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dedicated to OSKI TEN YEARS ago an idea was born . It is questionable if ever before in California ' s history any idea has become so symbolic of the University within such a short time . . . Seldom have we had such a beloved tradition . . . From a campus this size it is difficult to choose the one symbol which depicts the true feel- ing of our alma mater more than any other . . . Our choice is a frolicking Bear who has found a place in thousands of hearts .. . Characterized by enthusiasm and gymnastic talent, he has romped and cavorted through all aspects of our college days ... from leading the rooting section to greater heights . . . to sup- porting our campus activities . . . To other colleges across the country he has become a unique representation of our school spirit ... He has given generously and unselfishly of his time and talents to all in the community . . . for to the campus and the community, he IS California ... And so, with deepest thanks, and on his tenth birthday, we dedicate the seventy-ninth Blue and Gold to OSKI, the symbol of the great spirit of California. 1952 BLUE AND GOLD volume seventy-nine Copyright 1952 by the Associated Students of the University of California BLUE AND GOLD editor MARDY PLETCHER ROBINSON manager BARBARA RAVN associate editors JOAN CARR MARY DELL FISHER MARY LOU WILLIS associate managers JANET MATTHEW BEVERLEY McDONNELL PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY faculty Henry W. Ballantine, Ruby E. Beers, Ray S. Boynton, Harold J. Kirby, Jr., Alwin Kronacher, Harold L. Leupp, Donald S. Mackay, Paul Mar henke, Sidney B. Mitchell, Guy Montgomery, Clarence Paschall, Reuben Peiss, Boyd B. Rakestraw, Mae L. Secrest. students William Hibben Claussen, Edward Tomkins Engen, Jr., Harold Burton Jaffee, Leo Joseph Klotz, Jr., Andrew Alexander Malozemoff, Lois Jean Marks, John Roamy Meier, Jack Edwin Nahmens, Mary Jo Nugent, Joseph Lentilhon Selden, Peter Von Eash. r 0 rc THE SIZE of the University of California is unique. The scope of its activities, both curricular and extracurricu- ar, is enormous. The campuses, buildings and grounds are many and varied. Yet the common goal of all uni- versities, regardless of individual magnitude, is to edu- cate men and women. Some of this development we gain through lecture or seminar courses; some through aboratory teamwork and experimentation. Part of our development is the result of critical class discussion and close understanding with a professor, teaching assist- ant, or classmates. Yet more is gained from a university than the individual development within a classroom. An individual grows by association with those met through participation in extracurricular activities; on the ath- letic field, in the music rooms, on the debating plat- form, in class council, in publications offices, and in all phases of student government. The memories of our college days are filled with the fun and experiences we lave gained by these associations. But it is by more than such tangibles that we grow and mature. It is in great part, through our appreciation of our campus in all its majestic seasons. It is the undiminished spirit which prevails through our athletic season—unchallenged in size and heartfelt sincerity. It is our personal enjoyment of the Campanile chimes as they strike the hours and act as a giant watch to our campus. It is the satisfaction of all our friendships made at college. These, then, are a part of our college memories. To record these memo- ries is the purpose of a yearbook. In thumbing through these pages—now and in the future—we hope that you will see many familiar faces and remember the high- lights of this past college year, in all its aspects. To bring to each reader the feeling of growth through all phases of college life, and to help each one recall memories of this year, is the goal of this book, the seventy-ninth BLUE AND GOLD. the university THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE THIS YEARBOOK, in accordance with the tion for class annuals, concerns itself primarily with the extracurricular life of the Class of I 952. It is a record of what members of the campus commu- nity did, of the friends they made, and of the group activities they undertook, in the intervals between class sessions, study hours, and mid-term and final examinations. It does not attempt to re- view the education that each member of the class received, presumably because that has been per- manently graven on their minds and molded into their characters. One might say, therefore, that the pages of this publication are dedicated to the frosting on the cake, or to the sentimental aspects of the journey through college on the way to enlightened citizen- ship, more useful careers, and a more abundant life. But if I were thus to describe the contents of this book, I would do so with full realization of the importance of such frosting and sentiment in all of our relations with our fellow men. Going to college is not simply a process of acquiring knowledge and facility in its use. It is also a process of joining a company of men and women who share certain ideals of loyalty, of duty, and of responsibility, toward the institution which has educated them, toward the community which has made that tion possible, toward the nation which has vided an environment in which free education can prosper, and toward the concept of freedom and human dignity without which civilization is meaningless. This yearbook is a record of membership in such a company, one of the finest companies I know. It is a proof that people working together can find enjoyment in the most difficult and painstaking tasks. It will be a reminder to all who possess it that in spite of the great diversity of studies which the University and its many colleges offer, there is a heritage of tradition, of experience, and of aspira- tion which may be shared by all its students, and on which may be built confidence both for the future of the individual, and for the progress of mankind. Our gracious president, Robert Gordon Sproul, and Mrs. Sproul extend a cordial welcome to the University family. (JuVEKN 44)K. To the Students of the University of California: The period of your university education comes at a time of great change in the life of our State and Nation, and at a time when there are increasingly grave world problems to be solved. There are many persons who will tell you that this situation can mean only discouragement for you as you face the future. I feel, on the contrary, that American youth has thrived upon ob- stacles and that the challenge presented to you will serve to strengthen you and bring out the best that is in you. Each succeeding generation of Americans has been told that it faces a world of diminishing opportunity . Each generation has then gone on to reach greater heights of accomplishment. With this background of history, with the many unfulfilled needs of our people, and with the tremendous store of material and human resources of our Nation, there is good reason for confidence to dominate the thinking of students today. I know your generation can be counted upon to furnish its quota of men of scholarship and vision who will push forward the boun- daries of knowledge and apply their findings for the betterment of mankind. Sincerely, 7Kryztreo Governor. THE BOARD OF REGENTS President Sproul addresses the Board of Regents ' meeting. SINCE MARCH 23, 1868, when the University of nia was granted its charter by the State Legislature, our campus family has grown from one to eight in number. Not only has the number enlarged, but the individual campuses have expanded in area and population ranking us as the " world ' s largest university. " Yet within +his large structure there has been throughout its eighty-four years a tinual attempt to personalize each campus. Each campus serves a particular need within the state, and President Robert Gordon Sproul has watched his ideas become filled as the University has expanded throughout California. From Davis on the North to La Jolla ' s Scripps in the South, technical progress has been advanced, and each campus has contributed toward the improvement of general fare throughout the state. Davis, established to further the study of agriculture and related fields, has recently added a College of Letters and Science and is certainly our most expansive brother. Our Medical Center in San Francisco is most proud of its current building program and included in this observation are a teaching hospital, large clinic, radioactivity center, and a student union. Lick tory atop Mount Hamilton in the Santa Clara Valley was the first addition to the University. Astronomy students there have some of the finest equipment possible with which to work. Santa Barbara, a Liberal Arts College, is presently working on blueprints for their new campus-408 acres at Goleta, adjoining the blue Pacific. The research facilities and testing plots of the Citrus Experimental Station at Ri verside have been of immense value +o fornia farmers and fruit growers. Plans are now under way for the addition of a Liberal Arts College there. UCLA is another of the more expansive members of our in population and facilities. Recent additions to the wood campus are a Medical Center, Law School, and the Chemistry-Geology building. Scripps Institute of ography continues its concentrated study of the ments of the sea and surrounding area. Our campus here at Berkeley has done much to further the University ily. BoaIt Hall, Dwinelle Hall and the Biochemistry ing will house important groups of academic personnel. In addition +here are two associate members of our University which complete +he group contributing to the welfare of California—Hastings School of Law and the California School of Fine Arts, both in San Francisco. LLI LL HURFORD STONE Dean of Students CLINTON C. CONRAD Assistant Dean CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON Vice-President of the University and Dean of Agriculture CHAFFEE E. HALL, JR. Assistant Dean A CHEERFUL atmosphere and a never-failing spirit of welcome vailed at all times in the University Administrative offices, and dents never hesitated to take their slightest problems to these friendly counselors. The new office of cellor was added this year with Clark Kerr filling the post. In tion there were the various deans who gave their time so willingly to help straighten out problems that ranged all the way from Women ' s Day to activity eligibility. ever, a shadow was cast over the year by the retirement of Claude Hutchison, Vice-President of the University and Dean of ture, whose presence will be missed by everyone. CLARK KERR Chancellor MISS ALICE G. HOYT Associate Dean of Women MRS. CATHERINE DE MOTTE QUIRE Assistant Dean of Women JAMES CORLEY Vice-President—Business Affairs WITH ALL the traditional " Pomp and Circumstance " the grads and faculty members wearing colorful academic gowns opened the 84th Charter Day cises with the processional. Arthur hart, American lawyer and Master of University College at Oxford, England, keynoted his address with the importance of a university ' s task in the teaching of thought and intellectual curiosity. Follow- ing the bestowal of several honorary grees and the singing of the University hymn, the shivering crowds adjourned to Stephens Union and devoured blue and gold birthday cakes honoring the ASUC ' s and the University ' s birthday. Throughout the day students, grads and faculty joyed the special exhibits depicting the various characteristics of our California campus. The day ' s activities culminated at the annual Charter Day Banquet which was highlighted by the presentation of the Alumnus of the Year Award to Stephen D. Bechtel, class of 1923. And now the University of California is launched on the road of its 85th year. ARTHUR LEHMAN GOODHART Charter Day Speaker CHARTER DAY PRESIDENT AND MRS. ROBERT GORDON SPROUL REQUEST THE PLEASURE OF YOUR COMPANY AT A RECEPTION FOR MEMBERS OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS AND OTHER NEW UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY ON WEDNESDAY, THE THIRD OF OCTOBER IN THE HEARST GYMNASIUM FOR WOMEN AT EIGHT O ' CLOCK THOUGH THE evening was cold, the atmosphere at the President ' s Recep- tion was one of warm hospitality. Striking decorations transformed the Hearst Gymnasium, and music was provided to suit all tastes. Everyone proclaimed the crowd unequalled— the ranks as usual being swelled by numerous " old " new students. The faculty reception committee escorted the new students, who were then for- mally received into our California family by the gracious Sprouls and the ASUC President and Vice-Presi- dent, Dick Clarke and Lou Morgan. Student leaders acting as hosts and hostesses introduced the students into the joviality of the evening and the friendliness of our campus. Photo by Al King, ASUCLA Photographer. A SOUTH " C " Holiday theme prevailed in Westwood when Brother Bruin hosted the fourth annual All-University week end. Joining the other U.C. Campuses, Berkeley rooters gathered on Janss steps Friday morning for the University meeting and Coronation fes- tivities. Resplendent in Hawaiian shirts and berets, the Cal Band helped the weatherman in supporting the tropical village theme. Evening activities commenced with a parade of fabulous floats, and were climaxed by a huge dance-rally which fired the spirit for Satur- day ' s game. Thousands of fans trekked to the Coliseum to watch two thrilling football games. Card stunts which depicted hula girls and All-U themes were enjoyed by all, and even the disappointed Berkeley rooters recovered enough during post-game festivities to proclaim the week end a tremendous success. ALL- " U " WEEK END 17 Lovely JOYCE REID reigned as queen. CARL WEINBERG, Homecoming chairman, assisted by an able committee, made this big week a memorable one. The outstanding float of Bowles Hall captured the sweepstakes trophy. 18 Guilty offenders caught wearing red on Blue Monday entertained. A Step Rally highlighted by Pappy and Les Richter set off the spirit that contributed to the road of victory. The final approval cn the Axetravaganza is given at rehearsal. ENTHUSIASM, EXCITEMENT, and true Cal spirit keynoted our Homecom- ing which was proclaimed one of the best ever. The week was filled with traditions which began with the old favorite of Blue Monday, and continued on with the crowning of the queen, reenactment of the stealing of the axe, and a parade of gigantic proportion. The Axe Rally on Friday evening saw the Greek Theatre jammed with students whose tremendous spirit was sur- passed only at the Big Game the following day when our greatest hopes were realized as we witnessed a stirring exhibition of fine athletics. Tired but victorious rooters celebrate a perfect ending to an exciting week. HOMECOMING THIS SEMESTER the student body has been fortunate in having outstanding leaders speak to them at the University meetings. One of the more memorable talks made to the students was by Lord Halifax, a guest of the United States from England. Though the students were able and happy to miss classes in the daytime, the Christmas Sing in the evening, with the caroling at the houses beforehand, was very successful. The University chorus along with the orchestra made the Christ- mas spirit more meaningful. Although the weather was not very cooperative, ter Day was held at the Greek Theatre in the traditional manner, and at this ing the new chancellor of the University, Dr. Kerr, was introduced. Those who shivered through the cold morning found it well worth their while, with the colorful procession of faculty members in robes and the talk by Arthur Goodhart. ing to the feminine side of the picture, Dr. Meta Glass, president emeritus of Sweet Briar College, was one of the principal speakers for the IAWS convention on the Berkeley campus. Speaking on " Women in Education, " Miss Glass filled her talk with many anecdotes from her experiences in the field of education. The University meeting will always hold a permanent place in the life of the Cal campus. ce N LU CALIFORNIA CLUB Clarke Coombs Fallon Gilbert Gordon Gutierrez Hanson Hinton Holmes, B. Holmes, C. Houstoun Howell Kelscp Kinkead McHugh Manzano Mauer Mills Morgan Newman Richter Ricksen, R. Robinson. Sharman Sanford Senzek Weinberg MEMBERS OF the Cal Club attending the annual convention, held this year at Santa Barbara, furthered the aim of strengthening the unity and friendship between the eight campuses of the University. Through work at seminars and general sessions, plans for a " bigger and better " All-U Week End were discussed, as well as inter-campus athletic events, drama and art exchanges, and a traveling Charter Day exhibit with material from all the University campuses. Highlights of the Berkeley Chapter this past year have been meeting with the San Francisco and Davis chapters, as well as Les Richter ' s inimitable minutes! Photo by George Tomlinson, Santa Barbara. The photographer snapped part of the combined chapters during a " break " in convention proceedings. Berkeley advisor and state-wide coordinator GARFF WILSON confers with LES RICHTER who succeeded Sue Howell as chairman. the classes SENIORS " Strike while the iron is hot " is the motto that characterized the actions of the Senior Class ' s top man, BOB ( " Hot Lips " ) DOUGALL. THE ACTIVITIES of that always-to-be-remembered Senior Year centered around musical ones as the semester was begun with the lusty airing of lungs in October when the class of 1952 held its first Senior Sing at the Phi Mu abode. Something new was added to the agenda that set feet a-tapping as the audience listened to the jazz concert in Wheeler which featured Bob Scobie ' s jazz band. Along with March rains came the restoration of that memorial, the Senior Men ' s Bench. A dedication ceremony provided the proper send-off with the hopes that this bench ' s life would be a long one. An April sing and the Senior Spring Rally in the Greek Theatre built toward the climax of the entire year, Senior Week, when members of June 1952 gath- ered together to partake in the social functions for the last time and fondly bid adieu to four wonderful years. The first lady of the Senior Class is BEV HINTON, who excels not only as a tician but also as a " Lux Lovely. " MARILYN MEITNER is the capable retary who adds her touch to the light and heavy notes of meeting. HARVEY LAIRD keeps up the spirit and plans the sings (when the occasion arises). 24 25 GENE BABOW, MURRAY GARDNER, and BOB McDOUGALL enjoyed the Christmas Party as much as the children as they with the trains!! SENIOR CLASS FRONT ROW, left to right: Carol Lou Harkness, Harvey Laird, Marilyn Mertner, Beverly Hinton, Bob MacDougall, Cyanne son, Kay Croft. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Smith, Daysta Moore, Pat Dickie, Ronnie Woodward, Ann Houstoun, Frances Barbara Hartman, Carol Flint, Marie Lewis, Jackie Jones. THIRD ROW: Beverly McDonnell, Shirley Weller, Lee Cavallero, Johanson, Peggy Greene, Suzie Flowers, Romalyn Finley, Diane Butayana, Mary Warren, Shirley Stanley. FOURTH ROW: Shepherd, Elaine Hartgogian, Row Haddock, William Callender, Gene Babow, Cliff Perry, George Melnick, William Rees, Weiss, Wade Williams. BACK ROW: Herb Moore, Ken Wallace, Mark Livengood. The dedication--including the christening with the appropriate liquid. Senior men once again have a bench on which to rest their weary bones. ACUZAR, ADAMS, PATRICIA C. ANN SUSAN San Diego Riverside ALLAN, ALLES, ALVES, ANDERS, ANDERSON, BETTY JANE JULITH ANN JAMES RICHARD FLOYD S. LEONE DORIS San Francisco Stockton Hayward Vallejo Danville General Curriculum General Curriculum Spanish. Zoology. Ed. Psychology AP; Election Bd. AOII; WAC. ANDERSON, ANDREWS, ARFSTEN, ARKELIAN, ARNOIS, PATRICIA ANNE CATHARINE ANN HELEN LOIS EDWARD HERBERT Livermore Corona del Mar San Francisco Fresno Sao Paulo History General Curriculum Music. Zoology. Ind. Psychology Epworth; WAC; AO; WAC; Intra- Bowles; YWCA; Daily Cal; mural. Large; WSSF; Honor Students. Jr. Crew Mgr. ARRUDA, ASANO, ASERCION, ASHER, BACON, BARBARA L. SETSUKO ARSENIO C. DOROTHY MAY EDGAR ALLEN Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Atwater Oakland General Curriculum Journalism Sociology General Curriculum Economics Nisei Club; YWCA. BET; YMCA; Elizabeth Barrett Ball and Chain; WAC; YWCA. MAC; Philippine Club. Wheeler Hall The boyhood of ALVA R. DAVIS, Dean of the School of Letters and Science, differs from that of the ordinary col- lege dean in that he substituted Merchant Marine Service for elementary and secondary education. Brussels sprouts and biased opinions run neck and neck on his dislike list, while he considers his greatest display of good judgment accepting an instructorship at Cal in preference to an associate professorship at Nebraska. ADAMS, ADMONI, ALFORS, THOMAS B. NAHUM JOHN THEODORE Berkeley Jerusalem Parlier History Political Science Political Science Political Science. Geology St. Margaret ' s FOB; Pelican; E,M; Big C Society; House. Cal Engineer; Varsity Crew. YWCA Cabinet. Oxford; Photo Club; Hiking Club. Honor Students; Premed Soc.; Masonic Club. BADGER, BAGLEY, BAILARD, BAILEY, BAIRD, ROBYN LUCAS ROBERT M. JEANNE F. SETH T. MARION I. Santa Barbara Oakland Santa Barbara Alameda Fresno Geology Physical Education Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum II KO; Football. KICF; Red Cross. Track; ROTC. III BM; Blue and deck. Gold; Elections Board. When we first heard the campanile chime our campus 26 HELEN GERTRUDE ROBERT WARREN NANCY ANN Alameda Redding Buringame Physical Education Economics Speech Prytanean; Mortar ESE; Rally Comm. X52; Panne; Pryt. Bd.; W omen ' s C; Chrm.; ACB. Mortar Bd.; Pelly WAA, Pres.; ACB. Women ' s Dir. BAKER, BAKER. BALCFI, BALDWIN, BALDWIN BALL, BARKER, BARNES, BARNACLE, BARROS, CHARLOTTE C. EVELYN JOAN IVAN JAY ELLEN B. JANET ELAINE BETTY MAY MABEL MARIE Stockton Manhattan Beach Porterville Eureka Stockton San Francisco Hanford Political Science Geology Chemistry. Political Science. General Curriculum English Spanish At.. Women ' s C; WAA. K.A; WAC. Utrimque. Newman Club BARTLETT, BEALE, BEAUREGARD, BELLECI, ALEXANDER G. FRANCES NADINE ROBERT McKEAN BETTY ANN San Francisco Sacramento Hayward Pittsburg Geology General Curriculum Social Welfare General KA. Abracadabra; MAC. Curriculum; AXA. BENDER, BENJAMIN, BENJAMIN BENNDORF, BENNETT, BENNETT, JOYCE BARBARA P. MITCHEL A. ANGELICA DIANE L. FRANI CANTELD Shafter Piedmont Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Manila Psychology General Curriculum Physical Education French Economics History Epworth Hall XS . Baseball. AMT; Honor MK. AOE. Students. BENNETT, BENNETT, BENNETT, BENNETTS, BENSON, BEN-YEHUDA, BERGER, BERGSTEIN, BERKOWITZ, BERNARDI, RALPH RAMSEY ROSALIE MARY ZETTIE LEE BETTE ANN JACK ODELL SELMA SARNOFF GERALDINE FAY HAL JOSEPH HELENE S. JOAN V. Santa Paula New York Berkeley Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles Piedmont Brooklyn Oakland Sausalito General Curriculum English General Curriculum General Curriculum Medical Sciences General Curriculum Political Science Journalism Social Welfare Decorative Art; OFA; Winged Hel- Epworth Hall; AMO; YWCA IK; Red Cross; 4,BK; MM. Hillel. ADD. Daily Cal City ASE; AMP; Life Saving Corps; met; Big C; Base- Senior Council; Cabinet Pelican. Editor; Golden Tower and Flame. Utrimque; AXA. ball. WAC. Bear. BERNSTEIN, WILLIAM San Francisco General Curriculum ZBT; Homecoming Comm.; Senior Peace Comm. BERTAGNA, LENORE J. San Francisco General Curriculum APA; ASUC Sec.; Senior Council. BERWICK, MARGUERITE ANN San Francisco Spanish DBK; AMP. BESAG, BIENVENU, BIGGE, BIRD, BISESSAR, BISTRIN, BLACK, PETER LEE CLAUDE RUTH CHARLOTTE GLORIA ANNE BETTY B. KATHRINE LOWY EVALINE C. Los Angeles Paris Oakland Oakland British Guiana San Francisco San Francisco Mathematics Journal ism General Curriculum Child Development Zoology. Psychology General Curriculum II ME; OHM; AAA. AEA. ADD. APA; Pelican; AMP; ASUC Secretariat. Honor Students; Tower and Flame. BLAKE, BLICQ, BLUER, BLUMENTHAL, BLUNDELL, BOLMAN, BONGIO, BONNER, BONNIFIELD, BOONE, RICHARD JAMES LOIS HERBERT A. MARCIA EDITH BARBARA ANN GAY JANE BRUC E ALBERT DOROTHY MAY SHIRLEY Richmond Richmond Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Orinda Oakland Sacramento Stockton Compton History. Art History Social Welfare. History General Curriculum Social Welfare Botany Sociology General Curriculum Lutheran Student II Al ' ; EKP; APA; Ski Club. KKP; Torch and Newman Club. Honor Students. Mitchell Hall; Epworth Hall; Assoc. Tower and Flame. Shield; Campus AMP; YWCA. Class Council. Planning. was returning to normal, and youthful faces once 77 BORCHARD, BORG, JOANNE ALICE WILLIAM JOSEPH San Francisco Alameda General Curriculum History AO II. Scabbard Blade; Masonic Club. BREWER, BREWER, JACKSON D. MARJORIE L. San Francisco Palo Alto Political Science General Curriculum ADD; Card Sales; AZ; Pelican. Class Councils. BORGHI, LOUISA ERMA Santa Clara Italian ALE; Newman Club. BRITZ, BABS L. San Francisco Psychology ZTA; Pelican; Class Councils. BORGIA, CHARLES A. Alameda Medical Sciences Sen. Mgr., Varsity Fencing; ‘DX. BOWHAY, BOYERS, BOYNTON, BRACKER, JAMES HUGHES JOAN W. CAROL JAYNE GERTRUDE N. Burlingame Berkeley Oakland Arizona Political Science. General Curriculum Child Development Child Development AP; University Stern; WAC; St. Margaret ' s Chorus. Senior Council. House. BRADLEY, CAROLYN LOIS Sacramento General Curriculum Stern; Elections Bd.; WAC; AMP; Honor Students. BRAUN, CLAIRE E. San Francisco Psychology AZ; Cal Engineer; Junior Council. BROOKS, MARILYN Berkeley General Curriculum AEA; Pelican; YWCA Secretariat. BROWN, CHARLES ALBERT Oxnard Political Science AT52; Staff Committee. BRIZEE, BROMLEY, BROOKE, BROOKS, BROOKS, CLARENCE W. BEVERLY ISABEL BETTY LOU ADELE FRANCES BARBARA MAY Redwood City San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles Moorpark History. General Curriculum Recreation Psychology English AA II. Prytanean; YWCA; I House. KA. Student Christian Council. BROWN, DUANE H. Fullerton Recreation YWCA. BULLOCK, CHARLES H. New Jersey Chemistry BROWN, GLORIA EUGENIA San Francisco Hispanic America Pelican; Rally Comm.; II AL. BURNETT, JENNIFER Salinas History FIB; Red Cross; YWCA Cabinet; WSSF. BROWN, JANE STANFORD Berkeley General Curriculum KKF; Blue Gold; Honor Students. BURR, VIRGINIA RUTH Sacramento General Curriculum ZTA; Pelican; Senior Council. BROX, BRUNDIN, BRUNE, BRYANT, BUCKLIN, BETTY ANN ROBERT ELLIOTT BARBARA SNOW PAUL HAYDEN WILLIAM H. Long Beach Rivera South Pasadena Alameda Pasadena General Curriculum Journalism General Curriculum Zoology Political Science Stratford Hall. Wesley Foundation X51; Election Bd.; Crew. AKE; Triune; LE TI. LAX; Hiking Club. ASUC Secretariat; BB. Rally Committee. BUDDHARI, WAIWIT Thailand Botany. CAILTEUX, CHARLOTTE E. San Francisco General Curriculum AEA. BULL, DAPHNE E. M illbrae English ABA; YWCA. CAIN, DONALD Albany General Curriculum BURT, BURTON, BUSWELL, CAHEN, MARGARET E. NANCY ALISON DONALD LEE DONALD M. Kentfield San Francisco Alameda San Francisco Physical Education General Curriculum Mathematics. Political Science Epworth; Utrimque; AM2; Red Cross; HAD; xDBK; College Women ' s Pelican; Councils; 4311M; Debate. Club. LE II. BURROUGHS, GLENN RICHARD Bakersfield Speech Speech Arts Club. CAINE, HARRIETT ANNE Los Angeles Social Welfare M ' E. CALDWELL, JOAN A. San Mateo English K. CALDWELL, DONALD M. Richmond Physics Scabbard Blade; Quarterdeck; Tower Flame. CALDWELL, JACK ALVIN San Mateo Geology AKE; Soccer; Rugby. CALHOUN, CALVERT, CANEPA, CANESTRO, GERALDINE L. DONALD R. PATRICIA ANN DALE NOEL Albany San Leandro San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Speech Chemistry. Social Welfare KA; ASUC Card MAC; Hiking Club. Masonic Club. Sales; Pelican. CAPPILO, CARLAT, FELISA PAUL BASIL Lodi Los Angeles Journalism Psychology Colonial Hall; ZBT; Varsity Women ' s Dorm Gymnastics; Council; ODD. Circle C; Tower and Flame. again predominated the scene as the veterans 28 CARLSON, JOHN STANLEY Berkeley Zoology. C MRLSEN, MARJORIE ANN Sal inas General Curriculum Epworth Hall. EN; Golden Bear; Skull and Keyes; BB; Big C. CHAPMAN, CHAPMAN, JAMES ALBERT JAMES LELAND Ross Los Angeles Economics Mathematics Rambler Football. Psychology WAC. French Colonial Hall Newman Club. Biochemistry Abracadabra Honor Students; Senior Council. CARLIN, WILLIAM BAYNARD, New York Music Honor Students; AM. CHAPIN, RACHEL Mill Valley General Curriculum AZ; Blue and Gold; Class Councils. CHAKMAKJIAN, SUSAN San Francisco Mathematics I ' BK; II ME; APM; Honor Students; Elections Board CARLIN, GABRIELLE F. New York General Curriculum Honor Students. CHAN, SYLVIA Piedmont Statistics. CHIN HOWARD Oakland Biochemistry. CATALDI, CAVALLERO, CENCE, MARY LOUISE LEE ELEANOR JEAN San Jose Madera Glendale History General Curriculum English ,PM; Newman Club; Epworth Hall; Daily OT; Symphony Junior Council. Cal; Senior Council. Forum; Ski Club. CARNIE, CARPENTER, SIDNEY KENT FINETTE C. Mountain View Nevada City Zoology English Bowles Hall; Beaudelaire Club Scabbard Blade. Women ' s Dorm Council. CHALMERS, CHAMBERLAIN, MARGARET L. NANCY LOU Stockton Modesto General Curriculum Political Science KA; WAA; Stern Hall; NSA; Masonic Club. International Bd. CARSON, CARY, JAMES GILMORE WILLIAM SAYRE Berkeley San Francisco Zoology Wildlife X43; Circle C; tin; KZ; Class Water polo; Councils; Track; Scabbard Blade. Triune. CHAN, CHAN, JEANETTE P. JUNE MARIE San Francisco Oakland General Curriculum English. CHATHAM, CHENG, RONALD M. RUTH CHI Sacramento China Geography International Bowles Hall; MAC; Relations. Elections Board; Honor Students. CHEW, CHILD, CHIN, ROLAND LILACE ANN ALICE LEW Oakland Selma Berkeley Decorative Art Social Welfare Biochemistry LIAO; CSC. AFA; WSSF; Chinese Student ' s ASUC Secretariat. Club. CHIN, EVELYN YE San Francisco Child Development CSCA. CLARK, JACQUELINE K. San Diego Psychology CARROLL, THOMAS ANDREW Oakland Economics Honor Students; Newman Club. CARROLL, WALTER JAMES Ross Economics AKE. CHAMBERS, THOMAS SPRAGUE Santa Rosa Psychology Student Relations Council, Chmn. CHAN, HARRY Santa Ana English. BET. CHRISTENSEN, CHUBB, CLANCY, CLARE, CLARK, ROBERT LEE VIRGINIA RAY JOHN MARTIN GEORGIA LEE HENRY SAMUEL Eureka Piedmont Wisconsin Colusa Oakland Economics General Curriculum Decorative Art English Political Science II Oh; Pelican. Bowles Hall; EK; Pelican; BIT; Rep at Glee Club. Tower Flame. Large; I Board; YMCA; NSA; Rally Committee. CHIN, CHIURATO, CHOQUETTE, MARIAN ROSE ANGELA DON FREDERICK San Francisco Sal inas Long Beach CLARKE, RICHARD ALAN San Francisco Political Science A KA; ASUC Pres.; Cal Club; Golden Bear; Rep at Large CLAYTON, BARBARA ANN Piedmont English A 0 TI ; Prytanean; Penile; Blue and Gold; Elections Board. CLAYTON, CLIFFMAN, WILLIS SHERMAN CAROLEE San Jose Gridley General Curriculum History Smythe; Masonic KA; Blue and Gold; Club; Vigilante Class Councils. Committee. CLOUD, COATS, DONALD E. WALLACE JAMES Illinois Yuba City Physical Education History. Handball. COCHRAN, CAROL Oakland History ' LTA; Junior Class V.P.; Rally Comm.; Gavel Quill. COLE, ALLYN GLENN Utah Political Science. COLE, DORIS Oakland Social Tower Flame. COLEMAN, GEORGE C. San Jose Economics AEA; Debate; Rugby Manager. received their degrees. But Cal students still 29 CONDAS, GEORGE A. San Francisco Physics EST. GONEENY, CONKLING, COOK, COOPER, DOROTHY ROBERT HARRY MATHILDA M. EARL San Anselmo Waterford Carmel Oakland Political Science. Anthropology. Psychology Psychology Peixotto Hall; AOA. Hiking Club. COOPER, CORCORRAN, CORDRAY, CORLEY, CORNELL, JOHN SHEPHERD JOHN EDWARD DOUGLAS ROY PATRICIA ANN CORINNE IDYLLE Berkeley Oakland Santa Rosa Berkeley Los Altos History Psychology Zoology General Curriculum History Scabbard Blade; Flying Club. Bowles Hall. KKr; Pelican; AAX. Honor Students; Class Councils. Masonic Club. CORONA, CORTI, COSTELLA, COVINGTON, COWAN, CRALLE, CRANE, CRAWFORD, CRENSHAW, CRITCHFIELD, PETER RONALD F. JANICE KATHRYN CATHERINE H. JANE ARIEL OLIVIA HELEN ALICE MARILYN ROBERT EDWARD TED E. San Diego San Leandro Walnut Creek Oakland Berkeley Inglewood Santa Ana Berkeley Bakersfield Oceanside History Political Science History Political Science. General Curriculum. Social Welfare Art Music General Curriculum Physics. Big C; Baseball; Baseball. ATE; WAC; Jr. Elizabeth Barrett. KA; Daily Cal; KAO; Treble MKT; Big C; Ball Newman Club. Sr. Council; Symphony Forum; Clef; Symphony Chain. Homecoming. AXA. Forum. CROFT, CROSWELL, CROWDER, CROWN, CRUSAN, CRUZ, CUMMING, DACE, DAGGETT, DAILY, KATHERINE RUTH CLYDELLA DEAN MILLESON NANCY ANN, ELIZABETH H. BARBARA JANE SHEILA MARY MARJORIE E. ROBERT SHERMAN ROBERTA H. Oakland Oakland Clovis Los Angeles Monrovia Val lejo Pittsburg Los Angeles Berkeley Oakland General Curriculum Social Studies Zoology General Curriculum History General Curriculum. Physical Education International Political Science Zoology. Senior Council; YWCA. Bowles Hall; WAA Secretary; AZ; Cal Engineer; Oldenberg; WAA; Relations OE; Varsity Homecoming; Pelly; Symphony Forum. Blue Gold. Student Govt.; WAC; College AMP. Debate; Daily Cal; Women ' s Day. Clinic. Women ' s Club Jrs. Axe. D ' AMANTE, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAWSON, DEAN, DeBONIS, DECKER, DECKER, DeCRISTOFORO, DENHAM, ELVO S. JOC RAY NANCY L. MARY ELIZABETH CAROLYN JEWELL MARIA EDNA CONSTANCE NOEL PAGE ANN ANTHONY JUDITH PAULINE Oakland Berkeley Alameda Los Angeles South Pasadena Piedmont Berkeley Pomona Sacramento Petaluma Music Wildlife Conserva- Political Science General Curriculum Decorative Art Decorative Art English Physical Ed ucation Political Science General Curriculum Cal Band; Baton. ' ,ion; KM. Pryt.; Pelly; ASUC KACI; NSA. AOH. AI ' . Tower Flame. Stern; Women ' s C; Bowles; Winged XH; Election ' s Personnel Council; WAA; NET. Helmet; Sr. Peace Conn., Chrm.; Card Elections Board. Comm. JV Baseball. Stunts Comm.; SUEC. DENNIS, DERIVI, de ULLMANN, de URIOSTE, DEWEES, DeWIED, DICI IE, DIEHL, DIETRICH DIKOVSKY, ROBERT FRANCIS MARLENE MARY PETER FRANCIS ANITA F. FRANCES C. JACQUES ROLF PATRICIA ANN CAROL LEE RICHARD W. MICHAELA Berkeley Modesto Budapest San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Fresno Merced Lindsay Israel Political Science; General Curriculum Economics General Curriculum General Curriculum. Political Science Psychology General Curriculum Political Science Physical Education KA; Triune; Skull Peixotto; WAC; Newman Club; AXO. AE II. Epworth; Senior AAA. OAX; Rally Comm.; Stebbins Hall. Keys; BB. YWCA; Honor Ski Club. Council; YWCA; Scabbard Blade; Students. WAC; ME II. Ball Chain. arranged their classes for coffee at ten and 30 DIMMICK, DIXON, DODD, ' DOE, DOLE, DONAHUE, DOOHER, DORAN, DOSS, DOUGHERTY, CAROL ROSINA NANCY ANN JERRY STEVENS RUSSELL M. VIRGINIA JOAN MARIE MAUREEN E. JAMES JOSEPH THOMAS E. BETTY ANN San Marino San Mateo San Jose Visalia Piedmont Pasadena San Mateo San Mateo Piedmont Carmel Spanish English Geology. Agricultural General Curriculum Psychology Speech Economics. Political Science Decorative Art Richards Hall. AO II. Economics HBO; Pelican. AFA; Class Coun.; Ad ' ; Rally Comm.; ADD. KAO. ATA. Homecoming. Red Cross Chrm.; WSSF. DOWLEY, DOWNLEY, DOYLE, DOYLE, DRASKIVICH, DRESSELHAUS, DRISCOLL, DRIVER, DRUEHL, DUFLOTH, GEORGE FIRTH EDITH ANN MEL B. PAUL McCUNE JOHN JO SEPH LOIS FAITH SALLY MAY DELBERT LEROY JO ANN JAMES EARL Los Altos Livingstpn Berkeley Winters Oakland Sebastopol Beverly Hills Berkeley San Francisco Redwood City Political Science Speech General Curriculum Political Science General Curriculum. General Curriculum Child Development Physics. Political Science General Curriculum AEA; Drives Coun. Elizabeth Barrett; 41EA. Bowles; Tower and Utrimque. A4); YWCA. Joaquin Hall. Newman Club. Chrm.; Jr. Coun. Masonic Club; Flame; Honor YWCA. Students. DUNLAP, DUNN, EASLEY, EASLEY, ECKSTROM, EDGAR, EDMONDS, EDMONDSON, EDMONSON, EDWARDS, ALBERT KNIGHT BARBARA J. NANCY DAY PHYLLIS ANN ARTHUR MICHAEL DONALD LEWIS JOHN G. CYANNE JAMES W. DALE VORE Sacramento Compton Atherton Berkeley Oakland Fresno Monrovia Palo Alto Bellflower Santa Rosa Zoology. General Curriculum General Curriculum Speech Music General Curriculum Economics General Curriculum Social Welfare Political Science KKF; Elections Utrimque; Honor 4,BK; 4)MA. KAP; Ski Club. ATO; Men ' s J; ZTA; Gavel and Bowles; Campus H KA; Tower and Bd.; YWCA. Students; KO. Welfare Bd. Quill; Class Coun- Tours, Sub-Chrm.; Flame. cils; WSSF. Meetings Coun. EGAN, EGGE, EHRENBERG, EISEN, ELLIOT, ELLIOTT, ELLIS, ELY, EMMONS, ENGLAND, CLIFF, ARTHUR VIRGINIA LEA NADINE A. BETTY MAY FRANK W. ANNABELLE L. SHIRLEY ELAINE DOROTHY B. BONNIE LEILA ANNE Oakland Pasadena San Francisco San Francisco Long Beach Los Angeles Lone Pine San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco General Curriculum Social Welfare Social Welfare Physical Education Psychology General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum English Abracadabra; Californian. 6,4)E; WSSF. ASE; WAA; Pub. KM; BB. KA; II AM. Joaquin; Pelican; Stratford Hall. Pelican; Symphony Epworth; CSTA; Glee Club. Relations Colin. Women ' s Dorm Forum. WAC; YWCA; Coun.; HAM. Tower and Flame. EPPENSTEIN, ERICKSON, ERICKSON, ETHAN, ETZENHOUSER, EUBANK, EVANS, FACTOR, FAHY, FAILS, SHULAMITH BEVERLY ANN ELISABETH ANN BRAHA TAIBER NANCY M. NANCY KATHRYN A. LORRAINE MARILYN HELEN NEIL EDWARD PERSHING JAMES Israel San Marino N. Sacramento Israel Los Angeles Long Beach San Luis Obispo San Francisco San Francisco Richmond Bacteriology Decorative Art Art History Bacteriology. Anthropology English General Curriculum East Asiatic Geology Communication and I House. KAO; YWCA. Peixotto; I Bd. Colonial Hall; ArA; Jr., Sr. Joaquin Hall. Studies Newman Club. Public Policy. Secretariat; AE. WAA. Councils. WAA. Saturdays free for winter skiing and spring beach 31 FELIX, ALICE OFELIA San Francisco Social Welfare Casa Hispana. FERGUSON, JAMES IAN San Francisco Biochemistry. FALLON, MICHAEL J. San Mateo English Cal Club; Daily Cal Ed.; EAX. FARNSWORTH, FARRAN, FAULKIN, FAYNE, MAR ILY MARILYN D. SHIRLEY L. CARMEL Grimes Piedmont Castro Valley Piedmont General Curriculum Speech General Curriculum General Curriculum X52; Card Stunts AD; XXII. Art Bureau; Coll. Pelly; Class Comm.; ASUC Women ' s Club Jrs. Council. Secretariat. FELTHAM, FERGUS, JEAN ARTHUR GRANT South Pasadena Anaheim General Curriculum English Elizabeth Barrett; Ski Club. Soph. and Jr. cils; WSSF. FIELDS, MONA LEE San Gabriel Political Science AX51; Soph. and Jr. Coun.; phony Forum. FIMRITE, RONALD DWAINE Oakland General Curriculum Daily Cal, Sports Ed.; Golden Bear; PD. FLYNN, JOHN G. Oakland General Curriculum NSA. FUDGE, CAROL ELAINE San Francisco Economics Varsity Debate; Masonic Club. GEIBERGER, ANNE MARIE San Diego Zoology. FINLEY, FIRTH, FISCHER, FISHER, ROMALYN DAN ANDREW LAURA GENE CRAIG BUFORD Ontario Palo Alto Compton Alameda Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum History KA; Jr. and Sr. ' KT. Continental; DEK; Symphony Coun.; Pelly. Utrimque. Forum; EKA. FURLONG, FURNAS, GALLAGER, GALLOWAY, ROSEMARY DAVID WILLIAM HELEN DON RAYMOND Oakland Davis Piedmont San Francisco Physical Education Medical Science History. History Utrimque; WAA. Bowles Hall; ATA; Winged Band, met; Water Polo; Circle C. GEIGER, GEORGE, GERCKE, GIBSON, ROBERT SHIRLEY L. DOROTHY ALICE JAMES BENJAMIN La Mesa Berkeley San Francisco Washington Medical Science. History General Curriculum Mathematics I ' M; Red Cross; APA; Pelican; Tower and Flame; YWCA, Senior YWCA; Women ' s Glee Club. Secretariat. Day; Symphony Forum. FISHER, MARY DELL Woodland Speech AI ' ; Blue and Gold, Sr. Ed.; YWCA. GARFINKEL, DIANE J. San Francisco Social Welfare ACE. GIFFIN, BARBARA JEAN Long Beach General Curriculum ZTA. FITZPATRICK, MARY CONSTANCE Los Angeles History Intramural. FREEMAN, FRANCIS JUNE Oakland General Curriculum Casa Hispana. GARLAND, ISABEL ANNE San Francisco Speech MP; Symphony Forum; Senior Coun. GIFFORD, JEANNE DOVE Colusa Psychology WAC. FLINT, CAROL Ventura Public Health ZTA; Sr. Class Council; Symphony Forum. FREW, IRENE C. Oakland General Curriculum Epworth Hall; WAC. GARRONE, NORMA M. Bakersfield Spanish Newman Club. GILBERT, D. ALISON Berkeley History AAA; Women ' s Rep.; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Cal Club; DBK; EKA. FLORES, ALBERT San Regional Hispania. FRIEDMAN, ZIVIZ Israel General Curriculum GATES, DUANE CHARLES Burbank Physics Cloyne Ct.; Quarterdeck. GILCHRIST, DONALD H. Los Angeles Psychology. FLOWERS, SUZANNE Oakland Psychology AA II; Jr. Class Sec.; Gavel and Quill; Pryt. FROLICH, DONALD ALAN Nevada Psychology ADD. GAUSE, RICHARD ARNOLD San Francisco Art TKE; Scabbard and Blade. GILLEN, BARBARA NELL Visalia Art Fernwald. FOELL, FOUNTAIN, FRANCO, FRANK, FREDERICKS, RUTH CAROLYN HUGH ELDRIDGE LORRAINE SUZANNE SELLER ROBERT TAMBS Texas Berkeley San Francisco Salt Lake City Montana General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum Child Development Geography Californian. ADA; Judo. ' M; Senior Coon. ADD. Blue and Gold; Tower and Flame. parties. The years passed by all too quickly and we 32 GINN, GIUSTI, PHYLLIS TERESA DONALD IVAN Boston San Mateo Decorative Art Journalism AKA. AEA; Daily Cal; LAX. GORDON, GORDON, ROBERT S. WILLIAM L. Riverside Salinas General Curriculum Political Science Collegians. ATQ; Mgr. Cal Engineer; Rally Comm. GLENN I, RICHARD ELDON Chico Group Major EW; Men ' s J; FSB; Meetings Council; Chrm. GOULD, ANNE LOUISE Oakland General Curriculum Epworth; College Women ' s Club Jrs.; YWCA. GUTTEN, CECILE S. Petaluma General Curriculum AWE; Pelican; Radio and TV Club. GLUCI , GODDARD, HELEN JACK Chicago Fresno Social Welfare English. Sherman Hall; ASSW; USCA. GRAHAM, GREENE, CAROLYN MARY MARGARET L. Benicia San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum WM; Treble Clef, AA H; Senior Sr. Sec.; Daily Council. Cal. HABER, HACKER, SAM WILLIAM E. New York Redlands H i story. Pm-Business ministration Barrington Hall; Cal 23 Club. GONG, GOODWIN, EDWARD ALICE Berkeley Stockton Physical Education General Curriculum II HBO; Elections Council. HADDOCK, HADLEY, ROY PHILLIP JACK NORMAN Chula Vista Inglewood Physics Zoology Abracadabra; MAC; Track. Daily Cal; Cal Engineer; HSS; AX. GOODWIN, GOODWIN, ANNE LOUISE BARBARA JEAN Orinda San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum Stratford Hall. KA; Junior and Senior Council; Pelly. HAGEN, HAIGHT, KENNETH E. ROBERT RODELL Berkeley Redwood City Speech. History EKA. GILMORE, JANET Modesto English KA; Pelican; Honor Students. GORDON, CHARLES S. Panama French. GROSSO, GUEDET, GURR, DIANA R. PAUL FRANCIS BETTY JEAN San Francisco San Francisco Alhambra Hispanic America General Curriculum Decorative Cal 23 Club. Elizabeth Barrett; Blue and Gold, Jr. Mgr.; WDA; phony Forum. GREER, GRIGGS, GROENIGER, GROSSMAN, SHIRLEY BETH JEANETTE E. WILLIAM C. ROSALIND NAGIN Sacramento Hayward Oakland Riverside General Curriculum General Curriculum Economics English AAA. AI ' A; Welfare Bd.; EAE. Tower and Flame. Class Conn.; Tower and Flame. HALL, CYNTHIA Richmond Psychology. HALLING, LAWRENCE R. San Francisco Wildlife vation. HAMMOND, MARIANNE Piedmont English KKH; YWCA; Honor Students. HANSON, HAPP, HARRY ALBERT CHARLES Red Bluff Salinas Political Science History. A TQ; Large; Cal Club; Golden Bear, Rally Comm. HARDIE, HARDWAY, ROSE E. ELLEN JOAN San Francisco Arcadia Journal ism General Curriculum Univ. Christian XQ; Rally Com. Fellowship. Sr. Appt.; tions Bd.; Pryt. HAIL, WILLIAM D. Berkeley Advertising Design KA; Blue and Gold Photographer. HANSEN, RUTH JANE Honolulu Zoology Epworth; Jr., Sr. Coun.; TAWS Con- vention; WAA. HAMILTON, JOYCE LOVELLE Vallejo General Curriculum Stratford Hall; HARDGRAVE, NANCY ANN San Francisco Physical Therapy Tower and Flame; Honor Students; YWCA. HAMLER, JANICE MARIE Altoona, Pa. Physical Education Pryt.; WAA; Social Bears; Sr. tion Comm.; NEW. HAMMOND, RICHARD Idaho Zoology Bowles Hall. HARKIN, ARTHUR PAUL Lynwood Zoology. HAM MOOSH, ABDUL-SALAM Iraq Geology. HARLICK, ROBERT MARVIN San Francisco Political Science KN. HAMPEL, JOHN Oakland Zoology Senior Council; Newman Club. HARRISON, AUDREY JEAN Berkeley Physical Education WAA; NEW. HANERFELD, HAROLD Los Angeles Mathematics. HART, RICHARD STUART Monterey Pre-Dental AM. watched our campus grow from nature to concrete 33 HAY, HAYES, SYLVIA JOAN JEAN MARION Coalinga Berkeley Psychology General Curriculum WAC; Tower and KAO. Flame. HARTGOGIAN, HARTMAN, HARTSOC, H 4RTZELL, HASELTINE, HASH, HAWKES, ELAINE JOYCE BARBARA M. ERNEST R. VELDA Y. ROBIN ANN ROBERT CLAIRE JOHN San Francisco San Francisco Oakdale Honolulu Burlingame Richmond Santa Rosa Art General Curriculum English French General Curriculum Political Science. History. Warring Place; APA; Jr., Sr. TKE; Daily Cal; Symphony Forum; PCB; Mortar Bd.; Junior and Senior Council; ASUC EAX. Elections Board. Pryt.; Chrm., IAWS Council; Daily Cal; Secretariat; Pelly. Convention; FSB; Pryt.; HAE YWCA. HAYES, HAZEL, HEALY, HEARTSNER, HEATHERLY, HEIL, HEINIG, HELGESSON, HENCKEN, HENZE, DORENE BATES RICHARD BRIAN BARBARA FERN ROSEMARIE ROGER LEE BARBARA ELLEN DOROTHY W. LUCY PFUND FREDERICK H. MARGARET ANN San Mateo San Mateo Piedmont Belmont San Diego San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Morgan Hill Altadena General Curriculum Psychology. General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Decorative Art English Biochemistry Psychology DM. 11134,; Pelly; INDB. KE; Crew. A.,13; Red Cross. AA II; Senior Atb; Women ' s J., AXP. 11134,. 1E H. Council; Pelican. Chrm.; Mortar Bd.; Torch and Shield. HERMAN, HERMAN, HERNANDEZ, HERRON, HERZSTEIN, HEURING, HIEB, HILLINGER, HINMAN, HINRICHS, ADELAIDE P. TANIA T. RAQUEL C. THOMAS L. RICKA LEE FRANCIS T. DORIS ANNA MARGIE RUTH SALLY LURANA CURTIS KEITH Berkeley San Francisco Camarillo Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Minnesota Pasadena Orinda Burbank Sociology Speech Hi spanic America Journalism Speech Geophysics. General Curriculum. Political Science Speech Physics. AEA; Pelly; HAY. Red Cross; ZTA. AX; c1343; Frosh AM,. MTA. AEO. FOB; Panile. Pelly; YWCA. Baseball. HINTON, HIRATA, HO, HOC.H, HODAPP, HOFF, HOLLENBECK, HOLLIGER, HOLMES, HOOK, BEVERLY JOAN PHYLLIS Y. ELAINE C. ROSEMARIE T. HELEN ARTHUR RAYMOND W. PATRICIA RUTH CAROL MARY ELIZABETH J. San Leandro San Bernardino San Francisco San Francisco Piedmont Los Angeles Berkeley Stockton Berkeley Berkeley General Curriculum English. Sociology General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science History History. General Curriculum Social Welfare. A A H ; Mortar EO II . KA; Elections Bd.; KKF. I House; AXA; Frosh Foot- AA H; Women ' s Board; Pryt.; Cal Jr., Sr. Council; ball. Rally Comm., Club; Sr. V.P.; Pelly. Chrm.; Pryt.; ARC Chrm. Cal Club; WSSF. HOPKINS, HORNADAY, HORSFORD, HOSKINS, HOUSHMAND, HOUSTOUN, HOWE, HOWELL, HUBER, HUDSON, KENNETH WAYNE GORDON RAYMER SHIRLEY JANE MARIAN LOU MANOUCHEHR ANN WALTER H. SUE JOHN GEORGE DAVID BRADLEY Los Angeles Walnut Creek Oakland Stockton Iran San Francisco Berkeley Bakersfield San Francisco Carmel Zoology Geology. History General Curriculum. Bacteriology. General Curriculum Petroleum Geology Speech Psychology Geography AX; Tower and College Women ' s APA; Drives 0AX. KA0; Rep at Lrge; Barrington Hall; E.T.. Flame; SHE; DO. Club Jrs.; YWCA. Council; Torch and Cal Club; Mortar Store Bd.; Stiles Shield; Cal Club; Bd.; Pryt.; HSS. Hail. Pryt. as the newest and biggest buildings were 34 HULL, RICHARD G. Oakland English Gymnastic Club. ISHIKAWA, MURAYO Berkeley Social Welfare WAC. HUNT, PETER JOSEPH Montana Economics Honor Students. IVERSEN, ROLAND EDMUND Paso Robles Economics KT. HUNTER, WILLIAM T. Oakland Social Welfare. IZMIRIAN, RUPERT Los Angeles Zoology Ridge House; API; OPM. INGRAM, BARBARA JANE San Diego History XQ; Pelican; Music Club. KAWAI, DOROTHY S. Richmond History. KAWELL, KATHRYN Walnut Park Psychology I House. JOHNSON, DAVID LEE Tracy Pre-Med ATA; Winged Helmet. Varsity Wrestling. JONES, JOHN Lynwood Psychology. KEEGAN, PATRICIA L. Alameda General Curriculum KA; WAC; Blue and Gold. JOE, JOHNSEN, SHIRLEY PATRICIA OLIVE San Francisco Oakland Child Development English WAC, Sub-Chrm.; Masonic Club; Pryt.; Ushering Ski Club. Comm.; CSCA. JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, WILLIS T. JAMES Riverside Lynwood Banking English AXA; Campus Track. Planning Com m., Chrtn.; Rally Comm.; G. Q. HUGHES, HUGHES, JAMES REDMOND LOIS LUCILE Berkeley Petaluma General Curriculum Political Science IIKA; Crew; Colonial Hall. Water Polo; ming; V. Rowing Club. INNES, IRVIN, ELIZABETH JEAN L. Planada Oakland General Curriculum Child Development KAO; Intramural APA; Senior Board. Council; I Bd.; Public Relations Council. JASINSKI, JEPSON, MITCHELL B. JOANNE HOPE Massachusetts San Francisco Philosophy Zoology 4)EK; Wrestling; The Californian; Boxing; Circle C; Chrm., Art Bureau; ACB; FSB; G. Q. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOY ANNALETA NORMA JANE Auburn Yreka Psychology General Curriculum XE It. MK. JUE, KARLOTSKI, ARNOLD LILLIAN B. San Francisco Castro Valley Geophysics. English WAC; Social Bears; College Women ' s Club Juniors. HUNTRESS, HURLEY, HUTCHINS, INGHAM, DIANA LEORA CHARLES E. ERNESTINE H. CAROL ANNE Sacramento Yreka San Francisco Long Beach Medical Technology Political Science. Bacteriology. English. Stern Hall; Coll. Bowles Hall. Women ' s Club; Honor Students. JACKSON, JACOBUS, JAFFIE, JAMISON, JESS S. JOAN RICHARD WENDELL BLAKE San Francisco Orinda Illinois San Diego General Curriculum General Curriculum Sociology Pre-Med t ' DFA; Rugby. FOB; Red Cross. AOE. TKE; Masonic Club; OHM. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, DONALD SAMUEL ELWYN LEROY EVAN PHILIP HAZEL, BERNICE Richmond Stockton Modesto Ogden General Curriculum. Political Science. Slavic Languages Sociology KA. Stebbins; WDA; NAA Cp. JONES, JONES, JORDAN, JORN, KING KENNETH RICHARD HORACE DOROTHY ANN ERNEST G. Astronomy Los Gatos Oakland Richmond Tower and Flame; Psychology Chemistry Public Administra- Honor Students; XtD; Symphony Newman Club; tion 4,1i . Forum. SAACS. MAC; Senior Counsel; Scabbard and Blade. KELDGORD, KELLEY, KELLY, KELTUS, ROBERT ELTON BRUCE MOSELEY ALICE MAY JOAN ALICE Fresno San Francisco Berkeley Long Beach Speech Zoology Statistics General Curriculum Speaker ' s Bureau; ,DEK; Flying Club. X52; Prytanean; Mitchell Hall; Masonic Club. Pelly Editorial Newman Club. Staff; FIAM. JANG, RICHARD WAYSON Oakland Pharmacy CSC; PX. JOHNSON, JANET BEATRICE San Anselmo English AZ; Mortar Board; Pryt.; Women ' s J.; Panhellenic Pres. JOW, TOM San Bruno Wildlife tion. KENDALL, WILLIAM VAUGHN Los Angeles Conserva- tion. constructed. More oak trees were lost in Faculty 35 KENNEDY, KENNEY, KENNEY, KENYON, KERN, KERN, KESSLER, KESSLER, KETTLER, KIEFER, JOAN MARIE RICHARD JOHN ROBERT ALBERT DAVID VREELAND CLIFFORD D. JOHN CREAHAN GLORIA H. MARTHA JEAN PATRICIA LOU FRANCES H. Fort Bragg Berkeley Berkeley San Marino Alameda San Marino Los Angeles Beverly Hills San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Political Science. Political Science. General Curriculum Physics Medical Science Social Welfare General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science AAA; WAC. AA ' ; Glee Club; Honor Students. Bowles Hall; Honor ASE; WAC; Hillel AZ; Fr., Soph., AO; YWCA; Red Axe. Students; ' HE; Ex. Council. Jr., Sr. Council. Cross. NIN. KIKUCHI, KILGORE, KILKKA, KILLIPS, KILMER, KILMER, KING, KING, KING, KING, ELIZABETH Y. BRUCE MOODY ALICIA F. ALBERT R. FRANK HALE JANEDARE H. BARBARA JEAN DANA WILDER DONALD LEE MARY JUNE . San Diego Glendale Oakland Michigan Pasadena Napa Burlingame Exeter Santa Ana San Francisco English Wildlife Conserva- Drama Psychology. Geology Art Jornalism Entomology Political Science General Curriculum Nisei Student Club. tion Pelican; Sr. Show; OT. AE. Stern Hall; Pryt.; OAX; Ski Club. AErf ; ASPA. APA; Pryt.; Jr., Univ. Chorus; Axe. Activities Press Sr. Council; Hiking Club. Service, Chrm.; Women ' s Day. WDA. KIRKPATRICK, KIRSCH, KIRSCH, KISLITZIN, KLINE, KNAPP, KNAPP, KNAUER, KNOERNSCHILD, KNOWLTON, ROBERT NEWTON ARTHUR J. MARGARET P. JOYCE E. HENRY M. EMALYN JOAN ROBERT LOUIS SONYA ANNA MAE MARY ALICE Healdsburg Compton Tacoma San Francisco Ceres Oakland Lodi Piedmont Lancaster Berkeley History Economics General Curriculum Political Science Medical Science Art Zoology. Decorative Art Zoology Art. OIK; Soph, Jr., Honor Students. Honor Students. APA; Pryt.; WSSF; OBK; 4,11I. OT; Treble Clef; Dwight Hall; Hand- AAA. Ridgemont; Hono r Sr. Council; Sr. I Bd.; Tower and Newman Club; AE. ball Team. Students. Peace Comm. Flame; OMP; ILIA. KNOWLTON, KNUDSEN, I OBLICK, KOCHI, KODMUR, KOENIG, KOHN, KOJIMA, KORNFIELD, KOSKI, MARY LOUISE VIVIAN G. MAURY ALLAN HISAO JAMES AYLEEN MAY KARL HERMAN JOSEPHINE CHIFUMI HARRISON J. BETTY C. Los Angeles Menlo Park San Francisco Yuba City Los Angeles Inglewood Oakland Penryn Oakland Antioch Zoology. History General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum. Zoology Political Science Psychology Zoology General Curriculum AO II; Prytanean; ZBT; Cal Circus; Nisei Student Boxing. YWCA; Honor Stebbins; WAC; XAM; Men ' s J.; WAA. WAC; Class Council. Homecoming. Club. Students. YWCA; NSC; Honor 4)111. Students. KOWLESKI, KRESS, KROUSS, KUHN, KUTZNER, KYLE, LACKEY, LACRAMPE, LAND, LANDIS, JOAN BETTY RUTH ROBERT EDWARD ROLF OTTO PATRICIA L. CAROLYN F. LORRAINE MARIAN FRANCES SALLY E. JANET Oakland San Francisco Sherman Oaks Marysville Berkeley Alameda Bakersfield Oakland Piedmont San Mateo General Curriculum General Curriculum Wildlife Conserve- Economics History General Curriculum Political Science Social Welfare English Child Development AFA; Pelly; ASUC AFA; Pelican; tion E ' OE; Sr. Appt., I Board; Honor M,B. AX.52; Senior WAC; Newman Club; KA(); Pelican; Stratford Hall. Secretariat; Home- Junior Council. Bowles Hall. Rally Comm.; ACB; Students; AMP; Council. Honor Students. YWCA Cabinet. coming. Baseball; A ' IE. II LI(D. Glade, but romance flourished, nevertheless. 36 LANDRAM, LAPIDUS, LARSON, LARSON, LARSON, LATHROP, MARY ELLEN RONDA MAE DONALD EUGENE FRANCES ANNE LOIS MARIE INA URSULA San Anselmo Los Angeles Florin Visalia Salinas Germany General Curriculum International Speech Psychology Social Welfare German. 1K; Treble Clef. Relations; I Bd.; Honor Students. AZ; Cal Engineer, EK. WAA; AEC Pryt. Women ' s Dir.; Ad Service Bureau. LATHROP, THOMAS G. Oregon German. LAUDERDALE, LAVENANT, LAW, ROBERT ALTON MARILYN HOWARD C. Oregon Pasadena San Francisco Psychology. Sculpture Psychology. The Californian. LAWS, LAWSON, LAZAR, LEACH, LEE, LEE, LEGGO, LEHNE, LEIGHTON, LEINO, LINDA ANNABEL WILLIAM V. KAYLA ROSE CAROL D. MARY SHERMAN GEE HELEN E. BEVERLY P. HENRY A. ALICE E. Piedmont Oakland Avalon Berkeley Lemoore Oakland Crockett Oakland Pacific Grove Berkeley General Curriculum English. ' Psychology. Physical Education General Curriculum Biochemistry. Sociology General Curriculum History Social Welfare 41 ' ; Frosh Tower and Flame; EO El ; CSC. The Californian; AA II. ON; Glee Club; WAC; Treble Clef; Council. Masonic Club; Cal Engineer; Scabbard and Ushering Comm. WAA; NEW. Cal Hosts. Blade; Honor Students. LELONG, LEM MON, LEON, LEONARD, LESSER, LEVENSON, LEVIN, LEVY, LEWIS, LEWIS, MARJORIE ELLEN RICHARD T. HENRY ARTHUR MARIE LOUISE LOIS A. LEONARD LIONEL ALAN JORAN AMELIA ROSE DONALD LEWIS JAMES HENRY Sacramento Berkeley San Francisco Dos Palos Salinas Oakland Burlingame El Paso Healdsburg Berkeley Music Political Science Physiology. English. Social Welfare. Physics Economics English Physical Education. Psychology. Westminster House. WI ' A; Winged AE II; Cal Engi- II AW; Frosh Crew; Oldenberg; Hiking Helmet; Big C; neer; ASME; IAS. Soph Vigilantes. Club. Football; Rugby. LEWIS, LICHTY, LINDELL, LILLY, LINDBERG, LINDSTROM, LITTLEWORTH, LIU, LIVENGOOD, LOCHAUSEN, MARIE LOUISE MARY LOU JUNO MARGARY JANE JACQUELINE A. JOYCE CLAIRE SELWYN OLIVER NIEN-SI MARK DAVID MARILYN Berkeley San Diego San Rafael San Francisco Sacramento Arcadia La Habra Heights China Spokane Berkeley Political Science Psychology. General Curriculum General Curriculum. Psychology General Curriculum Political Science Social Welfare Political Science Speech ANA; Masonic EK; Pelican; Red Utrimque; College Epworth; LAWS II KO; Glee Club; USCA. Senior Council; EK. Club; Senior Cross; YWCA. Women ' s Club Jrs. Convention; YWCA. ACB. Masonic Club. Council. LOCK, LOCKE, LOESERMAN, LOOMIS, LOPEZ, LORENZEN, LORET, LOW, LOWDEN, ' LOWE, TIM JEAN, AUDRAY MAXINE PERDITA ANNE MARY GLORIA MAE PETER GEORGE HARRY BONNIE JEAN RICHARD R. Honolulu Ventura Los Angeles Berkeley Vacaville San Francisco San Francisco Oakdale Livermore Woodland Chemistry General Curriculum French Decorative Art Political Science Speech General Curriculum Political Science English General Curr iculum Intramural Tennis; Pelican. Pelican; Axe. AXES; Pryt.; Pelly Epworth Hall; OT. Staff Comm.; Frosh Barrington Hall; Stebbins Hall. A40; Symphony Football. Women ' s Director; Senior Council. Council. Stiles Hall Cab.; Forum; ACB; IFC. H AE. Honor Students. And despite the falling blocks the Campanile 37 LUBRATICH, JEAN ANNIS Oakland Journal ism ZTA; Pelican; Class Council. LUDOLPH, KATHLEEN M. Berkeley English Pelly Women ' s Staff; College Women ' s Club. LUM, BARRY JUNG Berkeley Bacteriology CSCA. LUCE, ROBERTA Berkeley History Cal 23 Club; MKA. LUDWIG, SYLVIA MARIE San Pedro Spanish 4,M; Prytanean; YWCA Vice Pres. LUM, LYNDS, MacALPINE, MacDONALD, MacFADYEN, MARGARET H. C. ROGER MARGARET E. HELEN IRENE MARY STUART Menlo Park Burbank Fresno San Francisco San Francisco Physical Therapy Astronomy. Political Science Spanish. Political Science E0 II ; CSC. HIM•. A4,; Red Cross; Ad Service Bureau. Macl ENZIE MACY, MADDEN, MARGARIAN, MAGGY, MAGID, MAGNUSON, MAGUIRE, MAHONEY, MAIR, SHERWIN C. WILLIAM THOMAS NANCY JANE MARGARET E. AMOS IRVIN F. ARMAND MARY ELLEN NANCY LUELLA MADELINE JOAN EILEEN LOUISE Oakland San Francisco Placerville Fresno San Leandro San Francisco Watsonville Oakland San Bruno San Carlos Psychology Economics General Curriculum Social Welfare Geology. Political Science Social Welfare Communication and General Curriculum Wildlife Conser- Symphony Forum; Bowles; Jr. Ed. Lantana Lodge. AAX. KN; Elections AAX. Public Policy Richards; WDA vation Scabbard and Blue and Gold; Council. AZ; Pryt.; Daily Pres;. Mortar Bd.; I House; I Bd. Blade. Scabbard and Cal; II AX; Torch and Shield; Blade. WAC Sr. MALDONADO, MALIHA, MALIK, MALLOCH, MALLORY, MALOUF, MANDL, MANNING, MANOLIS, MARGASON, ANELISA AL-KASSIR LILY PAUL GEORGE A. JOAN DIANE JOY ANN NICOLETTE ELIZABETH JEAN PAUL GEORGE B. EDWARD San Leandro Iraq Iraq San Jose Oakland Los Angeles Los Angeles Lafayette Sacramento Oakland Political Science Geology. Phi losophy. Pre-Business General Curriculum General Curriculum Political Science General Curriculum History Geology 11B4,; Symphony Administration ZTA; Cal Circus. Stratford Hall. Joaquin Hall. Newman Club. EAE; Men ' s J; Quarterdeck; Cal Forum; Jr. Council. ATA. Blue and Gold; Band; NROTC. Honor Students; E4, . MARGOSIAN, MARR, MARRA, MARSHALL, MARSHALL, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, ERVIN MARGOS JANET ELEANOR AUGUST JAMES LOIS LORRAINE PATRICIA ANN ANNE ELIZABETH ERNEST LOUIS JAMES RUSSELL MARILYN CLAIRE SUSANNE Selma San Lorenzo Massachusetts Oakland South Pasadena Val lejo Crockett San Francisco Alameda • Los Angeles General Curriculum. General Curriculum Physical Education Child Development General Curriculum English Communication and Economics French General Curriculum l ' K; Treble Clef; 4,EK; Football. AAX. P•B; Frosh, Soph, AO II. Public Policy Masonic Club. AO II; WAC; KKI ' ; Treble Clef; Tower and Flame; Jr. Council. Intramural. Blue and Gold. NSA; WSSF; Univ. Class Councils. Chorus. MARTINELLI, MARWEDEL, MATHEWSON, MATSUU RA, MAWDSLEY, MAY, MAYER, McALLISTER, McCALLUM, McCALLUM, WILLIAM ELSIE CLARE JOHN WILLIAM Kin PAUL H. F. CURTIS LORENE MARIE ALICE DECKER GEORGE EDWARD JOAN SUSAN Oakland Oakland Oregon Berkeley Berkeley Santa Maria Minnesota San Francisco Pennsylvania Belvedere General Curriculum Decorative Art Psychology. English Pre-Business Political Science. Psychology History of Art Economics English Mask and Dagger; KAO; Blue and Nisei Club. Administration. Tower and Flame; KAO; Foreign Cal Band; Baton; EK; Blue and Hammer and Gold; NSA; Life Honor Students; Travel Coun; Blue OBK; OH . Gold. Dimmer; Thalian. Guard Corps. AMP. and Gold. remained the hub of life and Wheeler Steps was 38 McCAMMON, McCANN, McCLUNG, McCLUSKEY, McCORMICK, McCUE, McCULLOCH, McDONALD, McDONNELL, McENHILL, MARILYN JEANNE GILBERT A. WILDA MAE VIRGINIA JANE MAY L. BARBARA W. JOHN C. JOY ANN BEVERLEY MAY DONAL A. Sacramento Massachusetts Kerman San Anselmo Oakland Berkeley Piedmont Woodland Berkeley Oakland French. Political Science. Decorative Art General Curriculum General Curriculum History Economics Social Welfare Recreation Zoology. Oldenberg Hall. AFA; Pelly; Intra- Epworth; Ushering KAIB; SKA; ZW; BB. Dorm Council. AXE; Blue and Gold mural; Pan- Comm.; Univ. ,I,BK. Asst. Mgr.; Pryt.; Hellenic. Theater. Women ' s C; WAA; HAS. McGRAW, McGUIGAN, McHENRY, McKENZIE, VIRGINIA S. ROBERT HENRY JOANNE C. SERVILLA JEAN Concord Daly City Oakland El Cerrito English Journal ism Speech Physical Education. WAC; Blue and Daily Cal Managing AZ. Gold; XIII. Ed.; Pub. Coun.; Golden Bear; MAX. McNEAR, McQUAID, McTERNAN, MEADOWS, ROBERT ERSKINE BETTY ELAINE SHIRLEY JUNE DONALD FRANCIS Woodside San Ardo San Francisco Long Beach Economics Social Welfare Bacteriology German X,D; Debate; Tri- Stern Hall. WAA Sailing Mgr. Amateur Radio une; Stiles Hall. Club. MERING, MICHELSON, MILLER, MILLER, PETER NEEDHAM KAREN ELENE ELEANOR TODD HARRY DANIEL Sacramento Oakland Sacramento Oakland General Curriculum General Curriculum History Political Science ,DEA; Golden Bear; WAA; Collegians; Lantana Lodge; Winged Helmet; Big Homecoming. Cal Club at Davis. C; Skull and Keys. McKEOWN, ROBIN JAMES Lafayette Medical Science AXA; Campus Planning Comm.; I Bd.; FSB; HSS; Gavel and Quill. MEAGHER, MEANS, CATHERINE M. PHYLLIS ANN San Francisco Long Beach General Curriculum Physical Education AA II; Pelly; WAA; 4)M; WAA Intramural. class Bd.; NEW. MILLER, MILLER, HOWARD LEE JANET ANN Monterey Oakland General Curriculum Decorative Art Glee Club; Orchesis. AE; Election Bd.; Frosh Coun.; YWCA; Homecoming. McLAUGHLIN, McLEAN, MARTHA CAROL RAE Riverside Alameda Psychology General Curriculum Stern Hall. INDB. MEGINO, MEITNER, HONOFRE S. MARILYN ANN Philippines San Diego Journalism Economics SAX. Epworth; Sr. Class Sec.; Torch and Shield; Pryt. MILLER, MILLS, MELVIN WILLIAM DONALD W. Turlock Berkeley General Curriculum. Journalism SAE; Cal Club; Daily Cal Editorial Bd.; A■DE; SAX. McMANNIS, JUNE VIRGINIA Santa Rosa Social Welfare KA; YWCA; Jr. Council. MENEND, BEVERLY JEAN San Francisco General Curriculum AZ; Pryt.; Rally Comm.; ACB Chrm.; Class Coun. MILNE, MARY Ukiah General Curriculum KA; Fresh Coun; Elections Bd.; Faculty Coffee Hrs. McKINLEY, LORAINE MARIE San Francisco General Curriculum OT; Ski Club; Newman Club. McMURRY, JOYCE Merced Political Science Stern; Chrm., WAC; Women ' s J; Mortar Bd.; Torch and Shield. MEREDITH, MARY SCOTT Claremont Physical Education AAA. MITCHELL, WINIFRED JEAN San Mateo Zoology Mitchell Hall; Masonic Club. MONHEIMER, MARC H. Beverly Hills Political Science Student Welfare Bd. Chrm.; Hillel Foundation Pres. MONTGOMERY, MOOERS, MOON, NANCY BETH MARIAN L. NORMAN FRANCIS Modesto Albany Oakland General Curriculum General Curriculum Biochemistry Stern Hall; Treble Blue and Gold; Honor Students; Clef; Activities WDA. CSC; CSCA. Press Service. MOORE, DAYSTA Berkeley Political Science KA; I Bd.; Class Council. MORGAN, LOUISE Sonora General Curriculum AFA; ASUC Vice Pres.; Cal Club; Mortar Bd.; Pryt. MORGAN, RICHARD KEITH Redwood City Political Science M. MORI, HIDEO Sanger Physiology Nisei Student Club. MORRIS, MYRON WILLIAM Los Angeles General Curriculum SAM; Class cils. MORRIS, THOMAS C. Santa Rosa Political Science Bowles Hall. still the place to meet and greet. Extraordinary 39 MORSE, MORTENSON, MOSS, MOSS, MOST, MOWAT, MUDGE, MUELLER, MARILYN LOUISE BARBARA JEANNE JOHN MELDON SUSAN ANN SONYA MAE IRENE D. MARILYN IDA STANLEY A. Piedmont San Francisco Pacific Grove Pacific Grove Los Angeles Berkeley San Pedro Alameda General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Spanish Biochemistry. Political Science. Physical Education General Curriculum General Curriculum Pre-Medicine. KAE); Soph., Jr., AP; Pelican; KKP; Intramural; Joaquin Hall. Bay View Annex. Pelican. CSTA. Coun.; YWCA Com- Intramural. Homecoming. munity Serv. Chrm. MULLIGAN, MULVANY, MUNNERLYN, MURCH, MURPHY, MURRAY, MUSSETTER, MUTCH, MUTZ, NELSON, PATRICIA MARIE RICHARD BURKE A. R. ROBERT WARREN PATRICIA ANNE JAMES DONALD ROBERT MARILYN F. STERLING BURTT ELEANOR San Mateo Berkeley New Mexico San Francisco Oceanside Long Beach Indiana San Francisco Vancouver, B. C. Oakland History Industrial Political Science. Zoology General Curriculum General Curriculum Economics. Speech Zoology Social Welfare. KAO; Intramural Economics XO; Glee Club; Treble Clef. DICIII. A■1,; Red Cross; Honor Students. Bd.; Assist. Swim- AX; MAC; Scab- Symphony Forum. Elections Bd.; ming Mgr. bard and Blade; ASUC Secretariat. Quarterdeck. NELSON, NELSON, NELSON, NESTLE, NEWELL, NEWELL, NEWMAN, NG, NICHOLS, NICHOLS, ELINOR LOUISE EUGENE MURRAY JUNE MANUEL E. SHIRLEY DIANE VERNON STROUD PAUL NELSON LAWRENCE NICHOLAS H. ROGER JOSEPH ■ Los Altos Buellton Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Alameda San Francisco Oakland Political Science History General Curriculum. Mathematics French Speech General Curriculum Pre-Medicine Psychology History YWCA. Bowles Hall; Base- Cloyne Court. AXQ; Tower and Mask and Dagger; OKT; SUEC Chrm.; H AO. Honor Students. Scabbard and ball Mgr.; Frosh Flame; Campus Hammer and ASUC Card Sales, Blade; Quarterdeck. Football. Planning Comm.; Dimmer. Chrm.; G and Q. WAC. NIELSEN, NISHIOKA, NONAKA, NOONAN, NORTON, NOWELL, O ' BERTO, OBLER, O ' CONNOR, O ' DELL, WARREN W. NORTON OSAMU MASAHIDE FLORENCE N. PETER CLAIRE MARINE MARIAN MARIE JANICE MARY MARILYN JUNE MARCELLE L. Pasadena Fresno San Francisco Santa Rosa Oakland Honolulu Albany Oakland Sacramento San Gabriel Social Welfare Political Science. Biochemistry. General Curriculum Zoology Decorative Art General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Child Development AEO; Pres., Univ. Au ' ; WAC; WSSF; AXP; Circle C; Elizabeth Barrett; College Women ' s III31,; WAC; Epworth Hail; Trans. Assoc.; EE II. Rifle Team; OBK. AXA. Club Jrs. El ' II . EXIT, Pres. Stiles Hall V.-P. O ' HALLORAN, OKA, OLSSON, OSTHOFF, OUSTAD, PAASO, PALMER, PALMER, PALMER, PALOMINO, JOHN THOMAS MICHIO MARGARET A. ISABEL A. ANN MARGARET HENRY AUGUST LEWIS W. LORENE DORIS RUTH KAY ELENA Oakland Oakland Oakland San Francisco North Hollywood Eureka McCloud Vallejo Walnut Creek Merced Zoology. Spanish English Economics French Economics History. Recreation General Curriculum Spanish Honor Students; Newman Club. AEA; YWCA. Richards Hall; Barrington Hall. AIE;YWCA,WAA. Chrm. Student Per- Casa Hispana. AMP. II AO. sonnel Conn.; Treble Clef; Cal Engineer. MORROW, MORSE, BARBARA JEAN San Francisco San Francisco events were not unusual Cal attended the Rose 40 PEABODY, PECKHAM, ANETA R. ELYNOR SUE Burlingame Woodland General Curriculum General Curriculum Mitchell Hall. PARHAM, PARK, PARKER, JOHN GREENWAY NATALIE DONN B. Oakland Berkeley San Jose East Asiatic General Curriculum Mathematics Studies AZ; Rally Comm.; Bowles Hall. Varsity Boxing. Frosh, Soph., Jr., and Sr. Councils. PARLIER, PARROTT, PARTRIDGE, PAWSON, PAYNE, CATHERYN NAN MARSHALL WARD MARIE J. BEVERLY JOAN DANIEL C. Reedley Oakland Pacific Grove Albany San Dimas Psychology. Zoology. General Curriculum General Curriculum Journalism Joaquin Hall. Colonial Hall; AAA. DI,B; Honor Stu- Mortar Bd.; Tower dents; Symphony and Flame; WAA. Forum; YWCA. PECKHAM, PEDERSEN, PEDERSEN, PEEKE, PELLETIER, PELLETIERI, PERA, PERRETTI, PERKINS, JOAN ELEANOR MARILYN STRAHL SHIRLEY IRENE ROBERT JONES JOAN CAROLE LOIS LOUISE VICTOR FRANK WILLIAM H. BETTY LEE Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Oakland Oakland San Francisco Sacramento Vallejo General Curriculum. Sociology General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Physical Education Zoology. Political Science Political Science Wesley Foundation; Treble Clef. ' YT; Winged Hel- AAA. WAA; Women ' s C; 4,10E. A.D. met; Varsity Row- NEW. ing Club. PERKINS, EDWIN RAY Pasadena General Curriculum E.TE. PERRIN, PERSONS, PETERS, PETERSEN, PETROFF, PETSCHEK, PEUGH, PEYTON, PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, CAROLYN M. PAMELA ANN MARGARET HICKS JERRY E. DIMITRI PAUL FRANCES BROOKS JEANNE BERNARD HAL BARBARA JUNE CONSTANCE ANNE Berkeley Chico San Francisco Grass Valley Oakland Lindsay Berkeley San Francisco Bakersfield Chicago Music General Curriculum Psychology Political Science Physics. Social Welfare Child Development General Curriculum. Psychology English YWCA. KA; YWCA. Stratford Hall; MKT; Skull and Hiking Club AD ' ; Red Cross; Epworth Hall. Occident; College Masonic Club; WAC. Keys; Triune; WSSF; YWCA. Women ' s Club. Basketball. PIERSON, PIERSON, PINGER, PINZON, PITAU, PITKA, PLUMMER, POHTO, POLLOCK, PORDON, DOROTHY NANCY JANET E. LEONOR VERNON 0. CECILY GAIL PATRICIA ANNE EMILY H. VIRGINIA BROWN TERESA FLORA Sacramento Fresno Concord Colombia Brentwood Walnut Creek Glendale Oakland Sacramento Healdsburg English English General Curriculum Bacteriology. Physical Education English. English Nursing. English General Curriculum AP; Blue and Gold. Ritter Hall. AEA; Pelly Per- ESE; Baseball. A.4); YWCA; WSSF. Honor Students. sonnel Dir.; sonnel Conn; II AE PORGES, POST, POWELL, POZZINI, PRESCOTT, PRIBNOW, PRICE, PRITCHARD, PROCTOR, PULLER, CAROLINE G. ROLLIN K. WILLIAM MILTON FLORENCE L. HELEN BEVERLY JAMES F. KATHLEEN ETHEL BARBARA LEE ELLA MAE CATHERINE MARY Van Nuys San Francisco Sanger Acampo Oakland San Diego Burlingame Ivanhoe San Leandro Oakland General Curriculum Political Science Physical Education English History Bacteriology. Child Development General Curriculum General Curriculum Advertising. EK; Yacht Club. Bowles Hall. Football; Big C. YWCA; Yacht Club. College Women ' s ArA; YWCA; KA. Mitchell Hall; WDA; Club Jrs.; Daily IIA13. Tower and Flame; Cal. EE II . Bowl for three successive years, the crew went 41 QUAN, GLORIA LUCILLE San Francisco History Art Bureau; WAC; YWCA; 1KA; EE H. QUINTERO, ROLAND W. San Francisco Germany Smythe Assoc.; LITHE. QUON, RADDON, ALBERTA P. SUSIE SUTTON Beverly Hills Alhambra Decorative Art General Curriculum X011; CSC; CSCA. AX51; Pelly Fash- ion Director. RADMILOVICH, WALTER N. Compton Journalism. RANDALL, GORDON CHARLES Oregon English KAP. RANDOLPH, VIRGINIA B. Berkeley Journal ism 0 0. RAUHUT, VELMA JOAN Ventura General Curriculum Mitchell Hall; Yacht Club. RAVERA, RAVN, JEANNETTE A. BARBARA JEAN Danville Berkeley Child Development Physical Education KAS. EBB; Blue and Gold Mgr.; WAA; Pryt.; Tower and Flame; FIAX. RAYDON, GERALD THOMAS Berkeley Geology KAP; Tower and Flame; Glee Club; Or. RAYSOR, ARDEN BARBARA San Leandro Journalism AEA; Class Council; OED. REAVIS, DOROTHY ANNE Clovis Child Development AXE; Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; YWCA Pres. REDMAN, NANCY KATHLEEN Fresno General Curriculum X12; YWCA tariat. REED, FRANCES H. Portervi I le History Colonial Annex. REEVES, SUSANNE S. Benicia General Curriculum AAA; Speakers Bureau; Axe. REGALIA, EDMUND LOUIS El Cerrito Political Science AX ' ; Scabbard and Blade; back. RENTH, HARRIET S. Berkeley General Curriculum Stern Hall. RICE, RICE, ALEXANDER JOHN NANCY A. San Francisco La Jolla ATE. Physical Education NET; Pelican; WAA. RICHARDSON, RICHMOND, MADGE DIANE CHARLES A. Piedmont Berkeley Dramatic Literature Zoology. X51; Blue and Gold; Art Bureau; phony Forum. RIZNIK, ROACHE, BARNES ANMARIE B. San Anselmo San Francisco History Psychology. Sr., MAC; Forum Council Chrm.; HSS; EAX; G. and Q. RICHTER, BERNICE D. Berkeley History Tower and Flame; College Women ' s Club Jrs. ROBERTS, FRED H. Colorado Industrial Psychology EX; Crew; Senior Peace Committee. RICHTER, RICHTER, RICHWOOD, LESLIE ALAN ROLAND EUGENE JOSEPH ANTON Fresno Corning San Francisco General Curriculum Political Science Economics TEA; Golden Bear; Bowles Hall; Scab- AEA. Skull and Keys; Cal bard and Blade; Club; Big C; WSSF. Honor Students; THE. ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTSON, JOHN KRAWER PATSY ANN CAROLYN Colorado Bakersfield Glendale Political Science. English Psychology Epworth Hall. Epworth; YWCA; Masonic Club. RINALDI, ROSINA MARY San Francisco English Continental; YWCA; Utrimque. ROBINSON, MARDY PLETCHER Oakland Political Science KKE; Blue and Gold Ed.; Mortar Bd.; Cal Club; Torch and Shield. RITCHIE, RITZENTHALER, DORIS ADELE BONNIE JEAN Stockton Richmond General Curriculum Art Stern Hall; Tower Epworth; V.-Pres. and Flame. WDA; YWCA Cabinet. ROCI AS, RODGERS, CHRIS FRANCES ANN Fresno Oakland Political Science General Curriculum Scabbard and Newman Club; Blade. Flying Club. RICHARDSON, CHARLOTTE SUE Berkeley General Curriculum AXCI; Pelly Jr. Appt.; ME H. RIZK, EUGENE PHILLIP Beverly Hills General Curriculum XT. RODGERS, FRANK THOMAS Oakland Pre-Legal AX; Scabbard and Blade; Axe. RODRIGUEZ, AMADOR San Benito General Curriculum. ROE, RUSSELL R. San Francisco Social Welfare Golden Bear; Stiles Hall Pres. ROGERS, JOHN Hayward Public Health TKE; Large; Art Bureau; Rally Committee; ACB; FSB. ROMBERG, ROMER, ROSE, JANET ELEANOR VERDUN PHILIP ANNETTE B. Placerville Saratoga San Francisco Social Welfare Political Science. Social Welfare Epworth Hall; ATE; Pelican. YWCA. ROSECRANS, OLIVE Berkeley English or. ROSENBERG, ROSENTHAL, JOYCE SYLVIA FRED Child Development San Francisco Hillel. Psychology. to the Olympics, and discussion of the Loyalty 42 ROSENTHAL, PAUL LESTER San Francisco Physics. ROSS, KATHERINE ANNE Redding General Curriculum 4,M; Masonic Club. ROSS, PHYLLIS CAROL Belmont Child Development Pelican; Masonic Club; CSTA. ROSSI, ROTH, ALDO JOSEPH GLORIA Stockton Altadena Italian General Curriculum SHE; AMI-; ADD; Store Bd.; Italian Club. WAA; Sr. Council; Hillel. ROTHAUS, WILLIAM JOSEPH Sacramento German AXP. ROUNTREE, ROWELL, JOHN SAGE ROBERT W. Sacramento San Francisco General Curriculum Pre•Legal AM); Winged Hel- 4 FA; Basketball. met; Rugby; Frosh Water Polo. ROYLE, GORDON R. Fresno Political Science. RUBIN, JACK LEONARD San Jose Political Science Bowles Nail; Big C; Sr. Football Mgr.; Ball and Chain. RUGEN, 0. NICHOLAS West Covina General Curriculum 4,FA. RUPP, LILLIAN Oak land English AT. RUS, PATRICIA GORDON Vallejo Political Science. RUSSELL, RUTHERFORD, DOLORES ANN SALLY Los Angeles Oklahoma General Curriculum English ZTA; Jr. and Sr. Lantana Lodge. Council. SABSAY, NATHAN Massachusetts General Curriculum KN. SACHS, LESTER GEORGE Alameda History KA. SAHAMI, GHASSEM J. Iran Bacteriology. SAHOTA, AMAR SINGH India Political Science. SALINGER, RICHARD F. San Francisco Zoology Bowles Hall; Big C; Sr. Crew Mgr.; VRC; BaN and Chain. SALVI, EVELYN ERVAST Berkeley English Honor Students; Junior Varsity Debate. SCHNEIDER, JANIS M. San Francisco Political Science Oldenberg Hall; Blue and Gold Jr. Mgr.; Pryt. SANDERSON, HENRY ELLIS Stockton General Curriculum AT; Winged Helmet; Big C; Skull and Keys; BB. SCHOENFELD, DAVID MARVIN San Francisco Political Science l ' AM; Junior Council. SANFORD, CAROL Burlingame Hispanic America IM,B; WSSF; Chrm.; Mortar Bd. Pres.; Cal Club; ACB; G Q. SCHOLL, MICHAEL DILLON San Francisco General Curriculum Crew; Varsity ing Club. SEAT, JAMES Martinez Journal ism EAX. SANTIKARN, BOON CHIT Thailand Economics. SCHOLTE, JAN HENRIK Imola History YMCA; Social Bears. SENZEK, ALVAJEAN So. San Francisco Animalism Daily Cal Ed.• Mortar Bd.; Pryt.; Panile; 8E4% SANTUCCI, KATHLEEN WELCH Berkeley Social Welfare. SEPICH, STANLEY S. San General Curriculum. SCARICH, ROSEMARY ZORKA Berkeley Physical Therapy 4,M; Pryt.; ASUC Card Sales; tions Bd.; Pelican. SHAILER, WILLIAM THOMAS Long Beach Spanish. SCHAIE, KLAUS WERNER San Francisco Psychology Honor Students; AF 1. SCHULER, MARY E. Stockton General Curriculum II B4,; ZZH. SHANKS, DOROTHY I. Irvington Decorative Art Warring Place. SCHARRING- SCHIRMER, HAUSEN, GLORIA RUTH CHARLES T. Lafayette Berkeley General Curriculum English AZ. Golden Bear; Daily Cal; Store Comm.; Staff Comm. SCHULTZ, SCHWARTZ, LESLIE K. DOROTHY SARAH Tulare Oakland Paleontology Social Welfare OT. A4,E. SHANNON, SHAW, FOSTER HOUTS TOM C. Fresno Simi Political Science Pre-Med. TKE. SCHLICHTER, NORMA DIANE Santa Paula General Curriculum AM2; Pelly Sr. Appt.; H SCOTT, LAUREDITH A. Beverly Hills English. AAA. SHEEDY, JOHN MURRAY Alpine History ADD. SCOTT, SEAWRIGHT, MYRL RICHARD RONALD W. La Crescenta Los Angeles Political Science General Curriculum. Triune; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; IFC; SHE. SCHRAM, SCHUBERT, DIANE E. ALLEN HOLLIS San Francisco Wisconsin General Curriculum Political Science Epworth Hall; Cam- Flying Club. pus Planning Com. Oath and the Daily Cal Advisory Board claimed much 43 SHELTON, HAYWOOD Ohio Physics. SHEPARD, SHEPHERD, SALLY J. DONALD A. Alameda San Anselmo General Curriculum Journalism A011. Daily Cal Sports Editor. SHEPHERD, SH EP PARD, SHEU, SHIRLEY SHOCHAT, SILEN, SILVERMAN, MARGARET E. BARBARA ANNE HAZEL EARL C. DORIS KUSHNER HAROLD RICHARD M. Oakland Santa Rosa Honolulu Merced Oakland Berkeley Pennsylvania Social Welfare Psychology Social Welfare Wildlife Conserva- General Curriculum General Curriculum English ANA; WAC; Per- OT; WAC, YWCA; M011; Sherman ton. Hillel; IZFA; ZBT; Soph. Coon. II MP; XA II. sonnet Council; NSA; Masonic Club; Hall; CSC. Tower and Flame. Pelly. Honor Students. SIMMONS, SIMON, SIMPSON, SION, SLACK, SMALE, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, GENEVIEVE JIMMY LOUIS PHILIP GAIL ALVIN MORTON JULIA DIANE ROBERT CLAIRE CAROL CAROLE L. DIANE FLOYD VERNON Compton San Francisco Sacramento Richmond Bakersfield Oakland Ventura Tennessee Sausalito Hayward General Curriculum Medical Sciences General Curriculum. Psychology. Art. Music General Curriculum Art. Political Science Slavic Languages Continental ZBT; (1,11M; Honor Students; Joaquin Hall. KKr; Homecoming. Barrington Hall. Utrimque. ' ' BK; MAC. AM. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SNODGRASS, SNOOK, SNOWDEN, SPENCER, SPENCER, ISOBEL JEAN MARJORIE ANN MARTIN SHIRLEY LEE VIRGINIA PAGE CONSTANCE WALTER EARL ROGER ALAN LAURA ELLEN MARJORY ANN Santa Paula Santa Ana San Francisco San Marino Santa Ana San Francisco Willits Berkeley San Marino Oakland Political Science General Curriculum English Journalism Art. Social Welfare Religion Labor and Indus- General Curriculum Social Welfare AXfI; Blue and AZ; Senior Cum.; Daily Cal Night The Californian; 11 BC Arad. trial Stern Hall. TA.B; Pelican; Gold; Pelly; Soph, Cal Engineer. Editor; MAX. Pelican; WSSF; College Women ' s Jr. Councils. ODD. Club Jrs.; 11AE. SPRAINGS, SPRIGGS, STANLEY, STARK, STARR, STAY, STEELE, STEIN, STEINER, STERN, DOROTHY MURIEL FOREST SHIRLEY A. LEO RAYMOND HARRISON CAROLYN LEE BARBARA E. BETTY LOU HARRIS H. GEORGIANA H. Oakland Glendale Alhambra San Francisco Berkeley Reedley Napa Oakland Kerman Piedmont English Religion Music Zoology English. Political Science Physical Education General Curriculum Mathematics Art AMO; YWCA. A,130. AZ; YWCA; Jr. Senior Council; Rep-at-Lge.; I Bd.; Women ' s C. 1.M; Soph and Jr. Bowles Hall; Circle KA0; Intramural. and Sr. Council. Newman Club. NSA; WSSF; WAA; Coun.; WAC; Pelly. C; Frosh Tower and Flame. ball. STERN, STERN, STERNE, STEVENS, STEWART, STEWART, STEWART, ST. HILL, STICE, STOCKFLETH, JANICE MAY PATRICIA ANN JUDITH W. PAT LANE CHARLES W. MARGUERITE R. WILFRED E. JEANNE G. CHARLES W. GEORGE MORRIS San Francisco Piedmont San Francisco San Mateo Sacramento Walnut Creek Los Angeles Orinda Colusa San Francisco General Curriculum Political Science Physical Education General Curriculum. History History. Biochemistry History Zoology Political Science ADD; Radio Work- ADD. WAG; WAA Secy. Quarterdeck. AAA. KKr; Pryt. Pres.; Bowles Hall. Acacia. shop; CSTA. SUEC; Red Cross; Rally Comm.; HSS. attention. University meetings and Charter days 44 AN■1■03, 11.113W STONE, CAROLYN Berkeley English. STRONG, DOROTHY L. Long Beach Hispanic America Continental. STRIBLING, SARA Piedmont Speech. STONE, STONE, STONER, STORIE, DONALD EUGENE MARJORIE D. MARJORIE MAE JOAN ARDEN Eureka Oakland Benicia San Francisco Botany General Curriculum General Curriculum International AKA. Stebbins; Treble Bryn Mawr Hall; tions Clef, Sr. Mgr.; WAA; Masonic Club. Joaquin Hall. Prytanean. STUART, STUTZMAN, SUELTZ, CHARLES M. MARGO MARY ANN San Leandro Los Angeles Berkeley Zoology History General Curriculum Bowles; Class Rally Comm.; Sr. AAX. Councils; Elections Appt.; WAC; Pryt.; Board; SPC. Penile. SUHR, SULLIVAN, BARBARA JEAN BEVERLY M. Millbrae San Francisco General Curriculum General Curriculum ABA; YWCA. KA; Pelican; Axe; Radio-TV. SUPRENANT, SVIHUS, MARY ZOE RICHARD H. Piedmont San Francisco Bacteriology. Medicine KKr. Tower and Flame; Glee Club; Honor Students; 414-11; SWEET, ANITA JUNE Sacramento Child Development AFA; Campus Plan- ning Comm.; ASUC Secretariat. SZABO, LOUIS J. Ohio Music. TANGNEY, COLENE SAWYER Berkeley Social Welfare YWCA. TARLETON, TAYLOR, LOIS MAE MIRIAM E. Compton Oakland History General Curriculum Epworth Hall. College Women ' s Club Jrs.; Frosh Sunday Supper. TEDESCO, JOSEPH A. San Mateo Zoology. TEICHE, PATRICIA E. Orinda General Curriculum. TENNEY, FRANCES R. Berkeley English APA; Pryt.; Sr. Coun.; YWCA ing Comm.; G. and Q. TOY, EDWARD S. Stockton Zoology H A4). TURNER, JOHN DEAN San Marino Zoology TIPTON, DALE LEO Sacramento Physiology BIT; Frosh ball and Track. TORMEY, TORNELL, RICHARD T. JACQUELINE P. Oakland Riverside General Curriculum Psychology OAX. Stern Hall; YWCA; WAC. TORRES, JACK DAVID Oakland Economics. TOWNSEND, LORENE MARY San Francisco General Curriculum AXO; Pelican. TRUSCELLI, TRUTNER, TUCKER, ANGELA M. FREDERICKA E. ROSS NEWMAN San Francisco Piedmont San Anselmo General Curriculum Political Science Journalism Daily Cal. KKP; Treble Clef; il ' KT; Daily Cal; NSA. l ' AX. TUPPER, TURCK, MARILYN THOMAS F. Oroville Oakland General Curriculum Botany. fIBO; Blue and Gold Soph Mgr.; Elections Board; Frosh Council. TANG, PEGGY Arizona Mathematics. TAGG, TALBOT, TALMAGE, MYRAN W. LEE M. JEREMY GRAY Walnut Creek Berkeley Ross General Curriculum. Wildlife Conserve- Economics tics Water Polo; Swim- Rep-at- ming. Large; Chrm. FSB; Golden Bear; G. and Q. TENNYSON, THOMAS, THOMAS, PETER R. JOHN MERRILL JOHN M. Atherton Hollister Hollister Economics Medical Science. Medical Science HK,D; Cal-Frolics. Bowles Hall. TOY, TRACY, TREICHEL, NANCY QUAN CAROL GEORGE W. Arizona Sacramento Wisconsin General Curriculum English Zoology. E011; CSC. KKr. TWEEDIE, TYCER, UNDERHILL, WILDEN HUME DEL L. JEAN MARIE Utah El Cerrito Hanford Industrial Psy- General Curriculum Bacteriology chology EM; Swimming; AMA; YWCA Cal Band; Baton. Gymnastics; Radio- Cabinet. TV. THOMPSON, LEE Oakland Political Science Chrm. MAC; Varsity Track; Radio-TV Coun.; Homecoming TREMAINE, JOYCE ROSS Eldridge Political Science Lantana Lodge; WDA; I Board. VACAKIS, NICHOLAS E. Greece Economics I House. held their memorable places in student life and 45 VAN KIRK, MARIAN Berkeley English College Women ' s Club. VEDDER, VELIOTES, VEREKER, VI ALES, MURMAN LANG NICHOLAS A. KATHLEEN ANN LIGIA MARIE Burlingame Berkeley Novato San Francisco Chemistry Political Science Physical Education Bacteriology. Acacia; ,I,FA; Golden Bear; Peixotto Hall; Tower and Flame; Skull and Keys; WAA; Senior SAACS. Rugby; Circle C. Council. VIAN, THEODORE W. Monterey Park Psychology. VOHS, VOLBERG, JAMES ARTHUR RICHARD CARY Berkeley Pasadena General Curriculum Political Science DT ' A; Winged AA ' I ' ; Winged Helmet; IFC. Helmet; Triune; Rugby. VON GUNTEN, HELEN ANNE Oakland General Curriculum College Women ' s Club; Tower and Flame; Jr. and Sr. Council. WADE, DIANE Riverside Child Development Stern Hall; WAA; Meetings Council; Soph and Jr. Coun. WADLOW, WAGNER, WAINBERGER, WAITE, WAKABAYASHI, WALKER, WALRATH, WALSH, WALTERS, WARE, JANE KENDALL ROY SHERWOOD ROBERT F. DONALD C. GEORGE HIDEO JIMMIE DEE HENRY R. MARGARET A. GEORGE S. STANTON G. Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Sacramento Sacramento Auburn Oakland Exeter Honolulu San Francisco Psychology Medical Science Political Science Physical Education Bacteriology. Political Science Sociology General Curriculum Industrial Design. General Curriculum AAA; Campus Plan- Bowles Hall. II 1:43E. Del Rey. ArD51. DM; Pelican; rbTA; Skull and Comm. YWCA. Keyes. WARNE, WARREN, WARTNICK, WASHINGTON, WASSON, WAUGH, WEATHERS, WEAVER, WEHARA, WEISS, KATHLEEN P. MARY E. MAXINE LAULI MACKENZIE DAVID GEORGE WINIFRED L. BETTY ELLEN PATRICIA MARCO F. Berkeley Pasadena Los Angeles Rodeo Hollywood Sacramento Santa Maria San Francisco Oakland San Francisco General Curriculum Social Welfare General Curriculum. Political Science General Curriculum Music. General Curriculum Psychology Child Development. Political Science Phrateres. Ritter Hall; WAC; AAA; Honor Stu- ' VT; Winged Stern Hall; YWCA Treble Clef; YWCA; LAM; Senior Campus Planning dents; Ball and Helmet; Skull and Cabinet; Honor Masonic Club. cil; Jr. Show Comm.; Sr. Council. Chain. Keys; BB; Students. ducer and Director. Triune. WELLER, WELLS, WESSELS, WESTMONT, WHEATLEY, WHEATON, WHITE, WICKMAN, WICKMAN, WIDTFELDT, SHIRLEY ANN KENNETH H. ROLAND H. ROGER WRIGHT PATRICIA ANN RICHARD W. BERT CLINTON MARY LOUISE NANCY JOHN WENDELL Alameda Richmond Berkeley Lompoc South Pasadena Oakland Sacramento Alameda Berkeley Berkeley English Physical Education Psychology Zoology. Political Science General Curriculum Religion. General Curriculum Decorative Art Political Science. Epworth; WDA; Varsity Basketball. Honor Students; AXE; YWCA; I Bd.; BB. AXE; Treble Clef; XX; AXA. YWCA; Senior AMP. Symphony Forum; YWCA. Council. Senior Council. featured such outstanding speakers as Pandit Nehru, 46 WIEGNER, ROSEMARIE San Francisco History Joaquin Hall; Utrimque; Newman Club. WINFIELD, WALTER W. Long Beach Labor and trial Relations ex. WOOD, JAMES DALTON Napa Pre-Medicine. WIER, MARY LOUISE Ventura Art AE. WINKLEMEN, SHIRLEY ANN Wilmar Biochemistry Ridgemont. WOOD, JEAN A. Alameda General WAC; El . WIES, LOUIS B. Illinois Sociology. WINSHIP, JOHN 0. Yuba City General Curriculum. WIESE, ELVA MAE Sal Gabriel General Curriculum Richards Hall; WAC. WISE, JACK PAUL Sacramento General Curriculum AFC); Quarterdeck; Tower and Flame. WILCZEI , JACK F. San Francisco History Campus Tours; or Students; New- man Club; IKA. WITWER, ROY Los Angeles Zoology. WILLIAMS, CAROLE JEAN Oakland College Women ' s Club; Rally Comm.; Tower and Flame. WOLFE, KAYLA DEANE Salt Lake City General Curriculum Welfare Bd.; Orien- tations Comm.; WSSF. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Sebastopol Psychology Peixotto Hall; Treble Clef; YWCA. WONG, CLIFFORD M. Oakland Physical Education. WILLIS, ELLEN RUTH Tennessee Speech Stebbins Hall WAC; YWCA. WILLIS, WILSON, MARY LOU JANE P. Berkeley San Mateo General Curriculum General Curriculum X0; WAA Pres.; KKF; Elections Assoc. Ed., Blue Bd.; Red Cross. and Gold; Mortar Board. WRIGHT, SHELDON A. San Francisco Psychology E A M. WONG, WONG, WOO, FREDERICK Q. JACK P. WILBUR San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Zoology. Economics. Oriental Languages CSC. WOOD, WOOD, JOSEPH WILSON MAURICE W. Oakland Santa Rosa General Curriculum English A.143; Sr. Peace II KO. Comm.; Soph Vigi- lantes; Masonic Club. WOODSON, WOODWARD, VIRGINIA A. DERONDA LEE Vallejo Compton Social Welfare General Curriculum Psychology. ZTA; Treble Clef; Epworth Hall; ASUC YWCA. Secretariat; Jr., Sr. Council. WORTHINGTON, WORTHMANN, WRIGHT, LAWRENCE J. MARIANNE BARBARA V. Idaho Berkeley Oakland Child Development. Music Meetings Council; College Women ' s Club; Gavel and Quill. YAMAMOTO, YAQUB, CHITOSE NANCY S. Monterey Park Concord General Curriculum Spanish NSC. Honor Students; Phrateres; EA II; II AO; AMU. YIM, YOSHIWARA, THEODORE K. MARION M. San Francisco Walnut Grove Psychology. Social Welfare Stebbins Hall. YUEN, ZARO, STEPHEN S. LEO ANGELO San Francisco San Rafael Zoology Geography H Newman Club. ZEESTRATEN, ZIEGLER, ELSIE HELEN BARBARA L. South Dakota San Rafael German. Journal ism ADD; Senior Council; OED. ZUMWALT, JEANNE H. Los Gatos General Curriculum AO II; Women ' s J; Rally Comm.; Pryt. ZUVER, WERTH V. Washington, D.C. Political Science Varsity Debate; I Bd.; NSA. Marshall, Stassen, Acheson and Kinsey. The years 47 Lewis Hall U Any question about nuclear physics can be easily answered by KENNETH S. PITZER, Dean of the College of Chemistry, for he was with the Atomic Energy Commission in ton, D.C., during the war. Always proud to recognize the achievements of its graduates, the University presented Dean Pitzer with the Alumnus of the Year Award last spring. ABBOTT, APPLEQUIST, RICHARD DUNBAR DOUGLAS EINAR Hayward Berkeley Chem. Engineering Chemistry WE; AICE; Men ' s American Chemical Counsel ing; Society; Tower and Flying Club. Flame. BERLING, BRAUER, CLAYTON GUSTAF RUSSELL GEORGE San Francisco Grass Valley Chemistry. Chemistry. DE HALAS, DONG, DON RICHARD WALTER San Francisco Sacramento Chemistry Chem. Engineering AXE. AICE. ARADO, JOHN BERNARD San Francisco Chem. Engineering .EX; SHE. CARROLL, JAMES CECIL San Francisco Chem. Engineering MKT; AICE. DAGGS, CHARLES HOWARD El Monte Chem. Engineering AICEE; Engineer ' s Council; Honor Students. FERREIRA, LAURENCE E. Danville Chem. Engineering AXE; AICE; Cal Ski Club; IFC. COY, JOHN LEWIS San Bernardino Chem. Engineering AICE. COOPS, MELVIN S. Sonoma Chemistry SAACS. also saw changes and additions as the grad rep 48 FONG, FREEMAN, CHI FUN HAROLD C. Hong Kong Whittier Chemistry Chemistry Tower and Flame; AXE; ACS. Swimming. FREY, FURUTA, GLATTS, GOULD, EDWARD JAMES STANLEY S. GERALD STANLEY FRANKLIN M. Modesto San Francisco Altadena San Diego Chen Engineering. Organic Chem. Chem. Engineering Chemistry Nisei Student Club. AXE; AICE. (1)FA. GREEN, HELLER, HEWITT, JOHNSON, LEROY GEORGE JORGE CAROL LAVERNE BEN CLARENCE Petaluma Buenos Aires, Richmond Burbank Chemistry. Arg. Chemistry. Chem. Engineering Chemistry AICE. UC Hiking Club. KALM, KOSLOW, KOUNS, KUNKEL, LAM, McKEE, MEEKER, MONSIMER, MOORE, MOTTE, MAX JOHN JAMES A. DWIGHT HAROLD JOSEPH M. HUNG-KEI H. MICHAEL G. KENNETH ELZO HAROLD GENE SHELTON C. EUGENE Fresno Muscatine, Iowa Walnut Creek Alhambra Hong Kong Contra Costa Salinas Las Vegas, N.M. Piedmont Bakersfield Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chem. Engineering. Chemistry Chem. Engineering. Chemistry Chemistry Chem. Engineering SAACS; Honor AICE. Acacia; Soph AICE; SAACS; l ' AE. ACS. Abracadabra; Newman Club; Students. Council. Honor Students; Football manager. AICE. Masonic Club. NAGLE, NASH, NELSON, PETERSEN, PETERSEN, RAY, RICE, RUSSELL, SCRIVEN, SHALIMOFF, RICHARD JOSEPH CHARLES P. HELEN E. ALFRED WM. HOWARD LEE EDWARD EUGENE JAMES ORVILLE PAUL F. L. EDWARD GEORGE VICTOR Long Beach Sacramento Fort Bragg Livermore Vallejo Long Beach Billings, Mont. San Francisco San Mateo San Francisco Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chem. Engineering Chemistry Honor Students; AXE; Scabbard Joaquin. Bowles Hall; AXE. AICE. AXE; Cal Band; AXE; Daily Cal; Bowles Hall: AICE; Honor Students. ACS. and Blade. Tower and Flame. Quarterdeck. AICE; Frosh Water Rally Committee. Polo. SHARTS, SHTEINSHLEIFER, SILVIUS, SINCLAIR, SNYDER, STEIN, STEPHENSON, VAREND, YAP, YUAN, CLAY MARCUS GINTON JOHN L. HENRY BEALL LLOYD ROBERT RICHARD S. ROBERT WM. VILMAR BOR CHOON WEI Long Beach Magdiel, Israel Sacramento Long Beach Sacramento Pasadena Alameda Berkeley Singapore, Hong Kong Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chem. Engineering Chem. Engineering Chemistry Malaya Chem. Engineering AXE; NROTC; Cloyne Court; Are; Calvin Club. Honor Students. AXE; 441E; AXE; AICE. AXE; AICE. ‘DICE; SAACS. Chemistry. AICE. Honor Students. MSCA; AICE; Honor Students; Hillel. SAACS. took his place on Ex Committee, The Chancellor 49 Engineering Building MONROE O ' BRIEN, a fugitive from M.I.T., has been of Engineering since 1943. Fun loving and hard he is often found by his staff and students to be the sonification of jet propulsion. He is interested in out of the ordinary including engineering students whom he gets together (as) often (as possible) at group luncheons. ABBUD, AHLGREN, KAZIM DEXTER D. Baghdad, Iraq Berkeley Mech. Engineering. Civil Engineering kKE; Golden Bear; WSSF; ASCE. ANDREWS, ANNAND, CLARENCE A. JR. CHARLES WM. JR. San Mateo Paradise Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering. AIEE; Motorcycle Club; Amateur Radio Club. BARTON, BATCHELOR, JOSEPH HENRY RICHARD GEORGE San Francisco Ontario Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering TB XE. Cloyne Court; THE; 13 II; ASME. BORIBHANDH, BORN, KRA-JEAN WILLIAM FRANCIS Santa Monica Metal. Engineering OE. AH-HAMDANI, AMANO, ALI NAJI MASASHI R. Najaf, Iraq Los Angeles Civil Engineering. Mech. Engineering. BALL, BARKAN, JOHN WESLEY YALE Oakland Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering TBH; HKN. TBH; IRE. BJONERUD, BLAND, STANLEY R. ROBERT JAMES Oakland Inglewood Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering KE; Track. 4X. BOYSEN, BROWNE, JOHN ALAN JOHN DAVID Petaluma San Francisco Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering UCSEE. UCSEE. ALARAB, ABDUL MAUK Bakrah, Iraq Indus. Engineering. AU, KENNETH SUN El Centro Mech. Engineering. BILLINGHURST, EDWARD San Diego Elec. Engineering HKN; TBH; Society of EE. BOJM, PINCHOS Tel Aviv, Israel Civil Engineering KN; Hillel; ASCE. Bangkok, Thailand Mech. Engineering. BROWNE, BUNCE, BUCHINGHAM, MICHAEL EDWIN JACK WARREN JOSEPH THOMAS Long Beach Huntington Park Oakland Engin. Physics Elec. Engineering. Mech. Engineering Bowles; Tower and Hiking Flame; Intramural Club; Ski Club. Athletics. BURROUGHS, CALLISON, ELWIN HAROLD HERALD GILMORE Everett Santa Rosa Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering. TBH; ; HKN. his place in the administrative offices, and 50 CARLSON, CHALMERS, RICHARD HAROLD RICHARD J. Oakland Honolulu Indus. Engineering Mech. Engineering. TBH; ASME; AIIE. CUNNINGHAM, DAHL, JAMES ROBERT JAMES DENTON Bakersfield San Francisco Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering. 41O. CHONG, CHOW, CARLOS FONG SIONG Hong Kong Singapore Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering HKN; TB II . ASCE; CSA. de NEVERS, DONNER, CECIL VINCENT DONALD FRASER San Francisco Montebello Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Homecoming. AIIE. CHAN, CHAPPELLE, CLARENCE K. RICHARD CARL San Francisco Arvin Civil Engineering Indus. Engineering TBH; XE; ASCE. AT52; ASME. CHILD, BENJAMIN Yuba City Civil Engineer. COMPTON, COUCHMAN, CRABTREE, PHILIP D. JR. DONALD LOUIS CHARLES E. Long Beach San Jose San Francisco Engineering Physics Mech. Engineering. Civil Engineering Bowles; Crew; XE; Rowing Club. ASCE. DALTON, DARZI, MELVIN MA RTIN VARKAIS N. Riverside Mosul, Iraq Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering HKN; TBH; ASCE. Glee Club; UCSEE. DEBBANDT, ROGER Mexico Civil Engineering. DOSHAY, DUNCAN, DUNN, IRVIND MARVIN EUGENE WILLIAM G. Los Angeles Santa Ana Marysville Elec. Engineering. Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering. Social Bears. EDNEY, BRUCE Glendale Mech. Engineering KI. ELLERN, FELIX Ramat Gan, Israel Elec. Engineering I House; HKN. ELLIS, ETHAN, PHILLIP H. ZACKI Berkeley Tel Aviv, Israel Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering. HEN; UCSEE; Cal Engineer; Amateur Radio Club. EVERSON, DONALD BURTON Oakland Mech. Engineering SAE; Blue and Gold; Symphony Forum. FECHT, LLOYD Berkeley Mech. Engineering. FORRESTER, EMMETT JR. Pampa, Texas Petrol. Engin. Bowles; Scabbard Blade; Quarterdeck; OT; Boxing. FRANKIAN, FRASER, RICHARD T. EDMUND S. JR. Burbank San Leandro Civil Engineering Indus. Engineering ASCE. OKI. FRY, JOHN FRED Riverside Mech. Engineering. FUGIKAWA, GABANY, RICHARD HIDEO ANDRE Gilroy Santa Rosa Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering ASME. ASME; SAE. GUE, GUENTHER, JOSEPH EDWARD MERLE E. El Cerrito Los Angeles Mech. Engineering. Mech. Engineering IAS. GARLAND, GENTRY, GIBBONS, GILES, WILLIAM D. WAYNE SLATEN WILLIAM SCOTT PETER C. Oakland McCann San Leandro Albany Elec. Engineering. Civil Engineering Phys. Metallurgy Physics Engineering Del Rey; ASCE. OT; MTA. TBH. . HALLUM, HAMLIN, CHARLES EARL ROBERT NORMAN Oakland Glendale Mech. Engineering Process Engin. 1 ' H).1; IT TI; Univ. Chorus; Crew; TBH; YMCA; AICE; SAACS. ASME; IAS. GOLOOBKOFF, ROBERT I. Shanghai, China Petroleum HET; Mineral Tech. Assn. HANCOCK, DONALD JAMES San Francisco Civil Engineering OKA,. GRAF, GRAM, VICTOR DAVID ANDREW L. San Francisco San Marino Civil Engineering Civil Engineering XE. XE; TBH; Sailing Team. HARRIS, HARRIS, HOWARD SULLY WESLEY PHILIP Piedmont Berkeley Civil Engineering Metal. Engineering Tower and AIIE. Flame; ASCE. GRAYSON, DAVID DUAYNE Riverside Civil Engineering HART, GORDON M. Sacramento Civil Engineering ASCE. GURR, GEORGE WM. Bakersfield Mech. Del Rey; ASME. HAAS, RALPH WALTER Ligonier, Pa. Elec. Engineering. posters and campaign ing their place on campus. NAUGHTON, KENNETH E. San Mech. Engineering. HARTZ, BILLY J. Cavalier Civil Engineering TB II; XE. HAYRE, HEINEMAN, HARBHAJAN S. RICHARD EARL Berkeley N. Hollywood Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Khalsa Club; TE; TBH. I Board. HERRING, HIGAKI, JOHN ARNOLD KAZUNOBU R. Riverside Oakland Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering MOE; Football; IAE; ASME. Rugby; ASME. HINO, NODE, MITSUGI WILLIAM F. Pasadena South River, N.J. Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering ASCE. HODGES, HOFFMAN, GEORGE DOWNEY GILBERT H. San Bernardino Los Angeles Del Rey; ASCE. Civil Engineering HOLLIS, RODNEY D. Glendale Elec. Engineering TBH. JACOBSON, WILSON NILES Wahiawa Civil Engineering ATH; Swimming; Mgr.; Ball and Chain; Big C. KEIL, WILLIAM C. Belmont Mech. Engineering Flying Club; ASME; SAE. HOLSTINE, CALVIN ALRICK Minneapolis, Minn. Elec. Engineering UCSEE. JACOT, PAUL GABRIEL Mexico City, Mexico Civil Engineering ASCE. KHANNA, HARI K. L. Hissar, India Mech. Engineering I House; ASME. HOSHIZAKI, HU, HIROSHI HERMAN S. Los Angeles Honolulu Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Euclid Hall; SAE; I House. AIS. JASMINE, JENKINS, FRANK EDWARD GEORGE LEROY Berkeley Anaheim Indus. Engin. Aero. Engineering Honor Students; II TX; ASME. KLEMME, KNOWLTON, HERBERT A. ORIN HENRY JR. Glendale San Francisco Petroleum Eng. Elec. Engineering OT. TBH; UCSEE. HUELSKAMP, HUNT, INAMI, RICHARD F. RICHARD WILSON THOMAS T. Fullerton Oakland Madera Engineering. Mech. Engineering. Civil Engineering Oxford; TBH; XE; ASCE. JIO, JOHNSON, JONES, HARUO WARREN BROOKS ALAN C. San Francisco Pasadena Sonoma Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering Mineral Explora- AIEE. XE; TBH; tion. Tennis; ASCE. KOBAYASHI, KOLYER, KOONIN, KAZUO RODERICK C. IVOR Albany Long Beach Los Angeles Phys. Engineering. Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering. Flying Club; ASME. INOUYE, KAZUO Berkeley Mech. Engineering. JUDY, HAROLD ARTHUR La Mesa Elec. Engineering IIKA; TBH; EKN; Track; AIEE; UCSEE. KREBS, HARRY J. Tel Aviv, Israel Petroleum Eng. I ' ET; Hillel; MTA; AIME. INOUYE, TAKAJI DAN Elk Grove Civil Engineering ASCE. JUE, FRANK M. San Francisco Elec. Engineering. KRENZ, EDWIN WM. JR. Altadena Petroleum MTA; AIME. ITAYA, RAYMOND Stockton Civil Engineering XE. JUMAH, MAHMUD NAJI Alexandria Petroleum Produc- tion. KREYENHAGEN, KENNETH N. Bakersfield Indus. Eng. Bowles; Store Ed.; Yacht Club; Glee Club; ASME. KUPHALDT, RICHARD RONALD Lynwood Elec. Engineering USCA; HKN; TB; UCSEE. LAI, LAIRD, WILLIAM RAYMOND T. Francisco Oakland Mech. Engineering Petroleum Stiles; ASME. Rugby; Daily Cal; Homecoming; Mineral Tech. Assn. LANGER, WILFRIED F. Petaluma Civil Engineering XE; TBH; ASCE. LARSON, PAUL RANDALL Concord Mech. Engineering Bowles; IITE; TB II; Circle C; Sailing. LAXSON, ROWLAND Lubbock, Texas Petroleum Eng. OT; MTA. LEE, LEW, EDWARD PARK DAN WING San Francisco San Francisco Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering IAS; ASME. IAS; ASME. LIEPOLD, RICHARD E. Santa Barbara Elec. Engineering OX; HKN; Cal Engineer; AIEE; IES. LOUIE, PERCY Oakland Elec. Engineering UCSEE; AIEE. Class rivalry was not lacking for the class 52 LUDLOW, WILLIAM B. Berkeley LUTGE, LUX, LYNCH, LYONS, MADRIGAL, MAGARIAN, MALCOLM, MANN, MARK, HENRY RUSSELL RAYMOND CLYDE ROBERT WARREN THOMAS RICHARD ANTONIO HARRY JAMES F. DONALD ALBERT JOHN WESLEY Oakland Pennsylvania San Leandro San Lorenzo Reedley Fresno Sacramento Grass Valley Yuba City Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering. Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering. Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering ATt); Scabbard 44(X. ASME; AIIE. Scabbard and ASME. XE; ASCE. TB II; HKN; TBH; ASME. and Blade; TB II; Blade; ASME. Amateur Radio SAME. Club. MARRON, MARSDEN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTINOVICH, MEAGHER, McCLUNG, McCOLLUM, McWEE, JOHN JAMES STANLEY ROBERT EARL WILLIAM JOSEPH WILLIAM T. JR. WILLIAM M. JAMES FRANCIS EDWIN MORRIS MYRON L. JAMES MORTON Long Beach Berkeley San Francisco Concord Oakland San Francisco Oakland Sacramento Fresno Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering. Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering Honor Students; IAS; ASME. XE; ASCE. ASCE. TB II ; Water Polo Student Co-op AE ' D; UCSEE. Masonic Club. HEN; TBH; Team. Association. IRE; UCSEE. MERRITT, MII HALKIN, MILLER, MILLER, MILLIGAN, MILLS, MOOR, MOREL, MORRIS, MORRIS, PHILIP EDWARD BASIL HENRY WIENING LEE EUGENE RICHARD GALE LEIGHTON DALE JAMES WALLACE ROBERT CHARLES GILBERT E. ROBERT WILLIS Pacific Grove San Francisco Santa Cruz Bakersfield San Diego Tulare Long Beach Tayoltita Glendale Berkeley Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Durango, Mexico Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering TKE;-TB II; XE; TBH; ASCE. Bowles; AIEE. IAS; ASME. E0E; HKN; Del Rey; ASCE. EAE. Mining Be II; ASCE. TI TX; TBH; ; HKN; UCSEE. TBH; UCSEE. ATEL; OT; AIME. ASME. MORRISON, MORSE, MULLINS, MURAKAMI, NAJEMNIK, NAKAMURA, NALBANDIAN, NEGUS, NELSON, NELSON, ROBERT A. JACK S. WILLIAM JAMES JAMES F. GEORGE FRANK TETSUO ANDREW JOHN CHARLES E. GLENN ALLEN RAY STANLEY Porterville Sheep Ranch Berkeley Santa Rosa Los Angeles Kingsburg Fresno Auburn Oakland Berkeley Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering. Civil Engineering. Elec. Engineering. Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court; IRE; TBH; XE; ASCE. Glee Club; UCSEE. ASME. Cloyne Court. TBH. . Newman Club; IRE; UCARC; UCSEE; AIEE. Eng. Joint Council. NICKLES, OGLESBY, OSHIRO, OTIS, OZAWA, PAIGE, PAINTER, PARKIN, PARIKH, PAUL, RICHARD A. WILLIAM D. FRED KIYOSHI DAVID RIDGWAY ROBERT ICHIRO ROBERT LOGAN WALLACE C. JOHN W. JAYANTILAL R. LOWELL ALLAN Sacramento Los Angeles Pasadena San Diego Berkeley Elec. Engineering San Francisco Long Beach Bombay, India Los Angeles Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering KA. Elec. Engineering Petroleum Eng. Mech. Engineering. Civil Engineering TB II; XE; ASCE; UCSEE. AIEE; IRE. DEK; 4,B II; TBH; II TM; 8E; Tennis Man- AT; Rugby. Engr. ' s Joint II TM; Inter- ASME; Nisei ager; UCSEE. Council. fraternity Honor Student Club. Society. numerals appeared regularly upon the hill on any 53 PAUL, PETER FRANK San Bernardino Elec. Engineering HKN; Honor dents; UCSEE. POUND, QUONG, ALAN EARL JAMES Los Angeles San Francisco Elec. Engineering Eng. Physics HKN; TBH. TBH; CSC; CSCA. RAE, JAMES WILLIAM San Francisco Civil Engineering Oxford Hall; Honor Students; TB H; ASCE. RAEGER, MAURICE L. Waterford Mech. Engineering Bowles; ASME; SAME. PERRY, PETERSON, PETROFF, PFOST, POLANSKY, PAUL CLIFFORD GERALD ALEXANDER J. R. FRED ARMAND L. Balboa, Canal Z. Piedmont San Francisco Modesto Los Angeles Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering. Elec. Engineering Mech. Engineering Del Rey; OT; TBH; HKN; Acacia; Sr. Peace TBH; II TE; Crew; Scabbard and Mask and Dagger; Comm.; Gymnastics Newman Club; Blade; Band; ASCE. University Theater; Mgr.; IRE; AIEE. Scabbard and 4,1-1E. Blade; SAE. RAINS, WILLIAM E. San Luis Obispo Civil Engineering HKP; Cal Frolics; Social Planning. ROHRER, THOMAS San Mateo Mech. Engineering TBH; HTE; SHE; ASME. SEKIGUCHI, JOH Lindsay Elec. Engineering HKN; UCSEE. SOLTOW, PAUL CARL San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE; SAME. RASUL, REESE, RICHARDS, RICHMOND, RIHA, ABDUR-RAHMAN RICHARD G. JR. CHARLES M. RONALD LEROY BROYDON JOHN Berkeley Bakersfield San Francisco Bakersfield Vallejo Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering BET; ASCE. AT; Triune; OKI. White Shingles; Am. Roadbuilder ' s Winged Helmet; HTE; TBH; Assn.; ASCE. ASME. HSS; ASME; IAS. ROSENBLATT, ROSS, ROUSE, RUS, RUTLEDGE, LEONARD ROBERT E. DAVID WM. WILLIAM PAUL ROBERT LANE San Francisco San Luis Obispo Santa Ana Berkeley Sacramento Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering II A I; ASCE; HKN; Collegians; Tennis. TKE. Bowles; TB II; SAME. Social Planning. II TE; Honor Students; ASME. SERANG, SHAHROKH, SHEPHERD, SHOHARA, SHWEIRI, ABDULGAFOOD M. SHAHI E. WARREN RONALD SEC EDWARD GEORGE Bombay, India Glendale Bakersfield Fresno Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Petroleum Eng. Petroleum Eng. Elec. Engineering Civil Engineering I House. TB II; HKN; A(1,0; CES. Nisei Student ' s Club; UCSEE. SOMMERMEYER, STARR, STEINER, STEPANEK, STEWART, WILLIAM A. JAMES WILLIAM CLARENCE F. DAVID LESLIE ROBERT GALIS Bakersfield Sacramento Coachella Riverside Walnut Creek Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Petroleum Eng. Mech. Engineering ASCE. TB II: ASCE. KAP; HET; 0T; ASME; AIIE. MTA. ROBINSON, RODGERS, ROEBUCK, MERRITT PAUL JOHN ARTHUR JR. Oakland San Francisco Salinas Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering. ATC2; Crew; Big C; Rowing Club. SCHLICHTMANN, SCHULTZ, SCOTT, ALFRED JOHN JR. LAWRENCE F. JAMES WILLIAM Oakland Albany Dinuba Mech. Engineering Indus. Eng. Petroleum Eng. EAE; Daily Cal; Bachelordon; SNA; WSSF; EJC; HTE; TB II; SAM; ACB. Scabbard and Blade. SLY, SMITH, SMITH, WILLIAM T. JAMES MOREAU WILLIAM R. Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Phys. Metallurgy F and AM; ASCE. Abracadabra; 0T; MTA; Eng. If TE; Cal Engi- Joint Council. neer; YMCA; ASME. STRICKLER, SUMAN, SWAN, CORBIN TREON GEORGE 0. RICHARD L. Sacramento Bakersfield San Diego Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering Elec. Engineering ASCE; IAS. AT; Winged Horton Hall; IRE; Helmet; Ball and IVCF; UCSEE. Chain; ASME. ROBERTS, ROBERT EDWARD Oakland Civil Engineering Homecoming; Flying Club; ASCE. SALZ, PAVEL San Francisco Elec. Engineering I House; TBH; ; HKN; IRC. SIMICH, SAMUEL ANDREW San Pedro Min. Engineering ESE; Gymnastics; MTA; AIME. STONE, ROBERT ELLIS Long Beach Eng. Physics Photo Club. Mech. Engineering Barrington; TB H; Honor Students; Occident; ASME. and all occasions, and the Big C had its share 54 SWENSON, SWINEHART, LAWRENCE E. HOWARD LUTHER Glendale Chico Civil Engineering Indus. Engineering ASCE. ASME. TANG, IRVING Hong Kong, China Elec. Engineering TB 11; HKN. TANIELIAN, GEORGE Fresno Elec. Engineering I-IKN; TB II. TAYLOR, NEIL L. Mt. Shasta Civil Cal Lodge; ASCE. THOMPSON, KEN A. Oakland Elec. Engineering HKN. TOFT, ROBERT JAMES San Francisco Civil Engineering 0E1 XE; 44; ASCE. TSAO, TYSDAL, CARSON K. ROYAL MERLIN Shanghai, China Sal inas Elec. Engineering Indus. Engin. HKN; TBH; ASME. Chinese Students Assn. UEBELE, GORGE SIDNEY Stockton Elec. Engineering HKN; TBII; UCARC; UCSEE. VITERI, FERMIN JR. Sacramento Mech. Engineering Del Rey; ASME. WEINBERG, CARL J. Oakland Civil Engineering ZBT; Cal Club; XE; TBH; Home- coming; Cal Circus; WSSF. VROOMAN, DANIEL HENRY N. Hollywood Radio DT A. WETTERHOLM, JEROME Bakersfield Mech. Engineering Calvin Club; ASME. WILLIAMS, GERALD SHERMAN Red Bluff Process Engin. II TI; TB II; Eng. Joint Coun- cil; AICE. WOOD, WILLIAM JAMES Piedmont Mech. Engineering ASME. WALDEN, WALKER, MALVIN ANDREW CLYDE A. Lansdowne, Pa. Santa Ana Mech. Engineering Petroleum Eng. TM. KAP; HET; 0T; WHALLEY, WHEELER, JOSEPH MILTON HERBERT E. JR. San Francisco Compton Elec. Engineering. Petroleum Eng. 0T; MTA. WILLIAMS, WILSON, JOHN ARTHUR KENNETH M. San Bernardino Salinas Civil Engineering Elec. Engineering. ASCE. YIM, YOCKEY, WILLIAM WILLIAM F. San Francisco Santa Cruz Civil Engineering Mech. Engineering ASCE. USMCR. WANG, BEN Berkeley Mech. Engineering HTE; TBH. . WHITE, ALBION WYATT Glendale Mech. Engineering Cal Engineer. WILSON, WILLIAM L. Montrose Civil Engineering Del Rey; ASCE. YONEMOTO, NOBORN Sunnyvale Elec. Engineering IRE. WARD, FREDERICK E. Santa Rosa Elec. Engineering. WING, CHARLES Berkeley Elec. Engineering. YUAN, . SHUI Shanghai, China Elec. Engineering TBH; HKN. WARREN, DALE Burney Civil Engineering ; XE; ASCE. WINKLER, RICHARD E. Ferndale Civil Engineering cP1-II; Honor Stu- dents; SCAIF Scholarship; ASCE. ZAKLAN, PETER Sandpoint, Idaho Indus. Engin. WATKINS, FRANCIS IRWIN Fontana Mech. Engineering ASME. WHYTE, GORDON J. Berkeley Mech. Engineering TBH; ; II TI; Scabbard and Blade; ASME; EJC. WOLFE, ALFRED E. Waverly Elec. Engineering AIEE. ZILM, CHARLES F. Santa Cruz Elec. Engineering UCSEE. UNG, VERN ICK, HARRY LEN JOSEPH NATHAN San Francisco Newark, N. J. Mech. Engineering. Elec. Engineering. WAUNG, WEBER, JACK T. H. JOHN FREDRICK Shanghai, China Redding Mech. Engineering. Mech. Engineering ASME; IRE; IAS. WIEGAND, WILBUR, WILKINS, FRANK BYRON JOHN E. B. EDMUND E. JR. Walnut Creek San Diego Burlingame Mech. Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering MKT; TB H; A0f2; ASCE; Acacia; Track; Ski H TE; AIIE; ASME. Club; Rugby; ASCE. ASME. WONG, WONG, EDWIN YIN HEEMAN W. San Francisco San Francisco Mech. Engineering Aeronautics. ASME. WONG, LARRY Los Angeles Mech. Engineering Euclid Hall; TBH; 11T1; IAS; ASME. WHITE, WHITTEN, CHARLES ROBERT THOMAS JOSEPH Los Angeles Berkeley Elec. Engineering. Civil Engineering XE. of green paint. Many traditions and familiar 55 ALBERT, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ASHLOCK, LEONE FRANCES ARNOLD BRUCE DONALD NORMAN JOHN NATHAN PETER DUNNING San Francisco Walnut Creek Walnut Creek Berkeley San Francisco Home Economics Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Entomology ADD; ON; AN; AXA; Rally AXA; Rally Circle C; Soccer; Barrington Hall. IEH; Home Ec. Comm.; Agric. Econ. Comm.; Agric. Soccer Coach; Club. Club. Econ. Club. Rambler Football. AZADIAN, BATEMAN, BERNEY, BUCKLE, BINDER, ALBERT P. DOROTHY JANE PATRICIA ROSE LILLY ANNE LEROY J. Oakland Richmond San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles Landscape Arch. Home Economics. Home Economics Nut. and Dietetics Food Technology AZ; WSSF; Cal Home Ec. Club; OX; Yacht Club; Engineer. College Women Club Wrestling Team. Juniors. BINDER, BOLSTER, BOYNTON, BRODERSEN, CASTEL, RAYMOND E. WALTER R. ELIZABETH ANN DORIS ELAINE VIRGINIA IRENE Los Angeles Twentynine Palms San Francisco Concord Oakland Agriculture Forestry. Food Technology Home Economics Home Economics OE. Beaudelaire; Food Lantana Lodge. AO IT. Technology Club. Giannini Hall It was with regret that the end of the fall semester found Oski bidding adieu to CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON, who has served California for many years in the dual role of Dean of the College of Agriculture and Vice-President of the University. CESPEDES, CHOW, CHUN, CRUICKSHANK, DANIELSON, GREG SANCHEZ CHENG TAN MARIE TOY DAVID LOUIS ROBERT DAVID San Diego Singapore, China Oakland Ventura San Pedro Landscape Arch. Subtropical Horti- Home Economics Agric. Economics Landscape Arch. BET. culture. Photo Club. ATA; BB; Skull Ski Club; and Keys; Rugby; Landscape Design Winged Helmet. Club. DAVISON, DUNSHEE, ELLINGTON, ELWOOD, EMMRICH, DAVID D. DAVE WILL BORO JR. DAVID BUCK DONALD LEE Blythe Davis Dunsmuir Tucson Oakland Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Forestry Landscape Arch. Food Chemistry Cal Frolics; AXA; Manager of AZ; EM H; KE; Glee Club. II KA. IFC. Pelican; Chairman Scabbard and of Pub. Council. Blade; Rifle Team, landmarks were restored. Senior Men ' s Bench was 56 EMODI, EVANS, FISH, FISH, FISHER, 6, FREDRICKSON, • FROST, GOODNIGHT, GRAVES, H AGEN, ALEXANDER S. DONALD FRANCIS GEORGE ARTHUR HOWARD SILER HERMAN WM. Wm-LYLE VERNER D4IDLEY WADHAM EVELYN MAY ROBERT MUIR CHARLEEN ANN Tel Aviv, Israel Covina Berkeley Chico Walnut Grove Turlock Oakland Hanford Trenton, Mich. Oakland Food Technology Plant Pathology. Agric. Economics Forestry Agric. Economics Landscape Arch. Economics Food Chemistry Landscape Arch. Home Economics Food Tech. Club; ATA; Winged Hel- Abracadabra; TKE; SAME. AXA; Landscape II KA; Winged OM; Home Ec. ATO; Ski Club; AA IT; Pelican; Israeli Students met; Rugby Club; Crew. Arch. Club. Helmet. Club; Food Tech. Landscape Design Orientations. Association. Skull and Keys. Club. Club. HANKE, HARMON, HAYDON, HEATH, RELINE, HINERMAN, HOFMEISTER, HORACK, HOSKING HURD, ROBERT LUTHER JAMES ROBERT BARBARA JEAN ROBERT BENNETT BRUCE D. JAMES WILLARD ELIZABETH ANN NANCY ALETHA JUANITA RAYMOND VIRGIL Joplin, Missouri Dunsmuir Laton Vallejo Berkeley South Gate Berkeley Palo Alto Concord Dunsmuir Soil Science Forestry Home Economics Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Entomology Home Economics Home Economics Plant Pathology Forestry Wrestling. AXP. clOI; Home Ec ' EKE; AZ; FSB; EX; Winged Hel- ADP. APA; Home Ec. AZ; Elections Bd.; Oldenberg Hall; AXP; 00. Club. Masonic Club; Quarterdeck; met; Football; Skull and Keys. Club. Card Sales, College Women ' s Club. Cal Hosts. INOUYE, INOUYE, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOSEL, KATANA, KELSOE, KEMP, KING, KOBAYASHI, TAI ARA STEVE NOBUO DALE CLIFTON ELEANOR JEAN JACK G. SOUAD C. SALLY GRETA SEVILLA PRISCILLA J. GEORGE S. Berkeley Salt Lake City, Modesto Florin Long Beach Damascus, Syria Roseville Berkeley Berkeley Albany Soil Science. Utah Agric. Economics. Food Chemistry Landscape Arch. Entomology. Hcme Economics Food Technology Home Economics Food Technology. Poultry Husbandry. Stern. Landscape Design Sherman Hall; IE II; Treble Clef. KA; ON. Club. Senior Council; Cal Club. KOCH, KRUEGER, LEW, LOCKHART, LYN, MacDONALD, MASON, McCOY, McELROY, MENICK, GEORGIA LEE ROBERT WILLIAM PEGGY ANN MARILYN ANN C. BENTLEY LEONARD CALVIN JOHN EDMOND JOHN DAVID ELIZABETH ANN MARY ELIZABETH Bakersfield Chicago, Ill. Oakland San Francisco Albany Oakland Yucipa Colusa Berkeley Glendale Nut. and Dietetics Entomology and Home Economics Home Economics Forestry Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Home Economics Home Economics Epworth; YWCA; Parasitology Home Ec. Club. AX52; Election Forestry Club; AZ; Masonic Club; Del Rey; Senior OE; Tennis Man- AZ; Blue and Gold; APA; Sec ' y of Home Ec Club; Barrington Hall; Bd.; Home Ec. Club; Wrestling Team. Ag. Econ. Club; Peace Committee. ager; Men ' s Coun- Junior Council; ACB. Women ' s Counseling. Entomology Club. YWCA; Pelican. Senior Council. oiling. WSSF, finally restored, and it once again held its place 57 MEYER, MEYERS, MORGAN, MUNSTER, MURPHY, MUTTI, NILE, NISHIMURA, MARY AILEEN EDWARD L. ROBERT WESLEY GREGG HILMAR WILLIAM D. RONALD ALCIDE JAMES BRACKETT EDITH San Francisco San Mateo El Segundo Berkeley Oakland S. San Francisco Nevada City San Leandro Home Economics Food Technology Entomology Forestry Agric. Economics Agric. Economics Forestry Dietetics ATA; Home Ec. Food Technology Bowles; Entomology Forestry Club. ex. IIKA. AZ; EX II ; Honor St udents; Club; WAA. Club. Club. Forestry Club. Home Ec Club. NYGREN, OHANNESON, MARY JEAN GREGORY STORIE Oakland Shafter Home Economics Soil Science Home Ec. Club; AKA; Circle C; College Women ' s AZ. Club. PALZA-VEGA, PAYNE, PRICE, PRICE, RAMAZANOGLN, REED, REIFER, ROY, SATO, SAWAI, GONZALO FRED LEROY LOU STEPHEN VINCE R. I ADRI JAMES LAWRENCE HANS SHIRLEY ANN EDWARD KEN ISAKO Bolivia San Francisco San Leandro San Leandro Adana, Turkey Fresno Sunland San Jose Agric. Economics Berkeley Agriculture. Forestry. Forestry MN; AZ; Forestry Food Technology. Entomology and Food Technology Home Economics AZ; Boxing. Dietetics l Club; Fresh Parisitology MN; AZ; Forestry AE H; Circle C; AM; Pelican; Home Ec. Club; tb k Baseall. Club. AX; Circle C; Soccer ream; Rally Comm. Nisei Students Tennis; Basketball. Hiking Club. Club. SCHULTZ, SHAINSKY, SHIFRINE, SMITH, SPANSEL, STRINGER, THOMSON, TIM, WALKER, WALKER, WILLIAM G. ALLEN BAIR MOSHE VERN EDWARD MALCOLM EARL MARTHA LEE GWENDLYN MAY JOHN CHAN RICHARD ALLEN WILLIAM JOHN Lynwood Sonoma Tel Aviv, Israel Downey Berkeley Berkeley Oakland Suisun Perris Los Angeles Food Technology Poultry Husbandry Food Technology. Forestry Food Technology Home Economics. Home Economics Agric. Economics Soil Science Forestry Ridge House. ZBT; Cal Circus; Forestry Club. AEA; Food Tech. Home Ec. Club; Cloyne Court; AZ; Acacia. Homecoming Parade Club. College Women ' s CSC; CSCA. Chairman. Club Juniors. WANG, WILLHELM, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WONG, WRIGHT, YANASE, CHENG-PING MARILYN EDITH ELGIE M. BOYD LELAND EDWIN EARL JR. RICHARD ALLAN STEELE MELVIN JACK G. DONNA KAZOO Peking, China Wheatland Santa Rosa San Diego Sebastopol Tucson, Ariz. Santa Cruz Berkeley Sequoia Nat ' l Pk. San Francisco Food Technology. Food Technology Home Economics Agric. Economics Poultry Husbandry Landscape Arch. Agric. Economics Soil Science Home Economics Food Technology. AME. Colonial Hall; AZ. ' MK. KA. EX; AZ. Basketball. Ritter Hall; ON; Home Ec. Club. Women ' s Dorm. Assoc. HOPE, MAJORS, McDANIEL, YUAN, ZERDA, FRANK LEWIS MARION JACK DONALD HSIU DOLORES P. San Diego McCREARY Piedmont China Berkeley Architecture San Francisco Bus. Admin. Home Economics. Nutrition and MAX; Circle L. and S. — Art Sales Management Dietetics C; Sailing Team. KKr; AE. AEC IBD; Home Ec. Club. of prominence outside of Eshleman and the Wheeler 58 ALEXANDER, BERNARD Baghdad, Iraq Public Health. AMACKER, EDGAR A. Sacramento Sanitation. BERTELLOTTI, ERNEST E. Oakland Health Education Glee Club; Student Health Council. CHEW, LEONARD San Mateo Public Health. CLAYTON, COOPER, QUENTIN D. ROBERT C. Berkeley Alameda Premed. Lab. Tech. Public Health. Premed. Society. DEAN SMITH ' S educational background can be deduced by the fact that he learned the UC songs on the Glee Club and while wooing his wife over week ends. Friends shake their heads sadly because of his lack of hobbies and forecast dire consequences, but he feels no glaring lack of adjustment except for an annual episode of around Big Game time, for which the Waldorf shock therapy provides a sure cure. In common with his students and rest of the faculty, he joins the school in dreaming of the not-too-distant day when they will move out of LSB T-4, and untwine their knees and chins in a new home, where the new California State Health Department building join ours in a partnership under the Blue and Gold banner dedicated to the prevention of disease. BORG, BRINEY, LAUERN GERALD KENNETH LAUREN Palo Alto Richmond Pub. Health Ed. Pub, Health Ed. Scabbard and Blade; Pub. Health Club. DONALD, EGO, DONNA M. SHUNKICHI Berkeley Fresno Hospital Admin- Pub. Health Lab. istration. Nisei Students Club; Public Health Club. BURNS, WASHINGTON Oakland Clinical Lab. BET; Pub. Health Council; Newman Club; Welfare Bd. ELKEN, ANNA K. Sacramento Clinical Lab. Stern; Symphony Forum; UC Folk and Square Dancers. ENOMOTO, FLAHERTY, FLOR, FRANK, ROSE KAZUKO EILEEN LARRY LEO ALVIN MARTIN San Francisco Van Nuys Berkeley San Francisco Lab. Technician. Public Health Medical Care Sanitation AA II; ; Public Administration. SAM; Public Health Club; Health Council. Class Councils. KITAHARA, KUWATANI, LARSON, LEE, KAZUKO GEORGE TADAO BEVERLY LOU PAULINE C. Monterey San Francisco Piedmont Fairfield Laboratory Sanitation. Lab. Technician Public Health Technology. Utrimque; Daily Public Health Cal Managerial; Club. HAM; Ad Service. POST, RANDOLPH, ROBINSON, ROBINOW, FREDERICK JUST VIRGINIA HARRY ALAN LAWRENCE Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Piedmont Sanitation Lab. Technician Public Health Pub. Health Ed. Newman Club. AA II; Pelican; Laboratory; TAM; Golden Bear; WAA Intramural Bd.; Panile. Public Health Club. Store Bd. Chair- man; Hillel. GORMAN, RICHARD DALE San Francisco Sanitation 43SK. LIU, JOANNA Berkeley Biostatistics SOIL; Chinese Students Club. SECK, GORDON Grass Valley Hospital Admin. OKT; Gavel and Quill; Class Councils. HATA, NABIAKI ROBERT Berkeley Sanitation Nisei Student Club; Student Health Council. NORTHON, RICHARD Oakland Sanitation MPA; Public Health Council. Intramural. SPARE, ROBERT EDWIN Berkeley Sanitation. HOUSTON, KEATING, MARJORIE C. ALFRED ERHARDT Lodi San Francisco Public Health Pre-Hospital Admin. AA TI; Panile Honor Students. Rally Committee. PEDERSEN, PERKINS, GEORGE HANS JANET LUCILLE Redwood City San Francisco Sanitation. Pub. Health Ed. Public Health Club. WHITE, WISHER, GEORGE STEPHEN DONALD FRANK Dedham Larkspur Pub. Health Ed. Sanitation AKE. KEELER, IDE ELDON San Mateo Sanitation ADD; Public Health Council; Axtravaganza. PETERSON, MARILYN LOU Lodi Public Health AEA; Public Health Club; WAC. YAMADA, SUYENORI Kingsburg Public Health. Oak shaded the steps. The Cal Sirkus once more 59 Architecture Building Although WILLIAM W. WURSTER, Dean of the School of Architecture, has lived and breathed that subject since was four years old, he likes to pack into the Sierras he walks and reads while other people fish. While Dean M.I.T. the Boston Symphony Orchestra rated high on " like " parade. AXELROD, BALEIX, BLAKE, JACK JOHN ALLERTON FRANK Los Angeles Oakland Oakland Architecture. Architecture Architecture XAK; Basketball. Ill; Architecture Tracings. BLOCH, BRAS, BURTON, BERNARD J . JACK WILLIAM JAMES San Francisco Berkeley Burlingame Architecture Architecture Architecture. EAM; Architec- XAK; Architec- ture Association. lure Association. CLOWDSLEY, COREY, CORNWELL, JOHN UPTON JR. ELLIOT HARRIS ALLEN BENEDICT Stockton Santa Cruz Vallejo Architecture Architecture Architecture KA; Winged Cloyne Court. XAK; Architecture Helmet; Track. Association; Newman Club. DURANCEAU, FERNAINDES, FISHER, FORREST JEAN BONNY GREGORY ROBERT ALFRED Gridley Bombay, India Sacramento Architecture Architecture. Architecture Bowles; Rally XAK; AE. Comm.; Men ' s Coun- seling; Orientation Comm. appeared on our campus after a long war-time FORSCUTT, GABRIELE, GARCIA, HOGG, HOLL, HUBER, ISAZA-PALAU, JENSEN, JONCICH, I OHLENBERGER, ROBERT CHARLES JULIUS C. ERNEST JOHN M. E. ALAN DONALD PETER EDIJARDO ROY VERNON ANDREW JOSEPH HANS STANLEY Santa Monica W. Los Angeles Santa Ana, Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Bogota, Colombia Glen Ellen San Pedro Fullerton Architecture Architecture El Salvador Architecture Architecture Architecture. Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture XAK. XAK. Architecture XAK; Tower and AT; Football; Newman Club. XAK. XAK. UCYC; ASME; XAK. Flame. Quarterdeck; Archi- tecture Association. Architecture Association. LAMBERT, LEE, LIVUVIORE, LOUDERBACK, MADRID, MANNING, MAR, MARKSON, McCARTY, OLSEN, ROBERT W. FRANK VINCENT BARBARA J. OSCAR WM. JR. GEORGE WARREN LAWRENCE E. HENRY YET LORAN S. DON LORING NADYA ARDEN San Mateo Sal inas Livermore Long Beach Montebello Albany Fresno Los Angeles La Honda Berkeley Architecture. Architecture. Architecture. Architecture Architecture Architectu re Architecture Architecture. Architecture. Architecture AAP. ADD; Architec- ture Assoc.; Senior Assoc. Ed. of Pelican. XAK; Architec- ture Association. XAK; Cloyne Court; Stiles; KA; AAF; WAC; Arch. Association; Peace Comm. CSC; CCCA. Prytanean. OSBURN, OUYE, OWYANG, PEUGH, POMEROY, QUESADA, RICH, ROSENBERG, SAUBLE, SCHNEIDER, VERN RAY GEORGE R. JOHN DAVID E. DAVID E. GEORGE CHARLES JAMES WILLIAM ALAN WAGNER EDREL E. FRANK PHILIP Sonoma Lodi Berkeley Berkeley Burl ingame Chatsworth Berkeley Wood mere, N. Y . Eureka Venice Forestry Architecture. Architecture. Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture. Architecture AZ; Forestry Club. 1 ' 1). XAK; Architec- ture Association. XAK; Architec- tore Association, XAK; Pres. ZBT; Home- coming. XAK; Big C; Tennis. SCOFFIELD, STEAI LEY, THOMAS, WALKER, WATSON, YAMANOTO, JAMES CARTER TED RICHARD THEODORE ALTON WILLIAM HEWITT WILLIAM JACK DAVE SUSUMU Ogden, Utah Taft Fresno Alameda Oakland Berkeley Architecture. Architecture Architecture. Architecture Architecture Architecture. Abracadabra. A 4,. XAK; Architec- ture Association. XAK. absence and was received with great enthusiasm 61 LU tA South Hall DEAN GRETHER has not limited his talents to activities in the School of Business Administration. For years he has taken a strong interest in public problems, both in California and in the nation as a whole. The University is privileged in having as a departmental head so recognized an authority, who has on occasion been " on loan " to the Federal govern- ment agencies to help them solve their economic problems. ABBOTT, KAY Los Angeles ADAMS, ILA LOUISE San Francisco Retailing Merchandise cI9M; Red Cross; Cal Hosts; Crop and Saddle. ALBRIGHT, ANDERSON, BARBARA JEAN ALFRED J. Berkeley Bakersfield Advertising Accounting AAA; Prytanean; ATSI; Class Pelican; H AI; Council; Flying 43Xe; Club. Election Bd. AHLPORT, RONALD VICTOR Oakland Marketing Crew. AHTYE, WALLACE JAMES Salinas Retailing. ANDERSON, ALLAN LEE Oakland Bus. Admin. ANDERSON, BERT Oakland Bus. Admin. Fresh Track. ANDERSON, FRANK BARRY Berkeley Bus. Admin. Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. ATKINS, EDWARD Oakland Accounting. AVIDAN, BERNARD MILTON Los Angeles Indus. Management II All ROTC; Baseball Manager. AZCONA, MIKE G. King City Accounting M(I)B. BACKUS, EDMOND DEXTER Oceanside Bus. Admin. ANDERSON, ANDRADE, ANDREW, RICHARD ALAN HERBERT 0. PAUL BURLAND Long Beach San Leandro San Francisco Indus. Mgt. Insurance Marketing KM; Campus Plan- 0E; IFC; Boxing ning Comm.; Class Club; Ball and Councils. Chain; Men ' s Coun- seling. Be II; BB; Big C; Skull and Keys; Football. BANNATYNE, JOHN C. JR. San Francisco II KO; Cal Frolics; Senior Council; ACB. BARTEL, JAMES NORMAN Oakland Indus. Management. BARTLETT, BEALE, EDMUND G. JR. PAXTON K. Berkeley Oakland Marketing Indus. Management IFC; Big C; Be II; Boxing; Winged Helmet; Circle C; Football; Football; Rugby. Winged Helmet. by students and adults alike. With the return of war 62 4c,. :aft BEAVERS, EMIL GENE Hemet Accounting BAT. BEAVERS, BENHAM, BERG, BEST, BEVILACQUA, BIANCHI, BINGHAM, BOASSO, BOWDIDGE, WILLIAM S. ROBERT LESLIE IRVING JOSEPH BENTON HADLEY THOMAS HENRY ROLAND RENATO PATRICIA AVON REMO PAUL JR. WILLIAM ALAN Alameda Berkeley Pittsburg San Marino San Leandro San Francisco Sacramento Salinas San Leandro Bus. Admin. Ind. Relations. Bus. Admin. Indus. Management. Accounting. Money and Banking Personnel Banking and Transportation EAM; Personnel ' DKT; Fencing Epworth; ,P3Ce; Finance; 4,MK; Social Bears; Relations Council. Team. LAWS Comm.; Sr. Peace Comm. Photo Club. Homecoming; Yacht Club. BRANDT, BRIKOVICH, BRODERICK, BROOKS, BROWN, BRUZZONE, BUNGER, BUTLER, CALDWELL, CALLENDER, HERBERT FRED NORM WENDELL LOUIS KEITH EUGENE DOUGLAS N. JANET GERMAINE WILLIAM FREDRIC JOHN VICENT GERALD KOEHLER WILLIAM C. San Rafael Richmond Redd ing San Bernardino Berkeley Alameda San Diego Coya Rancagua, Saratoga Homewood Retailing. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Transportation Personnel Admin. Bus. Admin. Real Estate Chile Insurance Finance SAM. AX. Del Rey. 44-A. AXCI; 4sX0; MOE. Foreign Trade X0E. II KA; Winged II AI. ATC2. Helmet; A II; Rep-at-Large; Cal Circus. CHRISTOFF, CLIFTON, COVALT, CARPENTER, CARSON, CERELLI, , CHEW, CHEW, CHIN, CHIN, RUSSELL E. GEORGE F. THEODORE L. JAMES EDWARD RHETT LEE DONALD JAMES HON KENNETH KANG FRANCIS P. HARVEY Hartford, Conn. Salinas Berkeley Oxnard San Francisco Oakland Oakland San Francisco Hong Kong San Francisco Transportation. Bus. Admin. Transportation. Forestry Accounting. Accounting Accounting. Accounting. Banking. Accounting. Blue and Gold; BAT. X II; Soph Council; Jr. Swimming Mgr. DADA, DAVIS, DEAN, DELANEY, DENAULT, DEVELTER, DeWITT, DIELLE, DOLE, DORSEY, LAURENCE M. JAMES BASSEL RALPH E. GERALD R. WILLIAM L. ROBERT CHARLES DOUGLAS EAST JOHN MICHAEL RICHARD F. RONALD C. Richmond Berkeley Glendale San Francisco Oakland Oroville Los Angeles Cleveland Oakland Berkeley Bus. Admin. Accounting Accounting. Bus. Admin. Marketing Indus. Relations. Accounting and Traffic. Insurance Bus. Admin. EX; Golden Bear; ESE; Circle C; 4,A0; Triune. Indus. Management XX. OE; Boxing Mgr.; BAT; Circle C; Weight Basketball. Wrestling. Intramural Boxing. Water Polo. DOUGHERTY, DOWNEY, DOYLE, DUDLEY, DULMAGE, DUNLAP, DUNN, EASTMAN, . EDGERLEY, ELLIS, JAMES EDWARD ALLAN NORTON BERNARD RAY DONALD WM. CHARLES WARD ALBERT RALPH GEORGE K. WILLSON ELRON ROBERT JACK Berkeley Richmond Merced Mill Valley Boulder Creek San Marino San Francisco Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Accounting Transportation Bus. Admin. Indus. Management. Accounting Bus. Admin. Retailing Accounting Bus. Admin. Marketing I House; Honor Stu- Cal Band; Baton; X Ii; Daily Cal; Barrington. ZW; IFC; Triune; XAM. BAT. KM; Triune; AEC dents; Cal Engineer; AAX. NROTC; Senior BB; Winged Hel- Winged Helmet. YMCA; Home- Peace Comm. met; Rugby Club. coming. the reg lines became shorter as enrollment 63 ELMENDORF, ENGS, ERDELATZ, CARL THOMAS EDWARD WEBS JOHN J. San Diego Piedmont Berkeley Advertising Bus. Admin. Indust. Relations (1,1 " A. AKE; Circle C; and Personnel Triune; Winged Hel- . Admin met; Golf; Golden ME. Bear. FROST, FROST, FUKUDA, JAMES ARTHUR RICHARD JAMES HIROSHI Oakland Napa Garden Grove Accounting. Accounting. Accounting. GILKEY, GRENNON SCOTT Los Gatos Indus. Management ADD; Scabbard and Blade. ERICKSON, ROBERT ANDREW San Francisco Bus. Admin. AX1 ' ; Glee Club. FUNG, SUN China Bus. Admin. GORDON, WALTER M. San Francisco Marketing Freeborn; ball. FABRIS, DAVID Crockett Marketing. GALLANT, CLARICE Porte rvi Ile Accounting Epworth; 4,X0; Utrimque; Tower and Flame. GOUL, HOWARD Boise, Idaho Bus. Admin. Bowles Hall. FARRAND, BUD Long Beach Marketing Bowles; Cal Frolics; AMP; Sr. and Jr. Councils. GALLINATTI, JAMES BURTON Oakland Indus. Management Scabbard and Blade; Skull and Keyes; Triune; IFC. GRAHAM, JAMGRS DUNCAN Benicia Indus. Management AX; Boxing Club; Speech Arts. FELDSTEIN, STEWART L. San Francisco Bus. Admin. KN; Indus. tions Research Assn.; MAC. GALLOWAY, CLARK JR. Los Angeles Bus. Admin. VD; Crew; Rowing Club; Sr. Peace Comm.; IFC. GREEN, EDMUND MAURICE San Francisco Accounting 1AM; Daily Cal; Cal Engineer. FISCHER, PATRICIA ANN Mokelumne Hill Marketing. FREEMAN, FREEMAN, JOHN V. THOMAS C. San Luis Obispo Stockton Advertising AKA; AAIl; Store BAIL,. Bd.; Golden Bear; Staff Comm. GLICI , ARTHUR JACOB San Francisco Bus. Admin. II AO. GOLDMAN, EARL M. Oakland Marketing AA.1. GEE, GERBO, GERKEN, JERRY EARL RICHARD A. WENDELL E. Bakersfield Oakland Palo Alto Accounting and Marketing Accounting Marketing AXA; Crew. Del Rey; BA‘IP; Tower and Flame; Sr. Council. Chinese Club. GREENHOLZ, GRESS, GRIFFIN, ROBERT BERNARD JOHN HAMILTON GERALD H. San Francisco San Leandro San Fernando Marketing Marketing Bus. Admin. I House; BPX; AKA; Friday Cal 23 Club; I Fling. Board; MAC; Boxing. GROVE, HAGEMANN, RICHARD KENNETH EDWIN Redwood City San Francisco Indus. Management. Transportation and Traffic ment. HARUYAMA, HAUSSER, HAW, ALBERT TERUD WALTER E. BARBARA Tokyo, Japan San Francisco San Francisco Marketing. Marketing American Marketing Association. HALFORD, WILLIAM WILSON Piedmont Bus. Admin. ATA. HAYS, JACK GARTH Bakersfield Bus. Admin. AAE. HANSEN, DOUGLAS C. San Francisco Sales Be II; Rugby; Soph Council. HEIMAN, LAURENCE R. San Anselmo Marketing AT; American Marketing Assoc. HANSON, HOWARD Oakland Bus. Admin. AKA. HENDERSON, ROBERT FOSTER Long Beach Marketing 4); Baseball; Big C; Triune. HARKNESS, CAROL LOU Sacramento Personnel Admin. Epworth ; Women ' s Ex Bd.; Prytanean; 4 ' X0; LAWS vention. HERZOG, WILLIAM ALLAN Long Beach Accounting TKE; Scabbard and Blade. HARPER, HART, CRAIG REED RICHARD W. Oakland Piedmont Marketing Marketing. AT; Boxing; Winged Helmet. HICKING, HILL, NANCY JEAN GERALD RALPH San Francisco Samoa Marketing Accounting. AA II; Blue and Gold Jr. Mgr; ,EXID; Sr. Council. HART, WILLIAM Oakland Bus. Admin. EAE;. Rally Comm.; Wrestling; Circle C. RING, ROBERT WONG Pine Bluff, Arkansas Bus. Admin. Cloyne Court. HALEY, ROBERT WILSON Oakland Accounting Personnel and dustrial Relations. dropped from 23,000 to 15,000, but there 64 HOOD, HOFFELT, DAVID WILLIAM RICHARD HENRY S. Pasadena Sacramento Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Bowles; Football; A cacia; Rugby; Quarterdeck; ior Peace Comm.; Winged Helmet. Ball and Chain. HOLLOWAY, MAURICE EUGENE San Leandro Bus. Admin. Bowles; Rally Comm.; Class Councils. HOUSTON, RICHARD GEORGE Buringame Bus. Admin. H K ' In. HROMATKO, BURKE A. Spirit Lake, Iowa Foreign Trade AOE. HUHN, HUNGERFORD, JAMES VINCENT DANIEL MARTIN Sacramento Val lejo Accounting Bus. Admin. EAE; Rally Comm.; Sr. Peace Comm.; SUEC. ICHIUJI, PAUL TEROMOTO Pacific Grove Accting. and Mktg. Golden Bear; Nisei Students Club; Campus Planning. IVERSON, JACKSON, FRED HENRY ROBERT ERWIN Sacramento San Francisco Personnel Indus. Management KAP. EX. JENSEN, EDIE South Gate Personnel Admin. AO TI ; (1 X0; Ski Club; Women ' s Counseling. JOHANSON, RUBY V. San Francisco Marketing Epworth; Senior Council; Collegians. JOHNSON, DORINE MARILYN Kentfield Marketing. JOHNSON, JOHN FRANKLIN Oakland Bus. Admin. CFA; Rally Comm.; ACB; Circle C; Assist. Yell Leader. JOHNSON, LAWRENCE R. JR. San Mateo Accounting 13.EK; Senior Council. JOHNSON, JOLLYMOUR, MARILYN L. ARTHUR PETER Alameda Oakland Advertising Bus. Admin. WSSF; Soph Hop Acaci a. Comm.; Am. Marketing Assoc. JONES, JANET M. San Francisco Personnel Admin. ZTA; Elections Bd.; Frosh Council; Pelican. JUI ICH, JUNKER, LOIS CLAIRE CORINNE EBE San Francisco San Leandro Bus. Admin. Advertising AFA. Stern; Election Bd.; Blue and Gold. ENUTSEN, BEVERLY M. Turlock Bus. Admin. AAX. KECHELY, DOROTHY J. Berkeley Bus. Admin. AZ; ,I,X0; Daily Cal; Blue and Gold; Women ' s Counsel- ing. .AIRD, HARVEY ARNOLD San Francisco Production Control II 1(41; Senior Class Yell Leader. LYNCH, RICHARD ARTHUR Oakland Bus. Admin. KIECH, WILLIAM WESLEY Riverside Newspaper ment American Marketing Association. I(RETCHMER, KUNIMUNE, JAMES LISTON HARRY HARUSO Belvedere Honolulu Bus. Admin. Marketing Bowles. AAE; Ad Service Bureau. LEMPRIERE, LEVINE, RONALD A. R. ALLEN Wellington, N. Z. Val lejo Foreign Trade Production Mgmt. ANT. MacDOUGALL, MacKENZIE, ROBERT ELWOOD MARTHA JEAN Berkeley San Francisco Bus. Admin. Marketing ,T,KE; Gavel and PCB; Elections Quill; Sr. Class Bd.; Cal Engineer; Pres.; Rally Comm.; ,I,X(4. ACB. KUNZ, THOMAS MICHAEL Concord Accounting Newman Club; Scabbard and Blade; Defense Trans. Assoc. LINDSAY, EVERETT L. Berkeley Personnel Admin. MacMAHON, JAY ROSS Berkeley Accounting BAN,. KUPELIAN, OHANNES Istanbul Marketing Aril; Photography; Tennis. LOUIE, LORRAINE L. San Francisco Accounting 10 II ; MAGEE, ELINORE GRACE Sunnyvale Economics. LABARRE, LEROY CHARLES El Monte Accounting B A 111; LUCAS, BETTY L. Stockton Accounting Beaudelaire; Women ' s Dorm Council. MAHAN, GUY EARLE JR. Oakland Marketing Tower and Flame; Honor Students. KALMAR, KAM, GEORGE ARNOLD KWONG KOW Oakland Hong Kong Bus. Admin. Foreign Trade. LAHUE, LAI, OMAR EARL WALTER SAUYUN Berkeley Honolulu Foreign Trade Bus. Admin. ASE. Barrington; 6,4,E; Newman Club; AROTC. LUDEMANN, LUTZ, JOHN RICHARD RICHARD C. Oakland San Gabriel Bus. Admin. Marketing Del Rey. KA; Winged met; Triune; bler Football. LARMER, LAVINE, ROBERT CRANE ROBERT LEON Santa Ana San Francisco Indus. Relations Accounting BET. NAM; Scabbard and Blade. LYON, MacBEATH, EDWARD H. BILL Escondido Oakland Marketing Forestry BO II; BB; KZ; Winged Winged Helmet. met; Skull an d Keys; Frosh ball. were still many unfamiliar faces. Upper division 65 MANUEL, MARSH, MARTINE, MARTINELLI, MATTHEW, MATSON, MAUER, McCOOK, McCOY, McFARLAND, DONALD EDWIN WILLIAM C. C. H. STEPHEN C. JANET DAVID OLAF CROZIER C. ALEX JR. THOMAS WILSON HENRY JACK Wichita, Kansas Los Angeles Alameda Watsonville Woodland Glendale Santa Monica Richmond Lynwood Albany Insurance. Accounting Insurance Indust. Management Bus. Admin. Foreign Trade Retailing Marketing Accounting and Accounting 43KI. AAE. AT; Winged Helmet. Blue and Gold, Assoc. Mgr. I II; Circle C; Sr. Peace Comm.; @X; Cal Club; Jr. Class Pres.; Golden AAI; Daily Cal. Marketing. AI II; Photo Club. ' DT. Soccer. Bear; Men ' s Jud. McGEE, McGHEE, McLACHLAN, McLAUGHLIN, McLEOD, McNALLY, MIGNOLA, MILLER, MILLS, MINEAU, CLYDE DAVIS JOHN EASTON JAMES COMPTON THOMAS F. DENNY ALBERT HAROLD STEVE DONALD LLOYD BILL DON CLAYTON THOMAS RICHARD G. Arcadia Beverly Hills Sacramento Daly City Lakeport Yuba City Salinas Compton Los Angeles Oakland Marketing Marketing Accounting Personnel. Marketing Bus. Admin. Indus. Management Bus. Admin. Insurance Bus. Admin. A II. AAA; Winged OAX; Sailing Club. AT; BB. E,PE; Rally Comm. IX. III. OX IC. Helmet. MITCHELL, MOEN, MOESSNER, MOLLHAUSEN, MONROE, MONSON, MOOERS, MOORE, MORI, MORRIS, MARGARET ANN RICHARD B. CARLTON L. MARTIN JACK GUSTIN BARBARA MARION HARRELL D. JR. HERBERT PAUL HIROSHI GEORGE VEN Susanville Crescent Burlingame Oslo, Norway Santa Rosa Lafayette Oakland Oakland Sanger Richmond Bus. Admin. Accounting Transportation Indus. Management Accounting Accounting Insurance Accounting Accounting Accounting. Peixotto; WAA; Alum Scholarship 14,E; Rifle Team. AI n . rhl ' A. AEA; ,1 X0; Ski AID; C.D. TI KA; Asst. Yell BA.111; Nisei DX0; Utrimque. Assn.; Fresh Track. Club; Pelican; Leader; Gavel and Students Club. Red Cross. Quill; Campus Chest. MORRISON, NALORE, NANAVATY, NEELY, NELSON, NOLAN, NORDMAN, OGDEN, OLSEN, OLSEN, RODERICK ALAN JOHN F. SIDHARTH P. DONALD L. BERNARD E. GEORGE HUBERT ROY CARL ELMER DENE BURTON ANDREW JOHN ARNOLD Berkeley San Gabriel Baroda, India Oakland Walnut Creek Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Oakland San Pedro Marketing Accounting Bus. Admin. Indus. Management Accounting Marketing Accounting. Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Accounting. ADO; Quarterdeck; Cal Lodge. ATA. AKA; Golf Team. AX; American Mkt. X.,1,; Rally Comm.; Class Council; Assn.; Fresh Track. Fresh Football. AAM. ranks of army, navy, marines and air force 66 ORR, ARTHUR R. San Marina Bus. Admin. AXA. OVER, PAGE, PAPPAS, ROBERT BELDEN JOE JR. ALEXANDER L. Oakland Long Beach San Francisco Advertising Indus. Management Bus. Admin. AAE; Masonic A 0. Club; Pub. Council; Ad. Service Bureau. PARENT!, PECK, LIND JOHN STELLA H. Castro Valley Oakland Marketing Personnel Mgt. AA ; Daily Cal. 4,3(0; Newman Club. PENCE, JERROLD BLAIR Ukiah Marketing. PERHAM, PETERSON, PETROZZELLI, GEORGE SHELDON VICTOR CARL PAUL JOSEPH Mountain View South Pasadena Oakland Ag. Economics Indus. Management Marketing AEA. Bowles; Judicial II KO; Soph Track Comm.; Golden Mgr.; Jr. and Sr. Bear; Rally Comm. Councils. PHILIPS, PLETCHER, POLLACK, PORTER, POTTOL, PRESTON, PRESTON, PURCELL, RAGATZ, RAPP, JAMES GRAY TOM KENNETH ALLAN JEROME K. HARRY LEE EDWARD D. JOY C. DAVID THAYNE DEXTER SPRAGUE MYRON BRUCE Piedmont Berkeley St. Louis Sleepy Hollow Berkeley Fort Worth San Francisco Wichita, Kansas San Marino Long Beach Bus. Admin. Indus. Relations Accounting Accounting Accounting Accounting Accounting Marketing. Indus. Management Indus. Management Tennis; Swimming. AT; Swimming; BAT; Honor l ' AM; THE; Quar- Collegians. AX II; Scabbard BAT. BO II; Track; AE(I); Daily Cal; Winged Helmet. Students. terdeck; Cal and Blade. Golden Bear; Big C; Sr. Baseball Engineer. Triune; Skull and Manager. Keys. REES, REEVES, RENNIE, RIBACK, RICCI, ROBERTSON, ROBINSON, ROGERS, RON, ROSE, WILLIAM ROLAND ADRIAN D. CAROLINE E. FRANCES ROSE RICHARD J. ALAN HASTINGS WILLIAM EARL JAMES F. JAMES ROBERT ROBERT J. Sacramento Berkeley Berkeley Burlingame Asti Livermore Oakland St, Louis, Burlingame San Francisco Insurance Foreign Trade Marketing Marketing Management Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Missouri Foreign Trade. Bus. Admin. Senior Council. A,DE. BPI; American I House; American Newman Club. II KA; Rally XAE. Accounting Marketing Assn. Marketing Assn.; Comm.; Home- AAA. Homecoming. coming; Cal Circus. ROWLAND, RUBINO, SAKAKURA, SAMSON, SAVASTA, SAYLES, SCHULTZ, SCOTT, SCOTT, SEATON, CLARENCE A. JOHN MICHAEL TATSUO ROBERT STUART ALLEN THOMAS F. ROBERT ARTHUR BARBARA L. JAMES KENT JR. PETER FRANCIS PHILIP Sacramento S an Francisco San Francisco McArthur San Francisco Stockton Albany Pacific Grove San Francisco Santa Rosa Indus. Management Accounting Indus. Management. Indus. Management Indus. Management Bus. Admin. Bus. Admin. Finance Accounting Marketing OEK; Frosh Foot- CHI; AMP; Acacia; A10. Bowles. APA; Blue and OE. SPA; Crew; KE; BB; ball. Honor Students; Varsity Crew. Gold; Pelican. Rowing Club; Winged Helmet. Staff Comm.; MAC. Triune; Winged Helmet. reserves swelled as the men were haunted by draft 67 SHARPE, NORTON Los Angeles Marketing AE II; Honor Stu- dents; SHE; BEE. SH REVE, WILLIAM M. Piedmont Marketing BO H. SIEGEL, SEYMOUR J. Beverly Hills Accounting EAM; BAT; Gavel and Quill; Class Yell Leader. SMITH, SMITH, HAROLD B. JR. LEWIS HOWELL Piedmont Piedmont Marketing Personnel Mgt. XT; Jr. Football Mgr.; NROTC. Council. TPA; Frosh Football; Frosh SMITH, LLOYD BYRON Greenbrae Real Estate IAE. SO, ANTHONY G. San Francisco Accounting. SPIGELMAN, STAINFIELD, ARIK LYLE KENT Tel-Aviv, Israel Pasadena Insurance Cloyne Court. ATA; Big C; une; Winged Helmet; Track. BAT; BrI; AEH; Circle C; Cal Gymnast Club. STEWART, RELLEN WM. Oakland Bus. Admin. Accounting STRAUSS, HOUWARD M. San Francisco Retailing IAM; Junior Class Council. WILLIAMS, JAMES B. Berkeley Retail ing. STRONG, DONALD M. Alameda KA; Frosh Track. WILLIAMS, WADE JAMES Oakland Bus. Education OX; Senior Council. SUGIYAMA MASAMI Alameda Accounting. WALKER, JOAN DORIS Walnut Creek Marketing American Marketing Association. WITTER, GEORGE D. Finance ZW; BB; Winged Helmet; Circle C; Football; Rugby. SWANSON, LOIS ROBERTA San Francisco Bus. Admin. ETA; ' X0; Pelican; Jr. Class Council. TOM, RICHARD Oakland Bus. Admin. BAT. WALLACE, KENNETH B. Piedmont Bus. Admin. 03; SUEC; Ski Club; Homecoming; Men ' s Counciling. WONG, CHARLES J. San Francisco Accounting Chinese Students Club. SWANSON, MARGUERITE Berkeley Accounting BAT. TO M AS, TEODOR T. Honolulu Bus. Admin. WATKINS, HILTON Glendale Accounting H; Masonic Club. WONG, PAUL TIEN San Indus. Management. TAKEI, TAKESUGU San Francisco Foreign Trade Ridge House. TONG, MAYON San Francisco Personnel Admin. Chinese Students Club. WRIGHT, STANLEY GENE Oakland Public Utilities Masonic Club. TALKOVSKY, MANUEL JACK San Francisco Marketing IAM. TONG, WARREN W. San Francisco Bus. Admin. TANAKA, GUS K. San Francisco Marketing Nisei Student Club WHEELER, LEONARD JAY Arcadia ' Insurance EN; TO. TEEL, RICHARD Bakersfield Bus. Admin. Del Rey. WHITWORTH, CHARLES R. San Francisco Marketing Scabbard Blade. THOMAS RALPH EDWARD Piedmont Bus. Admin. AXA; Rally Comm.; Axtrava- ganza; Radio Work- shop. TUCKER, GEORGE F. San Leandro Accounting BPI; BAT; THE; Honor Students; Masonic Club. WILLIAMS, GEORGE W. Burlingame Real Estate Masonic Club. ULLMAN, UNDERWOOD, JOHN HENRY RICHARD DAVID San Francisco Long Beach Indus. Management Transportation AE II; HKN; TT. Honor Students; Bri; UCARC. THURBER, TIPPINS, TOLLADAY, RICHARD S. A. ROBERT JOHN REX STEWART Washington, D.C. Camarillo Fresno Marketing Personnel Admin.; Indus. Management. 03; Crew; Intra- Accounting; Indus. mural Sports. trial Relations. WEATHERINGTON, WEINTRAUB, DONALD RICHARD CECIL WM. Richmond San Francisco Money and Banking Bus. Admin. Homecoming; Senior IAN ' . Council; Men ' s Counciling. TORMEY, TSUBOTA, JOHN LINUS BILL TATSUNI Oakland Los Angeles Bus. Admin. Accounting BO II ; Winged BAT. Helmet; Skull and Keyes. WYCHE, YAMASHITA, PHILIP L. MASAHIRO Burlingame Lodi Indus. Relations Accounting IT; Rugby; Sym- BEE; BAT. phony Forum; Frosh and Jr. Councils. YOUNG, ZIPI IN, NORMAN B. NATHAN DAVID Piedmont Berkeley Marketing Accounting II ' ; Symphony BAT; Honor Forum. Students. notices and wedding dates were made uncertain 68 i- ce u.1 0 O BERN, CHERK, RONALD RALPH HOMER JR. Piedmont San Francisco Optometry Optometry. UC Optometric Assoc. FONG, GAMBA, BETTY RAYMOND LOUIS Los Angeles Oakland Optometry Optometry Optometric Assoc. 0E0. GIRSH, RUELENE Santa Barbara Optometry Stern; WAC; Honor Students; tric Assoc. GRIFFIN, LAWSON, FARROR CHARLES L. El Sobrante Weiser, Idaho Optometry. Optometry Baton; Cal Band; 0E4); Swimming. LEE, MELBERG, MONICAL, KENNETH POY ROBERT LOUIS JAMES BRYCE San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Optometry Optometry. Optometry II AC XVE. MONTAGUE, MOSES, ONG, LEROY CURTIS JAMES JIN LUIS Coalinga Ventura Oakland Optometry. Optometry Optometry. 0E44; AMP; UC Optometric Assoc. Although the word Stanford predominates the higher tion of KENNETH B. STODDARD, Dean of the School Optometry, he is now a true Oski convert. Dean vocation has proved an avocation too, as he goes from daily job of eye-focusing to his leisure-time activity camera focusing. Optometry Building PEGUEROS, ROSEN, TAKAHASHI, RAUL ARTHUR ELLEN Oakland Los Angeles Berkeley Optometry. Optometry UC Optometric Assoc. by the conditions of the time. Yet we know our 69 ACOSTA, CARTER, CHANEY, COHEN, THOMAS JACK OLIN DONALD GARY EARL HOWARD Riverside Richmond Corning Berkeley Criminology Criminalistics Criminology Criminology AAE. AAE. AAE; Scabbard and AE II; AAE; Blade; Wrestling; Scabbard and Blade. Tower and Flame. EINSTADTER, GREEN, GRUBE, HOLMOE, WERNER J. PAUL DAVIS JOHN FRANCIS ROBERT VIRGIL San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Santa Rosa Criminology Criminology Criminology Criminology AAE. AAE; Tower and Flame. AAE. II KA; AAE. KALINSKI, MARTINEZ, MORE, NIEBUR, JOSEPH DANIEL VICTOR C. HARRY WM. WILLIAM H. Manchester, N. H. Hueneme Oakland Sunland Law Enforcement Criminology Criminology. Criminology KM. AAE. Barrington; AAE. NOVOTNY, PHILLIPS, ROBERTSON, SARROS, PAUL EVART GORDON C. CHARLES A. JAMES L. San Diego Compton Berkeley S. Milwaukee,W. Criminology Criminology Criminology Criminology AAE. 1AM; AAE. VII; AAE; AAE; Scabbard and Scabbard and Blade. Blade; Flying Club. TALLMAN, JEANNE K. TOLLSEN, RICHARD H. WARNER, JOHN Beverly Hills San Diego San Francisco Crinimology Criminology Criminology AEA; AAE; SAX; Triune; AAE. Intramural; YWCA. Football; Circle " C " ; Winged Helmet. - 0 O O z After his graduation from U.C. in 1924, 0. W. WILSON, Dean of the School of Criminology, started his career in criminology as Chief of Police in Wichita, Kansas, at the youthful age of 28. Following an eleven-year stay he came Professor of Police Administration at U.C. During the war Dean Wilson was a Colonel in the military government in North Africa, Italy, England, France, and Germany. There he became Public Safety Advisor to General Lucius D. Clay, U.S. Military Governor of Germany. His career culminated with his deanship in 1950. Author of " Police Records, " " Police Administration, " and " Police Planning, " Dean son has been awarded the legion of Merit and the Bronze Star. goal is to reassert our cause of freedom and 70 BROADY, BETTY JEAN Sacramento Nursing Education Ritter Hall; R. N. ' s on Campus. BUTLER, VIOLET H. San Bruno Pub. Health Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. Armed with extensive experience, Dean MARGARET has made the School of Nursing one of the outstanding legiate schools in the country. Her farsightedness, and balanced and understanding personality have brought those who have come in contact with her and her work appreciation, not only of the field of nursing in general, of this outstanding leader in that field. CHESBRO, JEAN Auburn Public Health R. N. ' s on Campus. FARLEY, KATHLEEN MARY San Francisco Pub. Health Nursing Newman Club; Honor Students; R. N. ' s on Campus. GEARHART, PATRICIA H. Ontario Pub. Health Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. MAGNUSON, VIOLA MARGARET Sycamore Pub. Health Nursing. NEWTON, LILLIAN B. Tujunga Pub. Health Nursing YWCA. SMITH, CAT RINE Eureka Nursing Educ. HACK, KATHERINE S. San Francisco Psychiatric Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. McPHERSON, ERNESTINE M. Oakland Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus; Social Welfare Club. PRITCHARD, GEORGIA M. Down ievi I le Pub. Health Nursing TRILLO, LILLIAN Oakland Pub. Health Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. ISHIZAKI, RUTH HIROSE San Jose Pub. Health Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. M IYACH I, YURIKO San Mateo Pub. Health Nursing Cal Nisei Club. ROBERTS, GENEVA ALEECE El Monte Pub. Health Nursing. WEBBER, EMILY Johnston Public Health 23 Club. KOWALSKI, DORCAS KATHRYN Berkeley Nursing Education R. N. ' s on Campus. MORAIGN, JULIA WOLFE Lodi Nursing Education R. N. ' s on Campus. ROMER, ENDLA R. Saratoga Pub. Health Nursing R. N. ' s on Campus. WEISHEIT, VIRGINIA Los Angeles Pub. Health Nursing democracy throughout the world. 71 Forestry Building Forestry EtI,E; BE H; Forestry Club. CHESHIRE, DUNLAP, JAMES THOMAS ALLEN EDWARD San Diego Elsinore Forestry Forestry Club. W 0 LL BERRIDGE, R. DEREK San Mateo Forestry Acacia; Forestry Club. BUSBY, FRANCIS MARION Duns muir Forestry AXP; AZ. GAVIN, GRIFFIN, WALTER HAROLD JAMES RICHARD Bakersfield Watsonville Forestry Forestry HE H; Forestry (DIE; EE II. Club. HEASLEY, WALDO LOREN Sierra Madre Forestry. KEANE, JOHN T. Oakland Forestry Acacia; Forestry Club; Rugby; UC Ski Club. MINER, RAY WILLIAM Lincoln Forestry. POWELL, W. ROBERT Oakland Forestry Forestry Club; Glee Club. THOMPSON, RICHARD LARRY Milwaukee, Wis. Forestry. HELSING, ROBERT E. Anaheim Forestry. KIRKENDALL, PAUL GARRETT San Diego Forestry Newman Club; Forestry Club. MUNNICH, KURT ARNOLD Oroville Forestry Barrington Hall; AZ; 41E11. RICE, ROBERT EUGENE Berkeley Forestry AZ; Forestry Club. THOMSON, RONALD S. Los Angeles Forestry AZ; Forestry Club; Christian Science Organization. JASPER, CHARLES METTAM Bakersfield Forestry E111 LAUSI-1, JOHN Curtisville, Pa. Forestry. O ' KELLY, THOMAS JAMES Sacramento Forestry ROBINSON, GENE PRESTON Dallas, Texas Forestry !ITT; Forestry Club. TUTTON, THOMAS ARTHUR Oakland Forestry AZ. JENSEN, WILLIS AXEL Oakland Forestry AZ. MAK, KENNETH R. Vallejo Forestry. OWENS, HARRY B. Clovis Forestry SHERA, HUGH RALPH Berkeley Forestry. WOOD, ROBERT Berkeley Forestry AXA; Forestry Club; Glee Club; Ski Club. DEAN BAKER, the head of the School of Forestry, seems to be naturally attracted to the " great outdoors. " nately for him, that spot becomes his laboratory and his office, and he is likely to be sidetracked and hook more trees than fish. Outside of business hours, the Dean spends time with his water colors, his gardening, and his photography. 72 GRIFFIN, JOHN PAUL Redding Forestry OX; HART, JAMES EDWARD Bakersfield Forestry Barrington Hall; H JOHNSON, KAY, DONALD D. BURGESS L. Berkeley Glendale AXA; Scabbard Forestry. and Blade; Forestry Club. McCLELLAN, McGREGOR, GRANT EDWARD WILLIAM DONALD El Monte Berkeley Forestry. Forestry AXA. PER RY, PLAND, JAMES LEROY RICHARD H. Albuquerque, Oakland N. M. Forestry Forestry Acacia; Forestry Barrington Hall; Club; HE 11; MAC AZ; Forestry Club. Ski Club. STEED, STEINHOUSE, GEORGE JAMES E. Whittier Chanta Vista Forestry. Forestry. SEN OR WEEK PUTTING THE finishing touches on four college years was the traditional Senior Week—a week filled with memories for years to come. Though the atmosphere was slightly tinged with nostalgia, enthusiasm and excitement prevailed as the ties started with the Baccalaureate in Faculty Glade, followed by the reception at the home of the Sprouls. The week continued on with a special event followed by the annual barbecue at Mount Diablo, the Men ' s and Women ' s Banquets at the Claremont. The Pilgrimage found seniors visiting familiar landmarks for the last time—and then the Edwards Field event took place. FRONT ROW, left to right: Elaine Hartogian, Mary Lou Willis, Ruth Hansen, Bill Callender (co-chairman), Bev Hinton, Mardy Robinson. SECOND ROW: Carol Holmes, Kay Croft, Fran Tenney, Susie Flowers, Barbara Hartman, Nancy Hicking. BACK ROW: Gene Babow (co-chairman), Ted Johnson, Herb Moore, Paul Petruzzelli. SENIOR WEEK CENTRAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN BILL CALLENDER ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN GENE BABOW BARBECUE CHAIRMEN CARL WEINBERG, CAROL FLINT BACCALAUREATE CHAIRMAN MARY LOU WILLIS SENIOR BALL CHAIRMEN RUTH HANSEN, KAY CROFT MEN ' S BANQUET CHAIRMEN BOB BAKER, ROLF KUHN WOMEN ' S BANQUET CHAIRMAN MARDY ROBINSON SPECIAL EVENTS CHAIRMEN f CAROL HOLMES BARBARA MORROW PILGRIMAGE, RECEPTIO N I 1 ELAINE HARTGOGIANKEN WALLACE SENIOR SWEETHEART CHAIRMAN HERB MOORE COMMENCEMENT PAUL PETRUZZELLI, MARILYN FARRAN O Wheeler steps was one of the stops on the Pilgrimage. The long-awaited day—commencement. Mount Diablo was again the scene toe the barbecue. BOB MacDOUGALL . . . wielded the Class gavel . . . " can ' t anybody spell my name right? " . . . major, bus ad . . . known to Kap brothers as Mac alias " Hot Lips, " eating being his hobby ... Golden Bear, and Quill and two or three years on Rally Com- mittee kept him out of mischief . . . includes Uncle Sam ' s Navy. CAROL SANFORD . . . had her start for way in the Frosh Show . . . known to Phi ' s as Cac . . . her realm of hobbies a correspondence course and paper . . idle moments filled with Mortar Board Pryt, Torch and Shield, Cal Club, Gavel Quill, and class councils . . . pet " now ladies " . . . plans include a hom e June wedding to Bill. HERB MOORE ... Frosh Yell Leader, ASUC Yell Leader, chairman of Frosh Rally Com- mittee and Senior Sweetheart Contest, Co-chair- man of Campus Chest, Gavel and Quill, Golden Bear . . . hobbies center around but main aspirations of this PiKA lie in direction of law school, provided the doesn ' t come up with other ideas. ROBIN HASELTINE . . . now recuperating from IAWS Convention of which she was chairman ... known to Gamma Phi ' s as Robie . . . also time for Mortar Board, Pryt, Sigma Sigma Women ' s Ex Board, and the Y . . . claims be a baseball fan for the Seals and an cellent skiier " . . future plans and include teaching, traveling in Europe, and rying a rancher. LEE TALBOT ... major in Wildlife with fond hopes of a Ph D Rep-at-Large, chairman FSB and Student Government Clinic, member of Gavel and Quill, Campus Planning, Homecoming ' 50, Axe Show . . hobbies clude climbing, hunting, and fishing . . . the added distinction of being a local (Berkeley, that is), Lee is also a Phi Kap .. ambition? To see the world. BEV HINTON . . . amazing list of activities clude Senior Vice-President, Mortar Board, Torch and Shield, Pryt, and chairman of Athletic ception Committee to name a few . . . ADPi with big, brown eyes and a vivacious ner . . . has many friends . . . calls Sacramento home temporarily . . . future plans include ing a teacher or airline stewardess. —Senior Hall of Fame photography by Bill Hail. NANCY BALCH ... better known as Balchie ChiO sisters . . . calls Burlingame home . . Mortar Board Veep, Pryt and PiAE keep vivacious gal occupied . . . major, speech . . favorite pastime is chatting in Pelly office she held the position of Women ' s Director . future plans include fashion work and a trip Europe. LYNN MAHONEY . . five foot two, eyes of blue ... chaperones trips from to L.A.... busy gal as W.D.A. president, Mortar Board, Torch and Shield, and Ex Board ... nicknamed Dorothy Dix ... advice to the love [urn . . . hobby: riding merry-go-round ... future includes school ing and a June marriage to Dr. Jim. JUDY DENHAM ... Election Council Chairman, card stunts, and crossword puzzles occupied the hours of ChiO McDenham . . . kept up the luma tradition of cultivating the ford, that is . . . pinned to one o f the Indians . . passion for soda crackers and cheese dip • .. future plans: big business executive. PAUL NEWMAN . . . head man of SUEC Card Sales, sub-chairman of Elections Gavel and Quill, Homecoming, Football and class councils eliminated his spare ... the ambition of this Phi Tau is to stay of the Army, but in the meantime his pastime is going to a good party with Bob Sally Kersey. • MARY DELL FISHER . . . pert DG . . . Woodland, City of Trees, home ... does a lous hula . . . inhabited B G office as Editor . . . claim to fame: expert and tennis enthusiast . . . original member Candle Club . . . speech major . . . plans to elementary school teacher . . . noted for optimistic attitude and cheery smile. VIC PETERSON . . . chairman of Men ' s dicial ... also member of Golden Bear, tions, and senior on Rally Committee ... ball shows him in a uniform of Navy blue ensign stripes . . . following his stretch up river (or rather, on the sea), a career in trial management is beckoning . . . been ing on Bowles Hall as their treasurer. JANET JOHNSON . . . big smile and personality ... looked to the DZ house as where she was called J J Panhell Prexy, Pryt, Mortar Board, Women ' s Judicial, Exec, and ACB filled up her free moments .. Ambition? Marriage, of course ... making way, too—she ' s engaged! BEV McDONNELL ... assistant manager of Blue and Gold, Senior Council, Pryt, Women ' s C, and DSE Prexy . . . " Mac ' s " hobbies included ming, camp counseling, and teaching Cal songs to pledges. JAN MATTHEW ... associate ager of Blue and Gold ... loves parties and bition is to lead a life of leisure . . . however, bus ad major will probably lead to bookkeeping. JOYCE McMURRY . . . headed Women ' s seling . . . Prexy of Stern Hall . . . Mortar Board and Torch and Shield were pastimes ... excellent pianist from Merced jored in poll sci ... week ends found Joyce ing at Badger . . . hopes to work with FBI State Department. SUE HOWELL . . Rep-at-Large, Chairman Speakers ' Bureau and Cal Club along with and Mortar Board have managed to keep her ... hobby is traveling and nine cities lay as her home town . . . future is cloudy, but lucky star which has produced scholarships the Maid of Cotton Award will surely shine something soon. BILL CALLENDER . . . alias " Fearless, " proved his prowess to his PiKA brothers as at-Large, chairman of Senior Week, chairman on Cal Circus . . Winged Gavel and Quill and class councils, also him in membership ... ambition to be a der but inhibitions lead to bus ad major. LOU MORGAN . . . winner of race against Phi Kap ' s Lady Geraldine for ASUC Vice-prexy . paid penance by fire-eating for Phi Kaps at Cal Circus ... future includes publishing but tion is to write the great American novel . . . AGD house substitutes for Sonora as her home ... is looking forward to a theatre tour through Europe. SENIOR HALL OF FAME MARILYN MEITNER . . . Senior Torch and Shield, Pryt, Secretary of Judicial, IAWS and class councils kept this worth gal occupied ... additional spare were filled with sailing and skiing ... hails San Diego . . . majored in econ so that would be able to balance check book . . . tion is to travel around the world. MIKE FALLON . . editor of Daily Cal, Ex Committee, Pub Council, Cal Club, Golden Bear, University Affairs Council, Sigma Delta Chi and chairman of Advisory Board along with a ing laugh have made him famous . . . hobby is walking up and down walls barefooted when he isn ' t modeling lampshades at Cal Club meetings. BOB HENDERSON ... known as " Handy " to his Sigma Phi brothers, this married man was ball catcher and a member of Big C ... hobby is giving blood in pint installments. FRANK LUND . . . fame came to " Hoag " through etball and Big C . . . hails from San Francisco . hopes to gain more fame in medicine .. . major? pre med, what else? CHARLES LAWSON . . . student conductor of band ... also plays clarinet ... second hobby is swimming, but only in spring ... Major? You ' re wrong—it ' s optometry . . alias " Chuck, " he hails from Weiser, Idaho. AL DOWNEY . . manager of band . . also gives time to Baton . hails from Richmond and plans to marry a girl from same place . . . major in tion being a commuter. ANNE REAVIS . . . Y President, Mortar and Pryt meetings on the agenda ... always knitting ... managed to get a few days rest Cowell .. . child development major from . . . sparkling DSE . . . enjoys cooking . . plans upon graduation to go to no meetings sleep. AL DUNLAP . . . Triune, Winged Helmet, Scabbard and Blade, IFC President, football, and rugby have managed to give Zeta Psi Prexy something to occupy his time . . . hobbies include surfing and . . hails from San Marino with a major in bus ad . . . infantry has priority on him when graduates. CAROL HOLMES . . . with credit as her native land going to Hawaii, this ADPi was kept ing as she attended Gavel and Quill, Cal Club, and Pryt meetings and held the offices of Frosh secretary and head of Women ' s Rally Committee . being of strong mind and stout heart, her ambition is to join the merry multitude and teach school. DOUG HOLLENBERG . Senior Manager of Glee Club . . . hobby? singing, of course . . home town no more distant than Oakland . . future looms up in the form of government administration. JOHN BRILLHART . likes ab- solutely everything including singing and matics . . . Senior Secretary of Glee Club . . future aim? to stay out of the army ... teaching math. MARY LOU WILLIS ... has gone through Cal a whirl of activities with seemingless effort . WAA President, B G Copy Editor, Mortar Pryt, Torch and Shield, Chi 0, Pi Alpha and a charter member of the Candle Club . . sparkling brown eyes, a cheery smile and sincerity characterized M ' Lou, who plans to grammar school . . . love of people and Charleston should help immensely!! DICK CLARKE . . ASUC Prexy, Fresh Prexy, Rep-at-Large, Gavel and Quill, Golden Bear, Cal Club, IFC Honor Society, and Alumnae Council filled out the years at Cal for this AKL . home town is just a swim across the Bay . . . major is poll sci but future leans toward law school with a hope to eventually practice law. ALISON GILBERT . . . Tri Delt with sparkling eyes and an amazing ability to get things done . . . nickname, Binky . . . hails from Berkeley . . . hopes to be a professor of history . headed all women on campus as Women ' s Rep; Mortar Board, Prytanean, Phi Bete, Cal Club, Women ' s Ex Board and plans for the IAWS vention occupy Binky ' s time from morn ' til night. BOB BAKER . . . claims to fame? why head Men ' s Rally Committee and ACB, no less . . hails from Redding . . . law school inherits when he graduates ... future plans center corporate law . . . but present finds him president of Sig Ep and a surveyor of highways the summer. 76 ALVA SENZEK ... Daily Cal Editor, and Theta Sigma Phi President along with Pryt, Mortar Board and Panile kept this busy gal occupied ... alias " Senseless " she hails from South San Fran- cisco with a major in journalism . . . newspaper jobs being what they are, magazines ma y end up her future . . . in the meantime, reading and tennis fill additional spare hours. LEE THOMPSON . . . chairman of Men ' s Coun- seling, co-chairman of publicity for Homecoming . .. hobbies include athletics and traveling . . . ambition is to stay out of the Army and get through law school . . . at that point his path leads back to Alameda County via the DA ' s office where he will reap revenge on his friends in Oakland. JIM WARREN . . . Winged Helmet, Circle C Prexy occupied this Zete . . hobbies cover traveling (courtesy of the Navy), gymnastics, changing majors and working at odd jobs includ- ing being a model. PAUL MELLO . . . Big C and Track Club Prexy . .. hobby is taking care of his two sons . ordered a girl for July .. . ambition is to teach sixth grade. HARRY HANSON ... Rep-at-Large, chairman of Meetings Council, WSSF, Gavel and Quill, Cal Club, and Golden Bear kept this ATO out of mis- chief . . . fills spare time with fishing, skiing, and pheasant hunting ... crystal ball is trained to show law school, but Uncle Sam may have other ideas . . ambition includes a ranch with pointers and registered cattle. JOANNE JEPSON . . . ambition to be a doctor well on the way, majoring in zoo . . . still found time for Gavel and Quill, Rally Committee, class council, ACB, FSB, chairman of Art Bureau. MARGOT McMAHON HELTNE . . . wonderful cook (practices on her husband) ... loves to play bridge ... headed card stunts ... vivacious Chi() ... future plans: raising a family. CAROL COCHRAN . . . overflowing with en- thusiasm ... loves the out-of-doors and working at Yosemite . . . passed the hours with Rally Committee, Women ' s Counseling, Pryt, Gavel and Quill, and Junior Class Vice-president .. . home for the ZTA is Oakland . . . to work for a teaching credential upon graduation. BARBARA RAVN . . . Blue and Gold Manager, Panile, Pryt, Pi Alpha Sigma and WAA kept this Gamma Phi along the straight and narrow . . . hobby is counting money but as a sideline, Barb has her PE major . . . ambitions are to go to Europe and to buy a car . . . claim to fame is the big, strong, handsome man to whom she ' s pinned. BOB KINKEAD . . . known as " Kink " to his DU brothers ... yell leader, Skull and Keys, Cal Club, Winged Helmet and Beta Beta managed to keep him out of mischief . . . calls San Jose home ... major is bus ad but ambition is to be a success .. . Army may have a say in matter. CR0 MAUER .. Junior Class Prexy, Men ' s Ju- dicial, ACB, Rally Committee, Cal Club, and Golden Bear . . everything is " obnoxious " to this Theta Chi except Jan, cooking, swimming, and working at Macy ' s ... retailing will be his future after two years courtesy of the Navy . . . ambition is to have twin boys with biond crew cuts. CARL WEINBERG . . Homecoming Chairman, Cal Circus, WSSF, and Senior Week, Gavel and Quill, Cal Club, Golden Bear, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi and ZBT occupied this sports fan . . . future takes the shape of grad school and sani- tary engineering but ambitions are to be mil- lionaire playboy and see the North Pole. JEANNE ST. HILL ... Pryt Prexy, secretary and sub-chairman of SUEC, Rally Committee, Panile, and class councils filled in the blank spaces of this Kappa ' s life at Cal . . . Orinda gets credit as her home town while hobbies include skiing and riding . . . history accounts for her major but outside of teaching ambitions lean toward a cattle ranch. MARDY PLETCHER ROBINSON ... the amazing Mardy . . . has limitless energy and ability for accomplishing countless things ... B G Editor, Pryt, Mortar Board, Gavel and Quill, Cal Club, Torch and Shield, Rally Committee, Kappa, Candle Club, and last but not least, a housewife . . . still finds time for her scout troop, skiing, and mountain climbing . . . hopes to raise at least a half dozen children . . . great patience and warm friendly personality noted by all. 77 LUCY PFUND HELGESSON ... music, weaving, painting (artistic and otherwise), and (no longer a hobby—she ' s married) as well Mortar Board, Pryt, Torch and Shield, Committee, and heading Women ' s J Committee gave this Alpha Phi little spare time . . . joring in English with plans for teaching raising a large and spirited family. BOB CRENSHAW . . . Big C, Ball and Chain, Basketball Manager . . . hails from . . . ambition to be elementary or junior school principal . . . gaining experience after Phi Kap brothers. JACK RUBIN . . . " Rube " . . . Football Manager, Athlet ic cil, Ball and Chain, and Big C keep him . . . inmate of Bowles . . . devotes spare time to music appreciation. CAROLYN GRAHAM . . . alias " Spook " to Mu sisters ... senior secretary of Treble . . . plans to venture into world through service job. MARGE STONE . . . senior of Treble Clef and Pryt along with letter ing kept this Oakland gal occupied . . . collecting AB, MRS, and PHT degrees, her bition is to have seven children. BOB McGUIGAN . . his claim to fame? managing editor of the Daily Cal, of course .. . additional spare time is absorbed by Golden Bear and Pub Council . . hails from Daly City . . this Jekyll and Hyde has two majors: and poly sci with an ambition to work on newspaper (other than the Daily Cal). CAROLYN STAY . . . also answers to .. Rep-at-Large, I Board, WSSF, NSA, Campus Planning, Pryt, WAA, Tower and Flame, Labor Council occupied spare moments of AChiO . . . hails from Reedley with major poll sci . . . ambition is to have seven but at the moment learning to cook most of her spare time. BILL HULL . . crew, XAK, and Golden keep him out of mischief .. . model railroad claims some time, too ... calls Inglewood home . . . major? architecture. GEORGE LOORZ . . crew . . . other hobbies are hunting and baby sitting . . . latter applies to his daughter .. . maybe the former, too ... Phi Tau ... hopes to be an engineer. ANN HOUSTON ... busy, busy, busy, with pus Chest, Torch and Shield, Pryt, Cal Club, Gavel and Quill, and class councils ... ing friendliness of this AGD noted by all . . . likes to play tennis ... wedding plans for June ... has the true bear spirit as she hopes to keep in touch with friends made in college days. MARC MONHEIMER . . . also responds to " Monk " or " Mudheimer " . . . hobby is ming with a specialty of the breast stroke . . . known by his favorite expression " this " and his spur-of-the-moment travel . . . is especially cinated by overpasses . . . hails from the hill country (Beverly Hills, that is) . . plans to go further still in the field of foreign relations. HAN K CLARK . . . brandished the gavel over his Beta Sig brothers . . . fugitive from Oakland Tech . . . Rep-at-Large . . . served on Rally Committee, I Board, Store Board, and University Committee on Foreign Student Affairs . . . hobbies include Model " A ' s " , and cooking . . . non-hobbies cover a poll sci major in public ad- ministration . . . future ambitions tend toward personnel work with the Army or law school. PAUL DENISE . . . Symphony Forum, chairman of I Board, NSA, and WSSF have claims on him . sailing, camping, and fishing take leftovers . . . state department work will soon muscle in. BILL HOLMES . . Rep-at-Large, Soph Prexy, Circus Chairman, Homecoming Advisor, Gavel and Quill, Cal Club, Golden Bear, Winged Helmet ... ambition of this SAE is to make a million. JOAN PAWSON . . hails from Albany with a major in elementary education . . . WAA, Orien- tations, Mortar Board, and Pryt kept her busy when she wasn ' t working on the trials for the Olympics at Helsinki or the Pacific Coast Titles latter included Duet, Far Western Duet and Team, capturing National Team Championship ... in swimming. LES RICHTER . . . Cal Club Chairman, Bear, Athletic Advisory Board, Winged Skull and Keys, varsity football and rugby tain, and Big C combined with his " Lion Story " made this Fiji well known. DON SON . . . Rep-at-Large, Winged Helmet, Honor Society, and football are claim s to fame . . . motto is, " Eat Better Less with Rich Plan. " 78 MAYNARD TOLL President of the Alumni Association STAN McCAFFREY Executive Manager THE CALIFORNIA Alumni Association offers every graduating senior the best op- portunity to maintain close contact with the University. Dedicated to the purposes of serving the University and promoting the welfare of alumni, the Association is your avenue of keeping in touch with the campus and classmates and of rendering service to Alma Mater. As a member of the Association, you receive the California Monthly, California ' s outstanding alumni magazine, ten times a year and get first hand news about the campus and fellow Californians. Also, you can participate in the alumni scholarship program which an- nually enables over 160 outstanding young men and women to come to the University on these awards. You can attend the Lair of the Bear, the Association ' s wonderful Sierra family summer camp. You can sing old Cal songs and hear your favorite pro- fessor and coach in alumni club meetings in the community where you settle. As a member of the Association, you can be a real Californian, enjoying the benefits and privileges of alumni membership and doing your part to make our University greater. FRONT ROW, left to right: Berniece Irwin, Robert Rupert, Viola Birchland, Stanley McCaffrey, Jean McNeill, 0. D. Watt. BACK ROW: Mike Koll, Jean Cantelow, Verne Stadtman, Nora Kim, Dorothy Whalen, Cliff Dohterman. JUNIORS BEATING THE usual junior year dol- drums with an overabundance of spirit and interclass rivalry, the class of ' 53 proved worthy of being called the Class with the Midas Touch. A combination dance and sing, the Jamboree, marked the establishment of a new tradition which was well received by all who attended the event at the Kappa Sig house. other sing at the Tri Delt house enter- tained an overflowing crowd. The Junior Jinx was formed, and the colors black and white, chosen by the class, appeared around campus. In the fall, vice-president Jerri Kirkwood traded school for marriage and Edena Carl- son filled the post. Spring brought more sings, jamborees and the high- light of the year, the Junior Prom, at the Mount Diablo Country Club. Fun-loving prexy, RON OSTROW entertained as well as led. EDENA CARLSON was the " Social " gal as she performed her duties as vice-president. Efficient secretary, GINGER ANDREWS, kept the Juniors well informed. DAVE GRANT geared the spirit at high speed as yell leader. 80 FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Donnelly, Marge Coombs, Agnes Liakos, Jody Zuber, Edena Carlson, Dave Grant, Ron Ostrow, Ginger Andrews, Marilyn Coombs, Ruth Moffatt, Lois Young, Carol Silverman. SECOND ROW: Mary Hagar, Dolores Sackett, Nancy Rae, Shirley Smith, Barbara Fishstrim, Marijane Litzenberg, Erlene Hampton, Virginia Zachary, Phyllis MacKay, Janet Thornberry, Sally McDowell, Diane Walker. THIRD ROW: Betty Butter, Mary Ann SiInman, Nayan McNeill, Louise Guinn, Joan Nichols, Julie Hays, Carol Taylor, Harriet Rogers, Rugh Dietterle, Marilynn Schade, Yvonne Puget, Pat Donegan, Jocelyn Muller, Gail Wetzoak, Ralph Hutchinson. FOURTH ROW: Bob Tanem, Kent Tichenor, Robbie Howell, Gerrie Fowler, Bobbie Santini, Diane Ransdell, Sylvia Tyndal, Mary Allender, Sheila Darling, Mary Alexander, Mary Beth Strecker, Janet Baker, Sally Gosnell, Marlene Todd, Anna-Mary Bush. FIFTH ROW: Roger Gilbert, Nancy Roberts, Marlene Banister, Margaret Pratt, Barbara Tindell, Betsey Stewart, Joan Haviland, Maggie son, Lexy Whitlock, Ann Matheny, Margie Bullard, Nancy McGinnis, Janet Duffel, Chris Williams. SIXTH ROW: Fred Warren, Gordon Levy, Bill Benz, Pat White, Luanne Laughlin, Bob Witbeck, Bill Perry, Don Abbott, Dave Wayland, Marge Haley, Nancy Brubaker, Jean Sanborn, Norma Herzig, Dan March, Ralph Vetterlein, Bill Clarkey. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Almanzo, Hal Hoffman, Norman Mineta, Wes Malone, Bob Cibull, Julian Pardini, Dick Styles, Jerry Wagers, Bill Farmer, Bill Ells, Angelo Siracusa, Jim Porterfield, Rudie Tretten, Dick Parker. BACK ROW: Don Silvius, Don Hollister, Walt Sharman, Wint Mather, Colin Livingston, Peter Shenon, Dick Darling, Norman Erickson, Don West, Don Monlin. The Christmas party was enjoyed by all. A new tradition—the Junior Highlight of the Junior Year was the traditional prom at the Mt. Diablo Country Club. 81 SOPHOMORES STARTING OFF the fall semester with a very successful sing, the sopho- more class kept the calendar filled and class spirit high. The traditional Soph-Frosh Brawl was won by the frosh class, but not without a struggle and a challenge for a return engagement. The Big C saw many shades of colors but always returned to the traditional yellow with many soph paint- ing parties. On a more serious side, the class enjoyed raising the money for the Christmas party for underprivileged children at which a hundred of these children were showered with gifts, food and entertainment. With the Soph Doll contest, the Soph Week sing and the dance held at the Mira Vista Country Club the new semester got under way with a big start. An exchange with the sophomore class of Stanford kept inter-school spirit high, while the picnic with the frosh class here at Cal kept the interclass spirit up. With the last sing of the semester a successful year of activity and class spirit drew to a close. As " spiritual " head of the class, DON DENTON indeed kept the spirit high. Wielding the gavel for the soph class was CARL WALKER who kept the class financially in the black and saw to it that everything ran smoothly. With efficiency and competence CAROL MONTGOMERY with her sparkling personality helped the organization of the class committees and the many jobs behind the scenes. CARLA MERNER, noted for getting things done, kept track of minutes and money in her inimitable way. The TKE gut-bucket ensemble entertains. 1JO FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Barnes, Alice Ann Hawley, Nancy Robinson, Midge Oliver, Joanne drey, Carol Montgomery, Don Denton. SECOND ROW: mona Vierra, Joan Benson, Nancy Bogdan, Bobbi Joanne Elliott, Liz Sokol, Gladys Tolhurst, Jan Barbara Templeton. THIRD ROW: Bob Merrick, Wiley, Sally Wainright, Sally Carr, Shirley Jumper, Terzian, Shirley Christine, Janet Williams, Helen mann, Carolyn Olsson, Janice Thomas. FOURTH Jacques Raven, Lee Shain, Donna Jackson, Lee Sonja Norberg, Mary Lou Leach, Phyllis Filiberti, Russell, Pat Krieger, Amy Edgerley. FIFTH ROW: Ebright, Kim Dyche, Luanne Bardsley, Flo Swan, Kirkpatrick, Shirley Berry, Janet McKenzie, Fran Ursula Berkhauser, Carl Cole. SIXTH ROW: Al Tally, Abramovice, Art Kirby, Bud Glickman, Rene Van de Bob Kirkpatrick, Dave Olsan, Ted Foruria, John Miller. BACK ROW: Donald Ball, Floyd Mellon, Goodrich, Ted Killeen. The judges of the Queen Contest try to decide ... Refreshments preparation for the Sing HERB MOORE presents the trophy to " Miss Campus, " trio which greatly helped the fall campus Chest drive. 83 FRESHMEN AFTER HIGHLY contested elections, the class of ' 55 proved to be one of the most spirited classes to enter Cal. Three hundred students eagerly tended Class Council meetings. The bition of the newest class to join our Cal family, to make themselves known, was realized at the traditional Frosh-Soph Brawl when they overpowered the un- suspecting sophomores. Homecoming found these busy ones buried beneath crepe paper and chicken wire—their efforts were, however, well rewarded for they walked off with the first prize in the Class Float Homecoming competition. The Christmas sing was a lively affair where Santa held the center of the stage and popcorn balls were a dangerous weapon. Also a profitable Berkeley-wide paper drive established financial stabil- ity for the class. The united efforts of all contributed toward making their first year a successful one, and now the men are looking forward to a bigger and better year as sophomores. Capable BILL SOMERVILLE kept the officers on their toes and did a creditable job as Frosh Prexy. Vivacious GAIL CARROLL saw that everything ran smoothly as she performed her V-P duties. Friendly CLAIRE HANSEN faithfully kept minutes posted in Eshleman Court. ROD FRIEDMAN as yell leader saw that freshman goodwill ran high. 84 The Freshman Council. The Freshmen and Sophomores tug it out. " Jingle Bells " is always popular at Christmas sings. OSKI BELLE and OSKI render a Cha rleston. Frosh page visited by Soph float. Frosh won, however. student life administration DICK CLARKE, PRESIDENT • LOU MORGAN, VICE-PRESIDENT 90 Outstanding in athletics and politics is DON ROBISON. SUE HOWELL ' S vivacity and wit made for Ex Committee meetings. Full of ways and means of having better government was LEE TALBOT. A hard worker with a friendly smile CAROLYN STAY. Fun•loving BILL CALLENDER worked on Ex Committee. Finance Committee was only one of the things which kept HARRY HANSON busy. Ideas of grad students were expressed by representative, DOUG HIGGINS. Congenial NORM KEIDER could always be counted upon for new plans and ideas. FRONT ROW, left to right: Arthur Harris, Lou Morgan, Alison Gilbert, Alva Senzek, Dick Clarke, Mary Ellen Riley, Sue Howell. BACK ROW: Dean Stone, Harry Hanson, Doug Higgins, Woodrow Middlekauff, Brutus Hamilton, Norm Keider, Carolyn Stay, Kent Tichenor, Paul Denise, Ruth Simmons, Bev Menend, Dan Sharp, Lee Talbot. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE worked conscientiously on all the major prob- lems (and there were many) that confronted it during the year. Special plans considered during the semester were campus service projects which included a counseling center (and which is now a reality), the Cal Circus and grad student facilities. Efficiency was the keynote of the tion of this large organization even though business at hand was sometimes routine work. But the willingness to cooperate, which was shown by all the officers, made the year ' s work enjoyable as well as profitable to all con- cerned. DICK PARKER, with journalistic aspirations, signed up on the Daily Cal ' s freshman staff. DAN SHARP held his office hours at Cowell for the first half of his semester as Rep. Be it music or art, smiling JACK ROGERS is the man to call on. 91 FUNCTIONS OF Business Administration are jointly handled by Finance Committee, ASUC Department managers, Ed Welch and Brutus ton. Ed Welch handles General Activity affairs while the other division of Business Administration, Intercollegiate Athletics, is headed by Brutus Hamilton. It is the job of Finance Committee to consider and approve all expenditures presented before Ex. Board. FINANCE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Brutus Hamilton, Ed Welch, William Norton, Florens Garrett, Hurford Stone, Dick Clarke, Lou Morgan, Harry Hanson. BRUTUS HAMILTON Director of Intercollegiate Athletics ED WELCH Director of General Activities GENERAL ACTIVITY HEADS SEATED, left to right: Earl Rose, Florens Garrett, Molly Hill, Bob Rubin, Wally Frederick, Charlie Clarke, Greg Engelhard. STANDING: Brutus Hamilton, Ed Welch. MEN ' S JUDICIAL SEATED, left to right: Paul Manolis, Vic Peterson, Erna, Jack Edmonds, Raoul Peizer. STANDING: Jim !Cornfield, Mike Rich Glenn, Cro Mauer, Al Manzano. VIC PETERSON Chairman THE COUNTERPART of Women ' s " J " has the justice of men students under its jurisdiction and is responsible also for the functioning of Students Judicial. judiciary iudiciary committees GUIDING the conduct of the fair sex on campus as well as administering and enforcing the women ' s rules, which are made by Women ' s Ex Board, is the task of these ambitious young judges. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL FRONT ROW, left to right: Jeanne Zumwalt, Barbara Hall, Lucy Helgesson„ Janet Johnson, Wilda McClung. BACK ROW: Wagner, Nancy Donnelly, Nancy Ballard, Joyce McMurry, Alison Gilbert, Edena Carlson. LUCY PFUND Chairman 93 THE FIVE organizations depicted on these pages play a major role in the functioning of our ASUC. ACB is cerned with coordinating various events of the association, approving publicity and generally supervising and directing all functions. It is the duty of FSB to facilitate and expedite the various governmental functions. Supervising and directing plans to foster the general welfare is the job of Welfare Board, while International Relations Board supervises various tivity groups dealing with functions of an international nature. ASUC Staff Com mittee, while not one of the five boards, is on the same general level and acts as a staff office to Ex mittee and the President in advisory, clerical and secretarial capacities. A S U C activities coordinating board PETE CUNLIFFE, expert toy-tester and former Pelly Manager, headed ACB. SEATED, left to right: Bill Somerville, Lee Talbot, Bev Menend, Pete Cunliffe, Jody Zuber, Bob MacDougall, Carol Montgomery, Bob Callison. STANDING: Ron Ostrow, Janet Johnson, Greta Johansen, Mary Lou Willis, Doug Hollenburg, Carl Walker. KENT TICHENOR, able leader of FSB, was almost in Senior Hall of Fame until it was discovered—he ' s not a senior! functional services board SEATED, left to right: Joyce McMurry, Nancy Stewart, Judy Denham, Kent Tichenor, Eleanor Bakosh, Ruth Palmer, Betsy Crusan, Barbara King. STANDING: Bill Barker, Pete Hannaford, Bob Kirkpatrick, Dave Grant, George Pavlov. 94 Versatile DAN SHARP became a Rep-at-Large in the spring. asuc staff committee LEFT TO RIGHT: Doc Freeman, John Rubino, Dick Parker, Dan Sharp (chairman). NOT PICTURED: Bill Clemens, Chuck Jack Risbrough, Marty McHugh. Homesick MARC MONHEIMER wears dark glasses to com- pensate for the lack of UCLA " smog. " welfare board SEATED, left to right: Thomas Chambers, John Edmonds, Erna (dog), Marc Monheimer, Jeanette Griggs, Janet Sapper. ING: Peter Simmons, Ruth Simmons, Jim Gill, Leon Litwack. PAUL DENISE ' S spare moments were occupied with WSSF ' S Indonesia Project. international relations board SEATED, left to right: Jeanne Stokes, Marcia Le Duc, Joyce Kislitzin, Dan Ailloni•Charas, Patty Paine, Nancy John S. Bull, Ronda Lapidus, Carolyn Stay. STANDING: Margaret McHugh, Gerry Wolff, Carol-Lee Joy, Anne Varnedoe, Ann Jack Mahshi, Gale Hatheway, Harbhajan Singh Hayre, Mildred Ryan, Lois Schwinning, Pat Kutzner, Ruthann Russell, Gene Dennis Fargas. 95 tn LU Enthusiasm characterized all of ALISON GILBERT ' S Charming NANCY BALLARD, the spring semester ' s undertakings as women ' s representative. women ' s representative, capably performed her duties. WEDNESDAY LUNCHEONS for transfer students, an all-women ' s meeting to pare for the Spring AWS convention, and a Christmas party for underprivileged children have been the highlights of this semester ' s Women ' s Executive Board activities. The group, composed of representatives of major women ' s activities on campus, also sponsored rules meetings for campus living groups. Biggest plans, of course, were made for the regional convention of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students which was held here in Berkeley. Responsible for guiding women ' s activities through such a successful year were our most capable and hard-working women ' s representatives, Alison Gilbert and Nancy Ballard. SEATED, left to right: Mary Lou Willis, Joyce McMurry, Anne Reavis, Janet Johnson, Bernice Glassman, Nancy Ballard, Lou Morgan, Lynn Mahoney, Carol Lou Harkness, Edena Carlson, Pat Anderson. STANDING: Bev Hinton, Robin Hase ' tine, Binky Gilbert. Mrs. Paul Elie) (west ccast director of the Institute of International Education) talks to convention co-chairmen Robin Haseltine deft) and Alison Gilbert (right). Meta Glass spoke at the University Meeting. IAWS Convention CAL WAS the scene for the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students Convention which was attended by repre- sentatives from fifty-five colleges west of the Mississippi. " Campus to Community, " the convention theme, was car- ried out with the feature speakers representing women in careers. Meta Glass, President Emeritus of Sweet Briar lege, spoke on " Education for Women " at the University Meeting on Women ' s Day. Other highlights of the day in- cluded the traditional breakfast, picnic, and tea, this time honoring both delegates and college deans. The crowning finish was the barn dance given by Prytanean. Excerpt from the fashion show. Alicia Butier narrated the fashion show. Bud Sweet was crowned Dude of the Day by these fair coeds. NEWS BUREAU BOB RUBIN FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Rubin, Lefty Stern. BACK ROW: Virginia Hall, Jane West. Director of News Bureau TWO GROUPS which can usually be found hard at work in and out of Eshleman Hall are ASUC Athletic News Bureau and the ASUC phy Department. The former serves as a liaison be tween Cal ' s coaches and teams and the general public as represented by the newspaper, radio, and television, while the latter is kept busy working with such groups as Daily Cal News Bureau, individuals on campus and their big problem Blue and Gold. EARL ROSE ED KIRWAN and CLIFF BOND Director of Photography Chief Photographers MYRTLE SANDNER, Laboratory Technician, and BETTY NEVIS, Photogralh?.r. _ _ PHOTOGRAPHY activities WAA COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Page Decker, Miss Espenschade, Charlotte Anderson, Sally Watson. ING: Judy Sterne, Jean Grutzmacher, Rosemary Furlong, Nancy Colby, Betty Ludemann, Barbara Steele, Mary Lou Willis. CARRYING OUT its slogan of the fall semester, " It ' s Fun in ' 51 with into the spring, the WAA once again has completed a year of much fun and enjoyment. ing the largest membership on campus is the proud claim of the group. Cal participated in many sports days with nearby colleges and universities, the fall Tri-Sports Day being held at Cal. Spring ac- tivities included the Aquacade and the High School Sports Day when surrounding high schools were in- troduced to our WAA. The semes- ter activities culminated in Field Week competition and the quet at which time awards were given. WAA INTRAMURAL COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Katherine Gilcoyne (advisor), Nancy Colby, Betty Ludemann, Carol Nelson, Carol Benoit. BACK ROW: Sally Carr, Betsy Innes, Barbara berg, Marie Bertillion, Sally Waters, Barbara Clark, Ginger Andrews. 0 WAA INTERCLASS FRONT ROW, left to right: Charlotte Anderson, Jean Grutzmacher, Lois Pellettieri, Janice Audrey Harrison, Phyllis Means. BACK ROW: Georgi Pendleton, Mary Serra, Carol Williams, Anderson, Barbara Young. MARY LOU WILLIS, president, lent of her sparkling personality to WAA as completed another enjoyable year. ymca WORKING IN their new home, under the guidance of Dick Roe, recently elected National Y president, the YMCA has given the men students on campus much valuable experience through their various constructive serv- ice projects. With the University Cooperative Association the Y sponsored Saturday movies. Other activities included social dancing classes, coffee hours, the integration of new students, and discussion groups concerning topics of world-wide interest. FRONT ROW, left to right: Frank Watanabe, Ed Clifton, Tashi Kajitani, Ed Levin, Forrest Spriggs, Stan Franke, Bill Lai. ROW: Bob Lee, Dave Signer, Mahud Thamer, Andy Nosey, Clark Schafer, Dick Roe, Leo Gill, Scott Zumwalt. BACK ROW: Vorhies, Tom Riha, Sheldon Kiser, Rod Ash, Bob Stice, Syl McNinch, Chuck Sederholm, Harry Kingman, Bill J. Davis, Yamanaka. DICK ROE President FRONT ROW, left to right: Jean Bisson, Setsuko Asano, Elizabeth Wagner, Colene Tangney, Florence Possini, Linda Faye, Hall, Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Winifred Weathers, Brunetta Reid. SECOND ROW: Nonna Cheatham, Jaque Watkins, Jean Sylvia Ludwig, Zettie Lee Bennett, Marilyn Schade, Irene Mata, Anne Reavis. BACK ROW: Grace Burton, Janellen Decker, Kingston, Vivian Larson, Sally Land, Lorene Palmer, Anne Kern, Coralie George, Ruthie Kummerfeld, Betty Brook, Donna Cerri McCormick. ywca THE YWCA was ably headed this year by hard-working Anne Reavis. This active group has accomplished many worthwhile things and through serv- ice projects and discussion groups on world, social, and personal problems has given all women students the opportunity to join knowledge and ex- perience in leadership and making friends. ANNE REAVIS President women ' s activity counseling WA COUNSELORS try to make those first few confusing weeks on cam- pus less so for the new women students by counseling them during registra- tion and familiarizing them with campus life and activities. The counselors continue these contacts with the newcomers during the semester and pro- mote a friendlier attitude toward the campus in general. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Warren, Chifumi Kojima, Evie Morrison, Isabel Urquiza, Charlene MacQuiddy, Hall, Jeanne Gifford, Marion Chin, Gloria Quan, Sally Bennett. SECOND ROW: Peggy Finley, Caroline Naus, Johnson, Jackie Tornell, Pattie Anne Anderson, Judy Alles, Joyce McMurry, Marilyn Peterson, Lynn Mahoney, Barnes, Ruth Heintz, Shirley Joe. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Hay, Pat Tornell, Jeanne Morris, Shirley Carter, Pat Sally Carr, Ruth Kummerfeld, Barbara O ' Connor, Irene Frew, Marjorie Bergland. BACK ROW: Carolyn Bradly, Darling, Vivian Knudsen, Shirley Newell, Coralie George, Katheryn Corrough, Marian Young, Marlene Kingston, Jones, Roberta Ferguson, Joan Ferguson. JOYCE McMURRY Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Jom, Chuck Dickinson, Oscar Louderback, Lee Thompson, Dave Grant. men ' s activity counseling TO INTEGRATE new students into our campus life and activities is the project of Men ' s Activity Counseling. This is achieved through a " Men ' s Smoker " at the beginning of the year and further contacts with counselors throughout the semester. LEE THOMPSON Chairman suec SUEC FORMULATES policies governing the use of Stephens Union and Eshleman Hall and also meets with similar groups of other colleges to plan for better and more varied use of the ASUC ings. card sales THE SUCCESS of these students working in the wee hours to balance the cards sold with the money collected was shown by the recorded sales of eleven thousand ASUC cards to 80 per cent of the student body. store board THE ACTIVITIES of Store Board are concerned with making recommendations to Executive mittee about the Bears ' Lair, Tap Room, and ASUC Store. They not only accept student gripes but try to solve the problems. campus planning WITH STUDENT welfare close to its hearts, pus Planning Committee makes recommendations to Ex Committee regarding ASUC projects and ideas. PAUL NEWMAN Chairman-1 SEATED, left to right: Carol Montgomery, Jeanne St. Hill, Jcan Kinnear, Sue Howell. Bill Asp, Beth Irgram. Paul Newman, Mary Jo Hart. STANDING: Jan Blankfort, Laurie Ressigue, Carl Muto. FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Newman, Gayle Rivers, Gerry Calhoun. BACK ROW: Bill Asp, Ellie Bakosh, Don Langrock, Dave Grant. TED JOHNSON Chairman SEATED, left to right: Jchn Freeman, Jeanne Francis, Jack Meyer, Dick Parker. STANDING: Mr. Royal A. Roberts, visor; Earleen Wickstrom, Kirk Dunwoody, Ken Kreyenhagen, Lee Talbot. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, left to right: Don Mathe, Ted son, Jane Wadlow, Bill Barker. DOC FREEMAN Chairman JOAN KINNEAR Chairman LAURA KENT Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Flo Swan, Diane Walsh, Koenig, Dorothy Conlan. SECOND ROW: Pat Duke, Joan Rounds, Barbara Hartman, Joan Kinnear, Jan Remington, Margaret BACK ROW: Ann Varnedoe, Jane McGregor, Joanne Joan Martin, Nancy Colby. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Markevitch, Mel Feldman, Marlene Tom Thompson, Craig Jackson, Larry Cotter, Laura Kent. secretariat EXPERIENCE FOR future secretaries is received by the young misses on Secretariat who are chief pencil pushers for the ASUC Executive officers. radio-tv GAINING EXPERIENCE in fields connected with radio and television, the students this year pre- sented half-hour dramatic shows on KRE and spon- sored a script contest with variety shows at Oak Knoll Hospital as sidelines. activities press service KEEPING HOMETOWN newspapers informed about the honors, scholarship, and activity ap- pointments of students at Cal is the task of Activi- ties Press Service, headed by Barbara King. engineers ' council COORDINATING THE activities of its member societies is the purpose of the Engineers ' Council. Their program also included an orientations pro- gram for new engineering students and technical movies. 091 FRONT ROW, left to right: Robert Witbeck, Gordon Whyte, Boswell. SECOND ROW: Mr. B. A. Vallergo, faculty tive; Clarence Chan, William Smith, John Mark, Gerald Peterson. THIRD ROW: Jim Roberts, Thomas Rohrer, Doug Durland, Robert Stephenson, Armand Polansky, Charles Daggs. BACK ROW: Lewis Masson, George Parks, Dick Nickles, Robert Morris, Art son, Gerald Williams, George Uebele. GORDON WHYTE Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Claudia Rasmussen, Nancy Louise McFarland. BACK ROW: Barbara King, Eileen Millicent Manwaring, Bobbie Sloat. BARBARA KING Chairman GEORGE PAVLOV Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronald Chatham, Rudolf Babikian, George Pavlov, Art Gonos. BOB KIRKPATRICK Chairman FRONT ROW: Barbara Kcenig. BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Kirkpatrick, Keith McMurphy, Dave Olsan. campus tours constitutions council IN ORDER to limit the number of students who CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL aids organizations found themselves in the lost and found depart- requesting recognition by the ASUC in preparing ment, this group provides tours to familiarize habi- their constitutions and by-laws, establishes stand- tats of Cal with their surroundings. ards for council by-laws, and assists Ex Committee in determining the constitutionality of proposals. campus chest A UNIFIED drive for charity contributions to eliminate year-round appeals was headed by the newly organized Campus Chest. Success key- noted their efforts with a total of $4,000 collected from students and ASUC employees. wssf WSSF HAS been actively engaged in a project of securing funds and materi als that are sent to foreign students to improve their educational fa- cilities. FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Larson, Do- lores Sackett, Pete Cunliffe, Margie Coombs, Carla Merner, Mary Jo Hart. BACK ROW: Alice Hall, Marc Monheimer, Bill Gordon, Ellie Bakosh. MARGIE COOMBS PETE CUNLIFFE Chairmen FRONT ROW, left to right: Edena Carlson, Dot Baukol, George Allen, Wirt Mather, Herb Moore, Carla Merner. BACK ROW: Skip Smith, Ann Houstoun, Bill Benz, Bill Curtis, Margaret Pratt, Dick Parker. NOT PICTURED: Bugsy Siegal, Bill Farmer, Walt Sharman. HERB MOORE and ANN HOUSTOUN Chairmen elections council CAMPAIGN MONTHS, May and December, saw Elections Council going at a great pace while putting their approvals on political aspirants ' plans, staffing polls, and counting ballots. meetings council SCHEDULING AND conducting ASUC tion meetings, caucuses, and gripe sessions are the duties of this group. student govt. clinic PERFORMING THE tasks of chief trouble shooter and analyzer of organizations keeps this group cupied as well as compiling activity files for sonnel Council and a history of the ASUC for Ex Committee. personnel council IF YOU ' RE on an activity, you ' re in their files. Personnel Council ' s big job is to keep track of who ' s who on student activities. JUDY DENHAM PETE HANNAFORD Chairman Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Ruth Palmer, Edena Carlson, Judy Denham, Paul Newman, Barbara Tindell, Agnes Liakos. BACK ROW, Jane Bartlet, Sally Watson, Chuck Stewart, Joan Parsons, Warren Wiesenfeld. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Martin, Pete Hanraford, Wint Mather, Bob Young. FRONT ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Ken White, Janet Finger. BACK ROW: David Fairhurst, Dick Prosser, Rae Coffman. LEFT TO RIGHT: Erwin Kelley, Aileen Toner, Ruth Pa:mer, Janet Pinger, Adelaide Herman. ELIZABETH CRUSAN RUTH PALMER Chairman Chairman ■ unesco council UNESCO COUNCIL works to educate the public about the general purposes of the UNESCO Council of the United Nations, and to stimulate public interest. Plans for the year included mock U.N. Assemblies in the Bay Area high schools. foreign travel THIS COUNCIL arranges tours for students who wish to travel in foreign countries and provides them with all the necessary tourist information. speakers bureau TO BUILD up future Cal alums is the hope of Speakers Bureau which speaks to nearby high school students, acquaints them with Cal, and en- courages them to come to our university. i correspondence FURTHERING THE exchange of ideas and ex- periences through correspondence is the aim of this council. MARGARET McHUGH MARCIA LEDUC Chairman Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Marc Farolan, Margaret McHugh, Esther Jarvis, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim French, Helen Honer, Faik Ibrahim, Bar- Patty Paine, Peg Hanna. bara Crane, Marcia LeDuc, Harbhajan Hayre. ARABIAN NIGHT MOW REVUE AkCIS •••••■ hr. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Ailloni-Charas, Tom Trier, Robert ert, Louise McFarland FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Stewart, Dot Dunbar, Arlene Dumars, Nancy Salt, Schneider. SECOND ROW: Merrill Shirley Smith, Joan Fox, Sue Smith, L isa ford, Dagne Nordholm, Bill Barker. ROW: Ed Mullally, Ed Anderson, Miles M. E. Berger, Mr. W. Tabler. DON AILLONI-CHARAS Chairman NANCY STEWART BILL BARKER Chairmen foreign hospitality WITH A special project of counseling new foreign students, the council also helped to integrate these students into activities. scholarship exchange THE TASK of this group is promoting interna- tional education by securing scholarships from institutions of learning in this country and abroad. i reps council THIS ORGANIZATION is the voice of foreign students on campus and aids in increasing the understanding between foreign and American students by bringing them together in activities. i forum council THE I FORUM Council conducted many success- ful debates during the year on such timely topics as the Suez Canal, American support of Franco, and aid in the Far East. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mandi Al-Ubaydi, Lynn Helvenstone, Suna Derya, Bonny Fernandes, Jack Mahshi. SECOND ROW: Robert Wu, Sudarmo Martonagoro, Shyam Wimalasekera, Keijo AhovourY, Manuel Huertas, Nauroz Khan, Majid Ardalan. BACK ROW: Pavel Satz, Nicholas Vakakis, Robert Doyle Firth, Torben Meisling. JACK MAHSHI Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeannette Trottier, John Bull, Gene Jeanne Stokes, Ann Matheny, Jay Long. JOHN BULL Chairman a PAT KUTZNER Chairman JOYCE KISLITZEN Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Priscilla Chang, Carol-Lee Joy, Barbara bell, Mildred Ryan, Ellen Goldstein, Pat Kutzner. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Stokes, Linda Bain, Sally Goshell, Joyce Kislitzen, Ron Lyons, Jo Stewart, Sylvia Hochfield, Carolyn Stay. LASOR COWL orientations council ORIENTATIONS COMMITTEE, with an aim of making new students feel at home, started off the year with the traditional Orientations Week ing which activities bid for members on nile Esplanade. academic freedom THE PROMOTION of academic freedom and students ' rights, and plans for the adoption of the NSA student bill of rights occupy the efforts of this organization. ■ i board secretariat THESE YOUNG ladies manage to take care of all secretarial duties for I Board as well as control its finances. student labor council THE PROJECT of Student Labor Council was to establish a dollar minimum wage for student employees and to arbitrate disputes between students and employers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Wood, Bob Wenkerg, Ellen Goldstein, Anne Varnedoe. JOAN CRAIG Chairman SEATED, left to right: Joan Craig, Elaine Oldham. STANDING: Barbara Da Borba, Barbara Hosmer, Warren Wiesenfeld, Carol Taylor, Gladys Tolhurst. ANNETTE HAZEN Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Annette Hazen, Paul Thayer, Zita Levine, Elva Stern. BACK ROW: John Drake, Peter Simmons, Al Sion. LEFT TO RIGHT: Hilary Soloman, Peter Simmons, Jean Raeside, Ruth Simmons, Bud Anderson, Jim Fairly, Leon Litwack. RUTH SIMMONS Chairman JANE WOOD Chairman TOM CHAMBERS Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Segel, Henry Fujishige, Hannah Sara Lapidus, Tom Chambers. BOB BURNS Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Grossman, Jerry Bates, Bob Burns, Frank. health council THIS COUNCIL ' S plans for the year included promoting the blood donation program and super- vising the handling of food in the Bears ' Lair. student relations STUDENT RELATIONS Council, concerned with racial and religious discrimination on campus, sponsored a discussion series relating to these problems. ushering committee social planning PROVIDING USHERS for performances in San AN ACTIVE group is Social Planning as it works Francisco theaters made this a busy year for these to present social functions for those not in organ- students. ized living groups. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary McCormick, Alice Leino, Jeanne Gifford. SECOND ROW: Bill Martinelli, Dot Ichioka, Shirley Joe, Jerome Fountain. BACK ROW: Gerald Peterson, John Blaisdell. MARY McCORMICK Chairman FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Jo Hart, Cynthia White, Corinne Neer, Nancy Balch. SEC- OND ROW: Ruth Heintz, Agnes Liakos, Beth Ingram, Nancy Donnelly, Carolyn Clapp, Wanda Spence, Guenna Coyne. BACK ROW: Bill low, Bob Ross, Morgan Morley, Rex Young, Bill Rains, Paul Peterson, Lou Morgan, Wint Mather. PAUL PETERSON WINT MATHERS Chairmen DAN SHARP Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: Marty McHugh, Jan Blankfort, Alva Senzek, Worth Zafer, Charlie Scharringhausen, Joan Hartley, Patty Paine, Dan Sharp. PETE LORET and JOHN RUBINO Chairmen FRONT ROW, left to right: Rosemarie Wiegner, Dorothy Christensen, Peter Loret, John Rubino, Juanita Heffington. BACK ROW: Ralph lein, Mary Lou Bel loni. nsa THROUGH ITS relations with other schools, NSA has been working to bring to Cal, among other things, a Student Discount Service, improved orientation programs, and a University tion Association under the ASUC. commuters integration CAL-MUTERS, which was organized this year, is progressing rapidly toward its goal of providing social activities for commuting students in Home Town Clubs and on campus, and giving form to a unified voice to their problems. orientations reorganization THIS COUNCIL was set up under Staff tee to make our present orientation program a smooth working, thorough program, sponsored by both the ASUC and the University. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Porterfield, Lou Morgan, Dick Parker, Ellie Bakosh, Paul Jenson. BACK ROW: Lee Thompson, Lee Talbot. DICK PARKER Chairman special services council SPECIAL SERVICES Council is comprised of two active groups, Book Pool and Ushering Commit- tee. The Book Pool, a non-profit book exchange operated by students, was located in the ASUC Store and enjoyed its most successful season. Started several years ago, this organization op- erates at the beginning of the spring semester, and thus makes the maximum number of books available for sale and trade. Ushering Council handles student ushering for the theaters in San Francisco as well as local ones. Through contacts with the various theaters in the area opportunities to usher at most of the major productions given are arranged. Among the theaters which enlist the aid of student ushers are the Curran, the Geary, and the Straw Hat theater. JIM GILL Chairman O z O DAVE DUNSHEE BOB McGUIGAN Fall Chairman Spring Chairman WALTER FREDERICK PAT LAPP Director of Publications Assistant Director of Publications " FRONT OFFICE " to tion staff members is 101 man, headquarters of ASUC Publications Office. All matters of budgets, high finance and decisions on extraordinary problems are routed through Front Office. " Can we afford another party-time for managerial? " " See Front Office! " Other publication questions are settled in Publ ications Council, made up of the ager and editor of each cation plus the Ad Service Bureau manager, and the Daily Californian managing editor. This group meets weekly, cusses matters relating to all publications or the immediate problems of any one tion. All staff appointments are reviewed by this worthy group. As an outgrowth of Pub Coun- cil discussions, editors and managers occasionally turn salesmen to help lagging sales of sister publications. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: Mardy Robinson, Greta Johansen, Walter Frederick, Dave Dunshee, Dick Hexter, Pat Lapp. STANDING: Barbara Ravn, Bob McGuigan, Jack Goddard, Paul Hone, Collin Clark, Bob Over, Alva Senzek. Front office secretaries keep things running smoothly. CC1 editorial and managerial staffs WITH MUCH help from sales girls and cooperation from local ad- vertisers the Managerial Staff had a profitable year. The midterm- worn Editorial Staff (having composed the majority of the magazine the nightd out before the usualusua deadline with theth aidter of masterpieces. women ' s and No-Doz) again turned women ' s staff EAGER WOMEN ' S Staff kept the office functioning like clockwork many joyous parties that were held throughout the year. and brought in several sales records which were possibly due to the 0 JIM SMITH Fall Editor CHARLES SEIM Spring Editor CAL ENGINEER FALL SEATED, left to right: Betsy Crusan, Jim Smith, Michael Reilly, Ruth Palmer, Twinkle Starr, Aileen STANDING: Pat Flannigan, Chuck Seim, Nancy Heron, Jerry Porter, Mary Galigher, Ed Pausa, Ken White, Hexter, Sterling Bunnell, Steve Hutchinson, Lois VonHusen, Bud Wolken. MARY GALIGHER Fall Women ' s Director BETSY Spring Woman ' s Director DICK HEXTER Fall Manager ED Spring Manager CAL ENGINEER SPRING FRONT ROW, left to right: Diane Young, Betsy Crusan, Ruth Thomas, Lois Folsom, Moore Stuart. BACK ROW: Henderson, Ken White, Ed Green, Chuck Seim, Garry Morse, Mike Reilly. Inestimable capabilities of the editor, MARDY SON, were shown as she kept both the Blue and Gold and her home in tip-top condition. Copy editor MARY LOU WILLIS managed to keep rolling by burning the candle at both ends. Chief in charge of the rogues ' gallery was picture MARY DELL FISHER. BLUE AND GOLD 116 FRESHMAN EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Alison Giddings, Carol Spiekerman, Joan Francis, Lorraine Babballe, Pa- tricia IVIcKanna, Beth Gray, Marlene Clifford, Jerry Brancato, Barbara Hosmer, Janet Chantler, Marilou Pereira, Noel Fraters, Barbara Heine. BACK ROW: Nancy Bracken, Carol Proudfoot, Jeanne Reynaud, Janet Schorr. SOPHOMORE EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Agnes Liakos, Mary Jo Baxter, Janet Cleveland, ' Gayle Rivers. NOT PICTURED: Caroline Naus, Allison Giddings, Eileen Callaghan, ::Lynn Trembath. IN THE hallowed halls of I I OB Eshleman the completion of the Blue and Gold was achieved. The aroma of rubber cement permeated the atmosphere and added an inimitable touch as the production rolled along. Ecstatic shouts were heard regularly as the U.S. mails brought shipments of pi ctures which " just completed another page " ! The clacking of typewriters created the background music for activities throughout the year. Staff spirit was unequalled by an unbeatable group, who worked together in a unified effort to give the campus a yearbook which would be an accurate record of their college days. Activities were not always of a serious nature by any means, as the staffs gathered together for parties and the Appoint- ment Banquet. The artistic ability was brought to the fore as certain members painted holiday spirit on the walls in the Christmas season, and the sweet potato vine of Editorial raced to outgrow the philo- dendron of our next-door neighbors. Busy JOAN CARR successfully managed to hold down the positions of sports editor and AOP ' s prexy during the past year. EDITORIAL STAFF JUNIOR EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Sheila Darling, Mary Allender, Jane lett. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Jones, Elouise Phelps, Dorothy Newell. Checking over division page are artists MARGET LARSEN and MARGE RHINE. The staff hard at work! FRESHMEN WERE busily engaged with their many responsibilities out the year. To make their work more organized Managerial Staff also included representatives from the various living groups on campus. Selling, advertising, bookkeeping, and parties now and then, were the activities in which Managerial participated during completion of 1952 Blue and Gold. Early morning sticker sessions continued as usual but friendly rivalry be- tween Editorial and Managerial diminished as the Editorial Staff assisted in the selling department. Posters and paints often decorated these walls, but the study of agronomy was a success as the philodendron was seen thriving. The year was not without worries and upsets, but these did not affect the final product of 1952. This smile was often seen on Manager BARBARA RAVN ' S lips after the final sales ' deadline of April 2nd was past. BLUE AND GOLD Constantly conjuring up new ideas for sales promotions was the task which furrowed the brow of Assistant Manager BEV McDONNELL. These four people hit the top in sales during one particular drive. A canine friend aids in selling Blue and Golds. JAN MATHEW, Associate Manager, and a Bus Ad major, was adequately prepared to handle the bookkeeping end of the Blue and Gold. BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR MANAGERS BLUE AND GOLD SOPHOMORE MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Janis Schneider, Ellie Bakosh, Edena Carlson. LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Zachary, Nancy We llman, Elaine Oldham, Maxine Phillips, Janet Millard. NOT PICTURED: James Allison, Roland Wedemeyer, Janet Tyler. MANAGERIAL BLUE AND GOLD FRESHMAN MANAGERS Final sales efforts were spurred on by these energetic milk drinkers. Maria Clark, Bev Locker, Cecily Howell, Helen Zochmann, Janice Hungerford. The managers ' favorite pastime—counting money. I19 ALVA SENZEK Fall Editor MIKE FALLON Spring Editor BOB McGUIGAN Managing Editor HAL BERGSTEIN and DON MILLS Fall and Spring City Editors AL MANZANO Spring Assistant Editor JENNY INGLIS and JOAN MULLER Assistant City Editors CHARLES SCHARRINGHAUSEN and KAREN BYL Associate Managing Editors LEFT—DAILY CAL SENIOR NIGHT FRONT ROW, left to right: Ken Hansen, Jeanne Murphy, Marty BACK ROW: Dick Holler, Dave Dugas. RIGHT—DAILY CAL JUNIOR FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Thomas, Jan Blankfort, Bob Tripp, Norm Golds, Don Kechely. BACK ROW: Doug Dempster, Ange La Russo, Gordon Levy. R NIAN LEFT—DAILY CAL SOPHOMORE FRONT ROW, left to right: Mavis Amerson, May Lee, Evron Markey, Georgina Williams, Joanne Carlson. SECOND ROW: Paul Thayer, Elaine Amerson, Susan Gardner, Edna Herrera, Barbara Rosenthal, Patricia Morgan, Ann Hall. BACK ROW: Dan Ailloni-Charas, Hal Jim Griffin, Jan Stevens. RIGHT--DAILY CAL FRESHMAN LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Thompson, Jim Gill, John Spier. editorial staff THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN does not suddenly appear from out of the blue each morning. It is produced, and on these pages are its producers, the Editorial Staff. Favorites around these offices are " Blurb, " the Monarch of College Dailies, and the Watch Bird who keeps an interested eye on all affairs. The lives of these jour- nalists are filled with the usual excitement and are con- stantly hounded by would-be lobbyists wanting " just a little more publicity. " Semesterly Appointment Ban- quets and numerous parties adequately diversify the day ' s activities. GRETA JOHANSEN Fall Business Manager GEORGE ABERNATHY AL McCOOK Spring Business Manager Fall Production Manager DICK LEWIS, Spring Manager, and JOYCE EDWARDS, Assista t managerial staff IN I 879 The Daily Californian came into existence. Ever since that time the responsibility of the managerial staff has been advertising and more adver- tising. By securing both local and national ads they provide contacts be- tween the outside advertisers and the students. This busy staff, headed by Greta Johansen and George Abernathy, fall and spring managers, works ten to thirty-five hours every week making sure that everything fits together as we see it each day. MYRON RAPP, Spring Manager, MARILYN JOHNSON, Assistant DAILY CAL JUNIOR LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Feather, Dolores Bates, Edna Prouty Jim Cooley, Lynn Higgins. DAILY CAL FRESHMAN FRONT ROW, left to right: Ann LeRoy, Judy Box. BACK ROW: Larry John McCalman, Lee Parenti, Morris Dingier. DAILY CAL SOPHOMORE LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy LaViolette, Walter Feather, Edna Arlene Ensminger, Ed Gilligan. DAILY CAL FRONT ROW, left to right: Dorothy Bates, Jean G reenberg, Morris Lee Parenti, Edna Prouty. SECOND ROW: Larry Blair, Peggy Joyce Edwards, Marilyn Johnson, Mary Brondz, Grace Irwin, Sharon son, Al McCook, Bob Sanford, Burns McCollum. BACK ROW: Lynn Walter Feather, George Abernathy, Nancy Clawson, Jack Strickland. daily ca sports staff REPORTING ON the athletic programs of 35 teams in 20 sports is no small iob, but nevertheless is the task of the Daily Cal ' s Sports Staff. This year found Ron Fimrite and Don Shepherd editors and in charge of supervising the staff, assigning beats, and rounding up sports copy. The annual prob- lem was not alleviated as the cry of " n ot enough space! " was still heard. DAILY CAL SPORTS EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Fimrite (Fall), Don Shepherd (Spring): DAILY CAL SPORTS STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Wallace, Phil Mascus, Ron Fimrite, Don Shepherd, Rudie Tretten, Walt Radmilovich. BACK ROW: Izzie Rogers, Ray Tsukimira, Ken White, Harvey Grody, Eric Carlyle, Chuck Krebs, Dave Seymour, Cohn. DAILY CAL PHOTOGRAPHERS CENTER, left to right: John Kessler and Forrest Spriggs. LOWER RIGHT: Ron Plomgren. DAILY CAL ART STAFF LOWER LEFT, left to right: Bob Beetem, Viking Leon. BOB BEETEM and Viking Leon are the humor men of the Daily Cal. Throughout the year they are con- cerned with adapting various litical and campus issues for car- toons and providing students with a daily laugh. The sports section also received attention from their talented pens. During the past year Bob Beetem has done an admirable job in the newly organized art re- view column. The staff also creates the interesting cover for the Fash- ion issues of Daily Cal. The two great problems facing the staff, as usual, are the ever-present and nu- merous deadlines and getting people to work on the staff. art staff PELICAN DAVE DUNSHEE COLLIN CLARK Fall Manager Fall Editor STEVE CONNOR RALPH ESTLING Spring Manager Spring Editor PELICAN EDITORIAL BOARD PELICAN SENIOR WOMEN ' S STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Viking Leon, George Madrid, Collin Clark, Gloria Brown, Ralph LEFT TO RIGHT: Alicia Kilkka, Janice Culver, Nancy Ballard, Nancy Davis, Lee Estling, Ron Goulart. Yowler, Nancy Menge. NANCY BALLARD NANCY DAVIS GEORGE GARDISER Fall Women ' s Director Spring Women ' s Director Spring Advertising Manager GEORGE MADRID Spring Associate Editor TOM ROBERTS Art Editor NEITHER STORM nor sleet was able to stay the Pelican, our very own humor magazine, from making its appointed descent to campus eight times this year. Rated in college humor circles as one of the top three or four college magazines of the country, Pelly ' s stories and art work are fre- quently reprinted in other humor magazines. Its staff of from 100 to 200 sales girls are on the job bright and early every Wednesday sales day, keep- ing the magazine solvent and helping to pay the editor ' s salary. " We love them all and you can quote me, " said Pelly ' s editor. REX WRIGHT Photographer ar PELICAN WOMEN ' S FRONT ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Butler, Helen Papen, Rosemary Steffan, Lorna Youler, Janice Culver, Nancy Ballard, Alici a Kilkka, Marjorie Hawkins, Susie Raddon, Geary. SECOND ROW: Nancy Thompson, Irene Ganin, Marilyn Atwood, Diane Brown, Marilyn Bush, Shirley Christine, Phyliss Rosenberg, Mary Rita Pell, Shirley La Point, Lincoln, Barbara Loomis, Nancy Burg. THIRD ROW: Sally Gosnell, Sue Cerini, Sandra Voorheis, Mary Fou ntain, Diane Goldsmith, Sondra Smiley, Patricia Palmeter, Joanne dicoat, Barbara McCallum, Barbara Monson, Jean McLure, Nancy Gerlack, Ann Douglass, Sonja Norbert ' . FOURTH ROW: Gene Smith, Elaine Anderman, Margot Rees, Patterson, Nancy Sidener, Mary Rothganger, Elizabeth Bahls, Robertha Howell, Marilyn Leath, Kathleen Kendall, Mary Lewis, Bernice Richardson, Mary Elizabeth L ' Ecuyer, Powell, Luanne Bardsley. BACK ROW: Doris Brusasco, Carla Black, Joann Boyd, Diana Mansfield, Mary Louise McGowan, Jean Campbell, Elva Dughi, Jackie Knights, Natalie Lois Ann Bakken. OCCIDENT JACK GODDARD GEORGE HUACO DAVE RAPHAEL Fall Editor Spring Editor Spring Manager OCCIDENT, THE oldest college literary magazine on the Pacific Coast, celebrated its seventieth year of publication in the fall. Found among its pages are a wide variety of literature bound to satisfy all tastes. By con- tinuing its policy of publishing the best of student writing done on the campus with additional contributions from outstanding professional writers, the Occident ranks as one of the finest student literary magazines in the country. OCCIDENT STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Goddard, Marlene Cralle, George Huaco, Connie Phillips, Norman Hopkins. BACK ROW: David Raphael, George Starbuck. Food for thought. ART BUREAU JACK RODGERS CARLA MERNER Fall Chairman, Art Bureau Spring Chairman, Art Bureau THOUGH MOST of their activity cen- ters in the field of advertising, Art Bureau is ready and willing to paint everything from posters for ASUC events to banners for the campanile. In addition, these busy artists fill their spare time practicing on the walls of Art Bureau while lying in wait for prospective customers. ART BUREAU LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Rogers, Joanne Jepson, Hank Stone. AD SERVICE BUREAU LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Over, Turu Takashi, Harry Kunimune, Barbara Johnson. ACTING AS an advertising agency for many of the local advertisers kept Ad Service Bureau busy during the past year. Copywriting and layout work were also done by this staff for advertisements appearing in the Campus publications. Cracking the whip during the fall semes- ter was Bob Over, Barbara Johnson suc- ceeding him in the spring. Besides their many skull sessions, the staff also visited the advertising department of the Oak- land Tribune. AD SERVICE BUREAU OSKI ' S DIARY ' 51- ' 52 Fall 1951 . . . Before school began, Sather Gate was closed to traffic for the first time in history . . . but the results were pleasing! We watched the construction of Boalt Hall and Dwinelle . . . and learned a lot about architecture and engineering .. . Reg line was as busy and confusing as ever . so much to choose from . . and our ASUC card purchase assured us of another exciting college year . . The running of Skull and Key kept many of us away from our morning classes . . . OSKI, you were a wonderful introduction to the football season as you pulled back the curtain for a preview . . . and we got such a kick out of Johnny 0 ' s welcome by the Pennsylvania coeds! .. . The campus Chest drive was aided by dona- tions for these maids to reign jointly as " Miss Campus " .. . The USC game was a sellout and provided many table episodes .. . And weren ' t you proud, OSKI, when you introduced our lovely Homecoming court to Ralph Edwards? . . . It was so good renewing an old tradition with the planting of a new Wheeler oak by the shallow end of Wheeler . . . even mud couldn ' t stop the Ex Corn-Daily Cal football game, which resulted in a scoreless tie! . . . The fury of winter took its toll, and Bancroft Way was the scene of this catastrophe, a local landmark for several days .. . And how proud we all were when Brutus Hamilton ar- rived home as head track coach for the 1952 Olym- pics . . We were intrigued with the Boalt book loading system .. . Those inescapable finals also took their toll! . . . Basketball season arrived so quickly .. . Unprecedented winter snows sent an ASUC rescue party to Donner, to salvage the Cal Ski lodge . . . Clark Kerr and Dick helped in celebrating the University-ASUC birthdays ... and the new crew shell was displayed for all to see.... Our new senior bench was dutifully dedicated with Strawberry Creek water . and OSKI, did you and Ed Welch make plans a full year in the new budget? . .. The Soph Doll finals featured a new contestant, though Mr. Marsh was quite engrossed his balloting ... Faculty Glade was the noontime setting for Women ' s Day at the IAWS vention . . and OSKI, you certainly did your part in making the Blood drive so successful . . . April featured daffodils and the Lambda CM Daffodil Queens ... Trail Day in May gave you a lot of exercise and sunshine, OSKI This has been a full tenth birthday year for you, OSKI . you for adding your spirit to our events . . . May the year be as exciting! MANY HOURS of practice, patience and cooperation among directors, performers, and stage crew alike, led the University Theatre, under the able direction of Mr. Fred Harris, through a triumphant year that included such productions as " Playboy of the Western World, " " Twelfth Night, " " Come Back Little Sheba, " " Philadelphia Story, " and the gigantic presenta- tion of " Lazarus Laughed. " The latter production is especially noteworthy because the char- acters were portrayed by students, alumni, and members of the faculty, all under the direc- tion of Mr. Harris. This certainly is proof of the combined efforts within the department. Con- gratulations to you all. JERRY PETERSON, besides contributing two successful semesters president of Hammer and Dimmer, has put his electrical major to work for University Theatre by doing a magnificent job in lighting of many productions. The outstanding artist in University Theatre is TOM ROBERTS, who responsible for the designing of many play sets as well as heading the art staff and Mask and Dagger. In the role of competent business manager is BILL MARTINELLI. ing ushering, acting and being president of Hammer and Dimmer kept him a busy person. Participating actively as both performer and crew member is BALL, the backbone of University Theatre. DELMA BRUNETTI found pure joy designing and making costumes for plays such as " Romeo and Juliet. " Delma will be remembered for her performances in " Our Town, " " Twelfth Night " and other plays as well. For achievement in directing we find FOSTER WEEKS, now a of Uncle Sam ' s Army. Fos played the lead in " Anna Christie " appeared in " Volpone " and other productions. Dead men tell no lies. MARGERY GUNDERSON as Margaret Flaherty. Who done it? playboy of the western world J. M. SYNGE ' S delightful comedy was colorfully produced by the University Theater in a handsome setting designed by John Gerrity and director Leslie J. Mahoney. The lighting, executed by John dell, Mae McCormick, and Bill Martinelli gave a rich feeling of in- door-outdoor atmosphere on the rough, Northwest coast of land. Douglas Reynolds and Marjorie Gunderson were charmingly poignant as the young Playboy Christy Mahon, whose rise and fall from heroic murder constitutes the central theme, and his " true love " Pegeen Mike who wanted nothing but the romantic best in a lover. Colorful characterizations were added by Jackie Vis as the Widow Quinn and by John Hetherington as the old poacher Mahon. Jon Elkus ' music enhanced the atmospheric effect of the production. Begorrah, if it isn ' t horses they are watching! DOUGLAS REYNOLDS as Christopher Mahon. The culprit is caught. UPPER RIGHT: How can anyone refuse those pleading, angelic eyes? UPPER LEFT: DAVID BALL as Malvolio. UPPER CENTER: What transpires? twelfth night SHAKESPEARE ' S COMEDY, " Twelfth Night, " was given a stately performance under the direction of Marquis Patterson in Wheeler auditorium. Charming characterizations were presented by Maxine Melberg as Maria, David Ball as Malvolio and Tom Roberts as the Duke. Colorful Elizabethan costumes were arranged by Delma Bru- netti who also appeared as a piquant Viola. Incidental music was vided by Jon Elkus while production was under the technical super- vision of Jane Hinchliffe. The " excellent fooling " in this droll story of adventure and mischief continues to attract successive genera- tions of theatergoers. LOWER CENTER: Backstage preparation. LOWER LEFT: DELMA BRUNNETTI as Viola. LOWER RIGHT: Everybody gets into the act. Doc imbibes again. MARY ZIEMER as Lola and JOHN HETHERINGTON as Doc. Lola obliges. come back little Sheba " COME BACK Little Sheba " by William Enge was the first sentation in Wheeler auditorium for the spring semester. The story of " Doc, " a member of Alcoholics Anonymus, and his wife Lola, and their efforts to recapture a lost happiness provided an evening ' s en- tertainment that was in turn amusing, poignant and full of suspense. The performance of John Hetherington as " Doc " and Mary Ziemer as " Lola " were splendidly portrayed. Eugene Coy as " Turk, " the track star, provided many humorous moments. The set, designed by Robert Gordon, caught the spirit of the run-down house of the De- laney household. The play was directed by Sam Levine. Director SAM LEVINE adds the finishing touches. Caught in the act! MR. FRED HARRIS, director of the Dramatic Art mulls over the situation. 0 U U (171) MUSIC COUNCIL, composed of represen- tatives from Glee Club, Treble Clef, Band, and the newly-formed Collegians, has super- vised the smoothly-running musical activities of the year. They meet to discuss and resolve all their musical problems and to organize the future events. The fine musical programs pre- sented to the campus are the result. The pause that refreshes. The traditional band performance at the Pajamarino Rally. Glee Club gathers for a confab. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Brillhart, Al Downey, Doug Hollenberg, Al Hendrickson, Marge Stone, Carolyn Graham (seated). Treble Clef on stage. GLEE CLUB AND Rollin Jensen, Pianist Practice for the " World to Come. " Robert Cornmanday, Director of Glee Club and Treble Clef. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Porter, Ron Campbell, Dick Bliss, Cliff Egan, Glen Kindler, Vince Wood, Bob Powell, Hank Leighton. " THIS WAY to Melody " led the way to a most worthwhile evening of musical entertainment provided by Glee Club and Treble Clef in their annual presentation. Glee Club and Treble Clef cast for the show. min O MARGE STONE Senior Manager CAROLYN GRAHAM Senior Secretary THE MUSICAL femmes, who make up Treble Clef, com- bined forces with Glee Club once again to present the annual show. Other accomplishments included several con- certs given throughout the Bay Area. These performances, along with many social events, succeeded in making this year one of the finest. FRONT ROW, left to right: Margaret Foote, Donna Giddings, Peggy Honking, Carol Olsen, Phyllis Pixley, Pat Learn, Marilyn Bobet, Nancy Carlisle, Barbara Emerzian. SECOND ROW: Michelle Nix, Marcia Spence, Myrl Coltrin, Peggy Woodward, Sally Stevenson, M illicent Evans, Joan O ' Neil, Cindy Atchley, Mary Ann Boyd. THIRD ROW: Barbara Julian, Jacqui Aubin, Pat Williams, Janet Williams, Sharon Smith, Jacquie Beaumont, Priscill a Park, Doris Irwin. BACK ROW: Barbara Read, Marilyn Grover, Eugenia Hoffman, Lynne Goren, Marjorie Stone, Carolyn Graham, Grete Lindeke. An office tete a tete. " Let ' s harmonize. " GLEE CLUB DOUG HOLLENBERG Senior Manager JOHN BRILLHART Senior Secretary A break in rehearsal at Asilomar. —Photo by Jim Hackler. THE GREAT Cal Glee Club has lived up to its tradition this year by sup- plying the campus, Bay Area, and state with much glee and good music. Acclaimed by critics as one of the finest and most versatile groups of choristers in the West, the Glee Club displayed its talents at rallies, cam- pus shows, and the Charter Day Banquet, as well as an eight-day tour of many of the major army bases and air fields throughout California. Com- bining with Treble Clef for concerts, parties and dances, the Glee Club rounded out its year with many social events. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Commandez, Ken Hoh, Julian Sanders, Don Sargeant, Joe Hallowell, Clarence Champlin, Jim Hackler, Larry Helm, Jim Dewitt, Larry Bush. OND ROW: John Brilihart, Doug Hollenberg, West Woon, Ray Stansbury, Bill Dethar, Keiichi Nishimura, Rudy Babikian, Jim Gibson, Mel Dalton. THIRD ROW: Vince Wood, Rae, Dick Bliss, Jack Spillman, Dick Shertzer, Dick Tinder, Dale Zerda, Jerry Addicott, Jim Post. FOURTH ROW: Don Poulton, Fred Inman, Howard Williams, Bob Powell, Styles, Howard Thompson, Cliff Egan, Dick Turner, John Nelson. BACK ROW: Bob Leamer, Dick Hansen, Ken Porter, Norman Rue, Calvin Wood, Cliff Perry, Howard Kirk, Nardi. The Cal Band was always ready to take part and entertain—be it in serious or humorous vein. JIM BERDAHL Director UNDER THE capable direction of James Berdahl the Cal Band put in a full year. Al Downey and Charles Lawson held down the posts of manager and student conductor while Tony Martinez and Bill Pippen were drum major and rep-at-large. Besides expanding the Straw Hat Band, these musicmakers played for all games including spring sports. Even the waterbagging before the All " U " Week End failed to drown their spirits. Halftime shows turned into extravaganzas, the most lar being at the USC game when the evolution of transportation ended with a rocket plus real fireworks. Other activities included acting as " band-aids " on High School Band Day at the Oregon game. COLLEG ANS JERRY ALLEN JAN ROBINSON President Librarian FALL OF I 95 I marks the founding of a new choral group— " The Col- legians. " In addition to two weekly rehearsals, instructions are given in sight reading and other musical talents. Their first public appearance was a program presented at the Unitarian Church. SPRING OFFICERS, left to right: Gretchen Green (secretary- NORM MEALY SECRETARIES, left to right: Jeannine Wilson, Helen Pedersen, treasurer), Bill Brown (president), Sally Sandals (librarian). Director Roy Chafin, Harry Pottol. university chorus OVER ONE hundred members strong the University Chorus, under the direction of Ed Lawton, has had a very busy year. Much enjoyment was provided as they entertained both on and off campus with such selections as Verdi ' s " Stabat Mater " and Berlias " Damnation of Faust. " Recording a Mass by Villa-Lobos was also included in their many accomplishments. Choral practice. ED LAWTON Director The string section. JOAQUIN NINCULMELL Director BE YOU a grad student, undergrad, or a faculty member, you are welcome to participate in the University Symphony if you have the qualifications (ability to play an instrument, that is). Included in this year ' s schedule were performances given at the Christmas program, Charter Day and Com- mencement as well as concerts given at the Berkeley Community Theater. university symphony FRONT ROW, left to right: Marilyn Patterson, Deborah Geering, Alice Ryan, Susan Mad den, Midori Kano, Erlene Hampton, JoAnn Herkner, Nancy Macomber, Barbara Melissa Jones. SECOND ROW: Shirley Stanley, Ann•Mary Bush, Margaret Hess, Kathry n Rice, Mary Sauble, Beth Lewis, Madge Richardson, Wolfgang Kummer, Anna BACK ROW: Donald Everson, John Klauder, Bob Murch, Lilly Lachter, Suzie Schapiro, J ohn Copeland, Frances Tanney, John C. McDonald, Mary Louise McGowan, Mah, Barbara Bigelow, Pat Nolan, Nancy Davis, Helen Banbr ack, Dorothy Shanks, J. Griffin, Dave Reeves, Dean Crowder. symphony forum Capable BOB MURCH heads Symphony Forum. Interested listeners. BOB MURCH and OWEN FLEMING. WEEKLY GATHERINGS were held for the music lovers of the campus. The promotion of an appreciation of music among the students and faculty was the chief aim of these members who met for listening hours. During the year Symphony Forum was to have Nin Cumell and Frankenstein among the speakers that highlighted this year ' s program. Handling tickets for all the student concerts which were performed by the San Francisco Sym- phony added to the list of activities of this interesting group. 145 varsity debate VARSITY DEBATERS had several outstanding argumentative clashes ing the last year as they competed against Stanford in the Joffre Medal Debates and several midwestern universities. During spring vacation Hawaii was the destination for debaters Joyce Kislitzen and Jim Ritch. This group also presented a weekly radio program, " The University Program. " FRONT ROW, left to right: Dorothy Greenfeld (manager), Carol Fudge, Marvin Levin (commissioner), Ann Carr, Bob Daggett. SECOND ROW: Dave Norman, Ge orge Coleman, Joan Hartley, Helen Leggo, Richard Wilson (coach), Don Cahen, Don Sherinian, Gene Dais, Mohamed Mehde. BACK ROW: Cole Blease, Boh Hays, Vic Morales, Jim Nitch, Bill Sprague, John Heilbron, Carey McWilliams. DOROTHY GREENFIELD Manager LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Hedges, Roberta Fradin, Carol Nelson (manager), Hank Wong, Carol Gray, Yale Lyman (coach), George Pomeroff, Dick Gibbon, Al Moe, Julie Haas. JV DEBATE has a two-fold purpose: it can be an activity in itself or a step- ping stone to Varsity Debate. Under the direction of Coach Yale Lyman, who takes the part of moderator, the group devotes their weekly meeting to a roundtable discussion of books and current student affairs. In addition to these weekly discussions, the JV ' s engage in intercollegite debating. CAROL NELSON Manager varsity debate AIR THE NEWEST military branch on the California cam- pus is the Air Force ROTC, which was started in the fall of 1951, under the direction of Colonel George H. Steel. The curriculum includes Geopolitics, Aerial Photography, and other practical courses for the lower division students. The upper division work includes Flight Operations, Comptrollership, and Logistics. Field trips are conducted to air force bases to give the student practical training for the regular air force. The branch publishes a newspaper " The Air Bear, " to keep the department informed on draft statuses, depart- ment policies and activities. The group also has the Arnold Society for honor students. UPPER RIGHT: A Jet F-89 in flight maneuvers over the Fresno area. UPPER LEFT: Colonel T. A. Lee, Commanding Officer. LEFT: The Air Force Color Guard performs at the sota game in the pre-game activities. LOWER LEFT: Colonel G. H. Steel, Commanding Officer. LOWER RIGHT—AIR FORCE TEACHING STAFF—FRONT ROW, left to right: Lieutenant Leod, Colonel Lee, Major Hayes, Colonel G. H. Steel. SECOND ROW: Johnson, Sannacardo. Captai, Garcia, Sergeant Haver. Scott. BACK ROW: Sergeant Bruce, Captain Triner, Captain Barnes, Sergeant Simmons, Sergeant Steffens. ABSENT: Captain Newsom. MARINE UNDER THE NROTC program, students take courses in upper division work which will result in a Second tenant ' s commission in the Marine Corps. Besides the regular Navy course, the Marine curriculum includes a study of ancient battles, U.S. military history and amphibious operations in World War II. In these courses the actual equipment, field trips and summer cruises are used to acquaint the potential Marine with actual life in the service. The Marine candidates are an integ- ral part of the unit and participate in its social functions and publications. UPPER LEFT: Marine Candidates at the Quarterdeck ' s Silver Anniversary Ball. UPPER RIGHT: Major Wolf, Commanding Officer. RIGHT: The Marine Color Guard. LOWER RIGHT: Master Sergeant Millar explains gunnery techniques to the Marines. LOWER LEFT: Major Wolf and Master Sergeant Millar explain via slides principles in Marine amphibious operations. ARMY A SECOND lieutenancy in the United States Army is the aim of the four- year student in ROTC at California. During this time the student spends several hours in class and on the drill field. Various branches are open to the Sophomore signing up for ROTC: anti-aircraft artillery, infantry, signal, transportation, ordnance, engineers, quartermaster, and military police. Several field trips are scheduled, among which is a trip to the San Fran- cisco Presidio, a cruise to Long Beach, and summer camps, in order to get practical experience in the various branches. UPPER LEFT: The Signal Corps sending out shortwave messages from their radio room. LEFT: Color Guard. LOWER LEFT: Drill team in review. UPPER RIGHT: Colonel Thomas L. Waters, Commanding Officer. RIGHT: First day at summer camp. RIGHT: Ready-Aim-Fire. LOWER RIGHT—ROTC TEACHING FRONT ROW, left to right: Captain M. Vick, Captain Joel Woods, Colonel Thomas L. Waters, Commanding Officer; Lieuten- ant-Colonel Harold S. Hayward, Lieutenant-Colonel James Strong. SECOND ROW: Lieutenant-Colonel Wenzle D. Roth, Lieu- tenant-Colonel Silvio E. Gaspenini, Major Arthur W. Major Thomas S. Phair, Lieutenant-Colonel Marshall C. Preston, Captain Edmond Scheibe. UPPER RIGHT: Instructor explains 5-inch 38-caliber gun to Navy students. RIGHT: NROTC Color Guard. LOWER RIGHT: The Navy steps out to their Silver Anniversary Ball in December. UPPER LEFT: Captain John V. Peterson, Commanding Officer. LEFT: The Navy takes a day to give blood for Korea. LEFT: NROTC students receive instruction on a computer as part of the training program. LOWER LEFT—THE TEACHING FRONT ROW, left to right: Major Wolf, Captain Peterson, tenant-Commander Coutts. SECOND ROW: Lieutenant Pool, tenant McAdams. BACK ROW: Lieutenant Madden, Lieutenant Perry, Lieutenant J. G. Hartley. NAVY THIS YEAR the Naval ROTC unit at Cal celebrated its 25th anniversary by giving a " Silver Anniversary Ball " last December 7. It is interesting to note that this unit was one of the first six to be founded (simultaneously) throughout the country. Besides this dance the Quarterdeck Society, social organization of the unit, spon- sors a " Ring Dance " each spring; they also have a unit yearbook, " The Capstan, " and a newspaper " The Sex- tant. " The several branches of the Naval program are Orientations, Gunnery, Navigation, and Naval En- gineering. These courses prepare one for an Ensign ' s commission as a line or supply officer. athletics BRUTUS HAMILTON, the one-man coach committee, has once again proved his capabilities by being selected track and field coach of the Olympics. Cal ' s able assistant director of GREG ENGELHARD, spends his spare digging in the garden of his new home. Pretty, capable JOAN HAUSER handled tickets for all athletic events here at University until the return of George from the U.S. Marine Corps. TWO GROUPS which contribute a great deal to UC athletics are Athletic Council and Athletic Reception Committee. Not only does the council, headed by fall chairman Les Richter, make the decisions for intercollegiate athletics, but it also helps solve the problems of the men participating in sports on campus. The Reception Committee, under the chairmanship of Bev Hinton, gives a ray of California sunshine to visiting teams. Their main function this semester was the reception held after the Minnesota football game. Basketball and track are also on the agenda for this busy group. ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE—FRONT ROW: Paul SECOND ROW, left to tight: Bev Hinton, Mac Wilson, Lou Morgan, Donnelly. SPRING ATHLETIC COUNCIL—FRONT ROW: Brutus Hamilton. ROW, left to right: George Allen, Charles Hobson, John Pappa, Bob shaw, Tom Adams, Dick Parker, Jim Ross, Greg Engelhard. LITTLE CREDIT is given to the people who make possible all Cal athletic events. The team doctor, equipment managers, and trainers help keep the boys in top physical condition. The endless paper work: arrangements, programs, schedules, and such, is handled by the assistant to the Athletic Director, Paul Christopulos, and the Athletic Office. A very important man to all Cal athletes Two important workers for smooth Cal athletics are ERNIE DICK ABREU, JACK DUKES, BOB PETERSON, and JACK is DR. JAMES T. HARKNESS who com- MADISON and HARRY DAVIS, equipment managers. WILLIAMS, trainers, are on hand at all athletic functions. bines a private practice with his ASUC duties. Attractive RENA HAMILTON, Poppy Waldorf ' s secretary, spends endless hours during the year checking football films. ATHLETIC OFFICE—Left to right: Paul Christopulos, Marian Schaaf, Rena Hamilton, Charlie Clark, Libby Coughlin, Gayle Redden, Katherine Gowdy. NOTED FOR their enthusiasm at rallies, " The Bear Rumble, " and their hats during rainy football games were Head Yell Leader, Max Gutierrez, and his assistants, Morrie Green, Al Hendrickson, Mart Cohen, and Johnny Johnson. An all-time high for spirit was found when we played USC ' s Thundering Herd, and an even higher peak was reached for the Big Game, at which Bear Rooters went wild. Mid-year elections brought Eric Carlyle as the new Head Yell Leader, and an amendment making it no longer necessary for yell leader candidates to be members of the Megaphone Society. I FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Hendrickson, Head Yell Leader; Max Gutierrez, Johnny Johnson. BACK ROW: Mart Cohen, Morrie Green. THE SPIRIT OF THE Adding to the spirit of the UCLA basketball game are mid-year yell leaders, left to right: Byran Dixon, Eric Carlyle, head yell leader, and Angelo Siracusa. RALLY COMMITTEE IF THE male population wondered at the females passing through the exclusive halls of the Men ' s Clubrooms, let them rest assured it was only a part of the Rally Committee on its way to the usual Tuesday and Thurs- day card marking sessions. Mixing pleasure with business, members trouped down to Stanford for a joint breakfast at 5:45 a.m. " Big Game " Day. Basket- ball season was a welcome relief from those " early " hours. Not to let the territories get ahead, Red- ding ' s BOB BAKER, chairman, worked with other ASUC committees to promote better school spirit. The Hawaiian Islands can point with pride to their contribution to Cal ' s Rally Com- mittee, CAROL HOLMES, who capably di- rected the women ' s duties. On one of the rare occasions when the wind wasn ' t blowing Rally Committee finished its card tacking for the OSC game, GAME FRONT ROW, left to right: Rolf Kuhn, Bcb Baker, Vic Peter- son. SECOND ROW: Joe Hootman, Rudie Tretton, Mac Wilson, Bob Callison, Scott Simon, Walt Sharman, Mike Kreinman. THIRD ROW: Chuck Madsen, Nlalinick, Don Auslan, Jim Post, Keith McMurphy, Rene Van de Carr, Jack Bauer. FOURTH ROW: Dick Wallschlaeger, Ray Rodriguez, Don Schrump, Bob Kirkpatrick, Jim Mathews, Jack Meyers, Jack Bibb. BACK ROW: Bob Collins, Bob Carr, Bob McFarland, Jim McTyghe, Bob Garland, 011ie White, Dick Mortenson, Wint Mather. FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Tindell, Janet Grout, Elouise Phelan, Margo Stutzman, Carol Holmes, Ellen Hard- way, Noreen Letsom, Beth Ingram. SECOND ROW: Cookie Holtz, Joanne Baldwin, Mimi Uvstedt, Nancy Robinson, Flo Ludlow, Mitzie Spence, Joanne Morris, Bobbie McMahon. THIRD ROW: Mary Beth Strecker, Irene Novokoff, Gayle Rivers, Carolyn Olsson, Carol Carlin, Margaret Huetter, Sid- ney Villen, Margaret Patrick. FOURTH ROW: Ginny Bruener, Midge Oliver, Joette Clark, Amy Edgerly, Nancy Harri:, Nancy Moncure, Barbara Kinkead, Irene Ruslender, !Cathy Whidden. BACK ROW: Joanne Thatcher, Ann Hawley, Roberta Thatcher. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Mayer, Syl McNinch, Bob Beal, Bob Karpe, Les Richter, Ozzie Harris, Dick Lee, Jim Chapman, Jim Ross, Bill Hull, Brock Clark, SECOND ROW: Cas Munoz, Paul Andrew, Don Johnson, Leighton Hahn, Roland Langley, Jim Plessas, Paul Mello, Bob McConnell, Ken Cusick, Tom Dutton, Steve Glick. THIRD ROW: Fred Hagist, Hugh Ditzler, Roy Parker, Frank Schneider, Bob Crenshaw, Bucky Cowen, Frank Hoaglund, Paul Henrickson, Bert Ballard, Keith Meserve, Glenn Gulvin, Dean O ' Hare. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Linen, Merritt Robinson, Don Curran, John Lowe, Clay Gray, Don Harris, Ed Lippstreau, Ray Squeri, Tom Johnson, Hank Sanderson, Tom Adams, John Pappa. FIFTH ROW: Wilson Jacobson, George Pelonis, Matt Hazeltine, John Peterson, Ray Green, Bob Gillon, Rupe Ricksen, Sammy Williams, Bruce Heltne, Don Edmondston, Carl Anaclerio, Hugh Huddleson. SIXTH ROW: Myron Rapp, Sam Adams, Jack Rubin, Dave Hood, Dick Salinger, Ed Milano, Bill Powell, John Cadenasso, Jim Hutchison, Al Landerbock, Dwight Ely. BACK ROW: Pete Corona, Jim Hall, John Ricksen, Bill Nishita, Don Huggins, Pete Mering. Fall OFFICERS Spring Paul Mello President John Pappa Tom Adams Vice-President Jim Ross Jim Hutchinson Secretary John Olszewski HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard Abreu Clinton W. Evans Charles J. Keeney William J. Norton Henry Stone Albert M. Becker Stanley B. Freeborn Harry L. Kingman Franklin C. Palm Charles W. Thompson Ralph W. Chaney Wesley L. Fry Mike J. Koll Charles A. Pease Herbert S. Thomson, Jr. Zeb D. Chaney Harold Grant Edgar J. Manske Robert A. Peterson Edwin C. Voorhies Paul Christopulos Brutus Hamilton Stanley E. McCaffrey Clarence M. Price Lynn 0. Waldorf James H. Corley Dr. James T. Harkness Joseph P. McKim Alva W. Ragan Edward G. Welch Fredrick W. Cozens Joel H. Hildebrand James M. Miller George E. Schroth John P. Williamson Pr. William G. Donald Maxwell L. Howell Ralfe D. Miller Harry W. Shepherd Robert Wilson Carroll M. Ebright Miles R. Hudson Dr. Harold P. Muller Herman A. Spindt Henry S. Yee Gregory F. Engelhard Claude B. Hutchison Russell Nagler Robert G. Sproul Richard E. Erickson Robert S. Johnson Edgar Nemir Richard H. Stevens FOOTBALL Paul Andrew Harold Ellis Bruce Heltne Keith Meserve John Peterson Robert Bagley Dwight Ely David Hood Walter Meyer William Powell Ed Bartlett Robert Fitzgerald Don Johnson John Miksits Les Richter Robert Beal Steve Glick Robert Karpe Harold Norris Don Robison Allen Bender Glenn Gulvin James Kidder Brent Ogden Jack Rubin John Cadenasso Leighton Hahn Richard Lee Dean O ' Hare Richard Verling Don Curran Charles Harris Richard LemMon John Olszewski Harry West Tom Dutton Don Harris Vincent Maiorana John Pappa Samuel Williams Don Edmonston Matt Hazeltine William Mais George Pelonis Ray Willsey Peter Mering BASKETBALL Robert Crenshaw Clay Gray Larry Horan Jerry Petersen Rupe Ricksen Robert Froeschle Frank Hoaglund Gary Johnson John Ricksen Donald Stow Ed Lippstreu BASEBALL Ralph Bennett Robert Gillon Robert Henderson Al Mathews Bill Nishita Peter Corona Ray Greene Hugh Huddleston Syl McNinch Myron Rapp James Crew Merrill Grotenhuis Thomas Keough Ed Milano David Turner William Cowan James Hall Ed Mayer Casimiro Munoz TRACK Sam Adams Robert Cagle Rolland Langley John Pappa George Roseme Fren Alworth Robert Halpin Jerry Lienau Jim Plessas David Seed Loren Baker Donald Huggins Calvin Mehlert Dexter Ragatz Lyle Stainfield Bill Bazley Jim Hutchinson Paul Mello Richard Righter John White Don Palmer SWIMMING James Chapman Wilson Jacobson Morris Mathews Richard Pollack Henry Sanderson John Clark Al Louderback Tom Paulson James Ross CREW Tom Adams Ken Cusick Paul Henricksen John Lowe Merritt Robinson Fred Avilez Bill Durland Bill Hull Robert McConnell Milton Robinson Bert Ballard Donald Glusker Tom Johnson Conway Peterson Richard Salinger Ed Bauman Terence Grew George Loorz Ronald Reuther William Schnack Alfred Lorenz TENNIS Bruce Collins Paul Dolan Wallace MacDonald Rupe Ricksen Richard Salinger Hugh Ditzler Fred Hagist Wallace Painter Frank Ritchey Frank Schneider John Ricksen FRONT ROW, left to right: Rick McDermote, Stan Verdi, Keijo Anovuori, Les Devison, Charles Hobson, Norm Green, Bill Perry, Paul Robbins, Hans Reifer, Fred Lohse, Drew Gram, Len Smith. SECOND ROW: Myron Hansen, Herbert Vim, Bill Stewart, Gordon Taras, John Zachry, Landy Langley, Al deLorimier, John Nelson, Jim Reed, Fernando Guardia, Mitchell B. Jasinski. THIRD ROW: James J. McCann, James G. Carson, C. Bentley Lyon, Mark Harrison, James Warren, Morris C. Millbank, Larry Shep, Jack G. Wong, Won Luethy. FOURTH ROW: Paul Larson, Bob Kahl, Pete Norton, Hank Teliner, William Mancuso, Emilio Robledano, Ken Hagan. BACK SOW: Don Smalian, Bill Pugh, Jim Ross, Jim Davis, Bd) Fisher. CIRCLE " C " Fall OFFICERS Spring Jim Warren President Chuck Hobson Paul Robbins Vice-President Jim Ross Norm Green Secretary Ken Hagen Chuck Hobson Treasurer Norm Green UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Abreu William Donald Fred Cozens Greg Engelhard Bob De Grazia Lance Flanagan Brutus Hamilton Norman Hinds Miles Hudson Charles Keeny Charles Lucchesi Harry Morgan Ralfe Miller Hugh Mumby Edgar Nemir Hebert Newsome Charles Pease Alva Ragan Al Sais George Schroth Henry Stone Hal Walt ATHLETIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Norman Green Charles Hobson Paul Robbins Jim Ross Jim Warren Boxing Kaya Apaydin Frank Fellner Fencing Water Polo Sailing Paxton Beal Paul Gadjeer Don Christiansen Jan Bowman Drew Gram Ed Griffin Jim Handel Myron Hansen Doug Keith Bill Ditchen Fran Granadino George Gariser Ivor Lucthy William Mancuso Dave Matson Kenny Griffin Frank Taylor Riflery Jim Carson Jim Chapman Brock Clark Jim Davis Paul Larson Larry Shep Alan Smith Lenard Smith Dick Knezevich Morris Millbank Leslie Davison Dick Ehni Gymnastics James McCam Bob Pistruiloff William Ellington Bob Fisher Paul Carlat Bill Sapsis Ernest Piunti Richard Hinkle Greg Hanneson Roman Gankin Dick Tullsen Hans Reifer Richard McDermott Bob Hess Paul Gnodale Tom Witter Paul Robbins Pete Norton Charles Hobson Ken Hagen Emilio Robledano Gordon Taras Bob Kahl Mark Harrison Rugby Malik Shafer Don Kamler Don Fehbein David Cruickshank Al Dunlap Howard Shuin Frank Thornton Golf Allan Louderback Bill Martinovich Bill Stewart Jim Warren Don Harris Bob Tornberg Ted Engs Mo Mathews John Zachry John Herring Stan Verdi Pierre Pellissier Clyde Nash Wrestling Bill Pugh Weight Basketball Les Richter George Witter Ronald Witter Skiing Cross Country Al deLorimier Leo Gallagher Norman Green Roy Castenado Bill Hart Mitchell Jasinski Bently Lyon Joe McKim Jim Ross Dom Samalian Hugh Silcox Herb Steiner Linn Watson John Johnson Wes Johnson Charles Kaupke Alan Parsons James Reed William Sheng= Fred Corfee Paul Juette Bill Perry Jack Wong Rolland Langley Clarence Siemens Volleyball Soccer Jim Maddox Ted Staniford Handball Keijo Ahovuori John Nelson Julian Saunders Dick Road berg Blake Williams 159 LYNN " PAPPY " WALDORF ' s inspirational leadership at eannot be denied when his five-year record is viewed. Season Co-captains LES RICHTER and " OZZIE " HARRIS ended their senior year with many deserved honors. An All-American guard for two seasons, Les won the Andy Smith award and was outstanding in the Shrine East-West game. " Ozzie " was for his consistent line work by being selected All-Coast center, and member of the East-West team. season summary JACK RUBIN, senior manager, leads the unsung heroes of the iron, the football managers. They take care of trips, and help the trainers during the season. PCC STANDINGS W. L. T. STATISTICS CAL OPP. Stanford 6 1 0 Yards gained rushing 3412 1531 UCLA 4 I I Yards lost rushing 368 338 California 5 2 0 Passes attempted 134 278 USC 4 2 0 Passes completed 59 142 Washington State 4 3 0 Yards gained passing 936 1568 Oregon State 3 5 0 Net yards gained, rushing and Washington I 5 0 passing 3980 2761 Oregon I 6 0 Total first downs 164 147 Idaho 0 3 0 Touchdowns 44 34 Points scored 307 166 DEFYING PROBABILITY, Stanford ' s upsurging Indians emerged as the victor of the 1951 Pacific Coast Conference with a resulting berth at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. Cal and the Washington Huskies were tabbed as pre-season co-favorites for the bunting, but the boys from Palo Alto and Brother Bruin from UCLA were there " firstest with the mostest " while the Bears were close by, in the show position. Easily the shining light of the season was Cal ' s trouncing of Stanford, 20-7. Pappy ' s proteges, supposed underdogs by a good spread, emerged overwhelmingly victorious as the superior opponent—as Bearville snickered. varsity squad COACHING STAFF, left to right: Hal Grant, Zeb Chaney, Nibs Price (chief scout), " Eggs " Manske, Herm Meister, Wes Fry, and " Pappy " Waldorf. FRONT ROW, left to right: Hal Norris, Allen Bender, Richard Kern, Dave Hood, Lowell Paul, John Nystuen. SECOND ROW: Leighton Hahn, Bruce Heltne, Brent Ogden, Bill Powell, Pete Mering, Ed Bartlett, Les Richter, Charley Harris, John Cadenasso, Harry West, Don Robison, Dick LemMon, Dick Lee, John Pappa, John Peterson, Bill Mais. THIRD ROW: John Olszewski, Bob Beal, Tom Dutton, Steve Glick, Vince Maiorana, Bob Karpe, Paul Andrew, Hal Ellis, Don Harris, Jim Kidder, Don Feuerstein, Don Mitchell, Sammy Williams, Bob Worrell, Merrill Hoffelt, Steve Dimeff. BACK ROW: Bill Dutton, Frank Tinkham, Tom Rieger, Jim Alfano, Richard Day, Ralph Krueger, Glenn Gulvin, Don Curran, Dwight Ely, Keith Meserve, Gil Nelson, Dean O ' Hare, Tom Keough, Don Marks, Paul Larson, Ray Willsey, Al Talley. FOOTBALL MANAGERS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Rubin, John Derdivanis, Dick Miles, Forrest Borghesani. BACK ROW: Gerald Hertz, Silberman, Brosler, Dick Verling, Lou Medvedy, Dave Mills. Nationally renowned is our own WES FRY, who once again an excellent Bear backfield. DON ROBISON (45) scores a touchdown from the Santa Clara two-yard line to make the score 27-0. I 2 3 4 Total CAL 0 21 7 6 34 SANTA CLARA 0 0 0 0 0 YARDSTICK CAL S. CLARA Yards gained rushing 322 168 Yards gained passing 70 95 Total yards gained 362 217 Passes attempted II 23 Passes completed 5 10 First downs 18 11 Number of fumbles 0 2 Own fumbles recovered 0 Senior back DON ROBISON was the recipient of many honors during his last year, including the annual Shrine game and the annual Roos Punting Trophy. BILL MAIS, first string QB in his junior year, set a new Cal record by completing a total of 46 passes. I 2 3 4 Total CAL 7 14 0 14 35 PENN 0 0 0 0 0 YARDSTICK CAL PENN Yards gained rushing 189 85 Yards gained passing 233 96 Total yards gained 393 134 Passes attempted 22 18 Passes completed 12 9 First downs 14 8 Number of fumbles 3 4 Own fumbles recovered 2 2 Ken Cotton award winner JOHNNY OLSZEWSKI, junior back, set new single game rushing with 269 yards. Senior back BILL POWELL this season set a new Cal and PCC rec- ord by making the longest ning play for a TD (98 yards). A highlight of the Pennsylvania game was BILL POWELL ' S (11) escape from Penn linemen on an end run. the bear story THE 1951 season held great expectations for California ' s Golden Bears. Although not eligi- ble for the Rose Bowl, the Bears wanted to win the PCC Championship, and were con- sidered a strong team with twenty-two re- turning lettermen. After winning their first four games against Santa Clara, WSC, and intersectionals against Pennsylvania and Min- nesota, the Bears were rated first on the nation ' s newspaper polls. This national ac- claim was short-lived though, with the defeat by the Bears ' arch enemy, USC . . . JOHNNY OLSZEWSKI (36) rambles 53 yards in the Minnesota game, well protected by DAVE HOOD (80) and CHARLEY HARRIS (54). I 2 3 4 CAL 14 14 14 13 55 MINN 0 7 0 7 14 Total YARDSTICK CAL MINN Yards gained rushing 495 120 Yards gained passing 148 106 Total yards gained 638 195 Passes attempted 19 24 Passes completed 10 14 First downs 26 15 Number of fumbles I 1 Own fumbles recovered 0 I Hudak (20) of Minnesota makes a short gain later to be tackled by Norris and Williams (23) of Cal. The last and best game of senior JOHN PAPPA, LH, was the ford game, where he gained more yards (98) than the entire ford team. Up from the Ramblers for his senior year, HARRY WEST, LH, ran 71 yards in the Oregon game to set up Cal ' s last touchdown. Freshman PAUL LARSON, LH, be- gan his gridiron career with a bang. In his first game against Minnesota he went 72 yards and showed great promise for ' 52. DICK LEMMON was excellent both defensive halfback in his senior year, and chosen to play in the South " game. The newest addition to the Bear coaching staff is HERM line coach, who is a Bay Area product. " Jarrin ' " JOHN OLSZEWSKI (36) rambles 53 yards in the Minnesota game, well protected by DAVE HOOD and CHARLEY HARRIS (54). CAL WSC CAL OSC I 2 3 4 Total YARDSTICK CAL WSC 7 14 21 0 42 Yards gained rushing Yards gained passing 461 62 161 0 21 0 14 35 Total yards gained 479 310 Passes attempted 6 25 Passes completed 3 12 First downs 13 15 Number of fumbles 4 4 Own fumbles recovered 2 I I 2 3 4 Total YARDSTICK CAL OSC 7 21 7 0 35 Yards gained rushing Yards gained passing 421 97 97 0 0 0 14 14 Total yards gained 490 219 Passes attempted 14 33 Passes completed 6 19 First downs 17 15 Number of fumbles 0 3 Own fumbles recovered 0 0 Slowed by an early-season injury, BOB KARPE, LT, regained his form for the second year was an All-PCC and All-Coast selection. Versatile PETE MERING, senior from Sac- ramento, not only played offensive and de- fensive LT, but also filled in at backer Proof positive of junior RALPH GER ' S rugged play at RT was his selection by WSC on their All-Opponent team. You couldn ' t tell soph TOM DUTTON from the four-year men in his LG position of the Bear forward wall. LES RICHTER (67) of Cal intercepts an OSC pass in the second quarter and returns it to the OSC 13-yard line. the bear story IT WAS the Trojans who handed the Bears their last loss 38 games ago. By defeating OSC the Bears recovered a little, but again met defeat, this time against Brother Bruin, another Southland foe. Even though they beat Oregon and Washington, the Bears, be- cause of their record, went into the Big Game as underdogs for the first time since 1946, and the psychological edge worked. Bear gridders, perhaps putting forth their best team effort of the season, walloped Stanford 20 to 7 to end their season successfully . . . JOHNSON (24) of Cal makes a 15-yard return of the USC kickoff. He is stopped by Cannamela. CAL 7 7 0 0 14 USC 0 0 7 14 21 YARDSTICK CAL USC Yards gained rushing 221 209 Yards gai ned passing 92 136 Total yards gained 224 304 Passes attempted II 23 Passes completed 6 14 First downs 17 18 Number of fumbles I 5 Own fumbles recovered 0 2 I 3 4 Total 2 USC ' s Frank Gifford (16) receives a pass and makes it to the Cal 17-yard line being tackled by DICK LEMMON. Although injured in the Pennsyl- vania game, senior BOB BAGLEY was an outstanding lineman dur- ing his last two seasons. Hard-hitting DWIGHT ELY, junior, was a defensive pillar in the guard spot, and also was a good offen- sive tackle when needed. A defensive LT starter for the second season, junior GLENN GULVIN harried Cal ' s opponents and proved a valuable asset in the line. As the most improved lineman, junior STEVE GLICK, LG, won the Bob Tessier award. 167 • Besides turning out exceptional ends, Coach EDGAR " EGGS " MANSKE designs his own furniture for his home. ED BARTLETT, senior from eley, was a first-string end, and was one of the most out- standing players in the game. HAL ELLIS, junior, is another local product, from Piedmont. Hal came " from nowhere " to become a first- string offensive end. LES RICHTER " saves " the day in the Washington gams with a field goal. I 2 3 4 Total YARDSTICK CAL WASH CAL 7 14 6 10 37 WASH 0 14 7 7 28 I 2 3 4 Total CAL 7 1 0 14 28 ORE 0 6 6 14 26 Although hampered by injuries, junior BOB BEAL to be a dependable left end. Up from the Ramblers, senior DAVE HOOD, RE, set a new Cal pass receiving record, by catching 18 passes for a total of 217 yards. Yards gained rushing 367 160 Yards gained passing 32 262 Total yards gained 381 406 Passes attempted 10 35 Passes completed 2 16 First downs I I 17 Number of fumbles 2 7 Own fumbles recovered I 2 YARDSTICK CAL ORE Yards gained rushing 434 168 Yards gained passing 74 245 Total yards gained 455 389 Passes attempted 14 39 Passes completed 6 19 First downs 19 18 Number of fumbles 2 3 Own fumbles recovered I 1 HARRY WEST (15) grinds 15 yards before being tackled by Wilcox and Reed of Oreg on. MAIS (22) attempting a pass to HOOD (80) is blocked by Breeland (49) of UCLA. I 2 3 4 Total YARDSTICK CAL UCLA CAL . . . 0 7 0 0 7 Yards gained rushing Yards gained passing 171 78 237 169 Total yards gained 202 371 UCLA . . . 0 7 7 7 21 Passes attempted Passes completed 17 6 28 15 First downs 7 18 Number of fumbles 3 2 Own fumbles recovered 2 2 I 2 3 4 Total YARDSTICK SB DAVIS Yards gained rushing 145 III SANTA B. 0 0 7 0 7 Yards gained passing 91 110 Total yards gained 178 162 DAVIS.. 1 0 6 0 13 Passes attempted Passes completed 26 10 17 10 First downs 10 7 Number of fumbles 4 6 C ant Oft la ' MA 1.413 the bear story AS A team the Bears set some new records. A new team rushing record for the season was established, with a score of 3044 yards. California rated tenth in the nation in rushing and twelfth in the nation in total offense. An interesting sidelight to the statistics of the season is the fact that not one of the Bears ' op- ponents scored on Cal in the first quar- ter. I ALL-UNIVERSITY Junior DICK LEE, ace sive halfback, turned the in many games by his pass interceptions. A pre-season QB, soph SAMMY WILLIAMS became one of the best defensive backs on coast. Fullback JOHN CADENASSO, senior from Oakland, was an excellent all-around man, ex- celling in his role of veteran linebacker. Bonacich (10) Davis QB, goes through right guard for a long gain. JOHN PAPPA (42) plays an inspired game as he plunges over left tackle for a TD from the four-yard line, by DONNIE HARRIS (14). 1G GAME UPPER: Co-Captain Les Richter kicks the second PAT, for a new Cal record. LOWER: Pre-game coin toss closely observed by Cal Co-Captains Richter (67) and Harris (54), and Stanford Co-Captains Kerkorian and McColl (3). I Total 2 3 4 7 7 0 6 20 0 0 0 1 1 CAL STAN Yards gained rushing 331 III Yards gained passing 50 133 Total yards gained 356 211 Passes attempted 10 31 Passes completed 3 14 First downs 22 12 Number of fumbles 0 2 Own fumbles recovered 0 0 171 CAL STAN yardstick FRONT ROW, left to right: Charlie Stirton, Tony DeSilva, Sam Washington, George Vukasian, Bill Young, Nat Agliano, Dick Williams, Barry Brown, Jack Binkley, Louie John O ' Bradovich. SECOND ROW: Larry Tabor, Dick Rigby, Darrell Coleman, Bob Stanley, Elwyn Pecham, Jim Kattler, Don Fink, Gordon Jobe, Bob Bradley, Lloyd Torchio, McBride, Don Carlson. THIRD ROW: Don Rodgers, Gerald Martin, Charles Machado, John Dethlefsen, Doug Hibbs, Jim Hanifan, Mike Giddings, Bill Beeson, Milt Hoenea, Stowell, Herb Ball. BACK ROW: Otis Stroud, Gene Rocker, Dick Lawyer, Ken Hagen, Larry Kehoe, John Math, Bill Corn, Lionel Coste, Jim Whitney, Dick Kern, Wayne Jim Chapman, Steve Dimeff. As coach of the Rambler squad, ZEB CHANEY directs the future varsity players, and scouts varsity opponents. RAMBLER- DESPITE THE advent of freshman eligibility for Varsity ball, Cal ' s football teams were still divided into two lower echelon squads. This year those two teams were the Ramblers and the Frosh-Ramblers. The Ramblers were com- posed of the regular JV, and the Frosh-Ramblers were made up of frosh and other gr idders new to the Waldorfian system. Besides their own sea- son ' s games, these two teams gave valuable scrimmage practice to the Varsity. season s results Ramblers Opponent Ramblers Opponent 33 Santa Clara JV 6 14 USC Spartans 29 27 Alameda NAS 6 27 Fort Ord 26 69 SF Presidio 6 47 UCLA Rebels 6 44 Frosh-Ramblers 7 47 Stanford Braves 19 309 105 GENE ROCKER (11) charges through two Presidio players for some yardage. JERRY HINTON (42), skirting left end, sets up a touchdown against the UCLAN JV ' s. JOE BABROS (33) is trapped by several USC Spartans. FROSH THE CAL Ramblers, receiving manpower from the cream of the frosh crop, had a very successful season. They started fast and had won four games when they met the USC Spartans and lost, 14-29. Even so, they ended with a good record, winning seven out of eight games. The Frosh-Ramblers had an equally good season, winning five out of seven games, with one of these losses against their more experienced brethren, the Ramblers. season ' s results Frosh-Ramblers Opponent Frosh-Ramblers Opponent California Aggies 30 Hamilton Field 13 Treasure Island 115 20 Mt. San Antonio JC 8 21 20 San Francisco CC 0 19 32 Yuba College 6 19 7 Ramblers 44 — 138 Using team play and fundamentals as his key objectives, Frosh-Rambier Coach HAL GRANT works with the new men, and also helps with the Ramblers. JOHN DAWSON (30) is swamped in the Hamilton Field-Frosh-Ramblers game. LARRY TABOR (36) makes a long run to the Stanford Braves ' 26-yard line. FRONT ROW, left to right: Rupe Ricksen, Jim Doan, Tom Greenleaf, Al Mathews. SECOND ROW: John Ricksen, Ken Wells, Tamberg, Jerry Peterson, Larry Horan, Ed Lippstreu, Ernie Spiess. BACK ROW: Art Gallon (assistant coach), Skip Dresel, Hoaglund, Bob Froeschle, Clay Gray, Bob McKeen, Jerry Anderson, Bob Albo, Al Rose, Nibs Price (head coach) THE CAL cagers showed basketball fans what a team can do with a little spirit. Picked for the cellar of the Southern Division PCC, the Bears ended a successful season. They were in first place at the end of the first half of Conference play, and ended tying Stanford for second place. This year was the best year since 1948 for the Bears, with a record of 17 wins, 13 de- feats, and a 6-6 Southern Division PCC mark. The 1951-52 cagers scored 1850 points for a 61.7 average which beat the previous record of 60 points per game. Next season looks good for the Bears, when most of their first string will be back. NIBS PRICE, in his twenty-eighth year as the Bear coach, again spurred his team to victory, finishing in a place tie in the PCC standings. BOB CRENSHAW was kept busy this year managing the ball team with the top job of senior manager. final southern division standings UCLA California Stanford USC Won Lost Points 8 4 788 6 6 715 6 6 793 4 8 694 Season captain JIM DOAN sparked games with his ball handling. Although injured in the first Stanford game, JOHN RICKSEN averaged better than points per game. TOM GREENLEAF captured the fans ' thusiasm until his eligibility caught up with him. NON-CONFERENCE BASKETBALL BOB McKEEN (6) goes in for a lay-in against San Francisco State. MANAGERS, left to right: Don Vicain, Robert Crenshaw, Dick Bartalini, Nicholas Tenney, Charles Sullivan. JIM DOAN, voted most outstanding player for the 1952 season, sinks a bucket against Santa Clara. WITH USF the only thorn in Cal ' s path, the Bear cagers de- feated four out of five opponents in non-conference play. Cal ' s win over SF State saw high-scoring State center Kevin Duggan held down by frosh Bob McKeen who gave a pre- view of his later season finesse in this, his first college game. Cal Opp. 70 SF State 58 56 Cal Alumni 46 42 USF 51 69 Santa Clara 51 55 St. Mary ' s 50 177 FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp R. Ricksen, f.... 1 2 4 Norman, f 2 3 7 J. Ricksen, f 2 0 4 Bragg, f 6 5 17 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Bane, f 4 2 10 Horan, f 5 0 10 Bane, f 0 2 2 Horan, f 0 0 1 Pounds, f 0 0 0 Hoaglund, f 0 1 1 Norman, f 7 0 14 Albo, f 1 1 3 Bragg, f 4 2 10 Albo, f 2 0 4 Evans, f 0 0 0 McKeen, c 7 4 18 Lozan, f 0 0 0 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Moore, c 0 1 1 Hoaglund, c 1 3 5 Moore, c 3 2 8 Froeschle, f 0 0 0 Hibler, d 2 0 4 Doan, g 6 4 16 Hibler, c 3 0 6 McKeen, c 9 1 19 Johnson, g 5 4 14 Greenleaf, g 3 1 7 Johnson, g 1 2 4 Gray, c 0 1 1 Porter, g 0 3 3 Peterson, g 2 3 7 Porter, g 1 0 2 Doan, g 1 0 2 Livingston, g .... 3 6 12 --- Livingston, g 5 2 12 Moser, g 2 0 4 Davidson, g 0 0 0 21 19 61 — — — Peterson, g 0 3 3 — — 23 13 59 Lippstreu, g 2 2 6 23 12 — — — 23 8 54 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9 R. Ricksen, f .... 3 0 6 Norman, f 5 3 13 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp Tamberg, f 1 2 4 Pounds, f 0 0 0 Albo, f 0 2 2 Bragg, f 7 3 17 Albo, f 2 1 5 Bragg, f 1 3 5 Tamberg, f 1 0 2 Bane, f 1 1 3 Horan, f 2 0 4 Bane, f 0 2 2 J. Ricksen, f 3 1 7 Norman, f 6 4 16 McKeen, c 3 0 6 Hibler, c 0 1 1 Horan, f 1 0 2 Evans, f 1 0 2 Hoaglund, c 0 0 0 Moore, c 2 1 5 McKeen, c 4 2 10 Moore, c 0 2 2 Gray, c 2 2 6 Johnson, g 4 4 12 Gray, c 2 0 4 Hibler, c 2 0 4 Doan, g 0 1 1 Davidson, g 1 0 2 Peterson, g 1 2 4 Johnson, g 4 3 11 Peterson, g 2 2 6 Livingston, g. 4 3 11 Lippstreu, g 2 0 4 Porter, g 1 0 2 Porter, g . 0 0 Lippstreu, g 1 0 2 Mathews, g 0 0 0 Livingston, g .... 2 4 8 Lozan, g 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g 5 4 14 Doan, g 0 3 3 Davidson, g 1 1 3 — — — — — — Moser, g 2 0 4 — — — 17 17 51 21 12 54 — — — 25 18 16 10 42 BEARS vs. BRUINS A frosh sensation, BOB McKEEN, was the high scorer (291) was the only Bear to play every game. SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 JOHN RICKSEN breaks through the UCLA team for two points. BOB McKEEN (6) tries a hook shot while LARRY HORAN (23) looks on. A Contra Costa JC transfer, BOB ALBO, was a steady floor and a good rebounder. FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp J. Ricksen, f 8 8 24 Bennett, f 5 3 13 Albo, f 3 0 6 Flower, f 6 6 18 Horan, f 0 0 0 Simpson, f 2 1 5 J. Ricksen, f 4 4 12 Bennett, f 3 7 13 McKeen, c 1 0 2 Boyd, c 5 5 15 Gray, c 3 0 6 Boyd, c 5 6 16 R. Ricksen, g.... 1 1 3 Flower, g 4 3 11 Doan, g 1 6 8 Hammer, g 4 2 10 Greenleaf, g 5 1 11 Underwood, g.... 0 1 1 Peterson, g 4 3 11 Simpson, g 1 0 2 Alto, f 1 0 2 Lamont, c 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g 1 1 3 Morton, f 0 0 0 Gray, c 2 2 6 Hammer, g 1 2 4 McKeen, c 4 1 9 Reilly, g 1 0 2 Doan, g 5 5 15 Pease, c 0 1 1 Tamberg, f 1 3 5 Pease, c 1 1 3 — — — Reilly, g 2 0 4 Lippstreu, g 0 0 0 — — — 23 17 63 Morton, f 1 0 2 Horan, f 2 1 5 21 22 64 Kasperski, f 0 0 0 — — — — — 23 19 65 20 16 56 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16 SATURDAY, JANUARY 5 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp Albo, f 1 0 2 Bennett, f 4 3 11 J. Ricksen, f .... 4 6 14 Bennett, f 3 5 11 J. Ricksen, f.. 3 2 8 Simpson, f 5 4 14 Albo, f 1 1 3 Simpson, f 0 1 1 Horan, f 6 2 14 Morton, f 1 0 2 McKeen, c 2 2 6 Boyd, c 4 4 12 Tamberg, f 1 0 2 Ludecke, f 0 0 0 R. Ricksen, g.... 0 1 1 Flower, g 1 3 5 Gray, c 0 2 2 Kasperski, f 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g 3 2 8 Underwood, g.. 1 4 6 McKeen, c 4 3 11 White, f 0 3. 0 Gray, c 0 2 2 Morton, f 0 0 0 Hoaglund, g 0 0 0 Boyd, c 5 8 18 Doan, g 3 1 7 Hammer, g 3 2 8 Doan, g 0 2 2 Pease, c 4 1 9 Hoaglund, f 0 0 0 Lamont, c 0 1 1 Peterson, g 1 3 5 Flower, g 0 0 0 Froeschle, f 0 0 0 — — — Greenleaf, g 3 2 8 Hammer, g 3 6 12 Horan, f 0 2 2 12 20 44 Lippstreu, g 0 0 0 Reilly, g 2 2 6 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Matthews, g 0 0 0 Kincheloe, g 0 0 0 Peterson, f 0 0 0 — Sorgen, g 0 0 0 — — — 19 16 54 13 17 43 24 25 73 BEARS vs. TROJANS Switched from guard to forward, RUPE RICKSEN was an excellent rebounder this season. BOB ALBO sees a little rough action under the boards. Cal ' s RICKSENS engage in a scramble in a hard-fought game against the Trojans. DICK TAMBERG in his first varsity season pushed through many key buckets. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29 SATURDAY, MARCH 1 CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg f tp CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp Tucker, f J. Ricksen, f.... 6 4 14 Tucker, f ,, 5 1 J. Ricksen, f . 3 4 10 2 7 11 Albo, f 0 1 1 Walsh, f 5 1 Albo, f 1 1 3 Ramstead, c 7 4 18 McKeen, c 5 1 11 Ramstead, c 2 McKeen, c 3 1 7 10 Doan, g 7 2 16 Tomsic, f 7 1 Doan, f 6 2 14 Suzdaleff, g 2 6 Walsh, f 3 3 9 Peterson, f 5 2 12 Suzdaleff, g 2 Peterson, g 4 2 10 Tomsic, f 3 3 9 Horan, f 3 1 7 Zaninovich, f 0 Gray, c 1 1 3 Epperson, c 1 1 3 Moser, f 0 0 0 DeLong, f 0 Horan, f 0 0 0 Iverson, g 1 0 2 R. Ricksen, f.... 0 3 3 Epperson, c 03 0 6 Zaninovich, g.... 3 2 8 Lippstreu, f 0 0 0 DuFour, f 0 Moser, 9 Hoaglund, c 0 1 1 DuFour, f 0 0 0 Matthews, f 0 0 0 Iversen, f 0 R. Ricksen, f.... 2 1 5 Andrews, g 0 0 0 Gray, c 0 0 0 Andrews, c 0 Lippstreu, g 3 0 6 — — — Johnson, g 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- 22 26 70 26 14 66 -- -- -- 26 13 65 21 10 52 FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 SATURDAY, JANUARY 12 CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp STANFORD fg f J. Ricksen, f 2 3 7 Tucker, f 8 4 20 R. Ricksen, f.... 0 5 5 Tucker, f 5 R. Ricksen, f.... 2 4 8 Tomsic, f 5 8 18 Albo, f 2 0 4 Tomsic, c 5 McKeen, c 10 0 20 Ramstead, c 4 9 17 McKeen, c 7 2 16 Ramstead, c 4 Doan, g 6 2 14 Walsh, g 6 3 15 Doan, g 10 3 23 Walsh, g 5 Greenleaf, g 3 2 8 Suzdaleff, g 2 4 8 Greenleaf, g 2 1 5 Suzdaleff, f 1 Hoaglund, c 2 0 4 DuFour, f 1 0 2 Tamberg, f 2 3 7 Andrews, f 0 Albo, f 2 2 6 Green, g 0 0 0 Lippstreu, f 1 1 3 Zaninovich, f .... 0 Tamberg, f 0 0 0 Andrews, f 0 3. 1 Hoaglund, c 2 0 4 Epperson, c 0 Peterson, g 3 1 7 — — — Peterson, g 2 1 5 Green, g 0 Lippstreu, f 0 0 0 26 29 81 Matthews, g 0 0 0 DuFour, g 0 Horan, f 0 0 0 — Fenster, g 0 Matthews, f 0 0 0 28 16 72 Iverson, g 0 — — — DeLong, f 0 30 14 74 Stevenson 0 21 21 63 BEARS vs. INDIANS JC transfer RAY MOSER graduated from the Blues the Varsity in one season. Junior ED LIPPSTREU filled one of the Bears ' ward positions. LARRY HORAN gave the opposition trouble with left and right-handed hook shots. BOB McKEEN (6) battles Ramstead (10) of Stanford for the tip in. JIM DOAN gets off a left-handed push shot in a surprise victory. FALLING PREY to all mainland intersec- tional opponents except Oregon State and Wisconsin, the Cal basketballers had a field day in Hawaii where they sunned, played and were victorious in all contests but one as they lost to Hickham field. This loss proved more disastrous than the nine-point margin would indicate, for Jim Doan and Rupe Ricksen re- ceived the injuries that hampered their play- ing in the second half of PCC competition. JERRY PETERSON took advantage of his last season by playing a hard and fast game. Cal Opp. 50 Kansas State 64 50 Washington 52 43 Washington 65 59 Oregon State 61 65 Oregon State 53 64 Iowa 69 68 Wisconsin 49 95 Hilo All-Stars 41 102 Hilo All-Stars 48 72 Hawaii University 46 54 Universal Motors 50 73 Universal Motors 65 48 Hickham Field 57 INTERSECTIONAL BASKETBALL LARRY HORAN taking his left-handed hook shot against Kansas State. Dribbling through the Washington team, JIM DOAN drives in for two points. Although hampered by pre-season illness, CLAY GRAY saw action in late conference games. In his senior year FRANK HOAGLUND did a fine job at the center spot. MARV HUSS goes in for a lay-in. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ray Moser, Al Mathews, Erne Spiess. BACK ROW: Skip Dresel, Clay Gray, Bob Froeschle, Jerry Anderson. Opp. Cal Opp. 44 Ensor AC 62 32 38 San Mateo JC 78 53 45 Coast Guard 67 52 52 Stanford Braves 42 37 41 Stanford Braves 65 56 Vallejo JC 82 37 43 East Contra Costa JC 76 36 49 Alameda NAS 45 50 42 Varsity Reserves 71 51 32 Berkeley Savings 76 47 Won 16, Los+ 3 ANDY WOLFE, one of Cal ' s all-time basketball greats, as coach of the Blues again led his team in a victorious season. Cal Independent Iron 41 Cal Frosh 54 USF JV ' s 39 West Contra Costa JC 60 Alameda NAS 54 St. Mary ' s Blues 56 Morin 82 Cal Frosh 66 West Contra Costa JC 56 BLUES BOB FROESCHLE in another of his high-scoring efforts against the Stanford Braves. LARRY HORAN goes high for an offensive rebound. AL FRONT ROW, left to right: Huss, Keith Sparks, Cliff Mayne, Dick Aiment. SECOND ROW: Jack finkle, George Hagar, Ed Gregivich, Ralph Jewell, Jim Tucker, Harry Eliopoulos. THIRD ROW: Tom Taylor, Dave Schoettler, Don Langrock, Tom Diel, Norm McDonald, Russ Pomeroy. FRESHMEN Cal Opp. McClymonds 34 44 Cal Blues 42 66 Cal Blues 38 54 Santa Rosa JC 62 56 CCSF 72 79 Vallejo 50 47 Lincoln 55 34 Polytechnic 44 28 St. Joseph ' s 46 44 George Washington 41 27 Acalanes 47 20 Galileo 95 29 Hayward 48 36 Balboa 57 37 Frosh scoring record broken. Won 10, Lost 4 DON LANGROCK making a hook shot with DAVE SCHOETTLER (34) and TOM TAYLOR (12) standing by. ART GALLON, formerly head basketball coach at University of Hawaii, now heads Cal ' s frosh whi le getting his master ' s degree. A Frosh attempt to score fails. Cal Frosh control an offensive rebound with KEITH SPARKS and CLIFF MAYNE. ' 51 HIGHLIGHTS CAL-STANFORD RELAYS Cal 15-Stanford 45 5-WAY MEET Cal 81-SJS 89-COP 42-SFS 7-USF 0 OLYMPIC CLUB Cal 47-Olympic Club 831 2 USC Cal 281 2-USC 1021 2 WASHINGTON Cal 771 2-Wash 531 2 STANFORD Cal 57-Stanford 74 WEST COAST RELAYS Cal placed 4th MODESTO RELAYS Cal placed 8th PCC MEET Cal 16-USC 39I 2 Stanford 27-WSC 17 PAA MEET Cal placed 3rd BOTTOM: California ' s TIMMERMAN wins the against the Olympic Club. HUTCHINSON, badly spiked, came in second. MIDDLE: 011ie Matson of USE won the 220 by ing a few steps ahead of JOHN GEORGE of in the three-way race with the Olympic Club. TOP: LONNIE SPURRIER leads the field at the ish of the 880 against the Olympic Club. ' 52 VARSITY Olympic club SATURDAY, MARCH 29 — AT BERKELEY MILE RUN—Stout (OC), Simpson (C), Boehm (OC). Time, 4:23.7. 440-YARD RUN—Timmerman (C), Hutchinson (C), Peirano (OC). Time, 49.6. 100-YARD DASH—Blackburn (C), George (C), Brooks (OC). Matson, attached, won. Time, 10. HIGH HURDLES—Hipple (OC), Brooks (OC), Lippincott (C). Time, 14.8. SHOT PUT—Davis (0C), Adams (C), Putman (OC). Distance, 52 ft. I% in. HIGH JUMP—Martin (OC) tied between Varneck (OC) and Dilbeck (C). Distance, 6 ft. 6 in. 880-YARD RUN—Spurrier (C), Nelson (C), Arnot (OC). Time, 1:56.2. BROAD JUMP—Stainfield (C), Mattson (C), Greenwood (C). Distance, 23 ft. in. 220-YARD DASH—George (C), Ruprecht (OC), Blackburn (C). Matson won. Time, 22.1. TWO-MILE RUN—Stout (OC), Green (C), Langley (C). Time, 9:42.5. JAVELIN—Held (OC), Adams (C), Roseme (C). Distance, 219 ft. 2 in. LOW HURDLES—Lippincott (C), Brooks (OC), Rademaker (OC). Time, 24.5. POLE VAULT—Tie between Mattos (OC) and Jensen (OC), Seed (C). Height, 13 ft. 6 in. MILE RELAY—California team of George, Lineau, Warwick, Spurrier. Time, 3:19.7. DISCUS—Donaldson (OC), Adams (C), Gordon (C). Distance, 150 ft. STEVE TURNER, last year ' s frosh pacer, shows great form in the hurdles. TOP: Practice sessions are important in all sports—here DAVE SEED is shown perfecting his form in the pole vault. MIDDLE: LEN SIMPSON has done very well this season in the mile, running it in 4:23.9, and he also competes in the 880. BOTTOM: Just clearing the bar on the pole vautl is second year letterman WAYNE DAWSON. 188 inta Barbara ays SATURDAY, APRIL 12 — AT SANTA BARBARA DISCUS—Gordien (LAAC), Doyle (Montana Athletic Club), Jones (COP). Distance, 181 ft. 101 2 in. (New meet record. Old record 170 ft. in.) BROAD JUMP—Albans (LAAC), Jennings (SB), Stainfield (C). Distance, 22 ft. in. JAVELIN—Seymour (LAAC), Young (LAAC), Adams (C). Distance, 215 ft. 9 in. SHOT PUT—Gordien (LAAC), Patterson (Taft High), Adams (C). tance, 49 ft. in. HIGH JUMP—Simmons (LAAC) tied with Giles (LAAC), Whetstine zona State). Height, 6 ft. 5 in. TWO-MILE RELAY—California, San Diego State, LAAC. Time, 7:43.5. (New meet record. Old record, 7:43.5.) 880-YARD RELAY—Circle Athletic Club, LAAC, Pepperdine. Time, 1:24.4. DISTANCE MEDLEY—Olympic Club, San Diego State, California. Time, 10:24.8. 440-YARD RELAY—LAAC, California, Circle Athletic Club. Time, :42.5. 400-METER HURDLES—Johnson (Pepperdine), French (LAAC), man (LAAC). Time, :54.4. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—Dixon (LAAC), Albans (LAAC), Barnard (LAAC). Time, :14.4. HOP, STEP AND JUMP—Flores (unattached), Albans (LAAC), Aihara (LAAC). Distance, 47 ft. in. POLE VAULT—Rowan (LAAC), Smith (Marines), Anderson (C). Height, 14 ft. 31 2 in. 100-YARD DASH—Work (LAAC), Blackburn (C), Wackerbarth (Marines). Time, :10.1. MILE RELAY—LAAC, California, Pepperdine. Time, 3:15.8. (New record. Old record, 3:18.7.) TOP: GUY BLACKBURN ran a 9.5 in the century, and is hoping for a spot on the Olympic team. MIDDLE: A promising low hurdles man is DON TIMMERMAN who also runs the 440. BOTTOM: At the Olympic Club meet LINEAU passes the baton to BOB WARWICK. The California man setting the pace here is LARRY LIPPINCOTT who competes in high and low hurdles. 189 SATURDAY, APRIL 5 — AT BERKELEY MILE RUN—Root (SC), Montgomery (SC), Simpson (C). Time, 4:20.4. 440-YARD RUN—Huntze (C), Timmerman (C), Bradley (SC). Time, 49.7. 100-YARD DASH—George (C), Blackburn (C), Stocks (SC). Time, 9.7. HIGH HURDLES—Davis (SC), Wright (SC), Lippincott (C). Time, 14.0. (Follow. ing wind of 6.5 m. p.h. prevents acceptance of new meet record. Record still 14.3, set by Phil Cope, USC ' 36.) SHOT PUT—O ' Brien (SC), Adams (C), Ragatz (C). Distance, 51 ft. in. JAVELIN—Adams (C), Roseme (C), Koch (SC). Distance, 212 ft. in. HIGH JUMP—Kincheloe (SC), tie among Brombach (SC), Ronquillo (SC), and Dilbeck (C). Height, 6 ft. 2 in. 880-YARD RUN—Nelson (C), Spurrier (C), Wetzork (C). Time, 1:57.2. 220-YARD DASH—Stocks (SC), George (C), Mejia (SC). Time, 21.8. TWO-MILE RUN—Garcia (SC), Maddox (C), Green (C). Time, 9:39.9. POLE VAULT—Seed (C), Sandusky (SC), tie between Anderson (C) and Johnson (SC). Height, 13 ft. LOW HURDLES—Davis (SC), Clark (SC), Lippincott (C). Time, 23.9. DISCUS—Ines (SC), O ' Brien (SC), Koch (SC). Distance, 167 ft. 8 in. (New record. Old meet record 163 ft. 81 4 in. set by Ken Carpenter, SC ' 36.) MILE RELAY—SC team of Lea, Hendrix, Lane, Bradley. Time, 3:19.6. BROAD JUMP—Sorgen (SC), Flores (SC), Stainfield (C). Distance, 23 ft. in. LONNIE SPURRIER, a sophomore from Berkeley, runs the middle distance and mile relay. He came in first against USC. Last year ' s top shot putter, SAM ADAMS, is out again A third-year varsity track man is broad juniper to try and break his record of 50 ' 8% " . KENT STAINFIELD. PAUL MELLO, a Marine in the last war, is now one of the nation ' s best collegiate milers with a time of 4:13.7. JIM HUTCHINSON, the fleet-footed man who runs the 440 and 880, was badly spiked in the Olympic Club meet. JOHN NELSON straining to break the tape in the 880 race against USC. FRONT ROW, left to right: John Dour, John Harris, Bob Keasbey, Shy Meeker, Claude Rohwer. SECOND ROW: Barry Gilbert, Isao Fujimoto, Steve Gaul, Clark Wallace, Dave Creek, Ed Hersh. THIRD ROW: Richard Staniford, Andy Stone, Bill Dowd, John Balzler, William Thomas, Sheldon Degraff, Art Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Gary Fulbright, Fred Brenner, David Schoettler, Jim Stone, John Wilson, Jim Maddox, BO.) Pruteh, Sam Butler. BACK ROW: Nick Loundogin, Ken Simpson, Werth Zuver, Milton Heyn, Ron Auletti, Frans Doelman. FROSH-JV COACHES HAL Grant and Al Ragan agree that 1952 marked the debut of several new potential stars for the Bears. The frosh have top prospects in sprinter and broad jumper Jim Tabor; halfmilers Ed Hirsch and Art Stewart, miler Frank Doelman, and two-miler Jim Chaddox. Finally opening their 1952 track season after three postponements the Frosh JV spikesters defeated CCSF in a three-way meet. The fresh- men and JVs were divided into two teams this year, the Blues and the Golds. In a three-way meet the two Bear teams beat Sacramento College. Here Bob Warrick, outstanding prep performer, paced off the 440 in :50A. The Frosh-JVs claimed another victory by defeating a combined Yuba College-San Mateo JC. Even while falling to the S.F. High School Stars, the Frosh-JV team looked forward to another ful season. Frosh trackmen begin a race at Edwards Field in a three-way track meet. Coming to Cal in 1947, HAL GRANT is recognized as one of the top prep cinder coaches in the nation. Two juniors who run for the JVs are PHILLIPS, shown ing the stick, and JACK HADLEY. VARSITY—FRONT ROW, left to right: Jerry Greenbaum, Desmond Coffelt, Armand Maggenti, Bob McConnell, Bob Misrach, Kerg Key. SECOND ROW: Dick Gaffery, Bill Jack Stanard, Martin Rotto, Glen Miller, Bruce Coomds, Mike Scholl, Allen Samson, Jens Christy, Ron Ahlport, Howard Morrow, Bill Loorz, Paul Hendriksen. THIRD ROW: Ebright (coach), Mark Levy, Tom Warsh, Larry Marshall, Howard Jory, Merritt Robinson, Cliff Fagen, Dave Donlan, Howard Ducker, Tom Adams, Fred Avilez, Bill Peretti. ROW: Rodger Heatherly, Bill Anderson, Harold Wallenberg, Chuck Harrington, Bill Lawrence, John Class, Bob Johnson, Ken Noack, Pete Scott, Pete Dolliver, Bill Owen, Burrows. ' 52 VARSITY OLYMPIC YEAR always is a big one for Cal crews. With thoughts of Helsinki not far from their minds, the crew prepared for a long season which includes USC, Washington, UCLA, Stanford, Wiscon- sin, the IRA at Syracuse, N.Y., and of course the Olympic tryouts July 2,3, and 4 at Worcester, Mass. This year ' s team will need some rebuilding due to the return of only four 1951 varsity members and only two from the championship junior varsity boat. Nothing, how- ever, will dim the hopes of repeating the success of the 1948 crew with another Olympic title for Cal. COACH KY E BRIGHT has sent victorious crews to the last three out of four Olympic Games. Ky is certain all crew members will hear him with his " sound system. " Tom Volkmann, Bruce Young, Don Keene, Tom Feliner, Bill Morley discuss last-minute instructions. ' 51 HIGHLIGHTS Members of the winning University of California junior varsity crew in the International Rowing Regatta at Marietta, Ohio, after receiving their medal certificates from John L. Collyer, president of the B. F. Goodrich Ccmpany, the donor, following race Saturday, June 16. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Reuther, Conway Peterson, Bill Durland, Fred Avilez, John L. Collyer, Robinson, Al Lorenz, Bill Schnack, John Lowe, Don Glusker (kneeling). THE CALIFORNIA crew started its 1951 season at Newport Harbor in the West Coast Intercollegiate Regatta. California defeated Stanford, UCLA, and USC. Although Washington defeated Cal at Seattle, the team returned home to beat Stanford at Stanford. Cal ' s third victory was registered when the team upset the Wisconsin Eight and set a new Estuary record for the three-mile one-length race of 14:26. June brought the Marietta Regatta where the varsity placed fourth, while the JV ' s took first place. Oski and some future Bears take a ride in the launch. MANAGERS—FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Young (junior manager), Dick Sallinger manager), John Peterson (junior manager), Art Clayton. BACK ROW: Andy Zorbas (junior ager), Paul Coffee, Al Ghidossi, Charley Greschel, Ron Dayton, Gene Schneider, Jim Bill Ghidossi, Al Poston. Oski, here shaking hands with Ky, always lends his support Alumni Crew Day. alumni crew day ALTHOUGH THE Alumni men only rowed in abbreviated exhibition because they were limited to ten strokes, they proved that the spirit of the Blue and Gold was still there. It was an afternoon of reminiscing over past crew thrills while exhibiting some of their former skills at propelling a shell. Two of the members of Ky ' s first crew, Harry East Miller ' 27, and Ward von Tillow ' 28, were present and active in the events. Bill Beal, Jack Collins, Jim Brown, Guinne Sharrer, Warren Morehead, and Roger Bell show a little of that perennial alum crew spirit. The 1948 Olympic crew stirs up a few " memories. " The class of 1932 was represented at the Alumni Crew Day with the appearance of Doc Tower and Winslow Hall. The press has a field day with the return of the 1948 Olympic crew. The frosh crew lost their lead in the Interclass races when their No. 6 oar broke. interclass races ON MARCH 25, the 1952 sea- son began for the California crew with the Interclass races as a part of Alumni day activities. Although the seniors captured top honors in both races, the juniors, sophomores, and fresh- men showed good potential strength. The victory of the senior shell was a repeat, for as juniors last year they defeated the seniors in the 1951 Interclass races. The sophomore crew maps out a little strategy before the race. Pete Scott, Merritt Robinson, Bill Loorz, aid Tom Adams wait for the race to begin. Wishing he was in the launch, a crew supporter watches the senior class win the Interclass races. FRONT ROW, left to right: Hymn Spinrad, Norman Anther, Richard Bierce, Dave Heil, Ken Costello, John Williams, Jim Schafer. SECOND ROW: Laurence Johns, Bruce Cropper, Forrest Borghesani, Marvin Warden, John Richardson, John Hamilton, Chuck Minne. BACK ROW: Carl Anaclerio (coach), Bob McWhirter, Jerry Gabbart, Nick Kemsley, Gordon Gill, Bob Fox, Butch Barjan, Denny Barnes. FRESHMEN The freshman coach, CARL ANACLERIO, is called a " student of baseball, " and last year was seen playing as pitcher and fielder for the varsity. IN LIGHT of a limited number of games, the Frosh JV hiders showed definite signs of progressive play as they compiled a mid-season record of seven wins in eleven starts. The brunt of the pitching chores was divided between Forest Borghesani and Jack Waltz. Bruce Cropper handled the catching, and displayed posi- tive talent as a comer for the varsity nine. Other players to show a great deal of promise in both the field and at the plate were shortstop Norm Auther, second baseman Bob Fox, first sacker Gordon Gill, and outfielders Don Pryde and Butch Buljan. CLIFF MAYNE and HUGH DITZLER join company in a doubles match. 1952 VARSITY TENNIS WITH THE new emphasis made in recent years on tennis, more and more young men have entered into competition. Coach Dick Stevens has great hopes for this year ' s varsity tennis team. So far this season the team has retained the Northern California Intercollegiate Tennis Championship for the second consecutive year. An adde d honor came when Fred Hagist walked off with the singles tournament. In the other college match, the Bear netters defeated San Jose State 9 to 0. With this hopeful outlook the Cali- fornia tennis team should be strong and have a good chance for winning the final championship in ' 52. FRED HAGIST and HUGH DITZLER talk over tennis strategy before the game. MANAGERS, left to right: David Stepanek and Bill Carr. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bruce Hyman, Paul Wilson, Ralph Hankie, Jack Hymes. BACK ROW: Jerry Down, Bill Foster, Bill Denevan. JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS THIS SPRING coach Dick Stevens has combined the Junior Varsity and freshmen into one team. The purpose of this is to allow the frosh to gain experience by playing in competitive meets. Since the only way a man can earn his letter in tennis is to play against Stanford, and this year Stanford has no freshman team, the new system is considered more ad- vantageous for the freshmen. So far this season they have lost to Modesto JC, 7-2, while defeating San Mateo, 8-0, and Monterey High, 8-I. The big meet will be against our arch foe, Stanford, on April 12. 212 Freshman HERSCHEL HYDE is the third ranking junior player in the U.S. Transter trom USF, HERNAN MOLINA was once junior champion of the Argentine. Letterman HUGH DITZLER is a junior and captain of the team. Top position in the ' 51 season was held by FRED HAGIST who played in all the Eastern grass tournaments last summer. Teaming up with his brother, JOHN RICKSEN gained the semi-finals of the National Intercollegiate doubles. Newcomer CLIF MAYNE is Northern California ' s top-ranking junior netter. Playing third doubles in the ' 51 season was BRUCE COLLINS, a two-year letterman. Bright hope for Cal is ROPE RICKSEN who reached the quarter finals of last year ' s Intercollegiate singles. ' ' ' ' - - , ' • - PA + " . e — , Ir.,. „, 1 — - v .i, ,. , , ,_, _ t. ,_.;a.- v... A IC A0. " m " ' 440000,0 r ' -A ,•••• • • • • • • -111 ' .■:(z1=;71(Qireire sostrissasix t FRONT ROW, left to right: Jeff Foley, Jerry Hayes, Jim Chapman, Brock Clark, Al Louderback, Bill Daggett. BACK ROW: Dick Ehni, Jim Ross, Don Smalian, Vince Wood, Doug Penrose, Dave Kennell. LIVING UP to pre-season expectations, Coach George Schroth ' s Blue and Gold mermen were sporting an unblem- ished slate against all competition at press time. Fullerton JC, SFCC, COP, and the Olympic Club were left kicking by wide margins. Top individual honors went to Jim Ross, record-breaking back stroker, who came home from the NCAA with a fourth and sixth respectively in 100 and 200- yard jaunts; and Al Louderback, middle-distance ace, who boasts All-American honors. Brilliant support from ing letterman Jim Chapman, Doug Penrose, Bill Armstrong, and Dick Ehni and a sprinkling of newcomers gives Coach Schroth one of the strongest seasons in the team ' s history. SWIMMING MANAGERS, left to right: Preston James, John Newton, Howard Rath, Chuck Stehr, Wilson Jacobson, Marshall Brink. As swimming manager, WILSON JACOBSON keeps busy running the meets, and doing the announcing and score keeping. FRONT ROW, left to right: Sheldon Onstead, John Yuanovich, Herbert Owens, Fred Hellman, Arthur Nicolay- sen, Robert Cummings. BACK ROW: Herb Steiner (coach), William MacLaughlin, Hugh Schade, Morris Kirk, Donald Kamier, James Baker, William Armstrong, Robert Maye, Ja mes Berger. Swimmers on your mark—bang! CHUCK STEHR was indispensable as JV swim manager. JV TEAM JUNIOR VARSITY paddlers, not to be outdone by their big brothers, also can boast a clean record for the season. Under the reins of former Bear star, Mo Mathews, the Jayvees have carried a very heavy schedule with consistent improvement throughout the season. The Cubs should produce some up and coming Varsity competitors for the ' 53 season. Swimmers toe the mark waiting their turn in the relay. The victor surveys the vanquished. GEORGE SCHROTH coached his waterpoloists into second place in the PAA tournament. HUGH SILCOX, as senior manager, is an indispensable member of the team as he handles all the details. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Fisher, Jim Chapman, Jim Carson, Al Louderback, Phil Martinovich. BACK ROW: George Schroth (coach), Don Smalian, Jim Ross, Bob Kahl, Bill Pugh, Jan Bowman, Jim Davis, Hugh Silcox (manager). WATER POLO BOWING TO the Stanford Indians in their final games, the Golden Bears wound up in third place behind Stanford and UCLA in the PCC. Coach George Schroth ' s team played eighteen games, seven of which they won; they won both USC games (7-2 and 6-2). The final game in the PAA which determined the championship was played by the Bears and the Olympic Club. The Olympic Club won, putting Cal in second place. The Junior Varsity made a good showing all season and took the championship in their league. JAN BOWMAN, goalie, " makes a save. " IBS IMP Utti BOB FISHER with the ball, with PUGH on the left, and CHAPMAN on the right. Z! AAP ' FRONT ROW, left to right: Frank Thornton, Paul Robbins, Theo Chang, Fred Lohse, Keijo Ahovuori, Enrico Bernasconi. SECOND ROW: Neil Linsey, Dean Carr, Stan Verdi, Hank Felluer, Bob Pistruiloff, Hans Reifer. BACK ROW: Jack Dukes (trainer), Bob DeGrazia (assistant coach), Morris Milbank, Howard Shain, Bill Mancuso, Ivor Luethy, Dave Matson, Majid Ardalan, John Anderson (coach). Combining full coaching duties with his studies was Coach JOHN ANDERSON. SOCCER COACH ANDERSON ' S Soccer Bears made the I 95 I sea- son a 50-50 affair, as they finished with a five to five record and a tie for first place in the league with Stanford in the Northern California Soccer Conference. After an early sea- son defeat by Stanford the Bears came back to beat them and go into second place, but in the final game of the year, which turned into a mud battle, Santa Clara drowned the Bears to their third-place tie. Four California players made the all-star play-off with the first team USF. SEASON ' S RESULTS California California 3 CCSF 2 2 SFS I 3 Santa Clara 2 2 CCSF 0 I SFS 4 I USF 4 I Stanford 3 3 Stanford 2 I USF 5 1 Santa Clara 3 BILL MANCUSO heading the ball against USF. weirmmimmwto,rmilms " " 0 " . 10■111!P " ' . FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Ruby, Pete Newell, Art Robson, Fred Hazlett, Miles Hudson (coach). SECOND ROW: Ray Willsey, Bob Pierce, John Kennedy, Nick Veliotes, Dick Gardella, Bob Brooks, Joe Babros, Don Harris, Jim Kidder, Larry Doan. THIRD ROW: Buzz Ragatz, Bob Logan, Ron Witter, Les Richter, Al Dunlap, John Foster, George Witter, Paul Andrew, Clyde Nash. BACK ROW: John Keane, John Rountree, Bob Brownlee, Keith Meserve, Frank Toombs, Hugh Maguire, Al Talley, Derek Berridge. New Zealander MILES " DOC " HUDSON led Bear Ruggers through a victorious season. Cal and British Columbia vie for a throw in. RUGBY " DOC " HUDSON ' S Rugby players proved themselves to be men well skilled at this strenuous sport. With no sub- stitutions in the full hour of play, stamina and skill go hand- in-hand. This season ' s Ruggers won nine out of ten games, losing one to British Columbia, and coming back to win the other three games in the series, with the privilege of retain- ing the World Cup. The Thunderbirds were said to have their best team in years, so the Bear wins showed quite an achievement. Standouts on the year ' s team were Les Richter, who is acclaimed to be one of the best Rugby players in the world, and Max Howell, former Australian Wallaby player. With his magical toe, Richter accounted for 67 of the 109 points made by the Bears in their best season in years. LES RICHTER (67) prevents British Columbia man from taking the ball from MAX HOWELL (13). BOXING THE CALIFORNIA boxing team scored a better-than-average season this year despite the loss of outstanding boxer Ken Han- sen. Hansen became ill before the Pacific Coast Tournament after an outstanding record of six wins and one draw. The season was marked by five wins against three losses with thrills coming as the Bears twice scored victories over the Stanford squad. SEASON ' S RESULTS California 51 2 Stanford 31 2 California 5 Stanford 3 California 3 Cal Poly 5 California 21 2 Idaho State 61 2 California 5 San Francisco State 6 California 6 UCLA 2 California 9 Cal Aggies 1 California 61 2 Santa Clara 11 2 ABOVE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Ken Hansen, Al Dutra, Ed Sato, Charles baugh. BACK ROW: McKalip (manager), Dave Shieman, Jim McCann, Dick Tullsen, Bill Lamont, Floyd McFarland, Ed Nemir (coach). NOT PICTURED: Max Gutierrez. BELOW—BOXERS--Left to right: ED SATO, a 126-pounder, was one of Cal ' s standing boxers. DIC TULLSEN is rated as one of the best heavyweights on the The 178-pound class claims FRED SCHIEMAN as a top boxer. KEN HANSON turned to be Cal ' s big hope for the team ' s victory. A loyal Californian is ED NEMIR, who after graduating from Cal to coach the boxing team. WRESTLING FOR THE second consecutive season the Bear wrestlers came out on top in the Far Western tournament. Coach Henry Stone started the season with eleven returning lettermen among whom were Bently Lyon and William Perry, the two top college wrestlers on the Coast. The Western pre-Olympics trials were held at Berkeley this year and Lyon qualified for the finals in Iowa. All in all, the season was highly successful with the team winning every match and tieing one with Stanford. SEASON ' S RESULTS California 36 SFS 10 California 19 SJS 15 California 30 Stanford 6 California 16 Stanford 16 California 23 Cal Aggies 10 California 19 UCLA 12 ABOVE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Joe McKim, Julian Sanders, Bill Perry, Al SECOND ROW: Ted Staniford, Bob Rugg, Bill Hart, Charles Bradbrook, Jim man. BACK ROW: Henry Stone (coach), Bently Lyon, Raymond Mostin, Duane right, Robert Gibbel, Hugh Mumby (assistant coach). BELOW, left to right: BILL PERRY is ranked as one of the best lower weights in Northern California. EUGENE THEIOS is top man in the 150-weight division. BENTLY LYON is Cal ' s outstanding wrestler, and this season added to his titles by winning the NCAA 171-weight division. ROBERT RUGG is one of the key men on Cal ' s team. HENRY STONE has coached the Bear wrestlers to top place for two straight and has turned out several top collegiate wrestlers. Although hurt last year, TED ENGS was a Pacific Coast Conference medalist and finalist. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bernie Nelson, Rich Lien. BACK ROW: Bert White, Ted Engs, Dan McMillan, Wayne Lowell. GOLF PACED BY lettermen Ted Engs, Russ Bigelow, and Dan Millian, Cal ' s golf team saw a satisfactory season. Late in March Cal placed third behind San Jose State and Stanford in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Golf Tournament at Stanford. Bert White was the sole Cal medalist in the tour- ney play, with a low of seventy-two. The Bears were strong contenders in the Southern Division Tournament in May, having the advantage of a home green. The prospects for the ' 53 season are hopeful with four veterans returning. AL SAIS, the golf pro at the Mira Vista Country Club, acts as coach for the Bear golfers. This was the first year of Cal golf for junior WAYNE LOWELL, former San Jose junior champion. BERT WHITE was a medalist in the NCI with a low score of seventy-two. FRONT ROW, left to right: Drew Gram, Harry Sundby, Larry Shep, Len Smith, Ted Gish. BACK ROW: Doug McClure, Al Smith, An International 14 cuts through the choppy waters near the Berkeley Harbor Don Loomis, Marshall Gram, Roger Welsh. in the Santa Barbara races. SAILING CAL ' S SAILING team emerged victorious from the Pacific Coast Conference races at Newport Beach by beating Stanford three out of five. This victory entitled them to represent the PCC at the national races at Toledo, Ohio, in June. Skippers Drew Cram, Len Smith, Al Smith, and Captain Larry Shep will double up to make the two boats representing Cal. The Bear sailors also raced in dual meets against Santa Barbara, Pomona, and Cal Maritime. Senior LARRY SHEP has been captain of the sailing team since September. In the Santa Barbara races, Cal boats have the winning combination of second, third, and fifth. FENCING CAL FENCERS have competed on even terms with most of their opponents this season. Considering the fact that most of the ex- perienced swordsmen have graduated, this has been an outstand- ing accomplishment. The team has a high " esprit de corps " which is shown in all competitions. ARTHUR LANE once again returns to coach the Cal fencers. past success with fencing teams is well known. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mel Rubin, Ed Van Brunt, Dave Chamberlin. BACK ROW: Walter Lai, Roland Bianchi, Al Yee, Omar Baltan. The team works out. Pictured is Dave Chamberlin and Al Yee with Mel Rubin and Roland Banchi in the background. RIFLERY THE CALIFORNIA Riflery Team has set an outstanding record. Since 1947, when it joined the Northern California Intercollegiate Rifle Conference League, it has shot itself into first place to cap- ture the league ' s trophy. In the last five years the team has lost only one match. This record has been achieved under the direction of Captain Joel B. Woods and Sergeant Alva Harsin. Once a year the team holds a courtesy meet with UCLA which was held at Cal this year. The climax of the season came on March 22 when Cal became the first Western team to win the National Championships. Captain JOEL B. WOODS, the coach of the Cal Varsity Riflery team, has produced at team that has excelled with honors. LEFT—VARSITY TEAM—FRONT ROW, left to right: Alfred F. Miller, Les Davison, Pete Norton, Rick Mc- Dermote, Jim Thayer. SECOND ROW: Tao Yuan Wu, Barney Bryan, James W. Goldspring, Lloyd Auchard, L. E. Westbooke, William Culver, Frank B. Anderson. LOWER LEFT—Several members of the team get gether and compare scores. LOWER RIGHT—Gordon Taras, fall manager, and Rick McDermote, spring team manager. VOLLEYBALL OPENING ITS season in December, Cal ' s volleyball team participated in tournaments at Oakland, Stockton, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Berkeley where they placed first in the " B " division of the Far Western Open Tournament. The Bears lacked college competition, for no other schools provided for teams. Outstanding in the lineup were spikers Nick Kaliakin and Harris Steiner and setters Mo Mathews and Stu McDonald. FRONT ROW, left to right: Stu McDonald, Mo Matthews, Bob Kratter, Miles Turpin. SECOND ROW: Jack Batzler, Dick Peterson, Nick Kaliakin, Jack Craig, Bill Parker. BACK ROW: Jim Rovai, Harris Steiner, Dave Hood, Roy Polkinghcrne, Bill Linsenbard. Genial LANCE FLANAGAN, the Athletic ment ' s world traveler, still remains the most unclaimed husband of the University. FOUR RETURNING lettermen and a host of good prospects gave the Bear handball team a successful season. Playing only against experienced athletic clubs, the squad won over half of their games. Veterans Don Cloud and Burns Macdonald stablized the group while Bob Griffith and Joe War- hurst are tabbed as top competitors for next year. HANDBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Stan Steddom, Bob Knapp, Don Cloud (coach), Leo Gallagher, Kalkstein, Joe Warhurst, Herb Riedel, Bob Griffith, Burns Macdonald, Tom Perrin. Playing coach DON CLOUD sparked his team by attaining first position on both the doubles and singles teams. THE CALIFORNIA ski team enjoyed a full season this year, and with the abundance of snow skiing plans extended far into the spring. The season opened with the Tressider Memorial Cup Races with Cal ing third. The cross-country team, composed of Merrill Brown, Paul Stuart, Arne Kalmar, and Frank Wajda, took first place. The Nevada Winter Carnival held in Reno was the second meet. Bart Prom captured individual honors with the best downhill run of the Pacific Coast schools. The team also participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Races, and finally in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Ski Championships. TEAM, left to right: Bart Prom, Dick Scibird, Dick Deitrich, Paul Stuart, Frank Wajda, Arne Kalmar. NOT PICTURED: Merrill Brown. SKIING Even though Coach HARRY MORGAN was recalled to active duty, the Army stationed him in Alaska where he is instructing the ski patrol. PAUL STEWART, captain of the ski team, makes a tice run before the Winter Carnival Races in Nevada. BART PROM, California ' s best downhill man, performs for the camera. MERRILL BROWN is Cal ' s four-way man, as he pates in the cross country, downhill, slalom, and as shown here, is Cal ' s best jumper. 229 ABOVE, TEAM—FRONT ROW, left to Chuck Keeney, Stu McIlraith, Paul Goodale, Bill Stewart, John Zachry, Captain Bob Spracklen. SECOND ROW: Roman Gaskin, Mark Harrison, Dave Seed, Al Braccini. BACK ROW: Al Weitz, Henry Petereit, Paul Carlat, Peter Marvin. RIGHT: CHICK KEENEY (coach). LOWER RIGHT: NCAA fourth place winner PAUL GOODALE is doing a German Giant swing on the horizontal bar. GYMNASTICS CALIFORNIA ' S GYMNASTIC team opened its season with a victory over the Bear ' s rival, Stanford. There are several men who highlighted the team this year. The trampoline ' s ace was Mark Harrison; on the horizontal bar Bob Spracklen and Paul Goodale excelled; on the parallel bar Bill Stuart took top honors; while John Zachry was the side horse specialist and is also rated as the most promising sophomore. This year the PCC Gymnastic Tournament was held on this campus. UCLA captured an unexpected first place by one point over USC. California placed third, while Stan- ford took fourth. Looking over the year, Cal ' s gymnastic team completed a satisfactory season. BELOW: Soph JACK ZACHRY executing a triple reel dismount from the side horse. RIGHT: Captain BOB Spracklen, National AAU runner-up, doing an eagle giant swing on the horizontal bar. CROSS-COUNTRY THIS SEASON California ' s cross-country team got off to a slow start due to some pulled leg muscles and a few cases of flu, but they ended up strongly by beating a favored San Jose team. Also the Bears won the San Francisco State Invitational Meet, with Cal ' s star, Norm Green, coming in first and winning a miniature gold track shoe for his effort. The usual cross-country course is four miles running over varying terrain. Seven men from each lege run; five must finish in order to obtain a team score. The first man to finish gets a one rating, the second man a two, and so on. The college with the lowest number of points wins the meet. ABOVE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Verne Thornburg, Bob Leslie. BACK ROW: Jim Maddox, Neil Morosa, Landy Langley, Norm Green. LEFT: Come spring AL RAGAN is a hard man to find with his track and country coaching duties (shown here with Brutus Hamilton). LOWER LEFT: A promising cross-country man is AL DE LORIMIER whose best time is a mile in 4:32. LEFT: Fleet-footed NORM GREEN looks very determined as he practices for the coming cross-country races. BELOW: The cross-country team is shown out for a practice session. INTRAMURAL THIS SEMESTER thousands of men participated in the Intramural Program set up by Ralph Miller and his assistant, Charles Karp. This program gives everyone a chance to participate in a favorite sport, to develop a skill, or to learn a new sport. The excellent equipment is supplied by the University, and fair play and good sportsmanship are stressed. There is competition in every field of indoor and outdoor sports. This is a sample of the many sports which go on throughout the academic semester and the men who guide them. TOP LEFT: Ralph Miller. RIGHT: Charles Karp. Sports represented here are horseshoes, baseball, football, wrestling, badminton, gymnastics, volleyball, table tennis, boxing, basketball. WEIGHT BASKETBALL 145 SEASON SCORES 130 SEASON SCORES CAL OPP. CAL OPP. 43 Live Oak Residents 42 50 Parchester Villagers 37 48 Placer College 55 51 San Ramon High 32 32 Gring Pest Control 35 46 Industrial Finishing 48 46 Industrial Finishing 40 46 Armstrong College 38 46 Santa Rosa High 42 53 St. Mary ' s High 51 39 Parchester Villagers 41 59 Live Oak Residents 33 50 Richmond High 45 36 Harry ' s Coffee Shop 45 30 Harry ' s Coffee Shop 40 47 St. Mary ' s High 37 WON 10, LOST 7 38 Gring Pest Control 52 CAL OPP. 42 Cal Ink Co 37 44 Richmond High " B " 29 36 Gring Pest Control 30 37 Placer High 35 51 Bolulus 43 54 Richmonl High " B " 32 46 Cal if. School of Deaf 31 40 San Ramon High " B " 28 46 San Ramon High 28 57 Healdsburg 16 44 Berkeley High " B " 24 38 Richmond High JV 31 47 Bombers 39 CAL OPP. 34 Washington High " B " 21 32 Bushers 29 28 St. Mary ' s " B " 25 51 Cal Ink Co 31 45 Gring Pest Control " B " 43 62 Bombers 24 43 Bolulus 33 43 St. Mary ' s High " B " 35 44 Calif. School of Deaf 36 38 Bushers 37 57 Live Oak High School 54 WON 25, LOST 0 UPPER-145 SQUAD—FRONT ROW, left to right: George Norville, William Sheng, Bud Henry, William Wong, Ralph Henkle. BACK ROW: Albert Haven, Donald Carlson, Donn Frid- land, John Phillips, Robert De John, Ned Shaw, Roy Hanson (coach). LOWER—Bill Wong (3) goes high in the air for a tip-in against Harry ' s Coffee Shop in the Berkeley AA league. UPPER-130 SQUAD--FRONT ROW, left to right: George Lee, Lloyd Johnston, Vance Lerner, John Baleix, Bob Foo, Jack Lockhart. BACK ROW: Jim Willett, Arlen Jee, John Iskra, George Trabert, Ken Wood, Henry Chinn, Herbert Vim, Pascual Fidel, Jim Slusser (coach). Jumping for the ball are John Oskra (15) and George Trabert (8), while Lloyd Johnston watches from the right. ON SEPTEMBER 26, 1941, Bill Richwell instituted the California mascot, Oski. It was the eve of the St. Mary ' s game rally that Oski made his first appearance. At first Oski was a live bear but be- cause of several unfavorable incidents 10 years ago the present Oski costume made its appearance. During the war, the mascot disappeared but in 1946 the Oski committee of three, now en- larged to 10, was revised. The purpose of the mascot is to add spirit to the sports and activities around campus. One highlight of Oski ' s year happened at the USC football game. Oski organ- ized a hobo band for Cal and won the loyal support of the crowd and showed up, of course, the USC band. Another highlight was bringing Oski into the Stanford stadium in an armored car, after his abduction by the Indians at the rally. So, here ' s to Oski—more the mascot—the spirit of Cal. OSKI made his appearance at the Big Game rally brandishing an axe as an Hawaiian import. A few stunts on the trampoline during the intermission at the Cal-Stanford basketbll game give that added punch of spirit for Cal. OSKI makes his awaited entrance at the Big Game in an armored car. Up to his usual stunts, OSKI tempts the Trojans to give chase. BELOW: OSKI COMMITTEE—FRONT ROW, left to right: Norm Rubey (assistant director), Bill Perry, Bill Berger (director). BACK ROW: Stu McIlraith, Wee Ponq, Tom Merigan, Ken Costello, Chip Wray. organizations ABRACADABRA 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allen Stu Kimball Lewis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Greg Englehard Frank Spurrier Boynton Kaiser Robert Robert Usinger GRADUATES Douglas Keith Bill Kleinenbroich SENIORS Howard Bassett Robert Beauregard Louis Beck Richard Bon Gene Bryan Paul Castro Don Choquette Howard Fish Robert Roy Haddock John McNear Dwight Meyers Shelton Moore Desmond Owens Edward Pause Jim Smith Ted Steakley Walkup Bassett Beau regard Bon Bryan Castro Choquette Egan Fish Haddock McNear Myers Moore Pausa Smith Steakley Kapfer Kelly Malone Perry Thurston Walker Wickman Young Cu nda II Dimitriou Flynn Forsstrom Richards Atkinson Chisholm Slauson Tinay Wickman Smokey J. Riley Kapfer Erwin Kelly Wes Malone Bill Perry JUNIORS Earl Thurston Stan Walker Boyd Wickman Vince Young SOPHOMORES Don Cundall Ward Flynn Jim Dimitriou Ron Forsstrom Benjamin Richards FRESHMEN LeRoy Atkinson Bob Slauson George Chisholm Ron Tinay Bob Wickman Smokey John Ford MASCOTS Lona SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Fountain Jim Hall 239 ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS David Fischer Derek Berridge Elliott Brenner Robert Friday Richard Hoffelt Arthur Jollymour Harold Kouns Robert McKee John Nystuen Donald Cambell Steve Davenport Richard Evans Merril Hof-felt Dave Hammond Ken Millner GRADUATES Joseph Shaw SENIORS Fred Pfost Richard Pland Allen Samson George Stockfleth Walter Tingley Murman Vedder William Walker Richard Wolcott JUNIORS Ted Nelson Jim Nickelson Earl Rickers Ralph Schroeder Lindsay Smith Robert Tanem Douglas Wolcott Edmund Wilkens SOPHOMORES James Kidder Richard Lawyer Gilbert Muck Rodger Welch Gordon Taylor Mal Zirker FRESHMEN Brent Pomery MASCOT La nta Robert Coe Edmund Colliau Robert Ehrlick Fred Foster Alvin Hawkins John Johnson William Linsenbard Robert Montgomery Shaw Berridge Friday Hoffelt, R. Jul lymour Kouns Pfost P land Samson Stockfleth Tingley Vedder Walker Coe Colliau Foster Hawkins Johnson Linsenbard Nelson N ickelson Rickers Schroeder Smith Tavern Wolcott Wilkens Cambell Welch Evans Hoffelt, M. Kidder Lawyer Muck Taylor Lanta Zirker Millner Pomery UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes B. L. Robertson R. T. Crawford R. B. Tippet+ Fred Cozens Edward Augustus Dickson 240 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. Cordes John Ise, Jr. Parker Talbot GRADUATE Dave Cavanaugh SENIORS Francis Busby Peter Hunt Will Ellington Raymond Hurd Bob Harmon Peter Norton Fred Hencken Bill Rothaus Lawrence Schutz JUNIORS Jeijo Ahovuori Dick Oetting Burk Bradford Jerry Smith Dan March Joe Soldevila Jim McGuire Bill Woolf SOPHOMORES Duane Allen Ed Gilligan Jim Allison John Harrell Gene Bowman Jack Nahmens ALPHA CHI RHO 2311 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY CHAPTERS Cavanaugh Busby Ell ington Harmon Hencken Hunt Hurd Norton Rothaus Shultz Ahovuori March McGuire Oetting Smith Soldevila Woolf Al len Allison Bowman Gilligan Harrell Nahmens Billington Fisher Larsen Lowe Powers Winslow Cindy FRESHMEN Vic Billington Roger Lowe Jim Fisher Len Powers Bob Larsen John Winslow SPRING PLEDGES Nick Buharov Paul March ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY SIX CHAPTERS GRADUATES Charles Galloway Richard Porter Ralph McLaughlin Elmer Dick Tedford SENIORS Bob Be ck Don DeHalas Bob Erickson Larry Ferreira Harold Freeman Jack Graham Ralph Gunther Charles Nash Rodney Pence JUNIORS George Batchelder Julian Schamus Jan Bowman Lawrence Snyder John MacKinney Vern Troutner Fred Poucher James Willows SPRING PLEDGES Joe DeGraw Ted Irving Ken Fordyce Gene Russell Bill Fowles Chuck Savage Bruce Hudson Dick Tinder Marvin Wright Roy Pritchard James Rice Paul Russell Clay Shark Lloyd Snyder Dick Stein Robert Stephenson Iry Whittemore McLaughlin Porter Tedford Beck DeHalas Erickson Ferreira Freeman Gunther Nash Rice Russell Sharts Snyder Stein Stephenson Batchelder McCarthy MacKinney Pence Poacher Schamus Snyder Troutner Caesar UNIVERSITY Frank W. Allen Gerald E. K. Branch Leo Brewer LeRoy A. Bromley Robert E. Connick William V. Cruess J. J. Eiler William D. Gwinn Donald N. Hanson Joel H. Hildebrand Paul L. Kirk Wendell M. Latimer ASSOCIATES Donald S. McClure Alex R. Olson Chester T. O ' Konski Nello Pace Kenneth S. Pitzer Richard E. Powell Gerhard K. Rollefson Glenn T. Seaborq Thomas D. Stewart Theodore Vermeulen Charles R. Wilke Campbell E. Williams 242 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. H. Copp Dr. Frank W. Lynch Charles S. Davidson Dr. John McGee Dr. William C. Deamer Harold H. Mumby Dr. Herbert M. Evans Karl E. Schevil Dr. T. H. Goodspeed Dr. John H. Woolsey Dr. Hans Lisser Dr. John H. Woolsey, Jr. SENIORS Robert Barney Kenneth Noack Denis DeBost Brent Ogden Gerhard Jansen Daniel Payne David Kenyon Don Robison Richard Lowe John Rountree John McGhee Richard Vclberg JUNIORS Bert Blackwelder Bradley McNear Jeff Doolittle William Morrish William Farmer Charles Newman Robert Hamilton William Rabbitt Norman Keider William Soars Richard McDougal Peter Shenon Stuart Spence SOPHOMORES Duncan Haynes Richard Massing John Hotchkis Harry Mathis Cecil Hunt Gilbert Nelson Frank Lampietti Jacques Raven FRESHMEN Fred Brenner John Gerhart David Cunningham Chapin Milbank Alfred Ford Richard Phillips Cress Williamson SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Abbott Don Martin Richard Mead Payne Rountree Volberg Doolittle Farmer De Bost Kenyon Lowe McGhee Noack Hamilton Keider McDougal McNear Morrish Newman Rabbitt Shenon Spence Haynes Phi llips Williamson Hotchkis Hunt Lampietti Massing Mathis Raven Brenner Ford Gerhart M ilbank 243 ALPHA EPSILON P1 2333 COLLEGE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE T. Vermeulen GRADUATES Arnold Demain George Kass Hartley Gaylord Alan Herbert Sukenik SENIORS Earl Cohen Leonard Levinson Jacques de Weid Hans Reifer Donald King Norton Sharpe Robert Lesser John Ullman JUNIORS William Abend Benjamin Puttler Herbert Loew Leo Weilmann Edward Weiss SOPHOMORES George Bauer Kenneth Howard Henry Glasser Mark Irwin Monroe FRESHMEN Marvin Brosler Robert Woolf Richard Nitzberg Leslie Yeffe SPRING PLEDGES Newt Brown Leon Levy Roy Chase Robert Miller Sam Kehela Don Schwartz Kass Cohen de Weid King Levinson Puttler Reifer Sharpe Weiss Loew Weilmann Bauer Howard Monroe Brasier Woolf Yeffa Lover ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2523 HILLEGASS AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 TWO CHAPTERS Silvius, D. Werner, R. W. Blake Snook Wise Ellis Hawkinson Garion Dinshaw Agbabian Behrens Johnson Kupelian Silvius, J. Gaubatz McDonald Morse UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Donald M. Cunningham GRADUATE Dudley Dinshaw SENIORS Harry Agbabian John Kupelian Harry Behrens John Silvius William Johnson Walter Snook Jack Wise JUNIORS Gordon Ellis Harry G. Morse Donald Gaubafz Donald Silvius John McDonald Robert Werner SOPHOMORES Thomas Blake Robert Werner FRESHMAN Paul Hawkinson SPRING PLEDGES Robert Huntwork George Sapp Glen Hutchison Richard Stark Jerry Thieres ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 FOURTEEN CHAPTERS Almada SOPHOMORES Coleman Hiatt George Allen John Kerby-Miller Patty Robert Darter Alan Thompson Pinley Arthur Edwards Gordon Wilson FRESHMEN Charles Almada Peter Reynolds Sheldon Coleman Ted Sanford Reynolds Charles Hiatt Vernon Sullivan Sanford Frank Patty William Somerville Sullivan John Pimley Roy Wolcott Somerville Wolcott SPRING PLEDGES Garth Cummings Robert Van Austin James Morrison Robert Von Konsky Clarke Freeman Gress Hanson Lucchesi Nelson Ohanneson Stone Clemens Cummings Iverson Johnson, C. Johnson, K. Martin Potter Smith Stoller Osgood Vetter le i n Allen Richard Clarke Reid Crowder Kenneth Cusick John Freeman John Gress Robert Hines GRADUATE Don Christianson SENIORS Howard Hanson Harry Lucchesi Bernard Nelson Gregory Ohanneson Donald Stone Warren Wiesenfeld David Cummings John Iverson Chalmers Johnson Kenneth Johnson Werner Martin David Potter Karel Smith Leonel Stoller Joe Osgood Ralph Vetterlein Darter Edwards Kerby Thompson Wilson JUNIORS William Clemens Alan Parsons 246 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 2605 ETNA STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1906 ALHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN GRADUATE CHAPTERS Price Abbott Cooper UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Joseph Gier GRADUATES James Gibbs Otis Handy John Price SENIORS Stewart Robert Abbott Emmett Jones Washington Earl Cooper James Rogers Dewitt Joseph Debro Wilfred Stewart Hugh Fountain Laulie Washington JUNIORS Fernando Alexander Lindley Hamilton James Dewitt Edwin Johnson Borden Olive Olive SOPHOMORE Jimmy Dodds Debro Fountain Rogers SPRING PLEDGES Norman Auther Albert Clipper Gilbert Brooks Bobby Cooper Marshal Celesteri Richard Kennedy ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILIT ARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN CHAPTERS EXTRACURRICULAR DOINGS took up most of the ATO ' s time this year as in years gone by. Football dances, a fall hayride, the big Winter Formal, and trips to Squaw Valley and the Cal Lodge made living worth- while during the fall semester. When the sun got warmer and the days became longer, skis gave way to bathing suits, and the sunporch and Stinson Beach be- came favorite ATO hangouts. The ATO ' s sent a Rhodes scholar to England, a Rep-at-large to EX committee, athletes to various coaches, and were satisfied with a very successful year. Anderson Brown Butler Chappel le Edmunds Gordon Graves Hanson Hess Karvel is Jacobson Ludlow Morel Robinson Sied ler Taylor Armstrong Coffin Gubernick Gray Jory 248 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Wilson Jacobson Ralph Quackenbush Al Talley SPRING PLEDGES Raymond T. Birge William Ludlow Charles Stehr Carl Walker Glen Atwater Ky Ebright Kenneth Stoddard Jack Maxwell Robert Morel Merritt Robinson SOPHOMORES Steven Bassel Robert Richards FRESHMEN George Blank Ted Carlyon SENIORS Roland Siedler Wesley Chalmers Alan Ames Denton DeLong Alfred Anderson William Taylor Tom Cline Robert Armstrong Jack Grey Charles Brown Max Thomas Myron Crow Robert Blake Ed Hersh John Butler Malcomb Ebright David Creek Dick Johnson Richard Chappelle Clark Dyer Jack Edmonds William Gordon Robert Graves Harry Hanson Robert Hess JUNIORS William Armstrong Larry Coffin John Gray Harold Gubernick Ronald Hayman Robert Kirkpatrick Jerry Lienau John Newton Dean Madson Don Matson Robert Martincich Roland DeLong Robert Donovan Ronald Hanscom Alan Humphrey James Macomber Richard Marston Dwight Newman Bill Phillips Bill Pratt Gordon Rayan Len Schmitt Chris Skrepetos Herbert Hiestand Howard Jory Robert Perry Donald Rogers Bill Smith Bud Karvelis Craig Leibsle Leo Pircher Edward Windeler Bill Whitson Stehr Basset Chalmers Crow Ebright Kirkpatrick Madson Matson Newton Perry Pircher Richards Tal ley Walker Blake Creek Donovan Hanscom Humphrey Marston Windeler 249 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2793 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-SIX CHAPTERS Coleman Craig Gilkey Giusti Hinerman Kassenbrock Kratter McDaniels Mohr Mooers Moriarity Sheedy Sugrowe Sweigert Turner, J. Eld.idge J. Best John W. Gregg UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Anders J. Carlson Robert Sewell GRADUATES Thompson James Handel DeJohn Drake SENIORS Garrison Jack McDaniels George Coleman Jensen James Craig Henry Mohr Douglas Mooers Scott Gilkey Donald Giusti Ted J. Moriarty James Hinerman George Perham Robert Kassenbrock John Sheedy King Robert Kratter Warren Sugrowe Langley John Lidell Sheridan Sweigart g Matthew JUNIORS Morris Jerry Brown Shelby King Jerry Cauthen Dick Lafitte Robert DeJohn Rolland Langley Richard Drake Bruce Matthew Gene Finley Donald Morris Turner, D. Lowell Garrison John Turner Ludwig Robert Jensen Daniel Turner Uphoff Robert Uphoff Bredemeier Ensign SOPHOMORES Jack Bredemeier Harold Hill Ron Ensign Ronald Jones Gordon Gill Lynn Leffler Harold Grant Alfred Ludwig Norman Green Thomas Russell Wardner FRESHMAN James Van Noy, Jr. SPRING PLEDGES Bob Carrick Steve Shank Milt Heyn Jack Stirton Dick King Bill Walton Gerald Martin Dan Woodruff Gill Green Hill Jones Leffler Van Noy 250 BETA SIGMA TAU 2728 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT ROOSEVELT COLLEGE, CHICAGO, 1948 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1948 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Evanow Ascercion Burns Cespedes Chan Clark Larmer Rasul Tipton Coatsworth Griffin Kyono Mathews Monson Okamoto Swanson Johns Rimov UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Lipsky Martin J. Loeb GRADUATES Serge Evanow Leonard Furman Roberts SENIORS Arnie Ascersion Henry Clark Washington Burns Robert Johnson Harry Chan, Jr. Abdul-Rahman Rasul Robert Larmer JUNIORS Agripino Cerbatos Bob Johnson Greg Cespedes Katsu Kobata James Coatsworth Ray Kyono Lauren Dillard Bob Mathews Paul Fossum Maurice Monson James Gill Fred Okamoto Bud Griffin Arvey Swanson SOPHOMORES Alan Johns Gene Rimov SPRING PLEDGES Milt Anderson Roger Fortune Garfield Byrd Ziggy Goldman Ted Bernas Harry Nickle Danny Concepcion Tonias Pasion Lionel Coste Herb Greg White BETA THETA PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-FIVE CHAPTERS Wilson Beale Duncan Hansen Tormey Andrew, P. Barrie Bull Cook Lyon McGuire Morris Ragatz, D. Shreve Kelly Kennedy Newberry Whisenhunt Anderson Settlemier Siler Turner Worrell Wright Binkley Burrows Galligan Prom Raney Ebey Ebrignt Ragatz, B. Stoeffel Staniford UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Don Votau Nicholas Taliaferro Bertram Bronson Edward Welch James Caldwell Schiller Joe Scroggs GRADUATES John Hoffman Bob Duncan Bill Wilson SENIORS Paxton Beale Don Lipelt Corky Bowles Ed Lyon John Boyle Mike McGuire Lee Buffington Gil Morris Alan Cobb Dex Ragatz Dick Erb Jack Rothe Doug Hansen Hank Schaffner Larry Kehoe Bill Shreve Jack Tormey JUNIORS Jack Anderson Jim Kelly Paul Andrew John Kennedy Allan Barrie Bob Kubik Alpheus Bull Dick Lee John Cook Don Newberry Dave Hudson Jack Waltz John Whisenhunt SOPHOMORES Jim Anderson Bart Prom Joe Babros Jim Raney Jack Binkley Grant Settlemier Bob Burrows Granny Siler Dick Dieder Steve Turner Tom Galligan Jim Willett Tom Garvey Bob Worrell George Wright FRESHMEN Jack Ebey Mike Phelan Al Ebright Buzz Ragatz Hugh Maguire Jack Stoeffel Dick Staniford SPRING PLEDGES Stan Bell Gerald Pevy Chuck Best Frank Toombs John Moulsen Gary Wheatcroft 252 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS CHI PHI Carson Doyle Dunne Hynes SENIORS James Carson Richard James Bernard Doyle Herbert McLean Peter Dunne Robert McNear Clark Galloway Robert Murch Durie George Hynes Burt Olsen Good Eugene Rizk Hawkins Killeen JUNIORS Richard Gabhart Herbert Haworth SOPHOMORES Dix Boring Robert Good William Claussen Peter Hawkins John Crimmins Theodore Killeen John Dodson James Lloyd Robert Durie Howard Maynard FRESHMEN John Ball John Meek William Geisriter Richard Rahl Horace Hayes Donald Reynolds SPRING PLEDGES Douglas Hoff Richard Levis Jerry Jenner Shy Meeker Chintz Murch Olsen Risk Gabhart Haworth Boring Crimmins Dodson Lloyd Maynard Ball Geisriter Hayes Meek Rahl Reynolds 253 CHI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Blakeley Chappell Fimrite Vance Brown Fosdahl Guthrie Henriksen Jerlow Marsella Morton Sparks Albo Bingham Cone Denison Henry Kenney Lageson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Linz Perry Evans Carl Johnson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Leo McClatchey SENIORS William Blakeley Newton Drury Gwynne Chappell Ronald Robert Vance JUNIORS Majors Reeves Wyllie Young Burkett Coleman Gregg Mulvaney Sparks Sutherland Leland Brown Edward Fosdahl Richard Guthrie Paul Henriksen Dwight Jerlow Jack McCourtney Gary Marsella James Morton Howard Rath Lowell Sparks Robert Trempy Robert Wilkins SOPHOMORES Robert Albo George Jelten Lawrence Bingham John Kenney Norman Cone Ernest Lageson Robert Denison Clifford Linz Neil Ericksen John Majors Lee Gustafson Horace Reeves Merlin Henry George Peter Young Wahl FRESHMEN Robert Burkett Thomas Pereira Darrel Coleman Keith Sparks John Gregg Lee Sutherland John Mulvaney John Wahl SPRING PLEDGES Bob Bender Daniel Miller Larry Church Bill Llorrell Ken Ernst Jim Sullivan 254 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER DEL REY Brooks Coleman Gentry Gerken Hodges Renner Robben Smith Carr Keith Brooks John Ludemann Clausen Raymond Castenada John Mason Daniel Coleman, Jr. Dale Mills Victor Emmerich Paul Perry Wayne Gentry Richard Teel Wendell Gerken Jimmie Walker George Hodges William Wilson Jones Mathews McTighe JUNIORS Pendlay Robert Carr James McTighe Roberts Donald Clausen Stevador Don Pendley Frank Jones, Jr. James Roberts Donald Mathews David Wayland Gerald Young Wayland SOPHOMORES Young Fred Bluett Robin Renner Cagnone Gerald Gilardi Frank Robben Foster James Jenner Anthone Smith Rene FRESHMEN Leroy Cagnone William Foster Ludemann Mason Mills Perry Teel Walker Wilson Bluett Gilardi Jenner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Herman A. SENIORS Burt Adams SPRING PLEDGES Ralph Decker Don Welch DELTA CHI 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Perry Evans Leo Frank Russel GRADUATES Ed Clark Burt Melner David LaFollette Bob Melton SENIORS John Armstrong Warren Kennerson Bob Bland Del Lindfors Ken Colt Dick Mulvany James Goss Richard Nicholas James Graham George Nolan Tom Herron John Obradovich Ken Hopkins John Pappa Fred Kemmerling James Reed Bob Severns JUNIORS John Benton Chris Gasparich Wayne Clark Fred Harrison Marvin Curtin James Miller Charles Eggleston Davis Mills Richard Frandsen Gair Slaon SOPHOMORES Jim Kleaver Bill Ystad FRESHMAN John Tate SPRING PLEDGES Walt Lebedeff George Williams Don Walker Jim Yeatts Clark Melner Armstrong Bland Colt Graham Herron Hopkins Lindfors Mulvany Nolan Obradovich Reed Severns Benton Curtin Eggleston Frandsen Gasparich Harrison Mills 1 leaver Ystad Tate DELTA KAPPA EPSILON [ • 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS Bucklin Caldwell Carroll Engs Wisher Woodward Ely Dyer Fisher Gould McMillan Pierce Politzer Rosenkrans Sawyer Tuller Zimmerman Allen, R. Gwynn Hinsdale Lee Sherman Spangler Tell Allen, D. Bradley Dunn McGill Smith UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putnam, Jr. GRADUATE William SENIORS William Bucklin Peter Ward Jack Caldwell Joe Saueressig Walter Carroll Donald Wisher Edward Engs Robert Woodward JUNIORS Dwight Ely Richard Pierce Norman Dyer Alexander Politzer Robert Fisher Adolph Rosekrans Richard Gould J. Allen Sawyer Daniel McMillan Charles Tuller Gordon Zimmerman SOPHOMORES Robert Allen Preston Lee John Gwynn Scott Hinsdale Timothy Spangler Phillip Sherman Paul Tell F RESHMEN Dwight Allen David Goodwin Frederick Bradley Richard McGill Roger Dunn Windfield Scott DELTA SIGMA PHI 2316 BOWDITCH STREET FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS FOREMOST ON the Delta Sig social calendar this year were such memorable events as the Sailors ' Ball, Big Brother Dinner, Big Game Formal at the Greenbrae Country Club, and the USC Dance at the Palace. The other side of college ship—continued to be emphasized and the house rated high on the fraternity grade average report. A Christmas party for underprivileged boys and the participation of members in local churches anced the picture. All in all, a proper balance be- tween scholarship, social and campus activities, and athletics was to be found at the Delta Sig house. Hoyt Sihner Boone Brewer Cunningham Cutter Doss Dowley Ellis Frolich Grayson Keeler Keener Leaver Lempriere Louderback, 0. McCullom Morrison Neerhout Nielsen Page Rapp Regalia Richvvood Savasta Thacher Tretten, R. Wood Applegate Courtney UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE David Grayson JUNIORS Derl Keen Richard Hill Ide Keeler William Applegate Stewart Larson Donald Keener Carl Courtney Richard Mortensen GRADUATES Francis Baronivich Robert Groh James Hoyt Herbert Sihner SENIORS Louis Kral! Marden Leaver Ronald Lempriere Oscar Louderback Myron McCullom Roderick Morrison Watson Fearing Donald Holmes Allen Louderback Charles Madsen Al Manzano Ray McCann David Morgan Ray Olsson Bruce Roessler Gerge Trabert Elmer Tretten Rene Van de Carr Richard Wallschlaeger FRESHMEN David Boone John Neerhout Ronald Parker Larry Blair Jack Brewer Warren Nielsen Harry Porter Philip Palmer Robert Cunnison Joe Page Warren Seibert Ronald Seawright James Cunningham Jack Cutter Thomas Doss Myron Rapp Edmond Regalia Joseph Richwood Thomas Savasta James Smith Roland Wedemeyer SOPHOMORES SPRING PLEDGES Sid Blair Robert Fuller George Dowley James Thacher Dennis Dorgan Hal Hungerford Robert Ellis Rudie Tretten Richard Erb Ken Lester Donald Frolich Joseph Wood Herbert Graywood Merle Mayer Fearing Holmes Louderback, A. Madsen Manzano McCann Morgan Oisson Parker Porter Seibert Smith Wedemeyer Dorgan Erb Graywood Keen Larson Roessler Trabert Tretten, E. Van de Carr Wallschlaeger Blair, L. Palmer Seawright Shawn :ANAL Agi 259 DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS A SUCCESSFUL year at the Delt House began with new paint and furnishings. Following this, with a new pledge class of fifteen, the Delt ' s interests turned toward athletics, scholarship, and social activities. The intramural teams, with ample tal- ent and skill, made the intramural trophy their goal. Training table, practice, and games claimed the time of several members during the year. Social activities were crowned by the traditional Big Game party, Christmas party, Spring Formal, and the tropical " Beachcomber Ball " held in conjunc- tion with the Stanford chapter of Delta Tau Delta. Exchanges, dances, skiing parties, and other good times filled out the social calendar. Cruickshank Doe Fish Galloway Halford Johnson Liston Malloch Neely Stainfield DeWitt Drake Gard Mitchell Monroe Sangster Schroeder Smith Brooks Burris Elder Gwerder Herring Lippincott 260 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES John Dawson Don Mitchell Bill Prucha Francis Foot Russ Doe Bill Monroe Doug Tanner Lawrence Foster George Fish Frank Packard FRESHMEN Brutus Hamilton Don Galloway Bill Sangster Jack Botsford Jastram Bill Halford George Schroeder Jim Bryan Frank Kelly Dave Johnson Mansfield Smith Ralph Henkle Ed Manske Morough O ' Brien Warren Perry Tom Steel GRADUATES Don Dodson Stan Klein Tom Liston George Malloch Don Neely Kent Stainfield Tom Warren SOPHOMORES Jere Brooks Doug Burris Dennis Elder Joe Gwerder Jack Herring Steve Dimeff Rich Lien Bill Lacy Bob Rossi Don Sarles Doug Stowell Stu McDonald JUNIORS Larry Lippincott Herb Tiedemann Dick Mackey Dan Clinkenbeard Pete Meredith Bob Weiske SENIORS Jim DeWitt Bob Meyer Grady West Dick Whiteman Dan Chapman Bill Drake Fred Moller Tom Wright Dave Cruickshank Norm Gard Pete Pierson Dave Zec Meredith Meyer Moller Pierson Prucha Tanner Botsford Bryan Henkle Diemeff Lien Lacy Rossi Sarles Stowell Tiedemann Weiske West Whiteman Wright 261 DELTA UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SEVENTY CHAPTERS ALTHOUGH PLAGUED with service activations as were most other houses on campus, Delta Upsilon had a highly cessful two semesters of activity this year. Among the more traditional social events were the annual " Two Yard Hop, " Winter Formal and the well known and well received " Bad Taste Dance. " Enthusiastic participants in most of the intra- mural athletic competitions, the DU ' s finished well in a ma- jority of them. Athletes or not, most of the men managed to at least hold their own in the sporadic water fights with their sorority neighbors. Active off as well as on campus, the fra- ternity had good reason to look back with pride on its 1951- 1952 year at Berkeley. Harper Hickinbotham Heiman Hell Kinkead Martinelli McLeod Paul Pletcher Reese Roth Sanderson Sellers Sumac Botsford Brownlee Cowan Johnson Logan M Brach Moulin 262 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Craig Harper JUNIORS Peter Dolliver John Taylor Edward B. Brewer Ralph Hickinbotham Herbert Botsford Robert Merrick Gerrold Turner Monroe E. Deutsch Laurence Heiman Robert Brownlee Thomas Pollock Thomas Volkmann Lloyd L. Farrar Alan Holl William Cowan Richard Rigby Peter Walker James Hopper, Jr. Neal McKeller Charles W. Merriman George R. Noyes Donald Pyle Lawrence M. Price Robert Kinkead John Manners Stephen Martinelli Alfred Masters Denny McLeod Sherwin Murry Thomas Johnson Gary Kaveney Robert Logan Robert Misrach Donald Moulin William Owen James Plessas Herbert Schneider FRESHMEN Donn Bearden William Beeson Blaine Harper David Heil SPRING PLEDGES Carl Arnold Louis Beermann William Fisher Rowan Gaither Howard Harker Robert Sibley Lowell Paul Victor Torres Allen Hughes James Hughes Herbert R. Stoltz Thomas Pletcher Andrew Zorbas Paul Larson Jurdy Hughes James W. Thompson Richard Reese Robert Lowry Stephen Jones Robertson Ward Hadden Roth SOPHOMORES Russell McCallion John McCallion Herbert C. Wyckoff Henry Sanderson Rex Baer Mark Meherin James O ' Neil SENIORS Robert Sellers William Bryant Richard Paynter Willard VanDyke Howard Best George Suman Paul Coffee Leonard Rea Jack Wilcox Plessas Rigby Lowry Torres Schneider McCall ion Zorbas Bearden Meherin Bryant Harper Paynter Coffee Heil Rea Doll fiver Hughes Taylor Merrick Larson Volkman Walker 263 KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Crossman Johnson Wilson Clowdsley Delano Theiller Christy Corbett Cummings deLorimier UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frank Mathews Dave Spencer Hutchinson Learner GRADUATES Pardini John Crossman Evan Johnson Ramos Richard Wilson Rogers SENIORS John Clowdsley Richard Hoffman Edward Delano Richard Lutz Robert Dennis Lester Sachs Rodolf William Hail Donald Strong Solari, J. Robert Theiller Vandever Dito JUNIORS Neal Newell Rummonds Schoeningh Summers White Down Krusi FRESHMEN Livett Gerald Down Neil Miller Miller Carlisle Krusi Delbe Solari Solari, D. Richard Livett Donald Vollmar SPRING PLEDGES Don Anderson John Garzoli Bill Brown Frank Roberts Vollmar Dennis Hail Lutz Sachs Strong Jens Christy Julian Pardini James Corbett Gregory Ramos Robert Cummings Joseph Rogers Al de Lorimier Carl Rodolf David Hutchinson Walter Shaff Robert Learner Joseph Solari Warren Vandever SOPHOMORES William Dito Robert Rummonds Thomas Neal Peter Schoeningh Stanley Newell Russell William White 264 2506 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS KAPPA NU Lyman, Y. Treitel Bojm Feldstein Harlick Lustig Rosenberg Silberman Winnekoff Greenbaum UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. Otto Barrett Gilbert Gordan Levin GRADUATES Salinger Yale Lyman Emanuel Treitel Schneider Stone Weiss SENIORS Paul Bojm Armand Magid Stewart Feldstein Gregory Moiseeff Robert Harlick Nathan Sabsay JUNIORS Steven Glick Richard Rosenberg Jack Kronfield Irwin Silberman Harvard Lyman Jerome Teller Jerome Lustig Tom Albert Winnikoff SOPHOMORES J. Greenbaum Sanford Schneider Irwin Levin Donald Stone Edward Salinger Irwin Weiss FRESHMEN Donald Adams Roy Koss David Birenbaum Stanford Lyman Lawrence Cahn Arthur Naftaly Ronald Fink Arthur Silberman Ronald Klein Cy Silver Kappy SPRING PLEDGES Julius Brodetsky Barry Marlin Daniel Hirsch Daniel Schwartz Magid Sabsay Glick Kronfield Lyman, H. Adams Birenbaum Cahn Fink Klein Koss Lyman, S. Naftaly Silberman Silver 265 KAPPA DELTA RHO 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 NINETEEN CHAPTERS HIGHLIGHTS of the KDR Fall social calendar included the annual Big Game Ruckus (similar to Reno on a small scale), and the Christmas Formal held at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. The Spring semester got off to a roaring start with the boomer Inn snow dance. A launching platform and six tons of snow on the I 25-foot toboggan run con- tributed to a fast-moving evening. (A first-aid station was in operation.) The year was brought to a successful conclusion by the annual Spring Formal. A011.00 k,..„,woo Num it Edgar Hops Iverson Mambert Randall Ritch Walker Brooks Fischer Malone Michel Mortensen Neely Ottosen Roberts Smalley Wetteroth Whitehead 266 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE JUNIORS Warren Wetteroth William Martin R. F. Harrigan Tom Brooks Fred Whitehead William Nelson Keith Buck Phillip Willsey Glen Pedersen SENIORS Peter Fischer Peter Pedersen Solon Barbis Robert Gibbel SOPHOMORES James Willis Frank Buck Richard Lambert Walter Anderson FRESHMEN Donald Edgar Herbert Hops Fred Iverson Glenn Malone Glenn Michel Edward Mickens Jack Bauer Robert Collins Eugene Dais Donald Behler LeVerne Garcia Wayne Schultz Rush Manbert Donald Mortensen Dwight Neely Peter Dodge Robert Geering SPRING PLEDGES Gordon Randall Jack Ottosen Richard Griffin Mike DeSoto James Ritch John Roberts Arthur Kirby Don Johansen Clyde Walker Stanford Smalley Stewart Lindauer Larry Lowery Willsey Anderson Bauer Collins Dais Dodge Geering Griffin Kirby Lindauer Martin Nelson Pedersen Willis Behler Garcia Schultz 267 KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, !869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS EVERYONE AGREES at the Kappa Sig house that this past year has really been a social one. Some of their extracurricular activities dur- ing the fall semester included exchanges, a Christmas party for underprivileged chil- dren, and the annual Christmas Formal which was a great success. One of the biggest events during the spring semester was the traditional " South Seas " dance held at the house where a " good time was had by all. " Anderson Bjonerud Carroll Cary Dahl Davis Edgerley Edney Elliot Elwood Gentry Grant Heatherly Holler Kalinski MacBeath Madison Seaton Ward Wilcox Pester Andersen Archibald Blake Brooke 268 IC UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Wes Fry Guy Montgomery GRADUATES James F. Wagner Jack McLennaghan SENIORS Richard Anderson Stanley Bjonerud James Carroll William Cary Charles Dahl Ray Davis Will Edgerley Bruce Edney Frank Elliot David Elwood Tom Gentry Burt Grant Roger Heatherly Richard Holler Joseph Kalinski William MacBeath Benned Madison Lou McCreery Phillip Seaton William Wagner Gene Ward Franklin Watson Irving Wilcox Marty Yester JUNIORS William Andersen Norman Archibald Vincent Blake Richard Brooke Vincent Campodonico Eric Carlyle Steven Cary Kenneth Clark Wayne Davis Bryan Dixon Richard Ehni John Foley Dick Fraffis Sidney Harris Gene King Vincent Maiorana Raymond Moser Welden Phillips Angelo Siracusa SOPHOMORES Nat Agliano Robert Bird Ed DeSilva John Hansen John Livingston Leslie Morgan Howard Wiggins John Wymore FRESHMEN Pat Davies Charles Fraser Robert Gregovich James Hall Donald Looper Henry Meschendorf Skip Stanley Wally Weeth Thad Woodland SPRING PLEDGES William Bell Robert Bradley Robert Elter Wally Hagglund Walter Lowey Nurdo Nicholson Gary Powell Mike Punter Campodonico Carlyle Dixon Ehni Graffis Harris Moser Phillips Siracusa Bird DeSilva Livingston Morgan Wiggins Wymore Davies Fraser Gregovich Hall Looper Meschendorf Stanley Weeth Woodland 269 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON COLLEGE, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric C. Bellquist Dr. Charles C. Stachling Dr. Lloyd E. Hargrave Mr. George Troxell GRADUATES Robert Carter John Knight Ralph Speck SENIORS Ted Johnson Fred LeMoin Russ Levikow Bill McGregor Robin McKeown Stanley McLachlan Art Orr Don Palmer George Stathakis Jack Stewart Robert Wood JUNIORS Dick Newcomb Jerry Parke Lawrence Perry Keith Repath Ken Repath Hugh Silcox Ralph Thomas Charles Wraith Andrew Zorbas SOPHOMORES Don Denton Henry Hand Howard Hawkins John Nelson FRESHMEN Warren Kerzon Jack Lytton Robert McMillian SPRING PLEDGES Henry Coil Robert McMillian Mike Escalle Jerry Parke Carl Grandona John Schmitt Ralph Thomas Anderson, A. Anderson, D. Dunshee Gardiser Gerbo Hollenbeck Johnson, D. Johnson, T. LeMoin Levikow McGregor McKeown Orr Stewart Wood Deane Peak Jack Kimball Kinikin Knutson Parke Perry Repath Silcox Thomas Zorbas Butt Coil Cole Denton Johnson Baker Coil Henderson Kerzon Lytton McMillian Andy Anderson Don Anderson Jack Craig Robert Duncan Roger Duncan David Dunshee George Gardiser Richard Gerbo Ray Hollenbeck Don Johnson Blair Bottorf Mike Deane Bill DiGrazia Don Feak Robert Jack Denny Johnson Heber Kimball Ben Kinikin David Knutson Charles Butt Henry Coil Carl Cole James Baker Horace Coil Phil Henderson 270 PHI KAPPA PSI 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Gerald Anderson Fred Armanino John Brewer Arthur Connors Glen DeLisle Jay Forni Liz Mascheroni Russ Ron Auletti William Brooks Tim Collins Jacques DeLorimer William Dennin Thomas Fairbarn Herb Ball Pierre Brosseau Gus Kanelopoulos Roger Moore Jim Murray Chuck Palmtag Robert Paredi John Parr Martin Peterson Joe Theobald Elledge Jim Griffiths Jerry Hansen Warren Hellman Clarke Lewis Bernard Scapparo Carl Thoreson Pete Krenkel Bob Morton Tom True Bonesteel Hancock McKim Thompson Anderson, G. Connolly Cook Krohn Parkin Pellissier Watt Whiting Anderson, J. Armanino Brewer Conners DeLisle Forni Mascheroni Moore Murray Palmtag Paredi Parr Peterson Theobald Elledge Auletti Brooks Collins DeLorimer Dennin Fairbarn Griffiths Hansen Hellman Lewis Scapparo Thoreson FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Wendell SENIORS Lee Bonesteel Bob Lysinger Don Hancock Joe McKim John Thompson JUNIORS George Anderson Bob Parkin Mike Connolly Pierre Pellisier Dick Cook Don Prince Robert Krohn Peter Watt George Whiting SOPHOMORES 271 PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN CHAPTERS SINCE THE founding of the California Chapter of Phi Delta Theta in 1873 there have been few years to compare with 1951-1952. Some of the highlights in the year ' s activities were the Miami Triad, held jointly with the Sigma Chis and Betas, the Spring Formal, Founders ' Day Banquet, and the annual Duck Dinner. Football season brought reunions with our alumni, scholarship averages were brought up, and many Phis distinguished themselves in the field of athletics. Boberg Denault DeVos Clines Llewellyn Trowbridge Wheaton Ash Carlton Ellis Fitch Lawson Lawton Orear Peterson Remmers Tamberg Woods Colbert DaVega Dethlefsen Edwards Clines Green 272 Peterson, R. Coakley Marengo Boghosian Ward Mather Whyte Mann Tamberg Kirk Smith Houston Putnam Howell Risbrough Hayes 1 Markley Taber Lind DaVega UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert Arnold Captain Barnes Dr. Dewin B. Baldrey Dr. Karl M. Bowman George Break James W. Fesler Norman Foxworthy William Gillis Joel Hildebrand Oily Kern James McVaine Dr. George McChesney Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond J. Nutting Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow William Twitchell GRADUATES Fred Cummer Dick Haugner Charles Way SENIORS Don Bentley Dick Boberg Bill Denault Al DeVos Dan Glines Ron Hubbard Phil Kenville Bill Langan Don King Jim Llewellyn Harry Polglase Bob Seeliger Bob Syla Tom Trowbridge Dick Wheaton JUNIORS Dick Ash Don Carlton Hal Ellis Charles Fitch Tom Greenleaf Ted Lawson John Lawton Dick McNamara Bill Orear Phil Peterson Lee Remmers Mel Tamberg Al Woods SOPHOMORES Wes Colbert Bill Christie Buzz DaVega Jack Dethlefson Jim Edwards Ken Glines Ben Green Bill Houston Jim Howell Morrie Kirk Don Mann Charles tvlartucci Jack Mather Ron Marengo Rich Peterson Don Putnam Jack Risbrough Bob Smith Dick Tamberg Don Whyte FRESHMEN Mal Boghosian Tom Coakley Charles Chaplin Bud DaVega Webb Hayes Bill Lind Gene Markley Larry Taber Bob Ward SPRING PLEDGES Bob Jackson Dick Johnsen Jack Lockhart Rex Oliver Dick Pawson 1 273 PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS ATHLETICS AND social activities both claimed a large share of Fiji interest this year. In the field of intramural sports we won both the National League and the All-University championships, while many of the brothers participated in var- sity competition for the Golden Bears. On the social scene the semester was highlighted by the annual Pig Dinner and the Grass Skirt Dance. Bartlett Bennett Brown Corfee Doyle E I mendorf Gould Horan Jackson Johnson LemM on Mering Monroe Northon Rowel I Rogers Richter Scott Smith Stone Ve I iotes 274 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Fred Corfee Bob Rowell Tom Rieger FRESHMEN Luis Alvares Joal Crownenwett Nick Rugen Lee Sammis Scott Amour LeRoy Briggs Mel Doyle Les Richter Dick Sci bird Herschel Hyde George C. Briggs Carl Elmendorf Pete Scott Bill Solomon Emery Liebrenz Charles Derleth Frank Gould Gordon Schrum Doug Weber Jack Lyons Willard Durham Norman Hinds Larry Horan Jack Jackson Lew Smith Doug Stone SOPHOMORES Jack Mason George Najarian William Laube Woodbridge Metcalf Jacques Schnier John Johnson Ralph Krueger Charles Kircher Nick Veiiotes Jim Vohs Stan Ware Bill Ashton Gene Bramhall Lee Branstool Alan Oleson Leland Rhodes John Wilson SENIORS Jack Allington Ed Bartlett Hoot Bennett Bob Bittner Ed Billing Dick LemMon Flemming McGrath Pete Mering Jack Monroe Richard Northon JUNIORS Gordon Brown Jack Doyle Bob Froeschle Tom McGrath Bill Demas Ed Gildersleeve John Haase Dick McConkie Jim Nelson Lloyd Pringle SPRING PLEDGES Bob Eschwig Lee Grant Joe Hotle Nick Hummel Bill Broderick Don Pringle Jim Nevin Don Quist Andy Stone Doug Brown Joe Rowe Bill Noyes Frank Tinkham Jim Stone Vohs Ware Brown Froeschle Nevin Sammis Solomon Weber Branstool Dumas Haase McConkie Pricy le Quist Scibird Liebrenz Oleson Rhodes Wilson 275 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS THE ACCENT was on campus this year with the Phi Kaps. Bob MacDougall and Lee Talbot were big-wheeling as Senior Class President and Rep- at-Large, respectively, while Bob Crenshaw kept the basketball team problems in order as Senior Manager. Sports, both inter-scholastic and intra- mural, were thickly populated by Phi Kaps also. Swimmer-water poloist Jim Ross, football-base- bailer Jerry Hinton, crewman Bill Peretti and base- bailer Jack Koehn were a few who competed for the Blue and Gold. Off campus a full social season highlighted by the famous annual Dive Dance and the Christmas and Spring Formals filled in an ac- tive calendar. Ahigren Chaff in Erdelatz Fraser Frid lund MacDougall Lutge Marsh Peretti Probert Richards Rogers Talbot Varend Widderson Wolf Atkinson Cunl iffe Gilzean Greenleaf Hag ist Ingram Jefcoat Kesse I I Ross 276 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bob Crenshaw JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN David P. Barrows John Erdelatz Gil Atkinson Jack Autenrieb Al Ghidossi Thomas Barrows Pete Fraser Pete Cunliffe Dave Chipman Bill Ghidossi John U. Calkins, Jr. R. Courtney Cornet+ Malcolm M. Davisson Maurice E. Harrison Donn Fridlund Hank Lutge Bob MacDougall Bob Gilzean Bob Greenleaf Fred Hagist Tom Ingram Bob Eckoff Bill Foley Tom Hartman Dan Gould Tony Haight George Jewett Don Vicain Walter M. Hart Bill Marsh Jerry Jafcoat Herb Henderson SPRING PLEDGES George D. Louderbach Bill Pere++; Dick Kessell Jerry Hinton Fred Basalto Heber A. Newsom GRADUATE Myron Prober+ Charles Richards Jack Rogers Jim Ross Bill Sisk Bob Stewart Preston James Jack Koehn Bob Colter Steve Emerson Ernie Harley Bob Atkinson SENIORS Dex Ahlgren Lee Talbot Bill Varend Andy Widderson Bob Tallman Bob Wal+man Mack Wilson Bill Wood Maynard Munger Jack Runnion Bob Warwick Dan Lannes Mary McCauley Pat Machado Lynn White George Chaffin John Wolf Bob Young Bill Young Ben Yates Sisk Tallman Waltman Wilson Wood Young Autenrieb Chipman Eckoff Foley Henderson James Koehn Munger Runn ion Warwick Young Ghidossi, A. Ghidossi, B. Gould Haight Jewett Vicain Lady Geraldine 277 PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS NU OF Phi Kappa Tau celebrated its Diamond sary on the UC campus last year and looks forward to another 30 years of growth in future decades. Varsity footballer Bob Beal had the pleasure of catching the first touchdown on color TV against Penn, while Bill Loorz, crew, and Jerry Peterson, basketball, also high- lighted Big " C " sports. Of course everyone pated in the intramural program as well. In the realm of social events, the Phi Taus were not found to be ing—four formals, two alumni banquets, monthly Mothers ' Club meetings and numerous other functions were held during the year. Recently initiated sity associate was Paul Christopulos, assistant to the athletic director. Bianchi Carroll Firth Iversen McFarland Newman Petersen Robb Seck Tipton Tucker Welch Wiegand Beal Callison Connor Elfving Gilbert 278 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jack McFarland Stephen Connor SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Paul G. Christopulos Robert L. Kersey Alfred E. Maffly Paul Newman Jerry Petersen Gabriel Plaa Claes Elfving Roger Gilbert David Grant James Chamberlin Bruce Coombs Marvin Huss Terry Briscoe Thomas Diel Donald Holt Kenneth F. Paulovich Richard Robb Alan Haight Roderick Jones Arlen Mills William K. Schmelzle SENIORS Roland Bianchi James Carroll Jack Chourre Dan Firth Gordon Seck Donald Tipton Ross Tucker Thomas Welch Byron Wiegand JUNIORS William Lawrence Leo Malliarys James McLean James Pichon Robert Ra ban Alan Reasoner Donald Langrock Richard McDermott Phillip Morgan Glenn Miller Don Noren Jack Scarzella Richard Seymour David Schoettler SPRING PLEDGES John Anderson Eddie DeMetie Lloyd Langlie Lee Lehman Roland Iverson Robert Beal Ronald Sylvestri John Underhill Harvey Menkins Russell Ingram Robert Callison John Taylor Oliver White Norm Parsons Grant Haight Laurence McLean Reasoner Coombs Huss Jones Langrock McDermott Miller Noren Scarzella Seymour White Schoettler Mills 279 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA C HAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS WITH THE initial impetus for the fall semester sup- plied by a banner pledge class, the members of Phi Sigma Kappa enjoyed a full and successful year. ing rewarded Dave Otis and Craig Fisher who made the Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society, while the lighter side found Bruce Kelly and Mitch Jasinski ing " the headlines with their aerial broadcast over the Stanford bonfire rally. Social life included the formals, South Sea dance, 49 ' er dance and the usual exchanges and house functions. The fields of athletics saw John Miksits and Doug Hibbs on the Varsity and Rambler football teams, Bob Gillon pitching for Alum Clint Evans, Ben Finney and Clay Mills manning the oars for crew, and Bill Volkert out for track. Barring unforeseen draft speed-ups the future of Phi Sigma Kappa appears quite secure. Alberti Be ir host Bigley Boasso Costa Fisher Friesen Gal lager Gillon Gorman Hibbs, J. Hughes Jasinski Johnson Kelly Kirkpatrick Marra McKeener Mills, C. Mull iner Otis Pierce Thompson Volkert Wilson Atkinson Brennan De Be II Elliott Forsman UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Craig Fisher Richard Mulliner Joseph Hootman SOPHOMORES Richard L. Adams Elmer Friesen David Otis John Kappas Kenneth Bachtold Charles Babcock James Gallager Robert Pierce Donald Kirkpatrick Fredrich Brogger Clinton Evans Walter Fredrick Robert Gillon Richard Gorman Douglas Thompson William Volkert John Kipscomb David Long Doren Roberts Ed Wintz Thomas C. Mayhew Franklin C. Palm SENIORS Frank Alberti David Beirhost James Bigley Remo Boasso David Costa Richard Cotter Joseph Hibbs Jack Hughes Mitchell Jasinski Lawrence Johnson Bruce Kelly Clinton King Robert Kirkpatrick August Marra Robert McKeever Clayton Mills Edwin Wilson JUNIORS Donald Atkinson Barry Brennan William DeBell Donald Elliott Hugh Forsman Richard Gardella Peter Goedwagen Donald Manhard George Mayo John Mills Richard Moore Dale Nielsen Richard Osorio Charles Striplin Thomas Troughton Lawrence White FRESHMEN Ben Finney Douglas Hibbs Kent Lowney Albert Moe SPRING PLEDGES Ronald Goulart William McClaudlish Norman Rubey Thomas Damron John Miksits Ronald Guptill Malcomb Winter John Winship Gardella Goedwagen Guptill Hootman Kappas Kirkpatrick, D. Lipscomb Long Manhard Mayo Mills, J. Moore Nielsen Osorio Striplin Troughton White Winter Bachtold Brogger deLeon Roberts Wintz Finney Hibbs, D. Lown ey Moe Leo PI ALPHA PHI 2420 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAPTER Bernard Chan Albert Louie Roland Chew Robert Mah Wilbur Chinn Henry Ng William Git Lee Harold Wong SOPHOMORES Fremont Fong Jack Lowe Calvin Fung Gordon Ma Paul Gan Jason Som Gilbert Hum Harry Wong Harry Im Stewart Yee FRESHMAN Foon Gee SPRING PLEDGES Gilbert Chan Harry Im Philip Chang Howard Dere William Lee Melvin Jue Robert Lim Ron Fong Nathan Yee George Gong Chinn, B. Gong Lee Lowe Ng, L Yuen Chan Chew Chinn, W. Lee Mah Ng, H. Wong Fong Gan Hum Im Ma Som Wong Yee Gee SENIORS Eli Canapi Bak Y. Chinn Edward Gong Kinman Gong Kenneth Pay Lee Edmund Lowe Lawrence Ng Edward Toy Stephen Yuen JUNIORS PI KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE CHAPTERS Cal lendar Copeland Edwards Emmrich Frost Geary Hare Holmoe Hughes Judy Moore Mutti Ruddock Tanner Wright BedweII Bigelow Byerly Krentz Lima Lukes McCarthy Peckham Phillips Robertson Sel Is Sharman Sassenrath Valli Young UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Thomas D. Stewart Morris A. Stewart Lynn 0. Garif B. Wilson GRADUATES Robert Bourne Bill Harlowe Jay Martin SENIORS Edward Barnes Jack Hare William Callendar Robert Holmoe John Copeland Ja mes Hughes William Corey Harold Judy Dale Edwards Monroe King Don Emmrich Herbert Moore Dudley Frost Ronald Mutti Jack Geary John Ruddock Howard Hardman Russell Virgil Wright JUNIORS Art Allard Robert McCarthy William Anderson Elwyn Peckham Robert Bedwell James Phillips Russell Bigelow Alan Robertson Frey Russell Ernest Sells Donald Krentz Walter Sharman John Lima Charles Sassenrath Jerome Lukes Robert Valli Bartley Young SOPHOMORES Holmes Joseph Cannata Richard Miles Johnson Robert Dockham William Mitchell Larson Thomas Holmes Jay Robinson Miles Howard Johnson Edward Weiss Mitchell George Larson Donald Wash FRESHMEN Frank Cabral Michael Raffetto Mark Molica Nicholas Suzich Robinson James Ten Eyck Weiss Raffetto Denny Barnes Patrick Bramble SPRING PLEDGES Suzich TenEyck Bruce Beebe William William Hazelett 283 P1 KAPPA PHI 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Higgins Nordquist Badger Bannatyne Davison Dowd Houston Laird Littleworth Meagher UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry E. Erdman Adriance GRADUATES Stanley Ausman Douglas Higgins John Earle Walter Nordquist SENIORS Robert Badger Jim Meagher Jack Bannatyne David Petit William Berry Paul Petruzzelli David Davison William Rains Richard Dowd Robert Rose Richard Houston Ronald Segel Harvey Laird Peter Tennyson Selwyn Littleworth Robert Maurice Wood JUNIORS Arthur Barsi Mel Hogset Roger Campbell Miles Myers Jim Carlo Max Mye Evald Erickson Donald White David Herrling Rex Young Gills Kinlock SOPHOMORES Nicolai Jim Aliian Adolph Nicolai Peterson William Gills Paul Peterson Sargeant Harry Harlan Donald Rau Jim Kinlock Donald Robert Trounson FRESHMEN George Brooke++ Bruce Cropper Crocker Gordon Crocker Charles W. Lee Cropper Lee SPRING PLEDGES Dick Arnold Joe Gaggero Paul Frederick Houston Glen Todd Petruzzelli Rains Ross Tennyson Witbeck Wood Barker Barsi Campbel I Carlo Erickson Herrling White Young Al jian 284 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS PSI UPSILON B. Etcheverry James Hahn Dr. H. Naffziger James Parsons Charles Dresel Douglas Gordon Clay Gray Donald Harris George Johnson Frederic Cerney Thomas Dutton William Dutton Sheafe Ewing Donald Hiemark John Math Peter Beaver William Daggett George Gibbs Michael Giddings James Hanifan Kenneth Brittingham Etienne Harris Leland Minor Peeke Underwood Wasson Dresel Gordon Gray Harris. D. Johnson McNeil Ricksen, R. Bates Cerney Dutton. T. Dutton, W. Ewing H iemark Meserve Mulvaney Ryan Wiley Williams Wright Beaver Daggett Gibbs Giddicgs Hanifan Mayne McKen Oliver Polkinghern Simpson Edward Rice Leon Richardson Schivill Rudolph William Simpson William Minor Robert Peeke Charles Sheedy Richard Underwood Mackenzie Wasson John McNeill Irvine Phillips John Ricksen Rupert Ricksen Archer Stewart Robert Mulvaney Arthur Ryan Miles Turpin Allan Wiley Richard Williams William Wright Clifton Mayne Robert McKeen William Oliver Roy Polkinghorn Gordon Reed Simpson SENIORS Gerald Brittingham Victor Etienne Howard Harris Robert Harrison Sherman Leland JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Charles Bates Keith Meserve FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGE Pre5:ton Gada UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES 285 PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 CHANNI NG WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS THE PI LAMS began their year with the welcoming of a very prominent new member, Naku, a black Ger- man Shepherd, as well as adding the names of fourteen new pledges to the roster. In regard to pledges, the National Council of Pi Lambda Phi directed that all chapters abolish the usual hazing during Hell Week; therefore during the regular Hell Week periods Pi Lam pledges will help the community in conjunction with some welfare agency project. The social calendar was studded with many gala affairs climaxed by the Big Game Formal at the San Francisco Rowing Club. The most successful event of the year was the Christmas party given for underprivileged children. Pi Lam broth- ers agr ee that this year has been one they will always remember. Avidan Belling Bluer Cahen Glick Levin, A. Levin, M. Melnick Rosenblatt Shatz Silverman Weinberger Weiser Wolf Abromovitz Horn Jacoby Kiang Kohn Rosenthal Wolff Wotman Ambinder Brownstein Dessler Fox 286 GRADUATES George Melnick SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Stuart Seiler Clyde Cohen Gene Garfinkle Herman Popuil Robert Stone SENIORS Bernard Avidan Kenneth Belling Herbert Bluer Donald Cahen Arthur Glick Larry Goldsmith Alan Levin Russel Shatz Richard Silverman Robert Weinberger Howard Weiser Alexander Wolf JUNIORS Jess Abromovitz Morton Horn Lewis Klang Malcom Kohn Sheldon Rosenthal Robert Wolff Jerry Ambinder Marvin Brownstein Robert Fox Sigmund Freeman Jerry Gordon Zanville Green Morton Hersh Donald Kamler Martin Koppich Ronald Lyons Klaus Mortimer Charles Sweet Jerry Albaum Leland David Stanley Fahn Richard Friedman Gene Garfinkle Alan Klearman Morton Leiter Richard Manheimer Stanley Pollack Bernard Robinson Morton Rothman Donald Silverman Sheldon Wolff SPRING PLEDGES Gene Baker Bud Brody Bob Burnheim Mart Chase Lee Fish Harvey Levy Chuck Miller Marvin Levin Sidney Wotman Donald Trauner Franklin Saul Carl Selinger Freeman Gordon Kamler Koppich Lyons Mortimer Sweet Trauner Winston Albaum David Fahn Friedman Garfinkle Leiter Manheimer Pol lack Robinson Rothman Saul Seiler Wolfe Naku 287 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS EXCEPT for the advent of Scotch and Soda, life went on as usual at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. The chair sentinels in the front room kept their constant watch on the fairer sex passing to and from class, and the brains behind social committee concocted their impromptu parties. When the social committee came up with a spectacular idea, the house enjoyed a party such as the pre-Stanford game Duck Dinner, or the Spring South Seas dance. And even the front room tinels attended the Christmas Formal. Joe Jackson served his usual feasts, the pledges sneaked, and after finals everybody went home. Bud row Dusthimer Everson Groeniger Hart Huhn Lareau Manolis McKee Moor Morosoli Robinson Schlightmann Smith Terry DeKlotz Hartley Jerry Lippstreau McLoughlin Plosser Bender Bibb Edwards Kirk Leslie Lutz 288 GRADUATES Tom Andrews Jim Benninghoven SENIORS Bill Budrow Bill Classen Jack Dusthimer Don Everson Bill Groeniger Bill Hart Bill Holmes Jim Huhn Dick Lareau Jack Lynd Paul Manolis Mike McKee Jim Moor Gene Morosoli Dick Porter Bill Robinson Al Schlightmann Dick Stevens Lloyd Smith Hampton Terry Foster Weeks JUNIORS Eldon Beck Carl Benedict Fred DeKlotz Al Dietsch Don Hartley Jack Hastings Bob Jerry Joe Knowland Ed Lippstreau Wayne Lowell Bill MacLaughlin Henry Meiners Robert Moore William Plosser Al Bender Jack Bibb Collin Edwards Mike Friedenbach Howard Kirk Bob Leslie Bob Lutz Sheldon Onstead Gene Patrick Kenneth Porter Don Rasmussen Jim Riewerts Richard Sjoberg Jack Spilman Henry Stone Bill Watson Douglas Weeks Dick Ament Don Benninghoven Rodney Brown Rollin Brown Cliff Cole Tom Dahlgren Les Davison Richard Davis John Hamilton Harry Hicks Don Hollister Douglas Leech Bert Millard Chuck Minnie Claud Rohwer Jerry Rowley Bill Shaver Verne Thornburg Dave Weldon SPRING PLEDGES Carl Baumsteiger Millard Burr Herb Dedo John Derdivanis Phil Evans Gil Guerin Gary Nardi Dick Styles SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Onstead Riewerts Sjoberg Spilman Watson Weeks Ament Brown Brown Cole Dahlgren Davison Davis Hamilton Hicks Hollister Leech Millard Minnie Rohwer Rowley Shaver Thornburg Weldon 289 SIGMA CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS SIGHTS AND sounds provide an index to many Sig activities. Late-burning lights reflect the type of studying that placed us ninth among fraternities on campus last year. Loud exclama- tions of masculine disappointment issue forth at a " scratch " on the pool table or a fluff on the ping-pong table. Inside are the men who retained the intramural trophy, the men who have a large representation on the various class councils, the men such as Max Gutierrez and Al Hendrickson who led the yells, Bob Johnson and Charles Harrington on crew, Bruce Heltne, Don Edmonston, and Jed Adams of the football team. This is the house that installed the Epsilon Theta chapter at San Jose in March, the house that can look forward to the unusually themed pledge dances, the Sweetheart Ball, the Breakfast Dance, the Miami Triad, and the Big Six. Aubertine Jackson D ' Amante Arado Baumann Caito Davis Dole Edmonston Hansen Heltne Hendrickson Humphrey Fulmer Gutierrez Lamont Meyerson Mignola Raycraft Roberts Wilson Angel Bacci Bandy 290 GRADUATES Max Gutierrez James Hall Robert Korte Horace Aubertine William Lamont Arthur Hillman Donald Timmerman Robert Jackson Charles Meyerson Paul Jacobs Paul Zinov Gordon MacLean Donald Mignola Robert Johnson Thomas Rama++ James Miller FRESHMEN SENIORS John Arado Hans Baumann Hugh Roberts II Warren Walters Steele Wilson Dean Parnell Stanley Saylor Robert Soares Thomas Almberg Buzz Bradford Richard Fourchy Charles Caito Jay Summerhays James Davis JUNIORS Richard Dole Edward Angel SOPHOMORES James Hansen Donald Bacci Jed Adams SPRING PLEDGES Donald Edmonston Robert Bandy Barton Brown Earl Bornfield Bruce Heltne Jack Bassel Pete Flemer Al D ' Amante Alwyn Hendrickson H. Stewart Cobb, Jr. Edward Fletcher Dave Harper Hobart Humphrey William Curtis Benjamin Hagan Joe Haynes Elroy Fulmer Howard Ewer Charles Haywood James Thaxter Basset Cobb Curtis Ewer Hall Johnson Miller Parnell Soares Adams Brown Flemer Fletcher Hagan Haywood Korte Zinov Almberg Bradford 291 SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS HIGH SPOT on the Sigma Nu social calendar this year was their annual White Rose Formal attended by all the chapters on the coast. On the sports level the Snakes were traditionally represented in football, base- ball, swimming, water polo, skiing, track and tennis, while honor societies saw Sigma Nu included on the membership rosters of Triune, Golden Bear, Beta Beta, Skull and Keys, and Winged Helmet. Fields Chapman Hooy Price, L. Price, V. Wheeler Brown Ditzler Greene Hapke Hutchins Gardiner Haggerty Harding Kahl Kessling Lewis 292 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Paxton Davis Douglas Frame James Brink James Brisbois Gary Fulbright David Kirby GRADUATE Roger Fipps SENIORS Sheldon Arnot Merril Brown Hugh Ditzler Warren Geldert Raymond Greene Harold Holmes Gordon Gardiner Gene Haggerty Bruce Harding Robert Kahl Thomas Keesling Philip Merriman William Gilmore Earl Hapke Roger Holl Raymond Kellner Nicholas Kemsley Donald Meek Thomas O ' Connell Bruce Bernhard Preston Hutchins William Pugh Richard Miller James Chapman Harper Imler Robert Roche Edward Michaelson Joseph Enzensperger William Mais Lloyd Torchio Philip Persons Fred Fields Richard Nystrom James Winking James Rhodes William Hooy Rodney Hughes Luther Price Vincent Price John Olszewski John Peterson Donald Tiernan FRESHMEN Jack Babcock Donald Cvietusa Robert Winkenbach SPRING PLEDGES John Bernt Leonard Wheeler Richard Verling Albert DaDalt Craig Porter Merriman Nystrom Pugh Roche Torchio Wieking Babcock Cvietusa DaDalt Davis Fulbright Gilmore Holl Kemsley Meek Persons Rhodes Winkenbach 293 SIGMA ALPHA MU 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Phillips Porter Robinow Schownfeld Siegel GRADUATE Irving Goldberg Strauss Talkowsky SENIORS Weintraub Weiss Irving Berg Myron Morris Benas Ralph Dunn Harlan Perlmutter Alvin Frank Martin Schultz Edmund Green Larry Shostak Richard Hart Seymor Siegel Harrison J. Kornfield Manuel Talkowsky Curtis Meier Cecil JUNIORS Mickey Benas Edwin Mayer Merle Bloom Jerry Poppers Robert Cibull Paul Robbins Ronald Douglas Irwin Schonberger Stanley Gogol Roger Singer Stuart Marylander Irving Winetrub Mayer Poppers SOPHOMORES Winetrub Aronoff Stuart Aronoff Gerald Holzman Bart Lee Bart Manuel Rice Dick Hester Leland Shain FRESHMEN Larry Babav Alsom Small Conrad Donner Larry Toyer Dick Kornfield Darrell Zander SPRING PLEDGES Frank Batatt Joe Radensky Bert Greenberg Don Tronstein Hank Landsworth Al Weitz Elliot Pearl Henry Zerg Kornfield Small Toyer Zander Goldberg Berg Bloch Dunn Frank Green Hart Kornfield Lavine Morris Bloom Cibull Douglas Gogal Marylander Hester Rice Shain Babow Donner 294 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS SIGMA PHI Grant Loomis Harold Luepp Robert Olson William V. Cruess Dr. William G. Donald Clifton Kroeber Earl Warren James Neiswonge Myrl Scott John Turner James Wilson Philip Wyche Young Thomas Adams John Crittenden Richard Glenn David Hudson Robert Lamborn Norman Thomas Osborne Daniel Power James Robinson George Vukasin SOPHOMORES Forrest Borghesani Clark McBride Douglas Huntze 0114!well Jones James Larsen Peter Linton UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SENIORS Rucsel Bolhke James Cooley Donald Curran Edgar Dethlefsen James Dunn FRESHMEN Robert Chapman Terry Larsen Philip Dethlefsen Nicholas Loundagin Mathew Hazeltine Richard Melbye James Jacobus Lawrence Michael Traynor SPRING PLEDGES Jerry Commings Gilbert Moore Adams Glenn Henderson Hudson Lamborn Scott Turner Wyche Young Cooley Dethlefsen, E. Dunn Fuller Gulvin Kirkland Noack Borghesani Huntze Jones Larsen Linton McBride Osborne Power Stewart Vukasin Chapman Dethlefsen, P. Jacobus Larsen Loudagin Melbye Phillips Traynor Sig JUNIORS David Fuller Glenn Gulvin John Kirkland Peter Noack James Van Rensselaer 295 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2431 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James Corley Robert Johnson John Cory James Miller James Foro Al Ragan Dean Gillette Arthur Sampson Wayne D. Gray H. R. Wellman SENIORS Tycer Mike Azcona Harold McNally Waite Robert Baker Carl Moessner Walker William Bunger James Monical Davey Gerald Caldwell Edwin Perkins Riley James Cheshire Vernon Pitau Gerald Delaney Samuel Simich John Herring Del Tycer Edwin Krenz Donald Waite Rolf Kuhn Richard Walker Long JUNIORS Martinez Ronald Davey George Martinez Samborn Albert Haven Ray Riley Bedynek Eugene Long Warren Samborn Boege SOPHOMORES Julius Bedynek Theodore Foruria Ray Boege Douglas Lackey Melvin Burnetti Howard Morrow George Griset George Williams Burnetti Griset Foruna FRESHMAN Lackey Robert Anderson Will iams SPRING PLEDGES John Elworthy Robert McPherson Harry Shepherd Anderson Azcona Baker Bunger Caldwell Cheshire Delaney Herring Krenz Kuhn McNally Moessner Monical Perkins Pitau Simich 296 1849 ARCH FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY, IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS Blake Connell Kasatkin Matson Miller McCann McNary Morgan Siemens Cairns Johnson, G. Johnson, P. Monroe Smith Vering Jameson Amerio Fischer Talloff Egow UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Mallory James Martin Maynard Morris SENIORS Allerton Blake James McCann Richard Connell Robert McNary Robert Halpin Richard Morgan Michael Kasatkin David Price David Matson Clarence Siemens Bill Miller James Slaybaugh JUNIORS Dion Cairns Francis Monroe Gordon Johnson Sheldon Smith Philip Johnson Frederick Vering FRESHMEN Victor Amerio Ronald Kenneth Talloff SPRING PLEDGES Ronald Brosemer Robert Polombo Glenn Meyer Robert Stealer TAU KAPPA EPSILON 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 NINETY-FOUR CHAPTERS THIS PAST year has been a very uneventful one for the Tekes. Aside from the pledge sneak to Honolulu, the Sweetpea Formal at Shanty Malone ' s, the annual Christmas party for the criminally insane, and the traditional beer bust with Larry Blake ' s loving staff, there has been little out of the ordinary. Many of our fraters were active in such campus organizations as the MKVD and the Students for Little Black Sambo! Our primary purpose in college was emphasized by a mass scholarship rally featuring the melodious strains of the TKE Philharmonic 16 minus I0. All in all, the Tekes agree that it has been another uneventful banner year for TKE. Claxton Engler Fisher Gause Hartsoc Heath Merritt Oertel Shannon Simoncic Carrig Cowan Dirks Ells Erickson Gnas Herzog McI I lraith Peterson Sheer Watson Wray Catlin Coll ins Cordes Deady UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE JUNIORS James Watson Paul Ruch Al Nelson Dr. Edwin E. Griselli Ray Betka Charles Wray Al Thomson Walt Senior Frank Carrig William Thompson Thomas Smith SENIORS Bruce Cowan SOPHOMORES John Thurman Ray Young Robert Alterman John Dirks Lowell Catlin John Tilbury Roy Claxton William Ells Robert Collins Richard Zahm SPRING PLEDGES Mark Engler Norm Erickson Carl Cordes George Fowler Herm Fisher Joseph Gnas William Deady FRESHMEN John Hatfield Richard Gause Al Herzog David Francis Gerald Blalock William Milligan Ernest Hartsoc George Loftus Robert Garst Donald Relfe Robert Heath Stu Mclllraith Phil Greenwood Gerald Bowling John Richardson Phil Merritt Don Newman John Jeffery James Griffin Wilbur Smith Ken Oertel Richard Peterson Gail Marshall Robert Keasbey Mark Temme Foster Shannon Don Robie George Martin Ray Love Gaylord Virden Louis Simoncic Bud Scheer Keith McMurphy Fred Lusk Garth Wilson Francis Garst Greenwood Jeffery Marshall Martin McMurphy Ruch Thomson Thompson Thurman Tilbury Blalock Bowling Griffin Keasbey Love Lusk Nelson Senior Smith Young Brutus • H ETA D E LTA C H I 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS THE THETA DELTS found 1951-1952 to be one of the most successful years in their history. Scholarship, as usual, was the prime interest of everyone, but there were a few odd moments left to pursue an active social program highlighted by the " Docks of Panama " formal, the traditional Christmas party, and the Fall and Spring Pledge Formals. Athletically, the boys were right in there on the intramural sports scene and on Cal ' s varsity teams. Everything else was quite normal —1 A notices came in regularly, the football crowds still walked across the front lawn, Eric still got into more than his share of dog fights, and the house manager still used his keys to raid the refrigerator. Dietrich Hope Karpe King McLachlan Morris Samper Tormey Tul lsen Abraham Benz Berg Brooks Calvert Carr Gleason Holston Johnson Keough Kol lehner McGrane McHale Rector Shanks — ....., — IMMEL 161. ■MY. - 300 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Jackson Bill Carr SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Herbert Bolton Bob Karpe Don Gleason Don Ball Jerry Fowler Leonard Buck Dana King Lew Holston Dave Frederick Jim Humph reys R. W. Clough Jim McLachlan Don Johnson Ed Goodman Dave King Richard Erickson Syl McNinch Hobart Jones Russ Goodrich Burton King Dick Morris Tom Keough Charles Hope Tom Rafferty James Siler Virg Romiti Joaquin Samper Rich Kollehner Don Marks W. B. Tippet Dick Tormey Gordon McGrane Tevis Martin Worth Ryder Dick Tullsen Ted McHale SPRING PLEDGES Harold Walt Floyd Mellon Frederick Rector Bill Moldenschardt Mort Beebe JUNIORS SENIORS Fred Shanks Charles Scott Bill Cain Bob Alexander Jim Abraham Bill Clark Bill Benz Harry Sundby Steve Stoll Tim Kisick Dick Dietrich Dave Berg Dave Underwood Jerry Wheeler George LaVague Don Hertel Bob Brooks Ray Willsey Jim Whitley Dick Silveria Frank Hope John Calvert Gene Wright Bob Woods Dick Williams • Sunby Willsey Wright Ball Frederick Goodman Goodrich Hope, C. Martin Mellon Moldenschardt Scott Stall Wheeler Whitley Woods Fowler Humphreys King Rafferty Romiti 301 THETA XI 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS CAMPUS ACTIVITIES were vieing heatedly, as usual, with house functions at TX this year. Kent Tichenor, FSB chairman, Wint Mather, Rally committeeman, and Ken Wallace and Ed Anderson, Homecoming Reps, were but a few of the many outstanding activity majors, while always at " ready-all " was Don Abbott of the Varsity Rowing Club. Up at " TX by the Creek " there were the hearty after-game open houses; beer busts, pledge- active football games, exchanges, dances, and costume brawls, to fill in the program at home. The Winter mal at the Devonshire Club, the annual " 6294, " and the Spring Formal were some of the many excursions afield. Bob Hagstrom succee ded John McCoy in the stirrups as house president and was very successful in giving the house a truly outstanding year. Tolpegin Abbott, R. Andrade Born Daggett Dorsey Detwiler Goulding Leighton Leslie McCoy Painter Scott Thurber Toft Abbott, D. - Anderson Bertoldi Campbell Cathcart Hagstrom UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Born JUNIORS Kent Tichenor SPRING PLEDGES Raymond Jeans Robert Daggett Donald Abbott Jerry Wagers Homer Adams Edgar Nemir Ronald Dorsey Edward Anderson David Brown Royal Roberts Worthington Detwiler Robert Bertoldi SOPHOMORES Richard Cameron Harry Shepherd James Goulding Robert Cathcart Robert Becklund John Foley Kenneth M. Stampp James Kaufman James Dalton Robert Hart Warner Lusardi Edwin C. Voorhies Henry Leighton Robert Hagstrom Thomas Hoadley William Marler Robert McDougald Louis Mlcoch Wayne Leslie Peter Hannaford Leonard Rodney Burton Norall GRADUATES Richard Lyman Richard Jordan Harley Stallman Robert Peterson James Deem John McCoy Colin Livingston Norman Stott William Sharpe Andre Tolpegin Wallace Painter Winton Mather Earl Van Gundy Conrad Shepherd William Richardson Robert McKalip Richard Sloan SENIORS Lawrence Staab James Scott Edward Mullally FRESHMEN Willis Swan Richard Abbott Robert Toft Richard Russell Stephen Quinby Charles Webber Herbert Andrade Kenneth Wallace David Smith Clark Wallace Richard Wyant H an neford Livingston Mather McKal ip Mullally Russell Tichenor Wagers Beckland Hart Hoad ley Maier Sta I lman Rodney VanGundy Quinby Wallace Z ETA B ETA TAU 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS THE MEMBERS of Zeta Beta Tau found t hemselves quite busy with campus activities, since fifteen of them served on the various class councils, while Carl Wein- berg was chairman of the University Homecoming festivities, Al Shainsky headed the Homecoming parade committee and Larry Rosenbloom served as Homecoming publicity chairman. Ron Ostrow was elected President of the Junior class and Mike Krein- man and Scott Simon received junior appointments to rally committee. Skip Wollenberg rated high on the Junior Varsity crew team and Ira Tunik was a first-string Rambler football player until injured. The ZBT ' s still found time to enjoy themselves at their many house dances; outstanding events were the Zebra Room dance, the Jungle dance, and a sensational pledge dance in the fall, while the traditional spring formal was held at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Simon Bandar Bernstein Carlat Jacobs Koblick Molofsky Pallikoff Rosenberg Shainsky Silen Simon Stokes Weinberg Cohen Figle Hersch Hymes Hoffman Indictor Kreinman Ostrow Rotenberg Wank Alterman UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Milt Jacobs Al Indictor Bud Glickman Al Gradwahl Waldo Cohen Herb Kessler Mike Kreinman Justin Gross Ron Kaufmann Ron Ostrow Jerry Keller Len Kully Charles Fletcher Maury Koblick Harold Linder Harvey Molofsky Jerry Rosenblume Norm Klein Dick Owens Bud Pallikoff Joe Rotenberg Irving Malnick Harry Weinberg Lloyd Sankowich Jerry Nankin Lou Lovell GRADUATES Allen Rosenberg Scott Simon Robert Rouda Jerry Grodsky Al Shainsky Mart Wank Barry Spivack Jim Simon Sid Stokes Ira Tunik SPRING PLEDGES Carl Weinberg Harold Wollenberg Norm Bowen SENIORS SOPHOMORES Arnie Cohn Les Bandar Edward Alterman Dick Elefant JUNIORS FRESHMEN William Bernstein Mart Cohan Bud Figle Paul Carlat Mary Cohen Simon Cordova George Block Ben Goldberg Vic Ginsberg Robert Hersch Gerald Factor Don Cherry Hal Hoffman Milt Goldburg Jack Hymes John Fletcher Dick Ellis Al Levine Cohan Cordova Factor Fletcher Glickman Gross Keller Klein Malnick Nankin Rouda Spivack Tunik Wollenberg Block Cherry Ell is Gradwahl Kaufman Kelly Owens Weinberg Lovell Dover T H ETA CH 2462 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED ONE HUNDRED AND NINE CHAPTERS Donlin Adam Binder, L Binder, R. Broderick Gilliland Liepold Murphy Ward Williams Winfield Andersen Beebe Carroll Dahlin Darrah Hansen, K. Hansen, M. Jess Jones Kern Muldoon Wells, L. West Wood Bunnell Darling Davis Dryer Fortune McGlashen Reilly Stuart Wells, G. Brown Canning Halverson Hirst Otter Steele UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert DeLibon Lars Peterson Dr. R. H. DeWitt Noel F. Spiess Dr. Lawrence Vance GRADUATES John Adam Stanley Hoyt John Farr Dallas Lloyd Scott SENIORS Richard Adam Richard Liepold LeRoy Binder William Murphy Wendell Broderick Bruce Ward John Gilliland Wade Williams John Griffin Walter Winfield JUNIORS Jon Andersen John Jess Kenneth Beebe Donald Jones John Brandlin Richard Kern Harvey Carroll Theodore Marois Ronald Dahlin James Muldoon Jack Darrah Larry Wells Kenneth Hansen Donald West Myron Hansen Phillip Wood SOPHOMORES Sterling Bunnell Richard Fortune Richard Darling William McGlashen Sherman Davis Michael Reilly Dale Dryer Moore Stuart Glen Wells FRESHMEN Robert Brown James Hirst Edward Canning Richard Offer Richard Halverson Douglas Steele SPRING PLEDGES Hank Brusco Bert Geary Don Casperson Joel Hallowell Gene McCabe 306 Z ETA PS I 2251 COLLEGE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS Dunlap Gallinatti McCulloch Robertson Witter, G. Donlon Hutchinson Nelson Schade White Taylor Witter, R. Breck Newell Buwalda Grant Hagar Holt Holt Howden Rhoades Rosson Swenson Taylor UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Chaffee Hall SENIORS Albert Dunlap William Ridgway James Gallinatti Charles Robertson John McCulloch James George Witter JUNIORS David Donlon Edward Nelson Fred Forgy Hugh Schade William Growdon Alan Scott James Hutchinson Edward Taylor Charles Murphy Ronald Edwin Wyatt SOPHOMORES Samuel Breck Peter Newell William Fink Peter O ' Brien John Gallagher LeBaron Wills FRESHMEN Robert Buwalda Donald Rhoades Robert Grant Thomas Roemer George Hagar Perry Rosson Donald Holt Burton Swenson Douglas Holt Thomas Taylor Douglas Howden Bertram White SPRING PLEDGES William Hamilton Gerald Schurnmacher INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Al Dunlap Dex Ragatz Dave Davison Rich Lowe Jim Chapman Dick Dietrich Fall OFFICERS Spring Al Dunlap President Dick Dietrich Dex Ragatz Vice-President Jim Chapman Dave Davison Secretary-Treasurer Rich Lowe MEMBERS Fail Spring Abracadabra Bud Bassett Acacia Richard Wolcott Roy Haddock Alpha Chi Rho Arthur Jollymour Will Ellington Will Ellington Alpha Chi Sigma Laurence Ferreira rts Alpha Delta Phi Richard Lowe Clay Sha rg Alpha Epsilon Pi Norton Sharpe Richard Volberg n a m John o J Alpha Gamma Omega Walter Snook h Ullma Alpha Kappa Lambda Harry Behrens Bernard Nelson n Alpha Phi Alpha Joseph Debro Gregory Channeson r Alpha Sigma Phi George Perham Fernando Alexander k Alpha Tau Omega Roland Seidler Robert Kassenbrock Beta Sigma Tau William Gordon Beta Theta Pi Henry Clark Washington Burns Michael McGuire Chi Phi Clark Galloway John Tormey Del Rey William Blakeley Peter Dunne Delta Chi John Mason Lowell Sparks Delwyn Lindfors John Mason Delta Kappa Epsilon John Obradovich Delta Sigma Edward Engs Peter Nourse Phi Delta Tau Delta George Dowley George Dowley Delta Upsilon Don Neely William Halford Kappa Alpha Stephen Martinelli George Suman Kappa Delta Rho John Clowdsley Kappa Nu Donald Edgar John Clowdsley Clyde Walker Steward Feldstein ld Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha William MacBeath S. J. Kronfield Benned Madison Phi Delta Theta Donald Johnson Donald Johnson Phi Gamma Delta Dick Wheaton Thomas Trowbridge Phi Kappa Psi James Vohs Robert Rowell Phi Kappa Sigma Joe McKim DonaldHancock Bill Marsh oald Ha Phi Kappa Tau Bill Marsh Gordon Seck Phi Sigma Kappa Donald Tipton Pi Alpha Remo Boasso Joseph Hibbs Phi Kenneth Lee Pi Kappa Alpha Stephen Yren Pi Kappa John Ruddock William Callender Phi Pi Lambda Phi Paul Petruzzelli Adolph Nicolai Pi Uil Lawrence Goldsmith pson William Minor Lawrence Goldsmith s Sigma Alpha Epsilon John McNeill n Hampton Terry John Lynd Sigma Alpha Mu Harrison Kornfield Sigma Chi Richard Hart Robert Jackson s Sigma Nu F. Bruce Bernhard Jim Davis r Sigma Phi Myrl Scott Leonard Wheeler k Sigma Phi Epsilon Mike Azcona Harold Noack William Bunger Sigma Pi David Matson Richard Morgan Tau Kappa Epsilon Ernest Hartsoc Philip Merritt Theta Chi Richard Liepold n The ;a Delta Chi Richard Dietrich John Griffin Fred Shanks Theta Xi John McCoy Maury Hagstrom Zeta Beta Tau Maury Koblick Koblick Zeta Psi James Gallinatti Edward Taylor 308 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Johnson Strecker Tindell Walden Larson MacKay Albright Fall OFFICERS Spring Janet Johnson President Mary Beth Strecker Mary Beth Strecker Vice-President Merril Cudworth Barbara Tindell Secretary-Treasurer Carla Merner CHAIRMEN Sandra Walden I ntersororify Chairman Pam Procter Vivian Larson Publicity Chairman Phyllis Ruther Phyllis MacKay Social Chairman Noreen Letsom Barbara Albright Junior Panhellenic Chairman Phyliss Rosenberg REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Chi Omega Sue Richardson, Nancy McGinnis Alpha Delta Pi Noreen Letsom, Dolores Ferriter Alpha Epsilon Phi Jeanne Debs, Adrienne Briedenback Alpha Gamma Delta Betty Kress, Bonnie Emmons Alpha Omicron Pi Sally McDowell, Nancy Markham Alpha Phi Cathy Fankhouser, Joyce Gallagher Alpha Xi Delta Vivian Larson, Barbara Viland Chi Omega Marie Bertillion, Marlene Banister Delta Delta Delta Shirley Greer Delta Gamma Lynn Johanson, Caroline Honck Delta Phi Epsilon Judy Meshirer Delta Sigma Epsilon Janice Cosfella, Charleen MacQuiddy Delta Zeta Vilda Hartzell Gamma Phi Beta Ann Paine Kappa Alpha Theta Georgianna Stern, Dot Zarley Kappa Delta Janet Gilmore, Mary Alexander Kappa Kappa Gamma Zoe Suprenant, Lou Ann Compton Phi Mu Joan Haffey, Agnes Liakos Pi Beta Phi Mary Schuler, Janet Grout Sigma Kappa Jane Scott, Eleanor van der Zee Theta Upsilon Gloria Lorenzen Zeta Tau Alpha Barbara Bensen 310 Cornell Deal Gwinn Knutsen Magarian, M. Magnuson Marshall Sueltz Brummond Doyle Imbach McMillan Slobe Smith Snyder, ,l. ALPHA DELTA CHI 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FIVE CHAPTERS Snyder, M. J. Thompson Nlirahata Hussey SENIORS Morrison Corinne Cornell Margaret Magarian Audrey Deal Mary Ellen Magnuson Irene Gwinn Lois Marshall Beverly Knutsen Mary Ann Sueltz Saito Lynette Brummond JUNIORS Orletha Slobe Chu Topp Swift Katherine Smith Ena Doyle Carolyn Imbach June Snyder Jenette Inglis Mary Jane Snyder Jean McMillan Bernadine Thompson SOPHOMORES Lucy Agababian Joyce Polly Jacque Aubin Shirley Saito Helen Hirahata Carolyn Scharon Rana Hussey Grace Swift Marilyn Morrison Betty Anita Utley FRESHMAN Li-Chun Chu SPRING PLEDGES Phyllis Bailey Marilyn Van Heiut ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS LIFE AT the A Chi 0 house boomed through another year without serious catastrophe. " Globe Trotting " was the theme for the pledge dance where many strange nationalities appeared. Then during the holiday season the Winter Formal was held at the Mark. The annual day for entertaining the orphans came in the spring semester along with water fights, a Daughter Banquet, the Faculty Dessert and spring dinner dance. Beauties on campus were Janice Burton, chosen attendant to the Homecoming Queen, and Ann Hous- ton, who placed second in the Lux Contest and won the TV set for us. The A Chi O ' s often found within the walls of Pelican office were led by Susie Raddon, who served as Fashion Show Director. Bruzzoni Bunke Burton, N. de Urioste Fields, M. Lackey Richardson Schlicter Smith Stutzman Townsend Wheatley Peterson - Rhoads Treyer . Watson Briel Burton, J. Lockhart Loomis, P. Newell Raddon Wickman Egeberg Hurley Menoher Fields, J. Heyer Johnson Keyes SENIORS Norma Schlecter Cornelia Rhoads Carol Johnson Susan Cerini Isobel Smith Nancy Treyer Joanne Keyes Jean Farquhar Shirley Bates Margo Stutzman Janet Watson Francis O ' Brien Susan Gilmore Janet Bruzzone Lorene Townsend Christine Williams Nancy McGinnis Ann Houston Charlotte Bunke Patricia Wheatley Dionne Withoft Jacqueline Pennington Ruth Hutchinson Nancy Burton Mary Wickman Lois Young Phyllis Reuther Barbara Loomis Anita de Urioste Martha Sproul Kathleen McKenna Mona Fields Margot Thomson Mary McReynolds JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Lorraine Lackey Jane Woods Carmen Starr Marilyn Lockhart Dorothy Baukol Claire Briel Diane Stearns Perdita Loomis Charlene Bennett Janice Burton Sandra Voorheis Shirley Newell Janet Duffle Mildred Clark FRESHMEN Martha Pitts Joan Egeberg Beverly Derry Geraldine Brancato Susie Raddon Sylva Jean Gabrielson Jacqueline Fields Nancy Burg SPRING PLEDGE Joan Reichert Marjorie Menoher Marlene Geiger Claire Cady Sue Richardson Shirley Peterson Jacqueline Heyer Cynthia Carr Una Vere Tuttle O ' Brien Reuther Sproul Thomson Woods Brancato Burg Cady Carr Cerini Farquhar Gilmore Houston Hutchinson Loomis, B. McKenna Starr Stearns Vorheis ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SUMMER VACATION found many Alpha Delta Pi ' s attending the Centennial celebration at the home of the first Alpha Delta Pi chapter in Macon, Georgia. The busy year was filled with social activities such as a Pledge Dance, a Fall and Spring formal, the Parents ' Dinner, the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, and a Christ- mas party for underprivileged children given with the Alpha Sig ' s. Honors came to the Alpha Delta Pi ' s with Bev Hinton in Mortar Board, Pat Nolan in Mask and Dagger, Nancy Newton as attendant to the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and Bobbie Collins and Margaret Bisch- off sharing honors as the 1952 Soph Doll. Carol Holmes as head of Women ' s Rally Committee and many mem- bers on Panile and Prytanean represented the house in campus activities. Sands Bromley Fischer Flaherty Flowers Greene Hagen Heinig Flicking Hinton Holmes Houston Lehne Meagher Nankervis Nolan Boyle Bullard Carlisle Doering, Janet Doering, Joan Ferriter Gibson Haviland Johnson Letsom McCallum Moffat Nosman O ' Donnell Stewart Whitlock Barnes SENIORS Beverly Rawlings Barbara McCallum Virginia Ely Marilyn Guttierrez Bettye Beane Nancy Robinson Ruth Moffat Alice Gooding Patricia Hayes Beverly Bromley Barbara Sands Mary Ann Nosman Elizabeth Hansen Poppy Ingram Paula Fischer Janet O ' Donnell Nancy Harris Valerie Johnson Eileen Flaherty JUNIORS Lois Sheean Jean Hutchinson Mary Ann MacCargar Suzanne Flowers Virginia Boyle Elizabeth Stewart Marilyn Johnson Marilyn Nagy Margaret Greene Marjorie Bullard Barbara Whitlock Joanne Liddicoate Nancy Newton Charle en Hagen Marilyn Carlisle SOPHOMORES Patricia Peterson Dorothy Roth Dorothy Heinig Jane Coburn Alice Marie Barnes Marilyn Sode Marianne Truscoft Nancy Nicking Janet Doering Jo-An Thatcher Beverly Hinton Joan Doering Mary Anne Barnes Carol Holmes Dolores Ferriter Joan Benson Sydney Vilen SPRING PLEDGES Marjorie Houston Mary Gibson Margaret Bischoff Sandra White Beverly Lehne Joan Haviland Nancy Bogdan Jean Zweifel Betty Ann Campbell Jeanne McKnew Margaret Johnson Joette Clark Patricia Clark Catherine Meagher Noreen Letsom Barbara Collins FRESHMEN Diane Drake Beverly Nankervis Marilyn Mason Eleanor Dedic Barbara Brothers Diane Powers Patricia Nolan Ann Matheny Ellen Duncan Betty Dygert Barbara Stofko Barnes, M. Benson Bogdan Clark Collins Dedic Duncan Ely Gooding Hansen Harris Hutchinson Johnson, M. Liddicoate Peterson Sode Thatcher Vilen Zwiefel Brothers Dygert Guttierrez Hayes Ingram Johnson, V. MacCargar Nagy Newton Roth Truscott ALPHA EPSILON PHI 2728 CHANNI NG WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS AFTER SETTLING down from the excitement of their new house, the A E Phi ' s started off in a whirl of social life whic h included the dances " Dilemma in Disneyland " and the fall pledge class ' s fantastic " Fishie Fantasie. " Mixed in between were open houses after football games, exchanges, guest speakers, teas, and brunches. Highlighting the calendar was the Spring Formal held at beautiful old Hearst Ranch with swimming, tennis, and barbecue during the day and dancing under the stars in the evening. Prominent in activities were Ronda Lapidus, Prytanean; Cookie Holtz, Women ' s Rally Committee; Lorna Jauler, senior Pelican appointment; Bernice Glassman, Women ' s Editor of Daily Cal, and Janet Buger and Margie Feinberg, Frosh Council. Bistrum Stern, J. Albert Berger, G. Frank Herzstein Hillinger Kessler Lapidus Lazar Marguleas Roth Roy Stern, P. Ziegler Bakar Beckman Desky Epstein Faber Fink Goldstone Handloff Harris Jacobson Lachter Neer Rothman Siebert Silverman Susnow Youler Braverman SENIORS Jeanne Debs SOPHOMORES Bobbie Simon Minnie Nussbaum Leone Albert Phyllis Desky Janet Braverman Carol Sweet Sara Ogden Geri Berger Bernice Epstein Adria nne Briedenbach Lois Tessler Lila Sankowich Suzanne Frank Barbara Faber Joyce Cohen Elaine Waxman Marcia Simon Ricka Lee Herzstein Aileen Fink Barbara Freedman Gerre Sue Zigmond Robin Wein Margie Hillinger Lyn Goldstone Reva Futerman Marty Kessler Janice Handloff Bernice Glassman FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES Ronda Lapidus Nancy Harris Arlene Holtz Janet Berger Sandra Batko Kayla Lazar Anita Jacobson JoAnne Jermain Terry Bloom Eleanor Essenfeld Betty Marguleas Laura Kaplan Joyce Diller Ellen Finkel Gloria Roth Diane Korbholz Elinor Kahn Margie Feinberg Shirley Roy Lilly Lachter Susan Kahn Arlene Garter Audrey Hyman Patricia Stern Corinne Neer Anita Kirshner Jackie Goldberg Ruth Israel Barbara Ziegler Felice Rothman Rhoda Leichter Jean. Greenberg Ethel Lustig Rene Siebert Helene Levine Phyllis Hirsh Claire Mendel JUNIORS Carol Silverman June Rosen Helen Kay Ellen Perlstein Gerry Bakar Jeanne Susnow Janet Schuster Sally Levit Judith Seigel Rose Beckman Lorna Youler Susie Schapiro Jane Meyer Ethel Steinberg Briedenback Cohen Freedman Futerman Glassman Holtz Jermain Kirshner Levine Schuster Schapiro Simon, B. Sweet Tessler Waxman Zigmond Berger, J. Bloom Fienberg Garter Goldberg Greenberg Hirsch Kay Levit Meyer Nussbaum Sankowich Simon, M. Wein ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2726 CHANNI NG WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS HOMECOMING CLIMAXED an exciting football season with the Alpha Gam ' s having an attendant to the homecoming queen and a float that won first prize in the beauty division. The arrival of Christmas was heralded by the election of George Pelonis, the AGD candidate for the campus Santa Claus. Caroling, the annual party for underprivileged children, and finally before vacation, our Winter For mal, completed the holiday festivities. Spring semester began with a Sadie Hawkins Dance, honoring our new pledges. Mothers ' Day Luncheon, a May Morning Breakfast, and our awaited Spring Formal at the Claremont Country Club were part of the activities filling our social calendar. The Alpha Gam ' s were especially proud of Lou Morgan, ASUC Vice-President, and the many other girls holding positions ' on Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile, class councils, and varied ASUC activities. Bertagna Black Brooks Cailteux Child Emmons Eubank Donohue Gercke Griggs Hartman Hofmeister Houstoun Irvin Jukich King Kislitzin Kowliski Kress Menick Meyer McClusky Morgan Price Raysor Remington Schultz Sweet Tenney Worthmann Colby Duke Forsyth Hockwald Kingston Klob Rosberg Rounds Schade Sehlmeyer SENIORS Joyce Kislitzin Lucille Forsyth Barbara Koenig Arline Ensminger Joan Kowleski Suzanne Hockwald Myra Mossman Louise Fisher Lenore Bertagna Elizabeth Kress Sonja Norberg Elizabeth Johnstone Evaline Black Marlene Kingston Mary Menick Joan Kinnear Marian Osterman Margaret La Violette oan Marilyn Brooks Mary Meyer Sally Perry Jane McGregor Charlotte Cailteux Virginia McClusky Deryl Kolb Marilyn Powell Carol Nelson Lilace Child Louise Morgan Barbara Rosberg Frances Richardson Janet Reynolds Bonnie Emmons Kathleen Price Alice Rounds Doris Lee Robertson Nancy Sargent Nancy Eubank Arden Raysor Marilynn Schade S Joan Donahue Jan Remington Joanne Sehlmeyer Florence l r wanifle Dorothy Gercke Rosalie Sargent Wanda Spence Carol Upland n Rae ElleSn Schweifle Jean Woodburn Diana Walsh Barbara Schultz Jeanette Griggs Anita Sweet SOPHOMORES Patricia Wray Barbara Hartman Frances Tenney FRESHMEN Elizabeth Hofmeister Marianne Worthmann Ursula Birkhauser Carol Benoit SPRING PLEDGES Ann Houstoun Carolyn Clapp Dorothy Conlon Jean Irvin JUNIORS Patricia Clark Barbara Davenport Lois Forsyth Lois Jukich Nancy Colby Gwenna Coyne Laryou Dayton Marcia Kimberk Mary June King Patricia Duke Roberta Gerloff Jackie Emmons Pamela Ormsbee Spence Birkhauser Clapp Clark Coyne Galigher Gerloff Koenig Mossman Norberg Osterman Perry Powell Richardson Robertson Swan Upland Woodburn Benoit Conlon Davenport Emmons, J. Ensminger Fisher Johnstone La Violette McGregor Nelson Reynolds Schweifler Smith Walsh Wray ALPHA OMICRON P1 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS THE ALPHA O ' s had an active year highlighted by a Father-Daughter Dinner, Mother-Daughter Tea, ulty Dinner and Alpha Hobo Pledge Dance. Needless to say, the birdseye view of the bay and the stadium were appreciated and the long walk up for lunch was soon forgotten with bridge and sun bathing on the veranda as incentives. The house was represented in campus activities by Carla Merner, Secretary of the Sophomore Class; Joan Carr, Sports Editor of the Blue and Gold, and members of Gavel and Quill, Prytanean and Panile. In philanthropies they have an adopted child in Europe, and a rummage sale helped to raise funds for needy children in the Bay Area. Borchard Jensen Alley Carr Castel Clayton Dean Dixon Fraters Knudson Larson Martin, A. Martin, M. Shepard Zumwalt Amskold Berglund Bigelow Carithers Davis Dollarhide Donegan Fowls Jumper Markham McDowell Mengshol Merner Meyer O ' Donnell GRADUATES Anne Martin Shirley Jumper Nancy Cowan Carol Mixter Joanne Borchard Marilyn Martin Nancy Markham Alison Giddinos Anita Mohr Edith Jensen Sally Shepard Sally McDowell Patricia Rae Holt Joy Shofner June Ransom Jeanne Zumwalt Marilyn Mengshol Claire Jones Carol Spiekerman Carla Merner Nancy Mengelsdorf Anne Thornton Joanne Meyer Patricia McRae Nyla Tollefson SENIORS JUNIORS Norma O ' Donnell Oreon Noack Carol Weger Judith Alles Audrey Amskold Nancy Radford Margaret Wagner Betty Lou Boyd Marjorie Berglund Pat Roper Joan Carr Barbara Bigelow Sally Standley SPRING PLEDGES Virginia Castel Judy Carithers Carol Tate FRESHMEN Dorette Dufour Barbara Clayton Betty Cereghino Janet Thornberry Nancy Bracken Julia Haas Carolyn Dean Nancy Claxton Eleanor Wakes Betty Buckley Ann Halsey Nancy Dixon Nancy Davis Elizabeth Child Mary Looney Joan Fraters GeneIle Dollarhide SOPHOMORES Jan Emerson Patricia Lee Moran Vivian Knudsen Patsy Donegan Patricia Brandes Michele Glavinovich Patricia Lee Tinsley June Larson Dorothy Fowle Perlina Channing Joanne Lowry Gaye Wiesenfeld Roper Standby Tate Thornberry Wakes Channing Cowan Giddings Holt Jones McRae Noack Wagner Bracken Buckley Child Emerson Glavinovich Lowry M ixter Mohr Shofner Spiekerman Thornton Tollefson Weger ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS FALL SEMESTER in the Alpha Phi house cally began with eleven pledges on Freshman Council. Lucy Pfund Helgesson claimed many activity honors by being Chairman of Women ' s Judicial and a member of Prytanean and Mortar Board. Honors also went to Barbara Kinkead and Flo Ludlow who served as mem- bers of Rally Committee and Panile. Special social events for the year that will long be remembered were the Faculty Dinner, Fathers ' Dinner, and the Winter and Spring Formals. Excursions to Sugar Bowl, Sun ley, and finally Carmel rounded out a delightful 1952. Andrews Baldwin, C. Davies Dooher Driscoll Farran Heil Herman Johnson, S. Kieffer MacFadyen Mutch Nooman Perkins Plummer Birkholm Bisson Feragen Gallagher Hagar Higley Lesley, Joan Lesley, Jean Ludlow Macomber Moreland Palmer Perrin Roberts Stephens SENIORS Lucy Pfund Sue Palmer FRESHMEN Patricia Plummer Ann Perrin Catherine Andrews Mary Aulwurm Roberts e b o R Nancy n a N Charlotte Baldwin Ann Baldwin sn e Steph Jean a e J Ellen Davies JUNIORS Betsy Tisdale Mimi Belyea Maureen Dooher Elizabeth Davies Karen Brikholm Gail Wood Sally Driscoll Araminta Dickey Bi Jean Bisson Patricia Wood Marilyn Farran Ann Douglas Feragen la Ves Catherine Fankhouser Joanna Leithold Barbara Heil Joyce Gallagher SOPHOMORES Sue Loutsenheiser Tapia Herman Sue Guernsey Faith Maddox Sally Johnson Mary Hagar Ginger Claudius Lynn Palmer Joan Higley Betty Crim Frances Kieffer Beth Pischel Sydney Hudson Barbara Kinkead Sara Zumwalt Marion Lyman Jean Lesley Katherine Kirk Mary MacFadyen Joan Lesley Sue Mallot Marilyn Mutch Florence Ludlow Tudy Rutherford Nancy Noonan Nancy Macomber Karla Schafer SPRING PLEDGE Betty Perkins Ann Moreland Joan Sweetman Lucretia Crandall Tisdale Wood, G. Wood, P. Claudius Crim Kinkead Kirk Mallot Rutherford Schafer Baldwin, A. Belyea Davies Dickey Douglas Leithold Loutsenhouser Maddox Palmer Pischel Zumwalt ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT GALESBURY, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS THE ALPHA Xi Deltas kept busy this year with their Spring Formal at Diablo Country Club, their Faculty Dinner, Father-Daughter Day and many other ties. Omicron chapter also played host at a Province convention of Alpha Xi Deltas in April. They prided themselves with their many members on Frosh Council, the appointment of Marge Hawkins as Vanity Fair edi- tor on Pelican, and the election of Jan Pinger and Adelaide Herman as President and Vice-President of Pi Alpha Sigma. Vivian Larson was elected a member of Prytanean, and many other girls were active in cam- pus affairs. It was a busy, happy year for everyone. Bird Herman Lewis, Marie Monson Osthoff Peterson Finger Risi Shepherd Suhr Tallman, J. Underhill Bulkeley Butler Franklin Grutzmacher Hawkins Howard Johnson Larson Ray Rhorabough Rock Trembath Williams Atwood Banbrock Berry Cardwell Carr SENIORS JUNIORS Pat Rock Ramona Kirkpatrick FRESHMEN Gloria Bird Amy Burkeley Marilyn Trembath Marilyn Lockyer Dorothy Brand Daphne Bull Betty Butler Carol Williams Janet McKenzie Jean Campbell Adelaide Herman Joan Franklin Maryalda Shanks Alice Chaddock Peggy Johnson SOPHOMORES Marylee Freethy Betty Card Shinn Charlotte DeBow M Marie Lewis Marilyn Atwood Denise Differding Jean Grutzmacher Gretchen Tallman Jackie Knights Betty Caryl Montgomery Helen Banbrock Isabel Osthoff Marjorie Hawkins Nancy Thompson Carol Lowe Marilyn Peterson Sue Howard Shirley Berry Barbara Viland Mary Lewis Janet Pinger LuMarie Johnson Jeanne Cardwell Marilyn Watson Joyce Page Lois Stacke Jane Risi Vivian Larson Sally Ann Carr Elya Dughi Carolyn Swenson Margaret Shepherd Pat Munn Irene Ganin Annette Hansen Carolyn Wood Barbara Suhr Jeanne Tallman Barbara Ray Ellen Hagerman Joan Schendel SPRING PLEDGE Jean Underhill Catherine Rhorabough Eugenia Hoffman Jan Tyler Patricia Anderson Dughi Ganin Hansen Hagerman Hoffman Kirkpatrick Lockyer McKenzie Schendel Shanks Shinn Tallman,G. Thompson Tyler Viland Watson Brand Campbell Chaddock DeBow Differding Knights Lewis, Mary Page Stackle Swenson Wood CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS SEPTEMBER ONCE more found the Chi Omegas gathering at 2421 Piedmont Avenue to begin the busy whirl that ized 1951-1952. On the campus scene, Judy Denham was Chairman of Elections Council, Barbara Tindell was Secretary of Panhellenic, and Mary Lou Willis held the senior position of Copy Editor on the Blue and Gold as well as wielding the gavel as President of WAA. Mortar Board was represented in the Chi 0 house by its vice-president, Nancy Balch, and Mary Lou Willis, while Prytanean welcomed Patty Paine, Dede Kennedy and Ellen Hardway to its ranks. Joan Podstata was the treasurer of Panile and saw five other Chi O ' s initiated into the tion. The time flew by from the open-house festivities of foot- ball season to the Christmas Formal and caroling at the Chil- dren ' s Hospital. The new year rang in the anniversary of Chi Omega ' s fiftieth year on the Berkeley campus and a spring semester of varied activities. There was the Faculty Dinner, an Alumnae Dance, and those numerous five-pound boxes of candy on Monday nights. Ginger Andrews, Junior Class Secre- tary, was elected President of the California Student Teachers Association. June closed another four wonderful years for the graduating seniors, who will look back with fond memories on their last Father-Daughter Banquet, Spring Formal, and Senior Breakfast, Chi Omega traditions. Balch Beauchamp Benjamin Bertill ion Brune Denham Farnsworth Hardway Jones Kelly Redman Richardson Willis Andrews Banister Bartlett Diepenbrock Carter Leicham McGee Paine Postata Pratt Silliman Sleeper Tindell Crenshaw Devereux Edgerley Glenn SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Nancy Balch Virginia Andrews Barbara Crenshaw Janet Chantler Pat Beauchamp Marlene Banister Joyce Devereux Barbara Clark Barbara Benjamin Jane Bartlett Amy Edgerley Lesle Ann Creech Marie Bertillion Francis Carter Shirley Glenn Bobbie Eastwood Barbara Brune Virginia Diepenbrock Lynn Helvenston Ann Forsburg Judy Denham Diane Kennedy Pat Krieger Carolyn Hardin Aletha Edwards Anne Leicham Marilou Pereira Diana Nauman Manly Farnsworth Nancy McGee Mary Pierce Jeanne Reynaud Ellen Hardway Joan Martin Janet Schurr Sally Waters Janice Jones Patty Paine Joanne Smith Alice Kelly Joan Podstata Norma Stahl Nancy Redman Margaret Pratt Janice Thomas SPRING PLEDGES Madge Richardson Mary Ann Silliman Sally Watson Joan Schulz Janice Sleeper Barbara Weeks Susan Mecum Mary Lou Willis Barbara Tindall Cathy Whidden Mignon Nunnelley Helvenston Krieger Lane Pereira Pierce Schurr Smith Thomas Watson Weeks Whidden Cake Chantler Clark Creech Forsburg Hardin Nauman Reynaud Waters DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS SOON AFTER rushing new fall pledges were busy with plans for their Suppressed-Desire Pledge Dance. nation ran wild and many comical outfits were the re- sult. At Christmas time the entire house carried out the holiday decor in preparation for the Christmas Formal and House Party. At the House Party Santa arrived with a box of candy in his sack announcing one of the many engagements of the fall semester. For diversion during finals the house went on a make-believe cruise to Bermuda climaxed by a Captain ' s Dinner the Sunday of finals week. Last fall a collection of teacups was started along with a plan to serve tea in the afternoons. Tri DeIts also looked forward to sunbaths in the patio, the Spring Formal, and the Pansy Breakfast for the graduating seniors. Summer plans include a trip to the National Convention in Sun Valley. Albright Bigge Diehl Ferri Gilbert Greer Kennedy Knauer Meredith Pellitier Reeves, S. Waldow Abeel Baker Ballard Brown Brubaker Donnelly, N. Flinn Frederick Gauck Gibson Knowlton Moosman Orchison Robertson Shafer Shannon SENIORS Ardienne Reilly Sally Flinn SOPHOMORES Susan Davis Susan Sheldon Joan Frederick Sally Floyd Barbara Albright Luann Bardsley Hertha Gauck Mary E. G. L ' Ecuyer Janet Barnes Charlotte Spranger Eugenia Donnelly Meade Milisich Yvonne Baskette Jane Wadlow Jody Gibson Patricia Knowlton Muriel Kleven Marietta Parker Ruth Bigge Patricia Younger Ruth Moosman Barbara MacMahon Carol Diehl Nancy Major Shirley Orchison Jean Ferri Margaret Mitchell SPRING PLEDGES Alison Gilbert JUNIORS Ashley Robertson Jill Reeves Marianne Austin Jean Sanborn Barbara Stewart Shirley Greer Marilyn Hamlyn Jane Abeel Helen Shafer Mimi Ustvedt Sherrill Chandler Joan Kennedy Elizabeth Baker Nancy Shannon Sandra Hammond Sonya Knauer Nancy Ballard Mary Jo Singleton Juliet Leatherman Cynthia Miller Mary Meredith Barbara Brown Pat Taxer FRESHMEN Barbara Nichols Diane Norwall Nancy Brubaker Jeanette Trottier Betita Barr Luita Swales Joan Pellitier Cathleen Cayford Janyce Vick Corinne Benson Diana Swift Suzanne Reeves Nancy Donnelly JoAnn Wright Elizabeth Crosby Carol Westenberg Singleton Tazer Vick Wright Bardsley Donnelly, E. Kleven L ' Ecuyer MacMahon Major Mitchell Reeves, J. Ustvedt Barr Benson Crosby Davis Floyd Milisich Parker DELTA GAMMA 2701 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS EXCITEMENT OVERTOOK the Dee Gee house when, in addition to their winning second prize in the Home- coming Float Parade, Joyce Reid was selected queen to reign over the Big Game festivities, and Mary Lou Hunt was chosen as one of her attendants. Sue nell fit the Sigma Chi ' s Sweetheart song perfectly; a crown and shiny gold cup were evidence that others thought so, too. The Christmas spirit was evidenced when a group of children were entertained with games and refreshments. Social activities were climaxed with a dance last winter and a formal in the spring. Seen around the meeting places of various campus ties were Coralie George, active in YWCA and Pry- tanean member; Nancy Moncure and Joanne Morris, Rally Committee enthusiasts, and Mary Dell Fisher, picture editor of the Blue and Gold. Adams Allan, B. Burns De Bonis Erkenbrecker Fisher Garland Laws Miller Morse Pierson Remensperger Almon Beall Davis, A. George Hays Jonck Morris, 1 Myers, M. Ryan Slaven Toner Alexander Barclay Bartlett Dawson Douglas Draper Duckert SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Joyce Reid Sue McDonnell Ila Adams Sue Almon Jane Alexander Ruth Roach Margaret Mowatt Betty Allan Alberta Beall Joan Barclay Mary Shea Nancy Ranney Joan Boyers Ann Davis Ann Bartlett Sally Stewart Ann Scovel Buol Burns Coralie George Kathleen Dawson Ann Whittaker Sue Smith Storm Sto Sue u S Maria De Bonis Andrea Hays Phoebe Dohrmann FRESHMEN Mary Erkenbrecker Caroline Jonck Barbara Douglas Dorothy Burns SPRING PLEDGES Mary Dell Fisher Joanne Morris Judy Draper Nancy Ewer Beverly Baumeister Isobel Garland Sandra Mosely Pat Duckert Joan Fox Marilyn Bourquin Carol Gerhardy Sue Frost Janet Crook Linda Laws Mary Myers Mary Lou Hunt Sue Gilchriste Patricia Dunnagan Jane+ Miller Lois Raisin Lynn Johanson Marilyn Green Yvonne Edwards Jeanne Morse Jeanne Ryan Nancy Moncure Dayna Hutchins Carolyn Grubb Dorothy Pierson Marjorie Slaven Lisa Mumford Sandra Irwin Nancy Reading Nancy Remensperger Aileen Toner Joanne Reid Sue Lanzit Virginia Ware Gerhardy Hunt Johanson Moncure Mumford Reid, J. Reid, Joyce Roach Shea, M. Stewart Whittaker Burns, D. Ewer Fox Frost Gilchriste Greene Hutchins Irwin Lanzit Ranney Schovel Smith, S. Storm 331 DELTA PHI EPSILON Rapport Robinson Slatt Tuller Willard Zander Feldman Goldenberg Green Levine Levinson Marks Meshirer Rosenberg, P. Ruslender Smiley Waxman Wills Bloo m Boyarsky, B. Haimovitch Levy Meyer Milford Newson Solomon SENIORS Harriet Caine Gloria Kessler Nadine Ehrenberg Annette Rose Cecile Gutten Joyce Rosenberg JUNIORS Corinne Abramson Joan Nichols Ruth Boyarsky Marcia Rapport Lenore Clarfield La Verne Robinson Barbara Fishtrom Marilyn Slatt Ellen Garfinkle Shirley Tuller Sharon Greenstein Eleanor Willard Denise Modlin Marlene Zander SOPHOMORES Sandra Feldman Judith Meshirer Sara Goldenberg Phyliss Rosenberg Johann Green Irene Ruslender Rita Levine Sandra Smiley Lois Levinson Cecile Stillwater Sandra Marks Lois Lenore Wills FRESHMEN Florence Bloom Sandra Meyer Barbara Boyarsky Sue Milford Lorraine Haimovitich Rae Newson Sally Levy Jean Solomon SPRING PLEDGES Ruth Fink Sandra Robinson Gerda Mallisch Josephine Diana Tager Caine Ehrenberg Gutten Kessler Rose Rosenberg, J. Abramson Boyarsky, R. Clarfield Fishtrom Garfinkle Goldsmith Greenstein Modlin Nichols 2601 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS DELTA SIGMA EPSILON 2415 PROSPECT FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1914 BETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1951 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Louisa Borghi Beverly McDonnell Smith Janice CasteIla Lorene Palmer Margery Lilly Dorothy Marilyn Willhelm Zinsli JUNIORS Clabaugh Carol Armstrong Mary Kirk Hindley Daisy Borghi Theresa Madrid Papen Nancy Chester Barbara Paulson Chase Nettie Herbert Patricia Smith Beverly Jacobson Jacqueline Zinsli SOPHOMORES Hall Marilynn Clabauqh Graydon Hindley Lansberry Helen Papen MacQuiddy Myers Richardson FRESHMEN Barbara Chase Charlene MacQuiddy Emily Hall Suzanne Myers Shirley Lansberry Bernice Florence Steinmetz Steinmetz SPRING PLEDGES Marilyn Hoskins Anne LeRoy Borghi, L. Costella Lilly McDonnell Palmer Reavis Wilhelm Armstrong Borghi, D. Chester SENIORS Jacobson Kirk Madrid Paulson THE DSE ' s, besides participating in a galaxy of house activities including the Mothers ' Tea and Fathers ' Dinner, a brunch ing the pledges, Country Fair Dance, Easter egg hunt for privileged children, and the Tea Rose Formal in the spring, also managed to handle a number of campus activities. Beverley Donnell was Assistant Manager of the Blue and Gold; Lorrie Palmer, YWCA Social Chairman, Helen Papen, Pelican Personnel Manager, and Anne Reavis was YWCA Prexy and a member of Mortar Board. Other members were found on Pelican, Women ' s Activity Counseling and class councils. There were the memories of coffee hours on Thursday nights, signing Nancy ' s cast after skiing, " mad " Jan at the wheel of the senior class float, Jake ' s hula lesson, and a chapter trip to Santa Cruz during spring recess that highlighted 1951-52 for the DSE ' s. 333 DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1912 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FROM THE pledge dance to the formal at the Clare- mont Country Club, the social calendar, aided by pin- flings and engagements, was " crammed full " of fun- filled parties and dances. The members of Delta Zeta claimed their share of honors in campus activities as Janet Johnson wielded the gavel of Panhellenic, and Dena Carlson held the Vice-Presidency of the Junior Class. The Delta Zetas were also well represented on Women ' s Judicial Committee, Cal Engineer, Blue and Gold, Elections Council and Women ' s Activity Coun- seling. During the summer the DZ ' s are looking forward to seeing one another at the Golden Jubilee Conven- tion in New Orleans. Berney Larson Milan Litzenberg Braun Brewer Chapin Crusan Hartzell Horack Johnson Kechely Kettler Maguire McElroy McHenry Menend Park Schirmer Smith Stanley Akers Bakosh Carlson Coffman Eakin Gibson Hall Hampton Hays Herkner Muller Oldham Parsons Rogers Taylor Walker Young Zachery Burr SENIORS Gloria Schirmer Lois Hornbostel Joan Feisel FRESHMEN Patricia Berney Marjorie Smith Marijane Litzenberg Lois Folsom Barbara Berger Claire Braun Shirley Stanley Jocelyn Muller Marlene High+ Mary Ann Boyd Marjorie Brewer Rachel Chapin Elizabeth Crusan Velda Hartzell Nancy Horack Janet Johnson Dorothy Kechely JUNIORS Sally Akers Nancy Aljian Eleanor Bakosh Beverly Bryant Edena Carlson Elaine Oldham Joan Parsons Harriet Rogers Carol Taylor Diane Walker Diane Young Virginia Zachary Kathleen Kindall Charlotte Menend Carolyn Olsson Priscilla Park JoAnn Plueck Betty Pratt Mardece Russo Mary Lee Starr Patricia Flannigan Marian Laughlin Beverly Locker Jean McLure Dora Lou Moore Helen Pedersen Marianne Swanson Patricia Thill Patricia Kettler Rae Coffman Rosemary Steffan Frances Larson Carolyn Eakin SOPHOMORES Joan Tempel SPRING PLEDGES Nancy Maguire Carolyn Gibson JoAnn Burr Barbara Templeton Joan Alvestad Elizabeth McElroy Mary Alice Hall Carole Carlin Gladys Tolhurs+ Elaine Anderman Joanne McHenry Erlene Hampton Nancy Dahill Lois von Husen Lucy Ann Fish Beverly Menend Julia Hays Carol Diggles Diane Wishart Carol Pearce Natalie Park JoAnn Herkner Barbara Emerzian Helen Zachmann Yvonne Turek Carlin Diggles Emerzian Feisel Folsom Hight Kendall Menend Olsson Park Plueck Pratt Starr Steffen Tempel Templeton Tolhurst von Huesen Wishart Zachmann Berger Boyd Flannigan Laughlin Locker McLure Moore Pedersen Swanson Thill GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 CHANNI NG WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS GAMMA PHI Beta ' s review of 1951 and 1952 was headlined by seniors Carol Sanford, Mortar Board President and Cal Clubber; Barbara Ravn, Blue and Gold Manager; and Robin Haseltine, IAWS Convention Co-chairman and Mortar Board member. Marching right alongside were Mary Jo Hart, SUEC Chairman and Cal Clubber; and Carol Montgomery, Sophomore Class Vice- President. Mid rallies and football games in October, Gamma Phi ' s sponsored a progressive jazz concert benefiting its summer camp in Vancouver. This month also saw the Panhellenic ship cup placed on the mantle, as Gamma Phi placed first in sorority scholarship competition for the second consecutive year. Although November found everyone putting finishing touches on the float as it started along the parade route, Gamma Phi man- aged to walk off with second prize for originality in the 1951 Homecoming Parade. December featured a Christmas Party for underprivileged children and the Winter Formal. In the spring of leap year the Father-Daughter Dinner, the Faculty Dinner, the May Day Party, and the Spring Formal highlighted the semester. Although this year has come to an end, there are many guesses as to what will be Gamma Phi Beta ' s review of 1952-53. Giffen Hinman Kyle McLean Adams Burnett Haseltine Heartsner Jacobus McKenzie Marshall Peabody Ravn Sanford Spencer Calkins Carson Gilmore Hart Haskell Huetter Lamborn Larson Moak Parker Phelps Sackett Traylor Cerwin Elliot SENIORS Marjorie Spencer Dolores Sackett Joan Puckhaber Carol Proudfoot Diane Skidmore Gayle Rivers Mary Rothganger Ann Adams Jacquelyn Traylor Elizabeth Sokol Nancy Sidener Jennifer Bu rnett JUNIORS Sally Ulrich Dorothy Thelen Carol Giffen Sally Wainwright Cynthia White Robin Haseltine Persis Calkins SOPHOMORES Janice Whalen Robin Winslow Rosemarie Heartsner Terry Carson Sally Hinman Marilyn Gilmore Marilyn Cerwin Joan Jacobus Mary Jo Hart Joann Elliot FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES Carolyn Kyle Marilyn Haskell Noel Fraters Martha MacKenzie Margaret Huetter Mary Kelly Lesley Berglund Anna Fabbrini Carol McLean Lora Lamborn Carol Montgomery Diana Bruce Helen Frietzech Patsy Marshall Nancy Larson Joan Noble Joan Hartong Gayle Pearson Aneta Peabody Marguerite Moak Ann Paine Janet Heald Gail Raffaelli Barbara Ravn Harriet Parker Virginia Pioda Barbara Heine Sybil Stafford Carol Sanford Elouise Phelps Pamela Proctor Janice Hungerford Elizabeth Warren Fraters Kelly Montgomery Noble Paine Pioda Proctor Puckhaber Rivers Skidmore Sokol Ulrich Wainright Whalen Berglund Bruce Hartong Heald Heine Hungerford Proudfoot Racine Rothganger Sidener Thelen Thompson White Winslow KAPPA DELTA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS LIFE AT the KD house this year has been a happy bination of sports, scholarship, campus activities, and social functions. Claire Hanson became the secretary- treasurer of the freshman class; Gerry Calhoun won the Lux Girl contest; Irene Novicoff and Mary Beth Strecker, who also made Panile, were Rally Committee members; Nadya Olsen was on Prytanean; and Janet Gilmore, Fay Lincoln, Shirley La Point and Susan Mad- den held down junior appointments on Pelly. Sue went on to become Sales Director of Pelly, and sports-wide KC won the tennis trophy sparked by Diane Kostivl. On the social side the highlights of the year were the mas Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club, the pledges ' Shipwreck Dance, and spring White Rose Formal at the California Country Club along with exchanges, sere- nades, open houses, house banquets and the Faculty Dinner, which all made for an exciting year. Barnes Goodwin Olsen Needham Beale Hoch Persons Pratt Brooks Holmes Pritchard Ritter Calhoun Johnston Sullivan Robinson Chalmers Keegan Alexander Smith, H. CI iffman King Baker Stewart Crane Locke Forrest Wilson Elliott McMann is Herzig Berry Finley Milne H igman Cassidy Gilmore Moore Lincoln Demith SENIORS June McMannis Joan Needham Joyce Lackey FRESHMEN Janet Barnes Mary Jane Milne Joan Prat+ Shirley LaPoint Marilyn Bush Frances Beale Daysta Moore Norma Ritter Jackie Lauston Susanne Fender Barbara Brooks Nadya Olsen Janice Robinson Mary Lou Leach Nancy Flynn Geraldine Calhoun Pamela Persons Helen Smith Beverly Lewis Claire Hansen Margaret Chalmers Barbara Pritchard Patricia Stewart Susan Madden Colette Nicole Carolee Cliffman Beverly Sullivan Virginia Wilson Charlotte Massie Claudia Pringle Helen Crane Lois Morrison Annabelle Elliot JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Trine Novikoff Marilyn Quinn Romalun Finley Mary Alexander Nancy Berry Dionne O ' Donnell Suzanne Schuster Janet Gilmore Janet Baker Camille Cassidy Mary Rita Pell Beryl Smith Barbara Goodwin Isabel Dasteel Helen Demith Frances Russell Barbara Turner Rose Marie Hoch Lila Forrest Phyllis Filiberti Katherine Russell Joan Winther Carol Holmes Carol Foster Margaret Finley Loretta Sayre Marilyn Johnston Norma Herzig Jackie Gunderson Mary Beth Strecker SPRING PLEDGES Patricia Keegan Virginia Higman Barbara Higley Diane Turner Ann Bell Priscilla King Nancy Landreth Helen Honer Janet Walters Barbara Gratiot Jean Locke Fay Lincoln Diane Kostial Betty We1p Barbara Van Alstine Filiberti Finley Gunderson Higley Honer Kostial Lackey LaPoint Leach Lewis Madden Massie Morrison Novikoff O ' Donnell Pell Russell, F. Russell, K. Sayre Strecker Walters We1p Bush Fender Flynn Hansen Nicole Pringle Quinn Schuster Smith, B. Turner, B. Winther KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS AS THE term rolled along with football fever growing into ski enthusiasm and then into a longing to " go to the beach, " the KAPPAS enjoyed a busy year. The calen- dar was highlighted by the Christmas Formal, Faculty Dinner, and Fathers ' Dinner. Aside from studies and social activities the agenda was augmented by many holidays spent at Sun Valley, Sugar Bowl, and, later, Carmel. Mardy Robinson was more than busy with many campus activities including the position of Blue and Gold Editor. Carole Baker w as active as President of Tower and Flame as was Jeanne St. Hill who was President of Prytanean. Jennie Breuner and Midge Oliver rose early on Saturdays to help on Rally Com- mittee; Sandy Diepenbrock participated in Panile work, and Helen Bragg was an attendant to the Lambda Chi Daffodil Queen. Groom Bailard Bolman Brown Corley Easley Fitzpatrick, M. Hammond Hodapp Martin Robinson St. Hill Smith Surprenant Tracy Wilson Arnold, S. Dougherty Evans Fitzpatrick, H. Hughes, C. Hughes, K. Kiessig Lie Mannion Owen Polglase Sharp Shea Tilden SENIORS Zoe Surprenant Margaret Polglase Ann O ' Connor Carmela Kempf Virginia Arnold Carol Tracy Barbara Sharp Marian Oliver Carol Lee Moore Jeanne Bailard Jane Wilson Mollie Shea Sherry Wright Molly Mott Gay Bolman Jane Brown Patricia Corley Nan cy Easley Mary Fitzpatrick JUNIORS Sally Arnold LouAnn Compton Joan Dougherty Gertrude Evans Callie Tilden Carolan Witter SOPHOMORES Ann Armstrong Jennifer Breuner Robnett Skiffler FRESHMEN Carol Baker Helen Bragg Susan Burke Mary Mugford Nanette Nelson Margaret Taylor Janet Williams Sherry Wright Marianne Hammond Hillary Fitzpatrick Joanne Condrey Dorothy Burnett SPRING PLEDGES Helen Hodapp Sue Martin Christine Hughes Kathy Hughes Sally Cook Sandra Diepenbrock Joan Chickering Diana Coates Barbara Bloden Marion Majors Joan Keissig Eleanor Engs Virginia Constans Mary Ann Ellis Mardy Robinson Karin Lie Joan Fletcher Nancy Gwerder Coleen MacNeill Jeanne St. Hill Carmen Mannion Ann Lickfold Marian Haight Mary Agnes McDonald Diane Smith Patti Owen Jane Lowry Carol Jones Kathleen Morrissey Witter Armstrong Brenner Condrey Cook Diepenbrock Engs Fletcher Lickfold Lowry O ' Connor Shiftier Wright Baker Bragg Burke Burnett Chickering Coates Constans Gwerder Haight Jones Kempf Nioore Nlott Mugford Nelson Taylor Williams PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS THIS YEAR was the anniversary of Phi Mu ' s founding 100 years ago—and the girls made their centennial year a big one! To the trophy shelf, already containing the victor ' s cup from the Spring Sing in 1951, was added another, won for the most original sorority float in the Homecoming Parade. To show that their talents were diversified, the Phi Mu ' s took first place in the intramural bowling tournament and hibited a strong volleyball team, had a gala time at the tra- ditional Carnation Ball at the Palace Hotel, and relived childhood days at the pledge dance, the " Storybook Stomp. " They cheered Jody Zuber when she was elected ACB Chairman and congratulated Agnes Liakos and Lorrie Grossman on their invitations to join Gavel and Quill. Jan Cleveland became a member of Panile, while Joan Maracci served as the secretary of FSB. Altogether, the year was one not likely to be repeated for another hundred years. Abbott Cataldi Franco Goodnight Graham Haydon Ross Stein Baxter Bolger Croce Francis Haffey Haugh ian Han ltain Henry Johnson Lanphier Hayes Ludwig Means Porter Freeman Freese Gilbertson Grossman Lapeyri Lai kos Mahany Maurer SENIORS JUNIORS Corrinne Lapeyri SOPHOMORES Patricia Goldsberry Kay Abbott Mary Louise Cataldi Lorraine Franco Evelyn Goodnight Carolyn Graham Barbara Haydon Dorene Hayes Sylvia Ludwig Phyllis Means Ann Porter Mary Jo Baxter Frances Bolger Joan Francis Catherine Freeman Elizabeth Freese Dianne Gilbertson Lorraine Grossman Joan Haffey Beverly Hastings Kathleen Haughian Winkie Haultain Patricia Henry Agnes Liakos Ruth Mahany Sally Maurer Margaret Mott Diane Peet Nancy Rae Mary Ruddock Zorka Scarich Shirley Smith Jacqueline Spaulding Nancy Williams Marjorie Wright Betty Benson Janet Cleveland Peggy Donovan Norma Lahti Chalkley Murray Virginia Ogden Jeanne Raeside Patricia Sloe Dione Wright FRESHMEN Jean Hoppe Patricia McKanna Joan Maracci Diane Paxton Diane Segel SPRING PLEDGES Barbara Ciemny Roann Reeve Carol Smith Sylvia Swan Kay Ross Caroline Johnson Mildred Zinn Gail Carroll Margaret Ulbrand Betty Lou Stein Margaret Lanphier Joan Zuber Sandra Croce Evelyn Watson Mott Peet Rae Ruddock Scarich Spaulding Smith Williams Slee Zinn Zuber Benson Cleveland Donavan Lahti Murray Ogden Raeside Segel Wright Carroll Goldsberry Hoppe McKanna Maracci Paxton Wright PI BETA PHI 2328 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS THIS YEAR proved to be as full as the house itself (with thirty new fall pledges) at 2325 Piedmont Avenue. Many exchanges, Fall and Spring Formals, the Faculty Dinner, Father-Daughter Dinner, and Mothers ' Club Fashion Show and Luncheon highlighted the social year. On the academic side, the University announced to Marilyn Tupper, Scholastic Chairman, that Pi Beta Phi had tied for the award of greatest scholastic improve- ment in the year of 1950-51. Among house members active in campus activities were Janet Grout and Ann Hawley, who were initiated into Prytanean and Panile respectively. All in all 1951-52 was a fruitful year. Baird Chubb Crockett Dole Goodwin, A. Healy Henze MacAlpine Maldonado, A. O ' Connor Schuler Snodgrass Tupper Wood Angwin Grout Hal lenbeck Kimble Milnor Mogenson Nisbet Redwine Se!don St. John Swift Wolfe Woolsey, J. Abbe Andrews Chesholm Davies Diederich Edwards Hawley Helms Huguet Jeim Jorgensen Kresser Maldonado, M. SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Sue Madary Marion Baird Joyce Angwin Janet Abbe Dodie Bee Diane Mansfield Virginia Chubb Sally Church Regina Andrews Joanne Church Kiefie McDuffy Sibby Crocket Virginia Dole Alice Goodwin Mary Hazeltine Barbara Healy Margaret Henze Peggy MacAlpine Anelisa Maldonado Marilyn O ' Connor Mary Schuler Ann Simpson Connie Snodgrass Janet Grout Betty Hallenbeck Joan Kimble Francine Milnor Marilyn Mogensen Mardy Nisbet Robin Redwine Barbara Seldon Analou St. John Betsy Swift Barbara Chesholm Judy Davies Susan Diederich Suzanne Edwards Ann Hawley Ann Helms Marge Huguet Beth Jelm Bina Jorgensen Germaine Kresser Marydee Maldonado Lynne Collins Barbara Cook Beth Early Jean Gair Carol Goodwin Barbara Hand Patsy Hooven Lynn Hoxie Helen Hudson Mary Louise McGowan Joan McRae Dotty Parsons Patty Patterson Nell Sesnon Ginnie Roach Shirley Ruxton Janet Skaer Anne Stuart Marilyn Tupper Jerry Wolfe Lynn McClure Yvonne Kennedy Jean Thompson Jean Wood Joan Woolsey Muriel Papac Connie Lacy Judy Woolsey Papac Bee Church Collins Cook Early Gair Goodwin, C. Hand Hooven Hoxie Hudson Kennedy Lacy Madary Mansfield McDuffy McGowan McRae Parsons Patterson Sesnon Ruxton Skaer Stuart Thompson Woolsey, J. SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS NEW MODERN furniture for all of the bedrooms was the surprise in store for the Sigma Kappas when they returned to school last fall. Both socially and scholasti- cally, the past year was a busy one. While trying to raise their respective grade points, they still found time to give two successful pledge dances, the annual Spring Formal, and a Christmas Party for underprivi- leged children. Sigma Kappa was especially proud of Margie Coombs for being elected to Cal Club and the many girls who were outstanding in campus activities. Bennett Bennetts Caldwell Clare Johnson Landram Larson Liddell Lochausen Marr McCallum Rice Smith Wickman, N. Boyd Carlisle Cavalli Christian Coombs, Mail. Coombs, Mari. Cuthbert Dietterle Gosnell Grundell Harding Kennard Kenney MacKay Menge Pettit SENIORS JUNIORS Jean Kenney Margaret Hanna Darlene Johnson Marilyn Beall Diane Bennett Marilyn Boyd Nancy Carlisle Phyllis MacKay Nancy Menge Donna Jackson Beth Merrick Diane Lillis Suzanne Marelia Bettie Bennetts Carol Ann Cavalli Patricia Murphy Florence Minch JoAnn Morgan Joan Caldwell Carolyn Christian Juliana Pettit Jackie Muller Lillian Wickman Georgia Lee Clare Norma Johnson Marjorie Coombs Marilyn Coombs Marlene Paulson Virginia Robinson Barbara Patten Audrey Ross Marilyn Williams Sherel Young Mary Landram Lois Larson Juno Liddell Marilyn Lochausen Janet Marr Nancy Rice Ruth Cuthbert Diane Day Ruth Dietterle Barbara Evans Sally Gosnell Beth Grundell Barbara Starman Shirley Subke June Turner Eleanor van der Zee SOPHOMORES Eugenie Saunders Nadine Vernon FRESHMEN Mimi Ashe Irene Fitts SPRING PLEDGES Virgi nia Amid. Joan Adams Jenny Anderson Susan Brobst Cynthia Charlesworth Jane Scott Genevieve Gurr Eleanor Arturo Mary Gaines Diane Matasci Virginia Lee Smith Nancy Ann Harding Ann Bakken Julie Geary Patricia McLeod Nancy Wick man Susan Kennard Valerie Ellingson Joan Haw Dana Turner Paulson Starman Turner van der Zee Arturo Bakken Ellingson Hanna Jackson Merrick Minch Patten Ross Saunders Vernon Fitts Gaines Geary Haw Johnson Lillis Marelia Morgan Wickman, L. Williams Y oung SIGMA OMICRON PI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1930 ONE CHAPTER Gee Ho Lee Liu Lco Lowe Lum, B. Quon Tom Toy SENIORS Elaine Ho Betty Ng Wing Lorraine Louie Alberta Quon Taam Margaret Lum Nancy Toy Chan Kee JUNIORS Ken Carlene Chan Lorainne Loo Louise Gee Nellie Low Alice Lee Myra Lowe SOPHOMORES Hester Lowe Barbara Lum Jennie Team Lelia Wing FRESHMEN Genevieve Lum Marlene Tom Beverly Wee SPRING PLEDGES Evelyn Chan Ester Fee Eileen Dong Darlene Tom Vivian Tom Gladys Chin Geraldine Kee Ying F. Ken Mayme Lee Lum, M. Sheu Chin THETA UPSILON 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Bence Knapp Lorenzen McKinley, L. Rosecrans Rupp Sheppard Brown Hofmeister Thompson GRADUATE Gail Williams Trehearne Decker, B Hubbard Johnson Kummerfeld SENIORS Eleanor Cence Loraine McKinley Emalyn Knapp Olive Rosecrans Gloria Lorenzen Lillian Rupp Barbara Sheppard O ' Connor Smith JUNIORS True Wed Shirley Brown Inez Thompson Wilson Margaret Hofmeister Dianne Trehearne SOPHOMORES Barbara Decker Barbara O ' Connor Ruth Hubbard Gene Smith Brusasco Barbara Johnson Mary True Decker, J. Ruth Kummerfeld Joyce Weed Hall Mercedes Wilson Hallett Hatheway FRESHMEN Doris Brusasco Marie Lacoste Jerrilyn Decker Irene McKinley Ann Hall Susan Matthews Elizabeth Hallett Margo Mitchell Hill Gale Hatheway Phyllis Pixley Jenkins Joanne Hill Stuparich Locoste Joyce Jenkins Ruth Williams McKinley, 1. Matthews SPRING PLEDGE Helenjoyce Rogan Mitchell Pixley Stuprich Williams 349 ZETA TAU ALPHA 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS FROM FALL registration to June finals, every Zeta found herself in the midst of a whirl of academic and social activi- ties. The Panhellenic Scholarship Improvement Award was presented to the house in the fall. This year the social dar included the costume pledge dances, the White Violet Christmas Formal, the Spring Dinner Dance at Mt. Diablo Country Club, fraternity exchanges and serenades, Chil- dren ' s Christmas Party, and the Mothers ' and Fathers ' din- ners. Familiar Zeta faces on campus were Bobbie Santini, Homecoming Queen finalist; Carol Cochran, a member of Prytanean, Gavel and Quill; Carol Flint, Ski Club Vice-presi- dent; and Marcia LeDuc, Council Chairman on " I " Board, plus the many girls who held appointments on class councils, Blue and Gold, Pelican, and the YWCA. Bourdet Britz Burr Cochran Edmondson Flint Giffin Hernandez Jones, J. Kanode Mallory Russell Swanson Troxel I Woodson Arney Atchley Balfour Bateman Carbiener Carr Craig DeBorba Fowler Howell Jones, B. Jones, J. Kelley Learn McDonald Maier Pighetti Ransdel I Santini Skegstrom Tackney SENIORS JUNIORS Isabel Arado Fay Arney Patricia Bourdet Cindy Atchley Barbara Britz Beverly Balfour Virginia Burr Donna Bateman Carol Cochran Janet Carbiener Cyanne Edmondson Ann Carr Carol Flint Joan Craig Barbara Giffin Barbara De Borba Raquel Hernandez Geraldine Fowler Janet Jones Robertha Howell Annette Kanod. Beverly Jones Joan Mallory Jacqueline Jones Dolores Russell Joan Kelley Lois Swanson Patricia Learn Joan Troxell Joan MacDonald Audrey Woodson Barbara Maier Marilyn Pighetti Jaclyn Lange Diane Ransdell Jill Lawrence Roberta Santini Marcia LeDuc Karen Skegstrom Lorraine Lockwood Sally Tackney Marlene Peck!. Sylvia Tysdal Llewellyn Stevens Catherine Vager Betty Terzian Lucy Watson Ramona Vierra Marlene West SOPHOMORES Mary Webster Janet Allen Roberta Beatty FRESHMEN Barbara Benson Elizabeth Bahls Nancy Collins Dorothy Bedard Jacquelyn Corbett Johanna Ellis Jacqueline Hansen Mary Fountain Mary Haworth Janet Harrison Shirley Johnson Carolyn King Patricia Mahoney Jacqueline Mattos Gladys Miller Edith Nicolaisen Beverly Smith Shirley Stitt Joyce Trebilcot Margery Watson SPRING PLEDGES Catherine Causey Sally Jollymour Katherine Jordan Jeanne Leffiere Peggy Peddicord Patricia Smith Marilyn Tozer Darlene Wright Tysdal Vager Beatty Corbett Hansen Haworth Johnson, S. Lange Lawrence LeDuc Lockwood Stevens Terzian Vierra West Webster Bahls Bedard Ellis Fountain Harrison King Mahoney Mattos Miller Nicolaisen Smith, B. Stitt Trebilcot Watson, M. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Hayes Howell Crawford Dawson Erickson Innes Marwedel McAllister Morrow Mulligan Popenoe Ravera Stern Billinger Dunbar 2723 DURANT FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Doe Hayes Lynch McDougall Ross Jean Hayes GRADUATES Suzanne Howell SENIORS Stewart Walden Westernoff Atmore Charleston Marilyn Crawford Mary Dawson Betty Ann Dougherty Beverly Erickson Elizabeth Innes Sally Land Elizabeth Lowe Elsie Marwedel Alice McAllister Barbara Morrow Patricia Mulligan Jean Ostrander Marian Popenoe Jean Ravera Sally Sipherd Georgiana Stern Cudworth Dumars Fogarty Holden Jones Barbara Billinger Dorothy Dunbar Gail Doe Barbara Fletcher Barbara Hayes Ann Kiefer JUNIORS Antionefte Lynch Mary Ann McDougall Margaret Ross Nancy Stewart Sondra Walden Malou Westernoff Robinson Salt Spence Steven Teel Blessing Clymer Curtice F itzhugh Ge ering SOPHOMORES Katherine Atmore Melissa Jones Alice Charleston Diane McCuistion Merrill Cudworth Nancy Robinson Arlene Dumars Nancy Salt Joanne Fogarty Leslie Spence Carol Holden Virginia Ann Teel FRESHMEN Sherrill Blessing Nancy Poe Barbara Clymer Patricia Porter Louella Curtice Margot Rees Sheila Derieg Alice Ryan Marion Fitzhugh Sharon Viault Deborah Geerinq Elizabeth Vinzent Eleanor Gramatky Joyce Williams Marilyn Patterson Dorothy Zarley Gramatky Patterson Poe Po rter Rees Ryan Viault Vinzent Williams Zarley rmitories SMYTH HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE THE SMYTH Association is the name chosen by the male inhabitants of the top three halls of the sity ' s Fernwald Dorms. " The Hill, " as it is called by the men and women who inhabit it, has as a chief attrac- tion the proximity of 200 men to 280 women. Smyth and Fernwald participated in a Fall Formal, a Homecoming Float, and everybody enjoyed an atmosphere of friend- ship. Albert Johnson and Roland Quintero guided the Hall ' s firs+ tottering steps. The Smyth Association first saw light of day in September, 1951, and, aided by Larry Peirano and Don Tompkins, the Association is gaining cohesion and spirit. Watch out for Smyth! Aycrigg Tompkins Gordon Miller Quintero Adams, A. Aguirre Almanzo Barden Basalto Berry Bruce Crescenzo Denevan Doggett Ducker Hiatt Koiner Link McGimsey Mears Norall Petersen Reyes Riese Shelby Dyche Feldman Fenigstein Keegan 3 S4 GRADUATES Gil Guerin FRESHMEN Maurice Leach Peter Walz David Krouser John Aycriog Donald Tomkins Stewart Hiatt Albert Johnson Carl Koiner Homer Adams Al Bock Raymond Bohne Roger Leach Jerry Lewis Gerhard Levy Genson Wong NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Robert Latz Gerald Levin John Melville SENIORS William Link Clark Brott Stanley Loeb Ronald Abend Robert McDonald Walter Gordon Howard Miller Roland Quintero JUNIORS Albert Adams Walter Adams Hermann Aguirre Robert Almanzo Bernard Barden George McGimsey Walter Masciorini Carleton Mears B u n rto N ora II Jack Penfield John Petersen Tom Reyes Wallis Riese Robert Shelby Robert Brown Wayne Bruce Keith Bull William Cox David Dean Robert Deitz Robert Edwards Donald Frantz Graham Frye James Maddox James Mahoney Donald Moore Ronald Morton Kenneth Ness David Raphael Charles Ray Don Rice Edward Rice E. I. Aguilera Phil A n d e rso n Lawrence Ba bow Peter Baker Frank Barr James Carter Frank Chapman Desmone Coffelt A. G. Cochingham Robert Day George Merdalo John O ' Dell Dan Pletsch Robert Prutch S. 0. Redacre Frank Robben Charles Rose Don Saba Herbert Schmitz Buford Barnett SOPHOMORES Charles Greschel Richard Rowe Sheldon DeGraff John Schwa backer Fred Basalto Clifford Berry Allan Clayton Robert Bruce Luois Crescenzo William Denevan James Doggett Philip Davis Justin Dyche James Enright Melvin Feldman Julian Fenigstein James Keegan Ray Heberer Laurence Johns Albert Justice Ernest Karsten Edgar Kling Allan Knotts Albert Salter Enos Santos William Sharpe William Tanner Walter Torbet John Trias Roland Garner Barry Gilbert James Gillespie Allan Goldwater Lee Gorsuch Gary Gray Ralph Shaffer Robert Shipman John Steele Robert Tripp John Wagner John Wilcox Bruce Ducker Velvin Watson George Krueger Walter Von Flue Herbert Klemme Ted Yale Watson Adams Bock Bohne Brown Bull Cox Dean Edwards Frantz Frye Greschel Heberer Johns Karsten Krueger Leach Lewis Levy Loeb Maddox Morton Ness Ray Rice Rowe Sharpe Tanner Torbet Trias Von Flue Walz 355 BOWLES HALL EMPHASIZING ONCE again their traditional motto, Education through Fellowship, the men of Bowles ciation wrote another successful chapter into the his- tory of the Hall. Behind the capable leadership of presidents Maurice Holloway and Bob Sales, the Hall maintained its record of active participation in all University affairs. Angello Doyle Holloway Miller Arnois Browne Carnie Chatham Clancy Compton Duranceau Edmeades Farrand Forrester Furnas Goul Hood Hurley Kern Kretchmer Kreyenhagen Krouse Morgan Morris Nelson Parker Parks Peterson, W. Richter Rubin Rutledge Bayles Sal inger Corday Crowder DeCristoforo Graf Gram Hammond Larson Locarnini Macy Peterson, V. Post Rager Scriven UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Anthony DeCristoforo Henry Miller Roy Wagner Peter Dinkelspiel Lawrence Marshall Chaffee E. Hall Doyle Robert Morgan Raymond Weinstein Paul Doyle Gene Maxwell William J. Norton Forrest Duranceau Thomas Morris Bobby Dunn Alan McCormack Richard Neddersen James Edmondson Eugene Nelson JUNIORS David Dworack Richard Merril Walter T. Steilberg Bud Farrand Donn Parker George Abernathy Philip Fisher Bud Meyenberg Scoff Wilson Emmett Forrester Bill Parks Samuel Adams Bruce Fry Robert Miller David Furnas Alfred Petersen Varney Alvernaz Robert Hammond Lawrence Mittleman GRADUATE Howard Goul Victor Peterson Morris Barnett Richard Hargrove Harry Monson Reuben Smith Alfred Graf Rollin Post David Buck Robert Hays Daniel Navon Andrew Gram Maurice Rager Douglas Burns William Hill Richard Parker SENIORS Richard Hammond Roland Richter Lawrence Bush Donald Huggins George Pavlov Joseph Angello Herbert Arnois Michael Browne Richard Bryan Sherwin Carlquist Ken Carnie Ronald Chatham Maurice Holloway David Hood Charles Hurley John Kern James Kretchmer Kenneth Kreyenhagen Robert Krouss Robert Romer Jack Rubin Robert Rutledge Richard Salinger Ri Robert Sayles Edward Scriven Fred Shieman Philip Calanchini Alexander Cecil James Clark William Clarke John Class Duane Collier Eldon Johnson Daniel Kaplan John Klauder Michael Knauer Don Koepke John Lamon Raoul Peizer Richard Peterson James Porterfield Gordon Rails Warren Richards Jim Selby John Clancy Paul Larson Harris Steiner Bryan Counsil Charles Larson Donald Simonson Philip Compton Wallace Locarnini Charles Stice Jerome Curtis Gordon Leach Daniel Sharp Douglas Cordray William Macy Charles Stuart Walter Davie William Loughman Don Stottlemyer Dean Crowder Robert McEuen John Thomas Raymond Decker Christian Manzoni Wayne Woodruff Steiner Stice Stuart Thomas Wagner Weinstein Abernathy Adams Alvernaz Barnett Bush Calanchini Clarke Class Collier Counsil Curtis Davie Decker Dinkelspiel Dunn Dworack Fry Hargrove Hays Hill Huggins Johnson Kaplan Klauder Knauer Koepke Lames Larson Leach Manzoni Marshall Maxwell McCormack Merrill BOWLES HALL BOWLES MEN prided themselves in their float, stakes winner in the Homecoming Parade. Once again their teams bid for predominance in the University intramural sports program. But the most gratifying thing to the members was the success of the social calendar. Dances, exchanges and beer busts were all on the list, along with formals at the Palace Hotel and St. Francis Yacht Club. Myenberg Miller Mittleman Monson Parker, R. Pavlov Peizer Peterson, R. Porterfield Rails Richards Sharp Simonson Stottlemeyer Woodruff Abramovice Addicott Auslen Barton Brown Butler Capp Crabbe Crampton Delvaille Dickson Edmeades Engvall Feuerstein Filipponi Forelli Gaffrey Gram Hatch Lee Malamud Matthews Meyer McClelland Mitchell Nelson Peterson, D. Post Rice Stith Twisselman SOPHOMORES Robert Gardner Darrel Twisselman Richard Guilhamet Lawrence Rabinowitz Benjamin Abramovice Richard Gaffrey David Wagner Howard Harker Lew Raney Gerald Addicott Marshall Gram Harold Weitzner John Heilbron David Reeves Donald Auslen Nelson Hansen Stephen Whitaker Robert Hezlep Gene Rocker H ugh Barton David Harper John Zachry Jerry Holmes Sidney Schelling Barry Brown Richard Harper Phillip Zediker Milton Honea Howard Settle John Bush Richard Hatch Joseph Zaerr Ralph Juhl William Thomas Leland Butler Bruce Hyman Donald Keene Theodore Twisselman Charles Capp Daniel Lee FRESHMEN Robert Klamt John Crabbe Ernest Malamud Roland Koenig NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Michael Aggeler Howard Leach Louis Countryman Howard Crampton James Matthews Lawrence Anderson John Devitt Jack Meyer Owen Bae Roy Linn Robert Durkee John Delvaille Wilson McClelland John Batzler Donald Linsdale Jerry Gilbert William Devries William Mitchell Elliot Baum Norman McDonald Warren Johnston Krhman Douglas Dickson John Nelson David Baxter Howard McGorvin Peter Robert Landis ndi Gerald Dugger Dan Peterson Edgar Beall Paul March Jerry Lewis Kenneth Edmeades James Post Thomas Boyce Robert Mayo James Maddox John Engvall Charles Rice Roger Eldridge John Morken Norman Mineta Donald Feuerstein Ray Rodriguez Alexander Ellenberg Norman Parsons Robert Nielson Herbert Filipponi Warren Smith Donald Girard Richard Peters Lloyd Old Frank Forelli William Stith Arthur Gonos Bruce Pifel William Sproule Wagner Zachry Zediker Zaerr Aggeler Bae Betzler Baum Baxter Beal Boyce Eldridge El lenberg Girard Gonos Guilhamet Harker Heibron Hezlep Holmes Honea Juhl K eene Leach Linsdale McDonald McGorvin Mayo Morten Parsons Peters Pifel Rabinowitz Raney Reeves Schelling Settle Thomas Twisselman John (deceased) BARRINGTON HALL 2315 DWIGHT WAY Ash lock MEMBERS Au Hikmet Al-Omar William Lehmer Broadnax Gordon Anderson Bernard Leung Cespedes Louis Ansolebehere Wallace Leung Chew Max Arellano Neil Linsey Vincent Arp George Lockhart Kenneth Au Harry Low Donald Azvedo Donald Luttrell Louis Baeck Philip Lydon Dougherty Robert Bailey John McCann Du Image Gerard Barker Grant McClellan Flores James Bell Donald McClure Gavin Irwin Bendet Raymond Mah Gee John Berman Kau Mak John Berry Mun Mar William Blanchard Marvin Margolis Paul Brandford Frances Mathews Robert Briney Donald Mayall Hart Samuel Broadnax Robert Meredith Heasley Irwin Brounstein Arthur Mori Krueger Robert Brown Gerry Morse Lai John Bruckman Peter Mundy Low John Buchanan Kurt Munnich Ramon Burstyn Gene Newcombe William Cassady Jack Nielson Teodoras Chamskas Paul O ' Bannon Arthur Chen Neil Opsal McClellan Alvin Chew Robert Osborne Mah Leonard Chew Richard Orkand Neiber Forest Chilco+t Frank Oyung George Cocalles Henry Passo Perry Roebuck John Crump Milton Padno Hurbert De Graeve Earl Palmer Robert Donati Lewis Palmer James Dougherty Benjamin Parmeter Ellwood Douclas Walter Parsons Phil Douros Ronald Pelsinger Berman Richard Dubner Edward Phillips Huber Ralph Eissmann George Ponomareff Hungerford Melvin Elicker Donald Poulsen Lara Richard Elliott Leland Powers Palmer Roy Elliott Robert Randolph David Engstrom Stephen Riskin Paul Fleetwood John Robertson Benjamin Fong John Roebuck John Foon Luois Ruud Passo Sun Fung Adrian Ruyle Sonsten Franklin Friedman Anthony Sacco Washino Julius Friedman Hikeaki Sakakura Yamamoto Roger Gaefcke Winfield Salisbury Yamashita Carl Garland Robert Scherrer Gerald Garrett Joel Schiller Walter Gavin Dave Seed Jerry Gee Phil Simpson Sigmund Goldberg Jacob Smit Heimann Judson Grenier Robert Sonsten Juette James Griffin Hugh Stanley Phillips William Grossman Jerome Stark Powell Raj Gupta William Steffensen Tsukamoto Abdul Hammosh Franklyn Stevens James Hart Lloyd Street Patrick Harwood Charles Stuart Waldo Heasley Wesely Stupar Robert Heckley James Sullivan Kenneth Heikkinen Gerald Tappe Wi ltsek Richard Heimann Jacques Templin Harwood Robert Helsing James Ten Eyck Smith, R. David Hershey Louis Tes+ardi Bill Hicks Donald Thomas Robert Holten Calvin Toche Manley Horowitz Tin Sun Tong Arba Hudgens Wilmer Tsukamoto Takulei Iseri Bill Tsuboto John Jasper Edward Ulrich Charles Johnson Gordon Walton Russell Johnson Robert Washino Paul Juette Mel Wilson Haruo Kato Herber+ Weinberg Kenyon Kemp David Yamamoto Walter Lai Fan Yee James Lambrecht Satoshi Yamashita Kay Lane Robert Young 360 WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW, left to right: Eleanor McIntire, Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Lynn Mahoney, Barbara King. BACK ROW: Judy Anderson, Audrey Naylor, Ruth Heintz, Joan Murphy, Betty Lucas, Shirley Weller, Joan Kingery. OFFICERS President Lynn Mahoney Vice-President Bonnie Ritzenthaler Secretary Eleanor McIntire Treasurer Barbara King Senior Representative-at Large Betty Lucas Senior Representative-at-Large. , , Shirley Weller Junior Representative-at-Large -• Joan Kingery Junior Representative-at-Large Joan Murphy Service Chairman , Audrey Naylor Social Chairman Ruth Heintz Publicity Chairman Judy Anderson COUNCIL MEMBERS Bay View ' Jeannette Mahoney, Dorothy Goetz Beaudelaire Marilyn McCammon, Marilyn Heyer Bryn Mawr Midge Stoner, Beverly Buchholz The Californian Virginia Egge, Lee Smith Colonial Hall Felisa Capillo, Lois Hughes The Continenta l Laura Fischer, Rosina Rinaldi The Elizabeth Barratt Jean Feltham, Dorothy Asher The Ellington Leona Anderson Epworth Hall Shirley Boone, Joyce Lindstrom Joaquin Hall Shirley Ellis, Joan Storie Lantana Lodge Joyce Tremaine, Doris Brodersen Mitchell Hall Ella Mae Proctor, Joy Ohno Oldenberg Hall Juanita Hocking, Sheila Cumming Peixotto Hall Margaret Mitchell, Judy Gluck Richards Hall Lee Smith, Elva Wiese Ridgmont Shirley Winkleman, Deanne Katz Ritter Hall Donna Wright, Gerrie Chinn Sherman Hall Carolyn Sebaraun, Lois Welches Sherman Annex Joanne Corwin, Laura Lee Andrews Stebbins Hall Mayling Jue, Earleen Wickstrom Stern Hall Joyce McMurry, Barbara Butler Stratford Hall Dolores Perry, Jackie Mabry Warring Place Jeanne Giovannoni, Susan Eveleth ti 362 BEAUDELAIRE CLUB 2347 PROSPECT STREET GRADUATE Nina Frediani SENIORS Joy Johnson Betty Lucas Betzabe Dyer Anne:Foster Louise Guinn SOPHOMORES Roberta Barnes Joyce Duffield Lesley Christensen Gail Metzler Ann Schlaadt FRESHMEN Dorothy Cooper Mary Fogh Kay Stanley NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Jean Bender Pat Browne Diane Litton Marilyn McCammon Beverly Wemett JUNIORS Marilyn Heyer Maudie Lauer Nayan McNeill Esther Ossin Frediani Johnson Lucas McCammon Dyer Foster Guinn Lauer McNeill Ossin Barnes Christensen Duffield Metzler Schlaadt Cooper Fogh Stanley THE CONTINENTAL 2531 BENVENUE AVENUE SENIORS Sona Davis Rosina Rinaldi Laura Fischer Genevieve Simmons Hazel Fox Margery Dorothy Strang JUNIORS Phyllis Canter Rhoda Goldberg Joyce Jorgensen SOPHOMORES Jeanette Breschini Marietta Rakonitz Jean Kurtovich Nancy Schleicher FRESHMEN Judy Baskind Diane Cowgill Barbara Stofko Fischer Rinaldi Simmons NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Strang Breschini Schleicher Virginia Davis Shirley Rita Shumway THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT STREET Oleman Egge Foell Jepson Lavenant Leggo Smith Allender Jones Mahoney Malkovich Mandell Radmanovich Shipley, B. Shipley, J. Smeltzer Lettiere Salt Williams Chapman Davis Durand Kingsland Muzio GRADUATE Carolyn Oleman Daryl Anderson Virginia Egge Ruth Foell Barbie Gaupel Mary Allender Carol Chase Marilyn Jones Mo Mahoney Vera Malkovich Helene Mandell Barbara McEwan Lee Chapman Edna-Gene Davis Connie Deasy SENIORS Joanne Jepson Marilyn Lavenant Helen Leggo Laurie Scott Lee Smith JUNIORS Daisy Radmanovich Barbara Shipley Joan Shipley Eleanor Simpson Len Smeltzer Marlyn Waggener Toni Wasson FRESHMEN Kathy Durand Alberta Kingsland Shirley Muzio SOPHOMORES Jeanne Lettiere Nancy Salt Sandy Williams NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Jane Adams Ruth Kessler Margaret Hess Erene Pappas Barbara Horwitz Joan Samish WITH HARDLY a moment to catch their breath, the gals of The Californian sailed mer- rily through another year of studying and socializing. The activities included a dance in the city, Christmas and Easter parties for un- der-privileged children, open houses and fac- ulty dinners. In campus service we also put our best foot forward. Marilyn Jones became a member of Pryt, Joanne Jepson graced the Senior Hall of Fame, Lee Smith was an officer of Theta Sigma Phi and assistant fashion tor of the Pelican, Shirley Muzio and Sandy Williams were in charge of the costumes for the Axe show, and Mary Allender and Marilyn Jones were junior editors of the Blue and Gold. COLONIAL HALL 2542 DURANT STREET SENIORS Felisa Capillo Lois Hughes Rose Chiurato Irene Lanini Chiurato Jan Coor-Pender Jean Pawson Etzenhauser Nancy Etzenhauser Doris Van Dom Hughes Elgie Williams Lanini Pawson JUNIORS Patricia Domenichelli Arlene Malkasian Beth Fredstrom Frances Seeno Norma Gruhler Mercedes Taglio Jay Holmes Barbara Trusendi SOPHOMORES Margie Bird Colleen McCullough Charlotte Hoijer Jackie Price Carol Jackson Grace Prigmore Dorothy Jelly Katherine Simpson Jean Latimer Joan Gerry Valverde FRESHMEN Malkasian Josefa Donaire Patricia Heron Seeno Barbara Ellis Margaret Hess Trusendi Anna Fabbrini Bonnie Kohn Bird Diane Franklin Angel Likes Hoijer Marcia Freedman Delores Marihart Nancy Heron Dianne Mitchell NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Roberta Ferguson Joan Stark Joyce Hayes Jo Ann Taylor Carole McDonald Carole Von Jill Wocher PROMINENT ON Colonial Hall ' s so- cial calendar for 1951-52 were pic- nics, a barn dance, exchanges, and open houses. The latter two featured casual buffets, card games, Charles- ton exhibitions, and community sing- ing. " Party time " also meant pajama parties, auctions for charities, and " discussion groups, " before, during and after study hours. The Christmas party, the Spring Formal, and the all- night vigils for exams accentuated the traditional. Williams Domenichelli Fredstrom Gruhler Holmes Jackson Jelly McCullough Prigmore Steinberg Valverde Donaire Ellis Heron Kohn Marihart Mitchel I THE ELLINGTON 2334 BOWDITCH STREET Reed Anderson Hyatt Semberger Swanson Warren Learned Samish Fradin Gratton Klum GRADUATE Hilda Haas SENIOR Frances Reed JUNIORS Leona Anderson Gerta Semberger June Hyatt Nina Swanson Patty Warren SOPHOMORES Ann Learned Jo Anne Samish FRESHMEN Roberta Fradin Claudia Grafton Mary Klum NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Claudia Gratton Leny Cohen June Hyatt Frances Reed Dalyta Der Vartanian Gerta Semberger Erika Shick LANTANA LODGE 2437 PIEDMONT AVENUE SENIORS Doris Broderson Todd Miller Natalie Elster Sally Joyce Tremaine JUNIORS Virginia Barger Ruth Jones Lou Bishop Dagne Nordholm Joline Estribou Edna Prouty Lois Vivaldo SOPHOMORES Nancy Andrus Carol Galloway Barbara Crane Maxine Phillips FRESHMEN Phyllis Bailey Rhoda Greenberg Bev Braun Ann LeRoy Jerry Byers Barbara Rosenthal NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Judy Baskind Jean Lockner Eleanor Broidy Ellayne Scheley Corinne Corbelli Joy Sherman Janice Gall Margie Steinberg Judy Isaac Mary Warren Broderson Elster Madden Miller Tremaine Barger Bishop Estribou Jones Prouty Vivaldo Andrus Crane Phillips Bailey Braun Byers Greenberg Rosenthal ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARRING STREET III MI ■ III MI III IN RIIIi 114 III IA 1, 1: SENIORS Dot Asher Diana Grosso Olivia Cralle Janet Hellman Eadie Downey Claire Nowell Jean Feltham Sally Sipherd JUNIORS Eileen Blood Janet Cohn Joan Broderick Dorothy Dunbar Ann Cline Joan Marie Norton SOPHOMORES Betty Adams Dorothy Garrick Jane Adams Nancy Gerlack Barbara Blick Diane Hardwick Leslie Clark Shirley Michael Joan Daniels Kathryn Rice Carol Freedman Betty Woollomes Cohn Sandra Small Dunbar Phillips Adams, B. FRESHMEN Adams, J. Bobbie Berelson Audrey Human Marta Curro Stephanie Pearl Bobby Epp Marie Phillips Diane Franklin Gail Raffaelli Joan Gates Marilee Scholl Blick Bobbie Horwitz Gerry Wolff Clark Daniels Freedman Garrick NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Zena Abers Jean Emmons Joanne Axelrod Daphne Erlendson Sally Burgren Sally Foster Mary Carter Stella Hasson Gerlack Peggy Copren Merle Robinson Grethel Joan Daniels Barbara Rosenthal Hardwick Barbara Diamond Diane Smith Michael Rice Berelson Epp Gates Horwitz Pearl Raffael I i Wolff Asher Cralle Downey Fe ltham Grosso Hel I man Nowel I Blood Broderick Cline JOAQUIN HALL Druehl SENIORS Ellis Evans JoAnn Druehl Marie P artridge Mandl Shirley Ellis Rosalie Sargent Mortenson Lorraine Evans Carol Smith Nicolette Mandl Joan Storie Barbara Mortenson Rosemarie Wiegner Helen Nelson Mary Lou Wier Partridge Nelson JUNIORS Smith, C. Stolle Shirley Drake Pat Moran Barbara Ferns Pat McLeod Wiegner Elizabeth Flynn Yvonne Puget Jean Lyhne Betty Walker Joan Williams Wier SOPHOMORES Drake Lyhne Erna Ballantyne Margery Nardinelli Moran Marilyn Berger Barbara Peters McLeod Rejean Schweitzer FRESHMEN Juanita Heffington JoAnne Sharp Puget Diane Heitmann Donna Smith Williams Nancy Sargent Frankie Thomas Ballantyne Marnelle Will Berger Nardinelli NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Lila Clark Georgine Richardson Nancy Lawrence Lois Scott Peters Carol Olsen Hjordis Staff Schweitzer Heffington Heitmann Sharp Smith, D. Will 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE TO START the fall semester off right, Joaquin Hall held an open house. Other outstanding events were the pajama parties, open houses after the football games, and many dances, in- cluding the La Honda Bowl Halloween Dance and the Spring Formal, Active in campus social activities were Barbara Mortenson, Shirley Ellis, Frankie Thomas, and Yvonne Puget. Gerb GRADUATE Bonnifield Gillen Margaret Gerb Mitchell Peckham SENIORS Dorothy Bonnifield Sue Peckham Barbara Gillen Ella Mae Proctor Velma Rauhut Proctor Rauhut Durnford JUNIORS Keltus Walsh Mary Angel Patricia Walsh Patricia Durnford Shirley Weir Joan Keltus Kathleen White Lenore Vogt Margaret Wood SOPHOMORES Marilyn Bowman Joy Ohno Yvonne Everson Paula tiling Lyn Kailas Marlene Thompson Thea Mendels Elsie Vidovich FRESHMEN Mendels Ohno Vonda Austin Mary Lyn Lamoreux Sti I ing Barbara Babayan Sylvia Lyman Thompson Ruth Bellamy Pat Lynch Vidovich June Cakebread Mary Middleton Barbara Clark Suzanne Mitchell Lidia Franco Violet Nozaki Grace Guffin Jean Smith Babayan EXTENSION Bellamy Cakebread Margaret Jacobs Garnar Lu Jordan Clark Guff in NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Barbara Lee Haslett Sara Mason Anne Heron Jo Anne Niven Lamoreux Catherine Liddell Marie Winfrey Lyman Middleton Mitchell Nozaki Smith Jacobs Jordan COEDS OF Mitchell Hall were kept busy with academic interests, social and campus activi- ties, and under the able leadership of Ella Mae Proctor in the fall and Joy Ohno in the spring, this hall had an eventful year. Singing sessions with uke accompaniment, and pajama parties made life sparkle within Mitchell ' s walls. A par- ticularly rewarding event was the Christmas party held for some under-privileged children of the Bay area. Outstanding among " the Hill ' s " affairs including open houses and Smyth- Fernwarld get-togethers, were the formals, the first of which was held in San Francisco. MITCHELL HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE Weir Wood Bowman Everson Kei les 369 EPWORTH HALL 2521 CHANNING WAY Dana Anderson Bender Bennett Bingham Boone Burt Carlsen Cavallero Cheatham Dickie Frew Gallant Gould Hansen Harkness Johanson Koch Lindstrom Lopez McCormick Meitner O ' Dell Phillips Roberts Robertson Romberg Ritzenthaler Schram Tarleton Weller Woodward Allsman Amerson, E. Amerson, M. JUNIORS Joan Allsman Vee Dunnells Joan Amaral Pat Gear Elaine Amerson Donna Giddings Mavis Amerson Ruth Heintz Pat Anderson Wilma Kerr Betty Jo Boring Jackie Kirschner Jean Callaway Marlene Kingston Shirley Carter Marijane Nicolay Beth Davie Trudy Saks Anne Varnedoe Anderson Boring Callaway Carter Davie Dunnel Is Giddings Heintz Ingram Kerr GRADUATE Doris Dana SENIORS Patricia Ann Anderson Carol Harkness Helen Arvanitakis Ruby Johanson Joyce Bender Georgia Koch Sally Bennett Joyce Lindstrom Pat Bingham Mary Lopez Marilyn Board May McCormick Shirley Boone Marilyn Meitner Margaret Burt Irene Mata Marjorie Carlsen Marcelle O ' Dell Lee Cavallero Barbara Phillips Nonna Cheatham Patricia Roberts Pat Dickie Bobbie Robertson Irene Frew Janet Romberg Clarice Gallant Bonnie Ritzenthaler Barbara Garfinckle Diane Schram Anne Gould Lois Tarleton Ruth Hammons Shirley Weller Ruth Hansen Deronda Woodward EPWORTH HALL Kingston N icolay Varnedoe Alpen Baird Baldwin Blankfort Christman Devine Freeman Hope Ibison Mattoon Rowley Tannlund Beitzel Hargrove Howell Jones Kahrs Leath Normann Rivinius Anne Alpen Janet Baird Joanne Baldwin Jan Blankfort Doris Christman Marilyn Crocker Lynn Devine Sally Marilyn Freeman Janice Hope Georgia ' bison Dolores Jones Pat Mattoon Barbara Rowley Myra Tannlund Wooster SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Susan Beitzel Jean Hargrove Cecily Howell Carolyn Jones Alma Kahrs NEW SPRING Mary Anderson Dorris Baird Joanne Carlson Leila England Beth Ingram Margaret Kennedy Marilyn Leath Janice Normann Nancy Rivinius Annette Saywell Harriet Saywell RESIDENTS Irene Mata Alta McKelvey Darlene Pearson Betty Schmidt Nina Swanson Lillian Williamson RIDGMONT 2530 RIDGE ROAD Knoernschild Winkleman Biagini McFeely Eddy Kennedy Feinstein Greenslade Patterson Segal SENIORS Anna Knoernschild Shirley Winkleman JUNIORS Elizabeth Balin Rachel Scalise Barbara Biagini Georgina Tam Wu Hazel McFeely Celeste Wells SOPHOMORES Draselle Eddy Mary Ellen Kennedy Mako Hashioka Lucy Morril FRESHMEN Irene Feinstein Joyce Katz Anne Greenslade Sarah Lapidus Eunice Grohman Marilyn Patterson Lois Hoxie Joanne Ursula Segall NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Shirley Abramson Evie Joanne Wolffson 371 OLDENBERG HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE THE FORMAL in the Colonial Room of the St. Francis Hotel was the im- portant social event of the fall semester for the girls in Oldenberg. Under the able leadership of President Juanita Hosking, such activities as the Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and the Freshman Sneak were a big success. The pajama parties and open houses provided fun for all during the spring semester. Under the guidance of President Sheila Cumming, the outstanding events included the Senior Sneak and the Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. An added attraction was the Combo, and their moments of informal entertainment in the living room. These activities, and many more, bring back memories of a year at berg. Cumming Levy McClung Perkins Schneider Bailey Barshel I Bush Carlson Carter Doney Eckert Foote Jennings Johnson Laubach McKelvey McKinnon Thielen Benton Boyle Bullard Dell Dodge Feinblum Gilson Gorsuch H asking Lawson Millard 372 GRADUATES Cornelia Carter Jola Gorsuch Kathleen Hand Gwen Telford Melissa Rose Carolyn Doney Margaret Hosking Elouise Haymond Beverly Trittschuh Joan Sinex Rena Vassar Margaret Eckert Margaret Foote Lorraine Hanberg Betty Loewen Marian Mehrten Janet Millard Marilyn Hemphill Shirley Hickey Nancy Jameson NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Marianna Wieder Mary Lou Jennings Betty O ' Conner Archie Kumler Margaret Baxter Dorine Johnson Bernice Reiff Constance Kurosawa Kathryn Breslauer SENIORS Jeanne Johnson Marilyn Sandals Nancy Lee Dorothy Calhoun Sheila Cumming Nancy Laubach Virginia Thomford Suzanne Lobree Shirley Carter Amelia Levy Alta McKelvey Lillian Williamson Mary Ellen McLean Gay Cowell Juanita Hosking Barbara McKinnon Geraldine Zogut Lee Martin Rachael Cress Wilda McClung Joan Muller Charlene Myszka Claire DeBacker Janet Perkins Aileen Thielen FRESHMEN Carolyn Olson Keana Dravillas Janis Schneider Judith Ausubel Rose Peinetti Karyn Erickson Margaret Winston SOPHOMORES Patricia Browne Phyllis Penaluma Nancy Goldberg Garland Benton Barbara Campbell Patricia Pistochini Suzanne Hall JUNIORS Barbara Boyle Wilma Dansby June Rossi Jeanne Irving Kay Bailey Barbara Bullard Marcia Dimmick Margaret Seon Norma Jones Margaret Barshell Joan Dell Alice Eastman Patricia Smith Esther Ossin Marion Brazil Dorothy Dodge Sally Goodnough May Suen Joan Roberts Anna-Mary Bush Jolyn Feinblum Carol Gray Loretta Swearinger Joan Sanford Joanne Carlson Elizabeth Gilson Alice Hammond Rosie Tallerico Celia Smith Reiff Sandals Thomford Williamson Zogut Ausubel I Browne Dansby Dimmick Eastman Goodnough Gray Hand Haymond Hemphill Hickey Jameson Kurosawa Lee Lobree McLean Martin Myszka Olson Peinetti Penaluma Pistochini Rossi Swearinger Tallerico Telford Trittschuh 373 PEIXOTTO HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE OPEN HOUSES, pajama parties, getting ready for those big formals, caroling at Christmas, the children ' s party, doughnuts and coffee during finals—these are the events which will be remembered by Peixotto girls. Margaret Anderson, Co-chairman of the Freshman council and treasurer of the hall, and Joan Lanci, a member of the Freshman rally committee and first president of the hall, are examples of the active freshmen at Peixotto. Other active girls at the hall are Margaret Mitchell, Betty Ludemann, Judy Gluck, and Pat Williams, to name a few. Cook Derivi Erickson Mitchell Vereker Anderson, B. Anderson, M. Bucksten Campbell Gluck Hardison Herold Keller Loo Ludemann Williams Chargin Greenfeld Heath Leinau Nelson Pacheco Phillips 374 GRADUATE Grace Slater Lorraine Loo Elizabeth Ludemann Betty Pacheco Betty Phillips Elaine Gregg Priscilla Hill Barbara Sozzi Cornelia Stoakin SENIORS Carolyn Beckman Mathilda Cook Marlene Derivi Elisabeth Erickson Frances Spencer Patricia Williams EXTENSION Judith Aston Beverly Kallal Barbara Robertson Alison Saunders Emily Shideler Jo Ann Taylor Concepcion Valadez Rosemary Johnson Muriel Kazerman Joan Lanci Saran Levin Margaret Lewis Jonel Whipple NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Barbara Bennett Mary Belloni Lorraine Lipschutz Ceedola Veerkamp Lynn Lockett Katheryn Corrough Margaret Mitchell SOPHOMORES Sally White Joan Loumena Nancy Elward Kathleen Vereker Maureen Brown Catherine Callaghan FRESHMEN Mary McCrystle Sharon McVey Diane Franklin Shirley Funk JUNIORS Joan Chargin Margaret Anderson Sharlene Patten Joyce Hodges Barbara Anderson Patricia Feldman Phyllis Andrews Nancy Pierce Nancy Kaplan Mary Anderson Jane Gordon Marian Barraza Judith Potter Joan Krieger Gloria Bucksten Dorothy Greenfeld Marilyn Berkla Janet Roche Margaret Lai Margot Campbell Mary Heath Jean Campbell Rosalind Santini Angel Likes Judith Gluck Emy Johansson Phyllis Clay Faye Sargent Phyllis Rubin Judith Goetz Ilse Kirchhofer Jeanne Crook Margery Schreiner Elaine Steinberg Betty Hardison Dorothy Koenig Lois Dutra Betty Anne Scott Cherie Stengel Sylvia Herold Kathleen Leinau Elaine Edwards Joyce Sims Katherine Stieglitz Sara Keller Bertha Nelson Gloria Freedman Ella Smith Mary Westwick Robertson Shideler Valadez Veerkamp Barraza Berkla Dutra Edwards Freedman Gregg Hill Johnson Kazerman Lanci Levin Lockett Loumena McVey Pierce Roche Santini Sargent Schreiner Sims Smith Soul Stoakin Whipple RITTER HALL 2422 PROSPECT STREET Broady Chinn Magee Pierson Wright Alldredge Bispo Brisebois Heanny Howard Murphy Sinclear Young Baballe Badgley Foon Hankenson Huntington Kallin Sawyer Tipton Wilson Woebcke Brokenshire Clausen Druhan Leach Martin Neff Pilegard Richardson SENIORS Betty Broady Elinore Magee Gerrie Chinn Nancy Pierson Donna Wright JUNIORS LaVonne Alldredge Nancy Lee Johnson Betty Mae Bispo Joan Murphy Valerie Brisebois Donna Pollock Norma Godden Rote Marie Sinc!ear Antonette Heany Eva Von Huene Marian Howard Barbara Young SOPHOMORES Lorraine Baballe Jane Illman Anne Badgley Eva Kallin Louise Fields Shirley Sawyer Annie Foon Imogene Tipton Alberta Hankenson Ganelle Wilson DeAnn Huntington Charlotte Woebcke FRESHMEN Evelyn Brokenshire Mary Martin Mary Lou Clausen Anna Lee Neff Carol Ann Druhan Sallie Marie Bilegard Rheda Leach Ann Richardson NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Annabel Eng Carolyn Peterson Mary Mendenhall Dorothy Strader Margaret Patrick Diana Woodruff THERE IS never a dull moment at Ritter Hall. The house is full of activities, from formal dances, exchanges, impromptu house parties to gab sessions. But it is not always party time for the girls, as is evident by the fact that Ritter ranked second scholastically among organized women ' s dorms for the year I 950- I 951. Highlights during the year included the Winter Wonderland Formal and a Spring Formal at Lake Temescal Boat House. Early in May the traditional faculty tea was held. This was a chance for the coeds to meet their favorite professors and T.A. ' s and to show Ritter Hall to friends and parents. Among our campus contacts are W.A.A., Blue and Gold, Class Councils, University Chorus, and the Prytanean Active and Prytanean Alumni Association who sponsor Ritter. 376 STRATFORD HALL 2520 DURANT STREET JUNIORS Ann Bell Jacqueline Mabry Barbara Cropper Vernagene Patterson Joan Freeborn Francis Rice Daryl Gray Marlene Todd Marijean Johnson Betty Travis Harriett Loeffler Ruth Werner Ann Zacher SOPHOMORES Nancy Clark Beverly Jackson Joyce Halberstadt Beverly Sappington Dorothy Hopkins Marlene Witt FRESHMEN Jenny Anderson Mignon Nunnelly Meredith Brown Eleanor Pratt Phyllis Chandler Beverly Purdy Barbara Dixon Betty Schmidt Diane Matasci Mary Ann Jean Williams NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Miriam Bab Genie Livanos Garland Benton Betty Loewen Marilyn Chew Mary Ellen McLean Dorothy Dodge Kathy Ong Byrna Freibrun Patti Pistochini Nancy Frye Marie Thompson May Huey Toni Thompson Nancy Jameson Carmen Wilde Brox Cohen Crawford Ely Goodwin Hamilton Landis Malouf Norton Perry Bell Cropper Freeborn Johnson Mabry Patterson Todd Travis Werner Zacher Clark Halberstadt Hopkins Sappington Witt Anderson Brown Matasci Pratt Purdy Schmidt GRADUATE Dalyta Der SENIORS Betty Brox Joyce Hamilton Magdalene Cohen Barbara Hinshaw Liane Crawford Janet Landis Dorothy Ely Joy Malouf Ann Goodwin Joan Norton Dolores Perry UNDER THE helm of Dolores Perry and Dot Hopkins as president and social chairman, the fall activities at Stratford ranged from a costume dance to constant bridge playing. While the Orchesis member pranced through the halls a few girls donated one night a week to the neuro-psychiatric wards at Oak Knoll. A dance was held at the Marine ' s Memorial. There was also a Halloween costume dance, a picnic at Anza, and a special Christmas party for underprivileged children. The spring semester, presided over by Jackie Mabry and social chairman Nancy Jameson was marked by a semi-formal dance, a " brawl " at La Honda Bowl, and the inevitable bridge playing. 377 RICHARDS HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE WHAT TO DO on a rainy night in Richards? We don ' t know what you ' d do, but we did nothing, absolutely nothing . . . but wait—that ' s right—wait! We waited for the sun to come out and stay out (we thought it never would); we waited for the hall to slide down the hill on to the street below (it never did); we waited for the hill to flatten itself (and it never did); we waited for all those pinnings and engagements (wot hoppened?); we waited for the Frosh to take their sneak (they never did), and then waited for the Seniors to come back from theirs (thought they never would); we waited for the W.D.A. ' s bouncing Prexy, Lynn Mahoney, to stop bouncing (and she never did); we waited for more rules and regulations (we weren ' t disappointed); and then we waited for the various social events, all of them were forthcoming, such as the Winter and Spring Formals, the annual hall picnic at Hearst Ranch, and many open houses and exchanges. Yes, all we did ally was WAIT, but it was worth Hi GRADUATE Patricia Puziene SENIORS Gloria Brown Melva McClaughry Carol Kimmick Madeline Mahoney Barbara Fitzpatrick Ann Ousted Elva Wiese JUNIORS Judith Anderson Anita Jiminez Eleanor Arrington Therese Laponis Concetta Belot Eve Maier Ann Coates Janet Mosure Ruth Davidson Janet Owen Marion Engel Marlene Pallotta Barbara George Georgiann Pendleton Barbara Gray Jean Peterson Sorel Gregory Lee Smith Barbara Hall Ruth Smith Elizabeth Hanley Marlene Smucker Brown Engel Peterson Dimmick George Smith, L. Mahoney Hall Smith, R. Oustad Jimenez Barben Keyser Wiese Mosure Frasher Anderson Pa!Iota Gutierrez Balot Pendleton Huertas 178 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Anelle McCarty NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Frances Barbe.n Joan Barr Betsy Mayfield Marilyn Bowman Cecelia Campbell Katherine Bellaria Joan Mercado Marian Brazil Janice Chavers Kay Bowen Diane Micheli Dolly Carston Colleen Ekegren Jacqueline Chalmers Barbara Mills Sally Copitas Laureen Fresher Elaine Elissondo Janet Mitchell Laura Gene Fischer Dolly Gutierrez Clara Huertas Beatrice Keyser Virginia Krooskos Donna McFarland Evron Markey Myrna Meteor Irene Nieder Patricia Smith Ysabel Urquiza Diane Entringer Eleanor Essenfeld Sally Foster Jo Anne Gardner Mary Hanley Marilyn Hertz Shirley Hope Corinne James Carol Olson Marilyn Palm Patricia Richmond Sandra Sherman Suzanne Smith Joyce Staub Sally Sylvester Marilyn Tozer Una Vere Tuttle Ruth Goodstein Anne Gordon Kay Hutchinson Joan Luksetich Margaret Pashke Joan Philips Nancy Pierce Genevieve Simmons Elizabeth Watkins Vera Livingston Margaret Ulbrand Gillian Turner Marjorie Young Ethel Lustig Jeanette Weiner Carlene Viargues Krooskos Markey Urquiza Young Belleria Chalmers Elissondo Essenfeld Foster Gardener James Lustig McCarty Mayfield Mercado Micheli Mitchell Palm Staub Tozer Ulbrand 379 STERN HALL FRESHMEN SERENADING Bowles Hall . . . getting lost on the way to the Spring Formal ... picking lint off the red staircase coffee hours with uke and harmony ... Corinne Culbertson ' s Bridge Club . . . the Senior war which threatened to capsize North Gate before a wary truce was declared . . . Hamlet waxing poetic at Stag Nite ... The Seniors who took a double- sneak while waiting for the Freshmen to take theirs ... early sun-tans blossoming in the court . . . finals gloom and registration-week hilarity ... careening down the hill in Rozinante, the family car ... nostaglia at Senior Dinner ... all these things will always bring to the minds of Stern Hall girls memories of a wonderful year. GRADUATES Virginia Jones Phyllis Oakley SENIORS Louise Bennett Carol Boynton Carolyn Bradley Barbara Butler Nancy Chamberlain Page Decker Anna Elken Ruth Girsh Diane Huntress Eleanor Johnson Corinne Junker Barbara King Martha McLaughlin Joyce McMurry Betty McQuaid Nancy Montgomery Harriet Renth Doris Ritchie Laura Spencer Jacqueline Tornell Diane Wade Winifred Weathers JUNIORS Ananell Anderson Margaret McHugh Barbara Barnhart Eleanor McIntire Dagmar Benioff Carol McPhee Sheila Darling Evelyn Morrison Joan (gram Patricia Mullin Joan Kingery Audrey Naylor Joy Lothrop Lelia Patterson Louise Macfarland Diana Swift Muriel McDowell Nancy Ward Loretta Wing Jones Bennett Boynton Bradley Butler Chamberlain Decker Elken Girsh Huntress Johnson Junker King McLaughlin McMurry McQuaid Montgomery Renth Ritchie Spencer Tornell Wade Weathers Anderson Barnhart Benioff Darling Igram Kingery Lothrop Macfarland McDowell McHugh McIntire Morrison Mullin Patterson Swift Ward Wing Belden Downing Forsey Freyschlag Garrett Gannon Goldstein SOPHOMORES Alice Porter Marlene Clifford Mildred Ryan Mary Austin Marilyn Rodenbeck Sherill Dobrowsky Sharon Smith Joan Bolden Barbara Slote Sue Firestone Josephine Stewart Marion Downing Joan Stimson Barbara Flick Betty Strutz Marian Sullivan Pearl Garbani Suzanne Whitten Frances Forsey Carol Freyschlag Frances Winton Vivian Gertsman Janet Wright Margaret Gannon Alice Yackey Glea Gunderson Myra Garrett Marion Young Nanon Hitt NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Ellen Goldstein Alice Yun Carol Joy Beth Bronson Joan Hartley Millicent Manwarinq Barbara George Barbara Hosmer FRESHMEN Donna Mitchell Sylvia Herold Roberta Howson Linda Bain Sonya Mulkey Helen Kessler Leatrice Knopf Mary Bokinskie Shiela Pepper Mary Middleton Barbara Kroeger Patricia Boynton Gwenn Peters Francis Spencer Betty Lee Priscilla Chang Claudia Rasmussen Roberta Thatcher Hartley Hosmer Howson Knopf Krueger Lee Porter Rodenbeck Slote Stimson Sullivan Winton Yackey Young Yun Bain Bokinskie Boynton Chang Clifford Dobrowsky Firestone Flick Garbani Gertsman Gunderson Hitt Joy Manwaring Mitchell Mulkey Pepper Peters Rasmussen Ryan Smith Stewart ' Stu rtz Whitten Wright ...._ ...,.. _J._ WARRING PLACE 2434 WARRING STREET Kepke Mauer Slomer NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Daisy Borghi Louisa Joan Puckhaber Sischo Chester Dealey Freitas JUNIORS Jean Calhoon Nancy Chester Jean Dealey Janice Freitas Virginia Kimbrell Barbara McNinch Barbara Paulson Jackie Zinsli SENIOR Joan Sischo SOPHOMORES Kimbrell Janke Johnson Patricia Kepke McN inch Paulson FRESHMEN Boyd Joann Boyd Milbeth Ann Slomer PROSPECT TERRACE 2405 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Patricia Davis Elaine Hartgogian Hartgogian Dorothy Shanks Shanks Condy Flowerman JUNIORS Garrigues Nancy Condy Luanne Laughlin Marlene Flowerman Ellen Sonnenberg Audrey Garrigues Nancy Tebow Jeanne Giovannoni Joan Toole SOPHOMORES Susan Eveleth Hjordis Staff Marilyn Greusel Beverly Steger Vicki Selditch Carla Weiner Harriet Whitman FRESHMEN Diane Ansara Merlou Johnson Staff Merle Robinson Steger Weiner NEW SPRING RESIDENTS Ansara Johnson Barbara Campbell Sara Keller Margot Campbell Dagne Marjorie Young Robinson Laughlin Somen berg Eve I eth rev se Seld itch 382 ACE OF CLUBS (Intersorority Social FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Linda Laws, Mary Fitzpatrick, Charlotte Baldwin, Betty Ann Dougherty. SECOND ROW: Jean Morse, Margaret Henze, Ginger Chubb, Tania Herman, Carolan Witter. BACK ROW: Maria De Bonis, Jean Ostrander, Maureen Dooher. NOT PICTURED: Karen Birkholm, Jane Brown, Buol Burns, Bev Erickson, Alice Goodwin. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS MEMBERS George Abernathy Larry Blair Allan Downey John Freeman Earl Goldman Jack Hays Lynn Higgins Harry Kunimune C. H. Martine Alex McCook Tel McHale Jim McNeill Rod Morrison Robert Over Lee Parent; Abernathy Blair Downey Freeman Goldman Hays Higgins Martine McCook McHale McNeill Morrison Over Parenti 384 ALPHA MU GAMMA (Foreign Language Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LOS ANGELES CITY COLL EGE, 1931 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Agnes Liakos, June Smith, Dr. Charney, Leone Anderson, Margaret Stiver. SECOND ROW: Harriet Huguenin, Marilyn McCammon, Harriet Haas, Angelica Benndorf, Nina Frediani, Jon Richardson, Neva Hitchcock, Barbara Kinnon, Ann Walters, Peter Besag, Gilman Alkire, Richard Hastings, Walter Gordon, Peter Angelides. BACK ROW: Lucille Hutcherson, Fred Ellis, Bob Rottman, Randy Eidemiller, Louis Pedrotti. ALPHA PHI OMEGA (National Boy Scout Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: William Morley, William Chainey, William Jenkins, Maurice Clapp, George Wong, Shunkichi Ego, Edward Shweiri, Harry Krueper. SECOND ROW: James Tyhurst, Max AreHano, Raymond Rodriguez, Donald Hoskins, Leon Levy, L. Ken Countryman, Phillip Greer, Lee Venom, James Kaar, Louie Kahn. BACK ROW: Wheeler Edwards, Bruce Kilgore, David Coolbaugh, Robert Kaar, Eugene Wetherbee, Richard Peterson, Tim Taira, Harry Walrath, Donald Stone, Bruce Pond, J. Edward Kilgore, Forrest Spriggs, Robert Carter, Charles Dickinson, Wilbur Charter, John Kokus, Jr., William Loughman. ALPHA ZETA FRONT ROW, left to right: Verne Osburn, Leonard Macdonald, Lou Price, Kurt Munich, J. W. Thursby, Ronald Thomson, Nobuo Inouye. SECOND ROW: Loren Heasley, Edward Sato, Jim Nile, Bob Rice, Bob Baker, Steele Wilson, Willis Jensen, BACK ROW: Richard Wilson, Thomas Tutton, Vince Price, Paul Crebbin, Clarence Downing, Arthur Laemmpen, James Perry. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA FRONT ROW, left to right: Abdulgafoor Serang, Ncor Lakhdhir, Peter Duncan, Bonny Fernandes, Vaheed Husain. SECOND ROW: Hari Khanna, Sid Nanavaty, Deb Chandra, Gurdas Sidhu, Jawahar Pandit, Aziz Pabaney, Laxman Deshmukh. THIRD ROW: Mohamad Ahmed, Madhaw Talwalker, Noorudin Billawala, Jayantilal Parikh, Waheeduddin Mohamed, Harbhajan Hayre, Jaskaran Teja, Gurdip Saran, Ezra Meyer. BACK ROW: Behram Bharueha, Moinuddin Mahmood, Rui D ' Cruz, Raj Gupta. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS (California Chapter of Student Affiliates) PRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Ray, Gerald Glatts, Robert Stephenson, Campbell Williams. SECOND ROW: Charles Daggs, Fred Poucher, Laurence Ferreira, Paul Russ ell, Ken Meeker, John Coy, Lavern Ahles. THIRD ROW: Wafter Dong, James Matoi, Ginton Shteinshleifer, Alfred Petersen, Joe Kunkel, James Kaslow, Wei Yuan, Bernald Smith, Charles Sassenrath. BACK ROW: Gerald Williams, John Silvius, Eugene Motte, Rod Pence, Hung•Kei Lam, Henry Gee, Ed Frey, Ben Johnson, Bob Hamlin. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 U.C. STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1921 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Ralph Moyer, Richard Nickles, George Hodges, Charles Crabtree, Robert Witbeck, Abdul-Rahman Rasul, Dhia Al-Dabbagh, James Malcolm. ROW: Charles Sheffey, Howard Harris, Rodger Debbaudt, Paul Jacot, Richard Frankian, Roy Bailey, Donald Carter, Harry Weldon, Gilbert Norris, Leland Smith, John Donald Strand, Ivan Schnrey, Clarence Steiner. THIRD ROW: Jimmie Wing, Andrew Gram, Thomas Inami, Youssef Ezzeldine, John Wilbur, George Avery, Robert Spracklen, Taylor, William Sly, Charles Nexus, Ali Al-Hamdani, Jim Alverson, Lee David, Arthur Lang, Gilbert Hoffman, John Jones. FOURTH ROW: William Yim, Wayne Gentry, Ibukiyama, Richard Winkler, William Fra2a, Bolin Pinchos, Edward Stram, John Cooney, Donald Puff, Billy Jack Morse, Thomas Whitten, James Roberton. FIFTH Frank Jones, William Martin, Robert Roberts, Charles Rossbo, John Meyer, Victor Graf, Siong Chow, Warren Johnson, James Strong, William Sommermeyer, Basil Mikhalkin. ROW: Alexander Petroff, Harry Krueper, Lawrence Senson, John Andersen, Frank Salfingere, Robert Toft, James Rae, Wil Smith. BACK ROW : Prof. H. B. Gotaas, Prof. B. Etcheverry, John Kilman, Carl Cordes, James McWee, Don Mathews, Paul Perry, Prof. T. R. Simpson, Charles Seim, Prof. F. A. Nikirk, Prof. H. D. Eberhart, Prof. R. W. Clement Wiskocil, Bruce Jameyson, Prof. J. W. Kelly, Prof. G. E. Troxell, Prof. B. A. Vallerga, Royal Johnson, William Ellis, Otis Fowler, Joseph Barton, Mitsugi Hino, Hu, Alex Scordelis, Robert Horonjeff. AMERICAN RED CROSS COLLEGE UNITS FOUNDED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 MEMBERS Dickey Dooher Diane Allen Dumars Sally Arnold Fitzpatrick Marilyn Bourquin Araminta Dickey Maureen Dooher Arlene Dumars Hillary Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick Janice Johnson Johnson Kieffer Sally Johnson Match Frances Kieffer Pengh Deryl Kolb Vivian Larson Sue Loretzenheiser Maudine Maillard Marilyn Mutch Joan Pelletier Jeanne Pengh Perrin Ann Perrin Shim Jane Scott Williams Betty Shim Pat Williams Sara Zumwalt CAMPUS CHAPTER of the Red Cross was very busy this year with its many worthwhile activities. Volunteers from the campus acted as recrea- tional hostesses and did ward work at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. The blood donor program was very successful with the blood unit coming twice a month to accept donations. The annual fund drive was a success. A home nursing course was started at Cowell Hospital and many girls turned out for it very enthusiastically. In addition, volunteers have been giving French and Spanish lessons to patients at the hospital. All in all, the cooperation of the students throughout the year has been very gratifying and greatly appreciated. 388 ASME PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED U.C. STUDENTS BRANCH ESTABLISHED 1911 FRONT ROW, left to right: Robert Benedict, Byron Wiegand, Richard Chappelle, Jerome Wetterholm, John Tinley, John Mark, Leo Lichtman, George Jenkins, William Snowman, Theodore Bernas, Robert Rutledge. SECOND ROW: Edward Lee, Dan Lew, Edwin Wong, Martin Weiner, Gordon Whyte, Kun Yuan, George Lozano, Richard Batchelor, Richard Heine- man, Robert Ozawa, Richard Murphy, Edmund Laitone. THIRD ROW: James Yarnell, Thomas Rohrer, Andrew Karchak, Roy Tysdal, Charles Hallum, Kenneth Haughton, Roderick Kolyer, John Roebuck, Robert Allen, Jim Meagher, Fred Olson, L. M. Tichvinsky. FOURTH ROW: Leonard Levenson, Robert Brown, Charlie Peck, Robert Morris, William Holden, Russell Bruner, Ronald Richmond, Richard Fugikawa, Edward Fox, Kazuo Inouye, Ray Lux. FIFTH ROW: Robert Higaki, Jayantilal Parikh, Richard Amano, Larry Wong, Hobart Hudson, James Starr, George Gurr, Tom Buckingham, Bruce Heckert, William Wood. SIXTH ROW: James Murakami, Richard Odenbaugh, Kra-Jean Boribhandh, Neils Borch, Donald Geiberger, Robert Stewart, Dick Henderson, Malvin Walden, Robert Martin, Robert Lynch, William Baker. BACK ROW: Thomas Lyons, William Keil, Lewis Masson. OFFICERS Chairman John Mark Vice-Chairman George Jenkins Honorary Chairman Professor L. M. Tichvinsky Secretary Leo Lichtman Treasurer Robert Benedict Senior Representative Thomas Rohrer MEMBERS Gerald Allen Parker Emerson Om Kalra James Murakami James Starr Robert Allen Edward Fox Andrew Karchak Richard Murphy Robert Stewart Masashi Amano Richard Fugikawa William Keil Tetsuo Nakamura Warren Sugrove Charles Annand Hayami Fujii James Keith John Ochsner George Suman William Baker Donald Geiberger Albert Kipps Richard Odenbaugh John Tinley Richard Batchelor Joseph Gue K. D. Kissinger Frederick Olson Royal Tysdal Robert Benedict George Gurr Roderick Kolyer David Otis Richard Turk Theodore Bernas Charles Hallum William Lai Robert Ozawa Ernst Valfer Niels Borch Richard Hansen Edward Lee Jayantilai Parikh Malvin Walden Kra-Jean Boribhandh Kenneth Houghton Leonard Levenson Charles Peck John Weber Robert Brown Nathaniel Hawks Dan Lew Frank Perara Martin Weiner Russell Brunner Bruce Heckert Leo Lichtman David Petite Jerome Wefierholm Joseph Buckingham Richard Heineman George Lozano Loren Raglin Al White Ralph Bush Dick Henderson Ray Lux Dieter Rall Gordon Whyte Richard Carlson Kazunobu Higaki Robert Lynch Peter Raynolds Bryon Wiegand Jordan Carlton William Holden Thomas Lyons Ronald Richmond John Williams Richard Chappelle Leslie Housden John Mark John Roebuck Peter Wolken Juan Chong Richard Hovorka H. L. Marshall Thomas Rohrer Edwin Wong Robert Clouse Hobart Hudson Robert Martin Robert Rutledge Larry Wong Allan Crawford Richard Hunt Lewis Masson Joseph Scheffer William Wood Myron Dunn Kazuo Inouye James Meagher Rivka Sigal James Yarnell Douglas Durland George Jenkins Don Moore William Snowman Kun Yuan Glenn Jones Robert Morris Paul Spring 389 BALL AND CHAIN (Managers Honor Society) Allen Bartalini Dietrich Huggens Jacobson Lamberson OFFICERS Fall Spring Mills Morgan Dick Salinger President Jack Rubin Munger Dick Verling Vice-President Don Huggens Norton Bob Young Secretary Dave Mills Don Huggens Treasurer Dick Bartalini Olsson Puccinelli MEMBERS Rapp George Allen Rich Norton Rubin Dick Bartalini Ray Olsson Seibert Moise Berger Henry Puccinelli Bob Crenshaw Myron Rapp Richard Dietrich Jack Rubin George Gardiser Dick Salinger Don Huggens Warren Seibert Silberman i Wilson Jacobson Iry Silberman S Alan Jelten Hugh Silcox Sundby John Lamberson Chuck Sullivan Turner Bob Mace Harry Sundby Washington Weilmann Lou Medvedy Dave Turner Dave Mills Dick Verling Dave Morgan Laulie Washington Maynard Munger Leo Weilmann Bob Young Young BATON (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Lawson, Daniel Lee, George McCallum, Jim Ridgeway, Bob Briggs, Bob Witbeck, Martinez, John Copren, Wayne Henderson. SECOND ROW: Wilden Tweedie, Louis Kahn, Erwin Kelly, Thomas Ferguson, Flath, Allan Downey. BACK ROW: Tom True, Elvo D ' Amante, Bill Innes, Dana Scott, Donald Simonson. BETA ALPHA PSI (National Accounting Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1911 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 FRONT ROW, left to right: Nathan Zipkin, Merle Lundberg, Ira Denny, George Tucker, Thomas Freeman, Donald Corbin, Prof. Perry Mason, Prof. Lawrence Vance. SECOND ROW: George Kaya, Robert Arentson, Jerry Gee, A. Cerelli, John Bateman, Ronald Miller, Marguerite Swanson. THIRD ROW: Richard Tom, Hiroshio Mori, Masahiro Yamashita, William Stewart, Wendell Gerkin, Gene Beavers, Frank Summers, Prof. Maurice Moonitz. BACK ROW: Merlyn Doleman, Ted Jones, Arthur Packenham, David Layser. BETA GAMMA SIGMA (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: George Tucker, Erwin Spira, Marvin Lewis, John Bateman. SECOND ROW: Jerome Porter, LeRoy Labarre, Bill Stewart, Stanley Silverman, Bob Greenholz. BACK ROW: Ross Cadenasso, Masahiro Yamashita, Caroline Rennie, Norton Sharpe, Ray Brackett, Charles Schurman. CHI ALPHA KAPPA (Professional Architectural Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 Bras Cornwell Eshi ma Forscutt Gabriele Gates Hanson Hogg Joncich Kennedy Manning Mar Pomeroy Rich Sopher Straubmge, Weinstein 392 ca ufc ,.1 ICI (National Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS CHI EPSILON FRONT ROW, left to right: Victor Graf, Jack Morse, Thomas Inami, Ephraim Hirsch, Wilfried Langer, Andrew Gram, Richard Wong. SECOND ROW: Billy Hartz, Howard Harris, William Waters, Basil Mikhalkin, Joseph Cham, Richard Nickles, Roger Larson, Shang Wen Yuan. THIRD ROW: James Malcolm, Clarence Chan, Warren Johnson, William Martin, Joseph Barton, Arthur Lewis, Chuck Newman, Dick Wasley. FOURTH ROW: Dale Warren, Jimmie Wing, George McCarty, Alan Rossing, Robert Cooper, Jack Grasberger, Charles Crabtree, Clement Wiskocil, Sanford Tandowsky. BA CK ROW: Robert McCarthy, Raymond Itaya, Harry per, James Rae, Thomas Whitten, Ralph Gray. Fall OFFICERS Spring Wilfried Langer President E. Hirsch Victor Graf Vice-President George McCarty Jack Morse Corresponding Secretary Ralph Gray Andrew Gram Recording Secretary Robert McCarty Ephraim Hirsch Treasurer Richard Witt Thomas Inami Associate Editor of Transit Jack Grasberger Clement Wiskocil Faculty Advisor Clement Wiskocil MEMBERS James Agee Lawrence Barr Joseph Barton Clarence Chan Joseph Cham Robert Cooper Charles Crabtree Gerald Drennan Victor Graf Andrew Gram Jack Grasberger Ralph Gray Howard Harris Billy Hartz Ephraim Hirsch Thomas Inami Raymond Itaya Warren Johnson Robert Jones John Kraus Harry Krueper Wilfried Langer Roger Larson Arthur Lewis James Malcolm William Martin Robert McCarthy George McCarty, Basil Mikhalkin Jack Morse Charles Newman Richard Nickles Thomas Parrish William Paul James Rae Alan Rossing Leland Smith Sanford Tandowsky HONORARY MEMBERS Robert Toff John Varozza Dale Warren Richard Wasley William Waters Carl Weinberg Harry Weldon Thomas Whitten Jimmie Wing Richard Witt Richard Wong Shang Wen Yuar Paul Bailey Donald Berry Henry Brunnier Ray Clough Raymond Davis Charles Derleth Howard Eberhart Sturla Einarsson Hans Einstein Lawrence Elsner Bernard Etcheverry Francis Foote Harold Gotaas Sydney Harding Sinclair Harper Walter Huber Charles Hyde Francis Hveem Bruce Jameyson Joe Kelly Dimitri Krynine Wilfred Langelier T. Y. Lin Ralph Moyer Frank Nikirk Arnold Olitt Fred Panhorsf Erman Pearson A. M. Rawn Augustus Saph Fred Scobey Harry Seed Thomas Simpson Robert Sproul George Troxell Clement Wiskocil Boris Brasier Harmer Davis Fred Finn Robert Horonjeff Joe Johnson John Jones Warren Kaufman Harvey Ludwig Raymond Lundgren FACULTY ALUMNI Carl Monismith Dave Pirtz Milos Polivka Egor Popov Charles Scheffy Alexander Scordelis Camerson Smith David Todd Bernard Vallerga 393 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION THIS ORGANIZATION was founded in 1907 for the purpose of uniting the Christian Scientists in the University of California in closer bonds of Chris- tian fellowship, and to afford to those of this University so desiring, oppor- tunities to learn more about Christian Science. The organization welcomes the campus public to its Tuesday evening meetings, at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given; to a Christian Science lecture given once a semester by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts; and to the open house given each semester. The activities of the organization are conducted entirely by its member- ship, which is composed of registered students and faculty members of the University. These activities are carried on through various committees such as: the Accommodations committee, which maintains a file of living modations and work offered to and requested by Christian Science students attending the University; and the Library committee, which maintains ' a library open to the campus public where the weekly lesson sermon may be read and where authorized Christian Science literature may be read or borrowed. The organization ' s present edifice was completed in 1933 and dedicated in the spring of 1941. The campus public is cordially invited to its meeting and to participate in its activities. SPONSORS Mrs. Lloyd Arnold Mrs. J. M. Partridge Mrs. H. W. Wyatt Mrs. C. W. Schroeder S Jean Knierim Sylvia Knowlton Sylvia Kramer Barbara Kyte Ann La Grone Gwen Leavitt Jackie Le Moine Juanita L ' Esperance Jackie Lindberg Marilyn Lowe Day Ludo1ph Marian Magovern Mary Ellen Mahan Lynn Mahoney Carol Meyer Janet Millard Jorene Mines Marjory Nelson Dorothy Newell Helen Nielson Joanne Niven Shirley Norman Jean Nygren Marian O ' Berto Dolores Perry Connie Phillips Helen Prescott Pauline Reed Bernice Reiff Frances Rice Bernice Richter Elinor Robison Sylvia Sawyer Janis Schneider Janet Schubb Charlotte Tarleton Mariam Taylor Aileen Thielen Virginia Thomford Gwen Thomson Marlene Todd Mary Tuck Marian Van Kirk Helen Vaughn Helen Von Gunton Shirley Weller Carole Williams Elva Wiese Courine Wisott Gloria Anderson Marilyn Beaver Miriam Benjamin Mildred Berg Carol Blakemore Lille Blickle Carol Boynton Carol Bradley Pat Brogan Marilyn Burnet+ Margaret Burt Carol Colbie Jo Crail Kay Croft Edna Crook Janice Culver Sheila Cumming Leal Davidson Beth Davie Mae De Paole Dolores Diamantopoulos Sidney Diehl Barbara Dunn Evely Durland Barbara Erhart Joyce Evans Shirley Faulkin Dolores Fisher Janet Frederich Joan Freeborn Carol Fudge Yvonne Gaul Lynn Green Lori Grossman Muss Harris Joan Hartley Shirley Holbrook Janice Hope Shirley Horsford Sylvia Horta Yvonne Norte Juanita Hosking Peggy Hosking Marilyn Hoskins Marian Hoskins Diane Huntress Dorothy Jackson Lillian Karlotski Lorraine Karlotski MEMBER COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS Junior Auxiliary of the East Bay of the Association of University Women Blakemore Croft Jackson Karlotski Leavitt Magovern Nielson Wert Williams Wisott OFFICERS Spring ' 51 Fail ' 51 Spring ' 52 President Kay Wert Kay Croft Marian Magovern First Vice-President Marian Magovern Lillian Karlotski Joanne Nieven Second Vice-President Kay Croft Gwen Leavitt Courine Wisott Third Vice-President Carol Blakemore Yvonne Horta Barbara Kyte Secretary Helen Nielsen Carol Williams Helen Nielsen Treasurer Jackie Lindberg Gwen Thomson Shirley Weller Philanthropic Ch airman Dorothy Jackson Courine Wisoft Carol Blakemore Publicity Chairman Shirley Holbrook Jackie Lindberg Janice Culver Service Representative.. Sally Wagenet Marian Magovern Gwen Leavitt DELTA PHI EPSILON (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS Samuel Armstrong Frank Bennett Moise Berger Marcus Bultz Maynard Center Frank Corona Wayne Crawford John Danielson James Dougherty David Forbes Charles Gordon Douglas Gover Levern Graves William Harlowe Robert Hayton Donald Helm Richard Herr John Hess Ashley Hewitt Richard Holler Burke Hromatko Richard Jaffie John Jenkins Jerrold Jenner Robert Kent Rolf Kuhn Omar Lahue Walter Lai John Mason Herbert McLean Robert Moore John Moran Russell Moran George Pappas John Porter Albert Raynor Desmond Reeves Alexander Rice Leo Richter Vance Ridges Carlos Rivamonte Foster Sears Ralph Seward Edward Sheehan Charles Sommer Mirko Strazicich Jack Underhill Victor Wong Bennett Center Corona Crawford Dougherty NATIONAL VICE-PRESIDENT John Danielson MEMBERS Gordon Goner Holler Hrcmatko Jaffie Jenkins Kuhn Lahue Lai Mason Porter Reeves Rice Rivamonte Underhill Photograph by Charles Gordon Fall OFFICERS Maynard Center President Desmond Reeves Vice-President John Jenkins Secretary Douglas Gover Mailing Secretary Richard Armstrong Treasurer Alexander Rice Sergeant-at-Arms John Porter Librarian-Historian Frank Bennett Gull Editor Spring Desmond Reeves Douglas Gover Carlos Rivamonte Wayne Crawford Burke Hromatko Richard Herr Russell Mora Ralph Seward DELTA SIGMA PI (Professional Business and Commerce Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, 1907 RHO CHAPTER FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1922 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Martin Mollhausen, Tom McCoy, Ed Presten. SECOND ROW: Erick Stenstedt, Bob Knight, Royal Roberts. BACK ROW: William Stewart, Hilton Watkins. ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 1915 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: George Heckert, Gerald Peterson, Phillip Ellis, Donald Mann, George Uebele, Leon Pease, George Tanielian, Melvin Dalton. SECOND ROW: Hal Judy, Richard Milligan, Abraham Bers, Richard Kuphaldt, Alan Pound, John Marron, Irving Tang, Carson Tsao, Pavel Sala. THIRD ROW: Edward Billinghurst, Richard Liepold, Felix Ellers, Shui Yuan, Carlos Chong, George Waters, John Ball, Sei Shohara, Norman Walker, Joh Sekiguchi. BACK ROW: Peter Paul, Wayne Lund, Phil Merritt, Ken Thompson, Harold Burroughs, William Reinholtz, Burtis Robertson, Thomas McFarland, Garland White. FORESTRY CLUB (Member of Intercollegiate Association of Forestry Clubs) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1922 FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Walker, John Laush, Ray Miner, George Steed, Verne Osburn, Bob Rice, Bud Kay, Bent Lyon, Ed Gladish, George Kyer, Jim Lavender, SECOND ROW: Harry Owens, Dick Wasson, Martin Rotto, Al Miller, Bob Merriam, Bob Muir, George Gentry, Lyle Trammell, Ed Hall, Neil Opsal, Paul Bourgeois, Harvey Menkens, Bruce Coombs. THIRD ROW: Skip Cline, Lu Marsh, Gene Robinson, Jack Hansen, Abdul Nouri, Tons Tutton, Stan Ellis, Phil Armand, Bob Mace, Hap Heasley, Pete Hurd. FOURTH ROW: Jim Steinhous e, Bob Powell, Dick Pland, Hugh Shera, Jim Hart, Bob Helsing, Dick Russ, Will Charter. FIFTH ROW: Otto Bricachek, Lou Price, Ron Thomson, Walt Gavin, Jack Rose, Bernie Agrons. SIXTH ROW: Forrest Wilde, Bob Stevens, Vern Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Walt Bolster, Vern Ashby, Bob Harmon, Charlie Jasper, Jim Nicholson, Al Dun- ham, Floyd McFarland, Del Wade. BACK ROW: Jim D ' Amelio, Jim Griffin, Gregg Munster, Bud Fish, Bob Krohn, Chuck Williams, Al Belton, Bob Baker, Hugh Stroupe, Fulvio Baldassini, Ray Reinecke. GROUP SEATED AT LEFT: Jim Cheshire, Grant McClelland, Ted Nelson; STANDING: Charlie Hurst, Jim Perry, Dean Everett, Ken Mak, Art Matthews, Bill Andrews Paul Crebbin, Bob Brown, James Sizer, Bob Best, Don Reukema, Don Halsey, Tom O ' Kelly, Dean F. S. Baker, Prof. Walter Mulford, Bill Lowe, Prof. Joseph Kittredge, Prof. Robert Cockrell, Vince Price, John Andrews, Prof. Emanuel Fritz, Awl Shahori, Bruce McCallum, Jack Keane. GROUP SEATED AT RIGHT: Paul Kirkendall, Dave Gearhart, Dick Thompson, Jim Nile, Fred Payne, Kurt Munich, Bob Alexander. GAVEL AND QUILL (Class Activities Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1949 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Jody Zuber, Edena Carlson, Cornelia Rhoads, Jack Rogers, Carla Merner, Carol Montgomery, Cyanne Edmondson, Carol Cochran. SECOND ROW: Virginia Zachery, Lee Talbot, Ted Johnson, Scott Simon, Barnes Riznik, Lou Morgan, Ann Houstoun, Bob MacDougall, Suzie Flowers. THIRD ROW: Chuck Newman, Ron Ostrow, Fran Tenney, Mardy Robinson, Dave Grant, Dick Clark, Herb Moore. BACK ROW: Pete Cunliffe, Harry Hanson, Carl Weinberg, Paul Newman, Walt Sharman, Bugsy Siegel. (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 GOLDEN BEAR UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Adams Edward Dickson Elbert Hugill James Sheppard Leroy Allen William Donald Fred Jordan Robert Sibley David Barrows Carroll Ebright Alexander Kidd Owen Smith Albert Becker Sidney Ehrman Frank Kidner Vernon Smith Eric Bellquist Clinton Evans Harry Kingman Herman Spindt Allen Blaisdell Earl Fensfon George Louderback Robert Sproul Llewlyn Boelter W. W. Ferrier Stanley McCaffrey Wendell Stanley George Briggs Mortimer Fleishhacker Olof Lundberg Frank Stevens John Calkins Walter Frederick Gerald Marsh Hurford Stone James Cason Stanley Freeborn Guy Millberry Fred Stripp Francis Chamberlain Philip Griffin Ralfe Miller Jacobus ten Broek Ralph Chaney Farnham Griffiths James Moffitt Herbert Thompson Milton Chernin Charles Gulick Russell Nagler Robert Underhill Walter Christie Theodore Haley John Neylan Lester Uren Paul Christopulous Chaffee Hall Robert Nisbet Edward Voorhies John Condliffe Brutus Hamilton William Norton William Wadman James Corley James Harkness Peter Odegard Lynn Waldorf Fred Cozens Lawrence Harper John Olmsted Ralph Waltz Alva Davis Maurice Harrison George Pettitt Earl Warren William Davis Edward Heller Clarence Price Edward Welch Malcolm Davisson John Hicks Joseph Quire Garff Wilson William Dennes Joel Hildebrand Alva Ragan Baldwin Woods Charles Derleth Harold Hitchcock Leon Richardson Henry Yee Monroe Deutsch John Howard James Schaeffer MEMBERS Ram Agrawal Robert Daggett Kenneth Kissinger Leslie Richter Dexter Ahlgren John Danielson Jerome Lackner Tomas Riha Paul Andrew James Davis Leon Litwack Russell Roe William Ash David Davison Robert MacDougall John Rogers Robert Atkinson Paul Denise Robert McGuigan Jack Rubin Fred Avilez Richard Dietrich Jamil Mahshi John Rubino William Bagley Donald Dodson Paul Manolis Charles Scharringhausen Michel Bandak Allan Downey Alphonso Manzano Donald Sheperd Robert Beetem Edward Engs James Marinos W. George Simpson Donald Bentley Michael Fallon Paul Marr Reuben Smith Amnon Ben-Yehuda Ronald Firmrite Julian Martin Stephen Sosnick Harold Bergstein John Freeman Sudarmo Martonogaro Lee Talbot David Birnbaum Peter Goldschmidt Crozier Mauer Thomas Trowbridge Robert Brorby Harry Hanson Paul Mello Lucian Vandegrift William Callender Charles Harris Peter Mering Nicholas Veliotes Donald Cahen Frederick Harvey Herbert Moore Richard Volberg Maynard Center Douglas Higgins Harold Mumby Harold Vorhies James Chapman Maurice Holloway John Pappa George Witter Henry Clark William Holmes Victor Peterson Werner Wolfen Richard Clarke William Hull Dexter Ragatz Kunitake Yamanaka Kenneth Cusick Robert Karpe James Raugust 399 HILLEL A National Organization Devoted to Cultural, Religious and Counseling Services Among Jewish Students on the College Campus. HAMMER AND DIMMER (Technical Dramatic Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Peggy Parker, Betty Roseberry, Jo Taylor, Janet Baker. SECOND ROW: Jerry Peterson, Shmirl Marguerite Ray, May McCormick, Richard Mathews, Jackie Vis. BACK ROW: David Ball, Tom Roberts, Robert Beneveds, Blaisdell, Douglas Reynolds, Robert Wi lson, Bill Martinell. Benyahuda Hellinger Levin Rice Rabbi Steinberg Robinou Weilman Zukerman HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FOUR HUNDRED CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Isako Sawai, Evelyn Goodnight, Eleanor Johns on, Lilly Blickle, Ann Hofmeister. SECOND ROW: Jorene Mines, Betty Butler, Gladys Miller, Anita Debro, Rose Wong, Dorothy Bateman. THIRD ROW: Georgia Koch, Dolly Zerda, Marilyn Beaber, Pat Fife, Charleen Hagen, Norma Herzig, Margaret Huetter. BACK ROW: Janet Grinnell, Aileen Thielen, Madelyn Williams. LANDSCAPE DESIGN CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 FRONT ROW, left to right: Clarence Rovinek, Leroy Smith, William Fraley, Rae Coffman, May I itazawa, Eldon Beck, Graves, David Elwood, Brian Wyckoff. BACK ROW: David Allan, Robert Cline, Arthur Oehme, Louis Turrini, Richard Wilson, Cole, Albert Azadian, Robert Danialson, David Arbegast, Jack Josel. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE (Resident Hall for Students of Many Lands) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1931 FRONT ROW, left to right: Barbara Hyde, William Clough, Ursula Knight, Charles Clapp, Richmond Le Gallais, Gloria BACK ROW: Carl Baum, Lottie Wallerstein, Gordon Fryers, Philip Borst, Jim Vetter, Sam Wimaleskera Aziz Sayeed, Mehdi. Azar Afahar Carla Aghib Ursula Alf Margaret Al[sop Agatha Anderson Josephine Arnold Lillian Baird Aphrodite Baracos Patricia Bauer Margaret Becke.- Marion Benedict Bessah Berengian Marie Blain Olga Bocanegra Jane Bradley Minerva Brandon Rosemary Beissenden Agatha Brown Donna Brown Helen Buckley Joanne Buffington Janet Burks Harriet Burns Constance Carsner Diana Chan Barbara Clayton Pearl Cohn Margarida Cordeiro Mary Costley Carroll Coughlin Jo Grail Mary Crutchfield Marjorie Dace Jean Dahlauist Dorothy Dalton Joyce Dawson Kathryn Deiehoy Luz del Mundo Denise De Vuyst Dorothy Donley Cynthia Downes Margaret Edson Dorothy El lis Shulamith Eppenstein Carol Feldsted Phyllis Finkel Charlotte Fitting Margaret Foster Anne Fox Elsie Fritch Alice Frizzell Patricia Fry Pauline Fung Rae Galbraith Ruth Gallagher Ethelind Giles Jo-Anne Gilmore Carolynn Goldrath Esther Goossen Helen Goring Lois Gottwald Betty Graham Virgie Guinn Sheila Haldeman Josefina Halili Helen Hanna Write Hannus Florence Harris Jacqueline Harts Mary Harvey Martha Henderson Barbara Horn Ann Horrigan Elizabeth Hudson Barbara Hyde Mary Ishii Kirsti Jaantila Lila Jackson Victoria Jing Mary Jane Jordan Hilda Karlsson Kathryn Kawell Ruth Kildare Elizabeth Kimber Annette Kirkish Barbara Kishner Judy Kishner Dorothy Kleinfeld Ursula Knight Ayleen Kodmur Dorothy Kovacevich Vivian Larsson Jean Legg Arlene Levinson Gabriele Lohnberg Lisa Lohnberg Annie Lorrette Evelyn Lowen Joy Luboviski Lotte Lustig Leila Lynch Felisa Maimoni Eileen Mair Caroline Medan Carol Miller Helen Mineta Maxine Moeller Frances Morrison Avona Morse Homayoun Mortazavi Marianne Nelson Sherma Neusihin Taeko Ono Marcela Ordonez Marianne Otto Luz Pacheco Arlene Parker Jeanne Peacock Kitty Ponse Margery Ramsay Cecilia Reynales Frances Riback Jean Rimington Harriett Roberts Mary Rockett Ann Ross Victoria Rossetti Dare Rowland Joan Rucker Frances Sailer Grace Sarrafian Sylvia Sawyer Shirley Saylor Helen Scandalis Claire Schrick Wilma Schulz Loi s Schwarze Irene Seidman Lea Sekely Thelma Shobe Margaret Shuley Rivka Sigel Wilma Snyder Francisco Soriano Marguerite Spencer Gloria Stevenson Arlee Strellis Suzan Sunel Margaret Swanson Gloria Tabuena Krisna Tantrenon Shirley Tedder Majda Thurnher Harriet Tong Joan Toohig Adrine Tosdjian Florence Turnbull Joan Van Every Renne Varellas Joy Wade Lottie Wallerstein June Ward Nancy Watkins Nancy Wee Kathryn Wells Anita Wiggins Florence Williams Joan Williams Marilyn Williams Dorothy Wire Agnes Wong Alice Wood Esther Worthy Mary Yager John Abbott Zaki Abdo Dewey Abell Hans Abplanlap Ahmad Abrishamian Thomas Andrew Robert Apte Justin Atkinson Ragnar Backstrom Richard Bagley Fulvio Baldassini Albert Ball Charles Ballard Morris Barr Frederick Bart ell Carl Baum Paul Benioff Lester Benett Henry Bent Enrique Bernal Enrico Bernasconi Irwin Bernhardt Abraham Bers Behram Bharucha E. Bonasi-Benucci Philip Borst Ray Brackett Lars Bratt Robert Briggs Richard Brissenden Kenneth Brown John Buchanan Paul Buhlig John Bull Boris Bylinkin Luis Cabieses Albert Caracausa Giovanni Cargasacchi Ernest Carlson Roberto Carrasco D ' Arcy Cavanaugh Philip Center Bashir Chaudhry Visudh Chutima Charles Clapp John Clayton Thomas Clayton Fred Cline William Clough Elias Cohen Eric Comstock Peter Coniglio Barton Cooper Walter Crafford Ugo Croatto Lester Currier Frank D ' Abadie Israil Dagan John Dandliker Lee Darrow Robert Davenport Joseph D ' Cruz Oliver De LaIla Luis De Leon Macrobio Delagado Guido De Luca Jean-Jacques Dennler Enrique De Rivas Rajnikant Desai R. Diaz-Fernandez Sie Ing Djiang Harry Dougherty Ralph Drayton Robert Drouard Irving Dubov Walter Dudziak Josef Eerkens Ali Eghtedari Michael Eichenbert Rudolf Eisenhardt Ezra Eliahou Herman Ermolaev Humberto Espinosa John Everett Naji Fansah Mervyn Farnsworth Lionel Fichman Daniel Finn Kurt Fischer Robert Freeman Richard Frost Gordon Fryers Clarence Fuerst Morio Fukuto Merrill Gaffney Edward Gilbert Mogens Glistrup Leonard Gock Hunter Golay Feliciano Gonzales Robert Greenholz George Gropper James Guilhamet Frederick Hagar Madim Hajjar Lindley Hamilton Talib Hague Mansoor Hassan Rabenu Hassoun Jarvin Heiman Robert Hill Arthur Hoff Richard Hoff Harold Hohbach George Holm John Holmes Johan Holmgren Herman Hu Darrill Hudson Sved Hussin Sin Kyu Hyun Shiro lbukiyame David lino Diajiro Ishii Kenneth Ishii Muhammad Ismail Charles Jacobson D. Jaraswathana Bill Jarmie Norman Jensen Suresh Jhaveri Walter John Andrew Joncich Arnold Kahn Samuel Kam Jimmy Kan Jerome Kaplan Zohrab Kaprielian Harry Keaton Joseph Dent Casper Kiellard Seishi Kikuchi Cassius Kirk Stephen Klein Marvin Kleinberg Philip Klepesch Masayoshi Komatsu Theodore Kroesen Merle Kuhner Haruyuki Kuriyama Joe Lacsamana Ali Lalani Sydney Lamb Erwin Landon Frank Langdon Jack Lasky John Lattin Lucien Le Cam Seng-Lip Lee Shiu Lee Richmond LeGallais Roberto Levy Chit Soo Lim Jaime Litvak Min En Liy Irving Lord Si Chiu Lou George Soucoloulos Friedrich Lude Donald Ludolph Ivor Luethy Ronald Lyon Hubert MacCarthy Norman MacDonald Walter Mack Robert Mackey Alan Mackie Shogo Magota Peter Maier Arturo Maimoni Robert Markell Paul Marr Mauro Martignoni Felipe Martin Gerald Martin Sudarmo Martonagoro Yoshihiro Matsumura Hideo Matsuoka Pierre Mayer Lester McAllister Dennis McCarthy Martin McGarry Hohn McMurdie Frank Meissner Albert Melconian Noble Melencamp Luis Melgar-Larrieu Chaim Mendelsohn Eustorgio Mendez George Merkel Pedro Messner Ezra Meyer Dale Miller Roy Miller Yasumatsu Miyake lwao Mizuta Nuredin Mohsenin Gerald Mon Pere George Moss George L. Moss Jack Munushian John Nadeau Ned Nanakorn John Need Philip Nesbeitt Klaus Netter Howard Newson Carl Nichols Louis Nigro Hideaki Nishio Leslie Noronha Giok Po Oey Robert Palazzi John Papastergiou Mack Parks Thomas Passel! Robert Patterson Donald Paulsen John Peel J. Pepin de Bonnerive Alexander Percev Rudilph Petersdorf Alex Petrinovic Carl Phillips Philippos Philippou Robert Phinney George Pomeroy Herman Popiul Rinaldo Porcella Arcadio Poveda William Preston Pat Price Peter Pried William Pryer Joseph Putter Ernesto Querubin Habib Rahme Albert Raynor Gholam Razi Homer Rea James Reddington Lewis Richmond Kenneth Rinehart Robert Rithner Norman Rivera Roland Rivest Leiva Rodriquez James Rogers John Rogers Lester Rogers Mario Rollier Kenneth Rosenthal Jacques Rosier Eduardo Rubio Homer Rutherford George Safford Isamu Sagara Pavel Salz George Santrizos Aziz Sayeed Robert Scagel Albert Schaaf Hartland Schmidt Hans Schmitt Harold Schulz Ernst Schuster Richard See Gilbert Seely Abdulgafoor Serang Daniel Sexton George Shaber Arthur Shatz Charles Shaw Robert Shelley Donald Sherinian Robert Sherman Takefumi Shimauchi Bernard Shore Abul Siddiqu Benjamin Silsbee Marvin Siperstein Guillermo Sison Sidney Skirvin Louis Slater Herbert Smith Stanley Smith Salim Solomon Charles Sommer Claud Speer Maxwell Springer Howard Stackpole Michael Stamos Henry Stepanek Donald Stinson Nan Gong Su Kamel Suchon Robert Swanson Richard Switzer Koremoto Takahasi Kazumitsu Takayasu Alan Talt Kent Terwilliger Richard Thomas Howard Thompson Ulrich Toggweiler Harry Tsai Wen Yen Tsao Marcos Tschapek Ti-Fu Tuan Leonard Turner Hideo Uto Nicholas Vecakis Charles van der Voort Norman Van Donge James Vedder Zeev Vered Arthur Verge Carlo Viglione Sandis Virathian Gideon Vizansky Henry von Arx von Engel Alex Vosti William Wadman Merle Walker Jacob Welkin James Walls Newton Weerasinha Malcolm Weintraub Lionel Weiss Arthur Welch Russell Westberg Tar Kuey Whang Tar Liang Whang Bo Wickstrom William Wilby Thomas Wilkinson Alexander Wilson Allan Wilson K. Wimalasekera Albert Wollenberg Howard Wong Kai Kwong Wong Roger Wong Clifford Wurfel Bor Choon Yap Fawsi Taqub Daniel Yee Ryo Yonezawa Donald Young Albin Zielen Spyro Zissos MASK AND DAGGER (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Ziemer, Adele Deutsch, Delia Brunetti, Marguerite Ray, Jackie Vis. SECOND ROW: David Torn Roberts, Douglas Reynolds, Robert Wilson, Bill Martinelli, Jerry Peterson, Richard Mathews. BACK POW: Robert Jon Elkus, William Matheson. MINERAL TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION (Affiliated Student Association of the AIME) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1902 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: William Smith, Harry Wiese, James Burns, Harry Krebbs, Boris Goloobkoff, Herbert Wheeler, Stepanek, Clyde Walker, Robert Barcus. SECOND ROW: Roland Laxson, Donald Schmidt, Edward Steiner, Emmett Mahmud Jumah, John Walsh, James Scott, John Parkin, Marvin Jacoby, Calvin Cole. THIRD ROW: William Gibbons, Peter Edward Wolovich, Samuel Mihara, Alfred Donlevy, Charles Carle, Richard Butler, George Weldon, Herbert Klemme, Edward Don Sherlock. FOURTH ROW: Prof. Bernard York, Prof. Lester Uren, Prof. Ralph Hultgren, Carol Daily, Paul Boswell, Frederick, Alvin Hole, George Parks, Charles Hulbe, Thomas Heuring, John Watson. BACK ROW: Paul Eimon, Lawrence Keith Gerlach, Prof. J. Reed, Prof. Wilber Somerton, Prof. Frederick Ravitz, Prof. K. Kelley, Prof. Sydney Mitchell, Prof. Dorn, Prof. John Putnam, Richard Laird, Robert Carlson, David Rowland, James Broznitsky, Willis Swan. MORTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY SPONSORS Mrs. Mary B. Davidson Mrs. Joseph Quire Mrs. Lynn Waldorf HONORARY MEMBERS Leila Anderson Helen Fancher Margaret Beattie Mrs. Joseph Quire Carol Simmons Bell Alice Hoyt Mrs. Ralph Chaney Violet Marshall Louise Cobb Lillie Sherman Mary B. Davidson Mrs. R. G. Sproul Mrs. Monroe E. Deutsch Lucy Stebbins Dr. Margaret Zeff Baker Balch Gilbert Haseltine Helgesson Hinton Howell Johnson Mahoney McMurry Morgan Pawson Rem is Robinson Sanford Senzek Willis Helen Baker Nancy Balch Lois Fuller Alison Gilbert Robin Haseltine Beverly Hinton Suzanne Howell Janet Johnson Kay Lloyd MEMBERS Lynn Mahoney Louise Morgan Joyce McMurry Joan Pawson Lucy Pfund Helgesson Anne Reavis Mardy Robinson Carol Sanford Alvajean Senzek Mary Lou Willis OFFICERS President Carol Sanford Vice-President Nancy Balch Secretary Joan Pawson Treasurer Janet Johnson Scribe Helen Baker Project Chairman Lynn Mahoney MASONIC CLUB (Coeducational Student Center for Masonic Affiliates) FOUNDED 1923 OFFICERS Bob Keldgord President Keren Pace Vice-President Bill Stewart Treasurer Willis Clayton Corresponding Secretary Lorna Austin Membership Secretary Joan Sanford Recording Secretary Jim Martin Representative-at-Large Stan Thompson Representative-at-Large Scott Harvey Upper Division Men ' s Rep. Cal McIntosh Lower Division Men ' s Rep. Janet Malone Upper Division Women ' s Rep. Pat Neill Lower Division Women ' s Rep. APPOINTED OFFICERS Bob Asnard Chaplain Helen Blake Social Chairman Mary Schneider ( Activities Chairman Dick Oetting Joanne Anderson Publicity Director Dud Westler Masonic Murmurs Editor Lail Davidson 1 Snack Bar Managers Dick Edger .) Mark Reeve 1 Custodians Don Brammer Anderson Austin Stammer Clayton Davidson Edgar Keldgord Martin Neill Oetting Pace Reeve Sanford Stewart Schneider Thompson " Established in 1923 " • NEWMAN CLUB (Catholic Student Social and Intellectual Society) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 FRONT ROW, left to right: Carol Marzluft, Al Hoffman, Betsy Lee, Leo Stark, Betty Cereghino, John Devitt, Lolly Gschwend, Neil Fary, Mary Gerrity, Bob Michelini, Ted tino, Evvie Morrison, Terry Laponis, Ann Hampel, Sarah Barry, Beth Gray, Phyllis McConnell, Michele Glavinovich. SECOND ROW: Virginia Desme, Marian Lacrampe, Virginia Kelly, Josefa Donaire, Virginia Ogden, Mary Davis, Father Harold Foye, Father Charles Albright, Lois Leverone, Mabel Burros, Dolores Conta, Ronnie Accornero, Dick Steyer, Gildea, Sheila Moran, Rosemarie Wiegner, Mary Lee Desmond, Ann Coates, Carol Weger, Lee Chapman, Pat Jacoberger, John O ' Connor, Jerome Solari. THIRD ROW: Paul Seaborn, Eduardo Isaza, Helen Nelson, G. Moris, Bill Curtin, Bill Chainey, Ray Nelson, Evan Sanchez, Bill Bowdidge, Father Quinan, Don Stoffey, Dick Porter, Paul Kirkendall, Reinero, Robert Miller, James Meagher, Duncan Buchanan, Peter Corona, Wisia Szablowinska, Joseph Murphy, Anne Nevin, Lucille Allen, Elisabeth Rooney. BACK ROW: Bill Jack Jebery, Lloyd Coyne, Ray Talley, John Hampel, David Gill, David Buchanan, Nick Carmelick, Charles Sommer, Leonard Cormier, Anita Alfafara, Peter de Ullmann, Zoller, Bob Beatriz. OFFICERS President Evan Sanchez Vice-President Betty Cereghino Secretary Betsy Lee Treasurer John Devitt Representative-at-Large Neil Fahy, Bill Chain EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Carol Marzluft Bud Kunz Ann Coates Leo Stark Ted Confine J. Roland Accornero Elizabeth C. Adams Anita Alfafara Giuseppe Alicastro Lucille Allen George Almeida Priscilla Alvarado Carol Archer Joe Amestoy Lora Lee Andrews Louis Ansolabehere Mabel Burros Gil Bauchet Patricia A. Baysinger Maurice Bolosan William Bowdidge Burk Bradford Valerie Brisebois Patricia Brogan Melvin Brunetti David Buchanan Duncan Buchanan Albert Bueno Paul Buhliq Russell Burk Anna-Mary Bush Catherine Callaghan Jean Campbell Ted Cantino Patrick Carey Albert Carlos Daniel Carreon Carol Cavalli Elizabeth Cereghino William Chain Lelia Chapman Alfreo Chow Peter Clepper Joan Clisham H. Ann Coates Marian Lacrampe Amando Cochingyan Carl Cole Bob Conners Mary Connolly Donald Conrad Dolores Conte Leonard Cormier Allen Cornwell Peter Corona Lloyd Coyne John Crevet Elizabeth Crosby William Curtin Victor Dahl Mary Davis John Devitt Richard Day James DeLong James Dempsey Virginia Desme Peter DeUllmann Worthington Detwiler William Dito Peggy Donovan Robert Donovan Joan Dougherty Lyn Dougherty John Drea JoAnn Druehl Carol Druhan Lois Dutra Agnes Dykzeul Alice Eastman Thomas Eblin Lee Elmer Parker Emerson Daniel Esatorga Charles Evans Neil Fahy Kathleen Farley Al Hoffman Anne Nevin Ramon Fauria Jean Ferri Patricia Flannigan James Flynn Joan Francis Noel Fraters Vi Free Gerald Gabhart Leo Gallagher Arthur Garnder Charles Castaldo Betty Cessner Regina Gibbs Patrick Gildea Alfred Gil David Gill Edward Gilligan Richard Glass Michele Glavinovich Bruce Goodell Paul Goodele Alfred Graf Lolly Gschwend Mary Gray Jesse Guerraro Jonathan Halsey Josefina Halili John Hampel Walt Hanahan James Hannah Frances Harbidge Russell Harrison Richard Hatch Dale Hoscheit Jerry Howell Bob Hays Carl Heinemann Jack Henrich Merlin Henry Edna Herrera MEMBERS Uewey Herou Frederick Hodges George Hodges Joyce Hodges Albert Hoffman Margaret Huetter Patricia Jacobberger David Jacobs John Jasper Jack Jeffry John Kafafian Albert Kambert Donald Kanishi Bob Kelleher Virginia Kelly Joan Keltus Kathleen Kenney Virginia Kiklas Henry Krier Victor Kulemin Harry Kunimune Thomas Kunz Joan Koch Marie Lacoste Marian LaCrampe George LaVaque Joan Lande Mary Lande Therese Laponis Don Larson Mary Lacuygr Betsy Lee Leland Lester Alice Loichinger Frank Loichinger Joan Loumena Philip Lydon Edward Lynch Mary E. Mahan Betty J. Manning John S. Marken Charles R. Martin Oscar A. Martinez Carol L. Marzluft Curtis F. May James F. Meagher Robert R. Michelini Mary J. Middleton Alfred Miller Louisa Miller Robert Miller Wilfred Miller Edward Moran John Moran Russell Moran Evvie Morrison John Moore Richard Mulvany Joseph Murphy Irene McKinley Lorraine McKinley Joseph McMorrow David McPherson James McTighe Helen E. Nelson Helen L. Nelson Ray S. Nelson Anne Nevin Jim Nevin Colette Nicole Jack O ' Connor Virginia Ogden Marino Oliver John Oswald Lee Owens Helen Papen James Pastore Felix Patout William Paul George Pavlow Lolly Gschwend Bob Michelini Mary Pell Arthur Persson Eugene Patrovay Frank Pinheiro Ellen Placas Armand Polansky Richard Porter Fred Post Leonard Powers Frederick Pracht Henry Puccinelli Burnell Raulino Robert Rhein John Reinero William Remullar Dick Reici Roland Rivest Patrick Roche John Rodden Bill Rodgers Elizabeth Rooney Ruth Rosenan Ronal Rosso Eduardo Rubio Flourotto Ruckman Evan Sanchez Joseph Sayeg Leo Sanocki Louis Scafidi Rosemary Scarich Anne Schlaadt Maxine Sedgwick Paul Serruys Mollie Shea Thomas Shepard lug Sei Shirley Simpson Marion Skrivanich Claire Smith Jean Smith Bob Miller Jerome Solari Charles Sommer Francis Spinelli Helen Stanley Leo Stark Gloria Stevenson Dick Steyer Donald Stoffey James Strong Wilber Sullivan Joan Summers Wisia Szablowinska Raynor Talley Alan Talt Ann Thorton Jacqueline Tinney Joan Toohig Joan Taller Glen Twichell Carol Upland Ysabel Urquiza Eleanor Vanderzee Gerald Vanoni Alice Villarruel Jerrold Vistica Henry Von Aye Robert Walling James A. Wathen, Jr. William Ward Thomas Waterman La Vonne Weisenberger Rosemarie Weidner William C. Will Beatrice Woof Louis Wouters Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yee Leonard Zaller Leo A. Zaro Peter M. Zuber Al Zuniga 406 OMICRON NU (National Home Economics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1944 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Fudeka Tsuji, Leone Albert, Marcia McClain. BACK ROW: Adelia Sabiston, Norma Sue Bowen, Wright, Dr. Virginia Jones, Dr. Barbara Kennedy, Dr. Mary Spencer. PHI CHI THETA (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Abeel Albright Bakosh Bertillion Bingham Bruzzone Fischer Gallant Harkness Hicking Louie Lucas MacKenzie Mitchell Monson Peck Redwine Rock Swanson 407 PANILE (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Whidden, Barbara MacMahon, Joan Podstata, Mary Jo Hart, Nancy Harris, Nancy Robinson. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kinkead, Sandy Diepenbrock, Ann Kiefer, Jan Cleveland, Rosemary Steffan, Sydney Vilen, Gladys hurst, Sally Watson, Roberta Thatcher. BACK ROW: Amy Edgerley, Flo Ludlow, Carolyn Olsen, Alison Gilbert, Mary Beth Strecker, Ann Hawley, Janet Grout, Mitzi Spence. Spring OFFICERS Fall Marilyn Mason President Mary Jo Hart Dede Dousseau Vice-President Janet Grout Helen Baer Treasurer Joan Podstata Helen Gross Recording Secretary Elouise Phelps Mary Jo Hart Corresponding Secretary Leslie Spence Jane Bartlett Francette Nancy Harris Barbara Barton Mary B. Davidson Ruth Donnelly HONORARY MEMBERS Katherine Fischer Elsie B. Foster Alice Hoyt Joyce Jensen Catherine Quire Katherine Towle FACULTY ADVISOR Mrs. Ruth Donnelly ALUMNAE ADVISOR Alison Gilbert MEMBERS Helen Baer Amy Edgerley Barbara Kinkead Leslie Spence Eleanor Bakosh Joyce Edwards Florence Ludlow Rosemary Steffan Nancy Ballard Lois Folsom Marilyn Mason Peggy Stewart Jane Bartlett Helen Gross Barbara McMahon Mary Beth Strecker Dorothy Baukol Janet Grout Jocelyn Muller Barbara Templeton Edena Carlson Mary Alice Hall Dagne Nordholm Roberta Thatcher Joette Clark Nancy Harris Carolyn Olsson Gladys Tolhurst Janet Cleveland Mary Jo Hart Patricia Paine Jackie Traylor Marjorie Coombs Ann Hawley Elouise Phelps Sydney Vilen Sheila Darling Barbara Howard Joan Podstata Sharon Wagner Sandra Diepenbrock Jeanette Inglis Nancy Raab Sondra Walden Nancy Donnelly Greta Johansen Barbara Ray Sally Watson Dede Dousseau Laura Kent Gayle Rivers Catherine Whidden Joan Downie Ann Kieffer Nancy Robinson Jody Zuber 408 PI ALPHA SIGMA (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Marjory Spencer, Barbara Albright, Greta Johansen. SECOND ROW: Janet Matthew, Barbara Beverly McDonnell, Nancy Ballard. BACK ROW: Adelaide Herniae, Janet Finger, Shirley Ellis, Alice Kelly, Perdita Norma Schlichter, Nancy Balch. PHI ETA SIGMA (Freshman Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1923 U. C. CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Bird, John Livingstone, Don Huggins, George Abernathy, Jack Meyer, Sam Piscitelli, Jerry cott. SECOND ROW: Peter Loret, Urie Gutbezahl, Don Stone, Jim Post, John Kern, John Rubino, Roland Richter, Jerry Jim Berger. THIRD ROW: Wilfried Reiners, Ernie Malamud, Mel McClelland, Carl Mato, Harry Nickle, John Fletcher, Iwana. BACK ROW: William Shepard, Chaffee Hall, Leonard Leong, Chuck Newman, Gordon Fusser, Dick Hexter, Harold Mark Krackov, Jim Keegan. P1 TAU SIGMA (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1915 PI OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Byron Wiegand, Lewis Masson, Gordon Whyte, Robert Morris, Gerhard Dirksen, Leo Lichtman, George Jenkins, John Mark. SECOND ROW: Simcha Goldstein, Charles Hallum, Charlie Peck, Larry Wong, Kun Yuan, George Lozano, Richard Batchelor, Richard Heineman, Robert Ozawa, Wesley Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Gerald Williams, Thomas Rohrer, Masashi Amano, Philip Brown, Lloyd Krause, Dieter Rall, Ronald Richmond, Edward Fox, Malvin Walden. BACK ROW: Werner Goldsmith, Edmund Laitone, Army Polansky, Robert Houston, L. M. Tichvinsky, Robert Brown, Russell Brunner, Robert Rutledge, Ben Wang. SIGMA DELTA CHI (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Giusti, Norm Golds, Dick Holler, Don Mills, Dave Dugas. BACK ROW: Bob McCampbell, Mike Fallon, Bill Liebscher, Al Manzano, Marty Smith, Bob McGuigan, Jim Paul, Honofre Megino, Charles Scharringhausen, Dick Israel. (Junior-Senior Women ' s Honorary) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER PRYTANEAN FRONT ROW, left to right: Jeanne Zumwalt, Carol Lou Harkness, Barbara Clayton, Jeanne St. Hill, Barbara Albright, Vivian Knudsen, Frances Tenney. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Ludwig,, Joan Pawson, Barbara Ravn, Bev McDonnell, Alice Kelly, Ronda Lapidus, Ann Houstoun. THIRD ROW: Nonna Cheatham, Anne Reavis, Robin Haseltine, Bev Hinton, Carol Cochran, Joyce McMurry, Shirley Joe, Perdita Loomis, Margo Stutzman, Alison Gilbert. BACK ROW: Mary June King, Joan Carr, Elaine Hartgogian, Nancy McGuire, Bev Menend, Carol Sanford, Lou Morgan, Carol Holmes, Mardy Robinson. OFFICERS President Jeanne St. Hill Vice-President Barbara Clayton Corresponding Secretary Jeanne Zumwalt Recording Secretary Carol Harkness Treasurer Barbara Albright Membership Chairman Frances Tenney HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. William Bagley Mrs. Farnham Griffiths Mrs. Noel Keyes Mrs. Franklin Oatman Mrs. Lynn Waldorf UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Miss Leila Anderson Mrs. Sue Brown Mrs. Mary Davidson Mrs. Joyce Hensen Mrs. Catherine Quire Mrs. Barbara Armstrong Mrs. Amy Bumstead Miss Sarah Davis Mrs. Marion King Miss Aurora Quiros Mrs. Anna Bahme Miss Marjorie Carlton Mrs. Ruth Donnelly Mrs. Jean Macfarlane Miss Carmel Riley Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Vera Carlton Miss Anna Espenschade Mrs. Margaret McQuary Miss Agnes Robb Miss Eleanor Bartlett Miss Louise Cobb Miss Hope Gladding Mrs. Hildegard Millar Miss Lillie Sherman Miss Margaret Beattie Mrs. Charlie Clarke Mrs. Marie Glass Mrs. Agnes Morgan Miss Constance Steel Miss Frederica Bernhard Miss Edith Coulter Mrs. Katherine GowCy Miss Florence Mullins Miss Katherine Towle Miss Olga Bridgman Miss Lucille Czarnowski Miss Pauline Hidgson Miss Margaret Murdock Dr. Margaret Zeff Miss Alice Hoyt Miss Cecil Piper MEMBERS Seniors Barbara Albright Suzanne Flowers Shirley Joe Wilda McClung Bonnie Ritzenthaler Setsuko Asano Alison Gilbert Eleanor Johnson Joyce McMurry Carol Sanford Helen Baker Janice Hamler Janet Johnson Marilyn Meitner Rosemary Scarich Nancy Balch Ellen Hardway Alicc Kelly Beverly Menend Janis Schneider Joan Baldwin Carol Harkness Barbara King Louise Morgan Alva Senzek Janellen Brock Elaine Hartgogian Mary King Margaret Olney Carolyn Stay June Chan Robin Haseltin Vivian Knudsen Nayda Olsen Jeanne St. Hill Nonna Cheatham Lucy Helgesson Ronda Lapidus Lorene Palmer Margo Stutzman Barbara Clayton Beverly Hinton Perdita Loomis Joan Pawson Frances Tenney Carol Cochran Carol Holmes Sylvia Ludwig Barbara Ravn Mary Lou Willis Nancy Davis Ann Houstoun Nancy Maguire Ann Reavis Jeanne Zumwalt Sue Howell Lynn Mahoney Mardy Robinson Juniors Eleanor Bakosh Marjorie Coombs Mary Jo Hart Vivian Larson Nancy Stewart Nancy Ballard Sheila Darling Ruth Heintz Beverly McDonnell Marjorie Stone Betty Brooke Nancy Donnelly Jenette Inglis Sally McDowell Jackie Vis Karen Byl Coralie George Greta Johansen Joan Muller Jane Wood Edena Carlson Janet Grout Marilyn Jones Patricia Paine Virginia Zachery Joan Carr Barbara Hall Diane Kennedy Marilyn Schade Jody Zuber Joyce Kislitzin 411 RNs ON CAMPUS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1947 FRONT ROW, left to right: Frances Key, Lillian Trilla, Mary Tuck, Enola Romer, Kathleen Farley, Jean Chesbro. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ishizaki, Dorcas Kowalski, Jacqueline Robinson, Ada Axt, Julia Moraign, Lillian Miyachi, Virginia Weisheit. BACK ROW: Geneva Roberts, Amy MacOwen, Katherine Hack, Violet Butler, Shirley Drake, Ernestine McPherson, Vesta Begler, Ethel Hammond. OFFICERS President Julia Moraign Vice-President Mary Tuck Secretary Frances Key Treasurer E. M. McPherson Faculty Advisor Ethel Hammond MEMBERS Ada Az+ Pat Gearheart Julia Moraign Vesta Bigler Katherine Hack Emily Pohto Betty Jean Broady Susan Ingersoll Geneva Roberts Alicia Burnett Ruth Ishizaki Jacqueline Robinson Anne Butler Frances Key Thelma Schobe Violet Butler Dorcas Kowalski Catherine Smith Jean Chesbro Amy MacOwen Lillian Trillo Shirley Drake E. M. McPherson Mary Tuck Esther Ehlert Lydia Miller Virginia Weisheit Kathleen Farley Lillian Miyachi Jean Williams 412 SCABBARD AND BLADE (National Military Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1905 COMPANY M, FOURTH REGIMENT, FOUNDED 1923 EIGHTY-NINE COMPANIES FRONT ROW, le ft to right: Julian Schamus, Sherwin Mackenzie, James Gillespie, Ned Shaw, Victor Peterson, Roland Richter, Bernard Callahan, William Abend. SECOND ROW: Albert Downey, James Sarros, Frank Rodgers, Ken Carnie, John Lewis, Richard Mulvany, Donald Randolph, Phillip Pearl, Edwin Anderson. THIRD ROW: Donald Chaney, Paul Perry, Emmett Forrester, Jr., Edmund Regalia, Ernest Jorn, Thomas Liston, James Carson, William Macy, Richard Anson. BACK ROW: Richard Hinkle, William Clark, Thomas Whitten, James Currie, Don Johnson, William Borg, John Tinley, Major Tom Phair. OFFICERS Captain Richard Anson First Lieutenant William Macy Second Lieutenant Edwin Anderson First Sergeant William Abend MEMBERS William Abend Wilson Edgerly William Macy James Sarros Edwin Anderson Mark Engler Richard Moen Julian Schamus Richard Anson E. Forrester Marc Monheimer Lawrence Schultz William Bagot James Gallinatti John Muir Joseph Shaw Lavern Borg Richard Gause Ittsei Nakagawa Warren Short William Borg Thomas Gentry Charles Nash Stuart Spence Jan Bowman Scott Gilkey Roger Nichols Richard Stevens John Brudin James Gillespie Phillip Pearl Patrick Stone Donald Caldwell William Herzog Paul Perry Gordon Taras Bernard Callahan John Jess Victor Peterson H. Terry Raymond Carrington Donald Johnson Gabriel Plaa John Tinley Ken Carnie Douglas Johnston Jerome Porter George Tucker Jose Castro Milton Jones Edward Preston James Tyhurst William Clark Phil Kenville Donald Randolph Gerald Vanoni William Clarke Thomas Kunz Edward Rapatz David Walkley Daniel Coleman Paul Larson Edmund Regalia Kenneth Wesolik Donald Chaney Robert Lavine Leslie Richter Thomas Whitten Richard Dietrich John Lewis Roland Richter Charles Whitworth Allan Downey Thomas Liston William Ridgway Gordon Whyte Albert Dunlap William Ludlow James Roberts Fred Williams Douglas Durland John Lynd Chris Rockas Curtis Winn Will Ellington Thomas Lyons Frank Rodgers John Wolf Sherwin MacKenzie Robert Romer R. Young 413 SKULL AND KEYS (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Hubbard, Bill Ridgeway, Lynn Watson, Jim Doan, Jerry Brittingham, Ron Witter. SECOND ROW: Dave Cruickshank, Jim Hutchinson, Bucky Cowan, Ray Green, Bill Noyes, Bill Corey, Mike McGuire, Don Tiernam, Paul Andrew, Dean O ' Hare, Jim Chapman. THIRD ROW: Jack Tormey, Jim Callinetti, George Fish, George Schroeder, Bob Kinkead, Bob Dennis, Mac Wasson, Ted Engs, Bob Logan, Pete Norse, Bob Karpe, Dick Lee. BACK ROW: Hank Sanderson, Bob Sellers, Skip Presel, Bruce Heltne, George Pelonis, Jerry Peterson, Stan Ware, Bob Atkinson, Jim Ross, Dwight Ely, Pete Mering, Dexter Regatz, John Boyle. OFFICERS Spring Fall Ed Bartlett President Pete Mering Jim Chapman Vice-President Henry Sanderson Paul Andrew Secretary Jack Tormey Pete Norse Treasurer Jim Ross HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Wally Frederick Lawrence Kinnaird George Schroth Stub Allison Stanley Freeborn W. M. Latimer James Shaeffer Bodie Andrews Horace Gaither Karl Leebrick Robert Sproul David Barrows Everett Glass E. Landon Tom Stow Gill Becker Capt. P. C. Godwin Austin MacDonald H. E. Stone Dr. Boles George Good Walter Magee Edward Stricklin N. S. Buchanan Capt. Stanley Goodman Eggs Manske Fred Stripp John Calkins, Jr. Walter Gordon G. E. Marsh Major J. S. Switzer Donald Cameron Lieut. Harry Greenlaw Jack McKenzie Nicholas Taliaferro Andy Carlson E. T. Grether Herm Meister Lt. Commander H. Tallman R. W. Chaney John Grover Ralph Merritt E. H. Taylor Zeb Chaney Chaffee Hall Ralfe Miller Colonel Thomas Walter Christie Brutus Hamilton Brick Mitchell J. Truex Clarence Corey James Hamilton Russ Nagler Irvin Uteritz James Crutchfield Jack Happoldt Eugen Neuhaus Charles Voltz Harry Davis Dr. James Harkness John Neylan Edwin Voorhies M. M. Davisson Robert Hemphill R. L. Olson Lynn Waldorf Monroe Deutsch Norman Hinds F. C. Palm Benjamin Wallace William Donald John Hostater Major G. H. Peabody Frank Wickhorst Newton Drury H. S. Howard Robert Peterson Jack Williamson W. H. Durham Miles Hudson Al Ragan bob Wilson Ky Ebright James Hutchinson L. Reno Garff Wilson Greg Engelhard Dick Kelly Carl Reich Jean Witter Capt. Neil Edmunds Dr. Frank Kelly F. M. Russell Carl Zamloch James Fisk Alexander Kidd Major C. R. Sargent ACTIVE MEMBERS Jack Anderson Skip Dresel Bob Kinkead Adolph Rosecrans Paul Andrew Don Edmonston Dick Lee Jim Ross Bob Atkinson Bob Elder Bob Logan Hank Sanderson Ed Bartlett Hal Ellis Bill MacBeth Phil Seaton Hanns Bauman Dwight Ely Pete Mering Bob Sellers John Boyle Ted Engs Mike McGuire George Schroeder Jerry Brittingham George Fish Bill Noyes Don Tiernan Jim Chapman Bob Fisher Pete Norse Jack Tormey Bill Corey Jim Gallinatti Dean O ' Hare Nick Veliotes Buck Cowan Ray Green John Olszewski Stan Ware Dave Cruickshank Tom Greenleaf George Pelonis Mac Wasson Bob Dennis Bruce Heltne Jerry P eterson Lynn Watson Jim Doan Jim Hutchinson Dexter Ragatz George Witter Dave Donlan Ron Hubbard Les Richter Ron Witter Bob Karpe Bill Ridgeway 414 SOCIAL BEARS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1950 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Dottie Jackson, Emma Bethencourt, Stanley Silverman, June Stanley. BACK ROW: Laurence Roland Quintero, Lyn Keiles, Jack McCollum, Loraine Karlotski, Lillian Karlotski. OFFICERS Fall Spring Stan Silverman Director Greg White Dottie Jackson Assis tant Director Stan Silverman Loraine Kaarlotski Secretary Toni Bellamy Laurence Resseguie Treasurer Marvin Duncan Gerald Vanoni Dance Laurence Resseguie Jack McCollum Outing and Athletics Lillian Karlotski June Stanley Refreshments Lyn Keiles Lynn Green Party Alan Schorken Lillian Karlotski Correspondence Jean Smith Lyn Keiles Entertainment George Tucker Barbara Erhart Transportation June Stanley Richard Rasmussen Schedule Jo Anne Niven Greg White Membership Fred Schorken Marvin Duncan Historian Jan Scholte Emma Bethencourt Drama and Music Roland Quintero Publicity Dottie Jackson Dunbar Aitkens Lynn Green Jean Adam Fred Greene Herb Arnois Beverly Hastings Toni Bellamy Nancy Hobson Emma Bethencourt Allan Hoskins Bill Blackmer Jerry Howard William Bowdidge Ralph Hutchinson Richard Bowen Dottie Jackson Al Braccini Don Johansen James Caudill Thayer Jones Jan Chavers Barbara Julian James Crossley Lillian Karlotski Lynn Davis Loraine Karlotski Carol Dimmick Martin Katz Phil Drury Lyn Keiles Marvin Duncan Sheldon Kiser Barbara Erhart James Knight Marcia Freedman Fritz Kruger Virginia Lovejoy MEMBERS Dick Marks Tom Madra Jack McCollum Bob McFarland Carl Monser Bill Mueller Jo Anne Niven Betty Ann Pacheco Carol Peterson Marie Piper Roslyn Puterman Richard Rasmu ssen Laurence Resseguie Bob Rhein Beverly Sappington Richard Schnal Jan Scholte Alan Schorken Fred Schorken Warren Shepard Edgar Shane Stan Silverman Lee Smith Jean Smith June Stanley Jack Stednitz Bob Strombeck Don Tripp George Tucker Yvonne Tureck Gerald Vanoni Evelyn Watson Hal Weber Martin Weiner Gail Wetzork Joseph Whalley Georgina Williams Phil Winningstad 415 SKI CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob West, Carol Flint, Dick Pland, Stan Whetstone, Al Thompson, Karin Lie, Marie Bertillion. At the Donner Ski Ranch. Mountain photos by Jim Peterson. Spring Tour—Evolution Basin. OFFICERS President Stan Whetstone Vice-President Carol Flint Recording Secretary Karin Lie Corresponding Secretary Marie Bertillion Treasurer Dick Pland Student Lodge Manager Bob West Vanderbilt Meet Chairman Al Thompson FACULTY ADVISOR Claude Meade MEMBERS Hans Abplanalp Barbara Chase Marvin Grove Bob Levine Brad Shadoan Janet Adams Elias Cohen Richard Hageboeck Margaret Lewis Jewel Smialkowski Rudy Allemann Robert Colter Erlene Hampton Eve Maier Mickey Smith Audrey Amskold Marilyn Atwood Joan Craig Tom Dahlgren Charles Hedge Burr Henion Peter Maier Nancy Manglesdorf Oscar Sohns Stanford Smelly Mary Aulwurm Bob Danielson Joanne Hill Nancy Markhan Jack Stednitz Stan Ausman Barbara De Borba Graydon Hindley Ted Mayer Sally Stenman Lloyd Austin Peter de Ullmann Arnold Hoffman Irene McKinley Erik Stenstedt Jim Baker Raymond Decker Eugenia Hoffman Shelley Melvin Walter Stevens Helen Bambrock Jacquie Dobson Patsy Hooven John Millner William Stewart Carl Baumsteiger Jim Daggett Fred Jenkinson Margarite Moak Larry Staof Bruce Beebe G. M. Drennan Joanna Jenny Daysta Moore Marlene Stroh Chris-LeRoy Bell John Dupen Carol Jones Barbara Monson Pat Thill Mimi Belyea Forrest Duranceau Janice Jones Marilyn Moser Allan Thompscn Don Benninghoven Bruce Edney Alma Kahrs Jim Murphy Nancy Thompson Joan Bernardi Ann Elken Muriel Kazerman Chalkley Murray Bob Tripp Marie Bertillion Joanne Elliott Keith Kerr Mary Newman Don Tompkins Richard Best Tom Farrell Pat Kettler I. H. Newton Dick Tongg Stan Bjonerud Joan Feisel Virginia Kiklas Dagne Nordholm Dave Turner Sherrill Blessing Melvin Feldman Harold Kirker Walter Nycz Sylvia Tysdale Barbara Blundell Arthur Fergus Lilly Lachter Julie Pettit Ramona Vierra Lars Brett Laurence Ferreira Martin Ladd Beth Pischel Bob West Edgar Braun Irene Fitts Marcia Larsen Dick Pland Stan Whetstone Janet Braverman Carol Flint Howard Law David Reeves Nancy Wickman Elliott Brenner Carol Freedman Douglas Leach Keith Repath Patricia Wight Jennifer Breuner William Freedman M. R. Leach Jan Reynolds Iry Wilcox Ted Canyon Joan Gates Ann Learned Kathryn Rice Joan Williams Terry Carson Carolyn Graham Edmund Levine Ronald Rudy Howard Williams Janet Chantler Marc Cropper Helene Levine Joanne Schweifler Bob Wood Marty Yester 416 TAU BETA PI (Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER FOUNDED 1907 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Gordon Whyte, Thomas Rohrer, Gerald Williams, Army Polansky, Gerald Peterson, Ephraim Hirsch, Melvin Dalton, Burtis Robertson, Werner Gold- smith. SECOND ROW: Richard Milligan, Robert Morris, Charles Hallum, Richard Ameno, Larry Wong, Richard Kuphaldt, Alan Pound, Richard Batchelor, Richard Heineman, Robert Ozawa, Wesley Ferguson, John Mark. THIRD ROW: William Martinovich, Billy Hartz, Rodney Hollis, Warren Johnson, Robert Brown, Lloyd Krause, Ronald Richmond, Abraham Bers, Leo Lichtman, Orin Knowlton, Phil Merritt. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Inami, Jimmie Wing, James Starr, Carson Tsao, Wilfried Langer, Robert Houston, Tetsuo Nakamura, James Quong, John Ball, George Tanielian, John Roebuch, Donald Mann, Richard Witt. FIFTH ROW: Byron Wiegand, Robert Benedict, Peter Giles, Carlos Chong, Shui Yuan, John Marron, George Waters, Russell Brunner, Robert Rutledge, Ben Wang, Shang Yuan, Sei Shohara. SIXTH ROW: Hal Judy, Jack Morse, Charles Crabtree, Basil Mik- halkin, Dale Warren, Joseph Barton, Tom Buckingham, Harold Burroughs, William Martin, Irving Tang, Clarence Chan, Pavel Salz, George Uebele. BACK ROW: Charles Seim, Edward Billinghurst, Lewis Masson, George Hec kert, Norman Walker, Garland White, Richard Nickles. OFFICERS Fall Spring Armand Polansky President Gerald Peterson David Otis Vice-President Tom Rohrer Gerald Peterson Corresponding Secretary Charles Larson Gerald Williams Recording Secretary Melvin Dalton Thomas Rohrer Treasurer Bob Hammond Ephraim Hirsch Cataloger Bob Houston Gordon Whyte Senior Representative Gordon Whyte Melvin Dalton Junior Representative FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD W. Goldsmith Harold Gotaas Harold Iverson GRADUATES Burtis Robertson Rodney Billingsley Donald Doughty George Humphreys Winston Lund Lawrence Peirano Donald Stiling John Cooney John Hoffman Kenneth Kissinger Robert McIntyre Habib Rahme Daniel Wald Andrew Dubois Jack Honda Peter Lim Herman Minkowski Fred Rienecker Hoover Wong Eugene Moulio MEM BERS Amano Masashi Charles Crabtree Robert Houston William Martin Armand Polansky Carson Tsao Vincent Arp Charles Curry Thomas !nem; William Martinovich Alan Pound George Uebele John Ball Melvin Dalton Warren Johnson Lewis Masson James Quong Norman Walker Robert Barcus Monroe Fein Robert Jones George McCarty James Rae Ben Wang Joseph Barton Wesley Ferguson Harold Judy Phillip Merritt Ronald Richmond Dale Warren Richard Batchelor Peter Giles John Klauder Basil Mikhalkin John Roebuck George Waters Robert Benedict William Goff Orin Knowlton Richard Milligan John Rogers Carl Wienberg Abreham Bers Andrew Gram Hanus Kraus Robert Morris Thomas Rohrer Garland White Edward Billinghurst Jack Grasberger Lloyd Krause Jack Morse Alan Rossing Gordon Whyte Robert Brown Ralph Gray Richard Kuphaldt Tetsuo Nakamura Robert Rutledge Frank Weigand Russell Brunner Charles Helium Wilfried Langer Harry Nickle Pavel Selz Gerald Williams Michael Buowne Robert Hammond Charles Larson Richard Nickles Lawrence Schultz Jimmie Wing Joseph Buckingham Howard Harris Paul Larson John Oshner Leonard Seader Richard Witt Elwin Burroughs Billy Hartz Leo Lichtman David Otis Charles Seim Larry Wong Richard Carlson George Heckert William Ludlow Robert Ozawa Sei Shohara Virgil Wright Clarence Chan Richard Heineman Donald Mann Owen Pallakoff James Starr Shang Wen Yuan Carlos Chong Ephraim Hirsch John Mark George Parks Irving Tang Shui Yuan Robert Cooper Rodney Hollis John Marron Gerald Peterson George Tanielien 417 THALIAN (Honorary Directing FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 LEFT TO RIGHT: May McCormick, Betty Roseberry, De ' ma Brunetti, Bill Martinelli, Dick Mathews, Marguerite Ray. THETA SIGMA PHI (National Professional and Honorary Society for Women in Journalism) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS MEMBERS Mavis Amerson Setsuko Ansano Daren Byl Felisa Capillo Nonna Cheatham Janette Inglis Barbara King Nancy Maguire Lou Morgan Virginia Randolph Arden Raysor Alva Senzek Lee Smith Barbara Ziegler Amerson Asano Cheatham King Maguire Morgan Randolph Raysor Senzek Smith Ziegler 418 THETA TAU (Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: John Reed, Dr. Sam Welles, Henry Herlyn, Marshall Maddock, Dave Rowland, Edward Wisner, John Cochran. SECOND ROW: Dave Stepanek, Clyde Walker, Herb Wheeler, George Murray, Don Dinkins, Ed Pausa, Cliff Perry, Paul Eimon. THIRD ROW: Don Frames, Les Schultz, Pete Fischer, Gerhart Jansen, Emmett Forrester, Herb Klemme, John Farr, Scott Creely, Bill Gibbons, Rudy Epis, Bill Bauer. BACK ROW: Don McLaughlin, Harry Wiese, Dick Peterson, Rowland Laxson, Frank Kilmer, John Halsey, Wayne Abel, Burl Taller, Bill Smith, Gerald Raydon. Fall OFFICERS Spring Marshall Maddock Regent Bob Morel Vice-Regent Dave Rowland Dave Rowland Scribe Calvin Cole Hank Herlyn Treasurer Paul Eimon Bob Morel Corresponding Secretary Dick Peterson FACULTY ADVISOR Professor Edward Wisser Dr. Perry Byerly Dr. G. H. Curtis Mr. Durand A. Hall Dr. George D. Louderback Dr. Robert M. Kleinpell FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. David W. Mitchell Dr. Adolf Pabst Mr. John Reed Mr. Wilbur H. Somerton Dr. N. L. Taliaferro Dr. Lester C. Uren Dr. Samuel P. Welles Mr. Edward Wisser Dr. Howell Williams MEMBERS L. W. Abel John Farr Herb Klemme E. J. Rubio Bud Bassett Pete Fischer Rowland Laxson Les Schultz Bill Bauer Tex Forester Marshall Maddock William Smith Paul Boswell Don Frames Don McLaughlin David Stepanek John Cochran Bill Gibbons Bob Morel Don Tocher Calvin Cole Charles Herrick George Murray Burl Tuller Robert Creely Henry Herlyn Ed Pausa Clyde Walker Donald Dinkins Hal Hody Cliff Perry Glenn Wells Dick Doell G. C. Jansen Dick Peterson Harry Wiese Paul Eimon Dick Kern Jerry Raydon Herb Wheeler Rudy Epic Frank Kilmer Dave Rowland Charles Wraith 419 TORCH AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Marilyn Meitner, Lynn Mahoney, Bev Hinton, Ann Houstoun. BACK ROW: Joyce McMurry, Mardy Robinson, Mary Lou Willis, Gay Holman. NOT PICTURED: Carol Sanford and Lucy Helgesson. HONOR STUDENTS TOWER AND FLAME (Upper Division Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 (Lower Division Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 Sunday Dessert held at the Senior Women ' s Hall, March 16, 1952. Photo by Robert A. Sonar. (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 TRIUNE FRONT ROW, left to Pete Dolliver, Weldon Phillips, Pat Vanrensselaer, Pete Linton, Al Wiley, Bob Burrows, Scott dale, Bill Anderson, Kirt Tell, John Hotchkiss, Dick Grafis. SECOND ROW: Jim Lloyd, Doug Holt, Huss, Don Langrock, Dick Pierce, Pete Noack, Don Harris, Dean O ' Hare, Bruce Coombs, Dave Grant, Lloyd Torchio, Bill MacLaughlin, Bill Pugh, Ott Jones, Jack Binkley. THIRD ROW: Preston Lee, Don Whyte, Tom Dutton, Miles Turpin, Keith Meserve, Toni Neal, Bob Kahl, Jim Corbett, Don Putnam, Steve Turner, Bart Prom. Bob Roche, Bud White, Joe Rogers, Ed Fletcher. BACK ROW: Art Ryan, Pete O ' Brien, Bill Fink, Bob Beck, George Wright, Cecil Hunt, Pete Hawkins, Dix Boring, Tim Spangler, Rich Peterson„ Lloyd Pringle, Dick Scibird, Don Quist, Larry Lippincott, Bill Demas, Paul Larson. OFFICERS Fall Spring Don Harris President Larry Lippincott Dean O ' Hare Vice-President Bill Fink Pete Noack Secretary Don Putnam Dick Rigby Treasurer Bob Breck MEMBERS Jed Adams Bill Fink Dick McDougal Bob Roche Bill Anderson Ed Fletcher Pete Merideth Joe Rogers Ed Angel Dick Grafis Bob Merrick Art Ryan Joe Babros Dave Grant Keith Meserve Stan Saylor Eldon Beck Joe Gwerder Les Morgan Dick Scibird Jack Binkley Don Harris Tom Neal Bill Sears Dix Boring Pete Hawkins Pete Noack Tim Spangler Bob Breck Scott Hinsdale Gil Nelson Pete Synder Bill Bryant Doug Holt Pete O ' Brien Kirk Tell Bob Burrows John Hotchkiss Dean O ' Hare Don Timmerman Bill Clausen Cecil Hunt John Olszewski Frank Tinkham John Cook Mary Huss Rich Peterson Lloyd Torchio Bruce Coombs Ottie Jones Weldon Phillips Steve Turner Jim Corbett Bob Kahl Dick Pierce Miles Turpin Don Curran Paul Larson Lloyd Pringle Don Vangrock Bill Demas Preston Lee Bill Pugh Pat Vanrensselaer Bill Dito Pete Linton Don Putnam Al Wiley Pete Dolliver Larry Lippincott Don Quist Bud White Tom Dutton Jim Lloyd Dick Rigby Don Whyte Bill McLaughlin Jim Robinson 421 UC MOTHERS ' CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 MRS. C. W. SMITH President PLACE: Twentieth Century Club, 2716 Derby Street, Berkeley. TIME: Every Wednesday, September through May. THOSE ELIGIBLE: All Mothers of students, past and present. SECTIONS: Sections meet at I0 o ' clock. There are sections in Gardening, Travel, Book Review, Hobby, Bridge, Drama, Women ' s World, and Choral. Coffee and tea are served at noon. There are more section ings after lunch. The general meeting is at 2 o ' clock, the programs at this time are outstanding. There are two or more bridge parties each year, a Husband ' s dinner, a Christmas party and a picnic. OBJECT OF THE CLUB: To bring its members in social and intellectual intercourse; also to keep in touch with the University authorities in pro- moting the welfare of the student body. It shall in no way interfere with the administrative policies of the University. DELTA EPSILON (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 TWO CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Bernard Bloom, James Anderson, Katherine Barieau, Mary Lou Wier, Julia Slack. BACK ROW: Wayne Bowker, Bill Lynch, Joanna Jenny, Emalyn Knapp, Richard Gause, Joan Williams, Susan Regan. U C OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATION FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1941 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Allan Freid, Henry Albert, Jimmy Low. SECOND ROW: Ken Yamaguchi, Jin Ong, Kenneth Lee, Fred Marcus, Ruelene Girsh, LeRoy Montague, John Austin, Raul Peguer os. THIRD ROW: Steven Zoller, Andrew Zografos, Douglas McClure, Robert Melberg, Homer Cherk, Waldo Jackson, Arnold Dolmatz, Kenton Henriksen, Salvador Dippollet, Paul Burns. BACK ROW: Arthur Rosen, Farror Griffin, Donald Schulz, Hartley Gaylord, Ronald Bern, Fritz Kruger, Allen Whitaker, Arnold Stanley, Raymond Squeri, Harold Schulz. OFFICERS Fall Spring Henry Albert President George Garcia LeRoy Montague First Vice-President LeRoy Montague Alan Benton Second Vice-President Melvin Rubin Arnold Dolmatz Treasurer Donald Schulz Betty Fong Corresponding Secretary Ruelene Girsh Melvin Rubin Recording Secretary Robert Miller Henry Albert Graduate President Salvador Dippollet Salvador Dippollet Immediate Past President Henry Albert HONORARY MEMBERS Honorary President Ralph Minor First Honorary Member Dr. Thomas Peters Dr. Frederick Cordes Dr. Bernard Hansen Dr. Frank Johnson Dr. Joseph Farrington Dr. Ernest Hutchinson Dr. Jerry Stollar Dr. Merton Flom Dr. Melville Jacobson Mr. Paul Dr. Arthur Jampolsky OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION Sherburn Cook Merton Flom Edward Ligon John Regan James Crosby Robert Harrigan Ralph Marshall Blanche Smith Owen Dickson Frederick Hebbard Frederick Mason Kenneth Stoddard Edward Drescher Jack Hobson Henry Mioduchowski Gordon Walls Ferd Elvin Frank Johnson Meredith Morgan Harvey White Robert Lester Henry Peters MEMBERS Jack Aikawa George Garcia Bernard Lenoff Ronald Robinson Henry Albert Harold Garrett A. Levine Ronald Robie John Austin Ruelene Girsh Bernard Lew George Rose Robert Benn Harvey Gogol Arthur Longpre Arthur Rosen Alan Benton Thomas Gonzales Jimmy Low Melvin Rubin Ronald Bern Farror Griffin John Low Sigmund Sabin Roy Black Duco Hamasaki Louis Lyons Donald Schulz Paul Burns Gordon Heath Robert Mah Harold Schulz Ramon Burstyn Richard Hoffman Fred Marcus Stanley Sher Roy Brandreth Newton Harrison Sam Mazzaglia David Shieman Thomas Brungardt Kenton Henrikson Douglas McClure Betty Calorosa Joseph Caine Joseph Hobbs Robert Mellberg Richard Simsarian Homer Cherk Morton Horn Robert Miller Raymond Squeri Jack Cohen Benjamin Ichinose James Monical Arnold Stanley John Daly Waldo Jackson James Moses Ellen Takahashi Salvador Dippollet Robert Jamison Leroy Montague Wesley Thornton Arnold Dolmatz Robert Jensen Curtis Nagel Gilbert Tom Jess Eskridge Douglas Johnson Mitsugi Neishi John Volponi Thomas Eves Arthur Kallmann Maurice Newman Sheldon Wech.,. David Ewell George Kass Ben Nobe F. Whitaker Jack Fausone Allan Kaufman Jin Ong Frank Wong Bernard Feldman Jack Kim Ralph Ong Robert Woo Betty Fong John Knight Raul Pegueros Ken Yamaguchi Allan Freid E. Kruger Herman Popiul Sylvian Zanger Raymond Gamba David Land Carlton Powell Andrew Zografos Howard Garber Charles Lawson Donald Prince Steven Zoller Hartley Gaylord Kenneth Lee Fred Raulino 423 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA YACHT CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: John Lynch, Margaret Burt, Janet Schurr, Alice Eastman, Nancy Jameson. BACK ROW: Bill house, LeRoy Mintum, Stephen Hutchinson, Don Loomis, Burns MacDonald. Fall OFFICERS Spring John Lynch Commodore Allan Johns Drew Graham Vice Commodore Roger Welch Alex Cecil Rear Commodore Don Koepke Marge Libnic Secretary Margaret Burt Jean Marks Treasurer Florence Pozzini Social Chairman Barbara Turner MEMBERS Helen Arvonitakis Ted Gish Don Lumas Peter Scott Roy Austin Elaine Good Rhea Ludolph Betty Serna Loraine Baballe Marshall Gram John Lynch William Shape James Balch Drew Gram Doug McClure Mary Shea Jim Beans Rhoda Greenburg Jack McNickles Larry Shep Robert Burnhein Loraine Hansing Jack MacPhial Norma Stahl Beverly Braun Sylvia Herold Shelley Melbin Sally Simms Robert Briny JoAnn Hill Gayle Metzier Marcia Simon Gloria Buxton Barbara Hasmer Carol Meyer Alan Smith JoAnn Buffington Barbara Horn Leroy Mintum Beverly Smith Margaret Burt Lynn Hoxie R. H. Mohle Claude Smith Jerry Byers Rupe lzmurian Everett Moran Len Smith Margot Campbell Nancy Jamison Burns MacDonald Harrison Starr JoAnn Carlson Allen Johns Jean Marx James Stewart Alex Cecil Janet Jones Howard Naftzger Charles Stice Eleanor Cence Herman Kabac Anna Lee Neff James Strong Barbara Clemny Sara Kabac Ted Nelson Peter Sturdivant Mary Lou Clausen Ann Kirkish Alice Porter Lewis lambs Bill Cockey Joseph Klots Robert Powell Milton Tobachnick Dorothy Cooper Don Koepke Florence Pozzini Barbara Turner Bill DeVries Ken Kreyenhagen Edna Prouty Chuck Tummonds Alberta DeVries Arnold Kaplin Ralph Quackenbush Charles Van der Voort Jefferson Dolittle Sara Keller Mary Rhy ne John Widget Colieen Ekegren Marie Kweatowski Russel Rhyne Johann Wijler George Endsley Mark Lamkin Ronald Richmond Bill Wilson Louise Fisher Hans Larsen Ray Riley Roland Wilson George Fryers Octave Levenspiel Gilbert Robinson John Winship Tom Furey Erwin Lendon Sid Schelling Phillip Wolfe Winifred Gegan Marge Libnic Janet Schurr Gerald Young 424 UTRIMQUE (ASUC Women ' s Social FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS — Fall Rosina Rinaldi President Rosemarie Wiegner Vice-President Bev Larson Recording Secretary Lois Dresselhaus, Mary Pyke Corr. Secretaries Barbara Kyte Treasurer Dorothy Christensen Historian Marilyn Kern Social Chairman OFFICERS — Spring Rosemarie Wiegner President Marilyn Kern Vice-President Patricia Doyle Recording Secretary Ann Slomer, Mary Lee Desmond Corr. Secretaries Catherine Barrett Treasurer Dolores Diamantopoulos Historian Audrey Bach Alumnae Corr. Secretary MEMBERS Audrey Bach Barbara Kyte Betty Barnacle Bev Larson Catherine Barrett Jackie Lindberg Joan Bernardi Joanne McDonald Marilyn Bowman Jeanne McMillan Jeanette Breschini Barbara McNinch Dorothy Christensen Nancy O ' Brien Diane Christman Carolyn Olson Sally Decker Dorothy Pertino Mary Lee Desmond Carol Peterson Dolores Diamantopoulos Mary Pyke Lois Dresselhaus Rosina Rinaldi Pat Doyle Pat Rivers Phyllis Easley Elinor Robison Laura Gene Fischer Barbara Rowley Joyce Jorgensen Genevieve Simmons Marilyn Karn Ann Slomer Patricia Kepke Hjordis Lee Staff Janet Kidwell Rosemarie Wiegner Ruthie Kummerfeld Georgina Williams Bach Barnacle Barrett Berna ' cli Bowman Breschini Christensen Christman Desmond Dresselhaus Easley Fischer I(epke K idwe I I Kummerfeld Kyte Larson McMillan McN inch O ' Brien Olson Rinaldi Rivers Rowley Simmons Slomer Staff Wiegner PLEDGES Jean Adam Mary Martin Marilyn Ahlport Carol Marzluft Nancy Lee Andrus Phyllis McConnell Sarah Barry Mary Middleton Shirley Brooks Carol D. Olsen Carol Conklin Jean Peterson Marcia Dimmick Barbara Schultz Bonnie Everson Dorothy Shanks Doris Irwin Ruth Anne Thomas Garnar Lu Jordan Marlene Thompson Marilyn Keremitsis Juanita Velezquez Judy Lee Elsie Vidovich Ruth Lindley Joan Wiegman Claire MacDonell Mary Wilk Mary Ann Williams —Photo by Rosina Rinaldi. WINGED HELMET (Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Tormey, Buck Cowan, Ray Greene, Pete Nourse, Dwight Ely, Bob Misrach, Paul Andrew, Jim Chapman. SECOND ROW: Craig Harper, Jim Kelly, Bill MacBeath, John Levikow, Robert P eeke, Bill Hooy, Paul Hendiksen, Linn Watson, Sam Adams. THIRD ROW: James McCann, George Pelonis, Michael McGuire, William Morrish, Donald Hartley, John Rountree, Bill Callender, Dave Hood, Max Gutierrez, Bob Sellers. BACK ROW: Bill Noyes, Jim Hutchinson, Bob McCarthy, Tom Johnson, Steve Martinelli, Don Edmonston, Bruce Heltne, Charles Tuller, Jim Plessas, Dick Lee. OFFICERS Fall Spring Buck Cowan President Jim Hutchinson John Ricksen Vice-President Dwight Ely Ed Lyon Secretary Jim Kelly Ray Greene l Ray Greene Councilors John Anderson George Shroeder Sam Adams Jack Anderson Paxton Beale Al Bender Bert Blackwelder Marchie Canaday Jim Carroll Al Cobb Tony De Cristoforo Skip Dressel Bob Duncan Willson Edgerley Dwight Ely George Fish Bob Fisher Bob Froeschele Don Galloway Ray Greene Clay Grey Max Gutierrez Don Hartley Bruce Heltne Paul Hendricksen MEMBERS Bill Holmes Dave Hood Jim Hutchinson Richard Johnson Tom Johnson Jim Kelly Larry Kehoe Gene King Ralph Krueger Dick Lee Russ Levikow Ed Lyon Bill Mais Steve Martinelli Jim McCann Bob McCarthy John McGhee Jim McCready Bob Misrach Bill Monroe Bill Morrish Sherwin Murray Peter Nourse Bill Noyes Frank Packard Robert Peeke George Pelonis Jim Plessas Les Richter John Ricksen Rupe Ricksen Don Robison Dolph Rosekranz Hadden Roth John Rountree Bill Sangster George Schroeder Peter Scott Bill Sears Bob Sellers Fred Stripp Don Tiernan Charles Tuller Jim Warren Garff Wilson Ron Witter Ed Wyatt 426 WOMEN ' S C SOCIETY (Women ' s Athletic Association Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 ONE CHAPTER MEMBERS Charlotte Anderson Helen Baker Joan Baldwin Jane Dahlguist Page Decker Jan DeMoor Jean Grutzmacher Doreen Lindsay Bev McDonnell Mary Lou Norrie Lois Nossaman Lois Pellettieri Barbara Steele Ella May Trussell Mary Lou Willis Betty Wyland Anderson Baker Decker Grutzmacher McDonnell Pellettieri Steele Willis XI SIGMA PI (National Forestry Honor Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, THETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED AT THE OF CALIFORNIA 1925 FRONT ROW, left to right: Philip Annand, Thomas O ' Kelly, Harry Owens, James Nile, Richard Pland, Charles Williams, James Griffin. SECOND ROW: Gene Robinson, Robert Krohn, James Cheshire, James Hart, Charles Jasper, Will Ellington. BACK ROW: Dean Frederick Baker, Henry Vaux, Kurt Munnich, Paul Crebbin, Walter Gavin. INV 11INEE7 ANAMINISIIA QUARTERDECK (NRO Social Organization) FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Stewart, Roger Nichols, Robert Burgess, William Macy, Lewis Westbrooke, Victor SECOND ROW: Rod Morrison, Richard Elliot, Curtis Heinrich, Thomas Liston, Donald Caldwell, Clay Sharts, Ernest THIRD ROW: Frank Summers, Cro Mauer, Marvin Lewis, Harry Miller, Bryan Jackson, Edmund Regalia, James Huhn. ROW: John Mason, Bernard Doyle, David Davison, Ernest Jorn. OFFICERS Fall Spring Robert Burgess Officer of the Deck Roger Nichols William Macy 1 Junior Officers of the Deck William Macy Roger Nichols ( David Cummings Supply Officer David Cummings Ed Westbrooke Communications Ed Westbrooke Charles Stewart Sergeant-at-Arms Charles Stewart Lt. Paul Hartley Advisor Lt. Paul Hartley MEMBERS J. Adams H. Callison E. Fletcher G. Allen D. Campbell F. Forelli J. Allington D. Carlton E. Forrester T. Almberg J. Caudill P. Fossum B. Anderson E. Chervier P. Friedenbach J. Arado J. Chourre J. Froid T. Ashlock T. Coakley L. Gallagher B. Atkinson C. Cole D. Gates M. Azcona D. Coleman W. Geisreiter R. Badger B. Collins G. Gilbert J. Baldwin D. Collbaugh J. Gordon H. Ball B. Coombs E. Gregorich J. Ball J. Crabbe J. Gray G. Bange D. Creek J. Gwynn J. Betzler D. Cummings J. Haase W. Bibb M. Dalbey J. Hall R. Back W. Davie R. Hanscom H. Behrens D. Davison D. Hartley W. Bell R. Dayton C. Harrington E. Bennett A. Delucchi N. Hawks T. Beyrle A. Dietsch F. Hazlett S. Bjonerud S. Dimeff R. Heath J. Blackshaw P. Dolliver 8. Heltne G. Blank R. Dolloff R. Henkle C. Bras A. Donlevy C. Hinrichs C. Briscoe B. Doyle G. Hoffman D. Brown H. Draeger H. Holmes P. Brown P. Drury D. Hood W. Brown D. Edmonston J Huhn K. Buck R. Elliott C. Ide L. Bush J. Engvall R. Jack L. Butler N. Ericksen B. Jackson L. Cagnone H. Erickson L. Jackson D. Caldwell P. Evans P. Jacobs R. Caldwell M. Fasanaro G. Jansen J. Jess G. Jobe W. Macy W. Pippen L. Stainfield E. Johnson E. Marshall I. Pomeroy W. Steiner R. Johnson L. Marshall J. E. Porter H. Steiner E. Jorn J. Mason J. K. Porter J. Stearns J. Kapfer T. Martin L. Powers C. Stewart D. Keene D. Mathews R. Precht D. Stowell N. Keider H. Mathis D. Ragatz T. Sturdevant K. Kennedy C. Mauer L. Raney R. Summers D. Kirsner J. Meek M. Rapp F. Summers W. Knowles P. Merritt T. Raycraft C. Sweigert A. Kuhl G. Meyer G. Reed T. Taylor E. Lageson J. Meyer E. Regalia H. Tazelaar M. Lamken M. Milbank D. Re ynolds J. Thomas J. Lamon R. Miles D. Rhoades J. Tinley E. Landers H. Miller J. Rice J. Trapier D. Langrock C. Minne J. Robinson F. Treanor R. Langley K. Montelius J. Ross J. Tucker C. Larson R. Morrison J. Rothe J. Tyhurst R. Lauderdale D. Mortenson J. Rountree T. Urbanske C. Lee R. Mulvany R. Ruby L. Vellom J. Lehman E. Neal E. Russell W. Von Flue R. Leitner C. Newman C. Ryan J. Wahl M. Lewis D. Newman A. Ryder G. Walker A. Lewis R. Nichols S. Saunders D. Walkley M. Leve C. Nylund R. Sayles J. Warren T. Liston G. Ohanneson P. Scott D. Weeks K. McCloskey K. Oertel W. Sears J. Weidler A. McCook J. Osgood L. Selna G. Weldon J. McCulloch A. Parsons C. Sharts M. Werfel P. McDermott C. Pausa W. Short L. Westbrooke R. MacDougall S. Pendlay H. Silcox R. Wickman W. MacLaughlin H. Petereit C. Silver J. Wieking G. McGrane V. Peterson H. Smith H. Wollenberg H. McKinney .1. Phillips W. Smith J. Wood W. McManus R. Pierce S. Snow R. Young J. McMullan B. Pifel B. Somerville 428 UCSEE (Joint Branch of Student Chapters of AIEE and IRE, Founded in 1947) FRONT ROW, left to right: Gurdip Saran, Hal Judy, Orin Knowlton, Richard Kuphaldt, Arthur Ferguson, Robert Bruns, Melvin Dalton, Clarence Andrews, Bob Markevitch. OND ROW: Phil Merritt, Richard Swan, John Quinley, Al Pound, Herald Call ison, Shui Yuan, Pavel Salz, Jim Van Vorhis, Felix Ellern. THIRD ROW: Alfred Wolfe, Ray Nelson, Phillip Ellis, Charles Wing, Donald Mann, George Tanielian. FOURTH ROW: Fred Oshiro, Georgee Najemnik, Robert Morrison, Roy Beck, John Boysen, John Browne. BACK ROW: Jio Hams, Noboru Yonemoto, Charles Zilm, Maurice Clapp, Richard Milligan. SEATED LEFT: Ken Thompson, Roland Schinzinger, Jim Beans. SEATED RIGHT: Peter Paul, George Uebele, W. W. Lund. Fall OFFICERS Spring Art Ferguson Chairman George Uebele Richard Kuphaldt Vice Chairman Philip Merritt Harold Judy AIEE Secretary Peter Paul Melvin Dalton IRE Secretary Gurdip Saran Orin Knowlton Treasurer James Beans Philip Merritt Senior Representative Robert Morrison Frank Carrig Junior Representative William Morrison FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. R. A. Bruns MEMBERS Donald Abbott Maurice Clapp W. E. Kochenderfer Glen Nelson Goldman Sol Bernard Albert George Constantian Richard Kuphaldt Ray Nelson John Stewart George Aleck William Culver SeeSen Lee William Oglesby Pakashi Sumi London Allbright David Cummings William Leflanq Fred Oshiro Richard Swan Bob Alterman Charles Curry Charles LeRoy Owen Pallakoff Robert Swenson Clarence Andrews James Dahl Percy Louie Wilbern Partridge George Tanielian Ronald Auletti Melvin Dalton Claude Lucker Richard Patton Thomas Tanner Behram Bahrucha Donald Donner W. W. Lund Peter Paul Gordon Taras Fernando Barbaria Felix Ellern Donald Mann Charles Perrin Ken Thompson Yale Barkan Phillip Ellis John Marron Gerald Peterson Donald Tripp James Beans Douglas Engelbart Bob Marvevitch Francis Pillsbury Donald Trumbo Robert Beatrez George Feher Myron McCollum John Poulsen George Uebele Roy Beck Art Ferguson Roy McDaniel Alan Pound James Van Vorhis Enrico Bernasconi Curtis Gleason Robert McDougald John Quinley Joseph Vernick Dean Bernstein Ralph Haas Rendall McKechnie Richard Ramout George Waters Edward Billinghurst James Hawley George Merkel Ray Riley Wilbur Watson John Boysen Saul Havilio Philip Merritt Donald Rule Henry Werdel David Branum Calvin Holstine Henry Miller Ravel Salz Charles White Richard Breitenstein Jack Honda Richard Milligan Gurdip Saran Kenneth Wilson John Browne James Jameson Albert Mizlihara Roland Schinzinger Charles Wing Elwin Burroughs George Jeromson Edward Mizund Wayne Schnepple Alfred Wolfe Patric Burne Albert Jeung Robert Morrison George Scott Harry Yee Herald Callison Haruo Jio William Morrison Joh Sekiguchi Noboru Yonemoto Daniel Carreon Roy Johnson Edward Mundt Abdulgafoorm Serang Shui Yuan Frank Carrig Harold Judy G. F. Navemnick Wu Robert Shin-Chiu Charles Zilm Carlos Chong Orin Knowlton Arch Naylor Sei Shohara 429 INDEX ACTIVITIES 99-112 Academic Freedom and Student Rights 110 Activities Press Service . . 105 Campus Chest 106 Campus Planning Committee . 104 Campus Tours 106 Card Sales 104 Commuters ' Integration tee 112 Constitutions Council . . 106 Elections Council 107 Engineers ' Council 105 Foreign Hospitality Council 109 Foreign Travel Council . . Health Council 1. Board Secretariat 110 International Correspondence Council 108 International Forum Council . 109 International Representatives Council 109 Meetings Council 107 Men ' s Activity Counseling . 103 NSA 112 Orientations Council 110 Orientations Reorganization Committee 112 Radio-TV Theater 105 Scholarship and Exchange cil 109 Secretariat 105 Social Planning Committee III Speakers Bureau 108 Special Services Council . 112 Stephens Union-Eshleman mittee 104 Store Board 104 Student Government Clinic 107 Student Labor Council . . 110 Student Personnel Council . 107 Student Relations Council . I 1 1 UNESCO 108 Ushering Committee I II WAA. . . • 101 Women ' s Activity Counseling . 103 WSSF 106 YMCA 102 YWCA 102 ATHLETICS 153-235 Athletic Essentials 154 Baseball 201 Basketball 175 Big " C " Society 158 Boxing 222 Circle " C " Society 159 Crew 193 Cross Country 231 Fencing 226 Football 161 Golf 224 Gymnastics 230 FArvO 13 ALL Intramural 232 Oski Staff 235 Rally Committee 157 Riflery 227 Rug by 221 Sailing 225 Ski Team 229 Soccer 220 Swimming 215 Tennis 209 Track 185 Volleyball 228 Water Polo 219 Weight Basketball 234 Wrestling 223 Yell Leaders 156 CLASSES 24-85 Freshmen 84 Juniors 80 Seniors 24 Sophomores 82 DRAMA 131-136 Backstage Scenes 136 Come Back Little Sheba . . 135 Playboy of the Western World 133 Twelfth Night . . . . 134 University Theater 132 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES 383-429 Ace of Clubs 384 Alpha Delta Sigma 384 Alpha Mu Gamma 385 Alpha Phi Omega 385 Alpha Zeta 386 AIChE 387 American Red Cross 388 ASCE 387 ASME 389 Ball and Chain 390 Baton 391 Beta Alpha Psi . 391 Beta Gamma Sigma 392 Chi Alpha Kappa 392 Chi Epsilon 393 Christian Science Organization • 394 College Women ' s Club Juniors • 395 Delta Epsilon . . . • 422 Delta Phi Epsilon . . . 396 Delta Sigma Pi 397 Eta Kappa Nu 397 Forestry Club 398 Gavel and Quill 398 Golden Bear 399 Hammer and Dimmer 400 Hillel 400 Home Economics Club 401 Indian Students 386 International House 402 Landscape Design. . 401 Mask and Dagger 403 M asonic Club 405 Mineral Technology 403 Mortar Board 404 Mothers ' Club 422 Newman Club 406 Omicron Nu 407 Penile 408 Phi Chi Theta 407 Phi Eta Sigma 409 Pi Alpha Sigma 409 Pi Tau Sigma 410 Pryta nee n 411 Quarterdeck 428 Registered Nurses on Campus 412 Scabbard and Blade 413 Sigma Delta Chi 410 Ski Club 416 Skull and Keys 414 Social Bears 415 Tau Beta Pi 417 Tau Sigma Pi 418 Thalian 418 Theta Tau 419 Torch and Shield 420 Tower and Flame 420 Triune 421 UC Optometric 423 UC Yacht Club 424 USCEE 429 Utrimque 425 Winged Helmet 426 Women ' s " C " Society 427 Xi Sigma Pi 427 FRATERNITIES . . . 238-308 Interfraternity Council 308 Abracadabra 239 Acacia 240 Alpha Chi Rho 241 Alpha Chi Sigma 242 Alpha Delta Phi 243 Alpha Epsilon Pi 244 Alpha Gamma Omega . 245 430 INDEX Alpha Kappa Lambda 246 Treble Clef 139 Sigma Omicron Pi 348 Alpha Phi Alpha 247 University Chorus 144 Theta Upsilon 349 Alpha Sigma Phi 250 University Symphony 144 Zeta Tau Alpha 350 Alpha Tau Omega 248 Beta Sigma Tau 251 OPENING SECTION 1-7 STUDENT LIFE 88-98 Activities Coordinating Board • 94 Beta Theta Pi 252 Contents 6 ASUC Administration . . . • 94 Chi Phi 253 Dedication I Business Administration . . . • 92 Chi Psi 254 Foreword 5 Executive Committee . . . • 91 Delta Chi 256 In Memoriam 4 . . Delta Kappa Epsilon 257 Title Page 2-3 Functional Service Board 94 Delta Sigma Phi 258 1AWS Convention 97 . Delta Tau Delta 260 OSKI ' S DIARY 128-130 International Relations Board 95 Delta Upsilon 262 PUBLICATIONS 113-127 Men ' s Judicial 93 Del Rey 255 Ad Service Bureau 127 News Bureau 98 . . . . . . Kappa Alpha 264 Art. Bureau 127 Photography 98 . Kappa Delta Rho 266 Blue and Gold Editorial . 116 President and Vice-President 89 Representatives-at-Large . . 90 Kappa Nu 265 Blue and Gold Managerial . 118 Staff Committee 95 Kappa Sigma 268 California Engineer 115 Lambda Chi Alpha 270 California Pelican 124 Welfare Board Staff 95 Women ' s Activities 96 Phi Delta Theta 272 Daily Cal Editorial 120 Women ' s Judicial 93 Phi Gamma Delta 274 D aily Cal Managerial . 122 Phi Kappa Psi 271 Daily Cal Sports, Photography, Art Staffs 123 THE UNIVERSITY 9-21 Phi Kappa Sigma 276 Occident 126 Administrative Officers . . . 14 Phi Kappa Tau 278 Pelican 124 All-University Week End . . 17 Phi Sigma Kappa 280 Publications Council 114 California Club 21 Pi Alpha Phi 282 Charter Day 15 Pi Kappa Alpha 283 ROTC 147-151 Governor, Board of Regents 11 Pi Kappa Phi 284 Air 148 Homecoming 18 Pi Lambda Phi 286 Army 150 President ' s Message 10 Psi Upsilon 285 Marine 149 President ' s Reception 16 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 288 Navy 151 The Eight Campuses 13 Sigma Alpha Mu 294 University Meetings 20 Sigma Chi 290 SORORITIES 309-352 Sigma Nu 292 Panhellenic 310 WOMEN ' S DORMITORIES . . 361-382 Sigma Phi 295 Alpha Chi Omega 312 Women ' s Dormitory Association 362 Sigma Phi Epsilon 296 Alpha Delta Chi 311 Beaudelaire 363 Sigma Pi 297 Alpha Delta Pi 315 Californian 364 Tau Kappa Epsilon 298 Alpha Epsilon Phi 316 Colonial 365 Theta Chi 306 Alpha Gamma Delta 318 Continental 363 Theta Delta Chi 300 Alpha Omicron Pi . . 320 Ellington 366 Theta Xi 302 Alpha Phi 322 Elizabeth Barrett 367 Zeta Beta Tau 304 Alpha Xi Delta 324 Epworth 370 Joaquin 368 Zeta Psi 307 Chi Omega 326 Lantana Lodge 366 Delta Delta Delta 328 Mitchell 369 MEN ' S DORMITORIES . . . 353-360 Delta Gamma 330 Oldenberg 372 Barrington 360 Delta Phi Epsilon 332 Peixotto 374 Bowles 356-359 Delta Sigma Epsilon 333 Prospect Terrace 381 Smyth 354 Delta Zeta 334 Richards 378 MUSIC AND DEBATE . . 137-146 Gamma Phi Beta 336 Ridgmont 371 Band 142 Kappa Alpha Theta 352 Rit ter 376 Stern 380 Debate (Varsity, Junior Varsity) . 146 Kappa Delta 338 Stratford 379 Collegians 143 Kappa Kappa Gamma 340 Glee Club 141 Phi Mu 342 Warring 382 Music Council 138 Pi Beta Phi 344 INDEX 430 Symphony Forum 145 Sigma Kappa 346 MY THANKS 432 431 MY THANKS... TO ALL who contributed to the production and distribution of the 1952 book .. . to artists Marget Larsen and Marge Rhine, who collaborated to design our book, and who were a constant source of new ideas ... to cooperative and friendly Pub Office —Wally, Marian, Helen, Val and Ann, and especially to Pat ... our Production ager, and a wonderful person—one who remained cheerfully optimistic even at the bleakest moments! ... to Marvin Bonds, Bill Thurlow and all the group at California Art and Engraving Company—their coOperation was grand, and Bob Moon did such a good job in straightening out engraving orders! ... to " Zyg " Kolasa, Bob Ozias, John McMurran and the entire Lederer, Street Zeus Printing Company for their unending patience in waiting for our copy ... to Arthur L. Grey of the Spencer-Donbar Studio, and photographers Cal Berger and Francis Faulkenbury for the individual portraits ... to Bill Bolce of Modern Lithography for an excellent job in producing our unique cover ... to Conrad de Senglau of the Benjamin P. Keys Company for his outstanding work on the binding process ... to the ASUC photography department—Sandy, Betty, Cliff, Ed and Earl—for their endless hours of work in all phases of our at inconvenient hours and always with such a helpful attitude ... to Bill Hail, who did an outstanding job on the Senior Hall of Fame portraits ... to Mr. Ro utsong and the Office of Architects and Engineers for the coOperation in giving us the blueprints for the end sheets ... to those who helped with the Sports section—Bob, Lefty, and Virginia in News Bureau, Brutus Hamilton, Athletic Office, the coaches, their secre- taries, the senior managers and all the helpful athletes who gave so much valuable advice ... to Barb, Bev, and Jan of our Managerial Office, and their staff—who were such fun to work with, and who did such a tremendous job in pushing final sales ... to my wonderful editorial staff . . . this past year has been a memorable one, and you have all done so much ... to Mary Lou, whose sparkling copy and personality were a joy to all ... to Joanie, who did such a thorough job on the Sports section ... to Mary Dell, for the grand liaison job between 110 and 4 Eshleman as Picture Editor ... and to each junior, sophomore, and freshman for your loyal support and excellent your work is the backbone of the book ... to my husband, Ned, for his thoughtful gestions and extreme patience when 1108 was a second home ... and to each and every person, who, by his suggestions and criticisms, added so very much to the making of this 1952 Blue and Gold. MARDY.

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University of California Berkeley - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of California Berkeley - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


University of California Berkeley - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University of California Berkeley - Blue and Gold Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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