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. vo time 7G Dale Betty St Dorothy Beck FOREWORD IN THIS Golden Centennial Year, we ' ve tried to picture for you the University of California, a nugget in itself, a mother lode of wisdom and prosperity. As the prospectors and pioneers rushed to the state in 1849, so they have come to the University in 1949. Some will prosper, others gain little, but all will be exposed to the growing spirit of the West. This spirit, larger than the individual, is composite in Olympic crew winners, a Rose Bowl football team, an alert and progressive student body, a capable faculty and administration. It led the California bear in his coast to coast travels in search of the golden nuggets. This very same force which urged on the 1849 ' ers, has not failed us a century later. We hope your nugget edition of the Blue and Gold has captured this great spirit, and will forever hold golden memories for you. ifliltil . m DEDICATED COACH LYNN (Pappy) WALDORF A TRUE bear, a real Californian, beloved of student and alumnae . . . who showed the courage to accept a perilous position, knowing its instability and responsibilities ... a man who is kind and friendly, yet continues to be pro- gressive ... a man who is a tireless worker, in addition to being a brilliant organizer ... a man who has all the personality traits of inspirational leader- ship, enabling him to shape a defeated group back into championship form ... a man who within two short years has contributed so much for the Univer- sity and has so gained the support of its offspring . . . such a man can never be properly thanked . . . Thus it is with the utmost respect that we dedicate to Coach Pappy Waldorf, this seventy-sixth edition of the Blue and Gold II MEMflHIAM REGENT A. P. GIANNINI FACULTY JAMES T. ALLEN SILAS MELLVIN BROWN WILLIAM MARTIN CAMP FREDERICK G. COTTRELL BERTRAM H. CROCHERON LIONEL H. DUSCHAK CLIFTON L. FLINT ELMER C. GOLDSWORTHY ' JOHN C. GRIFFITHS WILLIAM B. HERNS FRANK IRW1N RAYMOND C. MARTINELLI WILLIAM F. MEYER WESLEY CLAIR MITCHELL ROBERT ARTON MOODY JOSEPH H. MOORE ALBERT H. MOWBRAY GEORGE M. McCUNE E. L. OVERHOLSER FREDERIC LOGAN PAXSON MARY BENNETT RITTER SARA HUNTSMAN STURGESS JOHN S. P. TATLOCK CHESTER ARNOLD VERNIER STUDENTS LT. COM. CLARENCE F. AVERY, USN ' 41 CAPT. GLEN EDWARDS, USA ' 41 EDWARD KEELEY ' 42 LT. HAL J. SAMS, JR., USN ' 42 DAN O. JONES ' 43 BARBARA CHAPMAN ' 45 FRANCOIS EMILE MALLHES ' 47 LT. RAY DEWEY ROGERS, USA ' 47 WARREN K. HERMANN ' 48 TOM JONES ' 48 ROSLYN LEFF ' 48 RICHARD ROBINSON ' 49 ARTHUR GOODMAN ' 50 ARTHUR ALLEN GLETT ' 52 FREDERICK RUCK OSTRIA ' 52 , Contents: IK UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS SOLD DUST New Yor f ' ADMINISTRATION President ROBERT GORDON SPROU1 Known to Cal students by his booming laugh and quick sense of humor, President SPROUL also achieved fame as a grand-dad. Presidents Message Vice-President CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON The man second in command is Vice-President HUTCHISON who also capably heads the College of Agriculture. THIS year we are celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the discovery of gold in California. In 1849 there began a westward trek to the land of opportunity which, in the space of a golden century, has raised the state to a place of eminence in the nation and has produced a population of almost ten million people. The west- ward trek is still continuing. By 1965 it is estimated that our population will be not less than fifteen million and, in all probability, close to twenty million. The miracu- lous growth and development of the past century have changed California from a simple frontier territory to a complex industrial empire. Likewise, the University of California has undergone tremendous change. Since its origin as a land-grant college, created to provide appropriate training for " industrial classes " on the farm and in the workshop, it has evolved into a mighty institution offering guidance and inspiration in all the affairs of life. It exists not for personal service merely, but for the development of individual, state, and nation material as well as hu- man, economic as well as social. It is not unreasonable to expect well over 60,000 students in the statewide University after 1 965 and, if history repeats itself, we must be prepared in the next few years for both physical and philosophical adjust- ments. 12 Board of Regents To the Students of the University of California: AS we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gold Rush, which brought to California her first great migration of new citizens, let us consider not only the progress which we have made in that comparatively brief period of time, but also the incalculable possibilities of the next 100 years. Who can say that we have reached a levelling-off stage in our development, or that the rising generation will have less opportunity than their parents and grandparents. The des- tiny of California is in the hands of her youth. Pay no heed to those who would say there is a limit to that destiny! The education you are re- ceiving is of vital importance in the development of a well-rounded life in our complex age and in fitting you for a place of leadership in the affairs of our State and Nation. Sincerely, GOVERNOR EARL WARREN The past year found national attention focused on California ' s popular governor. This true Cal rooter and alum found time in his busy schedule to occasionally attend games with his equally famous family. Governor. REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY LEFT TO RIGHT: James H. Corley, comptroller; A. J. McFadden, Sam L. Collins (off picture), Charles C. Teague, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Sidney M. Ehrman, Robert Gordon Sproul, A. P. Giannini, Edward A. Dickson, chairman, Paul R. Hutchinson. Farnham P. Griffiths, Elgin Stoddard, John Francis Neylan, Mortimer Fleishhacker, Edward H. Heller, Maurice E. Harrison, John U. Calkins, Jr., attorney; Robert N. Underbill, secretary and treasurer. Schools LETTERS AND SCIENCE EVERYONE in L. and S. eventu- ally finds himself in the crowd- ed halls of Wheeler. Courses are offered in everything from Basketweaving 1A to Mental Deficiency 2. Lecturers with microphones and students with " fybates " are common in this college. Dean A. R. DAVIS ENGINEERING THE future should be well sup- plied with Cal engineers! Nearly twenty-nine hundred students are enrolled in one of the eleven divisions of the Col- leges of Engineering. Engi- neers who leave their north side haunts to wander over to south side of campus are eas- ily recognized by their ever- present slide rules. Dean E. D. HOWE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN the crowded classrooms of the School of Business Admin- istration, survivors of Bus. Ad. 6A learn the elements of statis- tics and public finance. Night labs and heavy books are the lot of the many who receive practical and valuable train- ing for a place in the American economy. Dean E. T. GRETHER Colleges EDUCATION IN answer to the cry for more and better teachers and edu- cators, the School of Education is concentrating on broaden- ing both its practice teaching and graduate programs to in- sure competent instruction for future generations. Acting Dean LUTHER C. GILBERT AGRICULTURE WHILE learning the theory behind cabbages and cows, students of the College of Agri- culture are also instructed in crops rotation, soil conserva- tion and all other techniques that contribute to successful farming. The California Agri- culture Extension Service car- ries information and advice from the college to the farmers of California. Dean CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON CHEMISTRY UNDER the leadership of a dis- tinguished faculty the School of Chemistry continues to do its part in meeting the demands of the scientific age for skilled chemists. Courses in the con- trol of atomic energy constitute a major part of the work car- ried on in Oilman Hall. DeaaWENDALL M. LATIMER FORESTRY AN auditorium complete with plush seats is one of the most talked-about features of the new Forestry building. Here glorified lumberjacks who plan on careers with the state or national Forestry Service take advantage of the ultra- modern surroundings to study the present problems of fores- try. Acting Chairman FREDRICK S. BAKER JURISPRUDENCE MORE commonly known as Boalt Hall, the School of Juris- prudence has a new dean, William Lloys Prosser, author- ity on the law of civil wrongs and formerly of Harvard. The school hopes to have a new building in the near future where more potential Supreme Court justices can be trained. Dean WILLIAM L. PROSSER ARCHITECTURE OVER on north side the " Ark " is the scene of constant activity where students toil long and late over plates that show the plans for the buildings of to- morrow. Architects relax by having parties that are famous on campus, but whether work- ing or playing they like to be together. Dean WARREN C. PERRY WITH the addition of a group rork specialty, the School of locial Welfare came of age this ranking fifth in the nation. Dean MILTON CHERNIN Dean KENNETH B. STODDARD UNDER the supervision of the School of Optometry, future op- tometrists practice on Cal stu- dents needing glasses. 1TUDY of the physical, biologi- :al and social sciences trains :uture public health workers. Dean E. S. ROGERS Dean J. P. DANTON TURNING interested students in- to future librarians is the aim of the School of Librarianship. Administrative THE administration building is the " starting and stopping spot " where one tends to business from paying bills to collecting de- grees. It is here that one obtains almost any information he might want to find from advice on majors to the addresses and phone numbers of fellow classmates. The members of the administrative staff headed by the president, Robert G. Sproul, give their advice and counsel to many students. Hurford E. Stone, dean of students, settles the numerous graduate and undergraduate problems. As- sistant dean of men is Chaffee E. Hall, Jr., while the women stu- dents confide in Dean Mary B. Davidson. Miss Alice G. Hoyt, as- sociate dean of women, acquaints new students with the campus and its opportunities. William R. t Dennes, dean of the graduate division, is assisted by associate dean of the division, Morris A. Stewart. Herman A. Spindt, admissions director, and Thomas B. Steel, registrar, with the respective deans of the many schools and colleges help to build a cooperative and well organized staff. HURFORD E. STONE Dean of Students r MORRIS A. STEWART Associate Dean of Graduate Division Answering the anxious looks and eager questions of hundreds of students is all part of a busy day ' s work in the L. and S. office. MARY B. DAVIDSON Dean of Women CHAFFEE E. HALL, JR. Assistant Dean of Men W s: fr V Ftatai I gnik and friea I Mrs. Spral, and thai te Cal " babies " President s Reception WEARING name tags and big smiles, the freshmen of the class of ' 52 were honored at the annual President ' s Reception which this year saw a return to prewar elegance. As one of the many traditional events designed to make the Cal campus seem a little smaller, the reception introduced students to each other and to University deans and prominent faculty members. Friendliness, the keynote of the evening, was set by Presi- dent and Mrs. Sproul ' s personal welcome to each student as he was escorted through the receiving line by faculty members. Thinking of " time was when we were freshmen leading senior classmen acted as hosts and hostesses, reviving one more prewar tradi- tion. The large rooms in Hearst Gym were transformed for the evening by soft lights, and the music of Ray Hackett and his orches- tra provided background as the now Col- wise students make plans to " see you at 10:00 on Wheeler. " University Meetings THE opening University meeting was held in the Greek Theatre to honor Cal ' s Olympic Champions. Awards, words of high praise and the cheers of an enthusiastic audience greeted these World Champions. The men s Gym resounded to the musical talents of the University chorus and orchestra as their performances highlighted the annual Christmas and Easter programs. Eager students hung from the rafters to hear the famous DR. KINSEY, who also willingly gave autographs. CLARENCE DYKSTRA, vice president of the University and PRESIDENT ROBERT G. SPROUL presided at the All University meeting. Charter Day THE 81st anniversary of the Uni- versity was celebrated in the tradi- tional manner as University digni- taries and faculty members filed across the campus to the Greek Theatre, where the ceremonies were held. Students, alumni, and interested spectators listened at- tentively to the major speaker, Vis- count Alexander of Tunis, K. G., Gov. Gen. of Canada. Alumni Association ALUMNI OFFICE STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Cook, Stanley E. McCaffrey, Robert Sibley, Jean McNeill, Viola Birchland. ROBERT SIBLEY Executive Manager of Alumni Association STANLEY E. McCAFFHEY Assistant Executive Manager " ALL Hail " characterizes the Alumni Association. This active group sent three hundred freshmen to the University this year on Alumni Scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to students throughout the state following a competition of those students who wished to apply. A survey of student needs was conducted with the aid of na- tional experts. This survey includes a new student union and its location. Alumni groups in over nine hundred communities contact high schools in order to find outstanding students and encourage them to come to Cal. These groups also help to improve public relations for the University through their local newspapers. The Cal Monthly, pub- lished by the Alumni Association, is another means of keeping alums informed about the University and its accomplishments. The funds of the associa- tion come from the University. There are over twenty-six thousand life members in the group and it is hoped that this number will have reached seventy-five thousand by 1960. Last summer saw the opening of the " Lair of the Golden Bear. " This is a resort and camping area near Mt. Shasta that is open to Alumni Association members. Glowing reports were heard from all who have been there. These alums have really responded to " Stick around for All Hail. " CAL MONTHLY STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Katherine Thanas, Howard S. Cook, Robert Sibley, Harrold Knowles, 0. D. Watt. rt- Q : ' ?-. i ' " ' Council of Alumni Association ALUMNI coimca SEATED: Harold Breateorkfee, Herbert Baiter, Robot Mitaiqr, Mrs. Gerald Haaar, Mrs. tortile EhreaMs, STANDHK: rtawrtCook, Jack S es, Stagey HcCtffrqr, Jack Andrew, Rqr Hapard, Ewntt Bro ate. VMa . ate. fctert Sibtey, MrV E. J. Poer, E. J. Pww, MR. Hqr Harnrt, Hiss Lam HarM, Mrs. Mar? Till, Waj AIM FON SEATED FAClMfr Cart Eany SUat, Robert Rapert, Or. George LITTLE BHOTHE U V Vir 1 California Club jack Andrew Scotney George Eugene Kramer Susan Thomas Philip Arnot Margaret Gleason Jay Martin Ira Thompson Virginia Carpenter Charles Goodman Nancy Rieger Tom Tonkin Daniel Coehlo Bob Griffith Mary Renard Sally Walker Don Dickey Madeline Holcomb Phyllis Stickland Lou White Jim Duvaras Phyllis Karg Marion Thomas Joe Willits CAL Club members from every campus gathered at Davis between terms to hold a convention where matters of mutual concern could be discussed. Party time was also important on the agenda that included discussions of the Maclise Founda- tion which sponsors travel among the campuses. This group works toward more complete unity and understanding within the University by sponsoring " All Uni- versity " days and members on each campus try to orientate transfers and see that visiting " relatives " feel at home. 26 UCLA DARK glasses, loud shirts, and a mind of their own mark " Brother " Bruin on their Southern California campus. Second only to our own campus, this fast-growing branch of the University is trying hard to be more than a " little brother " in the University family. Davis THE Cal-Aggie water tower, landmark in the Sacramento valley, marks Gal ' s agricultural campus. Vitally important problems with which Davis students are concerned relate to developments in many specialized agri- cultural fields. The extracurricular side of college life is a Davis tradition. MEDICINE DENTISTRY WHITE coats and the smell of antiseptic identify our future doctors and dentists at the Cal Med Center. These students not only spend many long hours in study and research, but they also find time, somehow, to display interest in the ASUC activities. Witness the number of ASUC cards bought by these people, and the numerous activities they sponsor on their campus. The Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have a high national reputation that continues to be upheld by its present faculty and student body. 28 NURSING THE " other half " of the Med Center student body is composed of equally hard working nurses and pharmacists of future years. In the Med Center the student body president is elected from a dif- ferent group each year. This year ' s president came from the School of Pharmacy in the form of Walter Taylor, who spoke on the merits of their system at the all-university meeting last fall. Numerous associations and activities give the men and women in white a chance to relax and " talk shop " in a social atmosphere. 29 Santa Barbara LOCATED on two campuses overlooking the Channel City, is the University of Cali- fornia at S anta Barbara. The Mesa cam- pus is near the sea and houses the finest Industrial Arts department on the West Coast. The Riviera campus, a general lib- eral arts college, is famed for its speech department. The Gauchos are the newest addition to the chorus that proudly sings " All Hail. " Fine Arts IN a Garden of Eden on Russian Hill in Bagdad-by-the-Bay is located the Califor- nia School of Fine Arts which is one of the great cultural centers of the Western World. But, seriously, this group is a hard- working school for the traditions and ad- vancement of art, both in functional and aesthetic values. The school is ideally lo- cated near the International Settlement and downtown San Francisco. Bastings THE California Building in San Francisco houses one of the outstanding members of the University family, the Hastings Col- lege of the Law. Here, under capable guidance, students are trained in all phases of legal activities and the school is within reach of every court known to California law. Both outside classwork and social activities balance this branch of the University of California. Riverside ONE of the world ' s largest research insti- tutions devoted to subtopic agriculture is located on the Riverside campus. Only graduate students who have satisfied all course requirements for their doctorate, needing only to complete their research problems, receive instruction here. Al- though the campus comprises 751 acres, field experiments to further agriculture advancement are conducted from Tulare county on the north to lower Imperial Val- ley. Scripps Lick HIGH atop a mountain looking at the stars are, not lovers, but astronomers from Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton. Here Cal grad students and scientists from all over the world watch the skies in an attempt to solve some of the physical problems of the universe. Movements of suns, planets, comets, nebulae, and other celestial ob- jects are studied under powerful star-gaz- ing equipment in an effort to increase man ' s knowledge of the heavens. THE Scripps Institution of Oceanography at La Jolla is unique among the campuses of the University of California, for re- search and education here are concerned solely with the oceans their physics, geology, chemistry and biology. The sci- entists of Scripps find it necessary to go to the source of their information and gather it themselves; so they have boats, diving equipment, and myriads of other equipment for this purpose. v CLASSES V , ' rumination: SENIORS 1940 ' Leading prospector of the ' 49ers was president JAY MARTIN who was given able assistance by the vivacious vice-president, SUSIE THOMAS, who kept an eagle eye on Senior Womens Hall. The busy, easy-going secretary, PAT BROWN, constantly attended committee meetings. SENIOR COUNCIL to right: Rosemary Haltom, Charlotte Sawyer, Aiko Takita, Virginia Spino, Helm Hale, Janet Brewer, Pat mas, Pat Brown, Jay Martin, Lois Wetter, (Catherine Cocnstock, Shirley Summers, Artene Randolph. SECOND ROW: Elai mtaiu, Pat Grossma Joan Small, Shirley , rt, Jean Hyde, Dorothy Anderson, Bette Doomitt, Helen Longe, Mercedes McKay, Marilyn Victor, Lillian Obata, Will! BOM, Madeline Tikijian, Cecelia Shai stede, Carol Sunkel. THIRD ROW: Rut Roy, Margaret Ware, Dottie Dairis, Joan Eastman, Edit Schlam, Dorothy Nelson, Mary Craonn, Jeanette McWborter, Catherine Flakerty, Caro- acfcie Chandler, Marcia Fisher, JoAme Farrand, Patty Syha, Annette Dietsch, Henryetta Wilson, Patricia Randolph. FOURTH ROW: Eileen Reidy, Doris Anne Writer, Jerryl Coney, Mary Betty Mae Van Lew, Donna Pemberton, Delma Fan , Bernice Scherer, Elna Kistler, Phyllis Stickland, Roberta Robb, Terry Dorland, Nancy Ottenger, Patricia Milloy, Dorodbea PsMhui, , Ginny Sanfaorn, Barbara Christensen. FIFTH ROW: Virginia Baker, Sally McKmney, Ruth Morettini, Stuart tfAdolph, Frank Forsbnrg, Ed Anstin, Bob Crommelin, Walter Tamley, ick Powen. Jin Low, Jim Barrett, Gerald Eltaert, Coe Kellogg, Joe Hazan, Hugh McKey, Jane WigMmai, Coe Schilling. SIXTH ROW: Dottie Miller, Bryant Smith, Paul Zydner, Arthur Jullock, Norm Carmichael, Bonrke Welch, Jerry Adams, Pan! Johns, Sanford Dickey, Phil Bonstin, Tom Young, Bill Briggs, Dick PendMon, Cartyn Froerer, Ruth Cate. SEVENTH ROW: ,h, Robert Bryson. Seymour Rase, Gil Pantonky, Dane Waugh, Bob Fisher, Everet Gale, Jack Norberg, Jack Solan, Dick D ' Arezn, Helen Pope, Wilma Nuotio, Keith Moses, Shirley TH ROW: Robert Merrill, Charlie Fish, Dan Manning, Dean Chain, Dick Thompson, Robert Rogers, Dwall Cooper, Frances Lake, Helen Goring, Ernest Bore), Herbert Miller, William Keastaey, Dick Fisos, Genny Hennessj, Be Hogai. WHEN the class of ' 49 gathers in the future the " do you remem- bers " will certainly include the events of this year. The Senior Rally in the Greek Theatre started the parade of good times, as a flaming " 49 " lit the first bon- fire of the year. Several break- fasts, a women ' s luncheon com- plete with a Magnin ' s fashion show, and numerous sings were sponsored by the ' 49ers. With the largest council in their history, plans were made to put the class in the " black " by having a Rum- mage Sale, highlighted by a Gay Nineties junkman. Thanks to the carefully laid plans of the active and enthusiastic council when Senior Week rolled around in June, the seniors had one last glorious fling as undergrads. An all-day excursion to sunny Santa Cruz, a barbecue, farewell ban- quets, and the pilgrimage to the favorite campus spots were some of the events before donning caps and gowns. Graduation night found the new graduates dancing to soft music at the Turf Club as they bade farewell to college joys. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, kf to right: Tom Tonkin, Doris Foreaker Honsman, Aito Takita, Bill Bagley. SECOND ROW: Charles Fish, Nancy Rieger, Dick Powers, Barbara Larsen, Ron Richards. BACK ROW: Seymour Rose, Paul Synder, Pat Brown, Jim Myering, Jim Barret. SEN ' O JMMITTEE FRONT ROW, toft to right: Tom Yomj, ft Rogers, Bob Merrill, Pail Zynder. BACK : - - :E . : : : .:--:: lingham, Sanford Dickey, Dick Brady, Harry THE ' 49ers started Senior Week festivities with a bang. Against the background of the White Horse Saloon a very appropriate name the cast presented an excellent show that brought roars of approval from the audience. The Back Bar Boys Beer Bottle Band, the talented danc- ing of Carl and Madge Lude, Dave Schenker ' s songs, and City Slicker Evert Shapiro ' s Com- edy made the show seem too short. The colorful and talented folk dancers added a realistic touch to the Old West theme of " Girls, Guns and Gold Dust " and made it look so easy that the audience was ready to try the next dance. Jim Meyering deserved orchids for his production and direction of one of the best shows to hit the Cal campus in many terms. VIC SCHWARTZ, Stage and Prop Manager SALLY LOCKETT, Choreography BOB MATTHIAS, Business Manager JIM MEYERING, Producer-Director SENIOR BALL To top off a gala week of festivities, seniors waltzed, sambaed and capered, surrounded by the sporting atmosphere of Golden Gate Fields Turf Club. ABBOTT, PATRICIA Sacramento General Curriculum AF. ABCARIAN, GILBERT Fresno International Relations Transfer from Fresno State College. ABDUL-BAKI ABEIMAN, RIAD M. PAULINE Beirut, Lebanon MIRIAM Civil Engineering Beaumont Transfer from The American General Curriculum University of North Gables; Beirut; ASCE. NSA; Treble Clef; Hillel. ABRAHAM, BARBARA JOY Los Angeles Psychology Transfer from UCLA; Treble Cleff. ABRAMS, DOLORES Santa Cruz Dramatic Art 4 M; Thalian; Speech Arts Club; University Theatre; WAA; Radio Workshop. ABRAMS, PHILIP Los Angeles Civil Engineering ASCE. ABRANTES, EMMA Oakland Spanish BK; AMF; Orientations. ACKERLY, WILLIAM FRANK Piedmont Forestry SAX; Forestry Club. ADAMS, ANDREW STANFORD San Francisco Physical Education. ADAMS, PHILIP Los Angeles Agriculture. ADAMS, JOHN STANLEY Denver Agriculture Transfer from University of Colorado; Calvin Club. ADAMS, PATRICIA ANN Stockton Art Beaudelaire; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; AH; Utrimque; Dorm. Coun. Pres. ADAMS, PAUL BURNHAM Boothbay Harbor Forestry Transfer from Colby College; Forestry Club; U. C. Yacht Club. ADAM, WALTER JOHN Orland Mechanical Engineering Bachelordon; ASME. ADILMAN, ADLER, ADLESON, ROWENA HOWARD FRANK Tel-Aviv, Israel LAWRENCE PHILIP Oakland Economics Berkeley Electrical Hawthorne House; International Chemical Engineering Engineering IRE. House; Hillel; Tower and Flame; IZFA. SAACS. AHERN, AHLBORN, RAYMOND GALE GREGORY Oakland Oakland Electrical Business Engineering Administration TBIT; HKN; ZX. AIEE. AHMADJIAN, HARRY AILMAN, GEORGE ALARID, RUTH ALBERTS, JACK ALCOCK, BARBARA G. ALDERSON, HARRY ALLEN, BARBARA ALLEN, ELIZABETH ALLEN, KERMIT ALLEN, NORR1S MILTON Whitinsville Long Beach ELIZABETH NICHOLAS Covina NORMAN Pasadena EVELYN STONAVIN Oakland Political Architecture Salinas Berkeley Social Welfare Oakland Political Science San Diego Akron, Ohio Economics. Science Transfer from Glendale Junior College; ASME. Transfer from Long Beach City College; K2. Physical Education Transfer from Salinas J. C.; Business Administration Transfer from Doane College; Epworth Hall; YWCA; I House; Chemical Engineering AXZ; American Society Chemical AXO; Pelican Women ' s Staff. General Curriculum r B; AMP; Pelican; Political Science A A; YMCA; Cercle Francais. Prospect Terrace. UC Symphony. Engineers. Elections Board; Little Theater. ALLEN, RAMONA Oakland ALLEN, SPENCER TURNER ALLEN, WILLIAM E. Berkeley ALLEWELT, BETTY JEAN Sacramento ALLISON, CLINTON EDWARD Accounting Blue and Gold, Junior Manager; ASUC Card Sales. Independence Business Administration Transfer from Graceland Business Administration 0X; Men ' s Coun- seling; Senior Council; Junior History Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. Berkeley Economics Transfer from Hastings College. College. Council. AMBROSE, DUDLEY CHARLES AMBROSINI, ARNOLD T. Santa Rosa AMES, CHARLES BURTON Northridge Poultry Husbandry Electrical Engineering Oakland Electrical Transfer from UCLA; AZ. Tower and Flame; Glee Club; AIEE; Engineering rA; UCSEE; UC Chorus; IES; AIEE; Soccer. Engineers Council. ANDERES, HAROLD FRANCIS San Francisco Forestry AZ; ANASTOLE, MARY A. San Francisco Music E 2; UC Music Club. Known about campus for his ever-present smile, Senior Prexy JAY MARTIN was always relied upon for good counsel at Senior Council, Cal Club, or Golden Bear meetings. Whenever he ap- peared in his First Lieutenant ' s bars he took a ribbing even though he was a mainstay of the PiKA intramural basketball team. ll ANDERSEN, ALFRED EUGENE Council Bluffs, Iowa History Transfer from University of Omaha. ANDERSEN, JEANNE EDNA Oakland General Curriculum A2A. ANDERSON, ARTHUR WILLIAM Walnut Creek Civil Engineering ANDERSON, BURTON ALBIN Salinas General Curriculum ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, CARL A. DALE DON DOROTHY EDWIN Popular, Mont. RAY WOLCOTT Glendale SELL Accounting Santa Rosa Oakland General Berkeley Bowles Hall; Food Technology Business Curriculum Chemistry Men ' s Counseling. AZ . Administration Women ' s A6. KAP; ; AAE; IFC; Junior Counseling; Elections Board; Farce. Card Sales; ASA. ANDERSON, GEORGE EDWARD Oakland Foreign Trade. ANDERSON, GEORGE FRANKLIN Portland, Ore. International Relations Transfer from George Wash- ington U.; A E. ANDERSON, GRETA CINNEA Richmond Decorative Art AZ; Junior Coun- cil; Intramural. ANDERSON, HOWARD ANDERSON, JAMES LEE ANDERSON, JANE LAWRENCE Piedmont Oakland Pontiac, Wash. Economics History Civil Transfer from AF; Education Engineering San Francisco JC; Club. Transfer from A8; $$; UCLA; ASCE. Winged Helmet; Varsity Track. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDREW, MARTIN ROBERT RUSSELL STANLEY JACK C. WILLIAM THOMAS GENE VICTOR Banning Oakland Oakland Van Nuys Oakland Foreign Trade Plant Pathology Anthropology General Philosophy ATQ; Cal Club; Transfer from Honor Students; Curriculum A E;Tower and Honor Students; University of Connecticut. Tower and Flame; AMF; Gymnastics. CSNS Interviewer; YMCA, Corres. Flame; Masonic Club; Cal Band. Winged Helmet; President ASUC; Secy. Rep-at- Large. ANDREWS ANDREWS, ANGELL, Jr. EDGAR RICHARD PHILLIP HERBERT DUVAL Berkeley Bakersfield San Bernardino Political History Business Science Transfer from Administration 2 . Bakersfield JC; Transfer from Honor Students; San Bernardino JC; Ski Club. I House. ANGELL, ROBERT WARREN Piedmont Business Administration X . ANGWIN, JAMES VINCENT Piedmont Business Administration IFC; 4A6; ACC; Rally Committee, Chairman; Fresh- man Basketball. ANTIPA, JUNE ELLEN San Francisco Speech AFA; YMCA; Senior Council; Symphony Forum; College Women ' s Club. APPLEBAUGH, CLARENCE RAY Coffeyville, Kans. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Compton JC; ZBT; ASME. ARDLEY, JANE P. Oakland History and Political Science Honor Students; Tower and Flame. ARENSON, PAUL JOSEPH Alameda Business Administration ZAE. ARIMOTO, ICHIRO JACK San Francisco Pharmacy Transfer from Sacramento JC. ARMERDING, MARY JANE Berkeley Architecture AAK; Architecture Association. ARMSTRONG, ALLEN H. Seattle, Wash. Business Administration A24 ; Circle " C " Society; Skull and Keys. ARMSTRONG, DAVID LIGON Ontario Genetics Transfer from Cal Tech; Bowles Hall; Honor Students; AZ. ARMSTRONG, JEAN MARIE Oroville Music KA; AM. ARMSTRONG, MEVA ELINOR Oakland Political Science Pelican; UC Flying Club; Winter Sports Club. ARNOLD, BETTY JANE Visalia Psychology Transfer from Visalia College; Oldenly-g Hall. ARNOLD, BEVERLY RAE San Francisco General Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco CC; Arch Place; Masonic Club. ARNOLD, CLEON MILLS Oak Park, III. Architecture. ARNOT, NANCY RUTH San Francisco General Curriculum KA. ; Prytanean; YWCA. ARON, WALTER K. South Pasadena Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. That Stanford is Stanford and Cal is Cal and never the twain shall meet was denied by friendly, brown-eyed ANN SCHWENK as she planned an August wedding with Stanfordite Paul. Pryt, Mortar Board, and Torch and Shield members loudly proclaimed the talents of this energetic sub-chairman of Orientations who occasionally relaxed at the Alpha house. ASAKURA, JUNICHI ASHLEY, CHARLES S. Los Angeles Fresno Landscape Architecture Agriculture Economics Transfer from Iowa State; A I Q; Landscape Assoc. Transfer from Fresno State; Bowles Hall; Ag Econ Club. AUSTIN, RICHARD JAMES Fresno Agriculture Forestry Transfer from Fresno State; 32$; Intramural; Forestry Club. A VI LA, DANIEL EUGENE Monterey Accounting BAGLEY, WILLIAM BAILEY, DONALD Woodacre WAYNE Economics San Diego ATfl; Winged Helmet; Honor Students; Rep-at- Large; Fr. Class President. Zoology Wildlife Conservation; Folk Dancing. BALCH, WILLIAM THOMAS Glenn Civil Engineering X2;TBn; ASCE. BALDELLI, HUGO San Diego Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College; ARE; AIEE. ASPERGER, PAUL OTTO Bakersfield Economics Transfer from Bakersfield JC; A2$; Honor Students. AWENIUS, CHARLES STANLEY Berkeley Industrial Relations SAM. BAILEY, JACK Stibnite, Idaho Mining Geology $K; 8T; 4 $; Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Football; IFC. BALFOUR, ROBERT VINTHER Berkeley Medicine. ASTURIAS, ATKINSON, ATTIX, MARIO BARBARA FRANK ARMANDO JEANNE HERBERT Guatemala San Mateo Berkeley Foreign Trade Social Welfare Physics Transfer from Transfer from BK. Loyola U; Dominican Coll. International Peixotto Hall; House; Swimming. Ski Club. AYERS, AZAROWICZ, BACH, DAVID EDWARD ELEANOR MONROE NICHOLAS MAGRUDER Great Falls, Hartford, Conn. Glendale Mont. Bacteriology Music Industrial Management Transfer from Pacific Union Transfer from UCLA. Transfer from College. Santa Rosa JC; A8; SAM. BAIN, GEORGE Berkeley Pharmacy BAIRD, JEAN MIRIAM San Jose General Curriculum AZ; Pelican; Occident; Soph. Council. BALL, GEORGE WASHBURN Napa Banking and Finance ZW; BB; Skull and Keys; Rugby Club. BANDTEL, KENNETH CHARLES Lakeport Electrical Engineering HKN;TBn BAKER , DONALD EUGENE Alameda Accounting BAT; BFS. BANNING, ROBERT JOHNSTON San Marino Economics T; Winged Helmet. ATTRIDE, WILLIAM Riverside Mechanical Engineering ASME. BAKER, JON San Francisco Civil Engineering ZN; BB; Big " C " Football; Rugby. BARANCIK, ROSALYN KAY Chicago, III. English Transfer from UCLA; and U. of Illinois; Joaquin Hall; Honor Students. AU, EDWARD Sacramento Business Administration Transfer from Sacramento JC; nA4 ; Chinese Student Club. BAKER, MARGARETTA Sacramento Music Transfer from Modesto JC; Stern Hall; AM; Honor Students; Symphony Forum. BARBER, JUSTIN FREDRIC Campbell Civil Engineering n KA; Sr. Class Council; Art Bureau. AUSTIN, EDUARDO DIAZ SERRANO San Juan del Monte, Rizal, Philippines Political Science ASUC Yell Leader. BACKMAN, BACKUS, BADER, RICHARD SAMUEL DAY MAX LEON FITZGERALD Palo Alto Vallejo Berkeley Political Finance Economics Science AS ; Men ' s A8; Honor Transfer from Counseling. Students; Junior Oregon State President; Soph College; B8II. Council. BAKER, VIRGINIA ANN San Marino General Curriculum SK; Jr. and Sr. Council; Elections Board. BARBER, MARGARET Los Angeles History Colonial Hall; Masonic Club. AUSTIN, HAWTHORNE DENT Santa Barbara Insurance Blue and Gold; Mining Engineer- ing Society. BADGLEY, NORMAN Santa Maria Petroleum Engineering Transfer from Santa Maria JC; Cloyne Court; Mining Assoc. BAKKE, JACK C. Berkeley Agriculture Economics. BARBIERI, MARIE JEANNE San Francisco Public Health Nursing RN ' s on Campus; Newman Club. Number one man in the ASUC was efficient politician JACK ANDREW. Interested in international affairs, he spent the last two summers in Europe. ATO brothers saw him in his office between his many meetings. One of the few ways to ruffle his composure was to add an " s " to his last name. BARDES, MARY JUNE Calistoga Social Welfare Colonial Hall; Dormitory Council; Red Cross. BARKENHUS, JOSEPH FRANK San Francisco Economics. BARHITE, RICHARD G. Pasadena Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; TB n ; Scabbard and Blade; XE; ASCE. BARLETTA, ROBERT J. New York Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Case Institute of Technology. BARLOW, WILLIAM REX Taft Petroleum Geology AXA. BARNATO, VINCENT AUGUST Roscoe ' Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME; Newman Club. BARNECUT, HOPE JENSEN Oakland Architecture AAF. BARNECUT, BARNES, BARNES, RUSSEL BARBARA RICHARD WILLIAM ADELE Bakersfield San Francisco San Francisco Electrical Architecture Public Health Engineering Transfer from Nursing AIEE. San Franc isco International JC; VAK. House. BARNETT, JOSEPH BARNISE, ANTHONY BARNWELL, JOHN THOMAS MANNING LEONARD Merame, N. C. San Diego Berkeley Electrical Business Biological Engineering Administration Chemistry Transfer from Big " C " Society; Transfer from UCLA; Honor Students; HKN; IRE; UCSEE. Baseball. Sacramento JC; A24 ; SAACS; UCRS. BARONOVICH, FRANCIS J. BARR III, PRESTON Ketchikan. Alaska Forestry Akron, Ohio Business Administration Transfer from U. of Alaska; A2 ; BK; Honor Students; Crew. Banking and Finance. BARR, JR. ROGER Sacramento Optometry Transfer from Sacramento JC; BK. BARNETT, JR. JAMES CANNON Oakland Business Administration Transfer from U. of Idaho; A TO; Sr. Council. BARRETT, RICHARD W. San Francisco Economics. BARRIE, BEVERLY JEAN Berkeley General Curriculum KAO. BARROS, WILLIAM LOUIS Hanford Business Administration Big " C " Society; Ball and Chain; Track, Sr. Manager. BARROWS, HOWARD STRONG BARRY, NELSON CLYDE BARSTEN, CLIFFORD ELMER BARTHOLOMEW, WILLIAM STANLEY BARTLETT, BEVERLY JEAN San Francisco Walnut Grove Richmond Berkeley Oakland Zoology Transfer from San Mateo JC; Honor Students; Pre-Med Society. Economics ATA; BB; Skull and Keys; IFC. Business Administration. Geology Transfer from San Francisco JC; 8T; UC Mining Assoc. General Curriculum AA A; Pelican; YWCA. BARTLETT, PATSY LEILA San Mateo German BV; AMF; Radio Workshop; WAA; Vigilantes; UC Chorus; War Bd. BARTOK, JOHN STEPHAN Dixon History Transfer from U. or Columbia. BARTON, ROBERT RANKIN Willows Agricultural Economics 82; Baton; Cal Band; Ski Club; Yacht Club. BARTZ, DONALD ROBERT Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ex. BATCHELDER, CLAIRE MAJORIE San Francisco English. BATCHELDER, NANCY BATES, BARBARA BAUML, MARTHA BAXTER, RALPH BAYLESS, CARLETON BEAN LAND, LEONARD MANNING ELIZABETH ELIZABETH FELIX ARDELL CLAYTON Rumford, R. I. San Francisco Berkeley Van Nuys San Diego Stockton General Social Welfare French Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Curriculum. AXQ; Blue and AZ; Honor Engineering Physics Engineering Gold; Pelican; Students; Treble Transfer from Assoc. Am. Physics Transfer from Public Relations; Clef; UC Chorus. UCLA; Cal Teachers; IRE; Stockton JC; Sophomore Council. Engineer; ASME. American Physical ASME. Society. BEATTY, ROBERT BEATTY, MARY BECK, DOROTHY E. BECK, DOROTHY ALAN LOUISE Walnut Grove JUNE Portland, Ore. Redding English Oakland American Literature History Epwcrth Hall; UC KKF; Prytanean; Election Board Ch; Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Little Theatre. Chorus; Masonic Club; YWCA; Red Blue and Gold, Assoc. Ed; ACC Utrimque; WSSF; Cross. Sub-Ch; Rally Orientations. Comm. Ask who ate more than cohorts at Mortar Board meetings and the answer is life loving MARGIE GLEASON. Cal Club, Prytanean and Torch and Shield also claimed this quietly efficient DeeGee, who dabbled in " a few " activities while turning out beautiful argyles. Sorority sisters tell of her success story jeep to Ford in one easy birthday. BECK, JAMES FINLEY Artesia Electrical Engineering Transfer from Long Beach JC; HKN; AIEE. BELL, ROBERT JOHN Sioux Falls, S.D. Banking and Finance Yacht Club. BENTON, EVEREST A. Richmond Business Administration BERTOLONE, ANNE MARCELLA Petaluma Accounting Transfer from Santa Rosa JC; Honor Students; YWCA. f f % f " P rl BECKER, ROBERT CHARLES San Francisco Mechanical Engineering BECKERS, BECKET, BECKMAN, BEGIN, FRANCIS JEAN E. WILLIAM HENRY GERARD Woodland ALBERT LOUIS San Francisco English Aptos Chisholm, Business Administration Transfer from U.C. at Davis Accounting Transfer from Maine Political Freeborn Hall; San Francisco CC; Science Honor Students; Bowles Hall; Transfer from AMF; NSA. Intramural. University of Maine. BENAS, RICHARD BENHAM, ARTHUR BENIOFF, ALEXIS BENJAMIN, RUTH LLOYD GEORGE San Francisco LINCOLN Oakland Rio Vista Business Redlands Political Business Administration; Political Science Administration Tower and Flame; Science AM;Honor Students; AZA Music Club. AKA;Orientations Junior Council. Crew. Honor Students Society; ETA-Z BENTSON, RAYMOND DON San Diego Civil Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College BERTRAM, KATHRYN JANE San Francisco A ; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Blue and Gold YWCA; Intramural; Speech Arts Club BERARD, JACK BRANSON Norfolk, Virginia Foreign Trade BEST, CLEBERN EDWARD Oakland Engineering ASME; SAM. BERG, JACK DOUGLAS Oakland English; Transfer from University of Washington Daily Cal. BEST, OTTO GEORGE Castro Valley Industrial Engineering Transfer from Montana School of Mines; ASNE. BERG, WALTER ALBERT Wilmar Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Pasadena JC Junior Council; Newman Club Pres. BETTS, ARCHIE SUTTER Oakland Civil Engineering ASCE; NROTC BENNETT, HARLAN C. Sacramento Economics; Men ' s Counciling; Orientations; Sophomore Council. BERGMAN, RAYMOND S. San Francisco Optometry BEVAN, LOREN ROLAND Curtis, Nebr. Accounting Transfer from Colorado University; E; BAT BERGSTROM, INGRID G. Gothenburg, Sweden Psychology Transfer from University of Gothenburg; I House. BIALAE JAMES T. Beverly Hills Business Administration Transfer from Santa Monica City College. BERMINGHAM, ARNOLD JOHN Oakland Mechanical Engineering BIALER, IRVING New York, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering Cloyne Court; ASME. B.I BEISER, BELL, BELL, ALVIN BARBARA CHARLES PHILLIP ANN REID Los Angeles Altadena Fresno Civil Social Welfare Industrial Engineering Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Occidental; Transfer from Kansas City JC n B S ; WSSF; Fresno State TB n ; XE; Senior Class College; ASCE. Council; ex. Symphony Forum. BENNETT, BENNETT, BENOIT, JEAN MARY LORRAINE A. PATRICIA SNOWDAN Salinas San Francisco Berkeley Nursing AF. General Transfer from Curriculum Santa Barbara; Transfer from Colonial Hall. U.C. at Davis. AAX. BIEBER, ROBERT ALLAN Humboldt, Iowa Mathematical Statistics Transfer from Penn State College. BERNARDI, ANTHONY JOSEPH San Francisco General Curriculum KAP. BELL, MARGARET JEAN Pasadena Accounting Mitchell Hall. BENSON, HOWARD ROBERT Brooklyn, N.Y. Business Administration Baton; 2AM; Cal Band. BERTHELSON, LYNNEA JANE San Carlos English Transfer from San Francisco JC; Colonial Hall; AAS. BIENAPFL, RUSSELC. Virginia, Minn. Social Sciences Transfer from Virginia JC; Newman Club; Photography Club. A sound-thinking crusader was Welfare Council Chairman WARREN SALTZMAN who was the rare combination of an idealist and a realist. Between terms ZBT brothers and friends heard him say " I do " to Ann Brookman. Scoring 99 on his aptitude test, law school should be a snap for this Phi Bete. BIGELOW, JAMES SCHNACK Riverside Engineering Mineral Exploration Transfer from Riverside JC. BISK), RAYMOND P. San Bruno Dramatic Art Transfer from SFJC; Thalian; Hammer and Dimmer; Glee Club-2sem; Poll-lsem. BISSELL, DONALD MELLOR Stockton Civil Engineering Transfer from Stockton JC; ASCE. BITTNER, WILLIAM EDWARD Sacramento Physiology Transfer from Calif. Inst. of Technology BJORNESTAD, EDWARD RALPH Santa Rosa Mechanical Engineering BJORNESTAD, NANCY GRANT Pasadena Political Science Phrateres. BLACK, BILLIE BERNIECE Denair History Transfer from Modesto X; Morton Hall. BLACK, JR. HOLLIS MANSFIELD Cloverdale Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; Glee Club; Crew. BLACKBURN, WILLIAM BLAIR San Marino Agricultural Economics Transfer from Northwestern University. BLACKFIELD, EVA R. Oakland German Hillcrest Hall; AMF; Ad Serv- ice Bureau; Masonic Club. BLAIR, FAY H. McCammon, Idaho Accounting Track Cross Country BLECHER, BARBARA JEAN Daly City English Epworth Hall BLEND, LESLIE RALPH Eureka Electrical Engineering Transfer from SanMateoJC. BLOSSOM, EDSON DOYLE La Vf- Mechanical Engineering ASME. BLOSTEIN, PAUL JEROME Phoenix, Ariz. General Curriculum Transfer from Bethel College; Oxford Hall. BLUM, JULIUS R. Rochester, N.Y. Mathematical Statistics 11 ME BLUNT, KEITH T. Shenandoah, Iowa Accounting Transfer from De Paul Univer- sity; SAM; Li- brary Canm.; Wtslcyan Club. BOCCI, JANET ELIZABETH San Francisco General Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco City College. BODINE, MARJOR1E D. Pasadena Decorative Art Transfer from Pomona College; A ; Blue and Gold; Intramral. BOIES, JR. ROBERT OTIS Marysville Business Administration Honor Students; BAT; Glee Club. BOLTE, JAMES ANDERSON Berkeley Labor Relations BOLTON, ALFRED A. JR. San Jose Industrial Engineering Transfer from San Jose State e ; ASME; SAM. BONDOLFI, BONSTIN, BOONOS, BOONOS, BOOTH, EDWARD PHILLIP B. HELEN G. MARY G. CAROL VICTOR Berkeley Modesto Modesto MARY Redwood City General Social Welfare Social Welfare Berkeley Public Health and Sanitation Curriculum XT; ; Transfer from Modesto JC; Transfer from Modesto JC; General Curriculum Transfer from Senior Council; Cunningham Hall; Cunningham Hall; KAS. San Mateo JC; Men ' s Counseling Honor Students; Honor Students; Pre-med. Society E S. MX BOREL, ERNEST EUGENE Auburn Economics Transfer frcrn Placer College; eS; Men ' s Counseling; Senior Council; Crew. BOSMAJIAN, JR. HAIG ARAM Fresno Speech Transfer from Reedley College. BOTHWELL, CHRISTINE Oakland General Curriculum AOII; V:-:;- tart Prytanean; Panile; Honor Students; Daily Call BOTHWELL, LEROY MORRISON Redlands Chemical Engineering Transfer from Sar Bf--.v: -? JC; ASCE. BOUCHET, ROBERT E. Berkeley Transfer from SFJC; Forestry Club BOUTLIZKY, AUIGDOR Berkeley General Curriculum MWEN BETTY LORREE Marysville General Curriculum Transfer from fltaJC; Epworth Hall. BOWEN, JUNE Berkeley International Relations Labor Board Chairman. BOWENS, ISABEL COLLEEN San Francisco Public Administration Epworth Hall; Cal Engineer; Senior Council. BOWER, HAROLD ROBERT Boise, Idaho Physiology Transfer from BOWERS, JOHN HENRY Modesto Fine Arts Transfer from Modesto JC; AE. BOWLES, JR. FREDERICK THOMAS Long Beach Agricultural Transfer from UC at Davis. BOWMAN, HARRY RICHARD CorteMadera Electrical Engineering Transfer from MarinJC; nicClub. " Say it with music " said the little gal, and music major Bob Porter must have, for now sporting a beautiful diamond is JEAN SUFFERN. Making beautiful music together, Jean and Bob created words and music for Mask and Dagger revues, and while avidly collecting pins Mortar Board, Pryt, etc. Jean was Chief Justice at Women ' s Judicial meetings. g I. BOYLE, HOWARD AVARS Berkeley Political Science Varsity Debate BRACKEN, DONALD L. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering TBO; ASME. BRADLEY, DANIEL MICHAEL Richmond Zoology Transfer from Marine JC. BRANDON, HAROLD S. Clovis Biochemistry Transfer from Fresno State. BRANDT, GRETA D. Richmond General Curriculum Transfer from Berlin, Germany; Honor Student; Society. BRAUER, FRED WALTER, JR. Mill Valley Business Administration Transfer from UCLA. BRAUN, LEO Fresno Civil Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; ASCE BRAUNSTEIN, GLADYS Brooklyn English Transfer frcm Univ. of Mich.; USCA. BREINER, WILLIAM Pasadena Business Administration S4 ; Track. BRELSFROD, BARBARA JUNE Berkeley General Curriculum ZTA; Pelican; Phrateres; Women ' s Vigilantes. BREWER, JANET LOUISE Berkeley English AXQ; Prytanean; Cal. Engineer; Senior Class Council; WSSF. BREWER, ROBERT A. Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; International House. BRICKMAN, BERNARD San Francisco Pharmacy Transfer from City College of San Francisco BRILEY, ROBERT NEAL Phoenix, Ariz. Social Welfare Transfer from West Kentucky BRILL, ARTHUR S. Philadelphia Physics Transfer from U. of Pennsylvania; Copy Editor of BRINK, DALE WILLARD Sacramento Agriculture Economics Agriculture BRISTOW, GERARD JOSEPH Berkeley Civil Engineering XE; ASCE. State College the California Economics Club. Engineer. BROCKMAN, BROLLIAR, BROMBERG, SYLVIA LESTER HAROLD HARVEY PAUL Berkeley Los Angeles San Pablo International General Curriculum History Relations Transfer from Transfer from Daily Cal; UCLA. Bakersfield JC; Sports Club. Honor Student; UC History Club. BRONSON, RAYMOND BRYAN Pleasant Grove, Utah Marketing AAS; SAM. BROODING, RICHARD DAVID BRORBY, ROBERT PAUL BROUDY, JANICE BEVERLY BROOKS, ELINORE M. Berkeley BROUGHER, ROBERT W. Portland, Ore. BROWN, BETTY JEAN BROWN, CON LEY SHEARIN Oakland Marketing San Francisco Jurisprudence San Francisco Political Science History Transfer from Forestry Transfer from Warren, Penn. Philosophy Yreka Speech FA; Senior Peace Committee; BK; Debating. AE . SFJC; AFA; College Women ' s Oregon State College. Transfer from Southern Seminary Advertising Club Juniors. Service Bureau. BROWN, DAVID LYALL Orland Mathematics University Christian Fellowship BROWN, JAMES LeROY Tracy Electrical Engineering BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, BROWN, JAMES MARJORIE PATRICIA MERLE MARVIN ROBERTA FEARN CLINTON Salt Lake City San Francisco Oakland Alamogordo, Oriental Language Psychology Political Science N.M. Transfer from U. of Utah;SH. Stratford Hall. SK;; NSA; YWCA; Intra- Industrial Management mural; JR. and JR. Class Council. BROWN, RICHARD EDGAR Oakland Business Administration President of Newman Club. BROWN, ROBERT MERLE Sacramento Agriculture Economics Transfer from UC at Davis; HKA; Ski Club. BROWN, RUSSELL A. San Francisco Bacteriology BROWN, SANDRA Lafayette Decorative Art XSJ; Art Bureau; YWCA Cabinet; Intramural. BROWN, WARREN WILLIAM Atwater Wildlife Conservation BROWNE, BEVERLY Daily Cal girls found that the best way to please manager JACK SMITH was to knit argyle socks for him. This busy little man was also an enthusiastic party goer. Bidding goodbye to Cal in February, energetic and business minded Jack is working toward his first million. BRUCE, GLO=!i MURRAY Palm Springs French USC.-Epworth Hall. BRUCE CORDON MONROE Oakland Marketing BRUCE, ROBERT SEWELL San Rafael Mechanical Engineering ASME. BRUNSKILL, RUTH ELLEN Richmond Speech Treble Clef; Masonic Club; OAt Science Society. BRUSATORI, EUGENE R. El Cerrito General Transfer from UCLA; SO. BRUSCHERA, JAMES El Cerrito MX iZ BRYAN, BRYAN, BRYSON, BULLOCK, NAOMI RUTH WILMA ROBERT G. KENT ALAN SanMateo JANET San Jose Oakland BBBBBI Sacramento Electrical International Transfer from Regional Group Engineering Relations SanMateoX; Honor Students; Major on Hispanic America Occident, Manager; AIEE; n K ; BK; AMT; A E; YWCA. AZ; Blue and Sen:or Ccuncil. n 2A; HX ' Gold; Standards Blue and Gold; Commission; NSA. Senior Council. BUEERMANN, JOHN R. Oakland Transportation Winter Sports ' Club; Intramural. BUEKER FREDERICK L. Oakland Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Kansas State 7: ' ;. iSVi BUETTNER, STANLEY HENRY Masonic Club. MKC AM MONROE TulcLake Pre-Medkine Honor Students. BUNNELLE, PHILIP RUSSELL S3 " D --- ' : Engineering I House; TBH; Glee Club; ASK; Gymnastics. BURDETT, SETH THOMAS Evanston, Wyo. General BURG, TKE; Counseling. FELLERS Nor York, N.Y. Social Welfare Transfer from UCLA; KA; SUdent Relations Committee. SURGE, DAVID EDWIN Alberta, Canada Chemistry; AXZ. HKEI DONALD JOSEPH BURKE, JACQUELINE JEAN San Francisco San Francisco Marketing Transfer from San Francisco City College Psychology Transfer from San Francisco City College. BURKE, I UCILLE W. ClareiMnt Social Welfare Transfer from Chaff ey College. BURLEY, BEATRICE ELSIE South Pasadena History Transfer from Pasadena JC; A AX; Horton Hall. BURLINGAME, TOMMY EARL Rapid City, Mich. Civil Engineering Transfer from Santa Rosa JC; AFZ; ASCE. BURNELL, SHIRLEY MAE Oakland Marketing Newman Club BURNS, HARRIETTS RANDOLPH Woodside History ASA; Orien- tations; YMCA; Pelican; Engi- neer; Election Bd. BURNS, WALTER JAMES Riverside Civil Engineering Transfer from Riverside ..- : :: =-,= BURR, LOWELL GEORGE Stockton General Transfer from University of Oregon; AB. BURRELL, BURT, BURTON, JR. HUGH W. DALET. HAROLD San Francisco Kentfield VICTOR Zoology Political Science Chicago, III. UC Symphony; Pre-med Society; Stem Hall; Senior Ceuncil; Marketing Transfer from YachtClub. University of Wvomhn; ZX; Scabbard and Blade. BURTO WALTER :;. mi Engineering BUSH, PAUL EDWIN Richmond Optonetry I E; Associated Students of Optonetry. BUSSE, ROBERT HENRY San Francisco Merchandising Daily Cal. Sports Staff. BUSSEE, LA VAUGHN McVICKER Richmond Personnel Administration xe. BUSTERNA, MARGY San Francisco Hanson House, Ad Service Bureau; Radio Workshop. BYERLY, PERRY EDWARD Geophysics ATA; BK; 0T. BYERS, ARLEEN F. Ventura Transfer from UCLA; KA. BYRD, ROBERT EUGENE Los Angeles Foreign Trade Transfer from Occidental College; Masonic Club. CAHILL, CECILIA MARY San Francisco History Winter Sports Club, Newman Club. CAIRNS, JANE NISTLE Modesto Political Science Transfer from College of Pacific; AOH; Senior Council. Flowers in ker hair and a smile on her face are characteristics of ASUC vice-president MADELAINE HOLCOMB. " Hockie " was always ready to discuss the political situation with friends on Morur Board, Cal CM, and Pryt; and Kappa sistm swear by her ability to win dummam at the Alley with her husky voke. Kmtn A i CALAMARO, RAPHAEL FINO Cairo, Egypt Civil Engineering Transfer from Ecole Francaise d ' Ingenieurs. CALDER, DOLORES LORRAINE Monterey History Ritter Hall; Cal Engineer; Dorm Council; Intramural CALDWELL, WILLIAM A. Glendale Industrial Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME; Newman Club. CALL, ANNETTE T. Albany General Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco Junior College AA2; Treble Clef. CALLAHAN, ROBERT Z. San Mateo Forestry Transfer from San Mateo JC; AS ; B211; Atn; Circle C; Soccer; Forestry Club. CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH CAMILLE Albany English ZTA; Pelican; Engineer; Class Councils. CAMPBELL, PHILIP R. Vallejo Far Eastern Studies Transfer from Vallejo JC. CANNAU, CAPORALETTI, CARACAUSA, JOHN RAF1N GINO A. ALBERT Detroit, Mich. San Diego MARION Civil Electrical Anaheim Engineering Engineering Physiology Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Harvard; ASCE. UCLA; UCSEE; USC; Interna- AIEE; IRE. tional House; Yacht Club; Newman Club. CARBERRY, CARDIFF, CARITHERS, CARLSON, CARLSON, CARLSON, ROBERT J. JOANNE M. ANNE EDWIN JAQUELINE KENNETH San Francisco Altadena Santa Rosa JULIUS Jamestown WILLIAM Industrial Political General El Cerrito Speech Fresno Engineering Science Curriculum Business Mortar Board; Mechanical AAA; Pelican; Transfer from Administration Torch and Shield; Engineering Orientations; Pomona College; Prytanean; Rep- Transfer from Vigilantes; NSA; A$; Panhellenic. at-Large; ACC; Fresno State; Poll Committee. Orientations ASME; ASAE. Council. CARLSON, ROBERT L. Eureka Industrial Engineering Bowles Hall; ASME. CARMICHAEL, CARPE, NORMAN BERNARD JOSEPH Oakland Oakland Engineering Art KAP; Pelican; Veteran Council; Masonic Club; Senior Council. CARRASCO, JEAN San Francisco History Transfer frcm San Francisco CC; Cheney Hall; Ski Club; Newman Club. CARROLL, DOUGLAS CHARLES Merced Psychology Transfer from Fresno State College CARROLL, WESLEY CLYDE Oakland Accounting Transfer from San Francisco City College; Newman Club. CARROLL, WILLIAM A. Corcoran Economics Bowles Hall t H2; Honor Students; Men ' s Judicial, Ch; ACC; Orienta- tions, Ch. CARROTHERS, MYRON WESLEY Berkeley Speech Masonic Club. CARRUTHER, GUY San Francisco Journalism Golden Bear; ez ; Cal Club; Daily Cal, Ed.; Executive Comm.; Publications Council. CARSON, JAMES ALBERT Chicago, III. Mechanical Engineering ASME. CARSON, MARY SUSANNE Berkeley General Curriculum KKP; Ace of Clubs; Pelican; Election Bd. CARTER, PATRICIA ANN Berkeley Home Economics Lantana Lodge; Home Econ Club; WAA; Masonic Club. CARTWRIGHT, MARGARET PRINCE El Centro Social Welfare Transfer from San Diego State College; YWCA. CARTWRIGHT, GILBERT D. Phoenix, Ariz. Accounting A A. CASE, HARRIET JEANNE Pasadena Political Science ZTA; Women ' s Counseling; YWCA; Cal Engineer. CASEY, DONALD FRANKLIN Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. CASEY, JAMES PATRICK San Mateo Civil Engineering AXA; XE; ASCE; Newman Club. CASQUEIRD, EDWARD PHILLIP Oakland Foreign Trade Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. CASTLE, IRENE LINA Los Angeles Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Transfer from UCLA; Derm Ccun. CATE, RUTH IDA Salt Lake City Speech Transfer from University of Utah; 4 M; Eta-Z; Little Theatre; Senior Council. CATHCART, KATHARINE IRENE Berkeley Social Welfare YWCA; WAA; Folk Dance Club; Utrimque. CAUCH, WILLIAM FRANK Berkeley Business Administration KS; Skull and Keys; BB. CAVALLARO, GIOVANNI Messina, Italy Marketing Transfer from University of Venice. CESMAT, JAMES LOUIS Bakersfield Chemical Engineering Transfer from Bakersfield College. : A 1947 choice for All-American on a certain Hollywood lovely ' s Best Looking Football Team, JACK SWANER, the Coalinga Cava- lier, is also a shot-putter on the track team. Majoring in Forestry, this Lambda Chi is an avid hunter and fisherman and devotes off hours to coaching girls ' touch-tackle football teams. CHA1X, CHALLISS, CHALMERS, JR. CHAMBERS, DEAN BEATRICE ROBERT ROBERT Rutherford Los Angeles WALLACE WARNER Business Political Hilo, Hawaii Los Gatos Administration Science Mechanical Pre-Medical Transfer from KA ; Prytanean; Engineering AKE. University of Fanile; Honor E; ASME; Washington; Del Students; ARE; Engineer Rey; Sr. Coun. Women ' s Judicial Day Ch; Comm. Engineers Coun. CHAN, CHESTER Sacramento Entomology Transfer from Sacramento College. CHAN, GAING WING Oroville Medical Science Honor Students; Chinese Student Club. CHANCEY, THEODORE S. Bryant, Okla. Forestry Transfer from Lcs Angeles City College. CHANDLER, JAQUELINE Vallejo Speech Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; Senior Council; Treble Clef. CHANG, LLOYD HAROLD Spanishtown, Jamaica Soil Science. CHARTER, ARLINGTON Oakland Business Administration CHEILEK, CHENEY, ROBERT RICHARD MILO COOK San Francisco Los Angeles Business Electrical Administration. Engineering Transfer from UCLA; IRE. CHENOWETH, ALYCE ANNE Sebastopol Medical Lab. Technician Sherman Hall. CHESSIN, FLORENCE SELENE Santa Monica Recreation 1 ransfer from Ohio State; YWCA; Recreation Majors Club Pres. CHEW, ERWIN KING Oakland Business Administration Chinese Student Club. CHILD, CHILDRESS, BARBARA W. EARL M. Sacramento San Diego Child Psychology Development Transfer from Stem Hall; BK; San Diego State. Prytanean; Honor Students; WSSF; YWCA Cabinet. CHILDS, JR. CHINN, HENRY HENRY EVERETT Fresno Rumford, R. I. Engineering Transfer from Civil Rhode Island ASCE. State College; TKE. CHIN, IVA San Francisco Food Technology. CHIN, CHINN, CHINN, CHINN, CHOATE, TING FLORENCE GEORGE THOMAS ROBERT San Francisco Sacramento Y!M San Francisco BURNETT Social Welfare Physiology San Francisco Industrial Berkeley Chinese Club. Transfer from Business Engineering Civil Sacramento JC; Administration KA4 ; UC Box- Engineering Honor Students; Transfer from ing Team. Transfer from Chinese Students; San Francisco Harvard Uni- Pre-Med Society. City College. versity; ASCE. CHRIST, LUCILLE ELEANORE Long Beach Chemistry Transfer front University of Redlands. CHRISTENSEN, BARBARA ANN San Francisco Economics Transfer from San Francisco City College; ATA; Women ' s Counseling. CHRISTENSEN, JANET RUTH San Francisco Accounting. CHRISTENSEN, LELAND Berkeley Foreign Trade Transfer from Iowa State; Circle " C " ; Wrestling. CHRISTIAN, CURTIS G. Binghamton, N. Y. Chemistry. CHRISTOFFERSON, C HUN EDWARD San Francisco History KA . SOOK FONG Honolulu, Hawaii Far Eastern Studies Mitchell Hall; O n ; Chinese Students Club. CHUN, JOE RONAL Sacramento Electrical Engineering. CHURCH, DONALD ROBINSON Oakland Accounting n KA; Senior Peace Committee; Living Group Council Pres. CHURCH, HMUON ANN Salinas General Curriculum n B ; Blue and Geld; Winter Sports Club CHURCHILL, MARIANA, I. San Diego Public Health Nursing Transfer from San Diego State; Newman Club; WSSF. CINNAMOND, GORDON Oakland General Curriculum Transfer from San Mateo JC; CLABAUGH, WILLIAM J. Mangum, Okla. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of Oklahoma; Honor Students; ASME. CLAPP, ALLEN KENNETH Berkeley Forestry Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Forestry Club. CLARE, JANE K. Bakersfield Journalism Honor Students; Pelican; Sr. Council; NSA; Counseling. 1 Typical All-American girl DAWN PAWSON could be found around Hearst Gym where she presided over WAA. Women ' s 1 C, " Nu Sigma Psi, Pryt, and Mortar Board meetings were also on her agenda. A swimming fan, she assisted at the pool and spent many hours at the Athens Club. rr- CLARFIELO, CLARK, CLARK, CLINE, ROBERT COLLEEN EDWIN VICTOR Oakland San Francisco Los Angeles El Monte Chemical General Forest Psychology Engineering Curriculum Entomology Cloyne Court; AM; Senior r; AXA; AZ; Entomology AAS. Class Council; College Women ' s Club. Chemical Engineer- Club; Election ing Club. Board. CLOCK, CAROLYN Long Beach English I IB . CLOKIE, HUGH Petaluma Bio-Chemistry Transfer from University of Manitoba. COE, ALLEN R. Berkeley Optometry Glee Club. COFFIN, MARY SUE Piedmont Political Science AAA; Blue and Gold; Red Cross; YWCA. COHEN, MYRON M. Oakland Physiology. COHN, HERBERT LEWIS San Francisco Business Administration 11 A . COHN, COHN, COHN, COLBURN, IRWIN MERRILL RICHARD HERBERT Lafayette San Francisco Sacramento Hollywood Personnel Civil Economics Agricultural Administration Engineering 6AX; Jr. Council; Economics and Labor Rela- Scabbard and Ball and Chain; TKE; Masonic tions Blade; ASCE; Pelican. Club; Winter Rugby; Handball Team. Sports Club; Rugby Club. I House. COLE, JERRY Pacific Grove Production Control Transfer from Salinas JC; ATA; Card Sales; Track. COLE, JERRY San Diego Civil F.ngineering Transfer from San Diego State College; ASCE; Calvin Club. COFFIN, JR. NAYLOR ELMER Berkeley Electrical Engineering YMCA; AIEE. COLE, WILLIAM MORTON San Francisco Foreign Trade Transfer from University of San Francisco; ATQ. COLEMAN, LARRY KING Long Beach History Transfer from Long Beach City College. COLEMAN, THOMAS WILLIAM Sacramento Spanish Transfer from Sacramento JC; International House; Honor Students. COLEN, BILLY COLESCOTT, ROBERT Berkeley Oakland Chemical Engineering Transfer from Texas A and M; SAACS. Art Transfer from San Francisco State; Pelican. COLLIN, ROBERT Green Brae Advertising Transfer from Marin Jr. College; IN; Skull and Keys; BB. COLLINS, LEO Alameda Genetics A X2; Tower and Flame; Welfare Council. COLMAN, COMBS, MARILYN WILSON San Francisco Oakland International Architecture Relations BX; Architecture Stebbins Hall; Association. Honor Students; II SA; Masonic Club; WAA. COMSTOCK, KATHERINE HARRIET CONDON, ALVERN CHARLES San Francisco Visalia General Curriculum ASA; Cal Engineer; Senior Council. Finance Transfer from Visalia Junior College; 82. CONE, RUSSELL GLENN San Francisco Journalism Transfer from College of Marin; SAX. CONKLIN, HOWARD LESTER Elmira, N. Y. Medicine X; PBK; Honor Students. CONNER, SHERRILL Alameda Political Science N; Rugby Club. CONNETT, MAHLON Piedmont Pre-Medical. CONNORS, RUSSELL Los Angeles Structural Engineering Acacia; ; ASCE. CONRAD, EDWARD Oakland Physics. CON ROW, THOMAS CONSTABLE, GEORGE CONVERSE, LEONA CONWAY, EDWARD CONWAY, ROBERT COOGAN, JOHN HARLAN Ontario Santa Rosa REUKEMA JAMES RICHARD Fresno Forestry Transfer from Chaffey College; 3S n ; Rifle Team; Forestry Club. Trade and Traffic Management Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. Berkeley AM; ON; K ; Wesley Founda- tion; Home Economics Club. Los Angeles Political Science II K ; AMI ' ; Symphony Forum. San Francisco Business Administration eS; ! . Electrical Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; AIEE; IRE. Tall, red-headed VAUGHN DAVIS left the B G associate man- agers desk each day to hurry home to wife Wanda in San Fran- cisco. A training course in child care was recommended for this soft-spoken Econ major who will soon be tagged " Pop " by his many friends. COOKE, JOHN Berkeley General Curriculum COR1SON, JAMES BUSHNILL Ontario General Curriculum KS, Winged Helmet. COOK, VERHON OSMOND Tremonton, Utah Physics Transfer from U. of Utah; AAS. CORNELL, LENORE ARLENE Los Altos Pre-Medical Transfer from San Jose State. COOKSON, JAMES PAUL Sacramento Accounting nKA;BAT; Little Theater. CORRIGAN, JOHN EMMETT San Francisco Journalism AX; Daily Califomian; Pelican. COONEY, JO ANNE Evanston, III. English. COSTELLO, HOWARD WESLEY Rochester, Min Physical Education Baseball. COONLEY, COOPER, COOPER, COOPS, JERRY O ' NEIL CLARENCE WILLIAM HAROLD San Francisco DUVALL . EDWARD VAN International Phoenix, Ariz. Berkeley Sonoma Relations Mathematics Business Sanitation. Bacnelordon; Cloyne Court; Administration ; AMT; Baton; AMP; Senior OKA; Freshman Frat. Sch. Honor Council; Yacht Yell Leader; Soc. Club; Hiking Club. Rally Committee. COTTON, RICHARD Chicago, III. History Big " C " Society; Track; Big Brothers; Student Relations. COUGHLIN, WILLIAM JAMES San Mateo Economics Transfer from USC; A9. COVEY, JEWYL MONICA Berkeley English Transfer from University of Washington; Daily Cal. COPENHAVER, DONNA LOU Oakland History Masonic Club. CORBETT, JAMES JOSEPH Wobum. Mass. Marketing. COVIL, COWAN, JR. COWDEN, C. THOMAS JAMES ROBERT Oakland HOWELL ARTHUR Business Honolulu, T. H. Berkeley Administration Landscape Design Accounting Transfer from Transfer from Honor Students; COP; AXA; +; USC; ZAE. BAT; Bm; Winter Sports AK; Club. Masonic Club; rsn,-GSA. COWIN, BARBARA JANE COX, DOROTHY JEWEL Alameda Berkeley Psychology College Women ' s Club Juniors. International Relations PSA. COYLE, CHARLES Berkeley General Curriculum. CRABILL, CALVIN D. Berkeley Music Transfer from U. of Colorado; CRAGUN, MARY VILATE Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer from University of Sort Carolina; ASA; Card Saks. CRAIG, JR. ARTHUR GJ Berkeley Electrical Engineering AS . CRAIG, ARTHUR WILLIAM H nford Geology ; Skull and Keyes; BB; Winged Helmet; Big " C " ; Circle " C. " CRAIG, LEONARD J. Beverly Hills Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; AIEE; IRE. CRAIG, VIRGINIA LEE Boise, Idaho Business Administration Transfer from Boise JC; Richards Hall. CRANE, JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH Piwjnront General Curriculum KKT; Winter Sports Club; Orientations. CSASE LUCILLE HELEN Colorado Springs Political Science Epworth Hall; Daily Cal Editorial; Masonic Club. CRAVOTTO, JOSEPH FRANK San Francisco Civil Engineering XE. CRAWFORD, JACK ALAN San Bruno Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Mateo JC; UCSEE. CRAWFORD, PHILLIP NEAL Lakeport Economics Abracadabra; M , Cal Band; Orientations. CREBBIN, KENNETH CLIVE Richmond Physics Honor Students. CREETY, EDITH BETH Seattle, Wash. Speech Transfer from University of Washington; Skating Club. CRICHFIELD, VAN FORRESTER San Francisco Foreign Trade Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; A E. CRIDDLE, LINDEN GLEN Idaho Falls, Idaho Electrical Engineering Transfer from Santa Ana JC; IIKX; TBFI. CRITCHFIELD, WILLIAM B. Beiheley Forestry Transfer from North Dakota Agricultural College; Forestry Club. CROMMELIN, WILCOX Modesto Civil Engineering Transfer from Modesto JC; TB II ; XE; Honor Students; Senior Council. II D I 1 To please PHYL STICKLAND invite her to a surprise party. This enthusiastic blonde, blue-eyed ideal of Cal women was found at Pryt, Mortar Board, Torch and Shield, or Cal Club meetings making argyle socks. She left the quiet of the B4G office for the Women ' s Rep ' s swivel chair where she capably headed women ' s activities. CROOK, MILTON P. Chattanooga Political Science BET; University Theater. CROSNO, CLAUDE Toledo, Ohio Political Science ZX; K ; Honor Students. CROWELL, BEVERLY JEAN Redding Business Administration Lantana Lodge. CROZZOLI, ALFEO Barre English. CUTLER, CUTLER, CUTLER, JR. ARTHUR DALE STANLEY Oakland Kali spell VINCENT French Music Woodside BK; AMT; 1 1 A ; " Wesley Hall; AM; Music Club; Business Administration Honor Students; Tower and Flame; University Chorus. AXA; . Cercle Francais; Spanish Club. DAL PORTO, ROBERTA. Oakley Engineering AA ; Golden Bear; IIBII; Winged Helmet; Cal Club; Rep-at- Large; Big " C " Football. DALY, JOHN Berkeley Industrial Engineering ASME. CUTTER, RICHARD Berkeley Business Administration AS . CRUTTENDEN, CRYSTAL, CHARLES EDWIN Helena COURTNEY International Berkeley Relations Business A E; Glee Club; Administration Junior Varsity AT. Debate. CUNNINGHAM, CUNNINGHAM, CUNNINGHAM, CUNNINGHAM, CULVER, ANN GEORGE MARGARET ANN RALPH WILLIAM Los Angeles Berkeley Berkeley OaMand Palo Alto Regional Group Business Music Social Welfare. Engineering Major on Hispanic America Administration AKE; Golden Bear; Honor Students; AM; Music Club; XE; ASCE. AP; Pelican; Skull and Keys; UC Symphony. YWCA; Intramural. BB; Big " C " ; Circle " C " ; Athletic Coun. CUTTER, ROBERT Berkeley Business Administration CURETON, BETTY ANN MAHON Sacramento Decorative Art Transfer from Sacramento College; Honor Students. CUTTLE, ROBERT LARKEY Piedmont Business Administration AH; Scabbard and Blade. CUADRA, CULLEY, JR. CULLINANE, CARLOS A. THURLOW GERALD San Francisco STATHER BUCKLEY Psychology San Fernando Berkeley 4 BK. Forestry Agricultural Transfer from Economics UCLA; Honor K 1 ' ; BB. Students; S n . CURETON, CURRY, CURTISS, CURTIS PATSY B. PATRICIA Sacramento Berkeley JOANNE Dramatic Art Public Health Oakland Transfer from Transfer from Decorative Art Sacramento JC; Compton College; A A II. International Tower and Flame; House; Glee Club; Utrimque; Public Little Theater. Health Club. D ' ADOLF, STUART V. New York, N. Y. Journalism Honor Students; SAX; Daily Cal; Personnel Mgr.; Welfare Council; Labor Bd; SWF. DAHL, ROBERT MARTIN Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from St. Mary ' s College. CUMMINGS, JEAN MARIE San Francisco Political Science CUTHBERTSON, HARRY ARMINTAGE Flushing, N. Y. History ! ; Men ' s Honorary History Society; Men ' s Counseling; Sr. Peace Comm. DAHLQUIST, DAISS, JR. :: ESTER ANN CARLTON ; : Riverside JOHN . Mathematics San Francisco Beaudelaire; Women ' s Counsel- Business Administration : ing; YWCA; 2N; Golden Bear; In WAA. 1 I ; SAM. D ' ANDREA, D ' ARCY, D ' AREZZO, DARLING, DASKAROLIS, DAVIDSON, DAVIDSON, DAVIDSON, JEANNE JOHN RICHARD DOROTHEA LOYS ELLEN HAROLD JOHN San Francisco Berkeley Orinda JEAN San Francisco MARTHA Lawrence, N. Y. ROBERT Social Welfare Business General Alameda Physical Sacramento Forestry Tulare North Gables; Administration. Curriculum Psychology Education Foreign Languages 5 II . Public Health Newman Club. Senior Council; Women ' s Counsel- Stratford Hall; Epworth Hall; Bowles Hall. Homecoming ing; WAA; YWCA; Women ' s Counsel- Honor Students; Committee; Theater Staff; ing; PE Major ' s Hillel; ; Newman Club. Pre-Med Society. Club. Speech Arts Club. Wedding balls rang for smiling BILL BAGLEY on April 23. A Marin County fan and an inveterate hunter, Bill passed up the Big Game to accompany Sam, his prize bird dog, on a pheasant hunting expedition. As Rep-at-Large and co-chairman of Senior Week, Bill amazed ATO brothers with his capacity for getting things done. mJis DAVIOSM ROGER E. Berkeley Industrial U.VH DAVIS, DOROTHY A. San Diego --- ' ' -- Q; Pelican; SeiuorConcil. DAVIS, ELAINE 0. San Francisco Decoratne Art Pelican; Treble Clef;Syi -:-.- : Council. DAVIS, EVELYN LUCILLE Social Welfw DAVIS, MCK WARREN S Francisco CM Engineering Transfer from San Francisco JC;ASCE. DAVIS, JR. JOHN FREDERICK StratbMre . - ' Transfer from Westminster College; ATA. DAVIS, BURNE Los Angeles Art Trawler from Los Angles City College; AE. DAVIS, MARTIN IRVING Batersfiekl Psycbotogy Pre-Med Society. DAVIS, OSCAR LEWIS Economics DAVIS, JR. VAUGHN F. " .: : University of Colorado; Fi 5 went S: r NWE JOHN RICHARD Redding E-: ;- Circle C; Ball and Chain; Little DAY, KEITH Orosi E-: - DEACY, JAMES LLOYD KM re T EMI San Gabriel Electrical :Ei ' ,E . GEORGE INGRAM BAT, err. i School ri v ma Optometry rK, Honor SUdents. DE BOER, MARY LOUISE San Francisco General DEBONIS, FLORENCE CasaH Utriniqne; == ca Art AF; AE. DEBORD, MARVIN JAMES Long Beach Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; HKN; . ' .SEE ----. - DE CHENE, ' - ALLAN Berkeley Industrial K1, SAM. :E: -S WALLACE :Ei-. Enterprise, DEDONA, :-EV FRANCIS A. 1MB N.Y. E-; - ] CalTecn; SAE, TB n ; ASME; SMI Iraata tai KanSd 5 ii b ' .v iSVE Transfer from U. of Bnffalo; Dairy Cal; Ad Service Bnrean. E. SanDieao Political Science Transfer from ! : an SUM DEGOUA, FRANCES S. Workshop. History AZ; Cal Engi- neer; Special Services Staff DEGOUA, PERSHIN6 Berkeley Pnysiolosy HX; Honor Smdents. Pre-Med Society. DEGUCHI, KAZUKO Kinasbur, DEHART, ARLALANDO AN; IE H; ON, DE HAVEN, EU GEK SWORDS DEHOOG, --.E ' ,E HARRIET CIb;Food Tecknotaor CM. Honor Stndents. ASME; SAM; NROTC. Bn] MB n] Hispanic America. :E .i ANTHONY F. .:; ' --v B +BK; Circle " C ' Society; Track; Cross Country. DEL CAMPO, LUIS Quito. CfTil LosAnsetes City CoHeoe. DELINSKY, HAROLD New York,N.Y. ----- m Transfer from Cornell Uwwrsrty. DELSOL, EDITH IRENE WillitS Marketing ZTA; Tower and Flame; BfZ; . !i ; [a : E --. " - Poll Committee. SHIRLEY ANN A Ti; Bine and GoM.-Wonvn ' s 3= n Of. MARTINI, EUMU MINELLA San Francisco Engtisk ---:- Santa ] Artf DEMSEY, ANNA JEAN Berkeley DENHAM, HAROLD DENTON, JR. CHESTER S. DENTON, HARRIET E. ZTA; = mt b - Pelican. = -.: :? Engineering TBO; Honor Stndents; loner and Flame, V.P. Freshman Class. College; Lutheran Labeled the biggest tease at Stern Hall was BiG Associate Editor BETTY STANSFIELD who always had same project M her sleeve whether it was selling calendars for Prjrt or Christmas cards for Mortar Board. This avid bridge fan was always ready for any- thing as long as H was another game of bridge. DEP, WILSON L. Novato Zoology Oxford Hall; YMCA; USCA. DERE, SYBIL B. San Francisco Business Administration DERMOTT, EDWARD Los Angeles Business Administration TKE; Masonic Club. DEWOLF, CHARLES FRANKLIN Oakland Mechanical Engineering DEVEREUX, ALANNA DHALIWAL, GURBAKHSHV San Francisco Political Science 2K. Oarbhanga, India Electrical Engineering Transfer from Benares Hindu University DICKEY, DON DICKEY, SANFORD DIETRICH, BEVERLY DIETRICH, JANICE Berkeley San Francisco Los Angeles San Mateo Political Science Chairman Symphony Forum; NSA; Rugby Business Administration XV; ; Big C; Swimming Team; Senior Peace Committee. Economics WAA Rifle Team. Psychology AHA; Pelican; President UC Flying Club; Ad. Service Bureau. DIETRICH, MARION FINDLAY San Mateo Psychology AEA; WAA; Flying Club Pres.; Pelican. DIETSCH, EVELYN ANNETTE Los Angeles Psychology Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Peixotto Hall. DISUVERO, ASME. DODGE, VICTOR M. DITTMAR, JOHN San Francisco VIRGINIA MARVIN Political Science ANNE Altadena Transfer from Martinez Forestry University of Public Health Transfer from Santa Clara; Occident Editor. eT; ATA; Tower and Flame; UCLA;S2 n ; Honor Student; Cal Engineer; Forestry Club. Blue and Gold; CWCJ. DOIGUCHI, DOMINGA, DONAHUE, SHIZUO SALAS JACK San Francisco Mountain Merced Mechanical View Metallurgy Engineering Political Science n $J; Cal Transfer from World Affairs Engineer Wayne University. Committee; WAA; UNESCO Committee. DONAHUE, JACK Berkeley Architecture XAK; Cal Engineer Edi- torial Staff. DORAN, ARMIDA San Francisco Regional Group of Hispanic America Sherman Hall; Newman Club. DORSEY, ELEANOR GERTRUDY Berkeley Art. DOSSEE, PATRICIA JEANNE San Francisco International Relations AOII; Tower and Flame; Pelican. DOTEMOTO, EVELYN MIKIKO Chicago, III. Agriculture Dietetics Home Economics Club. DOUGLAS, JOAN MARGARET San Francisco History 2K; SKA; ARE. Newman; War Board. DOUGLAS, MARY- MARGARET San Francisco Social Welfare AZ; Prytanean; Women ' s Judicial Comm.; YWCA; DOUGLASS, LESTER Tonopah, Nevada Industrial Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME DOUMITT, BETTE Alameda General Curriculum AZ; Senior Class Council; Pelican; Jr. DOUSE, RICHARD Los Angeles Religion President Calvin Club; Horton Hall; University Chorus. DOWD, BERNADETTE San Francisco Psychology Colonial Hall; Radio Workshop. DOWNING, JAMES Berkeley Business Administration B6 n ; Cross Country; Intra- mural Boxing. WAA; Panhellenic. Senior Council. DOYLE, LOIS TERESA DREWES, RICHARD WALTER DRISCOLL, CAROLYN ANN DRISCOLL, CHARLES DANIEL DROULLARD, EMERSON KEITH DRUM, EUDENE Los Angeles DUDLEY, HAROLD Fil 1 mnro DUGGAN, ANNE DUNCAN JR., DONALD DUNCAN, DONNA Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from Queen ' s College; AOn ; X8; WXC. San Francisco Business Administration Transfer from San Francisco C.C.; Chess Club. Omaha, Neb. General Curriculum Transfer from Bradford J.C.; A ; Ace of Clubs. San Francisco Journalism Transfer from USF. Fresno Geophysics Transfer from Fresno State; zn. Spanish Transfer from USC; Phrateres; WAA. r M imore Agricultural Economics Transfer from UCLA; 9X; Agricultural Economics Club. Richmond Art K n ; AE; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; College Women ' s Club Jrs. Fresno Psychology Transfer from Fresno State College. Farmington Sociology Honor Students; Daily Cal; YWCA; President Lantana Lodge; Dormi- tory Council. Sailing and making life unpleasant for SAE pledges filled GENE KI RKPATRICK ' S free hours. Golden Bear, Prexy of the Junior class and class council work are Gene ' s claim to fame. Long hours and hard work as a Rep-at-Large were good preparation for his post-grad work in law. DUNCAN, GEORGE ROBERT Berkeley Political Science Honor Students; Daily Cal; Glee Club; Homecoming. DUNCAN, RUDOLPH ATHERTON Honolulu, Hawaii Business Administration Transfer from University of Washington. DUNLAP, DUNIVAN, DURANT, DURHAM, DURLAND, DUSMET DUYANOVICH, RUTH ESTHER B. BARTLEY ROBERT TERRY A. DE SOURS, NORMA Sacramento Portland, Ore. SANDERS EDWARD Trona FRANK Oakland General Art Santa Fe, Alameda Political Science Capri, Italy Personnel Curriculum A t ; Intramural. Transfer from UCLA; N.M. Business Administration Business Administration Cal Engineers; 2K; Class Councils. Economics Transfer from Liceo Magodiscio; Management Transfer from Winter Sports International N.M. Military; Club. House; Yacht KA; Daily Cal. Club. DWIGGINS, DECORA LOUISE Berkeley Journalism AZ; Prytanean; Daily California; Freshman Council; Vigilantes. - : DYGERT, DYKES, DYSON, EAGAN, LOWELL BARBARA LYMAN JULIE E. SMITH JEAN La Mesa Vallejo Berkeley Phoenix, Ariz. Business Accounting Political Science Education Administration ATQ. Transfer from Phoenix College; Stratford Hall; EACKER, DON ALLEN Jenner Agricultural Economics Transfer from UC at Davis; Ag Econ Club. EAST, SHIRLEY A. EASTMAN, JOAN EASTVEDT. ROBERT ECK, MARCIA LEE EDEN, JR. CECIL Modesto LORRAINE BENEDICT Oakland San Fernando English Walnut Creek Cone Madera Psychology Forrestry Epworth Hall; Masonic Club; Business Administration Electrical Engineering Honor Students; Masonic Club; Transfer from UCLA; AZ. College Women ' s Club Juniors. KA; Pelican; Elections Board; Transfer from Marin JC. Speech Arts Club; Poll Committee; Senior Council. Pre-Med Society. ' : EDMOND, JACK Berkeley Speech Speech Arts Club; ASUC Veteran Council, Chairman. EDWARDS, JOHN W. EDWARDS, SHIRLEY EKLUND, ELAINE ELBERT, ELIZABETH ELBERT, JR. GERALD San Francisco REMMER ASTRID MARY JOSEPH Business San Francisco San Francisco Marysville Marysville Administration Finance Business General Criminology Transfer from Administration Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco Transfer from Prospect Terrace; Yuba College; City College. SF City College; UC Yacht Club. Honor Students; Phrateres. AKA; ; Friday Fling; Sr. Council. ELDER, MARGARET MARY Bakersfield Social Welfare Transfer from Bakersfield JC. ELDREDGE, ELEFANT, ELEY, HAROLD ROLAND MILDRED SALMIN Oakland ANN Roosevelt, Utah Business Arcadia Political Science Administration General Transfer from ZBT; Tower and Curriculum Utah Agr. Coll.; Flame; Senior Transfer from Daily Cal. Council; Senior Pasadena JC; Peace Committee. WAA; Flying Club. - - . ELFANT, JACK A. San Francisco Optometry Transfer from Fullerton JC; Cloyne Court. ELHAI, SAM Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. ELIAS, WILLIAM MICHAEL Berkeley Marketing MBA Club. ELIASON, THOMAS ROBERT San Gabriel Medical Science Transfer from Pasadena JC; Acacia; Men ' s Counseling. ELKSEN, RICHARD H. Berkeley Electrical Engineering ELLIOTT, JULIA IRENE Berkeley French Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Counsel- ing; Election Bd. ELLIOTT, DONALD MERTON Pasadena Civil Engineering 0AX; TB n ; XE; Senior Council. ELLIOTT, ELLIS, ELMORE, JOHN J. MARGARET MERRITT Long Beach LEE ALBERT Industrial San Bruno Berkeley Engineering Business Mathematics BSn; BB; Skull and Keys; Administration Transfer from II ME; Honor Students. Big C Society; San Mateo JC; Rugby; Football. Honor Students. 1 " Sweet Sue " must refer to Senior class vice-president SUE THOMAS who in her bubbling enthusiasm, knows everybody, knits like a fiend and never rests. This gay little Pi Phi wielded the Torch and Shield gavel, added life to Pryt meetings and was always ready for a Cal Club party. EMERSON, MARVIN REX Lafayette Electrical Engineering HKN. ENG, JAMES LEIGH San Antonio, Texas Real Estate Transfer from Texas A and M College; II A . ENGEL, MAURY Oakland Pre-Law SAM; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; n SA; Music Club. ENGLAND, CHARLES DIX Los Angeles Forestry Transfer from UCLA; E2 n ; Forestry Club. ENOMOTO, JIRO San Francisco Social Welfare Transfer from Loyola; ASSW. ENRIGHT, JOHN Berkeley Forestry A8; Forestry Club. ENRIGHT, WILLIAM Berkeley General Curriculum KA; Jr. Class Council. ERB, RUSSELL Berkeley Marketing. ERDMANN, WILLIAM Alameda Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Cal. Institute of Technology; ASME. ERICKSEN, DAWNA Berkeley Sociology AMF; Honor Students; Treble Clef; AAS. ERICKSON, ERICKSON, ARIEL DOROTHY Martinez COCHRANE Home Economics Petaluma Home Economics Club. Public Health Nursing Winter Sports Club. ERICKSON, ERICKSON, ERICKSEN, ERICKSEN, ESCALANTE, FLOYD JO ANNE RICHARD ROGER LUIS WAYNE SIDNEY Stockton Kingsburg Los Angeles Newport Beach El Cerrito Business Accounting Electrical Production Political Science Administration Transfer from Engineering Control AXQ; Prytanean; HAS; Daily Cal; 9AX; Varsity Football; Big C Reedley College. Transfer from UCLA; AIEE. Pelican. Society; Radio Workshop. ESTES, JAMES San Francisco Journalism Cloyne Court; SAX; Daily Californian Managing Editor. ETTELSON, BEN LEE Sonoma Physics EUPHRAT, PAUL San Francisco General Curriculum Transfer from University of San Francisco EVANS, EARL RICHARD Berkeley Foreign Trade OX; A E. EVANS, EVANS, EVANS, JOSEPH ROBERT WILLIAM ROBERT RAPHAEL HAROLD Sierra Madre Berkeley Ebensburg, Electrical Geology Penn. Engineering S4 E; Scabbard Mechanical Transfer from and Blade; Engineering University of Military Ten; Honor Southern Calif. Association. Students; Circle C; Volley- ball; ASME. EVERINGHAM, EVERITTS EWING, EWING, ROBERT DONALD HUGH ROBERT Del Mar Bakersfield San Francisco Oakland Botany Petroleum Industrial Zoology Honor Students; Engineering Relations Transfer from Consumer ' s Council; Men ' s Counseling. 8X; California Engineer; ASME; Mining Associ- ation. KAP; Campus Tours; Labor Board; Campus Opinion Survey. University of Delaware. FABRIN, FRANK Berkeley Pre-Medical Baton; Cal Band; Baseball. FABRIN, GEORGE Berkeley Architecture Cal Band. FAHN, MERVIN ALEXANDER Sacramento Business Administration HA . FAIRBROTHER, FORREST, JR. Oakland FAIRCLOUGH, RICHARD HARTLEY JR. FAIRIE, PHILIP GALBRAITH Electrical Engineering HKN; TB II . Los Gatos Physical Education San Raphael Geology, Petroleum Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Circle C; Track. Abracadabra; ASME; Mining Assoc. FALCONER, DONALD Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Abracadabra; Chairman American Society of Me- chanical Engineers. FANN, DELMA Napa Political Science Epworth Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; Masonic Club. FANNING, LAWRENCE San Francisco Accounting Transfer from San Francisco Jr. College; Tower and Flame; Men ' s Counseling. FANSLER, MARY JANE Fillmore General Curriculum Richards Hall Women ' s Counseling. FARRAND, JOANNE Long Beach Child Development Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; Health Board; Senior Council. FARRIS, EDWARD Everett, Wash. Criminology Daily Cal.; Boxing; Boxing Club Publicity Chairman. ' ' Though he ' s called the " Flying Giant " by the press and " Bulldog " by his teammates, JIM TURNER is just plain " Pop " to his little daughter Judy. Big " C " and PE occupied his day, while at night he and Mrs. T. exchanged baby sitting duties with next door neighbors the Frank Van Derens. FARZAN, MANOUCHER Totea !;- Pl : a Science International ELEANOR Los Ancles Hall. FEHLMAN, JR. LEO GEORGE Honolulu, T.H. EMM FEHEMM JOHN RICHARD Long Beat Wesley Men ' s Co-op; Fei Daily Cal. Hall. FERRIS, JEANNE ALICE WootMake Public Health Transfer from Fna College. FUNKS DONALD BONHAM V-.e: : Transfer from UnnersHyof Minnesou; ATQ. FIELD, FIELD, FIELD, BILLY WAYNE CLYDE THOMAS EUGENE DAVID San Ltmnra Covina Finance Economics Oakland FIELDS, ROBERT WILLIAM SanLeandro FIGLEY, ALLYNE S. San Francisco --.: a :-;;. m FILLOY, .: = FMHCE RE1NALD GUY er. Circle C. Physics -:.;;- . Track; FINLEY, WILLIAM EDWARD SanMateo City Planning KS; Big C Guard; Fn FINNEGAN, MARY SUE LongBeadi Trj Long Beach City College; Stratford Hall. FINZER, JOHN RAYMOND Oakland Bacteriology Tower and Flame. FIROUZ, IRAD1 Tehran, Iran : ; -. a FIRTH, JR. HORACE EDWARD Redding Accounting ATQ; Cal Engineer Editor; Publications Council; ACC. FISCAUNI, JIM San Bernard: no Physical Education Bowks Hall; Big C Society; Baseball. FISCALIN1, JOHN ALVIN San Bernardino Physical FISCHER, MARCIA San Carlos FISCHER, WILLIAM OHO Los Angles Baseball; Big C. Stern Hall; n A; -,.,.;._-,.. Engineering Prytanean; -=.- :f f m .:-i Ad. Sen. Bweau. FBCUS RICHARD San Ansel mo Industrial = P 2 " : r ' " ; Marin JC; II K; AXA; FISH, CHARLES KEMETO Transfer from Pasadena X; Jr. and Sr. COM. FISHER, ELIZABETH MHJE Sonera Art Tower and Flame; i FLAHERTY, CATHERINE ELIZABETH FLANNERY, .:--, FREMONT A n A; Elections Bd.; Women ' s Cowseling, Director. . m Trsnsfw front UC at Davis; Fntookirry Club. ALICE MAE Hollister General Curriculum PeixotU) Hall; BK. FLINN, JANICE MARIE Willits Advertising BT; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Cal Engineer; ram FLORIN, ROBERT E. FUWEI MEU ANN Lorn Mi FOIGHT, DOUGLAS LEE PsycteHogy timtm ?- ; ?-:; : :-. tif ZTA; Masonk : .: toMm FOLETTA, JASPER W. SanArdo Political Science Transfer from Harmed College. taaqj .;- i State College; Pre-Med. Sac. FOLKER, CHARLES WARREN Oakland Pwysidogy I :T M --: Men ' s CowsHing; Masonic CM; Pre-Med. Society. FONG, BARBARA San Francisco Decorative Art Transfer from San Francisco City College. FONG, EDWIN San Francisco Electrical TB n ; HKN AIEE; Chinese Students ' Club. FONG, GEORGE San Franciscc Foreign Trade Golden Bear; Big C Society; -;.:::: One more nugget from the Mother Lode conntry, JACKIE CARL- SON blonde, freen-eyed dynamo talked and studied far into Ike night and still accomplished more on less sleep than anyone else. Taking time out from Mortar Board, Pryt, and Tore and Skidd to do a little " Rcp-at-Largwg, " friendly Jackie is an able inmni nationalist on any subject I FONG, RALPH Alameda Civil Engineering HA ; IFC; ASCE; Basketball. FONG, WILMER San Francisco International Relations FONVILLE, AMON Salinas Marketing Transfer from Salinas JC. FORCE, ROBERT JAMES Salinas Electrical Engineering Acacia. FORD, HOUSMAN, FOREMAN, JR. FORREST, FORSBERG, ELDON DORIS HUGH HOWELL CARL CARL RICKARD Santa Barbara FOREAKER Los Angeles RICHARD Berkeley Accounting Berkeley Civil Grass Valley Architecture Transfer from Physiology Engineering Political Science Transfer from Santa Barbara Prytanean; Transfer from HE; Daily COP; XAT; College. Torch and Shield; Mortar Board; UCLA. California; Ball and Chain. Architecture Association. Panile; Class Councils. FORSBURG, FRANK E. Berkeley Industrial Engineering Cal Engineer; Society for Advancement of Management. FATHERGILL, JR. FOWLER, FOWLER, FOWLER, WILLIAM DORIS ERILE E. HALDEN L. MORIS FAYE San Diego Stratford Martinez San Francisco Psychology Social Welfare Mechanical Engineering Economics Transfer from Transfer from San Diego State; AAIT. AA . Willamette U. Tower and Flame; Dorm Council; , Class Council. FOWLER, LLOYD CHARLES San Diego Civil Engineering XE; ASCE. FOYE JR. LAURANCE VINCENT Berkeley Medical School X; Honor Students. FRACARO, ALICE M. Roseville History SKA; Varsity Debate; IRB; Welfare Council. FRANK, LAWRENCE PHILLIP Beverly Hills English Bowles Hall. FRANKEN, ANNALIESE Lindsay Education Transfer from Stanford; Stratford Hall; Phrateres; Ski Club. FRANKS, BARBARA ANN San Francisco General Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco CC; 4 M; Pelican. ,::: : .-; :, FRANKS, JAMES WILBUR Stockton Business Administration Transfer from College of the Pacific; BA2; Honor Students. FRASE, RAY ROBERT Oakland Accounting Transfer from U. of Indiana. FRASER, PHYLLIS JEAN Pasadena General Curriculum AFA; Pelican; Red Cross; College Women ' s Club. FRASER, FREEMAN, FREEMAN, VERNAB. RICHARD RAY VAL LEROY Whitman, San Francisco Long Beach Mass. Psychiatry Psychology X ' I ; Hiking Economic Geology Mining Association. Honor Students; Club. RN ' s on Campus. FREESE, FRESE, PATRICIA FRED Modesto WILLIAM Education Sacramento Transfer from Marketing Modesto JC Transfer from M; Class Council; Pelican. Sacramento JC; De Rey; Glee Club. FRICK, VIRGINIA MAY Bakersfield Decorative Art Transfer from Mills College; The Elizabeth Barrett; AXA; Dorm Council. FRIEDMAN, MORDECHI EDMOND Tel-Aviv, Israel Food Technology Transfer from UC at Davis. FRIEND, HUBERT EDWARD Oakland Mechanical Engineering Acacia; ASME. FRORER, MARY CARLYN Alameda Political Science AZ; Blue and Gold; Elections Board. FROST, RICHARD CHARLES Alameda Jurisprudence FA; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Class Council; Crew. FUERST, WALTER CLINTON Richmond History. FULKS, KENNETH HENNEY Avilla, Ind. Industrial Management and Accounting. FULLER, JR. ALBERT BARTON Berkeley Civil Engineering FULLER, EVERETT EDWARD Berkeley Mechanical Engineering 2$; Rugby; Rally Committee. FULTON, MARY LUCILLE Berkeley Agriculture AOIT; Home- coming; Orien- tations. FUNKEY, MARY MACLEAN Hancock, Mich. Political Science U. of Houston; Radio Workshop. FURLONG, PATRICIA Lafayette History Cheney Hall; SKA; Women ' s Counseling; ASUC Secretariat; Newman Club. Everyone shook when this Glee Club " Lord and Master " went into a " snit " or issued edicts in his Boston accent. Friends won- dered whether Music Council, ACC Alumni Song Committee and Golden Bear worries were the cause of JACK SHIRLEYS bald spot or whether it was a souvenir of his days at Harvard. FURTADO, FRANKLIN A. Hayward :;;. ' Transfer from San Jose State College; Forestry Club. FURTADO, LORRAINE CLAUSEN San Leandro In FURTH, RICHARD GEORGE Los Angeles YWCA. Bowles Hall. GAEBLE, SHI RLEY ELIZABETH Berkeley English BK; Honor Stdent ; Pre. Med Society. GAINES, ROBERT FRANKLIN L.; .- .. AT. GALE, EVERETT LESTER Los Bams 5.: MB Del Key; Senior Council; Tennis. GALE, THOMAS MARTIN Arcadia History H; Transfer from Stanford University. GALINDO, ARMANDO A. Los Angeles Electrical Engineering : ,L GALINDO, LOUISA. Los Angeles Electrical GALL, JULES LOUIS Transfer from Los Angeles CC; AIEE; IRE; HewMOU. GALLEGAS, JOSE ARTURO Santa ft, N. M. English Transfer from College. GALLISON, WILLIAM EDWARD San Francisco Business Administration Transfer from San Francisco X.- SAM. GALLISON, ROBERT ARTHUR Yosemite Business Administration TA; Circle " C " ; Jr. Track Mar.; Ski Tea . GALLOWAY, KENNETH NORMAN Berkeley Political Science GALVAN, JOSE GU1LLERMO Mazatlan, Mex. ROBERT HARRY Trenton, N. GAMMON, CORA Berkeley General Engineering Transfer from UCLA. GARNES, DOLORES Berkeley General Curriculum ; . Oi-: ; GARRETSON, LESTER R. Wkittier Electrical Engineering Transfer from Fulkrtou r College. GASH, THOMAS THEODORE Calexico Physical Education Transfer from El Centre GATTO, CORI-.E ELIZABETH GAUDY, - KISHLAR Ypsilante, Mich. Architecture Transfer from University of Michigan. JOHN JOSEPH Bakersfield GEE, MARY PATRICIA Engineering Transfer from Bakersfield JC. M : -rs Ik GEISENHOFF, PHYLLIS San Jose Regional Group Major on Hispanic America A ; Tow and Flame; Senior Council; NSA;ASB. GENNIS, IVAN FREDERICK Tulsa, Okla. Civil Engineering Cal Engineer; SAM; ASCE. GEORGE, LILLIAN M. Ontario GEORGE, MORLEY RAYMOND Transfer from Chaffey College; Christian Science Engineering ASVE GEORGE, NICK San Francisco Engineering Physics TBH. GERKEN, TRUMAN HOLMES PaloAMo Accounting Transfer from San Jose State College. GERRITY, MARGARET Berkeley General Curriculum AAA; Treble Clef; Club. GERRITY, THOMAS J. Berkeley Psychology Pre-Med Society; Minnmi Club. GIBBONS, JOAN MARY GERSTLE, KURT H. San Francisco Minneapolis Civil English Engineering Transfer from TB n ; XE; ASCE. College of Notre : .: GIBBS, DAVID E. Salinas Civil Engineering Transfer from Salinas JC; GIBBS, DAYLE DOROTHY STANLEY CAROL San Francisco Berkeley Accounting Social Welfare Frying CM). AXU EBSM JOHN San Francisco Musk Honor Stndents; AM; Baton; Cal Ba-:- LCS.-- BOSM R OBERT W. = : : :; asm VIRGINIA MARGARET General TnBfcrftm Iowa State College; X . r Pelican; College Women ' s CMJMiors. Boasting a little black Ford that stops only in intersections and has no printable name was Daily Cal City Editor BETTY HUM- PHREYS. Members of Pryt, Mortar Board and Tbeta Sigma Pi wanted to hear a drum solo, but she reserved this talent for University Symphony. June will find her bound for Mexico. GILBERT, RICHARD STANLEY Oroville Chemistry 2AE; AXS. GILBERT, GILCHRIST, ROBERT DOROTHY RAYMOND MARGARET Oroville Santa Cruz Forestry English Transfer from AAX; YWCA; University of IVCF. Hawaii; Big " C " ; Scabbard and Blade; 2AE; A E; ; SCW. GILINSKY, ROBERT H. Omaha, Nebr. Business Administration 2AM; Scabbard and Blade; Orientations; Music Club. GILMAN, FREDERICK LESLIE Berkeley Marketing. GINSBURG, GILMORE, GIPNER, GIST, GUISSE, JR. HELEN SHIRLEY DAVEN MARILYN WILLIAM GILDA MARIE JEAN CURSON Tulare LEONARD San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Zoology San Jose General History Business Stern Hall; Tower Mechanical Curriculum College Women ' s Administration. and Flame; Honor Engineering. Transfer from Club; Utrimque; Student; Pre-Med Mills College; Masonic Club. Society, Sec.; Colonial Hall. UC Symphony. :- i i : . . k GLEASON, ELLIOTT GLEASON, MARGIE GLENCHUR, HARRY G10RGER1NI, LEO GODA, LILLY GOEPPINGER, EDWARD JOHN BROOKS Oakland Coalinga Martinez YURIKO Pasadena Martinez General Physiology Spanish Westminster Engineering Industrial Curriculum Transfer from Honor Students; Chemistry Transfer from Engineering Rally Comm.; Tower and Flame; Bowles Hall; SAM. AF; Mortar Bd.; Torch and Shield; Cal Club; ACC; Jr. VP; Women ' s Judicial. Coalinga JC; Honor Society; Chinese Students Club. AMP. Transfer from Wayne University; I House; Nisei Student Club. UCLA. GOETZ, GOHL, GDI, GOLDBERG, :. ROBERT WALTON GEORGE IRVING .-. LOUIS HENRY KITOSHI San Francisco : Piedmont Richmond Berkeley Chemistry Architecture Civil Accounting SAM; Daily Cal; : 4 rA; XAF; UC Engineering Transfer from Soil Science Club. Planning Group; ASCE; UC Masonic Sacramento JC. .. Frosh Basketball. Club, Treas. GOLDE, STANLEY PAUL Salinas Political Science Honor Society; Music Club; 2AM. GOLDEN, SHEILA Vancouver, B. C. Canada Child Development Transfer from University of Washington; 2; Senior Council. GOLDIN, GOLDMAN, GOLDSTONE, GOLDWATER, STANLEY GERALD GLORIA MARC VAL San Francisco JEANNETTE LAWRENCE Los Angeles Accounting San Francisco Burbank Architecture SAM; BA; Art Mathematics XAr. AIEE. Transfer from Transfer from San Francisco CC. UCLA; IIME. GOLOGORSKY, GOLOGORSKY, ANNETTE FREDRIC BELKIN Berkeley Berkeley Accounting General I House. Curriculum I House; Orchesis. GOLTZ, DORIEL R. GOMES, DOLORES Alameda San Leandro General Curriculum International Relations AOII; Orienta- tions; Pelican; Soph. Vigilantes; Intramural. Tower and Flame; Utrimque; Casa Hispana. : GOODMAN, CHARLES London, England Journalism Transfer from UCLA; Daily Cal. Editor;2AX, Pres. GOODMAN, SHIRLEY SCHWARTZ Oakland Transfer from UCLA; Bayview Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Women ' s Counseling. GOODSPEED, CLAIRE ELISE Dunham Social Welfare Rowland Hall; AZ GOOTHERTS, JEROME W. San Francisco Electrical Engineering AIEE; Hillel Foundation. GORDON, CAROLYN WIESE Richmond General Curriculum GORDON, KENNETH GEORGE Richmond Accounting. GORDON, SUSAN ADELE San Francisco Public Administration Joaquin Hall; Senior Council; Elections Board. GORING, HELEN LOUISE Long Beach Regional Group Major in Hispanic America Oldenberg Hall; Senior Council; Phrateres. GORMAN, DONALD H. Burlingame Civil Engineering II KA; Honor Students; XE; TBI1; ASCE, Treas. GORMAN, MARGARET HELEN Sacramento General Curriculum Transfer from Sacramento Coll.; Bryn Mawr Hall. Rumors that EUGENE ALLEN KENT THOMPSON was born with a silver pencil in his hand have not been verified. This talented Pelican editor has written for radio, is currently working on a play and a novel, and plans to put out a magazine on a par with the " New Yorker " after graduation. GORMAN, WILLIAM CARL Albuquerque, N. M. Zoology Transfer from University of New Mexico; Pre- Medical Society. GORMAN, W. D. Berkeley General Curriculum. GORRAN, GOSS, GOSSLER, GOTUACO, GOULART, ROBERT JOHN GEORGE MANUEL GILBERT Los Angeles Kaneahe, T. H. Carmel Manila, P. 1. Turlock General Economics Foreign Trade Engineering Architecture Curriculum Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from XAK; UC SAM; Rally University of Salinas JC; U. of Philippines; Amateur Radio Comm.; Class Hawaii; BBI1; Tower and Flame; I House; TB n , Club. Councils; Big " C " Rugby. Varsity Tennis. Recording Sec.; Guard; Rifle HKX; AIEE. Team. GOULD, LINCOLN San Mateo Soil Science Transfer from San Mateo JC; Soil Science Club; Flying Club GOURSAU, PAULETTE GOVE, KENNETH San Francisco Nashua, N.H. French Optometry Transfer from Dominican College; The Californian. Transfer from New Hampshire State; SK; Honor Student; Optometry Assoc. GOWAN, GRACE JEWELL Potter Valley Business Administration Lantana Lodge; Masonic Club; UC Folk Dance. GRAHAM, ANDREE LORETTE Berkeley International Relations College Women ' s Club; Blue and Gold Editorial. GRANGER, BARBARA GRANT, A. ELAINE Berkeley General Curriculum Pocatello Idaho English Transfer from Pomona College; KKF; Blue and Gold. Transfer from Idaho State College; Epworth Hall; Phrateres. GRANT, GRANT, GRANUCCI, GRAVEN, GRAVES, GRAVETTE, JOHN PEGGY LIDA WILLIAM WILLIS ROBERT Los Angeles Napa San Francisco Stockton Los Angeles Red Bluff Business Social Welfare General Business Business Business Administration Honor Student; Curriculum Administration Administration Administration Orientations; AHA; Pelican; VT. SAE; Honor KA. Spanish Club; Elections Board; Student; Big C; ASSW. Newman Hall. Ball and Chain. GRAY, GREEN, GREEN, GIBSON BARBARA ANN WILLIAM MURCH Walnut Creek Marysville San Francisco Child Engineering Chemistry Development XE; ASCE; AXZ. AHA; Women ' s Glee Club. Counseling; YWCA; Junior Council. GREENDORFER, RHODA San Francisco Social Welfare A E; Radio Workshop Women ' s Counseling; Senior Council. GREENE, BEVERLY San Mateo Spanish Sherman Hall; Spanish Club; Hiking Club. GREENE, LAWRENCE GREENGO, ROBERT San Diego Berkeley Political Science Transfer from San Diego State; I House; SAM; Masonic Club. Anthropology Transfer from U of Minnestoa GIRIBALDO, ALBART Westlay Engineering ASCE. GRIFFIN, ALLEN Oakland Business Administration K2; BB. GRAFFIS, LOLA San Francisco English Transfer from Augustana College; KA; YWCA. GRIFFITHS, JAMES CHARLES Oakland Mechanical Engineering SAE; ASME. GRIGGS, BETTY CATHERINE Stockton General Curriculum Transfer from Stockton JC; Tower and Flame; Pelican. GRIMES MARY Monterey Physical Therapy Ritter Hall; Red Cross; Flying Club, Sec-Treas. GRISWOLD, THOMAS San Francisco Physics BK. GROSS, HAROLD Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from Occidental College. GROSSMAN, ELMER Pomona General Curriculum Ridge House; Tower and Flame; Daily Cal. GROSSMAN, PATRICIA San Francisco Speech M; Utrimque; Pelican; Daily Cal; Class Councils; Welfare Board GROTE, MADELINE San Rafael History Peixotto Hall; YWCA; SS n . GROTHEER, LLOYD Suisun Political Science S E; Symphony Forum. GROVER, JACQUELINE Sacramento General Curriculum Richards Hall. Belying her nickname of " Rocky " is ultra-feminine IONA ROCK- WELL, who, with her talent for breaking the ice was a natural for the chairmanship of the Athletic Reception Committee. This friendly gal collected Pryt, Mortar Board, and Torch and Shield pins as well as a diamond ring from Billy Main. l. ' i GROVER, WILLIAM B. Boise, Mont. Business Administration Transfer from Boise Junior College. GROVES, JR. MURRAY H. Orinda Zoology Transfer from Oregon State College; Honor Students; AB IT . GROWNEY, MARY LOUISE Berkeley Political Science Daily Cal; Orientations; Newman Club. GRUBB, DONALD J. Piedmont Business Administration Transfer from St. Mary ' s College. GUAY, JOEL FRANCIS Albany Business Administration Newman Club. GUNHEIM, GUNN, GURR, JR. GERULE, GUYMON, GUNNAR JACK GEORGE BILL F. NORLAND GLENN TEMPLE WILLIAM Placitas, N.M. RAYMON Santa Rosa Salinas Bakersfield Group Major Oakland Criminology Mechanical General on Hispanic Business Transfer from Engineering Curriculum America Administration Santa Rosa JC; TB n ; Camera Del Rey; UC Transfer from Transfer from University Club. Motorcycle Club. U. of New Mexico. Brigham Young Theatre. University GUYON, DORIS JEAN GUYON, EDWARD H. Berkeley Berkeley Home Economics Business ON; K ; Home Administration Economics Club. ; Class Councils; Big C Guard; Intramural. GUYON, RALPH LEROY Berkeley Chemistry HAANSTRA, HABER, HACKER, HADDICK, JR. HADLEY, JOHN WILSON ROBERT ALBERT EVERETT BETTY JO San Francisco San Francisco LUCIUS Palermo Arcadia Electrical Business St. Louis, Mo. English Pre-Medical Engineering Administration Mechanical Transfer from Transfer from TBII; HKN; Transfer from Engineering Yuba College; Occidental SEE. University of Handball; ASME. Honor Students. College; San Francisco; Freeborn Hall. ROTC. HAGEN, ROBERT JOSEPH Richmond Business Administration HAGER, JOHN STANLEY Boxborough, Mass. Psychology Transfer from Boston University. WE :=... la i m HAIMOVICH, HAINES, HALDEMAN, HALE, HALE, HALEY, JR. HALEY, HALL, HALL, HALL, BORIS FREDERICK JEAN MAY HELEN LEE JOHN JAMES JOSEPH P. GEORGE JEANNE WILLIAM GREGORY KELLY San Francisco Arcata SIMPSON BAYARD Oakland GREENWOOD AGNES FRED Harbin, China Oakland Business Speech San Fernando Mill Valley Business Piedmont Grass Valley Brinnell, Iowa Physical Business Administration ASA; Junior Forestry Mathematics Administration Business Latin Business Education Administration; AF; Intra- Secy.; Class xsn. Transfer from Administration Tower and Flame; Administration Transfer from San Francisco JC; AXA. mural. Officers Coun.; Senior Council; Yale University; KAP; Glee Club. sen. Classics Club; Spanish Club. Folk Dancing Pelican. HALLUM, ROSEMARY NORA Oakland English BK; IIAe; YWCA; Wom- en ' s Counseling; Senior Council. HALSEY, DONALD JAMES San Diego Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College. HANAMOTO, YUKATA Loomis Chemical Engineering Tower and Flame; ASME; SAACS. HAMILTON, ELIZABETH J. Upland Physical Education North Gables; WAA Council; P.E. Majors Ctub. HAMILTON, ROBERT PAUL Riverside Electrical Engineering HAMM, MARY VALLIANT Dover, Del. Psychology International House. HAMPSON, JAMES H. Los Angeles Chemical Engineering AX2; SAACS. HAMPTON, WILLIAM Berkeley Engineering HANES, WILFRED CHARLES Covina Plant Pathology Transfer from UC at Davis. HANEY, FLORENCE HARPER Berkeley English Transfer from University of Oklahoma. Art Editor of Pelly and ASUC publications photographer IRA LATOUR fitted " Life ' s " description of a high-brow except for his love of good beer. A pipe smoker and folk dancing fan, he made beautiful Christmas cards, studied philosophy, hated mili- tarism and has never had a picture taken that does him justice. MMEY LOCKE San Francisco onal Relations Transfer front U of Washington Honor Society; MM RICHARD j. = : I :a Science and . - ' : .f. r ' ' f .? MMHU ROBE5- EDWARD Rochester, N.Y. Journal ism SAX; Gotf; : :? c. HANSEN, ANH MARIE HMSBL ALFRED CURTIS San Francisco Decoratne Art Food Technology -p California - Bine and GoW; ' Dorm Council; AXA. MMSQf BARBARA JEANNE . Social Welfare KAB; Class Dmmdl =5 :s- HANSEN, DORIS EVELYN Inglewood M : MB MSB KARYLE. XQ, Secretariat; Class Council. HANSEN, JR., SAMUEL C. Berkeley Advertising AA2. HANSON, ORVILLE L. Lead, So. Dak. BAT. ROBERT ' CARL afnjnetta Kara Transfer from Teas A and M; HANTKE, GERHARD K. Walnut Creek Social Welfare ME. :- : . HANUSKA,JR., JOHN ANTON Guerneville bwEtrial HARATANI, GRACE NOBU Transfer from Santa Rosa JC. Social Welfare Transfer fro Sa " F-3-.C jr; JC HARBERTS, ARTHUR STANLEY Daly City Pre-Medical HARDY, JAMES HERBERT San Francisco Creil HARGREAVES, KENNETH T. HARRIS, ERNEST R. Long Beach ItaBE S-5-.! deck Society. Qurter- Varsity Crew. History Transfer from San Francisco CC; Pershing Rifles. Transfer from UCLA; Hiking Club; Yacht Club; AIEE. HARRIS, LLOYD HUGH Berkeley Advertising Acacia; Blue and Gold; Sports forUC HARRIS JR. JOHN ROBERT SanMateo CM Engineering YMCA; ASCE. HARRIS, JR. RICHARD LMtM Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA TBn;HKN. HARRIS THOMAS WEST Berkeley General Curriculum SII;NROTC; Sailing Club; Ski Club. MSRK:S WALTER E. HARRIS, WILLIAM L MMBM ROBERT NELSON IndKstrial Engineering Bowles Hall; TB n ; Tower and Flame; Football; English Transfer from Wilson JC, HARSHAW, PHYLLIS LEE Berkeley History AFA; YWCA; Red Cross; HARTMANN, ROBERT ALAN Long Beach Business i-. -;.=. ?- HARTSOCK, FRANKLIN B. Coeur d-Alene, Bkx emistry Cloyne Cowt. HAW, HARWELL, DWIGHT WESLEY Maywood, III. Pre-medicine Transfer front U. of Illinois; dome Cowt; msuui LYNN HASTINGS, MARGARET MAY Los Angeles Physical HATCH GEORGE BRIEN Marysdlle Dranatk Art Transfer front Kansas State C f- ad a HATFIELD, ELIZABETH ANN Ardsley, N.Y. Political Science Treble Clef, BtaeandGoM; YWCA; Mortar Board; Pry- Transfer front Santa Monica CC; Freebont Hall; HATTEN, CHARLES W. Pasadena Geological HATTERSLEY, CHARLES MARSHALL rranfai ; --- Pasadena JC; Transfer from Pasadena City College; OKA; Glee Ctab; MILDRED ALICE San Diego Art Transfer front San Diego Sute College. HAWKINS, CECIL RAY Oakdak Cheniistry Transfer from Modesto JC; Student AFAL of the American Chemical Society. Receiving a new name from oW Saint Nick last Dec. 26 was DORIS FOREAKER HOUSMAN who loves to ski mt knit sweaters for Wes. She fimilit UK gavel at Pryt, attended Torch a-xl Shield and Mortar Board Meetings and headed Women ' s Rally Committee when she tnrned traitor by yelling " Rally Committee ctmfa 4fi s HAWLEY, HAWTHORNE, HAYNES, JEAN HOWARD A. JAMES Berkeley Clares hol m, ARTHUR Political Science Can. Berkeley I IB ; Ace of Clubs; Prytanean; Soil Science AZ; Soil Science General Curriculum Rep.-at-Large; Club. Class Councils; Stevens Union Comm. HAYS, DALE Berkeley Philosophy Prytanean; II A2; Blue and Gold, Asso- ciate Manager; Senior Coun. HAYS, LEE Fresno General Curriculum ASA; Pelican; Women ' s Counseling. HAYS, HAZAN, HAZEL, ROBERT C. JOSEPH NORMAN Berkeley Cairo, Egypt Hawthorne Marketing Chemical Entomology t Ki]; Swimming; Engineering Transfer from Rally Comm.; A t Q; Labor UCLA; AZ. t . Board; Men ' s Counseling; AICE; Track; Welfare Council. HAZEN, EVELYN Philadelphia, Pa. Political Science Freeborn Hall; Honor Students; Tower and Flame. HEAD, DONALD BERTON Petaluma Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; Rugby. HEATH, WARREN MASON Greenbrae Industrial Engineering TBII. HEATH, HEBBARD, HECHT, WILLIAM FREDERICK CHARLES ROBERT Vallejo MERRITT San Pedro Optometry Los Angeles Chemical Honor Students; English Engineering Tower and Flame; Transfer from Abracadabra; Senior Librarian; UCLA. Glee Club; Spanish Club; Chem. Engineers ' Optometry Assoc. Club. HECKMAN, WARREN CHARLES Anaheim Music. HEDIN, ALLAN Petaluma Industrial Engineering Transfer from Santa Rosa JC; Bachelordon; ; Tower and Flame. HEER, FRIDOLIN WILLIAM Berkeley Zoology Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck. HESS, III, WILLIAM RATHBUN Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; AKE; ASCE; ARBS. HEIDENREICH, CARL San Francisco Production Management Transfer from San Francisco JC; Senior Council; SAM. HEIFNER, ORRIN HUGH Oakland Physical Education : :- HEINZ, HEINZER, HEISER, HELBUSH, HELLER, JACK R. MADELENE JOHN LEO BARBARA BRUCE Sanger RUTH Ottawa, III. San Francisco OTIS Business San Francisco Personnel Communications Oakland Administration Dramatic Art Administration Public Policy Pre-Medical I ' NH. Hammer and Honor Students; Transfer from Transfer from Dimmer; Uni- BrZ; BAW. San Francisco Doane College; versity Theater. JC; Masonic Club; Ski Club. Public Relations. HELM, HELME, JR., HENDERSON, JR. HENNESSY, HENRY, DAVID ERNEST CHARLES GENEVIEVE EVELYN R. ; Oakland Nevada City WILLIAM MARIAN Chicago, III. . Political Science Marketing Berkeley San Francisco Publit Health ; Transfer from U. of Michigan; J rA; Ad Service Bureau; SAM. Architecture KA; . Political Science Nursing Transfer from : ; Honor Students; Warring Place; UCLA; Mitchell ' Tower and Flame. Prytanean; NSA; Hall; RN ' son ' ' Treble Clef. Campus. HERALD, HERBERT, SHIRLEE MARY JANE San Francisco Farmington Advertising General Prytanean; HAS; Curriculum Pub Council; Peixotto Hall; Sr. Council 22 II; Ad Service Intramural. Bureau, Mgr.; Women ' s Coun- seling. HERRERA, JR., LEO JOHN Alameda Geology YMCA. HERRICK, CHARLES San Gabriel Geophysics Transfer from Pasadena JC; ex. HERRIOTT, JR., CHARLES CALVIN Oakland General Curriculum Crew; Univer- sity Christian Fellowship. HERSKO, MALCOLM HERTERT, PATRICIA HERTZ, MARTIN San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Political Science Honor Students; " I ' SA; AMF. Music 1 M; Treble Clef; Pan Hellenic. General Curriculum ZBT. HARLAN BENNETT, who headed Orientations Council, was known to all Eshleman inmates and Bears ' Lair inhabitants. He won fame at the Phi Sigma Kappa house with the beard he grew for their ' 49er dance. Folk dancing, ice skating and reading Econ books prevented the possibility of boredom for this always active organizer. HERZFELD, SANDER Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. HESS, ROBERT Oakland Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Stanford; A TO; Honor Students; S II ; TB II ; Rugby. HEWITT, THOMAS BURTON Alameda Optometry. HEXTER, WILLIAM MICHAEL Los Angeles Zoology Transfer from UCLA; 1AM. HEXLEP, HERBERT Pasadena Business Administration Transfer from Pasadena J.C.; Interchurch Council; USCA. HUBBARD, RUSSEL GREENLEAF El Monte Chemistry Bowles Hall; Track. HICKMAN, RICHARD ANDERSON Albany Economics KDP; Men ' s Counseling; Crew. HICKEY, JACK WILLIAMS Turlock Zoology Transfer from University of Arizona; Crew; Ski Club. HICKS, ANN Berkeley Home Economics Transfer from University of Arkansas; Home Economics Club; Dames. HICKS, MINA LEONORE Monterey General Curriculum Transfer from Salinas Junior College. HIDESHIMA, TEIKO San Francisco Oriental Languages Honor Students; II A ; Japanese Culture Forum. HIGGINBOTHAM, NANCY VIRGINIA Lodi Bacteriology Joaquin Hall. HIGGINS, HIGGINS, HILDRETH, HILL, HILL, CARL JAMES JOHN ALONZO BETTY HERBERT HARWOOD GEORGE Skykomisk, VIRGINIA OLIVER Omaha, Neb. San Francisco Wash. Glendale Red lands General Business Journalism Journalism Wildlife Curriculum Administration; Transfer from Transfer from Conservation A MF, NSA; HAS ' . University of Glendale College; Transfer from Men ' s Counseling; Washington; Daily Cal.-ei ; University of Cai. Hosts; SAX; Daily Cal, Senior Council. Redlands. Glee Club. Night Editor. HILL, HILL, HILL, HILL, JAMES LAUREL ORVILLE L. ROBERT ALBERT Beverly Hills San Diego Berkeley Glendale General Electrical Physiology Engineering Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Transfer from AE4 ; Welfare Transfer from New York UCLA; Honor Council; San Diego State University. Student; ASME. Orientations. College. H1LLIN, MARY V. Burbank Group Major AZ; Intramural Board; Senior Living Group Board. HILLYARD, HILTON, HINESER, HIPPERT, MARGARET F. SARA MARTIN RALPH Oakland CAROLYN Fort Worth, JOHN Art Oakland Texas Pasadena AZA; II Al; Social Welfare Business Business Prytanean; Daily ZTA; Ad Service Administration Administration Cal. Managerial; Senior Council; Bureau; YWCA; Women ' s Hillel. Bowles Hall. Junior Council. Counseling. HIPPERT, HIRATA, BARBARA EDITH ANNE San Bernardino Pasadena Pharmacy English Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Epworth Hall. HIRATZKA, JORDAN F. Berkeley Public Health Transfer from Weber Junior College. HIRSHLAND, LEE HISCOX, ROBERT HO, WARREN HON DAVID ARTHUR San Francisco Reading, Pa. Berkeley Business Physics Accounting Administration Transfer from Duke University; ZBT; Honor Honor Students; BAY; A Q. Transfer from San Francisco City College. Student. HOAGLAND, HOAK, HOCKENBEAMER, HOCKINS, HOEXTER, HOFFMAN, HOFFMAN, HOFFMAN, CHARLES R. NADINE NANCY ANN WILLIAM HENRY LUCILLE MARILYN SHELDON Berkeley San Bernardino Orinda RUSSELL San Francisco SHIRLEY GATES Los Angeles Chemistry Sociology Public Health Piedmont Engineering San Francisco Los Angeles Engineering 1 J ; Freshman Transfer from A4 ; Ad Service Business Transfer from Political French Transfer from and Sophomore San Bernardino Bureau; NSA; Administration LSU;TBT1; Science Transfer from UCLA; 1AM; Councils. Junior College; YWCA; Fresh- Transfer from HKN; UCSEE. Transfer from Los Angeles City UCSEE; AIEE. Crop and Saddle man Council; Santa Rosa J.C.; SFCC; NSA. College; Honor Intramural. J.V. Basketball. Students. HOFMANN, RICHARD JOHN Albany Accounting Soccer. HOFME1STER, CYRIL TYSON Oakland Economics Newman Club. Termed noisy but efficient by co-workers was merry Daily Cal Promotions Manager DEDE DWIGGINS. Pi Alpha Sigma, Theta Sigma Pi and Pryt members missed this charming DZ when she graduated in February to take a job in the advertising world while waiting for Mike to graduate. HOFSTEDE, MARY JO Oakland Social Welfare Transfer from Marquette U; Pelican; Senior Council; Newman Club. HOGAN, H01RIIS, HOLCOMB, HOLLADAY, BEVERLY KAREN MADELINE JEAN San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Altadena General Psychology Economics Political Curriculum AAH; Honor KKP; Mortar Bd.; Science Stern Hall; Student; Cal Club; Transfer from Pelican; Tower and Flame; ASUC, V.-Pres.; College of Class Councils. Elections Board; Finance Comm.; Pacific; IITM. YWCA. Ex. Comm. YWCA. HOLLINGSWORTH, CLAIRE Santa Ana General Curriculum AXQ; Jr. Pan- Hellenic, Pres.; Red Cross, VP; Elections Board. HOLMES, LOTTYE Texarkana, Texas Social Welfare Transfer from Bishop College; Social Welfare Club. HOM, STANLEY Marysville Engineering Chinese Students ' Club. HOOPS, WALTER Chester, N.J. General Curriculum Transfer from Wheaton College. HOOVER, TRAVIS Riverside International Relations Transfer from Riverside JC. HOPKINS, CAROLYN Silver City, New Mexico Nursing HOPKINS, MARY JANE Pueblo, Colo. General Curriculum Transfer from Pueblo JC; Epworth Hall. HORI, KIBU Berkeley General Curriculum HORNING, WILLIAM Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Bowles Hall;TBn; Honor Student; ASME. HORTON, IRIS Eureka Business Administration A All; Pelican; Cal. Hosts. HORTON, LAVERNE San Bernardino Physical Education BigC. HOSE, J. LISLE Long Beach Business Administration Transfer from Long Beach City College. HOTCHKIN, HOWARD Beverly Hills Engineering Transfer from U. of Kentucky; ASME. HOTCHNER, STANLEY San Francisco Engineering ZBT; CE, Secretary. HOUSE, WILLIAM Portland General Curriculum Transfer from U. of Oregon; P; Crew. HOPKINS, HARRY Colorado Springs Transfer from Colorado College, San Francisco JC;BSn. HOWARD, JAMES Oakland Accounting HOWARD, HOWARD, WEBSTER WILLIAM Berkeley Alameda Engineering Business Transfer from Administration Brownsville, Tex.; Masonic Club. TBI1; Honor Student; ACC, Pres.; SAM; ASME. HOWE, JAMES HOWE, LOUIS Modesto Santa Clara General History Curriculum 2K; Fresh. Transfer from Council; Crew. U. of New Mexico; KA. HOWELL, DOUGLAS Tacoma, Wash. Accounting Transfer ftom George Wash- ington U.; BF2; BA P; Honor Student. HOWLAND, PAUL Portland, Me. Engineering TBII; HKN; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Engineer ' s Council. HOWLAND, PHILIP Detroit Physics Transfer from Flint Junior College. HOWLETT, PATRICIA Los Angeles Political Science HOY, BETHA San Francisco Agriculture Transfer from Davis. HOYT, MARGARET Shasta General Curriculum ZK; Honor Student. HUBER, ELSA San Francisco Physics BK. HUBERT, C. WARREN Long Beach Business Administration Transfer from USC; Abracadabra; Sailing Club; Varsity Golf. HUDSON, CLIFFORD Oakland Agricultural Economics Transfer from San Jose State. HUDSON, NANCY Oakland H istory AAA; Daily Cal.; Intramural. HUFF, MARTIN Oakland Accounting Transfer from Antioch College; BAW; Masonic Club. HUFFMAN, LOIS San Bernardino German Transfer from San Bernardino Valley College; Honor Student. HUGGINS, LAURA Arcata Public Health Epworth Hall; COS; Housing Board; Public Health Club. HEDDY, JAMES Bakersfield Economics Transfer from U. of Texas; ATfl. Versatile DWIGHT HARWELL used his new ideas and adminis- trative ability to good advantage as YMCA president. Glee Club and Golden Bear also claimed this transfer from Illinois. He played one finger tunes on the guitar, excelled at ping pong, wrote for magazines and tried to choose between medicine and the ministry as a career. : - : . Class Councils. HUGHES, CHARLES V. San Francisco Science Transfer from Wagner College. HUGHES, LENITA Ukiah Speed) A AO; Pelican; : i i Class Council; Intramural Swimming. HUGHES, LEWIS E. Placerville Pr?- medical HUGHES, ROLAND FRANK Long Beach Physical Education Transfer from San Diego State; P.E. Major ' s Club. HUHN, MARDELLE FRANCES : - -; - Agriculture Transfer from University of Colorado; A OH; Jr. and Sr. Councils. HUM, RICHARD F. San Francisco Physiology MA . HUMORSTOK, JOSEPH T. Roselle, N.J. Economics HUMPHREYS, BETTY VANCE Berkeley -i . : Journalism ZTA; Mortar Board; Prytanean; 5 er ; Daily Cal. JOAQU1N RUDOLPH Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club. ARDATH B. Los Angeles Psychology -. : --... ...... HUNT, CHARLES L. San Bernardino Business Administration Transfer from U. of Nevada. HUNT, GEORGE MORTON HUNT, Mechanical Engineering ASME; SAM . CHARLES Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. HUNT, MARYELLEN SUZANNE Merced Political Science Transfer from Fresno State Coll.; Bryn Mawr Hall. HUNT, WINIFRED LUCILE WhHtier General Curriculum Freshman VP; ?r; Blue and Gold; Pelican. HURLBUT, HUSTON, CARL CAROLYN STANLEY i Independence General Civil Curriculum Engineering KA0. - -. . . - - - University of Redlands; ASCE. HUTCHINGS, MARION JOYCE Las Vegas, N.M. Economics Transfer from San Diego State; RHJgmont Hall; -: ' : S-. . HUTH, .- F; EDWARD San Antonio, Texas Business Administration Bridge Club. HUXTABLE CHARLES ROBERT Berkeley ; Industrial , Engineering TB II; ASME; SAM. HWANG HYDE, YUAN Y. JEAN Fukien. MURRAY China Oakland Mechanical History Engineering AHA, KA; Ira -. ' :- Director of UCLA; ASME; Flying Club; Women ' s Counseling; Photography Club. Senior Council. GRAHAM, m I i ROSS WILLSON Lafayette :-_..- I: Agriculture ] ' Economics H Agr.culture Economics Club. INNERFIELD, ARNOLD STUART New York Optometry KN; Freshman z : 5 : : - : : Baseball Manager. n ,-:; JOHN GORDON Berkeley - -.-:::::. Transfer from Riverside J.C.; Swimming, -:- Pi : SAMES, LUCILLE MARIE Berkeley . General Curriculum College Women ' s Club; Utrimque; Masa : ; ri IBBETSON, ALMA MARIE Los Angeles General :_ : - . , . . Occidental !: :-: OWenberg Hall. INGRAM, ROBERT HENRY San Jose Political Science IMBODEN, DM sn n CAROLYN SanMateo Political Science Newman Club; University IMMERGUT, EDMUND H. Vienna, Austria Chemistry Transfer from Aurora Univer- sity; UCCA. INOUYE, INTAGLIATO, IRIKI, - ISENBERG, KAZUKO ELEANOR ANN KEIKO K. GEORGE DOROTHEA Stockton San Francisco Berkeley STANTON MARTHA Nutrition and General General San Bernardino Palo Alto Dietetics Currioitem Curriculum Bowles Hall; General . ......_ Stebbins Hall; Student Relations Skull and Keys; Curriculum Stockton JC.; -. -- -- : . - r ;-:- AHA; AMP, - - E : : : - : Pre-Med Society. Rambler Football; Cal. Engineer; : Soccer; togby. NSA; Senior : : - - : INGERSOL, GORDON : T- San Fernando Industrial Engineering SAM. ISEYAVA, RUTH Oakland ::: Daily Cal; : --:-. INGLE, JR. JOHN F. San Gabriel Architecture Ae. IVANITSKY, MSTISLAV N. San Francisco Slavic Languages Singer and music lover BETTY HATFIELD spent a good part of her four years at the " Y " ' Cottage where she successfully handled the gavel. This poll sci major ' s plans for study at the Sorbonne in the fall aroused the envy of interested listeners at Mortar Board and Pryt meetings. JACKSON, CHARLES JACKSON, CHARLES JACKSON, DOROTHY JACKSON, EARL Fellows Oakland Newark, N.J. Hollywood Engineering International Political Engineering Transfer from Relations Science Transfer from Taft J.C.; ASCE. Transfer from ZTA; Prytanean; UCLA; ASME. Modesto JC; Cal Hosts; Pelican; A ' tE; Spanish Class Councils. Club; Radio Club. JACOBS, DEAN Dixon Engineering ZX. JACOBS, MYRON San Francisco Engineering TBn;XE; ASCE. JACOBSON BERNICE San Francisco Social Welfare Sherman Annex Folk Dancers; Hillel. JACQUES, CLEMENS Berkeley General Curriculum. JACUZZI, MARY ALICE Oakley General Curriculum. JAGTIANIE, MOTEETAL India Engineering I House. JAMES, ERNEST Berkeley Engineering ASCE. IAMES, LUCILLE Albany General Curriculum Utrimque; College Wom- en ' s Club. JAMESON, ANDREW JAMISON, DARLENE San Francisco International Relations Moorpark General Curriculum A E; AMP; E$2; Honor Student; I House. Transfer from UCLA; AXA. JANGAARD, PETER Aalesund, Norway Engineering I House. JANSSEN, BARBARA Alameda Home Economics Soph Vigilantes; Home Economics Club. JEANSON, ROSS HUGH Be I If lower Business Administration Transfer from Long Beach JC. JEE, JENKINS, JENSEN, WEBSTER JEAN CARL SHEW SHUN Monterey Park Santa Rosa Oakland Medical Engineering Zoology Technician Transfer from Honor Students; Sherman Hall; Santa Rosa JC; Chinese Student Public Health TBO. Club. Club. JENSEN, DELWIN Alameda Economics. JENSEN, JENSEN, HANS MARGARET Lower Lake Seattle General Curriculum Political Science KE; Winged Helmet; Varsity Rowing; Crew. Transfer from U. of Washington; A ; Eta-Z. JENSEN, WARREN San Francisco Marketing JESSEN, ELEANOR La Canada General Curriculum KKF; Ace of Clubs; Intramural. JESSEPH, MARGARET South Pasadena Physical Education Casa Hispana; Mortar Board; AMF; N2W; WAA, Treasurer. JESPERSEN, ALBERT VERNON Walnut Creek General Curriculum Christian Science Organ.; Glee Club. JILLBERT, SHIRLEY JUNE Albany Decorative Art AXA; Masonic Club. JOHANNS, LAWRENCE HENRY Oakland Business Administration. JOHNS, MARY Redwood City Clothing and Textiles Transfer from San Mateo JC; Beaudelaire; Red Cross; WSSF; Senior Council. JOHNSON, ALAN Burlingame Business Administration SAM;A Q. JOHNSON, CARL Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA; UCSEE. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, CAROLYN CHARLES Sacramento Los Angeles Economics Engineering A ; Honor Transfer from Student; Tower and UCLA. Flame; Ace of Clubs; WAA Council; Intramural Bd., Chr .; Women ' s C. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, DOROTHY EILEEN GEORGE San Francisco San Francisco ROBERT Dramatic Art English Los Angeles Mask and Dagger; Honor Student; Transfer from San Francisco; Mechanical Engineering Treble Clef; City College. Transfer from Newman Club; UCLA; Intra- University Theatre. mural Sports. JOHNSON, GEORGEANN Sacramento History KA8; Tower and Flame; Ace of Clubs. JOHNSON, HENRY HOOVER Vida, Mont. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Northern Mont. College; ASME. JOHNSON, HUNTLY Berkeley Physiology Baton; Band; Symphony; Ski Club. A noted piano player and the pride and joy of the SAM house was GIL PAVLOSKY whose music was heard at sings, rallies and in two Ax shows. This chairman of Men ' s Judicial graduated in February and hopes to make his fame and fortune in the radio world. JOHNSON, JOHN ELMER, Berkeley Mechanical Engineering. JOHNSON, LAVONNE Oakdale Music Transfer from Modesto JC; Women ' s Counsel- ing; Music Club. JOHNSON, MARNA CAROLE Turlock Decorative Art Stebbins Hall; Masonic Club; WAA; Little Theatre; Speech Arts Club; Orchesis. JOHNSON, PHYLLIS J. Piedmont General Curriculum Transfer from U. of Colorado; NSA; YWCA; Plymouth House. JOHNSON, ROTH JOHNSON, THOMAS LAWES Kansas City, Mo. Business Administration TKE; Scabbard and Blade. JOHNSON, VERNON ROBERTS Bakersfleld Business Administration JOHNSON, WALTER JOHN, JR. El Sobrante Engineering Transfer from SanMateoJ.C. JOHNSON, WALTER SCOTT Berkeley Engineering VT; UC Flying Club. JOHNSON, WILLIAM GARFIELD Berkeley Foreign Trade Transfer from San Mateo JC; Z P;A E JOHNSTON, BETTY CAROL La Verne Education Transfer from Pomona College; Colonial Hall; Rally Comm.; Red Cross; SAACS. JOHNSTON, JACK BETHEA Tulare Political Science Transfer from Fresno State College; Honor Students. JONES, ARTHUR Santa Rosa General Curriculum DelRey. JONES, EDWIN DAVIS Palatine, III. Industrial Engineering Transfer from U. of Illinois; ASME; SAM. JONES, ELIZABETH F. Oakland General Curriculum Tower and Flame; Phrateres; College Women ' s Club; Masonic Club. JONES, JAMES Oakland Business Administration Transfer from Columbia University; 2K. JONES, KATHRYN IDA Lodi General Curriculum Transfer from Stockton J.C.; Oldenberg Hall. JONES, MORTON EDWARD Stockto n Chemistry KA. JONES RICHARD JONES, ROBERT EARL GLENN Oakland Stockton Agricultural French Economics AE; Agricul- tural Economics Club. Transfer from University of Paris; 6AX. JONES, SHIRLEY JEAN JONES, THORTON KEITH Compton Brawley General Curriculum Peixotto Hall; 22 II; Ski Club; Folk Dancing. Chemistry. AX2. JORDAN, JEAN JORGENSEN, ALFRED W. JORGENSEN, SHIRLEY JORY, JOHN IRMALEE Los Angeles LOUISE LeCONTE Santa Cruz Process San Francisco Berkeley Nursing Engineering Social Welfare Business Epworth Hall; RN ' s on Campus; Pre-Med Society. Transfer from UCLA; 6AX; ASME; Scabbard and Blade. Phrateres. Administration YMCA; Folk Dance Group. JOSEPHS, LOIS JOYCE, ORLANDO H. JUE, ARTHUR JUSTICE, JEAN Chicago, III. San Francisco MON ADAMS Political Science Pre-Medical San Francisco Oakland Transfer from Tower and Flame; Engineering Social Welfare Stanford; AE ; University Transfer from Beaudelaire Radio Worshop; Intramural. Symphony SFJC;Ten; AIEE. Club; WAA; YWCA. JUSTICE, LOUIS EUGENE Manhattan Beach Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; IRE. JUTT, JOHN GEORGE Cincinnati, Ohio Business Administration Transfer from John Carroll U. KAESS, ROBERT ANDREW Berkeley Art Transfer from NDAC; AE. KAGAN, SHARON E. KAHL, BETHE. KAHN, AVIVAH Berkeley Santa Rosa Tujunga General Curriculum Daily Cal; NSA; Sailing Club; Water Sports Club. Social Welfare Transfer from Santa Rosa JC; Cunningham Hall. Education Transfer from Glendale College; Colonial Hall; Women ' s Coun- seling. KAHN, DAVID Alhambra Architecture Bowles Hall; Architecture Association Soft spoken, always busy TOM TONKIN headed NSA, attended Golden Bear and Cal Club meetings, sang with the Glee Club and acted as co-chairman of Senior Week. Singing in barbershop quartets was a favorite form of relaxation. Medical administra- tion at UC hospital and an SF ' 49ers Club were postgraduate plans. KAHN, IRWIN WILLIAM Oakland Business Administration KAKEBE, MAY HARUKO San Francisco Social Welfare Phrateres. KALAFATIS, ALEX Sonoma Market and Retailing KALSTEIN, JACK Tel-Aviv, Israel Industrial Engineering Transfer from Hebrew Technion. KAMI, SEIICHI Berkeley Architecture Architecture Association KAN, ANDREW San Bernardino Business Administration KANEKO, SAMUEL T. Lincoln Agricultural Landscape Design Transfer from Sacramento JC. KANTOR, ROSIN P. Salinas Economics ; Ski Team; Rifle Team. ff KAPHAN, KAPLAN, EDWIN MIRIAM JEROME FLORENCE San Francisco El Cerrito Accounting Psychology n A ; BF2; Phrateres; HA . Masonic Club. KARDELL, JOHN RICHARD Oakland Civil Engineering Transfer from Davis; ASCE. KARI, WILLIAM JACOB Berkeley Chemistry AXE. KARP, FLOYD Fresno Accounting Transfer from University of Minnesota; Cloyne Court; BPS; KASAI, GEORGE SHOICHI San Francisco Engineering HKN;TBn. KASLE, ROSALINDS Oakland Education Transfer from University of Michigan. KASS, ALBERT HARVEY Berkeley Business Administration KATSUMOTO, KAUFMAN, KAVANAUGH, KAY, KAZANJIAN, TOSHIKO JOHN JOHN JOHN JACK B. Decoto Medical ARTHUR Vienna, CHARLES San Francisco DIXON Sherman Oaks San Mateo Insurance. Technology Austria Electrical Mechanical Transfer from Bacteriology Engineering Engineering Michigan State College; Honor Occident Manager. Transfer from Washburn Uni- Transfer from UCLA; Ridge Student. versity, Kansas. House. KAZAS, MARY Modesto Physical Education Transfer from Modesto JC; EPS; WAA. KEAGY, ELIZABETH DELPHINE Pomona General Curriculum Transfer from Pomona JC; Colonial Hall. KEASBY, KEATING, KECKLEY, KEELER, KEENE, WILLIAM, JR. JEROME W. PAUL C., JR. JANE JACK Berkeley Sacramento Pomora SPAULDING WILLIAM Slavic Languages Production Physical Fresno Ventura Honor Student; Control Education English General AMF; Cal Band; Transfer from 6AX; Winged AAA; BK; Curriculum Speech Arts Club; Sacramento JC; Helmet; Big " C " ; International Transfer from Masonic Club; 4 T4 2; Labor Football. House; Ad Ventura JC; Chess Club; Mediation Conn. Service Bureau AX A. KEEZER, DERALD CHARLES Neligh, Neb. Electrical Engineering KEHOE, NANCY Sacramento General Curriculum KKI ' ; Intramural. KELIIAA KELLER, KELLOGG, JOHN WILLIAM COE H. BERTRAND EDWARD Los Angeles Oakland Canton, Ohio Mechanical Political Science Transfer from Vallejo College; Boxing. Wildlife Conservation Tower and Flame; Swimming; Forestry Club. Engineering Transfer from UCLA;Av Ji; CSF; ASME; SAM; Senior Council. KELLY, KELLY, KELTON, KENFIELD, KENNEDY, JAMES W. ROBERT EDWIN CAIT, JR. NORMAN GERALDINE Gilroy MICHEL Sacramento PHILLIP CORDIELL Mathematical Bakersfield Economics San Andreas Stockton Statistics Civil Engineering 0AX; Home- Agricultural General Transfer from Transfer from coming; IFC Economics Curriculum San Jose State; Bakersfield JC; Scholarship Transfer from Transfer from Cal Engineer. ASCE. Chairman. Pasadena JC; Georgetown JC; 4 KV; BB. A ; NSA. KENNEDY, MAURICE JOSEPH, JR. Oakland Political Science Honor Student. KENNICK, JOAN RUTH Long Beach Sociology Transfer from UCLA; AAII; Peixotto Hall. KENNON, KATHRYN M. Oakland Political Science Beaudelaire. KENOURGIOUS, HELEN Sacramento Education Transfer from Sacramento JC; Bryn Mawr; Honor Student; 22 II; E 2 KENT, ANNE Kentfield General Curriculum Transfer from Marin JC; KKF; Panhellenic; Election Board. He ' s tall, he ' s dark, he ' s engaged! A contented man is the amaz- ing B G manager BRUCE PASS who inspected busses, majored in Bus Ad and managed to graduate in two and a half years. II KA brothers can count on being well insured by persuasive Bruce, the future insurance salesman. EMMTAZ -.11-- E " :--_ : .. LOIS ' - . , : ; :--: : : : l - UNN -:-,-- E-. Botehqr ZAE K2; Stall Keys; B8; AS - . -: I .:. YWCA; - : : . _: : ;- - ; Trs Uiiuiiityof Gen;Ben: ' - ::.-: KILLEEN, JOHN Los Galas PfcysiCS - : -- : Santa Clara; .. - ' a Electrical - AIEE, -: - - .--. LAVERNE : . - . : Tfi :: -- Hour SudeM; E - OHSEL HNEX1 ------- - ' - :: - : - " : Tfi RnenMe Crikfc; BFZ. THERESE a ZMEHI L.E EBIM1 WAYME BartasHall; -: = -S;- -: :: : .: :-- Tri Sum Hall; History Transfw from : - ' ; - Tfi A Mr. : : = : - MHtEEMS. 5 : DOROTHY Lonf Bexk FIIFH i-.: - : ; : :: KA; PHiea. Englidi : MilbColley; MhrCaL; : KATHLEEN AZ; Bta; and Gold; YWCA; Spen Arts HUM VK -L----. M E5 -. : : THOMAS CHARLES EwttaCity, . -:-- --: DAVID -. - Sa :: EP Transfer f row WILLIAM - ----- Los Cml WMCPATRiac, EUGENE R. KIRKPATRICK, FREDERICK I- r: : :.:_-: ; JACK Sai Fnrxiseo -: . KIRKPATRICK, RICHARD BerhOqr =-: =-.. : Tfi -: : lfeyes; TmsferfroB - :-- ZAE; Editor; SAX. Jr. Class Pres.; RanyConm. : ' - - - . .: II KA; Prtican; 7 Rally C :--:-. :- . Can Hill, Pern. : U. of Tenaessei HSTLER, BUM ' -- ' -- -- : -in. Is 1:. : Treble CM; Tri . . r r. " - " = WYOTA, ... .-_ San Francisco History Transfer froi :: := : -, I::-. -: En IU --- :.- - i --- :-- _ r - -; CHARLES ' KLEINEOCE, KATHRYN J. Fort Wort -E : .:- : KLINKE, -- --- : :.- ' - ----- WILLIAM Civil ' - - -- ; Tfi KSCE JC; - : ;:- Texas Chris . : ' IRE. - - . : TBP; Tower mi ------- : r :- E : -- ir.; UC FlyiB9 1 -: .,:. - - ::- : ;;: GoUe Bear, Cal Ctabs, nts for tke easy-going tke tntse. ----- j ia liar wtll, most of tke nd Keys, etc., filled spare : - : -:.;; KNEPP, JOHN Escalon Forestry Transfer from Modesto JC; X2 n ; Tower and Flame; Forestry Club. KNESS, JO Sacramento Public Health Transfer from Sacramento College; Stratford; Phrateres. KNIGHT, KATHLEEN Bakersfield Marketing Transfer from Bakersfield College; AXfl; Pelican; Red Cross; HAS. KNOWLES, JAMES Willows Economics SAE; Band. KNOX, DOROTHY Stockton General Curriculum Stern Hall; Treble Clef; Housing Board; Senior Council. KO BAY ASH I, GOYIRO Madera Agricultural Economics AE Club. KOCH, FRED Berkeley Engineering ATH; M ; ASCE; Frosh Swimming Team; Winter Sports Club. KOENIG, MARY San Francisco Biochemistry Honor Student; IS n ; Phrateres; UC Hiking Club. KOERTH, LEONARD Beasley, Tex. Agriculture Economics Transfer from George Pepperdine. KOKILA, CALVIN Rocklin Engineering SK; ; ASCE; Men ' s Counseling; Frosh Football. KOHLMEYER, MILDRED Berkeley Psychology; Ml. KOMOR, PETER KIPITZKE, VERN Santa Cruz Anaheim Engineering Engineering Transfer from Lester Institute of Tech., Shang- hai; I House; TKE; Yacht Club; AIEE. Transfer from Fuller-ton JC; CEC; ACS. KOSTER, FRANCIS Tracy Engineering Transfer from Modesto JC; XE;TBn. KOTTNAUER, PEGGY Los Angeles Accounting Transfer from UCLA; AAII; Yacht Club. KRACKOV, Y SORIS Chico Physical Therapy Transfer from UC Medical Center; 92T; Radio Workshop; Univ. Chorus. KRAFT, BARBARA Santa Cruz Social Welfare Epworth Hall. KRAMER, EUGENE Missoula, Mont. Political Science Transfer from Montana State Honor Student; Daily Cal. KREIS, VANALLEN Burlingame Medicine Ben. KRELLE, RALPH Oakland Journalism SAX; Daily Cal; Masonic Club. KRISTICH, BEVERLY KRUEGER, JOSEPH KRUTH. ALFRED Berkeley Berkeley Turlock General Curriculum Business Administration Engineering ASCE. 2K; Prytanean; Honor Student; HAS; Rally Track Team. Comm.; Pelican, Adv. and Prod. Manager. KUNSMAN, CHARLES Berkeley Political Science ATQ; Daily Cal; Blue and Gold; NSA. KUNZ, WILLIAM Concord Engineering Newman Club. KURILY, JOSEPH Hamtramck, Mich. Engineering Transfer from UCLA; XE; ASCE. KUSABA, GEORGE Concord Sanitation Transfer from Southwestern KUSABA, JACK Richmond Business Administration Transfer from University of M innesota. KUSER, CAROLEE Oakland Political Science AAII; Pelican; Secretariat; YWCA. KUWATA, HIROSHI Los Angeles Medical Sciences Transfer from UCLA. KUMICH, BORIS San Francisco Economics KWONG, ROBERT San Francisco Business Administration Chinese Students Club. PAUL LACKEY, Glendale Engineering Transfer from Glendale Junior College. LACOSTE, JACK Oakland Foreign Trade SAM. LACY, WILLIAM Berkeley Industrial Management SAM. LAFFERTY, FRANK Oakland Journalism SAX. LAFLIN, PATRICIA Redding Hispanic Amer- ican History KA; SKA- Tower and Flame; Honor Student; YWCA. LAI, EDITH San Francisco Chemistry LAI, FANNIE San Francisco Architecture AAF; Honor Student; Architecture Association. LAIRD, RAYMOND Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME, Membership Committee. Pelly staff scurried when manager BILL ROGERS pounded the desk and threatened to throw people out of his office. Painting, swimming, distributing Chesterfields, and handing out passes to the Palace Hotel occupied his spare time. Responsible for the first televised college fashion show, he plans to work in adver- tising after graduation. His pet peeve was peroxided blondes. f a LAKE, BAKER FREDERICK LMU ANNE L. Tower and Flame; AMT; ( Tot. = ' , ; LALLY, THOMAS OMB Visalia AgrialtaTt AFP. LAM, San Francisco Biochemistry : Smmmi ; UHH MHERI BERTRAM Venura i:- ;. -..-; LAMBERT, ELIZABETH MAWEE LAMBERT, KATHERINE LAMBERT, PHILIP Transfer from Z:.: ::. Transfer from LAMBERT, WARD EMERSON Electrical LMMml 1MBCE Pomona Cofteoc ASA;YWCA. ' State ATQ. AXA.-TBH; HKN,- nrnz. Military Assoc. ml I: : LAMONT, CHRISTINE MARGARET San Francisco Treble Clef; Sjn F% MYIMB CARL it- i " . Mich. WALLACE RALPH KBMEI1I WALLING An T( CoHee; Cotaual -i ; SpeediArts LANE, BEVERLEY HUNTER Santa Barbara Social Welfare XQ; Senior HELEN ANNE :: m ia- : e;: UMKS ALBERT SaK Lake City Los Senior Conwil; YWCA; Intranvral; Senior Week Conm. UCLA; Wrestling. Transfer from IMicrsityof H A ; Circle C; Scabbartfand Blade; Crew. LARKINS, XAN MARIE San Francisco French AFA; Daily Cal; IACA- ASS C College Women ' s CtobJ LARSEN, RICHARD A. San Diego Forestry Crew. LARSON, HQJBI MARJOR1E SanDi 90 LARTER, THOMAS CHAMBERLAIN U Canada Electrical DORIS LEBBK LASSITER, EMMA JEAN LATHAM, JR. ARTHUR BOYD Art Barrett. Transfer from Pasadena X; AIEE; IRE. AXA. Genetics Transfer from UC at Davis; LAU, GEORGE W. San Francisco Foreign Trade Transfer from San Francisco UMMkOMU KENNETH WAYNE LAURI, SHIRLEY JEAN -- ai rw IX n - HARRY GRANVILLE Rio Vista tanm nj := Ei : LAVELLE, ROBERT LEE ' in mi mil College; KAP, A AS; Daily Gal. LAVERY,JR. JOHN PETER San Francisco Geotogkal LAVEZI LUCILLE ZX; Big C; Circle C; Swinv - . ,,=:- -: . Si- =-: :: English Transfer from San Francisco CC; Ritter Hall; LAWRENCE, ROBERT R. W Civil LEACH, JR. HOWARD CHARLES .EEC JUUAN IRVIN LEE, Political Transfer from Optonctiy K San Francisco Industrial ::=:-- LEE, EDWIN KWAI WAN HK . Marysvilk Marketing TJt University of Hawaii. -;-;. ' : - Example to a Public Health 5A class when he " had " to drink beer as part of a vitamin content lecture was ragged JON BAKER. This first string gjard on Pappy Waldorf ' s Rose Bowl team is characterized by his Sigma Nn brothers as a hater of Dm 2 mj m t LEE, GLORIA VIOLET San Francisco Social Welfare NSA; WAA; YWCA; Chinese Students Club. LEE, JOEL HARRISON Salt Lake City, Utah Pre-Medical Transfer from U. of Wisconsin. LEE MARY San Francisco Optometry Transfer from San Francisco City College; Optometry Assn., Secretary. LEE, SHU-SHAN Oakland Oriental Language. LEE, THEODORE San Francisco Bacteriology. LEFTWICH, JERRY San Diego Engineering ASCE. LEHMAN, BEVERLEE Escalon Decorative Art Colonial Hall Treble Clef, Sr. Mgr. LEIGH, THOMAS Beaumont Entomology AZ. LENZ, CAROLYN Stockton Decorative Art Transfer from College of Pacific; ATA; AX A. LENZ, WILBUR Stockton Business Administration Transfer from College of Pacific; ATA; Winged Helmet. LEONARD, CHARLES JAMES Oakland Business Adm. Masonic Club LEONARD, KEITH Ukiah Engineering Abracadabra; Baton; Band; ASME; SAM. LEONARD, MORDEN B. Sanger Agriculture Transfer from Davis. LEONG, WILLIAM Oakland Mathematics II ME; Chinese Student ' s Club. LESO, AMBROSE Watertown, N.Y. Physical Education UC Intramural Boxing Champion- ship, 1946; PE Majors Club; NSA. LESSER, RENATE Oakland Art. LESTON, LETCHWORTH, LEVENSON, LEVINSON, DOROTHY SALLY SIDNEY JEROME Tooele, Utah Piedmont San Chicago Retailing Political Engineering Bio-Chemistry Sherman Hall; Science Transfer from Transfer from UC Folk Dancing College Women ' s UCLA; ASCE; Illinois Institute Club. Club; Blue and Gold. ASTM. of Technology; LEVINSON, ZVI GREGORY Tel-Aviv, Israel Industrial Engineering LEW, MARSHALL San Francisco Engineering II A ; I CSC. LEWIS, DOLORES San Pedro General Curriculum Horton Hall; Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. LEWIS, JAMES LEWIS, JEAN Martinez Sacramento Journalism General Transfer from Curriculum Sacramento JC. Transfer from Sacramento College. LEWIS, MAXINE Brawley Public Health Transfer from San Jose State; Richards Hall; WAA; Dorm Council LICON, ANGELINA China Transfer from Ginling College, China. LIEBERT, GERALD Berkeley Transfer from Cornell; I House; Labor Board; Daily Cal. LIKENS, ROBERT Alameda Engineering A1EE. LIM, CLIFFORD Honolulu T.H Business Administration Transfer from Colorado State College; SAM. LIM, GEORGE Oakland Business Adm. LINDBURG, VIRGINIA LINDSAY, ALEXANDER Corte Madera Elk Grove Speech Chemical Transfer from Ventura JC; Engineering; AX2. Speech Arts Club, President. LINEER, GEORGE LINGENFELTER, LOWELL LINNEY, THOMAS LIPPINCOTT, RAYMOND LISSNER, RICHARD Piedmont Concord San Francisco Santa Rosa Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from College of Pacific; II K 6; Volleyball. Business Administration SAM. Engineering Transfer from San Francisco JC; AIEE; UC Yacht Club. Retailing Transfer from Santa Rosa JC; TKE; Masonic Club; Men ' s Counseling. Political Science Transfer from Stanford; I House; Student World Fed. LITTLE, KENNETH San Diego Agriculture Transfer from San Diego State College; Scabbard and Blade. LITTMAN, ALBERT San Francisco Engineering ASCE; Cal Engineer. Top salesman and promoter was dynamic DICK POWERS. Work- ing on class councils for four years and serving as vice-chairman of Rally Committee gave him ample opportunity to make friends and influence people. The Sig Ep ' s counted on his ideas and enthusiasm to make any event a success. LIU, HUN-TIN TING Manila, P.I. General Curriculum Transfer from University of the Philippines. LIVINGSTON, DORIS San Francisco Public Health A E; Elections Board; Pre-Med Society; Public Health Club. LLOYD, KENNETH BARKER Detroit, Mich. Metallurgy Transfer from University of Detroit; Mining Association. LOCKE, STEPHEN Allentown History. LOCKWOOD, LOIS Boise, Idaho Social Welfare LOCKWOOD, ROBERT WAYNE Boise, ' Idaho Personnel Management Transfer from Michigan State Normal College. LOEB, RODNEY W. Beverly Hills Political Science Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Daily Cal; ACC; JV Debate. L03AN, GERALD E. Lincoln German Tower and Flame. LONG, PETER Oakland Engineering. LOO MIS, CATHERINE DRUCILLA Palo Alto General Curriculum KA9; Ace of Club. LOOMIS, RAYMOND WESLEY ::: :: E-.::- Civil Engineering r from UCLA; TB 11 ; XE ASCE. LOPEZ, GEORGE ERNEST San Leandro Political Science IIKT. LORENSEN, DOROTHY HILDA Hayward General Curriculum Sherman Hall; YWCA. LORIMER, JOHN WALLACE Oakland Chemistry LOSLEBEN, LAWRENCE ANTHONY Anaheim Agricultural Economics Norman Club LOUGHER, RUBY FRANCES Berkeley General Curriculum CSNS; Winter Sports Club LOUNSBERRY, JACK WOODS LaJolla Business Administration 2 E; Circle C Society. LOVE, LOVELL, PATRICIA GARY BILL MARILYN Gtendale International General Relations. Curriculum Richards Hall; Honor Students; Tower and Flame. LOW, IMKS FREDERICK Sausalito Sales Management II K ; B lue and Gold; Senior Council; Senior Peace Comm. LOWE, BARBARA Woodland General Curriculum KA8; Ace of Clubs. LOWE, FRANKLIN LOWE, ' . ' -- UN San Francisco Business Administration Transfer from San Francisco City College. Oakland Dramatic Art KA; Mask and Dagger; Thalian; Prytanean; University Theatre. LOWENSTEIN, ALVIN B. Chicago Production Management Transfer from Wilson Junior College; SAM. LOWRY, JR. RALPH Denver, Colo. Civil Engineering XE. LUCAS, CHARLES A. El Dorado Springs, Missouri Political Science Transfer from University of Missouri. LUCCHESI, CHARLES LUCCHI, SESTO Oakland Physical Education Big C Society; Circle C Society; Swimming; Gymnastics. Antioch Mechanical Engineering Track; Base- ball; Weight- lifting; Billiards. LUSE, JR. ALWYN FORRESTER Tarzana Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASCE. LUCKSINGER, ROSEMARY ALICE San Luis Obispo General Curriculum A AX; Women ' s Counseling; WAA; Calvin Club. LUDE, CARL JUUL Mill Valley Psychology College of Marin; Masonic Club. LUFF, MARILYN Oakland General Curriculum IIB ; Pelican; Ad Service Bureau; Secretariat; YWCA. LUKE, FRANCES LOUISE Port Chicago Retailing Oldenberg Hall; Cal Engineer; Senior Council; Phrateres. LUNDBERG, WALKER Pendleton, Ore. Business Administration Transfer from Oregon State College; TA; Skull and Keys. LUND) GERALD T. San Francisco Retailing Glee Club. LUSBY, FRANK WILLIAM San Pedro Architecture XAK; Areh Association. LUSK, CHARLES EDWARD Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. LUSTIG, ROBERT LELAND LUTZ, BETTY JEAN Antioch Oakland Social Welfare Art HA ; AE; Circle C Society; Pelican; Boxing Club. Peixotto Hall; Blue and Gold; Winter Sports Club; Masonic Club. LUTZ, IVAN CURTIS Fresno Electrical Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; UCSEE. His journalism professor praised Daily Cal Sports Editor DAVE KIRBY ' S articles as examples of good work. From Marin, his pet peeve was people who called Marin College a " JC. " His dry wit and endless catalog of stories amused Sigma Nu brothers who told by the sound of his typewriter when he was home. k JK VPP LUZ, ALFREDO LYMAN, RICHARD JOSE LEE Manila, P.I. Carpinteria Architecture Biochemistry Transfer from Transfer from Mapua Institute Santa Barbara; of Tech.; 2X; Honor Student. Agricultural Assoc. LYNCH, BARBARA ANN Detroit, Mich. Political Science K M LYNCH, BETSY San Mateo Political Science Dorm Council; Pelican; WSSF. LYNCH, MARY CLAIRE Portland Political Science A ATI; Pry- tanean; Torch and Shield; Rep-at-Large. LYON, CAROL K. Berkeley Art LYON, LAURIN ALLEN Everson, Wash. Chemistry Transfer from Western Washington College. LYONS, JAMES RUSSELL Bridgeport, Conn. Production Management Transfer from North Carolina State College LYONS, YVONNE LOUISE Oakland History Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; NSA. MACAULEY. EDWARD CRAYTON Berkeley Marketing MacCOMB, RICHARD THOMAS Bakersfield Business Administration Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College. MacDADE, MacDONALD, DAVID N. ROBERT San Francisco ANDREW Transfer from Worlaiid, San Francisco Wyo. City College; AS . Mining Engineering. MacDONOUGH, MARY Ross General Curriculum AF; Pelican; Orientations; Women ' s Counseling. MacDOUGALL, RICHARD M. Berkeley Business Administration ATQ; Senior Rally Comen. Homecoming Comm. MacGAVIN, KATE San Francisco General Curriculum A ; Intra- mural Sports. MacGLASHAN, CHARLES BARCLAY JR. Orinda Physiology Transfer from Tulane U; Pre-Medical Society MACK, GEORGE H. MacKENZIE, JR. KENNETH MACKENZIE, JR. ROBERT GLEN San Jose STUART Provo, Utah Industrial Oakland Electrical Relations Foreign Trade Engineering Bowles Hall; Men ' s Counseling; Rally Committee Scabbard and Blade; Military Association. TBII; HKN; Honor Students; Glee Club. MacMILAN. RICHARD CHARLES MACRAE, PAULINE MAUDE MARIE MADDOCK, MARSHALL EVERETT San Francisco Hayward Altadena Pre-Law Dietetics Geology Transfer from San Francisco City College. Transfer from Mills College; Masonic Club; I. House. Transfer from UC at Davis: Bowles Hall. MADELEY, WARREN HUGHES Newcastle Pharmacy. MADELDY, WAYNE TURNER Newcastle Pharmacy 2X. MADIGAN, PATRICIA ANNE Oakland History Pelican. MADSEN, ALEX PRATT Berkeley Political Science XV. MADSEN, ROBERT PETER Delhi Marketing Transfer from Modesto Junior College. MAFFLY, LEROY HERRICK Berkeley S4 ; 4 BK; Fraternity Scho- lastic Honor Society; Band; Sophomore Council. MAGID, MILTON Bronx, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Transfer from C.C.N.Y.; TBII; HKN; AIEE; IRE. - . : . : - - : . MAGOVERN, ERWIN EMERSON Berkeley Business Administration. MAGNOLI, EDWARD Pittsburg Business Administration Transfer from San Jose State College. MAKER, ELIZABETH ANN Alameda English Transfer from Notre Dame; Newman Club. MAHLMEISTER, JAMES EARL San Diego Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College; SIX. MAILER, CORNELL C. Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA; IRE; AIEE. MAINSON, JOHN A. Richmond Electrical Engineering AIEE. MAINWARING, LORRAINE, GENEVIEVE Petaluma Business Administration XQ; Intramural; YWCA; Homecoming. MAIRSON, RAYMOND CHARLES Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; HKN; MAKISHIMA, GEORGE Sacramento Accounting Transfer from Sacramento College. MALCOLM, VIRGINIA CLAIRE Sacramento Physical Education Transfer from Sacramento College; WAA. .. . I ; - . . From jazz writing to editorials in one semester was the claim to fame of Daily Cat editor GUY CARRUTHERS who spent his " off-hours " looking for good Spanish food. A quick change artist Guy amazed Sigma Delta Chi, Cal Club and Golden Bear friends by finishing his finals on Saturday and going to work for the San Francisco Examiner on Monday. M ALONE, ORRIN FRANCIS Martinez Histonr Transfer from Hanoer College; XX. MOLTZER, IRVING Redwood City Electrical Engineer rB n ; HKN; Honor Students. HANDLER, CARL HERBERT San Francisco Electrical Engineering AIEE. HAMMERS, PATRICIA Lafayette A ;! . Council, Fresb- manCouicil; HAMMING, MAURICE DANIEL St. Petersburg, Fla, Iwhtstrial HAMOUS, GUS GEORGE Svnmmto Phrsical UCLA; KS. AE; EOS; Football; Big C Guard; P. E. Majors CM). MANYIK ROBERT MICHAEL Berkeley Chemistry AXJL MARCHI, MARCONI, VITO GINO VINCENT Mt Shasta San Francisco Accounting MARCUS, FAY JUNE ;.. mf ... tarn. Transfer from University of Wisconsin; WSSF. STANLEY HOWARD HARKS, HARK, JR. WILLIAM LEO C.-- ;. .1 MARSHALL, DONALD ALEXANDER Vallejo E-,; MARSHALL, JR. MARSHALL, GEORGE LELAND LAWRENCE CONRAD San Diego San Diego A TQ; Honor Transfer from Students; BI 2; San Diego State SAM; Welfare CounciL MARSHALL FRANCIS RODNEY Princeton English Transfer from State College; Washington I House. MARTIN. CHARLES ROBERT General Transfer from Onhersityof Idaho; KT. MARTIN, FRED THOMAS Alt AE. MARTIN, HOWARD JOSEPH BastatbalL MARTIN, JULIAN San Francisco Ann STEPHEN ELLIOTT MARTIN, WILLIAM OTIS A:- - ;:- ; II K Golden Bear; Cal C .:- AA1; Senior Class, Pres.; IFC, Vice-Pres. KT; MARTINA, EUGENE FRANK Mih Wis. Pip 9 ConMittee; AsmXy Dance MARTINEZ, BETTINA San Francisco 5;..- Transfer from Unnersityof Arizona; Casa MARTINS, EDWARD EMILIO WesUey Portion Trade MARVIN, DONALD FRANKLIN Willows General Tn UCLA, MARVIN, JR. LAWRENCE WARREN General MASAOKA, TAD Salt Late City Foreign Trade Forenste Com- ; Debate MASON, LAWRENCE A. Acacia; Blue andGoM. Transfer from Stockton College; ::: : ' .a aa MASSEY, WILLIAM S. Berkeley MSSMOMBL MARY LINO Del Paso Heights Unnersityof CasaHispana; Stratford Hall; Honor Stadeats; Daily Cal; 5:2- i C .: MASSON, IRHA Pittsburg History Mitchell Kail. MATHENY, JR. CHARLES E. Alameda Advertising SN; BB; BF2. MATH IS, CHARLES ROBERT Seattle, Wash. -: -ri; MATLES, SIDNEY ALAN Los Angeles iAM; ADS; Tn UnncrsHyof Blade; Pelican; Rifle team. MATUN, EUGENE Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Ctoyne Covt; AIEE. MATTHEWS, DONALD FLOYD MATTHEWS, JOHN W. Oakland International Relations MATTHEWS, ROBERT X it- Ltro: Transfer from San Bernardino Valley College; AXA; Frosh Track; Swimming CalT JOYCE MERMAN spent a busy year as she presided at Pi tilln ' c and Living Groups Council meetings. Pryt members begoed her to slow down the rapid-fire method of speaking for wnkfe she was known. Getting enough sleep was a major worry for this pretty Alpha Delta Pi. MATTHIAS, ROBERT GORDON Oakland Economics AA$; Senior Council. MAUGHMER, MAWHORTER, MAY, JACK MORRIS JOAN COLEMAN San Luis Obispo ARMINDA WILLIAM Electrical Woodland Hayward Engineering Home Economics Economics Baseball; Golf. Transfer from Masonic Club. UC at Davis; Stern Hall; ON; Senior Council. SAM. MAYER, MEADE, MEADOWS, MECKFESSEL, MEEK, MAYER, PETER CARL CATHERINE CHARLES HELEN ANNE DAVID K. Hayward JUNE LOWELL MARJORIE WILSHIRE San Francisco Chemistry La Mesa Berkeley Santa Rosa Solvana Business Transfer from Nutrition Industrial Public Health Social Welfare Administration UC at Davis; Transfer from Relations Transfer from XQ; Senior Bowles Hall; SAACS; Flying San Diego State; WAX; Glee Club; Santa Rosa JC; Council; YWCA; Intramural. Club. ME; Home Econ UC Chorus. 8 P; Red Cross. Axtravaganza. Club; Cal Hosts. MEINHOLD, WILLIAM TANNER Berkeley Transportation MEHLING, REUBEN Scottsbluff, Nebr. Journalism International House; Honor Students; AA2; Ad Service Bureau; Masonic Club. MEHRON, MARTIN EDWARD MEHRTEN, LELAND OREN Newark, N. J. Exter Electrical Engineering Agricultural Economics TBII; HKN. Transfer from Visalia College; Glee Club. MEIER, JOHN ROAMY Los Angeles Physiology AXA; Baton; Band. MEIER, MEISSNER, MELBYE, MELLIS, MELNICOE, JOSEPH LOREN P. ROY WILBUR TEPSY T. WILLIAM WILLIAM Mira Loma Albany Modesto BERNARD Orange, N. J. Mathematics Chemistry Psychology Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Chaffey College; S$; Fraternity Scholastic Honor Transfer from Modesto JC; The Industrial Relations A I i2; Honor Transfer from Honor Students. Society; Soph. Californian; Student Glee UCLA; ASME. Council; Symphony E 2; I House Club; SVA; ASB. Forum. UC Chorus. MELVIN, FRANK SARGENT Martinez History Transfer from Vallejo Junior College. MELVIN, LORRAINE SHIRLEY Pasadena International Relations Stern Hall; AMF; Blue and Gold, Soph. Mgr.; Dorm Council. MELZER, JR. EDWARD STEPHEN Glendale Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. MENZEL, RAYMOND MERLO, HARRY MERMAN, JOYCE E. MERRILL, MARIAN RUTH RUDOLPH ANGELO Redwood City Anaheim Berkeley Chico General General American Business Curriculum Curriculum Literature Administration A A 11; Living Transfer from Occident, Editor; Publications Council. Transfer from Southwestern Louisiana; SAM. Groups Coun., Ch.; Panhellenic, Pres.; ACC; WEB. Fullerton JC; Casa Hispana; Counseling. MERRILL, ROBERT WINSTON Woodfords Business Administration S; Winged Helmet; IFC, Pres; Living Groups Coun. MESCHER, DORIS PETTERSON Oakland General Curriculum AAA. METCALF, ROBERT B. Pasadena Architecture Transfer from Pasadena JC; XAK. MEYER, ALAN Berkeley MEYER, MARIAN LOUISE MEYER, RALPH CHRISTIAN MIGNOLA, RICHARD ALFRED MIKAS, JR. WALTER L. Cedar Rapids, MILJANICH, PETER GEORGE Bacteriology Albany San Francisco Salinas Iowa Watsonville Honor Students; Crew. Biochemistry 4 BK; Honor Forestry AZ; 32 IT; Accounting Transfer from Business Administration Physiology. Students; Tower Forestry Club. Hartnell College; SAM. and Flame; 12 II; Treble Clef. MILES, MARY JO San Francisco Industrial Relations MILLAR, DALE ELIZABETH Napa Recreation KA; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Blue and Gold, Editor. MILLAR, ROBERT KNOWLES Berkeley Chemical Engineering Freshman Baseball. MILLER, CHARLES A. Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA. Spring found the male members of Daily Cal gathered in Managing Editor JIM ESTES ' office on the stroke of the Campanile to watch the cotton dress parade. A journalism major, he enjoyed good music from classics to jazz and acted as father confessor to everyone on the staff. MILLER, DALE CARLETON Modesto Economics nHBfci : College; Pelican ..- : ' : - MILLER, DALE MILLER, DONALD MILLER, DONALD MILLER, DOROTHY MILLER, GORDON MILLER, HUGH C. CRAIG GABRIEL HEYWORTH RUTH ELLIOTT Ontario Los Angeles ; - . - - SB IBBN Glendale Berkeley Civil " I . I . " - ' _- ' Chemistry Betess EBMN Ip I MM Engineering. -.-. ... ...- TAM; SAACS; Administration CnmahJB Food Technology UCLA; Food Radio Workshop. K2; Blue and XQ; ASB; Senior, Honor Students; Technology Club, Gold Managerial; Junior Councils; AZ. President. Elections Board. Symphony Forum. MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, JACK JACK JEAN Los Angeles MARVIN DORELLE Mi ill nil ll Pattonsburg, Eureka =- - ' -: : Mo. Chemistry Transfer from UCLA; AEII; Business Administration OX; SAACS; WAA; Honor Students. Transfer from Junior Council; Uni. of Md; Senior Council. BrZ; Honor Students. KENTON RANDOLPH Hi -.: I Industrial I ' ' : { " Transfer from U of Red lands; ISK MILLS, CLIFFORD A. Coalinga :-- a MILLER, E EM MILLER, LOUIS MILLER, MARGERY MILLER, PEGGY MILLER, ROBERT MILLER, WARREN Oakland CONRAD JUNE Marysville TAYLOR HARDING English Phoenix, Ariz. San Jose Si EN Fresno Los Angeles Stebbins Hall; BK; Honor 3-.: ; . T; ; : - Business Administration Transfer from -;:? ' College. International Relations. A ; Prytanean; Drives Committee; Blue and Gold. Currtaitani Transfer from Yuba College; Prospect Terrace. .. : - : Transfer from Fresno State College; A Q; Winter Sports. -.:-.= - a -.:. ;;. .:... UCLA; Crew; HSK -.-:; - Oregon State College; AX1. MITCHELL. JERROLD STEWART Sacramento MILLS, JEMI BISSET 5 . -- : Economics MILLS, ROBERT ALAN - ' J ' :-: ' .-. Business Administration HILLS, WILLIAM D. Long Beach ;. - A ; Tower and Flame; Blue ard Gold; YWCA. Marketing .: ; :=: City College; -:-: SUnli 1 MINKIN, LOUIS HERMAN Richmond Optometry Optonctnr Assxiation. = ' - ' r : Sacramento C: tf MITCHELL, LILLIAN MAE Berkeley Art ZTA. MITCHELL, MARGARET Hollywood Art Transfer from UCLA; ' III l mm -.= ' -:: -: I -:- AE MITCHELL, MARJORIE Los Angeles Social MINAHEM. MALCOLM E. Stockton E -f Administration AT; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Big C; - ...... -. :- H L : DOHSTMCE SanMateo Anthropology F B; Pelican; Election Board; Newman Club. IYAHMM GENGO MJORUD, RUDOLPH MLEJNAK, IRENE S. GEORGE LIONEL Oakland San Francisco Hollywood General Art Engineering Curriculum AE. - ' i ' : " ATA- Pelican. UCLA; All-Ameri- can Intercollegi- ate Rifle Tea . MIUMAN, AUDREY FAY Los Angeles Business Administration Transfer from UCLA;Peixotto Hall; I House; . : ; . - - MISLEY, JERRY DAWN M t. Shasta Social Welfare Peixotto Hall; WAA. MOELLER, ELISE DAGNY Roseville Spanish Transfer from - :-. :: MILLOY, PATRICIA Bakersfield Business Administration Stern Hall; Pry- ., f , ... Counseling; Newman Crab. MILLS, ENDS ALAN VanNuys Agriculture Economics Transfer from UCLA. MISRACH, MITCHELL, MARY ELLEN DONALD San Francisco EDWARD Social Welfare San Francisco Sherman Annex; UC Folk and Business Administration : : ' - - Z. - : - n KA; BrZ; Assoc; Hillel. Sophomore President. 1MKS LORIMOR Mclntosh, Minn. Business Administration Transfer from Bemidji State Teacher ' s Col. MOLINA, HUBERT , Stockton Spanish Scabbard and Blade; Quarter- deck Society; Spanish Club President. More than one campus character can to light through KAY LYNCH, a little gal with a big talent for impersonations. Her quits kept Ex Committee amused, but A A II sisters claimed they didn ' t see enough of her what with Women ' s Ex, Women ' s J., Pryt., Torch and Skidd, and hours spent with " a guy named Joe. " MONROE, ELIZABETH REGINA Bakersfield Political Science Epworth Hall; Radio Workshop. MONSEES, CLEO MONSON, BARBARA ELLSWORTH Oakland San Diego International English Relations. Transfer from San Diego State College. MONTGOMERY, ARTHUR FREDERICK Charleston, S.C. Accounting Transfer from Charleston College; SAM. MOON, WILLIAM HANSO San Francisco Medical Sciences Transfer from Modesto Junior College. MOORE, CARL EUGENE Osceola, Wash. Political Science MOORE, GILBERT DONALD Revere, Mass. Religion Transfer from Boston University. MOORE, GORDON ALEX Berkeley Business Administration $; Basketball. MOORE, JR. LA RUE Saratoga Economics Transfer from Menlo Junior College; $ZK; Men ' s Counseling. MOORE, K. MARIE Long Beach History Transfer from Long Beach City College. MOORE, MARY JANE MOORE, PATRICIA MOORE, RALPH BRYANT Long Beach JOAN Glendale Social Welfare Berkeley Mechanical Transfer from History Engineering Long Beach City College; Ridgmont Transfer from San Francisco JC; Transfer from UCLA; ASME. Hall. Christian Science Organization. MOORE, THOMAS LEE Salinas Business Administration 2 E; ; JV Baseball. MOORHEAD, JR. JOHN W. Berkeley Physical Education MORAN, GEORGE FRANCIS Vallejo Sanitation. Circle C Society; Basketball; Wesley Founda- tion. MOREHOUSE, MORELAND, JOSEPH H. MYRON GERALD Riverside San Francisco Agricultural Advertising Economics ex; Daily Transfer from Californian; Ad Service Oregon State; AZ ; IFC; Soph Bureau. Council. MORISHITA, FRANK S. Mount View Genetics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. MORIARTY, PATRICIA ANNE San Francisco Social Sciences Californian; Honor Students; Senior Council; Utrimque. MORIKAWA, ELAINE SHIGEKO MORINE, BEVERLEY GAIL Dinuba Oakland Personnel Administration General Curriculum Transfer from Ohio State; Nisei Student Club. ZTA; Pelican; Women ' s Coun- seling. MORITA, SHIZUKO San Francisco Dietetics Transfer from Baldwin-Wallace College; AM; ON; Home Econ Club. MORITZ, CARLTON BRUC E Vallejo Architecture Transfer from Sacramento JC; XAK; Arch Association. MORRIS, NANCY JANE Piedmont English KKf; Honor Students; Intra- mural; Freshman Council; Symphony Forum. MOSER, PAUL TINSLEY Pittsburg Journalism Transfer from University of New Mexico; AX; ZAX. MOSES, KEITH HOLMES Pomona Money and Finance Senior Council; Radio Workshop. MOUAT, JR. JOHN ALBERT MOULD, EUGENE HARRY Loleta Concord Business Administration Mathematics Transfer from Humboldt State; Honor Students. MOULIN, LOIS MAE Hillsborough General Curriculum AAII; Pelican; Elections Board; Intramural; Winter Sports Club. MOULTON, JAMES S. Berkeley Agricultural Economics AA ; Winged Helmet; Big C; Quarterdeck Soc.; Tennis. MOURADIAN, VIVIAN A. Ceres General Curriculum Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Olden- berg Hall. MOURA, JOE SOUZA Antioch Foreign Trade Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Newman Cub. MOWER, CHARLES ARTHUR Sacramento Business Administration $; Golden Bear; Basketball; Rugby. MOWER, JAMES PATRICK Oakland Banking Honor Students; Boxing. MOMER, MOYNIER, MOYNIHAN, LYMAN WILLIAM A. CHARLES Berkeley Los Angeles PORTER Chemistry Machine Design Modesto Honor Students; Transfer from Business SAACS. UCLA; Plumner Administration House. Transfer from Modesto Junior College. MOYNIHAN, EUGENE JAMES Oakland Electrical Engineering Rally Committee; AIEE. MUELLER, ROBERT DAWSON Santa Monica Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. After extensive army duty in the South Pacific CHARLES GOOD- MAN came to Cal and launched a " We Don ' t Want MacArtnur for President " campaign. Born in England, this liberal editor of Daily Cal was also a member of Golden Bear. About to become a father, staff members are betting on twins. MUIR, THOMAS San Francisco Production Management Transfer from UCLA. MULLER NORBERT Berkeley Chemistry Transfer from UCLA; H2. Tower and Flame; Honor Students; SiiCS. v y v 3 HAROLD Palo Alto Physical Education A A . Golden Bear; Big C Society; Circle C Society. mm LEAH San Mateo Accounting Transfer from San Mateo JC. MUM SANFORD Oakland Physical Education Circle C Society; Varsity Golf Team. MURDOCK, HAROLD RUSSELL Redwood City Retailing. MURPHY, DANIEL WILLIAM Pit AT.-Winjed MURPHY, DORIS LORRAINE San Francisco Aon. MURPHY, MURPHY, JOAN JOSEPH San Francisco Santa An Sf-3l General " r . j CumoihM A AH; Pelican. Transfer from Santa Ana JC; MURPHY, WILLIAM CORNELIUS Oakland Accounting Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; AB T. MURRAY, LYLE Riverside Foreign Trade Transfer from Riverside College; UC Yacht Club. MURRAY, MARGARET Los Angeles Architecture Stebbins Hall; AAT. MUSCO, PHIUP VINCENT Piedmont Business Administration Transfer from use. GEORGE Optometry IT A ; Stiles Hall, Cabinet; Ctab; Optometry Association. MYERS, ARTHUR MYERS, JAMES MYERS, NANCY ANN San Diego San Francisco Cmnto Public Heart Transfer from San Diego; U of Hawaii; n KA; Men ' s Counseling. General _ :., . Mask and Dagger; University Theatre. General Currta Transfer from Denison Uni- versity; AF. MYERS, ROBERT MYERS, TED Tiwsfcr from Sacramento JC; I House; ASME; Varsity Fencing. _ .. _ _ . __ ASME;SAM. MCAFEE, WILLIAM JAMES Portland Decorative Art Architecture Association; AXA. McARTHUR, WALTER BLAIR Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASCE. McBRIDE, JACK WINNIFRED Missoula, Montana Optometry. McBRIDE, ROBERT STEPHEN G lender a Forestry Transfer from Citrus JC; AZ. McCABE, BERT Pomeroy, Wash. Marketing Washington State College; OAB; AA2; Ad Service . Vgr. McCANN FARRELL San Francisco Engineering TBn;HKN; McCANN, STEPHAN LORELL Salinas Psychology Transfer from Salinas X. MCCARTHY, FRANCES BergenfieW, New Jersey MCCARTHY, JOHN THOMAS Bacteriology. iX ; Daily Californian. McCAW, DONALD San Francisco Real Estate s Hall; Blade; Ma ' s McCLAIN, EUGENE Daly City Music University Masonic Club, Secretary. McCONAGHY, DAVID Portland Business Scabbard and Blade; Military Association. McCONE, JMKS FRANCIS Palo Alto Transfer from Virginia Military Institute; McCORD, VIRGINIA S.- . - c 3r r General Curriculum. McCORMACK MM DONALD Rio Vista Business Administration Acacia; Boxing; Glee Club. McCUISTON, H. DAVID Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from Whitman College; McCULLOUGH, MARIAN JANE Whittier General McCULLOUGH, WILLIAM EKI ttdcy Cheney Hall. A Q; SAACS; SAM; Hiking Club. McDERMOTT, MURIEL RUTH Concord Speech Women ' s Orien- tations; ASUC Secretariat; H onwcofn i ng Committee. MCDONALD, CHARLES Engineering Stockton JC; Ae. Entnusiasm plus characterized blonde BEV KRISTICK who rode Sigma Kappa sisters around in her green Ford convertible. Rally Committee, Pelly and Prytanean were activity interests. This avid skier spent winter meek ends and vacations in the snow country, always had a beautiful tan, and is said to have had Southern California interests. MCDONALD, GEORGE WATSON Santa Barbara Optometry Transfer from UC at Santa Barbara McFARLAND, JAMES C. Modesto Business Administration Transfer from Modesto JC; Bowles Hall. McFARLAND, ROBERT Berkeley Engineering McGEE, WILLIAM CAMPBELL Sutler Creek Physics AA4 ; Circle C Society. McGINNIS, JAYNE- ELLEN Berkeley General Curriculum AXQ. MCGREGOR, MCGREGOR, McGREW, McGUINNESS, McGUINNESS, JOHN MALCOLM LAWRENCE ALBERT LEO JOHN S. Hoover, Wash. ROBERT PAUL Oakland San Francisco Economics Santa Barbara San Francisco Economic Insurance Physical Accounting Geology Transfer from Metallurgy Transfer from IX; OX; University of ex. Sacramento Engineers Pittsburg; AXA; College. Council; Mining Constitutional Association. Revision Comm. McHENRY, ROBERT McHUGH, PEGGY McJUNKIN, HUGH KING WESLEY San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Communication Transfer from San Francisco CC; Blue and Gold; History XO; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Counseling; Card Sales; Intramural; Industrial Engineering Transfer from University of Texas; X P; Pelican; Public Relations. Senior Council. ASME; Glee Club. McKEE, HELEN Sacramento Chemistry Transfer from Sacramento JC; Piexotto Hall; Honor Students; Assembly Dance. McKEEN, DALE LYNN El Cerrito Accounting BrZ; BAH ' . McKEEVER, JOHN THOMAS McKEON, MARY BELLE San Leandro Sacramento Italian Public Administration 6AX; Intra- mural; Junior Manager. Honor Students; Utrimque; Secretariat. McKEY McKILLOP, McKIM, MERCEDES DONALD HESS PATRICIA Berkeley Political Science Arcata Civil Engineering ALICE Los Angeles Economics AZ; Card Sales; Pan-Hellenic; Daily CaL; Pelican; Transfer from San Francisco CC; ATQ; ASCE. Richards Hall; Election Board; Homecoming; Intramural Bd. Senior Council. McKINNEY, McKINNEY, McKINNEY, McLAIN, SALLY SHIRLEY MAY MARTHA SUE ALLAN RAY HUNTER Albany San Bernardino Oroville El Paso, Texas Personnel English. Electrical Business Administration ASA; Pelican; Senior Council; AAA. Engineering Transfer from Junior Council; Texas School of Junior Farce. Mines; AAA; Eta-Z; Senior Council. MCQUEEN, ALBERT HUGH McQUESTEN, MARDIS JEAN McWHIRTER, JOHN ALAN San Jose San Francisco San Mateo Electrical Engineering AXA;Scabbard and Blade; Track; Yacht Club; AIEE. Decorative Art ATA; AX A. Marketing A0. McWHORTER, JEANETTE EUGENIA Oakland History ASA; SKA; Cal. Engineer; Pelican; Senior Council; Hiking Club. McMENOMY, RICHARD EUGENE Longview, Wash. General Curriculum Transfer from University of Washington. NAGANO, RUTH OKAWOTO Atherton Medical Technology Transfer from University of Minnesota; Public Health Club. McMULLIN, GEORGE WARREN Danville General Curriculum McNEILL, WALTER EVERETT Ukiah Mechanical Engineering TBII; ASME. NAGLER, NAKAMURA, DAVID MICHIYUKI JOELSOHN Reedley San Francisco Electrical Business Engineering Administration TBri; HKN; ZBT. Honor Students; Japanese Students Club. McNICHOL, ROBERT BERND Piedmont General Curriculum NAKANO, FLORENCE K. Modesto Business Administration Transfer from Modesto JC; Cunningham Hall. McOMBER, FERRYLE B. El Cerrito General Curriculum Transfer from Idaho State College NAKATANI, WILLIAM MASARU Piedmont International Relations Honor Students; USA. His lovely wife Dorothy cheered wildly at football games for tackle GENE FRASSETTO. Honorary captain for the year, he led the Bears in the Big Game and in the Rose Bowl. Modest, hand- some and extremely well liked by teammates he was the ideal col- lege football hero. McPHERSON, ROBERT BRUCE Vallejo Electrical Engineering I A8; Circle C Society. NAKIN, SHELDON J. Oakland Speech ZBT; Men ' s Counseling. NAJAR1AN, Mi Oakland V?: : XIX; Honor Student; Big C Society, Secretary; Varsity football. NARDI JOSEPH Lafayette ;-- - MM : NASH, KENNETH I- :: ASH ART RITA San Francisco General Curriculum NAUMANN, ROBERT San Francisco JM : C: r:e. Australia Chemistry SX; BK. Honor Student; SAAC, Vice AVM DAVID Modesto ' Forestry Bowles Hall; XI n; Yacht : .: Forestry Club. NEEL, JAMES Modesto Soil Science Bowles Hall; Soil Science CM. NEISWENDER, PHIUP San Clemente Engineering Transfer from NELSON, LUCILLE College; ASME; SAM; Glee CM; Bacteriology Elections Board; Homecoming NELSON, MARGARET GBM ' .- -.- m Transfer from Marin JC; AAII. NELSON MILDRED Petaluma Personnel Administration xe. EPVEU, SONIA Long Beach Accounting Transfer from .:-; 5i = :- " Sherman Hall; Masonic CM. NETTELU GALE A. Grass Valley Political S: ' ' Transfer from Placer JC; SX; ; Big C. METTELL, JOHN Grass Valley Mathematics 8X; Baton; := NEUFELD, HARRIET Concord Speert Hmm i Cowseling; Speech Arts Club. NEUMANN, HARRY Los Angeles Agriculture Transfer from UCLA and Los OgelesCC; Food Technology NEWMAN, DOLORES Berkeley n -.= Honor Student; RN ' s on Campus, Vice President; College Women ' s : -r NEWMAN, HAROLD San Francisco Zoology ZBT; Men ' s Counseling; Pre-Med. Society; Basketball. I -: i ; : BERNARD Oakland Physiology NG, BETTY San Francisco B i DC Demist ry. NG, WARREN Oakland Engineering ASME; I House; ' ' : ' . Students Club. NICOLOFF, NICHOLAS San Diego Engineering Sa- : r=: SUb Rtfoe House; SAE; ASME. NICHOLS, ALEXANDER VLADMIR Bcrfocwy Physics. NICOL, ROBERT Long Beach Business -:- - = - AXA; Big C; Rally Comm. Jr. Yell I NICKLES CHARLES Riverside i:- - Ural : WILLIAM Fresno Engineering Transfer from Fresno State :: BV - ' - ' - NIELSON, WALTER Oakland -:::.-. -- NIEMANN, WALTER Western Springs, III. Marketing Transfer from U. of Colorado; ; Football. NIEMIEC, JACI TH Ai Palestine Zoology Honor Student; Pre-Med Society. NIGIEWITZKY, ROBERT Tientsin, China Philosophy Transfer from SL John ' s University, Shanghai. NILES, G. LERSY Fairfield General mt NISH, JOSEPH GLEN DON Oakland Engineering ARIE; AIEE. NISHITA, mm Berkeley NISHIOKA, FRANK San Francisco UnrW -: Ridge House; Daily CU. NOBLE, MM Orinda Engineering A; Ski lam ex. Ml WILLIAM FRED Long Beach Physics Transfer from Long Beach City College. MORBERG, JACK, San Diego Engineering AXA; Big C Society; ASCE; Varsity Track; Senior Council. NORDEEN, RUSSELL Fort Bragg SAX; UC ;:-: : NORDFELT, CHARLES San Francisco Engineering Transfer from San Francisco X; ASCE. NORDYKE, JAMES Forestry . 2 -;-; , . . - _ San Jose. I I Another applicant for law school was poli sci major and spring chairman of the WSSF drive BEATRICE CH ALLISS. Vice-president of Pryt and nand ur of Pi Sigma Alpha, she was fond of riding, trout fishing, swimming and folk dancing. Sincere and friendly, this Teta-s only peeve was people who left the second ' V off NORMENT, ALICE R. B. Berkeley Public Health Nursing Tower and Flame; RN ' s on Campus. NORRIS, ELEANOR KATHLEEN Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer from University of Nevada; KA6. NORRIS, RUSSELL A. Berkeley Industrial Management. NORSWORTHY, OLIVER SUMMERS Riverside Accounting. NYLEN, MARIAN J. OBATA, LILLIAN O ' CONNELL, JAMES LLOYD O ' CONNELL RICHARD Piedmont YURI Oakland ESDEN Nutrition Berkeley Physical Modesto BK; AN; ON; Art Education English Home Economics Club. AE; WAA; Senior Council ' Transfer from UCLA; Swimming; KA; BB. Spanish Club. Weight Basket- ball Coach. NOVIKOFF, MELVIN Tacoma, Wash. NOURSE, CHARLES CAMERON Bakerseld General Curriculum Mechanical Engineering Daily Cal; Radio Workshop; Sym- phony Forum; French Club. ASME. O ' CONNOR, EDWARD T. Montague Economics Transfer from UC at Davis; KAP. O ' CONNOR THOMAS HEIDT Piedmont History Transfer from University of Santa Clara; AKE. NOWELL, NATALIE Stockton General Curriculum KA6; NSA Drives Comm. WSSF. O ' DONNELL, JAMES PHILIP Hollywood Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. NUGENT, ALLAN NUOTIO, WILMA NYBERG, DALE ELLIOTT WILLIAM MARIE Palo Alto Oakland Berkeley Civil Foreign Trade Political Engineering ex. Science Transfer from Prytanean; Col lege of Honor Students; Pacific; 2K; Ad. Service Rally Comm. Bureau. O ' DONNELL, MARIAN C. OFFENBACH, VERLAYNE OGG, WILSON REID San Francisco SHAVES Alhambra History San Francisco Spanish Political Science Honor Students; Tower and Flame; A MF. Tower and Flame; Daily Cal; Senior Council; World Affairs Comm. NO VI ! ' : v ;- ' - OGILVIE, WILLIAM FOREST Piedmont Agricultural Economics. OLSON, ELINOR San Francisco Architecture Stern Hall; AAF; Architecture Association. O ' GORMAN, WILLIAM DOANE Montclair, N.J. English Transfer from Princeton University. OLSON, LESLIE N. Richmond Marketing. OHKI, KENNETH Livingston Soil Science. O ' NEIL, NANCY JUNE Sacramento General Curriculum Af; Intramural Board. OHMER, CARL OTTO Roscoe Banking and Finance Transfer from Cal. Tech; AXA; Big C Society; Track. O ' NEIL, RUTH ELLEN Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer from Stockton JC; Beaudelaire; Prytanean; YWCA. OKELL, HARRIET PATRICIA Piedmont General Curriculum XO; Pelican; Ad Service Bureau Axetravaganza. ONG, AUGIE THOMAS Oakland Insurance Honor Students; Conference Comm. Chairman; Crew; Boxing. OLCOTT, NADINE ALICE Oakland Accounting College Women ' s Club; Masonic Club; Winter Sports Club. ONTELL, CLARA Los Angeles Journalism Transfer from Los Angeles CC; 92$; Daily Cal Junior Editor; NSA. OLIVER, EDGAR Dallas, Texas Sociology Transfer from Prairie View College. OPPENHEIMER, WALTER San Francisco Accounting BFS; BA . OLLERDESSEN, FRANCIS HENRY Berkeley Production Management Baseball. ORME, BLANCHE E. WEYANT Berkeley Nur sing Education Transfer from Fresno State College; RN ' s on Campus. OKKIKKALA, GEORGE HERMAN Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer from Placer JC; Men ' s Counseling. ORNSTEIN, GERALD ALFRED San Mateo Political Science Transfer from San Mateo JC. OLSEN, ROBERT GORDON Rio Linda Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Sacramento College. ORR, RAYMOND L. Albuquerque, N. M. Chemistry Transfer from University of Minnesota; Honor Students; SAACS. This is Jims brother, JOHN FISCALINI, who plays ball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. A center fielder, he was the captain of the NCA 1948 champs. Big " C " and Bowles Hall members found that he never worried and was always willing to discuss hunting, fishing or San Bernardino, his home town. wfro OTA, AYAKO M : H Transfer from Hanoi :. -.;. ;-- tm ' .-. -. MM : .: OTTINGER NANCY Stern Hall; Senior Council; RJ Cross. MEPJBM JANET Oakland - .:;- : AZA; HAS; Ad Service Bra V;. . : E : : GEORGE San Francisco P re-Medical IN; Rally Comm.; St- ; ' -. -- Senior Peace Cimm.; Tract. Mr, EVERETT Los Angeles Engineering Transfer f row Santa Maria X; XE. OWENS, I House; :-: amtat OWENS, KEMETH .: Administrati Transfer fron JMi Ma Bowles Hall. OW, WING Courtland Pharmacjr. PACE, ANTHONY Jersey City, N. J. Business Administration IIK . Council. PACH, MARILYN ANN Oakland History Tfi :: ?=i PAGANI, MARIE Glen Ellen Journal ism 8T; 8S , Pres.; Tower and Flame; Cal. Engineer, Assoc. Editor; , ' ,Ci E:::- wrSMorL -iiE BETTY Los Angeles Social Welfare OSCA; Tower and Flame; 5::- BBK PAGE, DOUGLAS Parlier EDWARD JEROME Los Angeles USCA; ASUC Rep. at Urge; Welfare Council; ACC; MSA; Men ' s Dona; Assoc., Optometry Optometry i ::;::- Transfer from UCLA; nan. HKN. PAINE, CLARENCE McFarland Agricultural Economics Transfer from Bakersfield JC; PAKUSKY, BERNARD Mew York Engineering Transfer from Brooklyn College; ASME. PALMER, m LEIGH Berkeley General Mills College. PANOS, JAMES San Francisco Engineering Transfer from San Francisco CC; ASME. I m oa j sr ' m wen PAPAOAKIS, Mm PAPAIS, LOU Architecture RUHS; XAK Architecture Association. Engineering AX; Big C Society; PARENT GUMW = -.: B njtti E:-: Prytanean; NSV; Wom- en ' s C Society; WAA. PARKER, ELLEN PrCufNORt Journalism AAR; Daily Cal.; Pelican; BV ; Winter Sr. Council. PARKER, JOHN Berkeley PARKED LELAND AT; Tribnne; Freshiman and S::- ::_-: ; Big C Society. Arefcitecttre Transfer from UCLA; rA; Architectnre Association; Varsity Rifle. PARKHURST, KENNETH Berkeley Engineering ASCE. PARR, WINIFRED Glendale FnWic Health Colonial Hall; RN ' son- PARSONS, BRUCE Salt Lake City, Utah Optometry Transfer from U. of Utah. PARTON, STANLEY San Jose Business Administration Transfer from San Jose State College. PARTRIDGE HELEN PASILLAS, MANUEL Fresno Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; ASCE. PASS MUCE PM Business Administration II KA; Blue and M :- m PASnNHM ROSE MAY I City History Ptexotto Hall, YWCA; Dormi- tory Conncil; PATTERSON, NANCIE San Francisco General PATTOI FRANK Oronlle KKF. Yuba City JC; HK ; Men ' s :- i -; PATTEN, MARJORIE Glendale General Curriculum Transfer from Glendale College; Pierotto Hall; PAUL, HARRIETT Berkeley Political -:-: SMeal Prytanean; YWCA, Di M . ' .55- PAUL, JOHN Fresno E.. mm Administration AA ; Ranbkii Football. PAUL, MAX JUNE San Francisco Advertising Prytanean; PAS; ACC; CSNS; ARM; WAA; Art Burean; Welfare Council. 1! With a personality to fit her name, SUNNY SAETA balanced books for the " Y, " headed the Community Chest drhc, worked for WSSF and spent Wednesday nights at Pryt Meetings. Her Stem Hall cohorts assured us that this native daughter minored in Dec Art aid majored in Southern California propaganda. i PAV1D, PAVLOVSKY, PAWEK, PAWSON, PAXTON, LEANDRE GILBERT JEAN ELEANOR WAYNE Sacramento San Francisco Berkeley Albany Boise French General Botany Physical Psychology Transfer from Curriculum College Women ' s Education Transfer from Sacramento Coll.; SAM; AM; Club; Phrateres; Mortar Board; Boise JC. Glee Club. Honor Student; Tower and Flame. Prytanean; NST; Men ' s Judicial, Women ' s C Soc.; Chr.; Junior WAA, Pres.; ACC. Class, VP. PAYSON, JOHN Chatsworth Statistics Transfer from Peru State College, Nebraska; Bowles Hall. PEAK, PATRICIA Berkeley General Curriculum. PEARSON, DONALD Oakland Criminology Criminology Society. PECK, ROBERT Sacramento Engineering Acacia; TBII; HKN; Honor Student; Glee Club; Masonic Club. PECK, WILLYS Saratoga Journalism Transfer from Whittier; Abracadabra; SAX; Glee Club, Sec; Men ' s Counseling. PECKHAM, CHARLES Fullerton Chemistry Calvin Club; Intramural. PEDERSEN, SVEND Lafayette Engineering. TEH; HKN. PEDLAR, JOHN Sacramento Agriculture. PEREZ, REBECCA PERKINS, JULIA PERKINS, PATRICIA Manila, P.I. Bakersfield Palo Alto Social Welfare General English Transfer from Curriculum AXQ; Honor U. of Philippines; SX, vice president. Transfer from Bakersfield JC; Oldenberg Hall. Student; Red Cross; Pelican; War Board. PEIRSOL, JAMES Melba Engineering Transfer from University of Idaho. PERONG, HAROLD Inglewood Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASCE. PEMBERTON, DONNA P. San Gabriel Decorative Art Epworth Hall; AXA; Masonic Club; UC Hiking Club. PENBERTHY, BARBARA Alameda Speech AAII; Treble Clef; Axe- travaganza. PENDERY, CAROLYN San Luis Obispo Anthropology Student Relations; Welfare Council. PERRY, RENEE PERRY, SUZANNE PERRY, WAYNE Riverside Piedmont Vallejo Bacteriology Business Engineering Freeborn Hall; Administration TBII; HKN. Tower and Flame; Transfer from Election Board. Stanford; r B; Red Cross, Motor Corps, Chr. PENDLETON, LOUIS Tulare Marketing AS ; Cal Band. PERSCHEID, GUSTAVE San Francisco Business Administration Transfer from University of Wisconsin; ASME. PENDLETON, RICHARD PENNINGTON, NANCY Walnut Creek Oakland Transportation English Rally Comm. and Rally Council, Chr.; Junior, Senior Councils; ACC; Homecoming. Transfer from Washington U and St. Louis; AXA; Honor Student; NSA; Cal Engineering. PESHON, HARRY San Francisco Engineering Transfer from San Francisco JC; ASCE. PESTANA, CHARLES Oakland Engineering XE. PETCAVAGE, DOLORES, PETERS, SHIRLEY PETERSEN, HELEN Fresno Berkeley Coalinga Dietetics Music General Ridgemount; Home Economics Music Club; Radio Workshop. Curriculum Tower and Flame; Club, Pres.; Elections Board; Women ' s Dorm. WAA. Council. PETERSEN, ROLAND San Francisco Art; AE. PETERSON, DAVID Riverside Marketing Transfer from Riverside College; nSK; ; Junior, Senior Councils; Men ' s Counseling. PETERSON, MARION Oakland General Curriculum KKI " ; Ace of Clubs; Fresh- man, Sophomore Councils; Pelican. PETERSON, ROBERT Kingsbury Business Administration ASP; Varsity Debate; Yacht Club. PETERSON, VALENTINE San Francisco Accounting. PETERSON, WALLACE Oakland Business Administration ! rA; Water Polo; Soph. Mgr.; Swimming. PATTINE, JOHN San Diego Ergineering Transfer from San Diego State College; ASCE. This is John ' s brother, JIM FISCALINI, who also plays base- ball. This one is a catcher, plans to play ball later for the Pirates, and then go into business with his brother. Easy to please, this Big " C " man was known at Bowles Hall as an ex- cellent hunter and fisherman. PETZINGER, GERALDEAN LYCE San Francisco History Daily Cal; ;:;-- : :;:: PFISTER, CHARLES EDWARD Terre Haute, Ind. Real Estate and Insurance Newman Club. PFLOCK , JACK PAUL Visalia Poultry Husbandry Transfer from UC at Davis. PHILLIPS, EDWARD THOMAS San Diego Electrical Engineering SK; HKN; TB n ; UCSEE; California Engineer. PHILLIPS, WEBSTER FRED San Francisco Political Science. PICKERING, RICHARD Napa Business Administration. PICKETT, FLOYD Ogden, Utah Marketing Transfer from Weber X; AAS; AA2. PIEMME, OSCAR San Luis Obispo Engineering XE. PIERSON, CARL San Francisco Political Science. PIERSON, DAVID Riverside Engineering Transfer from Riverside College; ASCE. PIERSON, PAUL EVERETT " : ' .- Chemical Engineering Cloyne Court; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Cal Band; SAACS. PIKE, ESTHER MAUDE Los Angeles History Cheney Hall; Daily Cal. nLBERM LAURENCE OSCAR Great Falls, Montana Biochemistry. PILLSBURY, JOHN Berkeley Philosophy Transfer from Hamilton College; Hamilton A A , PfeoK : .: PIHHM JESSE Texarkana English Transfer from Occidental College; h ----- : .-. PISA, PITNER, PLACE, PLOSSER, FLORENCE PAUL ELMER MARGARET San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Glendale Spanish Economics Foreign Trade Education Oldenberg Hall; Transfer from A E. Transfer from . ' . :i ieum Marin X; Honor Glendale College; Club. Student; Or. of AXQ; Pelican; Constitutional Cal Engineer; Revision ContfTt. Red Cross; Panhellenk. PLUM, RICHARD Richmond Engineering Honor Student. POLAKOW- POLHEMUS, POLSUIY, PON, PON, POOLE, YUDELMAN, JOSIAH ARUEN WARREN ALEXANDER C. CARL ROBERT CYNTHIA Danville HARRY San Francisco San Francisco Phoenix HARRIET Medical School Eureka Regional Group General Engineering .: ' - -.----- Union of South Africa AT; California Honor Society; Freshman Physics Transfer from Humboldt State Major on China. Curricul um Big C Guard; Senior Extrava- ASCE. Recreation Football. College; ganza; Boxing. Orchesis; Folk Photo Club. Dance; Hockey; Tennis; Archery. POON, matum San Francisco Physiology Transfer from San Francisco City College. POPE, ELIZABETH Modesto Social Welfare Transfer from Modesto Junior College. POPE, HELEN Berkeley Social Welfare Phrateres, Vice President; Senior Council. POPE, JAMES San Jose HKN. PORTER, MARION HAWLEY Cap i tola English Transfer from I :-: - ' .: tf Stem Hall; J : : SMa . PORTER, - MORRIS Berkeley : Mask and Dagger. POSEHN, HILDA REGINA Rio Linda Sdn : Nursing Transfer from Sacramento JC; Cheney Hall. POST, JOHN RANSOM Berkeley General Curriculum POTTER, CLINTON San Diego Production ; f : San Diego State; KZ. POTTS, VIRGINIA Berkeley Dietetics Transfer frail George Washing- ton University; Dancing. POTTS, WILLIS Oak Park, III. Chemistry Transfer from III. Institute of Technology; AXS; Honor Student. POWER, JANET Anaheim General Curriculum KA6; Prytaneai; NSA; WSSF; WAA; Senior Women ' s Representative. POWERS, ARTHUR Roundup, Mont. Journalism POWERS, RICHARD Berkeley Banking and Finance 2 E; ACC Rally Committee; Big C Guard; Class Councils. " Once a 3- toed sloth always a 3- toed sloth, " says JEAN SHER- WOOD, who acquired the name in a rushing card game. Pryt, Alumni Song Committee and Music Council claimed this busy Phi Ml, who will become a " Mrs. " in September. " Sloth " kept Treble Clef members in line threatening " heads will roll ... " PRATT, CAROL ANN PRATT, ELMER REED Oakland Richmond Advertising Forestry XQ; AMF; BPS; Daily Cal; YWCA, Secy.; Pelican; Freshman Council. Transfer from Arizona State College; E2H Intramural; Forestry Club. PRATT, ROSEMARY Fresno Political Science AAA; YWCA. PREGERSON, BERNARDINEC. Los Angeles Botany. PRENDERGAST, PRENT1SS, JR., PRESSEY, PRICE, JR., ELIZABETH THERON L. FLORENC BAMLET CATHERINE Berkeley Sacramento LAWRENCE Los Angeles Agricultural Mathematics Porterville International Economics Transfer from General Relations FA. Sacramento JC; Curriculum Colonial Hall. Piexotto Hall; AXA; Thalian; Cal Engineer. Axetravaganza; Extravaganza. PRICE, MARY EMILY Porterville English The Californian; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Occident; Little Theatre. PRICE, ROBERT M. Altadena Industrial Management Scabbard and Blade; Quarter- deck Society ' - - I - ' . : PRIEST, DANIEL HILLMAN Reno, Nev. Insurance Transfer from Occidental College; ATI); M, PRIEST, PRINCE, WILLIAM IRENE LYDIA ROBERT El Centra Alameda General Business Curriculum Administration AKA; Wesley Transfer from House; Univer- University of sity Chorus. Utah. PRINGLE, RALPH ALLEN PRINSLOW, BARBARA LOU PRITCHARD, FRANK PROLO, AUDREY PRY, JACQUE PURCELL, LAWRENCE R. PURCHASE, ALAN San Leandro Huntington Long Beach MARIE NORMAN Piedmont Oakland General Beach Plant Pathology San Jose Shelby, Ohio Optometry Mechanical Curriculum 4 KT; Medical Lab. Technician Transfer from UC at Davis. Social Welfare Joaquin Hall; Accounting ZW; Skull and KN; Daily Cal; Rally Committee; Engineering l l ; Radio Transfer from Cal Engineer; Keys; BB; Winged Senior Peace PrA. Workshop. Fullerton JC; WAA; Crop and Helmet; Rugby Committee; Public Health Saddle; Winter Club. Football. Club. Sports Club. i - : PURCHASE, RALPH KENNETH Berkeley Accounting Big C Society; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. PURDY, NADINE PUTNAM, WILLIAM QUAN, ERIC QUAN, ELITA ANDREWS MASON CALVIN Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Political History Foreign Trade Accounting. Science Transfer from A E. Transfer from San Francisco San Francisco State College. City College. QUILICI, RAY ANGELO Colfax Industrial Engineering Transfer from Placer JC. RAAKA, JACQUELINE G. Berkeley Foreign Trade AX; Blue and Gold; YWCA; University Theatre. RACKERBY, ROBERT A. Marysville Agricultural Economics Transfer from UC at Davis; Ag. Econ. Club; Ski Club. RAGAN, BRUCE PROCTOR Santa Ana RAGGIO, MARTHA San Francisco General Electrical Engineering 8AX; Glee Club. Curriculum fl B$; Ace of Clubs; Intra- mural. RAIBLEY, MICHAEL WILLIAM Visalia Forestry Forestry Club. RAINBOLT, MARILYN DETERT Lodi Dramatic Art AAA; Blue and Gold; Welfare Council; Radio Workshop. RAINBOLT, WILLIAM WARD Fullerton Dramatic Art ATA; Radio Workshop; Uni- versity Theatre. RAISIN, SUZANNE, San Mateo General Curriculum AF; Ace of Clubs; Intramural. RAKELA, MARY ANN UJDUR Richmond Decorative Art. RALPH, CHARLES LELAND Stockton Marketing KT. RANDOLPH, RANDOLPH, ARLENE PATRICIA OLGA Oroville Oakland Dramatic Art General Stern Hall; Curriculum Class Councils; Casa Hispana; Rally Comm.; AMP; Pelican; Little Theatre; Cal Hosts; Women ' s Class Councils. Orientations. RANDOLPH, RUSSELL CAMERON RANSFORD, JAMES R. Arcadia Electrical Engineering Los Angeles Petroleum Engineering Y(f Transfer from A P. Pomona College. Behind the B G sports editor ' s desk sat KENT BULLOCK who wrote exotic Chinese poetry that only he could read or under- stand. He practiced speaking five languages on unsuspecting IIK4 brothers who also had to listen to his musical talents. After a summer in South America, he hopes to enter the State Department. RASCHEN, ROBER1 LOWRY IASM WILBUR WALLACE Oakland T;- : : :. : ; = = r. : : ' = -. ; " ' ' ' . Armstrong College; BPS- AM RASMUSSEN, FRED RODNEY Modesto =: : :=. LOUIS San Diego E.: RESOLD, WILLIAM L REDL1CH, MARTIN =EE: Cbwiistrj Trs Modesto X; Canterbury : .: KAP; A 0; Br ; Honor SUdwts; Placemia Honor SUdents; TBn;XE. Berkeley Pfcjrsta BK; ME; Varsity Debate; Los Angeles History Transfer from I: r:t Blade; Rally BLOB DENNY RUTH HARPOLE Arcadia Political Scene Bowles Hill; and Econ-Ch ; REEDER WILLIAM HENRY -: BBBBl S.i --.: --- - tat ' .- REGALA, HENRIETTA OY-UACCO Si- = --. .:: = : : -.i B3MLUI ELVUS = - Mitchell Hall; 4-i.X BBM .:- FRANCIS San Francisco OptnetiT Transfer from San Francisco r College. EM GEORGE HART Ventm jqinet AXS. REID, WILLIAM HILL TEH; Honor SUdeni -5V REIDY, E:_EE Speed. Ih :; hn Honor Sttdents; CoMCil; REINER, VAN E. Berkeley Transfer from San Francisco CHr College. 9m LBCUf REINHARD, LAURA DIXIE EUZABEin -.: : - - A i II Pelican; E e:: : E:.;-: =.: : -t= U REYNOLDS, =:EE=- San Francisco REYNOLDS, =:EE=- Berteley RHODES, :. :. - A6; Honor ELZY SaH Lake City Electrical Tn University of Utah. RIANDA, HAZEL BEATRICE RIBAK, ROBERT- CHARLES RICCOBONI, ANN AMGEUNE General = : HB Transfer from USC; Rifle Tea YacntCtab. Aicr. RICE, EDWARD KENNETH El Centra CM Engineering Vf, ACC; IFC; ASCE; Engi- neer ' s Council. RICHARDS, CLARIS Enolisfe Transfer from WheatOB College, Blue and Gold; Occident; Ski CM. RICHARDS, MARYHELEK RICHARDS, MUU nCHMBB STANLEY RUE EVERETTE Long Beach RICHUN, MAEDELLE San Diego = : -. := RICKEY BETTY LOUISE ;- La : ; RIE6ER, IMd Berkeley -,- : :s Science A ; Cat Ctab; Panik; Pelican; Class Conncib XAE; Scabbard and Blade; Asst. Yell Treble Clef; Inter-FaM Cmcil; UC Chore; Hillel Waisai, Wis. DecoratncArt Transfer fro Chicago Art MBS MARILYN San Francisco AFA; AMP; Treble Clef. RIGGS, JR., WILFRED R. Mom Bay Product ion Transfer from SanMateo JC; Yacht Ch . RIISE, THOMAS WAYNE Foreign Trade KA; A E; Senior CoMicil; NSA Foreign Trawl f That the best things cone in smm nai Onentations Chiiraan BILL CARROLL ta re missed in 111 fhlimm n of Men ' s Jwlicial. Interested extremely iflnrlml to talk about hhnetf. Bowles Hall associates an ultra-organizer. u t RITCHIE, ROBERTA Berkeley Sociology Transfer from Grace land College. ROADS, CAROLYN Fresno General Curriculum Transfer from Fresno State College; 2K. Treble Clef. ROBARTS, CHARLES Santa Rosa Foreign Trade Transfer from Santa Rosa JC. ROBB, ROBERTA ROBERTSON, ROBERT San Francisco San Diego Education Engineering. Transfer from San Francisco CC; AFA; Pelican; Class Councils; YWCA. ROBERTS, ADRIENNE San Francisco General Curriculum; AT; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Stevens Union Comm. ROBERTS, JACK Oakland Pre-Medical. ROBERTS, RICHARD Sacramento Engineering 8AX; XE; ASCE; Senior Council; Varsity Track. ROBINS, HASKELL Boston Accounting AMI " ; Hockey; Radio Workshop; Baseball. ROBINSON, DONALD Santa Ana Agricultural Economics Transfer from Santa Ana JC; Yacht Club. : : : ROBINSON, EDWARD Lafayette Psychology Transfer from San Francisco State College Winter Sports Club. ROBINSON, ELLIS San Francisco General Curriculum IIA . ROBINSON, ELMER Zambra Engineering SAM. ROBINSON, 1RL Berkeley Accounting ; BT2. ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROBISON, ROCHE, ROCKWELL, RICHARD WILLIAM EUGENE BETTY ELIZABETH Los Angeles Berkeley San Marino San Francisco Ventura Wildlife Accounting Business History Mathematics Conservation A8; BIT; BA. Administration 4 M; SKA; Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Newman Club. Ventura JC. UCLA; Wildlife Colorado State Conservation College; Club, President. Masonic Club. ROCKWELL, 10NA San Diego General Curriculum Cldenberg Hall; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Tower and Flame; Cal Hosts. ROETH, JOHN Piedmont Marketing AT. ROGERS, AVERY Berkeley Business Administration BAT. ROGERS, ERNEST Watsonville General Curriculum Transfer from Salinas JC; A2X; Track. ROGERS, JANE San Francisco Political Science Casa Hispana; Utrimque; Wom- en ' s Counseling. ROGERS, ROBERT Gilroy Mathematics Transfer from Pomona; Cloyne Court; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Hiking Club. ROGERS, THOMAS Pasadena Engineering Transfer from Pasadena JC; IRE. ROGERS, WILLIAM Berkeley Advertising Pelican, Mgr. ROGG, EVELYN ROLLINS, JERRETT New York Auburn Social Welfare Chemistry Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Sherman Placer JC; Hall; Student Relations; Folk Dance Club. ROLLINS, WILLIAM Kingfisher, Okla. Engineering TBn;XE; ASCE; Cal Engi- neer, Editorial Staff; Engineer ' s ROOSMA, ALBERT Euclid, Ohio Engineering Honor Student; Tower and Flame; ASME. RORIPAUGH, JR., CHARLES CLIFFORD Lander, Wyo. Electrical Engineering. ROSE, JOHN San Francisco Zoology Transfer from Santa Clara. ROSE, LEO San Diego International Relations Labor Board; Glee Club. ROSE, THOMAS Glendale Engineering Transfer from UCLA; UCSEE, Program Comm. ROSEN, BETH Long Beach Journalism Panile; Prytanean; Mortar Board, Scribe; 62 ; Daily Cal, City Ed.; Welfare Coun. ROSENBLUM, IRWIN North Hollywood Engineering Transfer from UCLA. ROSENBLUM, MARVIN Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA; SAP; HKN; Honor Student; IRE. ROSENFELD, BARBARA Los Angeles Public Administration Transfer from UCLA; American Society for Public Administration. ROSENLUND, SIGURD Bergen, Norway Chemistry International House. WEI Need a new constitution? An old hand at this business is persist- ent PAUL PITNER who headed the Constitution Revision Com- mittee and struggled to get Ex Committee ' s approval. A transfer from Marin JC, he commuted to and from Oakland. A poli sci major, he plans to enter law school in the fall. SEMMU PATRICIA Si- " ; : : :: ; ; :_ :. .- ROSS, BARBARA S ;-:; r : : r.e ::-T " . :.i--: ' . PaloAKo History AS . ROSS, : : ROTH, ROBERT WILLARD -i- Palo Alto San Francisco Optometnr Pre-Leoal ' Optometry I Honse; UC Tn Society Cmh. Board; YMCA. USC; ZBT; Pre-Med. Society. ROTTLER, WIUJAH Valtejo JANET : : .-. -. am. Tram Transfer from MarinJC. Transfer from rtinmmjlon, KKF; Pryta.ea.; USA; WSSF;S " Cwvil. T F Colter; 6X; = :, ' .- EILEEN Far Eastern Sudies VWCA; Art Bvcai; I Honw. ROWSM. ;E=-=.:E S3- -- ni ROYER, Ik := :- i ; Pa.ile; WAYLAHB Grass Valley FLOREKCE San Franc ROLAMO Si- c. s -, : n .; OaTrTcal, Crttie; Pelieai. ETHorial; Transfer f ron College of Pacific. Collese; AAA; AOH; Pres.;ASUC Library Co- .; Welfare Cowcil. LosA9eles Forei Trade TraeferfraB KU : -:. T A E. SAM. RYAN, LAURA Transfer from U. of British Su t; AMT; RTsoaf PATRICIA PATRICK NORMAN New York E. Political Science Dra A E; Conference Lrteratm Transfer from Comrn.; Jr. Pan- TmjBferfcmi _:.i heltenic. Advisor; y. of Missouri; KZ,XE. HUUB COR1NNE RYLAND, RYLAND, Decoratne An Transfer fro Deer College; Eta-Z, TB+; AXA. MORnMER Sa. Francisco SACKETT, Polrtxal KS; SAM, Secretary; - Crew. Stde; ACC; SAM. San Francisco CC; ASME; SAM. Colleoe Women ' s CM; Pelican; Winter Sporti SADLER, BETTY Tnriock Dramatic Art Freebon Hall; Unnersrty Theatre; Orientations. SONIA Los Angeles Decoratne Art Stem Hall; Prytanean; YWCA, Treas.; ' CoMcit; .i ' . ' ES BakersfieW Political Science CASTLE, EUZAEE-- SAKAI, WILLIAM San Francisco Si.EE ' v SALOME, JOHN SALTZMAN, Bon :. --. .: -2 OptMKtry Transferfrom . : - Sudentsin 0toetnr. +A0, CHARLES MMBB MARCELLA SANDERSON EUZMEIH San Francisco -; ZBT; BK; Cfcr. Welfare COMCil. Peoatto Hall; C _b " Call Decorative Art AAII; AXA, Pelican; Bme and Gold,- Ski Cmh. Relations; A ; Tower and Flame; Mnr-; Intranmral. Answering to ' Torch " tne Pelican office Homecomnf owen JOANNE ERICXSON. ACkiO sisters dawned tkey nner saw her since she spent all her time at track meets watching Dick. From Women ' s Director of Pelly she hopes to step into the adertismi world doing fashi 1 I SANKOVICH, WILLIAM FRANK El Cerrito Accounting. SANO, TATSUO Berkeley Food Technology Circle C Society; Basketball; Food Technology Club. SANTOLUCITO, JOHN ANTHONY Upland Physiology Transfer from Chaffe College. SAPLIS, SARTER, DONALD LEEGUIDO WILLIAM Occidental Pasadena Accounting Electrical Engineering Transfer from Washington Transfer from State College. UCLA; AIEE; IRE. SAUNDERS, ELLA J. Corning Physical Education Women ' s C Society; WAA; Interclass Chairman. SAUNDERS, SAVAGE, ROGER I. DONALD Takoma Park, DENNIS Md. Berkeley Political Political Science Science Transfer from Transfer from George Washing- UCLA; Track; ton University; Newman Club. 2AE. SAWYER, CHARLOTTE ALENE Sacramento General Curriculum The Californian; Senior Council. SAYLES, ROBERT EARL Oakland Transportation iK ; Scabbard and Blade; Big C; Senior Crew Manager; Varsity Rowing Club. SAYLOR, RICHARD LADD Piedmont Physiology K2; Glee Club; Freshman Council. SAYRE, FRANCIS WARREN Empire Biochemistry Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Glee Club. SCESA, STEVE Grass Valley Mechanical Engineering TBII; Honor Students; SAM; ASME. SCHAEFER, SCHAFFERMAN, SHAINSKY, SCHARPF, WILLIAM J. DAVID CECELIA SHIRLEY Ontario New York, CLAIRE ANN Industrial N.Y. Sonoma Oakland Engineering Electrical General Physical Transfer from Engineering Curriculum Education Chaffey JC; SAM; Transfer from AE ; Phrateres; Casa Hispana; Cal Engineer; City College of Pelican; Senior Women ' s C Engineer ' s Coun. New York; Daily Council. Society; WAA; Cal Sports Staff. Counseling; Phrateres. SCHEHRER, CORA LEE SCHIEFELBEIN, ELSBETH M. SCHIEFER, PAULA ALICE Beaumont General Curriculum Madison, Wis. Nursing Education San Diego General Curriculum Tower and Flame; AAX; YWCA; WAA; Counseling; Calvin Club. Honor Students; RN ' s on Campus; Health Comm. AAII; Pelican; Elections Bd.; Winter Sports Club. SCHILLING, COE ELIZABETH Oakland General Curriculum AXtl; Eta-Z; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre. SCHLAFFER, RUNAWEXBERG Berkeley Physics Transfer from Hunter College; Dobro Slovo. SCHLAM, EDITH GERTRUDE Vienna, Austria Accounting Cal Engineer Senior Council; Junior Council. SCHLAMAN, EARL DONALD Oakland Business Administration K2. SEHLMEYER, MARIANNE Oakland International Relations. SCHLUSSEL, LEONARD San Francisco Accounting TKE; Masonic Club. SCHMIDT, HERBERT CARL Berkeley Mathematics Honor Students; IIME. SCHMITZ, WILLIAM PETER San Jose Transfer from San Jose State; Ridge House; AIEE; IRE; Newman Club. SCHROEDER, DONALD FRANK Mill Valley Accounting Transfer from College of Marin; Daily Cal. SCHULER, PRESLEY Stockton Electrical Engineering Transfer from Stockton JC; SCHUMACHER, ALLEN EDWARD Can Francisco Economics $KZ; Elections Board; Homecoming. SCHWAB, DON R. Long Beach, N.Y. Industrial Sales Circle C Society; Golf Team, Capt. SCHWARTZ, BARBARA Berkeley General Curriculum. SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH DAVID Sacramento Marketing Transfer from Sacramento College. SCHWARTZ, VICTOR JACOB Los Angeles Petroleum Engineering Soccer; Radio Workshop. SCHWEICKHARDT, GERTRUDE NORTON Woodland Home Economics. SCHWENK, ELIZABETH ANN Piedmont Spanish AOII; Mortar Board; Prytan- ean; Torch and Shield; Rally Comm.; Orientations. STOLL, FRANCES Oakland Political Science. SCOTT, ELSIE CLARE Bakersfield Political Science Ski Club. SCOTT, JANICE MARYLIN Oakland Social Welfare Tower and Flame; UC Chorus. Easy to spot on the football field because of his rolled-up sleeves was DICK ERICKSON, whose signal-calling could be heard high in the rooting section. Theta Delt brothers point with pride to this Navy vet who originated the program of having Big U C " men entertain at veterans ' hospitals. SCOTT, RICHASB WYATT Oakland Marketing. SCOTT, WARREN TURNER San Francisco Economics Transfer from S.F.C.C. Masonic Club. SCRANTON, JAMES MONROE San Diego Petroleum Engineering AZ4 ; Transfer from UCLA; Cal Band. SCRIBNER, JR., BENJAMIN F. Berkeley Industrial Engineering Cal Band; Drum Major; Music Council. GILBERT LESLIE Physiology. SEETOO, SEILER, SELCHAU, SEHLMEYER, ELIZABETH DONALD PAUL MARIANNE Los Angeles HARVEY San Francisco GENEVIEVE Marketing San Francisco General Sacramento ZO n ; Transfer Business Curriculim International from UCLA; President ZOII; Administration n A ; Inter- AX; Soccer; Pre-Med. Society; Relations Richards Hall; Chinese fraternity Calvin Club. Yacht Club. Student Club. Council. SELLECK, SHIRLEY San Francisco Decorative Art Transfer from University of Alaska; AXA. SELWAY, MARGARET ELIZABETH Del None, Colorado Art Masonic Club. SERRANO, RAUL JEAN Mexico City Civil Engineering Newman Club, ARBA, ASCE, InternatkxiaJ House. SEVERNS, ARTHARENE P. Pasadena Economics Oldenberg Hall; Transfer from Pasadena CC; Women ' s Counseling. SEYMOUR, HERBERT ALDEN Alhambra Industrial Engineering Transfer from Arizona State Teachers College. SEUBERT, ALPHONSE AUGUSTIN Cottomnod, Id. Pharmacy. SEXTON, ROBERT E. San Diego Engineering Transfer from Texas College of Mines; ASME. SHAEFFER, KATHRYN I. Philadelphia Anthropology Tower and Flame; WAA; Crop and Saddle; Riflery. SHABEL, RAYMOND C. Foreign Trade AS: . SHAPARD, PAULINE B. Ontario Zoology Transfer from Chafffey College; North Gables; YWCA; WAA. SHAPIRO, STANLEY Philadelphia Accounting Transfer from U. of Pennsylvania; KN; Honor SMMl SHARP, HALLEINE EDWINA San Diego General Curriculum A AX; Treble Clef; WAA; Calvin Club. SHATKIN, EUGENE PARKER Santa Cruz Zoology Big C, Tennis. SHEHI, DANL. Oakland Accounting. SHEHI, BARBARA MARIE Oakland English. SHELDON, SARA FAHNSTOCK Pasadena Business Administration AAA; NSA Secretary. SHELLHAMMER, PATRICIA HELEN SHENOI, RAMANANDA NARAYANA Dixon Spanish ZTA; Senior Council; Pelican; Elections Board. Vupeoi, India Business Administration. SHAPHERD, CLAYTON CONNOR Long Beach Chemical Engineering Transfer from Long Beach CC. SHEPPERD, ROBERT ROYAL San Jose Electrical Engineering 2AE; HKN; AIEE. SHERMAN, DONALD SanMateo Accounting. SHERRARD, ROBERT McKEE Oakland Insurance AT; Triune; Winged Helmet; Track. SHERTZER, FRANCIS GILBERT Oakland Marketing, Personnel Relations Transfer from U. of Texas. IDAS 49 SHERWIN, DAVID W. Santa Ana Economics Transfer from Fullerton JC. SHERWIN, JOHN C. Santa Ana Chemical Engineering Transfer from Fullerton JC; Chem. Engi- neer Club. SHERWIN, MARY GENEVIEVE Sacramento Speech AF; Secretary Speech Arts Club. SHERWOOD, MORMAJEAN Oakland Psychology M; Prytanean; Panile; ACC Secretary; Blue and Gold; Music Council. SHERWOOD, BERNON DALE Fresno Agricultural Economics A tower of strength on Waldorf ' s Wonders was left end BUD VAN DEREN. Speed plus pass catching ability placed him on various honorary teams. This sandy haired vet was the pride and joy of San Leandro and his pretty wife. Big " C " and honor societies also claimed his attention. SHICK, VICTOR VLADIMIR Shanghai, China General Curriculum TKE. SHIGENORI, IYAMA Berkeley Architecture Architecture Association. SHIMADA, ELLEN San Francisco Physiology Transfer from San Francisco City College. SHINDLE- DEDKER, HAZEL ARLENE Torrington, Wyoming Physical Education WAA; Women ' s C Society. SHINODA, YOUSF ' Berkeley Landscape Design. SHIPP, SHIRLEY, SHIRLEY, SHOENBERG, SHORE. SHORT, WILLIAM JOHN ROLAND MATILDA NATHAN BARBARA San Francisco Berkeley Muncie, Berkeley Long Beach JEANETTE Physical Psychology Indiana Economics Business Santa Cruz Education. Transfer from Political Science Honor Society; Administration Mechanical U. of New Hamp- Jr. Varsity Debate; Welfare Council; B0 II; Skull and Engineering shire; Glee NSA; Daily Cal; Debating; Music Keys; BB; Big C; Richards Hall; Club; ACC; ASUC Store Club. Winged Helmet; ASME. Music Council; Board. Golden Bear. NSA. SHUMWAY, JACK D. Phoenix, Ariz. Zoology Transfer from University of New Mexico; Basketball. SHUTES, CAROLYN MARIE Burlingame General Curriculum A2A; Card Sales; Orientations. SHUTLER, JR., RICHARD Porterville Anthropology Transfer from Salinas JC. SHUTT, ROLAND Whittier Pre-Medical Yacht Club; Varsity Swimming, Water Polo, and Sailing. SHYFFER, SIGNER, SIGNOROTTI, BERNARD JOHN PETER Inglewood San Francisco Santa Rosa Engineering Industrial Optometry Transfer from Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Cloyne ASME. Santa Rosa JC. Court; Ski Club; Hiking Club; ' SAE; ASME. SILCOX, JOHN Taft Geology AXA; Soph Council; Soph Vigilantes; Swimming; WSSF; Big C Society. SILTON, EDITH SYLVIA SIMMONS, JAMES EDWARD SIMONS, WENDELL WAYNE SIMMONS, WILLIAM EUGENE San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Petaluma Social Welfare Transfer from San Francisco City College; A E. Engineering Physics. Decorative Art. Mechanical Engineering Honor Students; TBII; ASME. SIMMS, WARREN GOODDELL Oakland Business Administration ATA. SIMONDS, SIMONETTI, SIMONS, SIMONS, JAMES MARIE CALVIN MAJOR BASIL Emeryville Nevada Tracy Berkeley General Transfer from Electrical Psychology Curriculum U. of Nevada; Engineering Transfer from Montana School Tower and Flame; Honor Student ' s Bowles Hall; Welfare Council. Transfer from Phoenix JC; of M ines; Society; Newman Bowles Hall; Yacht Club; Club; Italian AA2. Ball and Chain. Club; Utrimque. SIMPSON, GEORGE Bakersfield Economics Transfer from Bakersfield College; Honor Student ' s Soc.; Men ' s Counseling. SINGREY, HUGH LELAND Berkeley Insurance SINICCO, DONATO F. San Francisco Foreign Trade Transfer from COP. SKANCHY, ANTONE LEWIS Logan, Utah Mechanical Engineering Transfer from COP; ASME; Quarterdeck. SKILES, BARBARA Berkeley Architecture Mortar Board; Prytanean; A AT; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Judicial Ch.; Counseling. SKIMIN, ROBERT Vista Engineering Transfer from U. of Alaska; ASCE; Engi- neer ' s Council. SKOLNICK, JULIUS New York Engineering EKN; AIEE. SLAITER, DONALD SLAKEY, JR., ROGER Berkeley Sacramento Business Administration AKE; Triune, Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; BB; Water Polo. English Transfer from Santa Clara; Newman Club. SLATER, EDITH Berkeley General Curriculum. SLOSSEN, WALTER San Gabriel Economics Cloyne Court; Tower and Flame; Radio Workshop; California Broad- casters; Daily Cal. SMALL, JOAN LOWE Berkeley English Senior Council; Christian Science Org. SMITH, CAROL JEAN SMITH, DANIEL MALLOY SMITH, DONALD LEWIS Berkeley Berkeley Ventura Political Science AF; Pelican; Panhellenic; Sophomore Coun. History Honor Students; Tower and Flame. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Ventura JC; I House; ASME. ! : : : : Boasting his own private rooting section was PAUL KECKLEY, whose wife and two daughters never missed an opportunity to cheer him on. A career in physical therapy is the goal of this quiet, unassuming Theta Delt who divided his time between work at Moore ' s and Big " C " meetings. SMITH, HARRY M :- : --. MO sun ILA J. ElCerrito Political SMITH, Menu SB : -i aam IMC Burl moan History. TKE, :.: 1 AX -: -..:-. . .-- - :: University of Colorado. : -::: :: Tana Sa : EBBI Card Sales. SMITH JM i :,;-. A AS; Daily Cal. sum) DMETr! SMITH, LILIAN Cornell; Class !:. : Transfer from Napa X; E; tan B FBBI Honor SUdem, BAT; Class C- ; BBBB : t 5:?- I CM SMITH, MARILYN K; Pelican; Senior Living Groups Council. SMITH, PAUL Wilmington Mathematics ATQ. ' . ' :-- RALPH Arcadia Mathematics -; ' " : Pasadena X. RICHARD S :. ' :-: Arizona Engineering ' :-- ' -. ' " : UCLA; ASCE, Cal Engineer Glee Club. son ROBERT San Francisco Marketing BOB : : tf HHUU San Francisco Acconting Transfer from := : " : : :: Junior College. SMITH, Geology USCA. SMITH, SHIRLEY Vallejo English Stem Hall; HBB Mi I Tower and Flame; Welfare Council; Health Board. sun ST ANTON mm WALTER IB - TlBBM :- U. ofWasnington; Acacia; Honor Montana Sctiool off SKOOKLER, JOSEPH Monticello, N.Y. Physical ' -- UC Gymnastic Team, Senior V:- SMOOKLER, LOUIS Monticello, NY Engineering Transfer from RPI, Troy, NY; UCSEE; USCA. SMUM SMYTH, ELIZABETH Burlingame ::;-: J: : : ' - ;-. - . -_ ._.-..-- X. Bennet X; r B; Red Cross; Radio Workshop; Speech Arts. LAWRENCE Santa Cm ' " -- ;...-- SB BMB .: Mining Assoc. SNYDER, Soil Science USCA;CJoyne DBM SV:E = JOYCE SOBOL, BEATRICE SOKOLOV, MORRIS SOPP, DORRIS SOLOMON, RICHARD Owtario San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Social Welfare Stem Hall; YWCA; Plymouth House; U er- :-.-: -.:- : Decorative Art AX A. General BBriDwkml Big C Society; Home Economics A PA; Women ' s Counseling; Home Economics : Political Science. SOLARI, JACK Sonora Del Key; ; Senior Comcil. SOLARI JEROME LEE San Fraxisco Berkeley Accounting Finance Brr, BAT; Transfer from Secretary-Treas.; San Francisco JC; Class Councils. II A ; Cm : : - : SOMMERVILLE, SOMMERS, MARTHA Guerneville English ; .,...._ .;-;.;.... :: :;:: ----. ::: Women ' s College. Colleoe for RICHARD Los Angeles Fniww M . S -_;.;. . . - _ IKU HSCE SONDHAUS, CHARLES San Francisco Physics Ctoe Court. .: :-:-. Symphony F, _ TBBtR SO REN SON STERLING ?- U ' - :: Chemistry m f : Santa Mario X; SORGENFRY, HELEN Breotwood History SKA; Education : .: SOSNOW, MAX Los Angeles Physiology Transfer from U CLA, Yale, Princeton; Varsity Handball. SOULE, ANNE San Francisco Music Joamim Hall; -; Sr:-f- . MuskCtab; YWCA,Tn Tower As B G Associate Editor, Elections Board Chairman, ACC sb- chainHM, Pryt Treasurer, and English major, blonde master- mind DOTTY BECK often wished for more hows in the day. The secret of her success was her steadfast refusal to team to play bridge. Thursday nights fond her relaxing at the timuhunf with her Kappa sisters. SOULE, WILLIAM HAYES Santa Monica Psychology Transfer from COP; 2 E; Rally Comm.; Glee Club. SPARGO, PHYLLIS NAOMI Paso Robles Chemistry 4 BK; Tower and Flame; Honor Students; SAACS. SPEAR, MARY ANN San Francisco English. SPEARS, LILLIAN MARIE Oakland Social Welfare ASS; WAA; YWCA; Inter- national House. SPEH, DOROTHY CAROLINE SPENCER. KELMORE WALLACE SPENCER, WILLIAM BYRON Escalon San Francisco San Antonio Transportation Religion Foreign Trade Transfer from Stockton JC; The McFarlands; Spanish Club. Transfer from Kansas City JC; University Chorus. A E; Inter- national House Joint Council. SPENCER, WILLIAM HOWARD New York Optometry Transfer from Columbia U. Honor Society. SPINDT, JOELLEN M. Berkeley English AAA; Blue and Gold; Home- coming Parade; Chairman, Red Cross Entertainment. SPINO, VIRGINIA JUNE Stockton Speech Cunningham Hall Elections Board; Senior Class Council. SPITZER, JR., CARL HENRY San Ansel mo Entomology Transfer from Marin JC; AZ; Entomology Club. SPOONCER, WILLIAM WALTER Pacific Grove Chemistry AX2. SPRAGUE, PATRICIA San Francisco English Transfer from Incarnate World College; $BK; National Dra- matic Society. SPROUL, ALLAN Berkeley General Curriculum A A I ; Golden Bear; 4 Ice Hockey; Crew Mgr. SPURGEON, BARBARA JEANNE Fresno Home Economics Sherman Hall; Masonic Club; UC Chorus; UC Folk Dance. STACHNIEWICZ, GLORIA PATRICIA Berkeley Philosophy Colonial Hall; Honor Students; A Mr. STAFFORD, DONALD CHARLES Piedmont Architecture K; Crew Varsity Rowing Club; Track. STANBERY, BARBARA JEANNE Spreckels Physical Education Transfer from Hartnell College; AOH; Blue and Gold. STANDRING, MARION NANCY Santa Ana General Curriculum Transfer from Occidental College; Ritter Hall. STANLEY, JACK STEWART Long Beach Business Administration Transfer from U. of Notre Dame; A2 ; Masonic Club. STANSFIELD, ELIZABETH JANE Napa History Stern Hall; Mortar Board; Panile; Prytanean; Honor Students; Blue and Gold, Assoc. Ed. STERN, VERNON MARK San Francisco Entomology Transfer from San Mateo JC; AZ. STANTON, ARTHUR FRA Oakland Electrical Engineering Little Theatre; Radio Workshop; IRE; AIEE. STASCHOWER, PAUL PAWEL Tel-Aviv, Israel Production Control and Accounting. STARK, FAYE LOUISE Walnut Creek Decorative Art Epworth Hall; AXA; K4 ; College Women ' s Club; Masonic Club. STEPSAY, DAVID R. Los Angeles Political Science Transfer from UCLA. STARK, PAUL ELWARD Richmond Production Control. STEVENS, PHILLIP HARRISON Honolulu, T.H. Journalism SAX; JV Base- ball; Military Association. STARR, MARGERY ANN Los Gatos Social Welfare AZ; Blue and Gold Jr. Mgr. Women ' s Counseling. STEVENS, WILBUR HUNT Berkeley Accounting Transfer from Milton College; Honor Student; BAY; BT2 STARRATT, STEIN, STEINBERG, STEINHAUS, STEINMETZ, FRED HAROLD MERRILL JOHN GEORGE WESTON Los Angeles EDWIN RODERICK EDWARD Berkeley Optometry San Francisco Max, N.D. Danville Metallurgy Transfer from Electrical Philosophy General President of BZI " ; UCLA; Optometry Engineering 1 ransfer from Curriculum Honor Student Association; Bowles Hall; Mi not State Honor Students Society; Glee Club. Tower and Flame; Teachers College; Society. Masonic Club. Honor Society. Lutheran Assoc. STEVENSON, ALLISON MARGARET Oakland Accounting Transfer from College of Holy Names; xe. STEWART, BETTY ANNE Berkeley Art KA; HAS; College Women ' s Club; Senior Council; Public Relations Council. STEWART, DONALD WAYNE Berkeley Jurisprudence 2 ; Crew, Rally Comm. STEWART, SHIRLEY ELAINE Van Nuys Education Stern Hall; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Senior Council. STEWART, SHIRLEY Berkeley General Curriculum Two-time PCC tumbling champ CHUCK LUCCHESI also performed on the trampoline and the diving board. His efforts netted him third place in both trampoline and tumbling in the 1949 NCAA meet. A PE major and Big " C " man he spent idle hours flying or on the tennis courts. f L4W i STICKLAND, PHYLLIS Berkeley -c dJ BK; Mortar Bd. Prytanean; Cal : .: , ' .:--- i Rep.; Ex. Comm.; ' -.-.- 3-: S- ; : :,-.--.- ..- : = STOKES, " FA, GoMen Bear; Cal Club; Head Yell Leader; ACC. STOCKHAM, JAQUITH Larkspur Art Transfer from College of Marin; fnlimi-il Hall; Masonic Club. STOCKTON, JEAN Los I Social Welfare ; ' - ' - " Stanford; Richards Hall; AMT. STOCKTON, LLOYD Long Beach Physics. STOKER, MARY San.Lea.idro General Transfer from 3- - : .:: -3;= I: mji YWCA. STOKES, QUENTIN Oakland Agriculture Transfer f row Santa Ana X. STONE, BUD Piedmont Business Administration FA; Big C Varsity Football; Cal Ski CM. STOTTS, VERA GWENDOLYN BakersfieW Transfer from Bakersf ield JC; Ep-orthHall. STRAIT, MB HADLEY Hanford Economics Roger Willii Club. STRASSEL, MARGARET Cincinnati, Ohio Economics Tom 5-: - AMP; I STRAND, EVELYN Stockton Nursing Winter Sports Club; Pre-Med. Society; RN ' s STRAUS, ALAN Berkeley Chemistry Transfer from University of - ----- - ; STRAZICICH, GEORGE Watsonvilk Engineering Transfer from 3 -3: .: Cheyenne Engineering ASME; Winter Sports Club. --:,: BARBARA Psychology AOH; Treble Clef; Senior STRONG, RICHARD Business Administration STRUCKMEYER, JEAN Arbuckk KA; AM; Canipns Toirs; Trebk Clef. STURGEON, EDNA BATTANI Berkeley IndBtrial Transfer from San Diego State; A0. STURGEON, ROBERT ANDREW Accounting 82. STUSSI, HELEN Berkeley Public Health Honor Student; Tn a-: - TreMeCteff. 5VBBSH HOWARD ORV1LLE Berkeley General Curriculum SUFFERN, MUOME Prytanean; AM; Women ' s Judicial; :-- , ' .:-:- ; Ex. Board. SULLIVAN, mm SULLIVAN, PEGGY ta : : :: SUITER, ROLAND Chesapeake, :- : FA, Rally L; Big C " AFA; To PhSSres -r on Transfer from Marshall College. SUMMERS, SHIRLEY Oakland Social Welfare Senior Council; SUMMERLY, JOHN San Francisco Forestry Transfer front San Francisco JC; Forestry CM. SUNDQUIST, DONALD MAYNARD IB AnMnistration Transfer from University of Redlands; Cre. SUNKEL, CAROL Tulare Business Administration Sherman Hall; BF2; X; Class Councils. SUTHERLAND, MM -,-. ---. Epworth Hall; surra CHARLES Fortuna Engineering Transfer from Humodt State; Honor Stndents; SUZKl, MICHIO Dcftowy Psychology Transfer from San Francisco X; MH SUZUKI, YOSHIKO Bacteriology Transfer from Sacramento College. SWAN SON, PAUL Tnrtock Engineering Transfer from University of .---- ::-- Hall; USCA; AIEE. SWEENEY, PEGGY San Francisco Chemistry Cheney Hall. SWETl GEORGE SaaMatee Business Administration Transfer from SWIFT, GILBERT Hayward Business SWINGLER, ELIZABETH ANNE Berkeley Industrial SMJ SYLVA, PATTY MARGARET Sonera St; Military Council. Drexel Institute; Assembly Dance. - : America; Daily Cal; Senior Council. her spring ocation in New York as a delegate to Mle ' s College Board was BETH ROSEN, glamour girl and CHy Manager of Daily Cal. Her literary talents were often used by Pryt, Mortar Board and Theta Sigma Pi who also counted on her for an " in " with the v ' Cal. " SYMONS, THOMAS Oakland Political Science Pelican; Daily Cal; Art Staff. TABER, PAUL R. Twin Falls, Idaho Insurance TAGUE, JOHN VIRGIL Loveland, Colo. Marketing Transfer from Colorado Univer- sity; 2AE. TAGUE, PEGGY MARY Alhambra History A An; Class Councils. TAKAHASHI, WILLIAM San Mateo Journalism 2AX. TAKEI, KAZUO San Francisco Foreign Trade Ridge House. TAKITA, AIKO Berkeley Political Science AMF; Phrateres; Tower and Flame; I House; YWCA; Counseling. TALAMINI, THOMAS RICHARD Oakland Journalism 2AX; CSNS Interviewer; Editor of Sigmagram. TALLYN, GEORGE B. Oakland Accounting Transfer from Michigan Tech; Honor Student; BP2; BAI ; Manager, Ice Hockey. TAM, WALTER PATRICK Honolulu, T.H. Finance Transfer from University of Minnesota. TAMAKI, MARY Berkeley Public Health Public Health Club; YWCA. TAMLEY, JR., WALTER Santa Rosa Retailing Transfer from Arizona State College; Del Rey; Friday Fling; Senior Council. TANAKA, YUKINORI RICHARD San Francisco Civic Planning Transfer from San Francisco JC; Cloyne Court; Circle " C " ; Boxing. TANIGUCHI, TSURUE Watsonville International Relations Transfer from Ohio State University. TANIGUCHI, YAMAMOTO Los Indios, Texas Architecture XAK. TANIZAWA, JAMES Berkeley Foreign Trade Transfer from Placer JC; Japanese Stu- dent ' s Club. TANK, HOWARD Garrison, N.D. Business Administration BFS. TANNER, ROBERTA ROBINSON San Francisco General Curriculum TAYLOR, GLENN JERRY Berkeley Electrical Engineering AIEE. TAYLOR, THOMAS WILLIAM Oakland Economics Transfer from Pasadena JC; KAP; Honor Student; Masonic Club. Li : TEBERG, ELLEN Berkeley Physical Education. TEETER, TERZIAN, RICHARD MALCOLM JACQUES JACOB Richmond Berkeley Chemistry General BAX; Tower and Curriculum. Flame; Elections Board; Glee Club; SAACS. TERAIAN, MARGARET Camarillo Sociology Transfer from Santa Barbara. THACKER, JACK Berkeley Civil Engineering XE; Varsity Wrestling; Engineers Council. THALL, ARTHUR MILES Los Angeles Optometry. THAXTON, JR. JOHN WESLEY San Diego Forestry Transfer from San Diego State College; Forestry Club. THAYER, JEAN B. Hollywood Psychology Transfer from UCLA; A A II; Yacht Club. THOMAS, ANDERSON ROBHERDS Piedmont Political Science International House; Glee Club. THOMAS, JAMES RALPH lone Economics AAS; Ski Club. ' ' ;:; : " : :- THOMAS, JEAN San Francisco English Transfer from UCLA. THOMAS, PATRICIA BURRISTON Covina English Transfer from University of Hawaii. THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMAS, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, THOMPSON, PATRICIA RICHARD SUSAN THURLE B. BEVERLY CHERIE EDWARD R. C. EUGENE HYDE Santa Barbara Fresno Berkeley ELIZABETH San Francisco Santa Monica ALAN KENT Berkeley Mechanical Speech Industrial San Francisco General Mechanical San Francisco Curriculum Engineering 11 B ; Prytanean; Engineering General Curriculum Engineering English Transfer from Torch and Shield; Engineer ' s Curriculum AFA. Transfer from Transfer from . p. ' Santa Barbara. Cal Club; Council; ASME; Transfer from UCLA; A ; Santa Barbara; AM ' Senior VP; SAM; Yacht Club. San Francisco ASME. Pelican Editor; Welfare Council; Debating. Blue and Gold, Assoc. Mgr. City College. Campus Theater. : I : ' - : R Commuting to and from Walnut Creek every day did not seem to faze DICK PENDLETON. Serious and conscientious about his job as Rally Committee Chairman he was in the stadium by eight o ' clock before each game. Most of his spare time was spent at the Alpha Xi Delta house. CHARLES - . ' : : : JOYCE CYNTHIA Brookline, mm. Recreation et; Transfer from Sargent College, WAA; Intramural; I iff Saving Corps. RAYLENE LENORE Long Beach Psychology THOMPSON, RICHARD GRANT Gridley Marketing Transfer from Arizona State Teachers; Del =;. 5- " -.- IMBPSM ROBERT V. THOMSON, BARBARA ANN Transfer from Modesto X; KA. iacteriology OMenberg Hall. THOMSON, HERBERT SEDGEFIELD CorteMadera AA ; Football Mgr. THOMSON, IAN CONN San Francisco Cconomftr Transfer from San Francisco X; AS ; +; IFC; Fraternity Scholastic Honor Soc. THORNTON, MARY PATRICU Pie General ASA; Pelican; Card Sales. THORGENSEN, ELAINE ANNE Alameda General Curriculum AAH. THORNBERRY, ARRAH ANN Los Angeles General Curriculum Transfer from UCLA. ;- - ' HELVn Engineering Tn ISHE. X; THORSON, PATRICIA HELEN Oakland Transfer from UC at Daris; -:-? ::-:- : Club. THRASH, ADAIRC. THROCKMORTON, DOROTHY FRANCIS EMM DM . Aon. ON; K ; Home - THROCKMORTON, MARILYN ELIZABETH Glendak General Cmclum BT; Pan-Hellenic; Counsel ing;YWCA; Cal Engineer. THUUN, DORIS N. San Francisco English San Francisco SUM :: y. Lrtheran Sudent AssociaUoa TIBBITTS, BEVERLY BERYL TIBBITTS, :-.--.- FARROW HERNEY, tada : :;. IndBtrial Relations Transfer from College of Mari . SHORTALL Atfcerton Foreign Trade TIKIJ1AN, MADELINE Fowler Social Welfare seling; NSA; Senior Council. THVSM MAM CAROL Art KAB; Pelican, ' -: ' m - -_- - TITERA, RICHARD SAMUEL Los Angeles Civil Engiwering UCLA; Track, Si TOBENKIN, JAMES LEON Oakland History TOBIAS, URREU RAYMOND All Trs cu TODRANK, MARY FRANCES TOGIOKA, JOE Reed ley TOLEMAN, k : = Ed Tri Sacranmito X, Richards Hall; Election Board. Transfer from ELIZABETH Happy Camp International Relations Pehrotto Hall. TOM, LEUNG T. San Diego CM Engineering ISCE. TOM, STANLEY SUETON San Francisco Industrial TOMITA, KENJ1 Berkeley Foreign Trade Transfer from University of Cincinnati; BFT. IOM TERRY S=- -----. M Architecture XAX. TONKIN, THOMAS E. Berkeley Medical Administration TOPPATA, reran fafedq TOROSSIAN, VINCENT PAUL CalCh ; TOUPS, JOHN M. M3ywood Civil Engineering -!=- 5 UCLA. :-.s -.-,- 3 . Ch; TOURTEU.OTTE, TOWNER, TOY, TOY, JA WILLIAM PHYLUS ULLIE C. VIOLET San Marino JEAN 5=- : -f : KWAN Business HoII)nA ood Dietetics Phoenix, Aro. Administration Music Transfer from Major on China ZT; BB; Winged Helmet; Epworth Hall; Dormitory Coun; San Francisco City College; Regional Group Steobins Hall; Skull and Keys; UC Chorus; ron. Chinese Students Tri-wie; College Women ' s Club. IFC; Crew. Cub. Horseback riding with Alpha sisters was one of CHRIS BOTH- WELL ' S favorite hobbies. This vivacious Daily Cal manager sought empathy from her Pryt and Mortar Board friends because she coM new find a free Sunday to hare a picnic with Jerry, her -I her favorite hobby. TRAHAN, JEANNE MARIE Oakland Journalism 82 . TRANTHAM, JR., FRANK MARTIN Kansas City, Mo. Physics Transfer from Junior College of Kansas City; Glee Club. TRAUBE, ROBERT JAMES Cleveland 0. Industrial Engineering ASME; SAM. TREADWELL, ZELDA MAXINE Monrovia Business Administration Transfer from Pasadena JC; Stebbins Hall. TREGEA, TREYER, TROTT, TROUTMAN, RUTH JEANNE M. RICHARD ANN KATHRYN San Mateo JOSEPH Long Beach Monterey Political Topeka, Kans. Psychology Physical Education Science AXO; Honor Mechanical Engineering Peixotto Hall. Cunningham Hall; Student; Tower Women ' s Counsel- and Flame; ing; Dormitory Pelican. Council; YWCA. TRYON, THOMAS R. Los Angeles Journalism AX; Football; Basketball. TRUEBLOOD, ROGER CLARK Pasadena Civil Engineering Transfer from Pasadena JC; ASCE. TRUMBLY, TSUCHIYA, TUCKER, JR., RICHARD D. HENRY GEORGE Oakland MORITO NEWTON English San Francisco Berkeley t BK; Mask and Foreign Trade Agricultural Dagger, Pres.; Transfer from Economics Hammer and S.F.C.C.; Tennis; Transfer from Dimmer; Univer- Swimming. Boise J.C.; AZ; sity Theatre. Glee Club. TUCKER, TUCKER, IRVING MARTHA Santa Ana RUSHFORTH Chemistry Berkeley International General House; Circle C Curriculum Society; Boxing; K ; Treble SAACS. Clef. TURNBULL, MARY EDITH Los Angeles Genetics Transfer from UCLA. TURNER, TURNER, TURNEY, TURRI, DAVID JAMES GERALD VIRGINIA F. LINDSAY BRITAIN HYMAN San Luis Obispo Oakland San Diego Berkeley Bacteriology Economics Civil Political Big C Society, Engineering Science V.P.; Crew; Transfer from Golden Bear Varsity Rowing San Diego State Debate; Hillel; Club. College; ASCE. Interfaith Coun. TW1TCHELL, TYLER, TYNAN, TYNE, WALTER LARRY NEIL PATRICIA CORINNE SCOTT Dutch Flat JANE PATRICIA Portland, Ore. Business Salinas Los Angeles Transportation Administration General General Navy V-12; U.C. Transfer from Curriculum Curriculum Masonic Club. Ohio University; Honor Students; Transfer from KT; Counseling; Tower and Flame; Compton J.C.; Masonic Club. Pelican. 2K; Blue and Gold. TYRE, UCHIMOTO, UNCAPHER, HARRIETTS DAN RUTHELLA NORMA Chicago, III. Glendale Los Angeles Food Technology General AE ; Panile; Honor Students; HAS; AM; Treble Clef; Card Sales; Ad Service. Cloyne Court; Honor Student; Calvin Club; USCA; Food Technology Club. Curriculum APA. URABE, URBAN, JR., URIDGE, GEORGE HENRY FRED JEAN AKASHI Aptos ELIZABETH San Francisco Business Oakland Mechanical Administration Business Engineering Transfer from Administration Cloyne Court. Salinas JC. A I ' A; X8; Blue and Gold; Pelican Women ' s Staff. V4CZOVSKY, LOUIS RICHARD Berkeley Business Administration SAM. VAN ALEN, FRED K. Madera Industrial Engineering Oxford Hall; ASME; SAM; Newman Club. VAN BOKKELEN, VANDERBILT, VANDERHURST, VAN DEVENTER, VAN DER WAL, VAN HARLINGEN, VAN LEW, VAN VOORHEES, WILLIAM ALAN HOWARD JANE M. VIRGINIA MAY FRANK! L. NOLA E. BETTY MAE TRACY EDDY MILTON Auburn San Francisco Santa Paula San Francisco Sacramento Esparto Los Angeles Berkeley Chemistry History General Mechanical Engish General Architecture Optometry; Transfer from SKA. Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Curriculum Transfer from y. ; Baseball; Placer College; College Women ' s TBFI; ASME. Sacramento KA; Prytanean; California Optometry AXE. Club Juniors. College. Orientations Institute of Association Oldenberg Hall. Council; Class Technology; X ; Councils. Arch. Assoc. May we introduce CECIL MARK. This man is not a wheel in the ordinary sense. This man is famous because he is a fraternity brother of the editor ' s fiance. In addition, he is married to a sorority sister of the editor. He is a very nice man, and we ' re tired of writing about seniors, anyhow. VAN ZANDT, HELEN ISBELL Vallejo Political Science. VAN ZANDT, WILLIAM HENRY Vallejo Chemistry Transfer from Marin JC. VARESIO, TERSILLA MARIE Paradise Regional Group Major on His- panic America BK; Casa Hispana. VARVIS, PETER San Bernardino Civil Engineering Transfer from San Bernardino JC; TBn;XE; ASCE. VASILIEFF, NINA SERGEIEVNA San Francisco Slavic Languages Transfer from San Francisco City College; I House. VENDETTI, ANGELINA Florence, Colo. Public Health Nursing VESENKA, MARTIN A. Marville, R.I. International Relations Transfer from Notre Dame; BMC; Baseball Mgr. VEVERA, AUDREY ANN Berkeley History VWCA; WAA; Newman Club. VICTOR, MARILYN Long Beach Art AZ. VILLADSEN, SHIRLEY Pied moot. Political Science VINCENT, CLARK EDWARD Berkeley Sociology Transfer from Graceland College; Honor Students. VINCENT, JANE Berkeley Anthropology Transfer from Graceland College; Eta-Z; Honor Students. VINCENT, DGOEK WARREN Burlingame Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Mateo JC. VINSON. NANCY P. Oakland Decorative Art XQ; Prytanean; Torch and Shield; Secretariat, Ch. Stevens Union Comm. VISCOVICH, ANDREW JOHN Oakland Physical Education TKE; Boxing; Intramural; P.E. Majors Club. VOLKER. KENNETH FREDERICK Oakland Foreign Trade FA; A E; Class Councils; Vigilantes. VON KAESBORG, VONDER MEHDEN, VON SPRECKEN, GIFFORD KLOPP Red lands Psychology AA . WILLIAM REYNOLDS San Francisco Retail Marketing Transfer from DC at Davis. KERMIT R. Oakland Accounting VONDERMARK DAVID QUINT Altadena Business Administration wr. WILLIAM WARREN Oakland History 1 ; Rally Committee. WADDINGTON, WADLEIGH, WAGNER, WAHLBERG, CLARENCE JAMES E. MYRTLE FAY JOHN WALTER Riverside Oakland ELDRED San Francisco Electrical General Woodland Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Agricultural Engineering Transfer from Utrimque; Economics TKE. University of Masonic Club; Transfer from Wisconsin; AS ; College Women ' s UC at Davis; TB 11 ; HKN; Club. Bowles Hall. UCSEE. WALKER, WALKER, DALE STEWART EDWARD Altadena MADISON Physical Los Angeles Education Electrical Stern Hall; 4-HK, Engineering AMF; Pelican; Transfer from Counseling; UCLA; AIEE; YWCA; Dorm Cal Engineer. Council Treas. WALKER, FERNANDO Santiago, Chile Civil Engineering Circle C; Soccer; ASCE. WALKER, WALKER, GEORGE G. JOHN Oakland WILLIAM Pre-Legal Temple City AXA; Golden History Bear; Thalian; Transfer from BigC; Pasadena City Basketball; College. Extravaganza; Axetravaganza. WALKER, SUE HUTCHINSON Yuba City Child Development Panile; Daily Cal; Card Sales; Class Councils. WALTERS, RALPH Oakland Political Science. WAMBOLDT, JEANETTE RUTH Richmond English Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Senior Council; Deutsche Verein. WARD, EDWARD PAUL Los Angeles Business Administration Transfer from Red lands; A A ; Track. mm PAUL DAVID Rk Political Science Transfer from St. Mary ' s College. WARD, WILLIAM WESTON Alameda Political Science Transfer from Armstrong College. WARE, MARGARET Grass Creek, Ind. Political Science Stebbins Hall; Honor Students; A rs.-Sr. Council; Newman Club. WARHURST, WILLIAM JEFFERSON Oakland History iAX. WARNER, MAURICE WARNER, PEGGY GLENN Long Beach Davis Chemical Engineering Transfer from Long Beach City College. Home Economics Transfer from UC at Davis; Stern Hall; ON; Home Econ. Club. After haunting the B G office for three years, energetic DALE MILLAR earned the right to the Editor ' s swivel chair. Pryt and Mortar Board friends were amazed by the quantity of socks this capable KD knitted. Postgrad plans call for a June wedding to Lambda Chi Jack McDonald and the life of a Navy wife. I WARNKE, FREDERICK FELLOWS Berkeley Landscape Design Transfer from San Francisco City College. WARREN, LAWRENCE JOEL Sacramento Political Science WASHBURN, JACK Altadena Metallurgy TBn;6T. WASTE, WILLIAM Ross Major on Japan Regional Group 4 A E; Circle C; Rugby; Rugby Club; Big C Guard. WATHEN, SPALDING GABRIEL Fresno Civil Engineering Transfer from Loyola at Los Angeles, TBII. WATKINSON, MARY KATHLEEN Albany French AAZ; IIA ; Circle Francais. WATSON, BRUCE C. Los Angeles Industrial Relations Transfer from UCLA; Bowles Hall; Circle C Society; Ice Hockey. WATSON, SHANNA DEAN Ely, Nevada Social Welfare Transfer from UCLA; Joaquin Hall; Card Sales; Counseling; WAA; UC Symphony. WATT, GEORGE L. Ventura Zoology Transfer from Ventura JC and San Francisco CC; Pre-med Club; Ski Club. WATT, JAMES ARTHUR Rosemead Chemistry Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. WATTENBERG, MELVIN New York, N.Y. Accounting Transfer from City College of New York; BA1 1 . WATTS, RICHARD Berkeley General Curriculum. WEATHERBE, ETHEL JEAN San Francisco Social Welfare International House. WEBB, DOUGLASS, GEORGE Alameda Mechanical Engineering ASME; Crew; Masonic Club. WEBB, JR., FRANCIS HENRY Pasadena Physics Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. WEBB, LOIS MARIE Pasadena Mathematics Transfer from Pasadena JC; Richards Hall. WEBER, FRANK RICHARD Dixon Mechanical Engineering WEBER, SHELDON ALAN Berkeley Chemistry SAACS. WEBSTER, WEDDLE, STATEN DOROTHY MAY WENTFORD Bell San Francisco Spanish Journalism Transfer from Transfer from Fullerton JC; San Francisco Cunningham Hal CC; Big C; Treble Clef. SAX; Football. WEEKS, WEHLAU, WEIDENKOPF, WEIL, RUSSELL WILLIAM ADELE FELIX H. GORDON HENRY La Jolla Walnut Creek Detroit, Mich. San Francisco General Forestry Forestry Astronomy. Curriculum Forestry Club; XO; Women ' s C; Plymouth Pelican; YWCA House. Cabinet; Car Pool; WAA; Sr. Council. WEIL, JOHN PETER San Francisco Engineering TB n ; Honor Students. WEIMBERG, RALPH San Diego Bacteriology SAM. WEINBERG, ARTHUR LOUIS Albany Retailing WEINBERG, RUTH Berkeley General Curriculum WEINER, FREDERICK WEINER, JACQUELINE Santa Monica Mechanical Fngineering Pittsburgh, Pa. Nursing Transfe r from UCLA; Honor Students; ASME. Transfer from University of Pittsburgh; Colonial Hall; Pelican. - - .. I I WEINER, JOHN CHARLES San Francisco Forestry. WEINGARTEN, HOWARD WARREN San Francisco Architecture ZBF; Arch. Association. WEISNER, EDWARD FRANCIS Modesto Electrical Engineering Transfer from Modesto JC; AIEE. WEISS, WILLIAM LEON San Francisco International Relations Glee Club; Radio Workshop; Christian Science Organization. WELCH, LELAND BOURKE Hollywood Journalism Transfer from Dartmouth; Del; Rey; Pelican; Men ' s Counseling. WELLER, FREDERICK WEBB Sacramento Business Administration Transfer from Sacramento JC: SAM. WELLS, ALBERT ELMER WELLS, CARTER STILES Selnid Piedmont Transfer from San Jose State; Tower and Flame; Glee Club. Business Administration Transfer from USC; K2. WELLS, HERBERT CLAYTON Sierra Madre Geology Transfer from Pasadena CC; Ski Club. WELLS, KENNETH GEORGE San Francisco Industrial Engineering Transfer from Northwestern Holder of the Pacific Coast Diving Championship for three years was Sigma Nu JACK LAVERY. He practiced on the trampoline and coached diving while waiting for his wife who taught school in Richmond. A minerology major he plans to work with a geological group. 1SH WELLS, KENNETH M. Sacramento General Curriculum Transfer from Sacramento College- SN WELLS, RUTH KARVELIS Pasadena Geology Transfer from Pasadena City College; Ski Club. WELTY, RMBI CLARKE Chico Asia Economics Transfer from Chico State; flK . AMI ' MEMOT JOHN ROLAND Alameda Zoology Transfer from UCLA. WENRICH, DAVID CLIFF turn : .= - Senior Manager; WENSRICH, CARL JOHN Portland, Ore. General Curriculum WESTERMEYER, DALE San Diego Accounting BAT. WESTLYE, REIDULF Brooklyn Accounting Honor Students; BA T. WESTON, EVERETT DOUGLAS Berkeley Accounting. WESTON, JOHN Cornado Insurance Transfer from University of Red lands WELTER LOIS JEAN Berkeley General Curriculum WETTIN, WHEELER, ASTRID ALVA LEE MARGARETA San Francisco Marysville Spanish Pre-medical Transfer from Transfer from Chico State, San Francisco City College; University Theatre. NSA. WHELAN, WILLIAM GEORGE Berkeley Industrial Engineering KF; Circle C Society; ; 1FC; 145 Basketball. WHIPPLE, JANICE MARK Berkeley Comparative Linguistics Transfer from Smith College KAB. WH1TAKER, BETTY JANE San Diego Philosophy Psychology A AX; YWCA Cabinet; Interchurch Council. WHITE, AMELIA Kansas City Astronomy Transfer from Kansas City, Mo., JC; Honor Students; Labor -::-.- WHITE, GORDON BAIRD Berkeley Political Science Military Assoc , Debate, J.V. WHITE, JAMES San Diego Optometry Transfer from San Diego. WHITE, WILLIAM Auburn Physical Education X WHITEMAN, MHKHJ) DAVID Atlanta, Ga. Economics Transfer from University of Illinois; 1AM. WHITMAN, JEAN MARION Springfield, 0. Spanish and English Utrimque; German Club; 5:3- a : .1 WHITMAN, JOYCE MARILYN Springfield, Ohio Psychology WHITMAR, JACQUELINE ANN Los Angeles Psychology Stratford Hall; UC Sailing Club- Dorm Council WHITTON, ANN VALENTINE Oakland Paleontology r B. WIDMAN JOSEPH OLAF Inglewood Mechanical Engineering KA; Skull and Keys; BB; Circle C, Pres.; ASME. WIECHERS, JAMES E. San Diego Psychology Transfer from UCLA. WIEHLE, CARL KURT Washington, D.C. Engineering Transfer from San Diego; ASCE. WEINER, STANLEY GENE San Francisco Accounting H A . WIERSCHKE, ROSEMARY Petaluma Music Richards Hall; Treble Clef; University Chorus. WIGGINS, MARY LOUISE Dixon Political Science International House; Daily Cal, Night Ed.; Se-,;- C:--c WIGHTMAN, WIGHT, JUNE WIGNALL, JOHN F. LOUISE CUFTON Billings, Mont. Balboa McKINLEY Petroleum Physical Berkeley Engineering Education Philosophy SAE; OF; Honor AZ; Prytanean; Sociology Students; Band; Panile; NET; Transfer from UC Mining Assoc.; Standards Comm., Stanford; Homecoming Comm. Chm.; Rally Honor Student. Comm. WILBUR, JEAN ANN1S Whittier Business Administration Transfer from Kansas City JC; Sherman Hall. WILCOX, GRANTS. Redding Political Science. WILCOX, WILLIAM Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE. WILLIAMS, CHARLES FENTON San Francisco Zoology Transfer from Indiana U., U. of Texas; X; Baton. WILLIAMS, DANIEL E. Lone Pine Industrial Engineering Transfer from California Institute of Technology. WILLIAMS. EDITH Birmingham, Mich. Mathematics Transfer from Swarthmore; UC Yacht Club; UC Ski Club. Handsome pipe-smoking JACK NORBERG won his letter as a sprinter and broad jumper. His engineering ability was a great asset to the Lambda Chis in building their famous barbecue pit. Known as " BogegiK, " a high school nickname, he was a mtato of Big " C, " Track Club and ASCE. WILLIAMS, ELWIN Sonora Industrial Relations 1IKA; TBII; Thalian; Men ' s Counseling; Rally Committee; Class Councils. WILLIAMS, EUGEAN Fresno International Relations Transfer from University of Oklahoma WILLIAMS, FRANCIS M. Los Angeles Art Transfer from Los Angeles City College; AKA. WILLIAMS, FRANK MARION Miranda Business Administration Masonic Club; Radio Workshop. WILLIAMS, GORDON H. Earlimart Chemistry Cloyne Court; YMCA; SAACS; Freshman Council. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, HENRY M. JOHN AUSTIN Berkeley Lafayette Economics Civil Ad Service Bureau; Engineering Campus Opinion ASCE; Survey; Flying Freshman Crew. Club. I WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSON, WILLIAMSON, ROBERT JEAN JEAN A. LUTHER Visalia Piedmont. Porterville General Personnel Civic Planning Curriculum Administration AXA; Baseball; Transfer from AZ; Daily Cal; Big C Guard; Visalia College; Tower and Flame; Roily Comm.; Freeborn Hall. Elections Board; Arch. Assoc. Senior Council. W1LLITS, WILSON, WILSON, JOE AL M. FRANK JOHN Berkeley Spokane, Vallejo Mechanical Wash. Business Engineering Electrical Administration I1BII; Golden Engineering Transfer from Bear; Honor Transfer from Sacramento JC; Students; Gonzaga; HK ; Fencing; SAM; AA2; SB; Glee Club, Mgr. HKN; Band. Masonic Club. ACC. WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WINES, JR. HENRYETTA J. LINDSAY WILLIAM 0. RALPH Lodi KNOX San Angelo, KENTON Regional Group San Francisco Texas Long Beach Major on Industrial Business Accounting Hispanic Engineering Administration Transfer from America A A ; TBII; Transfer from Long Beach JC; ASA; Women ' s Winged Helmet; University of HAW; Counseling; Rugby. Texas; Del Rey; Masonic Club. Sr. Council. AAZ; Pelican. WINESBURG, RICHARD L. Alhambra Mechanical Design. WINSLOW, KATHLEEN LILLIAN Sacramento English Transfer from Sacramento College. WINTCH, CLAIR REID Oakland Civil Engineering Transfer from University of Utah; ASCE. WINTRINGHAM, THOMAS Lakeport Forestry. WISER, RAY HALLER Berkeley Zoology. WITTENBERG, MARK S. Lincoln, Nebr. English Transfer from University of Nebraska; ZBT; Labor Board. WITTER, DORIS ANN San Marino General Curriculum AF; Pelican; YWCA; Senior Council; Junior Council; Intramural. WITTER, JR. WITTER, WITTER, EDWIN JERE D. RUTH DAMON Beverly Hills ROWLAN Sacramento Journalism Sacramento Industrial Transfer from English Management College of Transfer from Pacific; 8AX; Stanford; Z P; SAX; Daily Cal. Honor Students; WIZELMAN, ALVIN Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; SAM; AIEE; IRE; Cal Engineer. WOERTZ, WOESSNER, MILDRED MARC R. SIEMER Oakland San Francisco Industrial General Management Curriculum AXA; Big C Transfer from Guard; Radio University of Workshop. Cincinnati. WOHL, WOLF, WOLFE, WOLFE, WOLFE, WOLFEN, WOLFORD, MORRIS WILLIAM J. CLINTON DOROTHY H. WILLIAM D. 1LSE EMIL1E AROL R. San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Topeka, Kans. Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Optometry. Industrial Business Decorative Art Industrial English Agricultural Engineering Administration Transfer from Engineering Ridgmont Hall; Economics. ASME; SAM; AA2; Occident, Washburn College; lie n ; Winged Honor Students; Winter Sports Club. Manager; Pelican; Richards Hall; Helmet; Skull Women ' s Counsel- Consumers Council; I House; and Keys; Tri-une; ing; Dormitory Baseball Jr. Mgr. UC Chorus; Basketball. Council. Folk Dance Club. WONG, ROBERT KAI San Jose Foreign Trade Transfer from San Jose State; Chinese Students Club; Intramural. WONG, DONALD Oakland General Curriculum II A ; Chinese Student Club. WONG, EMILY M. San Francisco Dietetics Transfer from San Francisco City College. Known as " Spider " on the basketball court was long, lanky GEORGE WALKER. He wrote songs to amuse the Lambda Chis, loved combos, and demonstrated his musical talents in various campus shows. A former army pilot he plans to prepare for a new bar in the fall law school, that is. WONG, EMILY San Francisco Food Chemistry. WONG, GEORGE HENRY Berkeley Foreign Trade Transfer from San Francisco City College; CSC; CSCA. WONG, GEORGE Oakland Mechanical Engineering ASME. WONG, WONG, WOO, WOOD, WOOD, WOOD, HERBERT ROY CHAN FRANKLIN CAROL JACKSON, JANET Oakland Monterey JUNG VIRGINIA DOUGLAS RELIEF Zoology Civil Engineering San Francisco Santa Cruz Visalia Gardena Chinese Students Transfer from Bacteriology Sculpture Physiology Journalism Club. Salinas X.; Honor Students. Stern Hall Transfer from Transfer from XE; ASCE; CSCA. Honor Students; Visalia College. Compton JC; Tower and Flame; Stebbins Hall. Pelican; WOOD, MARJORIE Berkeley Music Transfer from Mills College; Honor Students; AAE; Occident; Treble Clef. WOOD, RUTH (iLDEN Berkeley General Curriculum A ; Mortar Board; Pryta- an; Panile; YWCA. WOODF1ELD, WOODFIELD, WOODMAN, JOHN MARTINA JOHN CECELIA San Francisco Oakland BROWN, Foreign Trade Pre-Medical Pocatello, Idaho N; ; NSA; Senior Living Transfer from University of Decorative Art Group Council; Chicago; ! ' ; Transfer from Yacht Club. Cercle Francais. University of Idaho; AX A. WOODWARD, NATALIE MAE WOODS, GERALD TIMOTHY Oakland Berkeley Decorative Art Agriculture Transfer from Stockton JC; College Women ' s Club; Utrimque. Transfer from Las sen JC. WOODS. WILLIAM WEIGHTSILL Chicago Physics Transfer from Illinois Tech; Glee Club. WORK, RICHARD D. Oakland Chemical Engineering Transfer from M on mouth; AXZ; Tower and Flame; Little Theater. WORKING, CATHERINE CARNEY Lafayette History Transfer from UCLA; SKA; Honor Students; Newman Club. WORKMAN, PATRICIA RUTH Berkeley German Honor Students; Speech Arts Club; Treble Clef; Little Theater. WORSLEY, JOHN MEEKS Kentfield Wild Life Conservation KT; . WRIGHT, JAMES WARREN Long Beach Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. WRIGHT, JUDITH MORTON San Mateo Political Science XQ; Pelican; YWCA; War Board, Secy. WRIGHT, QUENTIN Burns, Oregon General Curriculum WRIGHT, ROSS ELBERT Bakersfield Accounting ATQ; BAV; Rifle Team. WRIGHT, WILLIAM Berkeley Optometry. WYNNE, ROBERT LEONARD Alameda Psychology YAMAMOTO, TAKEO JAMES San Francisco Foreign Trade Penning Rifles; Japanese Culture Forum. YATES, AUDREY MARIE Berkeley Speech Speech Arts Club; Fhrateres; YWCA; Community Service. YEAMAN, MARTIN DEAN Lodi Physical Chemistry Acacia; Honor Students; SAACS. YEE, DALE FOO San Francisco Physical Education P.E. Society; Winged Helmet; Football; CSC. YEE, JOHN Phoenix, Ariz. Chemical Engineering II A ; Honor Students; Fra- ternity Honor Society; CSC. YIP, JAMES SING Oakland Mechanical Engineering ASME; Chinese Students Club. tOHANNAN, JOHN Turlock Accounting Transfer from University of Illinois, Ridge House. YOSHIKAWA, BEN TSUTOMU Chicago, 111. Transportation Transfer from Sacramento College; UCHS. YOSHIMINO, MASAO Los Angeles Chemistry YOST, JAMES FREDERICK Stockton Civil Engineering VT; Winged Helmet; Big C Society; Crew Senior Mgr. YOST, WALTER KNOWLES Berkeley Business Administration ATQ; Glee Club. YOUNG, CHARLES ALLAN Porterville Business Administration f-KT; Blues Basketball. YOUNG, DONALD JACK Tulare Physics Honor Students The traditional five pound box on February 14 announced to Stern Hall that BARBARA CHILD had given her heart to Bob Johnson. An active member of the " Y, " Pr yt, and a Jr. Phi Beta Kappa, Barb planned an August wedding. Baseball games, bridge and long discussions were among her favorite sports. YOUNG, ELIZABETH BOWER Buffalo. N.Y. Public Health Transfer from U. of Buffalo; TAA; 4N2. YOUNG, MARGARET ALICE Modesto General Curriculum Transfer from Modesto Junior College. YOUNG, YOUNG, YU, MILDRED THOMAS CHO-TENG DOREEN STEEL Ainoy, China San Francisco Arcadia Chemical History Economics Engineering AnA;2KA; ATO; Scabbard Transfer from Pelican; Senior and Blade; University of Class Central Men ' s Judical; Philippines; Committee. Rally Comm. II A . Crew; Class Council. ZAITL1N. ZtA, ZIMMERMAN MILTON JORGE EDWARD Los Angeles Call, Colombia FREDERICK Plant Pathology City Planning Del Mar Transfer from Transfer from Architecture UCLA; Ridge University of Transfer from House. Colombia. UCLA; Ridge House; XAK; Canterbury. ZUCKERMAN, HAROLD FRED Hartford, Conn. Zoology Transfer from University of Connecticut; Glee Club; Pre-med Society. YUDELMAN, MONTAGNE South Africa Agricultural Economics Transfer from University of Johannesburg; Rugby. ZUTLER, SAM H. Brooklyn, N.Y. Industrial Engineering Transfer from Brooklyn College; SAM; ASME. YUEN, WAYMAN Oakland Bacteriology. ZVONAREFF. VICTOR NICHOLAS Burlingame Business Administration Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. YUN, DAVID Grass Valley Business Administration Transfer from Sacramento College. , ELAINE CONSTANCE San Mateo English Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; IIB . YUN, STEVEN L. Grass Valley Retailing Transfer from Sacramento College. ZYNDtR, PAUL B. Bakersfield Industrial Engineering Blue and Gold; Senior Week Committee; Crew; ASME; Homecoming. ZACHARIN, MIRIAM CECELIA San Francisco Economics Richards Hall; Phrateres; Junior Council. SENIORS 1949 Missing breakfast and losing things were pet peeves of JEAN HAWLEY who entertained Pi Phi sisters with endless stories. Politically minded, her rep-at-large office was a step toward her goal as mayor of Berkeley. Friendly, dark haired Jean was another case of " Berkeley girl makes good! " Wanted one ringmaker? Just call on DALE HAYS. This easy- going Ad Society and Pryt member divided her time between the creation of beautiful rings and the study of Russian! Blue and Gold friends sang her praises both as Associate Manager and as hostess for those managerial parties. SENIOR WEEK TOSSING their books aside, the Seniors gathered in Faculty Glade for the Bac- calaureate services followed by the re- ception at President Sproul ' s. A picnic at Diablo Country Club, the Men ' s and Women ' s Banquets, a day at Santa Cruz, the donning of caps and gowns for the pilgrimage, and finally Sproul ' s voice booming across Edwards Field ended a glorious week for Cal ' s ' 49ers. CAMPUS THE campus seems to rock when the student body gets together, probably because Cal has the largest, loudest and most spirited rallies in the world. - CALIFORNIA .jt, GANOIDS BUT, any way you look at it, Col stu- dents rally around for a good time whether at Sather Gate, Stephens Union, or the Greek Theatre. JUNIORS 1049 The driver ' s seat of the Junior machine was occupied by politician DANNY COELHO. Secretary LOU WHITE, second of the famous White sisters, and peppy, smiling Vice-President JERRY APPEL were cheered on by capable Yell Leader JOHNNY GERSTLE as they helped keep things running smoothly. 108 m FRONT ROW toft to right : Bob Reasoner, John GerstJe, tluaj Coelho, Lou White, Jerry Appel, Warren Schoaaovrr, Bill Marshall, Glm Looey SECOND ROW: Walty Cooper, Mejra D9an, Mardelle Huhn, Claire Wlulvany, Pat SullKan, Kancy Brodrick, Joe Wade. THIRD ROW: Marian Cohn, Blair Hoit, Shirley Ganel, Marie Aim Gilligan, Bob Glickman, Phyllis Karg, GeraWine Leere, Gaylo Gerken, Pallie Bottorff. BACK ROW: Tom Hate, Alfred T. Lute, Teddy Brancato, Mary Grace Hansel), Martha Steustoff, Robert Liwrnore, Jackie Collins, Joyce Novell, Liz Demison. JUHIOn COUNCIL THE tremendous spirit of the Class of ' 50 is attributed greatly to the many successful activities sponsored by the Juniors. Early in the fall " Junior Weekend " including the Farce and the Informal were held. A picnic in the spring, several sings and breakfasts were topped off with the Junior Prom, held at the Palace Hotel in April. " Nevada Country Ahead, " a western melodrama, highlighted the Farce. Breakfast at the Alley climaxed the SOPHOMORES 1343 Businessman HAMP TERRY guided the class of ' 51 as dancing vice-president DIANA HARWOOD added glamour to council meetings and friendly JOAN FOSTER kept track of the words of wisdom. Curly-haired LARRY THORNE kept class spirit high. 110 ,, l _iL ri ' ' : " " " TmT - Di e Har l. " F . J Tartar, Lin, Tor, SECOND ROW: Gordon McGraw, Caror i Edmonds, AM Rtasfe, Ctarlem Haen, Pat Hepfer Sue Ca Hank, Jean Brewsler. THIRD ROW: AM BaritHo. Mary Blair, Carotyn Robinson iVBIancarte Uri WT L FOURTH ROW: B,M Har To-TS? D ssor rAST ROW: John Hoffmann, Ray Smith, Yak LyB-i, Bill Sapsis, Gcon Fm ae er, Pete lyn Huter Salrj ' SOPHOMORE COUNCIL THE defenders of the " C " spent the first weeks of the fall term covering green paint with gold and keeping a watchful eye on the actions of the fresh- men. After a defeat at the hands of their arch rivals in the annual Soph-Frosh Brawl, the class of ' 51 renewed campus faith in their ability with a Sing- Dance a few weeks later, drowning their sorrows with Halloween cider and doughnuts. Lunches, sings and rallies were held in the fall to build up the treasury and unite the class. The enthusiastic council members made plans for events of the year, and in April took over the campus with Soph Week. Singing bartenders and cancan girls pro- vided early atmosphere to the Soph-Sing the initial event of the big week. Contests galore fea- tured the crowning of the Soph Doll, and this year Rover got into the act, too, when the call went out for the best " dog-about-campus. " A steak barbe- cue left pleasant memories of Soph Week. The first lady of Soph Wee was pretty EMILY BOND. Sings like the one pictured below made the class of ' 51 GREEN paint and Dinks were put away for an- other year as the lowly frosh proved their worth by beating their mighty sophomore opponents jifrosh L in the Soph-Frosh Brawl on Edwards Field. One look at the expressions on these warriors ' faces convinces you that it was a grueling experi- ence. %. . FRESHMEN 1943 Heading the class of ' 52 was friendly, good looking DICK CLARKE. Enthusiastic, smiling SUE MORRISON capably served as vice president. The third member of this trio was Secretary CAROL HOLMES, who wrote personalized minutes. 114 f W FRONT ROW, toft to right: Sey FRESHMAN COUNCIL Dick Hoffett, Sue Morrison, Carol Hotaes, Dick Ctarte. SECOND ROW: St. Hill. THIRD ROW: All . Gifcrt, Pat taler. Rid, ! IVCna. rm WBCI, itVMi rwi, ixvm HUB b , HI. IML. ... -- U5, A tkmsum. Pew A Z er. BACK ROW: Robert Peeke, Peter Loret, Be Giltai, Jack Bmcr, Bill F ESBMAN COUNCIL THE wectrers of Dinks and green ribbons went all out for unity and action. Council members became integrated with the Eshle- man basement crowd through bridge games and bull sessions over tankards of the muddy brew in the Bear ' s Lair. A social life of sings, dances, trips to the Big " C " and a program of commuters ' lunches started the class of ' 52 on the road to fame and a well- filled treasury. The class of ' 52 presented their of a new Brt hes. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The problems of student government must be very serious from the expressions on the faces of the members of Ex Committee. Maybe this was the night beer in the Tap Room and Homecoming damages were discussed. PLANNING for future generations of Cal students as well as for the present student body, Executive Committee discusses and de- cides all phases of campus activity and policy. Each rep-at-large is assigned special activities and functions for which he is re- sponsible. The meetings are open to those interested and every effort is made to secure the best and most satisfactory solution to the problems that confront the students. This over-all governing body works with the University officials in matters of University policy such as Rule 17. A summertime fireman was Cal ' s party-loving Rep BILL BAGLEY. Another of Cal ' s famous " Jackies " was JACKIE CARLSON, charming Rep-at-Large. Old Grads can thank Rep JIM DUVARAS for the ' 48 Homecoming. REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE " Let George do it " mi Rep SCOT GEORGE was always willing. The " Daniel Webster " of Ex Committee was smiling BUD HOBBS. Frank and sincere in his comii Rep JIM GOODWIN. Rep KAY LYNCH contributed deep thinking and subtle wit to meetings. Persistent and eager to please was Rep JEAN HAWLEY. DM -: ttat :-a :-. ton : s- ' vE c=K=i-a:: s -.a 119 WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES NEVER underestimate the power of a woman! Once a year Cal ' s feminine population holds a Women ' s Day, sponsored by Women ' s Executive Board, dur- ing which they rule the campus. All-day activities, which start with an early breakfast, are culminated with the crowning of an embarrassed male as king of the campus. In the serious vein, Women ' s Execu- tive Board works toward closer cooperation with women ' s living groups by meeting with all house pres idents to discuss and clarify rules and regula- tions. Speakers on activities and various phases of campus life are also available to interested houses or other groups. Phyl Stickland, Women ' s Represen- tative, heads this committee that decides the fate of Cal coeds. The latest lockout in the country and ad- ditional privileges for special events such as the Big Game are their gifts to Cal students. Meetings of Women ' s Ex Board found the leaders of women ' s activities gathered to discuss problems and plan for special events. ; This smiling girl is fun-loving Women ' s Rep PHYL STICKLAND who was liked by all who knew her. Cal women were entertained during lunch in Faculty Glade with songs by Treble Clef and dancing by UC Folk Club. 120 Handsome blond CARL MAGNUSOPJ was crown King of the Campus before an admiring audience. MEMS JUDICIAL COMMITTEE T L _ FRONT ROW. left to right: Bill Carroll, Gil Pavlovsky, Bruce Hobbs, Tom Young. BACK ROW: Jerry Adams, Seymour Rose, Ron Richards, Tom Tonkin. IMPARTIAL justice is meted out to male students by the nine judges of the Men ' s Judicial Committee. Besides trying student violators, this group is responsible for publishing ASUC regula- tions. CAL has the system of checks and balances in its government, too. To the Women ' s Judicial Committee is given the power of handling coed violators of Dorm and Panhellenic rules as well as those guilty of general misconduct. V I l 3L Chairman GIL PAVLOVSKY ' S keyboard talents kept him in constant demand at sings and programs. Pert, blonde Chairman JEAN SUFFERN was known for her subtle humor and her ability as a cook. FRONT ROW, left to right: Neysa Dugan, Louise White, Jean Suffern, Joy Wade, Mary Margaret Douglas. BACK ROW: Phylli! Stickland, Madeline Holcomo, Margaret Gleason, Kay Lynch, Beatrice Challiss. WOMEHS JUDICIAL COMMITTEE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FINANCE COMMITTEE SEATED, left to right: William J. Norton, Madeline Holcomb, Jack Andrew, Mrs. Garrett. STANDING: Dean Stone, Bill Bagley, Edward Welch, Dr. Chaney, Brutus Hamilton. IT is two-headed but not a monster! The separation of general activities from intercollegiate athletics has smoothed out some of the problems of Cal ' s Business Administration. Ed Welch handled the general activity affairs while the plans and policies of inter- collegiate athletics were headed by Brutus Hamilton. FRONT ROW, left to right: Wally Fredricks, Mrs. Garrett, Ed Welch, Charlie Clark, Chet Tolmie, Mike. BACK ROW: Gregory Engelhard, Brutas Hamilton, George Briggs, Harry Schmidt. BRUTUS HAMILTON Director of Intercollegiate Athletics ED WELCH Director of General Activities Fall Chairman SCOT GEORGE led the group with an engineer ' s skill. Dorothy Beck Barbara Cheroey Dick Clarke Danny Coelho Jim Estes Charles Henderson Webster Howard Joanne Jepson Kaye Lynch Joyce Merman Wilma Nuotio Dawn Pawson Dick Pendleton Dick Powers Jack Shirley Phyllis Stickland Hamp Terry ACC WORKING for better cooperation between the numerous activities on campus was Activities Coordinating Committee. Com- posed of the heads of various activities and representatives from Pub Council, Living Groups Council, etc., they passed on campus appointments and discussed vital campus issues. The sub-committee on Social Plan- ning worked on the problems of better attendance at campus func- tions, the means of creating greater interest in activities and passed date approvals. Scot George and Danny Coelho capably piloted the group. Calendars of social events were sent to all liv- ing groups this year for the first time. The integration of the activi- ties into this one governing body aided in their workng toward a common goal. s Taking the gavel in the spring was top organizer DANNY COELHO. " tr AJR.E YOU - ' 1 WELFARE COUNCIL IN a small office high atop Stephens Union the members of Welfare Council gather to discuss problems of general student need. This active group has been instrumental in establishing " Fair Bear " standards, better conditions in the library, and improved health standards in boarding and rooming houses. Arranging for music and theater lovers to usher at Bay Area productions is also a service of this council. The council consists of a chairman, three reps-at-large, and chairmen of the various boards. The boards are responsible for the administra- tion of the Council ' s policies. The chairman holds an ex-officio seat on Ex Committee where the various reports are discussed. June Bowen Carl Goldschmidt Blanche Hartman John Richter Hugh Ewing Joseph Hazan Leland Marshall Warren Saltzman Subtle wit and keen judgment marked chairman WARREN SALTZMAN. Red-haired secretary JEANNIE HAMILTON was always in a hurry. Another store agrees to Fair Bear Standards. 402 Stephens Union is the meeting place of Welfare Council members. One of the weekly meetings at 4:00 in the Council Room. | Orientations Chairman BILL CARROLL added a Phi Beta Kappa Key to his other achievements. Brown-eyed Co-Chairman ANN SCHWENK spent tte spring doing practice teaching. The wens ' smoker in Ue Fall was highlighted by the appearance of " Pappy " Waldorf. Food, fun, and friends were offered at UK Orientations Tea in Faculty Glade. Audience reaction shows anuaatnt and itatnt at this program sponsored by Orientations. ORIENTATIONS AT THE end of the Registration line men and women counselors wait to tell the Freshmen not to wear red at rallies or football games. They also answer any and all questions about life on the Cal campus. The Friday Flings and Sunday Suppers that Orientations sponsor help lonely new- comers meet people and feel at home. Later they are shown the Campanile and the Big C by a Campus Tours Group. The Activities Recruiting Bureau does its part by taking the new student to the head of the activity he wishes to join and starting him on the road to fame and honor society pins. Marian Bennett tmt Chant] Marjorie Geldert PatKenney .-- ScMb Carolyn Blake Anne Denny Bud Gianelli GeneKesskr :-?:; S : Barbara Cherney Carl Feldman Dorothy Jackson lona Rockwell Betty VK Van Lew GAUD SALES THE Card Sales Committee sold ASUC cards in convenient booths around cam- pus during the first weeks of the semester. The event of the year occurred when Ex Committee expressed its appreciation by taking these hard-working girls out to dinner. Blonde Chairman MARY CRAGUN was number one salesman for the ASUC. CARD SALES FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Cragun, Barbara Whittier, Barbara Fletcher, Dorothy Anderson. MIDDLE ROW: Anne Fibush, Jean Hyde, Helen Rowell, Ellie Spurrier, Elizabeth Hall, Gloria Bird. BACK ROW: Shirley Brickwell, Sylvia Replogle, Joann Schneider, Norma Stromberg, Marion Buller, Beverly McClaskey. ELECTIONS BOARD WHAT ' S the trend? This is a frequent question on election night when the mem- bers of Election Board eat box lunches as they work far into the night determining the choice of the new ASUC or class of- ficers. Hard work, long hours, and lots of fun characterize this organization. DOTTY BECK, head vote counter, led the most efficient Elections Board in years. ELECTIONS BOARD FRONT ROW, left to right: Rosema ry Shull, Dorothy Beck, Colleen Clark, Marilyn Mutch. MIDDLE ROW: Joyce Pedersen, Barbara! Josselyn, Barbara Clayton, Char Houston, Tuny Chase. BACK ROW: Cara Lee Haines, Aiko Takita, Betty McKeen, Marilyn Tupper, I Barbara Nielson, Anne Cassell, Barbara Eggleston. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE WITH their white sweaters and blue skirts the Women ' s Rally Committee is a familiar sight at Cal games and ral- lies. Frequent parties with Men ' s Rally Committee and an annual breakfast with Stanford make this one of the most attractive activities on campus, even though they start work at eight on Satur- days during football season. w DORIS HOUSMAN ' S Wes, an ex-officio position. Spring Chairman PHILUS KARG began plat ill next year ' s Rose Bowl card tricks. WOMEN S RA FRONT ROW, left to right: Bev Kristich, Jean SECOND ROW: Doris Olson, Phyllis Karg, Mar; THIRD ROW: Jean Saltzman, Virginia Gerckt, Jac BacheMer, Barbara Fletcher. BACK ROW: Virgini Pat Barnett, Kaami Nakcm Gene rriadin. Edie McEviag, Eleanor Reid, tone C idu, dnj Hubbask, Sally Marsk, Caroline Edmonds, Norma Chilian, Barbara Lleanor Ot Maris, Awe Glidden, Pat Dietrick, Scfenftr, Yvoone Martin. ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE THOUGH they ore thinking, " Hope they lose, " the Athletic Reception Commit- tee greets the opposition with " Wel- come to Berkeley. " Under the leader- ship of lona Rockwell, this group meets Cal ' s opponents with a cheerful smile, and win or lose, the opposition goes home with pleasant memories of Cal. Hostess to visiting teams was ( IONA ROCKWELL ' S pleasant job. Lndrjr Secretary JOY WADE knew tke facts on athletic keroes. ATHLETIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE I FRONT ROW, left to right: Doris Housman, lona Rockwell, Joy Wade. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Niton, Madeline Hoknb. Jim Cullom. BACK ROW: Bob Nicol, Phil Arnot, Bob Griffith. STANDARDS COMMISSION 8b Chairman JUNE WIGHTMAN also headed the WSSF auction for Pryt. STANDARDS COMMISSION FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Hillhi, Florence Wheeler, Carol Fortriede, Carol Brierly, Jean Brewster. BACK ROW: Gloria Soules, Norma Jamison, June Wightman, Eleanor Reid, Phyl Karg. WHAT a test! Sigh candidates for ASUC offices as they leave the Standards Commission office. This committee of ten compiles and proctors ASUC rules tests. Determin- ing the eligibility of candidates, they uphold a high standard for officers of the ASUC. STEPHENS UNION COMMITTEE POLICY-SETTER for Stephens Union and Eshleman was Stephens Union Committee. Deciding what groups get what offices, determining rules, and putting on various displays of photography, etc., were other committee duties. Lively meetings were held once a week where the fate of more privileges in the clubrooms and beer in the taproom was determined. Symphony Forum was another interest of quiet Chairman MAL CHANN1NG. J STEPHENS UNION COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Seymour Rose, Mike Downing, Bud Hobbs, Chuck Dunham, Pat Kalas, Mai Channing. LIVING GROUPS COUNCIL LIVING GROUPS COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to right: Shirley Foster, Pat Adams, Joyce Merman. BACK ROW: Bob Merrill, John Elliott, Sol Polansky. Adding charm to meetings was chairman JOYCE MERMAN. " TO foster closer cooperation between living groups " is the theme of Living Groups Coun- cil. The presidents of Men ' s Dorms, Interfraternity Council, Women ' s Dorms, Panhellenic and ex-officio members from " I " house meet to discuss cur- rent problems. The council acts as a contact for any organiza- tion that wishes to enlist the aid of living group members. SECRETARIAT IF you " hunt and peck " or a reasonable facsimile, you ' ll be welcomed in the cubby hole office in Stephens Union called " home " by the ASUC secre- tariat. While acting as private secretaries to ASUC heads, they know more campus deals than Oskie. An activity file, complete with vital statistics and phone numbers, is also one of their projects. SECRETARIAT FRONT ROW, left to right: Anidelie Tomlinson, Shirlee Fletcher, Karyl Hansen, Barbara Brune, Eva Somlo, Allison Morse. SECOND ROW: Margot Klaus, Edith McEwing, Boots Lobdell, Janet Rubey, Joan Craig, Cathie Campbell, Jane Mannex. BACK ROW: Gay Witham, Mary Ellen Whittier, Betsy Davison, Helen J. Hanna, Georgia Gravem, Elizabeth Martin, Barbara Smirle, Janet Kimble, Jean Ferrini, Feesie Farnsworth. Joke playing ALLISON MORSE was the busy chairman of Secretariat. CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Brown, Susan Thomas, Lou White, Joan Foster. SECOND ROW: Jerry Appel, Sue Morrison, Carol Holmes, Diane Harwood, Dick Clarke. BACK ROW: Hamp Terry, Larry Thorne, John Gerstle, Jay Martin, Danny Coelho. Go-getter DANNY COELHO held the gavel and kept order. HELPING to grease the wheel of class activities is the Class Officers ' Council led by Presi- dent Danny Coelho. Com- posed of officers of all four classes, the council, besides making sure that class activi- ties run smoothly, sponsors in- terclass picnics, parties and sings designed to further friendly relations between classes. RADIO WORKSHOP Radio Commissioner A. P. BONACCORSI majored in international relations and made radio his hobby. WHETHER your radio is A.M. or P.M., you can hear the results of the writing, directing and pro- ducing of the Radio Workshop on Monday and Friday nights. The Workshop not only puts on airway shows but also entertains the boys at Oak Knoll Hospital. Activity major and engineer was DON DICKEY who capably headed NSA. NSA PROMOTING better interna- tional understanding, the cam- pus unit of NSA served as national headquarters for Latin- American travel, handling thou- sands of applications. It pro- moted foreign correspondence, student exchange and spon- sored Glee Club concerts, art tours, and cultural events. 133 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ANY late afternoon WAA can be found at Hearst Gym. These sports-minded gals always have some activity underway. Both interclass and intramural competition are offered in many sports. Tri-Sports Day between Gal, Mills, and Stanford is an annual event. Field Week ends each semester with playoffs, a banquet, and awards to the lucky winners. A high school sports day is held each spring for students in nearby schools. A conference of WAA presidents in Wisconsin was a highlight of DAWN PAWSON ' S term. WAA COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: June Beal, Beth Hamilton, Barbara Sturtevant, Ethel Neese, Carolyn Johnson, Jane Gray, Ella Saunders, Gloria Parent, Mrs. Glass, Dawn Pawson. WAA INTRAMURAL BOARD FRONT ROW, left to right: Carolyn Johnson, Marie Jorgensen, Jane Gray, Elita de Urioste, Mary Blair, Katherine Shaw. MIDDLE ROW: Virginia Crombie, Phyllis Means, Barbara Wellhouse, Joanne Shannon, Marjorie Wardwell, Mary Lou Willis. BACK ROW: Paula Prom, Marilyn Johnston, Ann Stahlberg, Gloria Soriles, Vir- ginia Jones. WAA INTERCLASS BOARD FRONT ROW, left to right: Ella Saunders, Mary Lou Norrie, Charlotte Mueller, Mary Blair, Lois Pelletier, Joan Babcock. MIDDLE ROW: Margaret Morris, Shirley Ellis, Doreen Lindsay, Ethel Neese, Mary Margaret Doug- las, Marva Terwilliger. BACK ROW: Jane Dahlquist, Lynn Figley, Pat Voth, Helen Smolensk!, Betty Rapp, Joan Mayers. ublic Re- ive the and al tarn fottage on ts the mul- parried on Ambers of King the wards of Oak Knoll and as- sisting Scout troops are part of their community service activities; luncheon groups meet to mull over the prob- l ems of the world; the " Y " believes in the " open door " policy, and here any and all women students are wel- come. Y.W.C.A. CABINET FRONT ROW, left to right: Ruth Tregea, Harriet Paul, Sonia Saeta, Ruth Wood, Janette Jean, Nancy Arnot, Betty Hatfield. MID- DLE ROW: Jane Gray, Marge Towler, Mary Margaret Douglas, Alice Jane Perrin, Kay Cathcart, Diana Ming Chan, Dorothy Jackson, Eleanor Sibbett, Betty Whitaker. BACK ROW: Joyce Dawson, Polly Beechen, Janet Streshly, Betty Maspero, Barbara Child, Ruth Low, Gloria Gillam, Vivian Lee, Bernice Siegel, Mildred Mallory, Barbara Grischott. Y.M.C.A. CABINET FRONT ROW, left to right: Russell Anderson, Dwight Harwell, Delmar Williams. SECOND ROW: John Lawson, Harry Kitand, George Burleson, Jim Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Jim Page, Leo Estel, Jim Rovai, Rod Ash. BACK ROW: Dean Chapman, Mickey Suzuki, John Thompson, Jr., Bob Alford, Dick Roe. 7MCA ALTHOUGH located off campus, Stiles Hall, the headquarters for the YMCA, is an integral part in the life of many Cal students. Due to University expansion the building will be demolished soon, but the plans for a new Stiles Hall Memorial are well under way. Many and often heated discussions are carried on by the mem- bers whose interests range from the foreign situation to the num- ber of shmoos that can be eaten at one meal. The hall is always the center of activity during Homecoming when many old grads return to one of their favorite buildings around campus. Cheerful BETTY HATFIELD and industrious DWIGHT HARWELL guided the respective ' Y ' s ' through an activity packed year. PUBLIC RELATIONS COUNCIL PUBLIC RELATIONS FRONT ROW, left to right: Samuel r Angelo, Richard Walker, Beverly Butler, John Stumbos. MIDDLE ROW: Mania Stefan Moses, Charles Dunham, Robert Sawyer. BACK ROW: Marshall Friedman, Aaron Greenberg, Larry Robinow, Robert CONFERENCE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Augie Ong, Carolyn Robinson, Martha Steusloff, Nanc y Broderick. BACK ROW: Bob Charles Henderson, Isaac Jones, Shinya Honda, Bill Kimball. CONFERENCE COMMITTEE STUDENTS who had a gripe this year got a chance to talk it all out in the Gripe Sessions sponsored by the Conference Committee. Rule 17, housing, parking, co-recreational events, student reaction sheets, and grading on the curve all got raked over the coals at these sessions. The committee aims to promote better relations between the ASUC, faculty, University ad- ministration, and the students on the problems and issues of general interest. THE idea behind the Public Re- lations Bureau is to give the general public a better and more accurate idea of what goes on at Cal in connection with the activities of the Associ- ated Students of the University of California. It might also help to counteract the items that sometimes get into various newspapers such as " UC stu- dent found stewed, chained to a lamp post. When questioned, all he could mumble was ' Make mine bourbon and soda ' . " Quiet, reserved Director SAM D ' ANGELO turned beer-tfr on Saturday nights. Quiet, sincere AUGIE ONG, who likes to meet people, chairman of Conference Committee. If I i f HJ - Homecoming " BLUE Monday " signaled the begin- ning of the " Big Bear Bonanza! " Trial by jury with dire consequences was the fate of those not wearing blue and gold. Queen Liz Dennison ' s corona- tion by Pappy Waldorf was one of the highlights of a fun-packed home- coming week. Rallies, dances and the annual parade combining humor and beauty were a few of the events not soon to be forgotten. As the Axe yell echoed through the stadium, stu- dents and alums agreed that the week was the best ever. CONSULT f 7TMES AND PLACES.. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL THE position of governing body ' and coordinator of campus publications is filled by the Publications Council. Through a clearer understanding of their common problems and through working in close cooperation toward solutions, " pub council " helps managers and editors of all campus magazines and newspapers. To keep harmony among the present publications on campus, adjust the new publica- tions to ASUC regulations and to present issues to Activities Coordinating Committee are the main functions of this group. Subtle humor and friendliness characterized WALLY FREDRICKS, director of publica- tions. Ervin Adams James Estes John Kaufman Bruce Pass Christine Bothwell Frank Forsburg Kenneth Kolb William Rogers Guy Carruthers Charles Goodman Ray Menzel Jack Smith Victor di Suvero Jack Griffin Dale Millar Eugene Thompson 144 THIS page is dedicated to those people who keep the wheels on all publications moving. The publications office in 101 Eshle- man was the center of activity for editors and managers. The man with the striped tie and the pencil in hand is Assistant Direc- tor BILL BURK who dropped into the various offices to give ad- vice and pass the time of day. MARIAN, BETTY and PHYLLIS would always give out paper clips, typewriter ribbons, etc., IF you had a requisition. ASUC publications dazzled readers and censors alike evidently but at least they were amusing. That large trash can rather wor- ried us but we hopefully as- sumed that it was for stray cop- ies of the Stanford Daily or the " Chapparel. " BLUE COLD MANAGERIAL " WHO ' LL sign this? " " Where is that - - mana- ger? " were familiar cries around the Managerial office. The largest staff in B G history helped to make this year a memorable one for Managerial. These eager sales people were a familiar sight in Eshleman Court as they worked diligently to increase sales. Not to be overshadowed, parties played an important part in their success. And with Bruce as bartender, what event wouldn ' t be successful? Curly-haired Manager BRUCE PASS is known for party going and efficiency in handling the B G ' s money. A friendly smile is typical of Associate Manager DALE HAYS. Too bad, girls, but Associate Manager VAUGHN DAVIS is married. Trapped! One more lucky student buys her Blue and Gold. JUNIORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Rod Rehfeld, Marie Aguilar, KM Hainbr ick, Gwcn Hanson. SOPHOMORES LEFT TO RIGHT: Lou Gilmore, Pat Henry, Jim Carpenter. FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, left to right: Diana Grosso, Barbara Scnultz, Janis Schneider, Marian Mooers, Pat Davis. SECOND ROW: Joan Molinari, Marilyn Moser, Janet Matthew, Barbara Ram, Carol Hartman. BACK ROW: Bev McDonnell, Nancy Hicking, Sue Grotheer, Harry Howard, Dolores Russell, Angela Liveris. BLUE GOLD AS the cogs that made the " big wheels " go round, the freshmen editors covered the campus from Hearst Gym to Ag Hall gathering the fact and fancy that composed this year ' s Blue and Gold. Scheduling pictures of Rally Committee on a cold Saturday morning or combing the men ' s gym for people to interview was all in a day ' s work for these potential editors. In response to the familiar " Is there a freshman who isn ' t busy? ' they played " Information Please " with deans and their secretaries, and called the Ad Building " Home " as they haunted the assistants to the assistants. Explorations through Stephens Union and Eshleman Hall gathered the low- down from the higher-ups in campus activities and honor societies. As deadlines drew near, night staffs concentrated on matching names to picture proofs, and the smell of paste and clatter of typewriters told all who entered 1 1 OB Eshle- man that the 1949 yearbook was nearing com- pletion. At the appointments banquet in June the staff was given the long-awaited preview of the Golden Nugget-Rose Bowl edition. Red-haired Editor DALE MILLAR ' S handwriting kept the staff guessing and her rogues gallery amused visitors to HOB Eshleman. A talented jack player, Associate Editor DOTTY BECK drank tea, rather than coffee, and seriously considered inventing lemon flavored reinforcements for the Blue and Gold dummy. Always ready for a joke was Associate Editor BETTY STANSFIELD who wrote all her copy with turquoise ink and did most of her work over a cup of coffee in the Bears ' Lair. 148 EDITORIAL STAFF JUNIOR EDITORS SEATED, left to right: Rosemary Stall, Lea Sutton. STANDING: Jeaanie Loan, Lais Rners, Kent Bullock, DmHawirU. SOPHOMORE EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Marty PMder, Lois Schraoer Joan Crawford, Marion Pierce, Soe Caldwell, Joan Cau9hell. Lloyd Harris, Paul Beudmer. FRESHMAN EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Meredith, Sea Sheldon, Barbara ThonBS, Lloyd H. Harris Aw StaMberg, Madge Richardson, Carolyn Stay. SECOND ROW: Elisabeth Rich, Jane Bran, Mary Lou Willis, Kamni Nakaao, Nancy Watkins, Barbara Nielsen, Nona Schlidrter, Shirley Anne Peterson. THIRD ROW: Doris Quirt, Maureen Dooher, Geri Berger, Mary Dell Fisher, Vonie Marsh, Marity Farasmrth, :-.-= S- :- ' . ' = -,-. l:.---t- ' . :a: " Cc ? Cassell, Barbara Clayton. DAILY CALIFORNIA Hard-working Fall Manager JACK SMITH was another Bear ' s Lair customer. A diamond ring from Jerry was Manager CRIS BOTHWELL ' S proudest possession Talkative BOB SLATE, Ad. Manager of D.C., could sell the Campanile if he tried. Spare time work for Barry Evan kept Promo- tion Manager MARGE HILLYARD busy. DAILY CAL SOPHOMORE MANAGERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Velora Hieb, Shirley Young, Wilmer Parsons, Janet Stark. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Isao Nishioka, Howard Neal, Sam Elkins. BACK ROW: Larry Smith, Janet Golden, Elaine Hartgogian, Jack Martsolf. DAILY CAL JUNIOR MANAGERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Ralph Kunkel, Pegge Malsor. BACK ROW: John Burr, Marieann Gilligan, Paul Purdon. ISO MANAGERIAL STAFF THE Daily Cal " capitalists, " so called by the editorial staff, handled all the financial matters of the paper in a very business-like fashion. There was a constant bat- tle with the editorial staff to determine which staff would have the most space in the paper. Manning the booths in Eshleman Court and handing out papers in LSB on those " cold rainy mornings " were the duties of the courageous freshmen. M embers worked on an aft- ernoon and night staff each week. " Party time " (after the work was done, of course) was the usual outcome of the latter. " Putting the paper to bed " was a long nocturnal occasion witnessed by all staff members sometime during the semester. Eagerly anticipated were the trips to the Ad Club in San Francisco, where members of the staff met many influential advertising people. Each term is highlighted by an appointments banquet the one night of the year when the mana- gerial and editorial staffs bury the hatchet. Promotion Manager DEE DEE DWIGGINS cheerfully kept things rolling and earned the reputation of being the life of any party. Known as the silent member of the staff was Survey Director JERRY MOREHOUSE who is 9 DAILY CALIFORNIA READING the Daily Cal at breakfast or over a cup of coffee in the Bears ' Lair is a tradition with many Cal students. In circulation and in quality the " Cal " ranks with the top student publications in the country. A training course for cub reporters that teaches them the art of newswriting is the first step for ambitious freshmen. Many hours are spent pounding type- writers, talking to activity heads, and putting the paper " to bed " in lower office as staff members work their way to Senior Ed Board. The columns of the Ice Box were crowded with letters from irate readers who felt the need to let the rest of the world know the truth about dogs on campus, Rule 17, or the parking prob- lem. The Monarch blossomed out with a " new look " during the year that was gradually accepted by even the most conservative readers. The man behind this change was Managing Editor Jim Estes. The Senior Editorial Board met to decide matters of policy and discuss various problems. They were also the party planning group of the staff. JUNIOR EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Jeannie Hamilton, Charlene Contival, Carol Noderer. BACK ROW: Frank Finney, Harry Lawton, John D. Lawson, B. Harrison Frankel. SOPHOMORE EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Susan Moss, Frances Tenny, Nonna Cheatham, Doreen Hannon. MIDDLE ROW: Heidi Roller, Alvajean Senzek, Barbara Culvyhouse, Lu Blancarte. BACK ROW: Arnt Froshaug, Herb Levy, Carolyn Graham, Dick Hubbell, Harry J. Keaton. Managing Editor JIM ESTES Spring Editor CHARLES GOODMAN Telegraph Editor JACK BIK Fall Editor GUY CARRUTHERS EDITORIAL STAFF MANY members of Daily Cal find jobs after graduation with Bay Area newspapers, thus making this activity a valuable part of their education. Fall Editor Guy Carruth- ers now works for a leading San Francisco paper and Spring Editor Charlie Goodman plans to continue his journalism career in approximately the same way. The feud between editorial and managerial was terminated for a few hours each term when the two staffs met for the appointments banquets. These were never dry or boring affairs. Fall City Editor Betty Humphries played chauf- feur for the staff. In the spring Beth Rosen, the glamour girl of the staff, moved into the city editor ' s job. These two daughters of the Monarch were the end of the wartime reign of women. The athletic ability of Daily Cal members was also tested in hard-fought battles with managerial and any other souls who were brave enough to challenge them. Another favorite sport of the staff was watching the passing parade from the windows on the Wheeler side. FRESHMAN EDITORS FRONT ROW, left to right: Dolores Bates, Beverly Butler, Pat Anderson. BACK ROW: Kay O ' Connor, Louise Morgan, Ruth Murri, Bob Natzke. Fall City Editor BETTY HUMPHRIES Assistant City Editor BOB LYNN Spring City Editor BETH ROSEN Assistant Editor GENE KRAMER DAILY CALirORNIAN SPORTS STAFF SPORT staff ' s performance in reporting the busiest athletic year in California history was nearly as good as its touch- football team, which walloped all comers in the Eshleman League. Slave drivers Dave Kirby and Jim Dufur kept the staff occupied in trying to spell correctly (no small feat) the names of the varsity soccer players. There was still time for beer, however. This group kept typewriters pounding as they turned out accounts of all Cal athletic events from football to water polo and wrestling. Quiet Sports Editor DAVE KIRBY was the number one Sports Staff rooter. ART STAFF " Dover, " " Familiar Scenes " and other cartoons that ap- pear in the " Cal " are the brain children of Daily Cal Art staff. 3 H. to - " Making Cal students chuckle as they thumb through their Daily Cal each morning was the purpose of these cartoonists. Humorous in real life as well as in his cartoons of Dover is FRED REICHMAN, art editor. 154 AD SERVICE BUREAU WHETHER it is preparing attractive ad layouts and giv- ing advice to solicitors from the campus publications or loaning typewriters to busy Blue and Gold freshmen, Ad Service Bureau is always willing to oblige. This friendly group can always be found in 108 Eshleman dreaming up new and better ads. PAINT, bridge games, and visiting band men gave atmos- phere to Art Bureau. Here the more artistic Calif ornians made posters for campus activities and events, and took time out to help rejuvenate the painted Oskies on the band drums. AD SERVICE BUREAU FRONT ROW, left to right: Pat Burris, Shiela Beck, Jeri Werner, Joan McNeilly. MIDDLE ROW: Beverly Larson, Dot Gross, June Paul, Lee Gieger, Fleur Resleure. BACK ROW: Larry Johns, Duane Mosier, Rube Mahling, Charles Schultz, Bill Anderson, Dick Broadly, Ernie Helm . Quiet, blonde SHIRLEY HERALD was a master mind at organization. " A nice guy " was descriptive of energetic, serious LARRY JOHNS. ART BUREAU FRONT ROW, left to right: Irving Kweller, I. Wish Weknew, Fred Barber, John Corley. MIDDLE ROW: Caro- lyn Waite, Eleanore Chalmers, Rose-Marie Konings, June Paul, Caroline Edmonds, Louise Kirk. BACK ROW: Danny Kaplan, Gay Peoples, Joanne Jepson, Evan Goldenberg, Gay Witham, Bruce Fanshier, Dolores Pynch, Marquita LeConte. 155 CALIFORNIA PELICAN EDITORIAL STAFF Editor EUGENE A. K. THOMPSON often used personal experience as background for his stories. ERGEN SCHULZ, who claimed the Assistant Editor ' s desk, wore beautiful wool shirts and cashmere sweaters. " PELLY, magazine of sophisti- cated humor, outsells every other humor magazine in the world, " or so Editor Eugene Allen Kent Thompson claimed. Where other rival periodicals the " Spartan " and " Chapparel " - appeal to high school students, the Pelican does not. " Our maga- zine has a subtle type- of humor, " was Editor Thompson ' s favorite remark. Regular monthly fea- tures such as " Vanity Fair, " a look at the women ' s fashion world, and " Coming Atrocities, " a critical review of current mo- tion pictures, were anxiously awaited by regular readers who can ' t resist the sweet, pathetic fe- male wails of " Buy a Pelly! " Pelly ' s covers in several issues have approached " New Yorker " quality, and the Grecian issue tended to raise the magazine ' s outlook to even higher strata. Art Editor IRA LATOUR had a sophisticated humor and was an excellent photographer. Pelly staff seems to be waiting for words of inspiration to appear in midair. 156 PELICAN MANAGERIAL STAFF " PELLY flies on Wednesday! " Managerial spent its time promot- ing and producing the magazine. Various schemes to increase sales included bright yellow flowers for all the Pelly salesgirls. " Pelican at the Palace " was only one of the successful social events held by the staff this year. PELLY MANAGERIAL FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Rothney, Am Adams, Nancy Camp, Pat Read, Barbara Franks, Bet Kristich. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Gregory, Marcia Brenner, Joanne Erkksm, Bourke Welch, Teddy Brancato, Mary Eberts, Peggy Bumgamer. BACK ROW: Bill Rogers, Barbara Allen, Steve Martin, Peter Oppenheim, Lewis Kootstra, Dale Miller. Hanger BILL ROGERS Production Manager BEV KRISTICH Advertising Manager BOURKE WELCH FELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF PELLY models appeared in the first college fash- ion show ever televised. Besides taking part in the state- wide Cotton Queen contest, Pelly coeds claim international fame as they have made their ap- pearance in an Egyptian newspaper showing what the American girls wear. Early breakfast " wakeups " send the girls off to a day of booming sales. Woman ' s Director JOANNE ERICKSON Vanity Fair Director JOAN McPHEE PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Joan Young, Nancy Morgan, Kay Byard Shirley Walsworth, Valla Ramey, Estelle Hoffman, Mar ilyn Mutch, Patricia Boshell, Nancy Burton. SECOND ROW: Anita Hochfeld, Marge Houston, Bev. Hinton, Barbara Albright, Marilyn Thompson, Dolores de Ferrai, Marg Ruisingen, Nancy Noonan, Barbara Heil, Carol Brierly. THIRD ROW: La Stetson, Virginia Gerke, Janet Smith, Shirley Roy, Carol Cordes, Alice Kelly, Janet Rubey, Lyn Murray, Dolores Misuraca, Nancy Camp, Babs BriU. FOURTH ROW: Jeannette Painter, Beverley Nankervis, Janet Bruzzone, Marilyn Lockhart, Patricia Kettler, Janet Johnson, Jean Herbert, Patsy Ingram, Jacqueline Papazian, Gloria Soule, Ruthan BrinkerliorT, Nancy SchulU. BACK ROW: Charlene Hills, Diane van der Zee, Joan Haviland, Janie Vincent, Joan Laird, Kathy D. Mercurio, Virginia Crombie, Phyllis Karg, Catherine Meagher, Helen Marinoni, Maile Grace, Carol Holmes, Lenita ' - ' 157 Fall Editor RAY MENZLE Spring Editor VIC DI SUVERO Fall Manager JOHN KAUFMANN Spring Manager DON CODEGLIA OCCIDENT THE Occident, the oldest maga- zine on the campus, is the means of literary expression provided to all incipient student writers by the ASUC. To encourage literary pro- duction and to discover new talent this publication offered four prizes in the last year, for prose and poetry, which were won by Murthi " Chris " Sripada and George Hami- sohn in the Fall, and Varley Mc- Beth and Landis Everson in the Spring. A definite policy and for- mat have been established after many years of variations on the perennial theme of good writing. The most assorted backgrounds of the staff members and contributors are responsible for variety and interest in both material and its handling. The small office in 12J Eshleman was often crowded by the " long hairs " of campus publications 158 To own a foreign tar was the ambition of Fill Editor REX BEAU Spring Editor JACK GRIFFIN drwe ha and did his wort effortlessly. As Fall Manager IRWIN ADAMS remained " bloody bit unbowed " through it all. ; Drne-Drne-Drne was the slogan of energetic Spring Manager FRANK FORSBUCK. ' ' ALL Gaul was divided into three parts " and so is the Cal Engineer editorial, managerial and women ' s staffs. Responsible for the items of interest each month were the work- ers on Ed staff while the Managerial depart- ment made sure the books were balanced with red ink. Greeting you from vantage points each sales day was the women ' s staff which also handled the necessary office work. CALIFORNIA EHGINEER " BUY a no it ' s not a you- know-what. This morning it ' s " Buy a Col Engineer! " Within the eye- catching covers maybe found jokes plus the latest in technological im- provements for the interest of all Cal students, engineers or no! JEANETTE McWHORTER didn ' t se her whip once as Fall Woen ' s Director. Spring Women ' s Director NANCY REMINGTON swung into a Charleston on a moment ' s notice. FRON T ROW left to ri Anne Rickey. Pat Fleming, Jeanette McWhorter, Nancy Remington. MIDDLE ROW: Flo Pressey, Joan Hoffman, Mary Poole. BACK ROW: Mona Evans, Nancy Thomas, Martha MacKenz , Dorothe Finn, Emwjr LOB Keyes. 159 DRAMA __ _ IOW3 UNIVERSITY THEATER UNIVERSITY Theater has finished one of its most successful years and can look back with pride on such plays as " Little Eyoff, " " King Oedipus " and the " Sultan of Sulu. " Talented performers and the not to be forgotten departments of stage crew, directors, make-up, and costume directors all made the productions worth seeing. A F. 0. HARRIS smiled benignly on his students from his lower floor office in the Dramatic Art department. A student at heart, ANNAL1ESE RODA the busy secretary of the Dramatic Art department was always willing to lend a helping hand. Fragile and petite MARY ANN LOWE belonged to Thalian and Mask and Dagger and amused her K.D. sisters in off-stage moments. DOROTHY JOHNSON had a beautiful smile, dynamic personality, and could always be counted on for a fine performance. SAM LEVINE brought the Globe Theatre to Cal in excellent performances of Antony and King Lear. Versatile and clever RICHARD TRUMBLY was a member of Mask and Dagger and could handle any role with skill. Made To Order MASK and Dagger romped through their sixteenth annual show early in the spring. Made to Order was greeted with applause by both Davis and Cal audiences. " Sample, " a takeoff on Kinsey, and the music of Bob Porter highlighted the fun packed show. Breakfast at Bany Lakes iwsu ' t haw be n veo appetizing from the looks of the salad. The oows didn ' t seen to be frightened by this s " Blob " in ' Lent for Three I artist GEORGE MARCHI. Platters " found versatile MARY ANN LOWE singing the Keilty lyfics. JACQUELINE DRIAN presented the character of Little Eyolf s mother. Little Eyolf THE first presentation of the season, Little Eyolf, was given a skilled performance by its cast; its tragedy was enhanced by the orchestration and scen- ery. RITA ALLMERS JACQUELINE DRIAN ASIA ALLMERS JEAN ARMSTRONG ALFRED ALLMERS JACK GARBUTT EYOLF PAGESCHORER THE RAT WIFE ELEANOR WRIGHT BORGHEIM ... ....BEN LUCOW JACK GARBUTT portrayed Alfred Allmers, father of Eyolf. f tr WILMA KING King Oedipus THE depth and strong luminous beauty of Sophocles ' play as well as the fate of Oedipus moved the Wheeler crowd as they have audiences these thousands of years. THE CAST (Mips, K of Ttebes, IMS . by RICHARD TRUMBLY. ----- . RICHARD TRUMBLY UEST . -GEORGE HATCH JIM MYERS SIAS ROBERT ROCKMAN __.TYLER HARDY WTLMA KING " LCr.ES AHr.A.V.S , ' -- A l O 1 s ATTENDANT TO JOCASTA -- - i -v :_ ..-. HERDSMAN _ SEX. FAUBION SECOND MESSENGER _GEOBGE MARCH! - ;- SOME - SUSAN BARBER I ; E CAROL DEAL CHORUS LEADER -;3HARD ANDERSEN Chorus of Theban Elders Kenneth Arnold. Melvin Brown. William Docfatennan. Jacques Hugley. Suppliants. Guards. Crowds Mayne Briggs. Nancy Camp. Tom Casey. Nancy Anne Edmondson, Victoria Gregorian. Dorothy JrAiMon Valentino Paussa, Howard Fleming. Jr.. In this scene from Arms and the Man, the women of the family are attempting to calm the very irate Maj or Petkoff. Arms And The Man A POLISHED performance of that " pleasant play, " Arms and the Man, had its audience engrossed during an enjoyable evening. A good cast did justice to a play where Shaw is at his best. RAINA ELAYNE MAUTINO MME. PETKOFF RUTH HELEN PAPE LOUKA ANNE HOWARD CAPTAIN BLUNTSCHLI HEINIE OPP RUSSIAN OFFICER WILLIAM KOBIN NICOLA : ARNOLD WOLF MAJOR PETKOFF JAMES DOTTA MAJOR SERGIUS SARANOFF.... CHARLES MILOVICH Raina, daughter of a Bulgarian officer, was portrayed by ELAYNE MAUTINO. HEINIE OPP as Captain Bluntschli won the hand of Raina. 166 Tfe Sultan of Salu gteeMly atici|iatrs Us appoiMmn as Governor of Sulu. The Sultan of Sulu WHEELER audiences found themselves in a tropical atmosphere for The Sultan of Sulu. I ILLIAM HARDY HENRIETTA v.-A ' irr.-L : PAMELA FR DOROTHY JOHNSON JACKSON ......................... 1ENORE LEBLANC f 3JU YS HANSEN ; - ANNE N .......................................... .FRED SINCLAIR E SECRETARY ........... ...MARVIN DWORKIN : r ? A?. A : ; s ..... WILLIAM JOHNSTONE FRED SINCLAIR as the Sultan gnes with a gleeful grimace. DOfiOTHY JOHNSON smites prettily as Henrietta Bodd. 167 Bli (1 r 11 Ben Scribner Jean Sherwood Jack Shirley David Wenrich MUSIC COUNCIL " EVERYBODY wants to get into the act. " And everybody does get into the act when they are on Music Council. Representatives from each branch of the University ' s musical organizations meet together to coordinate activities of the various harmonic groups on campus. This busy bunch of representatives helps to keep the musically inclined groups running smoothly, handles mutual problems and provides terrific music for rallies, Little Theater productions, Thalian programs and best of all athletic events of our university. Music Council chairman and enthusiastic Cal rooter, BILL ELLSWORTH, had his red hair dyed blue during Homecoming. The pictures below are not musical but are typical of those musicians who haunt upper Esnleman. m II i " IT Ain ' t Necessarily Show, " they said, but the Glee Club-Treble Clef fall pro- duction certainly was. This music and mirth show filled Wheeler Aud with the words and music of George Gershwin. " One Kiss " as sung by Millie Hanson and the closing number " Dry Bones " were two of the evening ' s highlights. .: : .- - E- :. . V . ' .;-:- : a Lil Williams. GLEE CLUE WHAT would the University do without the Glee Club to liven up Eshleman Hall and the Tap Room in their more quiet moments, that is. This harmonious mascu- line group in their more melodious moods participate in rallies, University meet- ings, concerts, and, of course, the semiannual hilarious shows produced in collabo- ration with Treble Clef. These two shows invariably pack Wheeler Aud for laugh filled evenings. The blue jackets of these singing Californians are their badge of distinction. A Boston accent and a big smile were the trademarks of manager JACK SHIRLEY. Senior Secretary BILL PECK wrote comady radio scripts, majored in journalism and was a fixture in the Glee Club office. Glee Club members practice putting words to the music of their spring show TREBLE CLEF - man : --: ----- " -- manager JEAN SHERWOOD. The i TAVUM THEY love to sing. Who? The Treble Clef. This happy-go-lucky, hard working, harmonious femi- nine group congregate in the up- per domains of Eshleman Hall. Participating in University activi- ties and joining with Glee Club for rollicking parties means harmony in action for these gals. In coopera- tion with Glee Club they presented two shows during the year that rocked Wheeler Aud with music and laughter. On their own, the " better half " of the vocal depart- ment charmed the feminine popu- lation of the campus on Women ' s Day with their musical accom- plishments. Under the competent management of Jean Sherwood the melodic Treble Clef had a lot of fun in contributing to a success- ful musical year. FRONT ROW, left to right: Fran O ' Connell, Priscilla Reid, Kathryn Myers, Phyllis Greenly Mary Slater, Lambie Taylor, Jean Sherwood, Anrilk Knoche, Diane Lee AamoU. Mar - , xie Stone. SECOND ROW: Nora MacNamara, Connie Thompson, Lily MatsOTra, Dona ShainhoKs, Elaine Doris, Marjorie Wood, Beatrice Owinjs, Barbara Keastaey, Mary de Camp, Martha de Camp, Lilac Child, Joyce McBride, Shirley Olson, Virginia Zinn. THIRD ROW: Marge Gteason Damn Erieksen, Annette Call, Adek Weioenkopt, Kay Dimmict, Sjhria Woolf, Lois Keller Marjorie Smith, Dorothy Smith, Norma Miller, Judith Sides, Millie Reasoner, Harriet Nilson, Joanne Casey, Kathleen Waddell, Monni Snrtes, Marilyn Watman. FOURTH ROW: Janet Streshly, MillKent Hanson, Betty Ryland, Lillian Williams, Marilyn Crawford, Eleanor Righetti, Genenew Hennessy, Elna Kistler, Terry Weidemam, Betty y, Sue Sommer, Jane Wiggins, Millie Parker, Joyce nmjdmi. BACK ROW: Carol Hunter, Doris Martin, Dolores Abrams, Mildred Maltary, Joan Klamt, m Gl Karen , , lahn, Dottie Tennant, Bobbie Stov, , , . , LaVerne Williamson, Dorothy Jones, Joan Cheney, Barbara Cheney, Janet Bocci, Marjorie Hicks, Sara Stribling. , Fay Pellegrtni, Bernice Allin, Barbara Hayes, 173 BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE KNEELING, left to right: Lee Petersen, Dick Oehler, Ben Scrioner. STANDING: Hunt Johnson, Clayton Hastings, Professor Gushing, Dave Wenrich. WHAT would football festivi- ties be without the Cal Band! From half-time maneuvers un- til the final strains of " All Hail, " the band, in colorful blue and gold uniforms, plays a musical part in Cal victories. Hard work and lots of fun characterize this group that keeps Cal spirit high at games and rallies. Trips south on the rooters ' train were kept merry by the antics of this group who were always ready for a " Rally at Bakers- field. " While seeing more of Pasadena than any other group, the band contributed to Rose Bowl fun and festivities by long hours of marching and playing. Activity continues in- to the spring as they enliven basketball games, provide an added attraction at University meetings and present a much- awaited concert. Halftime activities of the band on Saturday afternoons were a highlight of football season. HA FRONT ROW, left to right: Bruce Faishier, Evan Goldenberg, Ben Scribner, Dave Wenrich, Dick O- ' hler, Bud Barlow. SECOND ROW: Harry Boyett, Bob Tipton, John Unrah, George McCallum, Walter Reynolds, Frank Mathews, Albert McKinney, Art Robson, Dick Howell, Don Brown, Al Downey, Robert McKinney, Jerry Coonley, Doc Ryan. THIRD ROW: Art Kemalyan, Ernie Caswell, Lawrence Luffin, Pat Healy, Henry Flath, Bill Wilson, William Rothaus, Robert Fleckner, Gabriel Plaa, Willard Ross, Jim Handel, Gil St. John, Glenn Bryant, Al Adolph. FOURTH ROW: Harold Blumert, Hubert Marcus, Arnold Coleman, Dave Perkins, Robert Domenichelli, Eloo D ' Amante, Don Kelly, Tom Ferguson, Clayton Hastings, Bill Innes, Harold Wylie, Charles Lawson, Charles Williams. FIFTH ROW: Sinclair Wormald, Dana Elmore, Stewart Wolf, Errol Summy, Hank Wallace, James Moser, Dave Henderson, Don Zaro, Bill Ellsworth, Tom True, Carl Trost, Huntley Johnson, Ed Kaufman, Dewey Truman SIXTH ROW: Robert Briggs, Robert Pesky, George Chaffin, Fred Benz, Robert Pierce, Jack Booker, William Keasby, Dave Cavanaugh, Al Cavallm, Ed Nettell, Robert McCullagh, John Gibson, Stu Ericksen. SEVENTH ROW: Lee Peterson, Don Guiffith, John DeLasaux, Robert Fry, James Scranton, Jim Hokinson, Bob Borton, John Fabrin, John Hornback, Steve Martinelli, Kinney Griffin, Paul Camp, Colonel Gardner, George Fabrin. BACK ROW: Paul Perry, Neil Lucas, Don Lynch, Bob Weaver, Stu Smith, John Niccolai, John Archey, Don Noakes, Tom Daane, Bruce Browning, Ronald Rocker. SYMPHONY FORUM WITH a discussion of the forthcoming symphony season by Alfred Frankenstein, Bay Area music and art critic, the Symphony Forum opened another year of music appreciation. Through similar forums and recorded music hours, the members try to extend to all University students their enjoyment of good music. " Let ' s keep this on a friendly basis, " was the motto of DON DICKEY who hoped to keep Symphony Forum from being a long-haired group. " A loaf of bread a jug of wine and Alfred Frankenstein " members of Symphony Forum discuss the latest in good musk with the San Francisco Chronicle ' s noted music critic. UNIVERSITY CHORUS vr " HARMONY in work and fun makes this Gal organization tops in listening entertainment. Classics and traditional numbers by the University Chorus highlighted the Christmas University meeting. Their annual concert is always welcomed by music lovers as are their appearances with the San Francisco Symphony. The performance of Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony demonstrated the kind of work Professor ED LAW- TON does as director of University Chorus. The wonderful performances of the University Symphony are a credit to the ability of Director WILLIAM DENNY. UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY MANY hours of practice do not discourage the participants of the University Symphony. These musical minded students enjoy play- ing together and provide good music for the campus. Large crowds have attended this year ' s series of concerts and the pleased ex- pressions on the faces of the audiences are testimony to the success of this group. WITH the smell of salt and flap of canvas, HMS Pinafore arrived in May and landed the annual spring Glee Club-Treble Clef show. Ralph Rackstraw wooed Josephine, Captain Corcoran trembled before Sir Joseph Porter while Buttercup predicted strange things to come and the Midshipmite cavorted gaily to the entertainment of the crowds that filled Wheeler to the rafters. DEBATING Debate coach and Speech department lecturer RICHARD WILSON has competently coached the UC Debate squad to many victories. JESSIE BERMAN handles the miscellaneous department in her job as debate manager-secretary. VARSITY DEBATE FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Wilson, debate coach; Tad Masaoka, Dick Miller, Jessie Berman, Vic Walker. SECOND ROW: Ralph Phillips, Jerry Turnov, Yale Lyman, Alice Fracarro, Conrad Rosamont, Sonja Stangel. BACK ROW: George Simpson, Steve Sosnick, Vic Appel, Bob Dennis, Ralph Drayton, Robb Petersen, Werner Wolfen. The discussion of some weighty matter has the UC Debate team pondering. Such sessions as these lead to the multitude of victories captured by the squad. THE gabbiest bunch on campus that ' s the debating team. They are very good with their vocal talents, as their debating record shows. Meeting some of the East ' s most prominent universities calls for some tall talking! Debates from religion to current world problems are a warm up for the annual Joffre debate when Cal ' s team meets the Farm ' s local vocal experts. 178 In charge of the fall JV team was Forensic Commissioner VIC WALKER who was an honor student and sailing enthusiast. JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE FRONT ROW, left to right: Vic Walker, James Werner, Bob Burch, B ob MacMahon. BACK ROW: Charles Crittendon, Herb Bluer, Don Cohen, Bob Krones, Bob Romer, John Ele. The Oakland High debate was concerned with the problem of a world federal government. FORENSICERS excellent well describes the fifteen enthusiastic members of the Junior Varsity Debate Team. The master men of gab delved into subjects ranging all the way from the Kinsey Report to the North Atlantic Pact. Through debates with Oakland High School, Modesto Junior College, and San Jose State, the UC students acquired increased ability to think and speak logically. ..IV Nineteen units didn ' t seem to be a problem for Bus Ad majo debate manager and JV manager TAD MASAOKA. 179 ROTC ARMY ROTC ALONG with a program of military tactics, drill and Army conduct, the ROTC is able to maintain two radio stations and an Armed Forces Com- munications Association. In order to provide social contacts between ROTC members, the ROTC sponsors Scabbard and Blade and the Military Association. REGULAR ARMY STAFF OFFICERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Major Young, Major Simpson, Lt. Col. Wetzel, Col. Ritter, Lt. Col. Strong, Lt. Col. Olson, Major Wooton. SECOND ROW: Capt. Meyer, Capt. Ralph, Major Penn, Capt. Bennett, Capt. Noreen, Major Tison, Major Gordon, Major Currier. THIRD ROW: Ist Sgt. Hunt, M Sgt. Sowers, Capt. Warner, Capt. Holland, Ist Sgt. Jennings, Capt. Alloway, Capt. Buck, Ist Sgt. Edwards, M Sgt. Meyers. FOURTH ROW: M Sgt. Guyer, M Sgt. Mazike, M Sgt. Kwiatkowski, M Sgt. Kennedy, Ist Sgt. Shaver, M Sgt. Huntly, M Sgt. Jones, M Sgt. Dehart, Ist Sgt. Moses, Ist Sgt. Meyers. BACK ROW: Ist Sgt. Remsing, Ist Sgt. Simi, M Sgt. Lay, M Sgt. Rodemeyer, M Sgt. Harper, M Sgt. Dinley, M Sgt. Winters, M Sgt. Pogue, M Sgt. Rosenthal, M Sgt. Pfister. ROTC FRONT ROW, left to right: George L. Ahlgun, Harved H. Yackey, Emanuel Lewis, John Warp, Edward Ford, Joseph Crawford, Mark McKimmons, Chester Gall, Johnson Bogart, Norman Akreu, William Fyfe, Eugene Jacks, Bruce Hauston, Charles Olepharl, Lee Sneath. SECOND ROW: Howard Middleton, Robert Sweetman, Myron Andrews, Lester Fischer, Chester S. Rowell, Edwin Pister, William Bagley, Albert Ponte, Julian Wulburn, James H. Moser, Myron T. Segal, Robert L. Carpenter, John Cowan, Robert Parnilu, Robert Orr. THIRD ROW: John Czarnedki, Stanton Elliott, William Rhone, Rodney Loeb, Malcolm Kirby, Joseph Trigueiro, Richard Walker, Philip Adams, Thomas Bardet, Solomon Weinberg, Eugene Rush, Clarence Scharpp, Robert D. Mizel, Jules L. Zentner, John MclMichols. FOURTH ROW: Andrew J. Bedsole, Donald S. Cannon, Jay Woosley, Joseph Malore, Alfred Haskul, Charles Keyes, Thomas McCutchan, John Granfield, Robert Andrews, Gordon Davis, Harold Faulkner, Allan M. Rupprecht, Robert Kubin, George Cook, Chung Cho Gong. FIFTH ROW: Ronald Shaw, Joseph Welch, Edward Parieil. Boyd Quinn, Robert Rack, Lawrence Hailing, Gillette Gordon, Robert Baker, James Olson, Donald Nelson, Robert Sumner, Alfred Oliverio, Jack Lehman, Bruce Hanger. SIXTH ROW: Jerald Appel, William Dunn, Allen Fakiv, Robert Martin, William Hastings, John Friel, Thomas Handcock, Evan Goldenberg, James Flood, Randall Stoke, Robert Swift, Walter Werich, Jules Zentner, Robert Sicielar, David Henderson. BACK ROW: Richard Smurthwaite, Stan Stetson, Donald Dittmar, Bruce Fanshier, Max Anderson, Allen Blanc, Stephan Hackett, Leonard Menzies, Eugene Conahan, Nian Roberts, Charles Hathaway, Carl Magnuson, John Jackson, Richard Shimmons, George Clausen. NAVY ROTO Captain H. W. NEED QUARTERDECK Society and summer cruises are only part of the extensive program carried on by the Navy ROTC. The Ring Dance in the spring and the ROTC marching band typified Naval peace- time spirit. Climax of the year is the awarding of commissions in the Naval Reserve. STAFF OFFICERS NROTC FRONT ROW, left to right: C. W. Nimitz, Jr., H. W. Need, J. D. Hodapp, H. Harold Bishop. BACK ROW: E. N. Thode, C. J. Mor- risey,L. S. Dolson, Jr., M. T. Swarth. NROTC BATTALION STAFF AND COMPANY OFFICERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Harris, Haney, Haguenin, MacFie. BACK ROW: Price, Skanchy, Thode, Strawn, Stewart. 183 ORGANIZATIONS f 7 strolled up old Bonanza, where I staked in forty-nine A-purpose to revisit the old claim. I kept thinking mighty sadly of the funny ways of Fate, And the lads who once were with me in the game. ' I Ohio IfTTTI rrf " fc 1 Robert Merrill Julian Martin Hayden Moberly John Elliott Leslie Dean Don Anderson COUNCIL OFFICERS Fall Spring Robert Merrill President John Elliott Julian Martin Vice-President Leslie Dean Hayden Moberly Secretary-Treasurer- - Don Anderson MEMBERS Phil Crawford Abracadabra Curtis Duggan Richard De Forest Acacia - Richard De Forest Gibson Gray Alpha Chi Sigma Richard Work Robert Griffith Alpha Delta Phi Bill McGee Alpha Gamma Omega Charles Peckham John Everett Alpha Kappa Lambda Walt Riechle Alpha Phi Alpha Paul Forbes Ian Thomson Alpha Sigma Phi Allen Armstrong John Thomas Alpha Tau Omega John LaBouit Allan Hedin Bachelordon Tom Sloven John Elliott Beta Theta Pi - Henry Wright Cecil Thomas- Chi Phi - Tracy Van Voorhees Philip Emery Chi Psi George Millar Hayden Moberly Delta Chi Hayden Moberly Jack Solari Del Rey Jack Solari George Cunningham Delta Kappa Epsilon Donald Slaiter Oliver Fisher Delta Sigma Phi Oliver Fisher Ronald Naess Delta Tau Delta Warren Simms Ed Crystal ' . Delta Upsilon Jack Wolfe Joseph Widman Kappa Alpha Joseph Widman Don Anderson Kappa Delta Rho Richard Hickman Melvin Wilner Kappa Nu Bernard Feldman Allen Griffin Kappa Sigma Bill Englebright Leslie Dean Lambda Chi Alpha Leslie Dean Vincent Angwin Phi Delta Th eta Park Dingwell William Bittner Phi Gamma Delta Norm Pressley Jack Bailey Phi Kappa Psi ., David McCuistion John Post Phi Kappa Sigma Donald Miller Bill Whelan Phi Kappa Tau Ben Hansen Colvin Kokila Phi Sigma Kappa Lawrence Warren Johnny Yee Pi Alpha Phi George Mye Edwin Williams Pi Kappa Alpha - Michell Abramson Frank Patton Pi Kappa Phi Lloyd Heger Herb Cohn , Pi Lambda Phi Al Lapides Edward Rice Psi Upsilon Aloysius Laube Paul Arensen Sigma Alpha Epsilon George Jatho Sid Matles....- Sigma Alpha Mu Jerry Adams Bill Kileen Sigma Chi Daniel Greer Charles Matheny Sigma Nu David Kirby Phil Angell Sigma Phi Bill Waste Bill Gough Sigma Pi Bill Dobbs Roger Thompson Sigma Phi Epsilon Dick DeMattos William Graham .-. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tom Morgan Bob Butler Theta Chi Kenneth Ricksecker Chuck Bouchard Theta Delta Chi , Chuck O ' Connor Bob Hoagland Theta Xi Robert Conway Richard Weinberg Zeta Beta Tau Aaron Eshman Jim Tourtellotte .Zeta Psi Jacque Pry 186 Abracadabra DURING the post year the chapter house, moderately famous for its exotic Arabian architecture, has under- gone many improvements. The members themselves pitched in and constructed a combination volleyball, badminton and basketball court in the back yard. In campus activities, Mac Falconer, president of ASME; Bill McNair, swimmer; Doug Keith, boxing team; Gene Shim, 130 pound basketball; were prominent. Bob Walkup, the musical mat-man, copped the Intramural 155 pound wrestling crown and sang a strong bass with the Glee Club, while Larry Waldron gabbed Russian with fellow members of the Slavic Honor society. Smokey, the Great Dane mascot, has been working hard for his degree for three years now, and at the last counting had logged more class hours than most of the members. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allan Louis Baker Robert L. Benjamin Greg Englehaid Boyntcn Kaiser S hi Kim ball Robert Gordon Sproul Frank Spurrier Wilbur E. Twining Robert Underbill 2435 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1895 ONE CHAPTER Robert Usinger SENIORS _ Bill Heath Warren Hubert Keith Leonard Willys Peck JUNIORS William Blankenship Gerald Boormann Garry Dakin lames Doris George Ensley Gillette Gordon Charles Henderson Robert Hoyt Bill Ingram Bill Kirk Donald Lawyer Selby Marks James Nicklas Eugene Shinn ' . Robert Smith George SutliH Larry Waldron Tom Wallace SOPHOMORES Bud Bcsse " Robert Beauregard Robert Biggers Bill Cadmcr. _ rv.d H ::: ' .-.- FredHoSman WiUis Klemenbroich Shriton w;,-e Harry Said Ted Steaktey Bob Walkup FRESHMEN Cliff Egan William McNair lohn McNear D-wight Myers Boyd Wickman 187 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS Acacia PROUD owners of the bell ringing bear that captured a first prize in homecoming house decorations were the members of Acacia. Favorite sayings drifting around the house were, " I won ' t pay! " and " I ' ve been had " but they were never too busy talking to study and they proved it by capturing the scholarship trophy for men ' s living groups. Lanta, a new Great Dane, seemed well on his way toward becoming a house tradition along with the birthday banquet, pledge- active day and pledge-active football and basketball game. Most eagerly awaited social events were the fall and spring Pledge Formals, but the Acacians were ready and willing for anything from pajama parties to hay rides. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes Edward A. Dickson R. T. Crawford B. L. Robertson Fred Cozens R. Tippett GRADUATE Robert Peck Robert Mallory SOPHOMORES James Campbell Stanton Smith Thomas McCutchan Reece Clark SENIORS Dean Yeaman Carlisle Moore Richard Dillen Russell Connors Thomas Eliason Robert Force Hugh Friend Lloyd Harris Laverne Kimball JUNIORS Lloyd Andres William Arsenault John Czarnecki Richard DeForest David Fischer Daniel Radmanovich Thomas Remington Harry Riegel John Stauff William Ronald Kilgore Boyd Long Bill Mason Robert McKee Richard Peekema Robert Skakel Ted Martinson Lawrence Marvin Robert Hyerle John Stumbos FRESHMEN Elliot Brenner Dick Clements Robert Friday Richard Hoffelt Richard Pland Lindsay Smith Murmar Vedder Edmund Wilkins Richard Wolcott Lanta 188 Alpha Chi Sigma THE Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity is a professional chemical fraternity which has, besides its collegiate chapters, twenty- eight professional chapters and groups. The " Axe " house is best known through its Technical Lecture Series and its annual Freshman Chemistry Award. Nationally, the fra- ternity sponsors the American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry. Dr. T. D. Stewart, professor of chemistry, was one of the charter members of Sigma chapter and is today the chapter ' s faculty advisor. Besides working hard, the " Axe " boys have had several record dances, a fall masquerade, and a Spring Pledge Formal dinner-dance at the Mount Diablo Country Club. 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS Dr. F. W. Allen Dr. Gerald Branch Dr. Robert Connidc Dr. W. V. Cruess Dr. J. J. Eiler Dr. Joseph Guffy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. William Gwinn Dr. Joel HiHebrand Dr. P. W. Kirk Dr. Wendell Latimer Dr. Axel Olson Dr. Kenneth Pitzer Dr. Richard Powell Dr. Glenn Seaborg Dr. T. Dale Stewart Dr. T. Venneulen Dr. F. C. Williams r GRADUATES Keiih Jones Jerreti Rollins Edgar Grabau S " V L. William K : Gordon Rook Rober Hur. r Frank Gay ludaon Goodrich Donald Hidenbrand Alexander Liijd: John Lorimer Robert Manyik William Spooncer Alan Vanderb I Richard Work Norman LeRoy Calvin Lovell John March SENIORS ---_ A ' . rrson David Bunje Richard Gilbert Clifford Mills Willis Pans Wilbur Rash George Reid rCTNIORS Lester Berriman Eugene Bissell Harold Freeman Robert Meldau Stephen Mitoff Richard Moore Robert Neustadt jBMOD 3 " ;- Robert Glotzbach Jacques Nouaui Don Pedersen Gerald Porter James Robbers Hector Rubalcava Philip Stewart Robert Strong Ralph Waugh Irville Whittemore SOPHOMORES William Fibush Richard Folliard William Galligan John Hampton Jack LeBrun Henry Rodeen Donald Wuth Alpha Delta Phi SENIORS Robert Dal Porto Robert Griffith Robert Matthias lames Moulton Hugh Mumby John Paul William Scherer Allan Sproul Sedge Thomson Gifford VonKaesborg Edward Ward Linsey Wilson JUNIORS Alan Andrews Robert Barnum Frank Brunk Curtis Cutter Scott George Allan Hubbard Jack Jensen John Jordan Gordon Lisser Robert Livermore John Merchant Dwight Phillips Warren Robinson Randal Stoke FOUNDED as a literary society in 1832, Alpha Delta Phi, has maintained this policy through the years this year through several symposiums featuring such speakers as Dr. Lillian Gilbreth, and Senator William Knowland. Of the sixty active members, there were several on this year ' s Rose Bowl and freshman football teams. There are also many men active in spring semester sports, and other campus activities. The house is represented in numerous honor societies, and takes a prodded interest in intramural sports. As for the lighter side, there have been the usual dances, beer busts, and poor marksmanship with a water- bag. The house still is famed for its Newfoundland mascot, Pamela. 190 Charles Tuttle Arthur Webster SOPHOMORES Smith Anderson Frank Barney Alvin Can Davidson Peter Evans Robert Hershenow Preston Hotchkis Lewis Reading David Martin Murray McNeil James Meyering Richard Saxby Jack Symes FRESHMEN Samuel Chapman Jell Doolittle George Eshoo Gerhard Jansen David Kenyan Richard Lowe John McGhee Kenneth Noack Brent Ogden John Rountree Richard Volberg UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Douglas H. Copp Charles S. Davidson Dr. William C. Deamer Dr. Herbert M. Evans Dr. T. H. Goodspeed Dr. Hans Lisser Dr. Frank W. Lynch Dr. John McGce Karl E. ScheviU Dr. John H. Woolsey 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 PHI SIGMA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 191 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 ELEVEN CHAPTERS Alpha Kappa Lambda STRATEGICALLY located directly above the northeast corner of the campus, the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda is the Alpha Chapter of the first greek letter fraternity founded on the West Coast. The Fraternity was founded here in 1914, and at present numbers eleven chapters. On e ideal most stressed within the house was participation in campus activities. During the past year, AKL sheltered two class prexies. President-elect Danny Coelho found time to be extremely active in ASUC matters while directing the fortunes of the class of ' 50, while Dick Clarke ably handled the job of Freshman Class President. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Allen William B. Herms William R. Dennes Robert R. Legge Fred Stripp ' GRADUATE lames Elliott SENIORS Arthur Benham Gerald Elbert Donald Lathrap Walter Reichle Robert Starrs IUNIORS Richard Bland Carney Campion Daniel Coelho Richard De Bolt Henry Delamere Robert Everett Robert Gaw Paul Johns Donald Lynch Richard McCurdy Sanford McCurdy William Moore Lee Peterson David Porter Karl Potter lames Rubel John Ryan Warren Wiesenfeld SOPHOMORES Hugo Becker Garrison Bland Don Christensen John Cakebread Richard Courtney LeRoy Dart James Ekegren John Gress Tony Kinkade Gregory Ohanneson Frank Serpa Jack Somerville James Studebaker Edward Timmons Harry Wolcott FRESHMEN Richard Clark David Cummings John Freeman Harry Lucchessi Skip Smith John Thompson 192 Alpha Phi Alpha ALPHA PHI ALPHA fraternity was founded December 4, 1906 at Cornell University. It was January 17, 1922 that the light of Alpha Phi Alpha first dawned on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. The chapter was :farislened Alpha 1-z=: ' .zr.. Sir. re dial hMarfc -y In II the list of those having crossed the fraternity ' s door step includes many " Col-Immortals. " Regaining its prewar form. the daapta 15 presently aampoaed :: twelve -er : :3 whose activities span various campus organizations. Those include Glee Club, Track, and Big Len Jones pushing and pulling for Pappy Waldorf ' s clan. The noble aims of Alpha Phi Alpha " manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind " are well achieved by the group. GRADUATES SENIORS Caztwrighi Keirnit Allen r-r :.. D :-;-: : : .-i . : : - : ' -- i j --: MB " :-.:; nnnoRs i .: r : AnlFjc _ " . ; . r.Z. " ..::- ' - ; ' r " ' : Alpha Sigma Phi - GRADUATES William McDonnell Robert Sewell SENIORS Allen Armstrong David Bell Robert Callahan William Clow Arthur Craig Lee Gerber Ernest Greve Heber Moreland Gordon Murray Ernest Rogers Marshall Ross Thomas Rowe Raymond Shabel Ian Thomson lames Wadleigh Donald Walker JUNIORS Frank Anderson Robert Beach George Bingham Mervyn Burke Paul Chapman lames Conway Thomas Ferro Kenneth Hagler Neal Higgins Richard Holbrook Donald Kennedy William King " OPERATION decoration " by the Alpha Sigma Phi gave the downstairs of the house a bright " new look. " The first impression was startling, but they all agree that it is a vast improvement. Between studying and trips to Southern California, they were very active socially. They had a series of informal and costume dances, beach parties, the annual Winter Formal held at the Leamington and the tradi- tional Spring dance, the " Black and White " formal held in the house. Numerous pinnings were the feature of the many house dances. On the intermural scene the Alpha Sigs managed to last until nearly the top of the ladder in most of the sports. 194 Richard Rennacker Wilfred Rittamel Chester Rowel] : - r - - .- - - - - - -- Robert Underwood Charles Weaver " - - -. r : SOPHOMORES rd Cumer s Handel Frank Homer " ones Stanley Meniier Gerald Miller George Perham FRESHMEN James Craig Gael Himmah Holland Langley JackMcDaruel Thomas Mew Douglas Mooere Donald Owen ' : - - . I - - - - - ' " " . SkB BQ Sheridan S weigert John Turner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Hdridgc J. Best Anders J. Carlson John W. Gregg Benedict F. Roper 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 195 Alpha Tau Omega GRADUATES Dow Barnes Joseph Hanson Philip Lambert Ned Robinson Fredrick Sawyer SENIORS Jack Andrew William Bagley James Barrett William Cole Lowell Dygert Horace Firth Robert Her.s Fred Koch Charles Kunsman James Leddy Richard MacDougall Donald McKillop Daniel Priest Paul Smith .Donald Sundquist Vallery White Walter Yost Thomas Young JUNIORS Richard Banks Jack Bolton John Ele Robert Fulton Stephen Gester Thomas Griffith William Johnstone Russell Keim John La Bouff John Mahan Robert Mahan A.T.O. ' s occasionally bestirred themselves from sunning on their porch or loafing near their huge fireplace in order to engage in activities, traditional or otherwise. The coming of peace between the A.T.O. ' s and the Theta Chi ' s did not end the usefulness of the " infernal machine, " a device capable of throwing a water bag a half a block. Several members got as far from the porch and fireplace as the track and swimming pool while Jack Andrew, A.S.U.C. President and Bill Bagley, Rep-at-large, were the busiest men in the house. The Famous A.T.O. " Pit " slowly but surely progressed so that now the new chapter room and rumpus room were nearing completion. (96 ' --:- SOPHOMORES Robert Morel :. ' -- ' :_ " : r. r. r : : r . r ' : r - : : r - - -- -. ' :: H H .: . : . --:: ; :: ' -::._ -:.-: -J ' : 1 " ::.;.:.::: ' - :-.--.;;:: Lawrence Werner Louis Franckr : : ' ::- : . i.r.; : i : ; ' ::::- 7; ::: - - ----- ' ' -- z:. ----- L--.: DarrowWatt ' ..-- ' --:- . _ - -_ -- . - - -- - - ' r - - - ' - - - UNIVEHSITY ASSOCIATES Carrol M. Ebright Robert F. Heizer Harold B. Knowtes Kenneth B. Stoddard Oliver M-Washbum 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIBGINIA MUJTABY rNSTITUTE. 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS 197 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1894 ONE CHAPTER Bachelordon THE Bach boys social calendar was varied and full this year featuring such events as the Adelba Formal at Mt. Diablo Country Club, a Christmas informal, a Spring dress dance, and the annual frontier days dance. In the intra- mural sports field Bachelordon had moderate success with its football team finishing the season with a .500 average. Bach ' s basketball team, sparked by Jerry Dickman and Gene Kessler, won its share of games before being dumped at the hands of a powerful Sigma Chi club. The spring semester saw the softball team compete with the best on even terms. The social year ended with the annual picnic at Stimson beach. Swimming, softball, football and general relaxing were the ingredients for a successful event. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Frederic Cordes Parker Talbol John Ise, Jr. GRADUATE Allan Hedin SENIORS Walter Adam Jerry Benedict Glenn Bryant Ray Burger Jerry Coonley Russell Ridge JUNIORS Harry Baker Monte Dibbern William Featherstone Richard Hauck John Mencken Reginald Muggins Gene Kessler Ronald Lundeen James MacMannus Charles Mann Phil Morrissey Stanton Moss Gordon Patton Tom Sloven Melvin Somerton William Taylor Edward Wallenberg SOPHOMORES Orland Anderson Al Bensco David Cavanaugh Jerry Dickman John Ferguson Raymond Hurd Edmond Richardson Robert Schulz FRESHMEN Frederick Mencken Robert Mines Gerald Hoyt 198 Beta Theta Fi WILD colored shirts and sarongs dotted the premise in late April when Beta turned authentic Hawaiian with a real " Luau " featuring a roast pig, sundry islands delicacies, and a hula dancer. The banquet was handled by Hawaiian- bom Johnny Goss, Beta ' s trusty house manager. Scholasti- cally, Don DeFremey earned the coveted Fy-Bate key and the pledges placed third in campus underling academic standings. Activities on campus were studded with such notables as: Johnny Elliott, IFC Prery; Don Dickey, chair- man of the NSA and C ol Club; Fred Hodge and Dick Houston, Winged Helmet and Tri-Une presidents respec- tively; Dave Nichols, varsity basketeer. In the kitchen " Big Boy " Pomiel stood for his 27th year like the rock of Gibraltar with a heart of gold. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertram Branson Nicholas Taliafeno James R CaHwell Edward Welch 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY -FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Don DeFremery : fs _ :v.-r..r.r ' . E BOM [ahjj ;-:=_= )- ' _r " " ' -:: : .=-; Lyim EMfai Van KBa Cnh . H T. Z 7- - . I ' ' Donald Dickey " " " _ - " " . . " . i c " j . r . 7 V,-;lL r KV. ?: .--.. ... . Thomas Steel WiffiamWolie IUMIORS Ricfaaid Smnfall I--- H: 7- r. . : " - :: : z .-. r _ ; ' : r. - --- - ' --,---- ' :-- V - David Nichols Craig Norton ;:;:; Soaa Robert Stephenson : : : - E3xmere Walters Henry Wright SOPHOMORES rz---: :-.; Lee Buffington Douglas Davies Richard Dewey Ellis Anthony - -.-. -:i Irr -_ . .- Michael McGuire .;- . ' - z- - FRESHMEN Paul Andrew Paxton Beale George Bowles John Boyle Howard Gauthier Henry Mettier . _. Dexter Raaatz 199 Bowles Hall SENIORS Carl Anderson David Armstrong Charles Ashley William Beckman Maclay Burl William Capps Robert Carlson William Carroll William Chesnut David Cudaback John Davidson John Erdman Urban Ernst Robert Ferguson lames Fiscalini Martin Franzblau Lawrence Frank Richard Furth Brooks Gleason Robert Gustafson Walter Harris Donald Head Russell Hibbard Ralph Hippert William Horning Larry liams Leonard Jones David Kahn Arthur Kimber George Mack James McFarland Eldred McFarland Allan McKillop Marshall Maddock John March David Mayer David Navon Kenneth Owens John Payson Glenn Reed Calvin Simons Marlton Simons George Simpson LEADING in intramural sports and standing second to none in social activities " The Hall " this year played an integral part in campus life. Holding the American League All Sports Victory trophy, four American League championships and the All-University Basketball crown, Bowles men swept the field of intramural sports competition. The Varsity football, basketball, baseball and track all claim Bowles members. Of particular note was the fact that Bowles supplied two members to the Olympic Crew in England last summer. Men ' s Counseling, Men ' s Judicial, Class Activities, Rally Committee, Publications, Soph Week and active watch over the Big " C " rounded out the active lives of the " mountain men. " Beer busts, exchange dinners, picnics and outstanding dances like Chateau Bowles, and Gambler ' s Gambol were highlights of the social calendar. 200 HM adon I,:,: LifwBMi . - - - - Gordon Dons A.- r. :-:.:: - :;--- Bcatbttf : 1 :: . .- Ida ' : : : _- : ' - ' - r ..::- r _ : r. i . i .-. _ " -:;: " - - ' ' . ' - " - . Pool Kaon : _3 " i: " - JL - - _---- Ufa : U .- : r : k Ham ?r . - ' :- j3 -:-: UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES :::- f i H : r;:- ::: : " - .- --.- 201 Bowles Ball John McGrane Gordon McGrane John Morris James Moser Lyle Nelson Russell Palmer George Peekema Phil Pister Achilla Pollino Jerome Prager Robert Radcliffe James Sherwin Frederich Sobeck Nathan Tarr John Taylor Floyd Viau Richard Vignolo Richard Walker Dick Whitehead Eugene Whitney Gregory Winser John Woodhead Julian Wulbern SOPHOMORES Arthur Allison Victor Appel Edward Bauman Robert Bley Fred Brauer Thomas Britzman Kent Carnie Courtney Coleman Peter Crenshaw Dale Edwards John Everett Robert Fry George Gilkison Billy Grafft Roger Guilford George Hurwitz Robert Langdon James Lyons William Mackey Albert McKinney 202 .-- ' _-_--- -. - - : -.-_:-. ' tad : Richard Werner FbnMtl - : r: :::.; j : :- - : i : - . . FRESHMEN ' -_ -_- - - - - - - ' ' n 1 :-rVz =: ' " " ' - " " : - :: : : . - :; H : : ! 31 H : : : ; ' :: : EHI PoulLonoa Robert McEaen Eugene tUtai Alfred Peterson Victor PeJenon Robert Sayles -. ;: - . ;- - ----- .:::: : ..-.:: Roy Wagner 203 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS Chi Phi ANOTHER prize possession was added to the mantel of the Lambda chapter this fall when we won the trophy for the most original float in the Homecoming Parade. Many hours of work were put in to build the float conceived by " Dutch " Domela and Paul Purdom. It pictured Oski happily devouring the misguided Indians who were attempting to raid the big " C. " As usual our mascot " Chintz " has been busy this year as social chairman of the canine contingent, welcoming all newcomers to the campus. Lambda, being the second established fraternity on campus, once again enjoyed the Big Six Assembly dance held at Diablo Country Club. The Jungle Dance, complete with animals, was an- other outstanding social event. SENIORS Robert Angell Howard Bailor James Flint Kenneth Gilliland Cecil Thomas Tracy Van Voorhees JUNIORS Jordan Carlton Jon Domela Robert Gill Edwin Grebitus Robert Haaf Earle Harris John Hitchcock Jerry Kennedy Stan Lothridge John Lowe James Merrifield Paul Purdom All Sandell Edward Sanford William Shaw Wilfred Springer Charles Tilden SOPHOMORES William Dawson James Huffman Richard Jones Robert McNear Lynn Sarles Rodger Simpson Barnaby Smith FRESHMEN Edwin Bennett James Carson Bernard Doyle Clark Galloway George Hynes Richard McCoy Herbert McLean John Miller Robert Murch Burton Olsen John Sabin William Viebrock Chintz 204 Chi Psi BARBEQUE exchange in the patio, beer busts, and water bag encounters with the Pi Phis a typical d ay with the Chi Psis. But not to be forgotten are the numerous sun- bathers and amateur weight lifters who appeared on the sun deck in the spring. The fall Surrealist party was a hilarious event, while the biggest date in the spring was the house formal. In the field of athletics Chi Psi claimed both varsity swimming team captain, Stanford Dickey and frosh baseball captain, Dan Gruppo. Sparked by Phil Haehle the intramural football juggernaut rolled to the quarter finals amid bruises and broken bones. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SIX CHAPTERS GRADUATE William Biehler SENIORS Phillip Bonstin Sanford Dickey Phillip Emery Kenneth Lockett Alex Madsen Hugh Mcjunkin John Phillips Presley Schuler Hugh Shippey JUNIORS Claude Blodget Joseph Caine Howard Coke Thomas Connolly Sydney Ford Dick Card Earnest Moeller Richard Moulds Bud Murray Max Schmidt David Shippey Gwynne Thomson SOPHOMORES John Bonnickson Charles Carpy Thomas Cooley Edwin Dennison Newton Drury Richard Guthrie Ray Lyon John Mauvais Roger Mee Thomas Page Donald Ralston Thad Sheridan Lefty Stern FRESHMEN William Blakeley Gwynne Chappell Dante Gruppo Paul Henriksen Harold Smith Phillip Steahle Peter Thomson Duncan Tonningsen Robert Vance 205 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER Del Hey " DUKE " will roam the campus no more. His place was taken by " mostly " -Doberman, three months old " Zeke. " From the first day this round ball of fur perched himself on Wheeler steps, it was evident that he had the making of a good " Deller. " This was a year for improvements and additions with a brand new patio and plans for a basement recreation room sharing the honors. Newcomers and old timers alike strove for varsity and collegiate recognition while a new peak in intramural interest was roused by the members who didn ' t seem to mind being banged and bruised. The house pointed with pride to December ' s " Eight Ball " soiree and to the three house " Adelba " spring formal. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph A. Proctor Herman A. Spindl SENIORS Dean Chaix Fred Frese Everett Gale lack Solari Walter Tamley Richard Thompson Bourke Welch William Wilson JUNIORS Ralph Allison Bert Bamum Duncan Brinkerhoff Jack Ely Lawrence Franceschina Robert Garrow Stanley Garvey Robert Grimes Wayne Hippenstiel Donald Lawton Donald Maclean Ben Maddalena Edward Mclntosh Vincent Pelfini Robert Piva George Schreiter John Sweeley Richard Warren SOPHOMORES Girard Brewer Raymond Castenada Richard Corwin Victor Emmerich John Jones Walter Maclean Frank Sweeley FRESHMEN Robert Carr Richard Herndon John Mason James McTighe Zeke 206 Delta Chi THE sound of hammers, saws and the disastrous crescendo of misplaced paint buckets echoed throughout the house almost until the day of Registration, but when at last the hard working Delta Chi ' s were able to relax, they felt amply rewardei Homecoming festivities were hardly underway before some culprit vanished with the Indian reposing in the glass tummy of the Chapter ' s thirty foot tall Oskie. This set-back was soon overlooked when the Chapter ' s candi- date, Liz Dennison, was chosen to reign as Homecoming Queen. Many spontaneous events met with rare success, as, the water fights with the Alpha Gams following house meetings, and the replenishment of their athletic trophies one dark night from the stock of their Stanford brothers. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY. 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Don C. Brody Jesse L. Cair. MJX : - : - Joseph Quire : - ' -- - SENIORS - -- :- -:-. : ' -.--: ; iri liam -. - .- z : r - : ' . ' .- :i- : r ::: H .- : nnnoHs - I :- [dd : :: fad I : v ;: r ii- r a tDOml . ' ' r. ' : : . ; r. : z: r : ' HctnCyn Ban tfcfan Bobad Mrita Mora - - ' ' _- ? .--:;:. ' .: : - EmeEt Poscoe . - - . 3 - r- :;: ' SOPHOMORES bH r : -: r ; r -T r " z - ' Robert Ewer ' -- -: 2::; Gordon Hazlett Thomas Herran :- :---- I nil Sfant HalaB Frank Rodgen 207 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FIFTY CHAPTERS L Delta Kappa Epsilon CONVENIENTLY located on the corner of Piedmont and Bancroft is the Delta Kappa Epsilon house. The low wall is a favorite gathering place for members. The third fraternity founded on the Cal campus the " Dekes " have many fine traditions. Their social events are many and varied. Partici- pation in the campus activities, intramural sports, and athletics also fills a vital part in their campus life. The ping pong table is often the scene of exiled and enthusiastic games with passersby stopping to watch the fun. Water- bagging passing cars or pedestrians was a hobby with many members. Evenings found the " Dekes " enjoying I House coffee with the rest of the South Side. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putnam, Jr. GRADUATES Robert Chambers John Kuhl SENIORS William Adams James Baumgartner Peter Black George Cunningham William Hees Thomas O ' Connor Benjamin Shattuck Donald Slaiter George Stevenson Thomas Wosser JUNIORS Kenneth Adams Rainer Baldauf Donald Fisher Bruce Moody Michael O ' Neill Edwin Pauley Emmons Sebenius Frank Holland Edward Engs Albert Seidel Russell Jordan Robert Mclvor John Torre Frederick Knoop Peter Nourse Robert Van Housen Richard Miller Alexander Politzer Richard Waugh Jack Raisin Samuel Wright Richard Williams Peter Schabarum SOPHOMORES Tully Bowman Morton Dunn Ulf Helgesson Lee Sneath Robert Woodward FRESHMEN William Bucklin 208 Delta Tan Delta THE house on the hill, Delta Tau Delta, with the spreading grounds has once again enjoyed a rousing good year. Athletically the Delt ' s intramural softball team had a good season. In campus activities the brothers found themselves well represented. Members answered the rollcall at Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, and Beta Beta meetings. Socially the Beachcomber Ball was the big event of the year with everyone cool and comfortable in sarongs and grass skirts amid tropical surroundings. A small engineering feat was the building of the outdoor patio which has been enjoyed by all. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Dr. Frank Kelly Lawrence Foster Ed Manske CoL Ted Haley Morough O ' Brien Brutus Hamilton Warren Perry Roy Jastram Tom Steel 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE. 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Jim Barry Irz L-:: BUlLenz John McGuinness KB Etahiliotl Warr en Simms JUNIORS .-.:.- Bill Bird [in Boon Bali a m 3iascock Bob ICayser Bob Koenig 51 . ? ' nine :5 Bruce McDonald Dick Mills George Moller Howard Oliver Dana Payne nr orren l 4ii y Hawk Stem Don Tamdlmg Bill Winter SOPHOMORES A. BBOWB George Caig Mitchell Dion I -vc Daolan David Fowler Reed Harris Edwin Hauser Stanln Debt Dick Mocker Sturten McDonald Tzv Mohan _ an Eton . aaj Tnrfnn Dick Yeager FRESHMEN Bill Corcoran Dave Cruickshank lohnDawson . Jim DeWitt RussDoe George Fish GeneGrubb Jim Hatch Dave Johnson Norm Lien Tom Listen George MaUoch ' - : r 1 ' . - y 5 Sharon Norris Joe O ' Brien Ron Reutber John Rysdorp Kent Stainfield Tom Warren FredWinn 209 Delta Sigma Phi GRADUATES John Barnwell Richard Cutter Joe Karam Robert Weakley SENIORS Dale Anderson Paul Asperger Max Bader Frank Baronovich Hadley Carrigan Jack Stanley Charles England Bill Walker Dick Freeman Conway Pendleton Clayton Ross Jim Scranton JUNIORS Robert Anderson Dan Callahan Harold Shanks Hay Sloan Leonard Choate Charles Dawe Willis Dever Gregory Evennette George Gazulis Robert Groh Myron Knapp Barry Koch Lowell Lundell FROM the cheering, singing, Alumni Banquet at the Palace; to the " Dream Girl " dance at the Fairmont; to the hay-riding, moon-gazing Pledge Dance at Orinda Bowl; to the saronged girl and tropical whirl of the Sailor ' s Ball; to raising their scholarship to the top ten; to getting acquainted with their newest members, Knudnick and Hogan, future kanine kings of the kampus, the Delta Sigs spent a well-balanced, activity-laden year. The Initiation Banquets at the Claremont were followed by the traditional champagne busts. The Sailor ' s Ball was ably commanded by Capt. Ollie Fisher and Chief-Bottle-Washer Bob Anderson. Among the campus lovelies Gloria Scott was chosen Hilgard ' s Delta Sig Dream Girl; Merrie Meadows, Delta Sig Phi-er Ball Queen; and Myna Hicks, their candi- date for National Delta Sig Dream Girl. 210 Howard Smiih Errol Summy SOPHOMORES Robert Brogan William Colbum Stephen Hackett Lowell Lenz Howard Neal Robert Stantoo David Wilson FRESHMEN Kenneth Alexander Jack Brewer James Cunningham Robert Cunnison is_::: :; -.-=, : : -. Rodney Harvey Bruce Herriges Myron Rapp Joseph Richwood Maloobn Spanaei 2316 BOWDITCH STBEET FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK. 1899 HTLGABD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY CHAPTERS 211 Delta Upsilon SENIORS Edwin Crystal James Davidson Robert Gaines Stewart Kelt Malcolm Minahen Daniel Murphy John Parker John Roeth Robert Sherrard Harrison Wheeler JUNIORS Roy Andriesse Edward Channing Malcolm Channing Charles Cords Benjamin Corlett Roger Donlon John Grennan David Harper Warren Heiman John Hill Robert Johnson Templeton Johnson Edward Maloney Thomas Nilon Robert Ristenpart Richard Robinson Rodney Saylor REPRESENTED in sports, activities on campus, and even by an occasional scholar or two were the D.U. ' s This year was remembered by the outstanding performances of the Minahen brothers on Cal ' s Rose Bowl team coupled with the energetic leadership of Head Yell Leader Jack Wolfe. Worthy of mention is the D.U. float in the homecoming parade which captured first place honors. The age-old water feud between the D.U. ' s and their " Cross the street " rivals Chi Omega was observed with thunder and general chaos this semester. The winner is still in doubt, as both sides claimed major victories in courage, skill, and trickery. The yearn for claim to social fame was appeased by Bi-weekly house dances topped by the traditional " Bad Taste " dance. 212 Derk Strokwerda SOPHOMORES Howard Best John Conner " John Manners William McClaughry George McDonnell Denny McLeod Robert Minahen Sherwin Murry L z ' ' : z MoaBBfl William Orchison Richard Reese Albert Say lor Robert Sherman Joseph Stewart George Suman A. -::. Hal Craig Harper Thomas Johnson Robert Kinkead Steve Martmelli Thomas Pietcher Henry Sanderson Robert Sellers Louis Wentzel UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deulsch Lloyd L. Farrar John D. Hicks James Hopper. Jr. Neal McKeUer Charles W. Merriman Herbe rt C. George R. Noyes Doncdd Pyle Lcrwrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stoltz James W. " Riompson Robertson Ward Wyckoff 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE. 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS 213 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE. 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Kappa Alpha AS WELL as being on the south side of the campus, Kappa Alpha is known for its southern hospitality, especially at the time of their annual Dixie Ball. Another custom which has been carried on for quite a while is the feuding with the Chi O ' s, who may start a water-bag barrage at any hour of the day. The Frosh and Soph often engage in fish pond duels the purpose being to show that the other class is " all wet. " Forsaking the site of the fish pond for a more famous one the Thames river Walt Deets took part in the Olympics as a member of the crew team. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. James Crutchfield jfBfr 1 -4 t : GRADUATE King Simon SENIORS Stanley Atherton Lloyd Bayer Edward Christoferson Hartley Durant William Enright Robert Gravette William Henderson James Howe Morton Jones Peter Ley Richard O ' Connell Robert Paige Thomas Riise John Winfrey JUNIORS Jack Bogart Richard Bunnell William Bushnell Charles Carmichael Kenneth Duddy Jack Elliot James Jones Carl Magnuson Frank Matthews Norman Metz Roy Muehlberger Wayne Parkinson Kenneth Prouty Robert Redfield Robert Sumner Walter Ullrich Robert Wallerstedt Donald Weaver Dale Webster Joseph Welch SOPHOMORES Jack Clowdsley Jack Grossman Walter Grant Walter Heidig Bruce Higton Robert McClaren James Nelson Thomas Paulson Maury Smith Randy Smith William Turnquist FRESHMEN Leland Erickson Dick Lutz Jack McFarlane Norman Montgomery Les Sachs Kappa Nil IN ANSWER to their favorite question " What happened? " the Kappa Nu ' s have a favorite answer, " We found a new Chapter house! " This was the highlight of the year for the newly-reorganized fraternity. Members were noted for their bridge playing, their high scholastic attainment, and their tradition of igniting the president ' s shoe laces during din- ners. Social notes included the Big Game Dance, a pledge semi-formal, and an April Fool ' s dance. Numbered among the more active members are Sam Winnekoff, Daily Cal Sports; Yale Lymarx, soph council; Max Zelikovsky, varsity debate; Norm Avrech, JV Tennis; Hank Lystig, track. The most annoying incident of the semester say the Kappa Nu actives was the pledge class ' rendition of the Star Spangled Banner whenever requested to sing a song at dinner. 2506 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISH ED 1922 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Arnold Innerfield Lawrence Parcel! " Shapiro Melvin Wilner JUNIORS Harold Allschuler Bernard Feldman Evan Goldenberg Harold Lansing Howard Schwitkis Sam Sinelnikoff Allen Steinau Emanuel Treitel SOPHOMORES Norman Avrech Marvin Bell Stewart Feldstein Irwin Levin Harold Lustig Yale Lyman Milton Pilhashy Milton Raasch Nathan Sabsay PaulStahl Sam Winnikoif Max Zelikovsky FRESHMEN Robert Harlick Gregory Moiseeff 215 Kappa Delta Rho GRADUATE Louis Raun-Linde SENIORS Don Anderson Anthony Bernard! Norman Carmichael Hugh Ewing James Haley Richard Hickman Andrew Jara Robert LaVelle Ed O ' Conner Wade Patterson Gene Rebstock Thomas Taylor JUNIORS Robert Barker William Bristow James Cutting Walter Ferenz William Fitzgerald Howard Friesen Stanley Gillette Robert Harding Ed Hart Don Haworth Donald Hendrickson Ronald Hendrickson Charles Keyes Clyde Lajeunesse James Maccoun " HE ' S up on the roof plugging leaks " was one answer to the query of the where- abouts of the active members of Kappa Delta Rho, who were scattered throughout campus activities such as Welfare Council, Blue and Gold, Orientations, and several honor societies. Aside from being active in campus activities the KDR ' s carried quite a load of house activities beer busts, alumni smokers, and fireside dances. The annual KDR Ruckus at homecoming fulfills a double purpose of decorating the house for homecoming and also for the big reunion dance before " Big Game. " The Spring Formal this year was held at the Mount Diablo Country- Club. Pride of the KDR ' s was the scholarship improvement trophy won last fall. 216 Ted Mace James Morgan George Murray Robert Praetzel lames San Sebastian Roderick Stewart Joseph Suta Robert Tambini SOPHOMORES v Am at off Roy Dutcher Robert MacMahon James Mahoney George Marr Laird Mclntosh Hugh Penman Bili Rea Dieter Schugt Merritt Smalley Robert Sutherland Allen Whitaker FRESHMEN David Geddes Thqrnas Harris Rush Manbert Merrill Mickens Jerald Raydon Rho Tor UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dean Edward S. Rogers - 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY. VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS 217 Kappa Sigma SENIORS William Cauch William Finley Allen Griffen Robert McClaughry Robert McKay Donald Schlaman Edward Walsh Carter Wells JUNIORS Thomas Bardet Thomas Bisho Richard Bowman Jack Bullard William Englebright Leroy Gimbal John Hale Alfred Haskell John Loutzenheiser Paul McKnight John Munson Warren Parkinson William Penny Jack Prescott Boyd Ouinn Jay Richards Robert Rinehart Alan Rowland James Spongier Robert Stanley Dean Stovall Ralph With SOPHOMORES Richard Anderson Jack Baker Donald Berry THE red brick Kappa Sig house this year was a pageantry of these familiar scenes: the freshmen taking great delight in throwing out a junior or senior at dinner the open houses after the football games last fall with a large group around varsity center Doug Duncan getting the " inside " on the games the " Hawaiian Group " and their ukelele sessions the Bus Ad bunch marching en masse to classes the terrific Christmas Formal and South Seas dance Ken Gotten Award winner Carl Van Heuit always with a few bruises the Monday night pledge a cappella the U. S. Mail versus " Burgemeister, " former Kappa Sig canine the very many cigar passings and much, much more all helped to make the past year a memorable one. 218 Stanley Bjonerud Edward Blamire James Blamire Robert Brickell Kenneth Browne James Carrol Leslie Collier Phillip Collischon Ray Davis William Gillham James Greene Allan Huber Raymond Lewis Donald McRae Robert Morrison Richard Randolph Jack Setzer Neale Tveitmoe Carl Van Heuit Franklin Watson FRESHMEN John Dayvaull William Edgerly Gerald Emerson Arthur HaD William MacBeath Donald McDaniel Jack McGurvey Ben Madison James Mouns Allen Pendarvis IcimesTayler Robert Wilson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Wes Fry Guy Montgomery 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN CHAPTERS 219 Lambda Chi Alpha SENIORS William Armstrong William Barlow Charles Brovan lames Casey Thomas Covill Malcolm Currie Leslie Dean Fred Haines Stuart Hollingsworth Ken Holway Robert Joki Walter Joki Ward Lambert Mort May Albert McQueen lack Meier Robert Nichol Jack Norberg Carl Ohmer Bamlet Price David Rutledge John Silcox William Up De Graph George Walker Leonard Weaver Robert Williams Marc Woessner JUNIORS Lloyd Bradhoff Donald Brown Robert Densmore Walt Duncan William Elsworth Harry Gardiser Jack Handley William Jolly " THIS is getting to be a habit, " shouted Lambda Chi ' s as they crowned pretty Pat Nolan queen of their third annual Daffodil Festival, making it two Daffodil Queens in three years for the A D Pi ' s. But if the A D Pi ' s rated high in the hearts of Lambda Chi, so did those northside lovelies, the A Chi O ' s, ever ready for an afternoon water fight. Serenades, banquets, and formals kept members away from the house most evenings, but it was just as well, for the still-new barbeque had become the favorite meeting place of almost every campus organization. Fitting end to a perfect semester was the time-honored custom of throwing the president into the creek. Les Dean ' s only comment was, " Please, no broken arms this year. " 220 Stanley Miller William Rhea Donald She Laird Shepard Donald Stewart Alan Thode Roger Troxell Rick Von Geldern Leroy Wigginglon SOPHOMORES Robert Baham Rick Bennett William Buchanan Scott Bybee Robert Cummings Roger Duncan Ray Holtenbeck Paul Irwin Lloyd King KenMilbrat loe Mulroy William O ' Hara William Panttaja William Regan Thomas Simpson George Stathakis FRESHMEN Donald Ford George Gardiser Clyde Jeffrey Donald Johnson Russ Levikow Stanley McLachlan Art OTT Richard Ritchie Jack Stewart UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric C. Bellquist Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert O. Moody Dr. Robert S. Sherman Dr. Charles C. Stachling Lt. Cdr. Irwin Thode George E. TroieU 1755 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON COLLEGE. 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 221 Phi Delta Theta ' . GRADUATE Curtis O ' Sullivan SENIORS Edwin Anderson James Anderson Vincent Angwin William Aydelott Richard Backman Lowell Burr Arlington Charter William Coughlin Charles Coyle Robert Cuttle John Enright Jack Heinz Richard Henley Charles Hoge John Ingle Howard Martin Bert McCabe Charles McDonald Robert McNichol Robert McPherson John McWhirter Mark Noble Theron Prentiss Robert Reynolds Warren Richards Irl Robinson William Robinson Richard Saldine Richard Strong John Upp Guy Watson JUNIORS Richard Apman Daniel Begovich THE Phi Delts spent the semester remodeling their house and building a patio. One of the chapters better known members is Rod Franz, he of football and 12 pound beanball fame. Highlight of the spring social activities was the annual spring formal known as the Miami Triad, held in conjunction with the Sigma Chis and Betas. Last year the chapter won the interfraternity intramural sports cham- pionship and attempted to repeat the feat again this spring. King, the huge loose jointed Great Dane mascot, was chosen as the smile of the week at one time last semester and has the dubious distinction of being one of the nine out of 10 who has recently switched to Calverts. 222 James Wy aft SOPHOMORES . " ack Booth : .-..-. A ---=: na EM i - : r . : - : James Llewellyn TY ASSOCIATES Ui ' " . r. r r z , i r 4 ' " Or. Kcui M. Bowman George Break Nonnan Fozworthy William Gillis Dr. George McChesney Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond J. Nutting Dr. Ahrin Powell Parley Ray . " " . . . - :: r - ' r - - 5 ' ' .:- .-- William TwitcheH 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIYEBSTrY. 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND TEN CHAPTERS 223 Phi Samma Delta SENIORS William Bittner Richard Brooding Peter Dunn Richard Frost Robert Gallison Robert Goetz Gordon Hackett Clark Hege Ernest Helme Thurston Journey Waller Lundberg Leland Parker Wallace Peterson Alan Purchase Ronald Stone John Sullivan Howard Thayer Kenneth Volker Kenneth Wells JUNIORS Lawson Adams William Anderson Donald Ball David Dibble Robert Pagan Sterry Fagan Paul Fisher Kenneth Johnson Ciaran Kennedy Hecbert Magnuson Philip Mering Robert Molthen Charles Schultz William Sibbett Pen Whitehead SOPHOMORES Grant Bennett WHEN the fall semester rolled around this year the Fiji house echoed with open houses, climaxed by the Big Game open house attended by more than 1000. The Christmas Formal and the Grass Skirt Dance were the two big dances of the year. For the latter, the house was completely torn apart and then put together again in a South Sea setting. Friendly water fights were sprinkled throughout the year with neighboring sororities. The annual Pig Dinner, an event where alumni and members of the chapter got together for a fine feast and a good time, was a great success. Athletics, scholarship, and activities all claimed a share of Fiji interest. 224 Robert Bittner Henry Duffie Robert Gustofson Donald Ludwig Fiemming McGrath James Ohm Donald Pringle William Rieger Joseph Rowe Jack Vohs FRESHMEN John Allington Edmund Bartlett Fred Corf ee Alan Dennison Melville Doyle Bill Govan Lawrence Horan Jack Jackson Ralph Krueger Tom McGrath Peter Mering Richard Northon Thomas Pratt Jack Rassmussen Les Richter Robert Rowell James Slusser Lewis Smith Dudley Sp Charles Stevenson Douglas Stone Nickolas Veliotes James Vohs Stanton Ware UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Luis Alvarez LeRoy Briggs George C. Briggs Charles Derleth Jacques Schnjer Willard Durham Norman Hinds William Laube Woodbridge Metcalf 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS 225 Phi Kappa Fsi . ' - SENIORS John Bailey Gerald Cullinane John Edmond Donald Helm William House David McCuistion Eugfrne Murphy Carl Pedersen Pat Ryan Donald Stafford John Taylor Charles Watt John Weston JUNIORS Ralph Allen Claude Conners Mel Corvin Raymond Dejong Charles Dohm Shannon Michael Drew Martin Durante James Duvaras John Granfield Jerry Hayes THIS year Cal Gamma celebrated its Golden Anniversary on the Berkeley campus. Phi Psi ' s played in this year ' s Rose Bowl game others saw service on Cal ' s varsity baseball, track, rugby, and basketball teams. In activities, the Chapter boasts a rep-at-large, two members in dramatics, a host of Pelly male " models, " and claims brothers in numerous honor societies, the Homecoming Chairman, the Roos Campus Reporter, the present A.A.U. Far- Western wrestling champion, and Boozer. But Cal Gamma had fun, too. The renowned annual South Sea Island dance climaxed a party schedule which included a barn dance, an " Artists and Models " dance, and plenty of others. 226 ' . ' ..:.-.; : Bobait Entatarii . " I : ...:- atMtai v - Hfl Uafflom .- : r : - r 7. r.: " LudRemck jba Snovdai Harold Stone :y::r. r. r:;-;: " :v.c Robert Lee Urr. ; LeeBanesleel Madison Davis Waller O ' Brien John ' FT " Robert Herrick Ed-win Purtefl Tom Turner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Wendell Pauley 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1899 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS 227 Phi Kappa Sigma SENIORS James Bastable lack Berard Matt Copenhaver lames Corison Robert Hays William Jeffries Hans Jensen James McCone Robert Merrill Donald Miller Roy Nimitz James O ' Donnell William Pawek John Post Glenn Ryland Donald Schroeder Al Schumacher JUNIORS Richard Aberley John Bartlett George Clausen George Easter John Erdelatz Richard Fagerstrom Walter Gardner Richard Hafner Bruce Hanger Frank Higgins Hubbard Howe WHILE pledges tried to light the house president ' s shoelaces and frantically scurried for the durham bowl and matches, life proceeded upon its uproarious way in the Phi Kappa Sigma house. Athletically George Souza talked about football and track, Hans Jensen reminisced about the day in England with the Olympic rowing team. Steve York worried about managing the basketball team and Warren Deverel dreamed of earning his third letter in crew. Executively Richard Hafner sat up nights with the Daily Gal and Robert Merrill pondered the weighty matters of IFC. Socially the Dive Dance was the usual success and the Spring Formal was stupendous. All in all the Phi Kappa Sigmas will agree it was a tip-top year. 228 Robert Stefiens William Tobin Ray Wood Steven York SOPHOMORES Dexler Ahlgien Bruce Forster George Souza ..... Everel LeBaron Henry Lutge Robert McDougal FRESHMEN Wilbmn Marsh thoaai ' ' :- tuaU UNIVERS ITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Thomas Buci Clark Bumham, Jr. John A. Calkins, Jr. Malcolm Davisson Maurice Harrison Walter M. Hart Qyde Johnson Ivan M. T.inforth Reginald Linforth George Louderback Heber A. Newsom 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS 229 Phi Kappa Tail GRADUATE Ken Paulovich SENIORS Theodore Gould Benjamin Hansen Jerry Jones Ralph Pringle Charles Ralph Henry Rotticci Walter Smith Lawrence Tyler William Whelan John Worsley Alan Young JUNIORS Jerry Appel Walter Brian! Joe Butler William Eastburn Frank Hahn Charles Hathaway Arthur Herring Pat Ingram Peter Ingram Frederick Jackson Alfred Kerr Robert Loken Jack Martsolf Thomas Mathews Vincent Monte Robert Natzke PHI KAPPA TAU went all out for the Football Festival this year with Paul Newman appointed chairman, and their nominee, Betty Wood, chosen " Miss Football of 1948. " On the social side of the calendar, Phi Taus remember the two pledge formals, a boat dance, a " Cod Fish Ball, " and a terrific Spring Formal. Another big event was the Annual Alumni banquet on the eve of the Big Game. Activity filled days are recalled by many of the members such as Jerry Appel, Junior Class Vice President; Jack Martsolf, Daily Cal; and John Triphon, Radio Work- shop. Walt Briant, Al Young, Bob Beal, Fred Jackson, and Bill Loorz were a few of the athletically minded Phi Taus. 230 Paul Priolo Raymond Bead George Roux T r. z : - ' - S r. - " . . ' Stanley Stetaon Fred Stoli James Struihers Frank Summers George Triphon John Triphon Edward Frey Boyd Gibson Richard Loken Don Loon Lester Mehrtens Paul Newman Dcrvid Perkins Maynard Rotermund Gordon Seek Richard Smurthwaite FRESHMEN Robert Seal Jerry Flieder Wayne Foglesong George Loop Don Loorz Jerrv Peterson Gabriel Plaa Robert Raban Alan Reasoner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Kenneth Paulovich 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS 231 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Phi Sigma Kappa FIRMLY entrenched in their lair the Phi Sig ' s carried on traditions in the best form. The high spirit and friendliness, for which the fraternity is noted, made itself felt at numerous social events highlighted by the annual ' 49er dance, at which nearly 300 people reverted to the day of " garters and gold " to celebrate the California Centennial. Intramural sports were entered into wholeheartedly. The only cham- pionships taken, however, were in the intersquad volley- ball games in the newly-erected backyard court. But every- one is extremely satisfied with the new barbeque pit, patio, and basketball court. Leo, the house mascot finally gave up his bachelorhood and now has a dalmation wife, who presented the house with twelve brown puppies. Leo ' s been in the doghouse ever since! UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adams Farnham P. Griffiths Clinton Evans Thomas C. Mayhew Walter Frederick Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestly GRADUATE Charles Babcock SENIORS Harlan Bennett George Diane Ricardo Franco Kenneth Gove Louis Howe lames Jones Calvin Kolcila Dale Nyberg David Peterson Edward Phillips Robert Price JUNIORS James Ahrens Donald Anderson Joseph Atkinson Oran Barlow Robert Barnard Rafael Cordero Bill Davidson Bob Edwards James Feliz Louis Gianelli George Gish Robert Hemenway John Hubbs Clinton King Paul McCracken Herbert McDuftee Harold Machado Alfred Mayne Ralph Reichhold Warren Schoonove John Teamen John Toellner Russell Turner SOPHOMORES Norman Armstrong Alan Baer DeWitt Leitch Richard Murnane Richard Osorio FRESHMEN Remo Boasso Craig Fisher Edward Foster Robert Gillon Joseph Hibbs Richard Mulliner Pi Alpha Phi SINCE its reactivation in 1946 Pi Alpha Phi has been going to town. At the present time they have fifty members who have attained high scholastic achievement and made it possible for them to share top honors in the Interfraternity Honor Society. They have initiated many traditions, among them the big social event of the year the Annual Formal which was held this year at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. Two banquets are on the agenda each year, the New Members Banquet and the Annual Senior Banquet. Other social events range from barn dances to beer busts. 2420 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Morrison Chun GRADUATES Johnny Yee Cho Teng Yu SENIORS EdAu Going Chan lames Eng Ralph Fong Hairy Glenchur Richard Hum Marshall Lew George T jm Teddy Mah George Mye Donald Wong JUNIORS Frank Din Edmund Ho Richard Jiu lunlue Mervyn Lee Willie Lee Walter Ong James Wong Steven Wong SOPHOMORES Bill Lam Edward Lee Lawrence Ng Willard Yep Robert Yuen 233 Fi Kappa Alpha Mother Camper GRADUATES Richard Miller Thomas Turnbull SENIOR John Abramson Frederick Barber Donald Church William Cooper Kermit Dorius Dudley Frost Donald Gorman Charles Hattersly Robert Jarboe Meredith Jones Glenn Martin Julian Martin Donald Mitchell Arthur Myers Bruce Pass David Walters Jacques Welaen Elwin Williams Paul Zydner JUNIORS Michell Abramson Arno Alfeldt Clifford Anderson William Bigelow Thomas Bowles George Browning Richard Bussey Joseph Carter Stuart Clark John Cleveland Philip Crane Edgar Davis Darrell Dinwiddie Richard Erving Royden Grimm William Hahn William Harlowe ONE of the high spots of 1949 was the eighty-seventh birthday celebration of Mother Camper, beloved PIKA housemother. Homecoming; their spring costume ball, the Yama; and the Dream Girl contest kept the boys around the house hopping. Bill Nordlund, baseball letterman; Bill Rush, Wayne Dawson, and Dick Hare, tracksters; Bill Bigelow, golf team manager; and Waldo Cook, Bill Phillips, and Rob Lacombie swimming and water polo teamsters were the house athletes. Other Pi Kaps were busy in campus affairs, too. The PIKA Quartet won the All- University Sing in the spring. Jay Martin was Senior Class president; and Lou Nielsen was assistant yell leader. Another prominent PIKA was Laski, the Alaskan Husky, who kept the brothers busy all year pulling him out of fights all over campus. 234 David Kell Parker Kemp Stanley Marltzen William Maxwell Joseph Mendoza Andrew Nielsen William Nordlund Leonhardt Pecchenino Thomas Ratchford Klaus Saegebarth Karl Satterfield Kenneth Smith Wallace Snapp Donald Stauffer Robert Watson SOPHOMORES Raymond Berg Peter Browning John Copeland Dale Edwards Paul Gray Howard Hardman Richard Merrill David Newby Robert Range Hal Savage Gilbert Sheffield Ray Smith Elwyn Williams Virgil Wright FRESHMEN Fred Bolton William Corey Wayne Dawson Victor Fischer Richard Hare Herbert Moore Ronald Mutti Jim Powell Laski UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Thomas Stewart William Neal Lynn Waldorf Garff B. Wilson 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS 235 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON. 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY CHAPTERS Fi Kappa Phi HOMECOMING saw the Pi Kapps win the homecoming race and take second in the men ' s humor for house decora- tions. With Christmas the brothers participated in one of the most satisfying experiences of the entire year, that of the Christmas party for underprivileged children. Costume dances included the Jungle Town trot and the annual Heat Wave, while the Spring Rose Formal was held at the Mira Vista country club. Gamma ' s ranks were swelled by the addition of a thorough-bred pup called Lady. All the Pi Kappa house can truly say it had a successful and activity packed year. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Henry E. Erdman 236 GRADUATES William Hartley Robert Hacker Ben Laflin James Seller SENIORS Kent Bullock Edward Cpnway Richard Fiscus Arthur Heath Warren Jensen Howard Leach George Lineer James Low William Martin Anthony Pace Frank Patton Charles Vannice Roger Welty Al Wilson JUNIORS Stanley Ausman Russell Chabrier Jack Davis Robert DiPiazza Edward Farrel Charles Fitzsimmons Kearny Hearst Lloyd Heger David Mallory Walter Nordquist Harlan Ross Hal Simmons Jack Sloan Edward Sutherland Harvey Taylor Joseph Trotter Arnold Turner James Weilbrenner Robert Zeni SOPHOMORES Robert Attebury William Badger William Berry George Denton Edward Fergison Selywn Littleworth Stewart Montfort C-DPCUMW Nick Barn ' i-ll Warren Carson Dave Davison William Knowles Edward Nelson Bud Oakes Robert Parmelee Creighton White Loren Baker Fi Lambda Phi " A PRIZE winning year " shout the Pi Lambs looking back on two semesters that witnessed the winning of a first prize for beauty in the Homecoming House Decoration contest plus a radio phonograph, the result of a Philip Morris ciga- rette contest. That special glow about the house during the Christmas season occurred when the Pi Lambs played Santa Clous for twenty-five underprivileged kids. A jam packed social calendar listed such dates as the joint active- alumni Big Game Dance, a new Pi Lamb tradition; the annual picnic swimming party at " The Callof-the-Wild, " a South Sea Island Dance, and a Rogues Gallery affair. 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Saniord Goldner Charles Lamden GRADUATE -....--. SENIORS Herbert Cohn Samuel Ester 1 ' erv.r. .- 3r.r. Albert Lapides Ellis Robinson Lee Solomon Stanley Wiener JUNIORS . Richard Abramson Al " C:s:y lv. ' " d - -v dr -- Leon Dav:s Len Glass in Heller _ -:::rrd Krueger . ? " :_ ' . i Press rcr.-ld " Jr. " " " ' SOPHOMORES Serr.zrd r :r Harry Bisc- -. Z-;. r. Eugene Gariinkle 3old S uel Goldeer. jack Lehman Robert Stone Donald Sweet Hnrry .. FHESHMEN Oscar Bailor Arthur Click Larry Goldsmith Alan Levin Alexander Wolie Sidney Wotman 237 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Psi Upsilon THE Berkeley Hills, arising from their rear door, provided the Psi U ' s with an excellent playground for such diversions as squirrel hunting and sunbathing. Though they sometimes seemed a bit aloof in their perch high above campus, they climbed down every day to play their part in both campus and off-campus " goings-on. " Though scholarship was em- phasized, athletics, activities and outside organizations took their share of a Psi U ' s time too. Biggest note of the social season was the annual December DKE-Psi U dinner dance, always an eagerly anticipated event. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bernard Etcheverry Dr. Howard Nafiziger Warren Girdt James J. Parsons James D. Hahn Len Richardson Donald Mackay Rudolph Schevill William T. Simpson SENIORS William Andrews Robert Banning Rich Bramwell Kenneth Brittingham Harry Galloway William Gravem Walter Johnson Harold Keenan Aloysius Laube Peter Leaf Ashley Radcliffe Irven Reynolds Edward Rice David Vordermark James Yost JUNIORS James Beaver Charles Biggs Charles Callaghan Victor Etienne Michael Filmer Howard Fleming Richard Merritt Howard Middleton Stuart O ' Melveny William Richardson Ralph Skillen Albert Taylor Frank Vevera Thomas Wolfe SOPHOMORES Raymond Barton Edward Brittingham Walter Lord Charles Sheedy Robert Spencer Ward Swift Thomas Toland Peter Van Sicklen MacKenzie Wasson FRESHMEN Thomas Beyrle Paul Bramwell William Brownie Eugene Dorsey Howard Harris Robert Harrison David Hibbard William Minor Robert Peeke Sigma Chi THIS year was a successful one for the " Sigs. " Beginning the fall semester with the renowned " Sweetheart " contest and dance they finished the year with a Breakfast Dance. The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi was blonde and beautiful Joan Young, Gamma Phi Beta. Football brought forth ath- letes Don Cox and Don Brown on the Varsity and little Don Edmonston on the Frosh. In intramural competition Sigma Chi fielded a good team which won its share of victories. In basketball Sigma Chi put forth its best effort in Bill Hagler, Varsity center, who received " The Most Valuable Player " award and was elected to the All-Coast Team. Sigma Chi was also proud of Rod Grant who made his letter in the Big Meet by beating Stanford ' s Gay Bryan in the broad 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 188E ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN CHAPTERS lump. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Barnes Clarence " Nibs " Price Dr. R P. " Brick " Muller GRADUATE SENIORS rrjNIORS - " ' - " - -- - - Don Neudeck ITim Palm Lyman Phillips Thomas Reardan Frank Rowe Edward Sheltan George Sinnock SOPHOMORES - Hdku Jack Martir. FRESHMEN Howard Brown Richard Dole Donald Edmonston HQTTV Gob eman Richard McGranahan AUstari Macfcelktr Thomas Raycroft Bd raid Vttm Sigma Alpha Epsilon SENIORS Paul Arenson Robert Becklund James Cowan Robert Decker Norman Dolby Richard Gilbert Richard Jones James Kenville Eugene Kirkpatrick Russ Knowles Gus Manolis Hugh McKee Ronald Richards Roger Sounders Robert Shepperd Richard Watts John Wight Alan Willard JUNIORS George Ahlgren Tom Akers Robert Barrett Allen Blanc Kenneth Cameron Robert Carpenter Edwin Chase William Conley Richard Daniel Donald Dejerf Duane Dresser Robert Fleming John Gibson Douglas Haynes Bud Hobbs Harold Hobbs Donald Hodges Ted Jatho Philips Kemp Edgar Kendrick Richard Kidder " THE house that always comes through with a good showing is the California Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, " said a Bay Area paper last fall. Special social events included the pre-St. Mary ' s football game smoker, the Bam Dance and South Sea Dance complete with cocoanuts and waterfall. The fact that the SAE ' s were the owners of " Shadow, " even if he was Laskie ' s most heated contender, was kept supposedly strictly within the chapter walls, but their pride in their noted cook, Joe Jackson, was avidly broadcast, for along with his wonderful meals, he was chef at both Soph and Senior barbecues. 240 Robert Logon Richard Lowell Charles V. Harold Nelson Robert Osbome Alan Parsons Robert Patmont Marshall Plant Thomas Roberts Peter Rush Ray Timmerman Austin Turner Peter Wagner Jack Weiss Emerson Wiser William Wooley SOPHOMORES Gene Applegate Gilbert Beck Robert Brady William Durland Donald Everson William Gear Graham Hams William Hart Richard Kincade Richard Marine William Robinson lames Russell John Schlichtmann Hampton Terry Roy Ward Richard Weyeneth FHESHMEN Edward Femam William Holmes James Huhn William Hummer Michael McKee Donal Praeger Richard Stevens UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stuart Daggett Rodfe D. Miller Paul Straubinger 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 241 Sigma Alpha MU 1 SENIORS Gerald Adams Richard Benas Robert Clarfield Leland Cohn Maury Engel Ivan Gennis Robert Gilinsky Irving Goldberg Stanley Golde Stanley Savitz Lauren Frumes Robert Gorran Ralph Weinberg Harvey Gogol William Hexter Arnold Whiteman Samuel Goldberg Sheldon Hoffman Arthur Mantell Donald Miller Gilbert Pavlosky Marvin Rosenblum JUNIORS Stanley Abramowitz Daniel Adelman Gerald Berger Herbert Berk Aaron Greenberg Manny Haas Richard Jacobs Leon Janis Leslie Joseph Jacob Cohen Raymond Kappe Bernard King Stanley Laderman Norman Lieberman Leonard Nasatir Seymour Rose Eugene Samson A JUNGLE Dance, A Night at the Opera, Fall Formal at the Alameda Hotel, and the Spring Informal Dinner-Dance highlighted the SAM social season. Sammies were represented on all class councils and participated in many activities. Gerry Adams and Gil Pavlovsky served semesters on Men ' s Judicial Council, and the house came within .007 of a grade point of first place scholastically on ca mpus, receiving the SAM Scholarship cup for scholastic achievement. Sigma Sigma Chapter also received first prize for a song written by Bill Hexter with music by Gil Pavlovsky. SAM, under I.F.C., had a Christmas party for underprivileged children and co-sponsored the North Side Mardi Gras while Marshall Friedman and Lauren Frumes have distinguished themselves as editors of Hilley Call. 242 naper ter SOPHOMORES BatMCl : ,i. Marshall Friedman Ed-ward Hart David Hoyden David Iveniosch Jack LaVine Robert LaVine Marvin Lewis Lionel Markusfeld Lawrence Robinow Milton Rosenberg Donald Wacks FRESHMEN Micky Benas Arnold Colman Ralph Dunn Ahrin Frank James Komheld Robert Lewis Jack Lipian Curtis Meier Stanley Miller Gordon Phillips Alex Rosen Lawrence Shostak Seymour Siegel Samuel Silber Roger Singer Manuel Talkowsky Cecil Weintraub Marco Weiss Sheldon Wright Dan Zaslowsky Penny Pledge 1735 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 243 Sigma Nu SENIORS Philip Arnot Jonathan Baker George Bull Robert Cole Robert Collin Sherrill Conner William Craig Carleton Daiss Paul Hopper David Kirby Frederick Koch John Lavery James Lucas Charles Matheny John McGregor Al McGinness George Oviedo Donald Schumacher Andrew Sfingi Earl Shea Harry Shere John Swift Ira Thompson Jack Woodfield JUNIORS Robert Baker Richard Calender Warren Fischer Douglas Hamilton Paul Hopper Mark McKimmons Richard Moyer THE discovery of outstanding waterbagging talent in the pledge class (the better to douse the S.A.E. ' s) and the addition of " Ky, " a gregarious Boxer, to the chapter roll, rounded out another successful year for the Legion of Honor. Heading the fall social agenda was the annual White Rose Formal, while the No. 1 event in the spring was the traditional Insane Asylum Dance, as zany as ever. Besides helping to keep things humming along Bancroft Way, the Sigma Nus kept busy on campus. Dave Kirby split his time between the house presidency and sports- editorship of the Daily Cal, and John Russell produced the Axetravaganza. Presi- dent (Triune) Bill Began and President (Skull and Keys) Bill Craig were other activity minded members. 244 naif _ : -.. : : r n I _r. r. UB Bovvfll Richard Groger : : : SdnOBBHtai EbBHa e: SOPHOMORES i? 365 H 5f ( " _ " -_. __- rz " r z . " . .r. r Chris Marker Andrew Vlirov faBJM V ' : r. z : r .r : George Moore taln " - Man William Upton Sheldon Ainot William Hooy Bobed ' " ag LaflM Ma Vincent Price fm Wdh ONTVEHSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame Dcmiel Rader Rabvl Iban 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MUTT AH Y INSTITUTE. 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS 245 Sigma Phi Epsilon ' SENIORS Loran Bunte Paul Bush Robert Chalmers Robert Evans Lloyd Grotheer Jack Lounsberry Thomas Moore Richard Powers Bryant Smith William Soule Grant Wilcox JUNIORS Edward Attenborough Arthur Barkis Paul Baumann Lee Collier Ralph Coole Richard De Mattos LeRoy Frame Thomas Hale William Hanson John Herring Bruce Hoffe Jered Krohn Richard Legault Phillip Morgan " WHERE are we going to move? " was the leading question that Sig Eps asked all year for they are being evicted from their Bancroft Way location to make room for the new Law School. Highlights on the Sig Ep calendar were the fall and spring Pledge dances. The front-yard DiMaggios exhibited their baseball talents to passersby and intramural baseball dreams of grandeur looked promis- ing with Tom Moore swinging a mean right arm on the mound and an even meaner gavel over the local chapter. So with the end of the school year they will no longer be at home at 2731 Bancroft but promise to be heard from whether they are on the North, South, East, or West side of campus! 111! 246 Norman Muck William Thaeker Roger Thompson SOPHOMORES Robert Clarke Robert Fleckner z = ;:: = James Hanretty Hugh Huddleslon Lowden Jessup Louis Kovanda James McDaniel James Monical _ mid Monroe Donald Mack Jack Nokes r- r. .-:.:.. William Smith Edward Soule Clifiord Tressider William Timmerman FHESHMEN Robert Baker John Cooper Rolf uhn Harold McNally Stuart Menzies UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert Ailken ]ames Corley John Cory James Foro H. R. Wellman Robert Johnson James Miller Al Raqan Arthur Sampson 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND. 1901 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1910 EIGHTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 247 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS Sigma Phi " FULL and Active " are two terms which describe the Sig House ' s activities. Sponsoring an underprivileged chil- dren ' s Christmas party and adopting a war orphan were the two greatest activities, while the house was also the site of the national convention. A brilliant pledge class led by junior Fy-Bate Howard Venerable Graves won the David P. Barrows Scholarship trophy. Clouding an otherwise bright year w as Russ Bohlke ' s pre-Navy game injury. Out- standing masculine athletes achieved fame in checkers, hop scotch, ping pong, conversation and bridge. Also out- standing was Sigma Phido II, known by the more dignified name of Sig, who did an unusually efficient job of house duties, especially that of appearing wide awake, yet actu- ally being completely tapped out. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William V. Cruess Dr. William G. Donald Dr. Elmer K. Fawcett Earl Warren Clifton Kroeber Grant Loomis Harold Luepp GRADUATES Rudolph Kempter Leroy Maffly SENIORS Philip Angell William Breiner Harry Cuthbertson Everett Fuller Edward Guyon Bartlett Heard Charles Hoagland Edward Macauley Roy Melbye Gordon Moore Keith Moses Tlicmas Shaw Hugh Eingrey Donald Stewart James Stewart Kenneth Treganowen William Vosper John Vukasin William Waste William Wilson JUNIORS Russell Bohlke Paul Fletcher Neil Fulton Kenneth Murray James Waste SOPHOMORES Leland Anderson Howard Graves Roger Laird Gordon Morrison David Peugh Eric Phillips Philip Tripp FRESHMEN Thomas Adams John Crittenden James Culpepper Richard Glenn David Hudson James Kaufman Donald Nichols Myrl Scott Roderick Waterfall Philip Wyche Norman Young 248 1 Sigma Fi " HI GANG " and " obviously " greeted the visitors to Sigma Pi. While ping pong and discussions as to who should get the banana for the biggest faux-pas of the week took a great deal of the Sigma Pi ' s time, there was always enough time left for the planning of many parties. Outstanding among the social events were the Winter Informal at Planters ' Dock, the Beachcombers ' Ball, and the traditional Orchid Formal, held this spring at the Orinda Country Club. Always under- foot and with someone ' s stockings was Deacon Jones, the seven-months-old Dalmatian. In athletics, the Sigma Pi ' s are active in intramural sports, while Charley Thompson, National Collegiate tumbling champ, took top honors in varsity tumbling. 2431 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY. 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES loam Martin 3aatga MaOary Maynard Martin jnii SENIORS Marvin Blown Donald Cruzon BOty Dabbe l. ' ..rr. ' . I owning HughErwin Wil EdKieft ' . ' :::?: .. William MacDonald Koir.ey Rehfeld leland " ?.=ie::e Y::=l: ?.;zynko r.rss Sr.-df Charles Warn Hairy Copeland SOPHOMORES John Carlson James Carpenter R:rh-r r--j:: Grady Frynure Hubert Johnson - -;-; v , - -- SalOU-ria Leo Pirojniioff David Price ... Phil Stevens Carroll Whitney FRESHMEN James McCann Deacon Jones 249 Tail Kappa Epsilon GRADUATES Edward Dermott Raymond Lippincott Mylon Nelson Andrew Viscovich SENIORS Seth Burdett William Colburn George Dove William Hexner Dayton Hyde Thomas Johnson Peter Komor Y illiam McPherson Leonard Schlussel Victor Shick Harry Smith Clarence Waddington JUNIORS Edward Adams Calvin Bland Eobert Carter Frank Clough Leonard Corsentino Daniel Costello William DeMartini Paul Engler Robert Fingado Ernest Hartsoc John Heaney Roy Hoffman Robert Jamison PROUD of their new house and glad they are moved at last are the Tekes. Now settled, they can sit back and enjoy the good food for which the house is noted and envied. The Teke traditions of a Mothers ' and Fathers ' day, Children ' s Christmas Party, and the Hayride and Bar-B-Q now exist in new surroundings. A packed social calendar provided fun and frolic with a Comic Strip Dance, Horror in Hell costume dance, Date Breakfast and Luncheons, Banquet honoring Sophus Goth, and the traditional Orchid Formal. Osprey and Robber, a pair of English Setter pups, plus their henchman, Josephine, the raccoon from Minne- sota, keep things pretty lively around the house. 250 Wtodd famtta Vr=;:e: " ;- = = - Robert Longsior. V. " ; " .;=;.-. y.c ::i - h:3S ! c:r :. Frank..- ; .-r. Glenn Strohl Donald Talbott SOPHOMORES ... - ; . ; 7- ' ' f.i " i Karl Zellmann ; I Uadt Ir.r.-r U r .; Roman ' ' ONIVEESITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Edwin E. Ghlselli 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLYAN UNIVERSITY. 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 SCCTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 251 Theta Chi GRADUATES Bob Cartwright Roscoe Nees SENIORS William Allen Rick Bardellini Don Bartz Alfred Bolton Charles Bell Al Cundall Harold Dudley Donald Everitts Richard Freytag lack Griffin Bud Harwood Al Huber Don Johnson Ken Kolb Bob Lamb Gil Lumbard Wilbur McPherson Walt Mitchell John Racanelli Ken Ricksecker Bob Rouse Frank Stagnaro JUNIORS John Adam Al Axelson Mark Bates Jack Caldwell Dan Cameron Roland Can-others Ralph Condgon John Convery Richard De Wolf UNDER the seething roof of Theta Chi was collected a wide variety of interests. Beside helping to stage exchange dinners, alumni smokers, and costume dances, the members displayed interest in phases of campus life that ranged from the fine arts to rolling dice. In the field of sports, Bud Harwood, left field on the var- sity baseball team, held the spotlight. Jim Cundall played a role in the entertain- ment field while Ken Kolb, Pelly editor; Jack Griffin, Cal Engineer editor; and Bob Rouse, Daily Cal reporter, kept things lively in the literary department. 252 AlFober Bob Fischbeck Ken Fryer Jack Hansen Walt Hart Bob Jensen Karl Kennedy Steve Leach Doug Leone Al Melrose Rick Reames Al Runner Wilton Skaggs Gene Smith Leo Sullivan Jim Timmons John Wayland Rovert Wells Roy Wigginton Al Wright SOPHOMORES Jim Cundall Dave Dalton Richard Ellis John Farr Bob Frates Jim Froeschle John Jackson Ed Merzoian Doug Vernon FRESHMEN Myron Hansen Cro Mauer Roger Nudd Jim Orr Walt Winfield UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert DeLibon Lars Peterson Dr. R H. I5eWitt James Sheppard F. Noel Spiess 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTYONE CHAPTERS 253 Theta Delta Chi SENIORS William Ackerly Chuck Bouchard Dick Cohn Richard Erickson Don Elliott Art Ish Bob Jones Al Jorgenson Paul Keckley Ed Kelton John McKeener Russ Nordeen Bruce Ragan Richard Roberts Jack Wickware jere Witter JUNIORS Jack Farr Bill Ficker Dave Fink Bamford Frankland Don Galleys Jim Grimes Len Hamilton Morgan Howell Richard Morris Chuck Newton John O ' Drain Ed Paul Robert Reasoner THETA DELTA CHI will long remember the Rose Bowl year at Cal for three of its members, Paul Keckley, Dick Erickson and Bob Celeri helped spark Poppy ' s juggernaut to the PCC co-championship and the Rose Bowl bid. On the Intra- mural front, the Big Black football team squeezed their twenty-sixth straight victory from the Phi Kaps to win the National League championship. A week later, IZFA succumbed to make the fourth consecutive time Theta Delta Chi has won the All-University crown. The social functions were highlighted by the Pledge Formal, the " Hard Times " Informal and the Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. Whether it was studying, kibitizing or just a plain bull ses- sion, the Theta Delts took it i n their stride. 254 Mian Roberts Jim Walton SOPHOMORES Bob Alexander Frank Anderson Bob Cagle Dave Droves EailGrubb Frank Hope Walter Howe Harold Menries FRESHMEN Bill Stauffer Jim Tanner r - " T . r rr.r s r r. . - . . John Calvert Soupe Campbell William Clark Dick Dietrich Ray Divine Marvin Grimes Bob Karpe SilMcNmch Bill O ' Hare Dick Payne Toaquin Samper Bill Thompson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert R Bolton Leonard W. Buck Robert Green Worth Ryder James C. Siler Hal Walt 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 255 Theta Hi GRADUATE Jack Rose SENIORS Bob Barton Ernest Borel Alvern Condon Bob Conway Bob Courting Jim Deem Carl Forrest Charles Grant Bob Hoagland Desmond Kelly Tom Miracle Edwin Nettell Gale Nettell Jim Palfini Dick Parmenter Alden Rhoads Robert Sturgeon JUNIORS Bill Brewer Ad Fishel Jack Franks Bill Henderson Ken Holland Arthur Jensen Gal La Lanne John Lo Buono Spencer Maze David Mitchell Ted Mohr Merrill Newman Bob Newell NU of Theta Xi has enjoyed a busy year, socially and scholastically. With both semesters filled with social, athletic, and other extracurricular activities, the T.X. gang often had difficulty in finding time for scholastics. Socially, the fall semester was highlighted by the Christmas Formal and the counterpart in the spring was the Pre-Finals Formal. Fraternally there were Christmas parties and Easter egg hunts for children from East Bay orphanages. Athletically, Theta Xi boasted several varsity and junior varsity lettermen, not to mention the numerous student managers and a good intramural softball team. Traditionally, the year was cli- maxed with the annual " 6294 " bano iet, a Mothers ' Club-Alumni Association- Active Chapter picnic, and the interchapter softball struggle with Tau of Stanford. 256 Porter SOPHOMORES Worthinglon Derwiler Everett Messinger FRESHMEN Howard Sr Dick Abbott Charles Dorset! Lee Morse Dick Thurber John Herbert Andrade Ronald Dorsey Conway Peterson Bob Toft Jim Stewart David Arnold Kenneth Ellison Joe Scoter Ken Wallace Bob Vanasek Dick Bland Bill Hastings Dick Stallman Leonard Warren Bill Bond Henry Leighton Glenn Stern Dale Zuelow Jack Burgess Fred Masarie Andre Tolpegin ; n : m UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans Edgar Nemir Harry Shepherd Kenneth M. Stampp Edwin C. Voorhies 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 257 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVEBSITY. 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Zeta Beta Tau WHILE three-year-old part-German shepherd " mostly " Great Dane, Dover, won hearts in his Daily Cal cartoon appearances, his owners the ZBT ' s were also winners claiming the National Fraternity Individual Scholarship Award. Tossing a newly-pinned member in the shower was a house tradition, while calmer customs included date luncheons and the presentation of a banner by each gradu- ating class. The Spring Formal, Pledge Haunted House dance, and Streets of Paris were Saturday night highlights while week days saw many members active on-campus, among them Ernie Fried, Rally Committee, John Gerstle, Junior Class Yell Leader, and Larry Thome, Soph Class Yell Leader. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohn Charles Fletcher Harold Linder Max Radin SENIORS David Anker Roland Elefant Martin Hertz Stanley Hotchner Joseph Krauskopf David Nagler Sheldon Nankin Harold Newman Neville Rich Harold Rubin Warren Saltzman Richard Weinberg Howard Weingarten Mark Wittenberg JUNIORS Sylvan Anapolsky Bruce Becker Eugene Borson Alvin Clar Aaron Eshman Norman Fox Robert Fox Ernest Fried Donald Friedman Justin Gershuny John Gerstle Robert Gibbs Robert Glickman Stanley Green Robert Hemmings Larry Mattal Joel Napp George Fernbacher Robert Rose Edgar Phillips Gerald Fox Allen Rosenberg Theodore Purcell Harold Friedman Robert Sockolov Donald Rothenberg Victor Ginsburg Larry Thome Emil Rothenberg Lawrence Goldstein Carl Weinberg Harold Simon Stephen Sosnick Joseph Grodin Robert Jacob FRESHMEN Alan Klein Albert Titus Robert Lieban Allen Shainsky SOPHOMORES Paul Maier Ernest Simon Morris Bernstein Richard Napp Sanford Bothman 258 Zeta Fsi THEY call themselves conservative but the Zeta Psi ' s have lots of uproarious fun. The Cal Zetes were the first frater- nity to be established west of the Mississippi, and in Col ' s swaddling days had fun helping publish the Blue and Gold at various times. The Zetes were proud to have footballer Bill Montagne among them. Other men of athletic distinc- tion are Bob Losey, John Raggio Jaccrue Pry and Bob Witter, members of the varsity rugby team. A " lively " time was had at the Post-Mortem dance, annually given after June finals, and the pre-Christmas formal was another bright spot in the social calendar of a gay, happy school year. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Chcrffee Hall 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Burton Anderson George Ball George Benson Robert Fitzgerald Charles Hatten William Johnson Jacque Pry John Raggio Jack Supple Theodore Theiss Jim Tourtellotte Edwin Witter JUNIORS George Badger Jack Dalton Edward Ford George Hartman Kenneth Melrose William Montagne Clay Petray Warner Rademaker SOPHOMORES Robert Fraser Alan Gallinatti Jack Meyer William Ridgway John Rosson James Shaffer Phelps Witter Robert Witter Thomas Witter FRESHMEN James Dnnkward Albert Dunlap Jaraes Gallinatti Peter Ingber Laurence Mays Jack McCuUoch Charles Robertson Walt Ruxton George Witter 259 RITIES Arkansas " : - - -- r Joyce Merman Shirley Foster Barbara Strang PAIBELLEHIC COUNCIL OFFICERS President Joyce Merman Vice-President Shirley Foster Secretary -Treasurer Barbara Strang BOARD MEMBERS Social Chairman Carol Smith Intersorority Formal Chairman Mercedes McKey Junior Panhellenic Chairman Jan Garthwaite Publicity Chairman Donnie Biehl MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Marge Plosser, Charlotte Houston Alpha Delta Pi Lois Moulin, Bettye Sode Alpha Epsilon Phi Patricia Stern, Helens Gainer Alpha Gamma Delta : Marylou Cota, Marjorie Brandt Alpha Omicron Pi Marjorie Read, Gaye Lenahan Alpha Phi Nancy Carrithers, Jane Thornton Alpha Xi Delta Charlotte Widdowson, Mary Lou Brooks Chi Omega [ Carol Pratt, Shirley Fletcher Delta Delta Delta Virginia Lee, Patricia Henderson Delta Gamma Carol Smith, Doris Ann Witter Delta Phi Epsilon Barbara Rothman, Shirley Young Delta Zeta Peggy Malson, Pat Nelson Gamma Phi Beta Donna Townsend, Nancy Thompson Kappa Alpha Theta Jackie Jacobs, Liz Parrish Kappa Delta Lua Andrews, Waletta Hicks Kappa Kappa Gamma Nancy Kent, Jane Hendrickson Phi Mu Elizabeth McLachlan, Mary White Pi Beta Phi Lucille Paxton, Carolyn Huber Sigma Kappa Rita Bosio, Rosemary Trout Theta Upsilon Marilyn Throckmorton, Evelyn Bohren Zeta Tau Alpha Norma Faulkner, Dot Nunn 262 Alpha Delta Chi CHRIST is the center of Alpha Delta Chi and their fel- lowship is strengthened by a common desire to glorify Him. Life at Col has been greatly enriched by such activities as the before-breakfast pledge party for members atop the Big " C, " and " family " devotions every evening after dinner. Beta chapter was espe- cially privileged to play host to the ADChi National convention held in April. All-out for campus activities this year were Gloria Jean Wu, producer of " Show- boat to China, " Margaret Morris, manager of the WAA rifle team, and Arvona Vogel, the heroine, Josephine, of Glee Club-Treble Clef ' s " H.M.S. Pinafore. " 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES. 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS SOPHOMORES I larf ; - ; - _ 7 I . ' - ' - - - -- - Dorothy Siebert 263 Alpha Chi Omega SENIORS Barbara Allen Barbara Bates Janet Brewer JoAnne Erickson Dorothy Gibson Claire Hollingsworth Lois Jackson Kathleen Knight Jayne McGinnis Patricia Perkins Margaret Plosser Elizabeth Rhoads Jeanne Treyer JUNIORS Thirza Arrowsmith Mary Ball Roberta Bilough Marcia Brenner Kay Byard Joan Forgy Patti Freeman Joanne Graeber Nancy Hall Diane Halsey Yvonne Martin Julia Moss Janet Munger Doris Olsen Elizabeth Stetson Barbara Jeanne Willie SOPHOMORES Joan Babcock Shirley Bates Ann Bendixen Nancy Burton Carol Cordes Juanita Cox Elita deUrioste Patricia Dorking Dorothe Finn Virginia Gerke SOCIAL affairs were varied at the AChiO house this past year with everything from the traditional " smoker, " when humor, songs, levis, and spaghetti were in order, to the " Bad Taste " dance given in honor of the fall pledges. Famous for Pelly girls, such as JoAnne Erickson, women ' s director; and Kay Byard, fashion director, AChiO ' s also boast Doris Olsen, a junior on Rally Committee; and Doris Finn, women ' s director of Cal Engineer. A major event this spring was a Fashion Show held at the Claremont Hotel, when actives and alums modeled to raise money for the new house to be built in a few years on the south side of campus. At present -they hold the unique position of " only sorority on north side. " 264 Mary Gregory Charlotte Houston EmmyLou Keys .Z -C-T ' T. " _ 1 , - . - ' Sallye Lockett |c la M BM _- .-- Mohan Janice Parker ' -- r--- --.- : : (MB BcfaBta F - T ... I r I 3 7 - ' . , T Patricia Thompson ayce Ciprio. Mignonne Van Court Jane Creely Anita - : Ml Cynthia Wood I ma) Eh moot IfaoaFteU .-.-. . r . . - : ' -. ' -.:-. ' - 7 ::. Hope Hansen Marilyn Lockbart Perdita Loomls ; - r - -: : DonsOuirk Joan Reichert bue Richardson : : :: " - : v Norma Schlicter Isabel Smith Carolyn Stay ' I ' 1 - ' . ' . " Z . Lorene Townsend Jacqueline Work 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNTVERSITY. 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS 265 Alpha Delta Fi SENIORS Sally Andrews Sandra Carson Patricia Curtiss Haldon Fowler Chris Hirschler Karen Horiis Iris Horton - Barbara Hughes Lenita Hughes Margaret Kotenguer Carolee Kuser Kaye Lynch Joan MacPhee Joyce Merman Lois Moulin Joan Murphy Joan Parker Barbara Pendberthy Elizabeth Renard Marcellee Sanders Paula Schiefer Margaret Tague Jean Thayer Elaine Thorgensen. JUNIORS Bernita Anderson Mary Angela Nancy Beale Beverly Bender Barbara Butler Betty Lou Cassou Barbara Culvyhouse Patricia Green Patty Hansen Eleanor Harris Marolyn Hoffman Joan Huggard Eileen Jarvis Marilyn MacGlashan Elizabeth Manuel Helen Marinoni Frances McMorran Terry Nathanson Jean Naylor Mary Renard Fleur Resleure IN a year keynoted by " I ' ll never tell! " and " Is that it? " Alpha Delta Pi ' s literally " cleaned up " to take first prize for humor in House Decorations during Home- coming Week. Rep-at-large Kaye Lynche, Mimi Renard and Phyllis Karg on Cal Club and Prytanean, and Jackie Erlin and Jean Brewster on Panile were among the house ' s representatives on Honor Societies. Honors also went to Pat Nolan who reigned as Lambda Chi Daffodil Queen, Helen Marinoni, Homecoming Princess, and Ruth Sommer, Soph Doll Attendant. The annual Backstage Dance discovered hidden dramatic talent in everyone, while the spring water fights demonstrated their superior ability with bucket and hose. Fall and spring formals at Mt. Diablo and Orinda Country clubs highlighted the social season. 266 Bette Sode Laura Springstein Marion Vandevere Betty Vevoda SOPHOMORES Gwyn Bowron Jean Brewster Carol Brierly Jacklyn Erlin Patricia Evans llancy Gianilla Charleen Hagen Vernyce Dee Harris Barbara Haviland Dorothy Heinig Mary James Catherine Meagher Audrey Morris , ' ean Perry Nancy Robinson Dorothy Smith Ruth Sommer Gloria Soules Theodora Vila Nancy Waugh Caroline Willey Marion Wright FRESHMEN Betty Claire Beagle Patricia Carrol Virginia Crombie Constance Dunford Margery Bade Patricia Fanning Paula Fischer Joan Haviland Nancy Hicking Nancy Hildebrand Beverly Hinton Carol Holmes Marjorie Houston Joyce Hughes Beverly Lehne Jane MacPhee Mary Sue Morrison Beverly Nankervis Norma Parkinson Patricia Sams 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 267 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon Phi THE members of Alpha Epsilon Phi are extremely inter- ested in campus activities. Jessie Herman is manager of varsity debate, Leslie Green holds the position of secretary of Labor Board, and the house is represented on each class council. Last year winners of the Sorority Scholarship trophy, the A.E. Phi ' s have been among the top five houses in scholarship for the past twenty years. The past semester provided its share of social events and many pinnings and serenades. The Dads ' Dinner was a successful affair as was the pledge dance. There were five exchanges during the year and the annual Spring Formal at the Mark Hopkins Hotel was enjoyed by all. The A.E. Phi ' s are very proud of their little pet, " Tau, " a beautiful brown and white collie dog, who is often seen romping around campus. SENIORS Janice Broudy Barbara Friedman Laurel Hill Lois Josephs Cecelia Shainsky JUNIORS Jessie Berman Shirley Berman Marilyn Blacker Galya Chernow Marilyn Citron Betty Gross Florence Harris Vera Mortimer Rachel Nussbaum Harriet Rand Joan Roeder SOPHOMORES Leone Albert Betty Baerson Roselyn Chroman Miriam Cohen Helene Gaines Joyce Goldberg Leslie Green Esther Jacobson Tranna Kanner Joan Koppich Kay Lowy Helen Samuels Barbara Singer Pally Small Janice Stern Lee Strellis Marilyn Waxman FRESHMEN Geraldine Berger Lois Berkove Maxine Dworkin Beth Edelstein Nancy Harris Joan Numann Shirley Roy Marilyn Shelly Louise Simon Donna Weiss Patricia Weller 268 Casa Hispana THE winning of the scholarship cup for sororities and wom- en ' s living groups for two consecutive semesters has been an achievement of which the Casa girls are understand- ably proud. Active participation in Spanish Club activities and the furthering of Inter-American relations through in- viting Latin American girls and members of the faculty to dinner have made up the cultural program; while a num- ber of dances held at the house and Lake Temescal have made up an active social calendar. The Annual Spring Fiesta, complete with cascarones, and the Formal Initiation Dance at the Claremont Club wound up the activities for the year. 2535 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1928 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATES : : .. MM : -_ -- - . . . . _. . ,, - _.. . ; Dolores Gomes Margaret lesseph Ruth Johnson Bettina :. ' -: - a Id Varesio JUNIORS Carole Breyer Audrey Stevens Renee Treieil Wanda Wood ai Mary Lou Norrie FRESHMAN Alice Felix ' .. ' . --: T-.r - - . " : - ] 269 Alpha Gamma Delta SENIORS June Antipa Elinore Brooks Rita Buscaglia Barbara Christensen Shirley DeMamiel Phyllis Fraser Virginia Gibson Phyllis Harshaw Joan Larkins Carolyn Lenz Mardis McQueston Irene Mlejnek Ruth Morettini Marilyn Riggs Roberta Robb Yolanda Santoni Doris Sopp Peggy Sullivan Cherie Thompson Ruthella Uncapher Jean Uridge Mildred Young JUNIORS Claire Andreasen Barbara Barbash Jeannette Barbat Diane Benoit Barbara Burke Mary Lou Costa Jean Coughlan Shirley Foster Betty Knudsen Dolores Maziarz Betty Meadows Jean Perata Mary Lou O ' Kane Ruth Shepard Patricia Stainfield NEWEST addition to the AGO house was a grey mouse, " Sneak, " parting gift from the spring pledge class as they left on the traditional pledge sneak. Al- though their time was taken up with being tops scholastically among Panhellenic sororities in the fall, and with acquiring tans via Carmel in the spring, they weren ' t too busy to be proud of Shirley Foster who was the new Panhell prexy, or to help eat the surprise cakes on anyone ' s birthday. Mothers ' Luncheons, Fac- ulty Dinners and May Morning Breakfast honoring the seniors were important dates on their calendar, and not to be forgotten were the Fall Formal, an ex- change with a Davis fraternity, and the annual Spring Formal an all-day affair at Hearst Ranch. 270 [anal ;:= = -. Mm a Wide ' loon Wlndnl SOPHOMORES .- B B : I : ..::--- Carolyn r ' . r ttarj Ic Oiler. : " . r. Kathleen Waddell Marianne Worlhman FRESHMEN xrilteuz Bonnie Emrocns Dorothy Gercke Jeannette Griggs luaniia Grimm Annette Hillznan Betty Kress Gretchen Lowentroul Virginia McCluskey Louise Morgan Kathleen Price Pat Read Janet Solache Marilyn Wilhelm 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS 271 Alpha Omicron Fi SENIORS Meredith Baker Christine Bothwell Marjorie Brown Jane Cairns Jeanne Cairns Patricia Dossee Lois Doyle Mary Fulton Doriel Goltz Mardelle Huhn Emelyn Knowland Doris Murphey Nancy Robinson Mary Lou Rosenthal Margaret Rupe Ann Schwenk Jeanne Stanbery Anne Stoll Adair Thrash Ruth Tisher JUNIORS Lolly Allen Constance Baird Leslie Ball Betty Lou Boyd Sue Cameron leanne Carithers Patricia Ellis Marjorie Hoffman Shirley Humphrey Joan Kinney Frances Kirk Louise Kramer Lynn Levo Jeanne Lonn AOPi ' s had an active year with a Father-Daughter dinner, a Mother-Daughter luncheon, a Faculty dinner, and a " Suppressed Desire " pledge dance. Need- less to say, the bird ' s-eye view of the bay and stadium were appreciated and the long walk for lunch was soon forgotten with Charleston records, sun bath- ing on the veranda, and lunches by Ernie, Alpha O ' s pride and joy cook, as incentives. Active members the past year were Chris Bothwell, manager of Daily Cal; Ann Schwenk, chairman of Orientations; Jeanne Lonn and Lois Rivers, junior editors of Blue and Gold; and Sally Wemple, director in Women ' s Counsel- ing. In philanthropies, they have an adopted child in Europe and this year gave a rummage sale to raise funds for a Christmas party for thirty orphans. 272 Betty Mospero I :::---.- Mai Merilyn Moore [vogeoi E -.-. -:: Jeanne Smith loam StafnfUd Bodna Wadb Phila Willoughby SOPHOMORES June Ransom Carol Spa |e rang (dam v - FRESHMEN i r z r v : r. An: " , .r ] PatriaaBeatty Joan Corr Dculxiiu Qayton Carolyn Dean Nantrf Dixcm Diana Fend Mildred Gillam C3ialys Martin Marilyn Martin Gloria Pf match Sally Shepard Sony Streeter Betty Waldo Jeanne Zumwalt 2311 PROSPECT FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS 273 Alpha Phi SENIORS Kathrin Bertram Majorie Bodine Nancy Carithers Carolyn Discoll Ruth Dunlap Phyllis Giesenhoff Nancy Hockenbeamer Carolyn Johnson Geraldine Kennedy Janet Lindsay Kate MacGavin Patricia Manners Jean Mills Margery Miller Nancy Rieger Jean Sanderson Nancy Stevens Ruth Wood JUNIORS Joan Anthony Jane Biedenbach Barbara Bodine Beatrice Borroughs Louisa Brown Jean Cantelow Jean Cobb Margaret Curtis Doris Everrett Nancy Gawne Margery Goodwin Julie Hagar Constance Herman Carolyn McEnery ALPHA Phi ' s managed to recover from the tragic demise (by popping) of their beloved goldfish Claude in time to thoroughly enjoy a stoul-stirring pledge sneak, much snow-ploughing at Donner, and the wake of excitement that followed the invasion of the house by a genuine burglar. Ruthie Wood, C. J. Johnson and Marge Miller, all Pryt members, were busy in other activities; Ruthie as vice- president of the YWCA, C.J. as a wonderful house president and as head of the Intramural Board, and Marge Miller as chairman of the Campus Drives Committee. The Cal Club claimed Nancy Reiger and Butch Thomas for its own. Nancy Soule, in charge of women ' s living groups for the WSSF, found ardent supporters among the Alpha Phi ' s for the starvation dinner projects. 274 Martha M: ' .. ' .-:. " T. .- -:- NOBCT ; : - ; z r. r- . . ' . r. ' r r. Azr.rr. T : r i:r : z ::.-? .z : : _V 7 : . . BtaOMBB Marilyn Ftiirtm ; r. i " . r : .: r. c -: z r -: r Lori MmMi Betty Mary Pectletlnraiie Marian Thomas (oanWMki Barbara Wetehouse Nancy Wells FRESHMEN : : .._ lecmne DeFiemerr Maureen Dooher Barbara Heil Marion Lyman Marilyn Mulch Mary MacFadyan ' crr.ry Noonan Betty Parkins :y r ; _r. d _ yr. " " .. - .-T " 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 275 Alpha Xi Delta GRADUATE Harriet Burns SENIORS Dorothy Anderson Jean Anderson {Catherine Comstock Mary Cragun Janet Dietrich Marion Dietrich Catherine Flaherty Lida Granucci Barbara Green Helen Hale Lee Hays Jean Hyde Marge Hillyard Dorthea Isenberg Shirley McKinney Jeannette McWhorter Janet Overmire Nancy Pennington Elaine Scarci Carolyn Shutes Dorothy Strother Mary Thornton Lois Wetter Henryetta Wilson JUNIORS Marie Aguilar Helen Barry Eleanor Bird Ruthan Brinkerhoff Mary Lou Brooks Gwen Hanson Jane Hightower Patty Hynes Evelyn Kirkpatrick Sara Layport Elizabeth S. Le Mieux Betty Noren e Barbara Rechs Joan Sample " FIGHT team, fight! " was the cheer of all Alpha Xi ' s as their teams won two gold cups for first place in intersorority bowling and basketball. After applaud- ing their victorious teams and congratulating new Phi Beta Kappa member, Betty Rore, the girls relaxed and discussed Europe with Sue Thompson, Bar- bara Monson, and Barbara Rechs, who had recently returned from " across the seas. " After concentrating on studies for so long, everyone adjourned for " party time " with dinner and picnic exchanges. The Nautical Dance, which the pledges sponsored, was discussed with so much enthusiasm that another dance in the near future seemed to be a " must. " Therefore, the girls closed the semester with the formal to top all formals which was held at the Mt. Diablo Country Club. 276 Helen Sigler Beverly Spears Diane Swan Charlotte Widdowson SOPHOMORES Sana B:rd Shirley Brickell Barbara Gallon JoAnne Casey Carlo Sue Cummins Anne Fibush Patricia Fleming Barbara riolmcinn Geraldine Jansen Jeanne Kileen Hildur Mattson Barbara Monsen Patricia Oliphant Priscilla Reid Sylvia Replogle lean Saltzman JoAnne Schneider Nancy Schultz Norma Stromberg Jeanne Tollman Barbara Thomas Nancy Travis Maryn Wilson Judy Laurence Joyce Molfino Kathryn Myers Janet Pinger Jackie Price Bernice Thompson Betty Campbell Susan Grotheer Margaret Hawkins 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESSUBY, ILLINOIS. 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS 277 Chi Omega SENIORS Sandy Brown Dorothy Davis Jeanne Erb Karyl Hansen Jan Lamborn Beverly Lane Lorraine Mainwaring Peggy McHugh Anne Meek Dorothy Miller Pat Okell Carol Pratt Gloria Terrill Nancy Vinson Adele Weidenkopf Judith Wright JUNIORS Donnie Biehl Lois Crocker Betsy Davison Kathryn Dimmick Patricia Donogh Jean Ferrini Jan Golden Patricia Kalas Peggy McCormick Allison Morse Joan Murray Joan Oakholt Genie Riordan Jan Scott Betsy Smith Robin Wilde FROM a ghoulish Halloween celebration at which the hashers entertained while the Seniors hashed, to a picnic with their favorite bears, their Dads, Chi Omega ' s kept tradition riding high. A Scholarship Dinner, Senior Breakfast, and West- ern Eleusinian Convention, during which the Cal chapter played hostess to sisters from nine western chapters, were a few of many extracurricular activi- ties. Chi Omega ' s were well represented on campus with Carol Pratt on Beta Gamma Sigma, Jan Golden on Daily Cal Managerial, Jan Scott on Elections Board, and Joan Ericksen and Ann MacWilliams on Panile. Members of Prytan- ean included Jean Ferrini, Genie Riordan, Allison Morse and Kay Dimmick. A busy social calendar was highlighted by a Christmas dinner-dance, a Sunday spaghetti dinner, and a picnic swimming party. 278 :. ' .-.-. 2, -.::-.- SOPHOMORES -- - - - - : " ..- JoyceHowell Vonie Marsh FRESHMEN .---- -_ Marlyn Rosen lane! Smith Mary Lou Wilhs . Janet Rubey 2421 PIEDMONT AVEHOE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. 1895 MO CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND THREE CHAPTERS 279 Delta Delta Delta SENIORS Beverley Bartlett JoAnne Cardiff Mary Sue Coffin Sarah Ferri Margaret Gerrity Jane Gray Nancy Hudson Jane Keeler Sue McKinney Rosemary Pratt Sara Sheldon Jo Ellen Spindt IUNIORS Ethel Allison Beatrice Barker Helen Bont Louise Brooks Pamela Brown Billie Burns Catherine Clifford Elizabeth Dennison Gay Finnell Constance Hartwell Virginia Lee Beulah Lobdell Lee Osbprne Lois Queirolo Patricia Synder Dorothy Stewart Barbara Strong Leabelle Button Jean Tracy Louise White SOPHOMORES Barbara Baumgartner Joan Beal Carlo Case Marilyn Cooley CHUCKED full of planned social events and welcomed surprises, the Tri Delt calendar for 1948-49 was dotted with reminders for important dates. Among the many scheduled affairs, Fathers ' Dinner at the Claremont Hotel and Mothers ' Brunch at the house will long be remembered. Fall and Spring formals, Recogni- tion banquets and Founders ' Day all these deserved a red check on the social agenda. Big Game week end was excitement plus with Liz Dennison reigning as Homecoming Queen. In April another Tri Delt blossomed as a Lambda Chi Daffodil Princess, Joanne Leach. Participation in campus activities claimed the attention of enthusiasts, Lou White who served as junior class secretary and California Club member, and Joanne Cardiff, NSA representative. 280 Patricia Farr jfcun rern Alberta Gubin Jacquelyn Gubin Shirley Halbert Theresa Hassler Patricia Henderson Sonya Knauer loann Leach Dorothy Leisz Barbara Leonard Lois Lind Gloria Sanderson Joan Shannon Bonnie Jean Smith Nancy Spore Charlotte Spranger Marjorie Wardwell FRESHMEN Barbara Albright Janet Barnes Suzanne Bartlett Yvonne Baskette Ruth Bigge Dolores DeFerrari Diane Druehl Alison Gilbert Marilyn Hamlyn Merrill Hill Mary Meredith Diane Norwall Joan Pelletier Suzanne Reeves Susan Sheldon Claire Wixson Patricia Younger 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS 281 Delta Gamma SENIORS Patricia Abbott Jane Anderson Barbara Bechtel lean Bennett Ann Cunningham Florence DeBonis Norma Elkington Margaret Gleason Elna Kistler Molly Macdonough Nancy Myers Suzanne Raisin Adrienne Roberts Mary Sherwin Carol Smith Doris Ann Witter JUNIORS Dorrit Ball Lois Blakely Shirley Brown Helaine Crittenden Joan Evers Carol Haley Harriet Burns Arvilla McGuire Diane Davidson Eleanor Sibbett Barbara Deasy Mary Louise Stephanson Mary Lou Elwood Barbara Woods Sheila Haldeman SOPHOMORES Mary Blair Beverly Breck THE ever friendly DG ' s were kept busy with a full program of campus events and house functions this last year. More enthusiastic than ever over the vic- torious Cal football team the entire chapter traveled south for the Rose Bowl game. They came home to enjoy their wonderful annual Winter Formal which was followed by numerous other events the Fathers ' Dinner, the annual Spring Breakfast and the Spring Party. Not only was their chapter calendar filled to capacity but these enthusiastic girls were represented in Prytanean by Mary Blair and Kay Lloyd. Mortar Board president was Margie Gleason who was also active in Cal Club. 282 Maralyn Reid Barbara Ware FRESHMEN dBnviny Sally Drewry Margaret Drinkward Mary Dell Fisher Joyce Gableman Barbara Green Betsy Hampton Nancy Hardgrave Joan Ketchum Linda Laws Kay Lloyd Marilyn Maas Kathryn Mason Mary Jane McMillen Janet Miller lean Morse Nancy Pearoe Sally Picetti Nancy Remensperqer Beth St. Sure Laura Wiley 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL. 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SirTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 283 Eta-Z ANY place we park our shoes is home. Since Eta Z no longer has a home they have been having meetings hither and yon. Eta Z was started in 1946 and since that time the sorority transfers have been exchanging ideas, views and chit chat. They spent hours talking about their old Alma Mater and more hours on activities for their new one. An open house at the beginning of the semester was followed by parties and picnics, and a fast fling before finals called for a farewell dinner at the Willows. On the serious side they sent food and clothing to their adopted French girl, Paulette. An Organization for all National Sorority Transfers FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1946 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATE Prissilla Putnam SENIORS Ruth Benjamin Ruth Gate Elaine Donnelly Sally McKinney Edna Royer Corinne Ryland Coe Shilling Janie Vincent Patricia Walker JUNIORS Eleanore Anderson Diane DeMartin Marcia Dunnells Ruth Anne Haaf Kate Kimball Kay O ' Connor Paula Vandevoir SOPHOMORE Barbara Body FRESHMAN Betty McKein 284 2709 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY. 1917 DELTA ZETA PLEDGE CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Delta Phi Epsilon DELTA Phi ' s ore noted for their progress. After being estab- lished for a year and a half on the Col campus, they were installed as a National Chapter and acquired a house. Al- ready traditions have become important, such as the small pledge cup presented to the outstanding pledge and the shower dunking for engaged girls. A formal and a swim party also rated high as annual social events. In the activi- ties field. Delta Phi ' s boast Sheila Beck, senior manager of Advertising Service Bureau and a member of Pi Alpha Sigma; Sondra Flescher, junior manager of Daily Cal Ad- vertising Staff; and Anne Messing, member of Sophomore Council. Also active in the intramural sports program, the girls prided themselves on the ping pong team. SENIORS = :-.:=: Sirer-i:::-: ._: " -? Lere: : s L Y - JUNIORS 5h = ::= = : ' .-: Sondra Flescher Ekrine Gkrssberg Irene Glassberg Irene Gottlieb Elaine . . - r r 2 HotflflKBD Ruth Spznko er SOPHOMORES Shirley Callman Audrey Cousins Phyllis Keefer Rachel Ringer Dorothy Schwartz Norita Sobel loan Solomon Shirley Young Nadine Ehrenberg Betty Eisen loy Gertler Ardythe Gross Doris Levy Irvene fci yli mi ' ' :.. :. , rrrc r. 285 Delta Zeta SENIORS Bernice Allin Greta Anderson Jean Baird Wilma Bryan Frances DeGolia Mary Margaret Douglas Bette Doumitt Decora Dwiggins Carlyn Froerer Claire Goodspeed Mary Millin Kathleen King Helen Lange Mercedes McKey Mary Slater Margery Starr Marian-Lee Taylor Marilyn Victor June Wightman Jean Williamson JUNIORS Margorie Batty Janice Cline Marilyn Cormack Nanette Delevan Faye Dennen Carolynn Fortriede Marieanne Gilligan Joan Hoffman Betty Humphrey June Hyland Norma Jamieson Joan Judd Sally LaForge Margaret Malsor Barbara McFadden Claire Mein Eleanor Ann Reid Patricia Rom STARTING the year off right, the Delta Zetas walked away with the award at national convention for the best chapter. The DZ ' s spent the year getting ac- quainted with the principles of remodeling and decoration as they watched their chapter house gain more rooms. In spite of this change, they continued to serve as hostesses at the Charter Day Banquet, and Peggy Malsor, Marianne Gilligan and Dee Dee Dwiggins could still be found in the Daily Cal heirarchy and Mary Margaret Douglass at the " Y " or Women ' s Judicial sessions. Flashing a gold ASUC card, as a result of card salesman work, were Barbara Fletcher and Marilyn Bryan. While they weren ' t in the house, the girls still acquired a tan (a la sunlamp and Durant roof) which they displayed at their Spring Formal at Old Hearst Ranch. 286 Aileen Zachmari SOPHOMORES Jacqueline Bakosh Nancy Baugh Lucille Blancarte Lola Bryan Mary Lees Bulman Barbara Davis Barbara Fletcher Betty Hall Zoe Henderson Patricia Henry Betty Hoare Lorene Howson Nancy Loudon Shirley McAree Eleanor McCall loan Molinari Marilyn Moser Ruth Murray Margaret Nelson Barbara Nielson Carol Noderer Garretta Stryker Nancy Watkins Evelyn Welden Betty Yaler FRESHMEN Marjorie Brewer Lois Fuller Beverly Haberkom Nancy Horack Janet Johnson Dorothy Kechely Nancy Maguire JoAnne McHenry Beverly Menend Natalie Park 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 287 Gamma Phi Beta GRADUATE Ann Smyth SENIORS Betty Allen Nancy Dawson Lois Kirby Mary Minor Sue Perry Kathryn Shaw Edith Slater Patricia Tynan Ann Whitton JUNIORS Elsa Behr Barbara Briggs Susanna Burket Beverly Carne Jeanne Gaudin Cara Lee Haines Phyllis Heald Jean Herbert Betty Herman Patricia Ingram Cynthia Kiel Eda MacKenzie Nancy Morgan Joan Nullmeyer Peggy Raysor Mary Jo Rend Joyce Rodegerdts Marguerite Ruisinger Sally Suhr Janet Taylor Donna Townsend Martha Whitehead Carroll Whitton SOPHOMORES Doreen Aberouette Constance Bissell Nancy Bradley Beverly Campbell Virginia Chase FALL semester in the Gamma Phi house was first highlighted by Joan Young be- ing chosen Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. For 1 948 Homecoming the house received the trophy for outstanding house decorations. The patio was converted to a replica of Sutter ' s Mill. Joan Foster walked off with activity honors as secre- tary of the Sophomore class. With the coming of spring, the sun porch again became the popular spot. There were the usual house affairs such as the Fathers ' Dinner, applauded as the best ever, and the Spring Formal held at Woodside. Many Gamma Phi ' s were elected to honor societies such as Panile and Gavel and Quill. Carol Whitton became the new YWCA treasurer and other Gamma Phi ' s received appointments on Pelican, YWCA, and the California Engineer. 288 Victoria Clarke Florian Clausen Martha Comstock loan Foster Carol Giffen Janice Parkinson Carolyn Robinson Muriel Ruisinger Sue Sandford Joanne Schneider Barbara Schreve Catherine Slater Marjory Spencer Nancy Swain Elinor Sydenham Jane Texdahl Virginia Trayner Marie Wiley Joan Young FRESHMEN Ann Adams Janet Behr Barbara Bennett Jennifer Burnett Barbara Eggleston Marijane Gallagher Robin Haseltine Sally Hinman Carolyn Kyle Lora Lamborn Martha MacKenzie Patricia Marshall Carol McLean Jane Nelson Mary Jane Nolting Aneta Peabody Elizabeth Pflueger Carol Sandford 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 289 2723 DUHANT AVENtlE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE. 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Kappa Alpha Theta FEUDING with neighbor SAE ' s didn ' t take all of the Theta ' s time, for the Senior Sneak and Senior Dinner still remained high on the list of house traditions. Noted for " all roundness " and unusual dress, Theta ' s also stood high in activities with such outstanding participants in campus affairs as Sue Howell, Cotton Queen; Beatrice Challis, NSA chairman; and Ann Curtis, Olympic swimmer. Special social events for the year that will long be remembered were the Faculty Dinner, Fathers ' Dinner and the Spring Formal. Athletically minded, too, the outstanding sports event of the season was a football match with the Kappas. " SENIORS Barbara Lowe Jean Garthwaite Nancy Arnot Barbara Lynch Maile Grace Beverly Barrie Natalie Nowell Joan Heiner Carol Booth Janet Power Louise Mclntyre Beatrice Challiss Patricia Ryan Elizabeth Ward Barbara Hanson Jean Stokes Mary Whittier Margaret Hendricks Carolyn Huston Georgeann Johnson Catherine Loomis Diane Timpson Janice Whipple JUNIORS Jacqueline Collins SOPHOMORES Patricia Adams Natalie Brown Suzanne Howell Liz Lehman Jackie Jacobs Joanne Mclntyre Roberta Mclntyre Liz Parrish Paula Prom Barbara Rogers Sally Stankard Mary VanderLeck Barbara Wakefield FRESHMEN Beth Breuner Phyllis Cook Marilyn Crawford Nancy Croft Mary Dawson Gail Doe Patricia Harnett Barbara Hayes Marjorie Hicks Ann Hodge Judy Illsley Elsie Marwedel Margaret Olney Jean Ostrander Dorothy Schetter Georgianna Stern Barbara Waldrond 290 Fi Beta Phi 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-FOUR CHAPTERS CARfusion in the driveway, coffee on the front porch, and mottos, " Tan as you study, " and " We are the persecuted " (surrounding fraternities) helped characterize the Pi Phi ' s. Jean " Belle " Hawley as rep-at-large, and Sue Thomas, successor to Polly Mansfield as vice-president of the Senior Class, helped turn the wheels of campus activities. Father and Faculty dinners, Formals and Fashion shows, picnics and excursions to Carmel rounded out a delightful 1949. SENIORS Batten ' ' . -:: :r . " -..: T e ght Downs ' =. Hawtoj Eli " 1 . ' r - ' -. - - - r : .r -: _- -. : : - JUNIORS Mary : OHM Martha Helm Loctaine Jackson . . ...... ' . : . . ; . - ' ' ' ; : ' " SO Dfang .-. : - Euen Beits Catherine Campbell Joan Crawford t Cupid s Edmonds Nancy Glenn Patricia Green Jane Gwerder Cxnoiyn Huber Janet Kimbte Jane Mannex " - ; -::;: Eaflndm 3haa Mary Stevenson _--._-- xidwozo r - .; M : Angwin Morion Boizd Virginia Chubb r : z " r. - . ' ' -----. nMgUaaadc Janice McNamara Elizabeth Miller Mainine Storm Patricia Samner Marilyn Tupper Jean Wood Kappa Delta SENIORS Jean Armstrong Joan Eastman Lola Griffis Dorothy King Patricia Laflin Lynette Laundy Mary Ann Lowe Dale Millar Joan Smith Betty Ann Stewart Jean Struckmeyer Betty Mae Van Lew JUNIORS Barbara Boysen Dorothy Burke Diane Fruhling Diane Gardiner Waletta Hicks Joye Jacopetti Jean Kern Patricia Kitchen Constance Larson Terrell MacDonald Patricia Maher Elaine Mautino Barbara Merriott Martha Peterson Marion Pierce Charlotte Pokorney Elizabeth Rapp Emma Sanford Geraldine Stodick Christine Treiberg Erlda Webber Irene Wells Barbara Valla SOPHOMORE Lua Andrews " I ' LL never tell, " was commonly heard at the house on Warring street in answer to any and every question along with " Anyone driving down to an eight o ' clock? " The KD ' s were duly proud of the past year highlighted by the winning of five sweepstake trophies for Homecoming events and the activities of the members. Roll call found KD ' s present in Prytanean, Thalian, Pi Alpha Sigma, etc. House functions raced between the sublime and the ridiculous. Each semester the " big sisters " treated their " little pledge sisters " to an afternoon at the St. Francis Hotel. The pledges thanked them with dances, " Autumn Daze " and " Roaring Twenties. " A date breakfast, the Christmas Formal, and the traditional Cotton Ball were among events that climaxed this year for the KD ' s. 292 SOPHOMORES : : -.;::. = ::: SueColdwell Betty Jean Christy Phyllis Derus Irva Hamilton limta Patricia Priscilla King Louise Locke Mary MacDougall AnitaMiaUara i Shirley Rapp (Banna Booi ' i ffilda Scbmidl Beverly Sullivan Phyllis Vassallo Charlene Brundige Geraldine Calhoun Helen Crane Donna Lee Fair Florence Goodman Joyce Johnson Marilyn Johnston Joan Lcard Eleanor Laundy Janice Lauslon Mary Jane Milne Shirley Anne Murphy Madya Olsen Pamela Persons Marcia Care Patricia Stewart Sally Taylor Patricia Walker 2416 WASHING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 293 Kappa Kappa Gamma SENIORS Dorothy Beck Susanne Carson Josephine Crane Barbara Granger Madeline Holcomb Eleanor lessen Nancy Kehoe Nancy Kent Nancy Morris Nancie Paterson Marty Peel Marion Peterson Janet Rouse JUNIORS Diane Beeston Peggy Bowes Winnie Breuner Dona Cochran Barbara Finn Jane Hendrickson Janet Hughes Sally Jussen Ruth Libbey Peggy Linforth Betsy Roeth Joan Shuman Vangie Smitter Betty Tait Nancy Tryon Sally Walker Leslie Whitney Mary Wilbur Noel Witter HAPPILY settled in their new house on the corner of Piedmont and Durant, the Kappas had a fun-packed year. Between football games and swimming parties were the annual Christmas Formal and Spring Dinner Dance-Fashion Show. Idle moments were spent on trips to Sugar Bowl and Sun Valley or on the sun porch acquiring an early tan. Madeline Holcomb was official hostess of the University as ASUC vice-president, and Dottie Beck was more than busy as asso- ciate editor of Blue and Gold and chairman of Elections Board. Janet Rouse was active on NSA, as was Sally Walker on Gal Club. Mardy Fletcher served as sophomore editor on Blue and Gold and Sally Marsh rose early on Saturday mornings to help on Women ' s Rally Committee. I 294 SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Jane Brown PatCorley iisley tzpatrick Joan Griffith Marianne Hammond Dudley Harbison Joan Hedemark Helen Hodapp Dorothy Hyde Joan Kiessig Morgan! Max kmcy lioCane Marilyn Hone Margaret Polglase Dorothy Rodden Mickey Smith Jeanne St. Hill Mary Zoe Surprenam Carreclyde TindeH Frederica Trutner Carolan Witter 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE. 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 295 Phi Mu GRADUATE Patricia Brennan SENIORS Dolores Abrams Barbara Franks Patricia Freese Marilyn Gray Patricia Grossman Patricia Hertert Mildred Kohlmeyer Jean Miller Betty Roche Jean Sherwood Joye Strong JUNIORS Theola Mae Brancato Hannah Enzenauer Joan Giddings Jeanne Gilchrist Shirley Giraldo Margaret Gleason Beverly Gustafson Mary Grace Hansell Christine Haymond Elaine Kleinclaus Joan Larson Barbara Lawrence Patricia Lux Lorraine Mauser Elizabeth McLachlen Gloria Molinari Joetta Morrison Marilyn Murray Phoebe Nichols Harriet Nilson Varene Peet In the Phi Mu castle large, Reigns their daffy (daffodil) Princess Marge While round the house, pale spooks did prance, In sheets, at the " Midnight Haunt " pledge dance. Dolores Abrams is the Thalian member. And Grossman, the ' 49er ember. Zuber heads the Frosh Suppers every Sunday, And when Junior Pan-hell meets on Tuesday Giordanino, the president, there presides, But in Phi Mu, this girl resides. " April Showers " fall and are splashed, When the " Song Title Dance " is now rehashed. Women ' s Executive and Junior Council have Teddy, While in Pryt, Mary Grace is always ready. Treble Clef ' s senior manager is Jean, And candy for nine engagements, this Spring was seen. At Sequoia, they had their stupendous formal, Other than that, they all were normal. 296 Connel Penther Beatrice Dodge Shirley Olsen Mary Alice White Betty Riley Lorraine Franco Alicia Sams FRESHMEN Pauline Schlicher Shirley George Eleanor Spurrier ad me Berry Mary White Barbara Hopper June Stephens JOQJ, Co wen SOPHOMORES S SJ? 1 Mary Elaine Thorndike Patricia Giordanino Joyce Beesor. Co f e M S3?S5S Ehzabeth Grau Carol Curry Carolyn Nobles Earla Wallace Lorraine Grossman Kathryne Dewey Doreen Hayes Betty Stein Margaret Wallsten Margaret Zuber 2722 DURANT AVENUE WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SDCTY-nVE CHAPTERS 297 Sigma Kappa SENIORS Virginia Baker Rita Bosio Marjorie Brooker Patricia Brown Virginia Carpenter Jane Clare Virginia Grossman Jean Cummings Alanna Devereux Joan Douglas Teresa Durland Peggy Hoyt Winifred Hunt Pat Kelt Jo Ann Knudsen Beverly Kristich Barbara Larson Carolee Leudtke Dorothy Maggs Nancy Rieck Carolyn Roads Marylyn Smith Corinne Tyne Wena Waldner JUNIORS Joan Anderson Marjorie Andriesse Kathryn Brazil Nancy Cheleden Joan Furman Catol Guido Millicent Hanson Betty Ann Huffman Barbara King Louise Kirk Estelle Kraus Margaret La Forge Norma Larson SIGMA Kappas crooned " Dream girl, dream girl, " to Diane Van der Zee, PiKA Dream Girl. Lots of work and fun made a full year for everyone. The crowning glory came at the Pan-Hellenic Luncheon when Sigma Kappa won the annual award for highest over-all scholarship. Heading the fun list was the Winter Formal Dinner-Dance at Orinda Country Club. A barn dance and midnight barbecue started the spring semester off with a bang. Campus activities took up a good part of everyone ' s time. Claire dashed between Elections Board and her duties as Panile president, while Pat Brown was busy as senior class secretary. Symphony Forum vice-president Marge Towler also chairing the International Luncheons at the YWCA. Free hours, when they came, were divided between ski slopes and the sunny patio. 298 toon : :-... Lynn Cocoon Clcrire Mulvouy Ell :-.:: -.r-;-- : - .....-.-- .. . sa Meadows BS Misuroca : . ' i . . - lone Stebbins Unrta hnrifflga Sue Van Deren _ .-r.r. -.--. : EH H .-- Wadta Carolyn ATaite FRESHMEN Sally Blockingei Janet Mair fegoj (bong .. . 2 r. ; r ; " Barbara Smirls 2409 WABBING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE. 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FOBTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 299 FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1930 ONE CHAPTER Sigma OmicronPi " IT takes money, " they say so the " homeless " gals of Sigma Omicron Pi are still wondering where they ' ll meet next. This desperate situation, however, seems only to help them double their efforts to secure a house by increasing the building fund. The members still managed to stage successful events the most outstanding being their tradi- tional formal " Winter Ball. " Cupid hit his mark what with the former prexy and vice-prexy, Bette Seetoo and Dot Lee, middle aisling it. For awhile the argyle craze hit hard, much to the frustration of prexy Teddy Tang who tried to conduct meetings to the rhythmic clicking of the needles. House parties invaded the home of Lil Wing, making it al- most the sorority ' s temporary headquarters. SENIORS Betty Chun Dorothy Jue Lee Lora Lee Low Elizabeth Seetoo Lillie Toy Irene Yee JUNIORS Dorothy June Chinn Thelma Chinn Dorothy Jane Chu Evelyn Chu Janet Dong Ruby Doshim Beulah Foo Virginia Lee Mildred Leong Shirley Low Mary Ong Delia Pan Theodora Tang Doris Tom Lillian Wing Anna Wong Mary Wong Gloria Jean Wu SOPHOMORES Geraldine Chinn Florence Foo Ruby Fung Lillian Jeung Adelina Fating May Yee FRESHMEN Joanne Liu Lorraine Louie Molly Lee Low Margaret Lum Betty Ng 300 Theta Upsilon " THERE go the lights agcrin, " a Theta U frequently shouted. Some frat had thrown the switch again! Or " I ' m sopped, " a water bagging victim would mutter. All this occurred when the Theta U ' s moved to Durant. Through the year, Theta U ' s began to show their special talents. Marian Thrope received a sophomore appointment on Daily Cal. Gay Gerkin and Karyl Freitas were junior class counselors, and Marie Pagani wielded the gavel at Theta Sigma Phi. Norma Blair of Crystal Plunge could have papered the wall with her ribbons. The two pledge formals were the events of the year. The Theta U ' s also treated thirty children to candy and eggs at our Easter party. 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS GRADUATES Claire Eagan Elinor Jess - z -. H " : -. =: ' r. ' . ' - --. SENIORS Colleen Clark Y.r 7 " .::: _. " Helm UacUmel Mane Pagani Barbara Schwartz Joyce Thompson " ' :. : " " " JUNIORS " . " ::-. - Blah Uarti - Btada ms Niki Calais - : - - - - - - - ' - SOPHOMORES r l-. . .- -. ,-T. - : ..: - ' -r Patricia Chnstensen dn . ' : : -. ' - - -.-- ' -- -- ' : ' . .:: : . Bo pel Denys Harris Barbara Hessinus Barbara Keasbey : - - : Gail Williams FRESHMEN Merlyn Brawn Joan Craig Joan Donaldson Jeanne Kipp Margaret McRacken Beverly Parker Marion Thorpe 301 Zeta Tau Alpha SENIORS Barbara Brelsford Betty Campbell Jeanne Case Irene Delsol Anna Jean Demsey Jeannette Dunster Marcia Flower Sally Hilton Betty Humphreys Dorothy Jackson Lillian Mitchell Gail Marine Helen Peterson Patricia Shellhammer JUNIORS Sande Amidon June Arney Charlotte Arnold Helen Bruner Patricia Coy Grace DeMartini Burnice Denton Lorraine Dilberger Barbara Ellis Norma Faulkner Patricia Firby Shirley Gamel Alice Holshouser Barbara Jones Rose Kaufman Phyllis Longfield Elaine Lutz THE hill-top setting of the Zeta Tau Alpha ' s was the perfect place for their White Christmas Formal. Silver ornaments and glistening trees created the winter setting. As chairman of stunts for Homecoming, Dottie lackson was kept busy in the fall, while Women ' s Day had her attention in the spring. Shirley Walsworth was a flirtatious siren in the Junior Farce, and ZTA ' s Merrie Meadows reported campus news for the Tribune. The chapter also includes such campus figures as city editor Betty Humphreys, Pelican ' s Margie Geldert and model Babs Britz. Model Peggy Fariss was chosen " Miss Delta Upsilon of 1949, " and Patti Reichert kept the girls fashion conscious with weekly fashion shows. The season ended with the sensational Spring Formal at the St. Francis Yacht Club. 302 tt ma llaydi i Diane Me ye nnk Lacflh Uarahi Patricia Reichert Helen Rowell Betty Rylamd lean Skelly Gene Slanker - . ; - r . - g .:.. | " ' . " :.:.:: Ernestine VTard ' : .: Wddd .:- Aileen Young lean Ainswarth Isabel Araao Shirley Cook Peggy Fariss Marjone Geldert Alys Kemble Dorothy McCartney Beverly McClaskey Lupe Mooser Dorothy Nunn FRESHMEN Nancy Blmr Bobs Britz Carol Cochran Elizabeth Dahill Jan Jones Donna Lindley Valla Homey Joan Troxell Lyn Ward 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VffiGINlA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL. 1898 UPSH.ON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-FOUH CHAPTERS 303 DORMITORIES 1 ' r 1 F Pat Adams Phil Towner Jay Wade Dale Walker WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Pat Adams Vice-President Phil Towner Secretary Joy Wade Treasurer Dale Walker COUNCIL MEMBERS Arch Place Ruth Shepard, Eleanor Hencken Bay View Hall Carrie Lavine Jenkins Beaudelaire ' . Jane Dahlquist, Mary Ann Grant Bryn Mawr Jeanne Cressio, Helen Kenourgios The Californian Ann Marie Hansen, Marine Nelson Cheney Hall ...Patricia Pauly Colonial Hall Mary Bardes Colonial Hall Annex Carole Kennedy, Jackie Weiner Cunningham Hall Ruth Tregea Elizabeth Barrett Virginia Frick, Marjorie Lewis Epworth Hall Phyllis Towner, Betty Conover Freeborn Hall Margaret Hastings, Betty Jo Hadley Hanson House Margery Bustera, Edna Louise Royer Joaquin Hall Rosalyn Barancik, Sue Gordon Lantana Lodge Donna Duncan, Joan Mayers Mitchell Hall Martha Steusloff Oldenberg Hall Alma Ilbutson, Doris Lea Thompson Peixotto Hall Rose Pastorino Prospect Terrace Peggy Miller, Priscella Wehe Richards Hall Maxine Lewis Ritter Hall Dolores Colder St. Margaret ' s House Janet Deitrich, Janet Marchetti Sherman Hall Betty Montesclares, Nancy Lein Stern Hall Lorraine Melvin, Shirley Smith Stratford Hall Barbara Walker, Janet Streshly Warring Place Teresa Treat, Helen Halvorsen 306 Arch Place 1849 ARCH CALICO dresses and blue levis were the order of the day at the Arch Place bam dance last se- mester. Both spring and fall semesters were packed with social events an exchange with Bachelordon, candy pass- ings, and water pistol fights helped to make life at Arch most entertaining for members and neighbors. SENIORS y Arr. : . - JUNIORS : _ 1 ? v . r. : : : FRESHMEN Laura Wfflidms .-.:::.-. : : . : : Audrey Moskovitz Pat Nolan T illifm Schafer Sue Strueben Bay View Annex 2327 WARRING JUNIORS Bod am . :--::. Jacqueline G: ;:. : Carrie Jenkins 3-: : .-.: ' : _ : : : SOPHOMORES Shiilee Satzke .- . . : .- _ . ' ' ' - v . : - 1 x San V: Donna Weiss NOTED for their singing were the Bay View Hall girls who filled the house with music. On sunny days they congregated on the sun deck enjoying party time and acquiring tans. Memo- ries of a busy, fun-packed year included days of studying and activities and nights of parties, parties, parties. 307 2341 PROSPECT Beaudelaire Club SOCIAL events intermixed with gay late-hour spreads filled a happy year for the gals at Beau- delaire. They lay claim to being the oldest women ' s living group on campus and are already making plans for a Golden an- niversary next year. Highlights of the year were the annual Spring Tea, a " Jingle Ball " and the various and sundry happen- ings on April 1. Perhaps the many surprise engagements and weddings inspired the fa- vorite saying, " Well, isn ' t that nice? " But what inspires the phone girl to say, " Howdy, this hyere is Beaudelaire, " is still in question. SENIORS Patricia Adams Anna Coner Esther Dahlquist Virginia Johns Jean Justice JUNIORS Lucielle Boone Jean Chalmers Jane Dahlquist Mary Grant SOPHOMORES June Braunton Charlene Contival Esther Johansen Charis Johns FRESHMEN Finette Champie Genevieve Ellis Betty Lucas Emily Whitehead LED by their Phi Beta Kappa president, Helen Kenourgios, Bryn Mawr girls pronounced the past year a successful one. In addition to studying hard, there was a full social calendar high- lighted by exchange desserts, a date dinner a la chicken, and a picnic at Tilden. 2328 BOWDITCH Bryn Mawr SENIORS Elaine Ecklund Margaret Gorman Mary Ellen Hunt Helen Kenourgios JUNIORS Jeanne Crescio Mary Jean Welch SOPHOMORES Noreen Alexander Annabelle Borden Harriet Fogarty Gloria Galli Betty McKeen Betty Rasmussen Joan Schmidt Jane Wood FRESHMEN Caroline Lecht Beverly Lehne Penny Olsen 308 The Californian 2455 PROSPECT AMID a round of successful house parties the Califomian found time to place fourth on the scholarship list this fall. They welcomed back alums and parents at an enjoyable buffet luncheon before the Big Game, had wonderful times at their Fall Dinner-Dance at the Willows and their Spring Formal affair at the Claremont Hotel. Well represented in campus activities, the Califomian offered a 1948 Ski Prin- cess, Daily Californian, Blue and Gold, Art Bureau, Orienta- tions Council, Treble Clef and Class Councils workers. Members were recognized for service by election to Panile and Prytanean. They also found time to encourage their mascot, a temperamental turtle named Ozzie, to perform for guests. Ozzie, who resides in a fish pound, was not very cooperative. SENIORS Janet Bocci Patricia Gartner Paulette Goursau Ann Marie Hansen Colleen Mealia Tepsy Mellis Patricia Moriarty Geraldean Petzinger Emily Price Eileen Reidy Ruth Roy Charlotte Sawyer JUNIORS Mary Lou Anderson Nancy Bristow Nancy Jane Burks Hilda Ghio Carol Guido Barbara Hoimann Katherine Kimball Norine Nelson Kathleen O ' Connor Jacqueline Papazian Jeannette Selvage Betty Shanks Sonja Trynin SOPHOMORES Revelyn Brenner Ruth Davis Louise Gilmore Laurene Hacker Helen Leggo Dorene Hayes Norma Mendelson Fay Pellegrini Barbara Risser Marcia Trynin FRESHMEN Joanne Cleveland Barbara King Joanne Jepson Janice Lausten jean Liebman 309 Cheney Ball HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY SENIORS Nancy M. Bachelder Jean Carrasco Mildred Eley Erile Fowler Patricia Furlong Pearl Gartner Betty Hill Shu-chen Helen Lee Marian McCulloch Esther Pike Hilda Posehn Mary Richards Peggy Sweeney JUNIORS Jacqueline Betz Roberta Blough Pallie Bottorff Josephine Cole Stella Crosier Constance Dimmick Patricia Ingram Constance Larsen Marilyn Mann Grace McCague Shirley Meissen Patricia Pauly Nancy Pollock Lucy Reynolds Shirley Rohlfing Maureen Rubidge Donna Shainholts Christine Treiberg Marylinne Weiss Joann Wilkenson Nadine Williams Jean Zander Nellie Zaveallas Ivy Zethraus SOPHOMORES Patricia Bourdet Jacqueline Bruse Jane Culver Joyce Dawson Barbara Decker Jacqueline Harding Marjorie Hoffman Annette Person Jacqueline Price MAINTAINING the highest position on campus, Cheney Hall held reserve seats for the best view in the state. Great talents along the musical lines were found in " ye ole Cheney. " Artists found in the " Rugged But Right Quintet " and the " Harmony Three " are available for gals only get-togethers. The Spring Formal in the Claremont, pajama parties and picnics at Tilden highlighted the year ' s social calendar along with such traditional events as the birthday dinners and coffee time during finals. The year ' s fun and frolic was added to by participation in intramural sports, table tennis, and bridge tournaments between dorms. Cheney claims ownership in one-seventh of George (dog) the hill mascot. 310 Mary Ryan Bernice Sepanian Wanda West FRESHMEN Elizabeth Annmg Dorothy Asher Evaline Black Sara-Winn Blocklmger Barbara Brune Charlotte Bunke Patricia Burns Lillian Dal Porto Edith Downey Margaret Edson Mary Fisher Jeanette Griggs Phyllis Hattery Ricky Hertzstein Ernestine Hutchins Prudence King Jeanne Kipp Jacqueline Bell Kotkin Janis Kulberg Henrietta Kulemin Gretchen Lowentrout Jane McConnell Phyllis Means Lois Miller Mary Milne Beverly Nathan Dolores Phelps Patricia Planz Dolores Russell Virginia Sampson Norma Schlicter Joy Shuiord Patricia Smith Arvona Vogel Geraldine Werner Helen Jean Wineman 311 Cunningham Ball SENIORS Helen Boonos Mary Boonos Marie Ferrero Betty Griggs Beth Kahl Elsie Lothras Florence Nakano Virginia Spino Ruth Tregea Dorothy Weddle JUNIORS Mildred Au Beverly Butler Lois Childs Jeanne Clark June Cockshott Mary Curtis Lucille Eadie Barbara Feaster Lois Forman Helen Francos Stella Francos Joan Graeber Eva Henriksen Eva Jeung Marie Johnson Phyllis Keefer Mary Land Helen Lorenz Connie Messina Maxine Olson Mary Ong Jean Robinson Heidi Roller Wilma Washburn Dorothy Watkins SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Benner Jean Black Mariana Blum Donna Brown Lena Cavallero Beverly Cohen Barbara Davis Nancy English Audrey Gann Ruth Kamena Priscilla King Susan Kline THE long hike up to the " Eagle ' s Roost, " better known as Cunningham Hall, didn ' t tire its occupants enough to prevent them from actively participating in campus activities. Marge Starbuck held the social activities chair at the " Y, " and Cunningham was well represented in Pelican, Treble Clef, and Daily Cal. Such traditions as the disruptive Freshman Sneak, Hearst Ranch picnic, and monthly p.j. parties were carried out. Top notch participation in the WAA league and nightly turtle races in the halls provided athletic occupation. " Shot-in-the-arm Kid " was Sorel Gregory with her " backward laugh, " which could be heard echoing up and down the corridors at any hour. The exchange with Toyon, senior men ' s hall at Stanford, was unanimously declared the social highlight of the year. 312 -. Lam ..:--. -T. SUdor BBWIOB Man Mfetxrf 3aria HanraO ?..==-._ (oaiLakd I DDMI _ f j : . :.--; ?..==-._ FRESHMEN :.r.r z Loth ,:::::;: : ' - " :!=:.-. - - _ - jeon Senzek -r; Sr.epj ;;- one S rven A Ei | --: - Spaa : : : : - HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY 313 Colonial Ball and Annex 2542 DURANT AVENUE FOOTBALL season was highlighted by several open houses and a buffet dinner after the Big Game at Colonial Hall. The Claremont was the scene of the Winter Formal which ended in a complete mix-up with the house detective, Mr. Crook. The spring semester featured a dance on April Fool ' s Day, with everyone adorned as their childhood am- bition, and the Annual Hayride in May. Hair cuts and a bottle of peroxide went the rounds at Colonial, from which the victims are still trying to recover. Crew cuts will prob- ably become the fashion very shortly. The most frequent expression heard around the house was " Why doesn ' t somebody answer the telephone? " SENIORS Margaret Barber Mary Bardes Lorraine Beniot Lynea Berthelson Bernadette Dowd Helen Ginsburg Avivah Kahn Elizabeth Keagy Doralee London Winifred Parr Elizabeth Prendergast Ethel Rudolf Gloria Stachniewicz Jacquith Slockham Doris Swensen Dorothy Throckmorton Jacqueline Weiner JUNIORS Doris Dash Florence Dickson Marcia Fitzroy Carole Kennedy Lilliana Minutoli Gloria Steckley Dorothy Tennant SOPHOMORES Esther Burch Barbara Cranston Marion Emerson Marguerite Falkenborg Dorothy Fitzmaurice Ann Frankel Ruth Fredkin Margaret Greco Patricia Pendleton Barbara Stone FRESHMEN Mariel Corwin Carolyn Graham Carolyn Pinsler Caroline Reginato Elizabeth Barrett 2438 WARRING STREET THE Elizabeth Barrett, commonly known as the " E.B., " is a house rich in ancient traditions. These include the inter- room bridge and pinochle tournaments, numerous " party times, " and a three-minute limit on all phone calls. Decorat- ing the rooms of the girls were a multitude of animals bears, rabbits, scjuirrels who were acting as mascots in place of the three planaria, George, Philip, and Felice, now deceased. Among social events for the year " E.B. " girls listed a hayride, numerous open houses, a dinner-dance at the Claremont, and a dance at the Mark Hopkins. GRADUATES Barbara Boulton Alfa K zrr. SENIORS Laura Jean Emery Virginia Frick Ann Hutchinson Helen Larson JUNIORS Beverly Butler Gwen Fitzpatrick Majorie Lewis Nancie Wilks SOPHOMORES Ernestine Beleal Dorothy Casazza Carol Halper Claire Nowell Janet Stark FRESHMEN Mary Hazeltine Marilyn Jarman Janet Johnson Patricia Kettler Ann Martin Virginia Mcduskey Bonnie Palmer Kathleen Price Marlyn Rosen Felice Rothman Shirley Roy Janet Smith Lois Swanson 315 Epworth Hall SENIORS Barbara Alcock Barbara Blecher Betty Bowen Isabel Bowens Gloria Bruce Lucielle Crane Ellen Davidson Shirley East Delma Fann Elaine Grant Jean Hillaly Barbara Hippert Mary Jane Hopkins Jean Jordan Barbara Kraft Donna Pemberton Faye Stark Gwen Stotts Joan Sutherland Phyllis Towner JUNIORS Joyce Bond Billie Cartwright Betty Conover Carroll Coughlin Jean FitzSimmons Lois Henderson Estelle Hillaly Janette Knott Helen Lee Frances Miller Carol Romberg Jean Schantz Lillie Stanley Jacqueline Sumner Margaret Varney IF you see some gorgeous sun-tanned beauty on campus and follow her home, you ' ll undoubtedly find that she lives at Epworth Hall. Girls at Epworth, along with most other living groups on campus, were known as worshippers of " old Sol. " The added inspiration of a new sun deck must have done the trick, for Epworth ' s grade-point average was second highest for the dorms. Epworth didn ' t restrict itself to study exclusively, for time was found for spring formal, fire-sides, pajama parties, and finally a picnic day and dance at Temescal. The more than seventy girls who live at Epworth claimed this was one of the best semesters yet! 316 Joy Wade SOPHOMORES Isabel Arado Helen Arvanitakas Beverly Berndt Joyce Boughner Joan Braman Peggy Bumgarner Pearl Conn Doris Dana Joan Danielson Terry Gesas Pauline Lee Geraldine Mechler Betty Pistohl Dorothy Schurr Betty Seebode Nancy Uhler Patricia Waugh Judith Ann Whitman Marilyn Williams Fairlee Winfield FRESHMEN Patricia Anderson Marilyn Board Marjorie Carlsen Jo Crail Dorothy Dashner Leila England Daryl Gray Helen Himes Gloria Lorenzen Ruth Murri Janet Romberg Joyce Schaefier Marine Shank Shirley WeUer 2521 CHANNING WAY 317 Freeborn Hall HILLSIDE AND DW1GHT HOUSE meeting time finds Fybate Jean fighting for enslave- ment of the freshman via locked doors during study hours. Week days the coke machine empties under the spell of room 106 and 108 who unceasingly mistake 107 for the empty coke bottle disposal case. Gladys saves the Free- born honor and adds excess weight to all by passing out that chocolate stuff. From 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., kids upstairs use the floor for yogi practice. Then there ' s the barn dance, " Sweep the dirt to the side, Midge, it adds atmosphere. " George plays a big part in the Freeborn love life, but we ' ll all be happy as soon as they put in that new escalator. SENIORS lean Becket Betty Jo Hadley Margaret Hastings Evelyn Hazen Re nee Perry Betty Sadler JUNIORS Barbara Druliard Mildred Due Gladys Gilman Maile Grace Bernice Nebiker Mary Lou Nelson Barbara Roskamp Florence Samuel Shirley West SOPHOMORES Joan Asher Pat DeGroot Carol Noderer Beverly Zimmerman FRESHMEN Carolyn Chase Constance Decker Helen Harris Sonya Hedeen Virginia Hill Pat Holliger Mary Jane Jordan Margaret Magadan Mary McFayden Mary J. McMillen Elly Meyer Mary Milford Dorothy Oden Nancy Redman Rosalie Sargent Dorothy Seibert Mary Ellen Smith Peggy Tang Shirley Vollmar 318 Hanson House 2360 PROSPECT SENIORS Morjorie Busterna Patricia Peak Edna Louise Royer JUNIORS Dorothy Ely Betty Fogerdy Nancy Weil FRESHMEN Norma Jane Johnson Isabel Osthoff Bonnie Ritzenthaler SHH! echoed up and down the halls of Hanson House during study hours as the an- tics of house pets, Shancha and Buffie, kept things lively. A dinner-dance last semester also provided fun for all. The girls at Hanson House are peace-loving people who have no feuds with " nobody. " Lantana Lodge 2437 PIEDMONT " QUALITY rather than quan- tity " of girls is what Lantana Lodge was noted for. During the past year these yirls were particularly active in in- tramural basketball, tennis, swimming, and softball. De- spite the weight of studies the year was gay with " hen parties, " a Valentine ' s party, and the Christmas formal. SENIORS Patricia A. Carter Jean Crowell Donna C. Duncan Jewell Gowan JUNIORS Mary Anderson Carolyn Crane Barbara Jane Ellis Mary Anne Ingram Elaine Kleinclaus Joan Mayers Evelyn Shaw Patricia Weatherbie SOPHOMORES Marjorie Constance Mary Finney Margery Peterson Mary Thomsen FRESHMEN Carolee Cliffman Helen Crane Mitzi Frye 319 Joaquin Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT THE year 1949 marked the last year that Joaquin Hall would stand in its ideal proximity to the campus on College ave- nue and Bancroft way The girls were busy with open houses, fashion shows, exchange dinners, a Christmas party, and a picnic at the Adobe Creek Lodge. Joaquin claimed one of the many queens on campus Amy Mark- son, Snow Queen of the Cal Ski Club. Spring rites of sun- bathing on the porch and lawn often elicited responses from the neighbors, but the girls valiantly pursued their tanning crusade in the face of all obstacles. They wistfully bade fare- well to their beloved ten-minute dashes to the seclusion of Wheeler, however, and were ready for a different location with a new motto " Go gettum, Joaquin on Piedmont. " SENIORS Rosalyn Barancik Joan Getzendaner Susan Gordon Nancy Higginbotham Virginia McCord Ann Soule Mary West JUNIORS Norma Ballaris Nancy Hecht Naomi Hutchinson Audrey Mawdsley Rose Perino Rhoda Reed Pat Wilson SOPHOMORES Babette Barancik Joan Carney Dorothy Coneeny Margaret Grant Jacqueline Riley Jean Saltzman Helen Slossen Nadine Tyrrell FRESHMEN Ann Adams Margaret Atkinson Irvine Clayton Janellen Decker Barbara Fraser Sylvia Hay Arlee James Ann Lazarus Amy Markson Marjorie Stoner 320 Mitchell Ball HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY " HIGH in the Berkeley hills overlooking beautiful San Francisco Bay. " Mitchell Hall completed a successful year under the competent but noisy leadership of President Martha Steusloff. Mitchell Hall girls participated in a variety oi campus activities. Susan Gans, Corinna Lothar and Penny Kerr appeared in several dramatic productions, including the " Sultan of Sulu. " Doreen Hannon received her sophomore appointment to the staff of the Daily Califomian at the end of the fall semester, Paula Fischer worked on Peli- can Women ' s staff, and Marian Cohn and Marty Steusloff complete the list of activity minded with work on the class of ' 50 council. Open houses, pajama parties, a party with St. Mary ' s College, formals and picnics completed the social calendar. SENIORS UNIORS -.-. Josephine Cole Nancy Follette Ann Guidera MarylinHood Joyce Johnson ' . ' :--- .-I-. : :. - . --; --- - : - ; - ; SOPHOMORES fa Ha Fisrhs: June Doris Pixton joy Ann Shedwill FRESHMEN Anaiee Berk Nancy Blair Dorothy Bonnineld Una . naBeic Joan Craigie Peggy Jean Gibbons Harriet Goulding Dareen Hannon -:::=:-: r.r- Barbara Leard Corinna Lothar Lorene Palmer Qynor Sue Peckham EDa Mae Proctor HosiziQ Riucildi Sheila Williams Leta Lou Wise 321 Qldenberg Hall SENIORS Cecilia Reynales Louisa Brown La Verne Jansen Betty Arnold lona Rockwell JoAnn Cheesman Bernice Kruse Beverly Browne Artharene Severns Annette Drennan Roberta Laidlaw Helen Goring Barbara Thomson Elaine Fanning Joyce Mancarti Alma Ibbetson Nola Van Harlingen Georgette Hendricks Helen McElwee Kathryn Jones Frances Luke Vivian Mouradian JUNIORS Mary Angela Thirza Arrowsmith Iris Hepps Jerry Hipp Helen Hume Mary McGraw Doris Miner Shirley Mintz Julia Perkins Lucy Avilla Donna Jackson Patricia Newell Florence Pisa Gloria Belich Peggy Raysor Carolyn Richmond Rennee Rubin Jean Smith Phyllis Smith Eva Somlo Caroline Southard Doris Thompson Winifred 1 Mary Whittier Gay Witham SOPHOMORES Iris Binder Margaret Brown THE girls from the fourth dorm on the top of " that hill " were o ly led in a year of work and fun by prexies Doris Thompson and Ami Ibbetson. Oldenberg boasted many activity participants. During this past year the specialty was NSA work, lona Rockwell was outstanding as chairman of Orientations, member of Mortar Board, etc., while another active member was Nan Broderick. At Christmas everyone participated in sending three CARE packages to Europe. The outstand- ing social event of the year was the South Sea Islands dance. Fun for all was provided by the antics of " George, " the mascot, and the engagements race with Richards Hall. 322 ? r : : . . r. ...r. 2bn tafl EffloH .- ::.:._- J: T. VUora BU . Mcfifa : kdtorodUi . FRESHMEN Eof Acr.:- Ethel Hill V:v: r. Hoskiag . IteJMI LOCJ Behn Leqge . r. T _! " " " . ? ' ;r r " T " ' -T.; " : r. ... Flnfa : On tow .- -T. r. z .. " " : r. Mntho 7- : -s OatOOtt Bod Mlf BodfcBi ' .- .,. HozelSheu | _: .-.-. BdH Barbara Sims A r. - - J i ' r f d loan Swingle Elizabeth Tuni " ' - Roaemar Way . bfed0y I -.r.z T ' - ' laanW HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY 323 Peixotto flail SENIORS Barbara Atkinson Annette Deitch loAnne Elledge Madeline Grote Mary Jane Herbert Shirley Jones Joan Kennick Betty Lutz Helen McKee Sally McKinney Marie Millikan Audrey Millman Rose Pastorino Florence Pressey Virginia Sanborn Ann Troutman Marian Toleman JUNIORS Jessie Ashton Ruthan Brinkerhof May Cordelia Marilyn Chapman Jean Douglas Nancy Ewing Dolores Fischer Ruth Helen Girsh Ruth Gallagher Ruth Glover Chris Hapke Nancy Hecht Gloria Kramer Mildred Leong Clara Lucero Eleanor Masson Martha Morningstar Mary Ong Pat Peterson Ruth Rickansrud Janet Ruby Melba Sewell Gene Slanker Suzanne Sommers Beverly Tanner Betty Whetstone SOPHOMORES Mary Bargiacchi Mary Lou Caldwell Barbara Erhart Marcia Ernest Harriett Golsen Irva Hamilton Jane Hazlett THE largest women ' s living group on campus, Peixotto Hall spent an active year under the leadership of " Rushing Rose " Pastorino. Open houses, winter and spring formals, birthday dinners, and a party with St. Mary ' s College high- lighted the social calendar for the year. Under the direction of Sue Sommers many of the girls worked in a children ' s community center adopted by the hall. Impromptu lessons in the Charleston, knitting, the ukulele, and hair cutting supplemented book learning. Two phones for 115 girls led to the common cry, " Are you about finished with the phone? " Tragedy came to the lower floor when Adamandus, prize goldfish, went down the drain while having the fish bowl cleaned. 324 FRESHMEN Carol Arvin ' Donna Geroond Uarjorie Brewer Cyanne Nancy Enloe . .7.- : - " _-_: .. -- Betty Grau Harriet Greene Hagncf Hrrr.; Robin Haseltine Nancy Horack loan Kelly Doris Levy Louisa 5. Claudia Lightner Catherine Spanyers -::..._ .- -:.c.r. : r. F-r.r.- ' ' : Pbyflh .- : = .- z . ;:. .-:;r.: 3 L::;:r. . Evanka Poppoff Darii ;-.:: ' Uacdki IBby Dorothy Willis DWIGHT AMD HILLSIDE 325 Richards Ball V GRADUATE Carol Watson SENIORS Phyllis Barnes Virginia Craig Mary Jane Pansier Jacqueline Grover Maxine Lewis Patricia Love Virginia Malcolm Marian Merrill Laura Reinhard Marianne Sehlmeyer Barbara Short Jean Stockton Mary Todrank Lois Webb Rosemary Wierschke Dorothy Wolfe Shirley Joy Wyatt Irene Yee Miriam Zacharin Mary Zeller JUNIORS Eleanore Frances Anderson Leslie Ball Carolyn Jean Blake Eleanor Louise Buchter Thelma Chirm Dorothy Laverne Clark Jeannette Maxine Demo Charlotte Fischel Gloria Forsblad Elizabeth Forsyth Diane Marie Fruhling Shirley Gapen Patricia Howell Margaret Isenhower Jean Malcolm Shirley Manes Patricia McKim Julia Moss Janet Munger Evelyn Musacchia Charlotte Pearl Shirley Rich Ruth Savage Gloria Scott Virginia Soelle WITH the continual shout of " fourth for bridge " the gals in Richards Hall, under the leadership of president Mickey Lewis spent this year vainly trying to study amid noise, party and picnic times. Starting off the fall semester with a bang was the traditional pajama party for new freshmen with lots of singing to the accom- paniment of Mike ' s ukulele. Following up were numerous open houses, the hill formal, and Richards ' traditional spring picnic at Hearst Ranch. Several Brownie troops were entertained by the house at a Christmas party, and nearly every- one spent the year madly trying to sell Blue and Gold or collect for WSSF. In spare evenings, the topic under discussion was usually new and clever ways to paint the Delt bear. 326 : v v " " ] : ' - :; ----- ' . ' V. . T y - ; : -- " " : . " :.: ' r .::. ' : : : :. Marguerite Stebbins : : : 3i .:.::-;:: fl - : :: :: u VJH - lAarjorie Ward " . Zam FHESHMEN : _ 4 . . . - . : - ' :: -. ' : - .- H-rr:et_Coates Car in Cuir.:: " . " ' :.: : " :-: " -: - _ - -_-:- Diane Garfinkel ... _ . - - . ' ' ' i . ' . . - Angeto Lireris ; . -. ' " . r T ' -T r ; 7 " " :--- ' ' - Doris Rider Ruth Smith Shirley Solomon r - : - ' :- AnnalaaWood mLLSIDE AND DW1GHT 327 Hitter Hall 2422 PROSPECT HITTER Hall is noted for its distinction in being supported by the Prytanean Alumni Association and was named for Dr. Mary Bennett Hitter, the first woman doctor on the Berk- eley campus. Hitter ' s social calendar was very full with the picnic-swim held at the beginning of the semester so the new and old girls could become better acquainted, open houses, the very lovely Spring Formal, and the tradi- tional formal tea. YWCA Cabinet, Pre-Med Society, Sopho- more Class Council, and Cal Hosts claim members from Hitter, while other girls are found in the National History Honor Society and the National Language Honor Society. Soph Doll Emily Bond is another who lists Hitter as " home. " SENIORS Dolores Colder Lois Coombs Mary Grimes LaRae Hampton Nancy Standring Pat Thurston JUNIORS Martha Burger Ann Gist June Kovach Dorothy Meixner Evelyn Steele Iris Twigg Janice Versteeg SOPHOMORES Emily Bond Helen Chamousis Geraldine Chinn Bonnie Jean Close Barbara Ebbesen Edina Heagerty Jean Pfeiffer Carolyn Sanders FRESHMEN Glenna Barrass Estelle Benedict Shirley Castner Donalee Gravelle Elizabeth Kansshiro Margaret Lum Elinore Magee Jane Reidy Josephine Scharsch Charlotte Wilson 328 Prospect Terrace 2505 PROSPECT GRADUATE Joan Leonard SENIORS F._::h-e Alar.j Batty Peggy Miller Martha Smith SOPHOMORES Doris Hermann Dorothy Lane Catherine Palmer FRESHMEN Ruth Rosenberg Marilyn Thompson " HAIL to California " and other familiar strains of Cal music were heard often at Prospect, where any time was singing time. The girls are proud of the interest they con- tributed to campus activities during the past semester. A solemn note was added at the end of the happy year by the traditional Senior Farewell Dinner. St. Margaret ' s Bouse 1820 SCENIC SENIOR Moreen Kindergan JUNIOR lonet Morchetti SOPHOMORES Florion Clausen Rosalie lones FRESHMEN Patriiia Acuiar Helen Hartley Carol Boyington Betty Eoo Sallis lean Long NINETEEN-forty-nine was a big year for the girls at St. Margaret ' s House, both scho- lastically and socially. Al- though maintaining a high position on the scholastic list, they found time for monthly get-togethers either in the form of an afternoon tea or midnight pajama party. Dur- ing each semester the group sponsored one dance, pro- claimed a success by all. 329 Sherman Hall 2250 PROSPECT SOCIAL functions and varied campus activities kept the girls at Sherman happy and busy. The girls enjoyed pajama parties and overran the kitchen for study hour feeds. Along with the usual functions of dances and picnics the girls were noted for their cooperation and school spirit as well as high grade point average. SENIORS Alicia Fracaro Eleanor Feder Jean Jenkins Dorothy Leston Mildred Nelson Sonia Nepveu Clara Ontell Evelyn Rose Rogg Barbara Spurgeon Carol Sunkel JUNIORS Jane Freeman Gloria Goldberg Elva Jovisich Janette Jean Elizabeth MontesClaros Marie Mulhall Jean Wilbur Warring Flaco 2434 WARRING " MAD Cap Manor forever " may well be the slogan of Warring Place. They were few in number, but well represented by Gwin Finn in Red Cross, Tessie Treat in Dormitory Council, and Genny Hennessy who counts Prytanean, NSA, Treble Clef and Senior Council. Many friendly fights have left them with no " feudin ' and fightin ' neighbors. " 330 SENIORS Dorthea Darling Mildred Haw Genevieve Henessy Doralee London Marjorie Milleron JUNIORS Louisa Brown Ann Emerson Gwendolyn Finn Carlo Lipori Joan Oakholt Teresa Treat SOPHOMORES Isabel Freud Lorraine Guelette Helen Halvorsen Barbara Weinberg FRESHMAN Lorraine Isacson Stratford Ball 2520 DUHANT BONANZA year for Stratford Hall was 1948-49. First came Homecoming with an open house buffet after the Big Game, and the balconies provided choice seats for Col ' s equiva- lent of the Rose Bowl parade. Mrs. Book gave her traditional " first nighter " party to greet the spring semester, and prexy Janet Streshly instigated coffee time parties on Thursday afternoons. Fame came to Stratford Hall when the intra- mural softball team reached the finals in the championship playoffs. Six boxes of chocolates were passed; three girls were honor students; Shirley Low was a UC Chinese Stu- dents Glamour Girl; vice-president Shirley Ellis was a Pelly salesgirl and model; and Jeanne Dausse was editor of the Yacht Club Current. SENIORS Marjorie Brown Lays Daskarolis Barbara Jean Dykes Mary Sue Finnegan Jo Knees Lind Massingham Betty Nelson Elizabeth Seetoo Pat Sprague Jacqueline Whitmer Anna Wong JUNIORS Mary Ann Ambrosine Dolores Donahue Roslyn Grossman Joan Hoffman Shirley Low Alice Marchionni Dolores Osborne Janet Streshly Barbara Walker ' Shirley Walsworth Rae Wilson SOPHOMORES Jeanne Dausse Shirley Ellis Marilyn Hale Jeanne Kilsby Dale Long Kay Lowy Mary McDougal FRESHMEN Margaret Hicks Marie Louise Lewis Patricia Walker Betty Weaver 331 Stern Sail UC CAMPUS GRADUATE Carolyn Christian SENIORS Margaretta Baker Dale Burt Jacqueline Chandler Barbara Child JoAnne Farrand Marcia Fischer Marilyn Gist Beverlee Hogan Clarissa Kimber Elizabeth Kimber Dorothy Knox Joan Mawhorter Lorraine Melvin Patricia Milloy Elinor Olson Nancy Ottinger Marion Porter Patricia Randolph Sonia Saeta Shirley Smith Joyce Snyder Elizabeth Stansfield Shirley Stewart Dale Walker Peggy Warner Carol Wood JUNIORS Pauline Baker Polly Catlin Carolyn Clark Diana Clarkson Jeannine Coombs Patricia Glenn Beverly Gordon Roberta Gustafson Barbara Hobbins Barbara Josselyn Betty Ann Klamt Margaret Maurer Mary Elizabeth McCarthy Edith McEwing Jeanne Oakley Elizabeth Renth Lois Schrager Terry Weidemann Maggie Wilkins AFTER June the girls from Stern can look back on memories that both bless and burn ... the dead fish and LSB frogs left by the seniors as they departed upon their sneak . . . the swish of formal skirts at the Spring and Fall formals ... the noisy bridge games at coffee hour during finals . . . the weird characters that attended the hobo dance . . . the suspense and then the uproar on the evening when Edie McEwing captured the ASUC vice-presidency . . . the slightly off key renditions of the Muffler Man and the Gopher Girls during meals . . . winning the cup in the WAA softball competition . . . the serenades, pinnings, and numer- ous engagements . . . and last, but not least, the unforgettable view from the house on the hill on a clear night. 332 SOPHOMORES Christine Acker ?. ' ::on Bulier Mary Carpenter - T:cia Crow Virginia Davis Carolyn Dean Maureen Delaney Renee Depauli Phyllis Foster Barbara Geiger Vera Glynn Virginia Jones Joann Killeen Susan Kline Joan McNeilly Beverly Merchant Lois Pacini Anne Said Carmelita Southern La Vaughn Surges FRESHMEN Dorothy Alford Judith Alles Marilyn Bruns Barbara Butler Patricia Clark oeth Cole Page Decker Karen Hansen Sharron Hitt Marilyn Ilgeniritz Helene Jacobs Eleanor Johnson Corinne Junker Joan Kennedy Betty McOuaid Nancy Montgomery Patricia MulHn Rosalind Nagin Harriet Renth Elizabeth Rich Diane Wade Madelyn Williams Ann Wilson 333 ' - . r 1 IK: imm m ? 4, , FRONT ROW, left to right: Dale Walker, Victoria Johnson, Patricia Cody, Frank Adelman, Joseph Rood, Arnold Bloom. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Hallum, Marian Nylen, Marian Meyer, Phyllis Spargo, Wolfgang Kummer, Leo Estel. THIRD ROW: Tersilla Varesio, Arthur Cutler, Elsie Ferrando, Susan Anderson, Phyllis Stickland, Gerhard Hantke, Frank Baronovich. BACK ROW: Robert Naumann, Martin Redlich, Frank Attix, Howard Wilson, Roger Barr, Kent Bullock. Phi Beta Kappa FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY ' S COLLEGE, 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Emma Abrantes Frank Adelman Edith Wetzel Ainsworth Sue Gray Al-Salam Susan Anderson Leland Babcock Silvio Balestrini Francis Baronovich Fred Bartell Elizabeth Kelley Bauer Joseph Baxley Ronald Becker Gloria Benson August Berger Dorothy Black Arnold Bloom Robert Brorby Carl Buckholz Kent Bullock Barbara Child Carolyn Christian William Clancey David Clark Ezra Clark Patricia Cody Morris Cohen Howard Conklin Carlos Cuadra Gloria Cuadra Malcolm Currie Bonnie Cushman Arthur Cutler Anthony De La Pena Robert Desky Hyman Diamond Douglas Dowd Curtis Dreyer Esther Eastvold Edwin Elliot Leo Estel Alice Fledderman Emanuel Friedman Frank L. Blue, Jr. Douglas Chapman Gerald Stanley Barker Rosemary Clark Bruce Alan Becker Lejeune Cummins Jessie Berman Donald De Fremery Virginia Carole Breyer Donald Andrew Edwards Anthony Edward Farnham Eugene Alfred Hammel Wesley Hemphill Harker Ruth Sachie Hase Donald Anton Henriksen MEMBERS Joseph Frisch Don Galfond Judson Goodrich Philip Griggs Rosemary Hallum Joseph Hattersley Kenneth Hinsvark Elsa Huber Alice Irish Bryan Johns Margaret Jory George Kelley Ruth Kilby David Kleinecke Wolfgang Kummer Ph.D. INITIATES Chivukula Krishnamoorthy Ting Kwan Pan Dattatreya S. Rao A.B. JUNIORS Richard Herbert Morris Henry B. Nicholson George E. Owens Lucille Marie Paris Bonita Jean Peterson Selma Larson Thomas Leonetti Joseph Lubin Melvin Lyon Ralph Macay Marcia McClain William McDonell Marian Meyer Peter Masson Jean Miller R. V. Moran Robert Naumann Daniel Nickel Marion Nylen Ethel Pflaum Martin Redlich Phyllis Reeves Thomas Rickard Martha Robinson Joseph Rood Homer Rutherford Martin Schulman John Seagrave Phyllis Spargo Lynn Stevenson Phyllis Stickland George Stone Peter Tannenwald Hans Ury Philip Wagner Dale Walker Jacob Walkin Al Warshauer Harold Webster Natalie Webster Ralph Willoughby Nona Willoughby Patrick Wilson Eugene Wiseman Myrsam Wixman Mildred Wright Norman Zellner Gene Zeoli William Kress Schmelzle Edwin Jack Webber Marvin H. Quicker! Raymond W. Rakow Gordon W. Repp William W. Shane Gerard Silberstein Ernest R. Simon Stephen Sosnick Leslie Sguier Audrey Jean Stevens Ruth Traver E. Louise White Gordon K. Wood Harold N. Zemelman Dana Leroy Abell Robert Abranson Patricia Ann Adams Barbara Grace Alcock Paul Edward Baender William Thompson Bagley Robert Vinther Balfour David Edward Ball Frances Harry Bauer Martha Elizabeth Bauml Jonathan Bayliss Robert Ernest Beck Jean Ellen Becket Richard Lloyd Benas Harry Clifford Bertucelli Stephen Herbert Bess William Edward Bittner Julius Rubin Blum Robert Addison Bonar William Oliver Bright Donald Eugene Baker Anne Marcella Bertolone Robert Eugene Cartwright Kazuko Duguchi Arthur Sylvan Brill Lester Paul Brolliar Hugh Winslow Burrell William Allen Carroll Price Ellsworth Charlson Oscar Luis Chavarria-Aguilar Shirlee Balaban Cherniss Victor Bailey Cline Jeanne Cox Marian Banks Cross Margaret Anne Cunningham Jack Coville Davis Richard S. Dingle Jack Dudley Dowell Thomas Robert Eliason Julia Irene Elliott Albert Bertrand Elsasser Maury Engel John Howard Epstein William Louis Epstein Richard Allen Fagetti A.B. Julius William Feldman Robert Edmund Florin Catharine Foehr Wilma Carlson Follette Franklin Carson Ford Laurance Vincent Foye Earl Wayne Friesen Thomas Martin Gale George Grahame Glascock Irving Goldstein Mary Hall Grey Davis Grossvogel Everett Vernon Haddick, Jr. Harry Robert Hahn Wallace Belden Hall Carroll Edwin Harrington Charles Anthony Henry Malcolm Ralph Hersko Horace Albert Howe Peggy Edith Hoyt Lois Ruth Huffman SENIORS Betty Vance Humphreys Carleton Laird liams Mitsuo Inouye Andrew George Jameson Carolyn Jeannette Johnson Victor Emmett Johnson William Jacob Karppi John Bertrand Keliiaa Desmond Gregory Kelly Helen Kenourgios Renee Mary Kimber Edwin James Knapton Jerry Monroe Koplowitz Baker Frederick Lake Donald Ware Lathrap William King Sing Leong Alfred Richard Louch Jean Anne MacKenzie Charles Wilbur McMaster David Paris Mandeville Lorraine Shirley Melvin Stanley Kimball Monteith William Masaru Nakatani Richard Dale Oehler William John Owen Burt Taggart Parkinson Milman Parry Daniel Ira Pomerantz Mary Emily Price James Jay Raugust Elizabeth Butler Reed Alice L. Richardson Marilyn Riggs Robert Rogers, Jr. Ruth Ruhr Roy Severin Franz Saphir Mary Jane Satterfield Margo Louise Skinner William Taylor Smelser Roger William Smith Violet Epstein Smith Mary Louise Spencer Edith Irene Delsol William Lively Dunaway Eldon Ford, Jr. Nicholas George, Jr. B.S. SENIORS Frederick Wortman Hebbard Russell Lindsay Hodgson Alexander Neal Jack Laurel Frances Malloch Norbert Muller Dolores Braselman Newman Frank Zavier Ogasawara Hilda Regina Posehn Carl Ann Pratt Laura Luoisa Ryan Kay Ryugo Jerome Peter Solari Wilbur Hunt Stevens William John Thompson Gloria Patricia Stachniewicz Robert James Stirton Jean Adele Stockton Margaret Louise Strassel John M. Street Rubin Tepper Morton Jacob Thoshinsky Frederick Brown Turner Leo Anthony Wagner Patsy Sue Walker Mary Kathleen Watkinson Susan Jaeger Watson William Wehlau Florence Clarkson Welch Amelia Fay White Stanley Willner Patricia Anne Wills ' John Henry Windesheim Weightstill William Woods Everett John Wyers Beverly Jean Tong Kyoto Uriu Ellis Joseph Willits, Jr. Ben Tsutomu Yoshikawa ' " ' Tv- ve ' y tt: . LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Collins, Bill Craig, Joe Widman, Jim Tourtellotte, Dick Bowman, George Ball, Robert Losey, Jerry Cullinane, Nate Shore, Norman Kenfield, Dick O ' Connell, Bill Simkins, Al Griffin, Don Slaiter, Jack Wolfe, Jacque Pry, Dave Kirby, Bill Cauch, Bob Wollbrinck, Whiz Lenz, Mick Kerr, John Elliott, Jon Baker, John Raggio, Jim Barry, Pete Black, John Hale, Bob Kayser. Beta Beta (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 19 06 Fall Thayer Raggio.. OFFICERS ...President... Spring .Jack Wolfe Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freebom Richard Kessler HONORARY MEMBERS FJarl E. Leaderman John Jennings Earl Leebrich Mathew Lynch John Mackenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Captain John Switzer Edwin Voorhies Carl Zamloch Dave Anderson Jon Baker George Ball Jim Barry Jim Beaver Tom Bishoe Pete Black Dick Bowman George Bull Bill Couch Bill Charleston Bob Collin Gerry Collinean Ben Corlett Bill Craig George Cunningham MEMBERS Ray De Jong John Elliot Al Griffin John Hale Bernard Hansen Norm Kenfield Ted Kenfield Mickey Ken- Dave Kirby Bob Kyser Wilbur Lenz Bob Losey Chuck Matheny Jen-old Mitchell Wells Morse Ron Naess Dick O ' Connell Clay Petray Jacque Pry Thayer Raggio Ben Shartuck Greg Shean Nate Shore Bill Simpkins Don Slater Jim Tourtellote Wally Wallbrinck Boo White Joe Widman Jack Wolfe 337 - r- - FRONT ROW, left to right: Stansfield, Jamison, Smith, Badger, Kelly, Hodge, Adams, Cords, Whitney, J. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Hale, Dickey, Maushardt, Andrews, Rademaker, Keresey, Price, Heiman, Webster, Ahlgren, Wilson. THIRD ROW: McConnell, Bagley, Fairclough, Cullom, J. Jensen, F. Brunk, Folker, Rush, Scherer, Fagan, Haskell, Moller. FOURTH ROW: E. Brittingham, Bartlett, K. Brittingham, Scott, Loutzenheiser, Lenz, Slaiter, Thompson, H. Jensen, Turner, Coelho, Corlett, Crane, Durante. FIFTH ROW: Tourtellotte, De Martini, Murphy, Wolfe, Jackson, Nichols, D. Anderson, Fisher, Stoke, D. Brunk, Wiser, Spangler, Conners. BACK ROW: Mehlert, Bullard, Keenan, Beaver, Bowman, Bisho, Pedersen, Callaghan, Schumacher, Seidel, Ball, Banning, Baldauf, Bailey, McDonald. Winged Helmet ' Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1901 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Fred Hodge Ring Giver Noel Kelly Chamberlain Ken Adams Clerk Spring Ken Adams Don Jackson Jim Cullom George Badger, Charles Cords.. Councillors Jim Duvaras, Dave Nichols A. M. Becker Donald V. Blomberg George Briggs Ralph W. Chaney Edgar H. Chappell Walter M. Christie James H. Corley Robert R. Dable W. G. Donald Carroll Ebright Greg Englehard Clint Evans Stanley B. Freeborn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. G. Gettell John S. Goerl C. A. Gulick Chaffey Hall J. H. Hildebrand Miles R. Hudson Harry Kingman Myron E. Krueger Willard S. Letter N. Wing Mah R. L. Olson F. C. Palm Kenneth Priestly Clarence (Nibs) Price Marshall Robinson Ben S. Sawtelle Robert Sibley Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Edwin S. Thomas Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn (Pappy) Waldorf Ed Welch Jack Williamson Garff Wilson MEMBERS Ken Adams George Ahlgren Dave Anderson Don Anderson James Anderson Jack Andrew Wilber Andrew Phil Arnot George Badger Bill Bagley Bill Bailey Martin Bailey Rainer Baldauf Don Ball Bob Banning John Bartlett Jim Beaver Tom Bisho Phil Crane Sam French Russ Bohlk Jim Cullom Robert Griffith Dick Bowman Jack Curley Dick Hafner Tad Brittingham Bob Dal Porto John Hale Ken Brittingham Bill De Martini Al Haskell Frank Brunk Warren Deverel Warren Heiman Don Brunk Loy Dickenson Bob Hileman Russell Bruzzone Ray De Jong Fred Hodge Jack Bullard Don Dickey Don Jackson Charles Callaghan Martin Durante Robert Jamison Mai Channing Jim Duvaras Hans Jensen Dan Coelho Dudley Fagan Jack Jensen Claude Conners Richard Fairclough James Johnston Charles Cords Don Fisher Paul Keckley James Corison Charles Folker Harold Keenan Ben Corlett Ben Scott Foster Noel Kelly Arthur Craig Rod Franz Jim Keresey Wilbur Lenz Jack Loutzenheizer Ben Maushardt William McConnell Bruce McDonald Calbin Mehlert Bob Melton Robert Merrill Dick Miller Tim Minahen George Moller Austin Morris James Moulton Daniel Murphy Lyle Nelson Dave Nichols Norman Pederson Jim Price Jacque Pry Ted Rademaker Dwight Rush Charlie Sarver Bill Scherer Don Schumacher Jerry Scott Al Siedel Bob Sherrard Nate Shore Don Slaiter Frank Smith Jim Spangler Roger Stansfield Randy Stoke Ira Thompson Roger Thompson Herbert Thomson Jim Tourtellotte Ian Turner Van Vandegrift Dale Webster John White Eugene Whitney Joe Widman Lindsay Wilson Emerson Wiser Jack Wolfe Tom Wolfe Hank Wright Dale Yee James Yost 338 - ; Betty SUBTwM 5. ? " :-; Prytanean Dusmcm Susan Thomas Ann Schwenk Dorothy Beck OFFICERS Spring ...-Corresponding Secretary.. - - - - Treasurer- Beatrice Ch; _ ..Membership Chairman Neysa Dugan Betty Stansfield ______________ Dorothy Beck ...Beatrice C HONORARY MnmEmi Chvc G. Ccr z Mae Twist Joyce Jensen Leila Anderson Mrs. Barbara Anr. : - - - Mrs. Edna Bailey . - . L ......... Miss Margaret Beattie ' ::---;-. -I--:-. ::: ' ' - . 2 -: r. Mrs. Sue Brown Mrs. Amy Bumslead ' :.- ' .-. : - ::.:: . . -..--. . Mrs. Charlie Clarke Miss Louise Cobb Miss Edith Coulter -.......-. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mrs. Mary B. Davidson Miss Sarah Davis Mrs. Ruth Donnelly " : spenschade Mrs. Katherine Gawdy Miss Pauline Hodgson Miss Alice Hoyl _ . .. .. .- . - Mis. lean Marfarlane Mrs. Margaret McQuary Mrs. HUdegard Millar : - ; --; ' ' Miss Florence Mullins Miss Margaret Murdock Miss Cecil Piper Mrs. Catherine Quire Miss Cannel Riley Miss Agnes Robb - . . . Miss Constance Steel :-::.: ' Dr. Margaret Zeii Patricia Adams A : -- - : - : ::: - r- ' ::--- r :--..-- Patnaa Brown : . - - Beatrice Challiss Barbara Child I --- :::_- - . . ... -..-..;. . .. Jo Anne Erickson ' ' :- : : -: ' ' -. . ' Elizabeth Hatfield Jean Haw ley : Date Hays Genevieve Hennessy ' - : - :-: -: - Madeline Hoicomb Betty Humphreys ! - - " :.:- .... .... -. _. Mary Ann Lowe Beverly Kristich H ' .--.: Beverlee Lehman Mary Claire Lynch ' .. ' .-:- --: - - ....... . ' : - - ' ' : : : Harriet Paul June Paul Dawn Pawson Janet Power lona Rockwell Beth Rosen Janet Rouse Ruth Roy ::-.- - - : : - - - Ann Schwenk lean Sherwood ] : - .- . . : . - - : Phyllis Stickland Jean SuHern AikaTakita Susan Thomas Betty Mae Van Lew . June Wightman - :VN:C?.S 1 : - - : Dolores Clapp ... . . . _ . .. . . ... ' . ' -: - T :: Barbara Grischott Mary Grace Hansell Gwen Hanson ' ; : - ' Barbara losslyn Phyllis Karg - . - :. ' ::. : - - -: ViTianLee .. ' ::: : ' - ::- " -::- Edith McEwing - :: : ::: Claire Mulvany :- - - :- ; .. . ..... Marian Pierce Mary Reoard Eleanor Ann Reid .3 Riordan Lois Rivers Jean Schmitz Lois Schrager Leabelle Sutton IxirborQ Sttu to Tuut --=- : . Marian Taylor Dorothy Tennant Marjone Towler lay Wade Sally Walker Louise White ' ' ::.:: ' . ' 339 JJI FRONT ROW, left to right: Ann MacWilliams, Lois Schrager, Claire Mulvany, Ann Bendixen, Charlotte Houston, Virginia Gerke, Sally Marsh. SECOND ROW: Lu Blancarte, Shirley McAree, Louise Gilmore, June Fischer, Caroline Edmonds, Diane Harward, Virginia Jones, Joan Ericksen. THIRD ROW: Eleanor Chalmers, Joan Caughell, Lee Sutton, Jean Tracey, Jean Brewster, Lael Wyatt, Ann Denny. BACK ROW: Kay Lloyd, Joan Foster, Sally Hinman. t Fanile (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1939 ONE CHAPTER Fall Mary Clair Mulvaney.. Ann Prentiss Lois Schrager Jacklyn Erlin Sally Marsh OFFICERS President Vice-President ..Corresponding Secretary.. Recording Secretary ....Treasurer Spring Ann Bendixen ..Charlotte Houston Mary Blair ..Ann MacWilliams Virginia Gerke Betty Barton Mary B. Davidson Katharine Fischer HONORARY MEMBERS Alice Hoyt Joy ce Jensen Catherine Quire Katherine Towle Ann Bendixen Mary Blair Lu Blancarte Jean Brewster Jacquelyn Bye Joan Caughell Eleanor Chalmers Barbara Cherney Joan Cherney Diana Clarkson Ann Denney ACTIVE MEMBERS Caroline Edmonds Joan Erickson Jacklyn Erlin June Fisher Joan Foster Virginia Gerke Louise Gilmore Jeanne Hamilton Diane Harward Sally Hinman Charlotte Houston Virginia Jones Kay Lloyd Sally Marsh Shirley McAree Ann MacWilliams Mary Clair Mulvaney Ann Prentiss Lois Schrager Naomi Shubin Leabelle Sutton Lael Wyatt 340 - ' FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Houston, Chris Markey, Jack Reiser, Bill Began, Ray Bartholomew, Don Fisher, Waldo Cook, Al Davies. SECOND ROW: Bill Ridgway, Al Johnson, Dick Dunn, Ed Bartlett, Jim Ohm, Bill Rieger, Al Seidel, Frosty Knoop. THIRD ROW: Dick Reese, Joe McKim, Bob Lacomble, Dick Tullsen, Jim Howe, Dick Ogden, Harry Polglase, Lee Sneth, Pete Schabarum, Bob Minahen, Don Monroe. BACK ROW: Bob Ryan, Bud Witter, Doug Davies, Paul McKnight, Mac Wasson, Tom Paulsen, Roy Ward, Gil Beck, Jim Monachino, Hap Lord, Jim Dawson. Triune (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Dick Houston... Al Siedel Pres Hotchkis.. President Vice-President ..Secretary-Treasurer.. Spring Bill Began ...Pete Schabarum Chris Markey Ralph W. Chaney UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freebom Edwin C. Voorhies Ray Bartholomew Ed Bartlett Gil Beck Bill Began Tad Brittingham Don Brunk Waldo Cook Al Davies Doug Davies Jim Dawson DonDodson Dick Dunn Don Fisher Bob Frazer Jack Higley Pres Hotchkis Dick Houston Jim Howe Al Huber MEMBERS Al Johnson Dick Kelly Bob Kniptash Frosty Knoop Bob Lacomble Hap Lord Joe McKim Mike McGuire Chris Markey Jack Meyer Don Monroe Paul McKnight Bob Minahen Jim Monachino Dick Ogden Jim Ohm Harry Polglase Tom Paulsen Dick Reese Jack Reiser Bill Rieger Bill Ridgway Bob Ryan Dick Saxby Pete Schabarum Al Seidel Bill Shaw Lee Sneth Bill Thompson Dick Tullsen Neil Tweitmoe Van Vandegrifi Pete Van Sicklen Roy Ward Mac Wasson Jim Waste Lynn Watson Bud Witter 341 % 4.- f - . $? ' FRONT ROW, left to right: Eric Schultz, George Souza, Jim Turner, Jim Yost, Len Jones, John S. Najarian, Frank Van Deren, Forrest Klein, Jon Baker, Bill Montagne, Don Jackson. SEC- OND ROW: S. York, R. Sayles, D. Welch, D. Webster, Chuck Lucchesi, Jack Lavery, Hugh Mumby, Ray DeJong, Pete Schabarum, Bob Dal Porto. THIRD ROW: George Gossler, Mo Mathews, Jim Hardy, Dick Cotton, Jim Smith, Bob Walker, D. R. Slater, Charlie Erb, Don Anderson, Jim Mnachino, Roland J. Maples. FOURTH ROW: Dave Burg, Floyd Butler, Len Warren, Gale Nettell ' Don Fisher, Ted Rademaker, Ben Corlett, Carl Ohmer, Jack Norberg, Sanford Dickey, George Ahlgren, Bob White, Jim Moulton. FIFTH ROW: Bill Barrows, Fay Blair, Staten Webster, Frank Brunki Dan Seamount, Ian Turner, Ralph Purchase, Justus Smith, Bob Hileman, Herb Steiner, John Silcox, Leland Arth. BACK ROW: Rod Franz, Ned Robinson, Ted Sawyer, Roy Richards, Herb Schmal- enberger, Will Lotter, Bart Ely, Martin Vesenka, Jerry Silverstein, Dave Anderson, Clark Graves. Big C Society Fall Bob Dal Porto Dave Turner Jim Anderson ... OFFICERS ..President.. ..Vice-President Secretary Spring Jim Cullom Jack Lavery Clark Graves Richard Abreu David Barrows Albert Becker Ralph Cheney James Corley John H. Bailey Jonathan Baker Henry Borghi Donald E. Brown Benjamin Brunk Robert Celeri Leland Arth Edward Aitken David Anderson George Ahlgren David Brown Lloyd Butler Don Anderson Philip Arnot William Barros Bud Becker HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frederick Cozens 1. D. Chaney W. H. Davis Monroe Deutsch William Donald Jim Cullom John Cunningham Robert Dal Porto Raymond DeJong Robert Dodds Douglas Duncan Leslie Dean Robert Anderson Donald Danielson Walter Deets Hobart Ely Fay Blair Dave Burg Benjamin Corlett Carroll Ebright Clinton Evans Herbert Foster Wesley Fry Harold Fry John Elliot Boots Erb Richard Erickson Rodney Franz Eugene Frasetto Robert Hileman Claude Hiskey Ira Finney Jim Fiscalini James Hardy Ralph Purchase Richard Cotton Roderick Grant Donald Jackson Brutus Hamilton Dr. J. Harkness Robert Hemphill Joel Hildebrand Miles Hudson FOOTBALL Jack Jensen Leonard Jones Paul Keckley Forrest Klein Willard Lotter William Main BASKETBALL Thomas Tryon BASEBALL Arthur Harwood La Verne Horton CHEW Robert Sayles William Scherer TRACK Louis Jurkovich Robert Humpert James Lytjen E. A. Hugill Robert Johnson Edgar Manske Ralph Miller Franklin C. Palm Walter Meyer Robert Minahen Jim Monachino William Montagne John Najarian Herbert Poddig George Walker Robert Johnson Robert Jones Justus Smith Robert Spenger Roland Maples Harold Mumby Jack Norberg Charles Pease Clarence M. Price Al Ragan Harry Sheppard Robert G. Sproul Robert Tessier Edwin Voorhies Lynn Waldorf John Williamson Robert Wilson Norman Pressley Ronald Stone Charles Sarver Neil Thrams Peter Schabarum James Turner Herbert Schmalenberger Frank Van Deren Eric Schultz Staten Webster George Souza Dushan Zenovich Robert Walker Robert O ' Dell Jerrold Silverstein Ian Turner Darrell Welch Carl Ohmer William Paddock Warner Rademaker Steven York Jim Smith Martin Vesenka John White James Yost Roy Richards Daniel Seamount Kaare Veiling Stanley Blackfield George Gossler Richard Grenfell Oscar Harper Arthur Craig Donald Fisher George Cunningham John Jackson Sanford Dickey William Keller Holway Jones John Lavery Chuck Lucchesi TENNIS James Moulton SWIMMING Morris Mathews Edward Robinson Gale Nettell F. A. Sawyer John Silcox INTRAMURAL Weston Volberg Willis Graves Morris Sockolov D. R. Slaiter Herbert Steiner Len Warren Dale Webster Henry Yee 342 FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Reichert, Rod Lindquist, Ed Lee, Paul GadjerT, John GrawM, Dan Coelho, Wes Prisbey, Jack Lounsberr , Dick Lewis, Joe Widman. SECOND ROW: Bob I . Cal Meklert, Bill Fontenrose, Dick Mcbrdy, In Tucker, Dale Webster, Pete Moreno, Pat Mower, Dale Najima, Bob Anderson, Jim Elliot. THIRD ROW: ffagfe MiMfty, Don Fisher, Harold Hafabs, Greog 0-Hanneson, Dm Watson, Hart Fairctagh. Jack Lawnr, Ctock Ucchesi, Jack Schipper, Do Hodge, Franz Weifaezabn. FOURTH ROW: Far Blair, John Zorwidi, Job Anderson, Tony de la Pena, Dick Tanaka, Roily Stunt, Bob Callaban, Bob DeGrazia. Jose Filler, Herb Swiner Bill Sbafer, Brace Moody. BACK ROW: Leo Gallagher, DM Stamut, Bob Hess, George Irwrn, Wilbr ten. Ha Wright, Bert ROM, Bill McGee, Bill Wilkie, Bob Ribak. Grc Sbetban. Circle " C " Society FoB :- .;: :- BiH Simt-iTiic Jose Fllloy _____ John Grennan . OFFICERS President Vice-Pres;c - Secretai Treasurer .._ Spring Don Reichert -Dan Coelho Wes Prisbey .Dale Webster UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Abreu Lflnoi naaagojl Miles Hudson Edgar Nemir Alva Ragan ' ' ...--_- ' --.-.-.- Brutus Hamilton Charles Keeney Heber Newsam i Greg Engelhard Norman Hinds Rali Miller Charles Pease ATHLETIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Julius Schroeaer George Schioth ' .--- - Don Carter " .: I .: WEIGHT BASKETBALL : TomNilon WRESTLING Dick Hansen Don Hodges Ed Lee Bill Hart Hugh Mumby BillWhelan Dale Najima Henry Stone Hal Wall Don Reichert Dan Coelho Joe Widman Bill Simkins SWIMMING ' 5... ' .-. ..-: Jack Lavery j ' ccic Lounsberry Morris Mathews Bruce Moody Bill Simkins WATER POLO Pad A: Lee Arth Waldo Cook Don Fisher Bob Hess Tony Houser Bob Lacomble Dick Lewis Rod Lindquist Greg O ' Hanneson Wes Prisbey Roland Shutt Bill Spicer Herb Steiner Dale Webster Joe Widman Lynn Walson SOCCER : .-: Al 7.4 : : I v- Apavd:n Bob CalJahan Tony de la Pena Bob DeGrazia JoseFilloy Paul Gad)eH George Irwin Stan McPherson Pele Moreno Ernest Piunti Jack Schipper Maleki Shcriei :: Dick Tanaka Franz Weibezahn SKIING ----.-- ' -- : : Bob Gallison Jim Keresey Iver Lyche Bill Wilkie Fred Volberg BOXING EdFarris John Grennan Bob Lustig James Mower Leland Sapiro BiUSapsis 1 rker RIFLEHY Harold Hobbs Albert Lapides Bob Ribak GYMNASTICS Stan tamm ? : : .-.:.- ' : Paul Carlo) Jim Drink-ward Alan Johnnon Charles Lucchesi Carl Magnuson George O ' Connor Don Reichert John Zorovich RUGBY .-. . Km rinx ? ' ;:,: Bowttt BiUCrorig Jim Cullom JohnGoss John Grennan John Herring George Irwin Monte KoepJ Wilbur Lenz Bob Losey Mike McGuire John Raggio Bert Rowe Eric Schnulmacher Greg Sheehan Ira Thompson Bob Witter Hank Wright Fay Blair CROSS COUNTRY Leo Gallagher Cal Mehlert Dan Seamoant Bill Stauffer Kaare Vefling ICE HOCKEY Brace Watson George r FENCING Frank Taylor 343 FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Oehler, Lee Petersen, Bruce Browning, Ed Nettell, Don Lynch. SECOND ROW: Jim Hokanson, Al Cavallin, Dave Wenrich, Bob Desky, Bill Ellsworth, John DeLasaux. THIRD ROW: Robert Pierce, Don Noakes, Evan Goldenberg, Charles Williams, John Ryan, Carl Trost. BACK ROW: Bill Keasbey, Dave Cavanaugh, Huntley Johnson, Kinney Griffin, Clayton Hastings, John Unruh. Baton (University oi California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Bruce Browning Vice-President Lee Petersen Secretary Ed Nettell Treasurer Don Lynch UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Walter Nollner HONORARY MEMBER Chris Telefson Oran Barlow Robert Barton Fred Benz Bruce Browning Al Cavallin Dave Cavanaugh Jerry Coonley John DeLasaux Bob Desky Bill Ellsworth John Fabrin Bruce Fanshier Tom Ferguson MEMBERS John Gibson Donald Griffith Evan Goldenberg Kinney Griffith Albert Hall Clayton Hastings Jim Hokanson Huntley Johnson Bill Keasby Don Kelly Arthur Kemalyan Neil Lucas Don Lynch Ed Nettell Don Noakes Richard Oehler Dave Perkins Lee Petersen Robert Pierce John Ryan Ben Scribner Carl Trost John Unruh Bob Weaver Dave Wenrich Charles Williams 344 Chris Bothwell Betty Humphreys Beth Rosen Jackie Carlson Margaret Jessepti Margie Gk Dale Millar Betty Stansf ieW Betty Hatfield Gloria Parent Phyl Stickland Madeline Holcomb Dawn Pawson JeanSuffern Doris Housmai lona Rockwell Art Wood Mortar Board (Senior Women ' s Notional Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE. NEW YORK. 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 192S SEVENTY FIVE CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Anderson, Madeline Heinzer, Marvin Dworkin, Dolores Abrams, Eugene Share. BACK ROW: Peter Cerlairti, Addington Wise, George March!, Richard Trumbly, Rex Faubion, Sam Levine. Thalian (Honorary Directing Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1920 345 .iL -LLUi 1 ! I i i Li k FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard Anderson, Marvin Dworkin, Dorothy Johnson, George Hatch. BACK ROW: Addington Wise, Richard Trumbly, Sam Levine, Wilma King, George March!, Clive Justice. Mask and Dagger (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Ruth Helen Rape, Gladys Hansen (vice-president), Wendell Dodds (president), Carolyn Sanders (secre- tary), Coe Schilling, Glenn Loney. MIDDLE ROW: Tom Kelley, Wilma King, Lida Belle Johnson, Patricia Snyder, John House, Dick Trumby, Heinle Opp, Clive Justice. BACK ROW: Sam Levine, Vex Faubion, Joe Ehrman, Taffy Heinzer, Roberta Hirsch, George Marchi, George Hatch, Peter Cerlanti. Hammer and Dimmer (Technical Dramatics Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER 346 :: : ,- ; :, ' , -- :: :- l f-i T -: ::-: ' . ' :-; ' AjuSchwn , Nancy Vinsoa. BACK Ml u ' .a-i Thcmas, Ptiyllis StickUid. MIDDLE ROW: Jackie Carlson, ckwell, Doris HOKUM, Kiye LyKk, Rut Wood. Torch and Shield (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1906 ONE CHAPTER Fed Susie Thomas-.- Ruth Wood. Madeline Holcomb.. OFFICERS Spring j resident ----- Phyllis Stiddand -Vice-Presideni lona Rockwell .-Secretary-Treasurer Jackie Carlson Mary B. Davidson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Catherine D. Quire Lucy Ward Stebbins SPONSOR Dorothy Schulte Jackie Carbon Margie 3.4 r5 : a Madeline Holoamt Doris Housman MEMBERS Kaye Lynch lona Rockwell Phyllis Stkikmd AnnSchwenk Susie Thomas Nancy Vinson Ruth Wood 347 -S4 :3 A . ,r r J- v rU g ' r FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Penny, Al Armstrong, Ted Rademaker, John Hale, Dick Houston, Jack Wolfe, George Irwin Bob Collins SECOND ROW: Dave Kirby Norm Pressley, Mickey Kerr, John Crook, George Ball, Ben Corlett, Ken Brittingham, Hawkins Stern, Don Ball. THIRD ROW: Joe Widman, Jack Lautzenheiser, Bill Cauch, James Tourtellotte, George Hartman, Bob Koenig James " ' , Walker Lundberg, James Barry, George Bull. BACK ROW: Jacque Pry, Ken Adams, Ben Shattuck Henry Wright John Raggio, Dick Bowman, Wilbur Lenz, Bill Craig, Bill Simkins, Don Slaiter. Beaver Skull and Keys Skull and Keys (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1892 ONE CHAPTER Fall William Craig Jacque Pry John Hale George Cunningham.. George Ball OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ..Corresponding Secretary.. Spring Jacque Pry John Raggic ...Richard Bowman Joe Widman .James Tourtellotle Dick Abru Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David Barrows Gill Becker Anthony Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John Calkins Donald Cameron R. W. Chaney Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corey James A. Crutchfield Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe Deutsch William Donald Newton Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Captain Neil Edmunds James Fisk Martin Flaherty Wally Frederick Stanley Freebom Horace Gaither Raymond Gettel HONORARY MEMBERS Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Captain Sandy Goodman Lieutenant H. Greenlaw John Grover Brutus Hamilton Jack Happolt Dr. James Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman Hinds John Hostater H. W. Howard Miles Hudson James Hutchinson Bill Ingram Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander Kidd Lawrence Kinnard W. M. Larimer Karl Leebrick E. London Austin MacDonald Walter Magee Jack McKenzie Ralph MerriH Ralph Miller Brick Mitchell Russ Nagler Eugene Neuhaus John Neylan R. L. Olson F. C. Palm Major G. Peabody Robert Peterson Ken Priestly Al Ragan Carl Reich L. Reno Major C. Sargent William Setchell James Shaeffer Robert G. Sproul Tom Slow H. E Stone Edward Stricklin Major J. Switzer Nicholas Taliaffe E. H. Taylor Colonel Thomas J. Truei Irv Uteritz Philip Van Horn Charles Voltz Edwin Voorhies Lynn O. Waldorf Benjamin Wallace Frank Wickhorst Bob Wilson Jean Witter CarlZamloch Ken Adams Harry Agler Al Armstrong Bill Bailey Don Ball George Ball Jim Barry James Beaver : i Bowman Ken Brittingham George Bull Richard Calender Bill Couch William Charleson William Coleman Robert Collin Bud Corlett John Crook MEMBERS James Cullom George Cunningham WaltDeets Ray Dejong John Elliott Rod Franz John Hale George Hartman Dick Houston George Irwin Mickey Ken- Dave Kirby Robert Koenig Wilbur Lenz Jack Loutzenheiser Walker Lundberg Tim Minahen Bud MitcheU Ron Naess William Penny Norm Pressley Jacque Ply Ted Rademaker John Thayer Raggio Ben Shattuck Nate Shore William Simpkins Don Slailer Hawk Stem James Tourtellotte Bud Van Deren Robert Wallbrink Joe Widman Jack Wolfe Hank Wright 349 June Beal Elinor Crawford Sally Giland Beth Hamilton Margaret Jesseph Carolyn Johnson Ethel Neese Mary Lou Norrie Gloria Parent Dawn Pawson Ella Saunders Shirley Ann Scharpf rlene Shindledecker Barbara Sturtevant Carol Watson Adele Weidenkopf Women ' s T Society FRONT ROW, left to right: F. J. Sobeck, Bob Andrews, Allan F. Woldow, Max Schmidt, Ed Paul, Jim Stewart, Doug Leone, Hal Keenen. SECOND ROW: James B. Simonds, Bob Hess, Dick Van Houten, Irwin Adams, Art Webster, Stuart Sieroty, Jack Roos, Bob Carpenter. THIRD ROW: Bill Barros, Howard Mackey, George Sutliff, Frank Rohan, Harry Gardiser, William T. Wilkinson, Earle Harris, Howard Middleton. BACK ROW: Allan Daily, Dick Walker, William Bazeley, Jerry Howard, Gale Nettell, Carl Forrest, Jim Lyons, George Tallyn, Al Blanc. Ball and Chain (Managers Honorary Society) 350 FRON1 me JohniM, Jane Harding, Eleanor Jessen, Carolyn Driscoll. BACK ROW: Carolyn Johnson, Pat Abbott, Marion Peterson, Sue Raisin, Suzanne Carson. Ace of Clubs (IntersoTority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1928 ONE CHAPTER FRONT ROW, left to right: Val L. Freeman (president), William W. Carder (secretary), Arnold L. Brown (nice-president), Donald B. Robertson, Eric C. Jacobsen (treasurer), Wes Starratt (senior rep. to Engineers ' Council), Larry Snow, Alan Ley. SECOND ROW: Donald J. Ashe, Alberto M. Vazquez, Will C. Griffin, Myron R. Elliott, William R. Strong, Jack Brand, Chung C. Gong, Anon SnvanJhana. THIRD ROW: Byron A. Green, L. F. Thompson. D. A. Lammers, P. J. Moreno, W. F. Eetzler, W. B. Davis, D. A. McFam, L. R. Miller, A. F. Parr (goat). FOURTH ROW: John Larson, Robert Burke, John W. Taylor, L. S. Hansen, R. R. Evans, D. S. Pandall, J. J. Leonine, C. L. Meyers, R. A. Mac- Donald. BACK ROW: J. P. Ransford, William Blank, Charles Shaw, C. R. McClure, R. W. Turner, Professor Bernard York (faculty representatie), F. D. Hansen, J. T. Shimmin, William B. Clark, Ken J. Zerda, E. C. Winterhalder, M. D. Somerton. Mineral Technology Association FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER r% FRONT ROW, left right: Bloom, McClain, Solari, White, Frye, Worsely, Smith, DeForrest, Campbell, Sherby, Rossi, Comstock, Shultz, Moberly, Jansen. SECOND ROW: Craw- ford, Conway, Brown, Robertson, Wallace, Christopherson, Williams, Sloan, Priest, Brumbaugh, Jara, Woodfield, Arnot, Daiss, Jones, Cunningham. THIRD ROW: Dickey, Bon- stin, Emery, Harris, Hodge, Palm, Tippett, Granfield, McGee, Weiss, Thompson, Foster, Ristenpart, Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Hedin, Elliot, Hayes, Ensley, Thompson, Nettle, Davis, James, Leepol, Lundeen, Evans, Anderson, Upp, Moore, Blair, Olson, Richardson. FIFTH ROW: Edgar, Covell, Cutler, Hart, Spray, Coonley, Kessler, Carew, Koch, Baldry, Richie, Campion, Elbert, Everett. BACK ROW: Anderson, Mayne, Cohikla, Peterson, Toollner, Bowles, Bussey, Lumner, Taylor. Phi Phi (National Interfraternity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall El Williams President Spring Bob Conway Bob Conway Vice-President Ron Lundeen Andy Jara Secretary Jerry Elbert Buzz Schultz. . Treasurer Dave Peterson HONORARY MEMBERS Walton Bean Harmer Davis Norman Hinds Royal Roberts Edwin Voorhies Eric Bellquist Clint Evans E. D. Kane Frank Russell Lynn Waldorf James Corley Stanley Freeman David Mitchell Vernon Smith Howell Williams Malcolm Davidson Chaffee Hall, Jr. Ronald Olson R. B. Tippett Graff Wilson Brutus Hamilton Franklin Palm C. J. Vogt GRADUATES Jack Downs Jim Elliott Bert Reich John Worsley Buzz Schultz Ted Schulz Lynn Schloss SENIORS Phil Crawford Jerry Coonley Stan Cutler El Williams Donald Olson George Ensley Phil Emery Les Dean Dick Bussey Bob Pace Bob Frye Phil Bonstin John Upp Hugh McKee Albert Huber Dick De Forrest Don McLean Park Dingwell Phil Arnot John Wayland Jerry Elbert Jack Solari Bob Hays John Woodfield Chuck O ' Conner Walt Reichle Bob Johnson Walter Smith Arnie Seepal Ken King Ian Thompson Bob Ristenpart Bill Whelan Tom Harris Bob Conway Dan Priest Sandy Hook John Toellner Charles Thompson Gale Nettell Harry Sands Edwin Hart Dave Petersen Alvin Blair Jack Swaner Al Mayne Tom Moore JUNIORS Phil Edgar Tom Roberts Sanford Dickey Walter Ullrich Ray Wood George Sutliff John Wayland Hayden Moberly Sandy Hook Louis Gianelli William Ingram Bill Graham Oleg Sherby Don Anderson Tom Bowles William. Arsenault Harry Sands Tom Reardon Richard Baldry Royden Grimm Jim Campbell Bob Brumbaugh Rick Reames Walter Ferenz Bill Richardson Carney Campion Richard Van Houten Robert Peckham Bill Dobbs Jack Weiss Bob Everett Eugene Kessler George Schreiter Tom Hodges Marshall Plant Stuart Jones Ronald Lundeen Carl Grether Lloyd King Harold Lauritzen Richard Rennacker Thomas Slaven Joseph Malone Bill Rhea William Hastings Fred Koch David Shippey Bill Carewe Steven York 352 PROMT ROW, left to right: He-art Naftzger, Prof. C. T. Wiskoeil, Jack Thacker, William Batch, Roger Traeell, James Casey, Charles Pestana, William Reeorts, Donald Elliott. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Fowler, George Bokn, William Green, Robert CroMKli , Roy Wong, Kurt Gentle, Raymond Loomis, Ernest Ow, Valentine Padovan, Richard Roberts, Francis Koster, THIRD ROW: Spaulding Wathen, Joseph Cravotto, Donald Brorson, Oscar Piemme, Peter Varvis, Joseph Kurily, Ltoy Johnson, William Cnher, John Clegg, Richard Ward. BACK ROW: Richard Barhite, Roger Wilcoi, Ralph Lowry, AJvin Beiser, Donald Gorman, Myron Jacobs, Frank Fries, Henry List, John Vkkrey, Charles Michaels, Mian Roberts, Gerard Bristow. Chi Epsilon (Civil Engineering Honor Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY CHAPTERS Fall lad: G. Thacker Kurt H. Gerstle Holland W. Rollins.... Myron M. Jacobs Roger Wilcoi George Boh OFFICERS Spring .President Howard }. Naftzger -....Vice-President William V. Culver Corresponding Secretary Frank J. Fries Recording Secretary George W. Bohn Treasurer John G. R. Clegg ..Associate Editor of The Transit.. Valentine F. Padovan FACULTY ADVISOR Clement Wiskoeil Paul Bailey Donald S. Berry Henry Brunnier Raymond Davis Charles Derleth, Jr. Boris Bresler Rupert Brittain Harmer Davis Fred N. Finn Jon Baker William T. Baleh Dean C. Beaumont Alvin P. Beiser Donald M. Bissell William H. Blair George W. Bohn Gerald F. Borrmann Gerard J. Bristow Donald L Brorson Thomas Q. Chan Philip Chesnutt John G. R. Clegg Sturla Einarsson Lawrence FJsener Bernard FJtcheverry Francis Foote Harold Gotaas Robert Green Roy H. Hoffman Fred Holes Joseph Corollo Joseph F. Cravotto Robert W. Crommelin William V. Culver Edgar F. Davis Donald M. Elliott Donald R. Forrest Lloyd J. Fowler Frank J. Fries Stanley H. Froid Robert W. Ganse Kurt H. Gerstle Jonathan Goodier, IT. HONORARY MEMBERS Sidney Harding Sinclair O. Harper Walter Huber Charles Hyde Bruce Jameyson Joe Kelly FACULTY ALUMNI John ]c ' s George Malony Larry Milnes DavePirtz MEMBERS Donald Howard Gorman William R. Green Rafael Gurevitz Frank B. Harvie David H. Henry Thomas J. Holland Myron M. Jacobs Lloy Johnson Joseph Kurily Harold L. Lansing Charles R. Leirzell Henry J. List Albert J. Littman Ralph Lowry, Jr. Wilfred Langellier Tung Yen Lin Ralph A. Moyer Arnold Olitt Fred W. Panhorst A. M. Rawn Milos Polivka Karl Pister Igor Popoy Charles F. Scheffey Charles Michaels, Jr. Gordon C. Murray Howard J. Naftzger Norman A. Neste Gerald L. Nutting Valentine F. Padovan Fleming E. Peek, Jr. Oscar J. Piemme William N. Records Richard B. Rice Nian S. Roberts Richard H. Roberts Holland W. Rollins Augustus Soph Fred Scobey Robert Sproul George Troiell Clement Wiskoeil James L. Sherard Richard Woodward Dameron Williams Bernard Vallerga Norman J. Ryker Henry A. Schneider Irvin M. Singer Jack G. Thacker Roger D. Troxell James B. Turner Jack E. Van Zandt Peter Varvis John W. Vickrey Richard H. Ward Carl K. Wiehle Thomas D. Wosser Charles E. Zell 353 FRONT ROW, left to right: Avo Lou Sims, Betty Joiner, Barbara Skiles, Pat Vaughn, Margaret Murray, Virignia Carpenter. MID- DLE ROW: Alice Shillington, Labelle Prussin, Natalie Grout, Jane Culver, Carolyn Ploeger, Jean Walton. BACK ROW: Lita Amorocho, Helen Fong, Eva Low, Marilyn Weitzman, Fannie Lai. Alpha Alpha Gamma (Notional Professional and Honorary Society for Women in Architecture and the Allied Arts) FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY. ST. LOUIS, 1922 DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 SEVEN CHAPTERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Anderson (president), Bill Hall, Floyd Pickett (secretary), Jack Smith, Bill Anderson, Bob Newell, Don Codeglia (vice-president). MIDDLE ROW: Ralph Kunkee, Al Cundall, Bob LaVelle, Bob Grimes, Les Olson, Greg LeFevre, Al Blanc, Dick Brooding, Jack Martsolf. BACK ROW: Bill Marshall, Jerry Appel, Bob Slate, Will Parsons, John Russell, Dick Dewey, Temp Johnson, Garry Bland, Ernie Helme. Alpha Delta Sigma (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS 354 Alpha Mu Gamma (Notional Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE LOS ANGELES CITY COLLEGE. 1931 OMICBON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS Pmfcbal OFFICERS Secretary-,. Treasurer Bill Keasbey Art Cutler and Elizabeth Kimber _ ..Marilyn Hoffman Waldo Burcfaard FACULTY SPONSOR Marianne Bonwit : - - : - -: i ' ' . " . MbortaBE Theresa Albertano Ruth AuQxruser John Baker " ' - Rosemar-.e Bailee . QaVE 1 : : : I r : : : : : - r ' - - ' ----- r ' ' :: : i Baa Vladimir Bebenin Jean E. Becket Virginia Biaggi --:;::- ? : : : : r: : - r .- : :. :::- z = -. : ?-;:--: V. " ;.:;;-.. -.-.- - . r .. . . . , Alexander E. Bojko : : - _ - ' : . re Breault Virginia Carole Breyer ----- -. -.- -. : : - -.-: ' :--: - ' ' - - - - ' : -7 - -: : : : Joan Heifer Campbell Vicente R. Castro - -: ' -_- ' - - rt Clinkenb - Rob - " - d :- Vi ' - :--.:: - - - . - C. D. Cooper ' . ' .- ' ' - Stella Crosier Arthur Culler Jack De Benedictis George S- Devany William E- Dunkum Albert B. Bsasser Lucille Fanell Elsie Ferrcmdo bcael -: -; ibnea lean E. Fitzsin Royola Franklin ' ' -:y t : tOHOI Hassan T. Gencsoy - _ ; : Chorunoey S. Goodrich Andree Graham Mary Hall Grey Glen Grosjean. Jr. BillF. Gurule MEMBERS Daniel Schneck Keller Elizabeth timber AlLagorio Baker F. Lake Elmer H. Lane Donald W. Lathrap William H Leong Glenn Looey - - ' _-_ - Patricia Love Carol Aughinbaugh Lower Patricia Lucchetti Lily Ann 1 : Oanrick r. Charles Anthony Henry Malcolm Hersko HedJLBdhlaa Luis Ireland Dorothea Isenberg ; . -. - - . ' - _ : - .- ------ .- r ' ' - - - - . : T : :::::: Victoria Johnson rr:r : :::--vr- Bemice Hink MacFie Flora Helen McKenzie - - . ' ' - - - ' ..--.-. Uarin --- ' ' -- Mary Ann Meagher -- ' -- Y - -.-:,._.. Buttjanlfajw Margaret Pitts Mink : _ - ' - . - " . . an : : iD Jacqueline Nino Verlayne Offenbach Lydia Isaeff Pennell Marian Perry Bay] - -----.. Elmer Nathan Place - " : .- : : ; Carol Ann Pratt William T. Purdy - " - - -- - . . - - r -: : _ . . - .- - - Thomas E. Rickard 1 : - Haskell Robbins Mary Josephine Ryan Elizabeth Schwenk John C. Seagrave Elizabeth R Seywald C. D. Sheldon Nancy Ruth ShiddeU Stephen Soudakoii Vincent D. Spano Joseph T. Sparks Marilyn Spear Leslie H. Sc Gloria Stachniewicz Marilyn Stem Betty Jeanne Stewart Robert J. Stirton Margaret Strassel Genevieve Strieker Sally Stryfcer Seymour Sweet Aiko Takita Renee 1 John N. TSsaot i : - . : Ttii liiiil L. Trapp Russell Turtle HansUry NoelVoge ' ; . -.- .-- - " _ . L Raymond Weisberg Jean Whitman Balhe Wallace Williams - ' ..._. 355 FRONT ROW, left to right: Robert E. Barns, John C. Hooper, Jack N. Donahue, Robert A. Hiscox, Jack B. Landis. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Page, Paul Camp, Ronald Lockyer, Raymond Allustiarti, Leland Marshall, Bruce Kilgore. BACK ROW: Raymond Sommer, Sheldon Friedman, Robert Naughten, Bill McCullough, Edward R. C. Thompson, Donald Green, Robert Lorain, Sam D ' Angelo. Alpha Phi Omega (National Boy Scout Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE. 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS OUTSIDE ROW, left to right: William Robinson, Robert Boies, Robert Cook, William Ulrich, Kenneth Head, Robert Henderson, Nick Champlin, William Webb, John Heiser, Wilber Stevens, Donald Baker, Mr. Olaf Lundberg, Mr. Donald Corbin, Mr. William Jackson, Vice-Pres. Jerome Solari, Pres. Roy Tuttle, Mr. Charles Straehling, Mr. Lawrence Vance, Mr. Maurice Moonitz, Kenneth Smith, Robert Wines, Richard Carrier, Gerald Goldman, Jerry Silverstein, David Nagler, Douglas Howell, Ernest Psarres, G. B. Tallyn. INSIDE ROW: John Branch, George Moss, Thomas Callant, Steve Nakishima, Byron White, Glen Tyler, Leo McClatchy, John Lavette, John Clark, Kenneth Teague, Laurence Ingwerson, Floyd Karp, Charles Nickles. Beta Alpha Fsi -- = . E :- EktonFort JBBH -- -. .:-- ; ; :::. Willis! Date Kiotell tenors lOsf OafeMcKcei Jack Miller OaaU HiUtotl PfcilipOertli Fto Karp Cecil McFa ;=: ==.-. Beta Gamma Sigma (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 1807 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS orncEHS ::. ' . 1 Hv --: - --. -. . .-- VKe-Pnmide " - . : ; BHM --;-.-.:- Spring Daniel Nickel -Wabar H. Stevens : ' :- I - -Harry R. _r _ ' .- . - : -- ' - _ : r. r . r. A .:::.: H . : : l 1 : : lack : A- In :.-.-.:.;. ' ' -...: r - :: ' : . ' . r. - -- .-.r. ' .- ' .-. " Bsac ( Louis A 2 . : : . :- -:-: BUk Robert O. Boies Ftad 1 ' kaad I : - - ' - : Fordon L Carter noank - ::; :: I- - - - 1 . :: .-:r r- A 1 : --; WOknd :::--::; . ;---- . z--. " .- :-..- : I-. - - . - - _ : - I :.; : :- ' :.-: Charles A. Gulick I - -- -i- ---.-_ = :-.- - = -.-: ; - - 1 _ -.-; .- " _ j ;_ faaal Doocy : : r. : : 7- I : r ; - ::;.-_: . EorlT.Esse - V : r r : - ' : E -.-.;: :-::: -1 .- - I in 7::- Georoe P. Frakes |mo V Fnmb - ----- r - - ' Dale H. Hill - - :. - . --- :-..-- Shfatya H:r ;r 1 : -;.:; V Hv FACULTY ADVISOR : FACULTY MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS MEMBERS Ralph W. Luce Ive: Lycta i ' ' -- : - : - ' - hn -:::;:- Soofatd A Ifcak Edwin C. Pendletao - - 1 A .- : - : -:- A -::-:: Ar- .: y tom " .. ' ..-- -. ' - .- - : - ' - :: - ------ ---:-: fcOmm : aU Odbol Philip A. CJertli ... . - : - .E : : _ anal H:., : r H ; ; : ii " . ' . ' : ' . i - . ' . - : : : " . : " DaJe H. Kunbell Benurd : : Dnq ;- ' - ' -:- ------ Ldand 3 Caft kmi :. : K: M IB " ::r. tavellB :-:--::v. _ H ,:4-.v Alfred Q. Lohell Gconje C. Lockard -:-s ' . ' ' .-. - L _;..-. - - - : 1 ' ' - - : arJai E liadMai :- : - - ;- : " - . ----- Bercriy B. McOderry Henry F. UcGowon - -- - : ' :--;--.. :: v.r j 1 End H -: I : --- E ' ' - - = ;==- 3 Kenneth H. Owens - - r r i: r - : I A- r,.: ::r: Oofd A Pratt -r: - : . r : Robe rt L. Boschen - : _-l .- 3 :. ' i E ------ A - - - . U 7. Robinson :: " - - - - - - - Iota V Bnaa - " : : - 1 " ? ' -. - " -. M-SauIsberrr BordbM Garth L Scallan Richard W. Scott : -.-.. : E Robert I. Seyiried -.-: ' 3 : f: : - ... _ : .:;,... -. ::: .-;.--:: Frank B. Smith .- - :: : :- Ionian B. Smith ' - -: : - r : " : " : ' :. .-::: :r - y : . : : : Wilbur H. Sterens ' : :--- ' --:. -_ Carol C. Sunkel - " : : - " - _ r. ' ,- - ' : z _ . " . L . ' - - ' : -: : - ' . " . " ;: Thomas W. Tedrick :: V ::- :. . . ::;.. j BcTerly L Taag ------ ' ._: - : . KoyE-Tutfle - : -.-.:::- ] ' . - -- :- - .-. : : Noel W. Wallace Ferdinand Wascoe Byron F. White ::v ' . :: MUtaa S. Wright :- - ' :: ' --.--. -::. : ' : ' : ..-. j FRONT ROW left to right: George C. Larsen, Rafielo C. Hunsiner, W. E. Blessing, Robert Metcalf, F. Melbourne Studer. SECOND ROW: Fred Wolfe, Walt Althausen, Edward F. Zimmerman, Robert G. Biddle, Warren B. Held, Jack Burg, Bob Cornish. THIRD ROW: Ray Girvigian, Jorge Zea, Ernesto Garcia, Ronald Hendnckson Wesley Shan Frapwell James Coke. BACK ROW: William A. Kinst, Jr.. Harold H. Gilbert, Jr., John Papadakis, Donald E. Hendrcckson, Malcolm M. Stern, James R. Lucas, Emmett E. Stewart, James G. Hanson, William B. Reiner. Chi Alpha Kappa FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill McAfee (president, spring semester), Doris Lascurettes (vice-president, spring semester), Robert C. Sarcander (publicity chairman, spring), Dorothy Braun (historian, spring), Dick Spain (treasurer, spring), Shirley Rohlfing. SECOND ROW: Dawson M. Rieman, Pat Welch (president, fall semester), Berniece Lazaga, Donna Pemberton (treasurer, fall semester), Jay June Marcus, Carolyn Jacobson (corresponding secretary, spring semester), Nancy Batchelder (recording secretary, spring se mester). THIRD ROW: Jim Powell, Faye Stark (historian, fall semester), Mary Slater, Betty Humphrey, Eva Somlo, Natalie Woodward. BACK ROW: Judy Hara, Barbara Nicholas (advisor), Jean Schantz (secretary, fall semester), Joyce Speck, Chris Hapke, Bill Lynch, Claire Nowell, Shirley Selleck. Delta Chi Alpha (Decorative Art Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1933 358 Delta Phi Epsilon (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 Willi " . i. B. x. William Clark Cahrie E. Nehfcrt Elmer N. Place W. Mason Pvtnam AlanE.Ribera Thomas W. Riise James E. Sam Donnelly A. SflWm William Spencer Martin F. Stow John William Swift ;-,-.. - ----- William T. Waste -.. Cometh Volker .___ George Anderson Wayne Daman. Jr. Charles JacksaiL OFFICERS President -Vice-Piesident- :.-.r. WffliaB Bpanomi ----- . ; - CemwOi " Ub i-Hist orian ' - - . . . ... Z Editor.. Eduardo D. S. Austin - : : - ; .:.-.--:;. Stanley ' . ' Andanoa Stanley H. Atbertan ------ y Bad) i Kent Bullock EaoBaCb Battafiaid Van Critchheld -- Rabacl tai : r r z ; _ " . ' ' .: Wayne Dawson, Jr. Frank O. Doleral Earl R Evans. Jr. ?.::::: _. Sabai John B jtaKoA Warm : 3raj laanei U ffagi Charles K. Jackson Norman Jensen William G. Johnson : UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Eric C. BeUquist fedtaq _ s Anderson - - - Elmer N. Place _::.:.- : - -WiUiam A. Clark Eduardo Austin Riise : - : : GusD. Katures Lawrence G. Kessner Walker Lundbera William McCannell. Jr. GeneMcGearge : ihrtn I Ifehlarl r.- H ' Phn : A.-: i Bibei i -. _ _ . _ Pool I r ;r r ; Willacrm McConnell. Jr. .Kenneth Butterfield Roland Rush James E. Saqen DbnneUy A. Sohlin William Spencer -:-.: : : John WiUiam Swift Roqer C. Thompson lorn G. Turner Kenneth Volker George E. Wahxnren William T. Waste CONSULAR ASSOCIATE Werner A, Joel, Vice-Consul oj Switzerland in 3S9 Delta Epsilon (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1926 TWO CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary.. Treasurer Fred Martin ,.R. C. Peterson Julia Davis ...Lillian Obata Fred Mayer Patricia Adams Dorsey Alexander Jack Davis Julia Davis Florence DeBonis Joanne DeFeo Anne Duggan Esther Dunivan Elizabeth Fisher Sam Francis Jack Garbutt Barbara Harriman Mildred Haw ASSOCIATE MEMBERS University of California Art Faculty ACTIVE MEMBERS Sharone Havelina Jack Head Gene Hemple Barbara Holloway Robert Kaess Leon Kuznanoff Jack La Chapelle Raymond Lew Robert Lustig Carol Lyon Suzanne Mangin Fred Martin Fred Mayer Cameron McConnell Barbara McClung Margaret Mitchell Lillian Obata Bert Oldham Roland Petersen Alberta Rickard Walter Snelgrove Kay Sonette Richard Thompson Virginia Vandegriit Edith Vandenburg Pauline Whitson Walter Witt 360 e. Mackenzie, ! Bert MzfeL H. J. Scott, Rickar ft C. Acker. Ricfcard S. Cta Thos. C. KkFartand, tons G. Ibaid, Jens M. Par, " otert R. ward G. Wilson WiUia Usim. Jvlnrs Shah E. Perry, Josepk T. Baraett, Hesry Hooter, Frederick A. IGrste , Rickard T. B. Wturto., Carl 0. Brorsoi, Harry G. THIRD ROW: Williaa M. Ineller. Richard IQeeL BACK ROW: Robert W. S. Eta Kappa Hu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Mi - ktojckaashi iG. ; ---.= V :-- H;;r.; : -Vice-President : Fuuttst r i ii nffrtn f , Jr. rr- ?::; 7 :; - : Ml --- Mihaa Uaaid Bridg Comu Brown . - - -- --:: I Bnm - : . : - : - . T : : r - : I - .: .- - r .::.-; Bate; - -,. " _ r T r ' .-. z j . ?g)e AJUbacn CH n0fl : 3 mdh T r. ' - . tmpb I 3-rv LMDOT r ; _ j : . . _ ;-: -; F Bed _ i:: : . . ' z : i : : : - JOn - " :::: r. _ _ : " r : . BldhODBQ . " r - : r. -_ i. r " -7 . - ' i- BMBB Bh rtent " T am InniorRepi nlr _ . ' . r 7 . - " ' HIBuBB Paul HowVmd Ccrvm Ihown UNIVERSITY -:-:..:: 1 ; ' : 7. ' :.- :: " _ -r:- ' ;-fJ LC.Ifaisbafl Tbaakac C. McFarland ASSOCIATES AMD HONORARY M .:: W. S. Pritahetl - : - I - r_ " :_ -:: Herbert I. Soofl ' .: ;:: : William E. Steoey - :-r, r hah .--. - ' : --.. GRADUATES : -- ' - : - - . - - ' . WoUganq H. DmooBCSacnkMi - -.:--. - -- - ' . ' . : ' ' . . .; : - r r. i z _ : - . : : i _r ; Alberl I. UNDERGRADUATES - -:- - : - -- ' ' ----.- : :--- Ferry F. Faster -.:-.- :: nOhrOm Donald E-Frye . : - : - - ::=::. Daniel H. Goodman _ _: . _- 1 . Z ' . ' --_- - - i - MB W H--r.-:- ' i r r. n TTT . George S. Samoa r .:: mAt Dmm -- ' - -: ._.-. : :: - EuCnQQCu n TonoREocki ' ....... .. - - _ : - - " i r -; r - . . . ..-,:.-. Robert T. LoPorte DeonW. Lytle = - - - ' j - - . : Uoi tiaaJd -:-.- Shi Pa hoHi : hn Howard F. Rhea Rndal BanlnnB rll r r DOMB0B1I Julius Skolnick __ . ..r.;: z ' _ r :-T _.r- r. 3 ?:.zz v uQZoid Dotns Marvin J. DeBcrd ._. .. r . t " " : zj: r z :: 1 . ' r . ' . r. . 77. T : t r : " : ' : . r . _ : : r. 1 : z William M. Hechtman a vta ;. ' . an t - - . " " _---__-. .- - - . n .. : " ' . zr. .Moadm Forren A. UcConm ' . ' zr ' .r. !- ' r r.; : " . n 2 r i . L _ ] ' z rr - 1 .- .. - . ' _-.. . _..... Julius oM 1 7 -. . _: .- tE-WocOeiari WOliama Wahon Alfred F. Wtrogii Edward F.We losper Lowe Jeunq- ' ' Z I r--;-. " . Robert C Peck HOTQOC E. Psrry John T. Wilson Al Marvin Wilson 361 FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Bagley, Dick Weinberg, Bruce Becker, Clark Graves, Kenneth Smith. BACK ROW: Gerald Borr- ' man, Jerry Coonley, Roger Thompson, Bob Hess, Ian Thompson. Fraternity Scholarship Honor Society Brutus Hamilton HONORARY MEMBERS Chaffee Hall Lynn Waldorf MEMBERS John Stanley Ausman Pi Kappa Phi Richard Backman Phi Delta Theta William Bagley Alpha Tau Omega Bruce Becker Zeta Beta Tau Gerald Borrmann Abracadabra Kent Bullock : Pi Kappa Phi Perry Byerly : Delta Tau Delta Jerry Coonley Bachelordon Malcolm Currie Lambda Chi Alpha Robert Dal Porto Alpha Delta Phi Robert Decker Sigma Alpha Epsilon Samuel French Delta Kappa Epsilon Willis Graves, Jr Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert Hess Alpha Tau Omega Richard Jui Pi Alpha Phi David Kirby .-. Sigma Nu Donald Lathrop Alpha Kappa Lambda LeRoy Maffly Sigma Phi Ronald Naess : Delta Tau Delta Gilbert Pavlovsky Sigma Alpha Mu Robert Peck Acacia Ed-ward Phillips , Phi Sigma Kappa Richard Roberts Theta Delta Chi Kenneth Smith Sigma Phi Epsilon Donald Stewart Lambda Chi Alpha Roger Thompson Sigma Phi Epsilon Ian Thomson Alpha Sigma Phi Richard Weinberg , Zeta Beta Tau Jack Wicl;ware ' . Theta Delta Chi Johnny Yee Pi Alpha Phi 362 FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Bonar, Gene Hammel, Ken Crobin, Fred Weiner. MIDDLE ROW: Alexander State! , Dale Gross, Gloria Cuadra, Carlos Cuadra, Amelia While. BACK ROW: Gordon Repp, Herbert Sckwctt, Huimm Shapiro, Bums MacDooU, Patricia AMI ChaMpUia. Honor Students Council :; 5 MMi . : ; V . BACK ROW: Elinor Wightman. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Todrak, Dona Pifrhirnn. Die Tebera, BcU Hiailtar Hu Sigma Psi (Physical Education Majors Honorary Society) 363 Phi Eta Sigma (Freshman Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1923 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1930 THIRTY CHAPTERS Robert Andrews Walter Alberts Alan Appleford John W. Barnes Bruce Becker Kent Bullock Eugene C. Chiado Courtney Coleman LeJeune Cummins Leroy Dart, Jr. Donald Frye Robert W. Gibbs Carl Goldschmidt Peter Goldschmidt Charles E. Hallum John T. Hoi lister George K. Hurwitz John C. Kern Marvin H. Lewis Glen Loney Yale Lyman Paul C. Maier Calvin Mehlert Stanley Miller Norbert Muller David H. Perkins Gerald Peterson Gordon Pusser Marvin H. Quicken James Quong John M. Rubino Lyn R. Sarles Gerald Silberman Howard Smith George Stevens Harold Van Gorder James A. Werner Eugene Whitney Richard Winkler Wolford Wootan 364 FRONT ROW, left to right: Marge Hillyard, Dede Dwiggins, Bev Kristich, Betty Ann Stewart. MIDDLE ROW: Lee Geioer, Jean Tracy, June Paul, Dale Hays. BACK ROW: Mary Gregory, Joanne Erickson, Marie Ann Gilligan, Marcia Fisher, Erlda Webber. Pi Alpha Sigma (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Marge Hillyard President.... lean Tracy Vice-President.. Dee Dee Dwiggins Secretary.... Beverly Kristich Treasurer.... Historian.... Spring Erlda Webber Joan MacPhee Mary Gregory ..Beverly Kristich Jean Tracy Miss Florence Gardener, Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Frank Mrs. Fay King Watts Miss Eleanor Lyons Mrs. Gertrude Scott Mrs. Edith Anderson Mrs. Lucrezia Kemper Mrs. Helen Murray Hall Mary Anglo Shelia Beck Chris Bothwell Kay Byard Jane Clare Dee Dee Dwiggins Joanne Erickson Marcia Fischer Lee Geiger HONORARY MEMERS Miss Lois Ingall Miss Merle Brothers Mrs. Hulda McGinn Miss Dorothea Gilray Mrs. Muriel Tsvetkoff Miss Marguerite E. Downing Miss Ruth Callahan Mrs. Helen O ' Neill _ Mrs. Louise Landis MEMBERS Marie Anne Gilligan Janet Golden Dale Hays Shirley Herald Marge Hillyard Kay Knight Beverly Kristich Jane Lundburg Joan MacPhee Peggy Malsor Mrs. Lela Huey Mrs. Tova Wiley Mrs. Helen A. Kennedy Miss Elmire Goldthwaite Miss Gretchen Vandivert Miss Benet Hanau Mrs. Gertrude B. Murphy Mrs. Ruth B. Sullivan Elayne Mautino Janet Ovennire June Paul Fleur Resleure Mary Gregory Betty Anne Stewart Jean Tracy Erlda Webber Sally McKinney 365 FRONT ROW, left to right: Peggy Warner, Joan Mawhorter, Leona Converse, Mariam Nylen. MIDDLE ROW: Doris Guyon, Nancy Dawson, Kazuko Deguchi, Shizuko Morita, Lois Isaac. BACK ROW: Mary Starin, Jean Langley, Theodora Tang, Rita Aitchison, Lee Frost. Omicron NU (National Home Economics Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1944 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Lillian Abraham June Arney LaVaughn Bussee Anna Dempsey Charlotte Fischel Vivian Grant Arlene Helm Elva Jovisich Dorothy Lee Mary Jo Miles Millicent Prine LuraSilliman Barbara Spirz Joan Stainfield Carol Sunkel Jean Wilbur Nellie Zavaellas Phi Chi Theta (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED IN CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 366 FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Goodman, Be Alexander, George Trigwros, Nick Lafkas, Ted Baton. SECOND ROW: Tom Talamini, Phil Stevens, Richard E. Richman, Verne Stadtman, John Lawson, Ed Chew. THIRD ROW: Frank Finney, John Hildreth aul Lipoman. BACK ROW: Frank Kaiser, Jim Cates, Bill Takahashi, Louis Gage, Mike Stan Williams, Roy Grimm, Clyde Tussey, Paul (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY. 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS McCarthy, Dick Haff ner, Ant Froshaug. Sigma Delta Chi FRONT ROW, left to right: Beth Rosen, Marie Pagani, Ruth Roy, Joan Parker. MIDDLE ROW: Dorleen Robison, Joan Sutherland, Louise Su, Jane Clare. BACK ROW: Jeanne Traham, Shirley Standley, Betty Hill, Janet Wood, Cartey Carter. (Notional Professional and Honorary Society for Women in Journalism) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS Theta Sigma Phi 367 (University of California Unit of the American Red Cross) COLLEGE UNITS ESTABLISHED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 OFFICERS Chairman Carolyn McEnery Vice-Chairman Diana Clarkson Secretary Barbara Josselyn Motor Corps Deesse Watson Programs Jo-Ellen Spindt Ward Work Gwen Finn Hostessing _ Nancy Wells HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Chi Omega Barbara Bates Alpha Delta Phi Marian Wright Alpha Epsilon Phi Rae Nusshum Alpha Omicron Pi Chalys Martin Alpha Phi Nancy Wells Alpha Xi Delta Henryetta Wilson Chi Omega Jeanne Erb, Karyl Hansen Delta Delta Delta Joan Pelletier Delta Gamma Betty Allan Delta Zeta Patricia Rom Gamma Phi Beta Sue Perry Kappa Delta Waletta Hicks Phi Mu Shirley George Pi Beta Phi Nancy Glenn Sigma Kappa Joan Douglas Theta Upsilon Gayle Gerken Zeta Tau Alpha Jean Skelly Bayview Hall Mary Ellen Rossel Beaudelaire Club Emily Whitehead The Californian Emily Price Cheney Hall Grace McCague Elizabeth Barrett Pat Kettler Epworth Hall Betty Pistohl Lantana Lodge Evelyn Shaw Oldenberg Hall Lois Zurfluh Richards Hall ...Sylvia Broadbent, Melva McClaughoy Stratford Hall Ellen Braghetta Warring Place Lorraine Gaeulette Diane Clarkson Gwenn Finn Barbara Josselyn Carol McEnery Helen Meckfessell Pat Milloy Sue Perry Jo Spindt Betty Stansf ield Martha Steusloff Donna Townsend American Red Cross ucs JOINT )ENT FRONT ROW, left to right: Don Frye, Dick Mark, Linden Criddle, R. M. Saunders, Bud Ames, Bob Ellsworth, Glen Mackenzie. SECOND ROW: Bob Brown, Fred Stringer, Al Lubisich, Tomio Jofuku, Harold Carstenson, John Coogan, Abdul Hamid S. Daood, James Beck, Basil Andrews. THIRD ROW: Lester Hanson, Gale Ahlborn, Luis Escalante, G. A. Caporaletti, Raymond Allustiarti, Peter Kim, Hugo Baldelli, Lester Garretson, Jack Crawford, Thomas Rogers, Marlton Simons. FOURTH ROW: John Lindley, Lawrence Pohl, Morgan McMahon, Julius Scolnick, Marvin De Bord, Eric Johanson, Jerome White, Alfred Windsor, Thomas Larter, John Hannstra. FIFTH ROW: Neldon Rhodes, W. Edwin Poe, Henry Hoexter, Donald Bullock, Richard Harris, Forrest Fairbrother, Wayne Davis, Corvin Brown, George Uebele, Farrell McCann. SIXTH ROW: Donald Domier, Paul Swanson, Robert Likins, Jerome Gootherts, Kenneth Kiser, Robert Shepperd, Edward Weisner, Harry Heard, Leonard Craig, Fred Offenback, Edwin Fong. SEVENTH ROW: Rudin Johnson, Cornell Maier, Richard Tanaka, Robert Page, Steven Wong, David Dea, Charles Bon, Peter Shiu, Carl Johnson, David Schafferman. EIGHTH ROW: Melville Green, Sheldon Hoffman, Glenn Strahl, Robert Tauber, Charles Walter, Donald Stewart, Derald Keezer, Guy Jiyoi, Robert Fawcett, E. R. Nelsen, Mich Nakamura. BACK ROW: Amando Galindo, Edward Walker, Louis Galindo, George Strazicich. Society of Electrical Engineers JOINT BRANCH OF STUDENT CHAF OF AIEE AND IRE FOUNDED IN 1947 Scarce I. Oeane, Peter V. Signorotti, Julian I. Lebo, Bruce Parsons, Jr., Allen R. Coe, George Mye, Raymond ntijami. Jack A. Elfant, Roger J. M. Than, Morris R. WoM, Edward J. Page, Thomas B. Hewitt, William M. Van Bokkelen, Jaws C. W. White, Frederick W. Hebbart, Mary Lee, W: Pail R. Nielsen, Robert L. Ross, Jr., Ridiard M. Weiber9, Lawrence R. Purcell, George W. McDonald, Warren C. Propes, Milton R. Siegel, Clarke. Clemens H. Jacques. FOURTH ROW: Calm Ubran, Hariey M. Tinkle, Ben Moises, Arnold S, lanerfieM, Louis H. Minkin, Jack W. Me- H. Spencer, Harold Stein, Leslie C. Trekell, William Wright, BACK ROW: John F. Regan, Thomas R. Nagy, George P. Sateen, Artheur L Leon- X K. Allen, James D. Neihon, Winston T. Nielsen, Jaws T. Crosby, Gordon S. Jones, Ronald L. Julien, Stanley F. ASSOCIATION Of OP70METRY STUDENTS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1941 OFFICERS Spring James White President _ George Deane William Van Bokkelen Vic President Joseph Farrington Bemic e Flom Secretary - Simon Williams Harry Clarke Treasurer .Arthur Cane .ethB. Stoddard Ralph S. Minor UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Gordon L, Walls Sherbume F. Cook Meredith W. Morgan Owen C. Dickson Henry B. Peters JackT.Hobson Frederick I_ Mason MEMBERS Roger J. Ban- Thomas Bartlett Seymour Berek Raymond Bergman Paul F. Bommarito ArUnn . ; r : = = .- George Bradley Paul J. Bums Paul E. Bush -rL Cane Sebastian C. Catakmo Thomas J. Clark Harry M. Qarke Allen R. Coe Gerald D. Coke James T. Crosby, Jr. George L Deane, Jr. lack Effort Joseph. FiiiiliiQ Ion Robert F. Faulkner Bernice C. Flom Merton C. Flora Kenneth Gove Frederick W. Hebbord Thomas B. Hewitt George C. Howe George R. Hurd Arnold S. Innerfield Melville Jacobson Clemens H. Jacques Frank V. Johnson Gordon S. Jones 7:r :r. faa Ronald L, Julien Jack G.Kim Kermit K. Kors Aloysius F. Laube Julian L Lebo William Lem Arthur L. Leonard Norman G. Licht DoncddW.Uahtford M nrr r. . _ i r r -r s i JackW.McBride George McDonald Louis H. Minkin Stanley Mioduchowski Ben Moises Ralph Moses George Mye Thomas R Nagy James D. Neilson Paul R. Nielsen Albert Ostroff Edward J. Page Bruce J. Parsons Harold C. Polonsky Bernard Press Warren C. Propes Lawrence R Purcell Robert R Rector John F. Regan Donald C. Reynolds Robert L. Ross, Jr. Wflliam F. Ruegg, Jr. Harry G. Sadoian George P. Saleen Frank D. Sample Albert J. Schomacker Burton Shansky Takao Shishino Fred Shorr Milton R Siegal Peter V. Signorotti Sam Sinelnikoif William H. Spencer Harold Stein Robert Steinmetz Jerry Stollar Arthur M. Thall Hailey M. Tinkle LesHe Trekell Walter R Tucker William Van Bokkelen EttcnOra 1 ' .- - r . ' .- - Eugene A. White James C. White Simon P. Williams Morris R Wohl William Wright Michiyuki Yamaguchi 369 FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Choate, Kiffy, W. H. Gohl, Walter J. Burns, Gerard J. Bnstow, uavid t. Pierson, Philip Mbrams, thanes J. Haver, Roger C. TrueDlood, Lloyd C. Fowler, Wm. N. Records, Wm. T. Balch, Salvador Rodriguez, Calvin Kokila, Daniel Shapiro, Hal E. Marron, Charles H. Jackson. SECOND ROW: J. D. Norberg, L. F. Cole, Edward K. Rice, Don L. Brorson, Raul J. Serrano, A. F. Nicolaus, H. L. Anderson, A. J. Gallardo, Henry Owyoung, A. J. Littman, A. P. Beiser, H. H. Foreman, R. F. Cala- maro, C. H. Pestana, C. R. Nordfelt, T. A. Sanson. THIRD ROW: James W. Reynolds, Bob Harris, Pete Varvis, Howard T. Vaum, Fred L. Koch, Bill W. Johnstone, Hollis M. Black, Jr., John D. Pettine, Harold F. Perong, Bernard Valasky, David E. Gibbs, Merrill R. Cohn, James P. Casey, Robert M. Kelly, C. R. Leitzell, Robert J. Felton. FOURTH ROW: H. Lansing, J. R. Kardell, L. M. Bothwell, J. H. Turjer, R. W. Crommelin, V. F. Padovan, C. E. Cooke, Alwyn F. Luse, H. D. Gross, R. S. Titera, E. E. Ow, H. C. Miller, E. C. James. FIFTH ROW: Raymond Lundgren, John A. Williams, James B. Turner, Gordon H. Smith, Charles F. Kleine, Joseph Corollo, Leo Braun, Stanley Froid, Joseph Cravotto, Donald Morton, Wm. B. Wilcox, Raymond W. Loomis, Kurt H. Gerstle, Carl S. Hurlbut. SIXTH ROW: C. K. Wiehle, Jack W. Davis, R. F. Wilcox, G. W. Bohn, Richard Barhite, D. H. Williams, Manuel Pasillas, R. K. Young, J. P. Anderson, A. H. McDaniel, D. M. Bissell, R. Skimin, Hank Guerin. SEVENTH ROW: F. D. Koster, Richard H. Sommers, Donald H. Gorman. BACK ROW (faculty row): E. D. Howe, F. S. Foote, Harmer E. Davis, F. L. Holes, F. N. Finn, D. Pirtz, Karl S. Pister, R. L. Green, Alexander Klein, H. B. Gotaas, C. T. Wiskocil, T. Clement, B. A. Vallerga, R. J. Woodward, Ned P. Clyde, S. T. Harding, R. E. Davis. ASCE Fall Bob Skimin PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT CHAPTER FOUNDED 1921 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Spring President ................................................................ Bob Crommelin sident ............................ ...................................... Kurt Gerstle Dick Barhite .................................................................. Vi Myron Jacobs .................................................... Corresponding Secretary ........................................................ Bill Records Charlie Zell ............................................................ Recording Secretary ............................................................ Charlie Zell Don Gorman ....................................................................... Treasurer ................ . ................................................. ......John Turner B. A. Vallerga ............................................. - ............... Faculty Advisor ............................................................. B. A. Vallerga D. S. Berry Boris Bresler N. P. Clyde H. E. Davis R. E. Davis C. Derleth, Jr. H. D. Eberhart S. Einarsson H. Einstein B. A. Etcheverry F. N. Finn F. S. Foote H. B. Gotaas R. L. Green S. T. Harding UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Abrams, Ph ilip Albright, Clifford Milo Allison, Ralph Grant Anderson, Howard Lawrence Anderson, James Peter Anderson, Raymond Reinhold Bagnall, Lewis G., Jr. Balch, William T. Barhite, Richard George Beaumont, Dean Behrens, Wilfred A. Beiser, Alvin Philip Belou, Horace L. Bengtson, Nathan G. Bissell, Donald Mellor Black, Hollis Mansfield, Jr. Blair, William Henry Blank, Wm. Bliss, Lewis Edward Bohn, George Walter Bold, James Alfred Borrmann, Gerald Bothwell, Leroy Morrison Bouis, Charles E. Boutlizky, Avigdor Bozanich, John Clifford Brandes, Charles B. Braun, Leo Bretschneider, Charles LeRoy Brewer, Robert A. Bristow, Gerard Joseph Brooks, Keith Eugene Brorson, Donald Linne Brownie, William Albert Bruce, John A. Burke, Frank L. Burns, Walter J. Bushby, Dwight H. Bushnell, Leonard Campbell, Fred Lome Cannau, John Rufin Carlson, Curtis Roger Carpenter, Robert Lyle Carrigan, Philip Hadley, Jr. Casey, James P. 370 Castle, Robert Linval Chin, Henry Choate, Robert Burnett Chu, Kao-Shan Clegg, John Gordon Rowe Coate, Robert Earl Cohn, Merrill R. Cole, Lane Fought Coles, Henry Churchill Connors, Russell T. Cooke, Charles E., Jr. Corollo, Joseph Cravotto, Joseph Crommelin, Robert Wilcox Culbertson, Harvey C. Culver, William Vaile Davis, Edgar F. Davis, Fred Davis, Jack W. Derby, John B. Duddy, George Eldredge, Philip Jesse Eliacher, Yeruham Saby Elliott, Donald M. Emerson, Robert L. Enger, Finn Olav Felton, Robert Joseph Fenzi, Guido Cammillo Fitzgerald, Edmund L., S. J. Flick, Robert Jacob Fong, Ralph Foreman, Hugh Howell, Jr. Fowler, Lloyd Charles Flohrschutz, Frederick A., Jr. Fries, Frank Joseph Froid, Stanley Harold Fuller, Albert Barton, Jr. Gallardo, Albert John Garrison, Gerald Robert Geissner, William Richard Gennis, Ivan F. Gerstle, Kurt H. Gibbs, David Ernest Gilstrap, Don Glidden, Bruce P. R. Horonjeff F. L. Holes C. G. Hyde E. D. Howe B. Jameyson J. W. Johnson A. S. Levens R. A. Moyer E. P. Popov B. A. Vallerga J. H. Jones T. Y. Lin M. P. O ' Brien M. Polivka C J. Van Til J. W. Kelly G. A. Malony A. Olitt J. L. Sherard C. T. Wiskocil A. Klein G. D. Meixner D. Pirtz D. B. Tebbens R. J. Woodward W. F. Langelier L. W. Milnes K. S. Pister G. E. Troxell MEMBERS Gohl, Walton H. Gomes, Robert Gorman, Donald H. Gould, Seymour M. Gregg, Alexander Kennedy Gross, Harold Dean Grundy, William L. Guerin, Henry Jay Gribaldo, Al Hall, David Michael Halliday, Wayne V. Hammerquist, Joseph Mahlon Hanger, Bruce Hardy, James Hare, Jack Allison Harris, John Robert, Jr. Harris, Lawrence Harvey, Arthur Robert Haver, Charles Jackson Head, Don Healy. Patrick James Henderson, George Lee Hickingbotham, James Hippenstiel, Wayne Hoffman, Roy Henry Hogle, R. D. Hurlbut, Carl Stanley Hyland, William Henry Irvine, Charles Douglas Jackson, Charles H. Jacobs, Dean Gordon Jacobs, Myron M. James, Ernest C. Johnson, Howard Emmanuel Johnson, James Oscar Johnstone, W. W. Joki, Walter Arnold Kardell, John R. Katz, Boris I. Keim, S. Russell Kelly, Robert Michael Kerlin, Kay Wallace Kite, Donald H. Kleine, Charles Franklyn Koch, Fred L. Kokila, Calvin V. Koster, Francis Dorman Kruth, Alfred Swan Kurily, Joseph Louis Lansing, Harold Lewis Lathrop, Robert A. Laverty, Gordon Laurence Lazear, James Neal Leete, Gene V. Leftwich, Jerry Legnitto, Earnest C. Leitzell, Charles Robert Lennert, Ben J. Levander, Jerry Jacob Levenson, Sidney Lindholm, Roger Riley Lineer, George A. List, Henry John Littman, Albert Joseph Loomis, Raymond Wesley Lowe, Robert William Lowry, Carl Lee Lowry, Ralph, Jr. Lun, George Lee Lupton, Alvin Russell, Jr. Luse, Alwyn Forrester, Jr. McArthur, Walter B. McDaniel, Albert H. McKillop, Donald Hess McLaughlin, Donald Hamilton, Jr. Maccoun, James Ross MacPherson, William J. Maguire, Everett William Majdick, John Anthony Marron, Hal E. Martin, Howard J., Jr. Mayberg, Charles P. Mead, Philip Eugene Meyer, E. H. Michaels, Charles, Jr. Middleton, Robert Forney, Jr. Miller, Hugh Cozier Monismith, Carl LeRoy Morton, Donald Todd Moulds, Richard Wahl Naftzger, Howard James Ng, Mark Nicolous, Arnold Fred Norberg, Jack D. Nordfelt, Charles Raymond Norman, Donald E. Northrup, Oliver Warren Nyberg, Dale Elliott Ow, Everett Ernest Owyoung, Henry Padovan, Valentine Frank Parkhurst, Kenneth L. Pasillas, Manuel Peek, Fleming E., Jr. Peirano, Lawrence E. Penny, William Albert Perong, Harold I. Peshon, Harry Alfred Pestana, Charles Haven Pettine, John Pierson, David Eugene Pilant, William Raphael, Jr. Poe, Eugene U. Poole, Robert S. Radmanovich, Dan Rao, C. Janardhan Records, William Norman Reed, Wendell Reynolds, James W. Rice, Edward K. Rice, William Douglas Ringwood, Richard James, Jr. Roberts, Richard H. Rodriguez, Salvador Rollins, Holland W. Ross, William A. Russell, Gerald Lee Sagehorn, David L. Seville, Thorndike, Jr. San Sebastian, James Frank Sanson, Thomas A., Jr. Schmall, Delmar Vernon Scott, Donald O. S errano, Raul Jean Sewell, Joseph William Shapiro, Daniel Shapiro, Maurice A. Sharpe, Wayne E., Jr. Sheehan, Wilbur Joseph Singer, Irvin Michael Singlar, Joseph J. Skimin, Robert Sommers, Richard Herbert Spanne, George A. Speers, George Hudson Stetson, Carleton B. Stolz, Fred Ernest Tarkan, Y. Nihat Thacker, Jack Garfield Titera, Richard Samuel Tom, Leung T. Tracadas, Frank Tracadas, George Troxell, Roger Dorsey Trueblood, Roger Clark Turner, James Britain Turner, John Nartley Valasky, Bernard Varvis, Peter Vickrey, John W., Jr. Voss, Bertrand Howard Waite, Wesley Shilling Ward, Richard Henry Wathen, Spalding G. Wiehle, Carl Kurt Wilcox, Roger F. Wilcox, William B. Wilkie, William B. Williams, John A. Wintch, Clair Reid Winton, Guy William, Jr. Wong, James Poy Wong, Roy C. Woodard, Douglas A. 1 Yost, James Frederick Young, Jack Sing t Young, Robert K. Zell, Charles E. - jr m m ft FROUT ROW, left to right: H. W. Short. SECOND ROW: D. B. T William E. r-Miiii. Frank! I TroHler, Lojd E. Anderson. Gerald C. Skang, Fred R 9is, Frederick BoHe. H. S. Kbtenbtiim, W. E. McNeil, Dai Miller, A. L. Hacker, J. N. Panos, D. Reigbert, H. E. Hiaard R. HotchkhL SOON ROM S . -=:; " : 3 Beak George R. Picolet, Jim BaM, Fred L. Baekr, William Boo, Charles A. Miller, Melrio Kofmnr, Ed J. Goeppons Robert C. Clark, Lester F. Sanrord, Bill Coder, William I [ Miller, Frederick Weioer. Hugh K. McJonkin, T. B. Thomas, E. D. Jones, J. G. Gatan, B. J. -ld, Sam H. Zrtfcr. W. L Honrd, C. C. Hoarse, R. W. Chalmers, R ertJ.Tra e. , Leopard, William H. Reid, AJhert J. Roosno, Earl L Shea, Doaflas G. Webb Leonard _l G. Heller, George S. Won . FOURTH ROW: Jaws S. Ito Andrew GioerTFrankDeWMf. Reginald tag- Moort William K. Ilider, Boris A. Bernstein, Ted G. Myers, R. A. Dalporto, D. R. Tobias. FIFTH ROW: T. Van, K. H. Carbon, R. 0. Myers, A. J. nnmHitm. C. H. Kellogg, Oarid Saski, Oarid Wan, Dick Lee. Scesa, R. E. Danedson, M. R. George, W. L. Meyer, W. G. Smith, J. W. Meier, G. tall, Henry H. . L SEVENTH ROW: William K EMMS, Frand R. Weber, Jr., " . , . , ., Chester A. RyMcki, Hoard E. BaUm, Williai J. Robert M. Harnes, Arthnr Skeen, Water M. h. BACK ROW: George Yaooochi, . Cl iau - BA ' - " ASME PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1MO UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 191 1 OFFICERS Donald M. Falconer Vioe-Chcdinxm _ . Sirv-Wr Knarpp Secretary _Webster Howard i-.-.-.o-r; : - : :: - r-.v - " : ------- ; .. . . - ; Honorary ChcDzmaao -Robert W. Chalmers -Kenneth L. King -Robert W. Smith C-J.Ancker.Jr. - r r r r. - " R. A-Cornog LELI Trit L :- : - :- - r - - Fadm W. Goldsmith FL G. FoJscan R. C. Grossi J. Frisch F. M. Hamaker R. A. Galuievski F. Hirsch I .- Borland E I H: n UNTVERSITT ASSOCIATES W. W. Howe H. B. Lanaille R W. Iversen J. N. LeConte H. A. Johnson F. L. Maker D. O. Eute I. L. Meriam A.D. Land : Maqcn Professor H. W. Iversen C. W. Nelson P. C. Nelson M.P. O ' Brien R. I. Page B. F. Haber C. W . BocicSilfe R. W. Roth -: V : : - : R A. SGOQXI N. W. Snyder L. M. Tichvicsky - E nab C.J. Vogt N. S. Waner Woods Robert W. Abshire Walter J. Adam Dana P. Adams " n:fs T A: = -.rr ebaagh ' : ' --- : Arid- Itenrm S. Ash r : r 4r ; BraOH - ' ' .r. .. r r - : _: James B. Biyuii Frederick L. Bueker - - .- 1- - :ro:- E m John P. Codemartori WOBan A aldwefl Paul I : r- 7 - T r -: : " r: r : : :-:--3_ .;- - . " r 7 . _ _:_? .. " ' _ ; . . - tackW. _. -. lames G. Baud - - " " - 7. Z . 2 - : . :- Sictard I. Barlow Kannal . I Andrew O. Du Bois lock E. I aeon L ' " r r - I . .. _- - r ; no E ; " r - ' E : -.----- ' I r r-- - : ; " .. : r . -.-::-: ... - r--. Error Ir.-.r;- ' - " . -- H -r - - r :--.:-. I ' 7r : : - rr.r. - - - r.--; I - : 1 E, . . ' - : - : ' " . Henry A- Fierro " _ " r : : ' : T -r -. - - : lack . 7 .--. Jackie P. Gunter Albert [ Hr:.:or 7;r. r r. r - :- DanaU] H: . = --.- - r : .- r T r : : :. Edwin D. Jones h:rry r ' : ' I _; ..----. _ . . . Ernest G. lorn .- - _ . ' . - : :-- A - . T ' " : : s r. ! . Eman - " r z . 5 . ' . . ' . " _ _. - UTOWS . - :r..:- Baanland Robert C. Becker Alfred I 5;.. 1 Berthold rrir.z Bkder -. :- -. .: . 1-: - Sacjene N r::;:r. ..=.-:: Baa Xmald L. Bracken irrry E::-;- . ' . " = 11: re A Brownbe E " :: - William L. Hanson John D. Kay Err .- :.-. Hrrrrv Coe Kellogg Chester R Harvey Archibald B. Kennedy Robert E. Harrigan James E. Kennedy WabarE.HarrH MichaelCKerr Oran L, HaseUine Kenneth L. King Guy P. Haskins David R KimbaU Robert M. Haynes John T. KirUand WarrenHeath Sinclair Knopf lain I E - MeMn Kadmi Hncje E Badm R Stanley] - - ' H - e- George S. Krusi KkmHaDei SallyLaForge -: Raymond A. Laird SanderHecBfoU Jazon N. Lambert .;r .; : -: ... fam : k Lae kOBBI A H.:. tattb " _o:r. z:- Arnold L jfnmi James A. Leppard 7: ' - -.: :- r. :r _- ' ; Ladd K. Hr: .or Bdhrta 7 Uk Baa - ; : _r.;rc H:r.. r: . Eageai ' .--. William A. Horning Kenneth K. L. Loo ' :- r.- :--: ' : : A .:::_ Webster L. Ifawcud J. E. MacDonaugh -- o r . . . r . r. _ . . u r r . : r . ' :z - r. r E H r 7; :,:-:- hlcLmd - - ' - r .-: ;-.o; ; Mad ' .--- ' :-.-:-: ' ' H .---,-_- ::.- Mr..-? : : -: 3nam M Hur.- Pom] - McCractaa Charles R. Huxtable Bruce G. McCauley : - r --_ r! z ' r E r . ; . : " rrros 3 7r : r rr rrs E ; ; : :7 7.7 ' : .-- hbrk Bobarl hfadat A en H Wan : George 1_ Marshall -rr-r | Matrhavi Joseph W. Meier " " . ' ' r. - - - Bdward 3 Mean William G. Messenger 7 --: ' - andn A IfHaB Daniel D. Miller E rr :.r E hBBsi lack hBDai Warren R Miller Bndolpl t ' ' " rr " id Er.r .-. : ' :-: :-::- E MoBa Robert D. ' ' -- - - : William S. Pickrell George R. Picolet Martha Polly Pitkan David W. Plank Richard N. Plani lames M. Powell Uon .-_.: " . = - Me : E i :; BoojorB BUIIMB Maurice L. Roger Gerald A. Baybum Patrick J. Zigmond F. Sierakowski ' - :-- E BbMOT Irving P. SininoH William E. Simmonds Antooe L. Skanchy Gerald C. Skang Samuel A, Sheen Albert R. Sloan . " . zr..c . SHodD Donald L. Smith John D. Smith enneth E. p J. Manrissey Error- E IfaeBa Michael D. Murphy -- - = 3 hrraU Err r- : ls Ba Ted G. Myers I - - - . . : r. Ww - . r o . Philip D.I :7::7:.rr: : .rr .-- :- :: nor Andrew K. Nielsen Wf M... r. rr .0 5 [ . r -. " 5 : Thomas W. Obert William D.O ' ConneU Frank Oda James P. OTJonnell - - ,. nffiaai A : Bnmard ?r::r . Ernest Donald Reichert Robert W. Smith Ralph E. Hif lioM Willard G. Smith William H. Reid E.:-::: ; ;-; ..--r Thomas ML Remington Charles J. Stanley Fred Rienecker Jack C. Stegemeier David Rifkin Philip H. Stephens E - rrs Wiffiam M. Stevens -. ' .: - -:--:; Donald E. Stibng rbha - r:r :-s:r lack Stria Dnm r .-:; -;:r Norman J. Strombotoe 1 ..: --: - " -:::: : John T. Sullivan Robert Bonn Robert H. Summers Mbert] BnalBta Howard Swinehart eorae-Bmnon Carl Srybalski Kenneth L. Rubardt Wataru Takahashi Wmiasi E Rack Lmfc :; IDBBM Chester A. Rybkrki Teng Hsi-Huan Bahid E -z.-.. JohnS-Thayer Mortimer L. Sachs Edward M. Thomas : :.- H SODMOB Lan E Ihawa PedarSonelm 5 --.e--- L 7- :-. - UbBXtB.SoBild Rtdnidi IboBBoi Edward . Sanfard Rodi E ---- = - SoBfani David T Sadd Frank M Sawya Sena Bean ----- ::::-:- fetal E BchoBffai Howard V. Scheifel .._ Edvrani E r Ihannn BaiMri U fhoni E ----;--- I " - . E 7:r T: Boy! 7:;; Clayton S. Todd Dooctld C- Psobody Roberts. Peck E- rin A Eor r Henry N. C. Pedersen A.:rr.rr R-Pn 1 - - . - - HnaB E- laldl ScUBDi H d Tang Walter C. Scott Babectj baBbt Benjamin F. Scribner Leonard G. Troeller Theodore M. Seidman Richard I. Trort BabsxtrLSaaaa Serrre A Orafai _:.-.:.= ; :- " --- ' . ' = ---- E ' . ' ::--- Earl L. Shea Fred Van Alen 7:- V BlMniwd Franki L. van der Wai - z : z : ; r. : ' FRONT ROW, left to right: G. Lim, Mary Ong, Richard Jiu, Gerrie Chinu, Jimmie Eng. SECOND ROW: Hazel Shev, William Leong, Dorothy Chu , Peter D. Horn, Virginia Lee, Lawrence Chong. THIRD ROW: Alwyn A. Wong, Harry Dong, Lily Foon, Dick Lee, Nancy Toy, Edwin Lee, Ruby Jang. BACK ROW: Ed Oong, Harry T Ong, Florence Foo, Esther Foon, Margaret Lam, Manley Wu. CHINESE STUDENTS CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1913 OFFICERS Fall August Lam President.. Spring Richard Jiu Joan Foo V ice-President - Robert Lee Mary Ong Corresponding Secretary Geraldine Chinn JoAnna Lin Recording Secretary Mary Ong Tim Siu Treasurer George Lim George Siu Auditor - James Eng Willis Tom House Manager Walter Ong Stanley Horn Peter Horn MEMBERS Helen Ahn Florence Chinn Kim Fong Hus Shui Ho Bob Kwong William Lem Franklin Lowe George Tang Stanly Wong Roberta Ahn Geraldine Chinn Ralph Fong Weloen Hu Howard Kwong William Leong Virginia Lowe Peggy Tang Steve Wong Edward Au Henry Chinn Rose Fong Richard Hui August Lam Mildred Leong David Lou-Kin Teddy Tang Steven Wong Mildred Au Oak Chinn Wilkaan Fong Richard Hum Bill Lam Peter Leong Bun Lum John Tim Terry Wong Bing Tong Thelma Chinn Wilmer Fong Joan Hwang Bob Lee Wah Leong James Lum Lun Tim Victor Wong Arthur Chan Frances Chiu Florence Foo Hwang Yan Yung Lee Ching Ying Leung Tom Lung Lu-Chien Bill Tom Walter Wong Ed Chan Harry Choi Joan Foo Shigeru Ishikara David Lee Bernard Lew Lyn Mah Jeannie Tom Felipe Woo Fee Chan George Chong Esther Foon Herbert Jang Dorothy Lee Lawrence Lew Teddy Mah Raymond Tom Frank Woo Going Chan Harry K. Chan Lawrence Chong Walter Chong Lily Foon William Foon John Jang Roland Jang Ed Lee Ed G. Lee Lawrence W. Lew Bob Mar Marshall Lew Henry Mar Mayon Tong Beverly Tong James Woo Lily Woo Henry Chan Allan Chop Lawrence Fore Ruby Jang Edwin Lee Peggey Lew Marvin Mar Peter Tong Louie Woo Ivy Chan Paul Chow Edmund Fung Janette Jean Ellen Lee Stan Lew George Mye Richard Tong Peter Woo James Chan Robert Chow Wayman Fung Jack Jeung Ernest Lee Thomas Li James Ng Sharky Tong Tom Woo John Chan Phil Choy Pauline Gan Paul Jeung Frank Lee Angelina Licon Henry Ng Bill Toy Gloria Wu June Chan Ray Choye Elsie Gee Larry Jew George Lee Gene Lim Lawrence Ng Lil Toy Juan Wu Lun Chan AlChu Jerry Gee James Jiu H. Quan Lee George Lim Mar j ore Ng Cheng-Me Wang Manley Wu Mary Chan Dorothy Chu Li King Gee Richard Jiu Jeanette Lee May Lim Warren Ng Dave Wan Chuck Yee Mytee Chan Betty Chun Richard Gee William Joe Jenny Lee Peter Lim Paul Ngin James Way Dale Yee Chang Nien Hu Chung Chun Roland Gee Arthur Jue Joe Lee Robet Lim Augie Ong Charles Wing Dannt Yee Ping-louie Chen Chao Fu Chuan Chung Cho Gong David Dea Hazel Gim Easter Ginn Florence Jue Jun Jue John Lee Mary Lee Edmund Ling Henry Liu Harry Ong Mary Ong Lilliam Wing Allen Wong Frank Yee Harry Yee Frank Chew Wilson Dep Harry Glenchur May Jue Mervyn Lee H. T. Liu Walter Ong Alwyn Wong Irene Yee Franklin Chew Sybil Dere Albert Gong Ton Jue Michael Lee Hoanna Liu John Owyang Anna Wong Jennie Yee Irwin Chew Frank Din Edward Gong Anna Jung Moses Lee Allen Louie John Owyoung Bob Wong May Yee Roland Chew Jack Din Henry Gong Raymond Jung Richard Lee Charles Louie G. L. Pang David Wing Ruth Yee Robert Chew James Din Joe Gong Robin Jung Robert W. Lee George Louie Joseph Pang Donald Wong Roy Yee Walter Chew Harry Dong Lilley Gong Wesley Jung Sherwood Lee Jack Louie Arthur Pon Everett Wong Nellie Yee Alice Chin Janet Dong May Gong Lilah Kan Soone Lee Milton Louie Mary Poon Fred Wong Stanley Yep Bak Chin Edward Doon Henry Hall T. S. Kao Sue Lee Albert Low James Quong George Wong Williard Yep Dorothy Chin Ruby Dodhim Robert Hing Alice Kim T. Lee Benny Low Dan Sam Helen Wong Virginia Yick Fay Chin James Eng Edmund Ho George Kim Tang Lee Bill Low Donald Sied Herbert Wong Gordon Yim Gordon Chin Arthur Fong Florence Ho Jack Kim Ted Lee Edna Low Hazel Sheu Jack Wong Wei-Tsen Yin Henry Chin Paul Chin Roland Chin Ed Fong Ellen Fong Gerry Fong Helen Horn Peter Horn Peter Horn Peter Kim Wilfred Kong Konhock Khaw Virginia Lee Vivian Lee Wilbert Lee Eva Low Frances Low Laura Lee Low Chan Yue Shiu Paul Shiu Peter Shiu Leon Sit Joe Wong Mabel Wong Mary Wong Morton Wong George Yip Gennie Young Harry Young Cho-Ten Yu Ronald Chin Harry D. Fong Samuel Horn Karlsoh Koo Willie Lee Molly Low George Siu Mynin Wong Peter Yuen Taylor Chin Harry J. Fong Stanley Horn Kwan Yun Ming Wong Lee Ruth Low Tim Siu Paul Wong Robert Yuen Ting Chin Helen Fong Helen Hong Ed Kwock Young Lee Shiley Low Edith Sue Raymond Wong Stanford Yuen Warren Chin James Fong Richard Hong Winifred Kwock George Lee Lem Albert Lowe Edward Sue Rosemary Wong Wayburn Yuen Albert Chinn Joshua Fong Hsu Pao Jai Andrew Kwok Harvey Lem Ed Lowe Alfred Suen Roy Wong Waymond Yuen 372 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION AT THE UNIVERSITY. BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED IN 1907 2601 DTJHANT AVENUE AT BOWDITCH STREET THIS Organization extends a cordial welcome to all registered students and faculty members of the University to attend its Tuesday evening meetings, at which testimonies of Christian Science healing are given. The activities of the Organization are conducted entirely by its members hip, which is composed of registered students and faculty members of the University. These activities are carried on through various committees, such as: the Lecture Committee, which arranges a Christian Science Lecture each semester to be presented by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts; the Accommodations Committee, which maintains a tile listing living accommodations and work of- fered to and requested by Christian Science students attending the University; the Library Committee, which maintains a library open to the campus public, where authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or pur- chased. The Organization, formerly known as the Christian Science Society of the University of California, was founded in 1907. and through the years it has shown continued progress and growth. Its present building was completed in 1933 and dedicated in the spring of 1941. An Open House is held at least once each year. The campus public is cor- dially invited to attend the Open House, as well as the lectures, which are held in the Organization edifice. 373 COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUHIOBS JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN OFFICERS Fall Spring Neva Armstrong President Lucille lames Anne Smith First Vice-President Esta Dickson Lucille lames Second Vice-President Anne Gould Lois Andersen Third Vice-President Jean Foxall Anne Duggan Secretary Helene Mosher Esta Dickson Treasurer Elizabeth Jones Sally Wagenet Publicity Chairman Shirley Gilmore Helene Mosher Philanthropic Chairman Beatrice Owings ADVISOR Mrs. William Lawrence Lois Anderson Neva Armstrong Esta Dickson Anne Duggan Shirley Gilmore Anne Gould Lucille lames Elizabeth Jones Eileen Ahern Lois E. Andersen Neva Armstrong Joan Bewley Barbara Bleacher Terry Lee Body Shirley Brodrick Janet Burks Nancy Burks Katherine Burr Niki Caldis Colleen Clark Norma Clausen Jackie Clements Marjorie Constance Barbara Cowin Esta Dickson Ann Duggan Elizabeth Dyer Shirley East Dawna Erickson Janice Flinn Suzanne Flowers Martha Forsyth Jean Claire Foxall Barbara Franke Phyllis Fraser Jane Freeman Leslys Garrow Virginia Gibson Shirley Gilmore Anne Gould Andree Graham Norma Gray Mary Lou Gregory Betty Griggs Ruth Anne Haaf Mary Hack Betty Hampton Gladys Hansen Chris Hapke Phyllis Harshaw MEMBERS Harriette Hart Susan Himle Marcia Hurt Lucille lames Roxie lames Barbara Janssen Pat Johnson Elizabeth Jones Joan Judd Carol Karn Frances Kelsey Jane Kitchen Marian Lacrampe Joan Larkin Joan Larsen Sally Letchworth Teddy van Logher Clara Luiselli Pat Lux Cherry Maybeck Francis Miller Florence Murray Helene Mosher Mary E. McCarthy Claire Nowell Jeanne Oakley Nadine Olcott Beatrice Owings Joan Pawek Joan Peckham Donna Pemberton Betty Pistohl Dorothy Price Hazel Rianda Shirley Rohlfing Helen Rowell Rose Ann Rudd Barbara Sackett Jea n Schantz Bernice Scherer Dorothy Schurr Barbara Schwartz Joan Small Marjory Spencer Faye Stark Betty Ann Stewart Mabel Strong Jackie Sumner Marilyn Throckmorton Phyllis Towner Virginia Van Deventer Doreen Vigna Shirley Villadsen Sally Wagenet Jeannette Wamboldt Kay Wert Jean Wheeler Joan Winckel Colombo Winterholder Beatrice Wood Natalie Woodward Catherine Working 374 FRONT ROW, left to right: E. K. Rice, T. B. Thaw, W. l_ lloiart, 0. M. Falconer, D. B. Starw .. SECOND ROW: W. W. Carter, F. W. Stanatt, N. l_ UcGiiaess, B. trii. S. Kiiapp, R. 6. Mackensie, Cornn G. Bown, Claries B. Aes. BACK ROW: H. J. NafU9, J. J- ti i all i, W. E. Sharp, Jr., C. Michaels, Jr., C. J. Vojt, Willia J. Schnftr, Rix Beats, Jack G. Thacher. ENGINEERS COUNCIL Fall DOQ Falconer.. Bill Carter Ed Rice.... A .C-E. Bob Crommelin Ed Rice lenyLevander Dot SkfeBBB OFHCERS President,.. . Secretory ._ Treasurer.... MEMBERS A-SJtE. Don Falconer Ken King Bob Smith Teeb Thomas Don Shannon Mineral Technology Association Val Freeman WesStarratl Don Shoenberger AlMcGuinness BUI Carter Spring -Webster Howard ...Don Falconer Sinclair Knapp Society lor the Adyance- ment of Management Bob Traube Webster Howard Ladd BOOTH :- .. : -.-:- : U.CS.F.F. London Griddle Charles Ames Dan Shepherd Chi Epsilon " - : " :::?-: : ...- : ' :- Wayne Sharp Jack Thacker Eta Kappa Nn Paul Howland Corvin Brown Tan Beta K Glen Mackenzie Sinclair Knapp Richard Jiu r .::.::: r r ::.. ' v R. William Rollins The California Engineer Jack Griffin Frank Forsburg RizBeals Theta Tau Tom Gay Arnold Brown HalBoyd GENERAL expcmsion of activities keynoted the yecjr for the Council. Well-laid plans under the straightforward direction of Ed Rice during the fall semester formed the basis for the many successful projects performed during the spring semester under the energetic leadership of Web Howard. Social functions included a dance in March at which " the girl who looked least like a slide rule " was chosen o aeen, and the traditional Engineers ' Day Picnic (beer bust) in Tilden Park almost held in May, but postponed and finally cancelled because of rain! New activities for the Council were the orientations program, noon movies and co-sponsoring with individual en- gineering societies talks by outstanding engineers. The orientations program was started in February for new engineering students who were taken through the engineering labs and introduced to the societies. The free noon movies were arranged largely through the efforts of Don Falconer and were presented weekly. Other work of the Council took the form of developing a new constitution to replace the old one which remained lost even after a year ' s search. 375 FRONT ROW, left to right: Marion Dietrich, Ed Thomas, Bill Waterhouse, Nancy Shultz, Mike Singer. MIDDLE ROW: Ted Listen, Lindy Boyes, Dick Abbott, Gene Borson, Marty Slavern, Basil Andrews, Yuan Hwang. BACK ROW: Ann Rodgers, Bert Rothschild, Walt Johnson, Mary Grimes, Bill Morin, Herb Reichhold, Phyllis Keefer, Bill O ' Hara. FLYIHG CLUB OFFICERS Fall ' 48 Bill Knapton Ed Thomas lane Hannigan.. Mike Schnapp.... Marion Dietrich.. President Vice-President Secretary ..Flight Operations.. ...Public Relations Spring ' 49 ..Marion Dietrich Ed Thomas ..Bill Waterhouse Mike Schnapp MEMBERS Basil Andrews Harold Jope Y. Y. Hwang Robert Gunzel Mary Gregory Robert Gerling Norman Garrick Sally Garoutte Jewell Gawan Michael Kerr Ulf Helgesson Burton Ames Tom Bendorf Eugene Borson George Burtchett Beverly Bubeck David Jacobs John Koval Jack Young Selwyn Littleworth Robert Lee Roger Larson William Lorenz Dave Mallory Clovis McCluskey Richard Morrison Jim Phelps Roy Olson Augie Ong Joan Parker Lucille Paxton John Redwine Raymond de Saussure Robert de Violini James Cawan Peter Anderson Gerald Barnard Lucille Warner Robert Williams Thomas Tomasi Robert Tipton Alberto Vasquez Julean Smith Mike Singer Roberta Shearer Richard Webb Michael Schnapp Mildred Eley Ruth Elkinton Marion Dietrich David Cohen Ronald Co ' ta Paul Chester Jack Cederlund Eugene Cheado Richard Abbott A. Ar-Rushdi Gene Adams Sanford Bothman E. N. Borson K. J. Boribhandh R. D. Bowers Mary Grimes Sally Glassman Thomas Glynn Gene Harlmanoff Walter Johnson Phyllis Keefer Ted Liston Robert Menke Bill Morin Bill O ' Hara Norman Poise Lloyd Rasmussen Frances Ann Rodgers Bert Rothchild Herb Reichhold Bill Shinn Jack Stegemeier Nancy Jean Schultz Marjorie Sloven Myron Sofen Ed Thomas Stewart Tocher Robert Tipton Sue Thompson Bob Van Housen Bill Waterhouse La Roy Duvall Walter Fry Leo Pnopndoff William Rae 376 FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Berry, Warren Carson, Bud Oaks, Sel Littleworth, Bea Sivodi, Carolyn Forbru. SECOND ROW: Florence Wheeler, Russ Johnson, Jerry Fleider, Chuck Fitzsimmons, Marion Lee Taylor, Ed Sutherland, Harvey Taylor THIRD ROW: Carol Lee Cliffman, Betty McVane, Helen Crane, Barbara Wimple, Martie Hanson, Sandra Wainwright, Nancy Uhler, Frank Green, Mercedes McKay. BACK ROW: Lloyd Heger, Walt Nordquist, Jackie Dawson, Betty Hall, Carol Schart, Marsha Eggert, Joan Hoffman, Barbara Fletcher, Betty Smile, Wilma Nuotio. ASSEMBLY DANCE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW, left to right: Patricia Thorson, Peggy Warner, Doris Guyon, Lucy Shortridge, Joan Mawnorter. MIDDLE ROW: Leona Converse, Patricia Carter, Jean Clark, Ann Hicks, Eugenia Horton, Catherine Meade. BACK ROW: Ruth Reeder, Eunice Mathis, Marion Nylen, Bette Elbert, Dolores Petcavage, Elizabeth Rapp, Miss Margaret Bremmer, advisor. HOME ECONOMICS CLUE 377 -LAXLLAJ ; U-LLLLL4 LL -.-L t. LLLL bfel LL ' " FRONT ROW, left to right: Richard L. Bower, Robert L. Rogers, Jeanette McWhorter, Phyllis Young. BACK ROW: Eugene Harlamoff, Larry Williams, Ronald Lockyer, William Blackmer, William McCullough. HIKING CLUB OFFICERS Fall Spring Richard Bower President Robert Rogers J. Gordon Edwards Vice President J. Gordon Edwards William Blackmer Executive Secretary Jeanette McWhorter Eugene Harlomoff Corresponding Secretary Eugene Harlomoff Robert Rogers Treasurer Phyllis Young MEMBERS AT LARGE ON EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Carolyn Crone Will Ellington John Steinbor Larry Williams Ronald Lachyer William McCullough Larry Williams Gaylord Wolfe COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN SPRING Hiking Richard Bower and Dick Pierce Outings Bruce Kilgore Publicity Danny Kaplan Schedule Joseph Matson Transport ation Mickey McKinney Entertainment Doris Dana and Marie Wiley Education Frank De Sassure Safety Ronald Lockyer Membership William McCullough I FRONT ROW, left to right Jeamttte HcWhorter, Dane Oovs, Ronald Lockyer, Marie Wiley, Bill Blackner, Doris Dan, Frank De Saussure, Enge HarbMofgf. SECOND ROW: Bill Harkwe, Joseph Kazan, Donald SprinW Herbert Petsehek, Harry FeK- S?5 ' .. H FI V l S tan !. Pi ? ' . " . " % 6e Jord. THIRD ROW: Leoord Kss, RidaTtoer, KatUeen K - ' . Saith, Phil South, Rosemary HISTORY OF THE HIKING CLUB For several years the need has been felt for a hiking club on campus. Last fall the need was acted upon when Richard L. Bower and Kathleen Campbell outlined a framework and plan for organization. The U.C. Hiking Club ' s consti- tution was approved by the end of November by the ASUC and the subsequent membership drive gained mare than 150 members, making the fledgling organ- ization one of the strongest and most active of campus clubs. During the fall semester, activities included hikes through Butano Forest Muir Woods, Redwood Canyon, Tilden Park and hikes to the tops of ML Diablo and ML Tamalpais. In the Spring, Robert Rogers was elected president to succeed Bower. The scope of activities widened to include besides hiking, a club newspaper, a hayride, bicycle trips and two dances. The club also sponsored week-end camping trips. Hikes in the spring semester included Mann County, the Valley of the Moon, Alum Rock Park, Cedar Mountain and Big Basin. The four overnight trips were to Pinnacles, Loma Prieta, the Santa Lucias, and Yosemite. Masonic Club ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 Norman Abreu Lois Andersen Margaret Barber Norma Clausen Jacqueline Clements Herbert W. Colburn Charlene E. DeCosta Edward Dermott Jane Freeman Beverly Giles Ray B. Grove Gerry Haney Blair K. Koit Shirley June Jilbert Deane A. Johnson Robert S. Johnson John M. Jones Betty Katz Ray Lippincott Cecil McFadden James Macintosh Kathryn Marcy Donald A. Marshall Robert Over Betty Pistohl Susan Pool David L. Sagehorn Bernice Scherer Leonard Schlussel OFFICERS Fall Spring Jacqueline Clements President Donald A. Marsh Vice-Presiclent . - - ......Betty Katz Leonard Schlussel Men ' s Vice-President Margaret Barber Women ' s Vice-President Cecil McFadden, Jr Treasurer. Blair K. Hoit Beverly Giles Corresponding Secretary Deane A. Johnson Betty Pistohl ....Membership Secretary Bernice Scherer Herbert William Colburn Recording Secretary Lois Andersen Ray Lippincott Upper Division Men ' s Rep Ray B. Grove Shirley June Jilbert Upper Division Women ' s Rep Jane Freeman Robert Belden Over Lower Division Men ' s Rep John M. Jones [Catherine C. Marcy Lower Division Women ' s Rep Jerry Haney Blair K. Hoit ......Men ' s Rep.-at-Large Robert S. Johnson Bernice Scherer Women ' s Rep.-at-Large Norma Clausen APPOINTED OFFICERS Donald A. Marshall - Chaplain James O. Macintosh Lois Andersen Social Chairman Charlene E. DeCosta Edward Dermott Publicity Chairman Susan Pool David L. Sagehorn Activities Chairman Norman Abreu Fred Flanders REPRESENTATIVES FROM HENRY MOHSE STEPHENS LODGE Boyd Rakestraw 380 FRONT ROW, left to right: Frank Mathews, Roland Quintero, Jr., Rodney Marshall, Daniele Jacuzzi, Harry More, Roy Murdock, Wayne Fisher, William T. Purdy, Richard E. Galvan. SECOND ROW: C. 0. Noonan, G. 0. Galvan, Cyril Volk, Frank A. Angelo, J. J. Candelario, Martin R. Hirsch, C. T. Hathaway, Ted Oliphant. THIRD ROW: Eugene Rush, Bill Winters, Joe Cappa, Leland A. Pressler, Andrew J. Bedsole, Craig S. Kuhns, James A. Slouthers, E. Philip Edgar, Robert R. Evans, Donald S. Cannon, Jerry Keating. FOURTH ROW: Emile Serres, Elwood Ford, Jay B. Rash, R. M. Druny, Evan C. Goldenberg, Stan L. Stetson, George M. Hickok, Robert Livermore, Curtis Cutter, H. R. Ballinger, E. Conahan, Robert Kubin, Robert E. Gilbert. BACK ROW: A. J. Cordisco, Aitken Lowgy, W. L. McCallum, Paul Buechner, G. P. Golf, R. B. Sumner, Donald Motander, William Rhone, David Henderson, John M. Ashine, Jack Elliot, Jr., Donald P. Nelson, John H. Fried, W. W. Fyfe, E. G. McNicholas. Military Association Open to all advanced course Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets, officers of the Department, and reserve officers on the Berkeley campus, in order to provide an opportunity for greater social contact among men with a common ideal. MILITARY ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Fall Spring Royce D. Delmatier President _ Jay B. Rash Jackson H. M. Holbrook Vice-President Garth L. Scallon Lejeune Cummings Secretary Harold H. Yackey Jr. Jay B. Rash Treasurer Lowell A. Aitken David D. McConaghy Judge Advocate Timothy G. Tapping Social Chairman Charles T. Oliphant Jr. Garth L. Scallon General Arrangements Chairman Eugene T. Conahan Lowell A. Aitken _ Publicity Chairman Mark McKimmins Jr. George M. Hickok Educational Chairman.- George M. Hickock Major Kenneth E. Pell Advisor ....Major William B. Wooton Jr. 381 FRONT ROW, left to right: Paul Marr, Ann Filice, Dick Brown, Audrey Prollo, Tommy Tindall, Ed Downey. SECOND ROW: Larry Milbach, Leslie Coelho Shirley Mason Connie Messina. THIRD ROW: Andree Graham, Collen Brasefield, Nina Cozzo, Sylvia Smollick, Katy Gerrity, Dolores Fischer, Marciano Farolan. FOURTH ROW- Jim Maffei ' Duncan Buchanan, Lucille Allen, Bob De Fe, Emalyn Knapp, Joe Mathias, Mary Jo Carr, Al Nardi. BACK ROW: Harry Howard, Alan Talt, Don Ash, Father Walsh, Father Quinan, Lynn Behrens, Will Miller, Howard Martin, John Nevin. Newman Club (Catholic Students ' Social and Intellectual Society) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 Fall Richard Brown... Anne Filice Audrey Prolo Paul Marr Thomas Ti ndall Pat Lux Bill Markling Ed Austin Judy O ' Hara Barbara Gowey Laura Ryan Al Nardi EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Spring President Richard Brown Vice-President Anne Filice Secretary Audrey Prolo ..Treasurer.... p au i Marr Thomas Tindall John Nevin Ed Austin ..Representatives-at-Large J Lynn Behrens Jim Maffer Howard Martin Harry Howard Maureen Delaney FALL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Lucille Allen Mary Bargiocchi Lynn Behrens Richard Biava Nino Calarco Bill Caldwell Mary Jo Core Tom Coyne Nina Cozzo Carrol Curry Bob Defea Dolores Fischer Susan Gans Katy Gerritz Bruce Goodell Andree Graham Joel Guay Barbara Jordan Larry Losleben Sylvia Madoff Al Marin Howard Martin Shirley Mason Joan Molinari Joe Pavalko Shirley Simpson Sylvia Smollick Jerry Sommers Chuck Strawn Norb Ullman Dave Van Camp John Vevin Cathy Working SPRING ADVISORY COMMITTEE Lucille Allen Don Ashle BillBalay Mary Bargiocchi Joyce Beeson Richard Biava Ruth Brinkerhoff Duncan Buchanan Nino Calarco Ken Clark Leslie Coelho Joan Donaldson Ed Downey Sonny Farolan Dolores Fischer Barbara Fletcher Susan Gans Bettie Hall Audrey Herman Emalyn Knapp Al Marin Shirley Mason Margaret Mauer Bill McCarthy Nora McNamara Betty McQuaide Connie Messina Larry Mibach Catherine Murphy Helena Palomino Chuck Strawn Alan Talt Peggy Wallsten Helen White Judy Young 382 -:=.: =: rioM: Ed Serao Aetu, Ikfcuo Perez, Jot Craoto, EJfrMa Rejala, Anue Ascercion, Galon, Dana Ceniza, Pimali Olnares, Revedios Estrada, Juanrto AkOKher, Henrrietta Regala, lias fHaBjnrr. Siooe Grosjeari, Eva Smogpao, Himr Soban, Cko Teng Yu, Alfred Luz, It VW: BenjaniMi AgKtine, Jose Velasra, Peter Urn. Jr., Antonio Co, Maximo Quitrtos. Hun Ting Liu. Philippine Club PMfcfa OFFICERS .Rebecca Perez (Fall), 7:4-=.::: ;: dad Assistant Social Chairman -.-. Ed Austin Consuelo Olivares (Spring) Henrrieta Regala _ JoeCravoto Amie Ascercion Elfrieda Regala i _ - . -_= : : _ Hector Leuterio MEMBERS I . A .=-.: Rebecca Perez Joe Cravoto a Regala Amie Ascercion : . .:.-- - b :. :; Mma :;: Sior.e Grosjean Eba Sumagpao Manuel Sotuaco Cho Teng Yu A bwk - : Ireneo Catuira Rosita Galon Dativa Ceniza Consuelo Olivares Remedies Z Juanito Alconcher Henrrietta Regala Ban ;::.::. Ar ,;.:.- lose Velosco I Antonio Co Maximo Quintos Hun Ting Liu Leopoldo Reyes .-erez ::e Lerios = Canapi Paulino Ballesteros LeoSagun Luis Gonzales Harold Conklin 383 Phrateres FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES | IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1935 | FOURTEEN CHAPTERS (National Women ' s Social Organization) Mary Ann Ambrosini Anna Anderson Ruth Anderson Beverly Arnold Helen Arvanitakis Dianne Baylinson Betty Bear EuDene Drum Barbara Ebbesin Julie Elliott Annaliese Franken Helen Goring Elaine Grant Dona Lee Gravelle Edina Heagerty Lois Henderson Iris Hepps Estelle Hillary Valerie Hoel Elizabeth Jones Shirley Jorgenson Miriam Kaplan May Kakebe Jo Kness Mary Ann Koenig Helen Kravetzky Barbara Leard Francis Luke Jean McClure Mary McGraw Marion Meyer Pat Newell Wilma Nuotio Helen Pope Ella Mae Procter Dorothy Sadler Shirley Scharpf Joy Shedwill Nancy Shiddell Virginia Soelle Aiko Takita June Trubshaw Shirley Vanier Marylinne Weiss Charlotte Wilson Leta Wise 384 FRONT ROW, left to ri C Ebketk IitUfifctii (Pto _ ury), Wilta ttety (tioe-fmitaO, Florewe Rek (pnsMraO, Ptorflis Wil Mary Hiiliiaiti, Claire Bi a, THIRD ROW: Vateda Bird, Jeaa Jorta., U I Carolr Hoki, ilah One, Alto tt m.+. Jmplmii Hanks, I :-.-.: s :, 5 . A gHi Vtn 1, Betty Vanja, ., Vinjiwa Peny- BACK ROW: Jaw Welter, mt Chwckill, Deris Hasei , Vena Fraser. n.N. ' s On Campus REGBTEEIED NUBSES ON CAMPUS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1947 =:: Flonnn .- -= WDki I ' .-:- BBUa PhfOh WHBam Evelyn Henry-_ r r _ _ r n . . . _ r. 71 " . r . . . TZ r. ___Publicity CJioinnan- Spring r.;r: Wffla Baata HONORABY MEMBER MEMBERS : - : --- - ; - - - " - .-- - - - Mary Bradley ' lory BnnriM ------ - : - Iva De Witt Elizabeth Edgertco - - : Mary Ertman --r : : := " r_ . . 1 -r . 7 7T- " ' r T 7T7 . . " 7 7 T. ! Barbara Gerson Katherine Harris ETelyn Henry Inl - " : r c:r.s r :c z: 3 EfadMB Patricia Hummel EUaa " r . r " ..-- " Winifred Parr ;_.-. . - .- ... DelScrivner _::: T. y . T. :-.:- = i_ r : : r ChoBMOB Ar.r.e 37377.77. r : : Lois Hamilton Josephine Hanks - -= L ' ---- - . " - 7T7 v n 7T7. 577 ' rrv H -..-:- = lean Light -.- -: --:- ' - ' .- " --- tfran DalancMnrmai rWaalOMMH ' -rv :--- :: rVBa Narmad OmartM r - " Blanche Orme Vfinnie Mae Roberts : :----- . - . : :- : .-:- Virginia Seitz Mavis Sharp - " : ' - - .- La Soa r -? " - ' z ' - ---.-;. .5 -..-;..; 5 (ooa WeBH Elizabeth Young 385 . ' . f j FRONT ROW, left to right: Wilma LaMonte, Ann Soule, Ufarie Louise St. Gaudens, Shirley Peters. BACK ROW: Bill DeJa Gil Pavlovsky, Gene McClain. Music Club Charles Nickles, Robert Price, Gordon Ingersol. 386 Society for the Advancement of Management . - Scabbard and Blade (Notional Military Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN. 1905 COMPANY M. FOURTH REGIMENT ESTABLISHED. 1923 EIGHTY NINE COMPANIES Albert M. McQueen Royce D. Dehnatier _ Ronald N. Richards Kenneth S. MacKertne OFFICERS Lieutenant.. ' ' -:: :-:- ' - ' Spring ..Garth L. Scallan .-Robert H. Sharpe A - I Ibodl William M. Cole liajaf EmmA - Ml ;_.,.__ ..... LBJBOBI 7 --.-.-; -William T. Puidy -Ronald N. Richards ...Major Don. O. Currier FACULTY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS _ z ' _ " _r . r n . A . . t " " y 1 ' T _ 7i r . r r " 7 . 5 Ml _jrY. .- rrrrc " . ' .; 3dpi . r. : :T. - ; i. r-f r. r. - " Lt H. H. Bishop --- 3iariM A Back ham U r..r.= lames H. Corley Maj. Danel G. CoseHo Maj. Don O. Currier Zbadet DarMi _ Maj. Thomas F. Gordon . ' ' .-- . T r. U ::: v.-..:.:- I Hatad William B. Herms 5tol i r. : : ; : r :-r:. r 3 H -.----- BolMrt ' EMU Albeit P. Kmeger Herbert a Lanqgille Lt Col. Thomas J. Lawlor Robert F.Legge Meyer Samuel C. May Copt. Norman E Ifa - -::: | Copt Harry W. Need Comdr. Chester Nimitz Copt. Eugene L. Noreen v.-....-- " Narta UL CoL Clarence O. Olsen Maj. Kenneth E. Pell Royal A. Roberts Maj. Stephen V. Ralph CoL William L. Ritter Donald C. Shane Robert Sibtey lames G. Siler Maj. Russell R. Simpson Robert Gordon Sproul Lt. CoL lames D. Strong U Ifartan Swactt Maj. Gerald ). Tison Robert M. Underhill Carl I. Vogt Copt. Edgar B. Warner Mai. William B. Wootan Maj. John P. Youens e D Aitken James V. Baumgartner - Han I Bane : lama ' . ' . Bbadgaod : xnM " i _r - - ' - - : _ r_r_f " ny - :._.._. r z . , ' r Edward A. Brubaker : - .. Z J _- -rr. : mM r : aeran lames G. Campbell : i -r ? :. George E. Clausen - ' .-. - ' . 2aoahm Wallace R. Cooper -I- 1 r. 373 _ t r 5 ? r, ' . ' . CIxirlesR. Coven . _- -- lack W.Davis Royce D. Dehnatier DOOBI Dnmm Rabat W Bckhofl pSj ____ r - - : - ---- I.. .: George H. Easley Robert R. Evans Bruce A. Fanshier Wayne D. F - . Richard E. Galvin BatartB Sffimfci lack E. Griffin Trrr:-; T Bathawa) Fridolin W. Heer GeorgeRHobbs la-baa v ' Oasbraok UM ' H: v . . . _ _ _ ACTIVE MEMBERS rd H. Ingraham Eugene E. lacks Thomas L. Johnson Alfred W. Jorgenson Harold F. Keenan Seward R. Keim hM d Kzafen Albert M. Lapides Kenneth E. Little ------ NJI !_!!. II T - - 1. . i n -i . HQBDB - - - : -- --: Frank A. Matthews Howard W U id%ta William M. Mueller = :--: M nfacft Kenneths. MacKenzie Donald E McCaw dovis V. McClusky David D. McConaghy Mark McCbg Albert M. McQueen k n I HMA Ntxiuuii B. NemTLXJiub Charles D. Noonan Jacques E. Nouauz TedOliphant Peter K. Oppenheim . " " .177 71 " r -. 77 " :_ : " . r. .- . . : ' ' r ..... || ? . -, William T. Purdy Robert A. Rach . EMc ( BimaHi . z " rr. r r : " r Allan M. Rupprecht John R. Saldine Robert E. Satles Garth L. Scallon Clarence L. Schaupp I --- - - -- .- - - William W. Shane Robert H. Sharpe Antone L. Skanchy Roderick M. Stewart Lester L. Stoakes Robert B. Sumner Allen E.Tbcde Spencer B. Vay Charles C. Wahle Bernard H. Weeks Ray maud L. Weisberg [anan H ' .. tan Martin G. Wilkinson Richard G Williams Harold H. Yoke y Thomas S. Young 387 FRONT ROW, left to right: Norbert Muller, James Moser, Peggy Ann Sweeney, Helen Lee, James Reid, Robert Lindblom, Charles Spring. SECOND ROW: Jeanne Zander, Stanley Ring, David Netitaway, William Galligan, Charles Hathaway, John Barnwell, Marilyn Mann, Edmund Immergut. THIRD ROW: Peter Mayer, Robert Blake, Phyllis Spargo, Benjamin Buchalter, Raymond Longman, Robert Morgan, Willie Smith, Richard Peekema, Yukio Yamamoto. BACK ROW: James Cesmat, Howard Adler, Saburo Ikeda, William McCullough, Eugene Myers, Charles Shaw, Wataru Goishi, Henry Otsuki, Russell Hibbard, Raymond Orr. American Chemical Society (California Chapter of Student Affiliates) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1876 LOCAL SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1938 OFFICERS Spring James D. Reid President Norbert Muller RobertO. Lindblom Vice-President James H. Moser Helen Chan Lee Secretary Peggy Ann Sweeney Norbert Muller Treasurer Charles R. Keppel FACULTY ADVISOR Professor William G. Dauben Howard L. Adler Ed Aitken Frank Bachelor Bonita R. Bailey John Barnwell Harvey Beetle Robert Blake Patrick Black Fred Brauer Kenneth Brauner Robert Brodkey Benjamin Buchalter Donald Buse Charles Carney James Cesmat Curtis Christian Arthur De Araujo Eugene De Haven Frank Delfino Daniel Dere Frank De Saussure L. B. Doyle Leroy Easthouse Carl Feldman William Galligan Donald Glusker Wataru Goishi Robert Hamlin Arthur Harvey Charles Hathaway Richard Heckman David Henderson Samy Herscovici Russel Hibbard Richard Kinze Edmund Ho Saburo Ikeda Edmund Immergut Floyd Jensen MEMBERS Charles Keppel Harry Kiplinger Vern Kopitzke Edmundo Kugelmas Joe B. Lavigne Michel Le Brun, Jr. Helen Chan Lee Robert Lindblom Raymond Longman Richard Lyman Marilyn Mann Ernest Mauri Peter Mayer Edward Meyers George R. Moore Gordon E. Moore Robert Morgan James H. Moser John M. Moss Norbert Muller Eugene P. Myers Robert H. McCrea William McCullough Bill Nakagawa David Nehtaway Mary Oliphant Raymond L. Orr Henry Otsuki Richard M. Peekema Robert Polanski Roy Pritchard Robert L. Reese Lloyd Regier James D. Reid Stanley A. Ring Norman C. Rose Richard F. Searle Junior Seader Kenneth Simpson Charles Shaw George Sheats Willie Smith Ernest Soldavini Phyllis Spargo William Spooncer Charles R. Sutton Peggy Ann Sweeney Ward H. Swift Richard Teeter Roy Teranishi Walter Thompson Peter Van Sicklen Murman Vedder William Warren Sheldon Weber Leslie Whitney David Williams Yukio Yamamoto Tadashi Yoshida Jeanne Zander 388 ' j y i .A FRONT ROW, left to right: Carolyn Jacobson, Barbar. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Beck, Jane Raters, Doroth Fraafce. THIRD ROW: Gladys Hansen, Shirley Gape . Dorothy Coset. FOURTH ROW: Lois Anders son, Rutn E. Bract, Barbara I artnan, Doris KodcJer, Leslys Garrow, Mary DeBoer, Charlotte Yaukw. lasazza, Dolores Gooes, Natalie Woodward, Shirley Holland, Barbara j M. Anderson, llerilyn Phillips, Mary McKeon, Joy Consterdine, Eileen argaret Bacon, Marion Emerson, Gladys Lagomarsino, Florence Ander- v BACK ROW: Jean Whitman, ROM Mellmann. Utrimque (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1932 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Spring Jane Rogers President Mary de Boer Vice-President Myrta Wagner Recording Secretary Leslys Garrow Corresponding Secretaries.. Dolores Gomes Treasurer. Merilyn Phillips.... ....Historian.... Fall .Mary DeBoer leslys Garrow Jean Whitman ...Dorothy Beck. Merilyn Phillips _ .Barbara Franke Lois Anderson Florence Anderson Mary Anderson Barbara Bach Margaret Bacon Marine Bodell Ruth Bruce Dorothy Casazza Dorothy JatH Elsie Dettmer Marion Emerson Diane Fagan MEMBERS Jane Freeman Shirley Gapen Dolores Gomes Barbara Good Gladys Hansen Shirley Howland Marsia Hurt Doris Kockler Gladys Lagomarsino Mary Belle McKeon Ann Merritt Eileen Rodgers Jane Rogers Rosa Rottger Pat Smith Jean Tritchler Marilyn Tritchler Natalie Woodward PLEDGES Helen Buckley Joy Consterdine Barbara Hartman Carolyn Jacobsen Rowena Mellmann Helen Von Gunten Carole Williams Charlotte Younkin 389 U.C. Yacht Club OFFICERS Fall Spring Roly Shutt Commodore Wayne Smith Peter Komor Vice Commodore Stan Ausman Wayne Smith Rear Commodore Jack McNickles Buz Rising Fleet Captain Barbara Stokes Wes Prisbrey Port Captain Leonard Trailer June Whitman , Secretary Betty Knudsen Ray Deyo . Treasurer Roly Shutt Jack Woodfield Jim Simonds oly Ro .......................................................................... Public Relations ........................................................ Shirley Rowland Team Manager ............................................................. Gene Morrison MEMBERS Philip Adams Maurice Alfllle Lucille Allen Stan Ausman Herbert Arnois Bob Baker Ken Bollard W. J. Barnhlll Robert Barton Shirley Benjamin Robert Bell Christine Bergum David Bowen Jan Bowman John Bradley Joan Braman Marjorie Brown Jim Bryan Willma Bryan F. E. Buck Nancy Camp Al Caracousa Duncan Carter Irene Chadwick Barbara Christensen Al Clar Neophyte Cockinos Clarence Cooper Francisco Cota Clyde Cournale John Cramer Virginia Grampian Barbara Cranston Carla Cummins Harold Davis Jeanne Dausse Maurice Deutsch Ray Deyo Page Dinnel Dolores Donahue Mildred Due Charles Dunham David Dunlap Frank Dusmet Louis Dusmet LeRoy Duval Jean Eade Don Edgar Elaine Eklund Robert Evans Greg Everett Bob Feinberg John Ferrier Thomas Finneran John Forrester Barbara Franke Don Fuller Bill Picker Allan Gardner Leslys Garrow Austin Gibbon Arvin Gibson Benjamin Glatt Ruth Glover Richard Good Bill Graham Drew Gram Robert Greenbaum Roslyn Grossman Paul Haas K. Hagler Virginia Hallas Carleton Hardy Alfrida Harris Earnest Harris Tommy Harris John Hartsock Jack Head Lloyd Heger Betty Hill Don Hodges Don Holcomb Elizabeth Holcomb Norman Holly Frank Hope Shirley Howland Warren Hubert David Hudson Laurence Ingwerson Darrell Johnson Philip Johnson Betty Johnson Allyne Kernan Carole Kennedy Charles Keyes Sinclair Knapp Betty Knudsen Irwin Koll Stan Kohlenberger Pete Komor Peggy Kottnaur Frank Lann Karl Lantzky Don Lasher Marvin Lewis Rina Levinson Charles Lucas Russel Maatz Margaret Magerian Rudy Massman John McDonald Jack McNickles Albert McQueen Allan Meyer George Millar Kenton Miller Lillian Mitchel George Moore Gordon Morrison Lyle Murray Julius Meyn George Najimnec David Navon Shirley Nelson Phoebe Nichols Russ Nordene Millis Oakes Betty Page Doug Page Barbara Park Bob Patterson Dave Porter Wes Prisbrey Richard Reed Wendell Reed Ervin Reichardt George Reiner Wilfred Riggs Boardman Rising Frank Rosman Kathryn Ross Richard Ross Howard Rubin Roy Sanquinetti Fred Schenck Pete Schoonmaker Paul Sharp Ramanonoa Shenoi Victor Shick Roland Shutt Arthur Siegel Jim Simonds Barbara Skiles Jack Sloan Robert Sloane Barnaby Smith Jordan Smith Wayne Smith Gordon Staring Barbour Stokes Warren Struven Jean Thayer Allen Thode Bernice Thompson F. M. Tomnovac Robert Trimeloni Leonard Troeller Marilyn Victor Theodora Vita Franklin Walker Roberta Weeks Frank Whitaker Jacqueline Whitmer June Wightman Darrell Wilkes Jean Wilkenson Edith Williams Jean Williamson Rollin Wilson Jack Woodfield Robert Worth Yaho Yafet 390 FRONT ROW, left to right: Victor Shick, Edward Safarian, Motee K. Jigt ' iaiif, Elizabeth ran Selle, Dolores Barilla. MIDDLE ROW: Olga Bocanegra-SaUau, Maideh Mazda, William B. Spencer, Fred Kassel, Ban Reddy. BACK ROW: El-Sayed El-Sawi, bger Bergstrem, Jelle Riemenma, James Clark, Tei " i Clark, Ted English, William International Bouse MEMBERSHIP LIST OF INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Victor Shick .--Chairman oi the Social Committee, 7lh Floor Representative Edward Safarian.... Chainnan of the Council, Western Hemisphere Representative Motee K. Jagtianie Chainnan of the Educational Committee, Asiatic Representative Elizabeth von Selle._ Secretary oi the Council. Women ' s Area Representative Dolores Bonilla. Western Hemisphere Representative (Fall Semester) Olga Bocaneara-Saldana..--. ..-Western Hemisphere Representative Maideh Mazda Near Eastern Representative William B. Spencer __ Representative of Non-Resident Members r : z ' zss = ' . 5th Floor Representative Bap Reddy 4th Floor Representative Ed Austin .- .Asiatic Representative Robert Brewer 2nd and 8th Floor Representative (Fall) :--;--- EtSaBB ' " ;::: Earim EtaptoMnkiBw Inger Bergstrorrj Women ' s Area Representative (Fall) Jelle Riemersma.... _Xuropean Representative (Fall) lames Clark. Western Hemisphere Representative Ted English. Western Hemisphere Representative William Ferguson 6th Floor Representative (Fall) Geoffrey Wilkinson European Representative (Fall) Don r: ..:e 2nd and 8th Floor Representative (Spring) Phil Johnson... 6th Floor Representative (Spring) Shirley Hersom.. Women ' s Area Representative (Spring) Arthur Turner .European Representative (Spring) Panor Soiomonides. European Representative (Spring) Richard Diamond _ __ Western Hemisphere Representative (Spring) 391 We dig it out with an iron But where it is thick, with a spade or pick I 11 TON iS.C ?- :-. -:- t: BOB DAL PORTO IBS mfcrei mm senrice to the University as football player, rep-at- large and MM as chairman of the Athletic A little tart to locate, but always hard for Ca! n the field was WIU. LOITER, Athletic CoMcirs s ATHLETIC COUNCIL = - - ; i E:: Is = :-.: B S -.:. THE important job of formukrting the policy and making the decisions on questions concerning both major and minor sports is undertaken by the Ath- letic Council. This responsibility in- cludes granting of awards, letters and managerial positions. Members are ap- pointed from the Big " C " Society, the Circle " C " Society and from the Senior Managers of the major sports. Greg Englehard and Brutus Hamilton served on it in an advisory capacity represent- ing the ASUC. Outstanding men in all sports are appointed to this important policy-making body. Its student chair- men during the year of 1 948-49 were the well-known athletes. Bob Dal Porto and Will Latter. Golf was represented by Don Schwab, basketball by Jim Du- varas and rugby by Jim Cullo m. Danny Coehlo was on the board as chairman of the Circle " C " group. Sedge Thom- son, senior football manager, held a position with the council, too, along with Phil Arnot, Joe Widman and Bill Simpkins. 393 FRONT ROW, left to right: Dick Pendleton, Dick Powers, Dick MacDougall, Bud Hobbs, Tom Young, Chuck Wagner. SECOND ROW: Bob Jarboe, Bill Parks, Cliff Tresidder, Bill Stone, Bob Gibbs, Ernie Fried, John Petric, Tom Hale. THIRD ROW: Jim Wagner, Jim Lyons, Ed Jordon, George Oviedo, Hal Savage, Peter Soldschmidt, Bob Daley, Phil Crane. BACK ROW: Bill Mackey, Don Sampsei, Jim Abrens, George Gisk, Ray Smith, Gil Sheffield. i The Blue and Gold cap identifies Rally Committee Chairman DICK PENDLETON who did an admirable job in the ' 48- ' 49 year. Bally Committee " TAKE off that red coat! " yells the crowd. Almost immediately a member of the Rally Committee proceeds to pounce on the culprit. This efficient group has many other jobs to do besides keeping the forbidden red away from the Blue and Gold root- ing section. It is their task to plan rallies, maintain order among rooters, provide halftime entertainment, and stage the colorful card stunts. Under the able leadership of Dick Pendleton they carried on their work with much enthusiasm and deserve applause for the results that they achieved. A damsel in distress as the ever-alert Rally Committee makes an attempt to remove her red jacket, and to the rooting section ' s surprise is successful! 394 YELL LEADERS ALL the spirit isn ' t down on the field. The rooting section is just sizzling with it, but it ' s up to the yell leaders to give it the needed organization. Judging from the enthusiastic howls the boys in the white sweaters are really on the job. Led by Jack Wolfe, the group promoted spirit at rallies, sings, University meetings and, most important of all, at ath- letic events. At football games, basketball games and down at the Rose Bowl the yell leaders were on the ball. In the middle of leading a song is pictured head yell leader JACK WOLFE recognized by his two stripes around the bottom of his sweater. Ee-yah, ee-yah, ee-yah, drop dead! is ED AUSTIN ' S famous and popular jungle yell, led as only he can lead it. Don Ball, Ed Austin, Jack Wolfe, Lou Neilson, Jim Kincaid. 395 FOOTBALL It was California ' s own PAPPY WALDORF who coached the sleeping giant of the West to its first PCC crown in ten years. FRONT ROW, left to right: Eggs Manske, Zeb Chaney, Lynn Waldorf, Bob Tessier. BACK ROW: Hal Grant, Nibs Price, Wes Fry. SEDGE THOMSON carried out the hard but interesting job of senior manager for the 1948 champions. 1Q48 VARSITY UNDEFEATED and untied, the 1948 Blue and Gold varsity football team ended its perfect season by receiving the coveted Rose Bowl bid. Doing this, Cal captured almost every rec- ord on the Pacific Coast, both as a fighting team and with its individual standouts. Play- ing Eastern, Mid-western and Coast teams, the Bears piled up more yardage than any other U.C. squad in California grid history. It was this unbeatable combination of Pappy Wal- dorf ' s coaching, individual stars like Jensen, Swaner and Cullom, and the all important co- ordinated team play, that put California among the top teams of the nation. PCC STANDINGS w 6 7 3 4 CALIFORNIA Oregon USC WSC Stanford 3 OSC 2 Washington 2 UCLA 2 Idaho 1 Montana L 2 3 4 3 5 6 5 3 T n o o i n 2 1 n o o FRONT ROW, left to right: Charles Biggs, Hal Keenan, Sedge Thomson, Frank Rohan, Jerry Howard, Howard Mackey. MIDDLE ROW: Doug Leone, Lee Crawford, Allan Daily, Andy Zografos. BACK ROW: George Sutliff, Bill Wilkinson, Ted Halton. t: Ray Dejong, Tim Minahen, Bob Ceteri, Frank Van Derm, Wilt Letter. SECOND ROW: Jin Culloni, For- erfer, Jim Turner, Rod Franz, Lai Papais, DM Begorich. THIRD ROW: Robert Hilemai, Leu Jones, Frank e Frassetto, Duke Zeaorich, Rte Naorn, Ray Solari. FOURTH ROW: Howard Ttayer, Jim Monachino, ob Minahen, Dick Erickson, Pete Schabanm. FIFTH ROW: State Webster, Pail Keddey, Ji .sley, Don Cox, George Sana. BACK ROW: Dick Hocston, Dwg Dncan, Jon Baker, Jack Swaner, Don Brown, Bill Main, Eugene Bynvn, Hank Borghi, John r.iil|klni. for t wo years in succession, ROD limm, feared by his nppnrl: PAUL KECKLEY oane tke fats many a Urilf with his skillful kick-off aid pMt-nm-back prowess. All American JACK JENSEN, am of the best backs in collegiate foot- ball, gained oner 1000 yards on the - :-- : --- : Football! ste FOOTBALL season means more to Californians than just the games themselves. It ' s crowds and queens and dances and a myriad of good times. There ' s Homecoming with its house dec- orations and brilliant parade. There ' s bonfire rallies with every little street corner trying to hold its own. There ' s songs and gaiety and laughter that crops up in the fall of every year that graduates yi IT S ? vj ' . . can never quite forget. It has a different and wonderful flavor about it a nostalgia that is Cali- fornia when King Football takes over Berkeley. It ' s crisp Saturday mornings, Pappy Waldorf ' s bal- cony speech after the game, a riotous ride to the tussle in Los Angeles and a million other little, unforgettable things that makes Fall one continuous Football Festival. Bears 41 Broncos 19 THE spirited Golden Bears opened their 1948 football season with a 41 to 1 9 victory over a rugged Santa Clara team. Jack Jensen lived up to all ex- pectations by breaking away for runs of 62, 64 and 60 yards, the first jaunt being the initial touchdown of the game. The first string lines of both teams looked good, but Cal ' s mighty reserves made the difference. Charlie Sarver, a new scatback, proved he can really run. Big JIM TURNER was hampered by a mid-season knee injury, but nevertheless was chosen, and rightly so, as an All-Coast tackle. Stepping in to replace first string guards in the middle of the season, RAY DEJONG proved himself to be a sterling player. JACK SWANER was the hard run- ning back who made some beautiful off-tackle thrusts to run up his scoring record to 66 points for the season. i Bears 21 Navy 7 CHARLIE SARVER was OK of the badcf ield bright spots at the begin- ing of the season until he MB sidelined with an injury. THE Golden Bears ' second con- test of the 1948 football season saw the Blue and Gold pitted, against the Middies from An- napolis. Although the final score was 21 to 7 in Cal ' s favor, the opening quarter gave Pappy quite a scare. The score was deadlocked 7-7 at the half, but a drive of 88 yards in the third quarter brought in another touchdown. Three of our key players, Hank Borghi, Rod Franz, and Jack Swaner were injured. In his second year of college ball, STORMY HILEMAN was a sturdy, hard-hitting line backer who was plenty of help in a pinch. Big Game Captain GENE FRAS- SETTO was the team work-horse as far as playing time was concerned, since he was on the field longer than any other man on the squad. Bears 20 Gaels ALTHOUGH handicapped by in- juries, the Golden Bears opened their 50th Annual St. Mary ' s-California gridiron classic as 26 point favorites. The first score came late in the sec- ond quarter when Charlie Sarver snagged a 50-yard pass from Bob Ce- leri. Playing against twelve men on several occasions, Cal nevertheless managed to pound out a 20-0 win over the Moragans. JOHN CUNNINGHAM was used on offense because of this stellar end ' s pass snagging ability. Playing his fourth year of collegiate football, DAVE HIRSCHLER was another of those unfortunates who had an injury hamper his activity. The flashy, gambling quarterback of the 1948 champs was BOB CE- LERI who could really heave them long and accurately. fr v t Bears 40 Badgers 14 IN their best performance of the pre- conference game season, the Califor- nia varsity completely overpowered the Badgers of Wisconsin by a score of 40-14. Before eight minutes of the first quarter had passed, the Bears had racked up a total of 14 points. Bill Montagne made the final touchdown by simultane ously catching a pass and smashing into the goal post. Bill received the Post-Enquirer trophy for the most outstanding player of the week. A,, PC: 3-a-: JOS BiKER i- a- accUrat line lacker and one of the ost ragged players on the Pacific Fleet-footed STATEN WEBSTER was a etasne halfback from San Fraactsco wto had his big ament fee he starred in the K y tesfe. JIM MONACHMO was a promising sophoaore who mderstadies the im- t filftack role. I. ' " , i BI Bears 42 OSC IN the first conference game of the 1948 season, a smooth operating Cali- fornia eleven romped to a 42-0 tri- umph over Oregon State. The Bears looked good from the start of the game to its finish and made at least one tally in each quarter. Backs Erickson, Jensen and Minahen all had a lot to do wi th the 536 yards gained in the day ' s effort. Gene Fras- setto, dependable as ever, played his usual fine game at tackle. DOUG DUNCAN was the pivot man on Pappy ' s offensive unit. This fine center is a local boy from Berkeley High. BOB MINAHEN was the young sophomore from Stockton, Califor- nia, who played on the Varsity for the first time this year as right end. The steady quarterbacking of DICK ERICKSON led California on many a long march piling up a record number of yards and points. Bears 21 Washington A TOUGH Washington team and a Seattle rain kept the Bear ' s vic- tory to a respectable 21-0 score. The slippery ball kept our passing game from being dangerous and our quarterbacks were forced to call running plays. Swivel-hipped Jack Jensen was bottled up due to the soggy turf, but smashing Jack Swaner was able to break away for all three of the markers. Jim Turner, the most improved tackle on the varsity, was injured. Shifted from the backfieM to a line post, end NORM PRESSLEY took advantage of the switch aid : ::v : ' - - " : :- fast RUSS BOHLKE was serioBly in- jured before the Narr oaae and M fotgotte. by Itai T One of the fnest blacken on the team was BILLY MAIN who node some good yardage canying the pfetn frm his halfback slot. Bears 13 THE Coliseum in Los Angeles was al- most packed as California managed to beat the defending PCC champs, USC. The largest number of rooters ever to go south were down from Berkeley to witness the contest. Three times in the first quarter the Bears were deep in Trojan territory, but those costly penalties which plagued Gal all day deprived them of a sure touchdown. However, Jensen went over in the closing minutes of the initial period to score, paving the way for our 13-7 victory. HERB SCHMALENBERGER, the big left tackle, was up from the Ram- blers this year to add his weight to the powerful Cal line. Working as one of Pappy ' s centers was LOU PAPAIS, a six-foot-three man from Sacramento, California. FRANK VAN DEREN made the All PCC first string by virtue of his great offensive work as a glue- fingered end. f USC 7 IT was the All- American who was to make the other six points also and to give us the margin of win. But SC powered over to paydirt in the final stanza with only 55 seconds to go. However, statistics showed that Cali- fornia outgained and outscored the Trojan, but he was never oble to out- fight him. This was the third confer- ence win for UC and proved that the Bears were indeed the most power- ful team on the Pacific Coast. BOB DAL PORTO n his tel of college ball has ben asset to the team ratio ! Us JIM CULLOM Ml his JifUd foot am the hi scorers the PCC and provided Cat witt the i of nctaT ii the Big Game. Y hUWTAGKE saw t fans a thrill hen he collided with a foal post, tat this steady defe- she KM meat oa to play the faoe. .3MB ' r Bears 28 UCLA 13 NOTICEABLY suffering with the loss of several key players, California came through to claim its eighth win of the season by defeating Brother Bruin. A pair of touchdowns by Jack Swaner climaxed the only two long Blue and Gold drives of the game. The other tallies were made when Letter scored on an intercepted pass, and Cullom fell on a blocked kick in the end zone. Bud Van Deren ' s fierce charging from the end was outstand- ing. WILL LOTTER ' S big moment was when he, as a defensive back, in- tercepted a pass and dashed 85 yards to a touchdown in the UCLA game. From two years of JC ball came GEORGE SOUZA who proved him- self to be a steady, dependable end. CHARLIE ERB didn ' t see too much action this year, but next season he will be able to really show us his talents as quarterback. Bears 11 WSC 14 CALIFORNIA ' S potent offensive and defensive units ran all over WSC to score a one-sided 41 to 14 triumph. The Cougars entered this game with the best defensive record in the con- ference, but in spite of this the mighty Bear team consistently plowed through for yardage. This Washing- ton eleven distinguished themselves by being the only coast team to run back a kickoff for a touchdown against Cal this year. In this game Jim Cullom broke the PCC record for PATs. Anther Berkeley hoy FRANK BRUNK ho tad the hard job of tearing nider Jeitsei at the fill- back slot, but wto became a star the Rose Bowl. Veteran HANK BOHGHI as out of action for several wets from his tackle position with a dislocated Boars 7 CLIMAXING their first unbeaten and untied season in 26 years, the Golden Bears slipped by Stanford in their 51st Big Game meeting. Eighty thousand fans gaped while the two teams bat- tled to a near standstill. Cal drew first blood from a 59-yard march to the Indian goal in the first quarter. Jack Swaner hammered over for the score and a new individual Bear record of 66 points in one season. We can expect to see more of DICK HOUSTON, the left half from Glen- dale, California, in next year ' s var- sity lineup. GENE BYNUM saw some action with the varsity after coming to Cal as a sophomore from Pomona. A really fine back was PETE SCHABARUM who operated from the right half spot and is a poten- tially great player. I rf? US Stanford JIM Cullom converted the extra point which was destined to be crucial in the contest. Then Stan- ford fought back to cross the Cali- fornia goal in the third period, but they failed to make the deciding digit. Spearheading the Bear drive was Jack Jensen who displayed in- spired running, blocking and punt- ing. Jensen ' s fourth and thirty dash was only one of the high spots in the always exciting Big Game. DAN BEGOVICH MS one of the best pMtm on the squad, however, he was mooed into the line where he fMCttMed to the best advantage forCal. Big JOHN MAJARIAN, although at- tending the strict lankihan of first year medical school, was a in the line at the Rose One of last season ' s regulars, BOBBY DODDS, was out with in- juries most of the season so saw relatively little action. ZEB CHANEY, one of the most versatile coaches at California, successfully led the Ramblers through their undefeated season. Ramblers BOASTING a perfect season, Zeb Chaney ' s Ramblers had too little opportunity to show what they really could do. The stron g junior varsity squad completely romped over all opposition this season. However, lack of enough opponents forced the team to settle for only three matches during the entire sea- son. The hapless victims to fall before them were Mather Field, DES PAC, and Chico State. FRONT ROW, left to right: Zeb Chaney, Art Trost, Bill Panttaja, John Ralston, J ' m Marines, Chris Markey, Christo Fallas, George Newell, Don Brunk, Mike Dakis. SECOND ROW: Bill Kenz, Bruce Heltne, Richard Ng, Jim Hanretty, Frank Humpert, Don Hackett, Dick Tullsen, Mel Willback, Bob Orr, Ed Hart, Pearce Godfrey. THIRD ROW: Hampton, Deloney, Killeen, Muehlberger, Witter, Witter, Cummings, Hubbard, Gill. BACK ROW: William Hofstetter, Dan Cooper, William Prewett, John Erdelatz, Jerry Scott, Hank Wright, Carl Van Heuitt, Roy Ward, Lyle Nelson, George Stathakis. SEASON RECORD Ramblers... 37 DESPAC .. Ramblers 64 Mather Field ._ 6 Ramblers... ....26 Chico State.... ...14 Freshmen UNDAUNTED by bumps and bruises, men- tor Hal Grant ' s frosh gridders plunged into every game with spirit equal to that of the varsity squad. The Cubs bounced back from a deadlock with the St. Mary ' s frosh in their first encounter to trounce a favored Hartnell College team. Edging past UCLA and USC the freshmen were maintained in the win column until a decisive 30-0 loss to the Stan- ford frosh in their final game. We could always see fresh coach HAL GRANT stand- ing nerwusly at the side- lines as his ihri would play their usual hard- fought game. W f t t ' FRONT ROW, left to right: Hal Grant, Paul McKnight, Parton Beale, John Nystuen, Robert Herriek, Kenneth Hagon, Scott Erickson, Dick Pland, Jerry Fox, Michey Browne, Richard Parker, John Datum, Don Edmonston. SECOND ROW: Bill Neel, John Niksits, Al McCaltoch, Rah Kneger, Les BoKon, Larry Miller, Paul Larson, John Obradovich, Jack Jackson, Wayne Daman, John Damon, Joe Kicmanic, Bob Silva, Gary Radcliffe. THIRD ROW: Grant Andreasen, Augie Warra, Dale Tipton, Les Richter, Ozzie Harris, James Jiu, Nick Veliotes, Pete Mering, Jack McFarlane, Jim Frazier, Brent Ooden, Dick Steens, George Witter. FOURTH ROW: Ted Kenfield, Dick Lutz, Lew Smith, Ed Bartlett, William Bavgh, Bob Karpe, Dick Groger, Roger de Roos, Bill MacBeath, Bob Herrling, Richard Osorio, Eugene Nelson. BACK ROW: Alan Hell, Mike Wong, Mel Doyle, Bill Corey, Dei Ragau, Joe Hibbs, Merle Gwnther, John Rakicl, Fred Blatt, Harry Carian, Richard Schlesinger, Andy Zorbas, Ray Davis. SEASON RECORD Cal Frosh 13 Col Frosh. 26 Cal Frosh .....14 Cal Frosh 27 Cal Frosh.. St. Mary ' s Frosh 13 Hartnell College ....12 UCLA Frosh 13 USC Frosh 26 Stanford Frosh 30 BASKETBALL Ml m :J , - - ' ' - ' :--:-. : ' , 1949 Varsity NIBS PRICE as head basketball coach at California had a season of impressive play at the Cow Palace and not so impressive play in conference meetings. A top scorer and a great all-around player for the basketball varsity was Captain BOB WALKER who, luckily for Cal, has another year of eligibility. ALTHOUGH California ' s seasonal record showed only fourteen games won and nineteen lost, it did not show the potentially great basketball team the Bears have. To make the situation seem even brighter every single varsity man has at least one year of eligibility left. Billy Hagler looked very impressive this season and was chosen on the All-Southern Division five, while Mike O ' Neil led in the individual scoring bracket for the Cal team. Although winning only one of their twelve con- ference contests, the Bears showed by their PCC Invitational Basketball Championship at the Cow Palace that they will have a really great season next year. Above is ZEB CHANEY, mentor of the California Blues, while below Is STEVE YORK, senior basketball manager. FRONT ROW, left to right: BUI Marsh, Bill Morrison, Steve York. MIDDLE ROW: Jack Roos, Chip Raisin, Jim Dawson, Earl Harris. BACK ROW: Bruce Forster, George Easter, Jim Lyons, George Pbyne. FRONT ROW, left to right: Jack Shumway, Bob Walker, Bill Thompson, Mike (XNeil, Dave Nichols. MIDDLE ROW: Bod Goodier Bob Rinehart, Ken Cameron, Tom Ruebel, Bill Hagler. BACK ROW: Chris Flores, John Cunningham, Jim Dwaras, Jim Paye. Number fifteen, MIKE O ' NEIL, was Cal ' s number one scorer although he was hampered by an ankle injury in the last part of the season. 419 Bears-Trojans One of the outstanding players of the year on the Pacific Coast was (all BILLY HAGLER who added a lot to the Cal team both on offense and on defense. 420 JOHN CUNNINGHAM coming off the gridiron to the hardwood looked very good at the beginning of the season but was not in school in the spring. HAVING beaten the Trojans in a pre-season encounter, the Bears claimed one win and three losses in regular play. The first series game was a tough one to lose. After leading throughout most of it, Cal was snuffed out in an overtime period. However, the Pricemen bounced back on the SC floor to hand a 49-45 defeat to the Trojans in their second meeting. Timely hits by Jim Payne and fly paper tactics by Bob Walker on defense cinched the game. A bitter 48-39 loss at Berkeley and a decisive 75-52 de- feat down south contrasted with last year ' s California basketball supremacy. Bears-Bruins BEING unrespectful towards its big brother, the little Bruin dropped California in all encounters. Thus it was the only Southern Division team to remain unbeaten by the Bears in or out of regular conference play. UCLA swamped Cal in the first two meetings 63-54 and 49-37. How- ever, the Bears outran and out- jumped their foes in Berkeley in- the first half of the third game, but were nosed out 45-42. An- other fight developed in their last contest. With thirteen min- utes of play remaining, Walker, Payne and Hagler lifted Cal into a 33-33 tie, but the Golden Bears couldn ' t hold the pace and lost 59-50. Playing at fa wad, great potentialities were seen in TOM RUEBEL and he MS aimed fro the Blues to a spot on the Varsity he functioned efficiently. The flashiest dlibblei on the court mas DAVE NICHOLS who also was a deadeye shot, amassing 258 points for the season. 421 Bears-Indians OUTSCORED and plagued by an endless stream of Indians on the foul line, a fighting California tried for an opening win in its PCC series with Stan- ford. Thirty-four personal fouls by the Bears paved the way to defeat and gave victory to the Indians 66-65. The next night the Blue and Gold traveled to Palo Alto only to be mauled 55-48. Undaunted by their unfortunate luck, Cal still aimed for pay dirt, but suffered a 55- 46 decision at Berkeley. Back at Palo Alto the varsity five bounced with added fire and almost claimed a vic- tory. The Cardinals barely pushed ahead to win 56-53 and avenge their Cow Palace championship loss to the Bears. JIM PAYNE was the young forward from Long Beach who switched over to guard and helped Cal out in many a tough spot. After one year of JC ball and a short period on the Blues BILL THOMPSON proved himself to be one of the better players on the 1948-49 varsity. 422 Non-Conference CRIS FLORES was well known around Cal for his basketball playing ability and for his steady game at guard. THE Blue and Gold basketball varsity had plenty of practice this season outside of regular conference play. Although losing two close ones to Oregon, Cal put away Washington, USC and Stanford to win the PCC Invitational crown. Bear alumni returned to the Men ' s gym as members of the Birtners and Stewart Chevrolet teams. Saint Mary ' s and Santa Clara both took beatings from the California five. Other teams to play at Berkeley were San Francisco State, College of Pa- cific, Santa Barbara College and the great University of San Francisco Dons who edged out the Bears 49-47. Another one of the boys that worked equally well on the var- sity or on the Blues was DICK KRETSINGER. 423 Intersection! , " :ZT R. CALIFORNIA ' S first intersectional encounter was with the highly touted Utah State five. But the mighty Bear had no trouble with the Utans and won easily 72-57. A packed house witnessed some of the finest basketball ever seen in these parts as the powerful Ohio State team in- vaded Berkeley. The first eve- ning their ball-hawks and hot- eyes were just too much for Cal and the men from Ohio won 74- 60. The Bears bounced back the next night to lose a thrill-packed Ik game 68-64. Later in the season Cal managed to subdue Pitts- fc Bburgh in the Cow Palace, 66-49. w Taking careful aim to s ink one of his regular buckets is BILLY RINEHART who doubled on the Varsity and Blues. 424 The familiar red-haired figure of KEN CAM- ERON could always be called upon to turn in a steady, well-played game. OK of UK outstanding players on the Blue basketball tea this year was BILL W1RTH, forward, was hi oat van for the 1 kc A 7 I FRONT ROW, left to right: Gene Garfinkle, Babe Melton, Bill Smith, Don Hen- riksen. BACK ROW: Earle Gibbons, Dick Kretsinger, Ev Juergens, Don Dodson. Blues THE Blue ' s win-loss column showed thir- teen victories and ten defeats under the handling of Zeb Chaney. Bill Wirth from Woodland, playing at a forward posi- tion, netted 1 74 markers to be high man for the Blues. Chaney ' s club was made quite fluid until the latter part of the sea- son with constant shifts occurring be- tween it and the varsity. As a team the Blues averaged 47.5 points per game, permitting their opponents only 39. It was true that they had their early season troubles, but they managed to turn in a creditable record. 426 r, B left ? r ' 9 . h . t: Jaek Ro0le ' Wilt . F Hoaglwd, Oick Hare, Jerry Prtersen, Parton Bule. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Stoier, Jim McTfehe, Stan Ware, KM Briiiy, Vino Price, Dai Glines, Bob Dabte. BACK ROW: Al Rose, Ray . Johnny Boyle, George Loop, Bob Mdor, Harris Steiner. Freshmen THE Frosh played twenty-six games winning fourteen of them. Six-foot-six Ray Fitzsimons, a prep product from Chaffee High School in Ontario, headed the Frosh scoring with 166 points. Bob Dable ' s yearling lost four straight before they found them- selves and went on for six consecutive wins, and then played a fine season. A former California varsity basketball player was the able ooacti of the Fresh team, BOB DABLE. F . , CLINT EVANS enjoyed his nineteenth year as head baseball coach at the University of California. 1949 Season WITH but two games left to go in their 1949 schedule, the Varsity nine had not distinguished themselves to any great degree. They were in fifth place in the CIBA ratings, just one- half a game from the cellar. The Bears had played thirty games, winning seventeen and losing thirteen. Baseballers with over a .300 average at the time this book went to press were Jensen, Dodson and Harwood, with Silverstein leading the pack with a whopping .473. Coach Evans ' pair of pitching Andersons, Dave and Bob, had a .408 and .333, respectively. The Blue and Gold team started the season out in fine fashion by piling up impressive scores, but the CIBA play was a little too much for them. Nevertheless the hard-hitting Bears put up a whale of a fight in every encounter. MARTIN VESENKA held the interesting position of senior baseball manager. Steady and a good hitter was catcher JIM FISCALINI. 430 FRONT ROW: Martin Vesenka. SECOND ROW, left to right: Al Blanc, Julian Wulfern. THIRD ROW: Myron Rapp, Dick Champlin. BACK ROW: Harold Voorhies. Gene Nelson. FRONT ROW left to right: Greg Mailkoff (bat boy), Harold Oxsen, Bob 0 ' DII, Jack Jen- sen Jim Fis ' calini, Don Monroe, Charley Sarver, Bud Harwood, Ed Aitken. SECOND ROW: Andy Adams, Lefty Anker, Don Danielson, Jerry Silverstein, Wimpy Jones, Bob Anderson Dave Anderson, Don Dodson, Tim Cronin, F. L. Cone, Clint Evans (coach). THIRD ROW " LaVerne Morton, Don Lee, Carl Anaclerio, Ron Corti, Bob Johnson, Albert Davies Gil Beck Don Dodson, Leo Sullivan, Bill Nordlund. BACK ROW: Bill Ufirth, Bill Gear Tommy Arkley, Jim Howe, Lyman Phillips, Leo Visbal, Roy Parker, Don Kirkman, Bob Brian, Hank Duff ie, Al Blair. Veteran shortstop JERRY SILVERSTEIN BOOTS ERB worked in the infield. Veteran varsity man TIM CRONIN. ft Right-handed pitcher BOB ANDERSON. Big BOB JONES known as WIMPY. I Bears-Gaels OPENING the CIBA with a win over the Gallop- ing Gaels, Coach Clint Evans ' California Bears retained a no loss record against the Moragans held since 1946. Jackie Jensen was on the mound; and collected ten strikeouts during the game to; give the Golden Bears an easy 7-3 victory. Spring, vacation came and saw Cal tangle with Saint ' Mary ' s in the two remaining meetings of the series. Hal Olsen scattered eleven hits for an 1 1-1 triumph. The last game between the two teams i who seemed to be inhabiting the bottom of the CIBA ladder was tighter. Allowing only five hits, Dave Anderson took this contest with an easy 3-0 shutout. 432 I Bears-Broncos CALIFORNIA met the Santa Clara Bronco for three disastrous encounters. In one of the contests the Bears got off to a great start and exploded for five runs in the sec- ond inning but could not keep up the pace and lost that game 9-5. The other scores were 14-5 and 4. Jensen pitched every one of these games and it did not help his record. The Broncos seemed to hit quite a bit harder and it was found that California had n o power in the clutch when it really needed it to bring in the runs. In the final standings the Santa Clara team was above Cal. s JACK JENSEN, a powerful hitter and a good pitcher. BOB JOHNSON, a right-hander from Sacramento. Outfielder CHARLEY SARVER. DON MONROE held a position at shortstop. 433 Bears-USC DON LEE from Long Beach played catcher. A TOUGH outfit from USC racked up two wins from the Bear baseballers with the third game of the series to be played later this year. Troy took the first on a three-run spree in the ninth inning. A seventh frame homer by Jackie Jensen held a tie until late in the game, but some tough calls gave the game to USC. The second encoun- ter saw the Trojans capitalize on three unearned runs to win 3-0. A ninth inning rally by Cal failed as Jim Fis- calini had the hard luck of hitting into a double play. I II 1% Pitcher DAVE ANDERSON hailed from across the bay 434 A top first baseman was ED AIKEN from Ontario. Bears-Bruins THE Bears took only one of the three baseball games they played with the UCLA Bruins. The first game was a ten- inning thriller with the Uclans winning 5-4. At that stage of the CIBA tourney they were leading the league. The remaining two contests were undertaken in the middle of May with each team winning one game. Jensen threw his best ball of the year to be the victor 3-0. The other game was a heart-breaker as the Bruin won 8-7 on an error. One of Gal ' s stalwart pitchers as HAL OXEN M DANIELSEN MS a snuor fnm Botetn Hart-hitting third baseman BUD HARWOOD 435 ' Bears GIL BECK from Fontana held a catcher position. BURDENED by errors, Cal dropped the final game of the Stanford series, thus bringing to an end the many years of Bear domination in these exciting games. We only managed to win one out of three of the conference contests. The Bears hit well but could not turn the hits into runs. An error-riddled game saw the Golden Bears suc- cumb to the Redmen 12-3. Four of the dreaded errors accounted for all of the Indian scores. Jensen started the game, followed by Anderson and Jones. The second game favored Cal 9-5. Bear bat- men opened up in the first inning of this meet with four runs. Jim Captain BOB O ' DELL was a three-letter man in baseball 436 ff 1 Indians Howe connected with a three hundred and sixty foot triple and later displayed brilliant fielding as he held a Stanford three hun- dred and fifty foot drive to a single. Dave Anderson pitched while Jim Fiscalini caught. In the last game of the series the Indians grabbed eleven hits for a final score of 3-1 . The Bears got nine good hits but they were too widely scattered to be dangerous. Jensen pitched this contest allowing only one walk. Also the Blue and Gold had the bases loaded quite a few times, but like the rest of their luck that day they were not able to capitalize on their breaks. AL DAVIS, outfielder, was from San Bernardino. This is DON A. DODSON playing at second case. 437 FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Navarro, J. Howe, H. Duffie, L. Morton (coach), B. Nordlund, B. Brian. MIDDLE ROW- L Phillips D. Dodson, R. Parker, B. Ufirth, L. Visbal, D. Lee. BACK ROW: A. Levine, B. Gear, F. Cone, N. Johnson, D. Costello, C. Carp H. Huddleston. VERNE MORTON was the able coach of the Cinnamon Bears. CINNAMON BEARS THE California Junior Varsity baseball team, otherwise known as the Cinnamon Bears, managed to win more games than they lost. Again with two games to go at the end of the season the JV ' s had won eight and lost five. They played such teams as Santa Rosa JC and San Francisco JC. In a duel with the California Frosh the Cinnamons split a two-game series. The JV ' s easily won the first, but with the inclusion of six pitchers in their lineup was not able to take the second. ' Pictwed atone an the niraters of tke 1949 Frosk. FRESHMEN THE California Frosh baseballers had a long, if not quite success- ful year. They were to play five games late in the season and up to that time they had a record that read: fifteen losses and only seven wins. The team engaged in a little traveling around the state of California, but spent most of its time on its own Berkeley field where it hosted nines from San Francisco high schools and teams from other colleges in the Bay area. Smiling HARRY K1NGMAN MS a can and a friead to all fro baseball pl y rs. TRACK FRONT ROW, left to right: Valentich, Dal Porto, Clark, Anderson, Arnot, Schumacher, Ohmer, Wiggington. SECOND ROW- Bald- win, Heidig, Clowdsley, Redfield, Lustig, Bjonerud, Vefling, Wand, Richardson. THIRD ROW: Lively, Cotton, Grimes, Rush, Stauffer, Anderson, Maples, Grant, Fulton, Briant. FOURTH ROW: Piazi, McCurdy, Richards, Roberts, Bung, Norberg. FIFTH ROW: Mehlert, Horst, Corlett, Hitchcock, Green, de la Pena, Blair, Lutge, Kennedy, Grant. BACK ROW- Fairclough Cullen Gallagher, Roseme, Mello, Hanson, Schultz, Paddock, Jackson, Barrows. BRUTUS HAMILTON, Cal ' s great track coach Assistant track coach was AL PAGAN FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Brogai, Doug Kinckley, Paul Petruzelli, Bill Barrows. BACK ROW: Dick Van Houten, Irwin Adams, Bob Andrews, Bill Bazeley, Chuck Slice, Edwin Lee. 442 1949 Season WHAT does Spring mean to you? To the trackman it means a chance to put into action what he has been practicing throughout the year. Yes, although the season is short, the trackman ' s work never seems to end. But it pays off for the individual and for California as was shown by the great work done by Vef- ling and Blair and a score of other Cal cindermen. The team did not set the world afire, but it did put up a big fight wherever it went from Iowa to Califor- nia. Few records were broken, but each man during the season managed to better himself as an athlete, and we shall surely find a powerful squad next year. Handling the senior mana- ger ' s activities was BILL BARROWS. Fteetfcoted FAY BLAIR specialized in U t o-ile. Om of Cat ' s best 880 Hen, PHIL ARNOT. Star distave a- KAARE VEFL1NG. 443 Bears 67 -Bruins 63 THE underdog won the meet for Ccd as the relay team put on the final touch to victory. Hal Olsen and Don Jackson sparked the team onward against a favored Uclan team. The lead changed continuously throughout the contest. Kaare Veiling set a new meet record of 4:15.7 in the mile and also captured the two-mile event as the Bears swept all three places in both races. Several of the California trackmen bettered their previous marks of the season. Among these was Al Young ' s tie for second in the high jump. NORMAN PRESSLEY tried his hand at track, too. Going out for i nd 880 was DON JACKSON Star pole vaulter BILL PADDOCK A threat in the 880 TOM CLARK. Bears 46 -Trojans STILL plagued by that Trojan jinx the Bears tried, but lost a decisive 84 J 2 to 46V2 contest at Los Angeles. Although the meet was one-sided, Cal came through to completely sweep the one-mile and two-mile events. Kaare Vefling took top honors in both of these. The relay proved to be the meet highlight, for after losing the quarter-mile event earlier, the Golden Bears won by inches as anchorman Don Jackson pounded over. Another close one was Walt Briant ' s win in the high hurdles. One of Cal ' s high jumpers was serious ALLEN YOUNG. Fast HAROLD MAPLES starred in the sprinting department. JACK NORBERG was quite a man in the broad jump. GEORGE SOUZA went out for both shot-put and discus. Bears 67 -Michigan 65 SCORING enough second and third places to clinch the meet, the Golden Bears edged by Michi- gan 67 to 65. This contest marked the first twilight track meet ever held in the history of the Wolverine school. Three meet records fell during the fray, with California claiming one. Ben Corlett broke the old meet mark in the broad jump set in 1935 with a leap of 24 feet 4% inches. Cal men won first places in five of the thirteen events. JIM BUSH participated in the high hurdles Discus and shot-put were the specialties of FRED VALENTICH ED WARD with the shot Another shot-put-javelin man was LOU JURKOVICH Bears 57 -Indians 74 EVERY bit of added oomph was thrown into the Big Meet as Cal exerted unusually strong pressure. The Cal men were at their best, but unfortunately so were the Indians. Stanford and Gaylord Bryan de- feated California 74-57. The Bears tried extra hard though. Rod Grant exceeded his previous broad jump mark by more than a foot to win. Other Cali- fornians, such as Walt Briant, Al Young and George Roseme, although bettering previous efforts, were not fortunate enough to take first places. BEN CORLETT from Napa in the broad jump. DAN SEAMOUNT was one of Cat ' s fine distance runners. Here ' s ED WARD again, this time with the javelin. Speedy DICK COTTON won his letter in the 880. DRAKE BELAYS CLIMAXING a 5,000-mile trek, California competed in the Drake Relays at Des Moines against some of the best teams in the nation. The Bear trackmen grabbed a couple of seconds and a third in the meet. George Roseme placed second in the javelin with his best throw of the year. Cal ' s four-mile relay team took second place behind a Michigan State quartet which is rated as the nation ' s best. The two-mile relay team came in third. Paul Mello, a sophomore, ran with both of Cal ' s placing teams. 448 FRESHMEN FROSH track had a very successful 1949 season. In six meets the Freshmen won all but one. They started out by besting Modesto JC and Marin JC in a triangle encounter. The San Francisco All-Stars were a tough nut to crack and the meet came out a tie, 68 J 2 to 68Vfc. Another contest with the City College of San Fran- cisco, San Mateo JC and Santa Rosa JC saw the Frosh easy victors. A triangle meet with Hartnell and Sac- ramento resulted in Col winning with 77 points. The Alameda County Athletic League All-Stars were no trouble for the Frosh. However, the little Bears met their match in their only defeat at the hands of the Stanford Frosh. Versatile HAL GRANT freshman track. y c rnos f o c y c FR05 1 FRONT ROW, left to right: Stephens, Wilkins, Langter, JKM , Oliw, Speiden. SECOND ROW: Hart, Job. t,i FlaU, Hrtmr. THIRD ROW: McKeomi, Lucehesi, Anderson, Esser, Hojrt, Jam), Lee, Strong. Ft , Ragatz, Bark, Deal, Hare, Obradonek. BACK ROW: Merer, Rothe, Thomas, McGhee, 449 I r 4 l [3 - - f , tah 1919 VARSITY OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS f THERE is no more thrilling sport at California than crew. It has everything. The spirit and tradition which is built up over the years toward crew meets is unequalled. The Olympic story is now well known. It tells how the underdog Bears, after having been beaten by Washington twice, came back at the Olympic trials to whip the Husky, and from there to go on and win the Olympics. With only two of the great crew having graduated, the Blue and Gold nine was the greatest rowing aggregation in the United States. Much of this is due to the constant work and worry of Ky Ebright who spent many, many hours trying to drill the fundamentals of racing into future champions. KY EBRIGHT is one of the greatest collegiate crew coaches. BOB SAYLES worked as senior manager with our championship crew. GEORGE AHLGREN was num- ber five man on the Olympic boat. Cal ' s number one crew men. 452 :.-. B T r r ' ' X . Ones, Spnctr, Daridiua, Coaptoq, Gran SHOWING their winning form, the Olympic champions took their first race from Stanford down on the Indian course at ' Palo Alto. The real test came with the meet with the always dreaded Huskies. But the Bears won that race, too, being only the third time that a California team had won at Seattle in many years of con- test. The remaining season encounters with Wisconsin, UCLA, USC and the famous Poughkeepsie run were all won by Col. : .-: : :.- - , . : .-.- BART ELY. 453 CALIFORNIA ON May 7, down at the Palo Alto Yacht harbor course, the great Olympic cham- pion crew of the University of California took an easy race from the Stanford shell by two and one-fourth lengths. This third and feature race of the day was witnessed by about four thousand spectators on the edge of the course. Al- though the Bears were in top condition the Indian shell managed to take a slight early lead. Nevertheless the Cal crew made the race along the two and a quarter mile course in the creditable Big JIM HARDY rowed in the Olympics. DICK LARSEN, number three man from San Diego. WARREN DEVEREL has had two years ' experience on crew. JUSTUS SMITH has tad tun jetrt on the vanity. STANFORD time of fourteen minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Cal started out with a thirty- six stroke agctinst the Cardincd ' s forty- two. The shell Treasure Island, how- ever, settled down to a powerful and steady thirty set by stroke Ian Turner and the Bears surged forward. They held a big three-length lead until the last three hundred yards when the des- perate Stanford crew put on a last sprint. But they were, of course, unable to catch the varsity eight. Stroke WALTER DEETS has one varsity letter. Hometown boy BOB SPENGER rowed bow. CALIFORNIA EVERY year the big test of the California crew is the meet with the Washington Huskies. It is espe- cially difficult when the race takes place on the Seattle course. This season once again it was the Bear ' s job to beard the lion in his den. Cal was the Olympic champion but the Husky boat was still considered as a slight favorite as the race started. A crowd of about seventy-five thousand people watched the event on the shore of the lake. They were stunned as the underdog Bears surged forth in the final one hundred feet to win the race by a short eight feet. The two shells were almost even up to that last fateful one hundred markers. Still the Huskies had set the pace and it seemed as if they surely would take the event. The Washington shell was never more than one length ahead of the Blue and Gold boat. 456 ARTHUR SUELTZ hails from Berkeley. WASHINGTON A SLIGHT breeze barely stirred the water. The course had been shortened to two and three-fourth miles instead of the regular three and it seemed certain that a new record would be set. It was. The Huskies, pulling a smooth thirty-four strokes to the minute, fought off every Cal challenge. Then the Washington number seven oar caught a crab as they say and caused that shell to falter. The Cal crew took advantage of this brilliantly and forged ahead to win. Even the crowd still thought that the Washington shell had won until the actual results were announced over the loud speaker. Cal had gone from a thirty beat to a fast thirty-six in the last thousand yards. It paid off and the final winning time was 14:12.3, a new regatta record. Happiest of all was Coach Ebright, who saw another mile- stone in his career successfully hurdled. DARRELL WELCH was a bertefcybo, BOB SUMMER has tad two years experiraa on UK craw. Fran KMckilUu, Alaska, came FRANCIS BARONOVICH. 457 Junior Varsity THE California Junior Varsity crew took both of the meets that it entered at the first of the season. Stanford was an easy prey for the JV ' s. The race was over a one and one-half mile course with the time 9:58. The junior Bears won by a good four lengths over the Indian jayvees. The Cal team was expected to win handily over the Huskies but found the going rougher than expected and won the race by only ten feet. They set a new regatta mark of 14:16 for the shortened course. Ky was extremely happy over the victory of these potential Olympic champions. s the frask crew. Freshmen THE Freshman crew whipped the Stanford yearlings, but was beaten by a powerful Husky team. The two thousand meter Stanford course was traversed in 7:09 and the Frosh won by a good length and a half. Leading the Washington first year men at the start, the Cal team was not able to keep up the pace. At the half way mark the shells were even and at the end the Huskies won by five feet. Neverthe- less both boats bettered the course record. RUSS HAGLER, assisU ant , kartM tic fradi arw. BAUMAN fam LA. rawd mmtter fne. TENNIS 1940 Varsity VARSITY tennis is under the direction of Coach Dick Stevens. His team had taken part in nine matches by the seventh of May with a record of four wins and five losses. There were, however, still five important contests to go. This year the Northern California Intercollegiate championships were held at Berkeley. Late in June the varsity tennis team was to go to Texas where the NCAA cham- pionships were going to be held. All five of last year ' s letter win- ners returned plus a brilliant new transfer from Laguna Beach, Wally MacDonald. ( Coach DICK STEVENS has been the maker of many a tennis star. FRONT ROW, left to right: Gale Nettell, Ev Messenger. BACK ROW: Dan Saylor, Paul Dolan, Merrill Newman. Senior manager GALE NETTELL and his assistants had to do everything from arranging matches to ball chasing. Tw letters tows arc the of MORRIS SOCKOLOV Nek Slows, Ln warm, Merrill A erL W AU.Y HacCONALO as a Sewor JIM MOULTON tad pU|Li his first year at Cal. oe teams letter to his credit. 5 AS USUAL the Trojans and Bruins were on the top half of the conference stand- ings while the Bears were in the cellar. However the Bears scored impressive victories in their non-conference matches with Santa Clara, San Jose State, and San Francisco State. George Gossler again held the first singles po- sition and with Jim Moulton formed the first doubles combination. OSCAR HARPER, JR., learned his tennis in South Pasadena. Taking a healthy swack at the ball is LEN WARREN. GEORGE GOSSLER, from Carmel, has one letter to his credit 464 FRONT ROW, left to right: r mt, Goteoff, Dick Ruder, Robert Socfeotar. BACK ROW: Witlii Hoard. Kenneth Root, Jack HcKcom, Gordon Vosti. Junior Varsity JUNIOR Varsity tennis at California fared somewhat better than the Varsity brand. In four meets the JV ' s were vic- tors in three of them. Playing very good games, they won against San Mateo JC ce in succession and then blanked their little brothers from Davis, the Cal Aggies. Their only loss was to the pow- erful group that called Berkeley High School its home. FRONT ROW. left to right: Brace Collins, fm Orr. BACK ROW: Leo Cummins, SfcLiJdln Sveigert, George Bibinoff , Robert March. Freshmen THE Freshman tennis team spent most of its time on the practice courts, since it was not able to schedule many con- tests. They managed to split the two that they did meet. Monterey High School took one from the Frosh to the tune of 2-7. The other was a cinch for the Bearlets as they massacred a weak team from San Jose High School 9-0. SWJ | I r -fi MMINQ FRONT ROW, left to right: Lindquist, Mathews, Silcox, Fisher, Cook. BACK ROW: Prisly, Johnson, Luchessi, Keller, Philips. Swimming THE first events of of the swimming season saw Cal get off to a strong start. In the Northern California Swimming Championships, held in the Crystal Plunge, the Bears came out the victors over Stanford and Santa Clara by amassing twenty-one points. In other encounters they split with the Olympic Club but could not get by that always powerful Fullerton JC team. In the first eight meets of the season Cal had won three and lost five with but one to go. Both the JV ' s and Frosh had picked up little better records. The lunior Varsity found five in the victory column and only three on the loss side. The Frosh winning five out of nine had also been the victors in a three- way meet over San Francisco ' s Galileo and Saint Ingatius High schools. Thus prospects look good for next year ' s varsity swimming team. GEORGE SCHROTH was extremely successful in his first year as swimming coach. 468 MANAGERS FRONT ROW, left to right: Bowers, Richards. BACK ROW: Schmidt, Slater . FRESHMEN FRONT ROW, Mt to right: Uwsoa, Oi aiii, Canon. Wood, Clous . BACK ROW: McMair, Harris, Harrison, Kchoe, Arth (coat ). JUNIOR VABSTTY FRONT ROW, left to right: Stem, Wood, Shun. BACK ROW: Signes, Slucttman, Ele, Archer. SPLASH! 469 SPORTS r . . FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob Losey, George Irwin, John Miksits, Rick Calenser, Jack Bowker, Art Mower, Assistant Coach Olie Obuhoff. MIDDLE ROW: Jacque Pry, Bob Prates, Allen Armstrong, Bert Rowe, Coach Miles " Doc " Hudson, Bob Kniptash, Carl Van Heuit, Gene Rude, John Elliot, Jim Cullom. BACK ROW: Bill Craig, Wilbur Lenz, Hank Wright, Bob Witter, Greg Sheehan, John Raggio, George Bull, Monte Koepf, Dick LemMon, Mike McGuire. Coach MILES HUDSON was quite a rugby player in New Zealand. Rugby Boxing A POWERFUL California rugby team won the coveted World Cup by taking two games from the University of British Columbia. Of their four-game series, UBC took one and one was tied before seven thousand cheering fans in Berkeley. The complete record of the season was excellent, showing seven wins with only one loss, and that to UBC. BOXING was a strong sport at Berkeley in 1949. In six encounters the Cal team won four of them. The one loss was to the Cal Aggies, while we beat the Aggies in a return match. We also took two from Stanford, one from the City College of San Francisco and then were forced to tie a hard-fought match with the UCLA Bruins, 5-5. FRONT ROW, left to right: Parhan, Ong, Sapiro, Meiver, Lustig, Doerr. MIDDLE ROW: Nemir, Farris, Bartley, Sapris, Keith, Knesevitch, Harvey. BACK ROW: Galloway, Tucker, Lamke, Emerson, Groff. The very best in California boxing was brought out by coach EDDIE NEMIR. . : -. E, wrestling coac FRONT ROW, left to right: Ragr Costenada, Don Carter, Dick Harrsen, Edwin Lee, Bob Rugg. SECOND ROW: Coach Stone, Raj Watson, Dale Najima, Bill Bardin, Joe McKim, Bill Hart. BACK ROW: Ben Foster, Armand Blocti, Louis Bayuls, Dick Norton, William Strong, James Elliot, Robert Wallsup. MEETING teams from San Quentin to UCLA, the varsity wrestling men won six and lost only two. However they did not place in the Far Western Amateur Championships. In the PCC contest California came in third. Mark Bunge was our only entry in the NCAA matches back east, but he was retired before the finals. LED by Don Schwab, the Cal golfers took nine meets out of the seventeen they played. The divot diggers took part in the Northern California Intercollegiate Tournament held at Pasa- tiempo Golf Course in Santa Cruz. With four teams repre- sented, Cal came out fourth. A mediocre group showing was brightened by some fine individual work. Wrestling FRONT ROW, left to right: Bob HcPkenm, Don Schwab, Bob Haima, Frank Minch. BACK ROW: Jack Maaghmer, Leo Ewrett Al Sais, Bill Bigelo , Bill Laws. Call Mira Vista Country Club, ask for the pro ; and you ' ll get AL SAIS, Cal ' s golf coach. I ' 1 .1 JULIUS SCHROEDER was coach of two of California ' s outstanding sports. FRONT ROW, left to right: Roger Duncan, Moses Davis, Bob di Grazia, Ernest Puinti, Anthony de la Pena, Paul Gadjeff, Fernando Walker, Walter Miller, Edward Stanford. BACK ROW: Jack Dukes (trainer), Siong Chou, Bob Callahan, Jose Filloy, Izzy Wain- berg, Dick Tanaka, John Anderson, Pete Moreno, Oleg Sherby, Tahsin Glencsoy, Abdel Malik Shafei, Franz Weibezahn, Mohammed Jannoun, Siol Rivers, Julius Schroeder. ;:.: II.H Soccer Skiing INTERCOLLEGIATE champions for two straight years, the soccer- men were edged out of the first place slot this season. Coach Schroeder ' s team placed second in league competition with a rec- ord of eight wins, two losses and one tie. The Bears lost only to USF but displayed championship form in many offensive and de- fensive plays. DESPITE injuries and scholastic difficulties, Coach Harry Mor- gan ' s skiing Bears gave a good account of themselves. At the National Intercollegiate races in Colorado, the team emerged in sixth place; at the PCISU meet in Yosemite, fourth; at the Nevada Winter Carnival, third; at the Cal-sponsored Vanderbilt meet, third. Leif Sommerseth and Jim Keresey were the team ' s captains. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pres Hotchkiss, Leif Somerseth, Harry Morgan, Ed Paul, Bumps Bauldauf, Bob Lawrence. Ski Coach HARRY MORGAN was a fine skier himself. Gymnastics BIG time gymnastics came to California as the NCAA meet was held in the Berk- eley gymnasium. The Bears tied with Kent for tail- end in this contest. How- ever, it gave Califomians a good glimpse of real gymnastics. In the PCC tournament Cal placed second between USC and UCLA which won. Other meets saw the Bears take one from USC and again lose one to the champion UCLA. Stars were Thomp- son and Lucchesi. FRONT ROW, left to right: Bill Madsen, Don Reichert, Seymour Sheffren, Jim Drinkward, Bob Anderson, Paul Cariot. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Keeney, Stan Ausman, Cole Bliss, Elad Rallini, Tmttj Yoant, Choc Lacchessi, Joe Smookler, senior agt. BACK ROW: Jack Lavery, Ralph HollingsworUi, Dave Harris, Dawn; fttaca, Jokn Zororic , Al Millar, Roman Gankii. Gymnastics coach CHARLES KEENEY cut quite a caper himself on the trampoline. Fencing CALIFORNIA fencing was the strongest it had been since the war and made a fine showing. Jim Sagen took first in the Northern California Prep Foil con- test. Others of the individ- ual winners were Ken Grif- fen, Frank Parradine and Sidney Hugensen. The fencing team won the Northern California Junior Epee Tourney. They also had no difficulty in taking games from bom SF State and Stanford. FRONT ROW, left to right: Arthur Lane, Burnett Dibble, Antonio Cans i no, On Christensen, Frank Wilson. BACK ROW: Da Swift, Jim Sagen, Frank Warradine, Omer Baltan, Leroy Kirth, Kirmey Griffin. ARTHUR LANE was the fine fencer coached the California tollmen. RIFLERY, too, is one of the little-known sports at Cali- fornia. However, we have a large and very active team. It is also very good. In the 1949 season it won nine and lost two. Shooting in the rifle range under the Hearst gymnasium, the team under Major Simp- son piled up impressive scores against even veter- an army aggregations. The outstanding member of the team was Bob Ribak who tied the national rec- ord. : : ROW, left to right: Leonard Umtlm, Mike Tnnnniic, Frank Sawyer, Bob Ribak, Rudy Mjorud. MIDDLE ROW: Thomas Preston, Robert Kubin, Andrew Nielsen, Aselardo Rodroauez, Harold Hobbs Lew Bagnall BACK ROW 1 John E. Amdahl, Will Ellington, J. Jones, George Clausen, Mason Kline, Lawrn Moody, Charles Keyes. MAJOR LESLIE SIMPSON was coach of the Cal sharpshooters. Water Polo WATER POLO is one of the first sports to get underway in the fall. This year we had a new coach in George Schroth. Trying to get an unfamiliar team underway is very difficult, but the boy managed six wins and ten defeats. In the National Junior Water Polo Cham- pionships held in Sar Fran- cisco the team placed third while the winners were from San Jose State. The Calmen tied only one game. FROi iT RUi V, left to right: Jim Bloom, Herb Steiner, Waldo Cook, Dick Lewis, Rod Lindquist. SECOND ROW: Chas. Hobson, David Mensing, Don Fisher, Robb Lacombe, Art Fudem. THIRD ROW: C. Mendelsohn, K. Simpson, G. Kim, E. Smart, L. Watson, P. Archer. BACK ROW: B. Moody, Blair Hoit, Mo Mathews, Greg Channeson, Joe Widman, Wes Prishrey, B. Shatton. One of the first jobs GEORGE SCHROTH had on coming to Cal was coaching water polo. Yachting THE Yacht Club was one of the most popular sports at the University. Its head- quarters were at the Berk- eley Yacht Harbor. The Cal Aggies, too, had a yacht team but they were no match for Bear veterans and lost the two meets they had with Cal. In regattas with Stanford and UCLA, the Blue and Gold came out on top. They also placed first over Marin JC in a local encounter held on San Francisco Bay. FRONT ROW, left to right: Roland Shutt, Wes Prisbey, Jim Simonds, Leonard Troeller. MIDDLE ROW: R. Baker, F. Schneck, Don Hodges, Peter Komor, John McDonald. BACK ROW: Drew Gram, Howie Rubin, George Rainer, George Millar, Frank Lann, Wayne Smith. HM ROLLIE SHUTT was me good-natured and helpful " commodore " of the yacht club. Volleyball BESIDES their regular sea- son schedule, the Califor- nia volleyball team en- tered numerous tourna- ments. They placed fifth in the Far Western Open at the Alameda Naval Air Station. Twelve groups en- tered with the Los Angeles YMCA winning the cham- pionship. The Bear team won the collegiate division by beating Stanford. In the National Volleyball Tour- ney at Los Angeles the team dropped out in the second round. FRONT ROW, left to right: Keith Buckham, Greg Winser, Lance Flanagan, Jim Studebaker. MIDDLE ROW: John Moorhead, Allen Thode, Bob Elder, Sturten McDonald, Bill Evans. BACK ROW: Lee Arth, Tony Hauser, Dick McCurdy, Mo Mathews. Smiling LANCE FLANAGAN piloted the volleyball team. FRONT ROW, left to right: Mosher, Wilke, Nylon, Oshida. MIDDLE ROW: Dugan, Johnson ROW: Gunn, Perry, Socolov, Moore, Sutherland. 145-lb. Basketball ONE oi Cal ' s two fine weight basketball teams, the 145 ' s, had a really fine season, They played in the " A " division oi the Berk- eley City League. Led by captain Bill Whelan, who has won four letters on the hardwood, the 145 ' s had a record of twelve wins and only six losses. The team traveled to Sania Rosa and to Clarksburg in complet- ing their season. They managed to emerge as the victors from their road con- tests. Dapper CARMEN DUGAN was the mentor of the fast 145 basketball team. 130-lb. Basketball THE ISO ' s were a light, fast team that achieved the very fine record of twelve wins and five defeats. They literally traveled all over the section of North- ern California " going to play high schools at Mor- gan Hill, St. Helena, and Healdsburg. They won all these encounters plus a game with the Albany " B ' s, " and then took one from the George Washing- ton High " B ' s " in San Fran- cisco. FRONT ROW, left to right: Stagnero, Amos, Johnston, Potter. MIDDLE ROW: O ' Connell, Tindell, Massey, Yuen, Sherman. BACK ROW: Gee, Chan, Hanford, Morgan, Yamachi. The 130 ' s were coached by LLOYD O ' CON- NELL to a victorious season. Cross Country CAL ' s cross country team was outstanding among Bear athletic groups. They won every single contest that they entered. The long distance runners played USC and UCLA twice, tak- ing each meet by comfort- able scores. The beginning of the season was high- lighted by a Triangle Meet between Cal, USC and UCLA. Of course the Golden Bears came out on top, trailed by UCLA and then USC. FRONT ROW, left to right: Theodore Elliot, Steve Anderson, Dan Seamount. SECOND ROW: Otto Horst, Clement Speiden, Rolland Langley, Gordon Pusser. THIRD ROW: Bob Swanson, Hank Lutge, Steve Leach, Price King, Tom Clark, Bill Stauffer. BACK ROW: Dick Prosser, Dick Larkey, Anthony de la Pena, Don Elliot, Cal Mehlert, Leo Gallagher. Mentor AL RAGAN trained the runners in this most difficult sport. FRONT ROW, left to right: Hugh Duberley, Bernie Wylie, Larry Collison, Roy Brandreth, Eric MacDonald, Ed Felso, Jim Mclntyre BACK ROW: Sandy Dmytrov, Chester, Bud Hall, Ian Watson, Bruce Watson, Lewis Brewser, Ron Robinson. Ice Hockey WHILE not displaying an impressive season record, the ice hockey team proved outstanding because two players were chosen on the All-American ice hockey group. The two chosen were Roy Brandreth and star goalee Ian Watson. Playing teams as far away as Canada and Michigan, the Bears won two and lost eleven games. Versatile coach JULIUS SCHROEDER. Here are two WATSONS, BRUCE to the left and All- American IAN to the right. VI IMP Ski Club EVERY week end of the long ski season found the lodge of the ASUC Ski Club filled. Situated in the heart of the snow country, the lodge was the center of activities. Of course everyone liked to ski, but a great part of the club ' s activities centered around the rustic building. Eating, singing and folk dancing were only a few of the many diversions that awaited the lucky ones who got to go to the mountain retreat. On campus they had floats in all the important parades and their own ski queen who reigned over this one of the most successful winter sports seasons. 4. .( , I ROW, left to ri9ht: Mrril Hill, Mart KU , Mace Wale. BACK ROW: JOM Hope, Dean Little, E. R. Eidernnnller, Ed Pal. Typical of MORT MAY, pnsMeM of tta tifhtly kis EAGUE Intramural CALIFORNIA sports don ' t stop with the varsity, junior var- sity, and freshman sports. Every single California man has a chance to participate in a program of sports far wider than the major and minor sports that we all watch. Football, basketball, baseball and even a track meet are held under the auspices of the Intramural Office. Everything from ping- pong to bowling and horseshoes can be enjoyed by Cal men. The year ' s big tussle was between IZFA and Theta Delta Chi in football. The strong Theta Delts had a hard time getting by IZFA, but won 20-6. RALPH MILLER runs the University ' s big intramural program. Handling the paper work is senior manager CLARK GRAVES. 480 J 481 Deer Gradueights and udder les fortunuts, Now we cum too the most emportant pages in this magnaomous edishun. Heerin we find portrates of the bigguest of the big wheels on this campus, namely me! He (me) has bin luved by all the gorjus wemen and enveed by all the mails. This fabu-louse and unprediktable charakter (me), has consintrated on fizhical activitiees for the last 4 yeers and is now gradueighting, into the sofomore class. Looc fore this budding genie-us (me) in the cuming yeers becuz he is a insteetooshun at this insteetooshun. My boss (the man with the big bul wip) is cuming after me, so I gotta go. Senceerly yours, X OSKI haunting and haunting much as just finding . -v- AvWt ' 5 ' " ' ' ' ' . " ' ' : ' : . JUB 511 ill i t. f ' - - . ' - , A FOR the first time in a decade a California team was going to the Rose Bowl! True Bears took hold of this opportunity to let the world know that they were one hundred per cent behind the varsity. To prove it they stood in line all night to get tickets; they invaded San Francisco in full force, holding a rally on every street corner. Spirit before the game was never lacking with song fests being held around the campfires as Californians waited for those precious ducats to the contest of the year. ft! LITERALLY thousands of Col rooters invaded the Southland. The day broke grey and cloudy but cleared just enough for fans to see all the splendor of the fabulous Rose Parade. The Rally Committee had gone to a lot of work to provide for ingenious stunts. And for the fir st time Bear spectators who were lucky enough to sit in the rooting section manipulated hun- dreds of shining metallic cards in the card stunts. All this spirit and revelry was, how- ever, secondary to the great story of the game Ltsell FACING each other on the gridiron on that dark January first were two of the strongest teams in the nation, California and Northwestern. The titans battling it out in the football classic were tied at the end of the first quarter 7-7. The PAT men of both teams had scored the extra point with unerring aim. The half saw California be- hind as the score stood at 13-7. But Bear fans knew that with another score the Blue and Gold could go into the lead by virtue of Cullom ' s edu- cated toe. THE hope was justified and the end of the third quarter found the Bears leading 14-13. Cal root- ers had been dealt a severe blow when All- American Jack Jensen was injured, but were even more amazed and gratified, too, when a Bear team without Jensen and other starters, spearheaded by the brilliant running of Frank Brunk scored that touchdown. Northwestern won the game, however, 20-14 and whether it was by a too-quick whistle or an undetected fumble, we who were there can say we saw a fighting California team play one of the great- est games in its history. sJL " ? 1 5 f i ' |B ' " STROKING to a fine vic- tory, the United States was represented in the 1948 Olympic Games by our own California crew. The win was the third for a Bear crew coached by Ky Ebright. The Cal oarsmen are seen on the left as they rowed to victory on the Thames river in Eng- land. HERE ' S a happy bunch of boys who are con- gratulating the man who was responsible for their winning form. Below the crew follows an old rowing custom, that is, dunking their coxswain, in this casf Ralph Purchase, into the nearest water avail- able. MARTIN BILES, javelin ED LYNCH, bicycling ANN CURTIS, swimming California Olympic Champions IT was said that the State of California alone could have won the 1948 Olympics held in Great Britain. Well, if they did, then a great portion of the points would be earned by participants from the University of California itself. Outstanding among those in the games was personable Ann Curtis. In garnering points for the US, Ann set a new Olympic record in the women ' s four-hundred meter free-style swimming competition with a time of 5 minutes 17.8 seconds. Another winner from the University was Owen Guinn Smith, who won the pole vault with a jump of 14 feet I 1 inches. California ' s own Jack Williamson, one of the outstanding trainers in the nation, was trainer for the United States Olympic entrants. Others who won the honor of playing in these world famous games were Leland Christensen in wrestling, Martin Biles in the javelin, and Ed Lynch in bicycling. These outstanding California athletes added immeasurably to the overwhelming victory of the United States in the 1948 Olympic Games. GUINN SMITH, pole vault LELAND CHRISTENSEN, wrestling JACK WILLIAMSON, trainer Index ACTIVITIES 124-141 Activity Candids 138-139 Athletic Reception Committee 129 Card Sales 128 Class Officers Council 131 Conference Committee 137 Elections Board 128 Homecoming 140141 Living Groups Council 131 NSA 133 Orientations 127 Public Relations Committee 137 Radio Workshop 132 Secretariat 131 Standards Commission 130 Stephens Union Committee 130 Welfare Council 126 Women ' s Athletic Association.. 134-135 Women ' s Rally Committee 129 YMCA 136 YWCA 136 ADMINISTRATION 11- 21 Administrative 18 Agriculture 15 Alumni Association 22 Architecture 16 Board of Regents ' . 13 Business Administration 14 Charter Day 21 Chemistry 15 Education 15 Engineering 14 Forestry 16 Jurisprudence 16 School of Letters and Science 14 Optometry 17 President ' s Message 15 President ' s Reception 19 Public Health 17 Social Welfare 17 University Meetings 19 ASUC ADMINISTRATION 116-123 ACC 123 Business Administration 122 Executive Committee 118 Men ' s Judicial Committee 121 Reps-at-Large 119 Women ' s Activities 120 Women ' s Judicial Committee 121 ATHLETICS 393-481 Athletic Council 393 Baseball 428-439 Basketball 415-427 130 Ib. basketball ... ... 477 145 Ib. basketball 477 Boxing 472 Crew 450-459 Cross Country 477 Fencing 475 Football 396-415 Golf 473 Gymnastics 475 Ice Hockey 478 Intramural 480-481 Minor Sports 470-476 Riflery 475 Rugby 472 Ski Club 479 Skiing 474 Soccer 474 Swimming 466-469 Tennis 460-465 Track 440-449 Volleyball 476 Water Polo 476 Wrestling .. 473 Yachting 476 CLASSES 32-1 15 Campus Candids 106-107 Freshmen 114 Freshman Council 115 Juniors 108 Junior Council 109 Soph-Frosh Brawl 112 Sophomores 110 Sophomore Council Ill Senior Axe Show 35 Senior Ball 36 Senior Portraits 37-104 Senior Candids 105 Contents 10 Dedication 7 DORMITORIES 304-333 Women ' s Dorm Association 306 Arch Place 307 Bay View Annex 307 Beaudelaire Club 308 Bryn Mawr 308 The Californian 309 Cheney Hall 310 Cunningham Hall 312 Colonial Hall and Annex 314 Elizabeth Barrett 315 Epworth Hall 316 Freeborn Hall 318 Hanson House 319 Lantana Lodge 319 Joaquin Hall 320 Mitchell Hall 321 Oldenberg Hall 322 Peixotto Hall 324 Richards Hall 326 Hitter Hall 328 Prospect Terrace 329 St. Margaret ' s House 329 Sherman Hall 330 Warring Place 330 Stratford Hall 331 Stern Hall 332 DRAMA 160-167 Productions 163-167 University Theater 162 Football Festivals 400-401 Foreword 5 FRATERNITIES 185-259 Interfraternity Council 186 Abracadabra 187 Acacia 188 Alpha Chi Sigma 189 Alpha Delta Phi 190 Alpha Kappa Lambda 192 Alpha Phi Alpha 193 Alpha Sigma Phi 194 Alpha Tau Omega 196 Bachelordon 198 Beta Theta Pi 199 Bowles Hall 200 Chi Phi 204 Chi Psi 205 Del Rey 206 Delta Chi 207 Delta Kappa Epsilon 208 Delta Tau Delta 209 Delta Sigma Phi 210 Delta Upsilon 212 Kappa Alpha 214 Kappa Nu 214 Kappa Delta Rho 216 Kappa Sigma - 218 Lambda Chi Alpha 220 Phi Delta Theta 222 Phi Gamma Delta 224 Phi Kappa Psi 226 Phi Kappa Sigma 228 Phi Kappa Tau 230 Phi Sigma Kappa 232 Pi Alpha Phi 233 Pi Kappa Alpha 234 Pi Kappa Phi 236 Pi Lambda Phi 237 Psi Upsilon 238 494 Index Sigma Chi 239 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 240 Sigma Alpha Mu 242 Sigma Nu 244 Sigma Phi Epsilon 246 Sigma Phi - 748 Sigma Pi ... 249 Tau Kappa Upsilon 250 Theta Chi 252 Theta Delta Chi 254 Theta Xi 256 Zeta Beta Tau 258 Zeta Psi 259 Dust Pelican Women ' s Staff 157 Publications Council ... .. 144 In Appreciation 496 , : 494-495 In Memoricnn 8 LITTLE BROTHERS 24- 31 California Club 26 Davis 27 Fine Arts _ 30 Hastings 30 Lick _ 31 Medical Center 28- 29 erside 31 Santa Barbara _ 30 Scripps 31 UCLA _ 27 :C AND DEBATE ..._. 168-179 Band 174 Debating 178 Glee Club 172 -9 Club Shows _ 171 and 177 Music Council 170 Symphony Forum _ 175 :eble Clef 173 .versity Chorus 176 University Symphony 176 Olympics 490-493 Oski 482-483 PUBLICATIONS 142-159 Ad Service Bureau 155 Art Bureau 155 Blue and Gold Editorial Staff 148 Blue and Gold Managerial Staff .... 146 Daily Califomian Editorial Staff 159 Daily Calif omian Managerial Staff 150 Daily Californian Sports Staff 152 Occident ._ 154 Califomian Pelican Editorial Staff 158 Pelican Managerial Staff ... .. 156 Rally Committee 394 Rose Bowl 485-489 ROTC - 180-183 Army ROTC 182 Navy ROTC 183 SOCIETIES AND CLUBS 334-391 Ace of Clubs 351 Alpha Alpha Gamma 354 Alpha Delta Sigma _ 354 Alpha Mu Gamma _... 355 Alpha Phi Omega 356 American Red Cross _ 368 ASCE 370 ASME 371 Assembly Dance Committee 377 Association of Optometry Students 369 Ball and Chain 350 Baton 344 Beta Alpha Psi 356 Beta Beta 337 Beta Gamma Sigma _ 357 Big C Society 342 Circle C Society 343 Chi Epsilon 353 Chi Alpha Kappa 358 Chinese Students 372 Christian Science Society _.... 373 College Women ' s Club Juniors .... 374 Delta Chi Alpha _ 358 Delta Phi Epsilon 359 Delta Epsilon 360 Engineer ' s Council 375 E-a Kappa Nu 361 Flying Chib _ 376 Fraternity Scholastic Honor So- ciety 362 Hammer and Dimmer 346 Hiking Club 378 Home Economics Club 377 Honor Students 363 International House 391 Mask and Dagger 346 Masonic Club 380 Military Association 381 Mineral Technology Association .. 351 Mortar Board 345 Music Club 386 Newman Club 382 Nu Sigma Psi _ 363 Omicron Nu _ 366 Panile ... 340 Phi Beta Kappa 336 Phi Chi Theta 366 Phi Eta Sigma 364 Philippine Club 383 Phi Phi 352 Pi Alpha Sigma 365 Phrateres _ 384 Prytanean 339 Registered Nurses 385 Scabbard and Blade _ 387 Sigma Delta Chi 367 Skull and Keys __ 348 Society for Advancement of Man- agement 386 Society of Electrical Engineers 368 Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society 388 Thalian 345 Theta Sigma Phi 367 Torch and Shield 347 Tri Une 341 UC Yacht Club 370 Utrimque 389 Winged Helmet 338 Women ' s C Society 350 SORORITIES .....260-303 Panhellenic Council ..- 262 Alpha Delta Chi _ 263 Alpha Chi Omega 264 Alpha Delta Pi 266 Alpha Epsilon Phi 268 Casa Hispana _ 269 Alpha Gamma Delta 270 Alpha Omicron Pi 272 Alpha Phi 274 Alpha Xi Delta 276 Chi Omega 278 Delta Delta Delta _... 280 Delta Gamma 282 Eta-Z 284 Delta Phi Epsilon 285 Delta Zeta 286 Gamma Phi Beta 288 Kappa Alpha Theta 290 Pi Beta Phi ., 291 Kappa Delta 292 Kappa Kappa Gamma 294 Phi Mu 2% Sigma Kappa 298 Sigma Omicron Pi _ 300 Theta Upsilon 301 Zeta Tau Alpha 302 Title Page . Yell Leaders ... 3 395 495 In Appreciation In culminating this 1949 Blue and Gold, I wish to take the oppor- tunity of extending my gratitude to all of the persons whose constant effort made this book possible. I sincerely hope each one realizes my indebtedness so To Gladys Brown and Murphy ' s Guest Ranch; to Bion Atkinson, our very clever artist; to the staff in the photo lab, Ira, Tom, Kuz, Hal, Shirley, Phyllis, Helen, Earl and Cliff; to Walter Fredericks and Bill Berk, and Marion, Betty and Phyllis in the Publications office; to Mr. Walter Kolasa, Bob Ozias and Jack Smith of Lederer, Street and Zeus; to Marvin Bonds and the Cal Art and Engrav- ing Company; to Norrie West, Ky Ebright, and John Clay; to Bruce Pass and his competent Managerial Staff; to associate editors Betty Stansfield and Dorothy Beck; to Kent Bullock and the sports staff; to my whole wonderful staff who put up with me all year To Jack McDonald and all the people who visited in the office and bought me coffee, just to keep up my morale; and to all of the people who will read this book and try to overlook the small errors herein. y fr s i " ' -r-r. V " " ' " J :+ tf r w V, _ ' ' . ; T : ! JU | (; | ' : x : A JMS 5 2 V = . ' : " 4 ' : J M0 j:. ' : mi

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