francisco Israel Political Science Business Admin. Agricultural Educa. Accounting Soil Sciences. Honor Students; Class Councils. Hillel Association. TAM; Circle Stiles Hall; " C " Soc.; NDTA; UNESCO; PIC; Soccer, Class Model Senate. Councils. SHARP, DANIEL A. San Francisco Political Science Bowles Hall; Rep- at-Large; Varsity Debate; UN Deleg. Chmn.; Model Sen.; Golden Bear; UAC; Cl. Councirs. SHAW, SHEA, SHEEHAN, SHEPHERD, GEORGE W. JR. MARY J. CATHERINE I. RODGER M. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Architecture Criminology General Curriculum Medicine XAK; AIA; Al ' ; AAE. AA FE; Jr. Cm.; Cloyne Court; SAME. Intramural Sports. Pres. Pre-Med. Society; Fencing Team. SHIMOMAKI, SHINN, SHINODA, SHINOMOTO, SHIRAI, HIDEI O BETTY C. TAKAI O TAI AKIRA Japan Lodi Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Child Development. Speech Physical Education Public Health Physiology AEA; Prytanean; WAA; Women ' s Honor Students; Nisei Students ' Red Cross; YWCA; " C " Soc.; PE Public Health Club; Crab. Teachers ' Club. Majors ' Club; Photography Nisei Students ' Club. SHOCHAT, SHOEMAKER, SIESS, SILES, SILVERTHORNE, AMNON DONNA L. CAROL E. RAUL JIOIA M. Israel Pasadena Novato Bolivia San Carlos Labor-Indust. Rel. Criminology Recreation Civil Engineering International Rel. SAM; Hillel; AX51; AAE. TK; Jr., Sr. XE; Sports. Continental; Israel Student Class Councils; Newman Club; Association. Pelican Fashion Cercle Francais, Director; Song Forum Council; Leader; Rec. Symphony Forum. Majors ' Club. SIMANK, SIMONDS, SISI IN, SJOBERG, SLATER, NANCY L. PAUL E. MARSHALL I. RICHARD FLORENCE A. Altadena Ojai Los Angeles Oakland Oakland General Curriculum Anthropology. General Curriculum Bus. Ad.-Market. Criminology. AP; Jr. Council; TAM. TAE; Scabbard Big Game Activ.; and Blade; Intramural Sports. Ski Club. SLAVEN, SLONIM, SMALLEY, SMITH, SMITH, MARJORIE A. MORDECHAI D. STANFORD V. ANN L. E. BRIAN Lafayette Israel Jackson Walnut Creek Lakeside Economics Indust. Mgmt. Petroleum Eng. Retail ing Engineering Al ' . KAP; Pres. Ski AMA; College ASCE. Club; Speakers ' Women ' s Club Jrs. Bureau; SAM. Even though she was noted for being late for meetings, JAN HOPE nevertheless became president of Women ' s Dormitory Association and found time for Women ' s Executive Board, Women ' s Judicial Commit- tee, and Torch and Shield. Then there were also her hobbies of knit- ting, sailing, and skiing, the last of which was easy since her home town is near Mt. Lassen. On campus, however, Epworth was home, where she indulged in her favorite hobby ... sleep! In fact, her major in general curric played second fiddle to cat naps in class. As for the future, though, " Hopeless " has many ambitions . . . a Model " T, " an extended tour of Europe and marriage. In the meantime, a job teaching elementary school beckons. 58 SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, CAROL L. DUANE A. GENE CAROL San Jose San Francisco Watsonville Social Welfare Accounting Speech WAC; Elections EN. OT; Folk Council. Dancing; Pelican Soph Ed.; Speech Arts Club. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, LESLIE V. OLIVER T. PATRICIA A. Citrus Height Placerville Lancaster Forestry Engineering. History EX TI; ETA; Senior Forestry Club. Council; Symphony Forum. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SHIRLEY B. WARREN S. WILLIAM 0. Oakland Manhattan Beach Hayward Accounting History General Curriculum. BAT; BFE; " I " House; 40(0. EKA. SOM, SUMMER, SUPER, SOTO, SPEAR, JASON G. CHARLES J. JOHN W. MANUEL MARY F. Oakland Pennsylvania Piedmont Indiana Berkeley Sanitation Internat. Relations Marketing Criminology General Curriculum IIA4); Chinese " I " House; EN; Triune; LAE. OM; Sect. Chmn. Students Club. ASE. Winged Helmet; FSB; Exec. Com.; Skull and Keys. Chmn. Inter-Club Conn; Personnel Coun.; Cl. Coun.; Leadership Train. SPENCE, SPILMAN, SPURRIER, STAFF, STARBUCK, J. LESLIE JOHN M. LONNIE V. HJORDIS L. JODY A. San Francisco Berkeley Delano Long Beach Pasadena Speech Marketing General Curriculum Political Science Political Science KAO; Panile; EAE; Glee Bowles Hall; Big C; Joaquin Hall; Honor Students; Prytanean; Ace Club; Senior Golden Bear; Utrimque; WDA; Model Senate. of Clubs; Octet. Winged Helmet; Blue and Gold; Rally Committee. Track. YWCA. STEFFEN, STEGMAN, STEGNER, STEINMETZ, STEINBERG, ROBERT JULIUS M. EDWARD R. ALLEN D. JOAN E. Redwood City San Francisco Titusville San Francisco San Francisco Optometry Elect. Engineering Economics. Public Health Zoology OX. Ridge House; Tower and Flame; Newman Club. UC Hiking Honor Students; Club; Canterbury Fr. Class Council; Club; UCSEE. Senior Council; Symphony Forum. STEVENS, STEVENS, STEVICI ; STEWART, STEYER, DAVID A. LLEWELLYN J. GUY L. SALLY M. RICHARD W. San Mateo Berkeley San Francisco San Rafael Alhambra Psychology General Curriculum Finance Mathematics Forestry Ridge House. ZTA; Tower and AE II; Canterbury AI ' . Flame; Class Club. Councils; Pre- Dental Society. SMITH, SMITH, JOYCE ANN LAWRENCE D. Kentfield San Francisco General Curriculum Insurance ATE; Ski Club. Daily Cal; SAM; Newman; Radio Workshop. SMITH, SMITH, PAUL W. ROBERT A. Alhambra Albany Political Science Transportation Scabbard and SAO. Blade; NDTA. SNIDER, SODE, CAROL D. MARILYN P. San Bernardino San Mateo General Curriculum Decorative Art Oldenberg Hall; AA 11; Dec. Treble Clef. Art Club. STERN, STERN, STEVEN, CHARLES H. DENNETT K. VIRGINIA S. San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum. General Curriculum AIDE; Campus KAO; Yacht Club; Orchestra Leader; Elections Council. Sr. Ccuncil; Sr. Ball Chairman. STEINKOPF, STEPHENS, MARY C. STANLEY F. JR. Santa Rosa San Leandro Socal Welfare Accounting Ritter Hall. AKA; Cal Circus; Cal-Muters. Newman Club; Forestry Club; Rifle Club; Crew. Known as the " Last River for the Blue and Gold to cross, " GAYLE RIVERS followed in the footsteps of her sisters who were editor and assistant editor to be the big cheese herself this last year. Senior Class Council, Rally Committee, Prytanean and the chairmanship of Card Sales Committee claimed some more of her time, but as a rule, " Riv " could very likely be found behind a set of knitting needles or involved in a " quick " game of bridge. Among the Gamma Phi ' s Gayle is commonly referred to as " Five-Dollar-Fine Rivers, " this distinctive title having been earned as secretary, in which capacity she wielded a mean pencil, but on the academic side, the last four years were spent in genera! cur- riculum where a total of fourteen upper division history courses entitled her to a " lazy man ' s history major. " As for the future, Gayle is plan- ning a tour of the United States with her golden retriever, Talli, and her sister ... returning only when their money runs out on them. Then as a travel agent, she ' ll be assured of an unlimited audience to which she can tell her experiences! 59 STICE, STICKNEY, STIDGER, STILES, STILES, IVAN H. NANCY C. PERRY W., JR. DEAN E. MARCIA S. Petaluma Long Beach Albany Oakland Oakland Wildlife Cons.; Social Welfare Mech. Engineering. Business Admin. Social Welfare Smyth Association. Beaudelaire. Treble Clef Soc.; Sailing Club; U.C. Folk and Square Dancers. STILES, STILING, STIRM, STOCKS, MARY H. PAULA E. HENRY G., JR. DOROTHY A. Arizona Altadena San Mateo Modesto English General Curriculum Mech. Engineering. Psychology Oldenberg. Mitchell Hall; Pe ixotto Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students U.C. Folk and Society. Square Dancers. STONE, STORZ, STRAM, STRASZER, WESLEY A. FORREST E. EDWARD M. MELISSE A. Healdsburg Woodland Oroville Los Angeles Accounting. Mathematics Civil Engineering. Social Welfare EAE; Cal Club; Collegians; Scabbard and Newman Club; Blade; Arnold Air College Women Society. Track. Club. SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, CHARLES L. JAMES A. MARIAN E. Castro Valley San Francisco San Mateo History History. Political Science International AEA; Mortar Bd.; House; Torch and Shield; EKA. Prytanean; Honor Students; H EA. Mech. Engineering Speech General Curriculum Political Science Home Economics TKE; 4,0; AZ; Prytanean; AZ; Panile; ZTA; Prytanea n; AA H; ON; ASME. Torch and Shield; Pryt.; Gavel and Gavel and Quill; Panile; Rally Women ' s Director Quill; ASUC Sr. Class V-Pres.; Committee. Car Engineer. Secretariat; Class Class Officers Coun.; Councils. Women ' s Ex. Bd. STONE, DONALD W. San Francisco Medicine KM; 4.11E; IFS Honor Society. STUPAR, WESLEY E. Santa Ana Process Engineering Barrington Hall. SWALES, LUITA Oakland Journalism AAA; Mortar Board; Prytanean; OED; Asst. City Ed of Daily Cal. SWEET, PHOEBE G. Orange Commercial Art Richards Hall. TAM BERG, RICHARD M. San Francisco Business Admin. 040; Big " C " ; Varsity Basketball. SWANSON, ARVEY A. Patterson Geology BET. SWIFT, THEODORE F. Richmond History APO; Pres. University Christian Fellowship. TANJI, PAULINE M. Winton Social Welfare Calvin Club. SWASEY, MARILYN R. Modesto English Student Relations; Council; Student Discount Service. SWIRSKY, ROBERT A. Michigan Law Enforcement. TAYLOR, JOHN D. South Pasadena Banking and Finance KE; 441E; I.D; BEE; Triune; Winged Helmet; Arnold Air Society. TEMPLETON, BARBARA J. Berkeley TEMME, TEMPEL, MARK I. JOAN R. Palo Alto Lodi SUMMERS, SUTHERLAND, RUSSELL D. MARGIE L. Ontario Vallejo Retail Store General Curriculum Management California Student KA; A111; Teachers Assn. NROTC; Student Marketing Institute. SWEENEY, SWEET, HAROLD V., JR. CAROL J. Long Beach Stockton Zoology General Curriculum Ski Club. AEA; Fresh., Soph., Jr. Class Coun.; Torch and Shield; WAA. TALLEY, TALLY, ALFRED F., JR. GEORGE B. Tracy Fresno. General Curriculum ATO; Football; Rugby; Skull and Keys; Big " C " ; Arnold Air Soc.; Triune. TEEL, TELLEP, ANN DANIEL M. San Francisco San Diego Mathematics Mech. Engineering KAO. Smyth Association; TE; TB H. TERZIAN, THATCHER, BETTY J. JO-ANN A. Oakland Sonoma 60 " Everybody down, " was the well-known expression of Rally Committee Chairman BOB COLLINS a few months ago. " Curly, " as the favored few refer to him, also had the dubious distinction of being able to lose his voice before the beginning of a game, and rumor has it that this distinction appeared during the basketball season, too! Aside from Rally Committee, though, TKE brothers still found Bob a hard person to find, as he spent much of his time as a Rep-at-Large, in ACB, class councils, and Gorden Bear. However, a civil erg ineering major from Oakland, Bob is a true bridge fiend, who foresees in the ting married and having a lot of kids " —all future Cal students, we trust! THATCHER, THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMFORD, ROBERTA C. MARY J. NED L. RUTH A. VIRGINIA A. McArthur Walnut Creek Albany Alameda Hayward Correctional Grim, Stern Hall; Pryt.; General Curriculum Mil; Fr., Soph. Real Estate. Political Science AZ; Cal Engineer; Accounting Oldenberg. Mortar Bd.; AAE; Class Councils; Class Councils. AWS Rep.; Rally Blue and Gold; Com.; Student CSTA. Union Council. THOMSON, THOMPSON, THORNBURG, TIMMERMAN, TODD, ALAN H. DOUGLAS P. VERNE E. WILLIAM R. CLAUDE A. Palo Alto Murrieta Turlock San Bernardino Richmond History Agri. Economics Political Science Accounting Industrial TKE; Baseball. IAE; Triune; Management. Circle C; Big C. TOLHURST, TOM, TONELLI, TONG, TORNBERG, GLADYS M. WILLIAM EVELYN M. NANCY G. ROBERT A. Berkeley Oakland El Cerrito Oakland San Francisco Political Science Mathematics Dramatic A rt; Social Welfare. Criminology AZ; Prytanean; Chairman of University Theater. Circle C; Gavel and Quill; Men ' s Activity Soccer. Panne; Daily Cal Counseling. Mang.; Chr. Elec- tions Coon.; ASUC Card Sales. TOWLE, TRAUNER, TREGONING, TRIEST, TRIPP, ROBERT A. DONALD L. WILLIAM B. RICHARD S. ROBERT L. Escondido San Francisco Caspar San Mateo San Francisco Architecture Medicine Journal ism Industrial Manag. Political Science Architec- TIM). AXA. ZBT; Junior EAX; Daily Cal ture Assn.; IFC; Class Council. City Editor; Rally Committee. Model UN. TROUNSON, TROUSE, TSOLAKIDOU, TUTHILL, TUTTLE, WILLIAM R. RONALD R. KALIOPE SHEILA PEARL Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco Hanford Berkeley Journal ism. English. Social Welfare General Curriculum French-Spanish. Casa Hispana; Oldenberg Hall; Spanish Club; Symphony Forum. ESE. TWELEER, TWISSELMAN, UNDERHILL, UPLAND, URDANETA, WILBUR L. DARRELL L. JACK A. CAROL A. MIREYA La Crescenta McKittrick Hanford San Francisco Venezuela Elect. Engineering Business Admin. Political Science Political Science Architecture Smyth Association; II KO; AOE; Soph., Sr. Ridgemont Hall. IIKN. Indonesia Councils; Model Project. UN; Secretariat; Big Game Week; Homecoming; WSSF. URQUIZA, UTIKAL, VALADEZ, VANCE, VANDENBERG, YSABEL A. IRENE CONNIE M. ROBERT L. JOHN D. Santa Ana San Francisco Soledad Berkeley Visalia General Curriculum Child Development Math.-Spanish Civil Engineering Industrial Relations Richards Hall; Education Club; Peixotto Hall; VP; Triune; and Personnel Adm. Gavel and Quill; Child Develop- Tower and Flame; ASCE. AT A. WAC Sr. Appt.; Cal ment Club. Pryt.; WAA; YWCA; Indo; Newman Club; " I " Bd.; Jr., Sr. Class Councils; Councils; Model WDA. Sen.; WDA; XXII. VARNEY, VASILEVSI IS, VASSAR, VAUGHN, VEJAR, JOAN VELTA L. ROBERT M. ROY C. ALLEN 0. Oakland Berkeley Idaho Sacramento Burl ingame Marketing Astronomy Astronomy. Civil Engineering Statistics College Women ' s ' BK. XE; Hunting; ri KA; Rally Club; Social Fishing; Golf. Committee Soph. Bears; Women ' s Appt.; Sophomore Activity Counseling. Council; NSA. Glee Club manager, BILL G. BELL, not to be confused with the yell leader, spends most of his spare time singing with the Glee Club. He has been seen entertaining the University as a member of the now famous Octet. " Big Bear, " as he is known to other Glee Club members, fists Music Council, Golden Bear and Scabbard and Blade as activities, but he is most well known for his portrayal of the Coach in the Axe- travaganza. A Salinas resident, this Economics major plans to go into the Navy Supply Corps after graduation, and after that--who knows? 61 VERLING, VERNON, VETTERLEIN, RICHARD T. NADINE E. RALPH A. San Francisco Sacramento San Francisco Decorative Art Industrial Relations ZK; AXA. AKA; Cal Club; Rep-at-Large; Big Game; ASUC Pres.; Jr. Class Council; Soc. Planning Com.; Cal Circus. VIERRA, VITOLS, VOLFENZON, RAMONA J. VALENTIN YEHUDA San Rafael Fullerton Israel Industrial Manag ' t Mech. Engineering. Civil Engineering. ZTA. WALTER, WARAAS, WARF, JANET B. HAROLD F. JAMES W. Berkeley Sacramento Berkeley General Curriculum Business Admin. General Curriculum KA; Pelican; M T. Masonic Club; Class Councils. NROTC. WASHINO, WATERHOUSE, WATERS, ROBERT K. WILLIAM G. PAUL M. Sacramento Berkeley Berkeley Public Health. General Curriculum Physics. Sailing Club and Team; Ski Club; Crew. WEBB, WEBBER, WEBBER, ROBERT B. HERBERT M. ROBERT L. Albany Berkeley Long Beach Elect. Engineering. Forestry Civil Engineering Scabbard and Smyth; ASUC Band; Blade; Forestry University Band; Club; Hiking Club. XE; ASCE. WEBER, WEDEMEYER, WEIDER, WEINER, WEINTRAUB, MARVIN J. ROLAND C. LOUIS ADRIENNE S. HARVEY B. Fresno San Francisco Los Angeles Redwood City Los Angeles Physics Petrol. Engineering Accounting Business Admin. Bacteriology Barrington Hall. AEA; OT; MTA BANE; BP ; Lantana Lodge; Pres. Pre-Medical Eng. Joint Coun.; Daily Cal, SAM. Tower and Flame; Society. Fr. and Sr. Coun.; ■DEE; Hillel; B and G Masonic Club. WEISBACH, WELP, WELSH, WERNER, WESTERN, GERALD ELIZABETH M. ROGER A. ROBERT E. JACK A. Los Angeles Colma Newport Beach Albany Sacramento Architecture History Political Science Elect. Engineering General Curriculum XAK; American KA; EKA. Circle C; Ski Club; APO; UCARC. PAO; Pre-Legal Ins t. of Arch. Sailing; Volleyball; Wrestling; Newman Club. VENATOR, VERED, LUI J. ZE ' ER Newport Beach Israel Economics Forestry Forestry Club; " I " House. VICK, VIDOVICH, JANYCE R. ELSIE Oakland San Pedro General Curriculum Education AAA; Torch Fernwald Hall; and Shield. Class Councils; Utrimque; WAC. General Curriculum EN; Big C; Ball and Chain; H ' I ' ; Sr. Manag. Football. WAGNER, WAKEFIELD, MARGARET A. ORIN R. Los Angeles Visalia History Chem. Engineering AOII; Panile; AICE. Prytanean; YWCA Cabinet; Women ' s Judicial Com.; Rally Committee. WALKER, WALSH, H. DIANE THOMAS F. Sacramento Stockton Child Development Paleontology AZ; Pelican; Class Big C; Scabbard Councils; Rally and Blade; Crew; Committee. Varsity Rowing Club. VON HUSEN, LOIS J. San Mateo Public Health AZ; YWCA; Cal Engineer. WARHURST, WASHBURN, JOSEPH S. HUGH D. New Jersey Los Angeles Engineering Physics Entomology TB TI; Handball ATA; AZ; Team. Entomology Club. WATKINS, WATKINS, CHARLES L. ELIZABETH A. Brea San Diego Nlech. Engineering Zoology Smyth; ASME. Epworth Hall; Pre-Med Society; YWCA. WEBER, ALLEN L., JR. Los Angeles Civil Engineering ASCE. WEBER, HENRY H. Fresno Indust. Engineering TB II; II TE; AIIE. Listing Delano as his home town, LONNIE SPURRIER distinguished himself as captain of the track team and also as president of the Big " C " Society. However, Bowles Hall pals only knew him by heresay, as any available time left over was devoted to Winged Helmet, Golden Bear, and Arnold Air Society with perhaps an hour or two for his major in general curric. Since Lon broke the meet record at the Cal Olympic Club meet, his ambition is now to break the world ' s record for the half mile run, but the immediate future promises military service and after that, graduate school, 62 WHEELER, WHIDDEN, WHISENHUNT, WHITE, WHITLEY, GERALD R. CATHERINE J. JOHN F. WILLIAM A. JIM D. Auberry Sacramento Clarksburg Sa n Diego Fresno Accounting Speech Pre-Medical Marketing Physical Education OAX; Card Sales XS2; Rally Comm.; Circle C; Foot- KA; Triune; OAX; Football; Comm.; Store Ed.; Panile; Elec. ball; Blue and Winged Helmet. Skull and Keys. Student Union Council; CSTA. Gold; Soph. and Council. Jr. Councils; YMCA. WHYTE, WICKENDEN, WICKENS, WIEKING, WIGGENS, DONALD P. JOHN JAMES F. JAMES P. HOWARD New York Santa Maria San Leandro Piedmont San Diego General Curriculum General Curriculum History. General Curriculum Banking-Finance 040; Triune; AE0. EN; Winged ICI; Winged Skull and Keys; Helmet. met; Triune; BB; Big C Circle C; 4,0; Society. Arnold Air Soc.; Volleyball. WILCOX, WILCOX, WILKENS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, GEORGIA L. LEE F. ROBERT E. EARL E. HOWARD H. San Francisco Long Beach Berkeley Oakland Auburn Journalism Architecture. Law Enforcement Accounting Genera l Curriculum Editor Daily Cal; AAE. Newman Club. Smyth Assn.; Pub. Board; Exec. Baton; Band; Ski Comm.; Cal Club; Club; Glee Club. Univ. Affairs Comm. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSON, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, SKIP L. LILLIAN F. EUGENIA A. FLORENCE S. GEORGE P. Pasadena Compton Da vis Berkeley Yuba City Political Science Journalism History Criminology Mech. Engineering OE. Epworth Hall; r0B. AEA; AAE; II TE; TBH; 0E0; Honor Secretariat. HME; ASME; Students; YWCA. Eng. Jt. Council. WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WINTER, WINTER, LLOYD W. MERCEDES E. PAUL A. GILBERT H. MALCOLM D. I Stockton Walnut Creek San Francisco San Francisco Fresno 1 Accounting Decorative Art Architecture Mathematics Pre-Legal OE; Honor Stud. OT. Tennis Team; Cal 4,HE; A052; 0EK; Rugby; Soc.; Sr. Council. Engineer; Arch. Canterbury Club. Arnold Air Association. WONG, WINTHER, WISHART, WOEBEKE, WONDER, BONG W. JOAN L. DIANE M. CHARLOTTE M. MARGO A. Berkeley San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum English Weight Basketball; KA. AZ; YWCA Ritter Hall; YWCA. Fencing. Circle C; ASCE. Pelican; Class Councils. WONG, WONG, WONG, WONG, WONG, CHUNG-CHIU CONSTANCE L. EUGENE C. LEONA M. MING KWONG Hong Kong Oakland Fresno Oakland San Francisco Optometry. Lab. Technician Civil Engineering Social Welfare Mech. Engineering. CSC. ASCE. Honor Students. WONG, WOO, WOOD, WOODS, WOODS, VICTORIA M. L. YECK KWAN DAVID H. PA TRICIA C. PHILIP C. San Francisco Indochina Danville Washington Fairfield Bacteriology. Pomology. Phy. Metallurgy Fine Arts Engineering Bowles Hall; AZ; AE; Ski Tower and Flame; MTA. Club; Folk Dance; TB H; XE; WAA. ASCE; SAME; Eng. Jt. Council. I As Chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee, BARBARA KINKAID put the finishing touches to her years at Cal. " Kink, " as she was known to Alpha Phi sisters, devoted most of her time to a certain DU, better known as " Pete, " but if he happened to be b usy, then there was still her major in general curriculum and her other hobbies which included swimming and tennis. In the meantime, Barbara could also be found at meetings for Mortar Board, Cal Club, Torch and Shield, and Pry- tanean, the latter of which gave her the distinction(?) of being in charge of corraling argyle socks for the WUS Auction. 63 WOODS, WOODSON, WOOLLOMES, WORLEY, WORRELL, ROBERT L. PETE J. PAUL WILLIAM M. ROBERT K. Los Angeles lone San Francisco Idaho Los Angeles Elect. Engineering Mech. Engineering Finance Psychology; General Curriculum 0AX. II TE; ASME. Xl.; Triune; Fr. Smyth Association. BO II; Triune; Track; Arnold Air Winged Helmet; Society. Skull and Keys; Rugby. WRIGHT, WRIGHT, WU, WYCKOFF, WYLLIE, GEORGE E. LILLIAN W. DAO-TSING ROBERT W. GEORGE J., JR. San Marino Florida China San Leandro Napa Speech Nursing Education Chem. Engineering Political Science Political Science BO II; Triune; RN ' s on Campus. TB H; AICE. AKA; Jr. and Sr. XV. Winged Helmet; Class Councils; Varsity Baseball. Rugby Club. YACKEY, YAMADA, YAMAMOTO, YAMANE, YAMASHITA, ALICE JOE Y. TAMAYE KATSUMI SATOSHI Monterey Park San Diego Berkeley Delano Berkeley Labor-Indust. Rela. Landscape Dietetics. Criminalistics Anthropology. Stern Hall; WAC; Architecture Barrington. Sr. Class Council; Euclid Hall. WDA Council; Pre- Med Society. YAMAUCHI, YARRIS, YASUDA, YBARRA, YEAMAN, OSAMU S. Berkeley JOSEPH E., JR. Vallejo JAMES M. Visalia EUGENE, Oakdale MAX W. Vallejo Public Health Zoology Optometry Marketing Zoology. Cal 130 Basketball. Pre-Med. Soc. Euclid Hall; " I " House; Optometric Newman Club; Jr. Association. Class Council; American Marketing Society. YEE, YEE, YEE, YEE, YEUNG, DORIS S. Y. FRANK GLADYS PAUL WALTER T. Oakland Sacramento Oakland San Francisco China General Curriculum Civil Engineering General Curriculum Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering. X0 II ; YWCA; Cloyne Court; 1011; EE II; Co-op; TB II. CSC; CCCA. Orientations; YWCA; CCCA. Campus Tours; ASCE. YORK, YOSHII, YOSHI, YOUNG, YOUNG, PHILIP J. KAZUO MICHIO BEDFORD J., JR. DIANE P. San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles Long Beach Oakland Civil Engineering. Architecture. Mech. Engineering Business Admin. General Curriculum Smyth Association. Jr. Coun. AZ; Pelican; Cal Engineer; Frosh Council. YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, GERALD C. JEANETTE MARJORIE L. ROBERT R. VIOLET Exeter San Francisco Cedar Glen Downey Davis Geology Public Health. Political Science. Management Food Chemistry Del Rey; MTA. XII; SAM. ON; Tower and Flame; CSC; CCCA; Home Ec. Club. YUN, ZAERR, ZEDIKER, ZEFF, ZEMON, ALICE L. JOE B. PHILLIP L. HARRIS L. SARA-MAE Grass Valley Baldwin Park Washington Modesto Oakland General Curriculum Forestry General Curriculum Economics Public Health Stern Hall. Bowles Hall; Bowles Hall. Smyth; Masonic AO ' E; Frosh II; Calvin Club; Club; Hillel. Council. Forestry Club; Gymnastics Team. 64 Hailing from Oakland, CAROLE GERHARDY is planning a career in public relations, having finished her major in general curric. However, with her sparkling enthusiasm she also participated in many campus activities including Cal IA, Cal Club, Pryt., Project PIC, and was chairman of the reception for Chancellor Kerr. Then as if this weren ' t enough, busy Carole was also Delta Gamma president for a year, and carried on two jobs—one driving the school bus for Anna Head ' s, the second a social program director at a Berkeley Junior High School. Noted for her laugh, Carole laughingly wouldn ' t divulge her nickname, but we found out! ZEOLI, ZEOLI, ZIRKER, ZU G, ZUCKERMAN, IRENE E. NANCY L. MALVIN R., JR. KENNETH D. SONDRA J. Berkeley Millbrae Oakland Pacific Grove San Francisco Art Child Development English Speech Int ' l Relations Treble Clef. Acacia. Del Rey; Senior Bon Haven; Dairy Council; Mask and Cal; Pelican; Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer. Honor Students; Hillel. Senior Class President MARV HUSS was also COC President, Card Sales Co-Chairman, and Junior Class Yell Leader, amassing such honors as election to Golden Bear, Triune, and Gavel and Quill. However, this Phi Tau ' s favorite neglected and claimed much of his attention when he could be pried away from his pre-legal major. In the future, though, Marv ' s summers as recreation leader at the Berkeley Tuolumne Camp look to be over, as Uncle Sant and the Marine Corps are beckoning, and after that . . . why, law school, of course! • Sports fiend DON HARRIS played on Cal ' s football and rugby teams, as a result ending up in Big C, Circle C, Winged Helmet, Triune, Cal Club, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, and that morbid society—Skull and Keys. However, around the Psi Upsilon House, " Donnie " was best known for wielding a mean gavel over the boys while holding down the office of president. As for the immediate future, Uncle Sam has first claim to this Piedmonter who will be contributing several of the best years of his life to the navy, after that . . . anyone for a civil engineer? 65 SENIOR WEEK AND As THE climax to four college years, the Class of ' 54 had an outstanding Senior Week during which enthusiasm and energy were at a peak. Starting on Sunday with the Baccalaureate, President ' s Reception and Coronation of the Senior Sweetheart, the festivities began with a flourish that carried over to the Beach Party on Tuesday at El Granada and the Banquet at the Claremont Hotel on Wednesday with music by Howard Grederick. Then as the week drew to a close, a barbecue at Marsh Creek filled Thursday and finally the great day dawned. Beginning with the Pilgrimage and Alumni Luncheon, Friday saw not only Commence- ment, but also the Senior Ball where seniors and their dates danced to Jimmy Diamond ' s and Herb Faulkner ' s bands. By the time Sat- urday ' s Breakfast was over, undergraduate days were but a fond memory for another class at the University. TOP: SENIOR WEEK CENTRAL COMMITTEE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Kyte, Nancy Martin, Ysabel Urquiza, Benjy Abramovice, Gladys Tolhurst, Lu Brandon. SECOND ROW: Don Sargeant, Ed Jack Marzluft, Charley Stern, Dick Erb, Mary Spear. CENTER: It ' s been a hard four years! BOTTOM: However, the Big Day snakes it all wcrth while! 66 COMMENCEMENT SENIOR WEEK CENTRAL COMMITTEE Senior Week Chairman Benjy Abramovice Senior Week Asst. Chairman Nancy Martin Senior Class President Mary Huss Secretariat Mary Spear Baccalaureate Ysabel Urquiza Beach Party Jim McTig ur Women ' s Banquet Betty Terzian Men ' s Banquet Don Sargeant " ilgrimage Barbara Kyte Finance.. Jack Marzluft ' resident ' s Reception Leatrice Knopf Farewell Breakfast Lu Brandon Senior Sweetheart Don Denton Barbecue Dick Erb Publicity Dick Hexter Senior Ball Charley Stern Privilege Sales Ed Gilligan JUNIORS AFTER THREE months of vacation the Junior Class came back to the University abounding with energy and enthusiasm. Under the leadership of Jim Van Noy, their eagerness was displayed at their lively sing in early October—the first sing of the year, while hard work on their Big Game float won them first place in the class com- petition. Then, on December 9, in keeping with the spirit of the season, a Christmas party was held at the home of Claudia Beebe, class secretary. In spite of examinations and term papers, the class sponsored a very successful paper drive, and on February 26, after the basketball game, the Junior Class, burying the hatchet for the night, held a class Jamboree with the Junior Class of Stanford. Finally, " Bal Masque, " an exotic Junior Prom at the Mount Diablo Country Club, brought to a close another memorable year for the class of ' 55. LEFT—JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, top to bottom: Jim Van Noy, President; Sue Matthews, Vice-President; Claudia Beebe, Secretary; Jerry Gilbert, Yell Leader. Kay Causey was elected secretary in the spring semester. A paper drive is work, but it was the way the industrious juniors chose to reinforce their class treasury. 68 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Johnstone, Colette Nicole, Nancy Flynn, Jane Carts, Jerry Gilbert (yell leader), Claudia Beebe (secretary), Sue Matthews (vice-president), Jim Vay Noy (president), Patty Simmons, Suzie Marelia, Nanon Hitt, Sandra Voorheis, Gladys Miller. SECOND ROW: Sid Schelling, Eve Gard, Mary Ann Shandorf, Bob Keane, Hermie Lopez, Ardery Hemphill, Diane Drake, Marlene Peterson, Joyce Larsen, Denise Blake. THIRD ROW: Theresa Hollander, Bruce Hezlep, Rosemary Meehan, Harriet Saywell, Margie Patten, Barbie George, Sylvia Swan, Jeanne Hoppe, Joan Derry, Bev Gleason, Denise Differding. FOURTH ROW: Pete Byrne, Coy Causey, Rochney Friedman, Marilyn Wensinger, Lois Matushak, Pat Wray, Fran Seals, Shirley Toms, Meade Milisich, Jean Matthiessen, Anita Barker, Diane Frazier, Gail Ruby, Barbara Cummings, Ann Steen, Janice Casagrande, Mary Lu Murry, Carol Mixter. FIFTH ROW: Jack Patterson, Liz Bahis, Bernice Pence, Ann Dorsey, Carol Weger, Nancy Rosenfeld, Michele Glavinovich. SIXTH ROW: Irene Fitts, Joan Adams, lyn Westall, Gordon Wilson, Douglas Leach, Bruce Garland, Carol Dyc, Ann Day, Charron Johnson, Sue Lobres. Junior Float; " The Indian gets it in the end. " 69 SOPHOMORES THE SOPHOMORE Class got off to a rousing start this fall, and with Wes McDaniel as President their enthusiasm seemed to increase as the year progressed. Capturing the spirit of fall, they held the first Sunday Supper of the year, " Autumn Harvest, " on October 4, while their Sing on November 11 carried the theme of " Real Dark Blue, " and provided excellent entertainment. The class, finding itself called upon to demonstrate its superiority over the younger and less experi- enced Frosh, did so very successfully at the Soph-Frosh Brawl, but keeping the Big " C " gold required more than the usual amount of class spirit and stamina. The spring semester found the Sophomores busily preparing for Soph Week, March 1-5. Beginning with " no green Monday, " the week included such events as the Soph Doll Con- test, a Soph Sing, Jazz Concert and the Soph Hop. Their exchange with Stanford later in the spring marked the end of a very successful year for the Sophomores. Hats off to the Class of ' 56 for their con- tribution toward making this year one of the best. TOP TO BOTTOM: Wes McDaniel, President; Joan Brady, Vice-President; Judy O ' Connell, Secretary-Treasurer; Lee Levy, Yell Leader. Soph Doll, JAMIE PETERMAN, center, accompanied by her attendants, CAROL HAVNER, left, and JANE FADDEN, right, is crowned by OSKI at the Soph Sing. 70 Here stand the members of the industrious Sophcmore Council. Frosh-Soph Brawl: Sack racing beats studying. At least it beats the Freshmen. 71 FRESHMEN AFTER THE highly-spirited election of officers, the class of ' 57 em- barked on its first year at the University of California. Under the leadership of President Paul Erickson, the overabundance of class spirit possessed by these urchins was made obvious in the continual occurrences of a green " C " on the Berkeley Hills. Their spirit con- tinued to prevail at the Cal-Stanford frosh football game on November 14. The next day the class held a car wash to make money for their Big Game float which won first prize in its division. Losing the Soph-Frosh Brawl did not daunt these hardy frosh, who on December 9, held their first sing, " The Frosh Freeze. " The high- light of the evening was the crowning of the interclass-sponsored Santa. In the spring a class picnic and a Stanford exchange brought an end to a successful year for the class of ' 57. LEFT, top to bottom: P aul Erickson, President; Bob Nicolaysen, Vice•President; Judy Johnsen, Secretary; Hank McDonnell, Yell Leader. Favorite pastime of freshman plotters—painting " C " green. 72 The Frosh Council unites for a historical photo. A Proud OSKI gets his wish to " annihilate the Injuns. " 73 ADMINISTRATION Heading the ASUC activities were RALPH VETTERLEIN, President, and GENE DONNELLY, Vice•President, who guided the California student body through another memorable year. 77 REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Brian Adams, Marianne Truscott, Bob Collins, Henrietta Girgich, Ralph Vet. terle:n, Gene Donnelly, Ann Hawley, Georgia Wilcox, Jim VanNoy, Speikerman, Leatrice Knopf. STANDING: Vince Mok, Bob Atkinson, Dr. Middlekauph, Brutus Hamilton, Jay Long, Bill Sommerville, Greg Engelhard, Mary Lou Clausen, Don Keene, Nat Huggins, Ed Wachsman, Benjy Abramovice. 78 BESIDES THE task of running a three million dollar organization smoothly, Executive Committee was concerned primarily with internal improvements this year, including such things as an orientations program (this year was the most successful yet) , the complete rewriting of the constitution, and an exten- sive survey of the ASUC by the Public Administra- tion Service which enabled us to become more effici- ent and useful. Last, and perhaps most important, was the planning for a new student union with every- thing being renovated in preparation for the new home. The Ex Committee has tried to add momentum to the prospect of reality for the new student union. because it feels that the most important thing to come for the students is this " home away from home, " the Union, and needless to say, their primary concern was and is for the welfare of the students. TOP TO BOTTOM CLOCKWISE: Ed Wachsman, Mary Lou Clausen, Ann Hawley, Don Hartley, Marianne Truscott, Claude Rowher, Don Keene, Bob Atkinson, Bill viire, Bob Collins, Benjy Abramovice. 79 BRUTUS HAMILTON Director of Intercollegiate Activities GREG ENGELHARD Director cf General Activities FINANCE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Judge Redmond C. Staats, Dr. Woodrow W. Brutus Hamilton, Porens Garrett, Gene Donelly, Ralph Vetterlein, Greg Engelhard, Bill Sommerville, Ann Hawley, and Dean Hurford Stone. ASUC GENERAL ACTIVITY HEADS SEATED, left to right: Bob Kersey, Walter Frederick, Mollie Hill, Joan Hauser, Greg Engelhard, Brutus Hamilton, Charlie Clarke, Earl Rose, Florens Garrett, Jack Happoldt. STANDING: George Briggs and Bob Rubin. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MANAGING THE ever-complicated affairs of the ASUC, Greg Engelhard and Brutus Hamilton share the responsibility of keeping activities in good run- ning order. General activity affairs are under the leadership of Greg Engel- hard, while Brutus holds up the athletic end. Then there is the all-important finance committee, composed of representatives of the University administra- tion, Alumni Association and student body. Responsible for the finances of the ASUC, it approves budgets on the basis of need and service in addition to recommending personnel policies for the ASUC employees. 80 Chief justice for the men, DICK HEXTER ably kept order in the court for the past year. Between her many other duties, RUTHIE KUMMERFELD still I managed to find time to do a good job as chairman of Wont- ! en ' s Judicial Committee. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Jack Meyer, Dick Hexter, Jerry Gordon. STANDING: Erwin Kelly, Hal Hungerford, Lloyd Old, Bob Kirkpatrick, Man Poston, and Shel Wolfe. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Carol Mixter, Leatrice Knopf, Ruth Kummerfeld, Jo Stewart, Nancy Harris. STANDING: Ann Paine, Jan Hope, Meredith Luther, Lois Folsom, Kathy Little. JUDICIAL COMMITTEES THE STUDENT Judicial Committee, composed of Men ' s and Women ' s Judicial committees, had the task of upholding the ASUC Constitution and protecting the rights of the Association and its individual members. In addi- tion, the Committee also worked with the University on problems involving the mutual interest of the administration and the student body, while Women ' s Judicial had their hands full enforcing the University rules for women students, including such matters as lockout violations. $1 With ease and efficiency, EVIE WAT. SON took over the chairmanship of ACB. ACTIVITIES COORDINATING BOARD SEATED, left to right: Mel Bernstein, Bill McKee, Diana Barber, Mary Spear, Marilyn Sutton. STANDING: Skip Stegman, Linda Stohr, Peggy Peddicord. IN CHARGE of the master calendar of ASUC activities, is the Activities Coordinating Board which also approves all dates of these activities, and regulates many ASUC member councils. Functional Services Board, on the other hand, is responsible for the operation and coordination of the governmental functions of the ASUC. Then there is the Class Officers ' Council, which functions under ACB, and is organized in order to co- ordinate the ideas and activities of the four classes. As for student welfare activities, these are directed by the Welfare Board, and include many important matters, while it is through the International Relations Board that Cal students are able to learn abo ut different parts of the world. BRIAN ADAMS capably carried out his duties as Chairman of FSB. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD SEATED, left to right: Don Martin, Bernice Bronsdon, Bonnie Westermann, Brian Adams (chairman), Marianne Meylan, Gladys Tolhurst, Lee Chapman. STANDING: Quentin Taylor, Elliot Baum. 82 In addition to his duties as Senior Class President, MARV HUSS found time to be Chairman of Class Officers Council. Welfare Board once again was led through a successful semester by its Chairman, NAT HUGGINS. Capable and enthusiastic JAY LONG chaired International Board during the fall semester. CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Joan Brady, Jerry Gilbert, Judy O ' Connell, Marv Huss, Claudia Beebe, Lee Levy. STANDING: Hank McDonnell, Betty Terzian, Nancy Martin, Bob Nicolaysen, Sue Matthews, Jim Van Noy, Dick Erb, Judy Johnson, Wes McDaniel. WELFARE BOARD SEATED, left to right: Miriam Benjamin, Nat Huggins, Carol Golden. STANDING: Connie Valdez, Jeanne Stokes, Tom Shepherd, Hank Wong, Rudy Moos. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD SEATED, left to right: Liz Ehrenzweig, Dave Lipp, Susana Martinez, Dot Garrick, Jay Long, Jeanne Stokes, Jean koff, Bob Green, Meredith Luther. STANDING: Charlotte Hoijer, Jerry Lyon, Clarence Chun, Leonard Rodney, John Wilcox, Marcia LeDuc, Pam Ormsbee. 83 84 SEATED, left to right: Roberta Thatcher, Jo Stewart, Jan Hope, Gene Donnelly, Leatrice Knopf, Carol Freyschlag, Joan Brady, Dorothy Zarley, Betty Terzian. STANDING: Mudge Downing, Barbara Kyte, Ruthie Kummerfeld, Marilyn Ahlport. NOT PICTURED: Sue Matthews, Bob Nicolaysen. WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES IT Is the function of Women ' s Executive Board to coordinate all women ' s activities on the Berkeley campus and to work for the general welfare of all Berkeley coeds. In addition to sponsoring such activities as the Campanile Fair, which was held this spring, WEB had full control over the women ' s lockout rules (the latest lockout in the United States, inci- dentally) , and also sponsored the welcome tea for Miss Katherine A. Towle where there was an attendance of 1,500 women students. Besides all this, the women on this campus tried to be concerned not only with their individual prob- lems, but also with the problem of the community, the country, and international affairs, and Women ' s Ex Board took part in all these phases of work throughout the past year. LEATRICE KNOPF, the Fall Representative, led the women on campus through a wonderful term while CAROL SPIEKERMAN was every bit as successful in the Spring. The Christmas Party Tor underprivileged children was a huge success. Women ' s Day had a fine turnout, which showed the interest of the Cal coeds, as they watched the traditional noon fashion show. Over 1,500 women attended the tea for Miss Towle, the new Dean of Women, who graciously shook hands literally all afternoon. 85 HERALDING THE new semester, tration again filled Men ' s Gym while advisors arranged programs for freshmen and graduates alike. Then as classes began, the Bear Trap did a booming business which contrasted to the silence in Morrison library. 86 WAA COUNCIL—SEATED, left to right: Fran Russell, Marilyn Ahlport, Phyllis Rubin, Takako Shinoda, Iris Muller. STANDING: Billie Bridges, Miss Gilcoyne (advisor), Mary Aulwurm, Betty Frost. NOT PICTURED: Diane Kostial, Phyllis Blatz. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Women ' s sports had a busy and out• standing year with MARILYN AHLPORT to guide the many activities. WAA HAD an exciting and wonderful year with its many intramural tournaments and sport days with other Bay Area colleges. These in- cluded the Swimposium at San Francisco State, a swimming workshop, and the grand Bay Area Sports Day at Stanford University. In addition the girls enjoyed hostessing for the first Fencing Atelier, a workshop, for the annual High School Sports Day, and also for the traditional aqua- cade on Women ' s Day. Finally, at the close of each semester ' s activities came the special Field Week events with the Field Week Dessert at which time awards were presented and new managers, officers, and members of the Wom- en ' s " C " Society were announced. 88 INTRAMURAL BOARD—SEATED, left to right: Sharlene Patten, Gwen Yelland, Barbara Mancarti, Mary Aulwurm, Daphne Triphon, Diane Kostial. STANDING: Miss Gilcoyne, Joanne Garvey. The intramural semi-finals are tough going as Stern Hall and Kappa Kappa Gamma match their skill. SPORTS CLUB BOARD—SEATED, left to right: Betty Pacheco, Miss Espenschade, Billie Bridges, Iris Muller, Norma Olsonoske. STANDING: Jean Prichard, Barbara Schultz, Marilyn Van Dyke, Jane Chiswell, Marjorie Dineen, Margaret Stone, Marilyn Hahn, Mary Ann McCargar, Barbara Levin, Marion Merlotti, Peggi Ford. WAA represents its diversity of skills in hockey with the Red Devil ' s versus the Yellow Canaries. ;89 90 SEATED, left to right: Peter Dohl, Jim Kidder, Dave Kennel!, Gene Suttle, Walt Weimer. STANDING: Dick Holler, Bob Hamilton, Keith Sexton, Bill Davis, Don Lude, Carlos Barrow, Fred Blum, Bo Drobish. YMCA THE UNIVERSITY YMCA was in its 70th year as an organized group of young men working together to give depth and direction to university life. The out- standing event of the year was Cal 1A, the YM-YW week-end camp which provided new students with a wider and more personal view of campus life, while other prominent activities included the Students ' Model Senate, various social concerns groups, initia- tion of a Freshman Clubs program, intercollegiate conferences, and cabinet action on several public is- sues. FIRST ROW, left to right: Gerry Munger, Nancy Moncure, Shirlianne Hilker, Ruth Kummerfeld„ Margaret Wagner, Chris Park, Melza Biery, Dot land. SECOND ROW: Bernice Bronsdcn, Araminta Dickey, Carol Spiekerman, Carol Mixter, Evie Durland, Janice Huncierford, Marcia Dimmick, Jean Harris, Dot Thelan. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Warren, Charr Smith, Anne Kern, Janet Kirby, Sue Cerini, Coralee George, Elizabeth Wagner, Martha Carter, Mileva Pradanavich, Julie Geary, Claire Nelson. YWCA THE FRIENDLY cottage on the corner of Union street and Allston Way housing the many activiti es of the University YWCA saw an active program of lunch- eons discussing such things as freshman problems, philosophies of life, comparative religions, world affairs, and human relations, as well as a comprehen- sive program in community service. Through these programs, the Y provide s a meeting place for all women students to meet others of similar and diverse backgrounds. DAVE KENNELL, acting as presi- dent in the fall in place of Walt Wiemer, took over full reign for the spring semester to round out a successful year for the YMCA. Friendly RUTH KUMMERFELD, in addition to her numerous other ac- tivities, efficiently led the YWCA through another profitable and re- warding year. 91 FIRST ROW, left to right: L. BahIs, K. Little, S. Smith, B. Kyte, Y. Uriguiza, D. Coates, S. Hilker, E. Wachman. SECOND ROW: L. Chapman, S. Dobrowsky, S. Toms, L. Brandon, G. Bunderson, S. Mathew, J. Jones, J. Barton, W. tinich. THIRD ROW: N. Pierce, J. Staub, B. Boyarsky, H. Frei, J. Culver. FOURTH ROW: D. Thelan, M. Arlom, D. Brusasco, C. James, C. Havner, IC. Freichs, K. Wham, C. Froomin, K. Schumacher, L. Sullivan. WOMEN ' S COUNSELING ACQUAINTING NEW women students with the social and activity opportunities at Cal, the program of Women ' s Activity Counseling this year included a tea honoring the new women students, in addition to staff meetings and a party. Each counselor also took an active and friendly interest in the progress of her coun- selees during the semester. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Kaar, Jim Thompson, Burns McCalman. OND ROW: Sal Ivascitelli, Chuck Dickenson, Dcn Day, Bill Tcm, Art worth. THIRD ROW: Martin Zanlight, Phil Greer, Ray Youmans, Ernie Krumm, Jr., Tom Cock, Torn Doctor, Skip Stegman, Bill Johnson, Art Mannion, Al Benelisha. MEN ' S COUNSELING BETTER KNOWN as MAC, Men ' s Activity Coun- cil had the aim of orienting new men students through individual counseling and group activi- ties. These counselors not only helped the stu- dents become adjusted to campus life, but by direction and advice made it possible for the entering student to get the most from his years on campus. BARBARA KYTE inspired her corps of counselors in extending a friendly welcome to new women students. Capable BILL TOM made sure Cal ' s new manpower enjoyed life here at the University. STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE CARD SALES PROVIDING FOR the fullest use of the Student Union, this committee arranged various displays in the Women ' s Clubrooms. FALL 1953 was the last year Card Sales Committee acted as an inde- pendent organization. Henceforth it will be under the direction of Class Officers Council. ROBERTA THATCHER Chairman GAYLE RIVERS Chairman SEATED, left to right: C. Benson, S. Gladstein, S. Mathew, J. Jones, R. Thatcher, V. Mak, L. Stohr. STANDING: D. Gould, K. Kassolas, J. Kidder, Jobe, L. Kessler, N. Bauer, B. Sypkens, H. gomery, J. Mason, J. Lyman, M. Clausen, C. J. McRae, M. Milisich, S. Davidson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Demith, Gladys Gayle Rivers, Huss, Barbara Springston. SEATED, left to right: Benjy Abramovice, Baum, Dick Hexter, Harley Stohlman, Eva Quilici. STANDING: Don Tronstein, Jim Bouick, Hank Wong, John Partridge, Jack Happhordt, Neil Johnson, Bob Markevitch. NOT PICTURED: F. Marler, B. zohl. SEATED, left to right: B. Hamilton, A. Dickey, Park, M. Hagar. STANDING: C. Manzano, C. ner, M. Beebe, P. Wallace, A. Johnson, B. welder, J. Ross, C. Downey, M. Coombs. MANAGEMENT OF the Bear Trap, Bear ' s Lair and Taproom is the main concern of the Store Board which also handles complaints and suggestions, recommending im- provements to Ex Committee. THIS GROUP of students endeavored to cement relations between the U.S. and Pakistan, India and Ceylon by means of study, travel, and discus- sions plus speaking engagements on their return. DICK HEXTER Chairman BERT BLACKWELDER Chairman STORE BOARD PROJECT PIC 92 SECRETARIAT RADIO-TV CO-REC COUNCIL ENGINEERS COUNCIL THESE GIRLS keep up on current events of the University while they ga in secretarial experience work- ing for the ASUC officers. OFFERING ACTING and technical ex- perience for students, Radio TV Theatre produced a series of shows of both types over local stations. CAROL SPIEKERMAN Chairman JANET CHEESMAN Chairman FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Long, M. Root, J. Jones, L. VanRonkel, C. Spiekerman, S. Hazalet, B. Mills, S. Miller. SECOND ROW: P. Clements, B. Simpson, D. Wulzen, F. Tannenbaum, M. Shenker, V. Wachter, B. Templeton, F. Seals, E. Quilici. THIRD ROW: C. Nomaco, J. Barton, C. Mauzy, P. Wheatfill, N. Poe, M. Inman-Kane, B. Black, L. Iarussi. FOURTH ROW: H. Hirohata, L. Rigunay, K. Frerichs, S. Wilson, M. Rainey. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Gompertz, R. wright, J. Cheesman, K. Crenshaw. SECOND ROW: N. Lothar, F. Simon, E. Biedermann, K. Lindberg, L. Morgan. THIRD ROW: L. Koeher. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill McKee, Mary Spear, Bev Fitch, Herschey Shoor. FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Wilson, L. Ballard, B. McKee, W. Giedt. SECOND ROW: K. Henrie, J. Dutzi, M. Barnett, B. Albert, S. Freeman, P. Hart, F. Graebe, B. Blackmer. THIRD ROW: J. Santos, R. Wedemeyer, L. Daley, Laverne, M. Honea, C. Fredrickson. IN PLANNING a social program to increase recreational opportunities on campus, Co-Rec Council ' s year included Sunday Swims, Friday Sport Nights, and informal dances. COORDINATING ALL the engineering societies on campus, the Engineers ' Joint Council keeps a master calen- dar of the activities and also pub- lishes an orientations booklet. MARY SPEAR Chairman LEIGH BALLARD Chairman 93 MODEL UNITED NATIONS CAL-INDO ASUC LEADERSHIP TRAINING ORIENTATIONS ONCE AGAIN Cal students, repre- senting the US, participated in the Model UN held at UCLA. The dele- gates gained insight and practical experience in the problems of world politics and the United Nations. SEATED, left to right: Bob Green, Joan Jerry Addicott, Anne Firth, Leon Lindberg. ING: Stan Lyman, Carey McWilliams, Carlos Barron, Wilbur Lee, Keith Jewell. PROJECT CAL-INDO, by working with students in Indonesia, hopes to further international understand- ing and cooperation, one project being a student center to be built in Java jointly by Indonesian and Cal students. SEATED: Herb Schmitz. STANDING, left to Phyllis Sosnick, Isao Fujimoto, Anne Grafft, Jane Park, Mary Townsend, Hans Schmitt, Donna Bernstein, Conni Freydig. JOAN HARTLEY Chairman HERB SCHMITZ Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Bev Fitch, Bert Barker, Tom frys, Bernice Bronsdon, Mel Bernstein, Marilyn Jacob- son, Paul Erickson, Wilma Steinert. FIRST ROW, left to right: Frank Yee, Bonnie erman. SECOND ROW: Gregg Figgins, Karin Jack Grey, Wilma Dansby, June Beavis. THIRD ROW: J. Robson, N. Lockwood, H. Bryant, N. Martin, Sexton. A LEADERSHIP Study Seminar and a Frosh Orientations Meeting were part of a program to promote good leadership techniques in the ASUC and to interest students in leader- ship positions on campus . BESIDES ACQUAINTING new students with information and materials needed during registration, Orien- tations Council helps them meet each other and become familiar with campus facilities. BERNICE BRONSDON Chairman BONNIE WESTERMAN Chairman 94 CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL DRIVES COUNCIL IN ADDITION to helping write con- stitutions for all of the new or re- organized activities, the council had the big task of rewriting the ASUC Constitution this year. SEATED, left 0 right: Nancy Bracken, Nan Nelson, Elliot Baum. STANDING: Hans Palmer, Al Merrill. DURING THE YEAR, Drives Council contributed to the consolidation of most of the East Bay charities un- der the United Crusade, in addition to work on the Campus Crusade and WUS drives. SEATED, left to right: Quentin Taylor, Hermie Lopez. STANDING: Carol Montgomery, Pat can, Marianne Sullivan, Harry Bower. NOT TURED: Beau Beech, Rosemary Meehan. QUENTIN TAYLOR Chairman ELLIOTT BAUM Chairman -..meeemet ymemetammaemerge 11111111111111 m earn mow FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Forsburg, G. Tolhurst, S. Waters. SECOND ROW: J. Steninger, N. Cake, C. Carlin, C. Bell, E. Watson, K. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: C. Kempf, P. Moss, J. Reynaud, D. Larson, S. Moore, B. Kubin, R. Young. SEATED, left to right: P. Smith, J. Laugennour, B. Clymer, D. Martin, C. Hunt, N. Poe, M. McBride. STANDING: D. Reeves, M. Rothganger, C. Proudfoot, N. Woodruff, A. Johnson, J. Evanikoff, R. Thum, J. Pardee, C. Moyer, T. Morrish. THE CAMPAIGN months of May and December find this council working long hours at a great pace as they okay political aspirants, man the booths, and count the many ballots. IN ADDITION to touring the living groups to help out in drives, the members took several trips to high schools, speaking on activities, ath- letics, scholarships, housing and tradition. GLADYS TOLHURST Chairman h DON MARTIN Chairman ELECTIONS COUNCIL SPEAKERS ' BUREAU 95 HIGH SCHOOL MODEL UN CAMPUS TOURS NSA ES HIGH SCHOOL Model United tions this year put on a conference in which over thirty high schools with three hundred students ticipated. Cal is the only university on the U.S. to sponsor one. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Green, Diane Daniel, Peggy Cross, John MacGregor. MEMBERS OF this committee held a valuable public relations job tween the University and the side community through their guided tours of the campus. LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Kirk, Frank Yee, Ernest Chin. JOHN MacGREGOR Chairman FRANK YEE Chairman SEATED: Dick Marston. STANDING, left to right: Hermie Lopez, Janet Rosenberg, Beverly Fitch, tin Taylor, Art Nicolayson, Vince Mok. IN ADDITION to channeling mation from the United States, NSA and member schools to the ASUC, NSA also participated in a nine-school Student Government Clinic. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tia Pinney, Lou Curtice, Sue Matthews, Carol Minter, Shiela Pepper. OND ROW: Bill Sommerville, Joan Dowdell, Carol Weger, Lee Ralph, Ann Freeman. THIRD ROW: Don Martin, Bob Hamilton. " WISH FOR WUS " was the theme of this year ' s drive as wishing wells and many other special events plemented living group and administrative donations to make the drive a great success. VINCE MOK Chairman SUE MATTHEWS BILL SOMMERVILLE Chairmen 96 COUNCIL I-REPS COUNCIL CORRESPONDENCE COUNCIL FORUM COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Talbert, Clarence Chun, Charlotte Hoijer. HANDLING THE on-campus relations of International Board with the foreign students this council ' s pro- gram included the traditional re- ception for new foreign students and a Big Brother program for en- tering foreign students. THIS COUNCIL is composed mainly of foreign students who meet to discuss better integration of new foreign students and the establish- ment of closer relations between the American and foreign students. JERRY LYON JANIE TALBERT Co-Chairmen EANNE STOKES Chairman SEATED, left to right: Mary Jane Talbert, Jerry Lyons. STANDING: Charlene Lamport, Giovanna Lauricelle, Nina Sharnoff, John Coll. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sheila Ryan, Yves Hoflack, Betty Jane Park, Ann Firth, Dave Lipp, Jeanne Stokes, John MacGregor. NOT PICTURED: G. Narsimhan, P. Kraimer, F. Riebef, H. de le Roi, K. Rassmussen. . ftti THE INTERNATIONAL Correspond- ence Council spent a busy year matching up " pen pals " for stu- dents both on this campus and abroad. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jane Fegen, Myrna man, Nancy Peppin, Dan Larsen. SECOND ROW: Jioia Silverthorne, Dinny Mansfield, David Lipp. NOT PICTURED: Nina Martocchia. PLANNING AND organizing forums, movies, lectures and discussions on subjects of contemporary interest, of national and international con- cern, kept Forum Council busy this year. DAVID LIPP Chairman CLARENCE CHUN Chairman 97 UNESCO COUNCIL ACADEMIC AFFAIRS COUNCIL SCHOLARSHIP EXCHANGE TRAVEL COUNCIL BEING DIRECTLY concerned with all intercollegiate international affairs, UNESCO planned for and partici- pated in conferences at Stanford, Mills, UCLA, and Asilomar. ACTING AS a fact-finding agency for the ASUC, the alumni associa- tion, the council ' s projects for the year included surveys on scholar- ship holders at the University. JOHN MacGREGOR Chairman MIRIAM BENJAMIN Chairman SEATED: John MacGregor. STANDING, left to right: Barbara Bloden, Peggy Cross, Barbara Louis Hirsch, Young Stewart, Bob Green, Marianne Zerwech, Dave Kelton, Sandy Shapiro. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. McGaugh, M. min, M. Lipson, S. Lyman, H. Grody, R. Fradin, L. Kazman, T. Kay. SECOND ROW: L. Duga, M. J. Call. NOT PICTURED: M. Alpert, B. Leslie, Velasquez. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Rieber, Lee Rideaux, Liz Ehrenzweig (chairman). NOT PICTURED: Adrienne Oscammau, Terry Huang SCHOLARSHIP AND Exchange Coun- cil kept very busy this year giving information to students going abroad, with special interest in de- veloping an exchange program with foreign countries. LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Anderso n, Jane Dorothy Bliss, Barbara Crane, Marcia LeDuc, Ormsby, Robert Trimingham. TRAVEL COUNCIL provided infor- mation on foreign countries and advice on foreign travel opportuni- ties, in addition to sponsoring Eur- Cal Tours, the ASUC ' s own tour for Cal students. LIZ EHRENSWIG Chairman MARCIA LeDUC Chairman 98 STUDENT RELATIONS SPECIAL SERVICES STUDENT LABOR CAMPUS OPINION CONCERNED WITH racial and religi- ous prejudice on campus, Student Relations Council helps to solve problems regarding such discrimi- nations and has sponsored a related panel discussion series on the topic. IN RENDERING aid to the students the projects of Special Services in- cluded " dead week, " student dis- count commuter system, and has set up a voluntary commuter program especially in use during the holi- days. CARMALITA MALLEA Chairman SYLVIA LYMAN ROBERTA FRADEN Co-Chairmen SEATED, left to right: Carmelita Matlea, IVIarilyn Swasey. STANDING: Floyd Conway, Hank Wong. LEFT TO RIGHT: Anita Stevens, Bobbie Fradin, Miriam Benjamin, Jann O ' Neil, Sylvia Adams. SEATED, left to right: Jo Ann Meredith, Floyd Conaway, Adrienne Ross. STANDING: Ernest Ching, Vic Garlin. THE STUDENT Labor Council acts as a liaison between employers and students, investigating and making suggestions regarding the various phases of student employment. FIRST ROW. left to right: B. Parker. P. Erickson, D. Bowers, B. Adams, D. Reeves, C. Kchle, D. tin. SECOND ROW: M. Bernstein, J. Hall, H. Palmer, M. Staerkel, M. Jacobson, B. Fitch, B. Bronsdon, W. Steinert. INVESTIGATING THE possibility of a permanent committee, Campus Opinion spent the year engaged in research and making a report to FSB on the practicality of such a group. DAVID REEVES Chairman FLOYD CONAWAY Chairman 99 The lucky first and second place winners were well rewarded for their months of hard work for the Spring Talent Show especially the Delta Gammas who won three of the coveted trophies. SPRING WITH THE blossoming out of cotton dresses and bright shirts the Spring semester was initiated, and the everlasting Registration lines became even more tangled with the additional requirement of X-ray cards. The traditional class sings were carried out with more enthusiasm than ever as the Senior Class searched for the " Greenest Man on Campus. " Then the World University Service also received a boost as the Ugly Man Contest, Prytanean Auction, and Panile carnation sales were supported with fervor by the campus, and carrying out tradition, the Spring Talent Show was launched after hard work on the part of various committees and entrants. But as soon as the official beginning of Spring was sounded, " Campusology " became the main course of most Cal students . . . yes, the sun was bright even on the shallow end of Wheeler this Spring. TOP LEFT—SPRING TALENT SHOW—FIRST ROW, left to right Len Rodney, Lloyd Fabri, Lucie Brandon, Helen Chiswell, Bev Fitch, Bill Bell, Irene Ruslender, Evie Gard, Theasa Tuohy, Arden deMartini, Bobi Ruby. SECOND ROW: Andy Wong, Margot mann, Elaine Rcggero, Dawn Alexander, Kitty Lohann, Sylvia Swan, Marian Johnson, Jeanne Burgua, John Mason, Burton Froom. THIRD ROW: Stan Stephens, Bev Gleason, Sue Swanfefdt, Marylin Jacobson, Nette Miller, Sandy Stauffer, Pat Miles, Carolyn Shaw, Tom Morrish. NOT PICTURED: Jerome Fountain, Tulio Acquistapace, Buzz Ragatz, John Morken. CENTER LEFT: Going, Going, Gone, and the basketball-hashing team was auctioned off at the Prytanean auction amid interested spectators and buyers. BOTTOM LEFT: Some of the greener men on campus. 100 ABOVE: OSKI is well satisfied with his bevy of beauties . . Football Festival Queens and UC Hostess ANN MOORE ... during ha!ftim?. at the Baylor game. FALL FROM STRAINS of the California Drinking Song to Jingle Bells, the fall semester rolled along at a great pace. Football, of course, was in the spotlight with new innovations being added to the usual round of events. The traditional places of meeting .. Wheeler steps, the Bear ' s Lair, and the library .. . were frequented per usual with Dwindle Plaza run- ning a close second. Activities, classes, and social events took up a great deal of the time for most students, putting the academic side of college life into the background for awhile. Then, as Christmas took over the campus, a large white tree was dec- orated at the entrance to Sather Gate with the hopes that this might be continued in the future. At last, while the strains of Happy New Year faded, and the sentiments of good luck in finals began, another fall semester ended and found itself but history. TOP: The Campus Crusade is topped off by the crowning of Miss Campus, KAY RINGTON, at the Senior Sing. MIDDLE: Tradition is broken at the Big Game Rally as Pompon make their first appearance before the California rooting section. TOM: The Christmas spirit prevails as the whole University comes together for the traditional Christmas Sing in the Men ' s Gym. 101 - BIG GAME BIG GAME Week lost no time in getting off to a fast start. as Blue Monday and the final judging for Big Game Sweetheart were features of the first day. Even though after- noon showers put a slight damper on the Kangaroo Kourt. the morning netted a large harvest of unfortu- nate Californians whose offenses ranged everywhere from red socks to red hair, and appropriate punish- ments were meted out with consid- erable relish on behalf of the stern judges. Then as Tuesday rolled around, the Axetravaganza opened at the campus theatre followed by the crowning of the Big Game sweet- heart by Jim Cullom, and Carol Seiss began her reign over Big Game Week activities, attended by Anita Person, Janie Peterman, Kathy Martens, and Ann Forman. The Axe Show with its parody on Senate investigations and life at the University, played three nights to full houses, while the jazz concerts drew afternoon crowds. However, in the meantime, students all over campus were pushing thousands of yards of crepe paper into chicken wire frames for Friday ' s parade of floats which featured the " Roar of the ' C ' " with neptune haunts, hun- gry bears, and Indians in various stages of being destroyed. Sweep- stakes went to Tri Delts and Phi Sigma Kappa at the evening rally. and Beatrice Kay, along with other professionals, entertained, as the traditional axe yell heralded Satur- day ' s game. Finally, in true Cal spirit, the Bears surprised the In- dians as they tied up the Big Game score in a 21 to 21 deadlock after a hectic last moment. VISITORS TO Cal came from all over the world, including the Crown Prince of Japan, the popular Hellenic rulers, Elea- nor Roosevelt, and a group of students from Mexico City. I AA LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest Fisch, Georgia Wilcox, Ward Flynn, Pat Lapp, Hal Hungerford, George Huaco, Ed Gilligan, Walt Anderson, Wally Fredericks, Kathy Crawford, Janet Millard, Gayle Rivers. NOT PICTURED: Sydney Rosenbaum, Ken White. PUBLICATIONS BOARD As SPOKESMAN for all the publications, this council is responsible to Ex Committee and is composed of the editor and manager of each publica- tion, plus the managing editor of the Daily Cal. Headed by Wally Frede- ricks, Publications Council spent a busy year occupied with bull sessions, the formulation of general rules, and the High School Journalism Con- ference which they put on during May, to say nothing about the major job of meeting all of the deadlines for the various publications. LEFT, TOP: Ed Gilligan, Fall Chairman; BOTTOM: Doug Dempster, Spring Chairman. BELOW, LEFT: Wally Fredericks, Director of Publications; RIGHT: Pat Lapp, Assistant Director of Publications. Always ready to help, Sally Butner, Barbara Morton, and Ann Wilscr were three of the busiest people on the campus. I 06 ABOVE: A course in Bridge lA was also offered. BELOW, left to right: Ernie Fisch, FaIr Assistant Editor; Carole Carlin, Fall Women ' s Director; Sondra Nelson, Spring Women ' s Director: Rcn Spring Manager; Ward Flynn, Fal! Manager; Ken White, Editor. STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Candy Bremer, Ernie Fisch, Ward Flynn, Ken White, Sandy Nelson. STANDING: Tony Dean, Reese Rolasky, Ruth Thomas, Carole Carlin, Bob Bremer. CALIFORNIA ENGINEER KEEPING THE campus informed about current developments in Engineering and scientific research has been the function of the California Engineer. Published once each month during the school term, the magazine provided the engineering student with ample opportunity to express himself in a technical, intellectual, and even humorous manner. The Engineer is divided into three staffs: edi- torial, managerial, and women ' s staff. Managerial handles adver- tising and promotion, while the women ' s staff does the actual selling and office work such as copy editing, page layout, and typing. In- cuded in the semesters ' activities were parties, desserts, afternoons at the Rathskeller, and banquets. 107 BLUE AND GOLD EDITORIAL STAFF CRIES OF " Where ' s that copy? " and " We have a deadline on Friday! " greeted visitors to 110 Eshleman, as the mighty yearbook grew from a set of artist ' s drawing to a full-fledged volume. In the meantime, editors alternately lost their voices and tore their hair in frustration over broken picture appoint- ments and mislaid I.D. ' s, while the air rang with the click of typewriters and the grind of scissors. Junior and sophomore editors alternately took orders from the senior editors and passed them along to the freshmen who, along with the pho- tographers, could only go home and kick the cat. However, as the spring semester wore on and the vapors of rubber glue finally began to disappear out of the windows, the editors cheerfully invaded L.S. Z., where, armed with red pencils, they proofread several miles of printed pages and finally man- aged to put the BLUE AND GOLD " to bed " for another year. Hiding behind her glass wall, Editor GAYLE RIVERS always practiced what her slogans preached. To all complaints she would reply, " I ' m not hard of ing, I ' m just ignoring you. " Another sports enthusiast was born as Sports Editor ALISON GIDDINGS avidly read the Daily Car every morning over her " Breakfast of Champions. " As Blue and Gold deadlines passed by and the final one drew near, Copy Edi- tor JAN CLEVELAND finally faced the hard facts and put away her knitting in favor of writing the copy for the book. JUNIOR EDITORS, left to right: Carol Proudfoot, Carlos Cortes, John Anderson, Nancy Bracken, Janet Chantler. NOT PICTURED: Lee Chapman. 108 ,_ i v -, TW INIT MW:ii r allar Aar MIL i TW VIM UMW mramecinaliimun r---! IOW, IA ; ,iilwr UPPER RIGHT—SOPHOMORE EDITORS, left to right: Mary Louise Holland, Sheila Ryan, Judy Woolsey, Marianne Meylan, Wilma Gustinich, nor Langlois. NOT PICTURED: Carol Prather, John Leathers. CENTER RIGHT: LEE CHAPMAN and JOHN ERS discussing forthcoming picture schedules. Things get pretty tough around deadline time. FRESHMAN EDITORS—SEATED, left to right: Peggy Clements, Giovanna Lauricella, Carol Thurston. STANDING: Ada Marie Actis, Karen Johanson, Barbara Thcde, Sally Tuller, Jan Hickman. NOT PIC• TURED: Ann Van Houten, Lois Robinson, Marrlyn DeBonis. 109 BLUE AND GOLD MANAGERIAL THE ECHO of campus life on the record which you have in your yearbook is the best proof available that there was plenty of activity to keep the BLUE AND GOLD Managerial Staff busy this year. In addition to playing " Johnny on the spot " and being the " ears of the campus " the Managerial Staff carried on its usual sales promotion stunts. First they won friends and sub- scribers by distributing complimentary cigarettes. Then they imported an Indian and finally Santa Claus himself to convince a greater number of students that this yearbook was a must. The frantic screams of JANET MIL- LARD LA ROCQUE as the year pro- gressed, to keep Editorial ' s necessary supplies down to a bare mini- As she jumped out of the third-floor window into Strawberry Creek, MARY KELLY could be heard exclaiming, " TGTS0 " —(Thank God that studio ' s over)! HELEN ZACHMANN as chief cook aid bookkeeper, managed to balance rela- tions between the ASUC Accounting De- partment and the Blue and Gold on an even keel. JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED, left to right: Margaret Levis, Elli ot Baum. STANDING: Dave Dealey, Jan Morgan, Sybil Stafford, Nan Nelson. I IA UPPER RIGHT: SOPHOMORE MANAGERS, Left to right: Suzanne Harrison, Margaret Kennedy, Barbara Bloden, Jim Franklin. CENTER RIGHT: FRESHMAN STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Don Weck, Janet Walsh, Margaret Giusto. STANDING: Marian Archer, Barbara Hubner, Bobi Ruby, Maryanne Downey, Sue Hunter, Barbara Diamond. And then there ' s Managerial! Publicity stunts included a Milk Drinking Contest. III I 12 SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS, left to right: Bev Mitchell, Sandy Littlewood, Carol Eaton, Edna Herrera, Barbara Rosenthal. JUNIOR EDITORS—SEATED, left to right: Phyllis Sosnick, Liz Waldie, Betsy Ross. STANDING: Lorraine Smith, John Robson, Alix Bouldin, Don McDaniel, Skip Garretson, Bob Falk. DAILY CALIFORNIAN EDITORIAL STAFF Two PROBLEMS—too few staff members and too many ads—plagued the Daily Californian editorial staff during 1953-54. The result was small papers with many ads, as a by-product of the cost spiral of the last few years. But ment was general that, all things considered, the 56th consecutive year of daily publication had been a good one. Room 12 Eshleman Hall, lit up from dawn to ' way after dark, saw thirty-five staff members put in up to thirty hours a week to produce the paper on time. Strange jargon— " lower office . . . turtle . . . hed . . . time copy . . . overset " —floated around. People from all over the world wandered in to tell their experiences. Visiting firemen envied the physical plant in Eshleman Hall. And the staff, happy in the midst of b edlam. worked on, oblivious. TOP: GEORGIA WILCOX Fall Editor BOTTOM: DOUG DEMPSTER Spring Editor SOPHOMORE EDITORS—SEATED, left to right: Ida Bue, Donna Bernstein, Maggie Meyer, Marilyn Steiner, Mary Cain. STANDING: Florence Lan, Vic Garlin, Barbara Preston, Ron Jensen, Stu Hall. FRESHMAN REPORTERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Sally Holliday, Shirley Pitts, Ruth Anne Caldwell, Marilyn Jacobson, Dolores Schectman. SECOND ROW: Lelia Seagel, Herb Wakeford, LaNelle Bainer. ABOVE, top to bottom: Bob Tripp, Fall City Editor; Rod Duncan, Spring City Editor; Hal Hungerford, Fall Manager; Jan Stephens, Spring Assistant Edi- tor. BELOW, left to right: Bruce Barnet, Spring Assistant City Editor; Sue Gardner and Lu Swales, Spring Assistant City Editors; Don Kechley, Fall Pro- duction Editor; Ann Hall, Assistant Managing Editor. 113 114 JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to right: Marge Butler, Mary Ellen Grant, Barry Hutchison, Stan Brackett, Pat Connelly. SOPHO. MORE MANAGERS: Kirk Thompson, Joyce Nelson, Evelyn Brass, Bah Nicolayson. DAILY CALIFORNIAN MANAGERIAL IF YOU ' VE ever been knocked down on the front steps of Eshleman Hall by an advertising solicitor rushing to see his accounts, perhaps you ' ve noticed a bustling office located just off the main lobby. This is the home of those unsung heroes who keep our University shopping news in the black. These gay souls spend most of their conscious hours instructing the local merchants of the value of reaching the college market. With the re- sounding cry, " Get out and sell " ringing in our ears, we venture out with our motto firmly in mind, " Advertise, it ' s deductible. " Other organiza- tions may be bigger or more radical, but none are more mercenary. ED GILLIGAN, Fall Manager LARRY BLAIR, Spring Manager TOP: FRESHMAN MANAGERS, left to right: Betty Innocenti, Ann Fagundes, Ed Simmel, Nancy Graves, Libby Sutton. BOTTOM: SPORTS STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Don Martin, Dave Seymour, Morris Kosis. STANDING: Paul Kaufman, Bob Hayman, Ed White, Jim Lemert, Jim Gerhardt, Phil Marcus, Herb Deardorff, Tom Lubbock. TOP: PHOTOGRAPHERS. Ron Prcmgren, Eric Lawrence. BOTTOM: SPORTS EDITORS: Jim Paul, Fall Editor; Dave Seymour, Spring Editor. Members of the Daily Cal staff show off their effici- ency and tireless energy for the photographer. SPORTS STAFF FULL COVERAGE of a lengthy slate of Fall and Spring sports has been the goal of the Daily Cal sports staff dur- ing the past year. Gathering pregame data, reporting the events and pounding out colorful stories has kept the sports hounds busy at their task. Along with their excellent reporting, the sports staff also entered teams in the intra- mural league, lived it up at staff parties, and was the center of gaiety in the depths of Eshleman Hall. LEFT TO RIGHT: Spring Advertising Mana- ger, Peggy LaViotette; Spring Promotion Manager, Marge Moore; Fall Production Manager, Joyce Lewis; Spring Production Manager, Jean Greenberg; Spring Assistant Production Manager, Ed Nissen; Spring As- sistant Advertising Manager, Ron Accornero. 1 I 5 WALT ANDERSON, Editor KATHY CRAWFORD, Manager RON GOULART and GLENN MICHEL, Associate Editors HANK WEINER, Advertising Manager PELICAN THE CALIFORNIA PELICAN, in spite of numerous adversities, managed to waddle through another academic year. The old mag continued to bring a ray of sunlight into the otherwise drab lives of students and assorted fans, and much to the surprise of everyone concerned, the usual eight issues managed to appear on time. Under the leadership of Walt Anderson as editor and Kathy Crawford as manager, both of whom persisted in reappointing themselves for a whole year ' s term, a sizable staff of cartoonists, writers, models, salesgirls and funny folks of all descriptions did their little jobs in peace and harmony. 116 - SENIOR EDITORIAL BOARD, left to right: Jerry Lee, Walt Wednesday mornings always found the busy Pelly salesgirls Anderson, P. K. Oppenheim, Glenn Michel, Ron Goulart, checking out new copies by the dozens, before the campus was Hank Weiner, Mardy Hamos. awake. PELLY GIRLS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Stone, Nancy Wadsworth, Norma Kleebauer, Sandra Pamphelan, Celia Gunn, Janet Rosenberg, Barbara Jopp, Yvonne Turek. SECOND ROW: Elaine Leaninoff, Dolores Doyas, Eleanor Collins, Carola Henry, Yvonne Sue Gorman, Joyce Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Bev Isenberg, Sandy Ball, Graydon Hindley, Anne Steen, Dianne Dunckel, Andree Jones, Sue Sherry, Joan Ripley, Margaret Ann Mather. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Dickinson, Editorial Assistant; Francois Lainpiette, Fall Art Editor; Jerry Lee, Spring Art Editor; Sandy Ball, Vanity Fair; Marianne Truscott, Fall Women ' s Director; Yvonne Turek, Spring Women ' s Director. 117 118 TOP TO BOTTOM: SIDNEY ROSENBAUM, Fall tor; GEORGE HUACO, Fall ' Manager; RICHARD ROMMONDS, Spring Editor; EDWIN COHEN, Spring Manager. OCCIDENT THE OCCIDENT is the oldest, and now the only existing, student literary magazine on the West Coast. All of the other colleges have had to give up their literary publications because they could not make a financial success of them. The Occident is in existence only through the generosity of the ASUC who under- writes its losses and who believes that this campus has enough students who are interested in reading the serious literary ex- pression of their contemporaries to justify its existence. UPPER, left to right: Sidney Rosenbaum, Edwin Cohen, Carolyn Neeseibeh. LOWER—FIRST ROW, left to right: Albert Johnson, Richard Rommonds, Virginia Mowry, George Huaco. SECOND ROW: Anne McCarty, Marge Guthrie, Nancy Graves, Sunny Rudnick, Henry Huaco, George ham. THIRD ROW: Ted Kroski, James Armstrong. TOP TO BOTTOM: Earl Rose, Ed Kirwan, Betty Nevis, Myrtle Sander. ASUC PHOTOGRAPHY UNDER THE constant barrage of orders from the BLUE AND GoLD and various other activities or individuals, the Photo Lab battled to its annual victory. Capably led by Earl Rose, director, Ed, Sandy and Betty managed to snap practi- cally all ASUC events with the aid of amaz- ingly coordinated schedules. The occupants of Room 4 emerged triumphant when the last BLUE AND GOLD picture was taken and they again could see the light of day creeping through stacks of orders, negatives and prints. TOP: ED KIRWAN and MYRTLE SANDER inspect their " handiwork " — prints coming off the drier. BOTTOM: DICK ERB of Art Bureau at work in Eshleman basement readies one of his many poster orders for campus displays. 119 !20 Cal student signs up to vote for his date in the ASUC elections. Beatrice Kay performs for the student at the Big Game Rally. Glee Club members went on painting the " C " unhampered while the blame was on Cornell. Who was having more fun, the children the Class Officers Council at their Christmas party? These fair damsels liven up a poster adver- tising this year ' s Mask and Dagger Revue. Sailing Club members show their ability as they " sail through Court. " OSI I arrives on campus in grand style to promote Blue and Gold sales. Daily Cal players try valiantly to check the advance of the Ex Committee backfield stars. UNIVERSITY THEATER MAJOR UNIVERSITY THEATER productions were selected to give the University community a program of distin- guished dramas and to provide interested students with experience in dramatic art. The 1953-54 season included Shaw ' s " Misalliance, " " Mother Lode, " a new play by Hugh White, Asst. Professor of Dramatic Art, " Climate of Eden " by Moss Hart, Shakespeare ' s " Measure for Measure " and " Coriolanus, " " The Sea Gull " by Anton Chekov, and " Oedipus Rex " and " Oedipus in Colonus ' , by Sophocles. The Studio Theater combined the same aims as the major program. It provided the University audience with presentations of important but infrequently seen works and with new plays. MOTHER LODE IN OCTOBER, the University had the honor of witnessing the premier performance of " Mother Lode, " a play writ- ten by Hugh White and directed by F. 0. Harris. The story of Jim Dyke and the deceased inhabitants of the old ghost town of Hannibal was entertainingly presented by Dale Moffitt as Jim Dyke, Carroll Hauser as Milton Brown, Garrett Boer as George Evans, and Janet Chees- man as Kate Miller. Well known in the Dramatics department are, top to bottom: Janet Cheesman, Geoffrey Horne Betty Kietzman, Jackie Drian, Virginia Capps, Peggy Parker Long. 122 Have you two met? Mr. Harris gives a last-minute pep talk to Gillian Turner, Sabra Well, what ' s everybody looking at? Firestein, Gregory Waugh, and Virginia Capps before the show. I 23 REX FAUBION does a little catching up on his studies between acts. JOAN FISHER, portraying the precocious imp of the Reverend ' s family. Gregory Hawke arrives in British Guiana. CLIMATE OF EDEN FOR THEIR second production of the year the University Theater chose Moss Hart ' s play, " Climate of Eden, " ably directed by Leslie J. Mahoney, assistant professor of Dramatic Art at the University. Based on mission- ary life in British Guiana, the play tells of the fortunes of Gregory Hawke, played by Rex Faubion, as he learns to understand himself in his search for escape from the terrors which haunt him and comes to re-evaluate his life and philosophies. Other leads were taken by Joan Fisher, Martin Young, Patricia O ' Grady, and Sandra Tucker. A typical church meeting at the mission. 1 24 Friar Peter is interrogated by the Duke, with Isabella and Mariana behind. Downstage is Angelo. Isabella (VIRGINIA CAPPS) The Duke (MELVIN ARRIGHI) MEASURE FOR MEASURE EARLY IN December the University Theater produced Shakespeare ' s infrequently performed " dark " comedy, " Measure for Measure. " Mel Arrigh portrayed the fantastical duke who temporarily relinquished the reins of government to the hypocritical puritan, Angelo, played by Dale Moffit. The plot revolves around the lives of the townspeople, nearly trapped in Angelo ' s web of vice. John Barton, visiting instructor of Dramatic Art from Cambridge University, directed this play revealing Shakespeare ' s attitude toward the virtues and vices in government. Lucid (LAURENCE SHERRILL) is arrested by Elbow (JUAN VALENCIA) for slandering the Duke. 125 TOP TO Seagull Production, left to right: Boer, Marilyn Hansen, Walter Moulder. From the Seagull, left to right: Fisher, Bob Shep, Bill Price, Joan Fisher, Aina Grinberg. Also from the Seagull, left to right: Moffit, Gerald Levin. Makeup preparations for the Great Brown, TOP TO Phoenix Too Frequent production, left right: Jan Chee sman, Edward Thompson, Marsha Sabin. From A Phoenix Too Frequent, left to right: Edward Thompson, Marsha Sabin. Also from A Phoenix Too Frequent, left right: Edward Thompson, Marsha Sabin, Jan Cheesman. A scene from the Great God Brown, left to right: Scott Zumwalt, Patty O ' Grady. 1 26 128 ABOVE: Members of the Music Council. BELOW: The Glee Club, Treble Cfef and Band sponsored the annual High School Day. ABOVE: The Glee Club on the steps of the Administration Building. BELOW: The Cal Band marching on the field at the Ohio State•California football game. A pause at Donner Summit on Glee Club ' s Spring tour of the Western States during the break between semesters. MUSIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES FROM the Glee Club, the Treble Clef Society, the Collegians, and the Cal Band worked together as Music Council to coordinate activities planned by the ASUC-sponsored musical organizations. The Council also encouraged the discussion of new ideas and problems confronting these campus groups in an at- tempt to bring more enjoyment both to those who participate in these activities and to their audi- ences. The Winter Carolers assembled for the performance. GLEE CLUB AND TREBLE CLEF SHOW IN THE fall semester the Glee Club and Treble Clef societies combined to present " The Winter Carol " under the direction of Robert Paul Com- manday. The selections ranged from Bach Chorales to spirituals and Christmas carols. Also two smaller groups were included in the pro- gram: the Glee Club Senior Octet and the Madrigal Singers, the latter appearing in this concert for the first time. PEGGY DONOVAN and BUD CRYSTAL proved them- Director of the performance was the able and popular BOB COMMANDAY. THE SENIOR OCTETTE—FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Rogers, Jack Spillman. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Porter, Larry Bridges. THIRD ROW: Dave McRae, Bill Bell. FOURTH ROW: Howard Kirk, Gary Nardi. selves capable as accompanists. 129 FIRST ROW, left to right: Dorothy Lee, Mary Jo Freshman, Lou Bishop, Carol Gere, Georgina Califf, Gretchen Green, Julie Jankay, Dolores Conta, Joan Zimmerman, Barbara Mills, Eleanor Hunt, Ann Archer, Suzan Ikida, Robert Paul Commanday. SECOND ROW: Kitty Lahann, Nancy Spencer, Ann Ingram, Peg Hosking, Sylvia Kempe, Marley Jacobsen, Myrl Coltrin, Jo McTaggert, Jane Fooshee, Ann Ashburn. THIRD ROW: Thelma Foote, Gwen Constant, Sunya Shellhammer, Carol Burton, Joanne Erskine, Arlene hurst, Lillian Lucas, Nelda Herby, Evie Servatius, Joan Patton, Joyce Irwin, Joy Encheff, Carol Snider. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Bobet, Sharon Smith, Janet Williams, Lynn Goree, Anita Stevens, Kathleen Dailey, Charlene Myszka, Helen Varney, Jann O ' Neil, Ann Crosby, Joan Daniels. TREBLE CLEF JUNIOR MANAGERS SEATED, left to rinht: Lynn Goren, Lou Bishop, Jann O ' Neil, Sylvia Adams. STANDING: Marley Jacobsen, Sylvia Kempe. TREBLE CLEF THIS YEAR Treble Clef ventured a little farther afield than usual. Besides sponsoring the an- nual High School Sing Festival, singing at Saint Clement ' s Church, and preparing the " Winter Carol, " the annual fall presentation of the com- bined talents of Glee Club and Treble Clef, the group took two week-end trips, one to Oroville and Marysville, and the other to the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Monterey. PEGGY HOSKING MARILYN BOBET Senior Manager Senior Secretary 130 FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Cooney, B. Sanford, B. Commanday, L. Grossman, S. KM. was, SECOND ROW: D. Spence, J. Messer, B. Costello, R. Bliss, L. Helm, J. Hall, G. Schoenfeld, W. Davies. THIRD ROW: J. Rogers, D. Schoenbroed, J. Sanford, H. Williams, L. Donnean, B. Crystal, D. O ' Conner, L. Cose, B. Olivier, D. Sargeant, L. Seligman, D. Rau. FOURTH ROW: J. Spilman, D. Arnesen, G. Clements, B. Brown, B. Woodford, H. Mitchell, W. Gordon, J. Valencia, J. Nelson, M. Temple, T. Erickson, D. Tupper, C. Watson. FIFTH ROW: W. DeTar, R. Turner, D. Davis, D. McRae, K. Porter, H. Kirk, W. Bell, D. Schrump, L. Isabelle, T. Mohler, B. Gills, R. Jones, D. Gibbel, G. Nardi, Glee Club Junior Managerial in session. GLEE CLUB UNDER THE direction of Robert Commanday the Glee Club had a very busy year. The group gave many concerts around the bay area and entertained at rallies and alumni reunions the night before the Big Game. Then, between se- mesters, the men ' s group toured the Northwest, singing their way through Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Nevada. BILL BELL JACK SPILLMAN Senior Manager of the Glee Club Associate Manager of the Glee Club I 3T FIRST ROW, left to right: Frances Davis, June Derry, Nan Wells, Peggy Schleif, Bruce Pifer, Bell Swanson, Herb Brown, Molly Truman, Corinne Corbelli, Anne Schade, Rose Marie Costa, Robert Commanday (director). SECOND ROW: Kate Lucas, Elaine Roggero, Marilyn Fini, Elaine Anderman, Rozilla Call, Ed Dellamaggiro, Dean Pierson, Jesse Frey, Angelo Douvos, Suzanne Hall, Darlene Styles, Marie Fanucci, Arden deMartini. THIRD ROW: Lynne Wexler, Janice Short, Alice McCrudden, Lorraine Laird, Janice Culver, Ricky Rose, Hank Kramer, Tom Carstens, Barbara Gadmann, Jeana Evanikoff, Gay Benidictson, Molly Mock, Anne Beaumgarten. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ellen Anderson, Barbara Dorman, Carolyn Geyman, Andrea Smith, Cynthia Stearns, Bob Mead, Don Cairns, Merrill Probst, Peter Lockett, Jon Emerson, Ken Davis, Tony Lam, Joan Roberts, Marjorie SheIvy, Barbara Mancarti, Miriam Yeunce. HERB BROWN Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Peggy Schleif, Herb Brown, Nanette Wells. SECOND ROW: Frances Davis, Janice Culver, Kate Lucas, Rose Marie Costa. COLLEGIANS THE COLLEGIANS, a mixed singing group of sixty students, conducted by Glee Club-Treble Clef director Robert Paul Commanday, cele- brated its third year with an active season of concerts, shows and social gatherings. The fall semester was climaxed by a choral concert in Piedmont. Then, during the spring, the Col- legians turned to show business, performing the ballet-ballad Suzanna and the Elders, a modern musical satire, at the International House Auditorium and in downtown Oakland. 132 Members of the University of California Marching Band. The everlasting spirit of the Cal Band was shown by the appearance of the Cal Alumni Band during the football season in the fall. CAL BAND THE CAL BAND under the capable direction of Jim Berdahl was active throughout the year. The Fall Marching Band increased its audi- ence to a nation-wide level when it was tele- vised in the Ohio State game, and the Spring Concert Band went on a three-state tour. Last, but not least, the Straw Hat Band entertained students and public alike at basketball games. JAMES BERDAHL Director 133 134 Members of Symphony Forum at one of their more serious moments. SYMPHONY FORUM THE UNIVERSITY of California Symphony Forum distributed San Francisco Symphony tickets for the traditional Thursday Student Night to all interested people and living groups on campus. In addition, the forum held regular meetings at which speakers and prominent musicians talked and performed. Some of the speakers during the year were Enrique Jorda, Fricsay, and Dr. Kerman of the UC Music De- partment. Cocktail parties and a beach party rounded out a very successful year! DAVID OLSON Chairman RIGHT, ABOVE: Gathered around the piano are Dave Stewart, Harriet Merwin, Mary Louise McGowan, Bill Whitson and Nancy [Cassell, as they listen to mella Kempf. RIGHT, SIDE: Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by records are Dave Stewart, Bill Whitson and Harriet Merwin. String section rehearsal. UNIVERSITY CHORUS UNDER THE direction of Professor Ed Lawton the University Chorus performed at the Christmas University Meeting and other University functions, highlight of the year being their performance of Beethoven ' s Mass in 6 ' Major. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY CONCERT APPEARANCES and a program of classical music per- formed with the University Chorus filled the University Sym- phony ' s year. Joaquin Nin-Culmell directed the group which was selected from all-University personnel who were able to meet the Symphony ' s standard of fine performance. ED LAWTON Chorus Director JOAQUIN NIN-CULMELL Symphony Director Practice makes perfect. 135 VARSITY DEBATE PRACTICE IN debating which was gained through topic discussions at Wednesday night meetings proved very useful to the members of Varsity Debate in their com- petition with other west coast universities. The organization, made up of upper divi- sion students who have already had some experience in debating, sponsored a de- bating trip and made appearances on local radio stations. The annual debate was held with Stanford, and as one of the high points of the year, Varsity Debate partici- pated in an international debate. VARSITY DEBATE—SEATED, left to right: Carl Munz, Al Beltrami, Joan Hartley, Dan Sharp, Joe Sharp, Marilyn Sutton, Dorothy Auerback. STANDING: Harry Reeves, Keith Jewell, Jerry Addicott, Miriam Benjamin, Tom Shepard, Al Garlick, Lyman Stanford. MARILYN SUTTON Manager JUDY MAYER SHARON MILLER Co-Managers JR. VARSITY DEBATE DISCUSSIONS OF current subjects were the main activities of the Junior Varsity De- bate, an organization open to all students regardless of whether they have had any previous experience in debating. The or- ganization offers its members a chance to participate in inter-university debates and other forensic activities, and in addition to its value as an interesting activity, it offers its members the experience neces- sary to move into Varsity Debate. JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE, left to right: Beverly ward, Yale Lyman (coach), Eric Lund, Sharon Miller, Judy Mayer, Edi Berger. 136 LEFT: Annual Arnold Air Force Formal. RIGHT: Operation " Air Bear. " AIR ROTC THE AIR FORCE Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is established to select and prepare college students, through a permanent program of instruction at civilian educational institutions, to serve as officers of the regu- lar and reserve components of the United States Air Force and to assist in discharging, where necessary, any institutional obligation to offer instruction in Mili- tary Training. Since the AFROTC program will, in the future, provide the major portion of the commissioned officers in the Air Force, selection of Advanced Course students must be limited to those who have demon- strated officer-like qualities as Basic Students. AT LEFT: Col. George Steel, Commanding Officer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Li Col. W. E. Mullin, Lt. Col. R. B. Files, Col. G. E. Steel, Maj. C. J. Roeser, Maj. D. C. Wilson. SECOND ROW: M Sgt. R. W. Scott, Maj. W. F. Tatro, Capt. S. H. Lyons, Capt. G. W. Barnes, Capt. S. A. Newson, Capt. E. G. Triner, M Sgt. H. J. Bruce. THIRD ROW: T Sgt. J. P. Blackwell, M Sgt. J. N. Simmons, M Sgt. E. N. Murgatroyd, M Sgt. V. 0. Hayes, M Sgt. R. M. Johnson, M Sgt. C. M. Shepherd, M Sgt. L. L. McDonald. 138 LEFT: Experience is the best teacher. RIGHT: At Ease . At Ease! ARMY ROTC ARMY ROTC STUDENTS eye a Second Lieutenant ' s commission in the United States Army as the objective of the ROTC curriculum at the University. Classroom subjects are supplemented by practical experience on the drill field. Practicality, however, is not ignored academically with courses offered in fields such as Infantry, Signal, Ordnance, Engineering, Quarter- master, Artillery, Transportation and Military Police. Field trips scheduled include cruises during Spring vacation and trips to the Presidio of San Francisco. AT RIGHT: Col. Thomas L. Waters, Commanding Officer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lt. Col. C. S. Lindsey, Lt. Col. W. D. Roth, Lt. Col. M. C. Preston, Col. T. L. Waters, Lt. Col. A. J. Hoeman, Lt. Col. H. S. Hayward, Lt. Col. G. W. Pohl. SECOND ROW: Capt. K. M. Moore, Jr., Capt. M. J. Disalvo, Lt. Col. T. C. Malone, Maj. V. R. Moss, Maj. G. W. Pape. THIRD ROW: Capt. T. W. Essen, Capt. S. J. Guss, Jr., Capt. B. I. Staser, Capt. R. H. Singer, Capt. C. E. Wolfinger, 1st Lt. J. E. Steinke, 1st Lt. W. F. Magill, Capt. W. MacDonald. 139 LEFT: Callaghan Hall, " campus home " for the Marine and Navy ROTC. RIGHT: Sgt. son instructs on marksmanship, rifle ratge essential. MARINE ROTC THE MARINE Curriculum of the Naval ROTC program comes under the supervision of the Navy Unit. This course of study is offered to upper division students in Naval ROTC and results in a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Regular Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserves. The curriculum covers the Art and Evolution of Warfare through the study of ancient battles, U.S. military history, tactics and strategy, and amphibious operations of World War II. AT LEFT: Captain Eddy, Commanding Officer. The Marines Have Landed! ... a demonstration by Captain Eddy. 140 LEFT Parade Rest on Edwards Field . RIGHT: Scale model docking basin. A visual aid to Navy ROTC students. NAVY ROTC UPON GRADUATION a student in Naval ROTC receives an Ensign ' s commission as a Line Officer or Supply Corps Officer in the Regular Navy or the Naval Re- serve. Each field of emphasis has specialized courses which train the student for his particular work. Cal ' s unit prides itself in being one of the country ' s largest and one of the first six established. Student activities are centered around the semi-professional society, Quarterdeck, and two publications, The Capstan, Unit yearbook, and The Sextant, a newspaper. xr Re AT RIGHT: Capt. D. McGregor, Commanding Officer. FIRST ROW, left to right: Capt. D. McGregor, ENS; Cdr. W. C. Meyer. SECOND ROW: J. D. Harrington, FCC; Lcdr. G. Shawcorthorn; Lt. R. H. Madden. THIRD ROW: D. E. Metcalf, SKC; Lt. M. Stevens; Lt. (Lg.) P. L. Henke ' s; Capt. S. L. Eddy, Jr. FOURTH ROW: J. J. Garrison, MSgt.; P. L. Jones, GMC; R. G. O ' Connor, PNC; H. H. Schremser, QUC; J. D. Easley, ET3. 141 ATHLETIC IN CHARGE of the vast athletic program at the Uni- versity of California is Brutus Hamilton. He is responsible for the athletic policy, the scheduling of 375 contests, the finance, and a multitude of public affairs and national conferences connected with California athletics. Last fall he had the honor of being in charge of the U.S. Jewish Track and Field team in Israel. George Briggs, Assistant Athletic Director, arranges trips and keeps the stadium in OFFICE STAFF—Left to right: Libby Roughland, Marion Ko- t elinkoff, Gayle Redden, Vivian Edison, Katherine Goudy. SEATED: Charlie Clark. ATHLETIC COUNCIL—Left to right: Tevis Martin, Lon Spur- rier, Brutus Hamilton, George Briggs, Don Hartley. SEATED: Mark Harrison, Dick Ehni, Dick Bartalini. TOP TO BOTTOM: BRUTUS HAMILTON, Director of Athletics; GEORGE BRIGGS, Assistant Director of Athletics, and HARRY DAVIS, who is in charge of the Ticket Office. 144 ESSENTIALS good condition. Harry Davis handles the tickets for all athletic events. Paul Christopolis, Assistant to the Director, works with the athletes and the alumni. News Bureau is the publicity department, while Re- ception Committee ' s job is to make visiting teams feel at home and plan social functions for them. Because of the combined efforts of these men, Cali- fornia has an outstanding athletic program which is a just tribute to these men. ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE—SEATED, left to right: Janice Hungerford and Ann Moore (chairman). STANDING: Tom Collins, John Phillips, Pete Do ' liver, Clark Wallace, Dick Verling. NEWS BUREAU, left to right: Lefty Stern, Virginia Hall, Bob Rubin. Important elements in any Athletic Department are the men who keep the team and equipment in top-flight condition. Dr. James Harkness is the chief tape and gauze man for the Cal teams, while Rau " Chief ' West and Ernie Madison kept the equipment in order, and Bob Petterson, Dick Abreu, Eddie Byrne, and Jack Williamson did an able job in the training division. 145 RALLY COMMITTEE FOOTBALL SEASON is the busiest time of the year for Rally Committee for they must prepare, mark, and set up the card stunts for each Saturday ' s game. Men ' s Committee is in charge of the Rallies, while the Women meet the visiting out-of-state teams in the usual fashion—California oranges and Daily Cals. Basketball season is more restful, as the only jobs are checking student body cards and holding social events for the visiting teams. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim McThige, Bob lins, Jack Meyers. SECOND ROW: Hank Weiner, Chuck Greschel, Bruce Roessler, Tony DeSilvestro, Lee David, Paul Norehad. THIRD ROW: Jim Greer, Jim Miller, Jim Kidder, Vera Coats, Bob DeKlotz, Dave Pendergast, Lee Levy, Lee Blum. FOURTH ROW: George Miller, Jim McMulden, Carlos Cortes, Clark Adams, Bob Caine, Jan Nankowski, Henry Herman, Russ Huffman, Warren Kergon, Bud Miller. FIFTH ROW: Warren McCord, Bill Tilley, Harry Lohstroh, Frank Brown, Stan Fahn, Terry Harrison, Art laysen, Larry Reichel, Charles Glurman, George Bul- lard. SIXTH ROW: Dwight Teeter, Art Bobb, Lloyd Tunic, Tom LaFeht, Jack Lehberg, Earl Boynton, Bob Stevenson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Moncure, Barbara Kinkead, Gayle Rivers. SECOND ROW: Susan Lanzit, Lesley Berglund, Marianne Truscott, Leslie Creech, Liz BahIs, Anita Mohr, Sharlene Patten. THIRD ROW: Carol Jo Hall, Sherry Sides, Susan Harbach, DeaLee VanDerBoom, Pat MacLeod, Gail Miley, Ellen Evans, Jean Doolittle. FOURTH ROW: Anne Grafft, Ann Moore, Marianne Austin, Jackie Oliveri, Sandy Mullen, Ardath Hovland, MaryEllen Rouse, Shelia Mattson. FIFTH ROW: Mary Galvan, Kathy Crawford, Roen Auger, Connie Storm, Pat Henricus, Sally Neil, Barbara O ' Farrell, Pris Stoufe, Renen Hagens, Sue Sisson, Sue Bunnell. BOB COLLINS, chairman of Men ' s Rally Committee. BILL BELL, head yell leader. TOM FERIGAN, Oski Committee chairman. 146 9) IJ IJ r s A ' ,150 CARD STUNTS UNDER THE direction of Pat Krie- ger, the Card Stunt Committee high- lighted the football season with many unique stunts, some employ- ing smoke effects, and moving " flips. " For the first time the Cal card section, the " best in the west, " was televised coast-to-coast during the Ohio State game. FIRST ROW, left to right: Jennifer Davis, Pat Krie- ger, Mead Milisich. SECOND ROW: Geralen Beaver, Carol Prather, Gail Wolfsohn, Marilyn Morehouse. THIRD ROW: Harriett Merwin, Sue McCauley, Lee Ralph, Anne Dorsey. FOURTH ROW: Paul Norehad, Jerry Bowling, Hank Weiner, Ron Seawright. YELL LEADERS HEAD YELL leader, Bill Bell, and his assistants were the persons respons- ible for the great Cal rooting section this season. Bell ' s sharp comments at rallies and games both stimulated spirit when it was needed and took care of the over-exuberance that took hold, keeping Cal rooters at their best. KNEELING, left to right: Dean Maddox, Don Denton, Jerry Wendt, Gary Powell (the ' 54 yell leader). STANDING: Bill Bell, head yell leader. ' 110110.■•••••■■■■••••■. ■••••••••••••••••■••••• NEI COMMITTEE TOM MERIGAN, director, and his fifteen-member committee are the behind-the-scenes personnel for the many Oski personal appearances on and off campus. By their continuous work the Cal spirit embodied in Oski promotes good will both for the student body and the University as a whole. FIRST ROW, left to right: Glenn Michel, Frank bral, Skip Krahenbuhl, Ron Seawright, Tom Merigan. SECOND ROW: Alan Larson, Ken Haslam, Johnny Johnson, Don Romeo, Jim Stormont, Ben Fraticelli. NOT PICTURED: Jim Robinson, Orin Crumly. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Kinkead, chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee; Pat Krieger, chairman of Card Stunts. 147 SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Norman Green, Clark Wallace, Lee Shain, Bob Leslie, Mark Harrison, Bill Wong, Ai Braccini, Peter Van Houten. SECOND ROW: Isao Fujimoto, Bob Bittner, Don Adams, Arlen Jee, Rich Turner, George Trabert, John Phillips, Roger Welsh, Don Wilson, Tao-Yuan Wu. THIRD ROW: Chuck Stehr, John Gray, Jim Lieber- man, Frank Wajda, Mike Barnato, Don Rhoades, Bob Roche, Harry Mathis, Chap Milbank, Fred Brenner. FOURTH ROW: Ray Love, Mike Moody, Jerriy,icK,lrlizt;ii, Dale Kahl,BlamLnHowarddol Gill. Bill Bell, Bob Gregovich, Fall OFFICERS Spring Mark Harrison President Robert Leslie Al Braccini Vice-President Clark Wallace Bill Wong Treasurer Peter Van Houten Jim Maddox Secretary Howard Shain UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Abru William Donald Fred Dozens Greg Englehard Bob De Grazia Miles Hudson Edgar Nemir Lance Flanagan Charles Lucchesi Herbert Newsome Brutus Hamilton Harry Morgan Charles Pease Norman Hinds Ralph Miller Alva Hugh Mumby Al Sais George Schroth Henry Stone Hal Walt ATHLETIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Dick Ehni Robert Leslie Mark Harrison Boxing Ray Kellner Edward Cress Charles Hobson Ken Hagen Frank Wajda Fred Hellman Mark Harrison Max Gutierrez James Mc Crane Myron Hanson Jay Slaybaugh Don Wilson Vincent Young Cross-County Alfred de Lorimier Jim Green Norman Green Paul Juette Rolland Langley Bob Leslie Soccer Keijo Ahovuori Al Barrie Frederick Brenner Hank Fellner George Gardiser John Hotchkis Bill Lackett William Mancuso Sudarmo Martonagoro Ralph Massing Morris Milbank Luis Parcia Riflery Lloyd Auchard James Carter William Culver John Elmer Lavern Moody Jim Thayer Foo Yuan Wu Golf Ted Engs Bob Gregovich Richard Hargrove Bob Kahl Don Kamber Allan Louderback Bill MacLaughlin Donald Thoades Bob Roche Jim Ross Hugh Silcox Don Smalian Charles Stehr Volleyball Bill Bell Peter Van Houten Stuart McIllraith John Mills Kadri Ramazanoglu Marvin Taff Jim Warren Al Weitz John Zachry Paul Condole Weight Basketball Don Adams Bob De John Robert Foo Jim Maddox Herbert Morrison Bob Pistuiloff Paul Rabbins Wrestling Roger Welsh Howard Wiggins Donn Fridlund Ralph Henkle John Nelson Howard Shain Ray Castenado Jim Warren John Iskra Vern Thornburg Bob Tomberg Jim Lieberman Arlen Jee Rugby Stan Verdi Harry Mathis Bill Perry Dick Taylor Sailing George Lee George Norville David Cruickshank Alex Love lean Fujimoto Drew Gram John Phillips Don Harris Edwin Simanis Don Keopke George Trabert Phelps Witter Ron Witter Fencing Water Polo Mike Barnato Paul Larson Larry Shep Roger Welsh Richard Turner Clark Wallace Bill Wong Skiing Merrill Brown Fred Curler Melvin Rubin Richard Gross Peter Berge Jerome Klotz Walt Becker Dick Ehni Bob Fisher Gordon Bill Gymnastics Al Braccini Handball Bob Bittner Richard Lynn John Gray Ron Burris James Abraham I BID C SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles Stehr, Al Talley, Virg Romiti, Jim Humphries, Mike De Soto, Tev Martin, Larry Jones, John Trias, Lon Spurrier, Dick Erb, Gerry Hayes, Dave Kennell, Walter Becker. SECOND ROW: Jim Matthews, MarshaIf Leve, John Mitchell, Maynard Munger, Dick Bartalini, Larry Anderson, Dave Wood, Bob Mayo, Jeff Foley, Don Mattson, Dick Ehni, Dick Miles. THIRD ROW: John Nelson, Ron Bauer, Dick Rahl, John Gray, Verne Thornburg, Ed Hersh, John Wilson, George Najarian, Doug Huntze, Herschel Hyde, Tom Kramer, Dick Righter. FOURTH ROW: Art Gonos, Samuel Breck, Don Smalian, Gordon Gill, John Lamberson, Don Tronstein, John Derdivanis, Bob Oliver, Jacques de Lorimier, Don Walker, Dick Day, Mike Giddings, Don Marks. FIFTH ROW: Sheldon Ohnstead, Bob Johnson, Glenn Miller, Howard Morrow, Jim Mike Casey, Don Phillips, Jim Baxter, Dick Ament. Fall OFFICERS Spring Lonnie Spurrier President Tevis Martin Jerry Hinton Vice-President Don Smalian Martin Rotto Secretary-Treasurer Don Mattson HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard Abrue Gregory F. Engelhard Dr. Harold H. Hitchcock Edgar J. Manske Charles A. Pease Henry Stone Albert M. Becker Richard E. Erickson Maxwell L. Howell Stanley E. McCaffrey Robert A. Peterson Charles W. Thompson Ralph W. Chaney Clinton W. Evans Miles R. Hudson Joseph P. McKim Clarence M. Price Herbert S. Thomson, Jr. Zeb D. Chaney Stanley B. Freeborn Claude B. Hutchison James M. Miller Alva W. Ragan Edwin C. Voorhies Paul Christopulos Wesley L. Fry Robert S. Johnson Ralfe D. Miller George E. Schroth Lynn 0. Waldorf James H. Corley Harold Grant Charles J. Keeney Dr. Harold P. Muller Harry W. Shephert Edward G. Welch Frederick W. Cozens Brutus Hamilton Clark Kerr Russel Nagler Herman A. Spindt John P. Williamson Dr. William G. Donald Dr. James T. Harkness Harry L. Kingman Edgar Nemir Robert G. Sproul Robert Wilson Carroll M. Ebright Joel H. Hildebrand Mike J. Koll William J. Norton Richard H. Stevens Henry S. Yee C. Bentley Lyon Franklin C. Palm Football Tevis Martin, Jr. Lawrence Jones Track Swimming Jacques De Lorimier James Baxter Edgar Brandt Michael Casey Richard Day James Dillon St eve Dirndl Jerry Drew Thomas Dutton Michael Giddings George Gosling II James Hanifan Donald Harris Matthew Hazeltine, ,Jr. Joseph Hibbs James Humphreys Donald Johnson Keith Meserve Richard Miles George Najarian Harold Norris William O ' Hare Robert Oliver John Peterson, Jr. Donald Phillips Kenneth Schwocho Alfred Talley, Jr. Lloyd Torchio Richard Verling Donald Whyte Samuel Williams John Wilson Olen Wright Robert McKeen Maynard Munger, Jr. Richard Tamberg Baseball Robert Albo Richard Ament James Crew John Derdivanis Michael DeSoto Joe Gaggero Gordon Gill David Heil Jerald Hinton Samuel Adams Lawrence Anderson Ronald Bauer Guy Blackburn Walter Bniant, Jr. Thomas Coakley John George Arthur Gonos Philip Greenwood Edwin Hersh Douglas Huntze Donald Mattson John Nelson Harold Norris Jim Plessas William Armstrong James Baker Walter Becker Willard Daggett, Jr. Richard Ehni John Foley John Gray III Gerald Hays David Kennell Rod Lindquist Bob Mayo Sheldon Onstead James Ross Donald Smalian Charles Stehr, Jr. John Trias Clifford Fagin Robert Johnson Thomas Johnson Marshall Leve, Jr. James Matthews Glenn Miller Howard Morrow II Richard Rahl Martin Motto, Jr. Thomas Walsh Tennis James Doan Herschel Hyde Jack Hymen Clifton Mayne Richard Kern John Lamberson Richard Righter David Wood Herman Molina James Kidder Basketball Jack MacKay Leonard Simpson Virgil Romiti James Kotler Thomas Kramer Robert Albo Gerald Anderson Alfred Matthews John Mitchell Lonnie Spurrier Verne Thornburg Crew Intramural Sports Vincent Maiorana William Mais Richard Bartalini, Jr. James Doan Thomas Pollock Donald Tronstein Donald Timmerman Stephen Turner, Jr. Willis Anderson, Jr. Samuel Breck Manager James Marks Charles Dresel Donald Walker Robert Warwick John Class Richard Erb I AO In pre kick-off festivities were presented to two famed foot- ball figures, BRICK MULLER ANDY SMITH by the National Foot- ball Hall of Fame. Muller, one of football ' s greatest ends, is shown receiving his award, while PRICE has accepted the late great Bear coach ' s award. OSKI entertains the crowd and coed in halftime stunts. " Once upon a time ... there were three bears " and then—there ' s the rooting section. 150 FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Phillips, Joe Hibbs, Hal Norris, Don Harris, Keith Meserve, George Najarian, Bill Dutton, Torchio, Tom Dutton (Captain). SECOND ROW: Otis Stroud, Joe Fournier, Jack Binkley, Andy Stone, Dave Ackerman, George Gosling, John Math, Jo hn Wilson. THIRD ROW: Hugh Maguire, Carl Arnold. Jim Kidder, Dick Kern, Charles Davis, Steve Dimeff, Kenneth Wilson, Tevis Martin, Jere Brooks, Matt Hazeltine. FOURTH ROW: Jim Kotler, Jerry Drew, Joe Babros, Edgar Brandt, Mike Casey, Mike Jhelan, Don Marks, Dick Lawyer, Ken Schowcho, Mike Giddings, Jim Hanifan. FIFTH ROW: Ted Granger, Bill Hillenbrand, Bob Worrell, Tom Henze, Bob Oliver, Ralph Hoffman, Dick Day, Sammy Williams, Don Holsten, Frank Toombs, Sebastian Bordanaro, Cliff Wright. SIXTH ROW: Don Wash, Yosh Katsura, Jim Faulkner, Ron Dahlin, Doug Hibbs, Jim Baxter, John Garzoli, Gary Gottlieb, Tom Kramer, Ray Donnelly, Jim Carmichael, Noel Hildebrand, Pete Crebbin, John Escano. THE BEAR STORY THE ' 53 CAL football season had it all—the highs and the lows, a wide-open attack with breakaway long runs, terrific catches, the nation ' s top offensive performer in Paul Larson, and an All-American center in Matt Hazeltine. The 4-4-2 season record can ' t begin to sum up the interest that the Bears generated here and across country. Baylor ' s powerhouse gave the Blue and Gold a rough opener in Berkeley, but the following week Cal re- bounded in Portland with Baxter and Hazeltine swamp- ing the Beaver attack while Talley, Larson, and Wilson notched the board. Home again, and before a nation- wide TV audience, Marks followed Norris and Dimeff Though he didn ' t have a team that won as many games as those of the past six years, Head Coach LYNN 0. WALDORF, alias " Poppy, " lost no prestige. Respected by and endeared to players, ether coaches, and Cal students, " Pappy " should have a great year in ' 54 with many experienced men returning. 152 COACHES AND STUDENT COACHES—FIRST ROW, left to right: Zeb Chaney, Jim land, Hal Grant, " Pappy " Waldorf. SECOND ROW: Harry West, Bob Brooks, Jim Royai, Herm Meister, Carl Van Heuit, Wes Fry. FOOTBALL MANAGERS--FIRST ROW, left to right: Glenn L. Scott, Bob Schnal, Jim Humphreys, Dick Miles, Senior Manager. SECOND ROW: Wesley Chadwick, John Farmer, Forrest Borghesani, Thelt Henderson, John Mahaffy. SEASON SUMMARY Opp. W. L. T. Pct. Pts. Pts. UCLA 6 1 0 .857 172 41 Stanford 5 1 1 .786 151 99 SC 4 2 1 .643 141 92 California 2 2 2 .500 127 98 Washington State 3 4 0 .431 101 161 Oregon State 3 5 0 .375 33 153 Washington 2 4 1 .357 113 132 Oregon 2 5 1 .312 44 60 Idaho 0 3 0 .000 19 74 No. of rushing plays 451 437 Net yards rushing 3424 2759 Passes attempted 195 196 Passes completed 94 87 Net yards passing 1612 1207 NET YARDS GAINED 3424 2759 Total first downs 175 154 TOM DUTTON was the Captain of the California Varsity team in 1953. He proved himself able as the team record shows, and held the respect of his teammates throughout the season. In charge of the equipment of the Varsity team was DICK MILES. His job— keep that equipment in order. 153 THE FOOTBALL STORY over the twin stripe with 25 seconds left in the first half for a 13-6 lead over the fav- ored Buckeyes. Hanifan ' s pass catching, and Cars over- all game were inspired in hushing OSU to the line. Back East, the visiting westerners showed the Quak- ers no brotherly love with Drew ' s sparkling 91-yard dash, Larson ' s 49-yard heave to Hibbs, and Talley and Dillon ' s pair of double mark- ers. Nearly by-passing a fired-up Spartan, the Bears were locked at 14 all ' till Casey grabbed a goal line Quarterback PAUL LARSON rolled up 1587 yards of total offense to lead the nation. Bearbacker and Andy Smith awards went to this hustling back. Forestry major DICK DAY applied his " book larning ' " to the gridiron by cutting down scores of opposing runners from his tackle slot. He was co-captain in the Penn game. Most cour- ageous player was AL TALLEY, Ken Cotton award winner. Always a hard to stop, inspirational half- back, Al was second in PCC scoring with 66 points. Kotler and Talley played in the East-West game. HERM MEISTER, the coach, is rated as one of the outstanding defensive coaches in the country today. He finished his third successful year for California. UPPER RIGHT: To the relief of Cal fans Larson and Najarian stop Davidson (Baylor) on the Cal one-foot line in the fourth quarter. LOWER RIGHT: John Wilson returns a long punt to the Oregon State 36 in the second quarter. 154 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 0 0 0 0 0 Baylor 7 6 6 6 25 No. of rushing plays 38 55 Net yards rushing 192 178 Passes attempted 16 15 Passes completed 7 8 Net yards passing 91 236 NET YARDS GAINED.. 283 414 First downs 14 21 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 7 6 13 0 26 OSC 0 0 0 0 0 No. of rushing plays 42 44 Net yards rushing 155 74 Passes attempted 15 25 Passes completed 6 10 Net yards passing 132 107 NET YARDS GAINED 287 181 First downs 15 12 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 0 13 6 0 19 Ohio 6 0 14 13 33 No. of rushing plays 36 50 Net yards rushing 164 255 Passes attempted 25 19 Passes completed 13 9 Net yards passing 170 111 NET YARDS GAINED.. 334 366 First downs 18 17 An ability to sense where the ball was going made MATT HAZELTINE an All-American ter. This oreat linebacker copped the Brick ler Award because of his aggressive playing. Team captain of the ' 53 Bears, TOM DUTTON capably provided leadership and inspiration. A stellar guard, he was bothered by several timely injuries. Cal ' s top rusher in ' 53 was back DON MARKS, who, after several hard luck seasons, finally came into his own this year with much action. WES FRY has developed the Cali- fornia backfield into a hard hitting, swift running and powerful blocking backfield which has given Cal probably the most feared ground game in collegiate football. UPPER LEFT: Talley leaves Ohio man behind as he drives ahead for a touchdown. LOWER LEFT: As a result of a hard tackle by Dimeff, Ohio fumbles and the ball is recovered by ris (14). 155 NtA THE FOOTBALL STORY fumble out of the air and burned for 84 to set up the score that put Cal ahead. Eight fumbles, four within the ten, and three went for Troy scores as the over- keyed-up Bears gave it away to the alert southerners. Even at that, Cal was in the game all the way, with Larson con- necting accurately to Talley and Wright, and Day and Dimeff cutting down Trojan runners. Matching the Bruins at LA in the first half, the Berkeleyans shook Kramer loose for 63. Larson passed to Carmichael to set up the marker, and with seconds to go, Paul pushed over for Rugged fullback JIM DILLON played just as powerful after the UCLA game as before with a painful hip injury. Terrific on the line bucks, Jim was important to the Bear scoring. End JIM BAXTER broke into the starting lineup against OSC and did a whale of a job. Then a crippled knee injury kept him out until the Oregon game when he returned as co-captain. Determination and lots of hustle made halfback JOHN WILSON an important man in the Bear offensive. ZEB CHANEY, assistant coach, worked with the ends this year developing good offensive and defensive players which are so necessary for a smooth- functioning team. UPPER RIGHT: One of the many long gainers of the day was Mark ' s run of 56 yards in the first quarter. He was brought down but the run set up one of Cal ' s several touchdowns for the day. LOWER LEFT: Jerry Drew, who got off a 91. yarder in the Penn game, adds 13 more to his credit as he goes over left tackle against San Jose. 156 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 7 6 20 7 40 Penn 0 0 0 0 0 No. of rushing plays 62 23 Net yards rushing 334 98 Passes attempted 24 28 Passes completed 11 10 Net yards passing 193 107 NET YARDS GAINED 527 205 First downs 21 10 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 0 14 13 7 34 San Jose 7 7 0 0 14 No. of rushing plays 62 50 Net yards rushing 256 163 Passes attempted 15 11 Passes completed 6 2 Net yards passing 112 30 NET YARDS GAINED 368 193 First downs 16 11 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 014 0 6 20 USC 718 7 0 32 No. of rushing plays 38 57 Net yards rushing 70 189 Passes attempted 21 13 Passes completed 8 6 Net yards passing 179 78 NET YARDS GAINED 249 267 First downs 12 21 A physics major, fullback STEVE DIMEFF knew how to apply power at the right time. He ' ll also return for two more seasons to supply the punch for the Bear offense. JOE HIBBS, co-captain of the USC game was a top punter and end for the Bears this year. Throwing the key block for Talley ' s tieing score in the Big Game was a high point for this inspirational player. Hampered at first by platoon change, tackle KEITH MESERVE recovered to make a top comeback in the second half of the season. Well-respected by his team- mates, TEVIS MARTIN was switched from center to become a solid guard until injuries slowed him down in late season. He was co-captain of the Washington game. UPPER LEFT: A welcome turn in the USC game, at least for Cal rooters, was the interception of Dandoy ' s pass by Talley on the Cal two-yard line. LOWER LEFT: In the first quarter Marks gains four yards for Cal before he is stopped by Bozan ic. 157 THE FOOTBALL STORY 6. Conversation good, it was 7 all ' till Cameron opened a second-half splurge that rocked the Bears. Exploding over the hapless Huskies in the canyon, Cal could do no wrong as Lar- son hit a record 10 for 12, and Talley, Dillon, and Marks carried the brunt of a 300-yard rushing attack. Then a scoreless deadlock with lots of action wound up the home season on the Me- morial turf against Shaw and the Ducks. Though unpredictable, the Bears were always capable, and they set sixteen new rec- ords in addition to providing the fans with colorful foot- ball. if Son of Blue and Gold grads, New Yorker DON WHYTE wound up his final year by scoring a touchdown in the Big Game and winning the Roos Bros. punting award. Not as well known to most except Uncle Sam was JACK BINKLEY, capable, dependable, and drafted. Jack was responsible for Cal ' s strength at guard position. Guard BILL DUTTON was swinging into high gear when a knee injury in the Bruin game kept him sidelined for the last three games. Winner of the Bob Tessier Award as most improved lineman was end DICK KERN. Dick showed great progress and was a varsity regular in the latter half of the season. UPPER RIGHT: In the second quarter of the UCLA game a pass from Larson to Hanifan is broken up by Dailey. LOWER RIGHT: Up and over—but not quite for a determined Cal defense makes Davenport churn for his four yards. 158 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 0 7 0 0 7 UCLA 7 0 13 0 20 No. of rushing plays 51 45 Net yards rushing 153 213 Passes attempted 16 12 Passes completed — 6 6 Net yards passing 103 57 NET YARDS GAINED.. 256 270 First downs 16 16 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 13 20 Wash. 0 6 20 0 6 13 53 25 No. of rushing plays 45 37 Net yards rushing 224 135 Passes attempted 17 30 Passes completed 14 16 Net yards passing 349 228 NET YARDS GAINED 573 363 First downs 22 16 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal Oregon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 No. of rushing plays 39 45 Net yards rushing 146 95 Passes attempted 22 16 Passes completed 10 8 Net yards passing 114 124 NET YARDS GAINED 260 219 First downs 16 15 A switch to the single platoon failed to slow up sturdy tackle JIM I OTLER, who took over offensive assignment and continued sive work. Third-year varsity guard HAL NORRIS was highly regarded by opponents for his toughness. He ' ll be back next year to lead Larson ' s roll-out passes. A record 19 pass completions go on Cal ' s books for end JIM HANIFAN. Another junior who will return, picked up the affectionate nickname of " Brewster " from the squad. Versatile, hard-working DON HARRIS made the change from fullback to guard. A better than 2.0 student in engineering, he was co-captain of the UCLA game. UPPER RIGHT: The longest kickoff return was made by WHYTE when he got the ball on the Cal 2 and ran it back to the Washington 47, for a gain of 45 yards. LOWER RIGHT: In the mud battle of the year, DILLON makes no gain and the ball remains on the Califor- nia one-yard line. 139 BIG DAME WAS THIS the greatest Big Game of them all? Time will tell, but 92,500 gathered at Palo Alto watched the greatest comeback by an inspired Blue and Gold in this national football classic. The outcome kept Pappy ' s seven-year record against Stan- ford clean, and knocked the favored Indians out of the Bowl and title race. Tawing a 7-0 lead with Whyte following Hazeltine and Gid- dings over for the score, the 1 2 3 4 Tot. Cal 0 7 0 14 21 Stanford 0 7 14 0 21 UPPER LEFT: LARSON saved the day for Cal when he intercepted a Stanford pass meant for Steinberg (12) on the Cal 3-yard line. LOWER LEFT: The ball changed hands fast in The Unpredictable game when HAZELTINE intercepted a Stanford pass, ran it back to their 45, where he fumbled for a Stanford covery. Bears then failed to check Gar- rett, Morley and Co. as the Cards powered ahead 21-7. Larson took over here, scoring on an 18-yard run and directing the final drive capped by Tal- ley ' s score. Paul ' s third conver- sion made the tie. A wild fourth quarter exchange and then, with five long aching seconds, the Bears tried and missed a field goal as the great crowd rocked the stadium. Cal Stan No. of rushing plays 48 31 Net yards rushing 118 150 Passes attempted 22 27 Passes completed 13 12 Net yards passing 169 131 NET YARDS GAINED 287 281 Total first downs 16 15 UPPER RIGHT: The lost Axe was returned by known " sources seconds before the kickoff of the Stanford-Cal game midst great cheers from the rooters. LOWER RIGHT: TALLEY, Cal high-point man, scores again tying up the game. FIRST ROW, left to right: Hugh McGuire, Otis Stroud, Ralph Hoffman, Pete Crebbin, Gene Rocker, Sebastian Bordanaro. SECOND ROW: Ray Donnelly, Gary Gottlieb, Frank Toombs, Dave Ackerman, Doug Stowell, Allan Schmeiser, Edgar Brandt. THIRD ROW: Ted Granger, Andy Stone, Murdo Nicholson, Jack Autenreib, Jim Faulkner, Noal Hildebran, John Escano, Ken Schwocho. FOURTH ROW: Jim Sutherland (coach), Don Phillips, Bob Oliver, Dick Lawyer, John Garzoli, Joe Fournier, Tom Kramer. 8 RAMBLERS THE CAL RAMBLERS closed out one of their less success- ful seasons with a total of three wins to seven losses. They won from the San Francisco Presidio 14-7, the Cal Aggies 21-20, and Moffett Field 20-7. They lost to San Diego Air and Naval teams, Stanford twice, Treasure Island, Alameda, and Fort Ord. The Ramblers de- veloped an unenviable talent for dropping close games. The JV men of talent were Hoffman, Granger, and Kramer. Fort Ord pass is broken up by Donnelly as Meserve (71), Brandt (80), and Gar- zoli (92) move in. HUGH McGUIRE picks up yardage for the Ramblers before Canamella (39) stops the play. JIM SUTHERLAND has a long record of winning teams and experience in football coaching and is the newest edi- tion to the California coaching staff. 162 FIRST ROW, left to right: Henry Zumstein, Vic Baranco, Nat Brazil ' , Tom Trutner, Jim Hughes, Manford Riggs, Theodore Merry, Ronnie Knox, Bill Vallotton, Terry Prindwille. SECOND ROW: Bob Brooks (coach), Temo Jacuzzi, Ed Greub, Chuck Kuhl, Herb Jackson, Gary Olson, Manny Agorastas, Gary Globen, Phillip Short, Jimmie Rogers, Frank son. THIRD ROW: Hal Grant (coach), Jim Small, Ross Burns, George Herms, Don Schieck, Nick Poppin, Warren Lavorel, Larry Fites, Clark Brown, Michael White, Harold Bush, Roger Sandberg, Dal Darracq, Harry West (coach). FOURTH ROW: Vince Mairona (coach), Ralph Wallace, Art Mathews, Charles Davis, Cliff Ferguson, Dalton Morris, Don Gilkey, Nic Papac, Blake Wilson, Walt Birmbaum, Louis Mayer, Dwight Branchi, Don Dal Porto, Harry larducci, Jim Rovi (coach). FROSH FUTURE VARSITY prospects were what freshman coach Hal Grant was looking for this season, and prospects he found on his roster of high school " greats. " Topping his list was Ronnie Knox followed by Jackson, Vallot- ton, and Morris. The freshmen split their series with Stanford. They won the first game at Stanford 19-12, but dropped the second on the rain-drenched mud bath of Edwards Field with a reverse in the score, 12-19. Cal frosh hits the turf after making a sensational catch in the Stanford-Cal game at Stanford. Two players stand ready to block off the opponents. RONNIE KNOX, the outstanding man player, slated for a great sity man, takes time out with the rest of the team. HAL GRANT, freshman coach, came to California in 1947, and has an able record of turning out many of the Cali- fornia Varsity members. 163 164 Necktie salesman and quarterback MIKE showed great alertness throughout the season. A sophomore, this smiling Irishman can be counted on for two more years. Well known as the " Cloth " award winner, center LLOYD TORCHIO again appeared as a strong man on the defense beside sive duties. Sophomore tackle BOB OLIVER called " All Coast " by his friends, but went one ter on his UP honorable mention All-American. will be back to anchor line in ' 54. Converted to early in the season, JIM CARMICHAEL shaped up a dependable pass receiver, and will be a big in the Bear offensive next season. Referred to as another Don Johnson was TOM KRAMER, who can be depended on to spell out any position in Cal ' s backfield. A great and a top tackle, MIKE GIDDINGS had terrific days against San Jose and Stanford. Poppy can use to good advantage in the heart of the line next year. Tackle GEORGE NAJARIAN kept the team amused recitations of Walt-Walt to pass the time on trips, besides being a good man in the Cal line. Fast and powerful, as several of his long breakaway runs showed, halfback JERRY DREW was only a and returns for two more years. VISITORS FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Jones, Bob Matheny, Frank Hess. SECOND ROW: Clif Mayne, Jerry Raugust, Bob Blake, Bob Albo, Floyd White. THIRD ROW: Coach Nibs Price, Bob McKeen, Dick berg, Jerry Anderson, Assistant Coach Andy Wolfe, Assistant Coach Art Gallon. VARSITY BASKETBALL ' 53- ' 54 GAMES ARE won and lost, seasons come and go, and the basket- ball results of ' 54 will be no more than a pile of statistics in somebody ' s desk two years from now. Sure, it was a letdown —after entering conference play with a 10-2 early season record, and then waxing UCLA and Stanford in twin bills, the Bears passed up a repeat of the Southern crown by losing six of eight in the division. What we thought would happen, just didn ' t. High point of the season was the 98-point splurge against Stanford in the final series. The following night Coach Price and eight seniors bowed out with a 19-8 season record. COACH NIBS PRICE: The thirty years of coaching at the University he served so well, came to an end in Stanford Gym on Feb. 27 for this life-long friend of California. Sincere and conscientious, MAYNARD MUNGER coordinated the job of handling the equipment and earned the respect of all. 166 TOP, LEFT: BOB ALBO goes up for an easy lay-in past two Hawaii defenders. RIGHT: Guard LARRY JONES goes up for a jump shot against San Jose. BOT- TOM, LEFT: DICK TAMBERG goes high in the air to fight for ball control. LOWER, RIGHT: Maynard Munger, Senior Manager. JUNIOR MANAGERS— FIRST ROW, left to right: Ron Tinay, Ken NM, Spiro Mellis. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS—SECOND ROW: Robert Hull, Steven Myrick, Hal Hartman. INTERSECTIONAL AFTER THE opening night surprise loss to USF, Cal rolled for ten straight wins to garner re- gional and national attention. In four furious weeks, the team hit at a 37 per cent floor clip and led the nation with a 77 per cent free throw average. Powering over the Alums, Gaels, and Spartans, the Bears then caught all eyes as they bottled up the favored Santa Clarans. McKeen led in preconference scoring through twin game totals of 41 and 66 against the Cougars and the Utes. A trip to the Islands, and home wins over Hawaii and COP prepared Cal for the rugged division fight ahead. Co-Captains BOB MATHENY and BOB ALSO are to be congratulated on their fine ability to direct and head one of California ' s most successful basketball seasons. 147 BEARS VS. BRUINS TOP: BOB MATHENY drives and twists past Moore and Bane for a ray-in. BOTTOM: BOB McKEEN ' S jump shot from the key can ' t be blocked by Bane. Albo 3 6 12 Bragg Tamberg 7 3 17 Moore McKeen 3 4 10 Navels Matheny 4 3 11 Livingston Hess 4 2 10 Miller Jones 0 0 0 Taft White 0 2 2 Hibler — — — Ridgway 62 Bane Steinman White Bario Albo 2 4 8 Bragg Tamberg 5 2 12 Ridgway McKeen 11 5 27 Moore Matheny 7 4 18 Livingston Hess 0 1 1 Bane Jones 2 3 7 White Raugust 0 0 0 Hibler Blake 0 0 0 Taft Anderson 0 0 0 Navels — — Miller 73 Steinman Tamberg 0 2 2 Moore Alba 5 4 14 Bane McKeen 4 5 13 Navels Matheny 0 3 3 Livingston Hess 4 4 12 Bragg White 0 0 0 Ridgway Mastrov 1 0 2 Taft Blake 0 1 1 Hibler Winetrub 0 2 2 White Mayne 1 1 3 Miller Anderson 0 1 1 Costello Raugust 0 1 I — — 54 2 2 6 3 0 6 0 0 0 4 2 10 0 2 2 3 1 7 1 1 3 4 3 11 2 0 4 1 0 2 1 0 2 0 0 0 53 4 10 4 10 2 6 4 12 6 16 2 5 2 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 65 1 2 4 4 2 10 4 1 9 4 7 15 7 6 20 2 0 4 1 1 3 1 1 3 2 2 6 2 2 6 0 0 0 1 0 2 — — — 82 FRIDAY, JANUARY 8 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp SATURDAY, JANUARY 9 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp Albo 2 6 10 Moore Tamberg 4 2 10 Bane Mastrov 1 2 4 Ridgway McKeen 5 3 13 Taft Matheny 5 5 15 Naulls Hess 3 2 8 Hibler Mayne 0 0 0 Livingston Winetrub 1 0 2 Bragg — — — White 62 4 4 12 7 5 19 0 1 1 4 2 10 6 1 13 0 0 0 4 4 12 0 3 3 0 1 1 — — — 71 MATHENY—Determination and quick thinking are the greatest assets of the Bears ' floor ' eral. Dexter ' s experience and coolness paid off in every game. McKEEN—With more experience Big Bob proved to be the coordinator and key to all effective plays. His indefensible lay-in was a nightmare to opponents. ALBO—Consistent, de- termined, a team player all the way—that ' s Co-Captain Bob, who was great on defense and the toughest board man on the coast. BEARS VS. TROJANS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft to Albo 4 5 13 Pausig 0 3 3 Tamberg 2 1 5 Carr 4 8 16 McKeen 3 3 9 Irvin 6 2 14 Matheny 1 10 12 Hammer 1 2 4 Hess 2 6 10 Welsh 1 1 3 Mastrov 0 0 0 Psaltic 2 5 9 Blake 0 0 0 Dunne 1 2 4 — — — Nagai 0 0 0 49 53 TOP: It ' s quick thinking by BOB MATHENY as he fights for a rebound. BOTTOM: Top bounder for the Bears BOB ALBO goes high for this one. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp Tamberg 4 1 9 Pausig 0 0 0 Albo 3 4 10 Carr 2 2 6 McKeen 4 0 8 Irvin 2 1 5 Matheny 5 4 14 Hammer 1 6 8 Hess 1 1 3 Welsh 1 1 3 White 0 2 2 Psaltic 2 2 6 Winetrub 0 0 0 Dunne 0 3 3 Mastrov 0 0 0 Findley 0 0 0 — — -- Thompson 0 0 0 46 Nagai 0 1 1 Ludecke 0 0 0 Luer 0 0 0 — — — 32 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19 CAL fg Albo 2 Tamberg 3 McKeen 6 Matheny 2 Hess 2 Mastrov 0 Winetrub 0 Jones 0 Bryan 0 Blake 0 to USC fg t tp 5 Pausig 4 9 Psaltic 3 9 1 Irvin 4 9 Welsh 5 13 Hammer 6 12 Carr 0 0 Ludecke 2 4 Nagai 0 0 Leer 0 0 Dunne 0 — — — 3 56 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp Albo 1 2 4 Pausig 2 0 4 Tamberg 4 6 14 Psaltic 7 5 19 McKeen 8 4 20 Irvin 3 2 8 Matheny 2 2 6 Welsh 5 2 12 Hess 2 1 5 Hammer 2 5 9 Mastrov 0 0 0 Carr 2 2 6 Jones 3 1 7 Ludecke 1 2 4 Winetrub 0 0 0 — — - - — — 56 DICK TAMBERG is the most improved player on the squad. He filled the difficult job of forward and hit his highest stride with a 38-point count against the Indians. The new man in the ing lineup. FRANK HESS, picked up many of Matheny ' s tricks and added plenty of his own. A back injury kept BOB BLAKE from playing more of the time but he has two more years to go and good potentiality. 169 BEARS VS, INDIANS FRIDAY, JANUARY 15 CAL fg t tp STANFORD fg ft tp Tamberg 8 1 Brown 5 1 11 Albo 6 1 DeLong 2 3 7 McKeen 8 1 Lawler 6 5 17 Matheny 8 1 Selleck 6 7 19 Hess 5 1 Wagner 3 0 6 Jones 0 Suzdaleff 0 0 0 Raugust 0 Flanders 0 0 0 Anderson 0 Epperson 0 1 1 Blake 0 Schwaiger 3 0 6 White 0 Christiansen 0 1 1 Johnson 0 0 0 8 Turner 0 0 0 68 SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 CAL fg ft tp STANFORD ig ft tp Albo 2 0 4 Brown 2 2 6 Tamberg 4 2 10 DeLong 4 2 10 McKeen 8 7 23 Lawler 3 4 10 Matheny 5 6 16 Selleck 5 3 13 Hess 1 1 3 Wagner 1 1 3 Jones 0 0 0 Epperson 1 2 4 Blake 0 0 0 Schwaiger 0 2 2 — — — Christiansen ' 0 2 56 Suzdaleff 0 0 0 Johnson 0 0 0 — — — 50 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 26 CAL fg t to STANFORD fg ft to Alba 7 1 24 DeLong 2 3 7 Tamberg 17 38 Epperson 3 0 6 Anderson 3 6 Lawler 8 5 21 Matheny 4 11 Suzdaleff 5 0 10 Jones 3 8 Selleck 3 6 12 McKeen 4 9 Turner 4 3 11 Hess 1 2 Brown 0 1 1 Blake 0 0 Wagner 1 0 2 Mayne 0 0 Falners 0 0 0 White 0 0 Christiansen 0 2 2 Raugust 0 0 Schwaiger 2 0 4 — — — Johnson 0 1 1 98 Bea 1 1 3 80 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27 CAL fg ft to STANFORD fg ft to Albo 7 17 Epperson 4 2 10 Tamberg 5 13 DeLong 7 2 16 McKeen 4 11 Lawler 5 1 11 Hess 2 5 Suzdaleff 5 3 13 Matheny 7 22 Selleck 9 8 26 Jones 1 2 Turner 0 0 0 Blake 0 0 Brown 0 2 2 White 0 0 Schwaiger 0 0 0 Mayne 0 0 Wagner 0 0 0 — — — Flanders 0 0 0 70 Johnson 0 0 0 Bea 1 0 2 Christiansen 0 0 0 — — — 80 TOP: BOB McKEEN fights for rebound control with Stanford ' s Lawler. BOTTOM: It ' s up and in with a lay-in shot by BOB MATHENY. Dependable, friendly, cooperative and a hustler is LARRY JONES, a spunky guard who hit for needed points in many a tight game. This year ' s campaign climaxed three years on the varsity for center JERRY ANDERSON, strong on bounding and defensive play. A good jump shot makes JERRY RAUGUST a performer to watch in the next two seasons. 170 NONCONFERENCE Cal Opp. 33 USF 51 70 Alumni 56 56 St. Mary ' s 50 56 San Jose 48 63 Santa Clara 50 71 Washington State 45 61 Washington State 49 77 Hawaii 56 73 Hawaii 70 90 COP 51 61 Hawaii 51 70 Utah 59 95 Utah 63 TOP: Ken Sears of Santa Clara tries to block BOB McKEEN ' S jump shot from the key. BOTTOM: Indefensible is the word for BOB McKEEN ' S lay-in shot. FLOYD WHITE is quick and is a good shot from anywhere on the court. A star on the tennis court, CLIF MAYNE uses his quick reflexes and fast thinking to good advantage on the hard court. Up from L.A. City College, BERT TROV quickly won his letter after show- ing a keen shot, good rebounding ability and much team spirit. 171 1 72 FIRST ROW, !eft to right: Gabriel Arrilfaga, Al Kyte, Mike Diaz, Carl man, Fred Schott. SECOND ROW: Laren Bartholf, Richard Herririas, Ted Odmark, Tom Moore, Judson Landis, Rod Griffin. THIRD ROW: Jim Lutz, Floyd White, Everett McKeen, Joe Hagler, Joe Banales, Mike Sweeney, Jerry Jacoby, Coach Art Gallon. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Two SHARPSHOOTING guards, Mike Diaz and Gabe Arrillaga, took frosh scoring honors with 15-point plus season averages. These two paced the Cub attack for a 7-3 record over good serv- ice and college teams. Coach Art Gallon had the troops for a colorful quint which included Al Kyte, Joe Banales, and Ev McKeen. Blue and Gold hopes will be counting on these boys who averaged 70 points a game in ten outings. TOP: It ' s GABE ARRILLAGA as he drives for a jump shot. Other Cubs are KYTE (32), GRIrFIN (41), and HAGLER (8). BOTTOM: ARRILLAGA again in a scramble for ball control. No. 32 is AL KYTE. FIRST ROW, left to right: Roy Polkinghorne, Don Noren, Jim Bryan. SECOND ROW: Andy Wolfe, Al Winetrub, John Randall, Tom Taylor, Don Pryde. BLUES CALIFORNIA ' S JUNIOR Varsity basketball team, 1 coached by Andy Wolfe, turned in another creditable season. The Blues played a number of JC, service, and college teams and gained much experience. Center Jim Bryan took point honors with a 10-point average for the season. Bert Mastrov, Al Winetrub, Roy Polkinghorne, Don Pryde, Tom Taylor, and Don Langrock saw considerable action. A split in the final series with Stanford ' s Braves closed an 11-9 record. 1 TOP: Forward BERT MASTROV goes high for a side shot against the Aggies. BOTTOM: Right out of his hand as BERT MASTROV blocks an Aggie shot. 173 • 145 SEASON ' S RECORD 38 Falstaff 35 43 Acalanes 32 56 Monterey Foods 32 24 New Dana Ringers 46 36 Bemsons 26 71 Concordia 78 58 Falstaff 27 61 Concordia 42 33 New Dana Ringers 37 37 El Cerrito HS 54 52 Reeds 54 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bryant, Dais, Wong. SECOND ROW: Wallace, Lundgren, David, Turner. THIRD ROW: Carlson, son, Melbye, Replogle, Stirton. Cal ' s 130-lb. guintette show good offensive playing in a double series with the Deaf School. WEIGHT BASKETBALL The Berkeley Gazette and Cal team battle it out for a close score (34-32)--but our weight team is the victor. FIRST ROW, left to right: Douvos, P. Fidel, Shinoda, J. Fidel. OND ROW: Gee, Griggs, Lockhart, Willett, Dong. THIRD ROW: son (assistant coach), Van Gundy, Trabert, Iskra, Perry, Adams, Slus- ser (coach). 130 SEASON ' S RECORD 34 Berkeley Gazette 32 36 Robert E. Lee TV 29 44 Deaf School 25 49 Healdsburg HS 23 31 Moby ' s 21 45 Spartan AC 36 41 Robert E. Lee TV 28 46 Amador HS 53 36 Berkeley HS 22 39 Amador HS 52 33 Morey ' s 24 53 Roseville 42 59 Deaf School 24 34 Spartan AC 29 39 Spartan AC 36 174 FIRST ROW, left to right: Senior Manager Art Conon, Marshall Celestan, Steve Turner, Captain Lon Spurrier, Herbert Jackson, Robin Fairbairn, Charles Butt, Barry Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Don Mattson, Dennis Cutland, Larry Anderson, Al Kerr, Robert Kerr, Ron Bauer, Robert Leslie, Len Simpson, Robert Copple. THIRD ROW: George Cooper, Ed Wilson, Ed Hersch, Franz Dolmans, Howard Hawkins, Bill Knick, Malcolm MacKenzie, Tom Adams, John Engvall. FOURTH ROW: Verne Thornberg, Don Dezzani, Benson Ford, Robert Torres, Dick Myers, Bill Thomas, Don Timmerman, Dick Righter, Al Baeta. FIFTH ROW: Don Schwartz, Guy Blackburn, Tom Coakley, Hal Norris, John Stellern, Walt Briant, Ron Dozier, Jim Plessas, Don Putnam, Bill Flociberg. TRACK SHOULD INJURIES to key personnel be kept down, California should have its best balanced track team since the 1942 season. Coach Brutus Hamilton has the troops needed to form one of the best dual meet squads in the country. Captain Lon Spurrier looms as best to bring home NCAA honors in the half-mile run this Spring. Men who could place in the nation ' s biggest col- lege track and field competition are Blackburn in the 100, Turner and Timmerman in the 440, Butt and Stellern in the weights, and Righter in the javelin throw. Wilson, Simpson, and Anderson are possible honor winners in their specialties. As a team, the Bears could have one of the best two-mile relays in the country. Highlights of the ' 54 home season are the appearances of Wes Santee and the Kansas Big Seven Champs in April, and the perennial PCC and NCAA powerhouse from USC on April 24. In 1952 BRUTUS HAMILTON was chosen for the track coach of the Olympic games, which is further proof of his outstanding ability as a teacher in that field of sports. AL RAGEN, considered one of the best assistant coaches in the country, held the " honor " of being coach during the war when the Cal team fast defeated USC. HAL GRANT, assistant coach, not only has an interest in track but football as well. 176 Spurrier passes the baton to anchor man Timmerman in the mile relay. Spurrier turned in a time of :48.7 to Timmerman ' s :48.5 and Cal placed second with a time of 3:18 to Kansas ' time of 3:16.8. One of the best middle distance men in Cal history is Captain LON SPURRIER ' 53 PCC champ in the 880. Beside active participation in AFROTC, ART GONOS has taken a great interest in track and as a result has done an outstanding job as senior manager. MANAGERS--FIRST ROW, left to right: Frank Honea, Bob Dietz, Art Gonos, Dick Bartarini. SECOND ROW: Dave Thompson, Ron Pope, Rick Pnvl irk, Bob Rogers, Dick Munter, Bill deCamp. 177 TOP: One of the races of the day was the 440 when Steve Turner (left) turned in a time of 48.0 to win over favored Timmerman and Cindrich (respectively as pictured above). BOTTOM, left to right: Walt Briant, Doug Cooper, Ron Dozier, and the winner of the high hurdles was Biberstein of Kansas. Former state prep 220 champ, GUY BLACKBURN took fifth in the NCAA 100-yard dash last and is pected to do better in ' 54. Cal ' s best quarter miler is DON TIMMERMAN, a very strong runner in this tough race and who placed fourth in last year ' s PCC. CAL - FORT ORB OLYMPIC CLUB MILE—Boehm (OC), Simpson (C), Bauer (C), Tidwell (Ord). Winning time, 4:17.2. 440-YARD RUN—Burnett (OC), Timmerman (C), Turner (C). Winning time, :48.5. 100-YARD DASH—011ie Matson (Ord), Burks (Ord), Brown (Ord), Blackburn (C). Winning time, .10.0. HIGH JUMP—There was a three-way tie for first. Briant (C), DeYoung (Ord), Williams (Ord). Winning distance, 5 ft., 10 in. HIGH HURDLES--Dozier (C), Briant (C), DeYoung (Ord), Hippie (OC). Winning time, :15.0. 880-YARD RUN--Spurrier (C), Wilson (C), Tidwell (Ord), Hersh ( C) Win- ning time, 1:53.9. SHOT PUT—Stellern (C), Butt (C), Brenner (Ord). Winning mark, 53 ft., 9 in., breaking the UC record of 53 ft., 3.5 in. BROAD JUMP—Brown (Ord), Holloway (Ord), Gourdine (Unatt.), Celestin (C), Mattson (C). Winning mark, 24 ft., 10 in. 220-YARD DASH—Matson (Ord), Gourdine, Burh (Ord), Blackburn (C), Jack. son (C). Winning time, :22.0. TWO-MILE RUN—Sturack (OC), Thornberg (C), Leslie (C), Maddox (C). Winning time, 9:45.6. LOW HURDLES—Holloway (Ord), Dozier (C), Plessas (C), Rodemaker (OC). Winning time, :23.7. JAVELIN—Held (OC), Righter (C), Mitchum (Ord), Schultz (C). Winning distance, 227 ft. 8.5 in. This broke a former meet record of 225 ft., 9 in. MILE RELAY--Cal won with a team made up of Adams, Wilson, Turner, and Timmerman. Winning time, 3:20.8. DISCUS—Jones (OC), Butt (C), Putman (OC), Reed (Ord). Winning dis• tance, 154 ft. POLE VAULT—Anderson (C), Cutland (C). Winning height, 13 ft., 6 in, FINAL SCORE—Cal, 791; Fort Ord, 57%; Olympic Club, 23. 178 The quiet man, LEN SIMPSON, ran a 4:11.5 tole and placed third in the ' 53 NCAA and second in the PCC meet. Soh CHARLIE BUTT tied a versity shot put record in the first meet of the season and is probably the best double weight man in Cal ' s history. TOP, left to right: Plessas, Biberstein (K), Hawkins, and Dozier. Dozier made a comeback after being defeated in the high hurdles to take first in the low hurdles with a time of 24.3. BOTTOM, left to right: Plessas, Blackburn, Blair (K), Jackson. Blair of Kansas won the 100-yard dash with a time of :10.0. 4-WAY MEET MILE—Santee (K), Dalze (K), Simpson (C). Winning time, 4:05.2. Breaks sta. dium record of 4:09.3. SHOT PUT—Butt (C), Stellern (C), Neider (K). Winning distance, 53 ft., 2% in. 440-YARD RUN—Turner (C), Timmerman (C), Cindrich (K). Winning time, :48.0. 100-YARD DASH—Blair (K), Blackburn (C), Moody (K). Winning time, :09.8. HIGH HURDLES—Biberstein (K), Dozier (C), Briant (C). Winning time, :14.6. JAVELIN--Righter (C), Sneegas (K), Norris (C). Winning distance, 202 ft., 5 in. HIGH JUMP—Hollingsworth (K), Fairbairn (C) and Wells (K) tied for second. Winning height, 6 ft., 2 in. 880-YARD RUN—Santee (K), Spurrier (C), Wilson (C) and Koby (K) tied. Winning time, 1:15.5. DISCUS—Butt (C), Murray (C), Kay (K). Winning distance, 159 ft., in. BROAD JUMP—Smith (K), Hunt (K), Celestin (C). Winning distance, 23 ft., 3 in. 220-YARD DASH—Blair (K), Turner (C), Moody (K). Winning time, :21.4. TWO-MILE RUN—Frame (K), Wilson (K) , Rupp (K). Winning time, 9:29.1. POLE VAULT—Anderson (C), Cutland (C), Stinson (K). Winning height, 12 ft., 9 in. LOW HURDLES—Dozier (C), Biberstein (K), Plessas (C). Winning time, 9:29.1. MILE RELAY—Kansas, 3:16.8. California, 3:29.0. FINAL SCORE—Kansas, 701; California, 601 2. 179 -e, JOHN STELLERN made his claim to fame in the Fort Ord-Olympic-Cal meet when he broke a University record of 53 ' 6 " and set his mark of 53 ' 9 " . Along with Charles Butt, John is the best shot putter on the coast. ' 53 HIGHLIGHTS Meet Cal Opp. San Jose, Santa Clara Youth Center, COP 751 2 SJS 401 2 SCYC 38 COP 8 UCLA 831 2 471 2 Olympic Club, Santa Clara Youth Center 75 OC SCYC 32 Illinois 39 83 Southern California 53 78 Fresno Relays 3914 (LC) 28 (open) Coliseum (Only two-mile relay team entered) Modesto Relays (placed second) 40 USC 64 Stanford 68 IC4A (Tom Coakley, discus, only man entered). NCAA (placed ninth) 13 00 WALT BRIANT applies his Naval Reserve flying experience to the cinder track in the high hurdles and the high jump events. One of the greatest prep performers, STEVE TURNER ccit:c1 have a top year in the quar- ter mile if lie can keep away from injuries in ' 54. Dozier earned first prace in the low hurdles in the Fort Ord-Cal-Olympic Club meet. Left to right on the Cal squad are Plessas and Dozier. 180 FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Peoples, Paul Magistretti, William Newfeld. SECOND ROW: Dwight Bianchi, Charles Stevenson, Nathaniel Brazil, Charles James, Charles Kuhl, Mike White, Frank Richmond, Jim Holt, Joe Banales, Tom Trutner THIRD ROW: Ralph Wallace, Ted D ' Amica, Cornell Dudley, Walter Cotes, Steven Schadlick, Dal Darracq, Robert Lent, Lawrence Soares, Duane Bailey. PUSH A NEW MARK in the pole vault by Dennis Cutland was the lone record change by the Cubs last Spring. The frosh took three of their seven meets by good margins and were second in two triangular meets, but lost to the Stanford first-year men by a decisive point count. Prospects for improvement look slim for this Spring as Coach Hal Grant is faced with getting the most from limited potential. LOWER LEFT: MIKE WHITE, center, came in second in the low hurdles. LOWER RIGHT: TONY GAILY brought home a victory for Cal and RICHARD PEOPLES placed second, to make a clean sweep in the 220, 181 FIRST ROW, left to right: Verne Thornburg, Ron Bauer, Robert Leslie, Lennard Simpson. SECOND ROW: Don Schwartz, Al Kerr, Dick Myers, Bill Thomas, Bill Flodberg, Al Baeta. CROSS-COUNTRY DETERMINATION AND effort characterized the California Cross- Country Team for wins were infrequent. Over the four-mile course in Strawberry Canyon in the San Jose State meet, Ron Bauer was clocked for 21:03, the best Cal time of the season. Al Baeta, Ron Bauer, Bob Leslie, Jim Maddox, and Len Simp- son were chosen for letters for the ' 53 cindermen. The schedule included meets with USC, UCLA, and SJS, with a final score of one win to three losses. Tension ' s in the air as the runners make last-minute preparations before starting on the four-mile course through Strawberry Canyon. One of the most able coaches in the U.S. is BRUTUS HAMILTON, who has had a long and fruitful career. AL RAGAN has the dual job of helping coach cross-country as well as the track team. He has won many records of his own while in college in the hurdles. RON BAUER proved to be one of Cal ' s fastest cindermen of the son. 182 FIRST ROW, left to right (Coxswains) Jim Bowles, Rod Friedman, Desmond Coffelt, Armand Maggenti, Jerry Greenbaum, Brooks Key, Andy Griffin, Donn Stevens. SECOND ROW: Charles Brigham, Howard Morrow, Carter Swenson, Dick Gaffery, Tom Light, Norman Parsons, Roger Lowe, Art Silberman, Ron ' tinge, William Walker, Dick Rahl. THIRD ROW: Dan Power, Frank Robben, Bob Rhein, Dick Steyer, Art Chapman, Tom Walsh, Marshall Leve, Martin Rotto, Ky Ebright (coach). FOURTH ROW: Dunc Haynes, Bob Burrows, Pete Doliver, Beau Breck, Tom Feltner, Jacques deLorimier, Glenn Miller, Carl Thoresen, John Jones, Walt Grens, Don Keene. ' 54 VARSITY ON THE bulletin board of the shell house, down on the Estuary is a faded yellow clipping with these words printed on it: " It takes rhythm, power and form. " Drive, determination, and lots of endurance on the long course are the other factors which spell the difference between success and defeat. And it takes eight men, working together with precision coordination to make a winning crew. What is there new to say about Coach KY EBRIGHT? Year after year his capabilities, humor, and considerate understanding have won the respect and admiration of all. LOWER LEFT: Crewmen carry the shell from the boathouse (background) to the Estuary—all it takes is teamwork and many shouts of " heads down. " LOWER RIGHT: Off to the boats. 1 84 Coach LEMMON an d scme of the frosh talk over time trial results in the dressing room. HIGHLIGHTS COACH KY EBRIGHT ' S California Crews have met the best and topped them all with three Olympic and numerous IRA win- ners. This year C al meets USC, Stanford, UCLA, and Wash- ington on the Estuary, and travels to Western Sprints at Newport Beach, Wisconsin at Madison, and the IRA at Syra- cuse. In what should prove to be a top coast sport event of the year, Navy comes to the West to challenge Cal in its bid for the fourth Newport Regatta Cup. LOWER LEFT: Practicing every afternoon on the Estuary gets the team in excellent shape before the late beginning competitive season begins. LOWER RIGHT: One shell makes ready to shove off. 2,1V-13pk.,.! • • . ,••• 195 Wouldn ' t you know it—just when you FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Ward, Charles Caramella, Jim Matthews, Fred Pracht. want it, the outboard goes on the blink. SECOND ROW: Dick Burns, Bill Grechel, Charles Grechel, Chuck MacCrone, Dick Fleming. HIGHLIGHTS CALIFORNIA CREW fortunes rose and fell last Spring as the Bear oarsmen had to settle for second place on the coast behind tradi- tional rival Washington. Opening the season strong, Cal left Southern Cal behind by a length and a half on the Estuary. At Palo Alto, Stanford was whipped by three lengths. The JV boat took its first two victories of its four season wins, and the third varsity boat powered past the OSC and UCLA crews. With this background, the Blue and Gold wavebreakers left for Seattle and the big race of the year with the Huskies. All it takes is balance. JIM MATTHEWS ably coordinated the many responsibilities of the shell house --from driving the launch to passing out clean sox. 186 Bo Breck, Pete Do!liver, Marshall Leve, and Torn Light look Bo Breck, 1 y and Frank Bobbin look at the Ahlgren cup which will go to the most improved over the scrapbook which shcws the player at the end of the season. successful history of the California crew. OF 1953 THE BEAR-HUSKY regattas are famous across the country for the spirit and determination generated as both crews point for this race. Postwar year records showed a split of the wins at three apiece. In ' 52, Cal oarsmen gained a sweep over the northerners, but the Huskies ' extra experience last year was too much to match. The Bears recovered to best the field in the Western Sprints at Newport Beach for the third time, but took hack seats against Wisconsin and at the IRA in Syracuse. This one seems self-explanatory. Varsity Rowing Club Commodore PETE DOLLIVER climaxes his fourth year on the Cal crew with determination and spark. 187 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ron Smith, Don Van Druten, Dick Watson, Ron Edstrom, John Montjoy, Bill Wilson, Eugene Hessel, Bill Bedard, Dick Painter, Jim Johnson, Paul Bruderer. SECOND ROW: Dick Ricker, Jack Grauss, Franz Steiner, Doug Schmidt, Bob Buckley, Dave Reese, Andy Gianulias, Dick Willey, Vic Unruh, Chuck Band, John Olofson, Jerry Denham, John Petersen. THIRD ROW: Jim Lemmon, Dick Dobbins, Norm Tuttle, Jim Starr, Larry Reagan, Dick Hosegood, Phil Moeller, Don Losser, Mike Tower, Jim Nitsos, Mort Beebe, Torn Grady, Bob Clarke, Clark Gilbert, Don Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Dan Petersen, John O ' Connell, Dave Wood, John Erickson, Phil Short, Ira Lee, Doug Muirhead, John Hardy, Mike Myers, Steve Whisenand, John Leathers, Dick Dahlinger, Andrew Farrar, Bob O ' Donnell, Mark Tuft. FRESHMAN CREW COACH JIM LEMMON takes over the job of frosh mentor this Spring with one thing uppermost on his list—an about face of the last year ' s swamp to the Washington frosh, who also took IRA honors. Repeats from the North warn of another Husky powerhouse, but the Bear frosh have been concentrating all year on this top race. The four frosh shells have come a long way since Fall drills began, and with continued spirit and determination, should be a great credit to Cal. Frosh Coach JIM LEMMON, in his first year at the Freshmen get last-minute instructions from Coach reins, has had the big job of preparing his yearlings JIM LEMMON before leaving in the scow for an for the campaign against the Husky frosh. afternoon of practice. 1 88 FIRST ROW, left to right: Jack Mackay, Al Thomson, Gordon Gill, John Derdavanis, Bob Albo (co-captain), Tom Pollock (co-captain), John Mitchell, Dave Heil, Doug Sohl. SECOND ROW: Feldon Henderson, Nate Short, Bob Merrill, Cal Larson, Al Kyte, Don Walker, Les Mitchell, Jim Shafer, John Engvall, Dick Ament, Don man. THIRD ROW: Bruce Cropper, Don Nusser, Hymen Spenrad, Gene Clahan, Pete Van Houten, Fred Beresford, John Escano, Marvin Lacey, Don Tronstein, Bart Stryker. FOURTH ROW: Clint Evans (coach), Mike DeSoto (senior manager), Bob McKeen, Bill Worth, Dave Johnson, Larry Friend, Frank Merlo, Bill Slack, Joe Gagger°, George Wellman (assistant coach), Cas Munoz (assistant coach). 1954 SEASON IF THE 1954 edition of California baseballers can become coordi- nated in all fields of the game at the right time, the Bears may be strong contenders. With eleven returning lettermen giving Coach Clint Evans experience at every position, Cal has the nucleus and the potential. There ' s an ample share of good hitters and fielders, but the question is whether or not the team can integrate and click against top competition. Only one veteran pitcher returns. ' 54 is the climax season to a long, sac. cessful career in Cal baseball for Coach CLINT EVANS,a top-notch competitor with determination all the way. In his first year here, GEORGE WOLF- MAN works with the catchers and pitch- ers after compiling great prep coaching record. Next year he will be head coach. MIKE DESOTO has ably managed the baseball team this season and has handled well his diversified tasks. Co-Captains TOM POLLOCK and BOB ALBO proved able choices for their jobs as they displayed great ability in de- cisions and friendship of the team. 1 90 Extra fast, shortstop DICK AMENT was second All- CIBA in ' 53 and should be top fielder again this year. Called the " Greek, " JOHN DERDIVANIS covers the outfield well and is strong at the plate. A tremendous pitcher with great humor is JOE GAG- GERO, the veteran dependable moundsman. A great bar ' player is GORDON GILL, whose speed, strong arm, consistent hits and good fielding mark him tops. AL KYTE, first baseman, rose from Frost ' ball to the position of starting first baseman by the start of the CIBA season. Second sacker JACK MACKAY fields well and is strong on the double-play combination. FIRST ROW, left to right: Senior Manager Mike deSoto, Joe Bingaman. SECOND ROW; Mike Raffetto, Rocky Cramer, John Gerhart, Nick Cutting, Gordon Clark. and although the new moundsmen show strong po ten- tial, they are untried and lack experience. Stanford and USC are both loaded this year and will be tough to beat for the CIBA title. Even at that, Cal should be able to improve on its 8-8 ' 53 conference standing. Bob Albo, Tom Pollock, Don Walker, and Dick Ament are four solid candidates for all-coast honors in ' 54. 191 Larry Friend (pitcher), Don Nusser (outfield), Assistant Coach George Wolfman, and Coach Clint Evans watch the Cal-Santa Clara game from the dugout. At the far right the scorers keep track of game statistics. NONCONFERENCE 10 Alumni 3 6 Kenny Park 17 5 Boston Brave Rookies 3 7 Moffat ' s Manteca 16 8 St. Louis Braves Rookies 5 3 San Francisco State 6 4 San Jose State 5 5 College of Pacific 3 10 Univ. of San Francisco 5 9 Camp Pendleton Marines 18 4 Oregon State 3 BOB ALBO calls the Ditches from his catcher ' s tion and sparks the team with his leadership. fielder TOM POLLOCK is noted for his catchy humor, and as a strong hitter he has a 400-yard hit to his credit. Letterman DAVE HEIL is one reason why Cal is strong in experienced men this year. 1953 6 Oakland Oaks 8 9 Cal Poly 1 11 Moffett Field 2 12 Alameda Naval Air Station 6 6 Chico State 2 4 Cal Poly 2 5 Arizona 9 12 Arizona 10 5 San Jose State 3 10 Univ. of San Francisco 5 Unidentified Cal man slides into home plate THELTON HENDERSON is safe at first. Cal but not before the San Jose catcher has won this San Jose game with a close score made the out. of 8-7. 192 Cal Catcher LES MITCHELL tags out a UCLA player. Although Cal lost the morning game we came back to take our brother Bruins in a 4-0 victory in the afternoon. RESULTS CIBA 6 Santa Clara 7 4 Santa Clara 3 2 UCLA 3 1 Stanford 7 3 USC 16 3 USC 12 7 USC 6 3 USC 6 4 Santa Clara 1 3 UCLA 4 10 Santa Clara 7 6 Stanford 3 9 UCLA 2 6 Stanford 9 8 UCLA 5 4 Stanford 3 Only a soph, Varsity newcomer FRANI MERLO is tabbed as a pitcher with much p p romise and oten. 1 tiar. In his senior year is monogram winner JOHN i MITCHELL who has a tremendous arm for outfield throws. This is LES MITCHELL ' s first year for Cal and he has switched his time between catching and the first sack. ti 01 1111, nii i Left fielder HENDERSON bats against UCLA. DON WALKER, third base, scores one of the 13 runs against Santa Clara. Final score: Cal, 13; Santa Clara, 1! 193 11111111.1rAll ' 111111=1111111 FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Smith, Dick Keene, Lacey, Jim Schaefer, Al Thomson, Nate Short, John Escano. SECOND ROW: Pete Van Houten, Don Kirkman, Dave Johnson, Fred Beresford, Cal Larson, Gene Clahon, Bent Stryker, Jere Brooks, Doug Stowell, Cas Munoz (coach). CAS MUNOZ° freshmen have shown a lot of spirit and Cas has done a good job in bringing out some great potential for future Car teams. It ' s a home run for Lacy. Jim Schafer stands by to be the next hitter against the San Francisco Marines. CINNAMON BEARS COACH PETE CORONA ' S JV diamondmen did a little better than break even last Spring as they took seven of their thirteen contests. Service, junior college teams, and the Stanford Braves offered the competition and gave Cal ' s reserve ball players a lot of valuable experience that ' s needed to make the varsity. So far in ' 54, the Cinnamon Bears are strong, hitting a high with 28 runs scored against Treasure Island in one of the early contests. 194 FIRST ROW, left to right: Gill Davis, Ted Pollock, Carl Anaclerio (coach), Dick Carlson, Robert Hunt, George Bedell. SECOND ROW: Bob Sani, George Becker, John Witherspoon, Joe Jaeger, Ronnie Knox, Warren Lavorel, Rod Griffin, Loren Bartholf. THIRD ROW: Mike Weldon, Doug Weiss, Jerry Vonderahe, Larry Posey, Dick McCurdy, Jose Lueero. CARL ANACLERIO heads the Cinnamon Bears this Spring, and early results show that Carl might have a team that stands near the top at the finish. DOUG WEISS, Frosh pitcher, is out at first in the Santa Clara Frosh game. FRESHMEN BAY AREA high schools and the Stanford, Santa Clara, and USF frosh gave the Cubs ample competition as the nine wins and ten losses record for ' 53 shows. Two of the frosh, Al Kyte and Don Nusser, from last year ' s team, are hustling for varsity spots. This Spring the team has won seven in a row after dropping the first two, and shows potential to keep on the winning track. 195 UPPER LEFT: Another soph with great tential and much spirit is outfielder DON NUSSER. LOWER LEFT: DON TRONSTEIN lettered at first base in ' 53 and can be counted upon this year as a catcher. UPPER RIGHT: As a soph, DON WALKER made Coast at third base and this year is even ter and more experienced. LOWER RIGHT: Returned from the service is left-hander BILL WIRTH, who bolsters the Bear hurling staff. ' 53 HIGHLIGHTS ALTHOUGH BREAKING even in CIBA play, the Bear Varsity racked up an overall 22-15 record for the ' 53 season, Cal was never shut out, scoring runs in every con- test. At the plate, senior Tom Keough led the team with a batting average of .396. Pollock, Ament and Walker were all over .300. Honors went to pitcher Al Mathews on NCAA first team, and Keough, Pollock, Walker, Ament made All-CIBA rating. 196 FIRST ROW, left to right: Bud Muehleisen, Cliff Mayne, Don Pimley, Doug Howden. SECOND ROW: Bill Demas, Lynn Leffler, Norm Petersen, Bill Hyde, Dick Stevens (coach). Coach DICK STEVENS hailing from ington State, has coached many successful Cal tennis teams and has turned out ous great tennis players with his training ability to become the best known coach on the coast. 1954 VARSITY TENNIS THE 1954 BEARS, under the able coaching of Dick Stevens, are aspiring to retain the PCC crown they captured last year with a record of six wins and no losses in conference team play. Only two lettermen return, but up-comers from the JV and Frosh are expected to fill in aptly. The conference race prom- ises to be a close battle between USC, UCLA, and Stanford. Last year the Bears won the PCC, handling all opponents, be- ing stopped in close matches only in Northern California All- Star competition. The team took second place in the NCAA tournament along with numerous other important titles. Cliff Mayne is a good bet to capture the NCAA title this year, repeat- ing the performance of his freshman year. 198 TOP: TIME OUT. LOWER LEFT: The sideline bull session is a common sight during an organized day ' s practice. This is the time Stevens can give his team advice to improve their game and ability. LOWER RIGHT: The team relaxes as the Junior Varsity gets some practice matches. To have a smooth functioning team, that has the equipment when and where it is needed you need an able manager to oversee all the details. VIRG ROMITI has proved himself very successful in his job of senior manager. TENNIS MANAGERS—FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Kieg (junior manager), Virg Romiti (senior manager). SECOND ROW: Jon Bigelow, Jack Patterson, Mark Hodgson. 199 A final briefing is given the team by DICK STEVENS. VARSITY CLIFF MAYNE not only has a sense of humor but has consistently ranked as first man on the team. Although it is DOUG HOWDEN ' s first year on the team he shows great ise to become a strong man for the Cal team. From Sacramento hails BILL DEMAS who is among the top four on the team. Southpaw BUD MUEHLEISEN is a turning vet who has previously played for the ' 51 netters. 200 The object of the laugh is NORM PETERSON ' s checkered tennis shorts. Although they are out of sight in this picture, if you turn back a page they are in furl focus. TENNIS A second returning vet is NORM PETERSON who previously played for the frosh. DON PIMLEY has long been under the guiding hand of Coach Stevens and has great potential for the Cal team. The outstanding frosh RON WOODS has graduated to varsity ranks, having had long practice on the courts. HERSCHEL HYDE, another of the many Berkeleyites on the Cal team, will be among the top in the varsity ranks. 11%61011101144. 201 JV TENNIS THE JV TEAM is pressing varsity spots with great ambition this sea- son. They had a touch of high- class competition in the Northern California Intercollegiates. Lynn Leffler is probably a strong con- tender for a varsity position. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bill Foster, Wayne Collins, Dick Tipton. SECOND ROW: Sandy Hay, Jerry Down, Lynn Leffler, Coach Dick Stevens. KEITH HAMILTON and CLAY BRADLEY, a double combination on the freshman team, get in an afternoon of practice before their competition starts later in the season. FROSH TENNIS CALIFORNIA WILL be represented this year by the strongest Frosh squad since the days of the Ricksens, Ditz- ler, and Hagist. The freshmen have been competing in practice sessions against top varsity men and have held their own more than adequately. This great Frosh team brings forth terrific expectations for next year ' s varsity. FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Axtell, Keith Hamilton, St an Hach. SECOND ROW: Frank Golder, Emery Summers, Frank Morse, Clay Bradley, Dick Stevens (coach). 202 F 70. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Radcliff, Tak Iseri, Sheldon Onstead, Bob Mayo. SECOND ROW: Art Nicolaysen, Dave Kennel!, Dick Chui, Jerry Hays, Bill Floyd, Bill Spore. A member of two US Olympic teams and a participant in many national meets in his early life, GEORGE SCHROTH, coach of the Cal webfooted teams, has done an outstanding Job of turning out continually winning groups. LOWER RIGHT: DAVE WOOD came in second in the Fullerton meet with his double humpt- de-dump and a triple squibble. (New name for a very complicated, but well executed dive.) LOWER LEFT: GEORGE SCHROTH looks on as the racers make their turns at the halfway mark. 204 SWIMMING QUALITY NOT quantity seems to be the keynote of Coach George Schroth ' s Cal Swim team. Indi- viduals who pace the Bears this season are Dave Radcliff in the distance events, Bill Spore in the sprints, Breaststroker Jerry Hays, Backstroke ace Bill Floyd, and divers Dave Wood and Shel On- stead. Early in dual season competition, Cal holds five wins, no loss record with point counts over Fullerton, San Jose, Cal Poly, and twice COP. Southern division laurels again appear to be in Stanford hands, but the Bears rate as strong con- tenders, and should be point high over USC and UCLA after May 7-8. Senior Manager JOHN GRAY has done an excellent job handling his many tasks that range from keeping score at a game to laying out the racing lanes before a game. SWIMMING MANAGERS, left to right: Alden Anderson, Ron Stein, John Gray. LOWER LEFT: The crowd watches carefully as the racers are off on the freestyle in the Fulferton JC meet which opened the swimming season. LOWER RIGHT: They ' re off! 205 They ' re off in a race between the Cal Aggies and the Cal-JV. Incidentally we beat our friends on the farm in Davis. FIRST ROW, left to right: Pete Nutting, John Trias, Don Demmon, Carl Drews. SECOND ROW: Jeff pel, Dick Pawson, Charles Harris, Mike Barnato, Jim Baker, Mo Kirk. JUNIOR VARSITY HERB STEINER ' S reserve swimmers have taken six of their nine meets so far and should be able to take the five remaining meets. The strong Sacramento Elks are responsible for two of the Cal losses, while the Bears have swamped the Olympic Club and the Cal Aggies twice, Vallejo, and San Francisco State. FROSH PACED BY the strong performance of Bruce Keppel and Jack McNees, the Cal swimming team counts five wins in eight out- ings. Both McNees and Keppel are top varsity prospects who will be after records. The freshman team has shown steady improvement but has been handicapped this season because of lack of depth. Below the Cal team takes a first place in the relay, besides taking first in the Cal-San Jose frosh meet. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ed Carlson, Larry Harper, Ken Rouse, Bill Carlson, Jim Lawson. SECOND ROW: Walt Becker (coach), Bruce Keppel, Dean Pearson, Phil Berlin, Jack McNees, Bob Nicoiaysen, Don Morrison. ), tlif• FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Day, Don Smalian, Don Rhoades, Kurt Renfro, Mike Barnato, Don Kamler. SECOND ROW: Morris Kirk, Karl Drews, David Radcliff, Gordon Gill, Warren Hellman, Bob Fricke, Chuck Cawthon. THIRD ROW: Bill Spore, Jerry Hayes, Bill Armstrong, Bob Kahl, Jim Ross, Bob Roche, Jim Berger, Coach George Schroth. WATER POLO THE SCHROTHMEN completed a very successful season this year with the Varsity and Junior Varsity winning top honors in the AAU Pacific Association Tournament. The Varsity finished second in the PCC but went undefeated in non- conference games. Kahl, Ross, Ehni, Arm- strong, Smalian, and Kamler were the backbone of the Cal team and did an outstanding job. The Freshmen proved themselves able with a record of 11 wins to 2 defeats. The 1953 season was exciting and rewarding to the Cal water polo teams. UCLA player shooting for a goal with Kamler guarding with Kahl coming up to block the shot. In the background is Ross, Rhoades, Gill and Armstrong. The Cal goal ably guarded by goalie Kahl blocks a SC shot. Armstrong is guarding the SC player and !Cornier and Gill are looking on. Final score: Cal 5, USC 1. JOHN GRAY took charge of the equipment as his job of Senior Manager. Coach GEORGE SCHROTH, one of the best liked coaches, turned out winning teams for water polo. 207 RUGBY 41t M1111111110 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ed Fletcher, Al Talley, Don Hartley, Mike Phelan. SECOND ROW: Don Harris, Max Howell, Bob Keane, Ted Granger, Tony Harrison, Dick Lawyer, Jim Hughes, John Elworthy, Matt Hazeltine. THIRD ROW: Bill Valotton, John Hotchkis, Walt Senior, Cliff Wright, Harry Ghilarducci, Don Gilkey, Bob Lavelf, Al Schmeiser, Ron Ruby, Bob Worrell, Don Whyte, " Doc " Hudson (coach). " Doc " HUDSON has been consistently turning out some of the best rugby teams in the nation and this season was no exception. The team faced tough competition but finished the season with a 9 win to 4 loss record. The highlight of the season was the opportunity gained by Cal ' s past records to play the world ' s best team—the New Zealand All-Blacks. Although Cal was defeated, it proved to be the best game of the year. We were expected to turn out the best team in his- tory for 15 lettermen returned, hut injuries plagued the team. To the relief of his patients Dr. MILES HUDSON stopped ing teeth and drove to the sta- dium every afternoon where he drilled the Bear Ruggers into winning rugby games. 208 A line-out in the Cal-All Black game finds BOB WORRELL up for the ball. In a passing rush play, AL TALLEY passes off to TED GRANGER. With DON HARRIS in the middle, first-five DON HARTLEY passes off to winger DON WHYTE. OUR BROTHER Bruins fell to their northern relatives making a 15- game winning streak in the series. We split the UBC series 2-2 but failed to bring the World Cup back to Cal for UBC had a 13-point edge in total scoring. Honors went to Max Howell, Al Talley, and Bob Worrell who were chosen for the All-Star All-Black game. Howell finished his fifth and last year of outstanding playing and has the honor of being an All-World hack. The ' 54 season finished with a win over Stanford. Captain DON HARTLEY found time to play a consistently good game at scrum-half and first-five along with being rep- at-large and president of IFC. The All-Blacks, very adept here, find only MAX BUD SYMES held down the manager ' s position this season. Working HOWELL trying to stop this one. alone, he did a great job keeping the team ' s valuables in good order. 209 ' 4!eas-r FIRST ROW, left to right: Jim Smith, Phil Ishimaru, Allan Galbreath, Jim Green, Gary Fulbright. SECOND ROW: Ed Nemir (coach), Dave Ackerman, Bob Nelson, Vin Young, Jerry Ambinder, Dick King, Dick Londahl. BOXING THOUGH STARTING with a limited number of veterans, the Varsity boxing team experienced a very successful season, five wins and one loss—winning over Stanford twice, Chico State, SF State, and Cal Poly, and losing to San Jose State. In addition, Dick King won the Northern California Invitational Championship in the heavy- weight division. Ishimaru, Green, Londahl, Fulbright, Young and King represented California in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Championships, a three-day affair at Sacramento. Out of eleven schools competing here, California placed fifth with Jim. Green tak- ing second place honors. With a record of five wins and one loss the excellent coaching of ED NEMIR showed through the successful season. In both the 1953 and 1954 seasons, PHIL ISHIMARU, a junior, has lished an excellent record in dual meet competition. With another season to go, DICK LON- DAHL has the present record of second place in the 1954 PCI Championships. VIN YOUNG won honors as runnerup in the 1953 Northern California ships and this year took four out of five in dual meet competition. Another runnerup in the 1953 Northern California and PCI competition, DICK KING was 1954 champion of the ern California Invitational. 210 FIRST ROW, left to right: Isao Fujimoto, Henry Store, Jr., Ben Fraticelli, David Kikuchi. SECOND ROW: Tod Likins, Eric Svensson, Wayne Loucks, James Lieberman, Robert Prindle, Ernest Solomon. THIRD ROW: Henry Stone (coach), Pat Machado, Robert Hill, Philip Short, Irvine Coulter, Richard Schmitt, Ted Staniford (assistant coach). WRESTLING CALIFORNIA ' S WRESTLING season started slowly with an inexperienced team. Ray Mosten, heavyweight, was the only returning senior letter- man on the squad. An early 17 to 11 loss to Stanford was avenged by a smashing 28-8 victory on the Indians ' home mat. Bear wrestlers cli- maxed the season by bringing home two individual championships from the annual conference tournament. The prospects for the 1954-55 season are better than at any time since the championship team of 1951. Henry Stone, California ' s coach, was selected by the AAU to take the United States wrestling team to the World Amateur Cham- pionships held during May at Tokyo. Coach HENRY STONE won personal rec- ognition as he led Cal ' s matmen through the 1954 season with expert ability. With a record of 5 wins, 4 losses, WAYNE LOUCKS started slowly but finished the season as 1954 Pacific Coast Intercollegiate 137-pound cham- pion. DAVID KIKUCHI, 1954 Pacific Coast Intercollegiate 130-pound champion, was the most brilliant and dependable performer on the team. A soph, BEN FRATICELLI, was 1954 Pacific AAU 130-pound champion. His season ' s record-5 wins, 2 losses. HENRY STONE, JR., returning man from the 1951 team, became 1954 Pacific AAU champ in the 115-pound competition. 21 tr Tr 7r qtr FIRST ROW, left to right: Al Shak, Dean Maddox, Mike Rei. SECOND ROW: Don Looper, Bob Gregovich, Keith Johnson, Bill Keller, Bob Schnal. NOT PICTURED: Len Hole, Ralph Zusman, GOLF ALTHOUGH THE Cal Golf team hasn ' t won a match on the golf course, they have been quite successful not only in their indi- vidual games but on the nineteenth hole. It is still early in the season with only six of the scheduled twenty-one games having been played. The PCL competition is between USC and UCLA, when the team will travel to the Southland, and with Stanford. Two tournaments which should be of interest are the Northern California Intercollegiate and Southern Division meets. With golf interest increasing in college sports the Cal coach and team have been looking ahead and building up their team through practice and experience. The majority of the members are sophomores with three years of eligibility left. So here ' s more power to the nineteenth and the future of the Cal Golf team. The golf team relies heavily on BOB GREGOVICH as he is low score man, manager, and captain. Hailing from San Diego, Bob is the only returning letterman on the team. MIKE REI of Portland, Oregon, is a very promising sophomore with a six handicap. The acting coach, ROY ANDERSON, along with Pat Markovich, has been doing a wonderful job in ing the team and helping to build up a strong Cal team. 212 In the USF-Cal game forward Dennis Trason (Cal) and USF defensive back Bob Kellerman go up for a headball. Moving in on the play is USF man and in the back is Paulo O ' Grady (Cal). The final score was Cal 2, USF 3. The highlight of the year was the 7-1 Cal victory over ford. Above our defensive backs Musa Dajani (12), Milbank (15), and Arnesen (5) move into position to play a headball from Stanford forward. 213 FIRST ROW, left to right: Paulo O ' Grady, Yusef Dajani, Dennis Trason, John Hotchkis, Per Arnesen, Bob Woods, Musa Dajani. SECOND ROW: Ali Hezareh, Dick Massing, Mike Batiga, Steve Newland, Ruben Lechter, Jose Cohen, Hank Feltner, Anas Baroody, Harry Mathis. THIRD ROW: Bob DiGrazia (Coach), Walt Wager (Manager), Lewis Russell, Edwin Simanis, Lee Shale, Morris Milbank, Joe Hare, Alex Love, Carlos Heymann, Ricardo Trigueros. SOCCER THE CAL Varsity had a very successful season this last year by taking second-place honors in the Northern California League. Six men were picked for All-Conference: Yusef Dajani, Trason, Hare, Musa Dajani, Arnesen, and O ' Grady, with the last three nominated for All-American. The Varsity had a good chance at top honors but were defeated in the crucial USF game; it was still the best season since 1949. The Junior Varsity also finished second in their eight-game schedule. BOB DeGRAZIA should claim a rose for ing out the best soccer team Cal has seen in many a year. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jon Peter Berge, Arthur W. Lane (coach), Jerry Klotz, Wayne Gallup, Robert Keasbey. FENCING THE CALIFORNIA fen cing teams, under the leadership of Arthur W. Lane, made a fine showing in the Amateur Fencers ' League Events with Jerry Klotz, team captain, winning four medals and Wayne Gallup winning one. Competition at this meet was extremely rugged since several of the par- ticipants have been fencing for many years as amateurs. A five-man foil team representing the Bears defeated San Jose State 18 to 7. Two three-man teams com- peted for Cal in the Western Intercollegi- ate Fencing Conference at Pomona in April. Fencing coach ARTHUR LANE has turned cut some outstanding fencers in his time at Cal. LOWER: Coach LANE instructs ROBERT KEASBEY while the team looks on. 214 FIRST ROW, left to right: Jo Smalley, Charles Quesnoy, James Thayer, Leslie Davison, Gerry Howell. SECOND ROW: Teo-Yuan Wu, Willis Burgess, Jesse Frey, Phil Lowell, J. J. Folsom, John Paden. THIRD ROW: M Sgt. Wilfiam Elliott (coach), Laverne Moody, Hans Ewoldsen, Roger Fike, James Carter, Mike Freeman, M Sgt. Clay Dugan (coach). RIFLERY THE 1953-54 SEASON was truly the great- est of all for the UC rifle team. Under the excellent coaching of M Sgts. Elliott and Dugan, the teams from the University com- peted with over 100 teams, losing less than 10 matches. The outstanding events of the year included placing second in the U.S. national championships, winning the S.W. invitational meet at El Paso, the East Bay Industrial League, placing third in the San Francisco Industrial League, and rul- ing the Northern California conference for the 17th year with a total record of 169 wins and 1 loss. All-American rifle- man T. Y. Wu established a new national record by winning the national champion- ship in March. M Sgt. WILLIAM ELLIOTT looks up from his desk in the rifle range where he coached the UC rifle team through its championship season. Intercollegiate champion Tao Yuan Wu inspects varsity team member LaVerne Moody ' s new .22 calibre free rifle while varsity members Leslie Davison and Willis Burgess lock on. 215 216 DAVE WOOD has yet to be beaten on t he trampoline and is top man in the conference. Here he does a half gainer an a back drop. AL O ' CONNOR is second only to best on the gymnastics tear. He works two events, the parallel bars, as seen above, and the horizontal bars. FIRST ROW, left to right: Al O ' Connor, Sam Moreno, Bill Maley, Ben Plat, Larry Herm. SECOND ROW: Elliot Baum (manager), Joe Zaerr, Dave Wood, Paul Goodale, Darius Moreland, Herschel Shorr, Chuck Keeney (coach). GYMNASTICS THE CAL Gymnastics team started off in victory with a 47-30 victory over Stanford, making a twenty-year win- ning streak for the Bears. As predicted we fell before our Southern foes: to USC 66-64, and UCLA 94-40. Our strongest event is in the horizontal bars manned by Good- ale. He was Cal ' s only entry to the NCAA meet and placed in a strong second. Al O ' Connor, Hershel Schorr, and Dave Wood are the other strong men on the Bear team. Coach CHUCK KEENEY has had long experience in teach- ing winning gymnastic teams. Captain PAUL GOODALE, going to the national NCAA, is the top man on the hori- zontal bar. FIRST ROW, left to right: Carson McKissick, Frank Wajda, Bob Bittner. SECOND ROW: Dick Strong, Joe Hotle, Howard Norton, Lief Summerseth, Leland Rhodes, Bart Prom. SHUN SUN VALLEY was the great location for training this winter for the Cal Ski team after getting in condition running in the Berkeley hills last fall. This season was very successful (in comparison to last year) as the team placed second in the Northern California and UCLA meets and fourth in the Tressider. Strong, Avan- zini, and Wajda raced in the NCAA meet. However, the team had its troubles in trying to have the right equipment at the right time at the right place. Strong, Wajda (captain), Kellner, and Norton show off their place slalom trophy from the Tres- sider meet where the team placed fourth. DICK STRONG, the ski team ' s slalom and cross-country racer, finished second in the Tressider and UCLA Invitational meets. HERBERT AVANZINI finished the above downhill race with an excel- lent time of 58.7. He will be re- membered by the team for saying, " I ' ll have the same " and winning the downhill at the UCLA meet. Coach LIEF SOMERSETH, otherwise known as Big Bear to his Cubs, is a Cal graduate and four-year ' member of the Cal team. He has the distinction of being one of the most outstanding Class A racers. Funky Rhodes, Herbert Avanzini, Ray Kellner, and Frank Wajda take time cut for lunch while competing at the UCLA invitational meet. The above pictures are compliments of the San Francisco Examiner. 217 INTRAMURAL STARTING ON October 5 with a touch football game, the mural season got rolling for 1953-54. Supervised by Ralfe D. Miller, a full schedule of sports from Weight Lifting to shoes gives social fraternities, organized living groups and individuals a chance to enjoy sports competition throughout the year. Leagues are formed on the following basis: the American League consists of living groups or any group nized by the University other than social fraternities while the National League is composed of the fraternities exclusively. A third group, the UC League, consists of teams formed by those not in any of the above groups or of individual players. The Intramural Program owes its success to the expert coordination of activities through its supervisor, RALFE D. MILLER. 218 American and National league competition is conducted on the double elimination plan; a team must be defeated twice before it is eliminated. The UC League team competition is played on a round-robin basis. Individuals may organize their own teams, compete separately or be placed on a team. Carnival Night highlights individual competition in sports such as boxing, wrestling, fencing and gymnastics. Winners of the All-Univer- sity championship and permanent trophies in the National and American leagues for 1952-53 were Phi Gamma Delta and Bowles Hall. The Department of Physical Education, Division for Men, and the ASUC jointly sponsor this program while an Intramural Sports Council promotes the varied programs. 219 IP JOHN TAYLOR RICHARD HEXTER ROBERT KIRKPATRICK President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer INTERFRATERNITY SCHOLASTIC HONOR SOCIETY Jed A. Adams Sigma Chi Franklin M. Battat Sigma Alpha Mu Robert N. Bird Kappa Sigma Ronald W. Brosemer Sigma Pi Barton A. Brown Sigma Chi Willard M. Daggett, Jr Psi Upsilon Leslie Alvin Davison Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert E. Edwards Phi Kappa Sigma Jerome J. Greenbaum Kappa Nu Donald J. Hartley Sigma Alpha Epsilon Richard M. Hexter Sigma Alpha Mu Neilen W. Hultgren Alpha Chi Sigma Erwin L. Kelly, Jr Abracadabra John C. Kerby-Miller Alpha Kappa Lambda Robert R. Kirkpatrick Alpha Tau Omega Robert N. Kubik Beta Theta Pi Robert V. Markevitch Abracadabra Fred Marler, Jr Theta Xi Harry L. Mathis II Alpha Delta Phi Winton E. Mather Theta Xi Ted W. Nelson Acacia Hans C. Palmer Alpha Tau Omega John R. Phillips Alpha Delta Phi Richard L. Righter Phi Kappa Tau Charles H. Sederholm Alpha Chi Sigma Donald W. Stone Kappa Nu John D. Taylor Kappa Sigma Miles J. Turpin Psi Upsilon Gaylord A. Virden Tau Kappa Epsilon Sheldon H. Wolfe Pi Lambda Phi HIGH ON the list of fraternity honors is election to the Fraternity Scholarship Honor Society. This group, founded in April, 1940, by the Fraternity Alumni Advisors Council, with the approval of the Interfraternity Council, is com- posed of thirty juniors and seniors who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and have also contributed significant service to their own fra- ternity and campus activities. No more than two members from any one fraternity may be members of the society at one time. Each semester, when new members are chosen, an appropriate ceremony of induction is held at the International House. Through this society is recognized the all-around development which characterizes the ideal fraternity man. 222 BART BROWN PETE DOLLIVER RON KAUFMAN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Fall Members FRATERNITY Spring Members Erwin Kelly Abracadabra Phillip Flynn Ted Nelson Acacia Allen Beeson John Harrell Alpha Chi Rho Jim Fisher John McCarthy Alpha Chi Sigma Robert Fowells Bill Morrish Alpha Delta Phi Duncan Haynes Henry Glasser Alpha Epsilon Pi Kenneth Howard Richard Hansen Alpha Gamma Omega Klinton Johnson William Clemens Alpha Kappa Lambda David Potter BoYby Cooper Alpha Phi Alpha Irvin McCaine Donald Deal Alpha Sigma Phi James VanNoy Howard Jory Alpha Tau Omega John Gray Joe Babros Beta Theta Pi Bob Burrows John Engvall Bowles Hall Frank Forelli Dix Boring Chi Phi Peter Hawkins Jim Morton Chi Psi John Kenney Leroy Gagnone Del Rey Leroy Gagnone Mervin Curtin Delta Chi Willard Curry Preston Lee Delta Kappa Epsilon John Gwynn Charles Madsen Delta Sigma Phi Charles Madsen Frank Gwerder Delta Tau Delta Douglas Tanner Pete Schneider Delta Upsilon Donald Moulin Julian Pardini Kappa Alpha Joseph Rodgers James Willis Kappa Delta Rho Arthur Kirby Allan Gorlick Kappa Nu Donald Adams Edward deSilva Kappa Sigma Howard Wiggins Don Denton Lambda Chi Alpha Charles Butt Ted Lawson Phi-Delta Theta Donald Whyte William Solomon Phi Gamma Delta William Solomon Harold Waroos Phi Kappa Psi Robert Paredi Bob Warwick Phi Kappa Sigma William Foley Glenn Miller Phi Kappa Tau Jim Chamberlin Pieter Goedewaagen Phi Sigma Kappa Edward Wintz Wilber Chinn Pi Alpha Phi Gordon Ma John Lima Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Dockman John Earle, Jr Pi Kappa Phi Bud Oakes Ronald Lyons Pi Lambda Phi Sigmund Freeman Charles Dressel Psi Upsilon Don Harris Donald Hartley Sigma Alpha Epsilon Philip Rogers David Hirsch Sigma Alpha Mu Irwin Schonberger Barton Brown Sigma Chi Lui Venator Bliss Green Sigma Nu Robert Roche George Vukasin Sigma Phi. Maynard Craig Ted Foruria Sigma Phi Epsilon Jerry Powell Gordon Johnson Sigma Pi Gordon Johnson Jim Griffin Tau Kappa Epsilon Jim Griffin Dale Dtyer Theta Chi Donald Truman Tevis Martin Theta Delta Chi Tevis Martin Peter Hannaford Theta Xi Harley Stallman Gerald Nankin Zeta Beta Tau Gerald Nankin Peter Newell Zeta Psi Th omas Taylor DON HARTLEY RON KAUFMAN DON CVIETUSA President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 224 Celestine Cooper Isabel le Auther McCaine ALPHA PHI ALPHA FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1906 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN GRADUATE CHAPTERS SENIORS Borden Olive JUNIORS Marshall Celestine Adrian Isabelle Bobby Cooper Nathaniel Smith Frank F. Gardner Isaiah Stuart THE MEN seen on this page are repre- sentatives of the Alpha Epsilon chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity here at UC, Berkeley. Although few in number now, the chapter is tightly knit and gathers in momentum each semester. Among some of the chap- ter ' s activities and achievements are the annual Spring Dance and Show (given for the scholarship fu nd), and participation in intramural sports. SOPHOMORES Norman Auther Jim Johnson Frank Davis Irvin L. McCaine Madison Harvey Donn Smith Gabe W. Solomon FRESHMEN Randolph Harris Benidict Mosley George Wheeler 225 Dimitriou Fountain Hitchcock Kelly McKee Markevitch Richards Bumbera Chisholm Cundail Flynn Foote Forsstrom Goldspring Hall, J. D. ABRACADABRA 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER THE ARRAS have spent 59 years as a one-chapter fraternity, but serious plans were laid this year to open a new one—at Fort Ord. Those who were not lucky enough to have " been selected by a committee of their friends and neighbors, " however, fared very well this year. A Big Game Dance on the peninsula, a Mexican dance around a flower-filled swimming pool, two formals, an d the annual fraternity friendship dance with over eighty couples, kept the Abbeys in shape for their studies. In addition, Bill McKee was on Ex Committee; Ron Kubec and Ward Flynn managed the Cal Engineer; Bob Markevitch did a little of everything; Erwin Kelly, Jim Hall and others added a lot of honor socie- ties to their names; Jerry Fountain lighted most of the campus shows; Vin Young continued his winning ways on the boxing team; and Larry Harper made a promising start as a frosh swimmer. 226 Hall, J. W. Kirkpatrick Melville Sfauson Tinay Wickman Angelius Berlin Hartmann Kampp Kubec Trumley Davis Harper Hall Kraft UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allen Boynton Kaiser Lewis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Greg Englehard Frank Spurrier Stu Kimball Robert Underhill Robert Usinger GRADUATES Robert Beauregard Edward Pausa Curt Duggan Gene Schinn Roy P. Haddock Larry Waldron SENIORS Jim Dimitriou Erwin Kelly Jerome Fountain Bill McKee Ralph Hitchcock Bob Markevitch Leroy Atkinson Bill Bumbera George Chisholm Don Cundall Ward Flynn Lynn Foote Ron Foresstrom Jim Goldspring Jim D. Hall Jim W. Hall JUNIORS Tom Kirkpatrick Gary Melville Desmond Owens Ben Richards Bob Slauson Bart Stryker William Thomas Ron Tinay Bob Wickman Vincent Young SOPHOMORES Lincoln Angelius Bill Kampp Berwin Berlin Ron Kubec Harold Hartmann Lee Trumley FRESHMEN Earl Davis Bob Hull Larry Harper Herb Kraft SPRING PLEDGE Curtiss Kennon MASCOT Lona 227 Beeson Day Hoffelt Montgomery Muck Nelson Wachs man Zirker ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS Russell Walker Bancroft Larimer Jack Bradley Don Brucker Joe Cook James Gracey William Hughes Dia Kabbani JUNIORS Kenneth Millner Fred Monroe Brent Pomeroy Chet Russell Jan Stevens Joe Walker Rinta Ryberg Sater Bullock Greife Jones Sani Shewbridge Vanderveen Watson " Lanta " SOPHOMORES Fred Bancroft Ronald Rinta John Holleman Robert Ryberg John Larimer Kelly Sater FRESHMEN Glen Bullock Robert Sani John Greife Ronald Shewbridge David Jones John Richard Watson SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Denham Bob Meyer John Hudson Martin Reite Jim Huss Larry Thompson Ray Knapp Joe Walker Dick Watson MASCOT Lanta UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes B. L. Robertson R. T. Crawford R. B. Tippett Fred Cozens Edward A. Dickson SENIORS Allan Beeson Richard Lawyer Paul Caster Robert Montgomery Richard Day Gilbert Muck Merrill Hoffelt Ted Nelson James Kidder Edward Malvin Zirker Bradley Brucker Gracey Hughes Kabbani Millner Monroe Pomeroy 228 Norton Allen Allison Gilligan Harrell Heckfey Hover March, D. McGuire Ostrowski Pisenti Eliopoulos Fisher Lowe March, P. ALPHA CHI RHO 2311 LECONTE FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 PHI RHO BACHELORDAN CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY CHAPTERS Muldavin Powers Brandes Carpenter Cortes Tom Allen GRADUATES Pete Norton Ed Billings Duane Allen Jim Allison Ed Gilligan John Harrell Robert Heckley SENIORS Harry Hover Daniel March Jim McGuire Dick Ostrowski Clifford Pisenti UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. Cordes Parker Talbot John Ise, Jr. Baldwin M. Woods JUNIORS Harry Eliopoulos Paul March Jim Fisher Clark Muldavin Roger Lowe Len Powers Dealey Franklin Gutman Jennings Kuhn Frank Brandes Ron Carpenter Carlos Cortes Dave Dealey Jim Franklin Stan Gutman Mark Jennings Frank Kuhn Larry Reagan Ken Seikel Reagan Seikel Bedell Hallinan Herman SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Norm Bedell Dave Herman George Kimball Dick Herrerias Skip Krahenbuhl Jim McNely Butch Hallinan Dick Woodward SPRING PLEDGE Lee Jarnigan Herrerias Kimball Krahenbuhl McNely Woodward 229 Hirst McCarthy Scherrer Seifert Smith Solomon Clark Err Fowel Is Hultgren Millsberg Sederholm Yamamoto Keating O ' Brien Schriver Sandy 3 A) • ;all ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frank W. Allen Wendell M. Latimer Arthur B. Anderson Donald S. McClure Gerald E. K. Branch Alen R. Olson Leo Brewer Chester T. O ' Konski Leroy A. Bromley Nello Pace Robert E. Connick George C. Pimentel William V. Cruess Kenneth S. Pitzer L. F. Foster Richard E. Powell N. W. Frazer Gerald K. Rollefson William D. Gwinn Glen T. Seaborg Donald N. Hanson Thomas D. Stewart Joel H. Hildebrand Theodore Vermeulen Paul L. Kirk Charles R. F. Cambell Williams GRADUATES Fari Amini Ralph McLaughlin Bob Coffman Richard Porter Ethan C. Galloway Elmer Shellenberg Al Haisser Rex Shudde Jim Lees Larry Wolf SENIORS Ken Beck Dick Seifert Bob Hirst Willie Joe Smith Bob McCarthy Si Solomon Bob Scherrer Jim Worley JUNIORS John Allison Bill Fowells John Castel Neilson Hultgren Gene Clark Nelson Millsberg Joe De Graw Gary Nelson Dick Ely Eugene Russell Ken Fordyce Charles Satch Yamamoto SOPHOMORES Pat Brennan Hugh Keating Leigh Clark Bob O ' Brien Duward Schriver FRESHMEN Glen Bacon Irving Nelson Bob Fahey Ken O ' Hara SPRING PLEDGES Eric Lund James Wells Paul Russell Ernie Zeller MASCOT Sandy 230 Anderson B fackwelder Hotchkis Hunt Mathis Mead Morrish Strong Brenner Cunningham ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ford Gerhart Grigsby Haynes Milbank Douglas H. Copp Charles S. Davidson William C. Deamer Herbert M. Evans T. H. Goodspeed Donald R. Hodgman Frederick Meyer Jordan Hans Lisser Frank W. Lynch John McGee Karl E. Schevill Herbert S. Thomson John H. Woolsey John Woolsey, Jr. Smith Williamson Battelle Hammon Langenour GRADUATES Preston Hotchkis H. Randall Stoke Martin Murray Slater Thurn Cutting Smith Anderson Bert Blackwelder Milton Bruzzoni William Farmer Robert Hamilton John Hitchkis Cecil Hunt SENIORS Frank Lampietti Richard Massing Harry Mathis Richard Mead William Morrish Peter Shenon Richard Strong JUNIORS DalPorto Frederick Brenner Duncan Haynes Erickson David Cunningham Chap Milbank Farnham Alfred Ford Richard Phillips Johnson John Gerhart Peter Smith Lutz Jack Grigsby Cress Williamson Richard Battelle Ben Hammon John Laugenour Donald Martin Jim Burns Nichols Cutting Donald DalPorto John Erickson Neil Farnham Kendric Johnson FRESHMEN James Lutz Thomas Morrish Ashley Payne Fredrick Rhodes Thomas Sess David Stewart Morrish Payne Rhodes Sess Stewart SOPHOMORES Jack McCutchan Eric Murray Ord Slater Richard Thurn Gus Gus LESSER RAY LRCM IKR 231 Glasser Howard Lamken Miller Marans Monroe Woolf Abend Glazier Kotz Weiss DeBurle Fritz Risken Sommer Lover ALPHA EPSILON PI 2333 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATES William Ab end Robert Lesser Jacques deWied Leonard Alan Rosenfeld SENIORS Henry Glasser Mark Lamken Kenneth Howard Robert Miller JUNIORS Allen Dekelboum Don Marans Henry Friedman Irwin Monroe Robert Woolf SOPHOMORES Ronald Abend Sidney Kotz Larry Glazier Murray Milton Weiss FRESHMEN Newton Brown Ben Platt Meyer DeBurle Jerry Risken Ira Friz Mel Sommer 232 ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2523 HILLEGASS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER 1939 TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Donald M. Cunningham SENIORS Richard Hansen Donald Larson Klinton Johnson Theodore Swift Robert E. Werner JUNIORS David Alford Lorimer Olson Harry Blankenburg Norman Penner Ernest Hansen Gerald Thiers William McNaughton Walter Von Flue SOPHOMORES H. Bruce Calkins Gordon Lundgren Nam Yearl Chai Donald Munro Robert Fuqua Lawrence Strom FRESHMEN Lawrence Gustafson Wayne Sullens Keith Larson Les Switzer David Short Victor Unruh Hansen, R. Johnson Larson Swift Werner Alford Blankenburg Hansen, E. McNaughton Olson Penner Thiers Van Ffue Chai Fuqua Lundgren Munro Strom Gustafson Short Sullens Unruh 233 Clemens Darter Davis Edwards Glenn Kerby-M i I ler Leigh Patty Pimley, J. Potter Stephens Vetterlein Wyckoff Almada Child Coleman Cummings Hartloff Koue A FULL social calendar, active campus participation, and high scholarship were AKL ' s accomplishments this year. The Big Game week end, includ- ing a dinner dance at the Pink Horse Ranch, the usual unusual pledge dances, and numerous parties have kept them in contact with the fairer sex. Also, during the past year AKL ' s participation in intramural sports won many distinctions, while those associ- ated with University athletics con- tributed greatly to their respective teams. Most notable of those in cam- pus news this year was Ralph Vetter- lein, president of the student body. On the whole this past year was a tre- mendous success with Alpha Kappa Lambda retaining its traditionally high standing in all fields. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS 234 Rodgers Settle Sullivan Westberg Wilson Borrelli Dallas Harrison Lockwood Lohstrch Miller Parks Prutch Tucker McCurdy Pimley, D. Schurz Stevenscn Summers Tilley ASSOCIATES Knowles Ryerson Fred Stripp Henry Warring TORS Frank Patty John Pimley Dave Potter Stan Stephens Al Thompson Ralph Vetterlein Boll Wyckoff UNIVERSITY William R. Dennis Samuel C. May Thomas E. Rawlins SEN Bill Clemens Bob Darter Phil Davis Art Edwards Bob Glenn John Kerby-Miller Marston. Leigh JUNIORS Chuck Almada Jim Morrison Bud Child Don Rodgers Sheldon Coleman Howard Settle Garth Cummings Vern Sullivan Paul Hartloff Ted. Sanford Don Koue Jim Westberg Gordon Wilson SOPHOMORES Ron Borrelli Norm Lockwood John Catlett Bob McCoy Ron Dallas George Miller Terry Harrison Herb Parks Harry Lohstroh Bob Prutch Joe Tucker FRESHMEN Phil Erickson Brad Schurz Dick McCurdy Frank Stevenson Don Pimley Buzz Summers Bill Tilley SPRING PLEDGES Dick Lane Bud Norwood Dick Howard Doug Schmidt 235 Deal Bredemeier Garrison Hayden Leffler Carrick Coonce Foley Gill Heyn Shank Tucker Van Noy Wickenden Adams Alderson Beekler El riott Jenkins Linowski Martin Moore Walton Brown ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J. Carlson Robert Sewell GRADUATES George Coleman Bob De John Don Deal Dick Drake Eric Schnurmacher SENIORS Jack Bredemeier Hal Hill Jerry Brown Archie Kamian Larry Bruner Dick King John Corner Al Ludwig Ron Ensign Lynn Leffler Gene Finley Harry Mullin Lowell Garrison Jack Stirton Jim Hayden Don Turner JUNIORS Bob Carrick Milt Heyn Bob Coonce Steve Shank Jim Foley Zane Tucker Gorden Gill Jim Van Noy John Wickenden SOPHOMORES George Adams John Haw Lowell Alderson John Jenkins Duane Alexander Jerold Linowski Dan Beekler Charles Martin Bill Carroll Boyd Moore Bob Elliot George Talman Bill Walton FRESHMEN Earl Brown Wayne Dakin Arnie Evans SPRING PLEDGES Bud Ballard Boyd Moore Arnie Evans Stu Winn Phil Zimmurs 236 Kelly BETA THETA PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 18-t9 NINETY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Pat Groff John Whisenhaunt SENIORS James Anderson Robert Kubic Joseph Babros Bart Prom Charles Best Grant Settlemier Jack Binkley Steve Turner Alpheus Bull James Willet Robert Burrows Robert Worrell Ulrich Foth George Wright JUNIORS Greg Doerschlag John Morken Barry Durkee Mike Phelan Al Ebright Buzz Ragatz Eugene Fox Jay Sullivan Tom Henze Graner Thorne Don Hooper Frank Toombs Hugh Maguire Gary Wheatcroft SOPHOMORES Sherman Adams Glen Drummond Dwight Allen Al Jordan Harry Backer Frank Robinson Robert Blake Brock Settlemier John Bowron Bill Spore Ed Brandt Allan Symes Howard Turner Anderson Best Bull Burrows Foth Settlemier, G. Whisenhaunt Willet Worrell Wright Doerschlag Fox, E. Henze Maguire Marken Sullivan Toombs Bowron Drummond Jordan Robinson Spore Turner Fox, N Hollister Jackson Trutner Warren Niel Fox Berke George Stan Hack FRESHMEN Roy Hollister Herb Jackson Tom Trutner John Warren SPRING PLEDGES Greg Brandt Jack McNeis 237 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS CAL TAUS can look back on this past year as one of their best. Jumping into the social program with a Fall " pre- sents " dance and a series of postgame record dances, the house next had a pledge dance on a South Sea Island theme complete with a waterfall and Hooded front porch, and later a Christ. mas Formal. Between semesters many from the house went skiing up in the Sierras, a few even going as far afield as Sun Valley, and finally the Spring semester found the Tau Tong rarin ' to go again with a Spring " presents " dance, exchanges and date lunches, all of which led up to that big event of the semester—the Spring Formal. However, Cal Taus not only had a great social year but were active on campus as well. Dick Marston and Carl Walker worked on school activities and Al Talley used his talents to best advantage on Cal ' s football team while Ed Hersh, Don Mattson, and Frans Doelman added to Cal ' s track talents. Jory Bassel Blank Bush Cline Ebright Gray Kirkpatrick Mattson Palmer Perry Smith Talley Williams Bras Bowen Creek De Long Doelman Gottfried Grey Gubernick Hanscom Hawes Hersh Humphrey Johnson, R. 238 Larsen Marston Pratt Schelling Schmitt Whitson Crcw Floyd Grantz Grimes Hohmann Johnson, IVI. Keller McMasters Robinson Russel I Savage Stark Bedard Carlson Davis Grady Hanscoin Kancuse Knoll Lenshau Painter Pircher Steve Bassel George Blank John Bush Thomas Cline Malcolm Ebright John Gray Robert Kirkpatrick Donald Mattson Hans Palmer JUNI Alan Ames Glenn Atwater Charles Bras Paul Bowen David Creek Frans Doelman Roland DeLong Leslie Gottfried Jack Grey Harold Gubernick Ronald Hanscom Dave Hawes Robin Brown Kenneth Crow James Faulkner James Floyd Richard Glantz Elmer Grimes Jack Hohmann Marlin Johnson William Bedard Richard Carlson Don Davis Robert Perry Leo Pircher Robert Richards Chris Skrepetos William Smith Charles Stehr Alfred Talley Carl Walker Howard Williams ORS Edwin Hersh Allan Humphrey Richard Johnson Perry Larsen Charles Lautrup Richard Marston William Pratt Gordon Ragan Sidney Schelling Leonard Schmitt Steve Walker William Whitson Robert Keller Mike Lenschau Alan McMasters Richard Painter Warren Robinson William Russell Mike Savage Wayne Stark Fvrr SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Thomas Grady Robert Hanscom Monroe Kanouse Dave Knoll GRADUATE Howard Jory SENIORS 239 Boring Durie Fraser Good Hawkins Hoff Kefleen Wool Comes Ball Congdon Lev is Lewis Meeker Rah I Weber Atmore Bingaman deHeinrich Hannon Jewell Merlo Pope Riley Stocker Wells White Griffith Chintz CHI PHI 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Dix Boring Robert Durie Alan Fraser Robert Good Peter Hawkins Herbert Haworth SENIORS Douglas Hoff Theodore Killeen James Lloyd Jack Sabin William Viebrock Paul Woollomes JUNIORS John Ball Richard Congdon William Gieswriter Richard Levis Wes Lewis Shy Meeker Richard Rahl Larry Weber SOPHOMORES Allan Atmore Joe Bingaman Hubert DeHeinrich Denton Denke Murray Hannon Keith Jewell Edward Frank Merlo Darryl Peterson Robert Pope Earll Riley Edward Stocker Donald Wells White FRESHMEN John Griffith Lee Robertson SPRING PLEDGES Gordon Clark Robert Weck 240 Roach Trento Albo Ericksen Henry, B. Jennings CBI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert Albo Jack McCourtney Lawrence Bingham Daniel Miller Robert Denison James Morton Neil Ericksen Horace Reeves Merlin Henry Gordon Riedel William Jennings George Roeding John Kenney Robert Vance Ernest Lageson Ronald Vehlow Clifford Linz George Wyllie JUNIORS Robert Burkett James Sullivan Keith Sparks Lee Sutherland John Wahl SOPHOMORES Larry Church Wayne Peterson James Gustafson Leonard Richards FRESHMEN John Barakos William MacLean Donald Foreman Richard McDonnell Michael Henry Ivan Rarick Wayne King Duane Roach Paul Trento SPRING PLEDGE Tom Rieser Kenney Lageson Linz Miller Morton Reeves Roeding Vance Wyllie Burkett Sullivan Sutherland Wahl Church Gustafson Peterson Richards Barakos Foreman Henry, M. King MacLean McDonnell Rarick 241 Adams Bluett Cagnone Campbell DEL REY 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY Corwin OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 Draper ONE CHAPTER Gilardi Gillies THIS WAS a big year for Del Rey and for all the old grads who came back to mingle with the undergraduates in a gala event—the burning of the fraternity ' s mortgage and celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Del Rey. Guest speakers for the honored oc- casion were Herbert Foster, class of 1907, former University chief engi- neer; Herman A. Spindt, Director of Admissions to the University of Cali- fornia, and many other prominent grads. The mortgage burning festivi- ties began with an informal luncheon before the UC-USC football game with a reception after the game that was fol- lowed by a banquet and the mortgage burning. All agreed—alums and stu- dents--that this was an inspiring day for Del Rey which would always be remembered. Jenner Martin McCombs McTighe Renner Sanchez Young Zug 242 von Meier Corwin,G. Long hboto UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Herman A. Spindt Burton Adams Fred Bluett Leroy Cagnone Jack Campbell Richard Corwin Thomas Draper Gerald Gilardi Lloyd Gillies SENIORS James Jenner Doyle Martin Edward McCombs James McTighe Robin Renner Lewis Sanchez Gerald Young Douglas Zug Edwards Flodberg Hosegood McDonald Nutting Oberkamper Purkiss Stormont Foster MacLean McCormick Traulsen JUNIOR S David Edwards Peter Nutting William Flodberg Leon Oberkamper Richard Hosegood Charles Purkiss Jack McDonald James Stormont SOPHOMORES Mark Foster Bruce McCormick Walter MacLean John Traulsen Kurt von Meier FRESHMEN Gordon Corwin John Loughhoro Thomas Russell SPRING PLEDGES Maurice Galasso Dale Hankins 243 SENIORS Walt Hamilton Richard Nicholas Bill Curry Curtin DELTA CBI 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Perry Evans Leo McClatchy Frank Russell McKay Jamison Parsley Wilson Curry Curtin Hamilton And reatta Dougherty K leaver Ross Tate Marks N issen Christiansen Giles JUNIORS Ted Andreatta Jim Kleaver Paul Dougherty Frank Ross John Tate SOPHOMORES Toni Marks Jack McKay Ed Nissen FRESHMEN Chris Christiansen Ken Jamison Bill Giles Rich Parsley Lee Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Wayne Dakin Bob Landon Chuck Gompertz Dick Winfrey 244 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putman SENIORS Norman Dyer Preston Lee John Gwynn Phillip Sherman Kirk Tell JUNIORS Frederick Bradley Pete Jordan Roger Dunn Kenneth Kopp David Goodwin Warren MacLellan John Gould Douglas Smith Floyd White SOPHOMORES James Fisher Patrick McKeegan William Griffiths Joseph Pringle Frank Hess Charles Rosekrans Philo Holland Robert Tuller James McDonald Ernest Voight Stuart McKee John Walker FRESHMEN Edward Conner Bryte Johnson James Crilly Peter Nauman John Hardy Charles Stephenson SPRING PLEDGES Kenneth Ent Jim Gerhart Dwyer Gwynn Lee Sherman Bradley Dunn Goodwin Kopp Smith White Fisher Griffiths Hess Hol land McDonald McKee McKeegan Pringle Rosekrans Tuller Voigt Connor Crilly Hardy Johnson Stephenson 245 Accornero Boydstun Caramella DiSilvestro DELTA SIGMA PHI 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE Erb OF NEW YORK 1899 Giglio HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1918 Grol lman EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS Hall Holmes Hungerford Madsen Martin UNIVERSE, EARTH, western hemisphere, North America, California, Berkeley, Prospect Street, 2415, Delta Sigma Phi, Hilgard : Our home, be it ever so humble. To describe it is to move a mountain; it is a Utopia, planted high upon an Olympian-like mountain above a wondrous bay. Its new purple paint shone like a jewel against the beautiful blue sky on a clear day. How- ever, the romanticists were subdued. Seventy-two hours later the conserva- tives gleefully cast their gaze upon the new brindle brown and Nile green castle. The bountiful jardin of our palatial residence was dutifully kept by our gardener, Ku-Ichi. God ' s little half-acre now proudly supports sixty billion prosperous blades of healthy chlorophyl generators, along with twenty-one gregarious pledges. Im- promptu street dances, a neighbor party, Carnation Ball, and our fan- tacular Sailor ' s Ball along with un- believable scholarship left all the brothers financially and morally ex- hausted. A rose is a rose is a rose .. . ;10 A.a. McCann Mc Par land Morgan Roessler Taylor Tretten Wedemeyer Wood Axter Blair Blair Bouick Davis 246 Frohlich Pendergast, J. Weeks Bullard Lambden Moore Selby Ward Guild Larson Lyon Merrell Trabert Churchill Daily Etter Carmody Hoffman Huffman Kilmer Winans Firebough Palmer Pendergast, D. Seawright Smith UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James Hoyt Alan Louderback GRADUATES Frank Baron Kenneth Lester Louis Krall Ron Parker SENIORS Ronald Accornero Harold Hungerford Thomas Boydstun Charles Madsen Charles Caramella Jerry Martin Carl Courtney Ray McCann Don Courtney Robert McParland Dennis Dorgan David Morgan Tony DiSilvestro Don Rice Richard Erb Bruce Roessler Ronald Giglio Quentin Taylor Patrick Grollman Elmer Tretten Dale Hall Roland Wedemeyer Donald Holmes Thomas Wood JUNIORS Fred Axtel Jerry Lyon H. Laurence Blair Al Merrell Sidney Blair Philip Palmer James Bouick David Pendergast Charles Davis Ronald Seawright Everett Guild James D. Smith Stuart Larson George Trabert SOPHOMORES William Churchill Gordon Frolich Joe Daily James Pendergast Raymond Etter Richard Weeks FRESHMEN Charles Bond Charles Kilmer George Bullard Jerry Lambden Robert Carmody Ernest Moore William Hoffman William Selby Russel Huffman Maxwell Ward Laurence Winans SPRING PLEDGES Gary Burt Edward George James Ervin Leon Miller Richard Fleming Robert Rice John Scully 247 DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1893 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Elder Godsey Gwerder Pierson Prucha Tanner Vandenberg Washburn Botsford Brooks Bryan Henkle THIS YEAR a lot of the Delts went to school both semesters. As always, ac- tive on campus, nearly 23 per cent of Martin McGrath the house voted in the first student Sohns body election. Due to ancient custom Stowell breakfast was served from 7:30 to 8:30, lunch at 12:20 sharp, and dinner was over in time for Crusader Rabbit. Along the social line this year, everv- Weiske one got together and had a swell party Wright with dates. Then to balance the wonderful social life, the Delts went to the Big game and all sat together. 248 Gallagher Hilr Johnstone Pelkan Sorocco Wallace UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Frank Kelly Lawrence Foster Ed Manske Brutus Hamilton Morough O ' Brien Roy Jastram Warren Perry Tom Steel Dennis Elder Jack Godsey Joe Gwerder Pete Pierson Jack Botsford Jere Brooks Jim Bryan Ralph Henkle Bob Martin Fred Beresford Chuck Botsford Brian Brennan Pete Crebbin Gene Geritz Denton Holmes Jon Reynolds SENIORS Bill Prucha Doug Tanner Jack Vandenberg Hugh Washburn JUNIORS Terry McGrath Oscar Sohns Doug Stowell Bob Weiske Tom Wright R. B. Richard Don Rutledge Bruce Towne Ron Swinnerton Chuck Welsh Glen White Ron Woods Beresford Botsford, C. Crebbin Geritz Reynolds Richards Rutledge Swinerton Towne Welsh White Ashford SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Kirk Ashford Amos Johnstone John Gallagher John Pelkan Gary Hill Frank Sorocco Bob Wallace SPRING PLEDGES Loren Barthoff Al Rutledge Ron Frieberg Bill Stuart Tim Railton Jim Walsworth Bob Rossi Lowell Weight 249 Beerman Bryant Carroll Coffee Doll iver Fisher Gosling Jones Merrick Moulin O ' Neill Plessas Rea Schneider Southerland Arnold Clahan Harker Harper Keith DELTA UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY CHAPTERS THE CALIFORNIA chapter of Delta Up- silon takes pride in having a well- balanced group. During the past year DU was well represented in all school activities from the athletic field to the classroom. The DU float captured first place for humor in the annual Big Game parade, and during the past two semesters Delta U was also tops on the social calendar. The Fall was high- lighted by the annual " Two Yard Hop " and also the Winter Formal while Spring was well represented by the " Bad Taste " dance. DU feels that they can look back on the past year with great pride in their contributions and achievements, and all are looking forward to another prosperous and active year with the Berkeley chapter of Delta Upsilon. 250 White Riggs Taylor Wilson Bailey Kopfer McDonnell Short Small UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward B. Brewer Donald Pyle Monroe E. Deutsch George Shaw Lloyd L. Farrar Robert Sibley James Hopper Herbert Stoltz Neal McKeller James W. Thompsen Lawrence M. Price Robertson Ward SENIORS Louis Beermann Donald Moulin William Bryant James O ' Neill William Carroll Richard Paynter Paul Coffee James Plessas Peter Dolliver Thomas Pollock John Fisher Leonard Rea George Gosling Richard Rigby David Heil Herbert Schneider Robert Merrick Gavin Southerland JUNIORS Carl Arnold Robert Keane Don Beardon John Keith William Beeson Paul Larson Eugene Clahan Don Meckfessell Howard Marker John Robinson Blaine Harper Ray Stone William Hillebrand Jerrold Turner Allen Hughes Tom Volkman Stephen Jones Peter Walker Jack Wilcox SOPHOMORES Charles Clay James Marshall James Corley Robert Merrill Edward Garvey Gary Olson Ronald Greig John Oswell Marvin Hollis Charles Pusey James Hughes Manford Riggs Robert Jones Charles Taylor John Kihn Kenneth Wilson Meckfessel I Robinson Stone Turner Wilcox Clay Corley Garvey Hollis Hughes Jones Merrill FRESHMEN Anthony Bailey Edward Pollock Rudy Kopfer Phillip Short Henry McDonnell James Small Michael White SPRING PLEDGES Wes Barker Joe Paulucci Jack Farry Dick Simon Rod Griffin Norm Solari George Lippi Kurk Toohey John O ' Connell Ron Turner Ralph Wallace 251 Bush Corbett Dito Dozier Krusi Livett Lyman Newell Pardini Rodgers Rodolf Schultz Summers White Anderson Calpestri Down Garzoli KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 NINETY CHAPTERS LAST FALL the KA ' s opened the doors of the old house on. Piedmont to an- other season of cramming, party time, ball playing, and sitting on Wheeler steps. Academically, the old standards were upheld and even a pledge or two made his grades. Socially, functions such as football open houses, ex- changes, and the ever-popular Winter Formal kept them busy and aware of the need for Alka-Seltzer and ice bags. In the Spring. there was the most memorable lost week end. the tradi- tional Dixie Ball. In activities, the house was well represented from foot- ball to dandy bridge tournaments and from Skull and Keys to obscure drink- ing associations of the academic and emotionally unsecure. 252 Kerns Schoenigh Alton Baccigaluppi Banks Brown Cattaneo Ferguson SENIORS Sam Bush Tom Neal Jim Corbett Stan Newell Bill Dito Julian Pardini Ron Dozier Joe Rodgers Larry Jones Carl Rodolf Carlisle Krusi Don Schultz Dick Livett Walter Shaff John Lyman Russell Summers Lahmer Lynds William White JUNIORS Don Anderson John Garzoli Young halo Calpestri Ronald Kerns Rick Gerald Down Peter Schoenigh Don Vollmar SOPHOMORES Bill. Alton Larry Gates Roger Baccigaluppi Don Grant Richard Banks Clyde MacGowan Ralph Brown Don Nusser Grant Cattaneo Ronald Peterson James Clark Lee Ridgeway Bill Ferguson Bob Rogers Gene Tilley FRESHMAN Bill Young SPRING PLEDGES Bob Manning John Mortenson Dick Masin Dick Pickett Bill Wallace Gates Grant MacGowan Nusser Peterson Ridgeway Rogers Tilley UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Lieutenant Hartely 253 Anderson Bauer Collins DeSoto Dais Geering Goodanetz Griffin Hewell Kirby KAPPA DELTA RHO 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Warren Addicott Don Johansen Mortensen Petersen SENIORS Walt Anderson Arthur Kirby Smalley Willis Wi Jack Bauer Ed Lark Bras Robert Collins Larry Lowerey Eugene Dais Glenn Malone Mike DeSoto Bill Martin Levern Garcia Glenn Michel Bob Geering Don Mortensen Eugene Goodanetz Pete Petersen Champomier Richard Griffin Stanford Smalley Hodges Charles Hewell James Willis McCord Phil Willsey Byers Moore JUNIORS Mack Bras Jim Hodges Lynn Champomier Warren John Smalley SOPHOMORES Barton Byers Edwin Olson William Moore Jack Pacina John Tooker FRESHMEN Norbert Babin John Larson Tom Paine Keefe Robert Nash James Keeler Ronald Spencer Robert Kelberg Frank Stoll Lark Lowerey Malone Martin Michel Olson Pacina Tooker Babin Keefe Keeler Larson Nash Spencer Babe 254 Lustig Treitel Cahn Garlick KAPPA NU 2316 BOWDITCH STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY Greenbaum OF ROCHESTER, 1911 Levin TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 Rosenberg, R. SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Stone Lyman Naftaly GRADUATES Silberman Jerome Lustig Irwin Silberman Tobias Emanuel Treitel SENIORS Laurence Cahn Irwin Levin Allan Gorlick Richard Rosenberg Albert Jerome Greenbaum Donald Stone Bibel Irwin Weiss Gottlieb Grossfeld JUNIORS Don Adams Stanford Lyman David Birenbaum Arthur Naftaly Roy Koss Arthur Paul Tobias Schwerin SPRING PLEDGES Seligman Don Baum Joe Drabkin Steinberg Larry Ephron Claude Ganz Weinberg Dick Wollman Kappy 255 Rosenberg, D. Strauss Brewer SOPHOMORES Cohn Richard Albert Sheldon Grossfeld Jay Begun Eldon Grupp Bennett Bibel Donald Rosenberg Gary Gottlieb Martin Strauss Feldstein FRESHMEN Gilderman Gerard Brewer Lawrence Kroll Kaman Leonard Cohn Henry Maher Malter David Feldstein John Schwerin Robert Gilderman Lee Seligman Norman Kaman Marvin Stewart Weinberg KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS WITH THE annual South Seas Dance. wine party, beer busts and exchanges, and many other conglomerations of socal functions, Kappa Sigs kept the ball rolling socially during the last year. One of the highlights was a re- ception held at the house for Hoagy Carmichael, which turned out to be quite a successful deal, as can be seen from the picture across the page. Not breaking any records, they also kept right up there as far as sports and scholarship are concerned. The noise should be at a pretty high pitch around there though, with Bill Bell and Gary Powell holding down both last sea- son ' s and his season ' s head yell lead- ing posts respectively. The Kappa Sigs looked forward to having a real blast as far as grades, athletics, social deals, and the dean ' s offices are concerned. Bel I Bradley Darby Dayvault DeS i Iva Ehni Hahn Hansen Maiorana Morgan Powell Taylor Wiggins Baird Benson Davies Donnelly Etter Feltner Gibbet Gregovich Hall Key 256 Larson Looper Meschendorf Simson Skiffington Temple Andrade B axter Chinn Maddox Moore Vantress UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Wes Fry Guy Montomery Clark Kerr Richard Rice Voorheis SENIORS Willey Bill Bell John Hansen Belanger Bob Bird Vince Maiorana Donovan Bob Bradley Les Morgan Bob Darby Julio Navarro-Monzo John Dayvault Gary Powell Ed DeSilva John Taylor Dick Ehni Bill Wagner Bob Hahn Howard Wiggins Froom JUNIORS Hopper Little Jack Baird Les Grenz Tartre Russ Benson Jim Hall Pat Davies Brooks Key Lyle Deck Cal Larson Ray Donnelly Don Looper Bill Dowd Henry Meschendorf Bob Etter Murdo Nicolson Tom Fellner Jim Prescott Tehan Dick Gibbel Fred Simson Willoughby Dick Graffis Dale Skiffington Wilson Bob Gregovich Martin Temple Kappy Thad Woodland SOPHOMORES Carlos Andrade Don Moore Dave Baxter George Souza John Chinn Ken Vantress Dino Lekos Pell Voorheis Dean Maddox Dick Willey FRESHMEN Jerry Belanger Jim Little Gary Donovan Jim Prescott Burt Froom Don Tartre John High Frank Tehan Jim Hopper Jack Willoughby Cork Wilson 257 Butt Clark Coil Cole LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Schmitt Tregoning Wraith THREE PHASES Of college life—schol- Avakian arship, athletics and " party time " — all played a prominent role at the Lambda Chi house this year. High- lighting the social calendar was the Baker annual pledge dance, " Lambda Chi Becker Alphatraz, " and the top Spring events, Coil, Ho the " Jungle Dance " and the Formal. Hensfey The Spring semester was rounded out by the eighth annual Daffodil Festi- val, sponsored by the Lambda Chis for the benefit of WUS. Chuck Butt, Howard Hawkins and Bill Knick Jack Kerzon turned in able performances for the track team, and Ron Klinge for crew, while Don Denton served as a yell leader. In addition, intramural com- petition found the Lambda Chis bat- tling to maintain their ranking in the lop ten, a position they have consist- ently held. Denton DiGrazia Hawkins Repath 258 Klopping Lytton Padgett Peterson Smith Walker Berg Figgins Grondona Klinge Knick Reveley Worthington Joki Macaulay Miller Ryder Westesen GRADUATES Bob Carter Robert Densmore Fred LeMoin Charles Butt Bill Clark Hank Coil Carl Cole Don Denton Bill DiGrazia Harold Avakian Jim Baker John Becker Ho Coil George Hensley Bob Hines Bob Jack Robin McKeown Keith Repath George Stathakis SENIORS Howard Hawkins Jerome Parke Ken Repath A. J. Schmitt Burnett Tregoning Chuck Wraith JUNIORS Kiwi Kerzon George Klopping Jack Lytton George Padgett Tom Peterson Bob Smith Chuck Walker SOPHOMORES Clayton Berg Ron Klinge Gregg Figgins Bill Knick Carl Grondona John Millis LeRoy Harris Bud Reveley Bill Worthington FRESHMEN Howard Joki Fred Miller Jack Macaulay Doug Ryder Gerald Westesen SPRING PLEDGES George Guppy David Reese David Hildebrand Dick Ustick Bob Purdy Bill Wilson 259 PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN CHAPTERS THE FALL semester for the Phi Delts was stimulated by several gay soirees held at the chapter house, the themes being Wrestling Tonight, Football Anyone?, Water Bag Brigade. The an- nual Duck Dinner also proved success- ful with several of the alumni getting into automobile accidents on their way home. Then Triad time came again in January with the Betas and Phi Delts turning out in great num- bers and the Sigma Chis still too tired from their Sweetheart Dance to bother to attend. Spring came along with its usual high water bills, while many men joined in the intramural program sponsored by the White Horse, at this writing being in a neck and neck race with the Dekes, Betas, and Delts for All-U championship. In the meantime, a few of the more serious-minded stu- dents (imports) brought the average of the house up to its normal position at the head of the Deans ' List, what list they are not sure of, while due to the small number of pledges taken in the spring semester—only 31—work on the backyard swimming pool also slowed down a bit. deVega Edwards Fitch Green Burkett Carlton Glines Colbert Houston Kirk Lawson Melvin Miller Morengo Pike Putnam Risbrough Smith Tamberg Vilhauer Western Whyte Anderson Brown Canning 260 Coakeley Hayes Jackson Lind Markley Oliver Pawson Taylor Townsend Ward Anderson Bain Burns Cutland Jenkins Johnson Jones Kennedy Lockhart Mooser Watkins Carver Cook Hort Nebeker Orear UNIVERSITY Bob Arnold Dr. Dewin Baldrey Dr. Karl Bowman George Break James W. Fesler Norman Foxworthy William Gillis Joel Hildebrand Oily Kern ASSOCIATES Dr. George McChesney James McVaine Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond Nutting Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow William Twitchell GRADUATES Richard Haugner Charles Way SENIORS William Burkett Theodore Lawson Donald Carlton Larry Melvin Wes Colbert Lee Miller Bud deVega Ronald Morengo Buzz deVega Burt Pike James Edwards Donald Putnam Charles Fitch Jack Risbrough Kenneth Glines Robert Smith Harmon Greer Richard Tamberg William Houston LeVerne Vilhauer Morris Kirk Jack Western Donald Whyte JUNIORS Kenneth Anderson William Lind Kirk Brown Gene Markley Edward Canning Rex Oliver Thomas Coakeley Richard Pawson Webb Hayes Larry Taber Robert Jackson William Taylor Herb Kennedy Curtis Bob Ward SOPHOMORES Skip Anderson Paul Jones Mark Bain Jack Lockhart Joe Burns Alan Mooser Dennis Cutland Jerry Raugust Alan Jenkins Robert Watkins Richard Johnsen Charles Whyte FRESHMEN Rick Carver Lynn Nebeker Grant Cook Richard Orear James Holt James Woodward SPRING PLEDGES Paul Brocchini Tom Conrad Roy Burks Tom Hays Bill Parsons 261 PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS PHI GAMMA DELTA ' S Delta Xi Chap- ter adopts a new secrecy policy. •A• • • Ashton Carminati Grant Haase Hotle Mott Nevin Rieger Sammis Solomon Brown Demas Gi ldersleeve Hayden Hummel Hurd Hyde 262 McGrath Pringle Wilson Lindsay McKissick Prindle Remmel Stewart Vaznaugh Wooffson Doyle Johnson Leavitt MacSwain Milne Odmark Papac Sparks UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Louis Alvares Norman Hinds George C. Briggs William Laub Charles Derleth Woodbridge Metcalf William Durham Jacques Schnier GRADUATES Peter Johnson Donald J. Ludwig SENIORS William B. Ashton James Nevin Earl Carminati William Noyes Victor Grant Tom Rieger John Haase Richard Russell Joseph Hotle Lee Sammis Thomas Mott William Solomon JUNIORS Gordon Brown Irving Hurd William Demas William Hyde Robert Eschwig Thomas McGrath Robert Falge George Najarian Edmund Gildersleeve Alan Oleson William Govan Lloyd Pringle John Hayden Leland Rhodes Nickles Hummel John Wilson SOPHOMORES Richard Gutierrez Kent Stewart John Lindsay Andrew Stone Carson McKissick James Stone Robert Prindle Fred Vaznaugh Arthur Remmel Robert Woolfson FRESHMEN Burton Doyle Willard Johnson John Leavitt Duncan MacSwain Jerome Milne Theodore Odmark Nicholas Papac Donald Sea Stanley Sparks Alan Stevenson SPRING PLEDGES Robert Brown Richard Mohme Lawrence Cardoza Delton Morris John Wolters 263 Pill KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS THE GAMMA Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi finished up another successful year with memories of a well rounded social, athletic and scholastic record. Highlights of the year were the Spring Formal and the South Seas party, which, as they do every year, turned out to be the most impressive func- tions of the year. Scholastically, the Phi Psi ' s also finished better than was expected, attributing this to a few scholastically outstanding individuals in the house. All in all, the Phi Psi ' s had a prosperous and eventful year Armanino Brown Cook DeLisle Forni Hutchinson Kanelopoulos Kemp Palmtag Paredi Parr Schmitz Waraas Watson Young Davies deLorimer Hammer Holcomb Jervis Lambert 264 Lewis Mather Paradis Thoreson Tierman Wade Wolfson Arana Johnson Lowe Roth Schrol I Brewer Brown Hayward Henderson Hoggatt Holt Kops Pol hemus Sanders George Anderson Gerald Anderson Frederick Armanino Herbert Ball Pierre Brosseau Royal Brown Richard Cook Glen DeLisle Jay Forni William Hehir George Hutchinson JUNI Ronald Auletti Arthur Davies Jacques deLorimer Thomas Hammer Warren Hellman Jerald Holcomb John Jervis Lilliam Lambert Gus Kanelopoulos Gene Kemp Charles Palmtag Robert Paredi John Parr Martin Peterson William Schmitz Joseph Theobald Harold Waraas Ernest Watson Bedford Young ORS Clarke Lewis Fulton Mather Donald Paradis Walter Straub Carl Thoreson Charles Tierman John Wade Dick Wolfson SOPHOMORES Edward Arana Brooke Lowe Robert Johnson Frederick Roth Robert Schroll UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin W. Pauley SENIORS FRESMHEN Peter Brewer Wayne Hoggatt Clark Brown John Holt Peter Hayward Charles Kops Tony Henderson Robert Joseph Sanders SPRING PLEDGES Paul Brider Hartly King Bob Brown Dick Moore Jerry Tomlin 265 Butler Atkinson Ellis Henderson McCauley Munger Probert Ross Runnion Edwards Ghidossi, A. Ghidossi, B. Gould Haight James Machado Morton Nelson N ixt Peronetto Poston PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS THE PHI KAPS again, as in previous years, stressed a well-balanced social and scholastic program. The social season, smoothly run by Bob Owen, included a Russian Dive Dance, a Mobsters ' Melee. and the annual Spring Formal held at the Mira Vista Country Club. While the Phi Kaps maintained their active participation in intercollegiate sports and their high standing in intramural events. Letter winners included Jim Ross, swimming and water polo; Jerry Hin- ton, baseball; Bob Warwick, track; Maynard Munger, basketball; Joe Fournier and Jack Autenrieb, Ram- bler football, whereas minor sports awards went to Pat Machado, wres- tling; Bob Nelson, boxing; and Jeff Keppel, frosh water polo. The Phi Kaps were also well represented on Executive Committee, Cal Club, PIC, Men ' s Judicial Committee, Athletic Council and Women ' s Executive Board, the latter due to the election of Bob Nicolaysen as vice-president of the Freshman class, a post never be- fore held by a male. 266 UNIVERSITY David P. Barrows Thomas Barrows John U. Calkins, Jr. R. Courtney Cornett Herber A. ASSOCIATES Malcolm M. Davisson Maurice E. Harrison Walter M. Hart George D. Louderbach Newsom SENIORS Herb Henderson Jerry Hinton Mary McCauley Maynard Munger Myron Probert Jim Ross Jack Runnion Bob Warwick JUNIORS Pat Machado Ron Morton Bob Nelson Ken Nixt Al Peronetto Al Poston Sandy Saunders Randy Walker Ben Yates Saunders Walker Yates Ayer Emerson Fournier Jordan Myrick Nicolaysen, A. -Owen Vicain White Benson Emerson, J. Gustafson James Keppel Lee Nicolaysen, B. Starr Freddy GRADUATES Bob Atkinson Bob Gilzean Gunning Butler Bob Steiner Bob Young Gil Atkinson Jack Autenrieb Dave Chipman Pete Cunliffe Phil Dawson Bob Ellis Bill Foley Bob Edwards Al Ghidossi Bill Ghidossi Dan Gould Tony Haight Preston James Jack Koehn Dan Lannes SOPHOMORES Tom Ayer Steve Myrick Steve Emerson Art Nicolaysen Joe Fournier Bob Owen Ernie Hailey Kit Stone Mike Jordan Don Vicain Lynn White Pete Benson Jon Emerson Lee Gustafson Chuck James FRESHMEN Jeff Keppel Ira Lee Bob Nicolaysen Jim Starr SPRING PLEDGES Bill Anderson Bill Dunn Mark Tuft 267 Chamberlain Gregorich Huss Langrock Miller Noren Righter Towle White Anderson, J. Briscoe DeMatei Dokey Haight Hogan Levy Parsons Schoettler Taynton PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS THIS YEAR the Spring semester took on added importance, as it brought not only the anticipation of another fabulous Highland Fling, to be held at the Highlands Inn at Carmel, but also a new chapter house, to be completed during the summer. However, ' 53- ' 54 wasn ' t only a year for looking ahead. A glance backward revealed an enjoy- able flapper party at the house, a Winter Formal held at the Mira Vista Country Club, friendly water fights with Pi Phis, two Pledge Formals, numerous exchanges, both planned and impromptu, and a Father-Son Banquet. Spring sports not only brought to light the names of such outstanding athletes as oarsman Glenn Miller, javelin thrower Dick Righter, and swimmer Don Reidt, but also our good record in intramural competi- tion. With our past record and future outlook we are confidenly looking forward to coming events at the Big U. 268 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Paul Christopoulos Kenneth Paulovich Robert Kersey William Schmelzle Albert Maffley Gilbert Smith Warren Wagner SENIORS Jim Chamberlin Lawrence Ludwigsen Stephen Connor Glenn Miller Claes Elfving Donald Noren Edward Gregorich Richard Righter Marvin Huss Robert Towle Donald Langrock Oliver White JUNIORS John Anderson Alan Haight Walter Briant John Hogan Terrence Briscoe Robert Levy Edward DeMatei Norman Parsons Thomas Diel David Schoettler Richard Dokey Donald Douglas Taynton Taynton Avey Biagini Gianunzio Leffler Niven Phillips Russell Simon Anderson, D. Doria Gilbert Harris Havis Ott Poppin Reidt Richards Rose Von SOPHOMORES Donald Avey Dolph Leffler Fred Biagini Ronald Niven Victor Gianunzio Donald Phillips Gerald Gillespie John Russell Richard Simon FRESHMEN Donald Anderson Donald Havis Robert Clarke Berton Ott Manuel Doria Nicholas Poppin Clark Gilbert Donald Reidt Carl Harris William Rose Henry Richards 269 Wintz Backstrand Bruce F less I THE FRATERNITY ' S year was high- lighted by the winning of the Sweep- stakes Trophy for the most outstand- ing float in the Big Game Parade, when, together with the Tri-Delts, the Phi Sigs demonstrated the enthusiasm and cooperation seen throughout the activities of the year. Among the sev- eral successful functions were the semiannual initiation formals and pledge dances, with the social season climaxed by the annual ' 49er dance held in May. However, during the week, as contrasted to the week ends, the Phi Sigs were hitting the books hard, and several achieved scholastic recognition. PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Friesen Goedewagen Lamberson McKeever Nielson Roberts Thompson Winter GouMrt Guisso Ide Johnson 270 Matarangus McCloskey Norehad Watkins Wytand Caldis DeLuchi Lawton Nelson Strong Wenik Jamieson Nestor van Loben Sets Wintz Sandy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adams Walter Frederick Charles Babcock August J. Marra Clinton Evans Thomas Mayhew Franklin C. Palm GRADUATE David Long SENIORS Kenneth Bachtold George Mayo John Chambers Robert McKeever William DeBell Otto Nielson Lloyd Friesen Doren Roberts Pieter Goedewaagen Douglas Thompson Ronald Guptill Malcolm Winter John Lamberson Edward Wintz JUNIORS Jerald Backstrand Clifford Ide Wayne Bruce Jack Johnson Keith Bull Kent Lowney William Edwards John Matarangus Harry Fiesel Kenneth McCloskey Ben Finney Joe Newman Ronald Goulart Paul Norehad Ernest Guisso James Pastore Douglas Hibbs Robert Alvin Wyland SOPHOMORES Jay Caldis Keith Nelson Denis DeLuchi Frank Poulos William Fuller Charles Strong Richard Lawton Edward Wenik FRESHMEN Robert Block William Nestor Edward Cogswell James van Loben Sels Al Jamieson Robert Wintz SPRING PLEDGES Robert Barrows Ray Gerba Jeff Blum Mary Goodman Mac Brown Art Soderblom Norman Ruby 271 Barnes Byerly Cockey Fischer Haney Holmes Kratz Lima Miles Vejar Bargones Houton Byrnes Firby Hardebeck Herring PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED NINE CHAPTERS SURVIVAL SEEMED to be the keynote in this year of Hydrogen bombs and Puerto Rico, of rising costs, and shrinking membership. However, the Pi Kaps managed a febrill social sea- son climaxed by the delirously suc- cessful Annual Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha and the 93rd birthday of Mother Camper, housemother extraor- dinary. Two waltzing mice replaced the indomitable and much maligned Laski and the brothers spent many an hour arguing the age minimum of a housemother require to " live in. " Gentle northern zephyrs waltzed south- ward the delightful odor of the DKE ' s cesspool. Outside activities were cul- minated by winning the coveted Mil- pitas Feed and Fertilizer trophy, given in perpetuity to the fraternity collect- ing the most guano. Raffetto 272 Ralph Brunhouse Elliot Holmes Kosovac Medall Mevi Range Shifley Tomasello Baxter Comarsh UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Thomas D. Stewart Roy Ploss Lynn 0. Waldorf Morris A. Stewart Garff B. Wilson Darracq McConnell GRADUATES Newmeyer Jack Geary Hal Judy Ralph, B. William Harlowe Herbert Moore Walter Sharman SENIORS Denny Barnes Thomas Holmes Thomas Bowles Bryson Kratz Charles Byerly John Lima Ware William Cockey Saroyan Robert Dockham Henry McCrory Richard Miles Jay Robinson Russell Frey Victor Fisher Allen Vejar William Haney Donald Walsh JUNIORS Bruce Beebe Claren Fraiser Ron Borgones John Hardeback Martin Bouton Merritt Herring Peter Byrne Kenneth Ness Ronald Firby Richard Ralph Michael Raffetto SOPHOMORES Jay Brunhouse Donald Kosovac John Elliot Sheldon Medall Clarence Foley John Mevi Paul Frakes Donald Range Michael Guinan Jack Ryan Richard Holmes Lowell Shifley Donald Tomasello FRESHMEN Frank Baxter Pete Newmeyer Francis Comarsh Boyden Ralph Del Darracq Jack Saroyan Jack McConnell Charles Ware Dennis Watt 273 OPENING THE Fall semester, the Pi Lam ' s had their annual pajamarino, the theme being " Nightmare Alley, " while Big Game Week found them working like beavers on our float. The week was climaxed by the Big Game Formal at the Bellevue Hotel in San Francisco. Then taking to the open air in the Spring, the Pi Lam ' s had dances at the San Francisco Yacht Club and Barnum ' s at the Beach. All in all, the social calendar comprised a good time for all. The big topic of the Spring semester, how- ever, was the approaching remodel- ing job to be done during the sum- mer months in cooperation with the alumni. PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS Ambinder Brownstein Dessler Freeman Garfinkle Gordon Koppich Lyons Mortimer Saul Sinai Sweet Trauner Bernheim Chase David Fahn Kernes Levy Manheimer 274 Pearl Robinson Rothman Seiler Wolfe Barnblatt Gherman Goldman Goodfriend Margu teas Nofield Resnick SENIORS Gerald Ambinder Lloyd Levitin Marvin Brownstein Ron Lyons Norman Dessler Klaus Mortimer Robinow Sigmund Freeman Leo Rodkin Ross Jack Gerfinkle Frank Saul Sarrow Jerry Gordon Joe Sinai Siegel Don Kamler Bud Sweet Martin Koppich Don Trauner JUNIORS Harry Anixter Richard Manheimer Gene Baker Chuck Miller Applebaum Bob Bernheim Jack Pearl Blum Mort Chase Stan Pollack Lipshutz Lee David Bernie Robinson Mizel Stan Fahn Mort Rothman Rod Friedman Stu Seiler Walt Kaufman Carl Selinger Arnold Kernes Don Silverman Harvey Levy Shel Wolfe SOPHOMORES Lloyd Barnblatt Ralph Nofield Chuck Gherman Bob Resnick Ron Goldman Norm Robinow Larry Goodfriend Eugene Ross Bob Lesser Jerry Sarrow Howie Marguleas Neal Siegel FRESHMEN Bill Applebaum Richard Kamler Dick Blum Sig Lipshutz Barney Mizel SPRING PLEDGES Joel Berger Bob Cowan Bill Brodovsky Jule Lifschiz Don Rothman 275 Gills Nicolai Underhill Cropper PI KAPPA PHI 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Sargeant Thayer UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Andreone Stanley Ausman Adriance Foster Gaggero Henry E. Erdman Houston Lashus GRADUATES Millis Oakes Thomas Orr James Aljian William Gillis Stewart Schmidt SENIORS Evans Adolph Nicolai Francis Jack Underhill JUNIORS Bruce Cropper Charles Lee John Earle Don Rau Larry Holdrich Dwayne Reed Gaggero, R. Keith Johnson Don Sargeant Barrow James Thayer SOPHOMORES Vic Andreone Bernard Schmidt Joseph Gaggero Young Stewart Holdrich Johnson Lee Reed FRESHMEN Don Evans Ronald Gaggero Dick Francis Edward Hoole Richard Melott SPRING PLEDGES Henry Berke Al Sprague Steve Blote Wayne Thomas Don Swanson 276 Dresel Gordon Harris Harrison Heimark PHI UPSILON Johnson Lyons Meserve Pitkin Ryan 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS Pr Turpin Beaver Dagget Gada Gibbs ASSOCIATES James Parsons Leon Richardson Rudolph Schevill William Simpson UNIVERSITY B. Etcheberry James Hahn Donald Mackay Dr. H. Naffziger Kramer Mayne Moulder Oliver P rough Charles Dresel William Dutton Douglas Gordon Donald Harris Robert Harrison Donald Heimark SENIORS George Johnson Vincent Lyons Keith Meserve Roger Pitkin Arthur Ryan Miles Turpin Polkinghorne Casey Fairbairn Hallenbeck Keller JUNIORS Peter Beaver Clifton Mayne William Dagget Walt Moulder Preston Gada Bill Oliver George Gibbs Ronald Plough Jim Kramer Roy Kenneth Simpson Kramer, T. Lackey Wright Brobst Cerney SOPHOMORES Michael Casey William Keller Robin Fairbairn Thomas Kramer Harry Hallenbeck James Lackey Timothy Howard Clifford Wright Coakley Gerhardy Heimark, J. Kelly Norris FRESHMEN Hamilton Kelly Gary Norris Peter Shea Craig Wiley Mert Williams Peter Brobst Roger Cerney Peter Coakley Lou Gerhardy Jene Heimark SPRING PLEDGES Pete Minor John Williams Shea Wiley Williams 277 277 Baumsteiger Baxter Bibb Deetken Friedenbach Hartley Kirk BESET BY the sententious subterfuge Lareau of fortune, a fragment of the fifty mil- lion eclipsed another jazzy year. Once again, Minerva ' s minions gathered in the plush lobby of the Bancroft Bilt- Leach more to ponder recent fluctuations in Moore Confederate currency. By minute mis- Onstead apprehension, they educed fourteen Porter homeless waifs who were quickly in- doctrinated into the character build- ing and soul scintillating duties of moving cars and scouring heads. In a Rogers Sjoberg brilliantly decisive move, Major Cecil Spillman (Smiles) Rogers rose from the sub- Storz terranean depths as third-string hasher to become chief head of the proletarian forces. Within the trophy- bedecked laurel lounge, three new Thornburg thundermugs of brass rest among the Burr webs of yore. Seething with unrivalled Davis Dedo fervor, the minute men maintained their motto, " Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, " or " Down to the fish in ships. " SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Delucchi Derdivanis Duncan Edwards 278 Dezzani Hamilton Hicks Holbrook Leathers Leslie Minne Rohwer Rowley Deklotz Hays Hiden Hoffman Huhn Mathews Oliver Schmeiser Appel Ben nison Cunningham Gianulias Kyte Mohler Steckman Van Houten UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stuart Daggett Ralfe Miller R. 0. Harvey Paul John Talbot GRADUATES Carl Baumsteiger John Gratz Bruce Marhenke SENIORS Jim Baxter Ed Lareau Jack Bibb Douglas Leach Jim Burley Ed Lippstreu Dave Deetken Sheldon Moore Alfred Delucchi Sheldon Onstead John Derdivanis Gene Patrick Rod Duncan Ken Porter Collin Edwards James Rigwerts Mike Friedenbach Phil Rogers Dick Gallagher Richard Sjoberg Don Hartley Jack Spillman Howard Kirk Forrest Storz Richard Lareau Vern Thornburg JUNIORS Al Addicott Harry Hicks Dick Ament Frank Holbrook Don Benninghoven John Leathers Millard Burr Bob Leslie Tom Dahlgren Kern Majors Rich Davis Burt Millard Herb Dedo Chuck Minne Don Dezzani Claude Rohwer Harlan Erickson Gerry Rowley John Hamilton Bill Shaver Dick Unger SOPHOMORES Bob DeKlotz Al Knotts Jerry Dusthimer Howard Matthews Joseph Farina Ernest Megazzini Jerry Hays Bob Oliver Dave Hiden Al Schmeiser Ralph Hoffman Ellis Sjoberg Jack Huhn Dave Toll Dave Ziegler FRESHMEN Cyril Appel Charles Benjamin James Bennison John Crandall William Cunningham Mike Diaz Roger Durst Pete Van Bruce Garland Harry Ghilerducci Andrews Gianulias Al Kvte Ted Mohler Mike Rei Carl Steckman Houten SPRING PLEDGES Richard Donnell Jim Johnson Jerry Jensen Jim Kidder Douglas Weiss 27t Aronoff Cibull Coffman Hexter SIGMA ALPHA MU 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS Schoenberger Shain Siskin Small Battat Cohen Levin SIGMA ALPHA Mu strives to maintain a high scholastic average as well as a full social calendar at the University. Last year, the " Sammies " put on such social successes as " Samlag 17, " " L.A. Sammy Limits, " and the Annual Sweetheart Dance, while for the pledge dance, " The Machaido, " the house was transformed into a Japanese em- peror ' s palace. SAM has been among the top 15 fraternities scholastically for the past 16 years; last year second among fraternities, and in intramural sports, Sigma Alpha Mu consistently placed in the top ten strata. Natkin Scott Tarlow Transtein Battat, H. Diener B ieber Marylander Nebenzahl Newman Dandy GRADUATE David Pearl Stuart Aronoff David Barnett Howard Bloom Bob Cibull Ralph Coffman SENIORS Richard Hexter David Hirsch Irwin Schoenberger Howard Shain Marshall Siskin JUNIORS Conrad Donner Paul Stern Wally Goodstein Peter Wolken Alsam Small Darrell Zander Henry Zerg SOPHOMORES Frank Battat Roger Natkin William Boyarsky Reese Polesky Allan Casper Alan Rudy Carter Cohen Howard Scott Leslie Cooper Mervin Tarlow Bruce Goldman Harvey Toyer Burt Greenberg Donald Tronstein Barry Lazar Art Weber Stuart Levin Alvin Winetrub FRESHMEN Harry Battat Marvin Cohen Robert Cohn Michael Diener Sanford Garfinkel Gary Glober James Henerson Louis Hirsch Marty Kaufman Gerald Jacobs David Kelton Sanford Kopelow Howard Marylander Bernard Nebenzahl Philip Newman Lee Ragins Robert Solten Ralph Zusman SPRING PLEDGES Harry Amburn Gary Jacobs Jerry Glasier Ed Smith Joe Goldberg Ron Stein Al Lackratz Claude Stevens Herb Lackratz Don White 281 Arnold Brown F remer Fletcher Harper Reilly Ayers Devoto Keene Scott Summerhays Svihus Thompson Tubbs B lake Escano Gaai H und hammer SIGMA CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS SIGHTS AND sounds provided an index to many Sig activities. Late burning lights reflected the type of studying, and loud exclamations of masculine disappointment issued forth at a on the pool table or a " flub " on the ping-pong table. While foot- ball and rugby brought forth athletes John Escano, Don Gilkey, Bill Vallo- ton, and Ed Fletcher. In crew Sigma Chi had Steve DeVoto and Don Keen pulling the paddles, and Don Timmer- man will again be a key man on the varsity cinder paths with Bob Leet on the Frosh. John Escano, Mary Lacey, and Dick Keen all showed promise in baseball whereas Jud Landis was the lone candidate for the basketball team. In addition Bart Brown was elected President of IFC, and Don Keen elected representative at large, and lovely Katie Gibbons was selected as the 1954 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and crowned at our December Sweetheart Formal. In intramural competition, Sigma Chi fielded good teams which won their share of victories and was again in contention for the intramural cup. 282 Reilly, T. Val lotton UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Barnes Dr. H. P. Clarence " Nibs " Price SENIORS Jed Adams David Harper Roy Arnold Robert Johnson Barton Brown Chris Leggo Charles Flemer Karl Peterman Edward Fletcher Bill Reilly Andre Fourchy Donald Timmerman Benjamin Hagan Lui Venator Paul Zinov JUNIORS Tom Almberg Tom Perrin Bill Ayers James Scott Larry Billings Joel Summerhays Homer Bradford Ron Svihus Steve Devoto James Thaxter Don Keene Edward Thompson Wayne Olson William Tubbs SOPHOMORES Ronald Blake Richard Keene John Escano Mary Lacey Richard Falkner Harry Larsen Steve Gaal Henry Schneider Fred Hundhammer Gerald Tutman Jerry Wendt FRESHMEN Keene, R. Lacey Larsen Schneider Tutman Wendt Furbush Gilkey Gilson Hitchcock Kahn Land is Leet Likens Moke Newkom Donald Furbush Robert Leet Donald Gilkey Tod Likens Clark Gilson Mike Mote Allan Hitchcock Martin Newkom Kimball Kahn Lawrence Poulton Peter Koch Thomas Reilly Judson Landis Bill Vallotton Bill von Ofenheim 283 Lewis Smith De Dalt Gardiner SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 Green BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLSHED 1892 Harding ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS Kahl Merriman, D. UNDER THE outstanding leadership of Bliss Green, Fall president, and Bob Roche, Spring head, Sigma Nu once again enjoyed a successful year. Scho- lastically, the house continued to gain ground spurred on by the efforts of both pledge classes, while the athletic field was well covered on both the intramural and varsity fronts. Foot- ball, swimming( water polo, baseball, basketball, boxing, wrestling, and ski- ing were well represented and the intramural squads placed high in all events. Then along social lines the annual White Rose Formal at the Castlewood Country Club was the highlight of the Fall social calendar while the ever-popular Insane Asylum Dance in the Spring wound up the swing of parties and garden teas. Activity-wise, Sigma Nu boasted Bob Adams, Fall president of Triune; Don Cuietusa, Spring secretary of IFC; Wes McDaniel, sophomore class presi- dent; Scott Carey, IFC Exec Board Rep, and many members in Triune, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Beta Beta, Phi Phi and Gavel and Quill. Merriman, P. Montano Porter Rhodes Roche Soper Verring Wieking Anderson Babcock Baker Barnato Biggs Bordonaro Carey Cuietusa Davis, P. Ferro Fricke 284 Grover Meek Rog in Smal ian Wallis Winkenbach Adams Ambrose Barnato, M. Cadwel I Cunningham Greub Hughes Jensen McDaniel Baker Bertelsman Cherry Cole Davis, N. Fay Gi Ulan Metz Myers Ruegg Vogt Williamson Wilson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame Dan Rader GRADUATES Merrill Albert Bill Lewis Gene Haggerty Duane Smith Bob King Al Winslow SENIORS Albert DeDalt Phil Merriman Gordon Gardiner Jordan Montano Bliss Green James Rhodes Bruce Harding Robert Roche Robert Kahl John Soper Dwight Merriman Richard Wicking JUNIORS Alden Anderson Raymond Ferro William Babcock Robert Fricke Dick Baker Gary Fulbright Pete Barnato Woody Grover Tony Biggs Raymond Kellner Sebastian Bordonai 0 Donald Meek Scott Carey William Rogin Don Cuietusa Donald Smalian Paxton Davis Richard Wallis Robert Winkenbach SOPHOMORES Mike Ambrose Bill Hunzeker Mike Barnato Bill Jensen Edward Greub Alan LaRue Herb Hughes Wes McDaniel FRESHMEN William Baker Don Giltillan Karl Bertelsman Bob Metz Terry Cole Mike Myers Newton Davis Jim Vogt William Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Robert Adams Bob Hill Gabe Arillaga Ted Merry Russ Cadwell Craig Porter Jim Cherry Dave Ruegg Dunc Cunningham Steve Shadlick Hap Fay Chuck Travers Sheldon Gebb Jerry Van Buskirk John Haag Craig Wilson Keith Hamilton John Witherspoon John Wooldridge 285 Craig Osborne Power Robinson OeMarais Huntze ANOTHER PAGE has been written in the Johansen illustrious annals of Sigma Phi. The Larsen light of fraternal envy continually showering its halls, Alpha alone stands as the monument to the original prin- ciple of fraternity living. Geographi- Loundagin cally, it occupies the " Garden Spot of Meese Melbye the Berkeley Zoo " high atop Boalt Passur Hill. Sigma Phi ' s events recognize only Egyptian divorces as worthy competition for splendor and pageant- ry. The more dignified rodent func- tions were held in the multiferous havens of high life in the Bay Area. The chapter in its eternal wisdom, has seen fit to publish a guide for other living groups so that they might be kept in touch with contemporary styles and modifications in manners and language. The Sigs modestly re- fuse to discuss their achievements, justly anticipating a Nobel Prize and not desiring the accompanying noto- riety. However, the fact remains-- only time alone is equally as consist- ent as is Sigma Phi Fraternity. SIGMA PHI 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS NIP •• • • Vukasin Bernt Chapman Dethlefsen 286 Traynor Andrews Brough Jacobus Waterfall, G. Adams Dobbins La id law UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Cruess Grant Loomis Dr. William G. Donald Robert Olson Clifton Kroeber Earl Warren Phillips Smith SENIORS Stewart Forrest Borghesani Thomas Osborne Tuttle Maynard Craig Daniel Power Ottiwell Jones James Robinson Clark McBride George Vukasin JUNIORS John Bernt Ted Johansen Waterfall, N. Robert Chapman Terry Larsen Phillip Dethlefsen Nick Loundagin Charles DeMarais Cliff Meese Matt Hazeltine Richard Melbye Doug Huntze Norman Passur Michael Traynor Jones Loring Peyton Rand SOPHOMORES John Andrews Arthur Loring Jack Brough Gilbert Moore James Jacobus Robert Peyton Charles Jones Charles Rand Gordon Waterfall Clark Adams Richard Dobbins Scott Laidlaw Dana Phillips FRESHMEN Donald Smith Allen Stewart Norman Tuttle Neal Waterfall SPRING PLEDGES Douglas Cooper Remo Jacuzzi David Whitechat 287 Riley Boege Foruria Hough Jeffrey McPherson Morrow Okey Timmerman Williams Fornengo Hanahan Powel I Smith SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2714 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS THE SIG EPS ' 1953-54 calendar was well rounded scholastically, socially and athletically into a fine year of campus activities. During the very successful fall semester, led by Ted Foruria, their intramural teams, which left an excellent record, were paced by the fine pledge class, and in December, another wonderful Christmas party was put on for under- privileged children. Then to conclude the year ' s fine leadership with Jerry Powell the spring semester was high- lighted by the formal at El Nido Rancho, and vacation interlude in Balboa. The house was well repre- sented in many student activities, with athletics and Daily Cal being most prominent. Through it all the boys found plenty of hours for luxurious idleness and even a little time for studying. 288 James Corley James Corey W. K. Emerson Robert Johnson H. Robert Merriam James Miller Al Rogers Arthur Sampson R. Wellman GRADUATES Melvin Brunetti Ray Riley Blume Boerlin Doyas Hatton Hayes Subbera Van Zander Boone Gitchell Pinoni Ranstrom Schieck Wisser Woodward Zumstein UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SENIORS Donald Brinkerhoff Ray Boege Theodore Foruria Robert Hough Harold Jeffery John Juday Robert McPherson Howard Morrow William Okey Stanley Smith William Timmerman George Williams JUNIORS Les Browning Walter Hanahan William Callender Jerry Powell Ronald Fornengo Arthur Simpson Frederick Garretson William Wirth SOPHOMORES Ralph Blume John Elworthy Howard Boerlin Peter Hatton David Breen Gaylan Hayes Richard Doyas Edward John Van Zander FRESHMEN William Boone Donald Schieck Gregory Gitchell John Wisser David Pinoni Clifford Woodward Gerald Ramstrom Henry Zumstein SPRING PLEDGE Jack Laughlin 289 Fisch Crarke Fry Graebe Johnson Mill Harrison Siefert Christensen Nettles Weston Woodworth Brown SIGMA PHI DELTA FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 1924 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 NINE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Ernie Fisch SENIORS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harold B. Gotaas Francis H. Moffitt Bill Clarke Gerald Graebe Bob Dean Roger Fry Chuck Fredrickson Barney Johnson Walter Fredrickson Tom Mill JUNIORS Charles Andrade Blaine Harrison Bill Evans Don Siefert SOPHOMORES Bob Christensen Jim Nettles Roger Finke Dave Weston Art Woodworth FRESHMAN Earle Brown 290 Johnson Jameson Laverty O ' Grady Palombo Young Brosemer Clark Melton Peterson Rhein Wager Amerio Bruni Russell Sivachenko Wilson Davis Herrera Wel rs Egon SIGMA PI 1849 ARCH STREET FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Mallory James Martin Maynard Morris GRADUATES Gordon Johnson Sheldon Smith SENIORS Garret Boer Paulo O ' Grady Ronald Jameson Robert Palombo Ross Laverthy Robert Young JUNIORS Ronald Brosemer Philip Peterson Kenton Clark Robert Rhein Marvin Melton Walt Wager SOPHOMORES Victor Amerio Paul Sivachenko Richard Bruni Kenneth Taloff Lewis Russell Clarke Wilson FRESHMEN James Davis Hugo Herrera-Roca Neal Wells SPRING PLEDGES Robert Bishop John Mattson Robert Duggan James Stafford Dougald Macintosh Roger Zunniga 291 Collins Deady Early Francis TAU KAPPA EPSILON A 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED FOUR CHAPTERS Griffin Martin Scheer Temme Bi Man Cordes IGNORING FOREBODING warnings from Harris various local draft boards and deans ' Keasbey offices, the Tekes crowded their ' 53- ' 54 social calendar with a great variety of activities including the Red Carna- tion Ball at the Sir Francis Drake, the Love Orchid Formal at the Sequoyah Coun- Lusk Marsh try Club and the Christmas party for Nelson underprivileged children, held with the Chi Omegas. Big Game Week also found the Tekes and Sigma Kappas pooling their efforts to build a float. Porter Background music for the year was Re lfe provided by the " Teke House Ten Richardson Rowe Minus Three.” Campus activities were not forgotten, however, with Bob Col- lins serving as Rep-at-Large, Rally Committee chairman and even Santa Claus. Other Tekes were active on Shugart Smith Rally Committee, Class Councils, the Thompson Pelican, and various honoraries, while Virden athletes kept busy with football, crew, basketball, swimming, water polo, baseball, tennis and a few other sports. Even Brutus Epsilon, well-known " St. Bernard about Campus, " shared in Walther campus activities, acquiring a few Wilson battle scars on the field of honor. 292 Walther, D. Wollter Brutus Carl Anderson Roy Berry Harry Brock John Boland Ben Campbell Cliff Ceridono Ed Dawson Jack Grauss Jack Lehberg Don MacIntosh Young Boynton Graves LeFehr Mcllraith McMullen , Patton Weibel Anderson Berry Boland Brock UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. E. E. Ghiselli Dr. S. R. Jayne Dr. G. Lenczowski SENIORS Jim Griffin George Martin Bud Scheer Will Smith Mark Temme JUNIORS Don Rolfe John Richardson Bert Rowe Lee Shugart Tom Smith Bill Thompson Gay Virden Austin Walther Garth Wilson Ray Young SOPHOMORES Schuettge Earl Boynton Terry Mcllraith Stevenson Jeff Graves Jim McMullen Stokes Tom LeFehr Doug Patton Venturi Dean Weibel FRESHMEN Jake Mathis Howard Nemir Don Romeo Fred Schott Dick Schuettge Bob Stevenson Ed Stokes Roger Venturi Dick Walther Terry Wollter Bob Collins Bill Deady Gene Early Dave Francis Dave Billman Jerry Bowling Carl Cordes Robin Harris Bob Keasbey Ray Love Fred Lusk Fred Marsh Al Nelson Ken Porter CampbelF Ceridono Dawson Grauss Lehberg Nemir Romeo Schott SPRING PLEDGES Pearce Caldwell Kenneth Davis Robert Sharp 293 Bunnell Cox Dahl in Geary Hansen Jones Knapp McCabe McG lashan Rosenberg Young Brown Davis Dryer Heading ton Hirst Hogan McDonald, B. S. THETA CHI 2462 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN CHAPTERS FALL SEMESTER for the Theta Chi ' s started off with many additions to the house including paint, pledges and a 182-pound boxer pup. After the loss of the meatman, milkman, postman and three pledges, the pup was considered a bit too playful and donated to a sweet old couple in the country. Over- coming their great sorrow and seeking consolation in a flowing social calen- dar under the direction of president Dale Dryer, the season featured a barn dance with San Jose chapter, an alumni smoker at the Palace Hotel and the nationally famous Danse des Apaches. An equally active Spring semester under president Don Truman boasted a tri-chapter dance with Stan- ford and San Jose, an unprecedented South Seas dance, more exchanges and climaxed with the Spring Formal at the California Country Club. How- ever, in spite of various aquatic fra- cusses with a boarding house directly across the street and an active partici- pation in intramural sports, building a Big Game float with KD ' s—scholas- tic efforts were not forgotten, many of the men boasting two-points. 294 Otter Pence Sorenson Thurston Truman Clark Field Horton Lowe Swanson Bean Hagen Hamlin Jacobson McDonald, B. I. Rouse Shelton Smith UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. R. H. DeWitt Kirk Rowland GRADUATE Bill Hayes SENIORS Sterling Bunnell Don Jones Herb Cox Bob Knapp Ron Dahlin Gene McCabe Bert Geary Bill McGlashan Ken Hansen Jack Martin Young JUNIORS Bob Brown Bill McDonald Sherman Davis Dick Otter Dale Dryer Bill Pence Ron Headington Ron Sorenson Jim Hirst Bob Thurston Phil Hogan Don Truman SOPHOMORES Ray Clark Bill Horton John Field Ernest Lowe Dave Swanson FRESHMEN Dave Bean Bill McDonald Ken Hagan Ken Rouse Howard Hamlin Jim Shelton John Jacobson Ralph Smith SPRING PLEDGES Henry Maschal Frank Romeo John Scott 295 McGrane McHale Mellon Schuman THETA DELTS spent another enterpris- ing year finding new ways to do old things. The most memorable event o f the social calendar was our exchange with the Laguna Honda Home for the Aged, and with balls and banquets and parties almost incessently, little time was left for what some fallaciously believe is our primary objective in college studying. However, wiser heads prevailed and a few books were opened. In campus activities the less apathetic served our University well, some attaining high office and others signing their names to committee and class council rolls. The surf, turf, and gridiron boys tore themselves away and managed to do passing fair in both intercollegiate and intramural athletics; otherwise, the brothers dem- onstrated their ardent love for sports by their assiduous attendance at the TV bouts on Wednesday and Friday. THETA DELTA CHI 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Alessandri Bali Brown Knowles Larkin LaVague Marks Martin Scott Wheeler Whitley Woods Beebe Chalmers Humphreys King 296 Meherin Patterson Reichtwig Romiti Holston Lacy Mahoney Woods UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert Bolton Burton King Leonard Buck James Siler R. W. Clough W. B. Tippett Richard Erickson Worth Ryder Aisthorpe Harold Walt Bigelow Erickson SENIORS Hodgson Joseph Alessandri Gordon McGrane Donald Ball Ted McHale Joseph Brown Floyd Mellon Donald Gleason William Moldenschardt Charles Hope Jim Schuman Clark Knowles Charlie Scott Kinney Thomas Larkin Dick Silveria Larson George LaVaque Gerry Wheeler Lubbock Donald Marks Jim Whitley Matthews Tevis Martin Bob Woods JUNIORS Mort Beebe Dave Meherin Jack Chalmers Jack Patterson Jim Humphreys Bob Rechtwig David King Virg Romiti Eric SOPHOMORES Don Alter Don Holsten Dave Gilstrap Phil Lacy Bob Hamilton John Mahoney Sandy Hay Al Rafferty Noel Hildebrand Don Woods Alter Gilstrap Hamilton Hay Phil Anderson Bob Aisthorpe Jon Bigelow John Daniels Paul Erickson FRESHMEN Mark Hodgson Bill Kinney Norm Larson Tom Lubbock Art Matthews Tom Moore 297 Acquistapace, R. Hannaford Hoadley Horn McDougafd FIRED UP by the pledging of twenty-two Richardson Stallman fine clean-up men, Theta Xi plunged Stott into the complexities of the 1953-1954 school year. The social scene of Satur- day night parties, Sunday morning tomato juice, and Monday night cigars Wilson, was highlighted by the ever-popular Brown L. Shipwreck Dance, and the Spring Colby Formal at the Orinda Country Club. Davis A nucleus of highly conditioned ath- letes gave them a good intramural record, and a few of the brothers managed to tear themselves away Dearborn Gilchrist from the TV set long enough to be- Peterson come prominent in the field of activi- Shepherd ties. In addition, for some unknown reason, the house scholarship average came up, the number of draft notices in the mail box dropped off, and Theta Smith Xi had another very successful year. Stoddard Behnke Greco Norall THETA XI 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Jorgenson Lusardi Lyman Marler 298 Machado MacKinnon Miller, J. Munsinger Ricks Wilson, B. Acquistapace, I Akers UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jones Harry Shepherd Edgar Nemir Kenneth J. Stamp Royal Roberts Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATES Donald Abbott Colin Livingston Edwin Anderson Robert McKalip Richard. Cameron Edward Mullaly King Ron Campbell James Murray Krefting Wayne Leslie Kent Tichenor Miller, E. Kenneth Wallace Muirhead SENIORS Robert Acquistapace Winton Mather Peter Hannaford Robert McDougald Thomas Hoadley Burton Norall Norm Horn William Richardson James Jorgenson Harley Stallman Warner Lusardi Norm Stott Radford Dick Lyman Lloyd Wilson Robbins Fred Marler Edward Wood Sanford Schoeplein JUNIORS David Brown Robert Peterson Jim Colby Leonard Rodney Loyal Davis Conrad Shepherd Terry Dearborn Don Smith John Foley William Stoddard Scully Andrew Gilchrist Willis Swan Scu Clark Wallace Van Trees Watson Youngdahl Jerry Behnke Peter Forman Jim Greco Kit Machado FRESHMEN Tulio Acquistapace Doug Muirhead Rasputin Thomas Akers Glenn Radford Dayton Drake John Robbins Cornell Dudley Roger Sanford Gary Glacken Robert Schoeplein Ronald Johnston John Scully Leo King James Van Trees Carl Krefting George Watson Edward Miller Fred Youngdahl SPRING PLEDGES Hank Bohn Bob Rosenquist Stan Boone Bob Snow Drake Dudley Glacken Johnston SOPHOMORES Jack MacKinnon James Miller Harry Munsinger Bruce Ricks Bruce Wilson 299 Alterman Factor Figel Fletcher ZETA BETA TAU 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK Glickman UNIVERSITY, 1898 Hymen ALPHA ETA CHAPTER Kay ESTABLISHED 1926 Levine FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Nankin Spivak Triest Babin Block Cherry Elefant Garrel I Gradwohl Kaufman Eel fer Kelly Laub Owens Weisf ield Wollenberg Blum Bowen WITH DICK OWENS as Big Game Week Chairman, Zeta Beta Tau again lent its full support to the annual event with Ron Kaufman in charge of the Sweetheart Contest, Steve Ja- cobs heading the dance, Al Gradwohl compiling the Big Game Week Pam- phlet, and Joe Jankowsky handling advertising. The Axetravaganza also claimed the Zeebs, with Mary Cohen and. Bud Pallakoff writing the lyrics and music respectively, and Bob Caine taking a leading part in the show. In other phases of campus life ZBT was represented by Ron Kauf- man, vice-president of the Interfra- ternity Council, and Leland Levy, Soph yell leader. In the realm of social activities the Zeebs held, among many other affairs, their Semiformal Dance at the San Francisco Aerial Rowing Club and the annual Formal Dance as an all-day all-night affair at the Sonoma Mission Inn. 300 Caine Cohn Cogen Gates UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohen Charles Harold Linden GRA DUATES Marvin Cohen Herbert Kessler Victor Ginsburg Maury Koblick Milt Jacobs Owen Harold Silen SENIORS Edward Alterman Alan Kay Gerald Factor Al Levine Ronald Figel Irving Malnick Breslauer John Fletcher Gerald Nankin Goldberg David Glickman Steve Newland Gross Jack Hymes Barry Spivak Kaufman Richard Triest JUNIORS Jerry Keller Len Kully Arnold Laub Richard Owens William Shilling Douglas Weisfield Harold Wollenberg SOPHOMORES Lee Blum Leland Levy Norman Bowen Leslie Minkus Robert Caine Don Newman Robert Cogen Larry Reichel Arnold Cohn Jerry Rodder Waxman Yost Henry Gates Richard Rosen Simba Henry Herman Fred Rubel Steven Jacobs Donald Schwartz Jan Jankowsky Larry Sherman Donald Kahn Lloyd Tunik Earl Willens Herman Jacobs Levy M inkus Newman Reichel Rodder Rosen Schwartz Tunik Willens Block Morrison Pollack Springwater Sussman Jerold Babin George Block Don Cherry Richard Elefant Henry Garrell Alan Gradwohl Ronald Kaufman FRESHMEN Steven Block David Pollack Alfred Breslauer Peter Goldberg Stanley Gross Paul Kaufman Al Morrison Donald Simon Morton Springwater Warren Sussman Leon Waxman Donald Yost SPRING PLEDGES Sanford Haber Bob Rogers 301 Newell Rhoades Swenson Taylor Wallis Barker Beckman Floyd Green Horrafl Hutchins Knight Breck Donlon Gallagher Pratt ZETA PSI 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Bancroft Buwalda Hagar Howden SENIORS Samuel Breck Fred Forgy David Doulon John Gallagher John Pratt JUNIORS Daniel Bancroft Donald Rhoades Robert Buwalda Gerald Schnurmacher George Hagar Burton Swenson Douglas Howden Thomas Taylor Peter Newell Robert Wallis Marvin Wiegman SOPHOMORES Dwight Barker Kenneth Horrall Lemoin Beckman Robert Hutchins William Floyd Gordon Knight Alanson Green Harry Mays FRESHMEN David Bridges Charles Brigham Gilbert Davis Larry Fits Leo Gaspardone Jack Grant Robert Charles Green Andrew Griffin Douglas Hobson William McCubbin Robert Shannon Joseph Jaeger Wallis Mays Bridges Davis Fites SPRING PLEDGE Dave Schultz Gaspardone Grant Green, C. Griffin Hobson McCubbin Shannon Jaeger 302 Aktea:snimamems■ TILgri3illAitalkk•- DOROTHY ZARLEY LILA SANKOVICH BONNIE KAHN President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Fall OFFICERS Spring Dorothy Zarley President Lila Sankovich Lila Sankovich Vice-President Margie McKenzie Bonnie Kahn Secretary-Treasurer Jean Farquar CHAIRMEN Janet Chantler Intersorority Chairman Marrianne Zerwick Peggy Peddicord Publicity Chairman Roberta Vigna Evie Watson Social Chairman Sylvia Kempe Betty Jo Phillips Junior Panhellenic Chairman Roseland Santina Alpha Chi Omega Linn Hertz, Marisa Mahakian Alpha Delta Pi Elizabeth Hansen, Linda Gallagher Alpha Epsilon Phi Marilyn Miller, Idele Berkawich Alpha Gamma Delta Kathy Schumaker, Pat Haddican Alpha Omicron Pi Libby Child, Dorette Dufour Alpha Phi Pat MacLeod Alpha Xi Delta Elva Dughi Chi Omega Janet Chantler, Barbara Clark Delta Delta Delta Garner Lu Jordan, Maureen McClellan Delta Gamma Susan Lanzit, Janet Crook Delta Phi Epsilon Arlene Skopp Delta Sigma Epsilon Ann Parker, Barbara Howsley Delta Zeta Nancy Adjian, Helen Zachman Gamma Phi Beta Charlotte Moyer, Janice Hungerford Kappa Alpha Theta Sharon Viault, Martha McBride Kappa Delta Jan Walter, Fran Russell Kappa Kappa Gamma Peggy Cross, Molly Mott Phi Mu Evelyn Watson, Betty Short Pi Beta Phi Lynn Hoxie, Karen Ahonen Sigma Kappa Diane Lillis, Cynthia Charlsworth Theta Upsilon Ruthie Williams Zeta Tau Alpha Roberta Gardner FALL SPRING LILA JANKOVICH MARGIE McKENZIE JEAN FARQOAR President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 304 Doyle H irohata Hussey Inman-Kane Kirkberg Morrison Nishi Nyman Saito Bailey Smith Van Heuit SENIORS Ena Doyle Marilyn Morrison Helen Hirohata Mary Nishi Rana Hussey Marjorie Nyman Marie Inman-Kane Ruth Robison Eunice Kirkberg Shirley Saito Betty Topp JUNIORS Phyllis Bailey Marilyn Van Heuit Edna Smith Nancy Webster Nakashima SOPHOMORES Peters Joan Barton Naomi Nakashima Rainey Barbara Black Diane Peters Taylor Janie Jones Margaret Rainey Ruth Taylor FRESHMEN Frances Eastlick Sue Wilson Eastlick Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Violet Lee Marilyn Sutton Rosa Lee Upton Ann Conway Sally Jones Helen Tang Webster Barton Black Jones ALPHA DELTA CHI 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT UCLA, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS 303 Andresen Bennett Bunce Derry Elfving ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1756 LE ROY AVENUE Heyer FOUNDED AT DE PAUW Kirby UNVERSITY, 1885 McGinnis PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 Muller SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Reuther ALPHA CHI OMEGA certainly began this year with a splash! Even before classes started, a swimming party was enjoyed at the Orinda Country Club, and later the Pledge Dance was held at Carrol ' s Ranch in Lafayette where, although it was a cold night, a few " unwillingly " took a dip. During the ensuing two semesters many worked on extracurricular activities with Claudia Beebe, secretary of the Junior Class; Janet Kirby, member of Pry- tanean ; and Jean Farquhar, Personnel Director of the Pelican. In addition, Suzanne Harrison and Mary Louise Holland held appointments on the BLUE AND GOLD, and Barbara Bunce played under the direction of the Griller Quartet. The fall semester ended with a wonderful Winter Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club, and the Spring Dinner Dance was held at the Castlewood Country Club with the Senior Banquet finally drawing the year to a conclusion. In every re- spect it certainly was a college year to be remembered. Shoemaker Sproul Beebe Brancato Cady Camm Cerini Daneman DeWitz Farquhar Fierds Hanson Hertz Houston Hutchinson Kallal Shelton Stearns Voorheis 306 Zeoli Bennett Brenneis Hall Harrison Holland Mahakian Maness Mausser Pease Vilardi Walsh Dillaway Dodge Downey Faulk Franklin Getschine Goetze Gorman Hevey Imwalle Johanson Jonas Leichtfuss Lukens Robinson Wineman SENIORS Barbara Andresen Jacqueline Heyer Charlene Bennett Janet Kirby Barbara Bunce Nancy McGinnis Beverly Derry Iris Muller Janet Duffel Phyllis Reuther Becky Elfving Donna Shoemaker Marlene Geiger Martha Sproul JUNIORS Claudia Beebe Geraldine Brancato Claire Cady Laura Camm Sue Cerini Suzanne Daneman Uldine DeWitz Jean Farquhar Jacqueline Fields June Hanson Sally Dillaway Charlene Dodge Maryanne Downey Sandra Faulk Myrtle Franklin Nanci Getschine Marilyn Goetze Suzanne Gorman Marilyn Hertz Ann Houston Ruth Hutchinson Beverly Kallal Donna Lauer Mary McReynolds Carolyn Shelton Carmen Starr Diane Stearns Sandra Voorheis Susan Hevey Claudia Imwalle Peggy Johansen Diane Jonas Reba Leichtfuss Jane Lukens Robin Robinson Jane Wineman Irene Zeoli SOPHOMORES Nancy Bennett Joan Maness Coralynn Brenneis Nancy Mausser Beth Hall Marian Pease Suzanne Harrison Nancy Stewart Mary Louise Holland Joanne Vilardi Marissa Mahakian Eileen Walsh FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES Barbara Caldwell Marcia Jobe Roberta Hamilton Von Pahlmon 307 Barnes, A. Barnes, M. Benson Bischoff ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 Clark PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 Collins EIGHTY CHAPTERS Dawson Dedic WITH A Fall roundup of twenty new pledges the Alpha Delta Pi ' s embarked on a very busy and happy year. The calendar was high- lighted by two Pledge Dances, a Fall and Spring Formal, the Senior Breakfast, the Parents ' Dinner, the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, and a Christmas party for underprivi- leged children given with the Alpha Sig ' s. On the campus scene along with the other members represent- ing the house in activities were Marianne Truscott as Representa- tive-at-Large and Women ' s Direc- tor of the Pelican, Judy O ' Connell as Sophomore Secretary, and Bon- nie Kohn as Secretary of Panhel- lenic. As June rolled around the A DPi ' s all agreed that the past year had been very wonderful and ex- citing. Nagy Newton Peterson Raymond Duncan Gooding Hansen Liddicoat Sheehan Sode Thatcher Covert Drake Ferguson Hamilton Hemphill Ingram Johnson, V. Kohn llilcCargar Stone Tomer Anderson Berthelson 308 SENIORS Alice Barnes Alice Gooding Elizabeth Hansen Vigna Wakefield Walker JUNIORS Whitlock Carol Covert Nancy Newton Diane Drake Marlene Peterson Marian Ferguson Pat Peterson Carolyn Hamilton Jean Raymond Ardery Hemphill Dorothy Roth Paretta Ingram Nancy Stone Valerie Johnson Sue Tomer Bares Bonnie Kohn Marianne Truscott Bush Mary Ann McGargar Sydney Vilen Collins Marilyn Nagy Natalie Zagregin Dyke SOPHOMORES Flora Anderson Nancy James Marlene Anderson Donna Kangas Joanne Berthelson Joan Lutz Betty Campbell Beverly McDowell Patricia Connolly Jacqueline Malf anti Paula Cory Sally Neil Ruth Ann Day Judith O ' Connell Betty Dygert Shannon Russell Carol Fowler Patricia Sperry Lucille Frugoli Janice Stacy Linda Gallagher Roberta Vigna Norma Grosso Barbara Wakefield Patricia Henricus Sandy Walker Norma Whitlock FRESHMEN Cynthia Bares Joyce Hawkins Pamela Bush Carol May Marilyn Collins Yvonne Merker Mary Dyke Betty Jane Mitchell Carol Egan Nancy Palmer Beverlee Galli Carla Sander Judy Grant Gloria Snapp Robin Wagner SPRING PLEDGE Helen Landregan Connol ly Day Grosso Henricus James Lutz McDowell Malt anti Russell Sperry Stacy Mary Ann Barnes Joan Benson Margre t Bischoff Joette Clark Barbara Collins Carol Dawson Eleanor Dedic Ellen Duncan Nancy Harris Marilyn Johnson Joanne Liddicoat Catherine Sheehan Marilyn Sode J o-Ann Thatcher Barbara Whitlock Egan Galli Grant Hawkins May Merker Mitchell Partner Sander Snapp Wagner 309 Bloom Cohen Freedman Glassman Holtz Levine Schuster Shapiro Sweet Axelrod Bore I son Jankelson Perlste in Rose, C. Sankowich Sherman Silverstein Simon Aronson Ash Bercovich Blue Boyaner Cole Dare F inkenstein G laiberman Hesk in Horwitz ALPHA EPSILON PHI 2400 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS NEW HEADQUARTERS were established for the girls of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority as a mass migration took place from Channing Way to Warri ng Street. Two gray houses now accom- modate such active Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s as Lila Sankowich, president of Panhellenic, and Sandra Sherman, sec- retary of Women ' s Executive Board. Warring Street became accustomed to the rehearsals of Diane Berman and Sally Silve rberg for the Axetrava- ganza and to Pelican problems of Bev Isenberg, sales director, and Irma Aronson, assistant fashion editor. In addition to members, " 2400 " saw the initiation of a new project, the collec- tion of items for occupational therapy at Napa Hospital, while well-spent hours at Oak Knoll Hospital earned a trophy for the house and satisfaction for its members. 310 Isenberg Kameny Leanse Lerer Miller, M. Mintz, Pat Mintz, Peggy Pofonsky Setzer Siebert Silverberg Stone Adelson Aldeff Altabet Berman Bloome Cahen Feinstein Gilbert Goldstone Miller, S. Rose, M. Shenker Smith Spellens Tennyson Van Ronkel Wolkow SENIORS Harriet Bloom Arlene Holtz Joyce Cohen Anita Kirshner Barbara Freedman Helene Levine Reva Futerman Janet Schuster Bernice Glassman Susan Shapiro Carol Sweet JUNIORS Zena Abers Louise Jankelson Joanne Axelrod Ellen Perlstein Barbara Berelson Cecile Rose Barbara Epp Lila Sankowich Ellen Finkel Sandra Sherman Jacqueline Goldberg Martha Marcia Simon SOPHOMORES Irma Aronson Judith Ash Idele Bercovich Betty Blue Susan Boyaner Frances Cohen Beverly Cole Sandra Dare Barbara Debs Doris Finkenstein Judith Glaiberman Diane Goldberg Janet Heskin Carol Horwitz Beverly Isenberg Marlene Kameny Jean Weiman Melinda Adelson Vickie Aldeff Rhea Altabet Barbara Bellman Diane Berman Barbara Bloome Roberta Butom Sybil Cahen Sondra Cohen Floriana DeNola Mitzi Feinstein Jacqueline Gilbert Gwen SPRING Arlene Aidelberg Nancy Blumberg Barbara Dorman Jane Fegen Eleanore Jane Leanse Josephine Lerer Beverly Lutz Marilyn Miller Pat Mintz Peggy Mintz Joan Mitchell Selma Polansky Sondra Press Roslyn Schwartz Helen Selinger Judith Setzer Ann Siebert Sally Silverberg Rhoda Stein Maxine Stone PLEDGES Rosalie Greenberg Norma Hillinger Joan Irving Lenora Luber Pearlman FRESHMEN Barbara Goldstone Barbara Goor Sharon Miller Carolyn Press Madge Rose Louise Rosenfeld Marilyn Shenker Ellen Smith Binnie Spellens Lee Tennyson Linda Van Ronkel Carol Waller Wolkow 311 Beaver Carroll Clapp Clark Coyne, G. Ford Garrick Gerloff Haddican Koenig LaViol ette Martin Melhan N orberg Ormsbee Raftery Richardson Robertson Sullivan Upland Benoit Conlon Forsyth Nelson Walsh ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS MARCH 4, 1954, is the day that is most remembered by all the Alpha Gam ' s of the Omicron chapter as it was the day they broke ground for our new chapter house. The Christmas season was highlighted by a Christmas party for 25 children from Russell City and the Winter Formal at the Claremont Country Club. Then the Pledge Dance at La Honda Bowl was a delightful interlude before finals. The Spring semester brought the Pledge Dance at Carroll ' s Ranch, the Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club, the Faculty Dinner, and the 50th International Re- union Day. While the fund for the new house was enlarged by the proceeds from a luncheon-fashion show at the Lake Merritt Hotel. The ASUC activi- ties of the Alpha Gam ' s have been many and varied, with Rosemary Meehan, Peggy LaViolette, and Doro- thy Garrick elected to Prytanean, and Marian Sullivan tapped by Mortar Board. 312 Donna Lambert Margaret LaViolette Janis Martin Rosemary Meehan Sonja Norberg Pamela Ormsbee Marcia Peterson Jacquelyn Raftery Ann Richardson Lee Robertson Marian Sullivan Carol Upland Wooster Joan McKean Gail Miley Carlene Orsolini Marilyn Paul Sharon Schoomacher Marcia Schuetz Kathleen Schumacher Janet Schweifler Judy Steele Jane Stornetta Carol Werner Williams Barbara Beaver Ann Brooks Joan Carroll Carolyn Clapp Lila Clark Patricia Clark Gwenna Coyne Carol Ford Dorothy Garrick Roberta Gerloff Patricia Haddican Barbara Koenig Sally Patricia Brenzel Renee Bunnell Joan Burke Dora Cochrane Carolyn Coyne Ellen Evans Margaret Flood Sylvia Kempe Diane Kimball Norma Kleebauer Diane Kovalesky Barbara FRESHMEN Helen Free Betsy Pridmore Barbara Grison Roberta Joanrae Zimmerman SPRING PLEDGES Eleanor Collins Kitty Koonse Joyce Drinkwine Patricia Mayo Ann Scott 313 Wray Brenzef Bunnell Burke Czchrane Coyne, C. Evans Flood Kempe Kleebauer Kcvalesky McKean Miley Paul Schoomacher Schuetz Schumacher Stornetta Werner Williams Free Grison Pridmore Shirling Zimmermai SENIORS JUNIORS Carol Benoit Nancy Jameson Dorothy Conlon Carol Nelson Lois Forsyth Diane Walsh Patricia Wray SOPHOMORES 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS UPON RETURNING to campus this year, the Alpha 0 ' s were pleased to welcome Halsey their new House Mother, Mrs. James Jones, Jan M ixter E. Laidlaw. Fall was highlighted by Mohr the Faculty Dinner, Winter Formal, Santini and Christmas party for underprivi- leged children, while the girls joined football festivities by working on the Spiekerman Big Game float with the ATO ' s, and Tinsley holding numerous open houses. Then Wachter Weger in spring, came the Father-Daughter Wheaton Dinner, Mother-Daughter Luncheon and Spring Formal. The house was well represented on campus by Carol Spiekerman, Women ' s Representative, Wiesenfelci Coop also of Prytanean, and Alison Gid- Deliuesr dings, BLUE AND GOLD sports editor, Dunmire also of Pryt and Mortar Board. Other Frorness Pryt members are Anita Mohr, Mar- garet Wagner, Nancy Bracken, Cleone Koehnen, and Carol Mixter. Alpha Forry Omicron Pi ' s past year has been quite Hack successful; only time can tell what Kistler next year will bring. Levis Carithers Giddings Holt Koehnen Lowry Manglesdorf Meyer Wagner Bracken Buckley Child Emerson Fadness Florence Glavinovich ALPHA OMICRON P1 314 Mello McLean Nodder Smith Waterlow Wright Zollinger Alexander Atkins Barbata Cudworth Derry SENIORS Goerig Judy Carithers Cleone Koehnen Hansen Alison Giddings Joanne Lowry Hoaas Patricia Holt Nancy Manglesdorf Claire Jones Joanne Meyer Margaret Wagner JUNIORS Nancy Bracken Carol Mixter Hobbs Elizabeth Buckley Anita Mohr Hutchins Elizabeth Child Rosalind Santini Johnson Dorette Dufour Carol Spiekerman Jones, J. Jan Emerson Patricia Tinsley Kane Joanne Fadness Anne Thornton Lavania Florence Vernice Wachter Michele Glavinovich Carol Weger Ann Halsey Patricia Wheaton Janice Jones Gaye Wiesenfeld SOPHOMORES Janet Cooper Diane London Cynthia Delius Iris Mello Ann Dunmire Karin Munck Helen Eddy Judy McLean Kathleen Florness Jane Nodder Lois Forry Gretchen Pfeiffer Carol Hack Adrienne Smith Caryl Kistler Carol Waterlow Margaret Levis Janis Wright Judith Zollinger FRESHMEN Barbara Alexander Marilyn Marshall Ann Atkins Janice Melton Judith Barbata Donna Mendonca Grace Cudworth Carolyn Monaco June Derry Nano Nagle Anna Marie Goerig Nancy Palmer Nancy Hansen Sandra Pamphilon Janet Harkness Jane Reading Katherine Hoaas Marilyn Root Marianne Hobbs Sally Stultz Kip Hutchins Joyce Sundman Elaine Johnson Elizabeth Tellefson Jacqueline Jones Diane Watters Marion Kane Diane Wulzen Melton Mendonca Monaco Nagle Palmer Pamphilon Reading Root Stultz Sundman Tellefson Watters Wulzen SPRING PLEDGES Mary Lou Curry Judith Marvin Carola Henry Carla Paulson Carol Ann Kelterer Georgia Ann Summerton Arlette Ticoulot 315 ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS THE FOOTBALL season started the Alpha Phis off with a bang when all new pledges and actives attended the first game of the year. From that mo- ment on the fall semester kept up a quick pace with activities centered around Rally Committee, Frosh Coun- cil, Pelican, and PIC to name a few that seem to have a knack for absorb- ing interests. The Fathers ' Day Dinner and Winter Formal at the Castlewood Country Club climaxed our first se- mester of ' 53. When the new year replaced the old, the Spring Dance and many informal gatherings high- lighted another momentous term. Gaz- ing back on this year the memories hold a swift parade of many happy experiences. Peterson Hawkins Hardin Kinkead Kirk Mayne Schaffer Aulwurm B fake Crandall Crim Davies Dickey Douglass Eckhardt Gey man Grettenberg Kinslow Leithold O ' Grady Palmer, L. Rutherford Soyster Traynor 316 YoeII Zumwalt Clark Fay JUNIORS Mary Aulwurm Dorothy Grettenberg Ann Baldwin Ellen Kinslow Sharon Blake Joanna Leithold Lucretia Crandall Sue Loutzenheizer Betty Crim Patsy O ' Grady Elizabeth Davies Lynn Palmer Constance Deasy Tudy Rutherford Araminta Dickey Joan Soyster Anne Douglass Barbara Trayner Bettye Eckhardt Gerry Wolff Carolyn Geyman Sheila Yoel Sara Zumwalt Patton Scott FRESHMEN Talbott Phebe Cramer Nancy McNerney Williams Kaholyn Daily Eloise Ogilvie Margaret Dawson Judy Palmer Sheila Evans Jean Patton Gail Garvin Janet Scott Barbara Hall Susan Talbott Shirley Williams Harback Jonas MacLeod Moller Organ Palmer, C. Von Geldern Cramer Daily Dawson Evans Garvin Hall McNerney Ogilvie Palmer, J. SOPHOMORES Sue Clark Anne Moller Frances Fay Virginia Organ • Sue Harbach Marjorie Stanley Charlotte Jonas Cynthia Palmer Pat MacLeod Anne Von Geldern GRADUATE Betty Ann Peterson SENIORS Janet Hawkins Katherine Kirk Lowrey Hardin Mary Mayne Barbara Kinkead Sue Palmer Karla Schaffer SPRING PLEDGES Carol Linn Bald win Sylvia Samper Lee Landers Nancy West 317 ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS THE ALPHA Xi DELTAS returned from their summer vacation to hear reports on the National Convention and to find the new addition to their house ready for occupancy. The first highlight of the year was the pledge dance, " Saints and Sinners, " followed in December by the Mother-Daughter Luncheon and a dinner dance at the Fairmont Hotel. In addition, Jan Arthur was chosen one of three girls to represent Cal in the Maid of Cotton Contest in Fresno. Then in spring, the calendar was filled with the pledge dance, An- nual Family Night, Father-Daughter Banquet, and spring formals, cli- maxed by a sad farewell to the gradu- ating seniors. The Alpha Zees were well represented on campus, too, and among the outstanding were Dea Lee Vander Boom elected to Rally Com- mittee and Panile, Carolyn Wood in Prytanean and vice-president of Pa- nile, Shirley Berry and Betty Carol Shinn active in Prytanean, Bonnie Westermann as Orientations chair- man, and Betty Jo Phillips, Junior Panhellenic advisor. e 41kr.c,-, Banbrock Berry Dughi Holmes Johnson Kirkpatrick McKenzie Parker Phillips Schendel Shinn Beavis Campbell Cummings De Bow Differding Toms Westerman!! Franklin Hall Lewis Liss Robb Rock Stacke Swenson 318 SENIORS Helen Banbrock Ramona Kirkpatrick Shirley Berry Janet McKenzie Elva Dughi Sally Parker Joan Holmes Betty Jo Phillips Lumarie Johnson Joan Schendel Betty Carol Shinn JUNIORS June Beavis Sue McCabe Jean Campbell Rosemary Robb Barbara Cummings Joyce Rock Charlotte DeBow Lois Stacke Denise Differding Ann Steen Diane Franklin Carolyn Swenson Ann Hall Shirley Toms Mary Lewis Bonnie Westermann June Liss Carolyn Wood SOPH OMORES Janice Arthur Helen Lozano Helen Berejkoff Elaine Martin Mary Curtis Sheila McCarthy Elise Dwyer Mary Ann Morris Margot Eichmann Ann Purcell Jean Evanikoff Roxanna Rasey Jean Gandrud Sue Sandford Margaret Harris Marian Shaffer Carole Hemphill Shirley Stone Arden Johnston Dea Lee Van der Boom Jacqueline Knights Sharon White Nancy Williamson FRESHMEN Sharon Christopher Florence Saeltzer Loana Collins Patricia Stanley Betty Jean Mabee Carolyn Striker Wood Berejkoff Curtis Dwyer Eichmann Evanikoff Gandrud Harris Hemphill Johnston Knights Martin McCarthy Morris Sandford Shaffer Stone Van der Boom W hite Williamson Christopher Collins Maybee Saeltzer Stanley Striker SPRING PLEDGES Arlene Burgle Esther Frasch Diana Chiljan Elizabeth Harris 319 CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN CHAPTERS FOOTBALL SEASON marked the begin- ning of an eventful semester for Chi Omega, with Harriett Higgins a final- ist for " Big Game Sweetheart " and Gloria Davis a finalist in the " Maid of Cotton " contest. In addition, Janet Chantler and Pat Krieger were initi- ated into Prytanean, Carol Prather became a member of Panile, campus dramatic productions featured Bernice Calvin, Marlene Dall, Lynn Helven- ston, and Gail Wolfsohn, and Harriett Merwin became vice-president of Symphony Forum. House functions included the Alumnae Tea and Father- Daughter Banquet, while the Christ- mas season commenced with the party for underprivileged children given with the Tau Kappa Epsilon frater- nity and was climaxed by the Christ- mas Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Then Spring opened with the Delta Upsilon water fight, and Carol Havner was named attendant in the " Soph Doll " contest with the Legacy Tea, Senior Breakfast, and Spring Formal at the Mira Vista Country Club highlighting the end of another year. Devereaux Edgerley He lvenston Krieger Mecum Pereira Thomas Whidden Bachel in Beaver Cake Chanter Clark Creech Dal I Fors bu rg Frazier Matthiescn McCarty Nauman Nunnel ly Pierce Ralph Reynaud Waters Anderson Booth 320 Buchanan Copeland Davis, G. Davis, J. SENIORS Joyce Devereaux Susan Mecum Amy Edgerley Marilou Pereira Shirley Glenn Janice Thomas Lynn Helvenston Sally Watson Patricia Krieger Barbara Catherine Whidden JUNIORS Inez Bachelin Diane Frazier Brose Clements SOPHOMORES Enkema Karen Anderson Martha Hoaglund Forster Gloria Booth Kathryn Holliger Sheila Buchanan Peggy Kleeman Carol Copeland Marilyn Martin Gloria Davis Harriet Merwin Jennifer Davis Peggy Pope Joan Fisher Carol Prather Grant, J. Hagens H Renan R Jo Anne Steninger Grant, M. Carol Havner Carol Warren Hall Harriet Higgins Loraine Woollomes McCauley FRE SHMEN Joyce Barrett Mary Ellen Grant Sandra Brose Judy Hall Peggy Clements Sue McCauley Blenda Enkema Susan McLure Beverley Forster Marilyn Ransford Judith Grant Ann Van Houten Ransford Sue Vinson Van Houten SPRING PLEDGES Vinson Joan Erbentrant Jeana Nardone Jennifer Gasparich Elizabeth Sutton Mary Kraft Allaire Katherine Wahlgren Fisher Hagens Havner Holliger Kleeman Martin Pope Prather Steninger Geralen Beaver Jean Matthieson Warren Natalie Cake Annelle McCarty Bernice Calvin Diana Nauman Barrett Janet Chantler Mignon Nunnelly Barbara Clark Mary Pierce Leslie Creech Lee Ralph Marlene Da11 Jeanne Reynaud Bobby Eastwood Janet Schurr Ann Forsburg Sally Waters Gail Wolf sohn 321 Cayford Donnelly Flinn Keating Kleven Lawson NI itchell Ransford Reeves Shafer DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS WHAT A big year for the Tri-Delts! Fall brought the Pledge Dance given by the " 54, " the Sweepstakes Trophy for the Big Game Parade and the Founders ' Day Banquet brought old and new Alums together. The Christ- mas Formal given at the Peninsula Country Club topped this exciting se- mester. Then Spring came and with it the Fathers ' Day Banquet, the Moth- ers ' Brunch Exchanges and a Faculty Dessert, with the Spring Formal con- cluding the busy year. Activities played an important role in the life of Gene Donnely, ASUC vice-presi- dent; Lou Swales, city editor of Daily Cal; while Rally Committee claimed the time of Mary Ann Austin and Sherry Sides, and Karin Kirk took charge of the Campus Tours. Swains Vick Barker Benson Crosby Davis Dorsey Gardner Hammond Martin Milisich Miller McClellan McInerney Nag ler Parker Pence Soderblom Stevenson Warren Zeori Austin Blackett Close Didion Eh renzweig Harris Hudson Hyde Jordan Kirk Knauer 322 Lamareaux Moss Nystrom Oscamou Osgood Saywell Sides Stephenson Talbert Wagler SENIORS Cathleen Cayford Gene Donnelly Sally Flinn Carol Dean Keating Muriel Kleven Sally Lawson Beth Lewis Janyce Nancy Major Peggy Mitchell Ruth Moosman Diane Ransford Jill Reeves Helen Shafer Luita Swales Vick Westcott Zerweck Aasum Angus Barker Barnes Brown Davidson de Uriosite Floyd Frick Gay Giusto Gore Helm Hierlihy Lauricella Miller Martin Messina Marianne Austin Nancy Blackett Eleanor Close Joan Didion Elizabeth Ehrenzweig Phyllis Harris Ann Hudson Marjorie Hyde Garnar-Lu Jordan Karen Kirk Brigida Knauer Marianne Barbara Lamareaux Phoebe Moss Nancy Nystrom Adrienne Oscamou Jane Osgood Evadna Saywell Sherry Sides Shirley Stephenson Mary Jane Talbert Beverly Wagler Patricia Westcott Zerweck FRESHMEN Judith Aasum Joan Angus Susan Barker Judith Barnes Jacqueline Baskette Judith Brown Sue Davidson Rosita deUriosite Marilyn Floyd Stephanie Freeman Carolyn Frick Nancy Ann Gay Margaret Giusto Ann Godbolt Meredith Gore Elizabeth Helm Shirley Hierlihy Ann Lambert Giovanna Lauricella Sandra Miller Marilyn Martin Ann McInerney Gail Messina Helen Montgomery Marilyn Morehouse Catherine McMahon Elita Patton Nancy Peppin Eleanor Pierson Margaret Reiber Lea Rideaux Shirley Schneider Patricia Sturdy Diana Tocchini Patricia Trombetta Judith Walker Montgomery Morehouse McMahon Patton Peppin Pierson Reiber Rideaux Schneider Sturdy Tocchini Trombetta JUNIORS Anita Barke r Corinne Benson Elizabeth Crosby Sue Davis Anne Dorsey Joanne Gardner Sandra Hammond Carolyn Martin Meade Milisich Cynthia Miller Maureen McClellan Lona Nagler Marietta Parker Bernice Pence Audrey Soderblom Janet Stevenson Arlene Warren Inez Zeoli SOPHOMORES 323 DELTA GAMMA 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS AT THE conclusion of fall rushing, twenty-two new faces made their ap- pearance on the Dee Gee scene. Then, after finessing the first weeks of school most everyone, pledges and actives, settled down to the books. Extracur- ricular prowess in campus activities was shown especially by Nancy Mon- cure and Carole Gerhardy, but DG also laid claim to the Soph Doll, Jamie Peterman, and her attendant, Jane MacFadden. Between semesters vaca- tion brought the long-anticipated ski- ing and the inevitable injuries for the enthusiasts, while spring semester be- gan with the pledge class giving the actives a costume party, which evolved into quite an affair. The remaining social calendar for spring included the annual Fathers ' Banquet, the Mothers ' Club Fashion Show, and the formal, held at Old Hearst Ranch. Looking back---it was a great year! Carroll Clayworth Anderson, J. Barclay Bartlett Berry Dohrmann Douglas Duckert Gerhardy Johansen Moncure Mumford Reid Roach Shea Simank Slaves Stewart Waldorf Baumeister Crook Darkenwald Edwards Frost, S. Hutchins Lanzit Martens Ranny Reading Scover Smith Walters Ware Williard Anderson, E. Bigge 324 Coglizer Crampton Galvan Greene, C. Haggard Hansen Hitchcock Hughes Hurndal I Mills, M. Marlene Mills Sue Mills Ann Moore Janet Moore Gerry Munger Carol Murray Nancy Nuhn Beth Pendleton Jamie Peterman Diane Reynolds Ruth Richter Mercedes Wisler Marlene Bigge Sue Carroll Jo Ann Clayworth Jane Coglizer Marian Crampton Mary Alice Galvan Cynthia Green Coleen Haggard Wanda Hansen Susan Hitchcock Rita Hughes Jane Hurndall Mills, S. Moore, A. Moore, J. Munger Murray Nuhn Peterman Reynolds Richter Wisler Andrews Ceflinl Elkington Frost, N. Glascock Beverly Baumeister Janet Crook Dorothy Darkenwald Yvonne Edwards Sue Frost Sue Gilchriste Marilyn Green Dayna Hutchins Sue Lanzit Jane Ann Mason Lisa Mumford Joan Reid Ruth Roach Mary Shea Nancy Simank Mardi Slaven Sally Stewart Carolyn Waldorf Katherine Martins Virginia McEneany Nancy Ranny Nancy Reading Ann Scovel Donna Shrewsbury Sue Smith Patricia Walters Virginia Ware Sharon Williard JUNIORS SENIORS Joan Anderson Nancy Moncure Joan Barclay Ann Bartlett Marilyn Berry Phoebe Dohrmann Barbara Douglas Pat Duckert Carole Gerhardy Lynn Johansen SOPHOMORES Ellin Anderson Jane MacFadden FRESHMEN Leilani Andrews Joan Lagorio Carmella Cellini Midge Lenahan Florence Draper Beth Linsenbard Helen Elkington Louanne Moloney Nancy Frost Betsy McGill Mary Glascock Deborah Ploss Dona Green Jody Shenk Barbara Hart Marianne Somers Shelby Kostial Nancy Claire Wallace Green, D. Hart Kostial Lagorio Lenahan Linsenbard Maloney McGill Ploss Shenk Somers Wallace 325 DELTA PHI EPSILON 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1917 DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Feldman Levine Levinson Boya rsky Haimovitch Kahn Meyer Staub, B. Staub, J. Baker Corren Ginsburg Katz Kiang Klein Langfelder Marinoff Martin, M. : , A AT THE top of the list of the many activities Delta Phi Epsilon partici- pated in this Spring was the World University Student Drive, as they sponsored one of the campaigns for the drive a first-run movie at the United Artists Theater, the proceeds of which went to WUS. In addition to this activity, D Phi E ' s agenda this year included a C hristmas party for underprivileged children, held jointly with Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity; the annual formal dinner dance, " It Hap- pens Every Spring, " which was held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, the Foun- ders ' Day Luncheon, given by the alumni for the active chapter, at which time the Scholarship Cups were given; and the Parents ' Dinner where the girls and their parents gathered together for a gala evening. 326 Miselman Mizel, Ma. Mizel, MI. Ridker Skopp Stoll Walder Bloom, B. Ermann Fertig Gelber Granz Liberman Pinsler Tannenbaum Wallin Zarchin SENIORS Florence Bloom Reta Levine Sandra Feldman Lois Levinson Diane Tager JUNIORS Barbara Boyarsky Sandra Meyer Lorraine Haimovitch Barbara Staub Dorothy Kahn Joyce Staub SOPHOMORES Jean Baker Suzanne Corren Audrey Ganulin Bettylee Ginsburg Adele Katz Elaine Klang Adrienne Klein Minette Langf elder Elaine Marinoff Helen Maureen Martin Julie Miselman Marilyn Mizel Marjory Mizel Barbara Ridker Sandra Robinson Arlene Skopp Sheila Stoll Lynne Sussman Walder FRESHMEN Barbara Bloom Marlene Liberman Helen Ermann Roberta Pinsler Elynor Fertig Floran Tannenbaum Judith Gelber Joan Wallin Iris Granz Deborah Zarchin SPRING PLEDGES Irene Feibelman Jeanne Jacobs 327 Cain Hoskins Hawsley Papen Smith Braun Chase Hall Hiodrey Lansberry Parker Steinmetz Alpert DURING THE past year, the DSE ' s have been active, both in house functions and on campus. Besides watching the new TV set, the girls found time to enjoy the Good ' n ' Evil Fall pledge dance held on Friday the thirteenth, the Dads and Daughters Dinner, the annual Easter Egg Hunt for under- privileged children and the Tea Rose Formal in the Spring. Campus activi- ties rated high also with the house rep- resented on Pelican, BLUE AND GOLD, Theta Sigma Phi, Prytanean, Pharma- cy Club, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Home Economics Club and Class Councils. The DSE ' s also contributed to our national philanthropy at Carville with letters and gifts to their chapter patient. The Golden Gate Conclave, held at the Fairmont Hotel during August will culminate a full Summer for the girls, when delegates and visitors from Beta Alpha chapter have a chance to meet other DSE ' s from all over the country, a truly memorable occasion. DELTA SIGMA EPSILON 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1914 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1951 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS 328 Bell Borglin Brooks Richard Spencer Stanton SENIORS Bettie Cain Barbara Howsley Marilyn Hoskins Helen Papen Winborn Joyce Smith Young Allen JUNIORS Beverly Braun Graydon Hindley Barbara Chase Shirley Lansberry Emily Hall Ann Parker Florence Steinmetz SOPHOMORES Spencer Myrna Alpert Sue Hunter Carol Bell Anne Richard Shirley Borglin Marjorie Spencer Inez Brooks Mary Lou Stanton Cordelia Gutierrez Erin Winborn Barbara Hubner Edra Young Gutierrez Hubner Hunter FRESHMEN Joan Allen Sarah Spencer SPRING PLEDGES Audrey Hostings Janice Wood 329 Akers Aljian Anderman Carlin Cundey Eakin Eaton Emerzian Folsom Goree Hamilton Menend Park Rogers Tempel Templeton Thomas, R. Tolhurst Von Husen Walker Wishart Woods Young Atwater Boyd Clausen Corbin Crawford Garbraith Gallichotte Grunder Laughlin Locker DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS DELTA ZETA ' S active year began with their twenty-six pledges ' house dance, Crazy Carousel. Other fall house ac- tivities consisted of several house ex- changes, a formal tea, open houses after football games, a family dinner, the Christmas Formal at the Mt. Di- ablo Country Club and a Christmas party. In the spring another pledge dance, the annual Mother-Daughter tea, and Father-Daughter Banquet were held, with the Spring Formal concluding the year ' s activities. Among the girls who were active in campus functions this year were Mary Lou Clausen, Representative-at-Large, Prytanean; Lois Folsom, Women ' s Judicial Committee, Mortar Board, Prytanean; Helen Zachmann, Associ- ate Manager of BLUE AND GOLD, Pry- tanean; Carol Eaton, Senior Night Editor of Daily Californian; Kathy Crawford, Manager of Pelican, Rally Committee; Carole Carlin, Women ' s Director of Cal Engineer; and Gladys Tolhurst, Chairman of Elections Council, Prytanean. 330 Mann McDonnell Mock Myszka O akley Schleif Simpson Swanson Zachmann Boone GRADUATE Zachery SENIORS Sally Akers Charlotte Menend Nancy Ajian Priscilla Park Elaine Anderman Harriet Rogers Carole Carlin Joan Tempel Barbara Cundey Barbara Templeton Nancy Dahill Ruth Thomas Carolyn Eakin Gladys Tolhurst Carol Eaton Lois Von Husen Barbara Emerzian Diane Walker Lois Folsom Diane Wishart Lynne Goree Patricia Woods Gayle Hamilton Diane Young JUNIORS Maxine Atwater Marian Laughlin Stone Barbara Berger Beverly Locker Caster Mary Ann Boyd Roberta Mann Colby Joan Carter Norma McDonell Conley Mary Lou Clausen Judith Mock Gere Virginia Corbin Charlene Myszka Kathy Crawford Pharaba Oakley Phyllis Galbraith Margaret Schleif Ann Gallichotte Barbara Simpson Barbara Grunder Marianne Swanson Jordan Nancy Gwynn Helen Zachmann Kent SOPHOMORES Kliewer Dorothy Boone Ann McGee McGlade Bernice Bronsdon Lois Mentzer Shapard Carol Firth Audrey Pfeiffer Eleanor Hartnett Marion Staerkel Marlene Jensen Linda Stohr Virginia Mallery Margaret Stone FRESHMEN Shelvy Ann Archer Anne Kent Spealman Sally Caster Kathleen Kliewer Thomas, C. Anne Colby Barbara McGlade Patricia Conley Dian Shapard Carol Gere Marjorie Shelvy Helen Jordan Jean Spealman Carole Thomas Bronsdon Firth Hartnett Jensen Mallory McGee Mentzer Pfeiffer Staerkel Stohr SPRING PLEDGES Brenda Collins Sydney Harvey Phyllis Firth Doris Hegan 331 GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Cerwin Elliott, J. Frietzsche Montgomery Paine Patten Pioda Puckhaber Rivers Ulrich Wilson Berglund Colby Elliott, C. Fabbrini FALL FOUND the Gamma Phis busy with football games, activities, studies, and social activities. In November the pledges entertained the chapter with a barn dance, and later that month Anita Person was chosen Homecoming attendant. Then Decem- ber browght the gala Winter Formal and the annual Sigma Chi-Gamma Phi Christmas party for underprivileged children. After skiing between semes- ters, sunburned Gamma Phis returned for the Spring semester with the Mothers ' Fashion Show, and Faculty Dinner in April, and in May the Fathers ' Dinner, Senior Breakfast, and Spring Formal. In activities Gamma Phi was represented by Ann Paine, Mortar Board president; Gayle Rivers, BLUE AND GOLD editor; Joan Brady, Sophomore vice-president; Carol Montgomery, Cal Clubber; Janice Hungerford, co-chairman of Athletic Reception Committee; and Barbara O ' Farrell, Jody Haden, Les- ley Berglund, and Gayle Rivers, Rally Committee members. Hartong Heine Hungerford Kelly Leonard ini McKay Parish Pogue Proudfoot Raffae I I i Richardson Rothganger Sidener Stanton Thelen White Wi I brand Winslow Armstrong Bankhead Barry Bostock Brady Brandes DeBonis Demsey 332 333 Nelle N iethammer Peet FRESHMEN Shirley Mayo Carla Nelle Jean Niethammer Mikell Anne Peet Shirley Schuhmacher Carolyn Shaw Patricia Sibbett Suzie Stead Lucia Vaughan Geraldine Weirick Jane Abbott Ruth Bless Bette Campbell Victoria Chick Lucy Covington Ronlyn Dodson Catharine Huck Laura Judin Betty Linn Patricia Marsh Schuhmacher Sibbett Stead Diederich Eggleston Geisel Giovanzana Gray Haden Harker Hollywood Honsberger Lusk MacKenzie Morel Moyer McGaffigan O ' Farrell Person Reynaud Stafford Whitehead SENIORS Marilyn Cerwin Dorothy Patten Joanne Elliott Virginia Pioda Helen Frietzsche Joan Puckhaber Carol Montgomery Gayle Rivers Ann Paine Sally Ulrich Eugenia Wilson JUNIORS Woodruff Lesley Berglund Marjorie Colby Corinne Elliott Anna Fabbrini Joan Hartong Barbara Heine Janice Hungerford Mary Kelly Wright Carol Leonardini Abbott Jody Matthews Bless Mary McKay Barbara Parish Campbell Patricia Pogue Chick Carol Proudfoot Carol Racine Gail Raffaelli Ann Richardson Mary Rothganger Nancy Sidener Sandra Stanton Dorothy Theleu Colleen Thompson Cynthia White Joy Wilbrand Helen Wilson Robin Winslow SOPHOMORES Gail Allington Coralee Hollywood Jean Armstrong Joan Honsberger Sandra Ball Shirley Kesterson Covington Marion Bankhead Patricia Lusk Dodson Patricia Barry Margery MacKenzie Jean Bostock Nette Miller Huck Joan Brady Joan Morel Judin Dorothy Brandes Charlotte Moyer Linn Claudia Cassidy Pat McGaffigan Marrlyn DeBonis Aliceon Mclnroe Patricia Demsey Barbara O ' Farrell Barbara Diederich Anita Person Cornelia Eggleston Jinx Reynaud Sallee Geisel Sybil Stafford Leanna Giovanzana Sally Whitehead Diane Gray Linda Williams Marsh JoDeane Haden Nancy Woodruff Mayo Linda Harker Ann Wright Vaughan Weirick THIS PAST year has certainly been a busy and eventful one for Theta. Last fall, Alice Ryan, the Scholarship Chairman, proudly accepted the San Francisco Bay District Panhellenic ' s Scholarship award, as Theta stood first in scholarship among the 22 Pan- hellemic groups and also showed the greatest improvement over the preced- ing year. Heading the list of individ- ual honors won this year was Barbara Clymer, elected to Cal Club, while Barbara, Nancy Poe and Lou Curtice were tapped by Prytanean, and Kathy Howard and Martha McBride were initiated into Panile. In addition, Dot Zarley had a busy year as President of Panhellenic, while Judy Johnson was elected Secretary of the Freshman Class, and Katie Gibbons was voted Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Collaborat- ing with SAE on a float for the Big Game Parade, they were jointly awarded first place for the best float in the humor division. Then in spring the Annual Formal held at the S. F. Yacht Club, a Father-Daughter Dinner and numerous exchanges climaxed a truly memorable year. KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Atmore Crenshaw Robinson Ryan, A. Spence Steven Tee r Blessing Clymer Courtright Curtice Derieg Minor 01 ivier Patterson Poe Porter Rees Smith V iau It Vinzent Will iams Woodward Zarley Caldwell Charleston Fontana 334 SENIORS Kathryn Atmore Helen Olivier Jane Benner Nancy Robinson Alice Charleston Alice Ryan Sroufe Katherine Crenshaw Leslie Spence Stroh Barbara Fletcher Virginia Steven Weber Carol Holden Ann Teel Willard Dorothy Zarley JUNIORS Sherrill Blessing Polly Minor Barbara Clymer Marilyn Patterson Carola Courtright Nancy Poe Lou Curtice Patricia Porter Yerland Sheila Derieg Margot Rees Bacon Donna Dixon Suzanne Smith Campbell Marion Fitzhugh Sharon Viault Clare Eleanor Gramatky Elizabeth Vinzent Molly Huber Joyce Williams Beverly Woodward SOPHOMORES Carla Barker Elizabeth Muren Susan Bull Ann Neely Polly Caldwell Joan Pardee Barbara Charleston Sharon Rowell Lynne Fontana Priscilla Sroufe Katherine Howard Suzanne Stroh Ann Kenmuir Cynthia Weber Marrilyn Losey Margaret Willard Martha McBride Gwendolyn Yelland FRESHMEN Gregory Bacon Judith Johnson Lynn Campbell Phyliss McDill Jayne Clare Diane Reeder Connie Lou Dunn Roberta Rose Katherine Gibbons Nancy Ross Patricia Groff Donna Ryan Carol Haugan Marilyn Straub Suzanne Huber Sally Vaughn SPRING PLEDGES Bettie Dinwiddie Shirley Scott Marian Zarley Howard Kenmuir Losey McBride Muren Neely Pardee Rowell Dunn Gibbons Groff Huber, S. Johnson McDill Reeder Rose Ross Ryan, D. Vaughn 335 Bell Cassidy Higley Kostial Lachey Russell, F. Russell, K. Wafters Welp Byrne Lewis Massie Morrison Pell Royer Bush Carts Christine Clawson Dakin Finley Flynn Gratiot Hansen Johnstone Neff Patten Pringle Ruddell Simmons Turner, B. Winther Benediktson Brooks KAPPA DELTA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS FROM THE beginning of school until June, the year was an eventful one. Busy in campus activities were Bev Lewis, secretariat coordinator on Peli- can; Mortar Board member Mary Beth Strecker; and WAA vice-president Fran Russell, while Sharlene Patten and Mary Ellen Rouse held appoint- ments on Rally Committee. In addi- tion, Kappa Delta was represented on Intramural Board by Daphne Triphon, Sharlene Patten, Kathie Barkas, and Diane Kostail, and won the table ten- nis cup, too. Among the many social events of the Fall semester were the pledge dance, " Modern Madness, " the Christmas Formal at the Sequoyah Country Club and the Big and Little Sister Tea at the St. Francis Hotel. Then in Spring came the Father- Daughter Luncheon, Scholarship Ban- quet, and the traditional White Rose Formal at the Castlemont Country Club, with the Junior-Senior Banquet ending a successful and exciting year. 336 GRADUATE Ann Bell SENIORS Camille Cassidy Lois Morrison Barbara Higley Mary Rita Pell Diane Kostial Patricia Royer Joyce Lachey Frances Russell Mary Lou Leach Katherine Russell Beverly LewisJanet Walters Charlotte Massie Elizabeth Welp JUNIORS Katherine Bark as Mary Johnstone Nancy Byrne Anna Lee Neff Marilyn Bush Collette Nicole Jane Carls Sharlene Patten Shirley Christine Claudia Pringle Nancy Clawson Martha Lee Ruddell Diane Dakin Patricia Simmons Margaret Finley Barbara Turner Nancy Flynn Laurie Turner Barbara Gratiot Barbara Wemmer Claire Hansen Joan Whither SOPHOMORES Gay Benediktson Patricia Lammon Shirley Brooks Marjorie Lawless Evelyn Christos Jo Ellen Murphy Sharon Clare Louise Painter Loretta Collins Jean Peterson Kay Cunningham Mary Ellen Rouse Jean Emerson Sidnee Smith Joan Gordon Valerie Spellacy Mary Lou Gordon Daphne Triphon Barbara Hodges Mary Helen Martha Truman FRESHMEN Patricia Arnold Shirley Herzig Joelle Beyrle Sandra Hoover Carole Bray Joanne Kennedy Carolyn Cooper Patricia Kennedy Leah Curran Nancy Kenny Sue Doll Mary Ann Logan Gail Fletcher Carol Rechtiene Roberta Frank Joan Ripley Mary Jo Freshman Patricia Spiri Patricia Wheatfill SPRING PLEDGES Mary Goodnight Catherine Percy Sandra Jermy Jean Roberson Carol Mack Mary Ann June Smith 337 Christos Clare Collins Cunningham Emerson Gordon, J. Gordon, M. Lawless Murphy Painter Peterson Rouse Smith Spel lacy Triphon Tripp Truman Arnold Beyrle Bray Cooper Curran Doh Fletcher Frank Herzig Hoover Kennedy, J. Kennedy, P. Kenny Logan Rechtiene Spiri Wheatfill THE FALL semester began with the usual whirl of football games followed by open houses, while at the same time many girls were active in campus affairs. Kay Harrington reigned as Campus Crusade Queen while Joanie Howard served as Sigma Chi Sweet- heart Attendant; and additional honors went to Nan Nelson, who was elected to Prytanean and Tia Pinney, Jeannie Doolittle, and Barbara Blo- den, who were tapped by Panile. The old year ended with the Christmas Formal, whereas the new year brought with it many plans of skiing and sun- ning, the Fathers ' Dinner, the Mothers ' Club Fashion Show, the Spring Sing, and another formal to make the year complete. Looking back on the past two semesters, it ' s sure that they will not soon be forgotten. Cook Cross Diepenbrock Engs Franck, M. Franck, S. Lowry Armstrong Chickering Coates Condrey Gillen Gwerder, N. Haight Kempf Luke MacNeill Moore, C. Mott Nelson Taylor Toll Welsh KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS 338 Wright Bache Bloden Easley Ellis Ganwey Harrington Hershman Hughes Kelly Kennedy McClure McDonald Moore, M. Baumgartner Buckley de Martini Ehmann Gwerder, D. Howard Hyde Mock Perrin SENIORS Sally Arnold Sally Cook Margaret Cross Sandra Diepenbrock Eleanor Engs Ann Armstrong Susan Burke Dorothy Burnett Joan Chickering Diane Coates Joanne Condrey Joyce Gillen Nancy Gwerder Marion Haight Carmela Kempf Pamela Katherine Bache Barbara Bloden Mary Bragg Jean Doolittle Carol Easley Mary Ann Ellis Irene Gallwey Kathleen Harrington Ewell Hershman Hillary Fitzpatrick Mary Franck Susan Franck Jane Lowry Ann O ' Connor Dorothy Hughes Georgina Kelly Margaret Kennedy Sally Logan Sally McClure Mary McDonald Marilyn Moore Cynthia Pinney Margaret Schilling Sherry Wright JUNIORS Terry Luke Coleen MacNeill Carol Lee Moore Mary Lee Mott Mary Mugford Nanette Nelson Margaret Taylor Deborah Toll Jeanne Welsh Janet Williams Wright SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Anne Baumgartner Mary Anne Buckley Janice Cowing Arden de Martini Ann Ehmann Diane Gwerder Joan Howard Cynthia Hyde Molly Mock Judith Perrin SPRING PLEDGES Jane Gustafson Christine Margaret Viora 339 PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WES LEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SEVENTY CHAPTERS STARTING THE year with the " Bal Masque, " given by the twenty-three pledges, the Fall semester was also highlighted by the Winter Formal held at the Sequoia Country Club and the Santa Claus Contest which the Phi Mus won for the second year. Then in the Spring, a formal at the Saint Francis Yacht Club and the Senior Farewell gave the finishing touches to a wonderful year. However, campus activities weren ' t neglected, either, with Evie Watson chairman of ACB and Panhellenic Social Chairman, Jan Cleveland as Copy Editor of the BLUE AND GOLD and a member of Prytanean, and Bev Fitch who was National Treasurer of Gamma Sigma Sigma, sub-chairman of the Spring Talent Show, Regional Veep of NSA, and Chairman of its Northern District, too. Also outstanding were Marianne Meylan, FSB Secretary; Mary Spear, ICC Chairman; and Diana Barber, ACB Secretary. Benson Carter Cleveland Hansen Mahany Spear, M. Babayan Blake Carroll Croce George Goldsberry Lahti McKanna, P. Maracci Murray Paxton Segel Smith Ste inert Watson Wright Barber Fisher Fitch Gregory Hoeman 340 Miles Spear, S. Stauffer Thode Townsend Wei l Diana Barber Lois Fisher Beverly Fitch Pat Gregory Betty Hoeman Jeanne Hoppe Mary McCurdy Geraldine McKanna Marianne Meylan FRES Juanita Bedynek Lucile Bowman Eunice Cherry Sue Fowler Phyllis Gillogly Margaret Gray Linda Lutz SPRING Dorothy Argue Nan Colburn Marilyn Morrow Margaret Meyer Marion O ' Brien Betty Short Nancy Spencer Barbara Stone Sylvia Swan Janet Walsh June Zech HMEN Ann McNamara Claudia Mauzy Pat Miles Sally Spear Sandra Stauffer Barbara Thode Marilyn Weil PLEDGES Shirley Kampp Marilyn Zinns Hoppe McCurdy McKanna, G. Morrow Meyer O ' Brien Spencer Stone Swan Walsh Zech Bedynek Bowman Cherry Fowler Gillogly Gray Lutz h.cNamara Mauzy Betty Benson Mary Carter Janet Cleveland Shirley Hanson SENIORS Beverly Hastings Ruth Mahany Paula Mulligan Mary Spear JUNIORS Barbara Babayan Joan Maracci Denise Blake Chalkley Murray Gail Carroll Diane Paxton Sandra Croce Diane Segel Peggy Donovan Carol Smith Barbara George Wilma Steinert Pat Goldsberry Mary Townsend Norma Lahti Evelyn Watson Pat McKanna Dione Wright SOPHOMORES 341 Parsons Ruxton Skaer Stuart PI BETA PHI 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS THE FALL and Spring semesters of 1953-1954 hold many fond memories for the Pi Phis. The Winter and Spring Formals topped the social list, followed by the Faculty Dinner, the Spring Fashion Show, the Father- Daughter Dinner, and the Senior Breakfast. Many girls were seen active on campus: Ann Hawley was elected Rep-at-Large, served on Mortar Board, Cal Club, and also on Pryt, along with Meredith Luther and Joan MacRae. Then Judy Woolsey topped the list of the girls active on BLUE AND GOLD. The Model Senate saw Ger- ma ine Kresser as Republican Co- chairman, and Meredith Luther and Barbara Cook were enthusiastic work- ers on the PIC project, while the Swim Club, which put on its annual Aqua- cade, was managed by Kiefie McDuf- fee. Joining with the Alums, the ac- tives gave a Christmas party for 100 underprivileged children, and also added a new project to their list, called Campbell Village, which made their year complete. Andrews Chesholm Coate Collins Edwards Hawley Huguet Hunter Kennedy Kerr Kresser Luther Maldonado Morris Seldon Ahonen Cook Duque Early Goodw i n Hagglund Hand Howell Hoxie Hudson Kukuck Lacy Madary Mansfield McDuffee McGowan McRae 342 Simpson Smith Tuller SENIORS Regina Andrews Barbara Hunter Barbara Chesholm Yvonne Kennedy Jo Ellen Coate Jackie Kerr Lynn Collins Germaine Kresser Sue Edwards Meredith Luther Ann Hawley Marydee Maldonado Marge Huguet Klonie Morris Barba ra Seldon JUNIORS Karen Ahonen Susan Madary Barbara Cook Diane Mansfield Elizabeth Duque Kiefie McDuffee Beth Early Mary Louise McGowan Carol Goodwin Joan McRae Joan Hagglund Dorothy Parsons Barbara Hand Shirley Ruxton Patricia Hooven Janet Skaer Lynn Hoxie Anne Stuart Helen Hudson Sylvia Summers Carolyn Kukuck Joan Thompson Connie Lacy Judy Watson Judy Woolsey SOPHOMORES Roen Auger Joan McFarland Babette Barmann Molly Merkley Joan Brichetto Nancy Patterson Jane Crocket Evelyn Silva Mary Lou Follis Mary Jane Stoll Janet Jackson Connie Storm Kitty La Hann Nancy Surr FRE SHMEN Winnie Brady Jan Hickman Carol Catrow Karen Johanson Beverly Chappell Kay Mickle Anne Dougherty Marilynn Morse Dianne Dunckel Jane Sartori Jean Everett Janith Scanlon Hattie Fincke Barbara Simpson Ruth Gist Sue Smith Grace Herrington Sally Tuller Summers Thompson Watson Woolsey Auger Barmann Brichetto Crocket Follis Jackson LaHann M acFarl and Merkley Patterson Silva Stoll Storm Surr Brady Catrow Chappell Dougherty Dunckel Everett Fincke Gist Herrington Hickman Johanson M ickle Sartori Scanlon 343 As THE ladies returned this fall from trips to many countries, the Sigma Kappa house once more began to buzz with activities. A dance enti tled " Pair- a-dice for Two, " which honored twenty-seven fall pledges, was followed soon by the football season, and the house was thrilled to have Carol Siess chosen Big Game Sweetheart. Then at the Cal-Stanford game, pompon girls appeared for the first time in Cal ' s history, and three of these five peppy ladies were Barbara Patton, Diane Lillis and Carol Siess. In addition, there was the Christmas party which took place at El Nido, and the spring activities which included a pledge dance, the annual Spring Formal, and Founders ' Day activities commemo- rating Sigma Kappa ' s national birth- day. The house was also well repre- sented on campus, with ladies in Panile, Prytanean, and Pelly. Finally, as summer rolled around, the Sigma Kappa ' s looked forward to their na- tional convention at Miami, Florida. Arturo Hanner Johnson M inch Nickell Patten Ross Siess Vernon Wamsley Adams Anderson Charlton Fitts Geary Hartz Haw Lillis Marelia Matasci Matushak McFeely Murry Ruby Seals Shuttleworth Bennett Charrworth Chazlett SIGMA KAPPA 2728 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED A BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS 344 Coakley Elliott Graft Hall SENIORS Eleanor Arturo Barbara Patten Margaret Hanna Audrey Ross Greta Jacobs Carol Siess Darlene Johnson Dana Turner Florence Minch Nadine Vernon Jeanne Nickell Patricia Wamsley JUNIORS Joan Adams Diane Lillis Virginia Amiot Suzie Marelia Jenny Anderson Diane Matasci Mimi Ashe Lois Matushak Barbara Ann Badger Gail McFeely Joann Boyd JoAnn Morgan Sue Brobst Mary Lu Murry Janet Charlton Wilda Gail Ruby Irene Fitts Frances Seals Julie Geary Gayle Shuttleworth Virginia Hartz Ann Slomer Joan Haw Lillian Wickman Sherel Young SOPHOMORES Gayle Bennett Carol Jo Hall Cynthia Charlesworth Martha Kloster Suzanne Chazlet Jeanette Lewis Claire Coakley Barbara Mills Nancy Elliott Karen Okerberg Ann Ellis Ruth Rapp Peggy Everest Lorraine Smith Ann Grafft Darlene Styles FRESHMEN Dolores Ethel Bangert Marilyn Mee Sandra Cadwallader Vada Jean Porter Christel Sonja Cranston Joan Evelyn Prendiville Joan Dowdell Barbara Rohwer JoAnn Gentner LaVerne Rohwer Celia Rae Gunn Marilyn Irma Schoettler Mary Kay Jensen Suzanne Sherry Andree Jones Suzanne Margaret Smith Barbara Nadine Long Janet Spurlock Adreinne Joan Maioli Anne Stavropoulos Carol Lynn Martin Ruth Marie Steiner SPRING PLEDGES Jacqueline Brown Joyce Hardt Ruth Caldwell Patricia Kramer Martha Davidson Judith La Croix Patricia Ecker Carolyn Mead Felicia Fitzgerald Sharon McGill Katherine Green Judy Peterson Kloster Lewis Mills Rapp Styles Bangert Cadwallader Cranston Genter Gunn Jensen Jones Long Ma led i Martin Mee Prendivi I fe Rohwer, B. Rohwer, L. Schoettler Sherry Smith Spurlock Stavropoulos Steiner 345 Carter Durland Kummerfeld Wilson, M. Brusasco A WHIRL of activities and social events Gleason characterized the past year for busy Theta U ' s. All three honor societies were represented with Ruthie Kum- merfeld in Mortar Board, Sue Mathews and Ann Hall members of Prytanean, Gray Hall and Liz Waldie in Panile. Besides Hallett holding down the YWCA presidency Ruthie Kummerfeld also found time to be chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee and to join Sue Mathews on Women ' s executive board. The Daily Cal had Ann Hall for an able Kell Assistant Managing Editor and Liz Waldie as a junior night editor. In addition, Sandy Nelson was Women ' s Director of Cal Engineer; Barbara Agnew presided over Junior Panhel- lenic; and Sue Mathews, Junior class vice-president, and Beverly Gleason both participated in Gavel and Quill. Many exchanges and dances high- lighted by the Winter Formal held at Mira Vista Country Club, kept the Theta U ' s on a merry-go-round of ac- tivity. THETA UPSILON • • 2732 DURANT AVENUE • • FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 O ' Connor Petta ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 Smith TWENTY CHAPTERS 346 La Caste Matthews Williams McLouth Nearon Nelson Teager Waldie Yager Agnew Edgett Laurenson Watson SENIORS Martha Carter Barbara O ' Connor Evelyn Durland Margie Petta Ruthie Kummerfeld Gene Smith Mercedes Wilson JUNIORS Doris Brusasco Joanne Hill Beverly Gleason Pat Kelley Rosalie Gray Marie La Coste Ann Hall Susan Matthews Libby Hallett Ruthie Williams SOPHOMORES Janice McLouth Ninon Teager Maureen Murphy Liz Waldie Elaine Nearon Susan Wilson Sondra Nelson Betty Ann Yager FRESHMEN Barbara Agnew Betsy Laurenson Antoinette Edgett Virginia Watson SPRING PLEDGES Jan McCoy Evelyn Venstrom 347 Beatty Haworth Jollymour LeDuc, M. Ringo Russ Smith ZETAS DIVIDED their time this past year Stevens between academic and social events and a round of campus activities. In the Fall, Sandy Mullen, Liz BahIs, and Jackie Oliveri were active on Rally Terzian, Committee, while Liz and Bobby Vierra Beatty served Gavel and Quill as sec- Allen BahIs retary and vice-president. In addition, Cay Causey was the newly-elected Junior Class secretary, and Betty Ter- zian served as Senior Class vice- president, with Lee Chapman, Liz and Bedard Causey Betty also in Prytanean. Then on the Chapman social side, December became a month Dunster to remember with the Christmas party for the underprivileged chilrden and the White Violet Ball at the Fairmont, and in Spring the whirl of activities Ellis began with a fashion show at the King Larsen Mount Diablo Country Club, the Fac- Martinelli ulty Dinner, Mother-Daughter Picnic, Father-Daughter Dinner, and Spring Formal Dance, all of which contrib- uted to the year ' s success. Mattes Miller Nicolaisen ZETA TAU ALPHA 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS Lettiere Lewis Pecht Peddicord 348 Shandorf Smith Stitt Will LeDuc, J. Lee Mullen Neuman Roberta Beatty Marlene Pecht SENIORS Mary Haworth Peggy Peddicord Sally Jollymour Barbara Ringo Jill Lawrence Marianne Russ Marcia LeDuc Patricia Smith Jeanne Lettiere Llewellyn Stevens Oliveri Sonya Lewis Betty Terzian Schneider, A. Lorraine Lockwood Ramona Vierra Schneider, E. Gardner JUNIORS Janet Allen Joyce Larsen Elizabeth Bahls Joyce Martinelli Mary Fountain Beaver Jacqueline Mattos Dorothy Bedard Gladys Miller Catherine Causey Edith Nicolaisen Harrington Lelia Chapman Mary Ann Shandorf Harris Annette Dunster Beverley Smith Krum Johanna Ellis Shirley Stitt Parmely Beverley Hoover Marnelle Will Carolyn King Patricia Shoemaker SOPHOMORES Betty Brooks Katherine Jordan Kathleen Davis Jaqueline LeDuc Perl Karol Lee Sandra Mullen Shultis Marjanna Hillman JoAnne Neuman Sonnenschein Janice Hunt Jacqueline Oliveri Stanley Janet Huseby Anne Schneider Eve Schneider FRESHMEN Roberta Gardner Carol Shultis Ruth Harrington Erika Sonnenschein Terzian, S. Thurston Warren Janet Harris Janet Stanley Rosemary Krum Sandra Terzian Charlene Parmely Carol Thurston Marilyn Perl Nancy Warren SPRING PLEDGES Nancee Brickee Dixie Dowdee Pat Denton Loretta Karen Price Davis Hillman Huseby Jordan 349 Huey Kong Lowe, H. Lowe, M. Yee, G. Chee Fong Louie Tse Yee, D. Chan, A. Chan, B. Ginn Jang Lee Ng Tote Tse Chow SIGMA OMICRON P1 2353 PROSPECT FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1930 ONE CHAPTER SENIORS Marilyn Chew Hester Lowe Mai Huey Myra Lowe Audrey Kong Lelia Wing Gladys Yee SOPHOMORES Alice Chan Emily Lee Barbara Chan Gloria Leong Carole Ann Chow Betty Lim Eilleen Dong Clara Mar Lily Ginn Anna Ng Virginia Jang Marlene Tom Dollianne Lee Mary Tse Beverly Wu ECU I I I III I 191°4 Alice Chee Bernice Choy Rosie Fong JUNIORS Letty Lee Doris Louie Maryan Tse Doris Yee FRESHMAN Susan Chow 350 SEATED, left to right: Roberta Barnes, Jan Hope, Linda Bain. STANDING: Ysabef Urquiza, Jo Schreiner, Shirlianne Hilker, Kathy Little, Mary Miller, Mary Ellen MacLean, Sue Lobree. WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION President Jan Hope Vice-President Roberta Barnes Secretary Linda Bain Treasurer Ysabel Urquiza Representative-at-Large Kathy Little Representative-at-Large Mary Miller Representative-at-Large Sue Lobree Representative-at-Large Shirley Muzio Representative-at-Large Kay Stanley Social Chairman Jo Schreiner Service Chairman Mary Ellen MacLean Publicity Chairman Shirlianne Hilker COUNCIL MEMBERS Marjorie Paul Bay View Terrace Marjorie Paul Kay Stanley Beaudelaire Club Mary Fogh Alma Kahrs Bennett ' s Manor Sima Redsun Loretta Nuell Bon Haven Gloria Leong Shirley Muzio The Californian Marilyn Wensinger Pat Winninger Campus Inn Pat Winninger Kama Karstenson Colonial Hall Blanche Capps Dorothy Herrmann The Continental Elisabeth Kondratieff Marie Phillips Elizabeth Barrett Virginia Buccello Cecily Howell Epworth Hall Jean Hargrove Hjordis Staff Joaquin Hall Marliene Hamilton Nancy Andrus Lantana Lodge Wilma Frausier Corinne James The Meredith Elizabeth Bogen Suzanne Mitchell Mitchell Hall Grace Oshita Carol Chambers Oldenberg Hall Mary Stiles Margaret McConnell Peixotto Hall Joyce Sims Louren Norton Prospect Terrace Phyllis Vincent Ysabel Urquiza Richards Hall Bea Keyser Shirley MacMillan Ridgemont Hall Alice Austin Charlotte Woebeke Ritter Hall Evelyn Brokenshire Helen Kitchin Sherman Hall Edith Harris Hester Lowe Sigma Omicron Pi Hester Lowe Grace Dreitcour Stebbins Hall Helen Cort Alice Yackey Stern Hall Marion Downing Betty Pacheco Stratford Hall Karolyn Kaeser Ruth Goodstein Warring Place Anne MacLeod 352 J Paul BAY VIEW TERRACE Kitchin Fulkerson 2335 WARRING STREET Graton GRADUATE Hedges Marjorie Paul McBride SENIOR Peres Diane Kitchin Bushman JUNIORS Nancy Fulkerson Peggy Johnson Claudia Graton Karen McBride Ruth Hedges Phyllis Peres Gerber Haas Cecilia Barcroft Cyrle Haas Hambric Virginia Bushman Madeline Hambric Hatfield Claudia Cassidy Shirley Hatfield Leah Gerber Sharon Phillips FRESHMEN Sydney Harvey Diane Rogers Jean Lawing Ruth Tinkham Claire McVeigh Jo Ann Turner Phillips Christine Winters Rogers Tinkham SPRING RESIDENT Sandra Johnson SOPHOMORES BEAUDELAIRE CLUB 2347 PROSPECT TERRACE SENIORS Lesley Christensen Nancy Stickney JUNIORS Roberta Barnes Loretta Iarussi Phyllis Devich Norma Rollins Mary Fogh Kay Stanley SOPHOMORES Patricia Browne Shirlianne Hilker Yvonne Dusseau Dorothy Mansur Hilker Karen Frerichs Teresa Stanley Stanley, T. Brass FRESHMEN MacBeth Evelyn Brass Joan MacBeth Elaine Brott Janet Schleuse Daryl Jordan Carolyn Shook SPRING RESIDENTS Jerrye Brook Roberta Kelley Jean Craig Donna Barbara Wadsworth Christensen Stickney Barnes Fogh Rollins Stanley, K. Dusseau Frerichs 353 BENNETT ' S MANOR 2721 CHANNING WAY GRADUATE Joan Shields SENIOR Marion Haas JUNIORS Cecile Berman Alma Kahrs Beverley Gleason Sara Monsein SOPHOMORES Noni Buda Joan Spencer Barbara Diamond Sue Swanfeldt Judy Ellenson Theasa Tuohy Vera Kovalevsky Ruth Ullman FRESHMEN Sonia Binder Rhoda Klass Barbara Dorman Marjorie Lill Lois Holcenberg Karan Minick Sandra Horn Sima Redsun Eleanor Jacobs Barbara Ruby Anne Kent Rochelle Stadt Berman Kahrs Diamond Erlenson Kovalevsky Ullman Binder Holcenberg Horn Jacobs Klass Minick Ruby Stadt SPRING RESIDENTS Helene Goldberg Celia Medina 354 BON HAVEN 2709 CHANNING WAY JUNIORS Arlene Breuer Geraldine Garrison Mary Devine Jean Lane Janet Mitchell SOPHOMORES Margaret Becker Vena Goulet Mayer Donna Bernstein Gloria Leong Kavanagh Deane Critchley Lynn Mayer Vickman Loretta Null FRESHMEN Evelyn Ayres Joanne Kavanagh Sylvia Brodie Fay Koeppel Joan Cooney Marilyn Price Nancy Evans Myrna Vickman Chee Rakonit z Schwaben rand Zukerman Garrison Lane M itchel Bernstein SENIORS Alicia Chee Marietta Rakonitz Marian Hanada Dorthea Schwabenland Martha Ives Sondra Zukerman THE CONTINENTAL 3521 BENVENUE AVENUE GRADUATE Emmy Werner SENIORS Athena Gikas Patricia Pittman Dorothy Herrmann Jioia Silverthorne JUNIORS Kay Bowen Elizabeth Kondratieff Carole Hyman Roberta Kustner Gail McFeely Thrasher SOPHOMORES Weiner Wolff Margaret Garcia Ermanelle Roberts Cook Ann Jensen Jane Thrasher Donna Montmorency Doris Weiner Sonia Wolff FRESHMEN Dorothy Burns Sandra Hemovich Sheryl Cohn Linda Levi Hemovich Barbara Cook Rosalie Matsumoto Matsumoto Sandra Pizer SPRING RESIDENTS Rochelle Barenfeld Ardith Weiman Julie Burns Arlene Weiman Jill Kent Judy Weisz Faith Russo Evelyn Zlotkin Gikas Herrmann Pittman Silverthorne Bowen Kondratieff Garcia Roberts 355 BOWLES HALL THIS WILL remain one of the outstand- ing years in the history of Bowles Hall, primarily because of the 25th anniver- sary of the founding of Bowles Asso- ciation, which was celebrated in the Spring when Bowles alumni gathered together and an Alumni Association was formed. Presidents John Engvall and Frank Forelli led the hall through one of its more prosperous years socially and academically, and the traditional class parties such as the Gambler ' s Gamble, Mask of the Red Death, a Hawaiian Luau, and the fabulous Senior Boat Dance, plus the winter and spring formals perpetuat- ed the purpose to which Bowles men are dedicated, Education Through Fellowship. Abramovice Adams, B. Addicott Ashe Auslen Barnett Barton Brown Butler Capp Class Colvin Coomes Crabbe Davie Delvaille Engvall Filipponi Forelli Fradefla Gaffery Hargrove Hill Johnson Kimber Kohle Lee, D. McClelland 356 Malamud Manzoni Mathews Meyer Miller Moore Nelson Pierrou Post Rails Reeves Richter Schulze Sharp Spurrier Tarr Wood Zaerr Zediker Bae Bailey Baum Beall Del la Maggiora Durkee El lenberg Gilbert, G. Gonos UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Chaffee Hall Richard Neddersen William Norton Walter Scott Wilson SENIORS Benjamin Abramovice Bruce Hyman Brian Adams Eldon Johnson Sam Adams John Kimber Gerald Addicott Carson Kohle Don Ashe Daniel Lee Don Auslen Mel McClelland Morris Barnett Ernest Malamud Hugh Barton Chris Manzoni Laurence Beller James Mathews Barry Brown Bud Myenberg Leland Butler Jack Meyer Dave Capp Robert Miller John Class Dick Moore Clifford Colvin Daniel Navon Joe Coomes John Nelson John Crabbe George Pierrou Walter Davie James Post John Delavaille Gordon Rails Bob Dunn David Reeves John Engvall Philip Richter Herb Filipponi George Schulze Frank Forelli Dan Sharp Richard Fradella Lon Spurrier Richard Gaffery Don Stottlemyer Skip Hansen David Tarr Richard Hargrove Harold Weitzner Donald Harkness Dave Wood William Hill Joe Zaerr Phil Zediker JUNIORS Larry Anderson Robert Lee George Anno Jerry Lewis Owen Bae Tom Light Theodore Bailey Don Linsdale Jack Batzler Stanley Loeb Elliot Baum Norman McDonald Edgar Beall Bob Mayo Ed Della Maggiora Spiro Mellis Robert Durkee William Mitchell Sandy Ellenberg Lloyd Old Gerald Gilbert Dick Peters Art Gonos Bruce Pifel Richard Hatch Fred Pracht John Heilbron Larry Rabinowitz Br uce Hezlep Lew Raney Franklin Honea Gene Rocker Milton Honea Rod Sanderson John Jones Philip Sapunor Bob Klamt Bill Thomas Brad Kruger John Trias Tony Kruse Howard Leach Dave Wagner Van Walker 357 Honea, M. Klamt Kruse Leach THREE BOWLES men sat on ASUC Executive Committee, two were mem- bers of Cal Club, and many others participated in ASUC and class activi- ties. Athletes contributed to the many sports in which they took part and the intramural teams were also outstand- ing in Fall and Spring. Bowles men will long remember the building of the Big Game float, the Saturday aft- ernoon postgame serenades from the Cal Band, the John P. Erdman me- morial beer busts, and the traditional senior dinners. This was a truly out- standing year for the men of Bowles Association to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Lee, R. Lewis Light Loeb McDonald Mayo Mellis Pifel Pracht Rabinowitz Raney Sapunor Thomas, B. Trias Adams, T. Calton Deardorff Gabharf Gates Gilbert, Gary Gillies Woodford Adams, J. Bacon Ball 358 Barry Becker Berry Boynton Brooks Cramer Ganiats Harris Hunt Hursh Krahmalkov Lamb Lazar Lee, L. McIntosh May Merrihew Patella Popp Ramos SOPHOMORES Tom Adams Carl Koenig Jim Arbuckle Henry Kramer Lowell Brown Larry Lamoreux Frank Calton Duane Leetzow Al Campbell Richard McFarland Walt Deardorff Paul McKaskle Bill DeCamp Jack McKay Robert Dow Bill McKeeman Gorman Dunn Tom Miller Bill Foster Karl Munz Gerald Gabhart Dick O ' Conner Jim Gates Mickey Perry Barry Gilbert Howard Rice Gary Gilbert Larry Ryan Don Gillies Bill Ryan Jim Griggs Don Saba Bob Hartzell Carter Swenson Arnold Hoffman Dwight Teeter John Hutchins Bill Walker Steve Kaufman Tom Webster Jim Kern Bob Welnick Jerry Klotz Ken Wiersema Bob Woodford FRESHMEN Jim Adams Gary Bacon John Ball Tom Barry Harry Bauer Charles Becker Phil Berlin Harold Berry Dwight Bianchi Hugo Bianchini Dick Bowers Russell Boynton Robert Brooks Dick Capp Jim Cossolias Rocky Cramer Tom Edwards Rex Estes Tom Ganiats Harry Harris Herb Honea Robin Hunt Gary Hursh Bill Knutsen Chuck Kohl Charles Krahmalkov Vic Lamb Alan Lazar Larry Lee Charles MacCrone Alan McIntosh Alex MacNicol Alan Mancarti Richard May Gary Merrihew Martin Mittleman Les Overstreet Alan Parrigon Burt Parsons Peter Patella Dean Pearsons Peter Popp Terry Prindiville Jose Ramos Richard Randolph Richard Ricker Richard Roberts Larry Rue Charles Schlegel Denny Stanley Edgar Strickland Steve Thomas Dave Thompson Gerry VonDerahe Dick Waddell Ralph Wallace SPRING RESIDENTS John Anson Art Bob Bob Bristlin Eugene Groen Stuart Hall Earl Hanna Walt Lowery Dick Munter John Newell Roman Pavlich Marvin Pelsner John Phillips Don Price Gert Rosenthal George Ryst Ken Wh ite Bill Wiegend Dave Zerweck Ricker Roberts Rue Schlegel Strickland Thomas, S. Thompson Waddell Wallace Garfield 359 360 SENIORS Charlene Floto Barbara Lettie Barbara Packman Dorris Callaghan Carolyn Danials Carla Dean RESIDENTS Virginia Larson Sally Nelson Carla Phillips Joyce Riskin Lois Voltmer SPRING Patricia Brogan Mary Lou Campbell Dolores Demelik Eleanor Garrone Marion Grainger JUNIORS Shirley Muzio Margaret Walsh Marilyn Wensinger SOPHOMORES Margaret Mather Dorothy McLaughlin Gail Nelson Jacqueline Parker Beatrice Ransom Marilyn Van Dyke FRESHMEN Kathryn Ish Nancy Kassel Sally Seaman Barbara Bakken Alice Denton Elaine Gautier Joyce Harris Carolyn Henry Carol Fitch Carole Baskin Barbara Hagemann Janice Hatch Ewell Hershman Barbara Jopp Leora Kavli THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT TERRACE Callaghan Danials Dean Floto Lettie Packman Harris Henry Wensinger Baskin Hagemann Jopp Mather McLaughrin Parker Van Dyke Bakken Kassel Bedrosian Capps Frasch Green Johnson, D. Kaupke Mallare Whiteford COLONIAL HALL 2542 DURA NT AVENUE JUNIORS Hasmig Bedrosian Elizabeth Kaupke Blanche Capps Gloria Mallare Esther Frasch Nell Quigley Gretchen Green Mimi Veblen Dorothy Johnson Gwen Vicki Zupancich SOPHOMORES Darie Briones Ingrid Johnson Joyce Camp Karne Karstensson Mary Gomes Teube Oralee Roberts Bird FRESHMEN Brickey Mary Acoba Sandra Louie Jobe Beverly Aizenberg Dorothy Lum Kasolos Lois Bernstein Margarite Mapa Carol Bird Evelyn Mauric Nancee Brickey Marlene Roche Audrey Hastings Ann Sullivan Kathleen Hurlocker Beverly Tuoto Marcia Jobe Mary Tuohey Mapa Katherine Kasolos Rosi Valles Mauric SPRING RESIDENTS Tuoto Arlene Allen Kay Hutchinson Tuohey Francine Fishel Elizabeth Lee Evelyn Fiss Sheila Lerner Gayle Ling Valles Briones Camp Comes Karstensson Roberts Acoba Aizenberg Bernstein 361 Adams Freedman O ' Rourke Rice Serna Campbell Foster Gates Lane Kesterson Eichenbaum Friedman Kessler Marquis Silverman Tighe Wuesterfeld Birnbaum Davis Jorgensen Levine Unger Weiman, Ardith Weiman, Arlene Wertheim ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARRING GRADUATE Janet Cohn SENIORS Betty Adams Joan Norton Virginia Bucello Deirdre O ' Rourke Diane DuBois Marie Phillips Carol Freedman Kathy Rice Elizabeth Serna JUNIORS Jean Campbell Barbara Lane Sally Foster Barbara Landau Joan Gates Patricia McKinney Nancy Goldberg Shirley Helen Ziegler SOPHOMORES Mary Lou Curry Midge Eichenbaum Adrienne Farber Sharon Friedman Libby Kessler Carole Korens Sally Marquis Idel Rosenthal Mickey Silverman Patricia Tighe Ona Tragerman Barbara Wuesterfeld FRESH Ina Birnbaum Frances Davis Shirley Jorgensen Haidee Levine Jan Norton Judy Rosenblatt MEN Marcia Savin Rochelle Steinberg Glenda Unger Ardith Weiman Arlene Weiman Lila Wertheim SPRING RESIDENTS Helaine Berger Beth Gray Gloria Greene Marion Lambert Jackie Martin Sandra Meyer Simone Moiseff Fran Napolin Sandra Pardini Tamara Ponve Helen Stone Donna Young 362 JOAQUIN HALL 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE SOPHOMORES Nancy Bernard Rosalie Kotick Elaine Elisando Janet Martin Ann Harper Eleanor Ruth Valerie Siegal FRESHMEN Arlene Aidelberg Joyce Matson Ann DeVaughn Joan Oransky Norma Hillinger Elizabeth Pate Kathleen Lusk Karen Weseth SENIORS Deborah Andrus Marliene Hamilton Claire Campbell Barbara Peters Katina Chiveris Rejean Schweitzer Joan Favorman Hjordis Staff JUNIORS Shirley Hope Irene Quesnoy Janet Jameson Sue Schuster Aliceon Mclnroe Paula Sorgatz Ursula Meyer Erline Wachman Campbell Chiveris Favorman Hamilton Peters Schweitzer Staff Quesnoy Schuster Sorgatz Wachman Bernard Elisando Harper Aidelberg DeVaughn Hillinger Lusk Oransky Weseth SPRING PLEDGES Betsy Gude Julia Norrian Sandra Horn Camille Pollack Eleanor Jacobs Joan Spencer Mimi Nicholous Nancy Myrna Vickman 363 EPWORTH HALL 2521 CHANNING WAY UNDER THE guidance of Cecily Howell, the Fall President, Epworth girls were kept busy with a dinner open house after the USC game and an unforget- table Barn Dance. A lively Big Game week end climaxed the float building with the KDR ' s while Christmas fes- tivities were highlighted by a tree decorating party and a gay informal at the Brazilian Room. Then in the Spring, President Jean Hargrove led the girls in such activities as a Moth- ers ' Tea and fashion show and an " apple polishers " dinner for their favorite professors, the final evening of gaiety being the Spring Formal at the Peninsula Country Club which provided a wonderful climax to the year. In campus activities, Margaret Anderson joined Panile and Georgia Ibison was president of the Educa- tion Club while Jan Hope was WDA president. Sue Beitzel, Sue Gardner, and Claire Nelson, as members of Prytanean, were active in other phases of campus life, also, with Sue Beitzel in Cal Club, Sue Gardner the Assistant City Editor of Daily Cal, and Claire, Community Service chairman of the " Y. " Ingram Burton Culver Dernith Devine French Hindman Hope Ibison Kennedy Lindstrom Nelson Watkins Williamson Beitzel Chavin Dixon Donaire Foote Freistadt Hand Hargrove Howell Harris Kaley Lawrence Leath Lee Meyer Miller 364 365 O ' Brien Patten Pope Saywell GRADUATES Ford Nancy Elward Elizabeth Ingram Han SENIORS Hovland Carol Burton Georgia Ibison Jackson Janice Culver Dolores Jones Helen Demith Margaret Kennedy Lynne Devine Carole Lindstrom Pat French Barbara McMichael Laleta Hindman Claire Nelson Janice Hope Elizabeth Lillian Williamson Manring JUNIORS Morgan Susan Beitzel Marilyn Leath Newman Luz Bueno Nancy Lee Nokes Marcia Chavin Joyce Meyer Barbara Dixon Mary Miller Jay Donaire Mary Ellen McLean Thelma Foote Anne O ' Brien Frances Freistadt Margorie Patten Suzan Gardner Jean Peppers Norberg Kathleen Hand Jane Pope Oertel Jean Hargrove Roslyn Puterman Palmer Cecily Howell Harriet Saywell Reilly Melissa Harris Geraldine Schenk Mary Kaley Mariane Swanson Margaret Lawrence Rosie Tallerico Rose Upton SOPHOMORES Betty Adams Dolores Manring Margaret Anderson Janis Morgan Luella Boysen Mary Newman Melissa Charles Barbara Nokes Jacqueline Dillinder Patsy Norberg Marilyn Doesey Elaine Oertel Mary Ford Kathryn Palmer Margery Guthrie Christine Reilly Suzanne Hall Joyce Ridder Carrie Hammond Frances Todd Arline Hans Norma Trumure Ardath Hovland Gene VonGlahn Margaret Jackson Sharlene Willhide Johana Kimball Jean Yuan FRESHMEN Kathleen Daily Sandra Moore Kay Darrow Rowena Volz Dawn DeVours Wilma SPRING RESIDENTS Katie Bosch Lynn Rouscher Phyllis Fitz Annette Saywell Trilla Holmes Jackie Schneider Alma Kahrs Jere Lu Scott Elinor Parr Pat Thompson Nancy Welch Swanson Tallerico Upton Adams Ridder Todd Trumure Von Glahn Willhide Yuan Darrow Moore Volz Wuthrich Fraysier Merrill Weiner Andrus Baskind Bishop Call Dial LANTANA LODGE 2437 PIEDMONT AVENUE Smario SENIORS Stauffer Wilma Fraysier Grace Merrill Howell Adrienne Weiner Marshall JUNIORS Nancy Andrus Rozilla Call Judy Baskind Diana Dial Lou Bishop Janice Gall Anne Ingrain Mau SOPHOMORES Robinson Corinne Corbelli Carole Jefferson Simmons Marie Fanucci Nanette Smario Sklar Dorothy Stauffer FRESHMEN Beverly Howell Lois Robinson Nancy Marshall Joyce Simmons Orris Mau Judy Sklar SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Byers Sue Suomela Nancy Heron Nancy Wineman Gall Ingram Fanucci Jefferson 366 FRESHMEN Sue Anderson Phyllis Fitz Betty Argo Sara Gordon Lorna Ball Laura Klein Victoria Braunstein Marion Lambert Jacqueline Cline Joan Roberts Pat Cox Hope Rubsamen Myra DeHess Joan Shaheen Alice Doidge Elizabeth Simkowitz Roberta Dorfman Pat Thompson Nadine Dotson Jeanette van Wyhe SPRING RESIDENTS Marian Archer Marilyn Horwitz Shelia Brisk Janet Rosenburg Marylyn Hansen Sandra Sue Wright MITCHELL HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Janis Schneider SENIORS Marie Bagnasco Grace Oshita Lyn Keiles Evelyn Servatius Gayle Metzler Elsie Vidovich JUNIORS Ann Boyd Barbara Clark Estelle Brown Carolyn Froomin Anna Buoncristiani Marlene Magid Elena Carlos Marlene Miller Suzanne Mitchell SOPHOMORES Beverly Clasby Irene Ivanoff Nelda Herby Margaret Nielson Bagnasco Relies Metzler Oshita Servatius Vidovich Carlos Clark Froomin Magid M itcherl Clasby Ivanoff Nielsen Cox DeHess Doidge Dotson Fitz Roberts Shaheen Thompson Van Wyhe 367 Eckert Brandon Chambers Hall UMBER HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY Hosking Lampert Mehrten Millard The gals who live in Oldenberg Are busy all the time. Let ' s list the more important things Parkhurst And keep it all in rhyme. Patrick Schlaadt We had a Christmas Party Snider Complete with Santa Claus; We invited needy children— Their pleasure gave us pause. Then we had two formals Stiles One for winter, one for spring— Thomford The couples had a wonderful time Tuthill With Samba, Bop and Swing, Carden Now hear this, all who think We ' re social butterflies We list fourth of all women ' s groups Scholastically! That shows our Coryel I Dansby enterprise. Dimmick We had a Mardi Gras Eckhardt Which left us not the same-- Then we play a lot of bridge And of course that " Scrabble Game " ! Our projects during " Reg Week " Johnson Were just a lot of fun, Kohler But now our classes and studies Lobree Menders Keep us going on the run. Mitchell Newman Oremus Preston Sickler Sutton 368 Alexander Bainer Breslauer Costa Davreaux Dekofsky Dravillas Goldammer Goldberg Granberg Grupe Holmes Jensen MacKenzie Mancarti Merlotti Roggero Rudnick Sadler Sincrair Yates Borra Cass Dellepiane Jessen Laird Murphy Olive Schade Smith Younce GRADUATES Marilyn Bowman Margaret SENIORS Lucia Brandon Arlene Parkhurst Carol Chambers Donna Patrick Suzanne Hall Anne Schlaadt Margaret Hosking Carol Snider Harriet Lampert Mary Stiles Marian Mehrten Virginia Thomford Janet Millard Sheila Tuthill JUNIORS Virginia Carden Suzanne Lobree Dona Coryell Lore Menders Wilma Dansby Beverly Mitchell Marcia Dimmick Montejean Newman Dorothy Eckhardt Jacquelyn Oremus Charron Johnson Barbara Preston Audrey Kohler Ann Sickler Almeda Sutton SOPHOMORES Dawn Alexander Jane Koumjian LaNelle Bainer Velva Leininger Katherine Breslauer Joan Ledgerwood Mary Lucia Costa Shirley Long Carolyn Davreaux Nancelee MacKay Susan Dekof sky Dorothy Mackenzie Diana Dravillas Barbara Mancarti Janet Freitas Marion Merlotti Joan Goldammer Elaine Roach Helene Goldberg Elaine Roggero Arlene Granberg Sandra Rudnick Barbara Grant Mildred Sadler Carole Grupe Barbara Sandkuhl Marilyn Holmes Julianne Sinclair Lillian Jensen Nancy Wotell Audrey Yates FRESHMEN Ida Borra Sally Jessen Muriel Brown Lorraine Laird Joann Cass Judith Murphy Ann Dellepiane Winifred Olive Dianne Driver Barbara Penitenti Joyce Elliott Anne Schade Ellen Fish Dolores Shaf sky Mab Hirschman Marilyn Smith Miriam Younce SPRING RESIDENTS Vivian Adamson Kay Helgesson Marilyn Bobet Idella Hill Jean Burgua Marion Johnson Mary Jane Fox Norma Meador Alice Hammond Elizabeth Woodul 369 PEIXOTTO HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY UNDER THE capable leadership of Margaret McConnell the Fall semester was a successful one for the girls of Peixotto Hall. Among others, the major event was the Fall Formal held at the Fairmont Hotel, but run- ning a close second in the activities of the semester was the informal dance with the theme " Mardi Gras, " with elaborate decorations including bal- loons and confetti showering down upon the costumed couples. The Spring semester was directed by Joyce Sims who led Peixotto through an equally successful semester beginning with the registration week parties and open houses. The latter included an exchange between Upper and Lower Peixotto with " Greetings and Eat- ings. " Finally the Spring Formal held at the Castlewood Country Club rounded out the parties for the year. Johnson, J. Barkell Brown Kirchhofer Koenig Saunders, A. Stocks Valadez Andrews Barraza Benjamin, L. Holzman Keston Likes Lockett McVey Phillips, J. Sargent Sims Sutliff Abrahams 370 Archer Bliss Chin Felciano Kadoguchi Monroe Roberts Seagel Wong Blumberg Davidson Dorman Frank Lindberg Matsuda Nardone Pray Rohne Saunders, M. Schaupp Wieselman GRADUATE Jeanne Johnson SENIORS Regine Barkell Alison Saunders Maureen Brown Dorothy Stocks Ilse Kirchhofer Concepcion Valadez Dorothy Koenig Elsie Vidovich Mary Westwick JUNIORS Phyllis Andrews Angel Likes Marian Barraza Myra Lipson Lynn Benjamin Lynn Lockett Miriam Benjamin Joan Loumena Maxine Bresadola Margaret McConnell Bernice Choy Sharon McVey Katheryn Corrough Suzanne Olsen Gay Cowell Janet Phillips Elaine Edwards Phyllis Rubin Roberta Fradin Faye Sargent Doris Holzman Margery Schreiner Rosemary Johnson Joyce Sims Anne Keston Cornelia Stoakin Margaret Lai Nancy Sutliff Joan Lanci Beverly Trittschuh Margaret Lewis Mila Yushkoff SOPHOMORES Elise Abrahams Susan Kadoguchi Marian Archer Tracy Kay Martha Bliss Patricia Moore Arlene Caplan Joy Munroe Nancy Chin Barbara Oakley Nancy Danielski Carlene Roberts Mary Ruth DuBois Leila Seagel Renee Felciano Sandra Shapiro Camila Frieder Mary Treff Loretta Isaacs Carol Wallace LoveIle Wong FRESHMEN Nancy Blumberg Jeana Nardone Adelle Davidson Patricia Payne Shirley Dorman Davis Pray Phyllis Frank Barbara Rohne Kay Helgesson Margery Saunders Karen Lindberg Sandra Schaupp Roanne Lindquist Marilyn Schwartz Taye Matsuda Lynne Wexler Judith Wieselman SPRING RESIDENTS Beverly Bartosh Anne Kluss Gail Berliner Sydell Meltzer Beverly Cain Judith Meyer Diane Crawford Karan Minick Laurel Gole Joanne Phillips Janet Higman Sue Sampson Rina Hollander Judy Sklar Katherine Kasoles Barbara Stanton Marissa Wolper 371 RICHARDS HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY ONCE UPON a time, the illustrious Board of Regents decided to take a fat gamble and build a new Residence Hall; they built it upon the above stratosphere on a peak that made Mt. Everest look like a tiny lump, and they named it Richards Hall. The peo- ple in the lowlands around Piedmont Avenue thought this very funny, in- deed, and somebody even wrote a song, " Oh, I ' m. From Richards Hall, So Pity Me. " But, just last year, the little hall high atop Fernwald moun- tain had the last laugh . . . for there were parties and dances, Mardi Gras, the fabulous Winter and Spring For- mals, float-building, Christmas Dinner and, always, candles and candy to announce unexpected events. Even Deans were surprised at the unusual scholastic standing of the Richards girls. Now, every night, the lights from the Hill twinkle down on the people in the lowlands. Hardly any- body sings " I ' m From Richards Hall, So Pity Me " anymore. And, the-little- Hall-that-the-Regents-built lives hap- pily ever after. McNeill Abbott Galli Gutierrez Huertas Keyser I rooskos LaGrone Martin, N. Mendosa Pluess Sweet Urquiza Baker Barr Bellaria Biery Brown, P. Chalmers Harvey Hogue Irvine Little Lusser Pierce Sutherland Westall Worthen Birlem Bunnell Cuneo Dorsa 372 GRADUATE Nayan McNeill SENIORS Patricia Abbott Ann LaGrone Jo Ann Galli Nancy Lee Martin Bina Gray Jeanette Mendosa Dolly Gutierrez Joanne Pluess Clara Huertas Phoebe Sweet Beatrice Keyser Ysabel Urquiza Virginia Krooskos Marilyn Weber JUNIORS Barbara Baker Ann Hogue Joan Barr Vivian Irvine Katherine Bellaria Sydney Koenig Stephanie Berdalis Katherine Little Melza Biery Heide Lusser Betty Brown Sylvia Lyman Patricia Brown Diane Micheli Jacqueline Chalmers Nancy Pierce Marylyn Echelman Jan Sutherland Ann Harvey Marilyn Marlene Worthen SOPHOMORES Eugenie Birlem Barbara Lesser Sue Bunnell Muriel Lum Marlyn Cuneo Gwen Robertson Leilani Dorcy Dorothy Sandals Dolores Dorsa Janet Schlan Kristin Ekstrand Harriet Sherf Carol Erickson Sue Sisson Sheila Freis Myrtha Thornbrooke Beverley Hayden Gillian Turner Elizabeth Johnson Carlene Viargues Carroll Keith Carole Von Pinnon Emily Kwong Kathryn Wham FRESHMEN Amy Cohn Letha Martin Rodeama Crane Dolores Mezori Jean Francher Ruth Peterson Patricia Giacomazzi Patricia Phillips Marlene Goodman Helen Quong Shirley Heimerl Edith Silen Jeanne Jacobs Betty Smith Dorothy Lee Corinne Stratinsky Shirley Lipian Sharon Tallent Janice Marple Sara Wittlinger SPRING RESIDENTS Yvonne Becnel Cosette Platz Cyrle Hass Irene Quesnoy Corrine James Joan Snell Nancy Kassell Nancy Wadsworth Jo Ann Logue Erickson Freis Johnson Keith Kwong Lum Robertson Sandals Schlan Sisson Viargues Von Pinnon Wham Cohn Crane Francher Giacomazzi Goodman Heimerl Jacobs Lee Marple Martin, L. Mezori Peterson Phillips Quong Silen Smith Stratinsky Tallent Wittlinger 373 Badgley Foon Ha nkenson Ste in kopf RITTER HALL 2122 PROSPECT AVENUE GRADUATE Betty Bispo SENIORS Anne Badgley Mary Steinkopf Annie Foon Dorothy Strader Alberta Hankenson Charlotte Woebeke Druhan JUNIORS Ragle Margot Arlom Mary Cain Robustelli Margaret Aguilar Barbara Flick Mary Beghetti Rheda Leach Evelyn Brokenshire Mary Mendenhall Carolyn Buckner Irene Ung Jonel Whipple Shelley Argue SOPHOMORES Miller Jean Brandt-Ericksen Jacqueline Lusher Sargent Carolyn Cain Roberta McDowall Gloria Carr Shirley Mitchell Carol Druhan Betty Ragle Anita Jung Josephine Jeanne Shelley Wcebeke Aguilar Beghetti Brokenshire Buckner Cain Ung Whipple FRESHMEN Joan Andrews Mary Jo McTaggart Dorothy Argue Sharon Miller Nancy Brooks Jacqueline Pfeiffer Ann Ruth Danberg Gail Sargent SPRING PLEDGES Ardyth Fleet Ann Wheeler Christine Winters 374 Makimoto Pacheco Bauch Eastman STRATFORD HALL 2520 DURANT STREET SENIORS Marguerite Clayton Janice Betty Pacheco Kaeser Robinson Tyler Fields Morris Redman Razin Cope Estep Jermy Koonse Levy Frances Bauch Diane Daniel Alice Eastman Daryl Gray JUNIORS Karolyn Kaeser Charlotte Redman Jamice Robinson Janet Tyler SOPHOMORES Marilyn Barth Janet Rosenberg June Fields Roberta Tim June Morris Carolyn Wiley Dorothy Razin Betty Jo Williams Sydney Richardson Joyce Williams Mason FRESHMEN McGill lrmgard Bohle Maxine Mason Perondi Margaret Cope Sharon McGill Rauscher Carolyn Crosier Virginia Melvin Sandra Ellis Sharon Perondi Evelyn Estep Lynne Rauscher Sylvia Hotchner Jean Roberson Nancy Howell Martha Scheel Joyce Hulsebus Eloise Spurr Sandra Jermy May Takahashi Roberson Kitty Belle Koonse Sylvia Wallburger Scheel Marlene Levy Joan Werner Spurr Takahashi SPRING RESIDENTS Fay Baker Mryna Gallerstein Myrtha Chabran Joann Gamlin Wal Iburger Werner 375 SMYTH ASSOCIATION HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY UNDER THE able leadership of Presi- dent Dick Little, Smyth began its third year as a campus organization with a well-rounded program of sports, social events, and studies. During Reg Week the various women ' s living groups were serenaded by the Smyth- men on their traditional " Walking Sing, " after which the junior class began the social semester with a well- decorated " 49 ' er " dance, followed by the Seniors ' " Apache, " and the Soph affair at La Honda Bowl, Exchanges, Tilden outings, and a Mardi Gras in- formal provided variety to the social calendar with the Winter Formal, held at the Fairmont Hotel highlighting the semester ' s social life. Then at the Senior Dinner, the Bertha Easter Trophy, awarded each semester by the housemother, Mrs. Easter, to the most outstanding Smythman, was pre- sented to Dan Tellep, and to the cries of " Pedro, " another semester was his- tory. Anastopolous Anderson Askin Ayers Beni isha Bonnel I Brownfield B rutacao Coffe It Crockett Dailey Davies Dewh irst Dunlap Durante Dyche Hanson Haug Hayes Heide H ildebrant Hubbard Justeson Keegan Komin 376 Little Mossberg Nickolas Payne GRADUATES Theodore Ruprecht James Skilling SENIORS Emmanuel Aguilera Robert Hasselmab Theodore Anastasopulos. James Haug Quintero, G. Philip Anderson William Hauserman Robben Ralph Askin William Hayes Ryder Lloyd Austin Harold Heide Sarqu is William Ayers Cohn Hubbard Robert Beadnele Peter Hurlimann Alan Benlisha Allen Inman Richard Bonnell Jimmy Justeson John Booker James Keegan Marshall Brownfield Frank Komin Stices Albert Brutocao Richard Little Tel fep James Christensen Richard Mossberg Twelker Desmond Coffelt Peter Nickolas Watkins Duane Dailey James Payne Glenn Davies George Quintero Kenneth Dewhirst Frank Robben George Dunlap Arthur Ryder Alfredo Durante Robert Schabsches Edward Dutto Ivan Stice Justen Dyche Daniel Tellep Webber Don Fisher Wilbur Twelker Worley Erich Gauglitz Charles Watkins Yoshii Theodore George Robert Webber Zeff John Gleed William Worley Walter Hanson Michio Yoshii Harris Zeff JUNIORS Peter Baker Robert Kubin William Beeman Roger Leach Beeman Albert Beltrami Jack Lehman Bequette Jess Bequette Barry Long Brooks Wesley Brandhorst Stephen Lower Carter David Brooks Wilson McWilliams James Carter Thomas Merigan Thomas Colton Paul Molge Gerald Cox Merritt Nelson William Cox Philip Padou Robert Deitz Robert Parcher Cox, w. Roger Diggins Michael Peccorini Donald Donihue Richard Placone Deitz Donald Faries Robert Porcella Digg ins Neil Fore William Pryor Furies Yun-Tong Fung Peter Raynolds Arthur Garabedian Wesley Robinson Ronald Gersten Herbert Schmitz Robert Giorni John Schwabacher Galen Grant Thomas Shepard William Hanf Lawrence Siegel Donihue Harold Hassold Raymond Smithson Fore James Hastings Larry Stensaas Robert Helseth William Tanner Ronald Henley Paul Tom John Higgs Kenneth Tornberg Parsons Holladay Fred Yamada Ernest Karsten Julian Weinberg James Keith Henry Weiner Richard Knapp Lee Woodward Harvey Knoernschild Thomas Wrigley 377 THE SPRING term found Colin Hub- bard as president heading a fine team of officers, and the social high points included the informal at Sequoyah, a formal at Castlewood Country Club, and the Second Annual Hilltop Casino, presented with Fernwald to raise funds for WUS. In addition, many Smyth- men were active in campus activities with several achieving special recog- nition: Ted George was president of Eng ineers ' Joint Council, with Hank Weiner the advertising manager of Pelican, Tom Shepard, chairman of Welfare Board; Al Beltrami, president of Honor Students, and. Tom Merigan, chairman of Oski Committee. Fang Hassold Karsten Knapp Knoernschild Kubin Leach Lehman Long Peccorini Placone Tanner Tom Torn berg Weinberg Woodward Yamada Bonanno Booty Bridges Ccats Costanza, R. Fletcher Gliebe 378 Grosvenor Has lam Lendaris Myers SOPHOMORES Quintero, L. Raffetto, E. Thcmpscn Townsend Welch Walden Banks Birnbaum Bradley Costanza, J. Downing Farrar Flickinger Haag Markakis Mayer Pilz Sohlberg Tocher Zanussi Theodore Bernas Stephen Bonanno Kelvin Booty Joel Breitbart William Bridges Larry Brodersen Leonard Brutocao Charles Chackerian Roy Coats Harold Coffee Robert Copple Robert Costanza Graef Crystal Geoffrey Davis Robert Elliot Eugene Fletcher Arthur Flores Don Gilbert Paul Gliebe John Grosvenor David Harris Kenneth Haslem Ronald Koenig FRESH Lawrence Andrews Michael Azevedo Joseph Banales, Robert Banks Wayne Bantau Robert Binsacca Walter Birnbaum Clay Bradley Thomas Cannon Donald Chaffin Malcolm Cole George Cossolias James Costanza Theodore D ' Amico Herbert Deardorff Stanley Dowden Merton Downing Andrew Farrar Don Flickinger Robert Fredericks Mitsuru Fukumura David Goodrich Ernest Granucci George Lendaris Earl McCune William Mayfield Richard Meerly Barry Mendoza Richard Myers Peter Nicholson Richard Parker Mario Packe Luis Quintero Elwyn Raffetto Edward Rowan Sol Samuels John Schulz Thomas Steen Harry Stockwell John Stoob William Thompson Rodney Tollef son James Townsend Kenneth Tucker Crane Walden Richard Welsh MEN John Haag Hans Hehnke Thomas Heric Ronald Larson William Lockett Charles Markakis Louis Mayer Louis Pelfini Richards Peoples Robert Pepper Gerald Pilz Joseph Raffetto Gordon Ritchie Roger Sandberg Wayne Schulz Albert Sohlberg Robert Stockwell William Struthers James Tocher Duane Trout Dolph Urban Devin Utter Minor White Robert Zanussi SPRING RESIDENTS Alton Bock Jerry Lykins Edward Hoffman Roy Mariani Rodney Jones Robert McDonald John Lee Robert Pierce Daniel Leonard Richard Rowe Jerome Whiting 379 Ahlport Chan Coates Downing Erskine Evers Forsey Freyschlag Gannon Haddican STERN HALL SPARKED WITH girls on Mortar Board, the Prytanean, and in other ASUC activities, and led by Presidents Alice Yackey and Marion Downing, the girls at Stern Hall enjoyed another successful season. The never-forgotten bridge and scrabble games, pajama parties, sitting around the fireplace on cold winter nights and sunbathing on the patio in the Spring, Stag Night, the Harvest Moon Ball at the Se- quoyah Country Club, the faculty dessert, the children ' s party at Christ- mas time, the Spring picnic, the ex- changes, the Senior Dinner, and the many pinnings and engagements will long be remembered. At the close of the year, the seniors carried on their tradition by lighting a candle for guidance through finals before saying farewell to Stern. Hart fey Hosmer Knopf Kroeger Lee Nesalhaus Schwede Thatcher Yackey Yun Bain Bokinskie Boynton Chang Clifford Dobrowsky Gunderson Hitt Middleton Mitchell Parkins Pepper Raggio Rasmussen Ryan Smith Stewart Weisel Wright Actis 380 Bally Constant Costa Fell Hart Irvine Jue Kearns Moore Osiel Price Rigunay Scott Sheekman Stuewe GRADUATE Joan Kingery SENIORS Appleton Marilyn Ahlport Regina Haddican Belcastro Ruth Chan Joan Hartley Brodovsky Joan Chargin Barbara Hosmer Brumwell Marilyn Coates Roberta Howson Bubar Marion Downing Leatrice Knopf Joanne Erskine Barbara Kroeger Margaret Evers Betty Lee Frances Forsey Beth Nesalhaus Carol Freyschlag Marie Schwede Margaret Gannon Roberta Thatcher Bue Myra Garrett Alice Yackey Chambers Alice Yun Cheek Ensler Gfadstein JUNIORS Linda Bain Mary Middleton Mary Bokinskie Donna Mitchell Patricia Boynton Durfee Parkins Priscilla Chang Sheila Pepper Marlene Clifford Allene Raggio Goldstein Diane Cowgill Claudia Rassmussen Happe Sherrill Dobrowsky Mildred Ryan Henry Glea Gunderson Sharon Smith Inadomi Nanon Hitt Josephine Stewart Kraft Theresa Hollander Barbara Weisel Janet Wright SOPHOMORES Ada Actis Anne Jud Leavey Marie Baily Dorothy Jue Lucas Janet Chipman Patricia Kearns Marchitelli Gwendolyn Constant Nancy Lund Pugh Carol Corzine Nancy Moore Sontag Rose Marie Costa Nanette Osiel Janet Dent Sarah Price Jean Fell Loretta Rigunay Janice Hart Marilyn Scott Miriam Irvine Sylvia Nancy Steuwe FRESHMEN Margaret Anderson Carola Henry Mary Appleton Grace Inadomi Nancy Belcastro Louise Kraft Joan Brodovsky Anna Rita Leavey Carolyn Brumwell Kate Lucas Sonia Bubar Antonette Marchitelli Ida Bue Marianne Pugh Kathleen Chambers Judith Sontag Catherine Cheek Marilyn Steiner Merle Ensler Marilyn Thum Susan Gladstein Helen Weiner Jean Goldstein Rochelle Weinstock Lois Happe Claire Young SPRING RESIDENTS Melza Biery Sylvia Hotchner Carolyn Deitch Barbara Mancarti Eva Field Gail Nelson Shirley Rapaport Steiner Thum Weiner Weinstock Young 381 PROSPECT TERRACE 2405 PROSPECT TERRACE GRADUATE Sue Hall SENIORS Daisy Borghi Jeanne Wisherd JUNIORS Ellen Assletten Shirley Dewald Janice Casagrande Phyllis Hilton Joan Derry Carol Lowe Phyllis Vincent SOPHOMORES Cathy Dotta Paula Roloff Judy Kohn Glenda Scherzinger Louren Norton Ann Summerton Betty Reid Roberta Violin Margaret Viora FRESHMEN Nancy Bowman Barbara Levin Nancy Derry Connie Macdougall Maryanne Downey Mary Ellen Pederson Asseletten Casagrande Hilton Vincent Levin WARRING PLACE 2434 WARRING STREET SENIORS Marilyn Fahning Ruth Goodstein JUNIORS Louise Coombs Susana Martinez Phyllis Fong Eva Mary Quilici SOPHOMORES Janice Aabling Anne MacLeod Mary Ann Day Virginia Male Carol Golder Sheila Mattson SPRING RESIDENTS Joy Bresner Lynn Hallowell Patricia Carey Dorothy Lum Betty Grau Lorraine Jean Yoshizuka Goodstein Martinez Quilici Elizabeth Sonnenberg FRESHMEN Evans Sarah Bestor Marcia Evans Joyce Blumenthal Diane Hook Arlene Burgle Sharon Judith Meyer 382 ,,,_!■„..31,..,... A -----__ —........_ __7.,,,„ t Mt -JP -1111is. mal11100 _ . . th IZI 71,71711:1114M. • , ...;;;;ini• A 11=1:11„isalie..Wil■ 04,tailillialitifir■ :Ili UMW ‘ ,. ■ ' ' ‘ ' ' ' ACE OF CLUBS (Intersorority Social O rganization) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Douglas, Marydee Maldonado, Eleanor Engs, Sarah Zumwald, Barbara Kinkead, Peggy Ross, Lynn Johanson, Nancy Robinson, Bar. bara Chesholm, Hilary Fitzpatrick, Jane Lowry, Sally Cook. 384 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Krauth, Ed Gilligan, Prof. Royal E. Ron Accornero, Bob Selby, Al Chase. SECOND ROW: Bob Markevitch, McHale, Dick DeLong, Robin Harris, William Ayers, Howard Kirk, Hank Weiner, Stan Brackett. 385 FIRST ROW, left to right: George Cossiolios, Patrick Roche, Sal Mascitelli, Carlos Cortes, Herschey Short, Walter Hale, Dick Sporgberg. SECOND ROW: Chuck Dickinson, Toni Marshall, John Dryden, Lee Jarnagin, Bi ll Chainey, Gil Winter, Don Seifert, Al Benelisha. THIRD ROW: Bill Johnson, Joe Verdu, Martin Zonligt, Jim Kaar, John McColman, Don Day, Phil Greer, Skip Stegnan, Art Woodworth, H. T. Leal, D. J. Thiessin, Arthur G. Mannion, Thomas Cook. FOURTH ROW: Ernie Krumm, Len Powers, Dave Gill, Thomas H. Doctor, James D. Thompson, Ray Younians, Mel Sommer, Ira Fritz, John Mountjoy, Bill Walker, Gordon Osborne, Jim Butenhof. ALPHA PHI OMEGA (National Boy Scout Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Chew, Charles Ripple, Dan Lee, Warren McCord, Barry Brown, Don Binninger, Hugh Washburn, John Brooks. SECOND ROW: James Shiro, Merritt Nelson, Allan Hammer, Jed Adams, Warren Forsythe, Gordon Johnson, Robert Morgan, John Larson. THIRD ROW: Jim Cox, Lon Spharler, Bob Wickman, Warren Emlin, Dr. A. E. Michelbacher, Dr. Edward Stone, Birger Tinglof, Jr., Armand Maggenti, Timothy Gaskin, Paul Benko, Don Lansdale. (Honorary Agricultural Fraternity) CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ALPHA ZETA AMERICAN RED CROSS COLLEGE UNITS FOUNDED, 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue McCabe, Carolyn Swenson, Beverly Woodward, Judy Baskind, Arden deMartini. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Wiley, Ellen Evans, Marianne Swanson, Patricia Schlink, Carolyn Deitch, Ada Marie Actis, Elaine Petrini, Patricia Payne. FIRST ROW, left to right: Oliver Smith, Bob Webber, Steve Garber, Jim Froid, Tom Lewis, Bob Crockett, Jack Hill, Hal Munn, Bill Blackmer. SECOND ROW: Jerry Drennan, Oak Hom, Bill Wong, Roger Zuniga, Glenn Twitcher ' , Pierre Brosseau, Paul Sorenson, Roger Fry, Brian Smith, Leigh Ballard. THIRD ROW: Haim Weinstein, Rich Bueermann, Lin-Hing Ng, Rod Thomas, Paul Siles, Unidentified, Fred Rabe, Tom Remington, Bill Clarke, Torn Mill. FOURTH ROW: Jim Alverson, Yukio Miyake, Marshall Pritten, Frank Yee, Ken Secor, Sig Freeman, Barney Johnson, Bill Blackmer, Frank Salfingere, Israel Naor. FIFTH ROW: Prof, J. W. Kelly, Dave Hendricks, John Mitchell, Phil Woods, Bob Schotterer, Leo McIntyre, Bob McLaughlin, John Dosier, Prof. J. W. Johnson, Prof, J. H. Jones. ASCE PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED. 1852 U.C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED, 1921 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 386 387 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY (National Air Force Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, 1947 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SQUADRON FOUNDED, 1952 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT SQUADRONS FIRST ROW, left to right: Dick Massing, Mike Schwabacher, Al Talley, Forrest Storz, Wint Mather, Jack Reeves, Howard Wiggins, John Williams. SECOND ROW: Al Ghidossi, Bob Kubin, Jack McCollum, Larry Cotter, Bruce Garland, Jim WooIms, Bob Garst, Dick Marston, Al Humphrey. THIRD ROW: Leo Percher, Dan Gould, Wes Owens, John Taylor, Ron Lyons, Art Genus, Lon Spur- rier, John Marlor. FOURTH ROW: Al Thompson, Bob Johnson, C. H. Flemer, Jed Adams, Jerry Down, John Parr, Merritt Herring, Tom Seale, Capt. Geo. W. Barnes. FIRST ROW, left to right: Keith Henrie, Donald Mortensen, Saifullah Khan, Atsuma Matsuoka, Jack Rodden, Phillip Bray, Walter Kask, David Eberly. S ECOND ROW: Walter Grens, Don TeSelle, Joseph Rodgers, R. V. Goats, Les Mitchell, George Wilson. THIRD ROW: H. W. Iverson, Ernest Martin, Jacob Ben-Ary, William Nephew, Roger Diggins, E. S. Starkman. FOURTH ROW: Myron Dunn, Harold Heide, Doug Tanner, Robert Greene, Val VitoIs, Lee Watkins. ASME PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED, 1880 UC STUDENT BRANCH ESTABLISHED 1911 Anderson Bartalini De Soto Dietz Baum Erb Gerhart Gonos Greschal Humphreys King Mellis Miles Munger Romiti Whitson BALL AND CHAIN (Managers Honor Society) Fall OFFICERS Spring Dick Bartalini President Dick Miles Chuck Stehr Vice-President John Gerhart Maynard Munger Secretary Mike de Soto Jim Humphreys Treasurer Spiro Mellis Alden Anderson Dick Bartalini Elliot Baum Dave Birenbaum Dave Dietz Michael de Soto Richard Erb Arthur Gonos MEMBERS John Gray John Gerhart Charles Greschel James Humphreys Frank Honea David King James Matthews Spiro Mellis Richard Miles Maynard Munger Michael Rottetto Vergil Romiti Chuck Stehr Ronald Trinay Bill Whitson 388 BETA ALPHA PSI (National Accounting Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1911 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 389 FIRST ROW, left to right: Allan Humphrey, Jim Lieberman, Howard Williams, Bill Colescott, Chris Tellefson. SECOND ROW: John Copren, Tom Miller, Jerry Fredgren, Bill Isbell, Merritt Nelson, Earl Jack, Dick James Russell, Elliott Shapero, Louis Kahn, Tony L. Martinez, Robert Mott, Dan Lee. BATON (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Ann Thomford, George Stiles, Louis Weider, Jack Marzluft, Robert Perry, Shirley Smith. SECOND ROW: Kwun Dai Koo, Adolph Nicolai, Bert Gardner, Stanley Stevens, Burtram Alsterlind, Paul Friedenbach, Kurt Fraenkel, Hanoch Hassoun, Edward Filomeo, Herbert Smith, Leo Pircher. THIRD ROW: George Staubus, Erick Erickson, Leonard Doyle, Maurice Moonitz, Morton Moss, Catherine Quire, Lawrence Vance, Dale McKeen, Samuel Hepworth. eff ammo ow( IMP `SW MMM a mma som m- me, — FALL—FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Alice Cclbath, Prof. Theodore Maim (faculty advisor), Mrs. Joy Ohno, John Zenco, Daisy Barghi, Ray Krehoff, Prof. Roberts, Vena Mae Twist. SECOND ROW: Amos Ewiden, Shirley Smith, Grace Dnoitcoun, Burt lind, Violet Nozaki, Nonubin Billawala, Piscatelli. THIRD ROW: Leonard Leone, John Moffat, David Cassinefli, John Panthione, Ramon Washam, Stanley Koo, Leo Pircher. BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 390 FIFTY CHAPTERS SPRING—FIRST ROW, left to right: Lewis Vohland, D. Arey Cavanaugh, Mary Heerey, Prof. Paul F. Wendt (faculty advisor), Dolores Jones, Patricia Boynton, Jack Marzluft, Amos Maggy. SECOND ROW: Charles Gianola, Donald Abe, Chuck 0. Lee, Jean L. Saey, Thomas Kelley, John D. Taylor, Rod Duncan, Harry Hicks, John Moore. Jack Cook James Coy John Crouder Eshima Tach Everett Guild Wallace Haas Jack Ken George Kohoclani James Mathews James Milford Clif Nahata Roy Rinermonte George Shaw Frank Smizer CHI ALPHA KAPPA (Professional Architecture Fraternity) FOUNDED 1922 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: John Jones, Joseph Cham, Paul Siles, R. G. Webber, Jerry Drennan, Fred Graebe, Homer Holmes, Gordon Louie, Jimmie Quon. SECOND ROW: John Storrs, Jim ANerson, Oak Hom, John Dryden, Lee David, Burt Swenson, Sigmund Freeman, N. Pierre Gaston, Edward Wilson, I. Dagan. THIRD ROW: Yee Young, Dan Power, John Nelson, Lin-Hing Ng, Leigh H. Ballard, W. H. Howard, Robert G. Schotterer, Barnard C. Johnson, Lewis Pritten, Phil Woods, Don Harris. FOURTH ROW: Ken Beebe, Floyd Mellon, Daniel Finnigan, Roy Vaughn, Robert McLaughlin, Thomas Lewis, Bill Blackmer, James Froid, Paul Sorensen, Leslie Noronha, K. H. Atesh ian. CHI EPSILON (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS 391 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION This organization was founded in 1907 for the purpose of uniting the Christian Scientists in the University of California in closer bonds of Christian fellowship, and to afford to those of this University so desiring, opportunities to learn more about Christian Science. The organization welcomes the campus public to its Tuesday evening meetings, at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given; to a Christian Science lecture given once a semester by a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts; and to the open house given each semester. The activities of the organization are conducted entirely by its member- ship, which is composed of registered stude nts and faculty members of the University. These activities are carried on through various committees such as the Accommodations committee, which maintains a file of living accommoda- tions and work offered to and requested by Christian Science students attend- ing the University; and the Library committee, which maintains a library open to the campus public where the weekly lesson sermon may be read or borrowed. The organization ' s present edifice was completed in 1933 and dedicated in the spring of 1941. The campus public is cordially invited to its meeting and to participate in its activities. 392 FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Fini, Jean Varney, Mrs. Milton Ben (sponsor), Janice Herman. SECOND ROW: Mileva Prodanovich, Jim Dobson, Frances Printz, Tom Lawler. COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN Fall 1953 OFFICERS Spring 1954 M ' liss Harris President Joan Varney Janice Culver First Vice-President Mileva Prodanovich Joan Varney Second Vic e-President Marilyn Fini Lilyan Moore Third Vice-President Sue Jenkins Marilyn Lowe Secretary Frances Printz Jean Evanikoff Treasurer Janice Herman Barbara Ackerman Joanne Anderson Margaret Barshall Nancy Belcastro Lucia Brandon Bev Breitenbucher Pat Brogan Carol Boynton Jean Campbell Joan Carter Dolores Conta Gay Cortes Janice Culver Jeannie Culver Ruth Dean Pat Degenhart Dorothy Dodge Yvonne Dorion Dianne Elliott Jean Evanikoff Joyce Evans Marilyn Fini Camilla Frieder Janet Friederich Jo Ann Galli Barbara George Anne Gordon Dina Gray Carol Hack MEMBERS Barbara Hagemann Margaret Harris M ' liss Harris Nelda Herby Janice Herman Shirley Hickey Laleta Hindman Shirley Holm Joyce Jenkins Sue Jenkins Helen Jensen Dolores Jones Priscilla Kennedy Ann King Anna Knight Sylvia Knowlton Ruthie Kummerfield Barbara Kyte Ann La Grone Lois Leverone Marilyn Lowe Alice McCrudden Mary Ellen McLean Letha Martin Nancy Lee Martin Shirley Michael Jeanette Mendosa Joan Metz Diane Moncrieff Lilyan Moore Pat Morley Wynona Muchletz Shirley Norman Adrienne Oscaumou Beverly Overstreet Elinor Parr Carol Peterson Nancy Pierce Kandy Pixley Joanne Pleuss Eleanor Pratt Frances Printz Mileva Prodanovich Ann Smith Hillis Steele Claire Stewart Nancy Straszer Lorraine Sullivan Rosie Tallerico Helen Varney Joan Varney Helen Vaughn Genie Von Glahn Marilyn Weber Nanette Wells Nancy Williamson Vaden Willis Miriam Zorish 393 DELTA PHI EPSILON Birch Cameron Crawford Epps Glenn Hovannisian Hubbs Sommer Stem Stewart Swezaki Tucker Underhill (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Guelino Lucchi, Ronald Compton, George Gregcry, Russell Bennett, Gerald Moore, William Toles (secretary), Bernard S. Albert (chairman), Charles Lear, George Matsubara (treasurer). SECOND ROW: John Leavell, Dick Breitenstein (vice chairman), Bob Fifield, Hugh Mays, Julian Hearne, Percy Lea. THIRD ROW: Hiroshi Mori, Julius Stegman, Bob Monroe, Roger Rhodes, Wah Lee, Robert Webb, Laurel Spinazze. FOURTH ROW: Prof. H. J. Scott (IRE counselor), Prof. C. F. Dalziel (AIEE counselor), Bill McKee, Paul Hart, Carlos Coelho, Dick Zee, Tom Hackley. 1JCSEE (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE) FOUNDED IN 1947 394 Baum Friedman Johnson Jorgenson March, D. March, P. Matejack Miller Mitchel l N oral I Pracht Saunders Stott Stevick Stocker Summers DELTA SIGMA PI (Professional Business and Commerce Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, 1907 RHO CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Fall OFFICERS Spring James Jorgensen President Bob Hein Guy Stevick Vice-President Paul March David Mitchell Secretary Stephen Patterson Burt Norall Treasurer Dick McSorley Stephen Patterson Junior Warden James Jorgensen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert Gordon Sproul Clark Kerr Donald Votaw Royal Roberts Burt Norall David Mitchell Stephen Patterson Richard McSorley Guy Stevick Paul March Frank Brandis Daniel March MEMBERS James Jorgensen Herb Miller Norm Stott Robert Hein Elliot Baum Fred Pracht PLEDGES Jack Saunders Richard Kelly Frank Brandes, Jr. Russell Summers Robert Neilson Winton Mather Ronald Matejeck Douglas Johnson Daniel Friedman Ed Stocker 395 ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 1915 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: George Matsubara, George Tally, Albert Sheldon, William Burgess, Wilbur Twelker, Don Azevedo, Hugh Mays, Ammon Yurbursky, Garry Pitt. SECOND ROW: Andrejs Olte, Carl Schlaepfer, Jaan Kannelaud, Brad Kruger, Dick Gradella, Ron Compton, Guelino Lucchi. THIRD ROW: Saul Havillo, Pauf Hart, Charles Kulmann, Lauret Spinazza, Bob Bremmer, Gunars Kemanis. FOURTH ROW: Roland Schinzinger, Ernest Fish. FIFTH ROW: Charles LeVezu, Edward Wong, Bill McKee, Howard Jory. SIXTH ROW: mand Staprans, Garth Wilson. U. C. FORESTRY CLUB (Member of Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY 396 OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 FIRST ROW, left to right: Ric Hierr, H. C. Schwarz, Ted Nelson, Ann Shide- ler, Tom Neil, Glenn Davies, Herbert Webber, Ze ' ev Vered, Robert Lavell. SECOND ROW: Larry Burton, D. L. Binninger, Fred Isbell, Dick Steyer, Dick Day, Jim Lavender, Skip Benediktson, R. W. Gardner, Verner Laursen. THIRD ROW: Paul Kevin, Amrain Kadish, David Sanguinetti, Phill Lowell, Douglas Hayden, Myron Krueger. FOURTH ROW: Lon Spharlar, Don Biddison, James Shiro, Al Harris, Jerry Colby, Ken Clark, John Zivnuska. FIFTH ROW: James Cox, Bill Munro, Kieth Arnold, F. S. Baker, R. M. Barr, H. J. Vaux. A FIRST ROW, left to right: Marion Merlotti, Jane Stornetta, Beverly Fitch, Marguerite Van Derwerker, Charron Johnson, Pat Conley, Monte Newman. SECOND ROW: Frances Davis, Alma Sutton, Juanita Badynek, Martha Davidson, Dot Gerreck, THIRD ROW: Barbara George Helen Gaines, Margot Eichmann, Sylvia Swan, Jeanne Hoppe. THIRD ROW: Nancy Coetschine, June Hanson, Dorelle Eaggleton, Donna Coryell, Margot Arlom, Janice Morgan, Marilyn Neil. GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA ( National Women ' s Service Sorority) KAPPA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1953 OFFICERS President Beverly Ann Fitch First Vice-President Margot Arlom Second Vice-President Charran Johnson Third Vice-President Sylvia Sivan Recording Secretary Pat Conley Corresponding Secretary Margot Eichmann Treasurer Marilyn Weit Historian Marion Merlotti Parliamentarian Jeanne Hoppe Chaplain Jane Stornetta Song Leader Jane Stornetta Advisor Mrs. Marguerite Van Derwerker THE PURPOSE of this organization is to assemble the women of the University of California in the spirit of service to humanity, to develop leadership, to promote service to the student body and faculty, to youth and community, to the members of the sorority, to the nation as participating citizens, and to develop friendships among women of all nationalities and creeds through working side by side and through the efforts to fulfill the goals common to all. Among the group ' s activities this year were ushering for the Spring Talent Show, sponsoring the Howdy Hop, working on Co-Rec Nights, and managing various booths. 397 GAVEL AND HILL ( Class Activities Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1949 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Joan Brady, Betty Tersian, Claudia Beebee, John Kerby-Miller, Liz Bahls, Bobbe Beatty, Judy O ' Connel. SECOND ROW: Wes McDaniel, Lucie Branden, Eve Gard, Benjy Abramovice, Izzy Urquiza, Frank Cabral, Mary Ann Austin, Cookie Holtz, Dick Erb. THIRD ROW: Bob Hamilton, Dick Marston, Carl Walker, Jerry Gilbert, Nancy Martin, Sue Mathews, Gladys Tolhurst, Ray Young. NOT PICTURED: Alison Giddings. 398 HAMMER AND DIMMER ( Technical Dramatic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Esther Alcalay, William Shane, Virginia Capps, Janet man, Douglas Zug, Ronald Seawright. GOLDEN BEAR (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George P. Adams Warren Harding Giedt William J. Norton David P. Barrows Phillip F. Griffin Peter Odegard Albert M. Becker Farnham Griffiths Gus Olson Louis H. Bell, Jr. Gordon Griffiths George A. Pettitt Eric Bellquist Charles A. Gulick Clarence M. Price Allen Blaisdell Gerald H. Hagar Joseph Quire George Briggs Theodore E. Haley Alva W. Ragan John U. Calkins Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Leon J. Richardson James Cason Brutus Hamilton James C. Sheridan Ralph Chaney James T. Harkness James Sheppard Milton Chernin Lawrence A. Harper Robert Sibley Walter Christie Edward H. Heller Owen Guinn Smith Paul Christopolos John D. Hicks Vernon M. Smith John B. Condliffe Joel Hildebrand Herman A. Spindt James H. Corley Harold Hitchcock Robert Gordon Sproul Chas. C. Cushing Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Redmond C. Staats Alva Davis Fred Jordan Verne A. Stadtman William J. Davis Richard Kelly Wendell M. Stanley William H. Davis Robert L. Kersey Hurford Stone Malcolm M. Davisson Clark Kerr Fred S. Stripp William R. Dennes A. M. Kidd John P. Symes Charles Derleth Frank L. Kidner Jacobus Tenbroek Monroe E. Deutsch Harry L. Kingman Sedgefield H. Thompson E. A. Dickson Elmo J. Koll Ian Turner William G. Donald John E. Landon Robert M. Underhill Harry Boardman Drobish George Louderback Lester Uren Carroll Ebright Stanley E. McCaffrey William W. Wadman Greg Englehard Donald H. McLaughlin Lynn 0. Waldorf Clint Evans Gerald E. Marsh Harold Walt Earl J. Fenston Woodrow W. Middlekauf Garff Wilson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Rolfe D. Miller Baldwin M. Woods Walter S. Frederick John F. Neylan Henry S. Yee Harold C. Norton Jed A. Adams Samuel Adams Ram S. Agrawal Robert J. Albo Willis U. Anderson, Jr. ■• Walter R. Anderson Willard R. Ash Robert P. Atkinson Chester R. Bartalini, Jr. William W. Bell William J. Bibb Bert E. Blackwelder Samuel B. Breck Barton A. Brown Frank R. Burrows Richard A. Clarke Robert W. Collins John V. Copren, Jr. Edward P. Cunliffe Robert S. Daggett Richard J. Day Douglas S. Dempster Donald R. Denton Peter C. Dolliver Roderic Duncan John P. Engvall Leo S. Gill MEMBERS Douglas H. Gordon Peter D. Hannaford Donald R. Harkness Donald J. Hartley Richard M. Hexter Richard J. Holler Preston B. Hotchkiss George Huaco Nathaniel Huggins Harold R. Hungerford, Jr. Marvin A. Huss, Jr. Albert J. Johnson Luis E. Kahn Toshihiko Kajitani Erwin L. Kelly, Jr. Robert R. Kilpatrick James C. Kotler Charles H. Krebs, Jr. Jerome Lackner Jay H. Long James A. McTighe Paul D. Marr Tewis P. Martin, Jr. Winton E. Mather Keith W. Meserve Jack A. Meyer Richard N. Miles Herbert P. Moore, Jr. William B. Morrish Harold Q. Noack, Jr. John D. Partridge James A. Paul Paul A. Peterson James C. Porterfield Richard R. Righter James N. Ross Jack L. Rubin Frank W. Salfingere, Jr. Herbert K. Schmitz David H. Seymour Daniel A. Sharp Bill Somerville Stephen H. Sosnick Lonnie V. Spurrier Alfred F. Talley, Jr. John D. Taylor Donald C. Timmerman Nicholas Veliotes Edward Wachsman Carl A. Walker George A. Wright Theodore H. Yale Frank Yee 399 ELIA (A National Organization Devoted to Cultural, Religious and Counciling Service Among Jewish Students on the College Campus) FIRST ROW, left to right: Bernard Robinson, Liela Seagel, Lore Meuders, Eleanor Jacobs, Joan Spencer, Makel Halstein, Stan Loeb (president). SECOND ROW: Charles Krahrualkov, Sandra Meyers, Leland Levy, Irwin Levin, Erline Wachman, Lylan Radar, Melinda Adelson, Tauke Kaufman. THIRD ROW: Helen Walder, Louis Kesman, Robert Cowan, Reese Polevsky, Lawrence Siegel, Sue Dekofsky, Irwin Talerico, Dan Blum, Robert Golderman, Robert Jaffa, Mrs. Hieda Singer (program director), Dr. Ephraim Fischoff (director). HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FOUR HUNDRED CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Evelyn Venstrom, Joanne Lowry, Emily Hall, La Nelle Bainer, Mary Low. SECOND ROW: Marie Inman-Kane, Carol Chambers, Marion Prince, Peggy Kleeman, Unidentified, Janet Heinman, Joyce Nelson. THIRD ROW: Mary Simmons, Carol Spiekerman, Ann Pickier, Bobbie Beatty, Phyllis Frank, Yvonne McHann, Mary Rothganger, Annabelle Christiansen. 400 401 FIRST ROW, left to right: Larry Wong, Catherine Mock, Flo Wilson, Myra Garrett, Donna Shoemaker, R. E. McDonnell, Bruce Olson. SECOND ROW: Donald Read, Ben Swein, Dick Grace, Eugene Vaughn, Bob Wilkins, Paul Dougherty, Hank Wilson, George Holt. LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON (National Law Enforcement Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LOS ANGELES, 1936 EIGHT CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Ted Swift, Princetta Smith, Shirley Tamblyn, Johnson, Louise Stroud, Ruth Peterson, Rosa Lee Upton, Robert Lim. SECOND ROW: " Pop " White, Jack Weber, Kay Harrington, Wilma Wuthrick, Ron Symmy, Walt Von Flue, Jerry Thiers, John Hubbard, Tom Stanwyck, Nathaniel Smith, Gil Brooks, Ken Vuletich, Harry Blankenburg, Richard sen, David Alford. THIRD ROW: Mr. Owens, Gil Hudson, Keith Larson, Larry Gustafson, Clyde Foster, Ernie Hansen, Bruce Calkins, Norman Penner, Carl Cripe. (University Christian Fellowship) INTERDENOMINATIONAL FOUNDED 1933 HORTON HALL INTERNATIONAL HOUSE FROM ASIA, from Africa, from Europe, from Pacific Islands—from 57 areas, including the United States, come the residents of International House. Living and working together, they exemplify the motto and purpose of I house: " That Brotherhood May Prevail. " Residents this year come from: Argentina Finland Norway Australia France Pakistan Austria Germany Peru Belgium Greece Philippine Islands Brazil Guatemala Portugal British Guiana Hong Kong Puerto Rico Burma India Rumania Canada Indonesia Scotland Ceylon Iran Singapore Chile Iraq Spain China Israel Sweden Colombia Italy Switzerland Cuba Jamaica Syria Denmark Japan Tahiti Ecuador Korea Thailand Egypt Lebanon Trans Jordan El Salvador Mexico Turkey England Netherlands United States Fiji Islands New Zealand Venezuela 402 MASK AND DAGGER ( Dramatic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Capps, Janet Cheesman, Aina Grinbergs. SECOND ROW: Bill Shane, Ronald Seawright, Douglas Zug. 403 OMICRON NU (National Home Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1944 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Coles, Claire De Backer, Carol Chambers, Marion Prince, Gaile Leavitt, Ann Pickier, Violet Young. MASONIC CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Roberts, Al Leighton, Dick Hill, Mike Sweeney, Arnold Soderberg, Don Freeman, Frank Vanskike, Art Chapman, Frank Rodman. SECOND ROW: George Denny, Shirley Pitts, Vonnie Doiron, Joan Metz, Pat Degenhart, Sue Jenkins, Shirley Dabel, Env Johansson, Gail Schaefer, Chad Smith. (Coeducational Student Center for Masonic Affiliates) FOUNDED 1923 Fall OFFICERS Spring Don Freeman President Arnold Soderberg Pat Degenhart Vice-President Shirley Dabel Ralph Gillette Treasurer Al Leighton Al Leighton Corresponding Secretary Loretta Null Sue Jenkins Membership Secretary Vonnie Doiron Gail Schaeffer Recording Secretary Sue Jenkins George Denney Chaplain Chad Smith Mrs. Edna Morton if ostess Mrs. Edna Morton Diane Elliot I Frank Vanskike Shirley Dable Emy Johansson Harmon Bigelow Dick Hill Representatives David Fairhurst Joan Metz Ed Borden Don Roberts Art Chapman Chad Smith Arnold Soderberg Pat Degenhart Eldon HansenMike Sweeney Appointed Officers Jim Shirley Pitts [ Frank Rodman Dr. Rudolph Stohler Faculty Sponsor Dr. Rudolph Stohler MEMBERS Jane Abbott Corydon Edgecomb Jim Kidder Kenneth Seikel Gheen Abbott Diane Elliott Renee Lehriam Melvin Sharpe Betty Adams David Fairhurst Leland Kocher Beverly Smith Leone Anderson Dollie Farine Sandra Littlewood Chad Smith Joanne Anderson Sharon Finn Glenn Laursen David Smith Bob Airhart Patricia Flegal Vernen Laursen James Smith Robert Asnard Virginia Fox Robert Lee June Smith Frank Bendschneider Don Freeman Alan Leighton Robert Smits Ray Benson Janet Friedrich Daniel Leonard Ann Sobey Henry Berke Daniel Gan Frank Lortscher Arnold Soderberg Harmon Bigelow Ralph Gillette Betty Jean Mabee Carl Soderberg Joseph Blachshaw Bill Greshchel Virginia Mallery Gordon Spencer Edward Borden Charles Greshchel Dan Menzel Joan Spiersch Daniel Bozich Rodney Griffin Joan Metz Allan Sprague Norman Bradshaw Kenneth Hack Frederick Monroe Kent Steffgen James Brammer Barbara Hageman James Murphey Rudolph Stohler Beverly Breitenbucher Walter Hale James McClelland Carolyn Striker Muriel Brown Eld on Hanson Sally McDonald William Struthers William Burney Nena Hansen Lawrence McNear Sue Summerll Eugene Caldwell Joe Hagler Lawrence McNutt Michael Sweeney Trudi Camal Stuart Harvey Alice MeCrudden Frank Taussing • Robert Cannon Robert Hattrup Loretta Null Shirley Ann Toms John Caton Charles Haugen Charles Pillsbury Sheldon Toor Clifford Chang Nelda Herby Lillian Pi ssott Gary Underhill Robert Chang Carlyn Hill Shirley Pitts Carol Van Hatten Lanny Christiansen Dick Hill Karen Price Frank Vanskike Arthur Chapman Robert Hines Beverly Overstreet Walter Voltz Robert Chung Meredith Hinze Lynne Rauscher Frank Walker Lewis Colby Neva Hitchcock David Reese Rodney Warren Christie Cordill Richard Holmes Helmut Reinhardt David Webb Deane Critchley Richard Howard Allen Remell Nancy Welch Shirley Dabel Richard Hotchkiss Joy Richardson Henry White Pat Degenhart Earl Jack Donald Roberts Lloyd White Dawson Dean Robert Jaffa Jane Robinson Beth Wiese Ruth Dean Leland Jarnagin Frank Rodman Loy Wiese George Denny Sue Jenkins Bob Rouner Alec Willis Alice Den ton Emy Johansson Walter Rose Gale Wilson Albert Dixon Carl Johnson Thomas Russell James Woollen Vonnie Doiron Francis Kibbe Gail Schaefer John Worchester Richard Edgar Richard Kickashenr Donald Scott Harris Zeff John Scott 404 Ahlport Baldwin Donnely Folsom Giddings Harris Hartley Hawley Hosking Kinkaid Kummerfield Kyte Millard Paine Sullivan Swales Thatcher MORTAR BOARD ( Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY SPONSORS Mrs. Joseph Quire Mrs. Donald McLaughlin Mrs. Clark Kerr Leila Anderson Margaret Beattie Carol Simmons Bell Mrs. Ralph Chaney Louise Cobb Mary Davidson HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Monroe Deutsch Helen Fancher Alice Hoyt Mrs. Clark Kerr Mrs. Joseph Quire Violet Marshall Lillie Sherman Mrs. R. G. Sproul Lucy Stebbins Mrs. Lynn Waldorf Dr. Margaret Zeff OFFICERS President Ann Paine Vice-President Nancy Harris Secretary Marian Sullivan Treasurer Lois Folsom Scribe Lu Swales MEMBERS Marilyn Ahlport Joan Hartley Barbara Kyte Joanne Baldwin Ann Hawley Janet Millard Eugenia Donnely Peggy Ann Hosking Ann Paine Lois Folsom Barbara Kinkaid Marion Sullivan Alison Giddings Ruth Kummerfield Luita Swales Nancy Harris Roberta Thatcher 405 PANILE (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary) FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Munger, Joanne Hall, Barbara Clymer, garet Anderson, Dot Thelan. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Mayer, Judy O ' Connell, Dea Lea Vanderboom, Gaye Weisenfeld, Caryl ' Kistler, Bernice Bronson, Tia Pinney, Jeanne Doolittle. THIRD ROW: Mary Aulwurm, Sara Zumwalt, bara Blodin, Carol Prather, Nancy Elliott, Anita Mohr, Margaret Levis, Joan Brady, Martha McBride, Liz Walden. OFFICERS Fall Barbara Clymer President Carolyn Wood Vice-President Joan Brady Recording Secretary Gaye Weisenfeld Corresponding Secretary Barbara Blodin Treasurer Margaret Anderson Philanthropy Chairman Barbara Barton Mary Davidson Ruth Donnely HONORARY MEMBERS Katherine Fischer Elsie Foster Alice Hoyt Joyce Jenson Catherine Quire Katherine Towle FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Ruth Donnely ALUMNAE ADVISOR Jody Zuber Margaret Anderson Mary Aulwurm Barbara Bloden Joan Brady Bernice Brosden Barbara Clymer Jean Doolittle Nancy Elliott Ann Graft Jean Harris MEMBERS Joan Haw Katherine Howard Caryl Kistler Margaret Levis Martha McBride Anita Mohr Charlotte Moyer Geraldine Munger Judith O ' Connell Marilyn Paul Cynthia Pinney Carol Prather Roselyn Puterman Dorothy Thelan Dea Lea Vanderboom Elizabeth Waldie Gaye Wiesenfeld Carolyn Wood Sara Zumwalt 4C11, FIRST ROW, left to right: Ed Della Maggiora, Treasurer; Carole Grupe, Secretary; Bruce Ricks, President; Fred Stone, President. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Heinbockei, Sheri Thompson, Doris Holgman, Janet Glading, Roxana Bowman, Patricia Malloy, Kenneth Lemings, Roman Pavlich, Jerry Riskin. THIRD ROW: Albert Minami, Robert Nash, Josepr Kovalik, Donald Jordan, Charles Stroh, Jerry Lykins, Robert Katooka, Donn Smith, Robert Zanussi, Don Tamasello. FOURTH ROW: Davis Ralston, Wilfred Ross, Donald Harvey, Jack McNees, Don Faries, Tom Ganiats, Denny Stanley, Jerry Vonderake, Neal Wells, Don Swatman, Doug Huntze. FIFTH ROW: Mon New, Edward Arana, Matty Abbate, Robert Tennyson, Jack Saroyan. PRE DENTAL SOCIETY Kathy Crawford Helen Zachmann Janice Hungerford Marianne Truscott PI ALPHA SIGMA ( National Professional Advertising Society) UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1937 OFFICERS President Kathy Crawford Vice-President Helen Zachmann Secretary Janice Hungerford Treasurer Marianne Truscott Pi ALPHA SIGMA is a society for women interested in the field of advertising and the opportunities for employment along this line. This Spring they par- ticipated in the High School Publications Conference and acted as co-hostesses along with Alpha Delta Sigma, the men ' s advertising society, at the dance following the conference. 407 FIRST ROW, left to right: Kate Lucas, Esther Edery, Lois Burton, Geraldine Garrison, Bob Joyce, Anne Wheeler, Karl Peterman, Harvey Weintraub, Frank Spinelli, Rudy Moos, Dennis Patton, Glenn Fortini, Merton Downing, Roland Nyegaard. SECOND ROW: Walt Birnbaum, Don Swanson, Frank Walker, Al Crosby, Don Flickenger, Dick Pracone, Bob Parcella, Joyce Sims, Dick Hill, Eugene Green, Jean Brandt-Erichsen, Isao Fujimoto. THIRD ROW: Dick Gladden, John Newell, Herb Vogler, Ed Shonfeld, Forest Van Vleck, Al Luccero, Walter Hashimoto, Reed Miller, Thelma Saugstead, Marianne Pugh, Paul Schwarzbart. PREMEDICAL SOCIETY THE PURPOSE of the Premedical Society is to encourage, aid and orient the premedical student to the challenge he has before him. The society offers to all premedical students: Authoritative speakers from the various medical fields. Restricted medical and surgical films. Field trips to hospitals, laboratories and institutions. A bimonthly publication of pertinent information. A complete library of medical school catalogues. Banquets, dances and other social events. Fall OFFICERS Spring Harvey Weintraub President Bob Joyce Karl Peterman Vice-President, Activities Rudy Moos Frank Spinelli Vice-President, Advising Don Flickenger Carolee Anne Wheeler Secretary Jean Brandt-Erichsen Pat McLin .Treasurer Anne Wheeler Bob Joyce Publications Chairman Roland Nyegaard Rudy Moos Publicity Chairman Dick Gladden 408 FIRST ROW, left to right: Jan Cleveland, Marianne Truscott, Carol Spiekerman, Julie Geary, Margaret Wagner, Beverly Braun, Carole Gerhardy, Nancy Braken. SECOND ROW: Nan Nelson, Joan McRae, Barbara Kyte, Connie Valadez, Mrs. Marguerite Van Derwerker, Nancy Moncure, Miss Alice Hoyt, Janice Hungerford, Mary Kelly, Ann Hawley. THIRD ROW: Betty Terzian, Liz Bahls, Sue Bietzel, Shirley Berry, Dot Thelen, Joanne Stahes, Lucie Brandon, Carol Mixter, Nancy Poe, Sue Matthews, Barbara Templeton, Peggy Hosking, Marilyn Bobet, Lynne Goree. FOURTH ROW: Lee Chapman, Peggy La Violette, Rosemary Mehan, Marianne Sullivan, Ann Paine, Janet Millard, Gayle Rivers, Alison Giddings, Gladys Tolhurst, Nancy Robinson, Barbara Clymer, Lou Curtice. OFFICERS President Nancy Moncure Vice-President Nancy Robinson, Julie Geary (Junior-Senior Women ' s Honorary) Secretary Margaret Wagner FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY Treasurer Barbara Templeton, Nan Nelson OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 Membership Chairman Carole Gerhardy ONE CHAPTER Projects Chairman. Leslie Spence PRYTANEAN UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Miss Leila Anderson Mrs. Sue Brown Miss Sarah Davis Mrs. Marion King Miss Aurora Quiros Mrs. Barbara Armstrong Mrs. Amy Bumstead Mrs. Ruth Donnelly Mrs. Jean Macfarlane Miss Carmel Riley Mrs. Anna Bahme Miss Marjorie Carlton Miss Anna Espenschade Mrs. Margaret MeQuery Miss Agnes Robb Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Vera Carlton Miss Hope Cladding Mrs. Hildegard Millar Miss Lillie Sherman Miss Eleanor Bartlett Miss Louise Cobb Mrs. Marie Glass Mrs. Agnes Morgan Miss Constance Steel Miss Margaret Beattie Mrs. Charlie Clarke Mrs. Katherine Gowdy Miss Florence Mullins Miss Katherine Towle Miss Frederica Bernhard Miss Edith Coulter Miss Pauline Hidgson Miss Margaret Murdock Mrs. Marguerite Van Der Werker Miss Olga Bridgman Miss Lucille Czarnowski Miss Alice Hoyt Miss Cecil Piper Dr. Margaret Zeff Mrs. Mary Davidson Mrs. Joyce Henson Mrs. Catherine Quire MEMBERS Seniors Marilyn Ahlport Carole Gerhardy Pat Krieger Sally Carr Parker Betty Terzian Shirley Berry Alison Giddings Ruth Kummerfeld 3ayle Rivers Joan Tempel Marilyn Bobet Lynne Goree Barbara Kyte Nancy Robinson Barbara Templeton Lucia Brandon Nancy Harris Meredith Luther Caroline Naus Schooley Roberta Thatcher Janet Cleveland Joan Hartley Sue Madden Betty Carol Shinn Gladys Tolhurst Gwenna Lee Coyne Ann Hawley Carmelite Mallea Leslie Spence Connie Valadez Eugenia Donnelly Peggy Hosking Janet Millard Lorraine Sullivan Margaret Wagner Marion Downing Barbara Kinkead Nancy Moncure Marian Sullivan Sally Watson Dorothy Garrick lanes Kirby Claire Nelson Luita Swales Georgia Wilcox Ann Paine Juniors Elizabeth Bahls Mary Lou Clausen Jean Harris Joan McRae Carol Spiekerman Sue Beitzel Barbara Clymer Janice Hungerford Rosemary Meehan Jeanne Stokes Lou Bishop Louella Curtice Mary Kelly Carol Mixter Dorothy Thelan Nancy Bracken Armanita Dickey Cleone Koehnen Anita Mohr Marianne Truscott Beverly Braun Susan Gardner Peggy La Violette Nanette Nelson Carolyn Wood Janet Chantler Julie Geary Kathy Little Nancy Poe Helen Zachmann Lee Chapman Ann Hall Sue Matthews Sharon Smith 409 RN ' S ON CAMPUS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1947 FIRST ROW, left to right: Marjorie Hess, Barbara Young, Cally Konkel, Bar- bara Small, Mary Games, Agnes 011erdessen. SECOND ROW: Ruth Johnson, Nora Tam, Ruthan Shorts, Barbara IVIurphre, Fe Clara Paez. THIRD ROW: Eliza- beth Rice, Antcinette Harris, Mary Skeen. SIGMA DELTA CHI (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SEATED, left to right: Jim Paul, Bob Tripp, Brian Adams, John Crabbe. STANDING: Klint Johnson, Don Kechley, Jim Stevens, Bob McEver, Harry Lee, Rod Duncan, Doug Dempster. FIRST ROW, left to right: Forrest Storz, Tom Lewis, Lt. Col. William Mullin, Cmdr. William Meyer, Lt. Col. Gratvick, Richard Evans, Walter Hambuechen. SECOND ROW: Jack McCollum. Unidentified, Unidentified, Herb Miller, Paul Smith, Bob Leslie. THIRD ROW: Bill McGlashan, Unidentified, Fred Greene, Charles Moore, Roy Bachman, Bill Glenn. FOURTH ROW: Leo Pircher, Unidentified, John Leathers, Unidentified, Harley Stauman, Unidentified, Tom Seale. SCABBARD AND BLADE (National Military Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1905 COMPANY M, FOURTH REGIMENT, FOUNDED, 1923 EIGHTY-NINE COMPANIES OFFICERS Richard P. Evans Captain Forrest E. Storz First Lieutenant Walter H. Hambuechen Second Lieutenant Arthur T. Lewis First Sergeant MEMBERS Jed Adams Marvin M. Grove Herbert J. Miller Frederic Armanino Walter H. Hambuechen John T. Moon Allan W. Beeson Donald J. Hartley Charles F. Moore Roy C. Backman Merlin L. Henry Robert Mott James F. Bell Kenneth I. Howard Don W. Noren William G. Bell William H. Johnson John S. Parr William J. Bibb Richard A. Jones Edward H. Phillips Thomas E. Bishofberger Rohn R. Kimber Leo Pircher Donald R. Bjornsen James Keegan James V. Robinson Samuel B. Breck Gus Kanelopoulos Philip C. Rogers John B. Bush Arthur T. Lewis Forrest E. Storz Howard H. Crampton Mark L. Lamken Thomas A. Seale Richard J. Cook Frank R. Lann Leland R. Selna, Jr. Leslie A. Davison John C. Leathers Richard Sjoberg Bobby L. Dunn Robert E. Leslie Paul W. Smith Justin K. Dyche, Jr. Bun M. Lum Harley E. Stallinan Richard W. Etter Jack R. McCollum James E. Thayer Richard P. Evans William E. McGlashan Verne Thornberg William Foley James P. McMullan Leland F. Tigh Gerald G. Ferro Robert A. McFarland Pedro Tovar Frank J. Forelli Christian J. Manzoni Thomas F. Walsh Frederick L. Greene Jack M. Marzluft Donald D. Welch Jack E. Geary Harry L. Mathis Henry L. White William A. Glenn Jack A. Meyer Philip C. Woods 411 SAILING CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Keros Cartwright, Karen Warfield, Yves Hoflack, Nick Hess. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Shrewsbury, Nancy Heron, Barbara Turner, Margaret Walsh, Joan Whitchurch, Margo Forquer, Carole Jefferson. THIRD ROW: Larry Hoskins, Bob Fifield, Hugh Mays, Al Johns, Steve Garber. Fall Semester OFFICERS Spring Semester Fred Madlener Commodore Keros Cartwright Keros Cartwright Vice Commodore Bob Fifield Nick Hess Rear Commodore Art Loring Karen Warfield Secretary Noreen Tyrell-Smith Gene Dong Treasurer Steve Garber Robin Renner Publicity Chairman Nancy Heron Social Chairman Noreen Tyrell-Smith MEMBERS Dolores Bangert Bob Duke Emmy Hutson Evelyn Maurice Frank Steiner Frank Boron Byron Edwards Janet Jackson Hugh Mays Bill Swanson Joan Barr David Edwards Gerald Jacobs Loretta Michaels Derek Thiessen Bennett Bibel G. Farman-F Betty Johnson Carla Nelle Jack Thomson Alan Birch Robert Fenn Arnold Kahn Peter Nardini Judith Thompson Edward Bird Bob Fifield Elizabeth Kelly Barbara Parish Nina Tidslau Sari Borden Esther Frasch Virginia Kimbrell Pauline Perati Mary Townsend Maureen Boylan Annette Friedman Kathleen Kliewer Garry Pitt Mary Tuohey Neal Burmaster Steve Garber Don Koepke Lee Ragins Barbara Turner Virginia Carden Otto Graf Jo Anne Logue Kathy Patrick Noreen Tyrell-Smith Keros Cartwright Charles Griffen Isabel Lee Carolyn Shaw Barbara Von Alstine Rozilla Call Betty Halliday Erwin Landon Bonnie Shrewsbury Val Vitols Burton Combs Tom Hefty Dorian Lindquist Arthur Simpson Margaret Walsh Ed Covey Nancy Heron Jack Lollar Douglas Smith Karen Warfield Diane Daniel Nick Hess Art Loring Bob Snow Irma Webber John Dayvault Yves Hoflack Sharon McGill Salim S. Solomon Roger Welsh Al De Lucchi Paul Holman Joseph Maag Duane Spence Terry Welsh Hans Doelman Larry Hoskins Fred Madlener Pat Stanley • Joan Whitchurch Gene Dong Ron Huffstutler Edward Mason John Stanton Diane Wulzen Jim Hughes Lois Matushak Susie Stead 412 Acquistapace Barclay Bartlett Crampton Dean Dyche Ha ndel Hovannisian Hunt McSweeny Mahany Millard Miller Morris Pierrou Reynclds Smith Sullivan Welp SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA ( Undergraduate History Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1921 FIRST ROW, left to right: Yeow Hin Khoo, Glenn Gray, Joe Cham, Lin-Hing Ng, Ibrahim Mohammed, Joseph Warhurst, William Burgess. SECOND ROW: Richard Breitenstein, Carl Schlaepfer, Verle Larsen, Oak Horn, Paul Yee, Bob Schotterer, Dan Tellep, John Lehman, John Rosser. THIRD ROW: Millard Woodsen, Joe Santos, George Wilson, Dao-Tsing Wu, Henry Weber, Lee David, George Tally, Torn Flowerday, John Nelson, Dan Power. FOURTH ROW: Phil Woods, Richard Ramont, Garth Wilson, Ross Laverty, Myron Dunn, Bob Mc- Laughlin, Fred Graebe, Frank Robben, Curtis Gleason, Barney Johnson, Sid Keith. TAU BETA PI (Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH U NIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED, 1907 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 413 The onset of ski season brought many new members to night meetings. SKI CLUB OFFICERS President Stanford Smalley Vice-President Edwin Olson Secretary Marilyn Heinbockel Treasurer Wilson Talley Publicity Helen Branbrock Social Chairman Linnell Powers Racing Manager David Stewart Lodge Manager " Saul Havilio Vanderbilt Chairman Edwin Olson Varsity Captain Bob Bittner MEMBERS Donald Alter Gloria Elizabeth Drucker Hildred Jensen Millis H. Oakes John P. Smalley, Jr. Edward M. Arana Ann Dunmire Robert W. Jessen Barry L. O ' Connor Stanford V. Smalley Clifford Babcock, Jr. Myron Dunn Keith Johnson Donna Olsen Peter S. Smith Barbara Bakken Marguerite Dupont Dianne Johnstad Marian O ' Brien Isi Sootaru Helen Banbrock Helen Eddy Alma Kahrs Edwin G. Olson Patricia A. Sousa Judy Barbata Linnea Erickson Philip C. Kenny Les Overstreet Joseph E. Spott Jackie Baskette Robert Fenn Jill Kent Louise Painter Sandra Stauffer Alan W. Benelisha Ullrich A. Foth Warren J. Kerzon Barbara Parish David H. Stewart Phil Berlin Sheldon Gebb Bill Knick Mike Parker Dick Strong Anita Lucille Blau Bettylee Ginsburg Judy Kohn E. Elizabeth Pate Don Swatman Thomas E. Bolger Al Goldschmidt Scott D. Laidlaw E. Orlin Pate Hal Sweeney, Jr. Alix Sue Bouldin Charles Bates Gompertz Victor Lamb Jean Patton Wilson K. Talley Richard Bowman Mary Lou Gordon Norman S. Landsberg Marjorie Paul Larry Thorne Joan Brady Otto W. Graf Edward Lark Ashley Payne Kurk Toohey Fred Brenner Carroll Grimm, Jr. Jean Lawing Don E. Peterson Robert D. Trueman Joan Brodovsky Susan Harbach Brian J. Lewis Patricia Philips Mary Tuohey Howard H. Cady Ruth Harrington Dorain Lindquist Linnell Powers Dean Underwood Barbara Cairdeo Phyllis Harris Beth Lunch George Quintero Wheaton Vaughan Jean Campbell Carol Haugen Kathleen Lusk Cherryl Reese Ginger Vaught Ted Carlyon Saul Havillio Patricia Lusk Martin Reite Hugo, Veidemann Janet Chantler Ruth E. Hedges Philip J. Marcus Frank. Robben Bill von Offenheim Robert Channey Marilyn Heinbockel Edward Marxheimer Marilyn Jean Root Barbara Wadsworth Robert S. Chuck David Hendricks Edward Matson Fred J. Roth Jane Wagner Nancy Ruth Clark Burr Henion Joyce Matson Sharon Rowell Neal S. Waterfall Elizabeth Whipple Clark Grace Helen Harrington Evelyn Mauric Gerald Rowley Donald R. Wells Jacqueline Cline Gary Hill Gene McCabe Barbara Ruby Roger A. Welsh Harry B. Clingempeel E. G. Hirsch Marilyn McCurtain Joseph Saunders Marilyn Diane Wensinger Robert Cogen Elizabeth J. Hoeman Nancy Meagher Kenneth Scheuermann Bob West Virginia Corbin John Holt Larry Joseph Melvin Kenneth R. Schneider Dawn West Helen Coxhead Marilyn Hooper Molly Morkley Marian M. Shaffer Marilyn G. Westall Karolyn Daily Dick Horowitz Harry Mock, Jr. Joandra Shenk Carl Windell Don Del Porto Nancy Howell Nancy McNeiney Donald H. Sherman Chris Winters Ruth W. Dean Ray Allen Hummel Francisco Monsanto Pat Shoemaker Gail Wofsohn Jim Diepenbrock Gary Harsh Helen Montgomery Sherry Sides Keith Woodmansee Marilyn Doerfler Robert Huskins Tom IVIorrish Lloyd Simpson Alyce Yim Cathy Dotta Donald Hutcherson Jacqueline Munroe Mitzi A. Simpson Masaru Yoshi not° Jerry Drennan Kip Hitchins Peter Newmeyer Dell L. Skinner Michio Yoshu 414 M Y ' 4111,1 1111t1 ' I IF1RST ROW, left to right: Roger Dunn, Don Harris, Joe Solari, Chuck Fitch, Beau Breck, Ffoyd Pringle, Kirk Tell, Jim Whitley. SECOND ROW: Jack Gallagher, Joe Gwerder, Lee Summit, Pete Newell, Jack Soper, Bart Prom, Larry Taber, Bob Worrell. THIRD ROW: Bob Burrows, Bob Albo, Jim Rhodes, Don Putnam, Tom Taylor, Tevis Martin, Rich Rigby, Bill Bell, Terry McGrath, Skip Dressel, George Gibbs. FOURTH ROW: Don Heimark, Al Bull, Preston Lee, Jim Nevin, John Wilson, Bill Demas, Jim Hanifan, Norm Archibald, Bob Sellers, Lloyd Torchio, Tom Feltner, Al Talley. Fall SKULL AND KEYS (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Spring Beau Breck President Lloyd Pringle Don Whyte Vice•Presiden Jack Gallagher Lloyd Pringle Secretary Pres Lee Joe Gwerder Treasurer Joe Babros HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Wally Frederick Lawrence Kinnaird Geo. Scroth Stub Allison Stanley B. Freeborn W. M. Latimer James Shaeffer Bodie Andrews Horace R. Gaither Karl Leebrick Robert G. Sproul David P. Barrows Everett Glass E. Landon Tom Stow Gill Bec ker Capt. P. C. Godwin Austin MacDonald H. E. Stone Dr. Boles George Good Walter E. Magee Edward G. Stricklin N. S. Buchanan Capt. Sandy Goodman Eggs Manski Fred Stripe John U. Calkins, Jr. Walter Gordon G. E. Marsh Major J. S. Switzer Donald D. Cameron Lieut. Harry Greenlaw Jack McKenzie Nicholas L. Taliaferro Andy Carlson E. T. Grether Herm Meister Lieut. Com. H. L. Tallman R. W. Chaney John Grover Ralph P. Merritt E. H. Taylor Zeb Chaney Chaffee Hall, Jr. Ralfe Miller Col. Thomas Walter Christie Brutus Hamilton Brick Mitchell J. Truex Clarence Corey James Hamilton Rus Nagler Iry Uteritz James A. Crutchfield Jack Happoldt Eugen Neuhaus Charles R. Voltz Harry Davis Dr. James T. Harkness John Francis Neylan Edwin C. Voorhies M. M. Davisson Robert Hemphill R. L. Olson Lynn 0. Waldorf Monroe E. Deutsch Norman E. Hinds F. C. Palm Benjamin Wallace William G. Donald John Hostater Major G. H. Peabody Frank Wickhorst Newton B. Drury H. S. Howard Robert A. Peterson Jack Williamson W. H. Durham Miles Hudson Al Ragan Bob Wilson Ky Ebright James B. Hutchinson L. Reno Garff B. Wilson Greg Englehard Dick Kelly Carl Reich Jean C. Witter Capt. Neil Edmunds Dr. Frank Kelly F. M. Russell Carl Zamloch James K. Fisk Alexander M. Kidd Major C. R. Sargent ACTIVE MEMBERS Bob Albo Tom Feltner Keith Meserve Joe Solari Norm Archibald Chuck Fitch Terry McGrath Ken Simpson Joe Babros Jack Gallagher Pete Newell Jack Soper Bill W. Bell George Gibbs Jim Nevin Larry Taber Beau Breck Joe Gwerder Bill Noyes Al Talley Al Bull Jim Hanifan Jim O ' Neil Tom Taylor Bob Burrows Don Harris Jim Plessas Kirk Tell Bill Demas Matt Hazeltine Lloyd Pringle Lloyd Torchio Pete Demas Don Heimark Bart Prom John Wilson Skip Dressel Joe Hibbs Don Putnam Jim Whitley Roger Dunn Preston Lee Jim Rhodes Don Whyte Tom Dutton Tevis Martin Rich Rigby Bob Worrell Bob Matheny Lee Sammis 415 416 THETA SIGMA PHI HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN IN JOURNALISM FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Shirley Lansberry, Barbara man, Jeannette McCoy, Sally Lawson, Elizabeth Crosby, Lu Swales. SECOND ROW: Alma Kahrs, Carolyn Martin, Barbara Rosenthal, Shirley Hatfield, Durfee Parkins, Barbara Hosmer, Ann Hall. THIRD ROW: Lift Williamson, Beverly Mitchell, Sandra Littlewood, Sue Gardner. THETA TAU (Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FIRST ROW, left to right: S. P. Welles, J. Evernden, L. C. Uren, G. H. Curtis, T. Crook, R. L. Rose, R. M. Kleinpell, R. W. Chaney. SECOND ROW: R. Epis, J. Schnurmacher, S. Creely, H. Coil, H. Bailey, R. Thomssem, S. Garrat. THIRD ROW: M. Oakes, C. Scott, R. Anderson, C. Ross, J. Dayvault, D. land, J. R. Fladeland, P. Flynn. FOURTH ROW: R. Hummel, W. Clemens, J. Barnes, P. Norton, W. Addicott, B. Blaisdell, C. Andrade, R. Gayle, R. Wedemeyer, S. Smalley. 417 TORCH AND SHIELD ( Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Nancy Harris, Carol Montgomery, Carol Sweet, Nancy Moncure. SECOND ROW: Janice Hope, Joan Temple, Janyce Vick, Marian Sullivan, Cleone Koehnan. TOWER AND FLAME (Lower Division Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 FIRST ROW, left to right: Alix Bourclin, Mary Ellen Anderson, Margot mann, Frances Yee, Adline Mujama, Evadna Saywell, Shirley Heimerl, Corinne Stratinsky. SECOND ROW: Barbara Bennett, William Johnson, George Rink, Barbara Lamoraux, Mel Sommer, Don Martin, La Verne Rohwer, Marilyn Weil, John Robson. FIRST ROW, left to right: Skip Beckman, Ted Garvey, Bob Adams, Russ Cadwell. SECOND ROW: Gordon Watterfall, Jim Corley, Chuck Pusey, Ron Woods, Dick Johnson, Dick Pawson, Pete Crebbins, Bruce Towne. THIRD ROW: Mike Barnato, Wes McDaniels, Jim Jacobus, Bob Payton, Chuck Kickinson, Bob Lindsey, Bob Pringle, Chuck Welsh, Manford Riggs, John Bowron. FOURTH ROW: Ken Horralf, Robbie Tuller, Jim MacDonald, Al Green, Harry Mays, Dick Gibble, Ken Vantress, Stu McKee, Hugh Maguire, Bud Symes. FIFTH ROW: Bob McKeen, Bill Floyd, Robin Fairbairne, Clif Wright, Ernie Voight, Jim Clark, John Reynolds, Don Moore, Pete Calpestri, Bill Spore. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 Ted Garvy Bob Adams Skip Beckman Carson McKissick Fall Vice-President OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer President Johnny Reynolds Alan Green Ed Greub Spring TRIUNE (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) Stu McKee MEMBERS John Ball Tom Coakley Jim Corley Bob Prindle Ken Horrall Ted Garvy Herb Kennedy Jim McDonald Mike Scott Harry Mays Blaine Harper Pete Calpestri Bob Adams Sebastian Bordonaro Ernie Voigt Robbie Tuller John Hayden Bill Rose Skip Beckmen Bill Floyd Don Volmar Tom Fellner Carl Thoreso Jacques DeLorimer Jim Clark Lee Ridgeway Ron Niven Fred Biaginni Ken Rous Gordon Waterfall Pat Davis John Hamilton Bill Alton Jack Russell Bob Payton Bob Gregovich Mike Phelan Ron Peterson Don Havis Denny Cutland Dave Cunningham Hugh McGuire Ken Vantress Bill Keller Chuck White John Logenour Bud Symes Don Moore Stu McKee Dick Pawson Bob Falge John Bowron Dick Gibble Jim Lackey Dick Johnson Bud Lindsey Bill Spore Eric Murray Mike Casey Mike Barnato Carson McKissick Frank Toombs Ben Hammond Tim Howard Ed Grub Don Phillips Frank Merlo Ord Slater Clif Wright Wes McDaniels Bill Shaver Earl Riley Bruce Town Robin Fairberr Russ Cadwell Burt Mallard Ed White Chuck Welch Jerry Hays Fred Roth Jim Jacobus Murray Hannon Pete Crebbins Ralph Hoffman Brook Low Nick Loundagin Jim Marshall Ron Woods Peter Van Houten Fulton Mather Mike Traynor Manford Riggs John Reynolds Al Green Jim Carmichael Chuck Pusey Fred Beresford 4 IR Alexander Breschini Brogan Clark Conklin Dcnaire Freeman Halberstadt Hilker Kahrs Kidwell Kyte Nearon Powell Pool Redman Schlan Voight UTRIMQUE (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1932 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Janet Kidwell Vice-President Ann Freeman Recording Secretary Pat Brogan Corresponding Secretaries Lois Brelsford, Shirley Pool Treasurer Marlene Conklin Active JoAnn Brennan Lois Brelsford Pat Brogan Marlene Conklin Ann Freeman Janet Kidwell Dawn Alexander Cecilia Biasotti Dorothy Bliss Jane Buchanan Jay Donaire MEMBERS Elaine Nearon Shirley P ool Dixie Powell Charlotte Redman Lorraine Sullivan Marjorie Voight PLEDGES Elizabeth Drucker Janet Frietas Shirlianne Hilker Alma Kahrs JoAnn Logue Donna Montmorency Inactive Jeanette Breschini Nancy Clark Joyce Halberstadt Barbara Kyte Val Milmore Beatrice Sanchez Janet Scheuse Norma Schmidt Cynthia Stearns Barbara Wadsworth 419 WINGED HELMET ( Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Bruce Hezlep, George Wright, Ken Simpson, Steve Brooks, George Gibbs, Bart Prom, John Gwynn, Jack Soper, Pete Newell, Dan Bancroft, Bob Buwalda. SECOND ROW: Lon Spurrier, Unidentified, Larry Jones, Terry McGrath, Ron Dozier, George Vukasin, Matt Hazeltine, George Johnson, Bill Bryant, Don Heimark, Unidentified, John Morken, Jerry Down THIRD ROW: Dick Rigby, Don Harris, Tom Mott, Bill Carroll, Tom Riger, Dick Ehni, Pete Schneider, Roy Polkinghorne, Steve Turner, Jim Rhoades, Howard Wiggins, John Taylor, Unidentified, Al Bull, Skip Dressel, Scott Carey, Don Meckfessel. FOURTH ROW: Jim Robinson, Unidentified, Unidentified, Al Baxter, Don Smalian, Bob Bradley, Hank Meschendorf, Jim Willett, George Gosling, John Wilson, George Hagar, Lloyd Pringle, Roger Dunn, Steve Jones, Tom Taylor, Jim Winking. FIFTH ROW: Bob Burrows, Preston Lee, Beau Breck, Jack Gallagher, Pete Dolliver, Don Putnam. Fall Richard Rigby Pete Newell Steve Turner OFFICERS Spring President John Wilson Vice-President Bob Buwalda Secretary Jerry Down Bruce Hezlep Lee Abramson Richard Ament Jim Anderson Alden Anderson Daniel Bancroft Jim Baxter Bob Bradley Beau Breck Jim Brooks Bill Bryant Bob Burrows Robert Buwalda Scott Carey Bill Carroll Paul Coffee Jim Corbett Maynard Craig Dick Day Bill Demas Ed de Silva Bill Dido Bob Dockham Pete Dolliver Jerry Down Ron Dozier Roger Dunn Al Ebright Richard Ehni Jack Gallagher MEMBERS Gordon Gardiner Terry McGrath George Gibbs Don Marks Gordon Gill Tevis Martin George Gosling Dick Massing Victor Grant Don Meckfessel Bliss Green Henry Meschendorf Bob Gregovich Keith Meserve Joe Gwerden Ed Michelsen John Gwynn Chap Milbank George Hagar John Morken Bob Hamilton Bill Morrish Don Harris Tom Mott Don Hartley George Najarian Peter Hawkins Jim Nevin Duncan Haynes Pete Newell Don Heimark Joe O ' Brien Warren Hillman Jim O ' Neill Tom Henze Dick Paynter Doug Hunter Jim Phillips Dave Johnson Roger Pitkin George Johnson Roy Polkinghorne Larry Jones Lloyd Pringle Steve Jones Bart Prom Jim Kidder Bill Prucha John Keith Don Putnam Kenneth Kopp Richard Rigby Stan Kowleski Jim Rhoades Preston Lee Jack Risbrough Bill Lind Joe Rogers Vince Lyons Art Ryan Dick McDougal Lee Sammish Bill Sangster Pete Schneider George Schroeder Bill Sears Ken Simpson Don Smalian Joe Solari John Soper Gavin Southland Dudley Sparks Lon Spurrier Doug Tanner John Taylor Hamp Terry Don Timmerman Lloyd Torchio Steve Turner George Vukasin Dick Wallis Grady West Gary Wheatcroft William White Jim Wieking Howard Wiggins Jim Willett John Wilson George Wright Tom Wright Ed Wyatt Bartley Young 420 42 I WOMEN ' S C SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Young, Helen Hampton, Betty Frost. OND ROW: Diane Kostial, Jean Summers, Roberta Park, Fran Russell, Marilyn Ahlport. U. C. JUDO CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1952 ONE CHAPTER FIRST ROW, left to right: Isao Fujimoto, Pena Cortina, Al Abderman. SECOND ROW: Yuji Okano, Laird Haas, Mel Johnson, Hugh Fountain. THIRD ROW: Henry Stone, Hodge Kawakami, Dickson Taylor, Frank Konomi, Charles Bourne. ( Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 ONE CHAPTER ACTIVITIES . . ... 87-104 Academic Freedom 98 Big Game Week 102 Cal-Indo 92 Campus Opinion 99 Campus Tours 96 Card Sales 92 Constitutions Council 95 Co-Rec 93 Correspondence Council 97 Drives Council 95 Elections Council 95 Engineers ' Council 93 Fall Highlights 101 Foreign Travel 98 Forum Council 97 High School Model UN 96 Hospitality Council 97 I. Representatives Council 97 Leadership Council . . . • • 94 Men ' s Activity Counseling • • 91 Model UN 94 NSA 96 Orientations 94 Project PIC 92 Radio-TV 93 ship Exchange Scholarship 98 Secretariat 93 Special Services 99 Speakers ' Bureau 95 Spring Highlights 100 Store Board . . . .. 92 Student Labor 99 Student Relations 99 Students ' Union Committee 92 UNESCO 98 WAA 88 Women ' s Activity Counseling 91 WUS 96 YMCA 90 YWCA 90 ATHLETICS 142-219 Athletic Essentials 144 Baseball 189 Basketball 165 Big " C " Society 149 Boxing 210 Card Stunts 147 Circle " C " Society 148 Crew 183 Cross-Country 182 Fencing 214 Football 151 INDEX Golf 212 Gymnastics 216 Intramural 218 Oski Committee 147 Rally Committee 146 Riflery 215 Rugby 208 Skiing 217 Soccer 213 Swimming 203 Tennis 197 Track 175 Water Polo 207 Weight Basketball 174 Wrestling 211 Yell Leaders 147 CLASSES 24- 73 Freshmen 72 Juniors 68 Seniors 24 Sophomores 70 DRAMA • . ... . 121-126 Climate of Eden 124 Measure for Measure 125 123e Lode L Mother oth M 126cenes S University Theater 122 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES . 383-421 Ace of Clubs 384 Alpha Delta Sigma 384 Alpha Phi Omega 385 Alpha Zeta 385 American Red Cross 386 Arnold Air Society 387 ASCE 386 ASME 387 Ball and Chain 388 Baton 389 Beta Alpha Psi 389 Beta Gamma Sigma 390 Chi Alpha Kappa 391 Chi Epsilon 391 Christian Science Organization 392 College Women ' s Juniors . 393 Delta Phi Epsilon 394 Delta Sigma Pi 395 Eta Kappa Nu 396 Forestry Club 396 Gamma Gamma Sigma . 397 Gavel and Quill 398 Golden Bear 399 Hammer and Dimmer . 398 Hillel 400 Home Economics Club . 400 Horton Hall 401 International House 402 Judo Club 421 Lambda Alpha Epsilon . 401 Mask and Dagger 403 Masonic Club 404 Mortar Board 405 Omicron Nu 403 Panile 406 Pi Alpha Sigma 407 Pre-D ental Society 407 Pre-Medical Society 408 Prytanean 409 RN ' s on Campus 410 Sailing Club 412 Scabbard and Blade 411 Sigma Delta Chi 410 Sigma Kappa Alpha 413 Ski Club 414 Skull and Keys 415 Tau Beta Pi 413 Theta Sigma Phi 416 Theta Tau 416 Torch and Shield 417 Tower and Flame 417 Triune 418 Utrimque 419 Winged Helmet 410 Women ' s " C " Society . 421 FRATERNITIES . 222-302 IFSHS 222 Interfraternity Council . 224 Abracadabra 226 Acacia 228 Alpha Chi Rho . 229 Alpha Chi Sigma 230 Alpha Delta Phi 231 Alpha Epsilon Pi 232 Alpha Gamma Omega . . . • 233 Alpha Kappa Lambda . . . • 234 Alpha Phi Alpha 225 Alpha Sigma Phi 236 Alpha Tau Omega 238 Beta Theta Pi 237 Chi Phi 240 Chi Psi 241 Delta Chi 244 Delta Kappa Epsilon . 245 Delta Sigma Phi 246 422 Delta Tau Delta 248 Delta Upsilon 250 Del Rey 242 Kappa Alpha 252 Kappa Delta Rho 254 Kappa Nu 255 Kappa Sigma 256 Lambda Chi Alpha 258 Phi Delta Theta 260 Phi Gamma Delta 262 Phi Kappa Psi 264 Phi Kappa Sigma 266 Phi Kappa Tau 268 Phi Sigma Kappa 270 Pi Kappa Alpha 272 Pi Kappa Phi 276 Pi Lambda Phi 274 Psi Upsilon 277 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 278 Sigma Alpha Mu 280 Sigma Chi 282 Sigma Nu 284 Sigma Phi 286 Sigma Phi Delta 290 Sigma Phi Epsilon 288 Sigma Pi 291 Tau Kappa Epsilon . 292 Theta Chi 29 Theta Delta Chi 296 Theta Xi 298 Zeta Beta Tau 300 Zeta Psi 302 MUSIC AND DEBATE . 127-13 Band 13 Collegians 13 Debate 136 Glee Club 131 Music Council 128 Show 129 Symphony F orum 134 Treble Clef 130 University Chorus 135 University Symphony 135 OPENING SECTION 1- 5 Contents 5 Dedication 4 Foreword 1 In Memoriam 4 Title Page 2 INDEX PUBLICATIONS 105-120 ASUC Photography Blue and Gold Editorial . . • 108 Blue and Gold Managerial . • 110 Cal Engineer 106 Daily Cal Editorial 112 Daily Cal Managerial Daily Cal Sports and Photo Staff 115 Occident 118 Pelican 116 Publications Board 106 RESIDENCES Women ' s Dormitory Association 352 Bay View Terrace 353 Beaudelaire 353 354 Manor M s ' ennett B 355aven H Bon B Bowles 356 Californian 360 Colonial 361 Continental 355 Elizabeth Barrett 362 Epworth 364 Joaquin 363 Lantana Lodge 367 ll Mitche Oldenberg 368 Peixotto 370 Prospect Terrace 382 Richards 372 Ritter 374 Smyth 376 Stern 380 Stratford 375 Warring Place 382 ROTC 137-141 Air 138 Army 139 Marine 140 Navy 141 SORORITIES 303-350 Panhellenic 304 Alpha Chi Omega 306 Alpha Delta Chi 305 Alpha Delta Pi 308 Alpha Epsilon Phi 310 Alpha Gamma Omega 312 Alpha Omicron Pi 314 Alpha Phi 316 Alpha Xi Delta 318 Chi Omega 320 Delta Delta Delta 322 Delta Gamma 324 Delta Phi Epsilon 326 Delta Sigma Epsilon 328 Delta Zeta 330 Gamma Phi Beta 332 Kappa Alpha Theta . • 334 Kappa Delta . . . • 336 Kappa Kappa Gamma • 338 Phi Mu . 340 Pi Beta Phi 342 Sigma Kappa 344 Sigma Omicron Pi 350 Theta Upsilon 346 Zeta Tau Alpha 348 STUDENT LIFE 75- 86 Activities Coordinating Board 82 ASUC Administration . 76 Business Administration 80 Class Officers Council . 83 Executive Committee . 78 Functional Service Board . . 82 International Relations Board 83 Judiciary Committees . . . 81 President and Vice-President 77 Representatives-at-Large . . 79 Welfare Board 83 Women ' s Activities 84 THE UNIVERSITY 8- 23 Administrative Officers . 10 All-University Week End 22 Alumni Association 16 Board of Regents 9 California Club 23 Charter Day 18 Governor ' s Message 9 President and Chancellor 8 President ' s Reception . 17 Professors 14 School Deans 12 The Eight Campuses . 20 University Meeting 19 423 PERSONAL NAME INDEX A Aabling, Janice 382 Aasletten, Ellen 382 Aasum, Judy 323 Abbate, Matty 407 Abbott, Jane 333 Abbott, Patricia 28, 372 Abderman, Al 421 Abe, Donald 390 Abend, Ronald 232 Abington, Ben 28 Abplanalp, Virginia 28 Elise 370 Abromoviie, Benjy..27, 28, 37, 62, 74, 75, 88, 294, 352 Abreu, Dick 145 Accornero, Ron ..28, 114, 246, 384 Ackerman, Dave 152, 162, 210 Acoba, Mary 361 Acquistapace, Robert..28, 298, 413 Acquistapace, Tulio 299 Actis, Ada Marie 109, 330, 386 Adam, Robert 28 Adams, Betty 365 Adams, Bob 285, 418 Adams, Brian....28, 50, 78, 82, 99, 356, 410 Adams, Burton 28, 242 Adams, Clark 146, 287 Adams, Don 148, 174 Adams, Betty 28, 362 Adams, George 236 Adams, Jim 358 Adams, Jed 385, 387 Adams, Joan 69, 344 Adams, Sylvia 99, 130 Adams, Tom 176, 358 Addicott, Jerry _28, 94, 136, 356 Addicott Warren 416 Addison, Adrienne 28 Adelson, Melinda 311, 400 Agnew, Barbara 347 Agorastas, Manny 163 Agrawal, Ram 28 Aguilar, Margaret 374 Aguilar, Robert 28 Ahlport, Brodie Ahlport, Marilyn....28, 45, 84, 88, 380, 405, 421 Ahonen, Karen 342 Aidelberg, Arlene 363 Aisthorpe, Bob 297 Aizeberg, Beverly 361 Akers, Sally 28, 330 Akers, Tom 299 Albert, Bernard 28, 93, 394 Albert, Richard 255 Alba Robert 28, 34, 150, 166, 167,168,169, 190, 192, 241,415 Albright, Charles 28 Alca fay, Esther 399 Aldeff, Vickie 311 Alderson, Lowell 236 Alessandri, Joe 28, 296 Alexander, Barbara 315 Alexander, Dawn ....100, 369, 419 Alford, David 232, 401 Al ireza, Mahmoud 28 Aijian, Nancy 28, 330 Allan, Don 28 Allemann, Rudolph 28 Allen, Duane 28, 229 Allen, Janet 348 Allen, Joan 329 Allison, James 28, 229 Almada, Chuck 234 Alpen, Anne 28 Alpert, Myrna 98, 328 Alsterlind, Burt 389, 390 Altabet, Rhea 311 Alter, Donald 297 Alterman, Edward 28, 300 Alton, Bin 253 Alverson, Jim 28, 386 Amber, Robert 28 Ambinder, Jerry 28, 210, 274 Ambrose, Mike 285 Ament, Dick 149, 190, 191 Amerio, Victor 291 Anaclerio, Carl 195 Anastasopulos, Ted 28, 376 Anderman, Elaine 28, 132, 330 Anderson, Alden 205, 284, 388 Anderson, Bob 416 Anderson, Carl 293 Anderson, Don 188, 269 Anderson, Don 252 Anderson, Ellin 324 Anderson, Flora 308 Anderson, Harry 98 Anderson, James 28, 237 Anderson, Jerry 166, 170 Anderson, Jenny 344 Anderson, Joan 324 Anderson, John B 108, 268 Anderson, John W 28 Anderson, Karen 320 Anderson, Kenneth 260 Anderson, Larry 149, 176 Anderson, Margaret 406 Anderson, Mary Ellen 132, 417 Anderson, Philip 28, 376 Anderson, Roy 212 Anderson, Skip 261 Anderson, Smith 231 Anderson, Walt _28, 42, 106, 116, 117, 254 Andrade, Carlos 257, 416 Andreatta, Ted 246 Andreone, Vic 276 Andresen, Barbara 28, 306 Andrews, John 287 Andrews, Leilani 325 Andrews, Phyllis 370 Andrews, Regina 28, 342 Andrus, Nancy 366 Angelius, Lincoln 227 Angus, Joan 323 Apfel, Joe 27, 29 Appel, Cyril 279 Appelbaum, Bill 275 Appleton, Mary 381 Arai, Midori 29 Arana, Edward 265, 407 Archer, Ann 130 Archer, Elizabeth 29 Archer, Marian 111, 371 Archibald, Norm 415 Argue, Dorothy 374 Arlom, Margot 374, 397 Armanino, Bill 264 Armstrong, Ann 338 Armstrong, Bill 207 Armstrong, James 118 Armstrong, Jean 332 Arnesen, Per 213 Arnesen, Richard 131 Arnold, Carr 152, 250 Arnold, Keith 396 Arnold, Patricia 337 Arnold, Roy 282 Aronoff, Stuart 29, 280 Aronson, Irma 310 Arrighi, Melvin 131 Arrillaga, Gabe 172 Arturo, Eleanor 29, 344 Ash, Judy 310 Ashburn, Ann 130 Ashe, Donald 29, 356 Ashford, Kirk 249 Ashton, Bill 29, 262 Askin, Ralph 29, 376 Atkins, Ann 315 Atkinson, Bob 78, 79 Atkinson, Gil 29, 266 Atmore, Al ran 240 Atmore, Kathryn 29, 334 Atwater, Maxine 330 Auerback, Dorothy 136 Auger, Roen 146, 343 Aulwurm, Mary ....88, 89, 316, 406 Auslen, Don 29, 356 Austin, Marianne 146, 322,398 Autenreib, Jack 162 Auther, Norman 225 Avakian, Harold 258 Avanzini, Herbert 217 Avey, Don 269 Axelrod, Joanne 310 Axtell, Fred 246 Axtell, Larry 202 Ayer, Tom 267 Ayers, Bill ..27, 29, 282, 376, 384 Azalde, Joseph 29 Azevedo, Don 29, 396 B Babalfe, Lorraine 29 Babayan, Barbara 340 Babcock, Jack 284 Babin, Jerold 300 Babin, Norb 254 Babros, Joe 152 Baccigaluppi, Roger 253 Bache, Kay 339 Bachelin, Inez 320 Bachman, Ray 222 Backstrand, Jerry 270 Bacon, Gary 358 Bacon, Gregory 335 Badgley, Anne 29, 374 Bae, Owen 357 Baeta, Al 176, 182 Bang, Lester 29 Bagnasco, Marie 29 Bagvie, Sylvia 29 Bahls, Liz 69, 91, 146, 348, Beatty, Roberta 27, 30, 248, Billman, Daye 292 398, 409 298, 400 Binder, Sonia 354 Baily, Marie 381 Beaver, Barbara 30, 312 Bingaman, Joe 191, 240 Bailey, Phyllis 305 Beaver, Geralen 147, 320 Binkley, Jack 152, 156 Bailey, Robert 29 Beaver, Peter 277 Binninger, Don 30, 385, 396 Bailey, Ted 357 Beavis, June 94, 318 Birch, Thomas 30 Bailey, Tony 181, 251 Becastro, Nancy 381 Birchland, Viola 16 Bain, Linda 352, 380 Becker, Charles 359 Bird, Carol 361 Bain, Mark 261 Becker, George 195 Birge, Raymond 15 Bainer, LaNelle 113, 369, 400 Becker, John 258 Birlem, Genie 372 Baird, Jack 256 Becker, Wafter 30, 149, 206 Birnbaum, Ina 362 Baker, Barbara 372 Beckman, Skip 302, 418 Birnbaum, Walter ..163, 379, 408 Baker, Bill 285 Bedard, Bill 188, 239 Bischoff, Margret 30, 308 Baker, Dick 284 Bedard, Dorothy 348 Bishop, Lou 130, 366 Baker, Fay 396 Bedell, George 195 Bittner, Bob 148, 217 Baker, Dean Frederick 13 Bedell, Norman 229 Bjorklund, Glenn 30 Baker, Jean 326 Bedrosian, Hasmig 361 Black, Barbara 93, 305 Baker, Jim 204, 206, 258 Bedynek, Juanita 341, 397 Blackburn, Guy 176, 178, 179 Bakhtiari, Goodarz 29 Beebe, Claudia 68, 69, 83, Blackett, Nancy 322 Bakken, Barbara 360 306, 398 Blackmer, Bill 30, 93, 386 Baldwin, Joanne 29, 405 Beebe, Mort 92, 188, 296 Blackwelder, Bert 30, 92, 231 Bal in, Elisabeth 29 Beekler, Dan 236 Blackwell, T Sgt. J. P. 138 Ball, Donald 29, 296 Beeman, William 377 Blair, Larry 114, 246 Ball, John 240 Beermann, Louis 30, 250 Brair, Sidney 246 Ball, John E 358 Beeson, Allan 30, 228 Blaisdell, Robert 416 Ball, Sandy 117 Beghetti, Mary 374 Blake, Bob 168, 169 Ballard, Leigh 29, 93, 386 Behnke, Jerry 298 Blake, Denise 69, 340 Banales, Joe 172, 181 Beitzel, Sue 23, 264, 409 Blake, Ronald 282 Banbrock, Helen 29, 318 Belanger, Jerry 257 Blake, Sharon 316 Bancroft, Dan 302, 420 Bell, Ann 16, 334 Blake, Tom 30 Bancroft, Fred 228 Berl, Bill G. 30, 61, 129, 131 Blake, Wilson 163 Bangert, Dolores 345 Bell, Bill W. 23, 30, 32, 100, Blank, George 238 Bankhead, Marion 332 102, 147, 148, 256 Blankenburg, Harry 233, 401 Banks, Richard 253 Bell, Carol 95, 327 Bless, Ruth 333 Banks, Robert 379 Bell, Kenneth 30 Blessing, Sherrell 334 Barakos, John 241 Bell, Martha 30 Bliss, Dorothy 98 Baranco, Vic 163 Bell, Mrs. Milton 393 Bliss, Martha 371 Barbata, Judy 315 Bellaria, Kay 372 Bliss, Richard 131 Barber, Diana 82, 340 Beftrami, Al 136, 376 Block, George 300 Barclay, Joan 29, 324, 413 Ben-Ary, Jacob 30, 387 Block, Steve 301 Bares, Cynthia 309 Benediktson, Gay 132, 336 Bloden, Barbara 98, 111, 339, 406 Barghi, Daisy 390 Benediktson, Skip 396 Blom, Eleanor 30 Barkell, Regine 29, 370 Benelisha, Alan 87, 376, 385 Bloom, Barbara 327 Barker, Anita 69, 322 Benjamin, Lynn 370 Bloom, Harriet 310 Barker, Bert 94 Benjamin Miriam 83, 98, 99, 136 Bloome, Barbara 311 Barker, Dwight 302 Benko, Paul 30, 385 Blue, Betty 310 Barker, Susan 323 Bennett, Barbara 417 Bluett, Fred 242 Barmann, Babette 343 Bennett, Charlene 306 Blum, Dan 400 Barnasco, Marie 367 Bennett, Gayle 344 Brum, Dick 375 Barnato, Mike 148, 204, 206, Bennett, Louise 30 Blum, Fred 90 207, 285, 418 Bennett, Nancy 307 Blum, Lee 146, 300 Barnato, Peter 284 Bennett, Patricia 30 Blumberg, Nancy 371 Barnblatt, Lloyd 275 Bennett, Russell 394 Blume, Ralph 148, 204, 289 Barnes, Alice 29, 308 Bennison, Jim 279 Babb, Art 146 Barnes, Denny 272 Benoit, Carol 310 Boberg, Shirley 30 Barnes, Capt. G. W 138, 387 Benson, Betty 30, 340 Bobet, Marilyn 30, 130, 409 Barnes, Jerry 416 Benson, Corinne 92, 322 Boege, Ray 30, 288 Barnes, Judy 323 Benson, Joan 30, 308 Boer, Garrett 126 Barnes, Mary Anne 29, 308 Benson, Pete 267 Boer! in, Howard 289 Barnes, Roberta 352, 353 Benson, Russ 256 Bokinskie, Mary 380 Barnett, Bruce 113 Bequette, Jess 377 Boland, John 293 Barnett, Morris 29, 93, 356 Bercovich, Idele 310 Bonanno, Steve 378 Baronian, Eleanor 29 Berdahl, James 133 Bond, Chuck 188 Baroody, Anas 213 Berejkoff, Helen 319 Barmen, Richard 30, 376 Barr, Joan 372 Berelson, Barbara 310 Boone, Bill 389 Barr, James 396 Beresford, Fred 190, 194, 249 Boone, Dorothy 331 Barra, Ida 369 Berg, Clayton 259 Booth, Gloria 320 Barraza, Marian 370 Berge, Jon Peter 214 Booty, Kelvin 378 Barrett, Joyce 321 Bergen, Harold 30 Bordonaro, Sebastian ....152, 162, Barron, Carlos 94 Berger, Edi 136 284 Barrows, Charles 90 Berger, Jim 207 Borghesani, Forrest 153 Barry, Pat 332 Berglund, Lesley 146, 332 Borgl in, Shirley 329 Barry, Tom 359 Berlin, Berwin 227 Borgones, Ron 272 Barshell, Margaret 29 Berlin, Phil 206 Boring, Dix 30, 240 Bartalini, Dick 29, 144, 149, Berman, Cecile 354 Barren ' , Ron 235 177, 388 Berman, Diane 102, 311 Bosemer, Ronald 291 Bartholf, Loren 172, 195 Bernard, Nancy 363 Bostock, Jeannie 332 Bartlett, Ann 29, 324, 412 Bernheim, Robert 274 Botsford, Chuck 249 Barton, Hugh 29, 356 Bernstein, Donna 94, 113, 355 Botsford, Jack 248 Barton, Joan 91, 93, 305 Bernstein, Lois 361 Bouick, Jim 92, 246 Baskin, Carole 360 Bernstein, Mel 82, 94, 99 Bouldin, Alix 112, 437 Baskind, Judy 366, 386 Bernt, John 286 Bourne, Charles 421 Bassel, Stephen 29, 238 Berry, Clifford 30 Bouton, Martin 272 Battat, Frank 280 Berry, Harold 353 Bow, Mary 30 Battat, Harry 281 Berry, Marilyn 30, 324 Bowen, Kay 355 Battelle, Richard 231 Berry, Roy 293 Bowen, Norman 300 Bauch, Frances 375 Berry, Shirley 30, 318, 409 Bowen, Paul 238 Baudonnet, Frank 29 Berry, Wade 30 Bower, Harry 95 Bauer, Jack 29, 254 Bertagnini, Gilda 30 Bowers, Dick 99 Bauer, Nancy 92 Bertelsman, Karl 172, 285 Bowles, Jim 184 Bauer, Ron 149, 176, 182 Berthelsen, Joanne 308 Bowling, Jerry 147 Bauga, Mike 213 Best, Charles 30, 237 Bowman, Lucile 341 Baum, Elliot..82, 92, 95, 110, 181, Beyrle, Joelle 337 Bowman, Richard 30 357, 388, 395 Biagini, Fred 269 Bowman, Roxanna 407 Baumeister, Beverly 324 Bianchi, Dwight 181 Bowman, Wilbur 30 Baumgartner, Anne 132, 319 Bibb, Jack 30, 278 Bowron, John 237, 418 Baumsteiger, Carl 278 Bibel, Ben 255 Boyaner, Sue 310 Bausch, Norbert 29 Biddison, Don 396 Boyarsky, Barbara 91, 326 Baxter, Dave 257 Biedermann, Eric 93 Boyd, Mary Ann 330 Baxter, Frank 273 Biery, Melza 90, 372 Boydstun, Thomas 246 Baxter, Jim ....30, 149, 152, 156, Bigelow, Jon 199, 297 Boynton, Earl 146, 293 278, 420 Binge, Marlene 324 Boynton, Patricia 380, 390 Beall, Edgar 357 Biggs, Tony 284 Boynton, Russell 359 Bean, Dave 295 Billawala, Nonubin 390 Braccini, Al 148 424 Bracken, Nancy 95, 108, 314, 409 Brackett, Stan 114, 384 Bradley, Bob 31, 256, 420 Bradley, Clay 202, 379 Bradley, Fred 245 Bradley, Jack 228 Brady, Joan 70, 83, 84, 332, 398, 406 B rady, Winnie 343 Braithwaite, Lloyd 31 Bramhal I, Eugene ' 31 Brancato, Geraldine 306 Branchi, Dwight 163 Brandes, Dede 332 Brandes, Frank 229 Brandon, Lucie 27, 31, 66, 91, 100, 368, 398, 409 Brandt, Ed 152, 162 Brandt-Erichsen, Jean 408 Bras, Charles 238 Bras, Mack 254 Brass, Evelyn 114, 353 Braun, Beverly 328, 409 Braun, Wesley 31 Bray, Carole 337 Bray, Phillip 387 Brazilf, Nat 163, 181 Breck, Beau 31, 149, 184, 187, 302, 415, 420 Bredemeier, Jack 234 Breitenstein, Eugene 31 Breitenstein, Dick ....31, 394, 413 Bremer, Bob 107, 396 Bremer, Candy 107 Brenneis, Coralynn 307 Brenner, Fred 148, 231 Brenzel, Pat 313 Breschi, Augusto 31 Breschini, Jeanett 31, 419 Breslauer, Alfred 231 Breslauer, Kay 369 Brewer, Jerry 255 Brewer, Peter 265 Brewer, Robert 31 Briant, Walt 176, 178, 180 Brichetto, Joan 343 Brickey, Nancee 361 Bridges, Dave 302 Bridges, Larry 129 Bridges, William 88, 89, 378 Briggs, George 78, 144 Brigham, Charles 184 Briones, Dante 361 Briscoe, Terrence 268 Brobst, Pete 277 Brock, Elaine 31 Brock, Harry 293 Brodovsky, Joan 381 Brogan, Pat 31, 419 Brokenshire, Evelyn 374 Bronsdon, Bernice 82, 90. 94, 99, 331, 406 153, 163, 359 Brooks, David 377 Brooks, Gil 401 Brooks, Hartmond 31 Brooks, Inez 329 Brooks, Jere ....152, 194, 248, 420 Brooks, John 385 Brooks, Shirley 336 Brosse, Sandra 321 Brosseau, Pierre 386 Brough, Jack 287 Brown, Barry 31, 356, 385 Brown, Bart 23, 31, 224, 282 Brown, Bill ' 131 Brown, Clark 163, 265 Brown, Dave 298 Brown, Earle 290 Brown, Erle 236 Brown, Frank 144 Brown, Gordon 262 Brown, Herb 31, 132 Brown, Joe 31, 296 Brown, Judy 323 Brown, Kirk 260 Brown, Maureen 370 Brown, Patricia 372 Brown, Philip 31 Brown, Ralph 253 Brown, Robert 294 Brown, Royal 31, 264 Brown, Wilbur 31 Brown, Willie 31 Browne, Kenneth 31 Brownfield, Marshal l 31, 376 Brownstein, Marvin 31, 274 Bruce, M Sgt. H. J 138 Bruce, Wayne 270 Brucker, Don 228 Bruderer, Paul 188 Brumwell, Carol 381 Brunhouse, Jay 273 Bruni, Dick 291 Brucasco, Doris 91, 346 Brutocao, Albert 31, 376 Bryan, Jim 173, 248 Bryant, Bill 31, 174, 250, 420 Bryant, Howard 94 Bubar, Sonia 381 Buchanan, Sheila 320 Buckley, Betty 314 Buckley, Bob 188 Buckley, Mary Anne 339 Buckner, Carolyn 374 Bue Ida 113, 381 Bueermann, Richard 31, 386 Bull, Al 31, 237, 415, 420 Bullard, George 146, 247 Bullock, Glen 228 Bumbera, Bill 226 Bunce, Barbara 31, 306 Bunnell, Renee 313 Bunnell, Sterling 31, 294 Bunnell Sue 146, 372 Burger, Diana 31 Burgess, Willis .31, 215, 396, 413 Burgin, Doreen 31 Burgua, Jeanne 100 Burke, Glenn 31 Burke, Joan 313 Burkett, Bob 241 Burkett, Roy 31, 260 Burmaster, Neal 31 Burns, Dick 186 Burns, Joe 261 Burns, Ross 163 Burr, Mildred 278 Burrows, Bob 31, 184, 237, 415, 420 Burton, Carol 31, 130, 364 Burton, Grace 31 Burton, Larry 32, 396 Burton, Lois 408 Bush, Harold 163 Bush, John 32, 238 Bush, Marilyn 336 Bush, Pam 309 Bush, Sam 32, 252 Bushman, Virginia 353 Butenhof, Jim 385 Butler, Gunning 266 Butler, Leland 32, 356 Butler, Marge 114 Butler, Sally 106 Butt, Charles 176, 179, 258 Buwalda, Bob 302, 420 Byerly, Charles 32, 272 Byers, Bart 254 Byrne, Eddie 145 Byrne, Nancy 336 Byrne, Pete 69, 272 C Cabral, Frank 147, 398 Cadwallader, Sandra 345 Cadwerl, Russ 285, 418 Cady, Claire 306 Cagnone, Leroy 242 Cahen, Sybil 311 Cahn, Laurence 255 Cain, Betty 328 Cain, Mary 113, 274 Cain, Sarah 32 Caine, Bob 146, 301 Cairns, Don 132 Cake, Natalie 95, 320 Caldis, Jay 271 Caldwell, Johnnie 32 Caldwell, Ruth Anne 113 Califf, Georgina 130 Calkins, Bruce 401 Call, Jack 98 Call, Rozirla 132, 366 Callaghan, Dorris 32, 360 Calland, Judith 32 Calpestri, Pete 252, 418 Calton, Frank 358 Cameron, Thomas 394 Camm, Laura 306 Camp, Joyce 361 Campbell, Ben 293 Campbell, Betty 309 Campbell, Betty 333 Campbell, Claire 32, 363 Campbell, Jack 32, 242 Campbell, Jean 362 Campbell, Jean 318 Campbell, Lynn 335 Campbell, Margot 32 Cannata, Joe 32 Canning, Ed 260 Cantelow, Jean 16 Coadwell, 334 Capp, Charles 32 Capp, Dave 356 Capps, Blanche 361 Capps, Virginia 32, 122, 123, 131, 399, 403 Caramella, Charles 32, 186, 246 Carden, Virginia 368 Carey, Scott 284, 420 Carithers, Judith 32, 314 Carlin, Carole . .32, 95, 107, 330 Carlos, Elena 367 Curls, Jane 69, 336 Carlson, Bill 206 Carlson, Dick 195, 239 Carlson, Don 174 Carlson, Dwight 32 Carlson, Ed 206 Carlson, Gene 32 Carlton, Don 32, 260 Carmichael, Jim 152, 164 Carminati, Earl 32, 262 Carmody, Bob 247 Carpenter, Ron 229 Carrick, Bob 236 Carrillo, Gloria 32 Carillo, Manuel 32 Carroll, Bill 32, 250, 418 Carroll, Gail 340 Carroll, Joan 32, 312 Carroll, Sue 324 Carstens, Tom 132 Carter, Edward 9 Carter, James 215, 377 Carter, Martha 32, 90 Carter, Mary 32, 340 Carter, Patricia 32 Cartwright, Keros 412 Carver, Rick 261 Casagrande, Janice 69, 382 Casey, Mike Cass, Joanne 369 Cassidy, Camille 336 Cassidy, Caren 32 Cassinelli, David 390 Caster, Sally 331 Castro, Barbara 32 Castro, Federico 32 Catrow, Carol 343 Cattaneo, Grant 253 Catuira, Irineo 32 Causey, Coy 69, 348 Cavanaugh, D ' Arcy 32, 390 Cawthon, Chuck 207 Cayfor, Cathleen 32, 322 Celestin, Marshall 176, 225 Cellini, Carmella 325 Ceridono, Cliff 293 Cerini, Sue 90, 306 Cerney, Roger 277 Cerwin, 332 Chadwick, Wesley 153 Chai, Nam 233 Chainey, Bill 385 Chalmers, Jack 296 Chalmers, Jacqueline 372 Chum, Charlie 32 Chum, Joe 32, 413 Chamberlain, Jim 268 Chambers, Carol 32, 368, 400, 403 Chambers, Kathy 381 Champomier, Lynn 254 Chan, Alice 350 Chan, Barbara 350 Chan, Edison 32 Chan, Lucille 32 Chan, Robert 33 Chan, Ruth 33, 380 Chaney, Zeb 143, 156 Chang, Priscilla 380 Chang, Yong-Shan 33 Chantler, Janet 108, 320 Chapman, Art 184, 404 Chapman, Bob 286 Chapman, Lee 82, 91, 109, 348, 409 Chappell, Bev 343 Charleston, Barbara 334 Char lesworth, Cynthia 344 Chase, Al 384 Chase, Barbara 328 Chase, Mort 274 Chavin, Marcia 364 Chazlet, Sue 342 Chee, Alice 350, 355 Cheek, Cathyrn 381 Cheesman, Janet 33, 93, 122, 126, 399, Linl Cheonis, Ernest 33 Cherry, Don 300 Cherry, Eunice 341 Chesholm, Barbara .._33, 342, 390 Chew, Don 33, 385 Chew, Jeanette 33 Chew, Robert 33 Chiang, Cynthia 33 Chick, Vicky 333 Chickering, Joan 338 Child, Bud 234 Child, Elizabeth 314 Chin, Nancy 371 Chin, Ernest 96, 99 Chinn, John 255 Chinn, Wilbur 33 Chisholm, George 226 Chiswell, Jane 89, 100 Chiveris, Dede 33 Chiveris, Katina 363 Chong, Millie 33 Chou, Albert 33 Chow, Susan 350 Christensen, Bob 290 Christensen, Lesley 33, 353 Christensen, Raymond 33 Christiansen, Annabelle 400 Christiansen, Chris 244 Christine, Shirley 336 Christman, Doris 33 Christopher, Sharon 319 Christos, Evelyn 337 Chua, Seng 33 Chun, Clarence 83, 97 Chun, Dick 205 Church, Larry 241 Chruchill, Bill 247 Cibull, Bob 33, 280 Clahan, Gene 190, 194, 250 Clancy, Marie 33 Clapp, Carolyn 33, 312 Clare, Jayne 335 Clare, Sharon 337 Clark, Barbara 320 Clark, Barbara E. 367 Clark, Bur D. 258 Clark, Charlie 80, 144 Clark, Eugene 230 Clark, Gordon 191 Clark, Jim 418 Clark, Joette 33, 308 Clark, Ken 291, 3°6 Clark, Lila 33, 312 Clark, Nancy 33, 419 Clark, Patricia 33 Clark, Ray 295 Clark, Sue 317 Clarke, Bifl 33, 290, 386 Clarke, Bob 188 Clasby, Beverly 367 Class, John 33, 356 Clausen, Mary Lou..78, 79, 92,330 Clawson, Nancy 336 Clay, Chuck 251 Clayworth, Jo-Ann 324 Cleaver, Richard 33 Clemens, Bill 33, 234, 416 Clements, Gene 131 Clements, Peggy 93, 321 Cleveland, Jan .33, 108, 340, 409 Clifford, Marlene 380 Cline, Tom 27, 33, 238 Close, Eleanor 322 Clymer, Barbara 23, 97, 334, 406, 409 Coakley, Clare 345 Coakley, Pete 277 Coakley, Tom 176, 261 Coate, Jo Ellen 342 Coates, Diana 91, 338 Coates, Marilyn 33, 380 Coats, Vern 146, 378 Coburn, Ganelle 33 Cockey, Bill 272 Cochrane, Dora 313 Coelho, Carlos 394 Coen, Rowena 33 Coetschine, Nancy 397 Coffee, Paul 33, 250 Coffelt, Desmond 33, 184, 376 Coffman, Ralph 33, 280 Cogen, Robert 301 Coglizer, Jane 325 Cohen, Carter 280 Cohen, Edwin 118 Cohen, Jose 213 Cohen, Joyce 33, 310 Cohn, Army 373 Cohn, Arnie 301 Cohn, Leonard 253 Coil, Hank 33, 258, 416 Coil, Ho 7R8 Colbath, Miss Alice 390 Colbert, Wes 33, 260 Colby, Anne 331 Colby, Jerry 396 Colby, Jim 298 Colby, Marjorie 332 Cole, Beverly 308 Cole, Carl 258 Cole, Terry 285 Coleman, Sheldon 234 Coles, Dr. 403 Colescott, Bill 389 Coll, John 97 Collins, Bob 34, 60, 78, 79, 145, 146, 292 Collins, Barbara 34, 308 Collins, Eleanor 117 Collins, Loana 319 Collins, Loretta 337 Collins, Lynne 34, 342 Collins, Marilyn 309 Collins, Wayne 202 Cortrin, Myrl 130 Colvin, Clifford 34, 356 Comarsh, Francis 273 Commanday, Bob 129, 130, 131, 132 Compton, Ron 394, 396 Conaway, Floyd 99 Condrey, Joanne 338 Congdon, Dick 240 Conklin, Marlene 419 Conley, Pat 331, 397 Conlon, Dorothy 312 Connolly, Pat 114, 309 Connor, Edward 245 Conrad, Dean Clinton 10 Constant, Gwen 130, 381 Conta, Dolores 34, 130 Cook, Barbara A. 342 Cook, Barbara J. 355 Cook, Dick 34, 264 Cook, Grant 261 Cook, Jack 391 Cook, Sally 34, 338, 384 Cook, Tom 91, 385 Coombs, Marge 92 Coomes, Joe 34, 356 Coonce, Bob 236 Cooney, Jim 131 Cooper, Alfred 34 Cooper, Bobby 225 Cooper, Carolyn 337 Cooper, Doug 176, 178 Cooper, Janet 314 Cope, Margaret 375 Copeland, Carol 321 Copple, Robert 176 Copren, John 389 Corbel I i, Corrinne 132 Corbett, Jim 252 Corbin, Virginia 330 Cordes, Carl 292 Corley, Jim 251, 418 Corley, John 34 Correa, Robert 34 Corren, Sue 326 Cortes, Carlos 108, 146, 229, 385 Cortina, Pena 421 Corwin, Gordon 243 Corwin, Richard 34, 242 Coryel I, Dona 368, 397 Cose, LeRoy 34, 131 Cossiolios, George 385 Costa, Mary 369 Costa, Rose Marie 132, 381 Costanza, James 379 Costanza, Robert 378 Costello, Bob 131 Cotes, Walter 181 Cotter, Larry 387 Cottlieb, Gary 162 Coulter, Irvine 211 Courtwright, Carofa 334 Covert, Carol 308 Covington, Lucy 333 Covitz, Martin 34 Cowan, Robert 400 Cox, Herb 294 Cox, Jim 385, 396 Cox, Pat 367 Cox, William 377 Coy, James 891 Coyne, Carolyn 313 Coyne, Gwenna 34, 312 Crabbe, John 34, 356, 410 Craig, Maynard 286 Cramer, Phoebe 317 Cramer, Rocky 357, 359 Crampton, Howard 34, 413 Crampton, Marion 325 Crandall, Lucretia 316 Crane, Barbara 34, 98 Crane, Rodeama 373 Cranston, Sonya 345 Crauss, Jack 188 Crawford, Kathy . 106, 116, 146, 330, 407 Crawford, Wayne 34, 394 Crebbin, Pete ..152, 162, 249, 418 Creech, Leslie 146, 320 Creek, Dave 238 Crenshaw, Katherine _34, 93, 334 Crew, James 34 Crilly, Jim 245 425 Crim, Betty 316 Cripe, Carl 401 Croce, Sandy 340 Crocket, Jane 343 Crockett, Robert 34, 376, 386 Crook, Janet 324 Cropper, Bruce 190, 276 Crosby, Al 408 Crosby, Ann 130 Crosby, Liz 322, 416 Cross, Peggy 34, 96, 98, 338 Crowder, John 391 Crow, Ken 239 Crystal, Bob 129, 131 Cubic, Ron 107 Cudworth, Grace 315 Cullom Jim 103 Culver, Janice ....34, 91, 132, 364 Cummings, Barbara 69, 316 Cummings, Garth 234 Cundall, Don 226 Cundey, Barbara 34, 330 Cuneo, Marlyn 372 Cunningham, Dave 231 Cunningham, Duncan 285 Cunningham, Kay 95, 337 Cunningham, William 9, 279 Curran, Leah 337 Curry, Bill 34, 244 Curtice, Lou 96, 334, 409 Curtin, 34, 244 Curtis, Mary 319 Cutland, Dennis 176, 261 Cutting, Nick 191, 231 Cvietusa, Don 224, 284 D Dabel, Shirley 404 Dacey, Fred 34 Da Dalt, Al 34, 284 Daggett, Bill 277 Dahill, Nancy 34 Dahlin, Ron 34, 152, 294 Dahlinger, Dick 188 Dahlquist, Bob 34 Dailey, Joe 247 Dailey, Kathleen 130 Daily, Kaholyn 317 Daily, Bill 247 Dais, Gene 34, 174, 254 Dajani, Musa 213 Dajani, Yusef 213 Dakin, Dian 336 Dakin, Wayne 34 Daley, Leonard 34, 93 Dall, Marlene 320 Dallas, Ron 235 Dailey, Duane 34, 376 Dal Porto, Don 163, 231 Dalziei, Prof. C. F 394 D ' Amico, Ted 181 Dance!, Toribia 34 Daneman, Suzi 306 Daniel, Diane 96 Daniels, Carolyn 34, 360 Daniels, Joan 34, 130 Dansby, Wilma 94, 368 Darby, Bob 35, 256 Dare, Sandra 310 Darkenwald, Dorothy 324 Darracq, Dal 163, 181, 213 Darrow, Kay 365 Darter, Bob 35, 234 Datta, Diane 35 DaVega, Bud (Carlton) 260 DaVega, Buzz (Clayton) 260 Davenport, Stephen 35 David, Lee 146, 274, 413 David, Milton 174 Davidson, Adelle 371 Davidson, Alan 35 Davidson, Martha 397 Davidson, Sue 92, 323 Davie, Walter 35, 131, 356 Davies, Arthur 264 Davies, Bill 90 Davies, Glenn 35, 376, 396 Davies, Liz 316 Davies, Pat 256 Davis, Dean Area 13 Davis, Charlie 152, 163, 246 Davis, David 35, 131 Davis, Don 239 Davis, Earl 227 Davis, Frances 132, 362, 397 Davis, Gene 27 Davis, Gil 302 Davis, Gloria 321 Davis, Harry 144 Davis, Jennifer 147, 321 Davis, Jim 291 Davis, Kathleen 349 Davis, Ken 132 Davis, Kent 35 Davis, Laurence Davis, Loyal 298 Davis, Ned 285 Davis, Paxton 284 Davis, Phil 35, 234 Davis, Rich 278 Davis, Sherman 294 Davis, Sue 322 Davison, Leslie 215 Davreux, Carolyn 369 Dawson, Carol 35, 308 Dawson, Ed 293 Dawson, Margie 317 Day, Ann 69 Day, Dave 35, 204, 207 Day, Dick 149, 152, 154, 228, 396 Day, Don 35, 91, 385 Day, Ruth Ann 309 Dayvault, John 35, 256, 416 Deady, Bill 35, 292 Deal, Don 236 Dealey, Dave 35, 110, 229 Dean, Carla 35, 360 Dean, Ruth 35, 413 Dean, Tony 107 Dearborn, Terry 298 Deardorff, Herb 115 Deardorff, Waft 358 DeBacker, Claire 35, 403 DeBonis Marrlyn 332 DeBow, Charlotte 318 deBruyn Kops, Charles DeBurle, Meyer 232 de Camp, Bill 177 Dedic, Eleanor 308 Dedo, Herb 278 Deetken, Dave 278 Degenhart, Pat 404 DeHaan, Patricia 35 DeHaan, Robert 35 De Heinrick, Hubert 240 De Hes, Myra 367 Deitch, Carolyn 386 Del lotz, Bob 146, 279 Dekofsky, Sue 369, 400 Delisle, Glenn 35, 264 Delius, Cynthia 314 Della Maggiora, Ed ..132, 357, 407 Della Zoppa, Yolanda 35 Dellepiane, Ann 369 DeLong, Dick 384 DeLong, Roland 238 deLorimier, Jacques 149, 184, 264 Delucchi, Alfred 278 De Luchi, Denis 271 Delvaille, John 35, 356 De Marais Charles 286 deMartini, Arden 100, 132, 339, 386 Demos, Bill 198, 200, 262, 415 DeMatei, Edward 268 Demith, Helen 35, 92, 364 Demmon, Don 206 Dempster, Douglas 23, 35, 106, 112, 410 Demsey, Patricia 332 Denham, Jerry 188 Denney, George 404 Denton, Don 35, 147, 258 DePorto, Don Der Albert, Joe 35 Derdivanis, John 35, 149, 191, 278 De Rego, Anson 35 Derieg, Sheila 334 Derry, Beverly 35, 306 Derry, Joan 69 Derry, June 132, 315 Desch, Lewis 35 DeSilva, Ed 35, 256 De Silverstro, Tony 146 De Soto, Michael 35, 149, 191, 254, 388 Dessler, Norman 35, 274 Detar, William 131 Dethlefsen, Phil 286 de Urioste, Rosita 323 De Vaughn, Ann 363 Devereaux, Joyce 35, 320 Devine, Lynne 35, 364 Devoto, Steve 282 De Vries, Harriet 35 Dewhirst, Kenneth 35, 376 De Witz, Uldine 306 Dezzani, Don 176, 279 Dial, Diana 366 Diamond, Barbara 111, 354 Diaz, Mike Dibert, Camilla 35 Dickey, Araminta ..23, 90, 92, 316 Dickinson, Charles 36, 91, 385 Dickinson, Joe 116, 117 Dickson, Edward 9 Didion, Joan 322 Diederich, Barbara 333 Diener, Michael 281 Diepenbrock, Sandra 36, 338 Diepenbrock, Virginia 36 Dietz, Bob 177, 377 Dietz, Dave 388 Differding, Denise 69, 318 Diggins, Roger 377, 387 Digrazia, Bill 36, 258 DiGrazia, Robert 213 Di Ilaway, Sally 307 Dillon, Jim 156, 159 Dimeff, Steve 152, 155, 157 Dimitriou, Jim 36, 226 Dimmick, Marcia 90, 368 Dineen, Marjorie 89 Ding, Isadora 36 Di nnean, Larry 131 Disalvo, Capt. M. J 139 Di Silvestro, Tony 246 Dito, Bill 252 Dixon, Barbara 364 Dobbins, Dick 188, 287 Dobrowsky, Sherrill 91, 380 Dochterman, Cliff 16 Doctor, Tom 91, 385 Dodge, Charlene 307 Dodson, Ronlyn 333 Doelman, Frans 238 Doerschlag, Greg 237 Dohl, Peter 90 Dohrmann, Phoebe 324 Doidge, Alice 367 Doiron, Vonnie 404 Dokey, Richard 268 Doll, Carol 337 Dolliver, Pete 23, 36, 145, 187, 224, 250, 420 Dolmans, Franz 176 Donahue, Donald 377 Donaire, Jay 364, 419 Dung, Tennison 174 Donlon, Dave 36 Donnelly, Gene 23, 36, 43, 77, 78, 80, 84, 322, 405 Donnelly, Ray 152, 162, 256 Donovan, Gary 257 Donovan, Peggy 129 Doolittle, Jean 146, 406 Darla, Manuel 269 Dorman, Barbara 132 Dorman, Shirley 371 Dorsa, Dolores 372 Dorsett, Charles 36 Dorsey, Anne 69, 147, 322 Dosier, John 286 Dotson, Nadine 367 Dougherty, Anne 343 Dougherty, Paul 244, 401 Douglas, Barbara 36, 324, 384 Douglass, Ann 316 Donlon, David 302 Douvos, Angelo 132, 174 Dowdell, Joan 96, 345 Down, Jerry 202, 252, 387, 420 Downey Connie 92 Downey, Maryanne 111, 307 Downing, Marion 36, 380 Downing, Merton 379, 408 Downing, Mudge 84 Doyas, Dolores 117 Doyas, Richard 289 Doyle, Burt 263 Doyle, Ena 305 Doyle, Leonard 389 Doyle, Patricia 36 Dozier, (James) Ron 36, 176, 178. 179, 180, 252, 420 Drake, Dayton 281 Drake, Diane 69, 308 Draper, Thomas 36, 242 Dravillas, Diana 369 Drennan, Jerry 386 Dressel, Skip 36, 277, 415, 420 Drew, Jerry 152, 156, 164 Drews, Carl 204, 206, 207 Drian, Jackie 122 Drobich, Bo 90 Droitcour, Grace 36, 390 Druhan, Carol 374 Drummond, Glen 237 Dryden, John 36, 385 Dryer, Dale 294 Duane, Allen Duckert, Pat 36, 324 Duckworth, Robert 36 Dudley, Cornell 181, 299 Duewel, John 36 Duffel, Janet 306 Duffield, Joyce 36 Duga, Larry 98 Dugan, Caly M Sgt 215 Dughi, Elva 36, 318 Duncan, Ellen 36, 308 Duncan, Rod 36, 113, 278, 390, 410 Dunckel, Dianne 117, 343 Dunlap, George 36, 376 Dunmire, Ann 314 Dunn, Connie Lou 335 Dunn, Myron 36, 387, 413 Dunn, Roger 245, 415, 420 Dunster, Annette 348 Duque, Liz 342 Durante, Alfredo 376 Durham, Lois 36 Durie, Robert 36, 240 Durkee, Robert 357 Durland, Evelyn 36, 90, 346 Durrschmidt, Frank 36 Dusseau, Yvonne 353 Dutton, Bill 152, 158 Dutton, Tom 36, 52, 152, 153, 155 Dutzi, Jim 93 Dwyer, Elise 319 Dwyer, Norman 245 Dyc, Carol 69 Dyche, Justin Kim 36, 376, 413 Dyer, Norman 36 Dyke, Mary 309 E Eaggleton, Dorelle 397 Eakin, Carolyn 36, 330 Early, Beth 342 Early, Gene 292 Easley, Carol 338 Easley, J. W 141 Eastlick, Frances 305 Eastman, Alice 375 Eastvold, June 36 Eaton, Carol 36, 112, 330 Eberly, David 387 Ebright, Ky (coach) 184 Bright, Malcolm 36, 238 Eckardt, Betty 316 Eckhardt, Dorothy 368 Eckert, Margaret 368 Eddy, Capt. S. L. Jr 141 Edery, Esther 408 Edgerley, Amy 36, 320 Edgett, Antoinette 347 Edison, Vivian 144 Edstrom, Ron 188 Edwards, Art 37, 234 Edwards, Bob 266 Edwards, Collin 37, 278 Edwards, Dave 243 Edwards, James 260 Edwards, Sue 342 Edwards, Yvonne 324 Eerkens, Sjef 37 Egan, Carol 309 Eggleston, Cornelia 333 Ehmann, Ann 339 Ehni, Dick 37, 144, 148, 149, 204, 256 Ehrenswig, Elizabeth ..83, 98, 322 Eichenbaum, Midge 362 Eichenberg, Michael 37 Eichmann, Margot 100, 319, 397, 417 Eizenberg, Yishai 37 Elder, Dennis 37, 248 Elefant, Richard 300 Eifving, Becky 37, 306 Eliahou, Ezra 37 El iopoulos, Harry 229 Ellis, Mary Ann 339 El issondo, Elaine 363 Elkend, Alex 37 Elkington, Helen 325 Ellenberg, Sandy 357 Ellenson, Judy 354 Elliott, Bob 236 Elliott, Corinne 332 Elliott, Joanne 37, 332 Elliott, John 273 Elliott, Nancy 345, 406 Elliott, William; M Sgt 215 Ellis, Bob 266 Ellis, Johanna 348 Ellis, Mary Ann 338 Ellis, Walter 37 Erworthy, John 208 Ely, Dick 230 Emerick, Robert 37 Emerson, Jan 314 Emerson, Jean 337 Emerson, Jon 132, 267 Emerson, Steve 267 Emerzian, Barbara 27, 37, 330 Emlin, Warren 385 Engball, John 23 Encheff, Joy 130 Engelhard, Greg 78, 80 Engs, Eleanor 37, 338, 384 Engvall, John ....37, 176, 190, 356 Enkema, Blenda 321 Ensler, Merle 381 Epis, Rudy 416 Epps, Crandell 37, 394 Erb, Dick 26, 27, 37, 66, 83, 119, 149, 246, 388, 398 Erickson, Neil 37, 241 Erickson, Carol 373 Erickson, Eric 389 Erickson, Jack 188 Erickson, John , 231 Erickson, Oscar 37 Erickson, Paul 72, 94, 99, 297 Erickson, Ted 131 Ermann, Helen 327 Erskine, Joanne 37, 130, 380 Escano, John 152, 162, 190, 194, 282 Eshima, Jack 37 Espenschade, Miss 89 Essen, Capt. T. W 139 Essig, Edward 0 14 Estep, Evelyn 375 Etter, Ray 247, 256 Etter, Richard 37 Etter, Robert 256 Evanikoff, Jean ..83, 95, 132, 319 Evans, Clint (coach) 190, 192 Evans, Don 276 Evans, Ellen 146, 313, 386 Evans, Marcia 382 Evans, Millicent 37 Evans, Richard 411 Evans, Sheila 317 Evans, William 276 Eveleth, Susan 37 Everett, Jean 343 Evers, Margaret 37, 380 Ewiden, Amos 390 Ewoldsen, Hans 215 F Faanes, Marvin 37 Fabbrini, Anna 332 Fabri, Lloyd 100 Factor, Gerald 37, 300 Fadness, Joanne 314 Fagundes, Ann 115 Fahn, Stan 146, 274 Fairbairn, Robin 176, 277, 418 Fairhurst, David 404 Falk, Bob 112 Francher, Evelyn 373 Fanucci, Daniel 37 Fanucci, Marie 132, 366 Faries, Don 377, 407 Farmer, John 37, 153 Farnham, Neil 231 Farquhar, Jean 306 Farrar, Andrew 188, 379 Fastuold, June 37 Faubion, Rex 124 Faulk, Sandra 307 Faulkner, Jim 152, 162 Favorman, Joan 363 Fay, Frances 317 Fay, Hap 285 Fegen, Jane 97 Feinstein, Mitzi 311 Felciano, Renee 371 Feldman, Sandra 37, 326 Feldstein, David 255 Fell, Jean 381 Fellner, Hank 213 Fellner, Tom 184, 256, 415 Fenston, Earl 9 Ferguson, C. W 163, 253 Ferguson , Marian 308 Ferro, Ray 284 Fertig, Elynor 327 Fetros, John 37 Feuerstein, Don 37 Fick, Carolyn 323 Fidel, Jose 37, 174 Field, John 295 Fields, Jackie 306 Fields, June 375 Fiesel, Harry 270 Fifield, Bob 37, 394, 412 Figel, Ronald 37, 300 Figgins, Gregg 94, 259 Fike, Roger 215 Filomeo, Edward 37, 389 Files, Lt. Col. R. B 138 Filipponi, Herb 356 Fincke, Harriet 343 Fini, Marilyn 132, 393 Fink, Mrs. Lois B 37 Finkel, Thelma 37 426 Gardiner, Jeanne 322 Giusso, Ernie 270 Bert 39, 389 Giusto, Margaret 111, 323 Gardner, Gardner, Jo Anne 322 Glaken, Gary 299 Gardner, Roberta 349, 396 Gladden, Dick 408 Gardner, Sue 113, 416 Glading, Janet 407 Garfinkle, Jack 274 Gladstein, Sue 92, 379 Garland, Bruce 69, 387 Glaiberman, Judith 310 Garlin, Vic 99, 113 Glantz, Dick 239 Garrard, Robert 39 Glascock, Mary 325 Garrel I, Henry 300 Glasser, Henry 39, 232 Garrett, Florens 80 Glassman, Bernice 39, 310 Garrett, Myra 401 Glavinovich, Michele 69, 314 Garrick, Dot 39, 83, 312, 397 Glazzier, Larry 232 Garrison, Geraldine 355, 408 Gleason, Beverly 69, 100, 346 Gleason, Curtis 39, 413 Glenn, Archer 39 Glenn, Bill 411 Glenn, Bob 39, 234, 394 Glickman, David 300 Gliebe, Paul 378 GI ines, Kenneth 39, 260 Globen, Gary 163, 281 Glurman, Charles 146 Goats, R. V. 387 Godsey, Jack 248 Goedewaagen, Pieter 39, 270 Goering, Anna Marie 315 Goetz, Dorothy 40 Goetze, Marilyn 307 Goff, Karim 40 Goldhammer, Joan 369 Goldberg, Helene 369 Goldberg, Pete 301 Golden, Carol 83 Golder, Frank 202 Golderman, Robert 400 Goldm an, Ron 275 Goldmann, Barbara 132 Goldsberry, Pat 340 Goldspring, Jim 226 Goldstein, Jean 379 Goldstone, Barbara 311 Golf, Frank 40 Gomes, Mary 361, 410 Gompertz, Charles 93 Gonos, Art 149, 176, 177, 357, 387, 388 Good, Robert 40, 240 Goodale, Paul 216 Goodametz, Eugene 40, 254 Goodfriend, Larry 275 Gooding, Alice 40, 308 Goodman, Marlene 373 Goodstein, Ruth 40, 382 Goodwin, Caroline 342 Goodwin, David 245 Gordon, Doug 23, 40, 277 Gordon, Gill 190 Gordon, Jerry 40, 81, 274 Gordon, Joan 377 Gordon, Mary Lou 337 Gordon, William 131 Gore, Meredith 323 Goree, Irene 40 Goree, Lynn 130, 330, 409 Gorlick, Allan 40, 136, 255 Gorman, Sue 117, 307 Gosling, George 152, 250, 420 Gottfried, Lee 238 Gottlieb, Gary 152, 255 Goudy, Katherine 144 Goulart, Ron 116, 117, 270 Gould, Dan 92, 266, 387 Gould, Stanley 40 Gournier, Joe 267 Grace, Dick 401 Gracey, Jim 228 Gradella, Dick 396 Gradwohl, Al 102, 300 Grady, Tom 188, 239 Graebe, Fred 40, 93, 413 Graebe, Gerald 290 Graft, Ann 94, 146, 345 Granberg, Arlene 369 Granger, Ted 152, 162, 208 Grant, Don 253 Grant, Hal 153, 163, 176 Grant, Jack 302 Grant, Judy 321 Grant, Judy L 309 Grant, Mary Ellen 114, 321 Grant, Victor 40, 262 Granz, Iris 327 Gratiot, Barbara 336 Groton, Claudia 353 Gratuick, Lt. Col 411 Grauss, Jack 493 Graves, Jeff 293 Graves. Nancy 115, 118 Gray, Diane 333 Gray, Glenn 40, 413 Gray, John 40, 148, 149, 205, 238 Gray, Margaret 341 Gray, Rosalie 346 Finkenstein, Doris 310 Finley, Peggy 336 Firby, Ronald 272 Firestein, Sabra 123 Firth, Ann 94, 97 Firth, Carol 331 Fisch, Ernie 37, 106 Fischoff, Dr. Ephraim 400 Fish, Ernest 300, 396 Fisher, Jim 229, 245 Fisher, Jimmy L. 229 Fisher, Joan 124, 321 Fisher, John W 37, 250 Fisher, Lois 340 Fisher, Marilyn 126 Fisher, Victor 272 Fitch, Beverly 92, 93, 95, 99, 100, 340, 397 Fitch, Chuck 38, 260, 415 Fites, Larry 163, 302 Fitts, Irene 69, 344 Fitz, Phyllis 367 Fitzpatrick, Hilary 384 Fitzsimmons, Audrey 38 Fladeland, Robert 416 Flaumenhaft, Abe 38 Flaumenhaft, Janet 38 Fleetwood, Paul 38 Flemer, Charles H 282, 387 Fleming, Dick 186 Fletcher, Ed 208, 282 Fletcher, Eugene 378 Fletcher, Gail 337 Fletcher, John 38, 300 Flickenger, Don 379, 408 Flinn, Sally 38, 322 Flint, Robert 38 F fodberg, Bill 176, 182, 243 Flood, Margaret 313 Florence, Lavania 314 Flores, Richard 38 Florness, Kathy 102, 314 Floto Charlene 360 Flowerday, Tom 38, 413 Floyd, Bill ...204, 205, 302, 418 Floyd, Jim 239 Floyd, Marilyn 323 Flyer, Tom 267 Flynn, Nancy 69, 336 Flynn, Ward ....106, 107, 226, 416 Fogh, Mary 353 Foley, Jim 236 Foley, Jeff 149, 204 Follis, Mary Lou 343 Folsom, J. J Folsom, Lois 38, 50, 81, 330, 405 Fong, Barbara 38 Fong, Hanley 38 Fong, Rosie 350 Fonkin, Gerhard 38 Fontana, Lynne 334 Foon, Annie 374 Foon, Cinnie 38 Fooshee, Jane 130 Foote, Alvin 226 Foote, Thelma 130, 364 Ford, Alfred 231 Ford, Benson 176 Ford, Carol 38, 312 Ford, Mary 365 Ford, Kathy 365 Ford, Peggy 89 Fore, Neil 377 Forelli, Frank 38, 356 Foreman, Don 241 Forman, Ann 38 Fornengo, Ronald 288 Forni, Barbara 38 Forni, Jay 38, 264 Forquer, Maigo 412 Forry, Lois 314 Forsburg, Ann 95, 320 Forsey, Francis 38, 380 Forsstrom, Ron 226 Forster, Beverly 321 Forsyth, Lois 312 Forsythe, Warren 385 Fortini, Glenn 408 Foruria, Theodore 38, 288 Foss, Charles 38 Foster, Bill 202 Foster, Clyde 401 Foster, Mark 243 Foster, Sally 362 Foth, Ulrich 38, 237 Founce, Dean Dale 10 Fountain, Hugh 421 Fountain, Jerome 38, 226 Fourkas, Pete 38 Fournier, Joe 152, 162 Fowells, Bill 230 Fowler, Sue 341 Fowsells, R. William 230 Fox, Gene 237 Fox, Neil 237 Fradel la, Richard 356 Fraden, Roberta 98, 99 Francis, Dave 38, 292 Francis, Dick 276 Franck, Mary 38, 338 Franck, Sue 38, 338 Frank Phyllis 371, 400 Frank, Roberta 337 Franke, Richard 38 Franklin, Diane 318 Franklin, Jim 111, 2223 Franklin, Myrtle 307 Frasch, Esther 361 Fraser, Alan 38, 240 Fraticelli, Ben 147, 211 Fraysier, Wilma 38, 366 Frazier, Diane 69, 320 Fredgren, Jerry 389 Frederick, Walter 80, 106 Fredrickson, Charles 93 Free, Helen 313 Freedman, Barbara 38, 310 Freedman, Carol 38, 362 Freeman, Ann 96, 419 Freeman, Don 404 Freeman, Mike 215 Freeman, Sigmund .93, 274, 386 Frei, Helen 91 Frets, Sheila 373 Freistadt, Frances 364 French, Pat 364 Frerichs, Karen 91, 93, 353 Freshman, Mary Jo 130 Frey, Jesse 132, 215 Freydig, Conni 94 Freyschlag, Carol 38, 84 Frick, Carolyn 323 Fricke, Bob 207, 284 Fridman, Uri 38 Friedenbach, Mike 278 Friedenbach, Paul M. 38, 389 Friederich, Janet 38 Friedman, Annette 38 Friedman, Daniel 38, 395 Friedman, Rochney 69, 184 Friedman, Sharon 362 Friend, Larry 190, 192 Friesen, Lloyd 39, 270 Frietzche, Helen 39, 332 Frisbie, Carolyn 39 Fritz, Emanuel 15 Fritz, Ira 232, 385 Froid, James 39, 386 Frolich, Gordon 247 Froom, Burton 100, 257 Froomin, Carolyn 91, 367 Frost, Bet ty 88, 421 Frost, Nancy 325 Frost, Sue 324 Fry, Roger 39, 290, 386 Fry, Wes 153, 155 Fryshlag, Carol 380 Fuentes, John 39 Fugua, Robert 233 Fujimoto, Isao 94, 148, 211, 408, 421 Fukutaki, Albert 39 Fulbright, Gary 210, 285 Fulkerson, Nancy 353 Fuller, Jack 39 Funq, Yun-Tong 378 Furbush, Don 283 G Gaal, Steve 282 Gabhart, Gerry 358 Gada, Preston 277 Gaffery, Richard 39, 184, 356 Gaggero, Joe 191, 200, 276 Gaggero, Ron 276 Gaines, Helen 397 Galbraith, Phyllis 330 Galbreath, 210 Gall, Janice 366 Gallagher, John 249 Gallagher, Jack 39, 302, 415 420 Gal laway, Irene 339 Galli, Beverly 309 Garli, Jo Ann 27, 39, 372 Gallichotte, Anne 330 Gallon, Art 166, 172 Gallup, Wayne 214 Galvan, Mary 146, 325 Galvez, Richard 39 Gandrud, Jean 319 Ganiats, Tom 359, 407 Gannon, Margaret 380 Garber, Steve 39, 386, 412 Garcia, Margaret 355 Gard, Eve 69, 100, 398 Gardiner, Gordon 39, 284 Garrison, J. J 141 Garrison, Lowell 39, 359 Garrison, Sgt. 140 Garst, Bob 39, 387 Garvey, Joanne 89 Garvey, Ted 251, 418 Garvin, Gail 317 Garzoli, John 152, 162, 252 Gaskin, Timothy 385 Gaspardone, Leo 302 Gates, Henry 301 Gates, Jim 358 Gates, Joan 362 Gates, Larry 253 Gay, Nancy 323 Gayle, Richard 416 Geary, Bert 39, 294 Geary, Jack 416 Geary, Julie 90, 344, 409 Gee, Gene 39 Geering, Robert 39, 254 Geisel, Sallee 333 Gelber, Judith 327 Gentner, J o Ann 345 George, Alexander 39 George, Barbara .69, 340, 397 George, Coralee 90 Gerber, Leah 353 Gercich, Don 39 Gere, Carol 130, 331 Gerhardt, Jim 115 Gerhardy, Carole 23. 39, 64, 324, 409 Gerhardy, Lou 277 Gerhart, John 191, 231, 388 Geritz, Gene 249 Gerlack, Nancy 39 Gerloff, Roberta 39, 312 Getschine, Nanci 307 Geyman, Carolyn 132, 316 Gharat, Shiva 416 Gherman, Chuck 275 Ghidossi, Al 266, 387 Ghidossi, Bill 266 Ghillarducci, Harry 163, 208 Giacomazzi, Pat 373 Gianola, Charles 39, 390 Gianulias, Andy 188, 279 Gianunzio, Victor 269 Gibble, Dick 131, 256, 418 Gibbons, Katie 335 Gibbs, George 277, 415, 420 Giddings, Alison 39, 47, 314. 405, 409 Giddings, Mike 149, 152, 164 Giedt, N. H. 93 Giglio, Ron 246 Gikas, Athena 39, 355 Gilardi, Gerald 39, 244 Gilbert, Barry 176 Gilbert, Clark 188, 269 Gilbert, Gary 358 Gilbert, Jacqueline 311 Gilbert, lbert, Jerry 68, 69, 83, 3 57, 1°8 Gilchrist, Andrew 298 Gilcoyne, Miss 88, 89 Gilderman, Bob 255 Gildersleeve, Edmund 262 Giles, Bill 244 Gilkey, Don 163, 208, 283 Gill, Dave 195, 385 Gill, Gordon 148, 149, 191, 207, 236 Gillen, Joyce 338 Gillette, Ralph 404 Gillfillan, Don 285 Gillies, Don 358 G illies, Lloyd 242 Gilligan, Edward _31, 39, 66, 106, 114, 229, 384 Phyllis 341 Gills, Bill 39, 131, 276 Gilson, Clark 283 Gilstrap, Dave 297 Ginn, Lily 350 Ginsburg, Betty Lee 326 Giovanzana, Leanna 333 Girgich, Henrietta 78 Gist, Ruth 343 Gitchell, Gregory 289 Greco, Jim 298 Green, Al 302, 418 Green, Bliss 40, 284 Green, Bob 83, 94, 96, 98 Green, Charles 302 Green, Dona 325 Green, Doris 40 Green, Eugene 408 Green, George 40 Green, Gretchen 130, 361 Green, Harmon 40, 260 Green, James 40, 210 Green, Jini Green, Norman 40, 148 Greenbaum, Jerry 40, 184, 255 Greenberg, Jean 114 Greene, Cynthia 325 Greene, Fred 411 Greene, Robert 387 Greenwood, George 40 Greer, Jim 146 Greer, Phil 40, 91, 385 Gregovich, Edward 268 Gregory, George 294 Gregory, Patricia 340 Gregovich, Bob 148, 212, 256 Greife, John 228 Grens, Walter 40, 184 Greschel, Bill 186 Greschel, Chuck 146, 186, 388 Grether, Dean Ewald 12 Grettenberg, Dorothy 316 Greub, Ed 163, 285 Grey, Jack 94, 238 Griffin, Andrew 184, 302 Griffin, Jim 40, 292 Griffin, Richard 40, 254 Griffin, Rod 172, 195 Griffith, John 240 Griffiths, George Griffiths, William 245 Griggs, Hal 174 Griggs, Jim Grigsby, Jack 231 Grigrio, Donald Grimes, Elmer 239 Grinbergs, Aina 40, 126, 403 Grison, Barbara 313 Grody, Harbey 98 Groff, Pat 335 Grol Iman, Arthur 40 Grol !man, Patrick 246 Grondona, Carl 259 Gross, Stan 301 Grossfeld, Shel 255 Grossman, Len 131 Grosso, Norma 309 Grosvenor, John 379 Grover, Woody Grunder, Barbara 330 Grupe, Carole 369, 407 Gschwenb, Louise 40 Gubernick, Harold 238 Guilbert, Subanne 40 Guild, Everett 247, 391 Guisso, Ernest 270 Gunderson, Glea 91, 380 Gunheim, Helen 40 Gunn, Celia 117, 345 Gunn, Joseph 40 Gurrofa, George 40 Guss, Capt. S. J., Jr 139 Gustafson, Jim 241 Gustafson, Larry 233, 401 Gustafson, Lee 267 Gustas, Julia 40 Guthrie, Marge 118 Gustinich, Wilma 91, 109 Gutierrez, Dolly 372 Gutierrez, Cordelia 329 Gutman, Stanley 229 Gwerder, Diane 339 Gwerder, Nancy 338 Gwerder, Joe 40, 248, 415 Gwynn, John 40, 245 H Haag, John 379 Haas, Cyrle 353 Haas, Laird 421 Haas, Wallace 391 Haase, John 262 Hach, Han 202 Hack, Carol 314 Hackley, Tom 394 Haddican, Patricia 95, 312 Haddican, Regina 380 Haden, Mary Jo Deane 333 Hagan, Ken 295 Hagar, George 302, 420 Hagar, Mary 92 Hageman, B arbara 360 Hagen, Joann 40 427 Hagens, Renan 146, 321 Haggard, Coleen 325 Hagglund, Joan 342 Haggerty, C. J. 9 Hagler, Joe 172 Hahn, Carolyn 40 Hahn, Marilyn 89 Hahn, Robert 41, 256 Haight, Alan 268 Haight, Marion 338 Haight, Tony 266 Haimovitch, Lorraine 326 Halberstadt, Joyce 41, 419 Hale, Walter 386 Haley, Mike 98 Hall, Ann 113, 318, 346, 416 Hall, Ann 318 Hall, Barbara 317 Hall, Beth 307 Hall, Carol Jo 146, 345 Hall, Dale 246 Hall, Emily 328, 400 Hall, James D. 99, 226 Hall, James 256 Hall, James W. 131, 227 Hall, Joanne 406 Hall, Judy 321 Hall, Stu 113 Hall, Suzanne 132, 365 Hall, Suzanne J. 368 Hall, Virginia 145 Hal lenbeck, Harry 277 Hallett, Libby 346 Hal liman, Butch 229 Hallin, John 41 Halsey, Ann 314 Halstein, Mabel 400 Hambric, Madeline 353 Hambuechin, Walter 411 Hamill, James 41 Hamilton, Bob 90, 92, 96, 297, 398 Hamilton, Brutus 78, 80, 144, 176, 182, Hamilton, Carolyn 308 Hamilton, Gayle 330 Hamilton, John 279 Hamilton, Keith 202 Hamilton, Mariana 41, 363 Hamilton, Walter 41, 244 Hamlin, Louis Howard 295 Hammer, Allan 385 Hammer, Mike 237 Hammer, Thomas 264 Hammon, Ben 231 Hammond, Sandra 322 Hamos, Mardy 117 Hampton, Helen 421 Han, Chun 41 Hanahan, Walter 288 Hand, Barbara 342 Hand, Kathy 364 Handel, Lloyd 41, 413 Haney, Bilr 272 Hanhan, Walt 288 Hanifan, Jim ..152, 158, 159, 415 Hankenson, Alberta 41, 374 Hanna, Margaret 41, 344 i-lannaford, Peter 41, 298 Hannon Murray 240 Hansa, ,11, Bob 239 Hanscom, Ron 238 Hansen, Claire 336 Hansen, Elizabeth 308 Hansen, Ernest 233, 401 Hansen, John 41, 256 Hansen, Ken 41, 294 Hansen, Marilyn 126 Hansen, Nancy 315 Hansen, Richard 41, 233, 401 Hansen, Shirley 41 Hansen, Shirley L. 41, 340 Hansen, Victor 9 Hansen, Wanda 325 Hanson, Lillian J. 306, 397 Hanson, Waller 27, 41, 376 Hague, Lois 381 Happoldt, Jack 80, 92 Harbach, Susan 146, 317 Hardebeck, John 272 Hardin, Betty L. 316 Harding, Bruce 41, 284 Hardy, John 188, 245 Hare, Joe 213 Hargrove, Jean 364 Hargrove, Richard 41, 356 Harker, Howard 250 Harker, Linda 333 Harkness, Dr. James 145 Harper, Ann 363 Harper, Blaine 250 Harper, David 41, 282 Harper, Larry 206, 227 Harrell, John 229 Harrell, Taylor 41 Harrington, J. D. 141 Harrington, Kay 101, 339, 401 Harrington, Ruth 349 Harris, Al 396 Harris, Antoinette 410 Harris, Carl 269 Harris, Charles 204, 206 Harris, Don 23, 41, 65, 152, 155, 159, 208, 209, 277, 415, 420 Harris, Mr. F. 0. 123 Harris, Harry 359 Harris, Janet 349 Harris, Jean 90 Harrsi, Joyce 360 Harris, Margaret 319 Harris, Merissa 364 Harris, Nancy 23, 41, 81, 405, 417 Harris, Phyllis 322 Harris, Robin 292, 384 Harrison, Blaine 290 Harrison, Mark 144, 162 Harrison, Robert 41, 277 Harrison, Suzanne 111, 307 Harrison, Terry 146, 235 Harrison, Tony 208 Hart, Barbara 325 Hart, Janice 381 Hart, Paul 41, 93, 394, 396 Hart, Robert 41 Hartley, Don 23, 32, 44, 79, 144, 208, 209, 224, 279 Hartley, Joan 43, 95, 136, 380, 405 Hartloff, Paul 234 Hartman, Hal 167, 227 Hartnett, Eleanor 331 Hartong, Joan 332 Hartz, Virginia 344 Hartzell, Robert 356 Harvey, Ann 372 Harvey, Cresson 41 Harvey, Donald 407 Hashimoto, Aiko 41 Hashimoto, Walter 41, 408 Haslam, Ken 147, 379 Hassold, Harold 378 Hassoun, Hanoch 41, 389 Hatfield, Shirley 353, 416 Hatton, Peter 289 Haug, James 41, 376 Hauser, Joan 80 Haven, Kathleen 41 Havilio, Saul 396 Havis, Donald 269 Havner, Carol 70, 91, 321 Haw, Joan 344 Hawes, Dave 238 Hawkins, Howard 40, 176, 179, 258 Hawkins, Janet 316 Hawkins, Joyce 309 Hawkins, Mary 41 Hawkins, Pete 41, 240 Hawley, Ann . 23, 41, 53, 78, 79, 80, 342, 405 Haworth, Mary 27, 41, 348 Hay, Sandy 202, 297 Hayden, Douglas 396 Hayden, Jim 42, 236 Hayden, John 262 Hayden, Ralph 42 Hayes, Gaylan 289 Hayes, M Sgt. V. 0. 138 Hayes, Webb 261 Hayes, William 42, 376 Hayman, Bob 115 Haynes, Dunc 184, 231 Hays, Gerry 149, 204, 205, 207, 279 Hayward, Lt. Col. H. S. 139 Hayward, Pete 265 Hazalet, Sue 93 Hazeltine, Matt ....152, 155, 160, 208, 420 Headington, Ron 294 Healy, Eugene 42 Hearne, Julian 394 Heckley, Robert 42, 229 Hedges, Ruth 353 Heerey, Mary 390 Heide, Harold 42, 376, 387 Heil, Dave 190, 192 Heimann, Janet 42 Heimann, Richard 42 Heimark, Donald 42, 277, 415, 420 Heimark, Gene 277 Heimerl, Shirley 373, 417 Heinbockel, Marilyn 407 Heine, Barbara 332 Heinman, Janet 400 Helfer, Edward 9 Hellman, Warren 207 Helm, Elizabeth 323 Helm, Frank 42 Helm, Larry 131, 216 Helveston, Lynn 42, 320 Hemphill, Ardery 65, 308 Hemphill, Carole 319 Hemovich, Sandra 355 Henderson, Feldon 190 Henderson, Herb 266 Henderson, Thelt ....153, 192, 193 Henderson, Tony 265 Hendricks, David 42, 386 Hendricks, Edward 42 Hendricks, E. Scott 42 Henion, W. Burr 42 Henkle, Ralph 248 Henkels, Lt. (j.g.) P. 139 Henricus, Pat 146, 309 Henrie, Keith 42, 93, 387 Henry, Bud 42, 241 Henry, Carola 117, 381 Henry, Carolyn 360 Henry, Merlin 42, 241 Henry, Mike 241 Hensley, George 258 Henze, Tom 152, 237 Hepworth, Samuel 389 Herby, Nelda 130 Herman, Dave 229 Herman, Henry 146, 301 Herman, Janice 393 Herms, George 163 Heron, Nancy 412 Herrera, Edna 112 Herrera-Roca, Hugo 291 Herrerias, Richard 172, 229 Herring, Merritt 272, 387 Herrington, Grace 343 Herrmann, Dot 42, 355 Hertz, Marilyn 306 Herzig, Shirley 337 Hersh, Ed 149, 176, 238 Hershman, Ewell 339 Heskin, Janet 310 Hess, Claus 42 Hess, Frank 166, 169, 245 Hess, Marjorie 410 Hess, Nick 412 Hassell, Eugene 188 Hevey, Susan 307 Newel, Charles 254 Hewitt, Harold 42 Hewitt, Sally 42 Hexter, Dick . 35, 42, 81, 92, 222 Heyer, Jacqueline 42, 306 Heymann, Carlos 213 Heyn, Milton 236 Hezareh, Ali 213 Hezlep, Bruce 69 Hibbs, Doug 152 Hibbs, Joe 152, 157 Hickman, Jan 109, 343 Hicks, Alfred 42 Hicks, Harry 279, 390 H iden, Dave 279 Hierr, Ric 396 Hierlihy, Shirley 323 Higa, Mikio 42 Higgins, James 42 Higley, Barbara 42, 336 Hildebrand, Laurel 42 Hildebrand, Noel 152, 162 Hildebrandt, Harold 42, 376 Hilker, Shirlianne 90, 91, 352, 353, 419 Hill, William 44, 356 Hill, Dick 404, 408 Hill, Gary 249 Hill, Joanne 346 Hill, John 42, 386 Hill. Mollie 80 Hillebrand, Bill 152 Hillinger, Norma 363 Hillman. Marianna 349 Hilton, George 42 Hilton, 382 Nindlev, 117, 328 Hindman. Laleta 364 Hines, Charles 42 Hirehata, Helen 42, 93, 305 Hirsch, Louis 98 Hirst, Jim 294 Hirst, Robert 230 Hitchcock, Allan 283 Ralnh 42, 276 Susan 325 Hitt, Nanon 69, 380 Floats, Katherinn 115 HoadleY. Thomas 298 Hnbbs, Marianne 315 Hobson, Doug 302 Hodges, Jim 254 Hodgson, Mark ' 199, 297 Hoeman, Lt. Col. A. J. 139 Huey, May 43, 350 Hoeman, Betty 340 Huffman, George R. 146, 247 Hoerr, Robert 42 Huggins, Nat 43, 78, 83 Hoff, Douglas 240 Hughes, Bill 228 Hoff elt, Merrill 42, 228 Hughes, Dorothy 339 Hoffman, Bill 247 Hughes, Herb 285 Hoffman, Ralph .. 152, 162, 279 Hughes, Jim 163, 208, 251 Hoflack, Yves 97, 412 Hughes, Rita 325 Hogan, John 268 Huguet, Marge 43, 342 Hogan, Phil 294 Huhn, Jack 279 Hoggatt, Wayne 265 Hull, Robert 167, 227 Hogue, Ann 372 Hultgren, Neilen 230 Hohmann, John 239 Hummel, Nick 262 Hoijer, Charlotte 83, 97 Hummel, 416 Holbrook, Frank 279 Humphrey, Al 238, 387, 389 Holcenberg, Lois 354 Humphreys, Jim 149, 153, Holcomb, Jerald 264 296, 388 Holdrich, Larry 276 Hundhammer, Fred 282 Holgman, Doris 407 Hungerford, Hal .38, 43, 81, 106, Holland, Mary Louise 109, 307 113, 246 Holland, Phil 245 Hungerford, Jan 90, 145, 332, Hollander, Theresa 69 407, 409 Holler, Dick 90 Hunt, Cecil 43, 95, 231, 413 Holliday, Sal ly 113 Hunt, Eleanor 130 Noll iger, Kay 321 Hunt, Robert 195, 359 Hollis, Mickey 251 Hunter, Barbara 342 Hollister, Roy 237 Hunter, Carolyn 43 Hollywood, Coralee 333 Hunter, Sue 111, 329 Harm, Shirley 42 Huntze, Doug 149, 286, 407 Holmes, Donald 42, 246 Hurd, 262 Holmes, Joan 42, 318 Hurndafl, Jane 325 Holmes, Marilyn 369 Hums, Gary 359 Holmes, Richard 273 Huseby, Janet 349 Holmes, Thomas 42, 272 Huss, 26, 27, 65, 83, Holsten, Don 152, 297 92, 268 Holt, George 401 Hussey, Rana 305 Holt, Jim 261, 181 Hutchins, Bob 302 Holt, John 265 Hutchins, Dayna 324 Holt, Pat 43, 314 Hutchins, Kin 315 Hultgren, Neilen 230 Hutchinson, George 264 Holtz, Arlene 43, 310 Hutchinson, Ruth 306 Holtz, Cookie 398 Hutchinson, Barry 114 Holtzman, Doris 370 Hyde, Herschel 149, 198, 201, 262 Horn, Oak 44, 386, 413 Hyde, Margie 322 Honea, Frank 177 Hyde, Mimi 339 Hones, Milt 93, 358 Hymes, Jack 43, 300 Honer, Helen 44 Hyslep, Bruce 420 Honsberger, Joan 333 Hoomes, Richard 273 Hooper, Marilyn 43 Hooven, Patsy 342 larussi, Lor etta 93 Hoover, Beverly 349 Ibanez, Petronila 43 Hoover, Sandra 337 !bison, Georgia 43, 364 Hope, Jan 43 48, 81, 84, Ichinaga, Norm 43 3S2, 364, 417 Ide, Clifford 270 Hoppe, Jeanne 69, 341, 397 Ikeda, Suzan 130 Hopper, Jim 257 Imwalle, Claudia 307 Horn, Norman 43, 298 Inadomi, Grace 381 Horn, Sandra 354 Ing, Wai 43 Horne, Geoffrey 122 Ingraham, George 118 Horrali, Ken 302, 418 Ingram, Anne 130, 366 Horton, Bill 295 Ingram, Beth 364 Horwitz, Carol 310 Ingram, Poppy 308 Hosegood Dick 188, 243 Inman-Kane, Marie 43, 93, Husking, Peggy .36, 43, 120, 368, 305, 400 405, 409 Innocenti, Betty 115 Hoskins, 412 Irvine, Miriam 381 Hoskins, Marilyn 43, 328 Irvine, Vivian 372 Hosmer, Barbara 43, 380, 416 Irwin, Bernice 16 Hotchkis, John 43, 208, 213, 231 Irwin, Grace 43 Hotle, Joe 43, 217, 262 Irwin, Joyce 130 Hotz, David 43 Isabelle, Adrian 225 Hough, Robert 43, 288 Isabelle, Leonard 131 Nuristan, Ann 306 Isbell, Bill 389 Houston, B i I r 43, 260 Isbell, Fred 396 Hovannisian, Dick 43, 394, 413 Isenberg, Beverly 117, 311 Hover, Harry 43, 229 Iseri, Tak 204, 205 Howard, Joan 339 Ishii, Kenneth 43 Howard, Joann 43 Ishimaru, Phil 210 Howard, Katharine 316 Iskara, John 174 Howard, Kennet h 43, 232 Isoye, Yukio 43 Howden, Doug 198, 200, 302 Ivanoff, Irene 367 Howell, Beverly 366 Iverson, H. W. 387 Howell, Racily 364 Ivey, Dwight 43 Howell, Gerry 215 Howell, Max 208, 209 Howland, Ardith 146, 365 Howslev, Barbara 43, 328 Jack, Earl 43, 391 Hoxie, Lynn 342 Jack, Robert 258 Dean Alice 10, 409 Jackson, Bob 258, 261 Huaco, George 106, 118 Jackson, Carol 43 Hubbard, Colin 43, 376 Jackson, Herb 163, 176, 179 Hubbard, John 401 Jackson, Janet 343 Hubbs, Jack 41, 394 Jackson, John 204 Huber, Suzanne . 335 Jackson, Margaret 365 Hubner, Barbara 111, 329 Jacobs, Eleanor 354, 400 Huck, Kitty 133 Jacobs, Greta 44 Hudson, Ann 322 Jacobs, Jeanne _ 373 Hudson, Darril 43 Jacobs, Steve 102, 301 Hudson, " Doc " 208 Jacobson, John 295 Hudson, Gil 401 Jacobson, Marilyn 94, 99. Hudson, Helen 342 100, 113 Hudson, Ruth 323 Jacobson, Marlene 44, 130 Huertas, Clara 372 Jacobus, Jim 287, 418 428 Jacoby, Ergad 44 Jonas, Diane 307 Jacoby, Jerry 172 Jones, Andree 117, 345 Jacuzzi, Remo 163 Jones, Barbara Jaeger, Joe 195, 302 Jones, Bob 251 Jaffa, Robert 400 Jones, Charles 287 James, Corinne 91 Jones, Claire 44 James, Chuck 181, 267 Jones, Dave 228 James, Nancy 309 Jones, Don 44, 294 James, Preston 266 Jones, Dolores 44, 390 Jameson, Ronald 291 Jones, Jacqueline 92, 93, 315 Jamieson, Al 271 Jones, Jan 314 Jamison, Ken 244 Jones, J. H. 386 Jang, Virginia 350 Jones, Janie 305 Jankay, Julie 130 Jones, John 184 Jankelson, Louise 310 Jones, Larry 150, 166, 167, Jankowsky, Joe 102 170, 420 Jarnagin, Les 385 Jones, P. L. 141 Jee, Arlen 44, 148, 174 Jones, Pauf 261 Jefooat, Jerry 44 Jones, Rod 131 Jefferson, Carole 366, 412 Jones, Ste ve 250, 420 Jeffrey, Harold 44, 288 Jopp, Barbara 117, 360 Jeffrys, Tom 94 Jordan, Al 237 Jelly, Dorothy 46 Jordan, Donald 407 Jenkins, Alan 261 Jordan, Fred 9 Jenkins, John 236 Jordan, Garnar Lu 322 Jenkins, Joyce 44, 117 Jordan, Helen 331 Jenkins, Sue 404 Jordan, Katherine 349 Jenner, Jim 242 Jordan, Mike 267 Jennings, Mark 229 Jorgensen, James 44, 298, 395 Jennings, William 44, 241 Jorgensen, Shirley 362 Jensen, Bill 285 Jory, Howard 44, 238, 396 Jensen, Clarence 44 Joyce, Bob 408 Jensen, Lillian 369 Judin, Laura 333 Jensen, Marlene 331 Jue, Dorothy 381 Jensen, Mary Kay 345 June, Liss Jensen, Ron 113 Jung, Gilman 44 Jermy, Sandra 375 Jurgevich, Cvita 44 Jervis, John 264 Justeson, Jimmy 44, 376 Jessen, Sally 369 Jewell, Keith 94, 136, 240 Jobe, Gordon 44 K Jobe, Marcia 92, 361 Joff, Douglas 240 Kaar, Jim 4 5, 91, 385 Johansen, Greta 16 Kabbani, Dia 228 Johansen, Peggy 307 Kadish, Amram 45, 396 Johanson, Karen 109, 343 Kadoguchi, Susan 371 Johanson, Lynn 44, 324, 384 Kaeser, Karolyn 375 Johanson, Ted 286 Kahl, Bob 46, 149, 207, 284 Johansson, Emy 44, 404 Kahn, Bonnie 304 Johns, Al 112 Kahn, Dorothy 326 Johnsen, Richard 261 Kahn, Kim 283 Johnson, Albert 44, 92, 118 Kahn, Louis 389 Johnson, Arden 95 Kahrs, Alma 354, 416, 419 Johnson, Arthur 44 Kain, Bob 102 Johnson, Barney 44. 290, Kaley, Mary 364 386, 413 Kallal, Beverly 306 Johnson, Bill 91, 385 Kaman, Norman 255 Johnson, Bob 149, 265, 387 Kameny, Marlene 311 Johnson, Bryte 245 Kamler, Don 307 Johnson, Carr 44 Kampp, Bill 227 Johnson, Charron 69, 368, 397 Kanbara, Jack 45 Johnson, Darlene 44, 344 Kane, Marion 315 Johnson, Dave 190, 194 Kanelopoulos, Gus 45, 264 Johnson, Dick 238, 418 Kannelaud, Jaan 45, 396 Johnson, Dorothy 361 Kanouse Monroe 239 Johnson, Douglas 44, 395 Karsten, Ernest 378 Johnson, Elaine 315 Karstensson, Karna 361 Johnson, Eldon 44, 356 Kartwright, Keros 413 Johnson, Elizabeth 373 Kask, Valter 387 Johnson, George 44, 277, 420 Kassolas, Katherine 92, 361 Johnson, Gordon D. 44, 291 Kassell, Nancy 134, 360 Johnson, Gordon 0. 44, 385 Katch, David 45 Johnson, Heil 92 Katooka, Robert 407 Johnson, Helen 44 Katsura, Yosh 152 Johnson, Jack 270 Katz, Adele 326 Johnson, Jeanne 370 Kaufman, Emanuel 45 Johnson, Jim 188 aufman, Paul 115, 301 Johnson, John 239 auf man, Ron 224, 300 Johnson, Johnny 147 aufman, Steve 131 Johnson, Judy 72, 83, 335 aufman, Taube 400 Johnson, Joyce W. 386 auoke, 361 Johnson, Keith 212, 276 Kavanagh, Joann 355 Johnson, Rick 231 awakami, Hodge 421 Johnson, Klint 44, 233, 410 Kawaratani, Yokio 45 Johnson, Lillian 401 Kay, Alan 45, 300 Johnson, Lumarie 44, 318 Kay, Tracy 98 Johnson, Marion 100 Kazman, Louis 98 Johnson, Mel 44, 421 Keane, Bob 69, 208 Johnson, Neil 44 Kearns, Patricia 381 Johnson, M Sgt. R. M. 138 Keasbey, Bob 214, 292 Johnson, Roy 44 Keating, Carol 45, 322 Johnson, Ruth 410 Keating, Hugh 230 Johnson, Stewart 44 Kechley, Don 113, 410 Johnson, Valerie 308 Keefe, Thomas 254 Johnson, Willard 263 James 45, 376 Johnson, William ...44, 263, 417 Keeler, James 254 Johnston, Lloyd 174 Keene, Don 78, 79, 184, 282 Johnston, Arden 319 Keene, Dick 194, 283 Johnston, Ronald 299 Keeney, Chuck 216 Johnstone, Amos 249 Keifer, John 45 Johnstone, Mary 69, 336 Keiles, Lyn 45, 367 Joki, Howard 259 Keith, Carroll 373 Jollymour, Sally 27, 44, 348 Keith, John 45, 250 Jonas, Charlotte 317 Keith, Sid 413 Kekoolani, George 391 Keller, Bill 212, 277 Keller, Bob 339 Keller, Jerry 300 Keller, Richard 45 Keller, Robert 239 Kelley, Pat 346 Kelfey, Thomas 390 Kellner, Ray 218 Kelly, Erwin 81, 226 Kelly, Georgini 339 Kelly, Hamilton 277 Kelly, J. W. 386 Kelly, Mary 110, 332, 409 Kelly, William 45 Kelton, Dave 98 Keinanis, Gunars 396 Kemp, Ernest 45 Kemp, Gene 264 Kempe, Sylvia 130, 313 Kempf, Carmela 95, 134, 338 Ken, Jack 45, 391 Ken, Ying Fung 45 Kenmuir, Ann 335 Kennedy, Herb 261 Kennedy, Joanne 337 Kennedy, Margaret A. 45, 364 Kennedy, Margaret B. 111, 339 Kennedy, Pat 337 Kennedy, Yvonne 342 Kennel!, Dave 45, 90, 149, 204, 205 Kenney, John 241 Kenny, 337 Kent, Anne 331 Keoseyan, Joyce 49 Keoseyan, Lynelle 45 Keppel, Bruce 206 Keppel, J eff 206, 267 Keratzides, Alec 45 Kergon, Warren 146 Kermickel, Howard 45 Kern, Anne 90 Kern, Dick 152, 156 Kernes, Arnold 274 Kerns, Ronald 253 Kerr, Al 176, 182 Kerr, Chancellor Clark 8. 17 Kerr, Mrs. Clark 17 Kerr, Jackie 45, 342 Kerr, Robert 176 Kersey, Bob 80 Kerzon, Kiwi 258 Kesman, Louis 400 Kessler, John 45 Kessler, Libby 92, 362 Kesten, A nne 370 Kesterson, Shirley 362 Kevin, Paul 396 Kevvey, John 45 Key, Brooks 184, 256 Keyser, Beatrice 45, 372 Khan, Saifullah 45, 387 Khoo, Yeow 45, 413 Kickinson, Chuck 418 Kidder, Jim R. ..90, 92, 146, 152 Kidwell, Janet 45, 419 Kietzman, Betty 122 Kikuchi, David 211 Killeen, Ted 45, 240 Kilmer, Charles 247 Kimball, George 229 Kimber, John 356 Kimber, Robert 45 Kincaid, Nilan 45 King, Carolyn 348 King, Dave 199, 296, 388 King, Leo 299 King, Richard 45, 210 King, Wayne 241 Kinkead, Barbara 23, 45, 63, 146, 316, 384, 405 Kinney, Bill 297 Kinslow, Mary Ellen 316 Kirby, Arthur 50, 254 Kirby, Janet 46, 90, 307 Kirby, Malcom 46 Kirby-Miller, John 27, 45, 234, 398 Kirchhofer, Ilse 27, 46, 370 Kirk, Howard 46, 129. 131, 278, 384 Kirk, Karen 94, 96, 322 Kirk, Katharine 46, 316 Kirk, Morris 46, 204, 206, 207, 260 Kirkberg, Eunice 46, 305 Kirkland, Douglas 416 Kirkman, Don 190, 194 Kirkpatrick, Bob 46, 81, 222 Kirkpatrick, John 238 Kirkpatrick, Ramona 46, 318 Kirkpatrick, Tom 227 Kirwin, Ed 119 Kistler, Caryl 314, 406 Kurtz, Robert 47 Kitchin, Diana 353 Kuwada, James 46 Klamt, Robert 358 Kwong, Emily 373 Kiang, Elaine 326 Kyte, Al 172, 190, 191, 279 Klass, Rhoda 354 Kyte, Barbara 27, 47, 66, 84, Kleaver, Jim 244 91, 119, 405, 409 Kleebauer, Norma 117, 313 Kleeman, Peggy 321, 400 Klein, Adrienne 326 Kleven, Muriel 46, 322 Kliewer, Kathleen 331 Klinge, Ronald 184, 259 Kloski, Ted 118 Klopping, George 259 Kloster, Martha 345 Klotz, Jerry 148, 214 Knapp, Bob 46, 294 Knapp, Richard 378 Knauer, Brigida 322 Knick, Bill 176, 259 Knight, Anna 46 Knight, Govn. G. J. 9 Knight, Gordon 302 Knights, Jackie 319 Knoernschild, Harvey 378 Knoll, David 239 Knopf, Leatrice .23, 39, 46, 81, 83, 380 Knowles, Clark 296 Knox, Ronnie 163, 195 Kobayashi, Eizo 46 Koeher, Leland 93 Kodama, Florence 46 Koehnen, Cleone 314, 417 Koenig, Barbara 46, 312 Koenig, Dorothy 46, 370 Kahle, Ca rson 46, 99, 356 Kohler, Audrey 368 Kohn, Bonnie 308 Kokus, John 50 Kill, Mike 16 Komin, Frank 46, 376 Kondratieff, Elisabeth 355 Kong, Audrey 50, 350 Konishe, Donald 46 Konkel, Cally 410 Kono, Kenso 46 Konomi, Frank 421 Koo, Dwun Dai 46, 389 Koo, Stanley 390 Koonne, Kitty 375 Koontz, Richard 46 Kopfer, Rudy 251 Kopp, Kenneth 245 Koppich, Martin 274 Kops, Charles 265 Kosovac, Don 273 Kosis, Morris 115 Kostial, Diane ..46, 89, 336, 421 Kostial, Shelby 325 Kotelnikoff, Igor 46 Kotelnikoff, Marion 144 Kotler, Jim 46, 149, 152, 159 Kotz, Sidney 232 Koue, Donald 234 Kovalevsky, Diana 313 Kovalevshy, Vera 354 Kovalik, Joseph 407 Krabach, Edith 46 Kraft, Herbert 227 Kraft, Lou 381 Krahenbuhl, Skip 147, 229 Krahmalkov, Charles 359, 400 Kramer, Hank 132 Kramer, Jim 277 Kramer, Tom 149, 152, 162, 164, 277 Kratz, Bryson 46, 272 Krauth, Ken 46, 384 Krefting, Carl 299 Krehoff, Ray 390 Kresser, Germaine 46, 342 Krieger, Pat 46, 146, 147, 320 Kroeger, Barbara 46, 380 Krooskos, Virginia 46, 372 Krueger, Myron 396 Kruger, Brad 396 Krum, Rosemary 349 Krumm, Ernie 91, 385 Kruse, Lawrence 357 Kruse, Tony 358 Krusi, Carlisle 252 Kubec, Ron 227 Kubin, Bob 95, 378, 387 Kuhl, Chuck 163, 181 Kuhn, Frank 229 Kukuck, Carolyn 92, 342 Kulemin, Victor 46 Kully, Len 300 Kulmann, Charles 394 Kumagai, Kiyoko 46 Kummerfeld, Ruthie 33, 46, 84, 90, 346, 405 Kuroda, Koson 51 L Lacey, 190, 194, 283 Lackey, Jim 277 Lackey, Joyce 47, 336 La Coste, Marie 347 Lacy, Connie 342 Lacy, Phil 297 La Fehr, Tom 146, 293 Lageson, Ernest 47, 241 Lagorio, Joan 325 La Grone, Ann 47, 372 Lahann, Kitty 130, 343 Lahti, Norma 340 Laidlaw, Scott 287 Laird, Lorraine 132, 369 Lam, Tony 132 Lamb, Victor 359 Lambden, Jerry 247 Lamberson, John 47, 149, 270 Lambert, William 264 Lamken, Mark 47, 232 Lamoreaux, Barbara 322, 417 Lampert, Harriet 47, 368 Lampietti, Francois 116, 117 Lamport, Charlene ..97 Landis, Jud 172, 283 Landsberg, Norman 47 Lane, Arthur W 214 Lane, Barbara 362 Lane, Jean 355 Langfelder, Minette 326 Langford, Grunetta 47 Langlois, Eleanor 109 Langrock, Don 268 Lansberry, Shirley 328, 416 Lansing, Charles 47 Lanzit, Susan 146, 324 Lapp, Pat 106 Lareau, Richard 47, 278 Larimer, John 228 Lark, Edward 47, 254 Larkin, Thomas 47, 296 Larsen, Dan 97 Larsen, Harry 283 Larsen, Joyce 69, 348 Larsen, Perry 239 Larsen, Terry 286 Larsen, Verle 413 Larson, Alan 147 Larson, Cal 190, 194, 257 Larson, Don 47, 95, 233 Larson, John 254, 385 Larson, Norm 297, 401 Larson, Paul 154, 160 Larson, Stewart 247 Lau, Florence 113 Laub, Arnold 300 Laugenour, John 95, 231 Laughlin, Marian 330 Laurenson, Betsy 347 Lauricella, Giovanna _97, 109, 323 Laursen, Verner 396 La Vague, George 47, 296 Lovell, Robert 208, 396 Lavender, Jim 396 Laverne 91 Laverty, Ross 47, 291, 413 La Violetta, Peggy ..114, 312, 409 Lavorel, Warren 163, 195 Lawless, Margery 337 Lawrence, Eric 115 Lawrence, Margaret 364 Lawson, Jim 206 Lawson, Sally 47, 322, 416 Lawson, Theodore 47, 260 Lawton, Ed 135 Lawton, Richard 271 Lawyer, Dick 152, 162, 208 Lazar, Alan 359 Lea, Percy 394 Leach, Doug 69, 278 Leach, Geraldine 47 Leach, Howard 358 Leach, Mary Lou 47 Leach, Roger 378 Leal, Harry 385 Leaninoff, Elaine 117 Leanse. Jane 311 Lear, Charles 394 Leath, Marilyn 364 Leathers, John 109, 188, 279, 411 Leave ' ' , John 394 Leavey, Anna 381 Leavitt, Gaile 47, 401 Leavitt, John 263 Lechter, Ruben 213 Le Duc, Jackie 349 429 Le Due, Marcia 47, 83, 98, 348 Lee, Betty 47, 380 Lee, Charles 276, 390 Lee, Dan 47, 356, 385, 389 Lee, Dol I ianne 350 Lee, Dorothy 130, 373 Lee, Ford 47 Lee, Gow 47 Lee, Harold 47 Lee, Harry 47, 410 Lee, Him 47 Lee, Ira 188, 267 Lee, Isabel 47 Lee, Jerry 116, 117 Lee, Karol 349 Lee, Kenneth 47 Lee, Lawrence 359 Lee, Nancy 364 Lee, Preston 245, 415, 420 Lee, Robert 358 Lee, Ronald 47 Lee, Wah 394 Lee, Wilbur 94 Lent, Robert 181, 283 Leffler, Duke 269 Leffler, Lynn 47, 198, 202, 236 Lehberg, Jack 146, 293 Lehman, Jack 378, 413 Leichtfuss, Reba 307 Leigh, Marston 234 Leighton, Alan 404 Leithold, Joanna 316 Lemert, Jim 115 Lemings, Kenneth 407 Lemmon, Dick 185 Lemmon, Jim 188 Lenahan, Midge 325 Lendaris, George 379 Lenschau, Mike 239 Leonardini, Carol 332 Leong, Leonard 47, 390 Lerer, Josephine 311 Leslie, Bob 98, 148, 176, 182, 279, 411 Lesser, Johann 47 Lettie, Barbara 47, 360 Lettiere, Jeanne 47, 348 Leve, Marshall 149, 184, 187 Leverone, Lois 47 LeVezu, Charles 48, 396 Levin, Dean Alexander 10 Levin, Barbara 89, 382 Levin, Gerald 126 Levin, Irwin 48, 255, 400 Levin, Stuart 280 Levine, AI 300 Levine, Haidee 362 Levine, Helene 48, 310 Levine, Reta 48, 326 Levinson. Lois 48, 326 Levis, Margaret 110, 314, 406 Levis, Richard 240 Levy, Bob 268 Levy, Harvey 274 Levy, Lee ...70, 83, 146, 301, 400 Levy, Mark 48 Levy, Marlene 375 Lew, Edith 48 Lewis, Arthur 48, 386, 411 Lewis, Beverly 48, 336 Lewis, Bill 48, 284 Lewis, Clarke 265 Lewis, Jeanette 345 Lewis, Jerry 358 Lewis, Joyce 114 Lewis, Mary 318 Lewis, Sonya 48, 348 Liberman, Marlene 327 Liddicoat, Doreen 16 Liddicoat, Joanne 48, 308 Lieberman, Jim 148, 211, 389 Light, Tom 184, 187, 358 Likes, Angel 370 Likins, Tod 211, 283 Lillis, Diane 344 Lim, May 48 Lim, Robert 401 Lima, John 272 Lind, Bill 261 Lindberg, Karen 93, 371 Lindberg, Leon 94 Lindsay, John 263 Lindsey, Bob 418 Lindsey, Lt. Col. C. S. 139 Lindstrom, Carole 48, 364 Ling, Gayle 48 Linn, Betty 333 Linowski, Jerrold 236 Linsdale, Don 385 Linsenhard, Beth 325 Linz, Clifford 48. 241 David 48, 83, 97 Lipschutz, Sig 275 Lipson, Myra 98 Liss, June 318 Little, Jim 257 Little, John 48 Little, Kathy 81, 91, 352, 372 Little, Richard 48, 377 Littlewood, Sandy 112, 416 Livett, Richard 252 Lobree, Sue 48, 69, 352, 368 Locker, Beverly 330 Lockett, Lynn 370 Lockett, Peter 48, 132 Lockhart, Jack 174, 261 Lockwood, Norm 94, 235 Loeb, Stan 358, 400 Logan, Mary Anne 337 Lohann, Kitty 100 Lohstroh, Harry 146, 235 Lundahl, Dick 210 Long, Barbara 93, 345 Long, Barry 378 Long, Jay 48, 78, 83 Long, Katharine 48 Long, Margaret 48, 122 Look, Henry 48 Loomis, Donald 48 Looper, Don 212, 257 Lopez, Hermie 69, 95, 96, 102 Lopez, Manny 48 Lorenzo, Luis 48 Loring, Arthur 287 Losberger, Rod 48 Losey, Harrilyn 335 Lasser, Don 188 Lothar, Nicholas 93 Louchs, Wayne 211 Loughboro, John 243 Louie, Aimee 48 Louie, Doris 350 Loundagin, Nick 286 Love, Ray 148, 213, 292 Low, Mary 400 Lowe, Brook 265 Lowe, Ernest 295 Lowe, Hester 350 Lowe, Marilyn 48 Lowe, Myra 48, 350 Lowe, Roger 184, 229 Lowell, Phil 215, 396 Lowery, Lawrence 48, 254 Lowrey, Charlotte 48 Lowry, Jane 48, 338, 384 Lowry, Joanne 48, 314, 400 Lubbock, Tom 115, 297 Lucas, Kate 132, 381, 408 Lucas, Lillian 130 Lucchi, Guel ino 394, 396 Luce, Don 48, 90 Lucero, Al 408 Lucero, Jose 195 Luke, Terry 338 Lukens, Jane 307 Lum, Barbara 48 Lum, Bun 48 Lum, Muriel 373 Lund, Eric 136 Lundgren, Gordon 174, 233 Lusardi, Warner 48, 298 Lusk, Fred 292 Lusk, Kathy 363 Lusk, Pat 333 Lusser, Heide 372 Lustig, Jerry 255 Luther, Meredith .A9, 81, 83, 342 Lutz, Jim 172, 231 Lutz, Joan 309 Lutz, Linda 341 Lykins, Jerry 407 Lyman, Dick 49, 298 L yman, John 49, 92, 252 Lyman, Stanford 94, 255 Lyman, Sylvia 98, 99 Lyman, Yale 136 Lyon, Jerry 83, 97, 247 Lyons, Ron 49, 274, 387 Lyons, Capt. S. H. 138 Lyons, Vince 49, 277 Lytton, Jack 259 M Mabee, Betty Jean 319 MacBeth, Joan 353 Macaulay, Jack 259 MacCrone, Chuck 186 MacDonald, Capt. W 139 MacDougall, Beatrice 51 MacFarland, Joan 342 MacGowan, Clyde 253 MacGregor, John _30, 96, 97, 98 Machado, Charles 266 Machado Kit 299 Mackay, Jack 190, 191 MacKenzie, Dorothy 369 Mackenzie, Malcom 176 MacKenzie, Margie 304, 333 Mackinnon, Jack 299 MacLean, Walter 243 MacLean, Willie 241 MacLeod, Pat 146, 317 MacNeill, Coleen 338 MacSwain, Dunc 263 Madary, Sue 342 Madden, Lt. R. H. 141 Madden, Sue 49 Maddox, Dean 147, 212, 257 Madison, Ernie 145 Madsen, Charles 49, 246 Maggenti, Armand . 49, 185, 385 Maggy, Amos 390 Magid, Marlene 367 Magill, 1st Lt. W. F 139 Magistretti, Paul 181 Maguire, Hugh 152, 162, 237, 418 Mahaffy, John 153 Mahakian, Marissa 307 Mahany, Ruth 49, 340, 413 Mahoney, John 297 Maioli, Adrienne 347 Maiorana, Vince 49, 163, 256 Makans, Donald 232 Makimoto, Janice 49, 375 Malamud, Ernest 49, 357 Maldonado, Mary 49, 342, 385 Maley, Bill 216 Malfanti, Jacqueline 309 Mal lare, Gloria 361 Mallea, Carmelita 49, 99 Mailer, Henry 255 Mallory, Virginia 331 Maim, Prof. Theodore 390 Malnick, 49 Malone, Glenn 49, 254 Malone, Lt. Col. T. C. 139 Malloy, Patricia 407 Maker, Henry 255 Mancarti, Barbara ....89, 132, 369 Manend, Charlotte 330 Maness, Joan 307 Manford, Riggs 418 Mangels, Robert 417 Mangelsdorf, Nancy 49, 315 Manheimer, Dick 275 Manieson, Al 271 Manji, Harry 49 Mann, Roberta 331 Mannion, Art 91, 385 Manoogian, Richard 49 Manr, Roberta 330 Manring, Dolores 365 Mansfield, Diana 97, 342 Manzano, Chick 92 Manzoni, Chris 49, 357 Mapa, Margarita 361 Maracci, Joan 340 Makans, Don 232 March, Dan 49, 229, 395 March, Pau f 229, 395 M archite I I i, Antonette 381 Marcus, Phil 115 Marelia, Suzanne 69, 344 Marengo, Ron 49, 260 Marguleas, Howie 275 Marhenke, Karl 204 Marinoff, Elaine 326 Markakis, Charles 379 Markevitch, Bob 49, 92, 226, 384 Marki, Gustav 49 Markley, Gene 261 Marks, Don 49, 149. 152, 155, 156, 157, 296 Marler, Fred 49, 298 Marlor, John 387 Marple, Janice 373 Marquis, Sally 362 Marsh, Fred 292 Marsh, Pat 333 Marshall, Nancy 366 Marshall, Tom 385 Marston, Dick ....23, 96, 239, 387, 398 Martens. Kathy 324 Martin, Bill 49, 254 Martin, Bob 248 Martin, rarol 345 Martin, Carolyn 322, 416 Martin, Charles 236 Martin, Don 82, 95, 96, 99, 115. 231, 417 Martin, Ernest 49, 242, 387 Martin, Elaine 319 Martin, George 49, 292 Martin, Janice 312 Martin, Jerry 49, Z46 Martin, Letha 373 Martin, Marilyn A 320, 321 Martin Marilyn F. 322, 323 Martin, Maureen 326 Martin, Nancy ..26, 27. 49. 66, 83. 94, 372, 398 Martin, Tevis ....23, 49, 144, 149, 152, 157, 296, 415 Martinelli, Joyce 348 Martinez, Susana 83, 382 Martinez, Tony 389 Marylander, Howard 281 Marzfuft, Jack . .49, 66, 389, 390 Mascitelli, Sal 49, 91, 385 Mason, John 92, 100 Mason, Maxine 375 Massie, Charlotte 49, 336 Massing, Dick 213, 387 Mastrov, Bert 171, 173 Masuda, Himeo 49 Matarangas, John 271 Matasci, Diane 344 Matejcek, Ronald 49, 395 Math, John 152 Matheny, Bob 150, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170 Mather, Fulton 265 Mather, Margaret 117, 360 Mathews, James Mathis, Harry ..49, 148, 213, 231 Matsubara, George 394, 396 Matsuda, Taye 371 Matsumoto, Rosalie 355 Matsuno, Shozo 49 Matsuoka, Atsumu 50, 387 Matthews, Art 163, 297 Matthews, Howard 279 Matthews, Jim 50, 149, 186 Matthews, Sue ....68, 69, 83, 91, 92, 96, 347, 398, 409 Matthiessen, Jean 69, 320 Mattoon, Joan 50 Mattos, Jacqueline 348 Mattson, Don .50, 149, 176, 238 Mattson, Sheila 146 Matushak, Lois 69, 344 Mau, Orris 366 Maulder, Walt 277 Mauric, Evelyn 361 Mausser, Nancy 307 Mauzy, Claudia 93, 341 May, Carol 309 May, Richard 359 Maybee, Walter 50 Mayer, Charlotte 406 Mayer, Gene Mayer, Judy 136 Mayer, Louis 163, 379 Mayer, Lynn 355 Mayne, Clifton 166, 171, 198, 200, 277 Mayne, Mary 50, 316 Mayo, Bob .149, 204, 205, 358 Mayo, Shirley 333 Mays, Crowell 50 Mays, Harry 302, 418 Mays, Hugh 394, 396 412 McBride, Karen 353 McBride, Landy 56 McBride, Martha ...95, 335, 406 McCabe, Gene 294 McCabe, Sue 386 McCaffrey, Stanley 16 McCaine, Irvin 225 McCalman, Burns ' 91 McCann, Ray 52, 246 McCargar, Mary 89, 308 McCarthy, Bob 230 McCarthy, John 230 McCarthy, Sheila 319 McCarty, Annelle 118, 320 McCauley, Marvin 52, 266 McCauley, Sue 147, 321 McClellan, Maureen 322 McClelland, Melville 356 McClelland, Wilson 52 McCloskey, Ken 271 McClure, Sal ly 339 McCollum, Jack 52, 387, 411 McColman, Jack 385 McCombs, Ed 52, 242 McConnell, Jack 273 McCord. Warren ....146, 254, 385 McCormick, Bruce 243 McCoy, Jeannette 416 McCrudden, Alice 132 McCubbin, William 302 McCullough, Colleen 52 Dick 195, 235 Mary 341 McDaniel, Don 112 McDaniel, Roy 52 McDaniel, Wes 70, 83, 285, 398, 418 McDill, Phyllis 335 McDonald, Bill I. 295 McDonald, Bill S. 294 McDonald, Jack 243 McDonald, Jim 245, 418 McDonald, M Sgt. L. L 138 McDonald, Mary 339 McDonald, Norman 358 McDonell, Norma 331 McDonnell, Dick 241 McDonnell, Hank 82, 83, 251 McDonnell, R. E. 401 McDonough, Adela 52 McDougald, Bob 52, 298 McDowal I, Roberta 374 McDowell, Beverly 309 McDuffee, Kathryn 342 McEver, Bob 410 McFadden, Jane 9, 70 McFeely, Gail 344 McCaffigan, Pat 333 McGaugh, Jim 98 McGee, Ann 331 McGill, Betsy 325 McGill, Sharon 375 McGinnis, Nancy 52, 306 McGlade, Barbara 331 McGlashan, Bill 52, 294, 411 McGowan, Beatrice 52 McGowan, Mary 134, 342 McGrane, Gordon 52, 296 McGrath, Terry 415, 420 McGrath, Tom 263 McGregor, Capt. D. 141 McGuire, James 52, 229 McHale, Ted 52, 296, 384 McHann, Yvonne 400 Mcl fraith, Terry 293 Mclnerny, Ann 322 McIntosh, Alan 359 McIntyre, Leo 52, 386 McKanna, Gerry 341 McKanna, Patricia 340 McKay, Jack 244 McKay, Mary 332 McKean, Joan 313 McKee, Bill 52, 82, 93, 226, 394, 396 McKee, Stu 245, 418 McKeegan, Pat 245 McKeen, Bob 150, 166, 168, 170, 171, 190, 418 McKeen, Dale 389 Mc Keen, Everett 172 McKeever, Bob 270 McKenzie, Janet 52, 318 McKissick, Carson 217, 263 McLaughlin, Bob _32, 386, 413 McLaughlin, Donald 9 McLaughlin, Dorothy 360 McLean, Judy 315 McLean, Mary Ellen 352 McLouth, Janice 347 McLure, Sue 321 McMahon, Kay 323 McMasters, Alan 239 McMillan, Jean 52 McMullen, Jim 146, 293 McNamare, Ann 341 McNaughton, Bill 233 McNees, Jack 407 McNeill, Jean 16 McNeill, Virginia 372 McNely, Jim 229 McNely, Donald 229, 231 McNerney, Nancy 317 McNess, Jack 206 McFarland, Bob 246 McPherson, James 52, 288 McRae, Dave 129, 131 McRae, Joan 92, 342, 411 McSweeney, John 52, 413 McTaggert, Jo 130 McTighe, Jim 52, 146 McTight, James 242 McVey, Sharon 370 McWilliams, Carey 94 Mead, Bob 132 Mead, Richard 231 Meckfessef, Don 251, 420 Mecum, Susan 50, 320 Medal I, Sheldon 273 Mee, Donald 50 Mee, Mari lyn 345 Meehan, Rosemary ....69, 312, 409 Meek, Don 285 Meeker, Shy 240 Meese, Cliff 286 Meherin, David 297 Mehrten, Marian 50, 3E8 Meister, Herm 153, 154 Melbye, Dick 174, 286 Mellis, Spireo ' 167, 358, 388 Mello, Iris 315 Mellon, Floyd 50, 296 Melton, Jan 315 Melton, Marvin 291 Melville, Gary 227 Melvin, Larry 50, 260 Mendenhall, Nancy 50 Menders, Lore 368, 400 Mendonca, Donna 315 Mendosa, Florence 50, 372 Menend, Charlotte 50 430 Mentzer, Lois 331 Meraw, Kenneth 50 Meredith, JoAnn 99 Merigan, Tom 147 Merker, Yvonne 117, 309 Merkley, Molly 343 Merlo, Frank 190, 193, 240 Merlotti, Marion 89, 369, 397 Merner, Carla 92 Merrick, Robert 50, 250 Merrihew, Gary 359 Merrill, Al 95, 247 Merrill, Bob 190, 251 Merrill, Grace 50, 366 Merriman, Dwight 284 Merriman, Phil 50, 284 Merry, Ted 163 Merserve, Keith 50, 152, 157, 162, 277 Merwin, Harriett 134, 147 Meschendorf, Hank 257, 420 Messer, Jerry 131 Messina, Gail 323 Metz, Bob 285 Metz, Joan 404 Metzler, Gayle 50, 367 Mevi, John 273 Meyer, Jack 50, 81, 146, 357 Meyer, Joanne 50, 314 Meyer, Joyce 364 Meyer, Judy 136 Meyer, Maggie 113, 341 Meyer, Sandra 326, 400 Meyer, Cdr. W. C. 141, 411 Meylan, Marianne 82, 109 Mezori, Dolores 373 Michael, Shirley 50 Michel, Glenn 50, 116, 117, 147 254 M ickelbacher, Dr. A. E. ' 385 M ickle, Kay 343 Middlehauff, Dr. W. W. ....78, 80 Middleton, Mary 380 Milbank, Chap 148, 231 Milbank, Morris 213 Miles, Patricia 100, 341 Miles, Richard 50, 149, 153, 272, 388 Miley, Gail 146, 313 Milford, James 391 M il is ich, Meade 69, 92, 147, 322 M ill, Tom 50, 290, 386 Millard, Janet ..49, 50, 106, 110, 368, 405, 409, 413 Miller, Bud 146 Miller, Cynthia 322 Miller, Dan 241 Miller, Ed 299 Miller, Fred 259 Miller, George 146, 235 Miller, Gladys 69, 348 Miller, Glenn 149, 184, 268 Miller, Herb 50, 395, 411 Miller, Jean 50 Miller, Jim 146, 299 Miller, Lee 50, 260 Miller, Marilyn 311 Miller, Marvin 50 Miller, Mary 352, 364 Miller, Nette 100 Miller, Ralfe 218 Miller, Reed 408 Miller, Robert B. 50, 357 Miller, Robert H. 50, 232, 413 Miller, Sandra 323 Miller, Sharon 136, 374 Miller, Sharron 311 Miller, Sherry 93 Miller, Thomas 389 Miller, William 50 Millner, Ken 228 M ills, Barbara 93, 130, 345 Mill ' s, Marlene 325 M ills. Susan 325 M illsberq. Nelson 230 Milne, 263 M inami, 407 Florence 50, ' 44 Nninick, Karan 354 M inkus, Leslie 301 Minne, Chuck 279 Minor, Polly 334 Mintz, 311 Miselman, Julie 327 Mitchell. Betty 309 Mitchell, 112, ? " 1, 416 Mitchell, David 50, 395 Mitchell, Donna 380 Mitchell, Glenn 386 Mitchell, Henry 131 Mitchell, Janet 354 Mitchell, John 50, 149. 190. 193, 386 Mitchell, Lee 190 Mitchell, Les 193, 387 Mitchell, Peggy 50, 322 Mitchell, Suzanne 367 M ixter, Carol 23, 69, 81, 90, 96, 314, 409 M iyachi, H irofumi 50 Miyake, Yukio 386 M iyamoto, George 51 Mizel, Barney 275 Mizel, Marjory 327 Mock, Catherine 401 Mock, Harry 49 Mock, Judy 331 Mock, Molly 132, 339 Moeller, Phil 188 Moffat, John 390 Moff it, Dale 126 Mohammed, Ibrahim 413 Mohler, Ted 131, 279 Mohr, Anita 146, 314, 406 Moir, Roy 51 Mok, Vince 78, 92, 96 Moller, Anne 317 Moller, Frederick 51 Moloney, Louanne 325 Monaco, Carolyn 315 Moncure, Nancy 51, 90, 146, 324, 409, 417 Monroe, Bob 394 Monroe, Fred 228 Monroe, Irwin 232 Montano, Jordan 284 Montgomery, Bob 228 Montgomery, Carol 23, 45, 51, 95, 332, 417 Montgomery, Helen 92, 323 Montjoy, John 188 Moody, Burton 51 Moody, Lavern 51, 215 Moody, Mike 148 Moody, Will iam 51 Moonitz, Maurice 389 Moore, Ann . 101, 145, 146, 325 Moore, Bill 254 Moore, Boyd 236 Moore, Carol Lee 338 Moore, Caarles 411 Moore, Dick 51, 357 Moore, Don 257, 418 Moore, Ernest 247 Moore, Gerald 394 Moore, Janet 325 Moore, John 390 Moore, Capt. K. M. Jr. 139 Moore, Li lyan 51 Moore, Marge 114 Moore, Marilyn 339 Moore, Nancy 381 Moore, Sandra 365 Moore, Shel 51, 95, 278 Moore, Tom 172 Moos, Rudy 83, 408 Mooser, Allan 261 Moran, Russell 51 Moran, Sheila 51 Morehouse, Marilyn 147, 321 Morel, Joan 333 Moreland, Darius 216 Moreno, Sam 216 Morentz, Ethel 51 Morgan, Bruce 51 Morgan, David 246 Morgan, Janis 110. 365, 397 Morgan, Les 51, 93, 256 Morgan, Robert 385 Mori, Hiroshi 394 Marken, John 237, 420 Morris, Delton 163 Morris, June 375 Morris, Klonie 51, 342, 413 Morris, Mary Ann 319 Morrish, Bill 23, 51. 231 Morrish, Torn 95, 100, 231 Morrison, Al 301 Morrison, Don 206 Morrison, Lois 51, 336 Morrison, 51, 305 Morrow, Howard 51, 149, 190, 288 Morrow, Marilyn 341 Morse, Frank 202 Mortensen, Donald 51, 254 Mortimer, Klaus 274 Mortinsen, Donald 387 Morton, Barbara 106 Morton, James 51, 241 Morton, Ron 266 Mosbarger, Jacquelyn 51 Moss, Morton 389 Moss, Phoebe 95, 323 Moss, Maj. V. R. 145 Mossberg, Richard 51, 377 Mostin, Eleanor 51 Mostin, Raymond 51 Moszkowski, Ada 51 Mote, Mike 283 Mott, Molly 338 Mott, Robert 389 Mott, Tom 262, 420 Moulder, Walt 126, 277 Moulin, Donald 51, 250 Mauntjoy, John 385 Mowher, Anita 102 Mowry, Virginia 118 Moyer, Charlotte 95, 333 Muck, Gilbert 51, 228 Muehleisen, Bud 198, 200 Muirhead, Doug 188, 299 Mujama, Ad I ine 43 Muldavin, Clark 229 Mullen, Sandy 146, 349 Muller, Brick 150 Muller, Iris 51, 88, 89, 306 Mullin, Lt. Col. W. E. ..138, 411 Mumford, Lisa 51, 324 Munger, Gerry 90, 325, 406 Munger, Maynard 51, 149, 168, 266, 388 Munn, Hal 386 Munoz, Cas 51, 190, 194 Munro, Bill 396 Munro, Don 233 Munroe, Joy 371 Munsinger, Harry 299 IVI tinter, Dick 177 Munz, Karl 136 Muren, Bet h 335 Muret, Richard 51 Murgatroyd, M Sgt. E. N. 138 Murphree, Barbara 51, 410 Murphy, Jo Ellen 337 Murphy, Judy 369 Murray, Carol 325 Murray, Chalkley 340 Murray, Eric 231 Murry, Mary Lu 65, 344 Mushfitz, Wynona 51 Muto, Carl 51 Myers, Richard 176, 182, 279, 389 Myers, Mike 188, 285 Myrick, Steve 167, 267 Myszka, Charlene 130, 331 N Naef, Emil 52 Naffziger, Howard 9 Naftaly, Art 251 Nagle, Nano 315 Nagler, Lona 322 Nagy, Marilyn 308 Nahata, Cliff 391 Najarian, George . .102, 149, 152, 154, 164 Nakagawa, Kenzo 52 Nakashima, Naomi 305 Nalbandian, Stanley 52 Nankin, Gerald 52, 300 Nankowski, Jan 146 Naor, Israel 52, 386 Narahara, Joan 52 Nardi, Gary 129, 131 Nardone, Jeana 371 Nash, Robert 254, 407 Natkin, Roger 281 Nauman, Diana 320 Nearon, Elaine 347, 419 Nebeker, Lynn 261 Nebenzahl, Bernard 281 Neeky, Ann 335 Neeseibeh, Carolyn 118 Neff, Anna 336 Neil, Marilyn 391 Neil, Sally 146 Neil, Tom 52, 396 Neilson, Nancy 52 Hello, Carla 333 Nelson, Al 292 Nelson, Bertha 52 Nelson, Bob 210, 266 Nelson, Carol 312 Nelson, Claire 52, 90, 364 Nelson, Harry 52 Nelson, John 52, 131, 149, 357, 413 Nelson, 52, 114, 400 Nelson, Keith 271 Nelson, Merritt 385, 389 Nielson, Nan ....95, 110, 338, 409 Nelson, Sandra 107, 347 Nelson, Ted 52, 228, 396 Nemir, Ed 210 Nemir, Howard 293 Nephew, Will iam 52, 387 Nesalhous, Beth 380 Nestor, Bill 271 Nettles, Jim 290 Nevin, Jim 52, 262, 415 Nevis, Betty 119 New, Ilson 407 Newell, John 408 Newell, Peter ........302, 415, 420 Newell, Stanley 53, 252 Newfield, Will iam 181 Newkom, Martin 283 Newland, Steve 213 Newman, Don 301 Newman, JoAnne 349 Newman, Mary 365 Newman, Montejean 368, 397 Newman, Philip 281 Newmeyer, Pete 273 Newson, Capt. S. A. 138 Newton, Nancy 308 Ney Ian, John 9 Ng, Anna 350 Ng, Lin-Ming 53, 386, 413 Nicholson, Murdo 162 Nickell, Jeanne 53, 344 Nickolas, Pete 53, 377 N icolai, Adolph 53, 276, 389 N icolaisen, Edith 348 N icolaysen, Art 96, 146, 204, 205, 267 Nicolaysen, Bob 72, 83, 114, 206, 267 Nicole, Colette 69 Nielsen, Dale 53 Nielsen, Jack 53 Nielson, Margaret 367 Nielson, Otto 270 N iethammer, Jean 333 Nin-Culmell, Joaquin 135 N inomiya, Alice 53 N ishi, Mary 53 Nissen, Ed 114, 244 Nitsos, Jim 188 N iven, Ron 269 N ixt, Ken 167, 266 Nodder, Janie 315 Norfield, Ralph 275 Nokes, Barbara 365 Nomaco, Carolyn 93 Norall, Burt 53, 395 Norberg, Patsy 365 Norberg, Sonja 53, 312 Norehead, Paul .146, 147, 271 Noren, Don 53, 173, 268 Norris, Gary 277 Norris, Hal _102, 152, 159, 176 Norton, Howard 217 Norton, Pete 111, 229, 416 Novaresi, Elmo 53 Nozaki, Violet 53, 390 Nuckolls, Barbara 53 Nuhn, 325 Nunnelly, Mignon 320 Nasser, Don 190,192, 196, 253 Nutting, Peter 204, 206, 243 Nyegaard, Roland 408 Nymn, Margie 53, 305 Nystrom, Nancy 323 0 Oakes, Bud 416 Oakley, Pharaba 331 Obata, Chiura 15 Oberkamper, Leon 243 O ' Brien, Anne 365 O ' Brien, Dean Morrough 12 O ' Brien, Marian 341 O ' Brien, Robert 230 O ' Connell, John 188 O ' Connell, Judy 70, 83, 398, 406 O ' Connor, Al 216 O ' Connor, Barbara 53, 346 O ' Connor, R. G. 141 O ' Connor, Richard 131 Odmark, Ted 172, 263 O ' Donnell, Bob 188 Oertel, Elaine 365 O ' Farrell, Barbara 146, 333 Ogilvie, Eloise 317 O ' Grady, Patsy 126, 3)6 O ' Grady. Paulo 53, 213, 291 Ohno, Jon 390 Okano, Vail 421 Okey, William 53, 288 Okino, Harry 53 Old, 81 01 ive, Winifred 369 Oliver, Bill 277 01 iver, Bob 149, 152, 162. 164, 279 Oliver, Rex 261 Oliveri, Jackie 146, 349 Olivier, Barry 131 Olivier, Helen 334 Olken, Gerald 53 01 lerdessen, Agnes 410 Olafson, John 188 Olsan, David 53, 134 Olson, Bruce 401 Olson, Edwin 254 Olson, Gary 163 Olson, Gus 9 Olson, Lorimer 233 Olsonoski, Norma 53, 89 Olte, Andrejs 396 Omi, Jeanette 53 O ' Neil, Jann 99, 130 O ' Neill, Jim 53, 250 Ono, Martin 53 Onstead, Sheldon 149, 204, 205, 278 Oppenheim, P. C. 117 Oransky, Joan 363 0 rear, Dick 261 Oremus, Jacquelyn 368 Organ, Ginne 317 Ormsbee, Pamela 83, 98, 312 O ' Rourk, Dierdre 53, 362 Orpi Ila, Evelyn 53 Orta, Carl 53 Osborne, Gordon 385 Osborne, Tom 286 Oscamou, Adrienne 323 Osgood, Jane 323 Oshita, Grace 53, 367 Os iel, Nanette 381 Ostrowski, Dick 53, 229 Osuna, Mariana 53 Otagiri, James 53 Ott, Barton 269 Otter, Dick 295 Otto, Glenn 53 Owen, Bob 267 Owens, Dick 102, 300 Owens, Mr. 401 Owens, Wes 53, 387 P Pacheco, Betty 53, 89 Pacina, Jack 254 Packman, Barbara 53, 102, 360, 416 Paden, John 215 Padgett, George 259 Pae, Patricia 53 Paez, Fe Clara 410 Paine, Ann 29, 53, 81, 332, 405, 409 Painter, Dick 188, 239 Painter, Louise 337 Palgi, Asher 53 Palmer, Brenton 54 Palmer, Cynthia 317 Palmer, Hans 54, 95, 99, 2 ' 8 Palmer, Judy 317 Palmer, Kathy • ' 365 Palmer, Lynn 316 Palmer, Nancy B, 309 Palmer, Nancy E. 315 Palmer, Pat 54 Palmer, Philip 247 Palmtag, Chuck 54, 264 Palombo, Bob 54, 291 Pamphilon, Sandy 117, 315 Panthione, Jahn 390 Papac, Nick 163, 263 Pane, Maj. G. W. 139 Papen, Helen 54, 328 Parad is, Don 265 Paraventi, Josephine 54 Parcella, Bob 408 Parcells, Alan 54 Pardee, Joan 95, 335 Pardini, Julian 252 Paredi, Bob 264 Parish. Barbara 332 Park, Betty Jane 97 Park, Dr. 92 Park, Priscilla 54, 90, 330 Park, Roberta 421 Parker, Ann 328 Parker, Bert 99 Parker, Jacqueline 360 Parker, Janet 54 Parker, Marietta 322 Parker, Ron 416 Parker, Sall), 54, 318 Parkhurst, Arlene 54, 130, 368 Parkin, Bob 54 Parkins, Durfee 380, 416 Parks, Herb 235 Parmalee, Nancy 54 Charlene 349 Parr, John 54, 264, 387 Parsley, Rich 244 Parsons, Dorothy 342 Parsons, Norm 184, 268 Part, Betty Jane 94 Partridge, John 92 43 I Passur, Norm 286 Patella, Peter 359 Patrick, Donna 54, 368 Patten, Barbara 54, 344 Patten, Dorothy 332 Patten, Margie 69, 365 Patten, Sharlene 89, 146, 336 Patterson, Jack 69, 199, 297 Patterson, Marilyn 334 Patterson, Nancy 343 Patton, Dennis 408 Patton, Douglas 293 Patton, Elita 323 Patton, Jean 130, 317 Patty, Frank 234 Paul, Jim 115, 410 Paul, Marilyn 313 Paul, Marjorie 353 Pavlich, Roman 177, 407 Pawson, Dick 174, 206, 261, 418 Paxton, Diane 340 Payne, Ashley 231 Payne, Roland 54, 377 Payne, Patricia 386 Pearl, Jack 275 Pearson, Dean 206 Pease, Marion 307 Peccorini, Mike 378 Pecht, Marlene 54, 348 Peddicord, Peggy 54, 82, 348 Pedersen, Pete 54 Peet, Mikell Anne 333 Peikan, John 248 Pell, Mary 54, 336 Pelowski, Marcel line 54 Pelsinger, Ronald 54 Pence, Bernice 69, 322 Pence, Bill 295 Pendergast, Dave 146, 247 Pendergast, Jim 247 Penner, Norman 233, 401 Peoples, Richard 181 Pepper, Sheila 96, 380 Peppin, Nancy 97, 323 Pereira, Marilou 54, 320 Peres, Phyllis 353 Perez, Manuel 54 Perl, Marilyn 349 Perlstein, Ellen 310 Perondi, Sharon 375 Peronetto, Al 266 Perrin, Judy 339 Perry, M ick 174 Perry, Robert 54, 238, 389 Perry, Warren 14 Person, Anita 333 Persons, Philip 54 Peterman, Jamie 70, 325 Peterman, Karl 408 Peters, Barbara 54, 363 Peters, Diane 305 Petersen, Dan 188 Petersen, John 188 Petersen, Norm 198, 200 Peterson, Betty Ann 54, 316 Peterson, Bob 145 Peterson, Carol 54 Peterson, Jean 337 Peterson, Marlene 69, 308 Peterson, Pete 254 Peterson, Philip 291 Peterson, Robert 298 Peterson, Ronald 253 Peterson, Ruth 373, 401 Peterson, Tom 259 Peterson, Wayne 241 Petrini, Elaine 386 Petta, Margie 54, 346 Peyton, Bob 286, 418 Pfeiffer, Audrey 331 Pfeiffer, Valerie 54 Phelan, Mike 152, 208 Phillips, Dana 287 Phillips, Betty Jo 54, 318 Phillips, Don 149, 152, 162, 269 Phillips, Edward 54 Phillips, Janet 370 Phillips, John 145, 148 Phillips, Patricia 373 Phillips, Sharon 353 Pickier, Ann 400, 403 Pierce, Mary A. 320 Pierce, Nancy 91, 372 Pierrou, George 54, 357, 413 Pierson, Dean 132 Pierson, Eleanor 323 Pierson, Pete 54, 248 Pifel, Bruce 132, 358 Pike, Burt 54, 258 Pilz, Jerry 379 Pimley, Don 198, 201, 235 Pimley, John 234 Pinney, Tia 96, 406 Pinoni, David 289 Pinoniemi, Mary 54 Pinsler, Roberta 327 Pioda, Virginia 54, 332 Rabe, Fred 55, 386 Pircher, Kick 188 Rabinowitz, Larry 358 Pircher, Leo ..55, 239, 340, 387, Rader, Lilyan 400 389, 411 Radcliff, David 203, 205, 207 Piscitelli, Sam 55, 390 Radford, Glenn 299 Pisenti, Cliff 55, 229 Raevsky, Olga 55 Pissoti, Lillian 55 Raffael I i, Gail 332 Pitkin, Roger 55, 277 Raffetto, Ar 379 Pitt, Garry 396 Raffetto, Mike 201, 272 Pittman, Pat 55, 355 Raftery, Jacquelyn 312 Pitts, Shirley 113, 404 Ragen, Al 176, 182 Pitzer, Dean Kenneth 13 Raggero, Elaine 369 Pixley, Eugene 55 Raggio, Allene 380 Placone, Richard 378, 4C8 Ragle, Betty 374 Plat, Ben 216 Rahl, Dick 149, 184, 240 Plessas, Jim 55, 176, 179, Rainey, Margaret 93, 305 180, 250 Rakonitz, Marietta 55, 355 Plcmgren, Ron 115 Rails, Gordon 55, 357 Ploss, Debbie 325 Rally, Demetrius 55 Plough, Ron 277 Ralph, Boyden 273 Pluess, Joanne 55, 372 Ralph, Lee 27, 96, 147, 320 Poe, Nancy 93, 95, 334, 409 Ralph, Richard 273 Pogue, Patricia 332 Ralston, Davis 407 Pohl, Lt. Col. 139 Ramont, Richard 55, 413 Polansky, Rosslyn 55 Ramos, Jose 359 Polesky, Reese 400 Ramstrom, Gerry 289 Polhemus, Robert 265 Rand, Charles 287 Polkinghorne, Roy 173, 277, 420 Randall, Jack 55, 173 Pollock, Dave 301 Raney, Lew 358 Range, Don 273 Ranney, Nancy 324 Ransford, Diane 55, 322 Ransford, Marilyn 321 Rapp, Ruth 345 Rarick, Ivan 241 Rasmussen, Claudia 380 Rasmussen, Norman 55 Ratty, Donald 55 Rau, Don 131 Raugust, Jerry 166, 170 Rauscher, Lynne 375 Rause, Ken 204 Raymond, Jean 308 Razin, Dorothy 375 Rea, Leonard 55, 250 Read, Donald 401 Reading, Mary Jane 315 Reading, Nancy 324 Reagan, Larry 188, 229 Reaves, Donald 55 Rechtiene, Carol 337 Rechtwig, Bob 297 Redden, Gayle 26 Redman, Charlotte 419 Reed, Dwayne 276 Reeder, Diane 335 Rees, Margot 334 Reese, Dave 188 Reeves, Dave 56, 95, 99, 357 Reeves, Harry 136 Reeves, Horace 56, 241, 387 Reeves, Jill 56, 322 Rei, Mike 212 Reiber, Margaret 323 Reichel, Larry 26, 301 Reid, Joan 56, 324 Reidt, Don 204, 269 Reilly, Christine 365 Reilly, Tom 283 Reilly, Bill 56, 282 Relfe, Don 292 Remington, Thomas 56, 386 Remmel, Art 263 Renfro, Kurt 207 Renner, Robin 56, 242 Repath, Ken 56, 258 Replogle, Lanny 173 Resnick, Bob 275 Reuther, Phyllis 56, 306 Reveley, Bud 259 Reynaud, Jeanne 95, 320 Reynaud, Jinx 333 Reynolds, Diane 325 Reynolds, Jon 249, 418 Reynolds, Thomas 56, 413 Rhein, Bob 186, 291 Rhoades, Don 148, 203, 207, 302 Rhodes, Fred 231 Rhodes, Jim 284, 415, 420 Rhodes, Punky 217 Rhodes, Roger 393 Rice, Flizabeth 410 Rice, Howard 358 Rice, Kathy 56, 362 Richard, Anne 329 Richard, Bob 249 Richards, Ben 56, 226 Richards, Henry 269 Richards, Leo 241 Richards, Rosemary 56 Richardson, Ann 312, 332 Richardson, John 292 Richardson, William 56, 298 Rosenberg, Jack 56, 294 Richmond, Frank 181 Rosenberg, Janet 96, 117 Richter, Phil 56, 357 Rosenberg, Richard 56, 255 Richter, Ruth 325 Rosenfeld, Nancy 69 Ricker, Richard 359 Rosenthal, Barbara 112, 416 Ricks, Ralph 299, 407 Ross, Adrienne ,,... 99 Ridder, Joyce 365 Ross, Audrey 56, 344 Rideaux, Lea 98, 323 Ross, Betsy 112 Ridgeway, Lee 253 Ross, Chuck 416 Ridker, Barbara 327 Ross, Eugene 275 Rieber, Peggy 98 Ross, Franklin 244 Ringer, Tom 56, 262, 420 Ross, Jim 23, 92, 207, 266 Riek, George 417 Ross, Nancy 335 Rigby, Dick 415, 420 Ross, Peggy 384 Riggs, Manford 163, 251 Ross, Wilfred 407 Righter, Dick . .56, 149, 176, 268 Rosser, John 56, 413 Rigunay, Loretta 93, 379 Roth, Dorothy 308 Riley, Earl I ' 240 Roth, Fred 265 Riley, Ray 288 Roth, Lt. Col. W. D. 139 Rinermonte, Ray 391 Rothganger, Mary . 95, 332, 400 Ringo, Barbara 56, 348 Rothman, Mort 275 Rinta, Ron 228 Rotto, Martin 57, 184 Ripley, Joan 117 Roughland, Libby 144 Ripple, Charles 56, 385 Rouse, Ken 295 Risbrough, Jack 56, 260 Rouse, Mary Ellen 146, 337 Risch, Ernie 107 Rovai, Jim (coach) 153, 163 Riskin Jerry 232, 407 Rowe, Burt 292 Rivers, Gayle 56, 59, 92, 106, Rowell, Edward Z. 14 108, 146, 332, 409 Rowell, Sharon 335 Roach, Duane 241 Rowley, Jerry 279 Roach, Ruth 56, 324 Royer, Pat 57, 336 Robb, Rosemary 318 Rubin, Bob 145 Robben, Frank ..56, 184, 377, 413 Rubin, Phyllis 88 Robbins, John 299 Ruby, Barbara 100, 111, 35 4 Roberson, Jean 375 Ruby, Gail 69, 344 Roberts, Carlene 371 Ruby, Ronald 57, 208 Roberts, Don 404 Ruddell, Marty 336 Roberts, Doren 56, 270 Rudy, John 57 Roberts, Joan 132, 367 Rudnick, Sandra 118, 369 Roberts, Oralee 361 Rue, Larry 359 Roberts, Irmanelle 355 Ruegg, David 285 Roberts, Richard 359 Runnion, Jack 57, 266 Roberts, Royal E., Prof. 384, 390 Rupert, Robert 16 Robertson, Gwen 373 Rusiender, Irene 102 Robertson, Lee • 56, 312 Rusiender, Irene 100 Robinow, Norman 275 Russ, Marianne 57, 348 Robinson, Bernard 275, 400 Russell, Chet 228 Robinson, Frank 237 Russell, Fran ....57, 88, 336, 421 Robinson, Jim 56, 286, 420 Russell Frank 14 Robinson, Jamice 375 Russell, Jack 269 Robinson, John 251 Russell, James 389 Robinson, Lois 366 Russell, Kay 57, 336 Robinson, Nancy 56, 335, Russell, Lewis 213, 291 384, 409 Russell, Shannon 309 Robinson, Robin 307 Russell, Thomas 243 Robinson, Shirley 56 Russell, William 239 Robinson, Warren 239 Rutherford, Tudy 316 Robson, John 94, 112, 417 Rutledge, Don 249 Robustelli, Josephine 374 Ruud, Louis 57 Roche, Bob 56, 148, 207, 284 Ruxton, Shirley 342 Rock, Joyce 318 Ryan, Alice 334 Roche, Patrick 385 Ryan, Arthur 277 Rocker, Gene 162 Ryan, Donna 315 Rodden, Jack 387 Rvan, Lawrence 358 Rodder, Jerry 301 Ryan, Mildred 380 Rodgers, Don 235 Ryan, Sheila 97, 109 Rodgers, Joe 27, 56, 387 Ryberg, Bob 228 Rodman, Frank 404 Arthur 57, 377 Rodney, Len 83, 100, 102 Ryder, Doug 259 Rodolf, Carl 56 Ryerson, Dean Knowles 12 Roeding, George 56, 341 Roeser, Maj. C. J. 138 Roessler, Bruce 28, 246 Rogers, Robert 177, 253 Sabin, Marsha 126 Rogers, Carl 252 Sadler, Mildred 369 Rogers, Diane 353 Sadowski, Felicia 57 Rogers, Harriet 56, 330 Saeltzer, Florence 319 Rogers, Jack 129, 131 Saey, Jean 390 Rogers, Jimmie 163 Saito, Setsuko 57 Rogers, Phil ip 56, 276 Saito, Shirley 305 Roggero, Elaine 100, 132 Salfingere, Frank 386 Rogin, Bill 285 Samish, JoAnne 57 Rohne, Barbara 371 Sammis, Lee 57, 262, 415 ' Rohwer, Barbara 345 Sanchez, Louis 242 Rohwer, Claude 79, 279 Sandals, Dorothy 373 Rohwer, LaVerne 345, 417 Sandberg, Roger 163 Rollins, Norma 353 Sander, Carla 309 Romashko, Leona 56 Sander, Myrtle 119 Romeo, Don 147, 293 Sanford, John 131 Romiti, Vergil 149. 199. Sanford, Roger 299 297, 388 Sanford, Sue 319 Rcmmonds, Richard 118 Sanford, William 57, 131 Root, Marilyn 93, 315 Sanguinetti, David 396 Rose, Bill 269 Sani, Bob 195, 228 Rose, Cecile 310 Sankowich, Lila 304, 310 Rose, Earl 80, 119 Santini, Rosalind 314 Rose, Helen 56 Santos, Joe 93, 413 Rose, Madge 311 Sapunor, 358 Rose, Ricy 132 Sarafian, Richard 57 Rose, Roberta 335 Sargeant, Don 27, 57, 66, Rosedrans, Charles 2a5 131, 276 Rosen, Richard 301 Sargent, Faye 370 Rosenbaum, Sidney 118 Sargent, Gail 374 Rosenberg, Donald 255 Sarguis, Robert 57, 377 R Pollock, Ted Pollock, Tom Polonsky, Selma Pomeroy, Brent Pool, Shirley Poon, Lilly Pope, Jane Pope, Peggy Pope, Robert Popp, Ronald Poppin, Nick Porter, Craig 55, 284 Porter, Ken 55, 129, 131, 278 Porter, Kennenth H. 292 Porter, Patricia Posey, Larry Post, James Poston, Al Potter, Dave Pottle, Jerome Powell, Dixie Powell, Gary Powell, Jerry Power, Dan Powers, Len Pracht, Fred Prather, Carol Pratt, John Pratt, William Pray, Davis Pregerson, Jim Prendiville, Joan Press, Richard Preston, Barbara Preston, Lt. Col Price, Bill Price, Nibs Price, Sarah Prichard, Jean Pridmore, Betsy Prince, Marion Prindiville, Terry Prindle, Bob Pringle, Claudia Pringle, Joseph Pringle, Lloyd Printz, Frances Pritten, Marshall Probert, Myron Probst, Merrill 132 Prodanovich, Mileva ..55, 90, 393 217, 415, 420 108, 332 55, 248 235 173 55, 332 381, 408 243 418 55, 176, 260, 415, 420 Prom. Bart Proudfoot, Carol Prucha, Bill Prutch, Bob Pryde, Don Puckhaber, Joan Pugh, Marianne Purkiss. Charles Pusey, Chuck Putnam, Don 334 195 55, 357 81, 266 55, 234 55 419 23, 147, 256 288 55, 184, 284, 413 229, 385 186, 358, 395 147, 321, 406 55, 302 239 371 55 345 55 ..113, 368, 416 145 126 150, 166 381 89 313 400, 403 163 211, 263, 418 336 245 263, 415, 420 55, 393 386 55, 266 195 190,192 311 228 419 55 365 321 240 177,359 163,269 Quesnoy, Charles 215 Quesnoy, Irene 363 Quilici, Eva 92, 93, 382 Quintero, George 55, 377 Quintero, Luis 55, 379 Quire, Dean 10, 389 Quong, Helen 373 432 Saroyan, Jack 273, 407 Sarrow, Jerry 275 Sartori, Jane 343 Sater, Kelley 228 Saugestad, Thelma 408 Saul, Frank 274 Saunders, Al ison 57, 370 Saunders, Jack 395 Saunders, Joseph 265 Saunders, Margery 371 Saunders, Sandy 267 Savage, Mike 239 Savage, Wayne 57 Saywell, Evadna 323, 417 Saywell, Harriet 69, 365 Scanlan, Janith 343 Schade, Anne 132, 369 Schad I ick, Stephen 181 Schaefer, Gail 404 Schaefer, Jim 194 Schafer, Karla 57d1316 Schapiro, Suzie 57 Scharf, Walter 57 Schaupp, Sandra 371 Schectman, Dolores 113 Scheel, Martha 375 Scheer, But 292 Schell ing, Sidney 69, 239 Schendel, Joan 57, 318 Scherrer, Robert 57, 230 Scheuttge, Dick 293 Schieck, Don 163, 289 Schinzinger, Roland 396 Schlaadt, Anne 57, 368 Schlaepfer, Carl 396, 413 Schlan, Janet 373, 419 Schlegel, Chuck 359 Schleif, Peggy 132, 331 Schlink, Pat 386 Schmeiser, Alan ....162, 208, 279 Schmidt, Bernard 276 Schmidt, Doug 188 Schmidt, Richard 211 Schmitt, A. J. 258 Schmitt, Armand 57 Schmitt, Hans 94 Schmitt, Leonard 239 Schmitz, Bill 57, 264 Schmitz, Herb 94, 96 Sohn!, Bob 153, 212 Schneider, Ann 349 Schneider, Eve 349 Schneider, Franz 14 Schneider, Henry 283 Schneider, Herbert 57, 250 Schneider, Pete 420 Schneider, Shirley 323 Schnwimacher, Jerry 416 Schoenbrod, Dave 131 Schoenfeld, Gene 131 Schoeningh, Peter 253 Schoeplein, Robert 299 Schoettler, David 268 Schoettler, Marilyn 345 Schonberger, Irwin 57, 280 Schoonniaker, Sharon 313 Schott, Fred 172, 293 Schotterer, Bob 386, 413 Schreiner, Jo 352 Schremser, H. H. 141 Schriver, Duward 230 Schroll, Robert 265 Schroth, George 205, 207 Schrump, Don 131 Schuetz, Marcia .313 Schumacker, Shirley 333 Schultz, Barbara 57, 89 Schultz, Donald 57, 252 Schulze, George 57, 357 Schumacher, Kathy 91, 313 Schumann, James 296 Schurz, Brad 235 Schuster, Janet 57, 310 Schuster, Sue 363 Schwabacher, Mike 387 Schwabenland, Dot ... 57, 90, 355 Schwartz, Don 176, 182, 301 Schwarz, Hank 57, 396 Schwarzbart, Paul 408 Schwede, Marie 57, 380 Schweitzer, Rejean 57, 363 Schwerin, John 255 Schwocho, Ken 152, 162 Scott, Charlie 296, 416 Glenn L. 153 Scott, Prof. H. J. 394 Scott, Howard 209 Scott, James 282 Scott, Janet 317 Scott, 181 Scott, M Sat. R. W. 138 Scottoline, Frank 58 Scovel, Ann 324 Scruggs, Louise 58 Scully, John 299 Seage I, Lei la 113, 371, 400 Seale, Thomas 58, 387, 411 Seals, Fran 69, 92, Seawright, Ron 93, 247, 399, 403 Secor, Ken 386 sederholm, Charles 230 Segall, Mashe 58 Segel, Diane 340 seitert, Don 385 Seifert, Richard 58, 230 Seikel, Ken 229 Seiler, Stuart 275 sekiguchi, Nlariko 58 Selby, Bob 384 Selby, William 247 Seldon, Barbara 58 Seligman, Lee 131, 255 Sellers, Bob 415 Senior, Walt 208 Serna, Elizabeth 58, 362 Servatius, Evie 58, 130, 367 Sess, Tom 231 Settle, Howard 235 Settlemier, Grant 58, 237 Setzer, Judy 311 Sexton, Roy 58, 90, 94 Seymour, Dave 115 Seymour, Richard 58 Shafer, Helen 322 Shaffer, Marian 319 Shaheen, Joan 367 Shahori, Ruth 58 Shain, Howard 58, 280 Shain, Lee 148, 213 Shah, Al 212 Shalhevet, Joseph 58 Shandorf, Mary Ann 69, 349 Shane, Will iam 399, 403 Shank, Steve 236 Shannon, Bob 302 Shapard, Dian 331 Shapero, Ell iott 389 Shapiro, Sandy 98 Shapiro, Susan 310 Sharnoff, Nina 97 Sharp, Doniel 58, 136, 357 Sharp, Joe 136 Sharts, Ruthan 410 Shaw, Carolyn 100 Shaw, George 58, 391 Shawcorthorn, Lt. Com. G 141 Shea, Mary 58, 324 Shea, Peter 277 Sheehan, Kathy 58, 308 Sheekman, Sylvia 381 Sheldon, Albert 396 Sheldon, Carolyn 342 Shelley, Jeanne 374 She I I hammer, Sunya 130 Shelton, Jim 295 Shelton, Carolyn 306 Shelvy, Marjorie 132, 331 Shenk, Jody 325 Shenker, Marilyn 93, 311 Shep, Bob 126 Shepard, Rodger 58 Shepard, Tom 83, 136 Shepherd, Conrad 298 Shepherd, M Sgt. C. M. 138 Sherman, Phil 245 Sherman, Sandra 310 Sherrill, Laurence 131 Sherry, Sue 117, 345 Shewbridge, Ron 228 Shideler, Ann 396 Shifley, Lowell 273 Sh ' momaki, Hideko 58 Shinn, Betty 58 Shinoda, Fred 174 Shinoda, Takako 58, 88 Shinomoto, Tak 58 Shirai, Akira 58 Shirling, Roberta 313 Shiro, James 385, 396 Shochat, Amnon, 58 Shoemaker, Donna .58, 306, 401 Shonfeld, Ed 408 Shorr, Herschel 93, 216 Short, David 233 Short, Herschey 285 Short, Janice 132 Short, Nate 190, 194 Short, Phil 163, 188, 211, 251 Shrewsbury, Donna 412 Shriver, Duward 230 Shugart, Lee 292 Shultis, Carol 349 Shuttleworth, Gayle 344 Sibbitt, Pat 333 Sickler, Ann 368 S ' dener, Nancy 332 Sides, Sherry 146, 323 Siebert, Ann 311 Siefert, Don 390 Siegel, Lawrence 400 Siegel, Neal 275 Siess, Carol 58, 103, 344 Silberman, Art 184, 255 Si len, Edith 373 Sites, Paul 58, 386 S i I I iman, James 9 Silva, Evelyn 343 Si Nenberg, Sal ly 311 Si lverman, Mickey 362 Silverstein, Martha 310 Silverthorne, Jioia ..58, 97, 355 Simanis, Edwin 213 Simark, Nancy 58, 324 Simmel, Ed 115 Simmons, M Sgt. J. N. 138 Simmons, Joyce 366 Simmons, Mary 400 Simmons, Patty 69, 336 Simon, Dick 269 Simon, Marcia 310 Simonds, Paul 58 Simpson, Barbara 343 Simpson, Barbara Lee 93, 331 Simpson, Len 176, 179, 182, 420 Simpson, Roy 9 Sims, Joyce 370, 408 Simson, Manfred 93, 257 Sinai, Joe 274 Sinclair, Julanne 369 Singer, Capt. R. H. 139 Siskin, Marshall 58, 280 Sisson, Sue 146, 373 Sivachenko, Paul 291 Sjoberg, Richard 58, 278 Skaer, Janet 342 Skeen, Mary 410 Skiffengton, Dale 257 Sklar, Judy 366 Skoog, Arlene 327 Slack, Bill 190 Slater, Florence 58 Slater, Ord 231 Slauson, Robert 227 Slaven, Mardi 58, 324 Slonim, Mordechai 58 Slusser, James H. 174 Smal ian, Don .149, 207, 285, 420 Small, A lsam 280 Small, Barbara 410 Small, Jim 163, 251 Smalley, Jo 215 Smalley, Stanford 58, 254, 416 Smario, Nanette 366 Smith, Adrienne 315 Smith, Andrea 132 Smith, Ann L. 58 Smith, Betty 373 Smith, Beverley 349 Smith, E. Brian 58, 386 Smith, Carol L. 59 Smith, Carol M. 340 Smith, Chad 404 Smith, Dean Charles 13 Smith, Charr 90 Smith, Don 298 Smith, Donald C. 194, 287 Smith, Donn 407 Smith, Douglas 245 Smith, Duane 59, 284 Smith, Edna 305 Smith, Ellen 311 Smith, Gene 59, 346 Smith, Herbert 389 Smith, James D. 210, 247 Smith, Joyce 59, 328 Smith, Lawrence 59 Smith, Leslie 59 Smith, Lorraine 112 Smith, Marilyn 369 Smith, Nathaniel 401 Smith, Oliver 59, 386 Smith, Patricia 27, 59, 348 Smith, Paul 59, 411 Smith, Peter 95, 231 Smith, Princetta 401 Smith, Ralph 295 Smith, Robert A. 59, 260 Smith, Robert J. 259 Smith, Ron 188 Smith, Sharon 91, 138, 380 Smith, Shirley 59, 389, 390 Smith, Sidnee 337 Smith, Stanley 288 Smith, Sue 324 Smith, Susan 345 Smith, Susan D. 343 Smith, Suzanne 334 Smith, Tom 292 Smith, Warren 59, 413 Smith, Willie 230 Smith, William E. 238 Smith, William 0. 59 Smizer, Frank 391 Snapp, Gloria 309 Snider, Carol 59, 130, 368 Soares, Lawrence 181 Sode, Marilyn 59, 308 Soderberg, Arnold 404 Soderblom, Audrey 322 Sohlberg, Albert 379 Sohns, Oscar 248 Solari, Joe 415 Solomon, Bill 262 Soloman, Simon 230 Som, Jason 59 Somers, Marianne 325 Sommer, Charles 59, 394 232, 385, 417 SommerCille, Bill 78, 79, 80, 96 Sonnenschein, Erika 349 Sontag, Judith 381 Soper, Jack 59, 284, 415, 420 Soracco, Frank 249 Sorenson, Paul 386 Sorenson, Ron 295 Sorgatz, Paula 363 Sosnick, Phyllis 94, 112 Soto, Manuel 59 Southerland, Gavin 250 Southerland, Jim 153 Soyster, Joan 316 Sparks, Stan 263 Spealman, Jean 331 Spear, Mary ..59, 66, 82, 93, 340 Spear, Sal ly 341 Spellacy, Val 337 Spelfens, Bennie 311 Spence, Duane 131 Spence, Leslie 59, 334 Spencer, Joan 400 Spencer, Marjorie 329 Spencer, Nancy 130, 341 Spencer, Ronald 254 Spencer, Sarah 329 Spenrad, Hyron 190 Sperry, Patricia 309 Spharler, Lon 385, 396 Spiekerman, Carol 78, 84, 90, 93, 314, 400, 409 Spilman, Jack ..59, 129, 131, 278 Spinazze, Laurel 394, 396 Spinelli, Frank 408 Spiri, Pat 337 Spivak, Barry 300 Spore, Bill 204, 205, 207, 237, 418 Sporgberg, Dick 385 Springston, Barbara 92 Springwater, Mort 301 Sproul, Martha 306 Sproul, Mrs. R. G. 17, 28 Sproul, Pres. R. G. .8, 9, 17, 18, 22, 28 Spurlock, Janet 345 Spurr, Eliose 375 Spurrier, Lon 59, 62, 144, 176, 177, 357, 387, 420 Steats, Judge R. C. 80 Stacke, Lois 318 Stacy, Janice 309 Stadt, Rochelle 354 Stadtman, Verne 16 Staerkel, Marion 99, 331 Stafer, Jim 190 Staff, Juordis 59, 363 Stafford, Sybil 110, 333 Stahes, Joanne 409 Stallman, Harley 298 Stanford, Lyman 136 Staniford, Ted 211 Stanley, Denny 407 Stanley, Helen 351 Stanley, Janet 349 Stanley, Kay 353 Stanley, Patricia 319 Stanley, Teresa 353 Stanton, Mary Lou 329 Stanton, Sandy 332 Stanwyck, Tom 401 Staprans, Armand 396 Starbuck, Jody 59 Stark, Wayne 239 Starkman, E. S. 387 Starr, Jim 188, 267 Sraser, Capt. B. I. 139 Staub, Barbara 326 Staub, Joyce 91 Staubus, George 389 Stauffer, Dorothy 366 Stauffer, Sandra 100, 341 Stauman, Harley 411 Stauropoulos, Anne 345 Stead, Suzie 333 Stearns, Cynthia 132 Stearns, Diane 306 Stechman, Carl 279 Steel, Col. George H. 138 Steen, Ann 69, 117 Steffen, Robert 59 Stegman, Julian 59, 394 Stegman, Skip 82, 91, 385 Stegner, Edward 59 Stehr, Chuck 148, 149 Stein, Ron 205 Steinberg, Joan 59 Steinberg, Nlarvin 255 Steiner, Marilyn 113, 381 Steiner, Franz 188 Steiner, Ruth 345 Steinert, Wilma 94, 99, 340 Steinhart, Jesse 9 Steinke, Lt. J. E. 139 Steinkopf, Mary 59, 374 Steinmetz, Allen 59 Steinmetz, Florence 328 Stellern, John 176, 180 Steninger, JoAnne 95, 321 Stephens, Jan 113 Stephens, Stan .. ...... 59, 100, 234 Stephenson, Charles 245 Stephenson, Shirley 323 Stern, Charles 27, 59, 66 Stern, Dennett 59 Stern, Lefty 145 Steven, Virginia 59, 334 Stevens, Anita 99, 130 Stevens, David 59 Stevens, Dick ..198, 199, 200, 202 Stevens, Donn 184 Stevens, Janet 410 Stevens, Llewellyn 59, 348 Stevens, Lt. M. 141 Stevens, Stanley 389 Stevenson, Bob 146, 293 Stevenson, Charlie 181 Stevenson, Frank 163, 235 Stevenson, Janet 322 Stevick, Guy 59, 395 Steward, David 134, 231 Steward, Kent 263 Stewart, Allen 287 Stewart, Jo 81, 84, 380 Stewart, Sally 59, 324 Stewart, Young 98, 276, 394 Steyer, Dick 59, 184, 396 Stice, Harold I. 60, 377 Stickney, Nancy 60, 353 Stidger, Perry 60 Stiles, Dean 60 Stiles, George 389 Stiles, Marcia 60 Stiles, Mary 60, 368 Stiling, Paula 60 Storm, Henry 60 Stirton, Jack 174 Stitt, Shirley 349 Stocker, Ed 340, 395 Stocks, Dorothy 60, 370 Stoddard, Bill 298 Stoddard, Kenneth 12 Stohl, Doug 190 Stohiman, Harley 92 Stohr, Linda 82, 92, 331 Stokes, Ed 293 Stokes, Jeanne 83, 97 Stoll, Frank 254 Stoll, Mary Jane 343 Stoll, Sheila 327 Stone, Andy 152, 162 Stone, Barbara 341 Stone, Bonald 60, 255 Stone, Dr. Edward 385 Stone, Fred 407 Stone, Henry (coach) 211, 421 Stone, Dean Hurford ... 10, 80 Stone, Margaret 89, 331 Stone, Maxine 311 Stone, Nancy 308 Stone, Ray 251 Stone, Shirley 117, 319 Stone, Wesley 60 Storm, Connie 146, 343 Stormont, Jim 147, 243 Stornetta, Jane 313, 397 Storz, Forrest 23, 60, 278, 387, 411 Stott, Norm 298, 393 Stoufe, Pris 146, 335 Stowell, Doug 162, 194, 248 Strum, Edward 60 Straszer, Melisse 60 Stratinsky, Corinne 373, 417 Strauss, Martin 255 Strickland, Edgar 359 Striker, Carolyn 319 Stroh, Charles 407 Stroh, Suzy 335 Strom, Lawrence 233 Strong, Charles 271 Strong, Dick 217, 231 433 Stroud, Louise 401 Stroud, Otis 152, 162 Strudy, Patricia 323 Stryker, Bart 190, 194 Stuart, Anne 342 Stuewe, Mary Anne 381 Stultz, Sally 315 Stupar, Wesley 60 Sturdy, Pat 323 Styles, Darlene 132, 345 Subbrra, Edward 289 Suezaki, Albert 394 Su liens, Wayne 233 Sullivan, Charles 60, 413 Sullivan, James A. 60 Sullivan, James F. 241 Sullivan, Jay 237 Sullivan, Lorraine 91 Sullivan, Marian 60, 95, 312, 405, 409, 417 Sullivan, Vern 235 Summerhays, Jay 282 Summers, Buzz 235 Summers, Emory 202 Summers, Jean 421 Summers, Russell ....60, 252, 395 Summers, Sylvia 343 Summerseth, Lief 217 Sammy, Ron 401 Sandman, Joyce 315 Surr, Nancy 343 Sussman, Warren 301 Sutherland, Jan 372 Sutherland, Jim (coach) 162 Sutherland, Lee 241 Sutherland, Margie 60 Sutliff, Nancy 370 Suttle, Gene 90 Sutton, Alma 368, 397 Sutton, Libby 115 Sutton, Marilyn 82, 136 Svensson, Eric 211 Svihus, Ron 282 Swains, Lu 60, 113, 322, 405, 416 Swan, Sylvia ....69, 100, 341, 397 Swanfeldt, Sue 100 Swanson, Arvey 60 Swanson, Bell 132 Swanson, Dave 295 Swanson, Don 408 Swanson, Marriane 365, 386 Swanson, Marianne E. 331 Swasey, Marilyn 60, 99 Swatman, Don 407 Sweeney, Harold 60 Sweeney, Mike 172, 404 Sweet, Bud 274 Sweet, Carol 60, 310, 417 Sweet, Phoebe 60, 372 Swein, Ben 401 Swenson, Burt 302 Swenson, Carolyn 318, 386 Swenson, Carter 184 Swift, Ted 60, 233, 401 Swinnerton, Ron 249 Swirsky, Robert 60 Symes, Bud 418 Symes, John P. 9, 16 Sypkens, Bruce 27, 92 T Taber, Larry 415 Takahashi, Mae 375 Talbert, Mary Jane 97, 323 Talbott, Susan 317 Tallarico, Irwin 400 Tallent, Sharon 373 Tallerico, Rosie 365 Talley, Al ' 60, 102, 149, 154, 155, 157, 161, 208, 238, 387, 415 Tally, George 60, 396, 413 Tam, Nora 410 Tamberg, Dick 60, 166, 167, 169, 260 Tamblyn, Shirley 401 Tanji, Pauline 60 Tannenbaum, Floran 93, 327 Tanner, Doug 248, 387 Tanner, William 378 Tarlow, Mervin 281 Tarr, David 357 Tartre, Donald 257 Tash, Eshima 391 Tate, John 244 Tatra, Maj. W. F. 138 Taylor, Charles 251 Taylor, Dick 148 Taylor, Dickson 421 Taylor, John 60, 256, 387, 390, 420 Taylor, John 222 Taylor, Margaret 338 Taylor, Quentin ....82, 95, 96, 246 Taylor, Ruth 305 Taylor, Tom 173, 302, 415, 420 Taylor, William N. 261 Taynton, Donald 268 Taynton, Douglas 268 Teager, Ninon 347 Teel, Ann 60, 334 Teeter, Dwight 146 Tehan, Frank 257 Tell, Kirk 415 Tel lefsen, Betsy 315 Tellefsen, Chris 389 Tellep, Daniel 60, 330, 417 Temme, Mark 60, 292 Tempel, Joan 60, 330, 417 Temple, Martin 131, 257 Templeton, Barbara 60, 93, 330, 409 Tennyson, Lee 311 Tennyson, Roger 407 Terzian, Betty 26, 27, 51, 60, 83, 84, 348, 398, 409 Terzian Sandra 348 Te Selfe, Don 387 Thatcher, Jo Ann 60, 308 Thatcher, Roberta 61, 84, 92, 380, 405 Thayer, James 215, 276 Thelen, Dorothy 90, 91, 332, 406, 409 Thiers, Gerald 233, 401 Thiessen, Derek 385 Thode, Barbara 109, 341 Thomas, Bill 176, 182, 358 Thomas, Carole 331 Thomas, Janice 61, 320 Thomas, Ned 61 Thomas, Rod 386 Thomas, Ruth 61, 107, 330 Thomas, Steve 359 Thomford, Virginia 61, 368, 389 Thompson, Al 190, 194, 387 Thompson, Bill 292, 379 Thompson, Dave 177, 359 Thompson, Dick 416 Thompson, Douglas 61, 270 Thompson, Edward 126, 282 Thompson, Jim 91, 385 Thompson, Joan 343 Thompson, Kirk 114 Thompson, Pat 367 Thompson, Sheri 407 Thomson, Alan 61 Thoresen, Carl 184, 265 Thornburg, Verne . .61, 149, 176, 182, 278 Thrasher, Jane 98, 355 Thum, Marilyn 381 Thurn, Rich 95, 231 Thurston, Bob 295 Thurston, Carol 109, 348 Tierman, Chuck 265 Tighe, Patricia 362 Tilley, Bil l 146, 235 Tilley, Gene 253 Timmerman, Don ....176, 177, 178 Timmerman, William 61, 288 Tinay, Ron 167, 227 Tinglof, Birger 285 Tinkham, Ruth 353 Tinsley, Pat 314 Tipton, Dick 202 Tobias, Paul 255 Tocchini, Diane 323 Tocher, James 379 Toad, Claude 61 Todd, Frances 365 Toles William 394 Tolhurst, Gladys . .27, 56, 61, 62, 82, 92, 95, 330, 398, 409 Toll, Debbie 338 Tolman, Edward C. 15 Tom, Bill 61, 91 Tom, Marlena 350 Tom, Faul 378 Tomasello, Don 273, 407 Tomer, Sue 308 Toms, Shirley 69, 91, 318 Tonelti, Evelyn 61 Tong, Nancy ' 61 Tooker, John 254 Toombs, Frank 152, 162, 237 Torchio, Lloyd 152, 164, 415 Tornberg, Kenneth 378 Tornberg, Robert 61 Torres, Robert 176 Towle, Dean Katherine 10, 19 Towle, Robert 61, 268 Towne, Bruce 249, 418 Townsend, Curtis 261 Townsend, James 379 Townsend, Mary 94, 341 Trabert, George 148, 174, 247 Trason, Dennis 213 Traulsen, John 243 Trauner, Donald 61, 274 Trayner, Barbara 316 Trayner, Mike 287 Tregoning, William 61, 258 Treitel, Emanuel 255 Trento, Paul 241 Tretten, Elmer 246 Trias, John 149, 204, 358 Tr iest, Richard 61, 300 Trigueros, Ricardo 213 Trimingham, Robert 98 Triner, Capt. E. G. 138 Triphon, Daphne 89 Tripp, Bob 61, 113, 410 Tripp, Mary 337 Trios, John 206 Trombetta, Pat 323 Tronstein, Don 92, 149, 185, 190, 281 Trounson, William 61 Trouse, Ronald 61 Truman, Don 295 Truman, Martha 337 Truman, Molly 132 Trumley, Lee 227 Trumure, Norma 365 Truscott, Marianne ....78, 79, 117, 146, 407, 409 Trutner, Tom 163, 181, 237 Tse, Mary 350 Tsolakidou, Kaliope 61 Tubbs, William 282 Tucker, Joe 235 Tucker, Zane 236, 394 Tuft, Mark 188 Taller, Robbie 245, 418 Tun er, Sally 109, 343 Tunik, Lloyd 146, 301 Tuohey, Mary Lou 361 Tuohy, Theasa 100 Tuoto, Beverly 361 Tupper, Dean 131 Turek, Yvonne 117 Turner, Barbara 336, 412 Turner, Gillian 123 Turner, Howard 237 Turner, Jerry 251 Turner, Rich 131, 148, 174 Turner, Steve 176, 178, 180, 420 Turpin, Miles 277 Tuthill, Sheila 61, 368 Tutman, Gerald 283 Tuttle, Norm 188, 287 Tuttle, Pearl 61 Twelker, Wilbur 61, 377, 396 Twisselman, Darrell 61 Twist, Vena Mae 390 Twoer, Mide 188 Tyler, Jan 375 Ullman, Ruth 354 Ulrich, Sally 332 Underhill, Jack 61, 276, 394 Underhill, Robert 9 Ung, Irene 374 Unger, Glenda 362 Unruh, Victor 188, 233 Upland, Carol 61, 312 Upton, Rosa 365, 401 Urdaneta, Mireya 61 Urguiza, Issy 27, 61, 66, 91, 352, 372, 398 Utikal, Irene 61 V Vafadez, Connie 61, 83, 98, 370, 409 Valencia, Juan 131 Valles, Rosi 361 Vallotton, Bill 163, 208, 283 Vance, Lawrence 389 Vance, Robert 61, 241 Vandenberg, Jack 61, 248 Vander Boom, Dea _146, 319, 406 Vanderveen, John 228 Van Derwerker, Mrs. M. 397, 409 Van Druten, Don 188 Van Dyke, Marilyn _89, 102, 360 Van Gundy, Bill 174 Van Heuit, Carl 153 Van Heuit, Marilyn 305 Van Houten, Ann 321 Van Loben Sels Jim 271 Van Nostrand, J. J. 15 Van Noy, Jim 68, 69, 78, 83, 236 Van Ronkel, Linda 93, 311 Vanskike, Frank 404 Van Trees, James 299 Vantress, Ken 257, 418 Van Vleck, Forest 408 Van Wyhe, Jeanette 367 Van Zander, Jack 289 Varney, Helen 130 Varney, Joan 61, 393 Vasilevskis, Velta 61 Vassar, Robert 61 Vaughan, Lucia 333 Vaughn, Eugene 401 Vaughn, Roy 61 Vaughn, Sally 335 Vaux, H. J. 396 Vaznaugh, Fred 263 Vejar, Allen 61, 272 Venator, Lui 62 Venstrom, Evelyn 400 Venturi, Roger 293 Verdu, Joe 385 Vered, Zeev 62, 396 Verling, Dick 62, 145, 284 Vernon, Nadine 62, 344 Vetterlein, Ralph ..23, 55, 62, 77, 78, 80, 234 Viargues, Carlene 373 Viault, Sharon 334 V icain, Don 267 Vick, Janice 62, 322, 417 Vickman, Myrna 97, 355 Vidovich, Elsie 27, 62, 367 Vierra, Ramona 62, 348 Vigna, Roberta 309 Vilardi, Joanne 307 V i lhauer, Le Vern 260 Vincent, Phyllis 382 Vinson, Sue 321 Vinzent, Liz 334 Virden, Gay 292 Vitals, Val 62, 387 Vogler, Herb 408 Vogt, Jim 285 Vohland, Lewis 390 Voight, Ernie 245, 418 Voight, Marjorie 419 Volfenzon, Yehuda 62 Volz, Rowena 365 Vonder Abe, Jerry 195, 407 Von Flue, Walt 233, 401 Von Geldern, Ann 317 Von Glahn, Gene 365 Von Husen, Lois 62, 330 Von Meier, Kurt 243 Von Pinnon, Carole 373 Voorheis, Pell 257 Voorheis, Sandra 69, 306 Vukasin, George 286, 420 Vuletich, Ken 401 W Weisbach, Gerald 62 Weisel, Barbara Ann 380 Weisenfeld, Gaye 312, 406 Weisfield, Douglas 300 Weiske, Bob 248 Weiss, Doug 195 Weiss, Milton 232 Welch, Jeanne 338 Welch, Richard 379 Weldon, Mike 195 Wellman, Harry 10 Wells, Donald 240 Wells, Nan 132 Wells, Neal 291, 407 Welp, Elizabeth 62, 336, 413 Welsh, Chuck 249, 418 Welsh, Roger 62, 148 Wendt, Jerry 147, 283 Wendt, Prof. P. F. 390 Wenik, Edward 271 Wensinger, Marilyn 69, 360 Werner, Carol 313 Werner, Joan 375 Werner, Robert 62, 233 Wertheim, Lilo 362 Weseth, Karen 363 West, Harry 153, 163 West, Rau 145 Westall, Marilyn 69, 372 Westberg, Jim 235 Westcott, Patricia 323 Westermann, Bonnie ..82, 94, 318 Western, Jack 62, 260 Westesen, Gerald 259 Weston, Dave 290 Wexler, Lynne 132 Wham, Kathy 91, 373 Wheatfill, Pat 93, 337 Wheaton, Pat 314 Wheeler, Anne 408 Wheeler, Gerry 63, 296 Whidden, Kathy 63, 320 Whipple, Jonel 374 Whisenand, Steve 188 Whitchurch, Joan 412 White, Cynthia 332 White, Ed 115, 240 White, Floyd _166, 171, 172, 245 White, Glenn 249 White, Ken 107 White, Lynn 267 White, Mike 163, 181, 251 White, Oliver 268 White, " Pop " 401 White, Sharon 319 White, William 63, 252 Whiteford, Gwen 361 Whitehead, Sally 333 Vvhitley, Jim 63, 296, 415 Whitlock, Norma 308 Whitson, Bill 134, 239, 388 Whyte, Don ....63, 158, 159, 208, 209, 260 Wachman Erline 91, 363, 400 Wachsman, Ed 78, 79, 228 Wachter, Vernice 93, 314 Waddell, Dick 359 Wade, Jahn 265 Wadsworth, Nancy 117 Wager, Walt 213, 291 Wag fer, Bev 323 Wagner, Elizabeth 90 Wagner, Margaret 62, 90, 314, 409 Wagner, Robin 309 Wahl, John 241 Wajda, Frank 148, 217 Wakefield, Barbara 309 Wakefield, Orin 62 Wakeford, Herb 113 Walden, Liz 406 Walder, Helen 400 Waldie, Liz 112, 347 Waldorf, Carolyn 324 Waldorf, Lynn 152, 153 Walker, Bill 184, 385 Walker, Carl 27, 398 Walker, Charles 259 Walker, Diane 62, 330 Walker, Don ..149, 185, 190, 193 Walker, Frank 408 Walker, Joe 228 Walker, Randy 267 Walker, Sandy 309 Wallace, Clark 145, 148, 174 Wallace, Nancy 325 Wallace, Paul 92 Wallace, Ralph 163, 181, 359 Wallace, Robert 249 Wallburger, Sylvia 375 Wallin, Joan 327 Wallis, Bob 302 Wallis, Dick 285 Walsh, Diane 312 Walsh, Eileen 307 Walsh, Janet 111, 341 Walsh, Margaret 412 Walsh, Thomas 62, 184 Walter, Janet 62, 336 Walters, Patricia 324 Walther, Austin 292 Walther, Richard 293 Walton, Bill 236 Wamsley, Patricia 344 Waraas, Harold 62, 264 Ward, Bob 261 Ward, Jerry 188 Ward, Max 247 Ware, Charley 273 Ware, Virginia 324 Warf, James 62 Warfield, !Caren 412 Warhurst, Joseph 62, 413 Warren, Arlene 322 Warren, Carol 321 Warren, Chief Justice Earl 18 Warren, John 237 Warren, Nancy 348 Warren, Phyllis 90 Wash, Don 152 Washam, Ramon 390 Washburn, Hugh 62, 248, 385 Washino, Robert 62 Waterfall, Gordon 287, 418 Waterfall, Neal 287 Waterhouse, William 62 Waterlow, Carol ' 315 Waters, Paul 62 Waters, Sally 95, 320 Waters, T. L. 139 Watkins, Charles 62, 377 Watkins, Eliazbeth 62, 364 Watkins, Lee 387 Watkins, Robert D. 271 Watkins, Robert M. 261 Watson, Charles 131 Watson, Dick L. 188, 228 Watson, Ernest 264 Watson, Evie 82, 95, 340 434 Watson, George 299 Willett, Jim 174, 420 Watson, Ginny 347 Willey, Dick 188, 257 Watson, Judy 343 Willhide, Sharlene 365 Watt, Dan 16 Williams, Barbara 313 Watt, Helen 16 Williams, Earl 63 Watters, Diane 315 Williams, George 288 Waugh, Gregory 123 Will iams, Howard 63, 131, Waxman, Leon 301 238, 389 Webb, Robert 62, 394 Williams, Janet 130 Webber, Herbert 62, 396 Williams, John 387 Webber, Robert L. ....62, 377, 386 Williams, Joyce 334 Weber, Allen 62 Will iams, Mert 277 Weber, Cynthia 335 Will iams, Ruth 347 Weber, Henry 62, 413 Williams, Sammy 152 Weber, Jack 401 Williams, Shirley 317 Weber, Larry 240 Williams, Skip 63 Weber, Marvin 62 Will iamson, Craig 285 Webster, Dale 148 Williamson, Cress 231 Webster, Nancy 305 Williamson, Jack 145 Weck, Don 111 Williamson, Lill 63, 364, 416 Wedemeyer, Roland 62, 93, Williamson, Nancy 319 246, 416 Williard, Sharon 324 Weeks, Richard 247 Willis, Jim 254 Weger, Carol 65, 96, 314 Willoughby, Jack 257 Dean 293 Wilson, Ann 106 Weider, Louis 62, 389 Wilson, Bill A. 188 Weil, Marilyn 341, 417 Wilson, Bill H. 285 Weiman, Ardith 362 Wilson, Bruce 299 Weiman, Arlene 362 Wilson, Clarke 291 Weinberg, Julian 378 Wilson, Cork 257 Weinberg, Stewart 255 Wilson, Maj. D. C. 138 Weiner, Adrienne 62, 366 Wilson, Don 148 Weiner, Doris 355 Wilson, Ed 176 Weiner, Hank 117, 146, 147, 384 Wilson, Eugenia 63, 332 Weiner, Helen 381 Wilson, Florence 63, 401 Weinstein, Haim 386 Wilson, Garth 292, 396, 413 Weinstock, Rochelle 381 Wilson, George ..63, 93, 387, 413 Weintraub, Harvey 62, 408 Wilson, Gordon 69, 235 Weirick, Geraldine 333 Wilson, Hank 401 Wickenden, John 63, 236 Wilson, John 149, 152, 154, 156, Wickens, James 63 263, 415, 420 Wickman, Bob 385 Wilson, Kenneth 152, 251 Winking, James 63, 284, 420 Wilson, Lee 244 Wiemer, Walt 90 Wilson, Lloyd 63, 298 Wieselman, Judi 371 Wilson, Mercedes 63, 346 Wiggins, Howard ....63, 148, 256, Wilson, Dean Orlando 12 387, 420 Wilson, Paul 63 Wilbrand, Joy 332 Wilson, Sue 93, 305 Wilcox, Georgia ....23, 54, 63, 76, Winbourne, Erin 329 106, 112 Wineman, Jane 307 Wilcox, Jack 83, 251 Winens, Lawrence 247 Wilcox, Lee 63 Winetrub, Al 173 Wiley, Carolyn 386 Winkenbach, Bob 285 Wiley, Craig 277 Winslow, Robin 332 Wilkins, Robert 63, 401 Winter, Gilbert 63, 385 Will, Marnelle 348 Winter, Malcolm 63, 270 Willard, Peggy 335 Winther, Joan 63, 336 Wintz, Edward 270 Wintz, Robert 271 Wirth, Bill 185 Wisenhunt, John 63, 237 Wishart, Diane 63, 330 Wisner, John 289 Witherspoon, John 195 Wittlinger, Sara 373 Woebcke, Charlotte 63, 374 Wolfe, Andy 166, 173 Wolfe, Shel 81, 275 Wolff, Sonia 355 Wolfinger, Capt. C. E. 139 Wolf man, George 190, 192 Wolfsohn, Gail 147 Wolfson, Dick 265 Wolkow, Gwen 311 Wollenberg, Harold 300 Wollter, Terry 293 Wonder, Margo 63 Wong, Andy 100 Wong, Bill 148, 174, 386 Wong, Bong 63 Wong, Chung 63 Wong, Constance 63 Wong, Ed 396 Wong, Eugene 63 Wong, Hank 83, 92, 99 Wong, Larry 401 Wong, Leona 63 Wong, Lovelle 371 Wong, Ming 63 Wong, Victoria 63 Woo, Yeck 63 Wood, Carolyn 319 Wood, David 188 Wood, David ..149, 204, 205, 216 Wood, David H. 63, 357 Wood, Thomas 246 Woodford, Bob 131, 358 Woodruff, Nancy 95, 333 Woods, Bob 64, 213, 296 Woods, Donald 297 Woods, Pat 63, 330 Woods, Philip 63, 386, 413 Woods, Ron 201, 418 Woodson, Millard 413 Woodson, Pete 64 Woodward, Barbara 98 Woodward, Beverly 136, 334, 386 Woodward, Cliff 289 Woodward, Dick 229 Woodward, Lee 378 Woodworth, Art 91, 102, 290, 385 Woolf, Robert 232 Woolfson, Robert 263 Woollomes, Loraine 321 Woollomes, Paul 64, 240 Woolms, Jim 387 Woolsey, Judy 109, 343 Worley, William 64, 377 Worrell, Bob 64, 152, 208, 237, 415 Worth, Bill 190 Worthen, Marlene 372 Worthington, William 259 Wraith, Charles 258 Wray, Pat 69, 313 Wright, Ann 333 Wright, Cliff 152, 208, 277, 418 Wright, Dione 340 Wright, George 64, 237, 420 Wright, Janet 330 Wright, Janis 315 Wright, Lillian 64 Wright, Pam 339 Wright, Tom 248 Wu, Dao-Tsing 64, 413 Wu, Tao-Yuan 148, 215 Wuesterfeld, Barbara 362 Wulzen, Diane 93, 315 Wurster, Dean William 13 Wuthrich, Wilma 365, 401 Wyckoff, Bob 64, 234 Wyland, Al 271 Wyllie, George 64, 241 Yackey, Alice 64, 380 Yager, Betty Ann 347 Yamada, Joe 64 Yamamoto, Sachio 230 Yamamoto, Tamaye 64 Yamane, Katsumi 64 Yamashita, Satos hi 64 Yamauchi, Osamu 64 Yarris, Joseph 64 Yasuda, Jim 64 Yates, Audrey 369 Yates, Ben 267 Ybarra, Eugene 64 Yeaman, Max 64 Yee, Doris 64, 350 Yee, Frances 417 Yee, Frank 64, 94, 96, 386 Yee, Gladys 64, 350 Yee, Paul 64, 413 Yelland, Gwen 89, 335 Yeung, Walter 64 Yoell, Shelia 317 York, Philip 64 Yoshii, Kazuo 64 Yoshii, Michio 64, 377 Yost, Don 301 Youmans, Ray 91 Younce, Miriam 132, 369 Young, Barbara 410, 421 Young, Bedford 64, 264 Young, Bill 253 Young, Claire 381 Young, Diane 64, 330 Young, Edra 329 Young, Gerald 64, 242 Young, Jeanette 64 Young, Marjorie 64 Young, Martin 294 Young, Ray 95, 293, 398 Young, Robert R. 64, 291 Young, Vin 210 Young, Violet 64, 403 Youngdahl, Fred 299 Younians, Ray 385 Yuan, Jean 365 Yun, Alice 64, 380 Yurbursky, Amnon 396 Z Zachmann, Helen ....110, 331, 407 Zaerr, Joe 64, 216, 357 Zanussi, Robert 379, 407 Zarchin, Deborah 327 Zarley, Dot 84, 304, 334 Zech, June 341 Zediker, Phillip 64, 357 Zee, Dick 394 Zeff, Harris 64, 377 Zeman, Sarah 64 Zenco, John 390 Zeoli, Inez 322 Zeoli, Irene 65, 307 Zeoli, Nancy 65 Zerwich, Marianne 98, 323 Zeimmerman, Joan 130, 313 Zirker, Malvin 65, 228 Zivnuska, John 396 Zol I inger, Judy 315 Zonlight, Martin 91, 385 Zug, Douglas ... 65, 242, 399, 403 Zukerman, Sondra 65, 355 Zumstein, Henry 163, 289 Zumwalt, Sara 317, 384, 406 Zumwalt, Scott 126 Zuniga, Roger 386 435 • • -the time --Porthatig you " conies Arouhl, do editor has a chaitce sit hack -thick of -Th.e any woodev-01,1 people who have Contributed so much, • . 5ta-P—TeoetiAlison, clitd ail, vithocti. wiloVn in couldn ' t have A,one.. • • -40ift 0-P-Cice. --the better hal-P c-P publicatichs-Wall, clod esrecoliy Et. -1, • • •Irie av-65-es frlavi amcl rdh k Kahe -Mt) ,o cleverly clip-to ea vaq ' ve octow c-P the eclitor tech vi ---€312:7) " Kerr, and every bi7e dt Kativ,Ei 1 , crew at Cal Artatd Fog--1A4v417; 0-V S.3(. 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