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.. . - 1 1 4RJ " Dedication. . . to Monroe S. Deutsck A- the L niversity of California light the eightieth candle on its ever larger birthday cake, it seems fitting that this BLUE AND GOLD be dedicated to a man who has shown again and again the sterling quality of his character in service to the L niversity and to his country. As professor, dean, vice-president, and provost, he has shown a deep intellectual capacity, an understanding of true teaching, a loyalty to high ideals. A an active participant in community, state, and national affair.-, he has shown a recognition of existing problems, a sense of justice. - an individual, he has a zest for living, a depth and richneae of character, a firm belief in setting an example by deeds a? well as by word-. - he bar- told others, in his inimitable eloquence, to be " a lighted candle in a naughty world " so he himself has been a fine example to those who know and love him. To Monroe E. Deutsch. vice-president and provost emeritus of our rniverj-ity. thi- seventy. fifth BLUE AND GOLD is respectfully dedicated. BLUE awl 60ID VOI7M JEAN HEPFER EDITOR JAMEr CAMPBELL MANAGER MARY LOl THEDE JEAN MAHAN 1 NTHOM - --0 :UTE MANAGER : -. " . .- -. ' .. : ' To catch an eventful year in the lives of so many people is difficult, but we have tried to capture for you this eightieth year. There has been a new type of thinking among students new in that it transcended the bounds of campus or nation and jumped to a world-wide conscious- ness. The campus became internationally-minded, perhaps because it was an election year, but more likely because the impact of education was being felt. Diverging in many ideas, we agreed that there was need for progress, for preservation of ideas, and, most of all, for peace. That is the spirit which permeated our campus, a spirit which will exist as long as education encourages it. Here is your year on campus familiar faces, beloved spots, most of all, the cultivation of ideas and of lasting friendships. If this Blue and Cold reminds you of this year, if future years find you referring back to it and smiling, then our task has been worthwhile. CON " ;N " S Student ifi In Memoriam REGENT Fredrick William Roman FACULTY Dr. Vaclav Podstata Dudley O. McGovney Mellen Woodman Haskell Herbert Vavghan Lila Morris O ' Neale ' 27 Thomas T. McCabe Jack W. Petersen Dr. Clark M. Johnson ' 21 Noel Keyes Dr. Hiram E. Miller Bing Chin Wong ' 22 Leo Rogin Sumner Gushing Brooks STUDENTS Wilma Anne Perrott ' 46 Harry L. Perkins, Jr. ' 47 Robert Strand ' 47 William Dell Friedman ' 48 William Rinehart ' 48 Robert M. Russell ' 48 Anne Woolard ' 49 Jack L. Kraft ' 50 John Ramos ' 48 John R. Gibney ' 49 IIP 4 Long registration lines, many unfamiliar faces, detailed directions, papers to sign, crowded libraries, temporary buildings, EXIT or Mew ninafens .. brightly colored cards, ink. Subject A exams, bulletins, notices, catalogues, proctors, classmates, courses. I niversity meetings. - - ' , the " split six, " the voice of Robert Gordon Sprout, honorary degrees, Charter Day, the dignity of learning, the recognition of ' tltll lllllllll ? ? H ' r ' if . accomplishment, processions. California fog and sunshine, the singing of " All Hail, " pomp and tradition, card stunts, b flashy rooters ' hats, a winning football team, the endless basketball lines on Monday morning, Pappy Waldorf, the fanfare of I I H m fir- -r the California band. Oskie ' s antics, the roar of the croud, yell leaders in white, local sports writers, the hammering and drilling 1 1 1 of thousands of nails into the Chemistry and Forestry buildin gs, mud and barriers near the new cafeteria, crowded parking 1 r condition , thousands of people, the green campus, the bigness, the expansion to meet greater masses, the rush, the confusion, " V Wf.- -1 31111 I the cramming, one individual lost in many, the spirit of college fun, and underneath it all the rich experiences, the deep . the privilege of higher learning thin then, is the I y of California in its eightieth year. Almost a legend is President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL, beloved host of the University. Alumni, faculty, and stu- dents remember how he always found time to " stick around for ALL HAIL. " His humorous quips and witty introduc- tions won him thousands of admirers. PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE IN the annual BLUE AN D GOLD, the President is given an opportunity to write a postscript to his Commencement Day words of farewell and parting advice. The privilege carries with it this year responsibility for the prepara- tion of a permanent record suitable to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the University. The quality of the University ' s service to the State of California, and the lustre of its name throughout the world, reflect the breadth and soundness of the principles laid down with wisdom and foresight by the pioneers who provided the Constitution of the State a secure place for a single State University, free " from the influence of sectarian religion and partisan politics. " The reputation of a growing com- munity of distinguished scholars, and the gifts and endowments which have continually increased the University ' s material resources, have built upon these secure foundations. Above all, the University has been fortu- nate in the young men and women who year after year have come to join the " family Calif ornian, " and l ater to spread its influence to the far corners of the earth. The California State Constitution states " the University of California shall constitute a public trust ... " This might well be the motto of the Class of 1948, as it goes out from Commencement into that public whose ward the University is proud to be. ROBERT GORDON SPROUL 24 FROM THE GOVERNOR TO the Student of the University of California: It is comforting to think of you as we contemplate the over- whelming problems ahead of us. The world needs your courage, your imagination, your scholarship, your resource- fulness above all. your youth. Men and women everywhere long for peace and security, iiit they do not know how to achieve it. They want to know how greed and lust for power may be curbed, not only in the international community, but also in our nation, our state, and our home town. 1 ha e faith that we shall solve our problems and that we -hall find the answers in a synthesis of the wisdom of the past, the resources of today, and the discoveries of tomorrow. I have faith that you and the other university and the light of scholarship in moving toward a sound and peaceful civilization. This, no less than the war, is a time trained men and women of our nation will use the power for greatne -. Governor EARL WARREN, although busy as California ' s energetic and distinguished host and representative, finds time to assist activities of his alma mater. k BOARD OF REGENTS Fredrick W. Roman, Elgin Stoddard, Brodie E. Ahlport, Edwin W. Pauley, Edward H. Heller, Mortimer Fleishhacker, James H. Corley, comptroller; Marjorie J. Wool- man, assistant secretary; Robert M. Underbill, secretary-treasurer; James K. Moffett, chairman; Robert Sprout, A. J. McFadden, Sidney M. Ehrman, Maurice E. Harrison, Maynard Morris, Office of Public Relations; Sam L. Collins, Jo hn Francis Neylan, John U. Calkins, Jr., attorney; Victor R. Hansen. 1 Scheduling appointments with the Dean of Women and giving advice to perplexed students makes busy programs for the assistants in 201 Administrations. OFFICE of the Registrar . . . General Informa- tion . . . Office of the President . . . Office of the Dean of Letters and Sciences . . . Office of the Dean of Women . . . spacious halls with por- traits of leading university officials - - all are impressions gathered on entering the Adminis- tration Building, white edifice at the Sather Gate entrance. Here students gather to seek information and advice on their majors, purchase Charter Day tickets, obtain loans, locate addresses of fellow students and join the throng that always seem busy with important affairs. HURFORD E. STONE rarely finds an opportunity to pursue his love of hunting for he is one of the busiest of Cal ' s administrators. As Dean of Students he assists in student governmental problems and acts as a mem- ber of Finance and Executive Committees. GIGANTIC is the responsibility placed on the overloaded desks of Cal ' s leading administrators, the deans. Office of the Dean of Students, headed by Hurford E. Stone, has no menial task in assisting undergraduates and graduates in countless problems. Mrs. Mary B. Davidson acts as con- sultant for living accommodations, finance and student discipline. Aiding the male population is Chaffee E. Hall, Jr., Assistant Dean of Men, while acting Dean Morris A. Stewart is the top authority for graduate students. Through their cooperation with student government and action on student petitions, efficient university coordination is achieved. A most engaging person is the concensus of opinion among co-workers and friends when speaking about MORRIS A. STEWART, Dean of the Graduate Division. " No time to indulge in outside activities whatsoever, " as his time is taken up by guiding graduates and studying parasitology. " Everything to do with petticoats " is the burden of MARY B. DAVIDSON, Dean of Women. Dean Davidson still manages to find moments of relaxation in the art of knitting, reading or gardening. CHAFFEE E. HALL, JR. is just as loyal a Bear as when he edited the " Daily Cal. " He now devotes time and much effort to his alma mater in the capacity of Assistant Dean of Men, and his summers are spent writing in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 26 SCHOOLS and COLLEGES College of Agriculture OPERATING on four campuses, Davis, Berkeley. Riverside, and Los Angeles, the College of Agriculture plans ahead. Notable along the construction line is the new School of Veterinary Medicine, soon to be established at Davis. This progressive college includes resident instruction and California Agriculture Extension Service. Too busy to have a hobby, Dean CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON of the College of Agriculture is vice-president of the University, fisherman, smoker, and takes up three quarters of a page in " Who ' s Who. " College of Ch:emistry COMPLETION of the huge Chemistry building highlighted the College of Chem- istry this year. This represents the first increase in space for the college since 1919. Here possible classes in micro and ultra-micro chemistry will be held. Such studies figured prominently in the atomic energy program. Gilman Hall will be used to a greater extent for chemical engi- neering classes. Dynamic Dean of the College of Chemistry, WENDALL M. LATIMER, even found time on his busy schedule to make frequent trips to Washington on government business. College of Engineering EXPANSION set the keynote for the activ- ities of the College of Engineering this year, with Everett D. Howe as acting chairman during the absence of Morrough P. O. ' Brien. A new division, the School of Engineering Design, has been added to the college, and construction of a new engineering building is scheduled to begin next summer. ' Dean MORROUGH P. O ' BRIEN of the Col- lege of Engineering was at Bekini to help with the atomic re- search which followed the dropping of the bomb. Now on leave of absence, he carries on his engineering studies. In line with his varied academic interests in plant physiology, Dean ALVA R. DAVIS of L S, spends his vaca- tions in the natural setting of his Sierra cabin, where he skiis in winter and relaxes in summer. College of Letters and Science LARGER than many entire universities, California ' s College of Letters and Science comprises over one half of the student body of the Berkeley campus. Under the leader- ship of world famous economists, historians, linguists, scientists, and artists, the college receives an ever-increasing number of applications from students eager for admission. T School of Architecture M NY hour;; " en charrette " accompany tin- four year study of the Architecture student. The brown " Ark " building on North side r- some of the busiest --indent-- on campus. Architects wanting relaxation from time-consuming studies, seek out vivacious Dean WARREN C. PERRY, a mechanical wizard with a fondness for designing mechanical " contrap- tions. " School of Business Administration PHKX MENAL increase in numbers marks the School of Bu--ine-- Administration. Present conditions frequently require two or three people to occupy one desk. As the adjectives have it. Dean E. T. GRETHER of the School of Business Administration is friendly and mighty important, a recent Governor Warren appointee to the San Fran- cisco World Trade Center Authority. School of Education TRAINING aspiring teachers in public - hools rather than at the I niversity. the School of Education has successfully started their students in the teaching profession. This past semester state schools working in cooperation with members of the staff placed 252 students in practice teaching. Known for his studies of handwrit- ing, twins, and international rela- tions Dean FRANK FREEMAN will be missed by all when he retires this year. School of Forestry TIMBER material is now going into the huge new School of Forestry Building. Housed within will be all the Federal Forestry Agencies on campus. In the absence of a dean of the Col- lege of Forestry, FREDRICK S. BAKER assumes acting chairman- ship of the department. Between scores of duties, gardening and painting occupies this energetic chairman ' s time. School of Jurisprudence BRIGHT DREAMS for a new building in the near future this is the aspiration of the noted California School of Jurisprudence. Should EDWARD D. DICKINSON, Dean of the School of Jurisprudence and authority on international law be missing from his office, he can be found " roughing it " on his Napa Valley ranch. School of Librarianship ENTERPRISING describes the School of Librarianship, which has recently added eight courses to its curriculum and presented even higher standards than the excellent ones already established. Altogether faculty members hold twenty-five committee chair- manships and membership in national and state library associations. Presenting likable Dean PERIAM DENTON of the School of Librarian- ship, who can often be found driv- ing his jeep or exploring the culinary arts. School of Optometry ' ( VL HAS IT " one of the relatively few Optometry schools in the country. Up to date equipment and plans for a new build- ing are recent innovations. Dean KENNETH B. STODDARD of the School of Optcmetry, designer jf special equipment for advanced optometry courses, finds moments for pleasure another skiing fan. School of Public Health I MOT " E i the tab for the School of Public Health, the only one west of the Mississippi. This college i- established to train western tate and Pacific Basin students. EDWARD S. ROGERS, distinguished author of many books, and former commissioner for medical adminis- tration of New York Department of Health, has a new claim to fame Dean of Public Health. School of Social Welfare ( rPPORTUMTY knocks for students enter- ing the School of Social Welfare due to increasing demand in public and private programs for the need of professionally trained worker-. I ' . graduate students have been a lowering that knock as exemplified l the fact that the school is now the eighth large- 1 in the countr . Enthusiastic MILTON CHERNIN ith his combination of optimism, humor, diplomacy, and wisdom fills his position as a successful dean. President and Mrs. Sproul greet a new undergraduate with their usual enthusiasm. President ' s Reception AWED by President Sproul ' s booming laugh and the transformation of the upper floor of Hearst ' s Gymnasium into a lighted rendezvous, fresh- men and new students were officially welcomed. With after effects of President Sproul ' s firm grip warming their hands, neophytes were intro- duced to each other by activity leaders, professors and University officials. Time out from dancing for the pause that refreshes! " Hello there. I ' m from McDubie. Do you know Joe Smith? " Hostesses Nancy Vinson and Jean White welcome newcomer. 32 UNIVERSITY MEETINGS University students wen privileged to hear REVEREND HENRY 5LOANE COFFIN, who spoke on the subject, " The Students of Asia look at the USA. " He gathered his information from a tour taken through China, India and the Near East in ' 46 and ' 47. Students joined with members of the University chorus and orchestra to uMlconK Ue jmfetide spirit of " peace on earth and good will to all DICK HEGGIE, regional officer of NSA, PRESIDENT ROBERT SPROUL and retired GENERAL " HAP ' ARNOLD, settled the world situation at a fall University meeting. Dick spoke of his recent visit to Europe, while General Arnold advocated strong defenses as a solution to the threat : HI P. E. DUSTOOR, assistant professor of English literature and librarian at the University of Allahabad, India, told an enthusiastic audience of " India in Transition. " 33 I 8 th Charter Day FLYING banners and billowing robes characterized the ' 48 pro- ce ?ion to the Greek Theatre on Charter Day. The observance of the 80th anniversary day was highlighted by the address of Secretary of State. George C. Marshall, guest speaker. The Secretary, wearing black academic robes, headed the traditional procession with President Robert Gordon Sproul, Edwin C. Voorhies, University marshal, and Vice-President Claude B. Hutchison. Followed by hundreds of faculty members, many of whom were clad in the brilliant doctoral robes of their graduating universities, they entered the theatre and walked to the stage while thousands of onlookers clapped reverently. The Secretary of State urged the speedy passage of the European Recovery Program and said that America ' s policy should be " to stand firm on basic principles, but to keep the door open for any general conciliatory move. " After delivering a timely message to a packed theatre and well populated hillside above. Secretary Marshall had the degree of Doctor of Law conferred upon him. Other guests at the ceremonies were Governor Karl Warren. General Mark Clark and Admiral Beary. A view cf the first four buildings on campus, taken from the present site of THo n football statue. University dignitaries filed solemnly across campus to the Greek Theatre ' s Charter Day rituals. Thousands of enthusiastic spec- tators stood at attention to honor the entrance of distin- guished guests. GOVERNOR EARL WARREN and PRESIDENT ROBERT SPROUL congratulated GEN- ERAL GEORGE MARSHALL upon his brand new LLG. de- grie. 36 4 - ft Awe-inspiring Charter Day ceremcnies drew thousands to the Greek Theatre, where all joined in the commemoration of the University ' s 80th Anniversary. Secretary of State, GEORGE C. MARSHALL, and President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL, shared the limelight with Governcr EARL E. WARREN in the impressive services. Secretary Marshall urged universal military training while gowned dignitaries and students listened attentively. " Perennial sophomore, " ROBERT SIBLEY, managed the general affairs of the Alumni Association while publishing the " California Monthly " and was a grand hcst at the Sibley household. Member of the Board of Regents, JUDGE STAN N. BARNES presided as presi- dent of the Association during meetings of the gov- erning body. ALUMN " BLESSED be the tie that binds " might well serve as an appropriate tribute to the " thousandfold " members of the California Alumni Association. Largest alumni group in the nation, the Association is next to none in benevolence to the Alma Mater, and effervescence in frequent get-togethers. Under excellent supervision by Stan Barnes ' 22, president, Robert Sibley ' 03, executive manager, and the energetic officers, the University of California is kept in immediate touch with state-wide needs. Rooters ' caps off to the 1947-48 activities of the group; the expansion of the Alumni Scholar- ship program; the publication of University and alumni events in the " California Monthly " ; and the assumption of organized obligation for moral and material support to the eight branches of the University. California Alumni assembled for the 80th annual Charter Day banquet at the San Francisco Palace Hotel with General George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, delivering the principal address. . J ASSOCIATION CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF Katfcerine Ttanas, Howard S. Cook, Maye Minich, Robert Rupert, Robert Sibley, Viola Knekae, 0. 0. Watt, Jean HcNeill. The Council of California Alumni Associa- tion, composed of outstanding graduates of the University, holds a momWy session in the Faculty One to discuss projects for the UnnersHy. " Perennial sophomore, " ROBERT SIBLEY, managed the general affairs of the Alumni Association while publishing the " California Monthly " and was a grand hcst at the Sibley household. Member of the Board of Regents, JUDGE STAN N. BARNES presided as presi- dent of the Association during meetings of the gov- erning body. ALUMNI " BLESSED be the tie that binds " might well serve as an appropriate tribute to the " thousandfold " members of the California Alumni Association. Largest alumni group in the nation, the Association is next to none in benevolence to the Alma Mater, and effervescence in frequent get-togethers. Under excellent supervision by Stan Barnes ' 22, president, Robert Sibley ' 03, executive manager, and the energetic officers, the University of California is kept in immediate touch with state-wide needs. Rooters ' caps off to the 1947-48 activities of the group ; the expansion of the Alumni Scholar- ship program; the publication of University and alumni events in the " California Monthly " ; and the assumption of organized obligation for moral and material support to the eight branches of the University. California Alumni assembled for the 80th annual Charter Day banquet at the San Francisco Palace Hotel with General George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, delivering the principal address. i: M ASSOCIATION CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF Catherine Thanas, Howard S. Cook. Maye Minich, Robert Rupert, Robert Siblcy, Viola Kuehne, 0. D. Watt, an McNeil). The Council of California Alumni Associa- tion, composed of outstanding ijmttn of the University, holds a monthly session in the Faculty CM) to disoss projects for theUniwrsKy. u c KEN GALLAGHER, UCLA ' s 47-48 student prexy, distinguished himself as a Bruin campus leader while majoring in business administration, belonging to Gold Key and Cal Club. PROGRESS one word identifies the University of Cali- fornia at Los Angeles. Movement goes forward in this colorful campus of the University. Such fascinating new- comers as the arts curriculum and the course in rocket navigation point toward individualistic expansion at Westwood. There will be no jokes about this " progres- sive " motto if scientists succeed in a current undertaking. " Man-made moonlight, " the lighting of the heavens with artificial aurora, is not impossible, in fact very probable, according to UCLA physicists. The true facts about hypnotism are being discussed in challenging studies of- fered by noted professors of psychology. Keeping pace with the diversified choice of subjects, is its physical expansion. Plans for the new Medical School are proceed- ing rapidly. A $20,000,000 building program has already swept away the first landmark of the Bruin campus the bridge across the arroyo separating the Administration building from the main quadrangle. The arroyo itself is being filled in to provide sites for new structures. Prefabs make a garish contrast to the Italian architecture of Royce Hall. Students numbering almost 15,000 jam this south- ern campus, students training for leadership in the com- monwealth of California. View of Royce Hall, the UCLA Wheeler, where students gather for a chat on the " smooth moves " and " real deals. " 42 CLA Ho-tam! Mot BI. jfit restin- aft naU front of famed = ::; -= ::-;?:.;. ; : : - I-- : vinr of tke Wesfcm ill tke fun ! Rsjw ToMn are see to tke left, BwMfei mi Kenfchoff Hall tarn I MEDICINE Medical Future doctors make microscopic analysis of bacteriological cultures. RESEARCH highlights the fourth atomic year program of the Medical School on the distinguished San Francisco campus. In the School of Medicine more modern surgical techniques have heen evolved, not only in disease prevention, but in rehabilitation of war victims. The use of drugs and anti- biotics, and the possible aid of atomic energy in treating diseases, are but two of the myriad of problems under discussion in the curricu- lum of Dentistry. DENTISTRY Having a " drilling " time are the University ' s potential dentists. Here they practice drilling techniques on " home- made plates. " 44 nCenter SERVICE in the fields of Pharmacy and Nurs- ing receive due recognition on the wooded San Francisco site. Because of keen competition in lioth ri-hools. would-be pharmacist:- and nurses spend long hour- preparing for their chosen professions, leaving little time for recreation. Pharmacy students do. however, plan to revive a prewar tradition the annual picnic. Aid in homer- and hospitals, with children and adults, i effected through actual case work for student nurses, at the Berkeley Institute of Child Welfare. Potrero Hill Nursery School in San Francisco, and the Langley Porter Clinic in the Medical Center. NURSING PHARMACY Behind the vv ward wagcn " one of the Med center nurses takes medications and sclutiors to a ward. Cal ' s pharmacists spend hours in the back room compounding and dispensing prescriptions. Santa Barbara INTRODUCTION to the youngest member of the University ' s family of campuses is in order. Located above wide beach and park lands, the new Santa Barbara site has a picturesque view of harbor and breakwater. At present there is only one permanent building housing the industrial arts school. Plans for campus expansion are fast becoming realities. Davi$ EXPERIMENTATION Davis is the scene of many phases of vital agricultural research, having themes as : " Animal Husbandry, " " Helping the Crops Grow, " and " The Canning Industry. " Affording complete college training in a rural environment, the " Aggie farm " is now crowded with the largest enrollment of its history. With ten reinforced concrete buildings and the major assets of California soil and climate, it is truly a " farm that has become a college. " Students hold assembly in the spacious quad of the Santa Barbara campus. An Aggie Co-ed proudl] shows a Percheron stallio during the Little Interna- tional Livestock show in the Pavilion on the Davi| campus. Hastings OPPORTUNITY is extended at Hastings College of Law opportunity and challenge to young minds. At the California Building in San Francisco, outstanding students, regardless of means, are instructed to cope with the legal problems precipitated by an atomic eon. Outside the classroom, the student is offered practical work with the Legal Aid Clinic of San Francisco. Riverside ACCOMPLISHMENT puts its golden finger on the Riverside campus. Its official name. University of California Citrus Experiment Station, hardly does justice to the manifold activities conducted on its 751 acres. By seeking better methods of producing crops and protecting them, these scientists are saving state farmers millions of dollars. Fine Arts COSMOPOLITAN culture personifies the studios on Russia Hill the California School of Fine Arts, situated in a garden setting, close to the foreign quarters and downtown San Francisco. The School has included among its students distinguished painters, illustrators and noted California artists. The wide range of interests, from realism to surrealism and cur- rent frontiers, marks a flexibility of program to encourage insight into present conditions in the fields of art. Lick OBSERVATION and research for man ' s coming migration into outer space are the ob- jectives of the famed Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton. Built atop an isolated peak, the ob- servatory is daily gathering new facts to aid the first celestial explorer beyond the strato- sphere. The 120-inch telescope soon to be com- pleted there will be one of the most far-search- ing " eyes " yet built. Scripps INVASION of King Neptune ' s mystic realm by oceanographers at La Jolla have greatly aided the U. S. Navy in war and peace. The red- roofed buildings headquarters for some of the world ' s foremost research into oceanic depths house the Scripps Institute of Oceanogra- phy. No " ivory tower " existence, these scien- tists have learned to outguess the vagaries of wind, wave, and surf. 48 tiffi? California Club OUTSTANDING on five campuses of the I niversity. members of Cal Club promote the " good neighbor " policy. The beautiful beach of Santa Barbara was the site of the annual convention, held during semester intermission. At this time problems of integrating the far- flung branches of our University were consid- ered. Solving the entertainment problem for the Aggie?, the cast of the Mask and Dagger Review. " This End Up. " traveled to the Davis campus. Plans for an All-University Football Day are being formulated. Under sponsorship of Cal Club members, the contest would be in Berkeley stadium. All plans for activities and housing affiliation- will be in the hands of Cal Club hospitality. Inter-campus travel for re- search and investigation is aided by the Maclise Scholarship. These enthusiastic Bears are a binding tie that knots together the eight laces of our University; and are to be commended for their excellent representation of Cal spirit and interest as official hosts and hostesses. Jack Andrew VicBogart Virginia Carpenter Bob Dal Porto Eleanor Desplain Don Dickey Bill Diffenbaugh Jed Garthwaile Virgil Gerard Bed Griffith Charles Hanger Madeline Holcomb Jack Howard Shirley Keefer Hick: Don Lang Ted Ockels Barbara Quimby Nancy Rieger James Sheppard Lou Stoakes Susan Thomas Ira Thompson Don Wallace Joe Willits Andy Wolfe J ack Wolfe ! . ' ' Campus enthusiast . . . LOU STOAKES, Chairman . . . industrious Secretary, BARBARA QUIMBY ... and DR. CHANEY, Advisor . . . directed the varicus successful projects of Cal Club. 49 p r SENIORS -TH. tktl allfi ' fli dj tkm lad ml dam mud Open council meetings with plenty of food supplied hungry Seniors with food for thought and nourish- ment. . . . Norm Trenton, President, expounded on his " pet, " NSA, and the feat of obtaining Bob Hope for Cal cheer. . . . Polly Mansfield, Vice-president (left and front), cooperated with Norm and earned badge of " Efficiency Plus. " . . . Secretary Cathy Reid, (right and front I gave the minutes a Daily Cal twist. 52 " THANKS for the Memory " could well be the theme song for graduating classes from all colleges and universities. The class of " 18 at the University of California was no exception. After four years of active par- ticipation, the Senior year topped off a college career. Events under the leader- -hip of Senior Council came off smoothly and profitably. Tears were shed, midnight oil burned, picnics and breakfasts en- joyed, yet still the Senior Council struggled through to bring to light a completely sue- t ful year for fellow classmates. Spec- tacular in a crowded calendar of achieve- ments ;i- the fall semester Forty-Niner dance and then the Bob Hope show which aided WSSF. The Senior Extrava- ganza, and to top all. the long awaited Senior Week! A Senior Pilgrimage, ban- quets. Baccalaureate. Senior Ball, and the much anticipated Commencement, to men- tion but a few fragments of activity. The potential Great of " 48 may well look back and sav " Thanks for the Memories . SENIOR COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Sylvia Colorado, Jim Mclaughlin, Helen Allpegate, Art Riklin, Helen Christhanos, Nancy Schulz, Russ Fritchey, Jack Wickware, Wini Hunt, Mildred Jovey, Randy Walker. FIFTH ROW: Bob Stern, Fred Sansome, Sam Riklin, Charkey McDonald, Laverne Dillon, Mike Flint, Joan Emmett, Jane Russel. FOURTH ROW: Bill Corbet, Fran Marcus, Ramona Reynolds, Bill Gough, Pete Germain, Harvey Kronrod, Dean Dorian. THIRD ROW: Bessie Poulos, Midge Nield, Eleanor Morse Bob Timmons, Marion Melrose, Barbara Skiles, Bill Theisner. SECOND ROW: Barbara Gordon, Doris McCann, Helen Lary, Bobbie Dutro, Norm Newcomb, Vin Dickenson, Willie Schufouburger, Jim Elliott, Bob Blois. FRONT ROW: Jane Wi99ins, Cathy Reid, Polly Mansfield, Norm Trenton, Ozella Yates, Diana Averidock, Pat Trenton, Paul Zagner. SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE BACK ROW, left to riqht: Jim Johnson. Brb Blois, Neal Evensen THIRO ROW ' Jack McNicr-ols. Dean Cohen, Gorden C ' l-w , Harry Kronrod, Jim Elliott. SECOND ROW: Russ Fritchey, Dewitt Popkin, Bob Henninger, Bill Shafer, Tom Tully. FRONT ROW: Jack Wickware, Ben Sawtelle, Henry Morris, Jack Ball, John Neal. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE BACK ROW left to right ' Harry Kronrod, Norm Trenton, Charles McDonald, Jack Wickware, Bill Shaw, Joan Emmett, Paul Zyder. THIRD ROW: Art Riklin, Polly Mansfield, Millie Young, Margaret Fay, Jan Eisert, Russ Fritchey. SECOND ROW: Doris McCann, Nancy Schulz, Wini Hunt, Marcia Gray, Cathy Reid, Jim Elliott. FRONT ROW: Sam Riklin, Sylvia Colorado. Eleanor Morse. Jim Mclaughlin. Marion Melrose, Helen lange, Jane Wiggins. r ' last Chance " Dance YE olde West was roped in for the " Last Chance Frontier Dance " the rootin ' tootin ' Senior informal. Reigning guy and gal, heavily bearded Whiskerino Winner Jim McLaugh- lin, and Miss Nugget of 1948, Mary Lou Thede, stepped lively on the " swing yer partner. " Senior Ball THE Seniors had their Swan Song sung to them in the exclusive atmosphere of the Golden Gate Turf Club. Ending an eventful Senior eek and four eventful years, they danccil to the music of Henry Gallasrher. 1 Senior Extravaganza " SKYRIDE " Seniors took the Extrava- ganza audience in a weird looking con- traption on one of the funniest song-fest joy rides of the spring semester! The voyagers were flung through time and space hy a show loaded with numbers that could hit the top of any successful song hill. Rehearsals for the program, under the direction of Bain Price and George Walker, chairmen, were a little like a three-ring circus. Singing, dancing, acting and joking were constant through- out. But a perfect three-point landing on a smooth runway awaited the voyagers of the " Skyride. " 56 Sings TRIPED barber-shop pole formed the background for the raucous Senior Sing in the Senior Vt omen ' s Hall. This era of Gav Nineties was heightened by the Sun Spots and the exuberant yells of Monte Haslett. R A S " WE can ' t wait to graduate, " yelled the class of ' 48 at rallies and group gather- ings. Why then the tears and wet hankies on the fatal June Day? ; i . MEETINGS " LOOK out, the coffee ' s hot! " and inem- hers of Senior Class Council, under Norm Trenton ' s directions, warmed up to dis- cussions with the hrew from the local hurner. v , A: Rft AWF PAR S A WONDERFUL time was had hy senior a they breakfasU- ] lite one Sunday at the Alley. Proof positive of this statement i- picture of prexy Norm Tren- ton and company. Care for a roll? I C .ASSMS DO I HEAR more for this valuable item? Two dollars! Going, going, gone, to the gentleman in the purple and orange shirt. And so also to V SF went the proceeds of the auction. The senior class, and their professors, had tal- ent- in the sales line! ABBES, ABRAMSON, ABRAHAMSON, ABSHIER, ACKERMAN, ACKERSON, ACTON, ERNEST WILLIAM MARTIN VICTOR LEE THOMAS JOHN HAROLD DON ALVERNA GEORGE San Francisco Oakland Roseville La Habra Springfield, Kansas City, BERTRAM Business Civil Engineering Architecture Petroleum Illinois Kansas Berkeley Administration Transfer from Chi Alpha Kappa; Engineering Marketing Music Foreign Trade Transfer from St. University of Tower and Flame; Bowles Hall. Transfer from Delta Sigma Transfer from John ' s University; Pennsylvania; Dormitory College of Pacific; Theta. San Francisco Beta Alpha Psi; Chi Epsilon; Council. Sigma Chi. Junior College. Beta Gamma Sigma; ASCE; Intramural. Honor Student ADAMS, CHARLES ANDERSON Tulsa, Oklahcma Foreign Trade Transfer from University of Tulsa; Delta Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. ADAMS, MARGARET F. San Francisco General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi; WAA; Intramural. ADAMS, PATRICIA JANETTE Oakland History Delta Zeta; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Women ' s Executive Board, Social Commissioner; Sophomore Class Sec.-Treas.; Class Officer ' s Council. ADLER, JASON ARTHUR Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from AHEAN, RAYMOND GREGORY Oakland Business Administration UCLA; AIEE: IRE. Sigma Chi. AIZAWA, HATSURO San Francisco General Curriculum Transfer from Tulsa University. AKAHOSHI, SEIKO Oakland Medical Technician Dormitory Council; Public Health Club. ALBON, LESTER PIERCE ALCORM, STANLEY ALDRIDGE, JOHN V. ALFF, MARION ALLEN, CHARLES ALLEN, CLAUDE 1RWIN Oakland MAVCUS Wichita Falls, DEBERRY FREEMAN Oakland Political Science Modesto Texas San Francisco San Francisco Advertising. Radio Workshop. Plant Pathology Transfer from Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma. General Curriculum Chemistry. Davis; Honor Pi Lambda Theta, Student. President; Honor Students. : ALLEN, ALLEN, ALLEN, ALLEN, ALLPHIN, ALRICH, ALTER, ALVES, AMBROSE, ANDELSON, CLIFFORD ROBERT EVELYN B. FRED LLOYD JOYCE GLORIA RICHARD ALLEN JOHN CALVIN ALICE LOUISE FRANCIS RUSSELL MARY TERESA SHERMAN Placerville Napa Galveston, Texas Logan, Utah Oakland Los Angeles Berkeley Oakland Fresno LAWRENCE id! Mechanical Economics Marketing. History Optometry Electrical Social Welfare Civil Engineering Zoology Los Angeles fa Engineering Transfer from Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta Engineering Honor Student; ASCE; Newman Transfer from Accounting Bowles Hall; ACC; Napa Junior Delta Sigma; Sigma. Transfer from Women ' s Counselor. Club. Fresno State Beta Alpha Psi; te Men ' s Judicial College; Epworth Women ' s Executive UCLA; AIEE. College; Stern Honor Student; Committee, Hall; University Board; WAC; Hall; Tower and Beta Gamma Sigm; te Chairman; ASME. Symphony; Masonic Daily Californian; Flame; Phrateres, Club. Pelican. Corresponding VK Secretary; Utrimque. ANDERSEN, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, -. NORMAN EMIL ALICE NEVADA DOROTHY MAE EDWARD EMMETT FRED ROBERT GERALD LOUGH HILA, JR. RAYMOND ROBERT EARL ROBERT LEROY : Terra Bella Berkeley Berkeley Spokane, Oakland Wilmette, Bishop REINHOLD Clifton, Arizona Oakland Electrical Home Economics History. Washington Personnel Business Illinois Business Cedarpines Park Metallurgical Economics i Engineering Alpha Lambda, Health Education Administration Electrical Administration. Civil Engineering Engineering Bowles Hall; 8 Transfer from Secretary; National Transfer from Representative-at- Engineering Transfer from Transfer from President ' s til Porterville Junior Home Economics East-Washington large; Class Wrestling; NROTC. San Bernardino University of Reception. 1 College; AIEE. Honor Society; College; Kappa Council; YMCA. Junior College; Arizona; Richmond Omicron Nu; Honor Delta Pi; Honor Chi Epsilon. Dormitories. t Student. Student; Public Health Club. h__ SENIORS . " S H SB c t : : : ANDERSON, SUSAN JOY San Francisco Laboratory Technician Oldenberg Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Lambda Delta Sigma; Phrateres; Public Health Club. ARMSTRONG, DAVID S. Berkeley Business Administration Delta Upsilon. ANDREE, RALPH C. Berkeley Forestry Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. ANDREWS, ANGWIN, ANTUNEZ, APOSTOLIDES, APPLEGATE, AQUILINO, ROBERT LINDSEY ROBERT RAYMOND MILDRED LOIS ZOEA. HELEN LUCELLE ALLEN ARNOLD Corona Del Mar Piedmont Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Hayward Personnel Business Agriculture Hispanic America Social Welfare Business Administration Administration Omicron Nu; Honor Regional Group Transfer from Administration. Transfer from Transfer from Student; Home Major Sacramento Junior Pomona College; San Francisco Economics Club; Delta Eps ilon; College; Phi Mu. Alpha Delta Phi; Junior College; YWCA. Epsilon Phi Zeta; Crew, Junior Theta Chi; Inter- Occident, Assistant Manager. fraternity Council. Art Editor; MSA; Art Bureau, Chairman. ARTH, ARMSTRONG, ARNOLD, ARNSTEIN, LELAND THOMAS CRAIG JOAN GEORGE ERNEST CLARENCE Capay Political Science Berkeley General Curriculum Delta Delta Delta; San Francisco Political Science Redlands Business Lambda Chi Alpha. Treble Clef, Junior Transfer from Administration Manager. San Francisco Sigma Alpha Junior College; Epsilon; Big " C " Daily Califomian; Society; Phi Phi; NSA; Student Basketball; Campus Planning Swimming; Water Committee. Polo; Volleyball; Interfraternity Council. ASHMORE, MINNIE L. Pleasanton Social Welfare Epworth Hall. ATCHISON, BARBARA ANNE Oakland Physical Educaticn Alpha Gamma Delta; Women ' s Counseling; Sophomore Council; Newman Club. ATWATER, DONALD KENNETH Burlingame Business Administration Transfer from College of the Pacific; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Phi Omega; Band; Quarterdeck Society; NROTC. ARANO, CESAR Los Angeles Mathematics Transfer from Ateneo College, Philippine Islands; Soccer. ATWOOD, ALICE JOYCE Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from the College cf the Pacific; Phi Chi Theta; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Masonic Club. ARMSTRONG, CHELTA JUNE Oakland Geography Welfare Council Utrimque; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Winter Sports Club; UC Flying Club. ATWOOD, CATHERINE PAUL Scarsdale, New York General Curriculum Transfer from Bradford Junicr College; The Californian; Student Poll Committee. :;_. . : AU, AUBREY, AVERDIECK, BABCOCK, BABOCK, BABCOCK, HELEN MAY MELVILLE W. F. DIANA JUNE . CHARLES LUTHER HAROLD EDWARD JACK KEY Sacramento San Diego Larkspur San Marino Redlands Visalia Social Welfare Civil Engineering Transfer from Spanish Latin Civil Engineering Mechanical Transfer from Texas A and M; Transfer from Phi Sigma Kappa; Lambda Delta Engineering. Sacramento ASCE, President. Marin Junior Pi Sigma; Honor Sigma; ASCE; College; Sigma College; Dorm E; Student. Quarterdeck Omicron Pi; Blue and Gold; Society; Football, Chinese Students ' Senior Council; Junior Manager. Club, Secretary. Winter Sports Club. BABCOCK, RICHARD MARTIN Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Theta Chi. BACHARACH, MELL. Oakland Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi. BACKER, ALLEN CHARLES San Francisco Petroleum Engineering Mining Association; Hillel Foundation; Military Association; UC Photo Club. BACON, MARY HELEN Oakland Regional Group France and Colonies; Tower and Flame. BJ BACON, i PATRICIA BAHAR1S, THALIA MARIE ;: : ' .-: : ' ARDUITE San Francisco !: San Jose Paleontology Speech Transfer from Delta Zeta; San Francisco ? :: Little Theatre; Intramural; Winter Junior College; Sherman Annex; Sports Club. Phrateres. BAILEY, HENRIETTA LEE Berkeley Political Science 1 ransfer from Stockton Junior Ccllege; Phrateres. BAILEY, RUTH BONITA Long Beach Biochemistry. BAKER, DOROTHY LIBBY San Francisco General Curriculum Delta Zeta BAKAR, GERSON PHILIP Petaluma Business Administration. BAKER, HELEN MARGARET Berkeley Regional Group Spanish America. BAKER, PATRICIA MARIE Oakland Education. BAKEWELL, GRANT McNEILL San Francisco Marketing Transfer from University of San Francisco. BALCOM, KENNETH G. Pulaski, New York Civil Engineering ASCE. BALIAN, ROBERT STANLEY Oakland Business Administration Transfer from University of New Mexico; Pi Kappa Alpha; Newman Club. BALKE, ROSEMARIE Alameda German. BALL, LLOYD DAVID Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Transfer from Cal Tech; Cloyne Court. BALLOU, JAMES KENNETH Lakeside Transfer from Carnegie Institute of Technology; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi. BALMFORTH, STANFORD CLEWORTH Bell General Curriculum Lambda Chi Alpha; Card Sales; Glee Club; Quarterdeck Society; NROTC; Intramural. BALOFF, OLEG JOHN Berkeley Civil Engineering Transfer from West Virginia University; UC Bridge Club, President; Golf Team. BALYEAT, LOIS E. Ukiah Public Speaking Mitchell Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Sophomore Council; Junior Class, Secretary. BANKS, JOAN LOUISE Oakland Transfer from Park College. BAZUERO, ZORAIDO Bogota, Colombia Languages Casa Hispana; International House; YWCA; Spanish Club. BARBER, GAEL EVELYN Nevada City Spanish Richards Hall; Sigma Delta Pi. BARBEE, JOHN YALE Glendale Agricultural Economics Transfer from Illinois State Normal University; Agricultural Economics Club, Vice- President. 3ARBRACK, BARCLAY, BARDARSON, BARKER, BARMAN, BARNARD, BARNES, BARNES, RICHARD NICOL ROBERT WILLIAM GERTRUDE FORREST JULIETTE MYRA DOW PARK GEORGE B. Berkeley San Bruno DOFSEN LAVENDER DOROTHY Pasadena Long Beach Arcata Mechanical Business Carmel Yuma, Arizona San Francisco General Curriculum Electrical Optometry Engineering Administration Agricultural Electrical Social Welfare Kappa Kappa Engineering Transfer from Theta Delta Chi; Transfer from Nutrition Engineering Transfer from Gamma; Ace of Transfer from Humboldt State Golden Bear; Tower College of Pacific; Transfer from Transfer from College of Pacific. Clubs; Alpha Mu USC; Alpha Tau Ccllege. and Flame; ASME. Sigma Nu; University of University of Gamma; Blue and Omega; Assistant Scabbard and Washington; Arizona; AIEE; Gold; Sophomore Yell Leader; AIEE. Blade; Glee Club; Omicron Nu; Home IRE. Council; Intramural Quarterdeck Economics Club. Board. Society. BARNES, LYLE KURTZ Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from Fresno State College. BARNWELL, MARGARET ELEZEBETH Berkeley International Relations Alpha Delta Chi; NSA; YWCA; Canterbury Club. BARON, FRANCIS J. San Francisco Accounting Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Scabbard and Blade; Crew; UC Folk Dance Group. BARRERA, ELISA MARIA Panama City, Republic of Panama Spanish Transfer from OLL College, Texas; Casa Hispana. BARSANTI, WILLIAM PAUL BARSOTTI, MARIO HENRY Tonopah, Nevada San Francisco Accounting Finance Transfer from USC; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student. Transfer from University of San Francisco. BARTHE, DORIS JEAN Oakland General Curriculum Little Theatre; Radio Workshop; Masonic Club. BARTHOLOMEW, STUART HOWLEY Berkeley Civil Engineering Transfer from University of Washington; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Intramural. BARTLETT, DOROTHEA E. Berkeley Advertising Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Chi Theta; Pelican; Orientations; Symphony Forum; Panhellenic. BARTLEY, DELMAR ALEXANDAR Oroville Mechanical Engineering Boxing. BARTON, NATALIE PYLE Pasadena Chemistry Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Honor Student; Treble Clef; SAAC. BARY, DAVID ALAN Berkeley Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Pelican, Editor. BASKIN, JANET Oakland Social Welfare ASSW; Hillel Foundatio n. BASYE, ROBERT ALLEN Porterville Civil Engineering Transfer from University of Redlands; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Glee Club; ASCE; Engineering Council. BATES, ARTHUR EUGENE Glendale Electrical Engineering Transfer from Glendale Junior College; AIEE; Lab Assistant. BATES, ELIZABETH MAY Pasadena Nursing Education Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. BAUCK, ROBERT E. Sacramento Business Administration Transfer from Sacramento College. BAUMBERGER, MARGARET San Francisco General Curriculum Alpha Omicron Pi; Treble Clef. BAXTER, JEAN CAREY Piedmont General Curriculum Alpha Omicron Pi; Blue and Gold; Orientations; Elections Board; Intramural. BAYER, EDMUND VICTOR Santa Rosa Medicine Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; Honor Student. BAYLY, ROY DONNEL, JR. Pasadena Business Administration Transfer from Arizona State Teachers ' College; Alpha Delta Phi. SENIORS -;;; -: Ml BAYOL, EUGENE WEST San Francisco Architecture Alpha Delta Phi. BEAGLE, TRACEY 0. Salinas Physiology Transfer from Salinas Junior College. BEAN, EVELYN LOUISE BEANSTON, JANICE ANN BEATON, RODERICK BEATTY, GERALD ARTHUR BEAUCHAMP, NANCY KUIPER BEAUMONT, KLYNE GEORGE BEBB, ROBERT STANLEY BECHTER, MARION LOUISE San Mateo San Francisco WHITNEY Berkeley Cordova, Alaska Sacramento Belmont Burlingame General Curriculum Physical Education Stockton Economics Business Civil Engineering Business General Curriculum Stern Hall. Transfer from Journalism Transfer from Administration Transfer from Administration Delta Delta Delta; San Francisco Transfer from University of Beta Gamma Sigma; Sacramento State Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pelican; Junior Junior College; Stockton Junior Tennessee; Phi Honor Student; College; Chi Crew. Class Council; Stratford Hall; College; Sigma Sigma Kappa. Tower and Flame; Epsilon; ASCE. Intramural; Prytanean; WAA. Delta Chi, Women ' s Newman. President. Counseling: Newman Club. Wfetti BECKER. CECILIA ANN BECKER, JOHN WALTER BECKER, RONALD, ARTHUR BECKMANN, LOIS CATHERINE BECKWITH, CHARLES EMILIO BEI, MARINA BEIGHAM, ELIZABETH J. EELDEN, ERNEST BELGUM, EVELYN H. BELL, ALLAN G. Sacramento Oakland Femdale San Francisco Oberlin, Ohio San Francisco Los Angeles Chicago, Illinois Berkeley Glendale Home Economics Architecture Biochemistry History. English Architecture General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum Mechanical Transfer from Chi Alpha Kappa. Transfer from Transfer from Stern Hall; Alpha Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Sacramento College; San Jose State Oberlin College. Alpha Gamma; Los Angeles SchurzTuilior Northern State Transfer from Casa Hispana; College; Honor WAA. City College; College; Honor Teacher ' s College; Glendale Junior Home Economics Students. Cunningham Hall. Student; Tower Alpha Delta Chi; College; UC Yacht Club; Newman Club and Flame. Chi Rho; Calvin Club, ASME. Club. OB, BELLECCI, BELLI, BENDER, BENKO, BENNETT, BENNETT, BERENSON, JOHN SALVADOR FLORENCE VIVIAN WILLIAM TUCKER ALEXANDER ALBERT BETTY LOU HOWARD tetc Martinez Clifton, San Francisco WASIL SALINGER Berkeley New York, - Chemical New Jersey Medicine Berkeley Piedmont General Curriculum New York .,. |s Engineering Frosh Baseball; YMCA. Transfer from Bethany College, West Virginia; Zeta Tau Alpha; Senior Class Publicity Kappa Sigma; Honor Student. Slavic Languages Alpha Mu Gamma; Dcbro Slovo, Vice- President. Dramatic Art University Theater; Glee Club; Christian Science Society. Alpha Gamma Delta; Treble Clef; YWCA; Radio Workshop. English Transfer from New York University. Committee; WAA; Crop and Saddle. BERGEN, AUGUST GEHARD, JR. Clear Lake, South Dakota Physics Transfer from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. BERGERON, WALLACE LAWERENCE Oakland Electrical Engineering Cloyne Court; Newman C lub; USCA. BERGMAN, GENE Los Angeles Psychology Transfer from UCLA; Phi Sigma Sigma. BERGMANN, MARGERITE MARY BERGSTROM, DORIS MARION BERNARD, JAMES FRANK BERNARDI, THEODORE BERRY, DARLENE A. .- San Francisco Minneapolis, Huntingdon Park MARTIN Seattle, Art Minnesota Architecture Oakland Washington ' - Sigma Kappa. Social Welfare Chi Alpha Kappa; Journalism History. ht Transfer from Architecture Sigma Delta Chi. University of Association. ' Minnesota; Peixotlo - : Hall; Ad Service Bureau; Phrateres; Masonic Club; UC Photography Club. EERTI, PETE MICHELE Napa Geography Transfer from Oregon State College; Pi Kappa Phi; Circle " C " Society. BETTS, DONALD CLIFFORD Redding Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; Stiles Hall; AIEE; IRE. BEVIS, JOHN HILARY San Francisco Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of Santa Clara; Chi Phi; ASME. BILLING, CHARLES STUART Oakland Medicine. BILLINGS, GERTRUDE JEANNE Forestville Spanish Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. BINGHAM, BIRCH, BIRD, BISHOP, BISHOP, BISHOP, ALAN LUZERNE RONALD STUART HELEN GIBSON JAMES BENJAMIN LAWRENCE LOWELL B. Santa Rosa Alameda Piedmont Turlock EUGENE Idaho Falls, Accounting Medicine Zoology Social Welfare Havre, Montana Idaho Radio Workshop. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Chi; Tower and Transfer from George Washington Transfer from Marin Junior Electrical Engineering Chemistry Transfer from Flame; Winter University, College. Transfer from University of Idaho; Sports Club. Washington, D.C.; Gonzaga University; Lambda Delta Alpha Delta Pi; AIEE. Sigma; Alpha Chi Elections Board; Sigma. Orientations. BIXBY, DAVID HUGH Los Angeles Entomology Transfer from UCLA. BIXLER, ROBERT WARREN Ventura Electrical Engineering Transfer from Ventura J.C.; Eta Kappa Nu; Beta Pi. BLACKIE, DOROTHY JEAN South Gate General Curriculum Transfer from UCLA; Sherman Hall. BLAKE, EDWIN III Oakland Public Speaking Speech Art Club. BLAKE, EDWIN BRISBANE BLAKE, NORMA JEAN Burlingame Oakland Marketing Economics Lambda Chi Alpha Big " C " Guard. Transfer from University of Minnesota. BLASIUS, EVELYN MAE Glendale Chemistry Transfer from Youngstown College, Ohio; Beaudelaire; Iota Sigma Pi; Newman Club. BLAU, BLAUVETT, BLEIFER, BLISS, BLOCHER, BLOIS, -, BLATZ, ROBERT EDWARD EDITH MARY DANIEL JOSEPH LEWIS EDWARD ROBERT LUVERNE ROBERT W. KATHY Oakland Bremerton, Beverly Hills Van Nuys Bakersfield Bakersfield If tot South Pasadena Mechanical Washington Medicine Civil Engineering Petroleum Electrical General Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Engineering Alpha Chi Omega; Pelican; Little Theater; Freshman Handball; ASME. University of Washington; Phi Mu; Honor Student. UCLA; Phi Sigma. UCLA; University Dorm. Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Transfer from University of Michigan; Pi Kappe Council; Sophomore Tau Kappa Epsilon. Alpha; Phi Eta Council; Red Cross. Sigma; Phi Phi; Blue and Gold, Junior Editor. : BLOOM, BLOOM, BLODNER, BLOOMFIELD, BLUM, BLUMBERG, BOCK, BOGART, BOGHOSIAN, BOHART, BENNIE JOSEPH SAMUEL BENNETT M. ERVING KATHLEEN WILLIAM VICTOR RALPH PAUL ELIZABETH ANN Santa Monica Modesto MERRITT, JR. Los Angeles San Francisco Berkeley KENNETH Redwood City Oakland Tulsa, Oklahoma ] Physiology General Curriculum Burlingame Mechanical Speech General Curriculum Sacramento Journalism Business International Transfer from Transfer from Accounting Engineering. Sigma Alpha Mu; Kappa Kappa Business International Administration. Relations UCLA; Sigma Alpha Modesto Junior Transfer from Tennis, Assistant Gamma; Blue and Administration. Relations Transfer from Mu; Gymnastics. College. San Mateo Junior Instructor; Speech Gold; Bridge Club. Transfer from Pine Manor Junior College; Beta Arts Club. McGill University, College, Alpha Psi. Canada; Sigma Massachusetts; Delta Chi; Daily Delta Delta Delta; Californian. Welfare Council; Poll Committee. BOHN, RICHARD AKE BOHNA, ROBERT HAYDEN BOLANDER, BERNICE BOLGER, JOHN GEORGE BOLINGER, HERMAN CLAY BONAR, MARY ALICE BOND, ROBERT BAKER BONEYSTEELE, PARKE BONTEMS, LYNELLE BOOMER, PHILIP GEORGE Oakland Madera MARGARET Eureka Clayton, Berkeley Carlsbad Piedmont VIRGINIA Oakland in Architecture Mechanical San Francisco Industrial New Mexico Decorative Art Civil Engineering Mechanical Glendale Foreign Trade t Architecture Engineering Sociology Engineering Optometry. Gamma Phi Beta; Transfer from Engineering Psychology Delta Phi Epsilcn. ft Association. Abracadabra. Durant Place. Transfer from Red Cross. University of Abracadabra; Transfer from vC Humboldt State; Arizona; Sigma ASME. Glendale Junior Mi Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Epsilon. College; Freeborn ASME. Hall; Honor Student; Music . Club. _ SENIORS MOTH EHMLB WmCKLER MRIACK, 60ROCHOFF, NORMAN MARTIN RUTH JANE hrtarh -....._. r " . CoUege. = : --. %-_ -; - Tfi College of the ta : Mb -;-= ' ' :.- Sute Unnersity of Ion; Fractal BOULTON, BARBARA CAMILLE Pale Aha History ElaataMk Barntt; UmcnHy OMTK. BOWER, NATE EVAN Omro, Wisconsi BOWKER, JOAN Calfxicc = Bdultau 5- =. BOWERS, -:=E=- uwn r -.:- -. : Transfer from Kappa Alpha Theta; California Institute Housing Beard; : laOm :; Intrameral Board. Sigma Chi; Ball and Chain; Tennis. BOWMAN . " - " :;.-:. : Unj d MMCR S.= - .E.E ' .i = :-ES MMUK BOYMN, WILLIAM BALL BOY E, .:-, .:s:-- 30YSEN, BEVERtYU BRADLEY, MARILYN MARIE BBUJSMM ROY IRVING -.3 ::- E . a-: i: : . ' . Mo . - : - ?- MbTkcU Circle ' V Society; .-Water = .: -= ' .- Transfer from USC. - t f General TreWe Clef; College n ' sCtab; Pi,-G ; Phi Pfci; Bear; Phi Atlanta, Georgia Marketing Transferfrom a 7Eio7 Einenr UnnersHy; ChiPhi; ram Frendi -.,.,;. ,.._ Sacramento BRAMBLE, BILL KIRK Sunknt. Stndy Forestry Winged Helmet, Xi Sigma Pi; Men ' s Jndiciary Committee; YMCA, Ciril Engineerins SM : BH SUM :: BJI - Sdnbstk Honor Vkx-PresMent BREWER, = i = i=.i .Ei ortfe Hettrnood :- is-. ' E r ?-:r - , UnnersHy TVatre; Transfer from USC. ' . ' = :-:- - :; = - :=:- = E; Editorial. BREWINGTON, EVERETT HENRY Long Island, New York EH BREWSTER, BRINCKMAN, MARY JANE SHIRLEY ELAINE Social Welfare Transferfrom . ----- i;.; Peinotto Hall ' ; NSA; International House; Intenational Commission. -::, DOM BRISTOL, ROBERTA HAZEL Fn (Art .-- -__ . --: SMI :: n- lartt EaabB MM BRITTA1N, RUPERT COAKLEY Sai Diego Ciril Engineering . " : - = : -. : Chi Epsilon; ASCE. BTTW LLOYD RUTLEDCE San Jose Forestry Transfer from San Jose State. BROCK, HAROLD PATRICK WH MARION 1, -: " ; I:-- -.:-. ::.-. Inrse ' s Aid; Card Sans; Imramnral; - r " : -r= ..,. ...... - _. -.,...,. :.-_ UCLA, Dormitory. -.: I ' -- ' - . Pi Kappa Alpha; ..; BUODSKY, PHILIP Brooklyn, Me York General Cvricatam . Crew; Senior Class Conncil; Senior Rally CommHtee; Big " C ' New York CHy College; Sierra Hall; HilM BROMWICH, LEO San Francisco Far Easter Affairs Transfer from University of BRONSTEIN, HAROLD K. BROOKMAN, ANN BRORSEN, ROBERT KNAG BROWN, BARBARA LOUISE BROWN, NANCY MAE BROWN, ROBERT BROWN. SHIRLEY JEAN BROWN, WILLIAM Delano Manila, Oakland San Francisco Berkeley LEWIS, JR. Alameda CHARLES General Curriculum Philippines Business General Curriculum General Curriculum Butte, Montana General Curriculum Ogden, Utah Transfer from Political Science Administration Kappa Delta; Radio Gamma Phi Beta; Law Kappa Alpha Theta. Medicine Fresno State Panlle, Correspond- Sigma Phi Epsilon; Workshop; Pelican; Red Cross. Transfer from Transfer from College; Occident; ing Secretary; Interfraternity Axetravaganza. Montana State University of Radio Workshop; Pi Alpha Sigma, Council. University; Sigma Chicago. Tennis. President; Mortar Alpha Epsilon. Board; Card Sales, Junior Manager; Treble Clef. BROWNE, DOROTHY H. Oakland Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma; Honor Student; Christian Science Society; UC Folk Dance Group. BROWNLEE, MARY Yuba City English Transfer from University of Oregon; Alpha Omicron Pi; Senior Class Council. BROWNSON, BRUBAKER, BRUNDIGE, BRUNELLI, BRUNK, BRUNNER, BRUZZONE, BRYANT, BUCCHIANERI, HOWARD ELMER MARY DEAN DILYS JEAN PALMINA MARIE BARBARA PAUL FAIR RUSSELL JOSEPH HOWARD THOMAS CORINNE Richmond Colorado Springs, Rodeo Diamond Springs PAULINE Roseville Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Philosophy Colorado Regional Group Political Science Crescent City Mechanical Engineering Business Spanish. Transfer from Public Health Major on Hispanic Stebbins Hall; Law Engineering Alpha Delta Phi; Administration Massachusetts Nursing. America Prytanean; Panile; Occident; Transfer from Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Delta Phi; Institute of Kappa Delta; Tower and Flame; Intramural Board; Montana School of Golden Bear; Golden Bear; Technology; Glee Honor Student; ACC; WAC; Flying Club; Mines; Tau Beta Pi; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Club, Junior Tower and Flame; Dormitory Council; Public Relations. Scabbard and Blade; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Manager. Pelican; Elections Daily Californian; Honor Student; Circle " C " Society; Athletic Council; Board; Homecoming Election Board, Gymnastics. Varsity Baseball; Varsity Track. Committee; Masonic Chairman; Card Rugby. Club. Sales. BUCHANAN, JACK ROBERT Santa Paula Soil Science Transfer from Ventura Junior College; Soil Science Club. BUCK, BRENTON OTIS Sawyer, Kansas Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of Wichita; ASME. BULJAN, ANTHONY ALBERT Folsom Public Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Big " C " Society; Delta Phi Epsilon; Class Councils; Baseball; Big " C " Circus. ' BULL, GERTRUDE JANE San Francisco Electrical Engineering Epworth Hall; AIEE. BURKS, ROBERT EDWARD BURLINGAME, TOMMY EARL BURNELL, ROSEMARY Oakland Upper Lake Oakland Physical Education. Civil Engineering Economics. Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; ASCE. BULL, V. CRAIG Oakland Political Science Kappa Alpha; Military Association. BUNDY, ELROY LORRAINE Berkeley Greek. BARNETT, BEVERLEE MARIE BURRESS, JEFFRY Modesto WITHERS English San Francisco Transfer from English Modesto Junior Transfer from College; Richards San Francisco Hall. Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi; Occident; NSA. BURBANK, CAMILLA VIVIAN BURD, PETER CALDWELL BURGAN, RAYW. BURGESS, SALLY ANN BURKE, WALTER H. San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles Berkeley Stockton General Curriculum Foreign Trade Civil Engineering Decorative Art Marketing Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican; YWCA; Transfer from College of the Transfer from UCLA; Richmond Alpha Phi; Panile; Pi Alpha Sigma; Sigma Nu. Homecoming Pacific. Dorms; ASCE. Blue and Gold; Committee. Ad Service Bureau; Assistant Manager. BURT, STUART DEALTRY BURRIESC1, FRANK CHRIS BURTON, WILLARD AUSTIN BUSHNELL. JOHN HEMPSTEAD BUTLER, GEORGE LANNON Larkspur San Jose Lafayette Berkeley Ketchikan, Insurance Electrical Industrial Anthropology Alaska Transfer from Engineering Engineering Transfer from Business Marin Junior Alpha Phi Omega; !ce Hockey. Ohio University; Administration College. Honor Student; Honor Student. Transfer from AIEE; IRE; Massachusetts Newman Club. Institute of Technology; Ice Hockey. SENIORS ! -TERFIELD, , ALYCE MARIE .,:-,Y: S ' % I Deha Zeta; Honor BYRD, JULLIETTE BYRSTROM, " ATRICIA CABRERA, YSIDRO ARTUI San Francisco San Diego Antioch Music .- . - University Chorus; Jr.. ;, l. ' j : Club. -.t : Administration Transfer from San Diego State College; International House. Business Administration ROTC. CAOWELL, HARRY BROWN San Francisco Electrical Engineering. CALDER, GEORGENE G. Berkeley Pi Beta Phi; Ace of dubs. CALDWELL, ELLEN DOROTHY San Diego ; s- Tranter from San Diego State College, Hall; iM.Gamt CALMOUN, JAMES ROBERT CALLAHT. THOMAS EUGENE Administration Transfer from Colorado College. Kappa Sigma. " .-a: y SD-.- Daicta State; Beta Alpha Psi; Honor Student. CAMPBELL, GRACE MARY San Francisco Social Welfare Delta Gamma; Secretariat; Women ' s Counsel- ing; Junior Rally Committee; Atamni Intramural Eligi- bility Chairman; WEB. .. CAMPBELL CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, - v:r JAMES GR: = JANET LENORE TRUMAN . Los Angeles Pittsburg FRANKLIN ! - History Fresno . - -. Administration Joaquin Hall; Political Science --, Acacia; Phi Pki; Daily Califwnian. Theta Delta Chi; Mr Toner and Flame; B !..::; Committee : n:V = ' . -. GuM, Manager, Men ' s Counseling; Football; Track. Sophomore Council. CAMPBELL. WILLIAM REED Fresno Transfer from ( -; $.:-: College; Theta Chi. CAMPINI, ROBERT WILLIAM Oakland Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigm a Chi; Cal Band. CANFIELD. JEAN ELOISE Lindsay Social Welfare Transfer from . ' is = ] College; Oldenber Hall. CANNON, JEANNE MARIE Sacramento Speech Delta Delta DelU; Speech Arts CUb; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Little Theatre; Radio CiSTELO ' A ALICE WRIGHT Oakland General Curriculu Kappa Kappa Gamma; Little Theatre; WAA. CANTELOW, HERBERT PARK Berkeley Chemical Engineering Mm ROBERT SAMUEL Daly City ftuJjTjnj --a- fe- ' -o- S ' - Vat-D j.-. : College; Flying Club. fCARLlS PAULINE DIANA CARLSON, DONALD MYRON CARLSON, JANE 0. CARLSON, JOHN CARLSON, LEANNA MAY CARMER, ELWOOD ARTHUR CARPENTER, HARRY PARKER CARPENTER, VIRGINIA E. CARROLL, JAMES FREED CARSON, JAMES ARTHUR Modesto San Francisco Oakland Seattle, Fresno Sonoma Ororilk San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley - Development - General Curriculum tujt mfm Public Speaking International Journalism Landscape Physical Therapy. Retailing Transfer from Consumer Council; -r a -f ' - ' r General Curriculum Transfer from Relations Delta Upsilon; Designing Transfer from Mooestc ju- : College; Delta Phi; Dldenberg Hall; Toutr and Flame; Radio Workshop; Winter Sports Club. Library Committee ' . ' i i: ' Honor Student; Daily Califomian, Phrateres; YWCA. Phi Kappa Tan; University Chorus; Boxing. Fresno State !: ?:? -:-: Student, Tover and Flame; Utrimoue; Speech Arts Club; Tnola km Santa Rosa Junior College. Beta Beta. Sigma Kappa, Californu ' Club; Torch and Shield; ASUC Vice Presi- San Jose State College; Lambda Chi Alpha; Basketball; Track; Winter Sports Club; Track Ctub. ASUCTeas. dent; Executive Committee; ACC. :ARSOS LAWRENCE ALAN CARTER, CHARLES HENRY CARTER, NEIL S. CARTER, ROBERT CASE, HARRIET JEANNE MSEI BETTY ' CASSADY, EUGENE FRANCIS CASTLE, MAURICE CASTLE, ROBERT LINVAL CATHEY, T. RALPH : : ' Oakland Sacramento Friday Harbor, Oakland Pasadena Oakland Bakersfield DARE, JR. B. " . - a-? Big Spring, s Dramatic Art Far Eastern A;:- -::- Political Science General Curriculum Decorative An Electrical Berkeley Civil Engineering Texas -- UCLA; Theta Chi, Little Theatre. Studies Bmhv - ' : ' : - ' . . ' ; rnujfa tan University of KM -;:--- ' i " : r ' " : " Tennessee State College; Alpha Phi - :- i :-: Kapua Zeu Tau Alpha; Women ' s Counselmg, College Women ' s Club Juniors. Engineering Sigma Ch i; Football. Accounting Alpha Delu Sigma; Daily Califomian, Managerial. Transfer from Sa- Va-.e: J-- - t: ?= i :-= Sigma Pki; ASCE. Journalism Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. Treble Clef fff- Honor Student. Mu; YMCA; AVC; Sophomore Manager; M SDA; NAACP. Symphony Forum. CATTERTON, CAVANAUGH, CENEDELLA, CERINI, CERLANTI, CHAMBERS. CHAMPION, CHAN, CHAN, CHAN, JAMES MANVILLE WALLACE J. KENNETH VICTOR JOANNE HOWETH PETER JAMES BARBARA LILLIAN RUTH CHARLES ELEANOR HENG WING Berkeley Los Angeles Berkeley San Gabriel San Francisco LORAINE Oakland San Francisco Oakland Oroville Mechanical Business Agriculture General Curriculum Dramatic Art San Diego Home Economics Social Welfare Social Sciences Home Economics Engineering Administration Economics Arch Place; Panile; Transfer from San General Curriculum Alpha Delta Chi; Transfer from San Sigma Omicron Pi; Sigma Omicron Pi; ASME; Football. Baton, President; Chi Phi. Blue and Gold; Francisco Junior Transfer from Home Economics Francisco Junior YWCA, Interna- Home Economics ASUC Band; Junior Ad Service Bureau; College; Hammer San Diego State Club; WAA; College. tional Department; Club; Chinese Class Council; Welfare Ccuncil; and Dimmer; College; Elizabeth Horton Hall. Chinese Students Students Club. Executive YWCA. University Theatre. Barrett. Club. Committee; Winter Sports Club, Chairman of Lodge Committee. ' ' : . - - CHAN, JOSEPH WAYNE Sacramento Architecture Transfer from Sacramento College; Ridge House; Chi Alpha Kappa; Chinese Students Club; UCSCA; Architecture Association. CHAPMAN, LAWRENCE L. Berkeley History. CHAPMAN, CHAPPELL, CHARI, CHASE, CHILDS, CHIN, CHING, CHIN LOY, J. PAUL EDWIN, JR. EDGAR C. N. JULIA NIXON MARJORIE M. WINGQUONG THEODORE, K. C. CHARLES VICTOR San Francisco HAMILTON Madras, India San Francisco New York, San Francisco Honolulu Kingston, Business Berkeley Food Technology Art New York Zoclogy Civil Engineering. Jamaica Administration Business Oxford Hall. Alpha Omicron Pi; Economics Pi Alpha Phi. Chemistry Hi Transfer from Administration Blue and Gold; Transfer from International - University of Alpha Delta Phi; Pelican. Hunter College of Hcuse; Chinese : Washington. Winged Helmet; New York City; Students Club. 3d Football, Ramblers; Cunningham Hall; : Freshman Baseball; YWCA. 6 Rugby. CHINN, CHINN, CHINN, ANITA FRANKLIN JEW LELAND JEW Oakland Sacramento Sacramento Physiology Physiology Chemistry Sigma Omicron Pi. Transfer from Transfer from Sacramento Sacramento College; Honor Junior College; Student; Chinese Honor Student; Students Club; Chinese Student Pre-Medical Club; American Society. Chemist ' s Society. CHOY, CHRISSANTHOS, CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTIANSEN, CHUDNOW, fln DOROTHY HELEN GENE WELLS GWENDOLYN NEILH. ROLAND JAMES MARILYN L San Francisco Oakland Pacific Grove LYALL Oakland Wise River, BARBARA : Social Welfare. General Curriculum Mechanical Redlands History Montana Long Beach B Senior Council. Engineering General Curriculum Lambda Delta Forestry Political Science Tower and Flame; Transfer from Sigma; Inter-Faith Transfer from Lantana Lodge; Sophomore UCLA; Gamma Council; Photog- University of Phrateres; Dorm Vigilantes; Big " C " Phi Beta. raphy Club; Washington; Council; Hillel t Guard; ASME. Dessert Club. Football; Executive Board. Forestry Club. CHUNG, THEODORE LLOYD San Francisco Electrical Engineering AIEE; CSC. CHURCHILL, MARION LOUISE Los Angeles Economics Transfer from USC; Cunningham Hall. CHUTE, DANIEL RICHMOND Altadena Economics. CLAD, CLAIR, CLANCY, CLAPHAM, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, . NOEL CLOVIS DEAN JAMES WILLIAM NANCY CARROLL DAVID DELANO DAVID EDWARD . - New York, Los Angeles POWER, JR. Berkeley LORRAINE Austin, Texas Los Angeles B New York Medicine Belmont General Curriculum Long Beach Physics Jcurnalism Economics Kappa Delta Rho; Psychology Pi Beta Phi; Spanish Transfer from Sigma Alpha Transfer from Phi Chi; Transfer from Junior Council; Casa Hispana; University of Texas; Epsilon; Golden - Duke University; Honor Student. University of Radio Workshop; Winter Sports Club; International House; Bear; Sigma Delta ' - Phi Kappa Psi; Colorado; Honor Pelican. Intramural; Honor Student; Chi; Daily ' Daily Californian, Student; Towar Spanish Club. International House Caiifornian; Junior Manager. and Flame; Joint Council; AVC. Interfraternity Scabbard and Council. J Blade. ' 5ENIORS ! : A MMU Si- ' .i V.-- ,. fc , Industrial -.- -.. ... -. - -. . . DOUGLAS ELMO San Diego EZRA TED San Francisco ROY ALTON CM WILLIAM MUM! Blue ami Gold Pienadical Society. Alpha Tap Onega; Track; Baseball. :.i= E :.i=.:- THOMAS FRANK ANTON HOWARD, JR. s,. Francisco I City CLAYTON ULLARD ELIJAH ThetaChi; Ft ) CM SaiMatto. College; T Kappa Dramatic Arts Transfer from Milligai College; Thalia.; Maskand CLEEVES, MBM LaCresceata PbysMofjr Transfer from Clmtilt Colltie; Sun Hall; Honor Sutfeat; TOOTT and CLEMENS, MORRIN OSCOR Los Angeles Civil I Tti Unnersfty Theatre. College; Cki :; iSCE Boar Te ' ' " THA YERW., JR. i = ' . " ;, OMFB.TE1 E. DWAINE Forxqrtfe. tarierfrai l CoHege; Market Stem Hall; P i Cti Theu, Treble Of; TransJer fro Tomer art College; T an Beta Is:V E : ' Political Scieiw Transfer from UmersitTof CO, urang siv ; AVC; oadM Cercle Francais. Tn Uimenitirof --! = WILBUR WARD Long Beach COCHRAN, DONALD R.F. SanFi :?- HI i .-; : College; Honor Student; SACS. oftke at .-i ' . U-.; =. :- ; ' -i 5. ank; Writer ' s ::-. COHEN, EVELYN RALSTON IRIS MYRA New York, New York ::-::ES -i-S- - DHJMJI =i =- -. DEAN MARK i; ; : n -: : S ;-i i ;; V. i :-= - i- Ptesident; Pelican; Managerial; Cat Radio Workshop; Alpha Epsilon Phi; College. Mfjtarc -::-.: MMa Speech Arts Onh. Pa HHtonic Connnittee; Senior Sports Chdj. Class ConnciL COLE, COLE, IRVING ROBERT WILLIAM LAWREN Los Angeles :, E-:-- : fimtm -.- UCLA; Signa T SanAnehno E Ml 13 COLEMAN, JOSE MARIO San Diego Spanish Delta Phi Epsi Ion. COLMAN, NAOYNE Lcs Angeles ThetaChi. MHchHI Hall; Toera IM r I - ' EkUHAI ' COLES, vi=.: = :E IMS COLLINS, DMALD FMKMB COLLINS, EUZAB--- CHARLOTTE DMLUBB .-. si-i- COLLINS, LOIS MARIE Placerrille 5 ;-;:: = Phi Chi Thru. NJI Iro.f 011 ' Hi icAric, Unhersity of Texas. Transfer fro Unnersit) of Alpha; IntramwaT; Red Cross. Political Science COLL1NGSWORTH, COLORADO, CHARLES RAY SYLVIA Dallas, Texas Electrical DOLT COMBES, I BERNARD HELEN LOUISE Kappa Delta; Secretariat; Southern Methodist r6 ' 47; IrahwHy; fs Channi.j Hall; Board; MSA Tan Beta Pi; Card Sates; YWCA Cabinet; " tioalHoKe; :-.::-!:-. Tri :;:-;:;: Sacranvnto Jnnior Stanford Unersity; UK Welfd( College. Pi. COMPTON, CONANT, CONDER, CONDON, CONE, CONLEY, CONN, CONNER, CONNOLLY, CHRISTIAN M. BEVERLY JAMES PHILLIP CAROLINE MARIE LORRAINE GLADYS RAYMOND DORIS ELAINE VIRGINIA EDITH L. Bakersfield ELIZABETH Huntlngton Park Washington, D.C. Oakland Lincoln Richmond CORINNE San Diego English Berkeley Mechanical History History Regional Group General Curriculum Colorado Springs, Optometry Transfer from Decorative Art Engineering Delta Zeta; Panile; Winter Sports Club; Major on Japan Delta Zeta; Pelican; Colorado Alpha Gamma Bakersfield Junior Sigma Kappa; Transfer from Pelican; Welfare Spanish Club; Bowles Hall; University Theatre. Psychology Delta. College. Delta Chi Alpha. Los Angeles Council; Poll Armenian Students YMCA; Winter Transfer from City College. Committee, Club. Sports Club; Colorado College; Chairman; Women ' s International House; Colonial Hall; Rally Committee. Japanese Culture Occident; YWCA Forum. Representative. . COOKE, BARBARA ELSIE Santa Barbara Zoology Trans, from Santa Barbara College. COO LEY, MARTHA B1LL1E San Antonio, Texas Psychology Transfer from University of Houston; Delta Psi Omega. COOLIDGE, COONEY, JAMES, DOUGLAS JANE SHANLEY Oakland Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. San Francisco Political Science Lexington Hall; Daily Californian. COOK, LORRAINE ELIZABETH Los Angeles Political Science Alpha Chi Omega; Prytanean; Women ' s Activity Council; Pelican; Women ' s Rally Committee, Chairman; War Beard; Class Councils; Intramural Board. COOPER, COOPER, COOPER, COOPS, COOPS, ARLINE JOYCE JOAN CAROLYN ROBERT FLOYD ARTHUR IRVINS DOROTHY COPITAS, Oakland San Leandro Sacramento Sonoma CATHERINE MARY JOHN Physiology English Business Electrical Sonoma San Diego 1 Sherman Hall; Transfer from Administraticn Engineering Home Economics General Curriculum ' .- ' Honor Student; Carleton Ccllege; Transfer from International Ritter Hall; Transfer from YWCA; Winter Honor Student; San Luis Obispo House; AIEE. Omicrcn Nu; San Diego State : Sports Club; Pre- Medical Society. Canterbury Club; Cercle Francaise. Junicr College; Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Student; Intramural; Home College; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Speech Winged Helmet; Economics Club; Arts Club. Big " C " Society; Plymouth House. Track. T CORBETT, COROCORAN, CORDES, CORFEE, CORGIAT, CORT, CORTOPASSI, COTTER, COULBERT, COUPE, WILLIAM DANIEL JUNE FAUNO BARBARA J. GAYLE DOROTHY JEAN HELEN OLIVI IVY MAY CLIFFORD EDITH IRENE liitt Oakland Merced LANDCASTER Sacramento Oakland Sacramento Rcseville Sacramento DOUGLAS Alameda ir: Economics Art San Francisco General Curriculum History Social Welfare Spanish General Curriculum Seattle, General Curriculum tea Senior Class Transfer from General Curriculum Chi Omega; Delta Delta Delta; Stebbins Hall. Alpha Mu Gamma; Transfer from Washington Kappa Delta; Blue . " ! Council; Newman Stanford University. Transfer from Daily Califcrnian. Pelican; WAA. Sacramento Mechanical and Gold; Housing Club. Scripps College; Orientations; Junior College; Engineering Board; Election Alpha Phi; Secretariat; Sigma Kappa. Transfer from Board; Homecoming Blue and Gold. Sophomore Council; UCLA; ASME. ' 46 ' 47. Intramural; YWCA; Speech Arts Club. COUPER, COURTING, COWAN, COYLE, CHAGUN, CRAMER, CRAVEN, CRAWFORD. CREIM, CRESPO . JANET LOUISE JUNE I. LEONARD W. BARBARA ANNE MARY VILATE WILLIAM C. BEVERLEY HOPE VIRGINIA IVA AUDRY JANE MAURICE JAUN San Luis Obispo San Francisco Berkeley San Diego Berkeley San Francisco Richmond Pomona Sacramento San Francisco to Decorative Art Social Welfare Industrial Psy chology General Curriculum Engineering Business Accounting Mathematics Civil Engineering - Sigma Kappa; Delta Colonial Hall. Engineering Transfer frcm San Transfer from Alpha Sigma Phi; Administration Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from % Chi Alpha; Pelican; Transfer from Diego State College; University of South Track; Inter- Alpha Delta Pi; Pomona College; Oregon State Sacramento Junior Activities Recruiting Mississippi Cheney Hall. Carolina; Alpha Chi fraternity Council; Treble Clef; WAA. Peixotto Hall; College; Colonial College; ASCE. " - Bureau; YWCA. Southern College. Delta; Pelican; Track Club. Phi Chi Theta. Hall; Alpha Lambda i California Engineer; Delta; Honor c Card Sales. Student. S " : 1 , hi - SENIORS ' .--. HH v3s-;:vii- ELMER Los MM U5 CR1NKLAW, JANICE E. King City Si-ISS. - .= FRANK J. CRONIN, PHILIP JOHN CROOKS, LAWRENCE MM 2 Theu Detta du; 2?S. Phi Phi; Senior Peace Cmmiltii. -a-i ' f =- i;_s ;-.r--.a-. o-.i =f :i- ' ?: f -x f S:a: -: - a-c F.a- Pel ican; Treble Clef; " :- 5: Transfer from T ItaMcnttrif Maine; Cki Epsiton, = - HELEN M. S Francisco Kb B Tra t " x .ai SFrancisco ?5t JMior College; - ;: -; =- .=-:.;= 3 b Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. = : ton CROUDACE JAMES CLIFFORD HORACE HAIGHT, JR = : -. : S: ;r:r Trs College; Bnries Hall; Big " C " So: i E; - : Ctai; Track Unaier; Military Association Arrjr Signal Associatioii. it ioral House CROWELL. GUMMING, CUMMING, BRUCE HAMILTON EDWARD O akland HAMILTON CUNL1FFE MEBER JOHN : E-.; j = - 5.S , TheuXi. CUNEO, GORDON C. SanFn Transportation Ciil I Basketoall, Vanity. Tn .- rt " ! -.. r- CROSBY PAUL MILES St. George, Utah CROSS EVELYN AVERN Ti : , - ;.:-. Trs College; CUNNINGHAM, CAROL JEAN Bakersfiekl Ptysiology Tn CUNNINGHAM, MARY JEAN CnHrgr, Stern Hall; Don Concil; Pre- Metfcal Society. Delta Zeu; Prylanea.;Pi Alpha Sigu, President; Theu CoMCil, Secretary; Ad SerYice Bnrean, Senior Manger; CJass Conncih. CUSICANQUI MARGARITA FMMGES E ' K ' .- ::- E- g:--- -.; = -.: E Bl Nil Sign Psi; Sophomore Class Council; WAA. DAHUN. FREDA BERNIECE Portland, Oregon English Transfer from Uniwrsityof Oregon; UC Photography Ch ; ' , ' .= : : .: DAHLME1ER .HAROLD AUSTIN Orovilk jPMUcal Science --ars ' e- iron ICkko State -: -= ; : -. MnhUCaaii " f ' t- DAISS, ROBERT MELLON San Francisco i :-a -.= s- DALE, :AV;S-E ALBERTA JOHN BATISTA S3- ; -. B San Francisco History Electrical Delta Zeu; -: - - : Welfare Council; AIEE; IRE. DANIELS, DANIELS, CHARLES NELSON JOHN DARBY, NORMA JEAN Smey; Sunent- Fanrtty Relations, Er- :-=:-: DARCY, DARLING, DARNELL, WICHAEL EDWARD DOROTHY CLAIRE GEORGE R ta nj ;:: ttai ) I .: -:..-.: Ti - ' Alpha Xi Deha; Elections Board; YWCA; Ski CM), College; ASME. q Nmcbee n DAVIDSON, ALVIN BERNARD Stockton Mechanical Engineering Pi Lambda Phi; Honor Student; ASME. DEAN, FRANCIS HILL Berkeley Landscape Design. - I DAVIDSON, DAVIDSON, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DAVIS, DEAN, JACK PIVNIE JAMES ANNA LOIS BARBARA LEE EUGENE JOHN JOHN NEWTON JUDITH BARBARA ALLAN EARL Glendale FLEMING, JR. Juneau, Alaska Oakland LLEWELLYN CANTERBURY Folsom Berkeley San Jose Physics Riverside Journalism Decorative Art Santa Ana Richmond Mathematics English Public International House; Honor Student; Business Administration Transfer from Washington State College Women ' s Club Juniors. Marketing Transfer from General Curriculum. Transfer from Sacramento College; Honor Student. Administration Transfer from Tower and Flame. Delta Upsilon; College; Epworth Fuller-ton Junior International House; William Jewell NROTC. Hall; Women ' s Rally College. Honor Student. College; Honor Committee; Student. College Women ' s , Club Juniors. .- DEAN, DEAN, DEAR, DECUIR, DEE, DEFFENBAUGH, DEFFENBAUGH, DEICKE, DELMATIER, LOIS ROSEMARY RUTH SANDORF ROSE LAN LAURENCE EDWIN MARY ELLEN CLARA NAOMI MARY KATHERINE CHARLES ROYCE DEEMS Visalia Speech San Jose Nursing Education. San Francisco Social Welfare Sacramento Electrical Sacramento Marketing Sonoma General Curriculum Santa Rcsa Public Health GEORGE, JR. San Rafael San Francisco History Transfer from Visalia Junior Transfer from San Francisco Engineering Transfer from Alpha Gamma Delta. Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior Horton Hall; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Business Administration. Scabbard and Blade Honor Student; College; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Junior College. Sacramento College. College; University Christian Fellow- Counseling; Inter-Varsity Freshman Basket- ball; Advanced Tower and Flame; ship; University Christian ROTC; Military Senior Council; Chorus. Fellowship. Association. Radio Workshop; Speech Arts Club. IMiaaMHBBlBHHiHHHH DEMATTEI, KENNETH ALFRED San Francisco General Curriculum Honor Student; Forensic, Commissioner. DETERDING, MARGARET Sacramento History Delta Gamma. DENAULT, DIANE JACQUELINE Oakland General Curriculum Transfer from College of Pacific; Alpha Chi Omega; Pelican; Red Cross. DENHAM, JOANNE CHARLOTTE Petaluma History Chi Omega; Secretariat; Senior Class Council; Daily Californian; Intramural. DENNIS, RICHARD HARRISON Burbank Chemical Engineering. DENNY, DEROQUE, DERYLO, DESELLEM, DESKY, DESPLAIN, JAMES CLIFTON EARL HOMER JEROME T. ELEANOR H. ROBERT MILTON ELEANOR MAE Los Altos San Francisco Detroit, Michigan Oakland San Francisco Glendale Forestry Civil Engineering Art Transfer from Political Science History and Bowles Hall; Kappa Alpha; Phi Transfer from UCLA; Zeta Tau Phi Beta Kappa; Geography Xi Sigma Pi. Phi; Interfraternity Wayne University; Alpha. Baton; Honor Jcaquin Hall; Council; Winter Delta Epsilon. Student; Band; Prytanean; Sports Club. Librarian. California Club; Torch and Shield; Women ' s Executive Board; WAC; California Engineer, Women ' s Director. METTMER, DETWEILER, DEWSNUP, DEWSNUP, DEYO, DIAMANT, DIAMOND, DICKENSON, DICKINSON, FRANK W. GEORGE WALTER RHEA LOUISE STANLEY RALPH ALLEN EVANS MIRIAM RAE IRVING LEONARD DORIS MALSON JAMES Huntington Park Santa Ana Sacramento Sacramento North Hollywood Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco MERCEREAU Retailing Accounting General Curriculum Civil Engineering Electrical General Curriculum Mechanical Psychology Santa Rosa Phi Phi; Boxing. Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Kappa Delta. Engineering Tower and Flame; Retailing Santa Ana Junior Sacramento College; Sacramento College; Bowles Hall; Transfer from Thalian; Women ' s California Engineer; College; Sigma Nu; Hedgewood Hall; Bowles Hall; AIEE; IRE; San Francisco Counseling; NSA; Sub-chairman; Beta Beta; Lambda Delta Lambda Delta Yacht Club. Junior College; Poll Committee; Ad Service Bureau; Skull and Keys. Sigma. Sigma; Glee Club; ASME. Masonic Club. Masonic Club. ASCE. SENIORS 3IETZEN UZABETHR. San Bernardino of Nursing .. ian Bernardino College. DIFFENBAUGH, DIGENOVA, WILLIAM CLYDE ANTHONY 5 = - tm Si " c -3-: M Transfer from Phi Kappa Psi; UCLA; Intranwal Beta Beta; Winged Football. Helmet; Cat Club; Big " C " Society; Stall and Keys; Football; Rugby. DILLON, JOHN BENEDICT Long Beach Criminology Transfer from UCLA. DILLON, LA VERNE San Francisco Decorative Art Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Chi Alpha; Kappa Phi; Senior Council; Speech Arts Club. DILLON, RICHARD HUGH Sausalito r. - !- ' - History International House; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Student-Faculty Relations; Library D1XON, BETTY JEAN Grass Valley History. DODO EARLE EDWARD New York English Transfer from Injnjkjnjnjnji University; Phi Phi; DODSEN, MARILYN JEAN San Jose Retailing Delta Gamma; Ace of Clubs. Photography Ch . DOHERTY, PEGGY E. San Francisco Bnjnjnj California Engineer; Newman Club. XM.C1NI, :- , un ELLEN - DOLE, CHARLES EDMUND DOLE, PATSIE EFFIE DOLLAR, ALEXANDER M. DONIMGUEZ, ALTONSO DAVID DONAHOE, PATRICK HENRY Da. ! v. -i Era , ' j.-or on Hispanic oner and Flame; Vinter Sports CM; M- 5- - .: ,-a- : .: . ' : t F--:i ' .. Dcruwy Advertising Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys; Interfraternity, Executive Council. Riverside Economics Ritter Hall; Housing Board; College Women ' s Long Beach Criminology Lambda Chi Alpha. Berkeley Bacteriology Transfer from University of Dayton. Engineering ASME. DONAHUE, DONALD PETER San Francisco Accounting Transfer from University of Idaho. DONG, PAULC. DONNELLY, ALTON STEWART Engineering Transfer from -:::.-. - -. College; ASHE. DONNELLY, MILDRED LUCILLE Cotton Political Science Transfer from San Bernardino Valley College; Honor Student; Towr awl ;- ' - CRAS DOSS, EORGE CHARLES JAMES GARFIELD DOSS, DOWNEY, DOWNEY, PHYLLIS EARLE EDWARD JAMES LEWIS ARTHUR DOWNS, JACK M. S. DRAVES, ERNEST EVERETT DREW, ROBERT SHELDON DREYER, CURTIS ORIPPS, WILLIAM FOSTER - i- ' -.i Phoenix, Arizona Stockton Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Santa Barbara Oakland Oakland Riverside K ' i- -= Business Social Welfare. Electrical Landscape Design History i;- Intel .--, Mechanical Electrical ; ' " ' -9 Administration g " C " Society; Transfer from % University of " 5 - -9 Transfer from NewmanCtafe. Suoantoa m Alpha Zeta. Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Phi. Economics Swimming; Agricultural |:? . Ka " ; Phi Phi; Sigma Phi; Interfraternity Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Tan Beta Pi; Engineering Transfer from RiversMe Junior rater Polo. Arizona; Circle " C " Society; Economics Club; Forestry Club. Council. Honor Student; Interfraternity College; Tneta Xi. fcS ffunhlFn; Boxing; Council; ASME. ' Winter Sports Club. - IS : DUANE, DARRELL DUBOIS, DUBOIS, DUCKWORTH, GEORGE WILLIAM MARGARET ADELA WILLIAM DUFFEL, BILL RAY DUFFEL, NOVADEAN DUGAN, NORMA ELAINE DUISTERMARS, BEVERLY ANNE DULANEY, SHIRLEY JEANNE San Francisco WILLIAM Visalia Cabool, Missouri RAYMOND El Cerrito El Cerrito Alhamora Glendale Kansas City, ranotic Art S FK ' W .,.,. Electrical Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi. Soil Science. General Curriculum Berkeley HonorSu-em. Transfer from Dans; Beta Phi; Alpha Zeu, Marketing Transfer from Houston Ccllege; Kappa Alpha; General Curriculum Transfer from Rice Institute of Technology. General Curriculum Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Alpha Chi Qmcqi General Curriculum Transfer from Occidental College; Epworth Hall; Blue and Gold; Dormitory Council; Missouri History Kappa Delta; y :a- =a--r f- : Board. sit- Agricultural UnhwsHy Chorus; , Phratcrts; Spanish Clb. ' 5 JVineteen zforty S ' ?hP DUNBAR, DUNCAN, DUNCAN, DUNDORE, DUNN, DUNN, DUNSTON, DUNWOODY, DUPERTUIS, DUPU1S, A BETTIE LU CAROLINE MARECHAL NIEL CHARLES CATLIN NEVILL ANNE WILLIAM FRANK JOHN PETER BENTLEY BRUCE HENRY HARLAN CLAIRE 5 Los Angeles LUCINDA San Diego Santa Monica Pasadena San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Fort Collins, Richmond f-- History Redwood City Business Mechanical General Curriculum Business Industrial Civil Engineering Colorado Foreign Trade :;.. Phi Mu; Panile; Public Health Administration Engineering Kappa Kappa Administration. Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Architecture Beta Gamma Sigm Blue and Gold; Nursing Phi Kappa Psi; Transfer from Gamma; Little Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Chi Transfer from Delta Phi Epsilon. ; : Class Councils; Transfer from Phi Phi. UCLA; University Theatre, Production Blue and Gold; Epsilon. Colorado A M; 5 ' Masonic Club. Colleg e of Holy Court. Staff. Sophomore Class Chi Alpha Kappa; -. Names; Calvin Club; Council; Basketball, Architecture M " Library Committee. Junior Manager. Association; Rugby Club. DURHAM, ANDREW MERRILL DUTRO, ROBERTA CHERYL DVSINGER, CARL W. EAGAN, CLAIRE MARIE EASTVOLD, ESTHER IRENE EASTWOOD, LELA JOY EATON, CLYDE BRADFORD EAVES, PATRICIA FABER EBELING, CHARLES ECCLESTON, VALERIE CARVEL : ,[ San Diego Oakland Menlo Park San Francisco Stockton Glendale Monrovia Palo Alto WILLIAM Los Angeles --; General Curriculum Physical Education Business History Zoology General Curriculum Astronomy General Curriculum. San Francisco Spanish Transfer from Delta Zeta; Administration Theta Upsilon; Honor Student; Transfer from Transfer from Speech Transfer from College of the Prytanean; Nu Transfer from California Engineer; Pre-Med Society. Occidental College; Pasadena Junior Transfer from UCLA; Cunninghar MB Pacific; Sigma Nu; Sigma Psi; ACC; College of the Intramural; Casa Hispana; College; Honor San Francisco Hall; Assembly - NROTC. WAC; Card Sales, Pacific. Newman Club. Epworth Hall; Student. State College; Dance Committee; Chairman; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Radio Workshop; University Chorus. Treble Clef; Phrateres; Speech Arts Club. Senior Council; University Chorus; YWCA. Spanish Club. flB04@9 k ! . Mfri IMk. Mfet. . KL .. J M Bk . m A EDMISTEN, EFFRON, EGGERS, EHLERS, EHRMAN, EIBEN, EICHER, WILLIAM EVELYN ESTHER MARY CHARLES JOSEPH III NORMA JEAN BERENICE C. HERBERT San Diego San Jose WILLIAM San Francisco Berkeley Bremerton, Topeka, Kansas General Curriculum Far Eastern Studies Oakland Education Public Relations Washington General Curriculum Epworth Hall; Gamma Phi Beta; Physiology Transfer from Phi Beta Kappa; English. Transfer from Tower and Flame. Prytanean; Panile; Transfer from Indiana University; Honor Student; San Francisco Women ' s Executive UCLA; Little Bowles Hall; Tower and Flame; College; Honor Student. Board; WAC; California Engineer; Theatre; Masonic Club. Hammer and Dimmer; Men ' s ACC; WAC; Public Relations Council; NSA; Elections Judicial Committee; NSA; Utrlmque. Board; Treble Clef. Rally Committee; Dormitory Council. EIJIMA, WARREN Berkeley Foreign Trade. ELDRIDGE, ELEY, ELIZONDO, ELLEDGE, ELLIOTT, ELLIS, ELLIS, ELLISON, EDWARD WALTER MILDRED ANN JOSEPH B. JEAN LOUISE JAMES HOWARD GERALDINE ROGER YATES MAX, JR. Berkeley Arcadia Marysville Berkeley Pasadena FRANCES Mancos, Colorado Long Beach Plant Pathclcgy. General Curriculum Economic Geology Political Science Mechanical Alhambra Agricultural Electrical Transfer from Transfer from Delta Zeta; Pelican; Engineering Home Economics Economics. Engineering Pasadena Junior Yuba City Junior Freshman Sunday Alpha Kappa Ridgemont; Transfer from College; Chaney College; Theta Tau; Suppers; Wesley Lambda; Phi Phi; Consumer ' s Council; UCLA. Hall. AIME; Mining Foundation. Honor Student; Home Economics Association. Senior Peace Club; Newman Club. Committee; Senior Class Council; ASME; Wrestling. EISERT, EISNER, JANICE MARTA STANLEY GLENN Bar..: Alameda Fortuna History Traffic ManagemerBtejj, Phi Mu; Sigma and Public UtilitieB Kappa Alpha; Honor Transfer from Student; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Treble Clef; Varsity Humboldt State College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Debating; Senior Honor Student. Class Council. ELLITHORPE, ELMORE, ata ELWIN BRUCE CELIACATHERIN! 5 Fair Oaks Berkeley to Advertising Anthropology :-:. Transfer from Transfer from Mr.: UCLA; Del Rey; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pomona College; Student Relations Pelican, Manager; Committee; Uni- Glee Club. versity Symphony; |, YWCA; Plymouth ,, House. SENIORS , UfljELSON, -LES ELSON, SHIRLEY FRANCES EMBREE, HARLAND EMBREE, JEAN ANDERSON EMERY, KOHN FROOM I Berkeley Berks If DUMOND Berkeley San Diego iej -jBPIflrJtail Metallurgy General Curriculum Pasadena English Business 2 HjJ?| Transfer from Transfer from Chemistry Transfer from Administration Cloyne Chicago Teachers Transfer from University of Kappa Sigma. ' Court; Tennis; College; Sherman Pasadena Junior Iowa; Kappa Phi; Intramural; NROTC Hall. College; Wesley University Chorus; oraduate; Mining Hall. Wesley Foundation. Association. EMMETT, JOAN WEBSTER EMMONS, GEORGE LOUIS ENDERSBY, ELENA ENEMARK, JAMES JOSEPH San Francisco Brooklyn, Lafayette Art History and New York Business Circle " C " Socie Journalism Business Administration Ad Service Burea Transfer from Administration Gamma Phi Beta; Pomona College; Stern Hall; Bowles Hall; Masonic Club. Blue and Gold; Poll Committee; Prytanean; Theta Elections Board; Sigma, Treasurer; Intramural; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Winter Sports Club. Daily Californian. ENGEN, EDWARD T. Berkeley Forestry Pi Kappa Alpha; Zeta Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. -, IOW. Reedley Transfer from Reedley Junior ENRIGHT, FRANCIS JEREMIAH Richmond Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; ASME. ENRIGHT, JOHN ALBERT Richmond Electrical Engineering - Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; IRE. ER1CKSON, DALE ELRIN Stockton Business Administration Transfer from John Carrol University; Theta Delta Chi; Big " C " Society; Radio Workshop; Football. ERICKSON, FRANCES J. Napa Public Health College Women ' s Club; Public Health Club. ERICKSON, THEA MARGARET Sacramento Political Science Peixotto Hall; Ad Service Bureau; Winter Sports Club. ERLANDSEN, ROBERTA FRANCES Oakland Psychology and Pre-medical Der Oeutscher Verein; Poll Committee. ERNST, HELEN ANNE Berkeley General Curriculum Alph a Gamma Delta; Orientations; Winter Sports Club; College Women ' s Club, Juniors. ERNST, SHIRLEY ANN Los Angeles Political Science Transfer from UCLA; Stebbins Hall; Honor Student. ERSKINE, DAVID WINSTON Gardiner, Maine English Transfer from Bowdoin College; Chi Psi. STEL, EO ARTHUR ESTRIN, DEENA ETEZADI, HOOSHANG EUBAMKS, MARKS SHERMAN EVANS, ELIZABETH EVANS, JOHN HAMILTON EVANS, JOHN EVANS, MARY LOU EVENSEN, NEIL ALFRED EVERETT, MUNSON : na Albany Chicago, Illinois Teheran, Iran San Simon CAROLYN Berkeley MARSHALL, JR. Oakland San Bernardino BERNARD b lJ Uropology Personnel Political Science Civil Engineering Oxnard Agricultural Oakland Regional Group Accounting Oroville :.: . onor Student; MCA, Vice- Administration Channing Hall; Transfer from Teheran University; Delta Epsilon; ASCE; ARBA. Transfer from UCLA; Dormitory. Economics Sigma Alpha Economics Beta Theta Pi. Major on France Kappa Alpha Theta; Transfer from San Bernardino Agricultural Economics , ' - Mkropoiogy Group Cal Engineer; Consumers ' Ccuncil; Soccer. Epsilon; Baseball. Blue and Gold; Counseling, Junior College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Upsilon; Beta Beta; Skull isSctt OMCll. Spanish Club. Director. Senior Peace and Keys. ' . Committee; Senior Council. .; VERNDEN, CK. FOORD FAHNING, ELEANOR FALCONER, ELIZABETH ANN FANTOZZI, NORMA V. FARDEN, CARL FARMER, CARROLL WAYNE FARNHAM, MARGARET E. FAULDERS, CHARLES FAY, MARGARET FAY, WILLIAM : Berkeley MARGARET Berkeley Berkeley ALEXANDER, JR. Graton Glendale RAYMOND BRADSHAW MERRILL j conom ic Geology Los Angeles English Speech. Kaneoche, Oahu Agricultural Physical Education Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Im Beta Pi; Chemistry Alpha Xi Delta; Economics Economics. Transfer from Mechanical International French gH(Bor Student; " gJWidiag Association. Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; SAACS. Pelican, Womens ' Staff; Card Sales; Transfer from University of Western College; Kappa Delta; Engineering Transfer from Relations Kappa Alpha Theta; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Baton; Class Councils; Hawaii; Alpha Counseling; University of Phi Beta Kappa; Fraternity YWCA. Delta Phi. Intramural Beard; Colorado; Tau Beta Prytanean; Alpha Scholastic Honor YWCA Council. Pi, Vice- President; Mu Gamma; Society; Honor Golden Bear; Tower and Flame; Student; Cal Hosts; ASME, Vice- Blue and Gold, Music Council; Cal Chairman. Junior Editor; Band, Senior Red Cross. Manager. FEINBERG, FEITEIRA, FELDMAN, FELDMAN, HILDA LIBBY PILANI NOREEN NATHANIEL SHIRLEY San Francisco Honolulu, Oahu EDWARD St. Louis, Psychology General Curriculum New London, Missouri Daily Californian, Managerial; Pi Alpha Sigma. Epworth Hall; Assembly Dance Committee; Connecticut Electrical Engineering Physiology Transfer from University of Dormitory Council. Transfer from Washington; University of Honor Student; Tennessee; Tau Tower and Flame. Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor Student; AIEE; IRE. FELTS, JAMES MARTIN FERENCE, JACK P. FERGUSON, JOYCE ELAINE FERGUSON, LESLIE RAYMOND FERKISS, VICTOR C. FERRANDO, ELSIE KATHLEEN r ;: " Austin, Texas Richmond Long Beach Byron Richmond Hills, Richmond 1 Physiology Accounting History Mechanical New York Italian Transfer from Transfer from Chico Transfer from Engineering General Curriculum Honor Student; , University of Texas. State College. Long Beach City Transfer from Transfer from Alpha Mu Gamma; 1 College; Epwortn University of Georgetown Foreign Newman Club. . Hall. New Mexico; Service School; , : Sigma Chi. International House; 1 Varsity Debate; 1 1 ' ' Newman Club; Interfaith Council. FERREIRA, MARILYN RUTH FERRIN, RALPH WALLACE FICKENSCHER, CARL BERNTHAL FIEDLER, WALTER MARTIN FIELD, SHIRLEY TRITLE FIELD, WAYNE LARKIN FELICE, EVELYN EDYTHE FILKOFF, HERBERT LEE Oakland Glencoe, Illinois Sacramento Los Angeles Lodi Lodi Berkeley Sweetzer Business General Curriculum Accounting Electrical Accounting Personnel Spanish Electrical Administration Transfer from Transfer from Engineering. Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Blue and Gold; Engineering Joaquin Hall; University of Sacramento College. Beta Gamma Sigma; Glee Club; Card Sales; Spanish Transfer from Dormitory Council; Minnesota; Sigma; Glee Club; University Chorus. Club; Newman Club. UCLA; Sigma Newman Club. Phi Kappa Psi. University Chorus. Alpha Mu. FINSTER, EDWIN HOY Balboa Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma. FINKBOHNER, IRENE A. Albany Music. . : - ' FINBOHNER, THEODORE W. Albany Business Administration. FINLAYSON, FINLEY, FINN, FINNIGAN, FISHER, FISH, FISHER, FISHMAN, DONALD JOHN PATRICIA ANN MARY ELLEN GERALD CHARLES DONALD HENRY WINTHROP PETER WILLARD NORMAN Sherman Oaks Wellington, Albany Buffalo, Glendale Beverly Hills Alameda Petaluma Engineering Kansas General Curriculum. New York Mechanical Physiology Civil Engineering Chemical Transfer from UCLA; Beech Hall. Transfer from Wichita University, Business Administration Engineering Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Psi Upsilon; Theta Delta Chi; Chi Epsilon; Engineering Cloyne Court. Kansas; Oldenberg Hall. Varsity Handball; Newman Club. UCLA; Kappa Alpha. Track Manager. Homecoming Committee. FITCH, ROBERT HASBROUK Oakland Economics. FITZMAURICE, WILLIAM CROSBY Berkeley Business Administration Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Men ' s Counseling; Interfraternity Council. FITZSIMONS, ANN CAROLINE Charlotte, North Carolina General Curriculum Transfer from Wellesley; Pi Beta Phi; Red Cross; Cercle Francais; YWCA. FLAHERTY, CATHERINE ELIZABETH Pasadena General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta; Director Woman ' s Counseling; YWCA; Elections Board. FLAMENBAUM, DAVID New York, New York Zoology Transfer from CCNY. FLANAGAN, FLEDDERMAN, FLEDDERMAN, BERNARD ROSCOE ELEANOR LOUISE HARRY LOUIS Corning Hollister Oakland General Curriculum General Curriculum Finance Transfer from Transfer from Pi Kappa Alpha; University of San Jose State; Representative- North Dakota; Peixotto Hall. at-Large; Executive Honor Student; Committee; Education Club. ASUC Planning Committee; Homecoming Chairman; Football Festival Chairman. FLEISCHMAN, WILLIAM EDWARD FLEISHMAN, MARVIN MORRIS FLETCHER, HOWARD FRENCH Long Beach Los Angeles Berkeley Optometry Mechanical Business Optometry Club, Engineering Administration President. Transfer from Transfer from UCLA. Pomona College; Chi Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; Ski Team. Bli as -: " -.. SENIORS ? : FUNK :,MS I ASHTON, JR. Sar F-:--: - : gjlMHMe Phi Kappa Psi; Stall and Keys; Beta Beta; Varsity = w -; : FINT, FIMT, FLOWERS, FLUM, CHARLES MITCHELL LEWIS THOMAS E. ROBERTS. JACKSON Kansas City, Oakland Indianapolis, Yuma. Arizona Missouri Ciil Engineering Indiana Mtihmiril Business ,--.- -- . ' .-. ChnmUn Engineering -- - r.-i: y Tau Beta Pi; Big Transfer from ASME. Sigma Alpha Mu. " C ' Society; Phi Indiana Unrwrsity. FOLEY FONG, NORMAN GRANT ANNA MAE C -;.; ;-- ASUC Representa- tie-at-Large; Oass Sacramento College, Sigma Omkron Pi; Chinese Students ' : .c ; a-Pra ---. FONG, FRANCIS LEE Oakland History YWCA; Chinese FONG, HAYWARD Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Sierra Hall. Cal Engineer; ASCE; CHintlt Students ' Club. FONG, JEAN JIN Sacramento Biochemistry Sigma Omicron Pi. ; : . LUNKING San Francisco Industrial Engineering Ridge House; CSC; HCftau : it FONG, MARIGOLD S. H. San Francisco Social Welfare Transfer from San ;-: n Mb s ' ; ' ; MATTHEW ROBERT KAY San Francisco Bakersfietd Psychology - Chemistry International Hone; Chinese Students ' Chinese Students ' Club. FONTENROSE, WILLIAM LOUIS Berkeley Physical Education Circle " C ' Society; Basketball; P. E. Majors ' Society. FOPPIANO, LESLIE FRANCIS Transfer from Si- ' ' -- ' : ..- : College. FORD, FORD BARNEY Bristol, Virginia Production Control Transfer from Virginia Military Institute. FORDE, WILLIAM ROBERT San Anselnw Economic Engineering Transfer limn Marin Junior College; Sigma Nu; Skill and Keys; ThetaTai; Mining Association. FOROER, JOHN B. Pasadena Electrical Egitrii.g Transfer from City College of New York; Acacia. FOREAKER, RAY WESLEY, JR. Berkeley tana a Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golden Bear; Scabbard and Blade; Rally Committee; NROTC; ASME. P ffl HJSAUE IMMIABELLE Mrssoula, FOSTER, -- DMGUS Social inst ' tut.ons Transfer from Unnersityoi Vaskington; Alpha Phi; Eta-Z. Relations Beta Theta Pi; Beta Beta; Winged Helmet; Trhme; Stall and Keys. FOSTER, JOHN DOUGLASS Bcrtewy Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi; FOSTER, KENNETH SUMMERS Berkeley :-.;- Mi T ,-_,- - 1%. . FOSTER, MARGARET ABBOTT San Francisco General Curricuh -- Phi Phi; Swimming; Transfer from ASCE; UCLSC. Georgetown UnnersHy; Phi FOSTER, TED REGINALD Optometry Kappa Delta Rho. Phi Phi. Transfer from B-- r.y ::-- Alpha Theta. FOTHERGIU, FOWLER, FOWLER, FOX, JOYCELYN ALICIA HERBERT STRAIN MARILYN JANET NORMAN LEE San Francisco : ...... Major on Hrspanic Sigma a,!, Sigma Sherman Hall; Delta Chi. Pelican. Richards Hall. Engineering. CIS ' JEAN MARIE Santa Ana teeneral Curricuhmi FRANCIS, 18rJknell UniwrsHy; Alpha Chi Omega; M CM Maril ItancrsHy; Alpha Chi Omega. FRANKLIN, GLORIA MARILYN San Francisco History Peinxto Hall; FRANKUN, KENNETH LINN Alameda Astronomy Pi Kappa Phi. FRAZIER, LOIS MARIE FRAZIER, LOIS VIRGINIA FRASER, BRUCE LOVAT Sacramento Stri amenta Gkndate Chril Engineering Political Science English TraiBfcrfrnm -- = -= ' ; -D- Transfer from Sacramento College. Sacramento College; Glendak College; Richards Hall; Peiiotto Hall. Honing Board. FREDERICKS, NANCY JUNE Antioch Social Welfare Peiiotto Hall; Winter Sports Club; Spanish Club. FREEMAN, ANALEE PHYLLIS San Francisco Art Women ' s ' " C " Society; Delta Epsilon; WAA; Cropa Saddle, FREEMAN, ROBERT JOHN San Marino Aeronautics Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC; ASME. FREEMAN, FREIBERG, FRICK, FRIEDLAND, FRIEDMAN, FRIEDMAN, FRINAK, FRISCH, FRISSELL, FRITCHEY, WENDELL BLAINE LEO FAE McFEELY ALAN OWEN EMANUEL WILLIAM ZELL A. SHERMAN FLORENCE BARBARA RUSSELL PAUL Amboy, New York, Santa Cruz San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Stanley, Los Angeles CASSASSA Pasadena Minnesota New York Philosophy Civil Engineering Zoology Economics Wisconsin Social Welfare San Francisco Marketing Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Transfer from San Transfer from Long Pi Lambda Phi; Personnel Transfer from Los Psychology Phi Delta Theta; Engineering Communications Jose Junior College; Francisco Junior Beach University; Phi Beta Kappa; Administration Angeles City Honor Student; Senior Class Transfer from Honor Student; Honor Student. College; Tau Beta Honor Student; Honor Student; Transfer from College; Lexington Tower and Flame, Council; Senior Colorado College; IRE. Pi; Chi Epsilon; Pre-Med Society; Tower and Flame; Lawrence College, Hall; Health President. Peace Committee; USCA; AIEE. Honor Student; USCA. Varsity Debating; Wisconsin. Board; USCA. Wrestling. Alpha Phi Omega; Freshman Council; ASCE. Interfraternity Council. FRITCHMAN, HARRY KIER, II FROEHNERT, LORAYNE FROLLI, WILLIAM FUJIKAWA, HIROSHI FULLER, CLARK C., JR. FUREY, WILLIAM FRANK FURNISS, WILLIAM FURST, RAYMOND BRUCE FUTSCHER, JOHN FRANCIS GABRIEL, JOAN Boise, Idaho BEVERLY STANLEY Honolulu, Oahu Fresno Southgate WALLACE Whittier San Francisco San Francisco Zoology Antioch San Pablo Zoology Electrical Civil Engineering Berkeley Mechanical Civil Engineering Home Economics Transfer from Boise Junior English Transfer from Industrial Engineering Transfer from University of Engineering Transfer from Transfer from UCLA. Industrial Procurement Engineering Transfer from ASCE. Alpha Epsilon Phi; Poll Committee; College. Stockton Junior Theta Delta Chi. Hawaii. Purdue University; Transfer from California Institute Home Economics College. Pi Kappa Alpha; University of of Technology; Club. Phi Eta Sigma; Michigan, Delta Track. AIEE. Kappa Epsilon. GAEBLER, GEORGE FRANKLIN Berkeley Mechanical Engineering. GAEBLER, PAUL H. Berkeley Electrical Engineering. GAISFORD, DAVID MAURICE Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from Marin Junior College; Delta Phi Epsilon; Crew. GAHN, CHETJ. San Francisco Civil Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Phi Kappa Tau. GALAID, RUTH CAROL New York, New York Economics Transfer from University of Michigan. GALLOWAY, LEE MOSIER GALSTON, MIMI GALVIN, SHIRLEY AMDREA G AN I ATS, GEORGE C. GARDINER, JANICE Oakland Los Angeles Redwood City Sonoma KATHARINE Business English Economics Business Bakersfield Administration Panile; Blue and Sigma Kappa; Administration. General Curriculum Theta Chi; Track. Gold; Ad Service Winter Sports Club. Transfer from Bureau; Orienta- Bakersfield Junior tions Council; College; Cunning- Class Councils. ham Hall. GARRETT, GARRISON, GARTHEAITE, GARVEN, GASBER, CASPAR, NANCY RUSSELL ELIZABETH EDWIN JACQUELYN LEA ROBERT EUGENE JOHN Louisville, WINSTEAD LOWELL, JR. Oakland Antioch Los Angeles Kentucky General Curriculum Long Beach English Madera Agriculture General Curriculum Kappa Delta; Medicine Phi Chi; Honor Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Transfeifrom Alpha Delta Phi; Pelican; California Student. Transfer from Stephens College; Alpha Chi Omega; Pelican, Personnel Sweet Briar College, Virginia. Golden Bear; California Club; Big " C " Society; Engineer; Orientations; Card Sales. UCLA; ASME; Newman Club. Manager; Pelican, Junior Men ' s Vanity Fair. Representative; Football, Track. GATEWOOD, GAUGHEN, GAWTHORNE, GAY, HOWARD DALE WILLIAM JOSEPH RICHARD ARTHUR BARBARA Bell San Diego Berkeley Beverley Hills Mechanical Business Business Psychology Engineering Administration Administration Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Oldenberg UCLA; Beech Hall. Fullerton Junior San Francisco Hall; Honor College; Delta Junior College. Student. Sigma. SENIORS , MORTON B Tnriock J jZootogy Transferfrom Vooes-.: .-- .-;._ College. GEARY, CHARLOTTE V1I;E S " FrMcisco Political Science -2r:a Karri GEARY, HELEN BEMR THOMAS DONALD Santa Rosa Political Science Alpha Delta Ptii; Varsity Crew. GEDE, JAMES T. -j. ml MOIE MARGARET Sacramtnto College; USCA; Chi Alpha Kappa; Chinese Student Club; Architecture Political Science Delta Zeta; Orientation, Office Tours?YWCA; Winter Sports Club. Physics Sigma Omicron Pi; USA; Winter Sports Club; Flying Club. GEE, MELVIN MONROE Reedley English Transfer from Rccdtcy Junior College. GEE, MILDRED Berkeley Chemistry YWCA; Chinese Students ' Club. : PAUL SM Antonio, Texas Administration Transfer from St. Mary ' s University, Teas; Tower and Flame; An Bureau; Chinese Students ' GE1BERGER, GEIGER, GEORGE, CHARLES RALPH BEVERLEY JEAN AMANDA S. VIRGIL LEE Visalia San Francisco Fresno History , General Curriculum Electrical Engineering Transfer from Stratford Hall; Cnjiniding International Visalia Junior Epsilon Phi Sigma; Phi Gamma Delta; -:J: i = v- College; Stern Hall; Orchesis. Cat (Mb; Head Honor Student; Yell Leader; Tower and Flame. - : : u-. Leader; Rally Committee; ACC; GERDAU, RICHARD VINCENT GERMAIN, PETER ALBERT GETZE, JAMES San Francisco Fowlervillf, KNOWLTON Business Michigan Carlsbad Administration International Political Science Phi Gamma Delta. Relations Delta Tan Delta. Transfer from Fordham University; OBSM SHIRLEY Berkeley General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi; Pelican, Publicity Manager; YWCA; Secretariat; Home- GEIRMAN, S T EVE ' . WashimUM Zoology Transfer from University of Washington. Occident; Winter Sports rts Club. TV ' ' GIFFORD, -:.; " D.iSE -E. Bedford, Oregon Oakland ' . a Aeronautical Transfer from - S-. = - GILBERT, HAROLD STANLEY GILBERT, JAMES EDWARD GILBERT, WILLIAM GILCHRIST, FREDRICK NELLIS GILKEY, CHARLES RALPH GILMORE, ALLAN EMORY Sa Francisco Alameda SPENCER Dutch Flat Corcoran Riverside -,-,. ; -. Foreign Trade Kingston, mmmmuVmumw Marketing Agriculture Technical Transfer from San Transfer from Heti York CM Psi; Inter- Sigma Chi; Criminology " a-: :-. ..- - University of Physics fraternity Council; Football; NROTC. Transfer from College; Varsity Toledo; Delta ' ' = " ' ; Vigilantes; Big Riverside Junior K - ' ' ' : - Phi Epsilon. Bard College; Tower and Flame. " C " Guard. College. GILPIN, JAMES FLOYD Visalia Geophysics GIULIANO, CARMINE FRANK UCLA; Delta Tau Delta. Civil Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; ASCE. . : GLEASON, GLOSSER, GOBBLE, GOCHENOUR, RUTH D. JACQUELINE WALLACE WILSON JEAN FRANCIS -==- HUt Piedmont North Hollywood Riverside [ ' : ' General Curriculum mechanical Physical Education 9 Transfer from Kappa Alpha Theta. engineering Steubins Hall; 1 Utan Agriculture lam rftnj| Ait - ' - University of GOEBEL, CHARLES ALBERT DORIS JEAN San Francisco Walnut Creek Industrial Engineering Transfer from Sa- --a-: M .-- T: ; GOFF, GOLDBERG, RITA SYLVIA urtmnmt General Cnrriculum Social Welfare Cheney Hall; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Dormitory Council. Little Theatre; Radio Workshop; mm GOLDBERG, SOLOMON Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Phi GOLDEN, CORRINNE CLAYTON San Francisco English Chi Omega; Sierra Hall; Pelican. GOLDEEN, JOHN LEVIN Berkeley Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi; Rugby; Inter- fraternity Council. GOLDEN, JOSEPH WAYNE GOLDMAN, GERALD S. GOLDSMITH, ALLAN BERNT GOLDSMITH, WALTER DAVID GOLDSTEIN. CHARLES LEON Marinas San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Los Angeles Retail Store Business Accounting Electrical Electrical Management Administration Ridge House; Engineering; Engineering Theta Chi; Rally Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tau Beta Pi; Transfer from Committee; ASEE. Beta Alpha Psi; Kappa Nu; ACC; Boston College; Class Councils. Beta Gamma Men ' s Rally AIEE. Sigma; Honor Committee, Student; Housing Chairman; NROTC; Board; Labor Board; Track; Golden Bear. Store Board. GOOD, BETTY ANABEL San Marino Business Administration Delta Gamma. GOODALL, ANTONE PAUL Oakland Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta; Circle " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Theta Nu Epsilon; Rugby Club; Football; Rugby. GOODWIN, MARJORIE HELEN Orinda Physiology Delta Zeta. GORDON, DONALD KEITH Berkeley Forestry Delta Upsilon; Zi Sigma Pi; Golden Bear, President; Forestry Club. GOREE, GERRY Petaluma General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa. GOTTFRIED, PAULINE San Francisco English Sherman Hall; Pelican; Editorial Board. GOUBAREFF, ALLA Berkeley Social Welfare Zeta Tau Alpha. GOULD, GOULD, GOULD, GOVAN, MALCOM BROWN MATTIE JEAN WILLIAM GLORIA RUTH Los Gatos San Francisco ROBINSON Piedmont Geological Economical and Orange Speech Sciences Political Science Medicine Alpha Chi Omega; Transfer from Alpha Xi Delta; Transfer from Social Manager University of Blue and Gold; Fullerton Junior and Sales Director, Nevada; Alpha Vigilantes; College; Psi Pelican; Home- Tau Omega. Sophomore Council. Upsilon. coming ' 45; Orientations; NSA; Elections Board; Secretariat; Chairman, Red Cross Motor Corps. GORDON, BARBARA LEE Berkeley French Transfer from Northwestern University; Honor Student; Assistant Editor, Occident; Junior Class Council; Home- coming ' 46, ' 47; Election Board; YMCA. GRACE, HELEN PAULINE Visalia Psychology Transfer from Visalia Junior College. GORDON, CHARLOTTE E. Suisun Art Alpha Delta Pi; Delta Epsilon; Pelican; Occident, Art Editor; Junior Class Council; Homecoming ' 46, ' 47; Election Board; YMCA. GRAHAM, JAMES WILMER St. Paul, Minnesota Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; NSA, Finance Committee; Junior Basketball Manager; AIEE. GRAHAM, WARREN RYAN Hollis Psychology Transfer from New York University. GRANICH, BERNARD RICHARD Los Angeles Engineering Transfer from UCLA. GRANQUIST, HAROLD EVERETT GRANT, BARBARA JEAN GRANT, EMILY MAE GRANT, HOWARD PAYNE GRASER, MARILYN ANN GRAVES, JOHN GRAY, AILEEN JEAN GRAY, BARBARA ANNE Martinez Oakland Healdsburg Los Angeles Long Beach Napa Orland San Dimas Chemistry Political Science Social Welfare Civil Engineering General Curriculum Marketing General Curriculum General Curriculum Acacia; Masonic Club; SAACS. Alpha Omicron Pi; Orientations; Art Bureau. Peixotto Hall; Orientations Council; Campus Tours, Chairman; Women ' s Counsel- ing; YWCA. Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Phi Alpha; Basketball; ASCE. Casa Hispana; Winter Sports Club; Masonic Club. Sigma Nu; Golden Bear; Beta Beta; Winged Helmet; Tri-Une; Skull and Keys; Football. Transfer from Marin Junior College; Peixotto Hall; Homecoming Axetravaganza; Masonic Club. Transfer from Bryn Mawr; Kappa Alpha Thela; Ace of Clubs. GRAY, JAMES L. Glendale Retailing Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Interfraternity Council, Secretary Treasurer. GRAY, MARCIA ELLEN Piedmont Journalism Gamma Phi Beta; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Theta Sigma Phi; Tower and Flame; Daily Californian, Staff Director; Card Sales. GRAYSON, JOSEF STANLEY Alameda Foreign Trade Transfer from University of Illinois; Senior Class Council; Senior Banquet Committee. GREEN, KENNETH ALDEN Berkeley Psychology. GREEN, MAXM. New York, New York Accounting. GREENBERG, GREENE, GREENLY, GREENWOOD, GREGORY, JOAN E. HARVEY PHYLLIS MAY ROBERT MYRNA ADELE Berkeley THEODORE San Francisco STRATTON Los Angeles Home Economics Boston, Social Institutions Piedmont Transfer from Home Economics Club; Cal Hosts, Chairman; Sunday Supper, Chairman. Massachusetts Statistics Transfer from Northeastern Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Treble Clef. Production Control and Management Delta Upsilon; Symphony Forum. USC; Alpha Gamma Delta; Orientations; Sophomore Council; Winter Sports Club. University; Tower and Flame. SENIORS -- - -. i E 0 GRETHER, } PMIUP JAMES VIKIN1A Berkeley MttJcal Science Beta Tlieu Pi; -.2 : A " .oe: -t -. Pelican; S9M Delta i; Orieautis.- Honor Sudent; Cart Saks. D.lj Ca inn Storstr -r- VA = :_ ' GR1FFETH, CRIMES GRIMES, PAULETTE NAOMI FRANCES MAODIE MARIANA LasAartes HifUaai Park, Yellow Springs, Social Welfare Delta! Pelican; Orientate lli(Cii YWCA. Transfer from .:.i v- Milk Caller ; ' .-NSA; AMieck Coder; RttterlWI; YWCACjiinet. GRISETTE, ; = :E-5EVi ; = ::-$ ROBERT STEPHEN NEIL KENNETH JEROME tat. New York To BeU Pi. BrooMyn Wler- .,, _ GRUBB EUZABET San Jose 6RUBB, GRUTZMACHER, DONJ. CUFFEY. JOHN ALLISON SJose -; ; McGill lr.w :: fx :- 3-Z. Pacific. I , EI; - -; cr treat s State; Foreifa Trade . Tomer and Flame; ASCE; Winter Sports Ctab. Bart Caller; : .:- - Er? :- GULICK CUM, CHARLES WARD JOHN DEE Stodctai LaiiBeadi C . E : - i; Transfer from UK Caller of Pacific; Traofci - Hall; CHS UCLA. GUPTILL, GUSEHAN, JOSEPH CRYER - : : RAY HOWARD Long Beach M : GUSLANI, UNO MARIO St. Marfs Cdler; ASCE. s -S:E Pre-Lea1 Pacific; Ma: Cireok: Italian. ' J$-i- : GUSTAVSON, ENNETH GENE FRANK LEROY afc.orU. Okio Valley Stream, New York r .... ., =_.- -,.. - ' - ' GUY, WALTER P. LosAnjeles Fort 1911 Trade and Tn Tri KU fWIHNC. WILLIAM GIBBS a = - - CMK- - a -i = -E= HACKER. MARCELLA ROBERT NORRIS San Francisco EM, OMahonu Political Science Petrolenw Ceotofy Transfer fro Trtnsfet frw San Francisco Oklahoma Unner- rColler- sitjr; Pi Kaana Pfci; HACKETT. EUGENE LflHBMB Fairfax HADLEY, HALE, 1BMI VIRGINIA HALE, mum EUMOI Mart ; - GteeCM; Christian Science Alpna Mn Society. Treble Clef, Transfer from -L-- -i-- HALL, V..:i; ALBERT DALY FRANK ARTHUR IRWIN M., JR. is- fam : Salinas HALL, MARGARET !S53 San Jose State; Bonte Hall; Baton; CaHfcjmia Band. -- ... L --= zna. E ;.- IkMferfMnl Santa Barbara -iV -iV ERNEST RICHARD PHILLIP LLOYD San Francisco San Dieoo HAMASAKI, V: - HAMIL San Diego i Military -KM = :---- LTH HAMMOND, l KENT MURIEL ALBERT LosAltos Arcaoia General Cnrrira Political Science Transfer from San Transfer from Jose State Caller; Pasafcm Gty MaThetar Caller. HANEY, HANEY, HANGER, HANLY, ELIZABETH F. GEORGE IRA., JR. CHARLES ERNEST DORIS MAE Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Calistoga English Political Science Jurisprudence Social Welfare Transfer from Transfer from Beta Theta Pi; Stratford Hall; University of University of Winged Helmet; Winter Sports Washington; Colorado; Phi Tri-Une; Cal Club; Club; ASSW. Winter Sports Club; Delta Theta; Big " C " Society; Canterbury Club. Scabbard and Skull and Keys; Blade; Advanced Basketball; Track. ROTC. HANNON, HANSEN, HANSEN, HANSEN, HOUSTON ARTHUR ANN MARIE DEWEY JULIAN GLEN L. Carmel Pleasanton Billings, Montana Sturgis, Business General Curriculum Marketing South Dakota Administration Daily Califcrnian. Masonic Club. Finance Chi Psi Theta; Transfer from Band; Symphony North Texas State Orchestra. Teachers College; Masonic Club. HANSON, RICHARD PAUL Milwaukee, Wisconsin History. HANSON, ROSS W. Alameda Business Administration Masonic Club. HARBINSON, HARDY, HA RKNESS, ALEXANDER MARILYN SUE RODERICK MARSHAL Palm City Alameda Sacramento General Curriculum Advertising and Transportation Alpha Delta Chi; Personnel Transfer from WAA; Physical Administration Sacramento College; Education Major ' s UC Life Saving Phi Kappa Psi. Club. Club. HARLOW, HARRELL. HARRINGTON, HARRIS, HARRIS, HARRIS, SYLVIA JANE MARIE PAULINE GRACE ARMES ANNETTE BRUCE JEROME MARY JANE Richmond San Francisco Oakland FRANCIS San Leandro Santa Maria Far Eastern Studies Hispanic America Business Hollywood Electrical H istory Alpha Omicron Pi; Group Major Administration Spanish American Engineering Transfer from Orientations; Transfer from Alpha Mu Gamma; Relations Tau Beta Pi; University of Pelican; Sopho- San Francisco Phi Chi Theta. Zeta Tau Alpha; Hammer and Arizona. more Vigilantes; Junior College. Newman Club; Dimmer; Welfare Elections Board. Crop and Saddle. Council; University Theatre; Crew. HARRISON, ROBERT BOND Pasadena Business Administration Alpha Delta Phi. V ' - HARTS, HARTSOOK, HARTUNG, HARUTUNIAN, HARWELL, HASHIMOTO, HASKELL, HASLETT, HASSON, HATFIELD, 1 JACQUELINE RICHARD FROST CONSTANCE ALBERT DWIGHT WESLEY MIDORI DOUGLAS RALPH SAMUEL DUNCAN HELEN JEANNE San Diego Monrovia THEODORE Maywood, Alameda Dunsmuir MONTGOMERIE III San Francisco Pasadena Hr- Great Neck, Agriculture Business San Diego Illinois Political Science Chemistry Piedmont Business Latin iV New York Transfer from Administration Business Medicine Transfer from Iowa Bowles Hall. Business Administration Transfer from English University of Colonial Hall; Administration Transfer from State Teachers Administration Transfer from Pasadena City ' - Transfer from Florida; Agriculture Alpha Mu Gamma; Phi Kappa Tau; University of College; Honor Transfer from San Francisco College; Peixotto ia ' Cornell University; Economics Club. Beta Gamma ARM; Delta Sigma Illinois; Cloyne Student; YWCA; University of Junior College; Hall " Sigma Sigma feaa Warring Place; Sigma; Masonic Rho; Thalian; Court; Kappa Alpha Phrateres. Washington; Phi Delta Sigma Phi. Pi; Spanish Club; ' ' ' ; International House. Club. Glee Club; Psi; Honor Delta Theta; Yell Classical Club, : ' Radio Workshop; Student; Glee Club; Leader; ACC; President. X Wrestling; NROTC YMCA; Calvin Class Officers ' E Club; Capstan; Daily Californian; Club; Campus Red Cross; Pre- Council; Junior Council; Inter- 3 Track. Med Society. fraternity Council. HATFIELD, HAUENSTEIN, HAVER, HAUN, HAUPT, HAUSER, HAVENSTRITE, HAWES, HAYASHI, HAYASHI, SALLY CLIFFORD E. HARRY CHARLES BARBARA CAROL FRANK EMANUEL AUDREY YVONNE ROBERT OWEN SHIGEYO JANE YUKIYO Berkeley Long Beach EBERLE, JR. LAWRENCE Los Angeles Napa Sebastopol Walnut Creek Berkeley Berkeley k, Zoology Business Alameda Oakland Social Welfare Mechanical General Curriculum Business Physiology General Curriculum. KT b. Transfer from Administration Engineering Business Transfer from Engineering. Transfer from Administration Phi Beta Kappa; i - Wellesley College; Transfer from Masonic Club; Administration Occidental College; Santa Rosa Junior Transfer from Honor Student; s Alpha Phi; University of American Chemical Transfer from Alpha Delta Chi; College; Colonial San Francisco Advertising 2 Blue and Gold; Michigan. Society. University of Intramural Sports; Hall. Junior College; Service Bureau; Orientations; San Francisco; Consumers Council. Phi Delta Theta; YWCA; WAA; Pre- Intramural; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Phi; Crew. Med Society. YWCA Cabinet. Newman Club. SENIORS -i-ES ROBERT DAVID DONALDS. NAYTEI MA-LEE mi ' .!..: = : 0m HEASLY, CLYDE :-i=.-5 m Seattle, -5V- -:=. Tn Unhersitjrrf Eta HEASSLER, JAMES WELDON State Coller; Honr -- W1LLIAM DAY Vallejo HECKMAN, MOB - Tan Kappa Ensile; - " ' HEIDIG HEIL, ELEANOR LOUISE BERTRAM El Paso, Texas Physics Transfer tram Texas PhiChiTMa. HEIM. WILLIAM JOHN -,. - - - . -.- Council; 3.5 C ' Gnard; Track; Forestrjr : M A - HE1NRICH, vi = :.-s Ml Twin Falls HELPER, CAROLYN CWcaoo, Illinois HELPER, JEAN DUNHAM HELLER, ALEXAND ER ALVIN San Francisco i -.-.i : : -ti--i- ::.-: rCowU; UnmrsHyof YWCA. HELLER ARTHUR M. L. BrooWn. City of New York. OLE! TUMUC ! IMM HELM, RUTH MARIE ;: SUidets, PresMeM - Fto; ROTC. HEMPEL, HENNING, EUGENE DEWEY MARY CLEVELAND San Francisco Art State ItancrsHy Brie CUk; r Fonm; Winus- Sports dib; s;- = " S ' i ' ,.E- HENSCHKE, =::-i = : ua ;=-= i -.--- Pi. 0- =- =- iali -c C-2 - Sii " C " Societj; :iss Councils; Electrical E-; ----.: AIEE; IRE. HEPFER. .Ei ' , =;..=-. -E- ' .E : -i " _- = : u : b ' : ;- - = - = = - ' :-:- andSbWd; Itnti 5 :-a F1 Transfer fro- Phi Phi; Store California Institute Board; - = . HERBST, WALTER REED Los Angeles ProdKUai Control Transfer from KU WARREN K. San Francisco HERROD, ..S- GWENDOLYN :- b : - Alpha Xi Delu. Btae and GoU; PHican; Elections :i:: PhiChiTnfU. HERZIG, DAVID NELSON LosAnylB KU 1MB " c ' : HERZSTEIN, HELEN LOIS Dallas, Texas Ti Sophie CoHene;Fi Hall. Sx i A? :- = HESS, KSS HARRIET ANDREA C. VICTOR Pasadena General QvriotMi PiBeuPhi. KU -ESS ROBERT LEE SYLVAIN San Francisco HEWLETT, MARY ALICE GUTMHE.JR. s=- =-: n HICKEN, HIGBEE, MARY JOANNE - i .- - Transferfnm ZetaMaTai Stanford UnhersHr; Senior Class Alpha T Omega. : .- ; .,.., : :-= I Decoratne Art Tri HIGGINS, DONALD ROY Conncil; Tri- Treble Of, Sopho- more Manager; Radio Workshop; Music CM Cwncil. Er; y = -. : Societ ; Phi Phi; ASCE,Bafland HILANDS, DAVID ELVIS El Monte Chemistry Transfer from UCLA. HILDEBRAND, CARVER EDSTROM HILL. JUNE CLAIRE HILL, RALPH PALMER HILL, ROBERT WILLIAM HILTON, JOSEPH ROY HIMEL, GEORGE HIRAMOTO, MASAKO Los Angeles Piedmont El Cerrito Chicago, Illinois Berkeley BERNARD Lodi Electrical Hispanic America General Curriculum Physiology Mechanical Santa Monica Zcology Engineering Regional Group Sigma Chi; Beta Transfer from Engineering Mechanical Transfer from Transfer from Alpha Gamma Beta; Winged Salinas Junior Lambda Delta Engineering Drury College, UCLA; Sigma Delta; Women ' s Helmet; Skull and College; Honor Sigma; Honor Transfer from Springfield. Alpha Epsilon. Counseling; Keys; Rugby Club. Student. Student; ASME; UCLA; Tennis. Pelican; Interna- UC Rocket Society. tional House; Masonic Club; Panhellenic Community Service. HIRSCHFELD, RICHARD San Carlos Business Administration Transfer from Rice Institute; Acacia. V HIRSCHLER, BARBARA JOAN Berkeley Child Development Masonic Club. HIRSCHLER, DAVID RUDOLPH HITCHCOCK; RICHARD ELONZO HOBBS, M. FLOYD HOBBS, RAYMOND LEON HODGSON, CAROLYN LOIS HOEFLICH, RALPH JOSEPH HOENISCH, ROBERT MARTIN HOFFMAN, GLORIA BERNICE HOFFMAN, MILDRED HOLBROOK, JACKSON r South Pasadena Bakersfield San Jose Santa Rosa Berkeley San Francisco Oakland San Francisco San Francisco HAROLD MARTIN fcW Physical Education General Curriculum Chemistry Mechanical Child Development Sales Management Business Criminclcgy English San Francisco w-cr Delta Upsilon; Transfer from Transfer from San Engineering Kappa Delta; Glee Club; Big " C " Administration Theta Upsilon; Transfer from History Golden Bear; Bakersfield Jose State College. Transfer from Treble Clef; Guard; Scccer. Phi Kappa Psi; California Engineer; San Francisco Transfer from Winged Helmet; Junior College. Ventura State University Folk Big " C " Society; Lutheran Student Junior College; Drew University; Big " C " Society; College; Honor Dance Group. Football; Baseball. Association. NSA; WAA; Honor Student; Skull and Keys; Student; ASME. Masonic Club. Scabbard and Athletic Council; Blade; Dramatics; Interfraternity Military Council; Football; Association. Track. - HOLIAN, VINCENT J. M. San Francisco Corporation Finance Transfer from UCLA; Little Theatre. HOLLADAY, HOLLAND, HOLLINS, HOLLOMAN, WILLIAM LEE HERBERT VINCENT IRMA ALICE CHARLES Jl Altadena Riverside Fresno Alameda Greek Journalism Business Electrical Oxford Hall; Transfer from Administration Engineering Dobro Slovo; Park College; Delta Gamma. AIEE; IRE; Alpha Mu Gamma; Daily Californian; Radio Club. Student Relations; Senior Class University Chorus; Council. YMCA; Cercle Francais. HOLLOWAY, HOLLY, HOLM, HOLMAN, HOLMES, MARGARET GRACE NORMAN EARL DONALD REID SAMUEL EDMUND JOHN WARFIELD Redlands Rochester, Stockton Huntington Park Berkeley Social Welfare New York Civil Engineering Electrical International WAA; Masonic Club; Production and Transfer from Engineering Relations Daily Californian; Management Stockton Junior Transfer from Delta Kappa Student Health Transfer from College; Flying University of Epsilon. Board. University of Club. Wyoming; AIEE. Rochester; Photography Club; Masonic Club. IT t I HOLT, SALLY HOLT, YVONNE HOLZSCHUH, VAN ELDON HONG, ROBERT WING KONGO, MASANORI HOOTEN, VIRGINIA LOUISE HOTCHNER, HERBERT G. HOUSER, LAVERNE KEITH HOUSTON, FLORENCE HOUSTON, IVAN JAMES Pasadena El Monte Vallejo Stockton Hilo, Hawaii Los Angeles San Francisco Des Moines, Iowa CATHERINE Los Angeles Social Welfare Psychology Psychology Business Business General Curriculum Political Science Industrial San Francisco Accounting Transfer from Delta Zeta; Transfer from Administration Administration. Transfer from Rally Committee; Engineering General Curriculum Kappa Alpha Psi; Vassar College; Honor Student; Tulane University; Pi Alpha Phi. Santa Monica Varsity Debate; Transfer from Iowa Treble Clef, Sopho- Big " C " Society; Kappa Kappa Treble Clef; Sigma Alpha Junior College; Sophomore State College; more Manager; Track. Gamma; Prytanean; YWCA; Blue and Epsilon. Sherman Hall; Vigilantes; Tau Beta Pi. College Women ' s Torch and Shield; Gold; Welfare Pelican. Masonic Club; Club, Juniors; NSA; Symphony Council, Repre- Hillel Foundation. Masonic Club. Forum; YWCA; sentative-at-Large. Orientations. SENIORS -; Sa : ;: WNMi HAROLD EVERETT JACK Us Angeles Santa Ana Jonalism : :- : .- HOWARD, MAJUMUE HELEN JEAN Dm HOWELL. FMBBW KIL60VE HOWELL, MARY VIRGIN! A = .: : - .- Tn HOWELL, MILTON M. Ula, Mississippi HOWELL, San Francisco HOWES, LESTER EUGENE Visalia MMI a Delta Chi; SUC RepresenatJw-at- Cmmiinham Hall; Large; Exortne PWic HeaHk Committee; Daily Board. California , Editor. Sura Hall; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Theu Delta Chi; Women ' s Eaentne Board; W AC; YWCA. Alpha Phi; NSA; iBMamTta YWCA; Occident; Mississippi Ad Service Boreal; State College. : ::- -( i : - Treble Of; IS ' . ' - HUBBARO, , CM Lo Beack HUBBARD, EMIUE AUSTIN MBS nu. -.EBS EARLLEAVITT LaJolla WiMLHe HUFFMAN, HARLEN ROBERT Tracy HUGHES, JANET VEDA HUGHES, T KU Kappa Kappa Park Collete; Gamma; PrytaKw; Masonic CM. UCLA; Wild Life Transportation CWh. Jose State CoUene; M i ;= S: ma Trs HUNT, LILLIAN ANNA Indio LaMbcape Design Stratford Hall. HUNT, PETER JOSEPH Berkeley Speech i ;-.= -. Rally Committee; Big " T " C_m - House; Track. MERWIN Si:-i-f : HUNTER ORVA PRESTON Berkeley iKaB : :;. Pkotooraphy Clwi. HHTEI RUTH DONELL Feradak Social Welfare. MMTBRCTM RICHARD B. San Diego Mechanical . I Pki Epsitan; Tai Beta Pi. MM REUBEN BURL Elba, Unto Civil Engineering Transfer from IMtenttyof Minnesota, ASCE. HUZIEFF LEO Circle " C " Society; TOMT and Flame; HYNES, MARILYN RUTH San Francisco Economics Zeta Tan Alpha; Winter Snorts Ch ;ASUCTea 1NGRAHAM, NANCY ELEANOR ' , ' , BENJAMIN DIBBLEE Decaratne Ait Alpha Omtoon Pi, General Curriculum Psi Unsilon; Mm MIOORJ Oal Home TAKA ars ' - ' :- Sal :; - KHi : :; ' : ' ' - ' -. ' " ' . .- . -; :. : ; h SMC LOIS ELAINE Salt Lake City, Utah : M a ISONO, YOSHIO IWAMOTO, EMMIE IWATA, FUMI HMftlB JM -M- Physical Education Oxford Hall; YMCA. Social Welfare Transfer from OhwWesteyan Unnenity, Dela- . lUni- ersHy, Missovi. IZENSTARK, JOSEPH LOUIS Beverly Hills Medicine Phi Delta Epsilon; Honor Stndent; DetU CM Alpha; OrientatlMBV Little Theatre; Secretariat. JACKLER, ROSLYN Us Angeles BHB ELSEMERSTE San Francisco Ftmjd =- m Gronp Major Kappa Alpha Theu. UCLA; Joamm -; JACKS, E.THOMAS San Francisco Art " ; " : r " C Texas Christian Honse.-YWCA. JACKSON, JACK, JR. Valtei General Cvriodmn Transfer from Unnmrtyof JACKSON, JACKSON, JACKSON, JACOBS, JACOBS, JACOT, JACUZZI, MARGUERITE M. MARILYN RUTH A. GERALD VICTOR STANLEY J. HENRI RODOLPHA N. San Francisco Berkeley Spokane, Oxnard San Francisco San Diego Oakley Public Health Decorative Art Washington Civil Engineering History Architecture Electrical Transfer frcm San College Women ' s Journalism Transfer from Transfer from Chi Alpha Kappa; Engineering Jose State College. Club Juniors. Transfer from UCLA; ASCE. University of Architectural Transfer from University of Florida; Honor Association, Rice Institute. Washington; Student. President; International House; Les Gauchers. Theta Sigma Phi; Photography Club. JAEGER, ALLEN ORLANDO San Francisco Optometry Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. JAEGER, BARBARA San Francisco Psychology Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. JAFFA, JOAN ELIZABETH Oakland Psychclcgy Transfer from Mills College; Honor Student; Counseling; YWCA; Cabinet; Masonic Club. JAFFE, JAMES, JAMES, JAN, JANG, JEROME SIGMUND ARLENE THOMAS JOAN R. DEWEY ROLAND Los Angeles Oakland Oakland Oakland Berkeley Electrical General Curriculum Public Health Optometry Chemical Engineering Utrimque; Transfer from Optometry Students ' Engineering Transfer from Masonic Club. North Texas Association; Pi Alpha Phi. UCLA; International State College; UC Yacht Club. House; Tau Beta Public Health Club. Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; IRE. JARVIS, MELVINA H. Sacramento Political Science Alpha Delta Chi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; YWCA; Italian Club. JEE, JAMES KERR Berkeley Marketing Crew; Chinese Students ' Club. JENKINS, GEORGE B. Sacramento Social Welfare Transfer frcm Sacramento Junior College. JENSEN, ORVILLE Racine, Wisconsin Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. JENSEN, THOMAS A. Berkeley Business Administration. JESS, ELINOR GERTA San Francisco History Theta Upsilon; Daily Californian; Pelican; California Engineer; Housing Board; Winter Sports Club. JESSEE, MILLICENT GLOW Hayfork English Transfer from Humbcldt State College; Colonial Hall. JOHNSEN, ROBERT CLIFTON Berkeley Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon. JOHNSON, ALICE MARIE Lafayette Personnel Administration. PARKER, BARBARA JOHNSON Piedmont General Curriculum Delta Delta Delta; Pelican; Intramural. JOHNSON, EDSON, JR. Vancouver, Washington Agricultural Economics Transfer from Clark Junior College; Kappa Sigma; Honor Student; West- minster House. JOHNSON, GEORGE HOSKEN Mill Valley Business Administration Transfer from Davis; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; Student Advisory Board; Winter Sports Club; Yacht Club. JOHNSON, IVAR HOWARD Oakland Education. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JACK IRVING LUCIA PALMEN MSI Vallejo New York, Civil Engineering New York Transfer from Political Science University of Transfer from : Wisconsin; ASCE. Pine Manor Junior College; Kappa Alpha Theta Treble Clef; University Chorus. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, JONES, OWEN BRYCE RUTH E. WARREN CLARENCE IRWIN GERTRUDE MARIE HOLWAY ROY HOWARD EDGAR LAWRENCE MEREDITH LEAM ROBERT CARLSON Fullerton Oakland Carmel Pocatello, Idaho Sacramento Santa Ana Berkeley EDWARD Sacramento Berkeley Physical Education. Public Health General Curriculum Electrical General Curriculum History Jurisprudence Berkeley Zoology Plant Science Nursing Consumers Council; Transfer from Salinas Junior Engineering Transfer from Alpha Phi; Elections Board; Transfer from Santa Ana Junior Transfer from South Dakota Physics Pi Kappa Alpha. Transfer from Iowa State College; Football; Band. Winter Sports Club. College. West Virginia Intramural. College; Theta Xi; University; Honor Pi Kappa Alpha; University. Big " C " Society; Student; Tower Senior Council; Occident, Associate and Flame. University Chorus; Editor; Tennis, Pre-Med Society; Senior Manager; Junior Farce. Ball and Chain, President. SENIORS JORDAN, JOSITA CLAI BORNE JORDAN, LAWRENCE WRITING jom FARNHAM STEWART San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley History Sigma Kappa Alpha. Business Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Beta; Stall and Physics SSf " Keys; Water Polo, JOSEPH, JOYCE MIRIAM San Francisco Zoology Transfer from S- ' ' -a-: s:: Junior College; Colonial Hall. JOYCE, HOWARD WARNER Aftadena Foreign Trade Transfer from University of Michigan; Phi JUDD, ARLEEN HARRIETTS Los Angeles English Transfer from UCLA; Mitchell Hall. JUDELL, JULIAN, STANLEY FRANCIS MARSHALL Hollywood University cf Wisconsin; Track; Store Board; Class Councils. WARREN Long Beach Public Administration Transfer from Long Beach City College. KAEHLER, KATHLEEN MARIE SanMateo General Curriculum Delta Gamma. asa KAESTNER, WALTER GORDON KAHN, BERNARD I. KAISER, HENRY F. Los Angeles Boston, Cotton Yfc-.a- a Massachusetts Mathematics. tjmmmina Political Sciences Transfer from Transfer from Ohio Los Angeles City State University; College; Sierra Honor Student Hall; Honor World Affairs Student; ASME. Committee; Ushering Committee. KAME1, KALLISH, KALLO, JACK STANLEY PHILLIP MASAKO Los Angeles San Francisco Los Angtlts Accounting Mechanical Transfer from Yale; Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; -SVE College, Kansas; Honor Student; To Beta Alpha Psi. Biochemistry Tri KAMIYA, JOE Delhi General Curriculum Transferfrom Colorado A 4 M; BowtesHall; Golden Bear; Sudent Relations; YMCA. KAPLAN, MEYER VICTOR San Francisco Marketing Transfer from Pomona College. KARM10L, EDWIN DAVID New York Electrical Engineering Honor Sudent; IRE. KASSEL, FRED LUDWIG Stockton Chemistry Stockton Junior Colte Intcri tional House. rot KATZBURG, KAVANAUGH, KAY, KEITHAHN, KELLER, KELLER, KELLY, ... I JACOB EDWIN FRED JEROME DANIEL ERNEST KARL ROBERT ELBERT GERALD SUZETTE ELLEN VIRGINIA LOU -i I Burlingame Oakland BURKE, JR. San Francisco Berkeley Eustis, Nebraska San Gabriel MisscuU, :c-c- a Chemistry, San Bernardino Political Science Political Science Electrical General Curriculum Montana ransfer from Chemical Optometry International House; Transferfrom Engineering Transfer from International It IV - ' Mleae;PM iigma Kappa Engineering Hillel Foundation, Prwidwtt. Transferfrom San Bernardino Valley College. Honor Student; World Affairs Council; Delta Phi Epsilon. University of Washington; Honor Student; Pi Sigma Alpha; Welfare Council; Library -.;-;.. . . - .- University of Wisconsin; ThetaTau. Pasadena City College; Alpha Chi Omega; Pelican; Red Cross; YWCA. Relations Transferfrom Montana State, Eta-Z; Cercle Franca is. MtM Committee. ENFIELD KERNS, KERR, KESSLER, KEVORKIAN, KEYES, KHERGAMVALA, KIEFER, jj -ti PTBEPOORE ALICE REID MARGARET WILBUR KIETH ALICE SUZANNE NOSHIR J. HARRY HEINZ STEPHEN Portsmouth, LOUISE San Jose Oakland Berkeley Bombay, India Albany San Andreas Virginia Carmel Political Science. Political Science Social Welfare Banking and Electrical --so- - Vki Kappa Psi; Big " C " Society; We " C " Society; CC; Athletic English Transfer from William and Mary College; French Club. Transfer from Mills College; Peixouo Hall; Winter Sports Club; UC Folk Dance Blue and Gold; Counseling; Speech Arts Club. Gamma Phi Beta; Blue and Gold; Umg -: B;;T Campus Tours. Finance Transferfrom University of Iowa; International House. Engineering Transferfrom San Francisco Junior College. uncil; Football; Group. Track; Rugby. KELSEY, JOHN DELAMERE Berkeley General Curriculum Transferfrom University cf Oregon. KEMPPE, BARBARA CLAIRE Fort Bragg General Curriculum Honor Student; Newman Club. KILPATRICK, JAMES ROBERT Long Beach Electrical Engineering Transferfrom College; AIEE. KIM, CHARLES WESLEV_ " Reedley Zoology Transfer from University of Michigan; Inter- national House; University Chorus; University B ; : .-. KING, MACK ALEXANDER Modesto Chemical Engineering Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Alpha Chi Sigma; SAACS. KING, MARGARET ANN Long Beach English Transfer from Long Beach City College; Pelican; Women ' s Dormi- tory Council; College Women ' s Club Juniors. KINGDOM, RICHARD H., JR. Oroville Forestry Transfer from Chico State College. KINSLOW, ROBERT ALAN San Francisco Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Cal Hosts; Senior Peace Committee; Sophomore Vigilantes; Big " C " Guard; Junior Class Council. KIRKPATRICK, SHIRLEY W. San Mateo General Curriculum Transfer from UCLA; Pelican; Elections Board; Junior Class Council; YWCA; Masonic Club. KIRSCHBAUM, ALBERT JOHN Berkeley Physics Transfer from Worcester Pplytechnique; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Student. KITANO, TAM10 Berkeley Accounting Transfer from University of Minnesota. KITCHENS, JOEL El Cerrito Electrical Engineering Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Honor Student; AIEE. KITCHENS, TROY HAMPTON El Cerrito Journalism Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Sigma Delta Chi. KLEIN, HAROLD EUGENE KLIPPEL, LAWRENCE KNAPTON, JAMES HOWARD KNEISS, GLORIA HOPE KNIGHT, HERBERT DANIEL KNIGHT, JAMES HARRY KNIGHT, PATRICIA JANE KNIVETON, JOHN DEMOSS KNOTT, JAMES EDWARD Redlands YELLAND Crockett Berkeley Brawley Kingman, Arizona Chico San Francisco Davis Political Science Sacramento Electrical General Curriculum Soil Science Medical Science. General Curriculum Petroleum International Transfer from General Curriculum Engineering Kappa Delta; Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Relations Redlands Univer- Transfer from Tower and Flame, Alpha Mu Gamma, Riverside Junior Scripps College; Golden Bear; Bowles Hall; sity; Dormitory Tulane University. President. President; Blue College; Phi Kappa Kappa Delta; Theta Tau; ACC; Pi Sigma Alpha; Council. and Gold; Pelican; Tau; Soil Science Pelican; Elections Engineering Council. Delta Phi Epsilon; Elections Board; Club, President. Board; Home- Consumers Council; WAA. coming; Winter Swimming. Sports Club. KLASEEN, THEODORE ALEXANDER Oakland Economics Oxford Hall; Welfare Council; Debating; YMCA KO, BARBARA Fresno Public Health Transfer from Fresno State College. KODMUR, KOEHLER, KOHLENBERGER, KOHNO, KOIDE, KOLLERUP, KOLB, KONEVICH, KOOTSTRA, KORBEL. MILTON JEROME CYNTHIA ANN CHARLES RUSSEL FRED MARGARET I. HAROLD VIGGO LELAND SMILEY GEORGE ROBERT LEWIS SAMUEL GEORGIA Los Angeles Beverly Hills Fullerton Los Angeles Berkeley San Francisco Little Rock, San Francisco Modesto Petaluma : Mechanical General Curriculum Mechanical Civil Engineering Social Welfare Business Arkansas Electrical Food Technology Business ' - Engineering Transfer from Engineering Chi Epsilon; ASCE. Transfer from Administration Accounting Engineering Transfer from Administration 1 Transfer from UCLA; Daily Transfer from University of Utah. Transfer from Transfer from AIEE; IRE. Modesto Junior Kappa Kappa E UCLA; Bowles Californian. University of Texas; San Francisco Little Rock Junior College; Pelican; Gamma; Housing I iNs-j Hall; ASME. Sigma Phi Epsilon; City College; College; Beta Food Technology Board; Intramur;! Engineers Council, Delta Sigma Phi. Gamma Sigma. Club. Board; Bridge Cl 1 Secretary; ASME, President. KOROT, KRAMER, KRAVETZKY. KREN, KRONINGER, KRONROD, KRUEGER, KRUEGER, KRUSE, KUEFFER, MORRIS F. LENORE HELEN E. JUNE ROSE RICHARD RAY HARRY GEORGE HUBERT JUDSON E. RITA ROSE EDWARD ALBEI it Los Angeles Daly City Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Oakland Concord Berkeley Sacramento St. Paul, Accounting Psychology Political Science Economics Personnel Marketing General Curriculum Personnel Bacteriology Minnesota Transfer from Stern Hall; Hcnor Transfer from Transfer from San Administration Sigma Alpha Mu; Transfer from Administration Transfer from Psychology " . Western Reserve Student; Tower Stockton Junior Francisco City Pi Kappa Alpha; Men ' s Counseling; Colorado College. Theta Delta Chi. Sacramento College; Transfer from ;- .- . University. and Flame; College; Phrateres; College; Prospect ACC; Junior Class Senior Peace Casa Hispana; University of ' -V Campus Opinion YWCA, Community Terrace; Women ' s President; Class Committee; Men ' s Newman Club. Minnesota; Gym- Survey. Service; Plymouth Counseling. Officer ' s Council; Vigilantes; Big nastics Club, House. Rally Committee; 1V C " Guard; Senior President. Sophomore Class Sing Committee. Council. 1 . SENIORS , KURASHIGE, KUROWSKI, KUWAMOTO, ' ARCIANA KIYOSHI SOPHIE LUCILLE YASUYUKI 1 Shanghai, China Compton Chicago, Illinois Fresno Political Science General Curriculum Business -;- ' j-.-r. Transfer from Richards Hall; Administration ' .a- - ' - ' ' ;:-:::- ..- :- Honor Student; Transfer from College. AVC; UC Folk and Missouri School Square Dance Group; Newman of Mines and Metallurgy. Tytaan; YWCA CtmX kmet; Mandarin fable, Chairman. KWELLER, LAEVSKY, LA FORGE, mm LA MONT, IRVING IRA ISRAEL-HENRY MARJORY ANN WALTER ROBERT ALICE HANSEN Brooklyn, Shanghai, China Sacramento Berkeley San Francisco New York Production Spanish Physics Marketing Transfer from management Oldenberg Hall; Alpha Chi Sigma; Epworth; Beta Brooklyn College; Symphony Forum; Art Bureau. Transfer from St. John ' s University; i ifenn 3- 3 Prytanean; Tower and Flame; Blue and Gold; NSA; Gymnastics. GflMMS Stont3 = : CM -- ' .:l President- YWW UC Yacht Club. Assembly Dances; Cabinet; Little Secretariat; Theatre; College Swior Council; Women ' s Club IMUUW Football Festival; JMOTS. Spanish Club. LA MONT, HENRI PAUL Los Angeles .IV;E 3ARBARA JEAN Oakland x :.x- :-: ixial Institutions ' .Ipha Omicron Pi; Honor Sudent; Treble Clef; Sopho- more Vigilantes; Sophomore Council. -i ' .E ORUSILLA C. Oakland Psychology Pi Beta Phi; Blue ami Gold; Pelican; Little Theatre; Secre- tariat; Freshman Council. LANG, DON CARLOS Los Angeles Marketing , Transfer from Arizona Statr College; " 2421 Club " ; Golden Bear; California Club; ASUC President; Fii Committee; Ex Committee. LANGER, JACK A. ElCerrito Business Administration Transfer from LAPP, MILDRED ARDELL LARSON, CEDRIC GARETH Berkeley. Oakhorst Decorative Art. Medal :a Engineering LA RUE, PAUL VERNON Heybum, Idaho -- . ' -, ' .. College; ASME. Emjmcerim Transfer from Montana School cf Mines; Tan Beta Pi; Baton; Cal Band; NROTC. LATHAM, NANCY Duluth, Minnesota Physical Therapy Transfer from Antioch College, Ohio; WAA. LAUGHRAN, THOMAS FITZGERALD San Francisco Physical Education Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Track and Field Cross Country. LAUNDY, MARJORIE IDA Oakland Social Welfare Sherman Hall; Pelican; Campus Tours; Phrateres; Masonic Club; College Women ' s Club; CSNS. ----- URELL, BERT HENRY i Pedro LAURENTI, LUIGI MARIO San Francisco Economics for S--: " . Transfer from hcrsHy Symphony Massachusetts Institute of Tccta ::.. Honor Student; Dramatics; Varsity Debate. LAURITZEN, DEAN CARLOS Victor, Idaho Political Science . ;- ;. = . ' - MntaB :--; University. LAVERS, LAWSON, PHYLLIS DORA GEORGE Berkeley McDONALD General Curriculum Bdamml Blue and Gold- Political Welfare Counc ' il; Transfer from Orientations; University cf :--- LAWSON, ROBERT PORTER Berkeley Transportation Transfer from Central College, V -:.- =v. " = iSgma. 3 IELMA ELSIE SanLeandro neral Curriculum AA; Wesley LEODY, DONALD LEE, GEORGE SHEWHON LEE, HELEN GHU-CHEN LEE, JEFFREY LEE, MARION KIM CHARLESON Oakland Kunming Yunan, San Francisco San Francisco Bakersfield Political Science Electrical Engineering China English Civil Engineering. Food Chemistry Stebbins Hall. Bowles Hall. Tau Beta Pi; Transfer from AIEE; Chinese National Ynnian Students ' dnfa. University; Cheney Hall; Chinese Students ' dub. LAWTON, CAROL MAE Berkeley General Cumorimi Kappa Kappa Gamma; PHkan; Sophomore Council; Symphony Fonm; Bridge CM). LEE, PEGGY SIM San Jose Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Chinese Sudents- LAZAGA, BERNIECE J. Manila, Philippines Decorative Art Transfer from University of Philippines; Delta Chi Alpha. LEE, RALPH STEWART San Francisco Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma; iSEE LAZM SEYMOUR MANNEL Los Angeles Economics Transfer from UCLA; Junior Debate Society. LEE, ROBERT San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. LAZENBY, DOROTHY M. Berkeley Art Gamma Phi Beta; Tower and Flame; Art Bureau, Senior Manager; ACC; WAC; YWCA; Flying Club. LEE, ROSE Oakland M : Mil H LEE, WING JERRY QUON LEE, YOUNG GOK LEEPOW, CYNTHIA AILEEN LENNON, JAMES EDWARD LEONG, EVA LORRAINE LEONARD, MARY JOAN LEONG, PHILIP CHONE San Francisco San Francisco Port of Spain, Santa Barbara San Francisco Folsom San Francisco Foreign Trade Architecture Trinidad Economics Laboratory History Electrical Transfer from Architecture Transfer from Transfer from Technician Transfer from Engineering. San Francisco Junior College. Association; Tennis; Chinese Students ' University of Colorado; Sigma University of Oregon. Stebbins Hall; YWCA; Chinese Sacramento College; Peixotto Hall. Club; Photography. Omicron Pi; Chinese Students ' Students ' Club. Club; Newman Club; Calvin Club; Bible League. LESSER, LETITIA JANE Los Angeles Personnel Management Stern Hall; Prytanean; Panile; Phi Chi Theta; ACC, Secretary; ASUC Card Sales; Treble Clef; YWCA Cabinet. LESTER, CHARLOTTE EVELYN La Canada Far Eastern Studies World Affairs Council; UC Bridge Club. LEV, IRVING Berkeley Mechanical Engineering. LEVY, LEVINE, LEVINE, LEVINSON, ROBERT S. SAUL SIDNEY LEON ARTHUR Fresno Los Angeles New York, Van Nuys Psychology General Curriculum New York Psychology Bowles Hall; Alpha Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Delta Sigma; University of Transfer from New UCLA. Phi Epsilon Chi; Michigan. York City College. Senate; Daily Californian; Productions; International House. LEW, LEW, LEWIS, LEWIS, ROSABELLE WALLACE WAYNE BARBARA JEANNE GERARD KERi Fresno Watson vi lie Oakland Oakland Social Welfare Accounting Political Science Industrial International House; Transfer from Alpha Chi Omega; Engineering WAA; YWCA; Salinas Junior Pi Alpha Sigma; Kappa Sigma; Chinese Students ' College; Chinese Pelican; Junior Football; Club. Students ' Club, Class Council; Intramural. Treasurer. Homecoming; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Newman Club. LESTER, EDWIN PARRISH Berkeley Industrial Relations Transfer from Men). Junior College; Intramural Volleyball; Newman Club. LEWIS, JANE LYNETTE Crockett Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pelican; Crop and Saddle, Manager; Spanish Club. : ; : m -. Mi. LEWIS, ROBERT NELSON Berkeley Mechanical Engineering ASME; Water Polo. LEWIS, WALTER STUART, JR. Berkeley Industrial Relations Delta Upsilon; Sophomore Class Council. LIBBY, RALPH STEVEN Berkeley History. LICHTENSTEIN, IRWIN LIDELL, EARNEST D. LIGH, QUING LEN LIM, BENNIE WAHI San Francisco Coos Bay, Oregon Berkeley Stockton Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College General Curriculum Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Oxford Hall. Civil Engineering ASCE. Social Welfare Pi Alpha Phi; Tower and Flar LIM, PANSY L. San Francisco Public Health Stebbins Hall; Tower and Flame; YWCA Cabinet; Public Health Club; Chinese Students ' Club. LINDEMAN, HARRIEJ. Farmington, Utah Decorative Art Transfer from University of Utah; Eta-Z. Hum San Francisco Civil Engineering Bowles Hall; Rugb LINDSAY, MARGARET JEAN Los Gatos Child Welfare Transfer from Dominican College; Alpha Gamma Delta. LINFORTH, PATRICIA Berkeley Philosophy Kappa Alpha Theta; Symphony Forum. LINKER, HENRY Berkeley Optometry Transfer from University of Pittsburgh; Oxford Hall; Honor Student. LINTHICUM JOHN FRANi Alameda Landscape Architecture Phi Sigma Ki Phi Phi. LIPEN, LITCHFIELD, LITTLEJOHNS, LIVINGSTON, LOEHR, LOFTUS, LEILA H. BERNARD ARTHUR HARLAN PHYLLIS I. RAY ELWOOD FLORENCE Chicago, Illinois Los Angeles EDWARD, JR. San Gabriel Stockton MABELS. Slavic Languages Business Oakland General Curriculum Medicine San Francisco Transfer from Administration Political Science Alpha Chi Omega; Transfer from History Northwestern Sigma Nu. Kappa Sigma. Pelican, Women ' s College of the Masonic Club. University; Peixotto Director. Pacific; Cedar Hall. Hall; Slavic Honor Society; Pelican, Managerial; International House. SENIORS LOMIS JANET V1DAL Uuj Bt-:- i Hall; C- fketa LMABj DAN LEROY Sacramento Industrial Engineering Tail Beta Pi; LOR8ER, LEA Portland, Oregon Social Welfare LOSE ELIZABETH ANN S;- = -: :: UnhersHyof Oregon; Frecbora Hall; Hillri Found SKial Lawalon; ASUC i Ca .-.-. LOTZ, STEWART CROWELL Oakland EH Transfer from Oub;Pre-Med M w Mai LOOCKS, MARION IRENE A a -. ' . Gr:.f Ctnual Curriculum -.;-; . .; Sa- = : :-:: Junior College; Fraefeora Hall. -. LOUIE, MARY SUE Novato Public Health Sigma Omicron Pi; Orifniations; Card Sales; YWCA; Intramural; Public MejM : .- LOUIE, STANLEY KONG San Francisco _ " r ; Admnistration International House. LOURDEAUX, JEMBK ELIZABETH San Francisco Intenational =t r. -. LOVEGREEK HAROLD LOVELL, ROBERT DAVID -;. - I - -.- -,? . UME AMNAJ. Taft Soil Science AccoMting Soil Science Clb, Sigma Omkron Pi; Secretary-Treasurer. Chinese Students ' ; .: : -;._- ' MILORED San Francisco Physical Education Tri LUBIN, JOSEPH DAVID Berkeley LUCAS SMB. RICHARDSON Salt Lake City, Utah Architecture LOCK JAMES LEROY History Honor Student. LUCAS, JOHN PAUL San Francisco Electrical College. Unmrsityof " -: Nevada; Theta Chi; University of Utah, Beta Gamma S ma; Kana . Glendale Junior College. LUCAS, LUCAS, ROBERT ROTGER SHIRLEY STARR San Jose Oakland Political Science General Curricula Orientations; ACC. Kappa Delta; nKj IbM : Clufc. ff 1 ? (?. .ft f JLwUfc ' A M S, ALTER DAVID LUCCHETTI, LUDEKE, PATRICIA ROSE MM - = i ' .:-S Si- c -5-: ;:: : MlR MnbaKanni --; .:: : =:-. : -: : , LUM, ELAINE F. S. ;.- Sx 2 MeVan sHall. LVuWUHl ED " :; WILLIAM LUTHY, ROBERT PAUL Rhode Island Transfer from WU ; e; -5 e : = - LUTZ, ROBERT CHARLES Los Angeles Political Science Phi Kappa Psi; LYDING, JOHN DANIEL, JR. Chicago, Illinois LVTJQ JAMES BERT MHR WILLIAM BRAXTON )HN DANIEL MMU . ;-; :- MacCULLOCH, DAVID PERRY VanNuys Engineering Transfer fron Tn UCLA; Sierra Hall; Unnersity of I:EE iS-. ' E v : pi :: -? ' s : ssj-.s ; -t MACFIE. ROBERT ARTHUR Pasadena Business ' --.- :-.-=: ;.- Theta Xi; Phi Phi. Tn UnhersKyof Michigan; Ooyne Court-Cooperative; Winged I Bi ' C " EtecCM MacGAVIN, PHYLLIS San Francisco Alpha Phi; Treble Clef. Bji; ' C " Societjr; Skull and Keys; Ball and Chain; Athletic Council; Big " C " Gwrt; , | MML MacHAVER, WUMEt He York, New York Industrial Relations Transfer from New York City College; Oxford; Honor Trs UonersKyof Chicago; Psi and Keys. MactVOR, RODERICK EDWARD Physical Education Transfer from Enuineering Sacramento College; Transfer from Big " C " Guard; Glendale College; Track; Track Club. GERALD WILLIAM lito Economics Oxford Hall; V- i D:- ::-. MacKENZIE, MacKENZIE, HELEN CLARA Alameda Business CnnumriM Administration. Transfer frem UCLA; CM Phi. MACKINTOSH, MACKOFF, MacLEOD, MADSEN, MADSEN, MARILYN LESLIE BRUCE MONROE DONALD LEROY WILLIAM ALEXANDRA Spokane, Long Beach Oakland Eureka San Francisco Washington Metallurgy Foreign Trade Optometry. Music Transfer from Transfer from Tower and Flame; Gamma Phi Beta; Tower and Flame; Little Theatre; Washington State College; Sigma Chi; Honor Student. Long Beach Junior College. Masonic Club. Symphony Forum; University Chorus; Music Club. MAERKLEN, EMIL PAUL ADOLPH Richmond Business Administration. MAGGETTI, JAMES ARNOLD Napa Accounting Chi Psi; Skull and Keys; Crew. MAGGIO, BARBARA ROSEMARY San Francisco General Curriculum Peixotto Hall. MAHAN, JEAN IE San Francisco General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi; Prytanean; Ace of Clubs; Blue and Gold, Associate Editor Junior Class Council; Intramural, Chair- man; WAA Council. MAHIN, RICHARD WALDEN An in Political Science Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College. ' : X MAHONY, DONALD GLENN Oakland Civil Engineering California Engineer, Assistant Editor; ASCE; Winter Sports Club. MAINWARING, DORIS GRAY Berkeley Retailing Pelican Staff; Student Card Sales. MAJORS, MAJORS, MAJORS, MALAND, MANGAN, NANCY NANCY JANE WILLIAM AMOS LESLIE HUBERT MARGARET Fresno San Francisco San Mateo Santa Paula McLEOD General Curriculum General Curriculum Business Civil Engineering Berkeley Kappa Alpha Theta; Transfer from Administration Tau Beta Pi; Chi Decorative Art. Symphony Forum. Pine Manor; Pi Beta Phi; Pelican; YWCA; Red Cross. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma. Epsilon, President; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; California Engineer, Associate Editor; Engineers Council, President; ASCE. MANGIN, SUZANNE MARIE Millbrae Art Gamma Phi Beta; Housing Board; Conference Com- mittee, Senior Council; Symphony Forum; Winter Sports Club. MANN, ELIZABETH C. San Francisco Advertising Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Lantana Ledge; Pi Alpha Sigma, Vice-President; Ad Service Bureau; Senior Class Council. MANN, LAWRENCE Los Angeles Business Administration Alpha Delta Sigma; Homecoming. . ' : : ' J ; . - t r An v MANNERBERG, MURIEL JEAN Oakland French. MANNING, CHARLES H., JR. MANNIX, WILLIAM CLARK MANSFIELD, MARY ELINOR MAPE, JOAN J. MAPES, MARYELLEN Q. San Francisco Boonville San Francisco San Mateo Bel If lower Business Mechanical English Personnel Journalism Administration Engineering Pi Beta Phi; Management Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Mortar Board,v Delta Delta Delta; UCLA. San Francisco San Francisco Prytanean; Panfte; Pelican; Home- Junior College; Phi Junior College. Torch and Shield; coming; Newman Delta Theta; Golf. Junior Class Club; Intramural. President; WAC; Women ' s Executive Board; Class Officers Council. MARCUS, MARIN, MARK, MARKS, GEORGIA FRANCES NOELA LUCIE MARIE ERCIA LAUREN Oroville Oakland San Francisco BENJAMIN History Music Journalism. Los Angeles Transfer from Honor Student; Mechanical College of Holy Tower and Flame; Engineering Names; NSA; Alpha Mu Gamma; Transfer from University Theatre; Music Club, UCLA; Sierra SeniorClass Council; President; Treble Hall; ASME. Calvin Club; Clef; Phrateres. Exchange Student; University of Oslo. MARPLE, MARSHALL, MA RSTON, MARTENS, MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTIN, ELAINE HELEN ANN GARTH HENRY ERNEST DOUGLAS FRANK ALWYN RAYMOND Antioch Atherton Berkeley Menlo Park San Francisco Los Angeles Sunnyvale General Curriculum Education Business Architecture Civil Engineering Mechanical Agriculture. Alpha Delta Chi; Tower and Flame; Chi Omega; Sopho- more Vigilantes; Administration Alpha Delta Phi; Transfer from San Jose State; Cloyne Club; Newman Club; Engineering Transfer from Calvin Club; Inter- Sophomore Class Skull and Keys; Chi Alpha Kappa; ASCE. Los Angeles City church Council; Commission; Class Councils; Architectural College; ASME; Intramural Bowling. Pelican. Water Polo. Association. Engineering Council; SAE. MARTINA, ROBERT ALFERD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of Wisconsin; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. MARTINELLI, ALICE GERTRUDE Watsonville Art Gamma Phi Beta Pelican; Art Bureau. MARTINOVICH, ANN MARIE San Francisco Transfer from College of Holy Names. SENIORS :: , ;;;; ---: fef tow " j ARTUS, EORGE FRANCIS MARTYN, LUCY PETITE MASER, CLARK WALTON MATHEWS, GERALDINE MATHEWS, ROBERT LYNN Boston, :: .---. Chicago, Illinois Piedmont Woodland Massachusetts Nebraska Political Science Political Science udujj a rjsical Transfer from Pi Beta Phi; NSA; Engineering " . .- Colonial Hall California Institute Trawl Commission; Transfer from Annex, Red Cress. of Technology; Books Hall; Represents ive-at- Blue and Gold, Editorial; Pelican; Nine ' s Aide. Davis; Bowles Hall; ASME. Large; Eaofthe Committee; Welfare Council; Tennis. MATHEYS, EUGENE GILBERT MATSON, GILBERT, JR. Grosse Pointe Eunki Part, Michigan CiTJ | Engineering ' - ' ' ' - ' - ASCE i: - - ...... f MATTEOLI, EDWARD S. Asti Physical Education Freshman Baseball; Baseball. MAnHEWS, ALAN HERBERT Sacramemo Industrial MATTISON, JAMES, JR. Glendora Transfer from College; Del Rey; Phi Phi; Glee Club. i College; Honor Student; hum mt - mi Phi Chi; Photog- raphy Club, Vice-president. MATYS, MARILYN REED Boston, Massachusetts Psychology Sum Hall; NSA; WAA Swim- ming; Orcbesis. MATZGER DOROTHY HELENE 5; FnB :: Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pelican; YWCA. MAVOR, DONALD GEORGE San Francisco Production , Transfer from S- ---I--, n City College. MAYER, FREDERICK EDWARD San Francisco Art Transfer from San Francisco City College; Delta Epsilon; Occident; Art Wort. AVER WILLIAM DANIEL Berkeley --- - :=. MAYFIELD, WOOOROW TRAVIS Los Angeles Accounting Beta Alpha Psi; Honor Student. MAYHEW, WILBUR WALDO Turlock Zoology Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Honor SUM MEAD, SYLVESTER WARREN Davis Physics. MEADOWS, JOHN FREDERICK Berkeley Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha. MEDLIN, JAMES EMMET Tracy Electrical Engineering Tan Beta Pi; Eta Kapoa N. -; : -- - - MEDNICK, IRVING ROBERT Salt Lake City, Utah Electronics TOIKT and Flame; HEE Prcoram MEERS, JEAN LOUISE Berkeley Speech Alpha Xi Delta; Treble Clef; YWCA; Junior Class Council. MEHAFFEY, DON COLVER Antioch Foreign Trade Phi Kappa Tau; Glee Club; Flying Club. ME1R, PATRICIA San Francisco Education Chi Omega; Pelican; Secretariat; S- : " :,-: -- = -.- = MEINHOLD, GARETH LEE Berkeley MEL, HOWARD CHARLES MELBERG, MAXINE Sigma Phi; Winter Sports Club. Berkeley Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; University Symphony. n , 1 -I, oefKeiey Dramatk Art Warring Place; Little Theatre; Treble Clef. MELLIS, TEPSICHORI Modesto Psychology Transfer from Modesto Junior College; The Califomian; Epsilon Phi Sigma. MELROSE, MARIAN LOIS Modesto English Stern Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board, Treasurer; Pry- tanean; Panile, President; Pi Alpha Sigma; Torch and Skidd; Daily Cal, MENDOZA, DONALD CHARLES Madera Electrical Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; Tau Beta Pi; IRE. MENZIES, . - :; i, ' 3 " = e " : Vsces-.-. ..--. ' College; Bay View Hall; UniversHy MERK, MARILYN MAXINE Long Beach English Transfer fron Long Beach City College; Ritter Hall; Alpha MERLONE, FELIX CHARLES MERRILL. EDWARD L. Oakland Political Science Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor Student; Men ' s Counciling MERRILL, GEORGE DUSCHAK PasoRoWes MERRITT, RICHARD ARTHUR Merced MERSEREAU, CHARLES ROBERTS Los Gates University Music Club; Masonic Club. Student; WAA; YWCA; Horton Hall. " ,- : - - B Engineering Bowles Hall; Orientations; iSVE ' - ; -9 . College; Pre-Med Club. HH iJMfcb Committee; Men ' s Rally Committee; n MERTEN, MARY JANE Beverly Hills Physiology Transfer from UCLA; Pi Alpha S puj -:-; Student; Senior Class Council; Ad Service Bureau; Pre-Med Society. METCALF, GEORGE WILSON Los Angeles Economic Geology Transfer from UCLA; Delta Chi; Mining Association; ThetaTau. METZGER, BETTY SUE San Diego Transfer from University of -=.: - - Delta Pi; Ad Service Bureau; -. .,.. =i = . . MEYER, MEYER, MEYER, MEYER, MEYERS, MEYERS, DORIS CHRISTINE EDWARD HERBERT HELEN SECHRIST RUTH GEORGE EDWARD PEGGY JANt San Francisco Oakland Salem, Oregon Vallejo Hayward Burlingame Physical Education Civil Engineering Home Economics General Curriculum Business Physics Mortar Board; Chi Epsilon; UC Transfer from Transfer from Administration Theta Upsilon; Prytanean; Women ' s Rocket Society. Linfield College; UCLA. Crew. Alpha Mu Gamma; " C " Society; Nu Omicron Nu; Blue and Gold; Sigma Psi; ACC; Honor Student; Sophomore WAC; WAA Presi- Tower and Flame; Vigilantes; dent and Treasurer. Masonic Club; California Engineer, Home Economic Women ' s Director; Club, President. WAC; Homecoming Committee. MICHAELS, PHILIP E. San Jose Economics. MIDDLETON, FRANCISCA San Francisco International Relations Warring Place; UC Yacht Club. MIKELSON, FORREST DEAN Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Montana State School of Mines; Tau Beta Pi; NROTC. MIKKELSEN, WALTER BERNARD San Francisco Electrical Engineering Transfer from University of Hawaii; AIEE. MILES, EARL C. Fullerton Production Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Sigma Phi Epsilon. MILES, MILKINS, MILLAR, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, SUSAN M. ISAAC CLARANCE CURTIS ADAM DAVID FRANKIE JO GERSON FREDRIC LARRY J. PATRICIA ANN PATRICIA JANE San Francisco Richmond CRAWFORD Orangeburg, Taft New York, Whittier Boise, Idaho Oakland Physical Education History Long Beach South Carolina Spanish New York Mechanical Political Science History Transfer from Transfer from Social Institutions General Curriculum Joaquin Hall; General Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Sigma Kappa. San Francisco Benedict College. Transfer from Transfer from Casa H ispana; Transfer from Transfer from University of Junior College; Long Beach Whitman College; Alpha Mu Gamma; Columbia University; UCLA; Richmond Idaho; Eta-Z. WAA. Junior College. Wesley Hall; NSA; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Dormitory. Glee Club; YMCA; Honor Student; Basketball; Navy V-12; Speech Pelican; Counseling; Bridge Club. Arts C lub; GSA. Activities Recruit- ing Bureau; Masonic Club; . Spanish Club. ill KM ' MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLER, MILLERICK, MILLS, PHYLLIS ELAINE RICHARD ROBERT RYAL SPENCER HELEN BEVERLEY T. Sacramento STANLEY Oakland PAUL, JR. CATHERINE Oakland History. Oakland Regional Grcup Pasadena Sonoma Retailing. Political Science Hispanic America Mechanical General Curriculum Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Engineering Transfer from San Orientations; Delta Phi Epsilon. ACC; California Francisco State. Homecoming; Junior Engineer, Editor; Farce; Symphony Men ' s Counseling; Forum. Publications Council; ASME; Engineers Council; SVA. MILLS, MARY KATHERINE Hamilton City General Curriculum Transfer from Scripps College; Alpha Phi; Blue and Gold; Intramural. MILNES, FREDERIC ALVIN Modesto Business Administration Transfer from Fresno State College. MILTS, HARRY JOHN Oakland Civil Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; ASCE. MINK, CHARLES WILLIAM Merced Lambda Chi Alpha; Circle " C " Society; Glee Club. tH HE IE 1 MITCHELL, JEAN CLAIRE San Francisco Political Science Alpha Chi Omega; WAC; Pelican, Manager; Intra- mural Board; Ad Service Bureau; Publications Council; Pi Alpha Sigma; Home- coming, Public Relations. MITONA, CHOZO San Francisco Biological Chemistry Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. MIXTER, EDITH LOUISE Visalia Business Administration Delta Delta Delta; Symphony Forum. MOEN, ASLAUG ERIS Fontana Political Science Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Phi Sigma Alpha. MOGLINER, BETTY ANNE Los Angeles Psychology Lexington Hall; Panile; Welfare Ccuncil. MOLLHAGEN, KENNETH CULVER Saginaw General Curriculum. MONROE, EUGENE WILBER Berkeley Accounting. MOORE, HOWARD EDWIN Orange Forestry Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta. MOORE, JAMES WILLIAM Lonpoc Business Administration. MOOSE, JAMES MILES San Diego Business Administration Theta Delta Chi. hh, US? St SENIORS s T-a-fl MORAN, MORGAN, :. I CHARLES FRANCIS DEWEL E. , " |: Pasadena Baldwin Park fra Engineering Zoology Transfer from taMfBrfrnl Pasaden - ' . :: ' - MORGAN, LLOYD NOHRDEN San Francisco International Relations Phi Sigma Kappa; Delta Phi Epsilon; Radio Workshop. MORKETTER, ROBERT STANLEY Whittier Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Tan Beta Pi; Golden Bear; Skill and Keys; Beta Beta; MORI, AGNES TACKO Oakland Transfer from College. Circle " C " Society; Big " C " Society; Athletic Council. MORIARTY, GLORIA JOAN MORRELL, JULIA MORRIS, AUSTIN PAUL MORRIS, FRANCIS LOUIS MORRIS, HENRY ROSSI Berkeley Fresno Piedmont Vallejo San Francisco Spanish Social Welfare Law Business T --= 3r ii : Pelican; Cirolo Hi mt Sr- t Women ' s Club Transfer from College of Holy Names; Mimmm Club; Winter Sports Transfer from Santa Clara; Winged Helmet; Tri-Une; Football; Administration Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. S- : Ha 1 Peace Committee; Football. . . " ' ' Club; NSA; UC Yacht Club. Rngby. MORRISON DONALD DION S = - Bf-?--- ' : Business Administration Bowles Hall. MORRISON, PATRICIA Oakland I amftrar Design Wesley Foundation; Landscape Design Club. MORR1SSEY, KENNETH CLIFTON Orland Industrial Bachelordon. ELEMWI MORTON, VIRGINIA LEE MOSS, ALLAN THORNTON MOSSER, CHARLES MOTTO, JEROME ARTHUR MOUNT JOY, MARILYN CALFEE MUHLY, LOUIS BERTRAM Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco WILLIAM Santa Barbara Berkeley Baltimore, o- ; . " Decorative Art Medicine Grass Valley Medicine Delta Chi Alpha Maryland Delta Zeta Prytanean; Ad ?--. :; HHUJI Women ' s Counsel- College Women ' s t nVjokn ' . ' -? ' : C : ur. Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Theta Xi. General Curriculum Transfer from College of UK Pacific. Transfer from UCSB; Honor Student; Tower and Flame. College Women ' s C :- Christian Science Society. Personnel Administration Transfer Irun) Union College, ing; Treble Clef, New York; Activities Recruit- Psi Upsilon. ing Bureau. MUIR, JAMES WEBSTER MULLER, ROBERT EUGENE MUNOZ-PLAZA, CEZAR AUGUSTO MURFEE, MABEL LILLIAN MUROTA, KAY KIKUYO MURPHY, CATHERINE ANN MURPHY, FOSTER EUGENE MURRAY, JUUA ANNE MUSSELMAN, HARRY ROBERT MUSSER, JERE MARSHALL Oakland Oakland Guatemala City Pasadena San Francisco San Francisco Long Beach Los Angeles Seattle, Los Angeles ns Physical Education Political Science International Public Health Physical Educaticn History Forestry Political Science Washington Optometry Big " C " Society; Transfer from San Relations Tfafisfcr ircrn Transfer from Orientations; Transfer from Alpha Delta Pi; General Curriculum T ransfer from Sr3i s ;t Football; Physical Education Francisco College. Bowles Hall; Blue and Gold; Pasadena College. Wood Junior College; Honor Winter Sports Club; Newman Club. University of Washington; Pelican; Occident; Vigilantes. Tennis. Indiana University; Phi Kappa Epsilon. Majors Club. Men ' s Counseling; Student. Forestry Club; Glee Club; Varsity Crew. Track; Crew. MYERS, BEVERLY MAXINE MYERS, ZAN ALBERT McATEE, JEANNE MARIE McAULAY, ROBERT BURNS McAULEY, ETHELMAE McCAMISH, HARLEY MILTON McCANN, DORIS JEAN McCANN, JOHN LEO MCCARTY, MARY BURLESON McCAULEY, BRUCE GORDON . Home Economics Glendale San Francisco Orange Oakland Fresno Modesto Red Bluff Berkeley Mobile, Alabama 1 antana Lodge ' Mechanical General Curriculum Electrical Social Welfare Chemistry Recreation Marketing General Curriculum Industrial SB Ad Service Bureau; Dormitory Council; Masonic Club; Home Economics n t Engineering Transfer from UCLA. Delta Zeta; YWCA, Masonk Club; Sigma Sigma Pi. Engineering Transfer from Occidental College; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE. Alpha Gam ma Delta; Pelican; College Women ' s t v " ' ' Transfer from Northwestern University; Alpha Phi Omega; Casa Hispana; Pan He; Women ' s " C " Society; Daily Califomian; Honor Student. Tower and Flame; Alpha Mu Gamma; Treble Clef. Engineering Transfer from University of Missouri; Tau Beta . .: Winter Sports Club. SAACS; Photog- Women ' s Cowsel- Pi; Honor Student, raphy Club. ing; Campus Tonrs; Pi Mu Epsilon; WAA; Housing ASME; Christian Board; Recreation Science Society. Club. McCLAIN, McCLATCHEY, McCOMAS, McCOMB, McCONN, McCONNELL, McCONNELL, McCORD McCORMICK, McCRAY, CLIFFORD EDWIN PATRICIA JOAN CARROLL BERTON JAMES BETH LEONORA LOIS ARLENE LORRAINE BETH CHARLOTTE MARY ROBERT GENE GAIL RYLAND Del Rey Stockton CATHERINE Los Angeles Berkeley San Bernardino Tacoma, Berkeley Dinuba Tracy Physical Education Merchandising Berkeley Electrical International English Washington English Insurance Mechanical Baseball. Transfer from General Curriculum Engineering Relations Transfer from San Psychology Delta Zeta; Transfer from Engineering Stockton junior Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Bernardino Valley Transfer from Occident, Editor. Visalia Junior Transfer from College; Richards Stockton Junior UCLA. Chico State College. College; Oldenberg Western Wash- College; Pi Kappa Stockton Junior Hall. College; Honor Hall; Masonic Club. ington College; Alpha; Senior College. Student; Pelican; Freeborn Hall; Council. University Theatre. Dormitory Council _ McCUTCHAN, McDANIEL, McDANIEL, MCDONALD, MCDONALD, WILLIAM ALFRED GEORGE MARGARET JEAN CHARLES ROBERT DONALD Healdsburg ERNEST, JR. Porterville Sacramento Avenal Electrical Porterville Physiotherapy Philosophy Optometry Engineering Physiology Stern Hall; Transfer from Transfer from Acacia; Tower Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tower and Flame; Sacramento College; Bakersfield and Flame; Band; Phi Phi; Rally Cal Host; Treble Phi Kappa Phi; Junior College. Track. Committee; Clef; Vigilantes; YMCA Cabinet; Vigilantes; Senior Class Inter-Church Big " C ' Guard; Council. Council, Chairman; Crew; Polo. Wesley Foundation. MCDONALD, GINGER ANN San Mateo Social Welfare Sigma Kappa. MCDONALD, MCDONALD, McDONALL, MCDONNELL, JACK HERBERT NORMAEARLE JOHN HENRY JR. ROBERT L. Ventura Vallejo Berkeley Sacramento Civil Engineering General Curriculum Accounting Electrical Transfer from Alpha Phi. Transfer from Engineering Placer Junior Purdue Univer- Eta Kappa Nu; College; Lambda sity; Phi Kappa NROTC. Chi Alpha; Phi Phi. Phi; ASCE. w MCDONNELL, ROSE MARIE San Francisco History Transfer from San Francisco City College; College Women ' s Club Juniors. MCDOWELL, JAMES MARTIN Rapid City, South Dakota Civil Engineering Transfer from University of Minnesota; ASCE. McELRATH, ALDEN, Jr. Oakland Geology Chi Phi; Theta Tau; Mining Association. McFADDEN, CECIL, JR. Stockton Economics Transfer from Western Illinois State College; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Beta Gamma Sigma; Masonic Club. McFARLAND, MYRON B. JR. McFarland Forestry Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Forestry Club. McFATE, NORMAN ERNEST Ordway, Colorado General Curriculum Transfer from University of Iowa; Band. McGAHAN, MERRITT WILSON Hanford General Curriculum Transfer from Fresno State College. McGEE, PATRICIA FLOY Long Beach Economics Honor Student; ASUC Card Sales. McGILLEN, VERNON WESLEY Montebello Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Richmond Dorms. McGOWAN, HENRY FREDRICK Kansas City, Missouri Transfer from University of Kansas City; Beta Alpha Psi. McGREW, JOHN MORTON Oakland Marketing Alpha Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Phi; Orientations. McGUIRE, CHARLES W. Oakland Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma; ASME; Homecoming. McINTIRE, McINTOSH, McINTYRE, McKENNA, McKINNEY, McKRAY, MCLAUGHLIN, MCLAUGHLIN, RALPH WALTON WILLIAM C. WILLIAM ROSS FRANCIS ROBERT IRENE MARY GEORGE N. ELIZABETH J. JAMES ALBERT Berkeley Puente Berkeley Berkeley El Paso, Texas San Francisco Denver, Berkeley Business Mathematics Economics Chemistry Physical Education Medicine Colorado Industrial Administration Bowles Hall; Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Public Speaking Engineering Transfer from Honor Student; Santa Rosa San Francisco Texas College of University of Little Theatre; Transfer from San Francisco Tower and Flame; Junior College; City College; Mines; Eta-Z. Colorado; Speech Arts Club. UCLA; Lambda City College; Basketball; Ice Hockey. Lambda Chi Sigma Nu. Chi Alpha; Senior Baseball. Tennis. Alpha; SAACS. Peace Committee; Junior and Senior Class Councils; ASME. SENIORS . . McMULLEN, JOSEPH WARREN SAMUEL CLINTON GRADY LOUIS Elko, Nevada Big Cabin, .Yi % C V McMEELY, McNEELY, JOAN McCAMPELL W. EUGENE Cafadn Sacramento State Cdleae; : : Stem Hall; TreWedef. :: ? Honor Stadent. ChirBcU DaUyCali Sports Sufr; NROTC; ASCC. STANLEY G. JAMES MORRIS Berkeley Watsonrille Forestry MmM m LamMa Chi Alpha; Relations Circle " C " -=-= :- Society: Soccer, Unhcrsity of Senior Manager; SuUCbn :-?:. ' . - .- Little Theatre. Torlock :-.- :? NABORS, KENNETH LEE Rinerside Trj C: ' ? SAKAE CHIYO Newcastle Foreign Trade- Transfer from MvqKttt NAKAJIMA. -.i- l-. TOSHIO CLIFFORD JEAN Berkeley Fresno OptonKtry Transfer from 1 of EpMrth Hall; PkiCkiTketa. NEAL, NEESE, BETTY LOU ,. History StnUordHall. NEFF, EDITH Vallejo M i ta NEHER, DAWN NEILSON, JEANKATHRYN E i a Tri -= := NSA; Unnerstty; Richards Hall. Political Science Zeta Ta. Alofca; Treble Clef, J-Hi K . JEAN CALVIN CLAYTON NELSON, CLYDE A., JR. ' .E.s: ELMER THOMAS NELSON, JOHN A. JR. San Francisco A :.;--. Electrical Economics. Sa- -i- -. y- M. C: NELSON, VA = - Vi = 5- Berkeky Art Delta Zeta. NELSON, NELSON, MYLON HAROLD THOMAS C. NELSON, VIVIAN LAV1NA NESSCTH, HJALMER OLAF Mill Valley Transfer from Metallnrgy Jnnior Colleae; Tan Kappa Tneu KDHAUS, pULPHB. Si- " =-: : HOME NEWICK, RICHARD : - :.- . Transfer from _:_A A :-= Sigma Phi; rnofcrta PW Pki; University of Hens CoMHing; Micnigan; USCA, Senior CoBKil; University Yacht Project Committee; Ctab. NEWQUIST, GLORIA W1NDEN Los Angeles NEWTON, GENE BERNARD San Diego Electrical NICHOLS, CLARENCE W. Santa Cna rlH : x. .- AIME; ASM. NICHOLS, MARY PATRICIA Placenilk Wild Life Club. SLObfColleae; M X-. Honor Stm Treble Clef. San Mate :-. -v Jwior Class Council; AIEE. ANGELINE Dam Decoratne Art Epworm Hall; :::?-: ! - Secretary. NICHOLSON, ROBERT LANCE -,-.- S,-. NICKEL, DANIEL NICOL, WALTER HARRY NICOM, JACK WHALEN NICOU, GEORGE JAMES MELD, MARJORIE L. NIELSEN, GEORGE ANDRE NIELSEN, HUBERT LIONEL NIELSEN, JAMES RICHARD NIES, JUANITA C. NIX, FRANCES JOY f!f Visalia Berkeley Piedmont Vallejo Alameda Petaluma Redlands Oakland Berkeley Martinez Production Zoology Anthropology Economics Social Welfare Electrical Civil Engineering Business Accounting Music Transfer from Visalia Junior Alpha Delta Phi; Baton; Band. Homecoming; Class Councils. Epsilon Phi Sigma, President; Beta Tau Alpha; Cal Hosts; Junior Engineering Transfer from Chilton Hall; ASCE. Administration Masonic Club. Transfer from University of Transfer from Stockton Junior College; Beta Honor Student; Council; Masonic Marin Junior Washington. College; Lambda Gamma Sigma; Labor Board; Club. College; Theta Delta Sigma. Honor Student. Junior Council. Chi; Phi Phi; California En- gineer; Home- coming; IRE. NOBLE, PRISCILLA MERLE NOLAN, DANIEL BERNARD NONCUTT, NORMADENE NORHEIM, RAY HALVORSEN NORMAN, THYRA J. NORMINGTON, GEORGE RAYMOND NORRIS, CARTER, JR. NORRIS, ELIZABETH JANE NORRIS, VERNON EDWARD NORRIS, WESTRICK Berkeley Englewood, Red Bluff Chico Oakland Stockton Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland English Colorado Public Health Psychology. Medicine Political Science. Business Social Welfare Marketing General Curriculum Transfer from Geology Stratford Hall; Transfer from Administration Oldenberg Hall; Transfer from Delta Tau Delta; George Washing- ton University. Transfer from Pasadena Junior YWCA; Pre-Med Society; Public Bennett College. Phi Delta Theta; Swimming; Water Activities Recruit- ing Bureau; Senior University of Minnesota; Chi Beta Beta; Winged Helmet; Vigilantes; College; Delta Health Club. Polo; Band; Committee. Psi; Crew. Football; Rugby. Chi; Theta Tau; Winter Sports Club. Intramural; Mining Associa- tion; ASME; VXk. Glee Club. . Hh. _ . _ ta_ M NORUM, NUTT, NYBERG, NYLEN, O ' BRIEN, OCKELS, OCKERT, O ' CONNELL, OECHSLI, OKIDA WALLACE ARNE MARIE LOUELLA MARJORIE C. ALFRED JOHN FRANCIS TED S. ROY ANTHONY FRANCES MARIE ROBERTA H. GRACE Sacramento Martinez Alhambra HAROLD, JR. San Francisco Orange Orofino, Idaho Richmond Pasadena San Jose Civil Engineering General Curriculum Bacteriolcgy Piedmont General Curriculum Mechanical Economics French Art Decorative Art Transfer from Sacramento City College; ASCE. Kappa Delta; Treble Clef; Speech Arts Club. Transfer from Pasadena City College; Hedgewocd Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi; Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Cal Transfer from Alpha Gamma University of Idaho; Delta; Pi Delta Phi; Honor Student. Elections Board; Transfer from Pasadena Jun : or College; Honor - . Transfer from Park College; International House, a Hall. Beta Gamma Sigma. Club, Chairman; Treble Clef; Student; Delta ' - ' ' Assistant Yell Newman Club. Epsilon. - . Leader; Rally Committee; Glee Club; Swimming; tefe. Symphony Forum. OLDENKAMP, OLDHAM, OLDHAM, OLIVER, OLSON, O ' M ALLEY, O ' NEILL, ONSTEAD, OPPENHEIMER, ORDAHL, - . JOHN LEONARD BERTON JEPSEN BETTY JEAN MARGARET MARY PETER ANDREW DONEL PATRICK WESLEY MARGARET ANN LAWRENCE D., JR. NORMAN BRUCE ..-.. Rock Valley, Albany Cloverdale Pasadena Berkeley San Francisco McCUTCHEN Oakland El Paso, Texas Dickinson, Iowa Art Psychclcgy Child Development Business Business Oakland Hispanic America Industrial North Dakota bs ' Electrical Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Administration Administration Zoology Delta Gamma; Engineering Medicine Engineering Honor Student; San Francisco State College. Santa Rosa Junior College; Pasadena Junior College; Durant Sigma Phi. Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Phi; Sigma Baseball; Masonic Club. Pelican; Intramural; Class Council; Transfer from Texas College of Mines Phi Chi. AIEE. Daily California !!; Place; College Phi Epsilon, YWCA; Nursery and Metallurgy; Dormitory Council; Women ' s Club President; Men ' s Work; Nurse ' s Sigma Alpha Mu; Flying Club. Juniors. Counseling, Aide. Honor Student. Chairman; Rally Committee, Senior Appointment. i SENIORS i ., BER ORLOFF, OLGA San Francisco Social Welfare - ORTEGA, HELEN A. San Francisco Hispanic America 1, College. OSEGUEDA, EUGENE WALTER BakersfieU English Labor Board; S " C:.-: EM S3-; Intramural; YMCA Cabinet; YMCA Manager; YMCA, Secretary. OSIAS, LEONARD BakersfieM Optometry N LmnMi ' Honor Sudem; Eaxative Conncil; Tiwer and Flame; SJ Emat - Council; Masonic Ch . OSTLINO, BRITT-MAR1E Portland OSTROFF, ALBERT San Francisco Physiology OSWALD, JOSEPH HENRY Chicago Eastern Euiont hH = =e; H E-.:. f : IfeeU University of Illinois; Nev : i s . Society. OTIS, JACQUELYN F. Prtwnont Decorative Art Delta Delta Delta; DelU Chi Alpha; Pelican; Wnmin ' s Counseling; YWCA. OTTERBERG, ABRAHAM Oakland Chemistry. , OU8RIDGE OVERHAUSER, MARJORIE CLAIRE ALBERT WARNER San Jose San Francisco ' Political Science Physics -.,.,.,. ..- ;: Secretariat; OVERHAUSER, OWEN, CATHERI NE M yscs - M- bHi Nnmun Ch El Cerrito Physical Education Phrateres. PAGANUCCI, JEANNE L. Oakland Transfer from Stockton Jwior Cotleae. PAGE, RUSSELL JACK Lcs Angeles tact PAGE, THOMAS H. SaKalito PALEY, IONAS. PALM, JESSE ATWOOD Tan Beta Pi; Honor Student; ASME. Shanghai San Mateo Far Eastern Studies Forestry International Howe. Transfer front Sag Mate r Cclkge. College; tfinpi Delta Rho; Football. PALMER, BARBARA E- WnittKr Art Tranter from UCLA; Eu-Z; Cheney Hall; Delta Epsi km. PALMER, JACK ALFRED Oakland Business Administration Sigma Phi. ' PALMER ROSEMARY Walnut Creek Socul Studies Stern Hall; Little " nea-.-f E ect gns ' -y- :: Sepho- Women ' s SS5S,. PMJKRIM MARGIE ADELLE Klamath Falls, CLARA LOUISE San Fra ncisco PANTING-MENA, NORMAN S.:-- - ' :-: . I Republic of Art Richards Hall; DelU Epsilon; Women ' s Dormitory DuTJI : : .: Relations Zeu Tau Alpha; Orientations; Cal Hosts; Intramural; WAA; Winter Stan : .: PANTON, JAMIE ARNOLD Alaneda Agriortwc PAPPAS, GEORGE CHRIS Vallejo 5?- " =-: :: .-- : I: : Pi San Francisco State College; Phi Kappa Psi; Circle " C " Society; Theta Tan; Mining Association, President. PAREKT, VIRGINIA Oakland Physical Education Mortar Board; Prytanean; Women ' s C Society; Ny Sigma Psi; WAA Physical Eoncation PARIS, FAYNE LOUISE PARKER, CHARLES KEITH, JR. Literature Mitchell Hall. Engineering Sigma Chi; ASME. PARKER, CLARENCE EUGENE Cotina Electrical Transfer from USC; Kappa Alpha; Glee Hnot Masonic Ch . Farce " ; Mask and NROTC. BARKER ELEN DORIS Berkeley .:.-- - :i % z-; :- oa I, ;, -- ,- PARKER, LAWRENCE GILBERT Washington, D.C. IndKtrial PARKER, PARMER, WILLIAM EDWARD ROSS LINDSAY Richmond Alameda .:- - Foreign Trade Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Tan Omega; Daily Califcrnian. Phi Phi. Uniwrsity; Skii - : rt USCA; Ptymom PARRISH, ANNE Berkeley History Kappa Alpha Theta; Panik; ACC Chairman; WAC; ' = - ' -- President; Class Officers ' Council; Driies Committee. PARRISH, THOMAS CEARLEY Berkeley Business Administratioo DelU Tau Delta; Golden Bear; Big C; Rally Commfuee; Senior Manager Track; NROTC. PARSON, DANIEL . San Francisco Mechanical Engineering Alpha CM Sigma. PATE, ARLEEN M. Ventnra Business Administrat on PATEXSH MAR1LYNN ANN PATTERSON, FARRELL MELVIN College; Stratford Hall. General Cwricntam Transfer from Pomona College, Prytanean; Vke- PresMent YWCA; National Reprf- sentatne, MSA; Camims Drives. a, -,,. , rnBfci ma V !? " Tan Omega. PAUL, ROBERT MORGAN PAXSON, BEVERLEY Riverside LEMEN Civil Engineering Long Beach Kappa Sigma; Physics ASCE; Rugby Club. Transfer from Long Beach City College. PAYNE, MARGARET Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer from University of Oregon; Kappa Alpha Theta. PEARCE, JOANNE MARIE Berkeley Art Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Intra- mural; Orientations; Little Theatre. PEARCE, SHIRLEY JEAN San Leandro General Curriculum Peixotto Hall. PEARL, NISSON S. San Diego Transfer from University of Texas; Hillel Foundation. PECK, JAMES VAN OLDEN Van Nuys Process Engineering Transfer from UCLA. PECK, WILLIAM L. Petaluma Economics Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. PEDERSEN, JOHN CHRISTIAN Watsonville Business Administration Quarterdeck Society; Gymnastics Club; Gymnastics Team. PEEK, THOMAS CURL La Jolla Business Administration Kappa Alpha. PEEKE, ROBERTA COLLINS Ross English Transfer from Stanford; Pi Beta Phi; Little Theatre; Intramural ' Symphony Forum; WAA. PENDERGRAFT, CHARLES LOREN Whittier Business Administration. PENDERY, WILSON Ventura Anthropology Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PENPRASE, DONALD North Hollywood Civil Engineering Transfer from USC; Kappa Sigma. PEPPER, BERNARD STANLEY Berkeley Business Administration Sigma Nu. PEPPER, FRANCIS COBORN Berkeley Dramatic Art Kappa Alpha Theta; Thalian; Mask and Dagger. PERATA, KATHRYN MARGARET Alameda International Relations Alpha Gamma Delta; Pelican; Spanish Club. PEREZ, ALBERT Monterey Journalism Transfer from Salinas Junior College; Sigma Delta Chi. PERKEL, PERKINS, DANIEL N. VIRGINIA MAY : Union City Orinda Engineering General Curriculum 1 Transfer from Transfer from Los 1 - Newark College; Angeles City AIEE. College; Phi Mu; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Women ' s ] Counseling. PERKINS, PERRY, PERSICO, PERSTEIN, PERUZZO, " PETERS, PETERS, PETERSON, PETERSON, PETERSON, WALTER MARIAN LOUISE THERESA NELL MILLARD HARRIS NILDA MARILYN ANN SIDNEY V., JR. BETTY L. CAROLYN ANN CLARENCE WINSPEAR San Francisco Richmond San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Kent field San Jose San Francisco CALVIN Albany Physical Education General Curriculum Physics Journalism Decorative Art General Curriculum Social Welfare Political Science Fresno Chemical Engineering Casa Hispana; Phi Beta Kappa; Epworth Hall; Blue and Gold; Transfer from University of Alpha Mu Gamma. Kappa Delta; Pelican; Elections Chi Phi; Skull and Keys. Transfer from San Jose State; LSAA. Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Alpha Sigma; Civil Engineering Transfer from Alpha Chi Sigma; Mortar Board; Masonic Club. Colorado; Phi Board; Card Sales. Pelican; Senior Fresno State Jeep Club. Prytanean; Women ' s Sigma Delta; Tau Class Council; College; Alpha " C " Society; Beta Pi; Pi Mu Homecoming, Gamma Omega; Alpha Mu Gamma; Epsilon; Sigma Public Relations. ASCE. Nu Sigma Psi; Pi Sigma. WAA. PETERSEN, PETERSON, PETERSEN, PETERSON, CHERYL JEAN DEWAYNE BYRON ELIZABETH JOHN WRIGHT San Francisco Dayton, Iowa FLORENCE Caldwell, Idaho International Electrical San Diego Physics Relations Engineering Social Welfare Transfer from Hedgewocd Hall; Transfer from Transfer from College of Idaho; Honor Student; Montana School of University of Iowa; Sigma Xi. Tower and Flame; Mines; Beta Theta Zeta Tau Alpha; Junior Varsity Pi; Baseball; YWCA; Social Debate. NROTC. Welfare Club. PETERSON, PETERSEN, PETTIJOHN, PETTIT, PEVIROTTO, PFEIFER, ROBERT E. STANLEY SIGMA RICHARD TRICH ERNEST MYERS EARL JAMES LLOYD ELLIS, JR. San Francisco San Mateo Pittsburg Venice San Francisco Piedmont - - J .. General Curriculum. Forestry Foreign Trade Mechanical Mechanical Business ' Jto-r Kappa Delta Rho; Pelican; University Engineering Engineeri ng Administration " Vigilantes; Alpha Theatre. ASME. Transfer from Transfer from Zeta; Forestry Jefferson College. Montana School 5 Club. of Mines; Delta Upsilon. SENIORS , BTMCE ; SanMateo b corath Art - Phi; Mortar PHELPS, PETER MARTIN Red lands v?.-a- a Engineering Transfer from KU PHILLEO, LORRAINE J. San Francisco ThetaUpfflM. PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS, EDWARD EUGENE JACK E. San Francisco Santa Ana Civil Engineering Marketing Transfer from Rice Transfer from InstKnte; ASCE. PHILLIPS, MARY ELIZABETH Berkeley English. PHILLIPS, MARY JANE BakenfwM MfcCM :iass, 3M Officer juncil; An Bureau; ;iass Cornells; rWCA Cabinet, EPER, =Y JUNIOR - : Big " C " iX ' f. ' ' - V:-: Storil and Keys; CC; Football. PIERCE, BETTY JANE Santa Cruz Political Science Ritter Hall; P1ERUE FRANK LEE :- p -,;- PINNICK, JOSEPH F. San Francisco Chemistry Transfer from PITTS, MARGARET LAVERNE -=-: " ;- Da :y. C:--: YWCA Cabinet. Alpha Mn Gamma, Vice-President; Dormitory Council; ROBERT OLIVER Alameda Foreign Trade Delta PW Epsilon; Hanintr and DMMW; Honor Student; Unhersity Tneatre; Rally Confute; PHILLIPS, RALPH EDWIN, JR. Hispanic America fKmlnrrtntion Hall; Alpha Delta Phi. MARION MARGARET San Francisco History EpMrthHall 5 ;- = K3.:; = P1A, ANTHONY JAMES Stamford, Connecticut Political Science Fresh Football; Basketball; PICKFORD, THOMAS INGRAM Cedar Rapids, turn Business Administration PLATNER, CARROLL WAYNE i -,; -, Mechanical Engineering Transfer from USt PLIMPTON, EMILY New York, Mm York ' ..- -c BtM Transfer from University. MoManScfeoBl of Mines; Beta ThetaPi. PODESTA, FRANK EDWARD, JR. San Francisco Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa; ' , = ---- : .: r 5 f a 5a . OHL, POLHEMUS, WBERT WILLIAM MARIAN T. Danville Public Health I Delta. Kappa Alpha ' ---.a -- r i :- . POLYZOIS, DEAN PETER . n Physiology - . H - : POPENOE, PAUL, JR. Ahadena Electrical Engineering. POPKIN, OEwn Sa- :- : :: PORTER, LEROY CHARLES Portland, Oregon Bear; Circle ' - ;-.--: PORTER, OVID CYRIL Ahrion, Illinois Electrical PORTER, ROBERT XHN Santa Barbara Marketing CJoyneConrt. POUIJK War Board. POULIN, ARTHUR MAURICE San Francisco Omega; Pelican; Phi Sigma Kappa; " tnw " .: Jhfcnia Engineer; Circle " C ' Society,- Zeta Tan Alpha; Sierra Hall; Intnmnral; YWCA. PW Phi; Srinmung; Epsiwn Phi Sigma; Men ' s Dormitory Water Poto; Inter- Daily Californian; Association, fraternity Council. Pelican: Orienta- Vice- President; bnmEUHl KKKCM IMIICINIA DEANE POUND, DWIGHT CURFMAN Dram SUM Society: Men ' s Colleae; Pi jHdkial Committee; Kappa Pki. Rally Committee; Varsity Detate; SeniorPeace POWELL, ELIZABETH ANN Cm --- torn Eta-Z; Dormitory POUND, ROBERT ALLEN :?:- S College; UnhcrsHyof Illinois; AIEE; IRE. POWELL. JANICE ELLEN Artadena Decorative Art Delta Delta Delta; Delta Chi Alpha; Blue and Gold; Vigilantes; 1; YWCA. PORTER, RUTH ELIZABETH Watsonville Public Speaking Alpha Phi; Ace of Ch s; Honor Stndent; Treble POTTER, NETTIE LOUISE Sr -- Psychology Transfer from Reedley Junior College. POWELL, JENNE LEE POWELL MARY GERTRUDE POWELL, ROBERT SAFFOLD Franklin College; PiBetaPHi. Hispanic America Pni nta; Ptytanean; Engineering ACC; WAC; Transfer from USC. Mtk Council; Treble Ctef, Cart Sates; POWELL, WILLIAM P OWERS, ANN PRATT, JEAN ELIZABETH PRENDERGAST, RAYMOND PRENTICE, DALE CLARKE JOHNSON Carmel Berkeley ARTHUR Oakland Al, lined, i Hispanic America English San Francisco Forestry Accounting Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Economics Transfer from Transfer from Prytanean; Panile; Occidental College. Alpha Tau Omega; Kansas State University of Alpha Mu Gamma; Men ' s Counseling; College. Minnesota; Kappa WAC; Music Symphony Forum; Sigma; Football. Council; Faculty Christian Science Poll Committee; Society. Treble Clef, Senior Manager. PRICHARD, JOHN LEE PRIME, H. FREDERICK Strathmere Berkeley Transfer from Porterville Junior College; Honor Student; Beta Gamma Sigma. Mechanical Engineering Honor Student; Masonic Club. I PRINCE, PRINCELAU, PRINDLE, ROBERT BARBARA MERLE WILLIAM ROSCOE P LAWRENCE Piedmont Oakland San Francisco Decorative Art Physical Metallurgy --. Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pi Sigma Alpha; SVA; International Sigma Kappa; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican; Secre- tariat; Class Phi Gamma Delta; Men ' s Rally Committee; Mining Association; ' ,- House; Bowles Councils; YWCA; NROTC. Hall; Italian Club, President. Winter Sports Club. PRINGLE, JOAN JACQUELIN Oakland General Curriculum Delta Delta Delta; Pel lean; Secretariat; WAA; Intramural; Homecoming, Publicity Committee. PRINGLE, JOHN BRADFORD San Francisco Production Management Transfer from USC; NROTC. PRINGLE, RALPH ALLEN PSARRAS, ERNEST CONNIE PUCKETT, ROBERT CARROLL QUAN, RAYMOND FUN QUICK, SARAH MARGARET QUIGLEY, JOHN JAMES QUIMBY, BARBARA JEAN QUINLAN, Oakland Salt Lake City, Kentfield San Francisco Laguna Napa Terrance WILLIAM A. General Curriculum Utah Mechanical Mechanical Business Insurance Mechanical Hanford Phi Kappa Tau. Accounting. Engineering Engineering Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Engineering General Curriculum Transfer from Transfer from San Transfer from Honor Student; Sigma Kappa; Transfer from Marin Junior Francisco Junior Cottey College; Tower and Flame; California Club; University of College; ASME. College; Pi Alpha Epworth Hall; Glee Club; Winter Pelican; Cal Redlands. Phi; ASME. College Women ' s Sports Club. Engineer; Winter Club Juniors. Sports Club; WAA Interclass Board; ASME; Christian Science Society. QUINVILLE, JAMES ALBERT Oakland Mechanical Engineering. QUISENBERRY, DONALD CURTIS Oakland Economics Transfer from University of Redlands; Masonic Club. QUITZOW, OELOEL DAWN Berkeley Physical Education Thalian; University Theatre; UC Folk and Square Dance Group; Orchesis. RADER, DANIEL LUTHER Berkeley Medicine Sigma Nu. RAKELA, FRANK VIDODRAG Marysville Civil Engineering Transfer from Yuba Junior College; Phi Sigma Kappa; ASCE. RALPHS, JANET LOUISE San Bernardino Child Development Delta Delta Delta; Pelican; Treble Clef; Intramural. RAMAZZOTTI, MARIE LUCILLE San Francisco General Curriculum Peixotto Hall. RAMSDEN, SCOTT CARLTON Oakland Mechanical E ngineering Theta Chi. RANDALL, JOSEPH LAKE El Segundo Industrial Engineering Lambda Delta Sigma; ASME. RANDOLPH, ROBERT ELLIOTT Los Angeles Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Phi; NROTC. RANSOM, RUTH M. Oakland Alpha Omicron Pi; Pelican; Little Theatre. RAPP, RAPP, RATHBUN, RAYMOND, READ, READ, HARTFORD KEITH III EDWARD WILLIAM LUCILLE MARIE CHARLENE M. CYRIL SAMUEL SINCLAIR Cotuit, Glendale Centerville Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Massachusetts Mechanical Mathematics General Curriculum Business Business Administration Zoology; Bowles Hall. Engineering Transfer from Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Mu Gamma; Alpha Omicron Pi; Prytanean; Panile Administration Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Masonic Pelican; Rally Class Councils; San Jose State Washington State Club. Committee; Blue and Gold, College. College; Phi Delta , ' , Orientations; Junior Editor; Ad Theta; Phi Phi; t Women ' s Vigilantes; Service Bureau; Junior Council. YWCA; WAA. Orientations, Director. REAGAN, REAM, REASONER, PEGGY LOUISE F. DOUGLAS ELLEN MAE . RB Bel If lower Berkeley Sao Paulo, Brazil fc Political Science Medicine General Curriculum s Masonic Club Public Administra- Lambda Delta Sigma; Scabbard Alpha Delta Chi; Blue and Gold; tion Association. and Blade. Women ' s Counsel- ing; Card Sales; YWCA; Westminster House; Calvin Club. SENIORS REED THOMAS EDWARD REEDER, =:ss .:; Zoology = : REEVE, BARBARA JOYCE Livingston Pblic Speaking 5-E.E PAMELA MARY . California Institnte Tfs of Technology; Us Annlii City International Honse; Colleae; ASME -. : - -. m Arts -, -j =- 3,.= Class Councils; .: :- t-.-s-. I -. Winter ; ' .; NSA; . Arts CM. 5EE.EE REEVES, JACK EDSEL JOYCE MARIE Napa San Diego Political Science English. Transfer from Napa Jmiior College; Delta Phi Epsilon. REID, CATHERINE C. Berkeley Jonalisn DeKa Zeta; Mortar Board; Prytanea; Pank;Tketa Signa Pki; TOMT am) Flame; Class DMCik; Daily City Editor. REID, WILLIAM JOSEPH San Diego Business --- Ml :- Bine and Gold, Suppers; Rally Committee; 6,3 " C " tard; Labor Board; . - - - - EISER REISMAN, DEL Los Angles lisa AEnpneerinq iphi Tan Omega; Tn Beta Pi; Chi _:_i S pm Delta Chi; Class icih; Pelican m eta i; ss 5K REMENSPERGER, REMILLARO, ROBERT HERMAN VICTOR PHILLIP San Francisco Los Angeles History Transfer from Sigma Chi; Beta San Beta; -, CHARLES L. Dowlas, EARL LEE Sonoma Accounting. REQUA, EDWARD E. National City REYNOLDS, CATHERINE ESKE Transfer from San Dieoo State Colleoe; Inteniational House. Hall; ASME; Winter Sports CM. Englisk Women ' s Cumml- ing. Treble Clef ; Phratem; Ckristian Science Society. REYNOLDS, GLENN L. Arcadia Forestry Transfer from University of Alpha Epsilon; Christian Science Society. REYNOLDS, HERBERT T. La Mesa Emjtacermf Transfer from San Dieao State College; Alpha Chi Sioma; MMUK i v : , - kTHERIHE REYNOLDS, RIAVE, WILLIAM WALTER LIONEL LEE Berkeley Camarillo RICHARDS, -i=.ES . ' . Boise, Idaho RICHARDS, ROY DONALD RICHARDSON, JOHN DANA Comcil; f. ' i- : .-. OE. PETER =. -.- RIEMCKE, CALVIN A. Antiort Physical Edmion Bowles Hall; Big " C ' Society; Mbj Football. RIGGS, LOUS WILLIAM, JR. Rtaenide Oil Engineering Transfer from Rnerside College, Tan Beta Pi; Colleae; Chi PW. RIKLIN, ARTHUR LAWRENCE Political Science Transfer from San Delta Kappa Diego State Colleae; Epsilon; Rifle Team. Big " C " Society; - . : .- RICHMOND, RICHTER, RICHARD, RICHMOND, JOAN CARLAAURELIA THOMAS EDWIN ANITA Y. San Jose San Francisco Cutler Oakland General Cvricntam Bacteriology Economics Dramatic Kappa Kappa MMnlCmanB Phi Beta Kappa; Lrteraure. Cmnn; Btae and Delta; Pelkan; GoW; Intramval. Sophomore Council; Poll Committee. To. Labor Board; Jnniar Debate; YMCA, Chi Epsilen; ASCE Te: Aowrtising Transfer from Trinity UnnersHy; Occident, Atfwr- tisingT NSA;f RIKLIN, S. JONATHAN San Antonio, Adwrtising Tn RILEY, JAMES RILEY, JOHN CLIFFORD San Francisco Electrical UPLE1 MSHI NEWTON, JR. NU Theta Xi; Tan Seu Pi; Eta Kappa N; AIEE. RING, JAMES O 1 DONOVAN Berkeley Political Science Electrical Transfcrfrom E ; " - r Notre Dame; Track. Gymnastics. RISSINGER, DORIS RUTH Vallejo Public HeaHh EpwortkHall; Hoeing Board; -.: --- CM; Phrateres. RaAo Workshop. Senior ComKil; RITCHIE, MALCOLM LUTHER San Francisco Psychology Transfer from Graceland College. ROCKWELL, BILLG. Long Beach Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Winged Helmet; ASME; UC City Planning Society. RIVETT, RICHARD CAMERON Sacramento Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; AIEE; IRE. RODIACK, ROBERT San Francisco English. ROBBINS, FRANK D. San Diego Electrical Engineering Transfer from West Virginia University. RODSTEH, RUTH ELDORA Sacramento Sculpture. ROBERTS, FRANCIS THEODORE San Francisco Business Administration. ROBERTSON, FREDERICK ARTHUR Lomita Park Marketing Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi. ROBERTON, JAMES LYMAN Burlingame Business Administration Transfer from College of the Pacific; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Homecoming. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM DEAN Los Angeles Medicine Transfer from UCLA; Phi Kappa Sigma; Wrestling Team; Winter Sports Club. ROBINSON, BETTY JEAN Merced General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta Treble Clef; Little Theatre. ROBINSON, ROBISON, n ' ;jy ' PAULA. JAMES ROBERT . . MACAULAY San Francisco Berkeley Accounting 1 : " " 1 General Curriculum Transfer from W T Alpha Delta Phi; Golden Bear; Executive Agricultural College of Central Arkansas, i l Committee; ttf Finance Committee; ACC; Conference $ Committee ' Chairman; Senior Peace Committee. ROE, ROE, ROGERS, ROGERS, ROME, RORKE, EUNICE MIRIAM MARSHALL ELIZABETH PRUDENCE A. HERBERT MARK RORE, PATRICIA ANNE Richmond HAWLEY FRANCES Berkeley Fitchburg, BETTY JANE Piedmont General Curriculum Venice Berkeley Foreign Trade Massachusetts Nevada City International Horton Hall; Mechanical General Curriculum Delta Zeta; Beta Production Social Welfare Relations Daily Californian; Engineering; Transfer from Gamma Sigma; Phi Management Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Gamma University Tau Beta Pi; Pomona College; Chi Theta Sigma Alpha Mu. Alpha Mu Gamma; Delta; Pelican; Symphony. Sigma Xi; ASME. Kappa Kappa Treble Clef. Honor Student; College Women ' s Gamma; Tower and Flame; Club Juniors; Elections Board. Intramural. Winter Sports Club ROSE, DONALD HAROLD San Bernardino Zoology Pre-Med Society, Vice-President; ROSE, HARDING Berkeley Mechanical Engineering ASME. ROSE, ROSE, ROSE, JACK WHITEHEAD ROBERT JOSEPH ROBERT LEON National City Dinuba Santa Rosa Physics Mechanical Mining Geology Transfer frcm Engineering Transfer from San Diego State Sigma Pi; Glee San Jose State College; Theta Xi; Honor Student. Club; ASME. College; Theta Tau. ROSENBERG, ROSENTHAL, ROSS, JEROME SAMUEL GERSHON JACK COLE MAXWELL San Diego Pasadena Oakland Optometry Electrical Electrical Engineering Big " C " Society; Baseball; Engineering Transfer from Golden Bear; Optometry Club. Pasadena Junior Eta Kappa Nu; College. Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; AIEE; IRE; Hillel Foundation. ROSSBACK, ELIZABETH V. Altadena Marketing Transfer frcm Pasadena Junior College; Alpha Phi; Counseling, Red Cross. ROWDEN, ROBERT GEORGE Oakland Political Science Sophomore Vigilantes; Big " C " Guard; Football; Newman Club. iis : ROYCE, ROBERT ALAN Burlingame Chemical Engineering Del Rey; Phi Phi; Honor Student; Newman Club. RUBIN, GLORIA FRANK Detroit Political Science Prospect Terrace; Poll Committee; Hillel Foundation; Consumers Council. RUBIN, STANLEY BERLIN New York, New York Psychology Transfer from New York City College. RUCHTI, WILLIAM C. RUDI, MARGARET IRENE RUGRODEN, CLYDE HOWARD RULE, WILMA LOUISE RUNYAN, YVONNE AURORE RUS, WILLIAM PAUL RUSERT, ECKHARTT Janesville San Pedro Berkeley Van Nuys Berkeley San Anselmo ALBERT English Journalism General Curriculum Journalism Decorative Art Business San Diego Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Alpha Delta Pi; Administration Medicine Harvard; Men ' s Compton College; Placer College. UCLA; Prytanean; Alpha Mu Gamma, Transfer from Transfer from Judicial Committee; Peixotto Hall; Theta Sigma Phi; Secretary; Pelican, Marin Junior San Diego State Daily Californian, Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Californian, Sales Director; College; Tau College. City Editor; Winter Sports Telegraph Editor; Card Sales; Kappa Epsilon; Sophomore Class Club; UC Folk News Delegate. Winter Sports Club. Masonic Club, Council. Dance Group. _ . Council. SENIORS = .S5-. .iSE iV, =.33E- PATRICIA RHEA Gtendale RUSTICI, RUTLEDGE, RUSSEL LEONARD HAL GRANVILLE San Francisco Berkeley Civil Engineering RUTLEDGE, ROSEMARY San Francisco RYAN, SAKAI, = :;E ' -i= = - -:sij: a DHU :- -..; : Connc.l, Sab-C-3 -- Ti Ui of Ti Administration Winter Sports : .- := .r -; San Francisco SAKAKURA, JOE Los Angeles Electrical SAKAMOTO, EVA Brawky = .: : - ' - University of Mkhioan. Los Angeles City College. SAKS, LOIS LILLIAN Modesto History EpwrOiHaJI; Sigma Kappa Alpha Elect :- = = -: ; ; : SALBACH, ; - " : -... : MARY JULIA : at San Leandm (j Social Welfare I ' " -: SALE, ELEANOR Red Bluff Puolic Delta Delta Delta; =:,: SALING, SALINGER, SALISBURY, CARL THOMAS HERBERT EDGAR DORIS Pittsburg San Francisco Closter, Marketing Wild Life Jen NROTC. Conservation Criminologv Football; Track PtiioUo Hall; WAA; Cress-Blade Club. SALZ, PETER ARNOLD San Francisco SAMATHAPANDHU, SANDERSON, NIRAT ELEANOR CORRY Engineering International House; MSnK Bangkok, Siam Petrotemu Engineering St. Louis, Missouri SAN SOME, DAVID MARDANE RidgefieU, CnBBBd BJ| SANTUCCI, LEOLA PAULA San Francisco Kappa Delta; University Theatre; Comell Unnersrty; Plii Beta Kappa; Honor Sudent; Treble Of; Utrimoue. [EDWARD CHASE I Whittier VK-J- : = [Engineering SAWTELLE, BENJAMIN MILES San Francisco -.:-.- :- B Alpha Delta Phi; i: tm = ' Winged Helmet; : " .:.-: Crew; ROTC. SAWYER, FREDERICK H. Palo Alto Civil Engineering SAWYER, THOMAS GUY SCARLETT, WILLIAM EDWARD ,.... , .. . ImtSUttd -;? Pi Kappa Alpha; ASCE; Christian Science Society. SCHACHTMAN, FREDERIC SAMUEL Oakland Architecture Cki Alpha Kappa; SCHARRE, JEAN ALICE Fontana English Stebbins Hall; SCHAUFELBERGER, SCHECTER, GRACE LARRY WILHEIMENE Francisco w ittier Pfcysks USCA; Writers ' Ctab. --.- : Stern Hall; =- :- neb SCHELS, MARCELA MARIA Berkeley History Theta Upsilon; Sioma Kappa Alpha. neering . SCHENGEL, EDWARD THEODORE Delano Agricultural _ Bakersfwld r College. SCHLOSS, LYNN ANSEL, JR. Oakland Indnsuial SCHERBA, DONALD ANTHONY 5-- Fran] : LanM di " C " Society; Phi = - r., Transfer from UCLA. SCHMIO, MINOR JONES Knapp, Wisconsin Political Science Transfer from Stout Institute; Delta Phi Epsilon. SOHEDEI DAVID Brooklyn, " Yort Political Science SCHNEIDER, SCHORR, ROBERT MITCHELL SAADIA MILTON Brooklyn College. Berkeley Psyckolow Transfer from University of 55- --;-: ;:: Los Angeles Industrial Transfer from SCHRAMM, GENE M. Talmage Zoology Tnffsfer from New York University; Hillel Fa SCHROETER, WALDEMAR FRANK BakersfieW .-- :- : s ; Track. -: : .: . - SCHUELER, DORNER TURNER, JR. Berkeley Mining Engineering Phi Gamma Delta; Theta Tau; Mining Association. SCHUERT, SCHURZ, SCHULTZ, SCHULZ, SCHULTZ, SCHULZ, SCHULZ, SCHULZE, SCHUYLER, EDWARD A. GEORGE LOIS ANNE NANCY LOU HARRY E. PETER A. WILMA RUSSELL JAMES OWEN Oakland FREDERICK Puente San Francisco Moline, Illinois Berkeley San Francisco Richmond Whittier Mechanical Modesto General Curriculum History Economics International Political Science Medicine Electrical Engineering Chemistry Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Relations Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Delta Phi; Engineering Abracadabra; Transfer from Fullerton Junior San Francisco Iowa State College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Honor Student; Pre-Med Society; Psi Upsilon. Phi Phi; Daily Modesto Junior College; Peixotto Junior College; Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Mu Gamma; Swimming; Track; Californian; ASME. College; Alpha Hall; University Chi Omega; Varsity Boxing. Delta Phi Epsilon; NSA, YWCA; YMCA. Gamma Sigma. Chorus; Winter Prytanean; Daily Californian. Sophomore Sports Club , Torch and Shield; Commission; Social Chairman. Orientations University Theatre. Council; Secretariat. :-: SCHUYLER, RALPH ALEXANDER Albany Insurance and Finance. SCHWARTZ, ROSLYN FAY Oakland Social Welfare Alpha Epsilon Phi. SCHWARTZ, RUTH LEAH Boston, Massachusetts Social Welfare Honor Student. SCHWEICKHARDT, FREDERICK R. Berkeley Psychology Transfer from University of Idaho; Honor Student. SCHWEITZER FREDERICK NELSON Oakland History Delta Phi Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; YMCA; ROTC; Christian Science Society. SCOFIELD, CATHERINE ELLEN Covina General Curriculum Sherman Annex. SCOULER, ALLEN BENJAMIN Berkeley Geolgogy Sigma Chi. SEAVER, SEBRING, SEILER, DONALD PHILLIP ROBERT GENE JAMES GILBERT Oakland Culver City San Diego Physical Education Civil Engineering Mathematics Big " C " Society; Varsity Football. Transfer from UCLA; Honor Pi Kappa Phi; NROTC. Student. SEITZ, SELFRIDGE, SELMI, SELVEY, SEMLER, SENFT, SERFASS, SERR, SERVICE, SETTLE, FRANCES MARIE BARBARA LOCKE DOMINIC JOHN WILBER KEITH HENRY OLDRICH ALFRED WALTER JANE IRENE JOHN JARED MARGERY JOY GERALDINE F. Mill Valley San Francisco San Francisco Del Norte, Santa Rosa Washington, D.C. Rochester, Davis Berkeley Hayward General Curriculum General Curriculum Civil Engineering Colorado Industrial Medicine New York Statistics Psychology Business Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Alpha Theta; Chi Epsilon. Public Health. Engineering Transfer from General Curriculum Lambda Chi Alpha. Alpha Delta Chi; Administration Daily Californian; Symphony Forum. . International House; University of Alpha Xi Delta; Honor Student; Bayview Hall; Treble Clef; ASME; Zurich, Switzerland; Pelican; Class Tower and Flame; Tower and Flame; Sophomore Class Masonic Club. Gamma Delta; Councils; Ad Thalian Plays; Sophomore Class Council. Honor Student; Service Bureau. Radio Workshop; Council; Masonic Band; Debate. YWCA; WAA. Club. SEVERINE, STELLA RUTH Berkeley General Curriculum. SEWELL, ROBERT G. S. Taft Physics Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Sigma Phi. SEYMOUR, SHAFER, SHAFER, SHAFFER, SHANER, ROBERT JACKSON JEANNE WILLIAM BRUCE MERTON HARPER ROBERT DALE Ross ELIZABETH Fresno Oakland Porterville Accounting Laguna Beach Plant Pathology Accounting. Criminology Big " C " Society; Geography Lambda Chi Alpha; Transfer from Tennis. Epworth Hall; Glee Club; Sun Arizona State. Speech Arts Club. Spots; Senior Council; Boxing. SHAPIRO, SHAPIRO, SHAPIRO, ,:: BERNADINE NORMAN I. SIDNEY Oakland San Francisco Washington, D. - Dramatic Art History Economics .: Hillel Foundation. Honor Student; Transfer from -.:. Hillel Foundation. George Washington :-..: University. I SENIORS I SHARON, 4 LOIS AOELE IE. ;-: JAMES THOBURN La Crescent --. : :i S: tma Zeu Psi; GoMea Bear; SHAW, DAVID EDWARD MM Electrical SHAW, ROBERT H. CasaH . Honor Society; ' --,: 5 A:-.;-;. Track; Soccer. College; Bawtes Hall; T ITaBfcrtai UCLA; Delta Tau Delta. Residence Officer. SHAW, SHAW, SHAW, SHAH SHAY, SARAH LOUISE WILLIAM WILLIAM FRANCIS WILLIAM THOMAS BERNARD San Francisco BENTLEY San Francisco San Jose FRANCIS Political Science Baaca Business Political Science Transfer from CM Engineering Administration Transfer from Pomona Jwior Bowles Hall; Phi Kappa Tan; San Jose State; fnifcrtai College; California Circle " C " Society; Sigma Alpha Pi Beta Phi. Engineer; Band; Phi Phi; Boxing. Epsilon; Btae and College; Alpha Utt Gold, Managerial; Sigma Phi; Class Ccsncils; Masonic CM; Senior Ball, Photography CM. Chairman; Senior MARGARET LOUISE San Diego la m SHEARER, DANIEL D. M., JR. Electrical -; - " H SHENON, NANCY HELENE Berkeley :- : -=---- m SHEPHARD, RICHARD JOLYON History : fi: S-.?: SupkensHall. Pi Beta Phi; i . 3 : -;: - Ad Serice Bareau; r Council; SHEPPARD JAMES CANTLEY San Francisco ta n Administration TketaCki; Golden Bear; := ; :- ; ; -: Big " C " Society; = - =- SHERW1N, ELTON Business = - Stmmi . :-- FMfcj SHIELDS, ISAAC DOYLE Dallas, Texas Electrical Engineering Transfer from SoMhen Metnodist UnhcrsHy; AIEE. SHIER, DAVID ALBERT Altadena History Tn TI Ross College;- S pn| - SHIFFLER, ANITA MARIE San Francisco English s . - - ; - . . Literature Theta, Radio Transferfrom Workshop; Harm Jnnior Simphiaj Forum. College; Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Large; ACC; Rally Committee, Ctainnan; Track. Counseling. SIAS, YACCO JACK New York, New York .-: ; Stern Hall; Daily :- :-=- ' . cm . ' .r bn Council; NSA; ::- bU : Alpha Delta Pi; = . ; : i: : =f at -. ta :- ComKil. .- Ml U =,-: UnnersHy Chorus; Band; Musk Club, Transfer fron Northwestern; Phi Kappa Psi; Pi Mi Epsilon; Honor Stndent; -::: = City College cf NewYcrk. SILEN, SILK, RUTH HAPPNER PETER KAMP San Francisco Los Angeles Bacteriology Marketing Alpha Mi Gamma; Transfer from Tower and Flame. DSC; Kappa Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma; Dairy California . -iLVER, -.ETHALAN LaJnlla - - ' .:-: SILVIUS, HERMAN III SOMHf -; H! - ' History taBto ta International House; HSS. Club San Francisco Food Technology Transfer from - ' - : - College; Arch Place; Dormitory Council; Food Technology CM, Secretary. SIMONS, FERDINAND G. Vallejo SIMPKINS, i ' is -:.-. Mill Valley SIMPSON, COLIN GOULD Los Angeles SOVSM JOAN A. P :: w : : -- - ; : ' : :: BV ---:-- .-.-- -. .- ' -:-- -- , Transfer from Smith College; Alpha Phi; NSA; YWCA;WSSF Drne; Intramnral. SIMS, SINE, SINGH, LAWRENCE A. JANE KATHRYN HARDEV Cotton San Francisco Berkeley Social Welfare Hispanic America Industrial Transfer from Pi Beta Phi; ;-,- " - San Bernardino Alpha Mi fl 1 Transfer from Valley College. Calcutta UnhcrsHy; Soccer. . J fmcbeert SIPE, OSCAR EUGENE Inglewood Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Sierra Hall; University Theatre; Radio Workshop; ASME. SMELTZER, RICHARD THOMAS Los Altos General Curriculum Transfer from Baldwin Wallace College; Beta Theta Pi. SKEEL, EDWARD BENNETT Auburn Foreign Trade Transfer from Placer Junior College; Abracadabra. SMITH, AUDREY JEAN Berkeley Electrical Engineering. SKEWES-COX SKILLICORN, SKINNER, SHOW, SKREPETOS, SLADE, SLATER, SLYFIELD, MARTIN VERNON THOMAS HENRY JOSEPH WILLIS SHIRLEY SHIELDS VENETA BEVER LY MARY ELAINE RICHARD Ross Watsonville Riverside Berkeley Sacramento ELIZABETH Oakland EMERSON Foreign Trade Economics Electrical Social Welfare Political Science Berkeley Social Welfare Los Angeles Alpha Delta Phi; Tower and Flame. Engineering Honor Student; Transfer from Decorative Art Treble Clef; Geophysics. Symphony Forum. Transfer from Tower and Flame; Sacramento Junior Delta Chi Alpha University Chorus. Riverside Junior Activities College; Masonic Club. College; Alpha Recruiting Bureau; Cunningham Hall; Kappa Lambda; YWCA; Orchesis. Epsilon Phi Sigma; AIEE. Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Blue and Gold, Editorial. SOGHOMONIAN, ROSEMARY Pasadena Political Science Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, CHARLES FRANK BLAIR GLORIA EVELYN HERBERT HOWARD MATSEN JAMES WILLIAM MARIE E. PAUL WILBUR CLAYBOURNE Pocatello, Idaho Santa Cruz HARRINGTON San Francisco Vallejo Brisbane Long Beach San Leandro Accounting Public Health Berkeley Business Physical Education Dietetics Medicine Accounting Transfer from Transfer from Marketing Administration Kappa Sigma; Transfer from Alpha Zeta; Transfer from University of Idaho; San Jose State; Sigma Phi; Phi Sigma Kappa. Winged Helmet; San Mateo Junior Phi Chi. Kansas State Beta Gamma Sigma. College Women ' s Phi Phi; Rally Skull and Keys. College; Teachers College. Club Juniors. Committee; Cheney Hall. Freshman Baseball; Interfraternity Council. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, ROBERT JAMES ROBERT LOHRKE VERNON LLOYD El Segundo Philadelphia, Richmond Forestry. Pennsylvania Electrical Industrial Engineering Relations AIEE; IRE. Transfer from Drexal Institute of Technology; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; Radio Workshop. SMITH, VIRGINIA LEE SMITTER, REUEL HYATT SMURTHWAITE, BETTY LAVERNE Stockton Flintridge Berkeley English Political Science Art. Transfer from UCLA; Epworth Hall. Transfer from Notre Dame; Sigma Chi; Phi Phi; Blue and Gold. SNEDDON, MARGARET SNYDER, FRANCIS HANS SOCKOLOV, RONALD Battle Mountain, Nevada Recreation Oakland Business Administration. San Francisco Physical Education Transfer from Westminster College; Richards Hall; University Chorus; WAA. Football. SOKOLOW, JOYCE L. Los Angeles Social Welfare Labor Board. SOLINSKY, SOLINSKY, SOLOMON, SOMERS, SOMERS, BARBARA JEANNE ELBERT DEAN RICHARD JOHN WILLIAM LAWRENCE Mokelumne Hill Mokelumne Hill San Francisco San Francisco HUTCHINSON Political Science Forestry Political Science. Electrical Berkeley Delta Delta Delta. Zeta Psi; Skull Engineering. Business and Keys; Administration Beta Beta; Zeta Psi. Forestry Club. SONDERLING, HANS HERBERT Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. SONODA, THOMAS TAMOTSU Lindsay Biochemistry. SODERSTROM, JOHN FRANKLIN Modesto General Curriculun Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Alpha Delta Phi; Pre-Med Society SOOHOO, CLAYTON GLENN Oakland Optometry Pi Alpha Phi. v- hi : -- s ? s aa s-= : ' r ' ; " i SORENSEN, -EN " iuV S:SKE SOUDAKDFF, DOROTHY MARIE STEPHEW Los Angela Far Easten - S: Collee,- lla ftMIt ' I " ; : ; =5 EpmU Hall; Delta Phi SOUZA, MARYNUNES SPAETH, SPALDING, ELIZABETH ANN EMILY LOUISE SPAULODKL ROBERT LYTTON Watsonvilte i :-.; - Alpta Delta Phi, - Welfare CoMCil; Later Board; S Tea. Captaig Upper Dhrisifl NROTC. SPEAR, SPEHAR, KATHRYN WILLUAM PETER Lafayette S B Francisco Pdrtical Science Electrical Tn NSA. Alpha Tneta, :.;...;: --.EN FHjnj -=- :- DetuZeta; ; ;-.s 2::; i 5 j- a-.: ;? : Intramural. DAVID GELV1N St. JOS , Missouri SPENCER, JMCS Los --. Wi itadg Honor Student. Transfer from KU SPRAINCS, VIOLET EVELYN Drtta SPROTT, SOUIER, BARBARA BLYTHE BEVERLY JANE Berkeley Fort Douglas, So: = Afi-f " " PiBeuPhi; OraMticArt BtaeandCoU; Ti ST. FIOYC VB.JR. ST. JOHN, GILBERT ALDEN 5: ; -: tad STADELMAN, :.: = :i :: = :; STANLEY, ROBERT STATON Oxford Hall; - " ' - - -- - Sa: ; Ae ' = Cnril Engineering iCaiOnega; Sigma Alpha Epsiton. Eta-Z; Armstrong College; Unnersity Theatre; Alpta Psi Oiuega. P)Ft iV K STANTON, BETTY PEGGIE CLYDIE B: v Uata STEINKE, JOHN ELLIS San Francisco Los Angeles E f : ' - := t r : : 2 STERIOS, -nno -. - ' . " FresuoSta e STERN, ROBERT CHARLES ROBERT H. Si- " = " : ;:: Electrical STEUER, - JOHANNES San Francisco U i S-.J =! T BhiOM STEVENS, DONALD, JOSEPH Detroit, V :- p. STEWART, BETTY ANNE EICerrHo ST1DOM, CLAIRE MARIE --Ei .Ei = ;;; Pnblic U Wayne Uuwersrty. Staff; Col leae ft CM Ti Ss- - College; Elections STILE, BETT1JANE Diico History ttmfa .- Chico State; i Hail. STIMMEL, :E;E .. ::- San Francisco Phi Kappa Psi; Military STIVER, STOKELY, HARRY C. MOUNTFORD Youngstown, SAMUEL Ohio Des Moines, Industrial Iowa Engineering Mechanical Transfer frcm Engineering UCLA; Kappa Phi ASME. Lambda; ASME; Masonic Club; Photography Club. STOKER, STOKES, STOLTENBERG, STOLTZ, STONE, STONE, STONEHAM, STOREIDE, WENDELL BILL CARL HENRY JACK MILTON PORTER WALWYN RALPH OLIN MARY HELEN ARTHUR JULIUS WARREN Shawnee, Paso Robles Stockton Miami, San Francisco Glendale Napa Parlier Oklahoma Forestry Mechanical Florida Journalism Social Welfare Pre- Legal Agricultural Economics Transfer from Reedley Junior College; Masonic Club; Agricultural Journalism Transfer from Oklahoma College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi. Bowles Hall; Xi Sigma Pi; Honcr Student. Engineering Bachelordon; Ball and Chain; Ice Hockey; ASME. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Georgia Tech; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Phi; Phi Transfer from University of Nevada; Sigma Delta Chi; University Theatre, Publicity Director; Transfer from Phoenix Junior College; Ritter Hall; YWCA. Transfer from University of Washington; Beta Theta Pi. Economics Club, Eta Sigma; AVC. President. California Engineer. : 1 : STOREY, THEODORE GEORGE Redwocd City Forestry Circle " C " Society; Xi. Sigma Pi; Gymnastics. STORMANT, FRANK PAGE Los Angeles Business Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; Tennis, Manager. STORSAND, HELEN MARIE Berkeley French. STORY, HELEN ELAINE Antioch Marketing Peixotto Hall; Prytanean; Phi Chi Theta; Blue and Gold, Associate Manager. Cal Hosts; Poll Committee; Stephens Union Committee; Card Sales. STRADER, EARL ROGER Oakland Physical Education Big " C " Society; Basketball. STRANGE, DAVID ALLOWAY Antioch Chemistry Bowles Hall; Honor Student. STRATE, JOHN PAUL Strathmcre Political Science International House; Honor Student. STREET, MARJORIE ELIZABETH Berkeley Business Administration Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Chi Theta; Pelican. STROH, DOLORES ROSELDA Sacramento French Transfer from Sacramento College; Cunningham Hall. STROPE, CHARLES MELVIN Santa Cruz Business Administration ASME; UC Bridge Club. II k STROTHER, DOROTHY Richmond Advertising Alpha Xi Delta; Pelican; Orientations; Homecoming; Intramural. STUART, STURGEON, STURGESS, STURIALE, STURIALE, STURK, SUE, HENRY LEE, JR. JANICE MARILYN ARTHUR THOMAS GLORY ANN HORACE NICK WILLARD EDSEL GLADYS CHEE Berkeley Santa Maria Sacramento San Francisco San Francisco Cincinnati, Ohio Oakland Transportation Bacteriology Business Psychology. Business Medicine Geophysics. Transfer from Transfer from Administration Administration. Transfer from San Francisco Santa Maria Masonic Club. University of Junior College. Junior College; Oregon; Joaquin Hall; Nu Sigma Nu; WAA. Honor Student; Tower and Flame. SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, DONALD JAMES JAMES ALBERT Gazelle Alameda hn Accounting Business bwj Transfer from Administration. University of tav i New Mexico; Vy- j Pi Kappa Alpha. r - I fe SULLIVAN, JOHN DENNIS Richmond Industrial Relations Transfer from Seattle College. SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE FREDERICK Corning Economics Bowles Hall; Honor Student. SULLIVAN, SUMMERS, SURTEES, SUTHERLANE, SUTTER, SUTTON, SUTTON, SUZUKI, THOMAS NORMAN JOSEPH MILDRED BETTY LAIRD WALTER ARTHUR NANCY IRENE WAYNE ROGER SONOKO ::. WHITFIELD Fresno VIRGINIA Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco :-- San Francisco Business Martinez General Curriculum Mechanical Political Science Electrical Marketing Social Welfare Administration Social Welfare College Women ' s Engineering Alpha Delta Pi; Engineering Transfer from :.. Ramblers; Beta Alpha Psi; Transfer from Club Juniors; Alpha Tau Omega. Daily Californian. Transfer from University of ' I!:: Newman Club. Honor Student; Stockton Junior Masonic Club. California School Colorado; ' Tower and Flame. College; Oldenberg of Technology; Kappa Phi. " t Hall; WAA; Cloyne Court. Winter Sports Club. SENIORS ) CLEMENT LUDVIK SWANBERG MARY L. SWANSON, ETHEL MAE SWANSON, WARREN GILBERT SWEATT, MAURICE SWEENEY, JOHN ARMSBY SWEET, SEYMOUR SAMUEL SYMMONDS, MARY ELEANO J Mario Berkeley Tulare San Francisco LAVERNE San Anselmo Richmond Exeter ,1 Mechan ical General Curriculum History Economics Roseville International Optometry " : ; ' Engineering Transfer from YWCA Cabinet; Theta Delta Chi; Botany Relations Pi Lambda Phi; Transfer from 1 ' Transfer from Wellesly College; Spanish Club; Crew; Soccer. Transfer from Chi Phi; Alpha MB Gamma; Glendale City , Chaffey Junior Alpha Phi; YWCA. Lutheran Student Sacramento Co llege; Orientations; Honor Student; College; ; Books Club. Del Rey; Speech UC Flying. Optometry Freeborn Hall; Hall; Honor Arts Club. Association Honor Student; Student; Tower Music Club. and Flame; Rifle Team; ASME. TAKAKUWA, YOSH10, San Francisco Social Welfare Transfer from University of New York; UCSCA; Student Relation Committee. TAKEMURA, RUTH Livingston Dietetics Transfer from Wayne University. TALBOT ALBERT Rone, New York Accounting Honor Student. TAMURA, YOSHIAK! Concord Electrical Engineering AIEE; IRE. TANGE, AGNES MASAYE TARPEY WINIFRED TAUGHER, JOHN FRANCI Fresno Oakland Burlingame Home Economics Chemistry Physiology Transfer from University of Kansas City; Home Economics CM. Iota Sigma Pi; Tower and Flame; WAA; Swimming; SAACS. Newman Club. TAYLOR, ANNE GERMAN TAYLOR, JACK STERLING TAYLOR, JAMES LEE Ukiah San Francisco Los Angeles Political Science. Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Fencing. Transfer ff ocn UCLA; ASME. TEDRICK, THOMAS WASHINGTON Alameda Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma. TEEPLE, ROBERT VINCENT Pasadena Electrical Engineering Transfer from California Institute of Technology; Cloyne Court; IK. - " -ORD, TOMES TERRY, TEST, ELIZABETH JOSEPH JOHN PAUL VERNAL ALDO JOHN i Bwkplfy Oakland San Francisco Dos Palos Decorative Art Industrial Physics Electrical Alpha Chi Omega; Relations Ridge House; Engineering Prytanean, Vice- Newman Club. Lambda Delta Tau Beta Pi; :rt; Alpha . . Sigma; Glee Club. Eta Kappa Nu; ' L G3 - - Delta Chi Alpha; Honor Student. P, Alpha Sgma; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Judicial Committee ; WAC. THOM, ' JOSEPH CHAN THOMAS, DORIS JANET THOMPSON, CONSTANCE THOMPSON, DERRELL P. Courtland Piedmont RUTH Exeter ical Hispanic America Benicia Personnel Engineering Cal Host; Women ' s Spanish .. AIEE; IRE; j Chinese Students CM Counseling; Winter Sports Club; College Women ' s Club Juniors. Casa Hispana Alpha Mu Gamma; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; TreWt Clef; Speech Arts Club; ' Radio Workshop. THANAS, DONA THELMA Berkeley Music Epsilon Phi Sigma. THAYER, DAVID SPRAGUE Berkeley Chemistry Golden Bear; CanttrtBi : .: THOMPSON, LEONARD Lodi General Curriculum Bowles Hall. THOMPSON MARY ELIZABETH Idaho Falls Home Economics Transfer from Stephens College; Durant Place; Home Economics Club; Daily Californian; CampK Tours. THEDE, MARY LOU Albany General Curriculum Kappa Delta; Prytanean; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Pi Lambda Theta; Publications Council; Blue and Gold, Associate Editor; Pelican. THOMSON, ROBERT JOHN Burlingame Industrial Engineering. THIEDERMAN, HAROLD LEROY Boise, Idaho Architecture ;.--;.;. -_-.. Boise Junior College; Chi Alpha Kappa. THILLE, ROBERT WILLIAM San Francisco Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; IRE. THOM, JEANETTE D. San Francisco Political Science Transfer from Brooklyn City College. THURMAN, PATRICIA ANNE Berkeley Chemistry. THYBERG, WELDON GEORGE Oakland Medicine Phi Chi; TIDDY, REDICK DEWAR Burlingame Accounting Theta Delta Chi. TILDEN, MARY LEE Piedmont Sculpture Alpha Phi; Little Theater; Flying Club; Intramural. TILTON, CAROLYN San Francisco General Curriculum Gamma Phi Beta. TIM, WALTER CHAN Willows Medical Science Bowles Hall; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Welfare Council; Health Board. TIMMERS, FRANK ARNOLD Albany Forestry Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Phi; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. TIMMINS, ROBERT LOUIS La Jolla Foreign Trade Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Phi; Alpha Mu Gamma; Delta Phi Epsilon; Dramatics; Senior Council. TITUS, MARY-KAY Los Angeles Business Administration Transfer from University of Redlands. TOBI, ROBERT Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; ASME. TODD, ROBERT GRANT Santa Rosa Civil Engineering Transfer from Texas University; Del Rey; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Winter Sports Club. TOLIN, EDWARD GRANT Tyrone, New Mexico Transportation Transfer from Holy Cross; Winter Sports Club. TOM, EDDY San Francisco Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Pi Alpha Phi. TOM, GEORGE San Diego Optometry. TOM, TOM, TOM, TOM, TOMLINSON, TOMLINSON, TONELLI, TORSTRUP, TOSTON, HENRY JOHN LESTER RAYMOND MING ALFRED EARL DAVID DELAY DAN, JR. JOY ANNETTE JANET CAROLYN San Francisco San Francisco WING-PON San Francisco Richmond Los Angeles Richmond La Jolla Long Beach Civil Engineering Mechanical San Francisco Mechanical Journalism and Electrical Civil Engineering. Dramatic Art General Curriculum j Transfer from Engineering Agriculture Engineering Political Science Engineering Stern Hall; Transfer from San Francisco Tau Beta Pi; Economics ASME; Chinese Transfer frcm Transfer from Thalian; Mask Long Beach City Junior College. ASME. Transfer from Students ' Club; Ohio Northern; UCLA; and Dagger; College; Treble San Francisco Photography Club. Sigma Delta Chi. Sierra Hall. University Theatre; Clef; Speech Arts Junior College; Speech Arts Club. Club; Utrimque; Tennis; Agriculture College Women ' s Economics Club; Club Juniors. Chinese Students ' Club. TRAVIS, CARL ROLLAND San Jose Marketing Phi Gamma Delta. TEMPY, EDWARD JAY Oakland Banking Intramural. TRENTON, TRIGONIS, TRIMINGHAM, TRISH, NORMAN B. CONSTANCE ROBERT JAMES VON St. Joseph, San Francisco Pleasanton Oakland Missouri Art International Industrial Marketing and Transfer from Relations Engineering Public Relations San Francisco International House; ASME. Zeta Beta Tau; Junior College; Honor Student; ACC; Senior Class Ritter Hall; Tower and Flame; President; Class Epsilon Phi Sigma; Baseball, Junior Officers Council, Women ' s Manager. President; NSA; Counseling; Public Relations Intramural; Council. Red Cross. TRISHMAN, TRIVELPIECE, TROGOON, TRONOFF, UTO BETTY EMILY LAUREL ALICE BARBARA ELINOR THEODORE !l Los Angeles Keyes Bakersfield VERNON :;- Journalism English General Curriculum Berkeley :.- Sherman Hall; Transfer from Delta Zeta. Civil Engineering fe Theta Sigma Phi; Modesto Junior Kappa Delta Rho; tafc Blue and Gold; College. ASCE. . Women ' s Dormitory V Council; Cercle Francais. TROXEL, TRUCHOT, TRUJILLO, TUCKER, TUFT, ALLEN WENDELL JOHN FORBES, JR. ALEXANDER JUANITA PAUL C. Monte bello Compton RICHARD GERTRUDE Berkeley Plant Pathology Economic Geology San Leandro San Francisco Personnel. Transfer from UCLA; Engineering Transfer from Physical Education. Transfer from General Curriculum Kappa Alpha. Compton Junior College; Delta San Francisco College for Women; Chi Theta Tau Occident; Mining Association. Winter Sports Club. TULLY, TUPITZA, TUFTS, TUKACZNSKI, THOMAS WALTER JAMES II MAREK San Francisco Westboro, San Francisco Shanghai, China Business Wisconsin Business Foreign Trade Administration Marketing Administration Transfer from Alpha Delta Phi; Transfer from Phi Sigma Kappa; St. John ' s Golden Bear; UCLA. Winter Sports Club. University; Winged Helmet; Alpha Phi Omega. ACC Chairman; Finance, Executive Committees; Big " C " President; Crew Manager; Athletic Council, Chairman. TURANO, PATRICIA ANTIONETTE Visalia General Curriculum Transfer from San Jose State; Flying Club; Newman Club. .SE Nines J era: - - Elk . -- ,. ! CHARLES HERBERT rlltBKMU ! Chaffer College; , Ta. Kappa Eps n; ASS Slant Yell Leader. : .r T IMBHU THOMAS LLOYD, JR. S:- ' -. , = ::.; i pta TURNER, BARBARA LEE EpworttHall; cCh; CMJMfcn. TURNER, GEORGE ORV1LLE LongBeart Soil Science Transfer fron Long Bead. City College; Alpha Zeta; Soil Science CM; Masonic TURNER, .:- 9MB Yreka TURNER, JUSTINE HELEN New Yort, New York Hall; Telegraph Edito YWCA Cabinet ; Welfare Council; ASCA. -A -. -, ' .A: ; AUCE KATHEBNE WILBUR EDWARD Ming Junction, ' TWITCHEL, DOROTHY ii=Ei=i = .: : -?i II Transfer from Ashtand College; nm Physical DONALD JOSEPH San Francisco Inoistrial Big " C " Society; HvOTpH HnMnj Varsity Track CM. : : " : - " - - ' " - PtllCnMlj MwWMI TURNER. NANCY WAYNE -S i TUTTLE, JUNE CAROLYNN WILLIAM HENRY = i ;-, H DeontheArt DrawtkArt Colonial Hall; Mask and Dagger; DeKa tti Alpka; Unmenity Tnealre. Otcintm. Art Staff; Aft Bwcai; L n eTkaMM -. S: = " TWEEDT, SYLVIA ANN San Francisco General Cnmctani CornHI College; Honor SurfeM; .- ma : IfenM Pre-Med Society. Transfer from Sacramento College,- Gamma Phi Beta, Pelican; Spanish Club; Red Cross. USTICK, RONALD ERROL Taft InaKtrial Engineering ASME. VAN COUVERING, VANDEVERT. ADRIENNE LYNNE VINCENT LEIGH Tower and Flanw; Cal Engineer; WAA; Pre-Med Society. VAN HOUSEN, CLARK JAY SaiMatc Tn Alpha M. Beta Beta; Interfratermty VAN KIRK, FRED WILLIAM : a Unrwrsrtyof Arinma;Ta Beta Pi; Honor SUnfent; AIEE. VAN ETEEMBOIGEi CAROL Long Beach Social Welfare RHterHall; f cm CM r . . BENJAMIN DON Crril Ti JOANNE SELMA San Francisco Foreign Trade. VAZ, CHARLES EUGENE AUGUST MARK Taft Alameoa Transfer from History. Reed College; MILTON CHARLES E di a I: ?=; iS: Illinois Retail Store Transfer from Transfer from San Francisco Cornell UnnenHy; Junior College; Delta Ta. Delta. -( cm i:i- :--. " Delta DeHa BtoeandGoW, Sonhamort Editor; TrebteClef; Secretariat, Yacht VETTER GERALD JOHN hcdkq MEDU GILBERT VIESSELMAN, BURT WILLIAM General Cvricahnn V1ETOR, CARL WILLIAM New York, New York MRS vi=- oia Valkjo SS - - WADDELL, WAGNER, GEORGE HENRY WESTON F., JR. MARION BERNICE ARNOLD i Kws 1 :- = s UnHersity; : B .:: :- YWCA. ARNOLD WILLIAM San Francisco I. " : . _- Williann College; Alpha Deha Phi; -; : m Rosa J -- tai SHU i :; Jwaior College. Golden ' . tM - Big V Society; FMta Cnmmillrt; Pelican; San Francisco J fincbeen tforfo Sight? ! WAGNER, EVA ADELLE Claremont General Curriculum Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Hedgewood Hall; Masonic Club. WAGNER, HAROLD L. Canton, Missouri Foreign Trade Transfer from Northwestern University. WAGNER, WAGSTAFF, WAHRHAFTIG, NORMA EVELYN ARTHUR EDMOND ROBERT Livermore San Francisco Piedmont Mechanical Foreign Trade Industrial Engineering Transfer from Economics. Kappa Delta; San Francisco Public Relations Junior College. Council; Cal Engineer; Treble Clef; ASME. WAKEFIELD, ROBERT R. San Diego Production and Management Control Transfer from University of New Mexico. WALKER, DORCAS ANN Riverside English Transfer from Riverside College. WALKER, GEORGE LEE Pasadena Chemistry Transfer from UCLA; Beta Theta Pi. WALLACE, HUGH WALLACE, WALLACE, WALLACE, WALLEN, WALLER, WALLING, WALROND, DANIEL JANET MARIE JOHN EDWIN PATRICIA CLARE ALLENE BENNIEE F. ZEDA LOU ' MARTHA Oakdale San Diego Berkeley San Francisco MARGARET Vallejo San Francisco Fresno History General Curriculum Business Chemistry Los Angeles Physics General Curriculum Regional Group Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Delta Chi; Administration Alpha Gamma General Curriculum Transfer from Transfer from Major on Japan Daily Californian. Tower and Flame; Phi Kappa Sigma. Delta; Honor Sherman Hall; University of Texas; San Francisco Pi Beta Phi. Activities Student; Tower and Horton Hall. Alpha Phi Omega. Junior College; Recruiting Bureau; Flame; Iota Sigma Masonic Club; WAA; Intramural Pi; Treble Clef; Speech Arts Club. Sports; Community Poll Committee; Service Work; YWCA. Calvin Club. WALKER, MARY HENRICKSEN Redding History Transfer from Dominican College; Tower and Flame; Winter Sports Club. WALLACE, DON CLINTON San Jose Pre- Dental Transfer from San Jose State. WALT, WALTERS, HAROLD RICHARD J. HART, JR. Berkeley San Jose Forestry Economics Theta Delta Chi; Welfare Council, Golden Bear; Represen tative-at- Circle " C ' Society, Large; Labor Vice-President; Board, Chairman; Phi Phi; Alpha Fair Bear Report Zeta; Xi Sigma Committee, Pi; Living Groups Chairman. Council; Varsity Boxing. WALTON, WAMPNER, WAN, WANGER, WARD, WARD, WARD, WARE, HERBERT K., JR. MARGARET KOON TAK ROBERT PRICE GERALD EDWARD JAMES JOSEPH PAUL WESLEY NADINE AUGUSTS San Rafael San Francisco Hong Kong, Oakland Glendale Oroville Morgan Hill Stockton Foreign Trade General Curriculum China Electrical Chemistry. Civil Engineering Forestry General Curriculum Phi Kappa Psi. Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Xi Sigma Pi; Transfer from San Francisco University of Santo Tau Beta Pi; Iowa State. Circle " C ' Society; UCLA; Junior College; Tomas; University Baton; Honor . Boxing, Senior Epworth Hall. Stratford Hall. Symphony Student; Eta Kappa Manager; Orchestra; Nu; Band; AIEE; Boxing Team; Swimming; Tennis; Quarte rdeck Forestry Club. Photography Club. Society. WARNER, WARREN, MARY GEORGE TELFORD Fresno Oakland General Curriculum General Curriculum Delta Gamma; WAA. Phi Gamma Delta. WARREN, WARREN, WASHAUER, WASHBURN, WATHEN, WATSON, WATSON, JOHN EARL NEVA PATRICIA BARBARA LOUISE HOWARD JAMES CAROL MARIE EDGEL LEON Huntington Beach Fort Worth, San Francisco Altadena ALEXANDER Pasadena Bakersfield Electrical Texas Zoology Business Fresno Physical Education History Engineering Nursing Prospect Terrace; Administration Civil Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Pre-Med Society. Transfer from Transfer from Pasadena Junior Westminster UCLA; Honor Pasadena Junior Loyola University; College; Richards College. Student; AIEE. College; Ridge International House; Hall; Dormitory House; Beta Newman Club. Council; WAA. Gamma Sigma. WATSON, WATSON, WATSON, - JANET ANITA MARGARET JEAN ROBERT SNYDER Ea Lodi Oakland Oakland Political Science Home Economics Personnel - Kappa Kappa Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer from - Gamma; Tower Pelican; Home Penn State College; and Flame; Economics Club. Beta Theta Pi. Blue and Gold. - ' SENIORS -.- ] WATSON, RONALD KLINDT WAY, JOHN CAVERNO WAY, RICHARD LEWIS WAYNE, ELBERT P. Arcadia San lnndrn Long Beach ,;,. ; , Foreign Trade Business Chemistry Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Phi Epsilon. Mnrinistration : " : Transfer from Santa Ana tHtamOtan Junior College. University; Phi Delta Theta; Varsity Track. WAYNE, JOSEPH PAUL Medicine. WEJUCLEY, ROBERT HARVEY El Centra Electrical Engineering Transfer from University of Texas; Delta Sigma Phi; Boxing; Tennis; Tract; AIEE; Wester Foundation; ' . ' --.. " ' : C WEAVER, DONALD GALEN Honolulu, Hawaii Electrical Engineering Wesley Cooperative House; Glee CM). WEEDEN, EDWARD STANLEY Los Gates Forestry Football; Boxing; Forestry Club. WEEKS, HAROLD WILLIAM San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE. WEHE, PRISCILLA GRACE San Mateo English Richards Hall; Women ' s Counseling. WEIS LELAND WEISS SAMUEL WE1SSER, J.EDWIN FRANKUN San Francisco Los Angeles Marysville Industrial Optometry Music Engineering Transfer from Salon; T - i- ; ; -_.- UCLA. 5-- ' --- -- Orchestra; Class Junior College; Councils; Big ASME; SAE. " C " 6ard. WELBY, CHARLES WILLIAM Taft Economic Geology Glee Club, Senior Manger; Football; Alpha Phi Omega; Mining Association. MELON GLADYS LOUISE Antioch Social Welfare :.-- --.--- IW WELCH, JACK LESLIE Berkeley Agriculture Economics. WERNER, W ESLEY, WEST, WETHERBEE, WILLIAM EDWARD JACK DAVID MILLARD FERN ELAINE LAWRENCE Salinas San Diego Sacramento Berkeley Electrical Anthropology Decorative Art Industrial Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Transfer from San Diego Sacramento Junior Tan Beta Pi; Salinas Junior State College; COMB Honor Student; College; AIEE. Philosophers ' Club. Lantana Lodge; ASME; Service Bureau. masonic Club; Photojraphy Club. WETMORE, ARTHUR WADE Mamcda l ' :jE ' . Engineering Honor Student; Sports Club; Was?- : C i; sr " ' C -t WHEARTY, WHEELER- WHILLDIN, WHISMAN, WHISTLER, WHITAKER, MARJORIE W. T1PPETT FRANK WILLIAM FREDERICK DONALD JAMES LORINt San Francisco JACK BERNARD San Diego JAMES FREDERICK Visalia Journalism Marcel ine, Electrical ia- -: ,.: Palo Alto Electrical Transfer from Missouri Engineering Political Science Political Science Engineering English " - -- - : .- - -- Transfer from Scabbard and Blade, Transfer HCMII College; Transfer from Pomona College. ;._ fffff - Captain; ASSN. Visalia Junior Theta Sigma Phi; College of Junior College. College; Alpha - ; - ; $ : i ' William and Mary; Kappa Lambda; Cedar Hall; Amateur Radio E-.: CME Club. Occident; Glee : CM WHITBY, WHITE, WHITE, BEATRICE FAYE ELIZABETH ALLEN JEAN HAYS Ross Sacramento Berkeley Medical Lab English Music Technician Transfer from Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Sacramento College; Mortar Beard; Marin Junior Women ' s Prytanean; Panile; College; Colonial Counseling. Torch and Shield; Hall; Women ' s Women ' s Counseling; YWCA; Representative; Red Cross; Masonic CM. EaecMne Committee; WAC; Bine and Gold. WHITE, WHITE, MURELEMMETT ROBERT WARREN Santa Rosa Nashville, 9 Electrical Tennessee Engineering ;al Science Transfer from ;-;.- " -- j Colorado State San Diego State; " ; i ; ' --. :-- Secretary. Kappa Alpha. WHITE, SYBIl MWEmVE WHITED, ROBERT LYNN Salt Lake City, Be - I " Industrial General Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Boxing. Gcnchen College. WHITTED, HELEN GERNICE Riverside mmmonnl ' - ' ' . ' : ' " ' - Riverside Junior College; Honor Student WH1TWAM, WARD BEAUMONT Watenon, South Dakota Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Architecture Association. WICKHAM, MILDRED CEVESTA Glendale Music ' .- ' ;. - - BkmMl :: EV Stratford Hall; Timer and Flame; WAA. WICKWARE, JACK DOUGLAS Stockton Pre-Ugal Theta Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Honor Student; -..-. . - r Daily Califomian; Class Councils; Peace Committee; Homecoming. WIEBEN, ROBERT ELMER Oakland Accounting Transfer from Northwestern University. WIEG, RALPH EDWARD Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration Transfer from University of Wisconsin; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Student TOMT and Flame. WIGGINS, WIGHT, WILCOXSON, WILDER, WILKINSON, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, ARVILLA JANE HOWARD WALTER ADDIE JUNE JAMES DAVID BARBARA HELEN ELMER BEC Dixon MORRISON GEORGE II Piedmont Hollywood Richmond Taft Home Economics Long Beach San Francisco General Curriculum Public Relations Physical Education Mechanical Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s Counsel- Physics Transfer from Business Administration Chi Omega; Pelican; YWCA. Transfer from Los Angeles City Chi Omega; Blue and Gold; Housing Engineering. ing; University Long Beach City Beech Hall; College; Public Board; Red Cross. Theatre; Treble College; Honor Newman Club; Relations Council, Clef; Senior Student. Photography Club; Chairman; Council; AVC. Archery. Axetravaganza. WILLIAMS, FRANK M. Oakland Personnel Pi Kappa Phi; Honor Student. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, GEORGENE MARIE PAUL SIBLEY, JR. Sacramento Education Alpha Phi; Pelican; Elections Board; Intramural. San Jose Journalism ACC; Publications Council; Daily California!); Band. WILLIAMS, RAMONA INGRAHAM San Francisco Nutrition and Dietetics Omicron Nu; Honor Student; Home Economics Club. WILLIAMS, ROBIN ALEXANDER Vancouver, Canada Transfer from Harvard; Masonic Club. WILLIAMS, WILLIAMSON, WILLOUGHBY, RUTH MARIE GLORIA ELEANOR NONA Oakland Hopland CHRISTENSEN Political Science Marketing Berkeley Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from San Francisco Marin Junior Santa Barbara State College; College. College; Honor Phrateres; Student; Tower Masonic Club. and Flame. WILSON, WILSON, ALEXANDER ALICE DIXON MURRAY Hayward Tulare Personnel Process Metallurgy Phi Chi Theta. Theta Tau; Mining Association. WILSON, CONSTANCE JANE Alameda Social Welfare Transfer from Oregon State College; Lexington Hall. WILSON, EUGENE JACK Grand Junction, Colorado Paleontology. WILSON, HOWARD GENE San Francisco Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE. ::: I WILSON, JAMES DONALD WILSON, WILSON, ROBERT MURRAY WOODROW WINDLE, JOHN JOSEPH WING, JANETTE Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE. Laguna Beach Investments Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Student; Big " C " Guard; Class Councils; Baseball, Junior Manager. HOWARD San Francisco Retailing Transfer from Yale University; Photography Club. San Diego Physics Pi Kappa Alpha. Vallejo Psychology Stern Hall. WINKLER, ERIC CORNELIS San Mateo Entomology Glee Club. WINNETT, TOM NORTH Beverly Hills Journalism Transfer from USC; Daily Californian; Pelican; Volleyball; RSP. WINNINGSTAD, CHESTER NORMAN Oakland Electrical Engineering AIEE; IRE; UCSEE. WINSLOW, ROBERT COLLYER San Francisco Foreign Trade. WINSTEAD, CARROLL P. Berkeley General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi; Freshman Class, Secretary. f ' WINTER, ROBERT MALCOLM WINTERS, ALWYN WALTER WINTERS, HARRY KELLUM WINTERS, MARY ELLEN WIRE, BARBARA LOL San Diego Santa Ana Los Angeles Portland, Oregon Sacramento History Phi Delta Theta. Chemistry Tower and Flame; SAACS. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles City College. General Curriculum Transfer from Drake University; Eta-Z, Phi Sigma Iota. Social Welfare Transfer from Sacramento College; Theta Upsilon. WIRT, WISE, WISECARVER, ROBERT DUANE LORNA MARRIOTT BETH M. Montebello Pasadena LaJolla Zoology General Curriculum English Transfer from Theta Upsilon; Transfer from Los Angeles Daily Californian; University of City College. California Engineer; Washington. Junior Varsity Debate; WAA; Intramural; Bridge Club. WITMER, WITT, PAUL B., JR. CORINNE - Santa Ana San Francisco : Business Decorative Art . Administration Chi Omega; Delta Phi Kappa Psi; Chi Alpha; Pelican; I ! Winged Helmet; Elections Board; Crew. Secretariat. SENIORS WITT, WITT, WOLF, WOLF, 4 MELVIN SYLVAN MURIEL JEAN MARVIN JOSEPH MARYLIN HAYS Stockton Berkeley Merced Mill Valley Business Social Welfare Civil Engineering Child Development. Administration Alpha Chi Omega; International Tower and Flame; Panhellenic Board; House; ASCE. Sophomore Inter- Sorority Vigilantes; Chairman; Big " C " Guard. Red Cross. WOLFE, ANDREW PAUL WOLFE, E. LANDA WOLOVEKE, EUGENE LEO WONG, EDWARD SUN WONG, PATRICK P. WOO, FELIPE Berkeley Long Beach San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles Nanking, China Physical Education General Curriculum Economics. Soil Science Industrial Mechanical Beta Theta Pi; Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Engineering Golden Bear; Long Beach San Francisco Transfer from Transfer from Winged Helmet; California Club; Junior College; Oldenberg Hall; Junior College; Soil Science Club. UCLA; Inter- national Hcuse; University of Philippines; Skull and Keys; Pelican. Pi Alpha Phi. Honor Student. Big " C " Society; Varsity Basketball. .: WOODHOUSE, WOOD, WOOD, WOOD, STRATFORD WOODRUFF, WOODS, WOODS, S Ff, ANNE MIRIAM JULIA DIMOND KENYAN RONALD DESHLER LUCILLE ELLICE FRED LOREN RICHARD . Berkeley Berkeley San Fernando La Crescenta Blackfoot, Idaho San Rafael HERBERT fx Public Speaking. General Curriculum Agricultural Regional Group General Curriculum Political Science Napa Alpha Phi; Economics Major on Hispanic Transfer from Transfer from English. Pryta nean; WYCA, Transfer from America University of Idaho; University of Cabinet. UCLA; Richmond Symphony Oldenburg Hall. Oregon; Winter Dorms. Orchestra; Inter- Sports Club. national House; Spanish Club; Photography Club; Amateur Radio Club, Vice- President. WORK, SALLY JANE Santa Cruz Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Transfer from UCLA. WORKMAN, JAMES RAYMOND Alameda Transfer from Oregon State College. WRIGHT, CLIFFORD CORN WELL Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Abracadabra; Phi Phi. suit WRIGHT, DEAN WEST Modesto Marketing Transfer from Modesto Junior College. WRIGHT, WRIGHT, WRIGHT, ELIZABETH MAY EMERSON TURNER HELEN EDITH Fort Worth, Berkeley Caroga Park Texas Sculpture. History English Ritter Hall; Transfer from YWCA; IVCF. Texas Christian University. WRIGHT, MILDRED LOUISE WRIGHT, MILTON STANLEY WRIGHT, ROBERT EUGENE WRIGHT, WILLIAM WU, CECILIA MILDRED YAMAMOTO, KUNIO San Francisco Berkeley San Diego STANLEY Oakland Los Angeles Political Science Banking and Business San Mateo General Curriculum Electrical Sherman Annex; Finance Administration Political Science. Sigma Omicron Pi. Engineering Phi Beta Kappa; Tower and Flame; Transfer from Transfer from Alpha Mu Gamma; Masonic Club; Southern Methodist University of Honor Student. Christian Science University; Wyoming; Organization. Masonic Club. Oxford Hall. YAMANE, TSUNEO TOM Newcastle Economics and History Transfer from Placer Junior College. YATES, YEAGER, YEAGER, YEAMAN, YEAIN, OZELL CAROLYN FRENCH ERNEST EUGENE ROBERT SWIGHT ARTHUR Stockton Riverside Riverside Oakland CLARENCE Hispanic American Political Science Civil Engineering Industrial Kerman Group Richards Hall Alpha Phi; Honor Student; Transfer from Annapolis; Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Business Administration Alpha Mu Gamma. Tower and Flame. Delta Tau Delta; Football. Transfer from Chi Epsilon; Fresno State Honor Student; College. ASCE. YEE, HENRY STEPHEN Berkeley Accounting Big " C " Society; Circle ' " C " Society; Water polo; Swimming. YEE, JOEF. Sacramento Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. YOAS, STEPHEN ELMER Alameda History. YOPP, WILBERT LOUIS Marion, South Dakota Marketing. YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, YOUNG, ZEOLI, Z1EGLER, ALICE VIRGINIA BARBARA JANE BENJAMIN IRA DAVID CONRAD ELEANOR RUTH FLORA JANE NORMA MILDRED WENDELL GENE WESLEY RUTH EMILY Hay ward Berkeley Petaluma Half Moon Bay Modesto San Francisco Oakland RAYMOND Millbrae Stockton Recreation General Curriculum Business Personnel and Home Economics General Curriculum Education Fillmore Electrical History Alpha Delta Chi; Alpha Gamma Administration Industrial Relations Masonic Club; Chinese Students ' YWCA. Plant Pathology Engineering Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; Calvin Club; Delta; Pelican; Intramural; Transfer from Home Economics Club. Transfer from Transfer from Tower and Flame; Recreation Club. Treble Clef; Architecture University of Club. Fresno State College of Pacific; Blue and Gold; Sophomore Association. New Mexico; College; Eta Kappa Nu, Pelican; Vigilantes; WAA. Kappa Sigma. Theta Chi. President; Sigma Cal Engineer. Xi; Tail Beta Pi; Honor Student; Engineers ' Council; Gymnastic Team; AIEE; IRE; NROTC. ZUMWALT, JEAN A. Berkeley Dietetics Transfer from University of Utah; Eta-Z. JACOBY, JOHN ST ANTON Oakland Business Administration. PECK, JOHN STAFFORD Piedmont Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Crew, Junior Manager. SENIORS . NIGHT WORKER . . . and tun miaum M roister was Dail) Cal Editor VIC BOGART. ii many things, Vic continued his extraordii of being " both " opinionated ml Imiuaiil at home behind typewriter or poker Kand, Mil known wit DC working gals. Vic, a grw operator, will carry on his operations as a the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. SYLVIA COLO- idy of specialized nd remained the s were (specially :3 ;:r: ?- b faced, serious minded " Red " wants a position with the Slate Department ' s Cultural Relations Pi mum, come SHORT CHARGE . . RADA, who handled corses, Prytaaean light of Sooth Hall, fond of Sylvia ' s METICULOUS ... good looking Judicial Committee Chairman, JOE EHRMAN bailed daily from Bowles Hall. not keeping UC students toeing the mark, corn- educator Ehrman mastered a local troop of Boy Witt a thorough knowledge and ability for conscientious Joe led troops o ' er " scouting, " extra hours were spent behind the " stage door " as talented lighting technician and Hammer and Dimmer member. explanation, likable, hill and dale. While til " ITSIE " . . . Associate Editor cf Blue and Geld, JEANIE HAHAN lolled intc many rnlhrjiMf executive positions and successfully fulfilled them by her languid efficiency. Intramural Chairman, Prytanean, Jean gained fame by little effort, effective results, and no nervous break- down ... an unusual record! Always late, but excused because of good disposition, sense of humor, and attrac- tive blonde appearance, Jeanie " Delt " in many interests throughout her Cal career. BLADE BENDING . . . Benedict frcffl Berkeley was crew man DAVE TURNER. Big " C " Society member, ' Little Dave " claimed to be a bagpipe artist. Easy going, ambling Dave lorn) gardening, especially roses, but sped up to fly navy reserve hours. Wife Dorothy rliimrd be ate more than any other crew man, especially potatoes. Dae hoped to use bis Scotch ancestral financial talent when launching Mo an import-export i .-. . SIR. ... " 3 ;.f3:-rf.;-:-:-r3- : ;:; : lion and love of the outdoors was ASUC Vice- President, GINNY CARPENTER. Scholastic hours were spent over a Imdicapt design board, but Gimy also skied, golfed, and painted in water color. A tremendous optimist, kind and unselfish, she was a component of every women ' s honor society, including Cal CM) and Mortar Board. As Sigma Kappa sisters know she still found time to acquire Dan ' s Theta Delt pin. J to join the pro-playing L.A. Dons. Big " C " Society, d ' 7ug, " enjoyed e Horse. " A great : -. Ink i nth this fall CAL GAL . . . depicted typical, collegiate Daily Cal City Editor CATHY REID, and entitled her local news- paper column. While not in lower Elblemai, Cathy attended Mortar Board meetings, practiced driving her snazzy Mack convertible, attended Pryt meetings, prac- ticed driving, took minutes for the Senior Class, and practiced driving. Delta Zeta sisters saw a lovely hedge ruined before Cathy learned to drive, that is. Deke to count his honors for an hour and then II was renowned for his hearty laugh and sharp homor. He found time to be an Honor Student, Baton, and Musk Council member too. 119 SINGING POLITICIAN ... BOB LUCAS could be found with his feet on the desk at 112 Eshleman. A great music appreciator and member of University Chorus, he also got A ' s in Poli Sci. Strawberry blond Bob was not too prone to study as he said, " men who are too intelligent lose their hair. " However, he did an excellent job as chairman of Orientations and occupied a strong chair at ACC meetings. VIVACIOUS ... and charming BUNNY SOUTHERN really added sparkle to Welfare Office. A harder work- ing, more efficient chairman never sat in the swivel chair at 402 Stephens Union. Bunny, a Poli Sci and Econ Major, had definite ideas for improving student .welfare and world government in general. We understand the sensational Welfare Council shindig at her home needed no improvement! An inveterate Tap Room visitor, Bunny maintained good grades as well as efficient effort at activities. " NOT LONG FOR THIS WORLD " declared TOM TULLY, who has been chairman more times than you have. Alpha Delt, Golden Bear, Winged Helmet Tully was always acquiring a new activity. With a list of them which would cover this page, Tom spent days just going to meetings. He could oft ' be found with a gavel in his hand at ACC, Athletic Council, or Big " C " Society meetings, not to mention numerous others. NATURAL . . . " Barb, " a gal ycu can really count on is Berkeley girl BARBARA SKILES. Besides being Chair- man of Women ' s Judicial Committee and the Orienta- tions Sub-chairman, Barb graced Torch and Shield, Prytanean, and Mortar Board meetings. Probably Barb is the only girl tapped for Mortar Board while in Ccwell Hospital! Best minutes, though, were spent with horse, Duchess, or designing houses on tablecloths! She had a terrific time at the Washington Convention too! DOLLAR SIGN ... is what you see reflected in the blue eyes of JIM CAMPBELL, sales promoter and manager of the Blue and Gold. Iron Mask Campbell, the Acacia pledges call him. He ' s really a gentle soul though. A lover of the Pearl of the West, Phi Phi meet- ings, the " Alley " and " Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women, " (the song we mean), Jim was a man possessed with many managerial worries. RECIPE MINDED . . . and an avid apartment hunter was engaged senior ROBERTA DUTRO. Despite being a P.E. Major, Bobbie had energy left over for the chair- manship of ASUC Card Sales, ACC, Prytanean and Delta Zeta. Vacation daze were spent on skis or at the Russian River. Bobbie spent her working hours trying to discover how to keep people from lending student body cards at football games. . Mil AMIABLE . . . engaged, and prospective College of Marin line coach depicts HARRY PIEPER. As president of Big " C " Society Harry did a fine job. His superior character and ability is reflected also as a member of Tri-Une, Skull and Keys, and as captain of the 1946 California gridiron. This P.E. Major maintained besides a position on ACC. With a quiet sense of humor, Harry vainly manipulated a car which was not always in the best running order. PERSUASIVE . . . mastermind behind YWCA drives and Women ' s Ex Board was found to be JEAN HOWDEN. A Carmel-ite at heart, she had the good fortune to be a native. Stern Hall roommates were ever haunted by the beat of Jean ' s typewriter, working out one of her numerous agendas. This Mortar Board member plans combining college activities with life work, and become a permanent " Y " worker. She ' ll do a terrific job tco. INVESTMENT BANKER ... is the ultimate aim of HARRY FLEDDERMAN. This senior ' s analytical mind tended toward a " scientific " budge and lent itself often to Ex Committee motions and commotions. PiKA ' s lost their intramural basketball star last semester when Harry argued the referee into a state of collapse. Regard- less of this athletic snub, the Rep-at-Large remained an avid all-around sports fan. 120 :: - -. GENTLEMAN FARMER ... is the heart ' s desire of Daily Cal Manager PETE SCHULZ. This International Relations major wants to get away from it all where the weather is warm and the work is light. PiKA Pete, active on Pub Council, says any job would be less work and better paid than the one he holds now. He even took an Ag course in preparation for the wide open space come June. " EMPIRE " ... is a perfect connotatien for tall stylish LORRAINE COOK, who ' d like to go back to that little grass shack on San Pablo. " Trader Vic ' s " tropic atmos- phere covets spare hours of the efficient Pelican Women ' s Director. She found time, though, for class councils and Prytanean. A Chi sisters believe Empire thought up those first rate Rally Committee card tricks while lolling on sunny southern California beaches. UNPREDICTABLE ... is the adjective for suave Beta PHIL GREGORY. As " Sports " Editor of Daily Cal Phil never missed an athletic encounter. He considers Rugby the " sport " of the gods which probably signifies some- thing. Daily Cal workers hold Phil responsible for the organization of the Eshleman Athletic League. This ' " sports " authority also studies group behavior, probably the reason for his well-nigh professional " sports " cover- age in the Examiner, Gazette, and other local papers. is LITTLE MISS ENTHUSIASM ... the bubbling energy of pretty POLLY MANSFIELD is the envy and joy of all her activity associates. You ' d never guess Polly is a worrier, probable result of an over active Phi Beta Kappa mind. She ' s also an interior decorator, since care of Senior Women ' s Hall has fallen to her under her role of Senior Class Vice-President. Pi Phi sisters wonder about her " caged lion " wanderings about the house Polly ' s just thinking abcut a prospective European tour. SHARP AS THEY COME . . . Senior Football Manager BUD LUTZ is known for his wit, bidding and making seven no trump, and never cracking a book. The Phi Psis can ' t understand how he keeps up their grade average, but he gets A ' s in Poli Sci. A man who puts his mind to things, " Mr. Bud " is well known in Big " C, " Skull and Keys, and Winged Helmet circles. He ' s no social dud either. " I ' M GOING TO MAKE A PROFOUND STATEMENT " . . . according to accordion playing DORIS MEYERS, presiding over WAA meetings. Mortar Board boasts the membership of friendly " Dode, " the girl with the reputation for always remembering names. This honor society collector is happier collecting little camp proteges for a trudge through the mountains. Perhaps the hills are step higher towards reaching ' " Star Dust, " the real height of song writing, according to Dode. i MUSICAL MANAGING MANAGER ... JOE WILLITS is an upper Eshleman inmate. Cal Club, Music Council I the ACC Chairmanship keep his ncse to the social idstone. Obviously his favorite people staff Glee Club i Treble Clef, for they most often occupy seats of m Joe ' s old-look new breakdown Buick. Always is asking someone how Glee Club sounds. Surely he I know, he helps in sounding it! No kidding though tat, we like that singing from Senior Men ' s Bench. MODESTO MEL . . . proudly acclaims the home town of MARION MELROSE, ever (ett) a Stern Hall Leader Junior Phi Beta Kappa, Daily Cal Manager, etc., etc. But if you ask Mel, everetthing is " Jack. " Modesto is soon forgotten if you mention trips to Oroville in a yellow convertible. Just a hint! Don ' t ever(ett) play bridge with this auburn haired gal; she has mystical mind reading powers. LOVER AND A DANCER . . . betokens interested and interesting PAUL ROBINSON. He has been a President more times than you, I ' ll wager. Seriously, Paul has been a completely competent President of Alpha Delta Phi. I. F. C., etc. Yet Paul has an inordinate passion for other peoples swivel chairs. Capable, caprici- ous, " cashmere " Robinson claims the true love of his life to be silky haired, brown eyed Pamela, Newfound- land who pledged Pi Phi last semester. 121 PROGRESSIVE . . . Bowles Hall man, CLARK MASER, cuts quite a figure on the dance floor and tennis court. But a quick look at a record of ASUC Rep-at-Large, YMCA vice-president, and Ex Committee membership, Shows Clark as a busy business man top. This lad from the " Windy City " is noted for exercise of the vocal chords, a definite attribute in launching forth into his prospective legal career. THE LITTLE ONE . . . exemplifies Women ' s Rep, JEAN WHITE who according to the Tri Delts gets more sleep than any other Big Wheel on campus. Jean writes terrific popular songs, possesses a cello called Timothy, and spent her last semester traveling North and South. Ex Committee, Women ' s Day, Mortar Board and a raft more kept Jean on her toes; still she was raring to go when anyone mentioned entertaining a visiting team. PERSONALITY . . . sums up BRUCE ELLITHORPE, singing salesman. Sounding bass in a quartet, Bruce invited the threesome into his Pelican Managers Office to rehearse. Then off to the gym for a flex of muscles, Bruce otherwise may be found in Glee Club office, Pub Council, Phi Phi meetings, Del Rey House, or MCing a local show. This extroverted character will surely bring Bruce success in his chosen field of advertising. : ti v --! : CINDY . . . CYNTHIA PARKER passed hours in her Daily Cal Advertising Manager office, complaining about her long straight blond hair, and wishing for the " good old days " when she didn ' t have to study. She loved clothes and wild parties and feared a fate of grammar school teaching. Cindy expected a lot from others, being a terrific worker herself, who reached the top through concentrated effort. TRADITION TRENTON . . . NORMAN TRENTON kept up with the Senior Class President adage of being married. Compared with Jesse James (they ' re both from St. Joe, Missouri) Norm is just as big a dealer. This is evidenced in his NSA effort and successful Bob Hope show. But this man of witty, drawling speech, especially enjoys dealing up delicious delicacies in his home kitchen. Should be good training for his future market- ing work. NIMBLE KNITTER . . . describes MARCIA GRAY to a sweater. You should see her latest sur-realistic effort! As Staff Director of Daily Cal, Marcia really kept the Freshmen toes to the line, and that ' s no yarn. This Mortar Beard pearl of Gamma Phi is famous for parties thrown at home, never dropping her role as a gracicus hostess. Friends say her dry humor keeps you in stitches. " !?:] tair a HOME ON THE RANGE ... the aim of BOB DAL PORTO, Alpha Delt future farmer. As a successful Tau Bet engineer, Bob still found time to play halfback on the gridiron, become ASUC Rep-at-Large, Golden Bear, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, and Honor Student. Favored leisure hours were spent with wife, son, and movie camera on his Contra Costa ranch. NEW LOOK ... was adhered to by JEAN MITCHELL, the A Chi with a bow in her hair. This active lass had the phenomenal record of jumping from Pelican staff junior into the Pelican manager ' s swivel chair. Jean spent scholastic hours avoiding term papers, leisure hours learning golf, eating steak, and shopping for new look clothes. Prytanean, Pub Council and numerous boards often times held Jean ' s interest. ALMOST A NATIVE . . . Writer DAVE BARY ' S trip to Mexico resulted in ever a year ' s stay, with indoc- trination into the Spanish speaking way of life. This Pelican Editor loves to travel, but has never ridden a train. He ' d like to live in the Andes on red steak and red wine, and write, and write and write. Dave is ever ready with a humorous comeback and gets along famously with artistic Lloyd. 122 - . SWUNG A MEAN PADDLE ... did SAM RIKLIN fanner ping-perg champion. He really smmg ,o Cal too and ended it an outstanding record of radio promotion not and public relations committees. Although an activities " Major, this red-headed member of a ' 48 famiry act, managed to play tennis, wrestle, mt inhabit " (hears. " Alpha Delta Sigma and terrific orker in public relations, Sam has a great advertising i . . :;J ... INTRIGUING . . . Spmrrti sneaking ANN POWERS abided years in sndi fascinating nooks as Bolivia and Carmel. Prytanean, Treble Clef Manager, WAC, liked to pass off-hours riding horseback or coffee at I House. Tri Deft sisters toU ns she had a special yen for ASUC Presidents, particularty he of ' 46, tang : - IINDCD . . . political and otherwise was JACK progressive Daily Cal Editor. After a suc- cessful term in the ASUC Rep-at-Large office. Jack filed candidacy for a state legislature position. Golden Bear and Cal Cm member, he considered life ' s great tragedy the has of specially printed " Jack Howard " pencils. The ringing clang of Jack ' s cow bell will ever be lunun- bered by DC banqueters. from a village " of five bun Ming personality easily led her lions Board, Intramural, and I ::- ---,--_, -.--_--- :-_: ry bland Hots and chile. Twice er, present at all athletic event -.? " : ;: - : SERIOUS . . . Berkeley I Hail- was CHUCK HANGER who -:- outstanding, basketball TOM : : floor and on the campus, r tre- changed Chuck. Cal Out, ire for art Keys easily came his : : : : with complete seriousness, - a good grade ivtram; and SMILING THROUGH . . . bubbling, bright but busy- 1 as an business-like JEAN HEPFER lived through her last year I on the as Blue art Gold Editor art Prytanean President simul- cted nor taneously. With a mad passion for cokes, coffee. Mounds, ind Skull art the Ijmbi, Jean jmuprJ through Cal with an . -.-.--: interest in everything art every pun! Tri Delt sisters were ftt ' amazed at her ability to remain cheerful regardless of :. - trying tasks. Thoughtful thinker, efleivescent " Hep " looked forward to advertising work followed by Europe. -IRESIDER . . hcmebooj a j " pall star ANDY WOLFE. Artho I Bear, Winged Helmet, Cal Clu Society Andy ' s heart 1 Vard at dances, etc. Favorite y.- :- " - ---. - -- : m --. . : DnwpM I . INDIVIDUAL . . . peninsular CONNIE PFUND called the Alpha Phi house her college home. Mortar Board, Prytanean, YWCA Cabinet, art Class Councils were well knunn to her through pepper persistent participate " Connie loved ijmahanin and collected rocks in spare hours. An enthusiast over different things she confessed a strange passion for chicken livers, and took great interest in anyUrng out of the ordinary. Holidays Carmel were always found to be stimulating resourc fultoi STICKLER FOR PROCEDURE . . Chi fraternity brothers of PAT FLOWERS. A terrific organizer in bouse interests or as ASUC Rep-at-Large, Pat used is sharp mind and extroverted personality to great advantage. His great interests in the common good of ASUC and Varsity Track, changed last year to the home attention of wife, daughter, and an airedale pap. A scholar too. Tan Beta Pi, Pat is I " .=: ; B : -; - -; ' -- 123 COSMOPOLITAN . . . skier, Carmel-ite, music lover, beer-at-the-beach BILL GWYNNE adds just that extra dash to the NSA office. While not at Symphony Forum, this talented wit exhibits his boogie-woogie ability on the Chi Phi bar piano. With an eye to the future, international relations major Gwynne hopes to do grad work in Geneva. Bill can ' t decide if he likes women because they knit argyles, or argyles because women knit them. LIBERALIST . . . and hailing clear from Manila in the Philippines was ANN BROOKMAN. As a straight- forward enthusiast, she expressed opinions at Judicial Committee, councils, Prytanean and Mortar Board meet- ings. Many hours were spent buried under Poli Sci papers in South Hall. Ann loved parties and found them excellent opportunities to meet and talk with people. Individualist Brookman plans international relations grad work at Cornell. AN ARTIST AT HEART ... was athlete JOHNNY GRAVES, California star fullback of 1947. His leisure time was spent in portrait painting! Hitting every men ' s honor society on campus kept all-around man Graves with a full calendar. Johnny will be back at Cal next year too, as Bear backfield coach that is if Sigma Nu brothers will let him forget being voted " most datable football player. " DYNAMIC . . . direct, capable, astounding, attractive KAY RIIPA did more for councils and boards that is written in history. She attended five or six meetings per day, efficiently performing duties of several people. ACC, Women ' s Dorm Council, and Living Groups Council fell easily Into her hands. But Kay, the constant knitter with an explosive personality, really looked up to her six foot eight SAE fiance, Bill. SHY ... likable guy, TOM BRYANT, jumped into Big " C " Society via track competition. The " Eagle " name held over from sophomore days acquired the honors of Golden Bear and Skull and Keys somewhere along the way. Also he found time to match his Alpha Delt pin with a DG one (Peggy) and an engagement followed. Good natured Tom, majoring in Business Administration, is undecided yet concerning future prospects. CAMPER ... and really at home in the High Sierras is MARION PERRY, outstanding woman about Hearst Gym. President of Mortar Board and Women ' s " C " Society only suggested Marion ' s powers, but real enjoy- ment came with her camera and future thoughts of travels. This fall will find Marion back at UC with a teaching fellowship. Don ' t tell Marion is a Fy-Bate the bain of her existence! P MAGGIE BABY . . . this and a gay chortle marked MARGARET, second famous member of the FAY clan. Phi Beta Kappa, Prytanean, and outstanding in activ- ities, Margaret bid Theta sisters adieu for a junior year in Geneva. Back at Cal, a senior, Maggie pursued international relations and found a place as Red Cross chairman. Other favorite hours were spent in acquiring a wonderful tan and knitting sweaters for Norm. UNCLE FISH ... an unusual name for a phenomenal man, STAN MORKETTER. This Kappa Sig president found time to win hundred yard dashes, head Skull and Keys, and be captain of both swimming and water polo teams. Yet he was ever ready to trip the light fantastic of party time until the wee hours. Popular and sincere, Stan managed to come out with top grades. Amazing, isn ' t it! VITAL . . . girl with top NSA contacts on every campus is Kappa SALLY HOLT. Adding that extra sparkle, Sally drove Chevrolet-loads of people to NSA, Prytanean, Torch and Shield meetings, and to Carmel. A capacity for peanut butter may be the reason for her never ceasing vitality, and her skiing and swimming ability. WSSF holds a place open for Sal as traveling Secretary, on completion of a European tour. 124 THE COOK . . . wandered across campus wit bis black Great Dane pal Enc a-.; s-s.f?: = s: U the al : H Al WALT t fi S = " " Gradnated from the School of Forestry, be went rntethe pharmacy business so . 1 1 be back for another aegrw Wife Kit a- ' " f--=! 3:- : -2 2 V executive and practical joker. PIN COLLECTION . . . iKlufiti honor societies. Phi Beta Kappa, ml ber Theta Upsilon pin belonged to bril- liant Musoal JERRY HELPER. Jerry wrote imattf notes to herself , moopoliad " hcuse activity phone, pofevM fli a aetaB ta Rtaathm A =-?=. but and organizer. Jerry of tbe lerrifie ncabriary bad Marx interest in philanthropic ark and tbe promotion of IT NEEDS PUBLICITY . . . propositioned advertising dealer ART RIKLIN on many an occasion. Occident Safes and AdwftiSHHj Manajer, Alpha Delta Sigva President, and MSA Publicity Cbainnan, Rik made a success of eery idertakii Another nKinber of the RiU in brother- act. Art liked sports too, especially boxing m bis jatapy to the ' White Horse. " Frtare ptons of Kbded p licity and advertisios work. SPOKTAIIEOUS COMBUSTION ... was the effect of ELEANOR DESPLAIN, bustling activity woman. Cal CM, Prytanear, Torch and Shield, and Dam Council President " Elocse " still put in extra hours at Ni mil dab. " ! sure do thank ya, " said Ellie with an ear to ear grin when granted a fator on any occasion. Eleanor w ill we the rod over Piedmont elementary i year, white not dancing or I sue mm -3-: ere left in : : : -. : :- M :-: - NUGGET . . . iiirofinlc Bhje and Gold Editor, MARY LOU THEDE, tore out of 1108 frblrmn, DONned btae jeaas and a plant shirt, and became Nngget of ' 48. Kappa Deft sisters were amazed at Low ' s organizing iyUnu which enabled her to hold house offices, keep a terrific grade average, participate in major activities and honor societies, mi plan a June wedding with SAE Don. Say girts, she met him hi the Btae and Gold office! seen on either and Rice Crispie eater of er RAY LUCAS. Tan Beta :s?i ' : 5 ::.= : ; .:: - lone Kelly ' s " -c -.; m ... .. ;. ., - of Inring. SERIOUSLY NOW " ... was one of the shorter pi used by twenty-fin - tetter word man, BILL RUI Bill ' s big, white-toothed smite flashed in the Dai I City Editor ' s office and on Men ' s Judicial Conun ... ... . _...... . - .._..,.- Wisconsin Bill was noted for his sfwmional parties giw bi-weekly. An English major. Bill pad : bad M tarwM FAMILY MAN . . . Dairy Cat ' s Managing Editor, PAUL WILLIAMS, set up DC dummies with his daughter Martha. She attended Daily Cal parties too, so is grow- -. .-. i a tat : m .:--; a : utnMwjhBn fm the slow-moring, strong silent type, carefully weighed = ::: :- : r ::-.::: ; - r : -i: - -.-.-. I :.-: gnj -.-. - i mm cwabw :- i h A nwai forward to a|niiim ' s tribulations. 125 JUNIORS JUNIOR class officers: MARGIE GLEASON (seated) had the habit of getting things done with no fuss or bother and on time too! As vice-president, she displayed capability when called upon to act as class president. . . . Secretary PAT GROSSMAN livened council meetings with her buoyancy, capturing fame as one of the ' 49er ' s more active gals. 126 BACK ROW, left to right: Marge Hillyard, Jim Barrett, Jay Martin, Jerry Adams, Art Meyers, Rick Bardellini, Bob McHenry. FOURTH ROW: Icna Rockwell, Lenita Hughes, Eric Schnurmacher, Art Bennum, Jean Suffem, Carol Sunkel, Doris Foreaker, Pat Brown. THIRD ROW: Ron Richards, Tom McKeever, Dick Pendleton, El Williams, Wilma Nuot ' io, Dottie Miller, Doris Ann Witter, Barbara Green. SECOND ROW: Bryant Smith, Gil Pavlosky, Bob Nicol, Cecelia Sharnsky, Phyllis Stickland, Helen Hale, Ruth Morettini Shirley McKinney. FRONT ROW: Margie Gleason, Pat Grossman, Dick Powers, Gene Kirkpatrick, Jackie Carlson, Pat Jackson, Ann Schwtnk, Roberta Robb. Junior Council " Vittles and Vogue " successful Junior Women ' s Luncheon boasted the model Sleepy Time Gal. nr ! : SENSATIONAL Sings and a doubtful debt constituted Junior Class problems. Sponsorship of dances, a picnic, sings, and the Women ' s Day Breakfast rapidly accomplished their main objective putting the ' 49ers back on the Gold Standard. Cheery cheerleader Ed Austin ee-ahs a group of Junior Sing enthusiasts. 1 Junior Prom CLOSING the Junior Weekend book of festivities was the gala Junior Prom, gayest affair of Cal ' s recent Junior history novel. Held in the lovely Terrace and Vanderbilt rooms of the Fairmont Hotel, students danced to the music of Bud Stone and his orchestra. Peggy Teague, campus coed, was the popular song- bird of the evening. Xj m m yw - - ' A - SR ' If, t kmTH ft? . ' - . ' -. Spring Dance JUNIOR Prom night, with its soft music, flowers and low light , was dedicated to a Spring theme. Student? trot out their best hih- " n-tuckers from the moth balls to attend the " dreamy " affair. Wally Heider ' s orchestra. just from the East, provided the music at the Alameda hotel. From pleased ex- prei--ii n f know the dance was one of the best! m - 3 K r --- ! y K = y SOPHOMORES STIMULATING council meetings were initiated by the four Sophomore officers, full of the rah! rah! spirit President SCOTT GEORGE (left and front), pounding his foot for order . . . MERRIE MEADOWS (right and front) secretary, reading wise cracks in the minutes . . . Vice-President TED GOULD (right and rear) efficiency expert in the absence of Scott . . . Yell Leader, BILL SIBBETT, (left and rear) spark- ing the council with impromptu songs! 130 SOB, TOM Hale, Carney Canon , EM Hobbs, Don Ball, f Mo, Blair Hoyt, San Anell, Neysa DJ . Hancy Bra X Amidon, Mary June Gilbert, Phyllis (Cars,, Martha Stoi Iff Walker, LOB White, Joy Wale, Mary Ann Millibar. SEC kland. Jim Johnson, Jin tabri. Joan Winkel, Edie McE 4. Dick Banks, Bill Cooper, Bill Marshall, Joyce Howell. " SI NSATIOW l . l CCESS " de- criln- l the revival of that old tra- dition Soph Week, featuring a Su|h Doll, a talent how. and the Suph Hop. Jumping from red to Mack in one veek. the class coun- cil piin- red a city-wide paper drive which netted over 8500. V- ti e throughout the year in student affair . the Sophomores started early ly selling green rihlions and dink-. They participated in rallies and parade-, and really showed the spirit f their rla of " 50! Committee chairmen of Soph Me Idled on the yassy- lade mat the Campanile to oooss plans for the ensuing successful enterprise. THOU 5HRLT E5CHEW THE LOWLY 5TRN- FORD RED Fall Dance SPIRITED rivalry was tossed to the four winds when Sophomores and Freshmen gathered for fun! The annual Soph-Frosh Ball proved that even though Freshmen ob- served the Ten Commandments decorations, all was forgiven in the entertainment by Paul Law and his orchestra. In the upper left hand picture, Pete Goldschmidt, Freshman president, displays the trophy for his win- ning " brawlers. " : Spring Dance FAIRMONT frivolity located and exemplified the successful Sophomore Spring Hop. Lovely brunette EDIE McEWING reigned as Sophomore Doll while dancers rumbaed, sambaed. waltzed, and two-stepped. The music was excellent and a good time was had by all. Frosh Frerbmen picked Edward? Field as " the place mo?t likely to succeed. " And succeed they did in winning the annual Soph-Fro-h Brawl. FRESHMEN President PETE GOLDSCHMIDT couldn ' t decide how best to use his energy for class enthusiasm or at gum-chewing. Meanwhile during the fall, titian-haired BETTY JEAN CHRISTY capably filled the vice-president ' s shoes, and, with the advent of spring, sparkling LOIS LIND took over. Good- natured CAROLYN ROBINSON survived in her secretary ' s position, in spite of Pete ' s constant kidding about " missing minutes. " Topping off this lively quarter was the biggest noise of all, yell leader BOB STONE. 136 Kay Lloyd, Sally Marsh, Taoia Herman A THREE Ring Sing with all the traditions of the hig top. plus a rollicking dance, " Ocean Commotion " rounded off Freshman Class efforts with a bang. Constant vim and vigor marked a troop of real true bears. IBalkt dancer performed at the popular Freshmen Three Ring Sing, and was received with great applause. A group of interested Frosh eagerly looked over ' ' Ocean Commotion " dance bids. IX w e f nocturnal madness EERIE is an apt description of the atmosphere created by the purple and green lighted Freshman Dance, " Nocturnal Madness. " Sadistic delight was displayed in the art work delight by freshman tortured at the thought of impending finals. Devil heads, suspended Christmas trees, blue books, scrawled lunacies, all evidenced this successful madness. l parttez ftrNie ocean commotion ALL old salts grabbed their sugars and came to the Frosh dance, Ocean Commotion, held in Hearst gymnasium. Back- ground included changing the bandstand into a pier, the door into the mouth of a cave and the inside into a marine grotto. Student Of! WITH their hands on the throttle, Lang and Carpenter kept the Bear train of student action rolling along. High points of scenic value included plans for a new, more adequate Stephens Union, the Fair Bear wage problem which traveled the whole trip, and Don and Ginny ' s bigger and better support to the National Students ' Association. Executive Committee " DEMOCRACY in action " was ably demonstrated by the student i. r ' i erning body. The interest, aroused last year by an athletic crisis, remained, and student opinion was expressed on most of the vital iue-. Throughout fall and spring all was -quiet on the athletic front, but a storm arose in the form of the " fair bear. " The situa- tion was climaxed by the action of students which almost resulted in the removal of the " fair bear " policy. Relations were restored by the immediate action of the Committee. Rule 17 and discrimi- nation in connection with the Bureau of Occupations gained a place on the weekly agenda. The possibility of a university 7 radio -tation under student direction aroused enthusiastic interest. Also considered was a provision enabling graduate students to hold rep- at-large positions. Executive Committee members busied them- selves on an investigation of the National Students ' Association, which was granted ASL C recognition. In spite of time-consuming weekly meetings and extra sessions. Ex Committee members took one evening to " untie the strings of care " and enjoy their semi- annual banquet. Listening to a report of the Stephens Union Committee K an attentive Execvthe groip. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BACK ROW, left to right: Jack Andrew, Dr. Conrad, Ginny Carpenter, Tom Tully, Clark Maser, Harry Fledderman, Jack Howard, Jean White. FRONT ROW: Ed Welch, Don Lang, Brutus Hamilton, Sue Arthurholtz Brown. i REPRESENTATIVES Trying to fit an academic schedule in with activities is the problem of JACK ANDREW, one of the members of the Planning Commission and Labor Mediation Council. Majoring in foreign trade, Jack can ' t wait to visit Europe again and wear his French beret. Civil Engineering student, PAT FLOWERS, counts wife and baby daughter first on his interest list. Member of Tau Beta Tau and past Junior president, Pat also has a yen for track. HARRY FLEDDERMAN claims to a major in investment banking, though a major in campus activities would be a fairer estimate. Harry holds his own on the Campus Planning Committee, Student Need Survey, and says he " tries to keep wife working so I won ' t have to. " Working for an ASUC sponsored vocational guidance center on campus, BILL BAGLEY divided his time between campus politics and pre-legal courses. Summer is red-hot for Bill as he drives a fire truck in Marin County. I I I 146 [ AT LARGE Though BOB DAL PORTO says loafing is one of his interests, lazy times are not offered as he is a member of the Athletic Advisory Committee, Tau Beta Tan, Winged Helmet. Golden Bear, Skull and Keys and Honor Students. Talking with people occupies many of CLARK MASER ' S spare iirr. the subject be the latest play, dance, JV teMis ejent, or legal proMc diversity Y vice-president is on the ASUC Finance Committee. Politics may be used synonymously with the name JACK HOWARD. Promoting the campus chapter of the American Newspaper Guild, engaging in political meetings aid activities, and entering the race for State Assembly are only a few of his numerous hobbies. Active on Welfare Council and active for the DOUG PAGE crams for political science and ore-legal -..--. 5-i . - ------ of the ASUC store, len not dashing 147 Business Administration Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, BRUTUS HAMILTON, is always busy, as head track coach and business administrator termed by co-workers as " a great guy. " OPERATING under the new constitutional provisions for the separa- tion of intercollegiate athletics and the general activities, Cal ' s Busi- ness Administration " gets the job done. " Brutus Hamilton, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, may be titled " the man who successfully directed the policies of intercollegiate athletics " under whose super- vision the stadium was repaired and athletic equipment secured. Di- rector of General Activities Ed Welch handled business affairs and guided the programs of campus activity life. 7 ED WELCH, director of General Activities, is known as the youngest and most " exuberant executive " on the Cal campus a fitting tribute. UPPER PICTURE LEFT TO RIGHT: Greg Engelhard, George Briggs, Sue Arthurholtz Brown, Brutus Hamilton, Amy Bumstead, Charlie Clarke, Walter Frederick, Norrie West. LOWER PICTURE SEATED, left to right: Don Lang, Brutus Hamilton, Ed Welch, Amy Bumstead. STANDING: Virginia Carpenter, Tom Tully, Pat Flowers, W. J. Norton, Arthur Harris, Dr. Conrad. 148 ACC A ACTIVITIES Coordinating Committee, headed by Tom Tully and Joe Willits. kept its hand on the pulse of campus spirit, aiding or- ganizations in integrating their particular events into Cal life. ACC, composed of the heads of all activity groups and classes, possessed the power of finality in passing on activity appointments. Campus election?, always important, were furthered this year by ACC cau- ri !--. where students had the opportunity to hear election candi- dates. Bob Allen Palmina Brunelli June Levitts Kay Riippa Norm Trenton Jack Andrew 5::: BMn Bob Lucas Paul Robinson Hart Walters Vin Anowin Scott George Doris Meyers Pete Schulu Jean White Bill Bagley Margie Gleason Donald O ' Malley Betty Sttnsfield Paul Williams Dorothy Beck Pete Goldschmidt June Paul Lou Stoakes Joe WilliU Witty, good looking chairman TOM TULLY emitted clever remarks between the parliamentary procedure of ACC meetings. Glee Club man JOE W1LLITS brought a musical note into ACC meetings, as he chairmanned with an engineers skill. 149 Promoter and director of Women ' s Day, JEAN WHITE, Women ' s Representative, proved again and again the capability of the " fairer sex " in campus politics . . . ask this vivacious one about her cello, Timothy. GRANTING special privileges to women students for midweek func- tions as the Bob Hope show, handling problems from the deans ' of- fices, interpreting rules and regulations for co-eds, and generally guiding the policies for women ' s activities all of these constituted the theme of many discussions in the Alumni Room of Stephens Union. The efficient members of Women ' s Ex were responsible for and had general supervision over all " femininity " on campus. But decisions on important matters were at times overshadowed by such events as Women ' s Day with its fashion show, luncheon in Faculty Glade, silver exhibit and tea. WAA Intramural finals were also under the direction of this group. Run-offs in swimming, fencing, volleyball, ping pong, and tennis were held. This year Women ' s Ex carried on by itself as an amendment was passed which discontinued Women ' s Ac- tivity Council. Sentimentality and a certain mellowness prevailed at the traditional luncheon when old officers turned over their posi- tions to incoming members. The Claremont Hotel provided the set- ting. Women ' s WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BACK ROW, left to right: Kay Lynch, Jerry Heifer, Margie Gleason, Ginny Carpenter. FRONT ROW: Jean White, Polly Mansfield. " Pelly bride, " KAY KNIGHT, and her elected escort of the day, GEORGE AHLGREN, were a stunning couple at the Women ' s Day Fashion Show. 150 Activities THAT meeting? can be fun finds proof in the informal discussions held by the nine members of Women ' s Ex. Above. Kay Riippa knits placidly on while the others smile at a typical Polly Mansfield quip. W 6E 2SL? H k !!L. 5it$ " by a be., of campe beanies UKtodfeq JEAN WHITE, Women ' s RepreseMathe. and 6INHY CARPENTER. ASUC vkc-crasMe . you hi Facahjr Glade for lunch " ... was UK phras heard during the morning of ' $ Day. Here Cal gals chose Uieir king from the nniersity ' s lv nn about campus. " 151 Men ' s Judiciary Committee MEN ' S Judicial Committee pointed itself to- ward a return to prewar potency by redefin- ing powers and duties of the committee early this year. This efficient body attends to the publication of ASUC regulations as well as to the prosecution of those violating university rules. Serious JOSEPH EHRMAN, master of Men ' s Judiciary Committee, is interested in Boy Scout work and classical music. BACK ROW, left to right: Urban Ernst, Truman Campbell, Gil Pavlovsky. FRONT ROW: De Wit Popkin, Joseph Ehrman, Bob Allen. Women ' s Judiciary Committee " AN ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, " according to the prominent junior and senior women who make up Women ' s 4i J. " A new plan for the coordination of campus women took in attendance of representatives from Dorm Council, Fernwald Hall Panel and Pan-Hellenic. Lover of Hambons Kelly ' s and happy ( " Ark " ) major identify smiling BARBARA SKILES, Chairman of Women ' s Judi- ciary Committee. BACK ROW, left to right: Sally Telford, Phyllis Stickland, Jean Suffern, Mary Mclaughlin, Virginia Carpenter. FRONT ROW: Jean White, Marion Melrose, Barbara Skiles, Kay Lynch. 152 wit Andy Wolfe and House dristmas fro Jmuar Farce, Muik Upturn adds a " Pappy " Waldorf, iepiratjoii of Cat ' s foot e iMoaac kb 153 I WELFARE " Jacks " Sprat would hire few Bears Discrimination reigned. So with the action of Labor Board The issue soon was famed. WELFARE Council ' s biggest program of the year consisted of Labor Board ' s action on the Bear Employment problem. A plan of higher wages, no discrimination, and other benefits for student workers was given great attention and the most extensive budget. Other boards ' projects are not to be overlooked, however. The Special Service seat on the Council took over Ushering signups, an aid to students interested in drama and music pro- grams. The exchange of text books was handled with exceptional efficiency by the Book Pool, doing over two thousand dollars worth of business. Other Council members headed committees working on questions concerning libraries, health, food and lodging and campus opinion. The entire Council worked together under suggestions of the ASUC and consisted of an active chairman of each board plus five Welfare reps-at-large. The latter looked after general student needs. You know How " fares " the Bear? Pert and sunny BUNNY SOUTHERN reigned supreme over Welfare Council, high atop Stephens Union. Fred Anderson Edna Hiller Bernard Kahn Rudy Kupfer Phyllis Levers Lucille Liddell SPECIAL SERVICES BACK ROW, left to right: Wendall Dodds, Beth Rosen, Bernard Kahn, Art Emmes. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Levers, Cal Simons, Lois Anderson. 156 LABOR BOARD BACK ROW, left to right: Leo Rose, Bob Griffith, Virginia Spino, Diane Nickson, Joe Hazen. SECOND ROW: Doug Page, Alex Hoffman, Carol Sunkel, Garee Winnett, Joe Stephens. FRONT ROW: Ellis Hollawell, Amelia White, Hart Walters, Jr., Lucille Liddell. STUDENT RELATIONS BOARD BACK ROW, left to right: Yohio Takakuwa, Don Ermann, Anita Hart.. Alan McGregor. FRONT ROW: Irene Prince, Jo Santor, Rarnona Reynolds, Ruth Schwabacher. RE COUNCIL oodwi . Wane Sattznan, tft fmn Winnett :.-; r : ?; :;:: Itejaoldi, Florence Rask, Jai Hanon , JOT GoeAnx, I art Patsy look mer U Student Relations report. HART WALTERS, JR am -. ' - ' .-.: ma CAMPUS OPINION SURVEY , George Morray, Hgk Fwhr| HEALTH COMMITTEE WORLD AFFAIRS COMMITTEE BACK ROW, left to rijM: Frank Miaca, Gordoa White. FRONT ROW: NOKT SkOMn, Barhn Good, Oartatte Lester. CONSUMER ' S COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Cad CaUiitmi . Barbara Hanpt, Don Carbon, Bill Harrison. FRONT ROW: Margaret Wright, Allen Campbell, Mbjr Kapfer, Barbara Gordon. 157 " TO make a large campus a little smaller " was the goal of Orienta- tions Council, the organization in charge of introducing new students to the campus. Under the guidance of Bob Lucas and Barbara Skiles during the fall, and Don O ' Malley and Jane Russell in the spring, the Orientations Council planned many successful events. Cal Host parties, Mixer Dances, Smokers, and rallies were given during registration week to acquaint new students with each other, while the Campus Tours intro- duced them to points of interest. Friday Fling Dances and Freshman Sunday Suppers were held through- out the year, and the Christmas party was the highlight of the fall term. The Activities Recruiting Bureau contributed its bit by signing up stu- dents for all ASUC activities. Laughing at you from the autumn semester swivel chair of Orientations office was capable BOB LUCAS. Buoyant " artistic " DON O ' MALLEY took over the boss ' job of Orientations with the advent of spring. ORIENTATIONS MEN ' S COUNSELING BACK ROW, left to right: Dick Hickman, Bob Reasoner, Ed O ' Conner, Chuck Chiado, Ed Harlan, George Mack. FRONT ROW: Don O ' Malley, Bill Ayers, Harlan Bennett, Bill Carroll . ACTIVITIES RECRUITING BUREAU BACK ROW, left to right: Jerry Elbert, Dick Powers, Tom Hale Bill Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: Nancy Cheledan, Claire Mulvany Joan Douglas, Betty Norris. FRONT ROW: Alia Worpaieff, Bei Kristich. Jane La Forge. Helen Hale. BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Everrett, Carnie Campion, Carolyn Blake, Pat Howell, Sergio Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: Jack Everrett, Barbara Thomas, Connie Comny, Gladys Gilman, Mae Cardella. FRONT ROW: Micky Schiffler, Barbara Atkinson, John Ryan, Lois Croonquist, Gladys Spitzer. 158 HMEN SUNDAY SUPPERS right: Jack? Erlin, Am Cassell, Bev Zimmer- d, Lou Gilmort, Lois Schrager, Bob Gaw, Fred IOW: Hamp Terry, Vera Mortimer, Jim Ekegren, ! Trubsha, Dick Loken, Verne Smith. FRONT - Perkins, Char Hagen, Ethel Allison, Aim Snow, Bob MacMahon. WOMEN ' S COUNSELING BACK ROW, left to right: Sally Layport, Eleanor Bird, Shirley DeMamiel, Jean Tracy, Am Fotey. THIRD ROW: Lou White, Hank Wilson, Lucille Peinero, Phyllis Stickland, Pat Milloy. SECOND ROW: Jane Rogers, lona Rockwell, Chris Bothwell, Pat Furlong, Cay Flaherty, Jean Hyde. FRONT ROW: Jean Schmiu, Jackie Carl- son, Jane Russell, Barbara Green, Marilyn Griffin, Am Scfcatrti. CAMPUS TOURS BACK ROW, left to right: Harlan Bennett, Jerry Adams, Gil Pav- lovsky, Hugh Ewing. FRONT ROW: Ramona Evans, Lucille Ray- mond, Selma Savitz, Jean Skelly, Donna Pemberton. AnneFcley Beverly Kristich Barbara Green Jane Russell .: = ..; Nancy Schulu Barbara Skiles FRIDAY FLING BACK ROW, left to right: Margery Louis, Mary Blair, Ruth Morretini, Lilian Abraham. FRONT ROW: Anne Folev. Judv Daly Lael Wvatl Arnr Arrh rH SECRETARIAT BACK ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Johnson, Marge Starr, Jane Kitchen. FRONT ROW: Shirley DeMamiel, Nancy Shultz. ITLfS YOU TE RTICIP CARD SALES SELLING over 15,000 cards, the 1948 ASUC Card Sales staff estab- lished a new sales record. Under the chairmanship of Bobbie Dutro, the seventy staff members have worked in competitive teams toward their goal of breaking the standing mark. This feat was accomplished in the face of the decree, revoked after first term sales, banning government compensation for veteran card pur- chasers. So successful were the re- sults that the organization found itself unable to provide enough cards before the inauguration of home games last fall. The rejuve- nated California football team added fuel to a campaign already on its way to setting a new high! BOBBIE DUTRO, efficient chairman of Card Sales, was playground director, swims, skis, and will marry Tom a brief summary of her past, present, and future. BACK ROW, left to right: Norman Chan, Peggy McHugh, Barbara Whittier, Helen Rowell, Philip Edgar. SECOND ROW: Virginia Sanborn, Eleanor Bird, Mary Pat Thornton, Martha Smith. FRONT ROW: Mary Craguon, Bobbie Dutro, June Herrod, Shanna Watson. i to ELECTIONS BOARD " TALLY 1. 2. 3, 4 TALLY " Elections Board, under the efficient direction of Palmina Brunelli. fall chairman, and Dorothy Beck and Betty Stansfield. spring chairman, proved that campus politics can be clean fun. Interest in elections among students was fostered by this enthusiastic group. The " proof in the puddin " was the fact that more students voted in 1947-18 than ever before in Cal history. Nightly ses- sions of counting ballots, daily ---ions of staffing booths, and after- noon meetings headed the list of activities. The possibility of obtain- ing voting machines to aid busy voters and weary talliers came in for its share of discussion. Chairman of Elections Beard, and President of Stebbins Hall, PALMINA BRUNELLI, hopes to claim fame in the archery world a sunny aft occupation! BACK ROW, left to right: Rosemary Shull, Tom Mathews, Claire Mulvaney. FRONT ROW: Betty Stansfield, Eleanor Reid, Derothy Beck. BACK ROW, left to right: Caroline Wulff, Mary Ball, Rosemary Shull, Bette Kendall, Mary McLachlen, Lois Rivers, Diane Halsey, Gloria Govan, Virginia Robbins. FOURTH ROW: Tom Mathews, Charlotte Houston, Pat Curtiss, Lois Maulin, Mary Louise Wiggins, Lois Lynn Crocnquist, Carol Schart, Marion Pierce, Helen Hale, Mary Lou Brooks, Shirley Brickell. THIRD ROW: Al Schumaker, Barbara Park, Patricia O ' Connell. Marieann Gilligan, Eleanor Ann Reid, Lois Jukick, Faye Schwartz, Junne Trubshaw, Caraline Willey, Bettylou Boyd. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Pokorny, Wanda Yaley, Joyce Pedersen, Eliner Jess, Barbara Josselyn, Patricia Glenn, Diana Clarkson, Trisciela Blesch, Joy Wade. FRONT ROW: Artis Archerd, Jcetta Morrison, Phoebe Nichols, Colleen Clark, Glayne Mautino, Elizabeth Rapp, Erlda Webber, Joan Eastman, Norma Zenk. Standards Commission BEWARE all prospective students for ASUC and .class offices! Standards Com- mission wielded a mighty hand in pre- paring and giving tests for prospective candidates this year. These tests con- sisted of general information, class councils, and parliamentary procedure. A passing grade was 70%. BACK ROW, left to right: Marcia Gray, Willi Bryan, Eleancr Ann Reid, Shirley Keefer, Winni Hunt. FRONT ROW: June Wightman, Alberta Dale, Cathy Reid, Polly Mansfield. Standards Commission Chair- man, CATHY REID, sets the record with five pink formals and the smooth phrase " But honey! " Stephens Union Committee ALTHOUGH organized only a short time ago, Stephens Union Committee has already proven itself! Recom- mended improvements to Ex Committee and the stimulation of student interest kept the building a busy though restful meeting-place. PAUL ROBINSON and BOB GRIFFITH, co-chairmen of Stephens Union Committee, both amaze friends by the number of acquaintances they have. Paul is planning a European jaunt this summer and Bob is heading for the Sacramento valley. BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Griffith, Jay Martin, Gil Pavlovsky. FRONT ROW: JoAnne MacFee, Ginny Sanborn, Nancy Vinson. 162 Women ' s Rally Committee THIS year Women ' s Rally Committee, headed by Lorraine Cook and Doris F reaker. had the honor of partaking in an amiable breakfast ' " down on the farm. " Only Big Game preparations eould bring that about. Meanwhile there was alway work to do. Marking card? and early ri iiii: during football -t-a-on plus heavy ushering during bas- ketball season kept the committee busy! She ' s Ull, she ' s Iwely, she ' s :;-- : :-;:=- LORRAINE COOK, I Of ! = -::-:-: : Hall. BACK ROW, left to right: Nova J AM Prentiss. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor I LOM, Imise Kramer. THIRD ROW: Mary Reran), U White, Ro . . Clarkson, Phillis Kara. SECOND ROW: AM SdmeDk, Be Kristrck, Barbara Preston, Jone Wighfanan, Helen Hanson, Doris Foreaker. PROMT ROW: Jean Ferrini, Eugenia Rearfon, Betty Lambert, Edith McEwing. : m Living Groups Council DONE something phenomenal? Have a sensational idea? Just let Living Groups Council in on it if you want to spread the word. Consisting of representatives from Men ' s and Women ' s Dorm coun- cils, Interfraternity Council, Panhel- lenic, and the new member, Interna- tional House, this group speaks for the majority on campus. Why they even hope to handle the rooting section con- duct! BACK ROW, left to right: Hal Walt, Doug Page, George Merrill. FRONT ROW: Jean Heifer, Kay Riipa. 163 Radio Workshop BACK ROW, left to right: Sam Riklin, Dick Dewey. FRONT ROW: A. P. Bonaccorsi, Bcb Pagan. " GOOD evening, ladies and gentle- men, Radio Workshop is on the air " with such fine productions as " Camille " and " Balzac Murder. " Plans for a new station, KSUC or KCAL, complete training program for aspiring actors, and reorganiza- tion of staff, are just a few of the 1947-48 projects. Energetic Radio Commissioner JACK CLARK who helped place Radio Workshop on the air, now assumes the title of one of the fathers of the group. Art Bureau PAINTING Oskie ' s face on the base drums of the marching band illus- trates the versatility of the Art Bu- reau! Makeup of the dance and activity posters displayed throughout the University absorbs their major energies. The Bureau, averaging twenty posters a week, is the only outlet for commercial art on campus. Clever BARBARA PRESTON, brush and paint head of Art Bureau, not only draws glamorous girls but imitates fish excellently. BACK ROW, left to right: Sinclair Knapp, Nan Munly, Marquita LeCcunt, Tom Jacks, Rosemarie Konings, Jay Gluck. FRONT ROW: Irving Kweller, June Paul, Barbara Preston, Gloria DeMartini. 164 Secretariat : - . ' :- , . -- ;; : : : Comic Witt. FRONT ROW: , Elizatett Martin, Dorotfey Martin, Brv Came, DncilU UK, Georya Ifahlin WattHI, Carolyn Swtfe, PfcjrHfe Faraell Patricia Firtong, icMz, llancy Reid. AM UForge, Boots UMHI, SMrter Gibson. SCHOLARSHIP and an ASUC card are the requirements for membership in the Secretariat of the ASUC. This indis- pensable cog of campus machinery con- tributed to the preparation of such large events as Homecoming. NANCY VMSON (left), a NANCY SHULTZ, fall and ;; - ' -. - ' .l : : :?-.? " . still had nonecu to prone it, , ... : nq - f tm -,; :: U | ?::;; : = -:.i ' : fnfe Out last letter! Cla$s Officers ' Council i ' (PERATION between the cla ses of our I niver-ity form? the la is for this organization. The gavel-pounders and their alile a i tant from each class con- -ider solutions for the common ailment of cla activitie?. allowing no conflicts in respective plans. Bright ideas are worked out for whole canijiu- " doings, " -I .ii-ured liy the re -pective cla--e-. ..... ... .. :-.::- : : - : - ; - BACK ROW, left to ri M: Pete GoMoMdt, Pat Groom, Margaret Gfea9, La Bill Sttett, Polly MamfieM, Bob Stow. FRONT ROW: Norn Trenton, Carolyi R SECOND ROW: Heny urtial. Sol Eak :. :-.. Mi :- ; 165 Conference Committee HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Conference Committee was on the job. An important action of the group was to sponsor open meetings for faculty, students, and ad- ministrators to talk over various situa- tions and air their opinions. Diplomatic service to the campus was rendered by Conference Committee. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Ryan, Paul Robinson, Jean Stokes. " Conference Committee has poten- tialities! " was the favorite expres- sion of PAUL ROBINSON, able chairman and proud owner of the " Queen Mary, " a vehicle with a horn all its own! Public Relations Committee THE Public Relations Committee is as the name implies a committee to further Cal ' s public relations. From their headquarters in 112 Eshleman Hall the group sent countless articles on prominent campus personalities to home town newspapers. JIM WILKINSON, friendly chair- man of Public Relations, has the fatherly understanding that ccmes with devoting attention to his baby. BACK ROW, left to right: Charles Ruloff, Richard Dillon, Jack Hansen. SECOND ROW: Betty Anne Stewart, Joan Mawbrorter, Jean Williamson. FRONT ROW: Lois Ruegg, Jim Wilkenson, Norma Joan Eiben, Marie Pagani. 166 YWCA WANT to take part in a worthwhile ac- tivit) ' . ' Then scoot over to the " Y " cottage and you ' ll find yourself in a friendly atmosphere with girls who are engaged in Community Service func- tiniis. International Relations study iin u| -. or Foregn Students " entertain- ment. The YWCA also actively partic- ipates in Regional Conferences. Asil- omar conferences, and Finance and Membership drives. Chairman of the million YWCA activities, personality-plus JEAN HOWDEN, had one of the active rooms at Stern Hall; Chinese straw mats and floral prints predominated. BACK ROW, left to right: Mariana Grimes, Ruth Wood, Nancy Amot, Sandra Brown. Jane Carlson. THIRD ROW: Letitia Lesser, Jean dine, Sally Hatfield, Sonya Saeta, Helen Hong, Mary Ellen Vines. SECOND ROW: Adele Weidenkopf, Jackie Carlson, Mary Lou Land, Betty Jane Pierce, Anne Meek, Sylvia Colorado, Kit Burr. FRONT ROW: Jean Howden, Connie Pfimd, Marilym Paterson, Judy Wood, Betty Hatfield, Lee Hubbard. YMCA " SPIT ' N ARGUE CLUB " and " Liber- als Dilemma " were only two of the thought provoking noon time bull ses- sions held in the YMCA Stiles Hall this year. Consideration of vital social prob- lems in race and international relations. Big Brother projects, and plans for a new Stiles Hall Memorial Building oc- cupied the efforts of efficient, enthus- iastic members. BACK ROW, left to right: Jim Haynes, Delmar Williams, Clark Maser, Will Ross, Sam French. SECOND ROW: Martin Bailey, Dwight Harwell, Ted Klaseen, Gene Osegueda, Dave Thayer. FRONT ROW: Leo Estel, Doug Page, Tom Moore, Bill Holladay, Ernie Schott. TOM " SHERTY " MOORE, YMCA chairman, ember of craw and measuring 6 ' 6 " was identified by a good sense of tamor and engaging grin. 167 " HOW about a split six for the team, fellows! " No, this isn ' t a Big Game, it ' s just a familiar scene in WAA activities. This group of feminine ath- letes sponsor two phases of competitive sports for Cal gals. Intraclass offers competition for all girls by class groups while intramural gives the living groups a chance to battle it out on the field of sport. Let ' s everybody give a cheer for WAA! Busy DORIS MEYER, WAA President, member of Pry- tanean, Mortar Board, and Nu Sigma Psi, still finds time to ski and swim. WOMEN ' S WAA COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Myra Wallace, Janice Beanston, Ella Saunders, Gloria Parent. SECOND ROW: Margaret Jesseph, Dawn Pawson, June Beal. FRONT ROW: Doris Meyer, Nancy Dawson, Marion Perry, Carolyn Johnson. INTRAMURAL BOARD BUCK ROW, left to right: Jane Hendrickson, Patty Lou Hynes, Joan Murray, Carol Penock, Mary Blair. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Nunn, Connie Holder, Liz Farnham, Jackie Collini. FRONT ROW: Mary Hillin, Nancy Dawson, Carolyn Johnson, Alice Butterfield, Dale Millar WAA INTERCLAS3 COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: Analee Freeman, Marion Detrich, Mary Ambrose, Dcreen Lindsay, Frosene Glafkider. SECOND ROW: Shirley Sharpf. Carol Schait, Adele ' Weiden- kopf, Jean Gochenour, Palmina Brunelli, Frances West. FRONT ROW: Sylvia Colorado, Barbara Sturevant, Gloria Parent, Dawn Pawscn, Ella Saunders, Jane Johnson. ' i ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION i Fencing fans lunged gracefully in van up at BM A kard kit w the ball ground and a languid glide on aquatic park late all in a WAA girl ' s day. 169 Fall chairman of NSA, TOM TONKIN, took an active part in the NSA convention at the University of Wisconsin and contributed valuable suggestions at the sessions where the NSA constitution was officially born. NSA NSA ! One of the newest and most active groups on campus is the National Students ' Association. The NSA, an association of college student bodies, is a group through which students may cooperate to improve student welfare. NSA is divided into two definite activity groups the domestic field and international scene. Exploring opportunities for student travel and study, members of the group also have a program of cultural and edu- cational activities important for " one world " un- derstanding. Supporting an outstanding national program the NSA is definitely the " State Depart- ment " of the ASUC, handling contacts between National Offices and other student bodies. Sub- divisions of the association which have gained special mention this past year are Cultural Wel- fare, Curricula Reforms, Discrimination, Student Government, Purposes and Functions, and For- eign Student Relief. BILL GWYNNE, spring chairman, gained valuable information through NSA activities for his major of International Relations. Originally Bill showed his ability on the Foreign Study Com- mittee, one of the NSA commissions. California Regional Co-chairmen of NSA, DICK HEGGIE, and Regional Secretary, SALLY HOLT, discuss plans for the expansion of the California region of NSA activities. Forum on India, with representatives from the three factions, Hindu, Moslem, and Sikh, was held in Wheeler under the auspices of NSA. Presenting India ' s complex problem, members of the forum were asked questions by an interested audience. 170 NSA COUNCIL BACK ROW, left to right: James Bastable, John Neal, Virginia Carpenter, Rod Loeb, Herb Moskowitz. SECOND ROW: Joan Simpson, Judy McCook, Don Lang, Janet Power, Sig Hesse. FRONT ROW: Tom Tonkin, Dick Heggie, Sally Holt, Art Riklin, Bill Gwynne. CHRISTMAS carols were heard in the cool December air as members of the Glee Club and Treble Clef led California students in Yuletide celebrations. Lighted candles were required paraphernalia for the evening ' s procession to the Greek Theatre. Oski greeted carolers as he portrayed St. Nick. THE crv of " HEY. FRESHMEN MORE WOOD! " again drowned out the J word? of the yell leaders, a? California!!:- met in the Greek Theatre for Big Game Pajamarino Rally. Cal songs and yells sparked the entertainment. 171 DIVERSIFIED literature, speeches, and registrations kept students ever attentive to Sather Gate activities, while women ' s counselors pounded it out in the Eshleman office. Janitors met a flood crisis in Stephens Union, and rallies and conventions continued in progression. NSA activities stimulated Cal students interest in European neigh- bors. Shots of departure and a foreign chat are seen below. Mob action at games and rallies was typically Californian, the stealing of the yell leaders megaphone being an ever favorite sport. iS I W " 172 MARGARET WHITING, taleited vocalist, radiated dam art personality at the Hamrammt Dane in the Men ' s Gym, mi literally sent " Cal art Stanford Jans. Hey! Hey! Oskie ' s grin is one of rapt pteann as he hoMs JO MNE ERICXSON, HonKconni Qu " Come on , how abo Stanford Jonah! Rock that Farm off its Site! " The Greek Theatre and Berkeley Hills intmiit wit the pre-game yelk, songs, art spirits of loyal Calites, who waned high those " Pahns of Victory. " .. c KSVE. V A 1 - C,, M I H ( 1 - Homecoming " CALIFORNIA, Yesterday and Tomorrow, " exempli- fied the usual hilarious traditions of Gal ' s 1947 Home- coming. Lovely JoAnne Erickson reigned as queen over the memorable events of rallies, Homecoming parade, the Axtravaganza, and Big Game. Creative genius was displayed in float preparations, rare tal- ent in the " Axe, " and rah-rah spirit identified loyal Californians during the entire week-end! tke Campus (jets Mope " Where tine ' s life there ' s Hope! " Aboe, BOB HOPE gives his Pepsodent grin to Cat fans. Bekw, JERRY COLOKNA and VERA VAGUE ctackle at a at the Cniinii Theater mt ftta ' i Gym roared with antics of the " Hww noad " cpatdm. lacghter at the 175 o i r V J rj PUBLICATIONS i " DID you pick up your Daily Cal this morn- ing? Do you want to buy a Blue and Gold? Get your copy of the Cal Engineer right here? " Such chants and cries would never echo over the Cal campus and vibrate in the Eshleman Court if it weren ' t for the con- stant activities of Publications Council. Pub Council is composed of the heads of the various campus publications who meet to coordinate their respective campus papers, magazines, or books. The job to establish the propaganda policies of Eshleman haunts was a complete success this year. Diplo- matically they handled the enforcement of publications ' policy and managed to keep each institution out of the red. " Here ' s to bigger and better publications even though costlier " is the motto of this vital group. Tit WALTER FREDERICK bears the brunt of all ASUC publication headaches good naturedly, and is a banquet favorite. Dave Bary Barbara Gordon Jean Mitchell Bob Bryson Jean Hepfer Pete Schulz James Campbell Jack Howard Mary Lou Thede Janice Crinklaw Charlotte McCord Bill Van Voris Bruce Ellithorpe Marion Melrose Paul Williams 178 SS COUNCIL i of Publications CoBKil, kept the office staff dry infectuoB tanor Daily Cat managers kaw. wrt the PAUL WILLIAMS, fall chairman of PMbiicatiaB Council, divided his pre- cious hours tetn 102 Eshleman, Pub Office, and Daily Cat ' s managing editor ' s desk. Answering questions of bewildered students, handling all the detail of campus publications, and keeping things running smoothly is the office staff, represented here by ALICE MORGAN, PHYLLIS BARLOW, and MARIAN KING. What would those who haunt Eshleman do wHh- cut efficiency of cus- todians, ERNEST T. WOODBRIDGE (left) mi JOHN COOEY. - i : i r : - . . . . . . - - 179 " JIM CAMPBELL uses his business ad. like mad in that Blue and Gold Managerial office " a favorite comment heard in Eshleman. This efficient Blue and Gold manager, Acacia vice-president, and Phi Phi member, did a good job on ye olde book! " Oh, if you knew Susie, like we know Susie! Oh, oh, what a gal! " Petite SUSIE THOMAS may be described as the essence of gaiety and v the spice of life. " She loves it all, even if everyone does kid her. STOP THAT MONKEY BUSINESS buy that Blue and Gold. Proof of the chanting call of Eshleman Court was here. Staff members used the old smile and rural hucksters technique on customers. Blue and Gold Manageria THE flash of photography bulbs formed but a part of the background of the staff ' s successful work this year. In addition to the management of the Blue and Gold photography studio, the records of book and page sales demanded a full share of attention. Tin- sale of books this year topped all previous records. A capable and cooperative freshman staff supported sophomore and junior managers in initiating new office procedures which greatly facilitated staff work. The eye-catching glamour in this year ' s edi- tion was also capably managed by the promotions division. But play came in for its share of time, too. Marty ' s parties highlighted the year, and Jim could mix a mean dish of spaghetti ! 180 BACK ROW, left to ri9ht: Pat Henry, Louise Gilmore, Jan Mwnter, Marie Aguilar, Mari- lyn Moser, Nancy Laudon, Maryn A,:sc.-. Va-,.- 5 :. SEC- OND ROW: Terry Persico, Betty Arm Huffman, Dot Brandlein, Edith Schroe r, Dianne Bay- linson, Marilyn Hale. FRONT ROW: Bob Fredricks, Keith Giles, Max Schmidt, Stan Stetson. SOPH MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Erlda Web- ber, Gwen Hanseti, Wayne Gray, Joyce Jacopetti. JUNIOR MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bruce Pass, Paul Zydner, Dale Hays, Vaughn Davis. 181 Blue and Gold Editoria Bubbling, clever JEAN HEPFER greeted visitors, associates, printers, and freshmen, with a great big happy smile from the big chief ' s desk in the Blue and Gold Editorial Office. FRESHMEN poured into 110A Eshleman early in the fall and immediately fell under the whips of appointive editors who ushered the " new ones " out upon the campus to interview professors, " famous students " and activities. Pictures were shot, rain or shine, and a new personal picture system was rushed in. Elbow deep in glue, with cut pictures, unfinished copy, typed lists, and messages " to Garcia, " a good time was had by all, and cooperative output of the 1948 yearbook ensued. We had trials and tears and many fears but Blue and Gold workers would not throw over the valuable experiences gained. The friendly personalities and " we work too " attitudes of the three top gals encouraged everyone to do his darndest! Flaxen-haired JEANIE MAHAN acted as a genial general organizer in her capacity as Asscc ' ate Editor, which she fulfilled in her own calm, collected, ccoperative manner. Systematized MARY LOU THEDE pestered freshmen to follow her efficient schedules, and generally added to the attractive furnishings of the Blue and Gold inner executive office. JUNIOR EDITORS BACK ROW, left to right: Dorothy Beck, Charlene Read, Bob Blois. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Stickland, Betty Stansfield, Dale Millar. 182 SOPHOMORE EDITORS BACK ROW, left to right: Mary Lou Bracks, Jeanne Low, Lois Riven. FRONT ROW: Lou White, Rose- mary Shull, Leabelle Sut- ton. The tin squares rep- resent Kent Bullock and ial Staff FRESHMEN STAFF JACK ROW, left to right: ian Ong. Elizabeth Knc- IHatlcn, Dorothy Hardie, llaami Makano, Barbara Brawler, Marty Barnett, S Queirolo, Ann Ma:- lliams, Beulah Fee. COND ROW: Carolyn er, Barbara Benson, rion Jakofasen, Lois u, Karen Rolfe, rilyn Bryan Jeanne BtBrjr. Utcretia Olten- . FRONT ROW: Betty pkrey, Sue Caldwell, Hepfer, Harrir. mie Schneider, Pat e, Frances Stanley, Joan Caughell. IRA LATOUR ' S added interest was in drawing cartoons for the Pelican while TOM MC- DONALD ' S added interest was girts (photographing them, Oat is). Easy going HOMER PAGE, " never without a ciga- rette, " is a nationally known photographer with exhibits in UK Mnscnm of Fine Arts, New York. Friendly SHIRLEY MATTSON will assume a new title next year when she returns to the photography staff that of Mrs. Hall. 183 Daily Manageria Pride of Stern Hall, talented MARION MELROSE, displayed to co-workers the fact that a Daily Cal Manager can burn candles at three ends activities, studies, and fun! Terrific, eh wot? Promotional genius, DAN WALLACE, captured the Produc- tion Manager ' s chair for only a brief time, as he joined the Army to serve in the foreign land of Texas. Dan slept all day and worked at night. He beefs abcut lew dcors, but b ' 7W Business Manager PETE SCHULZ still worries about staff members, sells adver- tising for " The Farm, " and rolls his " r ' s " at the PiKA house. THERE are two sides to every activity! The Managerial staff members not only do a tremendous job on the business angle of publishing the Daily Cal, but they also enjoy lighter social activities. Outstanding events this past year included picnics, a Christmas party, individual staff parties, and most important of all the semi-annual banquet, where appointments were an- nounced for staff positions of the following semester. Back to the serious side of Managerial staff, however, for these are no shirkers! The four heads of Managerial are in charge of busi- ness, advertising, promotion, and production. The staff worked day and night so that the paper was ready for distribution to those with 8 o ' clock classes. Chief worry was meeting deadlines, but somehow the staff always came through with one of the best daily college papers. JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Slate, Jack Smith. FRONT ROW: Dee Dee Dwiggins, Chris Bothwell. 184 SOPHOMORE MANAGERS BACK ROW, left to right: Pete Silk, Howard Engle, Marty Durante, Jerry Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Gay Finnell, Jim McDonald, Jack Bogart, Marieann Gilligan. FRONT ROW: Sandy Fleschler, Marge Hillyard, Jack Blanc. Californian Staff OMOTIONIl The girl with two personalities, CINDY PARKER worke in her top position as Daily Cal Survey Director. Delightful DEE DEE DWIGGINS became an excellent pro- r and helped promote better relations witt ed staff via her pinning. Business like managerial mtmtor listened attentively to meekly work directions. In lighter moments, everyone got a bang out of Manager Pete ' s wise remarks. 185 Daily Editorial tti Never a dull moment at the Executive Committee Meetings when JACK HOWARD, fall editor, sprang a little Daily Cal wit. Busy VIC BOGART, spring semester editor, shuttled between building the staff morale and trying to find a job. REVISION Cal ' s Daily shed its outer skin at the beginning of the fall se- mester to initiate an expanded training program for all freshmen staff mem- bers. Besides learning general news writing, cub reporters became ac- quainted with Daily Cal style, man- agement, and production. But the change did not end with the freshmen. A new position of Assistant City Editor was created. Also in an attempt to departmentalize available space, new- columns were added providing enter- tainment of cartoon variety. The spar- kle of the new system is not missing . . parties every three weeks. The first readership survey was also taken by the group indicating which stories were considered most interesting by the students. Keeping freshman staff members busy in the file room was MARCIA GRAY, who looked very hard for catchy ways to say " cupid shot his arrow. " BILL RUCHTI as fall semester city editor never let a gram- mar or spelling error slip, proving to all copy writers he was an English major. SENIOR NIGHT EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Beth Rosen, Jimmy Estes, Betty Humphreys, Jack Bik, Joan Emmett. JUNIOR EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Hafner, Martha Steusloff, Glen Loney. Californian iafctaff MEN are hack too! Daily Cal ha- proof po-iti e ! For the first time :-ince the war. Daily Cal hoa t a male editor. Not only that, hut today only thirty-three and one-third per cent -taff members are female. They :-aid that the fiftieth anni- t-r-ary was worth celebrating. The Monarch of College Dailies did it up proud with a twenty-four page paper, and a royal banquet w ith former editor? l r--ent. Champagne flowed and glasse? hit the table empty, momentarily. At- tention wa- given to -ports: an Intra- Daily Cal football game heading the program. Editorial -. Sports. Many activity minded freshmen deserted upper region- in favor of Eshleman basement and a three weeks training period in newspaper reporting. Daily CaTs City Una, CATHY REID, is one of the mast The pnad papa of i acthe gab on rmwuT, liking the Tap Row, art greet ! the Oaf, deUberali friends then with that bnbMing personality plus! at the fact that girl a PAUL WILLIAMS, or. He ' s ahnys laughing " guff ' fro the staff. and Daily Cal a proad of her tireless energy. :---. " --; " ; tiiae to be the z Columnist on Daily Cal, GUY ke Assistant Editor, and still finds ' editor of the Co-op paper. JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF BACK ROW, left to right: Ray Cnppick. LOBS Gaze, Verne SUdtman, Boh Lyhne, HaraW Eldredge. FROVT ROW: Guy Camrthers, Am Seaman, Mary Lou Wig- gins, Jan Ihnunn, Start d ' AooH . 187 Daily Californian Sports Staff JOINED the Eshleman League? Not of women voters. We ' re speaking of the noted Eshleman Athletic League originated by the mentally agile Daily Cal Sports Staff. The sixteen brawny men and one female reportedly not only write, but participate in sports, and came out with a win over Editorial last fall. The victorious fire axe now hangs in 12J Eshleman. Per usual, cele- brations at Donovan ' s climax athletic events. Coach PHIL GREGORY of Daily Sports Staff, otherwise known as Sports Editor, led his team to a 12-7 football victory, and will continue his education in Switzerland. BACK ROW, left to right: Dave Clark, Walt Davis, Ray Berg, Lefty Stern. SECOND ROW: Fred Herman. Nina Westigard, Jim Dufur, Hal Casty, Bob Maxwell. FRONT ROW: Phil Gregory, Dave Kirby, Bob Rouse, Gordon Zane. Art Staff CARTOONS highlighting the editorial page were among the results of pen and paper put to fruitful use by Irv Krauss and his staff members. The Fiftieth Anniversary edition received its artistic touches from 12B Eshle- man too. Diligent artists found time to work on new schemes for layouts with ever- present originality. Cartoonists IRV KRAUSS and FRED REICHMAN are hard at work on a " Dover " drawing no White Cliffs shown. 188 Ad Service Bureau LOST or found, buy or sell, employment or amusement Ad Service Bureau will write almost anything the heart de- sires. Year in and year out, the industrious group keeps the campus publications brim full of attractive advertise- ment lay outs. Main project of fall and spring semester was the account survey taken to find how successful Daily Californian advertisements had been. JANE LUNDBURG divided her time between the bran " Arch " building on North side and 108 nm m, where ESS sronotea tr A::ou . S- ' rf. as - -=oe- cf i: S? ' , : Member of Phi Alpha Sigma, she tones to wear red! ; JAMET OVERMIRE, claims she is ' Hreme - f hey, tumcmtarljf so " all the time. Abo a member of Phi Alpha Sioma, this ! eyed manager checked all advertisements ami was sure they were OK OR time. BACK ROW, left to right: Janet Overmire, Shirley Harald, Harriette Tyre. FRONT ROW: Betty Mann, Jane Lundburg, D=- :.-- =-.=- h :c rhiH -.a-. Mi ' BhM! Hosier, Nora Fwlay, Jerry ID ROW: Marylin Hood, Marian J2:w. B .-... s-.-:-; s- rja an Maylor. FRONT an Harlinaer, Jane B.-. V:Caae 189 California E D i T o R i A;L FOUR times a semester Pelly leaves its perch and takes off to fly around campus to pro- vide passing students with their copy of our campus humor magazine. Well known for its subtle sense of humor and its excellent art staff, Pelly continues waging the Battle of the Deans in order to keep soaring at prewar standard. -it ' s " Dave the Knave. " Fall Editor DAVE BARY kept Pelly tops as one of the best humor magazines in the U. S. Although BILL VAN VORIS might be sifted inconspicuously through the English Department, his work as spring Editor did not go unnoticed. EUGENE ALAN JOSEPH KENT THOMPSON, alias " Hey, You! " played the part of Assistant Editor as well as actor. Kent Thompson, Bill Van Voris, Alfred Day, and Juergen Schulz cluster like flies around cigarettes. The flower among the weeds is Pauline Gottfried. 190 : icPelican MANAGERIAL BEHIND monthly scenes of pretty Pelly salesgirls descending en ina M- on campu . lay a great deal of liiifiiiess administration! The financial wizard of 109 Eshleman efficiently paved the way for the -uc( - of our favorite humor magazine. Staff personnel im- press-ed the Bay Area ' s business- men with their advertising sales- manship, and spent long hours in cloud of Miioke putting the results together. Thanks to the competent work of this ever-cheerful staff. Felly ' s wings were ahle to carry him high as tops in campus wit! They call her Jeanie with the light brown hair and JEAN MITCHELL, constantly seen with bows in her hair and the new look, ' a just as much that, as the ambitious fall semester Business Manager. That blonde gabby gal in the Pelly office could be and is BEV KR1STICH who likes to knit, play golf, and work a Business Manager for the " big bird. " Perhaps one of the most active personages on our Cal campus is BRUCE ELLITHORPE the efficient Business Manager, who has been on and off the Pelly Staff for three years now. BACK ROW, left to right: L Bourke Welch, Edward Hayden, Bob Hartuugh. SECOND ROW: Barbara Allen, Jeanne Lewis, Marcia Fischer, Dean Cohen. FRONT ROW: Jean Mitchell, Carolyn Peterson, Bev Kristich. The famous big bird " PELLY " who has been stolen from his accustomed perch many times, has become quite aristocratic this year with his outfit of tails and his gallery of his own glamour pictures. 191 Pelican Women ' s Staff She was all wrapped up in the important business of graduation and, of course, the business of being women ' s director for Pelly in the spring. JAN CRINK- LAW ' S new interest is found in teaching nursery school children. PHYLLIS LIVINGSTON headed Pelly ' s women ' s staff in the fall and went on to become president of the Alpha Chi Omega house a busy but fun-packed year for this capable girl. FEMININE shouts from Sather Gate, Eshleman Court, the Engineering Circle, and other campus haunts, pro- claim that the Pelican is soaring high over the University today ! " Have you bought your Pelly yet? " is one of the classic Cal expressions and may be answered by waving its cover of " color- ful insane " drawings in the interro- gator ' s face. The young lovelies, who capture quarters in an exchange for a magazine, are representatives of the Women ' s Staff. These girls cooperate on the various projects of the Vanity Fair dept., the Publicity, Office Man- agement force, and the Social Staff. Appointments Banquet was the crown- ing event of the year - - at Hambone Kelly ' s, no less! BACK ROW, left to right: Settle Cowie, Lois Wetter, Shirley McKinney, Doris Olson, Kay Dewey, Marjorie Brandt, Shirley Foster, Phyllis Farwell, Vernyce Dee Harris, Jane Gwerder, Cardine Willey. FOURTH ROW: Kathryn Brazil, Cynthia Wood, Ann Bendixen, JoAnn Erickson, Gloria Molinari, Joan Babrock, Yvonne Martin, Jackie Summer, Beverli Lougher. THIRD ROW: Therese Hassler, Betty Lind, Marilyn Reid, Priscilla Reid, Shirley Briskell, Norma Erickson, Joan Whitener, Dorothy Brandlein, Merilyn Phillyss. SECOND ROW: Lois Lind, Lois Ruegg, Barbara Franks, Teddy Brancato, Elayne Mautino, Lynette Laundy, Leila Lipen, Dorothy Davis. FIRST ROW: Jan Crinklaw, Yvonne Runyan, Helen Hale, Anne Fibush, Donna Bloodgood, Mary Renard, Rosemary Trout. I 192 Occident HEAR YE! HEAR YE! There ' s talent galore in Occident, the ASUC publication for aspiring student writers. An important pur- pose of thi semester magazine was to publish the he?t material which will interest the largest number of campus readers. Contributions were checked by Editor Charlotte McCord. last fall, and Barbara Gordon during the p ing. Occi- dent, a bi-annual magazine, wel- comes voluntary contributions as well as those recommended from English classes, and Writers " Con- ference. Behind those glasses you found Editor CHARLOTTE alias " Pixie " McCORD with a great abundance of f and artistic talent. Pe tite Editor BARBARA GORDON was crazy about activ- ities, French, and California. Need we say more? Soft-spoken Manager BOB BRYSON was the very essence cf practical ability and efficiency. ' Manager CLINT WOLFE filled in his spare time by flying back to St. Louis, bowling, and serving as a first rate baseball manager. BACK ROW, left to right: Charles Poast, Richard Bland, Ray Menl, Robert Bryson, Art Ricklin, Frank Hausheer. SECOND ROW: Jean Stephens, Joy Preston, Arville Knoche, Udelle Menzes, Claris Richards. FRONT ROW: Pat Hansen, Maxine Gallivan. Barbara Gordon, Charlotte McCord, Juanita Tucker. Pixie, Pat, Sam, ter around Ed Ormondroyd to hear his interpretation of Spanish sonnets. 193 California EDITORIAL IT ' S outstanding! It ' s sensational! It ' s the Cal Engineer! With the " new look " Cal Engineer made its debut. It was the first time the magazine had four color covers. Not only that there were more pages in each issue than ever be- fore. Through the combined ef- forts of the staff five non-banded issues were published. A big step was taken when the periodical branched out to UCLA to become one of the few " two campus " publications. Honored by becoming one of few women editors Cal Engineer Through the conscientious efforts of SINCLAIR KNAPP, spring has had, JANE KIDD did a fine job. editor, the Cal Engineer was bigger and better than ever before. BACK ROW, left to right: Art Brill, Morris Donohue, Iran Gennis, Wally Stone. SECOND ROW: Dan Cameron, Rix Beals, Marie Pagani, William Rollins. FRONT ROW: Jane Kidd, Sinclair Knapp, Les Meland, Jack Griffin. Dorothea Isenburg, Jeanette McWhorter, Martin Knapp, and Robbie Smits discuss the thesis for the monthly. 194 Engineer MANAGERIAL ll t -ft- the ad-. ' Who take- charge f th- inone ' . ' It " - none other than the efficient department known a- Managerial! Though they ' re hu- fiiough with the ads and currency, the taff still find? time to handle magazine sales and especially to keep red ink out of the ledger. WOMEN ' S STAFF SH ) ING that men have no corner on the scientific side of things, mem- her-hip -uared thi? year on Califor- nia Engineer omen ' s Staff. Lee ' s gal relieved editorial of the innu- merable details of office procedure, and found time to hit new records in -filing. EnjoyaMe taff parties, too. came in for their share of success. Uitassming, congenial. Fall Manager BILL KNAPTON was an aviation enthusiast and captained the winning flying team this year. JACK DONAHUE who took wer Managerial in spring col- lects rods, eats garlic bread, and has a definite preference for blondes and Stanford. LEE PICKFORD, Fall Women ' s staff I efficient, and was never bothered by any staff lunmul ' mu. The dynamo of Women ' s staff ' a brunette JAN BREWER. She ' s a great leader, has a terrific personality and feuds with the editor. LEFT TO RIGHT: Irwin Adams, Jack Donahue, Bill Knapton, Frand Forsburg. BACK ROW, left to right: Barbara Reinero, LaRae Hampton, Jean Hoffman, Nancy S|nnnmji SECOND ROW: Jan Brewer, Dorothe Finn, Lorna Wise, Betty Strong. FRONT ROW: Lee Pickford, . -: ; -.-= - 195 HALLS of Eshleman resounded with pounding typewriters, inner office gab sessions, and all around hard workers! Beautiful Eshle- man libe sheltered those less energetic, who merely studied. " ANYTHING for a laugh! " -Pub- lication " -- motto which helped them overcome conventionalism in sales techniques. Good Samaritan. Oski. a- employed by " Pelly. " Blue and Gold and Daily Cal. " Cheese " or " -iniJe. please " were the par- or ]- when Chidnoffs snapped Blue and Gold pics. I University Theatre ENTHUSIASTIC audiences evidenced the success of the first of this year ' s Uni- versity Theatre productions, " Broad- way. " As widely acclaimed was " The Second Mrs. Tanqueray, " the opening of the studio productions designed to supplement the major offerings. Plays presented in the fall and spring semes- ter by University Theatre were selected to put before the students an effective experience in dramatic art. Innovations saw the birth of the Forum discus- sions and make-up demonstrations. The Forum centered on problems of the contemporary theatre. F. 0. HARRIS, chairman of the dramatic arts department, has a yen for architecture, with his genius displayed in theatre designs and possible dramatic art building plans. HENRY SCHNITZLER, director, is truly a dynamic per- sonality, and to a large extent responsible for the finished productions given in Wheeler Aud. HYPATIA TEAGUE leads a busy life between housekeeping for her husband and child and innumerable campus activities. Director of the major Thalian production, " Ladies in Retirement, " Hypatia places her love for drama high on the list. KENNETH SLEEPER a completely versatile personality is a member of the select Mask and Dagger, and did himself proud in such roles as the Earl of Warwick in Shaw ' s " Saint Joan. " Giving an excellent performance as Cleopatra in Shakespeare ' s " Anthon; and Cleopatra, " FRANCES PEPPER displayed her talent and versatilit in numerous University Theatre productions. She holds membership ii all three of the popular dramatic societies. 200 GEORGE HATCH as ' " Star Crandall. " MARILYN MacCAMY as " Bill MOOR. " Broadway b n the Cast JULES ROTHMAN GORDEN KEYES MURIEL ZERANGUE MARY TILDEN MARY ANN LOWE JOY TORSTRl P JAN GARTHWAITE BEVERLY SQU1ER WILLIAM BLACK JOANNE BERAN MARILYN MacCAMY GEORGE HATCH JACK GARBUTT LOUIS BENNETT LAWRENCE SAYRE KENNETH SLEEPER EDWIN WISSER ANTHONY GAROFOLI ARCH HANLAN JOHN PRESTON 201 19th Hole of Europe " Cast GEORGE MARCHI FRANCES PEPPER ROBERT BEATTY GODEANE EAGLE REX FAUBION WILMA KING DANIEL KNAPP CHARLES MILOVITCH WILLIAM RAINBOLT DAVID BRUDNEY CLAIRE WEBER ORVILLE BONDERUD DOROTHY JOHNSON DAVID OCUMPAUGH RICHARD TRUMBLY JEAN MCLAUGHLIN KENNETH McCLELLAN RAY BISIO DANIEL KNAPP as Mark, the lost poet of the future, and philosophical dreamer. Nada, portrayed by WILMA KING, giving an excellent performance as one " who needed no more wisdom than a rose. " 2 02 " The Dauphin, " portrayed by JIM udYtRS. JOY TORSTRUP as " Saint Jean, " strong, proud and defiant noncon- formist. " Saint Joan " the Cast VINCENT PORCARO ADDINGTON WISE JOY TORSTRUP JAMES McSHERRY LILLARD CLAYTON LOUIS BENNETT GEORGE HAIMSOHN WYATT COOPER ANATOLE BRATOFF JIM MYERS BEVERLY HARWICK GEORGE HATCH JACK GARBUTT PETER CERLANTI KENNETH SLEEPER WILLIAM RAINBOLT GREORGY LE FEVRE LAWRENCE SAYRE BERNARD HALPERIN GEORGE MARCHI HOWARD SLAUGHTER GORDON KEYES GEORGE HATCH RAYMOND BISIO RALPH HEADRICK 203 " Antony and Cleopatra " tke Cast SAMUEL LEVINE RICHARD TRUMBLY MARVIN DWORKIN RICHARD ANDERSEN FRANCES PEPPER HYPATIA TEAGUE JAMES GOODWIN LLOYD BORSTELMAN SAM LEVINE, as Antony, portrayed the man torn between love and power. FRANCES PEPPER in the role of Cleopatra ran the gamut of emotions. 204 DOROTHY JOHNSON as a " big wheel " who railed around campus singing " tet ' s put or uiiliHrfrfl " together. " Commanding his professors to ' ' put This End Up and view the world " is jovial DICK TRUMBLY. He gave sunshine diplomas to all! vV This End Up " " THIS END rP " or MERRY I -H.N AND A HAPPY NU- CLEAR! Ma ? k and Dagger with campu- talent, clever lyric? and arrangements by Bob Porter and Ben Towiie. and --nappy dance routine? by Fran Toben- kin. tickled the funny bones of a mo t re pon?ive audience. Con?i tiug of act? which ran the gamut from college life to an " Elephant Party " 48. uch a presentation wa? in the word:- of the cast " a Cracked Ice Carni- val " : each act being " worried over by EVERYBODY. " 205 Members of Music Council enjoy being together as evidenced by Bev Lehman, Mary Powell, and Farnham Jory having coffee and Ann Powers, Farnham Jory, Bill Fay, and Joe Willits telling jokes. Music Council EXTRA special harmony is what the Music Council cre- ates! Not satisfied with the creation of beautiful har- mony as a part of Cal ' s Music Departments, this group composes a different kind of harmony between these departments. It is their job to coordinate the activities of the musical organizations and help them run smoothly. In this manner, with each group sending a representa- tive to the council, the music department has competent- ly handled mutual problems. Another occupation of the group is to take care of music for rallies, Little Theater and Thalian programs, and of course for athletic events. 1 JOE WILLITS, the eternal man of motion, managed to keep going all night too doing 131 reports. Phil Bunnelle Bill Fay Farnham Jory Beverly Lehman Mary Powell Ann Powers 208 3 v. - ;oe -: s-Si-a J-. -s :-r. -; - :- ;:..: : : naaniM En " of UK 1920 $. ' ' Historically Singing " " HYSTERICALLY SINGING " would have been an ap- propriate name for the very professionally turned Glee Club Treble Clef show. " HISTORICALLY SINGING. " Talented members of both groups aptly portrayed a fic- tional America of gay songs and joyous dances. Polyglori- ous. our hero of " We Made Plymouth Rock. " took the audience from the New England of 1620 and " Methinks I See a Heavenly Ho;-t " to New York of the 1930 " s and " June I? Bustin " Out All Over. " The Chambers of Commerce of the New York Mo untains, the Deep South. San Francisco and Chicago never publicized their respective districts with more enjoyment and abandonment than these songster.-. " Qnrtctters, " And Garland, Wah Mrnaa, OK Hattefsfcy, a In Kinball sin " Tell Me Pretty Maidei " to the Maiden, Lillian Williams. ; : ; IOU --: E--.-?- 209 Man of Many Positions, JOE WILLITS, preserved his gcod nature while executing duties of Glee Club Senior Manager, Music Council Chairman and position of Ex Committee. Glee Club " YES, THE MAGIC OF THEIR SINGING " -denoted the vital spirit of Men ' s Glee Club, which added the note of good fellowship to rallies, serenades, and university meet- ings. Rising to new heights with the production of the Glee Club Treble Clef show, " Historically Singing, " this group ' s ability was shown also by participation in the Spring Con- cert held in the San Francisco Opera House for WSSF. BILL MELNICOE, fall senior secretary, and HOWIE BRONSON, spring senior secretary of Glee Club, discuss latest musical scores. " All the songs we love so well " the Glee Club ' s Friday afternoon serenade was conducted from Senior Men ' s Bench and beloved col- IECJ: ballads brought a sentimental hush to campus. BACK ROW, left to right: Eric Winkler, John Ele, Bob Boies, Chuck Hattersley, Walter Merlon, Dan Nolan, Jim Haley, Paul Lerry, Bill Ellsworth. FIFTH ROW: Harold Simmons, LeRo Hadley, Tom Jacks, John Howland, Tom Tonkin, Hal Thompson, Max Pausch, Francis Sayte, Richard Teeter. FOURTH ROW: Donald Hutcherson, Martin Stow, Curtis Cureton, Charles Welby, Robert Barclay, Tom Lawrence, Allan Stepanek, Bill Stone, Andy Garland. THIRD ROW: Dick Hendersen, Chuck Cruttenden, George Clausen, George Barton, Bill Peck, Phil Neiswender, Gene Whitney, George Highland, Harold Stein. SECOND ROW: George Treeker, Jr., Albert Wells, Arnold Ambrosini, Don Olsen, Bob Hanson, Stan Balmforth, Phil Bunnelle, William Berkman, Bruce Ellithorpe. FRONT ROW: Joe Willits, Jack Shirley, Gene Neviton, Howard Brownson, Tim Meadows, Bob Rice, Bill Frese, Alan Matthews, Joe Suta. 210 Director in the fall and corresponding-secretary of Pry- tanean in the spring, ANN POWERS was what you called " one busy kid. " This friendly supervisor loved hats made of kitchen utensils. BEVERLY LEHMAN, spring director, may be tabbed as one cute girl, with a " bit of the imp in her blue eyes " and a smile that spells a fun loving songster. Treble Clef SING off key? --not the Gal songbirds who comprised Treble Clef. Be they sopranos or altos, members of this group filled musical wishes. The pleasant results of their efforts were displayed this year, when joining with Glee Club, they presented " Historically Singing. " Among their other successful ventures was a Gilbert-Sullivan operetta which rocked Wheeler Auditorium with laughter. Beverly Lehman and Ann Powers, directors, deserve credit for the fun at Treble Clef parties. r BACK ROW, left to right: Pat Wallace, Lois Keller, Mae Qulanian, Lillian Williams, Martha Rushforth, Barbara Keasbt Brancato. SECOND ROW: Paula Wilder, Jean McDaniel, Arville Knoche, Jean Huggard, Margie Gleason, Elinor Gallas. Jane Wiggins. FRONT ROW: Betty Jane Vestal, Lindy Boyes, Jeanne Prizer, Joan Arnold, Beverly Lehman, Mary Powell, Fran O ' Connell. 211 BAND MANAGERS BACK ROW, left to right: Hunt Johnson, Dave Wenricb Bob Desky. FRONT ROW: Bill Fay, Ben Scribner, Pro- fessor Charles Cushing, Bob Larzelere. BAND THE Band, in trim blue and gold uniforms, was a familiar sight at football games, as its tra- ditional fanfare and pre-game ceremony brought the stadium crowds to their feet. Dominat- ing the fall semester was the three-day trip to UCLA and par- ticipation in the Westwood Homecoming festivities. Equal- ly important in the Band ' s year wa s the Spring Concert, pre- sented in May. Under Director Charles C. Gushing and Student Director Bob Larzelere, the Band also spark-plugged univer- sity meetings, rallies, and bas- ketball games. JUNIOR MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Ellsworth, Ross Adams, Jack Everett, Bruce Fanshier, Bruce Browning, Don Lynch, Art Kamalyan. HHIIl H yi , V -ii bi! 7 r 1 ti BACK ROW, left to right: Lynch, Noakes, Daane, Allard, Weaver, McCann. SEVENTH ROW: Lucas, Trost, Browning, Griffin, Kamalyan, Reno, Fabrin, Hill, Bowman, Petersen, Wilson, Camp, Wenrich, Sharpsteen. SIXTH ROW: Chaffin, Oehler, Barton, Griffith, De Lasaux, Hokanson, Fabrin, Cave, Cavanaugh, Gregoriev, Pierce, Farnworth, Williams. FIFTH ROW: Grafft, Miller, Auslen, Benz, Fry, Wilson, Adams, Zerda, Cavallin, Nettell, Johnson, Gibson, Shuck, Desky. FOURTH ROW: Fleckner, Ferguson, Kelly, Smith, Anderson, Martin, Hill, Keasbey, Hastings, Handel, Scranton, McCullagh. THIRD ROW: Summy, Perkins, Unruh, Healy, Roeder, Yank, Ellsworth, Jory, Wanger, Henderson, Booker, Krug, Bryant. SECOND ROW: MacKenzie, Hansen, Pendleton, Benson, Wilson, Golden- berg, Coonley, Klekamp, Landauer, Atwater, Everett, Dahlmeier, Ryan, Boyd. FRONT ROW: Fay, Fanshier, Larzelere, Scribner, Barlow. 212 Symphony Forum MUSICALLY outstanding was the work done by the Symphony Forum thi? year. Heading their list of activities was the sponsor- r-hip of the Thursday evening concerts of the San Francisco Sym- phony Orchestra. These were enthusiastically received by student music lovers. Forums, featuring distinguished musical artist-, were held throughout the season. These gatherings featured such guests at Pierre Monteux and Marcus Gordon. Rounding out cam- pus activities, forum committee members established listening hours for afternoon relaxation in Stephens Union Memorial Room. BACK ROW, left to right: Allison Morse, Karyl Hansen, Roberta Peeke, Gene Kirtpatrick, Chris Reid, Den Anderson, Clarence Heller. THIRD ROW: U Mixter, i ' .f ; InMB V = - IfeBM Mary JoRari M - Maddot, Bob C: f ' E:: i ' :: 5-:C D =:. ' . Teddy B-ancatc, Varjorie Towler, Darltne Daley. Shirley Kamp, Bill Jeffries, Don Dickie, Bill Gwynne, Ed Channing. FRONT ROW: Dick Heggie, Barbara Selfridge, Jackie Collins, Sally Snook, Marcia Ormcndroyd, Herb Cantelow, Jearmette Jones, Marilyn Mac- intosh, Orly Nclze. " Everybody knows him " DICK HEGGIE, president of Sym- phony Forum for the past two years, and graduate student in International Affairs, made as many friends in Europe as he made here. Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, Pierre Mentein, tickles a smdeM : -_-::.; -: : -: -:- ' - - : r.:-- Pierre Mo at a Symphony Forum gathering, a Bob Fi University Chorus University Symphony PROFESSOR ED LAW70N, director of University Chorus, strives for perfection in music at rehearsals he takes off his jacket first, and as the program proceeds off goes the tie and up goes the shirt sleeves. CLIMAXING the Spring semes- ter, the University Chorus par- ticipated in the San Francisco Symphony ' s presentation of " Beethoven ' s Ninth Sympho- ny. " In March this group pre- sented the first performance of " Lux Fugebit Hodie, " which was written especially for them by Professor William Denny of the University music depart- ment. PROFESSOR DENNY meditates while directing the Uni- versity Symphony in one of its excellent numbers. COULD that have been Paul Whiteman ? Not exactly it was the University Symphony that sent forth those musical gems. University Symphony was made up of students who enjoyed working together in order to present the musical programs that have inspired Californians this year. 214 MUSICALLY-MINDED members of Glee Club and Treble Clef held a " Trial by Jury " when the " Judge Wore Black and Selected Shorts. " Meanwhile, brass blowers of Cal Band and orchestra con- tinued to render background notes. While working for his Doctors degree, debating coach DICK WILSON found little time for going to symphonies and show- ing off his red ties. DEBATING YACHTY, yachty, yachty, gab, gab, gab! This sort of thing is never out of place with Gal ' s debaters. Those oratorical ex- pounders like to talk - - and they do it well, too. Evidence of their skill may be found in the results of their eastern jaunt this year. Forensics commissioner LEONARD HESTERMAN was kept busy accompanying the debating team in an Eastern tour competing with teams such as West Point and Dartmouth. 216 VARSITY DEBATE BACK ROW, left to right: Ralph Phillips, Erwin Wallenbrock, William Connor, Ralph Drayton, George Taliaferro, Frederic Harvey. SECOND ROW: Robert Peterson, Sonnia Stangle, Byron White, Kenneth DeMattel, Robert Brorby. FRONT ROW: Richard Wilson, Leonard Hesterman, June Levitas, Stan Weissburg, Victor Ferkiss. BACK East they were warming up for the outstanding and heated Joffre debate. The Cal-Stanford battle for the Joffre medal was the highlight of the Spring se- mester for the loquacious Bears of the debating team. JUNE LEVITAS, sub-chairman of ACC and member of Panile, supervised Varsity Debate and guided the group ' s activities everyone was very impressed with her wit and the frequency of a charming smile! JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE BACK ROW, left to right: Adi Cohen, Earl Carrol, Barbara Sclomon, Arnold Budde, Herbert Homan, Robert Beard. SECOND ROW: Leonard Hesterman, Naomi Levens, Eric Schnurmacher, Tad Masaoka, Bob Opelle, George Simpson. FRONT ROW: Jessie Berman, Carl Alexander, Victor Appel, Larry Thorne, Maxie Madison. 217 I ' ARMY ROTC DESPITE a peacetime U.S.A., the Army ROTC remains in high gear. Changes this year were the dark uniforms and the new quartermaster, military police, and transportation corps. Succumbing to a nautical bend, the contingent ac- quired a seagoing vessel to supplement the advanced course in transportation. The " Military Association, " formed in 1946, continues to provide means for closer social contact among ROTC members. Directing the Army ROTC through a varied program this year was Commander WILLIAM L. RITTER. BACK ROW, left to right: 1st. Lt. Meyer, Capt. Rein- halter, Capt. Holland, Capt. Buck, Major Wooton, Major Yowens, Capt. Haskell, Capt. Noreen, Capt. Warner. FRONT ROW: Major Simpson, Major Pell, Major Saling, Lt. Col. Olson, Lt. Col. Mautz, Col. Ritter, Lt. Col. Kinney, Major Barnes, Major Currier, Major Petersen, Major Tison. BACK ROW, left to right: T Sgt. Williams, Ist. Sgt. Winters, T Sgt. Simi, T Sgt. Remsing, T Sgt. Myers, T Sgt. Edwards, Ist. Sgt. Smith, Ist. Sgt. Jennings, M Sgt. Chappell. SECOND ROW: Ist. Sgt. Hunt, M Sgt. Von Auron, M Sgt. Rowon, M Sgt. Rosenthal, M Sgt. Rodemeyer, M Sgt. Poyne, M Sgt. Pfister, M Sgt. Myers, M Sgt. McGuyer. FRONT ROW: M Sgt. Maziko, M Sgt. Loy, M Sgt. Kwiatkowski, M Sgt. Kennedy, M Sgt. Jones, M Sgt. Huntly, M Sgt. Harper, M Sgt. Cans. . 220 The snort looking University regime was de ek intensive platoon drills. BACK ROW, left to right: Neilson, Wallenbrock, Wykoff, Clancy, Coffee, Connar, Lettig. SECOND ROW: Heller, Neller, Baron, Sajeliorn, Stemmel, Rodiak, Whistler. FRONT ROW: Bull, Cramer, Hilderbradt, Switzer, Blunt, Kermott, Martin. RIFLE TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Rybak, Buckanan, Richardson, Wjers, Sawyer, Wright. FRONT ROW: ToMona, Martin, Hoboes, Gilbert, NAVY ROTC " ESPRIT de Corps " in the Navy-Marine ROTC is high. The little extras in the field of social functions, " Ring Dance, " plus the eight week summer cruises which serve to supple- ment classroom technique, continue to make this military course popular. The recently reactivated Scabbard and Blade now brings together Navy and Army RO ' s regularly. The classroom building was changed this year, but the com- mon goal of all a Naval Reserve commission remained the same. Need someone? CAPT. H. W. NEED was the answer to that question for directing Naval ROTC activities for the past year. BACK ROW, left to right: S. W. Mortensen, F. M. Oe Vilbiss, E. S. Nand, R. W. Green- wood. SECOND ROW: B. H. Siglinger, F. E. Pike, H. J. Pike, A. B. Becker, L. Watega. FRONT ROW: Commander Nichols, Lt. Com- mander Hodapp, Lt. Commander Thode, Major Cave, Lt. Commander Watson, Lt. Swarth. BACK ROW, left to right: J. B. Pringle, R. M. Barclay, G. D. Breuer, A. L. Skanchy. SECOND ROW: R. E. Randolph, T. D. Geary, W. D. Goldsmith, E. G. Crider, V. L. Gerard, R. B. Chambers, D. K. Atwater. FRONT ROW: J. C. Petersen, R. W. Foreaker, T. C. Parrish, H. E. Babcock, J. J. Serr. Every Tuesday and Thursday on Union field you could always see the Naval ROTC going through their paces. The Naval RO had the reputation of being the snappiest looking outfit on campus as I by their precision drilling and I of arms. The activities of the Naval Trainees were varied, going from the Ring Dance to the technical work on naval machinery. r 226 227 I 228 229 230 231 1 Smiling GREGG ENGEL- HARD, assistant director of intercollegiate ath- letics, represents the ASUC on the Athletic Council. I GEORGE BRIGGS, ASUC ticket manager, has the really tough job of han- dling the sales of the ducats to all student body events. Athletic Council FRONT and center is the position which belongs to the 1947-48 activities of the Athletic Council. Although it seemed that last year was tops in athletic turnout, this season ' s display exceeded all previous records. This import- ant organization consists of eight members t hree officers of the Big C Society, two officers of the Circle C Society, a senior manager, the general manager and the athletic manager of the ASUC. Working in an advisory capacity, the council makes recommendations for letters and suggestions concerning many athletic events. Representing the great 1947 football varsity on the Athletic Council is center HARRY PIEPER who is one of the co- chairmen of that body. Grinning up from the picture at the right is Athletic Council ' s other very active co-chairman TOM TULLY, senior crew manager. 234 Harry Pieper John Najarian Bill Fontenrose Bud Lutz Charles Hanger Joey Cunningham Tom Tully Tom Bryant Bill Craig Likable BOB ALLEN, promo took over the leadership of and better beadi parties, Committee in the spring. No they an ot looking for seats the Rally Committee h checking and tacking on the card stunts to be used at the Cal- Stanford - = -i half time. Rally Committee SPORTING Blue and Gold cap . member- of the Men " - Rally Committee are traditionally greeted by the chant. " Rally Committee tink! " But behind this good natured rivalry, the entire student body appreciate? the amount of work thi- group doe? to stage world-famous, half-time card tunts. Another major task of the committee is to plan and carry out the varied and entertaining rallies held before athletic e ent . I nder the leadership of in Angwin and Bob Allen, the rally committee contributed a great deal to the maintenance of order and the promotion of spirit in the rooting -ertion. especially during the great 1947 football Phi Delt VIN ANGWIN was always busy keeping both Rally Committee and his car running smoothly. BACK ROW, left to right: Bill Rhea, Jay Martin, Don Sharman, Al Blanc, Phil Crane, Bill Bird. THIRD ROW: Don Hodges, Walt GoMsmth, Tom Young, Bob Dale , Chuck Wagner, Ted Parcel I, Gene Smith. SECOND ROW: George Mack, Cecil Agee, Emerson Wiser, Bob Jarboe, Bill Cooper, Tom Hate. FRONT ROW: Bob Allen, Bob Nicol, Dick MacDougall, Dick Pawn, Gene Kirkpatriek, 235 YELL LEADERS " LET ' S have one big RAH! " -and effervescent Lou Stoakes coordinates that howling mob of 20,000, the world ' s largest and loudest rooting section. The monster yells that come from enthusiastic fans are evidence of the successful work of Lou and his four tireless assist- ants. The yell leaders function not only at football games, but on through the basketball season. You can find them pepping up festivities with a Cal song or cheer at rallies, university meetings and other campus activities. When the student body " rocks that yell " even from the " cheap seats, " you know that the Big Five a re on the job. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ron Richards, Jack Wolfe, Lou Stoakes, Warren Simmons, rbrb Turnbull. That terrific yell-leading form belongs to LOU NIELSEN, assistant yell leader for the spring term. 236 NOISE as California makes a score, as Oskie turns a neat flip, as rooters yell " ho ' s he drop dead! " Noise characterizes in a word enthusiastic, loyal Bears who like to win. specialize in ribbing referees, and have their own brand of school spirit. 237 I " THE greatest season for California football in a decade! " This sums up the accomplishments of the 1947 Varsity which won nine and lost only a single encounter. What caused this seemingly miraculous change in Cal ' s team? Was it the care- ful and expert coaching of Lynn Waldorf? Was it the fight of the gridders themselves? We can say it was an unbeatable combination of both, which placed California among the top teams of the nation. Men like Johnny Graves and Harry Agler returning from the war to star on the gridiron were repre- sentative of the team ' s spirit and the will to win. The first-rate job done by " Pappy " Waldorf was the other factor that brought out the best in every man and skyrocketed the 1947 season to a position that will not soon be forgotten in the annals of California football. Coaching California to the culmination of a really great football season was LYNN " PAPPY " WALDORF whose amiable personality endeared him to Blue and Gold supporters everywhere. Likable " BUD " LUT2 did a marvelous job as senior manager; kept his sense of humor through outfitting over a hundred football players; was always high in spirits as a team supporter. BACK ROW, left to right: " Nibs " Price, Zeb Chaney, " Eggs " Manske. FRONT ROW: Bob Tessier, Lynn Waldorf, Wes Fry. 947 SEASON SUMMARY Gal 33 Cal 14 Cal . ..45 Cal ...48 Cal 21 Cal ..14 Cal.... 6 Cal 13 Cal... 60 Cal... ..21 Santa Clara Navy " St. Mary ' s 6 Wisconsin Washington State 6 U. S. C. ...39 U. C. L. A .. Washington .... Montana Stanford . ...18 H BACK ROW, left to right: Leon Matignon, Curtis Cutter, Ken Smith. SECOND ROW: Howard Mackey, Jack Milliken Pete Reynolds. Harry Gradiser. FRONT ROW: Bud Lutz, Hart Fairclough, Bud Bakken, Doc Etienne, Bill Gravem BACK ROW, left to right: Job., Job. Najarian, Ha i, John Gras ROW FRONT ROW: Bob Dai Porto, ' Frank Bra . Bill Ken CMphHI. Pat Martin, State Webster, ' , Tow Trym, R DeJM Harry Agler, Intake . THIRD ROW: Robe teano, r, Dick Hasten, Hate Store. SECOND Jooes, Bob Dodds, Ron Sockclo, Mann Presslejr. ; Paul Kedrtey, JM Mia , Bob Ceteri, VARSITY r! TED KENFIELD drew UK distinction of fiarsbiai - . ' : : - 7 : ::: --- ' : - : famed East-West game. This was the second year that He had been chosen for this honor. One of the Most formidable lint mu on the team is big JOHN HAJARIAM. " Naj, " as be is called, entertained the boys as owe faorth of a slightly off-key locker TO Undovbtedly one of next season ' s tcp ends will be BUD VAM DEREN. He im it his otae-fwjer . .. .. ... . ... ... . : , ; . . ... by spriiitiag down at the track. 241 BOB CELERI, with his top-notch passing and quarterbacking, engi- neered California to many a vic- tory on the gridiron; and was noted for his all-round happy-go- lucky personality. BEARS 33 BRONCOS 7 THE first game of the season showed foothall fans that California com- petition in the race for the Rose Bowl might just possibly be tougher than expected, as the Varsity unleashed their new power and trounced Santa Clara 33-7. The excitement began on the second play of the game when George Fong broke away for a 40-yard scamper to pay dirt. The blocking accompanying his dash demonstrated a great improvement over 1946. The Broncos, however, came back with a determined effort which culmi- nated in a touchdown; and for a while Santa Clara led 7-6. The lead was short lived as California dominated the remainder of the game, tallying four more T.D. ' s. Highlighted by the use of two equally powerful lines, the Bear ' s showing increased their chances for victory in a majority of their coming contests. California football fans were constantly amazed by the charmed kicking foot of " TRUCK " CULLOM who piled up a sizable total of points after touchdown. Playing solidly as an offensive center was a local boy, DOUG DUNCAN, whose quiet, calm personality helped to pave the way for California victories. 242 BEARS 45 GAELS 6 ST. MARY ' S famous " razzle-dazzle " brand of football was totally over- powered by tbe strength of the California eleven as they downed the Moragans 45-6. The Bears, halted from a determined 65-yard drive, came back a few minute? later to tally and lead 6-0 at the end of the first quar- ter. The nineteen-point margin held by the Blue and Gold at the half was due to a 90-yard march to paydirt followed by Johnny Graves ' 66-yard dar-h for another six points. The sole score for St. Mary ' s came in the third quarter when Denny O ' Connor powered over for the score after a drive from the 34. Utilizing the opportunities set up by the accurate passing attack of Bob Celeri and Gael fumbles. California racked up four addi- tional tallies before the final gun. Right through the middle for another first down was a con- tinuing achievement of CEORGE FONG, who can only be de- scribed as a player and a team- mate as " terrific. " A Ventura J. C. man, RUBE NAVARRO was switched from quarterback slot to f ull where he continually demonstrated to the fans his phenomenal pitching arm. Sandy-haired JACK SWANER was rated as a top man in the line backing position as well as being what we might call a really " smooth worker. " 243 mm Finishing up his collegiate football career with a great season was BOB DAL PORTO, known all over the campus as a swell fellow in activ- ities, athletics, and scholarship. BEARS 14 BEFORE a jam-packed stadium of 81,000 scream- ing spectators, the underdog Bears defeated Navy 14-7. It was a scoreless first quarter, but in the sec- ond period Bob Celeri gave new life to the Gal attack. He pitched a 16-yard gainer, ran for an- other 15 and on the third play, after failing to find a receiver, galloped 22 yards to score with but 40 seconds remaining in the first half. Keckley con- verted and California led at the half 7-0. The sec- ond touchdown came in the fourth quarter when Doing a lot of the defensive work in California ' s biggest football season in ten years was quiet JIM MUIR, working as a steady quarterback. Having a little tough luck with injuries in the 1947 schedule was STANTON WEBSTER, whose particular talent was being very fast on his feet. 244 NAVY 7 fullback Jackie Jen en rut through his own left guard and outraced the Navy secondary for the tally. The conversion by Cullom was good. With about five minutes left in the game. Navy blocked a Blue and Gold punt. And then quarterback Reeve? Bay- -inger hit the end zone for Navy ' s- only touchdown. The Middies threatened again after getting the ball back by a well-executed on-side kickoff. but Jensen - interception of a Na y pa - snuffed out the threat and insured the ultimate California victorv. is trying to get Uw ' s " go . Another end who really amt along was Dig TOM TRYON, who not only arid 1 the pigskin but turned his ball handling skills to basketball. JACKIE JENSEN turned in another set of great performances from his fullback slot where he played more minutes of ball than any other nan c the team. 245 Ending the season as a real California hero was PAUL KECKLEY, who latched on to that famous pass and dashed for the winning six points in the Big Game. BEARS 48 BADGERS 7 A SIZZLING finish was written to the last of the non-conference games for this season with the obliteration of Wisconsin by the overwhelming score of 48-7. This, supposedly the big test for California might, showed the prowess of the untried Golden Bears again st a Big Nine team. Wiscon- sin tried a new type of defense against the running attack of the Western- ers, but the ever-resourceful Bears showed that all their talent was not confined to the ground, and took to the air in a series of successful passes. Thus the return of the California mentor to the Big Nine was triumphal. The lone Badger score was quickly evened up by the Bears, who did a very welcome turnabout from last year ' s Wisconsin win in racking up a victory for the Blue and Gold. The best description of JOHN ELLIOT ' S playing could be that he was just plain " loose " as he demonstrated good, steady work from his center position. DAVE HIRSCHLER played in the end position until a bad knee kept him out of the lineup as the Cal varsity went on to win 9 games and lose 1. 246 BEARS 21 COUGARS 6 DOWN from the North came the Cougars, gunning for an upset over the favored Golden Bears, fresh from four victories. Although they put up ; ome stiff opposition. Washington State fell before the Bear machine 21-6. Threatening a good deal during the game, the men from the northland were held to one touchdown. California scores came three times com- plete with conversions. The first was set up in the initial period and the second only a few minutes after the next quarter had opened. Probably the most spectacular play of the season came when the Cougars were maneuvering for a touchdown on the Cal 8 and Ken Groefsema broke through the ashington line to tip a proposed pass from the extended arm of Bill Lippencott into the hands of John Cunningham, who raced 82 vards for a touchdown. STORMY HILEMAN, . Venura J. C. man, was liter- ally a stone wall as he MS ' one of our top He could ahngrs be counted on in tough spots. Another good back whose services were missed was TIM MAIN, who had to leave the team very early in the season with a shoulder separation. As our injury list grew, the name of TIM MINAHEN was added and the varsity lost one more essential quarterback. 247 The Ramblers had a fine back in the person of BOB LOSEY, who saw some Varsity action. Bob really rambled in the true sense of the word he was a hard man to catch. BEARS 14 THE lone loss for the 1947 Varsity came at the hands of powerful USC, who beat the Bears 39-14. Cal ' s Jack Swaner raced 65 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the game to keynote a wild first half which saw the Blue and Gold twice take the lead. Several plays after the Trojans recovered a Cal fumble, Verl Lilywhite scored for USC, making it 7-7. The second tally for USC came after a 66-yard march. But the aroused Californians struck back on a sustained drive Starting in the halfback slot early in the football year was BILLY MAIN. Although just about the littlest man on the team he made up for it in fight. HERB PODDIG played end in ' 46 but was moved to guard in the ' 47 lineup where it was found the change was for the best as he turned in some fine work. 248 p ' . H TROJANS 39 that carried them 88 yards with Jackie Jensen sweep- ing left end for the final five yards. " Truck " Cullom ' s kick placed the sons of California ahead 14-13. South- ern California followed that up by notching another and Cal trailed at the half 20-14. The third period started off with Trojan Don Doll taking the kickoff on his five and running it all the way to a touchdown. After that it was all Trojans with Jim Kirby scoring two more goals for USC. A tens moment finds Bears intent and Pappy on the field phone! Seeing some varsity action was CHARLIE ERB, who worked from the quarterback position; while in the spring he could be found down on the baseball diamond. California ' s great year was topped by the selection of the fighting tackle ROD FRANZ to the ranks of the :oveted All-American team. 249 The hard working conscientious type of player is always an asset to any team. Such a man was FRANK BRUNK, who ran plays from his position at fullback. BEARS 6 THE colorful and friendly half-time activities in the Coliseum at Los Angeles shielded the tense situation of an almost scoreless game which finally came to a climax as Little Brother Bruin, a potentially explosive club, was edged by the Blue and Gold eleven 6-0 in the last quarter. Both teams missed numerous chances to score; the Bruin ' s dangerous passing game came so close to connecting for markers, and the Bears ' four clear scoring chances just missed the final chalk mark. Big HANK BORGHI spent his time in the locker room and on trips raising his voice as one fourth of a slightly off-key quartet which entertained the team. A really steady and hard-working tackle was GENE FRASSETTO, who got his previous experience way back in 1941 playing for the California frosh. 250 BRUINS The Golden gridders started out in spectacular style, but fumbled on the four-yard line after Keckley ' s 37- yard scamper. Heartbreaking misses of touchdown -.-s by the California ends, including one big scor- ing opportunity on the Bruin 8. marked the first half. Cal ' s winning goal came in the fourth quarter. Jack Jensen intercepted a pass on his own 17 and made good yardage. Swaner ripped off a 24-yard dash to the 10. and then Graves circled around left end for the lone -con- f the day and the Bear victor) . iritl be a sHI-oa, net a wash-art. Onr of the team ' s fcigttit scorers . yet one fco played a relatively small anomt of time was BILL HONTA NE. who realty ran p tke score tke ATE SHORE piayetf tke fartbaH arvity UK fall, a in tfce s M wit the lbkjr tea f Mcfe he was caytata. 251 You could always tell DICK ERICKSON, one of the old married men of the team, by his rolled up sleeves as he functioned in the quar- terback slot. BEARS 13 HUSKIES 7 PLAGUED with injuries to key men, California ' s Golden Bears showed the fans that they were still a potent force on the playing field in winning from the Washington Huskies their seventh game in eight starts. However, the contest was more one-sided than the score at the final gun, 13-7, indi- cated. After losing the ball on the one-yard line, Celeri came back by pass- ing to Van Deren for the tally. Cal ' s next score came in the second quarter when the Bears marched 80 yards in five plays with Celeri pitching the touchdown pass again, and the score was 13-0 at the half. Several Bear drives were stopped by the Husky line in the last half. With a minute and a quarter to go in the game, Washington ' s Harlow gathered in a lateral for the 13-7 score. That jeep piled full of players going to the training table was piloted by amicable BOBBY DODOS, another member of that famous quartet. Every group has its practical joker the Varsity ' s was JON BAKER, who although placed on the team ' s injury list, turned in some fine ball during the season. 252 BEARS 60 GRIZZLIES 14 THE !-tout hearted Grizzly team had very little to be happy ahout a? they were defeated 60-14 by the Blue and Gold Varsity. Only an almost impos- ihle victory would have put them in the Rose Bowl category, but the cards were stacked against them. During the entire dark, dreary afternoon the Bears showed a superior strength and were able to make the game a one- sided affair. Try as they might, the hopelessly outclassed Montanans were defeated by the rampant Ramblers, who polished off the second half with a bang. Although the truly fine spirited California rooting section cheered them on. the Grizzlies could well see the devastating defeat which lurked in the fog-blanketed field. The last score of the game, a Montana tally, was in vain as the victorious Bears racked up their eighth win. Big, johin- NINGHAM ' S " JAWN " CUN- NINGHAM ' S prowess x a glue-fingered ead woi Urn a d tot wife a trip back east by the courtesy of the Tackle LEN JONES MS cne of those fellows that always has a wile on his fact and a good word for miyone a fine addition to team spirit. really has bis heart the same, and was in there fighttag second that he played was RON SOCKOLOV. 253 BEARS 21 Another Rambler who saw time on the varsity playing field was fullback DAN THE 50th meeting of the Bears and the Indians was one of the most thrilling in the history of Big Games. It was a hard fight all the way but the Blue and Gold came out on top 21-18. The favored Varsity showed early strength when Ted Kenfield raced 29 yards to a Cal touchdown in the first three minutes of play. From that point on, the Cardinals out-fought the 1947 Bear eleven. Then the Indians drove down to the Cal 17 and scored. A late second quarter attack by the Bears, how- HARRY PIEPER ' S personality was quite an influence in building and maintaining that fine team spirit that the varsity showed all season. Co-captain for the year HARRY AGLER, who had played freshman football at California back in 1940, ended his collegiate career by playing in the East-West game. 254 2INDIANS 18 ever, loosened up the Cards ' defense when George Fong crashed over for the T.D. Inspired football marked the last half when the Indians scored two more goals and forged ahead 18-14. And then with three minutes to go Jack Jensen passed to Paul Keckley, who raced to pay dirt amid the deafen- ing roar of the screaming Cal rooting section. It was this play, combined with the one hundred per cent accuracy of Cullom ' s conversions, that won the game for California. Grinning DON LANG holds on tightly to the precious and dearly fought-for axe. JOHNNY GRAVES, the league ' s leading ground gainer until his injury, was the real sparkplug of the 1947 varsity in leading them to nine victories. Perhaps the biggest event for JIM TURNER in the fall football period was that his wife presented him with a bouncing baby boy. 255 Ramblers VERSATILE was the word for the Rambler football squad. If they weren ' t taking on two teams at the same time, they were running up the scores in varsity games. Apparently there was strength in division, for on two occasions the Ramblers were split into A and B squads, each of which won with ease. Season totals showed six wins and one loss. The victims were Santa Rosa College, Mather Field, California at Davis, Alameda Naval Air Station, Chico State and Humboldt State. The loss was a 27-32 decision to the Stanford J.V. ' s. Smiling ZEB CHANEY ' S fine coaching brought out in his two Rambler teams a wealth of good material which should stand next year ' s varsity in good stead. Santa Rosa Mather Field Cal Aggies Alameda NAS Chico State Humboldt S. ... Ramblers. Ramblers.. Ramblers- Ramblers.. Ramblers . Ramblers.. ..26 ..57 20 ..33 ..30 20 Stanford J.V 32 Ramblers 27 BACK ROW, left to right: J. Hattala (coach), Bob Spencer, W. Bryant, Bill Simkins, Bill Lenz, Art Trost, Pat Gelardi, Roland Maples, Forest Klein, Lyle Nelson, Don Grant. SECOND ROW: Ray DeJong, Houston, Martin, Will Lotter, Campbell, Mitchler, Hill, Rube Navarro, Caldwell, Tom Tryon, Chambers. FRONT ROW: Zeb Chancy (coach), Charlie Erb, Fred Miller, Jim Price, Herb Schmalenberger, George Irwin, Bruce McDonald, Olie Obuhoff, Chris Pallas, Jim Beaver, George Newell. i BACK ROW, left to right: William Pwwll, MH Willback, Watt Dams, Bob Ron Ht ard, Ed Frey, John , , Herring, Al Huber, Chris Martey. THIRD ROW: H. Wong. Roy Richardson, Jack Ralston, Bob Jams. Daw Harper, Pearce Godfrey, Part Nordley, Bob Hand, Kay Crandall, Bob Witter, Bill PaMtaja. SECOND ROW: Brace HeKne, Hal Hoppe, Sidney Peixiotto, P. Witter, Dick Ooden, Ed Hart, Jim Marines, Dick LuaMm, Cari Van Henit. FRONT ROW: Hal Grant (coach), Howard Morris, Ernest Pmmi, Robert Hodgsoii, William Moore, Bob Kniptask, Jin Morackiw, Bob Hiiiakni, S. J. Le Protti (ceack). Can SrU (coach). Freshmen THE fir t frehman football team since 1943 gave the eoaches and tiulent- a preview of coming tar . Hal Grant, frosh mentor, had the tough job of whipping this new organization into shape and he can lit- credited with doing a fine piece of work. Although they lost four out of five game?, including one to Chaffey J. C.. the i est ' s Little Rose Bowl entry, they showed that the Bear arsity will have some outstanding talent added to it next year. J 257 I CALIFORNIA ' S record breaking cagers wound up atop the Southern Division of the Coast Conference with the final slate showing 11 wins and 1 defeat. The Blue and Gold quintet racked up a seasonal total of 25 victories and 9 losses, averag- ing 55.1 points per game. Meeting the University of Washing- ton in thePCC finals at Berkeley, the Bears topped the Huskies 64-51 in the opener, but without the aid of Chuck Hanger, they then went down in heartbreaking defeat 57-64 and 49-59. Andy Wolfe set a new Bear single game scoring record, netting 28 points against the Huskies in one night. Wolfe and Hanger each dropped in a total of more than 1000 points in their col- lege careers. Both boys played their last collegiate season bril- liantly. And under the guiding hand of Coach Nibs Price they led California to the culmination of a great basketball season. Coach MBS PRICE went through many a harrowing evening watching games that were too close for comfort. Nevertheless he boosted his team to the Southern Division PCC championship. 1948V Forward LE5 DEAN showed consistent improve- ment during the season by playing a steady floor game. He was fast and utilized his height very well. Above is ZEB CHANEY, who led the California Blues to an almost undefeated season; while below is RUSS TRACKWELL, the hardworking senior manager of the varsity. BACK ROW, left to right: Sierraty, Roos, York. SECOND ROW: Rich, Spatz, Harris. FRONT ROW: Lotheridge, Trackwell, Black. liVARSITY . for Dot Ow arstt; and Uc Btaes, DAVE NICHOLS will be back wttk feis deadly e and fancy dribWi next season. 261 Bears-Trojans FOR the first time in the history of the Cal-USC basketball series, the Bears defeated a Sam Barry- coached quintet in all four of their conference games. The initial meeting of the two teams in Los Angeles found them tied for first place in league standings. Chuck Hanger ' s 27 points led the sons of California to a 53 to 40 victory. The Bears returned to the home court to give their rooters many anxious moments until Andy Wolfe ' s free throw in the last half minute of play insured a 48 to 47 win over the unhappy Trojans. A week later the Golden Bear tucked away the Southern Division PCC crown by edging out the men of Troy 53 to 50 after trailing most of the game. Playing before the California rooting section, Nibs Price ' s boys proved that they were the toast of the league by soundly trouncing a cold Trojan team 58-34. USC suffered a bad night on their shots while the Bears, sparked by Wolfe and his 16 points, won easily. 262 A deadeye from far out when hot and usually outfacing the opposition, GORDON CUNEO piled up points with his tricky one-handed shots. ' laying a rough and ready game, GEORGE (SPIDER) WALKER was in here ready to hawk the ball every minute. Possessing an extremely long reach, he was invaluable on backboard play. Participating in every game, BOB WALKER has a good eye, is speedy 2 uses his height well. The drop-shot artist will return to thrill fans ag, next year. Bears-Bru i ns LITTLE Brother Bruin, fighting desperately to re- tain his Southern Division PCC title, failed to stop the Berkeley Bear, as the California cagers fattened their seasonal record by defeating the speedy UCLA team four times in PCC contests. In the opening conference game the Blue and Gold showed the superior skill, height, and manpower which were to aid them throughout the season, and won 58 to 49. The next Bear-Bruin meeting found the northern branch running up 62 digits while limiting the visi- tors from Westwood to 44 points. This may have been the best game turned out by the Bears in league play all year. The next weekend the Blue and Gold journeyed to the southland where the Bruins ' spec- tacular ball-handling kept UCLA in the lead most of the game. However, the final gun found the boys from Berkeley victorious by the narrow margin of 44-39. The Calif ornians won their final game against the Bruins at home 41-37 as Earl Strader and Chuck Hanger averted the possible upset with their come- through performance. 264 Tricky TOMMY TRYON is as much at home on the gridiron as on the hardwood. He played center on the varsity. Little RAY LUCAS was a real hustler and an excellent player. He ha outstanding floor game and set up some neat lay-ins. A stellar backboard player, DICK KRETSINGER worked for the Blues and turned his talents to varsity competition during the season. Bears - Indians THE Golden Bear scalped the Stanford Indians three times in four meetings. But the league-leading Bears dropped the last game of the conference season to the cellar-dwelling Cardinals and blew all chances of obtain- ing an unblemished record. The opening game of the series found Andy Wolfe ' s 13 points leading a last min- ute Bear rally to spark the Bears to a 40-34 victory. Back at Berkeley the next night Chuck Hanger broke looi-c from the leach-like guarding of Bob Lewis in the second half to assure a 50-46 win for the sons of California. Later in the season the Cal casaba artists came up from behind as Hanger scored his thousandth point and paced the Bine and Gold to a 45-38 win. Finishing off the conference sea- son in the Stanford pavilion the following night the Bears played their worst game of the year. The final 49-45 score was no indication of the Indians ' superiority as the Stan- fordites, inspired to superhuman efforts, completely con- trolled the game. 266 Guard EARL STRADER made a terrific running mate for Andy Wolfe with his sparking floor play in the last five minutes of many a game pulling Cal out of a hole. Stead), dependable DARIUS (DEE) KEATON was especially good on defense. He has an uncanny ability to sink long shcts with cunniKlldltllf regularity. CHUCK HANGER literally dropped the ball in the basket. His tremend height enabled him to become sixth in all-time PCC scorers. Intersectional ON the home hardwood during Christmas Vacation, the University of California Bears sped to four intersectional victories in five starts, including a decisive 68-57 triumph over the Western division NCAA champions, the Baylor Bears. The Blue and Gold celebrated the holiday season by trouncing the previously undefeated University of Wisconsin cagers 73 to 61. The second game was a repe- tition of the first, the Bears hitting the hoop for 59 points while the Badgers succeeded in running up only 44. Bay- lor proved to be made to order for the Californians as Hanger and Wolfe pushed through 19 and 18 points re- spectively for the win. Led by All-American Jim Mcln- tyre, the Minnesota Five stayed in the lead all the way to hand the Golden Bears their first collegiate defeat of the season 60 to 58. The six foot nine inch Gopher per- sonally tallied 32 of Minnesota ' s points. The Varsity quintet came back the following night to wallop the Gophers 59 to 35 as Mclntyre was held to only seven points for the first time in his basketball career by the Bears ' Jim Smith. 268 al CAL R1EMCKE showed streaks of scaring brilliance. Handy with a ball, mis top resene guard is nod abort i Captain ANDY WOLFE when his legs weren ' t willing. Andy well playing on his he. his title as Cat ' s m JIM SMITH always came through in a tight imK by a bad leg. His steady floor game at center on the success of the 1947-48 Blues EIGHTEEN consecutive wins marked a high point in the 1947-48 achievements of the California Blues. The J.V ' s completed the season with the phenomenal rec- ord of 20 wins and only two losses. They averaged 50 points per game while holding their opponents to 34. Playing in the Pacific Association Championship finals, the Cal casaha artists trounced the Fassler Ath- letic Club, but were handed their first defeat of the year by the Rexilites in a hot battle which saw Cali- fornia drop out of the tournament. The Blues lost their last game to the national junior college champs, Marin J. C., 33-50. The Cal cagers had previously taken the Marine boys 48-23. Berkeley ' s own Ken Cameron led the Blues ' individual scoring with a seasonal total of 115 points, followed by Dave Nichols with 102. This, one of the most successful slates in Cal J.V. basketball history, provided satisfying proof that next year ' s var- sity, even though it is losing some of its top talent, will be well supplied with fine players up from the Blues. 20 7{ ' BACK ROW, left to right: Chris Flores, Joe Perez, Al Young, Dick Solomon. SECOND ROW: Jim Duvaras, Dick Kretsinger, Ken Cameron, Bob Rinehart. FRONT ROW: Bob Melton, Dave Nichols, Jay Richards, Mike Gluck. 270 i rijfct: Jack Seuer. Ora Marker, Don SUM. SECOND ROW: George Thorite (caacfe), Uteri Danes. Bin Suit , Do Dodson, Bin Win . FRONT ROW: Don Berry, Gene GarfttUe, Bill Hagter, Jules DeWoor. Freshmen A.NUTHER California team again started competition for the first time since the beginning of the war. This time it was the freshman basketball squad who turned in a highly creditable record for their first year on the hardwood. Coach George Thorne led the yearlings to twelve wins and only six losses. They started by playing the Dolphin Club and then went through high schools and college freshman teams of the bay area to achieve their fine record. The Bear five played away from their home court only tw ice. losing both encounter-. " Be a good loser, but don ' t lose, " typifies Baseball Mentor CLINT EVANS. Facing innumerable tough breaks, the Clinter sweated out a bad season but he never quit fighting. i Senior Manager BOB BOHNA, otherwise known as the Colonel, has to contend with, in addition to his other troubles, disappearing photographers. BATTER UP! The Blue and Gold baseball varsity took third place in the California Intercollegiate Baseball As- sociation. Although they were not able to repeat their championship performance of last year, they did head the list in several departments. Cal ' s overall batting aver- age of .267 was first in league standing and the batting crown of the year went to Bear rightfielder Cliff McClain. Five Golden Bear sluggers finished above .300. Nino Barnise, the stellar right-hander, set some kind of a rec- ord by appearing in all fifteen of the Bear contests. The cool hurler topped the strike-out list with 78 to his credit. The sons of California finished up their season with a creditable record of 21 wins and 13 losses for the year and 8 victories to 7 defeats in CIBA play. 1948 s Seeming to always be on base, LYLE PALMER was a great leadoff man. This savvy centerfielder is terrific at beating out infield singles. FRONT ROW, left to right: Clint Wolfe, Bob Bohna, Hal Bolce. BACK ROW: Ralph Sarmento, Wully Wulbern, Ted Skeels, Marty Vesenka. BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Peterson (trainer), Bob Brian, Dale McBane, Neil Johnson, Latham Cone, Dick Saukko, Wimpy Jones, Bo Phillips, Howard Coslcllo, Bob Johnson, Art Harwood, LaVerne Morton. SECOND ROW: Jack Altman (batboy), George Yamor, Tim Cronin, Daw Anker, Bob Melton, Dave Anderson, Daw Danielson, Nino Barnise, Bob Anderson, Red Finney, Bob O ' Dell. FRONT ROW. Clint Erans (coach), John Fiscalini, Jim Fiscalini, Ralph McIMire, Charlie Erb, Ed Sanclemente, Jerry Silverstein, Cliff McClain, Lyle Palmer, Ed Aitken, Hooks DeVaurs. SEASON BATTING AVERAGES Cliff McClain Ml Lyle Palmer ... .326 John Fi-i-alini _ _ .295 Bob O ' Dell .262 Jim Fisralini .260 Ed Sanclemente . .246 Veteran player CLIFF McCLAIN is the fastest man on the field fcr the Bears in years with real power behind his bat. It was family day at the ball park when this picture was taken with senior manager emeritus Stan Brown ' s mother in the center of things. 275 fc Quiet unassuming ED AITKEN from San Diego is only a sophomore and his ability with the ball marks him as an asset to any team. Bears vs. Gaels THE St. Mary ' s nine took a beating from the California varsity on the baseball diamond as the Golden Bear swept all three contests. Stupend- ous was really the word for the first conference game of the season a? tin- Blue and Gold baseballers pounded out a 25-7 victory over the Gaels. The game, which began with the raising of the NCAA flag over Edwards Field, was engineered by Nino Barnise from the pitcher ' s mound. The next two games of the series were played within two days of each other and saw California come out as the victor in both. Each game went into the tenth inning with the Bears winning the first 3-2 and taking the sec- ond 11-8 on the strength of Ed Sanclemente ' s homer far into the right field stands of the Oakland ball park. I GEORGE YAMOR worked out as pitcher for a while, but as a senior he played the 1948 season in the outfield. Pitcher BOB ANDERSON played last year as a freshman and was Icoked to for much help during the past year. 276 ' .31 Bears vs. Bruins PLAYING little brother Bruin twice in Westwood and once on the home diamond, the Bear horsehiders managed to snag two victories and one loss. The fir?t game of the series saw a hopeful Cal nine take their third straight CIBA victory. The championship seemed within reach; however, by the time the end of the series rolled around in the middle of March, the Trojan? had already cinched the title. The opener was a thriller in every ei e of the word a? it dragged out to sixteen innings. The score was evened up three time? until in the last inning it stood at 6-6. A walloping 360-foot double by Bob O ' Dell broke up the ball game and Cal won 7-6. The Bear ?plit the final two contests, winning 12-7 and losing 8-7. Big JIM FISCAL1NI has a good arm and lots of game savvy. John ' s little brother, he saw plenty of action behind the plate this season. ;:::.=; : ; :-:?:: :- ' . : --. ' . : -:-=: ::-: 277 - B 3 : Bears vs. Broncos THE Bear baseballers weren ' t quite able to take the measure of the Santa Clara horsehiders as the latter beat out the Bears in two of three games. California ' s first CIBA loss was administered by the Broncos, 5 runs to 2. The game saw Santa Clara do most of its scoring in the early stages while Cal managed to pound out its two runs in a vain, last minute attempt. Revenge was sweet for the Bears as they staged a 10-6 victory over the Broncos under arc lights of Washington Park. The Blue and Gold scored at least once in each of the last four innings. However, the last encounter between the two rivals ended up with the Santa Clara nine on top 7-6 with all their seven runs coming in the fifth stanza. A scintillating second sacker, as well as a deft quarterback, BOOTS ERB was quite handy with the bat and could be depended upon in a pinch. A good looker up from the Cinnamons, JERRY SILVERSTIEN, clinched the short- patch spot early in the season. Switched from second sacker to shortstop, TIM CRONIN has a good arm and has been a consistent fielder throughout the seascn. 278 Bears vs. Trojans A ROUGH and tumble baseball rivalry was resumed in 1948 as the Cali- fornia nine met USC. Last year in the California Intercollegiate Baseball Wociation playoffs, the Bears managed to beat Southern California and go on to gain the national championship. This year the results of the series took on a different tone as USC swept all three games and became CIBA champs. The Blue and Gold went into the first tilt as league leader. How- ever, in a flurry of walks USC came out the victor 15-11, in fact the first two meetings saw thirty-two Trojans walked while Clint Evans sent nine hurlers to the hill. The second game down south saw much better play- ing on all sides but again the Bears lost. 8-2. The final contest was dropped by California in a hard fought tussle 4-2. Back for the fourth year of varsity hall, ED SANCLE- MENTE went after anything and usually came up with it. " Sane " was the hot corner expert. Righthander BOB ANDERSON hails from San Bernardino. This quiet lad is only a sophomore and will be a great help to the team next seascn. A pitcher with unusually good contrcl, NINO BARNISE was the workhorse of the season, pitching in every CIBA game. Last season he performed the amazing feat of throwing a 1-hitter in the semi-final playoffs. 279 v Bears ONCE again Nino Barnise had the task of pitching and garnered hi fourth win as to one loss. The ninth was a thriller as the Stanford men found the range and with two down, Barnise snuffed out the threat with a beautiful strike-out. The final game of the series down on the farm saw California in a slump as they lost to the Indians 10-7. The end of the seventh saw Cal leading 7-5 with Barnise still on the mound. But in the bottom of the eighth the heavens broke loose and the Stanford Reds drove in five more tallies. The Bears were never able to catch up the lead and went down in defeat. It was the second conference loss for Barnise and was the sinister portent of things to come for the baseball varsity. RALPH McINTIRE, the biggest man of the team, was called a candidate for Tarzan by his teammates. Another sophomore on the team is six foot DAVE ANDERSON a pitcher from San Francisco. Righthander BOB JOHNSON who pitched for the 1948 baseball varsity hailed from Sacramento. 280 Indians MEETING the Indians in three important contests, the California base- ball varsity managed to snare two wins as against one defeat. The season looked good for Cal in the first game of the series as the Blue and Gold took their second straight conference game by beating Stanford 7-3 on a soggy Edwards Field. The cool right-hander, Nino Barnise, was on the mound. Going into the eighth inning he had a shut-out, but faltered and gave up three singles. The Bear tallies came in the first and second stanzas and after a short fifth inning cloudburst, the horsehiders drove in four more in a lucky seventh. Still leading the league ahead of USC, the Cali- fornia nine manhandled the Indians 9-6. California ' s own ' " Wimpy " was ROBERT JONES. Pitching his first year cf varsity ball he had a creditable ERA. Three years on the squad is the record of IRA FINNEY. This veteran could do an outstanding job of coaching at third. RICHARD SAUKKO played a steady centerfield. This twenty-one year old sopho- more was a native of Eureka. 281 . : Cinnamon Bears PLAYING junior colleges from Sacramento to Modesto, the California Junior Varsity baseball squad, commonly known as the Cinnamon Bears, managed in their last game of the season to attain a .500 average for the year. Coached by Hooks Devaurs the J.V. Bears really looked like a professional ball club as they ended their season by pounding the Stanford jayvees into submission 12-2. The record for the year totaled seven wins contrasted with seven losses. Prospects for additions to next year ' s varsity look good. Former Cal and Oakland Oaks player, ERNEST " HOOKS " DEVAURS tcok time from his graduate studies to coach the Cinnamons. SEASON RECORD San Mateo J. C in Santa Rosa J. C 10 Cal Aggies 12 Vallejo J. C 7 Sacramento College 3 Marin J. C 8 Cal Frosh 11 S. F. State 7 Stanford J.V 8 Portola Natives 4 S. F. C. C 8 Santa Rosa J. C 6 Stanford J.V 2 Cal Frosh. ... .. 7 Cal J.V 18 CalJ.V. 1 Cal J.V 6 CalJ.V ....11 CalJ.V 5 CalJ.V .12 CalJ.V ,.. 9 CalJ.V _ ... CalJ.V .. 7 CalJ.V 6 CalJ.V .. 7 CalJ.V 8 CalJ.V 12 CalJ.V ... BACK ROW, left to right: Floyd Packer, Dick Hall, Bill Winterhalter, Lyman Hitch, Paul Caster, Chas Huges, Bob Burke. SECOND ROW: John Fabrin, Dan Costello, Al Blair, Don Grant, Phil Stevens, Don Henrikson, Fred Chadbourne. FRONT ROW: Ernest Devaurs (ccach), Bob Brian, George Homsey, Dale McBane, Howard Costello, Dean Ormsby, Arthur Haywood, Leo Visbal. BACK ROW, left to right: Gil Beck, Tommy Arkley, Jim Howe, Harold Smith, Albert Daries. SECOND ROW: Edward Brittinoham, Robert Cumminos, Ctack Carpy, Bill Wilson, Bill Gear. FRONT ROW: Jack Seuer, DM Dodson, Peter Schusren (bat boy), Bob G winn, Hank Duffle, Jack Poilatsek. Freshmen THE Freshman baseball team under the leadership of Coach Harry Kingman had a most successful sea- son showing a final record of 16 wins and only 8 losses. Headed by Bill Gear, an outstanding pitcher, the Frosh started off a bang-up season by defeating Clarksburg High 19-1 and going on from there to complete a truly great year. 283 5 te-V3 ON your marks! Get set! Although slightly boxed in at the start, the California track team managed to finish the season of dual meets in strong fashion. The Blue and Gold runners beat the Olympic Club in the initial meet, but they then lost a close one to UCLA. Times and distances began to pick up and Cal smothered Washington next. The competition picked up also, and USC went home a winner. All the Bears finally got hot for the Big Meet. In downing the Indians, the Cal men made marks that would have swung previous meets in their favor. Post dual meet season included the L. A., Fresno, and Modesto Relays and the PCC meet. In the Fresno affair Donnie Anderson was right up there with Patton and La Beach, perhaps the best sprint men of this century. Chuck Hanger was either winner or second in the high jump events. California ' s all-purpose man, head track coach BRUTUS HAMILTON, had a bad shoulder injury, but it somehow improved after a healing day in the open at the Stanford meet. Kindly AL RAGAN, the assistant track coach was a very capable teacher and a really inspirational leader for the thin-clads. Below is the track team ' s senior manager HORACE " HO " CROW. 948 BEST MEET MARKS Mile Vefling 4:19 440 Cooper :49 100 Anderson 9.6 High Hurdle Rademaker 14.9 880 Jackson 1:54.6 220 Haws 21.3 2-Mile Vefling 9:41 Low Hurdles Rademaker... 23.9 Javelin Friedenbarh 209 ' 6 " Shot-Put Friedenbach 49 ' 4% " Pole Vault Paddork 13 ' 8 " High Jump Hanger 6 ' 5% " Broad Jump Norberg 23 ' 11% " Discus Mumby 151 ' 1 " Relay Cotton, Lytjen, Jackson Cooper 3:18.4 STANDING, left to right: Bill Barros, Dick Van Houten, Bob Helleher, Bill Bazeley, Jim Dawson, Don McKean. SITTING: Jerry Hutton, Edwin Lee, Kim Harter, Eric Schnurmacher, Bob Andrews Roger Duncan KNEELING: Irwin Adams, Ho Crow. BACK ROW, teft to right: Do- Anderson, Bob Hnmpert, Bnd Cortett, Jim Lytjen, Rod Grant Jim Likcwsk., Cal Mehlert, Bill Stanffcr, Don Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Kaare Veflina, Albert, Hart Fairelonjh, lOweth Hayes, Ted T.mmons, Val Fairman SernT Se SFoK, Dick Roberts, Bill Camf. Frank FrMenbach. THIRD ROW: Tan Bnwn M Roto|nnd Lee Darro , SivBcnBML Chnck War Tomnty Edgcomta Stew Leach, Dick Cotton, Da " [nnwl. Bill Coteman. SECOND ROW: E. Rogers. SS J S S!SMr F ' H Don ' Sd-n-cher, Bill Breer, Fay Blair. FRONT ROW: Hugh Ukf, Ate Krooskos, Cart Ohmer, Bob Cooper, Bob Dal Porto, Terry Has, Wolfgang Rabemaker, Jim Anderson. SEASON LL PADDOCK, E : V : hen if;: -t:: ' - ktUB and better all season. i MMto to the uan in the mile aad t ile. Behind his brother by ten years in time but not en the track was sprinter DONNIE ANDERSON. Javelin thrower, KEN HAYES made his letter at a age when carpet slippers on a late afternoon. 287 Huskies Greatly improved DON JACKSON divided his time between relays, the middle distances, and numer- ous labs. CLEAN sweeps were the order of the day as Cal left the Huskies in the dust. The Bear field men, led by Jack Swaner, Chuck Hanger, and Rod Grant, took all three places in the shot-put, high jump, and broad jump. In addition Frank Friedenbach won the javelin and Bill Paddock the pole vault. In the track events Bonnie Anderson, Terry Haws and company swept the 100 and 220 dashes. Ted Rademaker added two hurdle firsts, Kaare Vefling a mile victory and Bob Cooper a 440 win. Commencement speaker CHUCK HANGER lock the high jump in stride. He spent his spare time, if any, on the basketball court or poring over his law books. BEN CORLETT made a sudden and decisive entry onto the track scene with wins against UCLA and Stanford. 288 Bruins WESTWOOD as a winner on their home track as I I -haded the Berkeleyans. The story might have been different had Phil Arnot and Donnie Anderson heen able to run. Injuries to these two kept Cal points down. Kaare eflins wa? in good shape though and took two fir tr- in the distance runs. Bill Paddock copped the pole vault. Terry Haws the 220 and Bob Cooper the 440 in :49 flat. Sprinter TERRY HAWES made his senior year bis best with aid a thM ' m the ceotarjr at the PCC relays. TED RADEMAKER was a i ! thraqh perforner tar an in kis specialty, the 289 M ' Long-winded FAY BLAIR was a short striding miler with a strong finish. A wife and child gave him inspiration. Bears vs. " PLAYING to a record crowd, " the California speed- sters were edged in most of the doubtful events. These points were enough to give the Trojans a majority and to avert an upset. The Bears did more than all right in the field events. Hanger and company swept the high jump, Frank Friedenbach, Ken Hayes and Lou Jurkovich swept the javelin, Frank ' s winning toss consisting of 209 ' 6 1 4 " . Norberg was first in the broad leap with an effort that Surprisingly enough, BILL COLEMAN, only recently lock up the high jump. He really made up for lost time. Hurdler and brcadjurnper JACK NORBERG cvercame leg injuries to finish the season in a blaze of glory and a trip to the PCC Big Nine meet. 290 Trojans va- S 4 hort of 24 ' . Hugh Muinby and Paddock picked up seconds in the discus and pole vault re- spectively. The running events were another story. The 100 and 220 went to I SC ' s Mel Patton, world record holder in the former, with Donnie Anderson and Terry Haws garnering seconds and thirds in both. Don Cooper and Jim Lytjen came through in the first two places in the 440. hut the re t of the foot races went largely to USC. Scholarly DICK COTTON was a relay and middle distance man. He was another Big Meet hero and should be around two more seasons. 440 man JIM LYTJEN was a hard man to beat as he never gave up. He also was inspired by a wife and child. 291 .-. " A Wrestler HUGH MUMBY got bai from the Olympic tryouts just time to heave the discus for h alma mater. BEARS vs. SIX straight California made it six in a row over the Cards. The victory was due largely to the svirprising ability of the Bears to better their previous bests. Valuable firsts were garnered by Bill Paddock who cleared 13 ' 8 " for the first time, Dick Cotton who turned in his best time in winning the 880, and Hugh Mumby who tossed the discus 151 ' 1 " for his best effort to date. Frank Friedenbach heaved the javelin 195 ' 8 " and the shot 49 ' 4% " to collect two valuable seconds. TOM BRYANT showed lots of added height this year as he helped sweep the high jump in quite a few meets. JIM ANDERSON was perhaps slowed down by spike injuries but was nevertheless a consistent 880 performer. 292 INDIANS Kaare Vefling and Donnie Anderson were major point gatherers as predicted. Vefling took the mile and two- mile without being pressed. Anderson, looking better and better, edged out teammate Terry Haws in the 100 and 200 yard dash events. Ted Rademaker took the low hurdles in :24.2. Chuck Hanger. Tom Bryant, and Bill Coleman made a ? weep of the high jump and Ben Corlett took the broad jump with a leap of 23 ' 4% " . This couldn ' t be anything else but a 220 finish as DONNIE ANDERSON and TERRY HAWS hit the tape. Broacjimper JIM LIKOWSKI from Long Beach added Quite a few points wit his sterling efforts. 293 PHIL ARNOTT seems to have the inside track in this 880 race. Non-Conference THE only non-conference meet on the agenda was with the Olympic Cluh as the meet schedule makers tended to neg- lect the home track. The rather abbreviated Winged O Club was no match for the Blue and Gold as the latter swept five events and took the meet 86-45. Post season events included the LA Coliseum, Fresno and Modesto Relays and the PCC meet. Individual point collectors included Donnie Ander- son and Chuck Hanger as the Bears took second at Fresno. GUY EDGCOMB hailed from Los Angeles and was good at Icng distance running. 294 llnnpic pimpuU wotted cut on the t back Ma the eligibility ranks soon. Versatile coach HAROLD (HAL) GRANT supenrises a warmup session. In addition to his tract duties Hal was also frosn football coach. Freshmen THE fii t fru h track team in Mime year.- developed a num- ler of potential varsity track men. Dual meet? with a host of California J.C. ' j- and area high schools provided the train- ing fare. Although the freshmen lost to most of the collec- tions of individual J.C. fiai-hes. they heat out the Stanford frosh 70% to 60 Vs. Freshmen who showed well included Walt H riant, all-around man: Paul Mello. distances; George Roseme. javelin: Frank Packard, sprints: and Art Alder- ette. middle distan BACK ROW left to right: Bob Wilkinson, Jim Rogers, Dan Cooper, George ROOM. Raink Kraeger, Diet Bios, Brace Bemhart, Hank LetghML THIRD ROW: Andre Bedsote, Jack Hays, Walt Briant, Harry Rictards, Ted Elliott, Bill Hagter. SECOND ROW: Robert Isidcro, Walter Rose, Paul Mello, Gorpy Johnson, Hank Uitge, Sun Bjonenid, Walt Heidig, Larry Peirano. FRONT ROW: Lee Buffingtcn, Steve Anderson, Charles Halluoi, Frank Packard, -:-. Utt READY all, ready row! The California crew, starting out the season with these words, outdistanced the Stanford Indians; fell hehind the University of Washington; glided past the Oregon Beavers; and was outstroked by San Diego State. Feat- uring an Aztec victory, the Varsity reserves lost a hotly con- tested race to the San Diego State Varsity. The two shells were inseparable for the majority of the course hut the Staters edged , out in front and recorded a 5:46.7 win. If the success of the Golden Bear could be accredited to any one person it would be Coxswain Ralph Purchase, who is one of the best in the busi- ness. Guided by crew mentor Ky Ebright, the crew worked without much glory, pulled hard and deserved everything they got and more. KY EBRIGHT, only man who has coached two Olympic winners, finds that hard work is the only answer. Gcod-natured, hard-working senior manager JIM YOST fcund new socks a prcbletn. 948 Handsome BOB HUGHES came back from last year ' s JV ' s with his easy- going humor. STANDING, left to right: Brown, Turner, Hardy, Ahlgren, Butler, Larsen, Hughes, Stack. KNEELING: Earl Baird (coxswain). : Stack. Murphy, Maggetli, OncrH, Larsen. Hardy, I. Turner, Smith, Brown, Atkinson. THIRD ROW: Hughes, r, Welch, Derts, Baronorich, Thompson, Frost, Ahlgren. SECOND ROW: Sueltz, Falconer, D. Turner, Sawtelie, tan, Butler, Gaisfort, Bauman, Andrews. FRONT ROW: Ky Ebfight (coach). Purchase, White, Lapidis, Baird, Ballard. VARSITY DICK LARSEN was the hard working, quiet yet cheerful kind of fellow that helps make a team click. GEORGE AHLGREN was the tatky picked by California women as their " Campus King. " -,-..: :..-:.-- = : - . " D MM :- ) | : ,=; I] 299 Watch your step with that shell it ' s worth $2,000. CREW MANAGERS BACK ROW, left to right: Howard Middleton, Bob Carpenter, Bob Bone, Dave Cox. SECOND ROW: Bill Bronson, Al Meyer, Dave Blakemore, Bob Sayler. FRONT ROW: Jim Yost, Al Woldow, Fred Sobeck. JACK " PAPPY " STACK hailed from Sacramento and was usually quiet except for pep talk from the bow position during races. WASHINGTON AVENGING an upset victory pulled by the Bears last year, the Washington Huskies glided past the Blue and Gold crew to win by 2 2 lengths in a dual meet. California ' s varsity took an early lead, thanks to some expert work on the part of Coxswain Ralph Purchase. The sons of Califor- nia pulled a 38-count for ten strokes that quickly shoved the tip of the Bear shell in front of the Huskies. At the half-mile marker, Cal held a half-length lead with both shells skimming through the water at a smooth 32 per minute stroke. Experienced DAVE TURNER was commodore of the Rowing Club. In addition he was a power at UK training table. Strata DAVE BROWN, ber of last year ' s i mill J.V Big BILL SCHERER was a candidate for Ike ladies ' man title bit actually his interests belonged to the crew. CALIFORNIA i L held this advantage past the 2000 meter mark the Ohmpic game? d Stance limit. But Washington closed the gap and pulled slightly ahead of the Bears at the two-mile t retch. Inching steadily ahead with every heat, the Wash- ington crew parked the finish line 2 lengths ahead of the tired California!! . The Huky var-ity rowed the three miles in 14:45.6. a pretty fair time considering the unusually u;irni weather and the lack of wind. California ' s time was 14:53. Ky Ehright. the Blue and Gold coach, said the varsity " looked good lining. " and added that " they gave the lie-t thev had. " Not to be oterlooked was another member of last year ' s Fresk i Poughkeepsie winning J.V. boat, LLOYD BUTLER. Cheerful IAN TURNER, brother of Dave, stroked last year ' s J.V. ' s to victory at Poughkeepsie. Smiling FABER PEEK, a veteran from last year ' s varsity, " sat out " this season in the number one beat. When DAVID GAISFORD carries a shell at the estuary, you can see why his friends call him " Flex. " STANFORD OUTDISTANCING the Stanford shell by five lengths, the Blue and Gold oarsmen set a new estuary record of 5:29. The Bears handling the " George Blair " started out with 36 strokes per minute. Steadily moving out in front, the sons of California soon settled down to a 34 count. The Stanford crew drew the " Blue Banner " but rechristened it " The Big Red. " Although the Orphans from the Farm were in top condition, starting out with 42 strokes, they were definitely outclassed by the Bear varsity which topped the World ' s Olympic record for a 2000 meter course. JIM MAGETTI and friend, another member of last year ' s J.V. ' s always had a comment on the day ' s workout. - real ere. enthusiast, BEN SAWTELLE added a lot of Oral. If anyone needed a laugh, FOSTER MURPHY had a joke be it gcod or otherwise for any occasion. __ _jrsma MS OARREL WELCH with experience in the frosh and on the J.V. at Poagfefceepsie. OREGON ROWING past the Oregon State Beavers. California " ? varsity reserve? ?et a new regatta record of 6:06. The Bears, stroking 32. took an early lead. They settled down to a 30 count at the halfway mark as they skimmed out in front hy 3 J 2 lengths. Oregon State was using a phenomenally low stroke of 27 although the Beavers increased it to 34 at the finish. The Bears had a slight tide and wind advantage and hroke the 6:18 record set by the 1941 Cal reserves. This marks the sixteenth straight Bear victory over the Beavers since the two schools started competition in 1935. Never a dull moment with HOBART ELY about even though no one coM find out his age. STANDING, left to right: I. Turner, Jensen, Welch, Sueltz, Scherer, Deverel, Murphy, Andrews. KNEELING: Purchase (coxswain). Junior Varsity SPLITTING their season, the Junior Varsity emerged victori- ous in the dual meet with Stanford but lost to the Washington Juniors. Meeting Stanford for the first time on a 2000 meter course, the JV ' s tabbed a 5:31.7 win by four lengths in the preliminary duel with the Redmen. Against the Washington J.V. shell, " Loyal Shoudy, " the Bears were defeated by some 3 2 lengths when they crossed the Fruitvale bridge finish line. Washington covered the three miles in 14:43.9 while Cal made it in 15:05.72. Although their record was not perfect, the JV ' s will be back next year to complete a bigger and better varsity. STANDING, left to right: Deets, Baronovich, McNamara, Bauman, Smith, Falconer, Atkinson, Frost. KNEELING: White (coxswain). noo Freshmen THE Cub followed their big brother lead and split their own meets outstroking the Stanford papooses but losing to the University of Washington Frosh. Two lengths was the li - tance between the shells as Cal easily won over the Reds, clocking a new 2000 meter regatta record at 5 :37.5. The Wash- ington Frosh won by 3 l 2 lengths over the Bear Yearlings in a two-mile tourney. The Northern crew took a quarter length lead at the end of the first half mile and continued to build on it. The hard wetting mentor of Cat ' s fro onr ' a RUSS NAGLER. MM tH :: -; V -.-: ' :-. =;:: :-:- IWIB Johnson, Cmac, Danes. Bmiman, Jones, Dvtart. : Eion, Kent, Rageai, Anatoff, ReXktr, Herier, Kidcman, Callaghan, Love, Harberts, Whiuney, Common, . THIRD ROW: Lumpi, Hbbart, Kei, WaUeioBe, Higiey, Ridgnoy, Gartiser, Davidson, Youns, Ganey, Horabec . Ncgkr. SECOND ROW: Majarian, Meyer, Wallerstedl, Ginsberb, Sweetey, Bee, Lhrermore, Driand, GrandskM. FRONT ROW: Attertxragk, Dontoii, Dnry, Gleker, Fogerty, Feliz (coxswains). jp- % THE 1948 California tennis team had one of the toughest schedules in its history. Although the Bears had the hard luck of losing all their conference matches, they rang up four wins in non-conference play. Led by stalwarts such as Dick Grenfell, George Gossler, Morris Sockolov and Cap- tain Phil Seymour, the raquet men made every game a hard fought one. PCC play included two losses each to USC, UCLA and one to Stanford. Non-PCC matches resulted in four wins and one loss. One of the victories was a 9-0 shutout of San Francisco State. Although the record wasn ' t a spec- tacular one, the team showed a strength that can he well developed and utilized next year. In his second year at Cal, mentor DICK STEVENS is one of the best tennis coaches in the business. 1948 TENNIS TEAM No. 1 George Gossler No. 2 Dick Grenfell No. 3 Phil Seymour No. 4 Morris Sockolov No. 5 Jim Moulton No. 6 Bob Seymour GEORGE GOSSLER and DICK GRENFELL do the customary thing after a hard fought match. Senior manager HOLLY JONES was known as a hard man to talk out of a few new tennis balls. BACK ROW, left to right: Bill Marr, Holly Jones. FRONT ROW: Bob Bowers, Temp Johnson, Gale Nettell. 308 STANDING left to right: Morrie Sockolov, Dick Grenfell, Mel Witt, George Gossler, Everett Gale. SITTING: Dick Stevens (coach), Phil Seymour, Len Warren, Bob Seymour, Jim Moulton. VARSITY Captain and number three man PHIL SEYMOUR headed the brother act and took Bus Ad. in his spare time. Sophomore DICK GRENFELL had a strong all arcund game to hold down his number two spot. - Independent MORRIE SOCKOLOV liked yellow trunks for matches and never gave up. 309 Quiet BOB SEYMOUR, brother of Phil, was a dependable two year MEL WITT used his strong backhand to good advantage in the doubles matches. EVERETT GALE alternated from varsity to the number 1 J.V. spot and back again. Local boy JIM MOULTON always had a loyal fan in the person of his wife. VARSITY AN exceptional Bruin team bested the Bears twice by iden- tical scores of 7 to 2. All of Gal ' s wins were doubles matches. USC duplicated the double win feat by scores of 6-3 and 8-1. Morris Sockolov and the second and third doubles teams provided the first wins and Jim Moulton the latter. The Stanford match was the heartbreaker as the score of 7-2 did not indicate the long drawn out sets of many of the matches. Phil Seymour and Morris Sockolov were victors. Cal ' s opportunity for revenge in the second match was rained out. The busy tennis managers often had the jot) of keeping score at the games. J.V. TENNIS TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Carlton Daiss, Harry Musselman, Louis Rhodes. FRONT ROW: Don Schroeder, Ken Root, Iver Lyche. JUNIOR VARSITY THE record for the Junior Varsity of the California tennis team showed only three encounters. The Bears lost to San Mateo Junior College but came back and took a victory from both San Francisco Junior College and Berkeley High School. FRESHMEN THE Freshman tennis team had a full 1947-48 schedule. Coming out with a higher percentage of win? than defeats, the Frosh won four games and lost three. Their greatest defeat was by the arch rival of the tennis squad, Stanford, which blanked the yearlings. Sophomore LEN WARREN was called by his teammates the lv number one man at the training table. " BACK ROW, left to right: George Chaffin, Norm Avrech, Jack McKeown, Ev Messinger, Dick Miller. FRONT ROW: Pete Van Sicklen, Pete Crenshaw, Dick Ritchey, Ted Halton. The team worked out on the tennis courts above Hearst Gym " V I BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Sweetman, Lee Arth, Howard Svendsen, Bill Simkins, Hal Weatherbe (coach). SECOND ROW ' Herb Sterner, Don Fisher, Stan Morketter, George Cunningham, John Silcox, Glenn Tenny. FRONT ROW: Chuck Lucchesi Jack Lavery Wes Prisby, Mo Mathews, Sanford Dickey, Henry Yee. SWIMMING ALTHOUGH they had tough luck and consequently had a bad season, the Bear swim team contained some out- standing mermen and should have gone much farther in PCC competition. Completing a seasonal record of four wins and six losses the aqua-bears placed second in PCC finals. Hal Weatherbe ' s Bears picked up a total of 46 digits to Stanford ' s 69, USC pulled in 36 points while UCLA cornered 17. Jack Lavery was top man, winning his third straight PCC diving crown for Cal. Stan Morket- ter, one of the finest sprintmen in the nation, was another ace merman. BEST MEET TIMES 50-yd Free Style Morketter : 23.8 100-yd. Free Style Morketter : .S3 220-yd. Free Style Yee 2:25 140-yd. Free Style Robinson .... ....5:17.6 150-yd. BackStroke Webster . ....1:41.3 200-yd. Breast Stroke Arth . ..2:36.3 400-yd. Relay Fisher, Dickey, Yee, Morketter... ...3:38.5 Cal ' s popular swimming coach is HAL WEATHERBE, who although being a Stanford man, really developed fine swimming teams that won for the Blue and Gold. 314 SWIMMING MANAGERS BACK ROW, left to right: Ma Schmidt, Bill Morrison. FRONT ROW: Larry Jordan, Don Slaiter. FROSH TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Walter Seed, Waldo Cook, Lynn Watson, Jack Frost. SECOND ROW: John Bricker (coach), Denny Dennison, Mervin Shenson, Jack Reiser. FRONT ROW: Jack Symes, Dick Lewis, Rod Lindquist, Wimpy Berger. Three time PCC diving championship winner JACK LAVERY shows the form that won many a meet. Symmetrically pushing off, Cal ' s swimming team starts on another backstroke lap. 315 BACK ROW, left to right: Bill Boykin (manager), Thayer Raggio, Ludy Langer, Lud Renick, John Elliott, Bill Reed, Pasguale Gelardi George Stephens, Michael McGuire, Jim Powell, Hank Borghi, Ed Welch, Bob Woolbrinck, Don Wallace, Miles Hudson (coach) ' George Irwin. SECOND ROW: Bill Hiebitt, Bill Lane, Bill Craig, Frank Sanford, Hank Wright, Allen Armstrong, Bert Rowe, Clayton Calendar, Ray Dejong, Bob Witter, John Harring, Ira Thompson, Eugene Rude, Dick Abrell (trainer). FRONT ROW: Bob Attix Jacque Pry, Stul Manners, Irwin Cohn, Al Tyler, Fred Burger, Don Dickey, David Nelson, Dan Begovich, Phelps Witter, Eugene Bayol Sherrill Conner. RUGBY INTERNATIONAL competition highlighted the rugby schedule as the Cal fifteen met the University of British Columbia, the Brit- ish Colombia All-Stars, and the Australian Wallabies. Winning six and losing four, the Bears whipped the B.C. All-Stars 11-0, 11-6, UCLA 14-5, Stanford 5-0, Olympic Club 14-5, UBC 3-0 but met defeat at the hands of the Vancouver Thunderbirds, the Wallabies and UBC. The Ruggers who managed to tally in every game, truly deserved Coach Miles Hudson ' s remark that the Bear squad was " the greatest team I ever coached. " J Taking time off from his oral activities, coach MILES " DOC " HUDSON did a terrific job in leading the Cal Rugby team through the 1947-48 season. Z r- n : y BACK ROW, toft to right: Ed Nemir (coach), Jin Martin, Herb Bruce, In Tucker, Paid Ward (manger). SECOND ROW: James Johnston, Job KHiiaa, Ed Farris, Warren Simmons, Jack Lamke. FRONT ROW: John Grama , Uland Sapiro, Bud Smith, Rod Doerr. C BOXING THE Bear mittmen punched their way to four victories in six matches. The sluggers defeated UCLA 5-4 but were upset by Santa Barbara 6-4. The Blue and Gold fought Stanford to a favorable 8-3 win but later lost to the Cal Aggies 4-3. Meeting both their little brother? in the two final meets, the Bear leather-pushers tied UCLA, and downed the Aggies. Jack Lamke. Harry Schultze and Warren Simmons represented Cal at the PCI meet, while later Lamke was sent to the NCAA championships. Coaching the Cal boxing team through its 1947-48 tutna was ED NEMIR, who was a former PCC champ himself back in his Oder-gradual? days at the University. ft. BACK ROW, left to right: Dick Hofmann, Joe Borroughs, Jack Schipper, Bob Callaham, Yoshiaki, Ben Shattuck. THIRD ROW: Kara Apaydin, Wilbur Grant, Israil Wainberg, Tahsin Gencsoy, Joaquin Melendez, Marcial Ibarra, Fernando Walker, Franz Weibezahn, Sami Lorenzo. SECOND ROW: Phil Arnot, Peber Moreno, Tom Vasconcellos, Paul Gadjeff, Tom Woods, Hardev, Shafei Malek. FRONT ROW: H. Gold, Leo Huzieff, John Vieirh, Anthony F. DeLaPena, Richard Tanaka, Jose Filloy, Luis Rivas. SOCCER ANOTHER crown for California ! Once again California athletics showed its supremacy as the Bear soccer team succeeded in snag- ging the intercollegiate championship for the second straight year with a record of five wins and only one loss. Cal rolled ahead to defeat a highly rated All-Star team. However, the Blue and Gold kickers ended their city league competition with four wins, one loss and three ties. But the caliber of their playing was good enough to win All-American recommendations for five Bear men. Steady, hard-working coach JULIUS SCHROEDER instilled in the 1947 soccer team the elements of play and sportsmanship that paved the way for its championship season. ! j: " -, WRESTLING THE Bear wrestling team turned in its usual fine performance for the 1948 season, winning the Pacific Coast Conference champion- ship, taking all seven dual meets, and placing one man on the Olympic team. The Cal grapplers met San Quentin, San Jose, Stan- ford. El Toro Marines. UCLA, and Los Angeles City College. In the PCC tournament, they scored 24 points to capture the crown. The highlight of the season was when team captain Leland Chris- tensen was selected for the Olympic team at the final Olympic trials. HENRY STONE, California ' s papular wrestling mentor, has UK stncun of holding a masters degree in chemistry from the University of California. BACK ROW, left to right: George Butler, Bruce Watson. Ian Watson, Hugh Duberley, Marvin Westover, Pat Finregan. FRONT ROW: Ed Felkel, Cy Cardiff, Ray Brandreth, Jim Mclntire. ICE HOCKEY THE California hockey team, rising from last season ' s showing of only one win, turned in the more creditable record of five vic- tories and twelve losses, against the nation ' s top teams. Included in the 1947-48 schedule was a 6,000 mile trip to the eastern sea coast. Cal ' s big rival, the Olympic Club, took four of a seven game series. The season, which was highlighted by the stellar playing of center Pat Finnegan and goalie Ian Watson, ended in a blaze of glory as the Bears trounced the Olympic men 15-6. With his office at the Berkeley Iceland JULIUS SCHRODER manages to turn out successful scccer and ice hcckey teams. BACK ROW. left to right: Bob McPherson, Bob Haw. DOB Line, Frank Hindi. FRONT ROW: Sandy Munro, Don Schwab, Warren Hubert. NOT PICTURED: Jack MJbum. Pro at the Mira Vista Country Club and Cat golf team teach was AL SAIS. GOLF THIS year ' s golf team was a most unpredictable one. The Blue and Gold golfers established an all-time intercollegiate record in scoring two sensational shut-outs COP 30-0 and Santa Clara 27-0. The Bears, playing seven matches through driving rains, finished the ?ea:-on with four wins as against seven losses. Team captain and number one man Don Schwab, while playing against UCLA in Los Angeles, scored an outstanding accomplishment in defeating Gard- ner, the California State Amateur Champion. SKIING THE California ski team turned in a suc- cessful 1947-48 record. At the University of Nevada Winter Carnival, the skiing Bears came out fifth. The team was headed for first place when it had to withdraw because of injuries. Faring better in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Ski Union meet at Yosemite, the team garnered third. The skiers placed second in the Cal spon- sored Vanderbilt Memorial meet, round- ing out their season. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rainer Baldauf, Bob Gallison, Lief Somerseth, Iver Lyche, Jim Keresey, Bob Spaulding, Howard Vanderbilt. .in D GYMNASTICS THE muscle men placed third in PCC and fifth in NCAA championship meets. Charlie Thompson, ace tumbler, was awarded 29.3 out of a possible 30 points in the PCC meet. Chuck Lucchesi was out- standing on the trampoline as well as usually placing behind Thompson in tumbling. Bouncing over Stanford in the initial meet 55-35, the Blue and Gold lost to USC 31-58, and UCLA 29-61. 324 BACK ROW, left to right: Chuck Keeney, coach; Don Reichert, Bob Anderson, Neil Smith, Stan Ausman, Bill Madson. SECOND ROW: Al Millar, Chuck Lucchesi, Charlie Thompson, John Jackson, Tom Mathewson. FRONT ROW: Danny Musco, John Zarovich, Ralph Hollingsworth, George O ' Conner, Jerry Horwitz. , FENCING EN-GARDE The Cal fencer? won every- thing they entered. They defeated S. F. State twice and Stanford once in dual meet . They al-o won the first three wea- pon intercollegiate meet? ever to be held on the Pacific Coast. In this ten bout affair, the team of Bill Mertching. Bob MN-T-. and Jack Taylor defeated Stanford and UCLA. BACK ROW. left to right: Frank BorneU, Robert Myers, James Campbell, Kimey Griffin. FRONT ROW: Ray Joe Afeers, Jack Tartar. BACK ROW, left to right: Wright, Hobbs, RIFLERY SHOOTING all their conference oppon- ents, the California rifle team won both the 1948 Intercollegiate Sectional and the 1948 Hearst Sectional, bringing back to California the Hearst Trophy. Freshman Frank Packard led the team with his com- petition average of 280.6 and was closely followed by Bob Martin with 280.1. 325 WATER POLO PAA Champions! In two nights of gruel- ing play the Cal water polo team snared the Pacific Athletic Association crown hy crushing the Olympic Club 12-9, and then San Jose State 12-5. However, Hal Weath- erbe ' s boys didn ' t fare quite so well in con- ference contests, as the Bears split with both UCLA and USC, and then lost two heartbreakers to the league leader, Stan- ford. BACK ROW, left to right: Grunland. Schloss, Mauser, Webster, Steiner, Dickey, Spruance. SECOND ROW: Weatherb? (coach), Widman, Mensing, Arth, Morketter, Kelley. FRONT ROW: Poulin, Prisbry, Yee, Schutt. YACHTING ANCHORS aweigh was the cry as the Cal sailors moved into the lead of Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Yachting. Using six new International 14 ' s the sailors ended the season winning six of eight regattas. Even while racing, the team found time to teach 40 landlubbers the tricks of sailing. A full scale christening was administered to the new International 14 ' s by the enthusiastic members of the California yacht club. 326 CROSS-COUNTRY TROUBLED by wet weather the cross- country track team participated in only U inert-, winning one. Hampered by rain and the rugged up and down slopes of the four mile courr-e. the i-printers lost Id ( ( !L A. V dual meet at home with Marin and San Franei-co J(. " brought the Bears their win of the season as Seamount lapped everyone else in the race. BACK ROW. left to right: Guy Edgccrnb, Tern Gill, Dan Seamount, Norval Fairman, Don Elliot. FRONT ROW: Jim Kennedy, Stephen Leach, Fay Blair, Cal Mehlert. BACK ROW, leh to right: Gregory Winser, Tony Mauser, Parker Kemp, John Moorhead, Keith Buckham, Harold Dahlmeier. SECOND ROW: William Evans, Leland Arth, Dkk Yeager. Robert Henninger, Richard McCurdy. FRONT ROW: Mo Mathews, Lance Flanagan (coach). VOLLEYBALL SELECTED as one of the four Northern California teams to enter the State Tourna- ment, this year ' s volleyball team gave the Championship UCLA sextet their hardest match, finally losing 16-4. 15-12. Consid- ering the short time volleyball has been an organized sport, the Bear Varsity showed a great deal of promise for future games. It is hoped that an intercollegiate league will be formed by next year. 327 145 LB. BASKETBALL FIGHTING until the very last, the Cali- fornia 145 basketball team never gave up. However, the lightweight cagers just couldn ' t keep up the Cal tradition of com- ing through to win in the last five minutes of play. Dividing the season about equally the Casaba artists won eight and lost seven. However, under the guiding hand of Coach Bob Vincent the 145 ' s showed plenty of promise for the coming season. f BACK ROW, left to right: Tom Nilon, Dick Larkey, Bill Wilkie, Rod Saylor, Hiro Higasni. FRONT ROW: Bill McGee, Danny Coelho, Ken Moser, Bob Johnston, George Karonsky. KNEELING: Bob Vincent (coach), Bill Whelan (captain). BACK ROW, left to right: Neville Rich, John Epstein, Bill Epstein, Wayburn Yuen, Lyman Jee. FRONT ROW: Eugene Shinn, John Dang, Tom Morgan, Lloyd Johnston, Tatsuo Sano, Don Tindell. KNEELING: Thurston Davis (coach), Charles Hamilton (captain). NOT PICTURED: Richard Fairclough, John Grenran, Milton Louie. ISO LB. BASKETBALL PLAYING on the short end of a tough schedule the ISO ' s came through in cham- pionship form. With Thurston Davis as coach and such outstanding players as Sano, Dang, and Hamilton, the feather- weights won ten and lost only four games throughout a truly successful season. Winter Sports Season SKI enthusiasts at the University of California have the opportunity to use the many faeilities of the Winter Sports Club. The club office was packed every week during the 1947-48 season with devotees trying to obtain reservations at the ASUC Lodge. In regal splendor a Winter Sports Queen. Barbara Rhea. was presented to the campus dur- ing the homecoming parade. Social activities of the club were highlighted by two successful dances held at the Mont- clair Women ' s Club. At Conner Summit on April 9. 10, 11, the Winter Sports Club was host to nine other Pacific Coast colleges in the Vanderbilt meet which climaxed the season. BACK ROW, left to right: John Hope, Mrs. Norman Strambatue, Norman StrambaUe. FRONT ROW: Hofman. Kay Whiuiker Wes Housman. Heading the Winter Sports Club during its activity-packed season was KORMAN STROMBATNE, whcse wife was almost as enthusiastic as he. LEW SULLIVAN and the THETA DELTA CHI football team passed their way to vic ' .ory over the IZFA team. Track champions a!so were the THETA DELTS and the P. E. MAJORS in the two day intensive track meet. Intramural IN the past few years the University of California intramural sports program has expanded to such an extent that space has become a problem. More than 12,000 man hours of competition were recorded this year in over twelve sports. In addition to those pictured here the sports and their winners were: swimming Delta Kappa Epsilon and I House; handball Al Sayers; horse- shoes AKL defeated Navy ; bowling individual, Robert Fong ; bowling team, ATO defeated Chinese Club House; squash- Sam Wells. Overall champs were the Phi Delta Thetas in the National League and Bowles Hall in the American League. Head intramural man was RALPH MILLER, above, who, with the able assistance of CALDER HAYES, tried to get the schedules played off in spite of rainstorms. ' :: Basketball victors were the BOWLES HALL hoop artists as they eliminated the PHI DELTS. Senior intramural manager was WES VOLBERG. abme is rimer up BILL BIGELOW cf PiKA OIS in the background. ;: ' i ma =; UL1 " Tkc Softball final tihfontf the THETA DELTA CHlspto) -: - MJOB :- had WDMcd to SX, KA. ALPHA DELTA PHI, " I " HOUSE and BOWLES In UK mHcyfaall cinwt tfce PHI OCLTA THETA team emoted the ncton owr " I " HOUSE. The table temis cram s anoed for the second time by JACQUES HELPER. In the team standings AKL dHeated OXFORD. Organizations J FOLLOWED across campus by various hits of " house mongrel, " distracted by weighty thoughts of who to crown " queenie of such and such, " interrupted by alumni and father banquets, diverted by Saturday evenings of " wine, women and song " among the glamour of South Sea Islands, Insane Asylum, or Oriental decorations, the fraternity men somehow manage not to let classes interfere with their college life. 336 John Bo lt . - ;; Hebw Smith Hal Walt Bill Wkebu Interfraternity Council H.I Wall Heber Smith Jim Gray OFFICERS Pretitenl ice-President Secretary- Tre snn Sprint Heber Smith Job. Boyle Bill Whelm Harold Lovefreen R. J. Grimshow Harrison Shall. Robert Dais Lynn Schlass... William Coleman Othar Sloan K C. Morri ey_ Darius Keatoa John Boyle Fred Gilchrist Man Matthews Buzz Schultze Clark Van Hou William Walker Charlet Dole Edward Stephens MEMBERS Abrofaaabra A cacia Alpka Cki Sifmm Alpka Dell Pkt Bob Bolna Jim Campbell Dick Curtis Jed Garthwaite Ed Winslow Alpk Kapp Lambda Alpka Sigma Pki Bill Alpka Tan Omega John Thomas Btfkelordon Charles V.u(h.n Btlm Tket Pi DeWayne Peterson Cki Pki.. Tracy Van Voorhees Earl DeRojue Jim Elmendorf Tom Tedrick CU Pri Del Rej Dell Cki Dell Ktpp Epsiltn Dell Sigm Pki _ ... Dell T m Dell Dell L ' psilom f pp .4lpk Alan Matthews Hayden Maberiy Larry Jordan Warren Hermann Ronald Naess Tim Minahen JoeWidnmmn Bob Bas e William Majors Martin Lemcke Huilev Galbraith Ted Barry Phillip Vandor Donel O ' MaIle Neil Evensen Hal Simn K ppa Dell Km Ted Tronoff Kappa Siema Stan Morketter Kappa V Arnold Innerfield Lambd Cki Alpk Robert Cooper Pki Dell Tket Monte Haslett flu Gamma Delta Joe Longacre Pki Kappa Pii Ed Flinn Pki Kapp Sigm Bob Merrill Pki Kappa Tan John W ' orsley ..-Pki Sigm Kapp Charles Babeock Gilman Hayns David Clirk Harr - kronrod Pi A Ipm Pki Pi Ktpp Alpm Pi Kappa Pk, Pi L mb Pki Pii L ' psilon Sifm Alpk Eptilo SUmt Alpk Mm Charles Gilkey Sifm Cki Bill Forde Sifma Nm Gianf Chan Julian Martin Robert Hacker Mel Backraeh Dick Pegram Robert Standley Herb Rome Dick Manildi Clayton Calender Sigm Pi Fred Miller Robert Shaw Sigma Pki Pete Olson Ed Bailev Geor|e Nielsen Harold Walt William Fit: S. Henma Bill Hibbitt Sifm Sigm Pki Epfil Tarn fapp Epsilom Tket Cki Tkei Dell Cki Tket Xi Zel Bet Tmm Zei Psi John Qoifley Bill Graham Jerry Morehonse Dick Roberts Jim Gray Dick Weinberg Bob O ' Brien 337 Abracadabra UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allan Boynkon Kaiser Louis Baker Robert Gordon Sproul Gregory Englehard Frank Spurrier Harland Frederick Robert Underbill Robert Usinger BLOSSOMING out from their im- mediate postwar status as an old soldiers ' home, the boys from the house on the bend of Ridge Road welcomed back such traditions as large-scale waterbagging and a large-scale house mascot. Smokey, one of the Great Danes roaming the campus, is the pride and joy of the membership, when he ' s not be- ing tracked down by law enforce- ment agents. The fall semi-formal, the spring formal, and the spring barn dance were outstanding social events. Bob Bohna put in his time senior- managing the baseball team. Bill Wright played basketball and logged time with the Flying Club, as did Bob Skeels and Doug Keith. George Sutliff played on the frosh football squad, Bill Heath and Bill Peck sang with Glee Club, and Ted Skeels and Hal Bolce were baseball managers. SENIORS Robert Bohna William Blankenship Park Boneysteele Donald Falconer Clarence Hubert Keith Leonard Harold Lovegreen Edward Schuert Edward Skeels Clifford Wright William Wright Wilbur Twining JUNIORS Phillip Crawford Gary Dakin Philip Fairlie Dave Gardner William Heath Selby Marks Willys Peck Robert Skeels SOPHOMORES Gerald Borrmann William Cadman James Davis Philip Edgar Dean Hunter Douglas Keith Robert Smith FRESHMEN Harold Bclce George Ensley Gillette Gordon William Ingram Harry Said George Sutliff Smokey 2435 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER 338 Acacia William Keyes Thomas Pray SENIORS GBvfa Robert Fora JobnForder Harold Granqvist Robert Grimshaw : Hirschfeld Carlisle Dean Yean JUNIORS Thomas Eliason Hubert Friend Robert ; JackJensen _ . f ' r , - : : Russell Koch Room Peck SOPHOMORES William Arsenault teen : ! William Conowr William Head . " - ' - HcCoraad Robert Mallory Leland Pressler Harry Riegel William StfinmeU .:- 5:. --- FRESHMEN Richard Dillen - - 1- Boyd Long - - - - . - 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1901 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 T t ' ENTY- EYEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Bowes R. T. Crawford R. Tippet! Fred Cozens B. L. Robertson ACACIA, named for the Eastern evergreen, symbolic in Masonry, claims to a wide range of traditions in the house, from the annual Birth- day Banquet a nd pledge day. to the pledge-active football and baseball games. Favorite expressions are, " How sly, " " I ' ve had it, " and " T.S. " (terribly sorry.) Their outstanding man this year was Jim Campbell. Blue and Gold manager. Last year the Acacia house was awarded first place trophy for Homecoming dec- orations, and third place for their float in the parade. Also, the actives were on top scholastically among all men ' s living groups. Acacia ' s special social events were the semi-annual pledge formals, with all varieties of other entertainment between these two. They have had a share of mas- cots, from Great Danes to stray cats. 339 Alpha Delta Phi GRADUATE William Morin SENIORS Robert Andrews Eugene Bayol Russell Bruzzone Howard Bryant Edgar Chappell Robert Daiss Robert Dal Porto Carl Farden Fred Ganz Edwin Garthwaite Thomas Geary William Gibbs Robert Griffith Robert Harrison Peter Hunt Garth Marston Ralph Phillips Paul Robinson Benjamin Sawtelle Russell Schulze Martin Skewes-Cox Robert Spaulding John Soderstrom David Souther Thomas Tully Carl Victor Weston Volberg JUNIORS John Appel Archibald Bard Roy Bayly Benjamin Brunk Jack Curley William Farwell Gerald Hayward James Heron Gordon Jack James Johnston Noel Kelly William Laws Robert Matthais William McGee John Paul Gregory Sheehan William Scherer Sam Swedenborg GiffordVonKaesborg Edward Ward James West Fenton Williamson Lindsay Wilson SOPHOMORES Alan Andrews Donald Brunk James Cullom Curtis Cutter Scotney George 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 PHI SIGMA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 340 Thomas Harlow Joseph Hubbard Gordon Lisser Robert Livermore Richard Lyttle John Marchant James Meyering Richard Olney Norman Pedersen Owight Phillips Randy Stoke Charles Tuttle Arthur Webster Bertram Wheeler FRESHMEN Smith Andersen Alvin Can- Jack Davidson Jchn Duckett Peter Evans William Farnsworth Robert Hershenow Preston Hotchkis David Martin Robert Mazzera Richard Saxby John Synws UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Douglas H. Copp Dr. Hans Lisser Charles S. Davidson Dr. Frank W. Lynch Dr. William C. Deamer Dr. John McGee Dr. Herbert M. Evans Karl E. Schevill Dr. T. H. Goodspeed Dr. John H. Woolsey THE California Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi has been located at its pres- ent site on Ridge Road since 1924. Founded as a literary society, it is proud to have maintained this policy throughout the years. At present there are seventy -two active members in the house, who are backed up by a very strong and well-informed alumni. Noted members on campus are Tom Tully, Paul Robinson, Bob Griffith, Scot George and Bob Dal Porto. Those outstanding in athletics are Jack Jensen, " Truck " Cullom, Bob Spaulding, Bill Scherer, and Tom Bryant. The house is also well represented on the campus honor societies. The activities of the house are many, some include outstanding dances, occasional all out water bag sprees, nights spent at the movies in preparation for midterms, and bull sessions on the fascinations and woes of women. Probably the most trusted and well-liked female, though, is the house ' s Newfoundland mascot, Pamela. Alpha Chi Sigma UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. W. Allen Dr. J. E. K. Branch Dr. R. E. Connick Dr. W. V. Cruess Dr. J. J. Eiler Dr. W. D. Gwinn Dr.J.H.Hildebrand Dr. P. W. Kirk Dr.W. M.Latimer Dr. A. R. Olson Dr. K. S. Pitzer Dr. R. E. Powell Dr. M. Randall Dr. G. T. Seaborg Dr. T. D. Stewart Dr. T. Vermeulen THE Alpha Chi Sigma Fra- ternity is a professional chem- ical fraternity which was or- ganized at the University of Wisconsin in 1902. The growth of the fraternity has been steady and has extended to all parts of the country. There are at the present time fifty-one active collegiate chapters and twenty-nine pro- fessional chapters and groups. University of California Sig- ma Chapter was established in 1913. The " Axe House " is best known through its Tech- nological Lecture Series and its Annual Freshman Chem- istry Award. Nationally, the fraternity sponsors the Amer- ican Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry. Aside from studying hard, the Alpha Chi Sigma ' s managed to squeeze in several record- dances and to give a beautiful formal at the Brazilian Room up in Tilden Park. GRADUATES Donald Cochran Harry Hicks Eugene Kinzler Warren McCarty Donald McClure Daniel Parsons John Peck Harrison Shull SENIORS Lowell Bishop Richard Curtis Charles DePuy Gibson Gray Keith Jones Mack King SOPHO Robert Selff : JUNIORS ' : David Burge Merle Cisney ' :: Raymond DeSaussure William Kari Robert Manyik Clifford Mills Thomas Mohr :. . Jacques Mouaux Donald Pedersen Mil - George Reid Everette Skarda William Spooncer William Weller Richard Work SOPHOMORES John Hampton Stephen Mitoff Edward Tye Pallia IK to JwU Alp Jos So ftwat Jwsai fehtfc 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS 342 Alpha Kappa Lambda GRADUATE D;.-s : Ss ' -.:- SENIOBS Ha-: : := B Harry Drobhli Jjfnes Elliott = :: --. " - jM sWhf -.- ' --. A r- JUNIORS Arthur B ani Jofcn Eemt =i. ..;-; Walter faid SOPHOMORES = :-=-. = :- -: : = - i ::; -: = :-3-: :rE: I -T--. : a-?-? Robert Enerttt = :--: ' . ' ;:.-:. S3- ' :-: V::.-:. William I = ;. ' . :: ; .:-- -.1- Wallace Wilson FRESHMEN Garrison BUnd Dor ChristensCT :-- :. : Tony Kh ao ;- NOB 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 TEN CHAPTER : UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Allen William B. Henns William R. Dennes Robert R. Legge ALPHA Kappa Lambda was the first national frater- nity founded west of the Rocky Mountains. Founded in 1914 by the Los Amigos Club here at the University of California, there are now ten chapters spread as far east as Purdue. In addition to the usual fra- ternity traditions, members and alumni are greeted by the " Old Man. " a coconut rep- lica of a man ' s head used for disciplinary purposes. The house mascots are " Fearless Fosdick. " the foot-long ali- gator and " Baron, " the trick dog! Campus activities are highly stressed in the house which now 7 boasts of a 98 f 7 member- ship in one or more campus activities. The AKL ' s also have a full social calendar, with the outstanding events being the Fall and Spring Formal?. 343 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J.Carlson Benedict F.Raper Alfred A. Solomon THE beginning of the Fall Semester found the Alpha Sigma Phis recovered from the war years of in- activity with a redecorated house, fifty-three men, and Bill Coleman as presi- dent. Due to an excessively large purchase of hay, the Fall social calendar con- sisted of one barn dance after another. Outstanding was the Sadie Hawkins ' Day affair. With Buddy Cramer wield- ing the gavel, and Bob Cal- lahan as Social Chairman the spring semester was a good one in every respect. Highlighting the activities were the traditional Black and White formal and a number of successful cos- tume parties. Continual sources of life and laughter in the house were Bill (born with stein in hand) O ' Neil, the inces- sant banter between Al Armstrong and Don Wal- lace, and the mealtime com- ments of " laughing boy " Higgins, the singing waiter. Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY CHAPTERS GRADUATE Winston Halley SENIORS Robert Castle William Coleman Arthur Craig William Cramer William Donnell Darrell Duane Peter Dunston John Foster Karl Johnston John McGrew Myron Moreland Norman Newcomb William O ' Neil Frederick Roberts! Robert Sewell Joseph Thorne James Wadleigh Donald Wallace JUNIORS Allen Armstrong Robert Callahan James Conway Ernest Greve Richard Holbrook Walter Jansen Donald Kennedy William King Marvin Mayta Richard Rennacker Donald Roach Marshall Ross John Ryan Eric Schnurmacher- Raymond Shabel Ian Thompson Donald Walker SOPHOMOREi David Bell Lee Brillhart Jack Burg Mervyn Burke Paul Chapman Meal Higgins Robert Kennedy Stanley Mantzer Henry Mohr James Obendorf Robert Prothero Chester Rowell Warren Ryan Chester Stanaro FRESHMEN Lynn Edwards James Handel William Hicklin Frank Horner Stuart Jones Howard Norris 344 Bachelordon SENIORS C. B. Ferguson Allan Hedin Kenneth Morrissey John StolU Charles Vaughan JUNIORS Walter Adam Gerald Benedict Glenn Bryant Ray Burger Jerry Coonley Clyde Irion Charles Marai Phillip Morrissey Moss Stanton Russell Ridge John Rose Joseph Spray Thomas Slaven Edward Wcllenberg SOPHOMORES Harry Baker David Cavanaugh Monty Dibbem Richard Hauck Jcnn Mencken Reginald Muggins Gene Kessler Ronald Lundeen Gordon Patton Robert SchulU Mehrin Sommerton FRESHMEN -. 5? ' 5:: Jerry Dickman Walter Hauck " ?- " " " ' 7 :, ft UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Marvin Bonds Dr. Frederic Cordes John Ise, Jr. Parker Talbot BACHELORDON ' S best dances of the past year owe much of their suc- cess to elaborate decorations, cos- tumes, and refeshments appropriate to the chosen themes. The annual Christmas informal was as enjoyable as the Night Club, Insane Asylum, Paris Sidewalk Cafe, and Frontier Days dances. The Bachelordon Chowder and Dramatic Society en- livened the last event with a recita- tion and accompanying pantomime of " The Shooting of Dan McGrew. " Bach teams entered intramural foot- ball, volleyball and tennis with more enthusiasm than success. The bowl- ing and basketball squads emerged with one victory each. The softball team had better fortune in winning two before dropping the fatal third game. Bachelordon ' s two-man team had phenomenal success in the intra- mural swimming meet, placing sec- ond. Star swimmer Burger gathered two firsts in the 50 and 100 yard free style contests. 2311 LE COME AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1894 ONE CHAPTER 345 Alpha Tau Omega GRADUATES Albert Ledciy Ned Robinson Frederic Sayer SENIORS Dow Barnes William Clark Edward Firth Malcolm Gould Robert Hepple Robert Hess Philip Lambert James Metcalf Donald McKillop Ross Farmer Raymond Prendergast Robert Sloan Porter Stone Arthur Sutler Vallery White JUNIORS Jack Andrew William Bagley Jack Bolton James Barrett William Cole Lowell Dygert Charles Kunsman Clifford Leabo James Leddy William Markling William Marshall Rcland Martin Richard Macdougal Daniel Priest Walter Richardson Paul Smith Donal Sundquist John Thomas Martin Wilkinson Walter Yost Thomas Young SOPHOMORES Richard Banks Robert Davis O ft - , ML 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHAPTERS 346 Jo- E Robert Fulton Harry Ironmonger Stuart Johns Allen Johnson William Johnstone Russell Keim MM -3 5:_ ; Donald Reichert Roy Richardson Dwight Itefe Robert Texdahl Richard Van Houten CM A2;-f Gerald Wilchek Richard Wyman FRESHMEN Herbert Heistand William Ludlow Robert Morel Jack Reiser .:,-- 3 :-=;= Merritt Robinson Edward Stephens UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carrol M. Ebright Robert F. Heizer Kenneth B. Stoddard Oliver M. Washbum ONE of Alpha Tau Omega ' s most time honored traditions was their annual harn dance. The earliest one on record was on October 31, 1919, when 116 " farmers " and " farmerettes " gathered at the ATO " huskin ' bee. " The original " Oski " was a bear cub mascot for the fraternity back in 1923 until he became incompatible with the furniture. Even though he became a campus " big shot. " he spent his old age reminiscing in the zoo. " Pinning " and " ringing " are festive oc- casions. All the members go " en masse " to serenade the new sweetheart ' s living group. Dunking the seniors (with no cooperation from the " dunkees " ) is another long-standing internal strife. Some new customs have been recently inaugurated " date " lunches on Wed- nesday, carolling before the Christmas holidays, organizing a " floor show " for intermission time at the fall and spring formals. and a spring outing in the red- woods of Marin County with barbecue and beer. Not many of the fellows will soon for- get " the pit. " Each member contributes eight hours per month toward digging a new chapter room under the house. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertram Bronson James R.Caldwell Nicholas Taliaferro WITH Horace (Big Boy) Pomiel beginning his sixty- seventh year of loafing in the kitchen, just two years less than the chapter has been on campus, more and more Beta Theta Pis found it necessary to turn out for some of that good coffee of his. A record high in plan- tationing during the year was a contributory ca use for this action. Highlights of the " social stuff " in the house were the Christmas Formal, from which there is still some eggnog left over for next year, and an- other of the Beta ' s well- known theme dances. But activity along these lines was not confined to home. Several of the more ven- turesome brothers went afield to such places as Mills College and slightly south of Palo Alto, but not the Russian River not this year ! Beta Theta Pi ; j Jr. 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS James Allen John Evans Ben Foster Philip Gregory Warren Hamilton Charles Hanger Iver Lyche DeWayne Peterson Thomas Pickford Arthur Storeide Robert Watson George Walker JUNIORS John Elliott John Goss George Hall Raymond Howard Van Kreis Walter Rieman Kathan Shore Thomas Steel Harry Terrell SOPHOMORES Baird Blake Donald deFre mery Donald Dickey James Downing Richard Grenfell Robert Hiller Fred Hodge Richard Houston Donald Jackson Linn Keiffer Jehu Milliken Charles Morse Fred Payne James Robertson Jay Teasdel Edward Von Adelung Gael Williams Henry Wright FRESHMEN Paul Andrew Raymond Bartholomew Lee Buffington Douglas Davies Richard Dewey Ritchie Dunn Tony Ellis Richard Erb Henry Mettier Michael McGuire Richard Ogden Gerald Scott Robert Turnbull Dutch t-f. " . : ' " ' Hweiil ' SOPM ;-: ' . Ur.laF Sl l:; !-: telw 348 F?2-;;,;r :: ;: . Chi Phi GRADUATES George Couper Gordon Weston SENIORS John Bevis John Boyle Ken Cenedella Howard Fletcher Kenneth Gil 1 1 land William Gwynne Alden McElrath Charles Richards Ralph Schwarze John Sweeny Cecil Thomas Roger Towne JUNIORS Robert Angel I Howard Bailor James Flint James Ransford John Row Tracy Van Voorhees William White William Winterhalter SOPHOMORES James Ccleman Jon Oomela Robert Haaf Bradstreet Hoyt William Keast Chelton Kennedy Stanley Kennedy John Lowe Joseph Mallery Thomas McGuire Stanley Noyes Paul Purdom William Shaw Charles Tilden Willett Tryon FRESHMEN James Dawson Edward Grebitus Earle Harris James Huffman Richard Jones Stanley Lothridge Lawrence Marbourg John Miles Lynn Sarles Robert Swaru Chintz SI k- TF 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS THE Lambda chapter of Chi Phi represents the second oldest fraternity at the Uni- versity, having been charter- ed in 1875. Since then the chapter has always been ac- tive in campus affairs, being a founder of the " Big Six " organization. The chapter has been representative in its membership, preferring no one type of student. Tradition of the house is the annual spring dance, a costume affair, famous all over campus for its decorations. " Chintz, " an orphan of undeterminable ancestry adopted two years ago, is the house mascot. Be- sides his devotion to classes and campus activities, which has won him a host of friends, he is the life of every party at the house. " Chintz " is a per- fect companion to everyone in the house, but loyally main- tains a cool hatred toward the group ' s rivals, the neighbor- ing Betas. 349 SENIORS T. J. Abshier Robert Allen Richard Barhite Wilbur Cobb Raymond Conley Horace Crow James Denny Allen Beyo Joseph Ehrman George Emmons Clyde Grayless Charles Gulick Albert Hall Douglas Haskell Eugene Hempel George Irwin Joe Kamiya Donald Leddy Charles Lindgren William Mclntosh Bruce McVey Clark Maser Lynn Mathews George Merrill Herbert Meyer Cesar Monuz-Plaza Donald Morrison Keith Rapp Charles Reno James Sharpsteen William Shaw Ben Sheppard William Stevens David Strange Lawrence Sullivan Clement Svoboda Leonard Thompson Walter Tim William Voss Myrsam Wixman Frank Wright JUNIORS Robert Alford Carl Anderson Robert Anderson David Armstrong Charles Ashley William Beckman Walter Burton William Capps John Carlson Robert Carlson William Carroll William Chesnut George Clifford David Cudaback James Davis ' Bowles Hall rafcfejr .: I ' - . - ;:: : .: .-: .. (wjete : Mftjti - JneM toWO. 350 : :;. ; : :-: ' ; : t, . .:-- :-:- Urban Ernst Brooks Gleason Robert Gustafson Richard Hamilton Walter Harris Donald Head Russell Hibbard Ralph Hippert Carlton Hams Rudin. Lecnard . Arthur Kimber Frederick Lumbar d Donald McCaw Jim McFarcand Allan McKillcp George Mack Marshall Haddock David Meyer MB Vf-f : David Naj James Neal 6 " " " , " - r ' John Payson Lewis Prager Robert Radcliffe Glenn Reed Henry Schreiber Calin Simons Marlton Simons George Simpson Merrill Steinberg Carl Stoltenberg John Taylor Floyd Vim Brace Watson Warren Whitehead THE Tudor Castle situated below the Big C has been a great influence on campus life since its donation to the University by Mrs. Bowles in 1929. It has recently been redec- orated to include a game-room and terrace. In the fields of sports, cam- pus activities, scholarship and social life, Bowles Hall has been outstand- ing. This past year has seen Bowles Hall renew its prewar vigor in mak- ing its voice heard in ' all phases of school life. All its teams in the intra- mural sports contests were at least serious contenders, and the basket- ball team won the University Cham- pionship. The Varsity football, bas- ketball, baseball, track, and crew are well represented by Bowles men. To counterbalance the physical side, the scholarship rating has received high commendation from the Dean ' s of- fice. Men ' s Rally Committee and Men ' s Judicial Committee are led and well staffed by group members. I MVERSITY ASSOCIATES Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Richard H. Nedder en 35! Bowles Hall SOPHOMORES Cecil Agee Edward Aitken Robert Anderson Robert Andrews Richard Aulwurm John Barnes Robert Bone Robert Brownell Lloyd Butler Theodore Clair Gordon Davis Raymond Deyo Robert Ernsberger John Everett William Fairbank Carl Feldman Delbert Fisher Lawrence Frank Gary Goldsmith Kenneth Hanson Clarence Heller Donald Henriksen Donald Hutcherson Robert Johnson George Johnston Clinton Jones Glenn Loney Alfred Luke Bruce McGavren Gene McGeorge James .Moser Lyle Nelson David Nichols Warren Olson Russell Palmer George Peekema Edwin Pister Jerome Prager John Selby Denis Selle Whitney Shane Howard Stillman Randall Stoke Lyll Surtees Nathan Tarr Jerry Vayder Richard Vignolo Richard Walker Gregory Winsor Julian Wulbern Milman Youngjchn FRESHMEN Fred Barnes Thomas Britzman David Burum Sidney Carnie Courtney Coleman I . Lr !!l n?v i : " ft 352 Albert Daries Henry Drffie Dale Edwards Donald Fisher Louis Frank Robert Fry George Gilkison William Grafft AlanGriffen Roger Guilford George Hurwitz Gilbert Jing Robert Langdon James Lyons 3:-::- V:3-i Robert McKee William McKey Frank Mason Henry Miller Gec.-je =?.-. Lawrence Reirano Robert Ransohoff Peter Ratio Peter Redwine William Ragan Daniel Saylar Harold Smith Reuben Smith Verne Smith Richard Snow William Stone James Wagner Gene Wombacher = dM MmB SINCE Bowles Hall was first organ- ized as an association, social activ- ities such as beer-busts, picnics, ex- change dinners and dances have occupied a prominent position on the activity scale. The traditional Formal Dinner-Dance, usually the highlight of the season, was overshadowed this year by the spectacular " Italian Mardi-Gras " costume hall. This af- fair will long be remembered by all who attended for the lavish decora- tions and tempting smorgasbord. As each year Bowles has increased its prestige, so it has planned to make the following year no less a success than the former. The men who take the graduating seniors ' places will find themselves caught up in the general enthusiasm to perpetuate the motto of " education through fellow- ship. " . . Chi Psi UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. THE Chi Psi group has hit a new high in social " socking. " They have run the gamut from scavenging for Indians to Polynesian Under Water dances in Orinda ' s pool. Sup- pressed motives have found outlets in the construction of a barbecue pit and terrace. A new member this year, the illustrious " Ralph Chipsi, " has spent most of every night watching for the " fraternity burglar, " due to a half Beagle accent. No one knows what his father was. He has had a great trouble pronouncing the Greek letters, but is coming along fairly well. Chi Psi has a question: " Why have the southside sororities routed their goings and comings by way of Telegraph? " Go on up their way. They give roses to the passing beauties. SENIORS David Erskine Walter Escherich Frederick Gilchrist Houston Hannon Vaughn Karn Kenneth Lockett James Maggetti Hugh McJunkin Vernon Norris John Riedel Donald Linger Leland Weis JUNIORS Phillip Bonstin Sanford Dickey Phillip Emery Alex Madsen John Osgcod Peter Ostrander John Phillips William Schuler Hugh Shippey SOPHOMORES Edward Bayly Joseph Caine Thomas Cocley Robert Hand Richard Howell Jack Hightower Richard Moulds Bud Murray Robert McVicar Robert Richard Gordon Riedel Max Schmidt David Shippey FRESHMEN Denny Dennison Newton Drury Raymond Lyon John Mauvais Donald Muenter Donald Ralston Lefty Stern 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 1895 354 Del Rey SENIORS Dean Chaix Bruce Ellithorpe Alan Matthews John Ramos Robert Royce Maurice Sweatt Robert Todd JUNIORS Fred Frese Everett Gale Leroy Macler William Popp Lloyd Rentsch Jack Solari Walter Tamley Richard Thompson Richard Warren Bourke Welch SOPHOMORES Ramcn Bon Richard Carter Douglas Ely Stanley Garbey Robert Grimes Donald Maclean Ben Maddalena Edward Mclntosh George Schreiter John Sweeley FRESHMEN Raymond Castenada Richard Corwin Kenneth Jones Auburn Del Rey O ' Higginwood Duke UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph A. Proctor Herman A. Spindt THE. death of John Ramos, popular Del Rey member, hung a black cloud over the house for a long while. The campus knew him for a star performer on Clint Evans ' aggregation, but the " Dellers " knew him for a fine and loyal brother. This year ' s Spanish dance reminded oldtimers of the annual editions of prewar years. Atmosphere was com- plete from costumed bull- fighters to shawls and man- tillas. Del Rey rounded out a year of social functions with a formal at the Mira Vista coun- try club. The formal got off to a perfect start with a candle- light dinner at the house. A recent addition to the house is the file of colored slides de- picting the year ' s big house events. There are nearly a hundred such slides at the present time. The Del Rey ' s " Duke " still roams the cam- pus. 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1904 ONE CHAPTER 355 Delta Chi UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Can, M.D. Joseph Quire Donald Christiansen Thomas Reed Frank M. Russell DELTA CHI was the first national fraternity to institute national and alumni control of finances as well as a scholarship advisory program. The group was originally intended as a legal fraternity, but has since devel- oped into a social organization. The colors, red and buff, are representa- tive of the colors on a law book. Many local judges, lawyers, congressmen, police commissioners and district at- torneys are alumni of this chapter. At present the only vestige of a legal background in the house is a rather impressive set of the State of Cali- fornia law books. An outstanding social function of the California Chapter is the Delta Chi Barn Dance. This was given in the fall in conjunc- tion with visiting Southern chapters, USC and UCLA. GRADUATES Hugh Grinstead Allan Miller Oleg Sherby SENIORS George Metcalf Daniel Nolan Harry Schultze John Truchot JUNIORS Robert Barbour Harrison Comstock Paul Moser Kenneth Romanoff SOPHOMORES Robert Amber Alfred Baxter Don Beattie Howard Bowen Hal Dasbach Rodney Doerr Preston Hatch Frank Howard Warren Kennerson Hayden Moberly Thomas Moran Richard Mulvany Richard McCade Bartley Mclntyre Albert Nolen Conrad Pearson William Peterson FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-SIX CHAPTERS Delta Kappa Epsilon GRADUATES Keith Hatter William F SENIORS William Fay Booth Goodman William Hees John Holmes tam .::: Howard Koch John Richardscn Page Storment Clark Van Housen William Van Voris JUNIORS William Adams James Baumgartner Glen Buell Robert Chambers George Cunningham Sam French Bar Marble Thomas 0 ' Conner Ben Shattuck Donald Slaiter SOPHOMORES Kenneth Adams Peter Black Bernard Maushardt Bruce Moody William Morrison John Morse Albert Seidel Gecrge Stevenson Richard Waugh Richard Williams FRESHMEN Rainer Bauldauf - . E C ' 5 Mort Dunn Ulf Helgesson Harry Hunt Frederick Knocp Richard Miller Peter S:habanmi Robert Van Housen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. G. Hyde T. M. Putnam, Jr. THE " Dekes " are fortu- nate in having one of the finest locations on cam- pus for their home on the southwest corner of Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way. A low hrick wall encloses the house ' s gardens. This wall serves as a vantage point and the Dekes en- joy sitting here to greet friends at noontime. The Theta Zeta Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is the third oldest frater- nity on the University campus; the first chap- ter of the fraternity west of the Mississippi. Thus it is an organization rich in traditions and mem- ories, long noted as a friendly and " conserva- tive " element in the col- lege world. House mem- bers have been associ- ated with Skull and Keys and Beta Beta since their inception. . J PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 357 THE Delta Sigma Phis, nicknamed the " Dollar Sixty-Fives, " had a full year after giving, in the fall, a Carnation Ball, their Annual Shipwreck Ball in the spring and the Pledge Formal, as well as having a Champagne Bust between the active members and each new class of ex-neophytes. Each semester a Univer- sity of California coed is chosen Delta Sig Dream Girl by majority vote of Delta Sig members. She is presented with an en- graved gold locket bear- ing the fraternity crest at the leading fraternity social function of the se- mester. This year she was Marjorie Batty of Delta Zeta. The House ' s mascot is a white pedigreed collie who, we understand, just loves to pick fights, es- pecialy with dogs bigger than he.TheTheta Dells ' huge dane, we ' ve been told, can subdue him with no strain. Delta Sigma Phi 2316 BOWDITCH STREET FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY CHAPTERS GRADUATES Duncan Hasson Harold Kallerup William Peloyan Robert Weakley SENIORS Dale Anderson Thomas Borden Donald Belts Jack Phillips Warren Hermann Eric Yeoman JUNIORS Paul Asperger Max Bader John Barnwell Frank Branovich Philip Barry Richard Cutter Charles England Lawrence Fanning Ollie Fisher Richard Lingenfelte David MacDade St.-- " . Conway Pendleton tt- ' ' ; " " Robert Tay Willard Redline Boardman Rising eftmi w Clayton Ross XJrRUHt. James Scranton Harold Shanks Jmste fc-.:-- William Walker Benjamin White SOPHOMORES Robert Andersen Robert Beardsley Richard Freeman Alejandro Gonzlez John Lake Lowell Lundell Jack Skinner Howard Smith Errol Summy Donald Ware FRESHMEN Stephen Hackett Robert Hutchinson Penny Hilgard huiirt BneW tor. ' - ri- I:-: 1 " !:: ' . MH :: ' ; ' ; . ' -:; I:-::. " Jmt ;::- ; i ter. ' -n -: ' :. ' I ::.: Men MI knldta S- " ' - " ' ' fc: - r: 358 ::- : hta b I; ' - . i-::V- . U u, Nka !,: ' .: | Hit " i " ' v- Delta Tau Delta SENIORS William English .taesGeue Ln Lamer ; . ;. Sa- s 13-J5 Pa S- VfmSjitliff WnoXVeaCk DwaMWare JUNIORS v ,?- 2- ' . jf " . := e - -s;- f LjMi Wilbur Lna Smrartllmin Robert Partridge William RaMxrtt SOPHOMORES William Bin) S-.a- ... Mills I Wjrrcfl Perry HaMueStem DD- r ' i-: -: I Willis WMcr OeaMStm Trvtner 2425 HILLSIDE A EM F FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE. 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 r-EYENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Francis Foot Dr. Frank Kelly CoL Ted Haley Ed Manske Brutu- Hamilton Warren Perry Roy Ja-tram Tom Steel DURING the recent war the chapter house of Del- ta Tau Delta on Hillside Avenue was converted into living quarters for members of Interna- tional House, and Sep- tember, 1946. marked the return to the present site after three years of absence. The grounds which surround the tall red brick chapter house are the most extensive and one of the most handsome of any on cam- pus. The membership of the chapter is a moder- ately small one. with 55 actives and pledges in all. The group is balanced with several members in the various societies, an d others in campus activ- ities and athletics. The Delt house is famous for its melodious serenades. 359 Delta Upsilon GRADUATE Warren Sapiro SENIORS Charles Adams David Armstrong Harry Carpenter James Davidson Sherman Eubanks Munson Everett Robert Greenwood David Hirschler Walter Lewis Lloyd Pfeifer JUNIORS David Bynum Charles Cords Edwin Crystal Bradford Giles Stewart Kelt Malcolm Minahen Daniel Murphy John Parker John Roeth Rodney Saylor Robert Sherrard Harrison Wheeler Douglas Witt John Wolfe SOPHOMORES Albert Allen Edward Channing Malcolm Channing Benjamin Corlett Thomas Edgcomb Robert Gaines Thomas Grether David Harper Warren Heiman Richard Hibbard John Hill Robert Johnson Edward Keyes Charles Laughlin Robert Lindsay Joseph Malone Edward Maloney 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS 360 Thomas Niton Noel Pederson MM = Hop 1 -: : - Ralph Settertofan Dirk Stritacnta FHESHMEK Roger Dcnlcn -r .- :f _-:: " Craig Harper .:-- --: :.; " f- : r.:- .:--:: Robert M Willii Will -: Kdhard Reese ; :-;: =:; ;: .:-:- Sto ---. L 1 l " " H = . tv HAt THE California chapter of Delta Up- silon has its share of athletes, men in ASUC politics, future Phi Betes, and those who are none of these, but are essential to the balance of the house. The foundation of the chapter is unity, with no cliques existing. The fraternity has been on the campus for 53 years, and during that time has developed certain traditions, such as the annual fall formal and the Bad Taste Dance. Their cook. Sister " El, " may also be cons idered as an institution, as she has been with them for a great many years. Alumni returning to the house head straight for the kitchen to say " hello. " Although no cham- pionships have been won recently, the chapter is active in intramural athletics. A-ide from the bi-weekly parties, the favorite recreation of the house is the water fights with their neighbors, the Sigma Kappas. As can be ob- served, the house makes college a great deal more enjoyable. I MVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Dent rh Lloyd L. Farrar John D. Hirk? Jame Hopper. Jr. Neal McKeller Charier . Mrrriman Herbert C George R. N Donald Pyle Lawrence M. Price Robert Silile Herbert R. Stoltz Jame? T. Thompson Robertson Ward . S vrkoff Kappa Alpha GRADUATE Fred Winters SENIORS Stanley Atherton Craig Bull Edward Christofferscn Peter Conner Bruce Cumming Earl De Roque Bill Duffel James Howe Clarence Parker Thomas Peek David Spencer Robert Thomas Robert White JUNIORS Lloyd Bayer James Bloom Robert Cain Henry deary Harlan Deckert George Duddy Bartly Durant William Enright Robert Gravette William Henderson Donald Hunter Morton Jones Peter Ley Roy Muhlberger John McClaren Richard O ' Connell Robert Paige Richard Ragle Robert Thompson Joseph Widman John Winfrey SOPHOMORES Jack Bogart William Bushnell William Chadbourne William Charleson Walter Deets Jack Elliot Edward Hook 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS 362 Robert Howe Wayne Parkinson Kcnett Pronty Robert Wailerstedt sWa Donald Weaver FRESHMEN William Carewe Jack Grossman Walter Heidig Bruce Higton Carl MagMBOn Robert Saner Robert Redfield Doaald Ryan Randy Smith Walter Ullrich Dale Webster Wes UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Crutchfield REVIVAL of prewar traditions has been the watchword for 1947 and 1948. Brothers Jack Elliot and Don Weaver, as chief agitators of the sophomore class, have managed to make life interesting for the lowly frosh as they tried to maintain the routine of freshman life. KA ? s have attempted to stimulate a fast growing house of tradition ; instituting an ex- change fraternity function the " beer bust. " Members find that these functions give the engineers some- thing to do in an afternoon that would otherwise have been wasted in some basement lab or over a hot drafting board. The outstanding special event of the year was the addition of a small dog to the chapter roll, one " Wes, " by name. He is reported as a Farm Shep- herd. However, the last few months have indicated a predominance of " just plain dog. " The social calendar was climaxed on May 8th with the Annual Dixie Ball, held this year at the St. Francis Hotel. Kappa Sigma GRADUATE Ralph Lee SENIORS William Bender Dale Fredrickson James Gede Michael Kerr William Heim Charles McGuire Stanley Morketter Bob Paul Donald Penprase William Powell Charles Rivers Jim Smith Tom Tedrick JUNIORS Bill Caugh Bill Englebright Harry Franceschi Allen Griffin John Hale Ted Littlejohn Bob McKay John Munson Don Schlaman Pete Silk SOPHOMORES Tom Bardet Jack Billiard Les Collier Leroy Gimbal Al Haskell Jack Loutzenheiser Jack Prescott Boyd Quinn Jay Richards Bob Rinehart Jim Spangler HB 4 JlMH M udHMB I -I m f- 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN CHAPTERS 364 Dean Stovall FRESHMEN Don Baldocchi Stanley Bjonerud Don Berry Thomas Bisho John Cave Bill Hillham James Greene Al Huber Bob Jensen Fred Jenner Bill Moore Robert Morrison Bob McClaughry Paul McKnight Warren Parkinson Bill Parness Dick Randolph Jack Seuer Neil Tveitmoe Ed Walsh Franklin Watson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Guy Montgomery Wes Fry THE Kappa Sigma house is one of the more impressive brick houses and may well be famed for its open houses after football games and for water- bagging during finals. Just ask un- suspecting victims that chanced to walk by their Piedmont residence! The Kappa Sigs have such outstand- ing men as StanMorketter. Jim Smith, Doug Duncan, Bob Rinehart, and Jay Richards as active members. Along the social line, the group held their " Hell Dance " this year, which caused quite a heat wave; and an Oriental dance, with such specialties as a downstair combo, yellow Buddha. Chinese water-painting, bowls of rice, and straw matting. When not en- gaged in the fracas of a pledge sneak, or listening to the latest tactics of football and rugby, perhaps you will find them whooping it up at a Friday dinner or clanging on a bell at 2 a.m. Lambda Chi Alpha GRADUATE Norman Briggs SENIORS Stanley Balmforth Bob Basye Edwin Blake James Carson Jim Casey Bob Cooper Tom Covill Leslie Dean Elsworth Eidenmuller Robert Freeman Pat Flowers Ward Lambert Jack McDonald Bobbye Jim Mclaughlin Stanley McPherson Albert McQueen Jack Meier Chuck Mink Dick Pearl Dave Rutledge Hal Rutledge Jack Ryan Roger Ryan John Serr Bill Shafer JUNIORS Bill Armstrong Lloyd Bradhoff Paul Browning Malcolm Currie Stanley Cutler Dick Darling Harry Gard iser Fred Haines Stu Hollinsworth Ken Holway Bob Joki Walt Joki Cecil Mark Mort May Bob Nicol Jack Norberg Carl Ohmer Bamlet Price Laird Shepard John Silcox George Walker Leonard Weaver Marc Woessner SOPHOMORES Chuck Brovan Don Brown Bob Densmore Walt Duncan William Ellsworth Jack Handly 1755 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON COLLEGE, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS 366 Dick Mart Bill Bill A- AlThode Robert F ::.- -- :-: P l Irwia . Bill Panttaji = -.-- f . :- ? l MVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Erick C. Bellqnin Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert O. Moodv Dr. Robert S. Sherman Dr. Charles C. Surhling George EL Troxell THIS year has been memorable to the Lambda Chi Alpha ' s. Their recol- lections might bring to mind the lovely Daffodil Queen. Lenita Hughe . or the Daffodil Parade, or a sizzling steak from the new barbecue at the A O Pi exchange. Maybe they were of a Saturday water-fight with the A Chi O ' s. a thought of " Sturdy " the ever- reliable bear, now living a life of ease in a Havana zoo. They might have been thinking of more amusing things as the pledges coming back from SL Mary ' s without their hair, or more serious moments like the cere- monies of initiation or singing the sweetheart song at a serenade, and the splendor of the Spring Formal at the Sequoyah Country Club. Whatever their thoughts, the Lambda Chi ' s will not soon forget this year. Kappa Delta Rho UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dean Rodgers " HI-DEE-HO, Kappa Delta Rho " is the answer to the telephone at the KDR house which won the " original house deco- rations " cup of Home- coming. The house looked like an old-time waterfront and was dec- orated for their annual Big Game Ruckus. It was a lot of fun, but it cost several grade points. In the Spring the big event was the Formal Dinner Dance held out at the Sequoyah Country Club this year. The rest of the time, either the members or the pledges, or both, threw firesides or other special dances. When the weather got warm and sunny, most KDR ' s could be found out on the sun-deck en- joying the benefits of the " Health through Sun- shine and Amber Brew Club. " By the way, " RHO " can be found wandering about the sec- ond floor. GRADUATE Rudy Kuhn SENIORS Dean Clair Jim Elmendorf Ted Foster Bob Houston Andy Jara Walter Merlon Thomas Page Wade Patterson Stanley Peterson Tom Taylor Ted Tronoff JUNIORS Tony Bernard! Norman Carmichael James Estep Bill Fitzgerald Bob Harding John Harris Ed Hart Dick Hickman Robert Lavelle Ed O ' Conner Louis Raun-Linde Gene Rebstock SOPHOMORES Don Anderson Vasily Arnautoff Dick Baldry Bob Barker Bill Bistow James Cutting Hugh Ewing Walter Ferrenz Howard Friesin Richard Glendon Donald Haworth Charles Keyes James Maucoun James Morgan George Murray Bob Rose Rod Stewart Joe Suta Jack Walstrom FRESHMEN Frank Buck Bill Dcnelly Tom Harris Bob Kuerzel Bob MacMahon Jerry Raydon Alan Talt Rho 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY CHAPTERS 368 Pi Alpha Phi SENIORS Norman Chan Timothy Chew Wing Chin Alfred Chu Robert Hong Roland Jang Bennie Lim Raymond Quan Clayton SooHoo Eddy Tom Hugh Tong Leland Wing Patrick Wong JUNIORS Edw ard Au Fee Chan Gaing Chan Tommy Chtrn Ralph Fong Kenneth Lee Marshall Lew George Hye Bertram Owyarg Johnny Yee SOPHOMORES Paul Chin Harry Choi Frank Din Dick Hum JunJue Richard Jui George Lee Mervyn Lee George Lim Daniel Mah Teddy Mah Walter Ong FRESHMEN Bennie Low Lawrence Ng f f J f- I 9 f. :=. V UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Morrison Chun AT the Pi Alpha Phi house some forty members find a home during their leisure. Be- sides attaining scholastic achievement and sharing top position in the Intrafraternity Scholastic Honor Society, many socials are planned to further the bond of brother- hood. Every semester a ban- quet is given in honor of the new members. The main event of the year is the Annual For- mal. Besides a picnic and barn dance, the traditional senior banquet rounds out the year of diversified activities. 2420 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATE Curtis O ' Sullivan SENIORS Jim Anderson Nathan Bower Walter Bowman ' Arlington Charter Russell Fritchy Montie Haslett Robert Hawes Robert Kinslow Charles McDonald Robert McNichol Bert McCabe Charles Manning William Majors Carter Norris Hartford Rapp George Smith Guy Watson Robert Winters John Way Robert Yeaman JUNIORS Vin Angwin Richard Apman Donald Bentley Robert Bentley Lowell Burr Charles Coyle William Coughlin Robert Cuttle Park Dingwell John Enright Jack Heinz Larry Holland John Ingle Robert McPherson John McWirter Howard Martin Theron Premiss William Reinhard Richard Strong Jack Upp SOPHOMORES Pete Anderson Daniel Begovich Thomas Bruce John Callan Pete Falconer Benjamin Foster Rod Franz Jack Howell Phi Delta Theta .,1 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS 370 Ronald Hobbard Ridwrd Leoot Eric Nielson Warm Park Roy Raphael Tom Robertson =!.:-5-; Si : --. FRESHMEN .:-:. B::-.- Willii Mi ;_:: Robert Hoowr Ridard Kelly James Llewellyn Harry Poigtase ' Walter Tindell Thomas Trwbrkfee dories Way LMVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bob Arnold Dr. Edwin B. Baldrey Dr. Karl M. Bowman George Break Norman Foxw orlhy William Gillis Joel Hildebrand Oily Kern James MrBaine Dr. George McChesney Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond J. Nutting Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow Robert Testier William Tw itchell THE Phi Delts are primarily known for King, the friendly, floppy-eared, black monster. King has been the source of many jokes and cartoons since he first made his debut and was even rated by Homer Page, the ASUC photographer, as having the " best smile of the week. " King was bought in Oakland in 1946 by one of the members and brought back to the house much to the dismay of the rest. He was anything but a pleasing sight, with every bone in his body adding to the effect of a walk- ing washboard. He looked so terrible that the house ran a want ad in hopes of selling him. To get a good price, they fattened up his emaciated frame, but it wasn ' t long until he was looking - " sleek and plump that the house decided to keep him. Phi Gamma Delta GRADUATE Kenneth Pedlow SENIORS William Baird Loy Dickenson Curtis Dryer Manford Funston Robert Gallison Vergel Gerard Richard Gerdau Antone Goodall Howard Joyce Warren Myers Theodore Ockels Leland Parker Robert Pohl William Prindle Al Ruby Dorner Schueler Elton Sherwin Lester Stoakes John Thayer Carl Travis Kenneth Wells George Warren JUNIORS Charles Ames Henry Bakken William Bittner Richard Brooding James Croudace Pete Dunn Dudley Pagan Robert Pagan Richard Frost Kenneth Johnson Ernest Helme Thurston Journey Walker Lundberg Robert Melthen Alan Purchase Ronald Stone John Sullivan SOPHOMORES William Anderson William Bailey V A 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 372 DonUBall = ' ' - -; ,-- -.-. . - .::- :- ; ----- - ' , - i :--- .:-- .:-: FRESHMEN ! Bartktt MciDayfe -::- " . ;.-.-.;-.:- : ..:, : William Richer Jim Vote UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lui? Alvarez Leroy Briggs George C. Briggs Charles Derleth Tillard Durham Norman Hinds Woodbridge Metcalf Jacques Srhnier AS an international fraternity. Phi Gamma Delta celebrates its one hun- dredth year mark by centennial ob- servances in all chapters this year. Tradition has played a powerful role in molding the present day activities of the Delta Xi Chapter in Berkeley. Each year the alumni return to ob- serve the traditional " Pig Dinner, " held in memory of author Frank IN or- ris who first conceived the idea dur- ing his undergraduate days at Berke- ley. As one of the six oldest fraterni- ties on campus. Delta Xi participates in the annual Assembly Dance, famed throughout the country. Fijis also put on their latest in grass skirts for the Fiji Island Dance where sarongs and " uke " music predominate. As an item of interest, the group won first place in the sing at the Spring Rally- also they heave water bags with the best of ' em ! Phi Kappa Psi SENIORS William Diffenbaugh Jacque Downs Marechal Duncan Ralph Ferrin Edwin Flinn Kenneth Gustafson Alexander Harbinson Robert Hoenish Theodore Kenfield John Hopkins Robert Lutz Eugene Murphy Jamie Panton Dave Shwayder George Stimmel Herbert Walton Paul Witmer JUNIORS John Bailey Raymond Brown Thomas Casey Gerald Cullinane Jack Edmond John Grnnfield William House Norman Kenfield Karl May David McCuistion Jerrold Mitchell Ralph Mitchell Warren Simmons Don Stafford William Stutt John Taylor John Weston SOPHOMORES Ralph Allen Don Anderson - f V Jkr ip m d ; 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. 1825 CALIFORNIA GAMMA ESTABLISHED 1899 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS 374 Elmer Clow Claud Conners Timothy Cronin Martin Durante James Duvaras Charles Erb Richard Johnson Kenzie Maclnnes Leon Matigncn Lud Renick Charles Watt FRESHMEN Robert Babicky Allen Bumala Byron Erkenbrecher George Jones George Hutchinson Robert Jarvis Robert Kniptash Robert Lee Walter O ' Brien UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Pauley PHI Kappa Psi has been operating this year from the same old head- quarters on Hearst Avenue. Cigars have been passed around for such oc- casions as pinnings, engagements, and future Phi Psis. Claimed by Phi Psis are a Rhodes Scholar, a Rep-at-Large, a yell leader, a radio reporter, and a liberal sprinkling of athletes in vari- ous sports. The group was guided through the fall semester under the capable direction of Hux Galbraith. president; George Stimmel, vice- president. Ed Flinn and Bud Mitchell kept the ball rolling for the spring semester. Gene Murphy has been house manager. Entertainment was as much fun as ever with the formal, a Christmas Party, a barn dance, and the annual South Seas Party. Several radio dances, picnics, and beach par- ties supplemented previously men- tioned events. Phi Psis state that " we ' ll miss the seniors this next year, but grades permitting, the rest of us will be back after summer. " A. GRADUATES Richard Heggie John Mersereau, Jr. Franklin Salaman SENIORS Theodore Barry Gerald Beatty Herbert Cantelow Edwin Finster Kenneth Fester Marvin Gilardy Leslie Gleb James Graham Charles Mersereau Jere Musser John Neal John Post William Robertson David Stearns Allen Steck John Wallace JUNIORS James Bastable John Bowen James Corison Robert DeChene Edward Dunlap Maurice Gibson Edwin Hawkins Robert Hays William Jeffries Hans Jensen George Malmgren Robert Merrill Donald Miller William Pawek Glen Ryland Don Schroeder Gene Smith SOPHOMORES John Bartlett Jack Berard George Clausen Warren Deverel George Easter Walter Gardner Bruce Granicher Richard Hafner Bruce Hanger William Hanson Hubbard Howe Herman Langner Richard Larkey Phi Kappa Sigma 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY CHAPTERS 376 Ted Lutge James Kennedy Peter Muller Gerald McCue Jay Reynolds Louis Rhodes Bob Rumbel Allen Schumacher George Sloan William Smith Ray Wood FRESHMEN Gecrge Chaffin Robert Davidson Russell Dod John Erdelatz Edmund Fraser Everell LeBaron Henry Lutge Richard Perata Robert Tallman . Vlfe . Ml UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Thomas Buck Clark I! urn li;i m . Jr. John A. Calkins, Jr. Malcolm Davisson Walter M. Hart Ivan M. Linforth Reginald Linforth George Louderbark Alhert H. Mowbray Heber A. Newsom THE second year of postwar nor- malcy found the Phi Kaps plunging into campus life with the avidity of freshmen. A full social program tied weekend study resolutions into knots. High points were the annual Dive Dance, and the smooth Christmas and Spring Formals, interspersed with picnics and beer-husts. After giving their intramural foot- ball opponents a bad time, the Phi Kap team whipped their Stanford brothers in a traditional pre-Big Game bout. Other intramural sports provided recreation if no trophies. Led by Dick Heggie, Phi Kaps have gone to work to help make NSA and other ASUC activities click. House Life has been upset with such perils as " Near You, " " ' Cigarettes and Whis- key and . . . , " scrums, water-bags, campaign speeches, and holes in the new volleyball court. Phi Kappa Tau UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Kenneth Paulovich AS the ' 47- ' 48 year comes to a close, the Phi Taus look back on one of the house ' s most successful seasons. Be- sides many smaller functions, the social calendar was high- lighted by the Pledge For- mals, the Christmas -Kiddie Costume dance, the Annual Picnic, the Scavenger Hunt, and the Spring Formal. Phi Kappa Tau was repre- sented on a number of ath- letic teams, by Walt Briant, co-captain of the Frosh track ; Al Young, Blues Basketball; Ed Frey, Freshman football; and Bill Shaw, Ron Morgan, and Walt Smith on the boxing team. Beside the above ath- letic endeavors, Phi Tau ' s also took part in all of the intra- mural athletic activities. The house gained political satisfaction when Jerry Appel was elected Junior Vice-Presi- dent, replacing Phi Tau Ted Gould as vice-president of the class of ' 50. GRADUATE sfflio Kenneth Paulcvich JWitu SENIORS MBit Charles Bosley US " Jack Carlson w Chester Gahn Iniia Albert Harutunian aim to Kenneth Jackson J t ' " Ralph Pringle William Shaw LlDdto to, ' Laurence Tyler FralN JUNIORS (rt.h Theodore Gould MSlfT Benjamin Hansen Frs Morrison Jones Hmari! JmsTi Charles Ralph POi Henry Rotticci Walter Smith Wte Francis Tims GwgiDe William Whelan JiKJc Hariey Wilbur Hk John Worsley Charles Young SOPHOMORES Gerald Appel Joe Butler Charles Hathaway William Heaney Arthur herring Frederick Jackson Alfred Kerr Merle Lauterbach Rcbert token Thomas Mathews Lester Mehrtens Vtnce Monte Ronald Morgan Raymond Read George Roux Stanley Stetson Mi :: Fred Stolz In ; James Struthers -,::. FRESHMEN F ,, Walter Briant Limn Edward Frey ite Richard Loken IflWIll Don Loorz Dave Perkins UKM L 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 378 Phi Sigma Kappa SENIORS Charles Babcock James Coolidge Robert Drew Louis Howe Jack Kasten Lewis Kimball Calvin Kokila John Linthicum Lloyd Morgan Donel O ' Malley Frank Podesta Arthur Poulin Robert Price Frank Rakela Howard Smith James Tufts II JUNIORS Douglas Carey Keith Davis George Deane James Jones Harold Machado Alfred Mayne Robert Moeller Larry Moore Dale Myberg David Peterson Edward Phillips Ralph Reichhold John Toellner Russell Turner SOPHOMORES Joseph Atkinson Oran M. Barlow, Jr. Harlan Bennett Robert Couse James Feliz Robert Hemenway Jerry Howard Clinton King Howard Mackay Jack McArthur Herbert McDuffee Richard Rowe Clarence Rowland Warren Schoonover Hugh Stroup Franklin Walker Lawrence Warren William Watson Kenneth Westbay FRESHMAN LeRoy Anderson Leo MJL UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard L. Adams Clinton Evans Walter Frederick Farnham P. Griffiths Thomas C. Mayhew Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestly THE gold rush days were once again re-lived dur- ing Phi Sigma Kappa ' s newest tradition, the ' " 49er Dance. " Period costumes completed the atmosphere of their dec- orated house, with Jacques ' Golden Nugget Saloon and the Golden Nugget Garter Girl, in the form of Diane Raw- lings of Mills College. A Hard Times pledge dance was another Phi Sigma Kappa outstanding fun fest. The rest of their " dull " college life was interrupted with such recreations as firesides, beer-busts, and exchange dinners. Accomplish- ments in the intramural events were truly out- standing over eight horseshoe games won by default ! The gayest blade of the house was, as al- ways, " Leo, " the most tailored dog on campus. 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 379 Pi Kappa Alpha GRADUATES Jack Alley Victor Boissenee Edward Engen SENIORS Robert Balian Robert Blois Henry Broderick John Daniels Neil Evensen Harry Fledderman Lawrence Jones Meredith Jones Richard Kroninger Edward Merrill Richard Miller Raymond M itchier Robert McCormack Philip Oyer Peter Schultz Donald Sullivan Tom Turnball Gerald Vetter JUNIORS Dean Abramson Richard Bussey Donald Church James Cookson William Cooper Donald Gorman Bruce Jaeger Robert Jarboe Richard Jones Charles Hattersley Glen Martin Julian Martin George Mattern Robert Maxwell Donald Mitchel Arthur Myers Andrew Nielsen Donald Olson Klaus Saegebarth David Walters Jacques Weldon Elvin Williams Paul Zydner SOPHOMORES Michael Abramson Arnold Affeldt William Ayers Keith Barnard Tom Bowles Joseph Carter Jack Cleveland Philip Crane George Denison David Dinwiddie Kermit Dorius Richard Erving f ' O tr br t gE ' flr Ti.:,- s i4 - 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 EIGHTY-SIX CHAPTERS 380 Roy Grimm William Hahn Theodore Iverson Richard Lundslrom Stanley Mariuen David Newtay Bruce Pass Robert Range Thomas Ratchford Kenneth Smith Karl Suttersfield FRESHMEN Raymond Berg Waldo Ccok Jchn Copeland Paul Gray William Grier Robert Lacomble Richard Merrill Carl Spreckleson Elwyn Williams Laski I . 9 - . rV? - UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carlton D. Hulin Lynn Waldorf Garff B. Wilson " JEEZ, what a party ! " is the expres- sion most often heard, as the Pi Kaps traditionally go all out for Home- coming, their costume ball, the Yama, and their Dream Girl contest. They were easy to find on campus, too. Pete Schulz, Daily Cal manager, was too tall to overlook. Jay Martin was found presiding over the Class of ' 49. and El Williams ditto over Phi Phi. Harry Fledderman was usually seen around the Rep-at-large ' s office. Garff Wilson and Pappy Waldorf can ' t be missed either. Laski, the Alaskan Malemute, was omnipresent as he fol- lowed members to I House. For re- laxation the Pi Kaps visited Mother Camper, housemother for 36 years. There they ate cocoa and cake, looked through her treasured scrapbooks, and listened to her recall all of the men of Alpha Sigma chapter. Pi Kappa Phi UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES S. Foster Adriance Henry E. Erdman GAMMA Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has enjoyed almost forty years of life. After a wartime lapse of four years, the Pi Kaps gathe red the remains of the organization. A year of off-campus existence led them to a modest home on Bancroft Way, which they occupied in the fall semester of 1947. More active than ever before the Pi Kappa Phi ' s held various dances and social gatherings among which starred the cos- tume dance, Heat Wave, and the Spring Formal at the Fairmont. Growing rapidly the Pi Kaps ' chapter at Cal is now nearing a member- ship of fifty men, plus the addition of their own shaggy dog by the name of " Sandy. " With such a first year on campus, Pi Kappa Phi is looking for- ward to many more ac- tive years at the Univer- sity of California. GRADAUTES Earl Bradley Charles Harrison Charles Vannice SENIORS William Bartley Pete Berti Kenneth Franklin Robert Hacker George Lineer Charles McDonald John McDonnell LeRoy Porter James Seller Frank Williams JUNIORS Kent Bullock Edward Conway Richard Fiscus Philip Hurley Howard Leach James Low William Martin Anthony Pace Frank Ration Roger Welty SOPHOMORES Russell Archerd Stanley Ausman Robert di Piazza Charles Fitzsimmons Warren Jensen Lloyd Heger David Mallory Kenneth Miorana John Morris Harland Ross Norman Schneidewind Harold Simmons Edward Sutherland Harvey Taylor Arnold Turner Robert Zeni FRESHMEN Russ Chabrier Robert Davis George Denton Edward Ferguson Edward Guberski Selwyn Littleworth 2634 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 382 Pi Lambda Phi SENIORS V? =:-?;:- - . - :=, tai William Friedma Albert LapMes DoaU Setter Stanley Wiener JUNIORS Herbert Cata Norman Lictrt Ellis Robinson . : .i - $: -it ' _;; : ;--.- . S:e-- SOPHOMORES ::: - = ::: Mervin Fata E.of- 35-f - ; -, n ! Hi MM - -,.- i- ;-;; ' To Oswald Floyd Packer Herman Popiul Robert Stone Donald Itajar _-. ' . ' i ' i 7 : " - ' I FRESHMEN -e:- : = : Philip Gold Myron Scbeer Everett Shapiro tai : SHM m z W UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Sanford Goldner Charles Lamden CALIFORNIA Tau of Pi Lambda Phi is once again firmly entrenched on campus. The Pi Lambs have settled down in a new house, after being orphaned without one for four long years. The prev- ious fraternity house had been lost during the war and it look a lot of spirit and work to keep the house together. The biggest social affair of the past year was the opening of this new house. More than 400 people warmed the place over, but good. Other top- notch affairs were the annual swimming party the actives gave for the pledges at the " Call of the Wild " in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and a Land of Make-Believe dance held at the house. 2121 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 383 Psi Upsilon GRADUATES William Gould Gillman Haynes SENIORS Walter Brelje Winthrop Fish Thomas Gates Benjamin Innes Walter Johnson Aloysius Laube Jack Lyding Richard Pegram James Schuyler JUNIORS Wilbur Andrews Robert Banning Richard Bramwell Myron Etienne Harry Galloway William Gravem Peter Leaf David Ocumpaugh Ashley Radcliffe Peter Reynolds Edward Rice Lawrence Smith Allan Trant Frank Vevera David Border-mark James Yost SOPHOMORES James Beaver Kenneth Brittingham William Carter Howard Fleming Zack Jordan Harold Keenan Thomas Keenan Richard Merritt Howard Middleton 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS 384 Robert McDonough Stuart O ' Melveny William Richardson Ralph Ski I ten Donald Sooy Thomas Wolff FRESHMEN Raymond Barton Edward Brittingham Gerald Brittingham Charles Callaghan Victor Etiemw James Low Robert Spencer Ward Swift Peter Van Sicklen MacKenzie Wasson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bernard Etcheverry Dr. Howard Naffziger Warren Girdt James D. Hahn Donald Mackay James J. Parsons Len Richardson Rudolph Srhevill William T. Simpson MUCH of the credit for attaining the charter of Psi Upsilon is due to the late Charles Mills Gayley and to many other friends and alumni in the faculty. The group of thirty-four men receiving the charter were all members of a local group, the Alpha Psi fraternity. In the first class was John Morton Eshleman, president of the ASUC and later Lieutenant Gov- ernor of California. In 1912 the " Highland home " was built and the memorable Convention of the Frater- nity of 1915 was held there. Since the war the Psi U ' s have come into their own once again with numerous parties, homecoming stunts and yells of " Pedro! " Sigma Alpha Epsilon GRADUATE Stanley Smith SENIORS Clifford Adams Paul Arenson David Clark Robert Decker John Evans Raymond Foreaker Robert Henninger Donald Higgins Carver Hildebrand Frank Hopkins Richard Jones Wilson Pendery Dewit Popkin James Robertson William Shaw Robert Standley Richard Watts John Wight Alan Willard Robert Wilson JUNIORS John Colter Jerry Cornwall James Cowan Duane Dresser Robert Eckel Richard Gilbert Clark Graves James Kenville Eugene Kirkpatrick J. Russell Knowles Gus Manolis Charles Mathews Marcus McCallen Hugh McKee John O ' Brien Ronald Richards Austin Turner Ellis Smart SOPHOMORES George Ahlgren Robert Barrett Robert Becklund Allen Blanc Kenneth Cameron Robert Carpenter Edward Chase Norman Doley Donald Everson George Hobbs 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN CHAPTERS 386 Data Id Hodges Phillip Kemp Tag Nicholson Retort Oskone AHred Parsons ' . ' ,-. " . " - - ' ' . Marshall Plant Willia -:-;; Matt HanerRek William Shrew Jack Weiss Rich Weyemh Emerson Wiser William Wocley FRESHMEN Eugene Appfesate William Gear John Gibson William Hart Edgar Keadrkk Richard Kincade .:::- :-:- = Hampton Terry Jack Walling Ray Ward Foster W eks i UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. D. Calkins R. W. Chancy Stuart Dagget Ralfe Miller SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON goes in for " Singing In A Big Way " - - at meals, during parties, and even in the shower, voices raised in song can be heard. At all times members have an excellent view with a bay window and sun porch from which they " case " the passing parade of campus beauties. SAE ' s have always been in the thick of the intramural athletic race; all-around performers like Frank Friedenbach and Bob Hen- ninger helping greatly. They are proud of " Shadow. " who undoubt- edly is the dumbest dog on campus or anywhere else. Special social events included the pre-St. Mary ' s football game Smoker. Barn Dance, and South Seas ' Dance. Rousing water fights with their neighbors or anyone who wants to join them oc- cupies many a sunny afternoon. Sigma Alpha Mu Penny SENIORS Barney Rubin Erv Blum Dean Cohen Maury Engel Herb Filkoff Mitchell Flint Erving Goldberg Josef Grayson Alexander Heller Harry Kronrod Alvin Lowenstein Sidney Matles Larry Oppenheimer Gilbert Pavlovsky Jerry Polonsky Herbert Rome JUNIORS Stanley Abramowitz Gerald Adams Richard Benas Lee Brill Norman Bushberg Robert Clarefield Jack Cohen Lee Cohen Arthur Garshfield Ivan Gennis Robert Gilinsky Stanley Golde Gerald Goldman Robert Gorran William Hexter Bernard King Donald Miller Robert Ralston Seymour Rose Marvin Rosenblum Stanley Savitz SOPHOMORES David Ames Gerald Banks Arthur Berenbaum Herbert Berk Jerry Berger Edward Cohen Robert Cohen Melvin Ezer Harvey Gogol Aaron Greenberg Emmanuel Haas C| 1735 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY CHAPTERS 388 Edward Hart Rar-ood Kappe Stanley Ladennan ' .:-;- . EbrnHI !? IT. i-.-.- Va-- =. :- = : tmm ArthvSiegel Irving Wok David Zeff FRESHMEN Davt Harden Marvin Lewis JackLipuw SUriey Miller Mm : =?:=.- Larr,! SIGMA Sigma of Sigina Alpha Mu was founded at the University in 1929. Growing from a chapter con- sisting of fifteen men it now boasts of a membership of nearly seventy. Since its reactivation in 1944 the chapter has been outstanding in scholastic achievements rating among the top ten living groups scholastically, no mean feat. It is represented in many honorary Greek societies also. The chapter includes on its rolls such well known campus figures as Jerry Adams. Gil Pavlov- sky and Harry Kronrod. The chap- ter ' s fortunes are guided by Herb Rome Prior, who is finishing his col- lege career at Cal this semester. The more outstanding athletes of the chapter are two freshmen, Ed Hart and Merv Shenson, single and double numeral winners respectively in their first year at Cal. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Barnes Nibs Price BESIDES appraising everything in skirts, and waterbagging on wheels, the Sigma Chi ' s recog- nized yet another time- honored tradition, exe- cuted with just as much enthusiasm hut with a little more self-restraint, the tradition of selecting a Sweetheart. This year she was blue-eyed and blonde Miss Barbara Rogers, a Kappa Alpha Theta. Athletically minded, the Sigma Chi ' s shone particularly on the green, where everyone, including the cook, per- formed the three-cush- ioned bank shot in the side pocket with a mo- notonous regularity. The house has often been taken for a pool-hall by people passing by and seeing their beautiful pool tables. At present the house has no official pet, but their former mascot, " Sandy, " a big brown and white collie, does drop in occasionally to give the grip and see the boys. Sigma Chi v 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1856 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1865 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Harold Ackerman Raymond Ahern . Robert Bowers saooi Cochrane Brown ; - Donald Brown I Eugene Cassady i - John Campbell ) Herbert Fowler Charles Gilkey Ralph Hill Thomas Hunt Dean Jacobs William Killeen John MacAuley Robert Mace Rollin Meyer Robert Remenspergr Reuel Smitter JUNIORS Barton Bromberg John Campbell Paul Cortese Daniel Greer Harvey Johnson Robin Kantor George Keeler Richard Manildi George Nicholaw Wade Nittler Lyman Phillips William Thomason John White, Jr. SOPHOMORES Edwin Adcock Donald Cox Floyd Fairchilds Richard Macfie Hugh Maclean Harold Maes Dean Ormsby Thomas Reardan William Stier Edward Sheldon Dean Linger FRESHMEN William Greer William Hagler James Hansen William Lack Ted Rausch : : tento Enttfi Ine ;- - ; : -:- -. ' - JJKSfe SOPH01 :- - : . -- - := ' : - ' ; 390 Sigma Phi GRADUATES JawesCline Albert Sa or SENIORS William Borkin LeRoyMaffly Prtw Olson Jack Palmer Donald SewriH George So B HeOerSmitli JUNIORS Philip Angell Willu Harry CMMKTtson Ewmt Fuller Banlett Heard paries Hoagland E: = -: Hacai f. -.:- lp| , - - - SOPHOMORES Frank Dinwiddie Kennetli Fuller VemonFyhon f -i-:a MB f--?- V.--;. Eric Phillips -:- Smart KeaneUTn UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. William C. Donald William V. Crues-- Harold L. Leupp Dr. Peter E. " ' ankw ich Dr. Elmer K. Fawcett TRADITIONS at the Sigma Phi house included " The Acid Test, " and annual Soph-Frosh Brawl and Pledge 880 yard dash. Among the social events held successfully each year, was the Gay Nineties Party in the spring. Pajamarino spon- sored by the lower classes in the fall, and the Spring and Christmas Formats. Athletic achievements brought forth splendid effort from all the brothers in horseshoes, ping pong, tiddlywinks. conversa- tion, and bridge. The Sigma Phi mascot has been known to most of the south side for years, and although he was toothless and frequently bath- less. Sigma Phido - - better known as " Sig " had been a loyal member for the seven years since the Sigs saved him from a vagrant ' s end at the Berkeley Pound. 23(17 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS 391 SENIORS Donald Atwater Robert Barclay Carl Burger Walter Burke Ralph Busby Clayton Calender Roland Chambers Sherril Conner ' Patrick Cunningham Carlton Daiss George Detweiler Donald Devoto Andrew Durham Howard Engle William Ford John Graves John Heywood Frederick Koch John Lavery Bernard Litchfield Charles Matheny James Mcllraith William Miller Bernard Pepper Daniel Rader Earl Shea John Swift Robert von der Leith John Woodfield JUNIORS Philip Arnot Jonathan Baker Thomas Beemer Asa Briggs Robert Cole Robert Col I in Bruce Collins Arthur Craig Robert Dodds David Kirby James Lucas Mark McKimmons George McKrey Charles Loughridge Richard Moore George Oviedo Ira Thompson William Van Nortwick Kenneth Wells SOPHOMORES Robert Baker Sigma Nu 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND THREE CHAPTERS 392 Richard Lee Conner Warren Fischer Kimball Harter Paul Hopper Albert McGuinness Philip Oertli Wilmer Parsons John Russell Peter Schoonmaker Donald Schumacher Bruce Whitson FRESHMEN Walter Anderson William Began Herbert Belton Frank Bernhard Dick Dunn Dick Groger Harold Hoppe Dick Leuschner Richard Lewis Christian Markey John McGregor John Ralston ! UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Douglas Frame Daniel Rader Robert Thaman RECOGNIZING President Sproul ' s advice to make extracurricular activ- ities an essential part of a good col- lege education, Sigma Nu played an important role in the various cam- pus endeavors outside the realm of the three R ' s during 1947-1948. No less than six of Sigma Nu ' s members were included in Skull and Keys, the top honorary society for men on campus. Sigma Nu was also one of the fraternities which had two representatives in the Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society. In the field of athletics, the White Star con- tinued to shine during the year. Johnny Graves, Jon Baker, and Bobby Dodds were in varsity foot- ball ; Jack Lavery in swimming : and Phil Arnot in track. The White Rose formal, their biggest social function, was held at the Hotel Mark Hopkins, while the annual Insane Asylum dance again lived up to its campus- wide reputation. Sigma Pi AFTER eight years Sigma Pi was re-established by her industrious and enterprising members. Among the tradi- tions recently innovated were : an Orchid Formal (orchid be- ing the fraternity flower) and a Dinner Dance, with the din- ner at the house and dancing at the Hotel Leamington. Among social events, the " Beachcomber ' s Ball " was claimed a great success. Sigma Pi ' s are proud of outstanding members Charlie Thompson, Pacific Coast Intercollegiate tumbling champion, National Intercollegiate tumbling champion and formerly Na- tional AAU tumbling champ ; and Adli Roushdi, 1947 Pa- cific Coast Intercollegiate all- round gymnast champ and Egypt ' s contestant for the Olympic Games. The Sigma Pi intramural football team placed in the semifinals last fall, and Scrap Zalba won the intramural lightweight box- ing title. The Sigma Pi ' s are really back! f __. ' ! j . , , SENIORS William Gough Thomas Healy Loyd Marshall Robert Rose JUNIORS Michael Downing Emerson Droulland William Garrity Daniel Hale Thomas Harris Walter Keusder Arnold Seepal Walter Smith Barton Stitt SOPHOMORES John Burke Granville Campbell Donald Cannon Frederick Carlson James Carpenter Donald Curzon Hollis Hardy Robert Inskeep Frederick Miller Benjamin Myers William McDonald Daryl McKinstry John Nevin Andrew Nielson Robert Smith Willard Stone Serapio Zalba FRESHMEN Richard Connell Gordon Johnson Russell Vale Allison Wilcox 2431 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS Tau Kappa Epsilon SENIORS Robert Bebb Robert Blocher Thomas Clarke William Heath Robert Johnson Mylon Nelson Willis Pellatier William Rockwell William Rus Victor Shick Harry Smith Charles Turnbull Andrew Viscovich JUNIORS Seth Burdett Edward Dermott George Dove Dayton Hyde Peter Jangaard Thomas Johnson Ian Kay Peter Komor Raymond Lippincott James Olmstead Leonard Schlussel Franklin Smith Roger Stansfield Clarence Waddington SOPHOMORES Calvin Bland Robert Carter Herbert Colburn Leonard Corsentine Daniel Costello William DeMartini Edward Evans William Graham William Hexner Walter Janssen Wilson Moore Thomas Morgen Glenn Strahl FRESHMEN Herman Fisher Robert Jamison Wendell Jamison Frederick Siegrist David Stead max UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Edwin E. Ghiselli THE reactivation of Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsi- lon took place on November 7, 1947. It had been almost fifteen years since the Chap- ter left the campus, but al- ready it has regained a firm foothold with two " shacks, " a temporary one and a future permanent one. Because of the fifteen year lapse such things as mascots, expressions and stellar fraters have not had a chance to prove them- selves. Already such things are becoming a living part of that which makes for a com- plete fraternity. The Tekes are now noted for several things, particularly their many and varied parties. The Teke Birthday Ball, the Tene- ment Tussle, and the Orchid Formal will long be remem- bered by the fraters, pledges, and their dates just ask the coeds ! 2506 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS 395 Sigma Chi Epsilon GRADUATES Ronald Birch Robert Ray SENIORS Rupert Brittain Robert Brorsen Wayne Dawson Bruce Dunwoody Lloyd Grotheer Hal Howard Richard Huntington Stanley Kallo Charles Kohlenberger Earl Miles George McDaniel John Quigley Robert Randolph Ronald Watson Robert Zeller JUNIORS Robert Chalmers Robert Clatt Calvin Dunbar Kenneth Evans Robert Evans Dan Hewitt Jack Lounsberry Norman Mann Thomas Moore Donald Olson Robert Pace Richard Powers Russell Sayre Bryant Smith Robert Vaughan SOPHOMORES George Attenborough Paul Baumann Loren Bunte Perry Biestman Ralph Coole Richard De Mattos Robert Fleckner LeRoy Frame Thomas Hale William Hansen r IP b- fs K- -X .9 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 CALIFORNIA ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1910 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 396 John Herring Jerry Krohn Richard Le Gault James McDaniels FRESHMEN Alvin Blair Arnold Brown Robert Daley Donald Fowler Ralph Funnel Bruce Hoffe Richard Hoover Louis Kovanda James Monical Donald Monroe William Smith Edward Soule Roger Thompson Clifford Tresidder UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert Aitken James Corley John Cory Janif- Foro Robert Johnson James Miller 1 Ragan Arthur Sampson H. R. Wellman DURING the past year, the Sig Eps, under the able leadership of Bob Bronsen and John Quigley, took long strides toward rebuilding the house up to its prewar strength after three years of wartime idleness. In campus affairs, Rupe Brittain was elected president of Chi Epsilon and Chuck Kohlenberger headed ASME. Bob Randolph served as Battalion Commander of the campus NROTC unit. On the sports front, Bill Smith and Bill Wirth starred as freshman basketballers. Don Monroe was a standout as shortstop in Frosh base- ball. In intramural softball, Tom Moore made Cal history by pitching two perfect no-hit, no-run games, leading them into the semifinals. Scholastically, Howard Mel made Phi Beta Kappa. Bob 7 aughan joined Beta Gamma Sigma, and Cal Dunbar won the fraternity ' s Clifford B. Scott award. The Barn Dance, complete with Burma Shave Ads, highlighted an unusually active social year. Theta Xi GRADUATES Donald Carpenter Jack Herwig William Kiloh SENIORS Edward Gumming William Dripps William Fitzmaurice James Gray Holway Jones William Keyston Robert Macfie Allan Moss Robert Noone John Riley Jack Rose Thomas Rothwell Richard Smithson Kirby West JUNIORS Alvern Condon Robert Conway Robert Courting Ad Fishel Carl Forrest Charles Grant Robert Hoagland Desmond Kelly Chester King Louis Lalanne Edwin Nettell Gale Nettell Leroy Miles SOPHOMORES Robert Barton William Beebe Ernest Borel William Cook Dan Dean Charles Dorsett William Henderson James Jones John LaBuono Robert Laddon Thomas Miracle David Mitchell 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY CHAPTERS 398 Ted I John McCoy Merrill Newman Philip Porter Alton Rhoads ; ;.- : :.: Hoard S- II William Spraance StHOrt Marvin Tyan Leslie Warren Daniel Weissich Kobert Vanasek FRESHMEN Herb Cindrade = dart i : , ' , E: : William Brewer Jofcn Burgess Worthington Oetwiler :-- ;; tm a Everett Messinger Lee Morse Vincent McDonald Camay Peterson :-; a SM UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans EdNemir Harrj W. Shepherd Edwin C. Yoorhies WITH a strong rushing program which netted twenty pledges in the spring semester. Nu Chapt er of Theta Xi has just completed one of its most successful years. - The chapter played host to the Theta Xi Regional Conference held in April. The USC, UCLA, and Stan- ford chapters spent three days with the Cal members discussing various phases of house improvement. The Old Hearst Ranch, near Pleas- anton, was the scene of the annual spring formal in May. Musical strains were furnished by Wally Heider and his orchestra. Socially, the TX ' ers held, in addition to the formal, nine exchange dinners, three orchestra dances, two theme dances, seven radio dances, and five date luncheons. The Theta XI ' s advice to other houses: ' " Bring girls to parties! " They found it very satisfactory ! " Al- so, get rid of dogs! " They lost a pledge to their mutt ! Theta Delta Chi GRADUATE John Roberts SENIORS Jack Ball Richard Barbrack Truman Campbell Gordon Crews Richard Erickson Peter Fisher Frederick Howell Paul Keckley Daniel Knott James Moose Henry Morris Paul Selchau Warren Swanson Redick Tiddy Earl Thomas Harold Walt Jack Wickware JUNIORS Bruce Anderson William Ackerly Conrad Babb Charles Bouchard Richard Cohn Jack Dunasky Donald Elliot Robert Harbaugh Leonard Hamilton Arthur Ish Waldo Jackson Kenneth King Monor Martin Thomas McKeever Tim Meadows Russel Nordeen Charles O ' Connor Phil Pankaskie Bruce Ragan Richard Roberts Richard Teeter Thomas Thompson Jere Witter SOPHOMORES Robert Asche Ronald Caldwell Jack Farr William Ficker David Fink Bamford Frankland Jim Grimes Donald Grubb f- ( " ! J51 Kk 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 400 BB fefl Charte Newton Mi : on Moil Kirk White FRESHMEN ::-. : taM :- ;-:: -!-. -:; = :: --. tat TtaBS Tippet = :-:-. m UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Robert Green Leonard W. Buck Worth Ryder James C. Siler THETA Delta Chi completed a busy but fun-packed year. In the fall, members dedicated their entry in the Homecoming Parade to the Theta Delt Centennial, and captured the All-University football champion- ship. Also of special note was the ex- cellent semi-annual formal held at the Hotel Leamington. This spring Theta Delta Chi gave the " Thousand- and-One-Nights " dance, annual in- formal, a memorable affair, as those who were present will verify. Not slighted in the activity field, the Theta Delts were out in front. Class coun- cils, various offices, the interfrater- nity council, and varsity football were interests of the Theta Delts. They could often be found playing football on their front lawn or kibitz- ing a bridge game before dinner. Many prominent seniors graduated and left the house this term, but more " big wheels " are sure to be found among the remaining group. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert DeLibon Lars H. Peterson Dr. R. H. DeWitt F. Noel Spiess THE social event of the year for every pledge and active of Theta Chi was the annual Apache Dance - - to date there have been seventeen. In 1946 this function re- ceived national recogni- tion when a picture story of it appeared in Life magazine. The members spend about three weeks every fall decorating the house to resemble a Pa- risian cellar-like den of iniquity, and the cos- tumes of les jeunes gens carry out the exotic and foreign theme. The cen- ter of house tradition was the fishpond in the back yard. It is most noted as the abode of the house mascot, an alliga- tor named Algie. The traditional use of the fishpond was for dunk- ing members who be- came pinned, engaged, married, or who do not conform to the rules. Theta Chi 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORTHFIELD, VERMONT, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS GRADUATE George Dolim SENIORS Robert Angwin William Campbell Lawrence Carson Frank Clarvoe, Jr. William Cole Donald Everitts Lee Galloway Joseph Golden Donald Grinsfelder Thomas Nelson Scott Ramsden Theodore Schulz James Sheppard JUNIORS William Allen, Jr. Rick Bardellini Charles Bell Robert Butler Robert Cartwright Alan Cundall Richard DeWolf Pershing DeGolia Harold Dudley Allen Faber Francis Finnegan Robert Fishbeck George Fohner Hugh Francis Jack Griffen Arthur Harwood Albert Huber, Jr. Richard Ingraham George Moody Wilbur McPherson Allen Nugent John Racanelli Kenneth Ricksecker H. Douglas Ridenour Robert Rouse Alfred Runner Milton Skaggs SOPHOMORES Daniel Cameron Walter Carrothers Nels Fransen Robert Frates Kenneth Fryer John Hansen Walter Hart Donald Johnson Kenneth Leach C. Gillis Lumbard Roderick Reames FRESHMEN James Cundall Richard Ellis John Farr Joseph Morehouse 402 Zeta Beta Tau GRADUATES Philip Anapolsky B. George Rosenberg SENIORS Richard Blumberg Arnold Grossman Alan Fixler Sylvan Neumann Norman Trenton Richard Weinberg JUNIORS Roland Elefant Justin Gershunny Stanley Hotchner David Nagler Sheldon Nankin Neville Rich Harold Rubin Danny Shapiro Warren Saluman SOPHOMORES David Anker Bruce Becker Eugene Borson Alvin Clar Robert Fox Donald Friedman John Gerstle Robert Gibbs Bob Glickman Ed Harlem Robert Hemmings Ernest Fried Elliot Kapchan Ronald Matin Norman Poise Ted Purcell Emile Rothenberg Bert Titus Warren Weingarten FRESHMEN Addy Cohn George Fernbacher Harold Friedman Larry Goldstein Bob Leiban Paul Maier Larry Matall Richard Napp Edgar Phillips, Jr. Steve Sosnick Lawrence Thorne UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohn Harold Linder Charles Fletcher Max Radin AMID the atmosphere of warm hospitality, excel- lent food, and scholar- ship, the Zeta Beta Tau ' s spent their leisure hours giving such social events as the Pledge Dance, the Stanford Semifor- mal and the Spring For- mal. They upheld the traditions of a perpetual trophy for the best ath- lete, most outstanding scholar, and individual contributing the most to the house, a permanent president ' s gavel, and a tubbing for the en- gagees. One of their outstanding members was that " dog about campus " charac- terized in the Daily Cal; Dover, who, scuttlebutt has it. is now well on his way to a Ph.D. Among noted ZBT ' s were: Norman Trenton and Warren Saltzman. 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 FORTY CHAPTERS 403 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Chaffee Hall " WE were here first! " could well be the motto of the Zeta Psi ' s. They have the distinc- tion of being the oldest fra- ternity west of the Mississippi, the first on the Pacific Coast, and first living group at the University of California. Here they set up the first tepee in 1870, and they now look back with pride on their many accomplishments and traditions. For a long time the Zetes have been considered aloof as they don ' t participate in exchange dinners, picnics, and sings with the girls ' living groups on campus but they ' re really not anti-social or woman haters!! Their an- nual " Post Mortem " dance, given after finals, is. definite proof of that! Ted Rademak- er and Billy Montagne were outstanding in sports among the Zetes this past year. Be- sides sun-bathing, last minute dating, and raising the frater- nity scholastic rating, the Zetes are best known for keep- ing out of newspapers!!! Zeta Psi 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Burton Anderson Frank Helm William Hibbitt James Lucas Peter Mattel Jay Meyer Austin Morris Robert O ' Brien William Sharcn Lawrence Somers Ronald Vincent JUNIORS George Badger George Ball George Benson George Hartman Charles Hatten John Healy John Hoogs William Johnson Robert Losey Donald Morris Clay Petray Jacque Pry Thayer Raggio Jack Supple SOPHOMORES James Keresey William Montagne James Price Ted Rademaker Ted Theiss SCPHOK FREHX . - ' : Edwin Witter FRESHMEN Alan Gallenatti William Graham Jack Meyer William Ridgway John Rosson James Schafer Phelps Witter Robert Witter Thomas Witter 404 Kappa Nu SENIORS Arnold Innerfield Ralph Neuhaus JUNIORS Armond Block Lawrence Puree 1 1 Mel Wilner SOPHOMORES Marvin Bell Bernard Feldman Irv Shemano Sam Sinelnikoff Alan Stoff FRESHMEN Leonard Begun Yale Lyman Milton Pilhashy Edgar Steinau THE Kappa Nu ' s took pride in their ability to play bridge, poker, and gin. They had a pledge Semiformal at Forest Hill Country Club and kept up such old traditions as burning the president ' s shoelaces. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 TWENTY TWO CHAPTERS Fraternity Scholarship Society HONORARY MEMBERS Chaffee Hall. Jr. Brutus Hamilton Hurford E. Stone Lynn O. Waldorf 1KMBERS William Boykin .Sigma Phi Russell Bruzzone Alpha Delta Phi Kent Bullock Pi Kappa Phi Richard Burns. Delta Tau Delta Jerry Coonley Bachelordon Malcomb Currie. .. . Lambda Chi Alpha Robert Dal Porto Alpha Delta Phi William Fay -.Delta Kappa Epsilon Howard Fletcher _ Chi Phi Samuel French Delta Kappa Epsilon David Kirliy Sigma . u Leroy Maffly Sigma Phi James Maggetti ._ Chi Psi Stanley Morketter JCappa Sigma Edward Phillips.... Phi Sigma Kappa William Sharon .Zefa Psi David Shwader Phi Kappa Psi Charles Turnbull Tau Kappa Epsilon Jack Wickware Theta Delta Chi Jenny Yee Pi Alphi Phi 405 HECTIC dashes to Wheeler steps, " chatsies " about the world situation, dates to hear favorite orchestras, late afternoon sessions of shop talk in Stephens or Eshleman, teas and fashion shows for alumnae and mothers, cramming, rushing, phoning, and the classic call to " Pledge " ... all these and countless other activities fill the schedule of sorority girls. 408 Jerry Heifer .:..:? Yr 2- Pat Htrtert Panhellenic OFFICERS President Jerry Heifer Rushing Chnirman _ Joyce Merman Secretary-Treasurer Pat Hertert MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Phyllis Livingston, Margaret Plosser Alpha Delta Pi _ Julia Murray, Kaye Lynch Alpha Epsilon Phi _ Roslyn Schwartz, Galya Chernow Alpha Gamma Delia June Hill. Ethelmae McAnley Alpha Omicron Pi Dorothea Bartlett, Marjorie Reed Alpha Phi Julia Wood, Nancy Carithers Alpha Xi Delta Mattie Jean Could, Carolyn Shnte? Chi Omega Elizabeth Schneider. Carol Pratt Delta Delta Delta Norraa Jean HowelL, Virginia Lee Delta Gamma _ Peggy Onstead. Shirley Brown Delta Phi Epsilon. _ Elaine Lander Delta Zeta Eleanor Morse, Margaret Dickinson Gamma Phi Beta _ Suzanne Keyes, Carolyn Tilton Kappa Alpha Theta Barbara Gray, Jackie Collins Kappa Delta _ _ Shirley Dulaney. Marian Pierce Kappa Kappa Gamma Pat Barhard. Nancy Kent Phi Mu _ _ _ Bettie Ln Dunbar. Patricia Hertert Pi Beta Phi Georgene Calder, Joan Stammer Sigma Kappa _ Gerry Goree, Rita Bosio Theta Upsilon Claire Eagan, Marilyn Throckmorton Zeta Tau Alpha Clara Lu Paltenghi, Elizabeth Collins 409 ' Alpha Chi Omega SENIORS Kathleen Blatz Lorraine Cook Janice Crinklaw Diane Denault Elaine Dugan Jean Francis Marion Francis Nancy Garrett Gloria Govan Suzette Keller Jeanne Lewis Phyllis Livingston Carol Mackenzie Jean Mitchell Carolyn Peterson Margaret Plosser Patricia Smith Gloria Stadelman Sally Telford Muriel Witt JUNIORS Barbara Allen Barbara Bates JoAnne Erickson Patricia Gray Claire Hollingworth Kathleen Knight Jayne Ellen McGinnis Nancy Davis May Laurel Mitchell Patricia Perkins Dorothy Pierson Elizabeth Rhoads Jeanne Treyer Eleanor Wells SOPHOMORES Mary Ball Marcia Brenner Joan Fisher Joan Forgy Dorothy Gibson Diane Halsey Valone Knox Doris Olson 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY CHAPTERS 410 Mignonne Van Court Barbara Jeanne Williams FRESHMEN Joan Babcock Shirley Bates Ann Bendixson Barbara Berg Juanita Cox Patricia Dorking Dorothe Finn Virginia Gerke Mary Gregory Charlotte Houston Elizabeth Lassiter Yvonne Martin Anna Belle Milner Carol Nelson Janice Parker Betty Prader Cclleen Roberts Patricia Rogers Charlene Whiteley Jean Williams Cynthia Wood WEARERS of the lyre-shaped pin had a busy year managing to take part in school activities, carry on a full chapter program, and still win first place in scholarship. Pride and joy, Joanne Erickson, reigned as Homecoming queen and help with Pelican. Margaret Stewart shone in musical productions and Phi Beta Kappa. Lorraine Cook was chairman of the Women ' s Rally Committee, while Elizabeth Rhoads, Nancy Garrett, and Cynthia Wood were outstanding in athletics. With " Hera Day " set aside for altruistic work ; a Smoker bringing forth levis, plaid shirts, and checkered table- cloths; the Senior Sneak; and fall and spring formals, the A Chi O ' s barely had time for water fights with the Lambda Chi ' s. a Alpha Delta Pi SENIORS Camilla Burbank Jeffry Burress Sandra Carson Grethe Christensen Beverley Craven Charlotte Gordon Kaye Lynch Mary McLachlen Betty Metzger Julia Murray Marylois Palmer Yvonne Runyon Marcellee Sanders Paula Schiefer Frances Seitz Marilyn Shryer Claire Stewart Nancy Sutton Barbara Tye Betty Vaughan Margaret Walsh Margaret Watson JUNIORS Patricia Curtiss Haldon Fowler Marian Gianella Marion Haviland Christine Hirshler Karen Hoiriis Iris Morton Barbara Hughes Lenita Hughes Carolee Kuser Joan MacPhee Joyce Merman Lois Moulin Joan Murphy Joan Parker Barbara Pemberthy Elizabeth Renard Margaret Smith Margaret Tague Elaine Thorgersen Barbara Turney SOPHOMORES Bernita Anderson Sally Andrews Mary Ann Armanino Nancy Beale 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY CHAPTERS 412 Beverly Bender Barbara Batter Betty Lou Cassou Erma Davis Patty Hanswi Marolyn Hoffman " i " .= = " : f- ; Joan Haggard ' - S Lois. Phyllis Karg Margaret Loriner Marilyn MacGlasnan Charlotte Nathanson JeanNaylor Laura Springsteen Linda Tnntall Marion Vandevere FRESHMEN Mm :. qtaB . 3 : " - ' ' Patricia Greene Eleanor Harris Veryt Dee Harris Nancy Miles Nancy Robinson Dorothy Smith Caroline Willey BEST location on campus was claimed by the A D Pi ' s, who could watch the world go by from their vantage point by Fiji Circle. A sunny roof and fire escape helped them to blossom forth with the season ' s earliest tans. With Kay Lynch on Women ' s Ex Board. Women ' s Judi- cial, and Prytanean; Joyce Merman president of Panhellenic; Joan Mac- Phee. Phyllis Karg. and Mary Renard working on Pelly. the house was well known in activity circles. Lambda Chi ' s picked Lenita Hughes or daffo- dil queen, and entertainment com- mittees thanked their stars for Peggy Tague ' s singing talent. The Fiji ' s testified to their water-bagging skill, and Phi Psi ' s found them good rugby- players. Alpha Delta Chi CHRIST is the center of the Alpha Delta Chi Christian sorority. The house is run on a cooperative basis with the girls doing all of the cooking and managing the house. Unity and strength are found through daily " Family Devo- tions " after dinner. One of the most enjoyable social functions was sharing the Christmas message with some group such as an orphanage. Membership consists of girls who are active in Protestant Evangelical churches. 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Margaret Barnwell Evelyn Belgum Ruth Champion Marilyn Hardy Barbara Haupt Marilyn Heinrich Melvina Jarvis Elaine Marple Ellen Reasoner Joy Service Janet Wallace Alice Young JUNIORS Mary Jane Amerding Mary Bennett Rosemary Lucks inger Jean McMurdie Pat Mills Barbara Ross Cora Lee Schehrer Halleine Sharp Betty Whitaker SOPHOMORES Jean Arthur Eleanor Beatty Mary Jane Braun Betty Breuer Doris Edminston Rosann Hutchison Nancy Jones Margaret Morris Dorothy Myers Dolores Elaine Osborne Avonne Maurine Ravekes Mildred Reasoner Helen Louise Rohrer Carol Romberg Melba Sewell Shirley Swain Joan Von Glahn FRESHMEN Joan Campbell Dale Long Sondra Methmann Delia Rees Carolyn Reid Mary Ann Sueltz tori " ! WIO ' W : ' tolai - SOfHC tain! bil)t Jowl feato to ' top, V; ' ,; 414 Alpha Epsilon Phi SENIORS Janice Broody Elayne Cahodes Iris Cohen Joan Gabriel Laurel Hill Rita Goldberg Lois Josephs Etfythe Levin Dorothy Matzgar Rcslyn Schwartz ' UWIORS Carol Allen Gloria Hen June Levitas Mildred Ma Helen Rubenstein Cecelia Shainsky Harriet Tyre SOPHOMORES Mary Anker Shirley Berman Rosalie Brodslcy Gal a Chernow Marilyn Citron Shirley Fields Kragen Marilyn Mirsky Vera Mortimer JoanRoeder Marjorte Saul Virginia Selton Priscilla Small FRESHMEN Helene Gainer Joan Koppich beta .-:;.- Arlee Strellis Joyce Goldberg Janice Stern Marilyn Waxman " HOW good can it get? " asked the Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s who seem to have become pretty good themselves in winning the Scholarship Cup and holding an outstanding formal at the Fairmont. Forensics was well represent- ed: June Levitas, ACC sub- chairman, was Debate Man- ager; and Jessie Berman, president of IZFA. managed Junior arsity Debate. Har- riet Tyre worked on Ad Service Bureau, while Cecilia Shainsky was active on Junior Council. The house celebrat- ed a twenty-fifth anniversary with a tea and dance. .- 2:-2 CHANMNG WAY KK SUED AT BARNARD COLLEGE. 1909 TAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY -THREE CHAPTERS 415 i Alpha Gamma Delta SENIORS Barbara Atchison Betty Lou Bennett Gloria Brondersleu Elinor Brooks Edith Connolly Ellen Dee Shirley De Mamiel Helen Ernst IVIyrna Gregory June Hill Jane Lewis Margaret Lindsay Ethelmae McAuley Merilyn McKenzie Jean McNab Mardis McQuesten Frances O ' Connell Katherine Perata Carla Richter Marilyn Riggs Patricia Rocke Cherie Thompson Ruthella Uncapher Patricia Wallace Barbara Young Mildred Young JUNIORS June Antipa Jeanette Barbat Rita Buscaglia Barbara Christensen Jean Coughlin Phyllis Fraser Virginia Gibson Phyllis Harshaw Marcia Inglis Joan Larkins Carolyn Lenz Irene Mlejnick Ruth Morettini Jean Perata Roberta Robb Yolanda Sautoni Doris Sopp Margaret Sullivan Jean Uridge SOPHOMORES Diane Benoit Mary Lou Costa Shirley Foster Lois Jukich 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS 416 Mary Lou O ' Kane Lois Richter Frances Stanley Barbara Sutherland Nance Wale Sal I it leu Ward Joan Winckel FRESHMEN Barbara Blundell Marjorie Brandt JcanCaughell Lois Crawford Phyllis Farwell Jean Hoffman Ann Houstoun Lucretia Oltenburg Carolyn Smith Kathleen Waddell " FIGNEWTON, " one of the sturdy golden tribe (Teddy division) was the treasured possession of A G D presidents. Seniors were honored at the traditional May Morning Break- fast, where the whole house rose to the occasion for the annual Rose Banquet. The most active pledge proudly wore a diamond centered pin. and newly-pinned girls poured water from a he-ribboned pitcher. Shirley Foster and Joan Winckel graced Pelly fashion shows, while Ruth Morettini worked hard on Ju- nior council. Fellow combatants in the Channing Way Water Battle found them good neighbors and worthy opponents. Nice touch about the house was the doorbell which serenaded. Alpha Omicron Pi SENIORS Dorothea Bartlett Margaret Baumberger Jean Baxter Laura Bepler Mary Brownlee Nickie Chase Helen Combes Mary Fulton Barbara Grant Jane Gray Sylvia Harlow Nancy Ingraham Barbara Lance Doris Murphy Ruth Ransom Charlene Read Nancy Robinson Sally Schenck Charlotte Shuck Marjorie Street JUNIORS Christine Bothwell Jane Cairns Joanne Cairns Lois Doyle Ruth Elkington Doriel Goltz Patricia Grant Barbara Hislop Card Howard Emelyn Knowland Jean Lonn Mary Lou Rcsenthal Margaret Rupe Barbara Rushmer Ann Schwenk Ivagene Shuck Jeanne Stanberry Anne Stoll Barbara Strong Ruth Tisher SOPHOMORES Connie Baird Meredith Baker Nancy Black Betty Lou Boyd Sue Cameron Patricia Ellis Virginia Garrard Shirley Humphrey Joan Kinney 418 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Francis Kilt Lwist Kramer Dorothy Mfl Merily Moon- Betty Maspero V3-.S- e =; = : UisRhers .v.- S-.2 A : =- = A :.;-:. Mary WrttscbM FRESHMEN .: =-- ;=. " -? JoameEddy . : - = -;::- Bty LeiBder CarotynLno Patricia Price ALTHOUGH they had the highest hill to climb for lunch, the Alpha O ' s appreciated their bird ' s-eye view of the football crowds from a precar- ious third floor ledge. With sun- bathers on the veranda and Charles- ton records as a background for study, they managed to raise their scholar- ship position from last place to fourth, vying with the Gamma Phi ' s. A pledge dance, father-daughter din- ner, faculty dinner, and formal at Hearst Ranch filled the term. Char- lene Read moved part of the Blue and Gold office up to the house to make use of any spare woman power, while Ann Schwenk and Chris Both- well were tapped for Mortar Board. Alpha Phi SENIORS Sally Bertram Sally Burgess Fauno Cordes Phyllis Geisenhoff Frances Grimes Sally Hatfield Mollie Howell Gertrude Jones Phyllis MacGavin Patricia Manners Norma McDonald Jean Mills Mary Kay Mills Ann Orchison Constance Pfund Ruth Porter Lois Robinson Elizabeth Rossback Joan Simpson Emmy Lou Spalding Nancy Stevens Mary Swanberg Mary Lee Tilden Nancy Turner Georgene Williams Julia Wood JUNIORS Midge Bodine Nancy Carithers Carloyn Driscoll Nancy Heckenbeamer Carolyn Johnson Jeannette Jones Geraldine Kennedy Janet Lindsay Betty Ann Mackay Julia McCook Margery Miller Nancy Rieger Jean Sanderson Ruth Wood SOPHOMORES Joan Anthony Margaret Ashton Jane Biedenbach Beatrice Borroughs Jean Cantelow Jean Cobb Nancy Gawne Marjorie Goodwin Julie Hagar 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 420 Martha MeHw Orl, Note Marianne Patten q $:. 7 FRESHMEN Barbara Bachelder Elsie BCOMM MayflwMrDay Marilyn Farran V3- --:-;: JOM Weeks BartaraWel Nancy WHIs THREATENED with being pushed out of their house by two goldfish. " Cleo " and George, who " just kept multiplying, " the Alpha Phi ' s had a full year of pledge sneaks, senior sneaks, senior breakfasts, house for- nials. faculty dinners, and Founder ' s Day. Eagerly anticipated was foot- ball season which brought hordes of people pouring out of the stadium and down to Alpha Phi open houses. The house was well represented at the YWCA and at Prytanean by Julie and Ruth Wood, and by Connie Pfund. Nancy Rieger boosted inter- campus friendship as a Gal Club member; Norma McDonald made ski trails on the mountainside. In the beauty department, refer to the BLUE AND GOLD glamour section and Phyl Geisenhoff. Alpha Xi Delta SENIORS Dorothy Anderson Jeanne Anderson Kay Comstock Mary Cragun Dorothy Darling Janet Dietrich Betty Falconer Catherine Flaherty Mattie Jean Gould June Herrod Margery Hillyard Jean Hyde Jean Meers Betty Jean Robinson Betty Jane Rose Jane Russell Wilma Schultz Jane Seifass Dorothy Strother Ruth Ann Tolf JUNIORS Joan Boulware Harriette Burns Katherine Burr Marion Dietrich Lois Elkner Norma Fallman Lida Granucci Barbara Green Helen Hale Lee Hays Dorothea IsenbVg Betty Kendall Hildur Mattson Shirley McKinney Jeannette McWhorter Carolyn Shutes Sue Thompson Mary Pat Thornton Florence Viano Lois Wetter Henryetta Wilson SOPHOMORES Helen Barry Eleanor Bird Mary Lou Brooks Suzanne Erickson Jacqueline Ezell Gwen Hanson Patty Lou Hynes Jeanne Kileen Evelyn Kirkpatrick Marie Kohlhaas Sara Layport Joselyn Le Mieux Marion Macdonald Janice Muenter Carol Pennock 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 422 Joan Sam pie Elaine Scarci Helen Sigltr B f ley Spears FRESHMEN Marie Agiular Gloria Bird Shirley Brickell Barbara Callan Jeanne Casey Ann Fibusti Geraldine Jansen Patricia Oliphant Priscilla Reid Sylvia Rcplogle Joanne Schneider Norma Stromberg Nancy Travis Maryn Wilson THE Alpha Xi ' s started the fall sea- son out right with a huge tea, rushing on to a Christmas Supper Formal, slowing down just long enough to pass finals; then continuing with a barn dance that gave the house that " new look. " and climaxing the spring semester with a Faculty dinner. With this, still finding time to be " activity majors " were Jane Russell, Sub- chairman of Orientations Council; Mary Cragun, who chairmanned eager card salesmen; Janet Overmire heading Ad Service Bureau; and Helen Hale, Junior class secretary and Personnel Director of Pelly. The lowerclassmen also struggled ahead with Evie Kirkpatrick on Rally Com- mittee and Mary Lou Brooks a Panile Member. Not to be outdone on the scholastic side, Alpha Xi ' s were represented on various honor so- cieties. In spite of all the candy passed, the girls saved their figures by dashing up the hill every day. Casa Hispana " BUENAS dias, Casa Hispana " was the telephone greeting at this home of such outstanding campus personal- ities as Marion Perry, Sylvia Colo- rado, Margaret Jesseph, Marguerite Dilley, and on and on. Even though engrossed with intramural activities and extending their friendly atmos- phere, the muchachas had fun pre- senting their special event, the Fiesta and Cascaones Ball,andmakingready to open their house for the summer to foreign students and teachers . . . " como se dice . . . Que papa en casa, muchacha? " GRADUATES Jeanne Arsanis Lucy Cuevas Marguerite Dilley SENIORS Marie Agundez Elisa M. Barrera Geil Bartels Zordida Baquero Cecelia Becker Carroll Clark Sylvia Colorado Hermina de la Torre Marilyn Graser Margaret Jesseph Rita Kruse Doris McCann Frankie Jo Miller Marion Perry Arlene Randolph Lois Sharp Constance Thompson JUNIORS Mary De Boer Frossene Glafkides Ruth Johnson Beltina Martinez Marion Merrill Eleanor Montero Jane Rogers Renee Trefeil SOPHOMORES Carol Virginia Breyer Mary Mallory Margaret Corona 2535 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER 424 1 Theta Upsilon SENIORS ' . ! - ?;:-- Jean I let ftf GtaraHcftaa Elicurr Jess .y-i V - : Barbara Wire LOTH Wise JUNIORS Colleen Clart i ... _ . r = _ . . : - ' . . m tarn - ::- -.-----. ?:== ?: ---:: ElizabeU Stm9 Mary Teadnortk Va- .- ---:o-:-- SOPHOMORES Sfcirley Bail . Ethel Blair NikiCaUis p ;-- : E !- .-. -;- Alice Freaai to] r - ba . : : Mti = MM FRESHMDI La Verne Mason Gloria : n .--- : ' Vf : H S::. Nancy! A,-,; = ,. " QUIET hours! " (didn ' t do much good) and " Pledge! " ( ditto ) were favorite cries at the Theta U house. Like Mary ' s little Iamb, their mas- cot " Chunky Poo " followed them to school insisting on a college education while dwell- ing under the ping pong table in her spare time. Jerry Hei- fer wielded the gavel at Pan- hellenic meetings, was in Prytanean and Phi Beta Kap- pa; Althalee Pickford was Women ' s Director of the En- gineer. Everyone eagerly an- ticipated the annual Gypsy dance and the pledge reunion at the Alley. . - H.A TE -TREET FOtNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 NINETEEN CHAPTERS 425 Chi Omega SENIORS Joyce Allen Barbara Corfee Jeanne Denham Corrine Golden Karyl Hansen Dorothy Head Helen Marshall Pat Meier Virginia Potter Elizabeth Schneider Nancy Schulz Addie Wilder Barbara Williams Corrine Witt JJNIORS Sandra Brown Jean Erb Janet Golden Janice Lamborn Beverly Lane Lorraine Mainwaring Peggy McHugh Anne Meek Dorothy Miller Pat Okell Carol Pratt Jean Reiger Gloria Terrill Nancy Vinson Adele Weidenkoph Judith Wright SOPHOMORES Lois Crocker Elizabeth Davison Katherine Dimmick Pat Donough Jean Ferrini Joyce Howe 1 1 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS 426 Alii! .: :- i : = 5- -3 . ' , ' ' =:: r I.--; . rDHbris Pat Dietricfc JwEridooi Few Famswrth S- - ::-f --- . -; Ha NO barber shop can boast of a better quartet than the Chi O ' s. and no pret- tier octet has won the musical com- petition at the Spring Sports Rally. From fall, when Chi O ' s rummaged for football show costumes, to spring, when they kissed dew on May Day, the house on Piedmont had a busy program. Nancy Vinson and Nancy Schulz each headed Secretariat for one semester; Kay Dimmick looked " good " on the tennis court; Joyce Howell. Pat Kietrich. and Jean Erb were noted for beauty. Nationally the house claimed honor for having the Achievement Award, presented each year to an outstanding woman in one of several fields. Campus social events included a spring formal, an alumnae fashion show, and a tea for a Na- tional Alumnae officer. Delta Delta Delta GRADUATE Elizabeth Haviside SENIORS Margaret Aicher Joan Arnold Marion Bechter Betty Bohart Jeanne Cannon Gayle Ccrgiat Marilyn Detert Jean Hepfer Morma Jean Howell Jean Mape Louise Mixter Barbara Parker Janice Powell Ann Powers Jean Pringle Janet Ralphs Eleanor Sale Barbara Solinsky Jacqueline Stalder Betty Jane Vestal Jean White JUNIORS Joanne Cardiff Mary Sue Coffin Gene Croudace Margaret Gerrity Jane Gray Nancy Hudson Jane Keeler Suzanne Krebs Sue McKinney Nancy Pickford Rosemary Pratt Sara Sheldon Jo Ellen Spindt SOPHOMORES Ethel Allison Joan Beal Beatrice Barker Helen Bont Louise Brooks Pamela Brown Billie Burns Phyllis Carreiro Sarah Ferri Margaret Finnel Betty Lambert Virginia Lee Beulah Lobdell Betsy Ross 428 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY CHAPTERS _?: ; fattM an Tracy .: :, ' : - MD 55-. EH CarlaCaw Catherine Clifford Marilyi Ceofe? . -: - . ' .:-- JeanFem = - . .. _ = : ,.. Theme Hassler = r ' . : ; r ' r ' -: ' Patricia Hc ier Merrill Hill SonyalCnaer M _:-=: .: - -- THE friendly Teddy Bear who re- sided in the Tri-Delta phone booth might well be amazed by the many activities of this lively and lovely house-full. Jean White, efficient o- men ' s Representative, kept the front door in motion as she dashed to and from meetings; Jean Hepfer, BLIE AND GOLD Editor. w y as a terrific im- promptu speaker; Jane Keeler be- came a junior Phi Beta; Sally Shel- don was Charleston expert; Joan Pringle and Sal Ferri awed audiences with champion swimming strokes: Lou White claimed fame with recent election to Junior class secretary and Panile activities. Semester successes included the Father ' s Dinner, the Spring formal at the Orinda Country- Club, a tea for Mrs. Waldorf, and the senior sneak to Carmel. Tri-Delts were w 7 ell represented in all phases of campus life. Delta Gamma SENIORS Grace Mary Campbell Vivian Dable Florence De Bonis Margaret Deterding Marilyn Dodson Helen Geary Betty Good Virginia Grether Marilyn Griffin Irma Hollins Kathleen Kaehler Nancy O ' Neil Peggy Onstead Patsy R. Stephenson Mary Warner JUNIORS Patricia Abbott Jane Anderson Dorrit Ball Jean Bennet Barbara Burnett Ann Cunningham Norma Elkington Margaret Gleason Jean Haldeman Jeanne Kelly Elna Marie Kistler Ann Mason Arvilla McGuire Janie Morris Barbara Magnuson Sue Raisin Adrienne Roberts Mary Sherwin Ann Veazie Ruth Wells Barbara Woods Doris Ann Witter SOPHOMORES Lois Blakeley Shirley Brown Helaine Crittenden Darlene Daily Marylou Ellwood Joan Evers Eleanor Gaines Carol Haley Marilyn Hilliard Shirley Kamp Kathy Lyman 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXT Y-SEVEN CHAPTERS 430 Nancy Scarfe Mary Louise Stephenson Barbara Wan FRESHMEN Betty Jam Allen Mary Blair Beverly Brack Marita Browne Harriet Burns Diane Davidson Barbara Oeasy 5-? :- -2 tmm Roberta Hale Deborah Hall Betsy Hampton Nancy Hardgrave AMHdlins Moraa Larterwasser Kay Lloyd Mary McEneany Sally Meyers Jean Morse Marilyn Reid Caroline Wulff " OH where, oh where, has our an- chor gone? " was the cry of the DG ' s in the absence of their emblem, a Fiji gift. Noted for such queens as Bar- bara Burnett and Lois Blakely. and for their friendliness, the DG ' s had a full social calendar and still man- aged to be represented in honor so- cieties by Patsy Ruth Stephenson and Florence DeBonis. Margie Glea- son headed the Junior class, while Arvilla McGuire was champion on the tennis court. The year was high- lighted by the house formal, the Father ' s Dinner, the Spring Informal and many other gala events. Delta Zeta SENIORS Patricia Adams Patricia Bacon Jean Baird Jacqueline Bowman Alyce Butterfield Marie Condon Doris Conn Mary Jean Cunningham Alberta Dale Roberta Dutro Decora Dwiggins Jean El ledge Joanne Fisher Gail White Gee Helen Goodwin Yvonne Holt Helen Lange Jeanne McAtee Charlotte McCord Eleanor Morse Catherine Reid Prudence Rogers Nancy Ruttencutter Helen Spekker Barbara Trogdcn JUNIORS Greta Anderson Ann Beaman Wilma Bryan Constance Campbell Mary Margaret Douglas Bette Doumitt Carlyn Froerer Claire Goodspeed Jacqueline Gregory Shirley Keefer Hicks Mary Hillin Kathleen King Mercedes McKey Nelda Pramme Frances Schmitt Elizabeth Slater Mary Louise Slater Margery Starr Marian Taylor Marilyn Victor June Wightman Jean Williamson Margaret Wright SOPHOMORES Marjorie Batty Mary Lee Bulman Janice Cline Marilyn Cormack Martha Coupin Lois Lynn Croonquist Nanette Delavan !: ' il Els tons, SHIjU trtn ton :-: It Cni ttaS. Finn Hal fJESB iKiIki toil), to, I. bfe iii :.-- - httl, hooi dm 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS 432 Fax Denne Margaret Dickinson Carolyn Fortriede Marram Gilliqan Jeanine Gre 9 ElizabeU rtamohrey JuneHyland Nornia Jamiev .:- ..:: Jane Kennedy Sail; La Forge Barbara McFadden Margaret Malsor Eleanor Am Reid Dm SdM : r - s- : Florence Wheeler Dawn Wkinple FRESHMEN Lucille Blancharte Marilyn Bryan Mary LOB Cahtoell -:. Crtnd brtn = etcta Elizaoetli Hall Zoe Hentfenon Nancy UMta Sniriey McAree Rvtli Murray Patricia Nelson Garetta Stryter Ewlyn Welder HONORED guests passing through the receiving line on Charter Day were greeted by smiling Delta Zetas who served as hostesses for the occa- sion. Telephone calls during " Cour- tesy Week " preceding initiation were answered ... " I am a lowly Delta Zeta pledge. " . . . Although Dee Dee Dwig- gins. the Chesterfield repesentative, was always converting girls to chain smoking, clean living pulled them through to win the WAA trophy for bowling and basketball. Cathy Reid and Ann Beaman spent night and day at the Daily Cal office in Eshleman. while June Wightman hit the deck to sail every afternoon with the Yacht club. The girls were known for their characteristic expression. " Let ' s face it! " and for their friendship with the PiKA ' s. Delta Phi Epsilon NEWEST member of Panhellenic was Delta Phi pledge chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon. Starting out their cam- pus career with a ba ' ng, the Song Title dance was a musical success with winning costumes, " Prisoner of Love. " Beginning an annual tradi- tion, the spring formal was held at the St. Francis. Suzanne Lerer pre- sided, while Pauline Carlin planned the social calendar. Sandy Fleschler won a junior appointment on Daily Cal and was elected to Panile; also on the Monarch was Shirley Young in a sophomore position. The girls kept on the lookout for a solution to the housing shortage. GRADUATE Edith Katznelson SENIOR Pauline Carlin JUNIORS Rhoda Greendorfer Suzanne Lerer Doris Livingston SOPHOMORES Dorrett Burstein Sondra Fleschler Jean Kahn Barbara Rothman Ruth Springer Sheila Beck FRESHMEN Elaine Lander Rachel Ringler RitaSelk Norita Sobel FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1917 DELTA ZETA PLEDGE CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY CHAPTERS Kappa Kappa Gamma SENIORS Myra Barnard Kathleen Blumberg Cornelia Bristow Ann Cuzner Nevill Dunn Mary Henning Sally Hclt Emilie Hubbard Georgia Korbel Carol Lawton Joan Richmond Betty Frances Rogers Janet Watson JUNIORS Dorothy Beck Suzanne Carscn Jcsephine Crane Midge Hiscox Madeline Holcomb Eleanor Jessen Nancy Kehoe Martha Kent Nancy Morris Nancie Paterson Marion Peterson Phyllis Princelau Leslie Whitney SOPHOMORES Diane Beeston Winifred Breuner Barbara Finn Jane Hendrickson Janet Hughes Pilar Jensen Margaret Linforth Marilyn Mason Marjorie Peet Vange Smitter Elizabeth Tail Sally Walker Noel Witter FRESHMEN Brenda Brady Marijane Branson Barbara Granger Francesca Jensen Nancy Kent Virginia Linforth Sally Marsh Mardy Pletcher Ann Prentiss Janet Rouse Jean Shuman Fritzie Trulner Nancy Tryon Jane Wilcox " WAIT until you see our new house " urged the Kappas who are now sure it will be next year for the housewarming. Noted for winning their water fights, the house had a bigger and better one after the father ' s banquet. Outstanding in the spring was the Kappa Fashion Show Dinner Dance. NSA secretary, Sally Holt, planned for her trip to Europe; Dot- tie Beck co-chairmanned election board and junior editored BLUE AND GOLD; Sally Walker ap- peared in Pelly fashion shows. The Kappas swung into politics with Madeline Holcomb be- coming ASUC vice-pres- ident. 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOLTH COLLEGE. 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 435 SENIORS Alice Boriiir Nancy Mae Brown May Buwalda Mary Eggers Elena Endersby Nancy Garrecht Marcia Gray Suzanne Keyes Marilyn Mackintosh Suzanne Mangin Alice Martinelli Mary Jo Muldoon J-anne Pearce Pamela Reeve Ti Shippey Ann Smyth Carolyn Tilton Helen Upton JUNIORS Molly Bell Nancy Dawson Averil Foster Jeanne Gaudin Helen Hansen Kathleen Hosford Nancy Hinman Jane Johnstone Lois Kirby Barbara Mapes Mary Minor Suzanne Perry Kathryn Anne Shaw Edith Slater Katherine Smith Patricia Tynan SOPHOMORES Elsa Behr Beverly Carne Cara Lee Haines Phyllis Heald Carline Luce Eda Mackenzie Susan Munson Mary Jo Rend Marguerite Ruesinger Claire Spreckels Sally Suhr Eleanor Sydenham Janet Taylor Donna Townsend Martha Whitehead Gamma Phi Beta 2723 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS 436 COBUMX Btssell ;.-:. = :: f. Aileen Campbell Virginia Lfwis Ours Vicki Clark 5 . - - ; Fi Mary Alice Lo Janice Parkinson E nfaU ' ma :-: .- =:: Mi = ? MM Joanne Ali tag . : - B ' " KEEP off the roof! " was the rule at the Gamma Phi house as avid sun- bathers swarmed over porches and balconies. More opportunity to tan came with the annual beach party, and the work day when actives and pledges joined to make the house and garden glisten. A tribute to the beauty of the house was its constant use by campus organizations. Prettiest cere- mony came when girls lined their circular stairway to serenade a newly- engaged sister. Marcia Gray hunted for items for " Grey Matter ' " and clicked some fancy knitting needles: snow bunnies looked wistfully at Donna Townsend ' s tracks. The fresh- man class depended on their effi- cient Gamma Phi secretary, Carolyn Robinson. The girls worked hard to win the intramural cup in the fall and in sponsoring summer camps for crippled children. Kappa Alpha Theta SENIORS Joan Bowker Shirley Brown Mary Lou Evans Margaret Fay Margaret Foster Jacqueline Glosser Barbara Gray Lucia Johnson Patricia Linforth Catherine Loomis Nancy Majors Anne Parrish Margaret Payne Frances Pepper Marian Polhemus Barbara Selfridge Anita Shiftier JUNIORS Nancy Arnot Beverly Barrie Beatrice Challiss Ann Curtis Barbara Hansen Carolyn Huston Georgeann Johnson Barbara Lowe Barbara Lynch Natalie Nowell Janet Power Mary Reynolds Patricia Ryan Jean Stokes Diane Simpson Janice Whipple SOPHOMORES Jean Christ Jacqueline Collins Jean Garthwaite Joan Heiner Carla Henny Nancy Hoffman 438 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Louise Mclntrre Junk Sally! JHiiir Vieil le Elizabeth Ward FRESHMEN Ml ? Barbara Carpenter Suzanne E :.= : : . tMcMjre Roberta Mclittyre Jacqwline Jacobs Elizabeth Parrisrt -i. ; PM Barbara Rogers S; . 9a :: Vary Vanderleck Barbara Wakefield EVEN rabid enemies of the ' ' New Look 7 ' had to admit that on the Thetas it looked good. When they weren ' t having water fights with the Sigma Nu ' s or taking part in intra- mural- down at Hearst Gym, the girls kept busy planning a faculty and a fathers ' dinner, a " best ever " formal at the San Francisco Golf Club, and their Halloween party with the Sigma Nu ' s. Margaret Fay added a conti- nental touch to the house after her year at the University of Geneva; Beatsie Challis took part in NSA and WSSF as well as Pryt; Ann Curtis, swimming champion, will take part in the Olympics this summer. In the glamour division. Bev Barrie reigned as Homecoming Queen ' 46, Barbara Rogers was chosen Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. and Paula Prom was the PiKA ' s Dream Girl. Kappa Delta SENIORS Barbara Brown Dilys Brundige Lois Collins Irene Coupe Miriam Diamant Peggy Doherty Shirley Dulaney Elizabeth Farnham Jacqueline Garven Joyce Herrick Joanne Hicken Carclyn Hodgson Dorothy King Gloria Kneiss Patricia Knight Marie Nutt Marilyn Peters Eleanor Sanderson Betty Ann Stewart Mary Lou Thede Norma Wagner Norma Zenk JUNIORS Jean Armstrong Patricia Baker Joan Eastman Elvira Granfield Donna Hausknecht Mary Anne Lowe Dale Millar Mary O ' Boyle Charlotte Pokorney Francis Anne Rhodes Jean Struckmeyer Betty Mae Van Lew SOPHOMORES Jacqueline Blanc Barbara Boysen Dorothy Burke Mildred Dyer Diane Gardiner Joy Jacopetti Mary Jean Kern Lynette Laundy Elayne Mautino Barbara Merriott Martha Peterson Marion Pierce Joan Powers Elizabeth Rapp Emma Sanford 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 440 Joan Smith Geraldine Stodick Kathryn Thatcher Barbara Valla Erlda Webber Irene Wells FRESHMEN Joan Armstrong Lua Andrews Sue Caldwell Waletta Hicks Marie Jorgensen Louise Locke Patricia McCoy Mary Jean McDougell Shirley Rapp Jean Roesling Beverley Sullivan " WE need a fourth " was a familiar cry at the KD house, home of the an- nual Cotton Ball. Nugget of ' 48, Mary Lou Thede, was associate editor of BLUE AND GOLD and an honor stu- dent; Mary Ann Lowe represented the house in the drama Mask and Dagger and Thalian. Marty Peterson and Marion Pierce worked on BLUE AND GOLD, while Betty Ann Stewart shone as a Homecoming Princess. Mortar Board visited the house in May to tap Dale Millar. House tra- ditions carried on during the year in- cluded the White Rose Ceremony, a Big-Little Sister Tea, and a Father- Daughter Banquet. KD ' s had their share of candy, pinnings, serenades, and water fights. Phi Mu SENIORS Helen Applegate Patricia Brennan Marguerita Cusicanqui Bettie Lu Dunbar Janice Eisert Patricia Freese Paulette Griffith Mary Lawrence Virginia Perkins Mary Powell Barbara Reeve Betty Roche Jane Smith JUNIORS Dolores Abrams Sara Barnes Barbara Ann Franks Marilyn Gray Patricia Grossman Patricia Hertert Corrine Miller Lois Ruegg Muriel Joye Strong Roberta Ann Weeks SOPHOMORES Virginia Berg Teddy Brancato Carmen Cusicanqui Hannah Enzenauer Francis Gercich Joan Giddings Jeanne Gilchrist Margaret Gleason Beverly Gustafson Mary Grace Hansell Christine Haymond Barbara Lawrence Patricia Lux Lorraine Mouser Gloria Molinari Joetta Morrison 2722 DURAJMT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS 442 Elizabeth McUchlen Phoebe Nichols Harriet Nilson Janice Nordlund Carmel Penther Pauline Schlicher Jacqueline Webb Mary White FRESHMEN Carol Curry Kathryne Dewey Beatrice Dodge Lorraine Franko Shirley George Barbara Hopper Elizabeth Knight Jean Miller Marcelynn Nicolaus Shirley Olson June Stephens Caryl Veon Earla Wallace WATCH for the big ring on the door, and expect an engagement that night at the Phi Mu house. Awarding a scholarship ring for the greatest im- provement and lockets to over-2- pointers, the house won scholarship cups five semesters in a row. Out- standing in campus musical produc- tions, Mary Powell and Jean Sher- wood managed Treble Clef, while the Phi Mu Quartet, Margie Gleason, Teddy Brancato, Phoebe Nichols, and Pat Lux, starred in the Junior Farce and Teddy became an Indian for a Wild West Sing. Beloved mas- cot was " Pappy, " a dog christened after having his picture taken with the well-known gentleman of the same name. Pi Beta Phi IpATER bags to the right of them (Chi Psi ' s), water bags to the left of them (Fiji ' s and Phi Kap ' s) and still the Pi Phi ' s managed to have lots of fun and sneak in some volleyball practice on the Fiji and Phi Kap court. Ruler of the house was a " repulsive " and interesting cat, " Mig- non, " who wandered in- to the penthouse from some alley and took over. Polly Mansfield kept busy winning honors in activities and scholar- ship; Susie Thomas worked as associate man- ager of BLUE AND GOLD and succeeded Polly as Senior class vice-prexy; Jeanie Mahan was asso- ciate editor of the BLUE AND GOLD,- andthewhole house won the original- ity prize for Homecom- ing Float. SENIORS Margaret Adams Georgene Calder Ann Fitzsimons Shirley Gibson Harriet Hess Barbara Kendrick Drusilla Lane Jeanie Mahan Nancy Majors Polly Mansfield Geraldine Mathews Roberta Peeke Sally Shaw Nancy Shenon Jane Sine Barbara Sprott Joan Stammer Martha Walrond Carroll Winstead JUNIORS Beverly Beckman Marcia Browning Carolyn Clock Delight Downs Jane Harding Jean Hawley Jean Lohman Marilyn Luff Marilyn Miller Catherine Pitt Patricia Spry Susan Thomas Elaine Zwerlein SOPHOMORES Beverly Birbeck Anne Edwards Janice Hecker Martha Helm Lorraine Jackson Joyce Jaeger Peggy Lou Lacy Jane Lamborn Lucille Paxton Eleanor Penfield Louise Ricketts Sally Saxby Elizabeth Ann Trefts Carol White FRESHMEN Catherine Campbell Constance Carrau Joan Crawford Caroline Edmonds Patricia Green Jane Gwerder Carolyn Huber Janet Kimble Pat Klein Mary Stevenson 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY CHAPTERS 444 Sigma Omicron GRADUATE Laura Let SENIORS Eleanor Chin HengCfca. Anita CkiM Anna Mae Feng Margaret Gee Mary Lowe Anna jcmt Cecilia Wu JUNIORS Betty On Elsie Gee DorolhyLee Eliza beth Lee Helen Lee CynUiiaP. Lee Lara Lee LOT AmaOng Elizabeth Seetoo Irene Yee SOPHOMORES -.r .- :-. Janet Dong BariahFco Florence Foo Lillian Jeong LilDeLow Doris Ton Lillian Wing FRESHMEN !;.?::; - : " : r : : ' ' ; i " ; Frances Low Virjiiiia Lee MaryOng " WHERE shall we meet next? " the Sigma O ' s were constantly asking each other. Although they found that " it ' s harder without a house. ' the girls enjoyed a very success- ful year with such events as the Annual Winter Ball, a Leap Year Dance, and a " Last Fling " house part}-. Reorgan- ized in the fall of 1946 after seven years of inactivity, the sorority grew in membership and activity under Mary Louie, enthusiastic president, and Eleanor Chan, vice presi- dent. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1930 ONE CHAPTER Sigma Kappa SENIORS Margueritte Bergmann Beverly Boysen Virginia Carpenter Marjorie Coles Beverly Conant Ivy May Cotter Janet Couper Virginia Crossman Joan Douglas Shirley Galvin Gerry Goree Margery Head Eleanor Heidig Mary Hewlett Winifred Hunt Ginger McDonald Patricia Miller Patricia Nichols Barbara Princelau Barbara Quimby JUNIORS Virginia Baker Jean Booth Rita Bosio Marjorie Brooker Patricia Brown Jane Ceare Norma Crook Jean Cummings Alana Devereux Theresa Durland Virginia Heindel Peggy Hoyt Pat Kelt Jo Anne Knudsen Beverly Kristich Barbara Larson Caralee Luedtke Dorothy Maggs Nancy Rieck Carolyn Roads Maryly Stephenson Corinne Tyne Hughena Waldner Jane Weirick SOPHOMORES Marjorie Andriesse Kathryn Brazil Diana Brown Nancy Cheleden Joan Furmnn Millicent Hanson Dorothy Hardin Betty Anne Huffman Sondra Johnson Barbara King Jane LaForge Norma Larson 446 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS Barbara Lyons Lyiw Morgan Claire Muhrany Eleanor Righetti Joan Talbot Marjorie Towler Rosemary Trout Lael Wyatt Peggy Young FRESHMEN Elizabeth Bunnell Eleanore Chalmers June Fischer Georgia Graven Audrey Hubbard Elizabeth Manin Marian Nelson Nancyclare Rcduner Beverly Skinner Patricia Sullivan Marva Terwilliger Susan VanDeren Helen Wacher Alexandra Woropaieff " RISE Above It " was an expression often heard around the house where the senior " character " was presented with a long cherished old bathrobe. Well represented in activities, " Sigma Kappas glowed with pride in Ginny Carpenter, ASUC vice-president, whom they rarely saw as she dashed to and from meetings. Other busy- girls were Bev Kristich, Pelly Ad Manager; Rosemary Trout, Panile, Rally Committee; Barbara Quimby, Cal Club member; and Pat Brown, Senior secretary-elect. The Carnival Dance, house picnic and the formal were outstanding during the year. Slalomes and christies were common talk among the members of ski en- thusiasts who beat a path from War- ring Street to Donner. Zeta Tau Alpha SENIORS Florence Belli Elizabeth Campbell Jeanne Case Elizabeth Collins Anna Jean Demsey Eleanor De Sellem Marcia Flower Alia Goubareff Annette Harris Marilyn Hynes Beatrice McCarl Jean Neilson Marjorie Nield Clara Lou Paltenghi Elizabeth Peterson Bessie Poulos Lucille Raymond Sylvia Tweedt Jane Wiggins Ruth Ziegler JUNIORS Helen Boughan Barbara Brelsford Ethelyn Callahan Betty Jane Cowie Jeannette Dunster Ruth Harpole Sarah Hilton Betty Humphreys Dorothy Jackson Beverly Stirling Meadcws Viola Muth Helene Mertzmann Gail Morine Patricia Shellhammer Irene Stanley Charlotte Taylor Jayne Toren SOPHOMORES June Adamson Melisande Amidcn Marjorie June Arney Charlotte Arnold Helen Bruner Grace De Martini Burnice Denton Lorraine Dilberger Norma Faulkner Shirley Gamel Mary June Gilbert 448 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS ManrAMHiggs i :? i- =-.. E .:; f : ==: : 5 = :---. HrioRoOTtl JmSkHtey JM A- MB Shirley Cook Patricia Am Ccy Peggy Fariss = = : : = --: Alysl .:.:? .:-: Doratlqr McCarUqr Bncrly McCUskqr THE 78 steps which led from the sidewalk to the welcome mat of the Zeta Tau Alpha house did not seem to diminish the enthusiasm or en- ergy of the girls who climbed them ever)- day. Becoming one of Felly ' s Houses of Distinction, the ZTA ' s found their " hilltop fortress " an ad- vantage in water-bagging fights with neighboring Phi Sigma Kappa ' s. In the fall. Dottie Jackson dashed to and from the Greek Theater where she co-directed the Junior Farce: Daily Cal was the " home away from home " of Betty Humphreys. Gazette colum- nist. Merrie Meadows kept the girls news-conscious, while Jane Wiggins sang with Treble Clef and worked on Senior Council. The seniors proved their superior genius by initiating a Senior Sneak, and found barbecued steaks soooooo good. INDOOR and outdoor gab-sessions, informal party times, mass tours down stairs and to campus, and the eager answer to mail call were not unusual during a dormitory day. 452 S ;. - :::- -;:: Women ' s Dormitory Association OFFICERS President. ... R. Kay Riippa I ice-President Pat Adams Secretary Virginia Spino Treasurer Peggy King COUNCIL MEMBERS Arch Place Bernice Coler. Mary Lou Wagner Bay f ' ietc Hall _ Geraldine Lore Beaudelaire E-lher Ann Dalqnist, Jean Chalmer- Bryn Mater Hall Sylvia Smolick. Elaine Eklnnd The Califomian Betty Oldham. Catherine Atwood Cheney Hall Margaret Werner. Erlie Fowler Colonial Hall Beverlee Lehman. Rosalie Foss Colonial Hall Annex.- JMillicent Jessee. Claire MeCook Cunningham Hall _ Valirie Eeceston, Harriet Jame- Durant Place ...., Mary Thompson Elizabeth Barrett Barbara Chamber-. Jacqueline Whitner Epuorth Hall Margaret Pitts, Isabel Bowens Freeborn Mary Grothers. Jean Williamson Hansen House Barbara McGee. Carry Lee Sturgess Joaquin Hall _ ...-Marilyn Ferreira. Shanna Watson Lantana Lodge Beverly Myers. Irene Castle The McFarland .._ Carole Arnstein, Genevieve Strieker Mitchell - - Betsy Lynch, Rosemary Wierschke orth Gables Francis Mesner, Betty Rickey Oldenberg Muriel McDermott, Joyce Baikie Peixotto _ Emily Grant. Helen Story Prospect Terrace.... .Martha Smith. Bette FJbert Richards. Carol Watson Ridgemont Ilse Wolfen. Dolores Petcavage Ritter Hall Betty Jane Pierce St. Margaret ' s Route. Bonnie Cushman. Ruth Dahlqui-t Sherman Hall . Thalia Baharis. Marian Erode Sherman Hall Annex. ... Nancy Thompson. Betty Trishman Stebbins Hall Palmina Brnnelli. Jean Cort Stern Hall Marian Cleeves. Marian Melrose Stratford Hall. Mildred Wickham. Janice Beanston JTarring Place. Francisea Middle on. Tereesa Treat 453 Arch Place 1849 ARCH STREET PEACE on North Side was disrupted by the surprising and pleasant events which Arch Place girls always man- aged to find time to do. To keep things moving, this ener- getic house put over many successful dinners and dances. The proudest member of the household was " Missy, " a friendly cat who kept dates company until the girls came down. SENIORS Jeanne Haweth Cerine Bernice Selma Coler Lyla Elizabeth Donley Marilyn Gates Mary Jane Hopkins Patricia Antoinette Turano JUNIORS Beverly Rae Arnold Sidney Belts Lois Ann Levin Mary Susan Osborn Florence Lorraine Schcenberg Lois Jean Simpson Zelda Maxine Treadwell Mary Lucille Wagner Margaret Ann Ware SOPHOMORES Janet Louise Streshly Renee Teich FRESHMEN Lisa Lippman Dianne Locke Mary Dolores Shaw Mary Christine Thomsen Garee Louise Winnett Bay View Annex 2335 WARRING STREET IT was an old custom for the girls in Bay View Annex to eat their Sunday suppers before the fireplace. They enjoyed the long " chat " ses- sions at all hours of the day and night with tea by the pots and talk by the reams. The house was usually filled with music and like most Cal gals, they loved to take sun baths on the porch. Many evenings found the girls leaving their books to have pa- jama parties and an occasional pillovy fight. SENIORS Analee Freeman Marilyn Menzies Lisa Picard JUNIORS Ruth Elsbach Sheila Golden Rhoda Greendorfer Genevieve Hennessy Marie Marsico Bradford Smith Beatrice Sobol Jane Vanderhurst SOPHOMORES Sheila Beck Sally Bercu Dorothy Braun Twila McFadden FRESHMAN Carmalita Benson 454 Bay View Ha 2327 WARRING STREET GRADUATE Natalie Ostoni SENIORS Genuine Florence Settle JUNIORS ly-s - 5?-: . Joyce Elaine Brady Hetai 6. H. Girstwrs Carrie Lavine Jenkins SOPHOMORES Gloria A m Elizabet K. Dina. GcraMhMLore VeraP. Rita Fayc Sett Mary Eliz Williamson FRESHMEN Isadora Qianekia Ding SWrlee Satzke Rosalie Scott Marilyn Waxman ON sunny days the girls of Bay View Hall took their books, portable radios, and knitting to their favorite congregating place the sun deck. Second and third floors were known for their midnight parties which featured songs, food, and conversa- tion. For a while Bay iew girls had a small duck for a mascot. It was very I. pillar during the day, but at night the incessant quacking drove both the girls and their neighbors to dis- traction. The duck mysteriously dis- appeared ! Beaudelaire 47 PROSPECT AVENUE SENIORS !:= Va- -: - I;-:. Clare Scott JUNIORS ' :: ' . ' - -- ' -:--- ' - Phyllis Af.vood Lucille Boon j = - :; ----- Virima Johns Jean Jestice RMfeKanelis SOPHOMORES :--. - : Marilyn Fildes BEAUDELAIRE girls are proud of the fact that they are the oldest wo- men ' s house on campus. The girls were social and activity lights both terms as evidenced by their many parties and dances. The annual -pring tea was a definite success and many of the alums returned to take part in the festivities. During the fall the Dormitory scholarship cup graced the mantlepiece. Evidently these girls studied when not other- i-e involved! This may account for their favorite expression which was " Quiet on third floor: " 455 The Californian 2455 PROSPECT AVENUE PROBABLY the only house on cam- pus to suffer from mistaken identity was The Californian. The girls con- stantly answered the phone for the Daily Californian, Californian Hotel, or the California Theater. They also received mail for the campus news- paper, while Daily Cal got such choice bits as love letters to house members. Believe it or not the girls often had the most fun together dur- ing finals week. At 10:30 p.m. on the dot, they all dashed down to the kitchen for coffee, cookies, and spon- taneous entertainment. At least once during this time they gathered on the porch and shouted " Pedro " in the traditional Cal manner. SENIORS Catherine Atwood Ann Marie Hansen Cynthia Koehler Tepsy Mellis Betty Oldham JUNIORS Paulette Goursau Betty Jo Heitmiller Colleen Mealia Eileen Reidy Ruth Roy Charlotte Sawyer Patricia Wassum SOPHOMORES Nancy Bristow Norine Nelson Betty Shanks Nancy Slaven FRESHMEN Patricia Adams Patricia Evans Louise Gilmore Laurene Hacker Marion Jakobsen Beverly MaCauley Betty Pistohl Hilda Schmidt Jane Wood 456 Cheney Hall HILLSIDE AND DW1GHT WAY SENIORS Barbara Coylt Mildred Eley Doris Goff JanmliiK Hamilton AslaugMoer, Barbara Palmer Marie Smitli JUNIORS Nancy Batchelder Margie Bran Lois Coombs Pat Furlong Elizabeth Kimbw Marilyn Mara Mary Helen Ridiards Carorfi Roads S . . f , S-- .- -; Barbara Tomlinson Lenora Vincenzmi Catherine Working SOPHOMORES Bewrly Bender Betty LonCasscw Lois Croonquist Stella Crosier Marilyn Hood Beraice L. Kruse Shirley Manes Marilyn Weiss JaaM Wilkinson Nellie Zawallas FRESHMEN Barbara Berg Jane Clare Joanna Grey Fay Pellegrini Jacqueline Price Carol Schan tm Btn Garret ta Stryker Nancy Thomas Virginia Vi Patricia Waogi FORMALS, exchanges, Sun- day suppers and the plaid dance marked the top rungs on Cheney ' s social ladder for the past year. Margie Werner, house president during the fall semester, demonstrated her executive ability by lead- ing the girls through a maze of activities. Grade points went up, too. The fun and frolic of the past year will be long remembered by Cheney Hall coeds. How could they forget the famous snacks in the fudge kitchen, the long sessions of " just one more hand of bridge. " the familiar cry of " study hours, " or the long walks up the hill for lunch. 457 Colonial Hall and Annex 2542 DURANT AVENUE A Christmas Party, open houses, and numerous dances highlighted Colonial Hall ' s social calendar. Midnight pa- jama parties in the halls and various rooms were always popular. The girls had a pre-final mad- ness that resulted in switched drawers, short- sheeted beds, general gaity and disorder. They also took great delight in dropping an occasional water-bag on some un- suspecting individual. Oddly enough they seem- ed to prefer to torment their own members in this way! mm I ii f ' IS SENIORS Margaret Barber Gloria Benninger Corrinne Conner June Courting Audrey Jane Creim Rosalie A. Foss Elinore Gallas Constance Hartung Audrey Havenstrite Bonnie Heyman Millicent Jessee Joyce Joseph Beverlee Lehman Lucy Martyn Thea Jane Stidurn Jaquith Stockhom June Tuska B. Faye Whitby JUNIORS Mary J. Bardes Doris Dash Florence Dickson Bernadette Dowd Jacqueline Grover E. Delphine Keagy Marian Kcpan Suzanne Lerer Annette Manassi Claire McCook Linnianna Minutoli Violet Ross Ethel Rudclf Doris Swenson Virginia Trenor SOPHOMORES Mary Jane Braun Beatrice Divodi Lorraine Lavagnino Alice Marchionni Winifred Parr Faye Schwartz Dorothy Tennant FRESHMEN Shirley Ellis Marguerite Falkenburg Dorothy Fitzmaurice Ruth Fredkin Lenore L. Hoat Janet La Moine Claire Newell Gloria Pitcher Patricia B. Price Gloria Sanderson 458 Durant Place 2605 Dl RANT AVENUE GRADUATE Given Shaw SENIORS Bernice Bolander Margie Oliver Claire Oubridge Miriam Rackson Mary E. Thompson JUNIORS Marilyn Chapman Marjorie Martin June Paul Eileen Rowe Argene Santucci SOPHOMORES Dorothy Bittner Carole Kennedy Patty Sylva Sonia Trynin FRESHMAN Gertrude Frankoski DURANT Place is quite the place! It ' s conveniently situated near the campus, but what ' s more it is across the street from the hotel where visit- ing athletic teams stay. The girls en- joy overrunning the kitchen and hav- ing after study hours feeds along with the usual house functions of dances and date picnics. Durant Place has been well supplied with sweets this year as the girls have had more than their share of engagements and pinnings. Elizabeth Barrett 2438 BARRING STREET SENIORS Barbara Boulton Barbara Chambers Harrie Jean Lintfeman JUNIORS Marjorie Brown Nina Eloesser Virginia Frick Roslyn Grossman Anne Hutchinson Jeanne Stanbery Jacqueline Whitmer SOPHOMORES Dolores Osborne Dorothy Troyer FRESHMEN Evelyn Ackerson Leone Albert Ernestine Beleal Barbara Benson Jeanne Dausse Laura Jean Emery Patricia Kenney Pat Klein Marjorie Lewis Dale Long Janet Stark SOCIAL functions and varied campus activities kept the girls of " E.B. " happy and busy. They made up for the absence of a mascot with stuffed animals on most beds. They also proudly told you that Jean Emery, " Miss Cali- fornia " of 1947 was one of their cohorts. A fall formal and a spring picnic were the two main social events of the year. 459 Cunningham Ha HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Jeanne Gillette SENIORS Elizabeth Beighau Marjorie Childs Marion Louise Churchill Valerie Carvell Eccleston Janice Katherine Gardiner Helena Marjorie Howard Mary C. Miklos Mary Julia Salback Venetta Skrepetos Delores Reselda Stroh Gladyce Louise Welch JUNIORS Deanne Akin Helen Jane Base Helen G. Boonos Mary G. Boonos Lucy Booth Betty Margaret Bower Wilda Faye Calhoun Lucille Eleanor Christ Jeanne Arline Clark Marimlee Edgecomb Mary Katherine Ferriro Beverly Lucille Hastings Barbara Ann Hippert Harriette Eloise James Lonah Jane Johnson Lenore June King Kathleen Elvera Knight Beverly Jean Larson Betty Jean Lutz Elma La Vaughn McVicker Patricia Ann Mills Nancy Ann Myers Florence Nakano Phyllis A ' Lean Pound Miriam B. Rackson Hallerine Edwina Sharp Virginia June Spino Ruth Kathryn Tregea Frances Vieira Peggy Glenn Warner Jean Annis Wilbur SOPHOMORES June Iverna Adamson Glaya Natalie Chernow June Muriel Cockshott Miriam R. Conn Audrey Durr Joan Eliz Emmons Barbara Feaster Evelyn B. Henry Emma Horn Beth Ellen Kahl Mary Louise Land June Oaun Larson 460 Nina Estfcer Leiry Shirley Harriett Lewis Pir llis Gwei LanaTieM ' , ' ? .- DM ' Mildred Jean McCord Alys Elaine Merktel Esther Harriett Nilson Mary Ong Carolyn Joy Preston Santa Cataiina Urqaiza -3 r- Vs -- " .. Ml FRESHMEN f j.. . - Lorraine Dee Browne NyteeChan Si-si-2 A- :=. Eliu be Urioste -.- .- =.-.- I. :: Myrna Louise Edwards Marie Jorgenson Ml taa =- ' - Frances Lo Lois Nadene Martin Bewrly Jow HcClastwy 5 " 5 ? i " . " ' . ' =: ..-- L ' . :: M DoraUn AMl Bobbie Russell BiHeAmTaeboaa Emily Louise Williams CUNNINGHAM HALL was just about as high as one can go in the Fernwald dormitories. The hall was known for its carefree, friendly girls who took an interest in almost every aspect of extracurricular activity on campus. This was evident in the Red Cross work. AA activities. Publica- tions, and Y-work which the girls un- dertook enthusiastically. A galaxy of social events swung heavenward the fall and spring semesters. Open houses were frequent with everyone having a " rip-roaring " time. L nusual items, but most welcomed ones, were the twins, who in the first day of the semester succeeded in keeping every- one in a state of double confusion. " There ' s never a dull moment in Cunningham " was often heard on campus and everyone agreed that it w r as " tops " in more ways than one. SENIORS Evelyn Allen Minnie Ashmcre Isabel Bowens Gertrude Brill Ellen Davidson Anna Lois Davis Beverly Duistermars Lelah Eastwood Evelyn Effron Joyce Ferguson Laura Muggins Phyllis Johnson Angie Nicholson Theresa Persico Margaret Pitts Marion Plumb Sally Quick Doris Rissinger Lois Saks Jeanne Shafer Virginia Smith Dorothy Soske Barbara Turner Phyllis Towner Janet Wallace Nadine Ware JUNIORS Mary Lou Beaty Barbara Blecher Gloria Bruce Betty Conover Shirley East Delma Faun Pat Gordon Beverly Harwick Helen Himes Barbara Hippert Barbara Kraft Rosemary Lucksinger Dorothy Mills Lynette Persson Donna Pemberton Edith Steinhoff Faye Stark Gwen Stotts Joan Sutherland Raylene Thompson SOPHOMORES Joyce Bond Carol Coughlin Barbara Danielson Epworth Hall 2521 CHANNING WAY I 462 Betty AM ttaftaai anette Knott Fay KostBM Helen Lee Frances Miller a Cardl Lillie Stanley V=s Si-:--; Marsaret Vamey Joy Wade FRESHMEN Iris Anderson Pearl Cohn Doris Dana .=2 " Da- ' . Molly Goodell Carol Hunter Betty Pistonl BetteSeetode PatWaigh Fairtee Winf ield EXTENSION Carol Cortes TO Epworth ' s scrapbook of mem- ories belonged the " Snow-em-uuder " float entered in the Homecoming pa- rade, the " Holly-Daze " Christmas formal, the memorable firesides, ex- change dinners, and informal dances. Among Epworth ' s traditions were a Senior brunch and monthly birthday dinners. The roof top was a favorite spot for the " sun-worshippers " who had a head start on their tan before the all-day picnic at Lake Anza. The year also found many new diamond rings in Epworth Hall and the tradi- tional candy was a feature of many Monday nights. The girls frequently had to dodge the well-aimed waterbags of their friends and neighbors from Stratford. The fire drills were especially dangerous in this respect ! SUNDAY nights found the Freeborn girls gathered in HouseMother Dottie Q ' s room for Sunday night snacks to re- hash the events of the week- end. Their pet cat could usu- ally be found curled in a ball on the back stairs or running for his life at the sound of the fire ;i I ;ii-iii. The lights burned late in 203 and the sound of cards being shuffled indicated that the pinochle fans were studying hard. The sunny spring days brought the girls out between the dorms to acquire a tan and absorb vita- min C while studying, sleep- ing, or just relaxing. Freeborn Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY J - f% " f- w W ' GRADUATE CHAD Esther Dorszynski SENIORS ir.; ' - ' Barbara Atkinson ffi - Lynelle Bontems SKf-- ' - Ruth Borochoff Paiirfi Joan Bredemeier Etowi Ellen Caldwell toil. ' iitn Helen Herzstein Lea Lorber Irene Loucks Lorraine McConnell Renee Perry Betty Sadler Mary Ellen Symnonds JUNIORS Jean Ellen Becket Enid Mae Bird Mary Elizabeth Cruthers Barbara Downie Betty Jo Hadley 1 I Beverly Hastings taiHij -- d Margaret Hastings CMU Elizabeth Sahm ' . 5 Florenc e Samuel Joyce Smith Nina Vasilieff WnjPn (-:. S: tote in. !::- to w, I:-, ' - In i ice M :: i- : Lois Webb Jean Williamson SOPHOMORES Claire Andreason Betty Butts Dorothy Clark Gladys Gilman Bernice Nebiker Barbara Roskamp Mary Jo Ruckle Shirley West FRESHMEN June Braunton Patricia De Grott Carol Noderer Naomi Reddert Dolores Richmond Jane Silver Jeannine Viljoen Beverly Zimmerman 464 M SC?HC ' ' ,: I lam! Vr . . E-i . . ' ' . : - [: - totn, !::- ' N i Joaquin Hall 2723 BANCROFT AVENUE GRADUATE Betty Doyle SENIORS Janet Campbell Pauline Carlin Eleanor Desplain Marilyn Ferreira Barbara Hubbard Roslyn Jackler Frankie Jo Miller Mary Jar Phillips Rosemary Kay Riippa Rosemary Rutledge Betti Jane Stile Janice Sturgeon Margaret Voss JUNIORS Dorothy M. Brandlein Joan Geuendaner Susan Gordon Nancy Hi99nbctham Connie Imboden Virginia McCord Audrey Prolo Anne B. Soule Shanna Watson Mary Rose West Martha Work SOPHOMORES Norma Ballaris Lorraine Fradkin Vemice Jaques Bethel Lauriscn Jean McChesney Rtioda Reed Barbara Rothman Patricia Wilson FRESHMEN Babette Barancik Jean Carney Dorothy Coneeny Margaret Grant Jacqueline Riley Helen Slosseti Nadine Tyrrell THE past year has been a full and busy one for the girls of Joaquin Hall with open houses, Connie Solivan com- ing back to announce her en- gagement, birthday dinners, a banquet for graduating sen- iors, the winter formal, and going over the top in the Red Cross campus drive! Elly Des- plain and Kay Riippa were Dorm Council Presidents - this seems to be a tradition with the Joaquin girls. Home- coming brought days of hard work, anxious waiting and then the proud moment when Joaquin was awarded the cup for house decorations. Some say Joaquin girls sang more than any other group on cam- pus. Would the Sig Eps know? 465 Lantana Lodge 2437 PIEDMONT AVENUE THE girls at Lantana Lodge, though few in number, have highlighted the last two semesters with two formals, an April Fool ' s dance, and various pajama parties given to relieve the long evenings of study. They were also interested in sports and this spring formed an active volleyball team. SENIORS Marilyn Chudnow Carolyn Evans Beverly Myers Fern Wetherbee JUNIORS Irene Castle Donna Duncan Gail Pithey SOPHOMORE Margery Peterson FRESHMEN Marjorie Constance Kathleen Johnson fcti) tar Pi 1 : ill Prospect Terrace 2405 PROSPECT STREET WITH the strains of some Cal song or if the occasion was appropriate, the singing of " Happy Birthday, " many dinners ended at Prospect Ter- race. The girls had a more serious side, which was shown by the collec- tion of money from fines, auctions, and " doing without " for the WSSF fund. Another touch of solemness came with the traditional Senior Farewell Dinner held in June. GRADUATE Rose Marie Rakela SENIORS Gene Bergman June Kren Frankie Rubin Barbara Washauer JUNIORS Ruth Alarid Betty Bowen Bette Elbert Peggy Miller Frances Munoz Martha Smith Patricia Smith Pattie Weatherbie FRESHMEN Isabel Arado Beatrice Harrison Judith Kaplan Dorothy Jean Lane June LeVine Bette Seebode Nancy Uhler btn 466 Mitchell Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Lois Balyeat SENIORS Margaret Garland lt q It mat Arleenjgdd JudyKahfi Fa.nt Paris q 5;. JUNIORS Margaret B ll Bt. Chun S) Ma GUofcer Ounctlc Kline Bs Lync I rma Hassan Jicqlie Sapsis Rosemary Wierschke SOPHOMORES Patricia Ball Helen Ctardi Joyce JohKoi PtnetopeKerr RcgiiaUkes Dorothy Mof9a Barbara Part mmm mtmt Martha SteusloH Tina Tr FRESHMEN U Vm Anderson Lucille Blancarte Patricia Dim Winifred Frersdilag Brth Garter Marilyn Hale Marilyn Hedrick Zr- i ' f i it r :. ' ----= . ' , " HAVE you seen our view ' . ' This was the favorite question of Mitchell Hall girls. A ? a unit of the Fernwald Dorn they led a double social life their own living room parties and the larger " hill " func- tions. Everyone looked for- ward to the boat ride party held in May. One favorite oc- cupation was getting a tan on the hill behind the donn.while studying and playing bridge. Probably their pet peeve was the poor switchboard opera- tor who rang the wrong room ! 467 Oldenberg Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Lucille Woodruff SENIORS Jean Canfield Patricia Finley Mary Ellen Fishbach Barbara Gay Phyllis Hughes Ann LaForge Marilyn Marr Lois McConnell Betty Norris Vivian Pfeil Artharene Severns Mildred Surtees Joyce Thompson Landa Wolfe Bernice Young JUNIORS Betty Arnold Joyce Baikie Beverly Browne Lillian Mary George Alice Grant Alice Guibbini Alma Ibbetson Kathryn Jones Shirley Mason Muriel McDermctt Lucille Nelson Harriet Neufeld Mary Teachworth Barbara Thomson Estelle Tucker Virginia Turri Nola Van Harlingen SOPHOMORES Mary Angelo Lucy Avilla Gloria Belii. li Virginia Breyer Elsa Bye Beverly Carne Jo Anne Cheesman Caroline Elliott Mary Gene Elliott Ruth Haller Janet Hamann Johanna Hohenstein Mary Ingram La Verne Jansen Marianne Kohn Elaine Landers Beulah Lobdell Eleanor Masson Joan Mayers Dorothy McClure Edith McEwing Lucille Murphy Ruth Polley m PC ck 1 r _- 468 Ann Randall Dorothy Rowland Renee Rubin Beverly Stern Doris Thompson FRESHMEN Helen Arvanitakas Dianne Baylinson Margaret Burt Eleanore Chalmers Sylvia Dankworth Jacqueline Day Mary Jean Eckerman Edna Fong Patricia Green Shirley Halbert Velora Hieb Shirley McAree Lucretia Oltenburg Edith Schrceder Nancy Shiddell Betty Stewart Peggy Trompeter Gail Williams Marilyn Wilson Fairlee Winfield Margaret Winston " O-L-D-E-N-B-E-R-GEE! What a dorm . . . " goes a song to the tune of " Kalamazoo " which expounds the merits of these girls from the dorm, fourth from the top of " that hill. " Oldenberg girls thrived on such so- cial activities as " open houses, " ex- changes, hill formal s, and their own annual south sea island dance this year. Giddy Muriel McDermott was fall semester president and Joyce " how-about-a-hand-of-bridge " Baikie was spring president. These officers led the hall through such interests as symphonies and " Gang Busters, " hooks and bridge, male students and professors, church and race tracks to give the house spirit and unity. These girls were a cosmopolitan group, as exemplified by the clever Glasberg twins from New Jersey, girls from New York, Boston, and even Ger- many. Peixotto Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY GRADUATE Helen Beck SENIORS Doris Bergstrcm Mary Jane Brewster Dixie Coco Evelyn Cohen Virginia Crawford Thea Ericksom Eleanor Fledderman Gloria Franklin Virginia Frazier Nancy Fredericks Emily Grant Aileen Gray Margaret Hall Helen Hatfield Margaret Lcuise Kerr Mary Jean Leonard Leila Lipen Barbara Maggio Phyllis Miller Marjorie Patten Shirley Pearce Marie Rnmnzzctti Margaret Rudi Doris Salisbury Helen Story JUNIORS Barbara Abraham Valentine Burnett Dorothy Davis Annette Dietsch Eva Emanuel Juliana Ferguson Alice Fledderman Jean Frazell Madeline Grote Mary Jane Herbert Shirley Jones Gloria Lasky Helen McKee Jean Miller Audrey Millman Jerry Dawn Misley Rose Pastorino Florence Pressey Virginia Sanborn Elizabeth Seetoo B. Jeanne Spurgeon Marian Toleman Ann Troutman Dorothy Weisselberg SOPHOMORES Mae Cardella Nancy Follete Elsie Gee Barbara Hessenius Betty Lockett Clara Lucero 470 Felicita E.v .- : ::- ' Clarel ::- H : :: Mickey Scfciffer Gladys Spiuw BewrlyTancr Jew Wbitener Lillian Wing FRESHMEN Marilyn Beeman Leone Banested Emily Byers Marcia Ernest Hazlett g y i w C-lr -Hl tr fc 1 | Patricia Henry Betty Howe Helen King 3- Ifcj V;;: Marilyn Moser . ,-, -;.-. Julia Taaffie Patricia Thoopn Earla Wallace Rosalie Weioberg I-;- H . ' - . Jane Wi Icon Betty AM Yater WHEN Dorm D changed its name le- gally to Peixotto Hall, amazing things happened. Operators got calls for Pixieotto Hall and letters arrived for Pistachio Hall. The confusion has subsided now due to an all-out educa- tional program. Sailing was smooth with easy-going Emily Grant as fall semester president and likeable Helen Story as spring semester commander- in-chief. Some seniors that will be missed are Fire Chief Doris Salsbury with her scientifically calculated drills. Thea Erickson, political ad- visor, Margaret Rudi and her promis- cuous guppy colony, Bobbie Maggio and Marie Ramazotti with their seis- mograph-registered exercises, and Nancy Frederick ' s frightening dorm children with her newly washed hair. The gals downstairs found that mid- night birthday parties were fun and held them for Charlene Whiteley and Julie Taffe. With the coming of the warm weather many combined their academic work with sunbathing. 471 Richards Hall HILLSIDE AND DWIGHT WAY SENIORS Dianne Averdieck Gail Barber Beverly Barnette Helen Croudace Mary Jane Fansler Joycelyn Fothergill Lois Frazier Sophie Kurowski Patricia McClatchey Dawn Nehr Constance Nygren Margie Palmerton Margaret Sneddon Carol Watson Priscilla Wehe Ozell Yates JUNIORS Virginia Craig Margaret Gerke Patricia Grossman Barbara Hochede Lenita Hughes Maxine Lewis Patricia Love Margarite Luden Virginia Malcolm Elizabeth Macomber Betty Mazzera Patricia A. McKim Jane McTavish Alice Megown Marian Merrill Evelyn Musacchia Dixie Reinhard Marianne Schlmeyer Gloria Scott Clara Jane Standring Mary Todrank Mavis Walker Jeanette Winegard Dorothy Helen Wolfe Nada Wood Irene Yee SOPHOMORES Leslie Ball Phyliss Baumgart Carolyn Blake Kathryn Boer Eleanor Buchter Donna Dahlman Elizabeth F. Farol Charlotte Fischel Elizabeth Forsyth Judy Freedman Carol Holt Patricia Howell Mary Keller Gloria Kirk 472 Dora Lee Landon Virginia Lee Julia Ann Moss Mary Lou Reid Karvin Rclph Barbara Rothman Ruth Savage Virginia Olive Shcrt Virginia C. Soelle Myrtle Sperber Sonnia Strangle FRESHMEN Jean Elaine Brewster Mary Lou Caldwell Clara Sue Cummins Nancy Oawson Nancy Delude Jacqueline Orian Irene Edwards Barbara Evans Joyce Goldberg Marjorie Hall Nancy Hodges Susan Kline Patricia Latham Barbara McMillan Joan O ' Brien Beverly Parlein Alvena Pello Anne Richey Patricia Rodgers Barbara Ann Ross Selma Saviu Barbara Solomon Ruth Sommer Nancy Spengemann Jane Stebbins June Stephens Bemice Thompson Theodora Vita Virginia Zinn LED by Carol Watson, third term president, the girls of Richards Hall established traditions and entered campus life as a unit. The nearly one hundred girls were in every kind of campus activity from debating to Pelly. Connie Nygrin, co- chairman of folk dancing, and half a dozen others mastered the polka and schottische and tried to teach their friends. In addition to events given jointly with the other six Fernwald Halls, Richards Hall sponsored open houses, exchanges, and an annual picnic at Hearst Ranch. Below-stairs parties and the sounds of Mike ' s uke coaxed the girls to lay aside their studies long enough to watch the house mothers relay race, to decide that Santa was Helen Croudace, and to dodge Nancy Dawson ' s camera. Ritter Hal 2422 PROSPECT STREET " POP in and get acquainted, kids! " This is the purpose of the traditional " Pop In " party given each semester for the new members of the house. Other social functions which kept Ritter Girls busy included a Scholar- ship dinner, a Bowery Dance, stag parties and a terrific Spring Formal Dinner Dance. The events of the year were ended on a note of sadness with the traditional Senior Dinner. Activ- ities played an important part in the lives of Ritter Girls, and the house had the honor of having three of its members in Prytanean. The presi- dents of Mortar Board and Omicron Nu also claimed Ritter as their home. GRADUATE Patsie Dole SENIORS Catherine Coops Jeanne Ferris Marianna Grimes Pat Hamblin Mina Hicks Rosemary McDonald Marilyn Merk Marian Perry Betty Jane Pierce Mary Helen Stoneham Constance Trigonis Carol Van Steenbergen Helen Wright JUNIORS Dolores Calder Marcia Ganapole Mary Grimes LaRae Hampton Lucille Lavezo Carol Lyons Nancy Standring Martha Tsuchiya Iris Twigg SOPHOMORES Lois Bunger Pat Easterday Beverly Gay Ann Gist Mary Linder Dorothy Meixner Lorraine Thomas Violet Trumure FRESHMAN Jean Pfeiffer tori " tor SEN ' : Norm ArlW V :-: : Jo KM Eliottt Bt|l IMh tak SCPfil Win I fctoi FESK ! Jataj total 474 Stratford Hall 2520 DURANT AVENUE GRADUATES 1- : ------ Doris Hariy ( I ------- SENIORS Janice Beaattoi Phyllis FMberf Lillian Hunt Betty Lou Neese ' .:- itom .:--: :.. m ----- MiMretf Wfckka JUNIORS Ernestine Bor.s Leys Dasiarolis Elizabeth Knorrhoi Betty ; : . -=- -- BetkRcsM I MM ,---- SOPHOMORES - -. . - Audrey Dale Estrile Hillaly JeanHillaly _.,. ,-u--.. Ethel Heese .:- :- ::.? CM i- ; : HetenWai tatun A:- to FRESHMEN 5- -. .-v = :--.-- ------- MaryPoole GIRLS of Stratford were very proud of their house with " the big white pillars. " and emphatically declared that it had the best location on cam- pus. It came in handy for cof- fee after the libe and for those between-class snacks. Their favorite sports varied greatly. One was bridge, between classes, before meals, or in those rare spare moments : the other was water-bagging the Epworth Hall girls during their frequent fire drills (al- though they denied this when accused). 475 Stern Hall GRADUATE Peggy Shedd SENIORS Mary Ambrose Evelyn Louise Blalock Marian Cleeves Jean Cline Carol Jean Cunningham Lois Dean Jean Webster Emmett Eleanor Margaret Fahning Beverly Jean Geiger Jean Howden Lenore Kramer ' Letitia Jane Lesser Marilyn R. Matys Margaret Jean McDaniel Marian Lois Melrose Kris Aslang Moen Rosemary Palmer Grace Schaufelberger Nancy Joy Shower Yvonne Jean Stephens Joy Annette Torstrup Janette Wing JUNIORS Margaretta Baker Dale Thelma Burl Ann Louise Butler Jacqueline Chandler Andrea Jeanne Del Monte JoAnne Farrand Marcia Lynne Fischer Marilyn Gist Beverley Hogan Sue Marie Hutchinson Dorothy Mae Knox Joan Mawhorter Lorraine Shirley Melvin Patricia Anne Milloy Elinor Agnes Olson Nancy Ottinger Marian Hawley Porter Patricia Jane Randolph Sonia Saeta Jane Smith Shirley Mae Smith Elizabeth Jane Stansfield Shirley Elaine Stewart Dale Stewart Walker Carol Virginia Wood SOPHOMORES Pauline Joy Baker Louise Brooks Pauline Jane Catlin Carolyn B. Clark Diana Joan Clarkson Jeannine Coombs 476 ) .-;:- LilyFi Patricia Jem daira Barfeara Jossrty Betty AM Klaapt E: ft V:. -.; Jea-e Oakley .-aw.- .:;- Ml Betty La Saoden Terry ' . ' ;;=: I- ftfccf Uary Jane Bell Ucy Cordelia i;v: =. Patricia Ei le Cro VitfiHa Lcc Dans Harm Rita Detanry Sally :-. . Fcrar . - : -. - - Mary Elk. LaM Jean WcKetllj ft V LJ i V= -y. - i-- . Um li - Camel rta J. So eni FOURTEEN candy passings and three marriages disturbed innumer- able house meetings and Sunday din- ners for Stern Hall coeds this year. " You must have been a beautiful baby, you must have been a beauti- ful doll, " echoed during dinner fol- lowing the announcement that Edie McEwing had been chosen Soph Doll. " St. Joan. " in the person of Joy Tor- strup. set a record for missing din- ners and house meetings, as she pre- pared for her three and one-half hour stage characterization. She was wel- comed back into the fold after shed- ding her armor. So with the memory of the garlic-sprinkled toothbrushes which were a product of the Fresh- man Sneak, the Seniors left the walls of Stern Hall as they reverberated to the haunting strains of " Gladys " and " The Muffler Man. " St. Margaret ' s House 1820 SCENIC AVENUE AFTER announcing their engage- ments three girls ate their dessert un- der the table this year in accordance with St. Margaret ' s traditional rule. Monthly teas, parties, and formals characterized the social calendar. The house has a ' large number of graduates who are studying to be workers in the Episcopal Church. House activities were planned to in- clude both graduates and undergrads. GRADUATES Ruth Dahlquist Dorothy Engelhardt Eleanor Gibbons Jean Schildwachter JUNIORS Bonnie Cushman Janet Dietrich Noreen Kindergan FRESHMEN Beverly Berndt Pat Dietrich Estelle Gesas Warring Place 2434 WARRING STREET ALTHOUGH only fourteen gals an- swered the roll call, Warring Place made up for its small numbers in dynamic doings - - which included activities from WAA to Treble Clef. Naturally, their favorite pastime was the endless bull sessions in which everything from jazz to the contro- versial " new look " was hashed over! SENIORS Jacqueline Harts Mildred Haw Maxine Melberg Francrsca Middleton JUNIORS Louise Ellis Ann Emerscn Genevieve Hennessy Leslie McLaren Teresa Treat Leslie Whitney SOPHOMORES Gwendolyn Finn Marion Melberg Sonnia Stangle FRESHMAN Helen Halvorsen - n 478 Eta-Z GRADUATES Eleanor Will SENIORS R k Gate !::. T Rosalie Foss E--r --- ; :: E .-:?:- MH Irene McKinne; Patricia Miller E : =:--.- SfrM 3wly Sqijier q i , ' , --: Jean JUNIORS Margaret Karpe Sally McKinney Coe Shilling Virginia Tuttle SOPHOMORES Betty Panla V, " HOME. Sweet Home " was the song that Eta-Z " s hummed this year after finding a house where they could live together. The organization is com- posed of sorority transfers from all parts of the country. High spots were the Christmas and Spring Formals which climaxed two terms of " hand- some " happenings. These gals also added a long list of campus activities to a full social calendar not to men- tion an interesting sidelight called school! Celebrities included Prexie Bea Squier who doubled her time to appear in campus theatrics. Coe Schilling, secretary of Hammer and Dimmer, and a host of other big and little ' ' wheels. " -O ' BACK ROW, left to right: Fred Bartell, Jean Schildwachter, Myrsam Wixman, Frank Aldeman, Byron Johns. SECOND ROW: Hans Ury, Mildred Wright, Robert Desky, Susan Anderson, Arnold Bloom. FRONT ROW: Ralph Willoughby, Lois Balyeat, Joseph Rood, Margaret Fay. Phi Beta Kappa FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY ' S COLLEGE, 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS President Vice-President.. Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Professor Catherine DeM. Quire Professor Alexander M. Kidd Professor Edward M. Barnhart _ Professor Garff Bell Wilson Professor Paul Marhenke Professor Paul B. Schaeffer COUNCILORS Professor Ronald N. Walpole Arnold L. Bloom Ralph A. Willoughby Myrsam H. Wixman El Abrahams Frank Adelman Edith Wetzel Ainsworth Ross Amspoker Susan Anderson Audrey Armstrong Jeanne Arsanis Alice Awtrey John Baldwin Lois Balyeat Fred Bartell Elizabeth Kelly Bauer Donald Bliss Kurt Bergel William N. English Kent Bullock Richard Gordon Burns Barbara W. Child Howard L. Conklin, Jr. Emma Abrantes Berni J. Alder John V. Aldridge Mohammed Alei Charles F. Allen Elizabeth J. Allen Alice Louise Alter Richard C. Anderson Thomas C. Armstrong Frank H. Attix Charles L. Babcock Silvio J. Balestrini Francis J. Baronovich Roger Junior Barr Nancy K. Beauchamp Ronald A. Becker August Berger Arthur L. Black (Davis) Daniel J. Bleifer William Boykin Robert P. Brorby Wade Blocker Arnold Bloom Charles Bloom Harold Boaz Edna Chun Margaret Claar Arthur Clark Charlotte Cohelan F. H. Conroy Phillip Damon Robert Desky Hyman Diamond Elaine Dimitman Felix Friedburg John Gurland Carlos Cuadra Gloria Cuadra Bonnie Cushman Anthony F. De La Pena Jr. Thomas Eckhardt R. A. Evans Margaret Fay Beverlee Filloy Erwin Goldsmith Marcia Gray Stanley Greenfield Joe Gurley J. W. Heberle Doris Heisig Jean Heifer Walter Henley William Herbst Hilda E. Hirsch James J. Lynch Jerry P. Eaton Edwin O. Elliott Alice M. Fledderman Thomas W. Griswold MEMBERS Gallic Hickey Dorothy Hosford Luis Ireland Alice Irish Leonie Jenkins Byron Johns George Kelley Wolfgang Kummer Ruth Lavare Eva Lees Margaret Linton Bernice Livingston Ralph Mackay Marcia McCIain Donald McGuire Marian Melrose Etsuko Murayama S. F. Neustadter Sue Norton Albert Overhauser Pab Panyity George fayne Marion Perry Forrest Plant Thoman Rickard John Roberts Ph.D. INITIATES William H. Matthews Richard D. Poll JUNIOR INITIATES Gerhard Hantke Kenneth D. Hinsvark Elsa L. Huber George C. Keeler Jane S. Keeler David S. Kleinecke Vernon W. Lieberman Marian L. Meyer SENIOR INITIATES H. Dorothy Browne Russell J. Bruzzone Carl H. Buckholz John H. Bushnell Don Francis Buttrick Perry E. Byerly, Jr. Charles W. Cassinelli Sada D. Chernick Leland J. Chinn Herschel B. Chipp William P. Clancey David D. Clark Ezra T. Clark Donald F. Cochran Morris Cohen Nyla J. Cole Malcolm Roderick Currie Arthur M. Cutler Jack P. Davidson, Jr. Janet P. Day Kenneth A. De Mattei David Dennis Richard H. Dillon Frank D. Dollard James N. Donovan Douglas Dowd Curtis Dreyer Esther I. Eastvold Harland D. Embree Francis J. Enright Leo A. Estel Jack F. Evernden Charles R. Faulders Elsie Ferrando Shirley Tritle Field Emanuel Friedman Barbara C. Frissell Hugh M. Gallaher Robert E. Gasber Lorraine E. Gay William S. Gilbert Frank A. Gotch Marcia E. Gray William G. Gray Eleanor R. Greer Philip L. Griggs Irvin M. Hall, Jr. Rosemary N. Hallum David Arthur Harris Phyllis Harris Constance Hartung Midori Hashimoto Joseph G. Hattersley Otto Heinz Charles E. Hepner Werner Z. Hirsch William L. Holladay La Verne K. Houser Richard H. Huddlestone Edwin L. Iloff Ernest G. Jackson, Jr. Joan E. Jaffa Harold B. James (Davis) Marjorie M. Janney Farnham Jory Barbara E. Jouvenal Daniel E. Kay Albert J. Kirschbaum Saul Kit Wulff Kunkel Rudolph S. Kupfer Barbara J. Lance Thomas H. Leonetti Salomon Levy Philip Lichtenstein Joseph Lubin Melvin E. Lyon Leroy H. Maffly Mary E. Mansfield Jean Elizabeth Maples Peter H. Masson Howard C. Mel Chozo Mitoma Chester L. Mott, Jr. Jerome A. Motto Minoru P. Nakada Robert A. Naumann Maxine Rockwell Joseph Rood Elizabeth Rosen Hal St. Clair Leatitia Sample Frederick Sawyer Jean Schildwachter Arnold Schwartz Roberta Shepherd Sheldon Softky Roger Stafford William Stanley Martin Stern James G. Retallack Paul H. Roberts Thomas H. Newton Ernest Page Phyllis N. Spargo Phyllis D. Stickland Theodore Nelson Gloria W. Newquist Cheng Yook Ng Daniel Nickel Marion Nylen Margaret A. Onstead Russell Page Clyde Patton Cheryl J. Peterson John W. Peterson Ethel T. Pflaum George E. Plummer Virginia S. Potter Martin G. Redlich Marshall Roe Betty Jane Rore Jack W. Rose Warren H. Saltzman George Saphir Gladys Leone Schwatka William Sharon Blanche Sweet Peter Tannenwald Robert Tomaselli Elizda Torre Crete Unger Hans Ury Jacob Walkin Ralph Willoughby Myrsam Wixman Frederick Wood Mildred Wright Norman Zellner Earle K. Stewart Donald B. Zilversmit Marjorie J. Suffern Dale S. Walker Natalie K. Webster Patrick G. Wilson James Shoolery David S. Shwayder Ruth H. Silen Leland C. Smith Robert Stern M. Lynn Stevenson Margaret D. Stewart George C. Stone Hypatia N. Teague Weldon G. Thyberg Robert Trimingham John W. Volkofl Jean L. Walker Harold Dennis Webster, Jr. Howard M. Wight, Jr. Ranona I. Williams Nona C. Willoughby Howard Wilson Eugene Wiseman Philip WoHe Gene Zeoli 482 BACK ROW, left to right: P. URue - -.:- Mm . =?:-. = . f E - ' - -.-. ' .-. -.-:- 5 -: :- C. Forrest, P. Bnitmer, Joe Williu, = :, ' , : atoMM - -- Spai : . Hatlna-itl FeMman, Charles Colling! Charles Fai dlin, William Werner, L. Houser, Les Maland, Robert Manila, Marshall Roe, Joseph irk FOURTH ROW: J. Elliott, Victor Pane, AMo Test, Thomas Mansfield, Richard I Tom , Rassrtl Miksch, William Dripps, Jack Lansing. THIRD ROW: J. Billow, Forrest Mikelsan, Jerome Jaflc, Francis Enright, George tee, John EirigM. SECOND anton, Harry Higgle, Walter GoMsmitn, Max PaBch, Phil BmmHIe, Geae Zeoli, NT ROW: Ala Friedland, Alex ScordHis, Cart Dreyer, Jim Crondaw, Gtern Breacr, t Wanger, Charles Hepner, Howard Wilson, Jerome Rosenberg. Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society} FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SE ENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Glenn Breuer President Spring Charles Faulders Charle Faulder- ice-President Charles Hepner Curti - Drever Corresponding Svrrrtnnr Cnrtii Dr " vr Howard ilson Jim Croudace Recording Secretary Treasurer r Howard Wilson _ Jim Croudare Robert W anger GaaMaCBAJsaaY Bill Rollins FACULTY MEMBERS B. Bretler G. Malonev R. Folsom B. Raber C. Dalziel T. McFarland H. Davit C MeCorniek W. Giedt R. Rhyne B. Dowaiaf D. Monsoa R. Davit D. Pirtz L. Grossman F. Saatr W. Flock P. Morton H. Eberhart K. Pister A. Hale ILSebaa T. Graybeal W. Norm B- Eleheverrv E. Popv F. HntchiMO. C-Vott M. Greeabaam L. Keakeau F. Foote G. Troll H. Irenou B. Wawb R. Grisene B. Robertsoti H. Getaas B. Vallerga H. Johaawa N. SayJer A. Hoagland H laaaMhtl S. Harding R. Walker R. Martinelli W. Abbot F. Jacob H.Scott V Harrison F. Wascoe E. Murphy R. Bixler J.Kalbach D.Sloan C. Wiskocil P. Nelson L. Black W. Kraft O. Smith J. Kellv R. Berfer K Paulo vich R. Brans W. Knmmer G. Tajima W. Langelier R. Como R. Pinger J. Boll jahn R. Linton F. Voelker GRADUATES Kenneth Barnhart Cameron Forrest Alfred HarHson W. H. Knmmer C. C. Pappas H. K. St. dair R. S. Berger J. L. Cunningham Man in Greenbaum .Albert Hale Albert Hoaglund F. C Jacob Herman Leon Robert Olson Kenneth Panlovich BUI Rodden Oleg Sherln J. E. Stone SENIORS John Aldrich Ernest Chambers Peter Fisher Edwin karmiel James Medlin James Powell Paul E. Baker Vernon Cline Thomas E. Flowers Frank Kersner Donald Mendoza Harold Prodly .lames Ballou Charles Colloncworth Alan Friedland Lewis Kidd Edward Meier Brace Reiser Richard Barhite James Coolidge Clark Fuller Thomas Kennov Forrest Milkelson Louis Riggs Clifford Coolbert Hugh Gallaher Robert Rinslow Russell Milsch John Rilev Robert Bas e Jam Croodaoe Walter Goldsmith Francis Koster Joseph Miller Marshall Roe Lero BeaDchamp Robert Dal Porto Carl Goyywald Ward Lambert Wn . Mitchell Jerome Rosenberg Kline Beaumont Alvin Davidson Robert Grisetti Paal La Roe Jack Morison Robert Ryoa Augustus Berber Cortis Dre er Charles Golick G. S. Lee Stanle Morketter Alex Scordelis Robert W. Bixler William Drippt Bruce Harris William Le Fevre Theodore Ockels Bernard Schocket Robert Blake Eugene Dubil Samuel Hart Mark Lipaoo vich Joha Oldeakamp James Sdbnvler John Bolter. Jr. Harold Edmison Harry Heard D. L-Loraia William Page Jaaaca Sharpston Harry Brandt James Elliott Warren Heath Ernest Lorbecr Victor Pa c JohaSomers Milton Brenner Francis Enright Charles Hepner L. H. Maland S cnd Pedersen Linn Spaalding Rupert Brittain John Enright Joseph Hiltoa Thomas Mansfield Wavne Perr George Staatoa P. F. Bmnner Jack Evernden Ravmond Hobbs Robert Martina James Picell Robert Stein Russell Bruzzone Charles Faulders L. K. Houser Robert Me Aulev Wm. Pickrell Qeaaent Sveboda P. R. Bunndle Bill Faulk R. Huntington Bruce McCanle ' Ralph Pooler Aldo Test Frank Bnrriesci Nathaniel Feldman Jerome Jaffe Gordon McLead Rick Porter JohaThayer Joeph Caraiota JUNIORS Robert Adam Linden Criddle Karl Gerstle Clyde Gra !e Harrv Keegan Max Pansoh Clarence Applebaogh Robert Decker Francis Gilbert Richard Harris Sinclair knapp Robert Peck William Bints Francis Fisher Donald Gorman Harrv Higgins Robert Mackinzie Edward Phillips GeorfeBolm Nicholas George Manuel Gataaoo Mrroa Jacobs Miltoa Mag.d Donald Porter J. Whiaoery J. C Garland P. Goldsmith R. Hnltgren R. Leutwiler A. Levins J. Meriaa E. Parker L. Vren G. K. Tajima F. Voelker Frederick Wood Robert Todd John Tom Russell Trackwell Charles Turnbull Fred Van Kirk William Voss James Wadleigh Robert Wanger John Warren Jack Wachbarn John Weil Wm. Werner Harold Whinaker E. J. Willits Roger Wilcox Howard Wilson Harry Winters Felipe Woo Ernest Yeager G. W. Zeoli R. Wingpon William Reid Holland Rollins Spanlding Wathen 483 Golden Bear (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George P. Adams Leroy W. Allen Stanley N. Barnes David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist Allen C. Blaisdell Llewlyn M. K. Boelter George C. Briggs, Jr. John U. Calkins, Jr. Francis L. Chamberlain Walter Christie James H. Corley Fred W. Cozens Alva R. Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William G. Donald Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Clinton W. Evans Earl J. Pension W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Mortimer Fleishhacker Walter S. Frederick Stanley B. Freeborn Elmer C. Goldsworthy Farnham P. Griffiths Charles A. Gulick, Jr. Theodore E. T. Haley Chaffee E. Hall, Jr. Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Maurice E. Harrison John D. Hicks Joel H. Hildebrand Harold A. Hitchcock John C. Howard Elbert A. Hugill Fred M. Jordan Alexander M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Harry L. Kingman George D. Louderback Guy S. Millberry Ralfe D. Miller James K. Moffitt Russell A. Nagler John Francis Neylan Robert A. Nisbet William J. Norton John M. Olmsted Frederic L. Paxson George A. Pettitt Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestly Joseph H. Quire Max Radin Alva W. Ragan Leon J. Richardson James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Owen G. Smith Vernon M. Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Frank C. Stevens Fred E. Stripp Jacobus ten Broek Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underbill Edwin C. Voorhies Ralph S. Waltz Earl Warren Edward G. Welch Baldwin M. Woods GRADUATES Donald G. Anderson Robert K. Arnold Terry L. Baum Donald A. Beanston Charles R. Bell, Jr. Glenn D. Breuer Gordon W. Bronson Douglas C. Campbell John N. Clark Douglas W. Clayton Donald W. Davis Douglas F. Dowd Harry B. Drobish Bernard Etcheverry, Jr. Neil E. Falconer Ralph T. Fisher Marvin Frankel Alan C. Furth Morris D. Glickfeld John S. Goerl Walter D. Goldsmith Clifford A. Hemmerling Milton Hildebrand Roger H. Hildebrand Claude F. Hiskey Albert S. Hoagland Joseph L. Hodges Robert C. Hogeboom Luis G. Ireland David S. Kaplan Russel R. Kletzing Paul L. Larsen H. P. Livermore John C. Loper Robert P. MacDonald Wallace I. Matson John Mersereau, Jr. Charles P. Miles James W. Muir Norman Murdoch William W. Murray Donald A. Orth Harry J. Pieper John A. Pierce Forrest A. Plant John M. Price Paul W. Rathfon, Jr. Robin W. Skewes-Cox William S. Snook John A. Sproul Roger A. Stafford Robin Taber Robert P. Thomas William L. Weirich Max Wilcox Richard B. Wilson William A. Wilson. Jr. Peter A. Wolff George Yasukochi UNDERGRADUATES Harry R. Agler Harold E. Babcock Richard N. Barbrack Theodore M. Barry Henry F. Borghi William B. Boykin Roy I. Bradshaw Russell J. Bruzzone Howard T. Bryant Guy M. Carruthers Edgar H. Chapell David E. Clark Robert M. Daiss Robert A. Dal Porto Thomas M. Dargie Kenneth DeMattei Thomas M. Eckhardt Charles R. Faulders Victor C. Ferkiss Norman Fishman Thomas E. Flowers, Jr. George Fong Ray W. Foreaker, Jr. Francis M. Friedenbach Edwin L. Garthwaite Vergil L. Gerard Donald K. Gordon John E. Graves Robert L. Griffith Dwight W. Harwell Leonard Hesterman David Hirschler William L. Holladay Ivan J. Houston Jack Howard Benjamin D. Innes Fred Katzburg Jack D. Kniveton Don C. Lang Willard S. Letter Robert C. Lutz Clark W. Maser Adam D. Miller Eric Mohr Thomas W. Moore R. Stanley Morketter Charles A. Mower Theodore S. Ockels Thomas C. Parrish deWit Popkin Paul A. M. Robinson Jerome M. Rosenberg Paul E. Rosenthal Willard I. Ross Benjamin N. Sawtelle Peter A. Schulz William Sharon James C. Sheppard Robert L. Spaulding Lester L. Stoakes Yoshio Takakuwa David S. Thayer Russell N. Trackwell Thomas Tully Weston F. Volberg, Jr. George G. Walker Harold R. Walt Paul W. Ward Howard Washburn Paul R. Weissich Andrew P. Wolfe 484 anarelFay Leiitia Laser Sally TeHord Prytanean (Women ' s Honorary Society} FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Jean Hepfer f ice-President Sally Telford Corresponding Secretory Ann Powers Recording Secretary... Leiitia Lesser Treasurer Julia Wood Ritter Hall Representative Sylvia Colorado Membership Chairman _ Catherine Reid HONORARY MEMBERS Olive G. Condliffe Yen Mae Twist UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Joyce Freebom Miss Lein Andersoa Mrs. Barbara Armstrong Mrs. Sue Brown Mrs. Edna Bailey Miss Eleanor Bartlett Misf Margaret Beanie Miss Frederica 1 Miss Olga 1 Mrs. Ay 1 Miss Marjorie Cariton Mary Ambrose Lois Bal eat Janice Beansto. Ana Brookman Palmini Branelli Virginia Carpenter Marian Cleeves Sylvia Colorado Lorraine Cook Man Jane Cunni Eleanor Desplain Marguerite Dilley Roberta Dotro Mary Eggers Joan Enmett Margaret Fay Nancy An , ' --r V-.i - Dorothy Beck Ann Beeman Christine Bothwell Janet Hi I all Jackie Carlson Beatrice Challis eColt Marcia Fi Fische " Miss Vera Christie Mrs. Charlie Clarke Miss Louise Cobb Miss Edith Conlter Miss Lucile Czarnowski Mrs. Mary B. Davidson Miss Sarah Davis Mrs, Ruth Donnelly Miss Anna Espenschade Miss Hope Gladding Barbara Gordon. Marcia Gray Marianna Grimes Jerry Heifer Jean Hepfer Margery Hillyard Sally Holt Jean Howden Emilie Hubbard Jane Fogle Kidd Marciana Kui Margery LaForge Helen A. Lange Letitia Lesser Phyllis Livingston Doris E. Foreaker Margaret Gleason Elizabeth A. Httfield DaleHavs Madeline Holcomb Bern Vance Humphreys Dorocby Jackson Margaret Jesseph Beverly Kristich Bereriee Lehman Miss Marie Glass Mrs. Kitherine Gowdy Miss Pauline Hodgson Miss Alice Hoyt Mrs. Marian King Mrs. Jean Macfariane Mrs. Margaret McOoan Mrs. Hildegard Millar Mrs. Agnes Morgan Miss Florence Mullins SENIORS Polly Mansfield Charlotte McCord Mary McLachlen Marian Melrose Doris Meyer Jean Mitchell Eleanor Morse Cynthia Parker Marilyn PateraM Marian Perry Constance Find Betty Jane Pierce Mary ' Powell Ann Powers Charlene Read Catherine Reid JUMORS Mary ' Qaire Lynch Dale Millar Gloria Parent June Paul Harriet Paul Dawn Pawson Janet Power lona Rockwell Beth Rosen Janet Rouse Miss Margaret Murdock Miss Cecil Piper Mrs. Catherine Quire Miss Carmel Riley Miss Agnes Robb Miss Lillie M. Sherman Miss Constance Steel Miss Katherine Towle Dr. Margaret ZeC Kay Riippa Wilm. Rale JaneRnsell Nancy SchmU Barbara Skiles Velmita Soatkern Helen Story Sally Telford Andre Teatple Man Loo Thede Joy Torstrvp Jstine Turner Jean iite JaniWUgins Julia Wod Sonia Saeta Pbyliss Standish Elizabeth Stansfield Phyliss Stickland -lei- -L-t-- Nancy Vinson June Wightman Ruth Wood Jen Sherwood 485 LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Schulz. Connie Pfund, Jean White, Jean Hepfer, Polly Mansfield, Barbara Skiles, Virginia Carpenter, Marian Melrcse, Sally Holt. Torch and Shield (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Marion Melrose President Spring Polly Mansfield Jean Hepfer Vice-President Sally Holt Sallv Holt... ....Secretary-Treasurer ..Barbara Skilrs Mary B. Davidson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Catherine DeMotte Quire Lucy Ward Stehhins Virginia Carpenter Jean Hepfer Sally Holt MEMBERS Polly Mansfield Marion Melrose Connie Pfund Nancy Schulz Barbara Skiles Jean White 486 mm BACK ROW, left to right: Sally Walker, Mary June Gilbert, Beatrice Challiss, Martha Barnett, Clai Rosemary Ticut. THIRD ROW: Doris Olson, Mary Renard, Rose Marie Konings, Jan Hamann, Jean Tracy, Lc SECOND ROW: Phyllis Kara, Sondra Foeschler, Diana Clarkson, June Levitas, Mary Lou Brooks, Mildred Ma Melrose, Phyllis Stickland, Joy Wade, Marty Peterson, Lou White, Lois Rivers. Panile (Sophomore tf omen ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1939 ONE CHAPTER Full Phylli ? Stickland Mildred Mallory Ru?eniary Trout ... Sally Wa ' lker Karg OFFICERS President I ice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer .Corresponding Secretary. Spring Joy Wade _ Doris Olson Lois Rivers Lou White Martha Peterson Betty Barton Mary David -on HONORARY MEMBERS Katherine Fi ? cher Joyce Freeborn Alice Hovt Catherine Quire Katherine Towle Marthe Barnett Jf--ie Berman Christine Bothwell Nancy Broderida Mary Lou Brooks Beatrice ChallU Diana Clarkson Sondra Flescher Doris Foreaker Mjry June Gilbert Janet Hamann Liz Holcomb MEMBERS Phyllis Karg Ru-f M..r Konings June Levitas Mildred Mallory Edith McEwing Mary Clair Mnlvany Doris Olson Martha Peterson Ann Prentiss Barbara Preston Mary Renard Lois River- Ruth Roy Jean Sherwood Phyllis Stickland Leabelle Sutton Kay Thatcher Jean Tracy Rosemary Trout Harriet Tyre Nancy Vinson Joy Wade Sally Walker Lou White June Wightman 487 e BACK ROW, left to right: Bill Craig, Jim Maggetti, Hal Moller, Ed Flynn, Stan Morketter, Rod Franz, Norm Pressley, Tim Minahen, Bob Remensperger. THIRD ROW: Ed Merrill, Bill Hibbitt, George Detwiler, Bernard Hansen, Bill Diffenbaugh, Jack Wolfe, Bob Solinsky, Thayer Raggio, Jacque Pry, John Elliot. SECOND ROW: Jack Lyding, Joey Cunningham, John Clark, Mickey Kerr, John Hale, George Irwin, Buck Buell, Joe Widman. FRONT ROW: Chuck Dole, Dave Hirschler, Don Brown, Larry Jordan, Bud Lutz. Skull and Keys BILL DIFFENBAUGH Fall President STAN MORKETTER Spring President 488 Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER Fall Bill Diffenbaush Stan Morketter Bill Hibbitt Bob Remensperger OFFICERS . .-President I ice-President . Secretary- Treasurer Spring Stan Morketter -___..Bill Craig __Ron Naess Larry Jordan Dick Abrn Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David Barrows Gill Becker Anthony Blanks Dr. Boles N " . S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John Calkins Donald Cameron R. V. Chancy Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corey Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe Deutsch William Donald Newton Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Captain Neil Edmunds James Fisk Martin Flaherty Wally Frederick Stanley Freeborn Horace Gaither Ravmond Gettel HONORARY MEMBERS Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Captain Sandy Goodman Lieutenant H. Greenlaw John Grover Brutus Hamilton Jack Happolt Dr. James Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman Hinds John Hoslater H. W. Howard Miles Hud-on James Hntchinson Bill Ingram Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander Kidd Lawrence Kinnard W. M. Latimer Karl Leebrick E. Landon Austin MacDonald Walter Ma gee Jack McKenzie Ralph Merrill Ralph Miller Brick Mitchell Russ Nagler Eugene Neuhaus John Neylan R. L. Olson F. C. Palm Major G. Peabody Ken Priestly AIRaean Carl Reich L. Reno Major C. Sargent William Setchell James Shaeffer Robert G. Spronl Tom Stow H. E. Stone Edward Stricklin Major J. Switzer Nicholas Taliaffe E. H. Taylor Colonel Thomas J.Trnei Irv Uteritz Philip Van Horn Charles Voltz Edwin Voorhies Benjamin Wallace Frank Wickhorst Bob Wilson Jean Witter Carl Zamlorh Harry Agler Don Bittner Don Brown Tom Bryant Buck Buell Jack Campbell Bill Coleman Bill Craig George Cunningham Bob Dal Porto Tom Dargie George Detweiler Bill Diffenhangh Charles Dole Dong Duncan John Elliot EdFlrnn MEMBERS Rod Franz PaulGoodall John Graves John Hale Bernard Hansen Bill Hibbitt Bob Hnmpert George Irwin Larry Jordan Mickey Kerr Jack Lyding Bud Lutz Jim Maggetti Garth Marston Tim Minahen Hal Moller Stan Morketter Ron Naess Sid Peters No rm Pressley Jacque Pry John Raggio Al Reid Bob Remensperger Bob Rienhart Herb Schmallenburger Nate Shore Jim Smith Bob Solinsky Ira Thompson Wally Wallbrink Joe Widman Jack Wolfe 489 Richard Abreu David Barrows Albert Becker Ralph Cheney James Corley Harry Agler John Bailey Jon Baker Henry Borghi Donald Brown Benjamin Brunk Clayton Calendar Robert Anderson Robert Dable Robert Anderson Anthony Barnise Robert Bohna George Ahlgren David Brown Don Anderson James Anderson Philip Arnot Stanley Blackfield Ralph Gish Leland Arth Donald Beanston BACK ROW, left to right: Leland Arth, Morris Mathew. SIXTH ROW: Jim Hardy, Don Jackson, Bob Cooper, Tom Parrish, Wes Volberg, Don Brown, Jack Swaner, Bud Lutz, Phil Seymour, Ralph Gish, Bob Seymour, Morris Sockolov, Dick Grenfell, Harry Agler. FIFTH ROW: Hugh Mumby, Russ Bruzzone, Ian Turner, Dan Seamount, George Doran, Ralph Long, Walter Meyre, Ken Gustafson, Harold Babcock, Jack Bailey, Jon Baker, Ted Sawyer, Ned Robinson. FOURTH ROW: Holly Jones, Jim Yost, Bob Henninger, Gordon Cuneo, Chuck Hanger, George Walker, Dick Heggie, Sedge Thomson, Herb Poddig, Nate Shore, Bill Main, Jim Muir, Jack Lavery. THIRD ROW: Ho Crow, Jack Stack, Bob Bohna, Bob White, Ralph Purchase, George Fong, Dick Erickson, Will Lotter, Rod Franz, Bill Craig, Frank Johnson, Stan Morketter, Bob Dal Porto. SECOND ROW: Pat Flowers, David Brown, David Turner, William Scherer, Lloyd Butler, Don Fisher, Dale Webster, Frank Brunk, Bill Montagne, Terry Haws, Henry Yee, Roy Richards, Fay Blair, Phil Arnot, Bill Coleman. FRONT ROW: Len Jones, Darrell Welch, Faber Peek, John Najarian, Neil Thrams, Ted Rademaker, Charlie Erb, Jim Cullom, Bob Celeri, Jim Anderson, Tom Bryant. Big X " Society OFFICERS Fall Spring Harry Pieper President Tom Tullv Chuck Hanger Vice-President Tom Bryant Tom Tully SprrpMrv lolm N;i i;iri;m HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frederick Cozens Carrol Ebright Brutus Hamilton Robert Johnson Clarence M. Price Robert Tessier Z. D. Chancy Clinton Evans Dr. J. Harkness Edgar Manske Kenneth Priestley Edwin Voorhies W. H. Davis Herbert Foster Robert Hemphill Ralph Miller Al Ragan Lynn Waldorf Monroe Deutsch Wesley Fry Joel Hildebrandt Franklin C. Palm Harry Shepard John Williamson William Donald Harold Fry Miles Hudson Charles Pease Robert Gordon Sproul Robert Wilson E. A. Hugill FOOTBALL Robert Celeri John Elliot Robert Hileman William Main Herbert Poddig Jack Swaner James Cullom Richard Erickson Davis Hirschler Walter Meyer Donald Seaver Herbert Thomson Robert Dal Porto George Fong Jack Jensen Malcolm Minahen Nathan Shore Neil Thrams Raymond De Jong Rodney Franz Leonard Jones William Montagne David Schwayder James Bennett W. Diffenbaugh Eugene Frasetto Paul Keckley James Muir Ronald Sockolov Frank Van Deren Robert Dodds Huxley Galbraith Ted Kenfield John Najarian Roger Stafford Douglas Duncan John Graves Robert Lutz Harry Pieper Ronald Stone BASKETBALL Leslie Dean Claude Hiskey Raymond Lucas John Sproul Russel Trackwell Robert Walker Charles Hanger Darius Keaton Orell Saffores Earl Strader George Walker Andrew Paul Wolfe James Smith BASEBALL Russel Bruzzone Timothy Cronin Jim Fiscatini Laverne Horton Ernest Mann Edward Palmer Anthony Buljan Charles Erb John Fiscalini Robert Johnson Robert Melton Mario Rodriguez Virgil Butler Ira Finney Kenneth Gustafson Willard Lotter Robert O ' Dell George Yamor CREW Lloyd Butler Faber Peck William Scherer Thomas Tully Ian Turner John White James Hardy Ralph Purchase Robert Spender David L. Turner Darrell Welch James Yost Jack Stack TRACK Fay Blair Horace Crow Richard Heggte James Likowski Harold Mumby Roy Richards William Coleman Gordon Duffy Donald Jackson Melville Long Thomas Parrish Daniel Seamount Robert Cooper Thomas Flowers Frank Johnson James Lytjen Warner Rademaker Wilbur Twinning Terry Haws Louis Jurkovich Roland Maples TENNIS Richard Grenfell Oscar Harper Holway Jones Clark Maser Charles Seymour Morris Socko lov Daniel Hale Robert Seymour Robert Vincent SWIMMING Arthur Craig Donald Fisher John Lavery Stan Morketter Frederick Sawyer Henry Yee George Doran William Keller Morris Mathews Edward Robinson Dale Webster INTRAMURAL Weston Volberg 490 Mortar Board (Senior Women ' s . ational Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Ann Brockman Virginia Carpenter Marcia Gray Jean Howden Mary Elinor Mansfield Marian Melrose Doris Meyer Marian Perry Constance Pfund Catherine Reid Barbara Skiles Velmita Southern Jean White Honor Students BACK ROW, left to right: Herbert Schmidt, Wes Starratt, Baker Lake, Thomas J. Heller, Ralph L. Phillips. SECOND ROW: Jean Walker, Dorothy Marie Soske, Audrey Jane Creim, Dan Nickel, T. M. Eckhardt. FRONT ROW: Nancy Bsauchamp, Nona Willoughby, Wilma C. Follette, Marilyn Merk, Rosemary Hallum. 491 V i,Nc BACK ROW, left to right: James Enemai , William Whelan, Jim Doss, John Grennan, Bill Simkins, Hank Wright, Wes Prisbey, Russ Fritchey, Dick Leggett, Henry Coles, Anthony de la Pena, Bruce Watson. FOURTH ROW: Leland Sapiro, Ludy Langer, Bert Rowe, John Zorovich, Edwin Lee, Dale Najima, Den Hodges, Iver Lyche, Bill Wilkie, Tom Nilon. THIRD ROW: Bob Lustig, Don Reichert, Stan Austrian, Paul Grunland, Bill Keller, Jack Lounsberry, Walt Bowman, Bill Waste, Jim Allan. SECOND ROW: Howard Koch, Tony Hauser, Dick Yeager, Fay Blair, Dan Seamount, Bruce Moody, Jim Elliot, Carl Magnuson, Danny Coelho, George Butler. FRONT ROW: George Cunningham, Henry Yee, Bill Fontenrose, Joe Widman, Jose Filloy, Mo Mathews, Lee Arth. Circle ' C " Society OFFICERS Fall Bill Craig _ President .... Art Poulin _ Vice-President. George Cunningham Secretary Ludy Langer Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Leonard Allison Raymond Balsley Tom Cureton William Donald Al Dowden Lee Arth Fred Berger Walt Bowman Lee Arth Jim Bloom Walt Bowman James Enemark John Grennan Greg Englehard William Fallon A. G. Goldsworthy E. Graff Brutus Hamilton George Cunningham George Doran Bill Keller George Cunningham Paul Grunland Tony Hauser Howard Koch Bob Lustig Phil Arnot Toni de la Pena Jose Filloy Danny Coelho Hart Fairclough Bill Fontenrose Lee Arth Henry Coles Tony Hauser Bumps Baldauf Fay Blair SOCCER Arnold Innerneld Stanley McPherson Oleg Sherby Dick Tanaka John Viera WEIGHT BASKETBALL Dick Leggett William Moore Tom Nilon Bill Whelan William Wilkie VOLLEYBALL Bob Henninger Victor Karpenko Parker Kemp Mo Mathews Dick Yaeger SKIING Jim Keresy CROSS COUNTRY FENCING Frank Taylor Norman Hinds Miles Hudson Bert Jones Charles Keeney Ralfe Miller SWIMMING Jack Lauery Jack Lounsberry WATER POLO Stan Morketter Art Poulin Wes Frisbey BOXING Leland Sapiro Harry Schultze Edgar Nemir Heber Newsom Charles Pease E. G. Probert Alva Ragan Mo Mathews Bruce Moody Lynn Schloss Bill Spicer Dale Webster Bill Shafer William Shaw Iver Ly che Dan Seamount Stan Ausman Dick Dawe Allen Johnson Jim Elliott Dave Fredrickson Russell Fritchey Russ Bruzzone Johnny Clark Bill Craig Ted Donald Victor Boisseree George Butler Spring .George Cunningham Bill Fontenrose Henry Yee Joe Widman J. Raine Julius Schroeder Henry Stone Harold Weatherbe C. A. Zamlock Stan Morketter Bill Simkins Henry Yee Joe Widman Henry Yee Hal Walt Paul Ward GYMNASTICS Chuck Lucchesi Carl Magnuson WRESTLING Donald Hodges Edwin Lee RUGBY John Grennan Wendell Hutchinson Ludy Langer RIFLERY Roy Hamrick ICE HOCKEY HANDBALL Albert Sayers George O ' Connor Don Reichert John Borovich Hugh Mutnby Dale Najima de Wit Popkin Greg Sheehan Ira Thompson Bill Waste Hank Wright Albert Lapidez Bruce Watson 492 i i 1 i BACK ROW, left to right: Austin Morris, Robert Lutz, Ralph Hill, Frank Brunk, Russel Bruzzone, Paul Witmer, Richard Fairclough, Jack Curley. FOURTH ROW: James Johnston, Sam French, Jim Tourtellotte, Ben Sawtelle, Robert Melton, James Anderson, Bob Griffith, Dan Murphy, Jack Wolfe. THIRD ROW: Robert Sherrard, Loy Dickenson, Bill Bagley, Charles Folker, Lynn Wilson, Bob Banning, Wilbur Lenz, Herbert Thomson. SECOND ROW: Jim Spangler, Henry Wright, Phil Gregory, Jacque Pry, John Hale, Bill Scherer, John White, Ian Turner, Hans Jensen. FRONT ROW: Jack Andrew, Ken Brittingham, Fred Hodge, Paul Keckley, James Yost, Stan Morketter, James Corison, Bob Dal Porto, Robert Merrill. Winged Helmet (Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER Fall Will Lotter _ Russel J. Bruzzone.. Donald Blomberg V. Blomberg George Briggs James H. Corley Gregory Engleh ard Clinton Evans Stanley B. Freeborn Donald Anderson James Ander-on Jack Andrew- Philip Arnot. Jr. William Bagley Miirlin Bailey Robert Banning Kenney Brittingham Franklin Brunk Russell Bruzzone Paul Chamberlain Edgar Chappell S alter Chri-tie Robert Cooper James Corison Arthur Craig Jack Curley Robert Dable Robert Dal Porto William Davis Ralph Dewey OFFICERS Spring Ring Giver Jack Andrew Clerk Austin Morris Chancellor _ Nate Shore Counselors Jack Wolfe, Frank Brunk Permanent Treasurer.... ..Edwin Voorhies UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. G. Gettell C. A. Gnlick, Jr. ChaffeyHalLJr. J. H. Hildebrand . Wing Mah Dr. Miles Hudson Loy Dickenson William Diffenbangh Carroll Ebright Richard Fairclough Charles Folker Ben Foster Sam French Fred Garner John Goerl Philip Gregory Robert Griffith John Hale William Hibbitt Ralph Hill David Hirschler Frederick Hodge Frank Hvennekeus, Jr. Hans Jensen James Johnston Paul Keckley Harold Keenan Myron Kmeger R. " Olson Franklin Palm Clarence Price Kenneth Priestley A. W. Ragan MEMBERS Harry Kingman Ted Klassen Wilbur Lenz Willard Lotter Robert Lutz Robert Melton Robert Merrill Malcolm Minahen Austin Morris James Monlton Daniel Murphy Stanley Morketter Dave Powell Jacque Pry James Reilly Marshall Robinson Ben Sawtelle ill i. i MI Scherer Robert Shoemaker Nathan Shore Donald Slaiter Robert Sibley Herman Spindt Robert G. Spronl Edwin Voorhies Lynn Waldorf Edward Welch James Smith James Spangler John Spronl Edwin Thomas Ira Thompson Herbert Thompson James Tourtellotte Thomas Tully Ian Turner Dale Webster John White Linsey Wilson Paul Witmer Andrew Wolfe John Wolfe William Wolfe Henry Wright Dale Yee Max Yerxa James Yost 493 LEFT TO RIGHT: George Detwiler, Jon Baker, John Lameroux, John Elliott, Bob Remensperger, Thayer Raggio, Bill Craig, Jim Barry, John Graves, Ron Naess, George Cunningham, Mickey Kerr. Bill Hibbitt, Joe Widman, Harry Carpenter, Ed Flynn. Stan Morketter, Don Slater, Bill Cauch, Jack Pry, Clayton Callender, Walley Wallbrink, Bud Mitchell, Larry Jordan, Bill Killeen. Beta Beta (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1906 Fall Stan Morketter.. OFFICERS . ...President.... Spring Bill Hibbitt Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings HONORARY MEMBERS Richard Kessler Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leebrick Matiiew Lynch John Mackenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Captain John Switzer Edwin Voorhies Carl Zamloch MEMBERS Harry Agler Jon Baker Jim Barry Clayton Callender Harry Carpenter Bill Cauch Bill Craig George Cunningham Tom Dargie Bill Diffenbaugh George Detwiler Charles Dole John Elliot Ed Flynn John Graves Bill Hibbitt Larry Jordan Mickey Kerr Bill Killeen John Lameroux Bud Mitchell Stan Morketter Ron Naess Jack Pry Thayer Raggio Bob Remensperger Don Slater Bob Solinsky Wally Wallbrink Joe Widman Joe Wilson 494 Beta Gamma Sigma i : :;? Eisner Field, S. Field, W. Fletcher i: ta II -.= ..-: V ? . - = . Nickel ::- Rogers s- .- Smith, R. Stem Storment Washburn C P MEMBERS (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF W1 M 1N. 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fait Jame- Donovan .... ..... President Larry Mae- I ice-President Ralph Lure. ....Secretary-Treasurer.. Serfeanl-at-Armf Sprinf Donald Feightner Robert Smith ....Gladys Schwatka Daniel Nirkel Dr. Theodore Malm Paul Davie? FACULTY ADVISORS HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. David Ravzan Henry J. Kaiser Ernest Abbes Albert Agnes John Aldridge Sherman Andelson Kenneth Ashcraft Luther A very Melvin Barhararh Donald Baker William Barsanti Donald Bean-ton Nancy Beaurhamp Robert Cartwright Martin Cherry Leo Connolly S illard Crawford Maril n Davis James Deary James Donovan Harlan Dupui- Stanley Eisner Robert Erirkson Eric Erickson Donald Feighlner Shirley Field Wayne Field Peter Firmin Howard Fletcher Clarence Fogg George Frakes Duncan Gardner Robert Gerard Allan Goldsmith Constance Hartung John Heiser Robert Henderson Douglas Howell George Johnson Howard Joyce Jack Kallish Floyd Karp Robert Keel Dale Harry Kimbell John Kleespies Leland Kolb Rudy Kupfer Alice Lament John Lavette Robert Lawson George Lockard Joseph Lubin Ralph Lure Harvey Machaver Lawrence Maes Cecil McFadden Charles Matheny Lowell Mee Arthur Metzger Ir -ing Metzner Robert Moore George M Ronald Naess David Nemer Elaine Nemer Daniel Nickel Alfred Nylen Walter Oppenheimer Edwin Pendleton Carol Pratt John Prichard Louis Raun-Linde Henry Ritchie Eugene Rittinhouse William Robinson Irl Robinson. Jr. Prudence Rogers David R inner William Sanderson Gladys Schwatka Richard Scott Charles Sells Frank Smith John MacDonald Smith Robert Smith Edith Stanley Robert Stern Frank Storment John Summerfield William Symons George Tallyn Howard Tank Markee Thomas Beverly Ton Lawrence Wallace Noel Wallace Ferdinand Wascoe Howard Washburn Russell Wilgns 495 Richard Anderson Lillard Clayton Marvin Dworkin Mary Ann Lowe James McSherry James Myers Frances Pepper Constance Ruys Sylvia Stockdale Hypatia league Joy Torstrup Richard Trumbly Muriel Zerangue Mask and Dagger (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Jim Meyers President Spring Dick Trumbly Muriel Zerangue Vice-President Muriel Zerangue Frances Pepper Secretary Frances Pepper Hvoatia Teaeue.... Treasurer .Dick Anderson ACTIVE ALUMNA Anneliese Roda Lorraine Campbell Professor M. Dondo Professor W. H. Durham Hope Gladding Everett Glass John Hobart Sam Hume HONORARY MEMBERS Maurice Kavenaugh Professor B. Lehman Mr. F. S. Leuh Thensa Loeb Professor Guy Montgomery Professor Eugene Neuhaus Gregory Peck Professor S. C. Pepper Professor Max Radin Sarah Sturgess Professor Alan Thompson Edwin Voorhies Kevin Wallace Dick Anderson Lloyd Bostelman Lillard Clayton Leland Davis Jerry Dushin Marvin Dworkin Natalie Espinoza George Hatch Herbert Homan MEMBERS Sam Levine Mary Ann Lowe George Marchi Jim McSherry Jim Meyers Frances Pepper Robert Porter Conny Ruys Kenneth Sleeper Sylvia Stockdale Hypatia Teague Joy Torstrup Francis Tobinhin Dick Trumbly Bill Tuttle Sylvia Ulinan Muriel Zerangue 496 Richard Anderson Constance Ruys Sheva Braunstein Sylvia Stockdale Marvin Dworkin Hypatia league Mary Ann Lowe Joy Torstrup James McSherry Raymond Weil Frances Pepper Muriel Zerangue Thalian (Honorary Directing Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 Fall Frances Pepper Hypatia Teague Elizabeth Reed Raymond Weil Richard Anderson. OFFICERS Spring President Hypatia Teague V ice-President _ Constance Rnys Secretary Joy Torstrup Treasurer Richard Anderson .Representative-at-Large Frances Pepper HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mrs. Fred O. Harris P red O. Harris Mrs. R. C. deLappe Mrs. Aida Link Warren C. Lonnsbury Marquis Patterson Henry Schnitzler Richard Anderson Sheva Braunstein Lillard Clayton Marvin Dworkin Jan Garth waite Robert Hudson Dan Kaplan MEMBERS Ernest Landauer Mary Ann Lowe James McSherry Frances Pepper Vincent Pocaro Elizabeth Reed Constance Ruys Patricia Snyder Sylvia Stockdale Hypatia Teague Joy Torstmp Raymond Weil Elwin Williams Addington Wise Muriel Zerangue 497 Delta Phi Epsilon MEMBERS George Anderson Woodwerth C. Bein Igor Belousovitoh Philip G. Boomer Anthony A. Buljan Kenneth L. Butterfield Jose M. Coleman Y7::yne Dawson John Demling Dexter Draper, Jr. Harlan Dupuis Robert L. Eckel Kenneth S. Foster David M. Gaisford James E. Gilbert Wayne D. Gray John A. Guffey Bill R. Hart Robert I. Huntington Charles K. Jackson Andrew G. Jameson Howard W. Joyce Danel E. Kay James Knott Edmund J. Leach Neil Lucas, Jr. Norman J. Mann, Jr. Kenneth Medlin Calvin E. Mehlert Robert R. Miller Robert O. Plant Robert Pack Robert L. Prince Mason W. Putnam George R. Reel Jack E. Reeves Roland A. Rush James E. Sagen Minor Schmid Fred Schweitzer Donnelly Sohlin Stephen Soudakoff Martin F. Stow Roger C. Thompson Robert Timmins Kenneth F. Volker Ronald Watson Lloyd Wesley Thomas Whisler (Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 OFFICERS Fall George Reel President Harlan Dupuis V ice-President George Anderson Secretary Ronald Watson Treasurer Kenneth Butterfield Serfieant-at-Arms Roland Rush Mailing Secretary Robert Gordon.... ....National V ice-President. Spring ....Harlan Dupuis .Kenneth Volker Roland Rush ...Wayne Dawson Martin Stow Daniel Kay .Robert Gordon UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Eric C. Bellquist CONSULAR ASSOCIATE Werner A. Jost, Vice-Consul of Switzerland in San Francisco Anderson Atherton Boomer Buljan Butterfield Coleman Dawson Dupuis Eckel Foster Gaisford Gilbert Gray Guffey Jackson Jameson Joyce Kay Knott Leach Mann Mehlert Miller Plant Prince Reel Reeves Rush Sagen Schmid Schweitzer Sohlin Soudakoff Stow Thompson Timmons Watson 498 ilshire. Glenn Reed, Aatimjr Garcfdi, Lida Belle Johnson, Claire Weber, Stanley Dufford, Cumtanf tinpali, Uigi 0smet, Pat Snyder, Ray Bisio, Taffy Heinger, Joe Ehrman. FRONT ROW: Richard , Gladys Hanson, One Joetke, Coc Schilling, George Hatefe, Res Faubion. Hammer and Dimmer (Technical Dramatics Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Raynor Gimlial President George Hatch R- Faubion I ice-President .Clive Justice Shirley Bo ? t Secretary Coe Schilling Glenn Reed Treasurer.... Joan WiUhire Mr. and Mr?-. Fred HarrU Mr. and Mr?-. Warren Lounr-liurv HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Marquis Patterson Mr-. nn-!ier e Roda Mr. Henn. Schnitzer Mr. and Mr . Selh Ulinan Raymond Ei i Joe Bronk- Peter Cerlanli Lillard Claytnn Jai queline Drian Stanley Uufford I.uiei I)u inrl Joe Ehrman Rex Faubion ACTIVE MEMBERS Tony Garofoli Glady Han en George Hatch Madelene Heinzer Lida Belie Johnson Clive Justice Fred Kraft Thomas Kelley Krne-l Landauer Wanda Peckinpah Abbie Randall Glenn Reed Con ? tanre Ru - Coe Schilling Silvia Stockdale Claire Weber Joan W ilshire Richard Anderson Sbeva Braunstein Shirley Bost Elaine Carlock IN VCTIVE MEMBERS Danny Kaplan Ruth Helen Pape France Pepper Robert Plant Pat Snyder Dirk Trunibl Hazel Wright Muriel Zerangue 499 BACK ROW, left to right: William Pickrell, I. L. Diamond, Peter Sale, R. L. Olson, C. D. Coubert, F. J. Sindoni, Henry Semler, Walter Kaestner, Gene Christensen, Charles Dundore, Larry Miller, James Riley. FIFTH ROW: R. W. Houston, R. G. Reeder, L. R. Ferguson, B. M. Caldwell, R. J. Rose, P. C. Dong, 0. E. Sipe, B. R. Granich, R. L. Mathews, V. W. McGillen, R. B. Huntington, C. R. Geiberger. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Tom, E. P. Wayne, Irving Siminoff, John Tom, Stanley Kallo, Sinclair Knapp, Webster Howard, John Hall, Wallace Gobble, Paul LaRue, K. Horiuchi, Forrest Mikelson. THIRD ROW: Felipe Woo, Robert Clark, Juan Ray, Jim Elliott, Robert Ferguson, Robert Chalmers, Jr., David MacCulloch, Lauren Marks, James Taylor, Paul Gadjeff, R. E. Blau. SECOND ROW: M. H. Roe, A. L. Hacker, G. F. Gaebler, A. S. Co, R. J. Page, H. C. Stiver, H. S. Curtis, C. W. McGuire, W. C. Fairbank, J. V. Flowers, J. A. Mevrsinge, C. R. Allen. FRONT ROW: Leonard Beanland, William Simmons, Elmer Williams, Nora Lee Hayter, Marvin Fleishman, Charles Faulders, James Simpkins, Charles Kohlenberger, H. W. Iversen, M. J. Kodmur, Inder Chabra. A. S. M. E. PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1911 OFFICERS Chairman.. .Charles R. Kohlenberger Vice-Chairman _ Charles R. Faulders Secretary Nora Lee Hayter Treasurer James E. Simpkins Faculty Advisor _ Professor H. W. Iversen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. P. DeGarno L. Farbar C. K. Ferguson C. F. Garland Robert W. Abshire Myron E. Alexander Clifford R. Allen Eugene Anderson George Anderson Leland Anderson George Aronovsky Mervin Ash Jack Babcock Burch Bachtold Hugh Bain James Ball Robert Barber Richard Barbrack Daniel Barnett Edward Bauer William Bausserman Leonard Beanland Alfred Ball Boris Bernstein Otto Best Thomas Betts Harry Bevans John Bevis Robert Blau Lloyd Blomquist John Bolger Parke Boneysteele Eugene Borson Harry Brandt Wallace Browlie Paul Brunner Brenton Buck Frances Bussink Nissen Cahan Burnham Caldwell Paul Camp James Catterton Inder Chavra Robert Chalmers Gene Christensen Robert Clark H. S. Gordon R. C. Grass! F. M. Hamaker E. D. Howe Gordon Click Antonio D. Co Robert R. Cole Henry E. Conell William G. Conover John A. Cordano, Jr. Clifford D. Coulbert William S. Craig Lawrence Crooks Harold S. Curtis Robert A. Dal Porto George R. Darnell Alvin B. Davidson Harlan K. Deckert, Jr. David H. Dennis Irving Diamond Pattrick H. Donahoe Paul C. Dong Curtis Dreyer Charles C. Dundore James H. Elliott Francis J. Enright Max P. Erhard Forrest L. Fackler William C. Fairbank Donald M. Falconer Charles R. Faulders William L. Faulk Richard Feng Leslie R. Ferguson Robert C. Ferguson Donald H. Fischer R. E. Fisher Marvin M. Fleishman Charles J. Flint Jarrott V. Flowers Ray Foreaker, Jr. John G. Fredenburg Robert J. Freeman John G . Freer John W. French, Jr. Hubert E. Friend ' -n A. Frolli H. W. Iversen H. A. Johnson R. O. Joslyn E. D. Kane W. Kassebohm Paul N. Gadjeff George F. Gaebler Allan E. Gardner Nat A. Garbaldi John Gaspar Howard D. Gatewood Charles R. Geiberger Duane R. Gifford Hugo R. Giusti Richard B. Glickman " rtwrt A. Goad Wallace W. Gobble Bernard Granich Lynn Gray Morris E. Greenberg Dan S. Greene Albert L. Hacker William M. Haire John Hall John W. Hart Chester H. Harvey Oran L. Haseltine Nora-Lee Hayter Sanford I. Heisler Klaus Heller Ellis C. Henson Glen R. Heppard Hugh M. Herrick John A. Herring E. B. Hilton Joseph R. Hilton George Himel Maurice J. Hitchman Raymond L. Hobbs Arnold I. Hoffman Jerome Hollander George H. Holliday Katsuhiro Horiuchi La Verne D. Houser Robert W. Houston W r ebster L. Howard Lester W. Howes Robert E. Hull A. D. K. Laird H. B. Langille J. N. LeConte R. W. Leutwiler W. H. Livingston MEMBERS Gordon S. Hunter Charles S. Hussey, Jr. Henry H. Johnson Kenneth R. Johnson Edwin D. Jones Harold S. Jordan, Jr. Herbert M. Jorgensen Walter G. Kaestner Stanley P. Kallo Victor Karpenko Archibald B. Kennedy Sinclair Knapp M. J. Kodmur C. R. Kohlenberger Feridun Kuran Tilak R. Lall Paul V. LaRue Philip M. Lawhead James A. Leppard Solomon Levy Reuben H. Logging Ernest H. Lorbeer James L. Lyon William B. Mabry David P. MacCulloch J. E. MacDonough Robert H. Macfarland Gerald W. Mackenzie Richard C. Madison Roy C. Marker Lauren B. Marks Loyd L. Marshall Frank A. Martin Myron M. Martin Robert A. Martina Robert L. Mathews Bruce G. McCauley Robert C. McDowell Vernon W. McGillin Charles W. McGuire Hugh K. McJunkin, Jr. Howard R. McKinstry Thos. E, McLellan F. L. Maker M. D. Martin R. C. Martinelli J. L. Meriam P. C. Nelson Walter E. McNeill George Meikle George Merill John A. Meursinge Forrest D. Mikelson Russell S. Miksch Kenton R. Miller Larry J. Miller Spencer P. Miller, Jr. William D. Mitchell Manuel M. Monserrat Ralph B. Moore Morgan J. Morley Ted G. Myers Pauline M. Naillon Robert S. Newman Ronald H. Newman Andrew K. Nielsen II Charles C. Nourse Thomas W. Obert Theodore S. Ockels Ivan C. Odom Robert G. Olsen Robert L. Olson Roger M. Oswalt Russell J. Page Bernard Pakusky Charles K. Parker, Jr. Farrell K. Patterson Kenneth F. Paulovich Marvin H. Pedersen Walter R. Peterson Ernest M. Pettit Allan E. Pickford William S. Pickrell Martha Pitkin Carroll W. Plainer Armand Polansky Ralph E. Pooler Robert C. Puckett Raymond Quan Barbara Quinby Scott C. Ramsden M. P. O ' Brien J. A. Putnam B. F. Raber E. W. Scott R. L. Randall Edward W. Rathbun Willis E. Reed Gordon R. Reeder William H. Reid Eugene J. Revolon Forrest Richards James N. Riley Marshall H. Roe John Arthur Roebuck, Jr. Albert J. Roosma Harding Rose Robert J. Rose, Jr. Paul E. Rosenthal John F. Ross, Jr. William F. Ruck Robert F. Ryon Peter A. Salz El-Saved A. Samni David W. Samson Eduardo Sarmiento Edward C. Saunders Steve Scesa William J. Schaefer Edward G, Schleiger Bernard Schochet Saadia M. Schorr Edward W. Schrader, Jr. Henry O. Semler Lloyd Selene, Jr. Donald B. Sharman James T. Sharpsteen Edward A. Shay W. O. Shepherd Melvin Shore Edward SHverman Irving P. Siminoff William E. Simmons James E. Simpkins Frank J. Sindona Oscar E. Sipe, Jr. Edward C. Skei Hans H. Sonderling R. A. Seban N. W. Snyder E. E. Weibel B. M. Woods El-sayed A. Sorour Paul M. Spring Richard C. Stallman Harry C. Stiver Mountford A. Stokely, Jr. Jack M. Stoltz Clement L. Svoboda James L. Taylor Stanley Thomas William M. Thomas, Jr. Howard A. Thor Robert Tobi John Tom Raymond M. Tom Hugh Tong James V. Trish Charles H. Turnbull Kenneth W. Turner Donald E. Ustick George C. Vane Charles E. Vaughan Howard T. Vaum Elbert P. Wayne Samuel Weiss James T. Weller William L. Werner Alan A. Wharff Johnstone Whitley Robert L. Wiegel Edwin H. Williams Elmer B. Williams Ellis J. Willits, Jr. Robert R. Wilson Richard L. Winesburg Ernest L. Winkler Harry K. Winters William J. Wolf Ratrick P. Wong Felipe T. F. Woo Ross E. Wright Bruce C. Young Paul B. Zydner C.- - Ei. ft ' , v- , D,, k- V P ! Dr i 500 _. . t , . V. Jacobs, C. F. Guiliano, R. C. Bos, R. B. Bond, G. E. Tradl, C. T. Wiskocil. S. T. Harding, B. Bresler, S. H. Bartholomew. SEVENTH ROW: T. E. Kinney, Jr., J. C. Guptill, C. A. McCullougfe, G. J. Matson, W. F. Furey, B. K. Bramble, D. H. Gorman, R. K. Young, M. 0. Clemens, J. A. Wathen, Jr., 5. G. Wathen, F. G. Beaumont. SIXTH ROW: 0. L. Saoehorr,, S. R. Dewsnop, C. Tobi, H. H. Gallafeer, V. L. Clint, D. GratzmadKr, H. Babcock, F. H. Sawyer, R. D. Anderson, J. W. Kelly B. A. Etcheverry. FIFTH ROW: C. S. Hwlbrt, B. E. Reiser, D. R. Holm, J. 0. Foster, E, E. Phillips, J. J. Ward, 0. J. Selmi, B. Skimin, H. C. Thomsen, C. W. Moore, R. Burgan! FOURTH ROW: A. W. Anderson, R. E. Kotwe, J. C. Pond I, H. Abramson, C. V. Kokila, H. Wolf, A. Friedland, D. Hani , 1_ Spanlding, G. W. Bonn. THIRD ROW: C. Boisvert, A. Brando , H. W. Weeks, C. Alzueta, F. Kohno, F. J. Cronin, W. W. Lefwre, F. Calamaro, E. E. Yeager, B. L. Fraser. SECOND ROW: T. E. Burlingame, H. P. Grant, L. H. Maland R. Bentson, D. J. Finlayson, C. F. Kleine, L. W. Riggs, W. N. Records, H. Fong, R. A. Basye. FRONT ROW:A. Scordelis, R. Bei, J. D. Coolidge, B. D. VanZandt, R. C. Tureblood, S. GoMberg, S. Ita-bz Ali, J. N. Crawll, T. V. Tronoff. I PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 I M ER ITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT CHAPTER FOUNDED ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS 1921 Martin Abramson Mum! Augustine Alston Francis Alves Carlos Alzueta Arthur Anerson Raymond Anderson Melville Auberi Harold Babcock Kenneth Baloom Oleg Baloff Stuart Bartholomew Robert Basye Karl Banmeister Kl ne Beaumont George Beck Rim. Bei Bart Berger Robert Bond Clayton Botsver Antonio Bazo Alvin Beiseer Raymond Benton Donald Bissell William Blair George Bonn Ai dor Boutlizkv Robert Brewer Waller Bums Philip Abrams Uenn Bagley Wildred Behrens OFFICERS Fall Alex Scordeli? .President Oliver Northrup I ' ice-President.... Arthur Brando .. . Secretary Stuart Bartholomew Treasurer C. T. WUkocil faculty Advisor Spring .....Frank Ted Finster Bob Young ..Lynn Spaulding B. A. Vallerga HONORARY MEMBERS S. Mumtaz Ali Robert Boss Bill Bramble Arthur Brandow Rupert Brittain Harold Brook Raymond Burgan Tommy Burligame Gerald Carlat Douglas Carmody Robert Castle Donald Chamberlin Roy Clark Morrin Clemens ernon Cline Bertram Cody James Coolidge Maurice Crespo Frank Cronin Jack Crowe!! Heiber Cunliffe Leonard Bushnell Janes Casey Robert Choate Irving Cole Harry Cooper Joseph Caravotto Robert Crommelin William Culver William Dabel Gerald Briston Narayan Contvaetov Richard Erving Clement T. Wiskocil Charles A. Brallier Stanley Dewsnup Edwin Finster Peter Fisher Hayward Fong John Foster Bmce Fraser Alan Friedlan William Fure C. J. Gahn Hugh Gallaher Cannne Giuliano Solomon Goldberg Howard Grant Don Gmtzmacher Charles Gnlick Joseph Guptill Norman Hammersly Orrin Harder William Hees Donald Higgins Donald Holm Jack Davis Donald Finlayson Frederick Fichrschatz Ralph Fong Lloyd Fowler Frank Fries Gerlad Garrisoa Kurt Gerstle Walton Gobi Donald Gorman Wilson Fieberling George Gardner Henry Goeriri Thomas Harrigfeld George D. Whittle GRADUATES Donald Emil Carlson SENIORS LeRoy Holmes Reuben Hurd Peter Inskeep Gerald Jacobs Jack Johnson Sam Kalichman Joseph Kaplan Edwin Kahn Frank Kcrsnar Thomas Kinney Richard Kobne Fred Kohoo Calx in kokila Pau! Land Looi Lee William LeFevre Alfred Leipsig Ouing Ligh Charles Lindgren Wayne McAnley Donald McCrea JUNIORS Albert Gubaldo Benjamin Hajnca George Henderson David Henry Dean Jacobs Myron Jacobs Ernest James Howard Johnson Edgar Jones John Kardell SOPHOMORES Carl Hurlbut Roger Lindholm Robert Lowe Thomas McCutchan Henri J. Onrrti Gopml Due Arord Charles McCulIough Jack McDonald James McCowel! Donald McKillop Donald Mahonv Leslie Maland Douglas Martin Gilbf rt Matson Melvern Mayo Edward Meyer Harvey Milts Charles Moore George Myron Hubert Nielsen Wallace Noru Robert Pail Donate Peoprase Clarence Peterson Edward Phillip. James Powell Richard Register Boris Katz Hugh Kelly diet King Charles Kleine Francis Rosier Alfred Druth George Lineer John Majdick Hal Marron Howard Martin Oliver Northrup Fleming Peek William Pilant Samuel G. Kalichman Bruce Reiser Frank Riffle Louis Riggs William Rinebart Roderick Saunders Frederick Sawyer Robert Schenck Alexander Scordelis Robert Scoring Dominoe Selmi WillUm Shaw Richard Smith Linn Sp ulding Robert Standley Sharad Talati Fred Thompson Hans Thomsen Charles Tab! Robert Todd Henry Tom Charles Norfelt Norman Neste Dale Norberg Donald Olsen Manuel Pasillas Joseph Raphael William Records Edward Rice Robert Skimin Francis Smigle Russell Keith David Sagehorn Henry Schneider Dan Tonelli Theodore Trenoff Brinton Turner Benjamin Van Zandt Philip Virgil Donald Wallace Raymond Walsh James Ward James Wathen Harold Weeks Tys Wigman Roger Wilcox Robert White James Wilson Robert Wilson James Wisda Marvin Wolf Dan Woody Ernest Yeager E. G. Zacher Jack Thacker Harry ' Thayer William Thomason Wei don Trigueiro John Vickrey Bertrand Voss Spaulding Wathen James Yost Robert Young Harold Simon Roy Stenmark Lloyd Thompson FRESHMEN Theodore Elliot Charles Hornbeck BACK ROW, left to right: Molly Howell, Suzanne Carson, Janet Lindsay, Barbara Lowe, Mimi Dodson, Kathie Kaehler. FRONT ROW: Jeanne Marian, Tcni Bristow, Martha Waldron, Barbara Gray, Pat Barnard. Ace of Clubs (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms. ..Jeanne Mahun ..Didi I ..min- ion i Bristow ....Ruth Porter Pat Barnard Georgene Calder Suzanne Carson Mimi Dodson MEMBERS Barbara Gray Molly Howell Kathie Kaehler Janet Lindsay- Barbara Lowe Peggy Onstead Ruth Porter Martha Waldron 502 i BACK ROW, left to right: Bill Fitzmaurice, Jerry Coonley, El Williams, Ross Farmer, Jchn Appel, Cal Dunbar, Dick Burns, Fred Gilchrist, John Fester, Dick Lemon, Ray Mitcher Lee Weiss, Jim Taylor, Fred Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Hugh Shippey, Bob Maxwell, Bruce Ellicthorpe, Al Matthews. Jim Elmendorf, Bob Layman, Don Anderson, Bruce Dunwoodie. Bob Randolph, George Smith, Lue Evens, Cal Kokila, Lynn Schloss, R. B. Tippet, George McDaniels, Bert Reich. THIRD ROW: Bob Frye, Dick DeForrest, Jack Linthicum, Andy Jara, Don Wallace, Fred Jones, Professor F. C. Palm, Jim Bloom, Jack Downs, Hank Cleary. Bill O ' Neil, Bill Abbott. SECOND ROW: Ralph Pringle, Norm Newcomb, Jim Campbell, Chuck Vaughn, Joe Spray, Art Sutler, Jim Elliot, Jack Everett, Arnold Seepold, Jack Granfeld, Bob Blois, Bob Bergman. FRONT ROW: Phil Arnot, Stan Cutler, Bob Conway, Bob Hawes, Val White, Wally Stone, Bob Timmons, Frank Timmers, Jack McDonald, Buzz Schultz, Bunny Comslock, Ted Winslow, Phil Crawford. Phi Phi (National Interfraternity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Gordon Crews President Dick Burns Vice-President. Lynn Schloss Secretary Heber Smith ....Treasurer Spring ....Stan Cutler ...El Williams ...Frank Tims ..Bob Conway HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Walton Bean Erie Bellqui.-t James Corley Malcolm Davidson Clint Evans Stanley Freeman Chaff ee Hall. Jr. Brutus Hamilton Norman Hinds E. D. Kane David Mitchell Ronald Olson Franklin Palm Royal Roberts Frank Russell Vernon Smith R. B. Tippett C.J.Vogt Edwin Voorhies Lynn Waldorf Howell Williams Garff Wilson Dirk Burns BobBloi Nate Bower Jim Campbell Hank Cleary Gordon Crew - Pat Cunningham Bruce Dunwoody Jim Elliott Bill Fitzmaurice Bob Force Don Anderson John Appel Jack Bailey Jim Bloom Ed Christofferson Bunnie Comstock Jack Downs John Foster Fred Gilchrist Jim Gray Hugh Grinstead Bob Hawes Bob Henniger Andy Jara Cal Kokila Jack Linthican Bill Majors Bob Conway Jerry Coonley Phil Crawford Stan Cutler Les Dean Dick Deforrest GRADUATES Jim Elmendorf SENIORS Al Mathew ! Bob Maxwell George McDaniel Jack McDonald John McGrew Ray Mitrhler Norm Newcomb Don O ' Malley Ross Farmer Dan Priest JUNIORS Cal Dunbar Lou Evan- Jack Everett Bob Frye Ken Kine Bill O ' Neil Bert Reich Ralph Pringle Bob Randolph H ardy Rapp Fred Robertson Bob Royce Ed Schuert Buzz Schultze Arnold Seepel Bill Shaw Hugh Shippey George Smith Joe Spray Jack Swaner Jim Taylor Frank Tims Lynn Srhloss Bob Su i nl Ir Wally Stone Art Sutler Frank Timmers Bob Timmons Charles Vaughan Ted Winslow Bill Wright Cliff Wright John Toellner Bill Whelan Val White El Williams John Worsley 503 BACK ROW, left to right: Shirlee Herald, June Paul, Jean Mitchell, Jeanne Lewis, Carolyn Peterson. SECOND ROW: Harriette Tyre, Marge Hillyard, Jean Tracy, Jean Hepfer, Sally Telford. FRONT ROW: Chris Bothwell, Janet Overmire, Dean Cunningham, Marcia Fischer, Bev Kristich. Pi Alpha Sigma (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer ... Mary Jean Cunningham Christine Bothwell Janet Overmire Beverly Kristich Miss Florence Gardner, Sponsor Miss Merle Brothers Miss Dorothea Gilroy Mrs. Muriel Tsvetkoff Miss Marguerite E. Downing Miss Ruth Callaham HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Helen O ' Neil Mrs. Louise Landis Mrs. Lela Huey Mrs. Tova Wiley Mrs. Hulda McGinn Mrs. Helen Murray Hall Miss Lois Ingall Mrs. Lucrezia Kemper Mrs. Edith Anderson Mrs. Gertrude Scott Miss Eleanor Lynons Mrs. Fay King Watts Mrs. Dorothv Frank Christine Bothwell Mary Jean Cunningham Devora Dwiggins Marcia Fischer Jean Hepfer Shirley Herald MEMBERS Gloria Hertz Margery Hillyard Beverly Kristich Jane Lewis Jane Lundhurg Marion Melrose Jeanne Mitchell Janet Overmire Cynthia Parker June Paul Carolyn Peterson Sally Telford Jean Tracy Harriette Tyre 504 BACK ROW, left to right: Carol Sunkel, Marjorie Street, Dorothea Bartlett, Jean Linage. Jean Nalbandian. SECOND ROW: June Herrod, Edna Battani, Anna Jean Demsey, Bonnie McVicker, Jean Cline. FRONT ROW: Willie Schaufelberger, Alice Wilson, Lois Doyle, Alice LaMont. Phi Chi Theta (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity I FOUNDED IN CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1925 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Schaufelberger .......... ...... President ________ ........................ _. Willie Schaufelberger Alice Wilson ..... _________ ................. ......... ________ I ' ice-President ...... _______ ......................... _______ ....... Alice Wilson Alice LaMont .......... ........... Secretary ............................... _______________ .......... Alice LaMont I.ii- Doyle ----- ......... ................ ...................... Treasurer. .................................. ...... ___________ Lois Doyle Virginia Crawford ......................... ..................... Historian ......................... ............................ Jean Uridge Joyce Atwood ....... ............................ Iris Correspondent ...... ............................ LaVaughn McVicker Janice Lamborn .......... -------- ......... Personnel _______________ .......... ...................... Janice Lamborn Rosemary Rutledge j Chapter Hostess Anna Jean Demsev Anna Jean Demsey HONORARY MEMBERS Mr-. ( :alherine DeMotle Quire Ewald T. Grether Mrs. Vera Mae Tw t Joyce Atwood Dorothea Bartlelt Edna Battini Jean Cline Marjorie Coles irginia Crawford Anna Jean Demsey Ini- Doyle Lois Forman MEMBERS i ian Grant Grace Harrington Eleanor Heidig June Herrod Janice Lamborn Alice LaMont La Vaughn McVicker Jean Nalbandian Brill-Marie Ostline Prudence Rogers Rosemary Rutledge ilhelmene Schaufelberger Lura Silliman Allison Stevenson Marjorie Street Carol Sunkel Jean Uridge Jean Wither Alice Wilson 505 flftl i ' iv BACK ROW, left to right: Bob Wanger, Bill Fay, Bob Barton, Chris Telefson, Ed Nettell, Clayton Hastings. THIRD ROW: Bob Larzelere, Al Hall, Dick Auslen, George Shuck, Bruce Fanshier, John Gibsen, Don Noakes. SECOND ROW: Jim Hokanson, Carl Trost, Bob Yank, Farnham Jory, Huntley Johnson, Bob Desky, Oran Barlow, Dick Hansen. FRONT ROW: Don Griffith, Lee Petersen, Dave Wenrich, Ross Adams, Ben Scribner, Bill Ellsworth, Don Lynch. Baton (Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President V ice-President.. Secretary Treasurer Don Griffith .Dave Wenrich Ross Adams ....Lee Petersen UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Walter Nollner HONORARY MEMBER Chris Telefson Ross Adams Dick Auslen Oran Barlow Bob Barton Howard Benson Bruce Browning Jerry Coonley Harold Dahlmeir Bob Deskey Bill Ellsworth Jack Everett Bruce Fanshier ; Bill Fay John Gibson MEMBERS Don Griffith Al Hall Dick Hanson Clayton Hastings Jim Hokanson Jim Hutchinson Farnham Jory Huntley Johnson Leroy Klekamp Charles Krug Don Landaur Paul LaRue Bob Larzelere Neil Lucas Aaron Lukton Don Lynch Ed Nettell Walter Nicol Don Noakes Dick Oehler Lee Petersen Ben Schribner George Shuck Carl Trost Bol) Wanger Dave Wenrick Wallace Wilson Bob Yank 506 Speech Arts Clubs FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1939 ONE CHAPTER Fall Jim Hines . Virginia Lindburg Jean Fisette George Marrhi Frank Merrill Warren Wilson Aurora M. Qniros Shulamith Al. ram-on Sally Bertram Edgar Blake David Blain Jan BctT-tw irk Teddy Brancato Beverly Brooke Marjorie Bn- n LuUe Came Jeanne Cannon Mary Copita- Curtis Cureton I.iii- Dean La Verne Dillon John Dunworth Jeanne Eliott John Ens Norma Fantozzi Genevieve Fisette Richard Foster Betty Gardner Allire Garrett Elaine G!a ? berg Prter Goldrchmidi Phillip Grigg Beverly Gustafson Pat Hagerty Helen Hale OFFICERS -__PresIen Trttay-Trtasurrr.. .-Exfcutif Committrr FACULTY ADVISORS MEMBERS Carol Haley Archie Hanlan Patty Han -en Marilyn Hilliard Jim Hine- Sam Holmes Peter Hunt Marna Johnson Bill Kea-by Jean Kemppe Alice Kevorkian Malcolm Kirby Betty Ann Klanil Kenneth Landon Bob Lew i- irginia Lindbnrg Bill Linlor Al Livingston Fio d Loughrer Alfred Luke Mildred Mallory George March! Muriel McDennott Jean McLaughlin Frank Merrill Dale Millar Tom Morgan Bonnie Neely Spring ___ienneth Landon Harriet Nenfeld Sonia Saeta Phil Griggs Floyd Longhrey Dirk Roman Uilliam B. McCoard Harriet Neofeld Marie Null Dawn Paw-on Ruth Porter Jerry Randall Ramona Reynolds Frances Rhode? Anita Rirkmond Dick Rosman Sonia Saeta Pauline Srhlieker Jeanne Shafer Mary Sherwin Anne Sbonp Naomi Shnbin Shan Slalter Kathleen Sullivan LeeSutton Maurice Sweatt Joy Torslrup Janet Toston Dorothy Wileman Ellen Williams Anne V5 ood Pal Workman Wanda Yaley Audrey Yates Elizabeth Young 507 ' BACK ROW, left to right: Marian Cole, Constance Trigonis, Sue Mangin, Janedare Steerk, Helen Stern, Barbara Palmer, Iris Rempel. SECOND ROW: Glenn Hughes, Lillian Obata, Pat A. Adams, David A. Green, Helen A. Blummensteel, Eleanor Williams. FRONT ROW: Florence Bevis, Jerry Derylo, Joan Obidine, Roberta Oechslr, Doris Villadsen, Gene Hermpel. Delta Epsilon (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 TWO CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer Florence Bevis Jerry Deyrlo ..Jay Frierman, Eleanor Williams Joan Ohidim: ... Roberta Oechsli Clifford Adams Patricia Adams Erwin Affalter David Alter Zoe Apostolides Florence Bevis Olga Billones Helen Blumenthal Joseph Cain Marion Cole Edward Compton William Damon Jack Davis Julia Davis Florence DeBonis Jerry Derylo Gertrude Duggan Fillmore Eisenmayer ASSOCIATE MEMBERS University of California Art Faculty ACTIVE MEMBERS Analee Freeman Charlotte Gordon Colin Graham Kathryn Grassel David Green Heidi Hall Lynn Haslan John Head Gene Hemple Glenn Hughes Marjorie Hyde William Irwin Robert Lustig Fred Martin Fred Mayer Constance Montgomery Lillian Obata Joan Obidine Roberta OechsM Kenneth Orrett Barbara Palmer Marjorie Palmerto:i Henry Paroutaud Sonya Rapoport Iris Remple Joseph Rice Walter Snelgrove Harold Spencer Helen Stern Janedare Sturk Dorothy Tarn Constance Trigonis Doris Villadson Eleanor Williairs Rolbin Wilson 508 r t f K. + BACK ROW, left to right: Jan R. Klinkert, De Wayne Johnson, T. J. Robbins, W. R. Kitchens, S. C. Troy, H. Fowler. THIRD ROW: Vincent L. Vandevert. Jack McCarthy, Chet Sobesy, Dave Clark, Ben Alexander. SECOND ROW: William Parker, Charles Goodman, Howard Smith, Raymand Coppcck, R. G. Cone, Jr., Ken Johnscn. FRONT ROW: Alfred Tomlinson, Theddore Bernard!, William WarHurst, Phillip Stevens, R. W. Beaton. Sigma Delta Chi (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1943 FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President V ice-President . Secretary Treasurer Historian .Roderick W. Beaton Victor Bogart Howard M. Smith David E. Clark ....Charles Goodman John F. Allen Paul C. Bodenhamer Robert V. Desmond Harold Ellis Walter S. Frederick Philip Griffin Claire M. Hamilton PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Neal O. Hines David Kasavan Mel Lester John Lund Philip N.McCombs Maynard Morris Scott Newhall Lyman J. Noordhoff Gordon Pates George A. Pettitt Kenneth Priestly George W. Seidl Arthur W. Slypes William A. Townes Gerald D. Adams Benjamin H. Alexander Theodore M. Bernard! Gordon A. Broun Gu M. (iarruthers Ro s E. Chiebeater, Jr. Ru.-.-ell G. Cone, Jr. Raymond H. Coppock John E. Corrigan Lyford L. Craig Stuart V. D ' Adolf James I ' . K-t.--. Jr. George C. Finneran Herbert S. Fowler ill kimH. Gray Bert D. Greenberg Philip J. Gregory Robert E. Hanna MEMBERS John A. Hildreth Jack Howard Eugene A. JaderquUt DeWayne B. Johnson Kenneth G. Johnston Troy H. Kitchens Jan R. Klinkert Ralph L. Krelle Paul Lippman Charles E. McCain Francis J. McCarthy John E. McCarthy George W. McMullin Ni.-kG.Mikos Paul T. Moser Jack N. O ' Neal Benito F. Pabon William E. Parker illys I. Peck Arthur E. Powers Chester Sobsey Phillip H. Stevens Theodore E. Streshinsky William A. Takahashi Thomas R. Talamini Alfred E. Tomlinson George A. Trigueros Clyde V. Tussey Vincent L. Vandevert William J. Warhurst Arthur G. Wild, Jr. Paul S. Williams. Jr. Kenneth E. Wilson Thomas N. Winnett Jere D. Witter 509 . . W r V y- V BACK ROW, left to right: George Gordon, William Davis, Roy Murdock, Allen Backer, Douglas Hukkanen, John Lane, William Prindle, Bob Anderson, Chuck Elson. THIRD ROW: Ralph Hultgren, Bruce Randall, Jack Evernden, Marc Miller, Chuan Chang, Miles Thcmpson, J. Abshier, William Bartholomew. SECOND ROW: Joseph Elizondo, George Metcalf, Oleg Sherby, Daniel Nolan, F. Weston Starratt, Al Parr, Bill Betzler, Tom Nelson. FRONT ROW: John Truchot, Jr., V. F. Hollister, Val Freeman, Al McGuinness, Mitchell Lekas, George Pappas, Bill Whitton. Mining Association FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1902 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall George Pappas ... __ President George Metcalf Vice-President,. Victor Hollister Secretary John Truchet _ - Treasurer Albert McGuinness Goat Don Schuler Jim Braun George Simpkins J Spring ...John Truchet, Jr. Victor Hollister Val Freeman Albert McGuinness George Pappas f George Simpkins ..Reps, at large Mitchell Lekas Eugene Wilson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lester C. Uren Bernard York Thomas Abshier Ernest Ahrens Robert Anderson Loren Angel Harold Baker William Bartholomew Robert Beals Al Bernstein William Betzler James Bigelow William Blank William Blankenship Jack Brand Arnold Brown Robert Burke John Buster Daniel Cameron William Capps William Carder, Jr. Chuan Chang Thoni Cherian Ralph Clark William Davis, Jr. MEMBERS Jack Donahue Joseph Elizonde Charles Elson Jack Euernden Philip Fairlie Robert Fields Chung Gong George Gordon Jack Griffin William Griswold Douglas Hukkanen Dean Hunter Crawford Jacobsen Mahlon Kirk William Kruse John Lane, Jr. Mitchell Lekas Frank Lutter Selby Marks Pete Massen Malcolm McGregor Marc Miller William Miller Roy Murdock Thomas Nelson, Jr. Eugene Newman Daniel Nolan 7alter Paroni John Peters William Prindle Bruce Randall Ben Sheppard Oleg Sherby George Simpkins Ronald Skow Hugh Smith Wes Starratt Roderick Stewart William Strong Donald Tarr, Jr. Miler Thompson Philip Wachs Donald Walker William Whitton Eugene Wilsen Erwin Winterhalder Walter Wong 510 BACK ROW, left to right: Malcolm McGregor, Victor Hollister, Robert Thomas, Ronald Newman, York Mandra, Alexander Wilson, Garniss Curtis, Frank Lutter, Thomas E. Gay, Jr. THIRD ROW: Harold Boyd, George Metcalf, Jack Kniveton, Jack Evernden, John F. Truchot, Jr., Marc 0. Miller, Joseph Elizondo, John Wight, Theo Crook. SECOND ROW: George Pappas, Edgar Borglin, Robert Rose, Mustafa Aydinoglu, Louis Briggs, Joe Bush, Burt Slemmons, W. H. Somerton. FRONT ROW: Oleg Sherby, Dan Nolan, George Simpkins, Howell Williams, Perry Byerly, S. P. Welles. Theta Tau (National Professional Engineering Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Fall John Kniveton William Bu ? h David Bush Wallace McClure OFFICERS Regent ...Vice-Regent... Treasurer ....Scribe Spring Garniss Curtis ..George Simpkins ... Thomas Gay, Jr. George Metcalf Dr. Perry Byerly Dr. Ralph Chancy Dr. Lionel Duschak Dr. Carlton Hulin Dr. Robert Kleinpell Loren Angel Mustafa Aydinoglu William Bartholomew Fred Bender ictor Boisseree Edgar Borglin Harold Boyd James Brice Walter Bridge I .Miii- Briggs William Bush Perry Byerly, Jr. Bert Conrey Garniss Curtis William Duncan James Dunn FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Howell Williams FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Gerge Louderback Dr. Adolph Pabst Dr. Nicholas Taliaferre Dr. Lester Uren Dr. Samuel Welles MEMBERS Joseph Elizonde Jack Evernden Robert Fields Charles Fulmer Thomas Gay, Jr. Jonathon Halsey Victor Hollister John Kniveton James Luce Frank Lutter York Mandra Peter Masson Alden McElrath Malcolm McGregor George Metcalf Marc Miller Theo Crook David Mitchell Wilbur Somerton Edward Wisser Ronald Newman Dan Nolan John Ogilvie George Pappas Robert Ray- Carl Romney Robert Rose Oleg Sherby George Simpkins David Slemmons John Stoddard John Truchot John Waldron John Wight Alexander Wilson, Jr. 511 BACK ROW, left to right: Clifford T. Nakajima, William F. Reed, Joel P. Martin, Leonard Osias, Mitchell C. Lewis, Gayford F. Wilson, Jere M. Musser, Edwin H. Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Ed Ueberrhein, Ralph L. Rovner, Ralph Ligon, W. Hiura, Raymond M. Paz, Richard W. Gilman, William N. Deuberry, Clayton G. Soohoo. FOURTH ROW: Herman C. Bolinger, Thayer W. Cline, Jr., Jerome B. Kavanaugh, Jr., Richard A. Allphin, Seymour S. Sweer, Arnold S. Innerfield, William Madsen, Don McDonald. THIRD ROW: Wilbur W. Linville, Jack Vogel, Bert Hartzell, Albert L. Frank, Harvey Arnold, Jerry Gross, Leonard Leibowitz. SECOND ROW: Wallace G. Malloch, David M. Leibel, Charles E. Seger, Henry Linken, James E. Miller, Irving A. Marder, Allan B. Colt, Harold H. Fitting. FRONT ROW: Ted Foster, George B. Barnes, Dewey Jan, Bernhardt N. Thai, Samuel Rosenthal, William E. Fleischman, Harold C. Gl over. Associated Students of Optometry FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1941 Fall William Fleischman.. James Miller Edith Connolly _ James Crosby, Jr OFFICERS Spring President George Barnes ..V ice-President James While Secretary Bernice Color ....Treasurer ... William Van Bokkelen Kenneth Stoddard Ralph Minor Gordon Wallis UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Meredith Morgan, Jr. Sherburne Cook Owen Dickson Jack Hobson Frederick Mason Henry Peters George Allen Richard Allphin Harvey Arnold George Barnes Roger Barr Raymond Bergman Herman Bolinger Edwin Bradley Paul Bush Harry Clarke Thayer Cline Allen Coe Bernice Coler Allen Colt Edith Connolly James Crosby, Jr. George Deane, Jr. William Deuberry Gordon Duffy Jack Elfant Harold Fitting William Fleischman Ted Foster Albert Frank Neil Frost Richard Gilman Harold Glover Kenneth Gove Jerome Gross Raymond Harbinson Bert Hartzell Frederick Hebbard Thomas Hewitt Wilfred Hiura Arnold Innerfield Midori Inouye Clemens Jacques Allen Jaeger Dewey Jan Paul Johns Gordon Jones Ronald Julien MEMBERS Dorothy Jung Jerome Kavanuugh Julian Labo Mary Lee Mever Leibel Leonard Leibowitz William Lem Arthur Leonard, Jr. Mitchell Lewis Edward Ligon Henry Linker Wilbur Linville Calvin Lubran William Madsen Wallace Malloch Irving Marder Joel Martin Donald McDonald James Miller George McDonald Louis Minkin Stanley Mioduchowski Ben Moises Jere Musser George Mye, Jr. Carl Myers Thomas Nagy Toschio Nakajuma James Neilson Paul Nielsen Winston Nielsen Leonard Osias Bruce Parsons Raymond Paz Edward Petrofsky Warren Propes Lawrence Purcel Morris Rabinowitz William Reed Jorn Regan Samuel Rosenthal Robert Ross, Jr. Ralph Rovner George Sleen Charles Segar Milton Seigal Peter Signorotti Clayton Soohoo Harold Stein Donald Stoutamyer William Spencer Seymour Sweet Bernhardt Thai Arthur Thall Garley Tinhle Stanley Tom Leslie Trekell August Ueberrhein Jack Vogel William Van Bokkelen Righard Weinberg James White Gayford Wilson William Wright 512 Dr. Karl Baker Geraldine Puerto Marion Cleeves Farley Reasoner Fat Mallon Dcnald Rcse Thomas Newton Sylvia Smclick Pre-Medical Society I ill M)ED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ONE CHAPTER Fall Pat Mallon Donald Ro-r Arthur Myrr- Geraldine Puerla j OFFICERS Spring President Robert Moorse I ' ice-President Jim Luce , Dick Bigelow Secretary-Treasurer j Joe Mal f erstein Farley Reasoner Asst. Secretary-Treasurer Farley Reasoner Douglas Foight Publicity Chairman Douglas Foight S l ia Snuilick .Social Chairman Marion Cleeves Marion Cleeves Membership Chairman Geraldine Puerta Tom Newton.... Program Chairman Pat Mallon SPONSOR Dr. Carl Baker Orland Ander-i.n Bernard Alexander Lewi- Beall Beverly Berndt Ann Bicknell Richard Bigelow Harry i!i-li " | iina Belle Borden Joan Braverman Frank Brev-ttT Elli ? Byer Edward Camarena Arthur Chan Hubert Chan Franklin Chinn Rii-t-mary Clark Ted Clark Marion Cln-M ' - Edward Cohen Jack Cohen I run C.olien . E.Cohen anara Cooper Marilyn Cri t Juanita Dangele Jim I ).:w -mi E-ter Eastvold Frank Filieetti Edna Mae Finger Robert Florin- Douglas Foight Paul Forlx-- Emanuel Friedman Richard Gau-e Marilyn Ge-t Morton Greenberger Lome Hall Jane Haylett Tom R. Hodges H.-len Holvur-en Rii-hanl Ingrahan l.i .- R. IventOM-h MEMBERS Israel E. Jacobson Dorothy Jennings Richard Jone Jeanne Jouvenal Herbert Kent K.iiri Ichiro Kamei l.ui- S. Keinnitzer Bruce M. Kinnear Alvin Kruin Ralph Kulberg Sue G. Lee James Loaper James Luce Donald R. Lutz Robert Lux M en J. Marhette Joe Malerptein Pat Mallon David Mane itz en Marchette Robert Ma " ii Mary Jane Mercin Richard A. Merrill nita Miewochner Stanley Monteith Robert C. Moore Arthur Myer Philip Neisingh Thomas Newton Larry Onitsuka Breshears Oti- Anne Palubicki Barbara Park Paul Parragnirre Delbert F. Pearson Marian Perry Geraldine Puerta Marvin H. Quicker! Farle S. Rea oner Donald H. Rose Laura Ryan Francis Sayan Gilbert Searle Harold J. Simon Douglas Smith Sylvia Smolick Aaron Steinberg Bruce C. Stratton Grant Swanson Desmond F. Surfleet ananabe Tak Gwen Thomson Frank Todd Mi-- Troutman Yukio Uyeno Crew Wa ' ite Chia-ta Wang Barbara Washaner Jo eph U eisshart Patricia Wills Roy Wong Gordon K. Wood Harold H. Yackey 513 BACK ROW, left to right: Jean Hickman, Jeannine Coombs. Rose Marie Dunham, Gwen Sparks. SECOND ROW: Barbara Green, Bonnie Perkins, Joyce Johnson, Annette Call. FRONT ROW: Jackie Grant, Mary Watkirison, Norlyn Snow Pequet. Lambda Delta Sigma UPSILON CHAPTER HONORARY MEMBER Isaac B. Ball OMEGA CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Lola Nielsen President Spring Jeannine Coombs V ice-President Annette Call Carol Dunham Secretary Betty Sanders Francis Nix OMEGA ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Lujuana Ross Lynn Piquet Beth Young Alice Mae Allen Elaine Sorensen Barbara Smith Lola Nielsen Mary Bennion Jackie Dansie Mary Lou Farr Marjean Haddock OMEGA CHAPTER MEMBERS Susan Anderson Merle Ballantyne Annette Call Jeannine Coombs Carol Dunham Jackie Grant Barbara Green Joan Hickman Lois Isaac Joyce Johnson Maxine Manning Francis Nix Betty Sanders Geneve Scott Gwenn Sparks Marian Squire Mary Watkinson Shanna Watson Nadine Williams Anne Wood Barbara Evans Margaret Hales Doris Denning Bonnie Perkins 514 v Y ' BACK ROW, left to right: Douglas Ream, Le Roy Eyring, Scott Bybee, Dick Nolder, Nally Scott, Harold Eldredge, Lew Skanchy, Jack Wilson, Bill Parley. THIRD ROW: Calvin Simons, Dunstan Granshaw, Lyle Fackrell, Floyd Bishop, Bliss Kock, Bates Grian, Nerner, Marlton Simons, Gordon Davis. SECOND ROW: Joe Hilton, Bill Burnham, Bill Halverscn, Dick Smith, Hal Babcock, Floyd Pickett, Dick Coltrin. FRONT ROW: Bruce Parsons, Nerner, Neil Christeinsen, Paul Terry, Bill Sparks, Don Merrill. Fall Don Merrill Marlton Simons.. Calvin Simons Delbert Rock ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS President V ice-President _ Secretary ....Treasurer Spring ...Lew Skanchy ..Bill Burnham ..Gordon Davis .Vic Cline Lowell Bishop William Burnham Robert Burch Scott Bybee Don Cannon Neil ChrHtensen Vic Cline Dick Coltrin Bill Darley Gordon Davis Harold Eldredge ALPHA CHAPTER MEMBERS Jon Ens Dwight Goodwin Dunstan Granshaw Bill Halverson Lester Hanson Charles Hill Jasper Hogeweide Don Merrill Darrell Nielsen Dick Nolder Floyd Pickett Doug Ream Walley Scott Cal Simons Marlton Simons Lew Skanchy Richard Smith Bill Sparks Paul Terry Richard Werner James Werner Harold Babcork Doug Haynes 515 BACK ROW, left to right: Heineman, Buchhcltz, G. Bartcn, Moser, Keppel, McKamish, Fahning. SECOMD ROAf: Yeaman, Na ' .h-Gupta, N. Barton, Knott, Granquisi, Teeter, McKenna, King. FRONT ROW: Peekema, Naumann, Williams, Miller, Reid, Rebcld, Chinn. American Chemical Society (California Chapter of Student Affiliates) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1876 LOCAL SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1938 OFFICERS Fall Hal Granquist President Spring Gordon William William Rebold V ice-Pres ident Robert Naumann Janette Knott Secretary Jean Miller Leland Chinn.... ....Treasurer - James Reid Charles Allen George Barton Natalie Barton Evelyn Blasius Robert Boydston George Brown Carl Buchholtz Stanley Castner Leland Chinn James Cook George Cunningham James Dyer Joseph Felder Fean Fitzsimmins Jules Gall Victor Cede Jewel Goddard Hal Granquist M. Margaret Grant Gopie Gupta Douglas Haskel Charles Hathaway Dale Hill Stanley Hotchner John Ingraham Robert Jamison Charles Keppel Mach King MEMBERS Janette Knott Helen Lee Alexander Lindsay Orville Lowe Marilyn Mann Jean Miller Donald Miller James Moser Norbert Muller William McBride Warren McCarty Harley McCamish Francis McKenna Raleigh McKisson Robert Nauman Robert Olson Donald Orth Paul Pierson Richard Peekema Bing Poon James Robbers William Rebold James Reid Herbert Rubin DeForrest Rudd Carroll Schmitz Dale Smathers William Spoonoer David Strange Winifred Tarpey Richard Teeter Patricia Thurinan Walter Thompson Howard Vaughn Gocden Wall Grady Weeks Joseph Welch Alwyn Winters Gordon Winters Lowry Wilson Dean Yeaman 516 BACK ROW, left to right: Lous Ralpk Pooler, John AUricfe, Orid Porter, Clart Filler, Raj EnMey, OhaT E. Bat , , , . DM JtocCrflocb, Joke McDade, Carleton Baytess, Mildred Magid, HaraM EnMe Williams, 1. LkJrtensteia, Mm Ucas, A. I. Coops, A. E. Deyo, B. D. HcVey, A. . Harry Kefer, Donald Berte, John Sonera, Joh EvioM, Verm SmiU, George Stantoi, Robe SECOND ROW: George Kaict, John Farter, Clyde Heady, Mai Ellison, Robert Rathbwi, William Wallace. FRONT ROW: Filey Ehort , William Driops, Ckarles Calliewirtb. Mora Wesley, H. A. Mxtt, I. D. Shields, W. E. McMeery, Carl Gettwtt. Ten, Joel Kitchens, John nmettr, Mm OMenkamp, Hand Wibon, cock. FOURTH ROW: Wallace Bergeron, Edward Cordell, William srson, L. Freiberg, Jerome McMakon. THIRD ROW: Elm Mi, Keita rtartbM, Mick N i ri, Donald Hoicaab, Gilbert ! toon, Darrett Dare, Laurence Aitel, Richard Reed, Jason , Kilpatrick, Robert Bteis, Robert BrysL ucs UCSEE JOINT BRANCH OF STUDENT CH-APTERS OF AIEE AND IRE FOUNDED IN 1947 EE JOINT .ENT Fall Forrest Barker Norman Winnin ? tad Dow Bame- Gertrude Brill Mnrel S " hile OFFICERS .Chairman I ice-Chairman . . Treasurer AIEE Secretary.. IRE Secretary... Spring Norman Tinningstad Charles Golden Charle- CoIlinsM orth Murel White James Kilpatrirk FACULTY COUNSELOR R. M. Saunder 517 Alpha Phi Ome MEMBERS Frank Angelo Russell Archerd George Aronovsky John Asakura Donald A twater Robert Barns Victor Boisseree Frank Burriesci Robert Callahiin Carney Campion Mark Clevenger Danny Coelho George Cook Harold Dahlmeire Dick Davis Jack Donahue Jack Everett Sheldon Friedman Rirhard Galvan Billie Gibbons Sol Goldberg Philip Ham Joe Kazan Alan Johnson Jim Johnson Clarence Jones Henry Laevsky Milton Magid Harley McCamish William McCullough Jack McNichols William Melnicoe Robert Miller Robert T. Miller Louis Raune-Linde John Risquez George Rodts John Steinke Thomas Tindall Thomas Tonkin Mark Tukaczynski Bernard Weeks Charles Welby Edward Wollenberg David Zeff Aronovsky Asakura Atwater Boisseree Campion Coelho Cock Dahlmeire Donahue Everett Galvan Ham Hazan Laevsky Magid McCullough McNichols Miller Raun-Linde Risquez Steinke Weeks Wollenberg Welby Zeff Angelo Burriesci Callanan Johnson, A. Johnson, J. McCamish Rodts Sobeck Tukaczynski Tucker (National Bo y Scout Fraternity) FOUNDED AT LAFAYETTE COLLEGE, 1925 GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1947 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall William McCullough President Robert Miller V ice-President.... Donald Atwater Secretary Louis Raun-Linde Alumni Secretary.. Philip Ham Historian. Spring .William MoCullough Henry Laevsky Robert Miller Harley McCamish ..John Steinke John Asakura Treasurer Jack Everett Frank Angelo Sergeant- it-Arnis Bernard H. Weeks Charles Welby Chairman Advisory Committee Charles Welby A. T. L. Armstrong Joe Esser SPONSORS Theodore Malm Hurford E. Stone Fred Slripp 518 X BACK ROW. left to right: Cm at Pi !!. Krt Gentle, Augustus Better, Ctayun Merrill CtaMs, Suart Barthotane., Jwes CoolkJ . THIRD ROW taies PweU, Frank Mer, Lin Spaildiig, liam Redden, Ednrd ScordeJts, William IMdt, Ednrd Meyer. Alan Friedbad, Mi Gretzmacher, Leslie Mated, Ripen Brittain, Verm OIK, Brace Reiser. Robert Blake. SECOND ROW: Lavs Rigss, Jr., William LeFewt, AJovder BBon, Hgb Gallaker, DMUJBJC Sebn. FRONT ROW: DonaM Wiskoscil, Borm Bresler, George Troell, Harold GoUas. Chi Ep$ilon iCii ' il Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1922 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY CHAPTER- FaU Le-lie Maland Rupert Brittain ( tFFICERS President . I ice-President.. Donald Grutemacker Secretary Yernon Cline Treasurer _ Bruce Dnnwoody ...Associate Editor of the Transit.. Spring Rupert Brittain Linn Spanlding ..Martin Abramson Frank Kersnar ...Jeter Fisher UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Paul Bailey Borif Brevier Henry Brunnier Harmer Davi- Raymond Davis Charles Derleth Henrv Dew ell Howard Eberhart Sturla Einarsson Bernard Etcheverry Francis Foote Sidney Harding U alter Hnber Charles Hyde Harold Gotaa- Bruce Jameson Joe Kelly Wilfred Laneelier Tung- Yen Lin George Malony Leon Nishkian Arnold Ollitt Igor Popov Augustn Saph Fred Scobey Robert Sproul George Troxell Bernard Yallerga Ray Walker Clement Wiskocil Richard Woodward Robert Green John Jone Caleb MrCormirk Dave Pirtz GRADUATES Karl Pister Milos Polivka William Rodden Robin Rovnolds Daroeron William? Martin Abramson Raymond Anderson William Balch Richard Barhite Stnart Bartholomew Robert Ba- e Donald Banmeister George Beaumont Alvin Beiser Augustus Berger Robert Blake George Bohn Clayton Boisvert Rupert Brittain James Casey Walter Clausen Morrin Clemens emon Cline James Coolidge Frank Cronin Bruce Dunwoody Peter Fisher Bruce Fraser Alan Friedland Hugh Gallaber Kurt Ger-lle Donald Gorman Donald Grutzmacker MEMBERS Charles Gulick Rafael Gnrevitz Thomas Holland LeRoy Holmes Myron Jacobs Samuel Kalicbman Frank Kersnar Thomas Kinney Francis Koster Richard Kohne Fred Kohne William LeFevre Ralph Lowly Leslie Maland Edward Meyer Howard Naftzger Ererette Ow Charles Pestana Oscar Piemme James Powell William Records Bruce Reiser Louis Riggs Richard Roberts Holland Rollins Roderick Sannders Alexander Scordelb Dominic Selmi Wayne Sharp Raymond Sholes Linn Spanlding Jack Thacker Hans Thomsen Charles Tobi Robert Todd Spaulding Watben Roger Wilcox Roy Chan Wong Ernest Yeager 519 BACK ROW, left to right: Beverly Arnold, Miriam Kaplan, Betty Elbert, Margaret Miller, Betty Bowen, Barbara Ebbeson, Mary Jo Ruckle, Dorothy Sadler. THIRD ROW: Shirley Jorgenson, Anne Smith, Eudene Drum, Diane Baylinson, Julia Elliott, Edina Heagerty, Gladys Logomarsinp, Florence Anderson, Betty Bear. SECOND ROW: Ramona Evans, Mary Martins, Carolyn Sanders, Cay Owen, Shirley Scharpf, Aido Talita, Jean Lacrampe, Mary Ann Meaghen. FRONT ROW: Wilma Nuetie, Velma Palmore, Marylinne Weiss, Margaret Garland, Helen Pope, Helen Kravetzky, May Kakebe. Phrateres (National Women ' s Soci al Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1935 FOURTEEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary.. Treasurer Membership Chairman. Pledge Chairman Historian Publicity Chairman Wilma Nuetie May Kakebe Eny Rossini Jean Bates ( Joyce Day Fall 1947 ( Helen Pope Spring 1948 Helen Kravetzky June Trubshaw Charlotte Cowan Margerie Laundy SPONSORS Mrs. Robert Gordon Sproul Mary B. Davidson Dr. Louise Cobb Mrs. William Allen Mrs. Allen Kaneuse, Advisor Mary Ambrose Anna Anderson Florence Anderson Ruth Anderson Beverly Arnold Thalia Baharis Barbara Bailey Mary Bargiacchi Jean Bates Diane Baylinson Betty Bear Doris Bergstrom Batty Bowen Barbara Brelsford Mary Jane Brewster Elvira Chan Betty Coniver Charlotte Cowan Eudene Drum Beverly Duistermars Mary Ann Duus Lee Eastwood Elizabeth Edwards Barbara Ebbeson Betty Elbert Julia Elliot Ramona Evans Dolores Fischer Virginia Fisher Martha Forsyth Vivan Fox MEMBERS Shirley Gaebler Margaret Garland Edina Heagerty Valerie Holl Leslie Hennami Lavine Jenkins Elizabeth Jones Shirley Jorgenson May Kakebe Miriam Kaplan Helen Kravetzky Gladys Lagomarsine Jean Lacrampe Marjorie Laundy Ira Louis Mary Martins Marian Ann Meagher Marian Merrill Margaret Miller Pat Muldoon Betty Nelson Wilma Neutie Cay Owen Velma Palmore Tish Pendleton Helen Pope Colleen Raver Doris Rissinger Eny Rossini Mary Jo Ruckle Dorothy Sadler Shirley Scharpf Bernice Scherer Gloria Schumaker Roberta Said Carolyn Sanders Nancy Shiddell Gloria Shimer Anne Smith Betty Stanton Doris Swanson Aike Takita June Trubshaw Marian Vranna Marylinne Weiss 520 Neva Armstrong Gloria Moriarty Jackie Clements Nancy Cczzens Barbara Davis Ann Gould Joan Larson Virginia Morton Barbara Sackett Betty Su therland Doris Thomas Janet Toston College Women ' s Club Juniors JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN OFFICERS Fall Betty Sutherland Nancy Cozzens Doris Thoma Barbara Davi- Gloria Moriarty Janet Toston (Jinny Morton Barbara Sackett.. .. Spring President Barbara Sarkett First I ' ice-President Joan Larson Second V ice-President Neva Armstrong Third V ice-President Ann Gould Secretary Virginia Morton Treasurer Marjorie Laundy Publicity Chairman Jackie Clements Philanthropic Chairman Nancy Burks Chelta Armstrong Neva Armstrong Joyce Atwood Jeannette Barbat Mary Lou Beaty Billie Berry Nancy Burks Isabel Bowens irginia Bowman Lindy Boyes Nancy Bradford Nikie Caldii- Betty Casey Jackie Clements Nancy Cozzens Anna Lois Dax i- Barbara Davi- Helene Davidson Esta Dickson Ann Duggan Shirley East Frances Erickson Joan Fisher Martha Forsyth Pat Furlong Shirley Gilmore Anne Gould Dolores Gourlay Pat Greene Mary Growney Betty Hampton Harriet Hart Lynn Haslam Florence Houston MEMBERS Majorie Howard Laura Huggins Lucille lames Marilyn Jackson Pat Johnson Phyllis Johnson Elizabeth Jones Carol Kern Jeanne Killeen Peggy King Jean LaCrampe Alice LaMont Joan Larson Marjorie Laundy Sally Letchworth Fran Lougher Mary Ann Meagher Barbara Miller Dale Millar Dorothy Mills Gloria Moriarty Helene Mosher Virginia Morton Muriel McDermott Jeanne Oakley Margie Oliver Margaret Pitts Sally Quick Hazel Rianda Carolyn Roads Doray Roberts Pat Rourke Barbara Sackett Bern ice Scherer Bonnie Shay Barbara Skiles Anne Smith Gloria Smith Phyllis Stallman Betty Stanton Betty Anne Stewart Betty Sutherland Doris Thomas Janet Toston Phyllis Towner Barbara Turner Virginia Van De Venter Shirley Villadsen Carmen Wade Colombe Winterhalder Catherine Working 52 1 Myron Carrothers Jacqueline Clements Novadeen Duffel Ellen Gohl Walton Gohl Kenneth Hack Gloria Schumacher Blair Holt Shirley Jilbert Elizabeth Katz Ray Lippincott Richard Mansfield William Russ Leonard Schlussel Joyce Strong Arthur Sturgess Wade Wetmore Masonic Club ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 OFFICERS Fall Spring Ken Hack President Wade Wetmore Wade Wetmore _ Men ' sV ice-President Bill Russ Jackie Clements Women ' s V ice-President Shirley Jilbert Novadeen Duffel Recording Secretary Joan Jaffa Myron Carrothers Membership Secretary Len Schlussel Shirley Jilbert Corresponding Secretary Meg Barber Walt Gohl Treasurer Arthur Sturgess Dick Mansfield. " . Lower Division Men ' s Rep Blair Hoit Ellen Gohl Lower Division Women ' s Rep Gloria Schumacher Ray Lippincott Upper Division Men ' s Rep Ed Dermott Joy Strong Upper Division Women ' s Rep Joy Strong Bill Russ Men ' s Rep-at-Large Ray Lippincott Betty Katz Women ' s Rep-at-Large Jackie Clements APPOINTED OFFICERS Chaplain Vernon Vukasin Publicity Harry Smith Librarian.... Louise Shevette Hostess Mrs. Edna H. Morton REPRESENTATIVES FROM HENRY MORSE STEPHENS LODGE Fred Flanders Boyd Rakestraw 522 Phi Eta Sigma i- MM IOPM = = mt $ . !E idr f 4F 5. :c. tmm Cabrera :- a:: Chin Cliff ort Fore -.. -::: Gibbs -;-- tea Lonejr Ml ;. :.e- s- -.- Sq r Stem Ta -3 ..;-: Freshman Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. 1923 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED. 1930 THIRTY CHAPTERS FmU Harold Johnson.. Carlo Cabrera Eugene Chiado Donald Fr e OFFICERS ..-P ' resident. . I ice-President Spring Eugene Chiado Glenn Lonev Secretarv Ynkio Uyeno .-Corresponding Secretary _ Donald Frye Senior Adrisor.... Carlos Cabrera ADVISOR Dean Chaffee Hall Brulu- Hamilton HONORARY MEMBERS Dean H. E. Stone Profes-or Voorhie Lynn O. Waldorf MEMBERS Walter Alberts Robert Andrew Alan Appleford Richard Aulwurm Stanley Ausman Berton Ballard John Barnes Bruce Becker Matthew Bieliardi Kent Bollock Nathan Boras Carlos Cabrera Donovan Cartwri ht William Carroll Eugene Chiado Arnold Chin Warren Clifford Conrtney Coleman Le Jeone Cummins Robert Daley Leroy Dart, Jr. James Davis Robert Faulkner James Froeschle Donald Frye James Fnjimoto Thomas Gale Robert Gibbs Donald Glusker Carl Goldschmidt Peter Goldschmidt allace Grove Wesley Barker Frederick Harvey Donald Henriksen Kenneth Hinsvark John Hollister Robert Hunter George Hurwitz Harold Jonsson John Larking Jerry Lew in Marvin Lewis George Keith Parker Kemp Joe La vigne Glenn Loney Orville Low e William MacDonald James McKechnie Hans Mark Calvin Mehlert William Mneller Norbert Mailer John Nyberg David Perking Gordon Pusser Marvin Quicker! Furman Roberts George Roseme Lynn Sarles Charles Shoens Gerald Silbennan Gerard Silberstein Howard Smith Stephen Sosnirk Leslie Sqoier George Stevens William Shane William Stone Richard Tanaka John Swift John Taylor ukio I yeno Franklin Walker James Werner Eugene hitney Richard Winkler Malcolm Syniond- 523 BACK ROW, left to right: Richard Burnett, John Test, Thomas Mansfield, Robert McDonnell, Robert Sneed, Glenn Breuer, John Riley, Ernest Chambers. THIRD ROW: Frederick Weed, Dexter Hartke, Ward Lambert, John Enright, Frank Inami, Frank Burriesci, James Croudace. SECOND ROW: James Wadleigh, Robert MacKenrie, Manuel Getauce, Milton Magid, Jerome Jaffe, Harry Heard, Glen Criddle, Max Pausch. FRONT ROW: Walter D. Goldsmith, Gene Zeoli, Charles Collinsworth, Howard Wilson, Jerome Rosenberg, Nat Feldman, Robert Wanger. Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Walter Goldsmith President.... Gene Zeoli Gene Zeoli V ice-President Jerry Rosenberg Robert Wanger Recording Secretary Charles Collinsworth Jerome Rosenberg Corresponding Secretary Robert Stein Howard Wilson Treasurer Howard Wilson Nathaniel Feldman Bridge Correspondent Nathaniel Feldman UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Wilton R. Abbott Leonard J. Black Robert Bruns Charles Dalziel R. W. Downing Dan M. Finch Troy Graybeal L. C. Marshall Thomas McFarland W. S. Pritchett Lester Reukema Burtis Robertson Herbert Scott Otto Smith George Teale John R. Whinnery Robert Adam Gale Ahlborn Lawrence Attel John Alrich Kenneth Bandtel Leroy Beauchamp James Beck Yehuda Ben- Yehuda Robert Bixler Glenn Breuer Corvin Brown Richard Burnett Frank BuriescJ Ernest Chambers Charles Collinsworth Charles Cords Linden Criddle James Croudace Ralph Deeson William Dripps Marvin Emerson John Enright Harold Erdley Forrest Fairbrother, Jr. Robert Fawcett Nathaniel Feldman Edwon Fong Cameron Forrest Jerry Foster Leo Freiberg Clark Fuller, Jr. Floyd Fullwiler Joseph Garafola Duncan Gardner Walter Goldsmith Daniel Goodman Donald Gotthold Carl Gottwald Manuel Gotauco Marvin Greenbaum John Haanstra Swegn Hamren Richard Harris, Jr. Dexter Hartke Harry Heard MEMBERS Charles Hill Albert Hoagland Henry Hoexter Paul Howland Keith Hurlbut Frank Inami Frederick Jacob Jerome Jaffe Richard Jiu Edwin Karmiol George Kasai Albert Kritscher Wolfgang Kummer Ward Lambert Robert La Porte Robert Mackenzie, Jr. Milton Magid Irving Maltzer John Mandrow Thomas Mansfield Robert McAulay William McBride Farrell McCann Robert McDonnell James Medlin Martin Mehron Joseph Miller Michiyuki Nakamura John Oldenkamp Harry Ong Max Pausch Victor Payse, Jr. Robert Peck Svend Pederson Wayne Perry Edward Phillips Achille Pollino Wing Pon James Pope Howard Rhea Wallace Rianda John Riley Raymond Robertson Jerome Rosenberg Marvin Rosenblum Hal St. Clair Francis Santarelli James Schuyler Julius Skilnick Robert Sneed John Somers George Stanton Robert Stein William Sterns John Test Frank Travis Fred Van Kirk Ferdinand Voelker James Wadleigh Robert Wanger John Warren Gerald Whittaker Hoard Wilson Al Wilson Frederick Wood Gene Zeoli 524 to ri0U Chris S. MaTlni Mm T " J a " . MvT CcprtJS, Vktete E_ Va kis, Gregory GorChe, Hrin Booms, Gcvyc Micoft. THIRD ROWc CMS Em " ft. OiMBMtii DiflBMtafBlcs HHo Kmwgics, Alexander X ROBHMS, [. Bias 6. Triph . Toria Plata. SECOND ROW: Tctf Mtco, IbU Harijcpota, Ted ttatalas. Ea Kama, Stc he ITJnlm nun ROW: Ham Boon, Dm P. Polyzois, Vacua Sfcreptios, A ta G. . ' Epsilon Phi Sigma (Society of HfUtnic Students CHARTER CHAPTER FOUNDED ON BERKELEY CAMPUS. 19M OFFICERS Fall Angelo Theodo;-opoulo- Dt-aii Polvzoi? Marie Mabo? t ' .u Kahure- President Spring Dean Polvzois _ Venetla Skrepetos .Secretary Andrew Jameson. Mary Boonos ..Treasurer Andrew Jameson MEMBERS Georee Abramopoulos Mjr Anatole Beverly Andrew Bill Barfais Georfe Bjrl ' j- Mar Barbi- Helen Boono Mary Boono- Dimilri Bouhout-o- E anelo Canellaki- Sut Chali.i- Helen Cbamou-i- Ni.k Chiolra- Helen Chri?santh ' - Eugene Chrislo?. Stamatina Colirhida- Harry Colli- Mary Colored Mary Copita- [ la-Larnli- Helen Delegeaoe Kiki Demetrakopoulo? Ann Franjedkac George Ganiat Demitra Georpas Amanda George Connie Glafkidr- Fro sene GlafLide? Grelor Gorrhes Rula Hadjopoulo- Ted Hunt jli- AndreM Jameson George A. Jouganati- ' -u- kakurr- E t- Elene karu-o- I hri-tina ka-Iano- Mary Kazas Helen Kenoorgio? Jame Koregelo- Alex DroonkiM Karl k ri jko- John k rimi- George Ladas Mitchell Lekas Alice Lempre$ Dan Lemprec Chrir Man it- j .u- M jn.ii i- James Ma-l-.rjk..- Tep-.y Mrlli- Simos Michaelide- George Nicolau Angie Nicholson Tag Nichobon Peler Nicholas George Nicou Ted Nicou ChrU Palla John PapadakU Chris Papas Theodore Pappadimilrious Chris Paris GusPetris Tbemistocles Photiades James Picula- Dean Polyzois Bessie Ponlos Toula Poulos Effie PreaTolos Ernie Psarras Alexander Romano Steve Salonikes George Santrizos Alex Scordelis Jim L. Singares Argiro Skrepetos r-nella Skrepetos Frances Sofia? Panos Soiomonides George Suthakis Dee Slerios Marie Tchobanogloas DonaThanae Angelos Theodosponlos Andy Theoponlos Connie Trigonis Eugene Tracas Klia- Tripbon John Triphon Nicholas Vacaki- Andrew Vellis John Vlabos Marie Vlaho- S)i ia Taho George Yamor Alex Zacharalo- Harry Zagorite- Andrew Zografo- Sam Tracas 525 BACK ROW, left to right: Gloria Govan, Helen Meckfessel, Constance Trigonia, Margaret Gerke. FRONT ROW: Betty Rossback, Margaret Fay, Claire Hollingsworth. Red Cross (University oj California Unit of the American Red Cross) COLLEGE UNITS ESTABLISHED 1942 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 Shirley Baker Betsy Bates Ann Bendixen Jean Braverman Jean Brewster Eleanor Buchter Lois Bunger Doty Colt Elita de Urioste Pat Easterday Jean Emniett Margaret Fay Shirley Feldman Gruen Finn OFFICERS Chairman Margaret Fay V ice-Chairman Claire Hollingsworth Secretary -Treasurer Betty Rossbeck Entertainment Chairman Margaret Gerke Service Chairman : Constance Trigonis Motor Corps Chairman Gloria Govan Production Chairman Donna Townsend Baby-Sitting Chairman Helen Meckfessel Publicity Chairman Jean Emniett Staff Assistants Alice Anne Holshouser, Ann Bendixen UNIVERSITY SPONSOR Dean Chaffee Hall BERKELEY CHAPTER CHAIRMAN OF COLLEGE UNITS Anne Cooper MEMBERS Rosalie Foss Marion Francis Margaret Gerke Ann Gist Gloria Govan Mary Grimes Nona La Rea Hampton Alwelda Harper Jean Dunham Heifer Alice Henry Madeline Holcomb Alice Holshouser Claire Hollingsworth Anne Kent Martha Kent Carol Lyons Carel MacKenzie Mary McCarthy Helen Meckfessel Jean Naylor Sue Perry June Pixton Betty Rossbeck Sue Sandford Jean Schildwachter Louise Shevette Joe Ellen Spindt Nancy Standring Jean Stockton Garretta Stryker Nancy Swain Dorothy Tenant Madeline Tikyiam Donna Townsend Constance Tringonis Martha Tsuchiya Carol Van Steenbergen Nancy Vinson Bertha Webster Faye Whitby Nadine Williams 526 IH. SECOND ROW: Herb . --.. egemeia. FOURTH ROW: Jim Philips, S, GcnU Barnard, Michael Kerr, Diet tred Bouldin, Barbara Bnrnk. FRONT Flying Club (University of California Chapter) ESTABLISHED 1946 Fall Jan Dietrich: Mike Schnapp Mary Grimes Marion Dietrich.. Don Day Barbara Brnnk OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Flight Operations Officer Director of Training ..Public Relations Officer Spring Don Day ..Marion Dietrich ..Mary Lee Tilden . Dayle Gibbs .Lindy Boyes Richard Abbott Gloria Armstrong Denney Bagley Gerald Barnard Mildred Bouldin Lindy Boye- Robert Brogan Barbara Bmnk Nancy Borne) 1 Chuck Chiado Frank Clarvoe Richard Cole Don Day Jan Dietrich Marion Dietrich James Easier Jean Easier Ruth Elkinglon Frank Farace Mystia Farnswortb Bruce Forster Dayle Gibbs Carol Gillig MEMBERS Solomon Goldberg Ed Gould Mary Grimes Jane Hanigan Minnie Harvey Robert Heaslon David Jacobs D. E. Jacobs Sally Jeter Walter Johnson James Jones Douglas Keith Michael Kerr Jim Kincaide Bill Knapton Dorothy Lazenby Rina Levinson Robert S. Lindsley ( illiam Lorenz James Maccoun Don Mehaffey Dean Morehead Dick Morrison Jacqueline Naggiar Miles Nelson Warren Nicholson Francis Parker Jim Philips Jack Priedigkeit Willis Reed Herbert Reirhhold Barbara Rhea William Rosenberg Mike Schnapp Bob Severns V ill jam Shinn Bob Skelk Bob nil- Jac k Stegemeier Ed Thomas Mary Lee Tilden Patricia Turane Robert Underwood Robert Van Hau-en Carl William Victor Clare Weber William Wright 527 Women ' s " C " Society BACK ROW, left to right: June Beal, Janice Beanston, Marguerite Dilley, Jessie Falconer, Anna Lee Freeman, Jane Holland. MIDDLE ROW: Margaret Jesseph, Carolyn Johnson, Doris McCann, Doris Meyer, Gloria Parent, Virginia Parent. FRONT ROW: Dawn Pawson, Marian Perry, Shirley Scharpf, Arlene Shindledecker, Andree Temple. Nu Sigma Psi (Physical Education Majors Honorary Society) Kathryn Cupid Doris Meyer Roberta Dutro Virginia Parent Jane Holland Marian Perry 528 Home Economics Club BACK ROW, left to right: Hing Chan, Areil Erickson, Marion Vranna, Ramona Williams, Lois Isaac, Agnes Tange, Clare Mumma, Catherine Ccops. THIRD ROW: Ruth Takemuro, Peggy Warner, Eleanor Young, Janet Leidstrand, Mary Lapitsky, Doris Guyon, Dolores Peter, Kazuko Deguchi. SECOND ROW: Mary Ellen Curme, Virginia Kassen, Leone Albert, Jean Clark, " atricia Carter, Beverly Myers, Dorothy Throckmorton, Elizabeth Ann Lose. FRONT ROW: Dolores Petcavage, Dorothy Darling, Margaret Watson, Joan Gabriel, Leona Converse, Marian Nylon, Mary Thompson, Joan Greenberg. Omicron Nu (National Home Economics Honorary Fraternity) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS BACK ROW, left to right: Dorothy Throckmorton, Mrs. Elma B. Oatman, Gertrude Bardersen, Gladys Mortenson, Ramona Williams. FRONT ROW: Lois Isaac, M. Antunez, Catherine Coops, Lucille Hurley, Marian Nylen. 529 Ag-Econ Club BACK ROW, left to right: Carroll W. Farmer, Murray Michaels, Garvey Laurent, Werner Hirsch, Harold E. Hushbeck, Richard F. Hartsook, Willard H. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Norman M. Boriack, Joseph 0. Lammi, Leander L. James III, Howard Washburn, Harry E. Schultze, John F. Gilmore. SECOND ROW: Arthur E. Killian, Osman T. Royal, Kenyon R. Wood, Enos A. Mills, George N. Tucker Jr., Roger Y. Ellis, Harry J. Krade. FRONT ROW: Dr. James M. Tinley, Wendell W. Stoker, John Y. Barbee, William B. Blackburn, Harry B. Drobish, James W. McKinney, Lester W. Tom. Triune (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER Fall Ralph Setterholm. Fred Hodge Ken Adams OFFICERS Spring President Dick Bowman Vice-President Hank Wright ...Secretary-Treasurer Dick Houston Ralph W. Chancy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin C. Veorhies MEMBERS Ken Adams Don Anderson Pete Anderson Ben Barton Jim Beaver Dan Begovich Don Bentley Dick Bowman Ken Brittingham Tad Brittingham Frank Brunk George Bull Dick Callendar Bud Corlett Don Cox Jim Cullom Jim Duvares Tom Edgecomb Doc Etienne Stary Fagan Don Fisher Ed Ford Dick Houston Harry Ironmonger Don Jackson Brad Jiles Jim Keresey Bob Kniptash Jack Lamke Jack Loutzenheiser Ben Maushardt Bob McClaughry George Moeller Jim Price Ted Rademaker Denny Randall Don Reichert Jay Richards Don Schumacher Jerry Scott Al Seidel Bill Shaw Hank Wright 530 Theta Sigma Phi i alional Professional and Honorary Society for W omen in Journalism FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON. 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS M - .;:;.-- ,: ' , ' = ? THIRD ROW: Phyllis Barry, Maromt Rdi, imam, tetfe Re , Dee Dee Dwiooins, Dean BtniJt, Witea (Me, Cathy Held. Alpha Mu Gamma ' National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society I FOUNDED AT THE LOS ANGELES CITY COLLEGE. 1931 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 -F: ENTEEN CHAPTERS Mike Rogers Margaret Pitts SteUa Crosier Audrey Bass Marilyn Hoff OFFICERS PmUful ___ 1 ' ice-President _____ Recording Se _____ T Spring Waldo Bui-chard Mike Rogers. Stella Crosier Audrey B ss Elizabeth Kimber rfmsmrfr. . Maril -n Hoffman FACULTY ADVISOR Marianne Bon wit MEMBERS Emma Abrantes Alfred Collins Stephen Green Albert Jimenes Lorraine Melvin Thomas Rickard Delfina Albertano Edward Conway Mary Gray Rothalma Johnson Wilfred Metsoa Marilyn Riggs Mildred Arthur Jerry Coonley Glea Grosieaa ' ictoria Johnson Elizabeth Molfine Haskell Robbins Carolyn Aughinbangh Barbara Cope Billy Gurule Dorothy Jones Elizabeth Claros Beatrice Ross Ruth Authauser Helen Cortopassi Lili ' Gin Barbara Jossllin Jeaa Moroney Betty Rore John Baker Luci Cuevas Celia Haberl William Reasbv William Mull Norma Ruiz Rosemane Balke Bonnie Cushaaaa Constance Hartnng D. S. Reller Jacqueline Nino Yvoane Rum an Dorrit Ball Arthur Cutler Benjamin Hazard Elizabeth Rimber Gertrude Nisbet Laura Ryan Andrev Bass Stella Crosier Jean Heifer Dorothy Rleimer Tashima Nori uki William Schulz Alexander Benke Jack De Benedictis Malcolm Hersko Elsa Rleinman Agnes O ' Donn ' ell Elizabeth Schwenk Vladmir Babeniu George Devaay Elizabeth Hall Gloria Rneiss Britt-Marie Ostlind J. C. Seagrave Virginia Biagi Ann Dins Bernice Hink Genge Rreshka Barbara Overton Hoaora Shearer Shirley Brandes Constance Edwards Marilyn Hoffman Wolfgaag Rummer Nisson Pearl C. D. Sheldon Dorothy Browne Albert Elsasser Constance Holder Baker Lake Lidia Isaeff Pennell Carmen Sill a Helen Brnoer Gerald Gavian James Hoyt Elmer Lane Marian Pern Barbara Siaas Glenna Bryant Lucille Farrell Pauline Inglima Donald Lathrop Margaret Pitts Stephen! Soadakoff Rent Bullock Elsie Ferando Nancy Ingrahm Arthur Link Ann Powers Marilya Spear Waldo Bnrchard Mari Fierman Joaa Isaacs Betty Lockett Carol Pratt Marilyn Stern Helen Caffaratti Irene Finkbohner Dorothea Isenberg Patricia Love Robert Prince Jean Stockton lole Cagnoni Eleanor Floersheim EUaer Jacobson Flora Mackenzie John Pritz Margaret Strassel Jeanne Carlson Hasan Genesoy Helen Jacovleff Noela M arin William Purdy Genevieve Strieker Rincente Castro Caaaacev Goodriek Andrew Jimcaaa. Lois Martin Lucille Raymond Sally Stryker N - j- ( ] .- Leo Geor enni Marjorie Jaag Thomas Marshall Beverly Reid Seymour Sw-eet Marilin Cohn Allan Goldsmith Margaret Jetseph Caroline McDonald John Jacobs Aiko Takita Nyla Cole AndreeGrmhn Mary Meagber Anne Rieeoboni Mil eke Takita Sally TeKord Constance Thompson Robert Timmias Elaine Torassa Mari " Towne Marisa Traina Man Ann Tuma Russell Turtle Hans L ' n Adrienne Van Couvering Gretchen Van Pol en Tersilla Varesil Ann Vloeberghs Noel Voge Dale W alker Lottie Wallersteia Beverly Watson Christie Weatherby Irene Weissmaa Eva Weisner Jean W hitman M rsam Wixmaa Mildred Wright Edith Yim Margaret Yoaag 531 Delta Chi Alpha (Decorative Art Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1933 BACK ROW, left to right: Jean Schantz. Anne Smith, Margaret Aicher, Beverly Ccnant, Dorothy Braun, Barbara Princelau, Sonia Saeta, Judy O ' Hara. SECOND ROW: Janice Powell, Bernilce Lazaga, Carmel Penther, June Tuska, Doris Lascurettes, Donna Pemberton, Mardis McQuesten, Carolyn Lenz, Pat Welch. FRONT ROW: Edith Smith, Barbara Nicholas, Shirley Rohlfing, Beverly Slade, Faye Stark, Colleen Clark, Joyce Pedersen, Mimi Laubli. Alpha Delta Sigma (N ational Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAIMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS 532 BACK ROW, left to right: Robert H. Grimes, Pete Schulz, Sid Matles, Gerald C. Finnigan, Don W. Anderson, Samuel C. Hansen, Vincent R. Colbert. SECOND ROW: William 0. Wilson, Teodore M. Bernardi, Jack Smith, Ralph Ferrin, Con Codeglia. FRONT ROW: Sam Riklin, Jerry Morehouse, Art L. Ricklin, E. Bruce E ' llithorpe. International House l N the Eat -ide of the campus stands the International House. L niversity home of more than six hundred foreign and American students. For nearly twenty rar- the I House has performed the function of being host to thousands of students from all over the world. Between its w r alls have lived persons who now hold responsible positions in far-off nations. In it- halls and lounges, discussions have contributed to a better understand- ing and r espect for foreign ideas. Authorities in the different fields have % iilrnrd the i-w of the foreigners and the Americans alike in addressing the traditional Sunday Supper programs. Folk dances and festivals have been an e | r--ion of international goodwill in folklore and music. Through these means friendships have been formed which go beyond national boundaries. The class of 1948 is facing a world in which the solutions to many problems have not been found, but to those who have been members of International Hou.-e xmie of the solutions may come a little easier. 533 BACK ROW y left to right: George Vip, Shirley Tom, Kenneth Young, Raymond M. Tom, Bennie W. Urn, Rose Lee, John Tom. THIRD ROW: Wallace Lew, Gerry Tony, Jun W. Jve, Walter Wong, Henry H. K. Liu, Stanley W. Tom, Willis Tom. SECOND ROW: Jean Foo, Heng C. Lee, Walter Ong, Manley K. Wu, Chung C. Gong, Lester W. Tom. FRONT ROW: Eva Leong, Edna Fong, Gladys Sue, Mary Lcuie, Wella Fung. Chinese Students Club FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 Fall Rosalind L. Hung... Wallace W. Lew Willa Fung ...... Helen Tom Leung Tom Robert Hong Henry Chin OFFICERS ..President.. Vice- President Treasurer. Recording Secretory ..Corresponding Secretory.. ..Chinese Secretary.. Auditor House Manager.. Spring .Wallace W. Lew Glen Doling Stanley Horn Anita Chinn Shirley Tom Lester Tom Walter On .i Leung Tom MEMBERS Ed Au Albert J. Chan Beatrice Chan Elinor Chan Fee Chan Gaing W. Chan Heng Chan James J. Chan Joseph W. Chan Lun Chan Nytee Chan Dorthea Cherk Walter Chew Annie Chin Gordon N. Chin Henry Chin Paul Chin Roland Chin Warren Chin Wing Q. Chin Theodore Ching Albert G. Chinn Anita Chinn Roy Chinn Geraldine Chinn Robert S. Chinn Walter Chong Alfred L. Chu Evelyn Chu Betty Chun Daisy Chun Theordore Chung Harry Choi John Dang Wilson Dep Frank H. Din Isadora Ding Gilbert K. Dong Prentiss Dong Paul C. Dong Glen Doung James L. Eng Anna Mae Fong Edna Fong Edwin Fong Gerry Fong Joshua Fong Kim Y. Fong King L. Fong Matthew Fong Robert K. Fong Vanita Fong Wilkain Fong Beulah Foo Florence Foo Joan Foo Esther Foon Lily Foon William Foon Waymond Fung Willa T. Fung Dan Gee David Gee Elsie F. Gee Li Keng Gee Margaret Gee Richard E. Gee Harry Glenchur Nice Go Edward Gong May Gong Edmund Ho Warren H. Ho Helen Horn Bob Hong Kenneth Hong James K. How Betha Hoy Chang Nien Hu Tsu Tau Hu Richard Hui Richard F. Hum Lau Shin Hun Rosalind Hung Chia Shu Hsieh Dewey Jan Roland Jang Ruby Jang Janette Jean James K. Jee Webster S. Jee Larry Jew Merril Jew Richard Jiu Frank Jow David Jue Jun Jue Dorothy Jung Raymond Jung Katherine Kam Y. H. Keng Wan Koon-Tak Andrew Kwok David Low Kum August Lam Forrest H. Lam George Lau Davis Lee Donald Lee Edward Lee Edwin Lee Edwin K. W. Lee Elizabeth Lee Ernest Lee George Y. Lee Jeffrey Lee Jenny Lee Kenneth Lee Lewis Lee Madeline Lee Peggy Lee Robert Lee Robert E. Lee Sherwood Lee Soon Lee Theresa Sue Lee Theodore Lee Virginia Lee Willie W. Lee Wing J. Q. Lee William Lem Sit Leon David Leong Eva Leong Mildred Leong Timothy Leong Wah Leong William Leong George Leung Lincoln Leung Lawrence Lew Marshall Lew Roseabelle Lew Stanley Lew Wallace Lew William Lew Yew Lew Alice I i in George Lim Paul Lim Phillip Lim Hun-Tin Liu Joanna Liu Albert Low Rennie Low Frances Low Grover Low Henry Low, Jr. Jimmy Low Lily Low Lora L. Low Ruth Low William Low Anna Lowe Edmund Lowe Charles Louie Eugene D. Louie George A. Louie Mary Louie Milton Louie Stanley Louie Bor S. Luh George Lee Lum Charles F. Lum Teddy Mah Jackson Mar Lois Mar Tim Mark George Mye James H. Ng Lawrence Ng Mary Ong Walter Ong Herbert Ow-Wing Bertram Owyang Daniel Owyang William O ' Young Adelina Fating Delia Pon Wing Gee Pon George G. Pong Elita Quan Edna Shum Tim K. Siu Alfred Soo Theodora Tang Joseph Thorn John C. Tim Benjamin Tom Bill Tom Gilbert Tom John Tom Jeanne Tom Lester Tom Leung Tom Raymond Tom Raymond M. Tom Shirley F. Tom Stanley Tom Willis Tom Wing C. Tom Peter H. Tong Winton Tong Bill Toy Elizabeth Margaret Toy James Way Shou Chun Wang David Wing Lillian C. Wing Arthur Wong, Jr. Arthur T. Wong Charles Wong Donald B. Y. Wong Edward Wong Edna Wong Elwood J. Wong Francis Wong Herbert Wong Howard Wong Jack G. Wong James Wong Morthon M. Wong My Nin Wong Patrick P. Wong Raymond Wong Roy J. Wong Stephen H. Wong Victor Wong Walter G. Wong Eugene S. Woo Felipe Woo Franklin J. Woo James Y. Woo Tom Woo Henry Woon Cecilia Wu Chen H. Wu Christopher Yee Dale F. Yee Henry Yee Jean Yee Joe F. Yee Johnny M. C. Yee Lois Yee William Yee Stanley Yep Willard B. Yep Gordon Yim George Yip Cum F. Young Fong Foon Young Jack Young Kenneth Young Pillip Young Ronald H. G. Young Ruby Young Robert Yuen, Jr. 534 1 B ' CK ROW, left t o right: Ralph Q. Steinhaus, Mildred JohnsnKJ, Dale Olson, Gloria Hoffman, Helene Rasmussen. THIRD ROW: Richard I. Mitchell, Vernon P. Faillettaz, John R. Steinhaus. Harriett E. Demon, Frederick E. Mayer, Janet Holing, Resell Becker. SECOND ROW: Mary Lundquist, Ethel Mae Swanson, Scb Brorby. Violet Hoffman. Janet Christensen, Erich Berthold. FRONT ROW: Arnljct Granheim, Carl Dysinger, Bob Varblow, Melvin W. Kerner. Lutheran Students Association OFFICERS Fall Spring Bob Brorby President Bob Brorby Vi Hoffman ,-. p, -j,_ t Vi Hoffman !-. i i . 9 ice-rresiuent -; _ . . Ethel Mae SmuMOB ) ( Ethel Mae Swanson Abce Thompson _ Secretary Mary Lundquist Jim Hokan-on financial Secretary _ Bob Varklow Erick Berthold _ Treasurer Jim Hokanson Betty Peterson _ Editor Jan Boiling Gloria Hoffman _ .Historian ....Gloria Hoffman S35 ROW. left to right: Gordon Kane, Duncan Buchanan, Bill Kunz, Rav Hoaa. Dick Brown. Brb de Fea, Paul Marr. FOURTH ROW: Wally Bergeron, Bill Corbett, Liz Slater, Eleanor Reid, Laura Ryan, Sylvia Madoff, Ellen Sullivan, Janet Underwood, Al Overhauser. THiRO ROW: Pat Lux, Ed Austin, Ciaran Kennedy, Tom Tindall, Maureen Delaney, Shirley Mason, Barbara Jouvenal, Dan Seamount. SECOND ROW: Ann Filice, Eveleen Sullivan, Joan Larson, Evelyn Filice, Judy O ' Hara, Jouise Carbone, Joan Schlocker, Vic Ferkiss. FRONT ROW: Walt Berg, Marian Buller, Father Quinan, Father Walsh, Marge Gerrity, Russ Alves, Pat Milloy, Cece Cahill, Larry Lcsleben. Newman Club (Catholic Students ' Social and Intellectual Society) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall Spring Walt Berg President Walt Berg Elly Desplain Vice-President Elly Desplain Margaret Gerrity Secretary Margaret Gerrity Russ Alves Treasurer Russ Alves Al Overhauser Religious Chairman Evelyn Filice Pat Milloy Academic Chairman Eveleen Sullivan Bill Corbett Social Chairman Ciaran Kennedy Dick Brown Purchasing Agent Dick Brown Joel Guay Publicity Chairman Bill Corbett Audrey Prolo Publications Chairman Joe Oswald Evelyn Filice Representative-at-l.arge Cecilia Cahill Tom Jensen Representat ' ve-at-Large Larry Losleben Meals Chairman Joan Larson ADVISORY COUNCIL PafH r enr J y UVenal } Membership Wally Bergeron Larry Losleben Sub-Treasurer Jim Wathen Ann Filice .Corresponding Secretary .... Audrey Prolo Margaret Sullivan Personal Secretary Ellen Sullivan Catherine Murphy Telephone Chairman Pat Lux John Bertrand Historian Ethel Souza Elizabeth Slater Mailing Chairman Judy O ' Hara Tod Judkins Religious Discussions Ed Austin Janet Underwood Daily Communion Breakfast Mary Hall Joan Larson Monthly Communion Breafffast Shirley Mason Ellen Mitchell Sanctuary Communion Breakfast Ellen Mitchell Sam Hackett Chapel Committee Ray Hoag Al Marin Choir Al Marin Louisa Jenkins Social Service Louise Carbone Jim Waihen Picnics Bill Kunz. Tom Tindall Open House Tom Tindall Pat Lux Thursday Luncheon . 1 Maureen Delaney I Marian Buller Cathy Meade Special Suppers Jean Clare ) Rosemary Trout Ciaran Kennedy Athletics Ken Moser Jerry Somme s Juke Box jerry Sommers Al Fortino Dances Paul Marr Eveleen Sullivan Orientations Jnan Larson Rob Astru Music Boh Astru Mary Eijgers Panel Discussions Vic Ferkiss Vic Ferkiss Debating Vic Ferkiss Pat Grossman Dramatics Greg LeFevre Kitty Urquiza Library Mary Ryan Tom Kipps Poster and Art Jim ' Ma ' her Frank Brady News Bureau ' Elita de Urioste ) Ben Clark Eleanor Reid Ad Bureau ( Betty Roche ( Gordon Kane Al Nardi Special Publications _ Bob deFer Ed Gumming Newsman Editor Laura Ryan Cardinal Editor John Bertrand Tom Tonkin Living Groups Council I Bill Markling Pat Millov 536 Christian Science Organization AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED I 1907 2601 DURANT EN ERY Tuesday evening of the regular University term, testimony meet- ings are held in the edifiee of the Christian Science Society at which students and faculty members are wel come. A library, where authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or purchased, is maintained in the building, also an accommodations committee which offers services to student Christian Scientists looking for room, board, and employment. In order to better acquaint the campus public with the Society building, its members, and its activities, an open house is held every year. It was in 1907 that the Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on the Berkeley campus and through the years it has shown continued advancement and progress in its activities and membership. By 1933 the construction of the building it now occupies was completed. In the spring of 1941. when payment was completed, the building was dedicated. Each semester the Society sponsors a free lecture, which is presented 1 a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston. Massachusetts. The campus public is cordially invited to attend this lecture which is held in the Society edifice. 537 Index ACTIVITIES ....154-175 Art Bureau - 164 Card Sales 160 Class Officers Council - .- 165 Conference Committee _ 166 Elections Board 161 Living Groups Council 163 NSA 170 Orientations 158-159 Public Relations Committee 160 Radio Workshop ... 164 Secretariat 165 Standards Commission 162 Stephens Union Committee 162 Welfare Council ....156-157 YMCA .... 167 Women ' s Rally Committee 163 YWCA 167 WAA 168-169 ADMINISTRATION 22- 39 Alumni Association 38- 39 Charter Day 35- 37 College of Agriculture 27 College of Chemistry 27 College of Engineering 28 College of Letters and Science.... 28 Deans 26 From the Governor 25 President ' s Message 24 President ' s Reception 32 Registration 34 School of Architecture 29 School of Business Adminis- tration 29 School of Education 29 School of Forestry 30 School of Jurisprudence 30 School of Librarianship 30 School of Optometry 31 School of Public Health 31 School of Social Welfare 31 University Meetings _ 33 ASUC ADMINISTRATION ....142-153 Activities Coordinating Committee 149 Business Administration 148 Executive Committee 144-145 Men ' s Judicial Committee 152 Representatives-at-large 146-147 Women ' s Activities 150-151 Women ' s Judicial Committee 152 Ath ' etic Council 234 ATHLETICS 232-331 Baseball 272-283 Basketball ... ....258-271 Crew 296-305 Football 238-257 Minor Sports 316-331 Swimming 312-315 Tennis 306-311 Track . .284-295 CLASSES .. ... 50-139 Freshmen ....136-139 Juniors . ....126-129 Seniors _ 52-118 Senior Hall of Fame ..119-125 Sophomores 130135 Contents .: 7 Crew 296-305 Dedication 1 DORMITORIES .... 450-479 Arch Place _ 454 Baudelaire 455 Bayview Annex 454 Bayview Hall : 455 California!! 456 Cheney Hall 457 Colonial Hall and Annex 458 Cunningham _ 460461 Durant Place 459 Elizabeth Barrett 459 Epworth Hall ....462-463 Eta-Z .. 479 Freeborn 464 Joaquin Hall 465 Lantana Lodge :. 466 Mitchell Hall 467 Oldenberg ....468-469 Peixotto Hall 470-471 Prospect Terrace 466 Richards Hall 472-i73 Ritter Hall.. 474 St. Margaret ' s House 478 Stern Hall... 476-177 Stratford Hall.. 475 Warring Place .... 478 DRAMA . .198-205 Plays .. 201-205 University Theater .. 200 EIGHT CAMPUSES 40- 49 California Club 49 Davis 46 Fine Arts .. 4K Hastings 47 Lick 48 Medical Center 44- 45 Riverside 47 Santa Barbara 46 Scripps . 48 UCLA .. 42- 43 Football ... 238-257 Foreword 5 FRATERNITIES 334-405 Abracadabra 338 Acacia 339 Alpha Delta Phi 340-341 Alpha Chi Sigma . 342 Alpha Kappa Lambda ... 343 Alpha Sigma Phi 344 Alpha Tau Omega 346-347 Bachelordon 345 Beta Theta Pi ... 348 Bowles Hall 350-353 Chi Phi 349 Chi Psi .. 354 Del Rey 355 Delta Chi .. 356 Delta Kappa Epsilon _.._ 357 Delta Sigma Phi ... 358 Delta Tau Delta 359 Delta Upsilon ... ....360-361 Kappa Alpha 362-363 Kappa Delta Rho 368 Kappa Nu .... 405 Kappa Sigma ..364365 Lambda Chi Alpha 366-367 Phi Delta Theta 370-371 Phi Gamma Delta ....372-373 Phi Kappa Psi 374-375 Phi Kappa Sigma 376-377 538 Jndex Phi Kappa Tau 378 Phi Sigma Kappa .... Pi Alpha Phi 369 Pi Kappa Alpha .. 380-381 Pi Kappa Phi 382 Pi Lambda Phi 383 P?i Upsilon __384-385 - .jina Alpha Epsilon 386-387 Sigma Alpha Mn .388-389 - -ma Chi 390 - .ma Nu 392-393 - ma Phi 391 Siama Phi Ep ? ilon 396-391 iama Pi ..... 394 Tau Kappa Epsilon 395 Theta Chi 402 Theta Delta Chi _400-401 Theta Xi _ 398-399 Zeta Beta Tan. .... 403 Zeta PM _. 404 Clamour ...224-231 HONOR SOCIET1E- 480-537 Ace of Clubs. 502 Alpha Delta Sigma 532 Agriculture Economic? Club 530 Alpha Mu Gamma 531 Alpha Phi Omega 518 American Chemical Society 516 American Society of Chemical Engineer? 501 American Society of Mechanical Engineer- . 500 Baton 506 Beta Beta _ 494 Big C Society 490 Beta Gamma Sigma 495 Chi Epsilon 519 Chinese Students Club 534 Circle C Societ? 492 College Women " ? Club Junior- Christian Science Organization.... 537 Delta Chi Alpha 532 Delta Ep-.ilon 508 Delta Phi Ep?ilon.. 498 Ep-ilon Phi Sigma 525 Eta Kappa Nu 524 Fixing Clnb 527 Golden Bear _ 484 Hammer and Dimmer .... 499 Home Economics Club 529 Honor Students 491 International House 533 Lambda Delta Sigma 514-515 Lutheran Students Asso iation.. 535 Mask and Dagger 496 Mining Association 510 Mortar Board ... 491 Newman Clnb 536 Nu Sigma Psi 528 Omicron No. - 529 Optometry Students.. ... _ 512 Panile 487 Phi Beta Kappa.... . 482 Phi Chi Theta 505 Phi Phi.... 503 Phi Eta Sigma _ 523 Pbraleres . 520 Pi Alpha Sigma 504 Pre Medical Society _ _. 513 Prytanean 485 Red Cross__ 526 Sigma Delta Chi 509 Skull and Keys. __ 488-489 Society of Electrical Engineers 517 Speech Arts Clnb . 507 Tau Beta Pi 483 Thalian 497 Theta Sigma Phi 531 Theta Tau 511 Torch and Shield _ _ 486 Triune _ 530 U. C. Masonic Club 522 Winged Helmet 493 Women ' s C Society _ 528 In Appreciation _ 540 Index - 538-539 In Memoriam 8 Inlerfraternity Council _ 337 Introduction ... 1- 19 .316-331 Minor Sports MUSIC AND DEBATE _206-217 Band ... 212 Debating _ _ 216-217 Glee Club 210 Music Council 208 Symphony Forum _ 213 Treble Clef 211 University Chorus. . 214 Organizations 332-537 Panbellenic 409 PUBLICATIONS 176-197 Ad Service Bureau.. _ 189 Blue and Gold 180-183 Cal Engineer... .194-195 Daily Calif ornian .184-188 Occident 193 Pelican _ .190-192 Publications Council.. 178-179 Rally Committee 235 ROTC ..518-223 Army ROTC .520-221 Navy ROTC .222-223 SORORITIES . . .406-449 Alpha Chi Omega 410-411 Alpha Delta Chi 414 Alpha Delta Pi 412-413 Alpha Gamma Delta 416-417 Alpha Omicron PL. 418-419 Alpha Phi. 420-421 Alpha Sigma Phi 415 Alpha Xi Delta.. Casa Hispana 422-423 424 Chi Omega 426-427 Delta Delta Delta. 428-429 Delta Gamma 430-431 Delta Phi Epsilon 434 Delta Zeta ..... 432-433 Gamma Phi Beta 436-437 Kappa Alpha Theta 438-439 Kappa Delta 440-441 Kappa Kappa Gamma__ 435 Phi Mo_ 442-443 Pi Beta Phi 444 Sigma Kappa . ...... 446-447 Sigma Omicron PL 445 Theta Upsilon..... 425 Zeta Tan Alpha 448-449 Student Life.. L4 -231 312-315 Tennis . 306-311 Track 584-295 ITniversitv _ 20- 49 Women ' s Dormitory Council 453 Yell Leaders 236 539 Appreciation ON this last page of the Blue and Gold, I would like to thank the many people who have worked so hard on its publica- tion. Gratitude for what they have done would take much more than this page. My deepest gratitude goes to Homer Page, ASUC photographer, who did so much more than his job required; to his assistants, Ira Latour and Tommy Mc- Donald; to Shirley Maltson, who never lost that wonderful disposition; to Wayne Thornton of Walker Engraving Com- pany, for making us get our lagging copy to him; to Walter Kolasa and Bob Ozias of Lederer, Street Zeus, " Zyg " for his special efforts and Bob for his help and understanding that knew no bounds ; to Hugh Campbell of Max Landphere and Associates for the beautiful layout of the book and his excellent moral support ; to Bert Schrader a special thanks for the hours he spent in designing the art work and end sheets ; to Arthur L. Grey of Chidnoff Studios in New York for the excellent portraits and to his photographers Henry Verby, Robert Foster and Arnold Gars for their patience; to Publications Directors Wally Fredericks and Bill Berk for keeping me moving; to Norrie West and Marian Snow; to the girls in the front office, Marian, Phyllis, Betty, and Alice ; to Chet Smith of Vandivort Photography ; to Ed Kir- wan for his cooperation; to Bud Lauke of California Art and Engraving; to Manager Jim Campbell especially, for I know he dreamt of dollar signs; to enthusiastic Susie Thomas; to the editorial and managerial staffs who never lost their enthusiasm for the book; to Associate Editors " Itsie " Mahan and Mary Lou Thede, who made business a pleasure; to Jack McDonald for his engineer ' s ability at drawing pages; to all the delightful characters who called HOB " home " and made such impractical suggestions; to a.11 the people whose ideas and hard work have published this book, I can only say thank you. I am very grateful. JEAN HEPFER.

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