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it has seen all phases of life—from the lecture to the exercises, from the Greek tragedy to the Big Game Rally, from Spring Sing to the Day because it celebrates fiftieth anniversary this the Greek Theatre plays to the 1953 Blue and as the events of year pass in review. C 40,1 4.5 19),3 VOLUME EIGHTY Copyright 1953 by the Associated Students of the University of California EDITOR ELOUISE PHELPS MANAGER ELEANOR BAKOSH ASSOCIATE EDITORS MARILYN JONES MARY ALLENDER JANE BARTLETT SHEILA DARLING ASSOCIATE MANAGERS JANET MILLARD JAMES ALLISON • 495-3 • 111%,4e AI-1 PUBLISHED BY The Associated Students of the University of California at Berkeley On March 23, 1953, the first Chancellor of the Berkeley Campus was inaugurated. Into this position stepped a man who was chosen not only for his academic achievement and superior adminis- trative ability, but also for those innate personal qualities effective in the understanding of interpersonal and intergroup relationships. To Clark Kerr we sincerely dedicate this eightieth edition of the BLUE AND GOLD. i” $41e11-14,11-ii:NWI faculty ALEXANDER BOODBERG EDWIN R. PARKER HAROLD R. GUTLBERT LLOYD H. FISHER ALAN. R. THOMPSON .TAMES NUCKOLLS students SEYMOUR ROSENBLOOM OSCAR A. COOK PAUL K. TAKASHITA KOICHI ONICHI RONALD FISCHER D , edication oi the Gveelc. i ' llea.tef, Septembe 24, 1903 " S, ohl otillea. viettlrekAtte awvhitheater is a Yet-. gootl thittg loot: Mott ' , atta atl. e..seellent target for xonvists ' canteras; bitt AO ltaYe a real. ' lolly- Greel: tAteater, ancient .111 arcliitecture Iola beattty, ‘1N II tie i 011e i•S awl Aesirallilit.. a stotie ' s tltross Cron one ' s tlaily SCCOS a great (Ica better. 4,74.) whet) on Sept e I ' ll bet- twetity-intIrtb, otty heatttiClil COVIS ' :111 aphi.. theater, hfh.:.rht with the gla‘lloor oi lire noes hovecing 4..) " t ' C its western birtb, c as to be actlicateil, stnall " " ' ail that eyi.,r... seat .s oeciipiol lokl boltlre..1s: Sailing to obtain acltnisslon. tame regretitille ' C. ca._ ag.) a stiuletat, wane,ering ailnlessly (1., Yn ate hill.tae, pansea to ool■ at a pretty. grass-grown bollo.‘ ' . nestling cosily arnong tlie tall pines ' awl encalypti. Struck; h. it,:, pecitliar rointaing slope, be ..ea.. ' Ole possibilities , fi a natural ;inipliitlleater. Ate reporteA tlic liscovevy ' his irienas„ Oro, tbongli tile.. soileA at hi a v " Y• aVVIallaol tht: `;it " A ' )111 11. " I ' ' ' ' :IgAlk• 3. " (‘ AlIbbca tbe 1. °Ile " . ee,I4S . %npllitlleater- in 1),ntor Oi. ' Ole. " also ag tut reseitt tile Class l)ay c7,:ercises there. lite told,, trite iortus oi Ala ' were ahoii.,:hot„ awl these Asat; CouncleA a new wick ever- to-be-cherislica trailition.—t1te g ' ivhag 04 It Nay or 0travagallia 1).. 1 " MaY °49.3, the ' At. ' l)cs ' )1 .. " c " ' coVr " - " IlAl‘tilcatec- re gay .yitli bri•ght ,Art:•se!.. att(1. bappy faces. ankl a sli ' ort c.s.tra ' Cagala7.3 Ole- ' :• ' ettioi... as a Class 0-ay esercise. (lestilleil to he the vrokecessor oi coolness rather` ' s. xv•As preset-U; l ' bits i(n- Cis st t Vote v.:as " ' I ' , ell ' Ct4 S ovIiittic•o.ter ' 1.akcr, a " (A ' Ic " ' " Ial ' . ``.‘tb. a (111.16 eYc int. " ccas, a c " .0 ' ' ' ' " . l " )s.:%1).11.ttic. a gc " er()I ' s heart ccaAY Wala, wilkslwrc,‘ " oi a ntiglnier sitccessor. )11 Oi Ole .v,■11,1cott. possibilities (4. " 1 c‘t .eekl ' s . 1111)b‘tbeater. 1c. ' 101 qtlic.14.. resvolise, callediortb fire genii oi inone:. arta 1 „nibc greert slopes oi the bill appearekl the:-...spirit (It Greciall 1.):t. hr _0.7 snOtiki .4pett Cricf f _stucco;itexsrt efi. tr: 11,4 it. rstty, and d a:tiPafis°111;j_aelaidpn: Tess Wa h l atrnos,1 Of the - s adc, hen ( " If a (fie clad (1,1so ts 1:re1;:tc...n gorohar coile th ' Ifildo p i ext. ,,peak_ tioic Wel recei shout lip A .111vc th„t " iglier G4len II " 4404n tale ,:nmed an " : tea: fos ,r,f75 1-12; i ts , restin c ,(, ron °s e t ' n, the 31 et rN 4 ' an (111,rlizsineeit sitee.:ft: L.1 C: t-telve- :le;etalsell::111(fcri ' dedic Greek co aPrizeispernisteedd bh e tunJelniiti,s co- 1:4ripialt;1,;; ' 1 ( 71te! ? )Sc. ) e ilber I • °f the s ' T skies the 7.beater thger`111 " (1 sha by .130 hR heQte. I- tvi • • t ° the tion ..Le h e ettireet irds all -twelfth as84:1 ' an ' stati°ef j:Unit ' e-rsii;vizedre ' " r ' istened .4teek to t wteheole: -7 7 i 0 ' tench Pia y the er third: () " (-)ctob " Icatio the to3le of co”tevits THE UNIVERSITY 8 THE CLASSES 22 STUDENT LIFE 80 asuc administration 82 activities 93 publications 111 drama 127 music debate 133 rotc 143 ATHLETICS 148 ORGANIZATIONS 228 fraternities 230 sororities 306 women ' s residences 354 men ' s residences 377 clubs societies 386 president ' s message The University of California is a unique type of educational institution in that it offers instruction and conducts research on eight, strategically located puses in the State: Berkeley, Los Angeles, Davis, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Riverside, Mt. Hamilton, and La Jolla. Members of the Class of 1953 on the Berkeley Campus share, therefore, with several thousand other young people, the honor of being listed on the roll of graduates of the University of California in this third decade of the twentieth century. Moreover, remembering the well-documented maxim " in union there is strength, " we may say that alumni of all campuses share a position of influence in human affairs which separately they could not hope to achieve. There is no significance to this, however, unless we ask ourselves, " Influence for what? " and through our individual lives and the services that we render, make it clear to the world that ours is an influence for good, in all the affairs of mankind. L-- BOARD OF REGENTS, clockwise: Edwin Pauley, Edward Heller, Roy Simpson, Jesse Steinhart, Judge Hansen, Olaf Lindberg, Earl Fenston, Marjorie Woolman, George Mallory, Edward Dickson, President Sproul, Chancellor Kerr, Paul Dodd, Admiral Nimitz, Gerald Hagar, Donald McLaughlin, John Calkins, Warren Crowell, John Symes, Fred Jordan, Edward Carter. the governor The selection of the 50th anniversary of Greek Theatre as the theme for this Year ' s BLUE AND GOLD has awakened in my mind many pleasant Events which took place in this great theatre meant much to me in my undergraduate and I am sure the same is true of the members each student generation since its construction. As prepare for the careers on which you will embark, I know you can draw upon the background this traditional meeting place for new in meeting the problems of the world. - • L ' DOME U administration Problems? Students are always welcome at the University Administration offices, where difficulties of all sorts can be straightened out by these friendly counsellors. This year, Chancellor Clark Kerr duced a welcome innovation with his schedule of open office hours when students could come in and chat without the need of an appointment. In addition, the various CLARK KERR Chancel lor HURFORD STONE Dean of Students HARRY WELLMAN Vice•President, Agricultural Sciences MISS ALICE HOYT Associate Dean of Women t•—• [Lilt 12 deans willingly gave their time and assistance to whomever desired it. The prevailing atmosphere behind the doors of 201 Administration Building was one of warmth and friendliness, and students never hesitated to enter. Everything from academic questions to the setting up of Cal Circus was settled by these tireless officers in the true California spirit. CLINTON CONRAD CHAFFEE HALL Assistant Dean Assistant Dean MRS. CATHERINE QUIRE Assistant Dean of Women ALEXANDER LEVIN Assistant Dean 13 alumni association SEATED, left to right: Greta Johansen, Viola Birchland, Stan McCaffrey, Jea.cNe1.11, Pamela Persons. STANDING: 1 1111(e KoI, Verne tadtman, Laura Merin, Berntce Irwin, Dan att, Anne McKenzie, John Tetley, Helen Watt, Cliff Dochterrnan. The California Alumni Association offers an opportunity to loyal Californians who want to do their part in making our University greater. It is dedicated to the purposes of service to the Alma Mater and promoting the welfare of alumni. MRS. ROBERT Go: REQUEST THE PLEASURE OF YO A COMPANY FOR MEMBERS OF THE UNDERGRADUATE STUI WEDNESDAY, THE FIRST 0 H ARMED ST -EN HUSBAND OR WIFE " RA INVITATION A DEAN OF BR.ING SE AN ION ASURE president ' s reception Highlighting the Fall social season was the President ' s Reception, during which the University extended a gracious come to its newest members. The Sprouls, the Kerrs, and campus " big wheels " were on hand to greet the newcomers and join in the festivities. ChancellorKerr and his wife look on as welcome new students. ' ILL PLEASE SECUPF charter clay Amidst broiling sunshine which left sweater-clad students gasping for air, the University ' s 85th Charter Day celebration began. The colorful procession of academic personnel wound its way from the base of the Campanile to the awaiting crowds in the Greek Theatre. A unique aspect of the ceremony this year was the inauguration of Chancellor Clark Kerr, whose stirring address affirmed his faith in man ' s right to find the truth. Rabbi Alvin I. Fine delivered the invocation and benediction, and President Robert Gordon Sproul gave the opening address. Chancellor CLARK KERR begins address amidst great ovation. President SPROUL congratulates SIDNEY EHRMAN upon receiving his honorary LLD degree. The " Class of ' 84 " leads alumni in the Charter Day procession. I! Project India speakers, left to right: Don Krackee, Joan Meyerseick, Chancellor Clark Kerr, David Lund, Marty Rosen. Glee Club, Orchestra and audience join in the festivities at the Christmas Meeting. Dwinelle Hall is officially opened in the first meeting of the year. university meeting This year the series of University meetings ranged in topic from the dedication of Dwinelle Hall to the remarks of the Senior speakers. Students who attended the Christmas meeting in the Men ' s Gym were rewarded with music in keeping with the time. Project India was the subject for the third meeting, where the cultural interchange India and the United States was emphasized. r big game week Evidences of a most successful Big Game Week are seen as the Gamma Phi Beta-Phi Kappa Tau sweepstakes-winning float heads for the judges stand ; as Bob McKeen and Bill Powell arrest an offender in the Kangaroo Court; as the music of Rusty Draper at the jazz concert enraptures everyone including Egon; as Sweetheart Janet Grout and her court of lovelies add pulchritude to the week; as Pappy and Bill Mais act as team spokesmen at the Big Game Rally; as the music of Charlie Stern fills the Men ' s Gym at the Friday night dance; as the Big Game Week Committee, headed by Ron Ostrow, arranges last-minute details; as Oski captures the heart of Big Game Sweetheart Janet Grout; and as the Big Game Week play " I Wish I Might " pleases its Wheeler Auditorium audience. 19 -AJoyudocreq stuu mtapotn-uxqn 041 pre IIuH affattlma Jo uopeo!pap mus suuid ualsmedxa iCappaa aqt put? ‘smituva Ciullypnq Adopao-Ailspnatip tomps Me trawalk Mau e pappu seal -s uppnq aattaps pup atp ' sdtupunq Mau awl uo tp.toj „dulod st uo9anxisuoa alOpi sndutea matt sit uo e:tuqa:ua clues .toj amp ut st amunj luaatpudBut u viou Jalpinj -cam (dutpunoims puu uas atp to atp saki maauoa AtideBotteaao To anu!isuj sdduas -kumiapun pam si sndutua apIsioApj atp .toj dinpung apqm ‘salptus s1t panupuoa 1101Ht dot ' ,CialvAiasqo Isar ' ittaptus u put felpisoq !dup.-Real saptqatu qaptm ‘tuudoid duipunq 111aL1110 to pnoad isout oastaurii ues ui JOPIOD 113aIpaIN •sndurea st aauaps put siallari Jo aiallop e Apuaaat sett parepi put; anuptaInie to tip-us alp iatpinj o1 patisuquisa ‘sIAra lsaanq sypam„ atp somasJno Ilea al itidu atp sn dtuAd ' tam pue uopeindod ut past:a:caul OAMI sasndureo alp ' mg ' pAteTua Jaquum sm. ' ,quo loN o1 atm tuoij umod suit Artful sndurea zno ‘Japelp sit paiuud RPM. epuomer) JO atp tiatiM ‘-:z qatew gouts ,�.,. �,,; Berkeley campus was host to dents of the eight campuses as the fifth All-University week end got under way with a gathering presided over by President Sproul. Amid speeches, yells, limericks and songs, the spirit of oneness vailed. Exuberance met again around the traditional bonfire and at the gridiron battles the following day. A day night dance climaxed the week end. Loyal Californians from all over the state joined in the singing of " All Hail. " All-U buttons helped students identify each other. The number one student body card from each of the five campuses was presented to President Sproul by the student body presidents. california club To promote the spirit of the University is the fundamental purpose of California Club, which has a on five of the eight campuses. This year the Berkeley under the chairmanship of Newman and the advisorship of Gail played host to the All-U Weekend, the Davis campus was the site the annual convention. Ballard Bell Byl Coombs Donnelly Dugan Elkus Gutierrez Harris Hart Hawley Holler (Carpe Kinkead Manzano Merner Montgomery Morrish Newman Ostrow Phelps J. Ricksen R. Ricksen Ross Vetterlein Vol berg The Berkeley Chapter thrived under the capable leadership of CHUCK NEWMAN. 23 Hard-working DAVE GRANT did much to boost the Senior Class into the limelight during his term of office. MARILYN SCHADE added the position of Vice-President to her many services to the Class of ' 53. BETSY STEWART, better known as " Bets, " wielded the pen as class Secretary. Fun-loving JIM " SANTA CLAUS " MULDOON kept up the class spirit. " The sky ' s the limit " was the motto of the Class as they planned for their last year on campus. start the Fall semester they helped in the of the all-class Children ' s Party. An Big Game float consisted of two tandem bikes. to some, the Class of ' 53 actually business at those night meetings at the Pasto Pot. for their class sing, Bear ' s Carousel and the gift were made there. To express their feelings the disappearance of Cal traditions, the class the Big " C " red, an act which led to the of a Traditions Committee to revive forgotten customs. The Spring semester found the seniors planning a class sing, and completing plan s install bricks around the Senior Men ' s Bench. Of the activities of Senior Week will never be by the class. Under the guidance of Dick Parker the week ' s events included a Bacca laureate Ceremony, a beach party, banquet, barbecue and ended Pilgrimage, Senior Ball and unforgettable commencement. JAN THORNBERRY and OLLIE WHITE, co-chairmen of Senior Gift Committee, over tentative plans for an players ' bench. Senior women cavort with OSKI at one of the class ' s many successful Sings. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Muldoon, Betsy Stewart, Dave Grant, Marilyn Schade. SECOND ROW: Sheila Darling, Wesley Chalmers, Dick Righter, Ed Gregorich, Lloyd 011ie White, Scott Simon, Dick Cam:ron, Bob Ralph Hutchinson. THIRD ROW: Elouise Phelps, Margaret Lamphier, Agnes Liakos, Donna Giddings, Courine Weitt, Dick Wasley, Norman Mineta, Barbara Tindall, Jcan Doering, Margie Bullard, Andrea Hays, Sandy Veano, Aileen Toner, Carolyn Jonck. FOURTH ROW: Jane Bartlett, Marguerite Moak, Jchi Robbie Howell, Bev Jones, Ellie van der Zee, Elizabeth Ranck, Phyliss Joan Nichols, Nancy Elward. FIFTH ROW: Robert Almanzo, Gail Wetzork, Barbara Lapp, Virginia Zachery, Beverly Bryant, Edena Carlson, James Smith, Hal Hungerford, Dave Gains- felder, Bob Witbeck. BACK ROW: Don West, Wendell Broderick, Jack Caldwell, Dan Parch, Loraine McKinley, Dianne Trehearne. ABBOTT, ROBERT P. Oakland Mathematics Ad,A. Following service in the U.S. Navy and Merchant Marine, ALVA R. DAVIS attended Pomona College where he supplemented his scholastic achievements with an enviable performance as tackle on the football team. Today Dean Davis is a member of Ex Committee and the Council of Instruction of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities. ABBOTT, WALTER F. Dos Palos Economics Birch Co-Op; Cal Band; Crew Mgr.; Wesley Foundation. ABRAMSON, ABRUSCI, ADAMS, CORINNE S. RITA DIANA ALBERT S. San Francisco Oakland Garden City Social Welfare Decorative Art. Economics A PE; Pelican; Smythe Association; Homecoming; Ski Collegians; Club; Talent Show. minton Club. AL-SHAMMA, ALTONN, ABDUL-RAllAK ELVA HILDUR Iraq Oakland ALMON, SUSAN San Marino Psychology AT; Rally Corn. Medical Science MEE; TBK; I House. Internee ' ReKns Treble Clef. ALVERNAZ, VARNEY J. Lemoore Political Science Bowles Hall; Ad.E. AMERSON, ELAINE R. Clear Lake General Curriculum EE ; Daily Cal; Ushering; Pelican. ANDERSON, JUDITH A. Arcadia History Epworth; Pryt.; YWCA; WSSF; WDA; Sr. Council. ANDERSON, LEONA Oakdale History. ANDERSON, MARY V. Bakersfield General Curriculum Epworth; HHS; WAC; EE H. ARNOLD, ATCHLEY, AVALOS, SALLY W. CINDY D. JACK SILVA San Mateo Tennessee Rodeo General Curriculum Speech Mathematics. KKI ' ; Red Cross. ZTA; Senior Secretary; Treble Clef; UC Chorus; Horton. BARGER, BANKS, VIRGINIA L. NORMA LEA Orange Fillmore Mathematics General Curriculum. Lantana Lodge. BECKMAN, ROSE San Francisco Social Welfare ADD. BELL, ANN JANE Petaluma Speech KA; Rep-at-Large; Junior-Senior Councils. 28 letters and science RON OSTROW, despite the loss of his best friend, Dover, carried on and was active as Soph Yell Leader, Junior Class President, President of C.O.C., President of IFC Executi ve Committee, l ' AX, Gavel and Quill, Golden Bear, Cal Club, and Chairman of Big Game Week. There is no evidence of Dover ' s origin, but Ron comes from S.F. and his friends at the ZBT house are looking forward to his being a journalism professor on the Berkeley campus. ANDERSON, PATRICIA A. Chowchilla ABA; Women ' s Ex. Bd.; Soc. Chr.; WAA Council; YWCA, TAWS. AUCHARD, LLOYD D. Newark General Curriculum Scabbard B lade; Rifle Team; Circle C; Calvin Club. BARR, ALISON Berkeley Recreation Sailing Club; YWCA; Life Guard Corps; Recreation Club. BELLOUMINI, RAPHAEL R. Arcata Zoology. ANDERSEN, WILLIS V., JR. Berkeley KE; Triune; Crew; Big C; Varsity Rowing Club; Winged Helmet. AYNAZ, SEN Turkey Archeology. BARRIE, ALLAN A. Berkeley General Curriculum Be H; Triune; Winged Helmet; Soccer. BENIOFF, DAGMAR ANNE Pasadena Psychology Stern Hall; AHr; Honor Students; Modern Dance. . .,-.•-•,,, ,.-- ' -77 ' ' ' ' ' " ) , ' - ' ' ' ' W7.;..77-7772: " ;,:,_„1_,,,,,„„T ris... t‘...,1 1, H j.i 1 1 1 i ' 1f ? i t t 1 ! i 1 i _I, -721, BANISTER, MARLENE E. Pittsburg Decorative Art X52; Class Councils; Ski Club Secretary. BEAVERS, NADINE Alameda General Curriculum Blue and Gold; University Chorus. Physical Education General Curriculum AMSI OLD, AUDREY Piedmont General Curriculum AO TI; Ski Club. ALLENDER, MARY Pleasanton The Californian; Pryt.; T S; Copy Ed. Blue and Gold; 0 0. ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE Corte Madera Physical Education Women ' s C Society; WAA. ALLSMAN, JOAN M. Bakersfield General Curriculum Epworth Hall. ANDERSON, EDWIN L. Oakland Dramatic Art OE; Thalian; Univ. Theater; Scabbard Blade, FSB. ALLDREDGE, LAVONNE A. Napa Child Development Speech Ritter Hall. AOKI, YASUHIKO Madera Psychology. Psychology A10; Chairman of Oski Committee; Rally Council. ADAMS, ADMONI, JOHN BERRY . NINA W. New Jersey New York Communication Political Science. Honor Students. AMERSON, AMES, MAVIS IRENE WALTER JR. Clear Lake Tarzana English General Curriculum OES., N. ANDREWS, ANDREWS, JOSEPH E. VIRGINIA L. Oakland Santa Ana General Curriculum. General Curriculum XQ; T S; Jr. Class Sec.; Women ' s C; Sec. COC. ALEXANDER, MARY S. Berkeley Decorative Art KA. AM IN I, FARIBORA Iran Math Chemistry AX ; Honor dents; TIME. ANGWIN, JOYCE Piedmont General Curriculum HBO; Pelican. ALMANZO, ROBERT M. Lompoc Education Bowles Hall; Smythe Assn.; Newman Club; CSTA; Sr. Council. ANDERSON, ELIZABETH San Francisco Ind. Psychology E4■1. AREY, ROBERT A. Berke ley History English. KI; Skull Keys; Triune; Winged Helmet. II, s i... ' .• ---...----,---- t,,,I-Fr.----:,----------- " ' . .,... „-- T.A.-------------...-7r;Te ' -.--i N61.D2-`- ' ,=..1;L- ------- ' -7 ' ' {` ' -i:,;. ----( ' ' ' .. " - • " ' ' " ' i ' , ,-, ' 1 • ' i 1 i H n i i I I f ' -I f I , 1I I i i 1 ,.._-.---------..1 APPLEGATE, ARCHIBALD, WILLIAM V. NORMAN E. Walnut Creek Long Beach AllOLINO, JOSEPH J. San Francisco Political Science Upper Div. Honor Students Soc.; Cal-Muters. BACH, AUDREY L. Oakland Physical Education Utrimque. BAILEY, A JAMES A. Berkeley Communication and Public Policy. BAKER, DONALD D. Berkeley Medicine DX; Tower Flame; Honor Students; Men ' s Counseling. BAKER, JANET A. Oakland Psychology KA; Jr. Class Council; Hammer Dimmer. BALLARD, NANCY Berkeley Art AAA; Mortar Board; Women ' s Rep.; Pryt.; Cal Club. BALOT, CONCETTA R. Stockton General Curriculum Ridgmont. BARTLETT, BARTON, NETTIE JANE MARIANNE G. San Mateo S. San Francisco Indust. Relations General Curriculum. Xf2; TI AE; ODD; Blue and Gold Sr. Editor; Panile; Elec. Council. BASSETT, BAUER, HOWARD M. MARIE Berkeley Berkeley Vertebrate History Paleontology Masonic Club. Abracadabra; ,14; OT; S B. BEALL, ALBERTA San Jose Psychology AT; Pelican; Homecoming Committee. MARILYNN SCHADE, energetic and fun-loving Senior Vice-President, spends her time away from the AT ' A house counciling at a girls ' camp. Besides preparing for the teaching profession, Schadey kept busy this semester by being active in Pryt, Gavel and Quill, Secretary of Class Officers Council and " Y " Cabinet. She is looking forward to a trip to Europe this summer. BAXTER, BEAL, MARY J. ROBERT C. San Rafael Los Angeles Art Physical Education °DM; Blue Big C; Track; and Gold. Football. BENTON, JOHN W. San Pedro Geology AX. BERG, MILDRED A. San Francisco Child Development Elizabeth Barrett; Masonic Club. BERGER, MOISE E. Arizona Political Science Tower Flame; Scabbard Blade; Honor Student; A DE. BENSON, BENSON, BEVERLY A. CHARLES N. Lancaster Berkeley General Curriculum General Curriculum Ridgmont; Univ, Cal Band. Students ' Co-op. Association. BENZ, BERESFORD, WILLIAIVI R. JO ANN South Dakota Mineral Political Science Social Welfare OAX; Fr., Soph., XK; Fr. Mgr. D.C.; Jr. Council; Campus Sr. Council, YWCA. Chest Crusade. 29 BILLINGER, BARBARA L. Oxnard Political Science KAH. BIGLEY, JAMES F. Palm General Curriculum CHRISTIAN, CHRISTMAN, CHRISTY, CAROLYN M. DIANE D. JENS J. Alameda Oakland San Mateo Decorative Art Art Pre-Law Pelican; YWCA; Utrimque; AE; Ski WSSF; Senior Club; Orchestra. Council. KA; Triune; Crew; Winged Helmet. General Curriculum Elizabeth Barrett; Jr. Class Council; Homecoming Comm. BROCI , BRODERICK, ELBERT M. JOAN I. Alameda San Francisco Wildlife Conser ' tion Sec-Treas. Wildlife Club. CARLA MERNER, always smiling and energetic Rep-at-Large, was also busy as ACB Sub. Chairman, and member of Pryt, Mortar Board, Gavel and Quill, Torch and Shield, Cal Club, AO II and her favorite, Bureau. Carla is not only an Art major in preparation for a career in the field of Advertising, but it is her hobby as well. After graduation she plans further art study at Pratt Institute. Her real claim to fame is the great guy she ' s pinned to. BERGLUND, IVIARJORIE Alamo Psychology AO II; YWCA; Tower Flame. BLITZ, GEORGE Albany Georgraphy. BRIGGS, ANNA A. Berkeley English. BURNS, BUOL J. San Mateo AU; Pelican; Intramural. CARR, JOAN E. San Francisco English AO H; Panne; WAC; Big Game Handbook; Blue and Gold Sports Ed. ' 52. CHEN, ROSALYN C. China Economics. BETKA, RAYMOND G. Burl ingame General Curriculum Symphony Forum ' Ski Club. BLISS, RICHARD A. Oakland History AAIE; Glee Club. BRINK, MARSHALL W. Trona Zoology Water Polo; Swimming Mgr. BUSH, ANNA-MARY Santa Rosa Oldenberg; Honor Students; WAC; UC Orchestra. CARTER, CORNELIA D. Davis Social Welfare Oldenberg Hall. CHINN, GERALDING Monterey Political Science Ritter Hall, ASPA, WDA; CSC; E011. BIANCHI, HENRY J. Visalia English Honor Students Society. BOHLKE, RUSSELL A. Carmel Social Welfare 2 ' I; Rep-at-Large; V. Pres. Big C; Pres. Athletic Council. BRISEBOIS, VALERIE J. Santa Rosa Social Welfare Ritter Hall. BYL, KAREN KAY Pasadena Internat ' l ReIns Pryt.; Cal Club; Mortar Bd.; Daily Cal Mng. Ed.; ' FBK. CARTER, SHIRLEY L. El Cerrito Physical Education Oldenberg; Elect. Council; WAC; WAA; PE Majors Club. CHRISTENSEN, DOROTHY Berkeley Art Utrimque, AE; Cal-Muters, Ushering; Social Plan. Com. BIGELOW, BARBARA A. Burl ingame Geography AO II; Treble Clef; Honor Students Society; Symphony Forum. BOLD, JOAN F. Oakland General Curriculum. CALLAGHAN, EILEEN C. San Mateo General Curriculum The Californian; Jr. Editor Blue and Gold. CASH, PHYLLIS J. Berkeley General Curriculum Epworth Hall; Hiking Club. CASTRO, BARBARA J. Seaside Social Welfare Sherman Hall; WAA; Newman Club; ASSW. ,I,KT; Rally Com; ACB; Gavel and Quill; Elec. Council. CASTRO, RAMON Tehachapi Political Science Scabbard Blade; Honor Students. BIRCH ELL, DIANE Oakland Speech Speech Arts. BOX, JUDITH H. Oakland Child Development Blue and Gold; Daily Cal; Pani le; Frosh Council. CAMERON, RICHARD L. Burlingame OE; Jr. Sr. Councils; Ramblers; Sen. Peace Com. CERNEY, FRITZ Larkspur Economics Winged Helmet. CHUNG, ROGER A. Vista General Curriculum Masonic Club. General Curriculum Astronomy CALLAWAY, CALLISON, BEATRICE J. HAROLD R. Red Bluff San General Curriculum Epworth Hall; YWCA; Wesley Foundation; 1:12,E II . Political Science General Curriculum BOLGER, BOWMAN, FRANCES MARILYN S. Fresno Bellflower General Curriculum Political Science ,I,M; Rally Comm; Mitchell Hall; Class Councils; WAA; T F; (DE . Utrimque; Social Bears. BROWN, BROWN, BARBARA L. GRACENE D. San Francisco San Francisco Journal ism General Curriculum. AAA; (4..I ' ; Daily Cal; Newman Club; WAA. Ari in BIRKHOLM, BISHOP, BISPO, BISSON, BLAKE, KAREN JAMES PATRICIA M. BETTY MAE JEAN VINCENT A. Alameda Berkeley Hughson Berkeley San Francisco General Curriculum Internat ' l Relations Music English Pre-Med AO; Ace Clubs; Fr., XC1. Ritter Hall. MI); Treble Clef; ICE; Elec. Council; Soph Councils; Red YWCA Cabinet. Sr. Council; Tower Cross; Intramural. Flame; Honor Students. BOYD, BOYLE, BRABY, BRANDLIN, MARILYN A. VIRGINIA M. BARTHA JOHN E., JR. Oakland Burl ingame Berkeley Clear Lake Decorative Art Speech General Curriculum Political Science. EK; Fr. Council; AA H; Speaker ' s AAE. Pelican. Bureau; WSSF; FSB; Secretariat; Pelican. BROWNING, BRUBAKER, BRUZZONE, BRYANT, DONALD LEE NANCY J. LORRAINE BEVERLY J. Lakeport Orange San Mateo Fresno Medical Science General Curriculum Journalism. Child Development SHE. AAA. AZ; Pelican; Class Councils. CAPPELLOTTI, CARDWELL, CARLISLE, CARLSON, CARLSON, MICHAEL C. THOMAS L. NANCY H. EDENA JOANNE M. San Leandro Petaluma San Mateo Santa Ana Oakland General Curriculum. Social Welfare Child Development General Curriculum Decorative Art Honor Students; EX; Fr., Soph AZ; Gavel Quill; Daily Cal ifornian. Pres. USSW; YWCA; Calvin Women ' s J; Mortar Calvin Club. Club; Treble Clef Bd.; Jr. VP, Pryt.; Junior Manager. 11 A. CHALMERS, CHAMPLIN, CHAN, CHAN, CHANN, WESLEY H. CLARENCE, JR. CARLENE S. MARIE HENRY Stockton Citrus Heights Oakland Santa Ana Oakland Psychology American Civ. Zoology General Curriculum History. ATEI; Soph Senate; Glee Club. Honor Students; E011. Senior Council. Tower Flame; EO II; Students Advisory Bureau. BOYARSI Y, RUTH ELLEN Oregon Labor Ind. Rel ' ns BROWN, SHIRLEY ANN Sacramento General Curriculum OT; Yacht Club; UC Folk Dancing. BRENNAN, BARRY T. San Francisco Political Science OEK; Junior Council. BULLARD, MARGIE E. Taft Ed. Psychology AA II; Class Councils; WAA. BRIDGES, EVELYN C. Richmond English NAACP. BULTZ, BARBARA. J. Berkeley Spanish AMT; Education Club. CARLSTON, CARMONA, DORIS W. CHARLES C. Santa Monica Los Angeles Psychology. Spanish Rugby Club. CHAVERS, CHEN, JANICE CECIL Santa Monica Malaya Child Development. Economics. BLAKEMORE, CAROL L. Berkeley Spanish Treble Clef; Social Planning Com.; Col- lege Women ' s Jrs. BLANSHEI, JACK San Francisco Slavic Languages MAX GUTIERREZ discovered the secret of controlling the Cal rooting section. A pre-med student with surgical aspi- rations, he attended meetings of IFC Scholastic Honor Society, Circle C, Winged Helmet, and Cal Club. ' 52 saw him search for " the girl of his dreams " as he headed the Sigma Chi Sweetheart Contest, and spent leisure moments on the boxing team and in intramural. CHURCH, SALLY M. Sal inas History H CLARK, CLARK, COLLIN DONALD J. Oakland Long Beach English Geography Tower Flame; Cloyne Court. Pelican Editor. CLARK, CLARKE, CLAUSEN, CLINKENBEARD, WAYNE ALBA WILLIAM B. DONALD D. DAN IRVING Oakland New Mexico Hollister Oakland Economics Decorative Art General Curriculum Political Science AX. Bowles Hall; Jr., Sr. Councils; Del Rey; MAC. ATA. Scabbard Blade. 31 COHEN, MARVIN E. Piermont Political Science ZBT. COFFIN, LAWRENCE J. Berkeley Journal ism AT52; Daily Cal; Rally Committee. CLIPPER, ALBERT A. Pasadena Psychology AAA; Track. COMPTON, LOU ANN Sacrameto General Curriculum KKr. DAVIDSON, RUTH MAE San Diego History. DEWITT, JAMES E. Berkeley Pre-Medical A ' I ' A; Glee Club; Track; Universal Christian Fellow- ship. DONOVAN, ROBERT C. Berkeley Pre-Legal ATo. DYER, BETZABE M. Auburn Anthropology Beaudelaire; UC Symphony; Honor Students Society. COATSWORTH, JAMES L. Coronado Wildlife Conserv ' n BET; Social Bears; MAC; Wildlife Con- servation Club. CONLEY, WILMA I. Richmond Spanish. DAVIES, ELLEN M. Woodside Psychology DEWITT, JAMES Q. Oakland General Curriculum ATA; BB; Skull and Keys. DOUGHERTY, JOAN Woodland History KKr; Symphony Forum; Red Cross; ' Ace of Clubs. ECKERT, MARGARET E. Davis Oldenberg Hall; Collegians; UC Folk- Square Dancers. COBURN, RICHARD Connecticut Political Science. COOK, LEROY F. Long Beach Physics. AI ' ; Blue and Gold; YWCA Service Dep ' t; Class Council. DIETSCH, ALFRED J. Montebella Economics EAE; OHM; Triune; IFC; IFC Honor Society; Class Councils. DOUGLAS, RONALD S. Oakland Political Science YAM. EDWARDS, ALICE MAE Berkeley AM; T F; Music Club; Honor Society. COOMBS, COPREN, MARJORIE JOHN U. Ross San Francisco Political Science Economics Baton; UC Band. AO n ; Speech Arts Club; Symphony Forum. ELKUS, ELIA, JONATHAN B. JUNE ISAACS Berkeley Turlock Music History. Mask and Dagger; Honor Students Society; Golden Bear; Baton. COHN, JANET A. Millbrae General Curriculum Elizabeth Barrett; Honor Students Society. CORNWELL, GERALD D. Modesto General Curriculum A DE BORBA, BARBARA J. Centerville History ZTA; KA; Ski Club; Orientations Coun- cil; I Board. DUCKER, HOWARD Pasadena Cunningham Hall; Scabbard Blade; Honor Students Society. ELLEDGE, FRED RUSSELL Colma Economics OKT. Store Committee; Soph Council; Honor Students. EGEBERG, DAGNY JOAN Los Angeles General Curriculum AXtI. General Curriculum Music 1K; WAA; YWCA; EK; Panile; Jr. Sr. Council; ASUC V. Pres.; Homecoming Comm. Prytanean; Cal Club; WSSF. DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAY, ANN BEVERLY SUE NANCY C. ALICE DIANE Berkeley San Francisco Petaluma Loomis General Curriculum General Curriculum. Speech English DIETTEIRLE, DINKELSPIEL, DIRKS, DIXON, RUTH PETER M. JOHN A. WILLIAM B. San Francisco San Mateo Morro Bay Long Beach Political Science History History General Curriculum MK; Jr. Sr. Bowles Hall; TKE; Junior KE; Yell Leader. Council. Pre-Legal Society. Council; Cal Circus; Symphony Forum. DOWNEY, DOWNING, DRAKE, JEANNE F. JANE RICHARD L. Richmond Berkeley Brea Pers. Management General Curriculum Physical Education Economics X52; Blue and Gold; A20; Varsity Junior Council. Baseball. 32 z 1 fi! li i ,-, , , i i i I , I 3 ---- 3 i i t .1 1‘ „....----2. - 3 1 i ' 3 I il i ...--i, ;7223 DAVE GRANT, spokesm an of the Senior Class, occupied his spare time as Junior Class Yell Leader, Card Sales Chairman, MAC sub-chairman, Student Alumni House Chairman, and president of the Class Officers Council. Dave calls San Mateo home and the Phi Tau house his " home away from home " but wants to work abroad after completing a stint in the army. COFFIN, ANN K. Berkeley Child Development KAO; Blue and Gold; Fr. Council; Panile; T F; Elec. Council. COOMBS, MARILYN Ross History COLT, KENNETH Auburn History 4X. DAHMS, FRANKLIN A. Sacramento Political Science Cheney Hall. DEMPSEY, JAMES T. Berkeley Journalism Daily Cal. DONATI, ROBERT Corte Madera Mathematics Barrington Hall; Music Club. DUNNELLS, VERA I. Concord History. ENGEL, MARION J. Sausalito Zoology Richards Hall. COLVIG, RAYMOND A. Templeton English, Journalism C3K. DAILY, CAROL K. Oakland Paleontology Mineral Technology Association. DEN EVAN, WILLIAM M. Long Beach Geography Smythe Association; JV Tennis; Honor Students Society. DONEGAN, PATSY LEE San Francisco Art AO II; Soph and Junior Councils. DURNFORD, PATRICIA L. Eureka General Curriculum Mitchell Hall; Drama. ENTWISTLE, SHARON San Francisco Political Science AAA; Symphony Forum; Young Republicans. COLVIN, NANCY H. Los Angeles General Curriculum AEC DARLING, SHEILA L. San Francisco Hispanic America Stern Hall; Blue and Gold Asst. Copy Ed.; WAC Sub-Chairman; Pryt. DERBER, WARD H. Wisconsin Industrial Psych. Co-op. DONNELLY, NANCY E. San Anselmo Social Welfare AAA; Mortar Board; Pryt; Cal Club; Women ' s Juniors; Panile. DUTRA, ALBERT S. Oakland Political Science AAS; Scabbard and Blade; Boxing. ERICKSON, MARY P. Berkeley Communications Public Policy Speech Arts Club. MARY ALLENDER, B G ' s dynamic Copy Editor, radiated energy galore as she beat out copy deadlines on the " ASUC ' s best " typwriter. A Speech major " Mallender " also found time to indulge in such activities as Pryt, Torch and Shield, Theta Sigma Phi and Class Councils. This Pleasanton girl plans to spend her time teaching and traveling (in Mexico, Mary?) after graduation. COHN, COLLIER, MARVIN B. HOWARD D. San Francisco Chowchilla Journalism Medicine ZBT; Daily Cal; Bowles Hall. Big Game Week Pub. Chairman. COUNTRYMAN, CROCKETT, LOUIS KEN SYLVIA A. Long Beach Berkeley Zoology General Curriculum Bowles Hall; Pre- IIB; XXII; Medical Society; YWCA; Pelican; Senior Council. Elections Council. DEAL, DECKER, DONALD E. PETER J. Alhambra Oakland Psychology General Curriculum AEA; (DC XAE. DOERING, DOERING, JANET A. JOAN M. Burl ingame Burlingame General Curriculum Economics A411; Junior and AA 11; Election Senior Council. Council; Senior Council; Soph Senate, DUDLEY, DUGAS, ALTA MAE DAVID L. Compton Sacramento Journalism Journalism Epworth; Daily Cal; Cal Daily Cal; College Club; SAX. Women ' s Club. ELLIS, ELWARD, GLORIA NANCY J. San Bernardino Altadena Child Development Elementary Ed. I II; Music Peixotte; Junior Club; WAA. and Senior Councils. COLLIER, COLLINS, JOHN R. JOYCE M. Yreka San Francisco Political Science History Bowles Hall. Warring Place. CROPPER, CUMMINGS, BARBARA J. ROBERT E. San Francisco San Francisco Sociology Political Science Stratford. KA; Water Polo; Swimming. DEJOHN, DEL RIO, ROBERT N. MANUEL I. Berkeley Bakersfield Pre-Legal Petroleum Geol. AEA; Circle C; Weight Basketball. DOLLARHIDE, DOMENICHELLI, GENELLE PATRICIA A. Napa Geyserville General Curriculum General Curriculum A011. Colonial Hall. DUNLOP, DUNN, HELEN E. JAMES R. Berkeley Berkeley Social Welfare History Pelican; Pryt.; EC Soph Council; Pub. Council. Big C Guard Committee. ELY, ENG, DWIGHT C. ANNABEL San Anselmo Texas Political Science General Curriculum. AKE; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet; Big C; Triune. 33 FRASHER, JANICE L. Lindsay Political Science. GALBREATH, NANCE JEAN Kentfield History AO II. GILBERT, VERNE E. Los Angeles Physiology Cloyne Court; Folk Dance Club. GREENSTEIN, SHARON B. Oregon History FRATERS, JOAN Berkeley General Curriculum AO II; Pelican; Soph Council; ME II; CSTA. GALLAGHER, ALYCE Piedmont General Curriculum. GILES, MARILYN Albany General Curriculum Treble Clef; CSTA. GREER, RUSSELL A. Dearborn Political Science AGS. EVANS, BARBARA A. San Francisco Art. FISHER, DOLORES Oakland General Curriculum College Women ' s Club Juniors; Canterbury Club. GARRIGUES, AUDREE E. San Francisco General Curriculum Lantana Lodge; GILZEAN, ROBERT Redding History GREUSEL, MARILYN San Bernardino English Newman Club. EVANS, ROBERTA G. Berkeley Decorative Art. FISHSTROM, BARBARA J. San Francisco Social Welfare ASE; Jr. Council; YWCA; Hillel. GALLENI, ROBERT A. Oakland Sociology. GIOVANNONI, JEANNE M. San Francisco Social Welfare Warring Place; WDA; Symphony Forum; Ad Service Bureau. GRIFFITHS, ROBERT O. Long Beach Medicine NEN; Honor Students; Handball Team. FARISS, LOIS MAXINE Berkeley Decorative Art 0 rches is. FLATH, HENRY A. Watsonville Economics Track; Band. FREDSTROM, BETHAYNE V. Turlock History. GANKIN, ROMAN Menlo Park Botany Gymnastics; Pres., Gymnastics Club. GISH, THEODORE G. Pasadena German Sailing Team. GRIMES, MARVIN GUY Berkeley General Curriculum OAX; Track. FARMER, PAUL DWIGHT Turlock Economics Abracadabra. FLEENOR, ELIZABETH J. San Carlos English Stratford Hall; Honor Students; College Women ' s Juniors. Epworth; Honor Students; College Women ' s Juniors. GARFINKLE, ELLEN Oakland Social Welfare GOLDE, PATRICIA W. Los Angeles General Curriculum AEA; Dames Club. GROSS, MARY ANN Berkeley Child Development. FAUSONE, JACK ALBERT San Francisco Dramatic Art Hammer Dimmer; Mask Dagger; Cal Muter; TV. FOO, ROBERT Berkeley Speech. OM; Treble Clef; Speech Arts Club; Pelican. GEAR, PATRICIA A. Upland English Epworth Hall. GOLDENBERG, RICHARD Concord Chemistry AXE; SAACS; Campus Tours. GROUT, JANET ADELE Honolulu Dramatic Art HBO; Rally Com.; Mortar Bd.; Mask Dagger; Pryt.; H D. FREDERICK, FREDRICKS, JOAN MARIE MEROL San Francisco New York General Curriculum Economics AAA; Senior Honor Students. Council. FREEBORN, FREESE, JOAN MARY ELIZABETH D. Upper Lake San Francisco General Curriculum Decorative Art 34 V) . ' ' ' 4----) ‘—.... i-. ' ,---.• r--1 .,, s ' ' ' - ' ' , 1 1, 1 i i 1 jx,..........,..h. f , 1 ‘s---------.7X i — 1 ‘ 1 k-- ‘ ; , s JANET GROUT, sparkling and Aloha girl, divided her time among Dramatic Rally Committee and Queen contests. She was also active in Pryt, Panile, Mortar Hammer and Dimmer, and Mask and Dagger. After leaving the HBO house in June she to become an airline hostess. ESCOLA, ESQUIBEL, DONALD E. FRANCES Santa Rosa Visalia Art Spanish Ridge House; Honor Honor Students. Students; Tower and Flame; Art Bureau; DE. FILLIPPINI, DONALD H. Petaluma Mathematics Band. FINK, AILEEN J. Sacramento Speech AEC WAC; Radio TV Theatre. AAX; YWCA Chr.; Far Eastern Table. Ski Club; Soccer Cloyne Court. A011. Team; Circle C. AAH; Mask Dagger; University Theater. -(-7FP., ' , t ' ...,. ' ; , -,--,. MARGARET A. LUCILLE J. ROGER W. CLYDE L. DOROTHY A. ANNE M. FRANDSEN, RICHARD L. .3 _:,:i. " -.-- -7-.;;.Ze ' -‘ ... FOOTE, FORSYTH, FORTUNE, FOSTER, FOWLS, FOX, -.1-. ' ,,---.. ' lyr-, .-, , -!.,_ -2..._ ...-r----,--,----.1-- Bakersfield San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Watsonville• ----1 " ...---1 ,------) ks Pasadena San Francisco ' ..-, —i ' ' ' ' ' ' ' -1 General Curriculum History Pre-Medical General Curriculum Social Welfare T.1 C ' ; I ' " 1 . ' t E I Treble Clef. Epworth Hall; Students; Chr. APA; Honor Track; Debate and Pres. Speech A0 Speech Arts Club. Arts Club. 11. I AWS Convention. General Curriculum Geology House; EE II; AX. ' Ir-- [-f 1 I t i 1 Secretariat; ;1, I " ...,D i I i 1 ! I i I Senior Council. GREENE, GOLDS, GONG, GOSNELL, GOULD, GRAFFT, GRAVETT, RAYMOND, JR. NORMAN EVANGELINE SALLY A. DICK MARILYN C. MAUREEN L. Burlingame Los Angeles Portervil le San Mateo Orange Berkeley Richmond Pr Political Science General Curriculum Social Welfare Economics Speech Physical Education EN; Triune; Big SAX; Golden YWCA; CSC; EK; Pryt.; Jr., AKE. Honor Students; NEW. C; Baseball; Bear; Daily Cal. CCA. Sr. Councils; Tower Flame; Winged Helmet; G Q; Pelly; Elections Council. Skull and Keys. Homecoming. GUERIN, GILBERT R. San Bruno Psychology SAE; Jr., Sr. Councils; Social Planning Corn. GUTIERREZ, GUINN, GUNDERSON, GURR, MAX, JR. ALICE L. MARJORIE G. GENEVIEVE San Francisco Santa Ana Santa Rosa Balboa General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum General Curriculum. EX; Boxing; Circle Beaudelaire Club; Pres. Mask Dag- C; Head Yell Junior Council; ger; Pryt.; Speech Leader; Cal Club; WDA. Arts Club. IFSHS. RUPE RICI SEN, when not playing basketball or tennis, was active in Big C, Cal Club, Golden Bear, Triune and Winged Helmet. Rupe is a ' FT from Berkeley. His real claim to fame was being season co-captain of the basketball team. After a few years in the Army, Rupe plans to go on to law school. 35 FEDRAU, RUTH HELEN Reed ley Speech FELLNER, FENIGSTEIN, FENZL, HENRY T. JULIAN B. DIANA JOY Piedmont Santa Monica Oakland FERNS, FERRITER, FIEDLER, BARBARA R. DOLORES C. MICHAEL S. San Leandro San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum. Dramatic Art Bacteriology. FREIBRUN, FRIDAY, BRYNA ROBERT E. Los Angeles Burlingame General Curriculum Economics Stratford Hall. Acacia. GEE, GEORGE, LOUISE MAH BARBARA A. San Francisco Ione General Curriculum Psychology E0 II . Stern Hall; YWCA; College Women ' s Club Jrs. FRIDLUND, DONN Oakland General Curriculum Circle C. GEORGE, CORALIE Berkeley General Curriculum AP; Mortar Board; Pryt.; YWCA; Women ' s Ex. Bd. FULLER, FULLER, FUNK, DAVID RALPH WILHELMINA SHIRLEY L. Berkeley Oakland Los Angeles Poli Sc1-Pre-Law General Curriculum. General Curriculum. GIDDINGS, GIBSON, GIBSON, DONNA RUTH CAROLYN MARY E. Wasco Kern County San Francisco General Curriculum Music General Curriculum Epworth; WAA; AZ; University AA II; Class YWCA; Treble Chorus. Councils. Clef; Sr. Council; Yacht Club. FRIESEN, ERNEST M. Dinuba Religion APO. GERVAN, RICHARD H. Long Beach Geology. GRUN DELL, BETH San Luis Obispo Child Development EK; WSSF; Secretariat. GRUTZMACHER, JEAN San Francisco Physical Education ABA; Women ' s C Soc.; Pres. WAA; WAC; ACB; W. Ex. Bd. HILTON, FRANCES Oakland Economics. HINRICHS, CURTIS K. Burbank Physics Masonic Club. HAFFEY, HAGAR, JOAN M. MARY C. Fresno Berkeley General Curriculum Political Science 4,1■4; Honor AO; Junior Students Society; Council; Red MM IT ; Fr. Soph. Cross. Council. HARMON, HARRISON, HART, PATSY L. H. KEITH J. RICHARD Richmond Utah Oakland General Curriculum. Botany Religion Honor Society; 52(I,A. Hiking Club. HAVEN, HAWKINS, HAWORTH, HAYES, AL ALVIN D. HERBERT D. BARBARA A. El Cerrito Fullerton Orinda San Francisco General Curriculum Social Welfare Economics General Curriculum ESE; Elections Acacia; Tower X1); Triune; Frosh KAr3; YWCA; Fr. Council; Light- and Flame. Swimming. Council; Treble weight Basketball. Clef; Sym. Forum. HERRESHOFF, HERSCH, HIATT, HICKOX, JAMES BROWN ROBERT A. WILLIAM S. LUNDALEE Berkeley San Jose San Francisco Orinda Math Physics Medical Science Medicine. Psychology 1 13K; ZBT; Honor Orchesis; Radio-TV. Students. HART, HARTNELL, MARY JO EDWARD M. Modesto Anaheim History Botany TSB; Mortar International Bd.; Pryt.; Pouffe; House. T S; Cal Club; Women ' s J. HORN, BARBARA Virginia Internat ' l Rel ' ns. HUTCHINSON, JAMES San Jose General Curriculum Big C; Track; Triune; Skull Keys; Winged Helmet. HORNBOSTEL, LOIS K. Sacramento Spanish AZ; Class Councils; Symphony Forum. HUTCHINSON, RALPH B. Fairfield Economics Gavel Quill; Varsity Track; Class Councils. HOWARD, HOWARD, HOWELL, MARIAN SUE N. JAMES L. Oakland Oakland Berkeley Social Welfare General Curriculum Spanish Ritter H all. AEA; WAA; YWCA. OA(); Pres. Spanish Club. IGRAM, IMLER, INGLIS, JOAN E. HARPER G. JENETTE San Jose San Marino San Diego Political Science Political Science History Stern Hall. EN. Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; Daily Cal; OED; Panile. HOWELL, ROBBIE La Mesa General Curriculum ZTA; Sr., Jr. Councils; Pelican; Elections Council; WAA. INGRAM, ELIZABETH San Francisco Decorative Art Epworth, Women ' s Ex. Bd.; Rally Corn.; WAC; LAWS Rep. HUGGINS, DONALD S. Kerman Chemistry Bowles Hall; 4,13K; Big C; Golden Bear; SHE. IRISH, ROBERT VERN Georgetown History. NORM KEIDER ' s genial face was seen in out of ASUC circles for four years. Alpha Delt kidded this activity major about his career as Large, SUEC President, and a worker on Class Christmas parties, etc. Tennis took up the rest of his spare time. A Bus. Ad. major, Norm wants go into industrial work in the future. 36 lis, ' , V " ) ,....‹,,-,:: ' ,.., " .„: " " ' ' ..-.- ' ,1 – V---j )•.-- i ‘ " )1 1 1 11 t t, 1 1 l fi f j z r ' l . i I I I I J L E f j i ; ! r i HALBASCH, WALTER Pittsburg English. HALEY, MARJORIE Oakland English AX52; Pelican; Fr., Soph. and Jr. Councils. HALLINBECI , BETTY Oakland HALVERSON, ROLF TORKEL Taft HAMPTON, ERLENE M. Sacramento General Curriculum AZ; Ski Club; Symphony Forum. General Curriculum English. HBO; Pelican; Ace of Clubs; Elections Council. HARDING, N. ANN Santa Ana History K. HARDISON, BETTY JO Millbrae Economics Hiking Club. HAYES, KATHLEEN M. Berkeley Psychology Treble Clef. HIGMAN, VIRGINIA N. Santa Rosa Education KA; Soph., Jr. Councils, Treble Clef. HAYMAN, HAYS, RONALD ANDREA Oakland San Francisco Zoology General Curriculum AT52; WSSF. AI " ; Sr. Council; Homecoming. JABER, SAM Alameda Zoology. JACKSON, GEORGE, JR. Oakland Drama Radio-TV; Dramatic Art. HEINECKE, HEINTZ, HEINZ, HENRY, HAZEL J. RUTH MARIE NANCY J, PATRICIA J. Berkeley San Jose Napa San Francisco General Curriculum. Social Welfare French General Curriculum Epworth; WAC Chr.; AAA; Soph. OM. Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Council; Pelican; ACB Sub. Chr.; French Club. WDA. HOLLER, HOPE, HERIO, RICHARD J. GERDA J. TOSHIO H. Richmond Oakland San Francisco Internat ' l Rel ' ns Labor Ind. Rel ' ns Bacterioloy. KX; Daily Cal; AIDE; Honor Cal Club; Golden Students; Pelican; Bear; ASUC Pres.; Ski Club; ASE. Spring Show. HOCKWALD, SUZANNE M. Hillsborough General Curriculum ALA. HUGHES, HUGHES, CHRISTINE JACK D. Sacramento Livermore General Curriculum Political Science KKr; Red Cross. MIK; MAC. ISHII, MARY Japan Political Science I House. ISRAEL, RICHARD S. Oakland Political Science MAX; Daily Cal; Symphony Forum; Campus Planning. HELLETT, GERALDINE Fresno Social Welfare AKA; Blue and Gold; Red Cross; NAACP; Daily Cal; Ital. Club. ITO, RURIKO R. Stockton Social Welfare Nisei Student Club. HUMPHREY, HUNT, HOBART R. ALMA RUTH Sacramento Riverside General Curriculum XX; Pelican. IVERSON, HAROLD E. Illinois History Scabbard Blade. HUNTER, HUTCHINS, ROSEMARIE PRESTON T. Berkeley Berkeley History. General Curriculum EN. BARBARA HALL LAPP took time out from keeping house for her husband to be chairman of Women ' s Judicial, urer and secretary of YWCA and to be active in WAC, Pryt, Honor Students and Mortar Board. She hails from Redding and majored in Child Development in preparation for teaching in the elementary schools. Spare time is well occupied with knitting socks for WSSF. HAMILTON, HAND, DOROTHY M. YVONNE W. Santa Ana Modesto Education Physical Education Sherman; WAA; Tennis Mgr.; Chr. Inter-Sports Club Board. HARTZ, HARVEY, DONNA M. JOAN S. Oakland Berkeley Art Mathematics AE; Honor Masonic Club. Students. HANLY, ELIZABETH Downey General Curriculum Richards Hall. HASKELL, A. MARILYN Berkeley General Curriculum FHB; Frosh Council; YWCA. HANNA, SARA M. Berkeley General Curriculum Class Councils; Pelican. HATA, AKIRA Richmond Philosophy Photo Club International Club. HANSEN, JAMES D. Berkeley Economics MX. HATA, MARRIE M. Richmond History Education Club; Nisei Student Club. HANSON, HAPKE, MILO W. EARLE A. Lafayette Oakland General Curriculum. Geology EN. HAUGHIAN, HAULTAIN, KATHLEEN A. WINIFRED Berkeley Danville Social Welfare Political Science. MM. 37 HAYS, JULIA ANN Bakersfield Elementary Teach ' g AZ; Jr., Sr. Councils. HAYS, ROBERT RAY Fresno Political Science Bowles Hall; Debate; Track. HEDGES, CHARLES A. Davis Internat ' l Rel ' ns I House; WSSF; AME. HINTON, BARBARA A. Mill Valley South America Sherman Hall; Phrateres. HITCHCOCK, HOAD, NEVA L. BRUCE E., JR. El Cerrito Kansas Spanish Music Honor Students; Honor Students; AMP; Masonic Orchestra. Club; Casa Hispana. Social Welfare Stratford; YWCA; Westminster House; Stud. Christ. Coun. IVERSON, JOHN Oakland English AKA. 5;; JACKSON, JACOBSON, JENNINGS, JENSEN, JERRY, JESTER, JEWETT, DOROTHY J. ANITA E. MARY LOU ROBERT V. ROBERT C. LOIS GEORGE ALAN Castro Valley Piedmont Santa Ana Berkeley Montebello San Francisco Vallejo Social Welfare Psychology Mathematics Economics English Social Welfare Medicine Treble Clef; AE; Occident Oldenberg Hall ADD. XAE; Class Coun- Stebbins Hall. OKE; 4,BK; College Women ' s Managerial; Blue Cal Engineer. cils; Rally Com. OHM. Jrs.; Social Bears. and Gold; Psych. Society; T F. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JONCK, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, MARGARET N. ROBERT T. CAROLINE A. BEVERLY E. JACQUELINE JANE P. JANICE C. Alhambra Modesto San Francisco Los Angeles Las Angeles Concord San Francisco General Curriculum English Commun. Pub. Hispanic America Political Science Social Welfare Art AAII; Jr. Council; AFC ; Photo Club; Pol. ZTA; YWCA; Sr. ZTA; Blue and Speech Arts Club; X52; Ski Club. Young Republicans. Tower and Flame; AP; Jr., Sr. Class Council. Gold. Social Welfare Club. BSU. Councils; Elec. Coun.; Pelican; Big Game Week. KENNARD, SUSAN ADAMS Oakland History KELLER, KELLEY, SARA J. BRUCE M. San Diego San Francisco General Curriculum. General Curriculum ci.K; Flying Club. KENNEDY, KENNEY, KENNEY, I EOUGH, KENNETH A. JEANNE M. KATHLEEN THOMAS R. San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Pomona Anthropology. General Curriculum History Physical Education 1K; YWCA; Blue IKA; Newman SAX; Baseball; and Gold; Pelican; Club. Football; Big C. Sr. Council. KINGERY, KINGSTON, KIRKPATRICI , I IRSCHNER, KISLITZIN, KLINE, I NAUER, JOAN MARLENE JO DONALD L. JACQUELINE B. JOYCE E. RICHARD F. C. MICHAEL Ripon Long Beach Healdsburg Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Political Science Child Development Social Welfare Decorative Art Pol. Sci. and Speech Industrial Relations Medical School Stern Hall; Pryt.; AFA; Pelican; PIK; T F; Glee Bon Haven; Fr. MIA; Mortar Bd.; Usher Staff; Bowles Hall; MAC; Torch and Shield; WAC; YWCA; Ex. Club; Rally Com.; Council; Daily Cal. Pryt.; II EA; Institute of Indus- Frosh Tennis. Women ' s J. Committee; IWAS. Fr., Soph. Coun. AMP; WSSF. trial Relations. Pres. WDA. AGNES LIAKOS . . . this Spanish student was a welcome addition to her and varied ASUC activities. Pryt., ACB Women ' s Judicial were but a ... she also managed to fit in a junior ment on Blue and Gold, and was of Social Planning Committee. Alines aims for State Department job after graduation. KOSHIYAMA, KRATTER, KREINMAN, ALBERT N. ROBERT C. MICHAEL A. Sunnyvale San Francisco Los Angeles Political Science Physical Education General Curriculum Euclid Hall; ADD; 4),D. Nisei Student Club. KROEKER, I RONFIELD, KROUSER, JOHN A. SANFORD J. DAVID J. Dinuba Washington Barstow Religion. Medical Physics Art. KN; T F; Honor Students. KOSENEWSKI, NORMA Crockett General Curriculum. ZBT; Rally Com.; Jr., Sr. Council; Sr. Peace Com. LARA, LA ROCQUE, LARSON, G. JOSE RODNEY C. FLORENCE V. Rep. of Panama Concord Arcadia General Curriculum General Curriculum. Social Welfare Pre-Med Society. LARSON, LARSON, LA RUSSA, LAWRENCE, JUNE E. NANCY J. ANGE RAYMOND A. San Francisco Piedmont Oakland Berkeley General Curriculum General Curriculum Journalism Economics AOII ; XIII; FOB; Sr. Council. Daily Cal. CSTA; Pelican; Women ' s Coun. AXA; Pryt.; Panhellenic Council; YWCA. 38 =`, ' ; ' ),. • e: " 1 t ' ,A. ' 2.,1 ,. t,`... ,-.-....-...-•`,. . ..-- ' - ' .,-, " -,.. " ' " ' ' - ---- ------- ,,,. A ‘• ! , , ,- • ,..,---, . ,,--- (--:::: " ::; ' ' F.:.-73 t 2 i 1 5 1 i 1 , : I i ' • 1 • 1 ., —4—E-- ' f, 1 i , 1 : f .. 5 1 i 1 1 f 1 i • ; ,--,,,-------., . Tower and Flame Honor Students Masonic Club KIESSLING, l IKLAS, ELIZABETH P. VIRGINIA ANN Albany Oakland General Curriculum Journalism n. KUBIK, ROBERT N. La Mesa Geology Be n . KUWABARA, LANCASTER, HARRY K. WALTER R. Sacramento Berkeley Biochemistry. Psychology Masonic Club; Weight Basketball. KA; Wrestling. X52; Sr. Council Card Stunts Corn.; Elec. Conn.; Pelly ZTA; Treble Clef; Var. Debate; Class Councils; Pelican. LAWRENCE, LEAMER, LEICHAM, WILLIAM J. ROBERT R. ANNE STUART Alaska San Diego Merced Math Statistics Geology General Curriculum Speech MKT; MB K; Scabbard Blade. JOBS, ELEANOR Antioch General Curriculum YWCA. JONES, MARILYN Salinas General Curriculum Californian; Pryt.; Mortar Board; Blue and Gold; WAC. KERR, HOWARD Maywood Political Science. KNIGHT, I NOWLTON, KOBATA, JAMES L. PATRICIA A. KATSU Vallejo Long Beach Fresno Com. Pub. Pol. Speech Psychology Honor Students; AAA; Sr. Council; BET; Cal Judo Newma n Club; Newman Club. Club. For. Cor. Coun. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, EDWIN T. HENRY A. JEANNE L. San Francisco Exeter San Bernardino Psychology- Geography. Physical Education Zoology Oldenberg; WAA; AMA; UC Glee Sailing Club; Club. Oldenberg Pres. !CAPPER, KAPLAN, KARN, S. RILEY DANIEL E. MARILYN J. Iowa San Francisco English Zoology Physics Utrimgue. Abracadabra; Bowles Hall; Baton Society; ' BK. Glee Club. KIMBLE, KIMBRELL, KING, JOAN VIRGINIA L. SHELBY R. Visalia Los Angeles San Francisco General Curriculum Art Pre-Legal IIBM. Prospect AEO. Terrace. KOINER, KOJIMA, KOKKA, CARL W. MASAMUNE KUNIKO Altadena Penryn Watsonville Mathematics Political Science Chemistry Smythe Association. Oxford Hall. Stebbins Hall. ' 2... . ,p,,,. s _..--- :.-- - -- „,---, ,,. - -,.-„„_.,...--......,.— --- ,J.—f 1 • I i t 1 H 1 1 1 1 i i , ,, 1 . . 1 1 ! i 1 j•-• r --- ' ' ... ' .- i. ..._1, 4 .:7.::- .1 ! 1 1 I OEPKE, DON EDWARD Corcoran Zoology Bowles Hall; Sailing Club. LAPONIS, LAPP, LARA, THERESE A. BARBARA H. JOHN R. Ontario Redding Woodland Internat ' l Rel ' ns; Child Development Art. Richards Hall; Chr. Women ' s J; Newman Club. Pryt.; Mortar Bd.; Sec.-Treas. YMCA. LEMOINE, LESLEY, LESLEY, JACQUELYN JEAN MARCIA JOAN M. Oakland Walnut Creek Walnut Creek General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum College Women ' s AM; Fr. Council; As12; Fr., Soph Club Jrs. Rally Com.; Life Councils; Life Guard Corps. Guard Corps. LANPHIER, MARGARET C. San Mateo General Curriculum OM; Class Councils; Elec. Council; Blue and Gold. DICK HOLLER rose to fame last Spring as he catapulted from Daily Cal Senior Night Editor to President of the ASUC . . . His major in International Relations should serve him - well, for between semesters he made the historic trip to Copenhagen as a delegate to the NSA convention ... Dick calls Richmond his home. 39 JOHANSEN, BETTE R. Berkeley English AAX. JON ES, RUTH ANN San Francisco Political Science Lantana Lodge; Senior Rep. of WDA. JOHNSON, CHALMERS A. Alameda Economics AKA. JUNG, ANNA Oakland General Curriculum CSC; CCCA. JOHNSON, DIANE M. Oakland Biochemistry TE II ; Tower Flame. KANO, THERESA Berkeley General Curriculum I House; WSSF; Nisei Students Club. LEIGHTON, PATRICIA L. Richmond KIESSIG, JOAN Berkeley History KKr. LESLIE, L ' ESPERANCE, LESTER, G. WAYNE JUANITA ALTREDA Alameda San Francisco Oakland Economics Biochemistry Social Welfare; BB; Elec. Council; College Women ' s AEO. Student Government Club Jrs.; Christian Clinic. Science Organ. LETSOM, NOREEN Hayward History AA II; Pelican; Sr. Rally Corn.; Panhellenic Social Chairman. LEVINE, LEVY, LEWIN, ROBERT L. GORDON G. VICTOR JR. Oakland Los Angeles San Anselmo Com. Pub. Pol.; Political Science Vertebrate Zoology Ski Club Ex. Com. Daily Cal; Pelican; APE. Welfare Bd.; Fr. Baseball; Jr. Coun. LINSENBARD, LIPOW, LIPPERT, LITTLE, LITZENBERG, LONG, LONG, WILLIAM E. CELESTE THERESE C. DONALD R. MARIJANE DAVID A. PAUL C. San Marino Arizona San Francisco South Pasadena Santa Maria Oakland Washington Political Science English Zoology; Chemistry. Political Science Mathematics Criminoloy Psychology Acacia; Circle C; I House; Univ. Smythe Association. AZ; Fr.; Jr. Conn- OEK; AOE. TX. Volleyball. Theatre; Tower cils; Pelican. Scabbard Blade. Flame; Psych Soc. ......i. —72:7, LYMAN, LYNCH, LYNCH, LYNN, MABRY, MACDONALD, MacDOUGALL, HARVARD ANTOINETTE FRED PAUL RICHARD S. JACQUELINE JOAN BEATRICE L. San Francisco San Rafael San Francisco Long Beach Oakland Sacramento Berkeley Botany General Curriculum Economics. Psychology Journalism Political Science. Sociology KN; Rally Com.; KAO. Birch Hall, Cal- Stratford Hall; ZTA. Occident; Masonic WSSF; Red Cross; legians; Psych. ODD. Club; YWCA; Jr. Var. Debate. Soc.; Stiles Hall. Sociology Club. MALKASIAN, MALI OVICH, MALOFSKY, MALONE, MALTBY, MANDELL, MANN, ARLUNE E. BORI A HARVEY JANET KAY JEANNE M. HELENE L. DALE WESLEY Fresno Sacramento San Francisco Oakland Sierra Madre Texas Napa History Social Welfare. Political Science English General Curriculum General Curriculum. English. Tower Flame; ZBT. Masonic Club. I House; Hiking WDA; WAA Inter- Club; EE TI; Sr. class Activities. Coon. AWS Conven. PETE CUNLIFFE put his excellent business to work as Manager of Pelican. He was also on Publications Council, Chairman of ACB, Chairman of WSSF and a member of Golden and Gavel and Quill. " Tight Wad " is the name .1)KX ' s give to their house manager who hails Fresno. After the Air Force Pelican Pete plans use his Bus. Ad. knowledge in the export business in Brazil. MARSELLA, MARSHALL, MARSHALL, MARTIN, MARTINEZ, MARTONAGORO, GARY EDWARD BARBARA M. LAWRENCE L. JOAN HELEN ANTHONY L. SUDARMO Fresno Berkeley Shandon San Rafael Oakland Indonesia Economics History Economics Philosophy Spanish Economics XT. AA II; Pelican; Bowles Hall; Crew. XII; Secretariat; Baton, Cal Band; WSSF. WAC; Symphony Elec. Coun.; Sym- Newman Club. Forum. phony Forum. MAXWELL, MAYEDA, McCALL, McCALMAN, McCAMPBELL, McCANN, McCLURE, GENES. CAROL E. HERBERT C. JOHN BURNS ROBERT A. JAMES J. EVE E. San Francisco Richmond San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley New York Monterey Political Science. General Curriculum Mathematics. History Jornalism. Physical Education English Nisei Students A.1352; Daily Cal; AEC MAX. EH; II TH X; I House. Club. Social Planning Circle C; Boxing; Committee. Winged Helmet. MARTTIINI, MARJATTA A. Finland German. 40 LEWIS, BETH San Jose General Curriculum AAA; YWCA; Sym- phony Forum; I Board; Campus Chest. LEWIS, RICHARD C. Oakland LIAKOS, AGNES A. San Francisco LICHTMAN, RHODA Berkeley Political Science. Corn. Pub. Policy Spanish Daily Cal DM; Ex. Corn.; Managerial. Blue and Gold; Women ' s J; ACB Chr.; Pryt.; G Q; AMP. MACKAY, MacKINNEY, PHYLLIS C. JOHN GORDON Piedmont Berkeley Political Science Physics K; G. Q. AXE; Honor YWCA; Class Coun- Students. cils; Rally Com. MACOMBER, MADISON, NANCY JANE BENNED S. Orinda Piedmont Child Development General Curriculum AD; Symphony KE. Forum; Yacht Club; Intramural. MANZA, AUGUST G. Berkeley Political Science Scabbard Blade, Daily Cal; Home- coming; ASPA. MANZANO, MARGULEAS, MARHENKE, ALFONSO J. BETTY C. BRUCE R. San Francisco San Francisco Altadena English Journalism General Curriculum ADD; Cal Club; Ed. ADD; WAA; Daily EAE. Daily Cal, Golden Cal; Hillel. Bear, Men ' s J. MAST, NARVELLE Berkeley Social Welfare MATHENY, ANN G. San Francisco MATHEWS, RICHARD T. Berkeley MATSUBARA, M. SHERRIE Hanford English. Political Science Dramatic Art AKA; NAACP; AA II; Class Students Relations Councils. Council, YWCA. McCOURTNEY, McDONALD, JACK ALAN CAROLE J. Oakland Woodbridge General Curriculum Art Colonial; Tower Flame; Yacht Club; Education Club. Mask and Dagger; Thalian; Hammer Dimmer; Univ. Thea. McDONALD, McDONELL, JOHN C. 4GNES R. Hawaii Berkeley Religion General Curriculum AT52; Honor K; Treble Clef. Students; AD51; AIDE; Symphony Forum. LOO, BEVERLY J. Hollywood English Bon Haven; OH; Newman Club. LOPEZ, HUMBERTO Pomona Spanish. LOWEY, LOUDERBACK, WALTER R. ALLAN L. Downieville Long Beach History Zoology KE; Intramural; ADD; Big C; ROTC. Circle C; Swimming. LIE, LINDEKE, LINDLEY, KARIN CRETE E. RUTH M. Norway Martinez Oakland General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum KKT; Sec. Ski Orientations; Utrimque; Water Club. II; Treble Clef Ballet. Sr. Mgr.; Pryt.; T. F. LUDLOW, LUDOLPH, LYNNE, FLORENCE RHEA L. JEAN CAROL Berkeley Oakland Martinez General Curriculum Political Science General Curriculum AD; Panile; Fr., Ski Club; Pelican; Joaquin Hall. Soph. Councils; Yacht Club. Rally Committee. MADRID, MADSEN, MARIA T. ELISABETH New Mexico Sebastopol Spanish French Casa Hispana; Pres. Mitchell Hall; Spanish Club; VP Newman Club. All; VP A E. MARK, MARKHAM, RAYMOND NANCY ADAIR San Francisco Oakland Bacteriology Decorative Art ' BK. AOII; Ski Club. MATTHEW, MATTHEWS, DIANE L. ROBERT A. Sacramento New York Social Welfare Geology EK; Crop Saddle; BET; Newman YWCA; WAC. Club. McDOUGALL, McDOWELL, MARY ANN SALLY L. Sacramento Alameda Internat ' l Rerns; Economics KAO. AO II; Pryt.; Class Councils; Rally Com.; Quill. NANCY DONNELLY, hard working and energetic AAA, took time out from her duties at the ASUC store to be active in Panile, Pryt, Mortar Board, and Cal Club. She also was busy with class council, Women ' s Judicial Committee, Assistant Chairman of Campus Crusade, Model UN and Rally Committee. Nancy D., hailing from San Anselmo, is a Socail Welfare major. Her favorite vocation was working and playing at the Lair of the Bear. MAGOVERN, MARIAN E. Berkeley General Curriculum College Women ' s Club Jrs.; Pelican. MARR, MARY JANE Bakersfield General Curriculum WAA. MATTSON, ANNETTE F. Berkeley Psychology. McFEELY, HAZEL ANN Yuba City Art I House. 41 McGARRY, HOWARD K. Oakland Political Science. McGEE, McHUGH, NANCY A. MARGARET S. San Francisco Santa Monica X0; Elections Stern Hall Council; Cal Club. Secretariat. McKEE, MICHAEL G. Walnut Creek EAE; 4,11E; J Committee; Honor Students. McLELLAN, CARROLL V. Upland General Curriculum Birch Co-op. Wesley Foundation; Y Study Groups. McLEOD, PATRICIA L. Nevada Social Welfare EX; Symphony Forum; Social Welfare Club. McMILLAN, JEAN Los Angeles English AAX; Treble Clef; Education Club. General Curriculum General Curriculum Psychology MENGSHOL, MARILYN C. Berkeley Occupat ' n ' l Therapy AOH; University Symphony, YWCA. MONLUX, ARMAND L. Walnut Creek Labor and Industrial Relations. MULLER, JOAN L. DiGiorgio Social Welfare Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; 0E,1,1 Daily Cal City Ed. MENNARD, MERNER, MEYENBERG, MICHAEL CARLA MARIE BUD Burbank Lafayette Salinas German and Central Art Pre-Med European. AOH; Mortar Bd.; Bowles Hall Pryt.; Cal Club; Baseball. HAE; T S; G Q. MONSON, MOORE, MOORE, HARRY A. ROBERT D. THOMAS M. Riverside Orinda San Francisco Mathematics Political Science English. Bowles Hall; Honor ASE; National Students; Scabbard Professional For- and Blade. eign Service Frat. MULLER, MURPHY, MURPHY, JOCELY A. JEANNE F. JOAN MARY Los Angeles Albany Concord History Journal ism History AE; Gavel Quill; 010; Daily Cal. Ritter Hall; WDA. Panile; Class Coun- cils and Historian. MICHAEL, MARCELLINE J. Round Mountain Speech. MOOSMAN, RUTH E. Berkeley General Curriculum AAA; Pelican. MURPHY, PATRICIA N. Berkeley Political Science EK; Fr. Soph Councils; Tower Flame, Homecoming. JOYCE KISLITZEN KALLGREN added a between- semesters marriage to her roster of extracurricular events ... This busy AGD wielded the I Board gavel this year, in addit ion to a calendar which included such activities as Pryt, Varsity Debate, Mortar Board, Model UN, H EA and AMP Joyce plans to climax her Poli-Sci studies with graduate work in Law School. NGOI, NICHOLS, NICOLAY, CHEONG N. JOAN B. MARIJANE China Sacramento San Francisco General Curriculum. General Curriculum General Curriculum A ' OE; Jr. Sr. Epworth; YWCA; Councils; WSSF. EE II; Wesley Foundation. NIDEVER, YVONNE P. Pacific Grove Child Development Joaquin; " Axe " ; Jr. Council; Intramural. NIVEN, JOANNE C. Oakland Recreation Social Bears; Recreation Majors Club; CWC Jrs. NG, BETTY Oakland General Curriculum EO . NIELSEN, DONALD A. Anaheim General Curriculum AEG; Yacht Club; Scabbard Blade. NORTON , JOAN LOUCILLE Vallejo General Curriculum Stratford Hall. NYLUND, CHARLES H. Patterson Economics. O ' BANNON, O ' DONNELL, PAUL WARE JANET ANN Walnut Creek Oakland History Economics Barrington Hall. AA II; WSSF; Pelican. GETTING, RICHARD F. Michigan Psychology AXP; T F; Honor Students; Legal Society. OHARA, MARGARET NI. Berkeley Bacteriology ' 13K; WAC. OLIVARES, FRANCISCA San Francisco Spanish Casa Hispana. 42 MEYER, MEYER, NANCY J. CAROL L. Stockton Minnesota Decorative Art General Curriculum Joaquin Hall. College Women ' s Club. MORAN, PATRICIA L. Vallejo Art A011; Pelican. MURANO, JUNE W. Stockton. Spanish. MORELAND, PATRICIA A. Sacramento Political Science A49; Rally Comm.; Symphony Forum; Red Cross; Elec. C. MYERS, DWIGHT E. Napa Spanish Abracadabra, IFC. McNEILL, McNEILL, JOHN E. VIRGINIA N. San Francisco Santa Ana Economics English TT; BB; Beaudelaire; WDA Winged Helmet. Jr. Rep. and VP; Junior Council. MICHELSEN, MILJANICH, EDWIN F. GEORGE L. Burlingame Watsonville General Curriculum History. EN; Winged Helmet, Football, Baseball. MORIN, MORRIS, EVERETT V. JOANNE Berkeley Berkeley History Child Development R.O.T.C. AP; WAC; Rally Comm.; Fr. Council; Women ' s J. Corn. MYERS, NELSON, MARY E. PATRICIA L. Sacramento Oakland Journalism Social Welfare. AP; Fr. Council; Election Council; Soph Rally Comm. NOACK, NOACK, HAROLD Q. KEN B. Berkeley Sacramento Corn. Public Pol. General Curriculum EO; Triune; IFC AM.; Big C Soc. Secy.-Treas.; LAC; Fr. Swimming. ONEIL, OLDHAM, JOAN E. ELANE D. Berkeley Whittier History Education Treble Clef; AZ; Blue and Gold; Pelican. EIri; WAC; Pryt; 11A1; Elections Council. McNINCH, BARBARA E. San Francisco Decorative Art. MILLER, ALFRED F. Wascu Math-Statistics Rifle Team. MORRISH, WILLIAM B. Orinda General Curriculum Triune; NSA; Ninged Helmet; Fr., Soph Council. NESBET, MARGARET E. Sacramento General Curriculum HBO; Blue and Gold. NOBLE, ROBERT D. Long Beach Psychology. OSSIN, ESTHER N. San Francisco Internat ' l Relat ' ns Honor Students Soc.; Jr. Council. MEES, HAYDEN L. Illinois Psychology. MILLER, JAMES 0. Millbrae Political Science MORRISON, EVELYN F. San Mateo Social Welfare Stern; WAC; YWCA; Newman Club; UC Folk and Square. NOLAN, PATRICIA J. San Francisco Dramatic Art AA II; M D; H D; Fo otball Hostess; 1950 Sym. Forum. OSTLING, HERBERT F. La Canada Political Science. MEHDI, MELNICK, MENGE, MOHAMMAD T. LLOYD G. NANCY M. Iraq Los Angeles Vallejo Political Science. Political Science Speech H AO; Airl 0; EK; Pelican; TE. Speech Arts Club. MOANACK, MODLIN, MONELL, FRANGOIS DENISE C. ROBERT H. Venezuela San Francisco Hawaii Economics. Child Development English A,TiE; Pelican; Associate Editor WSSF; Homecom ' g. of Occident. MOSURE, MOTT, MULDOON, JANET M. MARGARET M. JAMES E. Santa Rosa Rio Linda Sacramento English Zoology Speech (DM; Elections OX; Gavel and Council; Cal Quill; Sr. Class Frolics; LGC. Yell Leader. NEWCOMB, NEWSON, RICHARD W. HOWARD L. La Mesa San Francisco General Curriculum Political Science AMP; Honor AXA; Jr. Intra- International Students; YWCA. mural Manager. House. NORDHOLM, DAGNE A. NORMAN, NORRIS, Fresno ELNA J. JAIME B. Internat ' I Relat ' ns Berkeley Berkeley Pryt.; Panile; Social Welfare Spanish Pelican; Sym. YWCA. Honor Students; Forum; Class Cal Alumni Assn. Councils. OSTROW, OWEN, OTTOSEN, RON PATRICIA A. JACK San Francisco Arcadia Sacramento Journal ism General Curriculum Pre-Medical ZBT; G Q; T F; KKP; Red Cross; KAP; Ski Club. Jr. Class Pres.; Symphony Forum; COC Pres.; Big Intramural. Game Week. RUSSELL BOHLKE, known as Russ to his friends at the 2:4, house, kept busy this year by being Rep-at-Large and also active as Vice-Pres. of Big C. His other activities included Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, Athletic Council and Student Union Council. Russ hails from Carmel and after graduation plans to return to Cal to attend graduate school in preparation for the field of Medical Social work. P , , A § i i, I 2721 ; I t `-1 j i .‘ NEUMAN, NEWCHOCK, DONALD R. ANN Glendale Vacaville Internat ' l Relat ' ns. English 43 PRESTON, HUGH L. Ukiah Economics KAP. RANEL, ISRAEL Israel Bact. Med. Sci. Honor Students. PRESTIDGE, LOUISE S. Coronado Biochemistry. RANCK, ELIZABETH Berkeley History Honor Students; WAC; Sr. Council. AX(; Pelican; Rally Com.; Class Councils; WAC; Gavel and Quill. RHOADS, RHORABOUGH, CORNELIA B. CATHERINE San Francisco Redwood City Philosophy Child Development ABA; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Class Councils. PAINE, PATTY L. Berkeley English Xff; Mortar Board; Pryt.; Panile; I Board WSA. PAULSEN, MARLENE B. Oakland Political Science K. PHELPS, ELOUISE M. San Francisco History PCB; Editor Blue and Gold; Cal Club; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Rally Comm. PRATT, JOAN B. Fullerton General Curriculum KA; YWCA; Ski Club; Blue and Gold. RAMEY, VALLA N. Berkeley General Curriclum ZTA; Pelican. REYES, RAMON V. Philippines Journalism Cal Band; Symphony Forum; Newman Club. PALLOTTA, PALMER, MARLENE E. EARL FRANK Crockett McCloud History Political Science Richards Hall; Barrington Hall; WAC. Hiking Club; Calvin Club. PEARL, PEELIE, ELLIOT D. LINDA IC. Sacramento Covina Economics English EAM. Stratford Hall. PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, JAMES H., JR. JOAN MARIE Sacramento Benicia General Curriculum History Del Rey. Richards Hall; Honor Students. PEET, PENCOVIC, DIANE DALE JANE NANCY Ventura Oakland Decorative Art General Curriculum 4i)M; WAA Tennis; WAC; Collegians. Badminton. PHILLIPS, PINKHAM, WELDON H. RICHARD F. Burlingame San Francisco General Curriculum Lab. Ind. Rel ' ns. KE; Triune; Winged Helmet. PRICE, PROUTY, DOUGLAS W. EDNA E. Burlingame Benicia Wildlife Physical Education Lantana; II AI; Daily Cal tion Manager. RANGER, RAY, RICHARD E. BARBARA G. Oakland San Francisco Ind. Psychology. Music AEA; Panile; Class Councils; Rally Committee. RICE, RICHARDS, FRANCES MAE WARREN D. Concord Bowman Psychology History Epworth Hall; Bowles Hall; Honor Students; Pre-Legal Society. College Women ' s Juniors. 44 c .44V. 0 Kr c A i 11 1;II " 1 11 f JIM ROSS, All-American swimmer, out of the water is active as President of Big C member of Cal Club, Circle C, Golden Athletic Intercollegiate Advisory ACB, Athletic Council. He moved from Lemoore to the ,DICE house. After serving Uncle in the Navy, Jim plans to go into retail lumber business. PACE, KEREN ALICE El Cerrito Child Development Masonic Club. PAUL, JAMES A. Oakland Journalism Daily Cal Sports Staff; ASUC News Bureau. PETERSON, RICHARD C. Hollywood Geological Science TKE; OT; Masonic Club; AcliO. PRATHER, WILLIAM Wasco Psycholoy. RAE, NANCY L. San Francisco Social Welfare CV!. REMY, RICHARD J. Santa Rosa History. PALAllI, ROBERT E. Fontana English I House, President ' s Comm. on Foreign Students. PAULSON, BARBARA G. Chico Geography AEE; Hiking Club. PHILLIPS, EILEEN B. Redding General Curriculum EE II. PRATT, MARGARET A. Riverside Mathematics XIJ; Class Councils; Campus Chest; Pres. Recep. Comm. RAMIREZ, ADOLFO R. Richmond Fine Art EA II; EA. REYES, THOMAS C. Stockton General Curriculum I House. PAREDES, AUGUSTINE Oxnard Spanish. PARDINI, JULIAN A. San Francisco Political Science KA. PARK, ROBERTA Oakland Physical Education Tower and Flame; Women ' s CS ociety; Council; Phratereas. PARKER, PARRISH, PARSONS, PASION, RONALD B. EDWIN JOAN E. TOMAS J. Los Angeles Oakland Lafayette Hawaii Geology General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science. ADD; OT; ATA; Winged AZ; Elec. Coun. Delvers; Photo Helmet; BB; Skull Sub. Chr.; Club; Hiking Club. and Keys. Cal Engineer. PATTERSON, LELIA L. San Diego Social Welfare Stern Hall. PATTERSON, VERNAGENE Riverside General Curriculum Stratford Hall; WDA. ...--- ' - . ' " ,- GEORGIANN PENDLETON, AMOS PERLMUTTER, ANNE Z PERRIN, DAVID LOUIS PETERSEN, PETERSON, PETERSON, ZELLA MAE PAUL AMES ' " 1 ' ‘7 " -J .--- ' .,--,:.- ---‘, sN ,....._ -.....„. DICK k.,•;- " . ' °,5::- i. i - i ----,-- " " 77;1 ' ,,„ Sacramento Hanford ks..- - 4 • r--- F- - • 1 I Palo Alto Santa Cruz Glendale Santa Ana — ° i i i i . i 1 1 l i Physical Education Political Science Political Science Philosophy Social Welfare. Pub. Administrat ' n. Economics ! i 1 1 i 1 1 WAA; Newman Club. Track. Panhellenic. OHM. ACB; Men ' s J.; Sr. 11---.J1-iii 1 Il 1 i i 1 Richards Hall; Honor Students; NO; Red Cross; Smyth Association; RICO; CM. Council; IFSHS, i r. . i i i f I i ,t-:::::--1 " ..!)( ' , t-:- --- - WI., 1. ' , I: 1. 1 1 i ■ RABY, U ' PUCKETT, PUTNAM, RAAB, RADENSKY, RADFORD, RADMANOVICH, CLARK R. MALCOLM G. BEVERLY J. TAWFIK M. JOSEPH H. NANCY SUE DAISY LEE ConcordBerkeley 1,1. Berkeley Berkeley Sacramento Oakland Sacramento Economics. Lab. Ind. Rel ' ns. Physical Education Chemistry Economics General Curriculum General Curriculum c, NM . I House; SAM. AOH. The Californian. T Intramural. 1------ RAY, READ, READ, REED, REIDY, MARGUERITE BARBARA L. GLENN, JR. PAULINE M. JANE D. Oakland Santa Rosa Long Beach Albany Washington, D.C. Recreation French History General Curriculum Political Science AKA; Mask and AMP; Treble Clef; APO. Education Club. Ritter Hall; WAA; Dagger; Thalian; WAA Fencing. Life Guard Corps; Rec. Majors Club; ASPA. Hammer Dimmer. REMENSPERGER, REMINGTON, NANCY JEAN JAN M. San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum General Curriculum AP. A FA; University Chorus; Secretariat. ELOUISE PHELPS contributed her conscientious ability to many activities such as Pryt, Mortar Board, Cal Club, Rally Committee and Senior Council. Her real claim to fame was being Editor of the Blue and Gold. Moo Moo, as she is known around the FMB house, comes from SY. She is a knitting major but takes time out for a few History courses. Future plans include a home in Hawaii. PIRODI, PITTS, PODSTATA, OLGLASE, POLLAND, PORTERFIELD, POULSEN, ROSEMARIE VERA LEEOLA JOAN MARGARET E. ALVIN R. JAMES C. DONALD C. Oakland Kansas Santa Rosa San Francisco Bakersfield Clarksburg Oakland English History. Political Science General Curriculum Political Science Internat ' l Rel ' ns Economics Folk and Square X52; Panile; WAA; KKF; Fr. Council; Smyth Association. Bowles Hall; Chr. Honor Students; Dancing; Fr. Council; Intramural; Orientations; Rep- Masonic Club. Collegians. Blue and Gold. Symphony Forum. at-Large; Store Bd. RICHARDSON, RICKERS, JOY BARBARA EARL G. Danville Larkspur Education Geology Honor Students; Acacia. Masonic Club; Pre- Med Soc.; AMP. RICKSEN, RICKSEN, RIESE, RITTER, ROBB, JOHN C. RUPERT H. WALLIS, JR. NORMA JOAN RICHARD B. Berkeley Berkeley San Anselmo Arcadia Berkeley General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science Internatq Rel ' ns Philosophy WT; Skull Keys; ' FT; Skull Keys; Smyth Association. KA; Honor MKT. Cal Club; Big C; Cal Club; Big C; Students; Senior Basketball; Tennis. Basketball; Tennis. Council. 45 ROBBINS, PAUL San Francisco Political Science TAM; Vice-Pres. Circle C; Soccer. ROVAI, JAMES F. Oakland Physical Education YMCA; PE Majors Club. SCHADE, HUGH I. Los Gatos Zoology SHARP, DANIEL A. San Mateo Political Science Bowles; Golden Bear; Rep-at-Large; WSSF; Scabbard and Blade. SIEBERT, REGENE C. San Francisco General Curriculum AEO; WAA; YWCA; Community Service. SKOGSTRAM, KAREN JULIA Oakland Lab. Ind. Rel ' ns ETA; Soph., Jr. Councils; I Board; Tower and Flame. ROBERTS, MARILYN R. Berkeley RUDDOCK, MARY M. Glendale Social Welfare OM; Newman Club. SCHADE, MARILYNN H. San Mateo General Curriculum AFA; Pryt; Gavel and Quill; Sr. Vice- Pres.; YWCA; Women ' s Ex Bd. SHEA, MOLLIE L. Los Angeles History KKF; Ace of Clubs; Red Cross; Intramural. SIEGRIST, EUGENE C. Berkeley Zoology AtI,52; Honor Students; Pre-Med Soc; Lutheran Stud. Assn. SLATT, MARILYN S. San Francisco General Curriculum Homecoming; Elections Council. ROBINSON, JANICE D. Beverly Hills Education KA; Treble Clef; Collegians; TM II; Masonic Club. RYAN, JEANNE A. San Francisco General Curriculum AK. SCHMIDT, SIEGFRIED, JR. Santa Monica Psychology Crew. General Curriculum XCI; Chr. Card Stunts Com.; Secretariat; Jr. Council. SMITH, JAMES A. Santa Maria History ADD; Jr., Sr. Council; Jr. Jinx Chr.; Sr. Peace. ROBINSON, VIRGINIA Berkeley Speech TK; Speech Arts Club; Treble Clef; Jr. Council. SCHROEDER, GEORGE L. Visalia General Curriculum ATA; Skull and Keys; BB; Winged Helmet; Triune. SILVERMAN, FAIGA H. Oakland Journalism ()In; Vice-Pres. II A Pelly; Treble Clef; Hillel. SMITH, JOANNE S. Sacramento Political Science AFA; I Board; Blue and Gold; Secretariat. ROBISON, ELINOR M. Oakland General Curriculum Utrimque; UC Hiking Club. SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM L. North Dakota General Curriculum Cloyne Court; Pre-Med Society. SILVIUS, DONALD E. Sacramento Zoology APO; Pre-Med Soc., Westminster House; Jr. Council; HSS. SMITH, JONNEL P. Oakland Internat ' I Relat ' ns SMITH, BARBARA LEE Encino Decorative Art Richards Hall. ROBERTS, NANCY L. Sacramento ROBERTS, ROBERT J. Oakland General Curriculum KAP; 14. Medicine KN; Honor Students; Ball and Chain; Tower and Flame; IFSHS. SMITH, HELEN K. La Mesa History KA. General Curriculum Journalism Xt2; Pelican; Jr., AT ' ; 010; Fr., Sr. Councils; Radio Soph., Jr. Councils; TV; Axetravaganza. WSSF. RYAN, RYAN, MARYANNE G. RITA R. San Francisco Long Beach History History Utrimque; AA II; Jr. and Sr. Education Club. Councils. SHERRICK, SHIBUYA, NANCY JANE MARMARO, Albany Mt. View General Curriculum Honor Students; Utrimque; WAC; Torch and Flame; Women ' s Ex. Bd. 46 NANCY BALLARD ' s cheerful smile air of quiet efficiency won many friends during stay at Cal . . . She served the ASUC Women ' s Rep ... was a member of Panile, Pryt, Cal Club and Mortar Board, and was Pelican Women ' s Director, among other things A Dec Art major, Nancy plans to go into Merchandising upon graduation. RUGG, ROBERT M. Iowa Physical Education Physics PE Majors Club; Varsity Wrestling. SCHAFFNER, SCHEFFER, HENRY T., JR. SHIRLEY J. Piedmont Glendale General Curriculum Child Development BOH. Education Club. RUSTAD, RONALD C. Oakland Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Social Bears; Stiles. SHEEAN, LOIS JANE San Francisco History AA II; Soph., Jr. Councils. SILBERBERG, ELSA Estonia German. SHENON, SHEER, PETER W. NORMAN A. Berkeley Yuba City Zoology Zoology AAO; Fr. Crew; AXA; Honor Jr. Council; Pre- Students. Med Society. SILBERMAN, SILLIMAN, IRWIN ALAN MARY ANN San Francisco Watsonville ROSENTHAL, ROSS, ROSS, SHELDON JAMES N. PEGGY San Francisco Lemoore San Jose Art Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum ASE; Honor HAO; Rally Com.; JOKE; Pres. Big C; KAO; Ace of Clubs. Students; Pelican; MAC; Hillel. Ath. Coun.; Skull Sr. Council; Keys; Cal Club. WSSF. SANTOS, EVAH MAE Modesto Political Science. SEVERN, SILAS M. Oakland Political Science. SPARKS, LOWELL L. Auburn Medical Science XV; Cal Band; IFSHS. ROBSON, ARTHUR L. New York Political Science Baton; Rugby; Band Mgr.; Chr. Music Coun.; Rally Conn. SACKETT, DOLORES H. Berkeley General Curriculum INDB; WSSF; CSTA; Class Councils. SCOTT, ALAN B. Berkeley Medical Science ZN ' . SHILLING, TANIA I. San Francisco General Curriculum Joaquin Hall; Radio Workshop. SIMMONS, RUTH H. Los Angeles H istory- Pre-Law EKA; Mortar Bd.; Chr. Welfare Bd.; YWCA; Ex. Comm. SMITH, MARGARETTE Monterey English AEO; NAACP; YWCA. ROCK, JOHN B. Los Angeles Hispanic America EH; Speech Arts Club; I Bd. Hospi- tality Council. SAKS, GERTRUDE Modesto Political Science Epworth Hall. SCOTT, DONALD P. San Francisco Geology. SHIOZAWA, CHERRY Oakland Social Welfare. SIMONSON, DONALD W. Burlingame Zoology Bowles Hall; Baton; Cal Band; MAC. SMITH, SHIRLEY J. Redding General Curriculum CM; Tower and Flame; Jr. Council; Elect. Coun.; Speakers ' Bur. ROPER, PATRICIA H. Napa History AOH. SALE, JAY EDWARD Berkeley Sociology. SEENO, FRANCES E. Knightsen Social Studies Colonial; EE II. SHIPLEY, BARBARA San Francisco General Curriculum The Californian. SIMPSON, ANN B. Berkeley General Curriculum Pelican; UC Chorus; TV Council. SNYDER, JUNE MARIE Glendale General Curriculum AAX. ROSENBERG, PHYLISS N. Richmond SANBORN, E. JEAN Pasadena General Curriculum AAA; SERRA, MARY P. Modesto General Curriculum Bon Haven; WAA; Blue and Gold. SHIPLEY, JOAN San Francisco Zoology The Californian; Honor Students; Tower and Flame. SINCLEAR, ROSE Modesto General Curriculum Ritter Hall, YWCA. SPARKS, DUDLEY G. Winters General Curriculum SPA, Winged Helmet. SAWYER, J. ALLAN Palo Alta Geology AKE; OT. SHANNON NANCY RAE Fort Bragg General Curriculum AAA. SPARKS, NAOMI MAE Oakland Child Development. SAWYER, WAYNE R. Santa Rosa Medical Science ,DAE; AI ' A; Honor Students; Fr. Rep.; " Medi-Cal. " SHARP, BARBARA Hanford History EKE. SIVERTS, TRUMAN E. Herlong History Fernwald. SPRAGUE, WILLARD F. Illinois Political Science Debate sioner. SINGLETON, SISCHO, MARY JO JOAN MARIE Santa Ana Riverside General Curriculum Zoology AAA; Daily Cal; Prospect Terrace. Intramural. SHORT, SHOSTAK, STEAD, WARREN J. STANLEY R. ELAINE A. Hanford San Francisco Alameda Spanish History-Pre-Law Journalism. Scabbard Blade; FL; SEE. Baseball; Newman Club; Quarterdeck. JIM PORTERFIELD ... called Port around Bowles Hall ... busied himself at Cal delving into various and sundry activities, the latest of which was his position as Rep-at-Large. He was also soon on Sproul ' s Committee on Orientations, and served a term as chairman of Orientations Council ... This lady-killer majored in International Relations. TOOTHAKER, WILLIAM Ontario Zoology. TONG, MARGARET Oakland Physical Education. TRACEY, JOHN LESLIE Sacramento History. TOWN E, DONALD A. Red Bluff Political Science Wesley Foundation; Track. STANDLEY, STANLEY, SALLY E. ROBERT LEE Sacramento Oakland English Political Science AOII. Ramblers. SUEZAKI, SUNDERLAND, ALBERT M. LOIS B. San Martin Oakland Japan General Curriculum Collegians. THOMAS, ELAINE 0. Social Welfare. STARK, JOAN M. Santa Monica General Curriculum Colonial Hall. SUNG, HARRIET E. China Zoology. THOMPSON, BERNADINE General Curriculum AAX; Tower Flame; Calvin Club; Education Club. TORN ELL, PATRICIA A. Glendale Social Welfare WAC. STEINERT, STEPHENS, ROBERT E. JEAN DAY Oregon Woodland Paleontology. General Curriculum Tower Flame; Intramural; Red Cross; WSSF. SURERUS, SWANSON, ARDEN KAY NINA LOUISE Los Angeles San Marino Art History. History Epworth; EE II; WAA; YWCA; Class Councils; Daily Cal. THOMPSON, THORSON, STANLEY T. THEODORA M. Economics General Curriculum. Masonic Club; AFROTC; Italian Club. STEWART, DAVID ARLEN Berkeley Political Science. SWIFT, DIANA Yuba City English AAA; Secretariat. THORNBERRY, JANET Psychology AO II; Class cils; Gavel Quill. TRACHTMAN, ZVI Israel Political Science Hillel; Israeli Students tion. STEWART, ELIZABETH San Francisco General Curriculum AA II; Sec. Sr. Class; Jr, Council; COC; Gavel Quill. SYLVESTRI, RONALD LEE Oakland General Curriculum B KT. TICHENOR, A. KENT Pre-Law 0Ei; Ex. Co m.; Chr. FSB; Chr. tion Council; WSSF. TRAVIS, BETTY J. Susanville English Stratford Hall; Service Chr. WDA; Campus Crusade. TENNIS, CECIL B. Bus. Ad. TRUE, TOM Berkeley Physics Tower Flame; Cal Band; Honor Students; SAACS; Baton. VAZQUEZ, PILAR Sacramento Art. TRUSENDI, BARBARA MAE Geyserville Spanish Colonial Hall; Newman Club; EE II; Spanish Club. VEANO, SANDRA M. Palm Springs Political Science AA II; Class Councils; WDA; Homecoming. TULLER, SHIRLEY R. San Francisco General Curriculum AoDE; Homecoming. VERCOE, JOHN S. Alameda Psychology MM II. TURNER, JOHN ARTHUR Sacramento Bus. Ad. AEA; Rugby Club; Homecoming; Water polo; Soccer; ' I ' I. VIS, JACKIE Oakland Dramatic Art Mortar Bd.; Mask Dagger; Pryt.; Hammer Dimmer. TURNER, JUNE Oakland General Curriculum K. VISESSURAKARN, SURADE Thailand Physics. Tower Flame. TUTTLE, SUE Colusa General Curriculum KA(); Ace of Clubs; YWCA; Young Republicans; Red Cross. VLAHOS, ATHENA C. San Francisco History TWEIT, JOAN Berkeley History IKA; Treble Clef; Pres. EKA. VLAHOS, BETTY E. Piedmont General Curriculum JOHN RICKSEN, another graduate from High to excel in California sports, uses his time the tennis and basketball court to be active Big C, Cal Club, Golden Bear, Triune Winged Helmet. John is a and will residence from there to a place designated by Army, after which time he plans to attend school. John co-captained the basketball together with brother Rupe. 48 (,firrg.L4 ,...- " -...._ -----..;:-----, 1 H i 1 1 1 i 1 i I f; It f 1 i 1 . E 1 i I i t i i I ! i ...-1, --:-...)■ STEWART, STEWART STIEBER, ST. JOHN, JOSEPH V. NANCY L. JOAN 0. ANALOU Oakland Glendale San Jose North Hollywood Zoology Corn. Pub. Pol.; Social Welfare General Curriculum Glee Club; KAO; Pryt. APS.; KO; Casa Hispana. HBO; Rally Comm. Occident Pub. Mgr. Chr. Speakers ' Bureau; Rally Comm. TANEM, TANNER, TATE, TAYLOR, ROBERT M. RUSS K. CAROL CAROL M. Lincoln Healdsburg Rosemead Los Angeles Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum English Acacia; G Q, Gold. IIKA. A011; EE II; Warring Place Bear; FSB; Admin. CSTA. Women ' s Ex. Bd.; Ass ' t; Cal Band. Class Councils. TILDEN, TIMMONS, TINDELL, TISDALE, CALLIE B. BEVERLY H. BARBARA E. BETSY San Francisco San Francisco San Mateo San Jose General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum KKI ' . Masonic Club. XO; Rally Comm.; AO; Blue and Gold; Pan H. Sec.; Elec. Intramural; Red Council; Pelican. Cross. TREMBATH, TRETTEN, MARILYN J. RUDIE W. Pittsburg San Francisco History Political Science ABA; Pryt.; B G; Alcti; Daily Cal; Class Councils. Men ' s J Comm.; Chr. Men ' s Rally Comm. STRECHLOW, STUART, SUBLETTE, MARY L. CHARLES M. KENNETT G. Sacramento San Leandro Fall River Mills Zoology Zoology Zoology-Pm-Med Sherman Hall; Bowles Hall; G Q; Honor Students ' UC Wildlife Conner- Co-Chr. Elections Soc.; Cal Flying vation Club. Council, Club. TAYLOR, TAZER, TENER, JOHN C. W. PATRICIA A. BARBARA E. San Rafael Oakland Walnut Creek Zoology Child Development English cl,KT; Rugby; Rally AAA; Women ' s Ex. OBK; Daily Cal. Comm; Pre-Med Board News Letter. Soc.; Class Councils. TJENSVOLD, TODD, TONER, BERTHA J. MARLENE F. AILEEN M. Fontana Petaluma San Francisco Chemistry General Curriculum Corn. Pub. Pol Stern Hall. Stratford Hall Ar; Pelican; Cal CWC, YWCA, Sr. Eng.; Homecoming; Class Council. Newman Club. TREYER, TROTTIER, TROWBRIDGE, NANCY D. JEANNETTE S. THOMAS T. San Mateo San Francisco San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum Speech AXES; Symphony AAA; Symphony BALI; IFC; Golden Forum. Forum; Internat ' l Bear; Homecoming; Forum Council. Senior Show ' 51. TRAYLOR, JACQUELINE E. Berkeley Political Science FOB; Panile; Pelican. TREHEARNE, DIANNE K. Crescent City General Curriculum (-)T; Sr. Council; Red Cross--Oak Knoll. TYSDAL, SYLVIA RAE Sal inas General Curriculum ZTA; T F; Ski Club; Jr. Council. VOGELZANG, ROGER MATHEWS Riverside Political Science Honor Students; Pub. Administra- tion Club. UYEHARA, KAY IC. Oakland General Curriculum. VOGT, LENORE E. Walnut Creek Spanish Mitchell; Casa Hispana; Symphony Forum; Spanish Club. VAN DER ZEE, M. ELEANOR San Francisco Political Science EIC; Rally Comm.; Pelican; Intramural Board. VOLBERG, VON DISTERLO, RICHARD C. TATIANA Pasadena San Francisco Political Science Slavic Dobro Slave; gil3K. VARNEDOE, VAUGHT, ANNE H. HELEN A. TOMMIE G. San Francisco Ojai Richmond Slavic Languages Speech Southeast Asia Dobro Slovo. Epworth; T F; Gr oup Major. YWCA; Honor Stu- dents; Int. Bd. VON WALDEGG, VULETICH, WAGNER, JAMES MATTHEW S. JOHN W. Colombia, S. A. Roseville Montabello Zoology. Mathematics Biochemistry Cloyne Court. Cheney Hall. VALLI, ROBERT L. San Francisco Journalism OKA . AA D; Golden Bear; Cal Club; Pres. IFC; Wing. Helmet. MARY JO HART ... one of the liveliest girls the ASUC has seen in years wielded her mighty arm over Student Union Council and presided over Mortar Board meetings in-between Pryt, T S, F ' hB, and EKA ... " Mar was famed among other things for a paradoxical sleepy-eyed look which didn ' t seem to mix with her bubbling personality ... the " farm girl who made good " majored in American History. 49 • 1.irr Ayam . 1.; r-i , I f WALES, ELEANOR L. Alameda Speech WESTERBERG, CHARLA JEAN, Fort Bragg Speech. WILSON, ROBERT K. San Mateo Dramatic Art Mask Dagger; Hammer Dimmer; Univ. Theatre. WRIGHT, GENE M. Taft H istory-Pre- Legal WAX; Jr. Council. WALKER, STANLEY A. San Francisco Economics WESTERNOFF, MALOU J. Alameda General Curriculum KA,D; Pelican; Frosh Council. WING, LORETTA Val lejo Decorative Art Honor Students; Chinese Students Club. WRIGHT, MARGERY M. Whittier General Curriculum t ' M; Fr. Soph Council; Cal Frolics Sec ' y Co-Chr. WALL, JACK H. Lompoc Psychology. WETTEROTH, WARREN C. Colton History KAP. WINNIKOFF, ALBERT British Columbia English KN. YAICH, BRANISLAV San Francisco Physical Education Frosh Rambler Football. WALLACE, PAUL Los Angeles Political Science ASE; Daily Californian. WINNINGSTAD, PHIL San Francisco Political Science. YANO, F. Bill Utah Japan Group Major Cal Band. WALSH, PATRICIA RAE Ukiah History Mitchell Hall. WINZLER, LURA ANN Eureka Hispanic America International House; Casa Hispana; WAA. YATER, FRANCES M. Oakland Child Development Masonic Club. WARAAS, ROALD D. Sacramento Political Science 4,101 " . WHITE, DONALD H. Berkeley Physics WISOTT, COURINE T. Iowa Decorative Art College Women ' s Club. YEE, BETTY ANNE Berkeley General Curriculum CSC; Education Club. WARD, NANCY LOU Lemoore General Curriculum Stern Hall; YWCA Community Service; FH Council. WHITE, KATHLEEN E. Fal lbrook Political Science Mitchell Hall; Honor Students ' Society. WOLFE, ALEXANDER M Antioch Psychology Pre-Med Soc.; Men ' s Counseling; Soph Vigilantes. YESTER, MARTY ALREAD Glendale General Curriculum KE. AO II; Elections Abracadabra. Council; Homecom- ing; Speech Arts Club. WETZORK, WHEELER, GAIL ALLEN VERNON E. Long Beach San Francisco Economics Physics. Varsity Track; AclAJ; Jr. Sr. Councils. BOB KARPE, the big wheel, who made sports headlines, ran into knee trouble. Bob made a big splash his last semester with his beautiful new car. He had brains as well as brawn, as shown by his membership in Honor Students and Fraternity Scholastic, Big C President, Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, BrE, Triune and Skull and Keys, kept the Theta Delt from Bakersfield busy. Bob majored in Bus. Ad. in four years or so. YOUNG, REX J. San Fernando General Curriculum 111Oli; Track; NROTC. YOUNG, YOUNG, ROBERT WILLIAM M. Fresno San Francisco Political Science Political Science iDKE. ZINSKI, ZUBER, JACQUELINE C. JODY C. Sacramento San Diego Social Welfare History AEE. cl,M; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Panile; G Q; Soph VP; VP COC. ZUVER, WERTH V. Florida Political Science NSA; I Board; SDA; SCLU; Track; De- bate; Young Republicans. YONEMOTO, JIMMY M. San Francisco Economics. ZACHERY, VIRGINIA L. Bakersfield Decorative Art AZ; Pryt.; G Q; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Class Coon. YOUNG, BARBARA J. Pacific Grove History Ritter Hall; T F; Women ' s C Soc.; WAA; Honor Students. ZANDER, MARLEN E Ventura Psychology An.,E; WSSF; Homecoming. YOUNG, GERALD C. Exeter Geology Del Rey. ZIMMERMAN, PAUL A. Oakland Economics Nat ' l Defense Transportation Association. YOUNG, LOIS L. Berkeley Speech ANSI; COC; ACB; YWCA; Pelican; Sec.-Treas. Frosh Class. ZINN, MILDRED C. Albany History (DM; Pelican; WAC. 50 WATERMAN, THOMAS Oakland History Newman Club; UC Folk Square Dancing. WHITE, OLIVER R. Hayward Corn. Pub. Pol. Rally Corn.; G Q; Big Game Wk.; SUEC; Jr., Sr. Council. WEATHERINGTON, WEBSTER, WELCH, JOANNE H. OSMUND LYLE W. Richmond Albany Albany General Curriculum. Zoology. History. WHITING, WHITLOCK, WHITMER, GEORGE A. BARBARA A. HOLLIS J. Torrance Sacramento El Cerrito Economics General Curriculum Economics AA II; Jr. Council; Arnold Air Society. Symphony Young Republicans. WELLINGTON, WELSH, FREDERICK S. JAUIRE Berkeley Berkeley General Curriculum Psychology ASE; University APO; Crew; Pre- Theater; Mask and Med; Orchestra. Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer. WILLARD, WILLIAMS, ELEANOR C. JOAN MARIE San Francisco Vallejo Labor Ind. Rel ' ns Art A ' E; Pelican, Big Joaquin; DE; Ski Game Week. Club Ex. Bd.; Life Guard Corp. WERNER, ROBERT W. Novato Political Science APO; Honor Stu- dents. WEST, DONALD B. San Mateo History OX; Honor Stu- dents; Sr. Council. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, JOHN W. PAUL HARRY Oakland Oakland Philosophy. Journal ism Radio TV Theater; University Theater. WOLFE, GOLDA JOAN Stockton Journalism Stebbins; Daily Cal; ODD; Univ. Student Co-Op Assn.; T F. WONG, WONG, GEORGE S. MAY G. Fresno Berkeley Zoology General Curriculum A43O; Stu- CCCA; Education dents; Stiles Hall. Club. WONG, TING-WA China Physiology ' BK. WOO, JACK N. San Francisco Social Welfare. WOOD, MARGARET Pasadena History Richards Hall. WOOD, PATRICIA A. Santa Rosa Psychology AC EEC. WOO N, WEST San Francisco Zoology Glee Club. V., 4 • 1 ,•, I I ti I •: •;---C . 1 i i i . , • C i • f i I f ,...,j...„. — i-r ...: .--- ..s• I 1 f --- i i ' 7- ' r•1 ; i 1, f , 1 JANE BARTLETT, busy Picture Editor of the Blue and Gold, spent her time organizing people and schedules to fit the rain and keeping in contact with Photo Lab. Janie was also active in Elections Council, Panile, IT A and Senior Council. She holds the distinction of being the only XS with a major in Industrial Relations which will prepare her for future work in Personnel Administration. JOAN KINGERY, known as Ping to her friends at Stern Hall, kept busy this year by holding down the position of President of Women ' s Dorm Council. Her other activities included Senior member of Women ' s J, Pryt., Torch Shield, and Women ' s Ex. Board. In her spare itme she manages to study a bit of Poli Sci in preparation for teaching. 5I Dean KENNETH S. PITZER his sailing enthusiasm reaches a higher peak many others, due to the fact that he took boat to Washington, D.C., to sail on the Chesapeake while he was working on the Energy Commission. Dean Pitzer takes in that the Chemistry Department Staff is available to any of its interested students. AHRAMJIAN, AVERY, BABIKI AN, LEO NORMAN W. RUDOLF E. San Francisco Santa Barbara Berkeley Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Smyth Association. E II . Honor Students; Glee Club; FSB; Chr. Campus Tours. BALLINETTI, BELTRANFOR- CIRIACO TUNY, RAFAEL Mexico Mexico Chemistry. Organic Chemistry. COLMENARES, DANKNER, DANKNER, DEEG, ELLIS, CARLOS A. DAVID SHMUEL WERNER E. WALTON PAUL Colombia, S.A. Israel Israel Ventura Ontario Chem. Engineering. Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chemistry. Chemistry Tower and Flame; TB II; AIChE; Honor Students; Hillel. Hillel. Campus Tours; SAACS. chemistry JOHANSEN, MACK ARTHUR Berkeley Chem. Engineering AIChE; SAACS. JOHNSON, ROBERT T. Santa Ana Chem. Engineering. LUKES, JEROME A. Bakersfield Chem. Engineering H K A ; 4.1). McCARTHY, NAKATA, JOHN R. MARY SADAKO Castro Valley Alameda Chem. Engineering Chemistry. AXE; Scabbard and Blade; AIChE; SAACS, SAME. BOB TANEM was the man who peren- nially ran for office. Publicity director and announcer for the California Band and erstwhile FSB chairman, he painted in his spare time. The Poly Sci major from is a Law School aspirant and spends his summers in the strenuous of logging. 52 SHORT, SILCOX, SNYDER, SPIROS, STEHR, GLEN A. HUGH CURRIE LAWRENCE ANDREW A. CHARLES E. Arizona Taft Pennsylvania Oakland So. Pasadena Chemistry Chemistry Physical Chemistry Chemistry. Chem. Engineering Cal Band. AXA; Soccer AXE; Honor Chemistry Mgr.; Ball and Students; ACS; ATEI; Big C; Chain; Mgr. Water SAACS. Circle C; Ball and Polo; Circle C. Chain. STOFFEY, SUN, SUZUKI, TROUTNER, VIGLIZZO, DONALD G. GEORGE CHI MIKIO VERNON H. JOSEPH M. Salinas China San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chemistry Chemistry Chem. Engineering Newman Club. AIChE. Euclid Hall. AXE. TB II. WOLF, YOUNG, LAWRENCE W. JENSEN Elsinore Oakland Chemistry Organic Chemistry AXE. Chinese Student Club, WESSMAN, ROBERT A. Pinole Chemistry SAACS. BLANZ, ERWIN J., JR. San Francisco Organic Chemistry Smyth Association. FEARING, WATSON G. San Francisco Chemistry AEO. BURNS, DOUGLAS R. Riverside Chemistry Bowles Hall. GOLDSMITH, HARRY San Francisco Chemistry USCA. BUTENHOF, EDWIN A. Daly City Chemistry AXE; Honor Students; Chr. UC Folk and Square. GRENS, EDWARD A. Burl ingame Chem. Engineering TB IT. PAVLOW, GEORGE Ojai Chemistry Bowles Hall; FSB; Newman Hall; Pelican. BYSTROFF, ROMAN I. Alameda Chemistry Tower and Flame; Cal-Muters; Hiking Club; SAACS. HOGAN, TERRENCE V. Norco Chemistry COLBY, NANCY GAIL Burlingame Chemistry Are; IE Honor Students; WAA Council; Secretariat. JAGOW, ROBERT H. Elverta Chemistry. COLBY, THOMAS H. San Leandro Chemistry Photo Club; Hiking Club. JESS, JOHN K. San Francisco Chemistry OX; Scabbard and Blade; Rally Com.; Fr., Soph Councils. SAPP, GEORGE G. Mill Valley Chemistry Aryl. NICHOLS, PARKER, CHARLES R. RICHARD Upland San Jose Chem. Engineering Chemistry AIIP; TBH; Bowles Hall; APE; AIChE. Gavel and Quill; Golden Bear; Rep-at-Large. PENCE, POUCHER, RODNEY J. FREDERICK, JR. Oakland Brea Chem. Engineering Chem. Engineering AXE; AIChE. AXE; AIChE; EJC. BETSY STEWART had a crowd of hecklers on hand every time she read the minutes to the illustrious Senior Council ... aside from these hazards, Bets ' career was peaceful ... an artistic gal, Bets was renowned for her poster-making abilities well ... a job in public relations lies this AA II ' s future. JOAN CARR ... efficient and vivacious, entertains her friends at the AO H house with animal imitations which did not, however, influence her work as Blue and Gold Editor, Pryt member or house president. spends her spare time writing, not only for a or her English courses, but for since she plans to be a short story writer. an active student here and hailing San Francisco has given her of story material. 53 ABBOTT, ABEL, ABRAHAM, ALEVRAS, ALSOP, DON LEO WAYNE JAMES EVAN PETER JOHN R. Hayward Taft San Gabriel Athens Sal inas Electrical Eng. Petroleum Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering OE; UCSEE; OT; Mineral OAX; Circle C; USCA. University Crew; Jr. Council; Technology Assn. Handball Team; Christian Fellow- Var. Rowing Club. Jr., Sr. Council; ship; Epworth Club. ASME. BECK, BERG, BERNSTEIN, BERS, BIGGS, LOUIS ALLEN DAVID GLENN DEAN 0. ABRAHAM RICHARD E. Mounta in View Oakland Oakland Colombia Sacramento Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Electrical Eng. Structural Eng. Abracadabra; ASCE. WAX; Arnold Air UCSEE. I House; TB H; Cloyne Court; Sociey; Sr. Class HKN; AIEE; IRE. XE; ASCE. Council, ASME. CHAPEL, CHONG, CLAPP, CLARK, CLARK, WILLIAM G. JUAN P. MAURICE F. JAMES R. WILLIAM R. Los Angeles China Redlands Manteca Berkeley Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Acacia. E.,10.; Bowles Hall; KE; OAX; Scabbard UCSEE. JV Football. and Blade; ASCE; SAME. DON, DOWD, DUNLOP, ELFVING, FARMER, RICHARD RICHARD DONALD R. CLAES T. WILLIAM H. Porterville Mountain View Texas Sweden San Bruno Mechanical Eng. Engineering Mechaical Eng. Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. II KC ASME. MKT. A40; SUEC; Soph, Jr. Council. GEE, GENTRY, GILDEA, GOFF, GRIESINGER, HERBERT W. THOMAS H. PATRICK D. WILLIAM G. ROBERT E. San Francisco Orinda Long Beach Los Angeles Orinda Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. AIEE; CCCA. KE; Scabbard and Blade. Newman Club. TBII; XE. HOUSDEN, HOUSTON, HUDSON, HUSAYN, ILSENKO, LESLIE R. ROBERT K. HOBART M. MOHAMMED K. ROLAND R. Laguna Beach Beaumont Willits Iraq San Francisco Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Cloyne Court; TBII; IITE. ASME; IAS. Arab Association. ASME. ASME; AIIE; ASME. Hiking Club. engineering 54 Fun-loving and interested in anything out of the ordinary, M.I.T. man, MORROUGH O ' BRIEN, Dean of the College of Engineering, is less a hard-working individual. He is professed by his staff to be especially interested in " waves, ' and should be consulted about them. MARILYN JONES, known as Jonesy to her friends at The Californian, brought fun and spirit to the Blue and Gold office where she occupied the Sports Editor desk. She was also active in Pryt and was secretary of Mortar Board. Jonesy thinks Salinas is great but doubts the merits of being a Spanish major. Her plans for the future are indefinite but she hopes some day to grow Acacia trees. CURRIE, FRANK A. San Bernardino Civil Engineering XE. DELANO, DESSAU, EDWARD B. PETER PAUL Red Bluff New York Civil Engineering Metallurgy KA; ASCE; XE. MTA. AVERY, BARDEN, GEORGE BEAL BERNARD J. Stockton Costa Mesa Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. XE; Jr. Rep. for Smyth Association; ASCE to Eng. Joint ASME. Council. BAUMANN, BEATREZ, HANNS U. ROBERT San Marino Fresno Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. EX; Triune; Skull and Keys; ASCE; ASME; Boxing. BARR, LAWRENCE B. Berkeley Civil Engineering TB XE; ASCE. BROWN, BUCHNER, ALBERT F. ZVI H. Ramona Israel Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering UCSEE, IRE. Masonic Club. CLARKE, COCHRANE, BRANDON 0. RAYMOND M. Alameda Petaluma Industrial Eng. Civil Engineering AIIE. ASCE. BUSH, LAWRENCE A. Pasadena Electrical Eng. Bowles Hall; Glee Club. COE, ROBERT E. San Gabriel Electrical Eng. Acacia; AIEE; MAC; UCSEE. CARRIG, CAUTHEN, CHAFIN, FRANI JAMES GERALD P. ROY San Francisco San Marino Bakersfield Electrical Er g. Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. TKE; IttP; ADD; ASCE. HKN; Scabbard UCSEE; Jr. and Blade; Council; Joint Collegians; Engineers ' Council. Swimming Team. CULVER, CUMMINGS, WILLIAM L. DAVID E. Long Beach Berkeley Electrical Eng. Electrical Eng. UCSEE; Rifle Team; AKA; AIEE; Sec.-Treas. Rifle NROTC. Club. FAROLA, F EAK, MARCIANO J. CLIFFORD, JR. Philippines San Jose Industrial Eng. Mechanical Eng. I Board; AIIE. AXA; ASME. FONG, HENRY KING Sacramento Mechanical Eng. ASME; CSC. FOSSUM, PAUL GENE San Diego Electrical Eng. Scabbard and Blade; UCSEE. FREDERICK, STEWART F. Santa Monica Metallurgy Smyth Association, TB II; Mineral Tech. Assoc. FRIEDMAN, SID JOSEPH Berkeley Civil Engineering. FRIESEN, LLOYD Lynwood Mechanical Eng. 01K; ASME. GARDNER, ARTHUR T. Long Beach Civil Engineerign XE; ASCE. ARGO, ROBERT JR. Walnut Creek Mechanical Eng. ASME. ASVITT, CLIFFORD A. Alameda Mechanical Eng. AUSTIN, ROY Bakersfield Mechanical Eng. Yacht Club; ASME; AIIE. BYLI N KIN, BORIS SERGE San Francisco Electrical Eng. I House. CARLSON, ROBERT E. Lindsay Petroleum Eng. MTA. HAISSER, HAMMOND, ALAN S. ROBERT H. San Diego Fullerton Process Eng. Engineering-Physics AXE; 11B11; Bowles Hall; Pres. AIChE; OBK; TB II; Engineers ' Joint EE; Intramural. Council. INGRAM, ISAACSON, THOMAS J. RICHARD G. Pasadena San Jose Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng . UCSEE; IRE. HEE, RICHARD J. San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE; Westminster Fellowship. JACOBY, MARVIN J. San Francisco Petroleum Eng. Mineral Tech. Association. HENDERSON, CHARLES G. San Mateo Civil Enigneering ASCE; SAME; Scabbard and Blade. JEUNG, ALBERT M. Stockton Electrical Eng. UCSEE; IES; CSC; CCCA. HENDERSON, HICKS, DICK BILLIE GENE Long Beach Reedley Mechanical Eng. Mineral Explorat ' n EltA; ASME; EJC; Dwight Hall, MTA. IAS; Ed. Cal Engineer. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, PHILIP LYLE ROBERT L. San Jose Los Angeles Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering II II . EX; Varsity Crew. HOLCOMB, RICHARD H. Oakland Engineering Phys ics IRE. I ARDHAK, ANDREW JR. Alameda Mechanical Eng. ASME. HOSKINS, DONALD R. Lafayette Industrial Eng. Ad 52; AIIE; ASME. I EBELY, VICTOR Berkeley Mechanical Eng. TB II; II TE. RUDIE TRETTEN, whose aim in life is to make money and be happy, keeps himself busy with the position of Daily Cal Sports Editor. He is also active in MAC, Men ' s Judicial, Golden Bear, Inter-Fraternity Scholastic Society, and headed Men ' s Rally Committee. Moose, as he is known around the AEA house is also the president. Rudie ' s home is in San Francisco and after the Army will return to this area to attend graduate school. 55 I CHUCK NEWMAN is a fellow whose abilities spread in many directions ... a Civil Engineering major, he managed to become an outstanding man about campus and keep up his grades at the same time. This year Chuck pounded the gavel at Cal-Club meetings and took aver the management of All U Weekend . . his future at last count took in a June wedding and a yen to skyscraper building. LEIBSLE, CRAIG D. Los Angeles Civil Engineering AT51. MESSENGER, MILES S. Sacramento Mechanical Eng. ASME; AIIE. NORMAN, NEIL ARTHUR Lindsay Mechanical Eng. ASME. PHELPS, PARKS LEE San Francisco Electrical Eng. HKN; UCSEE. SCHULTZ, HANS Germany Civil Egineering I House: ASCE. KODAMA, KOLLEHNER, HAROLD M. RICHARD A. Monterey Los Angeles Civil Engineering Petroleum Euclid Hall. WAX; Mineral Tech. Association. KRAUSE, LLOYD J. Lodi Mechanical Eng. TBH; TE; ASME; AIIE; EJC. KEMANIS, KLAUDE, GUNARS JOHN RIDER Berkeley Sebastopol Electrical Engineering Physics HKN; TBH. . Bowles Hall; TBH; Class Councils. LEE, LEE, ELMER C. GEORGE Sacramento San Francisco Industrial Eng. Mechanical Eng. Smyth Association. Circle C; Weight Basketball. McNEAR, MEARS, JOHN E. CARLETON JR. San Rafael Balboa Industrial Eng. Mechanical Eng. Abracadabra; Smyth Association; ASME; AIEE; Foot- TBH; II TE. ball; Rifle Team. NICHOL, NICKLE, WILLIAM R. HARRY H. Los Angeles Selma Mechanical Eng. Engineering Physics DDA. BET; CIE; TBH; 4,BK; PECK, PERARA, CHARLES III FRANK A. Massachusetts Oakland Industrial Eng. Mechanical Eng. TBH; II TE; Chr. ASME. ASME. SCHINZINGER, SCHORKEN, ROLAND CARL ALAN Texas Alameda Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. HKN; TBH. Wrestling. KULMANN, LAMON, CHARLES A. JOHN ALBERT Larkspur Marysville Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Meinche Manor; Bowles Hall; XE; HKN; TB II; Can- Scabbard Blade; terbury Club. Var. Crew; Rowing. LEMOIN, LEUNG, LOW, FREDERICK TAT HANG CHEW YUEN Oakland Hong Kong B.C.C. San Francisco Engineering Physics Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. AXA; Jr. Council. ASCE. TBH; If TE; ASME, Corres. Sec. II TE. MEIER, MITTELMAN, MLCOCH, MOHLE, CURTIS LOUIS JR. LOUIS T. R. HENRY San Francisco Associated Martinez Rialto Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. Structural Eng. Civil Engineering EAM; ASCE; Bowles Hall; IRE; OE; Cal Band; ASCE; Newman SAME. UCSEE; AIEE. Radio TV, ASCE. Club; Yacht Club. O ' CONNOR, OERTEL, OKA, OLSON, THOMAS R. KENNETH V. AMOS K. RONALD W. Hayward Val lejo San Jose San Mateo Civil Egineering Electrical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering OX; ASCE. TKE; Cal Circus; HKN; ASCE; SAME. Intramural. EJC; UCSEE, Nisei Student Club. RHEAULT, RILEY, ARMOND G. RAY L. Van Nuys Riverside Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. E4,E; HKN; Sailing Club. LOZANO, GEORGE Oakland PORTER, HARRY N. Arizona Petroleum Eng. AFB; MTA. SEABORN, PAUL E. Berkeley Mechanical Eng. PYTEL, LEONARD P. Oakland Industrial Eng. AIIE. SHAFIQ, TARIQ Iraq Petroleum MTA. SHAW, JOSEPH NED Berkeley Mechanical Eng. Acacia; Scabbard Blade; AIIE; ASME; Flying Club. SILVA, THOMAS J. Berkeley Civil Egineering Ramblers; Boxing. 56 LANG, LANGLEY, LANGLIE, LARSON, LARSON, LAUTZENHISER, LEE, ARTHUR ROLLAND JR. LLOYD M. CHARLES L. ROGER H. ROBERT L. DANIEL Oakland Saratoga Redlands Concord Anaheim Ventura San Francisco Civil Engineering Engineering Physics Civil Engineering Engineering Physics Civil Engineering Electronic Eng. Electrical Eng. ADD; Big C; Circle C; Track; Cross Country; Councils. E ' KT; Jr., Sr. Councils; Home- coming. Bowles Hall; TB n . TB II; XE; Uni- versity Christian Fellowship. AXA; AIEE. MANNING, MATHEWS, MATOUSEK, McCALL, McCARTHY, McDONALD, McNARY, HARRY DONALD W. JOSEPH W. DRURY EVANS ROBERT E. ROBERT A. ROBERT LEE Hayward Rialto Santa Cruz Oakland Bakersfield Oakland Compton Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Del Rey; ASCE; ASME; Newman ASCE. n KA; XE; TB It ; NO; IAS; Swim- Quarterdeck; Cam- pus Planning Com. Club. Golden Bear; ASCE; Track; ASME; ming Team. IFSHS. MONROE, MONSON, MORRISON, NAKANO, NELSON, NEUSCHWANDER, NEWMAN, FRANCIS R. MAURICE D. WILLIAM JR. GEORGE JR. DAROLD A. KENNETH M. CHARLES W. Compton Berkeley Santa Barbara Berkeley Los Ageles Manhattan Beach Arcadia Electrical Eng. Process Engineering Electrical Eng. Engineering Physics. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering En. BET. Co-Op; XE; ASCE. ASME. A A,D; TB II; Soph. Pres.; Cal Club; Chr. All-U Weekend. PANDIT, PARK, PARKE, PARKS, PARTRIDGE, PAUL, PAUSA, JAWAHAR D. DANIEL D. JEROME GEORGE A. WILBERN A. WILLIAM L. C. EDWARD India Los Angeles San Francisco Albany Oakland Oakland South Gate Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Extractive Metal- Electrical Eng. Civil Egineering Phys. Metallurgy UCSEE; AIEE; I House. NSC; ASCE. AXA. lurgy; TB II; Min- eral Tech. Associa- tion. AIEE; UCSEE; Sr. Rep. EJC. TB II; XE; ASCE. Abracadabra; OT; ArDO; Pub. Bd.; Cal Engineer. RILLERA, ROBERTS, ROCHON, RODRIGUEZ, SCHAFER, SCHAK, SCHEFFER, HERBERT JAMES E. JERRY ARTHUR EDWARD ROGER OSCAR WILLIAM J. JOSEPH F. Vallejo Albany Bakersfield San Francisco Long Beach Long Beach Glendale Process Engineering Civil Engineering Petroleum Eng. Engineering-Physics Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Cloyne Court. Del Rey; ASCE; EJC; Scabbard and MTA. Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. ESA. TB II; XE; ASCE. ASME. Blade; SAME. SKILLING, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SOLARI, SPROULE, JAMES IC. EDWARD E. FRANK J. LEONARD A. WILLIAM L. JOSEPH C. WILLIAM L. Laguna Beach Hayward Van Nuys Long Beach Walnut Creek Carpinteria Berkeley Electrical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering Smyth Ass ' n; UCEE; ASCE. Sailing Team. Acacia, ASCE; KA; Triune; ASME; Bowles Hall. Pres. Cabinet; Quarterdeck. Winged Helmet; Radio Club. Fr. Football. 57 EDENA CARLSON, the harried chairman of Election Council who was always in hot water with the ASUC. " Dee " managed to carry a load of activities which ranged from Women ' s Judicial to Blue and Gold and vice-president of the Junior Class. This year she has been secretly plotting on ways of getting to Europe, and going into designing, too. SRINKAPAIBU- STEINER, STRAND, STRICKER, STRONG, SWENSON, TAFOYA, LAYA, SA-ARD EDWARD M. DONALD R. KARL T. JAMES C. ROBERT L. ORLANDO A. Thailand Los Angeles Alhambra Red Bluff Pasadena Berkeley San Francisco Civil Engineering. Petroleum Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. KA; HET; MTA; ASCE. ASCE; Newman XE; ASCE; Sailing UCSEE. EJC. Club. Club; Newman Club. TANDOWSKY, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, THOMAS, THORNTON, TJULANDER, TOMASI, SANFORD DONALD S. WILLIAM M. EDGAR E. KEITH C. VICTOR E. IVAN LEWIS San Francisco Oakland Coalinga Bell Fortuna Lynwood Santa Rosa Civil Engineering TBH; XE; Tower Industrial Eng. , AIIE. Petroleum Eng. AT52; MTA. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering XE. Mechanical Eng. Cloyne Court; Mechanical Eng. Flame; Honor II TE. Students. TOTH, TUCKER, TULLER, TURNBULL, TYHURST, VAN HEERDEN, VAROZZA, RICHARD H. CLAUDE JR. CHARLES G. FRED GERDES JAMES E. RALPH JOHN F. San Francisco Bakersfield South Pasadena Oakland Sacramento Oakland Sacramento Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering HTE; EJC. Smyth Association; AKE; Triune; UCSEE. LEA; Scabbard ASCE. XE; TBH; HEN; TB II; Winged Helmet; Blade; ADtI; ASCE; Sec. EJC. UCSEE. TB 11; IFSHS. ASCE; Quarterdeck. VOLI ERT, WAITE, WALTERS WALTMAN, WANK, WARD, WASLEY, WILLIAM R. ALBERT CREW ROBERT F. ROBERT MARTIN R. FREDERICK RICHARD JR. Citrus Heights Lynwood Illinois Los Angeles San Jose Oakland San Leandro Civil Egineering Engineering Physics Electrical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering Track. TBH. . IRE, UCSEE. 4,,KE. ZBT; II TI; KI; Cal Judo; TBH; XE; Honor TB LI; Crew. UCSEE. Students; Tower Flame. WELCH, WEBSTER, WITBECK, WONG, WONG, WONG, WOOD, THOMAS R. WALTER G. ROBERT LEO DONALD H. RICHARD C. ROBERT FONG HAROLD E. Ojai Sebastopol San Bruno San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Albany Electrical Eng. Industrial Eng. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Irrigation OKT. II KO; Baton; ASCE. XE; TBH. . ASCE. XE; TBH; Rep. Altn; Cal Band; EJC. EJC; ACB; Class Councils. WOODLUFF, WU, WYLIE, YIM, YOUNG, YUAN, ZELLNER, WAYNE R. ROBERT S. HAROLD P. HERBERT C. CLARENCE L. KUN STEPHEN Ontario China Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Hongkong, B.C.C. San Francisco Engineering Physics Electrical Eng. Civil Engineering. Mechanical Eng. Civil Engineering Mechanical Eng. Mechanical Eng. Bowles Hall. HEN; TBH. ASME; Circle C; ASCE. H TX; TB II; Barrington Hall; CSC; Weight Basketba I I. ASME; Chinese Stu- dents Association. Hillel; ASME; I House. 58 SHEILA DARLING added witty remarks and tales of Europe to the atmosphere of the Blue and Gold office where she was the Asst. Copy Editor. Other activities include Class Councils, WAC Sub-Chair, man, ODD, Pryt, and Orientations. Ish, as she is known at Stern, comes from San Francisco and time not spent on her Hispanic American major is spent washing her car, Rosenante. VERDI, STANLEY N. Long Beach Civil Engineering Soccer; Pres. Circle C; Athletic Council; ASCE. WEINER, MARTIN A. Tujunga Mechanical Eng. II TX. ABEND, WILLIAM M. ASHJIAN, HAIG BAUER, ULYSSES E. BIERHORST, DAVID HENRY BOGART, PAUL GORDON San Francisco Fresno Anaheim Pasadena Los Angeles Architecture Architecture. Architecture Architecture AE IT . 02K. BRENNER, ELLIOT H. Los Angeles BURCHFIELD, WILLIAM R. Long Beach Architecture. DODD, RICHARD H. DUNCAN, GEORGE JR. Oakland ERICKSON, EVALD JR. San Francisco Architecture Architecture. Costa Mesa Architecture Architecture. Acacia; Tower Architecture. BO II; Winged IT KCC. Flame; ARC Asso. Helmet. FENICHEL, HENIG FISCHER, RICHARD LEE FONG, ALLEN DON FRIEDMAN, FRED LEWIS GONSALVES, FRANK R. Israel Albany Sacramento Los Angeles Oakland Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture. Architecture. XAK; Arch. Asso.; Masonic Club; Cloyne Court; Hillel; Cal 23. Arch. Asso. Arch. Asso.; XAK. GRAF, ALFRED J. GUARDIA, FERNANDO HANSON, ELWOOD A. HART, ROBERT A. HODGES, HARLAN H. . Winters Bolivia Albany San Francisco Berkeley Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture. Architecture Bowles Hall; XAK; I House; XAK. Wrestling. Newman Club. Arch. Asso. HORNBACK, JONES, KATSURA, KIMURA, LEE, McCORKLE, JOHN W. EVANS F. MICHIO SHUNSO SOOKY OWEN C. Glendale Tustin Berkeley Los Angeles Sacramento Long Beach Architecture Architecture. Architecture Architecture. Architecture. Architecture. XAK; Cal Band. Symphony Forum. NAKATA, NOEL, PERLMUTTER, SHEP, SLAVICH, SMITH, HARRY MASAO FREDERICK HARLAN L. LAWRENCE A. GEORGE R. ALAN EDWIN Honolulu Santa Monica Los Angeles Long Beach San Jose Long Beach Architecture. Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Arch. Asso. Exec. 1AM; Wrestling. Sailing Team. XAK. Circle C; Sailing Council. Team. SORIANO, WONG, FORTUNATO T. EDWARD Philippines Palo Alto Architecture. Architecture. Prior to his Deanship at Cal, WILLIAM WURSTER gained practical experience in architecture in offices in San Francisco, New York, and Europe. Research work at Harvard led to the Deanship of Architecture at MIT, and then to his present position. Other interests include pack trips into the High Sierras, music, and reading. architecture RUTH SIMMONS, SIMMONS, besides being with home and husband, found time to be chairman of Student Welfare Board, member of Ex. Committee and YWCA. She was also active in Mortar Board and IKA. Ruth came to Cal from Los Angeles and is a History major in Pre-law. Future plans are centered around a new addition to the family. WU, ALLAN Y. Oakland Architecture. YEE, FAY F. Massachusetts Architecture. ZIMMERMAN, BERNARD BOB Los Angeles Architecture. Vital Statistics concerning KNOWLES Dean of the College of Agriculture, may be by referring to " Who ' s Who in America, " this volume contains only the bare essentials of training and experience. Special naturally are concerned with different of agriculture, though amateur enters in, when time permits. agriculture BEABER, BEATY, BECK, BEGA, MARILYN L. SHIRLEY A. ELDON W. ROBERT V. Oakland Long Beach Fontana San Diego Dietetics Home Economics Land. Architecture Plant Pathology Home Ec. Club. Mitchell Hall. EAE; Triune; Big Pl. Path. Club. C; Baseball; Land- scape Design Club. DAWSON, DRABKIN, ELLIS, ENGLER, JOHN VICTOR SYLVIA GORDON W. MARK ANDREW Dixon Sonora San Jose Los Angeles Agr. Economics Home Economics Plant Pathology Agr. Economics ATA; JV Football. Sherman Hall; APO; Ski Club; TKE; Scabbard Hi I lel; Folk Dancing; Pl. Path. Club; Blade. Tower Flame. Calvin Club. HAZARABEDIAN, HERZIG, HUNTER, KELLEY, ANTRANIK 0. NORMA LEE MORRIS PATRICIA M. Richmond Santa Ana Berkeley Menlo Park Agr. Economics. Home Economics Plant Pathology. Agr. Economics KA; ON; Honor Pryt.; Cal Club. Students; Class Council. LOCARNINI, LONG, LOW, MAHSHI, WALLACE L. CHARLES R. MAYLING J. YACOUB J. Kerman Palo Alto Bakersfield Palestine Agr. Economics Soil Science. Hospital Dietetics Land. Architecture Bowles Hall; Base- Stebbins Hall. Golden Bear; ball. I Board. AL-HASHEMY, MOHAMMED H. Iraq Agr. Economics. CURTIS, JEROME B. Long Beach Agr. Economics Bowles Hall; AZ; NDTA Pres.; Cal Band. HANSEN, MYRON R. Oakland Agr. Economics OX; Boxing; Circle C. LEE, NORMA W. San Francisco Child Development. it ks.: ' k V-- • I l I l f r AL MANZANO, smiling and care-free spending a great deal of time in Cowell which by the way is an excellent location which to send contributions to Pelly, was Editor of Daily Cal, Chrm. Board„ Ex Committee and active in Cal Club, Golden Bear, Men ' s J., Advisory Council and Student Affairs Board. NURY, FREDOON S. Iran Food Technology FTIA. TAYLOR, JOAN KELLEY Los Angeles Home Economics ZTA; Cal Engineer; Home Ec. Club. OEHME, O ' NEAL, OWYANG, PEARCE, ARTHUR G. KING A. HELEN CAROLYN M. Berkeley Bakersfield San Francisco Piedmont Land. Architecture Soils. Home Economics Dietetics Land. Design Club; Home Ec. Club; AZ; NSA; Inter- Ski Club. CCCA; Chinese Faith Council; Student Club. Elections Council. THOMPSON, THIELEN, UNDERWOOD, WICKSTROM, DONALD S. AILEEN T. BASIL D. EARLEEN L. Altadena Sacramento Santa Ana Glendale Entomology Food Chemistry Soil Science Dietetics Cloyne Court; Oldenberg. WAX. Stebbins; Treble Daily Cal. Clef; Coll. Women ' s Club; HE Club. 60 GROSS, HELEN JEAN Berkeley Dietetics AAA; Panile; Rally Com.; Class Councils; Pelican. KNUTSON, DAVID LEE Patterson Agr. Economics AXA; Agr. Ec. Club. ERICSON, FARRELL, GHAHRAMAN, GORDON, KENNETH D. THOMAS VAIL FARHAD YORAM Berkeley Coronado Iran Israel Food Techonolgy. Agr. Economics Agr. Economics Irrigation Science I House. I House. Hillel; Izfa. KENDALL, KENNEDY, KERR, KERSTEN, KYNOCH P. WILLIAM H. WILMA C. PAUL B. Oakland Richmond Knights Landing Palm Desert Agr. Economics. Plant Pathology. Food Chemistry Agr. Economics. Epworth Hall; lege Women ' s Club Jrs.; Home Ec. Club. NICHOLSON, JAMES EDWIN Visalia Forestry Acacia. st College Women ' s Club Jr.; Social Bears; Home Ec. Club. Abra.; Class Coun- cils; Oski Staff; Circle C; Wrestling. APA; Home Ec. Club; Class Council; Blue and Gold; WAA. AE II; MDC; Chair. Arab Associ- Entomology Club. ation on Campus. BERGER, BERGIN, BRADY, BUTLER, EZRA WILLIAM A. CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH Israel San Anselmo Los Angeles Berkeley Food Technology. Entomology. Home Economics. Nutrition AZ. ABA; Pelican; OX; Senior Class Treas. Home Ec. Council. Club; Class Coun. V ,,‹ , .-- ' ' ' ' - ' - .., R ., , I . - ' _ ' ;.... • ••••■••P ' ,`-• T ' 1- ( ..3 " : ' ' ' › (?).;‘, ' Z ' . " -- " .. " . ' ' ' 6‘ " , " ' ' ' ' ' ' ,r, ' - ' - ' • ‘.. ' ' .. „...)...„...,........ 1-1 H i 11 11 3- j c---1 ‘ - - . ....-. t I ' ll j ' - - , . - . . - -- " I H I 1 ,-- .2- ‘ -A " --- — — . ' t " 1 i CALDWELL, JACK M. Oakland Agr. Economics LEE, MAR, MENOHER, MARY E. EVELYN MARJORIE Oakland Sacramento Riverside Home Economics Nutrition Dietetics Newman Club. Stebbins; Home Ec. AXSZ; Home Ec. Club; College Club; Junior Women ' s Club Jr. Council. MOAK, MARGUERITE San Leandro Home Economics FOB; Sen. Council; WSSF; Home Ec. Club. NG, MARY JEANNE Oakland Food Technology Westminster House; Inter-Varsity Christ. Fellowship. N ESSLER, JOE Sacramento Agr. Economics Cheney Hall. MINES, PERRY, PUTTLER, RASLAN, ROSEBERG, JORENE GAY WILLIAM J. BENJAMIN ABDUL HAMID BARBARA J. Fresno Hayward Los Angeles Syria Burlingame Food Chem. Tech. Food Technology Entomology Soil Science Home Economics SHANKS, FREDERICK Hamilton City Agr. Economics OAX; Triune; IFC; Scabbard and Blade. SILVER, ELI Hollywood Entomology Cloyne Court; AZ; Entomology Club. JOAN ZUBER, better known as Jody to Phi Mu sisters and fellow " activity majors, " chairmanned ACB and Administrative Assistants. Jody, soph Vice President, and Gavel and Quill member, claims San Diego as her home town. This proud holder of Panile, Pryt., and Mortar Board pins is a history major in elementary education who wants to join the foreign service. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WONG, WONG, WURMAN, YAMAMOTO, CHRISTINE L. MADELYN C. PATRICIA S. ROSE Y. ELIAHU CHIYOKO San Marino Yuba City Berkeley Berkeley Israel Berkeley Home Economics Home Economics Food Technology Home Economics Soils. Dietetics. AM2; Pelican; Jr. Utrimque; Home EE; IFT; GC Srs.; Home Ec. Club; Council; Home Ec. Ec. Club. Food Tech. Club; Education Club; Club. CCCA. ON. 61 CHESTER, NANCY JEAN Sacramento Home Economics AEE; Home Ec. Club; Blue and Gold; Newman Club. COFFMAN, RAE ARLENE Alameda Landscape Arch. AZ; Women ' s C Society; Symphony Forum; Land. Club. HAGEN, HILL, CHARLEEN EDWARD J. Oakland Beaumont Home Economics Forestry AAII; Class Coun- USCA. cils; Orientation; Home Ec. Club. ROSEKRANS, KWIATKOWSKI, ADOLPH S. MARIE L. San Francisco Oakland Agr. Economics Home Economics AKE; Skull Mitchell Hall; Keys; Winged Sailing Club; Home Helmet. Ec. Club. EWALD GRETHER, Dean of the School Business Administration, is an important man, only to our University, but to the business world, and other universities well. His knowledge of different fields of Administration makes him sought after, as consultant and director, and as the author various books on the subject. business administration c.5 -r• • r—C k I MARGIE COOMBS . . . the energy plus girl whose interests ranged from Pakistan and Ceylon to three-year-old charges at the alumni camp . . her many-faceted abilities were given full reign this year in her position as ASUC Veep . . . she did everything from greeting visiting dignitaries, to directing various tees in the ASUC maze. Margie looks to the State Dept. for her future. 62 ABEEL, MARY JANE Sacramento Pers. Management AAA; ' X8; Intramural Sports; I Bd. Hosp. Com. BELLING, KENNETH B. Piedmont Marketing IT AM. BROWN, ROLLIN S. Sutter Creek Marketing EAE. CARR, BILL Santa Ana Ind. Management OAX; Big C; Soccer; Ball and Chain; Senior Tennis Manager. CUNLIFFE, E. PETER Fresno Foreign Trade MICE; Golden Bear; Gavel and Quill; Pelican; ACB; WSSF. FARNAM, WARREN E., JR. San Mateo Bus. Administrative EAE; Scabbard and Blade. ABERNATHY, ABRAMOVITZ, AL-SAMARRIE, GEORGE E. JESS AHMED M. San Diego San Francisco Iraq Advertising Accounting Money Banking. AAE; BPE; HAD. OHE; Bus. Mgr. Daily California. BENDER, BENNETT, BERSTON, ALLEN L. EDGAR H., JR. HYMAN M. Sacramento Oakland Berkeley Real Estate Ind. Management. Real Estate. EAE; Winged Helmet; Big C; Football. BROZNITSKY, BUCHHOLZ, BURNS, JOHN PETER BEVERLY B. DOROTHY J. Canada Merced Arcadia Ind. Management Advertising Personnel SAM. Bryn Mawr. Ar. CASSINELLI, CHAN, CHAN, DAVID A. JOHN WILLIAM So. San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Foreign Trade. Accounting. Accounting. DE KLOTZ, DE VOS, DIAMANT, FRED W., JR. ALFRED A. PETER San Jose San Francisco San Leandro Marketing Ind. Management Accounting EAE; Wrestling. MAO. Honor Students; BAN ' ; EM2. FASANARO, FEATHER, FISCHER, MATTED V. WALTER LEON ROBERT JAY Richmond El Cerrito West Point Ind. Management. Ind. Mgt. Pers. Bus. Administration AAX; Social Christian Science Bears; Daily Cal. Organization. ABBOTT, JOHN E. Chula Vista Accou nting. BAUKOL, DOROTHY Berkeley Advertising AXO; Panile; Pelican; Class Councils; Campus Chest. BROWN, RODNEY CAIN Sutter Creek Marketing .EAE. CARR, ANN M. Antioch Retailing ZTA; OXO; Pryt.; ACB; Collegians; Mgr. Varsity Debate. CRULL, ROBERT R. San Francisco Accounting. ERICKSON, NORMAN A. San Diego Accounting BAW; BrE. ARNEY, BAKER, GEORGIA FAY NEAL 0. JR. Canada San Bernardino Retailing Ind. Management ZTA; AMA; WAA; ZW; Honor Students. BAI OSH, BASALTO, BASSEL, ELEANOR B. FRED A. JOHN B. Albany Stockton Berkeley Pers. Ind. Rel. Accounting Accounting AZ; BPE; Blue tDEK; APE; EX; Intramural and Gold Mgr.; Sailing; Golf. Boxing. WAC; Pryt.; T S; Mortar Bd.; 4iXO. CALVERT, CAMPBELL, JOHN ELLIS DUGALD R. San Francisco Long Beach Pers. Ad. WAX; Scabbard Blade. Ind. Management OE; Quarterdeck; Glee Club; Campus Tours; Sen. Octet. AMARAL, JOAN MARIE Livermore Accounting Epworth; tItX0; BAT; BTE. BERTILLION, MARIE L . Oakland Ind. Relations X52; (1,X0; HAI; Ski Club Sect.; IWAS Conven., tariat. BURRIS, DOUGLAS W. Visalia Bus. Ad. ATA; Winged Helmet. ANDERSON, ANANELL Exeter Accounting Stern; Tower Flame. BIGELOW, RUSSELL T. San Francisco Accounting H KA; Golden Bear; Circle C; Golf Team Mgr. BURTON, GEORGE R. Oakland Banking Finance. ANDERSON, EDWARD J. Long Beach Ind. Management. BLAISDELL, JOHN WAYNE Oakland Accounting Hammer Dimmer; AE II; Univ. Theater, Ushering Corn. CAIN, WILLIAM R. Oakland Merchandising WAX; Varsity Boxing. ANGEL, EDWARD G. Hollywood Accounting EX; Arnold Air; Triune. BLANCHARD, WILLIS A. Menlo Park Marketing A052; AE fl; AMA; SAM. BRASEL, TOM JAMES Sacramento Accounting. CAMPBELL, ROGER C. Mountain View Prod. Management II KO. BRECKENRIDGE, ROBERT V. Berkeley Marketing AM II CARLO, JAMES FRED San Francisco Accounting lI K. BROWN, BROWN, ARTHUR III GORDON F. San Francisco Santa Rosa Insurance Pers. Ind. Rel. EN; Cal Band; tErA; Social Bears. Big C; Ski Team. CARLYON, CARPE, JOHN T. MORTEN Watsonville San Francisco Ind. Management Bus. Ad. ATC2; Skiing; Sen. Council; Gymnastics. BOUCHET, DONALD L. Albany Accounting BAT. FROESCHLE, ROBERT C. San Francisco Ind. Management titFA; Triune; Winged Helmet; Varsity Basketball; IFC. CLARK, J. San Diego Real Estate Capt. Swimming Team; Fr. Coach; Fr. Water Polo. DINGLER, HAROLD M. Visal ia Retailing APO; Scabbard Blade; Daily Cal Managerial. FISHER, ROBERT S. San Francisco Bus. Ad. AKE; Triune; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; Waterpolo. COBB, COKER, MILES ALAN GEORGE W. South Pasadena Beverly Hills Accounting Marketing BO II; Winged BPI; AAM; Helmet; BB; AMA; SAM; Honor BAT. Students. DITZLER, DOLAN, HUGH W. PAUL R. Berkeley Corona Bus. Ad. Ind. Management EN; Winged KAP; Tower Helmet; Capt. Flame; Big C; Ball Tennis Team; Big C. Chain; Tennis. FORSMAN, FRAENI EL, HUGH K. KURT .1. Oakland Israel Insurance Ind. Management iliEK; Scabbard BAT; BrE; Blade. Honor Students. COLLIAU, COLLINS, EDMOND H. CLARENCE R. South Pasadena Tracy Marketing Marketing Acacia; IFC; AEH. Marketing Club. DONATH, DOYLE, PAUL B. JOHN LOUIS San Francisco Vallejo Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. A h52; BTE. FRANCIS, FREETHY, JOAN M. MARRYLEE M. Santa Rosa El Cerrito Pers. Administration Accounting iliM; Blue and Gold; AEA; Blue and Jr. Council. Gold. COUNSIL, BRYAN H. Eureka Accounting Bowles Hall; BRE; Scabbard Blade; Honor Students. DUNN, DUSTHIMER, BOBBY LEE JACK T. Marysville San Francisco Marketing Real Estate Mgt.; Bowles Hall; Scab- EAE. bard Blade; Sr. Council. FURUKAWA, GAMSON, KAM E ALLAN R. Santa Maria Beverly Hills Marketing. Ind. Management Durant Place; Masonic Club; SAM; Hillel. CRESCENZO, LOUIS A. GORDON S. CROWELL, San Diego Nevada Pre-Law Foreign Trade I House; BPI. BPI. EGGLESTON, ELLIS, CHARLES H. HAROLD A. Vallejo Piedmont Banking Finance Bus. Ad. AZ. (MO; Big C; Skull Keys; Winged Helmet; Football; Triune. GEHERES, WILLIAM C. GHOSUN, Arizona ABDUL-AMEER Ind. Management Iraq AE H; Honor Foreign Trade. Students. COOK, CORONA, JOHN E. FRANK JR. Ross Riverside Bus. Ad. Foreign Trade BO II; Triune; ASE. Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; Rugby Club. DRAKE, WILLIAM S. San Diego Bus. Ad. ATA. CORALIE GEORGE, known as Corky to her sisters was kept busy this year by her as President of the YWCA and as an active valuable member of Mortar Board, Pryt and and Shield. When time allowed she studied a in preparation for a teaching credential Elementary education. Corky loves and the piano is another of her and varied interests. GILBERT, GLICK, ROGER W. STEVEN S. Atherton Beverly Hills Insurance Accounting IKT; Gavel KN; Scabbard Quill; Class Cou n- Blade; Football; cils; 444. Big C; NDTA. HAMBERGER, HANSEN, EDNA B. KEN GORDON San Francisco Oakland Ind. Relations. Advertising 19X; Circle C; IFC; Varsity Boxing. HUGHES, RICHARD Richmond Transportation. KENNEDY, KIBBIE, JOHN B. WILLIAM E. San Diego Santa Monica Bus. Ad. Sales Management. BO II; Winged Helmet; Skull Keys; BB; Rugby. LAW, JAMES C. San Rafael Insurance. MAGOTA, SHOGO Hanford Bus. Ad. Bri. GOLDBERG, BEN Oakland Transportation ZBT; Sailing Club. HARRINGTON, CHARLES L. Wasco Banking Finance EX; Varsity Crew. KIMOTO, JAMES K. Richmond Ind. Management. GRAASKAMP, GEORGE W. San Jose Bus. Ad. EAE. HENRIKSEN, PAUL HARVEY Palo Alto Accounting Winged Helmet; Crew; Big C. HUTCHISON, DAVID B. San Francisco Marketing KA; AE H. I(INARD, CHARLES A. Los Angeles Foreign Trade LEVY, JESSE M. San Francisco Corporate Finance Cloyne Court Homecoming Parade Committee. HERRLING, DAVID P. Claremont Sales Management Glee Club. IINO, MITSUTOSHI Japan Foreign Trade I House. KING, ROBERT Marin Pers. Management N. LEVY, ROBERT W. San Francisco Bus. Ad. HIBBS, JOSEPH GUY Covina Bus. Ad. Football. ISABELLE, LEONARD W. Oakland Marketing Honor Students; Glee Club; Sr. Mgr. AMA; Arnold Air Society. KIRK, MARY San Francisco Ind. Management Newman Club; SAM; Cal-Muters. LIENAU, JERRY LEE Auburn Accounting AT52; Track; Big C. MATTHEW, BRUCE Berkeley Ind. Management ADD; Rally Com. GRAY, CLAY W. Oakland Ind. Management Winged Helmet; Basketball; Big C; IFSHS; Triune. HIGGINS, LYNN E. Oceanside Marketing Daily Cal Business Manager. JOHNSON, DONALD LEE Bakersfield Bus. Ad. Winged Helmet; Big C; Varsity Football. KIRKLAND, JOHN R. Watsonville Agric. Econ. ED; Triune. LIPPSTREU, EDWARD T. Fairfield Marketing EAE; Big C; ball; Basketball; Track. MAURER, SALLY JOAN San Francisco Accounting DM. GRANT, GRANT, ROBERT S. DAVE Martinez San Mateo Merchandising. Bus. Ad. Triune; G Q; Sr. Class Pres.; Chr. Card Sales. HUNT, HUNTE, HERBERT L. AUGUST J. Chowchilla Martinez Foreign Trade. Bus. Ad. AXII. LEACH, LEE, E. GORDON ALICE Kentfield Richmond Real Estate Marketing Bowles Hall. IO II ; 01(0. MARCH, MASON, DANIEL R. SCOTT San Francisco Richmond Ind. Management Accounting. AXP; AIChE; SAACS; Rally Com.; Jr., Sr. Class Councils. MATHER, MATSUEDA, WINT EDWARD KANOW R. Berkeley San Mateo Bus. Ad. BE; IFSHS, Golden Bear; Rally Com.; BTX; G Q; IFC. 64 GREEN, LYNN D. Oakland Marketing. GREEN, ZANVILLE S. San Francisc o Marketing II AO; Daily Cal Sports Staff. GREENLEAF, ROBERT F. Berkeley Foreign Trade 1.1(E; Fr. Council. GEOGORICH, GROSSMAN, EDWARD E. LORRAINE San Francisco San Francisco Bus. Ad. Marketing Sr. Council. CM; Gavel Quill; Yacht Club; Class Councils. GUTHRIE, RICHARD E. Berkeley Retailing XT. HALAJIAN, HARRY Oakland Ind. Management SAM; Daily Cal; JV Baseball. HOLLISTER, HOM, HOOTMAN, HOPS, HORNBECK, HORTON, HOWE, DON H. PETER DON JOSEPH TODD HERBERT ROBERT W. JOAN DEE FELTON W. Berkeley Palo Alto Monterey Oakland Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Investments Accounting. Bus. Ad. Bus. Ad. Accounting Accounting Bus. Ad. EAE; Class Coun- ,IiliK; Men ' s J; KAP. Tower Flame; Bryn Mawr; cils; Symphony Class Councils; Honor Students; 13PE; Collegians; Forum. Rally Com.; G Q. Swimming. Col. Women ' s Club. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, KARI, KARPE, KATAOKA, ' EIDER, KELLY, KENSETH H. RICHARD E. TOINI E. ROBERT W. GEORGE T. NORMAN JAMES L. Eureka Piedmont Montana Bakersfield Brentwood Pasadena Long Beach Bus. Ad. Insurance Personnel. Insurance Transportation. Ind. Management Investments AKA; Rally Com.; IN; Triune; OAX; Golden Bear; AA; Rep at Large; BO II; Triune; Store Bd.; IFC. Winged Helmet; PPE; Cal Club; Class Councils. Winged Helmet; Skull Keys. Football; Big C. Skull Keys; Alumni School. KOHN, KOMATSU, KYONO, LAFITTE, LAI, LAPEYRI, LAUGHLIN, MALCOLM S. MASAYOSH I RAY, RICHARD R. JONES CORINNE M. LUANNE San Francisco Japan San Francisco Monte Rio Fresno San Francisco Nevada Real Estate Banking Marketing Marketing Banking Finance. Bus. Ad. Accounting II AO. I House. Nisei Students AX4t. OM. cI.XC). Club. LLEWELLYN, LOGAN, LOO, LUCCHESI, LUSTIG, JAMES HOUSE ROBERT S. LORRAINE, HARRY F. JEROME, Berkeley Corte Madera Hawaii Kerman Hayward Ind. Management Ind. Management Insurance. Bus. Ad. Marketing AO. AT; Skull Keys; AKA; Fr. Track. KN. Winged Helmet; Rugby; Football. McCORMACK, McDANIEL, McDERMOTT, McKALIP, McNEAR, ALAN JACK DONALD RICHARD P. JOHN JR. MILLER B. Walnut Grove Piedmont Oakland Piedmont Healdsburg Sales Management Ind. Management Finance Insurance Bowles Hall; MAC; AEC Young MKT; Rifle Team. OE; AXII ; Boxing AM,. Elections Council; Republicans. Club; Sr. Boxing Sr. Council. Mgr. MAEHRARA, MACLAUGHLIN, PATRICK S. WILLIAM H. Hawaii San Jose Marketing. Bus. Ad. EAE; Triune; Varsity Waterpolo; Varsity Swimming. McNEILL, MEDEIROS, JAMES F. RODNEY H. Richmond Hawaii Ind. Relations Marketing. AAE; Ind. tions Research Association. Marketing DICK PARKER, efficient and capable Rep. at Large, also was busy with other activities this year. Among them Pres. Sproul ' s Orientations Comm. and Golden Bear. When Dick came to Cal from San Jose he lived at Bowles Hall which was well located in relation to the Chem. Building where he spent his time preparing for Chemical Marketing. Vacations and spare m oments are divided between skiing and stamp collecting. 65 MILLER, CHARLES E. Iowa Advertising AAS; SAM. METZGER, FREDERICK El Accounting. MICI ENS, EDWARD M. Baldwin Park Accounting KAP; 1.1r. OHNO, OKAMOTO, JOY Y. FRED KAZUO Los Angeles Lodi Pub. Administration Accounting SIP; Nisei Club. Mitchell; Honor Students; WAA; Dorm Council; OXO. M EDVEDY, ELI L. F. Israel Ind. Management Ball and Chain; SAM; Hillel. NEILSON, WILLIAM Piedmont Insurance AE II. RABBITT, WILLIAM D. Balboa Bus. Administration AAA; Scabbard and Blade. SIGGELKOW, EVAN Richmond Marketing. MIGNOLA, DONALD L. Salinas Ind. Management MX. O ' CONNOR, JOHN C. Oakland Marketing AS II; Newman Hall. RICCI, DAVID L. Asti Ind. Management SIMPSON, ARTHUR W. Westwood Marketing ATO; ATE. MILLS, FREDERICK D. Fillmore Ind. Management AX; Ball and Chain; Football Manager. OETTEL, RICHARD K. San Rafael Bus. Administration Barrington Hall. RIVAMONTE, CARLOS B. Massachusetts Foreign Trade ATE. SMITH, JEROME A. Mill Val ley Bus. Administration AXP; ASH; MAC. MILLS, JOHN C. Paso Robles Bus. Administration TEK; Gymnastics. ROCK, PATRICIA A. Oakland Marketing ABA; TM); ASUC Secretariat. SMITH, KAREL, JR. Berkeley Bus. Administration AKA; Class Councils; WSSF; Campus Chest. MIN ETA, NORMAN Y. San Jose Insurance Bowles Hall; Class Councils, NDTA. ROYER, EUGENE A. Sonoma Bus. Administration. SOARES, ROBERT J. Santa Pau la Political Science IX; AIX. MISRACH, ROBERT S. San Francisco Bus. Administration AT; Triune; Crew; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; BB. OWEN, WILLIAM H. San Francisco Real Estate AT; Fr. Pres.; Skull and Keys; Crew; Winged Helmet; G Q. RYGH, JOHN M. Berkeley Bus. Administration. SOONG, DICK WEI-AN China Marketing CSA; Stiles Hall. MONROE, BILL KEITH Carmichael Bus. Administration ATA; Winged Helmet; Baseball. PAPPAS, GEORGE L. New York Banking and Finance ATrE. RUSH, EUGENE J. Oakland Accounting Sr. Track Mgr. SOSNICK, MARTIN H. San Francisco Accounting. STRONG, DONALD M. Alameda Bus. Administration KA. SUMIDA, TATSUO Los Angeles Foreign Trade Nisei Students Club. SUNDBY, HARRY S. North Hollywood Foreign Trade OAX; Circle C; Ball and Chain; ATE; Sailing Team. WELLS, LARRY ALLAN Millbrae Transportation OX. TAM U RA, HARRY H. Hayward Insurance Euclid Hall. WEST, GRADY L. Altadena Marketing ATA; Winged Helmet. TAYLOR, JOHN F. Stockton Bus. Administration AT. WHITEHEAD, FRED Berkeley Transportation KAP. THEILLER, ROBERT G. Sebastopol Bus. Administration KA. WIN ETU B, IRVING San Francisco Bus. Administration SAM. WITTER, RONALD K. San Marino Finance ZT; Skull and Keys; Golden Bear; BB; Rugby. WONG, YIP China Marketing Chinese Students Association. TREMPY, ROBERT E. Oakland VP; Fraternity Forum; Intramural Football. WRAY, CHARLES H. Coronado Bus. Administration TKE; TO; Oski Corn.; IFC; Sr. Peace Corn. TRUMP, DANIEL Oakland Fr. Baseball; SAM; Ski Club; mural Basketball. WRIGHT, JO Pomona Personnel AAA; WAA; coming Dance Com. THOMPSON, TIPTON, HOWARD A. DONALD LEE Alabama Grass Valley Foreign Trade Insurance Scabbard and Blade; ' ' Kr. Jr. Mgr. Glee Club; Music Council. WATSON, WEISS, JANET LEE EDWARD A. Santa Paula San Francisco Marketing Accounting AX52; II A . AE II; DPU; SORR; Praetorians. Marketing Ind. Management NELSON, NOURSE, NYE, EDWARD H. PETER WARD MAX ORMSBEE Berkeley Balboa Berkeley Ind. Management Bus. Administration Marketing ZW. AKE; Triune; IIKT; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys. RATH, REIFF, REINERO, HOWARD, JR. BERNICE G. JOHN B. San Marino Woodland Berkeley Accounting Accounting Marketing XV; BAT; Oldenberg Hall; Newman Club; BPS; IFSHS; Blue and Gold; AMA. Golden Bear; IIAS; College Scabbard and Blade. Women ' s Club Jrs. SILVERMAN, SILVERMAN, SIMON, CAROL MAE STANLEY M. SCOTT A. San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Marketing Economics Ind. Management AEC WAC; Class BPS; Social Bears; ZBT; Sr. Rally Councils; Stiles Hall. Corn.; Pres. Gavel Orientations. and Quill; Class Councils. MORIARTY, TED Los Angeles Bus. Administration AEO. MOORE, MORALES, RICHARD, JR. VICTOR H. San Diego San Francisco Marketing. Foreign Trade I House; ASE; SAM; Daily Cal; Varsity Debate. MOROSA, NEIL Oakland Accounting BAX; Track. MOSER, MOYER, RAYMOND PATRICIA D. Lodi Los Angeles Business Admin. Personnel. KE; Big C; ball. MUNN, PATRICIA Georgia Bus. Administration AEA; Cal Frolics; Intramural. NAGGAN, YAAKOV Israel Forestry I House. RABAN, ROBERT B. San Leandro Bus. Administration ( ' KT. SHEPHERD, HARRY D. Santa Barbara Bus. Administration 1 ' 0E. POWELL, AUDREY D. Auburn Pub. Administration Epworth; Class Councils; Pelican; JAWS Conven.; Model UN. SHERTZER, RICHARD R. Oakland Bus. Administration Associate Manager Glee Club. MORRIS, DONALD E. San Marino Marketing AE ' I ' . PETERSON, JOHN T. Stockton Business Admin. Smyth Association. SEARS, WILLIAM P. Los Angeles Business Admin. AAP; Triune; Rugby Club; Winged Helmet. PENFIELD, JACK ALLEN Sal inas Marketing Acacia, Class Councils. SCHUBERT, STANLEY S. Concord Real Estate. STARK, JEROME L. Roseville Marketing BEE. TURNEY, JAMES F. San Ind. Management. PARNELL, J. DEAN Milbrae Foreign Trade EX; Sr., Jr. Councils. SAM, HENRY San Diego Accounting Chinese Students Club. SPENCE, GEORGE, JR. Berkeley Marketing AAA; Scabbard and Blade. TRUTNER, HERMAN A. Oakland Management ATA. PEARSON, GAYLE Berkeley Advertising FOB. SAM BORN, JACK W. Oakland Bus. Administration EOE; 00; Weight Basketball. SPERLAND, WOODROW Oakland Accounting. TUCKER, CRAWFORD E. Berkeley Personnel and Industrial Relations. PIERCE, POTTER, RICHARD W. JEANNE M. Berkeley Massachusetts Business Admin. Accounting AKE; Triune. AE; Rally Corn.; Sr. Council ' 50; Prytanean. SEVERNS, SAAF, ROBERT E. WALTER A. Berkeley San Francisco Accounting Accounting AX. KA. STEVENS, STRICI MAN, THOMAS M. JACK R. Burlingame San Diego Business Admin. Marketing AAE; Daily Cal; Anetravaganza; Blue and Gold; Masonic Club. WARREN, WASHAM, FRED JOHN RAMON EARL Oakland Santa Ana Business Admin. Accounting Class Councils. Honor Students; Treas. AMA. ELLIE BAI OSH could always be found in her chair in the Blue and Gold office, counting up receipts and pushing salesmen on toward bigger and better efforts. The pert yearbook manager also found time for Pryt, Mortar Board and Torch and Shield meetings. Ellie comes from Albany, but she isn ' t very good at plant-raising. 67 PETERSEN, JOHN C. Ceres Bus. Administration Smyth Association. SCH U GT, HEINZ D. Fullerton Ind. Management KAP; AOC1; Hiking Club; SAM; Soph. Show Stage Manager. STEDNITZ, STEPHENS, JACK JOHN H. Palo Alto Sal inas Accounting Insurance. AO4; Scabbard and Blade; Ball and Chain; Daily Cal; Baseball. UPHOFF, VEDDER, ROBERT H. MURMAN LARS Los Gatos Burlingame Marketing Business Admin. ADD; Orb; Acacia; SAACS; Sr. Water Polo; Peace Comm. Swimming. ti. ' ; I 111111 YAMANISHI, NAMIE San Juan Bautista Accounting OX8. YASUDA, HENRY San Fernando Foreign Trade. YEE, ZEMBSCH, DANIEL L. ROBERT J. Santa Rosa Oakland Finance Accounting Cal Band; I House. BA115; BEE. YOUNG, BARTLEY G. Sal inas Marketing Winged Helmet; Ball and Chain; Big C. ZIMMERMAN, GORDON K. Oakland Business Admin. AKE; Winged Helmet; Fr. Base- ball. AL-HAMI, A RAKAWA, BAILEY, BARICH, BATES, ALWAN H. YASUI O KAY MARILYN RICHARD P. HAROLD JR. Iraq Fresno South Pasadena San Pedro Corte Madera Lab. Technician PH Lab Clinical Lab. Pre- Dentistry Sanitation. I House; AZ; Soc. Stebbins; NSC. Pi Tuna Pi; Newman Chr. Arab Students Club; Pre-Dental Assn. Club; PH Club. BUCHNER, CHAN, CHU, ELLEFSON, FONG, GINNY S. LOW C. VERONICA JO-ANN C. ELEANOR San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco PH Lab Sanitation. PH Lab. PH Lab. PH Lab. PH Club; Masonic Club. HAYASHI, HOLDER, HOLMES, HONG, JACOBSON, AKIO LEE CAROL JOANN DOUGLAS BEVERLY ANN Arroyo Grande Colton Glendale San Francisco Hawaii Sanitation. Sanitation Lab Technician PH Lab. Public Health Tower Flame. EA; WSSF; ATE. Pelican. MARYLANDER, MERRILL, NEUNZIG, NORTH, NOBAKA, STUART J. LLOYD B. FREDERICK YVONNE M. ALICE H. El Cerrito Berkeley Monterey San Francisco Berkeley Pre. Hosp. Ad. Sanitat ion PH Lab PH Lab Tech. PH Lab. TAM; PH Club. AAM. PH Club. ONETTI, PETERSON, SHIRLEY A. POO N, ROBERT C. PRATO, CATHERINE M. ROBBINS, GORDON E. MARY DORIS Martinez San Francisco Walnut Creek Berkeley Placerville Education Clinical Lab PH Lab Sanitation. PH Lab. AXt2; Blue Gold; Oxford; CSC; Honor Students. Class Councils; USCA. Swimming Club. SACCHETTI, STOLLAR, TALLEY, TROXELL, YOULER, JOAN M. LEONEL S. L. RAYNOR JOAN A. LORNA E. San Francisco Oroville Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco PH Lab. Tech. Sanitation Sanitation Public Health. Health Education PH Club. AKA. PH Club; Newman ZTA; OBK. ADD; Pers. Direc. Club. Pelican; Orientation; WAC. In spite of DEAN SMITH ' S lack of hobbies, he feels no glaring lack of adjustment except around Big Game time, but the Waldorf shock treatment provides a sure cure for this Stanford man. The Dean ' s dream is now being fulfilled, for soon the day will come when the Public Health Dept. joins hands with the Calif. St. Health Dept. in a partnership dedicated to prevent disease. public health 68 MANABE, MAY Y. Berkeley PH Lab. OKAZAKI, MASASHI Richmond Statistics. KAREN BYL was one of those rare individuals who managed to be a Phi-Bete and an activities major at the same time. This year Karen was Managing Editor of the Daily Cal. Cal Club, Pryt, and Mortar Board members acclaimed her as one of their own. This International Relations major from Pasadena wants to work with the UN in the future. ARMSTRONG, BOBERG, CAROL IRENE RICHARD J. Oakland San Francisco Criminology Criminology AXE; AAE; q,A(9. Hiking Club. COOK, CORTI, DAVID JR. FREDERICK, Pennsylvania San Leandro Criminology Criminalistics AAE. Scabbard Blade. BYERS, ROBERT K. Oakland Criminology AAE; Scabbard Blade; Distinguished Military Student. DAHL, CHARLES C. San Pedro Criminology ICI; Judo Team. EDWARDS, JOYCE Berkeley Criminology Pryt.; II AM; AAE; Panile; Daily Cal Managerial. FRACOLLI, PAUL Oakland Law Enforcement. GREEN, ROSEMARY Berkeley Criminology AAE; DBIC. HILLMAN, ARTHUR LEW San Francisco Criminology EX; AAE; Boxing Team. JOHNSTONE, NORMAN E. Oakland Criminology AAE. NEVILLE, HAROLD Scotia Law Enforcement AAE. HOLLIMAN, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, WILLIAM JR. JOHN W. THOMAS W. El Segundo Larkspur San Francisco Criminology Criminology Law Enforcement AAE; Scabbard Acacia. AT; AAE; Winged Blade; Boxing Club; Helmet; Big C Sen. Mgr. Boxing. Society. KING, MILLER, MOORE, MONROE W. GLEN EDWARD VERNON A. Oakland Nevada Petaluma Law Enforcement Criminology Criminology II ICE; AAE; ■KT; Varsity AAE; Flying Club; Rally Comm. Crew; Rowing Club. MAC. RASMUSSEN, STOTTDEMYER, WESTBROOKE, DONALD W. DON E. LEWIS E. San Bernardino Marysville San Francisco Criminology Criminalistics Law Enforcement EAE. Bowles Hall. Rifle Team. At 39, after serving as Police Chief of for 11 years, DEAN WILSON became Professor Police Admin. here at UC. During the last Dean Wilson was a Col. in the military abroad, and Pub. Safety Advisor to Gen. L. D. U.S. Military Gov. of Germany. Becoming in 1950, he has received the Bronze and the Legion of Merit. school of criminology .._...— ........---.....„.. -... , I- ,....-,1 ' -y---7 k---T •,-,---.9 , i -) L.. ; - le 1 ■ 1 i ‘;;:-------- ,1 ,,,---:---:.---f I ti ; RUTH HEINTZ always managed to be tied up in more activities than anybody. Friends at Epworth joked about making an appointment to see this busy senior between meetings . . . This year Ruthie managed the momentous feat of juggling WAC chairmanship, ACB ship, WDA Women ' s Ex Board, and about a dozen others . . this San Jose dynamo plans to get an MA in Social Welfare next year. ; 69 AGRONS, BOURGEOIS, BRICHACEK, CHARTER, CLINE, BERNARD Z. PAUL ANDRE OTTO JOHN WILBUR GENE MORRIS G. Pennsylvania Santa Monica Minnesota Albany El Monte Forestry Forestry. Forestry Forestry Forestry Forestry Club. 8E II. B 11, A ' BQ; Ridge House; AAX. Forestry Club; Hiking Club; Big Game Com. CONNERS, COOMBS, D ' AMELIO, EVERETT, GENTRY, ROBERT J. BRUCE B. JAMES F. DEAN W. GEORGE I. San Francisco Glendale Berkeley Alhambra San Carlos Forestry. Forestry Ranger Research. Forestry Forestry OKT; Triune; Forestry Club. Forestry Club. Scabbard Blade; Big C; Crew. GLADISH, KYER, KROHN, McCALLUM, nn=wi ENS, EDWARD N. GEORGE JR. ROBERT F. WILLIAM B. HARVEY E. San Pedro Oakland Davis Salinas Oakland Forestry Forestry Forestry Forestry. Forestry Pi Tuna Pi. AZ; Forestry 4,1C111; EX 11; MKT; Pi Tuna Pi. Club. Forestry Club; Fra- ternity Schol. H.S. MILLER, MUIR, OPSAL, ORR, PONG, ALAN R. Oakland ROBERT J. Albany NEIL B. Los Angeles THOMAS J. Berkeley WEE YUEY, San Diego Forestry Forestry Forestry Forestry Forestry Forestry Club; Forestry Club. EM11; Pi Tuna Pi. H KO; Forestry C.S.C.; t1,11 ; Christian Science Club. B II; Oski Comm.; Organization. Forestry Club. REUKEMA, ROSE, TRAMMELL, WADE, WILDE, DONALD LYNN JACK A. M. LYLE DELBERT N. FORREST B. Berkeley Los Angeles Portervi Ile Upper Lake San Francisco Forestry Forestry. Forestry Forestry. Forestry AZ. Forestry Club. N A; E 11; Water Polo; Forestry Club. Similar to almost all foresters, DEAN BAKER likes the woods better than the academic halls, and enjoys most the teaching of a summer course in the Sierras. After earning the degree of Forest Engineer at Colorado College in 1912, and working with the U.S. Forest Service for 14 years, Dean Baker came to Cal, where, in 1949, he received the deanship of the School of Forestry. 70 school of forestry ,•, 01: -,-t`,..•---,--;:,--7-2,,. .,,..... ...,.. ......,;: " ..t ' ' ' ,..., ....45,.. i ' ■ ' S, " I` ---Irr---y— ._. 4 1,....._ . i ' I . I 4 • E f : A " t DAN SHARP, quick-thinking, easy-talking Large still had time this year to be active in Varsity Debate, Model UN, Golden Bear, NSA co-ordinator and University Affairs Council. Dan hails from San Francisco and is a resident of Bowles Hall. He is in pre-law and plans to go to Harvard Law School when Uncle Sam gets through with hint optometry Undaunted by the challenge of carrying on the activities of his department amid the extensive remodeling of the Optometry Building, DEAN STODDARD has also managed to keep active his hobbies of photography and sailing. Though gaining his education from UCLA, Stanford and Cal, his interests now lie principally with UC and its activities. GARBER, HOWARD DAVID Los Angeles Optometry. MILLER, ROBERT JOHN Burlingame Optometry APE; Newman Club; UC Optometry Club. SIMSARIAN, RICHARD Fresno Optometry. HORN, MORTON HERBERT San Francisco Optometry OEI. RAULINO, FRED W. Oakland Optometry International House SMITH, SHELDON San Francisco Optometry Ell. KALLMANN, ARTHUR ROBERT Fresno Optometry International House. SHER, STANLEY HOWARD San Francisco Optometry OED; Weight Basketball. WEST, ROBERT GOWANS Long Beach Optometry Ski Club. BERTHOLD, JEANNE SAYLOR Santa Rosa Nursing Education Honor Students; RN ' s on Campus; Dames Club. BURNETT, ALICIA K. Pennsylvania Pub. Health Nursing RN ' s on Campus. MAST, VIRGINIA C. Berkeley Pub. Health Nursing. BESWICK, ANNE TOEWS Reedley Pub. Health Nursing. HARTZELL, GENEVIEVE ROSE Illinois Nursing Education RN ' s on Campus. NISHITA, EMMA G. Yuba City Pub. Health Nursing NSC, RN ' s on Campus. BRUMMOND, LYNETTE Terra Bella Nursing Education AAX; WAA. KIRKISH, ANNETTE MARION Centerville Pub. Health Nursing International House. SMALLEY, NANCYE JANE Kentucky Nursing Education. BURCH, ESTHER H. Pennsylvania Pub. Health Nursing. LEWAN DOWSKI, HENRIETTA G. Oakland Pub. Health Nursing Newman Club. WIGHT, PATRICIA R. Montana Psychiatric Nursing Ski Club; Ushering Committee; Pelican; Col legians. nursing Through her great energy and understanding, DEAN MARGARET TRACY has made the School of one of the outstanding accredited nursing schools in the Although cooking and gardening invade her off moments, her devoted work in nursing has brought honors both to herself and the school. 71 senior week Seniors ended their college years with a big splash, as they romped through the traditional Senior Week activities. The round of events started with the Baccalaureate ceremonies, followed by the President ' s Reception on Sunday. Next came a Beach Party at Stinson on Tuesday, the Banquet at the Claremont on Wednesday, and the Barbecue at Turtle Rock on Thursday. Friday ' s Pilgrimage, Commencement and Ball found Seniors nostalgically saying farewell to their undergraduate days. and commencement Seniors attend traditional Baccalaureate service in Faculty Glade. SENIOR WEEK CENTRAL COMMITTEE Chairman Dick Parker Assistant Chairman Betsey Stewart Baccalaureate Chairman Bill Clarke Senior Ball Chairman Jim Smith Barbecue Chairman Ralph Hutchinson Beach Party Chairman Bob Tanem Finance Chairman Pat Anderson Banquet Chairmen Norm Mineta, Marilyn Schade Pilgrimage, Reception Chairmen Elouise Phelps, Barbara Tindall Privilege Sales Audrey Powell Publicity Chairmen Warn Grimes, Donna Giddings Senior Sweetheart Chairman Don West The Pilgrimage pauses in Eshleman Court. FRONT ROW, left to right: Marilyn Schade, Dick Parker, Donna Giddings, Barbara Tindall. BACK ROW: Elouise Phelps, Norm Mineta, Don West, Ralph ;Iutchinson, Bob Tanem, Bill Clarke, Jim Smith, Audrey Powell. NOT PICTURED: Pat Anderson, Grimes. Conferring the diplomas is the University President, ROBERT G. SPROUL. 73 CAROL MONTGOMERY President BOBBE BEATTY Vice-President NANCY HARRIS Secretary•Treasurer MARVIN HUSS Yell Leader With the opening of the Fall the Junior class found itself in a whirl of ning and activity. Included in the functions was a very successful held at the Marin Town and Country Outstanding among the many held on campus was their " Cat ' s Halloween sing, held at the Phi Delt On February 25 could be heard of the wildest music imaginable as Murphy ' s Jazz Band performed for Junior Jazz Concert. " Spectacular, " the rating of the Junior Prom in the Colonial Room of the St. March 20. These never-tiring Juniors found time to mix business with by holding night meetings at the Pasto Hats off to a successful year. The Junior Prom climaxed a very successful year. TOM TROWBRIDGE presents Campus Crusade Queen Cups at the " Cat ' s Meow. " FRONT ROW, left to right: Huss, Carol Montgomery, Nancy Harris, Bobbe Beatty. SECOND ROW: Betty Jo Phillips, John Kerby-Walker, Bill Smith, Keith McMurphy, Carl Midge Oliver, Mitzi Spence, Marilyn Rodenbeck, Marian Sullivan, Norman Dessler, Terry Bloom, Anna Knight, Herb Henderson. THIRD ROW: Benjy Abramovice, Dick Bob Wykoff, Mary Haworth, Betty Terzian, Marlene West, Joan Schendel, Elva Dughi, Shirley Christine, Pat Royer, Irene Novikoff, Bev Lewis, Ellie Broiry, Lucia Brandon, Doug Van Dorn. FOURTH ROW: Don Sargeant, Connie Valadez, Barbara Templeton, Andresen, Barbara Bunce, Arlene Holtz, Elinore Kahn, Helen Zachmano, Barbara Cundey, Ruth Thomas, Rosemary Steffan, Mary Ellen Mahan, Martha Carter, Margie Petta, Pat Clark, Joan Carroll, Barbara Beaver. FIFTH ROW: Priscilla Park, Phil Davis, Gladys Tolhurst, Barbara Emerzian, Alison Giddings, Carol Sweet, Klonie Morris, Sammie Dunham, Carol Siess, Barbara Edwards, Lois Trout, Pat Merner, Janet McKenzie, Shirley Berry. SIXTH ROW: Eugene Ybarra, Brian Adams, Virginia Fox, Yvonne Everson, Evie Servatius, Martha Lane. SEVENTH ROW: Ted Kilecn, Nancy Williams, Mary Spear, Don Denton, Bobbie Weeks, Dick Seymour, Genia Wilson, Dorothy Patten, B. J. Young, Chuck Palmtag, Jerry Gordon, Tom Cline. EIGHTH ROW: Donald Ball, Bud Sweet, Bill Okey, Paula Mulligan, Barbara Koenig, Lee Robertson, Ursula Birkhauser, D on Langrock, Ann Janet Friederich, Nancy Simank, Mary Shea, Leo Pircher. BACK ROW: Dick Silveria, Fibush, Joanne Liddicoat, Ellen Duncan, Ysahel Urguiza, Marilyn Rudy, Joyce Nelson, Dave Francis, Bill Deady, Bill McKee. allem 17 DICK MARSTON President The Sophomore Class boomed ahead this with an energy and enthusiasm which left heads Not to be deterred by their lack of success in Soph-Frosh Brawl, they went ahead and new and stupendous projects. Fresh ideas brought into the fold, and their success was seen as gloated over receipts from the Zider Zing and Paper Drive in the Fall. Soph Week highlighted year ' s activities for the Class of ' 55. They spectacular success in its promotion, and for the time Soph Week was made intercollegiate, participation from San Jose State, Mills, West Costa, and San Francisco City College. beauteous Cathy Martens competed against coeds and Jerri Zeis from San Jose State was Intercollegiate Soph Doll. Much amusement provided by the antics of the Kangaroo Kourt. The was climaxed by the Soph Hop held at the Hotel. A booth in Cal Circus and a Beach rounded out a very successful year. LOUISE FISHER Vice-President GAY VIRDEN Yell Leader SUE BEITZEL Secretary-Treasurer Soph year began with a bang with the " Zider Zing. " KATHY MARTENS reigns as Soph Doll. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Marston, Louise Fisher, Sue Beitzel, Gay Virden. SECOND ROW: Dick Stanhope, Porter Davis, Frank Cabral, Eve Gard, Dick Johnson, Bill Som- merville, Ed Windeler, Jack Grey, Sheila Joy Pepper, Sue Cerini, Claudia Ballard, Shirley Hickey, Constance Kurosawa, Mary Fountain, Gordon Wilson. THIRD ROW: Bob Geralen Beaver, Marlene DaII, Sally Waters, Jeanette Robinson, Audrey Hyman, Barelson, Marilyn Nagy, Harry Hicks, Rosie Tallerico, Virginia Hartz, Norman McDonell, Kathy Little. FOURTH ROW: John Gerhent, Clark Wallace, Patsy O ' Grady, Pat Porter, Molly Huber, Barbara Clymer, Ellie Essenfeld, Jo Anne Gardner, Egee Lustig, Marianne Swanson, Dora Lou Moore, Denise Differding, Evelyn Watson, Roslyn Helen Twist. FIFTH ROW: Clarke Lewis, Paul Norehad, Mort Beebe, Bob Etter, Carol Poulsen, Joan Carter, Sue McCabe, Joyce Rock, Carole Cardoza, Helen Kessler, Sherrill Dobrowsky, Sandra Tucker, Joyce Larsen, Warren McCord. SIXTH ROW: Walker, Herb Kennedy, Walt Hanahan, Margaret Lawrence, Carolyn Wood, Harriet Sa " well, Jean Hargrove, Marilyn Leath, Margie Patten, Mary Miller, Dian Dakin. BACK ROW: Charles Lautrup, Les Gotteried, Diane Walsh, Rosemary Meehan, Pat Wray, Garrell, Terry Briscoe, Robert Levy, Sue Lobree, Ed Kling, Sharlene Patten, Jonel Whipple. BOB HAMILTON President The Class of ' 56 started the off with a successful Sunday Supper at the house. The following week some 150 getic Frosh trudged up to paint the " C " green, and not long afterwards, Big Game parade float won first prize. sooner recovered from those few nights, they planned a second Supper, held at Stern Hall. Next on agend a was a Christmas sing at Alpha Gamma Delta House, where Campus Santa was crowned. Spring lights standing out above the Monday meetings and work sessions a Freshman Week in April including Freshman Sing, climaxing with a picnic informal dance at Tilden Park, and exchange with Stanford Frosh May 16 at farm. The year spelled fun with capital " F " for the Freshman class. MARILYN PAUL Vice-President BARRY GILBERT Yell Leader MARILYN MILLER Secretary-Treasurer Members of the Class of ' 56 slug it out with their Sophomore overlords at the Soph-Frosh Brawl. The Winnah! OSKI contemplates a Dead Head. Frosh Council unites for a historic photo. �. �. ;f; a- Friendly, but busy is Senior Rep- at-Large CARLA MERNER. Government Service interrupted JOHN RUBINO ' S term as Grad Rep. Well known around campus was RUSS BOHLKE, Rep-at-Large. representatives-at-large Under the able leadership of ASUC President Dick the Executive Committee got off to a roaring start on plans for agencies of the ASUC. Constitutions were dug up from the files, revised, brought up to date and set in working Orientations was given a boosting through such as Cal 1A which became, in the Spring Semester, the Facts Review, " and the publication of an activities book which was distributed to students old and new. working on parliamentary problems such as the of organizations of the ASUC to the problem of selecting new Director of General Activities for the Association, Executive Committee worked together as a and congenial group striving towards expanded program for the benefit of the students. RALPH VETTERLEIN, Storeboard head, hopes in the future to become a disc jockey. Being new on campus didn ' t deter ANN BELL from political life. It ' s the " little things " in life according to DAN SHARP. Besides DICK PARKER ' S duty as Rep, he finds time to ski. 84 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SEATED, left to right: Bill Norton, John Rubino, Ralph Vetterlein, Carla Merner, Abby Lundgren, Judge Staats, Dick Holler, Marge Coombs, Russ Bohlke, Paul Peterson, Dick Parker. STANDING: Ruth Simmons, Ann Bell, Jim Porterfield, Joyce Kislitzin, Al Manzano, Bob Tanem, Dave Grant, Ed Welch, Dan Sharp, Joan Hartley. Foreign affairs and traveling are the aims of JIM PORTERFIELD. One of the Spring additions to Ex Committee is BILL SOMMERVILLE. BENNY ABRAMOVICE has lots of enery to keep up with all extracurricular activities. Well known around campus for his friendly smile is BOB COLLINS. 85 BRUTUS HAMILTON Director of Intercollegiate Athletics FINANCE COMMITTEE SEATED, left to right: Dick Parker, Flo Garrett, Dick Holler, Marge Coombs, Carla Merner. STANDING: Wr. W. W. Middlekauff, Dean Stone, Greg Engelhard, William Norton, Ed Welch. ED WELCH Director of General Activities until Spring ' 53 ASUC GENERAL ACTIVITY HEADS Left to right: Earl Rose, Molly Hill, Bob Kersey (became Acting Director of General Activities Spring ' 53), Charlie Clark, Ed Welch, Flo Garrett, Jack Happoldt, Walter Frederick. business administration The Business of the ASUC is chiefly concerned the finances of the association. It operated under the joint ship of the Athletic directors, who work in with the Finance Committee the ASUC Department Brutus Hamilton is in charge of financial part of the department, while Ed Welch the General Activity Affairs. Finance Committee is composed of Senior Reps-at-Large, Personnel, and a from President Sproul ' s office. function is the and approval of all and financial matters the ASUC. 86 As chairman of Men ' s J, energetic MIKE McKEE worked with both the ASUC and the Deans to better cooperation and understanding student judicial problems. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jerry Gordon, Bob Almanzano, Mike McKee, Paul Peterson. BACK ROW: Rudy Tretter, Bob Kirkpatrick, Joe Hootman, Dick Hexter, Al Manzano. SEATED, left to right: Nancy Ballard, Mary Jo Hart, Agnes Liakos, Nancy Donnelly, Edena Carlson, Barbara Lapp, Margaret Wagner, Joan STANDING: Ann Hawley, Joanne Morris, Ruthie Kummerfield. Remarkable BARBARA HALL LAPP showed how it is possible for one to mix school, activities and marriage at the same time as she guided the reins of Women ' s J. judiciary committee Men ' s Judiciary Committee has the conduct of men students on campus under its jurisdiction, while the Women ' s Judi- ciary passes judgment over the other sex. Both com- mittees work together to investigate and act upon violations of the ASUC Constitution. 87 ABC Chairman Paul Petersen ably steered the Board through another successful year. The ASUC calendar provides one of the big headaches of ACB man Paul Petersen. One of the most important functions of the ACB is to coordinate ASUC activities. A big job, but well taken care of by Paul ' s board. FSB, under the able leadership of Bob Tanem, carries out various governmental functions and services of the Association and directs the functions of the activity groups represented by the Board. Approval of ments to organizations under its jurisdiction and the nation of its activities with those of other ASUC boards are just two of FSB ' s many problems. ACTIVITY COORDINATING BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Betsy Stewart, Russ Bohlke, Marilyn Schade, Bobbe Beatty, Ruth Heintz, Mary Beth Strecker, Ann Carr, Agnes Liakos, Bob Collins, Paul Petersen, Dave Grant, Janice Hope, Frederick Wellington, Phillip York, Henry Ralston, Evelyn Watson, Dick Marston, Carol Montgomery, Bob Hamilton, Marilyn Paul. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD SEATED, left to right: Hal Hungerford, Ed Anderson, Bob Tanem, Gerry McKanna, Mary Speer, Edena Carlson. STANDING: Ruth Heintz, Ed Wood, Bob Peterson, Dave Olsan, George Pavlov, Rudy Babikian. " Big Wheel " Bob Tanem, active in ASUC circles since his freshman days, headed FSB. 88 President DAVE GRANT did a great job getting the classes to work together. CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to right: Dave Grant, Betsy Stewart, Sue Beitzel, Carol Montgomery, Marilyn Miller. SECOND ROW: Jim Muldoon, Huss, Bobbe Beatty, Nancy Harris, Marilynn Schade. BACK ROW: Barry Gilbert, Dick Marston, Gay Virden, Marilyn Paul, Louise Fisher, Bob Hamilton. et RUTH SIMMONS ' spare moments were occupied with Fair Bear Housing. WELFARE BOARD SEATED, left to right: Hilary Solomon, Ruth Simmons, Chairman; Peter Simmons, Yvonne Kailas. STANDING: Jack Meyer, Bob Hale, Bob Kirkpatrick, Hank Wong, Nat Huggins. Chairman JOYCE KITZLITZIN ccordinated the many councils of I Board. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD SEATED, left to right: Helen Honer, Marcia LeDuc, Jean Evanikoff, Sylvia Baquie, Jeannine Wilson, Joyce Kitzlitzin, Jay Long, Barbara Campbell, Dot Garrick, Isao Fujimoto. STANDING: Harbhajan Hayre, Gene Donnelly, Lynn Helvenston, Martha Hoaglund, Marciano Farolan, Robert Green, Sue Boyaner, Carol Warner. 89 women ' s activities With the emphasis on Orientations, the Women ' s Board began the Fall semester with the handing out of the Hi to new women students. A Women ' s Ex Board Newsletter, was designed to inform women about planned was distributed throughout the living groups during semester. With the hope of bringing closer coordination women ' s activities, Women ' s Affairs Board re-established. In December the annual Children ' s Party was held—Santa Claus, presents, and all. To the Spring semester, an Activity Fair was held to acquaint women on campus with their activities. Women ' s in May was the big event for the Spring. Smiling NANCY BALLARD handled a big job with ease and capability. FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Lapp, Carol Freysehlag, Leatrice Knopf, Marilyn Schade, Ruth Heintz. BACK ROW: Marion Downing, Joan Kingery, Bobbe Beatty, Beth Ingram, Jean Grutzmacher, Marilyn Paul, Louise Fisher, Ann Paine, Dot Zarley. NOT PICTURED: Marjorie Coombs, Coralie George. 90 Sparrow ' s-eye view of the Faculty Glade luncheon. Kiddies surround Santa at WEB Christmas party. Coeds watch Women ' s Day proceedings with evident glee. LEATRICE KNOPF took over the reins of Women ' s affairs in the Spring. 91 Cal Band adds carefree gaiety to football game. Californians, past and present, look at model of new Alumni House. Soph Sing profits fall into alien hands. What ' s in a picture! women ' s athletic Women ' s Athletic offers a sports program which courages an interest in sports promotes good For those who live in living groups there are games, while Sport Clubs open to all women students. annual High School Sports Tri-Sports Day with Mills Stanford, and the aquacade among the major events of year. At the WAA banquet, are presented and in Women ' s " C " is announced. Conscientious and JEAN GRUTZMACHER, president, guided the WAA through another successful year. WAA mermaids practicing for the annual aquacade. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL—SEATED: left to right: Harriet Higgens, Lila Clarke, Fran Russeli, Miss Katherine Gilcoyne. STANDING: Sally Waters, Roz Santini. Archery is another interesting sport offered by the WAA. 94 association WAA COUNCIL—SEATED, left to right: Miss Gilcoyne, Jean Grutzmacher, Pat Anderson, Sally Carr. STANDING: Roberta Park, Yvonne Hand, Barbara Yound, Marilyn Alhport. Volleyball was one of the many sports offered in the WAA Spring program. WAA INTERCLASS COUNCIL—SEATED, left to right: Jill Reeves, Miss Espenschade, Yvonne Hand, Roberta Park. STANDING: Joan Adams, Barbara Read, Joy Ohno, Billie Bridges, Helen Hampton, Betty Frost, Barbara Yound, Diane Peet. 95 pica The YMCA at Stiles Hall has enabled students to venture into the fields of world affairs, race relations, intercollegiate experiences. The high points of the year were Cal IA, a YM-YW camp held to help orient new students and the University Students ' Model Senate, a unique endeavor in the field of public affairs initiated by the Committee on Effective Citizenship which shows promise of becoming a permanent Cal institution. ywca The small cottage on Allston Way houses the many and varied activities of the University YWCA. This active group serving both community and campus has given all women students the tunity to join knowledge and experience in leadership and to make friends. This organization has on its council representatives from every area of university life and the projects sponsored by the " Y " are truly valuable. TOSHI KAJITANI President CORALIE GEORGE President FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Levin, Leo Gill, Toshi Kajitani, Bill Smith, Guy Blackburn. BACK ROW: Frank Wafanabe, Fred Mok, Henry Berke, Gene Settle, Bill Arrieta, Rod Ash, Koichi Nakamura, Walt Wiemer, Tom Riha, Bill Davis. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ruth Fedran, Marilyn Coombs, Margie Wagner, Gaye Wiesenfeld. SECOND ROW: Carafe George, Charr Tarleton, Ann Carr, Ruth Kummerfield, Bobbie Lapp. THIRD ROW: Barbara Sargeant, Jean Bisson, Marilyn Schade, Joyce Ishizaka, Katy Leinan, Evie Durland, Jo Baldwin, Phris Park, Phyllis Warren, Janet Kirby. BACK ROW: Anne Kern, Carol Minter, Marilyn Palm, Ruth Mahaney, Liz Wagner. 96 FRONT ROW, left to right: Roberta Fradin, Charlotte Tarleton, Pat Brogan, Mary Anderson, Patti Boynton, Janet Schubb, Joan Barton, Midge Downing. SECOND ROW: Joanne Gardner, Betty Schmidt, Ruth Heintz, Mary Ellen Mahan, Sharon Smith, Helen Kessler, Joan Schendel, Joyce Page, Aileen Fink. THIRD ROW: Gail Carrol, Norma Labti, Nina Swanson, Pat Goldsberry, Dot Thelen, Jane Pencovic, Shirley Carter, Marlene Hight, Gerry Wolfe, Barbara Kyte, Helen Nielson. BACK ROW: Sherrill Dobrowsky, Lorna Youler, Anna-Mary Bush, Glea Gunderson, Leatrice Knopf, Jo Stewart, Doris Brusasco, Sheila Darling, Marilyn Jones, Eleanor Bakosh, Elaine Oldham, Sally Carr, Alice Yackey, Carol Silverman, Marlene Kingston, Georgia Ibison, Joanne Shoemaker, Carolyn Swenson. women ' s activity counseling To provide social guidance and activity information to every incoming woman student is the aim of Women ' s Activity Counseling. Hard work was balanced by coffee hours and staff parties. RUTH HEINTZ Chairman VERN MOORE Chairman SEATED: Vern Moore. STANDING, left to right: John Chuck Kickinson, Bill Tom, Dick Lynn, Bill McGlashan. men ' s activity counseling To orient new man students to university life and to assist them in their integration into campus activities is the function of Men ' s Activity Counseling. 97 students ' union committee Students ' Union Committee provides for the fullest use of the ing facilities of the student union. Displays in the Women ' s Clubrooms and various tournaments kept it busy. card sales Card Sales Committee boasts that its members deal directly with more UC students than any other ASUC activity—as evidenced by the 10,000 student body cards sold this year. MARY JO HART Chairman SEATED, left to right: 011ie White, Sue Gardner, Roberta Thatcher, Karl Muto, Mary Jo Hart, Bob Kersey, Russ Bohlke, Sara Zumwalt, Mary Lou Clausen, Jerry Wheeler. STANDING: Ed Wachsman. DAVE Chairman SEATED, left to right: Joan Kinear, Gayle Rivers, Dave Grant, Ellie Bakosh, Terry Briscoe. STANDING: Gladys Tolhurst, Betsy Stewart, Dorothy Bedard, Jerry Wheeler, Helen Demith, Dick Righter. SEATED, left to right: Ralph Vetterlein, Jean Downey, Lee Talbot, Jack Meyer, Nancy nelly. STANDING: Quentin Taylor, Bob Kirkpatrick, Fred Marler, Dick Hexter, Mr. Jack Happoldt (store mgr.). SEATED: Jody Zuber. STANDING: left to right: Mary Spears, Ed Wachsman, Max McClelland, Bill Hughes. store board Store Board, working in a technical capacity under Ex Committee, handles problems concerning the Store, Bear ' s Lair, and the Tap Room. staff committee Staff Committee acts in a secretarial, clerical and advisory capacity to the ASUC President, works out plans for the President ' s cabinet, and plans itineraries for visiting notables. JACK MEYER JODY ZUBER Chairman Chairman 98 00 LUCY FORSYTH Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Marcia Peterson, Barbara Beaver, Lucy Forsyth, Lois Forsyth, Joane Carroll. SECOND ROW: Carol Werner, Carlene Orsoline, Arden Johnston, Joan McKean, Pat Brenzel, Sharon maker, Marion Kagarise. BACK ROW: Deone Christensen, Wilma Fraysier, Dora Cochrane, Karna Karstenson, Pat MacLeos, Sally Wooster, Marcia Lang, Dianne Swartsfager. LEFT TO RIGHT: Fran Yater, Ed Marshall, Denise Blake, Mary Spear, Agnes Liakos, Dave Wood, Stan Silverman, Pete Scott, Miskru Yoshimoto. FRONT ROW, left to right: Leonard Pytel, Oscar Morvai, Toth, Gordon Whyte, John Varozza, B. A. Vallerga. SECOND ROW: Avery, Bernard Albert, David Branum, Roland Chinzinger, Tom Charles Larson. BACK ROW: Dick Henderson, Fred Poucher, Charles Dick Witt, Lloyd Krause, Stewart Frederick. GORDON WHYTE Chairman AGNES LIAKOS Chairman secretariat Future secretaries receive good experience working with the executive officers of the ASUC. About thirty girls are busy acting as receptionists and secretaries. DAVE WAYLAND Chairman radio-to Radio-TV Theater produces radio dramas and a collegiate TV series. It also offers students an opportunity to participate in an activity which supplies a basis for further work in this field. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Fausone, Tom Canfield, Craig Jackson, Dave Wayland, Bill Glenn. interclub council Interclub Council bines the work of representatives of ASUC and University ognized social and recreational organizations as well as individual students interested in social activity planning. engineers ' council Engineers ' Joint Council is the coordinator of the engineer- ing societies. The Council keeps a master calendar and pub- lishes an orientations booklet. JOYCE KALLGREN Chairman HAL HUNGERFORD, BOB Co-chairmen model united nations The Model United Nations came to the Berkeley campus for the third annual Western lege Conference. Some 500 students participate in the General Assembly and various councils. campus opinion Campus Opinion Council, in cooperation with the President ' s Committee on Polls, studies student opinion for the guid- ance of Executive Committee. SEATED: Hal Hungerford. STANDING, left to right: Beth Jud y Anderson, Doug Dempster, Liz Sue Gardner, Helen Selinger. SEATED, left to right: Ed Wachsman, Ellie Bakosh, Karen Byl, Joyce Kallgren, Lucy Forsyth, Marian Sullivan. STANDING: Phil Greer, Pete Dinkelspiel, Lois Folsom. SEATED, left to right: Beth Ingram, Porterfield, Burns McCalmun, Joan Hartley. George Pavlov, Vern More, Ruth Heintz. FRONT ROW, left to right: Roman Bystroff, Peter Freeman. BACK ROW: Walton Ellis, Moe Carlson, Richard Goldenberg, Barbara Babayan, Rudolph Babikian. BURNS McCALMUN Chairman RUDOLPH BABIKIAN Chairman orientations Orientations Council, at the beginning of each semester, co- ordinates a program of orien- tation for new students including receptions, parties, a women ' s tea and a men ' s smoker. campus tours Campus Tours provided the means for new students and visiting firemen to find their way around the Berkeley Campus. 101 DAVE OLSAN Chairman BILL MORRISH Chairman constitutions council Constitutions Council aids organizations requesting nition by the ASUC in preparing their constitutions, establishes standards for council by-laws, and assists Ex Committee in determining the constitutionality of proposals. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Olsan, Frank Hencliff, Brutus Epsilon, Keith McMurphy. campus crusade With the consolidation of most of the East Bay charities under the flaming torch of the United Crusade, members and employees of the ASUC gave freely and generously to the realization of the $5000 campus goal. FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Donnely, Bill Modish, Betty Travis. BACK ROW: Bert Blackwelder, Barbara Templeton, Bev McDonnell. Dirk Silvers. NOT PICTURED: Bill Sommerville, Bill Benz. SEATED: Edena Carlson. STANDING, left to right: Carole Carlin, Gladys Toehurst, Charlotta Manend, Carolyn Olsson, Joan Anderson, Jeanne Reynaud, Katie Kendall, Lois Folsom, Barbara Tindell. FRONT ROW, left to right: Leslie Spence, Charl otte Cotton, Ed Anderson, Nancy Salt, Marilyn Patterson, Martha McBride. BACK ROW: Dave Olsan, Cynthia Weber, Don Dessler, Barbara Clymer, Pat Jacabberger, Bruce Cox, William Dore, Diane Kovalevsky. EDENA CARLSON Chairman NANCY SCOTT and ED ANDERSON Chairmen speakers bureau Speakers Bureau members are kept busy the year ' round en- couraging students of nearby high schools to attend Cal, by acquainting them with the University and pointing out its advantages. elections council Counting ballots and staffing polls kept Elections Council busy during the all-important ASUC political months of May and December. personnel council To find out who ' s who in the ASUC, go to Personnel Council. It keeps records of ASUC members in activities and encourage activity participation. cal-muters Cal-Muters, the youngest of the University social groups, is de- voted to the organization of the great number of the University ' s commuting students. MARY SPEARS Chairman PHIL YORK and CARL BAUMSTEIGER Co-Chairmen SEATED: Mary Spears. STANDING, left to right: Gerry McKanna, Betty Short, Jan Cleveland, Diana Barbara. FRONT ROW, left to right: Phil York, Carl Baumsteiger. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Williams, Bette Freiden, Bobbie Litz, Shirley Wutch, Ann Knight, Anna Freeman, Jean Arnold, Mary York. THIRD ROW: Glenn Burke, Juanita Velazquez, Flora Anderson, Hank Feliner, Grace McNiff, Shirley Brooks, Zimmerman, Ron Zimmerman, Joe Azzolino, Gladys Miller, Phillip Wilfred Lee. BACK ROW: Guiseppe Jones, Leo Stark, Nick Fay. ■ nammaimaamaimidammismiit, FRONT ROW, left to right: Hal Hungerford, Carol Mixter, Sam Wimalsekerk, John Schawbacher. BACK ROW: Sudamo Martonagoro, Bill Som- merville, Judy Anderson, Jim Noyes, Gordon Maginnis. wssf WSSF is a means by which UC students can further world understanding through an ex- change of ideas and through a program of aid. JOAN HARTLEY BILL SOMMERVILLE and Chairman HERB SCHMITZ Co-Chairmen SEATED: Joan Hartley. STANDING, left to right: Margie Coombs, Dave Dugas, Paul Peterson, Dan Sharp, Jim Porterfield, Ruth Simmons, Joyce Kislitzen, Dick Holler. nsa NSA has been working to improve activities and student government by integrating their own ideas and those from other schools gained at the gress of National Students Association. 102 hospitality council Friendship is tops on the when members of the Council meet to plan that will include from the corners of the earth. i-reps I-Reps combines the work of American and foreign students to discover and provide for the needs of students from other countries on our campus. H. S. HAYRE Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Beckwith, Harbhajan Hayre, Josephine Russo. BACK ROW: Robert Wenkert, Renee Manicci, Connie Krumm. LYNN HELVENSTON Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Lynn Helvenston, Mary Ann Day. BACK ROW: Bernice Calvin, Betty Keitzman. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jean Evanikoff, Ted Itaya. BACK ROW: Isao Fujimoto, Jim Knight, Aron Murai. LEFT TO RIGHT: David Lipp, Diana Mansfield, Jo Ellen Coate, Robert Wenkert, Meredith Luther, Wilfrid Jones. correspondence council forum council ROBERT WENKERT Chairman ISAO FUJIMOTO Chairman Whenever there seems to be an unhealthy lack of discussion on current controversial issues, I-Forum Council tries to provide speakers who are experts on the subject. Serving as the " pen bureau of the ASUC, ence Council directs the change of letters students at the University students abroad. 103 unesco UNESCO is for University representation matters dealing with tional relations by delegates from the to conferences on world affairs. DOT GARRICK HILARY SOLOMON Chairman Chairman academic freedom Academic Freedom and Students Rights Council discusses problems with students and recommends any action which may be needed to Welfare Board. SEATED, left to right: Ken Porter, Dot Garrick, Keith Jewell. STANDING: Bob Green, Terry Huang, Marciano Farolan. LEFT TO RIGHT: Thompson Lawrence, Paul Meyer, William Fowler, John Drake, Emiliano Zapata, Donald McClurg, Hilary Solomon, Eugene Powell, Irwin Mayers, Diana Baumrind, William Cook, Raphael Hanson. FRONT ROW, left to right: Marcia LeDuc, Sue Boyaner. BACK ROW: Helen Honer, Harbhajan Hayre, Tommy Wellman, Montejean Newman. LEFT TO RIGHT: Beverly Smith, Barbara Campbell, Theresa Wong, Tommy Wellman. scholarship exchange Scholarship and Council is a source of for American students plan to study abroad. It to promote private among students and abroad. BARBARA CAMPBELL MARCIA LeDUC Chairman Chairman foreign travel Foreign Travel Council serves the students primarily as a general travel information bureau. Eur-Cal Tours, which has completed two successful summers, is connected with this council. 104 student relations Student Relations has worked throughout the on problems arising out of crimination in housing the campus community. LEFT TO RIGHT: Art Prince, Yvonne Kailas, Robert Hale, Nat Huggins, Sara Lapidus. NAT HUGGINS JOANNE SIEGAL Chairman Chairman special services Special Services Council of Student Welfare Board forms services mainly cerned with saving money for the students by means of the Book Pool, Ushering Cards and Car Pool. FRONT ROW: Sara Lapidus. BACK ROW, left to right: Joanne Segal, Paul Brandford, Joanne Wolffson, Steve Riskin. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Patterson, Jack Smit, James Fairley, Carol Krauthamer. Student Labor Council investigates and suggests actions regarding the terms and con- ditions of student employment. This Council also extends the Fair Bear program and sees that this program is not violated. student labor JIM FAIRLEY Chairman 105 Ex-committee rules with an " iron hand. " MARGE COOMBS greets a newt?) student. The WAC plays hostess to entering women students. There ' s a momentary pause in the dedication of the virus lab. The " late great " perform. Never underestimate the powers of persuasion. Young and old alike enjoy themselves at Women ' s Ex Board Christmas Party. Crowds gather—as Jim Muldoon wins Santa Claus title. It may be Blue Monday.but this bull sees red. We ' ve got the axe! Dig that crazy razor blade! • ' Z. ' : • IRS T.,- " All Hail, Blue and Gold. " Johnny 0 rides high at the close of his Cal career. Don ' t lose your head, Janet! Pappy unveils his secret play. Beauty reigns at the Big Game parade. Madness prevails at the eleventh•hour rush. " Gown on the Stanford farm there ' ll be no sound. " The Sophomore float for Sather Gate amid the of onlookers. Ile PATRICIA LAPP Assistant Director of Publications PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL—SEATED, left to right: Ron Guillart, Patricia Lapp, Helen Dunlop, Al Manzano, Walter Frederick, Dick Lewis, Karen Byl. STANDING: Elouise Phelps, Eleanor Bakosh, Dick Henderson, Charles Brashers, Hannah Pascal. publications council Sporting a brand-new title and an equally new Constitution, Publications Board acts as man for all publications. Composed of the editor and manager of each publication and the Daily Californian managing editor, the board cusses problems peculiar to publications in general or to any specific publication. Guiding the work of the board and of each individual publication is 101 Eshleman, better known as Pub Office. In this " sanctuary " lie the secrets of high finance and editorial decisions which keep the publications " in business. " The friendly atmosphere of Pub Office is due in no small way to its vivacious secretaries. WALTER FREDERICK Director of Publications AL MANZANO Fall Chairman DAVE DUGAS Spring Chairman BOB MARKEVITCH Spring Editor DICK HENDERSON Fall Editor The Cal Engineer Staff seeks inspiration. California engineer While Managerial is getting the ads, Editorial works busily on hour-long coffee sessions, which begin every hour. Despite these sessions becoming more fre- quent and crazy as the deadline neared, the usual journalistic masterpieces were still forthcoming. Outnumbering Managerial and Editorial staffs, the Cal Engineer ' s Women ' s Staff stands proud. Left with odds and ends of general office work, they also " loved " selling. Social activities were numer- ous, culminating with the semesterly banquet. LOIS FOLSOM Fall Women ' s Director JOAN TEMPEL Spring Women ' s Director FRONT ROW, left to right: Sondra Nelson, Ruth Thomas, Betty Ann Yager, Diane Young, Lois von Husen, Barbara Cundey. SECOND ROW: Erwin Kelly, Joan Tempel, Kandy Pixley, Kathy Crawford, Carole Carlin, Rosemary Steffan, Sue Matthews, Bob Keller. BACK ROW: Ron Kubec, Keith Sexton Sterling Bunnell, Ken White, Ward Flynn, Ben Richards, Vladimir Shkurkin, Bob Bremmer. BUD WOLKEN Fall Manager ERWIN KELLY Spring Manager Casual observers may have thought that Editor ELOUISE PHELPS was cutting out paper dolls, but in reality they were just pictures for the ' 53 issue. blue and gold editorial staff The Blue and Gold Editorial machine for 1953 plugged along with the usual preciseness intermingled with drastic mishaps that always manage to iron themselves out! Typewriters and files kept many idle fingers busy as the inevitable deadlines crept up on the industrious staff. The social life of this spirited group got underway with a rollicking picnic enjoyed by all the publications staffs. The annual Christmas party was a highlight of the holiday season, and the Appointment Banquet was, as always, a grand climax to round out the year. MARILYN JONES more than proved that the Sports Editor does not have to be of the masculine gender. SEATED: Lynn Trembath Durbin. STANDING, left to right: Agnes Liakos, Eileen Callaghan, Janet Cleveland. NOT PIC- TURED: Gayle Rivers, Allison Giddings. " Where and when " were questions which were constantly plaguing JANE BARTLETT, Picture Editor, as she tried to coordinate picture schedules with the inclement weather. 114 ELOUISE PHELPS and ELEANOR BAI OSH inspect the progress Peace always prevails in the inner sanctum of their " favorites " in the " Battle of the Plants. " of the senior editors ' office. Rosenante and Assistant B Copy Editor kept SHEILA DARLING ' s senior year full of suspense and surprises. Peering out from under mountains of paper, MARY ALLENDER, Copy Editor, is heard crying daily, " Where ' s your copy? " LEFT TO RIGHT: Lee Chapman, Carol Proudfoot, Caroline Naus, Nancy Bracken. NOT PICTURED: Beth Grey, Janet Chantler. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Ann Day, Gerry Wolff, Jennifer Davis, Gail Hettich, Gloria Boothe, Carol Warren, Sharr Barry, Karen Anderson, Kay Holliger, Marilyn Niles, Jane Coglizer, Ann Judd. SECOND ROW: Joyce Rock, Lois Forry, Carlos Cortes, John Anderson, Eleanor Langlois, Connie Pomeroy, Zoanne brook, Pat Kearns, Dorothy Boone, Linda Stohr. THIRD ROW: Sue McCabe, Sheila Ryan, Wilma Gustinich, Mary Louise Holland, Norma Grosso, Shannon Russell, Donna Kangas, Diane London, Audrey Pfeiffer, !Cathy Fineness. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Harris, LaNelle Bainer, Betty Shott, Mari- anne Melan, Mary Boyce, Mary Spear, Wilma Steinert, Joann Boyd, Carol Prather, Karen Frerichs, Gloria Davis. 115 blue and gold managerial " Pul-leeze buy a Blue and Gold, " pleaded the little bear who appeared on posters, ments and Blue and Gold salesbooks as the Managerial Staff carried out its campaign to sell more books than ever before. Three A.M. sticker parties, s ales booths at the end of reg line and in Dwinelle Plaza and Eshleman Court, and the annual Big Name sales day all helped Managerial meet the payments for the Editorial Staff ' s production expenses. Working not only with staff members, but with sentatives from each living group, Managerial carried forth its aim to bring the yearbook to a greater and wider number of the student body. Carefree ELLIE BAKOSH found many opportunities to apply her Econ 2 knowledge as she performed the duties of B G Manager. The time of JANET MILLARD, Associate Manager, was well occu- pied with her bookkeeping responsibilities and her fiance. Assistant Manager JIM ALLISON served as living evidence that men " can survive " on the Blue and Gold. JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED: Elaine Oldham. STANDING, left to right: Mary Kelly, Mary Ellen McLean, Nan Nelson. NOT PICTURED: Bernice Reiff. FRONT ROW, left to right: Helen Walder, Betty Campbell, Nan Nelson, Shirley Muzio, Pamela Ormsbee. SECOND ROW: Nancy Welch, Janice Morgan, Julie Mislman, Shirley Redding, Janet Wright, Diane Ansera, Ninon Teager. BACK ROW: Bob Keller, Irwin Jones, Roland Wedemeyer, Keith Johns, Lloyd Gillis, John Worthal. OSKI uses " pro- tective " methods to sell a Blue Gold. SEATED: Elliott Baum. STANDING, left to right: Marian Laughlin, Cecily Howell, Helen Zachmann, Janice Hungerford, Sybil Stafford. Pert Blue and Gold salesgirls remind ED NISSON that the Senior sales deadline is approaching. SEATED, left to right: Beverly Braun, Joyce Roby, Margaret Levis, Sue Tomer, Barbara Bloden, Carol Paulsen, Cecily Howell, Janice Hatch, Joyce Polak. STANDING: Harriett Higgins, Joan Lutz, Luella Boysen, Shirley Stephenson, Suzanne Harrison, Marjanna Hillman, Bea Ransom, Jim Franklin, Dave Dealey, Art Remmels. I17 DAVE DUGAS Spring Editor AL MANZANO Fall Editor daily Californian editorial staff Probably the first campus office to open in the morning and the last to close at night is 12 Eshleman Hall, home of The Daily Californian editorial staff. Here some 60 reporters and editors describe daily events of concern to students and faculty. On its pages appear the news of yesterday and today as well as speculations for tomorrow. " The Monarch of the College Dailies, " it mirrors the University community. JOAN MULLER Fall City Editor JEANNE MURPHY Spring City Editor KAREN BYL Fall Managing Editor JEANETTE INGLIS Spring Managing Editor GEORGIA WILCOX Spring Assistant Editor ANGE LA RUSSA Spring Production Editor NORM GOLDS Fall Assistant City Editor HAL HUNGERFORD, BOB TRIPP Spring Assistant City Editors lip SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Ann Hall, JUNIOR EDITORS—SEATED, left to right: Carole Eaton, Barbara Sue Gardner, Bruce Barnett. BACK ROW: Don Kechely, Doug Dempster. Rosenthal. STANDING: Rod Duncan, Jim Dempsey, Jan Stevens. ,Vgara,:r■ SOPHOMORE EDITORS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Charnee quist, Joyce Nelson, Alma Kahrs, Lu Seales, Donna Bernstein. SECOND Larrain Smith, Sandra Rudnick, Jack Coll, Phyllis Sosnik. BACK Durfee Parkins, Myrna Kelly, Patt Kaplinger, Jan Levy. FRESHMAN EDITORS—SEATED, left to right: Florence Lau, Joan Didion, Ann LeRoy, Mix Bouldin. STANDING: Sandra Littlewood, Tom Canfield, Brad Walsh, Shirley Sheekman, Edna Prouty, Betsy Ross. I 1 A JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to right: LaViolette, Kathy Kinberger, Sharyn Levinson, Greenberg. NOT PICTURED: Larry Blair. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS—SEATED, left to right: Lou Bishop, Marge Butler, Rhoda Greenberg.. STANDING: Jack Stickman, Ken Vantress, Ken Wallitz, Vivian Corbin, Ron Accornero, Ed Nissen. daily californian managerial " Keep the ad lines up " is the slogan of the Daily Californian Managerial Staff. Under the capable leadership of Dick Lewis and Lynn Higgins, Fall and Spring managers, the staff has been busy soliciting, laying out ads, doing the business of a great college newspaper and making money in order to keep the ad lines up. No, it ' s not all business either, for they have had many social events, such as dances, card parties, picnics and our appointments banquet. DICK LEWIS Fall Manager LYN HIGGINS Spring Manager FRESHMAN MANAGERS, left to right: Ayers, Rudy Moos, Louren Dorton, Terry Jeanette Shaw, Ada Erickson, Hank Susie Seigal, Lee Truniley. WALT FEATHER Spring Production Manager JOYCE EDWARDS Spring Advertising Manager DICK GILLIGAN Spring Promotion Manager EDNA PROUTY Fall Promotion Manager MARY BRONDZ Spring Asst. Production Mgr. MORRIS DINGLER Spring Asst. Promotion Mgr. 120 Daily Cal geniuses cogitate. RON PLOMCREN, Photographer SEATED, left to right: Rudie Tretten, Jim Pauland, Klint Johnson. CHUCK KREBS, Fall Sports Editor STANDING: Pete Fourkas, Ed White, Bob Hayman, Dave Seymour, Morris Kosis, Don Martin, Bob Cooper. RUDIE TRETTEN, Spring Sports Editor Most fun lo ving of all the staffs connected with the Daily Californian, the Sports Staff tried to combine a liking for sports with a bit of artistic writing, as they put out one of the most-read pages of the morning dailies of the East Bay area. While not always an artistic success, the work was interesting and kept the " busy " boys of Eshleman basement out of any serious trouble. Work on this staff keeps interested people abreast of the latest in all sports developments and enables them to criticize, comment and evaluate the events and sportsmen. As in the past, the editors, Chuck Krebs and Rudie Tretten, faced the problems of supervising the staff, assigning beats and rounding up the copy. The staff professes to be the life of the Daily Californian Appointments Banquet, which, as in all publications, is considered ample reward for a hard year ' s work. RON GOULART Fall Editor COLLIN CLARK Spring Editor the pelican Under the able editorship of Ron Goulart and Collin Clark, the Pelican carried on its great work of bringing the gift of laughter to the downtrodden. And it appeared that the campus realized what a treat the Pelican is as sales soared, and the December issue sold out. In the future the Big Bird will continue to bring its readers the cartoons and stories they seem to like so well. HELEN DUNLOP Fall Manager BARBARA HAGAR Fall Asst. Editor Senior Editorial Board plans editorial policy. Pelican beauties add to Vanity Fair. ARLEN MILLS KATHY CRAWFORD LIZ FARMER Fall Advertising Manager Spring Advertising Manager Art Editor HANK WEINER Production Manager MARJORIE HAWKINS Fall Women ' s Director VIRGINIA ROACH Spring Women ' s Director FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Beavel, Margie Schott, Suzanne Harrison, Joan Honsberger, Bev Lewis, Sue Madden, Mary Lewis, Marie Hawkins, Barbara Loomis, Pat Palmeter, Phyllis berg, Marilyn Leath, Marilyn Patterson, Mary Rothganger, Julie Geary, Emily Hall. SECOND ROW: Gail Miley, Elaine Dertel, Barbara Andersen, Charlotte Moyer, Diane Gray, Pat Lammon, Sharon Clare, Mary Ellen Rouse, Betty Reed, Jean Farquhar, Rosalind Santini, Becky Elfving, Nancy Flynn, Anne McCarty, Carol Planner, Margaret Lawrence, Joan Carter, Nancy Blackford. THIRD ROW: Mary Miller, Sue Beitzel, Jean Hargrove, Margie Patten, Leanna Giovanzana, Jeannie Bostock, Jody Haden, Janet Cooper, Helen Eddy, Iris Mello, Pat Blake, Norma Kleebauer, Judy Steele, Denise Differding, Jeanne Neuman, Jackie Oliveri; Sofia Segni, Laurie Ann Hills. FOURTH ROW: Pat Brenzel, Dora Cochrane, Marilyn Scott, Jacqueline Malfanti, Judy O ' Connell, Linda Gallagher, Carol Fowler, Marion Ferguson, Joanne Berthelson, Joan Brady, Jan Arthur, Dea Lee Van der Boom, Arden Johnston, Shirley Stone, Beverly Isenberg. FIFTH ROW: Margaret Flood, Dianne Swartsfager, Margaret Mather, Barbara Jopp, Harriet Saywell, Betty MacSchmitt, Ann Slower, Barbara Lang, Marlene Paterson, Evadna Saywell, Carol Poulsen, Beverly Beard, Jean Campbell, Jeanette Robinson, Joan Fisher. BACK ROW: Janice Lambert, Carol Copeland, Adrienne Smith, Di Kavalensky, Ellen Evans, Fay Burt, Linnell Powers, Valerie Spellacy, Joan Gordon, Diane Deacon, Jan Martin, Renan Hagens, Molly Truman, Nancy Wadsworth. 193 HANNAH PASCAL Fall Editor CHARLES BRASKERS Fall Manager FRONT ROW, left to right: Arthur Carson, George Huaco, Bob Monell, Albert Johnson. BACK ROW: Donald Martin, Abner Thomas, Joseph Blackshaw, Norman Hopkins, Nick Lothar. the occident The Occident is the oldest literary magazine of the west coast, and one of the best. This year the magazine has continued its tradition of publishing the best of college prose and poetry, and the most stimulating experimental writing—some of which has been subject to the challenge of controversy. Occident has also continued to provide a meeting ground for the young writers of today who will be the authors of tomorrow. Joyce Katz, Bob Monet! and Anne McCarty putting brains to work. BOB MONELL Spring Editor GEORGE HUACO Spring Manager EARL ROSE Director of Photography All negatives must be OK ' ed for printing. BETTY NEVIS, Photographer, and MYRTLE SANDER, Laboratory Technician, aid in sizing pictures. asuc photography Under the able leadership of Earl Rose, the ASUC shutterbugs had another busy year. Aided and abetted by his partners in crime, Ed, Sandy, and Betty, day after day of industrious ASUC activity was recorded. They nobly withstood the attacks of assorted Blue and Gold editors, emerging victorious from stacks of picture orders and prints. ASUC photographers capture every phase of campus life. ED KIRWAN Chief Photographer Professor Jayne gives atmosphere to his English 44A class studying the Greek drama. Eur•Cal members enjoy a gay reunion party. The exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci ' s work was one of the many displays in the Women ' s Clubrooms this year. The Women ' s Spring Activity Fair was an addition to the Women ' s Orientation program. university theater John Heatherington Gordon Keyes Marjorie Gunderson Mary Ziemer Jackie Vis Dick Matthews Plays presented by the University Theater under the direction of the ment of Dramatic Art have a two-fold purpose. They are selected to put before the University community a program of distinguished dramas of all time and and of all countries. They are also planned to afford the students in the University an effective experience in dramatic art. Participation in the presentations is open to all interested students on the campus. Manuscripts of new plays are solicited by the Department. Gifts of costumes and stage properties are gratefully received. Presentations of the University Theater were, among others, " I Wish I Might, " " The Cocktail Party, " " The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, " " Barefoot in Athens, " " The Medea, " " Love for Love, " " Peer Gynt, " " When the Dead Awaken " and also an opera by Johann Schenk, " The Village Barber. " 12R Opening Scene: Let ' s have a cocktail party! the cocktail party T. S. Eliot ' s drama of the superficialities of modern living, " The Cocktail Party, " was given a lucid interpretation in Wheeler Auditorium last November. John Hetherington as Sir Henry Harcourt-Reilly, and Susan Miley as Julia and Geof- fry Smith as Alex provided moments which were in turn amusing, poignant, and tragic. The production was directed by Leslie Mahoney, while Jane Hinchliffe took charge of the technical supervision. UPPER LEFT: Garret Boer and Thelma Susman caught in the act. UPPER RIGHT: Stage hands work fast to move props. LOWER LEFT: Coffee time between rehearsals. LOWER RIGHT: Jacqueline Drian and John Hetherington: Can it be that bad, doctor? Medea takes the center of the stage as tension mounts. medea This most awesome masterpiece of the " poet of the world ' s grief, " Medea, was presented in a new translation notable for its fidelity to the original and for its clarity and dramatic force. The Wheeler Hall presentation was under the direction of F. 0. Harris, and music for the play was posed by Jon Elkus. UPPER LEFT: The male members of the cast make up in the " before " scene of Medea. UPPER RIGHT: The chorus is an important part of any Greek play. LOWER LEFT: GORDON KEYES and MARY ZIEMER appear in the roles of Jason and Medea. LOWER RIGHT: Any stage production consists of more than acting. I The wedding scene highlights the play. universi ty theater One of Ibsen ' s finest works, " Peer Gynt, " was hailed as an outstanding pro- duction of University Theater this year, under the direction of Meslie Mahoney. The modern prose transla- tion has been edited by Casper Kielland and Mr. Mahoney. John Hetherington, senior student in the University, enacted the part of Peer. The large cast of actors included Susan Miley and Mary Hoffman. Favorites of the audience were the trolls. Anitra ' s dance points up the variety found in the play. The death scene of Peer Gynt ' s mother is outstanding. The mad scene is most effective due to the costuming. Talented musicians furnish background music for Medea. Is this before or after " The Cocktail Party " ? " I Wish I Might " performers appear one of happier scenes. The camera eye catches pre-performance panic behind the scenes of " I Wish I Might. " music council MUSIC COUNCIL—FRONT ROW, left to right: Len Isabelle, Art Robson, Ann Ashburn. BACK ROW: Howard Thompson, Greta Lindeke, Peggy Hocking, Jon Elkus. Singing is not the only talent of Treble Clef members. The Band adds atmosphere and gaiety to the basketball games. Collegians practicing in Eshleman Aud. for one of their programs. The Glee Club, Treble Clef Society, Collegians and the Band make up the Music Council. This council has as its purpose the promoting of all musical activities under the ASUC on and off campus. It also unites with other musical organizations on the campus for their mutual benefit. The result of this group activity in addition to usual concerts, were successful tours taken by both Band and Glee Club. Glee Club members happily start off on one of their many tours. NIVERSITY OF at(FORP1 glee club and treble clef show ROBERT JENSEN Pianist ROBERT COMMANDAY Director Two main activities were undertaken jointly by the Glee Club and Treble Clef Society during the past academic year; " Harmony Holiday, " the annual Fall presentation of the two groups, was the first, while the presentation of Schubert ' s Mass in A-flat major, with orchestral paniment, was the second. Other events included the formation of an opera workshop. SENIOR OCTET, left to right: Kenneth Porter, Ronald Campbell, Richard Bliss, David Edwards, Jack Spilmn, Vince Wood, J. Riley Kapfer, Gary Nardi. Glee Club and Treble Clef perform at their annual winter concert. treble clef GRETE LINDEKE Senior Manager Filling a busy year for Treble Clef were concerts for service clubs, hospitals and churches, the annual Fall Concert with Glee Club, the Tenth Annual High School Sing, Christmas caroling at houses around campus, a short out-of-town concert series under church sponsorship, and joint concerts with the Stanford and St. Mary ' s Glee Clubs. The social side of the ledger included Mixers with Glee Club and Collegians . . . picnics, swims, formals, a hayride, and a " Whing-Ding " week-end affair. JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED, left to right: Barbara Reed, Nancy Carlisle, Margaret Hosking, Marilyn Bobet, Marcia Spence, Jacqueline Beaumont. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS—STANDING, left to right: Myrl Coltrin, Carolyn Cooper, Janet Williams, Lynne Goree, Shirley Lansberry, Marilyn Grover, Sylvia Adams, Lou Bishop, Kandy Pixley, Jann O ' Neil. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Louise Hoffman, Marcia Spence, Sylvia Kempe, Marlene Jacobson, Jo Ann Schreiner, Mary Ann Boyd, Ginny Watson, Connie Hayes, Carol Snider, Bev Lutz. SECOND ROW: Robin Kelly, Savannah Golden, Sharon Smith, Peggy Woodward, Lynne Goree, Myrl Coltrin, Bev. Kaplan, Carolyn Cooper, Kandy Pixley, Florence Slater, Eleanor Newby, Donna Giddings. THIRD ROW: Peggy Hosking, Carol Blakemore, Marilyn Bobet, Bobee Read, Gayle Crawford, Janet Williams, Pat Goldsberry, Shirley Lansberry, Kathy Hayes, Carol Corzine, Marilyn Giles, Jann O ' Neil. BACK ROW: Cindy Atchley, Jane Fowler, Betty Benson, Marilyn Grover, Teresa Lucas, Jacquie Beaumont, Marianna Hillman, Charlene Myszka, HiId ' Smith, Beth Freese, Grete Lindeke, Sylvia Adams, Joan Sinnot, Joan Daniels, Marge Stone. CYNTHIA ATCHLEY Senior Secretary LEONARD ISABELLE Senior Manager glee club RICHARD SHERTZER Senior Secretary The University of California Glee Club, replete with blasers and tuxedos, has continued to spread its fame this year. The men ' s ing group added spirit and zest to many rallies and campus functions. Under the direction of " Bob " Commanday the Club also gave many concerts throughout the state, and joined with Treble Clef to present their annual Fall and Spring shows. Social mixer parties with Treble Clef and the Collegians were the scenes of exuberant fan each month. JUNIOR MANAGERS—SEATED, left to right: Howard Thompson, William Bell, Clarence Champlin. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS—STANDING: Jack Spilman, Frederick Hazlett, Glen Kindler, Dona ld Rau, Donald Sargent, Howard Kirk, Frederick Gary Nardi, Don Schrump. FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Shertzer, Ronald Campbell, James Cooney, Lynn Anderson, Duane Clarence Champlin, James DeWitt, Donald Perkel, Hoh, Lawrence Helm, Donald Rau, John Brillhart, Vincent Wood, Robert Commanday (director). ROW: Leonard Isabelle, Douglas Hines, Richard Douglas Bruce, Lawrence Bush, Richard Etter, Wiggins, Clyde Workman, William Gills, Donald Sargent, Leslie Schlom, Lawrence Bridges. THIRD ROW: David Herling, George James, Jack Spilman, Gerald Addicott, Gerald Messer, William DeFar, James Post, Scott Bybee, Edward Johnson, Dean Tupper, Frederick Hazlett. BACK Kenneth Porter, Howard Kirk, David McRae, John Parr, William Bell, Gene Clements, Howard Thompson, Nelson, David Edwards, Steven Myrick, J. Riley Kaofer, Gary Nardi, Gordon NIcClued. 11 FRONT ROW, left to right: Ida Boynton, Marilyn. Fini, Helen Wegener, Diane Mitchell, Barbara Ciemny, Ann Ashburn, Ben Fraticell, Richard Lynn, Paul Hubbard, Bob Witser, Melvin Rice. SECOND ROW: Joyce Jenkins, Suzanne Hall, Jeannine Wilson, Janice Culver, Arlene Granberg, Gay Benediktson, Rose Marie Costa, Jud Bauman, William Moore, Meyer Scharlack, Bill Brown. THIRD ROW: Diana Tower, Diane Evans, Marilyn Hoskins, Nanette Wells, Barbara Kyte, Janet Bullard, Norma Trumure, Herb Brown, Roy Chafin, Orval Ellsworth, Toby Thompson, Ben Birkel. FOURTH ROW: Arlene Parkhurst, Marilyn Ahlport, Jean Evanikoff, Gwen Yelland, Adrienne Smith, Carlee Gervais, Donald Chamberlin, Bob Hamilton, David Davis, Bill Houweling, Dick Dickinson. BACK ROW: Peggy Eckert, Shirley Sadler, Mary Ann Branson, Carol Goldstone, Lillian Lucas, Carole Gervais. JUD BAUMAN Manager collegians JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to right: Ann Ashburn, Helen Wegener, Herb Brown, Barbara Kyte, Bill Houweling. 138 Collegians began their second year with a new director, new members and new plans. Robert Commanday has directed the mixed chorus in their rehearsals and performances as Collegians have presented Fall and Spring Concerts, which were open to the campus public. = apenco=as FRONT ROW, left to right: Jon Elkus, Dan Lee, Bill Pippin, Tony Martinez, Bob Witbeck, Frank Vanskike, Bill Thompson, Art Robson, Wayne Henderson, Darrell Zander, Alvan Messer, Douglas Patton. SECOND ROW: Davis Michell, Bill Isbell, Herb Weimar, Owen Bae, Jerry Drennan, Dale Satre, Phil Padou, Jim McGuire, John Mason, Allan Humphrey, Leroy Van Allen, Don Munro, Jim Lieberman, Dan Hirsch. THIRD ROW: Ramon Reyes, Gerald Thiers, Krehe Ritter, John Copren, George McCallum, J. Riley Kapfer, Cy Silver, Bob Bradley, Paul Hawkinson, Bob Anderson, Louis Kahn, Warren Stearns, Roger Welsh. FOURTH ROW: Everett Currier, Charles Crawford, Jack Tatum, Elliott Shapero, Joe Bingaman, Michael Aggeler, Jim Russell, Ron Rinta, Fred Goldbaum, Bill Colescott, Blaine Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Bill lanes, Merritt Nelson, Charles Benson, Ronald Henley, Howard Boerlin, Marvin Kurtz, Marc Scriven, Howard Settle, Lawrence Strom, Bob Webber, William Bouton, Don Larson, Hugh Keating. SIXTH ROW: Bill Greschel, Earl Jack, Jerry Curtis, Ed Beall, Terry Welsh, Allen Addison, Claude Rohwer, Jan Polissar, John Tilbury, Paul Groot, Henry Schneider, Allen Casebolt, Arthur Ungar. BACK ROW: Tom Miller, Tony Massa, Bob Hartzell, Dick Myers, Bill Neuman, Erwin Kelley, Glen Short, Dale Fredgrem, John Fitz. JAMES BERDAHL Director cal band Straw Hatters and " friend " peacefully(?) close basketball game. This year all band activities were co- ordinated under Director James Berdahl. The Marching Band performed at such events as football games and rallies, while the Straw-Hat Band enter- tained basketball fans. In the Spring, the Concert Band, besides giving its annual Spring Concert, embarked on a state-wide tour and played a series of Bop concerts in Dwinelle Plaza. 139 symphony forum The Symphony Forum is composed of about 70 members representing living groups on campus. Its purpose is to increase appreciation of classical music. Series of evening forums are given as well as the Tuesday meetings featuring guest speakers and prominent artists. The forum also sells reduced price tickets for the San Francisco Symphony, and all enjoy the parties which are given before the concerts. Members enjoy one of many worthwhile programs. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jerry Brancato, Marion Berger, Liz Vinzer,t, Fred Corfee, Beth Lewis, Nancy Maromber, Janet Chantler, Ann Wright, Pat McLeod. SECOND ROW: Shirley Gerber, Helen Banbrock, Glea Gunderson, Carole Baker, Mary Louise McGowan, Lorna Youler, Kathryn Rice, Lois Lyn Scott, Pat Haddican, Sheila Tuthill. BACK ROW: Wolfgang Kummer, Jean Foley, Larry Staab, Dave Olsan, William Rabbitt, Michio Katsura, Tom Fury, Jack Taylor, Raymond Mah, John ' Wider, Susan Mecum. FRED CORFEE Chairman Records also offer opportunities for good listening. 140 r 11}0011 4 The Chorus practices in its new Dwinelle home. university chorus Under the very able direction of Professor Ed University Chorus completed another active year. Cal ' s lovers were delighted by a roster of events which concerts and participation in the University Meeting. ED LAWTON Director university symphony Practice and preparation were the watchwords of the University Symphony as it made ready for its many concert appearances this year. Composed of University personnel from freshman to Ph.D., the Symphony performed at University functions such as Charter Day and Commencement. The University Symphony puts in the practice time which makes their performances so excellent and enjoyable. JOAQUIN NIN•CULMELL Director ANN CARR Manager FRONT ROW, left to right: Joan Hartley, Ann Carr, Bill Sprague, Mr. R. B. Wilson, Bernie Robinson, Miriam Benjamin, Roberta Fradin, Lila Wenegrat. BACK ROW: Bob Hays, Tom Shepard, Don Sherir.ian, Carey McWilliams, Sam Axtell, Bob Dagget, Stan Lyman, Sheldon Wolfe, Frank Winston, Jim Ritch, George Ponomareff, Schuyler Royal!, Pat Leighton, Joyce Kislitzen, SEATED, left to right: Erline Wachman, Barbara Hochman, Richard Crawford, Yale Lyman, Sandra Shapiro, Marilyn Sutton, Carol Gray. STANDING: Mervin Tarlow, Ed Bordin, Dick Falknor, Howard Streifford, Carl Henderson, Keith Jewell, Harry Reeves, Karl Munz, Karl Petermann, Stan Gutman. MARILYN SUTTON Manager varsity debate Selective from among experienced upper division students, the Varsity Debate vied for forensic laurels with other west coast universities; the outstanding event, as always, was the Joffre Medal Debate with Stanford in the Spring. In their attempt to develop intellectual understanding among themselves, the members of the squad are guided by faculty member Richard Wilson, who served as coach. Jr. varsity debate The nucleus of Junior Varsity Debate is the informal seminar. These seminars, under the leadership of Manager Marilyn Sutton and Coach Yale Lyman, were ma intained at a high level of thought and preparation. Subjects were chosen from topics important to responsible citizens today. Outside activities included participation in the Student Congress at St. Mary ' s. Debates were also held at Stanford, San Jose, CCSF, and San Francisco State College. 142 Commanding Officer, Colonel GEORGE H. STEEL air rotc The Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is established to educate and train selected students to serve as officers of the United States Air Force. The purpose of the program is to broaden the educational background of the students by providing them with knowledge and understanding which is nowhere else available in the University curriculum to enable them to effectively discharge their duties as Junior Officers of the United States Air Force after graduation. Particular emphasis is placed upon selecting and training those students who have expressed a desire to participate in flight duty as a part of their Air Force career. The Air Force Color Guard starting off the game. 1 Cadets are explained the workings of a jet aircraft engine. Air Force ROTC Cadets preparing to take an airplane ride. FRONT ROW, left to right: Captain Sid A. Newsom, Major Baety 0. Gross, Lieutenant Colonel W. E. Mullin, Colonel George H. Steel, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas A. Lee, Lieutenant Colonel Roger B. Files, Major Carl J. Roeser, Captain Alan H. Conklin. SECOND ROW: M Sergeant John N. Simmons, M Sergeant Richard W. Scott, Captain Colin MacLeod, Captain Samuel H. Lyons, Captain Edwin G. Triner, Captain George W. Barnes, Jr., M Sergeant Lyle L. McDonald. THIRD ROW: M Sergeant Richard M. Johnson, T Sergeant Norman L. Spruce, S Sergeant Harold H. Poplin, M Sergeant Herman J. Bruce, Jr., M Sergeant Connie M. Shepherd, M Sergeant Edward N. Murgatroyo. BACK ROW: T Sergeant James P. Blackwell, S Sergeant Vitd J. Sannasardd, M Sergeant Verlon 0. Hayes. Scene at the first Air Force Ball held at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. 144 army rotc The University of California continues contribute her share of officers to the United Army. The Army ROTC, commanded Colonel Thomas Waters, represents all of the Army, including the Infantry, Artillery, the Transportation Corps, the master Corps, the Signal Corps, and the Military In addition to the practical experience while attending the summer camps, ROTC benefited from the frequent field to the various installations in the Area., including a week-end cruise by Transportation Highlighting the social season was the Scabbard and Blade Dance at Alameda Officers Club. ROTC color guard marches at the Cal-Missouri game. Commanding Officer, Colonel THOMAS L. WATERS ' 52 champion ROTC rifle team. ROTC Engineering students build a bridge. HELNICK receives award at President ' s review. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lt. Col. Palmblad, Lt. Col. Roth, Lt. Col. Lindsey, Lt. Col. Preston, Col. Waters, Lt. Col. Hayward, Lt. Col. Pohl, Lt. Col. Malone, Lt. Col. Dorney. SECOND ROW: Capt. Hooper, Major Griess, Major Charlton, Major Gratrick, Major Moss, Major Phair, Major Nelson, Capt. Guss. BACK ROW: Major Hackwood, Capt. Staser, Major MacDonald, Capt. Essen, Capt. Scheibe, Lt. Steinke, Capt. Singer. 145 146 Special instruction on the rifle range is given by M Sergeant Garrison. Only rain is an excuse to cancel drill. Cadets take a Parade Rest. The finer points of a sword are explained by Captain Eddy. TEACHING STAFF: Captain Samuel L. Eddy, Jr., marine officer instructor; and Master Sergeant James J. Garrison, instructor. ,74 N. marine rotc Through the NROTC the Marine Corps receives a certain percentage of junior and senior me n for regular and reserve officers. The ing given these students covers the evolution of the Art of War, Modern Basic Strategy and Tactics, and Amphibious Warfare. Each summer the midshipman is given basic training at various stations throughout the United States. After receiving his degree, he is commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Marine Corps or U. S. Marine Corps Reserve. Captain SAMUEL L. EDDY, JR., heads the Marine ROTC. The Marine Color Guard turns out in full regalia. • navy rotc The University of California can take great pride in its NROTC Unit. Of the fifty-two units now in existence throughout the country, Cal ' s is one of the largest. In addition to this, it was one of the earliest to be founded, and Fleet Admiral Nimitz spent three years teaching here when the unit was first established. The NROTC offers a four-year curriculum leading to a commission in the Navy or Marines or in the reserve branches of these units. Commanding Captain J. V. PETERSON Navy ROTC color guard marches at Cal-UCLA game. Navy ROTC has a flag hoist drill. Practice is given on the 5 " 38 gun. Personnel inspection is under way. FRONT ROW, left to right: J. D. Harrington, FCI; Commander W. C. Meyer, USN; Lieutenant-Commander C. A. Coutts, USNR. SECOND ROW: Lieutenant-Commander L. C. Pool, USNR; Lieutenant R. H. Madden (S.C.), USN; Lieutenant P. J. Hartley, Jr., USN; Lieutenant J. K. McAdams, USN. THIRD ROW: D. E. Metcalf, SI C; Lieutenant 0. H. Perry, Jr., USN; Captain S. L. Eddy, Jr., USMC; M Sergeant J. J. Garrison. BACK ROW: H. H. Schremser, QMC; R. G. O ' Connor, PNC; N. C. Dutt, GMC; W. G. Harding, ETCA. 147 150 TRAINERS, left to right: Dick Abru and Robert Peterson, assistant trainers; Don Harkness, student assistant; Jack Williamson, head trainer. OFFICE STAFF--SEATED: Charlie STANDING, left to right: Marian Schaaf, Libby Katherine Gowdy, Rena Hamilton, Gayle Redden. athletic Top man on the totem pole BRUTUS HAMILTON, director intercollegiate activities. Handling tickets was capable GEORGE BRIGGS. SEATED, left to right: Russ BohIke and Brutus Hamilton. STANDING: Jim Matthews, Bob Beale, Dick Ehni, Bob Karpe, Hugh Ditzler, Mark Harrison. The Athletic Department has had a busy time this year with over three hundred different contests. Representing student opinion was a very important body, the Athletic Council. This group passed on letters, managerial appointments, and policies, advising with direction on these. essentials ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE—SEATED: Barbara Tindell, STANDING, left to right: Barbara Kinkead, Araminta Dickey, Paul Christopulos. Under the assistant direction of Greg Englehard who took care of all details and arrangements, the Athletic Department completed another successful year. Also indispensable were the official host and hostesses of the Reception Committee who greeted the visiting teams. Dr. JAMES HARKNESS had the job of keeping the players healthy. Assistant director GREG ENGLEHARD also served as business manager. NEWS BUREAU, left to right: Lefty Stern, Virginia Hall, Bob Rubin. In charge of equipment were ERNIE MADISON and HARRY DAVIES. RENA HAMILTON kept the department in line as secretary. 151 Head Yell Leader MAX GUTIERREZ YELL LEADERS, left to right: Jerry Wendt, Marty Yester, Max Gutierrez, Bill Bell, Don Denton. CARD STUNT COMMITTEE, left to right: Pat Krieger, Mary Ann Silliman, Ginger Andrews, Joanne Dezelle, A nn Leicham. Card Stunts Chairman MARY ANN SILLIMAN OSKI COMMITTEE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Ben Fraticelli, Norm Ruby. BACK ROW: Chip Wray, Jim Robinson, Tom Merigan. yell leaders Echoing from Memorial Stadium were cries of " Go psycho " and " Hip, hip, hooray, " as Max Gutierrez led the great Cal rooting section for the second consecutive year. Not even a microphone could hamper organized spirit for half of the Game, and Cal -yells through clouds of orange to let Stanford know the Golden Bears could not be stopped. Spirit during basketball season also reached new heights. card stunts A small and little publicized group which has contributed a deal of color and spirit to Cal football tradition is Card Stunts Committee. Under the direction of Mary Ann Silliman and aided by Rally Council and Cal Band in planning the theme for each game ' s stunts, the Committee designed stunts this that proved to be not only unique, but the best on the West Coast. RUDY TRETTEN discovered how convenient it is to hold the positions of Men ' s Rally Committee Chairman and Sports Editor of the Daily Cal at the same time. rally committee FRONT ROW, left to right: Mike Kreinman, Rudy Tretten, Scott Simon. SECOND ROW: Rene Van de Carr, Bob Collins, Keith McMurphy, Wint Mather, Chuck Madsen, Bob Kirkpatrick, Jim McTighe, Jack Myer. ROWS 3-6: Sophomore appointees. Working in conjunction with the yell leaders and the band to build a greater. California spirit, the Rally Committee performed its thankless tasks of card stunt marking and tacking and " proctoring " at the rallies and basketball games almost without mishaps. The year, which was marked by the miraculous UCLA game where people actually did " pass their cards to the right, " was climaxed by a March banquet at the Willows, where the appointments for the 1953-54 committee were announced. FRONT ROW, left to right: Noreen Letsom, Janet Grout, Elouise Phelps. SEC- OND ROW: Joanne Baldwin, Carolyn Olsson, Joanne Thatcher, Lesley Spence, Anne Hawley, Barbara Kinkead, Nancy Moncure, Gayle Rivers. THIRD ROW: Araminta Dickey, Marilyn Leath, Marcia Simon, Sharlene Patten, Margaret Wagner, Mary Ann Truscott, Shirley Hickey. FOURTH ROW: Beth Pischel, Dodie Bee, Donna Dixon, Barbara Clymer, Pat Thill, Elizabeth Bahls, Marilyn Tozer. FIFTH ROW: Joan McRae, Helen Bragg, Dot Burnett, Susan Lanzit, Nancy Ranney, Diane Lillis, Irene Fitts. BACK ROW: Leslie Berglund, Janice Hungerford, Leslie Creech, Bernice Calvin, Elizabeth Crosby. Vivacious JANET GROUT added versatility to the position of Women ' s Rally Committee Chairman as she reigned as Big Game Sweetheart and appeared in dramatic productions. OSKI COMMITTEE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Glen Michel, Bill Applegate, Bill Perry. BACK ROW: Ron Seawright, Oran Crumley, Frank Cabral. FRONT ROW, left to right: Will Andersen, Martin Rotto, Ken Noack, John Class, Ron Langley, Tom Keough, Peter Krichman, Nat Agliano, Jerry Hinton, Dick Ament. SECOND ROW: Dick Righter, Bruce Coombs, Howard Morrow, Robert McEuen, Dick Day, Jack MacKay, Jeff Foley, Bob Warwick, Bob Young, Jerry Hays, Allan Louderback. THIRD ROW: Bill Carr, Dick Miles, Glenn Gulvin, Bob Karpe, Don Johnson, Sam Adams, Steve Turner, Larry Anderson, Don Smalian, Keith Meserve, Bill Daggett, Ed Michelsen, Louie Torchio. FOURTH ROW: Al Talley, Paul Larson, Jerry Lienau, Chuck Stehr, Doug Huntze, Don Marks, Steve Glick, Tev Martin, Guy Blackburn. FIFTH ROW: Ray Willsey, Bob Beal, Hal Ellis, Matt Hazeltine, Vince Wood, Dave Wood, Jim Kidder. BACK ROW: Ray Greene, Robert Brooks, Herman Molina, Jim Ross, Russ Bohlke, Sammy Williams, Bob Froeschle. big " c " society Fall OFFICERS Spring Jim Ross President Bob Karpe Russ Bohlke Vice-President Hugh Ditzler Bob Young Secretary Bob Beal HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard Abreu Gregory F. Engelhard Maxwell L. Howell Stanley E. McCaffrey Charles A. Pease Henry Stone Albert M. Becker Richard E. Erickson Miles R. Hudson Joseph P. McKim Robert A. Peterson Charles W. Thompson Ralph W. Chaney Clinton W. Evans Claude B. Hutchison James M. Miller Clarence M. Price Herbert S. Thomson, Jr. Zeb D. Chaney Stanley B. Freeborn Robert S. Johnson Ralf e D. Miller Alva W. Ragan Edwin C. Voorhies Paul Christopulos Wesley L. Fry Charles J. Keeney Dr. Harold P. Muller George E. Schroth Lynn 0. Waldorf James H. Corley Harold Grant Harry L. Kingman Russell Nagler Harry W. Shepherd Edward G. Welch Frederick W. Cozens Brutus Hamilton Mike J. Koll Edgar Nemir Herman A. Spindt John P. Williamson Dr. William G. Donald Dr. James T. Harkness C. Bently Lyon William J. Norton Robert G. Sproul Robert Wilson Carroll M. Ebright Joel H. Hildebrand Edgar J. Manske Franklin C. Palm Richard H. Stevens Henry S. Yee FOOTBALL Paul Andrew Thomas Dutton Donald Harris James Kotler Keith Meserve John Peterson Robert Beal Donald Edmonston Matthew Hazeltine Ralph Krueger Edwin Michelsen William Powell Allen Bender Harold Ellis Joseph Hibbs Richard Lee John Miksits Alfred Talley Russell Bohlke Dwight Ely David Hood James Marks Richard Miles Lloyd Torchio Robert Brooks Steven Glick Donald Johnson Tevis Martin George Najarian Richard Verling John Cadenasso Glenn Gulvin Robert Karpe Vincent Maiorana Harold Norris Harry West Donald Curran Leighton Hahn Thomas Keough William Mais William O ' Hare Samuel Williams Richard Day James Hanifan James Kidder Peter Mering John Olszewski Raymond Willsey BASKETBALL C. Richard Bartalini Robert Froeschle Thomas Greenleaf Edward Lippstreu Raymond Moser Rupe Ricksen James Doan Clay Gray Paul Henriksen Robert McKeen John Ricksen Richard Tamberg BASEBALL Nat Agliano Peter Corona Jerald Hinton John Lamberson Edward Milano Douglas Weeks Richard Ament William Cowan Thomas Keough Jack Mackay Vernon Pitau John White Elden Beck Tames Crew Peter Krichman Alfred Mathews Thomas Pollock TRACK Samuel Adams Guy Blackburn Donald Huggins Jerry Lienau Lonnie Spurrier Stephen Turner George Allen Walter Briant Douglas Huntze John Nelson Arthur Stewart Robert Warwick Lawrence Anderson John George James Hutchinson Richard Righter Donald Timmerman John White Rolland Langley George Roseme SWIMMING William Armstrong John Clark John Foley David Kennell James Ross Charles Stehr James Baker Willard Daggett Gerald Hays Allan Louderback Henry Sanderson Dave Wood Richard Ehni Wilson Jacobson Sheldon Onstead Donald Smalian CREW Ronald Ahlport Fred Avilez William Hull George Loorz Kenneth Noack Peter Scott Willis Andersen John Class Robert Johnson Robert McEuen Martin Rotto Robert Young Bruce Coombs Thomas Johnson Howard Morrow S. Allen Samson TENNIS Dean Carr James Doan Frederick Hagist Clifton Mayne Hernan Molina Rupe Ricksen Hugh Ditzler Paul Dolan Herschel Hyde Kevin Merrick John Ricksen David Stepanek INTRAMURAL SPORTS MANAGER Bartley Young 1 54 Fall Stan Verdi Norm Green Mark Harrison Lee Shaine OFFICERS Spring President Dick Ehni Vice-President Mark Harrison Treasurer Ralph Henkle Secretary George Trabert FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Sheng, Sr., John Phillips, Bob Leslie, Bill Perry, Norm Green, Stan Verdi, Lee Shain, Mark Harrison, Kadri Ramazanoglu, Max Gutierrez, Vince Young, Karl Koenig, Walter Becker. SECOND ROW: Jim Maddox, Robert S. Foo, Verne Thornburg, Bill Lockett, James E. Abraham, Merrill Brown, Paul Robbins, Richard McDermott, Jim Thayer, Taoyuan Wu, Al Braccini, George Norville, Paulo O ' Grady. THIRD ROW: Herbert C. Yim, George Lee, John Iskra, Bill Wong, Gordon J. Taros, Norm Standlee, Fred Brenner, Chap Milbank, Bill Stewart, Henry Petereit, Sudarmo Martonagoro, Zatopek Green. BACK ROW: Rolland A. Langley, Arlen W. Jee, George R. Trabert, Lloyd Auchard, Bob Kahl, Ed Westbrooke, Lavern Moody, Charles Hobson, Gordon Gill, Bob Roche, Bill MacLaughlin, Dick Ehni. circle " c " society UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Abru Greg Englehard Norman Hinds Ralph Miller Charles Pease George Schroth William Donald Bob De Grazia Miles Hudson Hugh Mumby Alva Ragan Henry Stone Fred Cozens Lance Flanagan Charles Lucchesi Edgar Nemir Al Sais Hal Walt Brutus Hamilton Harry Morgan Herbert Newsome ATHLETIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Stan Verdi Norm Green Dick Ehni Mark Harrison Boxing Soccer Cross-Country Golf Bob Roche Kadri Ramazanoglu Max Gutierrez Keijo Ahovuori Alfred de Lorimier Ted Engs Jim Ross Jim Warren James McCane Al Barrie Jim Green Hugh Silco x Al Weitz Myron Hanson Jay Slaybaugh Vincent Young Rugby David Cruickshank Don Harris Frederick Brener Hank Fellner George Gardiser John Hotchkis Bill Lackett William Mancuso Norman Green Paul Juette Rolland Langley Bob Leslie Jim Maddox Herbert Morrison John Nelson Wrestling Ray Castenado Bill Perry Water Polo Walt Becker Don Smalian Charles Stehr Volleyball Jim Warren Sailing John Zachry Weight Basketball Bob De John Robert Foo Donn Fridlund Ralph Henkle Phelps Witter Ron Witter Skiing Merrill Brown Fred Corfee Sudarmo Martonagoro Ralph Massing Morris Milbank Luis Parcia Bob Pistruiloff Paul Rabbins Vern Thornburg Fencing Melvin Rubin Riflery Lloyd Auchard Dick Ehni Bob Fisher Gordon Gill John Gray Charles Habson Bob Kahl Drew Gram Paul Larson Larry Shep Gymnastics Al Braccini John Iskra Arlen Jee George Lee George Norville John Phillips George Trabert Bill Wong Howard Shain Lavern Moody Don Kamber Ken Hagin Bob Tomberg Jim Thayer Allan Louderback Mark Harrison Handball Stan Verdi Foo Yuan Wu Bill MacLaughlin Stuart Mclllraith James Abraham 155 OSKI receives a transfusion at the UCLA game. OSKI prepares for a " tarpaulin " landing. OSKI teaches a future Bear the mechanics of playing a percussion instrument. " Aloha " OSKI leads the band at the University of Hawaii basketball series. OSKI charges Prince Lightfoot at the Stanford game. varsity squad This year ' s California football varsity could possibly be considered one of the most remarkable teams to have played for Cal in many years. Their record is not as good as that of teams in some previous seasons, but one fact must be taken into consideration. In every key game Cal was playing with a badly crippled ball club. Never were they at full strength when they needed to be. It was only the great coaching talent of " Pappy " Waldorf and the indomitable spirit and prowess of the team that won many of the ball games. We cannot help but wonder what the team would have done had it been at full strength against USC, UCLA and Washington. Coach LYNN 0. " PAPPY " WALDORF el I FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Beal, Al Talley, Paul Andrew, Torn Keough, Jim Kidder, Bob Brooks, Hal Norris, Dick Day, Bill Dutton, Torn Dutton, Bill Mais, Vince Maiorana, Don Curran, Glenn Gulvin, Don Feuerstein, Dave Hood. SECOND ROW: Gerald Martin, Keith Meserve, Sam Williams, Gil Nelson, Paul Larson, Don Marks, Hal Ellis, Tevis Martin, Bill Powell, Don Harris, John Stellern, Gerald Perry, Dick Osorio, Jim Whitley, Dean O ' Hare. BACK ROW: Jerry Hinton, Jim Hanifan, Don Johnson, Gere Brooks, Dick Lee, Charles Martucci, George Najarian, Allan Bender, John Garzali, Leighton Hahn, John Peterson, Ed Michelson, Steve Glick, Jim Kotler, Bob Worrell, Lloyd Torchio, Matt Hazeltine, Joe Hibbs, John Olszewski. COACHING STAFF, left to right: Hal Grant, " Eggs " Manske, " Pappy " Waldorf, Zeb Chaney, Herm Meister, Wes Fry, Nibs Price 158 Fulfilling an indispensable role on the gridiron scene is hard- working senior manager DICK VERLING. FOOTBALL MANAGERS—FRONT ROW, left to right: David Birenbaum, John Derdivanis, Dick Miles, Dick Verling. BACK ROW: Roy Takeuchi, Ben Bibel, Jay Begun, Pete Neufeld, Gerald Hertz. PCC STANDINGS W. L. T. USC 6 0 0 UCLA 5 1 0 Wa shington 5 2 0 California 3 3 0 Washington State 3 3 0 Oregon 2 5 0 Stanford 2 5 0 Idaho 1 3 0 Oregon 1 6 0 season summary YARDSTICK Cal Opp. Number of rushing plays 553 426 Net yards rushing 2814 1313 Passes attempted 117 288 Passes completed 48 121 Net yards passing 907 1342 Net yards rushing and passing 3721 2655 Total first downs 171 147 Points scored 247 127 Season ' s co-captains and graduating seniors, JOHN OLSZEWSKI and BILL MAIS. All-American fullback Johnny-0 was voted the team ' s most valuable player, while Bill gained fame as an excellent faker and passer. 159 the bear story The 1952 season had great possibilities for the California Golden Bears as the first game rolled around. With 28 returning lettermen, including " Jolting " Johnny Olszewski, a trip to Pasadena on New Year ' s Day did not seem at all remote. In its first five games, Cal defeated three strong coast teams: COP, and Santa Clara, and two tough intersectional rivals, Missouri and Minnesota. This set the stage for the big USC encounter in Los Angeles. BILL POWELL hits pay dirt for another T.D. in the COP clash. 4 Total 7 34 0 13 YARDSTICK Cal COP Number of rushing plays 54 49 Net yards rushing 264 193 Passes attempted 8 29 Passes completed 4 12 Net yards passing 101 Net yards, rushing and passing 365 323 First downs 21 17 1 2 3 Cal 7 7 13 COP 6 0 7 1 2 3 4 Total An aggressive defender Cal 7 0 7 14 28 and an excellent blocker, senior DON CU RRA N Mo 7 0 0 7 14 saw action on both the offensive and defensive teams. YARDSTICK Cal Mo Number of rushing plays 64 31 With two more years Net yards rushing 411 82 to go, PAUL LARSON is a Passes attempted 10 possible All-American at either an offensive or Passes completed 3 10 defensive halfback spot. Net yards passing 48 128 Net yards, rushing and passing 459 210 Playing defensive line- First downs 17 backer this year, DON HARRIS will probably step into Johnny-O ' s shoes next season. 160 Selected as the most courageous player and recipient cf the Ken Cotton award was offensive tackle GLENN GULVIN. Surrounded by Missouri men POWELL is stopped from any gain. JOHNNY-0 away for a yardage gain, aided by a block by Bob Beal (82). Backfield Coach WES FRY 1 2 3 CAL 14 14 7 MINN 13 0 0 YARDSTICK Cal Minn Number of rushing plays 59 43 Net yards rushing 396 145 Passes attempted 13 19 Passes completed 5 6 Net yards passing 121 66 Net yards, rushing and passing 517 211 First downs 20 11 Brick Muller award for the most able lineman went year to TOM DUTTON, LG. Senior RAY WILLSEY, QB, received the Smith award for the conference and sectional playing time. After changing fullback to guard, NORRIS played string and was outstanding blocker. 161 4 Total 14 49 0 13 JOHNSON breaks clear for a Cal TD against the Minnesota eleven. Switching from fullback to center his sophomore year, junior TEVIS MARTIN has led the way in opening holes in opponents ' forward walls. Line Coach HERM MEISTER MATT HAZELTINE (54) closes in on Shaw of Oregon as PERRY (74) and HARRIS (14) rush in to make sure of stop. 1 2 3 Cal 7 0 20 Oregon 0 7 0 4 Total 14 41 0 7 YARDSTICK Cal Ore Number of rushing plays 68 30 Net yards rushing 374 30 Passes attempted 6 53 Passes completed 4 23 Net yards passing 121 Net yards, rushing and passing 495 274 First downs 19 17 1 2 3 4 Total Cal 14 0 0 13 27 A fine defensive halfback this year, SAM WILLIAMS SC 0 0 7 0 7 will probably get the call at quarterback next Santa year with his strong right arm and smart play YARDSTICK Cal Clara calling. Number of rushing plays 48 47 Yards gained rushing 269 125 Passes attempted 12 27 Passes completed 5 8 Yards gained passing 42 66 After playing freshman Net yards gained 311 191 ball at Columbia First downs 17 University, JIM DILLON came to Cal and will be back again next year to play left end. Despite not playing his sophomore year, HAL ELLIS became the first-string offensive end as a junior. Senior tackle GERRY PERRY was presented with the Roos Bros. trophy in their annual kicking contest, averaging 58 yards per punt. STEVE GLICIC downs Santa Clara man assisted by PAUL ANDREW and BILL DUTTON. the bear story What happened to the California Bears before the USC encounter is not too well understood. Whatever it was, the Bears didn ' t recover for four weeks, during which time they were drubbed by Southern Cal, UCLA, and Washington. They recovered in time to top Washington State; and since Stanford had been the victim of a bad season, Cal was the favorite in the injury-riddled Big Game. The Golden Bears turned in their best performance of the season as they walloped the Indians, 26-0, On an end run, JOHNNY•0 warily tries to dodge SC ' s Van Doren. 1 2 Cal 0 0 USC 10 0 YARDSTICK Cal USC Number of rushing plays 42 46 Net yards rushing 119 40 Passes attempted 11 21 Passes completed 5 9 Net yards passing 77 Net yards, rushing and passing 196 194 First downs 9 11 163 3 4 Total 0 0 0 0 0 10 Although hurt in the UCLA game, senior DICK LEE was invaluable to the Bears at a defensive halfback position. In addition to his blocking talent senior BOB BEAL, RE, was one of the fastest men on the squad. Never having played in high school, DAVE HOOD turned into a fine pass receiver for the Bears. Winner of the 1951 Bob Tessier aw ard, STEVE GLICK was a dependable tackle and play stopper until he was injured in the Washington game.. PAUL LARSON gains yardage on an end run after an intercepted pass play. Guarding and helping him are WILLSEY (25) and HIBBS (31). bear story California ranked high nationally in statistics. They ranked fourth in rushing offense and twelfth in total offense, while leading the Pacific Coast Conference in both of these departments. Individually Johnny Olszewski set a new Pacific Coast Conference three-year rushing record and a new University of California total offense record mark, while making several All- American teams. These statistics tell the tale behind the fine 7-3 season record. UCLA ' s Stalwick goes down for little gain after being tripped up by HANIFAN. 1 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 7 0 0 7 UCLA 7 7 7 7 28 YARDSTICK Cal UCLA Number of rushing plays 50 45 Net yards rushing 181 169 Passes attempted 18 30 Passes completed 3 14 Net yards passing 81 Net yards, rushing and passing 262 333 First downs 12 16 Senior halfback BOB BROOKS, a fast away runner, turned in great performances in his last games. A mainstay in the offensive backfield was senior BILL POWELL —Mr. Touchdown UC. Although hurt in the UCLA encounter, RALPH KRUEGER was one of the finest offensive tackles on the coast. 164 Now an end, after originally playing half- back, JOE HIBBS turned in an excellent job this year. WILLSEY grinds for eight yards and is finally brought down by four UCLA men. End Coach " EGGS " MANSKE Block by B. BROOKS (41) clears way for AL TALLEY. 1 2 3 Cal 7 0 0 Wash 13 0 7 4 Total 1 2 3. 4 Total 0 7 Cal 7 14 0 7 28 2 22 WSC 0 0 0 13 13 YARDSTICK Cal Number of rushing plays 37 Net yards rushing 184 Passes attempted 7 Passes completed 5 Net yards passing Net yards, rushing and passing 250 First downs 9 165 Wash YARDSTICK Cal WSC 50 Number of rushing plays 62 43 170 Net yards gained rushing 265 159 33 Passes attempted 23 16 22 Passes completed 11 8 151 Net yards passing 185 156 321 Net yards, rushing and passing 450 315 20 First downs 25 14 Following in the footsteps of Les Richter is sophomore linebacker MATT HAZELTINE, a good All-American prospect. Senior man DON JOHNSON, LH, was rated by Coach Poppy as probably the most nearly all-around player on the team. Probably Cal ' s most versatile player is senior VINCE MAIORANA who at one time or another during the season played offense and defense at both tackle and guard. A veteran of three years on the varsity, LEIGHTON HAHN was an aggressive offensive center. The white collar kids, NORRIS (38) and POWELL (11), pick up six yards in the WSC encounter. the big game " No banner, no card stunts, no football team, " echoed over Memorial Stadium Saturday, November 22, as joyful Cal rooters saw their team trounce the Stanford Red, 26-0. This game saw Johnny-0 rewrite the University as well as the Pacific Coast Conference rushing records, and brought to Lloyd Torchio his first Cal touchdown when he intercepted a Stanford pass and sped down field on one of the most exciting plays of the afternoon. Victory also evened up the Cal-Stanford series which now stands at 23 wins apiece with nine deadlocks. TOP: BILL POWELL makes nose dive after three-yard gain. ABOVE LEFT: Season ' s co-captains, BILL MAIS and JOHN OLSZEWSKI, and Stanford ' s Kirkland await the pre-Big Game coin toss. LEFT: Defense nabs Mathias. IAA 1 2 3 4 Total Cal 0 7 7 12 26 Stan 0 0 0 0 0 YARDSTICK Cal Stan Number of rushing plays 69 42 Net yards rushing 351 200 Passes attempted 9 23 Passes completed 3 9 Net yards passing 65 Net yards, rushing and passing 416 283 First downs 22 15 ABOVE RIGHT: JOHNSON grinds out a seven-yard gain to a first down on Stanford ' s three-yard line. RIGHT: Hey, Stanford—who ' s got the axe? BELOW: OLSZEWSKI gains more record-breaking yards with the aid of ELLIS (81) and GULVIN (76). 167 ramblers SEASON ' S RESULTS Ramblers Opp. 7 Camp Cooke 28 14 Alameda NAS 32 14 San Diego Air Pac 19 6 S. F. Presidio 6 33 Hamilton Air Base 18 20 Alameda NAS 6 0 Treasure Island 0 40 Cal Aggies 19 31 Camp Stoneman 0 2 Fort Ord 35 13 Stanford Braves 0 Assistant Coach ZEB CHANEY, above, was fortunate this year in having both Augie Marra and Carl VanHeuit to help him with his Rambler duties. UPPER LEFT: DOUG HIBBS grinds out yards on an end around. LEFT: With Anne (87) down and Whitley (81) coming up, TOM HENSEY puts a stop to progress of Stanford man. BELOW—FRONT ROW, left to right: Gene Rocker, Jim Morton, Don Wilson, Jerry Martin, George Gosling, Dick Paynter. SECOND ROW: Coach Augie Marra, John Stirton, Larry Taber, Don Rodgers, Bob Logan, Mike Giddings, Bob Pitcher, George Vukasin, Coach Carl VanHeuit. BACK ROW: Gene Haggerty, Charles Machado, Doug Hibbs, Clark McBride, John Garzoli, Doug Stowell, Bill DeBell, Bob Worrell, Walt Senior, Dave Ackerman. I68 frosh SEASON ' S RESULTS Frosh Opp. 44 Yuba College 14 12 USC 19 26 UCLA 34 20 Stanford 14 Coach HAL GRANT UPPER RIGHT: MAGUIRE grinds out yards while staving off UCLA tackle. RIGHT: Defense nails Yuba man. BELOW—FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Brandt, Bob Atkins on, Jim Faulkner, Maguire, Fiorini, Mike Glick, Buddy Miller, Noel Hildebrand. SECOND ROW: Harley Don Phillips, John Escano, Al Schmeiser, Carl Arnold, Jim Duffey, Art Weber, Don THIRD ROW: Dick Johnson, Don Ho[sten, Ernie Voight, Dick Pawson, Frank Merlo, Ralph Hoffman, Cliff Wright, Walt Lebedeff, Donn Smith. FOURTH ROW: Ted Granger, Jerry Mike Savage, Jim Lackey, Stu McKee, George Gibbs, Gary Riggins, Lacey, Murdo Nicolsen, Pete Crebbin. BACK ROW: Bob Oliver, Dick Sloan, Frank Davis, Jerry Drew, Roush, Don Tronstein, Andy Stone, Frank Toombs, Mike Phelan, Gene Fletcher. AL BENDER KEITH MESERVE DWIGHT ELY TOM KEOUGH GEORGE NAJARIAN JOHN STELLERN CHARLES MARTUCCI JIM KOTLER JIM HANIFAN ED MICKELSEN GIL NELSON PAUL ANDREW 52-53 varsity basketball The California Varsity ended up its PCC Southern Division season with an impressive 9-3 first-place record and in doing so proved its clear superiority over all Southern Division teams. Against UCLA, Southern Cal and Stanford the Bears had identical 3-1 records. Included in their conference feats were the double defeat of both UCLA and USC on their home courts and the 97-point conference scoring record which they set against Stanford in the final regular conference game. Final Southern Division standings: W L California 9 3 USC 7 5 UCLA 6 6 Stanford 2 10 FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Tamberg, Tom Greenleaf, Bob Matheny, Bob Moser. SECOND ROW: Jim Doan, Ed Lippstreu, Rupe Ricksen, John Ricksen, Bob Albo, Andy Wolfe. BACK ROW: Nibs Price, Bob McKeen, Skip Dresel, Clay Gray, Jerry Anderson, Art Gallon. Coach CLARENCE M. " NIBS " PRICE Stellar guard BOB MATHENY led the way to many victories with his cool ball-handling and deadly set shots. 173 Senior co-captain RUPE RICKSEN could always be depended on for his timely shots and rugged rebounds. Season co-captain JOHN RICKSEN set a new Southern Division record of 48% accuracy on field goals. LARRY JONES breaks through Hawaii for two points. intersections Intersectional basketball proved to be Cal ' s undoing. After defeating University of Hawaii, the Bears went on the road with a 4-0 record. On this long trip they were beaten soundly by Washington twice and once each by Iowa and Wisconsin. A trip to Salt Lake City produced only a split with Utah. MANAGERS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Bartalini, Warren Seibert, Ron Tinay. BACK ROW: Irving Coulter, Chuck Hartman, Jack Smit, Maynard Munger, Maynard Craig. Hard-working Senior Manager DICK BARTALINI. Cal. Opp. 77 Hawaii 40 50 Washington 60 88 Washington 99 57 Wisconsin 64 60 Iowa 69 174 22 18 62 " Jolly Green Giant " BOB McKEEN tips it back up for two more. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp Albo, f 1 0 2 Ridgeway, f 6 1 13 J. Ricksen, f 5 4 14 Moore, f 5 6 16 McKeen, c 7 8 22 Hibler, c 1 1 R. Ricksen, g.... 3 1 7 Bragg, g 1 5 7 2 Matheny, g 2 4 8 Livingston, g .... 4 4 12 16 Dresel, f 0 1 1 Costello, f 0 2 2 15 Tamberg, f 1 1 3 Bane, f 5 1 11 12 Gray, c 1 0 2 Logan, g 0 0 0 — Greenleaf, g 1 2 4 Porter, g 1 1 3 68 Jones, g 0 0 0 _ _ _ 23 21 67 21 21 63 Wily BOB MATHENY and Brother Bruin spring for the tip. bears us. bruins FRIDAY, JANUARY 2 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft J. Ricksen, f 7 2 16 Bane, f 6 3 Albo, f 7 4 10 Moore, f 3 2 McKeen, c 7 6 20 Hibler, c 1 0 R. Ricksen, 5 4 14 Bragg, g 5 6 Matheny, g 4 4 12 Livingston, g .... 6 3 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Ridgeway, f 4 4 Jones, g 0 0 0 — — — 25 18 26 20 72 tp 15 8 SATURDAY, JANUARY 3 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg J. Ricksen, f 7 2 16 Ridgeway, f 5 Albo, f 2 1 5 Bane, f 6 Tamberg, f 0 4 4 Costello, f 1 McKeen, c . 10 4 24 Moore, c-f 5 Andersen, c 0 0 0 Bragg, g 1 R. Ricksen, g.._. 2 1 5 Livingston, g 1 Matheny, g 2 3 7 Logan, g 1 Greenleaf, g 2 3 7 Hibler, c 0 — — — Porter, g 0 25 18 68 Davidson, g 0 20 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14 ft tp CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg f 4 14 J. Ricksen, f 6 5 17 Moore, f 6 8 20 Albo, f 6 4 16 Ridgeway, f 0 1 3 McKeen, c 6 3 15 Hibler, c 2 3 13 Matheny, g 1 10 12 Bragg, g 1 5 7 R. Ricksen, g. 3 4 10 Livingston, g 2 4 6 Jones, g 0 0 0 Bane, f 2 1 3 — — — Porter, g 1 0 0 22 26 70 Logan, g 0 0 0 Costello, f 2 0 0 Steinman, f 5 — — Evans, f 1 26 66 Johnston, g 0 tp 17 1 7 2 11 6 2 0 4 10 2 0 RAY MOSER was a pod example of why Cal had one of the strongest benches on the coast. A dependable feeder avid a steady postman —Senior CLAY GRAY. BOB ALBO connects for another tally. FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 CAL fg f tp USC fg ft tp J. Ricksen, f 9 23 Simpson, f 3 2 8 Albo, f 6 12 Flowers, f 3 4 10 McKeen, c 7 15 Irvin, c 2 3 7 R. Ricksen, g.. 5 11 Reilly, g 3 5 11 Matheny, g 3 14 Welsh, g 2 0 4 Dresel, f 0 0 Thompson, f 1 1 3 Tamberg, g 0 0 Findley, f 0 1 1 Gray, c 0 0 Ludcke, c 0 2 2 Moser, g 0 0 Carr, g 5 0 10 Greenleaf, g 1 3 Tuer, g 2 2 6 Jones, g 0 0 White, f 0 0 0 Andersen, c 0 0 Ksprski, g 0 0 0 — — — Surges, g 0 0 0 31 16 78 DeGrte, c 0 0 0 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Rndyng, g 0 1 1 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft — — — 21 21 63 J. Ricksen, f 5 3 13 Flower, f 1 3 5 Albo, f 5 3 13 Simpson, f 2 5 9 McKeen, c 6 6 18 Irvin, c 1 3 5 SATURDAY, JANUARY 17 Matheny, g 3 5 11 Welsh, g 1 7 9 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp R. Ricksen, 9.... 1 1 3 Carr, g 0 1 1 J. Ricksen, f 7 3 17 Flower, f 6 4 16 Dresel, f 1 0 2 Thompson, f 1 0 2 Albo, f 4 1 9 Simpson, f 6 4 16 Tamberg, f 0 1 1 Findley, f 2 0 4 Tamberg, g 0 3. 1 Findley, f 1 0 2 Anderson, c 0 0 0 DeGrte, c 2 1 5 Dresel, f 1 0 2 Irvin, c 2 3 7 Jones, g 2 1 5 Leer, g 0 0 0 McKeen, c 11 2 24 Ludecke, c 0 2 2 Greenleaf, g 0 0 0 Reilly, g ....... ..... 1 0 2 R. Ricksen, g.... 3 1 7 Reilly, g 3 1 7 Gray, c 0 1 1 White, f 1 0 2 Matheny, g 2 5 9 Welsh, g 2 3 7 Moser, g 1 2 4 Rmdzs, f 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g 1 0 2 Carr, g 3 0 6 — — — — Jones, g 0 0 0 — — — 24 23 71 12 20 44 — — 23 17 63 29 13 71 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp Albo, f 3 2 8 Flower, f 4 13 J. Ricksen, f 6 3 15 Simpson, f 3 14 McKeen, c 4 3. 9 Irvin, c 5 14 Matheny, g 4 3 11 Welsh, g 3 10 R. Ricksen, g.... 4 2 10 Carr, g 5 11 Tamberg, f 2 5 9 Findley, f 0 0 Gray, c 1 0 2 Thompson, f 3. 2 Greenleaf, g 1 0 2 DeGrte, c 1 2 Moser, g 0 0 0 Reilly, g 0 0 — — — Luer, g 1 2 29 16 66 — — 23 22 68 bears us. trojans BOB MATHENY and DICK TAMBERG tie up Southern Cal man. Proving himself to be an excellent rebounder was tough defensive man BOB ALBO. Brilliant Sophomore center BOB McKEEN set three new Southern Division and one California record with his 234 points in 12 games. 175 bears tn. Indians CAL FRIDAY, JANUARY 9 fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp J. Ricksen, f 3 2 8 DeLong, f 1 0 2 Albo, f 4 6 14 Zaninovich, f 3 1 7 McKeen, c 6 7 19 Lawler, c 2 0 4 Greenleaf, g .. 3 4 10 Tomsic, g 6 0 12 Matheny, g .... 4 2 10 Suzdaleff, g.... 5 5 15 R. Ricksen, g 1 3 5 Carlson, f 0 0 0 Tamberg, f.... 0 2 2 Green, f 1 0 2 Jones, g 0 0 0 Epperson, c.... 1 9 Moser, g 0 0 0 O ' Gorek, f 0 0 0 Anderson, c.... 0 0 0 P. Johnson, g 0 0 0 — — — Lockhart, g 0 1 1 21 26 68 J. Johnson, g 0 2 2 Morley, f 0 0 0 Westphal, c 0 0 0 — — — 22 10 54 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp J. Ricksen, f 0 1 1 Zaninovich, f.. 2 0 4 Albo, f 3 4 10 DeLong, f 1 0 2 McKeen, c 10 5 25 Lawler, c 1 3 5 Matheny, g....12 3 27 Tomsic, g 7 5 19 R. Ricksen, g 5 1 11 Suzdaleff, g 4 4 12 Moser, g 0 0 0 Johnson, f 7 0 14 Jones, g 0 0 0 Green, f 2 2 6 Tamberg, f .... 1 2 4 Epperson, c 0 1 1 Anderson, L.. 0 2 2 Carlson, f 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g .. 0 2 2 — — 24 15 63 31 20 82 SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 lil CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp IVIcKeen, c 7 1 15 Zaninovich, f.. 3 4 10 J. Ricksen, f 1 3 5 DeLong, f 5 3 13 Albo, f 1 4 6 Lawler, c 3 1 7 Matheny, g 5 5 15 Tomsic, g 8 3 19 ' Greenleaf, g .. 3 0 6 Suzdaleff, g 5 6 16 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Carlson, f 2 1 5 Jones, g 1 0 2 Epperson, c.... 2 2 6 Gray, c 2 0 4 Green, f 0 0 0 R. Ricksen, g 3 1 7 --- Anderson, c.... 0 0 0 28 20 76 23 14 60 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp J. Ricksen, f 2 4 8 Zaninovich, f.. 0 2 2 Albo, f 8 5 21 Johnson, f 2 3 7 McKeen, c 10 8 28 Lawler, c 2 3 7 R. Ricksen, g 4 2 10 Tomsic, g 6 5 17 Dresel, f 1 0 2 Suzdaleff, g .. 5 7 17 Matheny, g 10 4 24 DeLong, f 3 1 7 Anderson, f.... 2 0 4 Green, f 1 2 4 Jones, g 0 0 0 Epperson, c.... 1 0 2 Greenleaf, g 0 0 0 — Tamberg, f 0 0 0 20 23 63 — — 37 23 97 JC transfer LARRY JONES moved up from the Blues to bolster the varsity ranks this season. BOB ALBO dribbles alone through Stanford to score. ALBO and JOHN RICKSEN dive for loose ball on the hardwood. ED LIPPSTREU was a valuable reserve until he was forced to leave the team. Proving his versatility, JERRY ANDERSON handled both center and positions. with steady ball management. I 76 non-conference basketball The 1953 edition of the California Golden Bear basketball team wasted no time in using its big guns. The alumni was first to fall, then came a decisive victory over highly-touted USF. COP proved to be no match for the Bears. After finishing the first half of the conference season with a 5-1 record, they took on St. Mary ' s and Santa Clara in a pair of tilts at the Cow Palace and conclusively proved themselves to be the best team in the the area by winning both. TOM GREENLEAF and BOB ALBO control the backboards in USF tilt. Accurate jump shot artist DICK TAM BERG consistently bucketed the ball with either hand. JOHN RICKSEN goes high to fling ball out of reach of COP. , _ Ik116 Senior TOM GREENLEAF kept opponents worried with his aggressive tactics ma I and ball stealing. Making a fine comeback, SKIP DRESEL proved a valuable man to the California cause. 177 JERRY RAUGUST and ROY POLKINGHORNE go up for ball in the Berkeley Hi clash. LARRY REAGAN battles with Stanford Frosh for the rebound. freshman basketball Once again this year the Cal Frosh turned in a fine record. The Cubs had eleven wins and seven losses against the best of high school and college freshman competition in the area. Their main defect was the lack of height, but they made up for this with hustle, sharp-shooting and a rapid-fire fast break. It was Stanford who again spoiled the Cal record, as the Stanford Frosh defeated the Cubs four times in tough struggles. The manner in which the Cubs handled themselves should give Cal hopes for the coming year. COACH ART GALLON FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Winetrub, Phil Bluer, Jim Marshall, Jerry Hays, Earl Giacolini. SECOND ROW: Carl Beyrer, Ralph Blume, Gerald Tutman, Millard Burr, Robin Fairbairn. BACK ROW: Larry Reagan, Stan Kobsef, Roy Polkinghorne, Jerry Raugust, Don Pryde, Coach Art Gallon. 178 blues Despite an average 10-11 record, the California Blues showed definitely that in the future California should be able to look forward to some fine basketball. Playing a rugged schedule against strong service teams and junior colleges, the junior Bears showed plenty of fight and gave creditable performances. It was against Stanford that the Blues seemed to lack that extra something to pull them through, although all four games with the Braves were spirited contests. Undoubtedly this all-sophomore squad will produce many future varsity stars. Blues and Braves perform graceful basketball ballet. DON LANGROCK tips one in for an additional two markers. COACH ANDY WOLFE FRONT ROW, left to right: Cliff Main, Tom Taylor, Terry McGrath. BACK ROW: Huss, Bob Adams, Don Langrock, Norm Peterson, George N ajarian, Andy Wolfe. 179 FRONT ROW, left to right: William Wong, William Sheng, John Phillips, Don Carlson. BACK ROW: Clark Wallace, Ned Shaw, Ken Wood, Gene Dais, Ken Roberts. Finger-tip action snags ball for UC. 145 SEASON SCORES Cal Opp. Cal Opp. 37 Bushers 22 59 Berkeley Athletic Club 50 46 Berkeley Athletic Club 36 46 Ortmon ' s Ice Cream 36 58 Albany Pitas 48 54 Monterey Food Center 46 71 Acalanes High 50 46 Piedmont High 43 53 Antioch High 38 45 Richmond High 77 51 Monterey Food Center 46 59 Livermore High 66 66 Concordia College 76 35 Creole Cuisine 39 44 Ortmon ' s Ice Cream 30 56 Berkeley Athletic Club....... 42 58 Bushers 31 74 Albany Pitas 48 65 Placer Junior College. 48 52 Albany High 47 50 Creole Cuisine 47 Record: 17 wins, 4 losses. weight basketball 130 SEASON SCORES Cal Opp. Cal Opp. 31 Eusor B ' s 36 40 Whizz Kids 30 30 Whizz Kids 20 38 Eusor B ' s 35 50 Armstrong College .......... 34 47 San Lorenzo B ' s 29 44 Robt. E. Lee 18 44 Healdsburg Varsity.... ..... 33 33 Jahnke ' s 44 46 Richmond B ' s 37 36 Eusor B ' s 34 48 Placer Varsity 37 42 Parchester Village 33 62 Newman Varsity 35 46 Armstrong College .......... 41 70 St. Helena Varsity 47 41 Jahnke ' s 45 40 Amador Varsity 41 2 Robt. E. Lee 0 35 Live Oak Varsity 34 Record: 15 wins, 5 losses. 130 130 ' s bucket two more points. FRONT ROW, left to right: Herb Yim, Frank Sata, Jack Lockhart, James Willet, George Lee, Tom Mott. BACK ROW: Edward Connolly (coach), Bobby Foo, George Trabert, Fred Shinoda, John Iskra, Don Adams, Lloyd Johnson (assistant coach). 180 track The California 1953 track team shows fine promise as a good all-around team with outstanding strength in the middle distances. Much of the success for the season depended upon the ability of Spurrier and Turner to recover from unfortunate early-season injuries and illness. The team, however, had a good dual meet record and ranked high in the national competition. Coaches AL RAGAN and BRUTUS HAMILTON. Hard-working senior manager EUGENE RUSH. MANAGERS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Herb Filipponi, Eugene Rush, Art Gonos. BACK ROW: Spiro Mellis, Ron Brosemer, Don Linsdale. VARSITY—FRONT ROW, left to right: Larry Anderson, Bill Fisher, Phil Greenwood, Ron Langley, Capt. Sam Adams, Hal Norris, Guy Blackburn, William Thomas, Dick Ostrowski, Ed Phillips. SECOND ROW: Marshall Celestin, Dwight Carlson, Don Mattson, Millard Burr, Jere Brooks, George Najarian, Bill Dowd, Laurence Beller, Leonard Simpson, John Nelson, Edwin Hersh. THIRD ROW: Richard Hansen, Bill Volkert, Bob Bird, David Grinsfelder, Jim Hirst, John Matula, Jim Maddox, Bob Leslie, Ron Bauer, Frans Doelman. FOURTH: Albert Flath, Verne Thornburg, Steve Gaal, Jim Green, Bill Flodberg, Art Stewart, Ron Dozier, Ed Wilson. BACK ROW: Howard Hawkins, Don Rodgers, Dick Righter, Walt Briant, Barry Gilbert, Don Putnam, Julius Bedynek, Bob Bellue. ABOVE: DON TIMMERMAN breaks the tape far ahead of opponents in the 440-yard dash against UCLA. LEFT: WALT BRIANT proved to be a valuable hurdle and high lump performer after a slow start after a two-year absence from school to serve Uncle Sam. ABOVE: Captain SAM ADAMS is one of the greatest all•around weight throwers per cubic inch in the history of California sports. LEFT: JIM HUTCHINSON and ED HERSH one-two the Bruins in the 880. 183 ucla relays SATURDAY, APRIL 4—at BERKELEY MILE—Simpson (C), Nelson (C) , Phillips (UCLA). Time, 4:20.6. 440-YARD RUN—Timmerman (C) , Stewart (C), Moss (UCLA). Time, :48.3. 100-YARD DASH—Richards (UCLA), Blackburn (C), Putnam (C). Time, :09.8. HIGH HURDLES—Rosellini (UCLA) , Briant (C), Smith (UCLA). Time, :14.6. SHOT PUT—Welter (UCLA) , Adams (C), Norris (C). Distance, 51 ft. in. JAVELIN—Adams (C) , Righter (C) , Pahaz (UCLA). Distance, 212 ft. 4 in. 880-YARD RUN—Hutchinson (C) , Hersh (C) , Saze (UCLA). Time, 1:54.9. 220-YARD DASH—Richard (UCLA), Steward (C) , Shanks (UCLA). Time, :21.8. TWO-MILE RELAY—Hunt (UCLA) , Langley (C), Thornburg (UCLA). Time, 9:49.8. DISCUS—Adams (C) , Long (UCLA) , Coakley (C). Distance, 149 ft. 6% in. HIGH JUMP—Young (C), Hibler (UCLA), and Gilbert (C) , Briant (C), Eilers (UCLA) , Dalieney (UCLA). Distance, 6 ft. LOW HURDLES—Timmerman (C) , Rosellini (UCLA) , Briant (C). Time, :24.2. POLE VAULT—Eilers (UCLA) and Anderson (C) , Volhero (C). Distance, 13 ft. in. BROAD JUMP—Greenwood (C) , Walker (UCLA), Mattson (C). Distance, 22 ft. 10 in. RELAY—Cal team of Hutchinson, Lineau, Nelson and Hersh. ABOVE: WALTER BRIANT hurdles the high jump after four years as a navy fighter pilot. LEFT: JIM HUTCHINSON anchors the mile relay team to a win over San Jose State. BELOW: GUY BLACKBURN (extreme right) wins the 100-yard dash in the good time of 9.7 in an early season meet. TOM COAKLEY ' s best 1952 mark was 154-2 in the discus event. 184 4-way meet SATURDAY, MARCH 28 MILE RUN—Haynes (SC), Nelson (C), Simpson (C). Time, 4:25.9. 440-YARD RUN—Burnett (SJ), Timmerman (C), Stewart (C). Time, :48.7. 100-YARD DASH—Blackburn (C), George (SCYC), Hudson (COP). Time, :09.7. SHOT PUT—Stults (SJ), Norris (C). Distance, 50 ft. 11 in. HIGH HURDLES—Briant (C), Dozier (C), Leinehe (COP). Time, :14.9. JAVELIN—Adams (C), Roseme (SCYC), Richter (C). Distance, 213 ft. 8 in. 880-YARD RUN—Stanley (SJ), Hersh (C), Stephens (SJ). Time, 1:56.2. 220-YARD DASH—Burnett (SJ), Blackburn (C), Hudson (COP). Time, :21.9. HIGH JUMP—Wyatt (SCYC), Denny (SJ), Varneck (SCYC). Distance, 6 ft. 7 in. TWO MILE—Haynes (SCYC), Bowen (SJ), Jennings (SCYC). Time, 9:54.5. DISCUS—Coakley (C), Bill (SJ), Adams (C). Distance, 145 ft. 7% in. LOW HURDLES—Timmerman (C), Dozier (C), Leinehe (COP). Time, :24.2. POLE VAULT—Mattos (SCYC), Priddy (SJ), Anderson (C), tie. Distance, 14 ft. 4 in. RELAY—Cal, SJ State. Time, 3:23.6. BROAD JUMP—Brown (SCYC), Mattson (C), Stokes (SJ). Distance, 23 ft. 4% in. ABOVE RIGHT: Burnett of San Jose State beats TIMMERMAN to the tape in the 440 in an early season meet. RIGHT: Only injury or illness can keep LONNIE SPURRIER from being one of the really great half milers. As a sophomore he did 1506 to• BELOW: WALT BRIANT, Bear hurdler-high jumper, clears the bar in the San Jose State-COP-Santa Clara Youth Center Meet. Courageous and competitive describe JIM HUTCHINSON who, having recovered from a 1952 injury, should have a great year ahead. 185 LARRY ANDERSON is considered to be the best sophomore pole vaulter California has ever had. ABOVE: Sophomore ED HERSH breaks the tape to give the Bears a win over the Bruins in the Mile Relay. RIGHT: UCLA ' s ROD RICHARDS leads GUY BLACKBURN to the tape in the 100-yard dash. The Bears ' DON PUTMAN (second from left) comes in for third. BELOW LEFT: LEONARD SIMPSON (left) is an improving junior who excels at the mile, having done 4:17 as a sophomore. A man with a tremendous finishing kick in the 880 is JOHN NELSON. BELOW RIGHT: HAL NORRIS is considered to be the best sophomore shotputter in the history of the University. ' 52 highlights Meet Cal Opp. Olympic Club 71 60 USC 54% 761 6 College of Pacific 97 SJS 491 2 and San Jose COP 151 2 UCLA 76 55 Stanford 61 70 West Coast Relays 361 2 (1) Coliseum Relays (2) Modesto Relays 21% (3) PCC Championships 30% (4) FAA Meet 91 2 (5) IC4A 16 (6) NCAA 171 2 (7) Olympic Trials 17 (8) (1) California fourth. (2)Only two-mile relay team entered. (3)California fourth. (4)USC Stanford 35, California third. (5)California fifth. (6)California fourth. (7)California tenth. (8)George Roseme, Sam Adams, Lonnie Spurrier, Len Simp- son qualified but none made team. I86 FRONT ROW, left to right: Blaine Harper, Ken Wilson, John Escano, Malcolm MacKenzie, Don Avery, Rick Goldstein, Robert Torres, Robert Copple. SECOND ROW: Art Weber, Dick Myers, Bill Jensen, Don Schwartz, Jim Cooney, James Johnson, Kenneth Lemings. BACK ROW: Russ Cadwell, Frederick Tai Lee, Gary Coad, Doug Cooper, Jack Brough, Eric Murray, Thomas Roseme, Wilson Blake. Freshman GEORGE COOPER followed by DICK BATTELLE leads Santa Rosa and Sacramento foes in the high hurdles. Coach HAL GRANT frosh The 1953 freshman squad was rather small in numbers and did not have the strength that former frosh squads have had in past years. With only forty men signed up and with some of the more promising candi- dates ineligible to compete, the team, as a team, was very weak. However, men like Dennis Cutland, Eric Murray, Don Schwartz, Bill Knick, John Escano, Robin Fairbairn, Gary Coad and George Cooper have shown outstanding ability and should be a definite help to the varsity in the future. Finish of the 100•yard dash finds FRED LEE in second place. 187 cross-country California ' s cross-country team wound up its 1952 campaign with a 1-3 season record and a lone win over San Francisco State College by a 16-40 score. But with most of the runners returning next year, Coach Brutus Hamilton can he optimistic about 1953. Rolland Langley, a three-year letterman, will be lost by graduation, but the remaining five out of six letter winners from this year ' s team will be back next season. Coaches AL RAGAN BRUTUS HAMILTON ABOVE LEFT: JIM GREEN and JIM MADDOX look determined as they practice for coming races. LEFT: Speedy BOB LESLIE was one of the team ' s top men. BELOW: The cross-countr y team is off on one of their endless practice runs through the Berkeley hills. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Green, Don Schwartz, Bill Flodberg. SECOND ROW: Rolland Langley, Bob Leslie, Verne Thornburg, Steve Gaul, Harry Nickle. BACK ROW: Price King, Jim Maddox, Dave McCarville, John Nelson, Dick Myers, Barry Crowley. I RR FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Misrach, Armand Maggenti, Jerry Greenbaum, Donn Stevens, Brooks Key, Oran Crumley. SECOND ROW: Bob Johnson, Chuck Harrington, Pete Dolliver, Don Abbott, Beau Bill Owen, Howie Morrow, Carter Swenson, Art Silberman, John Jones, Mark Levy, Walt Grens, Robben. THIRD ROW: Dick Rahl, Dick Gaffery, Jon Meyer, Hal Wollenberg, Chuck Fraser, Dune Haynes, Marty Rotto, Glenn Miller, Bruce Coombs, Al Ebright, Marshall Leve, Howard Jory, Tom Walsh, Keene, Ky Ebright. BACK ROW: Bob Rhein, Windy Smith, Bill Andersen, Tom Fenner, Carl John Class, Larry Marshall, John Lamon, Howard Ducker, Tom Light, Jacques deLorimer. Coach KY EBRIGHT ' 53 varsity With Bob Johnson, at bow, the only returning varsity veteran, the ' 53 crews were manned by returning junior varsity and freshman oarsmen. There was the usual heavy schedule of races against every other Pacific Coast collegiate ford, Washington, UCLA, USC, Oregon State College and University of British Columbia. The varsity and junior varsity again competed in the Ky Ebright, Bob Young, Matt Franich, Paul Henriksen, and Oran Crumley consider crew situation. Down to the sea in shells ... highlights National collegiate regatta at Syracuse, New York. As in former years, the policy was to not only try to show well in important regattas, but to give as many men as possible a chance at collegiate competition. By season ' s end the pattern will have closely followed that of 1952 when California crews competed in twenty-three different races against twenty-two different opponents with fifty-eight oarsmen having fun and benefit of testing themselves. Ky directs the show from the launch. The Sacramento swarmed with camera fans on Photographer ' s Day. EARLY SEASON ' S TENTATIVE VARSITY CREW—KNEELING, left to right: Coxswain Bob Misrach, Coach Ky Ebright. STANDING: Ken Noack (8), Marty Rotto (7), John Class (6), Bill Andersen (5), Howie Morrow (4), Bruce Coombs (3), Pete Dol- liver (2), Bob Johnson (1). 1 191 1952... The highlight of the 1952 crew season was the triple victory over the Washington crew on the Oakland Estuary on May 17. All of the wins were by decisive margins— four lengths in the varsity, two lengths in the junior varsity a nd a length in the freshman races. Though there had been several double victories in previous MANAGERS, CLOCKWISE: Bob Young, Al Green, Phil Johnson, Tom Lewis, Charley Greschel, Charles Caramella, Jim Matthews, Bill Greschel, Chris Manson) (seated). ABOVE LEFT: Senior Manager BOB YOUNG. ABOVE RIGHT: Coordinated action speeds the early season varsity shell through waters of the Oakland Estuary. RIGHT: Varsity Rowing Club Commodore BILL ANDERSEN LEFT: Club Room provides congenial atmosphere for shop-talk between Charles Herrington, Larry Marshall, Bruce Coombs, and John Jones. highlights . . . years, this was the first clean sweep in history. It was the first freshman win in ten years. Though success did not con- tinue to the National Regatta nor to the Olympic Trials. Still 1952 will be long remembered as an outstanding season in the annals of the University of California Crew. TOP: BOB JOHNSON, sole returnee from last year ' s varsity, KY EBRIGHT and BOB MISRACH, varsity coxswain candidate, take time out to examine an oar blade. ABOVE: Varsity and Junior Varsity crews stage an impromptu race. BELOW: Freshman crewers practice to make perfect. RIGHT: Men like sophomore manager CHARLES GRESCHEL, bus driver MATT FRANICH and mechanic JACK DONNELLY are dispensable to the smooth functioning of crew season. 193 Freshman shell barge comes in from a workout. freshman crew Beginning the season with a squad of forty members, the Freshman Crew covered a total of about 450 miles in preparation for its intercollegiate competition. The son opened with the April interclass race, after which followed the UCLA, USC, and Stanford races. The squad traveled with the Varsity and Jayvees to Seattle to race the Washington Huskies; and the season closed with the Stockton Regatta. COACH RON REUTHER a a I a FRONT ROW, left to right: Lowell Shifley, Andy Griffin, Gerald Quigg, Eugene Ross, Wallace Steffan. SECOND Brock Settlemier, George Ponomaneff, Jack Meyer, Brigham, Don King, Pell Voorheis, Carlos Andrade, Ben Hammon, Carter Swenson, Bill Walker, John Russell, Al Hendrickson. THIRD ROW: Paul Henriksen (student Art Chapman, Phil Zimmers, Jerome Sarrow, Phil Anderson, Doug Hayden, Dick Wi lley, Bob McGregor, Tamony, Doug Smith, Derek Thiessen, Roger Lowe, Reuther (coach). BACK ROW: Olav Kulstad, Ron Klinge, Bill Schmitz, Bill Worthington, Richard Doyas, John Lougenour, Tom Marks, Henry Herman, Ralph Devoto, Reveley, Clarke Wilson, Roy Hummel. NOT Lowell Shifley, Andy Griffin, Gerald Quigg, Eugene Ross, Wallace Steffan. Ben Hammon, Charles Brigham, Doug Hayden, and Carlos Andrade assist in bearing their shell to the water. 194 Coach CLINT EVANS LEFT: Soph pitcher JOE GAGGERO shows fine potential with his live fast ball. RIGHT: AL MATHEWS is, in his coach ' s opinion, the best pitcher in the league. LEFT: Another fine team man, TOM POLLOCK, showed strong left-handed hitting . RIGHT: RAY GREENE, a catcher with good experience and how, came into his own this season. Senior Manager JOHN SAMBERSON 196 TOM KEOUGH, All-American outfielder, gave indication of a great future with his speed and hitting. A great defensive center fielder is CAS MUNOZ—a ball player ' s ball player. CARL ANACLERIO explains the situation to baseball managers. 1953 season The 1953 Cal Varsity worked under a severe handicap this year, as seven experienced ball players, including five pitch- ers, were lost at the beginning of the season. The Bears non- conference season, mostly against ball clubs loaded with professionals, showed a 9-6 record. In the opening games of the CIBA season, the Bears lost a 15-inning struggle to Santa Clara, 7-6, a 3-2 heart-breaker to UCLA, and a split with USC in a pair of games. The Bears were sparked this year by pitcher Al Mathews, Tom Keough, All- American outfielder, and hot sophomore prospect, Dick Ament. Captains for the year were Mathews, Keough, and outfielder Cas Munoz. Since much of the season is left, the the Bears still have a fine opportunity for making a showing in the CIBA. FRONT ROW, left to right: Forrest Borghesani, Dave Ackerman, John Mitchell, Johnnie Derdivanis, Jack Mackay, Tom Keough, Al Mathews, Cas Munoz, Ray Greene, Bob Albo, Peter Krichman, Bill Gilmore, Dick Ament, Don Walker. SECOND ROW: Dave Heil, Hyron Spinrad, Denny Barnes, Stephen Arian, Gordon Gill, Doug Stowell, Jack Waltz, Don Tronstein, Jerry Hinton, Bob McKeen, George Wright, Joseph Gaggero, Dick Drake, Bill Monroe. BACK ROW: Clinton Evans, John Lamberson, Don Pryde, Art Johnson, Bob Woolfson, Don Gleason, Norman Anther, Bob Burger, Leonard Rosen, Lloyd Ramirez, Bruce Cropper, Jim Schafer, Carl Anaclerio, Pete Corona. Coach Clint Evans talks things over with his three captains, Mathews, Munoz and Keough. Playing his second year varsity, soph first baseman PETE KRICHMAN is a potential left-handed power hitter. DICK AMENT, one of the best soph shortstops ever to play at Cal, is fast, has a good arm and is a good hitter. 197 Cal Opp. Cal 6 Santa Clara 7 1 4 Santa Clara 8 3 5 Stanford 8 5 7 USC 5 1 7 UCLA 6 2 9 UCLA 9 7 9 Santa Clara 10 13 10 USC 4 13 8 ' 52 results Opp. USC 10 Santa Clara 7 Stanford 6 USC 11 Stanford 4 Stanford 18 UCLA 1 UCLA 11 UCLA 11 LEFT: JC transfer DON WAKER is a fire-ball third baseman with lots of team spirit. RIGHT: Good on defense and a fine pivot man is junior second baseman JACK MACKAY. non-conference Cal Opp. l.0 Alumni 3 6 Kenny Park 17 5 Milwaukee Braves Rookies 3 7 Moffat ' s Manteca 16 8 St. Louis Browns Rookies 5 3 San Francisco State 6 4 San Jose State 5 5 College of Pacific 3 10 University of San Francisco 5 9 Pendleton Marines 18 4 Oregon State 3 6 Oakland Oaks 8 9 Cal Poly 1 11 Moffett Field 2 12 ANAS " Hellcats " 6 TOP LEFT: Safe at home is shortstop DICK AMENT. TOP RIGHT: CAS MUNOZ slaps out a long basehit. RIGHT: TOM POLLOCK makes it in on a close play. 198 ciba Due to an early deadline full CIBA results do not appear. Cal Opp. 6 Santa Clara 7 2 UCLA 3 3 USC 16 7 USC 6 LEFT: Pensive Bears concentrate on play. BELOW LEFT: BOB ALBO throws a fine block to tag out USC base runner at the plate. BELOW RIGHT: AL MATHEWS runs out his hit. LEFT: JERRY HINTON, a good team man, is known for his speed and fire. CENTER: Playing his first year on the varsity, JOHN DERDIVANIS shows potential left-handed power for the outfield. RIGHT: A good catcher and a great hustler is junior BOB ALSO. 199 200 cinnamon bears The Cinnamon Bears again this year proved a good training ground for future varsity material. Under Coach Pete Corona, many of the ball players showed marked ment, which led, in some cases, to advancement to the Varsity during the season. In the season so far, the JV ' s have acquired a 3-3 record, but this record is relatively unimportant, as their main job was to give many players a chance to play and to make progress in their playing. Coach PETE CORONA FRONT ROW, left to right: Steve Arian, Gordon Gill, Doug Stowell, Jack Waltz, Bob McKeen, George Wright, Bill Gilmore. SECOND ROW: Dave Heil, Hyron Spinrad, Art Johnson, Norm Gleason, Don Gleason, Don Tronstein, Bruce Cropper, Jim Schafer, Bill Monroe, Dick Drake. BACK ROW: Dave Ackerman, Denny Barnes, Don Pryde, Bob Woolfson, Bob Berger, Len Rosen, Lloyd Ramirez, Pete Corona. MACKAY shinnies! freshmen FRONT ROW, left to right: Clyde Workman, Ben Fraticelli, Al Kyte, Mike Savage, Bob Merrill, Don Nusser. SECOND ROW: Allen Casebolt, Dennis McCosh, Peter VanHouten, Fred Beresford, Bill Foster, Dick Hook, Donn Smith, Lacey. BACK ROW: Jim Rovai, Don Dudler, Bill Slack, Ray Fukui, Eugene Fletcher, Ray Warrick, Rube Navarro, Despite the hard conditions under which they forced to operate, the Cal Frosh have shown up well their competition, obtaining a 5-4 record so far in season. Because of the lack of practice space campus, the Frosh were forced to go to San Pablo every day in order to work out. Coach Navarro ' s main duty was to develop the player rather than to mold the team, and he several outstanding prospects throughout course of the season. Another freshman bites the dust. Coach RUBE NAVARRO 201 ' 52 highlights The 1952 California Varsity baseball team was quite an enigma to most observers. The Bearsfinished in the cellar of the CIBA conference, but that doesn ' t tell the complete story. Against USC, which won the conference championship, the Bears split even in four games, and against UCLA, Which supposedly had a fine ball club, the Bears won three out of four. But it was against Stanford and Santa Clara, two of the weaker teams, that Cal fell apart. On top of this, the Bears scored more rims than any other team in the league. Who ' s of the answer to that one? 1953 varsity tennis For the third consecutive year, the Bears, under the tutelage of Dick Stevens, established their supremacy in Northern California Intercollegiate tennis by sweeping the singles, doubles, and team title in the matches held early this season. However, a much tougher road to the PCC championship, which the Bears and Bruins shared in 1952, lay ahead. The same UCLA team and a much improved USC stood ready to battle California for the PCC crown. With a nucleus of three-year veterans, Ditzler and Hagist, co-captains, and the Ricksen twins, California ' s team was the strongest since before the war. Cal ' s future prospects, even with so many men graduating, are not ening as sophomores Mayne and Hyde have two more seasons of competition and are showing great promise. FRONT ROW, left to right: Hernan Molina, Clifton Mayne, Rupert Ricksen, Fred Hagist. BACK ROW: Hugh Ditzler, John Ricksen, Jack Hymes, Bill Deneven, Herschel Hyde, Dick Stevens. Senior Manager BILL CARR 204 Rated as one of the country ' s top tennis coaches, is DICK " GRAMP " STEVENS. Cal ' s defending National Doubles Champions HUGH DITZLER and CLIF MAYNE get in a little practice. Jack Hymen, Hernan Molina and Irving take a few pointers from Coach Dick Stevens. TENNIS MANAGERS, left to right: Roy Bachman, Dave King, Verg Romiti, Dick Owens, Bill Carr. 205 varsity Sophomore HERSCHEL HYDE, who has made rapid improvement since last year, contributed much to the over-all team strength. Argentina ' s contribution to the 1952 PCC co-championship, HERMAN was back to help the Bears in the ' 53 season. RUPE RICKSEN ' s record in dual matches at number three spot last year was instrumental in tying UCLA for the PCC championship. Probably the only freshman to win an NCAA title, CLIF MAYNE started off his sophomore season by winning the Northern California Intercollegiate title. Senior man FRED HAGIST, elected co-captain for ' 53, is again leading the singles lineup for his third consecutive season. tennis JOHN RICKSEN ' s powerful strokes, better than ever this year, have won many matches for Cal in the last two years. Co-captain HUGH DITZLER, whose doubles specialization helped earn Cal ' s first NCAA champion- ship since 1937, also adds depth to the singles lineup. 207 ju tennis Coach and players take a breather on the sidelines. FRONT ROW, left to right: Alan Humphrey, Bob Chapman, Bill Foster, Doug Howden. BACK ROW: Abdur Wahla, Jerry Down, Fred Schooley, Bill Tipton, Coach Stevens. FRONT ROW, left to right: Chris Gee, Pete Bissell, Bart Byers, Don Pimley, John Fitzgibbon. BACK ROW: Sandy Hay, Irving Hurd, Hubert de Heinrich, Ronny Woods, Wayne Collins, Jerry Wendt. frosh tennis 208 swimming The University of California swimming team started off their 1953 season chuck full of disabilities. Never in the history of the school have so many men been relegated to the bench due to injuries. Pulled muscles, sprained backs and knees, infected ears, etc., haunted the team. However, looking at the brighter side, outstanding swimmers Jerry Hays, Jim Ross, and Al Louderback rounded into condition and gave an excellent account of selves for the balance of the season. Top diver Dave Wood proved to be one of the foremost performers in the Pacific Coast Conference. Varsity man JOHN TRIAS cleaves the air. FRONT ROW, left to right: Walt Becker, Al Louderback. SECOND ROW: John Trios, Art Nicolaysen, Tak Iseri, Bill Daggett, Jeff Foley, Bob Mayo. BACK ROW: Don Smalian, Jim Ross, Dick Ehni, Dave I ennell, Dave Wood, George Schroth. LEFT ABOVE: Senior Manager CHUCK STEHR. LEFT: Managers Bill Whitson, Chuck Stehr, Warren Robinson, Walter Anderson, John Gray. RIGHT: Coach GEORGE SCHROTH. ?In I ABOVE: BILL DAGGETT and TAK ISERI quit the blocks in 200-yard stroke against Gustavus Adolphus College. CENTER: Start of 220-yard freestyle finds BOB MAYO and AL LOUDERBACK in far lanes. RIGHT: Swimmers up and away in 200- yard backstroke competition. 211 NMft Senior AL LOUDERBACK. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Reilly, Paul Fisher, Warren Hellman, John Trias. BACK ROW: Bob Roche, Jim Rhodes, Dave Day, Bill MacLaughlin, Coach George Schroth. junior varsity The Junior Varsity swimming team finished one of its best seasons for the last five years as it met the Varsity teams of the lesser lights. Mainstays of the team were Don Kamler in the 220 and 440, Bill MacLaughlin in the free style sprints, Warren Hellman in the backstroke, Bob Kahl in the breast stroke, and divers John Trias and Bill Reilly. And the Frosh 50-yard dash is under way! frosh Completing one of the longest schedules in Frosh competition, the Frosh swimming team boasted of such stars as Bill Spore in the free style, Gary Maciel in the breast stroke, and Ralph Blume, diver. FRONT ROW, left to right: Leon Blum, Gary Maciel, Mike Barnato, Bill Spore. BACK ROW: Jeff Kennel, Gene Geritz, Ralph Blume, Carl Drews, Bill Floyd, Don Moore. 717 FRONT ROW, left to right: Forrest Wilde, Don Rose, Don Kamler, Al Louderback, Bob Roach, Kirk Renfro. BACK ROW: Walt Becker, Bill MacLaughlin, Bob Fisher, Dick Ehni, Don Smalian, Bob Montgomery, Bob Kahl. water polo For the third time in the history of sport here at the University of California, the Bears won the Pacific Coast Championship. One week prior to their ence victory the water polo team had first place in the Northern California polo League. Through tremendous by team members as well as reserve strength, the team was victorious in all but game of conference play. RIGHT: KAMLER goes up to block one from Olympic Club man. LOWER RIGHT: Manager CHUCK STEHR and Coach GEORGE SCHROTH. BELOW: FISHER going in for a shot, after pass by EHNI. 213 , • bk 411, MUSA DAJANIDAJANI clears ball out of goal area against Stanford Indians Outside left PAULO O ' GRADY prepares to pass ball past the charging CCSF defensive man as MUSA DAJANI rushes up to receive the pass, soccer while BOB PISTRUILOFF stands by ready to lend a hand. COACH BOB DIGRAZIA The University of California soccer team ended the 1952 season with a won 4, lost 5, tied 1 record to place them in fourth position in the Northern California Intercollegiate Soccer League. Throughout the season the Bears were led offensively by Yusef Dajani, Dennis Trason, and Paulo O ' Grady while the defense was sparked by Musa Dajani, Bill Mancuso, and Fernando Guardia. FRONT ROW, left to right: Allan Barrie, Yusef Dajani, Cesar Malpartida, O ' Grady, Luis Lorenzo, Lee Shain. SECOND ROW: Dick Massing, Musa Dajani, Fernando Paul Robbins, Bill Lockett, Badawi Tleimat, Bill Mancuso, Coach Bob DiGrazia. ROW: Chap Milbank, Bob Pistruiloff, John Hotchkis, Dennis Trason, Emilio Robledano. ,.. Cal ruggers battle UBC to 6-3 win. UBC back downed on passing rush. rugby Although winning two out of four games, Cal ruggers lost the World Cup to the University of British Columbia by a slim 27-26 series total. After splitting a pair with Stanford and taking two easy victories over UCLA, the team ended the ' 52 season with a rugged series against highly-touted Queens. A 6-win, 5-loss record hardly speaks well enough of the fine performances turned in this season. Coach MILES " DOC " HUDSON FRONT ROW, left to right: Yosh Katsura, Pete Newell, Jim Doan, Ray Willsey, Nick Villiotes, Louie Hawkins, Hartley. SECOND ROW: Max Howell, Matt Hazeltine, Jim Kidder, Ron Witter, Dick Lawyer, Al Talley, Hugh McGuire, Bob BACK ROW: Walt Senior, Frank Toombs, Don Harris, Don Phillips, Bob Logan, Bob Worell, Mike Phelan, Miles Hudson. boxing The ' 52 Cal boxing team ended an excellent season by sending several top men to the NCAA tournament held in Poca- tello, Idaho. Although none of the Bear pugilists were able to grab a championship, 165-pounder Fred Shieman, did reach the finals and made a good showing for Cal. SEASON ' S RESULTS Cal Opp. Stanford 31 2 S.F. State 11 2 3 Nevada 5 6 Stanford 2 2 Idaho State 6 5 Cal Poly 3 Cal Poly 41 2 LEFT ABOVE: JIM McCANN RIGHT ABOVE: KEN HANSEN BELOW LEFT: MYRON HANSEN BELOW RIGHT: FRED SHIEMAN Coach ED NEMIR FRONT ROW: left to right: Bill Cain, Myron Hansen, Ken Hansen, Clarence Tom Silva, Skip Hansen. BACK ROW: Ed Nemir (coach), Vin Young, Jim McCann, AI Dutra, Shieman, Dick King, Floyd McFarland, Gene Markley, Dick Londahl. 216 wrestling Though the Bears were not one of the main contenders this season for the PCI championship they won in 1951, they did place fifth in this year ' s San Luis Obispo championships. SEASON ' S RESULTS CAL OPP. 15 San Jose State 20 21 Stanford 12 8 Oregon State 21 13 Stanford 18 6 UCLA 26 18 Cal Poly 18 23 San Francisco State 13 COACH HENRY STONE ABOVE LEFT: RAY ABOVE RIGHT: JULIAN BELOW LEFT: BILL BELOW RIGHT: BOB LEAMER FRONT ROW, left to right: Ben Fraticelli, Isao Fujimoto, Bill Perry, Julian Sanders. SECOND ROW: Grady West, Jim Lieberman, Manly Howowitz, Charles Bradbrook, Al Schorken. BACK ROW: Henry Stone (coach), Robert Learner, Raymond Binder, Raymond Mastic, Philip Richter, Bob Leitner, Ted Staniford. 217 golf The golf team suffered a slow start this year, dropping six out of the first nine matches. They lost one and won none in the first three conference games. With improving abilities of newcomers like Dick Hargrove, Bob Gregovich, and Manuel Hunter, the team promised to finish stronger than it started. Prospects are excellent for next year with the return of Bert White, Bob Gregovich, and four top freshman players who will be eligible as sophomores. Bear Coach AL SAIS FRONT ROW, left to right: Manuel Hunter, Ed Netland. BACK ROW: Dick Hargrove, Bert White, Dan McMillan. NOT PICTURED: Bob Gregovich, Roger Dunn, manager. Having played in one of the top four spots for three years, team captain DAN McMILLAN is now on the way to his best season with match scores of 69, 70 and 72. Only a sophomore, BERT WHITE has already established himself as an outstanding competitive golfer. Last year he was medalist in the Northern California Intercollegiate Championships and winner of San Joaquin Valley junior championship SIR sailing Although losing three men from last year ' s championship team, the Cal sailing team boasted of a record of no losses in any double or triangular meets of this season ' s competition. Cal had little trouble posting wins over the Trojans, Cal Tech, or Pomona College as returning lettermen Captain Al Smith, Roger Welsh and Marshall Gram sparked the club. Captain AL SMITH and manager FRED MADLENOR FRONT ROW, left to right: Marshall Gram (3), Al Smith (4), Roger Welsh (1). BACK ROW: Don Koepke (6), Terry Welsh, (6), John Feurstein (crew), Jack Steele (2), Fred Madlenor (5). 219 fencing For four out of five years, the Cal Fencing team has been able to boast of a pionship club and this season added further merit to their record. With coach Mel Rubin at the helm, the team met Stanford, S.F. State College, and San Jose in tournament competition. Prospects are bright for the ' 53 season. Coach MEL RUBIN FRONT ROW, left to right: Peter Burge, Jerry Klotz, Dick Lynn, Dick Gross. BACK ROW: Frank Chapman, Wayne Gallup, Jack Ken, Albert Preve, Oscar Erickson. Coach RUBIN shows his team a " parry " in saber. 220 riflery This season the defending national champions from California placed their teams third and fifth in the national championships, won the Southwestern vitational championship at El Paso, the East Bay League championship, and the Northern California intercollegiate title. In taking the latter title they ran their conference win-loss record to a sensational 159 wins and one loss. Coach M Sgt. ALVA HARSIN and co-captains LES DAVISON and MIKE MOODY. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERCOLLEGIATE RIFLE CHAMPIONS--FRONT ROW, left to right: Rick McDermott, Jim DeLapp, Miller, Les Davison, M Sgt. Alva Harsin, Tao-Yuan Wa, Jim Thayer, Culver. BACK ROW: Gordon Taras, Mike Moody, Lloyd Auchard, Westbrooke, John Elmer, Jim Carter, Charles Quesnoy, Bob Kirby. All-Americans GORDON TARAS and RICK McDERMOTT practice for defense of the National Intercollegiate title. 221 FRONT ROW, left to right: George Bibinoff, Dick Peterson. SECOND ROW: Bill Bell, Howard Wig- gens, Roger Welsh, Fred Mason. BACK ROW: Lance Flanagan, Bill Linsenbard, Bob Lamb, Roy Polkinghorne, Wayne Dawson. volleyball The California Varsity Volley- ball team saw a lot of action thi s year. Sparked by lettermen Dick Peter- son, Roy Polkinghorne, and Bill Linsenbard, the team made the Northern California Tournament circuit ending with the annual Far Western Tournament at Berkeley. The team fared well this year considering the loss of key men. Coach LANCE FLANAGAN Coach LANCE FLANAGAN gives a few pointers to members of the team. The coach is speaking, Jim! FRONT ROW, left to right: Tom Perrin, Dick Whittington. BACK ROW: Bob Griffiths, Don Cloud, Herb Riedel, Jim Abraham. NOT PICTURED: Burns MacDonald, Stan Steddon. handball Veterans Don Cloud and Herb Riedel, both winners of rounds in the PCC Singles, set the pace as the Bear handball team finished another successful season, winning over half their matches against experienced athletic clubs. Coach DON CLOUD Managing and competing at the same time, LEE " PUNKY " RHODES excelled in slalom and cross-country events. Completing his fourth year on the team was Captain MERRILL BROWN—a four-way competitor and top jumper and cross country man. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lee Rhodes, Ray Kellner, Bob Bittner. BACK ROW: Frank Wajda, Merrill Brown, Bart Prom. skiing The progress of the Bears ' ski machine was slowed drastically as a result of injuries early in the season. This, plus a case of appendicitis during the Vanderbilt ski meet, left the team with insufficient men to finish in the competition. In the Nevada Winter Carnival, the team placed sixth out of thirteen schools, and placed fourth in the Tressider Memorial Meet. The Pacific Coast Intercollegiate at Mammoth was the final meet. RAY " JUNK " KELLNER proved himself to be a good cross-country and downhill artist during his first year on the team. Members of ski team off to another ski meet. Another four-way competitor was BOB BITTNER—jumping and slalom specialist. FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Kulman, Captain Mark Harrison, Larry Helm, Leo Rookin. SECOND ROW: Al Braccini, Wallace Gong, John Mills, Ron Burris, Kadri Ramazanoglu. BACK ROW: Coach Chuck Keeney, Joe Zaerr, Ervin Stafford, Ralph Blume, Darius Morrland, John Zachry, Coach Chuck Lucchesi. gymnastics Although not as strong as many of predecessors, the 1953 Gymnastics Team gave good account of itself in losing to USC, 77 61, and to UCLA, 85 to 55, while Washington State, 75 to 59. Outstanding formers include Captain Mark PCC tumbling and trampoline champion; Zachry, ranking star on the side horse, Kadri Ramazanoglu from Turkey, who in free exercise and the parallel bars. LEFT ABOVE: COACH CHUCK I EENEY LEFT BELOW: JOHN ZACHRY BELOW LEFT: KADRI RAMAZANOGLU BELOW RIGHT: CAPTAIN MARK HARRISON intramural The program of intramural sports, jointly sponsored by the Department of Physical Education and the Associated Students, offers opportunity to the men students of the University to participate in organized recreational competition in twenty-one sport activities—some of which are depicted here. BOB McKEEN goes up for a hook in the Stanford game. The hand and card stunts entertain at halftime festivities. Miss Football of 1953, ANN BOWMAN, presents the ball of the opening game to COP captains. The CM team " huddles " before the CIBA game with USC. Cal racers get ready for " the big splash. " Omen Pensive crew members rest before boarding the bus to the estuary. • CLINT surveys the baseball situation. To the victors belong the smiles. UCLA elects to defend the north goal. DICK VOLBERG WINT MATHER PETE NOACK President Vice-President Secretary•Treasurer in terfraternity council Fall Members FRATERNITY Spring Members Dwight E. Meyers Abracadabra Dwight Farmer J. E. Nicholson Acacia Earl G. Rickers Julian Shamos Alpha Chi Sigma Vernon Troutner G. Stuart Spence Alpha Delta Phi Chuck Newman John Harrell Alpha Chi Rho John Harrell Edward Weiss Alpha Epsilon Pi George Bauer John McDonald Alpha Gamma Omega Robert W. Werner Ken Johnson Alpha Kappa Lambda Kenneth H. Johnson Hugh Fountain Alpha Phi Alpha Hugh Fountain Shelby R. King Alpha Sigma Phi Jerry Brown Bob Graves Alpha Tau Omega Ronald Hayman Robert Matthews Beta Sigma Tau Maurice Monson Paul Andrew Beta Theta Pi John Waltz James F. Dorrance Chi Phi Alan Fraser Howard G. Rath Chi Psi Ernie Lageson James Roberts Del Rey Jim Roberts Fred Harrison Delta Chi Charles Eggleston Gordon Zimmerman Delta Kappa Epsilon Charles G. Tuller Rudie Tretten Delta Sigma Phi Rudie W. Tretten George Schroeder Delta Tau Delta Doug Burris William Owen Delta Upsilon Peter Dolliver Robert Theiller Kappa Alpha Robert Theiller Gordon Randall Kappa Delta Rho Bill Martin Emanuel Trietel Kappa Nu Irwin Silberman Richard Ehni Kappa Sigma Vincent Blake David Knutson Lambda Chi Alpha Don Denton Dick Boberg Phi Delta Theta Hal Ellis Robert Froeschle Phi Gamma Delta Bill Noyes Robert Krohn Phi Kappa Psi George Whiting Jack Roberts Phi Kappa Sigma Bob Young Robert Gilbert Phi Kappa Tau Bob Towle Richard Osoric Phi Sigma Kappa David Bierhorst Albert Louie Pi Alpha Phi Fremont Fong Howard Weiser Pi Lambda Phi Ronald Lyons Russell Bigelow Pi Kappa Alpha Dick Miles Dick Dowd Pi Kappa Phi Paul Peterson Clay Gray Psi Upsilon Don Heimark Al Dietsch - Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fred De Klotz, Jr. Stuart Aronoff Sigma Alpha Mu David Hirsh Hanns Baumann Sigma Chi Art Hillman Donald Tiernan Sigma Nu Robert King Dave Fuller Sigma Phi Don Curran Michael Kasatkin Sigma Pi Robert Monroe Ron Davey Sigma Phi Epsilon Al Hanen Charles Wray Tau Kappa Epsilon Frank Carrig Ken Hansen Theta Chi John Jess Richard Kollehner Theta Delta Chi Richard Kollehner G. Wayne Leslie Theta Xi Wint Mather Ronald Ostrow Zeta Beta Tau Ronald Ostrow Ronald Witter Zeta Psi Ed Nelson WINT MATHER JACK WALTZ RON OSTROW President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer abracadabra 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER For the Abbeys this has been a good year—scholarships, athletics, rushing, campus activities, and the social season have all been carried on with a great measure of success. The school year 1952-53 will be remembered for Dwights—while Eisenhower moved into the national executive post, the Abbeys had Dwight Myers succeeded by Dwight Farmer at the helm. The social committee presented one of the most successful social seasons: Champs Elysees, a luau in the hills where fingers were greased by a roast pig. In activities they had Bill Perry as a jovial Oski and little man about town, and also members on Class Council, editor of Cal Engineer, Pub Board, Frosh and Soph basketball managers, Inter-Fraternity Scholastic, members of the water polo, wrestling, rifle and boxing teams —where their boy, Vince Young, was the only Cal man to win in the ill-fated Idaho boxing match. Bassett Beck Byron Farmer Kapfer Kelly McNear Myers Pausa Perry Thurston Walker Wickman Cundall Dimitriou Flynn Foley Fountain MacGregor Malone 232 McKee Richards Thomas Young Atkinson Chisholm Forsstrom Hall Slauson Tinay Wickman Acker Angelius Berlin Grim Hartman Hitchcock Kubec UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allen Stu Kimball Lewis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Greg Englehard Frank Spurrier Boynton Kaiser Robert Underhill Robert Usinger GRADUATES Robert Beauregard Robert Bohna Roy Haddock SENIORS Bud Bassett John McNear Louis Beck Dwight Myers Gene Bryon Edward Pausa Dwight Farmer Bill Perry 1. Kapfer Earl Thurston Erwin Kelly Stan Walker Boyd Wickman JUNIORS Don Cundall John MacGregor Jim Dimitriou Wes Malone Ward Flynn Bill McKee James Foley Ben Richards Jerome Fountain Bill Thomas Vince Young SOPHOMORES Leroy Atkinson Jim Hall George Chisholm Bob Slauson Ron Forsstrom Ron Tinay Bob Wickman FRESHMEN Gale Acker Tom. Grim Lincoln Angelius Harold Hartman Berwin Berlin Ralph Hitchcock Ron Kubec MASCOTS Lona Smokey SPRING PLEDGES D ieter Brueckner Art Soderblum Bill Kampp Lee Trumley Bob Marovitch acacia 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes B. L. Robertson R. T. Crawford R. B. Tippett Fred Cozens Edward A. Dickson GRADUATE Joseph Shaw SENIORS John Keane Harold Kouns William Linsenbard Robert Montgomery Ted Nelson James Nicholson Jack Penfield Earl Rickers William Smith Robert Tanem JUNIORS James Kidder Richard Lawyer Gilbert Muck Gordon Taylor Douglas Wolcott Malvin Zirker SOPHOMORES Brent Pomeroy William Stayton Edward Wachsman Rodger Welsh FRESHMEN John Loring Robert Ryberg Kelley Sater Bruce Young SPRING PLEDGES John Larimer Bill Thacker Brenner Castor Chapel Coe Colliau Friday Hawkins Johnson Linsenbard Montgomer y Nelson Nicholson Penfield Rickers Smith Tanem Vedder Beeson Day Evans Hoffelt Lawyer Muck Zirker Bailey Gracey Hughes Millner Pomeroy Stayton Wachsman Welsh Bullock Dickerson Holleman Loring Ryberg Sater Young Elliott Brenner Paul Caster Willi am Chapel Robert Coe Edmund Co Riau Robert Friday Alvin Hawkins John Johnson Arthur Jollymour Allan Beeson Richard Day R ichard Evans David Hammond Merrill Hoffelt Barrett Bailey James Gracey William Hughes Kenneth Millner Glenn Bullock Fred Dickerson John Holleman Jim Gormley Norton March, D. McQ uin Pisenti Smith Allen Allison Gilligan Harrell Heckley Hover Ostrowski Cosala Eliopoules Fisher Lowe Powers March, P. Brandes Carpenter Cortes Dealy Franklin Gutman Reagan Seikel Homper alpha chi rho 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Daniel March Jim McGuire Clifford Pisenti Jerry Smith Frank Brandes Ron Carpenter Carlos Cortes Dave Dealey FRESHMEN Jim Franklin Stan Gutman Larry Reagan Ken Seikel UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. Cordes John Ise, Jr. Parker Talbot GRADUATE Pete Norton JUNIORS Duane Allen John Harrell Jim Allison Robert Heckley Ed Gilligan Harry Dick Ostrowski SOPHOMORES Arthur Cosola Roger Lowe Harry Eliopoules Len Powers Jim Fisher Paul March SPRING PLEDGES Jo hn M. Johnson Barry Rannells UNIVERSITY Frank W. Allen Gerald E. K. Branch Leo Brewer Leroy A. Bromley Robert E. Connick William V. Cruess J. J. Eiler L. F. Foster N. W. Frazer William D. Gwin Donald N. Hanson Joel H. Hildebrand W. L. Jolly Paul L. Kirk ASSOCIATES Wendell M. Latimer Donald S. McClure Alen R. Olson Chester T. O ' Konski Nello Pace George C. Pimentel Kenneth S. Pitzer Richard E. Powell Gerald K. Rollefson Glen T. Seaborg Thomas D. Stewart Theodore Verneulen Charles R. Wilke F. Cambell Williams • .41i alpha chi sigma 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS GRADUATES Ralph Gunther Elmer Shellenberg Ralph McLaughlin Rex Shudde Richard Porter Dick Tedford James R. Lees SENIORS Fari Amini Fred Poucher Ed Butenhof Julian Shamus Dick Goldenberg Stan Smith Al Haisser Lawrence Snyder John MacKinney Vern Troutner Bob McCarthy Jim Willows Rod Pence Larry Wolf Jim Worley JUNIORS Ken Beck Bob Sherrer Jack Ragle Willie Smith SOPHOMORES Chuck Carle Neil Hultgen Joe DeGraw Ted Irving Dick Ely Les Michael Ken Fordyce Gene Russell FRESHMEN Chuck Solni Jack Stoob SPRING PLEDGES Charles Carle Duwart Shrwer Robert Hirst Charles Soini Robert O ' Brien Simon Soloman Eugene Russell John Stoob Charles Siederholm Edward Loy Wiese Gunther McLaughlin Amini Butenhof Goldenberg Haisser MacKinney McCarthy Pence Poucher Shamus Troutner Wolf Beck Sherrer Smith Carle Ely Fordyce M illsberg Russel I 236 Blackwelder Doolittle Farmer Keider Hamilton McDougal McNear Morrish Newman Noack Meads Rabbitt Raven Sears Brenner Shenon Cunningham Spence Ford Volberg Gerhart Haynes Martin Hunt McCutchan Mathis Bastelle Grigsby Langenour McGinnis Murray Slater Strong Gus-Gus alpha delta phi 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS ] 10 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas H. Copp Frank W. Lynch Charles S. Davidson John McGee William C. Deamer Hugh Mumby Herbert M. Evans Karl E. Schevill T. H. Goodspeed John H. Woolsey Hans Lisser John Woolsey, Jr. Herbert Sedgefield Thomson SENIORS Bert Blackwelder Charles Newman Jefferson Doolittle Kenneth Noack William Farmer William Rabbitt Bob Hamilton John Rountree Norman Keider William Sears Richard McDougal Peter Shenon Bradley McNear Stuart Spence William Morrish Richard Volberg JUNIORS Duncan Haynes Richard Massing John Hotchkis Harry Mathis Cecil Hunt Richard Mead Clark Kenyon Gil Nelson Frank Lampietti Jack Raven Richard Strong SOPHOMORES Jerry Abbott Jack Grigsby Frederick Brenner Donald Martin David Cunningham John McCutchan Alfred Ford Chap Milbank John Gerhart Richard Phillips FRESHMEN Richard Batelle Gordon McGinnis John Laugenour Eric Murray Ord Slater SPRING PLEDGES Neil Farnham Ben Hammon Dave Stewart alpha epsilon pi 2333 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 SIXTY CHAPTERS SENIORS William Abend Leo Weilmann Benjamin Puttler Edward Weiss JUNIORS George Bauer Mark Lamken Henry Glasser Herbert Loew Kenneth Howard Robert Sidney Bergman SOPHOMORES Henry Friedman Irwin Monroe Gerald Hertz Donald Robert Woolf FRESHMEN Ronald Abend Irving Hirsch Larry Glazier Sidney Kotz Maurice Herberg David Rubin Myron Herberg Murray Steinberg Abend Puttler Weiss Bauer Miller Monroe Schwartz Woolf Lover 238 Agababian Ellis Friesen Hansen Johnson McDonald Read Sapp Silvius Werner, R. W. Larson Simpson Swift Thomas Werner, R. E. Hawkinson Huntwork Olson Summy Thiers VonFlue Williams Howes alpha gamma omega 2523 HILLEGASS AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Donald M. GRADUATE Dudley SENIORS Ohannes Kupelian John McDonald Glenn Read George Sapp Robert W. Werner John Williams JUNIORS Theodore Swift Donald Thomas Robert E. Werner SOPHOMORES Paul Hawkinson Ronald Summy Robert Huntwork Gerald Thiers Lorimer Olson Walter VonFlue John Williams FRESHMAN Ronald SPRING PLEDGES Bruce Calkins Klinton Johnson Nam Yearl Chai Donald Loveland Robert Auqua Donald Munro Lawrence Strom Harry Agababian Harry Behrens Gordon Ellis Earnest Friesen Richard Hansen Robert Johnson Thomas Blake Donald Larson Kenneth Simpson Darter Wycoff Patty Lohstroh Davis Almada Pimley Miller Clemens Wilson Morrison Lockwood Smith Vetterlein McCoy Koue Settle Tucker alpha kappa lambda 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 ELEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William R. Dennis Thomas E. Rawlins William C. Herms Knowles Ryuson Samuel C. May Fred Stripp Henry Warring GRADUATE Dick Clarke SENIORS Reid Crowder David Cummings John Iverson William Clemens Robert Darter Philip Davis Marston Leigh Richard Murley Charles Almada Harold Child Sheldon Coleman Garth Cummings John Harris Paul Hartloff Robert McCoy James Morrison Terry Harrison Donald Koue Norman Lockwood James Maddox Jack Merkin Herbert Parks Robert Prutch Kenneth Johnson John Kerby-Miller Harry Lucchesi Karel Smith JUNIORS David Potter Walter Stevens Allen Thompson Ralph Vetterlein Gordon Wilson Robert Wycoff SOPHOMORES Frank Patty John Pimley Howard Settle Theodore Sanford Vernon Sullivan Frederick Von Gehr Jim Westberg Roy Wolcott FRESHMEN Harry Lohstroh George Miller Joe Tucker SPRING PLEDGES Donald Rodgers Stanley Stephens William Jilley Thomas Verdon Cummings Iverson Johnson Kerby-Miller Lucchesi Leigh Murley Potter Stevens Thompson Child Coleman Cummings Harris Hartloff Sanford Sullivan Westberg Wolcott Harrison Drake Garrison Jensen King, S. Kassenbrock Kratter Lafitte Langley McDaniels Mooers Moriarty Morris Turner, D. Turner, J. U phoff Bredemeier Brown Breuner DeJohn Gill Hayden Hill King, R. Ludwig Leffler Snowden St irton Wickenden Alexander Carrick Easter Heyn Shank Van Noy Carty Coonce Haw Linowski Wagener Walton Cauthen Deal SENIORS Rolland Langley John Liddell Bruce Matthew Jack McDaniels Doug Mooers Ted J. Moriarty Don Morris Dan Turner John Turner Bob Uphoff JUNIORS Dick King Alfred Ludwig Linn Leffler Thomas Snowden Jack Stirton John Wickenden Dan Woodruff Jerry Linowski Al Wagener Bill Walton PLEDGES John Jenkins Chuck Martin Bill McSpadden Boyd Moore Dick Perkins Kirk Renfro alpha sigma phi 2793 CHANNING FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J. Carlson Robert Sewell GRADUATES George Coleman Scott Gilkey Don Guisti Jerry Cauthen Don Deal Richard Drake Gene Finley Lowell Garrison Bob Jensen Shelby King Bob Kassenbrock Bob Kratter Dick Lafitte Jack Bredemeier Jerry Brown Larry Breuner Bob DeJohn Gordon Gill Jim Hayden Harold Hill SOPHOMORES Duane Alexander Milton Heyn Bob Carrick Steve Shank Don Easter Jim VanNoy FRESHMEN Rod Carty Bob Coonce John Haw , SPRING George Adams Dan Beekler Bill Carroll Bob Clark Jim Foley Jessie Hernandez alpha tau omega 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN CHAPTERS When the Atomic Combo is turned off at 7:29 and study hours begin the toughest study chairmen who can be found roam ATO halls well armed and prepared to silence any disturbance, but in the hours between studying the ATO ' s are as busy, noisy and fun-loving as the dean will allow. The Fall Pledge class took the chapter to the moon for an evening ' s dancing and was shown great appreciation by being drubbed by the upper class in the annual mud-bowl football game. Between semesters the skiers took advantage of the Nevada chapter ' s hospitality and spent the week skiing and wi nning from the slot machines to help pay for the trip. With cooperation of the whole group the chapter room was finally finished, concluding some seven years of labor which began with the excavation of the basement by pailfuls. Spring semester found the house enjoying the Blackfoot-Whitefoot Ball, the Spring Formal, the sun deck and some swell parties at the beach. Along with the house activities many ATO ' s found time to participate in campus politics, athletics and organizations, and everyone looks back on the year as one of the most pleasant and successful in the history of the house. Bonfiglio Armstrong Carlyon Chalmers Donovan Graves Hayman Jory Lienau Reid Stehr Taylor Bassel Blank Ebright Gray Kirkpatrick Mattson Palmer Perry Pircher Richards Skrepetos Smith Walker Williams Ames 242 Atwater Creek DeLong Grey Hanscom Hersh Humphrey Johnson Lautrup Marston Phillips Pratt Ragan Schmitt Whitson Brown Crow Faulkner Floyd Folsom Gottfried Grimes Hohmann Keller McM asters Robinson Russel I Savage SENIORS Robert Graves Ronald Hayman Howard Jory Robert Reid Charles Stehr William Taylor JUNIORS Hans Palmer Robert Perry Leo Pircher Robert Richards Chris Skrepetos William Smith Alfred Talley Carl Walker Howard Williams SOPHOMORES Richard Johnson Charles Lautrup Richard Marston William Phillips William Pratt Gordon Regan Leonard Schmitt William Whitson Edward Windeler FRESHMEN Elmer Grimes Jack Hohmann Robert Keller Alan McMasters Warren Robinson William Russell Mike Savage SPRING PLEDGES Mike Lenshaw Pete Sammitt Syd Shelling Steve Walker UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond T. Birge Gordon R. Miller Ky Ebright Kenneth B. Stoddard Robert F. Heizer Oliver M. Washburn GRADUATES Harry Hanson Joe Bonfiglio Alfred Anderson William Armstrong Theodore Carlyon Wesley Chalmers Robert Donovan Steven Bassel George Blank Thomas Cline Myron Crow Malcomb Ebright John Gray Robert Kirkpatrick Donald Mattson Dwight Newman Alan Ames Glenn Atwater David Creek Roland DeLong Jack Grey Ronald Hanscom Edwin Hersh Allan Humphrey Robin Brown Kenneth Crow James Faulkner James Floyd Ronald Folsom Lester Gottfried John Bush Franz Koelmann Dick Glantz beta sigma tau 2728 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT ROOSEVELT COLLEGE, CHICAGO, 1948 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1948 NINETEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Phillip Griffin George Lipsky GRADUATES Serge Evanow Cecil Jones Robert Johnson Dale Tipton SENIORS Milton Anderson Robert Mathews Henry Clark Maurice Monson James Coatsworth Harry Nickle Lauren Dillard Vern Pruett Frank Evans Arvey Swanson JUNIORS Garfield Byrd Greg White Lionel Coste Herbert Wiltsek SOPHOMORES William Buckman Harvey Grody Robert Mah FRESHMEN Armand Chan Rafi Younoszai SPRING PLEDGES Gordon Coleman Charles Johnson Ronald Florentino Richard Rose Thelton Henderson Stan Silverman Ronert Hayman William Wong Evanow Jones Tipton Clark Coatsworth Dillard Evans Kobata Mathews Monson Nickle Pruett Swanson Byrd White Buckman Grody Mah Chan You noszai 744 Barrie Cook Cobb Duncan Kelly Kennedy Kubik Olson Schaffner Anderson Babros Binkley Henze Wheatcroft Willett Worrell Wright Durkee Ebey Morken Stan if ord Bowron Jordon Phelan Robinson Settelmier Symes beta theta pi 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-FIVE CHAPTERS Paul Andrew Al Barrie Al Bull John Cook Al Cobb Dave Hudson Larry Kehoe SENIORS Jim Kelly John Kennedy Bob Kubik Richard Lee Bob Olsen Hank Schaffner Jack Waltz JUNIORS Tom Henze Bart Prom Grant Settelmier Granny Siler Steve Turner Jim Willett Bob Worrell George Wright SOPHOMORES John Morken Buzz Ragatz Dick Staniford Gary Wheatcroft FRESHMEN Mike Phelan Frank Robinson Brock Settelmier Bud Symes Frank Toombs Graynor Thorne Howard Turner SPRING PLEDGES Larry Moore James Raney Bill Spoor Jim Anderson Steve Arian Joseph Babros Stan Bell Charles Best Jack Binkley Bob Burrows Tom Galligan Dwight Allen Barrie Durkee Jack Ebey Al Ebright Skip Adams Harry Backer John Bowron Ed Brandt Al Jordon Don King Hugh Maguire Paxton Beale Ed Colburn Glen Drummond chi phi 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Dick Jones SENIORS James Dorrance Herbert Haworth Richard Gabhart Peter Dunne JUNIORS Dix Boring Douglas Hoff Robert Durie Theodore Killeen Alan Fraser James Lloyd Robert Good Howard Maynard Peter Hawkins Paul Woolomes SOPHOMORES John Ball Richard Levis Richard Congdon Shy Meeker Horace Hayes Richard Rahl Edward White FRESHMEN Allan Atmore Denton Denke Joe Bingaman Frank Merlo Earl Riley SPRING PLEDGES Murray Hannon Keith Jewell Hubert deHeinrich Darryl Petersen Edward Stocker Jones Dorrance Dunne Gabhart Haworth Boring Durie Fraser Good Hawkins Hoff Killeen Lloyd Maynard Woolomes Ball Congdon Hayes Levis Meeker Rahl Atmore Bingaman Denke Merlo Riley Chintz obi.. elk Mi A 246 Guthrie Henriksen Jerlow Marsella McCourtney Rath Sparks, L. Trempy Vance Alho Bingham Denison Ericksen Henry Jennings Kenney Lageson Linz Miller Morton Reeves Wyllie Young Burkett Ericksen, J. Ernst Sparks, K. Sullivan Sutherland Wahl Church Escano Fiorini Gustafson Johnson Mueller Richards Riggins Tuttman chi psi 2311 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, ALPHA DELTA DELTA ESTABLISHED TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Gwynne Chappell Dick Guthrie Paul Henriksen Dwight Jerlow Gary Marsella Bob Albo Larry Bingham Bob Denison Neil Ericksen Bud Henry Bill Jennings John Kenney Bob Burkett Jan Ericksen Ken Ernst John Gregg John Majors Larry Church John Escano Marvin Fiorini Jim Gustafson Dean Johnson Wayne Peterson SENIORS Jack McCourtney Howard Rath Lowell Sparks Bob Trempy Bob Vance JUNIORS Ernie Lageson Cliff Linz Dan Miller Jim Morton Jack Reeves Duff Wyllie Peter Young SOPHOMORES Keith Sparks Jim Sullivan Lee Sutherland John Wahl FRESHMEN Harry Mueller Leo Richards Gary Riggins Gerald Tuttman SPRING PLEDGES George Rolding • del rey 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Herman A. Spindt SENIORS Burton Adams Jim McTighe Robert Carr Don Findlay Donald Clausen James Phillips Daniel Coleman Robin Renner Don Mathews Jim Roberts Gerald Young JUNIORS Fred Bluett Ernest Martin Leroy Cagnone Ed McCombs Jack Campbell Louis Sanchez Jerry Gilardi Tony Smith Lloyd Gillies William Winn James Jenner Douglas Zug SOPHOMORES William Flodberg Jack McDonald Bob Julian Don Welch FRESHMEN Wayne Bonde William Maclean Mark Foster Bruce McCormick John Traulsen SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Allen Adams Clausen Mathews McTighe Pend lay Phillips Renner Roberts Young Bluett Cagnone Campbell Gilardi Gillies Martin McCombs Sanchez Smith Winn Zug Flodberg McDonald Bonds Foster Maclean McCormick Traulsen 248 Benton Clark Colt Curry Eggleston Frandsen Harrison Mills Severns Corley Curtin Kleaver Hamilton Andreatta Ross Tate Waldron Lebedeff Marks McKay Nissen Yeatts delta chi 2725 HASTE FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS .1 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Perry Evans Leo McClatchy Frank Russell SENIORS John Benton Dick Frandsen Wayne Clark Chris Gasparich Ken Colt Fred Harrison Bill Curry Dave Mills Charles Eggleston Bob Severns JUNIORS John Corley Jim Kleaver Mery Curtin Walter Bob Navone SOPHOMORES Ted Andreatta John Tate Frank Ross King Waldron FRESHMEN Walter Lebedeff Jack McKay Tom Marks Edward Nissen Jim Yeatts delta sigma phi 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1918 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Campus activities and social life took up the major part of Delta Sig life during the past year. The house was well represented on many ties with Daily Cal and Rally Committee being the most prominent. Our Sailors Ball will always be remembered by the fraternity as one of the high points in their stay at Cal. Frolich, D. Applegate Courtney, C. Fearing Holmes Hungerford Louderback McCann Madsen Manzano Mayer Morgan Nielsen Parker Porter Seibert Smith, J. A. Tretten, R. Wedemeyer Boydstun Bruce Courtney, D. DiSilvestro Dorgan Erb 250 Garies Graywood Hall Larson Martin Taylor Trabert Tretten Axtell Blair, L. Blair, S. Caromella Daily Palmer Rice Roessler Seawright Smith, J. D. Andersen Churchill Frolich, G. Pendergast Schmidt Firebaugh UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Richard Hall GRADUATES Frank Baron Warren Nielsen Robert Cunnison Joseph Richwood Donald Frolich Russell Young James Hoyt SENIORS William Applegate David Morgan Carl Courtney Donald Nielsen Donald Holmes Ronald Parker Harold Hungerford Harry Porter Allan Louderback Warren Seibert Ray McCann James A. Smith Charles Madsen Rudie Tretten Alan Manzano Roland Wedemeyer Merle Mayer JUNIORS Tom Boydstun Herbert Graywood Robert Bruce Dale Hall Donald Courtney Stewart Larson Anthony DiSilvestro Jerry Martin Dennis Dorgan Quentin Taylor Dick Erb George Trabert William Garies Rene Van de Carr SOPHOMORES Fred Axtell Phil Palmer Larry Blair Donald Rice Sidney Blair Bruce Roessler Charles Caramella Ronald Seawright Joe Daily James D. Smith Kenneth Lester FRESHMEN Robert Andersen James Pendergast William Churchill Tom Reynolds Gordon Frolich Duane Schnidt SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Lamborn David Pendergast Evert Guild delta tau delta 2425 HILLSIDE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS By taking seventeen new pledges in the Fall, the Delts began another semester of well-coordinated activities. In the field of sports the house won the All-University Championship in intramural baseball. In varsity sports, Delts excelled in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, water polo, and track. The biannual Beachcomber party, held in the Spring in conjunction with the Stanford chapter, was one of the biggest and most colorful of the parties. Other parties highlighting the social calendar included the Suppressed Desire Dance, the Big Game Party with the Zetes, the Christmas Party and the Apache Dance. Scholarship, perhaps the most important phase of college life, was greatly stressed with the end result of a vast rise toward the top in university standing. Burris Clinkenbeard Dawson DeWitt Drake Gard Monroe Parrish Schroeder Trutner West Elder Godsey Gwerder Pierson Prucha Tanner Vandenberg 252 Botsford, J. Bryan Henkle Martin McGrath Sarles Sohns Stowell Weiske Wright Botsford, F. Brennan Crebbin Ellsworth Geritz Oliver Reynolds Richard Towne White UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Frank Kelly Lawrence Foster Ed Manske Brutus Hamilton Morough O ' Brien Jastram Warren Perry Tom Steel GRADUATES Dan Chapman Dick Mackey SENIORS Doug Burris Bill Monroe Dan Clinkenbeard Pete Parrish John Dawson Bill Sangster Jim DeWitt George Schroeder Norm Gard Tony Trutner Grady West JUNIORS Dennis Elder Pete Pierson Jack Godsey Bill Prucha Joe Gwerder Doug Tanner Jack Herring Jack Vandenberg SOPHOMORES Jack Botsford Bob Martin Jere Brooks Terry McGrath Jim Bryan Don Sarles Steve Dimeff Oscar Sohns Ralph Henkle Doug Stowell Bill Lacy Bob Weiske Tom Wright FRESHMEN Fred Beresford Gordon Oliver Chuck Botsford Jud Ostle Brian Brennan Jon Reynolds Pete Crebbin R. B. Richard Bob Ellsworth Bruce Towne Gene Geritz Ron Woods Glenn White SPRING PLEDGES Ron Burris Denton Holmes Don Rutledge delta upsilon 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY CHAPTERS The California chapter of Delta Upsilon prides itself in having a well-balanced group, represented in sport s and student activities. The house had a successful and active year on campus. The D.U. float captured first place honors in the annual Homecoming parade. The house entered enthusiastically in most intermural competitions, and finished well in a majority of them, including water fights with the neighboring living groups. The social calendar was full and successful, topped by the annual " Two-Yard Hop " in the Fall and the " Bad Taste " dance in the Spring. Logan Johnson Misrach Owen Rea Sellers Taylor Beerman Bryant Carrot Coffee Do[liver Fisher Gosling Howard Keith Meckfessel Merrick O ' Neil Paynter Schneider 254 Southerland Van Dyke Beardon Harker Hughes, A. Jones Lowery Maherin Rigby Turner Wilcox Arnold Garvey Gaither Greig Hughes, J. Marshall Olsen Perrine Pusey Simi ASSOCIATES Donald Pyle Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert Stoltz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward Wyckoff SENIORS William Owen Leonard Rea Henry Sanderson Robert Sellers John Taylor JUNIORS John Keith Russ McCallion Donald Meckfessel Robert Merrick James O ' Neil Richard Paynter Thomas Pollock Herbert Schneider Gavin Southerland Willard Van Dyke SOPHOMORES Robert Lowery Mark Maherin Richard Rigby Jerrold Turner Tom Volkman Peter Walker Jack Wilcox FRESHMEN James Marshall Gary Olsen Donald Perrine Charles Pusey Donald Simi SPRING PLEDGES Manford Riggs Ray Stone Charles Taylor Kennith Wilson William Cowan Alan Holl Thomas Johnson Robert Logan Robert Misrach Louis Beerman William Bryant William Carrol Paul Coffee Peter Dolliver William Fisher George Gosling David Heil David Howard Donn Beardon William Beeson Howard Harker Blaine Harper Allen Hughes Stephen Jones Paul Larson Carl Arnold Ted Garvey Rowan Gaither Ronold Greig James Hughes James Davison Robert Keane Robert Merrill UNIVERSITY Edward B. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch Lloyd L. Farrar James Hopper, Jr. Neal McKeller Charles R. Noyes Herbert C. kappa alpha 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-SIX CHAPTERS Alpha Xi of Kappa Alpha has wrapped up another successful year after a memorable term of social, athletic, and scholastic activities. Events highlighting the crowded social calendar were the annual Winter Formal, the ambitious pledge class ' Circus Dance, the Mothers ' and Dads ' Banquet, and the traditional Dixie Ball which was, as always, the year ' s outstanding affair. Athletically they had men participating in ball, baseball, basketball, track, wrestling, and water polo. Particularly noteworthy were Bob Learner, wrestling, and Larry Jones, basketball. Incidental activities such as water fights with the Chi 0 lovelies next door and keeping their mascot Rickey from maiming other campus canines on Wheeler steps rounded out the eventful academic year. Christy Cummings Delano Hutchinson Learner Pardini Rodolf Schaff Solari Steiner Strong Theiller Binninger Corbett Dito Dozier Neal Newell Rodgers Schultz 256 Summers White Anderson Down Garzoli Kearns Krusi Livett Miller Vol!mar Alton Calpestri Cattaneo Clark Honens Lloveras Murdock Rogers Tilley Rickie UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Lieutenant Hartely GRADUATE Richard Hoffman SENIORS Jens Christy Robert Cummings Edward Delano David Hutchinson Robert Learner Julian Pardini JUNIORS Donald Binninger James Corbett William Dito Ronald Dozier Larry Jones Thomas Neal SOPHOMORES Donald Anderson Gerald Down John Garzoli Ronald Kearns FRESHMEN William Alton Pete Calpestri Grant Cattaneo James Clark Dexter Ho nens Carl Rodolf Walter Shaff Joseph Solari Edward Steiner Don Strong Robert Theiller Stanley Newell Joseph Rodgers Donald Schultz Russell Summers William White Carlisle Krusi Richard Livett Neil Miller Donald Vollmar Felix Lloveras Barry Murdock Robert Rogers Eugene Tilley SPRING PLEDGES Samuel Bush Donald Nusser delta kappa epsilon 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putman, Jr. SENIORS Norman Dyer Peter Nourse Dwight Ely Richard Pierce Robert Fisher Adolph Rosekrans Richard Gould Allen J. Sawyer Daniel McMillan Charles Tuller Gordon Zimmerman JUNIORS John Gwynn Jonathan Meyer Louis Hawkins Phillip Sherman Preston Lee Paul Tell SOPHOMORES Frederick Bradley Warren MacLellan Roger Dunn Donald Saxby David Goodwin Winfield Smith Kenneth Kopp Floyd White FRESHMEN James Fisher Stuart McKee James Fleming Patrick McKeegan Alexander McAllister Charles Rosekrans James McDonald Robert Tuller Ernest Voigt SPRING PLEDGES Philo Holland John Dakin El y Fisher Gould McMillan Nourse Pierce Rosekrans Sawyer Tuller Zimmerman Gwynn Lee Meyer Sherman Tell Bradley Dunn Goodwin Kopp MacLellan Saxby Smith White Fisher Fleming McAllister McDonald McKee McKeegan Rosekrans Tuller Voigt 258 Johansen Hops Malone Martin Mickens Mortensen Ottosen Preston Pruett Schugt Smalley Wetteroth Whitehead Anderson Bauer DeSoto Garcia Goodanetz Griffin Newel Kirby Lambert Pederson Roberts Willis Champonier Collins McCord Pederson Hodges Pacina Tooker Babe 1,10ki IOW 11•4186•40 ' ,. AW kappa delta rho 2250 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS GRADUATE Donald L. Edgar SENIORS Keith Buck Jack Ottosen Donald Johansen Hugh Preston Herb Hops Paul Pruett Glenn Malone Gordon Randall William Martin James Ritch Glenn Michel Heinz Schugt Edward Mickens Stanford Smalley Donald Mortensen Warren Fred Whitehead JUNIORS Walter Anderson Arthur Kirby John Bauer Richard Lambert Michael DeSoto George Latinovich Peter Dodge Stewart Lindauer LeVern Garcia Larry Lowery Robert Geering William Nelson Eugene Goodanetz Peter Pederson Richard Griffin John Roberts Charles Hewel James Willis SOPHOMORES Donald Behler Robert Collins Lynn Champonier Warren Glen Pederson FRESHMEN James Hodges Jack Pacina John Tooker SPRING PLEDGES Norbert Babin Ralph Hardin Bill Moore Barton Byers Edward Olsen kappa nu 2506 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Armand Magid Steven Glick Harvard Lyman Jerome Lustig Sanford Kronfield David Birenbaum Julius Brodetsky Laurence Cahn Ronald Fink Allen Gorlick Donald Adams Daniel Hirsch Ronald Klein Roy Koss Richard Albert Jay Begun Bennet Bibel Daniel Fischer Richard Goldstein Sheldon Grossfeld GRADUATES Robert Harlick Emanuel Treitel SENIORS Irwin Silberman Richard Rosenberg Tom Thompson Albert Winnikoff JUNIORS Jerome Greenbaum Marvin Kurtz Irwin Levin Donald Stone Irwin Weiss SOPHOMORES Stanford Lyman Arthur Naftaly Daniel Schwartz Arthur Silberman Cy Silver FRESHMEN Michael Glick Arnold Goldberg Gary Gottlieb Neil Grant Donald Rosenberg SPRING PLEDGES Saul Kavich Marvin Steinberg Magid Treitel Glick, S. Lyman, H. Lustig Kronfield Silberman Rosenberg Winnikoff Birenbaum Brodetsky Cahn Fink Gorlick Kurtz Levin Silver Hirsch Koss Naftaly Albert Begun Bibel Goldberg Rosenberg 260 Feak Jack Knutson Peterson Lemoin Newcomb Perry Parke Repath, Keith Repath Schmitt Sherr Silcox Wraith Zorbas Coil, H. Cole Denton Dresel Escalle Horsefall Ingebretsen Tregoning Coil, Ho. Kerzon Klopping Lytton Smith Grondona Knick Scoville Worthington lambda chi alpha 1755 LEROY FOUNDED AT BOSTON COLLEGE, MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric Bellquist Dr. Samuel A. Schaaf Dr. Lloyd E. Hardgrave Mr. Thomas R. Simpson Mr. Alan M. Hollingsworth Mr. George E. Troxell GRADUATES Robert Corter Robin McKeown Robert Densmore George Stathakis Richard Gerbo Robert Wood SENIORS Mike Deane Dick Newcomb Bill DiGrazia Jerry Parker Bill Ellsworth Lawrence Perry Don Freak Keith Repath Robert Jack Ken Repath Ted Johnson Jon Schmitt Heber Kimball Norman Sherr Dave Knutson Hugh Silcox Fred LeMoin Ralph Thomas Russ Levikow Charles Wraith Stanley McLochlan Andrew Zorbas JUNIORS Charles Butt Mike Escalle Henry Coil Howard Hawkins Carl Cole George Horsef all Don Denton Omund Ingebretsen Dick Dressel Burnitt Ray Worley SOPHOMORES James Baker Warren Kerzon Horace Coil George Klopping Charles DiBari Jack Lytten Mike Hein Tom Peterson Bob Smith FRESHMEN Carl Grandona Walt Scoville Bill Knick Bill SPRING PLEDGES Hal Weber Bill Clark kappa sigma 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 91,7 As one can well see from the picture on the opposite page, the Kappa Sig ' s had an " interesting " time at the annual South Seas Dance. The social calendar was supplemented by the Christmas Formal, the party for underprivileged children, beer busts and exchanges. There also must be some mention of a new member to the Kappa Sig household— " Kappy, " a parrot from Ortizases, Brazil. Needless to say it( ?) is picking up the fraternity language nicely and is expected within the next couple of years to be able to make ladies faint. On the other side of campus life the Kappa Sig ' s fared fairly well scholastically. All this and more went to make up the year 1952-1953 for Beta Xi of Kappa Sigma. Anderson Archibald Blake Dahl Dayvault DeSilva Dixon Ehni Gentry Holler Lowery Madison Moser Phillips Siracusa Ward Pester Bader Bell Bird Bradley Briney Darby Hagglund Hahn Livingston Morgan Whiggens Benson Hall Prenter Davis Key Woodland Dowd Lewis Worthington Etter Looper Andrade Fel lner Garland Maddox Maxwell Vantress Voorheis Davies Holden Smith Gregovich Powel I Kappy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Guy Montgomery Richard Rice GRADUATES Bill Wagner Jim Wagner Gene King Jack McLennaghan Wes Fry Clark Kerr Will Anderson Archibald Norm Stan Bjonerue Dick Brook Vince Blake Eric Carlyle Jim Carroll Steve Cary Charles Dahl John Dayvault Ed DeSilva Bryan Dixon Will Edgerley Nat Agliano Bob Bader Bill Bell Bob Bird Bob Bradley Bob Briney Larry Cennotto Bob Darby Russ Benson Brooks Key Bruce Garland Pat Davies Andrew Davis Bill Dowd Bob Etter Chuck Fraser Bob Gregovich Jim Hall John Hanson Carlos Andrade Dean Maddox Dave Baxter John Chinn Ray Donnelly Gary Donavan Dick Gibbel Duke Kahn SENIORS Dick Ehni Thomas Gentry Sid Harris Dick Holler Joe Kalinski Walt Lowery Ben Madison Vince Maiorana Ray Moser Weldon Phillips Angelo Siracusa Gene Ward Marty Yester JUNIORS Wayne Davis Wally Hagglund Bob Hahn John Livingston Les Morgon Howard Wiggins Tom Johnson SOPHOMORES John Holden Don Looper Tom Lewis Ted Maxwell Hank Meschendorf Murdo Nicolson Gary Powell Mike Prenter Jim Smith Thad Woodland Hank Worthington FRESHMEN Ken Ventress Pell Voorheis SPRING PLEDGES Cal Larson Don Moore Skip Skiffington Bill Wagner Dick Willey phi delta theta 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN CHAPTERS This year Phi. Delta Theta enjoyed one of its most successful years. From the first day of the Fall semester to the last day of the Spring semester they enjoyed a well-rounded year which included athletics, studies, and a great deal of party time. Highlights of the year started off with a fine crew of twenty pledges, and progressed through a Fall semester in which they had many football reunions and the annual Duck Dinner with the alumni. Some of the parties duri ng the Fall included a costume party and the Miami Triad with the Betas and Sigma Chi ' s. There were a great many Phi ' s participating in athletics throughout the year, such as Hal Ellis and Charley Martucci in football, Tom Greenleaf and Dick Tamberg in basketball, Don Putnam in track, Jim Edwards in baseball, and Morrie Kirk in swimming. They topped off the school year with the Spring Formal which was one of the finest they have ever had. Boberg Carlton DeVos Ellis Fitch Greenleaf Howel I Lawson Lawton Llewellyn Peterson Remmera Trowbridge Burkette Colbert Crampton DeVega, Buzz Edwards Green Haley Houston Kirk Mather Marengo Pike Putnam Risbrough 264 Smith Tamberg Western Whyte, D. Coakley DeVega, Bud Hayes Kennedy Lind Markley Taber Ward Vilhauer Bain Cutland Dalton Jackson Johnson Jones Lockhart Oliver Pawson Pitman Rauqust Warrick Whyte, C. 1 Robert Arnold Captain Barnes Dr. Dewin B. Baldrey Dr. Karl M. Bowman George Break James W. Fesler Norman Foxworthy William Gillis Joel Hildebrand UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES 011y Kern James McVaine Dr. George McChesney Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond J. Nutting Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow William Twitchell GRADUATES Bob Syla Charles Way Don Bentley Dick Haugner Dick Boberg Don Carlton Al DeVos Hal Ellis Charles Fitch Tom Greenleaf James Howell Ken Anderson Bill Burkett Wes Colbert Bob Crampton Buzz DeVega Jack Dethlef son Jim Edwards Ken Glines Ben Green Rich Haley Bill Houston Morrie Kirk Tom Coakley Charles Chaplin Bud DeVega Webb Hayes Herb Kennedy Mark Bain Dennis Cu tland Elvie Dalton Bob Jackson Dick Johnson Paul Jones Skip Anderson Kirk Brown Ed Canney SENIORS Phil Kenville Don King Ted Lawson Lawton Jim Llewellyn Phil Peterson Lee Remmers Tom Trowbridge JUNIORS Charles Marcucci Jack Mather Ron Marengo Rich Peterson Burton Pike Don Putnam Jack Risbrough Bob Smith Doug Dou, Stevenot Dick Tamberg Jack Western Don Whyte SOPHOMORES Bill Lind Gene Markley Larry Taber Bob Ward LaVerne Vilhauer FRESHMEN Jack Lockhart Rex Oliver Dick Pawson Gary Pitman Jerry Raugust Ray Warrick Chuck Whyte SPRING PLEDGES Al Jenkins Ken Loyd Lee Miller Don Sobek phi gamma delta 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS The Fijis are proud to announce the recent christening of their luxurious new chapter house donated by a wealthy alum. On the scholastic front Phi Gamma Delta established another new record which won speedy recognition from the Dean. The fraternity sports program has swung into high gear in an effort to retain last year ' s University Intramural Championship. As is their custom, this past year saw the Fijis caught in the gay, mad social whirl in an unprecedented season of exhilirating garden parties, student-faculty teas, afternoon bridge meets, and other crazy social gatherings which culminated in the barbaric Grass Skirt. Brown Doyle Froeschle Nevin Noyes Sammis Scibird Sparks Ashton Carminati Demas Gildersleeve Grant Hasse Hotle Hummel Mott Pringle 266 Solomon Ewing Hyde Mason McKissick Najarian Oleson Rhodes Smith Wilson Woolfson Beyer Eschwig Remmel Stone, A. Stone, J. Stone, T. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Louis Alvares George C. Briggs Charles Derleth Willard Durham Larry Horan Jack Jackson Phil Merring Scott Amour Gordon Brown Jack Doyle Bob Froeschle Ralph Krueger Pete Mering Bill Ashton Russell Billing Lee Branstool Earl Carminati Bill Demas Ed Gildersleeve Lee Grant John Ewing Herschel Hyde Jack Mason Carson McKissick George Najarian Carl Beyrer Dean Edwards Bob Eschwig Bob Falge Bud Lindsy Norman Hinds William Laube Woodbridge Metcalf Jacques Schnier GRADUATES Robert Rowell Bob Tallman Nick Veliotes SENIORS Jim Nevin Bill Noyes Tom Rieger Lee Sammis Dick Scibird Dudly Sparks Doug Weber JUNIORS John Haase Joe Hotle Nick Hummel Tom Mott Jim Nelson Bill Newkirk Lloyd Pringle Bill Solomon SOPHOMORES Alan Oleson Leland Rhodes Bert Smith John Wilson Bob Woolfson FRESHMEN Art Remmel Andy Stone Jim Stone Tom Stone SPRING PLEDGES Bob Prindle Pat Vaznaugh phi kappa psi 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin W. Pauley SENIORS George Anderson Robert Lysinger Pierre Brosseau Robert Parkin Boyd Conners Don Prince Richard Cook Joseph Theobald Fred Elledge Roald Warras Robert Krohn George Whiting JUNIORS Gerald Anderson Gene Kemp Fred Armanino Charles Palmtag Herbert Ball Robert Paredi Charles Connolly John Parr Madison Davis Martin Peterson Glen DeLisle William Schmitz Jay Forni Harold Warras William Hehir Peter Watt Gus Kanelopoulos John Whitaker Bedford Young SOPHOMORES Ron Auletti Clarke Lewis Jacques deLorimier Donald Paradis Thomas Hammer Walter Straub Gerald Hansen Carl Thoresen Warren Hellman John Wade FRESHMEN Robert Johnson Robert Schroll Francois Pellissier Stu Small Richard Wolfson SPRING PLEDGES Royal Brown William Lambert Conners Cook Elledge Krohn Parkin Theobald Warras, R. Whiting Anderson Armanino DeLisle Hehir Kanelopoulos Kemp Palmtag Paredi Parr Schmitz Warras, H. Whitaker Young deLorimier Hammer Hansen Hellman Paradis Thomsen Wade Johnson Schroll Small Wolfson 268 Beal Callison Coombs Elfving Gilbert Grant Gregorich Haight Langlie Lawerence Menkens Raban Robb Sylvester Taylor Tipton Welch White Chamberlin Huss Langrock McDermott Miller Noren Towle Righter Briscoe Hogan Levy Mills Parsons Scarzella Schoettler Anderson Biagini Brecken DeMatei Foster Phillips Russell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Paul Christopulos Alfred Maffley Robert Kersey Kenneth Paulovich William Schmelzle GRADUATES Roland Bianchi Jack Chourre Charles Shaw SENIORS Robert Beal Harvey Menkens Bob Callison James Pichon Bruce Coombs Robert Raban Claes Elfving Richard Robb Roger Gilbert Gordon Seck Dave Grant Ronald Sylvester Edward Gregorich John Taylor Alan Haight Donald Tipton Lloyd Langlie Thomas Welch William Lawerence Oliver White JUNIORS Walt Briant Glenn Miller James Chamberlin Donald Noren Marvin Huss Robert Towle Donald Langrock Richard Righter Richard McDermott John Underhill SOPHOMORES Terrence Briscoe Arlen Mills Thomas Diel Norman Parsons John Hogan Jack Scarzella Robert Levy David Schoettler FRESHMEN John Anderson Edward DeMatei Dink Artal William Foster Fred Biagini Donald Phillips Richard Brecken Jack Russell SPRING PLEDGES Gillespie William Rose Donald Havis Richard Simons Dolph Leffler Surge Vial Ronald Niven Gerrance Welch phi kappa tau 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS phi kappa sigma 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS The Phi Kaps again added their bit to the glory of Cal and Northside, squeezing in a full extracurricular program between hitting the books and water-bagging the brothers. Their Big " C " contingent was active in their respective sports—Jim Ross, swimming and water polo; Fred Hagist, tennis; Jerry Hinton, baseball, and Bob Warrick, track. The sensational Phi Kap football team battled through the semi-finals for the intramural championship. Off-campus, a full social season was highlighted with the Dive Dance, the Christmas and Spring Formals, and a real Greek-type Toga Party. Big-Game week saw the Phi Kap-Alpha 0 float take top honors in originality. They also were on rosters of such honor societies as Gavel and Quill, Skull and Keys, and Triune, all of which points to the fact that Phi Kappa Sigma is maintaining its traditionally high place among fraternities at California. Jewett Atkinson Basalto Cunliffe Fridlund Gilzean Greenleaf Hagist Ingram Ross Talbot Waltman Wood Young, Bob Young, Bill Chipman Dawson Henderson Hinton Jefcoat Munger Runnion Warwick 270 Ghidossi, A. Emerson Ghidossi, B. Rogers Gould Jepsen Haight Jordon Poston Lannes Machado White Morton McCauley Yates Anderson Myrick Blakeney Nelson Barger Nicolaysen Bob Atkinson Bob Crenshaw Gil Atkinson Fred Basalto Lee Caulfield Pete Cunliffe Donn Fridlund Bob Gilzean Bob Greenleaf Fred Hagist Tom Ingram Jack Autenrieb Dave Chipman Phil Dawson Bill Foley Herb Henderson Jerry Hinton Preston James Ernie Hailey Al Ghidossi Bill Ghidossi Dan Gould Tony Haight Bill Anderson Tom Ayer Ed Barger Keith Blakeney Steve Emerson Dave Jepsen Mike Jordon GRADUATES George Jewett Dick Kessel SENIORS Myron Probert Jack Rogers Jim Ross Lee Talbot Bob Waltman Mac Wilson Bill Wood Bob Young Bill Young JUNIORS Jerry Jefcoat Jack Koehn Mary McCauley Maynard Munger Jack Runnion Bob Warwick SOPHOMORES Dan Lannes Pat Machado Ron Morton Don Vicain FRESHMEN Steve Myrick Bob Nelson Art Nicolaysen Al Poston Lynn White Ben Yates UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Maurice E. Harrison Thomas Barrows Walter M. Hart John U. Calkins, Jr. George D. Louderbach R. Courtney Cornett Heber A. Newsom Malcolm M. Davisson SPRING PLEDGES Bob Edwards Kit Stone Bill Fisher phi sigma kappa 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Omega of Phi Sigma Kappa celebrated its forty-fifth year on the UC campus. The social calendar was highlighted by the Big Game Formal and the " Rip-Roaring " Niner Dance. Competing for the Blue and Gold were footballers Joe Hibbs, Doug Hibbs, Bill DeBell and Rick Osorio, trackman Bill Volkert and rugger Mal Winter. Rounding out the year was the arrival of the new mascot, Sandy. Bierhorst Big ley Brennen Forsman Friesen Fromme Hibbs, J. Hootman Hughes Kirkpatrick Kelly Long Mills Volkert Winship Atkinson Bachtold Chambers DeBell Elliot Goodewaagen Goulart Guptill 272 Lamberson McKeever Nielsen Roberts Rubey Winter Wintz Bruce Finney Hibbs, D. Kalinin Lowney McCloskey Moe Morehead Pastore Balaban UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adams Walter Frederick Charles Babcock August J. Marra Clinton Evans Thomas Mayhew Franklin C. Palm GRADUATE Dave Otis SENIORS Dave Bierhorst Jack Hughes J im Bigley Bruce Kelly Barry Brennan Don Kirkpatrick Ken Forsman David Long Lloyd Friesen Jack Mills Rolf Fromme Doug Thompson Joe Hibbs Dave Troughton Joe Hootman Bill Volkert Tony Winship JUNIORS Don Atkinson George Mayo Kenneth Bachtold Robert McKeever John Chambers Otto Nielsen Bill DeBell Richard Osorio Don Elliot Doren Roberts Pieter Goodewaagen Norm Rubey Ron Goulart Bill White Ron Guptill Mal Winter John Lamberson Ed Wintz SOPHOMORES Wayne Bruce Kent Lowney Keith Bull Jim Mahoney Bob Dolen Jim McCloskey Ben Finney Albert Moe Doug Hibbs Paul Morehead Bob Kalinin Jim Pastore Walt Ridley FRESHMEN John Balaban Gene Thomas SPRING PLEDGES John Balaban Bob Kalinin John Chambers Jim Mahoney Bill Edwards Frank Poulos Cliff Ide Charlie Strong pi alpha phi 2339 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAP TER Richard Don Calvin Fung Barnard Chan Wilber Chinn Fremont Fong Gilbert Hum Jack Lowe Howard Der Ronald Fong GRADUATE Edward Gong SENIORS Bill Lee Robert Mah Henry Ng JUNIORS Gordon Ma Jason Som Harold Wong Harry Wong Stewart Yee SOPHOMORES Foon Gee Ralph Lew SPRING PLEDGE Walter Lum Lee Mah Ng Wong, Harold Wong, Harry Der Fong 274 Bigelow King Lukes McCarthy Tomasello Tanner Valli Young Dockham Kratz Milles Barnes Beebe Bouton Byrnes Duer Hardebeck Johnson Ness Ralph Wive!! Zahm Allender Brunhouse Range Ryan Shifley pi kappa alpha 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Lynn 0. Waldorf Morris A. Stewart Garff B. Wilson Thomas D. Stewart Joseph Carter Phillip Crane Arthur Allard Russell Bigelow Russell Frey Jack Geary Monroe King Jerome Lukes Robert McCarthy Henry McCrory Charles Byerly William Cockey Robert Dockham William Haney Thomas Holmes Danny Barnes Bruce Beebe Martin Bouton Patrick Bramble Peter Byrne Ronald Duer John Hardebeck Howa rd Johnson William Allender Jay Brunhouse Donald Range Frank Cabral Cy Fraiser GRADUATES William Harlowe Herbert Moore SENIORS Ronald Mutti James Phillips Alan Robertson John Ruddock Charles Sassenrath Russell Tanner Robert Valli Virgil Wright Bartley Young JUNIORS Bryson Kratz John Lima Richard Miles Jay Robinson Donald Wash SOPHOMORES Mark Molica Kenneth Ness Richard Ralph Michael Raffetto Robert Reese Tyrus Wivell James Ten Eyck Victor Zahm FRESHMEN Jack Ryan Lowell Shifley Donald Tomasello SPRING PLEDGES Paul Frankes -- Dick Holmes Don Kosovac pi lambda phi 2727 CHANN1NG WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS The school year of 1952-53 was another great year for the Pilams. In keeping with last year ' s policy the pledges underwent a " Help Week " prior to initiation at the Child Guidance Center, and in December the Pilams put on another of their annual Christmas parties for underprivileged children. On campus the Pilams, in cooperation with the AEPhi ' s, walked off with top honors in the humor division of the Big Game Float Parade, and also were the winners of the William Zell Friedman Scholarship Trophy. Besides these honors many members participated in campus activities and sports. Abramovitz Belling Green Jacoby Kiang Kohn Melnick Rosenthal Weiser Ambinder Brownstein Dessler Fox Freeman Garfinkle Gordon Koppich Levitin Lyons Mortimer Platt Rodkin Saul Sinai Sweet 276 Trawler Winston Bakar Chase David Fahn Friedman Leiter Levy Miller Pearl Robinson Rothman Seiler Selinger Wolfe Barnblatt Gherman Lesser Myerson Resnick Rosen Ross Siegel NaKu Jess Abramovitz Kenneth Belling Zanville Green Marvin Jacolby Donald Kamler Lewis Kiang Ron Goldman SENIORS Malcom Kohn George Melnick Sheldon Rosenthal Russell Shatz Howard Weiser Sidney Wotman JUNIORS Lloyd Levitin Ronald Lyons Klaus Mortimer Donald Platt Leo Rodkin Franklin Saul Joe Sinai Charles Sweet Donald Trauner SOPHOMORES Charles Miller Jack Pearl Stanford Pollock Bernard Robinson Morton Rothman Stuart Seiler Carl Selinger Donald Silverman Sheldon Wolfe FRESHMEN Morley Myerson Robert Resnick Richard Rosen Gene Ross Neil Siegel SPRING PLEDGES Larry Goodfriend Walt Kaufman Gene Bakar Robert Bernheim Morton Chase Leland David Stanley Fahn Rodney Friedman Morton Leiter Harvey Levy Richard Mannheimer Lloyd Barnblatt Charles Gherman Daniel Kiang Robert Lesser Howard Marguleas Gerald Ambinder Marvin Brownstein Norman Dessler Robert Fox Sigmund Freeman Jack Garfinkle Jerry Gordon Phillip Hill Martin Koppich Franklin Winston pi kappa phi 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS Stanley Ausman Millis Oakes William Barker Arthur Barsi Dwight Campbell Roger Campbell James Carlo Warren Carson Richard Dowd Evald Erickson William Campbell William Gills Adolph Nicolai James Algian Bruce Cropper Keith Johnson Joseph Gaggero, Jr Houston Lashus Adriance Foster Henry E. Erdman GRADUATES Maurice Wood SENIORS David Herrling James Kinlock Charles Merrill Max Nye Thomas Orr Paul Peterson Donald White Robert Witbeck Rex Young JUNIORS Donald Rau Donald Sargeant Robert Trounson Jack Underhill SOPHOMORES John Earle Harold Harlan Charles Lee FRESHMEN Houston Lashus Mel Riley SPRING PLEDGES Richard Larsen John Mahoney Oakes Campbell, R. Carlo Dowd Erickson Herrl ing Kin lock Nye Orr Peterson White Witbeck Young Campbell, W. A. Gills Nicolai Rau Sergeant Underhill Cropper Lee Gaggero Johnson Riley Chief 278 sigma phi delta FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 1924 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 NINE CHAPTERS Clapp Henderson Nichol Rheault Schafer Tyhurst Burnell Graebe Siefert Maurice Clapp Ernie Fish Dick Henderson Pete Janopaul Bill Nichol Al Brutacao Bob Dean Bill Evans Roger Fry Gene Rheault Roger Schafer James E. Tyhurst Stan Verdi Lewis Tambs Barney Johnson Tom Mill Jim Nettles Phillip York UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harold B. Gotaas Francis H. Moffitt GRADUATE Richard Franklin SENIORS JUNIORS Richard Burnell Bill Clark Gerald Graebe SOPHOMORE Dave Weston FRESHMAN Donald Siefert SPRING PLEDGES Charles Andrade Blain Harrison psi upsilon FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS The Psi U ' s had a very successful season these past nine months. Not only was the social calendar a full one, but they were also very active in many campus activities. Psi U was also well represented on the athletic fields of the U of C, having no less than ten members in the Big C Society plus many other in Circle C and Freshman sports competition. On the social side of the calendar their two main parties were " A Roaring Twenties Party, " and their annual Barn Dance. Both of these functions were considered huge successes. Also in keeping with tradition they held their semesterly parents ' dinner and, of course, the Freshman Play! Also, in campus activities we had twelve members represented in the Winged Helmet Society, six men in Triune, five in Skull and Keys and three in Golden Bear. Aside from losing five good men to the armed forces, the Psi U ' s had a good year. Cerney Dresel Gray Heimark Johnson McNeill Ricksen, J. Ricksen, R. Wiley Dutton, C. Dutton, T. Ewing Harris Meserve Mulvany Ryan Turpin Williams 280 Beaver Daggett Gada Gibbs Giddings Lyons Mayne Pitkin Reed Simpson Brown Howard Keller Lackey Plough Wright John Allen Frederic Cerney Charles Dresel Douglas Gordon Clay Gray Charles Dutton Thomas Dutton Sheafe Ewing Donald Harris John Math Peter Beaver William Daggett Preston Gada George Gibbs Michael Giddings James Hanafin Vincent Lyons Richard Brown Michael Casey Timothy Howard William Keller Peter Brobst Robin Fairbairn SENIORS Donald Heimark George Johnson John McNeill John Ricksen Rupert Ricksen JUNIORS Keith Meserve Robert Mulvany Arthur Ryan Miles Turpin Richard Williams SOPHOMORES Clifton Mayne William Oliver Roger Pitkin Roy Polkinghorne Gordon Reed Kenneth Simpson John Stellern FRESHMEN James Lackey Ronald Plough Joseph Smidt Clifford Wright SPRING PLEDGES Lou Gerhardy Tom Kramer Gordon Reed sigma alpha epsilon FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Throughout the gaudily modernized interior of the SAE domus the slow and often imperceptible wheels of knowledge ground over the bers of the fraternity. Acknowledging the reluctant pace of four-year matriculation, the members of the fraternity hastened their intake of culture by conversing the untenable world crises, the merits of the athletic demigods, and the oriental cunning of professors. On the field of the athlete our members excelled in all intercollegiate phases of competition, exemplifiying manly good conduct there, as in all student affairs. The one sober note was the scholastic ineligibility of Christopher Pembroke Smythe-Torrance, Captain of the Six-Day Bicycle Team. " Dum vivimus, viamus, " cried the Latin; " To the Dance, " cried the SAE, as long hours of absorbing the masters prompted numerous social events. Bedecked in the best of taste and decor, the stately old chapter house swayed and reveled to the delightful Southern fruit punch of Mr. Jackson. 1952-53, beatae memoriae, was quite notable in every sector of the fraternity value. Marhenke Baumsteiger Beck Bender Brown, Rod. Brown, Rol. Decker DeKlotz Dietsch Dusthimer Farnam Guerin Hartley Hollister Jerry Lippstreu McLaughlin McKee Meiners Rasmussen Bibb Derdivanis Edwards Kirk Leach Moore Onstead Patrick Porter Rogers Sjoberg, R. Spilman Storz Thornburg Watson 282 Weldon Ament Baxter Benninghover Cole Dalgren Davis Hamilton Hicks Leslie Millard Minne Riewerts Rowley Shaver Weeks Burr DeKlotz Delucchi Dezzani Duncan Dusthimer Erickson Gallagher Hiden Huhn Knotts Oliver Schmeiser Sjoberg, E. Toll Ziegler UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Paul Straubinger John Talbot R. 0. Harvey GRADUATES Bruce Marhenke Warren Perry SENIORS Gil Guerin Don Hartley Don Hollister Bob Jerry Joe Knowland Dick Lareau Ed Lippstreu Bill MacLaughlin Mike McKee Henry Meiners Don Rasmussen JUNIORS Sheldon Onstead Gene Patrick Ken Porter Phil Rogers Richard Sjoberg Jack Spillman Forrest Storz Verne Thornburg Bill Watson David Weldon SOPHOMORES Bob Leslie Burt Millard Chuck Minne James Riewerts Claude Rohwer Gerry Rowley Bill Shaver Douglas Weeks FRESHMEN Dave Hiden Jack Huhn Al Knotts Bob Oliver Al Schmeiser Ellis Sjoberg Dave Toll Dave Ziegler SPRING PLEDGES Ralph Hoffman Howard Mathews Tom Pugh Mike Rei Stuart Daggett Ralfe Miller John Gratz Carl Baumsteiger Eldon Beck Al Bender Rod Brown Rol Brown Pete Decker Fred DeKlotz Al Dietsch Jack Dusthimer Ed Farnam Jack Bibbs Les Davison John Derdivanis Collin Edwards Mike Friedenbach Howard Kirk Douglas Leach Bob Lutz Sheldon Moore Dick Ament Jim Baxter Don Benninghoven Cliff Cole Tom Dalgren Rich Davis John Hamilton Harry Hicks Millard Burr Bob DeKlotz Al Delucchi Don Dezzani Rod Duncan Jerry Dusthimer Harlan Erickson Richard Gallagher Bob Costello Dave Beetken Jerry Hays sigma alpha mu FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 Sigma Alpha Mu traveled on a three-lane road this past year, concentrating on scholarship, athletics and social activities. Scholastically, several " Sammies " affiliated themselves with honor societies. In tion, many men made above a 2.5 scholarship average. Athletically, the SAM ping-pong team paddled away all opposition, losing only to Cloyne Hall in the University finals. The pledge dance, " Sammy Jones ' Locker, " was the highlight of a successful series of house dances. The formal, held in the Palace Hotel, was one of the best in SAM history. Other activities featured the year. The Sammy float won first place in the Beauty Division of the Big Game Parade. One of the most satisfying of the events was a Christmas Party for underprivileged children, held jointly with the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. Porter Benas Douglas Epstei n Graff Meier Marylander Pearl Pearlmutter Robbins Arnoff Coffman Hexter Russo Shain Goodstein Bloom Battat Radensky Small Stern 284 Zander Boyarsky Casper Cooper Goldman Landworth Lazar Leve Levin Natkin Polesky Rudy Stein Tarlow H. M. Tronstein Webber Weintrub Zerg Dandy Irving Goldberg Aron Greenberg Dick Benas Ron Douglas Norman Epstein Stan Gogol Richard Graff Kurt Meir Ed Mayer Stu Arnoff Howard Bloom Ralph Coffman Wally Goodstein Dick Hexter Frank Battat Herb Dinitz Conrad Donner Al Small Bill Boyarsky Allan Casper Carter Cohn Les Cooper Bruce Goldman Burt Greenberg Hank Landworth Barry Lazar Don Leve Stuart Levin Roger Natkin Harry Battat Bill Bendat Mary Cohen Roy Leaventhal GRADUATES Bill Hexter Jerome Porter Seymore Siegel SENIORS Stu Marylander Eliot Pearl Harland Pearlmutter Gordon Phillips Manny Rice Paul Robbins Joe Radensky JUNIORS Dave Hirsch Jerry Holzman Ronald Russo Irwin Schoenberger Lee Shain SOPHOMORES Larry Toyer Paul Stern Bud Wolken Daryll Zander FRESHMEN Riece Polesky Al Rudy Al Stein 1VIervin Terlow Harvy Toyer Marvin Toyer Don Tronstein Mark Wachter Art Webber Al Weintrub Mickey Zerg SPRING PLEDGES Howard Scott Mike Diener Howard Marylander Len Rosen sigma chi 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS The past semester at Sigma Chi has been a very busy one, with the accent on finals, social life, intramurals and varsity sports. " Jambalay a " was the first production of last fall. This pledge dance, set in the bayou try, featured many Southern colonels, creoles, and New Orleans wharf rats. But the highlight of the Fall semester was the annual Sweetheart of Sigma Chi contest. Lovely Carol Havner was selected as the 1953 Sweetheart, and was crowned at the December Sweetheart Formal. To relieve the pressure from finals the Miami Triad was staged at the Orinda Country Club. After winning the all-University intramural trophy for two out of the past three years, men of Sigma Chi are again trying for top honors. Bob Johnson, Chuck Harrington, and Don Keene have taken up the paddles recently and in view of past performances are sure to be top men on the crew this Spring. Don Timmerman will again be key man on the cinder paths, while others will try their luck at baseball, football, track, and tennis. The high grade-point average of the house is proof that not all the time is spent viewing the coeds from the front porch as they head for their afternoon classes. Aubertine Hontalas Angel Bacci Basset Baumann Gutierrez Hansen Harrington Hillman Humphrey Johnson Mignola Miller Parnell Soares Adams Flemer Fletcher Hagen Harper Reilly 286 Venator Zinov Almberg Fourchy Keene Perrin Peterman Thaxter Thompson Wolfe Billings DeVoto Gaal Hundhammer Lacey Suihus Tubbs Wendt GRADUATES John Hontalas SENIORS James Hansen Charles Harrington Arthur Hillman Hobart Humphrey Paul Jacobs Bob Johnson Don Mignola Jim Miller Dean Parnell Stanley Saylor Bob Soares JUNIORS Dave Harper Bill Reilly Don Timmerman Lui Venator Paul Zinov SOPHOMORES Carl Peterman Jay Summerhays Jim Thaxter Ed Thompson Charles Wolfe FRESHMEN Mary Lacey Ron Suihus Bill Tubbs Jerry Wendt SPRING PLEDGES Tony Mascarin Dick Keene Dick Faulkner Ron Blake UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Barnes Dr. H. P. Muller Clarence " Nibs " Price Horace Aubertine Ed Angel John Arado John Bacci John Bassel Hanns Baumann Al D ' Amonte Don Edmonston Howard Ewer Max Gutierrez James Hall Jed Adams Bart Brown Pete Flemer Ed Fletcher Ben Hagen Tom Almberg Homer Bradford Richard Fourchy Don Keene Tom Perrin Larry Billings Steve DeVoto Steve Gaal Fred Hundhammer Roy Arnold Pete Hazel Harry Larsen sigma nu 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLSHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED TEN CHAPTERS The Snakes of Sigma Nu had a top-notch school year scholastically, socially, and athletically with Don Tiernan leading the brothers in the Fall and Bob King concluding the fine leadership in the Spring. The scholastic improvement was highlighted by fine grades of the Fall pledge class with the active members running a close second. The fall social calendar enjoyed a full schedule of after-game dances with the annual division-wide White Rose Formal and the very enjoyable Insane Asylum Dance leading the Spring Entertainment activities. Athletically this year the brothers were strongly represented on the University football, baseball, basketball, swimming, water polo, skiing, and tennis teams, while the membership roster of Triune, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, and Beta Beta included many Sigma Nu ' s. The entire California chapter of Sigma Nu did more than its share in the first annual Sigma Nu Service Week by donating a full week ' s labor to a Berkeley civic project to conclude a fully enjoyable year. Ames Brown Ditzler Gardiner Greene Hapke Hutchins Imler Johnson King Merriman Michelson Anderson Green Haggerty Harding Kahl Merriman Nystrom Rhodes Roche Rogin Smalian Soper Thomson Torchio 288 Wieking Babcock Cvietusa Dadalt Davis Fulbright Gilmore Kellner Meek Persons Winkenbach Barnata Bordonaro Cadwell Carey Fay Ferro Gray Greub Merry McDaniel Porter Smith Wallis SENIORS Preston Hutchins Harper Imler Richard Johnson Robert King William Mais Dwight Merriman Ed Michelson Jordon Montano William O ' Hare John Olszewski John Peterson Donald Tiernan Richard Verling JUNIORS Robert Roberts Robert Roche William Rogin Donald Smalian John Soper William Thomson Lloyd Torchio James Wieking SOPHOMORES Bill Gilmore Raymond Kellner Donald Meek Philip Persons Robert Winkenbach FRESHMEN Richard Gray Edward Greub Bill Hunzeker Theodore Merry Wes McDaniel Craig Porter David Ruegg Duane Smith Richard Wallis SPRING PLEDGES Bill Jensen Jim Vogt Walt Ames James Brink Merrill Brown Hugh Ditzler Albert Dadalt Fred Field Gordon Gardiner Warren Geldert Raymond Greene Gene Haggerty Earle Hapke Rodney Hughes Alden Anderson Bliss Green Bruce Harding Robert Kahl William Lewis Phil Merriman Richard Nystrom James Rhodes Jack Babcock Don Gvietusa Paxton Davis Gary Fulbright UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame Dan Rader GRADUATES Merrill Albert Roger Fipps Bob Adams Ray Chiljan Mike Barnato Schustian Bordonaro Russ Cadwell Jack Campbell Scott Carey Harold Fay Raymond Ferro Robert Fricke sigma pi 1849 ARCH STREET FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Norman Avery Garret Boer Dion Carnes Gordon Johnson Phillip Johnson Michael Kasatkin Raymond Bengs Thomas Bishofberger Ronald Jameson Paulo O ' Grady Victor Amerio Ronald Brosemer Ross Laverty Roy Berry Frank Crandal SENIORS James McCann Robert McNary William Miller Robert Monroe Clarence Siemens Sheldon Smith JUNIORS Robert Polombo John Rock Robert Young George Zonoff UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Mallory James Martin Maynard Morris GRADUATES A Ilerton Blake Dewey Shepherd SOPHOMORES Glen Meyer Robert Rhein Kenneth Taloff Frederick Vering FRESHMAN Clark Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Phil Peterson Joe Sernac Avery Boer Carnes Johnson Kasatkin McCann McNary Monroe Smith Bengs Jameson O ' Grady Polombo Rock Young Zonoff Amerio Brosemer Laverty Taloff Wilson Egon 290 Caldwell Dahlin Darling Hansen, K. Hansen, M. Jess Muldoon O ' Conner Wells, L. West Aggson Bunnell Cox Darrah Dryer Geary McCloy McGlashan Reilly Rosenberg Sorenson Wells, G. Brown Davis Headington Hirst McCabe Otter Steele Truman Hamlin Maclay Pettit Swanson theta chi 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Thomas Aggson Sterling Bunnell Henry Brusco James Cox Jack Darrah Dale Dryer Howard Hamlin William Maclay SENIORS Myron Hansen John Jess Donald Jones James Muldoon Thomas O ' Conner Larry Wells Donald West SOPHOMORES Eugene McCabe Richard Otter Douglas Steele Donald Truman FRESHMEN Donald Pettit David Swanson Robert Brown Sherman Davis Ronald Headington James Hirst Kenneth Beebe Wendell Broderick Jack Caldwell Ronald Dahlin Richard Darling Kenneth Hansen JUNIORS Bert Geary Frank McCloy William McGlashan Michael Reilly Jack Rosenberg Ronald Sorenson Glenn Wells SPRING PLEDGE Edward Farnsworth sigma phi epsilon 2714 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Few can re call a year as successful as the past season for the Sig Ep ' s. The semester began in great style when Sigma Phi Epsilon obtained one of the largest pledge classes in many a year. Highlights of the semester were the frequent visits by the alert gendarmes of the campus answering the call of bewildered old ladies during Friday afternoon " beer busts. " A trip to the Olympic Games at Helsinki by the " Fraternity Raiders " accented the summer program. The bone-crushing pledge-active football game will be long remembered by all. The Sig Ep ' s went to Balboa during spring recess and spent nine glorious days away from this beloved campus. The Christmas Formal was held at the Willows in Orinda, and the high note in the Spring was the Queen of Hearts Formal held at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco which was the biggest party of the year. Emerson Merriam Davey Haven Long McWhirter Riley Samborn Shepherd Bedynek Boege Brunetti Foreria Jeffrey Martinez McPherson Morrow Okey Simpson Williams Browning Fornengo Hanahan Blume Boerlin Baranco Breuer Doyas Hatton Pope Quinn Sweeney Teixeira UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James Corley Robert Johnson John Corey James Miller James Ford Al Ragan Dean Gillette Arthur Sampson Wayne D. Gray H. R. Wellman W. K. Emerson GRADUATE Robert SENIORS Al Haven Robert McWhirter John Juday Ray Riley Eugene Long Warren Samborn Harry Shepherd JUNIORS Julius Bedynek Harold Jeffrey Ray Boege George Martinez Melvin Brunetti Robert McPherson Ron Davey Howard Morrow Theodore Foruria William Okey George Griset Arthur Simpson George Williams SOPHOMORES Les Browning Ron Fornengo Walter Hanahan FRESHMEN Ralph Blume Ted Granger Howard Boerlin Peter Hatton Vic Baranco Tony Pope Michael Breuer Robert Quinn Richard Doyas Daryl Sweeney John Elworthy Jerry Teixeira SPRING PLEDGES Dave Breen Ed Subberra Bob Hough Harry Taylor Lou Ozor Ron Taylor Phil Zimmers tau kappa epsilon 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS Once again Teke had an uneventful year. The big accomplishment was the purchase of a new house at the East Milpitas semi-quarterly Rummage Sale. The house is conveniently located in Emeryville, just 17,000,000.3 steps from Sather Gate as the crow flies. Although our new house has an ideal location it was not in the best state of repair. A little hard work, however, turned it into the veritable mansion pictured on this page. Because of the dozens of formals, costume dances and other pleasurable social affairs, and because of the need to maintain the house grade-point average as well as over-zealous participation in campus and international activities, they were unfortunately unable to give sufficient time to their primary objective in college. However, the Tekes are looking forward to a Spring semester chock full of luxurious, rewarding, educational sleep and idleness. Carrig Dirks Engler Gnas Oertel Peterson Simoncic Wray Clark Collins Deady Francis Garst Griffin Martin Ramos Scheer Blalock Bowling Cordes Hale Hatfield Keasby 294 Lusk Marsh Marshall McMurphey McMurray Milligan Nelson Relfe Richardson Senior Smith Thompson Thomson Thurman Tilbury Virden Walther Wilson Young Brewer Lowe Marelli McIllraith Brutus Frank Carrig Bruce Cowan John Dirks William Ells Mark Engler Joseph Gnas Robert Collins Willett Deady David Francis Robert Garst Gerald Blalock Earl Bowling Carl Cordes John Hatfield Robert Keasby Fred Lusk Frederick Marsh Gale Marshall Keith McMurphey Edmund McMurray Barry Marlin William Milligan Alan Nelson James Brewer David Lowe Earl Boynton Harry Brock Eugene Early Thomas LaFehr Jack Lehberg Jack Hayes Kenneth Oertel Richard Peterson Louis Simoncic Mark Temme Charles Wray JUNIORS James Griffin George Martin Gregory Ramos Abbot Scheer Wilber Smith SOPHOMORES Donald Relfe John Richardson Walter Senior Thomas Smith William Thompson Alan Thomson John Thurman John Tilbury Forrest Treanor Gaylord Virden Austin Walther Garth Wilson William Young FRESHMEN Lee Marelli Terry Mclllraith SPRING PLEDGES Walter Larsen Donald Macintosh James McMullen Douglas Patton William Pitsker Robert Stevenson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Edwin E. Ghiselli SENIORS sigma phi 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 With understandable pride, Sigma Phi presents an unparalleled record of outstanding achievements and expresses sympathies to those who tried and failed. The mental powers of the Alpha have opened new horizons for those who look to the future. They hold a fortress of democracy in their battle for anti-prohibition in college fraternities. The Sigs have stood alone in this fearful struggle for freedom, liberty and justice. Their soirees were held at the more prominent palaces of pleasure in the Bay Area including, of course, the local chapter house. And thus, they add another year to the star-studded record of Sigma Phi. Wyche Bohlke Cooley Curran Dunn Fuller Gulvin Kirkland Lamborn Noack VanRensselaer Borghesani Craig Jones, 0. McBride Opdahl Osborne Power Van Robinson Bernt Chapman 296 Dethlefsen Huntze Johanson Larsen, J. Larsen, T. Loundagin Melbye Perry Phillips Traynor Vukasin Andrews Brough Jacobus Jones, C. McBeth Moore Peyton Rand Roush Waterfall UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Cruess Grant Loomis Dr. William G. Donald Robert Olson Clifton Kroeber Earl Warren GRADUATE Phillip SENIORS Russell Bohlke Glenn Gulvin James Cooley John Kirkland Donald Curran Robert Lamborn James Dunn Harold Noack David Fuller James Van Rensselaer JUNIORS Forrest Borghesani Darral Opdahl Maynard Craig Thomas Osborne Ottiwell Jones Daniel Power Clark McBride James Robinson SOPHOMORES John Bernt Terry Larsen Robert Chapman Nicholas Londagin Phillip Dethlefsen Richard. Melbye Matt Hazeltine Ronald Perry Douglas Huntze Lawrence Phillips Ted Johanson Michael Traynor James Larsen George Vukasin FRESHMEN John Andrews Gilbert Moore Jack Brough Robert Peyton James Jacobus Charles Rand Charles Jones Kenneth Roush Mel McBeth Gordon Waterfall SPRING PLEDGES Art Loring Clif Meese Bill Stimpson theta delta chi 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS The Theta Delts seemed to have a very successful year. The ma jor highlights of the social season included the Fall " Hardtimes " informal, the Fall and Spring pledge formals, and a Christmas party. To add to this list were several house parties and exchanges with sororities. Along with the social life the boys found time to engage in campus activities with several of the boys getting their letter in varsity football and rugby, and believe it or not, a few of the boys even a little time to study. Rick got into more than his share of dogfights as usual, and was a " three-time loser " at the city dog pound. Abrahan Benz Berg Cain Calvert Carr Grimes Clark Johnson Karpe Keough Kollehner McGrane McHals Scott Shanks Sundby Underwood Wright Allessandri Ball Bradfield Goodrich Knowles Larkin 298 LaVaque Kisich Martin Lockett Mellon Longwell Hamilton Moldenschardt Owens Meherin Shuman Rafferty Moore Silveria Romiti Rafferty King Gilley Woods Beebe Wheeler Williams Eric UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert Bolton Burton King Leonard Buck James Siler R. W. Clough W. B. Tippett Richard Erickson Worth Ryder Harold Walt SENIORS Jim Abraham Bill Benz Dave Berg Bob Brooks Bill Cain John Calvert Bill Carr Bill Clark Marvin Grimes Don Gleason Frank Hope Don Johnson Mort Beebe Jim Humphreys Dave King Tim Kisich Bill Lockett Hobart Jones Bob Karpe Tom Keough Richard Kollehner Gordon McGrane Ted McHale Syl McNinch Charlie Scott Fred Shanks Harry Sundby Dave Underwood Ray Wilsey Gene Wright JUNIORS George Gilley Bob Hamilton Sandy Hay Don Woods Dave Gilstrap Joe Alessandri Don Ball Sid Bradfield Russ Goodrich Chuck Hope Clark Knowles Tom Larkin George LaVaque Don Marks Tevis Martin Floyd Mellon Bill Moldenschardt Jim Shuman Dick Silveria Jerry Wheeler Jim Whitley Bob Woods SOPHOMORES Hal Longwell Dick Owens Tom Rafferty Virg Romiti Dick Williams FRESHMEN Dave Meherin Tom Moore Albert Rafferty SPRING PLEDGES Ken Urton Don Alder theta xi 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 With the initial impetus for the Fall semester supplied by a fine pledge class, Theta Xi enjoyed a full and successful year. Social life was highlighted by two formals and the annual shipwreck dance, supplemented by the usual exchanges, beer busts and house parties. In the field of athletics Jeff Foley was a member of the varsity swimming team, Don Abbott pulled the oars for the crew, Jerry Behnke played football, Clark Wallace was a member of the track and 145-basketball teams and, of course, everyone participated in a successful intramural season. Wint Mather, IFC president, and Colin Livingston, Cal Circus chairman, headed the long list of house " activity majors. " On top of all this, the brothers still found time to work on many improvements which were undertaken around the house. Abbott Anderson Cameron Campbell Han naford Leslie Livingston McKa I ip Mather MIcoch Tichenor Wallace Acquistipace Harrison Hoadley Jorgenson Lusardi McDougald Mader NoralI Scott Brown Davis 300 Foley Behnke Peterson Dodson Shepherd Forman Sloan MacKinnon Staab Ricks Stoddard Wilson Seven Wood Wallace Rasput in Weber Susie Robert Daggett Donald Abbott Edwin Anderson Richard Cameron Ron Campbell Peter Hannaford Wayne Leslie Colin Livingston Robert Acquistapace Robert Becklund Harrison Doyle Robert Hart Thomas Hoadley James Jorgenson Warner Lusardi David Brown Loyal Davis John Foley Robert Peterson Conrad Shepherd Jerry Behnke Stanley Dodson Peter Forman Jim Greco Ken Hatfield Norm Horn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans Harry Shepherd Edgar Nemir Kenneth M. Starnpp Royal Roberts Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATES Andre Tolpegin SENIORS Robert McKalip Winton Mather Thomas Mlcoch Edward Mullaly James Murray Kent Tichenor Kenneth Wallace JUNIORS Robert McDougald Fred Marler Burton Norall William Richardson Leonard Rodney Harley Stallman Norman Stott Lloyd Wilson SOPHOMORES Richard Sloan Lawrence Staab William Stoddard Willis Swan Clark Wallace Charles Weber FRESHMEN John MacKinnon Bruce Ricks Bruce Wilson Edward Wood SPRING PLEDGES Kit Machado Gary Smith Don Smith zeta beta tau 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS With house president Ron Ostrow as Big Game Week chairman, the ZBT ' s lent their full support to the annual event. Mary Cohn served as publicity chairman, Ron Kaufman was dance committee head, Mike Kreinman obtained judges for the contests, Dick Owens handled the advertising and Len Kully, along with the ZBT pledges, took care of Big Game mascot, Leland Jr. Headlining the Fall social season at ZBT was an undergrad-alum dance held at San Francisco ' s Aerial Club; the Spring social highlight was the traditional Spring Formal, this year held at the Peninsula Country Club. ZBT hearts were saddened by the loss of their famous mascot, Dover, who bit one person too many and was expelled from school. But, all in all, it was a great year. Cohen Cohn Hersch Hymes Kreinman Levine Malofsky Ostrow Simon Wank Alterman Babin Factor Figel Fletcher Glickman Goldberg Kay Lovell Malnick Nankin Newland Spivak Triest Turik Wol lenberg 302 Bowen Cherry Elefant Ellis Garel Gradwohl Kaufman Keller KuIly Rouda Blum Cohn Herman Jacobs Jankowsky Kahn Levy Newman Reichel Redder Rouda, R. Rubel Tunik Dover Waldo Cohen Vic Ginsburg UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Fletcher Harold Linder GRADUATES Milt Jacobs Maury Koblick SENIORS Marvin Cohen Marvin Cohn Robert Hersch Jack Hymes Bud Jacob Michael A. Kreinman Edward Alterman Jerold Babin Gerald Factor Bud Figel John Fletcher David Glickman Benjamin Goldberg Alan Kay George Block Norman Bowen Don Cherry Richard Elef ant Richard Ellis Henry Garell Lee Blum Robert Caine Arnie Cohn Henry Hermann Steve Jacobs Joseph Jankowsky Donald Kahn Robert Cogen Gilbert H. Gates Allen Levine Harvey Malofsky Ron Ostrow Owen Pallakoff Scott Simon Martin Wank JUNIORS Lewis Lovell Irving Malnick Jerry Nankin Steve Newland Barry Spivak Richard Triest Ira Tunik Harold Wollenberg SOPHOMORES Alan Gradwohl Ron Kaufman Jerome Keller Leonard Kully Richard Owens Robert Rouda FRESHMEN Leland Levy Don Newman Larry Reichel Gerry Rodder Ron Ronda Fred Rubel Lloyd Tunik SPRING PLEDGES Michael Glick Earl Willens zeta psi 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Albert Dunlap Walter Ruxton Fred Forgy Alan Scott Robert Grant James Schafer Donald Holt John Suhr James Hutchinson Edward Taylor Edward Nelson Ronald Witter Edwin Wyatt JUNIORS Samuel Breck John Gallagher David Donlon Peter Newell Marvin Wiegman SOPHOMORES Robert Buwalda Donald Rhoades George Hagar Thomas Roemer Douglas Howden Gerald Schnurmacher Donald Holt Burton Swenson Douglas Holt Thomas Taylor Bertram White FRESHMEN Daniel Bancroft William Floyd, Jr. LeMoin Beckman Alanson Green, Jr. Leland Brewer Robert Hutchins, Jr. Charles Eastman Gordon Knight Harry Mays SPRING PLEDGES Charles Brigham Andrew Griffin William McCubbin Hutchinson Nelson Scott Schade Suhr Witter Breck Newell Buwalda Hagar Howden Rhoades Roemer Schnurmacher Taylor White Bancroft Beckman Brewer Eastman Floyd Green Hutchins Knight Mays 304 AL DIETSCH HOWARD RATH LOWELL SPARKS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer interfraternity scholastic honor society George W. Bauer Alpha Epsilon Pi William R. Benz Theta Delta Chi Barton A. Brown Sigma Chi Leslie A. Davison Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alfred J. Dietsch Sigma Alpha Epsilon Clay W. Gray Psi Upsilon Max Gutierrez Sigma Chi Richard M. Hexter Sigma Alpha Mu Gerald B. Holzhan Sigma Alpha Mu Robert Karpe Theta Delta Chi Erwin L. Kelly Abracadabra John Kerby Miller Alpha Kappa Lambda Robert R. Kirkpatrick Alpha Tau Omega Robert F. Krohn Phi Kappa Psi Robert N. Kubik Beta Theta Pi John D. Livingstone Kappa Sigma Winton E. Mather Theta Xi Robert E. McCarthy Pi Kappa Alpha Charles W. Newman Alpha Delta Phi Adolph 0. Nicolai Pi Kappa Phi Paul A. Peterson Pi Kappa Phi Howard G. Rath Chi Psi Don L. Robinson Alpha Delta Phi Irwin A. Silberman Kappa Nu Lowell L. Sparks Chi Psi Donald W. Stone Kappa Nu Lee M. Talbot Phi Kappa Sigma Rudie W. Tretten Delta Sigma Phi Charles G. Tuller Delta Kappa Epsilon Miles J. Turpin Psi Ups ilon High on the list of fraternity honors is election to the Fraternity Scholarship Honor Society. This group, founded in April, 1940, by the nity Alumni Advisors Council, with the approval of the Interfraternity Council, is composed of thirty juniors and seniors who have distinguished themselves in scholarship and have also contributed significant service to their own fraternity and campus activities. No more than two members from any one fraternity may be members of the Society at one time. Each semester, when new members are chosen, an appropriate ceremony of induction is held at the International House. Through this society, the fraternities take pride in recognizing the all-around development which characterized the ideal fraternity man. Fall Strecker Zarley Merner panhellenic council Fall OFFICERS Spring Mary Beth Strecker President Dorothy Zarley Dorothy Zarley Vice-President Lila Sankowich Carla Merner Secretary-Treasurer Bonnie Kahn CHAIRMEN Pamela Proctor Intersorority Chairman Mary Ann Silliman Phyliss Reuther Publicity Chairman Jackie Oliveri Noreen Letsom Social Chairman Evelyn Watson Phyllis Rosenburg Junior Pan hellenic Chairman Betty Jo Phillip Alpha Chi Omega Marlene Geigei, Nancy McGinnis Alpha Delta Pi Elizabeth Hansen, Carol Hamilton Alpha Epsilon Phi Carol Sweet, Judy Siegal Alpha Gamma Delta Louise Fisher Alpha Omicron Pi Nancy Markham, Elizabeth Child Alpha Phi Ann Perrin Alpha Xi Delta Barbara Villand, Elva Dughi Chi Omega Marlene Bannister, Mary Ann Silliman Delta Delta Delta Corinne Benson Delta Gamma Dana Hutchins Delta Phi Epsilon Sandra Feldman Delta Sigma Epsilon Suzanne Meyers Delta Zeta Carole Carlin Gamma Phi Beta Janice Hungerford, Charlotte Moyer Kappa Alpha Theta Lou Curtice, Pat Porter Kappa Delta Mary Alexander, Nancy Clawson Kappa Kappa Gamma Sherry Wright Phi Mu Agnes Liakos, Evelyn Watson Pi Beta Phi Lynn Hoxie Sigma Kappa Barbara Starman, Mimi Ashe Theta Upsilon Mercedes Wilson Zeta Tau Alpha Peggy Peddicord Spring Zarley Sankowich Kahn alpha chi omega 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS With their Fall roundup of pledges, A Chi 0 country gals and their buckeroos gathered for a corn-husking barn dance at Dionne Withoft ' s house in Piedmont. Santa Claus, assisted by the pledges, visited the house with gifts and entertainment for the children from the Fanny Wall home. January was the month for the Winter Formal at the Mark Hopkins. In the Spring, Alpha Chi Omegas had a Father-Daughter Banquet, entertained the faculty, and gave the annual Spring Dinner-Dance. Jean Farquhar and Becky Elfing were given sophomore appointments on Pelican for which Barbara Loomis is Fashion Director. Jackie Fields modeled in the Panhellenic Fashion Show, and Claudia Ballard was co-chairman for the sophomore rally committee. Baukol Egeberg Haley Menoher Peterson Rhoads Treyer Watson Williams Withoft Young Andreson Bennett Burton Cady Derry Johnson Keyes McGinnis Muller Shoemaker Whiteside Brancato Bunce Cerini DeW itz 1C1R Elfving Farquhar Fields Gilmore Hertz Houston Hutchinson Kallal Kirby Lauer Loomis Stearns Tuttle Voorheis Ballard Goddard Hall Harrison Maness Mausser Dorothy Baukol Joan Egeberg Jean Gabrielson Marjorie Haley Marjorie Menoher Shirley Peterson Barbara Andreson Charlene Bennett Janice Burton Claire Cady Beverly Derry Janet Duffel Marlene Geiger Jacqueline Heyer Geraldine Brancato Barbara Bunce Sue Cerini Uldine De Witz Becky Elfving Joan Farquhar Jacqueline Fields Susan Gilmore Jill Goodman Marilyn Hertz Claudia Ballard Joan Goddard Beth Hall SENIORS Cornielia Rhoads Nancy Treyer Janet Watson Christine Williams Diane Withoft Lois Young JUNIORS Carol Johnson Joanne Keyes Nancy McGinnis Iris Muller Phyllis Reuther Donna Shoemaker Martha Sproul Helen Whiteside SOPHOMORES Ann Houston Ruth Hutchinson Beverly Kallal Janet Kirby Donna Lauer Barbara Loomis Mary McReynolds Diane Stearns Una Vere Tuttle Sandra Voorheis FRESHMEN Suzanne Harrison Joan Maness Nancy Mausser SPRING PLEDGES Nancy Bennett Marissa Mahakian Laura Camm Carol Nelson Suzanne Daneman Patricia Pease Mary Louise Holland Nancy Stewart Irene Zeoli alpha delta chi FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS • • 41_1:7 Christ is the center of the Alpha Delta Chi Christian sorority. The house is run on a cooperative basis with the girls doing all the cooking and managing the house. In spite of their domestic duties, the wearers of the pearled-A pin had a busy year taking part in school activities, carrying a full chapter program, and still keeping their scholarship high. Members and pledges enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves and spread a good deal of paint on the walls of the Fanny Wall Home for Children. Spring vacation found many ADChi ' ers attending their annual convention at the home of the Alpha Chapter in Los Angeles. Anticipation and planning ran high for hopes of a new house in the near future. Added to Alpha Delta Chi ' s scrapbook of memories was a full but worthwhile year of open houses, exchanges, faculty dinners, and other traditional sorority events. Brummond Doyle Fedrau Imbach Inman-Kane Johansen McMillan Scharoun Snyder, J. Snyder, M. Thompson Billingsly Hussey Kirkberg Morrison Nyman 310 Saito Smith Swift Topp Van Heuit Bailey Ferguson Gartrell Jones Barton Black Peters Taylor Lynette Brummond Ena Doyle Ruth Fedrau Carolyn Imbach Marie Inman-Kane Barbara Billingsley Rana Hussey Eunice Kirkberg Marilyn Morrison Marjorie Nyman Phyllis Bailey Joyce Ferguson Joan Barton Barbara Black SENIORS Jean McMillan Carolyn Scharoun June Snyder Mary Jane Snyder Bernadine Thompson Anita Utley JUNIORS Shirley Saito Edna Smith Grace Swift Betty Topp Marilyn Van Heuit SOPHOMORES Jean Gartrell Jane Jones FRESHMEN Diane Peters Ruth Taylor alpha delta pi 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Returning from summer vacation, the Alpha Delta Pi ' s were pleased with the redecorating of the house and anticipated a busy year. ing off in campus activities Nancy Harris and Betsey Stewart were chosen as Junior and Senior Secretaries, respectively. Events followed quickly—the very memorable Winter Formal at the California Country Club and the annual Parents ' Dinner. Di Powers was first attendant to the Big Game Sweetheart and Ginny Boyle represented the house as one of the two runners-up for. California ' s Maid o ' Cotton. ADPi ' s proudly accepted the cup for highest sorority scho larship and were equally proud to introduce their National President to the campus at a tea given in her honor. In the Spring, Dolores Ferriter and Pat Nolan again starred in the Mask and Dagger Revue. More house activities included the Fathers ' Dinner, the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, the Senior Breakfast, and the Spring Formal with Mira Vista Country Club as the setting. Yet one more event was planned as ADPi ' s looked forward to their National Convention at Banff during the summer months. Boyle Bullard Doering, J. Doering Ferri ter Gibson Hagen Johnson Letsom Matheny Nolan O ' Donnel I Ryan Sands Sheean Stewart Whitt lock Veano Barnes, A. Barnes, M. Barkey Benson Clark Dawson Ded ic Duncan Gooding Hanson Harris Lang Liddicoat Peterson Pow ers Rodenbeck Sode 312 Sheenan Thatcher Clark Drake Dygert Ferguson Gutierrez Hamilton Hayes Johnson Kahn McCargar Nagy Newton Peterson, M. Stone Tomer Anderson, M. Berthelson Campbell Fowler Friedenbeck Gallagher Grosso Henricus James Kangas Lutz McDowell MaIfanti Neill O ' Connell Olivia Russell Sperry Stacy Wakefield SENIORS Virginia Boyle Marilyn Mason Marjorie Bullard Ann Matheny Marilyn Carlisle Pat Nolan Janet Doering Mary Ann Nosman Joan Doering Janet O ' Donnell Dolores Ferriter Rita Ryan Mary Gibson Barbara Sands Charleen Hagen Lois Sheean Margaret Johnson Elizabeth Stewart Noreen Letsom Barbara Whittlock Sandra Veano JUNIORS Alice Marie Barnes Nancy Harris Mary Anne Barnes Poppy Ingram Phyllis Barske y Marilyn Johnson Joan Benson Barbara Lang Margaret Bischoff Joanne Liddicoat Joette Clark Patricia Peterson Barbara Collins Diane Powers Carol Dawson Marilyn Rodenbeck Eleanor Dedic Marilyn Sode Ellen Duncan Kathleen Sheehan Alice Gooding Jo Ann Thatcher Elizabeth Hansen Jean Zweifel SOPHOMORES Patty Clark Bonnie Kohn Diane Drake Mary Ann McCargar Betty Dygert Marilyn Nagy Marian Ferguson Nancy Newton Marilyn Gutierrez Marlene Peterson Carol Hamilton Dorothy Roth Patricia Hayes Nancy Stone Valerie Johnson Sue Tomer Marianne Truscott FRESHMEN Marlene Anderson Donna Kangas Joanne Berthelson Joan Lutz Betty Ann Campbell Beverly McDowell Paula Cory Jacqueline Malf anti Pat Fitzgerald Sally Neal Carol Fowler Judy O ' Connell Pat Friedenback Joan Oliva Linda Gallagher Shannon Russell Norma Grosso Pat Sperry Pat Henricus Janice Stacey Nancy James Barbara Wakefield SPRING PLEDGES Flora Anderson Betty Ford Marilyn Collins Ellen Holland Carol Covert Roberta Vigna Anne Day Natalie Zagregin alpha epsilon phi 2728 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon Phi has received many honors during the past year. Girls such as Bernice Glassman, Fall Women ' s Page Editor for the Daily Californian; Marilyn Miller, freshman class secretary; and Marcia Simon, Rally Committee, devoted many hours to campus activities. The Mintz twins, Pat and Peg, were delightful " Miss Campuses " for the Campus Crusade Drive. Jean Weiman was honored by being voted Sigma Chi Sweetheart attendant. And Egee Lustig looked very pretty in the Big Game Sweetheart contest finals. AEPhi ' s proved they had a sense of humor, by winning first place, together with the Pi Lambda Phi ' s, in the humorous division of the Big Game Float Parade. To show they are tops in ping-pong, what else but the cup in the WAA intramural tournament. Marguleas Baker Beckman Fink Siebert, R. Silverman ' fouler Bloom Cohen Freedman Glassman Holtz Kahn Kirshner Levine Mendel Schuster Steinberg Sweet Abers Axelrod Batko Essenfeld Finkel Greenberg Halperin Hirsh Kay Lustig Ogden 314 Perstein Rosenthal Sankowich Sherman Siegel Simon Ash Bercovich Boyaner Cole Dare Debs Gilbert Glaiberman Goldberg Heskin Kameny Kay Koppich Licker Miller Morris Polonsky Schwartz Selinger Siebert, A. Sosnick Stein Stone Weiman GRADUATE Betty Marguleas Geraldine Baker Rose Beckman Jeanne Debs Aileen Fink Harriet Bloom Joyce Cohen Barbara Freedman Arlene Garter Bernice Glassman Arlene Holtz Elinore Kahn Zena Abers Joanne Axelrod Sandra Batko Janet Berger Eleanor Essenfeld Ellen Finkel Jacqueline Goldberg Rhoda Greenberg Lenore Halperin Phyllis Hirsh Judy Ash ' dele Bercovich Susan Boyaner Beverly Cole Sandra Dare Barbara Debs Audrey Ganulin Suzanne Gilbert Judith Glaiberman Diana Goldberg Janet Heskin Marlene Kameny Marjorie Kay Barbara Koppich Barbara Berelson Betty Anne Blue Barbara Epp Carol Horwitz SENIORS Reva Futerman Rene Siebert Carol Silverman Lois Sunderland Lorna Youler JUNIORS Anita Kirshner Helene Levine Clare Mendel Janet Schuster Suzie Shapiro Ethel Steinberg Carol Sweet SOPHOMORES Audrey Hyman Helen Kay Ethel Lustig Sara Ogden Ellen Perlsteine Bette Rosenthal Lila Sankowich Sandra Sherman Judith Siegel Marcia Simon FRESHMEN Judith Licker Beverly Lutz Marilyn Miller Patty Mintz Peggy Mintz Joanne Morris Selma Polonsky Roslyn Schwartz Helen Selinger Ann Siebert Phyllis Sosnick Rhoda Stein Maxine Stone Jean Weiman SPRING PLEDGES Jane Leanse Josephine Lerer Judith Setzer Louise Jankelson alpha gamma delta 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS The Fall season started off in a big way when the AGD ' s broke all of their former records by pledging forty girls. This was followed by the pledge dance at Planters ' Dock. The social events which followed included the Winter Formal, the Faculty Dinner, and the Father-Daughter Dinner. The Spring semester brought the Spring Formal, International Reunion Day which honored the alumni, and the May Morning Breakfast honoring the graduating seniors. The fund for the new house was enlarged by the proceeds from a bazaar held at the Claremont Hotel, and a raffle given at the Mothers ' Luncheon and Fashion Show. The foregoing year has been outstanding for the Omicron chapter in the field of ASUC activities. Marilyn Paul, Louise Fisher, and Marilyn Schade were elected vice-presidents of the Freshman, Sophomore and Senior classes respectively. Lucille Forsyth and Marlene Kingston were elected to Prytanean, and Joyce Kislitzen was tapped by Mortar Board. Colby Forsyth Hockwald Kingston Kislitzen Remington Roseberg Schade Beaver Birkhauser Brooks Carroll Clapp Clark Clark Coyne Garrick Gerloff Haddican Kimberk Koenig Kovalesky LaViolette Norberg Ormsbee Perry Peterson Richardson Robertson Scott Sullivan Upland Benoit Conlan Dayton Fisher Ford Forsyth Jameson Johnstone McGregor Meeham Mossman Nelson Rokusak Schweifler Smith Walsh Wooster Wray Brenzel Bunnell Burke Burt Cochrane Coyne Coyne Evans Flood Kagarise Kempe Kimball Lang Martin McKean Miley Morgan Orsolini Paul Schoomacher Schumacher Swartsfager Werner Williams Wheeler Nancy Colby Lucille Forsyth Suzanne Hockwald Marlene Kingston Joan Kinnear SENIORS Joyce Kislitzin Jan Remington Barbara Roseberg Rosalie Sargent Marilynn Schade Barbara Beaver Ursula Birkhauser Ann Brooks Joan Carroll Carolyn Clapp Lila Clark Patricia Clark Gwenna Coyne Dorothy Garrick Roberta Gerloff Patricia Haddican Marcia Kimberk Carol Benoit Dorothy Conlon Laryon Dayton Louise Fisher Carol Ford Lois Forsyth Nancy Jameson Elizabeth Johnstone Jane McGregor Patricia Brenzel Renee Bunnell Joan Burke Fay Burt Dora Cochrane Carol Coyne Catherine Coyne Ellen Evans Margaret Flood Marian Kagarise Sylvia Kempe Diane Kimball JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Rosemary Meeham Myra Mossman Carol Nelson JoAnn Rokusak Joanne Schweifler Rae Smith Diane Walsh Sally Wooster Pat Wray Florence Wilson FRESHMEN Marcia Lang Janis Martin Joan McKean Gail Miley Janis Morgan Carlene Orsolini Marilyn Paul Sharon Schoomacher Kathy Schumacher Diane Swartsfager Carol Werner Barbara Williams Nancy Wheeler alpha omicron pi 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS From September to June the Alpha 0 ' s were kept busy in an academic and social whirl. Hard work was rewarded when the Alpha 0-Phi Kap float received first prize in originality in the Homecoming Parade. Then came the holiday season with a party for underprivileged children and our annual Christmas Formal. The Spring season was highlighted by the • Father-Daughter Dinner, Mother-Daughter Tea, the Faculty Dinner, the Spring Formal and, of course, sun bathing on the veranda. The house was well represented in campus activities by Carla Merner, rep-at-large, Alison Giddings, Carol Mixter, and many members of Gavel and Quill, Panile, and Prytanean to name just a few. In philanthropy the Alpha 0 ' s have among other things sponsored blood drives for the Red Cross. Summer plans include an exciting trip to the National Convention in Memphis, Tennessee. Carr Fraters Larsen Amskold Berglund Bigelow Davis Dollarhide Donegan Fenzl Fowle Galbreath Markham McDowell Mengshol Merner Moran Radford Roper Stand ley Tate Thornberry Wales Brandes Gervais Gervais Giddings Holt Jumper Koehnen Meyer Wagner Bracken Buckley Child Dufour Emerson Glavinovich Halsey Lowry M ixter Mohr Santini Steiner Spiekerman Thornton Tinsley Weger Wiesenfeld Cooper Eddy Florness Forry Hatch Kistler Levis London McKeown McLean Mello Hodder Pfeiffer Smith Waterlow Wright Zol I inger ArlaMlitt, 2%. Joan Carr Joan Fraters Audrey Amskold Marjorie Berglund Barbara Bigelow Nancy Davis Genelle Dollarhide Patsy Donegan Diana Fenzl Dorothy Fowle Nancy Galbreath Nancy Markham Patricia Brandes Carlee Gervais Carole Gervais Alison Giddings Patricia Rae Holt Claire Jones Nancy Bracken Betty Buckley Elizabeth Child Dorette Dufour Jan Emerson Michele Glavinovich Ann Halsey Joanne Lowry Carol Mixter Janet Cooper Helen Eddy Kathleen Florness Lois Forry Carol Hack Janice Hatch Caryl Kistler Margaret Lewis Diane London Paulette McKeown Jan Jones Donna Mendonca GRADUATES June Larsen SENIORS Sally McDowell Marilyn Mengshol Carla Merner Patricia Moran Nancy Radford Patricia Roper Sally Standley Carol Tate Janet Thornberry Eleanor Wales JUNIORS Shirley Jumper Cleone Koehnen Nancy Mengelsdorf Joanne Meyer Margaret Wagner SOPHOMORES Anita Mohr Rosalind Santini Joy Shofner Carol Spiekerman Anne Thornton Patricia Tinsley Carol Weger Gaye Wiesenfeld FRESHMEN Judith McLean Iris Mello Karin Munck Janie Nodder Gretchen Pfeiffer Adrienne Smith Carol Waterlow Janis Wright Judith Zollinger SPRING PLEDGES Elizabeth Tellefsen Patricia Wheaton alpha phi 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS The school year got off to a start with the Alpha Phis jostling out their front door to go to the football games, and starting on their studies and activities. Barbara Kinkead worked hard in Prytanean and Cal Club, while Araminta Dickey, Sara Zumwalt and Mary Aulwurm did their share in Panile. Nancy Roberts was awarded a journalism scholarship by the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Jean Bisson was on the YWCA Cabinet as chairman of the International Relations Committee, and Patsy O ' Grady was in Mask and Dagger. As winter rolled around tanned faces appeared due to skiing, Palm Springs, and the sunlamp. Adhesive tape and plaster casts came off legs in time for the Spring Formal which was as much fun as the Winter Formal. Other events which will be remembered are the Fathers ' Dinner, the Faculty Dinner, the inevitable exchanges, and Balboa during Spring vacation. What a marvelous year to look back on! Birkholm Bisson Gallagher Davies Hagar Lesley Lesley Macomber Moreland Perrin Peterson Roberts Stephens Tisdale Wood Bradley Dawson Kinkead Kirk Ludlow Anderson Aulwurm Baldwin Crandall Grim Davies Davis Dickey Douglass Hardin 320 Loutzenheiser Maddox Mallett Pishel Rutherford Soto-Hall Soyster Zumwalt Fay Harbach Jonas MacLeod Moller O ' Grady Organ Palmer Stanley vonGeldern Karen Birkholm Jean Bisson Joyce Gallagher Ellen Da Vies Mary Hagar Jean Lesley Joan Lesley Nancy Macomber Mary Bradley Barbara Dawson Barbara Kinkead Holly Anderson Mary Aulwurm Ann Baldwin Lucretia Crandall Betty Crim Elizabeth Davies Edna Davis Araminta Dickey Ann Douglass Lowrey Hardin Sue Clark Frances Fay Kay Goodwin Patsy Green Susan Harbach Charlotte Jonas SENIORS Ann Moreland Sue Palmer Anne Perrin Betty Ann Peterson Nancy Roberts Jean Stephens Betsy Tisdale Gail Wood Pat Wood JUNIORS Kathie Kirk Florence Ludlow Katherine Jo Patton SOPHOMORES Sue Loutzenheiser Faith Maddox Sue Mallett Lynn Palmer Beth Pishel Tudy Rutherford Karla Shafer Susan Soto-Hall Joan Soyster Sara Zumwalt FRESHMEN Pat MacLeod Anne Moller Patsy O ' Grady Virginia Organ Cynthia Palmer Margie Stanley Ann von Geldern SP RING PLEDGES Mary Janet Hawkins Mary Mayne Joanne Leithold Gerry Wolff Shiela Yoell alpha xi delta 2833 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT GALESBURY, ILLINOIS, l893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Two semesters full of fun and frolic kept the Alpha Xees occupied. The pledges of each semester did much to add to the enjoyment by planning two unique dances. How can anyone forget the frenzied activities as they built their prize-winning float which won first prize in the Women ' s Beauty Division. Highlights of the year ' s social events were our Winter Dinner Dance at the Fairmont Hotel and our Spring Formal at the Peninsula Country Club. Among activity shiners this year were Betty-Carol Shinn, Vivian Larson, Shirley Berry, active Prytaneans; Joyce Page and Carolyn Wood, members of Panile, not to mention the many who work and hold appointments on class councils, Pelican, WSSF, and Red Cross. Marge Hawkins as Women ' s director on the Pelican and Jean Grutzmacher as Women ' s Athletic Association president are familiar campus personalities. Anderson Butler Freethy Grutzmacher Hawkins Howard Larson Munn Ray Rhorabough Trembath Banbrock Berry Brand Carr Dughi Hagerman Hall Hansen Johnson Kirkpatrick Lowe Lucas McKenzie Phillips Rock Schendel Shinn Tallman Viland 322 Campbell DeBow Differding Knights Lewis Macabe Page Rock Stacke Swenson Wood Arthur Beard Berejkoff Gandrud Harris Harris Hemphill Johnston Martin Purcell Rasey Shaffer Stone Van der Boom White Pat Anderson Betty Butler Joan Franklin Marylee Freethy Jean Grutzmacher Marjorie Hawkins Helen Banbrock Shirley Berry Dorothy Brand Jeanne Cardwell Sally Ann Carr Elva Dughi Ellen Hagerman Ann Hall Annette Hansen LuMarie Johnson Jean Campbell Alice Chaddock Charlotte DeBow Denise Differding Jackie Knights Mary Lewis Janice Arthur Beverly Beard Helen Berejkoff Jean Gandrud Elizabeth Harris Margaret Harris Carol Hemphill June Beavis Diane Franklin SENIORS Sue Howard Vivian Larson Pat Munn Barbara Ray Catherine Rhorabough Marilyn Trembath Carol Williams JUNIORS Ramona Kirkpatrick Carol Lowe Teresa Lucas Janet McKenzie Betty Jo Phillips Pat Rock Joan Schendel Betty Carol Shinn Gretchen Tallman Barbara Viland SOPHOMORES Sue McCabe Joyce Page Joyce Rock Lois Stacke Carolyn Swenson Carolyn Wood FRESHMEN Arden Johnston Elaine Martin Ann Purcell Roxana Rasey Marian Shaffer Shirley Stone Dea Lee Van der Boom Sharon White SPRING PLEDGES Susan Sandford Marion Uthlaut Bonnie Westermann chi omega 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED EIGHT CHAPTERS Chi Omega embarked on a varied round of activities during 1952-53. At the beginning of the year, there was the celebration of Mu ' s 50th year on the Berkeley campus. After football festivities, ending with a Big Game luncheon and open house, excitement reached a peak when Carol Havner became Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. During the Christmas season Chi 0 ' s gave a joint party for underprivileged children with the Phi Kap ' s, and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Formal. Springtime officially arrived with the DU water fight, swimming parties, and plans for the Spring Formal, Father-Daughter Banquet, and Senior Farewell Breakfast. Chi 0 ' s were represented on campus by Barbara Tindell, co-chairman of Elections Council; Jane Bartlett, Blue and Gold picture editor; and Sally Watson, vice-president of WAA. In the Honorary field, Patty Paine Whisler wore the cap and gown of Mortar Board and was a member of Prytanean; and six Chi Omegas held membership in Panile. Andrews Bannister Bartlett Bertillion Bishop Diepenbrock Downing Jones Leicham Martin McGee Paine Podstata Pratt Roberts Silliman Tindell Devereux Edgerley Glenn Helvenston Kreiger Mecum Pereira Schurr Smith Thomas Watson Weeks Whidden Beaver Cake Calvin Chantler Clark Creech DaII Eastwood Forsburg Hardin Holliger McCarty Nauman Nunnelly Pierce Reynaud Reynolds Robinson Waters Wolfsohn Anderson Berry Booth Buchanan Carr Copeland Davis Davis Day Fisher Havner Hettick Higgins Hills Hoaglund Lambert Merwin Niles Pope Prather Robey Steninger Warren Virginia Andrews Marlene Bannister Jane Bartlett Pat Beauchamp Marie Bertillion Pat Bishop Virginia Diepenbrock Jane Downing Janice Jones Barbara Crenshaw Joyce Devereux Amy Edgerley Shirley Glenn Lynn Helvenston Pat Krieger Martha Lane Susan Mecum Geralen Beaver Natalie Cake Bernice Calvin Janet Chantler Barbara Clark Lesle Creech Marlene Da11 Le Moyne Eastwood Ann Forsburg Carolyn Hardin SENIORS JUNIORS Anne Leicham Joan Martin Nancy McGee Patty Paine Joan Podstata Margaret Pratt Marilyn Roberts Mary Ann Silliman Barbara Tindell Marilou Pereira Janet Schurr Joanne Smith Norma Stahl Janice Thomas Sally Watson Barbara Weeks Catherine Whidden SOPHOMORES Kay Holliger Anne McCarty Diana Nauman Mignon Nunnelley Mary Pierce Jeanne Reynaud Marcia Reynolds Jeannette Robinson Sally Waters Gail Wolfsohn Karen Anderson Shan Berry Gloria Booth Sheila Buchanan Karen Carr Carol Copeland Gloria Davis Jeff Davis Mary Ann Day Joan Fisher Renan Hagens Carol Havner FRESHMEN Gail Hettich Harriet Higgins Laurie Hills Martha Hoagland Jane Lambert Harriet Merwin Marilyn Niles Peggy Pope Carol Prather Joyce Roby Jo Anne Steninger Carol Warren delta delta delta 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS The Tri Delt ' s Fall semester was studded with social affairs including the pledge dance, exchanges, and the gala Christmas Formal. Spring events were another pledge dance, the Mothers ' brunch and fashion show, Fathers ' dinner and the annual Spring Formal . . . highlight of the social calendar. Philanthropic projects included Christmas and Easter parties for underprivileged ch ildren, and the adopting of a little Dutch girl through the Foster Parents ' Plan. A campus Who ' s Who might include Nancy Ballard, Women ' s Representative for the Fall semester, member of Cal Club, and Mortar Board; and Nancy Donnell y, Women ' s Judicial Board, Cal Club, and Mortar Board. Abeel Ballard Brown Brubaker bonne I ly Entwistle Flinn Frederick Gross Heinz Keating Knowlton Lewis Moosman Orchison Sanborn Shannon Singleton Swift Tazer Trottier Wright Donnelly Kleven Lawson MacM ahon Major Mitchell Reeves 326 Swales Stewart Barr Benson Crosby Davis Floyd Gardner Milisich Nagler Parker Warren Zeol Austin Hammond Harris Hudson Jordan Kirk Miller Moss Nystrom Sides Wagler Westenberg Jane Abed Nancy Ballard Barbara Brown Nancy Brubaker Nancy Donnelly Sharon Entwistle Sally Flinn Joan Frederick Hertha Gauck Helen Gross Nancy Heinz Carol Dean Keating Eugenia Donnelly Muriel Kleven Sally Lawson Barbara MacMahon Nancy Major Betita Barr Corinne Benson Elizabeth Crosby Susan Davis Sally Floyd Marianne Austin Sherrill Chandler Sandra Hammond Phyllis Harris Ann Hudson Garnar Lu Jordan Karen Kirk Joan Didion Diane Ransford SENIORS Patricia Knowlton Beth Lewis Ruth Moosman Shirley Orchison Jean Sanborn Helen Shafer Nancy Shannon Mary Jo Singleton Diana Swift Pat Tazer Jeanette Trottier Janyce Vick Jo Ann Wright JUNIORS Margaret Mitchell Jill Reeves Luita Swales Barbara Stewart Arlene Warren FRESHMEN Cynthia Miller Phoebe Moss Barbara Nichols Nancy Nystrom Sharen Sides Beverly Wagler Carol Westenberg SPRING PLEDGES Evadne Saywell Judith Walker SOPHOMORES Jo Anne Gardner Meade Milisich Lona Nagler Marietta Parker Inez Zeoli WOOMMISMINII. 41111■101 MOW 11111111■00100■111 VIM TINSINIMMIIIIIIN WW1 AMP „ " " " `rte " MOM ■■■■••1•11.111 1.111111RW ;MIN MillSIMMIIIIMINIM MOM NIMINIIIMISNINO V 11111•11.01M111 delta gamma 2701 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS The Dee Gee ' s have had an active year. The Fall semester was highlighted by the Winter Formal at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel and the holiday spirit was evidenced with a Christmas Tea at the chapter house. The Spring calendar was complete with their annual Spring Dance, the Father ' s Night Dinner, the Mothers ' Club Luncheon and Fashion show, and the Founders ' Day Luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Social activities were completed with numerous exchanges in both the Fall and Spring. Active in campus activities were Sue Lanzit and Nancy Ranney, both members of Rally Committee; Nancy Moncure, active in both Panile and Prytanean ; and Coralie George, president of the YWCA as well as a Mortar Board member . . . 1952-53 was rounded out with ski trips between semesters and excursions to Balboa during Spring recess; this was a busy year for the Dee Gee ' s. Almon Beall Burns Burns Davis Dunnagan George Hays Jonck Myers Morris Remensperger Ryan Toner Barclay Bartlett Berry Bourqu in Dard i Douglas Draper Gerhardy Hunt Johanson Moncure Reid Shea Slaven Stewart Waldorf Bancroft Baumeister Beckerleg Crook Edwards Ewer Fox Frost Gi lchriste Greene Hutchins Irwin Lanzit McDonnell Mowat Ranney Reading Scovel Smith Storm Ware Williard Anderson Bigge Carroll Clayworth Coglizer Crampton Ditzler Greene Hansen Hitchcock Hurndall MacFadden Mills Mills Moore Moore Munger Nuhn Pendleton Peterman Pringle Reynolds Shrewsbury Van Dyke Wisler SENIORS Sue Almon Burt Beall Buol Burns Dorothy Burns Ann Davis Pat Dunnagan Coralie George JUNIORS Joan Barclay Ann Bartlett Marilyn Berry Marilyn Bourquin Elenita Dardi Phoebe Dohrmann Barbara Douglas Judy Draper Pat Duckert Carole Gerhardy Carolyn Grubb SOPHOMORES Ann Bancroft Beverly Baumeister Beverly Beckerleg Janet Crook Shirley Daniels Yvonne Edwards Nancy Ewer Joan Fox Sue Frost Sue Gilchriste Marilyn Greene Dayna Hutchins FRESHMEN Ellin Anderson Marlene Bigge Sue Carroll Jo Ann Clayworth Jane Coglizer Marian Crampton Suzy Ditzler Mary Alice Galvan Cynthia Greene Wanda Hansen Sue Hitchcock Jane Hurndall Jane MacFadden Marlene Mills Andrea Hays Caroline Jonck Mary Myers Joanne Morris Nancy Remensperger Jeanne Ryan Aileen Toner Mary Lou Hunt Martha Ann Ives Lynn Johanson Nancy Moncure Lisa Munford Joan Reid Ruth Roach Mary Shea Mardi Slaven Sally Stewart Carolyn Waldorf Sandy Irwin Sue Lanzit Sue McDonnell Margaret Mowat Nancy Ranney Nancy Reading Ann Scovel Sue Smith Sue Storm Ginny Ware Sharon Williard Susan Mills Ann More Janet Moore Gerry Munger Nancy Nuhn Beth Pendleton .ramie Peterman Sally Pringle Diane Reynolds Ruth Richter Donna Shrewsbury Marilyn Van Dyke Mercedes Wisler SPRING PLEDGES Joan Anderson Coleen Haggard Dorothy Darkenwald delta phi epsilon 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1917 DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Among the many activities Delta Phi Epsilon participated in this Spring, the World ' s Student Service Fund is found at the top of the list. Delta Phi Epsilon sponsored one of the many campaigns for the drive. A first-run movie at the United Artists Theater was featured, the proceeds of which went to WSSF. In addition to this activity, Delta Phi Epsilon ' s agenda also included the annual Spring Formal Dinner Dance, " It Happens Every Spring, " which was held at the Mira Vista Country Club; the Founders ' Day Luncheon, given by the alumni group for the active chapter, at which time the Scholarship Cups were presented ; the Parents ' Dinner, in which the parents and girls got together for a gala evening. Abramson Fishstrom Garfinkle Greenstein Hope Modlin Nichols Rosenberg 5latt Tuller Willard Boyarsky, R. Feldman Goldenberg Levine Levinson Meshirer Raport Waxman Zandor Bloom Boyarsky, B. Fraden Greenberg 330 Haimovitch Levy Meyer Milford Solomon Staub Tager Wenegrat Farber Fink Katz Kay Klein Mizel, M. Mizel, Marj. Myerfeld Ridker Robinson Rosenthal Stol I Sieves Skopp Zirinsky Corinne Abramson Barbara Fishstrorn Ellen Garfinkle Sharon Greenstein Gerda Hope Denise Modlin Ruth Boyarsky Sandra Feldman Sara-Mae Goldenberg Reta Levine Lois Levinson Florence Bloom Barbara Boyarsky Roberta Fraden Merle Greenberg Lorraine Haimovitch Sally Levy Adrienne Farber Ruth Fink Audrey Ganulin Adele Katz Tracy Kay Adrienne Klein Marilyn Mizel Marjorie Mizel Jean Baker Audrey Goppman Elaine Kiang Minnette Langfelder SENIORS Joan Nichols Phyliss Rosenberg Marilyn Slatt Shirley ' Fuller Eleanor Willard Judith Meshirer Marcia Rapport Lois Waxman Marlene Zander Barbara Myerfeld Barbara Ridker Sandra Robinson I dell Rosenthal Sheila Stoll Sharon Siever Arlene Skopp Natalie Zirinsky Maureen Martin Beverly Ringler Lynne Sussman JUNIORS SPRING PLEDGES SOPHOMORES Sandra Meyer Susan Milford Jean Solomon Joyce Staub Diana Tager Lila Wenegrat FRESHMEN delta zeta 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1912 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Here are pictured the Delta Z ' s Recalling their dances and activities The Hollywood theme of the pledge dance last Fall The dinner dance in the city that: quite a ball Joan Tempel ' s appointment on Cal Engineer To direct its women throughout the year Ellie ' s appointment to manage this book While Zack ' s Pelly fashions earned a second look Elections council, women ' s counseling too Showed all the campus what DZ could do As now we prepare for vacation fun We look back on a year we feel was well done And when we return to campus this fall We know there will be much fun for all. Bakosh Bryant Carlson Coffman Gibson Hampton Hays Hornbostel Litzenberg Muller Oldham Parsons Pearce Zachery Akers Al jian Anderman Carlin Cundey Dahill Diggles Eakin Emerzian Folsom Hight Kendall Menend Olsson Steffan Tempel 332 Templeton Thomas Tolhurst Von Husen Wishart Young Zachmann Alvestad Berger Boyd Carter Clausen Galbraith Laughlin Locker Moore Myszka Pederson Poulsen Swanson Thill Turek Boone Bronsdon Hartnett Kreutzberg Pfeiffer Stohr Vetter SENIORS Lois Hornbostel Marijane Litzenberg Jocelyn Muller Elaine Oldham Joan Parsons Carolyn Pearce Virginia Zachery JUNIORS Charlotte Menend Carolyn Olsson Priscilla Park Rosemary Steffan Joan Tempel Barbara Templeton Ruth Thomas Gladys Tolhurst Lois von Husen Diane Walker Diane Wishart Diane Young Helen Zachmann SOPHOMORES Beverly Locker Dora Lou Moore Charlene Myszka Helen Pedersen Carol Poulsen Marianne Swanson Patricia Thill Yvonne Turek FRESHMEN Sally Kreutzberg Audrey Pfeiffer Linda Stohr Vicki Vetter SPRING PLEDGES Pharaba Oakley Gloria Perry Harriet Rogers Barbara Simpson Margaret Stone Pat Woods Eleanor Bakosh Beverly Bryant Edena Carlson Rae Coffman Carolyn Gibson Erlene Hampton Julia Hays Sally Akers Nancy Aljian Elaine Anderman Carole Carlin Barbara Cundey Nancy Dahill Carol Diggles Carolyn Eakin Barbara Emerzian Lois Folsom Marlene Hight Kathleen Kendall Joan Alvestad Barbara Berger Mary Ann Boyd Joan Carter Mary Lou Clausen Phyllis Galbraith Marian Laughlin Dorothy Boone Bernice Bronsdon Janet Bullard Eleanor Hartnett Carol Eaton Gayle Hamilton Lois Mentzer Norma McDonnell Anne McGee gamma phi beta 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-SIX CHA PTERS Highlighting Gamma Phi Beta ' s review for 1952-53 were Mary Jo Hart, president of Mortar Board and member of Cal Club; Elouise Phelps, Blue and Gold editor, Mortar Board member and Cal Clubber; and Carol Montgomery, Junior Class president and Cal Clubber. High point of the Fall semester was the winning of the Sweepstakes Award along with Phi Kappa Tau for the joint float entered in the Big Game parade. December brought the annual Gamma Phi-Sigma Chi Christmas Party for underprivileged children as well as the Winter Formal. After a great vacation of skiing in the Sierras, Spring came along with the Mothers ' Fashion Show and the Faculty Dinner in April and, in May, a Father-Daughter Dinner and the Spring Formal, main event of the semester. This has been a full, successful year for Gamma Phi and only time will tell what the next year will bring. Hart Haskell Larson Moak Pearson Phelps Sackett Traylor Brigham Edwards Elliott Fraters Fr ietzsche Kelly Montgomery Noble Paine Patten Pioda Proctor Puckhaber Rivers Ulrich Wilson Berglund Bruce Ce rw in Colby Elliott Fabbrini Hartong Heald Heine Hu ngerf ord Matthews McKay Proudfoot Racine Rafael i Rothganger 334 Sidener Stafford Thelen Thompson White Wilson Winslow All ington Armstrong Ball Bostock Brady Brandes De Bon is Demsey Diederich Donahoe Eggleston Geisel Giovanzana Gray Haden Hollywood Honsberger Lusk MacKenzie Miller Morel Moyer O ' Farrell Person Whitehead Wilbrand Williams Woodruff Wright Mary Jo Hart Marilyn Haskell Nancy Larson Marguerite Moak Ann Brigham Barbara Edwards Joanne Elliott Noel Fraters Helen Frietzsche Mary Kelly Carol Montgomery Noble Lesley Berglund Diana Bruce Marilyn Cerwin Margery Colby Corinne Elliott Anna Fabbrini Hartong Janet Heald Barbara Heine Hungerford Joanne Matthews Mary McKay Gail Allington Jean Armstrong Sandra Ball Jean Bostock Joan Brady Dorothy Brandes Marilyn DeBonis Pat Demsey Barbara Diederich Nancy Donahoe Cornelia Eggleston Sallee Geisel Leanna Giovanzana Diane Gray Jo Deane Haden Linda Harker SENIORS Gayle Pearson Elouise Phelps Dolores Sackett Jacqueline Traylor JUNIORS Ann Paine Dorothy Patten Virginia Pioda Pamela Proctor Joan Puckhaber Gayle Rivers Sally Ul rich Eugenia Wilson SOPHOMORES Carol Proudfoot Carol Racine Gail Raffaelli Mary Rothganger Nancy Sidener Sybil Stafford Sandra Stanton Dorothy Thelen Colleen Thompson Cynthia White Helen Wilson Robin Winslow FRESHMEN Coralee Hollywood Joan Honsberger Pat Lusk Margery MacKenzie Pat McGaffigan Nette Miller Joan Morel Charlotte Moyer Barbara O ' Farrell Anita Person Sally Whitehead Joy Wilbrand Linda Williams Nancy Woodruff Ann Wright SPRING PLEDGES Anne Richardson kappa alpha theta 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS The Fall semester has been a busy one for Theta. Activity honors were claimed by Nancy Stewart, president of Prytanean, and two other bers, Nancy Robinson and Mitzi Spence. The sophomore honor society, Panile, counted among its initiates Barbara Clymer, Lou Curtice, and Nancy Poe. Many of the girls were active in the Children ' s Hospital and Oak Knoll. Donna Dickson and Barbara Clymer were Rally Committee members and Mitzi Spence was awarded a junior appointment to the committee. Panhellenic found them well represented with Dot Zarley as president, and Ann Kenmuir, president of Junior Panhellenic. Pat Porter was c hosen 1.)y the Chamber of Commerce as an alternate delegate to represent Berkeley in the annual Maid of Cotton contest in Los Angeles. Time was taken this semester for two major social events: the Harvest Ball given in conjunction with the Alums at the Fairmont and their Formal at the Mira Vista Country Club. A Faculty Dinner, Father-Daughter Dinner, and numerous exchanges adding to our entertainment have left the graduating seniors with many fond memories. Tuttle Billinger Hayes Lynch McDougall Ross Stewart Westernoff Atmore Benner Charleston, A. Crenshaw Curtice Dumars Robinson Ryan Salt Spence Stevens Teel Clymer Courtright Derieg Dickson Leering Huber Patterson Poe Porter 336 Rees Smith Viault Vinzent Williams Woodward Barker Bull Charleston, B. Caldwell Fontana Howard Kenmuir Losey McBride M teen Stroh Sroufe Tower Weber Willard Yel land GRADUATES Alice McAllister Sue Tuttle SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Barbara Billinger Ann Coffin Barbara Fletcher Barbara Hayes Carol Holden Kathryn Atmore Jane Benner Alice Charleston Katharine Crenshaw Louella Curtice Arlene Dumars Melissa Jones Sherrell Blessing Barbara Clymer Carola Courtright Sheila Derieg Donna Dickson Marion Fitzhugh Deborah Geering Eleanor Gramatky Molly Huber Carla Barker Susan Bull Barbara Charleston Polly Caldwell Lynne Fontana Katherine Howard Elizabeth Ann Kenmuir Harrilyn Losey Ann Neely Helen Olivier Nancy Robinson Alice Ryan Nancy Salt Leslie Spence Virginia Steven Ann Teel Dorothy Zarley Marilyn Patterson Nancy Poe Patricia Porter Margot Rees Suzanne Smith Sharon Viault Elizabeth Vinzent Joyce Williams Beverly Ann Woodward Martha McBride Elizabeth Ann Muren Suzanne Stroh Priscilla Sroufe Diana Tower Cynthia Weber Margaret Willard Gwendolyn Yelland SENIORS Antoinette Lynch Mary Ann McDougall Margaret Ross Nancy Stewart Sondra Walden Malou Westernoff JUNIORS SPRING PLEDGES Joan Pardee Sharon Rowell kappa delta 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS As September rolled around, the Kappa Deltas gathered at the Chapter House to begin the busy whirl of activities and doings for 1952-1953. On campus, Ann Bell was elected rep-at-large and was joined on tanean by Mary Beth Strecker. Panile was represented in the Kappa Delta house by Sue Madden, Fran Russell, Barbara Van Alstine, and Claire Hansen. Kappa Deltas were active on Pelican with Bev Lewis, Sue Madden, and Barbara Van Alstine holding down Senior appointments. As open-house festivities of football season terminated, the Kappa Deltas went to the Christmas Formal at the Claremont Country Club. The Pledge Dance, Christmas Party for deaf and dumb children, and a Christmas party for the parents made December a busy month. The new year and Spring semester saw the Kappa Delta house hold a Faculty Dinner, Formal Tea, Spring Formal, Father-Daughter Banquet, Pledge Dance, and last, but one of Kappa Delta ' s oldest traditions, the Junior-Senior Banquet. Alexander Baker Bell Burger Herzig Higman Holmes Pratt Ritter Robinson Smith Barry Cassidy Demith Finley Gundersen Kostial Leach Madden Massie Morrison Novikoff Pell Russell Russell Strecker Walter We1p Bush Clausen 338 Dakin Flynn Hansen Higley Honer Lackey Lewis Nicole Patton Pringle Schuster Smith Turner Van Alstine Winther Benedikson Christine Clare Collins Cunningham Derry Emerson Gordon Gratiot Hawes Lammon Moony Murphy Reed Rouse Royer Spellacy Steinke Tripp Truman Mary Alexander Janet Baker Ann Bell Diana Burger Norma Herzig Virginia Higman Nancy Barry Camille Cassidy Helen Demith Phyllis Filiberti Peggy Finley Jackie Gunderson Diane Kostial Mary Lou Leach Susan Madden Marilyn Bush Shirley Christine Nancy Clawson Dian Dakin Nancy Flynn Barbara Gratiot Claire Hansen Barbara Higley Helen Honer Joyce Lackey Gay Benedikson Sharon Clare Loretta Collins Kay Cunningham Marilyn Derry Jean Emerson Joan Gordon Sandra Hawes Patricia Lammon SENIORS Carol Holmes Joan Pratt Norma Ritter Jan Robinson Helen Smith Patricia Stewart Charlotte Massie Lois Morrison Irene Novikoff Mary Rita Pell Fran Russell Kay Russell Mary Beth Strecker Janet Walters Betty We1p Beverly Lewis Colette Nicole Sharlene Patton Claudia Pringle Sue Schuster Beryl Smith Joyce Smith Barbara Turner Barbara Van Alstine Joan Winther FRESHMEN Mary Moony Jo Ellen Murphy Betty Reed Mary Ellen Rouse Patricia Royer Valerie Spellacy Mary Louise Steinke Mary Helen Tripp Molly Truman JUNIORS SOPHOMORES SPRING PLEDGES Gail Fletcher Sidnee Smith kappa kappa gamma 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS After the first few hectic weeks in September, the Kappas settled down—anticipating the events of the coming year. Football season was highlighted by Coleen MacNeill and Helen Bragg being honored as attendants to the Big Game Sweetheart. The Kappa athletes brought home honors in intramural sports, winning the WAA plaque for the year. Champion skier Karen Lie left for her home in Norway after being graduated in February. With mid-semester ski trips a thing of the past, they turned their thoughts to sunbathing and plans for Balboa. In the Spring semester, their social events began with the Fathers ' Dinner, the Mothers ' Club Fashion Show, and were climaxed by the second of our seasonal formals. And so, the last leaf is torn from the calendar—a year well spent. Arnold Breuner Compton Dougherty Hughes Kiessig Lie Owen Polglase Sharp Shea Tilden Condrey Cook Cross Diepenbrock Franck, M. Franck, S. Lowry Oliver Shiffler Wood Wright, M. Wright, S. Armstrong Baker Barker Burke Burnett Coates Gwerder Haight Jones Kempf Luke MacNeil Moore Mott Mugford Nelson Taylor Welch Williams Woodburn Wright Bache Bloden Bragg Doolittle Ellis Gallwey Harrington Kelly Kennedy Logan McClure McDonald Moore Pinney SENIORS Karin Lie Kathleen Morrissey Patricia Owen Margaret Polglase Barbara Sharp Mollie Shea California Tilden JUNIORS Susan Franck Jane Lowry Ann O ' Conner Marion Oliver Robnett Shiftier Ann Wood Sherry Wright SOPHOMORES Carmela Kempf Therese Luke Coleen MacNeil Carol Moore Mary Lee Mott Mary Mugford Nanette Nelson Margaret Taylor Jeanne Welch Janet Williams Janet Woodburn Emily Wright FRESHMEN Georgina Kelly Margaret Kennedy Sally Logan Sally McClure Mary McDonald Marilyn Moore Cynthia Pinney Margaret Schilling Sally Arnold Jennifer Breuner Lou Ann Compton Joan Dougherty Christine Hughes Joan Kiessig Joanne Condrey Sally Cook Margaret Cross Sandra Diepenbrock Eleanor Engs Mary Franck Ann Armstrong Carole Baker Lawrene Barker Helen Bragg Susan Burke Dorothy Burnett Joan Chickering Diana Coates Nancy Gwerder Marion Haight Carol Jones Katherine Bache Barbara Bloden Mary Bragg Jean Doolittle Carol Easely Mary Ann Ellis Irene Gallwey Kathleen Harrington phi mu 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS The past year saw the continuation of many traditions at the Phi Mu house—and they were made better than ever. December saw the girls congregating at the St. Francis Hotel for their Winter Formal, and the Claremont Country Club was again chosen as the traditional site for the Spring Dinner-Dance. The Phi Mus gained campus fame when their contestant was elected Santa Claus in the annual contest. Individuals served the ASUC in various capacities: Jody Zuber became the chairman of the Administrative Assistants, Agnes Liakos was elected ACB chairman and also to Women ' s Judicial, Evie Watson and Mary Spear served as secretaries of ACB and FSB respectively, and Jan Cleveland received a junior editorship on the Blue and Gold. The music of Peggy Donovan and Nancy Spencer was often heard at sings. As the semester closed, the large Senior class was feted at the traditional Farewell Breakfast at the Claremont Hotel, and also at a swimming party given by the Peninsula Alumna in Hillsborough. The past year has been wonderful in all ways. Baxter Bolger Francis Freese Grossman Haffey Haughian Henry Lamphier Lapeyri Liakos Maurer Mott Rae Peet Ruddock Smith, S. Wright, M. Zinn Zuber Benson Cleveland Donovan Mahany Mulligan Spear Williams Wright, D. Blake Boyce 342 Carroll Carter Croce Goldsberry Hoppe Lahti McKanna, P. Maracci Murray Ogden Paxton Segel Smith, C. Spencer Steinert Watson Barber Fisher Gregory McCurdy McKanna, G. Meyl an O ' Brien Short Stone Swan Zeck SENIORS Mary Jo Baxter Agnes Liakos Frances Bolger Sally Maurer Joan Francis Margaret Mott Catherine Freeman Diane Peet Elizabeth Freese Nancy Rae Lorraine Grossman Jeanne Raeside Joan Haffey Mary Ruddock Kathleen Haughian Shirley Smith Patricia Henry Margery Wright Margaret Lamphier Mildred Zinn Corinne Lapeyri Joan Zuber JUNIORS Betty Benson Paula Mulligan Janet Cleveland Mary Spear Peggy Donovan Nancy Williams Beverly Hastings Dione Wright Ruth Mahany SOPHOMORES Denise Blake Virginia Ogden Mary Boyce Chalkley Murray Gail Carroll Diane Paxton Mary Carter Ro Ann Reeve Sandra Croce Diane Segel Patricia Goldsberry Carol Smith Jeanne Hoppe Nancy Spencer Norma Lahti Wilma Steinert Patricia McKanna Evelyn Watson Joan Maracci FRESHMEN Diana Barber Marianne Meylan Lois Fisher Marian O ' Brien Patricia Gregory Elisabeth Short Joan Jugenheimer Barbara Stone Mary McCurdy Sylvia Swan Geraldine McKanna June Zeck SPRING PLEDGES Barbara Babayan Marilyn Morrow pi beta phi 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS After many exclamations and much excitement at the sight of their newly-decorated house, the Pi Phis settled into the routine of the new semester. Janet Grout created a small sensation among their ranks when she was chosen Big Game Sweetheart. J.G. is also a member of Mortar Board and head of Women ' s Rally Committee. The rest managed to keep up: Ann Hawley served on Cal Club and Judicial Board and as co-chairman of All-U Week end. Chotzie Cotton was appointed one of the delegates of the mock U.N. meeting held at Cal. Jinny Roach pleased all with her appointment to Women ' s Director of Pelican and her activities in Panile. Gay moments were highlighted by the Winter and Spring formals, the Father-Daughter Dinner, and the Faculty Dinner. The Senior Breakfast, a tradition with the Pi Phis, had its usual tears. Through the year they kept in touch with Maria, our adopted child in Europe, and right at home, they sponsored the Bay View Villa Children ' s Project. This has been one more year that the Pi Phis will always treasure. Angwin Church, S. Crockett Grout Hallenbeck Kimble Nisbet St. John Simpson Abbe Andrews Chesholm Collins Cotton Davies Edwards Hawley Luther Papac Seldon Ahonen Bee Church, J. Cook Early Goodwin Haggard 344 Hand Hooven Hoxie Hudson Kennedy Kukuck Lacy Madary Mansfield McDuffee McGowen McRae Parsons Patterson Peterson Ruxton Skaer Summers Thompson Watson Woolsey Auger Lahann Silva Storm SENIORS Joyce Angwin Sally Church Virginia Chubb Sylvia Crockett Janet Grout Betty Hallenbeck Joan Kimble Mardy Nisbet Muriel Papac Robin Redwine Analou St. John Ann Simpson Janet Abbe Regina Andrews Barbara Chesholm Lynne Collins Charlotte Cotton Judy Davies Karen Ahonen Dodie Bee Joanne Church Barbara Cook Elizabeth Early Carol Goodwin Joan Haggland Barbara Hand Patsy Hooven Lynn Hoxie Helen Hudson Yvonne Kennedy Carolyn Kukuck Connie Lacy Susan Madary JUNIORS Sue Edwards Ann Hawley Marge Huguet Germaine Kresser Meredith Luther Marydee Maldonado Barbara Seldon SOPHOMORES Dianna Mansfield Kathryn McDuffee Mary Louise McGowen Joan McRae Dorothy Parsons Patty Patterson Shirlee Peterson Virginia Roach Shirley Ruxton Nell Sesnon Janet Skaer Anne Stuart Sylvia Summers Joan Thompson Judy Watson Judy Woolsey Roen Auger Kitty Lahann FRESHMEN Evelyn Silva Connie Storm Babette Barmann Jo Ellen Coate Barbara Hunter SPRING PLEDGES Jacqueline Kerr Janet Swafford Jane Crocket sigma kappa 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS The summer months found Sigma globe-trotters vacationing in Hawaii, Canada, and Europe, while others traveled south to the National Convention in Pasadena. Upon returning, the girls were welcomed by our new House Mother, Mrs. Sanders, whom they enjoyed honoring at a formal tea. From the formal to the informal—they attended the County Fair, the dance given for the new pledges and then proceeded to join the football festivities by working on the Big Game float with the Acacias and having post-game open houses. The most active and popular gal was Margie Coombs whose duties as ASUC vice-president and Cal Clubber made her the busiest Sigma Kappa. Other active Sigmas were Sally Gosnell in Prytanean and Gavel and Quill, Julie Geary, sonnel director of the Pelican and a member of Panile, Diane Lillis and Irene Fitts on Rally Committee, Joan Haw in Panile, and Marilyn Coombs in the YWCA. Then before bidding farewell to our graduating seniors at the Senior Banquet, we climaxed a remembered year with our Spring Formal. Beresford Boyd Carlisle Coombs, Marj. Coombs, M. Dietterle Gosnell Grundell Kennard Kenney Matthew McLeod Menge Murphy Paulsen Robinson Turner VanDerZee Hanna Jackson, D. Minch Patten Ro ss Siess Verncn Wamsley Adams Amiot Anderson 346 Bermingham Brobst Fitts Hartz Haw Johnson Lillis Matasci Morgan Shuttleworth Turner Wickham Williams Bennett Brown Charlesworth Coakley Ellis Everest Jackson, N. SENIORS Jo Ann Beresford Marilyn Boyd Nancy Carlisle Carolyn Christian Marjorie Coombs Diane Day Ruth Dietterle Sally Gosnell Beth Grundell Genevieve Gurr Ann Harding Susan Kennard Gayle Bennett Sue Brown Cynthia Charlesworth Clare Coakley Jean Crowl Evelyn Boyd Deonne Christensen Christel Cranston Nancy Elliott Anne Graf ft Carol Jo Hall Andree Jones Jeanne Kenney Phyllis MacKay Diane Matthew Patricia McLeod Nancy Menge Patricia Murphy Marlene Paulsen Virginia Robinson Virginia Lee Smith Barbara Starman June Turner Eleanor van der Zee Nancy Wickman JUNIORS Barbara Pattern Audrey Ross Carol Siess Nadine Vernon Patricia Wamsley SOPHOMORES Darlene Johnson Diane Lillis Suzanne Marelia Diana Matasci Joann Morgan Gail Shuttelworth Dana Turner Lillian Wickman Marilyn Williams Sherel Young FRESHMEN Ann Ellis Peggy Everest Nancy Jackson Karen O ' Kerberg Beverly Pingree SPRING PLEDGES Martha Kloster Jeanette Lewis Marilyn Mee Barbara Mills Jeanne Nickell Lorraine Smith Anne Stavropulos Eleanor Arturo Ann Bakken Margaret Hanna Donna Jackson Florence Minch Joan Adams Virginia Amiot Jenny Andersen Mimi Ashe Pat Bermingham Susan Brobst Irene Fitts Julie Geary Virginia Hartz Joan Haw theta upsilon 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS The calendar from September to June was a full one for Theta U ' s. Fall was highlighte d by a number of dances including one with a football theme, another given by the pledges for the actives, and the annual Winter Formal held in honor of the pledges. The girls entertained their fathers at a banquet and gave a faculty dinner for some of their professors. In the Spring there were several dances, the traditional Mothers ' Banquet, and an Easter Party for underprivileged children. Campus activities also took up a large part of the girls ' time. Special plaudits went to house president Ruth Kummerfeld, who was active as treasurer of the YWCA and as a member of Women ' s Judicial Committee and Prytanean. Ann Hall was a senior night editor on the Daily Californian, and Sue Matthews was the assistant women ' s director for the Cal Engineer. Theta U ' s were also represented on class councils, Women ' s Activity Counseling and various publications. Brown McKinley, L. Trehearne Carter Kummerfeld O ' Connor Petta Smith Weed Wilson Brusasco Hallett Hall Hill Kelley LaCoste Matthews McKinley, I. 348 Wilson Williams Moran Watson Stuparich Waldie McLouth Yager Murphy Nelson Rogan Teager SENIORS Shirley Brown Inez Thompson Loraine McKinley Dianne Trehearne JUNIORS Martha Carter Margie Petta Ruthie Kummerfeld Gene Smith Barbara O ' Connor Joyce Weed Mercedes Wilson SOPHOMORES Susan Matthews Irene McKinley Margo Mitchell Maureen Murphy Rosalyn Stuparich Ruthie Williams FRESHMEN Ninon Teager Elizabeth Waldie Virginia Watson Susan Wilson Betty Ann Yager SPRING PLEDGES Ruby Antoinette Edgett Rosalie Gray Diane Rogers Doris Brusasco Libby Hallett Ann Hall Joanne Hill Patricia Kelley Marie LaCoste Evelyn Moran Janice McLouth Sondra Nelson Helenjoice Rogan zeta tau alpha 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCH OOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS The Fall and Spring semesters proved to be exciting as well as successful for the Zetas. Aside from Zetas being active on the class councils, Pelican and YWCA, Bobbe Beatty could be seen as Junior Class president, and with Betty Terzian, became a member of Gavel and Quill. During football season the Zetas could see Mitzi Tozer and Liz Bahls working on Rally Committee. Two of the fall pledges were active—Lee Chapman as sophomore editor of the Blue and Gold, and Nancy Blackford with a sophomore appointment on Pelican. Excitement was climaxed with Carolyn King winning title to Soph Doll attendant. Aside from academic activities the Zetas entered into quite a social whir] consisting of the costume pledge dances, the annual Fashion Show, Christmas Party for underprivileged children, Mothers and Daughters, and Dads and Daughters Dinners. The Spring Formal Dinner-Dance was held at Mount Diablo Country Club, and the traditional White Violet Formal was held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in December. All these contributed to the excitement and success of the past year. Arney Atchley Carr DeBorba Howell Jones, B. Jones, J. MacDonald Skogstrom Taylor Tysdal Autrey Beatty Benson Dealy Forsyth Hayworth Jollymour Lawrence LeDuc Lewis Pecht Peddicord Smith Stevens Terzian Vierra Allen Bahls Bedard Chapman Dunster Ellis Gorman Fountain Harrison Hill Hillman King Larsen Lettiere Mahoney Mattos Menzel Nicolaisen Shandorf Smith Stitt Trebilcott Tucker Watson West Blackford Drumb Earl Haslett Huseby Jordan Klopf LeDuc, J. Mullen Neuman Oliveri Rogers Schneider, A. Schneider, E. Segni SENIORS Fay Arney Joan Macdonald Cynthia Atchley Barbara Maier Ann Carr Karen Skogstrom Barbara DeBorba Joan Taylor Robertha Howell Sylvia Tysdal Jacqueline Jones Beverly Jones JUNIORS Billie Jean Autrey Marcia LeDuc Roberta Beatty Larraine Lockwood Barbara Benson Sonya Lewis Jacquelyn Corbett Vianna Pecht Jean Dealy Peggy Peddicord Jean Forsyth Patricia Smith Mary Hayworth Llwewllyn Stevens Shirley Johnson Betty Terzian Sally Jollymour Ramona Vierra Jill Lawrence SOPHOMORES Janet Allen Jeanne Lettiere Elizabeth Bahls Patricia Mahoney Dorothy Bedard Jacqueline Mattos Catherine Causey Lois Menzel Lelia Chapman Edith Nicolaisen M. Annette Dunster Mary Ann Shandorf Johanna Ellis Beverly Smith Helen Gorman Shirley Stitt Mary Fountain Marilyn Tozer Janet Harrison Joyce Trebilcott Patricia Hill Sandra Tucker Marjanna Hillman Margery Watson Carolyn King Marlene West Thelma Larsen FRESHMEN Nancy Blackford Jackie LeDuc Diane Drumb Sandra Mullen Janet Earl Joanne Neuman Barbara Haslett Jacqueline Oliveri Janice Hunt Patricia Rogers Janet Huseby Ann Schneider Katherine Jordan Eve Schneider Janet Klopf Sofie Segni SPRING PLEDGES Jeanne Flolo Marnelle Will Roberta Gardner delta sigma epsilon 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1914 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1951 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Carol Armstrong Nancy Chester Beverly Jacobson Beverly Braun Barbara Chase Emily Hall Shirley Lansberry Carol Bell Cordelia Gutierrez Barbara Hubner Shirley Borglin SENIORS Beverly McDonnell Barbara Paulson Marilyn Willhelm Jacqueline Zinsli SOPHOMORES Ann LeRoy Charleen MacQuiddy Suzanne Myers Ann Parker Florence Steinmetz JUNIORS Bettie Cain Graydon Hindley Mary Lee Flannery Barbara Howsley Marilyn Hoskins Helen Papen Joyce Ann Smith FRESHMEN Sue Hunter Sally Sims Marjorie Spencer Edra Young SPRING RESIDENTS Inez Brooks Mary Lou Stanton Armstrong Chester Jacobson McDonnell Paulson Zinsli Cain Flannery Hoskins Hindley Howsley Papen Smith Braun Chase Hall Lansberry LeRoy MacQuiddy Myers Parker Steinmetz Bell Gutierrez Hubner Hunter Simms Young 352 Toy Chan, C. Chan, M. Gee Ho Lee, A. Lowe, M. Ng Huey Lee, M. Lowe, H. Ung Chan, M. Dong, E. Kong Lee, E. Tom, D. Tom, M. Tse Lee, D. Lee, E. Lim sigma omicron pi FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1930 ONE CHAPTER ECM Ir111 GRADUATE Nancy Toy SENIORS Carlene Chan Elaine Ho Marie Lynn Chan Alice Lee Louise Gee Myra Lowe Betty Ng JUNIORS Marilyn Chew Hester Lowe Mai Huey Irene Ung Ying Fung Ken Leila Wing Mayme Lee Anna Wong SOPHOMORES Mildred Chan Darlene Tom Eileen Margerit Dong Marlena Tom Audrey Kong Maryan Tse Esther Lee Beverly Faye Wu FRESHMEN Dollianne Lee Betty Lim Emily Lee Anna Ng SPRING PLEDGES Barbara Chan Pat Hoong Alice Chan Letty Lee Lily Ginn women ' s dormitory association FRONT ROW, left to right: Joy Ohno, Nayan McNeill, Joan Kingery, Joyce Duffield. BACK ROW: Ruth Heintz, Joanne Baldwin, Leatrice Knopf, Ruth Jones, Jan Hope, Margaret Ganon. OFFICERS President Joan Kingery Vice-President Nayan McNeil Secretary Joyce Duffield Treasurer Joy Ohno Senior Representative-at-Large Ruth Heintz Senior Represenative-at-Large Ruth Jones Junior Representative-at-Large Janice Hope Junior Representative-at-Large Leatrice Knopf Service Chairman Joanne Baldwin Social Chairman Betty Travis Publicity Chairman Margaret Gannon COUNCIL MEMBERS Joyce Duffield Beaudelaire Roberta Barnes Carolyn Naus Bon Haven Carmelita Mallea Wynona Mushlitz Bryn Mawr Beverly Buchholz Helene Mandell The Californian Sammy Dunham Arline Malkasian Colonial Hall Barbara Trusendi Pat Boath Continental Mariam Kalkstein Janet Cohn Elizabeth Barrett Shirley Michael Jean Calloway Epworth Hall Janice Hope Hjordis Staff Joaquin Hall Joan Williams Virginia Barger Lantana Lodge Audree G arriques Joanne Hagen The Meredith Loretta Nuel Marlene Thompson Mitchell Hall Kay Harrington Jeanne Johnson Oldenberg Hall Mary Lou Jennings Concepcion Valadez Peixotto Hall Carol Smith Georgiann Pendleton Richards Hall Anne Watkins Ursula Segall Ridgemont Hall Lillian Jee Betty Bispo Ritter Hall Betty Bispo Yvonne Hand Sherman Hall Yvonne Hand Elizabeth Joe Sherman Annex Darien Isaacson Lilly Lichtman Stebbins Hall Ruth Lazar Joan Kingery Stern Hall Dagmar Benioff Vernagene Patterson Stratford Hall Katherine Little Dorothy Shanks Warring Place Sue Ezeleth the cali forn Ian 2455 PROSPECT STREET Open houses, parties, and TGIF gatherings added to the whirl of social events which made this year a busy one for the girls at the Californian. However, this did not dim the scholastic lamp, as Mortar Board was represented by Marilyn Jones, and Pryt claimed Marilyn and Mary Allender as members. The Californian was well represented on the BLUE AND GOLD as there were seven members from the house on the staff. There are also representatives on Pelican and the Daily Californian. Spring plans include basking on the sun porch, more TGIF parties, a Hay Ride and a formal in the city. SENIORS Mary Allender Eileen Callaghan Carole Chase Laurel Green Marilyn Jones Maureen Mahoney Helene Mandell Daisy Radmanovitch Barbara Shipley Joan Shipley Julia Taaffe JUNIORS Allender Callaghan Jones Mandell Radmanovitch Shipley, B. Shipley, J. Daniels Dean Denham Dunham Floto Morris Samish Campodonico Hess Isaacs Muzio Jopp Norberg Polack Ransom Rosenfeld Siegal Dorris Callaghan Judy Calland Carolyn Daniels Carla Dean Constance Denham Sammie Dunham Charlene Floto Klonnie Morris Erene Pappas Joanne Samish SOPHOMORES Ellen Campodonico Margaret Hess Shirley Muzio FRESHMEN Diane Isaac Joyce Polack Barbara Jopp Beatrize Ransom Patricia Norberg Anita Rosenfeld Valorie Siegel SPRING RESIDENTS Barbara Lettie Gail Nelson Margaret Ann Mather Susan Pierce 356 Petz Domenichelli Jackson MacDonald Malkasian Seeno Serna Stark Trusendi Beaumont Diether Jelly Prigmore Schwabenland Heron Mitchell Sorgatz Blake Blakemore Briones Camp Chan, A. Chan, B. Kleebauer Macchi Parker Smith Stanton Steele Sylar colonial hail 2542 DURANT AVENUE Football season was highlighted by several open houses and a buffet dinner after the Big Game at Colonial Hall. The Christmas holiday got off to a start with the annual Christmas Dance. Colonial Hall didn ' t restrict itself to study exclusively, for time was found for exchanges, pajama parties, Parents ' Day and in the Spring, Colonial ended its festivities with the annual Spring Formal and the Senior Breakfast. GRADUATE Arvine Petz SENIORS Patricia Domenichelli Frances Seeno Alice Fell Elizabeth Serna Carol Jackson Joan Stark Carole MacDonald Barbara Trusendi Arline Malkasian Mireya Urdaneta Elsa Salas Jill Wocher JUNIORS Jacqueline Beaumont Grace Prigmore Barbara Diether Dorothea Schwabenland Dorothy Jelly Jo Ann Taylor Joyce Ferguson Patricia Heron Charlotte Hoijer Myra Lipsin Patricia Blake Anna Blakemore Darie Briones Joyce Camp Alice Chan Barbara Chan Winifred Davis Nancy Goldberg Mary Hoffman Karna Karnesten SOPHOMORES Diane Mitchell Joan Nichols Paula Sorgatz Joan Steinberg FRESHMEN Norma Kleebauer Jean Macchi Jacqueline Parker Patricia Smith Jean Stanton Judith Steele Esther Sylar SPRING RESIDENTS Barbara Lane Patricia Mayo Marlene Roger Mary Smith Joan Zimmerman beaudelaire club 2347 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Betzabe Dyer Maude Lauer Louise Guinn Nayan McNeill JUNIORS Jean Bender Joan Dean Lesley Christensen Joyce Anne Schlaadt SOPHOMORES Roberta Barnes Mary Fogh Patricia Browne Kay Stanley FRESHMEN Yvonne Dusseau Dorothy Mansur Wilma Gustinich Diane Miller Diane Litton Teresa Karlette Vourlis SPRING RESIDENTS Jody Hendrickson Joan Nancy Stickney Dyer Guinn McNeill Bender Christensen Dean Duffield Schlaadt Barnes Fogh Stanley Dusseau Gustinich Litton Mansur Stanley Vourlis Joan Ellefson Lorna Isen Beverly Kaplan Jackie Kirchner JUNIORS Darlene Besbeck Mickie Farber Elaine Friedman Beryl Gerver Fay Krasow Carmy Mallea SOPHOMORES Harriet Brandeman Diane Dietz Mary Yeo FRESHMEN Nancy Carlson Peggy Cooney Janie Jones Gloria Leong Beverly Loo Eve Maier Frances Reed Mary Serra Caroline Naus Marietta Rakonitz Marilyn Swasey Adrienne Weiner Jackie Wilhite Sandy Zukerman Jeanette Weiner Gerry Wolff Clara Marr Joan Mitchell Pat Ripple Pat Stewart bon haven 2709 CHANNING WAY SENIORS SPRING RESIDENTS Noemi Delavalle Peggy Clayton Barbara Kraft Louise Fields Katherine Martens Annette Marian Hanada Ellefson Kirchner Loo Serra Besbeck Naus Rakonitz Weiner, A. Zuckerman Brandeman Dietz Weiner, J. Wolff Yeo Carlson Cooney Jones Leong Mar Mitchell 358 Berg Broderick Cohn Adams B lick De Vries Freedman Friedrich Gerlack Hardwick Michael Rice Dimank Stengel Berelson Campbell Epp Foster Gates Jankelson Pearl Phillips Robinson Altshuler Churchill Crawford Evanikoff Friedicksen Klearer Lonergan Setzer Shapiro Spencer Tragerman Wells elizabeth barret 2438 WARRING STREET III PR Ell Ill 21 cm It IN SA WM Ill 11111U Academic interests and social affairs kept the coeds of " E.B. " busy throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. To relieve the weariness and tension of those who were attempting to obtain or maintain satisfactory grade points, open houses, a number of exchanges, and two very successful house dances, for a time allowed academic worries to be set aside in favor of social enjoyment. Several organizations, International Board, Intramural Sports, Collegians, Symphony Forum and College Women ' s Club Juniors, whose presiding Spring officer was " E.B. ' s " own Mildred Berg, inherited numerous members from the Elizabeth Barrett. These activities constituted an agenda which climaxed successfully both socially and academically. SENIORS Mildred Berg Janet Cohn Joan Broderick Joan Norton JUNIORS Betty Adams Diane Hardwick Barbara Blick Shirley Michael Harriet De Vries Kathryn Rice Carol Freedman Nancy Simank Janet Friedrich Ann Smith Nancy Gerlack Cherie Stengel Melleise Straszer SOPHOMORES Barbara Berelson Joan Gates Jean Campbell Louise Jankelson Barbara Epp Stephanine Pearl Sally Foster Marie Phillips Merle Robinson FRESHMEN Ann Altshuler Marie Lonergan Gerry Churchill Nyna Schoengold Virginia Crawford Judith Setzer Jean Evanikoff Arlene Shapiro Margaret Friedicksen Joan Spencer Ann Kaleschman Ona Tragerman Carolyn Klearer Nanette Wells SPRING RESIDENTS Pat Barry Renan Hagen Kathy Bell Nancy Heron Virginia Buccello Sandra Horn Frances Davis Libby Kessler Midge Eichenbaum Sally Marquis Adrienne Farber Deirdre O ' Rourke Sharon Friedman Susan Rockwell Idell Rosenthal • • epworth hall 2521 CHANNING WAY Epworth Hall girls kept busy all year long decorating and furnishing a new lounge in the house ment. And upstairs in the " Beau Parlor " Eppie girls point fondly at two new trophies as further evidence of an activity-filled year. Epworth ' s Big Game float was awarded first place for originality, and the girls were also first in Fall Pelican sales. Fall president was Jean Calloway. Exchanges, p.j. parties, a hashers ' dinner, Halloween and Christmas parties, and an open house after the UCLA football game were all on the social agenda. Spring activities under president Jan Hope included the traditional " Apple Polishers ' Banquet, " an Easter party for underprivileged children, a Mothers ' Day tea and fashion show, and a formal dinner dance at the Richmond Golf Club. In the campus whirl. Sue Beitzel was sophomore secretary; Sue Gardner, Daily Cal senior night editor; Ruth Heintz, Women ' s Activity Counseling chairman; and Beth Ingram, chairman of Stephens Union committee. Several Epworth girls were active members of Treble Clef, Rally Committee, and Pelican and Daily Cal staffs. GRADUATES Pattie Ann Anderson Lois Tarleton SENIORS Joan Allsman Donna Giddings Joan Amaral Ruth Heintz Judy Anderson Beth Ingram Mary Anderson Wilma Kerr Jean Callaway Irene Mata Phyllis Cash Marijane Nicolay Alta Dudley Audrey Powell Margaret Foote Frances Rice Joan Freeborn Trudy Saks Pat Gear Nina Swanson Anne Varnedoe JUNIORS Anne Alpen Dolores Jones Jo Baldwin Margaret Kennedy Lynne Devine Carole Lindstrom Marilyn Freeman Pat Lubbe Jan Hope Pat Mattoon Mary Humphreys Barbara McMichael Georgia Ibison Lillian Williamson Anderson, P. Allsman Amaral Anderson, Anderson, M. Callaway Cash Dudley Foote Freeborn Gear Giddings Heintz Ingram Kerr Nicolay Powell Rice Saks Swanson Vernedoe Alpen Baldwin Devine Freeman Hope Humphreys Ibison Kennedy Lubbe Mattoon McMichael Williamson Beitzel Boyd 360 ep worth hail Margaret Anderson Beverly Blair Barbara Ciemny Melissa Charles Jacqueline Dillinder Josefa Donaire Marilyn Dorsey Pat French Arline Hans SOPHOMORES Marilyn Leath Mary Miller Jan Norman Margie Patten Jane Pope Roslyn Puterman Nancy Rivinius Janet Roche Annette Saywell Harriet Saywell Betty Schmidt Rosa Upton Alice Varnedoe FRESHMEN Barbara Nokes Elaine Oertel Christine Reilly June Schlosser Emily Scott Shirley Stephenson Nancy Welch Sharlene Willhide Jean Yuan SPRING RESIDENTS Laleta Hindman Adrienne Maioli Joyce Meyer Claire Nelson Mary Newman Shirley Norman Kathleen Palmer Nancy Sargent Daphne Triphon Sue Beitzel Joanne Boyd Phyllis Clay Barbara Dixon Carol Doyle Sandra Endersby Susan Gardner Kathy Hand Jean Hargrove Cecily Howell Sylvia Iredale Alma Kahrs Margaret Lawrence Betty Adams Luella Boysen Arlene Brown Kathleen Ford Ann Gibson Suzanne Hall Carrie Hammond Margaret Jackson Dixon Doyle Gardner Hand Hargrove Howell Iredale Kahrs Lawrence Leath Miller Norman Patten Rivinius Roche Saywell, A. Saywell, H. Schmidt Upton Varnedoe Adams Boysen Ford Gibson Hall Hamond Jackson Nokes Oertel Reilly Schlosser Scott Stephenson Welch Willhide Joaquin hall 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE Fall semester once more found the girls of Joaquin Hall beginning the busy whirl of activities that characterized 1952-1953. Special social events for the year that will long be remem- bered were the Winter and Spring Formals, La Honda " Mad Hatters " Dance, and the annual card party. Mixed in between were open houses after football games and exchanges. Among the house members active in campus activities were Hjordis Staff, Joan Williams, Marilyn Taber, Phoebe Gregory and. Madge Rose. Socially and scholastically as well the past year was a very busy one for Joaquin Hall. GRADUATES Nancy Bartlett Helen Nelson Rosemarie Wiegner SENIORS Jean Lyhne Yvonne Nidever Nancy Meyer Tania Shilling Dolores Mooney Joan Williams JUNIORS Beverly Blair Barbara Peters Dorothy Daniels Georgene Richardson Marliene Hamilton Rejean Schweitzer Claire Nelson Hjordis Staff Nelson, H. Wiegner Lyhne Meyer Nidever Shilling Williams Blair Daniels Hamilton Nelson, C. Peters Schweitzer Staff Heffington Heitmann Olsen Paulson Taber Wachman Will Chazalet Epperson Gutherie Kloster Kotick Perry Rose Ullman Juanita Heffington Diane Heitmann Carol Olsen SOPHOMORES Audrey Paulson Marilyn Taber Erline Wachman Marnelle Will Mary Ann Bullis Suzanne Chazalet Lou Ann Epperson Phoebe Gregory Margery Gutherie Joan Favorman Shirley Hope Eleanor Jacobs Janet Jameson FRESHMEN Martha Kloster Rosalie Kotick Gloria Perry Madge Rose Ruth Ullman SPRING RESIDENTS Barbara Leonard Janet Martin Joan Oransky Mariana Osuna Eleanor Ruth 362 Beatty Durnford Kwiatkowski Madsen Vogt Walsh White Everson Herrington Hyde Keiles Metzler Nozaki Ohno Oshita Servatius Stiling Thompson Babayan Bellamy Clark Friedman Griffin Lyman Mitchell Burger Christenson Clasby Curtis Grigarick Ivanoff Karstenson McCarthy Nearon Nielson Stahl mitchell hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY The Mitchell gals had a wonderful Fall semester under the leadership of Marlene Thompson. The pajama parties, exchanges with Smyth, Christmas formal at the St. Francis Hotel, and the successful Christmas party for underprivileged children were lots of fun. Spring semester had such activities as the Hill open house, the informal dance—Twin Twirl—the Valentine dance, an Easter party, and the Spring Formal at the St. Francis Hotel. Pajama parties and Tilden Park parties were the order of the semester. Kay Herrington was our president for this successful semester. SENIORS Shirley Beaty Lenore Vogt Pat Durnford Pat Walsh Marie Kwiatkowski Shirley Wier Elizabeth Madsen Kathlene White JUNIORS Yvonne Everson Violet Nozaki Katherine Herrington Joy Ohno Marilyn Hyde Grace Oshita Lyn Keiles Evelyn Servatius Gayle Metzler Paula Stiling Marlene Thompson SOPHOMORES Barbara Babayan Carolyn Frooman Toni Bellamy Grace Guffin Barbara Clark Sylvia Lyman Nadene Friedman Sue Mitchell FRESHMEN Beverly Burger Gail Knoles Dionne Christenson Diane Linn Beverly Clasby Sheila McCarthy Mary Curtis Elaine Nearon Mary Grigarick Margaret Nielson Irene Ivanoff Nancy Phillips Karna Karstensson Beverly Stahl SPRING RESIDENTS Bobbie Herman Colleen Lamont Cathy Liddell Eleanore Pearson Anna Broncristiani Mary Crisera Myra de Hes Larretta Goodale Cumming Eckert Barshell Gorsuch Millard Dansby Schneider Jennings Calhoun Hall Parkhurst Dimmick Lee Bush Johnson Carrillo Hosking Reiff Eastman Lobree Carter, C. Ossin Chambers Lampert Snider Goldberg Olson Carter, S. Thielen DeBacker Mehrten Thomford Gray " Their Hearts Were Young and Gay " Those colorful pajama parties ending in pillow fights; the picnic at Tilden Park which began their football rivalry with the men of Smyth; encounters Judicial Committee, card parties, parlor games midnight snacks. " Their Hearts Were Growing Up " Mrs. Craig sharing their excitement as she every Monday night ' s pinnings and engagements; the mantic serenades; helping Sue Lobree plan their able formal at the Sir Francis Drake; their prexys, Jeanne Johnson and Mary Lou Jennings, who their guidance—these memories they keep in their hearts. GRADUATES Sheila Cumming Janis Schneider SENIORS Anna Mary Bush Mary Lou Jennings Cornelia Carter Jeanne Johnson Shirley Carter Ann Michael Peggy Eckert Esther Ossin Aileen Thielen JUNIORS Margaret Barshell Harriet Lampert Dorothy Calhoun Sandra Meltzer Gloria Carrillo Marion Mehrten Pat Carter Janet Millard Carol Chambers Arlene Parkhurst Claire DeBacker Donna Patrick Jola Gorsuch Bernice Reiff Sue Hall Carol Snider Peggy Hosking Mary Stiles Virginia Thomford oldenberg hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY 364 Wilma Dansby Marcia Dimick Alice Eastman Nancy Goldberg Carol Gray Nancy Lee Dawn Alexander Rose Arenson LaNelle Bainer Margaret Baxter Kay Breslauer Noni Buda Pat Connolly Mary Jane Connor Dolores Corwin Carolyn Davreux Diana Dravillas Diane Evans Janet Freitas Judy Friedman Barbara Geier Joan Goldammer Beth Hedges Marilyn Holmes Lucia Brandon Connie Cass Dona Coryll Dianne Driver Danny Erlendson SOPHOMORES Suzane Lobree Carolyn Olson Phyllis Penaluna June Rossi Dee Seidler Lee Swearingen Beverly Trittschuh FRESHMEN Jane Koumjian Joan Ledgerwood Velva Leininger Shirley Long Nancelee MacKay Linda Meade Marion Merlotti Julie Miselman Toni Mitzner Elaine Roach Elaine Roggero Sandra Rudnick Eleanor Ruth Julanne Sinclair Celia Smith Helen Walder Hilda Weldon Audrey Yates SPRING RESIDENTS Phyllis Fong Beth Mashburn Monte Newman Joan Ortman Sheila Tuthill Nancy Wotell oldenberg hall Rossi Bainer Davreux Geier Long Roach Alexander Connor Freitas Holmes Miselman Ruth Walder Yates Penaluma Arenson Corwin Friedman Koumijian Mitzner Sinclear Swearingen Trittschuh Breslauer Connolly Dravillas Evans Goldammer Hedges MacKay Meade Weldon peixotto hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY The girls of Peixotto Hall were kept active this year through the planning of officers Connie Valadez and Carol Smith. A series of open houses began the social life in the hall. Soon after these, the informal was held in the dining hall. This was a tremendous success because of the originality of the decorations which followed the barn dance theme. Would anyone like to learn how to make paper flowers? Just ask any Peixotto girl, for each one made many strings of individual flowers for Fernwald ' s magnificent float in the Big Game Parade. Just before the Christmas holidays the girls of Peixotto gave a Christmas Party for twenty-five underprivileged children whose wonderful afternoon was climaxed by the advent of Santa who distributed presents to all of them. The highlights of the Spring term included picnics and parties, and the semester was brought to a successful close by the Spring Formal held at the St. Francis Hotel. GRADUATES Wilda McClung Eva Wormser SENIOR Nancy Elward JUNIORS Elward Barkell Brown Bruzzone Glaser Kirchofer Saunders Smith, C. Valadez Ballance Barraza Wilson Dutra Edwa rds Gregg Johnson Likes Lockett McVey Olsen Phillips Sargent Marie Barnasco Regina Barkell Reeva Berman Maureen Brown Lorraine Bruzzone Catherine Callaghan Katheryn Corrough June Eastvold Karlyn Glaser Use Kirchofer Dorothy Koenig Gaile Leavitt Mona Moster Alison Saunders Carol Smith Katherine Stieglitz Dorothy Stocks Connie Valadez 366 Schreiner Sims Sozzi Abrahams Anderson Bliss Caplan Chin Fell Frieder Jiminez Kadoguchi Lai Light Osgood Rainey Rubin Smith, L. Stanton Treff Nielsen Wong peixotto hail Phyllis Andrews Marian Ballance Marian Barraza Patricia Callison Lois Dutra Elaine Edwards Phyllis Frey Carol Goldstone Elaine Gregg Doris Holzman Rosemary Johnson Carol Krauthamer Saran Levin Margaret Lewis Angel Likes Elise Abrahams Nadine Anderson Martha Bliss Arlene Caplan Nancy Chin Dollette Cooper Nancy Danielski Jean Fell Marjorie Fisher Camilla Frieder Loretta Isaacs Irene Jimenez Susan Kadoguchi Margaret Lai Mariam Benjamin Fran Black Maxine Bresadola Bobbie Freeder Kay Helgesson Tracy Kay SOPHOMORES Lynn Lockett Jona Loumena Margaret McConnell Sharon McVey Dolores Martin Judith Missner Suzanne Olsen Janet Phillips Judith Potter Faye Sargent Joann Schreiner Joyce Sims Barbara Sozzi Cornelia Stoakin Mary Westwick FRESHMEN Jeanne Laidlaw Ruth Light Patricia Moore Margaret Nielsen Barbara Oakley Osgood Margaret Rainey Phyllis Rubin Lorraine Smith Mary Lou Stanton Claire Thompson Mary Treff Genie Von Glahr Carol Wallace Lavelle Wong SPRING PLEDGES Muriel Kazerman Joan Lanci Marcia Minner Marilyn Schwartz Sandra Shapiro Jean Solomon Bev Vaughin Marion Engel Elizabeth Hanly Anita Jimenez Therese Laponis GRADUATE Barbara Garfinkle SENIORS Marlene Pallotta Georgiann Pendleton Joan Phillips Barbara Smith Margaret Wood JUNIORS Patricia Abbot Sally Copitas Julia Craviotto JoAnn Galli Bina Gray Dolly Gutierrez Clara Huertas Beatrice Keyser Virginia Krooskos Nancy Martin Florence Mendosa Evelyn Newbury Mary Pinoniemi Joanne Pluess Phoebe Sweet Ysabel Urquiza Anita Vesel Elizabeth Watkins richards hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY " Oh, Happy Day ... " blare the ancient platter-players at Richards Hall, situated atop the highest and most cult-to-climb elevation in Berkeley; and arguments are still going strong as to which day was the happiest ... the day of the Christmas Party at Alameda for under- privileged children ... the exhaustive pajama parties ... the well-timed Freshman and Senior Sneaks ... the pair of Richards ' Open Houses ... or, for the chosen few, the glorious days on which engagements and pinnings were announced. Whatever the final decision, however, " Oh, Happy Day " is descriptive of each and every day up atop Fernwald Peak. Hanly Smith Huertas Pluess Bellaria Laponis Wood Keyser Sweet Branson Pallotta Abbot Krooskos Urquiza Chalmers Garfinkle Pendleton Copitas Mendosa Watkins Engel Phillips Gray Pinoniemi Barr SOPHOMORES Barbara Baker Priscilla Hill Joan Barr Ann Hogue Katherine Bellaria Corrine James Melza Niery Sydney Koenig Mary Branson Carol Lowe Jacqueline Chalmers Diane Micheli Constance Hayes Marilyn Palm Nancy Pierce Hayes Hill James Pierce Bunnell Cuneo Dotta Dwyer Freis Garry Jensen King Kwong Lum Pugh Robertson Schlan Sisson Stewart Thornbrooke Viargues Von Pinnon Wham Wyllie Sara Berro Eugenie Birlem Sandra Bunnell Gwendolyn Constant Marilyn Cuneo Leilani Dorcy Catherine Dotta Joan Dwyer Janice Ekegreen Shirley Estes Sheila Freis Pat Garry Frances Grigsby Beverly Hayden Barbara Hodges Ann Jensen Elizabeth Johnson FRESHMEN Kay King Marilyn Kisner Gail Klein Emily Kwong Muriel Lum Lois Modell Esther Mathan Celestine Pugh Gwen Robertson Janet Schlan Sue Sisson Nancy Stewart Myrtha Thornbrooke Gillian Turner Carlene Viargues Carole Von Pinnon Kathryn Wham Evelyn Wyllie EXTENSION Elfreida Gantski NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Lynn Benjamin Chris Ekstrand Stephanie Berdalis Carol Erickson Barbara Bloom Janet Filey Betty Brown Wilma Hansen Ruby Chandler Carol Keith Pat Doherty Charlotte Pagani Margarite Dupont Valerie Pfeiffer Elizabeth Ehrinzweid Harriet Sherf Marilyn Weber litter hall 2422 PROSPECT STREET " A wonderful time was had by all, " could well be the motto of the girls at Ritter Hall. Welcoming parties for new girls, open houses, exchanges and two terrific formals were only a few of the events on their social calendar. A new event, a trip to Chinese New Year in San Francisco with Lew the Chinese cook, was instituted this Spring, adding zest as well as some confusion to an already full season. Outstanding students were honored at the scholarship dinner and, last but not least, rounding out the year, was the traditional farewell dinner for graduating seniors. SENIORS LaVonne Alldredge Joan Murphy Betty Bispo Jane Reidy Valerie Brisebois Rose Sinclear Geraldine Chinn Dorothy Strader Marian Howard Barbara Young JUNIORS Lorraine Bakalle Shirley Sawyer Anne Badgley Mary Steinkopf Annie Foon Irene Ung Alberta Hankenson Ganelle Wilson Eva Kallin Charlotte Woebcke Diana Woodruff SOPHOMORES Evelyn Brokenshire Mary Mendenhall Barbara Flick Anna Neff Carol Druhan Ann Richardson Rheda Leach Jonel Whipple FRESHMEN Sue Benjamin Jacqueline Lusher Jean Brandt-Erichsen Roberta McDowall Ann Dunmire Jeanne Shelley Anita Jung Marianne Zerweck SPRING RESIDENTS Mary Beghetti Joanne Hagen Patricia Flegal Shirley Mitchell Josephine Robustalli 370 Aldredge Chinn Bispo Brisebois Howard Murphy Reidy Sinclear Strader Young Bakalle Badgley Foon Hankenson Kallin Sawyer Steindopf Ung Wilson Woebcke Woodruff Brokenshire Druhan Neff Richardson Benjamin Brandt-Erichsen Dunmire Jung Lusher McDowall Shelley Barbara Cropper Elizabeth Fleenor Bryna Freibrun Nancy Frye Alma Hunt Garland Benton Carol Burton Nancy Clark Dorothy Dodge Phyllis Blatz Kathleen Davis June Fields Marilyn Hahn Trilla Holmes Ardath Hovland Dianne Jones Miriam Bab Josephine Farina Virginia Fox Mary Ellen Huelsman Joyce Jones Rose Kong Shirley Lipian Joyce Halberstadt Barbara Small Marie Thompson Hertha Weinstein FRESHMEN Sheila Mattson Carol Moore Hillis Steele Sally Thomas Roberta Tim Norma Trumure Joyce Van Haren Louise Neuman Betty Pacheco Pat Petersen Sidney Richardson Judith Teel Beverly Voogt Joyce Williams SPRING PLEDGES Stratford hall 2520 DURANT AVENUE SENIORS Jacqueline Mabry Joan Norton Vernagene Patterson Linda Peelle Marlene Todd Betty Travis JUNIORS Shirley Hickey Nancy Kaplin Constance Kurosawa Katherine Little Genie Livanos SOPHOMORES Mary McLean Charlotte Redman Sidnia Snow Rosie Tallerico Helen Twist Cropper Fleenor Freibrun Frye Hart Mabry Norton Patterson Peel le Todd Travis Burton Clark Halberstadt Smal I Hickey Kapl in Kurosawa Little McLean Redman Snow Twist Blatz Davis Fields Jones Mattson Moore Thomas Tim stern hall The house on the hill celebrated a decade of achievement and success last October, and this year was no exception . . . the added excitement at their Fall Informal when Leatrice Knopf learned she was Women ' s Rep ... kite flying on the roof in windy weather ... Sophs finally taking up bridge . . . a bebop version of Snow White and the Five Dwarfs at Stag Nite Kingery ' s nights away from home guiding the fortunes of WDA . . . the Houdini-like disappearance of the Freshmen and the Seniors on their sneaks ... careening down the hill made more difficult with Rosie ' s absence, but still having Tweetie peace descending when the University finally ran out of space for new buildings at our end of campus . . . exchanges, and the pinnings and engagements which always follow . . . the fond adieus at Senior Dinner which brought the start of their second decade to an end. GRADUATE Phyllis Oakley Ananell Anderson Dagmar Benioff Louise Bennett Sheila Darling Barbara George Mary Austin Beth Bronson Ruth Chan Marilyn Coates Marion Downing Margaret Evers Ann Forman Frances Forsey SENIORS Sylvia Herold Joan Igram Joan Kingery Louise Macfarland Margaret McHugh JUNIORS Carol Freyschlage Margaret Gannon Myra Garrett Elizabeth Hagenbuch Joan Hartley Barbara Hosmer Roberta Howson Leatrice Knopf Barbara Kroeger Evelyn Morrison Patricia Mullin Lelia Patterson Nancy Ward Ann Winslow Betty Lee Patricia Penn Marie Schwede Joan Stimson Roberta Thatcher Frances Winton Alice Yackey Alice Yun Oakley Anderson Benioff Bennett Darling George Ingram Kingery McHugh Morrison Patterson Ward Winslow Bronson Chan Coates Downing Evers Forman Forsey Freyschlage Gannon Garrett Hagenbuch Hartley Hosmer Howson Knopf Kroeger Lee, B. Penn Schwede Thatcher Yackey Yun Bain Bokinskie Boynton Chang CI ifford Cowg i II Dobrowsky Foladare 372 Garbani Gunderson H itt Hollander Joy Kessler Manwaring Mitchel I Parkins Pepper Raggio Rasmussen Ryan Smith Stewart Sturtz Wayne Whitten Wright Bailey Baker Callaghan Chipman Carr Cortes Corzine Deitch Dent Irvine Jud Jue Kearns Lund Lyle Woore Osiel Perle Price Rubin Scott Shumway Stuewe Tre lease stern hall Linda Bain Mary Bokinskie Patricia Boynton Priscilla Chang Marlene Clifford Diane Cowgill Sherrill Dobrowsky Corinne Foladare Pearl Garbani Glea Gunderson Nanon Hitt Theresa Hollander Carol Joy Marie Bally Barbara Baker Dana Callaghan Janet Chipman Sherry Corr Gay Cortes Carol Corzine Carolyn Deitch Janet Dent Mirian Irvine Anne Jud Dorothy Jue Maureen Aranow Yvette Bilkiss Joan Chargin Joanne Erskine SOPHOMORES Helen Kessler Millicent Manwaring Donna Mitchell Durfee Parkins Sheila Pepper Allene Raggio Claudia Rasmussen Mildred Ryan Sharon Smith Josephine Stewart Betty Sturtz Carole Wayne Suzanne Whitten Janet Wright FRESHMEN Patricia Kearns Nancy Lund Jane Lyle Nancy Moore Nanette Osiel Rickie Perle Sarah Price Sandra Rubin Marilyn Scott Roselma Shumway Mary Anne Stuewe Carol Trelease SPRING RESIDENTS Regina Haddican Mary Middleton Joan Sharp Sylvia Sheikman Joan Hawkins Beverly Buchholz Wynona Mushlitz Helen Olivier Johanna Mae Allen Debra Lee Dinic Virginia Griffin Carol Hall bryn mawr 2328 BOWDITCH FRESHMEN Nancy Howell Pat Jackson Marilyn Miller Betty Romdahl Vaden Willis GRADUATES Krisna Tantranon Joan Horton Joyce Packard Joan Patterson SENIORS JUNIORS Tantranon Buchholz Horton Mushlitz Olivier Patterson Allen Hall Romdahl Willis Corrine Corbelli Marie Fanucce Carol Macknight Jane Marshall FRESHMEN Jackie Oliver Donna Rannells Nanette Smario Dorothy Stauffer Virginia Barger Lou Bishop Nancy Andrus Ellie Broidy Judy Baskind Diana Dial lantana 2437 PIEDMONT AVENUE GRADUATE Barbara Ohlandt SENIORS Audree Garrigues Ruth Jones Edna Prouty JUNIORS Wilma Fraysier Grace Merrill SOPHOMORES Janice Gall Carol MacDonald SPRING RESIDENTS Donna Bernstein Carol Jefferson Frances Reed Ohlandt Barger Bishop Garrigues Jones Prouty Andrus Broidy Fraysier Merrill Baskind Dial Gall MacDonald Fanucci MacKnight Marshall Oliver Smario Stauffer 174 Shirley Brighouse Phyllis Chandler Patricia Doherty Vena Goulet Barbara Newell the meridith 2334 BOWDITCH STREET GRADUATE Barbara Larsen JUNIOR Dorothy Daniel SOPHOMORES Joanne Hagen Ann Harvey FRESHMEN Loretta Null Loretta Tigunay Marjorie Townsend Larsen Daniel Brighouse Chandler Hagen Harvey Doherty Goulet Null Tigunay Townsend Ann Grafft Coleen Haggard Betts Kimbrell McNinch Sischo Veano Kepke McCullough Darkenwald Slomer Grafft Haggard Manring Norton Roloff prospect terrace 2405 PROSPECT STREET GRADUATE Dorothie Betts SENIORS Virginia Kimbrell Joan Sischo Barbara McNinch Sandy Veano JUNIORS Pat Kepke Colleen McCullough SOPHOMORES Dorothy Darkenwald Ann Slomer FRESHMEN Dolores Manring Lauren Norton Paula Roloff warring place 2434 WARRING STREET SENIORS Dagne Nordholm Dorothy Shanks Carol Taylor JUNIORS Merlon Johnson Joann Owen Marjorie Young SOPHOMORES Eva Quilici Zena Trager FRESHMEN Susan Peacock Sylvia Salisbury Patricia Tighe SPRING RESIDENT Lynn Hallowell Diane Ansara Louise Combs Anne MacLeod Barbara May Joyce Collins Jeanne Giovannoni Sara Keller Susan Eveleth Ruth Goodstein Collins Giovannoni Keller Nordholm Shanks Taylor Eveleth Goodstein Young Ansara Comas Quilici Trag er MacLeod May Peacock Tighe bayview terrace 2335 WARRING STREET JUNIOR Diane Kitchin ti Claudia Gratton Mary Klum Cecilia Barcroft Virginia Bushman Marilyn Gendel SOPHOMORES Karen McBride Phyllis Peres FRESHMEN Leah Gerber Barbara Hall Madeline Hambric Bernice Rosenfeld Kitchin Grattan Klum McBride Peres Barcroft Bushman Ganda! Gerber Hall Hambric Rosenfeld bowies hall Bowles Hall counted this school year as another outstanding one in the history of the Hall. Its members participated in virtually every campus activity. Academic and social standards remained at the highest with intrahall organization superlative under presidents Harris Steiner and Charlie Larsen. In short the men of Bowles once again kept alive their traditional slogan, Education Through Fellowship. Their social calendar included eight outstanding parties, many serenades and exchanges, and culminated in formals at the Orinda Country Club in December and at the St. Francis Hotel in May. Adams Almanzo Alvernez Burns Bush Clark Class Collier Council Curtis Davie Dinkelspiel Dunn Forrester Graf Hammond Hays Johnson Kaplan Klauder Knauer Koepke Lamon Larson Leach Locarnini McCormack Marshall Mellis Meyenberg Miller Mineta Mittleman Monson Parker Pavlow 378 Porterfield Rails Richards Selby Sharp Simonson Sproule Stottlemyer Stuart Woodruff Abramovice Addicott Auslen Barton Bridges Brown Bush Butler Capp Clarke Countryman Crampton Delvaille Dickson Dworack Engvall Filiponi Forelli Gaffrey Gram Hargrove Huggins Kimber Lee Luis McClelland GRADUATE Robert Patterson SENIORS Samuel Adams Robert Almanzo Varney Alvernez Joseph Angello Jared Buck Douglas Burns Lawrence Bush Alexander Cecil James Clark John Class Duane Collier Bryan Counsil Jerome Curtis Walter Davie Peter Dinkelspiel Bobby Dunn Forrest Duranceau Emmett Forrester Alfred Graf Robert Hammond Robert Hays David Hood Eldon Johnson Daniel Kaplan John Klaudcr Christopher Knauer Don Koepke Robert Krouss John Lamo n Charles Larson David Leach Wallace Locarnini Alan McCormack Christian Manzoni Lawrence Marshall Bud Meyenberg Robert Miller Norman Mineta Louis Mittelman Harry Monson Daniel Navon Richard Parker George Pavlow Richard Peterson James Porterfield Gordon Rails Warren Richards Jim Selby Daniel Sharp David Shieman Donald Simonson William Sproule Harris Steiner Don Stottlemyer Charles Stuart Wayne Woodruff JUNIORS Gates Abramovice Nelson Hansen Gerald Addicott Richard Hargrove Donald Auslen Richard Hatch Morris Barnett William Hill Hugh Barton Donald Huggins Laurence Beller Bruce Hyman Barry Brown Warren Johnston Larry Bridges Robert Kimber John Bush Daniel Lee Leland Butler Robert Luis Charles Capp Wilson McClelland William Clarke Ernest Malamttd Clifford Colvin James Matthews Louis Countryman Ivan Meitus John Crabbe Jack Meyer Howard Crampton William Mitchell John Delvaille John Nelson William DeVries James Post Douglas Dickson David Reeves Gerald Dogger Philip Richter David Dworack George Schulz Kenneth Edmeades Warren Smith John Engvall David Tarr Donald Feuerstein Darrell Twisselman Herbert Filipponi David Wagner Frank Forelli Harold Weitzner Richard Gaffery John Zachry Marshall Gram Joseph Zaerr Phillip Zediker bowies hall Four Bowles men served as reps-at-large on the Executive Committee, and many more were active in other ASUC activities. Athletes from the Hall participated in eleven University sports, and Bowles again fielded top-notch intramural teams. During the year Bowles men enjoyed a serenade from the band after every home football game; they built the float for the Big Game Queen; they remembered alumnus John P. Erdman at his memorial beer bust; they honored their graduating seniors at steak dinners and laughed at the traditional presentations of the thing. All agreed that this was a good year. Matthews Meitus Meyer Mitchell Nelson Post Reeves Richter Schultz Tarr Wagner Zachry Zaerr Anderson Bae Baum Baxter Beall Boyce Coomes Durkee Ellenberg Fitzpatrick Gardner Gilbert, J. Girard Gonos Hezlop Holmes Honea, F. Honea, M. Klamt Koenig Krichman Leach Lewis McDonald March Mayo 380 Nielson Peters Pifel Rabinowitz Rancy Rocker Sanderson Schelling Thomas Twisselman, T. Calton Campbell Deardorff Gates Gilbert, B. Gilbert, G. Gillies Hartzell Hutchins Lynch McClelland, M. Mevi Miller O ' Connor Parry Penrose Pracht Robinson Ryan Scriven Stark Swinnerton Van Houten Webster Welnick Willens Lanford Adami Thomas Adams James Arbuckle Gerald Bower Lowell Brown Francis Calton Albert Campbell James Cooney Jim Davison Walter Deardorff James Gates Barry Gilbert Gary Gilbert Donald Gillies Harold Griggs Murray Hannon Robert Hartzell Arnold Hoffman Charles Holmes Denton Holmes John Hutchins FRESHMEN James Kern Jerome Klotz Layton Lynch Max McClelland Paul McKaskle John Mevi Thomas Miller Dick O ' Connor Richard Parry William Penrose Fred Pracht Donald Robinson Donald Rutledge Lawrence Ryan Marc Scriven Walter Stark Ronald Swinnerton Peter Van Houten Thomas Webster Robert Welnick Earl Willens Robert Woodford SOPHOMORES Michael Aggeler Robert Klamt Lawrence Anderson Roland Koenig George Anno Peter Krichman Owen Bae Bradford Kruger Theodore Bailey Howard Leach John Batzler Jerry Lewis Elliot Baum Roy Linn David Baxter Donald Linsdale Edgar Beall Norman McDonald Thomas Boyce Jack Mackay Joseph Commes Paul March Robert Durkee Robert Mayo Roger Eld ridge Robert Nielson Alexander Ellenberg Lloyd Old Joseph Fitzpatrick Richard Peters Robert Gardner Bruce Pifel Gerald Gilbert Lawrence Rabinowitz Donald Girard Lew 13 ancy Arthur Gonos Gene Rocker John Heilbron Donald Saba Robert Hezlop Rod Sanderson Jerry Holmes Sidney Schelling Franklin Honea William Thomas Milton Honea Theodore Twisselman n Ralph Juhl George Walke r SPRING RESIDENTS Brian Adams William de Camp William Foster Richard Fradella Gerald Gebhardt Eldo Grupp Donald Harkness Stephen Kauffman Thomas Light Stanley Loeb Richard McFarland William McKeeman Marvin Melton John Millis Dale Moffitt Richard Moore Karl Munz Richard Parry Mickey Perry George Pierrou Lonnie Spurrier Richard Stanhope Carter Swenson Roy Van Pelt Frederick Workman James Yelland sm y th association HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY In the two years since its beginning, Smyth Association has made great progress towards its goal of internal social organization and integration into campus life. Members participated in almost every phase of campus activity and were top contenders in intramural sports. Their balanced social calendar included dances, exchanges, picnics and parties for every occasion. This program was rounded out each semester by an informal and was then topped off with a formal held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco. At their Spring formal the first " Girl of the Hill " was crowned. Their two hundred members could be counted upon to turn out for the Hall events, whether they were dances, sports, picnics, or such projects as the construction of their new basketball court or their Homecoming Parade float. As one of their contributions to the WSSF drive, Smyth took part in presenting the " Hilltop Casino. " The WSSF " Ugly-man Contest " and the Cal Circus received the support of the Hall. Farrand Kivien Adams Ahramjian Barden Blanz Dahms Denevan Doggett Ducker Frederick Hubbard !Coiner Lee Little, D. Hessler Perry Petersen Peterson, J. Polland Riese Siverts Skilling Tel lep Wagner Anastasopulos Anderson Ayers 382 GRADUATES Bud Farrand John Kivlen SOPHOMORES Albert Adams Leo Ahramjian Bernard Barden Frank Barr Erwin Blanz Albert Brutocao Frank Dahms Bill Denevan Jim Doggett Howard Ducker Steward Frederick John Gleed Colin Hubbard Rodney Jones Carl Koiner Robert Latz Elmer Lee Dick Little E. I. Aguilera Ted Anastasopulos Phillip Anderson William Ayers Sam Coffelt John Cowan Robert Crockett Alfred Cuthbert Duane Dalley Glenn Davies Robert DeHaan Kenneth DeWhirst George Dunlap Kim Dyche John Elmer Ted George Walter Hanson James Haug William Hayes Harold Heide Robert Hirst Leonard Agnew Lawrence Babow Peter Baker Robert Beadnell Jess Bequette Alton Bock Wesley Brandhorst George Brockett Robert Brown Samuel Butler Cowan Elmer Keegan Powers Worley Dyche Justeson Payne Webber Brown DeWhirst Luce Watkins Bock Coleman Davies Haug Lopez Twelker Bequette Carter A. Dal ley George Little, J. Tese I le Agnew Butler James Carter Franklin Chapman Bill Coelho Bill Coleman Ron Compton William Cox Robert Deitz Roger Diggins Robert Edwards William Edwards SENIORS Walter Masciorini Bud Mears Joe Nessler David Perry John Petersen John Peterson William Pippin Alvin Polland Wallis Riese Arthur Ryder Robert Shelby Truman Siverts James Skilling Dan Tellep Robert Thompson Keith Thornton Claude Tucker John Wagner JUNIORS Vince Justeson James Keegan Jack Little Manuel Lopez Don Luce Robert McDonald Roland Payne Jerald Powers Alan Rasmussen Robert Sarquis Ivan Stice Alan Suenaga Donald Teselle Wilbur Tucker Bill Twelker Lee Watkins Robert Webber Robert Whipple Kenneth Wollitz Bill Worley Ted Yale smyth association Many members of Smyth Association participated in campus activities this last year. The Model Senate president, Ted Yale, and seven of the senators were from the Hall. Herb Schmitz was WSSF chairman, Johnny Trias was tops in varsity diving, Bill Denevan played varsity tennis, Bruce Ducker and Sam Coffelt ranked high on varsity crew, Harvey Knoerschild headed Tower and Flame, Carey McWilliams was on the varsity debating team, and the " Hilltoppers " quartet sang for many a successful campus function. Many spectators at the Homecoming Parade were surprised by Smyth ' s float, a thirty-foot tall Cal Bear which turned from side to side and bowed to the crowd. Shouts of amazement went up when it bent low to pass through Sather Gate. The year was well filled with activities to suit every taste but scholarship was still held high. Smyth ranked fifth in academic standing among all men ' s living groups on campus. Led by able presidents Jim Skilling and John Petersen, Smythmen developed an increasing Cal spirit each semester as steps were taken to make this relatively new member of the University family an active zation on campus. Compton Cox Evans Fore Giorni Grant Greschel, C. Hastings Hauserman Hendricks Karsten Keith Knapp Knoernschild Krueger Kubin Leach Loeb Longacre Nelson Peccorini Petereit Rhodes Santos Smithson Tanner Towne Trias 384 Walz Beekler Bonanno Booty Bridges Chikuma Coats Coffee Costanzo Douvos Gaims Greschel, B. Hammon Jewell Klinge Lamoreaux Maciel Meerly Mendoza Millis Olson O ' Shaughnessy Peterson, W. Stewart Teeter Thompson Tornberg Walker SOPHOMORES (continued) Allan Evans Stan Loeb Neil Fore Elliott Longacre Bob Georni Wilson McWilliams Galen Grant Tom Merrigan Charley Greschel Merrit Nelson William Hanf Mike Peccorini Robert Hasselman Henry Petereit James Hastings Lawrence Rhodes Bill Hauserman Wesley Robinson Raymond Heberer Martin Roe Robert Helseth Richard Roe Zeke Hendricks Enos Santos Ronald Henley Herbert Schmitz Ernest Karsten Michael Schwabacher Sidney Keith Thomas Shepherd Richard Knapp Raymond Smithson Harvey Knoernschild Bill Tanner George Krueger Walter Torbet Robert Kubin Lee Towne Roger Leach John Trias John Lee Peter Walz John Lehman Arthur Weinberg Kenneth Leong Jerome Whiting Thomas Wrigley FRESHMEN Dan Beekler David McCarville Stephen Bonanno Earl McCune Kelvin Booty William McKeeman Joel Breitbart Gary Maciel William Bridges Roy Mariani Ted Chikuma William Mayfield Roy Coats Richard Meerly Harold Coffee Barry Mendoza Robert Costanzo George Merdalo Paul D ' Amico John Millis William DeCamp Ed Olson Angelo Doubos James O ' Shaughnessy Jim Duffey Dick Parker Eugene Fletcher Wayne Peterson John Gaims Mario Piche Don Gilbert Robert Prutch Bill Greschel Jennings Revely Lee Gorusuch Randall Ross Ben Hammon John Schulz David Harris John Schwabacher LeRoy Harris Thomas Steen Kenneth Haslam Young Stewart Edward Hoffman Harry Stockwell Keith Jewell Dwight Teeter Richard Kline William Thompson Ronald Klinge Kenneth Tornberg Larry Lamoreaux Kenneth Tucker Arthur Loring Bill Walker John Zimmerman SPRING RESIDENTS William Beeman Alan Lovett John Booker Russell McFarland David Brooks Daryl McGuire Charles Chackerian Duane Morris Donald Chamberlain Peter Nickolas James Christensen Joseph Norton Thomas Colton Phillip Padou Robert Copple Luis Quintero Geoffrey Davis Raymond Dudley Alberto Raffetto Peter Reynolds Richard Rigg Alfred Durante Frank Robben Glenn Frase r William Stuve Arthur Garabedian Paul Tom Eric Gauglitz Stanley Wedding Paul Gliebe Henry Weiner John Grosvenor Richard Welch Michael Higgs Meridith Wills Harold Hildebrant Fred Zamada Cohn Hubbard Harris Zeff George Lendaris Zittel Herman FRONT ROW, left to right: !Caren Birkholm, Ginger Chubb, Sue Tuttle, Buol Burns. SECOND ROW: Joan Dougherty, Peggy Ross, Nancy Remensperger, Mary Hager, Mollie Shea. BACK ROW: Kathy Kirk, Nancy Robinson, Betty Halenbach, AnaMu St. John, Lynn Johnson. ace of clubs (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER alpha delta sigma (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS MEMBERS George Abernathy Ed Gilligan Ron Accornero Lynn Higgins Larry Blair Ted McHale Jim Cooley James McNeill Forrest DeLong Charles Miller Walt Feather Jack Strickman S Abernathy Blair Cooley Feather Gillican Higgins McHale McNeill Miller Strickman aIche (California Chapter of Student Affiliates) FRONT ROW, left to right: George Sun, Alan Haisser, Art Ryder, Kenneth Gordon, Gene Russell. SECOND ROW: Dan March, Rod Pence, Richard Nichols, Fred Poucher. BACK ROW: Bill Thunberg, Ed Grens, Bill Hauserman, Glenn Burke. alpha phi omega (National Boy Scout Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Sal Mascitelli, W. B. Steiner, Richard F. Kline, Jim Thompson, Gil Winter, Paul Donath, Art Woodworth, George S. Wang. SECOND ROW: Leon Levy, John C. McDonald, Wilbur Charter, J. Burns McCalman, William C. Morley, Maurice F. Clapp, Donald L. Hoskins, W. E. Chainey, Louis Kahn, James E. Tyhurst. THIRD ROW: Harry Krueper, Wheeler S. Edwards, Hal Wilson, Jim Kaar, Chuck Dickinson, Tom Marshall, Willis Blanchard, Gene Siegrist, Tom Chiu, Don Day, Herschey Sharr. BACK ROW: Ernest Krumm, James Leland, Thomas Cook, William Johnson, Ray Youmans, Tom Doctor, John Farmer. 388 FRONT ROW, left to right: Joyce Keoseyan, Arman Kizirian, Onnik Kupelian, Eleanor Baronian, Seta Sherinian, Knar Bagirian. SECOND ROW: John Kafafian, Leo Ahramjian, Richard Hovannisian, Richard Sarafian, Sam Markarian. BACK ROW: Vahak K. Sahakian, Rudolf Babikian, Ted A. Keoseyan, Harry Halajian. alpha rho mu ARMENIAN STUDENTS CLUB FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Drea, Joe Osgood, George Kyer, Gordon Marsh, Barry Brown. SECOND ROW: John Larson, Armand Maggenti, Dan Lee, Julius Menn, Bob Wagner, Phillips. BACK ROW: Jerry Curtis, Bill Bergin, Don Reukema, Charles Dickinson, John Nakata. alpha zeta (Honorary Agricultural Fraternity) CALIFORNIA CHAPTER american red cross COLLEGE UNITS FOUNDED, 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 FRONT ROW, left to right: Sharon Smith, Betty Carol Shinn, Carolyn Swenson. BACK ROW: Joyce Paige, Barbara Vi land, Joanne Franklin, Helen Banbrock. arnold air society (National Air Force Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, 1947 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SQUADRON FOUNDED, 1952 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT SQUADRONS FRONT ROW, left to right: Hollis Whitmer, John Owens, Leonard Isabelle, Spring Squadron Commander Albert Dutra, Fall Squadron Barnes Riznik, Jery Montague, George Whiting, James Pichon. SECOND ROW: James Broder, David Berg, Ronald Reuther, Edward Angel, Jerry Walter Lai, Leonard Leong. THIRD ROW: Jerald Hinton, Jed Adams, Winton Mather, Ronald Lyons, Paul Tom, Louis Kahn, Michael Schwabacher. BACK ROW: Howard Wiggins, John Livingstone, Fred Marler, Jack McCollum, Wesley Owens, Robert Silva, Gary Tucker. 390 FRONT ROW, left to right: Frank Currie, Stan Verdi, George Avery, Howard Harris, Gilbert Fraga, Pete Janopaul, John Dosier, Bob Witbeck, Tom Lewis, Hank Mohie. SECOND ROW: Bill Schak, Lindsay Smith, John Engvall, Hans-Jurgen Schultz, Charles Henderson, Oliver Smith, E. H. Buchner, Darold Nelson, William Volkert, James Strong, Clarence Young. BACK ROW: Paul Sorensen, Sid Friedman, Ben Legere, Don Harris, Frank Smith, Gene Rheault, Donald Wong, Don Strand, Frank Salfingere. asce PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED, 1852 U. C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED, 1921 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Clifford Asvitt, Lloyd Krause, Kun Yuan, George Lozano, Robert Latz, Charles Peck, Ernest Starkman, John Tinley, Ray Flickinger, Robert Houston, Carlos Valdivia, Paul Seaborn, Roland Ilsenko. SECOND ROW: Hayami Fujii, Harry Manning, Miles Messenger, Bill Miller, Martin Weiner, Don Edwards, Neil Norman, Dick Henderson, Gordon Rails, Gordon Whyte, George Wilson, Richard Murphy. THIRD ROW: Keith Buck, Stephen Zellner, Douglas Tanner, Niels Borch, Hobart Hudson, Bruce Heckert, Dieter Rall, Arnold Soderberg, Kenneth Neuschwander, Andrew Karchak, Richard Toth. FOURTH ROW: Sanvus Yuan, Henry Fong, Harold Iversen, Bernard Barden, Patrick Gildea, William Nephew, Victor Kebely, Robert Heacock, Valentin Vitols, Joseph Scheffer, Ralph Gillette, Lloyd Friesen. BACK ROW: Philip Brown, George Lee, Donald Dunlop, Richard Brumm, J. G. Sullivan, Jack Rodden, Robert Argo, Walter Maybee, Donald Mortensen, Al Braccini, Ned Shaw, Richard Don. asme PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED, 1880 U. C. STUDENT BRANCH ESTABLISHED 1911 tower and flame (Lower Division Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 FRONT ROW, left to right: Joann Cass, Evadna Sa ywell, Anne Firth, Margot Eichmann, Sharon McVey, Diana Chiljan, Marian O ' Brien, Alix Bouldin, Bob Cowan. SECOND ROW: Don Martin, Alfred Block, Alfred Ouryoung, Dianne Driver, Faye Sargent, Jane Abbot, Kwok Fang, James Pendergast. BACK ROW: Bill Greschel, Harvey Knoernochild, Geo. Lendaris, Gerald Gray, Angelo Douvos, Kelvin Booty, John Robson, David Pendergast. VA. la. FRONT ROW, left to right: Donald Simonson, John Copren, McCallum, Tom True, Thomas Art Robson, Anthony Martinez. OND ROW: Erwin Kelly, Louis Kahn, Robert Mott, Fred Marler, Ridgeway, Cy Silver. BACK ROW: Daniel Lee, Charles Lawson, Jerry Drennan, Wayne Henderson. baton (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER 392 FRONT ROW, left to right: Joan Amaral, Robin Redwine, Robert Tippins, Robert Arentsen, Prof. Moorvitz, Kurt Fraenkel, Nita Banyz, Elizabeth Jones. SECOND ROW: Marty Sosnick, Donald Corosi, Dale McKeen, Jerry Porter, Sam Hepworth, Louis Weider, Robert Zembsh. BACK ROW: Peter Dismant, Donald Bouchet, Neil Morosa, George Stiles, Adolph Nicolai, Bryan Counsil. beta alpha psi (National Accounting Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1911 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 beta gamma sigma (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS SEATED, left to right: Joan Amaral, Eleanor Bakosh, Robert Tippins, F. T. Maim, Joan Horton. STANDING: Jerome Stark, Wint Mather, Kurt Fraenkel, Robin Redwine, Paul Donath, Gordon Crowell, George Abernathy, Louis Weider. FRONT ROW, left to right: Shang Wen Yuan, Joseph Cham, Billy Dick Witt, Clarence Chan, Prof. J. H. Jones, Hal Munn. SECOND ROW: Basil Keith Thornton, John Laymon, James Clark, Ephraim Hirsch, Richard Wong, John Varoza, James Strong. THIRD ROW: Frank Clendenen, Roger Larson, Wood, George Avery, Raj Desai, Howard Harris, Tom Whitten, Dick Biggs, Nelson. BACK ROW: Harry Krueper, Paul Sorensen, Frank Currie, Bill Goff, Phil Woods, Art Gardner, Fred Graebe, Dick Wasley, Travis Smith, Bill Schak, Ed Delano. chi epsilon ( National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS eta kappa nu ( Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 1915 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Markevitch, Abraham Bern, Saul Ray Riley, Bob Bremmer, Roland Schinzinger. SECOND ROW: Jaan Kannelaud, Charles Kulmann, Robert Wu, Parks L. Phelps, Bernard S. Albert, William G. THIRD ROW: Ernest Fish, Rhodes Roger, Amos Oka, Paul Hart, Sammie L. Webster. BACK ROW: Richard Breitenstein, Claude Tucker, Curtis Richard Cowden, Gunars Kemanis. 394 college women ' s club juniors JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST OF THE AMERICAN OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN OFFICERS Spring ' 53 Fall ' 52 Spring ' 52 President Mildred Berg Courine Wisott Marian Magovern First Vice-President Joanne Anderson.. Jorene Mines Joanne Niven Second Vice-President Helen Vaughn Mildred Berg Courine Wisott Third Vice-President Gloria Anderson Helen Vaughn Barbara Kyte Secretary Leal Davidson Janice Culver Helen Neilson Treasurer M ' liss Harris Evelyn Durland Shirley Weller Philanthropic Chairman_. Shirley Michael Mliss Harris Carol Blakemore Publicity Chairman Carol Blakemore Dorothy Newell Janice Culver Service Representative Carol Meyer Barbara Kyte Gwen Leavitt Anderson Bell Benjamin Berg Blakemore Campbell Culver Durland Evanikoff Fisher Fleenor Foster Frieder George Green Gross Harris Hickey Kummerfeld Kyte Le Moine L ' Esperance Ludo1ph Magovern McLean Meyer Michael Millard Mines Onetti Patterson Peterson Schubb Todd Vaughn Vaugh Vis Walker Wescott MEMBERS Jean Knierim Ruthie Kummerfeld Barbara Kyte Ann La Grone Grunetta Langford Jackie Le Moine Juanita L ' Esperance Marilyn Lowe Rhea Ludolph Marian Magovern Alice McCrudden Mary Ellen McLean Shirley Metz Carol Meyer Shirley Michael Janet Millard Jorene Mines Dorothy Newell Shirley Norman Mary Onetti Adrienne Oscaumou Vernagene Patterson Carol Peterson Mileva Prodanovich Janet Schubb Janice Short Lilyan Smart Ann Smith Joan Spiersh Marjorie Stone Melisse Straszer Rosie Tallerico Marlene Todd Joan Varney Beverly Vaughn Helen Vaughn Jackie Vis Joan Walker Carolyn Ward Courine Wisott Yater Gloria Anderson Joanne Anderson Shirley Anderson Fay Arney Ann Bell Miriam Benjamin Mildred Berg Carol Blakemore Carol Boynton Lucia Brandon Beverly Breitenbucher Maxine Bressodola Pat Brogan Jean Campbell Barbara Canty Dolores Conta Janice Culver Leal Davidson Patricia Degenhart Dorothy Dodge Evelyn Durland Jean Evanikoff Joyce Evans Dolores Fisher Betty Fleenor Sally Foster Mary Ellen Frederick Camila Frieder Janet Friederich Barbara George Anne Gordon Lynn Green Helen Jean Gross Carol Hack M ' liss Harris Shirley Hickey Laleta Hindman Shirley Holbrook Sylvia Horta Dolores Jones Frances delta phi epsilon (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS Fall OFFICERS Spring President Robert Boyle Vice-President John He ss Secretary Albert Suezaki Mailing Secretary Donald Stewart Treasurer Jack Blanshei Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Wallace Historian Kenneth Wesolik Librarian Jack Underhill Gull Editor George Pappas NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT Maynard Center MEMBERS Douglas Gover Russell Moran Edward Sheehan Albert Suezaki Wayne Crawford Edwin Winberg Robert Moore John McDonald John Hess John Adams Varney Alvernaz Jack Blanshei Frank Corona, Jr. James Dougherty Crandell Epps Charles Hedges Richard Herr Richard Holler Ernest Ka1m Victor Morales Raymond Orr Carlos Rivamonte Ralph Seward Arthur Simpson Charles Sommer Mirko Strazicich Harry Sundby Richard Wheeler John Zenco Blanshei Corona Crawford Epps Holler March McDonald Moore Pappas Rivamonte Simpson Stewart Adams Alvernaz Gover Hedges Morales O ' Conner Suezak Sundby Underhill Wallace Wellington 396 delta sigma pi (Professional Business and Commerce Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY O F NEW YORK, 1907 RHO CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Fall OFFICERS Spring Bill Nielson President Herb Miller Wint Mather Senior Vice-President Augie Hunte Jim Jorgenson Junior Vice-President Jack O ' Connor Al Pentis Secretary Bill Gehres Herb Miller Treasurer Norm Stott John Blaisdell Willis Blanchard Robert Breckenridge Clarence Collins Daniel Friedman William Gehres Jerry Gordon August Hunt Harry Basmajian Elliot Baum Frank Brandes John Dugnan MEMBERS David Hutchinson Douglas Johnson James Jorgensen Dwyane Kennedy Charles Kinard Ronald Matejcik John McKalip Herbert Miller David Mitchell PLEDGES Dale Hall Robert Hein Paul March Richard McSorley William Neilson George Norall John O ' Connor Alfred Pentis Robert Soares Guy Stevick Norman Stott Russell Summers Stephen Paherson Fred Pracht James Smith Darrell Twisselman FACULTY ADVISOR Royal Roberts Aft — Blaisdell Breckenridge Collins Gehres Hutchinson Jorgensen Friedman 111:c1 alip O ' Conner Pentis Soares Stevick Gordon Hunte Miller Norall Stott Summers • gavel and quill (Class Activities Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1949 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Dave Grant, Alison Giddings, Ted Johnson, Scott Simon, Edena Carlson. SECOND ROW: Don Denton, Benjy Abramovice, Phyllis Mackay, Don Langrove, Ralph Hutchinson, Cookie Holtz, Jan Thorn• berry, Sally McDowell. THIRD ROW: Lee Talbot, Keith McMurphy, Dave Olson, Sue Bietzel, Ellen Duncan, Betsy Stewart, Marilyn Schade, Nancy Harris, Jim Muldoon, Barbara Beatty. FOURTH ROW: Wint Mather, Sandy Saunders, Frank Patty, Dick Marston, Mary Huss, Gladys Tolhurst, Virginia Zachery, Beverly Bryant, Betty Terzian, Barbara Templeton. BACK ROW: Dick Parker, John Kerby-Miller, Dick Righter, Sue Beitzel, Louise Fisher, Agnes Liakos, Jody Zuber, Gail Carroll, Roger Gilbert, Jocelyn Muller. hammer and dimmer (Technical Dramatic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Carroll D. Hauser, Janet Grout, Jo Taylor, Virginia Capps, Olive Rosecrans, Marge Gunderson, Morgan Upton, Drian. SECOND ROW: Thelma Susman, Frank Faragoh, Janet Richard Mathews, Marguerite Ray, Fred Wellington, Jackie Vis, Tom Thompson. BACK ROW: Casper Kielland, John Blaisdell, Jcn Elkus, Dick Salter. 398 George P. Adams Leroy Allen David Barrows Albert M. Becker Eric Cyril Bellquist Allen C. Blaisdell Llewlyn Boelter George Briggs John Uberto Calkins, Jr. James Cason Francis L. Chamberlain Ralph W. Chaney Milton Chernin Walter Christie Paul G. Christopulos John B. Condliffe James H. Corley Fred Cozens Alva Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William Donald Carroll Ebright Sidney Ehrman Gregory F. Engelhard Clinton Evans Earl J. Fenston William Warren Ferrier, Jr. Mortimer Fleishhacker Walter Frederick Ram S. Agrawal Varney J. Alvernaz Paul B. Andrew Willard R. Ash Robert P. Atkinson Russell T. Bigelow David B. Birenbaum Russell A. Bohlke John D. Brillhart Maynard Center Henry S. Clark, Jr. Richard A. Clarke James E. Cooley John V. Copren Edward P. Cunliffe Robert S. Daggett Alfred J. Dietsch Hugh W. Ditzler David L. Dugas Jonathan B. Elkus Norman Golds Douglas H. Gordon David R. Grant, Jr. Harry A. Hanson, Jr. Frederic L. Harvey, Jr. Douglas R. Hollenberg Richard J. Holler Donald G. Huggins William R. Hull James H. Hutchinson Toshihiko Kajitani Robert W. Karpe Norman B. Keider Jerome Lackner Leon F. Litwack Robert E. McCarthy, Jr. Jamil Y. Mahshi Alphonso J. Manzano James S. Marinos Paul D. Marr Winton E. Mather Peter N. Mering Herbert P. Moore, Jr. William B. Morrish Charles W. Newman Harold Qu Noack, Jr. Harold C. Norton John P. Olszewski Ronald J. Ostrow Richard Parker James A. Paul Paul A. Peterson James C. Porterfield Howard G. Rath, Jr. John C. Ricksen Rupert H. Ricksen Tomas A. Riha James N. Ross Jack L. Rubin John M. Rubino Charles T. Scharringhausen Daniel A. Sharp Lowell L. Sparks, Jr. Stephen H. Sosnick Lee M. Talbot Robert M. Tanem Rudolph W. Tretten Thomas T. Trowbridge Lucian B. Vandegrift Nicholas Veliotes Richard C. Volberg Harold W. Vorhies Ronald K. Witter Werner F. Wolfen Kunitake M. Yamanaka Robert L. Young golden bear (Senior Men ' s, Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freeborn William J. Norton Phillip F. Griffin Peter H. Odegard Farnham Griffiths John Olmstead Charles A. Gulick Gus Olson T. E. Haley George A. Pettitt Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Clarence M. Price Brutus Hamilton Joseph H. Quire James Harkness Alva W. Ragan Lawrence A. Harper Leon J. Richardson Maurice Harrison James Schaeffer Edward H. Heller James Sheppard John D. Hicks Robert Sibley Joel H. Hildebrand Owen Guinn Smith Harold Hitchcock Vernon M. Smith John Howard Herman A. Spindt Elbert Hugill Verne A. Stadtman Fred Jordan Wendell M. Stanley Robert L. Kersey Frank Stevens A. M. Kidd Hurford E. Stone Frank L. Kidner Fred E. Stripp Harry L. Kingman Jacobus TenBroek Elmo J. Kill Herbert Thompson George D. Louderback H. Sedgefield Thomson Olof Lundberg Robert M. Underhill Stanley McCaffrey Lester C. Uren Donald H. McLaughlin Edwin C. Voorhies Gerald E. Marsh William W. Wadman Woodrow W. Middlekauf Lynn 0. Waldorf Guy Millberry Ralph Waltz Ralfe D. Miller Earl Warren James Moffitt Edward Welch Russell Nagler Garff B. Wilson John Neylan Baldwin M. Woods Robert A. Nisbet Henry S. Yee MEMBERS home economics club FOUR HUNDRED CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Helen Jean Gross, Helen Owyang, Margie Petta, Betty Butler, Rose Wong. SECOND ROW: Jorene Mines, Earleen Wickstrom, Wilma Kerr, Carol Chambers, Mary Bow, Adele Gaile Leavitt. BACK ROW: Clair De Backer, Carol Pearce, Marilyn Beaber, Charlotte Brady, Madelyn William, Maggie Moak, Bobbe Beatty, Joan Taylor. landscape design FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 FRONT ROW, left to right: George Fretz, Gerry Wolff, Yukio Kawaratani, George Walters. SECOND ROW: James Rawls, David Arbe- gart, William Fraley, Richard Paine, Raymond Somb, Edward Pryce. BACK ROW: John Claassen, Joseph Yameda, Arthur Oehme, Eldon Beck, Yacoub Mahshi, Rudolph Platzek, K. Apoydin. 400 international house A residence for American and foreign students, I House together with similar houses at the University of Chicago, Columbia University, and the University of Paris were built by John D. Rockefeller for the promotion of fellowship and understanding. This year, besides the United States, the following geographical areas are represented at I House: Afghanistan Germany Panama Argentina Great Britain Peru Australia Greece Philippine Islands Austria Guatemala Puerto Rico Belgium Hong Kong Portugal Bolivia Iceland Rumania Brazil India Saudi Arabia Burma Indonesia Scotland Canada Iran Singapore Ceylon Iraq South Africa Chile Ireland Spain China Israel Sweden Colombia Italy Switzerland Costa Rica Japan Syria Czechoslovakia Korea Tahiti Denmark Lebanon Thailand Ecuador Mexico Trans Jordan El Salvador Netherlands Turkey Estonia New Zealand U.S.S.R. Finland Norway Venezuela France Pakistan Wales Palestine mortar board (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY SPONSORS Mrs. Mary B. Davidson Mrs. Joseph Quire Mrs. Clark Kerr HONORARY MEMBERS Leila Anderson Mrs. Joseph Quire Margaret Beattie Alice Hoyt Carol Simmons Bell Violet Marshall Mrs. Ralph Chaney Lillie Sherman Louise Cobb Mrs. R. G. Sproul Mary B. Davidson Lucy Stebbins Mrs. Monroe E. Deutsch Mrs. Lynn Waldorf Helen Fancher Dr. Margaret Zeff OFFICERS President Mary Jo Hart Vice-President Nancy Donnelly Secretary Marilyn Jones Treasurer Eleanor Bakosh Project Chairman Patricia Paine Whisler MEMBERS Eleanor Bakosh Marilyn Jones Nancy Ballard Joyce Kislitzen Kallgren Karen Byl Barbara Hall Lapp Edena Carlson Carla Merner Nancy Donnelly Joan Muller Coralee George Elouise Phelps Janet Grout Ruth Simmons Mary Jo Hart Jacqueline Vis Ruth Heintz Patricia Paine Whisler Jenette Inglis Joan Zuber Bakosh Bal lard Byl Carlson Donnelly George Grout Hart Heintz Inglis Jones Kallgren Lapp Merner Muller Phelps Simmons Vis Whisler Zuber 402 FRONT ROW, left to right: Dolores Ferriter, Janet Grout, Jo Taylor, Virginia Capps, Olive Rosecrans, Marge Gunderson, Morgan Upton, Jacqueline Drian, Dianne O ' Donnell. SECOND ROW: William Matheson, Thelma Susman, Frank Faragoh, Richard Mathews, Marguerite Ray, Fred Wellington, Jackie Vis, Tom Thompson. BACK ROW: Carroll D. Hauser, Casper Kielland, John Blaisdell, Gordon Keyes, Jon Elkus, Laura Kent, Dick Salter, Richard D. Ross. mask and dagger (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: P. F. Boswell, G. Parks, E. Steiner, P. Dessau, M. Jacoby, T. I. Shafiq. SECOND ROW: D. J. Beaurequard, Wm. M. Taylor, Hal Larsen, Jerry Rochon, Alan Leighton, Emmett Forrester, BACK ROW: Niels Borch, L. Wayne Abel, Carol Daily, Robert Carlson, Harry Porter, Bill Hicks. mineral technology association (Affiliated Student Association of the AIME) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1902 ONE CHAPTER omicron nu (National Home Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1944 THIRTY- FOUR CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Rose Wong, Norma Herzig, Ann Pickler. BACK ROW: Violet Young, Claire De Baker, Nina Cohen, Carol Pearce. Abeel Amaral Arney Bakosh Baukai Bertillion Car Eakin Horton Laughlin Lee Lewis Ohno Rock Yamanishi phi chi theta (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Natalie Cake, Pat Krieger, Lou Curtice, Carolyn Hardie, Alison Giddings, Carole Baker, Diana Bruce, Janet Chantler, Aramenta Dickey, Janet Williams. BACK ROW: Nancy Poe, Marilyn Leath, Marilou Pereira, Lesle Creech, Sue Beitzel, Nancy Moncure, Julie Geary, Sue Madden, Margaret Wagner, Jaya. Page, Mary Rothganger, Nan Nelson. panile Spring OFFICERS Carol Mixter .... .. . President Alison Giddings Louella Curtice Vice-President Nancy Montgomery Margaret Wagner Recording Secretary Midge Oliver Jean Harris Corresponding Secretary Carolyn Hardin Joyce Page Treasurer Carole Baker Diana Bruce Philanthropic Chairman Barbara Barton Mary B. Davidson Ruth Donnelly HONORARY MEMBERS Katherine Fischer Elsie B. Foster Alice Hoyt Joyce Jenson Catherine Quire Katherine Towle Mary Aulwurm Carol Baker Susan Beitzel Diana Bruce Natalie Cake Janet Chantler Barbara Clymer Lesle Ann Creech Louella Curtis Araminta Dickey Louise Fischer Julie Geary Alison Giddings Claire Hansen FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Ruth Donelly ALUMNAE ADVISOR Jody Zuber MEMBERS Carolyn Harding Jean Harris Joan Haw Janice Hungerford Mary Kelly Pat Krieger Marilyn Leath Susan Madden Carol Mixter Anita Mohr Nancy Moncure Nanette Nelson Midge Oliver Joyce Page Marilou Pereira Nancy Poe Roslyn Puterman Virginia Roach Mary Rothganger Fran Russell Dorothy Thelan Marianne Truscott Margaret Anne Wanger Janet Williams Carolyn Wood Barbara Van Alstine Sara Zumwalt Fall FRONT ROW, left to right: Dennis Patton, Frank Spinelli, Scott Chilcott, Henri Landworth, Harvey Weintraub, Rodger Shepherd. SECOND ROW: Jchn Din, Karl Petermann, Vivian Irvine, Ken Haslam, Steve Bonanno, C. Anne Wheeler, Vivian Karavochos, Alfred Bloch, Michael McLin, Patrick McLin. BACK ROW: Jose Lara, Bob Joyce, Charles Spotts, Frank Walker, Sid Blair, Berigoj Stambuk, Charles Chackerian, Rudy Moos, Jack Connors. premedical society The purpose of the Premedical Society is to encourage, aid, and orient the Premedical student to the challenge he has before him. The Society offers to all Premedical Students: • Authoritative speakers in varied fields of medicine • Restricted medical films • Field trips to hospitals, laboratories, institutions • Bimonthly publication of pertinent news • Library of medical school catalogues • Association with future colleagues • Social events: parties, picnics, etc. Fall OFFICERS Spring Rodger Shepherd President Scott Chilcott Hank Landworth Vice-President Activities Harvey Wientraub Isao Fujimoto Vice-President Advising Hank Landworth Don Rice Secretary Bob Kubin Bob Kubin Treasurer Frank Spinelli FRONT ROW, left to right: Marilyn Jones, Mary Allender, Judith Anderson, Jody Zuber, Nancy Stewart, Virginia Zachery, Ruth Heintz. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kummerfield, Coralee George, Nancy Donnelly, Cleone Koehnen, Sally McDowell, Agnes Liakos, Barbara Lapp, Sheila Darling, Patti Paine, Nancy Ballard. BACK ROW: Elouise Phelps, Edena Carlson, Mary Jo Hart, Mary Beth Strecker, Joan Kingery, Marilyn Schade, Eleanor Bakosh, Joyce Kislitzen, Bev McDonnell. OFFICERS President Nancy Stewart Vice-President Jody Zuber Corresponding Secretary Virginia Zachery Recording Secretary Beverley McDonnell Treasur er Judith Anderson Membership Chairman Mary Allender Project Chairman Sally Gosnell Ritter Representative Ruth Heintz Historian Marilyn Jones ( Junior-Senior Women ' s Honorary) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Miss Leila Anderson Mrs. Sue Brown Miss Sarah Davis Mrs. Marion King Miss Aurora Quiros Mrs. Barbara Armstrong Mrs. Amy Bumstead Mrs. Roth Donnelly Mrs. Jean Macfarlane Miss Carmel Riley Mrs. Anna Bahme Miss Marjorie Carlton Miss Anna Espenschade Mrs. Margaret McQuary Miss Agnes Robb Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Vera Carlton Miss Hope Cladding Mrs. Hildegard Millar Miss Lillie Sherman Miss Eleanor Bartlett Miss Louise Cobb Mrs. Marie Glass Mrs. Agnes Morgan Miss Constance Steel Miss Margaret Beattie Mrs. Charlie Clarke Mrs. Katherine Gowdy Miss Florence Mullins Miss Katherine Towle Miss Frederica Bernhard Miss Edith Coulter Miss Pauline Hidgson Miss Margaret Murdock Mrs. Marguerite Van Der Worker Miss Olga Bridgman Miss Lucille Czarnowski Miss Alice Hoyt Miss Cecil Piper Dr. Margaret Zeff Mrs. Mary Davidson Mrs. Joyce Hensen Mrs. Catherine Quire MEMBERS Seniors Mary Allender Nancy Donnelly Ruth Heintz Beverley McDonnell Elouise Phelps Judith Anderson Helen Dunlop Jeanette Inglis Sally McDowell Marilyn Schade Eleanor Bakosh Joyce Edwards Marilyn Jones Eleanor McIntire Ruth Simmons Nancy Ballard Lucille Forsyth Joan Kingery Carla Merner Nancy Stewart Ann Bell Coralee George Marlene Kingston Joan Muller Mary Beth Strecker Karen Byl Sally Gosnell Barbara Kyte Caroline Naus Jackie Vie Edena Carlson Janet Grout Barbara Hall Lapp Dagne Nordholm Patricia Paine Whisler Ann Carr Marjorie Gunderson Agnes Liakos Joy Ohno Golda Wolfe Marjorie Coombs Mary Jo Hart Crete Lindeke Elaine Oldham Virginia Zachery Sheila Darling Joan Hartley Louise MacFarland Florence Larson Peterson Joan Zuber Evelyn Mar Juniors Shirley Berry Nancy Harris Cleone Koehnen Nancy Moncure Betty Carol Shinn Joanne Baldwin Marjorie Hawkins Ruth Kummerfeld Carolyn Olsson Leslie Spence Janet Cleveland Ann Hawley Margaret Parker Long Ann Paine Joan Tempel Eugenia Donnelly Margaret Hosking Janet Millard Gayle Rivers Barbara Templeton Alison Giddings Barbara Kinkead Nancy Robinson Roberta Thatcher FRONT ROW, left to right: Ruthan Sharts, Julian Jenson, Genevieve Hartzell, Barbara Small, Alicia Burnett, Frances Bourdeau, Anne Beswick. SECOND ROW: Esther Nozaki, Barbara Pearson, Rita Cervantes, Emma Nishita, Melba Brooks, Betty McCracken, Mary Furukawa, Myrtle Scott, Yoshima Yokohari. BACK ROW: Alice Smith, Nancy Smalley, Cally Konkel, Merlon Johnson, Mary Deacon, Barbara Struve, Shirley Freeburg, Eleanor Blom, Marsha Sostick. rns on campus FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1947 Fall OFFICERS Spring Alicia Burnett President Barbara Small Mary Gomez Vice-President Eleanor Newby Barbara Small Secretary Gloria Anderson Roberta Caldwell Treasurer Frances Kirihara Maurine Allen Gloria Anderson Anne Beswick Frances Bourdeau Mella Brooks Dorothy Brown Alicia Burnett Roberta Caldwell Rita Cervantes Shirley Freeberg Mary Gomez Genevieve Hartzell Julia Jensen Mildred Jeter MEMBERS Merlon. Johnson Winifred Kent Katherine Keppel Frances Kirihara Ann Kirkish Lally Konkel Margaret Krinkle Genelle Lemon Peal Lucido Winifred Lytle Betty McCracken Hazel McConald Marilyn Molinari Eleanor Newby Emma Nishita Esther Nozaki Barbara Pearson Nancy Phillips Amalia Riviers Myrtle Scott Esther Seynei Ruthan Sharto Barbara Small Nancy Smalley Pauline Smath Barbara Struve Eula Taylor Irene von Tagen Vivian Wayne 408 FRONT ROW, left to right: Lyn Keiles, Jerry Vanoni, Janice Wood, Stan Silverman. SECOND ROW: Jim Coatsworth, Joanne Niven, Lori Karlotski, Toni Bellamy, Fred Schorken. BACK ROW: Walt Feather, Ron Riven, Dave Coolbaugh, Mike Haley, Al Schorken. social bear s FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1950 ONE CHAPTER Fall OFFICERS Spring Gerald B. Vanoni Director Stan Silverman Lyn Keiles Assistant Director Lyn Keiles Stan Silverman Treasurer Fred Schorken Janice Wood Secretary Janice Wood Fall Loraine Karlotski Toni Bellamy Mike Haley David Wood Steve Abrams Joan Barr Toni Bellamy Henry Berke Frank Browne Clark Caldwell Keith Caudill Joe Chavez Robert Clark Jim Coatsworth Dave Coolbaugh Jack Demorest Ronald Depper Mundhir El Jumaily Bill Blackmer Shirley Blackmer Marvin Duncan Joanne Niven Al Schorken Jim Coatsworth Ron Niven Fred Schorken Farouk El Rawi Wal t Feather Joe Finney Jo Anne Galli Audrey Goodpasture Mike Haley Ralph Hutchinson Dorothy Jackson Carole Jefferson Betty Johnson Robert Jones Loraine Karlotski Lyn Keiles Arthur Kline Danny Kaplan Inge Kaplan Lillian Karlotski COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Walt Feather Keith Caudill Spring Al Schorken MEMBERS Stan Kojac Stan Kines Bernd. Lambert Stanford Lyman Sylvia Lyman Jim McMullen Gus Marke Nancy Martin Abe Mohammed Evalyn Moran Zuhair Munir Bill Mueller Ilson New Joanne Niven HONORARY MEMBERS Virginia Lovejoy Jack Moore Anita Nathan Toni Bellamy Mike Haley Loraine Karlotski Joanne Niven Jim Coatsworth Ron Niven Louis Ozor Doug Patton Jerry Pierrou Richard Redden Peter Reifenberg Bill Reilly Lauren ce Resseguie Diane Rogers Ron Rustad Jack Saint Marie Hank Sachsman Al Schorken Fred Schorken Richard Rasmussen Barbara Rasmussen Bob Wale Frank Browne Dave Coolbaugh Evalyn Moran Sylvia Lyman Dorothy Jackson Mike Shein Stan Silverman Lee Smith Bill Stone Walter Torbet Cliff Tripp Dick Turk Bob Van Blaricom Gerald Vanoni David Wood Janice Wood Eugene Ybarra Harris Zeff Elsie Wale Kathryn Wert pi tau sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1915 PI OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Gordon Whyte, George Lozano, Kun Yuan, Philip Brown, Lloyd Krause, Dieter Rall. SECOND ROW: Bruce Heckert, Robert Latz, Don Edwards, Ed Tjulander, Martin Weiner, Douglas Tanner. BACK ROW: Victor Kebely, Charles Peck, Niels Borch, Carleton Mears, Robert Houston, Richard Toth, Robert Heacock. phi eta sigma (Freshman Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1923 U. C. CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right. John Din, Al Block, Paul Fong, Meitus, Mel McClelland, Lee David. SECOND ROW: Isao Fujimoto, Rabinowitz, Frank Battat, Sandy Fellenberg, Roger Eldridge, Jim Gilbert Winters. BACK ROW: John Haribron, Gery Gray, Dick Charles Sederholm, 410 FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Breitenstein, Kun Yuan, Charles Larsen, Roger Larson, Violetta Lane, Norman Walker, Robert Houston, Werner Goldsmith (faculty advisor), Dieter Rail. SECOND ROW: Bill Paul, Amos Oka, Charles Ku[mann, George Lozano, Lloyd Krause, Shang Wen Yuan, Richard Wong, Gordon Whyte, Richard Toth, Harold Wersen, John Varozza. THIRD ROW: Robert Latz, Bruce Heckert, Ray Riley, Carleton Mears, Richard Wesley, Charles Peck, Fred Graebe, Robert Janopaul, Warner Lusardi, Richard Witt. BACK ROW: Joseph Viglizzo, Bill Schak, Rostislav Parisky, Andrej Sergejevsky, V. Kebely, Dick Nichols, Dick Hexter, Billy Hartz, Bill Blackmer, Stew Frederick, Harold Wood. (Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED, 1907 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS tau beta p1 FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Ziemer, Jacqueline Drian, Ed Anderson, Janet Grout, Jackie Vis. BACK ROW: Casper Kiel land, Morgan Upton, Tom Thompson, Tom Roberts, Fred Wellington, Richard Mathews. thallan (Honorary Directing Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 theta sigma phi (National Professional and Honorary Society for Women in Journalism) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Patricia Stringfellow, Joan Freeborn, Jan Handloff Silverman, Jenette Inglis, Carmelita Mallea, Luita Swales, Carol Leah Eaton. SECOND ROW: Jacqueline Mabry, Barbara Brown, Nancy Roberts, Mavis Amerson, Joan Wolfe, Virginia Kiklas, Caroline Naus, Alta Dudley, Lorraine Bruzzone. BACK ROW: Joyce Halberstadt, Barbara Lang, Sally Lawson, Jan Cleveland, Mary Allender, Sheila Darling, Nini Aigeltinger, Carolyn Daniels. theta tau (Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: G. H. Curtis, Scott Creely, R. R. Doell, George D. Louderdick, Wisser. SECOND ROW: G. Raydon, R. Epis, M. Mad- dock, R. Parker, P. F. Boswell, J. E. Geary, C. E. Herrick. BACK D. Frames, E. Kessler, B. A. Tuller, J. H. Dayvault, J. A. Sawyer, H. Herlyn, Robert Fladeland. FRONT ROW, left to right: Larry Taber, Warre n MacLellan, Dan Saxby, Dave Goodwin, Bill Land, Don Anderson, Jerry Down, Ron Kerns, Jack Risbrough, Dunc Haynes, Jim Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Bob Buwalda, Tom Taylor, George Vukasin, Bob Leslie, Jack Lockhart, Bill Daggett, Steve Jones, Preston Gada, Gordon Reed, Gary Wheatcroft. THIRD ROW: Warren Hellman, Chuck Fraser, Don Smalian, Don Cvietusa, Jack Babcock, Jack Ebey, John Morken, Al Ebright, Webb Hayes, Nick Mulvany, Ray Kellner. FOURTH ROW: Don Meek, Bill Bell, Jere Brooks, Bert White, Pete Newell, Don Rhoades, Morris Kirk, John Livingstone, Howard Wiggins, Henry Meschendorf, Richard Staniford. BACK ROW: Bill Foley, Fred Brenner, Ralph Henkle, Jim Hughes, Doug Stowell, Bob Lowry, Jack Gallagher, Jack Soper, Clark McBride, Doug Huntze, Terry McGrath. triune (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 Fall OFFICERS Spring Jim Rhodes President John Wilson Bob Lowery Vice-President. Tom Taylor Duncan Haynes Secretary Bill Daggett Buzz Regatz Treasurer Bob Adams Al Ebright Chuck Fraser Bill Foley Preston Gada Jack Gallagher Bud Glines Bob Good Dave Goodwin Webb Hayes Duncan Haynes Matt Hazeltine John Hansen Warren Hellman Ralph Henkle Jerry Hint on Jim Hughes Doug Huntze Steve Jones Ray Kellner Ron Kern Morris Kirk Jim Larson Bob Leslie MEMBERS Bill Lind Dick Livett John Livingstone Jack Lockhart Bob Lowery Bob Lutz Howard Maynard Warren McClellan Terry McGrath Hank Meschendorf Don Meek Chap Millbank Neal Miller John Morken Pete Newell Sheldon Onstead Rich Phillips Pete Pierson Bill Prucha Dick Rahl Gordon Reed Buzz Regatz Don Rhoades Jim Rhodes Lee Rhodes Jack Bisbrough Claude Rohwer David Schoettler Pete Schoviegh Don Smalian Windy Smith Jack Soper Dick Staniford Doug Stowell Larry Taber Al Talley Tom Taylor Vern Thornberg George Vukasin Bob Warwick Barry Wells Gary Wheatcroft Bert White Howard Wiggins John Wilson Tom Wright ■ Dick Ament Don Anderson Eric Arnold Bill Ashton Jack Babcock Pete Beaver Bill Beeson Bill Bell Jim Berger Jack Bibb Forrest Borgazani Bob Bradley Lee Branstool Fred Brenner Jere Brooks Bob Buwalda Don Cvietusa Bill Daggett Bill Demas Tom Diell Jerry Down Roger Dunn Jack Ebey 4.°41111• ICU ball and chain (Managers Honor Society) Fall OFFICERS Spring Don Huggins President Bart Young Dick Bartalini Vice-President Bill Carr Harry Sundby Secretary Maynard Munger John Lamberson Treasurer Chuck Stehr Tennis Bill Carr Richard Owens Virgil Romiti Charles Scott Crew Bart Young Jim Matthews Gene Schneider Track Gene Rush Ron Brosemer Art Gonos Don Linsdale Spiro Mellis MEMBERS Don Huggins Herb Filipponi Sailing Harry Sundby Riflery John Kerby-Miller Swimming Charles Stehr John Gray Baseball John Lamberson Mike deSoto Football Dick Miles Dick Verling John Derdivanis Dave Birenbaum Dave Mills Gymnastics Joe Zaerr Basketball Dick Bartalini Jacob Smit Maynard Craig Maynard Munger Intramural Bob Young Birenbaum Brosemer Carr Craig Derdivanis DeSoto Filipponi Gonos Gray Huggins Kerby-Miller Lamberson Matthews Mellis Munger Owens Romiti Schneider Stehr Sundby Young, B. Young, Bob Zaerr masonic club (Coeducational Student Center for Masonic Affiliates) FOUNDED 1923 Fall COUNCIL Spring Joanne Anderson President Paul Merritt Jim Warf Vice-President Joan Spiersch Dave Fairhurst Corresponding Secretary Dave Fairhurst Nena Hanson Recording Secretary Sanna Marshall Fran Yater Membership Secretary Sue Jenkins Don Brammer Treasurer Harris Zeff Paul Merritt Representative-at-Large Loy Wiese Jan Malone Representative-at-Large Fran Yater Al Leighton Lower Division Representative Dave Johnson Carolyn Hill Lower Division Representative Virginia Mallery Millie Berg Upper Division Representative Jan Malone Jim French .Upper Division Representative Don Freeman Keith Heindrich Chaplain Lee Vellom Leal Davidson Snack Bar Shirley Dable Lee Vellom Social Chairman Ed Marshall Marcia Murphey Publicity Chairman Les White Gale Wilson Activities Skip TenEyck Hostess Mrs. Edna Morton Assistant Hostess Marcie Michael Faculty Advisor Dr. Rudolf Stohler Anderson Berg Freeman Heindrich Jenkins Johnson Leighton Mallery Malone Marshall Merritt Morton Marshall Wiese White Zeff Al A FRONT ROW, left to right: Verne Osburn, Alan Miller, Bob Bedow, Morris Paul Bourgeois, Dean Everett, Ann Shideler, George Kyer, Neil Opsal, Ed Gladish, Menkens. SECOND ROW: George Gentry, Tom Orr, Forrest Wilde, Bob Mace, Steely, Bob Muir, Jim Lavender, Bruce McCallum, Abdul Nouri. THIRD ROW: Atkinson, Hank Schwarz, Bob Lavell, Larry Burton, Zev Vered, Wayne Gardner, Joe Zaerr, Herman Zittel, Pe Vere Ferrin, Leslie Smith. FOURTH ROW: Fluid McFarland, Wade, Jim Nicholson, Will Charter, Jack Hanson, Paul Caster. FIFTH ROW: Cope, Bob Best, Don Reukema, Jim D ' Ameilo, David Gearhardt, Otto Martin Ladd, Herb Webber. SIXTH ROW: George Briggs, Bernard Agrons, Critchfield, Torn Neil, Bob Hoerr, Don Binninger, Dick Day, Dan Beesen, Glen Jerry Colby, Dick Steyer, Russ Miller, Bill Peakes, Ted Nelson, Chuck BACK ROW: Henry Vaux, John Zivnuska, Joseph Kittredge, Myron Harold Biswell, Robert Wagley, Robert Colwell, Arthur Sampson. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bernard Albert, Abraham Bers, Parks Phelps, Bernstein, David Branum, Robert Morrison, Roy Beck, W. A. Partridge. SECOND Robert Swenson, Richard Isaacson, Ray Riley, Louis Mittelman, Roland William Mancuso, Robert Bruns. BACK ROW: Harbhajan Hayre, Amos Oka, George Waters, Richard Cowden, Robert Walters, Robert Coe, A uc forestry club (Member of Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 ucsee (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of NEE and IRE) FOUNDED IN 1947 Audrey Bach Marilyn Bowman Dorothy Christensen Marilyn Karn utrimque ( ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1932 ONE CHAPTER SENIORS Barbara Kyte Ruth Lindley Pat Milton Nancy Sherrick Madelyn Williams JUNIORS Marilyn Ahlport Jeanette Breschini Nancey Clark Mary Lee Desmond Patricia Doyle Joyce Halberstadt Shirley Brooks Mary Lou Gordon Janice Hanson Carolyn Olson Jean Peterson Jo Ann Brennan Janet Kidwell Betty Pacheco Carol Peterson Jackie Price Hjordis Staff Lorraine Sullivan SOPHOMORES Marjorie Simpson Juanita Velazquez Joan Weigmann Mary Wilk Mary Ann Williams FRESHMEN Elaine Nearen Bach Bowman Christensen Karn Kyte Lindley Sherrick Williams, M. Ahlport Breschini Clark Doyle Halberstadt Kidwell Pacheco Peterson, C. Price Staff Olson ' Peterson, J. Velazquez Wiegmann Williams, M. A. Nearon FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Tiernan, Tevis Martin, Paul Coffee, George Gosling, Dick Paynter, Bob Logan, Rich Rigby, Don Harris, Ray Wilsey, Don Marks. SECOND ROW: Henry Sanderson, Jim O ' Neil, Bliss Green, Don Heimark, Dick Johnson, Don Putnum, Jim Nevin, Dick Scibird, Bart Prom, Fritz Cerny, John McNeal, Jack Waltz. THIRD ROW: Jack Soper, Jim Brink, Lee Sammis, Bob Fisher, John Cook, Preston Lee, Al Berry, Al Bull, Rupe Ricksen, Hugh Ditzler. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Zimmerman, Bud White, Art Ryan, Don Wash, Bill Thomson, Chuck Newman, Burt Blackwelder, Hal Ellis, John Kennedy, Skip Dresel, Dick Ehni, Bob Burrows, Chas. Tuller. BACK ROW: John Peterson, Tom Reiger, Jim Corbett, Lloyd Pringle, Dud Sparks, Jim Warren, Bob Hamilton, Dick Volberg, John Rountree, Jim Phillips, Pete Dolliver, Bill Owen, Bob Worrell, Joe Babros. winged helmet (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER Fall OFFICERS Spring Skip Dresel President Robert Burrows John Kennedy Vice-President ' Beau Breck Dean O ' Hare Secretary Pete Dolliver Don Harris Chancellors Don Heimark Dick Lee 1 Norm Archibald MEMBERS George Anderson Hugh Ditzler Don Heimark Bob Misrack Dolph Rosecrans Charles Tuller Will Anderson Ed De Silva Bruce Heltne Ed Michelson Tom Rieger Ted Taylor Norm Archibald Pete Dolliver David Hood Pete Newell Bill Rogin Steve Turner Joe Babros Skip Dresel Jim Hutchinson Jim Nevin Richard Rigby William Thomson Allen Barrie Dick Ehni Dick Johnson Chuck Newman Joe Rodgers James Van Reusselan Allen Bender Hal Ellis Don Johnson Bill Noyes John Rountree Dick Volberg Bert Blackwelder Dwight Ely Ott Jones Dean O ' Hare Art Ryan Jack Waltz Russ Bohlke Bob Fisher Jim Kelley Jim O ' Neill Lee Sammis Jim Warren Beau Breck Bob Froeschle John Kennedy Bill Owen Henry Sanderson Don Wash Jim Brink Jack Gallagher Jim Kidder Pete Parrish Bill Sangsker Pete Watt Alpheus Bull Fritz Gerny Gene King Dick Paynter George Schroeder Grady West Doug Burris Doug Gordon Preston Lee John Peterson Richard Scibird William White Bob Burrows George Gosling Robert Logan James Phillips Bill Sears Al Wiley Neil Burton Clay Gray Bill Mais Weldon Phillips Bob Sellers Ray Wilsey Jens Christy Bliss Green Don Marks Thomas Pletcher Joe Solari Ron Witter Paul Coffee Ray Greene Tevis Martin Lloyd Pringle John Soper Bob Worrell John Cook Joe Gwerder Jim McCan Bart Prom Dudley Sparks Ed Wyatt Jim Corbett Bob Hamilton Dick McDougal Don Putnum Lonnie Spurrier Bart Young Buck Cowan Don Harris John McNeil John Ricksen Archer Stewart Gordon Zimmerman Bill Demas Don Hartley Keith Meserve Rupe Ricksen Don Tiernan 418 FRONT ROW, left to right: Bobby Park, Helen Baker, Page Hencken. BACK ROW: Barbara Young, Marilyn Ahlgort, Jean Grutzmacher, Charlotte Anderson, Betty Frost. women ' s c society (Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Alison Barr, Sally Wooster, Diane Walsh, Rosemary Meecham, Marian Sullivan, Barbara Ciemny. SECOND ROW: Nancy Stewart, Jo-Ann Hill, Ellen Evans, Nancy Jamison, Ann Brooks, Margaret Hood. BACK ROW: Alan Smith, Alan Johns, Bill Waterhouse, Bill Fibush, James Strong, Alan Schorken. yacht club FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER pi alpha sigma (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Janice Silverman, Sue Matthews, Dodie Bee, Marie Bertillion, Ellie Bakosh, Helen Zachmann, Bernice Reiff. BACK ROW: Janice Culver, Mary Kelly, Lois Folsom, Elaine Oldham, Audree Garrigues, Jane Bartlett, Edna Prouty, Joan Walker, Kathy Crawford. SEATED, left to right: Carla Merrier, Robin Redwine, Ginger Andrews, Maj. Hart, Ellie Bakosh, Joan Kingery, M ' allender, Corkie George. NOT PICTURED: Mother Coombs. torch and shield ( Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER •1,1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Stanford Smalley, Janet Heald, Jinny Diepenbrock, Rudy Allemann, Joan Williams, Hank Fellner, Wilson Talley, John Moulton. ski club OFFICERS Co-Presidents Ann Learned, Stanford Smalley Vice-President Rudy Allemann Secretary Ed Olson Treasurer Wilson Talley Publicity Chairman Chairman Jinny Diepenbrock Art Chairman Joan Williams Racing Chairman John Moulton Vanderbilt Meet Chairman Hank Fellner MEMBERS Marilyn Adams Joan Brady E. Dorake Susan Harbach Marston Leigh Darril Opdahl Erik Steustadt Karen Ahonen Mary Bragg Jerry Brennan Dorothy A. Harker Bob Levine Dorothy Parsons Walter Stevens Rudolph T. Allemann Eugene Bramhall Diane Drumb Phyllis Harris Stewart Lindauer Barbara Pearson David Stewart William Allender Jennifer Breuner Yvonne Dusseav Mark Harrison Dorian Lindquist Joseph Pelletier Nancy Stewart Charles Almada Ed Brewer Elise Duyer George Harsch Jacquiline London Wayne Peterson Forrest Storz Cathy Alexander Miriam Brinton Helen Eddy Eleanor Hartnett Dore Luce Dean Pickering Richard Strong Audrey Amskold Mick Brownlee Suzanne Edwards Barbara Haskell Rhea Ludolph David Potter Horace Sturiale Levonne Anderson Diana L. Burger Becky Elfving Janet Heald Ivor Luethy Linnell Powers Ben Swan Pat Anderson Glenn Burke Gordon W. Ellos Marilyn J. Heibockel Patricia L. Lush Hugh Preston Marilyn Tabery Joseph F. Angle Rod Burke Danny Erlendson David Hendricks Gene McCabe Paul Daniel Preston Wilson Talley Carl Arness Tom Buckingham Gus Escobar W. Burr Henion Marilyn McCurtain Robert Prutch Ruth Temple Lee Rae Arness George Bulgaroo Barbara Evans Claus W. Hess Beverly McDowell Louis Rankin Al Thompson Evelyn L. Asp Neil Burton Roberta G. Evans Charles Hewel Margaret McHugh Phil Reilly Frank Thompson Marilyn Ausman Bettie Cain Edwin Farnsworth William Hill Richard McLean Alfred Rheiner John Tooker Stan Ausman Dorothy Calhoun Tom Farrell Crandon Hinkley Ernie Malamul Kathryn Rice Des Lee Van der Boom Helen Banbrock Jean Campbell Melvin Feldman Barbara Hodges Glen Malone Eugene Riesenbern Hugo Veidemann Diana Barber Ted Carlyon Carmelita Feliz Phillip Horton Eve Maies Krche Ritter Arlene Warren Dodie Bee Joan Carroll Hank Fellner Barbara Hubner Cyril Makeroy George Handing Richard Waters Bruce W. Beebe Janet Chantler Joan Fichic Jane Hurndall Nancy Mangelsdorf Marilyn Sandals Dureke Watson Chris Leroy Bell Diane Chustman Mary Lee Flannery Nancy Jackson Nancy Markham Marilyn Schade Gene Weber Alan Wright Beneliska Robert Cogen Mary Fogh Edie Jensen Chaim Mendelsohn Siegfried Schmidt Bob West Raimond A. Bengs Elias Cohen Merd Fredricks Keith Johnson Kenneth Meraw Jan Schweiler Jimmy West Sue Benjamin Mary Jane Connor William Freedman Janice Jones Jon Meyer Betty Serna Charla Westerberg Dorothy Berson Virginia Corbin Janet Freiderrich Alma Kahrs Marlene Mills Ruthan Sharts Stan Whetstone Morns T. Berson Delores Corwin Bernard Fuiley Yvonne Kennedy Turley Mings Richard Sjoberb Patricia Wright Charles L. Berries Helen Coxhead Fully Fullington John Kerby-Miller Ketil Motzfeldt Arlene Skopp Joy Willerand Marie Bertillion Sylvia Crockett Patricia Ann Garry James Kibbe John Moulton Stanford Smalley Alfred Wilmot Thalia Bezaitis Marian Crompton Joan Gates Virginia Kiklas Joyce Moulton Adrienne Smith Ingrid Wilmot Marlene Bigge Peggy Cross Ted George Joan Kingery Iris Muller Sheldon Smith Phillip Willsey Joanna Jenny Bock Uedine Dewitz Pauline S. Gilbert Cleone Koehnen Chalkley Murray Tony Smith Warren Wilson Robert K. Bond Jinny Diepenbrock Joan Goldammer Henry Krume Lena Nagler Wendal Smith Dorothy Wolfe Bruce Bonner Jacquie Dobson Eugene Goodanetz Phil Lacy Joe Nessler William Smith Patricia Woods R. G. Bowman Joan Donath Carleton Gooderham George Latinovich Mary Newman Leif Spongberg Shirley Wuth Julia Boyd Don Donohugh Joan Gordon Douglas Leach Carol Olsen Warren Stearns Caroline Wych Al Braccini Virginia Donohugh Ben Hammon Ann Learned Edwin Olson Robert Steffen Barbara Zarback christian science organization This organization was founded in 1907 for the purpose of uniting the Christian Scientists in the University of California in closer bonds of Christian fellowship, and to afford to those of this University so desiring, ties to learn more about Christian Science. The organization welcomes the campus public to its Tuesday evening meetings, at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given; to a Christian Science lecture given once a semester by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts; and to the open house given each semester. The activities of the organization are conducted entirely by its membership, which is composed of registered students and faculty members of the University. These activities are carried on through various committees such as: the Accommodations committee, which maintains a file of living accommodations and work offered to and requested by Christian Science students attending the University; and the Library committee, which maintains a library open to the campus public where the weekly lesson sermon may be read and where authorized Christian Science literature may be read or borrowed. The organization ' s present edifice was completed in 1933 and dedicated in the spring of 1941. The campus public is cordially invited to its meeting and to participate in its activities. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lloyd Cone, Caroline Naus, Nancy Heron, Joe Amestoy, Ray Talley. SECOND ROW: Barbara Westerfeld, Jean Campbell, Melisse Stranger, Yolanda Della Zoppa, Peter Corona, W. E. Chainey, Betsey Lee, Lolly Gschwend, Pat Jacoberger, Maureen Boylan, Elizabeth Madsen, Marilyn Rudy, Joan Lande, Pat Friedenbach, Barbara Wakefield, Barbara Canty, Margaret Flood, Joanne Garvey, Suzie Mural. THIRD ROW: Robert Miller, Dorothea Baker, Tom Tindall, Sandra Mullen, Bob Beckland, Michele Glauinovich, Leo Stark, Mary Martin, Rev. Charles Albright, Jim Dempsey, Pete Shegedin, Marian O ' Brien, Frank Krenn, Virginia Ogden, Dan Estorga, Jeanne LaFavor, Betty Adams, George Gorrola, Pat Kaplinger, Katherine Ivanovich, Sally Clow, Helen Balakshin, George Wilcox. STANDING LEFT: Marion Skrivanich, Jose Aliastro, Bob Michelini, W. Detwiler, Evan Sanchez, La Vonne Weisenberger, Richard Glass, Robert DuBois, Don Stoffey. FOURTH ROW: Elmo Novaresi, Bruce Evans, Harold Cheyney, Richard Porter, David Mui, Robert Beatrez, Bill Remular, Gertrude Kopetzke, Roy Vanoni. BACK ROW: John Reinero, Jack Rodden, Anthony Vierra, Norman MacDonald, Pat Corr, Patrick Gildea. STANDING RIGHT: Jesse Guerro, Joseph Murphy, Leonard Zoller. newman club Fall OFFICERS Spring President Pete Corona Vice-President Betsey Lee Secretary Sally Rowland Treasurer Joe Amestoy Representative-at-Large Bill Chainey (Catholic Student Social and Intellectual Society) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1899 Pete Corona Betsey Lee Barbara Stewart Lloyd Cone Bill Chainey Joe Amestoy Dolores Conta Mary Davis Bob DuBois EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dave Gill Pat Jacobberger Lolly Gschwend Bob Miller Len Powers Ray Talley LaVonne Weisenberger MEMBERS Patricia Abbott Elizabeth Adams Joan Adams Emmanuel Aguilera Gloria Aguiluz Jose Aliastro Robert Almanzo George Almeida Joe Amestoy Victor Andreone Joseph Azalde Juanita Bac ol Maria Bagnasco Dorothea Baker Helen Balakshin Mabel Barros Richard Barros John Bates Elizabeth Bear Robert Beatrez Bob Bedwell Edward Bennett Shan Berry James Bettinelli Dolores Bolger Jean Boras Herbert Bower Maureen Boylan Joan Brady James Brainerd Donald Brandon Barbara Brown Norman Brown David Buchanan Jean Burns Frank Burriesci Miriam Caire Jean Campbell Ted Cantino Barbara Canty Marcel Castelain Barbara Castro Rita Cervantes William Chainey Lee Chapman Harrold Cheyney Sally Clow Anne Coates Peter Collins Robert Conners Dolores Conta Peggy Cooney Anita Cooper Peter Corona Patricia Corr Manuel Corzo Lloyd Coyne Julia Craviotto Helen Crowley Alfred Cuthbert Fred Dacey Nancy Danielski Elenita Dardi Mary Davis Richard Davis John Davitt Virginia DeCandia Manuel deEzcurdia Soloman deFonseka Norma Del Chiaro Yolanda Della Zoppa Ivan Denis Worthington Detwiler Barbara Diederich Thomas Doctor Dennis Dorgan Morgan Dowling Richard Doyas Robert DuBois Jesse Dutra Jerry Edwards Charles Estorga Clarence Evans Alice Eveleth Mary Eveleth Ram on Fauria Bernard Fazen Jose Fernandez Mike Fiedler Joe Finney Cris Fitzpatrick James Foley Helen Folger Lawrence Ford Louis Fosselman Emil Frates Charles Friman Paul Friedenbach Carolyn Frisbie Edrie Funke Gerald Gabhart Joe Gaggero John Gagliano Hildegarde Candour Patricia Garry Dave Gallagher Patrick Gildea Dave Gill Edward Gilligan Richard Glass May Comes Vena Goulet Bernadette Gouveia Alfred Graf May Gram Colin Grant Marylyn Greusel May Gray James Greco Jim Green Pat Gregory Carl Grondona Louise Gschwend Gil Guerin Jesse Guerrero George Gurrola Joe Gustaferro Cordelia Gutierrez Patricia Haddican Reginia Haddican Mike Haley Bonnie Hall Jonathan Halsey James Hamill James Hannah Marylyn Hansen Mary Harrison Genevieve Hartzell Howard Healy William Hehir Nancy Heron Edna Herrera Fred Hodges Donald Holstea James Horst Dale Hoschert Barbara Hubner Helen Hugo Charlotte Hungerford Ted Irving Robert Irwin Fernando Isaza-Palau Katherine Ivanovich Pat Jacobberger Robert James Peter Janopaul, Jr. Gordon Johnson Harold Johnson Walter Francis Johns William Johnson Dolores Jones John Kafafian Phyllis Kaiser Patricia Kaplinger Hugh Keating James Keegan Michael Kelly Patricia Kepke Katherine Kinberger Emalyn Knapp Gertrude Kopetzke Rose Marie Kraus Frank Krenn Marian LaCrampe Lawrence Lan Bruce Lane oan Lande Therese Laponis Donald Larson G. B. LeCour Betsy Lee Wilfred Lee Thomas Leigh Luis Lorenzo oan Loumena Theresa Lucas Robert Luis Norman MacDonald Gordon Machado Elizabeth Madsen Hugh Maguire James Mahoney Maurenne Mahoney Diane Matasci Curtis May Robert McDonald John McKinzie Michael McLin Patrick McLin Linda Meade Ken Meraw Louis Messner Robert Michelini Robert Miller Will Miller George Mitacek Albert Mitchell Henry Mohle Sh eila Moran Norma Mord Noela Marin Marie Mark Raymond Maras Evelyn Moran William Morrison Mary Mortia Carol Marzluft David Mui Sandra Mullen Susie Mural Josephine Murphy Steve Musich Caroline Naus Helen Nelson Ray Nelson, Jr. Sondra Nelson Louis Nigro Laren Norton Elmo Novaresi Marian O ' Brien Virginia Ogden Paul O ' Grady Lorraine Olson Brian O ' Neil Christ Oracopoulos Alberto Ossino Charles Palmtag Augustine Paredes James Pastore William Paul Carolyn Pearce Richard Porter Frederick Pracht Joseph Prasek David Powers Era Quillel F. Raymond Betsy Ratto John Reinero Ronald Renaldi William Remular Edna Reti Regina Reti Bob Rhein Eleanor Richina Loretta Rigunay Julia Ring Patrick Roche Jack Rodden Bill Rodgers Ronal Rosso Sally Rowland Fleurette Ruckman Marilyn Rudy Eleanor Ruth Lawrence Ryan Mario Salazar Anthony Sanchez Evan Sanchez Franklin Sanchez Leo Sanocki Louis Scafidi Randall Schlientz Carlos Schwarz Paul Seaborn Jim Sette David Seymour Donna Shive Jesse Show Beatrice Singer Marion Skrivanich Ann Slomar Claire Smith Harlan Smith James Smith Lorraine Smith John Sousa Jean Stanton Berigoj Stambuk Barbara Stewart Young Stewart Dick Steyer Don Stoffey James Storer Melisse Strasger Karl Stricker James Strong Barbara Struve Marilyn Sudy Sandra Sutter Raynor Talley Peter Tamony Frank Tatu Martin Tellegen Thomas Temen Abner Thomas Frank Thornton John Tobin Ulrich Toggweiler Kathleen Tomei Wilfrid Tores Theasa Tuohy Robert Turcios Hans Van Buijtenen Ray Vanoni Alvaro Villagomez Irene Von Tagen Henry Von Ary Barbara Wakefield Carolyn Ward Raymond Ward Helen Wegener La Vonne Weisenberg Ronald Welch Barbara Westerfeld Gail Wetzork Hobart Whetstone Jerome Whitting Joan Wiegmann Rosemarie Wiegner Georgia Wilcox Herbert Yim Mary York Phillip York Franklin Young Leonard Zallar Leo Zafo Haid Zia Nina Zulin Alvaro Zuniga Lutheran Student Association Canterbury Roger Williams Disciples Club student christian council The primary genius of the Student Coun cil is faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and From this faith arises our purposes which are widen and deepen the fellowship Christian students and to share our experiences pool our resources in order to provide a Christian outreach onto the campus These purposes are fulfilled through groups, social activities, and work projects. students are invited to share in the of the member societies. Westminster Styles Hall Trinity Chapel Russian Orthodox YMCA Plymouth House 424 caloin club Calvin Club is an organization which provides spiritual enrichment for all students. Our emphasis is to encourage an intelligent understanding of Christian faith and personal growth in Christ. Activities include two Sunday programs, a midweek service, spirations, varied projects, social events and a Fall and Spr ing student conference. There is a broad level of student participation and formulation in the meetings, the policy, and the program of the organization. Calvin Club extends a warm welcome to all University students to join us. $4.16rhs ristrChpvch can terbury club EPISCOPAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Kulmann, Barbara Locke, Carol Gray, Gil Winter, Muriel Sinclair, Guy Sterick, Ruth Wilson, Ron Urquhart. SECOND ROW: Adele Brooks, Mary Neuman, Hobart Gawson, Mary Sprott, Joyce Evans, Dolores Fischer, Alan Morrow, Kelvin Booty. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Spencer, Mary Fountain, Ken Kennedy, Phyllis Pixley, Richard Lottridge, Kim Dyke. BACK ROW: Emily Hall, Mr. Staines, Kin Laverty, John Williams, Ken Fardyce, John McDonald, Stan Sinclair. horton hall (University Christian Fellowship) INTERDENOMINATIONAL FOUNDED 1933 FRONT ROW, left to right: Emory Stoker, Dorthy Hardie, Ann Flory, Jim DeWitt, Ted Swift, Bob Craig, Hannah Lowe, Ed Fung. SECOND ROW: Hazel Quong, Paul Hawkinson, May Lim, Doris Cox, Dick Hansen, Margie Nyman, Betty Marie Bartke, Dick Diller. THIRD ROW: Frank Clendenen, Harriet Jue, Norman Ashcraft, John Alsop, Jennie Wu, Pop White. FOURTH ROW: Elenor Chong, Leona Wong, Roger Larson, Mary Bow. BACK ROW: Charles Jones, John McDonald, Ken Simpson, John Alumnus, Pat Gear, Marilyn Freeman. Al L. westminster PRESBYTERIAN STUDENT CENTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Goldschmidt, Broido, Nancy Kaplan, Bill Schwartz, Erline Wechman, Barbara Rosenthal, Lilyan Rader, Helen Selinger. BACK ROW: Dr. Lerton G. Seligman, Director; Shel thal, Eli Meoveoy, Betty Muscovitz, Adrian Sunshine, Ivan Meitus, Bernie Robinson, Irene Grossman, Secretary; Hildeleah Singer, Assistant Director; Israel Rogers. hIllel A national organization devoted to cultural, religious and counciling services among Jewish students on the college campus. lambda alpha epsilon (National Law Enforcement Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LOS ANGELES, 1936 EIGHT CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Green, Rosemary Green, Robert Byers, Carol Armstrong, Vivian McGettrick, Catherine Mock. SECOND ROW: Frank Han, Johnstone, Bob Wilkens, David Cook, Lloyd Braithwaite, Lieutenant Colonel Harold Hayward. BACK ROW: Kenneth Mitchell, Eugene Vaughn, Bob Whitmer, James Broder, Dave Long, Bruce Olson, Kenneth Pisani, William Holliman. scabbard and blade (National Military Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1905 COMPANY M, FOURTH REGIMENT, FOUNDED 1923 EIGHTY-NINE COMPANIES FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Smith, Jim Thayer, Ed Phillips, Barnes Riznik, Hain Buechen, Second Lieutenant Bernard Callahan, Lieutenant Colonel Harris S. David A. Long, William J. Lawrence, Thomas E. Ashlock, Harold E. Iverson, George Whiting, Gordon Rails, Jr., William H. Johnson, Bun M. Lam, August G. Mania. ROW: Ken Howard, William A. Glenn II, Fred Olson, Ja mes 0. Miller, Jack Bibb, Roy Chafin, William Farmer, Bob Hays, Richard Etter, Bruce Ducker, Jack Stednitz, Bryan Counsil, Seale, Don Welch. THIRD ROW: Robert McFarland, Richard Jones, Jack McCollum, Ken Forsman, Roger McConnel, Abbot Scheer, Al Urquhart, Forrest Storz, Ivan Meitus, Dan Sharp, Steve Glick, Christian Manzoni, Henry H. Wilson, Leonard P. Wilkin, William G. Holliman, Thomas F. Walsh, A. Smith. BACK ROW: John Parr, Leland Selna, David Reeves, Marzluft, Frank Salfingere, Jerome K. Porter, Robert Leslie, Herbert Miller, L. A. Davison, Pavlow, Marvin Grove, Dick Ehni, Richard Evans, Robert Byeres, Don Noren, Bob Dunn, Kim Dyche, Charles Southall. 428 PARRY again headed the list of auctioneers in the ever-profitable Prytanean Auction for WSSF. A new feature in the literary field ,vas the bimonthly writers ' conference The maze of Dwineile Hall caused many a student to seek aid in directions. In April Cal students represented the Russian delegation in the Model UN conference. index ACTIVITIES 93-110 Academic Freedom 104 Campus Crusade 101 Campus Opinion 100 Campus Tours 100 Card Sales 93 Cal Muters 102 Constitutions Council . 101 Correspondence Council 103 Elections Council 101 Engineers ' Council 99 Foreign Travel Council. 104 Hospitality Council 103 International Forum Cc until . 103 International Representatives Council 103 Men ' s Activity Counseling . 97 Model U.N. 100 NSA 102 Orientations Council 100 Radio-TV Theater 99 Scholarship and Exchange Council 104 Secretariat 99 Social Planning Committee 99 Speakers Bureau 101 Special Services Council . 105 Stephens Union Committee 98 Store Board 98 Student Labor Council . . 105 Student Personnel Council 102 Student Relations Council 105 UNESCO 104 WAA 94-95 Women ' s Activity Counseling 97 WSSF 102 YMCA 96 YWCA 96 ATHLETICS 149-227 Athletic Essentials 150-151 Baseball 195-202 Basketball 171-179 Big " C " Society 154 Boxing 216 Circle " C " Society 155 Crew 189-194 Cross-Country 188 Fencing 220 Football 157-170 Golf 218 Gymnastics 224 Handball 222 Intramural 225 Oski Staff 152-153 Rally Committee 152-153 Riflery 221 Rugby 215 Sailing 219 Ski Team 223 Soccer 214 Swimming 209-212 Tennis 203-208 Track 181-187 Volleyball 222 Water Polo 213 Weight Basketball 180 Wrestling 217 Yell Leaders 152-153 CLASSES 24-79 Freshman 78-79 Juniors 74-75 Seniors 26-73 Sophomores 76-77 DRAMA 127-132 Backstage Scenes 132 Cocktail Party . .. 129 Medea 130 Peer Gynt 131 University Theater 128 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES . . 386-429 Ace of Clubs 387 Alpha Delta Sigma 387 Alpha Phi Omega 388 Alpha Rho Mu 389 Alpha Zeta 389 AiChE 388 American Red Cross 390 Arnold Air Society 390 ASCE 391 ASME 391 Ball and Chain 414 Baton 392 Beta Alpha Psi 393 Beta Gamma Sigma 393 Calvin Club 425 Canterbury Club 426 Chi Epsilon 394 Christian Science Organization • 422 College Women ' s Club Juniors • 395 Delta Phi Epsilon 396 Delta Sigma Pi 397 Eta Kappa Nu 394 Forestry Club 416 Gavel and Quill 398 Golden Bear 399 Hammer and Dimmer . 398 Hillel 427 Home Economics Club . 400 Horton 426 International House 401 Lambda Alpha Epsilon . 429 Landscape Design 400 Mask and Dagger 403 Masonic Club 415 Mineral Technology 403 Mortar Board 402 Newman Club 423 Omicron Nu 404 Panile 405 Phi Chi Theta 404 Phi Eta Sigma 410 Pi Alpha Sigma 420 Pi Tau Sigma 410 Pre Med 406 Prytane an 407 Registered Nurses on Campus 408 Scabbard and Blade 428 Student Christian Council . 424 Ski Club 421 Social Bears . ... 409 Tau Beta Pi 411 Thalian 411 Theta Sigma Phi 412 Theta Tau 412 Torch and Shield 420 Tower and Flame 392 Triune 413 UC Yacht Club 419 USCEE 416 Utrimque 417 Westminster 427 Winged Helmet 418 Women ' s " C " Society 419 FRATERNITIES 230-305 Interfraternity Council . . 231 Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society 305 Abracadabra 232-233 Acacia 234 Alpha Chi Rho . 235 Alpha Chi Sigma 236 Alpha Delta Phi 237 Alpha Epsilon Pi 238 Alpha Gamma Omega 239 Alpha Kappa Lambda 240 Alpha Sigma Phi 241 Alpha Tau Omega . 242-243 Beta Sigma Tau 244 Beta Theta Pi 245 Chi Phi 246 430 index Chi Psi . 247 Delta Chi 249 Delta Kappa Epsilon . 258 Delta Sigma Phi 250-251 Delta Tau Delta 252-253 Delta Upsilon 254-255 Del Rey 248 Kappa Alpha 256-257 Kappa Delta Rho 259 Kappa Nu 260 Kappa Sigma 262-263 Lambda Chi Alpha 261 Phi Delta Theta 264-265 Phi Gamma Delta 266-267 Phi Kappa Psi 268 Phi Kappa Sigma 270-271 Phi Kappa Tau 269 Phi Sigma Kappa 272-273 Pi Alpha Phi 274 Pi Kappa Alpha 275 Pi Kappa Phi 278 Pi Lambda Phi 276-277 Psi Upsilon 280-281 Sigma Phi Delta 279 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 282-283 Sigma Alpha Mu 284-285 Sigma Chi 286-287 Sigma Nu 288-289 Sigma Phi 296-297 Sigma Phi Epsilon . . 292-293 Sigma Pi 290 Tau Kappa Epsilon . 294-295 Theta Chi 291 Theta Delta Chi 298-299 Theta Xi 300-301 Zeta Beta Tau 302-303 Zeta Psi 304 MEN ' S RESIDENCES 377-385 Bowles 378-381 Smyth . . ... 382-385 MUSIC AND DEBATE . . . 133-142 Band 139 Debate (Varsity, Junior Varsity) 142 Collegians 138 Glee Club and Treble Clef . 135 Glee Club 137 Music Council 134 Symphony Forum 140 Treble Clef 136 University Chorus 141 University Symphony 141 OPENING SECTION 1-7 Contents 7 Dedication 1 Foreword 4 In Memoriam 5 Title Page 2-3 PUBLICATIONS 111-125 ASUC Photo 125 Blue and Gold Editorial . . 114-115 Blue and Gold Managerial . . 116-117 California Engineer 113 Daily Cal Editorial . 118-119 Daily Cal Managerial 120-121 Occident 124 Pelican 122-123 Publications Council 112 ROTC 143-147 Air 144 Army 145 Marine 146 Navy 147 SORORITIES 306-353 Panhellenic 307 Alpha Chi Omega 308-309 Alpha Delta Chi 310-311 Alpha Delta Pi 312-313 Alpha Epsilon Phi 314-315 Alpha Gamma Delta 316-317 Alpha Omicron Pi . 318-319 Alpha Phi 320-321 Alpha Xi Delta 322-323 Chi Omega 324-325 Delta Delta Delta 326-327 Delta Gamma 328-329 Delta Phi Epsilon 330-331 Delta Sigma Epsilon 352 Delta Zeta 332-333 Gamma Phi Beta 334-335 Kappa Alpha Theta . 336-337 Kappa Delta 338-339 Kappa Kappa Gamma 340-341 Phi Mu 342-343 Pi Beta Phi 344-345 Sigma Kappa 346-347 Sigma Omicron Pi 353 Theta Upsilon 348-349 Zeta Tau Alpha 350-351 STUDENT LIFE 81-111 Activities Coordinating Board . 88 ASUC Administration . . . 82-83 Business Administration . . 86 Class Officers Council . . . . 89 Executive Committee . . . . 85 Functional Service Board . . . 88 International Relations Board 89 Men ' s Judicial 87 News Bureau 151 Photography 125 President and Vice-President. 82-83 Reps-at-Large 84 Staff Committee 98 Welfare Board Staff 89 Women ' s Activities 94-95 Women ' s Judicial 87 Women ' s Representative . 90-91 UNIVERSITY 8-23 Administrative Officers . . . 12-13 All University Week End . 22 Alumni 14 Big Game 18-19 California Club 23 Charter Day 16 Governor, Board of Regents 11 President ' s Message 10 President ' s Reception . . 15 The Eight Campuses . . 20-21 University Meetings 17 WOMEN ' S RESIDENCES . . . 354-376 Women ' s Dormitory Association 355 Beaudelaire 358 Bon Haven 358 Bay View Terrace 376 Bryn Mawr 374 Californian 356 Colonial 357 Elizabeth Barrett 356 Epworth 360-361 Joaquin 362 Lantana Lodge 374 Meredith 375 Mitchell 363 Oldenberg 364-365 Peixotto 366-367 Prospect Terrace 375 Richards 368-369 Ritter 370 Stern 372-373 Stratford 371 Warring 376 INDEX 430-431 EDITOR ' S THANKS 432 431 To artists Marge Rhine and Frank Kane, not only for making the book come life with their clever artwork and layout, but for their many hours spent in libraries searching for Greek friezes . . to front of Wally, Helen, Ann and Pam, and to Pat—for her advi d understanding and encouragement and for always having a cheery things looked bleak ... to Sandy, Betty, Ed, and Earl at the for their friendly cooperation in helping with all our photod ic needs. and in meeting our engraving deadline—almost . . . To " Zyg " Kolasa, Bob Ozias, and Ken Matthiesen and the group at Lederer, Street Zeus Printing Company for their unending patience with our page sequence and cut placement corrections ... to Marvin Bonds, Bill ThurloW and entire California Art Engraving Company for their wonderful coo )era- tion, and especially for working so hard on the reproductions of division pages, and to Ruth Prichard for her excelle decipheringierirn, the engraving orders and in dummying the prints . , etchin of S. K. Smith Company for our cover ... to Colonna Studi Frank Schimenti and Joe Parker for their outstanding al portraits and their speedy delivery of prints to P the Art Department for aiding in the selection Ron Plomgren for many of the living gro various coaches and players for their help in t Mardy Robinson for her help in introducing of the editor ... to Ellie, Jim, and Janet and th staff who were so easy to work with and whose 9 pulled the book into the black ... to my wonder. enthusiasm, support and efficiency made the book pos whose subtle wit brought a lively atmosphere to M ' Allender, whose friendly smile and bubbli mixed in her copy . . . to Jane, whose quiet e office and to Room 4 .. to Sheila, whose elevei po much-needed smile to our lips . . . to the " unsung Ii more. and freshman editors whose time and effort m book ... to Jeff for his understanding and support a and to everyone whose suggestions, criticisms, and contribution helped us strive for the kind of book that you ! hope we have succeeded in some small way.

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