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COPYRIGHT 1951 BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA VOLUM E SEVENTY-EIGHT EDITOR Lois Schrager Bossin MANAGER Betty Yater ASSOCIATE EDITORS Phyllis Foster Mardy Pletcher Marcia Ernest ASSOCIATE MANAGERS Barbara Ravn Louise Gilmore PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY 1 1 MARY B. DAVIDSON FOR MANY years she has offered her friendship, understanding and wisdom to you. She has given you her services quietly and with sincerity. Your interests have always been of primary concern to her. University housing and student government have made great advances under her guiding hand. Whether you met her at a tea or in the sunny office that she calls home, you felt that the university was a better place because she was here. So to Mary B. Davidson, dean of women, we take pride in dedicating this seventy-eighth edition of the Blue and Gold. DO YOU remember the grassy glade below the Engi- neering building and the empty lot by LSB? Even in the brief time you have been here, many changes have taken place on your campus and in its population. Though professors, students, and administrators may leave the campus, the spirit of Cal will continue. THIS CAMPUS of yours is only one of eight that com- pose a large and diversified state university. You have probably often grumbled at inefficiency, seemingly slow progress, and other annoyances of a large school. Yet the advantages are many, and we hope that you will be glad that you were a student in this university w hich will always be partly yours. IN FUTURE years, as you take this book from your shelf and open its cover, we hope that you will be carried back in memory to your days in Berkeley. If you chuckle over events and happily recall old friends, then we have accomplished our goal. REGENTS CHARLES COLLINS TEAGUE MAURICE EDWARD HARRISON FACULTY MARY LOU BECK ERNEST A. HERSAM KATHERINE BENNITT BENJAMIN P. KURTZ JOHN ELOF BOODIN ERNST LOEWENSTEIN HAROLD BRUNN MAX RADIN CLARENCE A. DYKSTRA HOWARD S. REED GRACE MAXWELL FERNALD HERMANN SOMMER FRED WILLIAM FOXWORTHY WALLACE I. TERRY WILLIAM E. GILFILLAN EDWARD TWITCHELL DIXON WECTER STUDENTS VICTOR JOHN MACNEILAGE ROSS STADLER KENNETH PREMINGER BERNIE RALPH SUSSKIND DONALD ALBERT WALKER THE UNIVERSITY THE CLASSES STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE TWENTY YEARS ago, in writing one of my first messages for a senior class after becoming President of the sity, I expressed the opinion that one of the most im- portant attributes of educated men and women was their ability to withhold decisions and action until they had asked and answered two questions: " Is it so? " and " What of it? " At that time the greatest economic depression in history was just getting under way, and there was considerable justification for pessimism about the ability of a freely competitive capitalistic system to remain solvent. While the system has since pulled itself out of the quicksand, and has amazed the world by its productive power in war and peace, efforts to maintain or increase our pessimism about the American way of doing things, and to lead or force us into dictatorship have multiplied many fold. It is even more important now than it was two decades ago to meet statements on points of controversy with a reasonable amount of skepticism. But I have learned in these years that it is not enough to question the truth or significance of what others tell us. It is essential also that we seek the answers to such questions, and that we lend our positive support to those things which are true and significant. We need skeptics, but we do not want cynics. We know our democracy is not yet functioning fectly and that free enterprise has its faults, but we also know, if we have any ability to observe and evaluate, that no other form of government offers the individual greater freedom to seek betterment and happiness, and no other economic system has ever rewarded the individual more richly for his efforts. If we become so obsessed with vices that we cannot recognize virtues, then skepticism may destroy rather than save us. I mend this thought to you as you leave the Berkeley campus, and I wish you every success in whatever you undertake to do in the world beyond its confines. LEFT TO RIGHT: Brodie E. Ahiport, Jesse H. Steinhart, Victor R. Hansen, John IJ, Calkins, Edwin W. Pauley, Marjorie J, Woolman, Robert M. Underhill, Earl J. Fenston, Edward A. Dickson, John Francis Neylan, Robert G. Sproul, nard E. Toll, William G. Merchant, Cornelius J. Haggerty, John E. Canaday, Sidney M. Ehrman, Farnham P. Griffiths. GOVERNOR EARL WARREN = 4644100.10 1 CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON Vice-President of the University and Dean of the College of Agriculture HURFORD E. STONE Dean of Students MARY B. DAVIDSON Dean of Women JAMES H. CORLEY Vice-President in Charge of Business Affairs HERMAN A. SPINDT Director of Admissions ALICE G. HOYT Associate Dean of Women CLINTON C. CONRAD Assistant Dean of Students CATHERINE D. QUIRE Assistant Dean of Women CHAFFEE E. HALL, JR. Assistant Dean of Men WILLIAM R. DENNES Dean of the Graduate Division A. R. DAVIS Dean of the College of Letters and Science GERALD E. MARSH Assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Science WILLIAM W. WURSTER, Dean of of Architecture PERRY MASON, Acting Dean of the School of Business Administration JOEL H. HILDEBRAND, Dean of the lege of Chemistry ORLANDO W. WILSON, Dean of the School of Criminology WILLIAM R. BROWNELL, Dean of School of Education J. PERIAM DANTON, Dean of the of Librarianship MORROUGH P. O ' BRIEN, Dean of School of Engineering KENNETH B. STODDARD, Dean of School of Optometry ROBERT W. DESMOND, Dean of School of Journalism EDWARD S. ROGERS, Dean of the of Public Health FREDERICK S. BAKER, Dean of the School of Forestry TROY C. DANIELS, Dean of the of Pharmacy LONG LINES of new students stood waiting to meet President Sproul and his gracious wife. The faculty reception committee smiled and chatted with the newcomers. Members of the senior reception committee nervously wound their way through the crowd. New students—and a number of old who had crashed the party—mingled with the variety of people from California, distant states, and foreign lands. But after the large crowds had drifted away from the maize of Hearst Gymnasium, empty punch bowls and tired, happy and friendly faces proclaimed the President ' s Reception a huge success once again. THIS LAST March the University became 83 years old. The academic procession filed its way up to the sun-warmed Greek Theatre where students, alumni and friends waited for the Charter Day ceremonies to begin. Lewis Douglas, former ambassador to Great Britain, spoke to the receptive audience. Later that day Kenneth Pitzer was presented with the outstanding alumni of the year award. And the University had become a year older. a STUDENTS LOOK forward to university meetings, some because they get out of class, but most because of the interesting personalities to which the univer- sity plays host. The men ' s gym was packed on more than one occasion during the year ' s series of meet- ings. The year ' s schedule was traditionally brought to a close by the banter between our president and representatives from the graduating class. ADVANCING THE interests of the University of California and promoting the welfare of its alumni is the purpose of the Cal Alumni Association. This has been done through freshman and J.C. scholarships, the Cal Monthly, maintaining the Lair of the Golden Bear at Pinecrest and numerous activities. HOMECOMING AROUND UC means . .. long, sleepless hours building floats . . . beer cans flying through the air at bonfire rallies . . . appreciative glanc es as queen aspirants pass by ... off-key melodies(?) float- ing down from a slightly pink Big " C " . . . Oski ' s antics . . . and the best Axtravaganza in a long time ... and the Big Game itself with Pappy, tie flying, pacing along the sidelines .. . card stunts that were bigger if not better than ever ... and last but not least, taking the Stanford- Cal Axe back to its place in Stephens Union. ALL " U " WEEK END ON NOVEMBER eleventh the eight representatives of the University of California family got together for a friendly scuffle on the ball field. But more than that, All-Cal Weekend was a family party. It was then that . . . we presented President Sproul with his twentieth sary present—a new car . . . each campus tried to out yell the other at the big bonfire rally ... old friends got together and new ones were made. .. after the game was over, Bears looked into " the Crystal Ball " . . . and tired but happy, the students of the University of California attended classes " back home " on Mon- day morning. Once more the big- gest family reunion pn earth had ended. As Cal Club Chairman, PRES HOTCHKIS capably headed the All-University week end. CALIFORNIA CLUB THE BIG University family reunion for the All-Cal week end in November, the convention between semesters, and the informal meetings at Berkeley and with the other four chapters, are all a part of Cal Club—a group of students ap- pointed by President Sproul to work to- ward the goal of stronger inter-campus unity and friendship. Cal Clubbers hold frequent lunch meetings discuss their plans and projects. bah Louis Bell Jean Brewster Dick Clarke Frank Finney t lison Gilbert Pete Goldschmidt Bill Hagler Harry Hanson Pres Hotchkis Sue Howell Ginny Jones Bob Kinkead Sally Marsh Don Mills Jim Monachino Lou Morgan Mardy Pletcher Les Richter Evelyne Rowe Roy Smith Marion Thomas Carl Weinberg Donna Wileman Phelps Witter 28 DREAMING UP schemes for getting out of the red—working late hours on the float and dance decor ations—drinking (apple cider) and debating the affairs of the class —having trouble sticking to Roberts Rules of Order in council—spirited controversies over the class gift; bear versus scoreboard, scoreboard wins—selling tickets for all senior activities including a promotion job on the Rose Bowl rally in Los Angeles— planning a Senior Week for the February graduates and hoping that it will be car- ried on—and best of all the Senior Week in June that winds up the last year with a whirl that climaxes four years at Cal. All this will be a part of looking back on that last year as a senior. Yell Leader ED JORDAN helped out with the social activities of the class. Out of the mix-up of class elections capable JOHNNY WAYLAND emerged as class prexy. Pretty blonde KAY LLOYD, vice-president, presided over the class until a president was elected. FRONT ROW, left to right: Rosena Wilson, George Fernbacher, Kay Lloyd, Bob Sproul (Perennial Senior), John Wayland, Ann Fibush, Ed Jordan, Jean Millette, Tony Ellis. SECOND ROW: Edy Schroeder, Carolyn Robinson, Lois Lind, Dorothy Leisz, Marcy Hosenspud, Elayne Mautino, Norinne Evenstad, Phyllis Oakley, Phyl Foster, Bobbie Graff, Lloyd Simpson. THIRD ROW: Arden Raysor, Mary Lou Tatti, Phyllis Kotite, Pat Wheatley, Terry Gesas, Peggy Bum- garner, Eleanor De Maris, Sally Ambrose, Marion Buller, Sue Kline, Larry Weber, Charles berg, Nancy Wangh, Carol Brierly. FOURTH ROW: Gene Jacks, Mary King, June King, jorie Brandt, Marilyn Burke, Blair Smith, John Farr, Bill Pantya, Frank Green, John Towers, Larry Robinow, Paul Malde, Dick Blos. FIFTH ROW: Jack Warner, Vic Appel, Bob Kilman, Byron Wiegand, Leonard Krauss, Bob MacMahon, Bob Stone, Norman Heller, Leroy Moreda, Al Saylor, Jack Grady. BACK ROW: Fred Pfost, Helen Marinoni, Frank Hope, Loren Webb, Don Gallup, Harold Menzies, Ray Wolfinger, Lou Gil- more, Dick Merrill, Barney Knox, Jim Wagner, Leonard Wolf. FRONT ROW, left to right: Alan Baer, Chairman; Len Wolf, Jack Kennon, Hank Sarrill. SECOND ROW: Barnes Riznk, Vic Appel, Irving Spira, Jack Russell, Pancho Arnois. ROW: Bob Keldgerd, Marty Lane, Al Bill O ' Hare, Ray Wolfinger, Spring Steve Hackett. BACK ROW: John Chappell, Hal Menzies, Frank Hope. Always late for an appointment but a personality worth waiting for is ANN FIBUSH, senior secretary. SEATED, left to right: Virginia Gerke, Lois Tony Ellis, John Wayland, George Bev McClasky, Terry Gesas. STANDING: Robinson, Ann Fibush, Ray Bartholomew, Arnold, Lefty Stern, Bob Socloff, Ed Bill O ' Hare. 35 ACKER, CHRISTINE E. Los Angeles Botany Stern; Prytanean; YWCA. AARON, ABDO, ABERLEY, ABREU, ROY HENRY ZAKI RICHARD C. NORMAN H. Los Angeles Amman, Jordan Berkeley Oakland Political Science Political Science Civil Engineering Criminology ZBT; IFC. International House EKE. Scabbard and Hospitality Bd. Blade; Masonic Club. ACKER, ACKLEY, ADAM, HARVEY REX RONALD L. JOHN FRANCIS Pasadena Alturas Santa Maria Forestry Petroleum Agricultural Barrington; Engineering Economics Wesley Foundation. OT; AIME. OX; AZ; Senior Coun; Agric. Economics Club. ADAMS, ADAMS, FREDERICK L., Jr. PATRICIA Sacramento Sacramento General Curriculum General Curriculum (DFA. KAO. AHRENS, AHTYE, AHTYE, AIRHART, AITCH ISON, ERNST H., JR. WALLACE J. WARREN F. ROBERT VOSS ROBERT GORDON Vallejo Sal inas Salinas Richmond Oakland Mineral Retailing Mechanical Electrical Civil Engineering Exploration Engineering Engineering ASCE. OT; Mineral TB H. Masonic Club. Technology Assoc. AI AY, AKERS, ALATAS, ALBERT, ALBERT, NIZAMETTIN MARDEE GEORGE M. HENRY CARL, JR. MERRILL K. Fonguldak, Sacramento Salonika, Greece San Francisco Oakland Turkey Political Science Electrical Optometry Accounting English. Engineering SZE,Ii; Ski Club. IN; BA‘I " ; BPX; ASCEE; AIEE. Big C; Fraternity Honor Soc; Tennis. ALBERTS, ALBRIGHT, ALDANA, ALEGRIA, ALEXANDER, WALTER W. ROBERT KONK JOHN C. JOHN RUFINO CARL A. Santa Cruz Piedmont Los Angeles Marysville Oakland Physics Advertising Electrical Accounting. Accounting. OBK; AMP; AAX; Ad Service Engineering 011X; Radio-TV Bureau; Track. AIEE. Theater; Wesley Foundation. ALFADL, ALLAIRE, ALLEN, ALLEN, SALEH A. DEWEY EUGENE ALLISTER A. LOWELL C. Jeddah, Santa Ana Patterson Ferndale Saudi-Arabia Business Agricultural Civil Engineering Political Science. Administration Economics TB H; XE; ASCE. Del Rey. Masonic Club; Pre- Med Club; Agric. Economics Club. ALLEN, RALPH DAVIS Pasadena General Curriculum (I) K ALLEN, ROBERT JOHN Houston Electrical Engineering USCEE; 23 Club. ALLISON, ETHEL Oakland General Curriculum AAA. AL-OMAR, HIKMET MOHAMMED NAJI Basra, Iraq Pre-Med SEE; Plymouth House. AL-TAK, ALTSHULER, HAZIM MAJID THOMAS LAFE Mosul, Iraq San Francisco Architecture Physical Metallurgy Cloyne Court; Quarterdeck; Architecture oral Tech. Assoc. Association. AMBROSE, AMBROSINI, ANDERSEN, SALLY FRANCES MARY ANN LOIS ELEANOR Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Political Science General Curriculum English FOB; Class Coun; Stratford; Cal College Women ' s Symphony Forum; Engineer; Yacht Club Jr; Masonic YWCA. Club; Phrateres. Club. ANDERSON, DAVID E. San Francisco Industrial Management ATA; Winged Helmet; BB; Big C; Skull and Keys; Baseball. ANDERSON, DOROTHY MAE Santa Monica Insurance Joaquin; WAA; Flying Club. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, EVELYN EVELYN MARIE Berkeley Riverside General Curriculum. General Curriculum ANDERSON, ANDERSON, FLORENCE H. FRANK JOSEPH San Francisco Business Administration Physical Education WAX; Class Conn; AZ; WAA; Card Intramural; AMA. Sales; Utrimque; Phrateres. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, LELAND G. ORLAND KEITH Orinda Berkeley Mechanical Biochemistry Engineering Bachelordon. ASME. DICK DEWEY plans a future in a..Ivcrti_i g. His ex- perience as fall business manager of the Daily Cal must have sold him on the job. Dick is also active in Alpha Delta Sigma, where he was chairman of the high school publishing convention and the Golden Bear Society. kI BASIN, BACHELDER, VINCENT BARBARA H. Pasadena General Communications. Curriculum AD; Rally Committee; Intramural. Philadelphia, Pen nsylvania ANDREWS, ROBERT BONNER Santa Ana Industrial Engineering Bowles; TB II; Golden Bear; Men ' s Judicial; Ball and Chain; ARENTSEN, ROBERT EMMET San Francisco Accounting BAP. ARVANITAKIS, HELEN C. Val lejo Bacteriology Epworth; Phrateres; College Women ' s Club; Yacht Club. ATTERBERRY, CHARLES R. Ontario Mathematics II KT; Rally Comm. BABIKIAN, ERNEST Berkeley Chemistry Glee Club. ARNOIS, ARNOLD, HERBERT P. JUDITH W. Sao Paulo Oakland Ind. Psychology Sociology. Rep-at- Large; Campus Planning Comm.; WSSF; Jr. Crew Mgr. ASH, WILLARD R. Oakland Anthropology Golden Bear; Stiles, Pres. AUSTIN, JOHN R. Oakland Optometry HED; Honor Students; UC Optometric Assoc. BACHELOR, FRANK San Francisco Organic Chemistry SAACS. APPEL, VICTOR HAROLD Long Beach Economics Bowles; Jr. Class Vice-Pres.; Honor Student; Gavel and Quill; ACB; Debate. AT; Winged Helmet; Staff Comm. Chr.; NSA; Class Councils; Ex Committee. ASNARD, ROBERT R. San Francisco Mathematics Masonic Club. AYMAMI, ANTONIO Manila Geology Mining-Geology Soc.; Social Bears. BADDELL, WATT San Francisco General Curriculum APM; 23 Club. APPLEFORD, ALAN Berkeley Civil Engineering TB II; XE; THE; ASCE; Plymouth House; Tower and Flame. ATKINSON, ROBERT P. Berkeley Political Science EKE; Golden Bear; Men ' s Judicial Homecoming 1950. BABCOCK, JOAN E. Sacramento Lab Technic ian AXt1; Intramural; Pelican; Public Health Club. BADGER, GEORGE Berkeley Electrical Engineering ZW; Winged Helmet; Scabbard and Blade; TITHE; AIEE. ASHER, JOAN P. Beverly Hills Journalism Arch Place; TED; Silver Mike; Radio-TV Theatre; DEE. AVRECH, NORMAN San Jose Electrical Engineering KN; Tower Flame; Varsity Tennis, Chess; AIEE; IRE. BACON, MARGARET J. Oakland General Curriculum College Women ' s Club. ARNOLD, ARNTZ, LEWIS EDWARD JULIAN F., JR. Los Angeles San Francisco Political Science Geography Anthropology BAER, DONALD CLYDE San Bernardino Civil Engineering Barrington; Ski Team. BAERSON, BETTY J. San Francisco General Curriculum ADD. BAGOT, WILLIAM C. San Francisco Chemistry AXE; Scabbard Blade. BAHARIS, JEAN L. San Francisco Decorative Art. BAILEY, BARBARA A. Palo Alto Psychology Stebbins; Women ' s Counciling. BAIN, BERNICE Oakland Political Masonic Club BAIRD, EARL DOUGLAS Berkeley Mechanical Engineering ASME; Big C; Crew; Boxing. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDREASEN, ROBERT ERWIN STEVEN LEROY CLAIRE Vallejo Oakland San Leandro Accounting Marketing General Curriculum BAT. Daily Cal; Track. APA. APTE, ARADO, ARATA, ROBERT Z. ISABEL MARIE LOUIS A. Berkeley San Francisco Daly City Social Welfare Hispanic America Civil Engineering NAACP. ZTA; Tower and Newman Club. Flame; Counseling ARNTZ, ARONBERG, ARDALAN, MARGARET M. CHARLES MAJID San Francisco Los Angeles Teheran, Iran Economics Medical Science Civil Engineering Daily Californian. DEE; AMP; A■141; Honor Student; Class Council. Pretty, blonde KAY LLOYD, Senior Class president, took care of the social life of the Senior Class. A member of Women ' s Ex Board, Prytanean, and the Life Guard Corps, Kay likes to spend her spare time swimming or skiing. Her future ambitions lie in social work and homemaking. ANDRIESSE, ANGELO, MARJORIE B. MARY K. Berkeley Branscomb General History Curriculum AA H; Prytanean; EK; AXA; PAX; Daily Pelican; Cal ifornian Elections Board. Managerial. ARKLEY, ARNE, THOMAS H. COURTLAND D. Ramona Oakland Soil Science Political Science Baseball, Masonic Club. ASDURIAN, ARTHUR, HAIG THEODORE R., JR. Keyes Oakland Mechanical Mechanical Engineering Engineering. T1311 ASME. ATTENBOROUGH, ED Salinas Marketing ATWELL, JACK W. Long Beach Accounting Boxing; Swimming. ANTCHAGNO, MARTIN Ventura Statistics H ME. PCAR, MICHAEL, JR Yokohama, Japan Electrical Engineering UCSEE; USCA. BAKER, BAKER, BAKOSH, BALAZ, BALDAUF, JACK CRAWFORD ROBERT GEORGE JACQUELINE L. WILLIAM F. RAINER FRANZ San Anselmo Sunnyvale Albany Ch icago San Francisco Labor Law Mechanical Advertising Geophysics General Curriculum KE. Engineering. AZ; Tower aid 8Z; (-)T; Sca)bard AKE; Winged Flame; AMP. and Blade; Sr. Helmet; BB; Skull Peace Comm,ttee. and Circle C; Water Polo; Ski Team. BALDOCCHI, BALES, BALL, BALLENTINE, LAWRENCE P. GLEN DAVID EDWARD DONALD LOUIS San Francisco Hayward Westwood Idaho Falls Journalism. Advertising English Political Science Bowles; iFH2; MBK; AMP; Uni- Scabbard ale ' Blade BFE; Masonic versity Theater. Club; Scabbard and Blade. BANGS, BARANCIK, BARBAS, BARDE, BARBARA T. BABETTE JEAN LOUIS GEORGE GIRADA GENE Piedmont Hol lywcod Pasadena San Frascisco History Accounting Communications. Social Welfare AAA. Colonial Annex; AME. BrE; Tower and Flame; BAS; MX(4. BANDAK, MICHEL Bethlehem, Palestine Civil Engineering International House ASCE. BARGER, WILLIAM PAUL Salta Paula Public Administration BET; Student Welfare Board. BARNETT, BARSAMIAN, BASCOM, BASHORE, CHARLES BEVERLY ANN OLIVER IC. RICHARD A. Olivehurst San Francisco San Francisco Greenville, Ohio Engineering History English. Pre-Medical Physics. Continental; Treble Pre-Med Society; Clef; Masonic Club. Glee Club. BARGIF CCH I, BARNARD, BARNES, MARY BARBARA ROBERT FREDERICK R. Sa ito Cruz Riverside Oakland Spanish Foreign Trade Economics Newman Club. MEK; ASE. YMCA. BARNES, ROBERT Berkeley Mechanical Engineering. BARNES, WILLIAM S. Sal Bernardino Forestry AZ. BASILE, JAMES CHARLES Pittsburg Political Science BET; Honor Students. BARTHOLOMEW, BARTLETT, BATEMAN, BATES, BATES, RAYMOND IC. MERLE C. JOHN ROGER MARK JAX WILSON McL JR. Long Beach Berkeley South Pasadena Berkeley Los Angeles Accounting-Finance General Curriculum. Accounting Economics Architecture BO 11 ; Winged Cal 23 Club. 0.X. XAK. Helmet; Skull and Keys; Tri-Une; 1FC. BATTEY, BAUMANN, BAYER, BAYUK, BEALE, GEORGE E., JR. PAUL F. OLGA LOUIS ALOYSIUS KATHLEEN M. Los Angeles San Marino Santa Rosa Hammond, hid. Sacramento Civil Engineering Industrial Public Health Sanitation General Curriculum ASCE; ARBA. Relations Nursing Wrestling. KA. 30E; Scabbard RN ' s on Campus. and Blade; Counsel ing. BEARDEN, BEATY, BEAVERS, BEDFORD, BEED, BRUCE EDWARD WILETHA RUTH ROBERT EARL RAY G. DOUGLAS KING Oakland Alhambra Alameda Fullerton Redd ing Entomology Spanish Business Chemistry. Criminology Masonic Club. Richards; Honor Administration AAE. Student; Treble II KM. Clef; Phrateres. BEERY, CLINTON D. Richmond Civil Engineering ASCE. BEESON, JOYCE WINIFRED San Francisco General Curriculum MNI; Newman Club; Card Sales; YWCA. BEHEL, BEILMANN, JOHN ARTHUR PETER ROBERT Santa Barbara North Hollywood Marketing Agriculture Economics 4 EK. BELCHER, BELCK-OLSEN, MELVIN BRYAN KNUT Modesto Oslo, Norway Electrical Transportation Engineering International UCAIEE. House; A2 II; Junior Varsity Debate Outstanding on the basketball court were BILL HAGLER and BOB SEE. Bill, nicknamed the American boy " by Sigma Chi brothers, got two too basketball honors when he broke the all-time U.C. individual scoring record in mid-season. Bob, often described by sports fans as " rubber legged, " racked up enough points to become Cal ' s second highest scorer. BELEAL, BELL, BELL, BELL, BENDER, BENEDICT, BENEFIELD, BENNETT, BENOIT, BENSON, ERNESTINE ELTON HAYDEN JACK ALLEN LOUIS H., JR. PATRICIA JULIAN JAMES ROSS GRANT DIANE JOAN BARBARA JEAN Sausalito Oklahoma City Salinas Santa Barbara Los Angeles New York Mill Valley Sacramento San Francisco Los Gatos Decorative Art Industrial Journal ism Journalism Social Welfare Accounting Journal ism General Curriculum General Curriculum Child Development Elizabeth Barrett. Purchasing Daily Californian; Epworth; Phrateres. Newman Club. IN; Daily Cal. ore. AEA; Pelican; AEA; Intramural. Honor Student; NSA. Elections Bd; SAM. Counsel ing. BENT, BENTLEY, BENZ, BERGLUND, BERNADSI Y, BERINDOAGUE, BERNSTEIN, BERNSTEIN, BERRY, BERRY, MARK ARKADY CORLA MAE KARL JOHN GEORGENE ALEC EUGENE JORGE DIANA RUTH NORRIS S. DON ERWIN, JR. WILLIAM Berkeley Richmond Sioux Falls Muscatine, Iowa San Francisco La Paz, Bolivia Orange Long Beach Berkeley Bishop Sanitation. Marketing. Industrial General Curriculum. Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering International General Curriculum Accounting Political Science Relations USCA; ASCE; Relations ZBT. KE; Winged II KrI ; Masonic (4AX; Yacht Club. Newman Club. International Helmet; Club; Counseling. House. Skull and Keys. BERS, BERTI, BETANCO, BETTS, BEYDLER, BEZNER, BIDDISON, BIGGS, BEIDEMAN, BINDER, NAUM S. BARBARA JEAN DAVID FRANCIS ELLEN C. LEE WILSON GOODWIN OTTO LYNN ROBERT ANNA MAURIE STANLEY A. IRIS Julita, Roumania Sacramento San Leandro Berkeley Alameda Los Angeles Newhall Covina Pasadena Los Angeles Aeronautical Accounting Finance International Mechanical Civil Engineering. Forestry. General Curriculum Industrial Accounting 4,Xe; KEK; Masonic Relations Engineering Epworth; YWCA. Relations Sherman Hall; International Newman Hall. Club; Tower It BO; Rally TB II . ATA. Hillel. House and Flame. Comm; NSA. Flying Club. To be a grammar school teacher is the ambition of JEAN BREWSTER, the girl with the friendly smile, after she leaves four busy college years behind. Wo- men ' s counciling, class councils, Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Athletic Reception Committee, Women ' s Ex Board, Campus Planning Committee, Cal Club, Pryt, and Mortar Board were some of the activities which claimed Jean ' s attention. BIONDI, BIRENBAUM, BISORDI, BITHER, BIXBY, BLACK, BLACI FORD, ALDA MARY DAVID BERT KENNETH H. DONALD LYNN JOHN C. ROY LEO LEONARD D. San Francisco San Francisco Sonora Modesto Pasadena Detroit Berkeley General Curriculum. Political Science Chemistry. Marketing Marketing Optom etry Architecture Golden Bear; Pub University Chorus. ATA. OM XAK. Coun. Chairman; Newman Club. Daily Cal Manag- ing Editor. BLACKWOOD, BLAIR, BLAIR, BLAKE, BLAKE, BLAKE, BLAKEMORE, JOSEPH R. CHARLES T. SHERWOOD DONALD JOSEPH HELEN MARIE IRV G. DAVID M. San Diego Burlingame Oakland Denver San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley Electrical Civil Engineering Social Welfare. Finance. History Political Science. Mathematics Engineering XE; TB II; Masonic Club. Scabbard and Blade. ASCEE. ASCE Pres. BLAMIRE, BLAMIRE, BLANC, BLANCHARD, BLAND, BLAND, BLASINGAME, EDWARD ALVIN IRVING JAMES EMILY NELSON DALE RANDALL GARRISON RICHARD JOHN HARRIS Alameda Alameda Berkeley Oakland Oakland Oakland Durham Accounting Electrical General Curriculum Business Business Wildlife Mechanical Guard. C Big B Engineering Administration Administration Conservation Engineering KE; AXES; Blue and KE. Gold; Counseling. U ' BK; Brx. AKA; AAE; Pub 8E. Abracadabra. Coun; Ad. Mgr. Pelican. BLATCHLY, BLEE, BLOOM, BLOS, BLOSIL, JAYNE MARDEN ERNEST W. BERNARD H. RICHARD WARREN JOHN San Francisco Tustin Providence, R. I. San Francisco Monrovia General Curriculum. Civil Engineering. Art Business Geology Ridge House; AE. Administration Bowles Hall. MAO. BLUMENTHAL, BOAZ, BODELL, BOBLETER, BOE, WERNER GENE SHERRILL MAXINE M. FLORENCE JANE ANN San Francisco Berkele y Oakland Santa Ana San Francisco International Criminalistics. General Curriculum Anthropology General Curriculum Economics Utrimque. YWCA. Stratford Hall. International House; Honor Students; BPI; I Board. BOHREN, BOLES, BONAPART, BONDAN, BONHAM, EVELYN IRENE J. LLOYD ALAN JOSEPH CLIFFORD Riverside Oakland San Francisco Chicago Piedmont Laboratory Journal ism Political Science Social Welfare Social Welfare. Technician MAX; Daily Cal. Honor Student. Newman Club. ()T. BOND, BONNICI SON, BOOTHE, BOOYE, BORBA, GEORGE JOHN MARTIN RANSOME MARTIN ALBERT MILDRED IRENE Oakland Berkeley Upland Palo Alto Albany Geology Physical Electrical Electrical Mathematics OT; Ski Club. Education Engineering Engineering Statistics Counseling ; AIEE. OE; Ski Club. MME; Honor Newman Club. Student. BORDE, BORDER, BORNER, BORUM, BOSSIN, UNNI ELMER DEAN H. ERIC ELIZABETH ANN LOIS Oslo, Norway Oakland Berkeley Oakland San Fernando Dramatic Electrical Marketing. Psychology. Business Literature. Engineering Administration UCSEE. Blue and Gold Editor; Mortar Board; Prytanean. BOSTWICK, BOVARD, BOUDAKIAN, BOWER, BOWMAN, WILLIAM F. GRACE I. BOB ROBERT FLORENCE ARTHUR San Rafael Tarentum, Pa. Fresno Burlingame Long Beach Business Child Development Political Science. General Curriculum Psychology Administration. Campus Tours. AO. AMP. BOWRON, BOYD, BOYD, BOYLOS, BRACI ETT, GWYN K. GILBERT NORMAN JOHN MORGAN RAY Orinda Sausalito Los Altos Durham Sacramento Psychology German Religion Group Chemistry Accounting AA II. Del Rey; Masonic Canterbury. AXE. BANE; Honor Club; I House. Students. BRADFORD, JAMES 01 ive Chemistry AXE; Honor Students. BRANDT, IVAN Oakland Personnel Administration TKE. BRANDT, MARJORIE San Francisco Speech APA; Panhellenic; Sr. Coun; Pelican; Intramural. BRADSHAW, THOMAS Alameda Industrial Management. BRAMER, SAUL EDWARD Beverly Hills Physical Metallurgy HAM; I House. BRADHOFF, BRADLEY, BRADLEY, BRADLEY, LLOYD RICHARD ELLEN NANCY WILMA San Leandro Merced San Marino Oakland Business Spanish General Curriculum General Curriculum. Administration AXA; Sr. Peace Comm; Class Coun; ACC; ARB; Football. Honor Student; PCB; YWCA; Tower and Flame. Intramural. Our president, PETE GOLDSCHMIDT, said that he got frustrated trying to do five things at once but we notice that he did all right. Pete started his cal career as Frosh prexy. Since then he was on Rally Committee, Campus Planning Committee, and a Rep at Large. He is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Winged Helmet, and Golden Bear Society. BRANDT, WILLIAM Berkeley Electrical Engineering TB II; HKN; USCEE; University Theater. BRANTON, MARY LUCILLE Berkeley History. BREWSTER, WILLIAM F., JR. Oroville English. BRIDGMAN, BRIERLY, RICHARD D. JAMES San Francisco Piedmont Political Science Journalism AX; Quarterdeck; Me. Crew; Counseling. BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, NATALIE ROBERT WAYNE E. WILLIAM R. Alameda Mill Valley Long Beach Los Angeles General Curriculum Electrical Banking-Finance Architecture KAO. Engineering International XAK. AIEE; UCSEE; House; IIT IIE; AX II. Christian Sc. Org. BRAUNSTEIN, BRAWNTON, BRECK, BREWSTER, BARBARA EDITH MARION BEVERLY JEAN ELAINE Brooklyn Finley Piedmont Riverside Social Welfare Psychology General Curriculum History ON; AN; Panile; SAACS. AME. Sherman Hall. Stebbins Hall. 41 ' ; Pelican; A4II; Torch and Panhellenic. Shield; Mortar Bd; Newman Club. Jr. Class Pres; Cal Club; Rally Comm. BRIONES, BRITTAN, BRITTINGHAM, TED A. LYNN EDWARD GEORGE San Francisco San Jose Mexico City General Curriculum Soil Science. Business Administration WT; Winged Helmet; BB; S!ull and Keys. BROGGI, BROOKING, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, FRED CHARLES CARL ARNOLD B., JR. DOROTHY GRANT CARROLL Corona del Mar Stockton Palo Alto Piedmont San Mateo History Political Science Advertising Psychology Banking-Finance General Curriculum Industrial IKA; Masonic NROTC; Ramblers. TKE. Barrington Hall. Ed,E. ArA. Management Club; Honor MO. Students; College Women ' s Club. BRUBAKER, BRUCK, BRUSE, BRYAN, LLOYD EDWIN KERGAN JACQUELIN JAMES BEYAN Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Alameda Zoology Structural Recreation Industrial Scabbard and Blade Engineering Cheney Hall; Engineering. II KA; ASCE. Col lege Plymouth House. Women ' s Club Jr. BUCHANAN, BUCHANAN, BUCKLEY, BUFMAN, DUNCAN WILLIAM HELEN RUTH Berkeley Pittsburg San Francisco TelAviv, Israel Marketing General Curriculum Political Science. Economics. Newman Club; AXA. Daily Cal. BRIGGS, BRIGGS, BRIGHT, BRINCK, JOHN ROBERT DONALD WAYNE WILLIAM Riverside Modesto Los Angeles Winters Entomology. Music Forestry Economics. Baton; Band; A Z. Z1 ' . Chorus. BRODERICK, BROGAN, SHIRLEY ROBERT CARL Berkeley Ojai Pipe smoking LOU GILMORE caused quite a tion about campus with her unusual nicotine habits. Pipe or no, Lou did an excellent job on the gerial side of 110 Eshleman and could be found being sociable at Senior Council meetings. Lou ' s bition is either to teach and get married or get mar- ried and teach. a BROCK, BRODE, BRODSKY, ELMAR GUNTHER CAROLYN VICTOR Richmond Santa Monica Berkeley Business Biochemistry. Statistics. Administration. BROWN, BROWN, JAMES JOHN A., JR. Alameda Eureka Mechanical Civil Engineering Engineering Oxford Hall; Sailing Team. sonic Club; ASCE. BROWN, LEON San Pedro Business Administration AEII. BRASEFIELD, COLLEEN Oakland Dietetics BRAUER, BRAUN, FRED P. DOROTHY Long Beach San Francisco Chemistry Decorative Art. BROWNE, BROWNELL, MARGETA ORBERT EDWARD San Francisco Manteca English History AP. Bowles. BROWNING, DUANE Cheyenne, Wy. Electrical Engineering. BRYAN, BRYGGMAN, LOLA ROY LORENZ Albany Salinas General Curriculum Hospital AZ; Class Conn; Administration NSA; Card Sales. KAP; Sr. Council. BULLER, BULLION, MARION AGNES WILLIAM E., JR. Kentfield Los Angeles Public Health Architecture Stern; Honor Stu- XAK, dent; Card Sales; Elections Board; Newman Club, BRYSON, ERNEST R. El Cerrito Petroleum Engineering. BULLOCK, DONALD B. Pasadena Electrical Engineering Tower and Flame; HKN; TB 11; AIEE; IRE. T BUMALA, BUMGARNER, BUNNELL, BURG, BURGER, ALLEN WAYNE PEGGY RICHARD JACK MARTHA San Francisco Richmond San Mateo Long Beach Bakersfield Advertising Child Development General Curriculum Architecture Child Development WKW. Prytanean; Sr. KA. XAK. Ritter Hall; YWCA; Council; YWCA; WAA; Univ. Chorus. Gavel and Quill; AEA. BURGESS, BURGESS, BURGESS, BURKE, BURKET, J. STANLEY LUCILLE ROBERT MARILYN FLAVIUS OTTO Fullerton Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Corona Del Mar Petroleum Journal ism Journal ism Speech Political Science. MTA. AZ; ODD; Daily Cal. AFA. Prytanean; Class Council; Daily Cal; Panile. BURNELL, HENRY EDWARD Watsonville Electrical Engineering. BURKS, BURLESON, JANET LOIS GEORGE Oakland Berkeley General Curriculum Sociology College Wcimn ' s Honor Students; Club; YMCA; WSSF; Masonic Club; Orientations. Treble Clef. BURNS, BURNS, HARRIET PAUL JOSEPH San Mateo Eureka English Optometry Ar ' ; Class Council; 52E0. Intramural. BURNS, BURTON, BURSTEIN, BURTCHETT, THOMAS HENRY ROBERT DORRETT GEORGE San Diego Burl ingame Oakland San Lorenzo Civil Engineering Psychology Speech Forestry ASCE. Bowles Hall; AWE; Honor AZ. Newman Club. Student; Daily Cal; Senior Council. BURTON, WALTER PHILLIP Santa Cruz Agricultural Engineering Bowles; Rally Comm.; ASAE. BURUM, BUSE, BUTLER, BUTLER, BYBEE, DAVID DONALD JOE ELWOOD ROBERT ROWAN SCOTT Bakersfield Albany Knights Landing Duluth Sacramento History Chemistry General Curriculum Insurance Public Health BmIes; Men ' s Crew. ' J ' KT. OX; Jr. Council; AXA; Glee Club, Counsel ing. Homecoming. Sr. Manager; ACB. CADENASSO, CAESAR, CAFFO, CAGLE, CAHN, ROSS JULIUS GEORGE ALBERT ROBERT ERNEST ANNE H. Oakland San Francisco Napa Long Beach Berkeley Accounting Zoology. Mechanical Civil Engineering General Curriculum RAW; BPI. Engineering OAX; Track. AWE; Class TB II; ASME. Council; Gavel and Quill; Panile. CAIG, CAIN, CAIN, CAINE, CAKE, GEORGE ELMER EVERETT JOSEPH VIRGINIA LEE Piedmont Monterey Park Hemet San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Electrical Accounting. Optometry General Curriculum A ' I ' A. Engineering. XW; Glee Club AO ft . CALENDER, CALLAGHAN, CALLAN, CALLMAN, RICHARD CHARLES BARBARA L. SHIRLEY FAYE San Francisco San Mateo Oakland San Francisco General Curriculum Marketing Hispanic America Political Science ' EN; BB; WT; Winged ABA; Senior AWE. Skull and Keys; Helmet; Council; Pelican. Rugby; Triune; Crew; Daily Cal; Football. Class Council. CAMERON, DANIEL ROSS Mountain Lakes, N. J. Process Metallurgy OX; OT; Scabbard and Blade; Symphony Forum; Homecoming. CAMP, CAMPBELL, PAUL DOUGLAS AILEEN BEVERLY Lombard Berkeley Mechanical Child Development Engineering roB. Scabbard and Blade: AW52; ASME. CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CATHIE JOAN ELIZABETH Sacramento San Jose Decorative Art General Curriculum II BO: AXA; Ski AAX; Club; Secretariat. Epworth Hall. CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, KENNETH H., JR. LAWRENCE Huntington Park San Francisco Chemical Business Engineering ' Administration AICE. SAM. People, politics, art and athletics occupied most of this senior ' s time. ANN FIBUSH, girl of many nicknames, wielded a pen at council meetings in her job as class secretary. When net in haste for some over-due appointment, Ann can be found being so• ciable in the libe or guarding the lives of the mers in Hearst Gym. CAMPBELL, CAMPO, CANDELARIO, CANNON, SAMUEL EWING JOHN A. JOSEPH JOHN JAMES Berkeley San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Physics. Chemistry. Psychology English. ROTC; Boxing. C RITHERS, JEANNE Santa Rosa Speech A011. CARLSON, CARLSON, CARLSON, CARLSON, CLIFFORD GLEN ERNEST ANDREW FREDERICK JOHN MARY LOUISE Taft Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Zoology Economics. Forestry Medical Sciences. Pre-Med Society. Pirates Club. CARLOS, ALBERT J. Colton Spanish Oxford Hall. CARPENTER, CARPENTER, CARPENTER, CARRUTHERS, CARSON, CARTER, CARTER, CASTILLO, CASTON, CASTRO, EDITH ROSE MARY CAROLYN ROBERT LYLE EDITH E. WARREN B. ALAN LYMAN RALF G. TOBIAS VINCENT JOHN HARDING MANUEL JOHN Isleton Dixon San Luis Obispo Ross Oakland San Marina Oakland Berkeley Glendale Bakersfield Physical Political Science Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum Structural Soil Science Geography. Agricultural Geology La itana Lodge; SAE; Ball and A,4.,; Symphony II I E.4.; Engineering AZ; Honor Stu- Economics. Mineral Tech. Education College Women ' s Class Coun; Chain; Scabbard Forum; Counselling. Sailing Club; dent; Oski Staff. Assoc. Club; AI ' M; WAA. Honor Student. a ' d Blade; Ace of Clubs. ASCE; Ski Club. ASCE; Crew Mgr. CATANIA, CATHCART, CHARLES JOSEPH WILLIAM T., JR. CAVANAUGH, CAWTHON, CETINICH, CETINICH, CESPEDES, CHALLINOR, CHALMERS, CHAMBERLAIN, Corte Madera Oakland DAVID MARION THOMAS MACK JOHN NEDILCO LOUIS RICHARD GREG CAROL EVELYN ELEANORE G. HOWARD EMIL Electrical Industrial Alameda Martinez Sacramento Sacramento San Diego Richmond San Luis Obispo San Leandro Engineering Engineering Marketing Chemistry Industrial Industrial Landscape English General Curriculum Industrial DHE; Newman ASME; SAM; SIE. Bachelordon. AXE; Flying Club. Engineering Engineering Architecture. OT; Masonic Club. SIC; 4.13K; Art Engineering Club. TB 11; II TM. North Gables. Bureau, Chr; Men ' s Counselling, Prytanean; ACC. Chr; SAM; Campus Tours. CHAN, NYTEE Locke General Curriculum Sherman Hall. CHAMOUSIS, CHAMPLAIN, CHAN, HELEN PATRICIA ANN ANDREW San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Advertising French Retail YWCA. Honor Student; AMP; II AC CHANDLER, CHAPMAN, CHAPMAN, LEROY GORDON A. SAMUEL G. San Francisco Oakland Petersburg, Accounting Religion group Alaska Insurance. Major Criminology Calvin Club; Track. AA4.; LAE. CHERNEY, CHERNEY, CHESWORTH, CHEUNG, BARBARA JOAN ROBERT HADDEN CHESTER San Francisco San Francisco Colton Locke Social Science General Curriculum Chemical Transportation. Mortar Board; Mortar Board; Engineering ACB, Sub-Chr; ACB, Sub-Chr; AXE; AICHE. Orientations, Co- Orientations; _ Chr; Treble Clef; Treble Clef, Sec.; Prytanean. Prytanean. CHEEK, CHERK, BEN REID, JR. DOROTHEA Durham Sal Francisco Sociology. Social Welfare. CHEADLE, GEORGE DODDS Montrose Process Engineering AV). CHEW, WALTER BO. Oakland Ac counting. Energetic BOB STONE started his yelling career as Frosh Yell Leader. Since then he has been on all the class councils, a member of Gavel and Quill, on ACB, and finally ASUC assistant yell leader. Rapid Robert is a pro-med major and got AB in psychology this June. CHAN, FRED San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. CHAN CHAN, HUBERT LILY Oakland San Francisco Physiology Personnel Honor Society; Administration. Tower and Flame CHAPMAN, CHAPPELL, CHAVEZ, THEODORE W. JOHN HOWARD ROSE LINDA Oakland Sacramento Ojai Mechanical Engineering OAX; Sr. Peace Comm; Class Coun; Axetravaganza. Colonial Hall; WAA; Newman Clu b; EEH. Psychology General Curriculum CHIN, CHIN, CHISHOLM, CHO, CHRISTENSEN, GORDON ROLAND LEIGH EDITH TOYO DONALD HARRY San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Civil Engineering Laboratory Mechanical Public Health. Industrial TB II; XE; ASCE. Technician Engineering Management Cloyne Court; ASME. OBK; BPI. Stiles. CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTIANSEN, CHRISTMAN, CHRISTY, CHU, THEODORE ANNMARIE DONALD HAROLD BETTY JEAN EDWARD Burbank San Mateo Oakland Alameda San Francisco Civil Engineering General Curriculum Accounting English Mathematics. ASCE. FMB; Red Cross. BAlf. KA; Vice-Pres Fr. Class. CHUN, CHUN, CIESZKO, CLARK, CLARK, CARL TOY RONALD THEODORE BRUCE EDWARD CHARITY ELLEN Grass Valley Honolulu, T. H. Cambridge Sebastopol San Diego Marketing. Criminology. Physical Psychology. History Metallurgy. Joaquin Hall. CLARK, CLARKE, CLATT, CLAUSEN, CLAYTON, ROBERT EDWARD WILLIAM DIXON ROBERT GENE NORMA ELAINE JEANNE C. Piedmont Berkeley San Mateo Alameda Berkeley Entomology. Zoology. Architecture General Curriculum General Curriculum ERE; Scabbard Epworth; College Treble Clef. and Blade. Women ' s Club Jr. CLAYTON, CLEVELAND, LAURENE H. GROVER, JR. San Francisco San Francisco Home Economics. Marketing Masonic Club; AMA; Store Board. CLEVELAND, JOHN WILLIAM Berkeley Speech 11 KA; Rally Comm; Homecoming. CLEVENGER, BARBARA JUNE El Centro General Curriculum A AX. CLIFFORD, PATRICK JOSEPH San Francisco Electrical Engineering Barrington Hall; Newman Club; AIEE. CLIFFORD, WARREN EUGENE San Francisco Chemistry MI; Honor Student. COBLE, EDWARD W. San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. COHN, PEARL San Francisco General Curriculum Epworth Hall; Col lege Women ' s Club Jr. CLINE, CLOSE, JANICE WILLIAM L., JR. Los Angeles Burlingame General Curriculum Architecture AZ; Card Sales; XAK. Intramural. COCHRAN, CODINO, DONNA LINDSEY DORIS MARIE Tracy Alameda General Curriculum Business KKE. Administration 4000; TIAE Tower and Flame; Pelican; Secre- tariat; WAA. CLOUGH, FRANK H., JR. San Marino Business i ' dministration TKE; Homecoming. COHEN, DOROTHY S. Los Angeles Music Univ. Music Club. COBB, DEROY IRVING Pasadena Forestry. COHEN, JACK M. Chicago, Ill. Optometry A M COLEMAN, KYLE KAY Williams Physiology Derban Hall. COKE, COLE, COLEMAN, HOWARD A. ROBERT LEE COURTNEY S. Arcadia Santa Ana Hollister Political Science Political Science VD; IFC. Bowles; Honor Students. Mathematics Bowles; 1313K; TIME; AMP; 01-1X; Counseling. N " PANCHO " ARNOIS, our unusual Rep at Large, had ideas about planning the campus. ' Pancho, ' who earned his name on the tennis court, is a well known person about campus. He organized the Russ Bohlke fund and helped out on Campus Planning. But he will perhaps be most well remembered for the week he lost his " Doddlebug " —a motor scooter. COLLIARD, MAURICE R., JR. Beach Business Administration Sailing Team. COLLIS, HARRY GUS San Francisco French Russian Honor Students; AMP; COLVIN, DONALD RICHARD Lodi Chemistry. COLLIES, LEX PHILIP Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering 7B II; ASME, Pres. COLTRIN, BYRON RICHARD Albany Accounting 4,40. COLVIN, GERRY S. Larkspur Psychology H A43; Senior Council. COURTNEY, RICHARD BYRD Napa Sociology AKA; Pelican. CRAWFORD, HENRY HUGH Richmond Advertising. ATO, CREELMAN, JOHN ASHMORE San Diego Psychology. COUSINS, AUDREY ANN Oakland Soeech A ' t ' E. CRAWFORD, JOAN Berkeley II BrP; Torch a Id Shield; Elections Board, Chairman; Prytanean. CREVELT, JOHN THEODORE Jefferson City Industrial Management. CONNER, RICHARD LEE Alameda General Curriculum 1. ' N; Frosh Crew. COONEY, BEATRICE LOUISE El Cerrito General Curriculum. COSTELLO, DANIEL B. Oakland Political Science TKE; Oski Comm.; Newman Club; Basebal I; Intramural. CRANE, BENITA BRIGID Berkeley Public Health. CRAWFORD, RAYMOND DALE Berkeley Relations. CROSSMAN, JOHN A. Sacramento Personnel Administration KA. CROWELL, BURTON N. San Francisco Civil Engineering TB IT; XE; ASCE CULLING, WARREN GEORGE Modresville, Mo, Electrical Engineering HKN; UCSEE. CRAWFORD, BARRETT M. Berkeley Accounting Honor Student s; Counselling; Masonic Club. CREECH, JOHN W., JR. Berkeley Economics CULVYHOUSE, BARBARA V. Berkeley General Curriculum AA IT. CRUIKSHA JOHN F., JR. Oakland Journalism Political Science Industrial CONE, COMMANDER, CONGDON, CONNELLY, CONNER, LATHAM ROBERT EDWIN RALPH EUGENE JOAN DON EARL Oakland South Gate Sacramento Sacramento San Diego General Curriculum Process Engineering Social Welfare History Chemical ItAf). TB H; ; 11 TE; 8X. EKA. Engineering Gymnastic Team. EX; ASCHE. COOK, COOK, COOLEY, COMBS, COONEY, ROBERT MAX SHIRLEY YVONNE MARILYN W. BARBARA JEAN BARBARA JEAN San Francisco San Anselmo Oakland Woodland Fresno General Curriculum Child Development Advertising Physical General Curriculum Varsity Track. ZTA. AAA; Class Education; WAA. 1.K. Council; Intramural. CORNISH, CORREIA, CORRIDAN, COSET, COSGROVE, ROBERT SANFORD NORMAN LOUIS ROBERT ELTON DOROTHY JANE CLAIRE ARNE Eureka Oakland Mountain View Oakland San Francisco Architecture Accounting. Mechanical General Curriculum Speech XAIC. Engineering Utrimque. HT; Newman Club; ASME. Homecoming; WAA; Pan Hellenic. CORCORAN, GLORIA MAY Ventura General Curriculum KA; AXA; WAA. COTA, FRANCISCO M. Ensenada, Mex. Electrical Engineering International House UCSEE; AIEE. CORGIAT, JOHN Oakland Speech AT52; Rally Comm. COTA, RONALD F. San Diego Mechanical Engineering ASME; Flying Club CORMACK, MARILYN Oakland Industrial Relations AZ; tbX0. COUGHLIN, ALICE ANN San Mateo Political Science KI F; Class Council; Intramural; NSA; Prytanean. COOK, JOHN HILARY Turlock Political Science. COULMAN, CHARLES JOSEPH San Francisco Physics Mathematics Hiking Club. CONOVER, CONTE, JAMES SEVERN FRANI PHILIP Long Beach Huntington Park Mechanical Physiology. Engineering Glee Club. CONTIVAL, CHARLENE FAY Hollister Journalism Beaudelaire; BE II; Prytanean; Daily Cal, News Editor; Senior Council; YWCA. CORNELL, KENNETH E. Oakland Pre-Medical. This carrot-topped lass is JEANNIE HAMILTON, w ho can most often be found in the Daily Cal torial office. Other inhabitants of Eshleman ment know all about Jeannie ' s not-very-well-kept temper and her capacity for doing a job well. The future would look very bright indeed if it included a newspaper job for Jeannie. CRANSTON, CRANE, CRANMARR, BARBARA E. BRUCE LEE DUNCAN, JR. San Francisco Hi-EcIale, Ill. Redwood City History General Curriculum Marketing Hall; 11 K A; Rally rttl ' K; Ram5lers. Yacht Club. Ccm:bittee. CRAWFORD, ROBERT HENRY Pomona General Curriculum Plymouth House. CRAwLEY, NANCY LEE Glendale Speech AO 11 . CREBBIN, PAUL E. Richmond Forestry AZ; EXiP. CUMMING, CUMMINGS, CUMMINGS, CUMMINTS, CUNO, ROBERT EARL HARRIET WRAY JOHN MONK ROBERT LEE ANNE PAYSON Alameda San Francisco Carpinteria Oakland Berkeley Business German. Mechanical Business General Curriculum Administration. Engineering Administration College Women ' s Cloyne Court. AXA; 13I ' E; Club Jr; UC Chorus. Football. CUNDALL, CURRY, CURTIS, CURTIS, CUSHING, JAMES TERRY CHARLES DANIEL RICHARD HAROLD MARGARET V. BARBARA S. Alameda Whittier. Long Beach Berkeley Woodland Decorative Art Mechanical Political Science Decorative Art History OX; Class Coun; Engineering. 13E) II; Rugby. Am; Fr. Council; KKI ' ; Honor Univ. Theater. APE; Tennis. AXA. dents; Sr. Conn; Sjinphony Forum. CUSHMAN, CUISICANQUI, CZARNECKI, DAANE, DAHLQUIST, ALLEN BRYCE CARMEN D. JOHN THOMAS ARTHUR JANE Berkeley Piedmont Oakland Oakland Riverside Hispanic America General Curriculum Metallurgy Psychology Physical Scabbard and Blade. OM; Secretariat; Acacia; OT. Zoology Education Counsel ing. Art-2; Honor Stu• Beaudelaire; dents; Cal Band; NEW; Prytanean; IFC. Women ' s C Society. DAILY, DAKE, DAMS, DALTON, DALY, ALLAN PALMER CLARENCE G., JR. MANUEL ELLIS DAVID C. JOHN C., JR. Piedmont Glenwood San Diego Oakland San Francisco Business Forestry Advertising Business Optometry. Administration VEK. g■FA; Football. Administration Football Manager. (-IX; Ng,; Daily Cal. DANA, DANA, DANGELO, D ' ANGELO, DANIELS, DORIS HILLERY ROBERT JEFFREY VIRGINIA LOUISE SAMUEL WALTER GEORGE NELSON Pleasanton Sacramento Sacramento Sacramento Salt Lake City English Marketing Nursing Education Personnel Architecture. Epworth: Mortar 4,AO; SAM; RN ' s on Campus. Administration. Board; Torch and Junior Coun. Shield; Women ' s Judicial; YWCA. DANIELSEN, DANIELSON, DANIELSON, DARQUEA, DARROW, DONALD PAUL JOANNE MARIE JOHN INGE CARLO A. KERMIT LAWSON Milwaukee, Wis. Larkspur Tacoma A mbato, Ecuador Santa Cruz Mechanical General Curriculum Political Science General Curriculum. Architecture Engineering Epwcrth Hall. A,PE; II l ' A; EX. ASME: IAS. Honor Students; Golden Bear. II DARROW, DART, DAVIDSON, DAVIES, DAVIES, LEE STUART LEROY H., JR. ROBERT LYNDON DURWARD D. RICHARD M. Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Berkeley Long Beach Oakland Architecture Medical Science Political Science Real Estate English XAK; Honor Stu- AKA; 013K; 31,102; Class Coun; Iie II; Winged A ❑; AMU; dents; Track. NEN; Golden Axetravaganza. Helmet; Triune. Dramatics. Bear; Fraternity Honor Society. 1 DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, BIRDIA LEE DAVID HAROLD ERWIN WILLIAM GERALDINE SANFORD Oakland Beverly Hills South Laguna San Francisco Oakland Home Economics Industrial Business Public Health Speech AXE); YWCA. Engineering Administration Nursing Masonic Club. AE II; Masonic Del Rey. RN ' s on Campus. Club. DAVIS, DAVIS, VIRGINIA LEE WILLIAM B. Vallejo Santa Ana Home Economics Metallurgy Stern Hall. AIME; OT; Engineers ' Coun. DAVISON, DAWSON, ELIZABETH JOYCE EVELYN Colusa Oakland Recreation Accounting X31; Treble Clef; Cheney; Mortar Bd; UC Chorus. Women ' s Judicial; Prytanean; OXO; YWCA, Pres. and Sec. DAWSON, DAY, WILLIAM JAMES PAUL S. San Rafael San Carlos Geological Sciences Geology Xr1); Big C; Triune; Abracadabra Ball and Chain; Sr. OT. Basketball Mgr; Athletic Council. You could usually find DAVE BIRENBAUM where about Eshleman, his home away from home. As managing editor of the Daily Cal and fall man of Pub Council, we are surprised that he had any time for Campus Planning Committee or his hobbies, photography and judo, Dave ' s future ambi- tions are in Boalt Law School, where he hopes to study international law. DEAN, DEBENEDETTI, DEBRO, DEFEA, DEISENROTH, De JERF, DELANEY, de la PENA, DE LAPP, DE PAULI, JOHN SAMUEL ALEX J. JOSEPH ROLLINS ROBERT JOSEPH ROBERT BURR DONALD A. MAUREEN R. OSCAR ARMANDO RICHARD E. RENEE THERESA San Leandro Oakland Oakland Oakland San Leandro San Pedro Sacramento Oakland Long Beach Grass Valley Civil Engineering. Pharmacy Bio-Chemistry Political Science General Curriculum Architecture History Hispanic America. Geophysics General Curriculum APhA; . Newman Club. ; Glee Club; AE; Counseling; Stern Hall. . Tower and Flame; Newman Club. Cal Frolics; Symphony Forum. WAA. NROTC. DEPEW, DEL CARLO, DEMARTINI, DE MARIS, DE MOTTE, DENNY, DENOBLE, DENSMORE, DENTON, DERE, SALLY ANNE EDWARD R. FLORENCE E. ELEANOR LEE R. JEANNE HERMAN WILBUR ROBERT JOSEPH ROBERT C. GEORGE HARVEY DANIEL J. Sacramento San Francisco San Francisco San Marino Oakland Lafayette San Mateo Patterson Sonoma San Francisco Clothing-Textiles General Curriculum. General Curriculum. Decorative Art English Accounting Entomology. Hospital Accounting Chemistry ZTA; Daily Cal; XO; AXA; Ath- Fr. Coun; AM!. Administration II ; B FE; Cloyne; SAACS; Symphony Forum. letic Reception Daily Cal. AXA. AM! ' ; H. ACARC. Corn, Chr; Card Stunts, Chr; Pry- tanean; Rally Corn. DEROUCHEY, DERUS, DESOTO, DEVEREAUX, DE VILLIER, deURIOSTE, DEWEY, DEWEY, DICK, RAYMOND W. PHYLLIS J. DANIEL M. deULLMANN, RICHARD GAYLE JOHN ELITS RICHARD ERIC THOMAS HENRY WARREN E. Hoven, S. Dak. Oakland Oakland PETER FRANCIS Stockton San Mateo San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Sacramento Mechanical , Personnel Social Welfare. Budapest, Medicine. Electrical History Marketing Mathematics. Forestry. Engineering. Administration Hungary Engineering AX52; Class Coun; Be H; Golden KA; Honor Stu- Economics TB H; HKN; Pelican; Red Cross. Bear; Daily Cal, dents; WAA; Newman Club. AIEE; IRE. Business Mgr. Orientations. DICKERSON, DIEM, DIETERICH, DI GRAZIA, DILLON, DIN, DIN, ROBERT EARL HAROLD GEORGE THOMAS EDWARD HERBERT X. RICHARD S. GEORGE LEE JACK HOWE Santa Rosa Riverside Walnut Creek San Francisco Los Angeles Sacramento Sacramento Political Science Mechanical Philosophy. Chemistry. Industrial Architecture. Retailing TKE. Engineering Engineering n AO; CSC; CSCA; TB H. Social Bears; Tower and Flame. UCSEE. DINSHAW, DIPPOLLET, DIVERS, DIXON, DODGE, DODSON, DODSON, DUDLEY SALVADOR H. FRANK EVERETT ELMOND L. BEATRICE L. DONALD ALVIN DON CARLOS Lucknow, India San Diego Oakland College Park, Fresno San Jose San Bernardino Business Optometry Business Maryland General Curriculum Accounting Industrial Administration Administration. Management LOIS BOSSIN, Our Editor, earned her Mrs. before Photo Club. Electrical OM; Class Conn; ATA; Winged Hel- her AB. Her busy life included looking after a house- AFt.l; Calvin Club. Engineering Prytanean; YWCA. met; BB; Skull Baseball. hold, working, going to school, and seeing that stu- ACSEE. and Keys; Frat. Scholastic; Big C; dents had their Blue and Golds before school was out. Baseball; Triune. She also managed to look in on Pryt and Mortar DODSON, DOLMATZ, DOUGLAS, DOMAN, DONG, DONLON, Board meetings. And all rumors to the contrary, we she isn ' t a slave driver. MARCUS DENTON ARNOLD D. JEAN EDWIN HENRY WILLIAM QUONG DONLON, ROGER MICHAEL insist Richmond Los Angeles Fresno Chicago Watsonville Oxnard J. Oxnard I Electrical Optometry Social Welfare Marketing Pharmacy. Oxnard Agricultural Engineering QM); Beaudelaire. AAE. Agricultural Economics HKN. . Honor Students. Economics AT. ATA; Skull and Keys; BB. DONZELLI, DOOM, DORFMAN, DOSHIM, DOWNING, ! ROBERT EDWARD VELMA RUBY GAY MICHAEL Crockett San Francisco Oakland New York Altadena Political Science. Electrical Speech General Curriculum Political Science Engineering M ' E. OH. Pirates Club; Men ' s i ASEE; CSC. Counsel ing; Blue and Gold. DOYLE, ORAHEIM, DRABKIN, DRURY, DUARTE, ALBERT LEE BURKE ALLEN ROBERT JORDAN NEWTON BISHOP ROY ANTHONY Cristobal, Seal Beach Los Angeles Winnetka, Ill. San Francisco Canal Zone Civil Engineering Marketing Marketing Pharmacy. History TB El; XE; ASCE; 1AM; AMA; XlIf; Crew. Newman Club. Swimming. Stcre Board; Homecoming; Symphony Forum. DUBOW, DUODY, DUFFIE, DUNASKY, DUNCAN, DONALD CLARK GEORGE K. HENRY CHARLES JACK FRANCIS JACK EUGENE San Francisco San Francisco San Diego Napa Vallejo English. Civil Engineering Political Science Petroleum Mechanical KA; BB; ASCE. ■1 FA; Baseball. Engineering Engineering. OAX; Glee Club; Track. rw im CAN, DUNCAN, DUNLAVY, DUNN, DUNN, ROBERT ARTHUR ROY ROBERT WILLIAM W. FRANCINE W. PATRICIA ANN San Francisco Alameda Sonora Oakland Camarillo Accounting Business Industrial Decorative Art Psychology. AXA. Administration. Relations College Women ' s KA; A DQ; Band. Club; Masonic Club. DUNN, DUNNE, DURAND, DURHAM, DWYER, WILLIAM P. WILLIAM JOSEPH GEORGE ROBERT ROBERT HAROLD DALE EDGAR San Francisco San Francisco Palo Alto San Diego Los Gatos English. Marketing Social Welfare History Architecture. Newman Club; Bowles. i N. AXA. DYE, EAKLE, EARLE, EBBESEN, EBERHARDT, WILLIAM M. STEPHEN S. JOHN JEWETT BARBARA MARY ALICE Petaluma Piedmont Piedmont Walnut Creek Stockton Insurance General Curriculum. History General Curriculum Speech Honor Student; H 1.:KA. Ritter; Prytanean; KKE; Sr. Coun. Tower and Flame. Class Coun; Women ' s Activity Coon; YWCA. i ECKMAN, EDMONDS, EDWARDS, EDWARDS, EELLS, GLENN JAMES CAROLINE ANDREW MacL. DALE VORE CHARLES P. Salinas Berkeley Las Angeles Santa Rosa Norco Electrical Art English. Political Science Business Engineering 1111M; Pailile; Art II KA; Counseling; Management. ACSEE; AIEE. Bureau; Rally Tower and Flame; Comm; Elections Homecoming. Board. EKEGREN, EL-ATTAR, ELBERT, ELDER, ELLIOTT, JAMES KEITH MOHAMMED A•K JOAN FRANCES ROBERT EUGENE RICHARD GRANT San Luis Obispo Baghda, Iraq Marysville San Francisco Sacramento Physiology Mathematics General Curriculum Accounting Civil Engineering AKA; Winged Hel- Statistics. Stern. ATA; BB; Skull ASCE; Campus met; 4,M; C lass and Keys; Rugby. Tours. Coun; Sr. Peace Comm; Rugby. ELLIOTT, ELLIS, ROBERT BRUCE ANTHONY T. Burl ingame Eminence, Ky. Marketing. Finance B0 II; Winged Helmet; Class Coun; Scabbard and Blade; Gavel and Quill. ELLIS, ELLIS, DAVID A. RICHARD LEE Sacramento Pacific Grove Accounting Food Technology Acacia; Crew; 0X; Class Como; Honor Students. Tower and Flame. ELLSWORTH, ELVIN, WILLIAM L. KENNETH P. Compton Berkeley General Curriculum Architecture AXA; Baton; XAK. Band, Music Coun, Chr; Assist. Yell Leader. Energetic VIC APPEL seems to have mirrored in class activities and honor societies. He was active cn all four class councils. And if that didn ' t keen busy enough, he worked on varsity debate, ACB, WSSF, and men ' s counciling. As a pre-legal student Vic hopes to enter law school if Uncle Sam doesn ' t have any other plans. EMMERICH, VICTOR Exeter ENGELFRIED, FRED JOHN San Francisco Chemical Mechanical Engineering Engineering Del Rey; Newman ASME. Club; AICHE. EPSTEIN, ERDELATZ, ESTHER LOUISE JOHN Petaluma Berkeley General Curriculum Business Welfare Board; Administration Counseling. ' IKE. ERICI SEN, ERICSON, JOAN KATHRYN ROBERT LUVERNE Berkeley Akron, Iowa Zoology Electrical X0; Panile; Art Engineering. Bureau; Treble Clef. TB H ERNEST, MARCIA ELISE Concord Journalism OEE; Blue and Gold; Prytanean. ELVITSI Y, ELY, EMBREE, ANATOLE W. WARD NEVILLE BARBARA RUTH San Francisco Alameda San Francisco Petroleum Political Science Social Welfare Engineering. Honor Students. Stebbins Hall. ERNST, ERSKINE, ERWIN, ESPINO, ETTINGER, EVANS, EVENSTAD, EVERETT, EAGER, FALI ENBORG, WILLIAM B. KENNETH, JR. HUBERT B. FILOMENA C. JOAN ELSIE ROBERT ALAN NORINNE GAYLE JOHN ALLEN RAYMOND C. MARGUERITE Billings, Mont. Oakland Tulare Iloilo, P. I. San Francisco San Francisco Mill Val ley Vallejo Berkeley Pasadena Mechanical Geological Sciences Business Physical History Zoology Social Welfare Psychology Social Welfare. Economics. Engineering Mineral Tech Assoc. Administration Education. Elizabeth Barrett. Scabbard and Blade. Colonial Hall; Bowles; Class II B 11; RTE; EH; Band. Senior Council. Council; Counseling. ASME. FARAUDO, FARLEY, FARLEY, FARNSWORTH, FARR, FARR, FARRANT, FARRER, FAULWETTER, FAUSONE, BURSEY DONALD BERNADETTE B. JOHN ANTHONY MYSTIA N. JOHN BRENT PATRICIA WANDA MARY DEAN GRIMES WILLIAM C. MARIO PETE Oakland San Francisco San Rafael Woodland Santa Monica Oakland Clovis San Francisco San Diego Berkeley Electrical English. History Political Science Geophysics Economics Public Health Marketing Political Science. Business Engineering Blue and Gold; XII; Prytanean; OX; OT; AAA; Sr. Council; Nursing BIT. OX Administration. HKN, President; Newman Club; Women ' s Judicial, Class Council; Counseling. RN ' s on Campus. TB H ; Counseling. Sec.; Secretariat. Honor Students. Engineers ' Council; ACSEE, IRE. FELDMAN, FELIZ, FENSI E, FENTON, FENTON, FERGUSON, FERNBACHER, BERNARD S. CARMELITA DONALD M. ALLAN WALLACE ROBERT EDWARD THOMAS S. GEORGE L., JR. San Francisco Oakland Long Beach Santa Monica Marysville Alameda Los Angeles Optometry Economics Electrical Agriculture Chemical Mathematical Marketing KN; SIEO. AO H; Newman Engineering Economics Engineering Statistics. ZBT; Gavel and Club; Ski Club. AIEE. OX; AO0. TIME; Baton; Quill; Class Coun; Band IFC; Chr Big C Guard; Co-Chr Sr. Week. FERRARI, FEUCHTER, FIBUSH, FICKER, FIEDLER, FINN, NORMAN L. ROY WILLIAM ANNE WILLIAM R. RICHARD P. Ballico Los Angeles Oakland Pomona DOROTHE MARIE FINNEY, Berkeley San Francisco DAVID FRANKLIN Agricultural Forestry Decorative Art. Architecture Architecture Journalism Phoenix, Ariz. Economics. EE II; Forestry AEiA; Prytanean; OAX; Circle C; XAK AXE; 01O; Journalism Club; President. Sec. Senior Class; Sailing. Cal Engineer, Daily Cal, Editor; Gavel and Quill; Women ' s Ed. Golden Bear Tower and Flame. This is MASIE IRISH who managed to keep calm no matter how confused matters on I Board became. People are objects of great interest to this tall, dark haired senior. In fact she has great talents for recruiting people to work for her—just ask the girls at Stern Hall. FISCHER, JUNE Piedmont FiRCH, GLADYS Escalon Bacteriology. FISHER, MILDRED Oakland Social Welfare. FISHER, ROBERT LEWIS Los Angeles Forestry AKE; Winged Helmet; BB; Big C; Scabbard and Blade; Swimming. FISHER, DONALD San Francisco Social Welfare Banking-Finance IK; Torch and Shield; Prytanean, Vice-President; YWCA, President; Panile. FITCH, FITTON, JOHN MARSHALL JOHN CARROLL San Francisco Albany Biochemistry Geophysics Pelican. EX. FITZMAURICE, FITZPATRICK, FLECKNER, FL.,:MING, FLEMING, DOROTHY M. GWENDOLYN B. ROBERT OWEN PATRICIA M. ROBERT MILTON Redwood City Redwood City Miranda San Francisco San Diego Speech Laboratory Banking-Finance General Curricu lum Journal ism Honor Students; Technicia I I,13E; Band. AEA; Nevi man IAE; Daily Cal. Newman Club; Elizabeth Club; Cal Engineer. Tower and Flame. Barrett. FLETCHER, FLIEDER, FLITTNER, FLORES, FOGA RTY, SHIRLEY ANNE GERALD LOUIS GLENN A. LOUISE HARRIET JANE San Francisco General Curriculum Bremerton, Wash. Was Arcadia Wildlife Stockton Spanish Yuba City Physical X52; Pryta lean, Pres; Wcmen ' s Industrial Management Conservation. Stebbins. Education Bryn Mawr; YWCA; Judicial; Secre- tariat; Senior ' AKT; AI Fr; Blue and Gold; Rally Tower and Flame. Council. Comm; Counseling. FOGG, FONG, FONG, FONG, FONG, LAWRENCE D. GLADYS SAVHA JIMMY PATRICK VANITA CLARINE Glendale Honolulu, T.H. Sacramento Honolulu, T. H. San Francisco Civil Engineering Child Development Mechanical Marketing Decorative Arts. ASCE. IO H. Engineering International Cloyne; ASME. House. FOO, FOON. FOON, FONG, FORD, FLORENCE ESTHER WILLIAM HELEN CHING ROBERT S. Berkeley Suisun Su isun San Francisco Oakland Child Development Decorative Art General Curriculum Decorative Art Geological IOU. Chinese Students Cloyne Court. AXA; Chinese Sciences Club. Students ' Club. Masonic Club. FORDYCE, FORK, FORRESTER. FOSTER, FOSTER, CARLA VERA DAVID CHARLES DONA LOUISE JOAN MARIE PHYLLIS JEAN San Rafael Los Angeles Berkeley San Diego Chico Psychology Botany Home Economics Business Journalism Richards. Honor Students. ON. Administration Stern; Prvtanean; 1 ' IP13; Torch and Blue and Gold, Shield; Mortar Copy Ed; eIc1; Board; Women ' s Sr. Council. Rep; Class Councils. FORTGANG, ARNON ARON Tel-Aviv, Israel B io-Chemistry Honor Students; Hillel. FOURCROY, FOX, LOUIS JOSEPH MARVIN B. Los Angeles San Jose Sociology. Industrial Management. 11 Au ' . FRACISCO, FRAMES, BARBARA ANN DONALD W. Livermore Palo Alto English Gec I cgy. Sr. Cowl. FRANCESCAINA, LAWRENCE J. Colma Architecture. FREDIANI, NINA FERNANDA Los Angeles French Beaudelaire. FRANCOS, STELLA MARY Madera Sociology FREDRICKS, ITHEL EVERETTE Montpel ier, Idaho Electrical Engineering. FRA1VKEL, ANNE San Francisco Political Science Epworth; Crop and Saddle. FREED, J. ARTHUR San Francisco Anthropology. FRANKEL, HARRISON Brooklyn Pre-Law Cloyne; Daily Cal, Jr. Ed; Tower and Flame. FREEL, JAMES E. Berkeley Business Administration. FRASER, JOSEPH S. San Francisco Music University Chorus; Newman Club. FREEMAN, BARBARA MARIE San Francisco General Curriculum Sherman; College Women ' s Club; Utrimgue; Masonic Club. FRIEDEL, FREIERMUTH, SHIRLEY ANN HARRY DAVID Huntington Park Watsonville History Architecture Stratford. XAK. Carrot-topped MARSHA ERNEST, the gal with sonality plus, prov:ded 110 Eshleman with lots of laughs. Besides her jcb as picture editor Marsha was active in Theta Sigma Phi and Pryt. As a journalism major Marsha hopes for some profitable newspaper job--but just let her tell you about her journalistic experiences in Concord sometime. FREY, FRIEDMAN, CLIFFORD 0. EUGENE KENWAY Lodi Beverly Hills Electrical Geology. Engineering HKN. FREESE, ERNEST C., JR. San Francisco Personnel Administration. FREID, ALLAN Los Angeles Optometry FRIEDMAN, LEONARD Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering. FUJIOKA, DICK HIDEO Lincoln Mechanical Engineering ASME. FRYDENBERG, CHRISTIAN F. Melbu, Norway Mechanical Engineering. FRIEDMAN, FRIESEN, FRIESEN, FROESCHLE, FROID, FROST, SHELDON PATRICIA L. CLNUDE H. JAMES EDGAR STANLEY H. JAMES A. San Jose Bakersfield Bakerseld Santa Ana Berkeley San Pedro Architecture General Architecture. Zoology Civil Engineering. Journalism XAK; A P1).. Curriculum OX; ,PHE; Honor XE; TB II. I,DE; Winged Stern; Sr. Coon; Students; Tower Helmet; Daily Cal. Honor Student. and Flame. FUNG, FUNG, FUNG, FUNG, FURUSHA, CHOI-KOIS JOYCE GEORGE GUM PAULINE PUI LIN RUBY ALICE A. China Alameda Hong Kong Alameda Berkeley Food Technology. Civil Engineering Economics. Chemistry Public Health. ASCE; CSC. EL) II ; SAACS; CSCA. FRYMIRE, FUDEM, GRADY P. ARTHUR Tulare San Francisco Wildlife Marketing Conservation ZBT; Water Polo. Pirates Club. FULLER, DONALD C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Quarterdeck; Scabbard and Blade. FULLER, JAMES S. Fargo, N. Dakota Art EX; AE. GAINES, GALLAGHER, HELENE BETTY LEO A. Berkeley Long Beach Philosophy Physical ADD. Education Cloyne; Honor Students; Track. GALLIGAN, GALLINATTI, GALLUP, GALON, GALVAN, GALWAY, WILLIAM M., JR. ALAN MACK DONALD E. OLYMPIA S. GERALD OWEN RICHARD E. Woodland Oakland Woodland Calape Hohal, Long Beach Crockett Chemistry Marketing Economics Philippines Econcmics Accounting AXE; SAACS; Z,V; Winged OAX; Sr. Coon. Political Science. Scabbard and Blade. HAW. ASCA; Helmet. Tower and Flame. GAN, GARBER, GARCIA, GARDNER, BOON KOO HAROLD JOHN NORMA FUHRI EN GEORGE W., JR. Kluang, Malaya Sacramento Los Angeles Long Beach Economics Agricultural Bacteriology Civil Engineering International Engineering. Stebbins; YWCA. ASCE. I House. BOB MacMAHON was without a doubt one g the Senior Class ' s most willing workers. Bob has been on all four class councils and chairman of many of the class committees. In his spare time Bob was manager of varsity debate, on ACB and chairman of Personnel Ccuncil. Bob is planning to enter law school after graduation. GARDNER, GARFIELD, GARFINKLE, GARNAND, GARRATT, GARRETT, GARROW, RICHARD R. IRWIN EUGENE EUGENE RUTH M. RICHARD C. WILLIAM B. ROBERT C. Mill Valley Los Angeles Oakland Bakersfield Alameda Annapolis, Md. Redlands Psychology. Insurance Marketing. Psychology. Personnel Civil Engineering Civil Engineering ZBT. El AuD; Basketball; Administration ASCE. Del Rey; Counseling. IFC. OX. GARTEN, GARVEY, GATES, GATES, GAUTHIER, GAVELLO, GAYNER, JAMES PHILLIP FRANCIS R. ALMYRA C. WILLIS LEE HOWARD E. ALFRED JAMES L. Santa Monica Richmond Visalia Portland Stockton Oakland Piedmont Petroleum Marketing Public Health Architecture. Architecture Business Forestry. Engineering Crew; Nursing Administration Mineral Tech. Newman Club. RN ' s on Campus. BrE; AMA; AIME; Intramural. Cal Engineer. GERKE, GAW, GEIGER, GEORGE, GEORGE, GERICH, GERGUS, VIRGINIA B. ROBERT BAER B. LEE JACK MERRILL JACQUELINE FRANCES MARIE RAYMOND G. Alameda Berkeley San Francisco Alhambra Pasadena Oakland San Francisco General Business General Architecture General General Curriculum. Industrial Curriculum Administration. Curriculum K1 ' Curriculum Engineering. AXO; Prytanean; AKA; AMA. AX52; II AE. AAA. Rally Comm; Jr. Class, Sec; Gavel and Quill. GERSHUNY, GERSHUNY, GESAS, GIBBONS, GIBBONS, BETTY JOY JUSTIN JO TERRY CHARLES A. EARLE JAY Los Angeles Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland Bakersfield French Architecture History Electrical Political Science Stern; AMr; Sr. ZBT; Cal Epworth; YMCA; Engineering Big C; Basketball. Ceun; Masonic Engineer. Sr. Coun; TB H; HKN; Club. Prytanean. AIEE; IRE; UCSEE. GIBSON, GIBSON, GIFFIN, GILBERT, GILBERT, BOYD A. EDWARD SCOTT CAROL BRUCE IRAN RICHARD A. Riverside Sacramento Alameda San Francisco Auburn Economics Architecture General Curriculum Political Science. Architecture, 4,1(T. XAK. PliB. oi • GILLILAND, GILMORE, GIM, GINGRICH, GIRVIGIAN, JOHN AUSTIN LOUISE HAZEL MARK RAY RAYMOND Whittier Beverly Hills Oakland Los Angeles Pico Geology Political Science Public Health. Public Health. Architecture OX. Cal ifornian; XAK. Mortar Board; Blue aid Gold, Asst.. Mgr.; Class Coun; Gavel and Quill. GINSBERG, LEON Los Angeles Physical Education Honor Student; Welfare Bd., Chr.; Crew; Golden Bear. CLASNOW, THEODORE JOHN San Francisco Marketing Pirates Club; Sr. Peace Comm. GIUSTI, ROBERT EDWARD El Cerrito Business Administration. GIVLER, GLASS, JACK E. ROSALEE E. San Fra ncisco Los Angeles Accounting General Curriculum EX. Tower and Flame. GLAZIER, GLEASON, GLENN, GLIDDEN, GLUSKER, ROBERT CHARLES FRANK B. NANCY MAY ANNE DONALD L. Oakland Oakland Berkeley San Marino Ontario Industrial General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Chemistry Engineering ' FA; Winged II BiD; Pan Hel- XO; Honor Stu- Ridge House; Basketball. Helmet. lenic, Secretary. dent; Rally Comm. SHE; Golden Bear; Crew. GOBAR, GODBE, GOLD, GOLD, GOLDSCHMIDT, NEAL JOHN NORMAN EARL GERALD PHILIP JOHN PETER R. Fullerton Los Angeles Milwaukee, Fullerton Berkeley in Wiscons Economics Petroleum Retail ing Sales Adminis- Psychology tration Engineering. If AiD; Counseling; International Daily Cal. 4,14E; Winged House; Honor Helmet; ASUC, Students. Pres.; Fr., Pres.; Rep-at-Large; Golden Bear; Gavel and Quill. GOLDSMITH, GOLDSMITH, GOLDSTEIN, GOMES, MARTIN SUSAN ELINOR SELMA RITA ROBERT SELLERS Piedmont San Francisco Tucson, Ariz. Menlo Park Mechanical General Curriculum Psychology Civil Engineering Engineering Elizabeth Barrett. ADD. TB TI; ASCE. HBH; HTE; Masonic Club; ASME; Engi- neers ' Council. GOMEZ, HENRY GALVAN San Bernardino Architecture XAK. GUNG, JOSEPH GONG Monterey Biochemistry H At ' . GONZALEZ, GONZALES, DIEGO FILOMENO A. Caracas, Albuquerque, Venezuela New Mexico Geology International OT; Mineral Relations Tech. Assoc. ASE. GOODWIN, GORDON, JAMES EDWARD GILLETTE E., III San Jose Berkeley International Chemistry Relations. Abracadabra GRABAU, GRADY, EDGAR BRISBANE JOHN HENRY Fullerton San Mateo Chemistry Business AXE. Administration PAO; 44; Sr. Men ' s Conn. GRAFF, GRAFFT, BARBARA ELOISE BILL DAVIS South Gate Sanger Music Speech Stern; Sr. Coun; Chorus; Women ' s Dorm. Assoc., Sec. GRAHAM, GRAHAM, HATCH JOHN ALVA Los Angeles Richmond Forestry History. AT; Uni versity Theater; Rugby. Bowles; Winged Helmet; Large; Jr. Class Pres.; Rally Comm; Golden Bear. In 1108 Eshleman she S was heard shouting " Where ' s your copy? " and Stern Hall joked about her Foster Parent Plan, yet PHYL FOSTER cheerfully survived as B G copy editor and Stern Hall president. While she knit at Pryt meetings and typed hundreds of postcards to Theta Sigma Phi members, Phyl secretly planned a future with a small paper in which to continue her journalistic talents. GRAY, PAULA., JR. San Diego GRANTHEM, GRAVES, KENNETH JOSEPH N. Park City, Utah Berkeley Civil Engineering. Industrial Chemical Management Engineering Board. II KA; AICHE. Store GRAHAM, GRAHAM, GRANADINO, GRANT, JOHN C. WILLIAM W. FRANCISCO E. BRUCE A. San Diego Los Angeles Santa Ana, Glendale Mechanical Marketing El Salvador Political Science Engineering TKE; VD; Electrical EX; Track. II PE; TB II . Tower and Flame. Engineering AIEE. GREENE, FRANK FULTON Seattle, Wash. GREGG, EDWIN H., JR. Pasadena GREGG, MARTIN J., JR. New York GREGOIRE, CHERIE NINON Berkeley Physics Forestry Political Science Anthropology Quarterdeck; EE H . AEC Class Councils. Class Councils. GRIFFIN, JACK EDSON Berkeley GRIFFIN, SHARROLL Oakland GRIGGS, EDNA GENEVA Sal inas GRIMES, MARY KATHERYN Oakland Process Political Science Public Health Home Economics. Metallurgy 0 ldenberg. Nursing OX; OT; Cal AAX. Engineer, Ed; Scabbard and Blade. GRYS, GUALCO, GUILFORD, STANLEY J. EUGENE T. ROGER KIRBY East Chicago Sacramento Gridley Marketing. Political Science. Agriculture Bowles; Counseling. GUILHAMET, JAMES Hollister Slavic Languages Bowles; AMP. GURIN, GUSTAFSON, NORMAN ELMER ROBERT Berkeley Oakland Soil Science. Marketing Golf. GUYMON, SAMUEL H. Yuma, Ariz. Business Administration Westminster House. smiling JIM DAWSON took care of Cal basketball Bears for three years—he was manager of the team in his sophomore, junior and senior years. But in mid-season he had to leave his position for one with Uncle Sam; he was recalled into the Army Air Force. HAAS, EMANUEL M. Richmond Electrical Engineering SAM. HACKETT, STEPHEN W. Sacramento Business Administration AEA; Sr. Peace Ccmm; Scabbard and Blade. HAGAR, JULIE Berkeley Political Science AO; Ace of Clubs; WSSF. HAGLER, HALBERT, WILLIAM E. SHIRLEY San Francisco Modesto Business Social Welfare Administration AAA; Prytanean; EX; Winged Class Coun.; Helmet; Skull and I Board. Keys; Basketball; Cal Club. HALDEMAN, SHEILA ANN San Francisco Social Welfare AP; Honor Students; Ace of Clubs; Rally Comm. HALE, MARILYN San Jose Psychology Stratford; Dorm. Coun.; Phrateres. HALEY, GEORGE LEROY Woodland Hills Chemistry AXE. HALL, DEBORAH Piedmont General Curriculum AP; Ace of Clubs. HALL, EDWARD ALBERT Berkeley Economics Scabbard and Blade; Wrestling. HALL, ELIZABETH Berkeley Anthropology AZ; Sr. Coun.; Card Sales. HALL, ELIZABETH B. Oakland Public Health Class Coun.; Card Sales. HALL, GUY H., JR. Los Angeles Forestry EY,11. HALL, SAMUEL LESLIE Beverly Hills History Newman Club. GREGORIAN, ARSEN Oakland Marketing. GRINDER, BOB E. Pasadena Marketing Blue and Gold. GREGORY, SHIRLEY MASON Berkeley History Newman Club. GRONER, LEON WALLACE Berkeley Mechanical Engineering ASME; IAS. GRIER, WILLIAM M. Piedmont Physiology Soph. Coun.; Symphony Forum. GROSS, BETTY Sacramento Political Science AEA; Election Board. GROTENHUIS, MERRILL CURTIS Oakland Banking• Finance. GRUBB, JOHN Piedmont Real Estate 040; Golden Bear; IFC; Sr. Coun. GREENBERG, MARY San General Curriculum. GRIFFIN, EDWARD LEE Richmond Architecture Circle C; Boxing. GRUS, JOHN WILLIAM San Diego Electrical Engineering. GREEN, GREEN, PATRICIA MARY STAN D. A lameda San Francisco History General Curriculum Prytanean; ZBP. Elections Coun.; Symphony Forum. GRIFFIN, GRIFFIN, ALAN LARRY DONALD STANTON San Francisco San Fernando Civil Engineering Architecture. Bowles; ASCE. HARKNESS, THOMAS T. Mitchell, South Dakota Zoology. HARRIMAN, H ARRINGTON, HARRINGTON, HARRIS, MILTON E. FRANK CURTIS WESLEY F. ALBERT W., JR. Berkeley Sal Diego Berkeley Richmond English. Electrical Econcmics Economics. Engineering Cloyne Court. AI ' Q; UCSEE; Calvin Club. HARVIE, HARVIE, HELEN L. STUART K. San Francisco Berkeley Speech-English. Civil Engineering ASCE. HARVEY, HARWELL, GEORGE B., JR. VIRGINIA B. Oxnard Los Angeles Mechanical English Engineering. ICAO. HASSLER, THERESE. Oakland General Curriculum AAA. HASTINGS, WILLIAM L. Palo Alto Economics BE; 1.1.; Scabbard and Blade. It ' s a policy with BILL GRAFFT, Rep. at Large, to smile as he walks about the campus. Bill hails from Sanger—California, that is. During his four years he was chairman of Soph Week, Junior Class Presi- dent, on all four class councils, a member of ACB and Winged Helmet, and President of Bowles Hall, HALLETT, HALLISEY, HAM, HAMBRICK, HAMILTON, ALBERT E, JR. JOHN FRANCIS ALBERT S. KENNETH E. DOUGLAS LEE San Francisco Berkeley Sacramento Pueblo, Colo. San Mateo Forestry Business History. Agricultural General Masonic Club; Administration. Economics Curriculum ROTC. EX; Blue and Gold EN. Manager; Scabbard and Blade. HAMILTON, HAMILTON, HAMLIN, HAIVINIILL, HAMMOND, IRVA GRANT JEANNIE M. EUGENE B. SYDNEY E. CHARLES W. Glendale Berkeley San Francisco Piedmont Marketing Political Science Social Welfare Civil Engineering Industrial Scabbard and Blade; Counseling; YWCA Mortar Board; ASCE. Management. Newman Club. KD. Daily Cal Sr. Night Ed, City Ed; Prytanean; DEO; Panile. HAMPTON, HANDEL, HANEMIAN, HANNA, HANSEN, BETTY LOUISE JAMES L. DIANA HELEN J. JOHN EUSTICE Berkeley Lodi Delano Davis Oakland Psychology History English Hispanic Group General EK; Class Coon; ADD; Winged Epworth Hall. 1.:K; Secretariat. Curriculum Homecoming Hemet; Circle C. OX; Soph. Coun; Comm; YMCA; Social Blue and Gold. Bears. HANSON, HANSON, HARAMAKI, HARAMIS, HARBERT, HUGO JOHN WILLIAM L. YOSHI ANASTASIOS C. JACK LEROY Glendale Berkeley Alameda Athens, Greece Berkeley Civic Engineering Mechanical Bacteriology. Civil Engineering General EX; ASCE. Engineering. XE Curriculum. OKI ' . HARD, HARDISON, HARDMAN, HARDY, HARKINS, ELSIE M. ROY LEWIS HOWARD L., JR. HOLLIS WALLACE G. Anaconda, Mont. South Gate Santa Rosa Berkeley Albany Laboratory Entomology. Petroleum Communication and Mechanical Technologist. Geology Public Policy. Engineering. II KA. Pirates Club ASME; IAS. HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRISON, HARRISON, HARRISON, GERALDINE A. MAHLON R. CHARLES S. CURTIS B. WILLIAM A. Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Orinda Berkeley Recreation. Business Advertising Agricultural Physical Administration EH; AAE. Engineering. Education Wesley Found. HART, HART, HARTMAN, HARVEY, HARVIE, DAWN ALOHA EDWARD A., JR. PERRY C. HENRY FRANK BYRON Napa Oakland San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Political Science. Physical Psychology Journal ism Civil Engineering Education AAA. A DA; Boxing. XE; ASCE. XAM; President Frat. Scholastic; Honor Student. Plymouth House; Track; Stiles Hall. HESTER, CHARLES Oakland Accounting. HIBDON, PRIESTLY T. Orland Physics. HILL, JAMES HOWARD Monrovia Agricultural Economics Masonic Club. HAWKINS, EDWIN RUSSELL San Francisco Communications DICE. HELM, RAYMOND E. Piedmont Forestry Football, Mgr; Intramural. HERMAN, AUDREY Oakland Public Health ZTA; Tower and Flame; Newman Club; Treble Clef. HESTER, LERON AUSTIN Anaheim Architecture XAK; Pelican. HICKMAN, LORNA JEAN Escondido Education Stebbins Hall. HILL, WILLIAM A JR. Oakland Mechanical Engineering. HEUER, ADA IRENE Regina, Saskatchewan Music Chorus; Orchestra. HICKS, WALETTA W. Sacramento Political Science KA; Counseling; Elections Board. HILLIARD, MARILYN Sacramento Communication FA; Honor Students. HEUER, GEORGE E. Alameda Mechanical Engineering Oski, Director. HIGGINS, DOUGLAS J. San Francisco Economics ACB; Cal Frolics. HILLS, CHARLINE FAYE Bet keley General Curriculum KA. HEWITT, CLAUDE WILBUR Compton Civil Engineering. HIGHTOWER, JACK LYLE Phoenix, Ariz. Political Science XII " ; Axetravaganza. HIMES, ALLEN W. Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering. HATCH, HATCH, HuUGNER, HAUSSER, JAMES WARDE ROBERT S. RICHARD A. WALTER ERNST Alameda Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Agricultural Agricultural Political Science General Curriculum. Economics Economics 40.0; Rugby. ATA. ASAE. HEATHORN, HENDRICK, HEIDIG, HELLER, BARBARA W. MAROLYN JOYCE WALTER G. NORMAN DAVID Oakland Fresno Oakland San Mateo History General Curriculum General Curriculum Marketing EKA; Masonic Californian; Atli. KA; di di; Track. If A4); Class Coun; Club; YWCA. St. Peace Comm. HENDRICKS, HENEXSON, HENKLE, HENRY, FRANCIS H. GLEN ALVIN MARY LOUISE NANCY E. Richmond Delano Berkeley Livermore Geography Journalism Spanish. General Curriculum SAM; I Board. Daily Cal. Epworth Hall. HAWLEY, HOWARD R. Oakland Accounting. HAYAKAWA, JOHN MORI Berkeley Public Health Education Student Health Coun. Chr. HAYDEN, DAVID HARRY San Francisco Accounting :SAM; Class Coun. HENDERSON, CHARLES WILKES Berkeley History EKA. HAZARABEDIAN, SHAVARSH K. Richmond Architecture XA K. HENDERSON, ZOE MARIE Fullerton Public Health AZ. HAZLETT, JANE Salinas Psychology. HENDRICKS, EDWARD SCOTT Carmel General Curriculum. HEMMERLING, HENDERLONG, JEANNETTE E. JULIA P. Anaheim Sacramento Child Development. General Curriculum roB. HERMAN, FRED G. Berkeley Journal i sm EAX; Daily Cal; News Bureau. HERRING, WILLIAM R. Paradise Civil Engineering ASCE. HERSHENOW, HERTZBERG, HESSENIUS, ROBERT DEAN SHIRLEY JANICE BARBARA JEAN San Francisco Oakland Los Angeles English AAA. A vivacious, fun-loving extrovert is CAROLYN ROB- INSON, who journeyed between campus and the Gamma Phi house to attend endless meetings. Begin- ning her activity career as Secretary of her freshman class, Carolyn also took notes for Gavel Quill, and Campus Planning Committee, belonged to Pryt, and headed Stephens Union•Eshleman Committee. HEWITT, HIBBARD, ROBERT RUSSELL WALTER B., JR. Compton Yreka Physics. Public Administration. HILBUN, R. LESLIE Long Beach Criminology BO II; Winged Helmet. HINCK, HOWARD Piedmont General Curriculum KE. HILL, EDITH K. Redding Economics Utrimque. HINZE, HERBERT JOSEPH San Francisco Mechanical Engineering TBII; IITE; ASME. Speech Treble Clef; Counsel ing. Political Science OT. HIROTSLI, GARY SUNAO Walnut Grove Flectrical Engineering. HIPPENSTIEL, HIRABAYASHI, HIRAMOTO, WAYNE L. ROBERT NOBUO KEIKO San Bernardino San Francisco Lodi Civil Engineering Biostatics Spanish Del Rey; ASCE. Nisei Student Club. Casa Hispana; A Mr. HOLLANDER, ALVA L. Carmichael English Bowles Hall. HODGE, RICHARD B. Colton Political Science KA. HOFFMAN, HOFFMEIER, HOFMANN, JOHN HOWELL JOSEPH JUDE BARBARA ANNE San Francisco San Francisco Burlingame Mechanical Anthropology. Physical Engineering Education Be II; Winged AEA; Cal Engi- Helmet; FI TE. neer; WAA Board. HOLLIS, HOLLINS, HOLIVIBERG, HORTON, HOM, LONORA I. AN N WILLIAM E. LEWIS SCOTT FELIX Pasadena Fresno San Diego Los Angeles San Diego Education. Chemistry Electrical Journalism. Chemical 41 ' ; Honor Student. Engineering Engineering HKN; TB H; Chinese Student ACSEE. Club. HOM, NGIN PAUL San Francisco HONDA, JACK SEI Sacramento HOOK, E. STANLEY Menlo Park HOPPE, HAROLD WILLIAM San Francisco HORIMOTO, SUSUMU Lodi Electrical Electrical Psychology Business Chemical Engineering Engineering KA; Winged Administration Engineering HKN. AIEE. Helmet; BB. EN; IFC. Nisei Club. HORN, HORNBECI , HORRIGAN, HORNSTEIN, HORTON, GEORGE L. CHARLES LLOYD ANN MARIE MARTIN FORREST JOSEPH Los Angeles Berkeley Sacramento Los Angeles Oakland Marketing. Civil Engineering History Electrical Zoology TB H; XE; Tower and Flame; Crew. Cunningham. Engineering AIEE; USCEE. HOSENPUD, MARCELYN P. San Diego Psychology Arch Place; Sr. Conn; Homecoming. HOWARD, ELIZABETH ANN Oakland Philosophy KKr. HOYT, GERALD SIDNEY Oakland Industrial Engineering ASME; SAM. H U, PAUL K. J. San Francisco Bacteriology. HOTCHKIS, PRESTON BIXBY San Marino Insurance A44); Winged met; Cal Club, Chr; All U Weekend, Chr; Rugby; Golden Bear. HOWARD, SHIRLEY M. Arcadia Hispanic Group Cunningham Hail. HOYT, STANLEY C. Oakland Entomology HUBBELL, RICHARD W. Berkeley Journalism Daily Cal. HOUSTON, ERNEST HOWARD Laramie, Social Welfare BET; AtI,4. HOWELL, MORGAN DAVID Castro Valley Architecture ()AX. HOVARD, JOHN FREDERICK Pasadena Foreign Trade A ' E; Boxing. HOWARD, CHARLES W. Hayward Electrical Engineering HOWELL, HOYT, RICHARD S. GERALD KEITH Oakland Lindsay Business Accounting Administration Bachelordon; Scabbard and BAT; Track. Blade; Band; Quarterdeck. HUBBS, HUBER, CAROL CAROLYN Palo Alto Ross Child Development Decorative Art Elizabeth Barrett; 11134,; AXA; MOE; Sr. Coon; Class Coun. Axetravaganza. N Pert SHIRLEE FLETCHER did an extremely capable job as Prytanean president and as a member of Wo- men ' s " J. " Hailing from the city by the Golden Gate, this black-haired lass is known to her Chi 0 sisters as " Fletch, " and may become a kindergarten teacher or a secretary (with ASUC and WSSF secretariat ex- perience to rely upon). HIRST, ROBERT WILLIAM New Bedford, Mass. Accounting BAT; BFE; Honor Students; Tower and Flame. HISI ES, HOARE, HOBBS, HOBSON, JOHN ROBERT BETTY JEAN HAROLD W., JR. CHARLES LESLIE Chicago, Ill. Dunsmuir Takoma Park, Berkeley Md. Physics Political Science Political Science English Honor Students. AZ; Daily Cal; Glee; Water Polo; Homecoming. Honor Students; Circle C. Quarterdeck; Cir- cle C; Rifle Team; ' HE; A(1,5). HOCKEN BEAM ER, ALEXANDRIA Orinda General Curriculum AO; YWCA; WSSF; Orientation. HUMASON, HARRY WING Alhambra Mechanical Engineering. HUMPHREY, HUMPHREYS, CLARE EUGENE GEORGE BAXTER Burlingame Antioch Chemistry. Process Engineering Cloyne; TB II; HTE. HUPPERT, RALPH MARTIN Millbrae Political Science HURLEY, JERE EDWOOD, JR. Yreka Political Science Bowles Hall. HUTCHISON, STANLEY OSCAR Harrisonville, Missouri Petroleum Engineering HUTCHESON, ALICE R. Bakersfield History AA H; Jr. Coun.; Orchesis. INGLES, SIDNEY A., JR. Sacramento English. INDELICATO, ANTHONY Manteca History HUTCHINSON, HYERLE, GEORGE RICHARD ROBERT ALFRED Val lejo Berkeley Zoology Industrial Scabbard Management and Blade. Acacia; Scabbard and Blade; Counseling. INGRAHAM, INGRAM, RICHARD LOYD WILLIAM Lafayette Lafayette General Curriculum Economics Wesley Found. Abracadabra; MO; IFC. HUTCHINS, WILLIAM E., JR. Grass Valley Civil Engineering. IMPERATRICE, EVELYN J. Clovis Political Science Elizabeth Barrett; Class Coun.; Ski Club. HUE, HUFFMAN, HUGHES, HUGHES, HULL, FRANI JAMES SMILIE LEROY ROBERT WILLIAM C. ROBERT EUGENE Sacramento Del Rey Santa Barbara Walnut Creek Long Beach Marketing. Political Science Electrical Forestry. Electrical XM. Engineering Engineering HKN; TB n . TB H; HKN. HURST, JURST, HURT, HURWITZ, HUSTON, JANET GILLIES KERNEY JAMES MARCIA GEORGE K. ARTHUR ROBERT Patterson, N. J. Laurel, Miss. Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Anthropology. Electrical International Medicine Industrial Engineering Relations Bowles; •HE; Management. Social Bear. YWCA; Prytanean; OBK; Counseling. College Women ' s Club. ICHINOSE, ICHIOKA, ILD, ILYIN, IMHOF, BENJAMIN PATRICIA ALLAN DEAN DIMITRI KIRIL WILLIAM LOW ELL Honolulu, T. H. Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Zoology. Biochemistry Psychology Political Science Physics MBK; IE II ; Nisei Welfare Board; Scabbard and Blade. OBK. Student Club. Univ. Theater. INUZUKA, IRISH, ISUNEO ELINOR MARY Pasadena Santa Barbara Civil Engineering Speech ASCE. Stern; Honor Stu- dent; International Board, Chr. The girl with the big smile is MARY LOU NORRIE. IWATA, JACKS, This cheerful gal is a Phys Ed major and a member RICHARD S. EUGENE EARL of WAA, Nu Epsilon Psi, Women ' s C Society, P. E. Portland Ore. San Francisco Majors Club, Prytanean and Mortar Board. Mary Lou ' s future ambition is to teach physical education Foreign Trade. Accounting in college. BET; Honor Students; Sr. Conn.; Masonic Club. JACOBSEN, TERJE JOHAN Tromso, Norway Architecture International House; Ski Team. JACOBSON, ERNEST J. Fort Bragg Chemical Engineering. IRVINE, HARRY B. South General Curriculum JACKSON, FRANCIS JOE Alameda Industrial Relations ROTC. JACOBSON, ESTHER San Francisco General Curriculum AEO. ISHIHARA, MITSUO Sacramento Electrical Engineering AIEE; IRE. JACKSON, WALDO EVERETT Vallejo Optometry 09AX. JACUZZI, JEAN PFEIFFER Sonoma Home Economics YWCA. ISMAIL, SAADIA Baghdad, Iraq Mathematics. JACOB, ROBERT MICHAEL San Francisco General Curriculum ZBT; Big C Guard; Cal Engineer. JAHRLING, ROBERT H. San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. IVERSEN, ALFRED Oakland Civil Engineering. JACOBS, JACQUELINE Sacramento Political Science KAe; Ace of Clubs. JACOBSEN, MARION E. Los Altos General Curriculum Sr. Coun.; Elections Board. ITO, JATOSHI San Mateo Electrical Engineering HKN. JACOBI, C. FRANCES San Mateo Public Health Laboratory Peixotto; Honor Students. JAKEWARY,, FLORENCE Woodland Dietetics JONES, JOHN KENNETH Madera Mineral Exploration Del Rev; OT; Crew; Riflery. JONES, MARY ELLEN Watsonville History. JONES, KALE EDWARD Cedarville Civil Engineering. JONES, ROBERT WARREN Los Angeles General Curriculum Masonic Club; Stiles Hall; ASCA. JAMES, JAMES JAMISON, JAMISON, JAMISON, MARY KATHRYN RICHARD EDWARD PATRICIA NELSON ROBERT BASIL ROBERT LOWELL San Francisco South Pasadena Santa Cruz Portervi I le Sail Diego General Curriculum Food Technology General Curriculum Optometry Chemical A A IT; Sr. Coun.; AZ. Bowles Hall. Engineering YWCA. TKE; Winged Helmet. JAN, JANOPAUL, JASINSKI, JEFFREY, JENKINS, BARRY ROBERT NORMAN MITCHELL B. FRANCIS B. WILLIAM ROSS San Francisco Modesto Chicopee, Mass. Lindsay Aberdeen, Idaho Chemical Civil Engineering Phi losophy History Hispanic America. Engineering. TB II; ASCE. ,ItEK; Wrestling; Honor Student; Ski Club. Sr. Coun. JENNINGS, JENSEN, JENSEN, JENSEN, JENSEN, ROBERT WARREN ARTHUR FRANCESCA GEORGE EDWARD ROBERT LUND San Francisco Benicia Solvang San Pedro Reed ley Mechanical Mechanical Political Science Journalism Optometry Engineering Engineering EKE; Axetrava- TKE; EAX; S2E 0. TBIT; OZ; (1),D. ganza; Symphony Counseling. Forum. JENSEN, JEUNG, JEUNG, JIMINEZ, JIN, RONALD CLIFFORD EVA PAUL CARMEN FRANKLIN GAM San Francisco Stockton San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Electrical Engineering. Laboratory Technician Foreign Trade. Economics Utrimque. Chemical Engineering. Stebbins. JOCZ, JOENS, JOGIS, JOHN, JOHNSON, THOMAS RICHARD ARNOLD CALVIN HEINO MARIAN G. CHARLES W. San Francisco Napa San Francisco Finley Oakland Mechanical Engineering Agricultural Engineering Civil Engineering ASCE. Physical Education Newman Club; Psychology. AEC ASAE. WAA. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, CLAUDIA GAIL Berkeley DEAN TEMPLETON Oakland ELIZABETH D. Palo Alto JEANETTE, Sebastopol JEANNE ARNOLD New York General Curriculum. Public Relations Zoology. Social Welfare Art AT; A AY; Daily Mitchell; WAA; AE; AXA. Cal; Tennis, Mgr. Social Bears. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, LESTER MARC NORDSTROM ROBERT R. WENDELL P. WESLEY FRANI Lafayette Yuba City San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Criminology. Political Science Traffic Management Architecture. Bacteriology Varsity Debate, Mgr. AT; Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. BZT; Circle C; Basketball. JOHNSON, JOHNSTONE, JONES, JONES, JONES, WILLIAM C. WILLIAM WILKIN BARBARA ALICE CLINTON LEONARD GEORGE MICHAEL San Mateo San Diego San Francisco Sacramento Fairfax Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering English Agricultural General Curriculum ASCE. ZTA; Pe lican; Economics 4, . Newman Club. Bowles; Counseling. DU LEW ARNOLD attended Ex Committee meetings as chairman of Staff Committee and had the official title of Campus Coordinator of NSA. Plans for eventual work in the city manager field of municipal administration kept the " amateur " photographer busy, but efficient Lew always found time for class council, Winged Helmet and Gavel Quill meetings while serving as co-chairman of the 1951 Senior Ball. JONES, STANLEY GEARY Sanger History. JONES, VIRGINIA M. Los Angeles Decorative Art Stern; Mortar Board, Pres.; Rally Comm.; Chm.; Torch and Shield; Cal Club. JORDAN, DONALD Garden Grove General Curriculum. JOPE, HAROLD BRYCE Berkeley Forestry AZ; EM I EEFER, PHYLLIS JOAN Los Angeles AWE. KEENEY, DONALD J. Sacramento Insurance. I ALLMAN, KALRA, GEORGE E. OM PARKASH San Francisco Rohtak, India General Mechanical Curriculum. Engineering. JORDAN, EDWARD GEORGE San Leandro Economics ATO; BI.X; Honor Students; Rally Comm; Class Coun; WSSF, Chr. KAM, WHITNEY T. Berkeley Plant Pathology. J OTTER, JAMES P. Berkeley International Relations AW; Winged Helmet. KAME, BERNICE Visalia Zoology Stern; Ho nor Students. JUNG, ARLINGTON R. Honolulu, T. H. Psychology. KAMEI, ICHIRO Sun Valley Public Health Laboratory Technician. JUSTICE, WILBUR R. Norwalk Marketing. KANAHELE, PATRICIA ANN Honolulu, T. H. History KKr. KAKEBE, MASAYA San Francisco Public Utilities. KAN E, EILEEN San Francisco History. KAFEYAN, RICHARD San Francisco Marketing. KAPLAN, DANIEL LEE Los Angeles General Curriculum AAE; Hammer and Dimmer; Art Bureau, Mgr; Thalian. KAISER, JOAN M. Delano General Curriculum. KKr. I APLAN, DORE M. Oakland Marketing Class Councils. I ALLGREN, EDWARD E. Oakland Political Science Varsity Debate. MARAS KY, CRAIG Oakland Marketing AT. KEEFE, MARCAE MARY San Francisco General Curriculum Masonic Club; College Women ' s Club Jr. KELT, I EMPPE, KENDALL, KENNON, ALAN ERSI INE JEAN MARIE PAT JACK LAWRENCE Oakland Fort Bragg El Centro San Jose Mechanical General Home Econcmics Civil Engineering. Engineering Curriculum AME. ASME. ' 1BK; II AO; Honor Students; Tower and Flame. KERN, DORIS E. San Francisco KERR, ELIZABETH JOAN LaVerne KERR, PATRICIA ANN Riverside KERNER, MELVIN EUGENE Fresno Home Economics Political Science Nursing Animal Science. Cunningham. Stratford; Social Education Bears; Cal Frolic. RN ' s on Campus. KAT S U RE, TOM10, Berkeley Physics. KEILBACH, ROBERT A. Pittsburg Marketing. The big wheel down at the YW this year was JOYCE DAWSON. Joyce also keeps busy with Women ' s dicial, Phi Chi Theta, Women ' s Ex Board, Treble Clef, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. Music is Joyce ' s hobby and she is a uke fiend. During her college years she has covered a lot of country attending YM and YW conferences. KARBACH, KARCHER, LAVERNE M. LEWIS GEORGE Los Angeles Boise, Idaho Marketing Zoology. Beaudelaire; Masonic Club; Class Coun. I ARN, CAROL JOYCE Oakland History College Women ' s Club Jr. KASAI, I IDED San Francisco Electrical Engineering. KASHIWABARA, KENSUKE Penryn Pre-Dental. KASS, GEORGE HAROLD San Francisco Optometry AE II; Crew. KAYA, GEORGE SATOSHI Berkeley Accounting Nisei Club. KELLEHER, ROBERT JOSEPH Sacramento Business Administration Tower and Flame; AI II; Track, Mgr; Ball and Chain. KEARNAM, KEASBEY, JAMES EDWARD BARBARA ANNE Oakland Berkeley Chemistry Business SAACS. Administration OW; ' X0; AMr; Honor Students; Treble Clef; Prytanean. KELLEY, STANLEY C. Whittier Civil Engineering ASCE. KELLY, ROBERT FRANCIS Eureka Civil Engineering Bowles; PBII; XE. KENNEY, PATRICIA Berkeley General Curriculum K. KERNER, MELVIN WM. Fresno Crimivalistics AAE. KEPPEL, CHARLES R. Stockton Chemistry Honor Students; Tower and Flame; SAACS. KHOO, YEOW-LAM Singapore General Curriculum. KERMOYAN, ALEX EDWARD Berkeley Chemistry. KILBURN, CHABOT Kentfield Geology. KINCL, KILGORE, KILGORE, KILLEEN, KILLIAN, BERNARD LAMAR RONALD JOSEPH WENDELL W. JOANN JOHN STEWART Oakland Prosser Tulare Pittsburg Sunset Beach Traffic Industrial Zoology. Speech Chemical Management, Relations Acacia; Men ' s Stern Hall. Engineering OE; AICHE ; Counseling. Engineers ' Coun. KILMAN, KILSBY, KHVIBLE, KIM, KINAGA, JOHN ROBERT JEANNE ANN JANET DENIS LEE KARL Culver City San Francisco San Marino Los Angeles San Jose Civil Engineering Political Science Political Science Economics Chemistry. TKE; Senior Stratford; Dorm 11 B,D; BET. Coun; Glee Club. Coun; EEL ' , Sec; Ace of Clubs. Counseling. KING, KING, KING, KINKADE, KINZEL, DANA WILDER RAMOND LEWIS STANLEY JAMES TONY HARDEN EDWARD GEORGE Exeter San Francisco San Francisco Hemet Berkeley Zoology Journal ism Marketing Banking-Finance Criminolcgy WAX. EN. Ad Service Bureau; AKA. AAE. Store Comm; AMA. KISSINGER, KIRBY, KIRK, KIRK, KIRK, KENNETH DON LEO DIXON LOUISE MICHAEL JOHN WILLIAM MILES La Habra Burl ingame Santa Maria Los Angeles Berkeley Mechanical Business General Curriculum Mathematics. Architecture Engineering Administration. EK; YWCA; Abracadabra. FITE, Pres; Art Bureau. TB n; ASME; IAS. KIRSNER, DONALD A. Hollywood KIRSTEN, CORINNE LEAH Oakland KIRSTEN, FREDERICK A. Folsom KITCHEN, JANE LOUISE Oakland KITCHIN, WILLIAM KELLY San Francisco History. Home Economics OM; Pelican. Electrical Engineering OBK; HKN; Political Science College Women ' s Club Jr; Masonic Political Science Scabbard and Blade; Circle C; TB H. Club; Secretariat. Boxing. KITE, JAMES PHILIP Glendale KITTERMAN, JAMES M. Sacramento KITTOWER, ELMORE Los Angeles KITTREDGE, PETER HARRIS South Pasadena KLAUS, MARGARET ANNE San Francisco General Curriculum EH; Soph. Coun; Water Polo; WSSF. Agricultural Economics. Mechanical Engineering ASME. Mechanical Engineering. Education K. KLEIN, STANLEY M. San Jose KLEIN, SUSAN PATRICIA San Francisco KLEINENBROICH, WILLIS M. Modesto ((LINE, SUSAN ALLARD San Francisco KLINGMAN, GILBERT EARL Oakland Political Science ATA. English Epworth Hall. English Abracadabra. English Stern; Sr. Coun. Chemical Engineering ASCE. KLOTZLY, RICHARD EUGENE Santa Ana KNAUS, RUSSELL V. Santa Cruz I(NEASS, WEBSTER L. San Francisco KNICK, GWEN I. Taft KNIGHT, DONALD GILBERT San Francisco Transportation Geology. Business Administration. Business Administration Honor Students. Del Rey; IFC. Stern; Honor Stu- dents; OXO. JIM HOWE, president of Big " C, " had a burning bition to play baseball for the Detroit Tigers. Beta Beta, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, and Triune claim Jim—alias Mirrorhead to Sigma Nu brothers —as a member. His hobbies are playing water polo and surfing. KNIGHT, KNIGHT, ELIZABETH ANN JOHN LYNN Berkeley Bakersfield General Curriculum Optometry OM; Fr. Coun; AXA. Daily Cal. KNIPTHSH, KNOLL, ROBERT LOUIS HENRY LEO Glendale Oakland Physical Mechanical Education Engineering Winged ASME. Helmet; Football; Triune. I(NOX, KNOX, BARNWELL W. EDGAR G. Los Angeles Pomona Economics Marketing Sr. Coun. ATA. KNOX, KNUDSEN, KNURCK, JOHN 0., JR. STEWART KAY EDWARD C. Stockton Richmond San Diego Marketing Electrical Psychology KAP. Engineering. II KA. KOCH, KOENIG, KOEPLER, KOKKA, KOOBATIAN, KOTITE, !KOVACH, JOSEPHINE HELEN JO JACK LANDRAY NORIO RAYMOND H. PHYLLIS ANN JUNE J. San Francisco San Francisco Phillipsburg, Watsonville San Francisco Kentfield Oakland General Curriculum. Retail New Jersey Zoology. Marketing. General Curriculum General Curriculum Marketing Mechanical EK; Class Coon; Ritter; Beaudelaire; WAA; Engineering. Counseling; Dorm Council. Newman Club. Red Cross. I OVARIK, KOWALKOWSI I, KOYUNCUOGLU, KRAUSS, I RIKORIAN, KRUEPER, KRUGER, KUBIN, I UENSTER, BERNICE R. RICHARD LEO TURGUT M. LEONARD SAMUEL HARRY J., JR. EGON FRITZ ROBERT FRANI JEROME EDMOND LOUISE San Francisco San Francisco Izmir, Turkey San Francisco Pasadena Los Angeles Berkeley San Francisco Richmond Compton Personnel Chemistry Food Technology. Political Science Zoology Civil Engineering Optometry Chemistry Entomology. Home Economics. Administration Cloyne Court; Elections Coun. Honor Student. ASCE; 4E0I). Tower and Flame; DX(); AMA. Newman Club. Rifle Team; Circle C; SAACS. KUKULA, KUM, KUNZ!, I URTZ, KUWAHARE, KWOCK, KWONG, LAGOMAYSINO, LAIRD, LaJEUNESSE, CHESTER F. JIMMY LEE ROBERT E. BEVERLY JEAN GEORGE WINIFRED F. SHOU SOON GLADYS ANN ROGER C. CLYDE WILFRED San Francisco San Francisco San Diego Modesto Reedley Oakland Shanghai Colma Pacific Palisades Albany Industrial Accounting. Petroleum General Curriculum Industrial Accounting Chemical General Curriculum Business Mechanical Engineering. Engineering ZTA. Management. ,TOCO; Masonic Engineering. AEA. Admi nistration Engineering. AIMME; Mineral Club. .7.: . KAP. Tech. Assoc. A world traveler is JOAN CRAWFORD, the gal with the key to the ASUC ballot boxes. She lived at one time in the Philippines. Before Joan went into tics " as Elections Board Chairman, she was on the Blue and Gold. Other activities of this blue-eyed lass include Prytanean and Torch and Shield. LAM, LAMBERT, LANCASTER, LANCET, LANE, LANE, LANGDON, WILLIAM CORINNE MARIAN ROBERT GAINER ROBERT THOMAS MARTIN ALAN ROBERT D. ROBERT LEO Stockton San Francisco Bellflower Los Angeles Los Angeles San Francisco Madera Psychology Speech Forestry Mechanical Civil Engineering. German Soil Science H AO; Scabbard AA H. ADD. Engineering Newman Club. Bowles; Tower and and Blade. AE II; II TX; Flame; Men ' s Coun- TB II . seling, Chr; AZ. LANNING, LARKEY, LARSEN, LARSEN, LARSON, LAUGHARN, LAUGHLIN, LOUIS KEITH RICHARD J. BARBARA ANNE WILLIAM D. EDWARD KEITH NED H. WILLIAM ELLIS Reno, Nev. Orinda Oakland San Diego Long Beach Waverly Santa Paula Advertising. Political Science Social Welfare. Civil Engineering Accounting. Foreign Trade. Marketing. TIKE; IFC; AE. Axetravaganza; Symphony Forum. , LAYSER LAUTERBACH, LAUTERWASSER, LAVAYEN, LAYERING, LAWRENCE, LEACH, GEORGE MERLE NORMA FRANCES JORGE E. ELAINE ALICE Rodeo RUSSELL T. DAVID KILLIAN JOANN ELEANOR Val lejo San Carlos Cochabamba, Industrial Ge neral Curriculum General Curriculum. Music Bolivia El Cerrito Berkeley Davis AP; Pelican; Intra- Process Glee Club. AdministrationB u s i Business Decorative Art Management ss Pelican. SHE; MKT. mural; Homecoming. Engineering. Honor Students; WSSF; Class Coun; Tower and Flame; BAT. LEWIS, LEWIS, RICHARD E. WILLIAM ALLAN San Francisco Berkeley Business Mechanical Administration Engineering EN; Circle C; ASME. Water Polo. LIBBY, LIE, MARY FRANCES TON Mt. Vernon Oslo, Norway General Curriculum Marketing X52; Counseling; Ski Team. Blue and Gold. LILJESTRAND, LILLEF, BRAD FRANK, JR. Middletown, San Francisco Conn. Art Political Science. AE. HOWARD NEAL is another one of those lucky people who call Eshleman their home away from home. Howard was the spring business manager of the Daily Cal. He also was the vice-president of Alpha Delta Sigma and a member of Delta Sigma Phi. Optimist Neal plans to enter into the advertising field after a " 10-year hitch " in the Army. LEACH, LeBRUN, LEE, LEE, LEE, KENNETH S. MICHAEL A., JR. ANNETTE CHEN YING CYNTHIA San Francisco Burl ingame San Francisco Canton, China San Francisco Chemical Chemistry Personnel Chemical Social Welfare Engineering AXE. Administration. Engineering Counsel ing. OX; AICHE; Track; Rugby. II MD; Honor Stu- dent; AICHE; CSC. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, EDWARD GORSUM ERNEST HARVEY JOW YIT LLOYD ARTHUR San Francisco Walnut Grove Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Architecture Architecture Poultry Husbandry Architecture. Civil Engineering H Aeln. II Am; CSC. AZ. ASCE. LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, LEE, QUON CHEW RAYMOND CHONG SIU MAY STANLEY VIRGINIA SUSAN San Francisco Bakersfield Sacramento Oakland Sal inas Civil Engineering Marketing Education. Electrical General Curriculum XE; ASCE. Engineering IO II. AIEE; IRE. LEE, LEFKOWITZ, LEISZ, LEITCH, LEM, YEE F. ARNOLD STANLEY DOROTHY P. DeWITT T. HARVEY Los Angeles Nyack Oakland Mountain View San Francisco Civil Engineering Optometry General Curriculum Business Electrical ASCE; CSCA; CSC. f2E,P. AAA; Sr. Coun. Administration Engineering. OD; Sr. Peace Comm. LEMON, LEMPRES. LENANDER, LENORR, LEONARD, JULIANNE DANIEL NICK ROBERT HARRY BERNARD S. BARBARA JOAN Altadena San Francisco Glendale Van Nuys Oakland English Accounting Electrical Optometry Sculpture Warring Place. Masonic Club; Engineering. 52E4n. AAA. Counseling. LEONARD, LEONG, LEONG, LERTORA, LESSIN, JACK ROBERT ELAINE Y. WAH S. ROBERT M. ARLEN RICHARD Oakland San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Los Angeles Laboratory Fine Arts. Architecture Accounting Political Science Technician II Ail,. Univ. Theater. Cloyne; NSA; Track; Ski Club. U niv. Theater; Pelican. LeTOURNEAU, LEVANDER, LEVENHAGEN, LEVINE, LEVY, JOSEPH R. JERRY JACOB DON A. SAUL NANCY Burbank Berkeley Phoenix, Ariz. Santa Cruz San Mateo Political Science. Civil Engineering Sociology Optometry Political Science Cloyne; ASCE; Oxford Hall. Easeball. Stern; Dorm Coon.; Engineers ' Council. Activities Press Service. LEW, LEW, LEW, LEWIS, LEWIS, LAWRENCE LAWRENCE W. WILLIAM MARJORIE J. MARVIN HOWARD Watsonville Fresno San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Marketing. Marketing. Chemistry General Curriculum Accounting II A■D. Elizabeth Barrett; EAM; SHE; Dorm Council; Honor Students; Masonic Club. Counsel ing. Stebbins; Honor Students; MI II; Utrimque. LOUVAU, JANET HELEN San Francisco French ZTA; Daily Cal. LONGBROOK, LOORZ, BARBARA JANE DONALD A. Costa Mesa Alameda Sociology Personnel Administarticm ' P KT. LINDLEY, JOHN PATTERSON Sepulveda LINDH, ARTHUR WILLIAM Pittsburgh, Pa. Psychology Electrical Engineering LINDSAY, LIM, LIM, LIN, LIND, WINNIFRED F. PETER PETER, JR. CHUN CHL4 LOIS ELAINE Mariposa Oakland Manila Canton, China Piedmont History. Chemistry Mechanical Chemistry. General Curriculum (I) Engineering AAA; Tower and BM); ASME. Flame; Fr. Vice- Pres; Gavel and Quill; Class Coun. LIPIAN, LITWACK, LIVERMORE, LIVINGSTON, LLOYD, JACK HARVEY LEON FRANK ROBERT ALAN GRANT RAYMOND San Francisco Santa Barbara Ross Berkeley Los Angeles Political Science History Agricultural Sanitation Architecture SAM. Golden Bear; XKA; Economics OBK; Honor XX. Labor Coun, Chr; AAIP; Golden Bear; Students; Tower Welfare Board. Rep at Large; Big and Flame. C; Crew; Class Coun. LOFTUS, EDWARD W. Los Angeles LOFTUS, ELAINE Sacramento LOIZEAUX, DONALD G. LOKEN, ROBERT JOHN Val lejo LOLLICH, DONALD H. Elk Banking-Finance General Curriculum Riverside Business Mechanical BrI,; II AI; Business Administration Engineering. Daily Cal; Elections Administration MKT; AAI; Board; M K. AI H. Homecoming. LORING, LOUIE, CHARLES M., JR. GEORGE A. Napa Oakland Electrical Bacteriology. Engineering HEN; TB II; UCSEE. Head of Women ' s J, SHIRLEY RUSH wishes that people wouldn ' t think of Judicial Committee as thing inhuman. Aside from keeping house for her band, Bill, and working at Cowell, Shirley is a mem- ber of Women ' s Ex Board, Pryt, and Mortar Board. Her current interest is taking golf lessons so that she can keep up with her husband. LINDBLAD, WILLIAM JOHN Berkeley Electrical Engineering Men ' s Judicial; Scabbard and Blade; Newman. LOBREE, BETTY ANN San Francisco Social Welfare Cunningham; Treble Clef. LONG, HAROLD Oakland Social Criminology Acacia; IFC; ROTC; Counseling. LOUIE, VEN YOE Sacramento Accounting. LOWE, JUNE DOROTHY San Francisco Stebbins. LUDDEN. JOSEPHINE Berkeley General Curriculum Sr. Council; Masonic Club. LINFORTH, VIRGINIA Berkeley General Curriculum KKT; Pelican; YWCA; Intramural. LOWELL, RICHARD ARTHUR San Jose Civil Engineering SAE; XE. LUDDEN, ROBERT B. Berkeley Geology Mineral Tech. Assoc. LINN, MARJORIE J. Honolulu, T. H. Sociology Stern Hall. 7,T; TB ; Frat. Scholastic Soc; PCB; HEN; UCSEE. LOCHNER, MARGARITA I. Muroc Psychiatric Nursing Education RN ' s on Campus. LORD, LORENZ, WALTER V., JR. ALFRED JAMES South Pasadena Honolulu, T. H. Mechanical Agricultural Engineering Economics TT; Winged Hel- Crew. met; Yell Leader; ASME; Triune. LOW, JIMMY Berkeley Optometry. LOWENTHAL, JULIO Guatemala City, Guatemala Architecture Newman Club. LUDWIG, DONALD JOHN Berkeley Zoology ' I ' rA; Handball. LOFSKY, SUNYA L. Los Angeles General Curriculum College Women ' s Club Jr. LOCKE, WALLACE F., JR. Memphis, Tennessee History. LOCKNER, JEAN KATHERINE Napa General Curriculum Lantana Lodge. LOW, HENRY Santa Barbara Electrical Engineering BIT; TB II; HEN. LOWEN, EVELYN Portland, Ore. Social Welfare International House. LUDOLPH, DONALD CR4MER Pasadena Spanish Chorus. LOW, SHIELRY Napa General Curriculum SOIL; CSC; CSCA. LOWY, JANE LOUISE San Francisco Dramatic Art Bryn Mawr; Class Conn; NSA; seling; Gavel and Quill; Art Bureau. LOW, WILLIAM Suisun Accounting BAT; Tower and Flame; CSCA. LUCAS, CARMEN MARIA San Francisco History. LOW, MARY ALICE Atherton Recreation Symphony Forum; YWCA. LOWRY, CARL Fresno Civil Engineering ASCE. LUM, FRANCIS C. H. Honolulu, T. H. Zoology. LUND, LUND, LUNDSTRONG, LUNSMANN, RALPH B. WINSTON W. RICHARD A. HENRY WILLIAM Fair Oaks Santa Cruz Oakland San Francisco Industrial Electrical Marketing. Mechanical Engineering Engineering Engineering. SAM; ASME. HKN; TB11; UCSEE. LUYT, LYGREN, LYMAN, LYMAN, JOHANNES PHILIP BURTON CATHERINE YALE M. The Hague, Richmond Berkeley San Francisco Netherlands Civil Engineering English Economics Economics XE. AY; Tower and KN; Honor International Flame; Treble Students; THX; House. Clef; Class Coun; IFC; Class Conn; YWCA. Varsity Debate. MacCAULEY, MacPHERSON, MacDONALD, MacDONALD, JOHN JOSEPH MARILYN DANA JEAN IRMA MARCIA LOUISE San Francisco Los Angeles San Diego Sebastopol Accounting General Zoology. General BAT; Honor Curriculum Curriculum Students; Cunningham. Epworth; Tower and Flame. Sr. Conn. MacKENZIE JUNE UNE MacKENZIE, HARRY D., JR. MACKEY, DICK MACKEY, WILLIAM DAVID San Jose Salinas Visalia Riverside Social Welfare Soil Science. Recreation Insurance Xf2. ATA; Big C; AM; Rally Comm. Sr. Intramural Manager. MacLEAN, GEORGE ROSS Los Angeles MacMAHON, W. ROBERT ROB Walnut Wal Creek MADRIGAL, ANTONIO Reedley MAESTAS, TIMOTHY R. Berkeley French. General Mechanical Soil Science. Cu rricu lu m Engineering. KAP; Frat ASME. Scholastic Soc; Class Coon; ACB; Personnel Coun, Chr; Varsity Debate, Mgr. MAHLMANN, MORRIS C. MAIER, PAUL MAISTERRA, VICTOR MAK, PAK MING Caldwell, Tex. Agricultural Economics. San Francisco Accounting ZBT; BEE; BAT; Counseling. Guadalajara, Mexico Chemical Engineering. Hong Kong Accounting. LUSTIG, HAROLD Hayward Retailing KN; Track. LYONS, JAMES MARTIN Livermore Agricultural Economics KE; Ball and Chain; Class Councils. MacIVER, DOUGLAS Y. Bishop Mineral Exploration OT; Mineral Tech. Assoc. MacKTNLAY, IAN BRADBURNE San Francisco Architecture AAO. MAHAN, JOHN WILLIAM Roseville General Curriculum A Til; TO; Newman Club. MAKISHIMA, HAROLD H. Sacramento Accounting. MALCHOW, RICHARD W. San Francisco MALDE, PAUL BERNARD San Francisco MALLORY, GEORGE R. Oakland MALONEY, EDWARD JAMES San Francisco Electrical Engineering Political Science TAO; Sr. Coun. Mechanical Engineering Hospital Administration. UCSEE; AIEE. Acacia. AT; Be; IFC. MARCHETTE, BUDDY ALBERT Murphy Geology BXT; ATS2. MANDT, LOIS ANN San Francisco Social Welfare. MANNEX, JANE Long Beach General Curriculum TI BO; Ace of Clubs; Prytanean. MARK, MARKELL, CECIL JAMES ROBERT ALLAN Yuba City New York Civil Engineering History. AXA; ASCE; Crew; Cal Engineer. MAXEY, MARINONI, THOMAS J. HELEN LOUISE San Mateo Berkeley Electrical General Engineering Curriculum HKN; TB II; AA II; Sr. Coax; AFE. Intramural; Pelican. N MANUEL, WILEY WILLIAM Berkeley Economics. S MARKS, MARI USFELD, LOIS JEAN LIONEL Redwood City New Rochelle, York Yor New Textiles and MARIAN THOMAS saw to it that the Rep ' s office Clothing Banking-Finance got that feminine touch when she supervised the AXA. l ' A M. redecoration of it—it ' s now called the " Lemon Room. " Quiet and thoughtful Marian is an outdoor girl who likes the mountains, golf and skiing. " Butch " also participates in Cal Club, Pryt, and Torch and Shield. MARKEY, MARR, CHRISTIAN E. PAUL DONALD Whittier San Francisco General Geography Curriculum International :EN; Winged House; Newman Helmet; Skull Club; WSSF. and Keys; Football; NROTC. MATHENY, MATHESON, SHANNON L., JR. JEAN EDITH Sacramento El Cerrito Zoology WAA. Crew; AIME; eral Tech. Assoc. Petroleum Engineering McCALLA, ROBERT JAMES Tustin Mechanical Engineering. McCLINE, ROBIN GAY Fresno Architecture TY.K. Chairman of this year ' s Homecoming activities was RAY SMITH. Ray is a member of Cal Club, Winged Helmet, Golden Bear, Gavel and Quill, and Rally mittee. Class activities have also claimed a large part of his time. (After graduation with a business administration major, Ray plans to go to work as a salesman.) In his spare time he ran a taxi service from Piedmont Ave. to the campus. McCLURE, DOUGLAS GORDON Fullerton Optometry Derby House. McCLURE, ALMA JEAN Lindsay Marketing Oldenberg; WAA; Prytanean; ilqX(i); Women ' s C. MARSH, AVONIA MAE Berkeley Decorative Art MARX, ANNELIESE San Francisco Nutrition- Dietetics. MATSUMOTO, GRACE Berkeley Bacteriology Nisei Student Club. MARSH, SALLY J. Berkeley MASAKI, AKITO Sacramento Marketing. MATTAL, LARRY ATWOOD San Francisco Industrial Relations ZBT. MARSHALL, ALICE San Francisco MASON, MARILYN Piedmont General Curriculum KKr; Homecoming; Symphony Forum. MALTIS, THOMAS JOSEPH Whittier Mechanical Engineering. MARSHALL, GRIFFITH Escalon General Curriculum TKE; Class Coun. MASSEY, PETER ROBERT Oakland Business Administration Circle C. MASTERMAN, FREDERICK Los Altos General Curriculum 1N. MAYEDA, KAY Alvarado Soil Science. MARTIN, CHARLES RAY San Francisco Accounting Honor Students; BAT; Newman Club. MASTEN, DONALD VERNER Oakland Transportation TBK; BF1. MAUSER, LORRAINE MAE Oakland Public Health TNI; Intramural. MAYER, FRANKLIN Colton Civil Engineering ASCE. MARTIN, EDWARD F. Wilmington Forestry El H. MAUTINO, ELAYNE M. Burl ingame Speech KA; II AE; Sr. Coun; Pelican. MAYNARD, ROBERT BURKE Fresno Civil Engineering. MARTIN, ELIZABETH San Francisco History 1K; KA; Secretariat. MARTIN, HAROLD W. Watsonville Economics Baton; Band; Social Bears. MATHEWS, THEODORE J. Chico Marketing EAE; Ball and Chain; Football. MARTIN, LOIS Fresno Laboratory Technician XII; Treble Clef; Symphony Forum. MATHISON, HENDRIX BRYAN De Funiak Springs, Florida Petroleum En gineering OT; Mineral Tech. Assoc. MAYALL, ADA Berkeley General Curriculum. McBRIDE, RICHARD A. West New General Curriculum. MARUYAMA, YOSH Pasadena Biochemistry Honor Students; Tower and Flame. MATSUEDA, TSUKASA San Mateo History. MAYEDA, AKIRA ALEX Berkeley International Relations ATE. McCALL, ELEANOR Oakland General Curriculum AZ; Pelican. Social Theory General Curriculum X52; AXA; Blue KKr; TBK; Sr. Coun; Newman and Gold; Red ASUC Vice-Pres; Club. Cross; Election Torch and Shield; Board. Cal Club; Rally Comm. McCARTNEY, McCARTHY, DOROTHY HELEN JOHN EMMET Berkeley San Francisco General Curriculum Civil Engineering ZTA; Class Coun; TB II; XE; ASCE. Daily Cal. McCARY, McCLASKEY, DONALD LEE BEVERLY JOAN Oakland Greaegle History- Public Health Economics Education IKA; Honor ZTA; Prytanean; Students. Panhellenic, Pres; Women ' s Ex Board. McCRACKEN, McCONNELL, PAUL BARRY WILLIAM H., JR. San Diego Pittsburgh, Pa. Mechanical Political Science Engineering. ATE; Winged Helmet. McCLAUGHRY, MELVA JOANNE Lancaster Bacteriology Richards Hall. McCOY, PHILLIP Muskogee, Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering. McCLAUGHRY, WILLIAM C. Piedmont Marketing AT; Winged Helmet. McCOY, WILLIAM F. El Cerrito History Honor Students ; IKA. MAXWELL, MAXWELL, ELIZABETH H. OLIVER H. San Francisco Fairfield Marketing Industrial ZTA. Engineering. MAllAGLIA, McADAMS, SAM ROY DIANE E. San Jose Glendale Optometry. General Curriculum ZTA. McCUE, McCULLAGH, McDANIEL, McDERMON, McDERMOTT, GERALD MALLON ROBERT GAVIEN JAMES WILLIAM CHARLES T. PATRICK Berkeley Berkeley San Diego San Franciso Shermon Oaks Architecture History Medicine. Dramatic Art Criminology EKE. EKA; Honor Footba ll; Drama. ,I,KE. Students; Band. McDONALD, McDOUGAL, McDUFFEE, McENEANY, IVicFADDEN, STURTEN MARY LOUISE HERBERT S., JR. MARY TWILA M. Oakland Rio Vista Sacramento Berkeley Stockton Marketing Political Science Real Estate General Curriculm History. 4T4; Circle C. Joaquin Hall. g ' K; 4,1,; Sr. AP; Counseling; Homecoming; Peace Comm. Pelican; Red Cross. McFANN, McGERVEY, McGLYNN, DONALD JOHN BRIAN D. SCOTT El Monte San Bernardino Coronado Petroleum Industrial Political Science Engineering Management AKE; Honor Mineral Tech. KE. Students. Assoc.; AIME. WSSF. McGRANE, McGRANE, BARBARA KING JOHN FORSYTH Berkeley Long Beach General Curriculum Chemistry. EK. McGREGOR, ROBERT ANDERSON Pasadena Agricultural Economics. McINTYRE STEWARE CONRAD La Crescenta Social Welfare 4,1 C1; Homecoming. McKNIGHT, SELDEN WATSON Folsom Industrial Engineering. McMURTRY, EARL RAYMOND San Francisco Accounting. McWILLIAMS, JAMES ROBERT Etiwanda German. McGUIRE, MICHAEL T. Pasadena Business Administration BO I I ; Winged Helmet; 1113; Skull and Keys; Football. McKEEN, ELIZABETH Spokane, Wash. Spanish. McLAREN, JAMES ARTHUR Berkeley Speech. McNINCH, EDWIN KERR, JR. San Francisco Civil Engineering TB XE. MEADOWS, LEE ALVIN Santa Barbara Electrical Engineering. McHUGH, PHYLLIS R. Santa Monica General Curriculum Stern; Honor Student; Sr. Coun.; McKEON, TERRENCE San Francisco English. McLEAN, GLENN E. Oakland Marketing Honor Students; S-aboard and Blade; Quarterdeck. McQUARY, WILLARD ALBERT Ceres Political Science Honor Students. McINTYRE, JOANNE Berkeley Dramatic Art KAO; Sr. Coun. McKIM, JOE PAUL Imperial General Curriculum ,PKW; Winged Helmet; Circle C; Triune; Wrestling. McRAE, DONALD JAMES Sacramento Business Administration KE. McINTYRE, LOUISE KEELER Berkeley Psychology KAO. McKIN NEY, KEITH CLARK Santa Ana Industrial Engineering TB II; ASME. McSHANE, DONALD JOSEPH Chicago, Ill. Industrial Management. MEERS, JACK ROBERT Berkeley Political Science ATA. MEANS, MEDNICK, HOWARD JANCE WILLIAM S. Long Beach Beverly Hills Petroleum History. Engineering. McLEAN, McLEOD, NORMAN, JR. KENNETH M. San Diego Oakland Forestry Psychology. Honor Student; SE II; AZ. MEEUWIG, MEHLERT, RICHARD CALVIN EDWARD O ' BANNON Fresno Rockaway Beach International Forestry Relations EX H 4,I,E; Winged Helmet; Honor Students; Track; Circle C. MEHTA, MEII LE, MADHOOKER C. GEORGE Bombay, India Oakland Process Mechanical Engineering. Engineering TBIT; TITE. MELNER, MELSTROM, SAMUEL BURTON ROBERT RALPH North Hollywood Ellsworth, Wis. Zoology Criminology. 4X; Men ' s Activity Coun.; Jr. Coun. Two new candidates for Cal ' s football hall of fame were BOB MINAHEN and CARL VAN HEUIT. Carl, one of the nation ' s top safety men, twice received the Ken Cotton award for courageous playing. Red- headed Bob, known off and on the field as " minnie, " was awarded all-Coast honors for his offensive and defensive playing. ' PT; Scabbard and Blade; Big C; Ball and Chain. MIDDLETON, MIHALOVICI, HOWARD WIEDEN JACK M. Oakland Tel Aviv, Israel Marketing Electrical Engineering AIEE; SAM. MELTON, MENDOZA, ROBERT WALLACE JOSEPH San Diego Altadena General Curriculum Petroleum Winged Helmet; Engineering Baseball; H KA; Glee Club. Basketball. MENZIES, HAROLD ALAN San Francisco Marketing IdAX; Class Coun.; Sr. Peace Comm. MERCER, ROBERT JAMES Downey Mathematics Cloyne; Honor Students; Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck. MEYER, JAMES PETER San Pedro Mechanical Engineering ASME. MERRILL, RICHARD Oakland Political Science H KA; Class Coon.; Sr. Peace Comm.; Homecoming. MEYER, JEWELL LANE Turlock Soil Science Masonic Club. MESSELBECK, EUGENE WILLIAM Oakland Accounting MEYER, JOHN EMMETT San Francisco Accounting. METHMANN, SONDRA MARTHA Oakland General Curriculum AAX; Orientations. METTIER, NANCY San Political AP; Blue and Gold. METTLER, ROBERT PARKER Bakersfield Agricultural Economics Bowles Hall. MEYER, WALTER Santa Maria Business Administration EAT; Big C; ASME; AMA; SAM. METZ, NORMAN RICHARD Placentia Industrial Engineering KA; SIE. MEYERS, CHARLES L., JR. Oakland Process Metallurgy TB TI ; Masonic Club; Mineral Tech. Assoc.; AIME. MEUTER, MEYER, MEYER, DONNA MAREE BARBARA PARK ELEANOR Alameda Alhambra Los Angeles Biochemistry Biochemistry. General Curriculum Oldenberg; Honor ASE. Students; College Women ' s Club Jr.; Masonic Club. MEYER, MEYER, ROBERT EELLS TED NORMAN Los Gatos Glendale Industrial Industrial Management Management ATA; Sports. Rowing Club. MICHAELIDES, SIMOS Famagusta, Cyprus Medicine International House; 1,13K. MILES, MILLAR, VIRGINIA ALLAN R. Sacramento Oakland Mathematics Accounting Peixotto; Honor Gymnastics. Students; Dorm Council. MILLER, EDRICI JOSEPH Santa Ana Accounting. MILLER, RICHARD L. Livermore General Curriculum AKE; Winged Helmet. MILLER, STANLEY Oakland Chemistry EAM; THE; Sr. Peace Comm.; SAACS; Counseling. MILLER, VIVIAN RONALD Chico Accounting BAT; BrE. MILLS, HARRIETT M. Berkeley Public Health Nursing RN ' s on Campus. MILNER, ANNABELLE Berkeley General Curriculum ME H; Pelican. MISURACA, DOLORES MARIE San Francisco Education EK; Pelican; Counseling. MO, JOE CHEUK-HUNG Hong Kong Accounting. MINAHEN, ROBERT WILLIAM Stockton Business Administration AT; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Football; Big C. MITCHELL, CHARLES RICHARD Richmond Civil Engineering ASCE. MOLINA, JORGE Guatemala Architecture Newman Club. MINKOWSKI, HERMAN Pasadena Civil Engineering XE; TB H. MITCHELL, COLLEEN P. Hollywood General Curriculum Epworth; Sr. Coun.; Axetravaganza; Univ. Chorus. MOLINARI, JOAN RUTH San Anselmo AZ; Blue and Gold, Jr. Mgr. MILNER, WARREN Bakersfield Civil Engineering AEC XE; TB H; ; Counseling. MITCHELL, JOHN Richmond Political Science. MOLLER, GEORGE EDWARD Carmel Mechanical Engineering ATA; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Triune; Rugby. M INTZ, WILLIAM ARTHUR Los Angeles Industrial Engineering MITCHELL, ROBERT ERNEST Berkeley Electrical Engineering SAM. MOLONY, JAMES San Political Science MINZEY, ELIZABETH E. Berkeley Psychology EE H. MIURA, AKIO Sacramento Electrical Engineering AIEE. MOLTHEN, ROBERT A. Nevada City Civil Engineering il,PA; ASCE. MIRANDE, BERNARD JOSEPH Willows French. MIZUHARA, ASTOR Berkeley Social Welfare MONFORT, STUART ALAN Pomona Electrical Engineering IC I); Crew; AIEE; USCEE. Chinese food is a passion of GEORGE SUTLIFF, Senior football manager. George is also partial to popular music and the light ciassicals as well as being an ardent swimmer. Naturally George is fond of football and he started his managing career as a sophomore. But between semesters George left his old haunts at the Gym to take up a job for Uncle Sam—caught in the draft! MUNS, ROBERT Oakland Chemistry. MURDOCK, ROY KENNETH San Francisco Petroleum Engineering T13 T1; Scabbard and Blade; Mineral Tech. Assoc. MUNSHAUSEN, VIRGINIA ANN San Industrial Relations. MONROE, DONALD JOSEPH Sacramento Business Administration ETE; Winged Helmet; Baseball; Big C; Triune. MORITA, YASUKO San Francisco Home Economics ON. MORRISON, ROBERT LLOYD Albany Marketing KZ. MOSER, NORMA JEANNE San Francisco Speech College Women ' s Club Jr.; WSSF; Counseling. MOY, LORING F. Carmel Foreign Trade ATE. MONSON, MORRIS OGDEN Oakland Real Estate. MORITZ, BRUCE ALLAN San Francisco Marketing. MORRISON, WILLIAM CLARK Berkeley Advertising AAE; Basketball Mgr. MOSHER, HELENE FRANCES Oakland Political Science College Women ' s Club Jr. MOYLAN, DORIS MARIE Piedmont Business Administration ti)X0. MONTGOMERY, JOHN Oakland History EKA; Counseling. MORRIS, GEORGE WAYNE Stockton Economics. MORSE, FRANCIS Berkeley Electrical Engineering. MOSKALENKO, ANATOLE J. San Francisco International Relations ATE. MULHOLLAND, HUGH Van Nuys Civil Engineering ASCE. MOODY, GEORGE EDWARD Reno, Nev. General Curriculum OX; Tennis. MULLEN, WILLIAM JOHN San Francisco Bacteriology MOON, BILL LEROY Twin Falls, Idaho Political Science. MORISON, WILLIAM JOHN Oakland Accounting. MULLER, JOHN PHILLIP New York Speech. HELEN BAKER was an unusual president—she found time to sign up for committee work while presiding over Hearst gym athletic events. Other activities which claimed Helen ' s time were the Majors club, Prytanean and Women ' s C societies. The special sports of this WAA president were softball and tennis; her special foible, the traditional grapefruit she carried in her lunch. MULLIN, LEO PATRICK San Francisco MULVANY, RICHARD BURKE Berkeley History. Industrial Management AX; Scabbard and Blade; Counsel ing; Quarterdeck. MURPHY, COLLEEN PHYLLIS Santa Ana History Stebbins; EKA. MURRAY, JAMES Los Civil TB H; XE; Scabbard and Blade; Engineers ' Council. MUSSO, JOAN D. San Francisco Zoology AM2; Honor Students; Sr, Coun.; Pelican. MUZQUIZ- CARRANZA, CESAR Morena, Mex. Industrial Engineering ASME. MYERS, KATHRYN Berkeley Social Welfare AEA; Treble Clef; Pelican; WAA. MYOVICH, JOHN Oakland Business Administration. MYERS, SHIRLEY GAY Bakersfield History EK; Symphony Forum. NAGAO, DAVID Compton Accounting Honor Students; MOORE, MOOSER, JOHN D. LUPE P. Sebastopol Burlingame Civil Engineering Social Bears; Boxing. MOREDA, MORGAN, LEROY ARTHUR THOMAS E., JR. Petaluma Oakland Accounting Political Science TKE; Circle C; Basketball. Political Science ZTA; Daily Cal; Counseling; Soph Conn.; YWCA. BAT; Sr. Council; Men ' s Counseling; Orientations. MORRISON, MORRISON, GORDON EUGENE ROBERT ARTHUR Sacramento Berkeley Electrical Speech Engineering Honor Students; ET; HKN; Calvin Club; Symphony Forum; Tower and Flame. UCSEE. MORSE, MOSER, JEAN MARILYN R. San Francisco Pittsburg General Curriculum psychology A1 ' ;Pelican; AZ; Blue and Intermural. Gold; Class Coun.; YWCA. MOTSENBOCKER, MOULDS, 0. RICHARD WAHL Berkeley Santa Barbara Phi loso phy. Civil Engineering ASCE. MURRI, RUTH MARIA Napa General Curriclum Epworth. MUSCO, MUSSO, DAMIAN DOMENIC ANGELO Piedmont Alameda Food Technology Architecture. Newman Club; Gymnastics. N NISHITA, SATORU San Juan Bautista Landscape Arch. NISHIOKA, AKIRA Fresno Architecture. NISHIMOTO, PATTY Madera History. Industrial Management. O ' CONNOR, O ' CONNOR, ODABASHIAN, CHARLES S., JR. JOHN P. ALBERT A. Manor Oakland San. Francisco Political Science. General Curriculum AXA. NAGLE, NAKAHATA, NAKATA, ROBERT WARREN DONALD T. CAROLYN A. Ontario San Francisco Kingsburg Accounting. Zoology. Home Economics Sherman; AM. NEDHAM, NELIDOV, NELSON, NELSON, JOSEPH CARL GEORGE EDINA C. JUDITH ANNE Hayward El Cerrito Berkeley Berkeley Political Science. Business International Elementary Administration Relations Education. Glee Club. Phrateres. NAPP, NARANS, RICHARD ALLEN MARGIE LEE San Francisco Santa Rosa Retail ing General Curriculum Class Coun; ITD; Class Coun. mural Sports. NEWBERG, NG, NIDEVER, NIEDERBERG, PETER LERON RICHARD RICHARD NELSON SAMUEL C. Willmar, Minn. Oakland Monterey Los Angeles Petroleum Transportation Criminology Landscape Arch. Engineering Scabbard and ,14(.1. Masonic Club; MTA. Blade; Football. ALA. NITTA, SATOSHI Berkeley Mechanical Engineering TE; TB II. NOBLES, CAROLYN CLAIRE Santa Clara Business Administration (DM; Daily Cal; AMA; Counseling. NOBE, KEN Berkeley Chemical Engineering. NOLZE, NOONAN, ELLY ORLANDA LEO EDWARD San Francisco Santa Rosa General Curriculum Business Administration Symphony Forum. AT; 44. NORDLING, NORDQUIST, NORTH, STANLEY CARL WALTER S., JR. LOWELL O. San Francisco San Mateo San Diego Civil Engineering. Marketing !TKO; AX II; Cal Frolics. NORTH, NORWALL, MARVIN ROBERT GLORIA RUTH Albany San Francisco Business Spanish Administration. Lantana; Pryt; Casa Hispana; Counselling. Civil Engineering BO D; Sailing Team. A girl who always had good ideas was DORIS DANA, president of Dorm Council. Soft spoken Doris also has a hand in the activities of Mortar Board, neon, Torch and Shield, and Woman ' s Judicial. A favorite pastime with D. D. is hiking and she ' s mad about animals—especially cows. When she leaves Cal she hopes to teach in high school. NOSSAMAN, NUNES, LOIS ARLENE JOYCE ANN Modesto Oakland Physical Education Speech NEW; WAA. Secretariat; College Women ' s Club; Speech Arts. NUNN, NUSSBAUM, DOROTHY ANN RACHEL ELLEN Fullerton Concord Physical Education Child Development ZTA; Life Guard AEA. Corps. OAKLEY, PHYLLIS ANN Sacramento General Curriculum Stern; International Bd.; Symphony Forum. OBADIA, HESKEL HARON Baghdad Music Symphony Orchestra. OAKES, MILLIS HENRY Colton Geology H OBERG, LORRAINE San Francisco General Curriculum reDB; Red Cross; Panhellenic; Intramural. ODEH, AZIZ S. Nazareth, Palestine Petroleum Engineering Honor Student; TB II; Golden Bear; WSSF; Ininvnnf Rd OETLING, JORGE JULIO Guadalajara, • Mexico Mechanical Engineering International House. OGAN, EUGENE Portland Anthropology Honor Students. NASH, HARRIET Berkeley General Curriculum NASH, WALTER CLYDE Montebello Zoology Bowles; Rugby. NATHAN, AN ITA Detroit, Mich. Child Development Social Bears. NATHAN, ROBERT San Francisco Math-Chemistry Honor Students; El ME. NEAL, HOWARD F. Los Angeles Advertising AAE; Daily Cal, Mgr.; Drives Comm. NELSON, MARIANNE JOY Hayward Mathematics AAX; II ME; YWCA; WAA; International Bd. NESBIT, NETHAWAY, BETTY G. DAVID ROBERT San Fernando San Diego Zoology Chemistry Ritter. Tower and Flame; Honor Students. N ETO, ELMER LOUIS Crows Landing Marketing. NEUDECH, DONALD HENRY Sacramento Forestry NEUMILLER, MEREDITH H. Stockton Political Science Stern. OGDEN, OGDEN, O ' HARE, OKAMOTO, OLIPHANT, RICHARD M. WOODRUFF WILLIAM J. MASATO MARY EMMA Pasadena Oakland Sacramento Upland Oakland Ind. Management Economics Business Electrical Chemistry Administration Engineering. Be TI ; Trio le; Del Rey. Tower and Flame Skull and Keys; OAX. Honor Students; Winged Helmet; Orientations; BB; Football; ACS. Rugby. OLIPHANT, OLIVA, OLIVI, OLSEN, OLSEN, PATRICIA WILLIAM E. RALPH LELIO DEAN ARTHUR RONALD E. Berkeley Los Angeles San Jose Denver, Colo. San Francisco Psychology Insurance-Finance Political Science Accounting Banking-Finance. AXA; YWCA; OX MKT. YA3E; BAT. Fresh Ccun. OLSON, OLSON, OMORI, OTT, O ' NEILL, RICHARD LEE ROBERT GORDON SHIGERU GARETH SEIM JAMES ROBERT l ingsburg Val lejo San Francisco San Mateo Berkeley Political Science Accounting. Civil Engineering Sanitation. Electrical Acacia. ASCE. Engineering AIEE; IRE. O ' NEILL, O ' NEILL, ONO, OPPENHEIM, ORCHISON, PATRICIA LEE PAUL LEONARD TAEKO JOANNE PETER KLEEMAN WILLIAM S. Knights Landing Berkeley Bakersfield Beverly Hills Berkeley General Curriculum Chemistry. General Curriculum English Marketing Ritter. Daily Cal; Scabbard and AT; Dorm Coun. Blade; Pelican; Winged Helmet. Publications Council. ORLANDI, O ' REAR, OSAKI, OZAWA, ORLANDO RICHARD EDWARD YOSHITO WAYNE SUMIKO Berkeley Ventura San Francisco San Francisco Architecture. Civil Engineering Architecture Biochemistry. Oxford; ASCE. Stiles. ORTLAND, LENORE COOK Oakland Hispanic America Casa Hispana; Tower and Flame. ORZECH, DAVID Tel-Aviv, Israel Psychology USCA. O ' SHAUGHNESSY, OSTROW, JOHN MEREDITH SAM LOUIS St. Louis, Mo. Oakland Marketing Mechanical AF II; AMA, Engineering. O ' TOOLE, OVERGAARD, FRANCIS S. NEIL ALVIN Plentywood, Madera Montana Entomology Electrical White Shingles. Engineering. OWEN, OWRE, OW WING, PADEN, PADILLA, ELISABETH L. EDGAR ALFRED HERBERT DALLAS L. LEWIS R. Berkeley No. Sacramento Courtland Hanford San Diego English. History Pharmacy Chemistry Civil Engineering Acacia; APHA. OX; Pre-med ' 1KT. Counseling. Soc; Honor Students. PADGETT, PAGE, PAINE, PALEINI, PALLAS, HAROLD EDWARD PATRICIA ANN WILLIAM J. JIM BERNARD CHRISTO M. Tacoma, Wash. Oakland Fresno Berkeley San Francisco Political Science General Curriculum Psychology. Marketing Electrical A0E; Honor KA; Treble Clef; OE; AMA. Engineering Students. Radio-TV IRE; EPS. Theatre. PALMER, BERNARD FRANK Laurel, Montana Civil Engineering ASCE. PANG, PAONESSA, BILLY LYNN K. MARILYN JOAN Marks, Miss. Elsinore Civil Engineering Personnel CSC. Administration ASCE; Honor Students; BFE; cI)X0. PALMER, RUSSELL R. La Canada Business Administration Bowles. PANTTAJA, PANTIEL, WILLIAM TOIVO SANDRA R. Oakland Dallas, Texas History General Curriculum AXA; Scabbard Richards. and Blade; Sr. Coun; Frosh Football; Ramblers. As house vice-president, ALICE COUGHLIN kept Kappa sisters constantly amused with her bass ren- dition of the " Big C Song " —grr-rr-rr-rah! A Poli Sci major who spends idle hours swimming, Alice served on the NSA Staff Committee, and was always busy with class council, WSSF, or Pryt meetings (when she wasn ' t singing!). PAPAS, ?APAZIAN, DENO G. JACQUELINE Inglewood San Francisco Civil Engineering Decorative Art Cloyne Court. Honor Students; AXA. PARDEE, BARBARA J. Sacramento History Californian. PARISH, THOMAS JOSEPH San Francisco Electrical Engineering. PARK, HARRIET LOIS Berkeley Pub. Health Nursing RN on Campus. PARKER, JAMES ROY Pacific Grove Physical Education IO; Big C Society; Baseball; Football. PARKER, JERE JAY Berkeley Agricultural Economics Masonic Club. PARKER, JEREMY HALE Turlock Electrical Engineering UCSEE. PARKER, JOYCE ANNE Vallejo History. PARKER, PATRICIA JEAN Richmond English Secretariat; Treble Clef. PARKER, PARKER, PARKIN, PARKINSON, PARKS, PARMELEE, PARNELL, PARRISH, PARVIN, PASINI, RAYMOND EARL RICHARD S. BEVERLY JUNE JANICE L. WILLIAM ROBERT DEXTER IRIS YVONNE ELIZABETH ROBERT ROY Oakland Riverside Vallejo Alameda Davis San Francisco Millbrae Berkeley Berkeley Albany Mechanical Astronomy. International General Curriculum Agric. Economics Economics Geological General Curriculum Ind. Engineering Journalism. Engineering. Relations ITB; Bowles; Scabbard H K■D; Sciences KAO. Welfare Bd; Richards. Elections Bd; and Blade; Coun- Counseling. OBK. Labor Council. Blue and Gold. seling; Homecoming; Rally Comm; PATCHEN, PATCHETT, PATEL, PATTEN, Class Councils. PAUL, PAUL, PAULSON, PAYNE, PEARL, TED F. GILBERT GRAY NATVERLAL M. ELIZABETH ANN EDWARD A. VINCENT DANIEL THOMAS G., II GEORGE S. RICHARD OTHO , PATTERSON, Pasadena Los Angeles Richmond Montebello El Cerrito Sacramento Oakland Baroda, India Redwood City ROBERT DARL O Chemical rganic Chemistry Psychology Bakersfield Forestry Civil Engineering Political Science Entomology Business Chemistry Cloyne Court. ' AXE. Engineering AO II; Honor OAX; Skull and ASCE. KA; Triune; Bowles; Administration. AICE. Students; Daily History Keys; Ball and Winged Helmet; Jr Basketball Cal; Jr. Coun. Bowles; Symphony Chain; Ski Team. Skull and Keys; Manager. Forum. Swimming; Water Polo. Good natured ED BARTLETT planned for a career as a salesman after graduation. " Bardo " earned ters both in football and rugby. He could also be found at meetings of Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, Block C and Circle C, or pounding the gavel at the Figi house. PEARSON, PEARSON, PEASE, PECKHAM, CONRAD FRANI KENNETH L. JOYCE H. ROBERT M., JR. Corning Oakland Sacramento Woodland General Curriculum Construction Civil Engineering Geological AX; IFC. Engineering Stern; XE; Sciences ASCE; SAM. ASCE; Counseling. PEHRSON, PEIRANO, PEIRANO, PELFINI, PELLA, JOHN E. JAMES CHARLES LAWRENCE E. VINCENT LOUIS RICHARD JAMES Downey Lodi Stockton San Francisco Burl ingame Soil Science Accounting Civil Engineering Architecture Mechanical AZ; Honor BAT. Bowles; Del Rey. Engineering. Students. Big C Soc; TB H; Track. PELLER, PELLISSIER, PENMAN, PENNY, PENROSE, PERE, PERE, LEONARD HENRI FIDEL HUGH SAXON WILLIAM ALBERT JOAN BARBARA CAROLYN HARRIS RAYMOND Los Angeles Whittier Oakland Whittier Berkeley Pacific Grove Chualar Chemistry Agriculture History Civil Engineering Social Welfare History General Curriculum AXE. 4,KT. KAP;EI II; KE; Skull and Forum Council; Counsel ing; Keys. International Bd. Symphony Forum. PEDERSEN, PEDERSEN, PEEL, NORMAN BARBER RALPH MARTIN BETTY J. Orinda Stockton Oakland Ind. Engineering Religion. English. AAA; Winged Helmet; ASME. PEEKEMA, PEEKEMA, GEORGE T., JR. RICHARD M. Gridley Gridley Civil Engineering Chemistry Bowles; Big C Soc; Acacia. Varsity Baseball; Frosh Basketball. PERKINS, PERLEY, PERRIN, PERRY, PERRY, DAVID HOBBS RICHARD L. JOSEPH CHARLES HORACE EDWARD WILLIAM D., JR. Berkeley San Francisco Rio Vista Vallejo Fresno Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Agricultural Electrical Pre-medical. cI)KT; TBH; ASCE. Enonomics. Engineering XE;4,; TB H; HKN; Interfrat Sch UCSEE; Honor Honor Soc; Band; Students; Baton Sac; ASCE. Basketball. PERSE, PERSON, PETERS, PETERS, PETERSON, JOSEPH LEONARD ANNETTE IVIARIE JOHN SHIELDS ROBERT STEWART ALAN WINSTON San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Riverside Milwaukie, Chemistry. Recreation Mineral Exploration Psychology. Oregon Cheney; Univ. Masonic Club. Astronomy Theatre; College E H E. Women ' s Club. PETERSON, PETERSON, PETRIC, PETTITT, PEYSER, CONWAY VERNE MARGERY ANN JOHN WILLIAM ROGER CARLYLE ROSELYN L. Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Riverside Sacramento Marketing English Business Political Science. Political Science Scabbard Lantana; Cal Administration Sherman; Pryt; and Blade; Frolics; Utrimque. TKE; 4)4); Winged Honor Students; Crew. Helmet; Rally 11 AO; Occident, Comm; Soph Coun. Mgr Ed. PFEFFER, PFOST, PHILLIPS, WALTER H. R. FRED ALFRED DANIEL Philadelphia, Rio Linda Point Arena Pennsylvania Electrical Mechanical Psychology. Engineering Engineering Acacia TB II; ASME. IRE; Class Coun; Homecoming. PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, PIEMME, PILIAVIN, PIPER, LEONARD W. RICHARD, III FRANCIS MARTIN IRVING M. JAMES HUMBERT Santa Barbara Vallejo Taft Los Angeles Berkeley Political Science Industrial Mechanical Mathematics History BET; CSTA. Engineering. Engineering. Tower and Flame. Speech Arts Club. a PHILLIPS, DONALD GORDON Walnut Grove Mechanical Engineering TB ASME. PHILLIPS, JAMES HENRY, JR. Sacramento General Curriculum Del Rey. PIROJNIKOFF, PIROJNIKOFF, PISTOHL, PITMAN, LEO ALEXANDER OLGA BETTY ANN DAVID ROSS San Francisco San Francisco Brisbane San Anselmo Psychology Social Welfare. Decorative Art Electrical M H. Epworth; ANA; Engineering College Women ' s IRE. Club; Masonic Club. PIPER, NELSON A. Suisun History Ridge House; IKA. H PIVA, PIXTON, POLGLASE, POLKINGHORNE, POLLEY, Architecture ROBERT VICTOR JUNE DORIS San Francisco Richmond Oxnard English Lindsay HARRY JAMES Marketing San Francisco ALLAN AMBROSE MARGARET E. Electrical International Del Rey. Mitchell; EMIT; ef)413; Triune; Engineering Relations Red Cross. Sr. Council. AIEE. International House; YWCA. POHL, POIRIER, PONG, POPIUL, LAWRENCE E. GERARD ARTHUR GEORGE YEE HERMAN B. San Diego Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Electrical French Pharmacy Optometry Engineering Glee Club; 4,AX. H Ad); CIEO. IEE. French Drama. POPPE, CHARLES R., JR. Sacramento Forestry Acacia. POUND, LAURA Honolulu, Hawaii Psychology International House; Honor Students; International Assoc. PORTER, JOHN B. Oakland Hispanic America. POWELL, PRADER, JIM BETTY ROSE Berkeley Salinas Business General Curriculum Administration AXE); Intramural. HKA;AEII; Counseling. An excellent example of participating in many ties and still maintaining outstanding grades is Senior class yell leader ED JORDAN, known to ATE) brothers as " Easy Ed. " An Econ major (with hopes of grad work in Bus Ad), and member of ternity honor society and BFE, Ed headed the 1951 WSSF drive, and spent three years on Men ' s Rally Committee. PRESSLER, LELAND ALFRED Oakland Ind. Personnel Man. Daily Cal; Masonic Club. PRESSNALL, HUGO EVERETTE Richmond English. PRESTON, CAROLYN JOY Avenal Psychology Tower and Flame; Occident. PYI E, ANITA Alameda General Curriculum. RALSTON, DONALD HOPKINS Berkeley Business tdministration XT. PRICE, PRICE, JACQUELIN I. PATRICIA B. Los Altos Sonora General Curriculum Physical AEA; Orientations. Education AO II; Pelican; Counseling; WAA. QUALE, QUADRO, DOUGLAS S. FRANI ELTON Berkeley Sal inas Business Forestry Administration. AZ. RANDOLPH, RANDOLPH, RICHARD HALL SAMUEL W. Long Beach Santa Barbara Business Business Administration Administration KM; Skull and B()II; Golf Team. Keys; Frosh Coun. PRIOLI, GENE Stockton Mechanical Engineering DI(E. RAAB, GABRIEL, San Mathematics Honor Students. RANSIER, WILLIAM W. Glendale Chemical Engineering Honor Students; AICE; 23 Club. REDDERT, NAOMI WINIFRED Santa Cruz General Curriculum Stratford; Honor Students. REISS, R ICHARD E. Beverly Hills Civil Engineering; ZBT; Cal Engineer; ASCE; AC). RICE, DAVID ADRIANCE Oakland Education A(I30. PRIOLO, PAUL V. Burlingame Political Science ' h KT. RACKOW, JETTA Oakland Art AE; Ad Service. RASMUSSEN, BETTY LOUISE Rio Vista History Bryn Mawr. REDSUN, HAROLD Sonora Food Technology EAM; AZ. REM AIL, ALICE BRYSON San Francisco English. RICH, HELEN MARIE San Francisco Laboratory Tech. Radio-TV Theatre. PRIVETT, JAMES R. Elsinore Real Estate Appraisal BET. RADANOVICH, DANIEL J. Oakland Marketing. RASMUSSIN, JACK MARTIN Berkeley Journalism Winged Helmet. REICHMAN, FREDRICK T. San Francisco Art AK; Pelican; Daily Cal. RENFRO, MARVIN WALLACE Huntington Beach Architecture XAK. RICH, SHIRLEY BESS Los Angeles General Curriculum Richards; Phrateres, Pres; Masonic Club. PROTZMAN, DON L. Concord Petroleum Geology. RAFFI, BARBARA LEE Fullerton Decorative Art Epworth; Jr Conn. RATCHFORD, THOMAS JAY Healdsburg General Curriculum II KA. RENICK, LUD San Francisco Agricultural Econ. (MT; Circle C Soc; Fr. Football; Rugby. RICHARDS, HARRY FRANCIS San Francisco Chemistry Scabbard and Blade; Track Team. PUZIENE, PATRICIA San Jose English Cheney; Social Bears. RAJCICH, BETTY Oakland Social Welfare. REASONER, JOAN HUGGARD Berkeley History AA II; YWCA; Treble Clef. REISER, JACK RICHARD Redding Criminology ATEI; Tower and Flame; Triune; Swimming; AAE. RHONE, WILLIAM R. Vancouver, B. C., Canada Architecture AXA. RICHMOND, DEE RUTH Dunsmuir General Curriculum Stratford; Honor Students; College Women ' s Club; Cal Frolics; Social PURCELL, SUZANNE E. Sacramento English KA; Blue and Gold. RAGUSANO, GEORGE S. San Leandro History. PUTMAN, JAMES L. Modesto Mechanical Engineering Sr. Coun; LAS. RAISON, ROBERT M. Palo Alto Political Science Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck. RAU, RAWLINGS, LUCY CATHERINE DIANE H. Berkeley Oakland Psychology Psychology ZTA; Students. REUTHER, RONALD T. El Cerrito Wildlife Conservation ATA; Winged Helmet; Varsity Crew. RICHARDSON, ROY Berkeley REYES, OSCAR San Salvador, El Salvador Architecture XAK. RICHARDSON, WALLACE Santa Barbara Physiology Chemistry ATQ; Fr. Basket- AXE; Honor ball, Football; Students. Varsity Track. REID, REID, CAROLYN ANNE MARILYN Oakland Berkeley Home Economics.. History AAX; WAA. REID, VENTRA L. Berkeley General Curriculum. 4F; Rally Comm; Pelican; Ace of Clubs. Versatile easily describes our ASUC Vice-President, for SALLY MARSH has truly proved to be an around Cal gal! The life of Cal Club meetings and the Kappa house, Sal can always be depended upon for an excellent performance—from singing tain Dew " to voting at Pryt, Mortar Board, Torch and Shield, or Gavel and Quill meetings—all this, and a junior Phi Bete key, too!!! RICKMOND, RIDDER, RIDGE, RIDGWAY, RIEGER, ANDREA CECELIA DONALD R. MARGARET P. WILLIAM N. WILLIAM Oakland Richmond San Francisco South Pasadena Berkeley Dramatic Literature Mechanical Social Welfare Pre-medical General Curriculum AKA. Engineering Tower and Flame. ZE; Winged 4 FA; Winged ASME. Helmet; Triune; Helmet. Scabbard and Blade. RING, RIPLOG, STANLEY ARNOLD PETER M. Alameda Long Beach Chemistry Civil Engineering Honor Students. EX; 4513K; TB LI; XE; Wrestling; ASCE. RITCHEY, RIVAS, RIVERA, FRANK E., JR. H. THOMAS EVELYN M. San Francisco Los Angeles San Luis Obispo Real Estate Civil Engineering. Zoology AXA; Big C Sac; Honor Students; Tennis. Jr, Sr Council; YWCA. ROBB, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, THOMAS G. CHARLES W. COLLEEN ELLEN FRANCES ALICE FURMAN B. Dallas, Texas Dayton, Ohio Piedmont Sacramento San Francisco Real Estate- Accounting General Curriculum General Curriculum Economics Urban Economics. SAM, Scty. AXO; Pelican. ZTA; Treble BET; SHE; Clef. Inter Frat Sch Soc; Varsity Debate. ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, ROBERTS, HERBERT EUGENE JAMES YATES JOSEPH PRESTON MARILYN REED THOMAS EARL Richmond Calexico Oakland Boston, Mass. Sacramento Agricultural Business English. Pre-medical Decorative Art Economics Administration Honor Students; AXA. Honor Students. KE. WAA, ROBERTSON, ROBERTSON, JAMES BOWEN JOSEPH Berkeley San Bernardino Civil Engineering. Journalism. ROBINSON, ROHNER, J. SHELDON, JR. NANCYCLARE Marketing Merced AMA; Stiles. General Curriculum EK. ROGERS, ROGUE, ROBERT WALLACE MANUEL A. Oakland Rodeo Mechanical Political Science. Engineering. ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROBINSON, CAROLYN ANN M. DEAN, JR. RICHARD S. Oakland Orange Berkeley General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum FOB; Pryt; Gavel ANT, Big C Soc; AT. and Quill; Sec- Ball and Chain. Treas, Fr Class; CPC; Esh Comm, Chr; WSSF. ROESLING, ROGERS, ROGERS, JEANNE FRANCES BARBARA TAY MARVIN JEWEL Oakland Berkeley Richmond General Curriculum Speech Biostatistics. KA; Pelican. KAO. BOLLA, ROMER, RONEY, FLORENCE C. ELIZABETH JANE EDMUND BURKE Sacramento San Anselmo San Francisco English Bacteriology Economics Richards. AZ. Little Theatre. ROODBERG, RICHARD ROY Beverly Hills Marketing. RODEEN, HENRY D. Portland, Oregon Chemistry AXE. ROSE, ROSE, ROSEN, DAVID A. MELISSA M. ALEX Seattle, Wash. San Francisco Monticello, N. Y. Foreign Trade History Zoology ' PAtH. Richards. l ' AH; OHI; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; Counseling; Student Relations Council. ROSENBERG, ROSENBLATT, MILTON DAVID BRUCE R. San Diego Berkeley History Mathematics- EAM. Statistics EKE; AXE, Bus. Mgr. ROSENFELD, ROSIN, ALAN DANIEL ALICE JEAN Los Angeles Los Angeles Political Science Social Welfare AE II; ASPA. AEC The Cal Band obtained a " new " look under the leadership of BRUCE FANSHIER and AL CAVALLIN. Manager Al masterminded the band ' s halftime stunts while Bruce led the high-stepping bandsmen through their paces to wow Bear fans. In February Bruce ROSS, ROSS, traded his white drum major ' s uniform for one of AUSTIN, JR. BARBARA ANN olive drab. Oakland San Francisco Business Advertising Administration Stern; Daily Cal; SAM, VP; AM TI; Ad Service Bureau; AMA. AE. ROSS, THEODORE W. Smith Center, Kansas History. RUBEY, JANET Hollywood ROTERMUND, MAYNARD B. Concord Psychology 4)1{1 ' ; Honor Students; Glee Club; Track; Counseling. RUCI ER, JOAN San Francisco ROWE, JOSEPH D. So. Pasadena Economics ROWE, EVELYNE Davis General Curriculum California Club; International Bd. Mechanical Engineering. RUNKLE, RUNNER, RAYMOND BRETON ALFRED F. Pasadena San Francisco Banking-Finance OX; Scabbard and Blade. SANDERSON, GLORIA ANN Petaluma 444; Pelican; Sr. Council. SANDERSON, MAVIS WANDA Oakland General Curriculum Blue and Gold. Winged Helmet; Big C Soc., Pres.; Athletic Coon.; Football; Baseball; Fr. Stud. Coach. SARVER, CHARLES, JR. SASAKI, Bakersfield THOMAS H. Physical Education Loomis Marketing BET; Honor Students; SAM. BUSTER, BEVERLY ELLEN Pasadena English. RUSSELL, RUSSELL, ERNEST CLEMENT JUNEA BOBBIE Del Paso Heights Covina Industry-Relations General Curriculum Cloyne Court. ' Cunningham; Pelican; YWCA. ROSS, ROSS, DOROTHY JEAN GILBERT San Francisco Sacramento General Curriculum Forestry. Senior Council. ROWE, ROWLAND, LEONARD CARL ALAN WHEATLEY Berkeley Santa Cruz Political Science. Architecture KE. ROSS, JAMES W. Des Moines, Iowa Civil Engineering ASCE. RUEBEL, TOM J. Alameda Physical Education 04X; Big C Soc; Varsity Basketball. General Curriculum English X52; Secretariat, AX4. Chrm; Elections Coun; Sr Coun. ROUSE, ROUST, ROW, GEORGE ELMER NORMAN L. JOHN PATRICK Martinez Oakland San Mateo Criminology. Anthropology General Curriculum Amer. Assoc. for Xa.; Skull and Advancement of Keys; BB; Circle Science; Broeber C; Rugby. Anthro. Soc. RUDDACH, RUECHEL, RUNGE, JEANNE H. BENJAMIN A. ROBERT F. Sacramento Monrovia Brooklyn, N. Y. Social Welfare Electrical Industrial AE4. Engineering Engineering TB II; HKN. ASME. To ZTA sisters BEV McCLASKEY ' s numerous phone calls are the bane of their existence. Besides always rushing off to Panhellenic, Pryt and Women ' s Ex Board, she still finds time to go skiing and make weekly Wednesday night phone calls to Mare Island. Bev ' s favorite pastime seems to be running her car over logs. Although her plans for the future are definite she hopes to go into public health education. RUUD, ROBERT P. San Pedro Mechanical Engineering. SAENGER, THEODORE J. Sacramento Insurance OX; BPI; Daily Cal., Sports Ed; Men ' s J Comm; Sr. Council. SAMPSEL, DON F. Cucamonga Mechanical Engineering TKE; Q-.2); Rally Comm; coming; ASME. SARLES, LYNN REDMON Berkeley Physics X4,; Tower and Flame; RYAN, GENE PAUL San Diego Mechanical Engineering. SAGARA, ISAMU Stockton Public Health Sanitation. SANCHEZ, V. PAUL Bogota, Colombia Philosophy International House; YMCA. SARRAIL, HENRY BERNARD Baldwin Park Mathematics OX; Honor Students; IT ME; Scabbard and Blade; Sr. Peace Comm.; tions Coon., Ch. RYAN, MICHAEL J. Detroit, Michigan Mechanical Engineering. SAGE, ROBERT LEE Santa Rosa Marketing TIKA. SANDERS, CAROLYN RUTH Oakland General Curriculum Ritter; YWCA. SACKRISON, LINDER ALLIN Larkspur Insurance II KC 4X H; Assembly Dance Comm.; Counseling. SAIN, WILLIAM Porterville Physics. SAPSIS, WILLIAM H. Carmel Speech Varsity Boxing. SAULTZ, ROBERT CHARLES Tulsa, Oklahoma Geology. SACKS, SHIRLEY EILEEN Spokane, Washington Psychology. SALMANOVITZ, PHILIP M. Detroit, Psychology International House. SARJENT, SHIRLEY LEE Berkeley General Curriculum. SAUNDERS, ROBERT SCOTT Chicago, Illinois Accounting. SATO, NOBUO Berkeley Electrical Engineering AIEE. RYAN, SABOUNI, THOMAS FRANCIS BAHIDGE B. Sacramento Aleppo, Syria Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Engineering ASAE. TB II, VP; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; ASME. SAID, ANNE LORRAINE Santa Rosa History SAGUN, PANTALEON H. Sta. Lucia, Philippines Industrial Mgt. International House; Philippine Club, Treas. SAVAGE, SAYLAR, SAYLOR, SCHAFER, SCANDALIS, HAL R. DANIEL DAVID ALBERT H. CLARK OBERLIES HELEN Berkeley Healdsburg Alameda Sacramento Marysville Business Mathematics Art Zoology General Curriculum. Administration Bowles; Counseling; AT; AK; Varsity YMCA. Ritter; YWCA; 11 KA; Scabbard Tennis, Mgr. Rowing. Counseling. and Blade; Rally Comm.; Fr Crew; AMA; SAM. SCARDINA, VINCENT JOHN San Francisco General Curriculum. SCHABARUM, SCHANK, PETER FRANK SHARLA MARIE Covina Santa Rosa Business General Curriculum Administration AFA. Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big C Soc.; Varsity Football, Baseball. SCHAUPP, SCHEPPS, CLARENCE L. LONETTE Esparto San Francisco Chemical Pub. Health Engineering Education Tower and Flame; Honor Students; Scabbard and Blade; SHC. AICE. SCHEYER, SCHIEFER, SCHLOSS, SCHMIDT, BERNARD MAX JOHN M. JEREMY KARL HILDA F. San Francisco San Francisco Bronx, N. Y. San Francisco Civil Engineering Marketing. Communications. Political Science ASCE. , KA; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; Counseling. SCHMIDT, MAX San Francisco Economics Big C Soc. SCHNEIDER, SCHNEIDER, CHARLES R. JOANNE ALICE Turlock Lafayette Mathematics. General Curriculum F013; Pelican; YWCA; Intramural. SCHNEIDEWIND, SCHNELL, NORMAN FLOYD JOYCE San Fra ' xisco Mesa, Arizona Electrical General Curriculum. Engineering AIEE; Masonic Club; Intramural. SCHNOOR, DONALD HERMAN Taft Mechanical Engineering. SCHOONM KER, PETER KIPP San Francisco Marketing EN; Sailing. SCHROEDER, CHARLES R. Waldenburg, Arkansas General Curriculum SCHROEDER, EDITH M. Lompoc Social Welfare Blue and Gold; Class Council. SCHROEDER, LOIS EDYTHE San Francisco Social Welfare AAII. SCHULTZ, NANCY Albany Social Welfare A XA; Pelican ' WAA; Life Saving Corps. SCHULZ, SCHULZ, SCHUMACHER, SCHURMAN, SCHVEIDER, JOAN C. ROBERT KURT DONALD R. CHARLES EDWIN JOANN FRANCES San Francisco San Martin Berkeley Berkeley San Mateo Political Science Soil Science . Mechanical Foreign Trade Political Science Bachelordon; AZ. Engineering IFFE; Masonic AEA. TBI1. Club. SCHWARTZ, SCHWILI , SCHWITKIS, SCIACQUA, SCOTT, THOMAS A. NORMAN F., JR. HOWARD ROBERT IRENE IRMA ROBERT GORDON 0 Sierra Madre Sacramento San Diego Stockton Amsterdam, N. Y. Zoology. Zoology Chemical Social Welfare Political Science. Honor Students. Engineering Joaquin; Radio-TV KN. Theatre; Cal 23 a Club; Red Cross. SCOTT, SCOTT, ROGER KEITH ROY WAYNE Pittsburg Pittsburg Mining Forestry ADD; MTA; AIME. SEARLE, SECRETAN, RICHARD F. FRANK Oakland Los Angeles Chemical Electrical Engineering Engineering. AICE. SEDERHOLM, ROBERT ALLEN Los Angeles Eng I ish Honor Students; Pelican, Editor. SEE, ROBERT LORENZO Berkeley English ,DFA. SEGERSTROM, SEIDLER, CLIFFORD ROLAND CHARLES San Marino Glendale Pre-medical Mechanical AT52. Engineering. SEKIYA, SELLS, WALTER LA WANA SHUNSUKE Berkeley Honolulu, Hawaii General Curriculum General Curriculum. II AE. This is one set of twins that aren ' t confusing. JOAN CHERNEY parts her hair on the left—or is it the right—and BARBARA CHERNEY parts her hair on the right—or is it the left. They both have been active in Treble Clef, the Life Guard Corps, Friday Fling Committee, ACB, Orientation Committee, Prytanean and Mortar Board. Joan and Barbara plan to obtain their high school teaching credentials. SEEPOL, ARNOLD Millbrae Economics E ; SELOGIE, SELVAGE, SEPANIAN, SEPE, LOUIS A. JEANNETTE L. BERNICE B. LOUIS JOHN Plano, Illinois San Mateo Bakersfield Los Angeles Industrial General Curriculum Decorative Art. Civil Engineering. Engineering Californian. ASME; SAM. SHARP, SHAW, SHEFFIELD, SHELTON, WANDA CAROLYN MARY DOLORES GILBERT L. JACK MAURICE Visal ia Ojai Oakland Berkeley History Economics Personnel-Ind. Wildlife OT; Secretariat; Homecoming; Elections; Class Colonial, Pres.; WAA; Tennis. Relations I I KA; Rally Comm. Conservation. Coun.; Counseling. SHOEMAKER, SHORTRIDGE, SHOUP, SHUKLA, MAHESHCHANDRA WILLIAM EUGENE LUCY JUNE JOHN D. Bombay, India Visalia Electrical Camden Point, Missouri Mentone Electrical Civil Engineering. Engineering ' Nutrition-Dietetics Engineering AIEE. ON; AN. UCSEE. SERPA, FRANK ANTHONY San Luis Obispo Business Administration AKA. SHERMAN, JAMES F. Modesto History. SIDERS, NANCY C. Redwood City General Curriculum AT; Homecoming; Class Coun.; Intramural. SING, JOE Y. Vancouver, B. C. Ca nada Civil Engineering. SKINNER, BEVERLY JEAN Oakland Political Science EK; Pelican; Counsel ing. SMITH, DOOTHY HARRIET Berkeley Home Economics AA H ; Pelican; Treble Clef. SIU, PAUL K. Oakland Marketing CSCA. SMITH, COLLEEN San Gabriel General Curriculum Epworth; E.EH; Sr. Ccun. SMITH, HAROLD J. Lodi Electrical Engineering Bowles. STU, VICTOR WAN FA Papeete, Tahiti Chemistry. SMITH, DANIEL ALLEN Berkeley Petroleum Engineering MTA. SMITH, HOWARD E. San Francisco Chemistry OE- WE; Counseling. SETZER, JACK CAMPBELL Berkeley Physical Education KI; JV Baseball. SHERMAN, ROBERT HUNTER Piedmont Marketing AT. SIEGEL, BARRY W. Los Angeles Economics USCA; Honor Students, SEYMAN, SHAFEI, SHANNON, SHANNON, ROSEMARIE J. ADEL-MALEI H. EDFRED L., JR. RAYMOND W. Dixon Port Said, Egypt San Lorenzo Santa Ana General Curriculum Food Tech. Petroleum Foreign Trade. AO ri . International House Engineering Soccer. AIME; MTA. SHIEMAN, SHILLAM, SHIMASAK, SHIMAMOTO, DAVID FRED BETTY JANE FRED F. WILLIAM N. Eureka Vernon, B. C. Lindsay Lodi Zoology Canada Pharmacy. Electrical Bowles; Honor Journal ism Engineering. Students; International House Masonic Club. 0E43. SILBERMAN, SILVER, SILVERS, SIMPSON, GERALD SHELDON JANE P. RICHARD EUGENE MARION E. Los Angeles Hayward Colton Los Angeles Mathematics Ind. Relations Music Zoology +HI; H ME. Blue and Gold. Del Rey; Band; AAX. Radio-TV Theatre. The past and present in the recent history of Blue and Gold Managerial is pictured here. BETTY YATER pushed a pencil in 110C this year as ager while KEN HAMBRICK rested his feet on that hallowed desk the year before. Betty impressed her staff with the pleasant manner in which she requested (?) duties performed. Ken was active on Men ' s Judicial C:mmittee and Scabbard and Blade. SLOSBERG, SMART, ROBERT H. ELLIS FOSTER Clayton, Missouri Pasadena Ind. Management Forestry ZBT. EAE; Rugby; Water Polo; Football. SMITH, BARNABY F. Sausalito Transportation ' Oh; Sailing. SMITH, BLAIR T. Richmond Criminology AA E; Glee Club, Scty.; Sr. Class Coun.; Music Coun., Chrm. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, GERALD ASA GERALDINE E. GORDON HULIN San Diego Berkeley Oakland Poultry Husbandry. Business Foreign Trade. Administration AEA; Honor Students; BF1 ' ; 3X0; Counseling; Blue and Gold; Sr. Coun. SMITH, EVERETT FRANI Oroville Bacteriology. SITNIK, SIU, MICHAEL S. FR=DERIC Hicksville, N. Y. Papeete, Tahiti Slavic Languages. Chemistry. SINGER, BARBARA MIRIAM San Francisco Social Welfare ETD; Tower and Flame. Sul GEORGE Honolulu, Hawaii Bacteriolcgy Oxford; CSCA; CSC. SORENSEN, SOUTHERN, LOIS MARION CARMELITA JEAN Fortuna Grass Valley Laboratory Tech. Journalism Colonial; Dorm Council. Stern; Honor Students; Pryt; J Comm; YWCA; 0E4); Elections Bd.; Public Relations Council. AE; Pelican, Management. Art Ed., Assoc Ed. SPANO, SPAREY, SPEAR, VINCENT DANTE JOHN WILLIAM FRANK W., JR. Detroit, Michigan Indio Coalinga General Curriculum Art Industrial Tower and Flame; Honor Students; AMP. SMITH, JOYCE McKEON Burlingame Journalism. SMITH. PATRICIA ANN San Francisco History AEA; Counseling; Sr. Coun; Utrimque. SMITH, STANLEY ROBERT Delano Electrical Engineering Cloyne; Tower and Flame; HEN; TB H; UCSEE; AIEE; IRE. SNOW, GEOFFREY H. Santa Cruz Forestry. SNYDER, WILMA E. Fullerton Mathematics Ritter; WAA; YWCA. SOCKOLOV, ROBERT L. San Francisco General Curriculum ZBT; Circle C; Homecoming; Axe; Tennis. SOO, ALFRED Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE. SOUZA, MATHEW 0. Patterson Laboratory Tech. Glee Club; Univ. Chorus; Campus Opinions Comm. SPECH, JOYCE LYNETTE Carmel Education AA II; Secretariat; AXA. SPIEGL, ELLYSE SHIRLEY Sal inas Social Welfare Cal ifornian; YWCA, SPINA, ERWIN IRVING Shanghai, China Marketing-Internat. Trade International House; Tower and Flame; Store Board; Sr. Peace Comm. SMITH, STUART ROSS Tacoma, Wash. Paleontology Band. SNOW, RICHARD Santa Ana Food Technology Bowles. SOBEL, NORITA San Personnel AIDE; ' XO; Homecoming; Counsel ing. SOLOMON, BARBARA ELLEN Chicago, Illinois Psychology Tower and Flame. SOOTER, JOSEPH LEON Oakland Geology OX. SPAN NE, GEORGE AXEL Lompoc Civil Engineering. SPENCER, MARGUERITA S. Brentwood Bay, B. C., Canada Art International House; AE. SPIES, RICHARD C. Berkeley Forestry ATQ. SPITZER, ROBERT San Anselmo. SMITH, VELMA D. Ventura General Curriculum KA. SNOWDEN, JIM E. Albany Art A AE; Basketball; JV Baseball. SOCAL, GLORIA Sacramento Psychology. SORENSEN, PAUL HILLGREN San Mateo Zoology YMCA. SMITH, LOUISE ANN Albany Art AE. SMITH, ROSEMARY D. Watertown, Connecticut English. SMITH, WALTER South Political Cross Country. SNYDER, HENRY LEONARD Berkeley History. SOLARI, PAUL EVERETT Geyserville History AXE. SMITH, MAURICE E., JR. Napa Bacteriology OX; 44; Scabbard and Blade; Rally Comm. SMITH, ROY ALLEN Altadena Electrical Engineering. SNOW, ANNE Berkeley Communications- Public Policy Blue and Gold; Counsel ing; Elections Coun. SNYDER, JOHN ALFRED Oakland Engineering Physics. SOLDAVIN1, ERNEST JOSEPH Geyserville Chemistry. SOMERVILLE, JACK WILLIAM Berkeley Political Science AKA; ACC; Meetings Coun; Cal Hosts; Friday Fling; Fencing Team. SOLOMON, SOLORZANO, PAUL JUAN FRANCISCO San Francisco Guatemala City, Education Guatemala HandbaII; Civil Engineering Soccer. XE; TB II; ASCE. SMITH, SMITH, JUNE CAROLYN KENNETH E. Oakland Oakland Hispanic America Mechanical Pelican; Treble Engineering Clef; Secretariat; Counseling; Sr. Council. ASM E. SMITH, SMITH, RAY LEE REUBEN W. Oakland Burlingame Business History Administration Bowles. H KA; Winged Helmet; Cal Club; Gavel and Quill; Rally Comm. People are the hobby of friendly JUNE FISHER ASH, vice-president of Prytanean. In her job as director of Women ' s Counciling and vice-president of YWCA she got lots of opportunity to pursue her hobby. Wed- ding bells rang for June this spring and it was the Y that introduced her to her husband—they met at a YWCA-YMCA conference. STANFIELD, PATRICIA BURKE San Francisco General Curriculum APA; Daily Cal. SPRINGEN, SPRINGER, DONALD KENNETH C. JIM Gil lette, Carrol ltown, Wyoming Pennsylvania Speech Forestry. Honor Students; XXII; Speech Arts. STANARD, CHESTER JOHN San Francisco Marketing ADD; Circle C; Basketball. SPRINGER, RUTH ELLEN Oakland Psychology A DE; Radio-TV Theatre. SPYROPO uLns, THEODORE S. San Diego Industrial Engineering International House; 23 Club; ASME; EWE. STANKARD, STANLEY, SALLY ANN HUGH P. San Francisco Oakland General Curriculum Zoology KAO; Counseling; Honor Students. NSA. STIVER, WILLIAM EARL Madison, Indiana Ind. Relations BI-E; ASP; SAM. STOISER, LEE R. Cleveland, Ohio Mining Geology AIME. STIEWEL, DON CARL Colma Business Administration ' OKT; Band. STOHLER, ROBERT E. San Francisco Economics. SPORE, NANCY JANET Sacramento Sculpture AAA. STAMM, ADOLPH GEORGE Sacramento Agricultural Engineering ASAE. STEIGERWALT; WARREN F. San Rafael Architecture XAK. Big C Soc; Circle C, Pres.; Athletic Coon.; Water Polo Team, Capt.; Swimming Team, Co-Capt. STEINMETZ, HENRY HERBERT Danville Agricultural Marketing Tower and Elaine; Masonic Club. STERN, STERN, HANS LEOPOLD ROLAND GLENN Berkeley San Francisco General Curriculum Physical Education CPC; Home- Varsity Footbail, coming; Class Boxing. Council. SQUERI, RAYMOND ALBERT San Francisco Optometry 5IE31,; Varsity Basketball. STARKEY, WILLIAM J. Oakland Mechanical Engineering TB II; STEINMETZ, WILLIAM H., JR. Pacific Grove Sanitation Acacia; Stu. Health Coun.; Soph ball Mgr. STEVENSON, JOHNNE Sacramento Political Science Spanish X52; Secretariat; Sherman; 4,13K; WSSF; Sr. Council. AMP; Honor Students; WAA; YWCA. ST. GAUDENS, MARIE LOUISE J. San Francisco Music Honor Students; AM. STOKER, EMORY R. Par I ier Agricultural Economics AZ. STONE, STONE, BARBARA JEAN FAYE RUTH Dunsmuir Phoenix, History Arizona Lantana; Tower and Social Welfare Flame; Treble ADO; Honor Clef; Masonic Students. Club; College Women ' s Club. STONE, JAMES ALBERT Modesto Industrial Electronics UCSEE; IRE. STEINBERG, STEINER, STEINHAUS, PHILIP S. HERBERT M. JAMES F. Chicago, Illinois San Francisco El Cerrito Electrical Engineering Physics Physics. Engineering Tower and Flame; HKN; TI3II; AIEE; IRE. SQUIRE, ROBERT KENDALL Coffeyville, Kansas Physics. STARR, HELEN SUTPHEN Piedmont English AEA. STEINVORTH, • HERBERT ALFRED San Jose, Costa Rica Accounting. STEWART, BETTY JEANNE Merced STACHNIEWICE, STAHR, STALLMAN, ANTHONY V. CARL W. RICHARD C. Fanwood, N. J. San Francisco Oakland Civil Engineering Public Health Ed. Mechanical ASCE. Engineering OX; TB II. STAUFFER, STEACY, STEBBINS, WILLIAM DAVID JAMES FRANCIS M. JANE Santa Ana San Pablo Santa Barbara Business Personnel Entomology Administration Management. XK; Counseling. OAX; Big C Soc.; Circle C; Track; Cross Country. STEINWINDER, STENMAN, STEPHENS, JOHN MORRIS SALLY KAY JUNE DOLORES El Centro Richmond Sal inas Bacteriology. General Curriculum Art Honor Students; ' M; rt AI; Pryt; AMP. Daily Cal, Assoc Product. Mgr. STEWART, STEWART, STEWART, JOHN R. THOMAS ALLEN JOSEPH GOULD Palo Alto Berkeley Redwood City Accounting Mining Economics AXA. 10; AIME; MTA. AT. STOCKMAN, STOCKWELL, STOEBER, DORIS MARIE GILBERT NELSON HAROLD W., JR. San Diego Sioux Falls, San Francisco Art So. Dakota Mechanical Honor Students; Mathematics. Engineering AE. ASME. Co-chairmen of Senior Week were TONY ELLIS and GEORGE FERNBACHER. Both have been very active in class activities and are members of Gavel and Quill, where George was vice-president. After school Tony looks forward to a two (?) year stretch in the Navy. George, unless Uncle Sam has other plans, hopes tc work as a salesman. STOCK, FREDERICK EARL Torrence General Curriculum STOLZ, FRED Vallejo Civil Engineering MKT; ASCE. STONE, STOW, STRAHL, STRAND, STRELLIS, ROBERT N. DONALD C. GLENN E. ARTHUR IRVING ARLEE JOAN Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Walnut Creek Guam, M. I. Psychology Chemistry Electrical Ind. Management Decorative Art II A45; Gavel and ATA; Winged Engineering Daily Cal, Jr Mgr. AEI); AXA. Quill; Fr., ASUC Asst. Yell Leader; Helmet; Basketball. TKE; Oski Comm, Director. ACB; IFC; Class Conn; Soph Vigilantes. STRONG, STRONG, STRYCKER, STRYKER, SUE, ANN CATHERINE WILLIAM R. WALTER PIERCE GARRETTA E. EDWARD Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Fullerton Oakland Phi losophy Petroleum Money-Banking Architecture Architecture. KAB; Honor Engineering AZ; Treble Clef; Students; Pelican; WE; Masonic Club. ASUC Card Sales; Panhellenic; Red Cross. Intramural. SUGIMOTO, SUGROWE, SULLIVAN, SUMMERS, SUNN, ROY A. J. WARREN PATRICIA L. HAROLD DUNCAN MARGUERITE Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Long Beach English. Ind Engineering English. Speech; Club Pres Sociology Class Coun. Speech Arts. Cunningham; YWCA. SURGES, INGRID La Martinez Stern; Honor Students; Pryt; Treble Clef. SWIFT, ELIZABETH W. Berkeley Art. SYMONDS, MALCOLM FRANK San Francisco Civil Engineering II A45; TB II; XE; ASCE. TAKAHASHI, ERNEST K. San Mateo Sanitation. SUTLIFF, GEORGE H. Chula Vista Abracadabra; 45,1,; AAE; Big C Soc; Ball and Chain; Fr Football; Football Mgr. SWIFT, MARY PAGE Long Beach Music KKr; Univ Chorus; Panhellenic, Chrm. SZYBALSKI, CARL Oakland Mechanical Engineering. JAKAHASHI, MAKOTO Berkeley Architecture. SWEARINGER, BERT A. San Pedro Mathematics. SWIFT, ROBERT L. Alameda Geology Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Rowing. TAAFE, JULIA C. Los Altos History Richards; YWCA; WSSF; Red Cross. TAKAHASHI, NANCY Loomis Public Health Stebbins. SWEET, DONALD San Francisco Real Estate A,I); Counsel ing. TAI ATA, SHOGI Oakland Social Welfare. SWEET, WESTER Berkeley Political Science. TAKEDA, KENNETH KINGO Riverside Structural Engineering ASCE. Decorative Art Social Criminology SYDENHAM, SYMES, ELINOR W. JOHN P., JR. Berkeley Piedmont Fr Regional Group Business Californian; Pryt; Administration YWCA, Treas. AA ' ; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Swimming. TABATA, TAGER, HITOSHI JACK LEON H. Clarksburg Alameda Electrical Accounting Engineeriing. AE . TAKEMORI, TAKEMORI, AKIRA EDDIE HITOSHI Oakland Oakland Physiology Mechanical Honor Students. Engineering TAKEUCHI, SHOICHI San Francisco Industrial Engineering. TANGNEY, JOHN JOHNATHAN El Sobrante Accounting. TAPLIN, ALLEN D. Los Angeles Forestry Barrington; 11E45. Scabbard and Blade; ASME; Engineers Coun. TATTI, TAYLOR, MARY LOU HARVEY L. San Francisco Piedmont General Curriculum Business ArA; Pelican; Administration Sr. Council. II K45; ACB; Cal Frolics, Co-Chrm; Personnel Coun. TAYLOR, TAYLOR, JANET A. PATRICIA Berkeley San Francisco Retailing Physical Education DI,B; Pelican; WAA. YWCA; Treble Clef; WSSF; Red Cross. The official representative of Cal ' s co-eds, JOAN FOSTER, did an excellent job as Women ' s Rep in the fall. Extremely poised and friendly, Joanie dled her work well, and greeted Gamma Phi sisters on her way to Mortar Board, Pryt, Torch and Shield, Gavel and Quill, or Women ' s Ex Board meetings-- with her knitting in hand! TEARE, THOMAS J. Fairfax Industrial Management. TENSCHER, LUCILLE C. Santa Maria Social Welfare. TEX, JACK MICHAEL San Diego Mathematics PKT; Honor Students. TERZIAN, RICHARD CARL New York, N. Y. Physics. THOMAS, MARIAN Lafayette THOMA, PATRICIA L. San Mateo General Curriculum Speech ZTA. AP; Torch and Shield; Pryt; Rep-at-large; Cal Club. TERRY, HAMPTON E., JR. Salinas Civil Engineering Winged Helmet; Scabbard and Blade; Gravel and Quill; Ex Comm; ACB; Soph Pres. TOMFORD, WILLIAM EMIL San Francisco Social Welfare Masonic Club. TERRY, RICHARD S. Long Beach Insurance. THOMPSON, BERNICE E. King City Child Development AXA; Cal Engineer; Class Council. TERWILLIGER, MARVA LOUISE Oakland General Curriculum EK; WAA; YWCA. THOMPSON, HARLAND B. Berkeley Business Administration Glee Club. TRILL, LA GLORIA M. Oceanside Home Economics Tower and Flame. THOOLEN, SVEN I. Berkeley Ind. Engineering SAM. Executive committee ' s " loyal opposition " was led by Daily Cal editors FRANK FINNEY and LOUIS BELL. Frank campaigned for drum majorettes and against loyalty oaths in February he traded his editorial chair for a seat at the Tribune ' s copy desk. Louis introduced the " bell reorganization plan " and colorfully punctuated his arguments with notable, but unquotable, Spanish expressions. TREITEL, EMANUEL Los Angeles Accounting KN; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; BPI; BAT. TRIGUEIRO, TRIPHON, TRIPP, JOSEPH WELDON JOHN GEORGE PHILIP DOUGLAS Livingston Sacramento San Francisco Business Political Science Accounting Administration. PKT; Radio-TV DP; Big C Theatre; INS; E. THOMPSON, THOMPSON, NANCY KELLOGG PATRICIA ANN Berkeley Alhambra Art Physical Education AE. AXIl. THOMAS, THOMAS, NORMAN LEE ROBERT EDWARD Sparks, Nevada San Francisco General Curriculum Civil Engineering ASCE; 23 Club. THORNBLAD, THORNTON, THRIFT, BETTY V. JANE E. CURTIS EUGENE Oakland Richmond Ventura Decorative Art. General Curriculum Accounting AP. Baseball. THORMAN, RICHARD D. Tustin Civil Engineering, TRAVAGLIO, DALNY San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. TRAVIS, NANCY ANN Oakland Medical Care AXA; Pelican. TRAPANESE, MADELINE Orinda Speech Speech Arts; College Women ' s Club. TOMINNA, YACOUB Y. Baghdad Economics. TIMMONS, JAMES WILLIAM Arcata Forestry 4 ex; PP; Counseling. TOCCI, EDWARD FRANK Oakland Accounting. TINDELL, WALTER M. Lodi Business Administration OA°. TOPLIFF, TOPOL, GEORGE MYRON RENEE San Francisco Sacramento Accounting. General Curriculum. TOLPEGIN, TOM, ANDRE VICTOR GILBERT S. Mill Valley Oakland Political Science Optometry. OE; Gavel and Quill; Golden Bear; Ex Comm; FSB, Chrm; Stu Gov ' t Clinic. TONNEMACHER, DONALD San Rafael Ind. Management. AXA; TB II; XE; Ex Comm; ACB, Chrm; Engineers Coun; ASCE. TROXELL, TRUSTY, ROGER DORSEY CAROLYN M. Civil Engineering San Francisco Journalism Cheney; Utrimque. TO LA N D, JAMES R. S. Las Plumas Forestry. TOMLINSON, ANIDELLE Orinda General Curriculum X4; Secretariat; CPC, Secty; Sr Coun. TOM, TOMASI, TOMASI, RAYMOND SHEW ANITA M. THOMAS M. San Francisco Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Civil Engineering Social Welfare Architecture CSCA; ASCE. KA; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Homecoming; Counseling. TOWERS, TOY, TOURNIER, JOHN LESLIE ALBERT RENE JOHN Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Hospital Chemical P rchitecture. Administration Sr Council; Stu Health Coun. TSUJI, TUBBS, TUCKER, FUDEKO CHAPIN REID VERNON GRANT Wilmar Calistoga Bakersfield Food Chemistry- Marketing Marketing. Technology Glee Club; AMA. ON. TRITCHIER, TRITCHLER, EDWINA JEAN MARYLN G. Berkeley Berkeley Political Science. General Curriculum. TUFTS, TULANIAN, TULLER, TULLER, TULLIUS, HARRY LLOYD MAR ALBERT G., JR. BURL ARTHUR LAWRENCE J., JR. Santa Cruz Piedmont Hayward Oakland Sal Francisco Electrical Child Development Marketing Geophysics. General Curriculum. Engineering Treble Clef. OX. Cloyne; FIKN; TB II ; UCSEE; AIEE; Engineers Coun. TUMBLESON, TURKE, TYLER, UI AEGBU, UKAI, REGINALD D. JAMES K., JR. LLOYD ALAN GABRIEL U. FUMIKO T. Menlo Park Visalia Sal Ansel= Owerri, W. Africa Berkeley Political Science Electrical Political Science Zoology Geography. Counsel ing; Engineering El ' , Boxing. International House; Masonic Club; HKN; TB H. Varsity Soccer. Quarterdeck Soc. ULMER, UNDERWOOD, UNGER, UPTON, VALENTICH, HELEN LENA ROBERT LLOYD DEAN FREDERICK WILLIAM BAYLY FREDERICK S. Yuba City Belmont Sacramento Denver, Colorado Bakersfield History Business Architecture History Physical Education Joaquin; WAA; Administration. MX; Track. IN; Rally Comm.; Varsity Track. Counseling. Symphony Forum; Swimming Team. VAN CLEAVE, GRETCHEN Oakland General Curriculum AFA; Pelican; Counsel ing; Elections Bd.; Speec h Arts. VAN WIN EGARDEN, WINSTON JONES Oakland Agric. Economics AFC . VICI EVS, ELTON FRED Ke Iseyvi I le Civil Engineering ASCE. VOKRACEK, FRANCES BETTY So. San Francisco Laboratory Tech. Stern; Honor Stu- dents; Counseling; Symphony Forum; International Hospitality Council. WAG EN ET, SALLY JANE Oakland Communication- Public Policy College Women ' s Club; Masonic Club. WAKEFIELD, RONALD BERGIE Grass Valley English. WALLACE, EARLA ELIZABETH Los Banos Journalism ' JiM; Daily Cal; Radio-TV Theatre. WALMSLEY, DON ROBERT San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. VAN DER ZEE, DIANE MARIE San Francisco General Curriculum IK; Pelican; Orientations. VARBLOW, ROBERT WILLIAM Albany Criminology. VIGNA, DOREEN LAUREL Berkeley Political Science College Women ' s Club. VOLPONI, JOHN THOMAS Livermore Optometry Locksley; WAGNER, JIM FREDERICK San Pedro Pre-medical KI; Rally Comm.; Class Council. WALKER, RAYMOND PARK Orange Marketing. WALLACE, MYRA Palo Alto Home Economics AXA; WAA; Rifle Team. WALSH, ROGER MATTHEW San Francisco Sociology- Psychology. VAN GORDER, HAROLD J., JR. Santa Cruz General Curriculum OHE. VASSALLO, PHYLLIS FRANCES San Leandro English KA. VOGEL, SUSETTE Palo Alto Political Science Arch Place; OIE, VP; Honor Students; Counsel ing; Sr. Coun. VREBALOVICH, CARL ARTHUR Los Angeles Agricultural Economics. WAITE, WESLEY SHILLING Fresno Civil Engineering A BO. VAN HEUIT, CARL JOHN Berkeley VEON, CARYL JEAN Bakersfield Sociology-Social Institutions OM; Cal Engineer; WSSF. VOHS, JOHN DALE Berkeley Business Administration 4,PA; Rambler; Football. WACKS, DONALD DAVID Passaic, N. J. Economics- Education EAM; Honor dents; Counseling; Public Relations Council. VAN NESS, GORDON ELWOOD Tracy VERNON, DOUGLAS CARSON San Francisco Insurance OX; NSA; Big C Guard. VOIGT, EDWARD HENRY San Francisco German. WADA, FRANI FUJIO San Francisco Chemistry. Physical Education Marketing. KE; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big C Soc.; Circle C; Varsity Football, Rugby. WAI ASUGI, WAKEFIELD, AKIRA IRENE Tokyo, Japan Albany Political Science Journalism International House. OEX; Daily Cal. Pretty GINNY JONES, Women ' s chairman of Rally Committee, was the official rah, rah, rah girl of Cal. Ginny had definite ideas about how to get matters attended to and we feel that this is necessitated by the number of meetings she attended. Wielding the gavel at Mortar Board, singing at Cal Club, knitting socks for Pryt, attending Torch and Shield meetings and keeping her grades at a scholarship level took up a major part of Ginny ' s time. WALTER, WALTERS, CHARLES A., JR. ARTHUR MERRILL San Francisco Corte Madera Engineering Physics UCSEE. International House UCSEE; Univ. Chorus. Electrical Engineering WATKINS, HILTON Glendale Accounting Barrington Masonic Club. WATKINS, NANCY AMANDA McCloud Political Science AZ. WALTERS, GORDON HERBERT San Francisco History. WATSON, DEESSE JANE San Francisco Social Welfare EK; Mortar Board; Pryt; Counseling. WEBER, LAWRENCE K. Oakland Political Science AT21; Megaphone Soc.; Eshleman Comm.; Sr. Peace Comm.; Sr. Council. WALWICK, ROBERT S. Oceanside WATSON, FRANKLIN H. Lodi Business Administration KE; BB; Skull and Keys; Circle C; Swimming; Water Polo. WEDDE, HARRIETT K. San Francisco Decorative Art. WELCH, DARRELL KENNY Berkeley Electrical Engineering TB II; HKN; UCSEE; Big C Soc.; Golden Bear; Varsity Crew. WELLS, SAMUEL DAVID Riviera Beach, Florida Political Science. WEST, STANLEY EUGENE Los Gatos Mechanical Engineering ASME; IAS. WARDLAW, JOSEPH HAROLD Vallejo WATSON, IAN M. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Big C Soc. WEED, NORMAN EDWARD Oakland History. WELCH, MARY JEAN Crescent City Art Bryn Mawr. Chemical Engineering AICE. WARE, BARBARA MARIE San Francisco Bacteriology AP. WATSON, RAYMOND LESLIE Oakland Architecture Varsity Wrestling. WEEKS, JOAN Modesto General Curriculum AO; Intramural Bd. WELCH, ROBIN I. San Francisco Forestry ATfl; Track Mgr.; Water Polo Mgr.; Swimming Mgr. WARF, EMMA LOUISE Wasco Physical Education Epworth. WATSON, ROBERT P. Santa Rosa Business Administration H KA. WEIBEZAHN, FRANZ HERBERT Caracas, Venezuela Zoology Circle C. WELCH, WILLIAM H. Martinez Political Science. WERNER, LAWRENCE W., JR. Palo Alto Mechanical Engineering ATf2. WEYANDT, JACK A. Rodeo Mechanical Engineering. WARNER, JACK IRWIN Los Angeles Political Science AE II; Sr. Council. WAUGH, NANCY ANN San Francisco General Curriculum AA H; Intermural; Sr. Council. WEIDOFF, PAUL Is-sur-title, France Foreign Trade. WELCHES, CHARLES ARTHUR Oakley General Curriculum. WERNER, ROBERT CHARLES Redwood City Marketing. WARREN, HAROLD RAMSEY Sacramento Marketing ADD; Pelican; Sr. Council. WAY, CHARLES ROBERT San Leandro Political Science 4 A0; Varsity Track. WEISS, WALTER A. San Francisco Ind. Engineering. WELLER, THEODORE RUSH Berkeley Sanitation Rifle Team. WERTHEIMER, LESTER Los Angeles Architecture Pelican. WASTE, JAMES M. Ross Personnel Public Relations E 1,; Triune; Glee Club; Rambler Football; Rugby. WAY, WENDELL WAYNE Long Beach Mechanical Engineering ASME. WELBY, ROBERT BARNES Taft Agric. Economics WELLINGTON, ARTHUR B., JR. St. Helena Business Administration Bowles; Blue and Gold. WEST, LESTER ARTHUR Santa Barbara Accounting AXA; Sr. Council. WHISNANT, CHARLES Tulare Criminology. Business Psychology Administration. Football. Marketing. WHALEY, WHEELAN, GEORGE BAIRD JAY ALVIN Berkeley Bakersfield Mathematics Business DALE. Administration P AXA. WEAVER, WILLIAM Sacramento Civil Engineering TB H; XE; HSS; ASCE; SAM; Masonic Club. WEBB, LOREN L. Hemet Ind. Management AKA; Sr. Coun.; Sr. Peace Comm. The annual Glee Club-Treble Clef show turned May into a hectic month, particularly for these two musically minded people. As senior manager, LIAN WILLIAMS SMITH and SCOTT BYBEE were kept busy planning the activities of Cal ' s songsters. They both found time for Music council and Lil was also a member of Prytanean society. WEMPLE, WENSTER, SALLY VIRGINIA PATRICIA F. Susanville San Francisco Speech Social Welfare. A011; Counseling, Director; Symphony Forum, VP; Intermural. WESTFALL, WESTMYER, THOMAS WILSON ROBERT C. Val lejo Los Angeles WHITAKER, WHITE, WHIT E, WHITE, WHITE, FRANK ALLEN DANFORTH, JR. KEITH F. MARY ALICE STEVEN VIRGIL Visalia Topanga Sacramento Richmond Richmond Optometry Political Science Political Science Architecture Ind. Relations. KAP; OM. II KO; Rally AXP; Elections OM; AAP; Comm; Counseling. Bd.; Sr. Coun.; Pelican; Cal Masonic Club. Engineer. WHITELEY, WHITNEY, WHITNEY, WHITTIER, WIELAND, CHARLENE N. CARROLL EIMO GENE BRADLEY MARY ELLEN THOIVIAS F. Baldwin Park Weston, Long Beach So. Pasadena Arcadia Political Science Accounting Zoology Political Science Physiology AXO; Blue and H; (ND; Big C Bowles; Honor KAO; CPC; Ace Glee Club. Gold; Pelican. Soc.; Crew. Students; Winged of Clubs. Helmet; DIM; Glee Club. WIEMEYER, WIES, WIGGINTON, WILEMAN, WILFONG, BARBARA JEAN MERCEDES G. ROY GEORGE DONNA B. DON CURTIS Chicago, Illinois Berkeley Hayward Cutler Pasadena Social Welfare Social Welfare. Ind. Relations- Home Economics Math-Statistics KO; YWCA. Personnel Mgmt. Cunningham; II ME; Tennis; OX. Cal Club. Badminton. WILKE, WILKEN, WILI ERSON, WILKINSON, WILKINSON, JOHN HOWARD GENE C. TERRENCE V., JR. GORDON L. LYLE R. Los Angeles Modesto Berkeley Tulelake Alhambra Civil Engineering Foreign Trade. Journalism Advertising Civil Engineering. BO II. Daily Cal. Swimming. WILIE, CONSTANCE ANN So. Pasadena Psychology Cheney; Counseling. WILIEY, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, CAROLINE G. ALFRED WILLIAM CHARLES DEAN CHARLES J. Piedmont Oakland El Cerrito Berkeley Speech Economics. Speech Electrical AA II; Pryt; Quarterdeck. Enginering Counseling. HKN. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, ELWYN C. ESTHER RUTH GAIL J. HOWARD ERNEST JAMES MITCHELL Berkeley Dallas, Texas Hanford Berkeley San Francisco Accounting Pub. Health History Electrical Chemistry. Nursing OT. Engineering II KA; BAT-.Nursing FIKN; Engineers Coun. WILLIAMS, JAMES NORMAN Piedmont Agric. Economics AEI; ”. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, LILLIAN MAE MARILYN JEAN NINA CURLIFFE NORMAN H. Oakland Woodland Fresno Sto ckton General Curriculum Child Development Anthropology Physics Pryt; Treble Clef, Prospect Terrace; Bayview. Barrington; Sr. Mgr., Music Univ. Theatre. Radio-TV Coun. Theatre; Rifle Team; Masonic Club. WILLIAMS, WINIFRED J. Hilo, Hawaii General Curriculum KKF; Red Cross; Intramural. WILLIFORD, HERSCHEL LEE Modesto English. WILSON, JAMES San Diego Civil Engineering TRH; XE, Scty; ASCE. WILSON, JOY Dos Palos Psychology AA1; Treble Clef. WILSON, JAMES ROBERT La Crescenta Electrical Engineering TB ; HKN; Honor Students; UCSEE. WILSON, MARJORIE ANN Long Beach History Fernwald. WILLIG, WINSLOW, WILSON, EDWARD J., JR. ALAN GEORGE HOWARD R. San Francisco Piedmont San Francisco Business Landscape Arch. Insurance. Administration N. Acacia; Crew. Four years of college didn ' t change her mind, for DEESSE WATSON still dislikes coffee! Nevertheless Dee is noted for keeping her friends guessing what she ' ll do next—whether it ' s at EK or Mortar Boar d meetings. A wonderful organizer, this sparkling sonality also headed Women ' s Counseling and was Pryt ' s famous " collector and banker " ! WILSON, MORTIMER R. Sacramento Civil Engineering. WILSON, RICHARD F. San Diego Mechanical Engineering WILSON, WALLACE W. Stockton Agric. Economics AKA. WILSON, STEPHEN A. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Tower and Flame; Counseling. WONG, ANDREW A. Oakland Pharmacy APA. WITTER, WOERNER, THOMAS W. GEORGE W. Piedmont San Gabriel Finance Civil Engineering Winged TB II; EE; ASCE. Helmet; Circle C; J Comm; Boxing; Rugby. WONG, ALBERT San Francisco Psychology. Business Administration. WING, WINSLOW, LILLIAN CHUNG JOHN J. Evanston, Berkeley Wyoming Child Develop- ment 10H. WONG, DOLLY Sacramento English. WONG, ARK C. San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. WONG, YEE SHUNE Hong China Marketing. WONG, SYBIL HELENE Hong Kong, Chi na Economics. WONG, WOO, WALTER JOHN JAMES YOUNG San Francisco San Francisco Art. Business Administration. WONG, WONG, WONG, MABEL MORTON M. ROSEMARY CHAN Oakland Fresno Monterey Bacteriology. Chemical Social Welfare Engineering Stebbins; CSC; AICE; CSCA. CSCA. WILSON, ROSENA Watertown, N.Y. Psychology- Physical Education Honor Students; AMP; TAE; (DTA; Woo; Sr. Coun.; Lifeguard Corps. WITTER, ROBERT W. Sacramento Economics Winged Helmet; Scabbard and Blade; Circle C; Football; Rugby. WOMBACHER, ARCHER LEE Long Beach Chemistry Bowles; ing; Class Coun; Sr. Peace Comm; Basketball. WOLCOTT, WOLCZEK, HARRY F. TONI K. Oakland San Francisco Agric. Economics Retailing AKA; AZ. MX(); AMA. WINSTON, MARGARET E. Sacramento Psychology Oldenberg. WINTERHALDER, ERWIN CHARLES San Francisco Mineral Exploration MTA; Sailing Team WOLF, WOLF, BENNETT L. LEONARD S. Beverly Hills Oakland Marketing Political Science AMA. EAM; Counseling; Class Coun; Sr. Peace Comm. WONG, WONG, EDNA HOOVER San Francisco San Francisco Marketing. Process Engineering IBII; lin]; CSC; CSCA. WINZLER, JOHN ROBERT Eureka Civil Engineering Bowles; XE. WOLFINGER, RAYMOND EDWIN Berkeley Ccmmunication- Public Policy Honor Students; Counseling; Class Coun; Sr. Peace Comm. WONG, JAMES GIN San Francisco Sanitation lI A(I). WITHOFT, WITTER, RICHARD W. PHELPS Oakland San Marino Business Banking-Finance Administration. ZW; Triune; Winged Helmet; Cal Club; Golden Bear; Rugby WOLLAK, WOLIMAN ERWIN PAUL HENRY MORRIS San Francisco Brooklyn. N.Y. Civil Engineering Journalism XE; TB H; ASCE. AE II; 4PP; Daily Cal; MDC. WCNG, WONG, JOE CHOW KAI•M ING Stockton Hong Kong, Ind. Engineering China International Accounting. House; H B)If; ASME; SAM; CSC. WOOD, WOOD, WOOD, ALLENE V. CYNTHIA A. DON C., JR. San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley English Zoology Business Tower and Flame; AX(); Pryt; Life- Administration Occident. guard Corps. A4X; Swimming Team. WOODWARD, WOOuWARD, WOODWORTH, ROBERT S. WIN JOHN HARVEY Santa Monica General Curriculum Covina Business II BC Elections Electrical Administration Bd; Ace of Clubs. Engineering AKE. Honor Students. WOOD, JANE CLAIRE Ramona General Curriculum Bryn Mawr; Tower and Flame. WOROPAIEFF, ALEXANDER M. Petaluma General Curriculum EK; Secretariat; Symphony Forum. SHRINE AUD. L.A. nrr zr 1L-41 The owner of a most pleasant smile is LARRY SCOTT, Rep at Large. Larry ' s main project on Ex Committee was to get a purchase card system working. In his spare time Larry enjoys playing the piano, playing tennis, as well as his work on various ASUC commit- tees. In the future Larry plans to attend dental school if he isn ' t called into the Army first. WOODMAN, WILSON VERNON Los Angeles Architecture. WREDE, HERMAN D. Berkeley Speech Daily Cal. WRIGHT, JAMES BERNARD San Jose Electrical Engineering HKN; UCSEE. WRIGHT, SAMUEL Madera History YMCA; NAACP. WOODS, WOODS, DORIS JEAN ELVIN LEONARD Napa Pico Fr. Regional Electrical Group Engineeering TB II; IIKN; UCSEE. WULFF, WUNDERLICH, WYATT, WYLAND, WYNE, CAROLINE E. RICHARD ALLEN LAEL FLORENCE BETTY RUTH CONSTANCE H. Sacramento San Francisco San Francisco Richmond San Francisco General Curriculum Civil Engineering Child Development Physical Education Accounting FA; Elections ASCE. ZK; Panile; C Society. APO. Board; Pelican. Orientations; WSSF; Soph Coun. YAMANAKA, YAMAGUCHI, YAMASAKI, YAMASHIRO, YAMATE, KUNITAKE M. KEN ICHIRO YOSHIYE HERBERT HARUTO San Francisco Richmond San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Sociology Optometry Chemistry. Child Development. Philcsophy. Stiles Hall; Golden Nisei Club. Bear; I Board; CSCA. YAMAUCHI, YANAGI, Y A RLOTT, YATER, YBARRA, HIROSHI MOTOICHI FORD LESLIE BETTY A. MARIAN A. Berkeley Oakland Boulder, Colo. Farmington Bakersfield Physiology Civil Engineering Economics. Political Science Spanish Basketball. ASCE. AZ; Prytanean; Casa Hispana; Blue and Gold, Welfare Board. t Mgr.; Pub. Council; Symphony Forum. YEATER, YEE, YEE, YEE, YEP, ESTHER ELEANOR DANNY H. FRANK S. GEORGE TSE STANLEY Berkeley Vancouver San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Public Health. Industrial Design Public Health Electrical Sanitation. II AO; Chinese Engineering. Stiles Hall; Students Club. CSCA. 1 YEP ,B. YIM, YOKIYAMA, YONENAKE, WILLARD B. ERNEST WAY CORDON RALPH HIDEO H. San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Del Ray Palo Alto Civil Engineering Chemistry. Mechanical Civil Engineering Zoology II A,D. Engineering ASCE. Oxford Hall. ASME; IAS. YORK, YOSHIDA, YOSHIOI A, YOST, YOUNG, STEVEN WALTER DON KAZUO MASATO STEWART W. ELFREDA IRENE Berkeley Los Angeles Saratoga Inglewood Oakland i Economcs Business Mechanical Geological Sciences English Administration Nisei Student Club. Engineering OX; OT; AsI,Q; P Mr; College OKI; VP; Golden ASME Counseling. womens ' Club; Bear; IFC; Ball and YWCA. Chain; Athletic $ Coon. YOUNG, YOUNGBERG, YOUNT, YUAN, YUEN, ESKEW, JR. PATRICIA JEAN EMORY NEWTON LUNG JACK Berkeley Oakland Santa Ana Shanghai, China Oakland Political Science Criminology Mechanical Chemistry Retailing Track. AAE. Engineering Honor Students. AMA; Intramural. Ilternational House; ASME; Circle C; Gymnastics team. YUEN, YUEN, YUEN, YUROSH, ZALBA, PETER WAYNE WILBERT MILAN SERAPIO RICHARD Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Mechanical Marketing. Zoology Industrial Economics Engineering II Engineering Pirates Club; ASME; SAM. ASME. Glee; Boxing. ZAILIAN, ZELII OVSKY, NECTAR MAX TED San Francisco Montreal History. Business Administration KN; AEP; Debate ZELLERBACH, ZELLMANN, STEPHEN A. KARL EDGAR San Francisco Berkeley Political Science. Business Administration TKE. ZERDA, ZINICOLA, KENNETH VERNON SILVIO GENNARO Berkeley Oakland Mining General Curriculum. Engineering TB II; Scabbard and Blade; Engineers ' Coun.; N ROTC. MONACHINO and SCHABARUM were ing names last fall as the two raced along the football field. As co-captains they led the victorious 1950 Bears against Stanford but were unable to uphold the winning streak at the second Rose Bowl game. However, Jim and Pete captured numerous " all-all " awards for outstanding playing and par- ticipated in the Hawaii all-star game. 4 ZINN, ZOGRAFOS, ZOLLER, ZOPF, BRANTON, CARNEY, HUMPHREY, JANSEN, KAMENA, KELLEY, EDITH VIRGINIA ANDREW STEVEN DAVID LUCRETIA IONE EDITH H. CHARLES SHIRLEY JUNE LA VERNE RUTH ANNE JOYCE El Cajon Oakland Muskogee, Oxnard San Francisco Bakersfield Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco San Diego General Curriculum Optometry Oklahoma Speech Sociology. Chemistry Speech Decorative Art. General Curriculum General Curriculum. Elizabeth Barrett; Jr., Soph Mgr. Optometry ZTA; Treble AX . A011; Counseling; Cunningham. Treble Clef. Football. Honor Students. Clef; Speech Arts. Symphony Forum. KOIZUMI, LINDQUIST, OLSEN, PALM, RUISINGER, RUSSELL, TOMPKINS, TURNEY, WATSON, WILEY, SHIGERU RODNEY J., JR. RONALD KIMBALL MURIEL LOUISE JACK KEITH DONALD PATRICIA RUTH LLOYD MILTON MARIE ELINOR Honolulu, Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco Alameda New Haven, Conn. Sunnyvale Oakland National City Berkeley Hawaii Agricultural Business Economics Decorative Art Journalism Agriculture Decorative Art. History General Curriculum Industrial Economics Administration. X. 1-4,B. Daily Cal, City Ed; Bowles. EX FOB; Pryt; Relations. X‘Y; AZ; Big C; Golden Bear; Sr. Gavel and Quill; Circle C; Scabbard Coon; Sr. Peace Soph Yell Leader; and Blade; Comm. YWCA; WSSF; Golden Bear. Store Bd; Class Counseling. As chairman of Rally Committee, easy-going Two top men on the Cal crew this year were Store Board functioned smoothly this term un- While munching peanuts and crackerjacks this BILL MACKEY was known for his Saturday DAVE DRAVES and KEN CUSICK. Dave rowed der the chairmanship of LARRY ROBINOW, spring, Cal sports fans watched these two men rendition of " Everybody down. " But somehow with the 1949 UC Olympic team and was eligi- fall, and ARCH WOMBACHER, spring. Arch an- at the " old ball park. " On the baseball he found time to keep ATO brothers on their ble to wear two letters. Red-headed Ken moved nounced that his two main interests at college mond red-headed GIL BECK held down the toes as president. Plans for the future include from last year ' s number three shell to a num- (outside of studies, naturally) were athletics catcher ' s position while AL (MO) DAVIES law school sometime in the near future—about ber one position and also participated in the and party time. He also took time out to work played center field. Away from the sports field, 197n, New Zealand races. on Men ' s Counseling. Larry hopes some day to the co-captains sported their senior le tters and get his M.D. and run a stock ranch on the called the SAE house home. side. During his four years at Cal he has on class councils, on numerous and in upper division ROTC. He is also cally talented—he plays the trombone. SENIOR ACTIVITIES ALL BACKSTAGE confusion developed into a smooth performance when the senior show, " Easy Does It, " reached production. During the Rose Bowl week end Harry James played for a crowd of Cal rooters and the senior class got out of the " ASUC red " on the profits. Scene: Edwards Field. Time: June, 1951. Action: the class of ' 51 joins the alumni. Senior Pilgrimage ... Now and Then. Need we say more? COMMENCEMENT WEEK The Senior Class Barbeque and dance at Mt. Diablo Country Club. Commencement Week Committee goes into action. 89 Amiable CROW MAUER, Junior Prexy, saw to it that the class motto of friendliness was duly applied. JUNIOR COUNCIL CAROL COCHRANE in her job of vice-president guided the social life of the class. SUSIE FLOWERS had a very nesslike air about her as she worked over the secretary ' s minutes. " BUGSY " SIEGEL did his part to see that the Junior Class had spirit in his job as yell leader. HERE ASSEMBLED are the Juniors who shall soon them- selves be planning a Senior Week and pondering over the class gift. They look back on three years at the University, of course, thinking that the last has just about been the best. Council meeting with " after council meeting get- togethers " —sponsoring a September sing for the frosh —grease paint and ers and bills at the Show Down, the Junior Show—the tide sing—class dinner—and the rummage sale—sponsor- ing Sunday night movies in Wheeler Aud—walking off with the Homecoming Float Class Trophy for the second straight year—and, of course, the Junior Prom in the Spring —all will be thought of many times by the Class of ' 52. But thoughts also turn to next year when they shall be the big wheels and there will be still a better year. JUNIOR COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to ritht: Anderson, Scarich, Pletcher, McMannis, Laundy, Mauer, Siegel, Flowers, Housley, Atkinson, Eubank. SECOND ROW: Sisk, Hanson, Hornbeck, Riznik, Fuller, Johnson, Crawford, Stanley, Chapin, Finley, Podd, Warren. THIRD ROW: McElroy, Glenn, Kress, Griggs, Bertagna, Tenney, Davis, Hansen, Talbot, Stewart, Croft. FOURTH ROW: Fields, Kettler, Petruzzelli, Laird, Crull, Barsi, Swanson, Russell, Holmes, Beane, Hinton, Feltham, Pritchard, Goodwin, Cliffman. FIFTH ROW: Huhn, Gress, Schoenfeld, Miback, Park, Brewer, Callender, Moore, Flaherty, Zaruba, Nicking, McKnew, Wood, Lewis. SIXTH ROW: Bolman, Hegarty, Pierce, Hartgogian, Maguire, Houstoun, Cataldi, Morrow, Franco, Edmondson, Stein, Parkinson, Von Gunten, Johnson, Sawyer, Quintero, Costella, Harkness, Williams, Smith. SEVENTH ROW: St. Hill, Wilkinson, Wught, Rogers, Stubbins, Tobrsch, Wade, Wilson, Hansen, Raffi, Meitner, Boone, Woodward. BACK ROW: Dowley, Babow, Farrand, Holloway, Morrison, Olsen, Hewitt, Clark, Abramson, Peeke, LeMoin, Hoch, Marr, Maldonao, Borcherdinz. This is called losing your head over a good cause—in this case it ' s the Junior Show. Two couples take time out for a chat between dances at the Junior Prom. Lots of people enjoying themselves at the Junior Prom. And RON OSTROW was official good will man as class yell leader. MARGIE COOMBS checked the spelling in the minutes ... JODY ZUBER was " social " gal as she did her V-P duties ... ENJOYING PROSPERITY equalled by few Sophomore classes in the university ' s history, the Class of ' 53 had an active year. Winning the Soph-Frosh Brawl for the second year straight and putting on a record sing with 450 people in attendance started off the year with a bang. To add glamour to our Homecoming float, a penny-a-vote contest was held for the " Big C Queen. " Proceeds were used for a Christmas party for 100 un- derprivileged children. Spring brought the Soph Week ' s " Kulapea Kapers " with its climaxing event the gala " Holoku Ball. " Ex- changes were held with Cal Frosh and Stan- ford Sophs. A successful Berkeley-wide paper drive was the class ' s major activity. Still operating in the black the Sophs look forward to an even bigger and better year in 1952. CHUCK NEWMAN pounded the gavel at council meetings . . . Three magnificent specimens of pulchritude—the dogs we mean!—the hand- somest on campus. The Soph Doll demonstrates her winning smile while her charm- ing attendants stand by. A crowd-packed Bowles the night of the Soph Sing and a noisy time was had by all. FRONT ROW, left to right: Zuber, Coombs, Newman, Ostrow, Trembath, Ray, Paine, Bennett, Moffatt, Mackay, McDowell, tion. SECOND ROW: Daniels, Stewart, Higman, Murphy, Strecker, Gabrielson, Banister, Baukol, Hecbry, Downie, Francis, Baxter, Craig, Haffey, [raters, Bolger, Lesley, Allender. THIRD ROW: Sleeper, Rhoads, Carlson, Parsons,, Muller, Tanem, Matheny, Ferriter, Sheean, Bullard, Gibson, Coburn, Nordholm. FOURTH ROW: Andrews, Donegan, Jackson, Keider, Sharman, Alsterlind, Cunliffe, Righter, Kirkwood, Grass, Heinz, Flinn, Ballard, Charla. FIFTH ROW: Alexander, Bowman, Perry, McCrory, Parker, Kirkpatrick, Simon, Connor, Grant, Hootman, Morrish, Spence, Donnelly, Rounds. ROW: Marois, Ward, Wood, Moulin, Kaveney, Owen, Dietsch, Brashers. While LOIS YOUNG kept the minutes up to date ... And JEANNE GUSTAFSON held the social reins efficiently ... And JERRY ALLAIRE made sure the Frosh would be heard at all rallies. BOB MERRICK capably took over the top executive position in the Freshman class ... THIS IS the Class of ' 54 which spent the year taking off slightly green rough edges of new Frosh. In the fall the class had over 400 eager freshmen apply for class council . . . la ter 106 of the applicants became voting members of an enthusiastic class ernment. The Frosh came up with a Homecoming float which they proudly boas+ took an unofficial second prize in the class competition. The social life of the Frosh was enlightened by many successful Sunday Suppers and a dance called Shamrock Fantasy in honor of Saint Patrick. The Shamrock Fantasy attracts a happy crowd. The Greenest Man on Campus receives his trophy. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jane Alexander, Shirley Orchison, Jean Gustafson, Bob rick, Jerry Allaire, Lois Young, Alice Gooding, Beth Merrick. SECOND ROW: Lilyan Smart, Grunetta Langford, Ruth Mocsman, Judy Draper, Karen Berkholm, Barbara kade, Sally Akers, Twinkle Starr, Peggy Donovan, Helen Papen. THIRD ROW: Cookie Hltz, Carol Montgomery, Caryl Westphal, Janice Whalen, Val Ellingson, Anna Knight, Carol Peterson, Lois Folsom, Mardee Maldonado, Barbara Templeton, Barbara Viland, Carl Walker, John Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Greenbaum, Bill Mitchell, George tinez, Helen Biskind, Leatrick Knopf, Midge Oliver, Joan Beid, Mitzi Spence, Audre Ross, Bee Derry, Joan Fletcher, Carole Gerhardy, Susan Diederich, Bob Stribling, Pete Hannaford. FIFTH ROW: Hank Carl, Howard Morrow, Ron Davey, Cathy Whidden, Martha Lane, Mei-hua Sha, Nancy Pat Duckert, Joyce Reid, Carla Maener, Ann croft, Ann Harnley, Ginger Claudius, Bub Glickmal. SIXTH ROW: Harry Mathis, Bob Co llins, Arietta Rakonitz, Sandra Feldman, Jcanne Morris, Ann Kiefer, Flo Ludlow, Kate McKimmins, Liz Baker, Perlena Channing, Betty Woolomes, Bobbie Collins, Jackie ler, Al Galley, Dave Olson, Cece Hunt, Leo Pircher. SEVENTH ROW: John Bauer, Jim Post, Neil Ericksen, John Kenny, Melville McClelland, Dick Gentry, Les Morgan, Howard Wiggins, Rene Van De Carr, Ben Abramovice, Keith McMurphy, Bob Kirkpatrick, nard Munger, Don Sarjeant, John Davitt. BACK ROW: Bill Rogue, Pete Dolliver, Pete Scheider, Bill Prucha, John Kerby-Miller, Gordon Gardiner, Pete Pedersen, Don Denton, Bob Burrows, Mart Cohan. All the candidates for the Greenest Man meet to declare their platforms. Although the Sophs won the Brawl, the Freshmen put up a good fight. 95 ADMINISTRATION E GOLDSCHMIDT . . . ASUC PRESIDENT ALLY MARSH . . . ASUC VICE-PRESIDENT EVEN CAL has politics! And like any political body Ex Committee found itself the subject of many cartoons and jokes. Above and beyond all the laughs Ex Committee worked hard and long on the controversial problems of student government. But not all was as controversial as parking, labor and oath problems. All the routine and sometimes dull details of running a large organization were efficiently taken care of. And the capable officers represented the students ' interests to the best of their ability. REPRESENTATIVES Amiable is the word for HANK CLARKE. Well known about campus for his friendly smile was " PANCHO " ARNOIS. Between trips to Tahoe BILL CALENDER worked hard on Ex Committee. Charming SUE HOWELL helped represent the femi- nine half on Ex Committee. LARRY SCOTT, the friendly Rep with lots of energy. From sports to politics went DON ROBISON . with a winning way in both. SEATED, left to right: Professor Cheney, Lee Talbot, Marion Thomas, Sally Marsh, Allison Gilbert, Peter Goldschmidt, Reilley, Henry Clark, Leon Ginsberg, Don Robison, Bill Zion. STANDING: Lew Arnold, Arthur Harris, Dick Clarke, Bill Sue Howell, Ed Welch, Brutus Hamilton, Masie Irish, Dean Stone, Bill Holmes, Louis Bell, Henry Schacht, Doug Higgins. it AT LARGE BILL GRAFFT had a smile for everyone as he went quetly about his work. DICK CLARKE could most often be found from one meeting to other. BILL HOLMES had lots of energy to keep busy at his job. BILL ZION represented the grad students tiously. MARION THOMAS had a good time redecorating the Reps ' office. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION has a twofold job. This group runs both the general activities of the campus and inter- collegiate athletics. Ed Welch heads the first group, while Brutus Hamilton is in charge of the latter. BRUTUS HAMILTON Director of Intercollegiate Athletics SEATED, left to right: Bill Grafft, Florens Garrett, Pete Goldschmidt, Marion Thomas, Sally Marsh, Dr. Chaney. STANDING: Brutus Hamilton, Hurford Stone, William Norton, Ed Welch. ED WELCH Director of General Activities SEATED, left to right: Florens Garrett, Ed Welch, Brutus Hamilton, Charlie Clarke. STANDING: Joan Hauser, Walter Frederick, Chet Tolmie. 104 BOB ANDREWS kept things under ccn- trol and handed down the final word for Men ' s Judicial. Minus black robes and pow- dered wigs Men ' s Judicial considered infractions of stu- dent laws. FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Manolis, Bob Andrews, Ken Hambrick. BACK ROW; Vic Peterson, Bob Atkinson, Ted Saenger, Bill Lindblad, Jim Kornfield• MEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE fi ii And never underestimating the power of a woman, com- bined with Women ' s Judicial to form the appellate division of student government to consider election and ASUC card violations as well as in- terpreting the constitution. SHIRLEY RUSH kept the coming during the year as she sided over Women ' s Judicial. FRONT ROW, left to right: Shirley Fletcher, Jane Daniels, Shirley Rush, Carmelita Southern, Jean BACK ROW: Lucy Pfund , Joyce Dawson, Doris Dana, Joan Foster. I OS A C DO YOU need a date? ACB will handle your problem. Anything from class sings to formals will be put on the calendar for the ASUC. F S B KEEPING THE ASUC government from " tieing up " is the official duty of Func- tional Services Board—red tape and all. SEATED, left to rght.. Scott Bybee, Jack. lindleY, Jean Meillette, Carol anford, Roger Trool,. Lois Fuller, nBl1 Moorish, Bob MacMahon, JadY inher STANDING ' . Cro Mauer, Jack Rog Young, Helen Baker, Walt.Uhlrich, John Joh son, Doug Hig gIn, Bill Gear. SEATED, left to right.. Joan Parsons, Joan Crawfmt,o0Bob " al-ravnygdon, Andre Tolpegin, Alice albot, Hank Ron. Carapbell, STANDING:Blurnenbeld, Sue Howell, bliarge‘ Hoover Deesse Watson. Hansen, Ann Wilson,Altce Hall, Jocelyn Muller, GInny Boyle, ANDRE t.PEGlbl, in his competent er, saw T that F.S.B. perked along in an efficient ay. Worrying about the ASUC calendar was the job of ROGER TROXELt, chairman of A.C.B. ASUC STAFF COMMITTEE AMONG ITS other activities, staff committee improves the student community by proving the ASUC through policies of the N.S.A. LEW ARNOLD, Chairman LEFT To RIGHT: Rex Baer, Marilyn Gilmore, Lew Arnold, Mice Coughlin, Paul Pitner, Bill Morrish, t. yd ' a Gans Leon Ginsberg, Kayla Wolfe, Allan lid. Si- ANDING. Ruth SEATED ' left to rIgh-faLnfie ' l lris ' Klen, Robert Parvin, Esther Epstein. STUDENT WELFARE BOARD IMPORTANT, IF not critical, to many Cal students is the problem of finding, or rather finding and keeping, a job. You don ' t work in a gas station in a suit nor in an office in jeans and sweat shirt. Welfare Board ' s job conferences this semester have given much valuable information to the job-interested students. LEON GINSBERG, Chairman FRONDROW, left to right.. Azlz Odeh, Florence Bobblter, Bernes RizMlac, Cartolyn ,Stay,atft.asrrna ,iseh. BACK ROW. Diego Gonzalez, tiara t.yut, Evelyn Rowe, Dewey Bergman, rgare Oln y, St my MAS1E IRISH, Chairman INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD HELPING THE foreign dents adjust themselves to the confusing student life at Cal is the important job of tional Board. Models paraded with grace in the Spring Fashion Show during Women ' s Day. JOAN FOSTER was the pretty and capable Women ' s Rep during the fall semester. SEATED, left to right: Nancy Balch, Carol Lou Harkness, Sally Marsh, Joan Foster, Kay Lloyd, Bev McClaskey, Carol STANDING: Shirley Rush, Deese Watson, Doris Dana, Joyce Dawson. Reading of Women ' s Ex Board Rules—the house presidents listen seriously. Charming ALLISON GILBERT took her Women ' s Rep responsibilities very seriously and did a good job. ALONG WITH a Christmas party and the annual Women ' s Day activities, Women ' s Ex plans activities for all women students, and makes and inter- prets rules for them. Both big and little girls had fun at the Women ' s Ex Board party for underprivileged children. 109 Good-natured ROBERT ASH did his job well as president of the YMCA. FRONT ROW, left to right: Toshi Kajitani, Tom Riha, Bill Wehara, Bill Lai, George Burleson. SECOND Stan Yepp, Scott Zumwalt, Paul Gan, Dick Yetter, John Chapel. BACK ROW: Frank Watanabe, Sam Rod Ash, Church Hallum, Forrest Sprigs. YMCA ALTHOUGH LOCATED off campus, Stiles Hall, the headquarters for the YMCA, is an integral part of the life of Cal students. Many often-heated discussions are carried on by the members whose interests range from the foreign situation to the loyalty oath. The Hall is very active when many old grads return to one of the favorite buildings on campus. YWCA THE SMALL cottage on Allston Way houses the activities carried on by the friendly mem- bers of the YWCA. Visiting the wards of Oak Knoll Naval hospital and assisting Scout troops are part of their community service activities; luncheon groups meet to mull over world problems; the Y believes in " open door " policy; all women students are welcome. SEATED, left to right: Lorene Palmer, Anne Reavis, June Fischer, Barbara Ebbesen, Marcia Hurt, Joyce Dawson, Elinor Sydenham, Eileen Polley, Betty Brooke, Lucy Pfund. STANDING: Margaret Olney, Janeellen Decker, Allison Gilbert, Brunetta Reid, Bea Dodge, Dorothy Dunlop, Kit Price, Coralee George, Marlene Paulsen, Sadora Ding, Edna Hiller, Nonna Cheatham, Sylvia Ludwig. JOYCE DAWSON, vivacious president the YWCA, spent a great deal of her time attending conferences. DEESSE WATSON was the confusing but charming head of Women ' s Counseling. SEATED, left to right: Virginia Shelley, Eleanor Johnson, Sharron Hitt, Deesse Watson, Joyce McMurry, Elva Wiese. STANDING: Sylvia Hay, Shirley Joe, Helen Nielsen, Robin Haseltine, Lois Fuller, Marilyn Petersen, Marian Lacrampe. WOMEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNSELING WOMEN ' S COUNSELING did their best to see that each incoming woman student was orientated about campus social life. Periodically checking up with the girls, the counselors saw to it that they really got into the swing of things. Everyone on counseling agrees that this is one activity that gives one the feeling of accomplishment. MEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNSELING THE MAIN purpose of this organization is to counsel the incoming students during registration, according to Ken Smith, chairman. To help students get further acquainted a " Men ' s Smoker " is held at the beginning of each semester. The students are also contacted later on by the counselors. SEATED, left to right: Lee Thompson, Ray Wolfinger, Bob Langdon, chairman; Barnes Resnick, Dick Righter. STANDING: Mike Knauer, Harry Wolcott, John Rubino. BOB LANGDON was the serious and competent head of Men ' s Counseling. V.P,V,00. 00,0 y...0.0•4 MORO A C400 1.14015 olkan c asscoom---Od NN■xs co,sets such God. as lootis ncy-- s N le ob Gar?us siAat‘t■og Coro- NE cOkee. 0-0 DO booVs cos IA Ne S1010. SO NO store as ono or ‘‘e P;ienuel CAnSolg N‘tle at‘s•ses k s uest ot ---and {heree ate oci ca essoets---ar‘d caioNg tecovcred■a e‘s No v. GortM.■x kee s N oe t ob. EE 9.09 C0110100 00.51 ovaNit C0040. 1t4 us G lesk Dr ve stcas an on- carn9es Ar ve dioc:1 le spr nel ernesker• 1 1 s grov? 0 ' co N le stIork co eo ' c ons and ub. the Ar s ' e. a to .,NNood 30es,FPe FkO N ck, evse, SaNasta NoO cP•110A)s ovOoct 0040%. 14 1 -k vevoc, lodo er ' po r‘ ' the oi-k col Gacnpkis OV‘n■on CouncA asto: ks ocAeTs ;Torn ty.Cornrc■kkee anA ape r a `al k Ae Pres Aenk ' s Cornrr■■sckee ko gek Ode vcal. coer GO1 SciNkO,:vb SOne;,,:o ca;dv Nse‘.esNoV c - ec, lao CAeaNe• 5PC., (.. 9,0 . Fkee. N , l‘oee ev Gob George d, 5 3E. kNo NE..v.■. 9,0)9OFF.. -9 5100041 Gov . 0.04•C OAPN.01.... " . acY AN es Nee yak O " recorctrcerAak ons ' ..Cocc‘c■- Viee cesi O:cl an8■ Vo?rovec(Nef N c) k t,e orgax■%- -Lak cos ic Nel Aasce s uc ed, ? e„ e. SF-C- tSP IO,61 ,600 ge0 Sve.Natt,:oeN,ikVr Wardlabv‘evivaS,(1e oegoet, N Barker. G • lk " , 5epode vosorv, 6 Vveoq 0 ° WOW " ZAN, 0 C C I SOM 2,00 3ack•1 4, 0 eit 090:. Oameao d, sra 0 0, %CO ' . 1400, q, Oz. ' , e`m S01-a. NO( SOPOStS 300.03 ' d .. " ,k) s ' cri nq ' co {o " `e- eo ' c■sle ? an kor arranci ng oppocke t es kor kr:se sWAeks ko address le gar o‘.1.s 4 nq clroepS ■ice a`oC o ad • KLCI. 0C-tk C`c akv0Oakk 41t -SON C,Ovo ve p,C30 0%0 ?SOS ‘-ko N p., A-cs SO o? skoc■esl " ' 14 as O %Ct. cry ' red ecsrcioq Vol k‘Ne oW‘ce ok IxerVs- k1 }° copy ovied ■ks v4 al ko ouNde ?■001 sottcces. ,ti PSO, 1,1 ar•pl ' ke Moor Hasa lAelt, kAe sork, lxikiOdek.• C9.0111041, left to vkcki V. %ey ON, Az.c`i -01, SW Ciktkvckk, t- e rortvel Vikc ikci:ke:tol°e21= " ?‘e icko V3Saavb;: Dk:Pc3e:i ' oPscik ' ' : 04014 plOti04 %VS . 1 C00. ab e c livcfrars -4 Pivt. Ode A N ' ti‘s ocgat■vtak■or las beer VoSog park.A.ore ardko Vore o`osor or sNocler ' is. (0-G0 GOkax4C.5 Ck 2,00 Sj ra 5.,`( FkiP06.. Vv0N S. 5 " - t2S 6 " 6 " ' • SA C ' ° Fkudsoi`, C " ,laok, SO a a,c Gee wok S1004 00,0S. 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VNeoa Ca " " " s44. C,9;t:Vjos(1 :gtCa0■gtot, ' ,6:e ° e neNtavel:: e ' d,o: O: tC BolxcCetvikale:7 Pao Pacsoo -kp,stp 140004G P,S 30 card sa escne eve CPO SISA.tS n seen Vimg ‘11 ,t4 Cot prospeck■ve med.:Mrs ak N‘‘ebecixlv`090 V‘sieac----4040q t ' ? a graf`6 ' koka N.S0) cardho ders. R.ON CO305CO. Oa:0 ' ton 0090100s CAMPOS 1000 CP1 40.5100kS sav4 ko at the St,,. denks, as stib as some theo der ones ate beAdered`ol k‘Ae ev4 od,denqs,knov lov4 No get around k`ne campus. 0.0141 P.01,1, eft to tOt.. CavoVio VdG, Geovse Pasi o,t4 lSob.6.2,00, ' Po Calopt0, si■c. l ' eLevsoi■• Pc01. vace olard. NO1 CACI 0.0Y. Dao S ' ozaP, 0-0k0-t. Friendly HELEN BAKER heads the Wsmen ' s Athletic Association very capably. Volleyball becomes a game of skill when these ferns get together. FRONT ROW, left to right: Donna Fair, Joan Baldwin, Helen Baker, Beverly McDonnell, Barbara Steele. BACK ROW: Mary Lou Willis, J ane Reidy, Jcan Pawson, Dr. Espenschade. 122 FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Rourke, Lois man, Charlotte Anderson, Joan Pawson, Shirley Ran- dall, Jean Underhill. BACK ROW: Barbara Coombs, Carolyn Reginato, Barbara Fredendall, Jane Reidy, Barbara Hofmann, Rosemary Furlong. 123 How to wear off excess weight could be another title The feminine answer to William Tell? Well, not quite for field sports. WAA THE FEMININE element of the sports-minded on campus is embodied in the WAA. These athletic damsels participate in intermural and interclass rivalry, the top ones emerging with awards and highly coveted trophies which take the honor spot on the mantle. Partytime is all the time with this ambitious group but is in its prime during field week and is climaxed with the Rewards Banquet. FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Mulligan, Okell, Mary Lou Willis, Miss Gilcoyne, Joan Weeks. BACK ROW: Ginger Andrews, Betsy Lowe, Ludemann, Donna Fair, Nancy Colby, Sally Watson, Shirley Glenn. but they have a lot of fun. Bell Birenbaum Bossin Cunliffe Dewey Finney Neal Ross Sederholm Yater DAVE " Beetlebaum " BIRENBAUM Fall Chairman PUB COUNCIL acts as a coordinating agency for the five campus publications—Blue and Gold, Daily Cal, Pelican, Occident, and Cal Engineer. Ad Service Bureau is also represented. The main functions of the organization are to act as liaison between the publications, ad- just new publications to ASUC regulations, present issues to Activi- ties Coordinating Board and determine rules for Eshleman Library. The membership of the council is composed of the editors and man- agers of the five publications plus the head of Ad Service Bureau. The fall chairman was Dave Birenbaum, while Howard Neal held the posi- tion this spring. HOWARD NEAL Spring Chairman 126 WALTER FREDERICK, Director Publications, takes time off some paper work to smile for camera. the camera caught BILL BERK, Assistant Director of Publications, looking over some past ments of the Blue and Gold. Invaluable to the publications group are the gals in the front office. Gathered here to discuss the problems of inhabitants is Pub Council. One conference after another marked the progress of the Blue and Gold on the calendar of LOIS BOSSIN, Editor. " Where ' s that copy? " usually announced the entrance of PHYL FOSTER into the inner sanctum of the Blue and Gold. " I never saw so many pictures in my life, " claimed MARCIA ERNEST, Picture Editor, as she rearranged the muddle on her CONFERENCES WITH the artist, con- fuseroduction meetings, arrange- nts p with the photo studio preceded the fall semester. Then with the theme " Cal and You " decided upon, the Blue and Gold editorial staff flew into action early in the year. Writing copy, ing pictures, and unscrambling the com- plicated filing system are all in a day ' s work to the people in I I OA Eshleman. The feat of (we hope) turning the yearbook out by June for the second year in suc- cession was accomplished by the able management of Editor Lois Bossin, Copy Editor Phyllis Foster, Sports Editor Mardy Pletcher and Picture Editor Marcia Ernest. It ' s a women ' s world, girls! " This year we ' re going to take one thing at a time, " said MARDY PLETCHER, the very busy Sports Editor. JUNIOR EDITORS: Barbara Clay- ton, Jerry Fielder, Mary Fisher, Joan Carr, Bill Macy, Mary Lou Willis. FRESHMAN EDITORS: FRONT ROW, left to right: O ' Connor, Cleveland, True, Cliffman. OND ROW: Draper, Demith, ter, Olsson, Thomas, Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Muller, Haworth, Urguiza, Collins, Liakos, Handloff, Patten. BACK ROW: Andrews, Die- derich, Hansen, Noble, McCIaY, Benjamin, Newell, Eveleth, Rivers. SOPHOMORE EDITORS: SEATED: Bob Grinder. STANDING, left to right: Sheila Darling, Clause Nancy Rabb, Helen Baer, Phelps, Jane Bartlett. antics of LOU GILMORE generally kept the morale The of staff h igh throughout the year. managerial Money, money, money was all that BETTY YATER could think about when she sat behind her managerial in the Blue and Gold office. The pleasant voice a BARBARA RA01 could be on the phone reminding living groups and honor that now is the time to buy pages. ■ Who will be the lucky winners? JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to right: Janet Diana Grosso, Beverly McDonnell, Nancy Hickman, Joan Molinari. " GET OUT and sell those Blue and Golds. " " Keep your studio hours. " " Party time at gee ' s house. Has anyone seen our Kitty? " The managerial staff the major part of their time selling the 1951 yearbook and m t sending people through the line in the studio to have their pictures taken. However,time was found for party time at Bev ' s house and also to tend and hunt for the Blue and Gold mascot " Goldie " who insisted and leaves of absence. J This is GOLDIE, treasured mascot of the Blue and Gold, in one of its(?) more quiet moments. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS, left to Eileen Flaherty, Ryth Cuthbert, Samper, Mary Lee Freethy, Edena Carlson, Eleanor Bakosh. FRESHMAN MANAGERS: FRONT ROW, left to right: bleatwole, zian, Glenn, Shinn, Honer, , TyMc, ler Millard. BACK ROW- , Sundby, Wedemeyer, Sar- Glashangeant, Holmes, Oldham. JEANNIE HAMILTON Fall City Editor JACK RUSSELL Spring City Editor DOWN IN the basement of Eshleman there is found a high-ceilinged and noisy room. This is the second home of the Daily Cal editorial staff. A good part of these potential newshounds spend a great part of their time c ommuting tween there and journalism classes in tometry (nee Durant) building. FRANK FINNEY Fall Editor LOUIS BELL Spring Editor DAVE BIReNBAUM Managing Editor ALVA SENZEK Wire Editor Spring Assistant Editor DICK HUBBEL EDITORIAL STAFF HAROLD BERGSTEIN Spring Assistant City Editor 132 SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS, left to Dick Israel, Don Yett, Bob Charles T. Scharringhauser. JUNIOR EDITORS: SEATED, left to Jenette Inglis, Joan Muller. Dick Israel, Al Manpano. FRESHMAN EDITORS: SEATED, left right: Berky, Lawson, Tripp, Anderson. STANDING: Gidbert, Levy, Perry, Davis, Hanaford, Murphy, Dahill, Hinds, Hirohata, Gutierrez, Taguchi, Dugas, Del Puppo, Thompson. SOPHOMORE EDITORS, left to right: tis Choate, Joan Muller, Linda Jenette Inglis. PHOTOGRAPHERS, left to right: Smith, John Kessler, Dave Polos, Roland Quintero. MANAGERIAL STAFF MARY ANGELO RICHARD RIGHTER Fall Production Manager Fall Associate Production Manager DICK DEWEY Fall Business Manager SOLICITING ADS, making money, planning layouts, making money, dreaming up ways to increase circu- lation, making money, threatening certain ad solicitors daily with $5.00 fines in hopes of getting ing copy in reasonably near the deadline, and making money—these are the responsibilities of the Daily Cal managerial staff. They put in from ten to thirty-five hours a week just keeping the mechanical wheels of the Daily Cal well lubricated and no telling how many " making whoopee " at various memorable staff parties. BEV LARSON Fall Promotion Manager HOWARD NEAL GRETA JOHANSEN Spring Business Manager Spring Advertising Manager GEORGE ABERNATHY Spring Production Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS, left to right: JoAnne Lurker, Strand, Elaine Hartgogian, Rita Johansen, George nathy. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS, left to right: Al McCood, Bates, Dick Lewis, Joyce Edwards, Jim Cooley, Nancy guire. FRESHMAN MANAGERS: ROW, left to right: Brown, Carrigan, Cannon, Prouty. ROW: Fargas, Higgins, Doyle, ligan, Marzluft, Higday. ROW: Dyche. HARD AT work are the members of the Daily Cal Managerial staff. Even though party times are popu- lar, they find time to take care of the paper. DAILY CALIFORNIAN SPORTS STAFF TED SAENGER kept the sports desk lit- tered with copy as well as directing the activities of his staff. THE BLUE AND GOLD isn ' t the only one who has a woman on the sports staff—Daily Cal is proud of its feminine member. This year ' s smaller editions of the Daily Cal finds the staff with too much copy and too little space —a problem no journalist, cially editor Ted Saenger, likes. SEATED, left to right: Paul, Saenger, Anderson, Tretten. STANDING: Rogers, Green, Fimrite, Krebs, Shepherd, Morvai, Boyd, Herman, Tucker, Wallace, Seymour, Chuchian, Rubey. LEFT TO RIGHT: Francois Lampietti, Ed Lackner, Bob Beetem, Kurt Munnich, Bob McClay. ART STAFF ADDING A touch of hu- mor to the Daily Cal is Bob Bibler ' s " Little Man on Campus. " Art staff also does illustrations for e!itorial page and any other art work called for. 136 AD SERVICE BUREAU JOANNE JEPSON, pretty blonde director of Art Bureau, kept the staff busy at their assignrnents. UNUSUAL TALENT in our sity is quickly snapped up by Ad Service Bureau as may be assumed by looking at the ads in ASUC lications and the display case in Eshleman Hall. Bev Larson is chief whip-cracker in the ASB office which also houses Promotions. All of the ads for local merchants pearing in ASUC publications are handled by the talented(?) bers of the staff who come up with unique ideas for promotion. AD SERVICE BUREAU STAFF: Jackie Kerschner, Bob Albright, Bev Larson, Barbara Ross, Dick De Long. ART BUREAU STAFF: Jane Lowy, Joanne Jepson, Bob McClay, Jack Rogers, Gene Morosoli, Carla Mernner. ART BUREAU PAINTING PRETTY pictures that were sure to decorate the campus in some form was one of the jobs of Art Bureau. The staff worked in the colorful surroundings of their Eshle- man basement abode. And they could point with pride at the tic results seen advertising events, candidates, and productions upon the campus. 137 JOHN SPAREY admires his masterpiece which won him a two unit A in sculpturing. 138 ,MIMEIEMI=MISC OUR FAMED Pelly, though sometimes questioned, ranks in the top five college humor magazines across the country. Everyone wonders but maybe its improvement is due to the newly donated mascot by Speary who incidentally got a 2-unit A in sculpture class for the masterful creation. It ' s worshipped by the small staff that musters out the magazine once a month for the eight school months, in its much-too-small office. Written and censored and rewritten with unusual inspiration, the staff organized its contri- butions and occasionally throws in a homemade joke. TOM ROBERTS Pelican Art Editor Pelican Fall Advertising Manager Pelican Fall Women ' s Director DAVID DUNSHEE Pelican Spring Advertising Manager GARY BLAND NANCY BALCH PERDITA LOOMIS Pelican Spring Women ' s Director COLLIN CLARK Pelican Spring Associate Editor ss THE ASUC supports Occident as a magazine which pub- lishes serious student writings. " Occie " also features occa- sional articles by prominent writers or celebrities in the field of art. Last semester ' s issue featured a new layout and streamlining. In fact, the Red Clown bids fair to become the symbol of the Occident to all Cal students. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosely Peyser, Billie Dawn, Paul Hone, Dick Champlin. Spring Editor KENNETH PETTITT Fall Editor DICK CHAMPLIN Fall Manager GARY GRAY Spring Manager RICHARD RUMMONDS FALL STAFF—FRONT ROW, left to right: Frances Larson, Betsy Crusan, Claude Unselt, Marge SECOND ROW: Al White, Aileen Toner, Norma Samuelsen, Sharroll Griffin, Dave Koblick. BACK Al Vejar, Dean Carl, Roy Ashcraft. AL WHITE California Engineer Fall Editor DEAN CARL California Engineer Fall Manager FRANCES LARSON California Engineer Fall Women ' s Director CALIFORNIA ENGINEER DAVE KOBLICK California Engineer Spring Editor BILL GORDON Cal ifornia Engineer Spring Manager JANE FRANK California Engineer Spring Women ' s Director EDITORIAL AND MANAGERIAL STAFF WHILE MANAGERIAL is out getting the ads Editorial works busily on hour-long coffee sessions which begin every hour. Both staffs unanimously blame all mistakes on the Women ' s staff. WOMEN ' S STAFF FRAN LARSON and Jane Frank shared the duties direct- ing the magazine sales staff and managing the parties. SPRING STAFF—SEATED, left to right: Jane Frank, Al White, Mary Galigher, Dave Koblick, Roy Ash• craft, Joan Kelley, Marge Smith, Betsy Crusan. STANDING: Bill Gordon, Lawrence Fried, Al Vejar. 144 UNIVERSITY THEATER UNDER THE capable direction of Mr. Fred Harris another successful season of the University Theater was presented. Actors, actresses, directors, and stage crew, among many others, worked together to put on such favorite productions as " Our Town, " " The Heiress, " " Berkeley Square, " " Look Out Below, " " Candida, " " Romeo and Juliet, " and " The Doctor in Spite of Himself. " LYNN ARDEN has played in " Berkeley Square, " " Our Town, " Remember Mama, " " Take a Ride, " " Look Out Below " and Juliet low. " She has been in charge of technical work and the lighting in several productions. BILL SHANE, an expert in the technical end of the business, gained much experience in his two-year stay and earned his place in Hammer and Dimmer and Mask and Dagger. KAREN GAYLORD played in " Iphegenia in Aulis " and Square " this year, gaining a place among campus actresses. Versatile JANICE BURRIEL participated in many aspects of theater together with membership in Thalian and the of Mask and Dagger. ARNOLD WOLF ' s achievements in the dramatic field, which are are supplemented with presidency of Thalian and membership Hammer and Dimmer and Mask and Dagger. SHIRLEY MINTZ has had many feature roles in the past year has also directed the ' 51 Mask and Dagger Review, " Lock Out low. " She has been in charge of technical work.and the lighting in several productions. It ' s surprising how nice she ' ll look frcm the third row. Even the men must primp before the mirror. Ouch! You ' re pull ing. OUR TOWN THE CAST STAGE MANAGER WILLIAM FARWELL DR. GIBBS TOM ROBERTS JOE CROWELL FRANCIS FARAGOH HOWIE NEWSOME ROBERT SLATTERY MRS. GIBBS LYNN ARDEN MRS. WEBB MARY ZIEMER GEORGE GIBBS ROBERT BENEVEDS REBECCA GIBBS PATRICIA DURNFORD WALLY WEBB DOUGLAS REYNOLDS EMILY WEBB DELMA BRUNETTI PROFESSOR WILLARD ROBERT LERTORA MR. WEBB GRIFF RICHARDS SIMON STIMSON JOHN HETHERINGTON MRS. SOAMES ANNE SOULE CONSTABLE WARREN FOSTER WEEKS MINISTER JACK HAYNES MR. MORGAN TOM THOMPSON SI CROWELL NORMAN DESSLER SAM CRAIG EDWIN ANDERSON JOE STODDARD WILLIAM MARTINELLI ROBERT BENEVEDS as George Gibbs. DELMA BRUNETTI as Emily Webb. 145 THE CAST MARIA JANET BAKER DR. AUSTIN SLOPER ARNOLD WOLF MRS. LAVINIA PENNIMAN MARION MELBERG MISS CATHERINE SLOPER FRANCES PEPPER MRS. ELIZABETH ALMOND MAXINE MELBERG MR. ARTHUR TOWNSEND STANLEY DUFFORD MISS MARIAN TOWNSEND PATRICIA TRAYNOR MR. MORRIS TOWNSEND GORDON KEYES MRS. MONTGOMERY JACQUELINE DRIAN GORDON KEYES as Morris Townsend. A tense situation. They don ' t seem to agree. 146 THE HEIRESS FRANCES PEPPER as Miss Catherine Sloper. Before the trip back into time. Polite conversation. THE CAST WILKINS JANET HAIGHT TOM PETTIGREW RICHARD DAVIES KATE PETTIGREW LYNN ARDEN THE LADY ANNE PETTIGREW KAREN GAYLORD MR. THROSTLE RICHARD MATHEWS HELEN PETTIGREW ADELE DEUTSCH THE AMBASSADOR ROBERT LERTORA MRS. BARWICK ANNE SOULE PETER STANDISH JOHN HETHERINGTON MARJORIE FRANT JACKIE VIS MAJOR CLINTON WARD PERCIFIELD MISS BARRYMORE CELESTE LIPOW THE DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE ANN HILL LORD STANLEY WILLIAM FARWELL H. F. H. THE DUKE OF CUMBERLAND, K. G ROBERT SHEP ADELE DEUTSCH as Helen Pettigrew. JOHN HETHERINGTON as Peter Standish. BERKELEY SQUARE EDWARD MARKMANN as Rev. James Morrell PAMELA MARI MAN as Candida On stage, everybody. CANDIDA THE CAST MISS PROSPERINE GARNETT MARY ZIEMER REV. JAMES MAYOR MORELL EDWARD MARKMANN REV. ALEXANDER MILL DOUGLAS REYNOLDS MR. BURGESS ROBERT SHEP CANDIDA PAMELA MARKMANN EUGENE MARCHBANKS FRED TODD ROBERT SHEP and DOUGLAS REYNOLDS talk over a problem. MARY ZIEMER takes a letter for ED MARKMANN. A little coaching on staging. This is going to hurt them more than it is you. CAST GERONTE, FATHER TO LUCINDE VERNON NEWELL LEANDRE, LUCINDE ' S FATHER JACK GRAHAM SGANARELLE, HUSBAND TO MARTINE NORMAN DESSLER M. ROBERT, SGANARELLE ' S NEIGHBOUR DAVID FURNAS LUCAS, HUSBAND TO JACQUELINE BAXTER ARMSTRONG VALERE, GERONTE ' S SERVANT FRANCES THOMPSON M. TOMES RICHARD McCURDY M. DES FONANDRES DOCTORS WILLIAM MARTINELLI M. MACROLON DONALD RAY M. BAHYS DAVID FURNAS LUCINDE, GERONTE ' S DAUGHTER DELMA BRUNETTI LISETTE, LUCINDE ' S CONFIDANT MARGUERITE RAY MARTINE, SGANARELLE ' S WIFE CAROL RAFUL JACQUELINE, NURSE TO GERONTE ' S AND LUCAS ' WIFE M. PARKER M. THIBAUT, A PEASANT WOMAN ELIZABETH ROSEBERRY PERRINE, HER DAUGHTER CHARLENE HILLS AMONG THE AUDIENCE: THE MAYOR DOUGLAS REYNOLDS HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER JOANNE TAYLOR, JUANITA GOMEZ THE PARISIENNES JOHNNIE ADAMS, SYLVIA KNOWLTON The camera caught this play while it was still in rehearsal. Director and the leads talk things over. Same people get to take it easy while others stand. Looks like he ' s on the receiving end. LEFT TO RIGHT: Blair Smith, Scott Bybee, Lillian Williams Smith, Al CavaIlin, Bruce Fanshier mustic council in action. An informal jazz session by the hand keeps the inhabitants of Eshleman and Stephens entertained(?). THROUGHOUT THE year musical tivities have been promoted and ized by Music Council, made up of gifted members of Treble Clef, Glee Club, and Band. They function to unite musical organizations for their mutual benefit. MUSIC COUNCIL 152 Glee Club poses for pictures to advertise their spring tour. THE GLEE Club can always be depended upon to give out with " We ' re Sons of California " at the rallies. They also sang old favorites at the Charter Day Banquet and the highlights of the year were their combined shows with Treble Clef. 153 TREBLE CLEF WITH THE famed chunk that blew off the Campanile adorning their office, the Treble Clef was inspired on to new heights of musical accomplishment. From time to time collaborating with Glee Club they had a tremendous year. Practice makes perfect . or let ' s try that last part again. JOAN CHERNY MARJORIE STONE LILLIAN WILLIAMS Senior Secretary Fall Senior Secretary Spring Senior Manager FRONT ROW, left to right: Tulanian, Pederson, Williams, J. Cheesy, Chase, Lindeke. SECOND ROW: Burke, Crotty, Schinzer, Davis, Learn, Fowler, Piepenberg. THIRD ROW: Wheldon, Helvenston, Aubin, Beaty, Cannon, Kemp, Lowe, Taggart, McMillan, Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Jackson, Jensen, Hovey, Williams, Barsamian, Woolomes, Blakemore, Hastings, Slater, Crawford, Hoffman, Jones. FIFTH ROW: Surges, Giddings, Martin, Gibson, Showalter, Bisson, Clemes, Smith, Knapp, drom, Carlisle, Paine, Stevenson, Benson. BACK ROW: B. Cherney, Ferner, Aebi, Bigini, Hasking, McMurry, Woodson, Keasby, Hunter, Daniels, Wikstrom, Graham. 154 GLEE CLUB AND TREBLE CLEF SHOW TWICE EACH year Glee Club and Treble Clef get together and fill Wheeler Aud with harmony and entertainment. Hours of practice make perfect. The octet show their winning style. The Glee Club " bard " gets publicity for the show. The fellows take it easy while the gals go to work. 155 BAND AN IMPROMPTU Charleston num- ber or an exhibition of the finer points of leap-frogging at the rallies are typical of our own Cal Band. Playing and marching in a manner which hasn ' t been seen around here for quite a few years, the band did itself up proud. The best was none too good for the Cal rooters as far band performances went. Director BERDAHL made sure that the all played together and the outcome was pleasing to the rooters ' ears. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ferguson, Boyett, McClellan, Smith, Grossman, Ehrenpfort, Tilburg, Abbott, Beil, Pippin. SECOND ROW: Currier, Brown, Briggs, Krackov, Gleason, Warne, Mott, Price, Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Stern, McKenzie, Marier, Silvers, Posey, Simonson, Lee, Lucas, Trost, CavaIlin. FOURTH ROW: Henderson, Witbeck, Yale, Wolkenberg, Milcock, Morrison, Robson, Mathews, Tanem. FIFTH ROW: Desky, Dunlavy, Booker, Harrison, Martin, Brown, Sparks, Innes, Ellsworth, Benz. SIXTH ROW: Lee, Landan, Tweedy, Copren, Welker, Kapfer, Onkka, Stiewel, Kahn, Stark. SEVENTH ROW: Rothaus, Berman, True, Tipton, Bedynek, Ridgeway, son, McCallum, Colman, Becker. EIGHTH ROW: Perkins, Doud, Filippine, Fountain, McCullogh, Miller, Marcus, Scott, Dickinson, Furnas. BACK ROW: Etten, Vasi, Flatq, Preisig. FRONT ROW, left to right: Garland, Fields. SECOND ROW: Rosen, Silliman, Paully, Vokracek, Crane, Lane, Brooks, Bedeal, Kreider. THIRD ROW: Helvenston, Smith, Morrison, Warren, Murch, Channing, Wiggins, Molinari, Wemple, FOURTH ROW: Patterson, Derby, Moreland, Owen, Dougherty, Jensen, Yater, Hartzel, Trotter, Beagle. BACK ROW: Grinder, Strong, Tolpegin, Payne, Vejar, Patterson, Widderson, DeKlatz, De Jerf. GENE MORRISON Chairman of Symphony Forum Record concerts have proved most popular. SYMPHONY FORUM TO INCREASE student interest in music is the purpose of Symphony Forum. The organization sponsors a record lend- ing library open to all students and recorded concerts which are given twice a week. Through this group all tickets for student concerts given by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra are handled. And the forum presents on campus guest artists from the San Francisco Symphony. The organi- zation on Cal campus is the base of operation for other col- lege groups throughout the country. If it ' s music, it ' s got to be good. UNIVERSITY CHORUS ON AND off campus entertain- ment by their singing, University Chorus has had a full year ' s work. University Symphony Director JOAQUIN NIM-CULNELL presented concerts throughout the year. Professor ED LAWTON successfully directed Chorus during the year. Practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays may be work but the results sounded fine the night of the University sing. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY SO YOU have musical talent? Then you can join University Symphony, provided that your technical skill meets the require- ments of concert performance. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lyman, Wilson (coach), Grodin, Zelikousky. SECOND ROW: Garretson, Hartley, Sharp, Johnson, Fudge, Tumbleson. BACK ROW: MacMahon, Jubas, Sprague, Lawson, Roberts, Kullgren, Cahen, Appel. VARSITY DEBATE TOGETHER WITH developing intellectual understanding among members of the squad, Varsity Debate members have gotten some geograp hical understanding, too. Their trips to and from universities all over the country, where they have represented UC, have seen to that. Those not able to travel have been ing their time at home in panels and roundtable discussions. NORDSTROM JOHNSON, Manager JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE EXPERIENCE IS the main goal for Junior Varsity Debators who hope to eventually take their places on the Varsity debate team. The coach, Steve Sosnick, and the manager, Charlotte Sisson, combine their efforts to make the team outstanding among the local schools, JC ' s, state colleges and other junior teams with which they compete. CHARLOTTE SISSON, Manager LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Sisson, Dorothy Greenfeld, Roger Fortune, Steve Sosnick, Armand Magid, Bob Hays, Louie Crescenzo. ARMY ROTC THE ARMY ROTC division is separated into lower and upper divisions. Lower division ROTC is compulsory for male students while upper division is limited to students who desire a commission in the Army. Several branches are offered for specialization under this program. There are branches of the infantry, quartermaster corps, transporta- tion corps, signal corps, engineers, and artillery. Upper division stu- dents complete a six weeks summer training course at some army camp of their specialization field. They receive pay and in addition are de- ferred from the draft. Upon completion of their schooling they re- ceive a commission in the army and are eligible for a regular army commission if they qualify. FRONT ROW, left to right: Lt. Col. Marion C. ney, Lt. Col. James M. Cochran, Lt. Col. James Strong, Lt. Col. Albert C. Williams, Lt. Col. C. Roller, Lt. Col. Stephen V. Ralph, Lt. Col. C. Ford. SECOND ROW: Lt. Col. Silvio E. Lt. Col. Thomas F. Gordon, Major Thomas R. Major John P. A. Kelly, Major Tom S. Phair, Darrel G. Costello, Major Andre H. Nelson, John P. Youens, Major Frederic H. Palmblad, William R. Mattison, Major Winfred L. Hasty, BACK ROW: Capt. Charles S. Dronberger, Cant. B. Wood, Capt. Gilbert M. Vick, Capt. Hugh Tonsfeldt, Capt. Rene A. Dussaq, Capt. Earle Stewart, Capt. Thomas E. Griess, Capt. John Blair, Major Arthur W. Hackwood. Humm—complicated. NAVY ROTC AS JUNE graduation approaches a great many Naval ROTC members are beginning preparation to take their active place with the U. S. Navy. The NROTC program at California offers students the oppor- tunity of serving as a regular officer or as a reserve officer. The naval curriculum revolves around a four-year program including tion, gunnery techniques, navigation principles, naval engineering, and preparation for a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps. ous cruises allow the members to acquaint themselves with navy life aboard ship. Social activities include several informals, a Christmas formal and the annual Ring Dance. FRONT ROW, left to Lt. H. H. Bishop, USNR; Capt. H. A. Carlisle, USN; Commander K. E. son, USN; Lt. Comdr. C. A. Coutts, USNR. BACK ROW: Lt. Comdr. R. H. Gulman, USN; Maj. G. P. Wolf, Jr., USMC; Lt. 0. H. Perry, Jr., USN; Lt. L. S. Dolson, Jr., USNR. Inspection! Is it or is it not a bit of dirt? : ' �:� ' The Athletic Section ... in Memoriam to ROBERT A. (BOB) TESSIER October 21, 1910, to November 28,1950 " A warm and friendly man . . . ways ready to listen, to encourage, to help . . . A coach who brought out the best in his players and those around him. He won a place in the hearts of Californians . . . We are all a little happier because he stopped here. " Lynn 0. Waldorf. Bob and his wife, Meredith. ATHLETIC COUNCIL: SEATED, left to right: Herb Steiner, Jim Howe, Greg Engelhard, ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE: SEATED, left to right: Bob MacDougall, Eleanor Brutus Hamilton, Bill Hagler, Jim Dawson. STANDING: Calvin Mehlert, George Bauman, DeMaris. STANDING: Ellen Hardway, Sally Marsh. Dick Clarke. TWO HARD-WORKING groups functioning for the best interest of all athletics are Athletic Council and the Athletic Reception Committee. All policies and decisions concerning intercollegiate athletics are formulated and considered by Athletic Council, with George Bauman as chairman. Eleanor DeMaris has capably headed Athletic Reception Committee, which serves as an offi cial welcoming group for visiting athletics teams—high- lighted in the fall by the arrival of the Pennsylvania Quakers! A truly great sportsman, BRUTUS HAMILTON capably as Director of Athletics while secretly enjoying the of singing and playing harmonicas. Between arranging team trips and keeping the stadium in good condition, GREG ENGELHARD, Assistant Director of plays golf and is an avid flier. Young, efficient GEORGE BRIGGS took charge of the Office until the Marines called him into active service. His sistant, Joan Hauser, is now handling ducats. I 70 ROTATION OF assistant yell leaders at athletic events during the year put into practice the training of the ized Megaphone Society, which works in assistance with the head yell leaders. Bob Kinkead and Max Gutierrez were the re- spective head yell leaders for Fall and Spring, and the year was climaxed by their leading the rooting section in strong sup- port of our Rose Bowl Bears at Pasadena. YELL LEADERS: STANDING: Bob Kinkead. FRONT, left to right: Max Gutierrez, Hap Lord, Johnny Johnson. Mid-year elections changed the role of wearer of the three-striped sweater from enthusiastic BOB KINKEAD to MAX GUTIERREZ, dark-haired winner of the 145-lb. intramural boxing buckle. COMMITTEE AMIDST SHOUTS of " Let ' s all say hello to Vic! " and " Where ' s another white stamp? " Rally Committee spent Tuesday and Thursday afternoons last Fall in the hallowed Co-Rec room, energetically marking endless cards for Cal ' s world-famous rooting section. Cheered on by par- ties with visiting rally committees, and ringside seats at basketball games, members didn ' t mind the eight o ' clock Saturday morning treks to the Stadium or the windy day at the Rose Bowl to " put up the cards. " Two Southern Californians guided the Rally Committee a most successful year—BILL MACKEY capably served as and was noted for his enthusiastic " Everybody dow-ow-own, " while GINNY JONES, women ' s chairman, spent endless hours learning education skills. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Nlardy Pletcher, Jean Brewster, Ginny Jones, Eleanor DeMaris, Virginia Gerke, Ellen Hardway. SECOND ROW: Helen Jean Gross, Jan Watson, Margo Stutzman, Maur een Dooher, Alison Gilbert, Carol Holmes, Analou St. John, Peggy Stewart, Fran Bolger, Janet Grout. THIRD ROW: Phyllis MacKay, Ellie Van der Zee, Sally McDowell, Beth Ingram, Elouise Phelps, Noreen Letson, Faye Brown, Barbara Ray, Donna Holland, Cornelia Rhoads. FOURTH ROW: Joy Lothrup, Helen Baer, Diane Walker, Susan Almon, Mary Myers, Ann Moreland, Joan Podstata, Barbara Tindell, Margot McMahon. BACK ROW: Ann Smith, Nancy Stewart, Gertrude Evans, Jean Lesley. Many " behind-the-scenes " hours were spent in the Co-Rec where Rally Committee marked cards for Saturday games. I 72 MEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Jim Huhn, Ed Jordan, Jack Cleveland, Bill Mackey, Bob Baker, Bill lendar. SECOND ROW: Don Kirkpatrick, Blair Bottorf, Bruce Ducker, Al Robertson, Scott Simon, Kreinman, Rolf Kuhn, Vic Peterson. THIRD ROW: Bart Young, Joe Hootman, Bob Callison, Ted son, " Andy " Anderson, Don Anderson, Don Morris, Shel Rosenthal, John Kims, John FOURTH ROW: Bob Young, Raoul Peizer, Bert Blackwelder, Walt Sharman, Fred DeKlotz, John Tom Lewis, Charles Larson. BACK ROW: Harvey Lyman, Harvey Botansky, Mack Wilson, Rudie Don Tipton. R GEORGE HEU Retiring Director BILL PER RALF CART Director BERT BALLAID Graduate Advis ICKEY SHE ILL BERGE A sistant Direc ORM RUBEY DA COSTELLO or EZEKIEL WRAY FRONT ROW, left to right: Roy Ward, Don Curran, Bob Karpe, Les Richter, Jim Cullom, Syl McNinch, Bill Hagler, Bill Phillips, Jim Chapman. SECOND ROW: Al Johnson, Charlie Sarver, Bob Henderson, Glenn Gulvin, George Sutliff, Pete Corona, Charles Harris, Dean Robinson, George Peekema. THIRD ROW: Herb Steiner, Ken Lifquist, Earle Gibbons, Ken Ritchey, Earl Baird, Dick Lee, Dex Ragatz, Paul Andrew, Brockway Clark, Larry Peirano. FOURTH ROW: John Pappa, Rod Lindquist, Dave Anderson, Don Dodson, Gil Beck, Bill Gear, Bob Livermore, Andy Stagnaro, Hank Sanderson. FIFTH ROW: Jim Howe, Don Monroe, Myron Rapp, Bob Cook, Max Schmidt, Tom Johnson, Don Edmonston, Pete Mering, John Ralston. BACK ROW: Bill Stauffer, Harry Gardiser, Ralph Krueger, Dick LemMon, Ed Bartlett, Hoot Bennett, Roy Parker, Merrill Albert, Don Fisher, Bob Minahen, Carl Van Heuit, Neale Tveitmoe. BIG ' C ' SOCIETY OFFICERS Spring President Pete Schabarum Vice-President Bill Hagler Secretary Don Dodson HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Fall lames Howe Bill Hagler Waldo Cook Richard Abreu Albert M. Becker Martin B. Biles Mark M. Bunge Ralph W. Chaney Zeb D. Chaney Paul Christopolus James H. Corley Frederick W. Couzens Dr. William G. Donald Carroll M. Ebright Gregory F. Engelhard Richard E. Erickson Clinton W. Evans Stanley B. Freeborn Rodney Franz Wesley L. Fry Harold Grant Brutus Hamilton Dr. James T. Harkness Robert Hemphill Joel H. Hildebrand Miles R. Hudson Claude B. Hutchison Robert S. Johnson Charles J. Keeney Harry L. Kingman Mike J. Koll Wilbur N. Lenz Edgar J. Manske Charles M. Harris Robert Hileman Robert Karpe George Laster Richard Lee Richard LemMon James Marinos Peter Mering Stanley E. McCaffrey James M. Miller Ralfe D. Miller Dr. Harold P. Muller Hugh Mumby Russell Nagler Edgar Nemir William J. Norton Franklin C. Palm Charles A. Pease FOOTBALL Walter Meyer John Miksits Robert Minahen James Monachino Brent Ogden John Olszewski John Pappa John Peterson Robert A. Peterson Clarence M. Price Alva W. Ragan Harry W. Shepherd James C. Sheppard 0. Guinn Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Richard H. Stevens Henry A. Stone John Ralston Les Richter Don Robison Charles Sarver Peter Schabarum Herb Schmalenberger Ray Solari George Stathakis Charles W. Thompson Herbert S. Thomson, Jr. Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn 0. Waldorf Ian Watson Edward G. Welch John P. Williamson Robert Wilson Henry S. Yee George Sutliff Carl Van Heuit Roy Ward Harry West Paul Andrew Bill Cunningham Robert Bagley Don Curran Robert Baham Don Edmonston Ed Bartlett Dwight Ely Robert Beal Robert Fitzgerald John Cadenasso Rodney Franz James Cullom Richard Groger Robert Cummings Glenn Gulvin BASKETBALL W. James Dawson Bill Hagler Robert See Ray Squeri Bill Thompson Neale Tveitmoe Earle Gibbons Robert Matheny Carl Anaclerio Ralph Bennett Dave Peter Corona Gil Beck Al Davies Phil Arnot Bill Hagler Tom Clark Paul Mello Robert Cook Hugh Mumby James Chapman Don Fisher John Clark Allen Johnson Waldo Cook Kenneth Lifquist Tom Adams Edward Bauman Fred Avilez David Draves Earl Baird Ed Fogarty Don Dodson Bill Gear Robert Henderson Bill Paddock Don Palmer Rodney Lindquist Morri s Mathews Bill Phillips Harry Gardiser William Hull Tom Johnson BASEBALL James Howe Syl McNinch James Monachino TRACK Larry Peirano Dexter Ragatz SWIMMING John Richards Ned Robinson C REW Robert Livermore George Loorz Howard Middleton Don Monroe James Parker George Peekema George Roseme Eugene Rush Henry Sanderson Max Schmidt Milton Robinson Bill Stauffer Darrell Welch Myron Rapp Peter Schabarum Andrew Stagnaro Willard Rush Lyle Stainfield John Silcox Herb Steiner Carroll Whitney 174 Merrill Albert Richard Grenfell Bruce Collins Holway Jones TENNIS Wallace MacDonald Don Menke Wallace Painter Frank Ritchey INTRAMURAL MANAGER Richard Mackey FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Stauffer, Leo Gallagher, Cal Mehlert, Jim Handel, Herb Steiner, Rod Lindquist. SECOND ROW: Ed Bartlett, Torn Morgan, Larry Shep, Bill Ficker, Pres Hotchkis, Dave Matson, Bill Kitchin. THIRD ROW: Jan Bowman, Chuck Hobson, Pete Norton, Al deLorimier, Bob Tornberg, Bob Sockolov, Paul Rcbbins. FOURTH ROW: Mark Harrison, Dick Pollock, Roman Gankin, Ken Hagen, Bill Stewart, Allan Louderback, Linn Watson, Jim Chapman, Norm Green. BACK ROW: Ted Engs, Dick Lewis, Dagmar Zulp, Ed Hall. CIRCLE C Fall OFFICERS Spring Herb Steiner President Cal Mehlert Cal Mehlert Vice-President Waldo Cook Bob DiGrazia Secretary Jim Warren Bob Tornberg Treasurer Rod Lindquist UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Abreu Brutus Hamilton Ralfe Miller J. Raine William Donald Norman Hinds Hugh Mumby Julius Schroeder Greg Engelhard Miles Hudson Edgar Nemir George Schroth Lance Flanagan Charles Keeney Heber Newsome Henry Stone William Fontenrose Charles Lucchesi Charles Pease Hal Walt Alva Ragan ATHLETIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Herb Steiner Ca l Mehlert Waldo Cook Boxing Gymnastics Soccer Water Polo Ed Griffin Cole Blease Kaya Apaydin Jan Bowman Jim Handel Paul Carlat Phil Arnot Waldo Cook Doug Keith Jim Drinkward Paul GacHeef Jim Chapman Bill Kitchin Roman Gankin Fran Granadino Bob Fisher Dick Knezevich Bill Sapsis Dick Tullsen Tom Witter Ken Hagen Mark Harrison Al Johnson Dick Pollock Ljubo Lubich Dave Matson Ernest Piunti Paul Robbins Greg Hanneson Bob Hess Chuck Hobson Don Rehbein Malik Shafer Richard Lewis Cross Country Bill Stewart Bob Tornberg Rod Lindquist Al deLorimier Leo Gallagher Norman Green Paul Juette Herb Morrison Cal Mehlert Jim Warren Emory Yount Handball Blake Williams Swimming Bill Simkins Riflery Allan Louderback Mo Mathews John Morse Pierre Pelisser Bill Phillips Herb Steiner Bill Stauffer Harold Hobbs Linn Watson Mason Kline Fencing Rugby Pete Norton Don Christiansen Ed Bartlett Fr ank Packard Kinney Griffin Dick Calender Bob Ribak Weight Basketball Frank Taylor Al Dunlap Gordon Taras E. Bellizio John Herring Hart Fairclough Volleyball Mike McGuire Golf Bill Fontenrose Richard McCurdy Lud Renick Ted Engs John Johnson Gre g Winsor Wes Johnson Sailing Bob Witter Wrestling Pete Massey Ray Deyo George Witter Roy Castenado Tom Morgan Bill Ficker Ed Hall Horace Perry Gene Morrison Bantly Lyon Jim Snowden Lowell North Larry Shep Jack Sloan Leonard Smith Len Troeller Skiing Bumps Baldauf Preston Hotchkis Ed Paul Jack McFarland Joe McKim Clarence Siemens Ted Standiferd Bob Sockolov Chester Stanero Harris Steiner Bill Wilkie 175 ° 0110§644.0%0101016.94R10.44.i PAIIIIN WI low t Aliiiii ' Oliii1WW Stailltilaille es " Nor ifti. Otraiiia fiiiiiiiiiMii avoiiiiialiow NoWillili 4114. VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Curran, Dwight Ely, Wally Laster, Les Richter, Bob Karpe, Ed Bartlett, Bob Cummings, Minahen, Bob Beal. SECOND ROW: Bill Cunningham, Tom Greenleaf, Pete Mering, Bob Witter, Joe Hibbs, Leighton Hahn, Forbes, Bob Fitzgerald, Glenn Gulvin, Jim Marinos, Ralph Krueger, Don Mitchell. THIRD ROW Tom Rieger, Ray Solari, Olszewski, Don Robison, Jim Monachino, Pete Schabarum, John Cadenasso, Dick LemMon, Charles Harris, Bill Mais, Dick Paul Andrew, Bob Bagley, Dick Groger. BACK ROW: Joe Wardlaw, Roy Parker, Roy Ward, Brent Ogden, Carl Van Heuit, Bill Bob Baham, John Ralston, Tom Keough, Harry West, John Peterson, Lukie Phillips, Vincent Maiorana, John Pappa. FOOTBALL AND its majestic spirit once again reigned as " King " on the California campus. Renowned for their past performances the Bears were established as the football power of the Far West. But, from where did this power come? Was it the coaches? . . . partly, but also from the spirit found in the cooperation among the men them- selves. The California team was not invincible. The games were hard- fought, often relying upon a superb defense to earn the fruits of vic- tory. It is through such cooperation among and between the men and coaches, and for the undying will to win, that we immortalize another year of California football. COACHING STAFF KNEELING, left to right: Wes Fry, Bob Tessier, " Nibs " Price (Chief Scout). STANDING: " Eggs " Manske, " Pappy " Zeb Chaney, Hal Grant. Essential to all athletes are trainers BOB PETERSON, DICK ABREU, JACK WLLIAMSON (Head Trainer), and DUKES. A tireless worker is genial GEORGE SUTLIFF, Senior Guardians of the equipment room are ERNIE MADISON and HARRY DAVIS (Head Equipment Manager). FOOTBALL MANAGERS KNEELING: George Sutliff. SECOND ROW, left to tight: Neil McDonell, Jack Rubin, Bud Smith, Arnie Acercion, Dinty Moore. BACK ROW: Dave Mills, Ray Helm, Dick Verling, Keith Trexler, Gordon Jobe, Lloyd Watson. One of California ' s most esteemed citizens, LYNN " PAPPY " WALDORF guided his Bears to a third consecutive PCC title. SEASON ' S SUMMARY STATISTICS L T California Opponents 0 I I 0 Yards gained rushing Yards lost rushing 2843 253 143 1 258 2 0 Passes attempted 100 181 2 2 Passes completed 44 90 I 3 I 2 Yards gained passing Yards lost passing 646 0 1 064 0 5 0 Net yards gained—rushing and pass- 3 2 ing 3236 2237 7 0 Total first downs 149 105 Touchdowns 32 II Points scored 218 74 PCC STANDINGS W CALIFORNIA 5 WASHINGTON 6 UCLA 5 STANFORD 2 IDAHO 1 WASHINGTON STATE 2 OREGON STATE 2 USC I OREGON 0 Hard, consistent work by the late line coach BOB TESSIER produced excellent results. Following his death, Herman Meister of was appointed his successor. A former All-American and lawyer, EDGAR " EGGS " MANSKE spent WES FRY is numbered among the Nation ' s top backfield coaches, and many hours coaching and developing the ends. proved this fact again with his potent 1950 backs. SANTA CLARA 9 BEARS The Bears came from behind in their opener to whip Santa Clara 27.9, and newcomer HARRY WEST (15 above) indicated he will help in the future. Co-captain and LH, senior PETE SCHABARUM, the team ' s " Most Valuable Player, " turned in his season for the Bears as the leading scorer. Sophomore DICK LEE showed good potentialities as a ball-handling quarterback, and held the on all conversions. Switched in mid-season from linebacker to WALLY LASTER rapidly became one of Cal ' s best offensive guards, and made the key block for Scha- barum ' s Big Game TD. One of the most promising returning lettermen soph RALPH KRUEGER, a 6 ' 3 " right tackle Oakland. His speed and size made him valuable a downfield blocker. Co-captains for the Cal-Santa Clara game, JIM MONACHINO and JIM COZAD meet Elizabeth Pa— " Miss Football of 1950.• Band members BRUCE FANSHIER and EVAN GOLDBERG lead off the opening rally of the season before the Santa Clara game. September 23 — Berkeley HIGHLIGHTS UC SC Yards gained rushing 311 226 Yards gained passing 99 164 Total yards gained 410 390 Passes attempted 11 32 Passes completed 4 15 First downs 12 15 Number of fumbles.-_..___ 4 3 Own fumbles recovered 3 3 SIDELIGHTS Longest complete pass play of the season: 41 yards, Jim Marinos to Tom Keough. Longest punt return of the season: 48 yards, Carl Van Heuit. 180 OREGON 7 BEARS 28 For their next battle, the Bears traveled to Portland to meet Oregon and they downed the Ducks 28.7. Here the defensive does its job, with BRUCE HELTNE hurdling the players. Winner of the annual Roos Brothers punting trophy, DICK LEMMON came into his own this year defensive RH, specializing in pass defense rugged tackling. Mr. All-All was jovial LES RICHTER, Brick Muller award) and the Nation ' s (UP tion) 1950 lineman of the year—one of the top linebackers in Cal ' s history. Defensive center and excellent linebacker, junior pre-med major DICK GROGER climaxed the Christ- mas season by a trip to the altar. Recognized as one of the nation ' s outstanding men, CARL VAN HEUIT, team leader of the fensive platoon, set a precedent by winning Ken Cotten award for exceptional courage a ond time. Cal ' s leading scorer of the season, RH PETE SCHABARUM, seems suspended in mid-air, but still scores in the Oregon game. September 30 — Portland HIGHLIGHTS UC Ore. Yards gained rushing 257 199 Yards gained passing 77 51 Total yards gained 334 250 Passes attempted 12 15 Passes completed 6 8 First downs 14 14 Number of fumbles 7 5 Own fumbles recovered 3 2 SIDELIGHTS This was the Bears ' 18th straight PCC win, setting a new record which beat the one formerly held by USC and the Bears of 17 straight PCC wins. 181 With determination written all over his face, PETE SCHA- BARUM (12) gains against invading Pennsylvania. JOHNNY OLSZEWSI I, Cal ' s soph sensation, scores up after a 43-yard jaunt in the Penn intersectional. Number one man in the offensive center spot and one of the most underrated players on the squad, was CHARLES " OZZIE " HARRIS, who showed ex- ceptional improvement throughout the entire season. ED BARTLETT played his best season as defensive left end and sold Christmas trees in December. " Bardo " was named on USC ' s all-opponent team. Berkeley ' s DON CURRAN, up from the frosh, tinued to improve steadily as an outstanding fensive RT, showing great potentialities for 1951. Consistent, steady performance at right end char- acterized BOB CUMMINGS, a truly fine end, who specialized in offensive play. California ' s blocking at its best is shown here as JIM MONACHINO goes through a huge hole to score from nine yards out the Quakers, whom the Bears edged 14-7 for their third straight 1950 victory. PENN 7 BEARS 14 October 7 — Berkeley HIGHLIGHTS UC Penn. Yards gained rushing 335 64 Yards gained passing 21 47 Total yards gained 356 Passes attempted I I 16 Passes completed I 5 First downs 15 7 Number of fumbles 5 2 Own fumbles recovered I I SIDELIGHTS Single game rushing mark of the season: California, 335 yards. 182 Oski greets Maynard Toll of the Alumni Association committee, and his young son. SCHABARUM, who was the game ' s top star against USC, fumbles after the amidst a hoard of Trojans. After a terrific scare, California won 13-7. Although only a sophomore, big BOB KARPE chosen an All-Coast tackle with his steady, capable performance as offensive LT and was noted for bril- liant blocking. An all-around performer, LH DON ROBISON celled as the squad ' s leading running back, sive back, and punter, and also served as a at-large. BOB BAGLEY showed such steady improvement his offensive position as right guard that he the Bob Tessier award as the most improved man. A wife and two children were JOHN PAPPA ' s strongest rooters as he showed exceptional in the LH department. USC 7 BEARS 13 October 14 — Los Angeles HIGHLIGHTS UC USC Yards gained rushing 214 114 Yards gained passing 24 83 Total yards gained 238 197 Passes attempted 8 15 Passes completed 3 8 First downs 13 13 Number of fumbles 4 4 Own fumbles recovered 2 3 SIDELIGHTS The 100-degree heat; the officials (Cal- 146 yards in penalties); Dick LemMon ' s breath-taking tackle of Ed Demirjian on the 10-yard line in the closing seconds of the game. 183 MONACHINO drags a Trojan defender over with him to score the winning touchdown on a six-yard shot through the middle. OSC 0 BEARS 27 October 21 — Berkeley HIGHLIGHTS UC OSC Yards gained rushing 267 101 Yards gained passing 48 122 Total yards gained 315 223 Passes attempted 7 18 Passes completed 3 II First downs 16 11 Number of fumbles 4 I Own fumbles recovered 3 I SIDELIGHTS Longest kickoff return of the 36 yards, Pete Schabarum 32-yard run, Guard Joe Wardlaw Taking advantage of an intercepted Beaver pass, guard JOE WARDLAW (66 above) doggedly carried the pigskin for 32 yards, aiding in the 27-0 defeat of a stubborn Oregon State team. Having his best day against St. Mary ' s, sophomore BILL MAIS gained experience as a which should help him in the next two years. Fullback JOHN CADENASSO was a good ball rier, a valuable member of the kick-off team, and showed much promise as a punter. Another brilliant Bear and member of several All- Coast team selections, sophomore fullback NY OLSZEWSKI was honored as the Bay Area ' s outstanding back. Used as LE on offense early in the season, WARD spent idle hours sailing at his home Newport. ST. MARY ' S 25 BEARS 40 October 28 — Berkeley HIGHLIGHTS UC SM Yards gained rushing 292 180 Yards gained passing 167 159 Total yards gained 459 339 Passes attempted 24 17 Passes completed 10 7 First downs 23 9 Number of fumbles I 3 Own fumbles recovered 0 I SIDELIGHTS Seasonal records: Longest interception return-80 yards, Harry West. Most yards passing, one game-107 yards, Bill Mais. Single game passing mark-167 yards. Single game total offense mark-459 yards. Most first downs, single game-23. Most pass attempts, single game-24. Most completions, single game—I0. 184 DON ROBISON (33), perhaps as good an all-round ball player as the Bears have, tallies against St. Mary ' s in Cal ' s 40-25 win. Despite the excellent defending of three Bear players, Sam Bombiani (42) of the Gaels caught this long SM aerial. WASH. 7 BEARS 14 November 4 — Seattle HIGHLIGHTS UC Wash. Yards gained rushing 189 115 Yards gained passing 81 125 Total yards gained 270 240 Passes attempted 9 20 Passes completed 7 11 First downs 12 13 Number of fumbles 2 4 Own fumbles recovered 0 2 SIDELIGHTS The " Race for the Roses " and a triumph- ant Bear victory was balanced by superb team effort in Seattle and extremely en- thusiastic rooter support in Berkeley. Hugh McElhenny (32), Washington ' s leading threat on the ground, takes off on his one long ground-gainer of the day. He was finally brought down by Les Richter (67) after a 48-yard run, and was checked the rest of the day as the Bears went on to win, 14-7 Inspired as captain for the USC game, JIM MO " ) MARINOS became Cal ' s number one QB ing the remainder of the season. Climaxing his senior year by winning the Andy Co-captain for the year, and California ' s second Smith award for the most varsity playing time, left highest all-time ground gainer, JIM MONACHINO end BOB MINAHEN performed capably on both of- put in a stellar performance all season as an out- fense and defense. standing LH. Sloshing down the field is Cal ' s JOHN OLSZEWSKI, attempting to outrun several equally muddy Dons. The 13-7 score backs fact that playing and spectator conditions were at their worst. Improving throughout the season as right end on offense, soph BOB BEAL was exceptionally fast a good receiver, promising a bright future. USF 7 BEARS 13 November 18— Berkeley HIGHLIGHTS UC USF Yards gained rushing 163 80 Yards gained passing 12 23 Total yards gained 175 103 Passes attempted I 4 Passes completed I I First downs 12 4 Number of fumbles 6 4 Own fumbles recovered 4 2 SIDELIGHTS Oddest California play of the year: Line- backer Ray Solari picked a USF fumble out of the air in full stride and continued to ramble 35 yards for a T.D. The spectators ' attire kept everyone amused as the game was played in a con- stant downpour on an exceptionally muddy field. 185 ALL-UNIVERSI UCLA 0 SB 26 DAVIS 0 HIGHLIGHTS November 11, Berkeley California rushing ...........................32t 321 passing ............. .............. 68 gained... ..........................389 389 attempted ............................6 completed .................................. 5 ............ ..... ....................... 18 of fumbles...........................- 3 recovered .................. . SIDELIGHTS Longest run from scrimmage: 73 yards, John Olszewski. Most yards rushing, one game: 144 yards John Olszewski. Longest TD run from scrimmage: 73 yards, John Olszewski. Sell-out game-81,000_a highlight of the third annual All-U weekend, which featured a double-header tween UC-UCLA and Santa Barbara-Davis. Pappy Waldorf: For the first time in my career I can ' t find anything to gripe about. " UCLA 39 73 112 13 7 6 3 2 I TOP PICTURE: A Bruin carrier is stopped as Les Richter demonstrates his All. American ability. CENTER PICTURE: Despite good total pass results in the UCLA game, this proved to be an incomplete aerial to Jim Monachino. BOTTOM PICTURE; Students and bands pay tribute to Bob Sproul ' s 20 years of service as University President. 186 TOP PICTURE: Game captains WALLY LASTER of the Bears and Bob Watson of the Bruin decide s upon field assignments. CENTER PICTURE: Outstanding Bruin center Donn Moomavg was instrumental in tackling RH PETE SCHABARUM (CENTER, JIM MARINOS watching), and FB JOHN OLSZEWSKI (BOTTOM), yet the Bears trampled the Bruins 35-0. TY Switched in midseason from LG to the middle linebacker spot, tough and aggressive RAY " The Rock " played a majornse role on fe. One ofthe few out-of-staters, N RALSTON hails from JOHN Though Michigan. Thou small as linebackers go, he proved to be a tough siv custelyomer defen- Soph GLENN GLILVIN held the top defensive LT post, covered a lot of ground for a tackle and has an excellent ture at California. , . . • t • 1 , , , 1 )r . l f ° ' ... . 1.. , , t , ui 4.01. 1 . ,, f , f t °. „ , • .0, 4. • • .„. " (Right) A highlight of his senior year RG JOE WARDLAWwas ' s tercepted pass run against . was a transfe()rSC He from Stan- ford. (Left) Senior BOB was one of the top Cal ends in pass catching, with a sea- son recordof receiving 5 for 77 yards and one TD. 7.4 i g 4 Elected Bear co-captain for the Big Game and the year were two serving and outstanding seniors, RH PETE SCHABARUM and LH JIM MONACHINO. HIGHLIGHTS November 25 — Berkeley California Stanford Yards gained rushing 243 55 Yards gained passing 49 217 Total yards gained 292 272 Passes attempted 11 31 Passes completed 4 17 First downs 14 13 Number of fumbles 3 2 Own fumbles recovered 1 I UPPER CENTER: LES RICHTER intercepts a Stanford pass on the 2-yard line and brings it out to the 15, in the Bears ' 7-7 finale the Indians. LOWER CENTER: JIM MONACHINO goes around (with JOHN OLSZEWSKI leading the way) and picks up yards against the Redmen. 4 LEFT TO RIGHT: Gordy White and Russ Pomeroy, both tackles, the Indians ' choices for Big Game co-captains. SIDELIGHTS Longest punt of the season-53 yards, Don Robison. John Olszewski earned a spot second only to Jackie Je- sen (1010 yards) in Cal rushing for a s ingle 10-game season with 950 yards for 151 carries. Pete Schabarum became the P.C.C. leading season scorer with 66 points. The Bears kept the Axe for another year, and assured themselves of a return trip to the Rose Bowl with a third consecutive P.C.C. title. UPPER CENTER: Perfect blocking combined with excellent running by PETE SCHABARUM resulted in California ' s lone TD against the dians. The Card vainly reaching for Schabarum is All-American McColl (3). LOWER CENTER: Stanford defenders converge on Bears ' JIM MARINOS after the Cal QB was unable to pass. RAMBLERS MANY OF the future varsity prospects are developed through experience gained while playing Rambler foothall. With a good running combination, the J.V. squad packed a powerful wallop. Its only loss in six games was to San Diego Air Pac, and even in that game the Ramblers statistically edged the Airmen. Swift-moving halfbacks like Tom Keough, Dean O ' Hare, and Gary Radcliff, accounted for a substantial portion of the J.V. point total. An outstanding aspirant for the line position next semester will be sophomore Vince Maiorana, who played right guard on offense and middle linebacker on defense. Rambler Coach ZEB CHANEY could frequently be heard " Come on now " to his team as he led them in a most ful season. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Baham, Tom Keough, Jack Vohs, Bob Stanley, Bob Brogan, John Anderson, Tom Warren, Maiorana. SECOND ROW: Ken Hagen, Chuck Olsen, Ed Hart, Steve Glick, Lee Crammer, Robert Herrling, Dave Knutson. ROW: Bob Forbes, John Nystuen, Jim Waste, Torn McGrath, Tom Greenleaf, Bill Main, Chris Markey, Bill Thompson, Yaich. BACK ROW: Don Mitchell, George Witter, Tom Troughton, Bob Witter, Leighton Hand, Dave Zavadil, John Herring, O ' Brien, John Dawson, Ray Laird, Jack Vallerga. RAMBLERS 28 YUBA CITY 13 RAMBLERS 67 S. F. PRESIDIO 0 RAMBLERS 37 SUB PAC 0 RAMBLERS 49 ALAMEDA NAS 13 RAMBLERS 6 AIR PAC 13 RAMBLERS 20 STANFORD BRAVES._ 7 The Ramblers ' 49-13 win over Alameda NAS saw GEORGE OLSEN stop a Navy ball carrier, with Cal men REIGER, MAIORANA, and MITCHELL on the scene of action. SEASON STANDINGS BOB BAHAM (11) picks up additional yardage for the Ramblers against Air Pac. However, the Navy men went on to give the J.V. squad their only defeat of the season, 13-6. DEFEATED IN their first two games by U.S.C. ' s Trobabes and St. Mary ' s Gaelets, the Cubs roared back to trounce the Santa Clara Colts and U.C.L.A. Brubabes. The final game with the Stanford Papooses was rated a toss-up and proved to be such. Although the Papooses led most of the way, and eventually won, the Bear yearlings caught hold in the final period. The aerial marksmanship of QB Sam Williams and the running of Jed Adams and Don Harris almost changed the outcome. A missed conversion cost the Cubs a chance for a tie. Love for training table steaks aided Frosh coach HAL GRANT in producing another strong first-year team F SEASON STANDINGS CUBS 20 ST. MARY ' S GAELETS 21 CUBS 20 U.S.C. TROBABES 28 CUBS 33 SANTA CLARA COLTS 14 CUBS 47 U.C.L.A. BRUBABES 13 CUBS 20 STANFORD PAPOOSES 21 FRESHMAN SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Pete Cordova, Frank Tinkham, Don Denton, Jim Morton, Don Feuerstein, Dick Fortune, Keith Meserve. SECOND ROW: Ira Tunik, Jack Binkley, Jay Forni, Tom Dutton, Charles Martucci, Richard Lawyer, Merrill Hoffelt, Ken Putnam, Art Edwards. THIRD ROW: Bob Worrell, Ernest Lageson, Richard Gaffery, Dick Day, Barry Brown, George Hatzis, Al Talley, Jerry Hinton, Bill Glenn. FOURTH ROW: Dwight Carlson, Gary Pontius, Jack Herring, Tom Garvey, Robert Day, Don Harris, Don Wash, Russell Goodrich, Gilbert Nelson, Pete Young, T. R. WiveII. FIFTH ROW: Jim Whitley, Clark Kenyon, Don Harkness, Jim Kidder, Jed Adams, Tevis Martin, Ed Fletcher, Dick Rigby, Bill Moldenschardt. BACK ROW: Henry Hand, Sam Williams„ Don Whyte, Charley Davis. The Cubs ' highest-scoring win of the season was their 47-13 defeat of the U.C.L.A. Brubabes. At the left, Cub LH JIM KIDDER is finally stopped by an unidentified Brubabe, and at the right, LH JERRY HINTON breaks away from the Bruin yearlings to gain several more yards. FOOTBALL PLAYER AWARDS ED BARTLETT, Right AP second string All-Coast defensive USC defensive All-Opponent team. BOB BAGLEY, Right Bob Tessier Award. BOB MINAHEN, Right AP All-Coast; Andy Smith Memorial Award. BOB KARPE, Left AP, All-Coast offensive, INS, All-PCC team. PETE SCHABARUM, Right INS, All-PCC, AP All-Coast second team, Most Valuable Player Award, Vard Stockton Memorial Award, outstanding offensive player in Ros e Pennsylvania, Oregon State, USC (offensive) All- Opponent squad. JIM MONACHINO, Left Collier ' s, AP, Sportscasters All-Coast, UP, INS, All-PCC, All-American specialist in offensive Look, offensive backfield specialist in Collier ' s, Pennsylvania All-Opponent team. LES RICHTER, Right AP, UP, INS, Sporting News, Look defensive, NEA defensive All-American team, Col- lier ' s, AP Linesman of the Year, Brick award, AP defensive All-Coast, UP, INS, PCC, offensive lineman specialist in Collier ' s, Pennsylvania, Oregon State, USC (defensive and offensive squads), USF and Washington All-Op- ponent teams. CARL VAN HEUIT, AP Sportscasters All-Coast defensive, can specialist, defensive in Look, Ken award, Vard Stockton Memorial standing defensive player in Rose Bowl, US C de- fensive All-Opponent team. RAY SOLARI, Right AP second string defensive All-Coast. JOHN OLSZEWSKI, UP, AP All-Coast, Pennsylvania and Washington All-Opponent teams; voted outstanding opposing player by USF. DON ROBISON, AP second string defensive All-Coast. DICK LEMMON, Right AP second string defensive Roos Punting Trophy. JIM MARINOS (not pictured) Washington All-Opponent team. 192 BOORS THE GAME The team receives a cake from the UC cafeteria . • . Pappy is received by the Rose Queen and her attendants! -TRUCK CUL.1_0141 STAN NIcCAFFREst introduces past Rose Bowl players to the audience at the Los Angeles R OSE Bowl rally • . . PaPo matches wise cracks with Bob Hope after the game . • delivers an encouraging report to the rally crowd. -Two good bands—Harry James at the Rose Bowl rally and the Cal band in the Rose parade. ■ Michigan ' s fine running back, Don Dufek, runs into a trio of " (hey are, left to right, end ED BAR-ME-VT (84), guard JOE WARD- LAW (68) and center DICK GR (52). California ' s colorful PEIE. SCIAABARIJkli (12) squares OGER es away from Michigan tackier in typical loose-legged fashion. G 6 AN 14 CALIFORNIA MICHI CA John PaPpa (42), swift Bear halfback, skirts the Michigan end. Other Bears are, left to right, guard Wally Laster (65), end Roy Ward (66)• which was T.D. SIDELIGHTS Pete Schabarum ' s heartbreaking called back. Bob Cummings ' thrilling catch to score the Bears ' single entry in the scoring column. The excellent performance of th e California The impressive halftime entertainment. ■ During the game Pappy could be seen pacing back and forth, encouraging players or talking on the field phone. After the game was over the BOA ' S attended a TestimorialaDin-her at theLake Merritt Hotel. John OkSZONSi and Bud Foster HIGHLIGHTS January 1, 1951—Pasadena California Michigan Yards gained rushing 197 164 Yards gained passing 69 146 Total yards gained 266 310 Passes attempted 8 21 Passes completed 4 15 First clowns 12 16 Number of fumbles 2 2 fumbles recovered 0 0 band. FRONT ROW, left to right: Larry Horan, Frank Hoaglund, Rupe Ricksen. SECOND ROW: Ed Lippstreu, Ray Neale Tveitmoe, Bob See. BACK ROW: Earle Gibbons, Jerry Petersen, Bill Hagler, John Ricksen, Clay Gray. ' 51 NI ARSITI SP.51(Elf•Atl. indeed, ' 50251 basketball team landed alone in the cellar berth, but Indeed, tile season S110■115 promising trends {or next year. Ith the exper " %ence gained from ha ivIng roost ok the three sophomores In ' Ale starting lineup, le Dears should go iar in the corning and iollowing seasons. ). poor shooting percentage throughout the season harnperea the Bears in many garneslhOWever , the Golden Bears aernon- strake in many oi their Friaal night contests that they were capable packing a poweriu1 scoring punch. Basketball managers Wer3ABigsoIiSsAtorBlvit-31-,1141:;PI.S. .31N1 WILLOW , and A soya Californian,BiranasI,Aallcoact,.ed Ins 27th year as ?ANAL. ?CC SI ANDitAGS 01-1004 DIVISION 50 Team I ...... .. ... ............ ... ..... .... ..... ... 9 ................. ... .............. ..... 8 . ....... S ..... ..... ......... ....... .. .. 3 Washington defeated UCLA. tor the ?CC Title- DAWSON held Litt of senior Mien:. ger until called by 1.1ncle Sara nt season. Pct. .692 4 .61S •250 9 Forward JERRY PETERSEN couldn ' t miss in the second Stanford game, and will turn next season. Rugged NEALE TVEITMOE held down a guard position in his last year with the Bears. Dons took on. the basket as the visiting the opening tip oft ht the Santa Clara game saw captalo B11-1. OGLER pinning for the Bears. NON ' CPI° EROICS EARLE. GIBBONS t201 and Bi ll. HAGtE.Ve. 151 both come in for ASIkElilAt.t. OPEN NG1 ---1E season against Sacrament o , the Go den Bears stopped their first non -confer- ence opponeylk by a score oi 49-39. the second game saw a setback as USE- won on e nce Berke ey court :The Bears ' on hi other oss in non-confere p ay against oca1 teams was in a see-saw affair in which a ast-rnInute tlp-in gave Santa C ara a one- point victory margin. 4 929 Sacramento State .•. 44-S0 Cat Pturnnt.... lb-S4 SS-4 10- I USF ... St. Isikaris.... 0 Santa Ctara S2-53 SF State ... E. 1111 dribbles past a .)Sf cagey, Berkeley ' s speedy One QS tallest cagers, steadt sniory GIBBONS was able center. dePend JOHN RICKSEN recovers from the bucket as Eddie Sheldrake (75) and Art Alper (72) of the Bruins and GIBBONS (20) and HAGLER (15) watch. No. 2 in Cal ' s scoring columns this year was moving guard BOB SEE, a June graduate. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 9 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp Hagler, f 7 5 19 Ridgeway. f 7 4 18 Hagler, f 3 4 10 Ridgeway, f 10 7 27 Ricksen, J., f 4 I 9 Sheldrake, f I 13 Ricksen, J f I 2 4 Sheldrake, f 5 6 16 Gray, c See, g 3 0 5 4 6 14 Luchsinger, c Alper, g 0 I I 5 0 Gray, c 2 5 9 See, g 5 I II Williams, c Alper, g 0 0 0 0 I I Ricksen, R., q I I 3 Johnson, g 15 Ricksen, R., q 2 2 6 Johnson, g 4 S 13 Horan, f I 2 4 Porter, f I 0 2 Petersen, f 0 0 0 Luchsinger, c I 1 3 Gibbons, c I 13 Williams, c S 0 10 Gibbons, c 3 0 6 Porter, q 0 I 1 g 2 0 4 Pounds, g 0 0 0 Tveitmoe, g I 0 2 Norman, f 0 0 0 c 0 0 0 Evans, f 0 0 0 Squeri, q 3 0 6 Matulich. f 0 0 0 . Totals — — 24 14 — 62 or m f , n Norman, a I 0 I — — — Horan, f 0 2 2 — — — Totals - 20 -- 21 61 Totals 25 10 6 Totals 20 16 56 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 CAL fg ft tp UCLA fg ft tp CAL fq ft to UCLA fq ft tp Ricksen, J., f 3 0 6 Ridgeway, f 6 3 IS Ricksen, J., f 2 4 8 Williams, c 2 5 Horan, f 2 I 5 Sheldrake, f 5 8 18 Horan, f I 13 Thompson, c 0 0 Hagler, c Ricksen, R., g 3 4 2 0 10 4 Luchsinger, c Alper, g I 13 4 0 8 Hagler, c 10 21 Ricksen, R., q I 13 Luchsinger, c Holzer, f I 0 1 0 See, q Gray, c Johnson, c 5 4 0 0 0 0 14 0 0 Johnson, g Williams, c Porter, g 4 7 IS 2 I 5 0 0 0 See, I Gibbons, c 8 Froeschle, f I 17 13 2 Norman, f Pounds. f Ridgeway, f 0 0 7 0 0 5 I Tveitmoe, g 2 I 5 Norman, f 4 I 9 Gray, g 0 0 Matulich, f 0 0 Squeri, g Peterson, f Lippstreu, f 10 I 3 I 3 2 S 5 Matulich, q Pounds, f Logan, q 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lippstreu, g 0 Peterson, f0 i I Squer, g 0 0 2 Evans, f Porter, g Alper, q 0 0 1 0 0 6 Froeschle, f Gibbons, c 0 I 0 0 — — I 0 — Evans, f Thompson, c Holzer, f 0 I 0 0 2 0 lohnson, c 0 Tveitmoe, g 0 — — 0 0 — Johnson, g Logan, g Sheldrake, f 2 0 6 4 0 3 I Totals 20 17 57 Totals — — 27 21 75 Totals 25 9 59 Thomas, g 0 — 0 — — Totals 19 24 62 BEARS vs. BRUINS BOB SEE dribbles in for a lay-in attempt while closely guarded by the Bruins. An outstanding rebound man was JOHN RICKSEN who as a sophomore held a starting forward position. FRIDAY, JANUARY 5 SATURDAY, JANUARY 6 CAL fg ft tp USC fg ft tp CAL fg ft tp USC fq ft tp Ricksen, J., f I 2 4 Doty, f 2 1 5 Hagler, f 2 6 10 Eby, f 2 4 8 Horan, f 2 4 8 Eby, f I 1 3 Horan, f 0 I I Doty, f 1 2 4 Peterson, f 0 0 0 Bennett, f 3 3 9 Ricksen, J., f I 13 Bennett, f 1 2 4 Hagler, f 7 I IS Van Alstyne, q 0 0 0 Peterson, f 0 0 0 Morton, f 1 4 6 Gibbons, c 4 2 10 Boyd, c 9 4 22 Gibbons, c 0 0 0 Simpson, f 0 0 Gray, c 0 0 0 Morton, f 0 0 0 Stow, c 10 2 Boyd, c 2 3 7 See, g Ricksen, R., g 2 0 2 6 I I Pease, c Riach, g 0 4 0 0 8 16 Gray, c See, g 3 3 3 9 2 8 Pease, c Riach, q 6 1 3 15 2 4 Tveitmoe, g 0 I I Kolf, g 3 0 6 Tveitmoe, g 3 0 6 Kolf, g 4 2 10 Thompson, g 2 0 4 Flowers, q 0 — 0 0 — — Ricksen, R., g Thompson, g 0 0 3 3 0 0 Flower, g Underwood, q 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 18 13 49 Totals 22 12 61 Lippstreu, q I 0 2 Van Alstyne, q 5 0 10 Davies, g 0 0 0 Totals 14 16 44 — — — Totals 23 22 68 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY CAL fg ft tp 16 USC fg ft tp SATURDAY, CAL fq ft tp FEBRUARY 17 USC fg ft tp Ricksen, J., f 2 2 6 Eby, f 0 0 0 Ricksen, J., f 2 1 5 Flower, f 4 0 8 Hagler, 1 8 3 19 Gibbons, c 2 I 5 Doty, f Boyd, c 1 0 2 1 5 7 Hagler, f Gibbons, c 4 5 13 0 I 1 Morton, Boyd, c f 4 0 8 4 3 II Ricksen, R., g 3 3 9 Riach, g 1 I 3 See, g I II Riach, q 5 I II See, g 2 2 6 Kolf, g I 6 8 Ricksen, R., g 1 0 2 Kolf, g 1 6 8 Horan, f 2 0 4 Morton, f 0 0 0 Horan, f 2 1 5 Doty, f 0 0 0 Johnson, c I 3 4 Van Alstyne, f 0 0 0 Gray, c 1 0 2 Eby, f 0 1 1 Tveitmoe, g Gray, c Squeri, g 0 0 0 0 I I Pease, c Underwood, g Flower, g 2 0 4 1 0 2 2 12 Squeri, Johnson, c 2 0 4 0 1 1 — — — Pease, c Totals 1 0 2 19 II 49 Froeschle, f 0 0 Simpson, g 1 0 2 Totals 17 10 44 Lippstreu, f 0 0 Davies, f 1 0 2 Peterson, f 0 0 — — — Totals 14 14 42 Totals 20 15 55 Bear captain BILL HAGLER sinks his record-making basket, breaking Andy Wolfe ' s former four-year total mark of 1181 points. BEARS TROJANS GARY JOHNSON goes up for a lay-in against the Trojans. senior letterman, 6 ' 5 " ter DON STOW could counted on for good rk off the backboards, did an outstanding ensive job in the final Stanford name. Team captain, It Bears ' record holder for the set son (427 point! and for four year play (1274 point! senior BILL HA( LER was a superl all-around for ward. Bill was or of Cal ' s all-tin cage greats, ar his shoes will t hard to fill. BOB SEE is on the floor as Indian Ramstead (10) and JOHN RICKSEN (3) attempt to get the ball—Bruce Iverson (6) and LARRY HORAN (22) move in. Sophomore LARRY HORAN was noted espe- cially for his ambidexterous shooting from his forward position and his rebound. work. BEARS vs. INDIANS FRIDAY, JANUARY CAL fg ft tp 12 STANFORD fg ft t SATURDAY, CAL fg ft tp JANUAC, " ! 13 STANFORD fg ft tp CAL FRIDAY, fg ft tp MARCH 2 STANFORD tg ft tp SATURDAY. CAL fg ft tp MARCH 3 STANFORD fg ft tp Ricksen, J., t 3 Horan, f 5 I 7 10 O ' Sullivah, f 3 Tucker, f 6 0 1 Horan, f Ricksen, J., t 4 0 0 5 8 5 O ' Sullivan, f Tucker, f 3 0 8 5 6 21 Ricksen, J., f Horan, f 2 2 6 2 I 5 O ' Sullivan, 1 Ha sl , er g 7 2 1 0 16 2 Hagler, f Ricksen, J., f 6 5 2 2 17 6 Tucker, f O ' Sullivan, f 6 6 3 15 I 13 Hagler, c II 29 Ramstead, c 4 Hagler, c 5 3 13 Ramstead, c 6 I 13 Hagler, c 4 13 Wilbur, c 0 0 0 Gibbons, c I I 3 R., g Ramstead, c 42 12 See, g 9 Thompson, g 0 23 0 Walsh, g 0 Iversen, g 0 See, g Thompson, g 7 115 5 I II Walsh, g Iversen, g 2 7 4 5 11 13 See, g Ricksen, R., g 4 2 II 4 r, f Tucker, Ramstead, c 5 6 6 23 18 See, f I 2 8 1 4 17 Walsh, g Iversen , g 0 I I Ricksen, R., g I 2 Andrews, c I Peterson, g 0 3 3 Andrews, f 0 0 0 Froeschle, f I 2 Iversen, g 2 0 4 Horan, f 3 0 6 Johnson, f 0 0 0 Tveitmoe, g 0 Hasler, f Ricksen, R., g 0 3 3 Hasler, f 0 0 0 Gibbons, c I 2 a , lsh Walsh, g 2 5 9 Peterson, g 0 0 0 Andrews, g 0 0 0 Gibbons, c Lippstreu, f 0 0 Watson, g Johnson, f Lippstreu, f Gibbons, c I 0 0 I I 1 Watson, g 0 0 — — 0 — Squeri, g Lippstreu, f 2 2 4 4 Andrews, g Joh Johnson, g 0 I I 0 I 2 Squeri, g Froeschle, f 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals — 18 — — 21 57 Peterson. g 0 Zaninovich, g — — — Totals 23 18 64 Stow, c I 2 Stevenson, g 0 0 0 Stow, c 0 0 0 Greenleaf, g Froeschle, f 0 0 Fenster, g DuFour, g Totals 22 13 60 Johnson, g Tveitmoe, f I 0 4 0 l s Totals ota — — 28 19 — 75 Lippstreu, g Johnson, c I I 0 0 3 0 Squeri, f 0 Stevenson, g Peterson, g 0 0 Gray, c I I Evans, g Totals 22 12 56 Stow, c 0 0 Wilbur, c Totals 22 13 57 Totals 29 14 72 Totals 16 10 42 AT LEFT, TOP: 6 ' 7 " center CLAY GRAY performed notably following early season injuries. AT LEFT, BOTTOM: An expert faker, swift RAY SQUERI was a valuable guard. BELOW: In a traditional hard-fought game between friendly rivals, Bears and Indians all jump for the ball. JOHN RIGKSEN and BOB SEE clutch the ball from the invading Huskies as HORAN and HAGLER observe. INTERSECTIONAL COMPETITION proved quite favorable for the California basketball la tea season. The Bears won }elms out of 14 games and ed some of the leading teams in the nation. The Blue and Gold highlighted its season by defeating a highly favored Long Island University team which had previously won I b straight games. A basketball Guard BILL THOMPSON trip -to Hawaii completed the intersectional schedule. LEFT: Forward LARRY HORAN leaps high under the hoop against a visitor (from BaylorPittsburgh as the ball is moved out toward othlr Panthers. was having his best season RIGHT: NEALE TVEITMOE (251 and RAY SQUERI (101 recover the ball Bailor when he left for the Navy. IN BA SCHEDULE tCal score given first) ........................... .. 62-59 Washington ............ . .. 52-57 Washington... ... .. 3 .......... -... 49-64 Oklahoma A. .. IsA 36 n Baylor .... . ......... .. 86- ... tvl .................• 46-58 Pittsburgh . . 70-58 Tech ................ 84-57 Tech .......... .. 78-45 LIll ...... ............ 69-67 Oldsmo ... .... . . .. . e ............ 69-37 Universal Motors •.. . • .... . 61-63 University of Hawaii ........ 11 54-46 Service Center .......... 79-52 An excellent guard, soh RUDE RIGKSEN always played an ers aggressive, determined game, and was one of the best defensive play. BLUES Cal Opponent Ensor A. C. 43 42 Bono-Hagstrom 54 18 Cal Aggies 77 65 Cal Aggies 73 40 Castlemont A. C 40 32 Marin 58 31 CCSF 46 40 San Mateo 61 45 Moffett Field 80 42 Treasure Island 89 35 Santa Rosa J. C 61 56 West Coast A. C 64 55 Treasure Island 68 47 Ensor A. C 48 69 Stanford Braves 63 37 Ensor A. C 50 55 Alameda NAS 85 45 Stanford Braves 64 61 One of Cal ' s all-time cage greats, ANDY WOLFE, returned this year as Blues coach and led his squad to a brilliant 16-2 total in the won-lost columns. BLUES FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Matthews, Ernie Spiess. BACK ROW: Andy Wolfe (coach), Bob Froeschle, Gary Johnson, Don Stow. In two encounters against Ensor AC, the Blues split the victories, thus accounting for one of the only two seasonal losses. In the Bears ' 85-45 win over Alameda NAS, BOB FROESCHLE tied Clay Gray ' s Berkeley court record with a total of 31 points in a single game. 1 A.:1° rNs FRESHMEN Cal Opponent Cal Opponent Hartnell J. C. 66 U.S.F. Frosh 30 Fremont High 41 Hayward High 62 Alameda High 49 S. F. Poly High 39 Washington High 33 Piedmont High 38 Stockton College 49 Salinas High 43 Contra Costa J. C. 40 Galileo High 36 CCSF 40 College of Marin 34 60 Ala med a NAS 46 42 49 Acalanes High 59 31 48 Stanford Frosh 55 65 19 Stanford Frosh 55 64 30 Santa Clara Frosh 48 62 37 Balboa High 33 42 24 Hartnell College 51 56 32 Kingsburg High 64 41 55 Lowell High 58 37 36 Modesto J. C. 39 50 54 St. Mary ' s High 37 45 29 St. Mary ' s Frosh 40 49 78 Stanford Frosh 50 69 58 Stanford Frosh 49 68 FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Clayton DaVega, Miles Turpin, Gene Dais, Herb Smith, BACK ROW: Bob Khardell, Barton Brown, Dick Tandoerg, Jerry Anderson, John Engvall. Noted for his enthusiastic sideline participation during game time, genial ZEB CHANEY developed some promising freshmen for next year ' s squad. Frosh players had their first collegiate basketball experience this year. Opponents included yearling teams frcm USF (left), from the Farm (right), as well as several junior college and high school teams. (Above) California ' s promising sophomore JIM PLESSAS took a close second in the 100-yard dash to Don Brooks of COP in the 5-way meet. Incidentally, Brooks had a field day as he also won the high hurdles (below) and low hurdles. BUSH and BAKER of Cal took second and third in the HH. TRACK THE LOSS of 16 out of 23 lettermen greatly dimmed the outlook for a favorable 1951 varsity season. Com- prising these 16 were Cal ' s top track stars of last year. In addition, an injury forced the Bears ' top miler, Paul Mello, from rejoining the squad. The +rack team was not without hope. Many of last year ' s freshman squad bol- stered the ranks, but these men lack the experience of a seasoned veteran. As the season progressed, so did the team—evidence that next year ' s team should be much stronger with the return of most of this year ' s stars plus the members of the outstanding freshman squad. Head track coach, popular BRUTUS HAMILTON teams up with his able assistant, AL RAGAN, to develop and train top track and field men. VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: H. Flath, Gail Wetzork, Harold Lustig, Loren Baker, Kent Stainfield, H. Nickel. SECOND ROW: Gallagher, Cal Mehlert, Price King, Robert Halpin, Rolland Langley, Robert Miller, Larry Peirano. THIRD ROW: Ed Phillips, Plessas, Jim Bush, C. Way, Al deLorimier, John White, Sam Adams, Jim Johnston. FOURTH ROW: Jim Hutchinson, Robert Jack Hadley, G. Anderson, G. Hayes, Gwinn, Don Palmer. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Lineau, Dick Hare, Doug Gordon, J. Mather, Cagle, F. Alworth, Robert McCarthy, Harold Judy. BACK ROW: Ralph Hutchinson, L. Buffington, R. Richardson, J. DeWitt, J. Adam, Bruce Grant, Dexter Ragatz, Orlando Tafoya. BILL BAZELY held the top posi- tion of Senior Manager for the track squad. TRACK MANAGERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Huggins, Laulie Washington, Don Stottlemyer. BACK ROW: Bill Bazely, Henry Puccinelli, George Allan, Gary Kaveney. One of California ' s great track stars, DONNIE ANDERSON, received the first presentation of the Walter Christie award last June. This award is given to a UC track man who contributes most to his team and to the sport. President SPROUL WALTER CHRISTIE (right) assisted Governor EARL WARREN, who made the presentation. HIGHLIGHTS The concluding meets of 1950 WASHINGTON-IDAHO Wash. 58-Idaho 29 Cal 751 2 WASHINGTON Wash 56-Cal 75 STANFORD Stan. 80-Cal 51 WEST COAST RELAYS California 3rd behind USC and Stanford COLISEUM RELAYS Don Anderson only entry MODESTO RELAYS California 3rd behind Stanford and USC PCC MEET California 3rd behind USC and Stanford PAA MEET California 2nd behind Olympic Club NCAA California tie 5th with Morgan State behind USC, Stanford, Yale and North Carolina (Left) They ' re off! .. . the start of the 440 in the five-way meet. COP won the event as the Bears ' LARRY PEIRANO and JERRY LINEAU took and third. (Left) Top javelin thrower JOHN WHITE was for many first place points during the season. (Right) DAVE SEED ' s skill in clearing the earned him the No. 1 vaulting spot. 211 BIG MEET RELAYS SATURDAY, MARCH 24 — AT STANFORD 110 RELAY—Won by Stanford (Gallagher, Parsons, Taylor, Bryan). Winning distance, 2 ft. Time, :42.5. (California team: Beal, Hadley, Pappa, sas.) SHOT PUT—Won by Stanford (Davis, 51 ft. in.; Mathias, 49 ft. in.; Hokanson, 48 ft. 61 4 in.; Renfro, 46 ft. in.) Winning aggregate, 196 ft. 1% in. MEDLEY RELAY—(440-880-1320-mile)—Won by Stanford (Bly, Cohen, Ter- ramores, Woolley). Winning distance, 35 yds. Time, 10.41.6. (California team: Lustig, Gallagher, Langley, Mehlert.) JAVELIN—Won by California (White, 205 ft. in.; Richardson 149 ft. in.). Winning aggregate, 733 ft. in. 480 SHUTTLE HURDLE RELAY—Won by Stanford (Bryan, Jiles, Storum, Kreitz). Winning distance, 20 yds. Time, 1:01.6. (California team: Bush, McCarty, Betschart, Baker.) 880 RELAY—Stanford (Parson, Pollock, Friedrichs, Taylor) by 10 ft.; Cali- fornia (Beal, Pappa, Adam, Plessas), 1:27.8. HIGH JUMP—Jiles (S), 6 ft. 2 in.; tie, Hagler (C), Allen (5), 6 ft. I in. Stanford won aggregate, 24 ft. 3 in. TWO-MILE RELAY—Won by Stanford (Cohen, Terramores, Simon, ley). Winning distance, 55 feet. Time, 8:02.4. (California team: DeWitt, Phillips, Wetzork, King.) DISCUS—Won by Stanford (Mathias, 150 ft. in.; Burke, 146 ft., in.; Reed, 144 ft. 3 in.; Renfro, 141 ft. 5 in.). Aggregate: 582 ft., in. (New meet record; old mark, 555 ft., 10 in. California team of Wolf, Marshall, Patterson, Michael, 1940.) POLE VAULT—Won by California (Seed, 13 ft.; Johnson 12 ft. 6 in.; Cagle, II ft. 6 in.; Dawson, 11 ft.). Aggregate: 48 ft. BROAD JUMP—Won by California (Stainfield, 22 ft., in.; Forbes, 22 ft., 3 in.; Plessas, 21 ft., in.; Haynes, 20 ft. in.). Aggregate: 48 ft. MILE RELAY—Won by Stanford (Scroggy, Storum, Friedrichs, Bly). Winning distance: 112 yards. (California team: Lineau, Palmer, Peirano, Hutchin- son.) NOVICE MILE—I, Kaufman (S); 2, DeLorimier (C), 40 yds. back; 3, Griffin (S), 25 yds. back. Time, 4:31.7. FINAL SCORE: Stanford 45, California 15. (Top) The Bears ' relay team (LINEAU, PALMER, PEIRANO and HUTCHINSON) won this event in the 5-way meet with a time of 3:21.8. (Center) Sprinting and hurdling star sophomore JI M PLESSAS was always a top point-gainer for the Bears. (Lower) High jumper BILL HAGLER divided his athletic year between basketball and track, and was outstanding in both. Showing much improvement this season broad jumper KENT STAINFIELD. Star of the middle-distance runs was JIM HUTCHINSON. 212 FIVE WAY MEET SATURDAY, MARCH 31 — AT BERKELEY University of California, San Jose State, College of the Pacific, Francisco State, USF MILE RUN—McMullen (SJ), Jenning (SJ), Kirkpatrick (P), Johnson (SJ), Langley (C). Time, 4:30. 440-YARD RUN—Macon (P), Davis (SJ), Peirano (C), Lineau (C), Frisch (SJ). Time, 49.6. 100-YARD DASH—Brooks (P), Plessas (C), Crowe (SJ), Gillespie (SJ), Pappa (C). Time, :9.8. HIGH HURDLES—Brooks (P), Dennis (SJ), Bush (C), Baker (C), Parish (SFS). Time, :14.7. HIGH JUMP—Wyatt (SJ). Tie for second among Hagler (C), Namara (C), LaDuke (SJ), Anderson (SJ), Calbo (SJ). Height, 6 ft. 6 in. SHOT PUT—Putnam (P), Adams (C), Nickel (SJ), Ragatz (C), ris (SJ). Distance, 48 ft. 81 2 in. 880-YARD RUN—Hutchinson (C), Anderson (SJ), Wetzork (C), Nicolai (SJ), Grant (SJ). Time, 1:59.6. JAVELIN—White (C), Porch (SJ), Franklin (SJ), Adams (C), Cooper (P). Distance, 208 ft. 6 in. 220-YARD DASH—Plessas (C), Macon (P), Crowe (SJ), Beal (C), ger (SJ). Time, :21.9. BROAD JUMP—Maire (SJ), tie Stainfield (C) and Macon (P), Forbes (C), Keropian (SFS). Distance, 22 ft. 111 2 in. POLE VAULT—Mattos (SJ), tie for second among Seed (C), Priddy (SJ), Johnson (C), tie for fifth between Cagle (C), Keyser (P). LOW HURDLES—Brooks (P), Dennis (SJ), Gillespie (SJ), Plessas (C), Parish (SFS). Time, :23.6. RELAY—California (Lineau, Palmer, Peirano, Hutchinson). San Jose State, San Francisco State. Time, 3:21.8. TWO-MILE RUN—McMullen (SJ), Mehlert (C), Gibons (SJ), mier (C). Time, 9:50.9. DISCUS—Jones (P), Gordon (C), Nickel (SJ), Alworth (C), Ragatz (C). Distance, 143 ft. in. FINAL SCORE—San Jose 89, California 81, College of Pacific 42, San Francisco State College 7, University of San Francisco 0. Running his way to fame ill the 2-mile was CAL MEHLERT, also noted for his tion in cross-country meets. JIM HUTCHINSON ' s first place in the 880 to the Bears ' total in the 5-way meet. Another soph star was weight-man SAM ADAMS (left), and LARRY PEIRANO (right) was a veteran relay and 440 man. r-- BEARS vs. OLYMPIC CLUB SATURDAY, APRIL 17 — AT BERKELEY MILE RUN—Fitzmorris (OC), Langley (C), Halpin (C). Time, 4:27.5. 440-YARD RUN—Peirano (C), Lineau (C), Arno+ (0C). Time 49.9. SHOT PUT—Chandler (OC), Adams (C), Ker (OC). Distance, 52 ft. 31 2 in. 100-YARD DASH—Peters (OC), Hall (OC), Pappa (C). Time, 9.8. JAVELIN—Held (OC), White (C), Adams (C). Distance, 222 f+. 6 in. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—McKee (OC), Rademaker (OC), Baker (C). Time, 15.1. HIGH JUMP—Tie for first, Martin (OC), Varneck (OC), tie for third, Hagler (C), Hanger (OC). Heigh+, 6 ft. in. BROAD JUMP—Schultz (OC), Stainfield (C), Forbes (C). Distance, 23 ft. in. 880-YARD RUN—Hutchinson (C), Petrequin (OC), DeWitt (C). Time, 1:57.2. 220-YARD DASH—Peters (OC), Hall (0C), Pappa (C). Time, 21.5. TWO-MILE RUN—Boehm (OC), Gallagher (C), deLorimier (C). Time, 9:56. DISCUS—Donaldson (OC), Chandler (OC), Gordon (C). Distance, 160 f+. POLE VAULT—Krina (OC), Paddock (OC), tie for third, Seed (C), Cagle (C). Heigh+, 14 ft. 220 YARD IOW HURDLE—Rademaker (OC), Grant (C), Judy (C). Time, 25.0. MILE RELAY—California (Lustig, Lineau, Palmer and Peirano). Time, 3:24.1. FINAL SCORE—Olympic Club 471 2, California 831 2. Back for another season was veteran middle distance man DON PALMER (lower left) and DEX RAGATZ (lower right) Cal ' s all-round weight man. 214 FRESHMEN BOLSTERED by many prize high school athletes, the frosh team turned out to be the finest in the history of the school. The performance by the freshmen indi- cated that there would be some outstanding pants for the varsity. In the early part of the season several freshmen had already broken former frosh rec- ords. Guy Blackburn set a record of :09.6 in the 100- yard dash; Steve Turner and Larry Lippincott tied Walt Briant ' s high hurdles mark of :15.3. With others like Norm Green, John Nelson, and Hal Norris, the marks set back in 1934 were in danger of falling. Friendly HAL GRANT, frosh track coach, had some of his best year men in several seasons. FRESHMAN SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Guy Blackburn, Don Zimmerman, R. Leslie, Norm Green. SECOND ROW: Verne Thornburg, D. Huntze, H. Hand, C. Butts, Hawkins. THIRD ROW: Sieler, Carlin, G. Anderson, Larsen, Simpson, Warwick. BACK ROW: Lonnie Spurrier, J. Autenrieb, Paul Friedenback, Lyon, B. Putnam, Reid. STEVE TURNER (left), a top frosh trackster for the Bears, clears the hurdles in JOHN NELSON runs the first lap of the 880. quadrangle meet. 215 marrantiaillaial m • ■ • a f I lin 151 Picture day brought forth eight California shells, rowing under directions given from the launch. Senior manager DEAN ROBINSON (right) discusses the day ' s activities with coxswain EARL BAIRD (left) and BERT BALLARD. Coach KY EBRIGHT talks shop to JACK DONNELLY (center, who is in charge of the maintenance of all crew equipment) and MATT FRANICH, the popular driver of the crew bus. VARSIT 7 r 1 W IP .1 Considerate KY EBRIGHT, Cal ' s extremely successful crew coach, was in teaching fundamentals, and greatly enjoyed his ∎.ew megaphone. THE VARSITY lost many outstanding seniors last June and had to rebuild around a nucleus of juniors primarily for the 1951 row- ing season. The New Zealand trip was mace in December before the California crew was in top form and the Bears defeated all but one of eight crews. This early practice should prove quite valuable when California meets crews from USC, UCLA, Wash- ington, Stanford, Wisconsin and most of the eastern teams at Marietta. VARSITY CREW FRONT ROW, left to right—Bob MisrarM, Earl Baird. Bob McEuen, Bob McConnell, Don Glusker, Bert Ballard. SECOND ROW: Disk Parker, Willis Andersen, Johnson, Merritt ' Robinson. Ron Reuther, Bill Durland, Terry Grew, Lawrence Marshall, Bill Owen, Steve Martinelli,, Al Lorenz. THIRD ROW: Conway Peterson, Lowe, loin Johnson, Ken Cusick, Bill Hull, Bill Loorz, Dave braves, Tom Adams, Bill Peretti, Fred Emanuels, Jack Stanard, Dave Ellis, 1 y Ebright (coach). ROW: Charles Harrington, Allen Samson, Harry Gardiser, Bill Schnack, Fred Avilez, Paul Henriksen, Pete Scott, Cliff Fagin, John Class, Clark Galloway, Bill John Lamm. CREW MANAGERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Lampriere, Dean Robinson, Dick Salinger. SECOND ROW: Smit, Jack Meyer, Gene Schneider, Paul Coffee. BACK ROW: Bill Claussen, Dave Morgan, Zorbas, Jim Matthews, Harry Halajian. Coach KY EBRIGHT confers with Varsity stroke BILL LOORZ (left) and coxswain DON GLUSKER. HIGHLIGHTS THE CALIFORNIA crew had a highly successful 1950 season—one which was dampened only by the two upsets suffered at the hands of the con- tinually powerful Washington crew. The Bears de- feated USC, UCLA, University of British Colum- bia, Stanford, Wisconsin, and Oregon State. However, their only losses were against Washing- ton, both in the dual race and at Marietta, where Washington and California placed one-two, in a field of twelve. Cal ' s junior varsity also placed second at Marietta, against nine participants. Members of the 1950 California crew who participated in the Marietta Regatta (left to right) IAN TURNER, BOB SUMNER, FRED AVILEZ, LLOYD BUTLER, TER BERRIMAN, JUSTICE SMITH, ART SUELTZ, DAVE DRAVES. The coxswain was ED FOGARTY. " PAPPY " WALDORF, KY EBRIGHT and BOB SPROUL had as much fun as the youngsters did Alumni Crew Day, 1951. BILL DURLAND, CONWAY PETERSON and JOHN LOWE were all graduating seniors. Senior RON REUTHER (left) talks to junior letter-winners TOM JOHNSON and FRED AVILEZ. The crew shell, oars, and equipment for the New Zealand were carefully loaded on the bus by the crew members and to San Francisco where they were shipped " down under " October 10th for the January races. KY and PETE join in a hearty farewell before the plane departs. Departing for New Zealand by way of Honolulu, Canton Island, and the Fiji Islands were crew members (left to right, on PAUL HENRIKSEN, BILL DURLAND, TOM ADAMS, BILL HULL, HARRY GARDISER, TERRY GREW, and (left to right, KY EBRIGHT (coach), BILL LOORZ, DAVE DRAVES, DON GLUSKER (coxswain), KEN CUSICK. NEW ZEALAND TRIP AN INTERNATIONAL friendship with New Zealand which began at the 1932 Olympics was further strengthened in 1950-51 when the University of California crew was invited to par- ticipate in the Canterbury Centennial Regatta and the New Zealand Championships, both in New Zealand. California defeated seven New Zealand crews in the two invitational races, and was in turn defeated only by Australia who was at the peak of her rowing season. In closely-con- tested races, the Aussies earned first place three times, and the Bears were victorious once. (Left) Wading the shell in for practice in New Zea- land was quite different from Estuary surroundings. (Right) The Bears are pictured at the stake boat at the start of a preliminary race. (Left) The Australian crew wins one of the races in the Canterbury Centennial Regatta at Christchurch, N. Z., with the California shell three-quarters length behind. (Right) California and Australia proved their superiority over the New Zealand Championships in Akaroa Harbor. The Bears were defeated by a small margin. The Seniors dressed up both themselves and their shell for the Interclass races. Some alums on the ramp—on their way out to the Estuary waters. In the first of the interclass races, the top junior boat won from the seniors, and consequently BOB McCONNELL, the junior swain, was given the winner ' s heave-ho. A few seconds later, several of his crewmates joined him! ALUMNI CREW DAY MARCH 31 officially opened the 1951 crew sea- son for California in the United States. Alumni and crew friends from the Bay area gathered at the Oakland Estuary to participate in the Annual Alumni Crew Day. Men from the 1928, 1932, and 1948 Olympic crews combined with other former oarsmen to demonstrate their " old form " and row- ing ability. Even the families and children took part in the activities as they rode in the launch with Oski. PAUL HENRII SEN, BILL HULL, BILL LOORZ, and TERRY GREW were among the group making the trip to New Zealand. o. The 1948 Olympic crew and an Alumni shell practice their former rowing skills on Alumni Day. INTERCLASS RACES THE STRONG junior boats defeated the seniors and sophomores respectively in both races be- tween the classes. The first junior boat was com- posed almost entirely of the first varsity shell which made the New Zealand trip. The strong showing made by both third-year shells gave evidence to a good nucleus for next year. Top varsity rowers who also went " down under " were KEN CUSICK, DAVE DRAVES, ADAMS, and HARRY GARDISER. The Alums hit the water—FRAN FREDERICK ' 28, CARL PEDERSEN ' 32, BERT JASTRAM ' 32, HARRY MILLER ' 27, GLENN ROGERS ' 31, WARD VON TILLOW ' 29. Future Olympic stars are pictured with their famous dads, LLOYD BUTLER and RALPH PURCHASE, both members of the 1948 Olympic crew. .1 A former Cal oarsman imself, JIM LENNON. war. has worked with the frosh crew since the New crew recruits practice in the scoW. Senior manager DEAN ROBINSON Was kept busy between the crew and the seventeen crew managers! FRESHMAN CREW EIGHT-OAR shells offer an entirely different type of rowing than most newcomers are familiar with, and consequently the freshmen are thoroughly trained in the fundamentals by coaches Russ Nagler and Jim Lemmon. Much early practice is given on the scow —a traditional sight on the Estuary—as the freshmen learn to stroke evenly and coordinate their strokes. Although they placed last in the Interc lass Races crew th which is to continue the as a whole is develop- ing quite well and will conti strengthen the varsity next year as previous frosh groups have done. Competition this year included races with other first- Cyear shells from UCLA, Washington, and Stanford, as well as exhibition races at Stockton on Memorial Day. FRONThn Gerald ROW, to right: Thesmond Coffelt, Armand Maggenti, Oran Crumby, Jerome Greenbaum, Ronald Jameson. SECOND FRESHMAN ROW: Glen Hutchison, Peter Dolliver, Richard Steyer, Richard Laffery, Robert Denison, Howard Morrow, Walter Schipp, Daniel CREW Martin Rotto, John Sloan, William Bland, Howard Jory. THIRD ROW: Jiat Lemo Walter Grens, Frank Swift, Dregger, Carl Corde, William Deities Thomas Walsh, Mark Levy, Edward Grens, Howard Ducker, Ronald Ahlport, Jo Richards, Donald Heimard, Russ Nagler. BACK ROW: Robert Lamborn, Paul Bryant, Don Nren, James Adams, Roger Hrrling, Carl Walker, Frank Burrows, Siegfried Schmidt, Donald Abbott, William Sproule, Arnold Belgum. The man to whom much credit can be given for the continually great crews California, is the freshman coach, RUSS NAGLER, a member of the Blue and coaching staff since 1924. ...13!- 1..1_ MANAGERS — Lett to rights. DAVE -TURNER, B:_RNARD SMITH Senior manager MYRON RAPP (right) confers with Evans ' assistant ED SANCLE- MENTE, a three-time All-CIBA third baseman. 1951 One of the founders of the NCAA baseball playoffs, Coach EVANS is noted throughout college coaching fraternity as of the leaders in the vast improve- ment of intercollegiate baseball in the last five years. ALTHOUGH the California varsity baseball nine started its CIBA league on the losing end, there was an eventful outlook toward the future. The early season losses were hard played tilts and could have gone either way. The promising pitch- 1951 VARSITY FRONT ROW, left to right: Buck Cowan, Cas Munoz, Merrill Grotenhuis, Bob Bandy, Gil Beck, Al Davies, Carl Anaclerio, Pete Corona, Bob Henderson. SECOND ROW: Don Dodson, Vern Pitau, Don Monroe, Jim Hall, Bob McWhirter, Ed Mayer, Tom Keough, Al Mathews, Ed Milano, George Peekema, Syl McNinch. BACK ROW: Greg Mailkoff (mascot), Jim Crew, Bob GilIon, Andy naro, Ray Green, Bill Nishita, George Peterson, Dick Drake, Hoot Bennett, Hugh Huddleston, Myron Rapp, Ed Sanclemente, PVPI, SEASON ing of Bill Nishita and Ed Mayer, combined with the steady relief of Andy Stagnaro, provided the mainstay of the sity hopes. At the beginning of the season the batting was shaky as the Bears frequently fell into a batting slump. But with the hitting by Carl Anaclerio, Hugh Huddleston, Tom Keough, and Syl McNinch ever improving, the varsity hiders were hard to beat. (Lower Ce:Serl EDPILNNO, a tvansfer from San Nateo nior College, is a second-year varsity outfielder who bats and thronls left handed. (Lower) DON I 1.0 ' : ROE, shortstop and three- year varsity le Erman, rasks as ore of the best detens ittielders In Cal history. PRE-CIBA GAMES CALIFORNIA 5 CAL ALUMNI 5 CALIFORNIA 2 KENNY PARK CALIFORNIA 8 SAN FRANCISCO STATE 7 CALIFORNIA 5 MOFFAT ' S MANTECA 4 CALIFORNIA 8 PENDLETON MARINES 2 CALIFORNIA 4 UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO 3 CALIFORNIA I ST. LOUIS BROWNS ' ROOKIES 10 CALIFORNIA 2 OAKS 6 CALIFORNIA 8 SAN FRANCISCO STATE 7 CALIFORNIA 4 CAL AGGIES 3 CALIFORNIA 9 CHICO STATE 0 CALIFORNIA 8 UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO I CALIFORNIA 9 SAN FRANCISCO MARINES 0 CALIFORNIA I UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA 3 CALIFORNIA 13 SALEM SENATORS 12 DON DODSON, second baseman and three-year varsity letterman, was a member of the 1950 NCAA 8th district all-star team. PETE CORONA, an outfielder who bats and throws right handed, is a two-year varsity letterman and was the leading California hitter in CIBA fcr the 1950 season. Sophomore outfielder TOM KEOUGH bats and throws right handed and is one of the fastest and best base runners on the team. ANDY STAGNARO, a former San Diego JC star, is a two-year varsity letterman, and the team ' s standing relief pitcher. Co-captain AL DAVIES bats and throws right handed and is a three-year varsity He is noted as an outstanding defensive fielder with the best arm in CIBA. Workhorse of the Cal catching staff is tain GIL BECK, a three-year varsity who bats and throws right handed. First baseman SYL McNINCH, a two-year sity letterman who throws and bats left is one of the best players in the CIBA. Number two pitcher on the California pitching staff is sophomore ED MEYER, a southpaw. CIBA DUE TO an early deadline it was impos- sible to cover all of the CIBA games. Scores of the pre-deadline games were: April 6 California 2 Stanford 3 At Stanford April 7 California 3 UCLA 4 California 4 UCLA 6 Doubleheader at Berkeley A hustling catcher, BOB SON is a two-year varsity and an excellent base runner a strong, accurate arm. 231 Serving his first year as Cinnamon Bear coach is former BOB ANDERSON. FRONT. ROW, left to right: Greg Mailkoff (mascot), Skip Peterson, Warren Short, Ken Costello, Franklin Benjamin, Locarnini, Gordon Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: Jerry Powers, Jerry Webber, Bill Monroe, Bob Bandy, Ed Milano, Hugh Elden Beck, Bob Anderson (coach). BACK ROW: Dick Drake, Merrill Grotenhuis, George Peekerna, Jim Hall, Bob McWhirter, Bennett, Ray Greene, Vern Pitau, Al Mathews. MO N BEARS CINNA COMPETING AGAINST service teams and JC ' s, the Cinnamon Bears defeated some of the finest nines in the northern part of the state. The jayvee schedule keeps every man on the team in top condition and gives each a chance to work up to the first team th. Many from the junior var- sity will move to e first nine next season. team • HARRY KINGMAN held adirecto double 3o of b for he Hallserved as freshman coach and r Stiles . FRESHMEN AN UNUSUALLY strong freshmen baseball nine proceeded to sweep through nearly all of opponents. Under the coaching of Harry its h Kingman the club demonstrated fine form in de- (eating both JC and high school competition. Packed with hard hitters and fast base runners like Leon Fish, Dave Fredericks, Bob Fox and all Moro Pugh, the team was an ample threat in of its games. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ron Marengo, John Derdivanis, Dominic Nole, Ty Wivell, Bernard ScaParro, FROS H TEAM James Jenner. SECOND ROW: David Frederick, Mervyn Grist, Gordon Gill, Al Thompson, Bullan, Eugene Dais, Leon Fish. BACK ROW: Marvin Pugh, Willie Wiltsek, Bob Fox, John Jack Quick, Kenneth Wood, Charlie Sarver (assistant coach), Mike De Soto. 0 ' 1 z ' 2V vsz P2V, 11 -0 ;z1W 1951 VARSITY TENNIS ALTHOUGH LOSING five lettermen, California ' s tennis prospects appeared excellent because of the standouts of last year ' s freshman squad. An outstanding sophomore who moved to first singles position was Fred Hagist. His former teammates, John and Rupe Ricksen and Hugh Ditzler, proved to be competent varsity players and provided the team with a great deal of depth. Last season ' s varsity lettermen, Merrill Albert and Chuck Curry, added the necessary experience to the squad. The Cal team appeared fast and hard to beat because of its well-balanced depth. As a team it captured the Northern California Intercollegiate Tennis Champion- ship title. The perpetually sun-tanned coach of the netters, DICK STEVENS, divided his time between the Cal courts and the Berkeley Tennis Club. TENNIS MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Stepanek, Paul Dolan, Glen Malone, Jim Scott. Top tennis manager PAUL DOLAN. Team captain MERRILL ALBERT. ...A.ESAR, AikaMi. VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Hugh Ditzler, Rupe Ricksen, Fred Hagist, John Ricksen, Bud Muehleisen. BACK ROW: Dick Stevens (coach), Frank Schneider, Merrill Albert, Bruce Collins, Paul Dolan (manager). FRED HAGIST, although a sophomore, ranked first in the State California Junior Singles Competition in 1950 and also the semi-finals of the National Junior Tennis Tournament. 1•11.11.1i6W Coach DICK STEVENS talks to his netters between set s—RUPE RICKSEN and BRUCE COLLINS (seated) and JOHN MERRILL ALBERT, DICK RITCHEY and FRANK SCHNEIDER (standing). A good player, HUGH DITZLER, possessed a very serve, and teamed with Fred Hagist in doubles play. DICK RITCHEY played on the junior varsity last season. RUDE RICKSEN, playing on the freshman squad last year, BRUCE COLLINS is noted for his goad moved to a starting varsity position. A very fast man on the court was CHUCK CURRY, who was JOHN RICKSEN was Western Ca:adian Singles Champion MERRILL ALBERT was team captain for the second corse- number three man last year. when playing in junior competition. cation year. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Darrah, Steve Green, Bud Muehleisen, Dick Lareau. BACK ROW: Frank Schneider, Bob Lynn. J. V. AND FRESHMEN TENNIS THE JUNIOR Varsity had few outside matches and concentrated mainly on intra-squad competition so that the squad might obtain more experience. THE FROSH team was not as strong as last year ' s freshmen, but still pos- sessed some able players who might be the future varsity stars. The most promising prospect was Bill Demas, who came from Sacramento. Paul Wil- son and Bill Fink will probably also strengthen next year ' s team. The main game for the freshmen is the Stanford match. The frosh earn their numerals when they play the Redmen. FRESHMAN SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Demas, Bill Fink, Lynn Leffler. BACK ROW: Paul Wilson, Jack Reeves. aim manasst suns at mamma ssmosms summons losmnsms wommoms sommauss Three of the Bears ' top swimmers are JIM ROSS, ROD LINDQUIST and BILL PHILLIPS. An outstanding breaststroker is veteran WALDO COOK, a senior SWIMMING THE BEST team in the history of the university represented UC in the swimming competition this season. The 150-yard senior backstroke championship in the Pacific Association Tournament fell to California when Jim Ross captured the event. Ross later placed in the finals of the NCAA Tournament at Austin, Texas. This was the first time in four years the Bears were represented in the tournament. Other important members of the team included Allan Louderback, Rod Linguist, Bill Phillips as swimmers, and Dick Pollack, an able diver. A former swimming champion in his own right, coach GEORGE S CHROTH continued to produce top swimmers. VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Henry Sanderson, Jim Chapman, Roy Chafin. BACK ROW: Allan Louderback, Bill Phillips, Rodney Lindquist, Jim Ross, Tom Paulson. In his spare time senior manager JACK RICHARDS made plans for his trip to England and the University of Oxford. SWIMMING MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Preston James, Jim Carpenter, Jack Richards (senior manager), Hugh Silcox, Chuck Wilson. FRONT ROW, left to right: Walter Becker, Jim Davis, William Berger. SECOND ROW: Jerome Rodder, Adolph Rosekrans, Don Kamler, Brock Clark. THIRD ROW: Bob Uphoff, Bob Pat Van Renneselaer, Burke Draheim, Bill MacLaughlin. BACK ROW: Bill Charles Hunter, FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Roche, Morris Kirk, Ralph Onstad, Roland Parker. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Helm, David Kennell, Doug Penrose, Pete Noack, Merlin Henry. BACK ROW: Eugene Mc- Cabe, Allard Law, Robert Kahl, William Lewis . Co•captain of the 1950 swimming varsity, HERB STEINER, assumed new duties as frosh coach.. Sophomore JIM ROSS placed sixth in the NCAA backstroke race this year, and is a great addition to the varsity, Versatile BILL PHILLIPS (below) swims freestyle and also set a university record in the individual medley. ROD LINDQUIST holds the university breaststroke record. Much improved over last year and still advancing is another outstanding sophomore, AL LOUDERBACK. WATER POLO TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Louderback, Bumps Baldauf, Jim Chapman, Dick Lewis. SECOND ROW: Pierre Pellissier, Jan Bowman, Herb Steiner, Waldo Cook, Jim Howe. BACK ROW: Lynn Watson, Coach George Schroth, Don Fisher. tro ssessts. 4.° WATER POLO BOWING TO the Indians in their final game, the Golden Bear water poloists wound up the season in third place. Coach George Schroth ' s team played a fifteen-game schedule with six of these being against PCC opponents. In the Pacific Association Tournament at San Fran- cisco the Bears beat the Cal Aggies in the semi-final and went on to take first place by downing the Olympic Club. Jim Chapman, Pierre Pellissier, Jan Bowman, and Al Louderback stood out as good pros- pects to replace seniors Herb Steiner, Wally Cook, Don Fisher, Bumps Baldauf and Rod Lindquist. Proud owner of a Rhodes scholarship and a 1932 Pierce-Arrow, senior ager JACK RICHARDS fers with likeable GEORGE SCI-IROTH, water polo ' s successful coach. SOCCER CALIFORNIA ' S SOCCER team with its composition of foreign and American students repeated last year ' s performance by ing second in the loop standings. The outstanding ability of half- back Bob DiGrazia earned him a position on the All-Coast eleven soccer team. Teammate Phil Arnot continually threatened the opposition by his scoring splurges, and soccerman Malik Shafei was always a demon on defense. The most spirited playing was against Stanford. In each of its two encounters the Bears fought out a one-point victory margin with the Indians. Coach JULIUS SCHROEDER lost his overcoat and his car keys but gained a 4 to 3 int triumph over Stanford Palo Alto. FRONT ROW, left to right.. Phil Arnot, Joe Barber°, likachuku Ukaegbu, Bob DiGrazia, George Sergeeff , Paul Robbins, Bob Cal- la labam. SECOND ROW.. Robin liester, Ali IKocamn, Sudarmo Martonagaro, Dave Matson, Bill Lockett, Jack Loneregan, Fred Lee, BACK Jack Dukes (trainer), IWalek Shafei, Jess Abramovitz, Bob Tornberg, George Gardiser, Bill Carr, Hugh Silcox (Manage). 4 Phil Left wing IVIARIONAGARO waits to take a head ball on the offense. Santa Clara goalgebnItosattt swhotti rroc9htaghlI the Bears wait in RUGBY THE WORLD CUP again returned to U. S. soil as the Cal Ruggers gained their most decisive win series against the University of British Columbia since the two schools started competing. The Bears captured three out of four games and tied the last one. After the first few games California emerged as a coast power containing some outstanding players and a strong forward wall. The lightning-fast thinking of Max Howell and the kicking by fullback Bob Losey continually got the Bears out of trouble. Les Richter, who bined aggressive playing with accurate point kicking, tied Ed Welch ' s game scoring record by earning 19 points against UCLA. The only loss was an upset in the last minute of play against Stanford after a nip and tuck battle. Cal finished the season by downing a highly-rated semi-pro team from British Columbia. Coach MILES (DOC) HUDSON spent most of the season in constant fear that Les Richter might break his 44-yard kicking record of 1938. FRONT ROW, left to right: Dave CrilicrkhRank, John Rountree, Don Harris, Bob Elder Ed Wilkins, Don Hartley, Bob Losey. SECOND ROW: Dick Lem Mon, Max 1-lowell9:01e t Pat ROW, ' TOM Witter, Al Dunlap, John Thompson, Bob Kniptash, Carl Vanlieuit, Roy Ward, Bill Saines. . Ronlitter, Bob Witter, George Witter, Les Richter, Nick Veliotes, Ed Bartlett, Olie Adams, Lud Rent1.16(, Clyde Nash, Lowell Paul, Sherman Leland. Camas against British Columbia among Hie Bear Ruggers ' best, and thiai aggressive, hard•lought playing earned them the World Cup. 247 ED NEMIR coached the strongest dual meet team seen at Cal in recent years. Senior HANK HARVEY (165 lb.) has a credit• able record of only three matches lost in three years of dual meets. Sophomore GEORGE PELONIS (175 lb.) won the Cunha award for the outstanding boxer in the intramural tournament. BILL SAPSIS, a graduating senior and three- letter man, won four and lost only one match this year in the 145 lb. division. Senior BRUNO TORREANO had very strong competition all year in the 145 lb. bracket and ended the season with one win and three losses. BOXING TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Bruno Torreano, Ken Hansen, Jim Handel, Emmett Forrester, Scrap Zalba. SECOND ROW: Niel Dick Quarante, Ed Griffin, Hank Harvey, Myron Hansen, Bill Sapsis, Bill MacBeath. BACK ROW: Herb Andrade, Tim Jim McCann, Paxton Beale, Tom Witter, Fred Shienen, Les Canady, Karl Koenig, Ed Nemir (coach). BOXING POSSESSING ITS strongest dual meet team since the war, the Bear boxers scored vic- tories over five of their six opponents and went on to take fifth place in the Coast Tour- nament. The Cal squad lost only to Idaho State in the dual competition. Two of the varsity boxers represented the university in the NCAA Tournament. They were George Pelonis and Bill Sapsis, who were both former winners of the Milton T. Cunha award for the outstanding boxer. Three-year letter winner, Hank Harvey, was unable to participate in the tournament because of an unfortunate shoulder injury. WRESTLING A VICTORIOUS season engulfed the Cali- fornia wrestling team. After losing many able men at the beginning of the season, expecta- tions were low, but the team pulled through and developed to the point of tying for first with Washington State in the Conference Championship Tournament. The Bear squad won all of its dual meets in addition. SCORES UC 21 San Quentin 13 UC 25 California Aggies 11 UC 19 Stanford 17 UC 21 UCLA 3 UC 18 San Diego 11 UC 21 Stanford II UC 35 Cal Aggies-Alameda NAS..__ 5 Junior BENTLEY LYON (in action above) held the 177-lb. title in the Conference and Far Western championships, the 191-lb. title in the Pacific AAU meet, as well as placing fourth in the NCAA in the 177-lb. bracket. Team captain JOE McKIM, 137-lb. champion in the Conference Far Western competition, also held the 145-lb. championship in the Pacific AAU tournament. Coach HENRY STONE celebrated his 25th year as wrestling by producing a championship team. Placing second in Conference competition in the 130-lb. sophomore DAVE KIKUCHI held the additional title of Far ern champion in the same weight bracket. WRESTLING TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Roy Castenada, Robert Rugg, Joe McKim (captain), William Perry, Al Tovar. SECOND ROW: R. R. DeWitt, Eugene Theios, T. Staniford, M. Bunge, R. Gibbel. BACK ROW: Henry Stone (coach), R. Witt, Ray Watson, Lyon, R. Binder, Dave Johnson, Frank Barney, Robert Walkup, Hugh Nlumby (assistant coach). Golf coach AL SAIS hosts visiting golfers and gives instructions to the team at the Mira Vista Country Club where he is the pro. GOLF TEAM KNEELING, left to right: Russ Bigelow, Corky Nicholas. STANDING: Sam Randolph, Don Brunk (captain), Ted Engs, Dick Hargrove, Dan McMillan. GOLF WITH THE help of Don Brunk and Sam Randolph, who was formerly a two-handicapper at Santa Barbara, the California golf team took on a long and difficult schedule. Last year, the Cal team held the Northern California Intercollegiate cham- pionship title. The return of letterman Ted Engs, who was last year ' s Pacific Coast Conference medalist and finalist, greatly strengthened the golf team for the spring semester. Also, the improving abilities of Sam Randolph and Dan McMillan pro- vided a better outlook than during the fall. ABOVE: Senior and team captain DON BRUNI was a medalist in the Northern California ates last year with a card of 70. LEFT: Top man of the team is SAM who adds to his credit victories posted over ever Venturi (Northern California Intercollegiate pion) and Bobby Roos. RIGHT: One of the most promising sophomores is DAN McMILLAN who turned in a top score in the season. 250 SAILING TEAM FRONT ROW: Bill Benz. SECOND ROW, left to right: Leonard Smith, Bill Ficker, Allen Smith. BACK ROW: Lowell North, Jack Benz, Larry Shep, Frank Hope. A good yachtsman in his own right, CHARLES A. (CAP) PEASE has served as faculty advisor to the team since he organized it in 1934. SAILING TAKING SECOND place in the 1950 National Champion- ships at Newport, the sailing team has continued its winning ways with prospects of participating in the Nationals again this year. Capturing the PCC Championships in December was the highlight of the year, as Cal defeated nine other colleges. Undefeated to date, the sailors have also scored victories over UCLA, Davis, Pomona, and the California Maritime Academy. Outstanding team members are cap- tain Bill Ficker, Lowell North, Larry Shep and Allen Smith, who comprise the top boat. Winner of the individual high-point score trophy awarded at the Pacific. Coast Intercollegiate Championships at Newport was BILL FICKER, team captain. They ' re off! ... the start of the race between Pomona and California at Newport Harbor during the Pacific Coast Championships. FENCING ALTHOUGH NOT generally recognized as dashing swordsmen, the Uni- versity of California boasts a fine record in fencing competition against other schools. Last year the Cal team were the foil champions in the PCC, and backed by the abilities of Wolford Wootan, Russell Campbell and Albert Lambert, the team won numerous titles in the Northern California American Fencing League this season. In its competition with Stanford the foil masters have not lost a meet in over five years. Leading his team in a most successful season was DON CHRISTENSEN, coach of the fencing team. FENCING TEAM KNEELING: Don Christensen. STANDING, left to right: Roland Bianchi, Frank Borgia, Frank Harradine, Melvin Rubin, Moise Berger, Albert Lee. T RIFLERY PARTICIPATING IN the Northern California Intercollegiate Rifle ence, the Varsity rifle team won first place, taking all but one of their matches. The University also has a Class A team, Class B team, and ROTC team. The Class A squad placed first in the East Bay League and the ROTC team won first in the Sixth Army Tournament. The almoEt impossible was accomplished this season when team member Mason Kline made a perfect score of 200 points in a practice session. Three of the leading men of the league were Cal members—Ted Weller, Dick Hinkle and Frank Packard. CAPTAIN CHARLES DRONBERGER, USA, was both a ful rifle coach and ace debater. ABOVE RIGHT--KNEELING, left to G ' Drdnn Taras, Dick Hinkle, Mason Kline. STANDING: Frank Packard, Dick McDermott. ABOVE LEFT: MASON KLINE, team captain in the fall, confers with DICK McDERMOTT, his successor. RIFLE TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: T. Y. Wu, Dick McDermott, Norman Williams, Sheldon Smith. SECOND ROW: Pete Norton, Lloyd Auchard, Dick Hinkle, Harold Hobbs, Dick Steyer. BACK ROW: Carl Maessner, Nason Kline, Bob Johnson, Frank Packard, Gordcn Taras. VOLLEYBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Roodberg, Coach Lance Flanagan, Mo Mathews. SECOND ROW: Stu McDonald, Phil Lawrence, Nick Kaliakin, Bennett Wolf, K. Nishimura. BACK ROW: Dick Underwood, Dick McCurdy, Al Wheelan, Bill Linsenbard. VOLLEYBALL HIGHLIGHTS OF the 1951 volleyball season included a first place in the Northern California open tournament division, a third place in the Oakland Fellowship Tournament and a fourth pla ce in the Northern Cali- fornia Invitational Tournament. The UC team is the only organized collegi- ate team in Northern California; therefore, much of their competition has been against YMCA ' s. They also participated in the State Tournament at Fresno and the Vallejo Invitational Tournament. A very eligible bachelor and UC grad, LANCE FLANAGAN is assistant of PE and coach cf the volleyball team. On° of the best handaall ers in Cal ' s history is teach ANDY ADAMS. HANDBALL HANDBALL COMPETITION is composed of teams representing various organizations in the Bay Area. The team suffered an unfortunate loss this season when Blake Williams, one of the outstanding all-time players at the University of California, was called into the army. Team member John Ruymaker finished the season with an impressive record. Don Cloud was also one of the better players. The squad officially closed the handball season with its annual dinner for team members. HANDBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, left to right: John Ruymaker, Dick Pearl, Don Ludwig. BACK ROW: Andy Adams (coach), Dick Stuart, Don Cloud, Frank Frenn, Bob Rowe. Ski coach BUMPS BALDAUF (above) had the official title of director winter sports at Sugar arid while coaching the Cal skiers, he the capable assista ice of ED PAUL, team manager. SKI TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Merrill Brown, Fra.ik Elliot. Bart Don Baer (captain), Ed Paul (manager), Bumps (coach), Pres Hotchkis, Fred Corfee. SKIING SUN VALLEY training between semesters opened the 1951 skiing season for California. Although Jon Lie and Bumps Baldauf graduated lasF June, the Bears had three returning letter- men and a strong frosh-sophomore group with which to work this year. The skiers participated in the University of Nevada Winter Carnival an the Tressider and Vanderbilt Memorial Cup Races, placing third in each meet. Five teams took part in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate S ' :i Union Championships at Squaw Valley. The outstandirg four-way mai was senior DON BAER (above), captain, who took a seco:.d in the crust-country aid a third in jumping in the California-sponsored Vaiderbilt IV en.rial. He paced first in the class in the 26-mule Don ier Memorial Race, as teammate MERRILL BROWN (lower took a second. Outstanding down hill and slaicm skiers, FRED FEE (right) and BERT FROM (left) each placed first in the hill race in the Tressider a id Vanderbilt races respec ively. Fred Corfee and Don Baer are on the lower left. FRONT ROW, left to right: Ed Connolly, Lee Knapps, Dick Peekema, Dick Pollock, SECOND ROW: Al Millar, Glenn DeLisle, Roman Gankin, Bill Stewart, John Zachry, Paul Goodale. BACK ROW: Coach Chuck Keeny, Al Braccini, Sam Simich, Captain Bob Commander, Jim Warren, Jack McLelaghan, Ken Hagen, Don Rehbein. GYMNASTICS THE 1951 edition of the California Varsity gym team started the season with a decisive loss to USC on Feb. 24, 59-22. The high points of this meet for the Bears were senior Al Millar ' s victory in the side horse and soph Mark Harrison ' s victory in the trampoline over third national ranking Ducitt of USC. A week later Cal nosed out UCLA by a 44 to 37 score. On March 10 Cal showed its strength over Stanford by a 67 to 13 victory. The Southern Division PCC Cham- pionships at USC confirmed USC ' s superior strength with 112 points, Cal second with 44 2 third with 391 2 and Stanford with 2. USC went on to tie with Illinois for second place in the NCAA meet where Cal ' s only entry, Mark Harrison, took fifth on the trampoline. UPPER LEFT: Coach CHUCK KEENEY also narrates the gymnastics entertainment between halves at baskettAl LEFT CENTER: Placing third in the PCC meet was PAUL GOODALE, Cal ' s best on the horizontal bars. LOWER LEFT: Junior BILL STEWART, parallel bars specialist, placed second in the PCC meet. LOWER RIGHT: Winning the All-Around event in the UCLA meet, captain and senior BOB COMMANDER, was a most welcome transfer from UCLA. PICTURES: Upper right: Cross country coach BRUTUS HAMILTON and assistant AL RAGAN check the running times. CAL MEHLERT (center right) and BILL STAUFFER (lower right) were excellent ers, both earning three letters. Lower left: Harriers VERN THORNBURG, PRICE KING, JOHN NELSON, STEVE ANDERSON, BILL STAUFFER, and CAL MEHLERT spent many hours of practice for their meets. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD FRONT ROW, left to right: Steve Anderson, Herbert Morrison, Norman Green. SECOND ROW: Bill fer, Cal Mehlert, Robert Halpin, Price King, Verne Thornburg. BACK ROW: John Nelson, Al de Roland La:sgley, Gordon Passer. CROSS COUNTRY THE FIFTEEN hard-working cross country members included top runners as seniors and three-year lettermen Bill Stauffer and Cal Mehlert, sophomore Herb Morrison, and frosh Norm Green. Leading the Hamilton men was Bill Stauffer, veteran distance ace from Santa Ana, who was the coast ' s No. 2 two-miler last spring. The stocky Stauffer set a home course record of 20:39 in his last race for the Blue and Gold. The Bear leather-lungers proved their worth by defeating UCLA twice. USC won the top spot by defeating California in their two encounters. RALFE MILLER (left) again served as the extremely capable and busy Intramural Director and had as his assistant, DICK MACKEY (right), the hard-working Senior Manager. INTRAMURAL THIS PAST year over 3500 men par- ticipated in the twenty-two sports of- fered in the intramural program. These sports cover as wide a range of interests as most students could de- sire—from baseball an :I basketball through volleyball and wrestling. The university mural facilities are numer- ous, well equipped and well managed. There are outdoor fields and courts for football, baseball, tennis, track, volleyball, swimming, horseshoes and other sports, as well as indoor courts for such sports as squash, basketball, handball, badminton, table tennis, wrestling, fencing and gymnastics. Both golf and bowling make use of nearby non-university facilities. BASEBALL, VOLLEYBALL and FOOTBALL are three sports which make use of the outd:or mural faci:ities en " nion a .d North fields. 258 INTRAMURAL INTRAMURAL SPORTS produce a keen, competitive spirit among the participants, and the games are as thoroughly enjoyed by the spectators! The quality of good sportsmanship is fostered through the hard-fought games and meets—for individual, liv- ing group, organization or group achievement. Football was closely contested throughout the season, with the PE Majors of the American league winning a thrilling play-off for the All- University Championship against the National league champions, Delta silon, 20-13. The UC league claimed Rockwood as its top football team. The other sports continue through May, although some will concluee in June—at which time the winners and champions will be decided. BASKETBALL, TABLE TENNIS aid BADMINTON al I occupy indoor courts in the gym, while the SHOE pitchers meet across the street at Union field. 259 130 FRONT ROW, left to right: George Lee, Pete Massey, Akiru Takemori, Vance Lerner. SECOND ROW: hammy Yamauchi, Herbert Vim, John Baleix, Tom Morgan, Jay Higashi. BACK ROW: Ed San Clemente (coach). JIM SWODEN goes up for a lay-in to add two points to the 145 ' s score, as Chuck Kaupke looks an. Aiding in the 130 ' s season record of 13 wins to 5 losses was PETE MASSEY, jumping with the ball. Other 130 ' s are TOM MORGAN and GEORGE LEE. BASKETBALL RECORD, 1950-51 SEASON UC 145 ' s Berkeley City League UC Opponent 44 Ensor " B " 49 53 Gladys 33 54 Parchester Village 47 40 Morrill Plumbing 21 34 Ensor " B " 31 32 Berkeley AC 29 36 Old Stags 43 32 Parchester Village 40 43 Berkeley Cue Center 53 33 Morrill Plumbing 30 35 Berkeley AC 31 36 Old Stags 41 36 Berkeley AC 44 Outside Games 70 Alameda Air Station Intramural Champions 44 41 St. Mary ' s HS 19 Richmond HS 40 29 Santa Rosa HS 34 59 Berkeley HS 23 68 Clarksburg HS 48 59 Mt. Diable HS 76 Won 10, Lost 10 BASKETBALL RECORD, 1950-51 SEASON UC 130 ' s Berkeley City League UC Opponent 48 The Blues 13 47 Bushers 26 50 Bolulus 51 38 Berkeley PO 40 40 Berkeley Silents 34 52 The Blues 44 51 Bushers 25 34 Bolulus 32 40 Berkeley PO 43 51 Berkeley Silents 32 WEIGHT BASKETBALL Outside Games 29 Berkeley HS " B " 34 63 Mt. Diablo HS " B " 25 58 Healdsburg HS 22 32 G. Washington HS " B " 19 47 St. Mary ' s HS ' ' B ' ' 38 63 Clarksburg HS " B " 36 29 St. Mary ' s HS " B " 27 33 Richmond HS " B " 39 Won 13, Lost 5 145 FRONT ROW, left to right: Al Parsons, Chuck Kaupke, Bill Sheng. BACK ROW: Jim Reed (manager), Martin Marsh, Harlan Sutherland, Don Fridlund, Bob Melton (coach). INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL York Grubb Ullrich Bartholomew Winnikoff Fall OFFICERS Spring Walter Ullrich President Raymond Bartholomew John Grubb Vice-President Sam Winnikoff Steven York Secretary-Treasurer Al Johnson MEMBERS Fa ' l Abracadabra William Ingram Acacia Thomas M. Remington Alpha Chi Sigma James A. Robbers Alpha Delta Phi Norman B. Pederson Alpha Epsilon Pi Alan Ro-enfeld Alpha Gamma Omega Frank Smith Alpha Kappa Lambda James K. Ekegren Alpha Phi Alpha Luchan Baker Alpha Sigma Phi James N. Williams Alpha Tau Omega Robert M. Fulton Bachelordon Ray Hurd Beta Sigma Tau James Basile Beta Theta Pi Ray Bartholomew Chi Phi Jack Hitchcock Chi Psi Sydeny B. Ford Del Rey Richard Klotzly Delia Chi Conrad Pearson Delta Kappa Epsilon Don Fisher Delta Sigma Phi James D. Thatcher Delta Tau Delta James Hatch Delta Upsilon Edward J. Maloney Kappa Alpha Thomas Paulson Kappa Delta Rho Clyde LaJuenesse Kappa Nu Emanuel Treiiel Kappa Sigma Franklyn Watson Lambda Chi Alpha Leonard Weaver Phi Delta Theta Jack Grady Phi Gamma Delta Don Pringle Phi Kappa Psi Bob Kniptash Phi Kappa Sigma Dick Larkey Phi Kappa Tau George Triphon Phi Sigma Kappa Clinton S. King Pi Alpha Phi Lawrence Ng Pi Kappa Alpha James Powell Pi Kappa Phi Edgar C. Farrel Pi Lambda Phi Philip J. Gold Psi Upsilon Waltcr V. Lord Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Logan Sigma Alpha Mu Ewarcl A. Hart Sigma Chi K. D. Vickery Sigma Nu Harold Hoppe Sigma Phi Philip Tripp Sigma Phi Epsilon Donald J. Monroe Sigma Pi Charlie Thompson Tau Kappa Epsilon Roy A. Hoffman Theta Chi Gene Smith Theta Delta Chi James Tanner Theta Xi Robert Toff Zeta Beta Tau George L. Fernacher Zeta Psi Thomas W. Witter Spring George Sutliff Richard L. Olson H. C. Carney Preston Hotchkis Jack Warner Dudley Dinshaw Kenneth Cusick Richard B. Alexander Joseph Sugrowe Mackey Thomas B. Allan Furman Roberts Dexter Ragatz Barnaby Smith Howard Coke Richard Klotzly Charles Kaupke Peter Schabarum James D. Thatcher Robert Elder Robert Minahen Thomas Paulson Hugh Penman Emanuel Treitcl Franklyn Watson Leonard Weaver Donald Bentley Edmund Bartlett Robert E. Lee Robert L. Davidson Jack Chourree Herbert McDuffie William Lam Ray L. Smith Douglas Higgins Stanley H. Levin Pet er Van Sicklen Richard Lowell Bernard Bloch William Lack Christian E. Markey Leland Anderson Mike Azcona Richard Connell Don. Sampsel Ralph Congdon James Tanner Herbert Andrade George L. Fernacher Albert Dunlap 266 Day Gordon Ingram Kirk Kleinbroich Moore Steakley Sutliff Beck Blasingame Bon McNair McNeal. Owens Pause Smith, G. Smith, J. Walker Bryan Harte Smokey ABRACADABRA 2425 RIDGE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allen Stu Kimball Lewis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Greg Englehard Frank Spurrier Boynton Kaiser Robert Robert Usinger SENIORS Paul Castro Douglas Keith Paul Day Bill Kirk Philip Edgar Bill Kleinenbroich Gillette Gordon Shelton Moore William A. Ingram Ted Steakley George Sutliff JUNIORS Bill McNair Bill McNear Desmond Owens Edward Pause Garry Smith Jim Smith Stan Walker SOPHOMORES Richard Harte Vince Young Bud Bassett Louis Beck Jack Blasingame Richard Bon Roy Haddock Donald Lawyer Gene Bryan FRESHMEN Demetrios Dimitriou Frcd Garland Bill Thomas MASCOT Srnokey SPRING PLEDGES Ben Richards Ron Forstrom Anderson Ellis Hyerle Kilgore Long Mallory Olson Owre Peekema Pfost Poppe Remin gton Samson Shulman Steinmetz Tingley Berridge Coe Friday Hoffelt, Johnson Jollymour Kouns Peek Pland Pugh Smith Stockfleth Vedder Wilkins Willig Col li au Ehrlich Hawkins Linsenbard Tanem Evans Kidder Vangele Zirker Hoffelt, M. ACACIA 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1905 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes B. L. Robertson R. T. Crawford R. B. Tippet+ Fred Cozens GRADUATES Jack Adams Joseph Shaw SENIORS Mason Anderson Richard Peekema John Czarnecki Fred Pfost Dave Ellis Charles Poppe Robert Hyerle Daniel Radmanovich Ronald Kilgore Thomas Remington Boyd Long Stuart Samson George Mallory Marvin Shulman Richard Olson William Steinmetz Edgar Owre Walter Tingley JUNIORS Derrick Berridge Neal Peek Elliot Brenner Richard Pland Richard Clements Robert Pugh Robert Coe William Smith Robert Friday George Stockfleth Richard Hoffelt Murman Vedder Jack Johnson Edmund Wilkins Arthur Jollymour Edward Willig Harold Kouns Richard Wolcott John Nysteun SOPHOMORES Ted Colliau Robert Montgomery Robert Ehrlich Robert Tenon, Alvin Hawkins Douglas Wolcott William Linsenbard FRESHMEN Richard Evans Jim Vangele Merrill Hoffelt Malvin Zirker James Kidder SPRING PLEDGES Don Campbell Gil Muck Jack Keen Gordon Taylor William Bagot John Boyles James Bradford Carl Carney Thomas Cawthon Robert Chesworth William Galligan Edgar Grabau George Haley John Hampton Arthur Barta Robert B eck Jan Bowman George Clausen Donald deHalas Robert Erickson Lawrence Ferreira Harold Freeman George Kelly Michel LeBrun Gilbert Patchett Leonard Peller Roy Pritchard Wallace Richardson Henry Rodeen Peter Strom George Sheats Donald Wuth Jack Graham Ralph Gunther James Rice Paul Russell Clay Sharts Ronald Smith Lloyd Snyder Irville Whittemore JUNIORS ALPHA CHI SIGMA 2627 VIRGINIA FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF Ferriera WISCONSIN, 1902 Freeman SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 Graham FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS Gunther Rice UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES F. W. Allen Joel Hildebrand Gerald E. K. Branch P. W. Kirk Leo Brewer W. M. Latimer Russell Lerou A. Bromley Donald S. McClure Sharts Robert E. Connick Chester T. O ' Konski Snyder Richard E. Powell Axel R. Olson Whittemore W. V. Cruess Kenneth S. Pitzer Batche !dor J. J. Eiler G. K. Rollefson Joseph Guffy Glenn T. Stewart William D. Gwinn Theodore Vermeulen Donald N. Hanson Charles R. F. Campbell Williams GRADUATES Wayne Compton Norman Leroy William Jolly Jacques James Robbers SENIORS Dayhuff Mackinney Fugacity SOPHOMORES George Batchelder John Mackinney Edward Dayhuff Vernon Troutner MASCOT Fuga city SPRING PLEDGES Edward Dayhuff Charles Madwell Harold Freeman Bill Olson Jack Graham Julian Schemes Ralph Gunther Larry Snyder James Willows Compton Jolly Leroy Robbers Bradford Carney Cawthon Gal I igan Grabau Haley LeBrun Patchett Feller Richardson Rodeen S heats Barta Bowman DeH alas Erickson Barney Brunk Chapman Evans Farnsworth Hershe row Hotchkis Hubbard Livermore McKinley ALPHA DELTA PHI Dr. H. Copp Dr. Hans Lisser Charles S. Davidson Dr. Frank W. Lynch Dr. William C. Deamer Dr. John McGee Dr. Herbert M. Evans Harold H. Mumby Dr. T. H. Goodspeed Karl E. Schevil Hamilton Dr. John H. Woolsey Morrish SENIORS Newman Hubbard Frank Barney Shenon Donald Brunk John Jordan Alvin Carr Robert Livermore Sam Chapman Ian McKinley Carly Cutter Norm Pederson John Davidson Warren Robinson Spence Peter Evans William Sc herer Hotchkis William Farnsworth H. Randall Stoke Hunt Jack Symes Robert Hershenow Wills Preston Hotchkis Arthur Webster Nelson JUNIORS Robert Barney Richard Lowe Milton Bruzzone John McGhee John Duckett Murray McNeil Edward Earl Brent Ogden George Eshoo Don Robison Perry Hartman John Rountree Gerhard Jansen Richard Saxby Dave Kenyon Klaus Schmidt Stan Kowleski Dick Volberg SOPHOMORES Robert Bates William Morrish Bert Blackwelder Charles Newman Jeff Doolittle William Rabbitt Robert Hamilton William Sears Norman Keider Peter Shenon James Mclnaney Stuart Spence FRESHMEN Walter Candy Clark Kenyon John Hotchkis Harry Mathis Cecil Hunt G:lbert Thomas Radke MASCOT SPRING PLEDGES Scott Carey David Gardner Denis DeBost Duncan Haynes Doug DeWitt Frank Lampietti Bill Farmer Dick Massing Jack Fenner Dick Jack Raven Pederson Symes Duckett Earl Hartman Kowleski Lowe McGhee McNeil Ogden 2401 RIDGE FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 Robison TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Rountree Volberg Bates UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Blackwelder Radke Gus-Gus ALPHA EPSILON PI 2338 COLLEGE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF NEW CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTY-FOUR UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE T. GRADUATES Arnold Demain Arnold Lapin Hartley Gaylord Herbert Sukenik SENIORS Goldberg Leon Brown Alan Rosenfeld Loew David Davis Norton Sharpe Steinberg George Kass Leon Tager Wellman Robert Lancet Jack Warner Henry Wollman JUNIORS William Abend Robert Lesser Avro Allen Denny Levan Earl Cohen Norman Mannis Allen Dekelbourn Byron Newman Donald King Hans Reifer John Ullman SOPHOMORES Ben Goldbern Herbert Loew Ephraim Hirsch Marvin Leo Weilmann FRESHMEN Richard Byrnes Robert Schulman Leon Fish Robert Sherman Henry Glasser Herbert Smith Mark Lamken Theodore Stern SPRING PLEDGES Merwyn Brosler Max Lund Kenneth Howard Richard Ed Paulson Lapin Davis Kass Lancet Rosenfeld Sharpe Tager Warner Wollman Abend Allen Dekelbounn Levan Newman Reifer Ullman Byrnes Fish Glasser Lamken Schulman Sherman Stern ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2523 FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES D. M. Cunningham James Lyon L. H. Johnston Robert J. Rodin SENIORS Theodore Chapman Frank Harrington Thomas Daane Kenneth Love Dudley Dinshaw Franklin Smith Edward Duerr Walter Snook Arnold Harms Winston Van Winegarden Wesley Waite JUNIORS Harry Behrens William John on Donald Gaubatz Ohannes Kupelian SOPHOMORES Lawrence Bush William McNaughton Robert Frankenfield Robert Werner FRESHMEN Thomas Blake Paul Goodale MASCOT Garion Chapman Daane Dinshaw Duerr Harms Harrington Love Smith Snook Van Winegarden Waite Behrens Gaubatz Johnson Bush Frankenfield Kupelian McNaughton Werner Blake G ar ion ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Johnson, C. 2701 HEARST AVENUE Johnson, K. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF Osgood CALIFORNIA, 1914 Smith ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 Clemens ELEVEN CHAPTERS Darter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Allen William B. Herms Edwards William R. Dennes Robert R. Legge Kindler Fred Stripp Kerby-Miller Potter GRADUATES Thompson, J. Carney Campion Richard McCurdy Wilson, G. SENIORS Garrison Bland William Moore McCurdy Bland Courtney Cusick Dart Ekegren Gaw Kinkade Serpa Somerville Studebaker Webb Wiesenfield Wilson, W. Wolcott C ' arke Freeman Gress Hansen Hines Kirk Lucchesi Nelson Ohanneson Parsons Stoller Stone Thompson, A. Carr Cummings Don Christensen Frank Serpa Richard Courtney Jack Somerville Kenneth Cusick James Studebaker Leroy Dart Loren Webb James Ekegren Warren Wiesenfeld Robert Gaw Wallace Wilson Tony Kinkade Harry Wolcott JUNIORS Richard Clarke Harry Lucchesi John Freeman Bernard Nelson John Gress Gregory Ohanneson Howard Hansen Alan Parsons Robert Hines Leonel Stoller Daniel Kirk Donald Stone John Thompson SOPHOMORES Lamont Carr Kenneth Johnson David Cummings Joseph Osgood Chalmers Johnson Karel Smith FRESHMEN William Clemens John Kerby-Miller Robert Darter David Potter Arthur Edwards Allen Thompson Glern Kindler Gordon Wilson SPRING PLEDGES Charles Hiatt Peter Reymonds John Iverson LeRoy Reid Frank Patty Bill Somerville ALPHA SIGMA PHI 2793 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Bingham Handel King Perham Rittamel Stanero Sugrowe Williams Brasel Craig Fleckinger Gilkey Giusti H inerman Kamian Kassenbrock Langely Liddel McCampel I Mooers Sheedy Sweigert Uphoff Wemple DURING THE past year the social program at the Alpha Sig house has been highlighted by two outstanding pledge dances, numerous costume dances, a spring formal, a Christmas party, exchanges and alumni dinners. In addition to this, intramural participation, university athletics, house im- provements and grades have kept the boys busy. However, as the year comes to a close we can look back and see that it was not only these ties, but the house spirit of brotherhood that has made this year truly a memorable one. 274 Brown Cauthen DeJohn Drake Garrison King Kratter Matthew McMillan Moriarty Morris Owen Turner, D. Turner, J. Buck Ensign Gill Green Hill Jones Miller Snowden Wardner Bill Bingham Jim Handel Bill King George Perham Tom Brasel Bob Brilliant Jim Craig Ray Flickinger Scott Gilkey Don Giusti Jim Hinerman Harry Kamian Bob Kassenbrock Jerry Brown Jerry Cauthen Bob DeJohn Richard Drake Lowell Garrison Shelby King Bob Kratter Bob Buck Ron Ensign Gordon Gill Norman Green Hal Hill ALPHA SIGMA PHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J. Carbon Bert Rowe Robert Sewell GRADUATES W. R. Donell Eric Schnurmacher SENIORS W. E. Rittamel Ches Stanero Warren Sugrowe Jim Williams JUNIORS Ron Langley John Liddel Bob McCampell Jack McDaniels Doug Mooers Chuck Rozzele John Sheedy Shed Sweigert Robert Uphoff Dana Wemple SOPHOMORES Bruce Matthew Gordon McMillan Ted Moriarty Don Morris Don Owen John Turner Dan Turner FRESHMEN Ron Jones Bob Miller Gary Pontious Tom Snowden Russ Wardner SPRING PLEDGES Jack Bredemeir Bob Jensen Jack Stirton ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE CHAPTERS Fulton Hess Robinson Chappelle Corgiat Franckx Jordon Mackey Mahen Reiser Richards Seidler Spies Weber Werner Welch Wills Anderson Brown Edmonds Hanson Karvelis Jacobson THE ATO ' s were busy as usual this year with their on and off-campus ties. The various house traditions always kept members " party-timing " in between the study time for finals—traditions such as the two semi-annual pledge costume dances held at the house, the Winter Formal, held this year at the Fairmont, and of course the big annual Spring Formal. An tense intramural sports program, the constant water-bag war with the Theta Chi ' s across the street, the beer busts and sorority exchanges—these take up whatever time is left for the members of ATO ' s Gamma Iota chapter. 276 Ludlow Morel Nichols Robinson Thomas Burns Coffin Jory Leibsle McDonald Quacken:)ush Samper Stehr Bassel Chalmers Cline Ebright Kirkpatrick Lienau Martincich Perry Pirc:ier Talley Warne ALPHA TAU OMEGA MIN 1 EMI 1 MEN I MIX I • III I III Richard Chappelle John Corgiat Hugh Crawford Louis Franckx Allen Johnson Edward Jordon William Mackey John Mahen Bowen Wills JUNIORS Alfred Anderson Charles Brown Jack Edmonds James Fernhoff Harry Hanson Herb ert Heistand Bud Karvelis Wilson Jacobson Jerol Burns Larry Coffin William Gordon John Gray Ronald Hayman Howard Jory Steven Bassel Wesley Chalmers Tom Cline Myron Crow Malcomb Ebright Robert Kirkpatrick SPRING Norman Akey Bill Armstrong Wm. Hiestand UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond T. Birge Ky Ebright Kenneth Stoddard SENIORS Jack Reiser Jack Richards Roy Richardson Roland Seidler Richard Spies Larry Weber Larry Warner Robin Welch William Ludlow Jack Maxwell Robert Morel William Nichols Merritt Robinson Donald Seaborg William Taylor Max Thomas SOPHOMORES Craig Leibsle William McDonald Ralph Quackenbush Jack Samper Charles Stehr Tom Warne FRESHMEN Jerry Lienau Robert Martincich Robert Perry Leo Pircher Al Talley Douglas Warne PLEDGES Don Matson Dwight Newman Bob Richards ALPHA PHI ALPHA CANYON ROAD FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1906 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Nathaniel Brooks Otis Handy Franklyn Dixon Grandvel Jackson Cecil Draper John Price James Gibbs Emmett Rice SENIORS John Everett George Scotland Henry Harvey Lawrence Scott James Lewis Walter Thompson James Rogers John Turner JUNIORS Robert Abbott Hugh Fountain Fernando Alexander Lindley Hamilton Richard Alexander Wesley Hester Earl Cooper Emmett Jones Joseph Debro Laulie Washington Gibbs Jackson Everett Hall SOPHOMORE Harvey Abbott Lewis Alexander, F. Rogers Alexander, R. Thompson Cooper James Dewitt Fountain Hamilton Jones Washington FRESHMAN Dewitt Powell Reuben Powell ALPHA PHI ALPHA, the first national Greek-letter fraternity established for Negro men, has in recent years modified its constitution to become interracial. The UC chapter, Alpha Epsilon, is one of the most active chapters on the west coast. Outstanding among its many projects are its " Education for Citizenship Week, " " Committee on Human Rights, " and a scholarship fund for higher education. To promote these ends, Alpha Epsilon sponsored a baseball night at the Oaks ball park, using the proceeds for their scholar- ship fund. In addition to these very worthwhile projects the A Phi A ' s participate in activities of a lighter nature, too, holding an annual " Sweetheart Dance " as the highlight of their social functions. 278 Ato- QOM Burger Allen Cavanaugh Busby Chaf in Ellington Goodwin Harmon Hencken, F. Hencken, J. Hunt Hurd M ibach Neuman Radcliffe Rothaus BACHELORDON 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE Schultz FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF March CALIFORNIA, 1894 Oetting ONE CHAPTER Rumbaugh UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. Cordes John Ise, Parker Talbot GRADUATES Ray Burger Jack Rose SENIORS Thomas Allen David Cavanaugh Robert Schulz Allison Bowman Gilligan Harrell JUNIORS Francis Busby John Hencken Roy Chafin Peter Hunt Jack Dickman Raymond Hurd Will Ellington Lawrence Mibach Paul Goodwin Charles Neuman Robert Harmon Gary Radcliffe Frederick Hencken William Lawrence Schultz SOPHOMORES Richard Oetting Ernest Rumbaugh FRESHMEN Edward Gilligan John Harrell Dan March James Allison Gene Bowman SPRING PLEDGES Mike Heller Pete Norton Privett Roberts Sasaki Ascercion BETA SIGMA TAU 2728 HASTE FOUNDED AT ROOSEVELT CHICAGO, ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martin J. Loeb George Lipsky GRADUATES SENIORS Maurice Alfille Robert Allen Serge Evanow Paul Barger James Basile Harry Chan, Jr. Dean G. Ferrer Jack Garrison Erne Houston Wesley Johnson Cecil Jones Denis Kim Alfille Swanson Basile Chan Farrer Garrison Houston Johnson Kim Low Marchette Phillips Cerbatos Clark Fossum Larmer Rasul Tipton Coatsworth Gill Byrd Erving Metzgar Ernest Perez Roger Pettitt George Kim Rudy Limon Henry Low Buddy Marchette Leonard Phillips James Privet+ Furman Roberts Thomas Sasaki Hishi Yamauchi JUNIORS Arnie Ascercion Roman Gankin Washington Burns Robert Johnson Agripino Cerbatos Robert Larmer Henry Clark Louis Lee Kyster Coleman Abdur-Rahman Rasul Larry Dillard James Scott Paul Fossum Dale Tipton SOPHOMORES James Coatsworth Maurice Monson James Gill Al Arvey Swanson FRESHMEN Garfield Byrd Aizo SPRING PLEDGES Meyer Bar Jack Nix Robert Burgess Fred Okamoto Lloyd Grable Eugene Rimov Ernie McNeeley Ronald Rolfe Dick Taylor BETA THETA PI 2607 HEARST FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED NINETY-FIVE UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Don Votau Nicholas Taliafino Bertram Bronson Edward Welch James Caldwell Schiller Joe Scroggs GRADUATES Lynn Keifer Thomas Steele SENIORS Raymond Bartholomew Raymond Hilbun Baird Blake John Hoffman Lee Buffington Michail McGuire Richard Curtis Cameron Ninekirk Durward Davies Lowell North Richard Dewey Richard Ogden Anthony Ellis Samuel Randolph Richard Erb John Schrommer Howard Gauthier Morris Wells Wilbur Grant John Wilke JUNIORS Lawrence Kehoe Edward Lyon Henry Mettler Gilbert Morris Dexter Ragatz Jack Rothe Henry Schaffner William Shreve John Tormey Kiefer, L. Bartholomew Buffington Curtis Davies Dewey, R. Ellis Hilbun Hoffman McGuire North Ogden Randolph Schrommer Wilke Andrew Beale Boyle Cobb Hanson Hill Kehoe Regatz Schaffner Shreve Tormey Anderson Barrie Bull Cook Kelly Kennedy Kubik Lee Anderson Prom Turner Paul Andrew Paxton Beak John Boyle Miles Cobb John Dalton George Duncan Douglas Hanson James Hill Jack Anderson Allan Barrie Alpheus Bull John Cook James Anderson Joseph Babros John Binkley Frank Burrows Charles Davis SOPHOMORES David Hudson James Kelly John Kennedy Robert Kubik Richard Lee FRESHMEN Thomas Gallighan Bartley Prom James Siler Stephen Turner Robert Worrell SPRING PLEDGES Barry Durkee Tom Garvey Jim Willett BOWLES HALL Appel Arnois Bales Bryan Burson Burum Coleman Everett Grafft Gr if fen Guilhamet Holander Hurley Hurwitz Jamison Kelley Langdon Mettler Palmer Parks Payne Peekema Peirano Say lar Shieman Smith, R. Snow Stone Tompkins Well ington Wi nz ler Wombacher Angel lo Bingham Andrews Burton Guilford Jones Patterson Smith Whitney THE MEN of the Bowles Association point with much pride at this past year for in many ways it has been one of the most successful years in the history of the " Hall. " Under the capable direction of president Reuben Smith and Bill Grafft the Hall was again a leading participant in the letic, social and extracurricular activities of the University. In their bid to retain the American League All-Sports athletic trophy the Bowles Hall teams competed most successfully. 282 Blosil Brazil Burns Carnie Clark Crowder De Cristoford Doyle Duranceau Edmondson Ferrand Forrester Furnas Graf Gram Hammond Hewitt Holloway Hood Hurley Kern Larson Locarnini Macy Morgan Nelson Parker Peterson Peterson Post Rager Richter Rickter Rubin Rutledge Sayles BOWLES HALL UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Chaffee E. Hall Richard Neddersen William J. Norton Walter T. Scott Wilson Robert Andrews Victor Appel Herbert Arnois John Baldwin Glen Bales Jerry Barnes William Bazeley Michael Browne Richard Bryan Robert Burson Walter Burton David Burum Courtney Coleman Philip Compton John Cooney Peter Crenshaw David Day George Durand Robert Ernsberger John Everett Bill Greiff Alan Griffen Roger Guilford James Guilhamet Alva Hollander Jere Hurley George Hurwitz Robert Jamison George Johnstone JUNIORS Joe Angell° Fred Avilez Lawrence Bingham Warren Blosil Eugene Brazil Wayne Burns Sherwin Carlquist Kent Carnie Williard Clark John Collier Dean Crowder Don Deadrich Anthony De Cristoford Paul Doyle Forrest Duranceau James Edmondson Hunter Ferrand Emmett Forrester David Furnas Alfred Graf Rollin Post Clinton Jones Robert Kelly Robert Langdon Robert Mettler Henry Miller Clyde Nash Russell Palmer William Parks Robert Patterson George Payne George Peekema Lawrence Peirans Philip Pister Gordon Pusser Daniel Sayler Whitney Shane David Shierman Harold Smith Reuben Smith Richard Snow William Stone Nathan Tarr Donald Thompson Richard Walker Arthur Wellington Eugene Whitney John Winzler Arch Wombacher John Woodhead Andrew Gram Richard Hammond Charles Harris Harold Hewitt Maurice Holloway David Hood Charles Hurley John Kern Joseph Klotz Paul Larson Jack Light Wallace Locarnini Robert McEuen William Macy Robert Morgan Louis Morton Eugene Nelson Donn Parker William Petersen Victor Peterson GRADUATE Donald Henricksen SENIORS BOWLES HALL Steiner St ice Stuart Thomas Wagner Weinstein Alvernaz Arnold Bell Berner Buell Caluchini Class Collier Council Curtis Darling Dollarhide Dunn Devorack Farmer Goul Hargrove Harrington Hays Huggins Kaplan Klauder Knauer Koepke Lamon Larson Leach McCormack Marshall Maxwell Meyenberg Meyer Monson Parker THE BOWLES social program was enjoyably well filled with numerous dances, exchanges, picnics, and beer busts. On campus the name Bowles Hall was at least a prominent one in that so many of the Association bers were actively engaged in the workings of the associated student body. body. " Education Through Fellowship " was the guiding light once again for the Hall members and the purposes which this motto embodies were in all ways well attained. 284 BOWLES HALL JUNIORS (Continued) Maurice Rager Edward Scriven Roland Richter Harris Steiner Donald Rickter Charles Stice Robert Romer Chuck Stuart Jack Rubin John Thomas Robert Rutledge Roy Wagner Robert Sayles Raymond Weinstein SOPHOMORES Samuel Adams William Hill Varney Alvernas Donald Huggins Albert Arnold Gary Johnson Stanley Bell Daniel Kaplan Richard Berner John Klauder David Buck Michael Khauer James Buell Don Koepke Philip Calanchini John Lamon James Clark Charles Larson John Class David Leach Duane Collier William Loughman Raymond Colvig Alan McCormack Bryan Counsil Lawrence Marshall Jerome Curtis Gene Maxwell Richard Darling Werner Meyenberg Walter Davie Jack Meyer Corked Dollarhide Jarry Monson Bobby Dunn Daniel Navon David Dworack Richard Parker William Farmer Raoul Peizer Philip Fisher James Porterfield Bruce Fry Gordon Rails Howard Goul Warren Richards Richard Hargrove Jim Selby Charles Harrington Don Stottlemayer Robert Hays John Vallerga FRESHMEN Benjamin Abramovice David Harper Jack Banister Carson Kohle Hugh Barton Wilson McClelland Moise Berger Ernest Malamud Barry Brown Donald Marks Charles Capp William Mitchell Paul Coffee John Nelson Howard Crampton Dan Peterson John Delvaill James Post William Devries Ray Rodriquez Douglas Dickson Warren Smith Kenneth Edmeades William Stich John Engvall James Trew Donald Fauerstein Darrell Twisselman Herbert Filipponi David Wagner Richard Gaff rey Harold Weitzuer Russell Goodrich Stephen Whitaker Marshall Gram Gene Williams John Hansen Ben Zaerr ii Phillip Zediker Peizer Porterfield Rails Richards Stottlemayer Abramovice Banister Barton Berger Brown Capp Coffee Crampton Delvaill Devries Dickson Ed mead es Engvall Feuerstein Filipponi Gaff rey Gram Harper Kahle McClelland Malamud Marks Nelson Peterson Post Stich Trew Twisselman Wagner Williams Zaerr CHI PHI 2529 HEARST FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 Fraser LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 Gabhart THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS Haworth Levis Mc Near Miller Woolomes Boring Claussen Durie Good Hawkins Alan Fraser Donald Levis Richard Gabhart Donald McNear Herbert Haworth John Miller James Woolomes FRESHMEN Dix Boring Robert Good William Claussen Peter Hawkins Robert Durie James Lloyd Carlton Dawson Huffman Lowe Sarles Smith Bennett Carson Doyle Dunne F inn Gal loway Hynes Jones Murch Oliver Olson Sabin Stannard Viebrock SENIORS Jordan Carlton James Huffman W. James Dawson John Lowe John Hitchcock Barnaby Smith Charles Tilden Edwin Bennett James Carson Bernard Doyle Peter Dunne Howard Finn Clark Galloway George Hynes JUNIORS Richard Jones Robert Murch Charles Oliver Burton Olsen John Sabin John Stanard William Viebrock SOPHOMORES SPRING PLEDGES John Dodson Ed Killeen CHI PSI 2311 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, ALPHA DELTA DELTA ESTABLISHED TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Leo McClatchy Tann ing sen SENIORS Wilkins Claude Blodget Jack Hightower Bingham Howard Coke John Mauvais Ericksen Thomas Connolly Donald Ralston Jelton Newton Drury Max Schmidt Sydney Ford Lefty Stern William Blakeley Gwynne Chappell Ronald Fimrite Edward Fosdahl Paul Henriksen Dwight Jerlow Rodney Lindquist SOPHOMORES Connelly Drury Ford Hightower Mauvais Ralston Schmidt Stern Blakeley Chappell Fimrite Fosdah I Henriksen Jerlow Lindquist Naegle Sheridan Thomson Trempy Vance Veh low Brown McCourtney Rath Sparks JUNIORS Martin Naegele William Phillips Thad Sheridan Peter Thomson Robert Trempy Robert Vance Ronald Vehlow Lageson Linz Van Wyck Wyllie Young Lee Brown Lowell Sparks Jack McCourtney Duncan Tonningsen Howard Rath Robert Wilkins FRESHMEN Larry Bingham Clif f Linz Neil Ericksen John Majors Alan Jelton Samuel Van Wyck Ernest Lageson George Peter Young SPRING PLEDGES Bob Denison John Kenny Tom Erera Gary Marsella Leon Gustafson Jim Morton Merlin Henry Jack Reeves Bridgman Garland Graham McIntyre Melner Mulvany O ' Niel Pearson Peckham Benton Clark Davis Frandsen Goss Hazlett Herron Kaupke Nicholas Obradovich Reed Severns Gasparich Mills Ystad Kleaver DELTA CHI 2725 HASTE FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans Leo McClatchy W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Frank Russell GRADUATE Paul Moser SENIORS John Bass Delwyn Lindfors Howard Bowen Bartley McIntyre, Jr. Richard Bridgman Burton Melner Andrew Garland, Jr. Richard Mulvany James Graham Alen O ' Niel Frederick Kemmerling Conrad Pearson Robert Peckham JUNIORS John Armstrong Thomas Herron John Benton Kenneth Hopkins Caleb Case Charles Kaupke Wayne Clark Richard Nicholas Robert Davis John Obradovich Richard Frandsen John Pappa James Goss James Reed Gordon Hazlett Robert Severns SOPHOMORES Chris Gasparich Davis Mills FRESHMEN Jim Kleaver William Ystad SPRING PLEDGES Bob Colliard Ken Colt DEL REY 1727 EUCLID FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph A. Proctor Herman A. Spindt GRADUATE Edward McIntosh SENIORS Dewey Allaire William Davis Victor Emmerich Robert Garrow Wayne Gentry Wayne Hippenstiel George Hodges Richard Klotzly Willia Leighton Mills Richard Odenbaugh Woodruff Ogden Vincent Pelfini James Phillips Robert Piva Richard Silvers James Walker m Wilson JUNIORS William Boyd George Gurr Raymond Castanada Jack Ludeman Dan Coleman John Mason Richard Fisher Don Mathews Gordon Foster Paul Perry Wendell Gerkin James Frank Viteri SOPHOMORES Don Brown Edgar Freydl Robert Carr Colin Hubbard Terry Chamberlain James Capp Spindt FRESHMAN Anthony Smith SPRING PLEDGES Frank Jones Henry James Roberts McIntosh Allaire Davis Garrow Gentry H ippenstiel Hodges Klotzly Mills Odenbaugh Ogden Pelfini Piva Silvers Walker Wilson Boyd Castanada Coleman Fisher Foster Gerkin Gurr Lundeman Mason Mathews Perry Stormont Viteri Brown Carr Chamberlain Freydl Hubbard McTighe Spindt Smith Q DELTA SIGMA PHI 2316 BOWDITCH STREET FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY CHAPTERS Hoyt Deisenroth Grayson Jocz Lancaster Leaver McCullom M inner Neal Scott, R. Scott, Roy Sihner Wilson Boone Brewer Coburn Dow ley Dunwoody Ellis Frolich Keeler Louderback Morrison THE DELTA SIGS have in the past year enjoyed a successful social gram. From the many record dances to the Fall and Spring Formals and the Sailors ' Ball, the social calendar has been crammed full of fun-filled parties and dances. School activities of various sorts are also graced by the Delta Sigs, with many of her members holding important posts on pus publications, councils, and committees. All in all, a proper balance tween scholarship, social and campus activities, and athletics is to be found at the Delta Sig house. 290 DELTA SIGMA PHI Mullins Neerhout Rapp Regalia Spalding Warren Fearing Gilbert Tretten Holmes Van de Carr Page Richwood Wood Lempriere Palmer Wedemeyer Duffy Parker Savants Beesley Selby Seibert GRADUATES Robert Groh James Hoyt Russell Young SENIORS Robert Anderson Marden Leaver Robert Deisenroth Myron McCullom David Grayson Warren Minner Steven Hackett Howard Neal Thomas Jocz Roger Scott Louis Krall Roy Scott Robert Lancaster Herbert Sihner Richard Wilson JUNIORS Alfonzo Manzano Roderick Morrison William Mullins John Neerhout Joseph Page Ronald Parker Myron Rapp Edmund Regalia Joseph Richwood Thomas Savasta Stanlee Spalding James Thatcher Harold Warren SOPHOMORES Robert Beesley David Gilbert John Cutter Ronald Lempriere Fred Duffie Ray Olsson Watson Fearing Edward Selby Rudolph Tretten FRESHMEN Donald Holmes Warren Seibert Stewart Larson Elmer Tretten Donald Palmer Rene Van de Carr Roland Wedemeyer SPRING PLEDGES Richard Mortensen Peter Porritt Harry Porter Frank Rochex Thomas Thorndike George Trabert William Wise David Boone Jackson Brewer William Coburn James Cunningham Robert Cunnison Thomas Doss George Dowley Kirk Dunwoody Robert Ellis Donald Frolich Ide Keeler Donald Keener Oscar Louderback Joseph Wood Dennis Dorgan John Eastridge Richard Erb Ray Hearon Derl Keen Charles Madsen David Morgan DELTA TAU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS Anderson Bixby Caig Dodson Donlon Elder Hatch Klein Knox Lien McDonald Mackey Manners Meers Moller Neely Stow Doe Fish Liston Malloch Norris O ' Brien Stainfield ATHLETICS, SCHOLARSHIP, and social activities all claimed a share of Delt interest. In the field of intramural sports the softball team successfully concluded the season by winning the All-University championship. Several members participated in varsity sports and considerable time was devoted to acquiring suntans in preparation for the tropical " Beachcomber Ball, " which was the highlight of the spring semester. Our outdoor dance floor and barbecue pit was often the scene of exchanges, dances, and general good times. 292 DELTA TAU DELTA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Frank Kelley Lawrence Foster Ed Manske Brutus Hamilton Morough O ' Brien Roy Jastram Warren Tom Steel SENIORS Dave Anderson Norm Lien John Bixby Stu McDonald George Caig Dick Mackey Don Dodson Stu Manners Dave Donlon Jack Meers Bob Elder George Moller Jim Hatch Don Neely Stan Klein Dave Nelson Ed Knox Buzz Perry Don Stow JUNIORS John Dawson George Malloch Russ Doe Sharon Norris George Fish Joe O ' Brien Dave Johnson Kent Stainfield Tom Liston Tom Warren SOPHOMORES Stan Beideman Norm Gard Stan Butolph Leighton Hahn Dan Chapman Bill Halford Dan Clinkenbeard Bob Meyer Dave Cruickshank Bill Monroe Jim DeWitt Frank Packard Don Galloway Pete Parrish Bill Sangster FRESHMEN Joe Gwerder Fred Moller Jack Herring Dick Morgan Larry Lippincott Bill Prucha Pete Meredith Drury Reynolds Don Mitchell Mansfield Smith SPRING PLEDGES Doug Burris Jack McKissack Geri Brooks Pete Pierson Dennis Elder George Doug Tanner Warren Beideman Chapman Clinkenbeard Cruickshank DeWitt Galloway Gard Hahn Halford Meyer Monroe Packard Parrish Sangster Gwerder Herring Lippincott Meredith Mitchell Moll er Prucha Reynolds Smith Arnold Channing Donlon Johnson Johnson Karasky McClaughy Maloney Noonan Orchison Robinson Sherman Steward Best Harper Heiman Hall Jotter Kinkead Murry DELTA. UPSILON 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS THE CALIFORNIA Chapter of Delta Upsilon completed a busy and very eventful year. The social activities, at the tong, have been undertaken with a great degree of enthusiasm. Among the most outstanding social events in the fall were the 69th Annual Two-Yard Hop, a costume affair, and the traditional Winter Formal. Also in the fall the D.U. ' s came through to win the first prize humor trophy in the Homecoming parade. Active on pus, the D.U. ' s went all out to help Bob Kinkead become elected head yell leader and Bob Merrick president of the freshman class. The future outlook for Delta-U doesn ' t look as eventful as this year has been. In September only twenty-five out of sixty members will be returning and the other mem- bers will undoubtedly be guests of Uncle Sam. 294 DELTA UPSILON Martinelli Sanderson Johnson M israch Bryant Rigby Paul Roth Ryan Baer Botsford Cowan Kaveney Leach Moulin Owen Sellers Zorbas Dolliver Larson Merrick Schneider Walker UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward B. Brewer Donald Pyle Monroe E. Deutsch Lawrence M. Price Lloyd L. Farrar Robert Sibley James Hopper, Jr. Herbert R. Stoltz Neal McKeller James W. Thompson Charles W. Merriman Robertson Ward George R. Noyes Herbert C. Wyckoff GRADUATES Malcolm Channing Walter Lewis SENIORS Lewis Arnold Edward Maloney Edward Channing John Manners Roger Donlon Robert Minahen David Harper Edward Noonan Dean Johnson William Orchison Robert Johnson Albert Saylor Joseph Karasky Robert Sherman William McClaughry Joseph George Suman JUNIORS Howard Best Denny McLeod William Dux Sherwin Murry Craig Harper Stephen Martinelli Lawrence Heiman Robert Munn Alan Holl Lowell Paul James Jotter Luther Phillips Robert Kinkead Thomas Pletcher Albert Masters Hadden Roth Robert Montagne Robert Ryan Henry Sanderson SOPHOMORES Rex Baer Donald Moulin Herbert Botsford Robert Misrach William Cowan William Owen Thomas Johnson James Plessas Gary Kaveney Robert Sellers Rees Leach Andrew Zorbas FRESHMEN William Bryant Robert Merrick Peter Dolliver Richard Rigby Paul Larson Pete Peter Walker SPRING PLEDGES Robert Brownlee Ra lph Hickenbothan George Gosling Robert Logan Baldauf Chambers Fisher McGlynn Miller Schabarum Woodward Brown Bucklin Carroll Engs Nourse Politzer Sneath Wisher Ely Gould Gould Gwynn Handy Jordan McMillan Tuller Walker Zimmerman Allen Dyer Hinsdale Pierce Tell DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 2302 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putnam, Jr. GRADUATE William Evers SENIORS Rainer Baldauf Bryant McGlynn James Chambers Richard Miller Donald Fisher Peter Robert Woodward JUNIORS Donald Brown Louis Hawkins William Bucklin Peter Nourse Walter Carroll Alexander Politzer Mort Dunn Lee Sneath Ted Engs Donald Wisher SOPHOMORES Dwight Ely Ronald Handy Robert Fisher Peter Jordan John Gould Dan McMillan Richard Gould Charles Tuller John Gwynn John Walker Gordon Zimmerman FRESHMEN Robert Allen Scott Hinsdale Norman Dyer Richard Kirk Tell KAPPA ALPHA 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Bunnell Richard Hoffman John Clowdsley Ea rl Hook John Crossman Douglas Johnson Mark Ellsworth Carl Magnuson Robert Griffin Norman Metz William Hail Thomas Paulson Walter Heidig Walter Ullrich Richard Hodge William Joseph Wetch JUNIORS Edward Delano Richard Lutz Robert Dennis John McFarlane Johnston David Dezell Clifford Peterson Kergaard Robert Evans Lester Sachs Peterson, L. Bruce Higton Donald Strong Rogers Evan Johnson Robert Theiller Shaff Richard Wilson SOPHOMORES Jens Christy Herbert Morrison Robert Cummings Richard Pollock Alfred de Lorimier Ronald Prouty Barry Hutchinson Carl Rodolf David Johnston Walter Shaff Norman Kergaard Joseph Solari FRESHMEN George Billinger Lewis Peterson James Corbett Joseph William White Bunnell Clowdsley Crossman Duddy Ellsworth Heidig Hail Hodge Hook Johnson, D. Metz Paulson Ullrich Votaw Delano Dezell Evans Higton Johnson, E. Lutz McFarlane Prouty Sachs Strong Theiller Wilson Morrison Pollock Rodolf Solari Billinger Christy Corbett Cummings de Lorimier Hoffman White Brygg man Buck, G. Knox LaJeunesse MacMahon Marr Penman Stephanek Walker Whitaker Barb is Buck, K. Dolan Edgar Iverson Latinovich Manbert M ickens Randall Schinnerer Li ndaver KAPPA DELTA RHO Malone Manzano 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE Martin FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, Matheson VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS Michel Rolling Willsey UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bauer Robert Harrigan Edward Rogers Dais SENIORS Roy Bryggman Robert MacMahon Gene Buck Hugh Penman Donald Hendrickson David Stepanek Geering Pedersen John Knox Pedersen Clyde LaJeunesse Ronald Hendrickson Alan Tait Clyde Walker Allen Whitaker Willis JUNIORS Babe Solon Barbis Rush Manbert Keith Buck Edward Mickens Paul Dolan Dwight Neely Donald Edgar Gordon Randall Wesley Hamm James Ritch Fred Iverson John Schinnerer George Latinovich Dieter Richard Turk 110 gi. k li t Ilir IN Ulu! , ' $110101111 11111Wip , ,,,,,ii SOPHOMORES John Barker William Martin Robert Gibbel Donald Matheson Stewart Lindauer Glenn Michel Glenn Malone Donald Mortensen Jaime Manzano Robert Rolling George Willsey FRESHMEN John Bauer Raymond Oritz Eugene Dais Glenn Pedersen Charles Freshman Peter Pedersen Robert Gearing James Willis Avrech Feldman Levin, I. Lustig, H. Lyman, Y. Pilhasy Schwitkis Stahl Treitel Winikoff, S. Feldstein Harlick Moiseeff Sabsay Glick Kronfield Lustig, J. Lyman, H. Rosenberg Silverman Gainsburg Greenbaum Levin, G. Weiss Winnikoff, A. Kappy Dumbo KAPPA NU 2506 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTEEN UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. Otto Barrett Gilbert M. D. Myron Jacobs GRADUATES Evan Goldengerg Robert Jason Israel Jacobson Sam Sinelnikoff Norman Avrech Bernard Feldman Irwin Levin Harold Lustig Yale Lyman Milton Pilhashy SENIORS Milton Raasch Howard Schwitkis Paul Stahl Emanuel Treitel Sam Winnikoff Max Zelikovsky JUNIORS Stewart Feldstein Gregory Moiseeff Robert Harlick Nathan Sabsay SOPHOMORES Steven Glick Richard Rosenberg ,Jack Kronfield Irwin Silberman Jerome Lustig Jerome Teller Harvard Lyman Tom Thompson FRESHMEN Harvey Botansky Irwin Levin Gordon Gainsburg Donald Stone Jerome Greenbaum Irwin Weiss Al Winnikoff MASCOTS Kappy Dumbo SPRING PLEDGES David Biercnbaum Daniel Friedman Paul Bolin Al Gorlick Ed Braun Armand Magid Larry Cahn Harold Miller KAPPA SIGMA 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN CHAPTERS Baker Blamire, E. Blamire, J. Cary Hinck McGervey McLenaghan McRae Morrison Penny Quinn Randolph Roberts Setzer Van Heuit Wagner Watson Anderson Bjonerud Dayvault Edgerly Edney Elliot Grant Kalinski THE LARGE brick house of the Kappa Sigs experienced many social events the past year. Primarily were the many exchanges, featuring square danc- ing and a straw-hatted " dinner " combo. Following the annual Christmas Formal, they held a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The house had a good year in intramural sports, having such stars as Carl Van Heuit in football, Linn Watson in water polo, and Neale Tveitmoe in basketball. 300 Lyons MacBeath Wagner Ward Anderson Archibald Blake Cary Clark Dahl Diehl Ehni Holler King Madison Maiorana Mohns Phillips Bird Hammerland Graff is Morgan Wiggins Wymore KAPPA SIGMA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Wes Fry Guy Montgomery GRADUATE Tom Bardet SENIORS ir Jack Baker Don Berry Ed Blamire Jim Blamire Bill Cary Bill Englebright Harry Franceschi Howard Hinck Jack McGervey Don McRae Bill Moore Dick Anderson Stan Bjonerud Jim Carroll Ray Davis John Dayvault Will Edgerly Bruce Edney Dave Elwood Bill Andersen Norm Archibald Vince Blake Steve Cary Ken Clark Chuck Dahl Stew Diehl Bob Bird Wayne Davis Ed DeSilva Bob Morrison Bill Penny Boyd Quinn Dick Randolph James Roberts Jack Setzer Neale Tveitmoe Carl Van Heuit Jim Wagner Linn Watson Jack McLenaghan SPRING PLEDGES Richard Brooke John Hansen Vincent Carntodenico Sidney Harris John Liv:ngston JUNIORS Frank Elliot Burt Grant Bob Johnston Joe Kalinski Jim Lyons Bill MacBeath Bill Wagner Gene Ward Ralph Weber SOPHOMORES Dick Ehni Dick Graffis Dick Holler Gene King Ben Madison Vince Maiorana Jim Mohns Weldon Phillips FRESHMEN Jack Hammerland Les Morgan Howard Wiggins John Wymore Bradhoff Buchanan Bybee Densmore Duncan Ellsworth Knight Lund Mark Mattis Panttaja Ritchey Stewart Troxell West Anderson, A. Anderson, D. Cannizzaro Chandon DiGrazia LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON COLLEGE, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS THE MEMBERS of Lambda Chi Alpha will long remember this colorful and promising year. The fall semester started when Miss Louisa Sinclair, 1950 ' s annual Daffodil Queen, went on to national fame, being named National Crescent Girl. She later became first attendant to 1950 ' s coming Queen. The annual fall Pledge Dance, " Lambda Chi Alphatraz, " was a big success with its very elaborate prison theme. Lambda Chi tributed three great football players to 1951 ' s Rose Bowl: Bob Baham, Bob Fitzgerald, and the game ' s only scorer, Bob Cummings. Varsity crewman, Harry Gardiser, enjoyed a wonderful trip to Australia when the Cal crew went on tour. The chapter ' s fifth annual Daffodil Festival, designed to raise money for the building of Stiles Hall, was a great success. Filling out the year were many successful exchanges and a colorful Spring Formal, and last, but not least, the traditional " water fights " with the A Chi O ' s. 302 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Dunshee Johnson Repath, R. Perry Denton Gardiser, G. LeMoin Boltorf Repath, K. Garmon Hawkins Gerbo McKeown Hand, A. Silcox Guppy McDaniels Johnson Orr Knutson Zorbas Hand, H. Robert Carter Robert Baham Lloyd Bradhoff Bill Buchanan Scott Bybee Jack Craig Robert Densmore Robert Duncan Roger Duncan Walter Duncan William Ellsworth C. Robert Fitzgerald Robert Fox Al Wheelan JUNIORS Andy Anderson Don Anderson Hugo Cannizzaro Howard Chandon George de Urioste Bill Di Grazia Dave Dunshee George Gardiser Richard Gerbo Blair Bottorf Andrew Hand Denny Johnson Dave Knutson Charles Butt Don Denton Neil Garmon Mike Deane Ben Kinikin UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric C. Bellquist Dr. Charles C. Stachling Dr. Lloyd E. Hardgrave George Troxell GRADUATES Robert Joki Harry Gardiser John Knight Peter Lund Cecil Mark Thomas Mattis Donald Palmer William Panttaja Frank Ritchey John Stewart Roger Troxell Leonard Weaver Lester West Donald Johnson Ted Johnson Fred Le Moin John Levikow Bill McGregor Robin McKeown Stanley McLachlan Art Orr R. Keith Repath Robert Tilden SENIORS SOPHOMORES Lawrence Perry Kenneth Repath Hugh Silcox Charles Wraith Andrew Zorbas FRESHMEN George Guppy Henry Hand Howard Hawkins Roy McDaniels SPRING PLEDGES Dick McSorley John Nelson Jerry Parke PHI DELTA THETA 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND TEN CHAPTERS Blos Brierly Brown Cone Dana Grady Grubb Haugner Knox Malde Polglase Rose Tindell Trowbridge Way Bernardt Boberg DeVos Glines Kenville King Langan Lawton SINCE THE founding of the California Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta Theta in 1873, there have been few years to compare with 1950. Including a very enjoyable trip to the Rose Bowl, followed by the Miami Triad with the Sigma Chi ' s and the Betas, Spring Formal, the Hearst Avenue Exchange, Founders ' Day Banquet, and exchanges with the Delta Gamma ' s, Tri Delts, and the Alpha Delta Pi ' s. Along with all of this, the house managed to win the Uni- versity championship in basketball. The fall brought football reunions with our alumni and a very successful Duck Dinner, in addition to our costume party. 304 PHI DELTA THETA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bob Arnold James McVaine Dr. Dewin B. Baldrey Dr. George McChesney Dr. Karl M. Bowman Cyrus Mead George Break Dr. Raymond J. Nutting James W. Fesler Dr. Alvin Powell Norman Fozworthy Perley Ray William Gillis Harold Small Joel Hildebrand Thomas Stow 01ly Kern William Twitchell GRADUATES Jack Adams Fred Bob Gill SENIORS Don Bently Bob Hoover Dick Blos Ron Hubbard Jim Brierly Barney Knox Grant Brown Rube Navarro Tom Bruce Ted Niemeyer Byron Coltein Paul Malde Latham Cone Harry Polglase Bob Dana Roy Raphael Bill Denault Dave Rose Jack Grady Bob Syla John Grubb Walt Tindell Dick Haugner Tom Trowbridge Dick Henley Charles Way JUNIORS Bob Bernard Bill Langan Dick Boberg Bud Lawton Jack Booth Jim Llewellyn Al DeVos Dick McNamara Dan Glines Sid Peterson Phil Kenville Bob Seeliger Don King Mel Tamberg Dick Wheaton SOPHOMORES Mike Ball Bill Hawes Jerry Becker Dick Hiscox Bill Dana Jim Howell Don Dorward Ted Lawson Hal Ellis Bill Orear Tom Greenleaf Bob Shepard FRESHMEN Bud Glines Rich Peterson Ben Green Don Putnam Bill Houston Jack Risbrough Morris Kirk Dick Tamberg Charles Martucci Don Whyte SPRING PLEDGES Don Carlton Ronald Marengo Clayton Davega Gary Bob Smith Llewellyn Petersen Seeliger Tamberg, M. Wheaton Becker Dana Ellis Greenleaf Hawes H iscox Howell Lawson Orear Glines Green Houston Kirk Martucci Peterson Putnam Risbrough Tamberg, D. Whyte PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Adams Gustafson Rieger Vohs, J. Bennett Doyle Jackson Dakis Duffie Ludwig Molthon Rowe Strycker Allington Bartlett Bittner Brown Elmendorf Gould Johnson Mering Gleason Rasmussen Vohs, J. D. Bennett Corfee Horan WHEN THE fall semester rolled around this year, the Figi house echoed with open houses, climaxed by the Big Game open house attended by more than 1000. The Christmas Formal and the Grass Skirt Dance were the two big dances of the year. For the latter, the house was completely torn apart and then put together again in a South Sea setting. Friendly water fights were sprinkled throughout the year with neighboring sororities. The annual Pig Dinner, an event where alumni and members of the chapter got together for a fine feast and a good time, was a great success. Athletics, ship, and activities all obtained a share of Figi interest. 306 Nelson Quist Tinkham Monroe Northon Rowell Rugen Richter Scott Smith Sparks Stevenson Veliotes Ware Billing Brown Cronenwett Frcesch le Govan McGrath Nevin Noyes Pratt Solomon Stone Ashton Haase 011ie Adams Bill Bailey Mike Dakis Hank Duffie Tom Echternach Brad Gleason Bob Gustafson Burt Mason Jack Allinaton Ed Bartlett Grant Bennett Hoot Bennett Bob Bittner Doug Brown John Cadenasso Fred Corfee Mel Doyle Carl Elmendorf Frank Gould Larrie Horan Jack Jackson John Johnson Ed Billing Bill Brodrick Gordon Brown Joal Cronenwett Bob Froeschle Bill Govan Bill Ashton John Haase Jim Nelson PHI GAMMA DELTA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Luis Alvares Willard Durham LeRoy Briggs Norman Hinds George C. Briggs William Laube Charles Derleth Woodbridge Metcalf Jacques Schnier SENIORS Jim Vohs JUNIORS Bob Molthen Don Pringle Jack Rasmussen Bill Rieger Joe Rowe Walt Strycker Pen Whitehead Jack Vohs Ralph Krueger Dick LemMon Pete Mering Jack Monroe Dick Northon Bob Rowell Nick Rugen Les Richter Pete Scott Lew Smith Dud Sparks Chuck Stevenson Nick Veliotes Stan Ware SOPHOMORES Tom McGrath Jim Nevin Bill Noyes Tom Pratt Tom Solomon Doug Stone FRESHMEN Bill Norton Lloyd Pringle Don Quist Frank Tinkham SPRING PLEDGES Bud Armstrong Charles Kircher Bill Demas Dick McConkie Edward Gildersleeve Dick Scibird 2625 HEARST FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Wendell Pauley SENIORS Ralph Allen Albert Bumala Lee Benesteel Melvin Corvin Byron Erkenbrecker Edward Evans George Hutchinson Michael Jones Robert Kniptash Robert Lee Joseph McKim Elden Mohn Russell Nicholson Henri Pellissier Donald Prince Lud Renick Warren Simmons Harold Stone James Snowdon John Thompson JUNIORS Benesteel Bu ma la Corvin Hutchinson, G Jones Kniptash Lee McKim Mohn Nicholson Prince Renick Snowdon Thompson Hancock Murray Purtell Solomon Stolee Watson Anderson, G. Cook Hern Hutchinson, S. Parkin Pellissier Watt Whiting Anderson, J. Ar mon i no Brewer Connolly Cronkite Forni Schlichter Donald Hancock Bud Purtell George Horn Fred Solomon William Miller Ron Stolee Jim Murray Ernest Watson SOPHOMORES George Anderson Robert Parkin Richard Cook Pierre Pellissier Russell Hern Peter Watt Steven Hutchison George Whiting FRESHMEN Jerry Anderson Brewster Cronkite Fred Armanino Jay Forni John Brewer Ronald Hochedy Michael Connelly Robert Schlichter SPRING PLEDGES Boyd Connors Bob Lysinger Glenn DeLisle Joseph Theobald Robert Jones Edward Toy Stephen Yuen Roland Chew Bak Chin Kinman Gong Din Fung Lam Lee, E. Lee, E. Lii, K. Leong Lew Lim, P. Lim, P., Jr. Ng, L. Wong, J. Yee, D. Yuen Chew Gong Jones Toy Chinn Lowe, E. Ng, H. Wong, H. Fong Lowe, J. Yee, S. PI ALPHA PHI 2420 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAPTER SENIORS Roy Chinn Harry Choi Frank Din Jack Din George Fung Edward Gong Joseph Gong William Lam Chen-Ying Lee Edward Lee Ernest Lee Kenneth Lee Wah Leong William Lew Peter Lim Peter Lim, Jr. Lawrence Ng James Wong Joseph Wong Daniel Yee Willard Yep Robert Yuen Wilbert Yuen JUNIORS Wilbur Chinn Clarence Fong Calvin Fung Fremont Fong Gilbert Ham Albert Chew Ed Fung Philip Goon SOPHOMORES Albert Louie Edmund Lowe Henry Ng Harold Wong FRESHMEN Jack Lowe William Lowe Stewart Yee SPRING PLEDGES Melvin Look Bob Mah Gordon Mali Don Yip PHI KAPPA SIGMA 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Aberley Ahlgren Atkinson Davidson Erdelat z Foster G ran icher Hanger Hanson Larkey Lutge McDermott N idever Richards Rosenblatt Steffens Va rend York Ahlswede Crenshaw Cunliffe Frid lund THE PHI KAPS had a word for it—Axetravaganza. Directors Dick Larkey and Bob Atkinson used most of the boys for one thing or another: publicity, business management, prop men and members of the cast. Pete Cunliffe kept the money rolling in as Pelican manager while Big Jim Ross churned up the pool in the men ' s gym playing water polo. Jerry Hinton held down a halfback spot with the Cal Frosh, and Terry Grew made a trip down under with the Cal crew. To round things out, the Cal Phi Kaps kept the coveted ship ' s clock by whipping their Stanford brothers, 14-12. 310 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Marsh Talbot Ingram Stewart Chipman Warwick Peretti Rogers Sisk Atkinson Greenleaf Hagist Kessell Lee Ross Wilson Wood Young Gilzean Hinton Munger Widderson Lady Geraldine David P. Barrows Thomas Buck John U. Calkins, Jr. R. Courtney Cornett Malcolm M. Davisson Richard Aberley Dexter Ahlgren Robert Atkinson George Chaffin Robert Davidson John Erdelatz Bruce Forster Murray Gardner Walter Gardner Bruce Granicher Terrance Grew Bruce Hanger Herbert Ahlswede Robert Crenshaw Peter Cunliffe Donald Fridlund Everell Le Baron Robert MacDougall Gil Atkinson Bob Greenleaf Frederick Hagist Thomas Ingram Dick W. Kessell David Chipman Robert Gilzean Jerry Hinton Maurice E. Harrison Walter M. Hart Ivan M. Linforth George D. Louderback Heber A. Newson William Hanson Edward Hawkins Frank Higgins Richard Larkey Henry Lutge Patrick McDermott Richard Nidever Louis Rhodes Charles Richards Bruce Rosenblatt Robert Steffens Vilmar Va rend William Marsh William Peretti Myron Probert Jack Rogers Wm. L. Sisk Lee Talbot Maynard Munger Bob W. Warwick Edward Widderson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SPRING PLEDGES Herbert Addison Henry Feltner James Bigley Lawrence Johnson Barry Brennan Edwin Wilson GRADUATE Hubbard Howe SENIORS Steven York JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Fred Lee James Ross Robert Stewart Henry Wilson William Wood Robert Young FRESHMEN PHI. KAPPA TAU 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Chourre Flieder Ingram Laken, B. Laken, D. Loarz Olivi Perkins Priolo Rotermund Seck Stiewell Stoltz Summers Tipton Triphon, G. Triphon, J. Wiegand Bianchi Carrol Firth NU OF Phi Kappa Tau enjoyed one of its most successful years. In addition to two banner pledge classes, Phi Taus were represented in virtually every field of University activities. Outstanding social events included the annual Pledge Formal, Costume Dance, Fall and Spring Formals. Highlight of the fall season was the " Flapper Party, " and the house was turned into a dance hall of the roaring ' 20 ' s. In addition to fielding teams in every phase of intramural play, prominent Phi Tau athletes included George Loorz, crew; Bob Beal, football; Jerry Petersen, basketball; Dick Righter, track. 312 PHI KAPPA TAU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Alfred E. Maffly Kenneth F. Paulovich William K. Schmelzle SENIORS Gordon Seck Pat Smythe Don Stiewell Fred Stolz Frank Summers Jack Tex Don Tipton George Triphon John Triphon Ross Tucker Byron Wiegand JUNIORS Bill Montgomery Paul Newman Jerry Petersen Gabriel Plea Al Reasoner Dick Robb SOPHOMORES Dave Grant Jim Ma, • r. Jim Pichcm Dick Rightcr John Taylor FRESHMEN Jim Chamberlain Don Langrock Marvin Huss Don Noren John Underhill SPRING PLEDGES Jim McMullan Arlen Mills Jack Scarzella Dick Seymour Ron Sylvestri Tom Welch Iversen LeBaron Montgomery Peterson Plaa Reasoner Robb Tucker Beal Brooks Call ison Connor Gilbert Grant Haight McLean Pichon Raban Righter Taylor Chamberlain Huss Lang rock Noren Bruce Coombs Claes Elfving Rod Emmal Rod Jones Leo Malliarys Rick McDermott Jack Chourre Jerry Flieder Pat Ingram Bob Laken Dick Loken Don Loorz Ron Morrison Dave Perkins Ralph Olivi Paul Priolo Bub Rotermund Roland Bianchi Jay Carrol Dan Firth Roland Iversen Bruce Kinnear Jack McFarland Bob Beal Bob Brooks Bob Callison Steve Connor Roger Gilbert PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Morgan Barnard Beilman Costa Cotter Cranmer Kelley King Leitch Loizeaux McCline McDuffie Boasso Bragger Damron Fisher Friesen GilIon Gorman Hibbs Mills Moore MuHiner IN THEIR lair on quiet and peaceful Warring Street, the Phi Sigs carried on their traditions in fine form. The high spirit and friendliness for which the fraternity is noted made itself felt at the numerous social events held during the year, including pajama dances, the Phi Sig " semi-formal, " the South Seas dance, and the traditional " Gold and Garters " 49 ' er dance. The house participated in athletics, both intramural and interscholastic. Joe Hibbs, John Miksits and Augie Marra played on the varsity football squad and Bob Gillon pitched for alum Clint Evans. Several members went out " on loan " to the armed forces, several have induction notices, but most are still alive and well. The house gained some recognition for its H20 guided missile ect during the warmer days. 314 PHI SIGMA KAPPA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adams Farnham P. Griffiths Clinton Evans Thomas C. Mayhew Walter Frederick Franklin C. GRADUATE Lloyd Morgan SENIORS Robert Barnard Bruce Kelley Robert Beilman Clinton King David Costa DeWitt Leitch Richard Cotter Donald Loizeaux Lee Cranmer Robin McCline Herbert McDuffie JUNIORS Frank Alberti Mitchell Jasinski Alan Baer Robert Kirkpatrick Remo Boasso August Marra Fred Bogger Robert Born John Miksits Clayton Mills Richard Moore Thomas Damron Richard Mulliner Craig Fisher David Otis Lloyd Friesen Robert Pierce Robert Gillon Douglas Thompson Richard Gorman Jack Wilkenson Joseph Hibbs John Winship SOPHOMORES Donald Atkinson Don Kirkpatrick Donald Elliott David Long Kenneth Forsman Donald Manhard Richard Gardella George Mayo Peter Goedewagon David Troughton Joseph Hoo tman Lawrence White Fritz Kiel Malcolm FRESHMEN Kenneth Bachtold Wayne Castle Ronald Guptill SPRING PLEDGES Herbert Addison Barry Brennan Mohammed Anani Lawrence Johnson James Bigley Skip Johnson Edwin Wilson Otis Pierce Thompson Wilkenson Atkinson Elliot Forsman Gardella Goedewagon Hootman Kiel Kirkpatrick Long Manhard Mayo Winter Adams Bachtold Gyptill Pugh P1 KAPPA ALPHA 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS 164 Cleveland Crane Judy Maritzen Merrill Myers Nord lund Powell Ratchford Savage Sheffield Smith Will iams Abramson Cal lendar Corey Emmrich Fischer Frost Hare Holme Hughes King THE HIGH spots in the Pi Kappa Alpha social calendar were the Pledge Formal, Homecoming, the annual Dream Girl contest and Spring Formal. The boys celebrated the 89th birthday of Mother Camper, beloved Pi Kappa Alpha house mother, and the Mothers ' Club presented them with a new pool table to keep them from studying too hard. Waldo Cook, sity water polo and swimming; Hal Judy and George Larson, track; Jim Hughes, varsity crew; Russ Bigelow, varsity golf; Eddie Weiss, Don Wash, and Ty Wivell, frosh football, were the house athletes. Ray Smith maned Homecoming, and Bill Callender was representative-at-large and chairman of the Homecoming Queen contest. The Pi Kappa Alpha quartet continued to delight audiences everywhere, and seemed to be even better this year. 316 PI KAPPA ALPHA Moore Mutti Payne Ruddock Tanner Tomasi Wright Bargones Frey Lima Lukes McCarthy O ' Neal Peckham Phillips Robertson Valli Vejar Young Larson Robinson Wash Wivell Arno Affeldt Joe Carter Thomas Bowles Jack Cleveland Waldo Cook Bruce Crane Dale Edwar ds Paul Gray Lynn Hardman Jack Hare Judy Harold Stan Maritzen Lee Abramson Fred Bolton William Callendar William Corey Don Emmrich Vic Fischer Dudley Frost Dick Hare Robert Holme Jim Hughes Ronald Bargones Edward Barnes Russell Bigelow Russell Frey John Lima Jerry Lukes Bob McCarthy George L arson Jay Robinson Don Gorman Jay Martin Joe Mendoza Dick Merrill Arthur Myers Bill Nordlund Jim Powell Tom Ratchford Bill Rush Gil Sheffield Ray Smith Bob Watson Monroe King Herb Moore Ronald Mutti Donald Payne John Ruddock Bob Sage Russell Tanner Ivan Tomasi Jack Warren Virg Wright UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Thomas Stewart William Neal Lynn 0. Garff B. Wilson GRADUATES Dick Miller SENIORS El Williams JUNIORS SPRING PLEDGES Joseph Cannata Harold McKinney Robert Dochan Charles Sassenrath Jack Geary Jack Sausone Walter Sharman SOPHOMORES Tony McCrory King O ' Neal Elwynn Peckham Jim Phillips Alan Robertson Bob Valli Allen Vejar Bart Young FRESHMEN Ed Weiss Don Wash Ty Wivsill P1 KAPPA PHI 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry E. Erdman Adriance GRADUATES Stanley Ausman Arnold Turner SENIORS Robert Atteberry Richard Houston Robert Badger Stuart Monfort William Berry Edward Nelson Warren Carson Walter Nordquist Russell Cha brier Millis Oakes John Earle Robert Parmelee Edgar Farrel Linder Sackrison Charles Fitzsimmons Harold Simmons Douglas Higgins Harvey Taylor Danforth White JUNIORS Loren Baker Thomas Orr Jack Bannatyne Paul Petruzzelli William Barker William Rains Robert Beavers Jack Reetz David Davison Robert Ross Edward Ferguson Ronald Segel Tom Fletcher John Streets Leroy Green Peter Tennyson Harvey Laird James Weilbrenner Selwyn Littleworth Robert Witbeck Charles Merrell Maurice Wood SOPHOMORES James Knowles Donald White Max Nye Rex Young FRESHMEN Donald Carlson Adolph Nicolai Stanley Henrickson Donald Wayne Stephens SPRING PLEDGES Roger Campbell Arthur Roke Richard Dowd Robert Senjo Donald Rau Robert Trounson Atteberry Badger Carson Earle Farrel I Higgins Houston Monfort Nordquist Oakes Parmelee Sackrison Taylor White Bannatyne Barker Beavers Davison Ferguson Fletcher Laird Littleworth Merrel I Orr Petruzzelli Reetz Segel Streets Tennyson Witbeck Wood Knowles Nye White Young Carlson Nicolai Sargeant Stephens Ghandi Tiger PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 CHANNING FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FORTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Sanford Goldner Charles Lamden SENIORS Shatz Weinberger Weiser Wolfe Wotman Lyons Mortimer Sweet Trauner Bluer Cohen, C. Colvin Fox, M. Garfinkle Gold Heller Rosenblatt Stone Sweet Symonds Avidan Belling Cohen Glick Abromovitz Berman Green Horn Kamler Rosenthal Ambinder Brownstein Fox, R. Koppich Goldsmith Jacoby Levin, A. Levin, S. Melnick Klang Kohn Levin, H. Levin, M. Platt Harry Bistrin Herb Bluer Clyde Cohen Jerry Colvin Mary Fox Gene Garfinkle Phil Gold JUNIORS Bernie Avidan Ken Belling Don Cahen Art Glick Larry Goldsmith Mary Jacoby Alan Levin Sid Wotman Jess Abromovitz Johnny Berman Harvey Clef Zan Green Mort Hersh Mort Horn Jerry Ambinder Mary Brownstein Bob Fox Martin Koppich Norm Heller Herm Popuil Len Rosenblatt Bob Stone Don Sweet Mal Symonds Howie Weber Stan Levin George Melnick Russell Shatz Stan Sher Bob Weinberger Howie Weiser Al Wolfe Ron Lyons Klaus Mortimer Bud Sweet Don Trauner SOPHOMORES Don Kamler Lewis Kiang Malcolm Kohn Hal Levin Don Platt Shel Rosenthal FRESHMEN SPRING PLEDGES Norm Dessler Frank Saul Sigmond Freeman Frank Winston 319 PSI UPSILON 1815 HIGHLAND FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES B. Etcheverry James Parsons James Hahn Leon Richardson Donald Mackay Rudolph Schivill Dr. H. Naffziger William Simpson SENIORS John Behel Walter Lord Charles Biggs Howard Middleton Edward Brittingham Ward Swift Charles Callaghan Peter Van Sicklen Victor Etienne Mackenzie Neil Wood JUNIORS Paul Bramwell Sherman Leland Gerald Brittingham William Minor Howard Harris Robert Peeke Robert Harrison Charles Richard Underwood SOPHOMORES Charles Dresel George Norville Frederick Emanuels Irvine Phillips Clay Gray Douglas Gordon John Ricksen Rupert Ricksen Richard Sar ' eant Donald Harris Archer Stewart George Johnson Wig more William FRESHMEN Charles Bates Keith Meserve Thomas Dutton Robert Mulvany William Dutton Miles Turpin Sheafe Ewing Allan Wiley Donald Heimark Richard Williams John Math William Louis Young SPRING PLEDGES John McNeil Arthur Ryan John Scheafer Behel Wasson Leland Emanuels Phillips Dutton, T. Biggs Woodburn Minor Gordon Ricksen, J. Dutton, W. Turpin Brittingham, E. Bramwell Peeke Gray Ricksen, R. Ewing Wiley Etienne Brittingham, G. Sheedy Harris Stewart Heimark Lord Harris Underwood Johnson Wigmore Math Wright Middleton Harrison Dresel Norville Bates Meserve Mu lvany Williams ALPHA OF ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS Kirkland Lamborn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Linton William Cruess Grant Loomis Power Dr. W. G. Donald Harold Luepp Robinson Clifton Kroeber Robert Olson Ea rl Warren SENIORS Leland Anderson Gordon Morrison James Flood Myrl Scott Kenneth Fuller Douglas Tripp Neil Fulton Alan Tyler Roger Laird James Waste Norman Young JUNIORS Thomas Adams Robert Lamborn Anderson Fulton Laird Morrison Scott Tripp Tyler Waste Young Adams Crittenden Glenn Hudson Nichols Turner Wyche Cooley Fuller Gillespie Neiswonger Ncack Stewart Van Rensselaer Dunn Jones SIGMA PHI 2307 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 " Sig " John Crittenden Richard Glenn Robert Henderson David Hudson Donald Nichols John Turner Roderick Waterfall Philip Wyche SOPHOMORES Jim Cooley James Neiswonger Edgar Dethlefsen Peter Noack David Fuller Joseph Stewart Richard Gillespie James Van Rensselaer FRESHMEN James Dunn Peter Linton Ottiwell Jones Thomas Osborn John Kirkland Daniel Power James Robinson SPRING PLEDGES Forrest Borgazani Jim Larsen Don Curran Clark George Vukasin Vanderwilt Carpenter Davies DeJerf Durland Fleming Gear Green Kincade Lowell, R. Porter Sarver Turner Classen Everson Farnam Groeniger Holmes Huhn Lynd Manolis McKee Mills Mitchell IViorosoli Robinson SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS DESPITE CONSTANT pestering by selective service authorities, Sigma Alpha Epsilon managed to stagger through another harrowing school year. The activity boys took part in activities; the sportsmen sported; the social- ites were caught up in the gala whirl of campus festivities; some students studied, and the rest joined the Coast Guard, Naval Reserve and upper division R.O.T.C. Our extensive building program will be completed next fall with the opening of the annex across the street from the chapter house. Shadow succumbed to the pressure of high-powered fraternity life and was replaced by a nondescript mongrel named Argo. 322 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph W. Chaney Fredryc R. Darby Ned P. Clyde Ernest P. DeGarmo Stuart Daggett Rolfe Miller Dr. Joseph P. Denton Arthur E. Percy B. Rowe GRADUATES Joe Davis William Vanderwilt SENIORS Gilbert Beck Richard Kincade Robert Carpenter Robert Logan Al Davies Richard Lowell Donald DeJerf Hal Marquis William Durland Allen Parsons Robert Fleming Richard Porter William Gear Charles Sarver John Gibson Austin Turner Steve Green Roy Ward JUNIORS John Andrews Michael McKee John Brudin Donald Mills Willard Classen Robert Mitchell James Doan Eugene Morosoli Larry Doan Donal Praeger Donald Everson James Robertson Edward Farnam Willairn Robinson William Groeniger John Schlichtmann Graham Harris Lloyd Smith William Holmes Richard Stevens James Huhn Hampton Terry Jack Lynd Foster Weeks Paul Manolis John Wood James Wright SOPHOMORES Eldon Beck Richard Lareau William Budrow Edward Lippstreu Fred DeKlotz Wayne Lowell Alfred Dietsch William MacLaughlin Donald Hartley Henry Meiners Robert Jerry Robert Moore Joe Knowland William Plosser F RESHMEN Mike Friedenbach Ralph Onstead Lawrence Hawkins Gene Patrick Howard Kirk Richard John Spilman SPRING PLEDGES Al Bender Jim Moor Jack Bibb Kenneth Porter Collin Edwards Jim Riewerts Bob Lesile Henry Stone Bob Lutz Bill Doug Weeks Schlichtmann Smith Terry Weeks Wood Wright Beck, E. Budrow DeKlotz Dietsch Hartley Jerry Knowland Lareau Lippstreu Lowell, W. MacLaughlin Meiners Moore Plosser Hawkins Onstead Patrick Sjoberg Spilman Goldberg Wacks Bloch Drabkin Hart, E. Hart, R. Hayden Lewis Markusfeld Miller Rosen Rosenberg Wolf Berg Dunn Green Kornfie ld Morris Phillips Porter SIGMA ALPHA MU 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS CHEZ SAM enchanted evening, and the Fall Formal climaxed the social season for Sigma Alpha Mu this semester, keeping pace with the standing Sammy tradition of successful dances, put on throughout the years. Many of our fraters were also active on campus, among these were Ed Hart, president of the Inter-Fraternity Scholastic Society; Jon field, somber-faced judge on Men ' s Judicial; " Buggsy " Siegel, who kept the spirits of the junior class high through his work as junior yell leader, and Marco Weiss, producer and director of the Junior Show. 324 SIGMA ALPHA MU Bernie Bloch Edward Hart Richard Hart David Hayden Marvin Lewis Jack Lipian GRADUATE Donald Wacks SENIORS Lionel Markusfeld Stanley Miller Larry Rabinow Harold Redsun Alex Rosen Milton Rosenberg Leonard Wolf JUNIORS Irving Berg Martin Schultz Ralph Dunn Joseph Sharp Alvin Frank Lawrence Shostak Edmund Grocn Seymour Siegel James Kornfield Howard Strauss Robert LaVine Daniel Strohl Gordon Phillips Manuel Talkovsky William Morris Harold Trimble Harlan Perlmutter Leonard Veitzer Jerome Porter Cecil Weintraub David Schoenfeld Marco Sheldon Wright David Barnett Marshall Benas Merle Bloom Paul Bogart Stanley Gogol SOPHOMORES Stuart Marylander Curtis Meier Roger Singer Maurice Szerer Mark Tobenkin Irving Winetrub FRESHMEN Stuart Aranoff Richard Hexter David Hirsch Edward Mayer Leonard Polonsky Manford Rice Paul Robbins Irwin Schoenberger Leland Shain Stanley Zimmerman SPRING PLEDGES Gerry Holtzman Mary Rittenberg Jerry Poppers Saul Larry Toyer Schoenfeld Sharp Siegel Strauss Talkovsky Veitzer Wright Bloom Marylander Meier Singer Szerer Aranoff Mayer Polonsky Rice Penny Schoenberger Shain Pledge SIGMA CHI 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN CHAPTERS Conner Creech Darrow Fitton Fuller Givler Grant Hambrick Hanson Neudeck Palm Unger Watson Baumann Davis Fitch Hansen Heltne DUE TO noon day appraising sessions upon their front steps the boys from Alpha Beta are experts at judging feminine beauty. This year they exhibited their excellent ability in choosing lively, blue-eyed and blonde Beth Jelm of Pi Phi as the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Led by " Spide " Betchart, the Sigs were striving to retain the highly prized intramural sports trophy which now crowns their TV set. Record-breaking Billy Hagler was the house ' s star sity contribution. Their house occasionally mistaken for a pool hall by sers-6y, the Sigs shone particularly on the green, and everybody, ing the cook, performed the three-cushioned bank shot into the side pocket with monotonous regularity. 326 SIGMA CHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Barnes Dr. H. P. Clarence " Nibs " Price GRADUATE Aubertine Horace SENIORS Walter Betschart Robert Campbell Don Conner John Creech Kermit Darrow John Fitton James Fuller Jack Givler Bruce Grant William Greer William Hagler Kenneth Hambrick Hugo Hanson Donald Holm William Lack Richard Macfie Gordon MacLean Dwayne McClendon Donald Neudeck Dean Ormsby Kimball Palm Frank Rowe Dean Unoer James Vanderveen Kendall Vickery Lloyd Watson Edward Wilson Humphrey Mackey Rausch Roberts Angel Bandy Curtis Hall Jacobs Johnson Miller Adams Bassel Brown Hagen Timmerman JUNIORS Hans Baumann Howard Brown James Davis Richard Dole Donald Edmonston Keith Fitch James Hansen Bruce Heltne Edward Angel John Arado Donald Bacci Robert Bandy William Curtis Max Gutierrez Jed Adams Jack Bassel Barton Brown Edward Fletcher Charles Caito Henry Cobb Alwin Hendrickson Robert Kerte Hobart Humphrey Robert Jackson Christopher Leggo Roger Lind John Mackey Ted Rausch Thomas Raycraft Hugh Roberts Benjamin Hagen Charles Held Stanley Saylor Donald Timmerman William Lamont Donald Mignola Charles Meyerson Paul Zinov 4 SPRING PLEDGES Steele Wilson SOPHOMORES James Hall Arthur Hillman Paul Jacobs Robert Johnson James Miller Lui Venator FRESHMEN SIGMA NU 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN CHAPTERS Albert Hamilton Markey Arnot Hooy Benefield Hoppe Monachino Becker Hughes Masterman Mercy Calender Howe Schoonmaker Began Johnson, R. Price Conner Durham King Lewis Upton Winslow Chapman Fields Johnson, T. King Wheeler WHILE THE rest of the campus was progressing toward the future, the Sigma Nu ' s were moving back to the " Golden Twenties " with the revival of jazz as the keynote. In fact, one of the largest events of the social season had Clancy Hayes with Alexander ' s Jazz Band rocking the walls of the " Snake Pit " at Sigma Nu ' s all-university open house during the football season. Despite the dixieland craze, nine chapter members found time to play varsity football, six of whom made the Rose Bowl squad. Jim Monachino and John Olszewski spearheaded the Sigma Nu ' s contribution to another P.C.C. championship. Jim Howe, slugging outfielder of the baseball Bears, was president of the Big " C " Society, and Jim Chapman, a vars ity mer, was president of the Winged Helmet Honor Society. Merrill Albert, captain of the varsity tennis team, was put on the fraternity honor roll. House officers included Hal Hoppe and Chris Markey, presidents in the fall and spring semesters, respectively. 328 SIGMA NU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame David Kirby SENIORS Merrill Albert Raymond King James Benefield Richard Lewis Richard Calender Christian Markey Richard Conner James Monachino Robert Durham John Ralston Roger Fipps Peter Schoonmaker Douglas Hamilton Raymond Smith Harold Hoppe William Upton James Howe Alan Winslow JUNIORS Sheldon Arnot Rodney Hughes Richard Becker Richard Johnson Michael Began Thomas Johnson James Chapman Robert King Joseph Enzensperger Fred Masterman Fred Fields Andrew Mirov Richard Groger Luther Price William Hooy Vincent Price Leonard Wheeler SOPHOMORES Walter Ames William Mais Richard Boyer Dwight Merriman James Brink Jordan Montano Merrill Brown Dean O ' Hare Barry Conner John Olszewski Hugh Ditzler John Peterson Bliss Green Robert Roberts Raymond Greene John Soper Harold Holmes William Thomson Preston Hutchins Donald Tiernan Harper Imler Richard David Zavadil FRESHMEN Gordon Gardiner Philip Merriman Robert Kahl William Pugh Richard Nystrom Robert James Winking SPRING PLEDGES Mike Began Jim Rhodes John Cumberpatch Bill Rogin Warren Geldert Don Smalian Ron Hitchcock Lloyd Torchio Jim Kreling Jim Weiking Brink Brown Conner Ditzler Greene Holmes Hutchins Im ler Mais Merriman, D. Olszewski Roberts Soper Thomson Tiernan Verling Gardiner Kahl Lewis Merriman, P. Nystrom Pugh Roche Wieking Kr iss SIGMA PHI EPSILON 2251 HEARST FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS Martinez UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Samborn Robert Aitkin Robert Johnson Vaughn James Corley James Miller Allaire John Cory Al Ragan Beaynak James Foro Arthur Sampson H. R. Wellman GRADUATE Jack Nokes Boege SENIORS Coil Morrow Williams McWhirter Arnold Brown Paul Baumann Robert Clatt Robert Fleckner James Frost Hugh Huddleston Noakes Baumann Brown Clatt Fleckner Frost Monica! Monroe Azcona Baker Bunger Caldwell Cheshire Chrisman De ' any Herring Kuhn Moore Pilau Simich Tycer Walker Davey DaVega JUNIORS Michael Azcona Robert Baker William Bunger Gerald Caldwell James Cheshire Jack Chrisman Gerald Delaney John Herring SOPHOMORES Donald Brinkerhoff George Martinez Ronald Davey Warren Samborn Clayton DaVega William Vaughn FRESHMEN Gerald Allaire Henry Coil Julius Bedynek Robert McWhirter Raymond Boege Howard George Williams SPRING PLEDGES Robert Alvin Edward Krenz Marvin Bell Wayne MacDonnell Albert Havcn Edward Perkins Louis Kovanda James Monical Donald Monroe John Ochsner Gene Prioli Edward Soule Rolf Kuhn Niel Moore Richard Ochsner Vernon Pita u Samuel Simich William Timmerman Del Tycer Richard Walker GRADUATES Robert Cartwright William Cole SENIORS Robert Butler Wells Richard Adam Wendell Broderick Erik Erikson Ray Horton Crozier Mauer James Orr Bruce Ward Walter Winfield Kenneth Beebe Ronald Dahlin Kenneth Hansen John Jess Donald Jones Richard Kern Theodore Marois James Muldoon Donald West Philip Wood FRESHMEN Richard Fortune Bruce Parker Hal Hill Donald Glenn Wells SPRING PLEDGES Harvey Carrol Sherman Davis Jack Darrah Moon Stewart Wade Williams John Adam Mark Bates Daniel Cameron Rolph Congdon James Cundall David Dalton Richard Ellis John Farr William Faulwetter Robert Fischbeck James Froeschle Richard Garratt Stanley Hoy t Karl Kennedy Steven Leach Richard Liepold Edward Loftus William Murphy William Oliva Dallas Paden Ted Saenger Maurice Smith James Timmons Albert Tuller Adam, J. Bates Cameron Congdon Cu :dal] Dalton Ellis Farr Froeschle Gilliland Griffin Hoyt Leach Liepold Loftus Oliva Paden Smith Saenger Timmons Tuller Vernon Wigginton Adam, R. Broderick Erikson Mauer Ward Winfield Dahlia Hansen Jess Jones Kern Marais Muldoon West Wood Fortune Hill Parker Truman John Gilliland Douglas Vernon John Griffin John Wayland Roy Wigginton JUNIORS SOPHOMORES THETA CHI 2462 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert DeLibon James Sheppard Dr. R. H. DeWitt Noel F. Spiess Lars Peterson Dr. Lawrence Vance TAU KAPPA EPSILON 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Lippincott Brandt Broggi Clough Costello Dickerson Hartsoc Jamison, B. Jamison, R. Kilman Morgan Petric Samsel Zellman Betka Carrig Ells Engler Entorf Fisher Ford Gause Heath Herding, B. Herding, R. Herzog PROUD POSSESSORS of the handsomest dog on campus, the honorable Brutus, are the Brutus has made quite a hit on campus with all the grace that only a St. Bernard can radiate. But there was excitement aplenty at the TKE house this year. Plans were being made and ambitions carried out as witnessed by the Birthday Ball, the Orchid Formal, costume dances, pledge exchanges, pledge-active football, softball and basketball games and the Scholarship Banquet at the St. Francis Yacht Club. 332 Ruch Loftus Merritt Newman Nye Oertel Sander Siegrist Simoncic Alderson Blackwell Breckenridge Clawson Cowan Dirks Mcll raith Sha inn Watscn Wray Young Catlin Collins Francis Marshall Martin GRADUATES Paul Engler Raymond Lippincott SENIORS Roy Hoffman, Jr. Bud Jamison George Jensen John Kilman Thomas Morgan, Jr. John Patric, Jr. Don Sampsel Glenn Strahl Karl Zellman JUNIORS Roger Herrling Allan Herzog George Loftus Griffith Marshall Philip Merritt Donald Newman Roger Nye, Jr. Kenneth Oertel August Peck, Jr. Charles Sander Frederic Siegrist Louis Simoncic SOPHOMORES David Kimball Stuart Mc llraith William Schnack Foster Shannon James Watson Charles Wray John Young FRESHMEN Gale Marshall George Martin Paul Ruch SPRING PLEDGES Keith McMurphy Edward McMurray Alan Nelson George Pappas Mac Parks John Tilbury Richard Zahm TAU KAPPA EPSILON UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Edwin E. Ghiselli Captain Harold Carlisle Seth Burdett George Dove Ivan Crandt Fred Broggi Frank Clough, Jr. Daniel Costello Robert Dickerson William Graham Ernest Hartsoc John Hays Raymond Betka Frank Carrig Jeff Dewberry William Ells Mark Engler Dick Entorf Herman Fisher James Ford Richard Gause Robert Heath Robert Herrling Nick Alderson John Blackwell Robert Breckenridge Donald Clawson Joel Constance Bruce Cowan John Dirks, Jr. Lowell Catlin Robert Collins David Francis Jerry Blalock William Bland Roy Claxton Henry Coatsworth Carl Cordes William Deady Robert Garst THETA DELTA CHI 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1347 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Picker O ' Conner Anderson Benz Cagle Chappell Divine Dunasky Gallup Grimes Hope King Jackson McLauchin Menzies O ' Hare Paul Stauffer Tippett Tullsen Berg Calvert Clark Dietrich THE THETA DELTS started off the year on the right foot by taking in as fine a pledge class as can be found, and the fine spirit which was shown during rushing prevailed throughout the year. Scholarship was stressed as usual; however, when the time was taken from studies it was well sented in campus activities and wherever an athletic event was taking place one of the brothers was sure to be on the team. Along with the Saturday night house dances, the fall pledge formal, held at the San Francisco Golf Club, the spring formal, and the 103rd anniversary banquet helped to mix pleasure with the work. 334 Gardiner Kollehner McCart Samper Tormey Walters Benz Brown Carr Gleason Keough Lockett McGrane Millaio Nutten Scott Shanks Sundby Ball Martin Mellon Moldenschardt Woods Eric THETA DELTA CHI Herbert Bolton Leonard Buck R. W. Clough William Fickner Earl Grubb Robert Jones Frank Anderson Karl Benz Robert Cagle John Chappell Ray Devine David Draves Jack Dunasky Donald Gallup Marvin Grimes Robert Alexander David Berg John Calvert John Campell Willian Clark Richard Dietrich Charles Gardiner Donald Hertel Louis Holston William Benz Ray Brown William Carr Donald Gleason Thomas Keough William Lockett Donald Ball Charles Hope Tevis Martin Charles O ' Conner Philip Pankaskie Thomas Ruebel Frank Hope Dana King Waldo Jackson James McLauchlin Harold Menzies William Stauffer James Tanner William Thompson Thomas Tippett Robert Karpe Richard Kollehner Robert McCart Syl McNinch Robert Miller Richard Payne Joaquin Samper Richard Tormey James Walters UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard Erickson James Siler W. B. Tippett Worth Ryder GRADUATES SENIORS SPRING PLEDGES James Abraham Don Frederick Robert Brooks Don Johnson Mervin Crist David Underwood Richard Tullsen JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Gordon McGrane Edward Millano Donald Nutten Charles Scott Fred Shanks Harry Sundby FRESHMEN Floyd Mellon William Moldenschardt James Whitely Robert Woods THETA XI 1730 LA 1_OMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Abbot Andrade Hastings Jensen Palf ini Peterson Sooter Smith Tolpeg n Zuelow Dorsey Balaz Booye Killian Painter Sarrai I Stal I man Strong Stout Anderson Daggett Lyman HIGHLIGHTING THE campus activities of Theta Xi in the fall semester was their participation in the Homecoming float contest. Imagination and hard work paid off. Three first places: sweepstakes award, originality in the men ' s and mixed division. With respect to social functions, " originality " was again the key word at Theta Xi this fall—a " futuristic " dance at the house. Couples showed up at the affair in costumes depicting 25th century life—ideas ranging from the atomic-war-affected cave-dweller of the future to the robot man. A recent election has made Herb Andrade, varsity boxing manager, our new house president. Robert Toft, the outgoing dent, became new house manager. 336 THETA XI Richardson Abbott Hagstrom Watson Marler Scott Campbell Russell Cathcart Mather Toft Church Smith Detro Stallman Wallace Clausen Tichenor Hannaford Stribling Rasputin UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans Harry Shepherd Edgar Nemir Kenneth M. Stamp Royal Roberts Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATES John LoBuono Keith Jonathan Warren SENIORS Richard Abbott John McCoy Herbert Andrade Wallace Painter William Balaz James Palfini Martin Booye Conway Peterson John Burgess Henry Sarrail Ad Fichel Howard Smith William Hastings Joseph Sooter Thomas Hodges Richard Stallman Arthur Jensen John Staples John Killian William Strong Henry Leighton Charles Stout Fred Massari Andre Dale Zuelow JUNIORS Edward Anderson Richard Lyman Richard Biava William Richardson Robert Daggett James Scott Ronald Dorsey Richard Thurber Worthington Detwiler Robert Toft James Kaufman Kenneth Wallace SOPHOMORES Donald Abbott Thomas Lewis Ronald Campbel l Robert McKalip Stanton Church Richard Russell Richard Clausen David Smith Robert Hagstrom Kent Tichenor James Watson FRESHMEN Robert Cathcart William Marler Howard Detro Winton Marler Peter Hannaford Harley Stallman Robert Stribling SPRING PLEDGES Bob Beckland Tom Hoadley Jim Dalton Ed Mallaly Richard Jordan Earl Van Gundy Benjamin Bernstein, W. Carlat Goldberg Jacobs Klein Kessler Koblick Pallakoff Shainsky Silen Simon, J. Simon, S. Sterman Stokes Wank Gross Hersch Kay Kreinman Ostrow Alterman Cohan Factor Glickman Nankin Spivak Tunik Dover ZETA BETA TAU 1717 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER 1926 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohn Charles Harold Linder GRADUATES Ernest Fried Jerry Grodsky Harold Friedman Emil Rothenberg Robert Glickman Steven Sosnick Donald Throne SENIORS Roy Aaron Robert Lieban Norris Bernstein Paul Maier George Fernbacher Larry Matta! Gerald Fox James Milgram Arthur Fudem Richard Napp Justin Gershuny Edgar Phillips Stanley Green Richard Reiss Joseph Grodin Alan Rosenberg Edward Harlem Robert Slosberg Robert Jacob Robert Carl Weinberg JUNIORS Mitchell Benjamin Maury Koblick William Bernstein Owen Pallakoff Paul Carlat Allen Shainsky Victor Ginsburg Harold Silen Milton Goldberg Jimmy Simon Milton Jacobs Scott Simon Alan Klein Stephen Sterman Herbert Kessler Sidney Stokes Martin i q Aaron Bernstein, N. Fernbacher Fox Fudem Gershuny Green Harlem Jacob Lieban Maier Matta ' Rapp Reiss Rcsenberg SlosbeN Sockcion Weinberg SOPHOMORES Marvin Cohn Robert Hersch William Goodman Alan Kay Edgar Gross Michael Kreinman Ronald Ostrow FRESHMEN Edward Alterman David Glickman Martin Cohan Gerald Nankin Simon Cordova Barry Spivak Ger ald Factor Ira Tunik SPRING PLEDGES John Fletcher Irving Malnick Morrie Green Harvey Malofsky Justin Gross Robert Rouda Jerome Keller Lloyd Sankowich Harold Wollenberg MASCOT Lee Dover SENIORS George Badger Willaim Ridgway William Brinck, Jr. Phelps Witter, Jr. Alan Gallinatti Robert Witter John Lindley Thomas Witter JUNIORS Albert Dunlap Charles Robertson James Gallinatti Walter Ruxton Laurence Mays James Shaffer John McCulloch George Witter ZETA PSI 2251 COLLEGE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Chaffee Hall GRADUATE Edward Ford, Jr. SOPHOMORES Fred Porgy, Jr. Alan Scott James Hutchinson Edward Taylor Orra Hyde III James Warren Edward Nelson Ronald Edwin Wyatt FRESHMEN Samuel Breck Kenneth Horrall William Fink John Nelson John Gallagher Peter Le Baron Wills SPRING PLEDGES Dave Donlon Pete Newell Hugh Schade Badger Brinck Gallinatti, A. Lindley Witter, P. Witter, R. Witter, T. Dunlap Gallinatti, J. Mays McCulloch Robertson Ruxton Hutchinson Hyde Nelson, E. Taylor Warren Witter, R. Wyatt Breck Fink Gal lagher Horrall Nelson, J. O ' Brien Wills SIGMA P1 2431 DURANT FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTY-FOUR UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George Mallory James Maynard Morris GRADUATES James Brown Ross Shade Harold Franklin Charles Thompson SENIORS William Basham Donald Robinson Donald Cannon Vitali Rozynko Fred Carbon Arnold Seepol Michael Downing James Slaybaugh Hubert Erwin Kenneth Smith Grady Frymire Walte r Smith Theodore Glasnow Reginald Tumbleson Hollis Hardy Carrol Whitney James Kite Serapio Zalba JUNIORS Allerton Blake James McCready James Carpenter Robert McNary Richard Connell William Miller Robert Halpin Richard Morgan Michael Kasatkin David Price Clyde Marquart George Sergeeff David Matson Clarence Siemens James McCann Phillip Stephens SOPHOMORE Sheldon Smith FRESHMAN Ronald SPRING PLEDGES James McCready Richard Kenneth Talloff MASCOT Cloudland Egon Brown Franklin Shade Thompson Carlson Downing Erwin F ryrn ire Glasnow Hardy Kite Robinson Rozynko Seepol Slaybaugh Smith Smith Tumbleson Whitney Zalba Blake Carpenter Connell Halpin Kasatkin Marquart Matson McCann McNary Miller Morgan Price Sergeeff Siemens Stephens Smith Posey Egon PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PAGE SWIFT 3EVERLY McCLASKEY JANET JOHNSON MARY MacFADGE BEVERLY BRECK Fall OFFICERS Spring Beverly McClaskey President Janet Johnson Janet Johnson Vice-President Mary Both Strecker Mary McFayden Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Tindell BOARD MEMBERS Page Swift Junior Panhellenic Barbara Albright Marty Pitts Social Chairman Phyllis MacKay Sue Frank Infersorority Formal Chairman Sandra Walden Beverly Breck Publicity Chairman Vivian Larson MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Charlene Whitely, Sue Richardson Alpha Delta Pi Norma Parkinson, Noreen Letsom Alpha Epsilon Phi Naomi Ets-Hokin, Nancy Harris Alpha Gamma Delta Virginia McClusky, Betty Chris Alpha Omicron Pi Nancy Dixon, Sally McDowell Alpha Phi Catharine Fankhouser Alpha Xi Delta Betty-Caryl Campbell, Vivian Larson Chi Omega Joanne Stevenson, Barbara Tindell Delta Delta Delta Joan Pellitier, Sharon Entwistle Delta Gamma Peggy Barrett, Margaret Drinkward Delta Phi Epsilon Sharon Greenstein Delta Zeta Beverly Menend Gamma Phi Beta Pat Marshall, Dolores Sackett Kappa Alpha Theta Patsy Adams, Georgianna Stern Kappa Delta Janet Barnes, Janet Gilmore Kappa Kappa Gamma Carreclyde Tindell, Zoe Surprenant Phi Mu Bea Dodge, Joan Haffey Phi Sigma Mu Marie Rosenthal Pi Beta Phi Marilyn O ' Conner, Mary Schuler Sigma Kappa Marjorie Andriesse, Joan Kretchmer Theta Upsilon Claire Cosgrove Zeta Tau Alpha Marilyn Cotter 344 Campbell Clevenger Methmann Nelson Simpson Cornell Dunlop Gwi on Hormel Knutsen Inman-Kane Magarian Magnuson Marshall Posey Sue ltz Bailey Imbach Inglis McMillan Royal Russell Scharoun Snyder Thompson Utley Aubin Hussey Morrison ALPHA DELTA CHI FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF AT LOS ANGELES, BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FOUR SENIORS Joan Campbell Sondra Methmann Barbara Clevenger Marianne Nelson Geneva Griggs Carolyn Reid Marion Simpson JUNIORS Corinne Cornell Marie Inman-Kane Dorothy Dunlop Margaret Magarian Irene Gwinn Mary Ellen Magnuson Eileen Hormel Lois Marshall Beverly Knutsen Shelley Mary Ann Sueltz Audrey Bailey Ena Doyle Carolyn Imbach Jenette Inglis Jean McMillan SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Royal Bette Russell Carolyn Scharoun Mary Jane Snyder Bernadine Thompson Anita Utley FRESHMEN Jacquelin Aubin Phyllis Jensen Rana Marilyn Morrison SPRING PLEDGES Pat Gear Helen Hirohata Elaine Hamm Virginia Kiklas Betty Topp ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Babcock Blane Burton Cox de Urioste, E. Finn Geiger Gerke Milner MUSSO Prader Roberts Thompson Whiteley Wood Borcherding Bruzzone Ciprico de Urioste, A. Fields Lockhart Loomis Phillips Quirk Raddon Richardson Schlicter Smith WIERD CHARACTERS that appeared at the Chinese Waterfront (the pledge costume dance), dancing at the Mark on the night of the formal, and a visit from Saint Nick on Christmas kept the social life of the A Chi O ' s in the social whirl. On March I , the girls entertained children from the de Fremery Home, and topped things off by a splurge of ice cream and cookies. Active A Chi O ' s on campus were Perdita Loomis, Women ' s tor on the Pelican; Joan Downie, Vanity Fair director, and campus queen Charlotte Houston, who became a cover girl for Collier ' s. 346 ALPHA CHI OMEGA SENIORS Joan Babcock Charlotte Houston Shirley Bates Elizabeth Lassiter Emilyn Blanc Kay Locke Nancy Burton Annabelle Milner Juanita Cox Joan Musso Barbara Derry Betty Prader Elita de Urioste Colleen Roberts Dorothe Finn Patricia Rodgers Lee Geiger Patricia Thompson Virginia Gerke Charlene Whiteley Cynthia Wood JUNIORS Johann Borcherding Sue Raddon Janet Bruzzone Cornelia Rhoads Clyde Ciprico Sue Richardson Anita de Urioste Norma Schlicter Mona Fields Isobel Smith Marilyn Lockhart Carolyn Stay Perdita Loomis Margaret Stutzman Ann Phillips Lorene Townsend Martha Pitts Pat Wheatley Doris Quirk Mary Wickman SOPHOMORES Dorothy Baukol Grace Hurley Claire Bobby Nancy Trayer Joan Downie Janet Watson Marlene Geiger Christine Williams Marjorie Haley Dianne Withoft FRESHMEN Line Aebi Charline Bennett Claire Briel Janis Burton Beverly Derry Janet Duffel Jacqueline Fields Lois Young Sylvia Jean Gabrielson Joanne Keyes Janet Kirby Jacqueline Pennington Donna Shoemaker Martha Sproul Margot Thompson SPRING PLEDGE Shirley Newell Stutzman Townsend Wickman Baukol Bobby Downie Haley Hurley Treyer Williams Withoft Bennett Briel Burton Derry Fields Gabrielson Keyes Kirby Pennington Shoemaker Sproul Thompson Young ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Angelo Eckerman Lambert Robinson Will iams Crombie Bowron Ferguson MacGlashan Smith Wright Fischer Hagen Brewster Frost Marinoni Speck Beagle Flaherty Heinig Brierly Hutcheson Nash Waugh Beane Flowers Flicking Cu lyyhouse James N icchia Willey Cole Greene A CHILDREN ' S Christmas party, Parents ' Dinner, Father ' s Dinner, two pledge dances, and winter and spring formals were among the social tivities of the ADPi ' s. Ginny Boyle, who was Homecoming Attendant and chairman of Speakers ' Bureau; Suzie Flowers, secretary of Junior Class; Marilyn Mason and Bev Hinton, members of Panile, and Jean Brewster and Carol Holmes, both on Rally Committee and Cal Club, were outstanding members who contributed much to the house and university. The sorority ' s Centennial Convention is to be held in July in Macon, Georgia. The sorority was founded at Wesleyan College on May 15, 1851. 348 Hinton Houston Meagher Nolan Parkinson Podd Rawlings Zaruba Boyle Bullard Coburn Doering, Janet Doering, Jean Ferriter Gibson Haviland Letsom McCallum Mason Moffatt Nankervis O ' Donnell Sheean Baldwin Bischoff Courneen Ellis Gardner Harris Helmuth Hutchinson Johnson Vi len ALPHA DELTA P1 SENIORS Mary Angelo Marilyn MacGlashan Gwyn Bowron Helen Marinoni Jean Brewster Audrey Morris Carol Brierly Barbara Nash Barbara Culvyhouse Verna Nicchia Jeanne Eckerman Nancy Robinson Claire Ferguson Dorothy Smith Marilyn Frost Joyce Speck Alice Hutcheson Nancy Waugh Mary James Caroline Willey Corinne Lambert Diane Williams Marion Wright JUNIORS Betty Claire Beagle Nancy Nicking Bettye Beane Beverly Hinton Connie Cole Carol Holmes Virginia Crombie Marjorie Houston Paula Fischer Beverly Lehne Eileen Flaherty Jeanne McKnew Suzanne Flowers Patricia Nolan Peggy Greene Norma Parkinson Charleen Hagen Audrey Podd Dorothy Heinig Beverly Joan Zaruba SOPHOMORES Virginia Boyle Noreen Letsom Margie Bullard Barbara McCallum Jane Coburn Marilyn Mason Janet Doering Ann Matheny Joan Doering Ruth Moffatt Dolores Ferriter Beverley Nankervis Mary Gibson Janet O ' Donnell Joan Haviland Lois Sheean FRESHMEN Dorothy Baldwin Nancy Harris Margaret Bischoff Margot Helmuth Patricia Courneen Jean Hutchinson Christine Ellis Marilyn Johnson Anne Gardner Sydney Vilen SPRING PLEDGES Beverly Bromley Pa retta Ina ram Marilyn Carlisle Mary Ann Nosman Alice Gooding Pat Dale Peterson ALPHA EPSILON PHI FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Chernow Gaines Goldstein Gross Jacobson Nussbaum Rosin Singer Strellis Tonal Albert Berger Berkove Epstein Ets-Hokin Hillerger Lazar Lewis Roth Roy Szidman Simon, P. Simon, L. Stern Stone Tennenhause Ziegler Bakar Beckman Braverman THE AEPHI ' s lead a busy and merry life endeavoring to make good grades and have a good time. Open houses after football games and dances such as " A Night at the Opera " and " Miss-Mosh to Moscow " were among the many events on the social calendar. Many girls are among those prominent in activities and honoraries on campus: Ruth Oppenheimer, Phi Beta Kappa; Carol Lasher, Varsity Debate; Carol Silverman, chairman of the Friday Fling and in sophomore council; and Cookie Holtz and Helen Biskind, members of the frost) council. 350 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Brenner Harris Rothholz Biskind Kahn Marcus Debs Jacobson Silverman Cohen Kirshner Schuster Desky Kaplan Walters Glickman Leichter Sweet Fink Korbolz Youler Handloff Levine Urbach Futerman Marguelas Alpert Holtz Linsman Waxman SENIORS Lynette Alta bet Ester Jacobson Betty Bearson Rachel Nussbaum Calya Chernow Ruth Oppenheimer Helene Caines Alice J. Rosin Rita Goldstein Barbara Singer Betty Gross Faye Stone Florence Harris Arlee Renee Topal JUNIORS Leone Albert Felice Rothman Geraldine Berger Shirley Roy Lois Berkove Patsy Secreth Bernice Epstein Irene Seidman Naomi Ets-Hokin Peggy Simon Suzanne Frank Louise Simon Ricka Herzstein Janice Stern Marjorie Hillerger Patricia Stern Jackie Kotkin Marilyn Stone Kayla Lazar Jeanne Susnow Ruth Ann Lewis Rean Tennenhause Kay Lowy Patricia Weller Gloria Roth Barbara Ziegler SOPHOMORES Geraldine Bakar Anita Jacobson Jackie Bendel Laura Kaplan Rose Beckman Diane Korbolz Janet Braverman Carole Lasher Gertrude Brenner Betty Marguelas Jeanne Debs Ann Rosenberg Phyllis Desky Marilyn Rothholz Arleen Fink Carol Silverman Reva Futerman Joan Walters Nancy Harris Lorna Youler FRESHMEN Rita Alpert Anita Kirshner Helen Biskind Rhoda Leichter Adrienne Briedenbach Helene Levine Joyce Cohen Connie Linsman Shirley Glickman Janet Marcus Janice Handloff Janet Schuster Arlene Holtz Carol Sweet Elinore Kahn Marjorie Elaine Waxman SPRING PLEDGES Ronda Mae Lapidus Lois Tessler Suzie Schapiro Gerre Sue Zigmond ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS And reasen Benoit Brandt Brown Burke Ruddach Schank Smith Stanfield Tatti Van Cleave Wyne Bertagna Black Brooks Cailteux Donahue Eubank Emmons Fay Gercke Griggs Grimm Hartman Hof !mister Houstoun Jarman Irvin Kin g Kowleski THE MAIN efforts of every Alpha Gam this year were spent in enabling us to build our new house. In the fail of the year a car raffle and a bazaar at the Claremont Hotel occupied the time and minds of all Alpha Gams. Spring found us deep in the plans and production of a fashion show and bridge luncheon. The seniors were honored at a Senior Dinner and a May Morning Breakfast. And Mary Jan Flemmer, grand national president, was honored at a tea during her visit to this chapter. 352 Gerloff Shanks •IP Kress Menick Meyer McCluskey Morgan Price Rayment Raysor Read Schultz Solache Sweet Tenney Worthmann Benoit Colby Conley Duke Forsyth Gallagher Holland Howard Kolb Lloyd Rosberg Rounds Taglio Walker Woodburn Coyne ALPHA GAMMA DELTA SENIORS Claire Andreasen Jeanne Ruddach Diane Benoit Sharla Schank Marjorie Brandt Carolyn Smith Dorothy Brown Patricia Stanfield Marilyn Burke Mary Lou Tatti Lois Jukich Gretchen Van Cleave Constance Wyne JUNIORS Lenore Bertagna Jean Irvin Eva Black Mary June King Marilyn Brooks Joan Kowleski Charlotte Cailteux Elizabeth Kress Lilace Child Mary Menick Joan Donahue Mary Meyer Bonnie Emmons Virginia McCluskey Nancy Eubank Louise Morgan Joan Fay Kathleen Price Dorothy Gercke Joan Rayment Jeanette Griggs Arden Raysor Juanita Grimm Pat Read Barbara Hartman Barbara Schultz Ann Hotmeister Janet Solache Ann Houstoun Anita Sweet Marilyn Jarman Frances Marianne Worthmann SOPHOMORES Barbara Benoit Barbara Howard Nancy Colby Deryl Kolb Carol Conley Marilyn Lloyd Patricia Duke Barbara Rosberg Lucille Forsyth Joanne Rounds Margaret Gallagher Mercedes Taglio Donna Holland Virginia Jean Woodburn FRESHMEN Gwenna Coyne Roberta Margaret Shanks SPRING PLEDGES Carol Benoit Carolyn Clapp Barbara Lee Davenport Laryon Dayton Mary Galigher Joan Kinnear Joyce Elaine Kizlitzin Bimi Nanine Landell Peggy Jean LaViolette Marian Louise Ostermann Sally Perry Jan Remington Frances Ann Richardson Wanda Spence ALPHA OMICRON PI FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS Wickenden Borchard Cake Carithers Feliz Humphrey Patten Price Ransom Seyman Shearer Alles Beatty Carr Clayton Davis Dean Dixon Fenzl Fraters Knudsen Larson Markham Martin Martin Mengshol Pfautch Streeter Zumwalt Amskold WINNING A CUP for the most original Homecoming float in the women ' s division was Alpha O ' s big thrill for the year. Also their scholastic improve- ment brought compensation for intensive study. But all was not work, for a hilarious Pirate dance was held all-university week end and the Fall Formal, with snowballs and Christmas trees, provided a full share of fun. With bers in Panile and Prytanean other Alpha O ' s represented the house on campus in Blue and Gold as junior editors, Women ' s Counseling, Women ' s Judicial Committee, and Rally Committee. 354 ALPHA OMICRON P1 Berglund Donegan Howe Radford Wales Bigelow Davis Jamieson Sharpsteen Wulff Halt, P. Cereghino Fink Meyer Stand ley Brandes N sack Claxton Fowle Merner Stultz Channing Toohey Col I ing Holt, J. O ' Donnell Tate Giddings GRADUATE Margaret Wickenden SENIORS Joanne Borchard Shirley Humphrey Virginia Cake Betty Patten Jeanne Carithers Patricia Price Virginia Castel June Ransom Norma Eriksen Rosemarie Seyman Carmelita Feliz Frances Shearer Edie Jensen Sally Wemple JUNIORS Judith Alles Vivian Knudsen Patricia Beatty June Larson Joan Carr Nancy Markham Barbara Clayton Chalys Martin Ann Crary Marilyn Martin Carol Davis Marilyn Mengshol Carolyn Dean Gloria Pfautch Nancy Dixon Sally Shepard Diana Fenzl Sally Streeter Joan Fraters Jeanne Zumwalt SOPHOMORES Audrey Amskold Doris Jamieson Marjorie Berglund Sally McDowell Barbara Bigelow Joanne Meyer Judy Carithers Carla Merner Betty Cereghino Norma O ' Donnell Nancy Claxton Nancy Radford Adele Coiling Patricia Roper Patricia Donegan Nancy Samwell Nancy Davis Sally Sharpsteen Helen Fink Sally Standley Dorothy Fowle Jacqueline Stultz Nancy Gladding Carol Tate Jean Holt Eleanor Wales Sheila Howe Carol Wulff FRESHMEN Patricia Brandes Patricia Holt Perline Channing Oreon Noack Alison Giddings Jean Toohey SPRING PLEDGES Nancy Cowan Louise North Nancy Mangelsdorf Nyla Margaret Anne Wagner ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURY, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Benson Baumgarner Callan Fibush Fleming Hofmann Lagcmarsino Meyers Oliphant Rucker Schneider Smith, G. Smith, P. Starr Tallman Thompson Travis Wallace Bird Bull Campbell Cummings Herman Lewis Munn Osthoff Peterson Pinger Suhr Underhill DURING FOOTBALL season the AZD ' s had to run home on the double to try and keep the post-game crowd from tramping across the lawn. As if this wasn ' t enough exercise the girls successfully participated in mural sports—bringing home the intramural plaque from the W.A.A. fall banquet. The powers of concentration were called upon and the house brought up their scholarship to near the top. But all was not work and no brought up their scholarship to near the top. But it was not all work and no play for the AZD ' s. The traditional banquets, the formals and pledge dances enjoyed a large turnout. 356 Buckeley Larson Shepherd Barden Hagerman McKenzie Thompson Bowman Howard Rock Banbrock Ganin Lockyer Franklin Raab Trembath Berry Hoffman PauIly Freethy Ray Williams Cardwell Johnson Shinn Grutzmacher Rhorabaugh Atwood Carr Kirkpatrick Tallman Vi land ALPHA XI DELTA SENIORS Barbara Benson Jane Risi Peggy Baumgarner Joan Rucker Barbara Callan Joanne Schneider Joanne Casey Nancy Schultz Ann Fibush Geraldine Smith Patricia Fleming Patricia Smith Barbara Hofmann Helen Starr Gladys Lagomarsino Jean Tallman Kathryn Meyers Bernice Thompson Patricia Oliphant Nancy Travis Jacqueline Price Myra Wallace JUNIORS Gloria Bird Patricia Munn Daphne Bull Isabel Osthoff Elizabeth Butler Marilyn Peterson Betty-Caryl Campbell Janet Pinger Carla-Sue Cummings Barbara Suhr Adelaide Herman Jean Underhill Marie Lewis Cecilia Zarr SOPHOMORES Margot Bowman Amy Bulkeley Joan Franklin Marylee Freethy Jean Grutzmacker Sue Howard Vivian Larson Nancy Raab Barbara Ray Catherine Rhorabough Patricia Rock Margaret Shepherd Marilyn Trembath Carol Williams FRESHMEN Marilyn Atwood Helen Banbrook Joan Barden Shirley Berry Jeanne Cardwell Sally Carr Irene Ganin Ellen Hagerman Ann Hall Eugenia Hoffman Barbara Vila Marilyn Watson Diane Johnson Ramona Kirkpatrick Marilyn Lockyer Janet McKenzie Harriett Paully Maryalda Shanks Betty Carol Shinn Gretchen Tallman Nancy Thompson nd SPRING PLEDGE Lumarie Johnson CHI OMEGA 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS Davison Marsh Rubey DeMaris Ericksen Farnsworth, F. Fletcher Glidden Jakobsen Libby MacKenzie Martin Schulz Stevenson Tomlinson Balch Beauchamp Bertillion Brune Denham Edwards Farnsworth, M. Hardway Jones Kelly McMahon Redman Richardson Rosen Taylor BACK FROM summer tans and cottons, the Chi O ' s settled down to an eventful semester that started with a picnic for their new pledges. Foot- ball games and open houses, the annual scholarship dinner and high school night brought them closer to the Christmas Formal, with its Christmas tree and midnight visit from Santa. After caroling at the Children ' s Hospital the Chi O ' s had a party with josh presents for all. This was the semester that Shirley Fletcher was president of Prytanean, Nancy Balch was presi- dent of Panile and Pelly women ' s director, and Mary Lou Willis was a junior editor of the Blue and Gold. Finals and " Quiet Hours " brought us around again to spring and the traditional Father-Daughter Banquet, Spring Formal and, last of all, the Senior Breakfast and farewells. 358 Turri Willis Andrews Banister Bartlett Carter Derby Diepenbrock Dousseau Keller McGee Miley Okell Podstata Silliman Sleeper Tindell Crenshaw Devereux Edgerley Glenn Helvenston Krieger Lane Lloyd Thomas Watson Whidden CHI OMEGA SENIORS JUNIORS Betsy Davison Eleanor DeMaris Joan Ericksen Feesie Farnsworth Shirley Fletcher Anne Glidden Marion Jakobsen Mary Libby Nancy Balch Pat Beauchamp Marie Bertillion Barbara Brune Judy Denham Aletha Edwards Marily Farnsworth Ellen Hard way Janice Jones Virginia Andrews Marlene Banister Jane Bartlett Frances Carter Marian Derby Virginia Diepenbrock Dede Dousseau Barbara Keller Barbara MacKenzie Vonie Marsh Lois Martin Janet Rubey Joan Schulz Joanne Stevenson Anidelle Tomlinson Malik Zumwalt Alice Kelly Margot McMahon Nancy Redman Madge Richardson Marlyn Rosen Janet Smith Louanne Taylor Eliza beth Turri Mary Lou Willis Nancy McGee Susan Miley Wendy Okell Patty Paine Joan Podstata Mary Ann Silliman Janice Sleeper Barbara Tindell SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Barbara Crenshaw Pat Krieger Joyce Devereux Martha Lane Amy Edgerley Martha Lloyd Shirley Glenn Janice Thomas Lynn Helvenston Sally Cathy Whidden SPRING PLEDGES Mary Pierce M. Joanne Smith Margaret A. Pratt Barbara Ann Weeks DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 WARRING STREET FOUND ED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS Allison Bangs Buck Cooley Farr Halbert Hassler Leach Le isz Leonard Lind Sanderson Spore Spranger Albright Barnes Baskette Brown Diehl Druehl Ferri Gilbert Greer Gubin Gubin Hamlyn Hurley Kennedy Knauer Meridith Norwal I Pellitier Pei lhop A FORMAL dance with the alumni ... a beachcomber-style pledge party ... a Christmas party ... a Spring Formal ... these were the exciting social events of the year. Added events such as the traditional Fathers ' dinner, brunch and fashion show for the mothers and their guests, Christmas ex- change with Alpha Phi, and Founders ' Day Banquet and many pledge and house exchanges made for a busy year. There was lots of excitement when Alison Gilbert, a straight " A " student, was elected Women ' s Representative for the spring semester. 360 DELTA DELTA DELTA Reeves Reilly Roberson Wad low Younger Abeel Ballard Donnelly Entwistle Fitch Flinn Fredrick Gauck Gibson Gross Hackett Harris Heinz Keating Kirkwood Robertson Shannon Stewart Tazer Trottier Wright Baker Cayford Donnely MacMahon Mitchell Moosman Morrison Orchison Reeves Reynolds Shafer Ustvedt Vick SENIORS Ethel Allison Joann Leach Barbara Bangs Dorothy Leisz Lenore Buck Barbara Leonard Marilyn Cooley Lois Lind Patricia Farr Gloria Sanderson Shirley Halbert Nancy Spore Therese Hassler Charlotte Sprenger Marjorie Wardwell JUNIORS Barbara Albright Beverly Hurley Janet Barnes Joan Kennedy Yvonne Baskette Sonja Knauer Ruth Bigge Mary Meredith Barbara Brown Diane Norwell Carol Diehl Joan Pellitier Diane Druehl Evelyn Pielhop Jean Ferri Suzanne Reeves Alison Gilbert Ardienne Reilly Shirley Greer Joyce Roberson Alberta Gubin Gloria Sanderson Jacqueline Gubin Susan Sheldon Marilyn Hamlyn Jane Wadlow Pat Younger SOPHOMORES Mary Jane Abeel Angela Hackett Nancy Ballard Mary Ann Harris Nancy Donnelly Nancy Heinz Sharon Entwhistle Carol Keating Sherrill Fitch Shirley Kirkwood Sally Flinn Ashley Robertson Joan Fredrick Nancy Shannon Hertha Gauck Barbara Stewart Georgeann Gibson Pat Tazer Helen Jean Gross Jeanette Gloria Wright FRESHMEN Elizabeth Baker Maurine Morrison Cathleen Cayford Shirley Orchison Eugenia Donnely Jeanie Reeves Barbara MacMahon Joyce Reynolds Margaret Mitchell Helen Shafer Ruth Moosman Betty Janyce Vick DELTA GAMMA 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Allan Breck Browne Burns Haldeman Hall Hardgrove Hilliard Hollins Lauterwasser Lloyd Lyman McEneany Mettier Morse Pierson Reid Siders Ware Wulff Adams Barrett Burns Cooper De Bon is Drinkward Filmer Fisher Green Hampton Harriman Laws Miller Meillette Almon THE DEE GEES were " anchored " in much social and school activity this year as evidenced by their winter formal, several mothers ' luncheons, and the never-to-be-forgotten Fathers ' night when the dads were royally tained with dinner and talent of their daughters. Active in campus life were Kay Lloyd, a member of Pryt and who assumed the duties of president of the senior class; Jean Meillette occupied with the senior class and Pryt activities; and Mary Myers and Susie Almon were rally committee members. Ann Hollins is one of three undergraduates in the university who is affiliated with Iota Sigma Pi, chemistry honor society; and Mary Dell Fisher was a junior editor on the Blue and Gold. 362 Beat Davis George Harnett Hays Jonck Linton MacRae Morris Moseley Myers Raisin Toner Alexander Brancroft Barclay Bartlett Dawson Dohrmann Douglas Draper Duckert Gerhardy Johanson Hunt McKimmins Moncure Reid Reid, J. Roach Slaven Stewart Whittaker Young DELTA GAMMA SENIORS Betty Allan Norma Lauterwasser Beverly Breck Kathleen Lloyd Mareta Browne Catherine Lyman Harriet Burns Mary McEneany Sheila Haldeman Nancy Mettier Debra Hall Jean Morse Nancy Hardgrave Dorothy Pierson Marilyn Hilliard Marilyn Reid Marjorie Hoak Nancy Siders Ann Hollins Barbara Ware Caroline Wulff JUNIORS Ila Adams Barbara Green Peggy Barrett Betsy Hampton Buol Burns Virginia Harriman Joan Cooper Linda Laws Maria DeBonis Marilyn Maas Margaret Drinkward Anne McEneany Meridee Filmer Janet Miller Mary Dell Fisher Jeanne MeiIlette Isabel Garland Nancy Beth St. Sure SOPHOMORES Susan Almon Caroline Honck Alberta Beall Louise Linton Joan Boyers Jean MacRae Ann Davis Joanne Morris Mary Erkenbrecher Sandra Moseley Coralie George Mary Myers Ann Harnett Lois Raisin Andrea Hays Aileen Toner FRESHMEN Jane Alexander Mary Lou Hunt Ann Brancroft Kate McKimmins Joan Barclay Nancy Moncure Ann Bartlett Joan Reid Kathleen Dawson Joyce Reid Phoebe Dohrmann Ruth Roach Barbara Douglas Marjorie Slaven Judy Draper Sally Stewart Pat Duckert Ann Whittaker Carole Gerhardy Arlen Young Lynn Johanson Bac he Ide r Bodine Carruthers Hagar Hockenbeamer Thomas Thorton Woods Andrews Baldwin Dooher Fankhouser t4 ' ALPHA. PHI FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Barbara Bachelder Julianne Hagar Barbara Bodine Sandy Hockenbeamer Florence Bower Orlanda Nolze E. Carruthers Marian Thomas Margaret Curtis Jane Thorton Mayflower Day Joan Weeks Doris Woods JUNIORS Catherine Andrews Charlotte Baldwin Sally Driscoll Maureen Dooher C. Fankhouser Marilyn Farran Barbara Heil Tania Herman Sally Johnson Nancy Frances Keiffer Marion Lyman Mary MacFadyen Marilyn Mutch Nancy Noonan Betty Lee Perkins Lucy Pfund Pat Plummer Cynthia Pruett Wells Farran Heil Herman Johnson Keiffer Lyman MacFadyen Mutch Noonan Perkins Plummer Wells Breiner DeVelbiss Gal lagher H igley Lesley Lesley Macomber Moreland Patton Peterson Roberts Stephens T ichenor Wood Wood Berkholm Claudius Dawson Hardin Kinkead Kirk Ludlow Weeks SOPHOMORES Marlene Breiner Joan DeVilbiss Joyce Gallagher Joan Higley Jean Lesley Joan Lesley Nancy Macomber Ann Moreland Cynthia Olson Kathryn Jo Patton Betty Peterson Nancy Roberts Jean Stephens Ann Tichenor Gail Wood Pat Wood FRESHMEN Karen Birkholm Lowr ey Hardin Virginia Claudius Barbara Kinkead Barbara Dawson Katherine Kirk Flo Ludlow SPRING PLEDGES Holly Anderson Sue Mallett Betty Crim Cynthia Mary Olson Elise Marie Feragen Suzanne Palmer Sydney Hudson Tudy Rutherford Karla Schafer –[ x DELTA PHI EPSILON 2601 LE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, DELTA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Braun Burnstein Cahn Caftan Cousins Ehrenberg Eisen Garfinkel Gertler Gotten Kessler Laine Rose Rosenberg Schwartz Sugarman Taller Zander Clarfield Garfinkle Dorfman Keefer Meyer Berkowitz Clayton Abramson Burstein Caine Glassman Greenstein Goldenberg Green Levinson Levine Meshirer Flowerman Raport Rosenberg Waxman Modlin Nloskovitz Nichols Slatt Soloman Girada Barde Darrett Burnstein Ann Cahn Shirley Callman Audrey Cousins Helene Berkowitz Irvene Clayton Nadine Ehrenberg Betty Eisen Diane Garfinkel Joy Gertler Dorothy Corrine Abramson Ruth Boyarsky Barbara Burstein Harriet Caine Sally. Glassman Sharon Greenstein Denise Modlin Lenore Clarfield Ellen Garfinkle Sara-Mae Goldenberg Joanne Green Lois Levinson Rita Levine SPRING Florence Bloom Barbara Fishtrom Judy Meshirer Marlene Flowerman Marcia Report Phyliss Rosenberg Sandra Feldman Lois Ann Waxman PLEDGES Cecile Stillwater Lenora Wills Velma Dorfman Phyllis Keefer Elinor Meyer Norita Sobel Ruth Springer JUNIORS Cecile Gutten Gerda Hope Gloria Kessler Jacquie Laine Annette Rose Joyce Rosenberg Schwartz SOPHOMORES Audrey Moskovitz Joan Nichols Marilyn Slatt Shirley Soloman Joy Sugarman Shirley Tuller Marlene Zander FRESHMEN 365 DELTA ZETA 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1912 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY CHAPTERS Bakosh Berney Bryan Cline Cormack Hal l Hoare Jamieson McCall Molinari Moser Stryker Watkins Yater Argens Brewer Chapin Crawford Crusan Fuller Haberkorn Horack Johnson Kechely Kettler McElroy McHenry Maguire Menend Park Schirmer Smith Stanley Bakosh, E. THE DELTA ZETA ' s started off the fall semester with a wonderful pledge dance and then went on to win a cup for second place Beauty in the coming parade. Christmas found us having as much fun at our party for underprivileged children as the children themselves. Many of our members spend a great deal of the time in Eshleman Hall. Betty Yater, manager of the Blue and Gold; Fran Larson, Women ' s director of the Cal Engineer; and Nancy Maguire, junior on Daily Cal managerial, were only a few of the girls who found Eshleman to be a home away from home. 366 Braun Bryant Carlson Carrigan Coffman Hall Muller Oldham Parsons Schwab Scott Walker Weeks Zachery Akers Burr Cannon Carlin Dahill Diggles Eakin Emerzian Folsom Forrest Olsson Park Plueck Post Pratt Starr Tempel Tolhurst von Husen Young DELTA ZETA SENIORS Florence Anderson Betty Hoare Jacqueline Bakosh Eleanor McCall Patricia Berney Claire Mein Lola Bryan Joan Molinari Janice Cline Marilyn Moser Marilyn Cormack Elizabeth Romer Elizabeth Hall Garretta Stryker Zoe Henderson Nancy Betty Ann Yater JUNIORS Jane Argens Patricia Kettler Marjorie Brewer Francis Larson Rachel Chapin Elizabeth McElroy Diane Crawford Joanne McHenry Elizabeth Crusan Nancy Maguire Lois Fuller Beverly Menend Beverly Haberkorn Natalie Park Velda Hartzell Gloria Schirmer Nancy Horack Marjorie Smith Janet Johnson Shirley Stanley Dorothy Kechely Belvia Templeton SOPHOMORES Eleanor Bakosh Jocelyn Muller Claire Braun Elaine Oldham Beverly Bryant Joan Parsons Edena Carlson Georgia Schwab Patricia Carrigan Lodema Scott Rae Coffman Diane Walker Alice Hall Sally Weeks Virginia Zachery FRESHMEN Sally Akers Carolyn Olsson JoAnn Burr Priscilla Park Jeanne Cannon JoAnn Pleuck Carole Carlin Nancy Post Nancy Dahill Betty Pratt Carol Diggles Mary Lee Starr Carolyn Eakin Joan Tempel Barbara Emerzian Gladys Tolhurst Lois Folsom Lois von Husen Barbara Forrest Diane Young SPRING PLEDGES Charlotte Menend Charlotte Tarleton Mardece Russo Diane Helen Zachmann GAMMA PHI BETA 2723 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS Ambrose Bradley Giffen Kyle Parkinson Robinson Schneider Taylor Comstock Hazeltine MacKensie Marshall Campbell Low Ruisinger Wiley Hinman McLean Christensen Foster Macauley Oberg Sanford Said Bennett Burnett Lambourn Lewis Peabody THIS YEAR was tops in the estimation of the Gamma Phi ' s. Upon returning from summer vacation they won the Panhellenic Scholarship Cup. The ties of the house, not to be outdone by the brains, walked off with Rita Mellus as Homecoming Queen and two attendants. This semester Gamma Phi ' s busied themselves with Founders ' Day, the May Day Benefit for Needy Children, and their Spring Formal. Many girls were active on campus this year. Joan Foster, Carol Sanford, Carolyn Robinson, Barbara Ravn, and Peggy Stewart were among the many. 368 Lorene Oberg Janice Parkinson Carolyn Robinson Muriel Ruisinger Sue Sandford Ann Said Joanne Schneider Catherine Slater Janet Taylor Sally Ambrose Nancy Bradley Beverley Campbell Ann Christiansen Joan Foster Carol Giffen Carolyn Kyle Mary Alice Low Beverley Macauley Marie Wiley Persis Calkins Terry Carson Jane Daniels Marilyn Gilmore Mary Jo Hart Marilyn Haskell Harriet Parker Nancy Larson Rita Mellus Betty Pflueger Dolores Sackett Louisa Sinclair Diana Skidmore Margaret Stewart Jacquelyn Traylor Sharon Wagner Ravn Sanford Spencer Trenchard Calkins Carson Daniels Gilmore Hart Haskell Parker Larson Pflueger Sackett Sinclair Stewart Traylor Wagner Galloway Mellus Montgomery Noble Paine Pioda Rivers Skidmore Westphal Whalen GAMMA PHI BETA SENIORS JUNIORS Barbara Bennett Merriam Lewis Jennifer Burnett Martha MacKenzie Virginia Chase Patricia Marshall Martha Comstock Carol McLean Robin Haseltine Aneta Peabody Sally Hinman Barbara Ravn Constance Jaeger Carol Sanford Lora Lambourn Marjory Spencer Margaret Trenchard SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Beatrice Burnett Ann Paine Nelse Chick Virginia Pioda Carol Galloway Gayle Rivers Carol Montgomery Caryl Westphal Joan Noble Janice Whalen SPRING PLEDGES Noel Fraters Elouise Phelps Rosemarie Heartsner Pamela Proctor Margaret Huetter Joan Puckhaber Marguerite Moak Sally Ulrich Adams Brown Harwell Jacobs McIntyre, J. McIntyre, L. Parrish Stankard Stratton Strong Whittier Crawford Dawson Doe Dougherty Erickson Hartman, B. Hartman, J. Hayes Howell Innes Lowe McAllister Marwedel Morrow Mulligan Tuttle Walrond Stern Cook Billinger Heyser McCuistion McDougal Mooney Ravera Ross Stewart Wilson Atmore Charleston Clark Cudworth Dumars Fogarty Holden Johnson Kiefer Nelson Ricketts Robinson Say Spence Stevens KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 DURANT FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Patricia Adams Natalie Brown Virginia Harwell Jackie Jacobs Joanne McIntyre Louise McIntyre SENIORS Elizabeth Parrish Barbara Rogers Sally Stankard Patricia Stratton Ann Strong Ernie Whittier JUNIORS Marilyn Crawford Mary Dawson Gail Doe Betty Ann Dougherty Beverly Erickson Ann Elizabeth Hartman Joanne Hartman Jean Hayes Sue Howell Betsy Innes Sally Land Betsy Lowe Alice McAllister Edie Marwedel Barbara Morrow Patricia Mulligan Jean Ostrander Marian Popenoe Sue Tuttle Barbara Walrond Georgianna Stern SOPHOMORES Phyllis Cook Barbara Billinger Janice Heyser Mary Ann McDougal Dee Dee McCuistion Sylvia Mooney Jean Ravera Peggy Ross Nancy Stewart Sandra Walden MaLou Westernoff Nancy Wilson Kathryn Atmore Alice Charleston Leslie Clark Merrill Cudworth Arlene Dumars Joann Fogarty Carol Holden Janice Johnson FRESHMEN Ann Kiefer Lila Nelson Maryalice Ricketts Nancy Robinson Cathe Say Leslie Spence Virginia Stevens SPRING PLEDGES Lou Curtice Dorothy Zarley Alice Ryan 370 FRES HMEN Jennifer Breuner Jane Lowry Sally Cook Joan Morgan Sandra Diepenbrock Ann O ' Connor Eleanor Engs Midge Oliver Joan Fletcher Constance Rheem SPRING PLEDGES Joanne Condrey Ann Lickfold Katherine Hughes Carmen W. Mannion Eliza beth Jensen Robneft Shiffler Patricia Kanahele Virginia Linforth Marion Majors Sally Marsh Marilyn Mason Ann Prentiss Mary Page Swift Winifred Williams Brenda Brady Donna Cochran Alice Coughlin Barbara Cushing Mary Alice Eberhardt Betty Ann Howard Francesca Jensen Joan Kaiser Brady Kanahele Ballard Harbison Pletcher Trutner Kiessig Coughlin Linforth Bolman Hodapp Smith Wilson Owen Diepenbrock KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2328 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS JUNIORS Virginia Arnold Jeanne Bailard Gay Bolman Jane Brown Patricia Ann Corley Terry Dunn Nancy Easley Janaan Everett Mary Fitzpatrick Marianne Hammond Dudley Harbison Helen Hodapp Marilyn Hooper Susanne Martin Lou Ann Compton Joan Dougherty Gertrude Evans Hillary Fitzpatrick Christine Hughes Margaret Mason Marianne Nichols Marilyn Morse Mardy Pletcher Anne Smith Mickey Smith Jeanne St. Hill Betty Stewart Mary Zoe Surprenant Carreclyde Tindell Carol Tracy Fredericka Trutner Jane Wilson Carolan Witter Joan Kiessig Pat Owen Margaret Pol-lase Mollie Shea Judith Ann Smith Cushing Majors Brown Hooper Smith Compton Polglase Engs Eberhardt Marsh Easley Martin St. Hill Dougherty Shea Morgan Jensen Swift Fitzpatrick Nichols Tindell Fitzpatrick Breuner Rheem SOPHOMORES Kaiser Williams Hammond Morse Tracy Hughes Cook Howard Mason Everett Mason Stewart Evans Smith Oliver 371 KAPPA DELTA 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Beale Christy Corcoran Derus Finney Hamilton Hartford Hicks Hills King Mautino Narans Page Purcell Schmidt Smith Vassallo Barnes Beale Brundige Calhoun Cliff man Cole Crane Earle Fair Finley Fratus Gilmore Goodman Goodwin Hitt Hoch Holmes Irish Johnson Keegan THE KAPPA DELTAS have enjoyed a very successful year both cally and socially. Scholastically we were aided in making our nine o ' clocks by the carpenters who awakened us each morning by hammering on our new wing. Our social whirl began with the Founders ' Day Banquet, then the Big and Little Sister Tea, open houses and exchanges, two pledge dances, then Christmas Formal, and the White Rose Formal in the Spring. Activities were numerous with the girls participating in intramural sports, working on the various publications, class councils, women ' s counseling and other campus activities. 372 Laird Laundy Locke Milne Mc Mann is Moore Olsen Pritchard Stewart Alexander Camp Forrest Foster Herzig H igman Landreth Pratt Ritter Schaupp Smith Barry Cassidy Dem th Filiberti Gunderson Kostial Lausten Madden Massie Morrison Pell Russel I Russell Sayre Strecker Turner Walters Welp KAPPA DELTA SENIORS Kathleen Beale Priscilla King Betty Jean Christy Patricia McCoy Gloria Corcoran Elayne Mautino Phyliss Derus Margie Narans Mary Janet Finney Patricia Page lrva Hamilton Suzanne Prucell Jocelyn Hartford Jeanne Roesling Waletta Hicks Hilda Schmidt Charlene Hills Velma Smith Phyliss Vassallo JUNIORS Janet Barnes Sharon Hitt Frances Beale Rose Marie Hoch Barbara Brooks Carol Holmes Charlene Brundige Ann Irish Geraldine Calhoun Marilyn Johnson Carolee Cliffman Patricia Keegan Elizabeth Cole Fleur Laird Helen Crane Eleanor Laundy Patricia Earle Jean Locke Donna Fair Mary Jane Milne Romalyn Finley June McMannis Lorayne Fratus Daysta Moore Janet Gilmore Nadya Olsen Florence Goodman Pamela Persons Barbara Goodwin Barbara Patricia Stewart SOPHOMORES Mary Alexander Norma Herzig Janet Baker Virginia Hiqman Nancy Camp Nancy Landreth Isabel Dasteel Joan Pratt Lila Forrest Norma Ritter Ca rol Foster Delores Helen Smith FRESHMEN Nancy Barry Lois Morrison Camille Cassidy Dionne O ' Donnell Helen Demith Mary Beth Pell Phyllis Filiberti Frances Russell Jackie Gunderson Katherine Russell Diane Kostial Loretta Sayre Jackie Lausten Mary Beth Strecker Mary Lou Leach Diane Turner Sue Madden Janet Walters Charlotte Massie Betty Welp SPRING PLEDGES Marilyn Marie Bush Joyce Lackey Margaret Chalmers Shirley H. La Fay Mary Lincoln PHI MU 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Beeson Cusicanqui Dodge Ernest George Knight Ludwig Mauser Olson Rich Stephens Veon White Abbott Cataldi Caudron Goodnight Graham Hausley Haydon Means Ross Scarich Stein Franco Nobles Wallace Cowan Ilgenfritz TO THE clatter of riveters and the pounding of hammers, the Phi Mu ' s started the fall semester. But with the coming of Spring, the new addition was completed, and peace and serenity reigned supreme. The year ' s social calendar was punctuated by the annual Carnation Ball, the pledges ' Masked Mahem, Christmas Formal, the Shamrock Shennanigans, and the Spring Dinner Dance at the Claremont Country Club. Jeannie Gustafson and Jody Zuber filled the freshman and sophomore vice-presidencies on campus. Marcia Ernest held down a desk in 1 10 Eshleman as Blue and Gold picture editor, while Margie Wright was co-chairman of Cal Frolics. The Phi Mu quartet appeared at the various " sings " around campus during the year. 374 Atkinson Baxter Berry Bolger Freese Grossman Haf fey Hastings Haughian Henry Johnson Lapeyri Liakos Maurer Mott Ruddock Scarich Spitz Waugh Webster Wright Zinn Zuber Barshaw Cleveland Donovan Ferreira Murray Wright PHI MU SENIORS Joyce Beeson Sylvia Ludwig Carmen Cusicanqui Lorraine Mauser Beatrice Dodge Carlyn Nobles Marcia Ernest Estrellita Olsen Lorraine Franco Helen Rich Shirley George June Stephens Dorene Hayes Caryl Veon Elizabeth Knight Earle Wallace Mary Alice White JUNIORS Kay Abbott Betty Sue Hausley Carol Archer Barbara Haydon Nadeane Berry Marilyn Ilgenfritz Mary Louise Cataldi Phyllis Means Marguerite Caudron Ann Porter Joan Cowan Katherine Ross Evelyn Goodnight Rosemary Scarich Carolyn Graham Betty Lou Stein SOPHOMORES Margaret Atkinson Agnes Liakos Mary Josephine Baxter Sally Maurer Barbara Berry Margaret Mott Frances Bolger Mary Ruddock Elizabeth Freese Zorka Scarich Lorraine Grossman Jacqueline Spaulding Joan Haffey Marilyn Spitz Beverly Hastings Nancy Waugh Kathleen Haughian Audrey Webster Patricia Henry Margery Wright Caroline Johnson Mildred Zinn Corrine Lapeyri Joan Zuber FRESHMEN Joanne Barshaw Beverly Ferreira Janet Clevland Jean Gustafson Margaret Donovan Chalkley Dione Wright SPRING PLEDGE Jeanne Raeside PI BETA PHI FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Kimble Crawford Green Mannex Woodward Angwin Chubb MacAlpine Newel Schuler Simpson Storm Sumner Tupper Wood Church Crockett Grout Hal lenbeck THE PI BETA PHI ' s spent a great deal of their time laying plans for a bigger and better college life. Enlarging the house and sun porch were considered. While on the lighter side the gals planned beach parties and a trip to the beach over Easter. Plans were laid for getting even with their tormenters— the fraternities which surround them—sometimes the A.M. serenades were not appreciated. The traditional faculty dinner was lots of fun with poems about them and gifts for the honored guests. 376 PI BETA PHI GRADUATE Janet Kimble SENIORS Diane Allen Nancy Glenn Ellen Betts Pat Green Catherine Campbell Carolyn Huber Joan Crawford Elaine Loftus Margaret Cupid Jane Mannex Caroline Edmonds Win Woodward JUNIORS Analisa Maldonado Pat Newel Marilyn O ' Connor Mary Schuler Ann Simpson Constance Snodgrass Maureen Storm Pat Sumner Marilyn Tupper Rountree St. John Swift Woolsey Andrews Diederich Davies, J. Davies, J. Edwards Hansen Hawley Huguet Jelin Maldonado Nisbet Seldon Joyce Angwin Marion Baird Virginia Chubb Virginia Dole Alice Goodwin Mary Hazeltine Barbara Healy Margaret Henze Peggy MacAlpine Jean Wood SOPHOMORES Sally Church Robin Redwine Sylvia Crockett Barbara Rountree Janet Grout Agnes Steel Betty Hallenbeck Analou St. John Sylvia Howard Betsy Swift Joan Kimble Joan Woolsey FRESHMEN Regina Andrews Ann Hawley Barbara Chesholm Ann Helms Sue Diederich Marjorie Huguet Judy Davies Beth Jelm Sue Edwards Germaine Kresser B. Wayne Jorgensen Mary Maldonado Carolin Hansen Mardy Nisbet Barbara Seldon SPRING PLEDGES Janet Anne Abbe Lynn McClure Marilyn Mogensen SIGMA KAPPA 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY-NINE CHAPTERS And riesse Chalmers Cooney Fischer Hampton Hanna Kenney Kirk Kotite Martin M isuraca Meyers Roduner Skinner Terwilliger Van der Zee Wacher Watson Woropaieff Wyatt Bennett Blockl inger Caldwell King Kretchmer Landram Liddell Maltby Marr LAST YEAR was a busy one, both socially and scholastically for Sigma Kappa. The sorority celebrated the seventy-sixth anniversary of its ing with the annual Founders ' Day Banquet. While trying to raise their respective grade points, Sigmas still found time to give two successful dances, contribute to the sorority ' s national charity, the Maine Seacoast Mission, and hold a Christmas party for 60 underprivileged children. Sigma Kappas were especially proud when Ellie Chalmers was chosen California ' s Maid of Cotton and represented our state hi the national contest in phis, Tennessee. 378 Mathew Scott Rice Beresford Boyd Carlisle Clare Coombs Coombs Day Dietterle Kennard Kenney Larson Mackay Menge Miller Paulson Piepenburg Robinson Rucker Smith Van der Zee Williams Arturo Henshaw Merrick Minch Newell Patten JUNIORS Mary Landram Juno Liddell Patricia Maltby Janet Marr Diane Mathew Jane Scott Nancy Rice n Nelson SOPHOMORES Maria Marjorie Andriesse Eleanor Chalmers Nancy Cheledon Barbara Cooney June Fischer Betty Hampton Jacqueline Hanna Milicent Hanson Patricia Kenney Louise Kirk Margot Klaus Phyllis Kotite Marilyn Beall Diane Bennett Sally Blocklinger Suzanne Cairns Joan Caldwell Jackie King Joan Kretchmer Bette Bennetts Jo Ann Beresford Marilyn Boyd Karen Byl Nancy Carlisle Georgia Lee Clare Marilyn Coombs Marjorie Coombs Ruth Cuthbert Diane Day Ruth Dietterle Barbara Evans Norma Johnson Susan Kennard Jeanne Kenney FRESHMEN Elenor Arturo Jean Henshaw Elizabeth Ann Merrick Beverly Bateman Carolyn M. Christian Valerie Ellingson Julie Katherine Geary Beth Grundell Elizabeth Martin Dolores Misuraca Shirley Meyers Nancyclare Roduner Beverly Skinner Jane Stebbins Marva Terwilliger Diane Van der Zee Helen Wacher Deese Watson Alexandra Woropaieff Lael Wyatt Lois Larson Phyllis Mackay Nancy Menge Beverly Miller Patricia Murphy Marlene Paulson Alberta Piepenburg Margaret Anne Richards Virginia Robinson Maurene Rucker Virginia Lee Smith Shirley Subke Barbara Starman Elenor Van der Zee Helen Williams Florence Minch Patricia Newell Barbara Patten Carla Kley Audrey Jane Ross June Turner Nancy Wickman Marilyn Elaine Williams SPRING PLEDGES SIGMA KAPPA SENIORS SIGMA OMICRON PI FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ONE CHAPTER Tang Doshim Foo Fong Lee, M. Dorothy Chu Lee, V. Wing Chinn Ho Lin Louie Lum Quon Chan Ng Horn Kee Lee, M. Poon Wing Dorothy Chinn Young Ruby Doshim Florence Foo Gladys Fong Ruby Fung Geraldine Chinn Elaine Ho Joanna Lin Carlene Chan Alice Chin Betty Jean Chin GRADUATES Theodora Tang SENIORS Ruby Jang Mary Lee Virginia Lee Elaine Leong Lillian Wing JUNIORS Lorrain e Louie Mollie Lee Low Margaret Lum Algeria Quon SOPHOMORES Beverley Loo Myra Lowe Betty Ng Hazel Shen Beverley Chan Lucille Chan Gladys May Chin Lotus Horn Geraldine Kee FRESHMEN Mayme Lee Nellie Lee Low Lilly Poon Lelia Wing Jeanette Young • • • Bohren Hessen ins Keasbey Platt Sharp Williams Cence Franklin Halper Knapp Lorenzen Moore McKinley Rosecrans Rupp Sheppard Trehearne Brown Donaldson Hubbard Irwin Thompson Weed Decker Fisher Johnson Kummerfeld O ' Conner True Wilson THETA UPSILON 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Evelyn Bohren Barbara Hessenius Carol Challinor Barbara Keasbey Patricia Christensen Marjorie Platt Claire Cosgrove Wanda Sharp Gail Williams JUNIORS Eleanor Cence Loraine McKinley Sue Elliott Olive Rosecrans Mary Franklin Lillian Rupp Carol Halper Barbara Sheppard Emalyn Knapp Sally Taylor Gloria Lorenzen Marion Thorpe Marilyn Moore Diane Trehearne SOPHOMORES Shirley Brown Joan Donaldson Margaret Hofmeister Ellen Hogan Ruth Hubbard Barbara Decker Charline Fisher Barbara Johnson Grace Irwin Marcia Murphy Helene Richford Inez Thompson Joyce Weed SPRING PLEDGES Joyce Jenkins Diane Schram FRESHMEN Ruthie Kummerfeld Barbara O ' Connor Mary True Mercedes Wilson Arado Bourdet Cook Depew Geldert Herman Hernandez Jones Kemble Kreider Kurtz Louvou McAdams McCartney McClasky ooser Norton Nunn Reuter Russell Thoma Zopf Blair Britz Burr Cochran Craig Edmondson Flint Hiatt Howorth Jones Kanode ZETA TAU ALPHA 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS AFTER A " hard " morning of classes, nothing is more dear to a Zeta than a good meal in the beautiful new dining room of the house and then a quick sunbath on the large sundeck. This ritual not only gives a good suntan, but seems to fill Carol Cochran with the energy she needed to perform her duties as vice-president of the junior class and as a member of Pryt. Not to be outdone is Beverly McCloskey, president of Panhellenic and another Pry+. The winter months were brightened by such events as the White Violet Ball, a barn dance, a date dinner put on by the girls and a Christmas party for underpriviledged children. 382 ZETA TAU ALPHA Lubratich Vager Bourke Frank MacDonald Skogstram Corbett McAuliff Arney Carbiener Jackson Maier Woodson Delano LeDuc Mal lory Atchley Cotter Jones Pighetti Allen Hanson Ringo Swanson Balfour Dealy Leant Ransdale Bensen Johnson Stevens rune I I Bateman Fowler Lee Santini Collins Lange SENIORS Isabel Arado Diane McAdams Patricia Bour det Dorothy McCartney Shirley Cook Beverly McClaskey Sally Depew Elizabeth Maxwell Marjorie Geldert Lupe Mooser Audrey Herman Joan Norton Racquel Hernandez Dorothy Nunn Barbara Jones Diane Rawlings Alys Kemble June Reuter Frances Kreider Frances Roberts Beverly Kurtz Dolores Russell Janet Louvou Patricia Lucretia Zopf JUNIORS Nancy Blair Jane Howorth Babs Britz Janet Jones Virginia Burr Annette Kanode Carol Cochran Jean Lubratich Joan Craig Maire McAuliff Cyanne Edmondson Joan Mallory Carol Flint Lois Swanson Barbara Giffin Joan Troxell Patricia Hiatt Claude Unselt Catherine Ann Vager SOPHOMORES Fay Arney Jackie Jones Cynthia Atchley Patricia Learn Beverly Balfour Lorraine Lockwood Donna Batemen Joan Lee Shila Bourke Joan MacDonald Janet Carbiener Barbara Maier Marilyn Cotter Marilyn Pighetti Jean Dealy Diane Ransdale Gerry Fowler Bobbie Santini Jane Frank Karen Skogstram Nancy Gossman Sally Tackney Alice Jackson Lucy Watson Audrey Woodson FRESHMEN Janet Allen Shirley Johnson Barbara Bensen Jackie Lange Nancy Collins Marcia LeDuc Jackie Corbett Barbara Ringo Joy Delano Joan Spurrier Jackie Hanson Llewellen Stevens SPRING PLEDGES Beverly Jones Joan Kelly FRONT ROW, left to right: Nancy Levy, Barbara Graff, Doris Dana, Barbara King, Frances Jacobi. BACK ROW: Lynn Mahoney, Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Virginia Miles, Jean McClure, Betty Lucas, Finette Champie. WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Doris Dana Vice-President Virginia Miles Secretary Barbara Graff Treasurer Nancy Levy Senior Representatives Jean McClure, Lois Sorensen, Frances Jacobi Junior Representatives Bonnie Ritzenthaler, Finette Champie Service Chairman Lynn Mahoney Social Chairman Betty Lucas Publicity Chairman Barbara King COUNCIL MEMBERS Arch Place Sue Vogel Bay View Mickey Loesserman, Kayla Wolfe Beaudelaire Betty Lucas, Finette Champie Bryn Mawr Jane Wood, Leona !gel The Californian Barbara Pardee, Marolyn Hedrick Cheney Hall Annette Person, Georgia Koch Colonial Hall Lois Sorensen Colonial Annex Joan Carney, Joy McDonald The Continental Renee di Pauli, Sylvia Sawyer Cunningham Hall Wilda McClung Elizabeth Barrett Virginia Zinn, Dianna Grosso Epworth Hall Ruth Murri, Anne Gould Joaquin Hall Irene Sciacqua, Mary Jane Jordon Lantana Lodge Carolyn Carpenter, Gloria Norwall Mitchell Hall Dorothy Bonnifield, Ella Mae Proctor Oldenberg Hall Jean McClure, Barbara Dunn Peixotto Hall Virginia Miles, Esther Brockman Richards Hall Jeanne Houle, Beverly Parkin Ridgemont Elena Palomino, Dorothy Hart Ritter Hall Wilma Snyder Sherman Hall Betty Stewart, Lillian Schredder Stebbins Hall Barbara Longbrook, Lois Olney Stern Hall Joanne Kileen, Phyllis Foster Stratford Hall Mary Ann Ambrosini, Jane Boe Warring Place Beverly Ruster, Jeanne Giovarvioni 386 Joan Asher Elaine Goldstein Marcelyn Hosenpud Recia Levey Fran ces Riback Susette Vogel Phyllis Donner Revina Freeman Gladys Avidan Phyllis Canter Florence Caplan Naomi Friedman Sylvia Lefohn Marietta Rakonitz Gloria Rosenthal Sondra Zukerman ARCH PLACE 1849 ARCH STREET SENIORS JUNIORS Paula Jackson Shirley Ring SOPHOMORES Lois King Evelyn Narot Roberta Pastel Mary Werner FRESHMEN Asher Hosenpud Riback Vogel Donner Freeman Jackson Ring Avidan Canter Caplan Friedman King Narot Pastel Werner Lefohn Rosenthal Zukerman BEAUDELAIRE 2347 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Charlene Contival Nina Frediani Jane Dahlquist LaVerne Karbach Jean Douglas Helen Koenig JUNIORS Finette Champie Marilyn McGammon Joy Johnson Constance Phillips Betty Lucas Sona Swanson Beverly Wemett SOPHOMORES Anne Miley Margaret Johnson Maudie Lauer FRESHMEN Charlotte Allen Maud Chapman Roberta Barnes Lesley Christensen Contival Dahlquist Douglas Frediani Karbach Koenig Champie Johnson, J. Lucas McCammon Swanson Wemett Attley Johnson, M. Lauer Allen Barnes Chapman Christensen 387 HOUSE AND campus activities keep Californian girls constantly on the go, not to mention study hours and academic interests. Lou Gil- more is kept busy with Mortar Board and Pryt. Elinor Sydenham is a member of Pryt, too. GRADUATE Hilda Ghio SENIORS Louise Gilmore Barbara Pardee Marolyn Hedrick Jeannette Selvage Pat Kendall Ellyse Spiegl Elinor Sydenham JUNIORS Rozell Devean Helen Leggo Joanne Jepson Diane Perkins Barbara King Lauredith Scott Marilyn Lavenant Lee Smith SOPHOMORES Mary Allender Adelaide Lindsay Eileen Callaghan Elouise Phelps Sheila Darling Marilyn Rowles Ruth Anne Holme Barbara Shipley Marilyn Jones Joan Shipley Helen Smeltzer FRESHMEN Maryalda Shanks Adrienne Weiner Myra Tannlund Jeannette Sondra Williams Gilmore Hedrick Kendall Pardee Selvage Spiegl Sydenham Devean Jepson King Legg° Smith Allender Callaghan Darling Holme Jones Lindsay Phelps Rowles Shipley, B. Shipley, J. Shanks Tannlund Weiner White Williams THE CALIFORNIAN 2455 PROSPECT STREET Otto Bruse Dawson Person Puziene Trusty Wille Benson Dimmick Knoernschild Koch Kojima Byfield Crocker Hall Kingston Mahany Winzler Ballantyne Daniels Garfield Green Pacheco Thatcher CHENEY HALL DWIGHT AND HILLSIDE RESIDENTS OF Cheney Hall contributed liberally in cam- pus activities. Activity girl Joyce Dawson became presi- dent of the Y.W.C.A. at the beginning of the school year. Other residents have been ac- tive in drama productions, Women ' s Counseling, Treble Clef, Orchestra and A.S.U.C. publications. GRADUATE Marianne Otto SENIORS Jacqueline Bruse Joyce Dawson Annette Person Patricia Puziene Carolyn Trusty Constance Wille JUNIORS Beverly Benson Suzanne Briggs Diane Cox Carol Dimmick Anna Knoernschild Georgia Koch Chifumi Kojima SOPHOMORES Barbara Hall Marlene Kingsfon Louise Macfarland Ruth Mahany Patricia Schumacher Barbara Smith Lure Winzler Erna Ballantyne Patricia Becker Maureen Brown Arlene Cohen Joan Daniels Joan Dodson Marjorie Evans Joan Garfield Reva Green FRESHMEN Joan Krieger Lois Newell Betty Pacheco Harriet Saver Emily Shideler Jo Taylor Roberta Thatcher Sally Wainwright Eileen Weinstein Barbara Biagini Leona Byfield Joanne Christensen Marilyn Crocker Margaret Edson Linda Faye Valverde Young Chavez Evenstad Nunn Sorensen Capillo Chiuroto Keeley Lanini McDonald, C. MacDonald, FL Pozzini Sawyer Seeno Shaw Van Dam Domenichelli Etzenhauser Holmes Leicham Malkasian Smith Spradling Trusendi Wheldon Williamson Burton Gruhler Hoijer McCullough Steinberg ACADEMIC INTERESTS, social and campus ac- tivities kept the members of Colonial Hall busy during the past year. The Christmas party was the outstanding activity of the semester with ex- changes, parties and picnics filling up the calen- dar. SENIORS Cathy Chapman Norinne Evenstad Rose Chavez Dottie Nunn Barbara Cranston Lois Patricia Stevens JUNIORS Felisa Capillo Helen MacDonald Rose Chiuroto Florence Pozzini Lois Hughes Colene Sawyer Merrilyn Keeley Frances Seeno Irene Lanini Dee Shaw Carole McDonald Dorothy Summerfield Doris Van Dam COLONIAL HALL 2542 DURANT STREET SOPHOMORES Pat Domenichelli Nancy Etzenhauser Jeannette Holmes Ann Leicham Arline Malkasian Jean Perry Mary Sears Shirley Smith Jean Spradling Barbara Trusendi Joann Wheldon Patricia Williamson FRESHMEN Grace Burton Colleen McCullough Barbara Cranston Virginia McPhee Norma Gruhler Joan Steinberg Charlotte Hoijer Geraldine Miriam Young BRYN MAWR 2328 BOWDITCH STREET Harriet Fogarty Jane Lowy GRADUATE Leona !gel SENIORS Jane Wood Betty Rasmussen Mary Jean Welch JUNIORS Marcia Blumenthal Chariot Davis Marjorie Stoner SOPHOMORES Dorothy Fogarty Yvonne Puget Jean Holt Diane Schram FRESHMEN Frances Fraga Jacqueline Jour Mary Humphreys Joan Patterson Fogarty, H. Lowy Rasmussen Welch Wood Blumenthal Davis Stoner Fogarty, D. Puget Devine Fraga Humphreys Jour Patterson COLONIAL ANNEX 2334 BOWDITCH STREET GRADUATE Peggy Hoyt SENIORS Babette Barancik Nena Espino JUNIORS Inge Braun Jane Cowan Joan Carney Joy Ann McDonald Dorothy Coneeny Nadine Tyrrell SOPHOMORES Betty Bettencourt Rosalie Sciacca Audrey Fitzsimmons Charla Westerberg Barancik Espino Braun Carney Coneeny Cowan McDonald Tyrell Bettencourt Fitzsimmons Sciacca Westerberg 391 Horrigan Howard Kamena Kern Lobree MacPherson Russell Sunn Wileman Wilson Cakebread Griffith Kloeppel McClung Mears Ross Sanders Shaw Daldas Engel Garrabrant George Jeffe Jiminez Kan Muller Rhandel I Branch Clark Davis Dow Frasher Hughes Jungjohann Keyser Krieger Learned McColn McFarland Nishita Smith Steffan Thatcher Watkins CUNNINGHAM HALL HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT THE CONFUSION caused when a waiter thought that the freshmen from Cunningham Hall had escaped from a reformatory rather than a dormitory . . . the spirit of the Christmas angel and Easter bunnies that was a part of the house .. the date dances in the living room . . . the Fernwald Hall ' s formals in the fall and spring ... the Tea for Mrs. Davidson . . . and +he annual Hearst Ranch picnic were all me- mories cherished by the girls from the top of " the Hill. " GRADUATE Eleanor SENIORS Barbara Donahue Doris Kern Audrey Gann Betty Ann Lobree Sorel Gregory Marilyn MacPherson Ann Horrigan J. B. Russell Shirley Howard Marguerite Sunn Ruth Kamena Donna Wileman Marjorie Wilson JUNIORS Gloria Brown Wilda McClung Betty Ann Cakebread Ann Mears Patricia Griffith Phyllis Ross Lorraine Hills Barbara Sanders Margaret Kloeppel Jeanne Shaw SOPHOMORES Patricia Andrews Joan Jeffe Aglaia Daldas Anita Jimenez Marian Engel Lilah Kan Phyllis Garrabrant Jean Muller Barbara George Shirley Randell Linda Schubert FRESHMEN Beverly Branch Ann Learned Joette Clark Pat McColm Elizabeth Davis Donna McFarland Doris Dow Emma Nishita Laureen Fresher Barbara Olson Nancy Hughes Patricia Smith Helen Jungjohann Rosemary Steffan Beatrice Keyser Jo-an Thatcher Joan Krieger Ann Watkins SENIORS Adams Bagley Benson Freedman Grethal Beleal Ettinger Feltham Fitzpatrick Goldsmith Hubbs Imperatrice, E. Imperatrice, V. Lewis Stark Zinn Asher Downey Grosso Hellman Warren Anthony Battat Bullard Cohn Collins Feragen Fishstrom Futerman Michael Norton Palmer Pighetti Ross Schade GRADUATE Frances Munoz Ernestine Beleal Joan Ettinger Jean Feltham Gwendolyn Fitzpatrick Sue Goldsmith Carol Hubbs Dorothy Asher Edith Downey Yvonne Anthony Rachelle Battat Margie Bullard Janet Cohn Diane Collins Elise-Marie Feragan Barbara Fishstrom FRESHMEN Jane Adams Diane Bagley Joan Benson Evelyn Imperatrice Virginia Imperatrice Marjorie Lewis Faye Schwartz Janet Stark Virginia Zinn Reva Futerman Nina Hooper Joan Norton Sue Palmer Marilyn Pighetti Zell Ross Marilyn Schade Ca rol Freedman Charlotte Goldstein Janet Grethal 00 MO 110 Oil ilia ail III 00 SIJ ELIZABETH BARRETT 2438 WARREN STREET GATHERING TOGETHER after dinner for a singing session with piano and uke . . . sun baths to acquire an early tan . . . the swish of formal skirts at the semi-annual dinner dances . . . and the auction of unclaimed clothes at the end of each semester with gals franti- cally bidding to retrieve their garments .. . were all events to be remembered of this year at Cal. JUNIORS Diana Grosso Janet Hellman Mary Warren SOPHOMORES EPWORTH HALL Arvanitakes Bender, P. Biggs Campbell Clausen Cohn Dana Danielson Frankel Gesas Hanemian Henry Klein MacDonald Mitchell Murri Pistohl Smith, C. Warf Aidelberg Anderson, P. A. Bender, J. Boone Burt Carlsen Crail Dickie England Gallant Gist Gould Hansen Johanson McCormick Meitner VARIOUS P.J. parties highlighted the semester ' s activities including dances, exchanges and firesides. Many of the girls revealed their plans for a homemaking career. The outstanding sun porch roof attracted many of the girls during the spring but they still kept up the studies and campus activities, with Doris Dana, Betty Pisthol and Pearl Cohn to mention a few. Lois Aidelberg Pattie Ann Anderson Joyce Bender Marilynn Board Shirley Boone Margaret Burt Marjorie Carlsen Jo Crail Pat Dickie Ann England Clarice Gallant Barbara Garfinkle Frances Gist Anne Gould Ruth Hansen Ruby Johanson Pat Wyman Joyce Lindstrom May McCormick Marilyn Meitner Ruth Murri Shirley Newell Barbara Phillips Barbara Raffi Bonnie Ritzenthaler Patsy Roberts Carolyn Robertson Romberg Joan Swingle Lois Tarleton Shirley Weller Darlene Wood RonnieWoodward Pat Anderson Betty Jo Boring Jean Callaway Shirley Carter Beth Davie Phyllis Eakin Pat Gear Donna Giddings Elains Hamm Mary Jo Hart Ruth Heintz Norma Herzig Margene Hoover Nancy Johnson Wilma Kerr Betsy Moore Trudy Saks Anne Varnedoe Delores Jones Pat Mattoon Barbara Rowley Anne Alpen Doris Christman Janice Hope Newell Phillips Raffi Ritzenthaler Roberts Romberg Tarleton Weller Wood Woodward Anderson, P. Boring Callaway Carter Davie Eakin Gear Heintz Herzig Hoover Johnson Kerr Varnedoe Walters Alpen Christman Hope Rowley Smith, V. EPWORTH HALL 2521 CHANNING WAY GRADUATE Elaine Grant SENIORS Helen Arvanitakes Diana Hanemian Pat Bender Georgette Hendricks Ann Biggs Nancy Henry Joan Campbell Susan Klein Norma Clausen Ann Larson Pearl Cohn Marcia MacDonald Doris Dana Colleen Mitchell Joanne Danielson Betty Pistohl Terry Gesas Colleen Emylou Warf JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Ann Walters FRESHMEN Valerie Smith JOAQUIN HALL 2430 PIEDMONT AVENUE TO START the fall semester off right Joaquin Hall held an open house. Other outstanding events were the pajama party (to acquaint the new girls with the old) and the other one held in the spring. There were open houses after the football games, a dinner dance at the Claremont and a Christmas party for un- derprivileged children. Another open house was held in the spring along with the Dean ' s Dinner. All had great fun at the picnic which was held towards the end of the spring se- mester, but most of all everyone enjoyed the Spring Formal. Anderson Clark McDougal Sciacqua Ulmer Druehl Ellis Evans Gomez Hay Jones Jordan Mortensen Nelson Partridw Stone Ferns Lyhne Tornell Bloome Finkel Goss Hunter Jaffee Vierra Zigmond SENIORS Dorothy Mae Anderson Mary McDougal Charity Clark Irene Sciacqua Helen Ulmer Jo Ann Druehl Shirley Ellis Lorraine Evans Mary Gomez Sylvia Hay Janice Jones Barbara Ferns Jean Lyhne Gloria Bloome Joy Cohn Barbara Decker Cyrille Finkel Susan Goss JUNIORS Mary Jane Jordan Barbara Mortenson Helen Nelson Marie Partridge Shirley Rodder Joan Storie Patsy Wright SOPHOMORES Rosalie Sargent Pat Tornell Ellie Willard FRESHMEN Connie Hunter Corinne Jaffee Betty Sumski Ramona Vierra Gerre Sue Zigmond

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