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LUME 74 PRESIDENT S ICTURt DCS HESSE HALL OBS1RVATO HA VI LAN ftlANINNlX HALL HILfrARO HA ENGINEERING BUIL01KO UNIVERSITY 1 LIBRARY CALIFORNIA HALL WHEELER HALL N MUSIC BUILDING ART GALLERY AOMIMI5TRATI BUILDING TRACK STADIUM COWARDS FIELD MEN 6YMNASIU MATERIALS LABORATORY UNIVERSITY or CALIFORNIA CAMPUS AT MtDICAL LABORATORY GREEK THEATRt RADIATION LA10RATORI USCUM OF ANTMRO SCNIOR WOMEMV? il uiBs BfeSilJ N WOMEMS S " -TT " ' A .. . k sl .-llpSEil -- N. 3 " ' . - 11 " COWCLL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 9 STEPHENS OURANT HALL HYDRAULIC MODEL BAS HEARST YMNASIUM FOR WOMEH INTERNATIONAL HOUSt EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS MANAGERS ASSOCIATE MANAGER . JANICE RIVERS f PATRICIA J. . EGGLESTON [JEAN HEPFER THOMAS EVANS LOWELL E. MEE HELEN STORY 4 wuL VOLUME 74 PUBLISHED AND NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA FOREWORD To those of us who are graduating this June the University in our last year suddenly became a dif- ferent place. The peace and quiet of the war years with their consequently small enrollment had given way in one semester to a teeming, over-crowded campus where we found ourselves forced to readjust almost as much as newly entered freshmen. Expansion in one word this characterizes the Uni- versity of the past year. In the spirit of this expansion the 74th volume of the Blue and Gold was compiled. We have tried to pic- ture its effects, not only the increased enrollment but the greater awakening in interest of student affairs of all types. So, to all of us, both new and old, it has been a memorable year and one to long remember. Not be- cause of any one event that happened but because of the general spirit of the times which went hand in hand with our life on campus and the feeling of pride in belonging to this truly great University. - : - . o T i DEDICATION To BRDTDS HAMILTON For one man to be Dean of Men at such a large University as ours is indeed an accomplishment. For one man to be track coach through many suc- cessful seasons for nearly fifteen years is certainly commendable. For one man to assume the responsibility of select- ing a new football coach and at the same time take over the added burden of being ASUC Acting General Manager is something which fills us with admiration. For one man to have done all of these things, and done them so well, fills us with great appreciation and pride that he is a part of our University. So to Brutus Hamilton, whom we like and respect beyond all measure, we dedicate the seventy-fourth (I Blue and Gold. I- I . V 1 IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Dr. William C. Bray Alfred Bunge Mrs. Florence Walne Farquhar James George Dr. Jacob Kasinin Dr. William W. Kemp Dr. Sylvester Maxwell Lambert Gilbert N. Lewis Llewellyn L. Loud Dr. William A. Morris George Z. Patrick Timothy Pfleuger Dr. Anton Schaefer Dr. Rudolph Schevill Dr. Carl L. A. Schmidt William Shand, Jr. Holger Thiele Charles Volz Dr. Herbert J. Webber Walter Scott Weeks STUDENTS Fred Warner Berg ' 47 Ensign David F. Connelly ' 45 Thomas Evans ' 48 Betsey Aileen Folliard ' 49 Richard G. Glaab ' 50 Lt. Wilson Muir Hatch ' 44 Lt. Burson A. Joseph ' 44 Ellis Kershaw ' 47 Ensign Charles Kilpatrick ' 44 Jack L. Kraft ' 50 William J. Loury ' 44 Lt. Jack McChesney ' 44 Grace Orr ' 47 Donald Squires ' 46 Nathaniel C. Wolf ' 44 fl -s . v -V I t :- ' ' - Qu ' est-Cf qui se passe. Doc? " President ROBERT GORDON SPROUL, who is as much a part of our California tradi- tion as Wheeler Steps. A grateful student body re- joiced that he decided to " stick around for ' All Hail ' . " PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE THE Class of 1947 is the first to be graduated since the close of World War II. Many of its members are veterans of that war, and all are veterans of the University of California, under war or postwar conditions. All share in some degree a common understanding of what war can mean. We may con- fidently hope, therefore, that the Class of ' 47 will contribute effectively to the solution of world problems. The world stands today at another of his- tory ' s few rare and fateful crossroads where is determined the future of civilization. The challenge of today ' s crossroad comes with especial force to to the schools of a democracy, and particularly its institutions of higher learning. For the creative compulsion in human civilization is education, and education achieves its purposes through educated men and women. Not to many, Class of 1947, is it given to live in a great and decisive era of human destiny. I charge you, therefore, that, as you carefully appraise the difficulties that inevitably accompany unchartered tasks, you recognize, and rejoice in, the greatness of your opportunity. God guide you through the years to come ! BOARD OF REGENTS A LIBRARY annex and a ?chool of jurisprudence building are among the fifty-five permanent building? planned by the regent;- of the I ' nherr-ity of California. Appropriations of $60.000.000 for these buildings explain the newly con- strut-ted chemistry building. The eight campuses of the I ni ei ity are governed by these regents, twenty-four men who determine the policies and actions of all University branches. Last year the regents received 84.000,000 to be matched by other sources and to be used for housing on the Berkeley. Los Angeles. Santa Barbara, and Davis campuses. ( oii truction on the women ' s dormitories was finished. The policy of the I niversity had formerly been to let private in- tli idual take care of the housing of L niversity students, but the increased enrollment altered this policy. The regents are meeting the demands of a growing university. EARL WARREN, honored as California ' s most outstanding alumnus in 1946, took great interest in the University, although his time was well take up at s-.i-.e ; BOARD OF REGENTS Edward H. Heller, Elgin Stoddard, Frederick W. Roman, Brodie E. Ahlpon, Goodwin J. Knight, Lt. Governor; Marjorie Woclman, Asst. Secretary; Robert M. Underbill, Secretary; Edwin W. ' Panky, James K. Moffit, James Corley, Comptroller; Victor R. Hanson, Robert G. Sproul, Edward A. Dickson, Mortimer Fleishhacker, John F. Ncytan, Maurice E. Harrison, Sam Collins, Sydney M. Ehrman. 21 Known the world over as a great scholar and a lecturer who knows the magnificent value of words is MONROE E. DEUTSCH, Vice-Presi- dent and Provost of the Berkeley campus. THIS University, like the other institutions in this country, has been facing this year a situation unprecedented in the history of American higher education, and indeed of the whole world. We have all been flooded with students, primarily G.I. ' s. In addition, however, the various countries of Europe and Asia, whose uni- versities have suffered so grievously in the war, have in larger num- ber than ever before, sent students to us. And we have been glad to welcome them because their presence is the best means for build- ing the international world for which mankind has been yearning. We have had many problems, there have been difficulties of all kinds encountered, but the cheerfulness and good humor with which the University and community have met them has been in- spiring. It means, however, that American universities have this year had the greatest opportunity in their history and we are hope- ful that the fruits of the work of this year and succeeding years will mean much in the life of the American people. HURFORD E. STONE is one of the busiest of the University ' s administrators. Dean of students is a full-time job in itself, but Dean Stone also acts as the president ' s representative at Ex Com- mittee meetings. 22 n. ' : :-? " r : q 09 U j||lu the tensing situation to fit in as coeds as passiMe. .fir. f dean of m I last Ml, prated his ability to do well i -.-.? any job ke The quick wit art superb lecturing of JOHN D. HICKS i for his pupal Bill among history students. We understand that he cones Irani Missouri, where his father was a Methodist miniittr. UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATORS DEANS to your right, deans to your left ! The administration is full of them. Monroe E. Deutsch. vice-president and provost, and Hurf ord E. Stone, dean of students, are among the leaders in university administration. Mrs. Mary B. Davidson, dean of women. Brutus K. Hamilton, dean of men. and John D. Hicks, dean of graduate division, share the responsibility of student affairs. Dean Davidson acts as consultant for housing, finance, and scholar- ship. Dean Hamilton represents the administration in student welfare prob- lems, and Dean Hick- i- the top authority for graduate students. Thomas B. Steele. as registrar, is in charge of enrollment and registration on the eight campuses of the I niversity. James H. Corley. comptroller, as head of the business office administers financial affairs. Through these people, a well-coordinated administration is achieved! JAMES H. CORLEY skillfully - Ike University UiVI ( U B Al4 fb BMt tmt tt TMI9 WfJBWQ QOmi OJr (I i Berkeley civic affairs besides. The hand behind the plow of registration was that of THOMAS B. STEELE, who deserves the credit for the smooth, efficient enrol- 23 D E A N S O F C O L L E G E S Back from China, where he studied conditions on a United States agriculture mission, CLAUDE B. HUTCHINSON divided his time between traveling as vice-president of the University and working as dean of the College of Agriculture. He has a reputation for thoroughness, fairness, and the ability to leave no stone unturned! WENDELL M. LATIMER, dean of the College of Chemistry, re- c eived an invitation from the National Academy of Science to go to Japan as an advisor to General MacArthur in regard to science and industry in Japan. A Guggenheim Fellow in 1930, Dean Lati- mer carried great weight in university life today, and write some of the best " Little Willie " poetry possible! I GEORGE P. ADAMS, dean of the College of Letters and Science, has journeyed to Europe three times, collects stamps, and works at cabinet making. He likes dogs, even the ones on campus. Some- one has described him as an " outstanding scholar and an ex- ceptional administrator. " Need we say more? One of the best hydraulic men in the country is MORROUGH P. O ' BRIEN, dean of the College of Engineering. He has spent much time in Sweden, and did wave investigation for the Navy during the war. He never relaxes, and always gives full credit to those working under him. A battered disreputable old hat that he wears on rainy days is the trademark of E T. GRETHER, dean of the School of Business Administration. His hearty laugh has been in Europe and the Orient. Pleasant, friendly, Dean Grether gardens and plays often with his young son, David. WARREN C. PERRY, dean of the Col- lege of Architecture, designed Edwards Field, and has a great fondness for literature. A mechanical wizard, he has put an elevator in his home and made a sailboat for his family. His accom- plishments certainly do not end in the field of architecture. i: ' .-. 2 -.; :- - BfDTIf. AS!}: r . - : i - - ccHd ' ;: = The alMMii call hoi " Oaddy " IMtml br is really WALTER MUL- FORD, dean of tie Sckool of Forestry, who came to tfce Unhwrsity in 1914 to start the wort in forestry. He is editor of tfce American For- estry Series textbooks and past president of the Society of American Foresters. If s not surprising that he likes to hike a tfce mountains Dea EDWARD D. DICKINSON of the Sd to write nerse for special occasion, aad .= : ,,-.;. -{- : UK --,- ttc is a ratable authorHy on UenatiMal la flict of laws. He is also a fanner who Onchea in wfeite wine, sMbatking, and classical music are among the SSrte e. joyments of Dea. PER1AM DANTOM of tfce School of UbrariansUpTltereccned bis edKatioi at tfce UimersHy of Uepns S-GeraW and recehed Ms doctor ' s degree at tfce U ersrty of Chicago. " Peny " dislitas rainy wBta , 9m - ' often be fond drniag his jeep. " Campus Carpet Bagger " is Dea. MILTON CHERNIN of the School of Social Welfare. Gay, enthusiastic, be served for two and a half years daring the war, and likes cats and He improvises words to " " " " ; " " . -: : : - .-.. fknnj UK ::- " ' and is especially demoted to " Archie and Dean KENNETH 8. STOOOARD of the School of Optometry was a daring young nun on a flying baaea when in college, and is iag- HW - Euinikj i3 ----- - IW J of Cars School of Optonetry. he Bated in A N D S C H O O L S = -: ;?= I- : ' :-. ' - -: :- q fjir S " CALIFORNIA Just mention Mexico and you have a real enthusiast on your hands CARL 0. SAUER, chairman of the geography department. He is known for his good sense of humor, his ability to express himself clearly and concisely, and his hard exams. Ask any of his students about the latter. He makes numerous trips to South America, where he rides the country ' s back roads on a mule, seeing everything first-hand. Receiving his doctor ' s degree from Chicago University, he has been at Cal since 1923. It seems quite natural, being in the geography department, that he also likes gardening in his own back yard. Professor JOEL HILDEBRAND, once introduced by President Sproul as the " only full professor known to dive successfully from the high diving board " of the men ' s gym, is a great outdoorsman. He stroked the University of Pennsylvania varsity crew in his college days, he is the co-author of " Camp Catering, " and is now, in spite of his years, an ardent skier. Although his lectures are always forceful, his personal charm and grandparental pride are great. He has given the lectures in " Chem 1A " for 33 years, and has served as Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Incidentally, he is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a recipi- ent of national and international honors. With a twinkle in his eye, Professor WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER informed us that he labors under the ancient delusion that the student is still the most important thing about a university. As chairman of the classics department, this vibrant personality suc- ceeds in showing his students the ancient basis of our own great literature in an interesting manner. He likes to do mechanical jobs in his shop, and putter in his garden. We didn ' t tell him, but we agree with him about the student being important! Traveling doesn ' t appeal to him, but travel books, especially on Central Asia, do. So says PERRY BYERLY, seismology professor and assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Science. His work is his hobby, which may account for his fellowship in Cambridge University in the late twenties. His dry wit has made him particu- larly popular since he came here in 1929. Prolific author of articles and books is Austrian-born ROBERT H. LOWIE, authority on Plains Indians and chairman of the anthro- pology department. At one time associated with the American Museum of Natural History, he has been on many expeditions for the study of Indian culture. A visiting associate professor in 1917-18, he returned in 1921. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Anthropo- logical Institute of Great Britain and Ireland. Friendly, famous and modest is ROGER SESSIONS of the music department. When he isn ' t working on his opera " Montezuma, " he ' s playing with his two youngsters or reading books. His life is varied, having spent eight years in Italy, France and Germany, where he spoke all three languages fluently. He also taught Ameri- can history, and has heard Pierre Monteux play his 2nd Symphony. He admits, with a broad smile, that he sometimes dabbles in politics. I K-, PROFESSORS Texas dra l arouses your suspicion then a vast store of iowled e verifies that it ' s CHARLES A. GULICK, professor of oiks. Between his her winters, he his spent a total of two an traveling in Europe collecting material for various puMica- 9K. His latest book Amstrit frm Hopibmrt I Hitler will puulllhnl this fall. He new given a dull lecture in his life and n ' t a hint he likes it quiet when he lectures. Bt then, what professor doesn ' t? A blue bow tie with white polkadots, and a distinguishing cigarette holder are characteristic of Professor PERCIVAL B. FAY, of the French department. Conscientious, be walks hard as head of the rssions Program in the University Extension. Energetic, he misses a daily walk around the block. He is tremendously indents, perhaps because he possesses three children Res. He also pMetir% a cheery sense of humor, which i to his rescue often when traveling wit Ins family inside Europe. Ttvs busy man at the telephone is ROBERT J. KERNER of the history than pipe- Professor who are fine Russia is " going to do next. CM I f - ' n ' t - A life of action and travel is that of LESLEY BYRD SIMPSON. : a- -.- 5:3- s " 52 .- " . 2-: a=i ;. = -. .. . . the College of Letters and Science. He wore the captain ' s bars of a World War I combat pilot and the silver leaves of a lieutenant colonel during World War II, when he served in Army Intelligence. A Cat graduate, he taught at San Diego, UCLA, and attended the University of Madrid. He was twice winner of CumjinhUni fellow- ships for study abroad. He ts the author of ttmmj Mtxicn, for which he was awarded the Commonwealth Club Gold Medal for literature in 1941. One of the most popular and entertaining prufessus in the philoso- phy department is JACOB LOEWENBERG. The secret of his success as a lecturer may perhaps he attributed to his umnUklL sense of humor and his amazing ability to connect this abstract subject with eveiydjy ouLuiiences. Hobbies? Yes, Professor Loewenfaerg is no exception he enjoys reading mystery stories during his leisure AUSTIN F. MacDONALO, professor of political science, takes avina pictures of Ms many trips to Latin America, where he inter- views local officials, art learn first-hand of uuuunmtnt doings. He is considered an authority on Latin American auvuumu , and he flies down often to devote much time to the subject Friendly, MN! possessing a pleasing personality. Professor MacDonald attends ; and operas as be can crowd into his GUEST SPEAKERS University students were honored to hear JULIUS A. KRUG, secretary of the interior, who spoke on the progress of the Central Valley project. He explained that the purposes of the project, which includes Shasta Dam, are to maximize the use of water for agricultural purposes and to control floods. Governor EARL WARREN journeyed to Berkeley from the fair city of Sacramento to tell us how " California Looks Ahead. " A Cal alumnus himself, he described recent improvements in state government and his hopes for future betterment. Students gave their governor a warm reception. CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON, recently returned from an agricul- tural mission in China, shared the spotlight with Governor War- ren. Dean Hutchison, a vice-president of the University, de- scribed the progress of Chinese farmers in the postwar world. Amid the pomp of Charter Day exercises, DOUGLAS SOUTH- ALL FREEMAN spoke of the relationship of science to art. " Knowledge in its largest, richest sense is not confined to science, " he said. " Where science explores, art interprets. " JOHN D. HICKS, member of the University ' s " academic team " interpreted Thomas Jefferson ' s ideas on education as they would apply today. He felt Jefferson would undoubtedly wel- come the large number of students, would warn them not to scatter their interests too widely, and encourage them in re- search work. LYNN W. " PAPPY " WALDORF heard there were no " cold and timid souls " at the University of California. This genial foot- ball coach said that his players should love the game and, five years after graduation, should be living wholesome lives. " I am proud to be associated with such an institution, " he said. 28 RECEPTION PRESIDENT ' S mints. Sin Intel mttntj to a M fcip !, vfeite Provost Deotsch smite gractasly. Taking time seneral MBIUMIJ to find thousands of milling rluwMn a little difficult to rnh(d- Of come we names again, this tine to same tags, and some of the more alert famd excellent npnniiiiiti to be helpfvl. SHAKE bands with our president! That ' s what the bigs, -t freshman class in many a year did last fall at the Presidenf- Reception. Smiling bravely through long receiving lines, and squinting to read name tags, the freshmen deserved the chance to danc e afterwards to the music of Ray Hackett ' - orchestra. 29 p POPCORN and clown? were all we needed for a real circus on registration day. A record-breaking twenty-two thousand tramped through sawdust and under flags to get that precious registration card. We lined up for blocks to get into the tents and then signed our name " til we were blue and gold in the face! Everyone looks pretty grim about the whole business, except the two smiling girl? to our right, who probably are thinking of much more than being oriented to activities. Don ' t turn the page without catching Junior in the top picture. No doubt Mama and Papa couldn ' t get him in or maybe he s a regional group major. 7QTH CHART A NNUAL T ER DAY SATURDAY morning. March 22. was cold and windy, but California students and alumni gathered to commemorate the 79th birthday of the L niversity. President Sproul. with those introductions which have become tradition, conferred degrees upon Douglas Southall Freeman. Frederick C. Mills and Rob- ert Frost. After Greek Theatre exercises. Governor Earl War- ren presided at dedication ceremonies for the Gilbert N. Lewis chemistry building still under construction. The black robe-, dignity, speeches, and eloquence reminded those who had for- gotten that the I niversity was still a place of learning and achievement. ALUMNI STANLEY H. BARNES ' 22, president of the Cali- fornia Alumni Association, and member of the Board of Regents of the University of California. THE California Alumni Association with this issue of the BLUE AND GOLD completes its seventy-fifth year. With its 26,000 mem- bers, 19,000 of whom are life members, the association is the largest alumni asso- ciation in the world. During the last twelve years the organization has brought eight hundred leaders from the high schools of the state through scholarships given to them totaling in value over $200,000. Its activities are best described in the words of Doctor Sproul at the Commencement Day last June when he said, " It was natural that California graduates should early have recognized that as alumni they should assume organized obligations for the moral and material support essential to the assured existence of the university. " ROBERT SIBLEY ' 03, executive manager of the Cali- fornia Alumni Association, editor of the California Monthly, and for twenty-four years an outstanding executive in alumni organization. The Council of California Alumni Association, composed of outstanding graduates of the University, holds a session each month, when members come from different parts of California to work in behalf of the University. " ASSOCIATION 1 1 1 The Charter Day Dinner of the California Alumni Association assembling each year to celebrate the birthday of the university in the famous Palm Court of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, described by President James Angel of Yale as " one of the most distin- guished of its kind in our modern educational life. " CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF ROW: Howard S. Cook, Etta Ruth Weigl, Viola Kuehne, 0. D. Watt. FRONT ROW: Robert Sibley. Alumni executives and their assistants review pictures and publicity covering the tour of President Sproul under the Alumni Association auspices, constituting a brilliant service in alumni gathering. . f - ' roulez-rous de plus encore? " EMILE ui . THE twenty enthusiastic Bears who make up Berkeley ' s Cal Club are con- cerned with strengthening the ties be- tween the eight far-flung branches of the university. This year they spon- sored a raffle for a scholarship fvind in the midst of playing host to various California visitors. Meeting trains, providing cars, finding housing for Cal Club members from other col- leges keep the members busy. How- ever, they occasionally manage to find time for a gay party! CALIFORNIA CLUB Shirley Ames Jane Baker Robert Benner Irene Bradfield William Diffenbaugh Bonn Doerr Robert Eddy Katherine Everett Patricia Funsten Vergil Gerard Lois Guilbert Robert Hogeboom Lowell Holcomb Jack Klinger George Leisz Ward Murray James Neilson Ted Ockels Frances Princelau Barbara Quimby Phyllis Siedkin James Sheppard Marilyn Smith Lou Stoakes Katherine Thanas Donald B. Wallace Ed Welch 38 Royce Hall is the Wheeler Hall of cur southern campus, and on its steps crowds gather at ten, as they do here. UCLA TIGHTLY packed lecture halls and a noisy, active Co-op are common sights at the University of California at Los Angeles for the first time since 1941. Foreign students, high school graduates, and veteran compete for a place to sit on Roycc tep. Howe-wanted ads ap- pear in every Daily Bruin, commuters " car are parked as far as three miles from S estwood, and extension build- in::- now occupy a former parking lot. In another attempt to accommodate the welling student population, the Gayley street fraternities have organized an ex- tensive housing project for veterans and their families directly across the way. Changes are coming fast and furi- ous. With approximately 15.000 stu- dents now enrolled, you can plainly see that " Bahy Brother " Bruin is growing fast ! Here ' s UCLA frcm the air, with a large parking space, winding p aths, a large parking space, green lawns, and a large parking space. Future candidates for office please read again. Landmark of Davis is the water tower, visible from far away, and bearing the Cal Aggie trademark. DAVIS CROWDED rooms even a basketball floor filled with cots greet the 1200 veterans enrolled at Davis. But despite living conditions, which students have improved themselves or taken in their stride, the 1600 enrollment has raised the scholastic levels, renewed campus activities, and revived Aggie sports. This college of agriculture has attracted stu- dents from all over the state, including 200 women. Here both theory and prac- tice are put under scrutiny, one reason why agriculture remains one of Califor- nia ' s leading industries. Departmental clubs meet to discuss problems and new developments in specialized agricul- tural fields, and special interest groups, such as honor societies, veterans ' organ- izations, church groups, and sport clubs are active once more. Davis is swinging into step as one of California ' s leading colleges. 40 ANIMAL- SCIENCE Out of the Animal Science building come postwar students, most of them veterans and all of them definitely in the swing of things. Up tke steps and into Ebbets Hall, wfcere nearly everyone has classes and meets to pass tke time of day. SANTA BARBARA SANTA Barbara College, one of the most popular of the smaller schools on the coast, has the largest enrollment in its history with 2350 attending classes. Almost half the students are veterans taking advantage of the G.I. Bill. This student body breaks the previous all- time high of 1800 established in 1940. Naturally, the increase has taxed the facilities to the limit. Although cam- pus life has been at a standstill during the war. there is now much school spirit and this has result ed in many extra student body activities. Students are eagerly reviving their old traditions and establishing new ones. After a five-year lapse, the Gauchos have returned to a complete and active sports program as members of the California Collegiate Athletic Association. Like a picture from a storybook ' a this view from the art wing of Santa Barbara ' s Riviera campus, facing south. 41 LICK HIGH atop Mount Hamilton and overlooking the huge Carnegie Star camera is Lick Observatory, open only to graduate students, especially those who wish to be astronomical assistants. Lick can proudly boast many eminent astronomers on its staff, who work with an ideal combi- nation of excellent equipment and eager students. Work is proceeding on a powerful reflecting telescope which, when completed, will enable astronomers to see 900 million light years into the heavens. E RIVERSIDE " WE must march on, or be run over by the wheels of progress. " So stated L. D. Batchelor, director at one time of the Citrus Experiment Station at Riverside, California. Here another branch of the University finds itself making room for the postwar influx of students. The new building pro- gram has not been completed, and present facilities are being strained to the bursting point. The wheels of progress are rolling on! _ HASTINGS LONG famous for its prominent graduate members of the bar. Hast- ings School of Law in San Francisco is now facing the same postwar con- ditions with which all branches of the University are contending. Accus- tomed to working with a student body of 37 during the war, administrators must find some means of accommo- dating an enrollment of 525 antici- pated next fall; nevertheless, future lawyers will find Hastjngs back on its prewar basis under the able direction of Dean Snodgrass. FINE ARTS I KRRACED tudio- and gardens on San Francisco " - Ru--ian Hill mark the home of the California School of Fine Art?. Established in frontier days by the San Francisco rt --M- ciation. it ha- grown %sith it- cosmo- politan city to a center of great cul- ture. The school opened with it pro- gram designed to prepare its student- for the postwar expansion period. A new program will build upon a fine past record and will connect it- courses with tofla - profr-.jonal de- mands and community activiti SCRIPPS CANADA. Egypt, and South Africa were all represented when thirty-six graduate students assembled at Scripps Institute of Oceanography for the fall semester. Lecture and laboratory work was broken up with sea trips aboard the " E. W. Scripp-. research vessel. Devices like the " Nansen Water Bottle. " which re- cords the temperature of an object 500 meters below the water surface, were carefully studied. Practical -tudy is the order of the day at Scripps! f m 1 MEDICAL MEDICINE THE San Francisco campus yearbook Medi- Cal, extensively covering the four campuses, makes its postwar debut this year, sponsored by the California Club. Plans for the medical center building program, still in preliminary stages, include a seventeen floor specializing building, and a five hundred bed teaching hospital. Eleven million dollars has been al- located to begin this expansion program, which will take two years to complete. With many veterans returning, the story is the An important phase of the all-around training program in the Medical College is x-ray diagnosis. Busy in the viewing room are seniors Dan Meub, Earl Gordon and Earl Thompson. DENTISTRY A typical scene in one of the clinics at the College of Dentistry. Senior Fay Van carries out a simple operative procedure on his regular orthodontic patient, while other students, Alice Lee John- son and Ed Hansen look on. 44 ' ' - - - . CENTER PHARMACY ?aine a? at other colleges classes have swelled and activities and ?ocial event? have increa?ed. Of the five hundred student- en- rolled, well over half are veterans. Above all. thi- year ha? ?een the origin of an inter- college council which will eventually become the foundation of the ASl CSF the Associ- dt.-.l Students of the University of California at San Francisco. Our Medical Center i- u good example of progress in the making, not only in ?ize. but in future plans and organiza- tion. Aaotker acthe (toy in UK College of Phmacr Elizabeth MaJkry Jor prepares NURSING ile their instructor gnK of nwsing. Practical e- :-r :: r-.- : 45 s E N I O R C O N C I L BACK ROW: Bob Davy, Jim Huston, Bill Roth, Bert Lindsley, Bill Theisner, Lew Kimball, Paul Cox, Ludy Langer, Barbara Cain. THIRD ROW: Florence Bevis, Agnes O ' Donnell, Jane Kenyon, Katherine Thanas, Claire Kester, Sally Milbank, Bebe Moorhead, Joanne Kramer, Jane Smith, Ellen Sullivan. SECOND ROW: Mary Diepenbrock, Pat Thomas, Marilyn Robinson, Mary Pat McNamara, Bea Leiberman, Martha Matthias, Robert Conrad, Elizabeth Sams, Laura Piccirillo, Joan Macfie. FRONT ROW: Don Paterson, Jean O ' Brien, Jean Pendleton, Hank Hance, Janice Rivers, Vic Boisseree, John Pierce. PLAY-PENS and lollipops highlighted the Senior ' s Sing Les Brown highlighted the Senior Informal, and plans galore highlighted the council meetings. The council worked hard on Senior Week, and inspired a hilarious B.Y.O.K. (Bring Your Own Kite) flying party. Things are looking up ! SOPH-FROSH Brawl fun was under the super- vision of the Senior Peace Committee, who organized freshmen for the brawl and watched that property went unmolested. Hazing was checked, and the only thing broken was the sophomore spirit when they lost. PEACE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Sandy Rohrbacher, Ludy Langer, Bob Seymour, Brooke Sawyer, Thomas Seeburger, Bob Armstrong, Lew Kimball. FRONT ROW: John Pierce, Vic Boisseree, Art Pacheco, Ken Caldwell, Arthur Anderson, Bob Cummings. SENIORS 1 9 4 7 A happy trio are the senior class officers. DON PATERSON has his fingers in lots of campus pies, ever cheerful JEAN O ' BRIEN kept an eye on Senior Women ' s Hall, and Secretary-Treasurer JEAN PENDLETON knitted sweaters when she wasn ' t taking minutes. LED by their capable president. Don Paterson. and inspired by their catchy slogan. " The year they cheer. " the senior class of- ficers worked vigorously to make their class the outstanding campus body that it was. To the customary senior activities. thr e energetic officers added an extra verve which made them enthusiastic successes. Hats off to the senior officer-! A ABRAHAMS, EL ABRAMS, BERTHA ADAMS, JARED EDGAR ADAMS, RAYLENE ELIZABETH AIROLA, LOWELL ANTHONY AIROLA, ORRIN KENNETH ALBIETZ, ALFRED HENRY ALEMANIA, LOURDESC. ALF, HERBERT ALBERT ALLAN, WILLIAM MORRIS San Francisco Los Angeles Aurora, Illinois Pomona Angels Camp San Andreas Berkeley Oakland Berkeley San Bernardino Physics Bacteriology Marketing Chemistry Economics Philosophy Political Science English General Curriculum Accounting Tower and Flame; Representative- at-Large; ACC; Welfare Council; International Relations Transfer from UCLA; Sherman Hall; Pelican; Intramural; Winter Sports Club; Phrateres. Transfer from Northwestern University; Masonic Club. Transfer from Pomona College; Stern Hall; Iota Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; SAACS. Kappa Alpha; Phi Phi. Kappa Alpha; Phi Phi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Volleyball; Freshman Soccer. Transfer from College of Holy Names; Daily Californian; Filipino Students Club, Secretary. Transfer from Washington State College. Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Pi Kappa Alpha. Commitee; Conference Committee; ALLSOP, ARLENE Sophomore Class FRANCES Council; ASUC Housing Sub-committee. Oakland Hispanic America Sigma Kappa; ALLEN, HOWARD BECKWITH ALLEN, MARY GREEN ALLEN, RICHARD ARTHUR ALLEN, ROBERT LEE ALLISON, MARJORIE RUTH ALLRED, LORRAINE Alpha Mu Gamma; Honor Student; ALSTON, ANTHONY ALVORD, HOWARD BRUCE AMES, SHIRLEY B. Belvedere Political Science Berkeley Psychology. Piedmont Industrial San Jose French Berkeley Decorative Art Marysville Physical Education Tower and Flame; Homecoming Sales, Co-chairman; AUGUSTINE Berkeley San Francisco Business Auburn History Delta Kappa Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Daily Californian. Engineering Transfer from Rhode Island State College; ASME. Transfer from San Jose State; Iota Delta Phi; Cercle Francais; UC Amateur Club. Delta Chi Alpha; Masonic Club. Transfer from Yuba College; Lambda Delta Sigma; Physical Education; Car Pool, chairman; Senior Class Council; Pelican, Managerial; Civil Engineering Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; ASCE. Administration Sigma-Nu; Vigilantes; Big " C " Guard; Track. Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Prytanean; California Club; Kappa Sigma Alpha, Major ' s Club. Ad Service Bureau; Torch and Shield; Welfare Council; ACC; Vigilantes; Treble Clef, Winter Sports Club; Senior Manager; College Women ' s Music Council. Club. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANNE-MARIE ARTHUR ELDEN CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH JOY GLENN PAUL JAMES E. MARY JO NANNA LOUISA ROBERT CARL ROBERT San Francisco Dinuba ADELIA Lafayette Kingsburg Berkeley Dinuba Berkeley San Francisco CHETLAM Chemistry. International Petaluma Regional Group Individual Group Business Social Welfare Psychology Foreign Trade Oakland Relations General Curriculum Major on France and Major on Religion Administration Delta Delta Delta; Psi Chi. Transfer from State Marketing Pi Kappa Alpha. Alpha Omicron Pi; French Colonies Transfer from Phi Kappa Sigma; Blue and Gold; University of Iowa; Theta Chi. Little Theatre. Alpha Delta Pi; Reedley Junior Baseball; Orientations; International Blue and Gold; College. NROTC. Card Sales. House. Card Sales. ED WELCH was probably the only ASUC president in history who ever called President Sproul " Bob " at a University meeting. He loved athletics, provided plenty of spirit and team unity, and got along w ell with people. Beta brothers never knew which meeting he was attending, but considered him a good party-time man. Guiding Ex Committee through this year was a job for a leader, which Ed definitely proved he was. ANDRE, CALVIN ANDREWS, ELTON ANDREWS, ANGEL, LOREN APPLEGATE, ARATA, ARBOGUST, JANE ARMITAGE, ARMSTRONG, ARMSTRONG, GEORGE RANDOLPH PATRICIA HENRY FARRAR CLEE HARRIET L. LEONORA DOROTHY IRENE AUDREY MARIE PHYLLIS Vesper, Wisconsin Berkeley Sierra Madre Berkeley Sacramento Berkeley Chicago, Illinois San Francisco Oakland Red Bluff Physics General Curriculum General Curriculum Petroleum Geology. Hispanic America International English General Curriculum. English General Curriculum Transfer from Alpha Chi Sigma. Pi Beta Phi; Regional Group Relations Transfer from Transfer from San Transfer from Calvin College, Panile; Phi Mu; Panile; Transfer from University of Francisco Junior Chico State College; Grand Rapids, Blue and Gold; Blue and Gold, Stockton Junior Minnesota. College; Honor Zeta Tan Alpha; Michigan. Managerial; Manager; Class College; College Student; Tower and Blue and Gold; Student-Faculty Councils; Pelican; Women ' s Club. Flame; Masonic California Engineer. Relations. Publications Club. Council; Student-Faculty Relations; Women ' s Counseling; Campus Tours; Card Sales; ARMSTRONG, ROBERT JOHN ARNOLD, ANN LOWRIE ASH, EDWARD BYRON ASNARD, LORRAINE Little Theatre. AUSLEN, RICHARD MEYER AUSTIN, PATRICIA SUTHERLAND AUSTIN, PHYLLIS JEAN BAAS, MARILYN LENORE BABCOCK, ROBERT M. Berkeley Zoology San Mateo Social Welfare Kingston, Pennsylvania San Francisco Social Welfare AUCHARD, PHILIP DONALD Piedmont Regional Group Alamo Decorative Art Ontario General Curriculum Oakland Journal ism Modesto Landscape Design. Transfer frocr, Carroll College; Sigma Phi S ' gma; Senior Class Council. Kappa Alpha Theta. Business Administration Transfer from University of Kappa Delta; Welfare Council. Newark Civil Engineering Ridge House; Major on Central Europe and Ger- many Baton; ACC; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Chi Alpha; Little Theatre; Art Staff Transfer from Chaffey College; Sherman Annex; YWCA. Theta Sigme Phi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Daily Californian. Pennsylvania; ASCE, President. Band Manager; Masonic Club. Music Ccuncil. BAKER, Chairman; Rally JANE Committee. Berkeley Decorative Art BALES, CLIFFORDS. BALL, EILEEN VIRGINIA BALLENGER, DON WILLIAM BANKER, LOUIS BUZZ BARBER, JANET BARBOUR, RALPH E. BARGQUIST, MYRTLE ANNA BARLOW, WILLIAM ROBERT! BARNES, BARBARA BELLE Alpha Phi; Prytanean; Chico Long Beach Glendale Russell, Kansas Oakland Oakland Sacramento Berkeley Pasadena Torch and Shield; Civil Engineering Decorative Art Electrical Public Speaking Spanish General Curriculum Psychology General Curriculum Medical Art Women ' s Represent- ative; Executive Committee; ACC; Women ' s Judicial Committee; WEB; ASCE. Transfer from Washington State College; Alpha Chi Omega. Engineering Transfer from University of Southern California; Junior Class Transfer from University of Kansas; Sigma Nu; Speech Arts Club; Daily Californian Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pi Lambda Theta; YWCA Cabinet. Basketball; NROTC. Transfer from Sacramento College; Masonic Club. Chi Psi; Rally Committee; Slavic Society. Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Winter Sports Club. WAC; California Council; AIEE; Sports Staff; Blue Club; Sophomore Masonic Club; and Gold Editorial Class, Vice-Presi- Flying Club. Staff; Pelican dent; Freshman, Editorial Staff; Sophomore, Junior Occident, Manager; Class Councils; Art Rally Committee Bureau; Art Advisory Board; Director of Rally Senior Peace Com- Committee; mittee; Senior Class i Sub-Housing Board. Council. Words fall short in describing blonde, vivacious, pretty MARILYN SMITH, who as ASUC vice-president journeyed to conventions and served as our official hostess. She was serious at Women ' s Judi- cial meetings, peppy on Women ' s Rally Committee, and loyal as a Kappa Kappa Gamma member. As ASUC vice-prexy, she contrib- uted her scintillating personality to Ex Committee meetings and had good ideas for better student government. BARNHART, BARRE, BARRIO, BARRON, BARRY, BARRY, BARTELL, BARTELS, BARTLETT, BATCHELOR, KENNETH LOREN D. RAYMONDS. JOHN JOSHUA JOHN JOSEPH MARY D. FREDERICK OTIS GEILANNE STANLEY URTON MARIAN HOLMES EDWIN JR. Pasadena San Francisco El Centro El Monte San Francisco Sonoma San Francisco Santa Barbara Monaca, San Diego Electrical International Political Science Industrial History Physics Paleontology Business Pennsylvania Mechanical Engineering Relations. Transfer from Engineering Sigma Kappa Bowles Hall; Casa Hispana; Administration Home Economics Engineering Transfer from DePauw University; Delta Upsilon; Alpha; Newman Honor Student; Pelican Women ' s Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from San Pasadena Junior Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfraternity Club; Utrimque. Tower and Flame. Staff; Winter Santa Barbara. Pennsylvania State Diego State College; Bowles Welfare Council; Council; ASME; Sports Club; New- College; Gamma Phi College. Hall; AIEE; Ski Public Opinion Swimming; Water man Club; Spanish Beta; Dormitory Club; Masonic Club; Survey Committee, Polo. Club; Italian Club. Council. - Varsity Fencing. Chairman. BAUMBERGER, MARGARET E. BAYCE, ARTHUR ERNEST BEALL, NANCY LOUISE BEATTY, LYDIA LOUISE BECK, HELEN MARIE BECKMAN, CHARMAINE D. BEDECARRE, JOHN BEER, ROBERT EDWARD BEGUN, JEROME HAROLD BELGUM, LORETTA E. San Francisco Oakland San Jose Mount Shasta Washington, D. C San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles San Francisco Berkeley General Curriculum Chemistry. Psychology History Economics History Journal ism Entomology and Pre-Medical History Alpha Omicron Pi; Treble Clef. Delta Gamma. Alpha Delta Chi; Hcusing Beard; YWCA. Dorm C; Pi Phi Delta. Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Phrateres; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian; Baseball. Parasitology Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Zeta. Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; National Transfer from Northern State Teachers ' College; Newman Club. Rifle Association; Alpha Delta Chi; SVA; Pre-Medical Calvin Club. Society. BELL, DAVID DOUGLAS Sacramento Accounting and Retailing Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Ridge House. BELL, GEORGE EDWIN Hayward Civil Engineering. BELL, MARY JANE Oakland Education Badminton. BELLMAN, NORMA ELLEN Berkeley Art Delta Epsilon; Student Relations. I VELVEL, BENNER, BENNETT, BENNETT, BENNETTS, BENSON, PAUL WILLIAM ROBERT H. DOROTHY JANE JANESPERRY DORIS DOANE ROBERT GUST San Francisco San Diego Del Paso Heights Berkeley Sacramento Twin Falls, Idaho Business Personnel History Dramatic Art Art General Curriculum. Administration Sigma Alpha Epsi- Transfer from Sac- Kappa Alpha Transfer from Sac- Lambda Chi Alpha; lon; Golden Bear; ramento College; Theta; Prytanean; ramento Junior Scabbard and California Club; Phi Mu; Sigma Panile; Thalian; College; Arch Place; Blade; Ski Club. Representative-at- Kappa Alpha; Mask and Dagger; Masonic Club; Large; Executive Tower and Flame; Hammer and Dim- YWCA. Committee; ACC; Blue and Gold. mer; University Senior Class, Theatre. President; Inter- class Council, President; SVA, President; 1946 Homecoming, Chairman; YMCA. Six-foot four-inch DON PATERSON, otherwise known as " Checker Pants, " appeared at the President ' s Reception in a tuxedo, while everyone else went informal. This serious senior class president never dated anyone but his five-foot three-inch wife, read all the modern novels, and kept several Distinguished Flying Crosses as souvenirs of his navigator days in the air corps. He was YMCA vice-president, majored in insurance, and never had any cigarettes. .. - - SCL - . - : - - b-ta St ' - BUMU Oakland Spanish and French KM -i=:_: Stockton Marketing iE=;E= =:=- surra KBESnH DONALD ROBERT Mmneapcl , = : $--= FRANCES San Francisco JmwColleot. KU S -.=. A " 2 ' - Mm i :-.= :..K Hitlri Fa Industrial Engineering Tan B(U Pi; Honor MM iSVE : : -S.i = :: = A " tol Epworth Hall; Col- am Social Welfare PATRICIA YataCity BERRYHILL, RONALD WAYNE Cm BESSER, THEODORE EUGENE Kinds ,, Kansas UnnersiW of Mil at 4 :-a 3 -.= taBhX D:-E Winter Sports Club. S ;-; Sr:-f-3-. Ad Senrioe Boreai; BETTINGER, RICHARD VISSIMG is:- BEVIS, _:=E :E Px Art Tn HONOR = : = :-i=.S College; Stera Hall; :i l:i :- Toner and Flame; s - : - : as SB = AT tai Transfer from Un}- wrsity of Oreson. Cowcil; IMomity Yacht Ch ; Persning Rifles; SVA;I BIERMAN, BEATRICE Mnfli - BILLONES, OLGA Stockton Art Transfer from Stockton Junior Col- lege, Delta EpsitaL BIRBECK, r Jose State College; Stern Hall; Welfare CoMCil; Conswiers til. Chairman. BIRD, MERRILL WHITING, JR. Stripes Cofege; and Grid; Pelican; History. YWCA. ACi MMU VINCENT CM I Transfer from San Honor Student; Francisco JmMr Toner and Flame. College; Aloha Pi Kappa Alpha; TOMT and Flame; ACC; Sophomore Class, President; Class Officers Council; Freshnun Class Conncil; Sophomore Vigi- lantes; Big " C " Ekart BLACK, ROBERT DANIELS BLACKFIELD, STANLEY, WALTEI San Francisco Political Science JUXWEU MARY JANE BakersfieU -- BLAIR, GEORGE VcKEE Se-icUey, Daily Califomian; ; Nti BLAKE, ROBERT EUGENE Los Angeles = .: : - r. :- = BLAKELY, CORELLA INEZ San Rafael BLAKELEY, SARAH BUSS, CAROL 1AK 5.::v LAPIN Industrial -; t :- Chi Psi; Golden =2- E :; ST:; .;: :. : r ' -: Onb;Crew Beta Theta Pi; Phi Phi; Football; Delta Gamma; Ski -- = -: . :- ' , ' = - - ' - :--:--; JmHor College; Horton H all; Tmcr ami Flame. Stern Hall; Pryta- nean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Daily Cali- BLOSSOM MARJORIE LURA BLUNK, RUTH ELISABETH Fair Oaks and Flame, Library Committee. En] i- ::- E C: ip Women ' s Chm; BLUMBERG, JAMES A. Chicago, Illinois Sociology Transfer from Urn- Transfer from ersrty of Chicago; Sacramento College; mhanaUmB Pi Mi Epsilor.; -:. .- : " : .: Mi mn ::--; Alpha Phi TINA PFUND DEWEY played the flnte m f]phonj, maintained a great interest in " Y " acthritjes, was chairman of Card Sales ami Conference Committee, and had her name on Mortar Board ' s roll call. In February, petite Tina dumjed the name " Ptad " for " Oeey, " and took up housekeeping as a major actfrity. Iccoiding to Ralph, she ' s the best honsenrife that anyone cmdd wish for! BOAL, ROBERT PAUL BOGHOSIAN, DOLORES LILLIAN BOISSEREE, VICTOR RICHARD BOLANDER, GORDON L. BOLCOM, HENRY M. BOLES, DELWIN EARL BOLES, MARGERY JEAN BOLES, SHIRLEY JEANNE BOLIN, WILLIAM HARVEY BOLLERUD, PAULETTE Los Angeles Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Diego Salinas Salinas Pasadena Berkeley DEVERTER Philosophy General Curriculum Mining Geology Zoology Business Business Accounting General Curriculum International Durham Transfer from UCLA. Card Sales; YWCA. Pi Kappa Alpha; Transfer from San Administration Administration Prytanean; Women ' s Transfer from Relations General Curriculum Big " C " Guard; Senior Peace Com- mittee; Class Coun- cils; Winter Sports Francisco State. Transfer from Pomona College; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Sigma. " C " Society; Phi Chi Theta; WAA. Pasadena Junior College; Gamma Phi Beta; Honor Student. Tower and Flame. Transfer from Uni- sity of Wi sconsin; Warring Place; Eta-Z. i Club; Mining Asso- Daily Californian, ciation; Varsity Managerial Staff. Rifle Team, Manager. BOND, PHYLLIS MACY BONIFACE, ALICE HARRIETT BONIFIELD, WILLIAN BORTFELD, RICHARD IRVING BOUSHAW, MERRILEE BOWERS, HAROLD NORMAN BOWERS, " J, " PAGE BOWERS, MARILYN BOWLER, C. PATRICIA BOWLINE, BELINDA : . Berkeley Fort Bragg ELWOOD CLINTON San Francisco Oakland Orinda Long Beach MACGILLIURAY San Francisco Compton Psychology Transfer from Reed College. General Curriculum Delta Zeta; Daily California!!; Treble Clef. Piedmont Accounting Delta Tau Delta; Water Polo. Mechanical Engineering ASME; UCSCA. Political Science Alpha Omicron Pi; Rally Committee; Sophomore Women ' s Vigilantes; Pelican General Curriculum Kappa Sigma; Skull and Keys; Rugby. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Vernal is Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma; Architectural History Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Newman Club. English Transfer from Compton Junior College; Masonic Club. ' 1 Women ' s Staff; Glee Club. Association. Women ' s Counsel- ing, Director; v Homecoming Dance Committee. BOWMAN, BOWMAN, BOYD, BOYD, JEAN BOYDSTON, JOHN ROBERT THOMAS EDWIN CORNELIA Sacramento ROBERT Turlock Los Gatos HELEN English Literature STANDLEE Business Administration Economics Phi Gamma Delta; Oakland General Curriculum Transfer from Scripps College; Carpinteria Chemistry Pi Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; Junior, Senior Class Ccuncils; Tennis. Transfer from UCLA. Sigma Kappa; Pelican; Art Transfer from Ventura Junior Phi Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Bureau. College; Alpha Chi Sigma Tower and Flame. BRACKEN, GILBERT CORTEZ JR. Berkeley Business Administration Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Boxing Team. BRACKETT, BRADFIELD, BRADFORD, BEVERLY IRENE IRENE LOUISE VIRGINIA San Francisco Berkeley MARVIN General Curriculum Journalism Piedmont Transfer from Mortar Board; Art San Francisco Prytanean; Transfer from Junior College; California Club; University of Alpha Delta Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; Oregon. Pelican; Elections Daily Californian, Board; Intramural; Editor; Standards Winter Sports Club; Commission, Chair- Homecoming man; Publications Dance Committee. Council; Public Relations Bureau; Homecoming Committee. BRADY, FRANCIS KING Wheaton, Illinois English Transfer from Loras College; White Shingles; Newman Club; SVA. At seven a. m. meetings (that ' s right, seven) Bubbling BERT LINDSLEY woke up senior council with his gay routine. With enough Cal spirit in one finger to do the whole campus, Bert was the life-blood of Orientations council and ACC, and organized Cal Hosts to give students a chance to meet each other. He placed skiing high on his favorite list, and spent lots of time at the beach. Law school and Southern California beauties figure in his future. ; : BRANDT, BRIGGS, FRED BRIMHALL, BRIN, BRISCO, CHARLES BROADDUS, BRODIE, CECELIA BRODERICK, BRONSON, BROOKS, r- MARY JANE NORMAN BETTY JO RICARDO CHESTER JR. ARTHUR BEVERLY MARGARET GEORGE GORDON WALLACE BEVERLY E. mi San Francisco Davis Evanston, Panama City, Santa Ana Ukiah Alameda MALCOLM Oakland Berkeley to General Curriculum Physiology Wyoming Panama Sociology Economics History Berkeley Electrical Dramatic Art ' ferial. Alpha Gamma Lambda Chi Alpha; Social Welfare Political Science Transfer from Bowles Hall; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Chemical Engineering WAA; College -- Delta; Winter Baton; Band. Transfer from Kappa Sigma; Phi Texas University; Hcnor Student; Utrimque; Newman Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Women ' s Club; Sports Club. University of Phi; Swimming; NROTC. Tower and Flame; Club. Phi Delta Theta; Tau Beta Pi; Masonic Club. Wyoming; Dorm D. Soccer; Rugby; Rally Committee; Circle C Society; Golden Bear; T " f, Water Polo. Rocket Society. ROTC. Alpha Delta Sigma; Epsilon Kappa Nu; California Engineer, Manager. BROWN, EDITH A1LEEN San Francisco : iROOKS, BROWN, BROWN, Spanish BROWN, FRANCES BROWN, J. BROWN, LEOSE BROWN, MAXINE BROWN, NORMAN BROWN, RICHARD - ;. .ORA DEAN CHARLES F. DOROTHY Alpha Kappa Alpha; PAULINE RUDGER MABEL ELVAN KERSHAW WILLIAM . Burbank San Jose MARGARET Mortar Board; Sacramento San Bernardino Glendora Alameda Berkeley Ogden, Utah - lispanic America Optometry Buena Park Prytanean, Treas- Home Economics Business General Curriculum General Curriculum Retailing. Pre-Medical !_ ie gional Group Transfer from San General Curriculum urer; Panile, President; Tower Transfer from Administration Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Kappa; ACC; International House. M w ransfer from Jose State Transfer from and Flame; Women ' Sacramento Junior Intramural. Elections Board; WAC; Rally Com- .- ICLA; Zeta Tau Mpha. College; Optometry Association. UCLA; McFarlands; Ski Club; Masonic Judicial Committee; WAC; Blue and College; North Gables; Newman Rally Committee. mittee, Chairman. Club. Gold, Sophomore, Club; Home Junior Editor; Economics Club. Activities ' Recruit- ing Bureau; Card Sales; YWCA Cab- inet; Junior Class Council; Newman iROWN, ROBERT BROWN, STANLEY BROX, MARJORIE Club. BRUNSELL, BRYAN, ROBERT BUCKINGHAM, BUCKWALTER, BUDDINGTON, BUMPUS, B.fUICB RVIN ERLE JEANNE CLAYTON ELVIN FAITH ROBERT MARTIN DONALD FRANK T. Berkeley Oakland Long Beach WOODARD Modesto Oakland Pasadena RICHARDS San Marino Mechanical ngineering. Political Science Golden Bear; Big General Curiculum Transfer from BRUBAKER, ELEANOR ANN Berkeley Economics Personnel Administration. Decorative Art Alpha Phi; Ace of Mechanical Engineering Fresno Engineering Psychology Transfer from C Society; YMCA, UCLA; Dorm D. San Leandro Phi Kappa Tau. Clubs; Little The- Transfer from ASME. Harvard University; : ; President; Baseball, Political Science atre, Managerial; Pasadena Junior Chi Psi; Rally : Senior Manager. Tower and Flame; Orientations; College; Alpha Committee; Inter- 04 Wesley Foundation. YWCA Cabinet. Kappa Lambda; ASME. fraternity Council. A dean told freshman JANICE RIVERS that she ' d be Blue and Gold editor some day. She was right. This bundle of enthusiasm studied geography in Bancroft Libe, seldom ate dinner at home, and was chairman of Elections Board, ACC, and Pub Council. She won the gold ASUC card when a junior, went to basketball games at 5:30 and knew all the athletic coaches. This summer she ' s going East for a well-earned vacation with the other half of river-power, Pat Powers. BUNDS, MARGARET ELLEN BURCHELL, CHARLOTTE RUTH BURKE, GAYNE LYNN San Rafael Modesto Pasadena Social Studies Home Economics Transportation Delta Zeta; Tower and Flame; Little Theater; Intramural; Winter Sports Club. YWCA; Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Club, President. Transfer from University of Arizona. BURNAM, JACK BURNETT, M. BURNS, RICHARD BURMS, SAMUEL BURRIS, NANCY LEONARD EUNICE FRANK LORENZO LEE Berkeley Campbell Los Angeles Niles Oakland History Social Welfare Industrial Marketing Social Welfare Transfer from San Transfer from San Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Francisco Junior Jose State College. Transfer from Los College of the Whittier College; College; Tennis; Angeles City Pacific. Kappa Delta; Swimming. College; Orientations. Acacia; Phi Phi; Rally Committee; Interfraternity Council; ASME. BURTON, BEVERLY JEANNE Yreka Social Welfare. BURTON, CLARK ROBERT Concord Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Phi; Tower and Flame; Crew; Intramural; Winter Sports Club; SVA. BURTON, BURTON, JOHN BURY, COLIN BUSSA, RENATO BUSSEY, BYRNE, CADMAN, WALTER CAGNONI, IDLE CAIN, BARBARA CAIN, JOHN CLIFFORD JACOB JEAN JOSEPH FREDERICK BEVERLY ANNE JACK LOUISE JEAN RICHARD GREENLEAF Wapakoneta, San Gabriel Oakland ERNEST San Francisco Fullerton San Francisco Auburn Los Angeles Lancaster Ohio Mechanical Chemistry. Oakland Economics Criminology French Home Economics Industrial Mining Engineering Electrical Engineering General Curriculum Treble Clef; Transfer from Bon Haven; Alpha Theta Upsilon; Engineering Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Pasa- Kappa Sigma. Newman Club. Fullerton Junior Mu Gamma; WAA; Welfare Ccuncil; Delta Tau Delta; Pomona College; AIEE. dena Junior College. College; Honor Utrimque; Circolo Housing Board, Skull and Keys; Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Student; Crimi- I tali a no. Chairman; Treble Living Group Mining Association; nology, President. Clef; Junior, Senior Council, Chairman; Masonic Club. Class Councils; Rugby; Interfra- Home Economics ternity Council, Club. President. CALDWELL, CALLMAN, CARLSON, CARLSON, JOHN CARNEAL, JAMES CARROLL, MORRIS CARRUTHERS, CARSON, LEE CARTER, SUE CASADOS, KENNETH SIMMS HERBERT JOSEPH DOUGLAS VICTOR LUTHER JOSEPH ANNE JANE CLARK ADRIENNE ELOISE San Diego Brooklyn, N.Y. EDWARD San Francisco Halfway, Oregon Anaheim San Jose Fullerton Long Beach Santa Fe, N.M. Industrial Personnel Berkeley Electrical Agricultural Agricultural General Curriculum Industrial French Spanish Engineering Administration Civil Engineering Engineering Economics Economics Transfer from San Engineering Transfer from Long Berkeley Hall. Transfer from San Oxford Hall. Alpha Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; IRE. Transfer from North Campus Inn. Jose State College; Transfer from Beach Junior Diego State College; Band; Orchestra; Dakota State Teach- Alpha Chi Omega; Fullerton Junior College; Bowles Hall; Pi Tennis. er ' s College; Alpha Pelican; Treble Clef. College. Dorm F; Winter Kappa Alpha; Alpha Zeta; Basketball, Sports Club; Phi Omega; Varsity Manager; Varsity Newman Club; Basketball; ASME; Wrestling. Homecoming Homecoming Pa- Parade Committee. rade Committee. A big smile preceded JEAN O ' BRIEN in and out of senior officers ' conferences, to WAC and Women ' s Ex Board meetings, and to Pryt get-togethers. A member of Torch and Shield, she made Sigma Kappa her college home. Homecoming committees, Post-War Coordinating Board, and Winter Sports Club benefited from her ideas, and Jean came as close as possible to an ideal college girl. GATE, PATRICIA MAE CHAFFIN, BARBARA ANN CHAMBERLAIN, PAUL HOFMANN CHAMBERS, WAYNE CHAN, ERNEST CHAN, NORMAN CHANEY, JUNE LEE CHAPMAN, MARY KATHARINE CHAPMAN, WILLIAM SAMUEL CHAPPELL, ROBERT PETER - Los Angeles Oroville Auburn FREDERICK Locke Oakland San Leandro Berkeley Exeter Gilroy Political Science Social Welfare Economics San Diego Electrical General Curriculum Art Child Development History Mechanical Dorm E. Alpha Gamma Delta; Sophomore, Junior Kappa Sigma; Golden Bear; Forestry Transfer from San Engineering Wrestling; Chinese Pi Alpha Phi; Alpha Mu Gamma; Honor Delta Epsiion; Utrimque. Alpha Delta Chi; Calvin Club. ThetaXi. Engineering Bowles Hall; Class Councils. Winged Helmet; Diego State College; Students ' Club. Student; Tower and Varsity Crew. Varsity Crew. Xi Sigma Pi; Flame; Orientaticns; Forestry Club. Rally Committee; Glee Club; Card Sales, Junior Man- ager; Students ' Advisory Board; Chinese Students ' Club; Chinese Stu- dent Christian - CHARLES, DONALD FOSTER CHENEY, MARSHALL CHENG, WILLIAM TEH SHOW CHERRY, MARTIN CHESTERMAN, NADINE Association. CHEW, TIMOTHY CHICK, JANET CHISM, NEALASA CHOW, ANNIE NGAN - Los Angeles CHIPMAN JR. Chekiang,China Chicago, llinois Piedmont San Francisco Berkeley Twin Falls, Idaho San Francisco . . - Chemistry. Berkeley General Curiculum Pclitical Science International House. Business Administration Public Speaking College Women ' s CHESTNUT, BETTILOU Industrial Engineering General Curriculum Gamma Phi Beta. Foreign Trade Transfer from Social Welfare. Sigma Phi; Big " C " Society; Rally Com- Transfer from University of Club. San Jose Transfer from UCLA; Pi Alpha Phi; Wabash College and University of oBKffi; mittee; Vigilantes; Illinois. International Varsity Boxing; Illinois; Big " C " Guard; Relations Chinese Students ' Delta Tau Delta; Tennis. Dorm D. Club, President; Delta Phi Epsilon; lit ASME; Circle C. Masonic Club. MS, CHRISTIAN, CAROLYN HODGIN CHRISTENSON, EVELYN DORIS CHUN, EDNA VIRGINIA CHUN, LOLA CHURCH, MARILEA CIARLO, PHYLLIS MARIE CITRON, JOYCE MURIEL CLARE, SHIRLEY JANET CLARK, AUGUSTUS WALTER JR. CLARK, ELEANOR LA ROSE .: Sacramento Kings burg Locke Fresno San Francisco San Francisco Oakland No. Sacramento Albany Pasadena Economics Social Welfare Public Health History Business Journalism. General Curriculum General Curriculum Chemical General Curriculum Stem Hall; Pi Phi Delta; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Counseling; Art Transfer from Reed- ley Junior College; LSAA. Stem Hall. Transfer from Fresno State College; International Administration Colonial Hall. Dorm H; Alpha Tau Delta; Phrateres. Transfer from Sacramento Junior College and Oregon State College; Engineering Honor Student; Boxing Team; Circle " C " Transfer from Pasa- dent Junior College; Delta Gamma. Bureau; Student House; Sigma Eta-Z; Blue Society. Advisory Bureau. Kappa Alpha; and Gold; Daily Tower and Flame; Califomian; Cali- Chinese Students ' fornia Engineer. m mm mm m Club. M H M M l l HIHWHM MMM _ __ M BHIBaa Cries of " Atta boy, Hogey " at basketball games meant guard BOB HOGEBOOM had made a nice play, which he did often. Bob quite naturally majored in physical education, and played baseball too. You could find him at Skull and Keys and Big C Society meetings or thoroughly in the spirit of things at Cal Club parties. Hogey was synonymous with Cal victories, and will be sorely missed next year. CLARK, JOHN CLAYTON, CLEARY, CLEMENT, CLEMETSON, CLEWETT, CLINTON, COBLENTZ, COGEN, COHELAN, SAMUEL JR. DOUGLAS JOHN W. ROBERT FITE PAUL LUVERNE ROBERT EDWIN M. JR. LOLITA NAOMI CHARLOTTE Modesto WILLIAM San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley LANCELOT San Francisco San Francisco New York FRANCES Economics Bakersfield History General Curriculum Zoology San Francisco History History Political Science San Francisco Pi Kappa Alpha. Forestry Theta Chi; Varsity Transfer from Honor Student; Economics Transfer from San Dorm D. Transfer from History Big " C " Society; Debating Team; College of Pacific; Tower and Flame. Transfer from Uni- Francisco Junior Hunter College. Tower and Flame; Forestry Club. ROTC Rifle Team. Ski Club; NROTC. versity of Nevada; College. Sigma Kappa Alpha. Bowles Hall; Glee Secretary-treasurer. Club; SVA; Sym- phony Forum; Winter Sports Club. COHELAN, SHIRLEY MABEL San Francisco History Sigma Kappa Alpha. COHEN, ALVIN CHEIM San Francisco Economics. COHEN, MARIAN COHN, ARMAND COHN, MARILYN COLCORD, COLE, NYLA COLEMAN, COLEMAN, COLLINS, JEANNE SAMUEL JR. CLAIRE DORIS JEAN JESSAMINE CLAIRE GEORGE MIRIAM EDITH Los Gatos San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Wasco ELIZABETH MITCHELL Berkeley Social Welfare Insurance General Curriculum Personnel Physiology San Jose La Jolla General Curriculum Alpha Epsilon Phi; University Theater; Pi Lambda Phi; Pelican; Varsity Epworth Hall; Alpha Mu Gamma; Elizabeth Barrett. Stern Hall; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tower Social Welfare Delta Zeta; Electrical Engineering Masonic Club. WAA; YWCA; Crop Crew. Cal Hosts. and Flame; Tennis; Tower and Flame; Transfer from San and Saddle; Housing Folk Dancing. Welfare Council, Diego State College; Board. Rep-at- Large; IRE; AIEE. YWCA, Treasurer. CflLLOPY, DOLORES ANTOINETTE Sacramento Accounting Ridgemont. COLVIG, RICHARD CONNOLLY, COMETTA, COMMAS, CONDIT, CONRAD, CONREY, BERT CONVERSE, COOK, JAMES MARSHALL EDWARD JOSEPH MILDRED H. LEE MAURINE ROBERTA JEAN LOUIS RICHARD H. ARTHUR Templeton San Francisco JOSEPHINE Los Angeles Visalia Berkeley Ojai Whittier Pomona Music Phi Beta Kappa; Physiology. San Francisco General Curriculum Business Administration Physical Education Stern Hall; Tower General Curiculum Class Councils; Geology Oxford Hall. Plant Pathology Oxford Hall. Chemistry Transfer from Chaf- Alpha Mu; Univer- Spanish Club; Dorm C; Pelican; and Flame; Music Club, Secre- fey Junior College. sity Chorus. Italian Club. Phrateres; Daily Women ' s Counsel- tary; Card Sales, Californian. ing, Director; Junior Manager; Student Health Women ' s Counsel- Board; WAA. ling, Assistant Director; College Women ' s Club, Treasurer and President. Patient PATTY EGGLESTON explained to everyone that she came from San Marino, not Pasadena. Hitting every big organization on campus, Patty had Mortar Board and Pryt pins, a junior Fybate key, a Torch and Shield ring, and the gavel at Gamma Phi meet- ings. You could find her watching basketball games, listening to history lectures, or sipping Tap Room coffee with Blue and Gold cohorts on Friday afternoons. - . :- K ' M. -- - - MM Turtock Political Sci COOK, COOK, MERYL MADELEINE DOROTHY SanDiego North Hollywood Social Welfare Political Science j aaskrfnmSm Pelican; Dormitory Diego State Col- Council; Secretariat lege Winter Sports WAA;lieu. CM COOK, NELLIE BMMM VERAMAY Los Angeles coora W1LUAM HICXERSON FVCMU CORNELIUS, JO ANN CORREA, =ED = .= CORRIGAN, BRUCE GARTH LEY English. Dormitory ConcH. General Cwriclni Card Sales (GoU Card Winer); Epvortli Hall. Civil Engineering Electrical Bowte Hall; ASCE. CoHege; : .: :E COUGHLAN, EMOBM CODTTS ' IRGINIA ; :=..= COVE) .:- ' . BRERETON - BMJ General Curkailum Tower art Flame; Transfer from the Treble Clef; YWCA; Rice Institute; Ski Club; Ntnmai Chi Phi. C j: Htm : .: CRUM, PHILIP Delta Zeta; Rao Workshop; YWCA. COX, MARGARET BLAMCHE Los Angeles S:: = Ti COX, CRIPPEN, CHARLES .- U -:.: -: CRAPUCHETTES, EUDCE iVv SaiHatee Forestry Pi lic Heart , History. VSC - CiPsi;AlptaZeta, Lahnratory , 3 ,- 3 = Tecanician ta ;:;-: ' ; - tan Leader; Big " C " San Hateo Jnior Guard; Seuor Class College; CoHcil; Interfra- Stebbins Hall, temity CoOTcil, Secretary; Cmr; Forestry Ck . CROFTS, BREWSTER Ontario Electrical Transfer from Chaf- College; Women ' s fey College art C ' Society; Unhersity of Teas; WAA; Physical AIEE; IRE. Education Majors ' CROZ1ER. GRACE EMILY ' ' . : :: :-: History Transfer from Colo- rado Women ' s Col- if 3- ; BBMMBK :..EES:S CMJUMK ROBERT HAWLEY VIRGINIA CATHERINE Food T sHall; .:s:i IBM EMM a : CUMMIWGS, DAVID BUTLER Berkeley " " . : I : JOHHE. FOB U 3: = :e A.?-3 s. : : .: Sigma; Tover art Deha Phi Easiloa; -:- Pi Sigma Alpfea; CMnttee; Glee Honor Student; CM; Deserct 0b. Rally Conrittee; :- EM( Winter Sports Ctab; Ck . CURTIS, CHARLES W. San Diego International Trade Pkysks IkanjferfMjM Glee CM; NROTC. UCLA; Interma- Uonal House; Circdo Italino; CUTHERELL, ROBERT Society; Cre. CHUCK LIVINGSTON ntmrt to witn iapiiiiin etfah tncfcrt any in Ms infantry rec- ord. Soon be earned the swhel chair in the Daily Cal manager ' s office. Chock wale do anything u anid an Jiiji I. disliked bad smoking manners in omen, art got a kick ont of parties wttn the staff. Here ' s far aaming to the advertising world that friendly Chock is on his ray! V CUTLER, ANITA SARA DABLE, ROBERT ROY DAHL, REGINA HARRIET DAHLQUIST, JEANNIE MARY DAIRIKI, TOSHIKO Los Angeles Berkeley San Leandro San Francisco Sacramento Journalism Physical Education History French Biochemistry Dorm C; Theta Sigma Phi; Tower and Flame; Daily California)], Edi- torial Staff; Dormitory Council. Alpha Sigma Phi; Winged Helmet; Tri-Une; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Basketball. Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma. Transfer from University of Nebraska. DALE, ELAINE MARIE DALE, LELAND V. DALEY, FLORENCE B. DANIELS, DAVID W. El Cerrito Palo Alto Porterville Hamilton, History Mechanical Personnel Montana ZetaTau Alpha; Engineering Management Geography Sigma Kappa Alpha; Transfer from Texas Stern Hall; Transfer from Honor Student; University; Torch and Shield; University of Tower and Flame; ASME; Masonic Phi Chi Theta; Michigan. Blue and Gold; Club; Christian Honor Student; Newman Club. Science Society. Tower and Flame; Housing Board, Secretary; Health Board; Treble Clef. DANIELSON, MARY LOUISE Santa Ana Landscape Design Alpha Delta Chi. DANNER, DART, DARVO, DAUS, DAVEY, DAVID, DAVIDSON, DAVIDSON, DAVIES, DAVIS, ALICE HELEN PATRICIA ANN ELMER ARVO LOREL LU FRANCES MARIE ANDREW ARTHUR MARTIN HELENE ROY EMMA JANE San Francisco Fresno Eureka Los Angeles San Francisco San Luis Obispo Berkeley Valley Center San Francisco Taft Food Chemistry History Electrical Chemistry General Curriculum Transportation General Curriculum Economics Electrical Spanish and Technology Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Kappa Sigma. Colonial Hall; Engineering; Beaudelaire; Transfer from Fresno State Oxford Hall; UCLA; Delta Zeta; San Francisco San Luis Obispo Dormitory Council; Business Alpha Mu Gamma. San Francisco College; AIEE; Pi Tau Pi Phi Beta Kappa; Junior College; Junior College; College Women ' s Administration Junior College; Delta Zeta; Sigma; National Housing Board; Newman Club. Yosemite Hall. Club. Transfer from McFarlands; Blue and Gold. Signal Corps Honor- YWCA Cabinet. Grays Harbor WAA; YWCA; ary and Professional Junior College, Masonic Club; Society. Wisconsin and Home Economics San Francisco State Association; College; Lambda Sailing Club. Chi Alpha; Rifle Team; AIEE; Winter Sports DAVIS, FRANK WELBY DAVISSON, HATTIE MARY DAVY, ROBERT LELAND DEAN, CHARLES ALBERT, JR. DE ARMOND, CLYDE DECKER, HARVEY LEROY DE CHENE, MARGARET EMILY DE FOREST, ARDITH ANITA Club; Rocket Society. DE LONGPRE, EDITH ESTELLE Oakland Weiser, Idaho Santa Ana Sacramento Berkeley Angwin Berkeley Susanville San Francisco Production Optometry General Curriculum Electrical General Curriculum. Business Personnel Accounting Regional Group Management. Transfer from Stanford University, Colorado Women ' s Bowles Hall; Glee Club; Senior Class Engineering Transfer from Sacramento Junior Administration NROTC, Battalion Commander. Chi Omega. Lutheran Students Association. DELLA NINA, DORIS CLAIRE San Francisco Major on Hispanic America WAC; Rally College, and University of Oregon Medical School; Council. College; AIEE; Masonic Club; NROTC. Personnel Spanish Club. Committee; College Women ' s Club; Theta Upsilon; WAA; Ski Club; Phrateres, President Calvin Club; Associated Students of Optometry, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. HARRY MORGAN will land in the creek no doubt, for that is the fate of all Lambda Chi Alpha presidents. A mechanical engineer, Harry is Cal ' s top skier, taking the lead in all contests. He went out for track, and still had time to get Tau Beta Pi grades and attend Golden Bear meetings. He ' s probably the only person on campus who could claim losing ASUC presiden cy by 86 votes! :: .- DE LU, LUCILLE MARGARET San Francisco Social Welfare T-,, ? - =-: f = : DEMAREST, GARRETT WILLIAM Manhattan Beach Civil Engineering Golden Bear; ASUC DEMLER, EVERETT E. California Club; Head Yell Leader. Political DEMOOR, JANICE CORNETTE DEWING, ROBERT LOUIS DEWSNUP, RHEAL. D1AS, ANN DIAS, JULIUS EDWARD DICKENSON, HOWARD GEORGE D1EPENBROCK, MARY 5s- ;-: -:: Walnut Creek Sacramento Atwater Modesto Napa ANTONETTE " ' 5 " - Business General Curriculum Languages Economics Accounting Hillsborough North Gables; Mortar Board; Administration. Hedgewood Hall; Lambda Delta Sigma. Alpha Mu Gamma; Blue and Gold. Delta Phi Epsilon. Delta Kappa Epsilon,- Skull and Keys; Beta General Curriculum Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Elections Women ' s { C " So- Beta; Freshman Board; Junior, ciety; ACC; WAC; topi Senior Class AiA = ts ;?- Councils. : . uaJ S:,2-? Dance Club. OIETTERLE, JEM S;- ---: -:: DIETTERLE, VIRGINIA ROSE Berkeley Social Welfare YWCA Cabinet; Col- lege Women ' s Club. DILBECK, DELMER L. ' , : - :- Oklahoma .:.-; BowteHall. S :-= ;::= Pelican; YWCA; A MB S :--.:- Clb, Executive Comnittee. DILLARD, FRANKLIN EMMETT JR. i:- :. :-?- nics Bowles Hall; Bear; Big " C ' Society; Alpha Zeta; Football ball. Senior DILLEY, MARGUERITE 6AVETTE Berkeley Zoology Casa Hispana; Women ' s " C " So- ciety; Tower and Flame; Phrateres; WAA; Treasurer and Interclass Vice Chairman. DINWIDDIE, WILLIAM LUCAS Berkeley General Curricutau Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Crew. DIXON, DONALD WILLIAM Elk Grove Mining Engineering Transfer from Sac- ramento College; 1:;: --. DIXON, ROY EDWARD Sacramento Civil Engineering Transfer from Sac- Ruuuuni C: --.-. Acacia. DOBLER, IDA MARIE Berkeley Geology Treble Clef; College Women ' s Club. DOERR, DONN Piedmont Industrial Engineering Zeta Psi; Golden Bear; Tri-Une; Cali- fornia Club; Big " C " Society; Circle " C " So- ciety; Varsity Foot- ball; Varsity Rugby. we. am Fax) j ' fw OK I : ! ! DOERR, ROSEBETH DOLIM, GEORGE STEPHEN DONDERO, DONALD LEE DORM RAYMOND DOUGHERTY, 1SABELL JEAN OOUMITT, GERALDINE DOWNEY, DOROTHY GRACE DOYLE, JEANNETTE DOZIER, JOHN COURTNEY DOZIER, WADE HAMPTON JR. Piedmont Wailukn, Haul, Jamestown ELMO JR. Saoauumbi ESTELLE Sacramento BLAIR San Francisco Lodi Hawaii General Curriculum Vallejo Sociology Alameda English Berkeley Forest y Personnel Transfer from Mills College; Delta Delta Delta; Peli- Architecture Theta Chi; ACC; Card Sate; Co- Circle " C " Society; Football; Varsity Wrestling. Put : Administration Kappa Sigma; Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Sherman Annex; Hispanic American Relations Delta Zeta; Thalian Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Stern Hall; Daily Social Welfare Delta Gamma; Towe and Flame. Kappa Sigma; Winter Sports Club; Forestry Club. Sigma Chi. can; PanMlenk; Chairman; Home- Honor Student; YWCA. Calrfornian; Elec- Intramural. coming 1946, Tower and Flame; tions Board; Card Pub) icHy Chair- Spanish Club; In- Sales. man; Junior, ternational House; Senior Class Music Club. Swimming and travelling took most of PAT FUNSTEN ' S time in the s r, but during school she supervised campus drives. Everyone liked Pat ' s poised, radiant personality, and as for skiing, one couldn ' t find a more enthusiastic companion. She has hopes of studying at the Sorbome, too, but has her fingers crossed. Theta sisters reported that their president definitely prefers Luckies, 2-1, and Cal Club members vouched for her fun-loving disposition. j. DRAPER, DEXTER DROBISH, HARRY DROBISH, DUART, JAMES DUERR, DUFFEL, DUFOUR, DUMONT, DUNCAN, DUNCAN, WRIGHT, JR. BOARDMAN MARGARET JOY MARVIN DONALD ARTHUR JOE ALLEN GLENN JR. BARBARA JEANNE JACQUELINE ROBERT Lancaster, Pa. Oroville Oroville White Pines Pacific Grove El Cerrito Sacramento San Diego Oakland MITCHELL International Agriculture Social Welfare Forestry and Busine: Political Science Marketing Physical Education Social Welfare General Curriculum Billings, Relations Economics Transfer from Uni- Administration Transfer from Saline Transfer from Rice Transfer from Sac- Transfer from San Kappa Alpha Theta. Montana Tower and Flame; Transfer from Davis; versity of Redlands; Lambda Chi Alpha; Junior College. Institute ramento Junior Diego State; Civil Engineering Honor Student; Alpha Kappa Stern Hall; Mortar Phi Phi; Big " C " College; Stebbins Hall. Sig ma Nu; ASCE Winter Sports Club. Lambda; Alpha Board; Prytanean; Guard; Soccer, Man- Big " C " Society; Treasurer. Zeta; YMCA, Vice- YWCA, President, ager; Forestry Club. Coach U.C. 145 President; Inter- National Represen- Pound Basketball Church Council; tative; Treble Clef; Team; Varsity Plymouth House, Junior Class Coun- Baseball. President; Agricul- cil; College Council; tural Economics College Women ' s - Club. Club; Plymouth House. DUNKEL, DUNLOP, DUNN, DONALD DZAJIC, EASTERDAY, EASTMAN, EAVES, ECCLES, ECKOLS, OLENE ANTONIA WILLIS JOSEPH VICTOR HARRY TYSOIX SHIRLEY JEAN JACKSON SAMUEL DAVIS A. DUANE Martinez Foreign Trade WINIFRED Placerville DUNLOP, ARTHUR KERN Burlingame General Curriculum San Diego French Regional Fairoaks Physics Stockton Personnel Piedmont Banking Oakland Political Science San Diego Business Dorm F; Daily Cali- Mathematics Berkeley Transfer from San Major Scabbard and Administration Transfer from Colo- Transfer from Administration fornia Engineer; Dormitory Council. Calvin Club. Chemistry. Mateo Junior Col- lege; Lambda Chi Transfer from San Diego Junior Blade; Masonic Club. Dorm D; Lambda Delta Sigma; rado College and UCLA; University George Washington University. Transfer from University of Alpha. Colege; Phi Chi Theta, Theater. Washington. Newman Club. Treasurer; Sec- retary; Masonic Club. EDDY, ROBERT ELSEMERE EDMUND, MARY EDSON, BRUCE EDWARDS, EGGLESTON, EISNER, ELLINGS, ELLINGSON ELLIOTT, San Francisco BERTHA WALLACE PATRICIA LOUISE PATRICIA JEAN SIGMUND GEORGE DOROTHEA BEA BRUCE C. Petroleum Santa Cruz Long Beach Berkeley San Marino San Francisco MACMACHAN Klamath Falls, Richmond Engineering Social Welfare Business Art History English Santa Barbara Oregon Accounting Transfer from Transfer from Ore- Administration Gamma Phi Beta; Gamma Phi Beta; Transfer from Uni- Production General Curriculum Track. University of Washington; Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Cali- gon State College; Dorm J. Bowles Hall; " Dormanac News " Staff; U.C. Bridge Club. Pelican; Newman Club. Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Pry- tanean; Paniie; Sigma Kappa versity of Arizona. Management Kappa Sigma; Big " C " Society; Tower and Flame; Vigi- Transfer from Stephens College; Pi Beta Phi. fornia Club; Repre- Alpha; Tower and lantes, Chairman; sentative-at-Large; Flame; Blue and Frosh Tennis " Finance Committee; Housing Committee; Gold, Associate Ed- itor; WAC; Elec- Varsity Tennis. Rally Committee; tions Board; Rally Senior Class Committee. Council. ELLIOTT, HUGH MACPHERSON Pasadena Civil Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda; Tau Beta Pi; Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Circle " C " Society; Chi Epsilon; Track; Cross Country; ASCE. Everybody knows friendly EDIE BROWN, who should have majored in commuting instead of Spanish, for she spent at least 2 hours a day at it. Edie knows the words to all typically Cal songs and has one of the gayest senses of humor of anyone that ever worked in the Blue and Gold office. When she isn ' t knitting, she is pol- ishing her Mortar Board and Pryt pins, or tracking down pepper- mints in local candy shops to feed the editor. Gl f - : :-- ELLIOTT, ORA E. Avenal Civil Engineering Transfer from Coalinga Junior College and Univer- sity of Arizona; ASCE. ELLIS, CONS TANCE ANN Oakland General Curriculum Alpha Omicron Pi; Pelican. ELLIS, HARRY BURTON Portland, Oregon Business Administration Glee Club; Winter Sports Club; Masonic Club. ELLIS, JAMES, STEPHEN Santa Monica Physics Transfer from Cal Tech; Bowles Hall; California Engineer. ELLISON, HELEN JUNE Rio Linda Public Speaking. ELLSWORTH, ELMENDORF, ELSBACH, GERALD FLSKEN, LEONA EMERSON, NANCY BONNIE JUNE JAMES HUGH Berkeley ANN SCUDAMORE San Francisco Los Angeles Mechanical Texarkana, Texas Los Angeles Public Speaking Civil Engineering Engineering Transfer from Physiology Tower and Flame; Radio Workshop; Kappa Delta Rho; Glee Club Wrestling; ASME. Texarkana Junior College. Stern Hall; Honor Student; Tower and Christian Science Flame; Student Society. Health Board; YWCA. EMS, HERBERT ENDOW, EUGENE ENGLAND, MARY ENGLISH, JEAN EPROSON, ERB, DAVID ERBACHER, ERICKSON, ERICKSON, ERICK ERICSON, MARTIN SYLVESTER JR. LENNA VEE EDNA CAROLYN JANE HARRIS LELAND FINLAY BENNET JAMES KENNETH BARBARA ANNE San Francisco Piedmont Alhambra Carpinteria Stockton Berkeley Mill Valley Berkeley San Francisco Minneapolis, Business Transportation. Political Science Mathematics General Curriculum Forestry Political Science Business Accounting Minnesota Administration. Transfer from North Gables; Transfer from Big V C " Society; Transfer from Marin Administration Alpha Beta Psi; Journalism. UCLA; Pelican Treble Clef Stockton Junior Xi Sigma Pi; Junior College. Transfer from the Beta Gamma Sigma; Women ' s Staff; College; Dorm H. Varsity Baseball; University of Honor Student; Class Councils; Rambler Football; Wisconsin. Tower and Flame. EVERETT, YWCA. Forestry Club. KATHERINE Oroville ERLANGER, ERWIN, SARA ESCHEN, JAMES ESCHER, JOHN ESHLEMAN, .;:;: STUART JEAN CARL EDWARD BETTY LOUISE San Francisco Tulare Piedmont Rodeo San Diego Business English Business General Curriculum English - Administration Transfer from Administration Transfer from Marin Stern Hall. w Transfer from Fresno State; Aeta Psi; Winged Junior College; - Texas Christian Dorm C. Helmet; Big " C " Oxford Hall; Crew. a : University. Society; Skull :-. : and Keys. KT UK EVANS, THOMAS D. Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Los Angeles Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board, ESPESETH, EVAN ESPRIELLA, EVANS, EMILIE Acacia; Delta Phi President; Pryta- STANLEY LARRY REBECCA Epsilon; Tower nean, Vice-Presi- Oakland Mechanical Engineering Redlands Business Administration Redding Advertising Sigma Kappa; and Flame, Vice- President; Blue and Gold Manager; Publications Coun- dent; Panile; California Club; Torch and Shield, President; Women ' s ASME. Transfer from Pi Alpha Sigma; cil; Men ' s Counsel- Representative; Grinned College, Pelican Managerial. ing, Sub-Chairman; ACC; Women ' s Iowa; Bowles Hall. ARB; University Judicial Committee; Theater; Elections Women ' s Executive Board; Glee Club; Board; Junior Class Sophomore Vigi- Secretary; Little lantes; Sophomore Theater, Mana- Class Council; gerial; WAC; Rally Homecoming Committee, Co- Committee; Chairman; Class Masonic Club. Council. KATIE THANAS described a person she liked as a " good clean- cut kid " which incidentally describes Katie herself quite well. Katie took great interest in Epsilon Phi Sigma, of which she was president, and in Mortar Board, of which she was vice-president. She studied ASUC government sincerely and as Daily Cal editor, attended Ex Committee meetings faithfully. Katie ' s enthusiasm and ideas were nice to have arcund. EVERETT, NELLIE WINONA Yuba City General Curriculum Transfer from Yuba Junior College; Tower and Flame. FELT, JANET MAY Berkeley Insurance Theta Upsilon; Phi Chi Theta; Tower and Flame; Blue and Gold Managerial; Housing Board; Masonic Club; WAA. FILLOY, BEVERLEE HOWE Berkeley Social Welfare Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Varsity Debate; YWCA. EWING, GORDON LYMAN Willcox, Arizona Business Administration Tower and Flame; Glee Club. FEREVA, NANCY MAY Lincoln English Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Dorm D. FINKBOHNER, ELISABETH VIOLA Albany Botany. EZELL, PATRICIA RUTH Long Beach Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Executive Board; Daily Californian; California Engi- neer; Freshman Class Council; College Women ' s Club. " FERNALD, MARGARET JEAN Berkeley Art Phi Mu; Little Theatre; Cave Crew; Intramural Board; Winter Sports Club. FINKELSTEIN, REBECCA Los Angeles Business Administration Transfer from Los Angeles City College FARLEY, WILLIAM FRANCIS Berkeley Industrial Management Theta Chi; Big " C " Society; Orientations; Basketball. FERNSTROM, JEAN E. Oakland Psychology Kappa Delta; Pelican; Card Sales. FINLEY, CARMEN JOYCE Santa Rosa Public Speaking Ridgmont; Dormi- tory Council. FARMANFARMA, ALI NAGHI Teheran,Iran Political Science Tennis; Ski Club; Photography Club. FARMER, JAMES PETER Berkeley Political Science Delta Kappa Epsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Football Man- ager; Rugby; Water Polo. FERRARI, FLORENCE ALICE San Diego General Curriculum Sigma Sigma Pi; Crop and Saddle; College Women ' s Club; Newman Club. FERREE, HENRY MILLER Berkeley Industrial Engineering Glee Club, Junior Manager. FINLEY, CYNTHIANA Berkeley Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Chi Theta; Blue and Gold; YWCA; Secretariat. FINSTER, WILLIAM CHESTER Santa Barbara Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Tower and Flame; Forestry Club. FARRELL, LUCILLE MADELEINE San Francisco French Alpha Mu Gamma; Newman Club. FARWELL, JOAN MARIE Berkeley General Curriculum Treble Clef; Col- lege Women ' s Club. FERRY, WILLIAM FESSENDEN, HENRI Guerneyville Forestry Phi Phi; Xi Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Forestry Club. ROBERT EARL South Pasadena History Transfer from Pasadena Junior College. FISCHER, FREDERICK NIELS Fresno General Curriculum Delta Tau Delta. FISCHER, ROBERT W. El Cerrito Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Mu. FEIGHTNER, DONALD LLOYD Berkeley Business Administration Honor Student. FIDDYMENT, MABEL LOU Roseville General Curriculum Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Orienta- tions Council. FISHER, JOANNE LOUISE Walnut Grove Chemistry Delta Zeta; Cali- fornia Engineer; Little Theatre, Production Staff; Intramural. FEIST, ELIZABETH GLAVIN Pomona Psychology Transfer from Pomona Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi. FIELD, VIRGINIA LOUISE Palos Verdes Estates Zoology Transfer from Oregon State Col- lege; Dorm E; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Eta-Z Officer; Prytanean Publications Council; Orienta- tions; WAA; Dor- mitory Council; Occident, Business Manager. FISHER, JUNE MARY Stockton General Curriculum Transfer from Dominican College; Dorm E. Following the tradition of Pelican editors, TOM JONES was ver- satile and unique. He spoke four languages fluently and confused staff members with puns on foreign words. Quick to express dis- approval, Tom would often roar like a lion, especially if someone had a brilliant idea for the magazine but no material to back it up. Easily recognized by his stocky build and crew cut, Tom also guarded Eshleman Libe at night. FOLEY, FOLLETT, FOLLIARD, JOHN FORD, DONALD FORSYTH, HUBERT FORTIER, SAMUEL FOSTER, JERRY FRAME, FRANCIS, FRANK, AILEEN s VIRGINIA R. WESTON EUGENE FRED GENE DALE COLLINS WARD DOUGLAS M. WILLIAM OLIVER MERLE kfcfe Sa- c ra-: ta Lemoore Berkeley Oakland San Jose Redwood Palo Alto Sacramento Auburn Fullerton 3K Bacteriology Mrhmpe. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. Business Administration Theta Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Circle Physical Education Vigilantes; Frosh Crew; Masonic Club; PE Economics .:-;. --; San Jose State; Tower and Flame. Civil Engineering Delta Tau Delta; Big " C " Guard; Track; ASCE. Business Administration Delta Epsilon. Public Administration Transfer from Sacramento College; Business Administration Theta Chi; Tower and Flame; General Curriculum Dorm H; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Daily Californian, " C " Society; Major ' s Club. Sigma Nu; Beta Gamma Production las Interfraternity Council; Golf Team. Pi Sigma Alpha; PAA. Sigma. Manager. ,. : ; 3 [row Bfai - FISHER, RALPH FISK, ROBERT FITZSIMMONS, FLANAGAN, FLANNERY, . LEWIS WALTER JAMES WILLIAM ERIN JOHN PAUL Los Angeles Berkeley Oakland Superior, Arizona Berkeley Mechanical Industrial General Curriculum. Biochemistry Business Engineering Engineering. Transfer from Uni- Administration Transfer from versity of Arizona; UCLA, Zeu Theta Upsilon; Beta Tail. Treble Clef; Newman Club; University Chorus. FLEIG, DEMISE FLEMING, FLETCHER, FLICK, WILSON FLOERSHEIM, CHILDERS KENNETH RONALD PATRICIA ADELE BLY ELEANOR Oakland Denver, Colorado Walnut Creek Santa Barbara Springer. Business English Dietetics History New Mexico Administration Transfer from Delta Zeta. Delta Phi Epsilon; Spanish Phi Chi Theta. Reed College. United Nations Alpha Epsilon Phi; Conference Staff. Alpha Mil Gamma; Housing Board; Elections Board. FIAJK ELIZABETH JEANNETTE Bakersfield General Curriculum FMBK LAURETTA AUDREY Reedly Social Welfare Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Dorm J; Orientations Council; Lutheran MB Association. FRANK, R03ERT DEANE Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Business Administration Transfer from FRANKEL, MARVIN Berkeley Economics Forensics Council; Welfare Council. Hall; YWCA; mtnmmn of Mines. FRANSON, DONALD ROSS Oakland Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta; Yell Leader; Freshman, Junior Class Councils; Rally Committee; Sophomore Vigilantes. FRASER, JACK CAMERON Oakland Entomology. FRATES, EDWARD LEONARD JR. Hayward International Relations Delta Phi Epsilon; Tower and Flame; Newman Club; Sports Club. FRATES, PHYLLIS IONE San Francisco Physical Education Kappa Delta. FRAY, WILLIAM JOSEPH New York City, New York Business Administration Transfer from of Mines; Phi Kappa Psi; Boxing; Football. FRICKE, BARBARA San Francisco Psychology Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Chi; Treble Clef, Junior Manager. " Gael Gertie " PAT POWERS never lost her sense of humor either as Daily Cal managing editor or as president of Theta Sigma Phi and Prytanean. She went to school for seven semesters straight, and looks forward to being a reporter on a in5paper after graduating. As Elections Board chairman, she almost lost her mind over all the voting daze, but came through with typical gayety. Pat disliked having her picture taken, loved dummying a page, and was always visiting the Blue and Gold editor. FRIEDRICHS, FRISSELL, FROERER, FRYE, FUNKE, FUNNELL, FUNSTEN, FUTTERER, GALE, GALLISON, SHIRLEY ROSE THOMAS PORTER MARGUERITE THOMAS ELBERT PATRICIA ANN JOHN H. PATRICIA MOORE KENNETH PATRICIA GLENN DANIEL San Francisco San Francisco JEAN Yuba City Sacramento Fullerton San Francisco CHARLES Arlington, Yosemite Physical Education Pre-Medical. Alameda Political Science Economics Soil Science Social Welfare Oakland Virginia Forestry The Californian; Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gamma Phi Beta. Alpha Zeta; Soil Kappa Alpha Theta; Business General Curriculum Transfer from San WAA; Intramural; Alpha Alpha Phi Phi; Daily Science Club, Prytanean; Administration Delta Zeta; WAA; Jose State College; Masonic Club; Gamma; Architec- Californian; Inter- President. California Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. Crop and Saddle; Phi Gamma Delta; Tennis Manager; tural Association. fraternity Council, Campus Drives. Swimming; Alpha Zeta; Ski Club. Secretary; Masonic Bowling; Xi Sigma Pi; Club. Ski Team, Captain; Ski Club, Execu- tive Committee GARBERS, GARCIA, GARNER, GARNER, GARRETT, GATTUCCIO, GEE, GELINAS, GEMMER, GENIAN, ARTHUR HENRY VERA MARIE FRED DORR HENRY JACKSON SHIRLEY M. ANTOINETTE ALLEN HELEN STURGIS CHARLES STELLA JEAN Berkeley Riverside Los Angeles Bakersfield Oakland MARGARET Patterson San Francisco WILLIAM Dinuba Mechanical French Business Business Psychology. San Jose Chemistry Psychology Richmond French Engineering Stebbins Hall; Administration Administration Public Health Pi Lambda Phi. Masonic Club. Decorative Art Transfer from Transfer from Uni- Newman Club. Psi Upsilon; Transfer from Nursing Winter Sports Club. Visalia Junior Col- versity of Nebraska; Winged Helmet; UCLA; Kappa Transfer from San lege; Alpha ASME. Big " C " Society; Sigma. Jose State College. Gamma Sigma; Circle " C " Society; Alpha Rho Mu; Scabbard and Housing Board; Blade; Skull and Elections Board; Keys; Ball and Treble Clef; Music Chain; Beta Beta; Club; Phrateres; Interfraternity French Club. Council, Vice- President, Foot ball, GEORGE, BEN GERKE, MARJORIE D. Senior Manager; Rugby, Senior GIBBS, IRWIN JACK GIBBS, MARION BRILL GIBBS, MARY BARBARA GIBSON, FRED L. GIBSON, JOHN GIDLUND, ALETTA WOOD GILLESPIE, WENDY HARDING San Francisco Berkeley Manager; Tennis; San Francisco San Francisco San Marino Oakland Oakland Vallejo Berkeley Civil-Engineering. Regional Group Major on Spanish Athletic Council; Rugby Club. Business Administration Social Welfare. General Curriculum Kappa Kappa Business Administration Business Administration Civil Engineering St. Margaret ' s Social Welfare. America Zeta Beta Tau; Gamma. Sigma Phi Epsilon; House; ASCE. Card Sales; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Phi; Rally Winter Sports Club, GETZ, Tower and Flame; Committee. Secretary. MARJORIE HELEN Freshman Crew. San Francisco Economics. Smiling KAY EVERETT possessed a contagious " joie de vivre " and love of college life. She had Mortar Board ' s gavel, Women ' s Rep ' s position, knitting needles that worked like fury, and an unruffled disposition. Theta sisters, Cal Club and Torch and Shield mem- bers and fellow Prytaneans agreed that Katie could take not only shorthand but almost anything. The Sorbonne in Paris for grad work is her eventual goal. Good luck, Katie. - - : tt . . -TT ht -T I3t - K- CILLETTE, GILUAM, JEANNE WILSON BARBARA GILMORE. - ELIZABETH BerMey Sttra Hall; Honor " " UCLA. :-:.V:?E GILPATRIC, GINNER, DOROTHY MARION JAMES FRANKUN CUVE ERIC Bertetey YdtoCity Berkeley -i: - Chemistry Civil rnjmmmi ASCE, Secretary. :-:.: = = : MORRIS GISH, RALPH BURKE Francisco ELASSBH HELEN LOUISE SanMatM MKUS -= ' . arS-t " Relates Orientations; FiBBta ' :- Sophomore, Jmiinr Dans; Pi Kappa Class ConKils. :,; -: 000 GOLOEEN, DAVID MARVIN GOLMAN, ANITA Dallas, Teas E-: 5- Tri COODALL, ANTONEPAUL GOODRICH, DORIS EVELYN Ke; YMCA; - i :-2 - Track. U " isH; Dam J; Sx 2 Pi BcU Phi; Pry- naBM-tMttChf. Senior Secretary. GOODWIN, GOODWIN, GOOSSENS, DONALDALLAN SIDNEY MARY EE LMESi Lan, Canada Coronado Berkeley Antkropolonr Chemistry Psychology Phi, Gamma Delta. Stem Hall; Sigma YWCA; Ski Ctab; Xi; Iota Sigma Pi; College V PRENTICE Pi; I T JOSEPH LLOYD Art Unnervt y ludiiiu CmVge; - DettaChi; San Francisco Economics ' . ' ---- : .: la . Zi y = GORMAN, ;:.==::- JOAN ELIZABETH GEORGE EUHU VIRGINIA FAITH Piedmont Tocson, Arizona PmMk Speaking Electrical Pelican; College Engineering -a-s ' f tm PasadHB UCLA; Intenutional CoWege: Dorm F; Hcnse; Phi Eta Honor Sudent; -. - T WUM A. 1M n Sigma; rt Mn TvfUly westmm- EpsikvAIEE;IRE. GLORIA JEM Toi SAACS. GRANGER, HELEN LORAINE Transfer from San MateoJu CoHege. Bnmnj Transfer from San -----. ;:: 3 - IMa .r; College; Dorm F; Phi Chi TheU; Winter Sports Ch . Ti BtaeandGoW, Jnmor Editor; Orientations, GRASSENS, JEANNE A. San Francisco PnNicLaw GRAY, ANNABELLE Delta; Ski Ch . class as a jimior, - ::- -ft: -;; lots of fnm. He BOB BENNER presided ever the senior I as a senior was rep-at-large at Ex Cam- was omet, good-looking, ril-dressed and down the Mi-time job of social chairman Cal Ch parties, giidlag StKtem Vets ' uncil. Boh I f Uj4 -. j, ' 11 , Y J H GRAY, GREATHOUSE, GREATHOUSE, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, RUSSELL GREEN, GREENAWALT, GREENE, BILL AUGUSTUS JACQUELINE T. ROBERT MARVIN DONALD EUGENE ETHEL CLAIRE MILDRED HERBERT SIDNEY SCOTT ROBERT OLIVER KENNETH San Jose San Francisco Oakland Woodland Marysville Berkeley Oakland Orange Rosemead EDWARD Mechanical Regional French Business Chemistry Decorative Art Home Economics Electrical Electrical Civil Engineering Sacramento Engineering Daily Californian; Administration Transfer from Sigma Kappa; Masonic Club; Engineering; Engineering Transfer from Civil Engineering Transfer from San Alpha Mu Gamma; Kappa Sigma; Montana School Tower and Flame; Home Economics Theta Xi; Baton; Bowles Hall; UCLA; ASCE. Honor Student; Chi Jose State College; Spanish Club. Crew; Varsity of Mines; Pelican; Club. Band, Drum Junior Class, Epsilon; ASCE; Bowles Hall; Rowing Club. Alpha Chi Sigma; Intramural. Major; Rally President; Men ' s Masonic Club. ASME. NROTC. Committee; AIEE; Counseling, Chair- Music Council. man; ACC; Orien- tations, Sub- Chairman; Band; AIEE; University Chorus; Crew. GREGORY, GREENE, GREENHILL, GREENLAW, GLYNETH MYRA GRESSANI, GRIBBLE, GRIFFIN, GRIFFITH, GRIGSBY, GRIMES, MAUREEN J. CLYDE WALTER NANCY JEAN Auburn CONTE PHILLIP NEVA JUNE ROGER LESLIE MARY M. ORVAL RAYMOND GORDON LEROY San Francisco Watsonville Berkeley Social Welfare San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Beverly Hills Conrad, Montana Chino English Electrical General Curriculum Delta Gamma; Pry- Industrial General Curriculum Civil Engineering Spanish Psychology Electrical Alpha Mu Gamma; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Utrimque; Engineering. Chi Omega. tanean; Women ' s Counseling, Chair- man; YWCA Cab- inet; Daily Califor- Relations Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. Transfer from UCLA; Gamma Phi Beta; Elections Board; Rally Com- Transfer from Central Junior College. Transfer from Smith College; Kappa Alpha Theta. Transfer from Northmont College. Engineering Horton Hall. Newman Club. nian, Sophomore mittee; YWCA; Editor; Symphony War Board; Reli- Forum. gious Conference. GUILBERT, LOIS JANE GRINSTEAD, GRISET, GROUT, Davis GUILD, GUNION, GUSTAFSON, HAAKH, HABER, HACKLEY, HUGH GORDON MARGARET BEVERLY ELAINE Home Economics CAROL LUCILLE EDWARD RALPH JEAN FRANCES GILBERT EDWARD JEANNE SHIRLEY HELEN LOUISE Sonoma Tustin Coloma Alpha Chi Omega; Oakland Oakland San Mateo Rotterdam, Santa Cruz San Carlos Political Science English General Curriculum Prytanean,Corre- General Curriculum Industrial Psychology Holland Economics Business Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from spending Secretary; Alpha Gamma Relations Transfer from Mills Economics Alpha Epislon Phi; Administration UCLA; Phi Phi; Santa Ana Junior Placer Junior California Club; Delta; Pelican Transfer from College; Epworth Transfer from Student Relations. Transfer from San Delta Chi; Honor Student; Glee Club. College; Bryn Mawr Hall; Treble Clef; College. University Theater; Rally Committee; Women ' s Staff; Orientations; University of North Carolina; Hall; Daily Californian, Soph- Mexico City College. Mateo Junior and San Jose State WAA. Junior Class Coun- Card Sales; Uni- Sigma Chi. omore Manager; Colleges; Stern cil; Panheilenic, Intersorority Chair- versity Symphony; Intramural; College Orientations; YWCA Cabinet. Hall; Junior, Senior Class Councils; man; Sophomore Women ' s Club. Ski Club; Interna- Vigilantes; War Board; Postwar tional Relations Board; Homecoming mm ee. Committee 1946. Mortar Board president and senior manager of Treble Clef are but two of sparkling SHIRLEY AMES ' accomplishments. Cal Club and Prytanean also claim the attention of Shirley, who comes from Auburn but is a blonde. In her spare time, she worked her way through college and earned a Fybate key in her junior year. Historical research in Hollywood for the movies is her goal, and if we know Shirley, she ' ll be a success at whatever she Ames for! rsa .: X? x ' Jif SB JRiE ! - FREDER1CK ALAN MARTIN EDWIN Ooard Ekorical Chemistry Tonwa Dim- Track, er; Eta Kappa T.3-3 X -a. ftr. HALL, MARILYN JOYCE HACERTY, -il-i ' .: HAGOP1AN. -i-S vi. :A--E=:SE vi.:s i---EE ' . =.AS:-E : = :$- -i ROBERT CARRUTH MARY PATRICIA HALL, DAVID Transfer from Ui- rsHofHaaii; Dorm D; Phi Chi Theta, Gamma Chi ; WAA. Ml DOROTHY LESLIE To MiMi UanersHy. S:.: ; Wl : . Transfcr from St. Manfs Cal Hosts; CM. Beta Tkeu Pi; 9 Teao ;.- . ; im ton := MAWLYN JEAN Major on HisjMflic The Ca y a- t; Sf-. ' ' -. Ssa-.! : -: : .: ,.,ii .-,., ;i HALL, RUTH JOSSELYN Oakland Decorative Art Alpha Delta Pi; Delta Chi A ; -f m K-. Boart; Art Brea. HALL, STAFFORD HALLIDAY, HALMA. MITCHELL RICHARD COWAN E. SYLVIA Seattle. W " lULVEKTAm LEEW. Eariwort Backing and ' DmuticArt St. Margaret ' s HAMBLY, HAMILTON, NANCY LOUISE fRlCIA : : -: .1 San Francis . . Kappa SMU; Bw Hoe; IMwrsity from " C " Society; U- THeatre; aUal rsH, THeatre; Tramferfron. Bakersf ieU Jwtar : m Sigma Kappa; Mor- PrytaiWB; TfceU tar Board; Pryta- Siowa Pi; Dairjr mm; ft Alpha CalifonM.. Siga;ACC; Board; WAC; PmV licaUms ComKil; Pelican, Advertising HAM RICK, .v:= HANAWALT H AN CE, HARRISON HANRAHAN, -1 ' , ' . LOIS ANGELINA H1NMAN FRANK RICHARD ELIZABETH La Verne Birlinga San Fraacisco Fiwdi Cral CaniMl Bedrical Dctta Kappa Epsi- Trafer from Tfceta Deha Cfci; -:- --: - S-.D-. 3- --: : BakersTieM Jiaior Alpta DeKa Sigma; AIEE; ASCE. Society,- Rifle Ctah. College; Lauralan; HANSEN, -=i mum HMBBI MARIAN -RUOINE ItnU - = .y. :.-.- : HAMMARSTRM1. FRED DONALD Sar Francisco Landscape Design Transfer fro San Francisco JMMT College; Alpha Zeta; Landscape :;: ;- 1 .: HAJfSOLRICHARD ' San Francisco ;.-r. ; - : : al, Chairman; Store B o.;To ra- Mtaf M 1 W.IU, " said JANICE DE MOOR, tar she had a pasha I hx cream. This WAA president spent her snmmers to the name of ' Ojajr at Cirl Scoot camp, and dhrided s Cym. Jai nos a snperh hBhrtbaH ford, a hnilm - a good fencer. Mortar Board members and North HARDWAY, HARRIS, WILLIAM ALVIN SANFORD HOWARD San Francisco Pre-Medical. Tampa, Florida Accounting. HARRISON, HARRISON, HARRISON, HART, HART, HART, HART, HARTER, LAWRENCE LUCY DUNCAN ROBERT ALAN CAROLYN GAY KATHRYN LOUISE PETER GORDON SUZANNA KATHLEEN MAE BRIGHT San Francisco Sacramento Fillmore Sacramento Oakland Wichita, Kansas Tyler, Texas Phoenix, Arizona Regional Group H istory Child Development General Curriculum Accounting General Curriculum Art Zoology Major on Hispanic Rally Committee. Alpha Delta Chi; Transfer from Sigma Alpha Mu; Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from America Tower and Flame; Sacramento Junior Beta Gamma Occidental College; Texas University; Prairie View Col- Kappa Alpha Theta; Ad Service Bureau; College; Hedgewood Sigma; Honor University Theater. Eta-Z; Art Bureau lege; Glee Club. Ace of Clubs; Consumer ' s Coun- Hall. Student; Tower and Chairman; Occident; Election Board; cil; YWCA; WAA; Flame; Student University Theater; Spanish Club. Calvin Club. Faculty Relations Winter Sports; Committee; Inter- Masonic Club. fraternity Council; Hillel Student Foundation. HARTMAN, HASEMANN, HASS, HASTINGS, HASTINGS, HATFIELD, HATTICH, HAUGHAWOUT, HAVISIDE HAWKINS, VIRGINIA L. JUNE ROSE EMILY JEAN JOHN HENRY WARREN JR. JAMES EVERETT DOROTHY NANCY JOHN HENDERSON ELIZABETH GORDON PICKETT Long Beach San Francisco Alameda Anaheim Portland, Oregon Los Angeles Richmond Coos Bay, Oregon BONNER Los Angeles Engineering Music General Curriculum Forestry Business Production Manage- Political Science Electrical Berkeley Mechanical Administration Transfer from San Gamma Phi Beta; Transfer from Administration ment and Control Transfer from Engineering History Engineering Transfer from Francisco Junior Pelican; Art Fullerton Junior Transfer from Transfer from Los College of the Bowles Hall; Tau Delta Delta Delta; Bowles Hall; ASME Long Beach Junior College. Bureau; Intramural. College; Forestry Stanford University; Angeles City Col- Pacific; College Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Treble Clef; College; Dorm F; Club. Theta Xi; Phi Phi; lege; Abracadabra. Women ' s Club. AIEE. Symphony Forum; Dormitory Council; Varsity Soccer; Intramural. WAA. Newman Club. HAYES, HAYES, HAYLER, HAZELTON, HEADRICK, HEATH, HEDGES, HELL, VIRGINIA HELLWIG, HELM, BARBARA JEAN MARY JEAN JOAN M. NEDRA EMMALANE DOROTHY JEAN EDNA ESTELLE LUCILLE M. JACK EMIL Oakland Palo Alto San Francisco Sacramento Oakland Arcadia ROWLAND Rolla, Missouri San Diego Berkeley Decorative Art Zoology Personnel Retailing General Curriculum Journalism San Francisco General Curriculum Art Industrial Stebbins Hall; Transfer from Administration Transfer from Sac- Stebbins Hall; Transfer from Political Science Transfer from Transfer from Engineering. Delta Chi Alpha; Stanford and Ari- Sherman Hall; ramento College. Delta Chi Alpha; University of Transfer from San Missouri School of Creighton School Student Relations; zona Universities. P hi Chi Theta; Welfare Council; Minnesota; Francisco Junior Mines and Metal- of Nursing, Barat Welfare Council. Utrimque; Dor- Student Relations. Daily Californian; College. lurgy; International College, and the mitory Council. Dormitory Council. House; Masonic University of Club. Hawaii. Intriguing IRENE BRADFIELD never particularly liked to write editorials, talked to anybody on any subject, and did research in the Tap Room. Daily Cal editor as a junior, Irene was naturally brainy, gained renown for her familiarity with university officials. She knit constantly, skied often, and plans to write several books with titles almost as fascinating as their author. - ' - .: - - -- - : : - COHNNE LOUISE PortbOB, Oreoo Social Welfare Alpha Epsiloi Phi; HELZBERG, BERNIECE San Francisco General Cwrirolnoi -v := :-- HEMME. JOHN MARTIN JR. DOROTHY JEAN Sa Francisco ELIZABETH HENDY PATRICIA AMI HENKEL, " - California Engineer Little Theatre; WAA; Meic CM. Transfer from Sa. Fn So: i A - f i :-.= jf :: -.- ucr Traosfcrfron DeonUArt Fresno State Col- EpMrtk Hall; k9t, Detu Upsilo.. College V PiMkHeahli Alpha Phi. ALICE RAMONA BARBARA LOUISE Sat Francisco San FraKim Retail Marketing General tartariM TrsBsfcrfrom Transfer frowSaii YWCA;UCFok . Kh IkMn E.S::E VALENTINE .:-.; = :-: ELEANOR Sal has . u- p. -. -. ., OailjCalK -E : : :-:i= mat Sebastopd Political Science Tn HERRIOTT, MARION ALYCE MORTIMER H. Sa Francisco PolitJeal Science. College. HEWITT, HICKS, FRANCIS BUTLER ROBERT L. Phi Kapm Psi; Phi Phi; Crash = i-i JACKL. Foresuy Transfer fnan lm i-.?- H : Coll ge,-Xi i Pi. Transfer from UCLA; Kappa Phi Zeta; Unner- HIGSON, JOHN WAYNE JR. Political Science BetaTketaPi. Ca-: S.= - -?: -j- : 2-1 DMK HILL, OEAMM San Francisco History HILL, HILL, MURRAY HORACE LEWIS III WALLACE SaiDieao HLUHK CARLEVALO Tnrlock -:VES HINDLEY, SAMUEL THRUSH JANICE ESTELLE : - ' HINDS, =: EE E HIRSCHKIND, HITCHCOCK, HELEN RICHARD WILSON Electrical Thru. EH Alpha Xi Delta; BteeandGotd; PHicai; College; Colonial Ski Team; Winter ; : . i : .: s. GohtYWCA; Intrawnl; SkiCtab. U.C. if s this MI this is PAUL LAZARUS, chief of the Dailf Cal sports staff. A jonalisn nujcr, and Stnjna DHU Chi ma- ber. Pan) hails from San Mateo. He he Uaeanas of facts on sports in his Mental file, k he brings eot at a muonnl ' s no- tice. He l es Herb Caor-s coin-., defines a liberal as a person ho has fed a " sheltered life, " and .s a member of GaMen Bear. Yoi can ataajs find Una at athletic banqoeu. HOAGLAND, HOBRECHT, HOFFMAN, HOFFMAN, HOFMANN, HOGEBOOM, HOLCOMB, HOLDEN, HOLLAND, HOLLINGSWORTH, ALBERT SMILEY MARGARET L. ENID LOU ROBERTA BURT S. ROBERT CALDER LOWELL ARTHUR GEORGE ROBERT E. JANE ANN JOYCE Berkeley Sacramento Richmond FRANCES Oakland Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Portland, Oregon Ross Electrical Social Welfare General Curriculum San Francisco Business Physical Education Mechanical Electrical Physical Education Political Science Engineering Transfer from Sac- Chi Omega; Physiology Administration California Club; Engineering Engineering Transfer from Phi Mu; Prytanean; Tau Beta Pi. ramento College; Pelican. Elections Board, Honor Student; Big " C " Society Kappa Sigma; Transfer from San Mills College; Pry- Panhellenic, Presi- Gamma Phi Beta. Junior; Junior Frosh Football; President; Skull California Club; Francisco Junior tanean; Women ' s dent; ACC; Class Council; Newman Club; and Keys; Varsity Basketball. College. " C " Society; Women ' s Executive Dormitory Council; Crew; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Nu Sigma Psi; Board; WAC; Peli- College Women ' s Rowing Club. Baseball. WAA; Interclass can; Orientations; Club. Board Chairman. Living Groups Council; Freshman, Junior Class Councils; YWCA; Winter Sports Club Postwar Planning HOLM, HOLMES, HONEYCHURCH, HONGOLA, HOO, KOONING, HOPKINS, HOPPE, HOPPER, Committee, Chair- EDWARD WILBUR ARTHUR WELDON ROBERT WALTON RUSSELL IVER JESSIE ARDELLE LOUISE DONALD LEE DOROTHY JEAN WILBUR MCLAREN man; Student- Faculty Relations, Denver, Colorado Oakland Oakland Reedley San Francisco Richmond Weiser, Idaho Ontario Pasadena Chairman. Mechanical Forestry Process Metallurgy. Medical Science Social Welfare English Agricultural General Curriculum Business Engineering Alpha Kappa Transfer from Chinese Students ' Transfer from Economics Transfer -from Administration ASME; SVA. Lambda; Xi Sigma Reedley Junior Club. Knox College. Transfer from Chaffey Junior Psi Upsilon; Skull HORW Pi; Forestry Club. College. University of Idaho. College; Ritter and Keys; Beta n u n n , ROBERT HENRY Hall; WAA; Beta; Tri-Une; YWCA. Soccer; Rugby. San Francisco Electrical Engineering. HORNE, VESTA E. HORWICH, HELENE FRANCES HOUSTON, CLAYTON E. Modesto San Francisco Alameda Zoology Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Pre-Med Club. Pan American Relations University Theater; Winter Sports Club. Electrical Engineering Kappa Sigma; Frosh Crew. HOWATT, STANLEY EARL HOWEN, WALTER ERNEST HUBBARD, JOHN LADD HUBNER, JACK P. Oakland Lodi Encinitas Berkeley Electrical Engineering Phi Phi; AIEE. Medicine. General Curriculum Transfer from San Diego State College. Business Administration. HUDSON, RUTH LAVERNE Oakland Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Zeta Tau Alpha; Pelican, Junior Manager and Per- sonnel Director; California Engi- neer; Blue and Gold; Cal Hosts; Women ' s Counsel- ing; Elections Board; YWCA; Spanish Club. HULLFISH, SUZANNE SKERRETT Oakland General Curriculum Transfer from Randolph-Macon Women ' s College; Dorm D; Eta-Z. HUMMER, GEORGE BARTON Madera Political Science Transfer from Idaho Southern University; Sigma Phi; Golden Bear; Occident, Editor; Publications Coun- cil; Rally Com- mittee; Basketball, Junior Manager; Homecoming Cen- tral Committee; NROTC. Women ' s Rep JANE BAKER took everything in her stride, and was guided by the white star of Sigma Nu. Known to the univer- sity as Jane Baker II to avoid confusion, she was easily recogniz- able by her blonde hair and blue, blue eyes. Rally Committee valued her art work highly, WAC functioned smoothly under her leadership, and Alpha Phis took just pride in her. . " HURD PAUL DAVID JR. Sanu Ana -.:-: ::. HUSTON, ROBERT PARSONS Seal Beach Soil Science HUTCHINGS, JOHN JOSEPH San Gabriel Medicine IDDINGS, GLEN MERTON Peuluma Chemistry Alpha Zeta; Entomology Club, Preside . Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. Transfer from UCLA and Mar- queue University; Theta Delta Ctii. Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College; SVA; SAACS. bXEHOTt ILIFF, RALPH JAMES Salinas Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi. INDELICATO, FRiSK Manteca Marketing Bowles Hall. INGRAHAM, JOHN LYMAN Berkeley Chemistry. INGRAM, MARTHA BAIRD Spanish Regional Gamma Phi Beta; Blue and Gold. DIMM DONALD B. Berkeley General Cwricntai INMAN-KANE, IRELAND, ISHIKAWA, rro. JACKSON, LOWELL JACKSON, JOANL. RODERIC ARTHUR MARTHA TOMOMI TOM WHITMORE ROSEMARY Lafayette Oakland Fallen, Nevada Berkeley ELIZABETH Social Welfare Journalism Transfer from Business History. Kansas City, u Transfer from UCLA; Associated Sigma Delta Chi, President; Masonic Wilson College; Student Relations Administration Transfer from Uni- Missonri English Students of Club. Committee; YWCA. versity of Nevada. Transfer from St. Social Welfare Mary of the Woods College; Dora D. JACKSON WENDELLTAYLOR Oakland Chemistry. JACOBS, BETTY JEAN Nevada City Public Speaking Joaquin Hall; Honor Student; Priican; JACOBS, BRUCE MARRIN San Jose Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACOBS, MARVIN LEE Santa Ana General Curriodnm Transfer from --. ?. - - - College; Tower am] : 3- ;- fanl Team. Radio Workshop; Hillel Foundation; Speech Arts Ctab; Execrtive Committee. ::- " bra T.oi B - - - : - - :- : - JACOBSON, ARTHUR LEONARD Walnut Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa Delta; Delta Sigma; Architectural Asso- ciation, President. JACOBSON, FRANK ARTHUR Campbell Forestry Transfer from San Jose State College; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. JACOBSON, MARIE FLORENCE Oakland Regional Groop ' . ' .- :- - : : America Alpha Chi Omega; Hammer and Dim- mer; Tower and Flame; Orienta- tions; University Theatre; Elections Board; YWCA; Spanish Club. MEGQI WILLIAM PAUL OtnccKy General Curriculum Delta Kappa Epsilon; Golden Bear; Interfraternity C:.-: L MUGS MAURICE EUGENE JANSSON, MURIEL NADINE Vallejo :: Bft 5;-: Lamralon; TOMT and Flame; YWCA. JEFFERSON, GEORGE FREDERICK Weiser, Idaho Political Science Transfer from Uni- versity of Idaho; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JENKINS, ALNO SOETH Oakland Zoology Honor StMhtt; LBttra Stmtmta Association. JENNINGS, MARY PAULINE Visalia Transportation Durant Place; Phi Chi Theta; Phra- teres; Dormitory Council; College Women ' s Club. JENNINGS, WILLIAM SHERRITT Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. Quiet but vivacious was JEAN MORRIS, who had her heart set on law school, but wrote poetry in her spare minutes. Jean managed the Cal Engineer, was co-chairman of Card Saks, and had a seat on Women ' s Judicial Committee. She loved to go sailing, and took a secret delight in riding to the Campanile top to enjoy the view. Efficiency, personality and intelligence combined to make Jean an outstanding senior. JENSEN, JENSEN, JESSOP, JEWELL, SHIRLEY JINBO, JOENS, JOHNDROW, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, HAROLD JAMES LEO CHRISTIAN RAYMOND KIRKPATRICK FREDERICK 0. WALTER PAUL MELVIN RAY ALICE LEE AUDREY EMMA BOYD LEROY Mount Vernon, Spokane, EUGENEE Corona Sacramento Napa Perry, Oklahoma Piedmont Santa Paula Mesa Washington Washington Red lands Psychology Business Civil Engineering Business Dental College Social Welfare Accounting Entomology Mechanical Zoology Transfer from Administration ASCE. Administration Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Engineering Transfer from University of Transfer from Varsity Wrestling, California Club; Ventura Junior Arizona State Mount Vernon Transfer from University of Red- Washington; UCLA. Captain; Intramural Sophomore Class College. College. Junior College and Purdue University; lands; Folk-Dancing. Joaquin Hall; Boxing and President; Fresh- University of AIAE; Football. Women ' s Counsel- Wrestling. man Class Secre- Washington. ing; YWCA. tary-Treasurer; WAC; Class Offi- cers ' Council. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, DOROTHEA ELEANORE MAYE JOAN MARY MARION HUISH MARVIN QUENTIN FOCH ROGER KENDALL WILLIAM JOHN MARK LAURELLE Napa Palo Alto Berkeley San Francisco Glendale Claremont CHARLIE Pasadena San Francisco Public Health Journalism Business Regional Group Pre-Medical and Business Berkeley Zoology Political Science Theta Upsilon. Alpha XI Delta; Administration Major on Hispanic Psychology Administration Forestry UCSCA. Transfer from California Engi- America Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Sacramento Junior neer; Card Sales. Kappa Alpha Theta; Glendale College; Pomona College University of College; Alpha Ace of Clubs; Bowles Hall. Washington; Omicron Pi; Peli- . Election Board; Beta Theta Pi; can; Little Theatre Spanish Club. Sigma Xi; Xi Club; Winter Sigma Pi, Associate Sports Club. Forester; Forestry Club, President. JONES, FRED LUBECK Bakersfield Wild Life Conser- vation; Kappa Alpha; Water Polo. JONES, JONES, JORGENSEN, JULIUS, JURKOVICH, KAFFEN, KAISER, GORDON RICHARD SAMUEL LLOYD LORRAINE CARYL JANE HERMAN JAMES N. JR. FERN LEE Burlingame Kent Woodlands BEVERLY Stockton WILLIAM San Francisco New York City, Business Philosophy San Francisco Social Welfare Porterville General Curriculum New York Administration Chi Phi; Skull and History Kappa Alpha Business Tennis. Social Welfare Transfer from Keys; Track Team, Newman Club; Theta; Women ' s Administration North Gables. Pasadena Junior Junior Manager; Spanish Club. Counseling, Direc- Transfer from College; Alpha Rugby; Soccer. tor; Secretariat; UCLA. Kappa Lambda; Class Councils; Track Team. YWCA. Behind the door marked " Editor " in the Daily Cal office sat PHYLLIS SEIDKIN, whcse time was consumed with talking to the miscellanecus people who always haunt editors. Serious and intelligent, Phyllis collaborated with the ass : stant editor in screaming " Out, out " if people wouldn ' t leave. Tuesday, Wednes- day or Thursday night found her at Ex Committee sessions, or at Pryt and Mcrtar Board shindigs. KALES, CARROLL T. Alameda Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Kappa Alpha Theta; Tower and Flame; Spanish Club. KALINSKI, BOLESLAW DOMINIK Manchester, New Hampshire Business Administration Band. KAMIAN, ANITA RAE Berkeley Decorative Art Kappa Phi; Masonic Club. 5 KASAVAN, WILLIAM LOUIS HERMA H. CorteMadera Sa Landscape Design. ' iSSE. USA ANN KAZAR1AN, MM Political ' Transf Stockton: College; On F. KEAST, Forestry --!-- ' KEHMEIER, PATRICU Berkeley : .-. KEIL, STEPHEN Wilmette, Illinois Political Science KENNEDY, BETTY RUTH Public Forestry Ch . OrieMatioB; IWwrsity Tta er; Mr CoMHUe; rfiA l HMft b M Specck Arts CM. .i ' .E : : JAHES A. - ' ,E = KESSLER, LEROY STAMTON l i- S-.e -a 25 " 7,i: --.,. ; ; : : , - : - - : tions; Freshnian UU; Pelican. Class Council; Bwli Social Welfare Transfer from Staword Unnersity, : PI V ' KEVIN, DAVID Rochester, N.Y. Social Welfare. KEYES ARTHUR C JR. Berkeley PsiUpSilOIL :: = MILDRED LOUISE San Francisco. Pririic Speakag Stem Hall; Mortar Board; Prytanean; KIETZMAN, BETTY JEAN KI HI BALL, LEWIS, EVERETT JR. ft C 5U OBRC .c- 1 , .- = :v- lames; Big " C " Gnard; Interfra- ternity CouncH. K1MURA, MSMBI Palo Alto Landscape Design. KING, NANCY JEAN ::- = : i-. CoJb;YWCA. K1NGMAN, ' .IS.E BEVERLY JEAN ROBERT BerWe, LAWREKCE KIRK, JOAN FIIFM Senior Class Sec- retary-tnaanr; WAC; Varsity Debating; Radio Wortehop; YWCA; Speedi Arts Clnb. WSPERT, ROSE MARIE Unwersity of Wasn- inUin; Signu Pki Signa;Miisic Foraw; YWCA; Winter Sports Stndent; Welfare Conncil; YWCA PI ---; Social Welfare Pnrateres; WAA. KITCHEN, WYASU, WARREN ALBERT YUUE Stirlins City San Francisco Physical Education Nn Sigma Psi; Tower and Fb YWCA;Newi CJnb; HUM I Colorado College; TnetaOri. Society. BILL PORTER can barreling down from his bonw high atop the Berkeley kills in his cherished, light bhu model A, ' Tree Low. " Back from the Naiy Air Corps tw years ago. Bill started his at Cat as junior class president. He became men ' s indicia! enter of Golden Bear and ACC, and had a cheerfnl -. ;.-- ' ? .-r- KLINGMAN, KNIPE, KNITTLE, KNOWLES, KNOX, KNUDSEN, KOCHER, KOCHEVAR, KOEPF, KOGAN, JOYCE SHIRLEY BELLE CATHERINE ANN HAROLD MARY OCTAVIA CRISSOLA ROSE JOHN WAYLAND PHILLIP ROBERT ALMONT, HOWELL HENRY WOLF ALLWRIGHT Santa Ana Sacramento BROOK JR. Sherman Oaks Eureka San Jose Enumclaw, Seattle, Wash. Shanghai, China Oakland Psychology Political Science Berkeley English Social Welfare Criminology and Washington Mechanical Mechanical Home Economics Sigma Kappa; Transfer from Sac - Physics Transfer from Mary Stern Hall; Pry- Political Science Physical Education Engineering Engineering Tower and Flame; Tower and Flame; ramento College; International Baldwin College; tanean; Thalian, Phi Delta Theta. Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Transfer from Home Economics Club. Pelican Managerial; Pelican Women ' s Dorm G. House; Occident. Dorm D; YWCA; Winter Sports Club; President; Hammer and Dimmer; Wel- Winged Helmet; Phi Phi; Sophomore Golden Bear; Circle " C " Society, Pres- Henry Lester Insti- tute of Technical Staff; Intramural. Masonic Club. fare Council; Vigilantes; Big " C " ident; Representa- Education; Interna- Student Health Guard; Football; tive-at-Large; tional House. Board; Class Track. Executive Commit- Councils. tee; Orientations; Football; Rugby; ASCE; ASME; Rugby Club. KOPPERUD, KORSKO, KRAEMER, KRAFFT, KRASNOW, KRIEGER, KRILL, PATRICIA KROOSKOS, KROPP, KRUEGER, ANDREW, JR. ALBERT JOSEPH JOANNE JAMES MEDINE BERNARD LESLIE CHARLES HENRY ESTUDILLO WILLIAM STEVE JANET L. JEAN Omaha, Nebraska La Volla Placentia Henryetta, Stockton San Francisco San Francisco San Diego Oakland Vallejo Business Civil Engineering Social Welfare Oklahoma Jurisprudence Electrical Social Welfare Civil Engineering Social Welfare Journalism Administration Theta Delta Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE, Delta Gamma; Ace of Clubs; Senior Personnel Administration Kappa Nu; Sopho- more Vigilantes; Engineering. Chi Omega; Panile; WAC; Rally Com- Transfer from San Diego State College; Transfer from College of Holy Daily Californian. Beta Gamma President; Engi- Class Council. Transfer from Sophomore, Junior mittee, Chairman; ASCE. Names; Utrimque; Sigma. neers Council, University of Class Councils; Orientations; Cal Hosts; Vice-Chairman. Notre Dame; Uni- Rugby. Card Sales. Newman Club. versity of Idaho; Newman Club. KRUSE, KUETTEL, KUGLER, KUPHALDT, KUSHNER, KUSHNER, KWOK, LACEY, LAFLIN, LAI, EDWARD H. WAYNE DAVID MANUEL LEON WILLIAM HARRY CAROL JOYCE JOSEPH ANDREW CELESTINE LOIS BENJAMIN HIM MARK Oakland Alhambra Los Angeles Lynwood Oakland Oakland Sacramento Oakland THOMAS JR. San Francisco Civil Engineering Optometry Political Science Forestry Art Medicine Psychology Business Thermal Mechanical Delta Tau Delta; Transfer from Bowles Hall; Stu- Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Epsilon; Art Zeta Beta Tau; Transfer from Sac- Administration Plant Pathology Engineering Skull and Keys. University of Wis- dent Relations Com- Phi Phi; Society; Campus Tower and Flame ramento College; Transfer from Pi Kappa Phi; Transfer from San consin; Delta Tau mittee; Varsity Xi Sigma Pi. Tours; Winter Varsity Football International Prairie View Alpha Zeta; Francisco Junior Delta; Honor Stu- Debate. Sports Club; Manager; Varsity House; Honor University. Wrestling. College. dent; Glee Club; Homecoming Pub- Rifle Team; Student; Chinese Optometry Asso- licity Committee. Winter Sports Club; Students ' Club. ciation. California Rifle Club. Blue and Gold manager LOWELL E. MEE had his head bent over accounting books or the " New Yorker " most of the time. " Lem " played cribbage, sampled boxes of Blum ' s candy, wore flashy ar- gyle socks and had an impressive scholastic record. His only dis- like was the bus ride home to St. Helena. After summer gradua- tion, Lem plans to live in Honolulu, where he worked with Pan- American during the war. - Ate trt - lutes. - LAI, JOHN ROBERT S:- f -i-: n Chemistry. LAMBERT, DOROTHY NAGEL Berkeley LAHBEKI BMMMB HENRY JR. Ad Service Bureau; Chemistry University Chores; Alpha Chi Tiymtj YWCA; College Masonic CM; , ' ,: e-! :-: " : ACS. Va :- : C .:; v.5 ; ::.:. i_M rvn, LONNIE GRADY Marysnlle Civil Engimiina, ASCE; Crew. LMFSM EVERETT DAVID Geyserville tm mm ----- - : = : :- Sigma Alpha Epsi- ion; Big " C " Society; Baseball LANDEFELD, MARTHA ORR Z-? " " f Physiology Tower a . Orcbesis. LANDRETH, - Whittier Pctn MI Theu Tan; Circle " C " Society; MM) -; fM Captain; Mining Association, LAME FRED JR. Tulare Civil Engineering Transfer from V:-:;-; S:-:: : ; V -,;; iS:E LAKE MARY LOUISE :: Bi Physical Education PE Majors Club. LANGER, LUDY EUGENE LosAngetes Mechanical Engineering Delta Tan Delta; Tomw and Flame; Rally Committee; Senior Cfass COMB- cil; I LANGEVIN, BARBARA JOAN S;- ftmL Hi General dnriorini Pi Beta Phi; i:e : ; C Little Theatre. LAMGSETT. SARAH SUMMERUN La Mesa EMI ' : ' ' . ' r " I " " San Diego State. LAKSEI HARRY EARNEST Oakland Engineering rnnfa fam Sm --;-: ;:: JH College; Acacia; ASCE. LARSEN, PAUL LEONARD Berkeley Pre-Legal; SignaPhi; i: ta tar. LARSON, HARRY THOMAS 5.-:;-. Electrical Bowles Hall; Tan Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Mn; AIEE; IRE, a LMSM Mom LORRAINE Glendate Chemistry Transfer from Gtemtale College; LATHRAP, PHILIP ARTHUR Berkeley Alpha Kappa LAUB, WILLIAM MURRAY Van (toys ' ' ' - ' - ' ' ' ' . " UCLA; Delta Tau DHU; Radio ' : ' :: LAUGHL1N, BARBARA KATHRYM Transfer froiti WWU n College; Alpha Delta Chi; UC Bible League. LAUGHL1N, RICHARD WEBB Berkeley Marketing Delta Upsiton. LAVROFF, JOY ELAINE Ritter Hall; Dor- mitory Council; WAA; College Ao-e- ; : .: --..-.s S :-; = . LAWLER, LAZARUS, LEACH, EDMUND ELIZABETH PAUL A. JAMES JR. FRANCES san Mateo Salinas San Francisco Journalism General Curricutam ------- ;-- hi mm :-.:- ----- -.- Kappa Alpha Tbeta; Sigma Delta Chi; Sophomore Class Daily California Council; Ad Sports Editor. ;-, :? r LEDDY, ALBERT MURRAY MMM : LEDWICH, JANE ELIZABETH Ptcdmont I - :; --:. LEE, ALLAN EUSTACE r - . - - _ 7 Efactnol E-: mm m AIEE; Si: Water Polo. LEE, CHARLES Y. Smammtt ' --:- - ' -- and Art -.- fn ..- - : . i mute College; Oxford Hall; Phi Delta Kappa; Tower and Flame; Student Adoisory Boreau; LEE, LAURA Bakersfield Social Welfare Transfer from College; Dorm H.- Chinese Students ' Club. LEE, ULAMEI BakersTteld Social Welfare Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Dorm H.- Chinese SUdents : .: Bnrean; UCSCA; Chinese Students ' Ctab; Sudents Christian Associa- : . : ' - In UK middle of any bridge game sat MARIAN SINTON, who fascinated Sun Hall buddies with her startling accent imitations. v=-=- - = : E :-. :- :.?.: i-- SM;.f= mnm mt m - ahcays be found at class council meetings. She spoke Spanish flnenUy, ewn to her little car, " Lucifer. " As first baseman on the softball team, she was certainly on the ball! LEE, LEE, LEE, LEISZ, LEM, LENGEL, LEON, LEONARD, MAE NANCY WILLIAM WEI GEORGE WEBSTER ALMA DONALD EUGENE HERMAN I. LILLIAN R. C. Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Los Angeles Corona Journalism International Chemistry Engineering Social Welfare Mechanical Electrical International Kappa Phi; Relations Pi Alpha Phi. Lambda Chi Alpha; Engineering Engineering Relations. Alpha Mu Gamma; Prytanean; Panile; Golden Bear; Alpha Delta Phi; Transfer from Tower and Flame; Daily Californian, California Club; Tau Beta Pi; UCLA; Tau Beta Pi. Pelican. Associate Editor; Big " C " Society; Sigma Xi; Standards Commis- Rally Committee; Swimming. sion; Public Rela- AIEE; Men ' s tions Council; Judicial Committee; Homecoming Pub- Rambler Football; licity Committee. Varsity Track. LESCHINSKY, JEAN FLAKER Berkeley Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Mu Gamma; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Spanish Club; Newman Club. LEUTERIO, HECTOR COMAGON Manila, Philippines Political Science Transfer from the University of the Philippines. LIEBERMAN, LEVENTHAL, LEVICH, LEVICK, LEVINE, LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, LEWIS, LI BOW, BERNICE ANN DANIEL MIRIAM ROSE KENNETH SCOTT ALVIN ZALMAN CLARABELL EVANGELYN JOSEPH FRANCIS RAYMOND EDWIN JULIUS YALE Fresno THEODORE Long Beach Oakland Los Angeles Truckee Long Beach San Francisco Hollywood Los Angeles International San Francisco English Economics and Mechanical Physical Education History Banking and Art Social Welfare Relations Psychology Transfer from New York University; Honor Student. Daily Californian; Student Relations Board. Journalism Winged Helmet. Engineering Transfer from UCLA. Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Ritter Hall; WAA; YWCA; Ski Club; Masonic Club; Physical Education Majors ' Transfer from Long Beach Junior Col- lege; UCLA; Horton Hall; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Sigma Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Finance Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. Transfer from Washington State College; Delta Ep- silon; Pelican, Editor; Publications Council; Occident. Ridge House; Tower and Flame; Asso- ciated Students of Social Welfare. Transfer from Fresno State Col- lege; Bon Haven; Welfare Council; Consumers ' Council; Postwar Planning Committee; Student Relations ' Univer- Club. Tower and Flame; sity Theater; Card WAC; Forensics Sales, Junior Man- Council, Debating Manager; Confer- ager; Class Councils. ence Committee. LILLINGSTON, LINDAUER, LINDFORS, LINDFORS, LINDHOLM, LING, LINK, LIPMAN, LIPMAN, PATRICIA ANNE ROBERT LAMAR HILKKA- PERTTI JARL PATRICIA RUTH ROBERT LYMAN ARTHUR ERNEST GEORGIA MARGARET EDITH Cheyenne, San Francisco MARJATTA Alameda San Francisco LINDSLEY Oakland Vallejo Berkeley Oakland Wyoming Economics Alameda Economics English HERBERT International History Psychology Dramatic Art Journali sm. Alpha Kappa Lambda. Business Administration Honor Student; Varsity Rowing Cal Hosts; WAA; Utrimque. LESLIE JR. Berkeley Relations Sigma Alpha Epsi- Transfer from Fresno State Alpha Xi Delta; Blue and Gold; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Prytanean; Alpha Gamma Club; Crew. Business Ion; Phi Phi. Teachers ' College Orientations; Panile; Thalian, Delta; YWCA. Administration Sophomore Class President; Mask and Council. Dagger, Vice-Presi- Phi Delta Theta; dent; Hammer and ACC; Orientations Dimmer; Honor Council. Student; University Theater; Senior Extravaganza, Chairman; Senior Class Council. The only Pub Council member who ever got to meeting on time was Pelican manager BARBARA STOKES, who sat knitting socks for Bob until meeting started. Good-natured Barbara made the Sigma Kappa house her headquarters, and talked constantly about getting a good tan. Come June and she ' ll trade the name " Stokes " for a summer wedding and the previously-mentioned Bob. ; : -;:,. taiao . ' - IMS : m - :is -. ' " 1 lift BIT. - .- rwr I- jaw GEORGE GORDON Bars ' , New York LIANGS " ' CHARLES WINFIELD JR. Berkeley LIVINGSTON, EARL VICTOR JR. Berkeley = Mb Rngers; St. Johns; Alpha Delta Sigma; Baseball. Daily California!, Manager; Plica- tions Council. LUCAS DONALD WRIGHT Si- =: n Art Transfer from Sal Col te ; M ason LUNDBERG, LOIS ELIZABETH Vallejo Zoology Alpha Xi Delta; Pre-Medkal Society. LUNDEEN, GLEN ALFRED Selma - 2-: : tag :=, = LIVINGSTON, JAMES PRINCE San Francisco Civil Engineering Transfer from Stanford; Circle " C " Society; ASCE; Water Polo; Wrestling. LUPPINO. ANTONIO LOMBARD, JOHN HARRISON Transfer from Col- lege of the Pacific. LYNCH, MARGARET AMU SavJose LONGLEY, LOUIE, CATHARINE ANNA MARIE AUDRA NTOto Social Welfare Transfer from Marin Junior Cd- i :-.:- Cmmw lege; Sherman Hall; Delta; Timer and YWCA; Intramural; Flame; Daily Cali- Chinese Students ' ; Pelican; Club. LOUIE, JIM VAN Sacramento Civil Enainnri Transfer from Sacramento ASCE. LOUIE, PAUL HOY San Francisco LOW, MIMI MARIE Palo Alto Political Science Pi Alpha Phi; Transfer ta Junior Varsity San Jose State; Debate; Chinese Sigma Omtcron Pi; Students ' Club, Winter Sports Club; Treasurer. Chinese Students ' Club. Committee. LYND, LYNN, WILLIAM FARSON NORMAN MacDONALD, JACOUELYN San Francisco Social Welfare Transfer from Marin Jnior Col- lege; Cki Omega; Pelican; Art YA ' .i MacDONALD, LLOYD STONE Berkeley Ross fttamul ; Political Science Transfer from Col- Oxford Hall; lege of the Pacific; Bear; Blue mt Quarterdeck Society Gold; Varsity Stcckton Junior :: f? Hall. MACFIE, JOANNE ELIZABETH Rk Fn Alpha CM Omega; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Tower and Flame; WAC; Publi- cation Council; California engineer. Assistant Women ' s 3 --sr =-.: Vs-- ager; Pelican, Women ' s Director; Rally Committee; Councils; Home- coming Publicity Committee. Sa- Mni : Teas Industrial Jcurnalism Engineering. Hammer and Dim- mer; Alpha Deha Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; Drama Council; CkcCM ;-: Treble Clef, Light- isJS s . " Senrice Bureau; Senior Peace Com- mittee; Sophomae MacINTYRE VWtantes, Football, JEAN MARGARET LYON, KARL DAVID Kansas City, Missouri MAAS, CLAIRE HELEN Oakland Foreign Trade MacDONALD, BROCE Pittsfield, MuBSKhllSCttS Delta. man; Pani ' le; Post- war Coordinating Board; Committee for Living Accom- modations; Home- MACIEL, VIRGINIA Club. ROSALIE Col lege; BetaG Sigma; Beta Alpha Ran ; Welfare Council; Interna- tional Relations Committee; Confer- ence Committee; Winter Sports dub. MacLEAN, ROBERT MILL1MGTON Engineering Tan Beta Pi, President. Ml 33: B Secretary, Treasurer, ?; =- S- y Class Councils. Atwater Spanish and Portuguese Alpha Mi Gamma, President, Vice- MacILVAIN, SHIRLEY RUTH Los Angeles Physical Education School of Forestry Del Rey; Fores try Club. MacNAB, WILLIAM KEITH Ukiah Chemistry Transfer fioni Sacramento College. MacTAGGART, JEANETTE MYRTLE General Cvricmmv T ransf w from Marin Junior College. President, Treasurer; Transfer from Los Tower and Fame; Angeles City Col- Women ' s Vigilante lege; WAA; PE Committee; WAA; Majors ' Club; ' l ' --y C .f JACK STEARNS saw plenty of action both as a marine sergeant and as a rep-at-large. Quiet, rather judicial, " Stemo, " as Phi Psis called him, majored in political science with one eye on law school. He iintd a reputation as a good-party companion, and served Ex Cammlllit through a tmuuknt year. 1 r MADOCKS, MADSEN, MAFFLY, MAGUIRE, MAIER, MALLONEE, MALTBY, MANNERS, MARCHANT, MARCHICK, JOHN WALLIS MARY LOUISE JEAN WALTER WILLIAM VIRGINIA M. ANNE PALMER LOIS JANE ELIZABETH ROBERT BRUSIE PEARL MARIE San Francisco Sanger Berkeley Los Angeles Sacramento San Marino Oakland Lafayette Oakland Cheyenne, Mechanical Nutrition Social Welfare Electrical Social Welfare Public Health Regional Group General Curriculum Business Wyoming Engineering Transfer from Alpha XI Delta; Engineering Transfer from St. Margaret ' s Major on Hispanic Transfer from Uni- Administration Social Welfare Transfer from San Fresno State Col- Orientations; Transfer from Sacramento College; House. America versity of Oregon; Alpha Delta Phi; Blue and Gold Francisco Junior lege; WAA; Home YWCA. UCLA; Delta Joaquin Hall; University Theatre; Alpha Phi; Junior Winged Helmet. Managerial Staff; College; Crew; Economics Club. Tan Delta. Masonic Club. Spanish Club. Class Council. Student Relations Christian Science Board; Hillel Society. Council. MARCHICK, MARCKHOFF, MARCUS, NAOMI MARGULEAS, MARKS, MARON, MARRE, WILLIAM MARTIN, MARTIN, FRANCIS MARTIN, SUZETTE LOU WILLIAM CARL ELIZABETH THELMA SUSAN ROBERT JEAN MARIE LAWRENCE DOUGLAS EARL CRAWFORD FRANCIS F. Long Beach Sacramento Los Angeles San Francisco Los Angeles Dos Palos Sutter Creek Sacramento Arcadia Turlock Regional Group General Curriculum Economics Dietetics Civil Engineering Public Electrical Journalism Electronics Music Major on Hispanic America Dorm G; Daily Californian; Occident, Sales Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta. Transfer from UCLA; Bon Haven; Welfare Council; Hillel Council. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Transfer from New York City College; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. Administration Dorm C; Consumers Council; Newman Club. Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIEE. Transfer from Sacramento College. Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Theta Chi. Transfer from Modesto Junior College and Occi- dental College. Manager; Dormi- tory Council; Secretariat; Phrateres. MARTIN, MARTIN, MARTYR, MASON, JOHN MASON, MASON, MASORO, MASPERO, MASSER, HARRY MATHEWS, LEROY MARION MARIE JAMES McNARY INNISJR. ROBERT LYMAN WILLIAM BOYD EDWARD J. JR. MARIAN LASCELLES JR. ROBERTA Bakersfield Lafayette Pittsburg Kingston, Fontana San Francisco Oakland Long Beach Los Angeles GEORGIA Civil Engineering Personnel Industrial Jamaica Mechanical Business Physiology Music Mechanical San Francisco Transfer from Administration Relations Zoology Engineering. Administration California Joaquin Hall; Alpha Engineering Social Welfare Bakersfield Junior Phi Mu. Lambda Chi Alpha; Transfer from Transfer from Ramblers. Mu; Tower and Phi Kappa Sigma; Transfer from San College. Band; Glee Club. Pacific Union Col- University of San Flame; Honor Blue Key. Francisco Junior lege; Oxford Hall. Francisco; Student; University College; Alpha Sigma Phi. Music Club, Presi- Delta Pi; dent; Orientations Panhellenic. Counseling; Sub- Chairman; Universit; Symphony; College Women ' s Club. A whirlwind sixty inches tall was PAT BRADLEY HAMILTON, who had the full time job of Managing Editor of the Daily Cal, and was chairman of Consumer ' s Council, Store Board, and Pub Council in her spare minutes. When she wasn ' t home with hubby, she could be found at Pryt or Theta Sig meetings and was quite a busy girl. .- - ;.. El ri Si turn MUU KEITH MATTHIAS, HAWOSLEV, MARTHA GRAHAM DEAD LYMAN MAXWELL. HELEN JEAN MAY, DONALD OTTO MCCARTY, .i ' . ' ES E.2E ' ,E Political Science lKappi;Cani lllll ' 1 " ' 111 i:-=!- :: - - ::-- Transfer from S Secretariat, ' Orientations; WAA; Diego State College; Class Co cil; YWCA; tatrawal; Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sjmpiy Fa 5 : Flying CM. 5:3- : .- ?: -.. Drill Delta TaiDetta; McCLELLAM, DOROTHY LOUISE Vallejo Art Transfer from =::-i=: : MCCLELLAND GLENN ROBERT History Blade; ASCE; Fil College; Pi Kappa Alpha Sa Jose State Col- lege; Glee Ctab; Wirt McCLURE, , E:-,i=: ' . ' :::... ' JOHNMOHHS feCMHEU " :: = - WILLIAM POWELL CHESTER OLIVER JR. ELAINE FAY MCDONALD, JOHN MCDONALD, EDWARD JR. Santa Rosa Sta i Ttnq Glee CM; Band. Welfare CoMdL CalHama Polytedi. c Colkge; Band, . Delta PK. McGAHIE, BARBARA LOUISE San Fraacisco CkiM Dnetopimt DelU Defta Delta; BENSON RICHARD Board, YWCA; IttraMral Board; A MB S:o-i C .: McGEE, -i=.E- COOKE cGEE ROBERT REX S3- r -;-: n MCGIRK, " ' ElCerrito OptOMtnr. McGOWAN. IMI ' .::: Gridkr :- = E:-: = PATRICIA McGUIRE, Delta Tan Delta; Pi Kappa Alpha. S PB --?:- ta . : B 3 ' : r 3-v Thru Sifwa Phi; :3 . :: :- 3- Editor Eircitr ARTILLUS San Francisco McIUUUTH, JAMES XHN Mioot, Nortk _ lAlptaEpsi- tai; Phi PW; Class Officer; Band; Yioilantes,- Bio. " C " CM fratenutjr Coacil. McLEOD, roofer ta Unnersrtjrof Willawette Unher- -- : E ! Board; College Women ' s Clue Jrs.; MSerriotf CHRISTIE WEATHERSTS list of activities Dear Cat amni was a Ml thne job Hi itself, I fond time to be president of California ' s Fybate being elected her junior year, and to attend Pryt, Alpka Ml Ci i, and Honor nt jored in IntematioiBl RrfaUoB and A Chi (Xs hear celebrated Valentine ' s Day in a big way! McNAMARA, MEDLIN, WILLIAM MEDLIN, WILLIAM MEHRTEN, MEHRTEN, MEIER, MENDELSOHN, MENDENHALL, MENKE, MERCER, MARY PATRICIA DAVID JR. KENNETH EDITH FRANCES FORREST JOHN JOHN GABRIEL CHARLOTTE ANN ELLEN PAULAJO IDA BARBARA Huntington Park San Francisco Martinez Exeter Exeter San Francisco Oakland Walnut Creek San Diego San Francisco General Curriculum Psychology International Home Economics Business Personnel Political Science General Curriculum Geography Psychology Alpha Xi Delta; Transfer from San Relations Transfer from Administration Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Mu. Transfer from San T ransfer from San Hammer and Dim- Francisco Junior Delta Phi Epsilon; Fresno State Col- Transfer from Big " C " Society, Pelican, Fashion Diego State College; Francisco Junior mer; Tower and College. Rally Committee. lege; Dorm G; Davis. Vice- President; Director; Sophomore Dorm C. College; Stratford Flame; Junior, Dormitory Council; Athletic Council; Vigilantes; Home- Hall. Senior Class Coun- Home Economics Track Team; Track coming Publicity cils; Treble Clef; Club. Club; Interfra- Committee. University Theatre; ternity Council. WAA; College Women ' s Club; Newman Club. MERIPOL, ROBERT B. Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA. MERRELL, MERSEREAU, MESS, METCALF, MARIAN METTIER, MEYER, MEYER, MIDDLETON, MIKULIK, MARY BELLE CHARLOTTE ANNE MARALYN MacMILLAN STACY EVEE. JOHN CLAYTON ARTHUR WARNER VIRGINIA ANNE Canadian, Texas San Jose Burlingame Cleveland Heights San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Martinez Public Health Political Science General Curriculum Ohio Pre-Medical. Social Welfare Economics Business Political Science Tower and Flame. Transfer from Transfer from Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Phi; Transfer from Administration and History College of Pacific; University of Ari- Transfer from Elections Board; Santa Clara Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Kappa Kappa zona; Delta Gamma; Western Reserve Winter Sports Club; University; Tri-Une; Varsity Tower and Flame. Gamma; Ace of Speech Arts Club. University; Theta Intramural; Home- Phi Kappa Psi. Swimming. Clubs; Pan-Hellenic Upsilon; SAACS; coming Rally President; YWCA. Intramural. Committee. MILBANK, SALLY FRANCES MILLARD, GENE WILSON MILLER, CHARLES WILLIAM JR. MILLER, GORDON RALPH MILLER, JOHN NEWTON JR. MILLER, MARILYN FAY MILLER, RICHARD ALAN MILLER, VELMA KATHLEEN MILLER, YVONNE MARIE MILLS, ELIZABETH Grants Pass, Hayward San Francisco Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Mill Valley Berkeley Richmond VIRGINIA Oregon Public Mathematics. Civil Engineering Medical Science English Mathematics General Curriculum. History Edgewood General Curriculum Administration Alpha Tau Omega; Transfer from Transfer from International Newman Club. Home Economics. Kappa Kappa Theta Delta Chi; ASCE. Carroll College. Sunflower Junior House. Gamma; War Board; Phi Phi; Delta College. Class Councils; Phi Epsilon; Daily YWCA. Californian. Publications-minded PEGGY LYNCH served as both Pelican Wom- en ' s Director and Cal Engineer ' s manager. Friendly, gay, Peggy had great big blue eyes that intrigued everyone when she talked. She took on the full time job of advertising manager of Schwa- bacher-Frey. AChiO sisters knew her as quite a party girl, and wondered how she had time for a business life, a social life, and classes in-between! MILLS, PATRICIA JEAN Piedmont General Curriculum Delta Delta Delta; Pelican; Freshman Class Council. MILLSPAUGH, DIXIE JOAN Sacramento Social Welfare Transfer from Sacramento Col lege; Stern Hall; Tower and Flame. MILLSPAUGH, GLADYS GOULD Downey Journalism Housing Board; Consumers ' Council; Dormitory Council. MIRANDA, VICTORIA Oakland General Curriculum Transfer from San Francisco State College. MISAK, MARY Chico Business Administration Transfer if oil) Chico State; Honor Student; Tomer and Flame. MITCHELL, BETTY BRENT Piedmont English Delta Gamma; Occi- dent; University Theater; Radio Workshop; Sym- phony Forum; Intra- mural Board. MITCHELL, CURTIS ALLERT Oakland Personnel Administration Delta Tan Delta. MITCHELL, DONALD WILLIAM Portland, Oregon Foreign Trade Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Phi Phi; Rugby; Boxing. MITCHELL, MARTHA KAYLOR Beebe, Arkansas Psychology Transfer from Agricultural College of Central Arkansas. MITCHELL, ROBERT ALEXANDER Berkeley Chemistry Sigma Chi. MOFFETT, MOLAY, MOLDAVE, ELEANOR JANE EUGENE KIVIE Oakland Hollister Los Angeles International Personnel Biochemistry Rela;; " ; Administration Transfer from Alpha Xi Delta; Trsnsfw froni UCLA. Pelican; Orienta- Hollister Junior tions, Director; College; Phi Phi; Public Relations; Beta Phi Gamma. Utrimque; WAA. MOLFINO, MONDO, VOSTGOVERY MONTOIS, MOORHEAD, MOOREHEAD, MOORHEAD, TED ALBERT JEANNE ROSE CRANSTON ANNE MARIE BEATRICE MARCIA C. BRUCE PAUL CLARK Strathmore Merced PARKER JR. San Francisco San Francisco Escalon Richmond Finance and Pro- Spanish Altadena Decorative Art Regional Group Personnel Accounting duction Control Epworth Hall; Economics Transfer from San Major on Hispanir Management Beta Alpha Psi; Pi Kappa Tau; Alpha Mu Gamma; Chi Psi. Francisco Junior America Transfer from Masonic Club. Phi Phi. Tower and Flame; College. Kappa Kapoa Stockton Junior Honor Student; Blue and Gold; Caimiii; Prytanean; Housing Board; College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Dormitory Council; Orientations; Symphony Forum YWCA; Col lege Senior Class Council. Women ' s Club; Utrimque. Forum ' , ' President. MORGAN MOR1ARTY, MORISON, MORISON, MORRILL, MORRIS, MORRIS, HARRY ELBURN JOHN THOMAS JACK RAYMOND MARGARET SYBIL HELEN JACQUELINE JAMES EUGENE Hinsdale, San Francisco Oakland Riverside Glendale JANET Berkeley Massachusetts General Curriculum Mechanical English Political Science San Francisco Marketing. Mechanical Rambler Football; Engineering Ritter Hall; Winter DormH. Political Science Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; R.;:.. MvHufr ager; Quarterdeck Tau Beta Pi; Masonic Club. Sports Club; Masonic Club. Transfer from Davis. Tan Beta Pi; Society, President; Golden Bear; NROTC. Tower and Flame; Ski Team; Track; Winter Sports Club, President. MORRIS, JEAN Burlingame Economics Joaquin Hall; Mortar Board; Pry- tanean; Pi Phi Delta; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Judicial Commit- tec; Sophomore Class Council; California Engi- neer, Manager; Card Sales, Co-chairman; Pub- lications Council; Rally Committee. MORRIS, RUTH Long Beach English Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Colonial Hall. MORRIS, WILLIAM San Francisco Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student. This fourth of five DOLIM boys is GEORGE. He comes from Ha- waii, has sparkling brown eyes, and after he takes his master ' s degree in architecture, he will design houses. As co-chairman of Card Sales, he put his quiet efficiency to work. His Theta Chi brothers laughed at his " Oh, yes. " He has a yen for traveling and may go flying down to Rio next year to study its architecture. MORRISON, MORRISON, MORRISION, MORSE, MORTENSON, MORTON, MORTON, MULLER, MULLIGAN, MULLOWNEY, HARRY LEROY JR. JOAN BOOTH PATRICIA J. LUCILLE JANE GLADYS MAY BETTY ELLEN MARIE BARRIE HELOISE MARYANN MARTHA MURIEL Bakersfield Salt Lake City, Modesto San Francisco Richmond Oakland San Rafael Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Political Science Utah Journalism Art Home Economics Political Science General Curriculum General Curriculum History Physical Education Transfer from Psychology Stern Hall; Elec- Transfer from San Dorm F; Treble Hillcrest Hall; Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from WAA, President; Westminster Col- Transfer from tions Board; Occi- Francisco State Clef; Home Eco- Freshman, Sopho- Dominican College; UCLA; Alpha Iowa State College; Phrateres, Vice- lege; Delta Tau University of Utah; dent; Card Sales; College. nomics Club; more Class Coun- Phi Mu; Blue and Delta Pi. Alpha Delta Pi; President; Winter Delta; Beech Hall; Dorm C; Eta-Z. Radio Workshop; Homecoming Dance cils; Pelican Staff; Gold; Intramural; Sigma Kappa Sports Club; PE Men ' s Judicial Public Relations; Committee. College Women ' s Winter Sports Club; Alpha; Welfare Majors Club. Cmnmittee. Symphony Forum. Club. Newman Club. Council. MULVIHILL, MUNROE, MURPHY, MURPHY, MURRAY, MYERS, NABERS, NAKAGAKI, KATHERINE RUTH MARIE EMMETTJOHN FREDERICK WILLIAM CAROLEE JOYCE JAMES ROGER GEORGE ELIZABETH Wichita, Atherton CLINTON EDWARD Alameda Bakersfield YASUYASHI San Francisco Kansas Mechanical Willows El Segundo Economics Marketing Berkeley Journalism Alpha Gamma Psychology Transfer from Engineering Transfer from San Political Science Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Electrical Engineering Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican; Freshman Transfer from Bakersfield Junior Mechanical Engineering Delta; Daily Call- Wichita University; Jose State College; Elections Board; Pi Kappa Alpha; Class Council; College. ASME. fornian; Pelican; Honor Student; Alpha Kappa Interfraternity Tau Beta Pi; Pi Intramural. Homecoming Tower and Flame; Lambda. Council. Tau Pi Sigma; Eta Committee. Welfare Council, Kappa Nu; Tower Junior Representa- and Flame; Band; tive; YWCA; Stu- AIEE. dent Relations Committee. NAKKI, HELEN ALINE NASON, IRVING C. Anchorage, Alaska General Curriculum. Sacramento Zoology Transfer from Colorado College. NATAAS, ELLEN IRENE Richvale History Alpha Delta Chi. NATHAN, SHIRLEY San Diego Social Welfare Transfer from Converse College; Phi Sigma Sigma; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Group. NEAMAN, JEROME Berkeley Personnel Administration. NEEL, MARSHALL CORYDON Modesto Business Administration Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Omicron Phi Pi; Pelican. NEHLS, OMAR BRUCE San Diego Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Tower and Flame; Architecture Asso- siation, Secretary and Treasurer. NEILL, GEORGE WALKER Pasadena History Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; White Shingles; Daily Californian. NEILSON, JAMES DOUGLAS San Jose Zoology Transfer from San Jose State College. Big, tall JACK ROCKER returned from war to a star forward position on the basketball team, where he dazzled opponents and spectators with beautiful shots and excellent floor play. Theta Dells might describe him as quiet, witty and rather a ladies ' man. Quite naturally, he majored in physical education and had ideas about being a teacher. If his scoring ability on the court is any indication, he should be successful in that, too. NEILSON, JAMES ALEXANDER JR. Knights Landing Plant Pathology Transfer from Davis; Phi Kappa Psi; Golden Bear; California Club; Alpha Zeta; Cal Hosts; Men ' s Coun- seling; ASCA, Ex- ecutive Committee; SVA, President. NEILSON, ROB ROY San Francisco Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. NEISINGH, EUGENE STEPHEN Santa Rosa Electrical Engineering Transfer from Uni- versity of Texas; AIEE; IRE; Sailing Club. . rte - -- ' NELSON, NELSON, GEORGE ANDREW GORDON WILLIAM PATRICIA LOUISE SaiGateid NEWBERRY, PHYLLIS R. -;;--:- = 2- Jose State College; i Hall. Travfer fra- Sai FrancocoJ-ior Trapsferfrom NC. MING si ' ,: Mvn NICHOLS, NIELSE N, Bft Pki Delta Tfceta; PfeiPhi;ACC, CkainM FiMKC College a UCLA; rmrnil it;fxa- Alpha Owcm PL lite ri i llee; ASUC( NISHITA, HIDEO SB S: LongBeadi English Transfer from LOP9 Pi Kappa Alpha; rCol- Crew. JOHN FRANKLIN Vicumlk Political! NEWHOUSE, BILLY ALVDI NEWK1RK, NANCY LEE EnU-otoay limgbrfjmi Chaffey Jmikr PkiBeta; Daihr tan MACK, WILLIAM OKELL NIELSEN, WAA; SSL " OAKS, ANGELA MARGARET JOSEPH I.IRENE NORTH, -5 SVA. : . i i: tad - ROTC Rifle Tea r s :- E : XT ' Society; Var- sity Crew; VarsHy Trade TVUXi. O ' BRIEN, JEAN CATHERINE = .: : WAA. HaH; WMerSpwts HRIMnOFT. EUNOR ANN I--:- : " -- =;-.= .:- ' : ' . NICHOLAS Daily E ?:-.- : = IMeerini . Mi = i, - . - c KATHRYN ' - :.:-. RICHARD A. JR. O ' BRIEN, GERALOINE ANN Pi Alpta Tori and O ' BRIEN, NAOINE EUZANETI ODELL, RICHARD WARNE Taft SM2E CM Psi; To Flaw; Daily Cal i- DetU Zeu , Ph i formal; Crew; : - Varsity I Board; Senior Class, Vice-Presidem.; WAC, M-K . or aia r, _ _. Postwar Co-ordinat- Board; Jior " rCol- DeHaZeta; Secretarial,- How- Ctab; RdatiOBCaM HcOrtttai Sciette Society; Waiter Sports Ctab. Meet cdorf.1 PAT McGREGOR, who de t all day art Tlndird all night. Daily Cal members heM their ears when editor Pat Uew hnr fame bogle, or watrhtd her with amazement as she took a two hoar final in thirty mingles. She hiked fifteen miles to find the sane of Strawberry Creek, lewd to go camping, art I has been working hard in the California Mnmhl) office. O ' DONNELL, O ' DONNELL, OEHLMANN, OGBURN, O ' HEA, MARGARET PATRICIA LENORE HELEN RAYMOND ROY BARNEY AGNES JACQUELINE Yosemite Oakland McLENDON Woodland Los Angeles National Park General Curriculum Berkeley Political Science General Curriculum English Delta Tau Delta; History Stern Hall; Mortar Transfer from Delta Gamma. Interfraternity Transfer from Board; Prytanean; UCLA; Kappa Delta. Council. University of Panile, President; Texas. Torch and Shield; Women ' s Judicial Committee, Chair- man; WAC; Senior Class Council. OLSEN, OLSON, ORLIN, OSBORN, OSBORN, MARIE WALTER GILBERT GERALD I. NATALIE ELAINE THELMA CHRISTINE Oakland Denver, Colorado Turlock Walnut Creek San Jose Jurisprudence Business Psychology Personnel Psychology Transfer from Administration Alpha Chi Omega; Administration Transfer from University of Transfer from Pelican; California Phi Mu; Phi Chi University of Min- Oregon; Bowles University of Engineer; Senior Theta; Tower and nesota; Chi Omega; Hall; Delta Sigma Illinois; Phi Epsilon Class Council; Flame; Blue and Blue and Gold; Pi; Blue and Gold. Pi. Symphony Forum; Gold. YWCA. Symphony Orches- tra; Intramural Board; Winter Sports Club. OSSENBECK, OSTRANDER, OSTROM, O ' SULLIVAN, OTTERSON, OVERGAARD, PACHECO, PAGANO, PALMER, PALMER, ROBERT PAUL SUSAN JOHN AVARD CURTIS HOOPER L1LA JEAN JEAN MAE ARTHUR PAUL ISABEL PHILLOW JOYCE KATHRYN MARY ELAINE Los Angeles Berkeley San Diego Napa Willows Madera Denver, Colorado San Francisco Winfield, Kansas Ross Mechanical General Curriculum Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum General Curriculum Physical Education Sociology Frenrti Engineering Kappa Kappa Transfer from Phi Delta Theta; Dorm D. Kappa Delta. Transfer from Uni- Sigma Kappa. Transfer from Pi Beta Phi; Thal- Transfer from UCLA; ASME. Gamma; Pelican; Vanity Fair. Princeton University. Scabbard and Blade; Soccer; versity of Colorado; Pi Kappa Alpha; Kansas University; Delta Sigma Theta; ian; Hammer and Dimmer; Mask and Pershing Rifles. Senior Peace Com- YWCA. Dagger; University mittee; Homecominc Theatre; Adver- Committee, 1946. tising Staff Man- ager; Drama Council. PALMER, PALMER, PALMERTON, PALMQUIST, PALSGAARD, PALTENGHI, PAPAC, VINKA PAPPAS, PARAS, PARCELS, MARY LOIS RUTH E. LAURA NADINE DAVID MARVIN LOUIS PETERSEN RICHARD EARL WINIFRED CONSTANTINE GEORGE E. MARY LOU Oakland Lake Como, Klamath Falls, Pasadena Sanger San Francisco Del Rey CHRIS Sacramento H iawatha, Regional Group Florida Oregon Mathematics. Agricultural Foreign Trade Political Science Vallejo French Kansas Alpha Delta Pi; History Journalism Economics Theta Chi; Hammer Alpha Chi Omega; Mechanical Transfer from Decorative Art Blue and Gold; Transfer from Mt. Transfer from Transfer from and Coffin; Alpha Pelican, Women ' s Engineering Stanford University. Colonial Hall. Winter Sports Club. Holyoke College; Lewis and Clark Fresno State Col- Delta Sigma; Staff; Freshman Tau Beta Pi. Chi Omega; Sigma University; St. lege; Oxford Hall. Pelican; Freshman Class Council; Kappa Alpha; Margaret ' s House; Sunday Suppers. Rally Committee, Pelican; Women ' s Theta Sigma Phi; Senior App ' t; Staff. Women ' s Counsel- YWCA. ing; Dormitory Council. Tall, lean RAY LEWIS has been described as a " fine, young, modern painter " and judging from his work as Pelican editor, he fits that description. Taking great pride in his wife and baby daughter, Ray was known for the rather amused expression on his face, his outspokenness, and ability as a meticulous critic. He disliked Hollywood, but felt quite the other way about cars and dog breeding. Friends usually found him in Spreckels Library. I PARKER, PARKINSON, PATERSON, PATHE, I STANLEY LEON RUTH JEAN DONALD EDGAR LONNIE ROY 0 Riodell Oakland Berkeley Bakersfield History Social Welfare Business Accounting Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Administration Transfer from ' MasonkClub. Pelican; Card Theta Delta Chi; Bakersfield Junior IT Sales; YWCA Cab- Winged Helmet; College; Alpha M inet and Advisory ACC, Chairman; Tau Omega. Board; College Senior Class Women ' s Club. President; Executive Com- mittee; Finance Committee; YMCA, Vice- President; Class Officers ' Council, Chairman. am PERSELL, DOROTHY JEAN PERSONS, BETTY JANE PETERSON, JEAN BtnccKy Biags PETERS, ElCajon General Curriculum General Curriculum KATHERINE Social Welfare Transfer from Kappa Delta; Radio ELIZABETH North Gables. mm College of the Workshop; Winter Auburn -tarn :N Pa:if.:- il;.-.a Ga a Delia- S.uearc G;::- Unhwnfty Theatre; Sports Club; Peli- can; Flying Club. General CiiiUulum Kappa Delta; ACC; WAC; Sophomore Class President, Mfanujral. Vice- President; Class Officers ' PAULSEN, PAULSON, MMBi PEAVEY, JERRY PEILEN, PENDLETON, DOROTHY HELEN BERNICE FLORENCE LITTLETON ELEANORE REEVA LOLA JEAN Oakland CHRISTINE Bmjri Kettelman City St. Paul, Oakland Political Science. Oakland Child Development Business Minnesota Social Welfare Social Welfare OmicronMu. MuMMta General Curriculum Delta Gamma; Transfer from . Transfer from San Transfer from Senior Class, Wheaton College. Jose State; Alpha University of Secretary; Pelican; Tau Omega; Minnesota; Alpha Orientations; Class Baseball. Epsilon Phi; Orien- Officers ' Council. PFUND, tations; Panhellenic Council; Hillel CHRISTINA Council. ROZELLE PICCIRILLO, LAURA M. SanMateo Economics Berkeley International PETERSON, JOSEPH FRED Denver, Colorado Alpha Phi; Mortar Board, Vice-Presi- dent; Prytanean; Panile President; PHILLIPS, ORA AVERY Tracy PHILLIPS, PAUL RICHARD Long Beach PICARD, PHYLLIS AMY Oakland Relations Chi Omega; Prytanean; Panile, Psychology Transfer from State Teachers ' College; Basketball WAC; Daily Califor- nia , Managerial; Can) Sales, Chair- man; University Svmohonv Confer - Mechanical Engineering Football. Economics California Club; Welfare Council. General Curriculum Pelican; Winter Sports Club; Flying Club. Vice-president; Alpha Mu (!, Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Daily Califomian, FootbalL J M f, tMWIa ence Committee, Chairman; YWCA Editorial; Orienta- tions; Senior Class International Council; Winter Dept., Chairman. Sports Club; Col- lege Women ' s Club; YWCA Cabinet. . PICHES, MARY P. Roseville S a- ;- Stebbins Hall. PICKETT, EUGENE MASON Los Angeles Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha. PIERCE, PICKETT, PICKUS, PIERCE, JOHN ARTHUR PIERSALL, PILORZ, PINKERTON, PITT, VAUN J. JOANNE S. HENRY H. Berkeley. JACK RAY ELIZABETH AGNES JAMES LEON JR. LAWRENCE LOUIS Idaho Falls, Beverly Hills San Francisco Engineering Blue Lake Piedmont Riverside Brooklyn, Idaho Foreign Trade University of Idaho; International House. General Curriculum Transfer from UCLA; Dorm F. Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi. Pi Kappa Alpha; Golden Bear; Theta Tau; Mining Asso- ciation, President; Senior Peace Committee, Chair- Civil Engineering Transfer from Humboldt State Teachers ' College; ASCE. General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta; Orientations; Card Sales, Junior Manager; Newman Club. Personnel. New York English Bowles Hall; Inter- national House; SVA President. Vigilantes; Big ' XT ' z -= c ! :?--. cits; Interfraternity Council; AIME; Engineers ' CouaciL " Copy girl, copy boy, " yells Maria Urquiza, and the whole office jumps. Maria had a reputation for wearing attractive clothes, and her snappy brown eyes and pretty hair delighted the Daily Cal staff (right, boys?). From Santa Ana, she lived at Stern Hall, and was always at Pryt and Theta Sig meetings. When people teased her, they called her " Maria Luisa Urquiza " real fast. Try it. PIUA, PLATT, PLUMMER, POERTNER, POHLMEYER, POLICH, PONTING, PORTER, POTTER, POUEY, EVELYN TERESA BETTE MARIE ADDISON WRENN LORRAINE LOIS MAE ANNE JOAN BARBARA WILLIAM DONALD JEAN RUTH IRENE LEA San Francisco Santa Ana Boston, MILDRED Oakland Richmond San Francisco Berkeley Quincy San Francisco French General Curriculum Massachusetts Oakland Political Science Social Welfare General Curriculum General Curriculum Journalism French. Alpha Mu Gamma; Alpha Delta Pi; Accounting Public Health Alpha Omicron Pi; Transfer from San Golden Bear; Tower Theta Sigma Phi. Utrimque; Pelican. Transfer from the Nursing Blue and Gold; Francisco Junior and Flame; Men ' s Homecoming. University of Orientations. College; Newman Judicial Commit- Wisconsin. Club. tee, Chairman; Junior Class, President; Class Officers ' Council; Varsity Volleyball; Interchurch Coun- cil; Storeboard; Community Chest Drive Committee. POWELL, POWELL, MAURICE POWER, POWERS, PRAY, PRIBBLE, PRICE, PAUL PRINDLE, PRITCHARD, GRANT BENNION WILKINSON HELEN VIRGINIA PATRICIA DAWN THOMAS RICHARD HELEN LOUISE WILLARDJR. PHYLLIS RAE JOAN MARIE Sal t Lake City, Sacramento San Francisco Berkeley Los Banos Sacramento Anthony, Texas PRINCELAU, Albany Santa Clara Utah Accounting Social Welfare Journalism Botany. History Agricultural FRANCES Psychology Public Health Business Transfer from Alpha Gamma Prytanean, Presi- Transfer from Transfer from Sac- Economics CAROLYN Theta Upsilon; Nursing. Administration. Sacramento College. Delta; Blue and dent; Panile; Modesto Junior ramento College; Alpha Sigma Phi; Piedmont Tower and Flame; Gold; Pelican; Theta Sigma Phi, College; Acacia. Epworth Hall. Alpha Zeta; Senior General Curriculum Blue and Gold, Winter Sports Club. President; Daily Californian, Manag- ing Editor; ACC; Elections Board, Class Council. Kappa Kappa Gamma; California Club; Torch and Managerial; Card Sales; WAA; Housing Board; Masonic Club; Chairman; Women ' s Executive Board; Shield; Rally Committee; Welfare Council; Student Faculty Publications Coun- Class Councils. Relations; Wesley cil; Junior Class, Foundation; Vice-President; Kappa Phi. PROFANT PSALTIS, PURCELL, Class Officers QUACKENBUSH, QUICK, MARY QUINN, RAAB, GEORGE RACKERBY, ROBERT JOHN BETTY J. LAWRENCE Council; WAA. MARY ANN BECKWITH EILEEN MARY JOSEPH JR. GENE ADAIR Santa Barbara San Francisco ROBERT Riverside Oakland Boise, Idaho Oakland RAAKA, Sacramento Zoology French Piedmont Regional Group Public Health Social Welfare Industrial CARL History Glenwood; Freshman Class Council; Newman Club. Transfer from San Francisco State College; Dorm F. General Curriculum Kappa Nu; Rally Committee; Car Pool; Senior Class PYBON, VIRGINIA HELEN San Francisco General Curriculum Major on Hispanic America Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. Nursing; Tower Flame; Thalian. Transfer from Uni- versity of Idaho. Procurement Varsity Debate; Newman Club. San Francisco Chemistry Freshman Basketball. Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Phi Mu; Newman Club. Council; Rambler p.-tC-M Transfer from San rootoan. Francisco College for Women; Newman Club. When it stopped raining fifteen minutes before the Homecoming Parade, JOHN PIERCE of Homecoming Committee heaved a sigh of relief. " J.P., " as the PiKA ' s called him, had plenty of that old Cal fight, was chairman of Senior Week and Senior Peac Committee, and served on Rally Committee and class councils. With no time for hobbies, he still enjoyed good music, insisted on always matching his socks, ties and sweaters, and set his petroleum engineer ' s site for two years of Business Administration down on The Farm. RAHLVES, LOUIS G. Oakland Chril Engineering ASCE. RANDMEL, EUNICE B. Yuba City History ;- -.- Yuba College; - 9PB RANSOM, WAYNE WELSEY tapert. Idaho Political Science RATIO, UAHCO ' !-- REA, ALICE BARBARA READY, ROBERT ALLEN Berkeley REED, DONALD ELLIOTT REEVES, MARY A. RCGM MARY ANN REGAN, - tmt --. :-. tn -:...? mt - mm SVA. REILLY, VA5-E..E ' , Uuimqne. RE1NECKER, HAYDN PLANK JR. I Hall; Pi Mi loU; Alpha Mu Cawmi; Tower and Flame; Circolo REINHARD, CARL WILLIAM Glendale . - srlltt Social Welfare Forestry Kappa Alpha Theta. Transfer from Zv--.::- ..- : College; Alpha Sigma Chi; Xi Sigma Phi; xf-:-.-. C .: REYNOLDS, BARBARA LORRAINE -:- 5;=-;- ra -: - mm Treble Clef; MCHHOn GEORGE KERN Tri-Une; Winged Helmet; Skull and Ke.r E.i-,2 5?:; Football; " - " ; RICHTER, ALFRED WALTER REINILA, FRANCES KATHRYN Sal Francisco Social Welfare Transfer from San Francisco College for Women; Pi Beta Phi; Prytanean; Blue mt :: : Ham NM cat :-; Co.-- cil; Pelican. REINKENS, BARBARA ANN Administration Delta Upsilon; Tri-Une; Winged Helmet; Rugby. Scntptve Pi Beta Phi; ore Class ; Bine and REISMAN, JUDY FATTH Hollywood English Transfer from UCLA; Casa Del Rey. : = . ::-- :: San Luis Obispo Pasadena Electrical JanuKsm Engineering Dprn, H ; Theta Transfer fro San Sigma Phi. Luis Obispo jMinr College; Cedar Hall; Tai Beta Pi; Eta Kappa N; REORDAN, WILLIAM CHARLES Coral Gabtes, Florida International Relations Transfer from Social Welfare. Transfer from UCLA; Elizabeth Barrett; Eta-Z. Tower and Flame; AIEE; IRE; Intra- nval; NROTC. REMCHOW, CARL ALBERT Wilkes-Barre, Pennsyhania Transfer from emn = - :- State College. Collcfe; Chi_Phi; REPASS, WILLIAM REPLOGLE, MARSHALL JR. CARL SILVIUS JR. Oakdak Berkeley Landscape Design Civil Engineering Transfer from Transfer from San or Francisco Junior M|nhj College; ASCE; ' SVA. Landscape Design Society. = : : := S: ma Bowles Hall. Industrial Relations Transfer from University of ..-.-f-i- RIEWERTS, RINKER, BEVERLY RISKIN, DONALD EDMUND FRANCES LILLIAN ANN Bakersfield San Francisco Public Speaking Regional Gnwp ;-_-..,.., Major on Hispanic Winter Sports Ctab; America Epsilon; Phi Phi; Pelican Women ' s Alpha Epsilon Phi. Rally Committee; Staff; The Greek InterfraternHy SpnKkMtCM Council. RIVERS, JANICE Berkeley Geography Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Blue and Gold, Editor; Evortne Committee; Finance Committee; ACC, Chaimiii; WAC; Elections Board, GEORGE CLARK New Philadel- phia. Ohio Political Science Sigma No. ROBERTS, DALE MAURICE San Francisco Accounting Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. ROBERTS, JOHN Sacramento Economics Theta Delta Chi; Daily Califomian, Managerial. tions Council, Chairman; Card S= ?; Gain Committee; War 5- :- : Cowcib; Winter ;:-; : .:. In the front raw at vaudeville shows, you ' d find fun-loving AILEEN FRANK, production nunagti of the Daily Cal. Aileen called Fuller- ton home and got used to eiplaining where H was. She had a i for getting along well with people, doing fancy jitter- was full of ideas at Pi ROBINET, ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROBINSON, ROBIRDS, LOIS MARGARET ALICE J. MARILYN NED BETTY JO San Francisco Ukiah BERNICE Oakland La Habra Psychology Spanish Los Angeles Economics English Transfer from San Honor Student; General Curriculum Transfer from Beaudelaire. Francisco Junior Tower and Flame; Stern Hall; Tower College of the College; Stratford Campus Tours; and Flame; Blue Pacific; Alpha Hall; Alpha Gamma Spanish Club. and Gold; Fresh- Tau Omega; Varsity Sigma; tower and man, Senior Class Swimming; Quarter- Flame; Dormitory Councils. deck Society, Council. President. ROBSON, GEORGE LAWSON JR. ROCHE, RODNEY LEWIS ROCKAS, PETER ALECK ROCKER, JACK LEONARD RODDEN, WILLIAM PATRICK Martinez Van Nuys Fresno Lindsay San Francisco Mechanical Engineering Acacia. Marketing ACC; Music Coun- cil, Chairman; Glee Club, Senior Manager. Civil Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; Epsilon Phi Sigma; ASCE. Physical Education Theta Delta Chi; Tri-Une; Big " C " Society; Varsity Basketball. Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Newman Club. RODGERS, ROE, ROFINOT, ROGERS, ROGERS, ROHRBACHER, RONAYNE, RONEY, ROOT, ROSE, FRANCES ELENOR LUCILLE CLAIRE ELIZABETH DOROTHY RUTH GEORGE EDGAR GEORGE WILLIAM PATRICK JANE ELLEN CHARLES MILO LIANE Tuolumne Menlo Park CECEILE Klamath Falls, Millbrae HENRI JR. South Pasadena Suisun Berkeley Pasadena History. Mathematics Spokane, Oregon Accounting Rio Del Mar Forestry General Curriculum General Curriculum Geography Joaquin Hall; Tower and Flame; Washington Social Welfare Slavic Languages St. Margaret ' s; Transfer from San Mateo Junior Col- Zoology Si gma Phi Sigma; Newman Club; Forestry Club. Alpha Xi Delta; Blue and Gold; Transfer from Gray ' s Harbor Transfer from UCLA; Dormitory H Welfare Council; Eta-Z; Masonic Slavic Society, lege; Sigma Chi. Phi Phi; Daily Cal Hosts. Junior College; Elections Board; Club; Canterbury President. Calif or nian; Rally Phi Theta Kappa; Sophomore Class Club. Committee; Senior Debate. Council; Dormitory Peace Committee; Council. Senior Class Council. ROSE, MANUEL COSTA JR. Richmond Economics Varsity Debating. ROSEN, ELIZABETH HOWLAND Nampa, Idaho Psychology Transfer from Colorado Women ' s College; Dormi- tory Council. ROSENAU, JOAN ELIZABETH Arcadia Physiology Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; University Chorus; Student Health Board; Pre-Medical Club. ROSENBERG, BAYSHIE DOLORES Long Beach International Relations Transfer from Long Beach City College; Bon Haven; Institute of Human Relations; Student Relations; Cal Hosts; Hillel, Secretary. ROSENTHAL, CHARLES Los Angeles Chemistry UCLA; ACS. ROSS, CHARLOTTE MAE ROSS, ELIZABETH DASHIELL ROTH, AMIL WILLIAM ROTHE, HILDEGARDEJANE ROWE, ROBERT BUTLER Palo Alto Berkeley Glendale Tracy Reedley Regional Group Public Speaking English General Curriculum Pre-Medical Major on Japan Alpha Xi Delta; Transfer from USC; Transfer from Transfer from Tower and Flame; Treble Clef; Crop Phi Eta Sigma; Bowling Green Junior College. Blue and Gold; and Saddle. Tower and Flame; State University; Pelican. Senior Class Coun- Gamma Phi Beta; cil; Basketball. Treble Clef. ILA SULLIVAN bought a painting so unique that it needs a room built around it, which is probably what Sully will do. This hard- working, amusing City Editor carried out the Sullivan name in Daily Cal circles. She flatly refused to clean her shoes and threw them away when they got too dirty. That was certainly Sully, wasn ' t it? - RUBEY, RUBIN, ALBERT REED JEANETTE Hollyooxi = BMBI :r u Senior Class Council; Home- coming; Crew. RUSUNG, AUOINE MARIE RUSSELL, ViX. V RYAN, General Curriculum General Curriculum V; : : : .: Transfer from Km S:-5 Teachers ' College. RYAN, RYMAN, SHIRLEY FRED SHORT LORRAINE San Jose San Francisco Political Science Pre-Medical General Cuniiuhjin Kappa Delta; Thai- Transfer from San Alpha Delta Pi; = SfeJBi Jose State. Occident; YWCA. Varsity Debate SAARI, EVA BROWN Berkeley General Curriculum Cal Hosts; Fresh- man Sunday Sapper Committee. SACHS, JANE MARIE San Francisco Political Science Alpha Gam Delta; Daily California " ; Orien- tations; Rally Committee; Uni- versity Symphony; YWCA; College Women ' s Club. SAGEHORN, HOWARD TRUMAN San Francisco Political Science Transfer from San Francisco Junior :: SAGNER, SAKAMATO, CHARLES TOYO EDWARD JR. Richmond - Mechanical Political Science Engineering. SALTNES, NORMAN T. Brooklyn, New York : :- " =:; SAMS, ELIZABETH M. Berkeley Zoology Alpha Phi; Ace of : .::- = i :-; Sigma; Ad Service Bureau, Manager; WAC; Publications Council; Orienta- tions; Senior Class SAMUEL, HOWARD ROBERT San Francisco taMMfci Transfer from UCLA; Beta Alpha Psi; Honor SMBtf SANDERS, EARLE E. JR. Modesto Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Rally Committee; Freshman Track. SANDERSON, JEAN ANNE San Francisco Journalism Transfer from Wellesley College; Joaquin Hall; Ad Service Bureau; University Theatre. SANDSTROM, FLORENCE JOSEPHINE Turlock History Phrateres; Lutheran Student Association. SANTURE, RICHARD D. RicKmoMo Public Speaking Transfer from Sac- ramento College. SAPH, MARGARET Berkeley Social Welfare and Pre-Nursing Delta Gamma. Council. Ma rin SAPIRO, WARREN MILTON U Up! SARGENT, HELEN SODERSTROM : - : Social Welfare Delta Zeta; YWCA. SAUER. PAUL RICHARD Fort Bragg Administration Transfer from UCLA; Bowies Hall; tab SAUNDERS, HELEN ASHTON Berkeley = .: : -?= : ' -; m SAWYER, HDOKE ELTINGE JR. 5Mb fm i Soil Science Chi Phi; Senior Peace Committee; Freshman Tennis; Soccer; Quarterdeck Society; Soil Science dub. SAWYER, FREDERIC A. Alameda Economics " ? " " ' -- ' College of the Pacific; Alpha Tau taeju S, - -; ager; Quarterdeck Society. SAWYER, HOUGHTON FOREAUX Alameda Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: AIEE, Treasurer; Band; Crew, Soph- omore Manager. SAXILD, SOPHIA ANN Berkeley Political Science Phi Mu; Card Sales, Junior Man- ager; University Theatre; Univer- sity Chorus. SAXTON, STANLEY EARL Oakland Music Transfer from San Francisco State College; University Symphony; Music Club; Instrumental Ensembles. SAYRE, PATRICIA JANE Alameda Political Science Pi Beta Phi; Blue and Gold; Student-Faculty Relations. That loud, heckling voice yelling for the Bears was the trademark of baseball manager STAN BROWN, the vocal chords of our ath- letic department. Stan couldn ' t decide whether he was " Y " preside because he was baseball manager or vice vena. Even who chasing halls, Stan had a smile on his face and tentative plan; to 90 into law school or public administration. SCALETTA, SCHAEFER, SCHAEFFER, SCHEFFER, SCHERLING, SCHERLING, SCHIEFFER, SCHLAIFER, SCHLEY, ROBERT SCHMIDT, GLORIA LIBORIA AUDREY JEANNE WILLIAM ADAM WILLIAM R. LESLIE CHARLES MARION FRANCES ARTHUR EDWARD EDNA IONE LEE JR. JEFF NESSEN Lodi Berkeley Berkeley San Pedro Oakland Oakland Healdsburg Los Angeles Alexandris, King City International History Foreign Trade Food Technology Mechanical Social Welfare Business Business Louisiana Electrical Relations Delta Gamma; Alpha Tau Omega; Transfer from Engineering Orientations; Col- Administration. Administration Foreign Trade Engineering Transfer from Sophomore Class Junior, Senior Compton Junior Big " C " Society; lege Women ' s Club. Bon Haven; Orien- Transfer from Tau Beta Pi. Domincan College; Council; Pelican; Class Councils; College; Food Varsity Tennis; tations; Ad Service Southern University. Dorm E. Rally Committee; Homecoming; Technology Society. Intramural; ASME. Bureau; Treble Panhellenic, Rush- Newman Club. Clef. ing Chairman. SCHNEIDER, JOHN ORLIN Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu. SCHOENFELDT, SCHOENWALD, SCHOLES, SCHOLZ, SCHULMAN, RUTH ANN EDWARD MORRIS MARGARET GERALD RUPERT LOIS ANN Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco Portland, Oregon Burbank Physical Education Individual Group Social Welfare Political Science Public Health Transfer from San Major in Architec- Transfer from San Transfer from Sherman Hall; Francisco Junior ture and Decorative Francisco Junior Reed College; Phrateres. College; Theta Art College; Colonial Zeta Psi. Upsilon; Orienta- Chi Alpha Kappa. Hall. tions; Housing Board, Secretary; Newman Club. Phrateres. SCHULTZ, LEON HENRY Albany Economics Transfer from Union College. SCHULTZ, SCHUNEMAN, SCHWARTZ, RALPH EDWIN FLORENCE GRAYCE LOUISE San Francisco RAMONA Berkeley Electrical Oakland Personnel Engineering Tau Beta Pi; International Relations Theta Upsilon; Ori- entations; Pelican; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Elections Board. AIEE. Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Orchesis, President. SCIARONI, SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT, SCOTT, SEARLE, SEBEO, SECORD, SEEBURGER, SEGREST, NETTIE LEDA ELEANOR AGNES ELIZABETH ANNE PATRICIA MARY WARREN JAY MARGARET JEAN JACQUES SHIRLEY LOUISE THOMAS A. EARLE CARWILE Greenfield San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Yuba City Oakland Cairo, Egypt Los Angeles Berkeley Atlanta, Georgia Regional Group History Art Journalism General Curriculum General Curriculum Electrical General Curriculum Mechanical Pclitical Science Major on Hispanic Transfer from San Delta Epsilon; Transfer from Transfer from Gamma Phi Beta; Engineering Transfer from Engineering Pi Sigma Alpha; America. Francisco State Pelican; Ski Club. Western Washing- Peru State Teach- Orientations; Transfer from UCLA. Senior Peace Honor Student. College; St. Mar- ton College of ers ' College; Sigma University Theatre; E.T.P., Paris, and Committee; ASME. garet ' s House. Education; Daily Phi Epsilon. University Chorus. H.T.I.,Haifa; In- Californian; Campus ternational House. Tours. Rep-at-large LARRY SPEISER liked to jitterbug, and his being from Hollywood helped to explain it. Larry transferred from UCLA, and became chairman of Welfare Council. He liked steamed beer and fried prawns at a favorite spot, always studied flat on his back, and was a firm believer in democracy. Any spare minutes found him hiking or planning a camping trip. 5BJMMB - DM SENAMATSU, BEN DENICHIRO SERAMUR, SERENA, PAUL LAWRENCE BERNA01NE 6. SERGEANT, BARBARA BELL 5EKEM1 JOHNC. Detroit, . : " ALAN KENYON Vallejo SEVERY, OELMAR SEWELL, :::_;- DONALD LEROI MM Hi Political E ::-.?- EM] Art Transfer from San Sigma Kappa; MateoJMiorCol. Delta Epsilor,; e;0n : Oakland " .: I 9 : :- : M Transfer from Uni- Pi Kappa Alpha,- wrsity of Missouri; Phi Pki; Rally PI E-.; 5 :-? Comnittte; Sen tan ::-- Big " C " Guard; CUss Councils; ASME. , : -.-. :: s Council. North Hollywood : i--- - - - Elections Board; Ski Club; ' . ' :-;: : I .: SEYMOUR, AUDREY HARRIET SEYMOUR, ROBERT J. Santa Resa 5-iOE BARBARA J. DecoratneArt Alpha DHU Pi; Pelican; Elections Board; Ski SHAHGHOLI Ml : , -; -- m :-E ' ,E 5;- fat - ' : ' -- SHEARER, HONORA SHEDD ELIZABETH MMBMEI KL Transfer fnm SM Francisto Jnior CoHege; Coloiial --- Oakland :--:- Delta Zeta; Alpha SMtt tatan - :-.- --?:. SMI toim; Stem rUH; Toner and FUme; WAA Interclass Council; SHENBER6, NATALIE. J. Los Angeles ::: :-:. Transfer from KU On . SHEPHERD BETTY MAXINE Rh SHEPHERD, SHEPPERD, ROBERTA MARIE ALFRED E. ;---- : 5-;- . " : History Forestry. 5-E-E- OLEG DIMITRI Berkele, SHERMAN, SHIBATA, rOSHTTO San Fn EBB SHIELDS, iVEs au Wollastoe, Ti - m =? :: Francisco Collet hi , ' ,:-- Mph r -.3 S KawMita SMM - Tan Beta Pi; Theta ta Tmmtmt - -- ' . ' = : Phi Gamma Detu; Alpha Delta 5 :-; E:, -: IntemationaJ ASME. r Class CoMCik; YWCA; SpxbfeCM; : H :; : .: SHHTLETT, SHOKIATE, WADE NELSON JACQUELINE OK Bakersfield Enilrsn Alpha Tan Omeaa; Transfer from Phi Phi; Men ' s CanKiliHg; Band; College; Lavatoi; Basehall. SHORT, BETTY JANE Santa Cruz Psychology Colleae; LerinHon l --! 9 5:=-: : HUI :-; Collese WOM S Db; Utrimoue; AGGIE O ' DONNELL ' S nianfchiUren need oriy read this to be --.. ,- -., . ..;..; ..... -., - ; . -. ;. f . _ -. .. of Woodland, and one of the kwdest-working, oayest 9 ' rts on canons. Majoring in pdi sci, she had some good ideas en orU prcbtenB, stndied early in the meriting, art played fne (5} nwsi- cal mstrnments. She got good grades and belonged to Mortar Board and Torch art Shield. Although not from Dans, she was still onr Cal Aggie. SHOWER, SHUEY, SHUTMAN, SIBLEY, VIRGINIA SILCOX, SILCOX, WILLIAM SILVA, SINGER, SINTON, SIU, RENE HAZEN W. CATHARINE ALICE FLORENCE LORRAY MARY GRACE HENRY CARMEN MORRIS MARIAN ALINE KUI-SANG Sacramento Berkeley CHARLOTTE Alameda Taft Taft San Francisco Los Angeles San Mateo Papeete, Tahiti Civil Engineering Zoology Los Angeles Business Psychology Mechanical General Curriculum Accounting Spanish International Trade Transfer from Transfer from Social Welfare Administration Alpha Xi Delta; Engineering. Alpha Mu Gamma; Transfer from Stern Hall; International University of Texas. University of Idaho; Eta-Z; Tower and Lexington Hall. Delta Zeta; Daily Californian; Orien- Sophomore Class Council; Blue and Tower and Flame; Spanish Club, UCLA; Beta Alpha Psi; Honor Student; Prytanean; Panilc, Secretary; Honor House. Flame. tations; Intramural Gold Managerial; President; Winter Volleyball. Student; Tower and Sports. Card Sales; Treble Sports Club. Flame; ACC; WAC; Clef; YWCA; Ad Sophomore Class, Service Bureau; Ski Secretary- Club; College Treasurer; Class Women ' s Club. Officers ' Council; Junior Class Coun- cil; Welfare Council; Elections SKREPETOS, ARGIRO SLATTON, JAMES ROBERT SLEMMONS, DAVID BURT ON SLOAN, DOROTHY ANN SLOAN, LILLIAN VIOLA SMELCER, MARGARET B. SMITH, DONALD EVERETT SMITH, ELINOR VIOLA Board, Chairman; Card Sales Central Committee; SMITH, IRA LAURENCE Sacramento Akron, Ohio Oakland Berkeley Sparks, Nevada Adin Oakland Carmel Speakers ' Bureau, San Francisco French Mechanical Economic Geology General Curriculum Transfer from Uni- International General Curriculum Psychology Chairman. Electrical Transfer from Sac- ramento College; Dorm C; Epsilon Phi Sigma, Secre- Engineering. Theta Tau; Mining Association; Masonic Club; Freshman Track. Tower and Flame; Women ' s Counsel- ing; University Theatre; Phrateres; versity of Nevada; Gamma Phi Beta; University Chorus; YWCA. Relations Stebbins Hall; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student; Transfer from University of Washington. Transfer from Salinas Junior College; FJorm H. SMITH, EUGENIA ELAINE Berkeley Engineering Circle " C " Society. tary; Blue and Gold. YWCA; Masonic Tower and Flame; Mathpmat ire Club. Dormitory Council; Hiaummm UCSCA. Pi Mu Epsilon; SMITH, Honor Student; MARILYN Tower and Flame; Berkeley Women ' s Faculty Business Club. Administration SMITH, J. BAXTER SMITH, JAMES LOGAN SMITH, JANE ELEANOR SMITH, JUSTIN FLEUR Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortar SMITH, RICHARD LEE SMITH, VIRGINIA LEE SMITHERS, JACK RIDEOUT SMITHSON, RICHARD YOST SMOOT, PATRICIA JEAN Berkeley San Francisco Carson City, Yreka Board; Prytanean; Los Angeles Stockton Berkeley Santa Monica Petaluma History. Accounting Big " C " Society; Nevada General Curriculum Public Speaking Stern Hall; Tower Torch and Shield; California Club; ASUC Vice- Mechanical Engineering English; Transfer from General Curriculum. Foreign Trade Transfer from Art Transfer from Track. Sigma Kappa; Senior Class Council; YWCA; Pelican; Orienta- and Flame; Univer- sity Theatre; Speech Arts Club. President; Finance Committee; Wom- en ' s Judicial Com- Transfer from UCLA; ASME. UCLA; Dorm G; Ski Club. Santa Monica Junior College and Arizona State College; Theta Xi. Marin Junior College; Theta Upsilon; Delta Epsilon; Treble tions Director. mittee; Women s Clef. Executive Board; WAC; Junior Class, Vice-President; - Rally Committee; Freshman Class Council; YWCA; Housing Board. BILL DURKEE made quite a name for himself as first string guard on the varsity basketball team (in case someone didn ' t know), and audiences noticed that he seldom missed a free shot or a chance at the ball. " Durk " returned from war to finish college, and divided his extracurricular time between aforementioned basket- ball, a pretty wife, and Beta brothers. .- : 3 SNIDER, GLENN GRAYDON Monterey Eigineering .- " ' ? ' " r " " University of Texas. s .:, ' , = :SE SNOOK, PRESTON EDWARD JR. Oakland Business A tratioi WAA; College Phi Kappa Psi. A:.-.-.:.r SOLIVAN, SOCHOR, AUDREY 0. SYVERSON Cotea Education Political Science Transfer from San Transfer from Jose State College. Pasadena Junior College; Joaquin Hall. SORENSEN, AUDREY KAREN Berkeley pmoBK Administration Alpha Gamma Delta. SPEAR, MARILYN CLAIRE Dtfiontjr Anthropology i :-; V. (MM TnB ram)F ?- Treble Clef, Soph- SPEISER, LAWERENCE Hollywood Physics Transfer from UCLA; Ridge Hall; Representative-at- Large; Welfare Council, Chairman; Executive Commit- tee; Sports Club; Physics Society; Student Relations Committee; Crew. SPELIUS, WILLIAM JOSEPH Waukesha, Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering International House; ASME; Ski Club; Folk Dance Group. SPENCER FRANN San Francisco Art Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Eps i Ion; Occident; Pelican. Comittce; Plra- teres; Assembly Dame Committee; Pelican Editorial Staff. SPIKER, SPITLER, SPROUL, SPRY, SQUIRE, STAFFORD, JOHN WESLEY LENORE EUGENA JOHN ALLEN NORMA LOUISE . MARIAN DOROTHY Redwood City Lindsay Berkeley Berkeley Portland JANETTE Chil Engineering Journalism . - ::-.:T " :- Public Speaking Psychology Piedmont Transfer from Ritter Hall; Treble Alpha Delta Phi; Alpha CM Omega; Transfer from Art Texas University. Clef; University Golden Bear; Pelican; Elections San Mateo jMior Alpha Xi Delta; Chorus. Winged Helmet; Tri-Une; Big " C " Board; Symphony Form. College; Dorm C. Delta Epsilon. Society; Basketball. STANFORD, PHYLLIS HANON Berkeley Social Welfare. STANSBURY, HERBERT E. JR. Oakland General Curriculum Big V C " Society; Daily Californian, Art Editor. STARK, JOSEPH ROBERT Phoenix, Arizona Economics Transfer from Uni- versity of Texas. STARK, RICHARD M. Bakersfield Marketing Transfer from USC; 9pH i :-. ' . Epsilon; Beta Sanaa Stan President; Honor Student; Toner and STARK, ROSEMARY Mill Valley Decorative Art Transfer from V=- - ..- :- College; Theta Upsilon; Delta Chi i ;-, : _-,- California Engineer; WAA; Winter Sports Club. STAUBES ARTHUR D. Civil Engineering ASCE, Treasurer; Varsity Rugby. ST. CLAIR, BETTY GENE Vallejo CM Omega, Blue and Gold; Ad St-. :- :. " :. -:.: -: E:.;-: Elections Board STEARNS, JACK RODNEY San Bernardino Political Science Phi Kappa Psi; Golden Bear; Rep- resenUtive-at- Large; Executive Committee; Finance Committee; Inter- fraternity Council, Vice-President. STEELE, FLETCHER HAIGHT San Francisco Civil Engineering. STEELE, MILDRED ADELE Social Welfare Phi Delta; ASUC Musk Com- mittee; Phratem; YWCA; : r STEELE, VIRGINIA WALLACE San Mateo Public Speaking Kappa Alpha Theta; Ace of Clubs; Toner and Flame. STELZNER, THOMAS LEW Berkeley Mechanical Engineering ASME; Newman Club. STEPHENS, EDWARDS JONES Belvedere Business Administration Delta Upsilon. STERN, ALBERT VICTOR Physics and Astronomy Honor Student; UCSCA; UC Bridge Club. From the top Hour of Stephens Union to the Daily Cal office in rrhlrmm basuntnt trotted MILDRED KIEFER, one of Welfare Council ' s most efficient chairmtn and one of the nation ' s lenam in the National Students ' Organization. Mildred ' s Monde hair and Welfare Council notebook wre landmarks in activity circles. As NSO dtlegrte to Chicago, she earned a reputation for leadership and excellent public speaking. STEWART, STEWART, STEWART, STEWART, STIMMEL, STIMPSON, STOKES, STONE, STOTT, DAVID DALE FARREL A. KATHLEEN WINIFRED SUSAN BRADFORD BARBARA ANNE SYLVIA RAYMOND LEE Montebello Coalinga AUDREY STARBUCK San Francisco JAMES . Taft Los Angeles Grenada Business Civil Engineering Oakland San Francisco Political Science Hanford Advertising Social Welfare Electrical Administration Transfer from Physiotherapy English Kappa Alpha Theta; Electrical Sigma Kappa; Pry- Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Coalinga Junior Delta Chi Alpha; Transfer from San Orientations; Engineering tanean; Phi Chi UCLA and Univer- AIEE. Arizona State Col- College; ASCE. California Engineer, Francisco Junior Elections Board; Tau Beta Pi; Theta; Pi Alpha sity of Minnesota. lege; Wesley Hall; Women ' s Staff; College; Honor Symphcny Forum; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma, Vice- VFW; Wesley Orientations; Student; Masonic WAA. Tower and Flame; President; Pelican, Foundation. YWCA; Winter Club. AIEE; Masonic Manager; Publica- Sports Club. Club. tions Council; Public Speaking Society; Music Society. STRANG, JOYCE EVELYN Pasadena Home Economics Theta Upsilon; Sigma Sigma Pi; Elections Board; Home Economics Club. STRANG, STRAUCH, STRIBLEY, SUGDEN, SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, SULLIVAN, SHIRLEY JEAN LEO ALBERT B. DORIS MARJORIE ELLEN CAROL EVELEEN ROSE GEORGIA ILAG. JOHN FREDERICK LIONEL GLENN Piedmont San Francisco Berkeley McCORD Yuba City Yuba City GETTINGS San Francisco Berkeley Richmond Hispanic America International Mathematics Paso Robles History History Oakland Journalism Production Man- Accounting Delta Delta Delta; Relations. Alpha Chi Omega; Social Welfare Transfer from San Transfer frcm San Wild Life Prytanean; Theta agement and Transfer from Panile; Blue and Tower and Flame. Transfer from San Francisco Colle ge Francisco College Management Sigma Phi; ACC; Control. Oklahoma Univer- Gold, Junior Editor; Luis Obispo Junior for Women; for Women; Sigma University Theatre; Daily Californian, sity; Beta Gamma Orientations; College; North Sigma Kappa; Kappa; Tower and YWCA. City Editor; Sigma; Beta Alpha Elections Board; Gables. Activities Recruit- Flame; Orientations Elections Board; Psi, Vice-President; YWCA. ing Bureau, Sub- Council; Activities Campus Conference Honor Student. Chairman; Senior Recruiting Bureau, Committee, Chair- Class Council; Chairman; Music man; YWCA. . Music Club; Club; Symphony Symphony Forum; Forum, Representa- Newman Club. tive; Newman Club. SUNDQUIST, SUNDT, SWANSON, SWIFT, SYNAN, SYVERSON, TAFFET, TAGGART, TAICHERT, TALIAFERRO, VICTOR VIRGIL WILLIAM MARTIN DOROTHY JANE DEAN ALAN PATRICIA HAZEL LORAINE FRANK BETTY ARDEN LOUISE CECIL IDAMAYE HE ' NSON San Francisco Las Vegas, Delano Piedmont San Francisco Cclusa Brooklyn, Needles Las Vegas, Berkeley Business New Mexico International Jurisprudence. Social Welfare Spanish New York History New Mexico Administration. Electrical Relations Sherman Hall; Transfer frcm San Personnel Colonial Hall; Pre-Medical and ' Engineering Pi Sigma Alpha; Pelican; Welfare Jose State College. Transfer from Dormitory Council. Zcology Transfer from New Honor Student; Council; Orienta- City College of Transfer from Mexico Highlands Tower and Flame; tions; Phrateres; New York; Daily University of University; Oxford Daily Californian; Intramural; Californian; Peli- Wisconsin. Hall; Eta Kappa University Theatre; Newman Club. can; SVA; VFW. Nu; Baton; Band; College Women ' s AIEE. Club; Wesley Foun- dation; WAA. On the rugby field, on the football field, behind a mechanical engineering book or at Ex Committee meetings, one could find MONTE KOEPF, the " efficient engineer. " He looked forward to his favorite sport of fishing in the summer, and had only one dis- like cheese. Monte was a born leader, as his rep-at-large posi- tion, Circle C presidency and Tau Beta Pi membership proved. I SJ: J r tar- s: tee TALLERICO, MARY (CATHERINE Weed Social Welfare TALT, DANIEL HENRY JR. Berkeley Civil Engineering Kappa Delta Rho; -- =- iSCE TAN ABE MASATO San Francisco Chemistry Transfer from Uni- versity of Michigan; -:-: Mai TANAMACHI, KAORU Berkeley Economics rK JOSIE Phcenu, Arizona Political Science Moral : I Brigham Young University; YWCA. TANG, TOMMY CHIN Seattle, Washington Mechanical Indus- trial Engineering Chinese Students ' C .: TANNAHILL, NORMA MARIE Relation Utrfmone; TANNER JOYCE EILEEN Us Angeles Geography Alpha Xi Delta; - cm ..- : Panhellenic, Chairman. TARR, DONALD TOLMAN JR. Sierra Madre Metallurgical Engineering = f ' . " ' " , Pasadena Jwnior College; Bowles Hall; Mining Asso- ciation, President; TAYLOR, DONALD D. San Francisco General Cumculnm Drama. TAYLOR FRANK EVERETTE JR JAMES CLIFTON Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Circle " C " Society; Tcwer and Flame; Varsity Fencing Team, Caach; ASME; Masonic Club; SVA. THIEL JOHN G. " Z " - " . Foreign Trade ;::; 5 ---- ' TAYLOR, KATHRYN S. San Francisco Psychotojy rnmto torn 5; Francisco Junior College; Stratford Hall. TEDDY, ROBERT FRANKLIN Oakland TEILH, ALICE ELJSE San Francisco History. Phi Delta Theta; Football, Scpho- : .--_-- ' 2 " 5 ' ? " " : ::-: ..-: :: -y THIROS, ANGELINA B. Pocatello, Idaho Psychology rraato :- ::;-: Smttm University; Dorm D. THOMAS, ANN Fresno Political Science Pi Beta Phi; E -e mt ;: : Sophomore, Junior : :-- :-.. : THOMAS BARBARA JEAN Berkeley Clinical Psychology Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Class, Secretary-Treas- urer; Sophomore Class, Secretary- " THOMAS. JEAN WALKER San Francisco Social Welfare Delta Zeta; Cali- fornia Engineer; Freshman Sunday Sapper Committee; -. ' , :i TEMPLE, ANDREE Berkeley Physical Education Prytanean; Women-; C " Society; WAA, Secretary; Blood Donor Committee, Chairman. THOMAS, LORRAINE MARIE San Francisco Social Welfare Chi Omega; Daily Calrfomian; Peli- can; Raly Ccmmit- M S::-: .- Class Council TENHAEFF, GERTRUDE MARGARET Berkeley Hispanic America Dorm D; Dormi- tory Council. THOMAS, LUCRETIA ANNE San Rafael Decoratne Art Alpha Phi; Treble Cleff; Class Councils; YWCA; Intramural. TENTES, 5PIRON JAMES Modesto Accounting International House; Epsilon Phi Sigma; C- ::- p - ' Masonic Club. THOMAS, MARKEE L. W. Berkeley Mi - Mai Phi Chi Theta; Toner and Flame; Treble Clef, Sopho- Council. THANAS, (CATHERINE Berkeley Jcnmalism Mortar Board, Vice- President; Pryta- nean; Panile; California Club; Theta Sigma Phi; Toner aid Flame; Daily Calrfomian. Editor; Execnthc Committee; ACC; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Publi- cations Council; Welfare Council, Representative-at- Large; Conference Committee; Public Relations Commit- tee; Class Councils; Epsilon Phi Sigma, President THOMAS, PATRICIA LEE THEISNER, WILLIAM GRANT Detroit, Michigan Engineering Transfer from University of Mil Council; Cal Hosts; Ad Service Bureau. THOMAS, ROBERT HENRY Menlo Park Physiology Varsity Wrestling. Class Council; WAA; S.imrriing !r;Fn University Chorus; College Women ' s Club, Vice- : .: En] t Transfer from DMBKI EM Di v for Women; Toner and Flame; Senior Class Council; Treble Clef; Art Club. To Sigma Kappa NANCY HAMBLY everything was " relatively simple. " She took being Pelican iiunjii. Chairman of Orienta- tions Council, and member of Pub Council all in her striae, and ring her last semester was assistant advertising mwiigrr for San Francisco ' s Schwabacher-Frey. A beautiful dresser, Nancy sipped coffee in the Tap Room whenever she could, attended Mor- tar Board meetings, and nourished a secret yen to hit Paris some day. THOMAS, VAOA ROSE Napa General Curriculum Dorm C. THOMAS, WILLIAM SPENCER Los Angeles Personnel Administration Transfer from UCLA. THOMPSON, HOWARD ELLSWORTH Richmond Electrical Engineering Masonic Club. THOMPSON, NORMAN LEON Berkeley Public Health Laboratory. THOMPSON, RUPERTFARNHAM Los Angeles Economics Transfer from Los Angeles City Col- lege; Delta Phi Ep silon. THORNE, GEORGE EDWARD Berkeley Physical Education Basketball. THWAITS, ANNAMAE Watsonville Spanish. TICE, JAMES BURTON Gendale Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi. TIETJEN, JOHN PARKER Berkeley Social Studies TILLMAN, HYLA M. Oakland Social Welfare Gamma Phi Beta; Blue and Gold; Elections Board. TOEPELMAN, TOLER, TOM, TOMASELLI, TOMPKINS, TONG, DRUSILLAJANE IRVIN EUGENE HUNTER ROBERT BARBARA JOAN WINTON Courtland Sequoia National San Francisco San Francisco Santa Barbara Los Angeles Child Development Park Electrical Economics English Chemistry. Delta Delta Delta; Forestry Engineering Transfer from San Transfer from Freshman Class Transfer from Transfer from San Francisco Junior Santa Barbara Council; YWCA. Visalia Junior Francisco Junior College. College; Colonial College; Sigma College; Pi Alpha Hall; Orientations; Phi Sigma; Phi; AIEE; IRE; Newman Club. Forestry Club. Chinese Students ' Club. TORRANCE, WILLIAM R. Pasadena Biochemistry Transfer from UCLA. TORRE, TOWNE, TOWNSLEY, EZILDA ANGELA MARY ELIZABETH SIDNEY JOSEPH San Francisco Berkeley Alameda History General Curriculum Zoology Tower and Flame; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tewer and Flame; Blue and Gold; YWCA. Rally Committee. California Engineer; University Theatre. TOY, JANE YORK Bakersfield Psychology Chinese Students ' Club. TRAINA, MARISA LEA San Francisco French Kappa Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pi Delta Phi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Daily Cali- fornian, Junior Editor; Occident; Orientations; Sophomore, Junior Class Councils; Symphony Forum; YWCA. TRAMPLEASURE, CALVIN HARDE Berkeley Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma. TRAVIS, C. J. Los Angeles Personnel Adminstration Transfer from Santa Barbara State College TRAYER, TREADWELL, TRESCHER, TROSPER, TROTTA, TROTTER, FRANK CLYDE CLARA MAY FERDINAND TEDDY COCHRAN PAUL HEATH MARY MARGARET National City Mcnrovia GEORGE JR. Oakland Riverside Fullerton Electrical Journalism Berkeley Psychology. Medical Science General Curriculum Engineering Transfer from Marketing Bowles Hall; Transfer from International Pasadena Junior Rally Committee; Nu Sigma Nu; Fuilerton Junior House; Tau Beta Pi, College; Sherman Pelican Editorial Honor Student; College; Dorm D; Secretary; Glee Annex; Orienta- Staff. Tower and Flame; Daily Californian. Club, Senior tions; Daily Califor- International Secretary. nian, Assistant City House. Editor; Ski Club. On Welfare Council and as rep-at-large on Ex Committee, EL ABRAHAMS set an example of progressive thinking. He roomed with the hilarious assistant editor of the Daily Cal (named Jack) and fortunately liked to cook. Between gay parties, he served on ACC, International Relations Committee, and Conference Com- mittee. El ' s immediate plans included grad work at Cal in physics. ' m nanrt ADAHX A : -.= == r Te TRUJILLO, JOHN SaaLeandro TUCKER, JACK ALBERT Yreta TUFENKJIAN, SEMI Fn TURMAN, GEORGE BENJAMIN MBU KATHRYN DIETZ Berkeley College Women ' s ._ House; : -: Mem m Alpha Phi Alpha. Council; Card Sates; 5 ---. i: : Pelican; Ad Service UMEZAWA, GEORGE HIROSHI San Diego tm mm AomMstration Transfer from San Diego State Col- tege; International House; Institute of Human Relations. UNDERWOOD, PATRICIA MAE MCEI CHARLES WYATT UNTEREINER, WAYNE Social Welfare Alpha Gamma Delta; YWCA; Ski Ctab; Pelican; Ad rvice Boreau; : , t-: 01 : bter Football; Track. Sociology D lu; NROTC. Parade ConaitUt. (F IPPMAI RALPH EMIL Taeono, URQUI2A, MARIA LUISA Santa Ana Genera! Ovrio M stem Hall; Pryu- isno ELAINE Taft T:; -- ' " -- ' History. ITEM DAISY AYAKO Stockton Barter iolojy Transfer from Was in9ton State; PW; Daily PI S-s-rrn =: :- ' Kappa PhL College and Brio- -3- :. -: tl - . " ' ' . VALU, JOSEPH i FRANCIS MARGARET ' :::.. CABELL VANDERHURST, ALBERT SIDNEY SanFraKisco Volleyball. Chi Alpha; Adminilialin VANN, HOMER RAYMOND San Francisco Political Science Transfer from San Franc tso Col leaf- VAN HOSTRANO, ANN Pfcyste HfH :- tmm Comcits; California Engineer; WeKare Board. . jrae VAN SICKLEN, ' . ' -- i ' , ' , Political Science Pi Beta Phi; Ace of CMs; Pelican; Intramnl; WSSF Driw. VAUGHN, _::s i=.- ' ,E E: :::-: General Curriorioni mdci : College of Idaho; ' - " ' bbTaiMnhi VEAL, HARLAN KENNETH Lafayette Transportation Lambda Cki Alpha; VEALE, NANCY WILSON ;-,: i m -.- ' Pelican; Orienta- tions; Treble CJef. MMM S. : r - ' -= VIALES, VILLADSEM, HENRY NEWTON MILTON CHARLES LIONEL OCTAVIO DORIS MARIE Woodland Berkeley Sao Francisco = : : EJectrical Electrical Art. AAertising - ; ' ; CnjinHrinj -. : . nmOftm :--.-_ : - Oregon State and San Francisco JnMrCoHege; Masonic anb; DC Yacht Chjb. VIMJARD, VINCENT, VIOLET MAURINE ROBERT HENRY YubaCity Physical Education Phi Kappa Tan; I Flame; Council; Basket- ball; Varsity Tennis. Ewry Friday Associate Editor JANE KENYON pM on her sailor hat and jeans art headed for the bhje Pacific. Daily Cal finhnmi discoered she had a serions side too, for she can be strict. In her spare Una, Jane oas n un e nce-aresMeat, jMior comcil menwer, senior shvj puW icity chaimtan, and member of Pryt and Mortar Board. TomHimn she hunnln her betoed printing press dOM from Stem Hall hat a girl!! 1 VLOEGERGHS, VODANOVICH, VOGEL, VOLTATTORNI, VONBERG, VOORHIES, VOORHEIS, VOSTI, WACHS, WAGGENER, ANN VIOLA ELSA M. WILHELMINA KAY BERNADETTE MARILYN DONALD EUGENE PHILIP STANLEY DONALD CURTIS DORIS GRACE LINDSAY Richmond Sunnyvale CATHERINE San Francisco Santa Rosa Riverside Berkeley Modesto Piedmont Wichita Falls, French Political Science San Francisco Political Science Personnel Electrical Business Chemistry Journalism Texas Alpha Mu Gamma; Dorm H. Physical Education Alpha Delta Pi; Transfer from Engineering Administration Transfer from Pelican; Winter General Curriculum Utrimque; Alpha Delta Chi; Elections Board; Santa Rosa Junior Winter Sports Club; Phi Delta Theta. Modesto Junior Sports Club. Dorm G. Newman Club. Sherman Hall; Newman Club; College; Phi Chi Ski Team. College; Kappa Orientations; Stalian Club. Theta. Sigma; Alpha Housing Board; Gamma Sigma; Utrimque; WAA; Honor Student; Interclass Biard, Tower and Flame; Publicity; YWCA. SAACS. WALL, ELIZABETH ANNE WAGNER, WAGSTAFF, WALKER, Oakland WALL, WALLACE, WALLACE, ALBERT PATRICK JAMES A. S. LUSIA ANN Pclitical Science ROBERT J. DONALD BELL TORRANCE San Francisco San Francisco Beverly Hills Alpha Omicron Pi. Berkeley San Mateo LOWNSBERRY Electrical International General Curriculum Chemical Civil Engineering Los Altos Engineering. Relations Delta Delta Delta; Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi; Investments Circle " C " Society; Ramblers; Rugby; Masonic Club. Blue and Gold; Orientations; Rally Committee; YWCA. WARREN, BARBARA JEAN Alpha Chi Sigma. California Club; Ex- ecutive Committee; ACC; Water Polo; Transfer from Stanford; Chi Psi. Berkeley Rugby. Personnel Phi Mu; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Phi Chi Theta; Representa- tive-at-Large; WANGBERG, HAROLD GUNDER WAN LASS, LESLIE ATHOL WARBURTON, JOHN THOMAS Executive Commit- tee; Card Sales, Co-Chairman; ACC; WASHBURN, MORGAN LOUIS WATSON, BEVERLY RAE WATSON, MARILOU Birmingham, San Pablo San Diego WAC; Sophomore Altadena Berkeley Martinez Michigan Business Administration Business Administration. History Transfer from San Diego State. Class, President; Junior Class, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Ad Service Bureau; Medicine Bowles Hall; Nu Sigma Nu. Hispanic America Alpha Mu Gamma; Spanish Club; Social Welfare Dorm E. Transfer from Cal Hosts, Chair- Circolo Italiano. Miami University; man; Women ' s Delta Upsilon; Delta Phi Epsilon; Counseling, Direc- tor; Rally Commit- Winter Sports Club. tee; Treble Clef; Junior Varsity b Debate; Secretariat; Freshman Class Council; WAA; Newman Club. WALLEN, WALLIS, WALLMAN, MARTIN ALBERT ROSALIE JOY VIVIAN Los Angeles Los Angeles Oakland Civil Engineering Political Science Dramatic Art ASCE. Transfer from Thalian; University UCLA; Bon Haven. Theatre. WEAR, ROBERT EWING Pasadena Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigma Chi. WEATHERBY, CHRISTIE Berkeley International Relations WEBER, Alpha Chi Omega; GAY WOLLEN Phi Beta Kappa; San Bernardino Mortar Board; Electrical I Prytanean; Panile; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pi Alpha Sigma; Honor Student; Engineering Phi Delta Theta; Tau Beta Pi; : : i Tower and Flame; Daily Californian, Manager; Publica- Eta Kappa Nu; Glee Club; Swim- ming Team. tions Council; Uni- versity Theatre, Managerial; Fresh- man Class Council; Sophomore Class Council. Meet friendly LOUIS " BUZZ " BANKER, who must have loved publications, for he worked on Pelican,. Blue and Geld, and Daily Cal editorial staffs and wound up manager of the Occident. Buzz came here from the University of Kansas, majored in public speak- ing, and belonged to the Speech Arts Club. Sigma Nu brothers watched him analyze their handwriting in his free moments, but never were quite sure where he was for he was always buzzing around. WEBSTER, WEBSTER, WEEKS, WEILER, WEIR, WETRICH, WEISSMAN, WEITZNER, WELCH, WELLS, HARRIET HARRY KENT ROBERT DOUGLAS EVELYN VIRGINIA BENJAMIN M. WILLIAM IRENE VIVIAN EDITH SYLVIA EDWARD GEORGE ROBERT WARREN ROBERTA Amarillo, Texas Oakland San Francisco Berkeley LEONARD Los Angeles San Francisco Oakland Oakland Richmond International Mechanical Anthropology General Curriculum Napa Hispanic America English Industrial Political Science Social Welfare Delta Gamma; Ski Club. Relations Transfer from Colorado College; Phi Delta Theta. Engineering Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Golden Bear; Tri-Une; Big " C " Society; Senior Peace Committee; Vigilantes; Big 1J C " Guard; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Women ' s Counsel- ing; ARB; Card Sales; YWCA Community Service. Alpha Gamma Omega; Calvin Club. Pre-Medical Delta Upsilon; Basketball. North Gables; Prytanean; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tower and Flame; WAC; Music Council; Treble Clef. Stern Hall; Labor Board; Consumers ' Council. Engineering Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Tri-Une; Big " C " Society; Circle % C " Society; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Phi Phi- A IIP Delta Kappa Epsi- lon; Pi Sigma Alpha; Daily Cali- fornian. Freshman Baseball; rm rni, fouu President; Execu- Varsity Football; tive Committee; Ice Hockey. Football; Base- WELSH, NATALIE ANN WELTON, DONALD EDWARD WENDT, ALBERT GEORGE WERNICK, LIBBY WESEMAN, WILFRED L. WESLEY, EERNICE WESLEY, LLOYD G. WEST, WILDENE ball; Basketball; Rugby. WESTON, BETTY MARIE Tulelake Fullerton Clarence, Iowa Los Angeles Oakland Oakland Salinas Chico Berkeley Dramatic Mechanical General Curriculum. Journalism Political Science Political Science Economics Psychology WESTFALL General Curriculum Literature Colonial Hall. Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; ASME, Chairman; Engineers ' Student Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Co-op. Transfer from Sac- ramento Junior College. Transfer from Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri; YWCA. Transfer from Salinas Junior College; Delta Phi Epsilon; Labor Board; Glee Club; Junior Class Transfer from Stephens College; Dorm C. MARY JOAN Colusa General Curriculum Transfer from Mills College; Alpha Xi Delta; Elections Board; Treble Clef; Uni- versity Chorus; Winter Sports Club; College Women ' s Relations Commit- uouncu. Dorm G; Tower Club. tee; UC Rocket and Flame; WAA; Society. Winter Sports Club; Masonic Club. WESTON, GORDON JAMES Sacramento WETZLER, DUANE LEWIS Fall brook WHALEN, DOROTHY JEAN San Francisco WHALEN, KENNETH HUBERT Salinas WHEELER, HELEN LOUISE San Francisco WHITE, ALVIN SWAUGER Auburn WHITE, FRANK T. Berkeley WHITE, JOHN F. Hollywood WHITE, KENNETH HOWARD Alameda WHITE, ROBERT DOUGLAS Berkeley Business Administration Chi Phi; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Basketball General Curriculum. English Stern Hall; Panile; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tower and Flame; Daily Californian, Electrical Engineering Transfer from Salinas Junior College. Music Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Music Club; Interna- Mechanical Engineering Delta Upsilon; Big ' C " Society; Var- sity Basketball. Civil Engineering Transfer from Pomona College; Alpha Tau Omega; ASCE. Mining Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha. Mechanical Engineering ASME; Masonic Club. Economics. Manager. Managerial and tional House. Editorial; Freshman and Sophomore Class Councils. Pretty JEAN PENDLETON managed the money (hah!) for the senior class, and took care of the meeting minutes. A green-eyed Oaklander, she played tennis with Dee-Gee sisters, and knit socks and sweaters furiously. She aided freshmen on Orientations during registration and worked on class councils. With all her duties, Jean still had time for good food and good times, both of which she liked tremendously. WHITE, VALLERY FRANCIS WHITMIRE, WILLIAM A. WHITTLE, JOYCE TALBOT WICKHAM, MARGARET MARY WIENS, THEODORE HERBERT WIGHT, MILAN EUGENE WILCOX, GENEVIEVE M. WILCOX, KENNETH 0. WILCOX, MARGARET LAURA WILDMAN, ROBERT FRANCIS Los Angeles San Jose Berkeley Glendale San Jose. Selma Los Angeles Los Angeles Ontario Berkeley Business Administration Transfer from Occidental College; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Phi; Ad Service Bureau; Pelican. Petroleum Engineering Transfer from San Jose State College; Theta Tau. Regional Group Major on Hispanic America Transfer from University of Oregon; Eta-Z; Phi Beta; Music Club Council; Junior General Curriculum Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Women ' s " C " Society; WAA. Marketing. Industrial Relations Welfare Council; Labor Board; Masonic Club. Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Stern Hall. Landscape Design Transfer from Oregon State College; International Relations Alpha Mu Gamma; Tower and Flame; Elections Board; Dormitory Council; Daily Californian. Civil Engineering Abracadabra; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. Class Council; Winter Sports Club; Spanish Club. WILEMAN, EUGENE BERNARD Cutler Foreign Trade Alpha Kappa Lambda; Delta Phi Epsilon. WILLIAMS, DORIS EVELYN Reno, Nevada Accounting Transfer from Uni- versity of Nevada; Colonial Hall; Eta-Z; Phi Chi WILLIAMS, GEORGE ALEXANDER JR. Mill Valley Civil Engineering Transfer from Junior College; Phi Gamma Delta; WILLIAMS, MARILYN M. Merced Decorative Art Sigma Kappa; Art Bureau; Panhellenic Board. WILLIFORD, JOHN W. Arvin Soil Science Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College. WILLOUGHBY, RALPH ARTHUR Yuba City Mathematics Phi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Tower and Flame; Honor WILSON, ELIZABETH ANNE Davis General Curriculum Sigma Kappa. WILSON, MARGARET ANN Anaheim General Curriculum. WINGER, BONNIE LOUISE Bakersfield General Curriculum Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Lauralon. WINN, BEN THOMAS Los Angeles Botany Tower and Flame; Glee Club; Sym- phony Forum; Theta; Dormitory Council Masonic ASCE; SVA. Student; Men s Judicial Commit- Photography. Club Winter tee; Rally Commit- Sports Club. tee; Masonic Club; SVA. WINN, EVELYN Long Beach Psychology Transfer from Occidental College; Elizabeth Barrett; Orientations Coun- cil; Cat Hosts; Phrateres; New- man Club. WINSTON, CHARLES SUMNER Berkeley Economics Chi Psi. WINTER, DORIS ELLEN lone Geography Epworth Hall. WINTHERS, EDWARD FRANCIS WIRE, BARBARA LOUISE WITTER, WILLIAM M. WOLBOLD, DOROTHEA WONG, EARL WONG, JULIO CESAR WONG, NORMA Berkeley Sacramento Piedmont LENICK Fresno Colon, Republic San Francisco Industrial Management Social Welfare Transfer from Sac- ramento College; General Curriculum Zeta Psi; Golden Bear; Winged Hel- Oakland Public Health Technician Bacteriology Transfer from Fresno State Col- of Panama Zoology International Social Welfare Transfer from San Francisco Junior Theta Upsilon. met; Tri-Une; Big Pre-Medical So- lege; Pi Alpha Phi; House, Joint Coun- College; Chinese " C " Society; Circle ciety, Secretary. Chinese Students ' cil; Alpha Mu Students ' Club; " C " Society; Skull Club, Treasurer. Gamma; Tower and Chinese Student and Keys; Beta Flame; Chinese Stu- Christian Asso- Beta; Football; dents ' Club; New- ciation. Rugby. man Club. u : Brown-eyed BARBARA WARREN presided over the sophomore class, and guarded the money for both the junior class and the Phi Mus. Co-chairman of Cal Hosts and Card Sales, she also sang in Treble Clef, worked hard in Orientations, and eventually filled the position of rep-at-large. It seems that Warren goes hand in hand with leadership on campus as well as in state government. - - , ' .;,:. UCHMX BING-YIN Electrical Engineering Pi Alpha Phi; -- - ;.; ; --- C..S ? M Tn BURTON LAND Mriq WOOORUM, EMM Victor, WOODWARD, DAVIS BELL 5;- FOB ::: WORTMAN, WALLACE Sm ' -:. H Georgia Institute ;--:--: m n : - id Big " C " Society; Phi Phi; Foot- ball; Track. Central Missouri SUM tadun :: a Ml WRIGHT, WRIGHT, WRIGHT, ,,, KLKZMMBE DAVID THOMAS DOROTHY MARION ELIZABETH MAY ORVILLE IRA SantaBarbara : Fort Wort , San Francisco Zoology General Curriculum T 5 Foreign Trade Transfer from Orchesis; Class English Transfer from San Council. ' ; - .- Francisco Junior Texas Christian College; Beta University Zeta Tan Alpha; Celfe . - $.:- : .- " ; WRIGHT, RICHARD B. Sat co Electrkal Engineen 09 IRE WRIGHT, W1LLARD L. CM r... .. - T Bottles Hall; WRIGLEY, WUBDERUCH, MARGARET MARY ROBERT EUGEME SanCarlcs General CwTioiliiin AlptaDeHaPi. DOMMS Hall; Tan Beu Pi; Glee : : WYCKOFF, JAMIE MARIE Electrical WYLIE, JOHN -i- ' i _s Yor WYUE, MARY JANE YAROUMIAM, LEONA Trasfcr ftwi Sac- College,- Stebbins Hall. Bowles Hall; Hi Sigma Ma; Glee : .-. Public Speaking History - = -: :- College; Sherman -i 9MB Kappa Alpha; YWCA. YARGER, MARY ELLEN Sa Francisco General Curriciiliini Transfer fro San Francisco YEAGER, JACQUES STALDCT Rinerside Civil Engineering Delta Tan Delta; Stall and Keys; iSIE :: HEf MARYS. Y. YEP, DAISY W. $; : - . ::: YORTON, YOSHIWARA, DAVID MORGAN HARUYE YOUNG, JOHN AUGUSTUS :;: MM :- YUGE, FRANCES -_ -. Council; YWCA; ttinese Students ' : .: Secretary. :- :.- :. .- -:::. : ' - Transfer from Transfer from Montana School of UincrsHy of v m -.-- :. ' .: :- ' -; YOUNKIN, JORDAN MARTEN WILLIAM ROBERT - .; --. Portland, Oregon LE FEVRE New York Journalism. Lincoln, Nebraska Nursing Education. History Physics Transfer from Uni- -.,..... " ?. f " " " ' University of Daily Californian. Minnesota; Tower YUM, EDWARD Grass Valley Marketing Transfer from Sac- 3 College. SVA; Postwar " Y " resided JOY DROBISH lite) student coimntiuns, and spent the year traneling to Wisconsin, Illinois, and other ronmtioi sites. When she wasn ' t riding horseback, she enjoyed Mk dancing and good taH sessions. During the Y drive, with the slogan " Y-drne, nett time try the train, " Joy stalled her car on a train track (by accident!). With Joy ' s qualities of leadership and with a fellow like Chuck, her Mm looks pretty rosy. YUSA, ZACKAY, ZANE, ZANE, ZANGER, ZARICK, ZERANGUE, ZIETICH, ZUKIN, BENNEY ATSUKO SUE VICTOR FRANCIS ALBERT C. PATRICIA CLAIRE MARIE ROBERT NADE MURIEL JANE GLORIA FRANCES RICHARD WARREN JAMES HOWARD Berkeley San Francisco Honolulu, T. H. Honolulu, T. H. San Jose Sacramento Berkeley San Francisco Los Angeles Walnut Creek Child Development Metallurgy. Civil Engineering General Curriculum General Curriculum Economics Dramatic Art Social Welfare. Agricultural General Curriculum. Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Cal Hosts; Freshman Transfer from Thalian; Economics Evanston Collegiate University of University of Sunday Suppers; Sacramento College; Mask and Dagger; Transfer from UCLA Institute; YWCA. Hawaii; . Hawaii; Rally Committee; Honor Student; Hammer and Pi Lambda Phi; Pi Alpha Phi. Dorm D; Chinese Junior, Senior Class Tower and Flame; Dimmer; Flying Club. Students ' Club. Councils; Newman Club. University Theatre. Newman Club, Vice-President. BROWN, MARGARET JOYCE CAMPBELL, GEORGE BAKE EGLINGTON, ROBERT WILLIAM GREGOR, VERONICA HALE, ALBERT LONGLEY HERTERT, DYTHE-MARY HOWARD, ROBERT ELLIOTT KOPAS, GEORGE Sacramento Pasadena Mountain View KATHRYN Pixley Berkeley Sacramento San Francisco Personnel History Electrical Anaheim Mechanical General Curriculum Physical Education Chemistry. Administration Theta Delta Chi. Engineering Business Engineering Phi Mu; Transfer from Transfer from Wesley Men ' s Administration Tau Beta Pi; Hammer and Sacramento College; Sacramento College; Lantana Lodge; Cooperative Hall; Baton; Band. Transfer from Fullerton Junior Glee Club. Dimmer; Orchesis. Acacia; Phi Phi; Circle " C " Society, Elections Board; College; Dorm D. Vice-President; Junior Class Council; Boxing Team. Junior Prom Committee. LAMPERT, ROLAND LAWSON, JAMES ROBERT Redwood City Piedmont Business Administration Personnel Administration Transfer from University of San Francisco; Bowles Hall. Big " C " Guard; Junior Class Publicity and Dance Committee; YMCA. MEE, NIELSEN, SHATTUCK, SHERMAN, SILVERMAN, SORENSEN, THOMAS, WAYLAND, WELTER, LOWELL EDISON WINSTON T. CHARLES H., JR. DELANE CORGIAT RALPH DAVID DORA MARIE RICHARD HARRY ROGER THOMAS EUGENE LANDERS St. Helena Oakland Pasadena Oakland Jersey City, N. J. Santa Rosa Long Beach Long Beach San Francisco Accounting General Curriculum Business General Curriculum Mechanical General Curriculum Chemistry International Accounting. Honor Student; Transfer from UCLA. Administration Delta Delta Delta; Engineering Dorm E; Transfer from Relations. Tower and Flame; Delta Kappa . Pelican; Class Transfer from UCLA; Speech Arts Club. Long Beach Junior Blue and Gold, Epsilon; Council; Alpha Phi Omega; College; Manager; Golden Bear; Intramural. ASME. Pi Kappa Alpha. Publications Council; Circle " C " Society; Commerce Interfraternity Association. Council; Freshman Football; Varsity Soccer. s,.. If anyone ever looked like the All-American boy, it was JACK KLINGER, athlete, politician, and rep-at-large. " Jake " couldn ' t remember all his nicknames and had a stack of new ideas all the time. He liked people immensely and it follows that they liked him. Phi Psi fraternity brothers couldn ' t keep track of him, but found him often booting a rugby ball, throwing a football, or swinging a deal. R E M E M B E R REMEMBER. " Pacing the time on crowded Wheeler Steps on a sunny morning at ten? All the ways we found not to study on the lawn in Faculty Glade, on the front -t.-j)- f the Lihe? The hlow when final dates were posted and how eager we were to know the had news? The crowded, vital, gay Tap Room and how hard it was to find a seat? How can we forget? 106 SEVEN a.m. on Wednesday morning, and sleepy members of senior class council rubbed their eyes as they trudged to Senior Women ' s Hall for their weekly meeting. Three seniors made the coffee in the kitchen, while Presi- dent Don Paterson seated himself on the table and prepared the business of the dawn. By the end of the meeting, members were usually awake. ( lunch. -mi- -i .-n liy and for the senior women were proclaimed a huge success by all who came. Senior Wamen ' e Hall proved too small to accommodate the crowd and the lunches which seemed to he enough beforehand Deemed to di?appear. Entertainment, like a fashion show before the fall lunch- r.ui. w ;1 - thurougliK enjoyed and everyone who came had but one regret as they left that there couldn ' t be one everv week. FALL INFORMAL 108 JUDGING from these pictures, the Senior Informal was defi- nitely that. Some couples chatted seriously, others danced. Don ' t turn the page without a glance at the former rep-at-large and campus " dealer " who ' s giving the crowd at the left quite a laugh. Hotel Leamington was the spot, and two orchestras provided music. We danced in the Bowl, the Castillian room, and the California room. The cutest one on the whole page is the ener- getic senior bear above the band. Right? HI LA :-kirts. lei?, flour sacks and Hawaiian shirt? danced to the music of Le Brown and hi top record- ing band at the Beachcomber ' s Ball in May. In a tropi- cal r-outh seas atmosphere, coeds chose Don Priewe their King Neptune, and tin- S AEs became the " Hou-e with the Hand;-omest Men. " Looking at the main pic- ture, wr iiuld a that the net result was fun and liul.i- larity for all. BEACHCOMBER ' S BALL 109 SINGS GLANCING at this page, you know all about it. Class sings meant that members got together in- formally for a good time songs, food, and entertainment. The youngster on the tricycle looks too young to be a senior, but is probably a freshman. Naturally a good time was had by all. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN BACK ROW: John Pierce, Pal Price. Jean O ' Brien. Paul Co. FMMT Martha Matfcias, Janic Rivers. -I- N I ' H .k a- | lannecl for the first time since the war a whole week of event? was se t aside for just tin- seniors. lut then nolioilv wanted to 20. Senior Council shouted and pleaded hut privileges weren ' t selling " S e won ' t have a Senior Week! " they cried finally, on the last day of sales just enough had heen sold so they could gu ahead with plans, it was a tough fight hut it was worth it. Here, setting a good example. Senior eek Chairman John Pierce sell- a privilege to Puhlieity Chairman Janice Rivers posed naturally t . On the other hand the Extravaganza ca-t wa- certain Senior Week was going to be held and rehearsed all through the criti- cal week for example our " Ethel Merman. " Pat Thomas, goes through a routine under the critical eye of play director. Boh Hudson. II J u N C I O O U R N C I L BACK ROW: Stanley Judell, Jack Howard, Montie Haslett, Hardy Rapp, Charlotte Gordon, Mary McLachlen, Roger Ryan, Bob Kenslow, Barbara Skiles. THIRD ROW: Harry Fledderman, Bill Beckett, Jim Elliott, Bettie Lu Dunbar, Helen Chrissanthos, Angie Nicholson, Norma McDonald, Zeida Kenny, Dean Cumingtone. SECOND ROW: Bill Heim, Bill Shaw, Charlene Read, Cathy Reid, Pat Adams, Marian Melrose, Barbara Rhea, Nancy Schulz, Bob Stern. FRONT ROW: Ginny Carpenter, Connie Pfund, Wini Hunt, Eileen Lindquist, Grace Mary Campbell, Laura Jensen, Gloria Stadelman. SOFT lights and dreamy music describe not one, but two Junior dances the traditional Junior Prom and another dance in the spring. The council worked hard and were rewarded with a tremendous success in undertakings throughout the term. Junior Sings were fun for everyone. The joke must have been rare from the expressions on their faces. The juniors are known for their happy philosophy of life. Probably all these gay souls had midterms the next day. The Alpha house was the setting for the sing, where all the juniors sat on the floor. That ' s Roger Ryan, resting on the back of the chair, and there are several Blue and Gold managerial ites giving him their rapt attention. JUNIORS 1 9 4 8 The class of ' 48 was a conglomeration of many classes, but UK class officers were a right combination. CARPENTER, Ms e,_ prodded the beauty and president PAT r f ? f . " i r lrh d senior doings witk interest, FLOWERS and yell leader MONT1E HASSLETT the absorbing ideas for making their LOOKING to the future, the leader of the junior t-la- ? directed their council toward the planning of events for the big senior year. Their senior gift already cho-en. the council devoted much time on plan to raise money for this project. Under the officer " energetic leadership, the junior class laid groundwork for Junior Day and Junior Farce revival-. CLIMAXING an all-California weekend with Brother Bruin came the Junior Prom, complete with Charlie Barnet ' s orches- tra and streamers. Intermission time brought gay laughter and the pause that refreshes. We had a sneaking suspicion that our baby Bruin was Rose-BowI-bound, and the fact that we gave him a close game was pleasing. Note the hilarious three- some in the right corner. We like the lower left shot too. Let him drink the coke, we ' ll drink in the refreshing number at his side. Jl.MORS provided the first semi-formal dance of the spring semester in the Gold and Concert rooms of the Palace Hotel. V hen L r u --t- weren ' t wandering around rather aimlessly as in the upper right picture, or conversing seriously as in the upper left, they danced to the music of Gary Nottingham as in the loui-r ri _ r ht. Sitting " this one out " in the center are a group who prohahly have the world ' s problems solved (or almost) from the looks on their faces. s o p c H O O U M N O C R I E BACK ROW: Dick Powers, Doris Foreaker, Elna Kistler, Pat A. Adams, Betty Stansfield, Jean Sherwood, Mick Kilburn, Jack Smith. THIRD ROW: Bill Markling, Hugh McKee, Jerome Solari, Bob Gorran, Carol Sunkel, Lucille Rc-imero, Jean Stokes, Robert Reasoner, Will Melbye. SECOND ROW: Jim Taylor, Bill Bagley, Dick Backman, Jack Parker, Julian Martin, Nancy Rieger, Sue Hutchinson, Peter Dunn, George Gohner. FRONT ROW: Jack Andrew, Stan Cutler, Madeline Holcomb, Barbara Bates, Tom Steel, Ann Beaman, Gloria Herz, Nancy Vinson. ENERGETIC sophs sold green ribbons and dinks to freshmen, fought the brawl and sponsored the Brawl Ball, October 12. Over a thousand men assisted their " Big C " guard. Spring activities included a Soph Hop at the men ' s gym. Sophomores sang their heads off at their Christmas sing! They were not laughing at the photographer, but giving forth with " Jingle Bells. " A parade from Wheeler Steps to Eshleman advertised the Soph Hop, complete with (as the sign says) Skinnay Ennis, his orchestra, and you!!! SOPHOMORES 1 9 4 9 The class of ' 49 had a gold mine in their officers, who bravely organized the class against the onslaught of freshmen at the Brawl, and kept repainting the " C " gold. JACK ANDREW had help from pretty MADE- LINE HOLCOMB and JANE WEIRICK in guiding a spirited sophomore class, while absent STAN CUTLER did his share, too. SOPH doings got under way with the " Brawl Ball " climax- ing hell week. The main event was the Soph Hop where ' 49ers danced to the tunes of Skinnay Ennis. Rounding out the year was the traditional Soph Week, complete with a beard growing contest. 118 CAMERAS sometimes catch people unaware, or are those starry eyes fixed on the comely singer? Anyway, the sophs drowned their sorrows after the hrawl dancing to Merle Howard ' s music or taking a quick drag under a palm tree. Of course, some couples were oblivious of everything they probably didn ' t even know there was a brawl Saturday morning. SKINNAY Ennis played for the informal Soph Hop in April. A fashion parade of men ' s and women ' s hats in Eshleman Court publicised the dance. An all-expense paid dinner at the Claremont Hotel with the ASl C presi- dent and vice-president went to some lucky couple as a door prize. e like this dreamy candid in the lower right reminiscent of Giro ' s perhaps. 119 SOPH-; i BR FROSH AWL ICTORIOL S froi-h paraded through campus, while the -oph- -traggled home with their wounds. Enthusiastic soph coeds yelled in vain, for there were three times as many frosh. The piggy-hack rider in the corner seems to he los- ing his grip, and the rooters above are more fascinated w ith their leader position than with following him. Struggling Mph? probably wished they had eaten those rolled oats for breakfast a? they tugged at the rope. Don Bentley ' s benevo- lent grin as he shakes Jack Andrew " :- limp paw couldn ' t be that Don wa fn -h prexy. could it? F R E C S O H U M N A C N I L BACK ROW: Jim Duvaras, Jr., Clark Graves, Allan Thode, Don Bruzzone, Boyd Quinn, Carolyn Wyse, Nancy Broderick. THIRD ROW: Mary Meadows Robert Merrill Bill Sibbett, Gerald Appel, Robert Reasoner, Gene Smith, Jerome Solari, Phil Oertli. SECOND ROW: Dorrit Ball, Caralee Luedtke, Mary June Gilbert, William Marshall, Jr., Jane Virginia Biedenbach, Martha Steusloff, Jean Smalley. FRONT ROW: Don Bentley, Shirley Keefer, Gary Goldsmith Bill Cooper Lois Francis Jean Perata, Pat McCarthy, Liz Holcomb. NOT PRESENT: Robert A. Anderson, William C. Anderson, Marjorie June Arney, William T. Ayers, R. Donald Ball Rich- ard Banks, Robert H. Black, Pat Christensen, Martin D. Durante, Joanne Eddy, Rodney T. Franz, John P. Gerstle, Peter R. Goldschmidt, Lora Heims, George H. Hobbs, Joyce Howell, Janet Hughes, Harold A. Jonsson, Phyllis Karg, Jacqueline Lantieri, Geraldine Lore, Malcolm McCormack, Marjorie Peet Ann Randall Lois Richter, Nancy Scarfe, Warren E. Schocnover, Robert N. Stone, Kay Thatcher, Joy Wade, Louise White, Martha Whitehead, Joan Winckel. " DOORKNOB, bathtub, kitchen sink " yes, freshmen began active par- ticipation in campus affairs with this famous yell. They emerged victorious in the Frosh-Soph Brawl, gave dances, sponsored mixers, and mulled over ideas for a four-year project as the class graduation gift. President DON BENTLEY supervises as enthusiastic freshmen sign up for work on the class council. One of the largest freshman classes in history, the members worked hard and exhibited plenty of class. Although he looks grim and a little bored, we get the idea that the freshman project needs you. Such a big class meant that plenty of ideas were floating around. FRESHMEN 1 9 5 All smite are UK freshman officers. Heading the biggest class in Cal history, it ' s quite Mia to have them that way. Blond DON BEMTLEY and resetted GARY GOLDSMITH shared presidential dtties and pretty SHIRLEY KIEFER I the state of men. Yell leader BILL COOPER was defintery Out nearly all of the time. " DEMOCRACY " Denied to be the motto of the class of " 50. In addition to the council, a steering board and several well staffed committee?- provided representative government. Rally wood- gathering. " Ah-Ski Lodge " dance, the Freshie Glee, and project kept freshmen Im-y. " AH-SKI LODGE " 124 THE huge freshman class showed the school how to give a smooth dance. A snow scene was set up in an outer room, while the big " Ah-Ski Lodge " sign welcomed dancers to the snowmen, fireplace, and hand of the inside room. In the lower right picture, note the tall boy with his back to the camera who is Bill Marshall and deserves praise for the ter- rific decorations. Impressed by frosh originality and en- thusiasm, the guests had a fine time. FRESHMEN offered Southern comfort with their " Plantation Garden- dance in May and for a week, despite ome competi- tion from the En inffr- " Ball, ticket -airmen dominated E hlc- man Court. That " - frc-hman Mary Meadow? having ucb fun with a new dance -tep. Entertainment included dancing, a comedy act. and a -onj: hy Delorc- Stafford, with some energetic freshman holding the mike. PLANTATION GARDENS " 125 " Qu ' est-ct ARISTOTLE. ASUC president ED WELCH guided Ex Committee through a stormy but successful year with sparkling vice-president MARILYN SMITH at his side. Ed and Marilyn probably had their pictures in more local papers than any ASUC officers in Cal history. As our official host and hostess, they entertained campus visitors, and deserve credit for our big postwar swing back to better student government. 130 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE STl DE T go ernmeiit Na- put to vork in a l i;i wax tin- xcar. t the clo-e uf the foothall -cai-on. disappointed -Indent- and determined athlete- demanded a change in the athletic -et-up. A new coach and the establishment of an athletic manager " office were suggested, and hile angry Ba r-a papers clamored for anyhodx - -calp. K (Committee appointed Brutiir- Hamilton to find the new coach. After several month- of re-earch and rumor, it was announced that the Golden Bears " new coach %a- Lynn Waldorf, former Northwestern men- tor. Student- liecame far more interested in their government through this- period, and that intere?t remained during the entire year. " Wetaxe to Califcma. " says BratB Hamilton to coach ' " Pappy " Waldorf as he steps off te train in Betetey. Pappy is 250 povds of spirit, aOmsasm. an) wit. H kas said ttal ke is prod to be wit California, and certainty Ne has tte support of the entire iersity. From a smaller room in Stephens (Men to the spacious Women ' s Clubrooms nowd the throng of students and mmipifrt reporters and iimnttii of the Ex Committee. Here the athletic set-up was hashed aer, with both sides and all sides being represented. At this meeting, it was definitely decided to choose a new football coaching staff, and wtiile there was some delay, eventually Lym Waldorf was chosen. Ex CunmillM Meetings then shrunk a little in size, bat student body iiunOn increased their interest and vigilance. REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE All-around athlete JACK KLINGER had at least one iron in the fire all the time, and was one of the best politicians on campus. He ran a catering service, answered to " Jake " and a dozen other nicknames, was very friendly, and could talk forever. Law is the right profession for JACK STEARNS, who got along well with people, never let anything both him too much, and possessed a rather judicial air. Doing a good job on Finance Committee this spring, he made San Bernardino really proud of their local boy. Laughing rep-at-large BARBARA WARREN cut her hair when she got mad and talked incessantly on any subject. She tans easily and buzzed around campus in a green Packard convertible that carried her back and forth from Orinda and boiled only occasionally. 132 Rep. Jt- large BOB BENNER journeyed to Vancouver for a May {amim ' m a beaten path between Stephens Union and the SAE house. EL ABRAHAMS took Ms rep-at-large job ery seriously, tad a reputation for being liberal, and was full of ideas. BOB DAL PORTO maintained a healthy interest in athletics and politics, and played with footballs and Alpha Delts. Rep-at-large HARRY FLEDDERMAN journeyed to Vancouver for a May eawemion, and made a beaten path between Stephens Union and the PiKA house. LARRY SPEISER talked it up, and rather effectively, in the Tap Room, tke Daily Cal basement, and from his desk in the reps- at- large office. 133 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION THE past year the ASUC displayed its growing pains. Problems of student activities and athletics increased proportionately with the increase of cam- pus population. In May, 1947, the ASUC was divided into the Division of General Activities and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. At this writing Brutus Hamilton has been appointed to head the Division of Inter- collegiate Athletics while the man to be the Director of General Activities is under consideration. All in all the new setup will provide for more efficiency and allow for better management of our various activities. Baseball bcss and graduate manager of the ASUC for four trying years, " CLINT " EVANS now devotes his full energies to his " first love " baseball. FINANCE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Jack Andrew, Bert Lindsley, James Mil- ler, George Briggs, Dean Stone, Jack Stearns. PROMT ROW: Ed Welch, Mar ' lvn Smith, Brutus Hamilton, Amy Bumstead. DEPARTMENT HEADS BACK ROW: Harry Davis, George Briggs, Norrie West, Walter Frederick, Chester Tolmie. FRONT ROW: Sue Arthurholtz, Clint Evans, Charlie Clarke, Amy Bumstead. , I The man of many positions, BRUTUS HAMILTOM, tcok over the reins of the ASUC in January, and guided the ASUC towards its " new deal. " In May, he was appointed to the new job of Director cf Athletics. I DON PATERSON WK serious at ACC nettings, where he presided with typical Paterson efficiemj. tor at the BERT L1NOSLEY x ACC chairman, fond himself successful flection caucus at Bowles Hall which he conducted in typical Lindsley style. ACTIVITIES COORDINATING COMMITT Vt ANT a date? Activities Coordinating Committee will find one for you. if a majority of the student body can be included in your I ' l.m-. Twenty-five dynamic personalities at the head of the major activities constitute ACC and spend their hours arranging a non- conflicting schedule of campus events. Approval of activity ap- pointments also lies in the hands of this group. EveBorsodt Gary Goldsmith Evanaeline Lewis Janice Rivers Dick Auslen Virginia Carpenter Walt Goldsmith Pail Miller Marian Sinton Janice DeMocre KenGustafson Tom Parristi I la Sullivan Ma-9urr;te Dilly Nancy HamWy TinaPtaid Katherine Thanas Don Bentley . . r .-..-- Mcntie Haslett Pat Powers Tern fully 135 SCURRYING busily around the campus this year were members of Women ' s Activity Council. Made up of the top women in ASUC activities, and headed by Women ' s Execu- tive Board, the council plunged into various campus prob- lems. Bewildered freshmen received primary attention, and the answer to the $64 question of freshman orientation came in the form of teas and bridge parties. Groups gath- ered informally about the cozy fireplace of Senior Women ' s Hall. New students were made to fee! at home and encour- aged to get better acquainted. A huge exchange dessert be- tween dormitory and sorority members highlighted the spring term. A big rally followed in Wheeler Auditorium, complete with singing, skits, and music. Women ' s Rep JANE BAKER presided over WAC with her usual good humor, and arranged a successful exchange dessert between women ' s living groups. WOMEN ' S ACTI Checking through the files are JANE BAKER and ASUC vice-president MARILYN SMITH (in case you didn ' t know). These two greatly increased student interest in Ex Committee. 136 Joyce Allen Mary Eggers Peggy Lynch w Shirley Ames Kay Everett Marian Melrose Janice Rivers Eve Borsook Nancy Hambly , Jane Meyers Marion Sinton S EXECUTIVE COMMTTTEE EiC MM ' . ' ;. Nancy Hambly, Agnes O ' DcMHI, Am Hollingswcrtli, Eleanor Desplain. Carpenter, Marilyn Soiitli, Jane Baker, Jean (TBrieii. Ckairman of WAC, Jane Baker, presides at a meeting. Jean O ' Brien an Aggie OTXmnHI suidy the minutes at her right. :VITY COUNCIL Marguerite Dilly Mildred Keifer Evelyn Piva an White SMrteyKeefer O ' Donnell Barbara Warm Ja Knqm :- M MM Irene Weiem Barbara Dwtro Evangel ine Lewis Pat Powers 137 INVf :D THE MINING ASSOCIATION MINING ASSOCIATION INING ETF FTAL ' .U tocy " Je meurs pour Cat. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW. WELFARE Chairman MILDRED KIEFER kept one finger in Welfare Council and the other in active NSO work. LONG working hours, low wages, high cost housing, unsanitary eating places and racial discrimination are rapidly being hunted down by the general protector of student interests the Welfare Council. From the fourth floor of Stephens Union, the twenty- four guardians on this important council watch over the ASUC, full of anxiety and concern for its welfare. This group labors long and hard, compiling reports and super- vising the eight sub-boards. Results of this hard working council included a ten-cent hourly wage increase for ASUC employees, increased participation in elections, and an orientations information booth. Chairman LARRY SPEISER climbed four floors to the Wel- fare Council office, or drank coffee you-know-where. Ruth Berman Clair Coleman Wayne Fisher Harry Fledderman Marvin Frankel Lane Headrick STUDENT RELATIONS BOARD BACK ROW: Ramona Reynolds, Roslyn Leff, Yoshio Takakuwa. SECOND ROW: Lois Bunger, Ruth Schwabacher, Martha Ishikawa. FRONT ROW: Barbara Hayes, Mannie Kugler, Anita Hart. 140 HEALTH BOARD BACK ROW: Leland Burstein, Polly Catlin, Gloria Gingrich, Rosemary Shull, Andy Albrecht. SECOND ROW: Louise Brooks, Alison Whiteley, Shirley Smith, Jo Anne Farrand, Betty Sanders. FRONT ROW: Cris Knud- sen, Shirley Stewart, Sonia Saeta, Walter Tim. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS COUNCIL BACK ROW: Marie Gerhardt, Wayne D. Fisher, Don Rasmussen, Carrol Webber. SECOND ROW: Betty Dunkel, Easter Ginn, Peggy Barnwell FRONT ROW: Nola Dale Hansen, Myrsam Wizman, Robert Colodny. J LIBRARY COMMITTEE BACK ROW: John Richter, Karl Keithahn, Don Carlson, Arnold Bloom, Dick Dillon. FRONT ROW: Rudy Kupfer, Elaine McDermott, Mrs. Jaffa, Miss Mattel. LABOR BOARD BACK ROW: Ellis Hollowell, Rachelle Scharlin, Leo Rose, Bob Al- ford, Calvin Simons. SECOND ROW: Virginia Spino, Carol Sunkel, Nance Wale, John A. Dron, Jr., Robert B. Neilson. FRONT ROW: Lucille Liddell, Jack McNickols, Hart Walters, Ann Butler. CONSUMER ' S COUNCIL BACK ROW: Bill Harrison, Arthur Emmes. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Cowan, Jim Osphal. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Heinrich, Bea Lieberman. 1 COUNCIL risscla Knudsen Bernice Lieberman Karl Lyon Mary Ann Mulligan Ruth Monroe Phyllis Prindle Yosh Takakuwa Katherine Thanas Walter Timm CAR POOL Frances Schmitt, Phyllis Layers CAMPUS OPINION SURVEY BACK ROW: Rudy Kupfer, Lenore Kramer, Jolin Barren. FRONT ROW: Laura Muggins, Yvonne Holt, Dottie Miller. HOUSING BOARD BACK ROW: Bruce Harris, Al Benioff. SECOND ROW: Barbara Perry, Roberta Shepherd, Lorel Lu Daus. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Prindle, Niki Caldis, Sylvia Colorado LOST? Can ' t find Wheeler Steps? Haven ' t been able to trace the aroma of coffee to the ASUC Tap Room? A reorganized orienta- tions committee solves these and other prob- lems for the new student. One of the many services of this helpful committee is Cal Hosts, providers of Sunday night get- acquainted suppers. Organized campus tovirs are planned every semester, and Activities Recruiting Bureau is always ready to find the confused freshman an active place in student life. The busy people on the staff call 112 Eshleman home. NANCY HAMBLY ' s heels clicked in and out of the Orientations office, when this attractive co-chair- man rested between trips to her job in San Francisco. Co-chairman BERT LINDSLEY felt that lots could be done for freshman orientation into the huge ASUC, and worked hard at it when not presiding over ACC meetings. ORIENTATIONS ACTIVITIES RECRUITING BUREAU BACK ROW: Jean Sherwood, Christine Haymond, Helen Applegate. THIRD ROW: Betty Norris, Carney Campion, Tom Hale, Andre Graham, June Corcoron. SECOND ROW: Norma Crook, Joan Doug- las, Ted Winslow, Marilyn Burch, Jane Wierick, Jerald Elbert. FRONT ROW: Rita Bosio, Beverley Kristich, Ellen Sullivan, Jan Couper, Carol Richards, Eveleen Sullivan. FRESHMAN SUNDAY SUPPERS BACK ROW: Bill Woolley, Emerson Wiser, Carney Campion, Bob Everett, Carolyn Robinson, Lois Lind. SECOND ROW: Gene Smith, Edith McEwing, Bob Redfield, Warren Schoonover, Betty Ann Klant, Danny Coelho, Ethel Allison. FRONT ROW: Shirley Keefer, Dick Banks, Joanne Eddy, Don Reichert, Joy Wade. Marylou Ellwood. CAL HOSTS BACK ROW: Kalra Omparkash, Dick Dillon, Betty Jo Williams, Hal Dahlmeier, Jack Everett. FRONT ROW: Dorelee Landon, Barbara Atkinson, Mickey Schiffer, Gladys Spitzer. CAMPUS TOURS BACK ROW: Mary Thompson, Robert Gorran, Barbara Child, Marjorie Lewis. FRONT ROW: Rose Pastorino, Bernice Ration, Lynette Laundy, Marjorie Laundy. SECRETARIAL BACK ROW: Liz Holcomb, Bev Poquette, Maria Andersen, Ann Brookman, Jane Connelly. SECOND ROW: Margery Starr, Margaret Haig, Gail White, Joan Jonas. FRONT ROW: Mary Jean Cunningham, Dorothy Brandlein, Dorothy Bittner, Elizabeth Tsucada. Ann Hollingsworth Rose Pastorino Evelyn Winn i Brookman Mary Jean Cunningham Emily Grant Nancy Hambly hirley Keefer Bert Lindsley Bob Lucas Maynard Nelson Barbara Skiles Ellen Sullivan Eveleen Sullivan WOMEN ' S COUNSELING JUNIORS AND DIRECTORS BACK ROW: June Hill, Barbara Woods, Marilyn Griffin, Bev Kristich, Nadine Palrnerton. SECOND ROW: Pat Furlong, Muriel McDermott, Jean Hyde, Ann Schwenk, Jean Schmitz. FRONT ROW: Jane Russell, Grace Mary Campbell, Jackie Carlson, Barbara Green, Cay Flaherty. ELECTIONS BOARD SWIMMING knee high in ballots to be counted three times, busy Elections Board members put in a long day ' s work. You ' ll find them handing out ballots at Sather Gate, and in Engineers ' and Eshleman Courts as well. One or two Elections Board members may even be found among the throng which customarily pack 111 Eshleman. Amidst skiers, flyers, ral ly members, the gal with her feet on the desk interviews and gives instructions to prospective can- didates. PAT POWERS and MARIAN SINTON couldn ' t be found behind all the ballots on election Wednesdays, but Pat spent her spare time in American literature, and Marian swung a mean baseball bat. BACK ROW: Betty Weston, Joyce Merman, Helen Gibson, Marion Haviland, Virginia Frick, Honora Shearer, Marian Pace, June Herrod, Richard Hayms, Richard Teeter. FIFTH ROW: Joan Forgy, Bobbie Dutro, Frances McMonan, Lane Daussen, Marianne Armanino, Lind Massingham, Susanne Car- son, Martha Kent, Lois Peterson, Jane Mar- tin, Patricia McKim. FOURTH ROW: Sally Telford, Janet Toston, Claire Stewart, Char- lotte Fichel, Sunny Stangle, Don Sewell, Peggy Brown, Rosemary Shull, Kathryn Shaw, Beverly Lane, Caroline Elliott. THIRD ROW: Helen John, Madeline Holcomb, Dixie Reinhard, Pat Love, Phyllis Stickland, Betty Stansfield, Marie Jacobson, Carol Wood, Ruth Hudson, Willie Schaufelberger, Dorothy Downey, Cara Lee Haines. SECOND ROW: Pat Morrison, Joy Wade, Dorothy Mel, Joan Robinson, Jessie Berman, Fl o Viano, Betty Norene, Jane Russell, Lois Rivers, Pat Pow- ers. FRONT ROW: Marian Sinton, Charlotte Gordon, Marion Melrose, Colleen Clark, Catherine Flaherty, Doris Nighswonger, Bar- bara Hochede, Lucille Roe, Marty Peterson. JUNIORS AND SUB-CHAIRMEN BACK ROW: Mary McLachlan, Dorothy Beck, Betty Stansfield. FRONT ROW: Palmina Brunei!!, Marian Melrose, Dale Millar. More people with ASUC cards voted this spring than ever before. Elections Board scurried around setting up booths at every possible intersection. CARD SALES Vl . -ard -.-Her- will get yi.u if you don ' t watch mt! E ery -taff member is trying t rapture the golden card l y being top ;-ales- man. During spring -ah--, one eager distribu- tor exchanged heated word? with a new fresh- man. The froshie knew that ASt ' C card- -t $12.50 and he waMi ' t going to have one that a- onl half good! GEORGE DOL1M, BOBBY WARREN, and JEAN MORRIS took charge of Card Sates during the . 19,000 card holders it was some job. BACK ROW: Jew Itara, Joe Wtllians, Alke McCarthy Colorado. SECOND ROW: Ellena SmiUi, Marion Pace, Gloria Hen, Harriet Tyre, Dona KapU . FRONT ROW: Gertrude Gebbie, Jwt Herrod, Phyllis Prmdte, amm Chan. - ; office workers, who wen recryrted for a " is selling an ASUC card to the other. the told ASUC card to Romana Altai, who sold the most car oving the i Glamour girl of Eshleman was Chairman IRENE BRAD- FIELD, who planned to write a satire on college life and loved Tap Room coffee. DIRECT from the Tap Room, we receive word that the Standard ' s Commission has finished testing a large group of potential ASUC officers. Having seen those qualified inaugurated into office, they can settle into relative peace and quiet, certain that candi- dates can spell " Eshleman, " start an amend- ment, and find the Tap Room. STANDARDS COMMISSION Irene Bradfield, Nancy Lee, Beatrice Bierman. Chairman EL ABRAHAMS swung a brand new Fybate key, planned to do grad work in physics and was a founder of the Representative Students party. OUT of the dark cellar of Eshleman came the cries associated with the growing pains of what promised to be an important force in American student life. The National Student Organization serves to unify efforts of stu- dents working for student welfare through- out the country. NSO I BACK ROW: Bob Moeller, Herb Moskowitz, Carroll Webber, Wayne Untereiner. SECOND ROW: Don Lang, Alex Hoffman, George Raab, Tom Tonkin. FRONT ROW: El Abrahams, Bea Leiberman, Eileen Stevens, Ann LaForge, Judy McCook. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE 1 BACK ROW: Bev Kristick, Jane Baker, Eve Borscok, Ginny Carpenter, Lorraine Cook, Barbara Jean Warren, Helen Hansen, Lucille Raymond. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Strickland, Barbara Preston, Patricia Randolph, Grace Mary Camp- bell, Ann Schwenk, Polly Mansfield, Rcsemary Palmer, Gloria Her?. FRONT ROW: Vinka Papac, Betty Stansfield, June Wightman, Dorothy Beck, Jean White, Ruth Roy, Jean Morris, Ma-gie Gleason. JEAN WHITE and PAT KRILL were the able spring and fall chairmen. Jeai played the piano in her spare time, and Pat collected crazy hats. THE crowd gasped! Through the clear November air a Cal card stunt could be discerned upside down! But Rally Com- mittee Women know what they ' re doing. It was meant that way. Helping Men ' s Rally Committee design and tack card tricks, planning rallies and picnics these women know what they ' re doing. LIVING GROUPS COUNCIL AROUND a luncheon table on Monda - originated the master plans of Living Groups Council. Richmond veterans journeyed to fraternity and sorority houses for dinner and for dessert and cof- fee. Other deeds to the council ' s credit in- clude reorganizing the men ' s dormitory system and dealing with the Richmond transportation problem. BACK ROW: Jack Cain, Bill Mayo. FRONT ROW: Ann Hollingsworth, Eleanor Desplain. 147 Radio Commissioner REED SMITH prefers Southern Belles, we understand. Reed coordinated sound, script, production, and secretariat into a neat Monday night show. Naturally, he plans to enter commercial radio. THE clock clicks; the light goes on; and the Radio Workshop is on the air with another original weekly show. Sometimes handicapped by lack of air time, Workshop members never lose their real enthusiasm. They exercise their talents by writing, acting, and directing pro- grams which publicize coming campus shows. RADIO WORKSHOP BACK ROW: Stan Williams, Jack Clark, Bill Weiss. FRONT ROW: A. P. Bonaccorsi, Betty Weinstein. HJKIVN PORSTu wxvz ' AM The one in the front is EVE BORSOOK who started the Art Bureau en its way to fame while behind her are Co-Chairmen HERB BRIGGS and BARBARA PRESTON who really finished the job and we do mean finished. OSKI ' S fresh paint job for football games is just one of Art Bureau ' s contributions to " local color " on campus. The creators of the Axe- travaganza backdrop, Art Bureau members keep busy in their artists ' section of Eshleman basement painting the posters which advertise campus events. ART BUREAU BACK ROW: Irv Kweller, Rosie Konings, June Paul, Tom Jacks. FRONT ROW: Herb Briggs, Barbara Preston, Gloria DeMartini. MEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Ralph Willoughby, Joe Ehrman, Myrsam Wixman. FRONT ROW: Harry Morrison, Jack Klinger, Bill Porter, Don Paterson, Frank Dixon. Men ' s Judicial Chairman BILL PORTER looks like he took life easy, out he really worked hard. Bill took his car wherever he to his meetings in Stephens Union. THIS year Men ' s Judicial is working under the " ounce of prevention " theory. It is putting the emphasis on the prevention rather than the punishment of offenses. Cooperation with a faculty organization to enforce order during examinations, these " nine young men " work hard to keep our Cal campus up to the best col- lege standard. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE ,.. BACK ROW: Jane Baker, Barbara Skiles, (Catherine Thanas, Marian Melrose FRONT ROW: Agnes O ' Donnell, Jean White, Jean Morris, Mary McLachlen. Chairman AGNES O ' DONNELL ' s friends at Stem Hall tried to lock her out one night but their clocks were deliberately one minute fast. Aggie also has a mild passion for skiing. IN lii-nionthl -f-ions. nine coed judges inves- tigate ripple? in the smoothly flowing currents of university life. Coeds violating the ASLC rules, which draw the line at habitual lockout offenders, multiple student body card holders, and " answer snatchers, " eventually meet this active group of women which review uch cases and works out solutions. CONFERENCE COMMITT MRBBBH ILA SULLIVAN and TINA PFUND DEWEY were able chairmen. " Sully " could always be fcund in the Daily Cal office., and Tina kept busy as a housewife this spring. SUPPRESSED desire to talk? Conference Com- mittee will let you expound. This group ar- ranges agenda and invites speakers for open meetings. Student problems are discussed and clarified, but no responsibility is taken for car- rying out the solutions. So if you or your friends have something on your minds, Conference Committee will help you. BACK ROW: Bunny Southern, Karl Lyon, Justine Turner. FRONT ROW: Ila Sullivan, Katherine Thanas. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITT KATIE THANAS seldom had time to drink coke in the Tap Room, but when she did she also distributed questicnnaires on women ' s hats. WITH headquarters in 112 Eshleman, the Public Relations Committee did just what its name implied. For example the committee wrote articles on prominent campus people and sent those articles to hometown newspapers for publication. Our university public relations grew better through the work of this group. BACK ROW: Normajean Eiben, Norman Trenton, Don Bergstrom, Artharene Severns, Don Lang. FRONT ROW: Katherine Thanas, Marie Pagane, Judy Shef-tel, Betty Stewart, R. W. Ferrin. YWCA YWCA CABINET BACK ROW: Marian Maspero, Justine Trr, Jem GeUfcoa, Faftfe , .. SECOND ROW: Pansy Lim, Carte Ptad, Marilrwi Paterson, Janet Barter, Rttk Elton (XNeil ROW: Jcj Drabisk, LeUtia Lesser, Lara Pkcirillo, Jo Hatfie, Tin Pfnd, Rttk JH -:: - E: - = :.- was YWCA ryone. Her I " ear Ororille I parties. tke WANT to join the Nosebag Club? You don ' t have to be a horse just a member of the YWCA. " Y " members spend their hours in a combination of vital work and just plain fun. in Community Service and International Relations. Oh yes. Nosebag Club has something to do with food tea and cookies for a penny. Hoot Mon ! YMCA HELP. fire, police! Tho?e words played an important part in Stiles Hall " ? activi- ties this year. Help came in many forms. An emergency campaign was organized to aid students of the Piedmont Lodge di-a-- ter. The " Big Brother " project assisted police with juvenile guidance work. When illness made it necessary for WAA President JAN DE MOOR to resign, vice- president MARTHA MALONEY took over with a smile and a lot of efficiency. Hearst Field came in for a beating in hockey season and a more favorite sport was hard to find. WOMEN ' S ATHLET WAA COUNCIL BACK ROW: Marian Perry, Jane Hclland, Margie Boles, Georgia Korbel, Dr. Anna Espenschade. FRONT ROW: Andree Temple, Martha Mullowney, Doris Meyer, Marguerite Dilley. IT ' S a strike! On the softball field or the bowling alley, you will find the WAA girls reign supreme. Embody- ing two groups of competitive activity, WAA unites Intramural and Interclass sports. Freshmen have their turn to get even with the upperclassmen when they participate in Interclass fun. Intramural gives to rep- resentatives of living groups an opportunity to get ac- quainted through play. Invaluable as a means of en- joying fresh air and exercise, WAA also helps a gal get in the swim of good sportsmanship and character. INTRAMURAL BOARD BACK ROW: Jane Hendrickson, Kathryn Anne Shaw, Pat Bernard, Barbara McGahie. SECOND ROW: Nancy Daw- son, Marjorie Crandall, Ca-olyn Clock. FRONT ROW: Jeanie Mahan, Georgia Korbel, Joan Jud. WAA INTERCLASS BOARD BACK ROW: Robert Bristol, Bev Craven, Margaret Jesseph, Gloria Parent, Gay Cupid, Wena Waldner. SECOND ROW: Dawn Pawson, Jackie Grovner, Arlene Shindledecker, Marian Cleeves, Peggy Shedd, Susan Miles, Marian Cronkite. FRONT ROW: Jane Holland, Marian Perry, Marguerite Dilley, Wilhelmina Vogel, Helen Kujawa. " Don ' t Fence Me In " is hardly the theme song of enthusiastic fencers like Ginger Parent in the foreground, who is one of the best. Badminton is popular in both interclass and intramural sports. That ' s Gamma Phi Helen Glasgow peering through the net! 1C ASSOCIATION Basketball, tennis, and swimming are perennial favorites. The tennis courts were always over- crowded and men hounded the Ice Box urging coed swimming. An athletic bunch, aren ' t we? SECRETARIAT NANCY VINSON and MARION TUNISON ably lived up to the tradition of pretty secretaries as Secretariat heads. PENCILS, erasers, pens, typewriters, paper, and ability are a few of the items needed for the job of the secretary. " Fifteen strong " an- swered the call for the typing, research, and diction duties issued forth from the master minds of the ASUC officers this past year. Bi-monthly meetings result in discussions on hitherto unknown campus activities. BACK Muriel ROW: Barbara Overton, Patricia Furlong, Connie Witt. SECOND ROW: Barbara Schwartz, Ann LaForge, McDermott, Edie McEwing. FRONT ROW: Marion Tunisan, Nancy Vinson, Lois Collins, Carolyn Lenz. CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Resting on the lawn is DON PATERSON, who rested very little as senior class president and chairman of Class Officers ' Council. THE ingredients are president, vice-presi- dent and secretary from each of the classes. Flavor and spice should be added with pic- nics and queen contests. Not to be forgotten is a calendar, marking traditional events. Mix together well, no need to beat, to come out with Class Officers Council. BACK ROW: Don Bentley, Gary Goldsmith, Shirley Keefer, Bill Cooper. THIRD ROW: Jack Andrew, Stan Cutler, Madelaine Holcomb. SECOND ROW: Ginny Carpenter, Connie Pfund. FRONT ROW: Don Paterson, Jean O ' Brien, Jean Pendleton. PAt L Robeaon interested Wheeler audience with hi- ideas of tolerance. oting day- -a the l ii; -t turn-out in ASt (. lii-tur . Students found JM-U.-- to -ink their teeth in and went out for campaigning in a hig wa . Still the source of nm-t Sl " (i information. Charlie Clarke, kept a watch on ASl C affairs from her office in Stephens I nion. On warm spring afternoons, the lawns were crowded with thor-e eating, studying, and well you know a young man ' s fancv. 5 - FOOTBALL FESTIVAL FOOTBALL and fall go hand in hand, and the football festival was a timely celebration. That ' s Queen Beverly Burnett giving us the gorgeous smile, and that ' s m.c. Dave Fulmer getting Associated with the character on his right. We went all out for the big parade preceding the rally in Edwards Field, as you see by the photogenic horses and drivers. And then we all went out to the dance, and wound up a gay weekend dancing to Jan Savitt ' s music. ROOTER ' S SPECIAL DOWN went enthusiastic coeds and fellows to the L SC game in November. They jammed in the crowded train sections and laughed. danced, and sang the whole way. while the band blared " Our Sturdy Golden Bear " at every opportunity. Our bear wasn ' t as sturdy as we thought, and we lost 1 4-0. but that didn ' t keep Californians from doing Los Angeles up right. That middle picture is the way they came home happy, but very, very tired ! V... ' V -- HOME HOMECOMING meant fun for Californians. Verg Gerard yelled through smoke at the rally to inspire a tumultous roar from the rooters. We also had a rich sample on the uses of Faculty Glade. Friday afternoon ' s parade of floats was a compliment to living group ingenuity, for drizzling rain dampened only the decorations. The Phi Kaps captured first prize for their " University Mill, " which depicted the impersonal grinding out of college grads. . ' COMING . . YOUNG man with the horn is none other than Harry James and young lady with golden lock? could be. but i?n ' t. Mr?. Harry James. That the judge? prefer blondes, too. was in evidence when lovely Beverly Barrie " 49 was crowned Homecoming queen. Axe-trava- ganza highlight- included a male " Belly Fashion Show. " Latin rhythms by a South American band, a heart-warming negro quar- tet, and Pat Thoina? in an hilarious Indian number. Tai ma pliant. " VOLTAIRE. PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL COZY Eshleman Library, sanctuary of publication big-wigs and Eshleman inmates, is maintained by Publications Coun- cil. Of diplomatic nature, this group serves as a policy mak- ing body for campus newspapers and magazines, directs all publications to submit all questionable jokes to " pub " was erary efforts and the ASUC. A motion requiring editors of publications to submit all questionable jokes to " pub " coun- cil was passed this spring. Editors and managers of publica- tion staffs rate seats on the council, along with the graduate director of publications, who sits in ex-officio as advisor and executive manager. Genial WALTER FREDERICK, director of our Publications Department, returned from the Navy in time to be in on the postwar reconversion of publications. Buzz Banker Nancy Hambly Phyllis Seidkin Ann Brookman Charles Livingston Barbara Stokes Tom Evans Lowell Mee Sally Telford Jocelyn Willat Virginia Field Paul Miller Katherine Thanas Ed Firth Jean Morris Christie Weatherby Small, efficient PAT HAMILTON guided Pub Council through the fall semester and kept things running smoothly. Spring chairman JANICE RIVERS never missed a University meeting, knew everybody, and adored mint candy bars. Outside Eshleman in the court stand the best salesmen in the world, selling tickets cf every description. Inside Eshleman, BILL BERK talks things over with " DAD " WILKIN in the publications office, while NORRIE WEST rolls out information from News Service head- quarters. Things hum around the building, for it houses not only the paraphernalia of five publications, but the voices of Glee Club, Treble Clef, Radio Workshop, and University Theatre. Manager TOM EVANS always called us on the phone, instead of walking over to our side of the fence. Supervising the selling of Blue and Golds during fall registration, he did a grand job. Conscientious and friendly, he has been greatly missed by all. Mobs of pretty girls around the manager ' s desk means LOWELL E. MEE, whom everyone calls Lem, was flashing that broad smile of his again. Lem was ef- ficient, brainy, intelligent, charming (he ' ll readily admit it), and quite the best manager we ' ve seen in a long time. You ' re welcome, Lem. BLUE AND GOLD EMPTY milk cartons, a tandem bicycle, and a kissing booth indicated that the BLUE AND GOLD spring sales week was on! " Buy that Blue and Gold now, " cried freshmen, and many students did. Inside Eshleman, staff members kept the books and sold pages to living groups and honor societies. Don ' t think this happy group worked all the time though. Saturday night parties were big successes and plans for Sunday picnics were set up with enthusiasm. In June, managerial and editorial combined forces for the traditional banquet where staff mem- bers previewed the new BLUE AND GOLD. Eager salesmen staffed registration day tables to sell Blue and Golds to unsuspecting freshmen. Here Margery Starr sells a first assessment. A vigorous campaign during the spring semester also netted high sales. 164 JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Jim Campbell, Lyn Cohen, Lowell Mee. FRONT ROW: Margery Starr, Joanne Cerini, Susie Thomas. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Reuel Smitter, Bill Shaw. FRONT ROW: Ramona Alien, Carolyn Froerer, Dale Hays. Mobs of handsome men around HELEN STORY ' S desk means that the peppy Associate Manager is talking again. Called " Story " by all, she is ccngenial, gregarious and a Bus Ad major. Her laughter was always heard over in HOB and was one reason for such good relations between editorial and managerial. D MANAGERIAL STAFF - FRESHMAN MANAGERS BACK ROW: Bill Arsenault, Sun Stetson, Jim Low, Lloyd McClellan, Gloria Kneiss, Neal Higgins, Richard Moore, Bill Ayers. SECOND ROW: Betty Luti, Lynn Morgan, Norma Crook, William Marshall, Diana Averdieck, Bob Frye, Jim Herndon. FRONT ROW: Jean McCoy, Barbara Holmes, Eda Mackenzie, Jean Miller, Marty Peterson, Mim Diamant, Irene Coupe. 165 JUNE is not so much the month of weddings, as the month for the BLUE AND GOLD ' S debut (usually!). After months of scheduling picture appointments which were often broken, writing copy which was often changed, and chasing " big wheels " who were often out, the staff wonders how the book ever got together. The staff divided into six groups, and put in at least five hours a week. Parties during the year relaxed our jangled nerves and everyone, including the in- dispensable managerial office, turned out June 3 for the gala appointments banquet and sneak preview of the book. No other editor ever knew as much as JANICE RIVERS or was as able to answer questions. When she wasn ' t after someone to meet a deadline, our little " edi-TOR " studied in Bancroft Libe, watched basketball games, never got Hepfer ' s jokes, and is one of the nicest girls we ' ve ever known. BLUE AND GOLD JUNIOR EDITORS BACK ROW: Polly Mansfield, Charlene Read, Jean White, Jeanie Mahan. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Thede, Marian McDonald, Edith Brown. Photographer HOMER PAGE was everywhere at once with his truly camera, while clever BILL DAVIS designed the layout and made all the " pasteups, " and artist DICK STEPH- ENS kept the office roaring with his pet names for the editor. SOPHOMORE EDITORS BACK ROW: Betty Jane Vestal, Dorothy Beck Betty Stansfield, Joan Stewart. FRONT ROW Dale Millar, Jackie Gregory. 166 Mmotl : Omt BftnWa Bpwn ;:: ' ; :-.-- ; ' :: --.-.- ' tafe MS Associate Editor PATTY EGGLESTON. who with the patience of Job scheduled alt or pfcuns and did MR rat ii an tar tkaii we did all --. - - . : ; -- -::.:: T -. - : . ;: -,:-:..= : ' .:. Associate Editor JEAN HEPFER, who spat am. mi Tap Room ban iiioanHj abort bnr pestered caapc bij wiis abort Senior Hall of jwd staff Kawtets vitfc her nc w-ftn iy jokes. EDITORIAL STAFF DAILY CALIFORNIAN Busy on the phone was manager CRICKETT WEATHERBY, who had time for many ac- tivities and did well in all of them. Manager CHUCK LIVINGSTON always told his staff " above all, be smooth, " and above all, Chuck was. THE steady click of typewriters ceased. " Pinks " and " insertions " were filed and the worries of advertising were forgot- ten temporarily, for the crucial moment had arrived. It was time for the Daily Cal Managerial-PeZiro i foothall game. This was one of the activities of mana- gerial staff this year. Aside from the picnic at Tilden Park, the staff went on a moonlight boat trip around San Fran- cisco Bay, staged a successful Christmas party, and closed a busy year with their traditional appointments banquet. JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Cynthia Parker. FRONT ROW: Nancy White, Decora Dwiggins. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Jerry Morehouse, Elinor Jess, Mary Margaret Trotter, Raylene Thompson, Jack Smith. FRONT ROW: Cris Bothwell, Maryly Stephenson, Jean Gustafson, Ruth Wildberg. 168 N MANAGERIAL STAFF ' . ' :.- :-.: Vs ; MUM) HELMS I tisinj Manager ' s jeb. Brainj, efficient, pleas - = ;-: IOCCM : pM :-: AILEEN FRANK liked Tap Room coffee. of all kinds. An ertrwert, Aileeii 901 along HI wftk meryone. CiUnnai will miss her. Sleeping all day, and orkig and playing at night was a sketch of Promotion Manage! DAM WALLACE ' S schedule. Dan heptfairlyaiet,bt took a tot of kidding about his milking cows. worked lord look at them earnestly proofreading, or sorting through old files for new ideas. That ' s checking the onmny for. the next day ' s paper, while Dan Wallace adds a few last minute ideas. DAILY CALIFORNIAN I People thought Editor KATIE THANAS reserved, but they must have missed her infectious peals of laughter. Katie worked her way up rapidly through the chairs, took tremendous interest in campus affairs, and was always sincere. A well-worn expressicn, " It ' s inexcusable, " was put to wcrk when things got hectic. Editor PHYLLIS SEIDKIN was the first editor who really locked the office door when things got hectic. Parliamentary procedure sometimes confused her at Ed Board meetings, but Phyl will be remembered as an editor who never lost contact with the outside world and was forever conscious of its problems. Managing Editor PAT HAMILTON was the source of cigarettes for the Daily Cal during the war. Now this busy little housewife answers to " Bradley-Hamilton " and wears Chuck ' s jackets, which are a little large. Ed Board constantly watched her to see that she didn ' t slip her husband a top pcsition on the staff. NORMALCY reigns again in the depths of Eshleman. From North Gate to Satlier a completely reorganized staff of experi enced reporters comb the campus, un covering important items of stvident in- terest. With the addition of a Telegraph Editor, more complete coverage of events in the world outside Berkeley has re suited. Along with pertinent editorials, the spotlight focuses upon the Ice Box which this year groaned under the stag- gering load of controversial issues " set to cool " by a lively student body. I JUNIOR EDITORS BACK ROW: Beth Rosen, Paul Williams, Bill Ruchti, Ann Beaman. FRONT ROW: Joan Emmett, Marcia Gray, Cathy Reid, Betty Humphreys. SOPHOMORE EDITORS BACK ROW: Jean Smalley, Ruth Roy, Lind Massingham, Jordan Young, Tom Winnett. SECOND ROW: Jack Bik, George Neill, Ben- ton Horn, Jimmy Estes, Mel Novikoff. FRONT ROW: Beth Rosen, Ann Beaman, Jean Wil- liamson, Pat Scott. 170 EDITORIAL STAFF ILA SULLIVAN could never find any matches, but was the rho could find anything en her cluttered desk. She ' s one are journalism majors who wants to be a real newspaper reporter when she graduates. The glamor girl of Senior Ed Beard, Production Editor MARIA URQUIZA had a hard time keeping the copy desk quiet, but never used more violent language than " Oh, for corn ' s sake. " She adores shrimps, especially after spending two days in Cowell from eating them. California has its Strawberry Creek, and Daily Cal has its " Straw- berry " JANE KENYON, who was always losing her occarina and har- monica. She did anything Daily Cal wanted her to, even to cutting out paper dolls. Professors cringed when they saw her afraid they might be her next " bright professor " of the week. [The sweetest girl on the staff, CLARA MAY TREADWELL, doesn ' t I get mad often but when she does, her face gets beet red. As Assist- I ant City Editor she tried in vain to keep " Sully 1 ; " desk neat and I took a lot of kidding from Sports Staff members, who affectionately dubbed her " clamhead. " Telegraph Editor JUSTINE TURNER had a pet peeve her wire stories and world news articles were always mixed up by night staff. Justine calls New York home and could always be found at " Y " meetings if she wasn ' t unraveling wire copy in the Daily Cal office. Assistant Editor JACK HOWARD returned from war and rapidly ad- vanced to the almighty Senior Ed Board, where his hearty laugh, ability to " chew the fat " for hours, and interest in campus affairs were put to work. He wants it known that he DOES like women, really! DAILY CALIFORNIAN SPORTS STAFF Sports editor PAUL LAZARUS never missed a chance for a wisecrack or a practical joke, journeyed up and down the coast to cover Cal games, was an authority extraordinary on sports, and is rumored to like " clamheads. " COME sunshine or stormy weather, mentally active athletes of the sports department check the crowded calendar of Bear engage- ments and impartially report the contests of each day. As Cal offers the largest variety of sports on the coast, reporting is rather limited to the local scene. The most haffling prob- lem is how to say what must be said in half the space necessary. Although the paper shortage curtails many special columns, regular features include the editor ' s sports- roundup and " Ramblings " by any staff mem- ber. BACK ROW: Bob Rubin, Sid Hoos, Dave Clark, John Bedecarre. SECOND ROW: Jim Dufur, Bert Gunn, Nina Westigard, Dave Kirby. FRONT ROW: Paul Lazarus, Carl Forrest, Bob Ralphs, Marty Reder. ART STAFF LAY-OUTS for the picture page of the Daily Cal and banners for special editions, like that of Charter Day, come under Art Staff ' s department. Herb Stansbury ' s apropos cartoons liven up the paper and the whole staff works on the gag lines. 172 Art Editor HERB STANSBURY confers with staff member Abigail Lewis, probably on cne of the captions for Herb ' s clever cartoons. tf Here is smiling ANN BROOKMAN, head of ASB during the fall. Ann studied hard, played hard and loved Tap Room coffee. t N DER splash of ink and clash of type- writer. Ad Service Bureau creates come- liither messages to he printed in ASUC publications. Ads are done on a com- petithe basis and hring first hand ex- perience to pursuers of art and journal- ism. So successful is this group that after printing an ad to attract new members to the staff, the office was swamped with freshmen. The excess ones are still packed in desk drawers and book helve waiting to be used. AD SERVICE BUREAU 957 X - MARCIA FISCHER bravely met the new onslaught of freshmen in the spring semester and guided ASB with a steady hand. JUNIOR AND SENIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Dean Cunningham, Gloria Herz, John Danaher, Betty Mann. FRONT ROW: Jane Lundburg, Marcia Fischer, Harriette Tyre. BACK ROW: Bob Slate, John B. Danaher, Dean Cunningham, Don Bergstrom, William G. Theisner. SECOND ROW: Harriette Tyre, Jane Lundburg, Mary jane Merten, Wilma Nuotio. FRONT ROW: Ann Brookman, Helen Lange, Linda Truxall, Elizabeth Mann Palmina Brunei!!. 173 CALIFORNIA EDITORIAL TYME waits for no man! Pelican ' s take-off on Time magazine was sen- sational and a sell out. Members of the editorial staff attribute their suc- cess to their right way of writing. These who write right do not write right, right in the office, which is usually inhabited by these who do not write, right or wrong. They sit and smile benignly upon Managerial and Women ' s staffs while chanting gaily, " Your Tyme is my Tyme. " Editor TOM JONES spoke four languages, and had an uproarious voice and uproarious sense of humor. That ' s Nancy Hambly playing " Kilroy. " Assistant Editor DAVE BARY is the one on the right, sincere, and goofy in Pelican tradition. David Bary, Tom Jones, Alfred Day, George Trescher. Assistant Editor GEORGE TRESCHER, JR., was an authority on restaurants and San Francisco night life, liked to give cocktail parties, and was goofy in Pelican tradition. Don ' t let them kid you! Those are Pelican members behind those non-Pelican maga- zines. The bottle of glue proves that they stick to their work! -v PELICAN MANAGERIAL EAGER competition among mana- gerial solicitor? was the only struggle found on Pelican staff? thi? year. Ad writers and advertisement ali j ?men fight for top rating records. The hith- erto rivalry and " iron walls between u?. please " attitude among the dif- ferent ?taff? ha? heen replaced. The Tyine element may have something to do with it. hut managerial sits in their office and smiles henignly upon editorial and women ' s staff members. nri BARBARA STOKES arranges for a big ad in the next Pelican via tetephow. Barbara divided her time between the office and Bob. Evans, E. Bruce Ellithorpe, : : ' - ' : -: ' . " =:. ' , E : = -. -.:.- -:-.:,:- EnPC Tana ; :. " r ' -.: ' , ' ' . " . " . I - . ' : " - ' - ' -!-., ' " . : of the staff gnf us a little leg art. Barbara Stakes takes their We sort of like the girls at it MB PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF PELLY flies the first Wednesday of every month and Pelican sales girls are still amazed at how Tyme flew. To give the " rah-rah " magazine a push off, these pretty Pelly models stand with teeth chattering at 7:30 in the morning to trap sleepy eight o ' clock bound students. In the month of Feb- ruary of this year, the girls found they were to be left with no Tyme on their hands. Other Pelly hours are spent in modeling, typing, filing, and smiling benignly upon Managerial and Editorial staff members. Women ' s Director PEGGY LYNCH kept the office gay with her fun-loving personality, and managed to do a million things at once. Women ' s Director LORRAINE COOK was known as " Empire " to hei friends, had a terrific smile, and turned out neat Pelly fashion shows BACK ROW: Norma Faulkner, Barbara J. Williams, Bonita Bentley, Mary Short, Barbara Woods, Lois Blakeley, Caroline Moore, Ann Mason, Kay Thatcher, Gaylo Gerken, Betsy Ross. FOURTH ROW: Phoebe Nichols, Joan Murphy, Bea Burroughs, Carla Henny, Jane Biedenbach, Margaret Ashton, Helen Vosper, Norma Fallman, Patty Lou Hynes, Jane Lamborn, Carol White, Mary Wittschen, Marcia Brenner. THIRD ROW: Sandra Carson, Frances Holt, Joyce Herrick, Erlda Webber, Lynette Laundy, Carmen Cusicanqui, Beverlly Gustafson, Betty Anne Martin, Pat Raab, Joan Talbot, Doris Nighswonger, Barbara Hochede. SECOND ROW: Paula Schiefer, Louis Moulin, Yvonne Runyan, Sue Keller, Peggy Young, Marilyn Mason, Charlotte Widdowson, Jackie Ezell, Helen Bruner, Bessie Poulos, Dorothy Jackson. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Livingston, Ruth Hudson, Gloria Govan, Dorothy Maggs, Jo Ann Knudsen, Helen Applegate, Margarita Cusicanqui, Doriel Goltz, Chris Bothwell, Marilyn Peterson. 176 OCCIDENT a ?: rfe. INCIDENTALLY, if you by accident should be swept into Occident office, you ' d find 12 J Eshle- nian teeming with humanity. They even had pink elephant? last term. The authors and artists who create contributions to the magazine have really done a grand job. Not a ver-ry. ver-rry arty maga- zine, but one of general interest, Occident hope? to soon again grace Eshleman court as a quarterly. Oh. we almost forgot Will ! Occident staff mem- bers will gladly tell you that Saroyan formerly enhanced the magazine with his literary trance?. tlmtftr VIRGINIA HELD was i bridge find, a transfer from OreM, a sjnvtoiqr taier aad always kad a big o ia. V E.ZZ =i ' , " t : --. ' :- ::- : ::- - Mi kone lookimj for people to tatt to. Tkis loned California, wade a lot of Boise, and beaiUM pastel ski sweaters. BACK tOH: Jack HwiwjL, KemeU PettA. Dan Reed, Ed OnwwwkvwJ- F KkCord, TieW, Ctarlou Will . . -; - - Occidtwl wet i its small garters and dimiaed tfee material for Ue nert issue. CALIFORNIA EDITORIAL LOST stolen or strayed? We don ' t know what happened, but the January issue of Cal Engineer is un- obtainable! This monthly publica- tion is under the auspices of an edi- torial staff which interviews people with slide rules. The relatively sim- ple problem of a successful engi- neer ' s beer bust is also formulated by these mathematical minds. P.S. If you find a copy of the " Mad Engi- neer, " bring it to the editor. He doesn ' t have one. t Editor PAUL MILLER, known as " Pop " to the staff, was a brilliant editor with a wife and two children, who dummied the Engineer over a bottle of you-know-what at his place. Spring Editor ED FIRTH drove a ' 46 Chevy and was known as the guy with the " Boudoir Eyes. " Quiet, efficient, he hung his hat at the ATO house. Cal Engineer members discuss the latest is sue informally in their office. BACK ROW: Richard Smith, Sinclair Knapp, George Nielsen. SECOND ROW: Bill Rcllins, Leslie Maland, Marie Pagani, Dean Lansing. FRONT ROW: Paul Miller, Ed Firth, Jane Fogle, Ira Nagin. Hordes of morning (and mourning) students are greeted by " Buy that Cal Engineer. " ENGINEER MANAGERIAL HOME base for the busy Cal Engineer mana- gerial staff is 115 Eshleman. These energetic " engineer? " spend most of their day survey- ing business paths. Soliciting and selling ads. a necessary prefix to publishing the magazine, falls into their field. They also drink beer. In case you ' re wondering, the manager has one ropy of the " Mad Engineer " ! It is reported to be cached behind a three foot iron wall. trips ID Cowell Hospital, sweet JEAN MORRIS the magazine and put her calm effititcy to Behind peppfnini ice cream cones, smiling SALLY TELFORD found printers en strike, the magazine banned, and still kept her good disposition. WOMEN ' S STAFF OUTNMBERirsG managerial and editorial staffs. Cal Engineer ' s Women ' s Staff almost equals the men enrolled in the School of Engi- neering. Left with the odds and ends of gen- eral office work, the women have the detailed jobs of producing the Cal Engineer. Approxi- mately four times a term, these girls stand with foggy dew in their curl . cli?tributmg the fin- ished product to the campus. The Women ' s Staff doesn ' t drink beer. vacious " JERRY " HELPER did a million things at not. uptuind the selling cf Cal Engineers, and did her wort M double quick tine. JANE MEYERS went crazy over upper division physics courses, reminded her associates of a human dynamo. Women ' s Staff in the spring semester. MANAGERIAL STAFF Joe Willits, Sally Telford, Bill KnaptOL WOMEN ' S STAFF BACK ROW: Evelyn Guy, Nadine O ' Brien, Sally LaFcrge, Virginia Sanborn, Jeanne Fisher, Virginia OHUnar, Frances Luke, Bettyann Huffman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Josselyn, Jonette Lyndr, Athalee Pidcford, Oriphiae Cevene, Mary Addle Short, Bonita Bentley, Marie Pagani. FRONT ROW: Jerry Heifer, Marilyn Throckmorton, Vivian Grant, Jeanne Case, Frances Rhodes. ESHLEMAN was busy anytime. In the afternoon, junior editors checked the copy for the next day ' s Daily Col. In the BLUE AND GOLD office, a determined freshman pounded and cut pictures for engraver ' s panels, while at the far right Bill Berk dictated a letter from the Publi- cations office. Below, Homer Page developed more proofs for some frantic editor. Week in, week out, the inmates of Eshleman threw their magazines and newspaper and yearbook together. They called it fun, but knew it was mostly work. 180 FROM Eshleman basement, where copy boys cut wire for DaiVv CaL through the BLLE AND GOLD -tudio where Ed Kirwan snapped pictures of pretty coeds and handsome men. to the first floor offices of Cal Engineer and Ad Service Bureau, things hummed until late at night. Students scanned their daily papers, or lugged their BLUE AND GOLDS home, with little conception of the hours of work behind each copy. Oh well, that ' s not for publication ! 181 " f ' enez nrcc moi au casbah. " THE GREEN HORNET. Typical of HENRY SCHNITZLER is this dynamic exclamation: " The action must be clear. I will not stand for this unprecise hamming! Repeat. " Professor F. 0. HARRIS of University Theatre told them. You are forget ting the " central controlling idea. ' Let ' s try it again, please. " " IT ' S hard work, but we love it, University Theatre active members, late rehearsals, hours in the " cave and constructing sets, minutes in make-up, and days to remove it, all the sum of perfection of production witness on Wheeler stage. agree all Weeks of designing applying add up to which we " My wife is working my way through college and supporting me in the manner to which I am accustomed, " admits BOB HUDSON between puffs on one of a large collection of pipes. Optimistic, slap-happy, serious, perfectionistic, fond of act- ing, of people, of acting, of Chinese food, of acting, actor Bob Hudson has for many years held Wheeler audiences spellbound. Incidentally, Bob ' s as proficient in the kitchen as on the stage. He ' s a master chef. One of those " gals " around campus who can ' t be recog- nized for her pin because she has enough to wear a dif- ferent one every day of the week, MARG LIPMAN spends most of her spare time in Little Theatre office. Maggie loves acting, unconventional people, rally mad gags, Carmel, and those who think she is more than fourteen years old. Her directing ability is really tops though, as anyone who saw either of her self- translated French plays may tell you. This little, " al- most looks fifteen years old, " girl lives in the " tene- ment " where the gang gathers for coffee and French records. Stereotyped playwright from long hair to fingernails, JAMES KEILTY has graced University Theatre for many years with his terrific versatility in theater work Acting and directing hits play only a minor part in his life, for his written work is exceptional. Calm, cool, artistic James, who loves to eat but doesn ' t have to count his calories, loves the classics, collects records, loves the classics, language, and the classics, is known for his extreme patience and concise thinking. Of course, he too, holds membership in all of the dra- matic honor societies. Twenty-two years old, fuzzy-haired little blonde and a perennial youngster, JANIE BENNETT has proved herself a real actress, having successfully portrayed every type. Child, ingenue, old women, character and straight parts are all within her reach. Known amongst the " gang " for her resounding laugh, audiences re- member her for her authentic crying scenes. Janie is one of those lucky people with one foot on the ladder of success. This vivacious " personality girl " is putting hours in radio work and Show Shop. TRUCKLINE CAFE THE E CARRUTH FRANCES TOBENKIN MORT. A VETERAN RICHARD ANDERSON BIMI. A VETERAN CHRIS MacLAINE SAGE, HER HUSBAND ROBERT HUDSON KIP. CAFE OWNER LILLARD CLAYTON CAST MIN, KIP ' S WIFE MURIEL ZERANGl E STAG, A SAILOR WILLIAM TUTTLE EVVIE CAROLYN PALMGREN COMMANDER HERN ELWIN WILLIAMS " Anne Carruth " " Sage " . . INSPECTOR GENERAL " " The Town Governor " THE THE TOWN GOVERNOR BYRON CHUDNOW A GOVERNMENT CLERK LOUIS W. BENNETT THE GOVERNOR ' S WIFE FRANCES C. PEPPER THE GOVERNOR ' S DAUGHTER ....NATALIE ESPINOSA THE JUDGE R. TRUMAN SMITH CAST THE DIRECTOR OF WELFARE ALBERTS. BENNETT THE POLICE CAPTAIN LAWRENCE SAYRE THE SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS PETER K. DANIELLS THE POSTMASTER DANIEL B. KNAPP A LANDOWNER LELAND DAVIS A LANDOWN ER JIM MYERS , DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF THE -. ARELLE J ( " .HELINE MARTI NF. LI CAS VINCENT PORCARO NETTE J. BERCUT MARY ELAINE PALMER ROBERT L. TIMMoN- CAST GERONTE HARPER PI ZI-S LI CINDE MARY ANN LOWE LEANDRE B AMLET PRICE VALERE JIM WEST GREEN PASTURES " The Lord " THE THE LORD DAVID WOOD GABRIEL ....MARVIN DWORKIN NOAH LILLARD CLAYTON MOSES ....RICHARD ANDERSON CAST MR. DESHEE, A PREACHER WILFRED TURNEY HEZDREL CHARLES MILOVITCH PHARAOH ELWIN WILLIAMS THE KING OF BABYLON RICHARD LYNCH MASK AND DAGGER REVIEW BREAK IT GENTLY Irving Kauffman Muriel Zerangue THE JACK ARONSON RICHARD BARTHOL H) MIJKNM-I- L BENNETT LOUIS BENNETT SHIRLEY BOST MARGUERITE BRO ELIOT CASTELLO PETER CERLONTI BYRON CHUDLOW LORRAINE CONE KTTX I) l- MARMN UWORKIN KEITH ENGEN -I F. GEIER AMANDA GEORGE TAFFY HEINZER BOBBY HIRSCH BOB HUDSON IRVING KAUFFMAN BILL KEASBEY JIM KIELTY I RGARET LIPM N CAST MARY ANA LOV E EUG LOWELL FRANCES MILLER JIM MYERS MARY E. PALMER FRANCES PEPPER DUREVOL QUITZOW OELOEL QUITZOW J N F. ROGERS CONNIE RUYS CUBS RUYS BETTY SADLER KEN SLEEPER PAT SNYDER HYPETIE TEAGUE BILL TUTTLE MVIAN WALLMAN JOYCE WEBB JIM WEST PEPPER WOOD PAT WORKMAN MICKEY WRIGHT MURIEL ZERANGUE 189 THE WHITE STEED " " Conon Lavelle " " Nora Fintry " THE CONON LAVELLE LELAND DAVIS ROSIEANNE JERRY DRUSKIN FATHER SHAUGHNESSY HERBERT HOMAN PHELIM FINTRY THOMAS COONEY NORA FINTRY. .NATALIE ESPINOSA PHADRAIG HOWARD SLAUGHTER PATRIC HEARTY .... ..BETTY WEINSTEIN 190 CAST BRIGID BRODIGAN ELEANOR WRIGHT DENNIS DILLON JAMES MoSHERRY TOOMEY ADDINGTON WISE MEG MAGER JEAN HAMILTON MICHAEL SHIVERS EDMUND RENEY ANNOUNCER JOHN PRESTON THE world of drama is a world of :-et-. props, rehearsal?, grease paint, and excitement. In the dimly lit basement of Wheeler, actor juggled their expre- imi-. pulled their hair hack, and made up before the mirror. Muriel Zerangue studied line.- in the corner of the set. property girls checked the tage equipment, and stagecraft member worked on the " White Steed " - -t. i mama atfc ua coup boofit MUSIC COUNCIL MUSICAL activities on this campus are numerous and varied. Music Council aims to coordinate their activities and insure smooth mutual operations. Sitting around the Music Council table are members of the band, Glee Club and Treble Clef. Their task is to unite the musical organiza- tions, and judging from the excellent musical entertain- ment, they have done a good job. Chairman DICK AUSLEN drove a tomato-colored Chevrolet and played the French horn in the band. THE University obtained a new foothold in the realm of music with the April debut of " The Trial of Lucullus, " ' written by Roger Sessions, professor of music. On the same program was Stravinsky ' s " Story of a Soldier. " Ses- sions ' music was described as " intellectual " and " individualistic, " and the high level of its production deserved much praise. The orchestra showed great sensibility to Sessions ' music and direction. GLEE CLUB WHAT would California do without Glee Club ' s Christmas serenade, their singing at University meetings, the can-can line at the pajamarino rally, the songs at the Wisconsin game rally? What would the alumni do without Glee Club at the Charter Day Banquet and the Alumni Dinner? What would Treble Clef do without those joint parties with Glee Club? JIM KANZELMEYER, fall senior manager, was the only non-bridge playing member of Glee Club. It is rumored that he liked girls with short curly hair and Packard convertibles. Spring senior manager CHUCK WELBY went on geology field trips to get out of work. This seems to be true of several Eshleman big-wigs. Some have laughingly called it the Glee Club Matrimonial Bu- reau, but the members also sang once in a while, and quite well, too. BACK ROW: Robin McGlohn, John Tomaschke, Bob Alford, Bruce Ragan, Martin Stow, Joe Goff, Jack Donasky, Jack Shirley, Paul Forbes. THIRD ROW: Alan Coe, Serapio Zalba, Bill Peck, Abney Dana, Dick Henderson, Clarence Parker, Bill Ellsworth, Bob Boies. SECOND ROW: Bill Woods, Dan Driver, John Bertrand, Gene Newton, Rod Roche, George O ' Hara, Bob Benjamin, Gerrit Henry. FRONT ROW: Jim Kanzelmeyer, Bob Basye, LeRoy Hadley, Don Tocher, Don Bocast, Joe Willits. r - 9 f i il t . B M : I TREBLE CLEF FROM Senior Men ' s Bench comes the sound of male voices. The happy girls in Treble Clef are being serenaded once more by the Glee Club. These singing groups get together often for parties, when they dance, eat and sing. Their spirit is unquenchable, and the " Diplomatic Jester, " the musical show they gave together, left everyone in gay humor. IRENE WEISSMAN had a big smile for everyone, and was one of the busiest girls in Eshleman. We also saw her at Pryt meetings. Manager MARY POWELL has been described by Glee Club members as a " well-rounded personality. " She loved to play bridge in the office, when she wasn ' t too busy. At four o ' clock in the after- noon, the lovely voices from the top floor in Eshleman meant Treble Clef was practicing for another show or performance. . - ; I BACK ROW: Dorothy Johnson, Pat Thomas, Joan Arnold, Shirley Ames, Ann Powers, Letitia Lesser, Barbara Brunk, Marion Taylor, Jean Struchmeyer, Terry Weideman. FOURTH ROW: Prudence Rogers, Norma O ' Connell, Berniece Allen, Harriet Nidron, Jean Sher- wood, Connie Thompson, Betty Hatfield, Jean Suffern, Penny Daley, Harriet Greene. THIRD ROW: Madeline Boyes, Barbara Jean Warren, Genie Lagasse, Dorothy Weddle, Markee Thomas, Martha Rushforth, Marilyn Spear, Pat Hawkins, Lois Keller, Helen Stussi. SECOND ROW: Ruth Elkinton, Marie Nutt, Margaret Gerrity, Lucia Johnson, Paula Wilder, Vivian Lavers, Barbara Young, Jean Prizer, Jane Wiggins, Jeanne Case, Pat Workman. FRONT ROW: Irene Weissman, Mary Powell, Beverly Byrne, Alice Sumida, Nadyne Cole- man, Stella Genian, Nancy Beale, Mary Lou Loper. r r HR. THE DIPLOMATIC JESTER " EBAND THE California Band, in full strength after the lean war years, fostered Cali- fornia spirit by supporting major ath- letic contests, rallies and university meetings. Providing music at Big Game reunions, the East-West game, and Charter Day exercises, and Davis and Berkeley concerts, the California Band was directed by Professor Charles C. Gushing. Senior officers, as returning veterans, were largely responsible for the renewal of band traditions. Professor Charles C. Gushing, Dick Auslen, Russ Green, Roy Klekamp. JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Bill Fay, Dave Wenrich, Bob Desky. FRONT ROW: Ross Adams, Bill Ellsworth. BACK ROW: Farrell McCann, Don Lynch, John Hecht, Don Codding, Non Noakes, Charles Gash. SEVENTH ROW: Dick Oehler, Bruce Browning, Dave Wenrich (Jr. Mgr.), El Soloman, Charles Reno, Bill Fay (Jr. Mgr.), Bob Larzelere, Lee Petersen, Art Kenalyan, George Fabrian, Marion Gjerde, Harvey Striplin, Frank Cartwright, Don Griffith. SIXTH ROW: George Shuck, Bov Desley (Jr. Mgr.), Neil Lucas, Chester McCorkle, Carl Trost, Al Canepa, Ed Nettell, John Fabrian, Lee Weis, Jim Montagne, Norm McFate, Tom Larwood. FIFTH ROW: Jim Hutchison, Dick Bowman, Wally Wilson, Walter Good, Al Hall, James Shapsten, Jim Hokanson, Jim Knowles, Raymond Spencer, Sam Hart. FOURTH ROW: Jack Heinr, Walt Nicol, Jim McCroney, Paul LaRue, Bruce Mackenzir, Pat Healey, Bob Wanger, Bob Yank, Jim Moser, Bill Ellsworth (Soph. Mgr.), Ross Adams (Soph. Mgr.), Bill Keasbey, Bob Barton, Jack Gibson, Jim Scranton, Henry Penner, Oran Barlow, Clayton Hastings. THIRD ROW: Bill Rebold, Bruce Fanshier, Dick Hanson, Dick Rihn (Rep.-at-Large), Conway Pendleton, Bob Fleckner, Will Ross, Gil St. John, Hunt Johnson, Dave McClain, Oliver Hill. SECOND ROW: Bob Eglinton (Secretary), Henry Rotticci, Bob Newman, Tom Parker, Jim Boyd, Larry Miller, Dick Franz, Jack Everett, Harold Dahlmeier, Jerry Coonley, Phil Don Landauer, Glenn Bryant. FRONT ROW: Bill Livingston (Asst. Drum Major), Roy Klekamp (Student Director), Russ Green (Drum Major), Dick Auslen (Senior Manager), Ben Scribner (Asst. Drum Major). SYMPHONY FORUM THE Symphony Forum, an organization designed to give the student of the Bay Area universities a greater oppor- tunity to hear symphonic music, reached the culmination of its activities this past year when it sponsored the Thurs- day night student concerts of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. On the campus the Cal chapter has provided afternoon listening hours of recorded music and evening forums at which various phases of music have been dis- cussed by prominent musical personalities. : : - -:-- - ' BACK ROW: Shirley Brow, (Caryl Hansen, Ray Prendersast, Ray Oobora, Raynor Mas- Dorothea Bartlett, Jane South, I HamsHt, Marge Tomer, Marilyn = :: -. =e?.f f. S:?. -; SE::v Bill Skews-Cox, Matey Pete Bond, Sot : :. -- ? - ' - :- ::- :: : ' " " !:-; -:. ' . mt wok oicr the atom . , Arthor Ti,hnjtil, Jeanette Jones, Sue Stimme), Carol Kales, = ---: :-- -.- :-j- ' -.- Of MtM ?::: -:: UNIVERSITY CHORUS On Tuesday and Thursday nights, the walls of Cal Hall vibrated with the scngs of music lovers of University Chorus. Professor EDWARD B. LAWTON leads the University Chorus in one of its bi-weekly meetings in Cal Hall. COMBINE two units of university credit with ASUC activity and you have University Chorus, a group of students who presented a fall concert and in May collahorated with the San Francisco Symphony in a magnificent performance of the Beethoven ninth symphony. UNIVERSITY i SYMPHONY : The University Symphony practices for one of its performances. Seeing as how we don ' t know music we ' d better " blow " too. Which will it be Bach or Paul Whiteman? That ' s the problem fac- ing music professors DENNY and ELKJS. NO Bach or Debussy of Monteux sounded sweeter to Californians as they listened to the concerts of their orchestra. The eccen- tric violinist, the temperamental ohoe player, the placid drummer were all there. Actually, they are regular students who have found real value in symphony participation under Professor Elkus. p ML SIC of all kinds fit into the Cal pattern of fun. The band played at basketball games and went all out for stunts at pigskin contests. Walt Noll- ner led Glee Club in clever arrangements, and the kids had fun as is evi- denced on the left. No better relations existed than those between these organizations. The Memorial room of Stephens I nion was the setting for the Symphony Hour, where tired coeds rested to the best music. D E B A T I N G " UNDEFEATED " very nearly describes the California Varsity Debating team this year after a victorious season, during which they made a tour of seven eastern colleges, including West Point, Harvard, and Yale. On this major tour and on another to a group of northwestern colleges, they discussed problems of the United Nations, of labor, and of national politics. The group speaks at local clubs and organizations, under the able direction of Dr. ten Broek of the Public Speaking department. The junior varsity debate receives its coaching from Richard B. Wil- son. Dr. JACOBUS TEN BROEK, debate coach and professor of public speaking, is known for his sparkling, pointed wit, excellent abil- ity as a critic, and great love for farming. KENNETH DE MATTEI, debate commis- sioner, was a top debater, sharp-witted, and an asset to the team. Caught by the camera as he proved a particularly good point, this debater went on with his talk. The team re- mained undefeated even at the hand of the old Stanford Indians. VARSITY DEBATE BACK ROW: Clifford A. Hemmerling, Bill Rogers III, Marvin Frankel, Erwin Wallenbrock, T. M. Eckhardt, Bill Sharon, Evangelyn Lewis. FRONT ROW: Kenneth De Matte, Vic Ferkiss, Mannie Kugler, Verne Newcomb, Dick Wilson, Jacobus ten Brcek. JUNIOR VARSITY DEBATE BACK ROW: Richard Miller, Amadeus Tarquino, Ralph Drayton, Richard Burns. FRONT ROW: Robert Peterson, Jessie Berman, Sachi Kawahara, Marc Gittle- sohn. A West Point cadet speaks on military conscription in one of the varsity de- bates. Our season record was an enviable one. 203 " La situation est normale, tout est maladroit. " NAPOLEON. THE Army ROTC program was interesting and varied this year. Lower division students participated in the program as " basics, " taking two theory classes and two drills weekly. The " advanced " ROTC, who is often a veteran, is the one who will qualify for a commission in the Army Reserve on graduation. The advanced ROTC may choose his field of interest from infantry, artillery, signal, engineering and ordnance. He goes to summer camp for further training and drill. The Com- mand Post Organization provides the ROTC social in- terest with dances and parties, lectures and movies of military nature. Colonel WILLIAM L. RIT- TER led the Army ROTC through a crowded post- war year. ARMY R.O.T.C STAFF OFFICERS BACK ROW: Master Sgt. Tucker, Technical Sgt. Beiga, First Sgt. Smith, First Sgt. Hunt, Master Sgt. Huntley, Technical Sgt. Remsing. THIRD ROW: Master Sgt. Barnes. Master Sgt. Jones, Master Sgt. Myers, Mas- ter Sgt. Kennedy, Master Sgt. Pfister, Mas- ter Sgt. Pogue. SECOND ROW: Capt. Flick, Capt. Holland, Lt. Col. Mautz, Major Chit- tenden, Capt. Buck, Capt. Bowes. FRONT ROW: Major Simpson, Major Saling, Col. Ritter, Lt. Col. Kinney, Major Barnes, Capt. Warner. STUDENT OFFICERS BACK ROW: Edgar P. Browning, Warren D. Cassel, Thomas J. Heller, Syrus R. Liberski, William D. Connor, Donald F. Whistler, Jr., Norman L. Fox, George I. Haney, Jr., Kenneth K. Little, Jr., Robert H. Gilinsky, Kenneth S. Mackenzie, Jr., William T. Farry, Harold W. Rood, Eugene T. Ares, Erick P. Schnurmacher, David D. McConaghy, Robert A. Kimbel, Harold C. Compton, David Terreo, Wendell 0. Beard, Harry Kronrod, Robert E. Mc- Cormack, Bernard H. Weeks, Bruce H. Gumming, Timothy G. Tapping, Phillip H. Stevens, Maurice J. Hitchman. THIRD ROW: William R. Coleman, Ward E. Lambert, Norman B. Newcomb, Alfred L. Chu, Lawrence F. Zant, Robert L. Cuttle, Lucien E. Evans, Jacob K. Theobald, John C. Jelatis, Stephen W. Stith, William P. Clancy, Jr., John J. Collins, Jr., James G. Campbell, Jr., Frank E. Zaballos, Gerald R. Bocciardi, William M. Enright, Wil- liam M. Cole, Albert M. Lapides, Henri N. Heller. SEC- OND ROW: George P. Wing, Royce D. Delmarter, Neale E. Buchanan, Karl A. F. May, William N. Morzov, Robert W. Decker, Merrill R. Conn, Clarence I. Jones, Erwin G. Wallenbrock, John D. Harris, Richard G. Barhite, Edwin R. Hawkins, Jr., Murray B. Petersen, Frederick N. Schweitzer, Forrest D. Ream, Stanton E. Jackson, Peter C. Weaver, Charles R. Covell, Sidney A. Matles, Robert Rodiack. FRONT ROW: Horace H. Crow, Jr., Donald B. Head, Willis M. Vansell, Donald B. McCaw, George Stim- mel, Jr., Francis J. Baron, Ralph H. K. Cramer, Jorgen Hildebrandt, Thomas J. Neller, Howard T. Sagehorn, Dale B. Neilson, George P. Agnost, Joel P. Martin, Edward P. Blunt, Robert E. Bancroft, Victor C. Bull, Phillip W. P. Kermott, Peter M. Evans, Norman E. Wykoff. The Army RO band passes in review. ARMY ROTC RIFLE TEAM BACK ROW: Murray Peterson, Joel Martin, Wiliard Froisland, David Burke, Harold Yackey, Jacqurs Nouaux. FRONT ROW: Cap- tain Bents, Robert Martin, Nortaert Muller. Albert Lapides, Sidney Mattes. Army RO members practice receiving code messages. Vice-President Detrtsch presents 5. ' ;-:: 207 CALLAGHAN Hall is the International House again, but the Navy ROTC is still an active unit at California, with approximately two hundred students. If one of these boys tells you he is a " contract " Navy ROTC, he has classes, drills and a summer cruise, graduating with a reserve com- mission in the Navy. If he is a " regular " Navy ROTC, he takes a course, financed by the Navy, including naval science courses and three summer cruises. He graduates with a commission in the regular Navy. The Quarterdeck Society preserves the glamor of Navy traditions with in- formal dances. In sports the Navy ROTC emerged victors in the intramural football competition. Captain W. WHITE, com- mander of the Naval ROTC at Cal, is in charge of all their activities. NAVY R.O.T.C OFFICERS AND ENLISTED STAFF BACK ROW: A. B. Becker, CSK; F. M. De Vil- biss, Yl c; W. Conroe, CBM; W. L. Stowe, FC lc; S. W. Mortensen, M Sgt. (USMC); H. J. Pick, CQM. FRONT ROW: Captain W. White, Comdr. J. C. Nichols, Lieut. Comdr. J. D. P. Hodapp, Major T. F. Cave, Jr., Lieut. Comdr. R. K. Arner, Lieut. J. J. Schmidt. CADET OFFICERS BACK ROW: Lloyd S. MacDonald, En.; Charles W. Curtis, En.; Robert E. Randolph, C.P.O. Adair Miller, En.; John J. Seer, Lt. (jg) C. Gordon W. Nelson, C.P.O. ; Amil W. Roth, En. Frederic A. Sawyer, En. FRONT ROW: John E ' . Cummings, En.; Harry B. Ellis, Lt.; Forest J. Hunt, Lt.; Anthony V. Messina, Lt.; Carlisle B. Lane, Lt. C.; Gerald G. Steiner, Lt.; John D. M. Brooks, En. 208 11 31 1 UIJULI On the sunny grounds of Edwards Field, members of the Naval ROTC get some tilings drilled into them. At the smooth Marine Memorial Club in January, members of the Naval ROTC bring their dates and enjoy the traditional Navy formal. The honor guard stands at at- tention, while on another part of the field, the snappy ROTC sand parades across the grounds. 209 Jaime ma femme, mait. oh, rous kid! " ROUSSEAU. ' SATURDAY afternoon was a big day for Cal stu- dents. In the fall we trudged to the stadium, yelled ourselves hoarse, and watched the band maneuvers at halftime. In the spring we ducked baseballs at Edwards Field, or chuckled as the track stars did their warming-up exercises. At Christmas time and in the early months of ' 47 those who hadn ' t gone home for the holidays jammed the Men ' s gym to watch our almost-champion cagers. p ' ;:- ; v?i- .-- :V - . i! v - f HARRY DAVIS was a familar sight to the athletic department for twenty- three years, and is now associated with the Oakland Oaks. ATHLETIC O U N C I L CONFRONTED by the largest varsity and intra- mural turnouts in university history, the Athletic Council had a busy year. As delegated by Execu- tive Committee, the Council made suggestions on all sports policy, including recommendations for award , letter?, managerial positions, and athletic events. The members of the council include the three officers of the Big C Society, two officers of the Circle C Society, a senior manager, the general manager and athletic manager of the ASUC. 1 . -.- ----- ig " C " president, was ing from entry GREG ENGLEHARD ma new at the job, but kept his smite Handy and did the workwHI. :il Stephens Union, Memorial Stadium, the gym, aad the Phi Psi house mere all home to chairman JACK KL1NGER DaveHirscher Monte Koepf John Meier SunMortrtlfr r Bill I Tom lull, George Walker Hal Walt RALLY COMMITT: " RALLY Committee stinks " is hardly a fitting epigram to the hard working members of Men ' s Rally Committee. This chant, however, has become a tradition, and rooters yell it with en- thusiasm when rally committee men appear. Busiest during football sea- son, it ' s the Rally Committee ' s job to plan rallies, maintain order in the rooting sections, provide halftime en- tertainment, and engineer the famous card stunts which is no small task. Credit for this year ' s good spirit goes to the whole committee, especially co- chairmen, Walt Goldsmith and Tom Parrish. It s Saturday morning and those busy men in the background are setting up card stunts for the afternoon football game. These leisure-loving gentlemen in the foreground are co-chairmen TOM PARRISH and WALT GOLDSMITH, who work just as hard when they ' re not posing for a picture. BACK ROW: Peter Hunt, Elwin Williams, Joe Ebrman, Steve Varnhagen, Jim Sheppard, Brooks G D ROW: Bob Hays, Gene Kirkpatrick, Ludy Langer, Bill Soule, Dick Pendleton Ray Foresher pnuu Dorius, Don Tocker, Walt Burton, Dick Powers, Hank Broderick, Bob Allen Gene H Gleason, Ken Lockett, Vin Angwin. , Buzz Banker. SECOND ROW: Tom pnu - i it rM " -ru " . 1 n ' , ' i -- ' -.v.n.n, uu u IICM, vicnc Moynihaw, Ray Maschetti. FRONT ROW. Walt Goldsmith, Wayne Thornton, Jr., Doug Haynes, Ken Medlin, Bob Plant, Louis Raun-Linde, Paul Johns, Ruby Johnson. YELL LEADERS ' . . . California, ow! " The yell leaders clap vigorously and the world ' s loudest rooting section roars to a spirited finish. Verg Gerard and his four assistants led the rooters in orderly, clean-cut yells that really inspired our teams. In the January election, voters decided to elect two assistants in the spring and two in the fall. Certainly all five were good reasons why we " stuck around for " All Hail ' . " " Com on, gang, let ' s hit it, " yelled VERG GERARD and the Jang really hit it. Very was the life of every party, and left Fijis e- hausted with his pep and enthusiasm. YELL LEADERS Herb Turnbull, Montie Haslett, Verg Gerard, Don Franson, Dow Barnes. Assistant Montie Haslett gives out ith a few instructions. Behind the scenes the yell leaders plot a new yell to really rock the " .Yous atom perduf lews pantalons. " CoNFUClOfS. 1946 FRANK WICKHORST took over the head football coaching post after ten years of building monumental California lines that were hard to crack. He found, how- ever, that as grid boss it was tough to crack opposing lines thus lost seven and won two. NEWSPAPERS called it the biggest turnout in football history; and it was, with 250 husky, potential gridders on the practice field. The almost impossible feat of a new coach trying to choose a satisfactory starting eleven from such an unwieldy group of un- familiar men was a major factor in determining the Bear ' s un- successful season. However, the boys did show us what they could really do when inspired as they knocked over St. Mary ' s in a startling upset, and later massacred Washington State. Although losing, they also put up a stout battle against the Rose Bowl bound Bruins having earlier battled Wisconsin to nearly a stand- still. On the debit side of the gridiron campaign were five losses to USC, Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, and finally (ugh!) Stanford. Although there were obvious weaknesses, the potential force that was brought out in these contests pointed to a better organized and more powerful Bear eleven in the 1947 season. In the hands of LARRY LUTZ, VIC BOTTARI, IRV UTERITZ, and " WICK " rested the responsibility of turning out a team from the mass of men who signed up for football. Center HARRY PIEPER captained the Bears three times, including the Big Game. Quiet, reserved, he never- theless had plenty of spirit and in- spired the team. The boy with the smile is Senior Manager FRED GAR- NER, whose second favorite sport is talking. It has been predicted that Fred will end up the fastest talking insurance man in the Bay Area. MANAGERS JUNIOR BACK ROW: Cecil Thomas, Robert Lutz, Russell Trackwell, Ralph Hill, William Gravem, Scott Foster. SOPHOMORE- FRONT ROW: Myron Etien- ne, Richard Fairclough, Frank Sanford, Robert Banning, Edward Buttyan. 6 VARSITY VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW: George Fong, Rod Franz, Don Seaver, Larry Stump, Louis Papais, Harry Pieper, John Elliott, Jim Muir, Tim Main, Wallace Amling, Ed Welch. THIRD ROW: Dushan Zenovich, Tim Minahen, Dick Erickson, Ken Groefsema, Bill Diffenbaugh, Don Doerr, John Cunningham, Ronald Sockolov, Bill Witter, Nathan Shore, Buzz Hamlin, Bud Stone. SECOND ROW: Jon Baker, Bill Main, Roland Chambers, Herb Poddig, Henry Borghi, Jim Turner, Robert Dodds, Forrest Bachman, Charles Erb III, John Swartzbaugh. FRONT ROW: Frank Wickhorst, Irv Uteritz, Fred Garner, Dave Hirschler, Jack Jensen, Paul Keckley, Bill Reinhard, Ted Kenfield, Neil Thrams, Vic Bottari, Larry Lutz. PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE STANDINGS W. L. T. Pts. Op. UCLA 7 216 45 Oregon State 6 1 1 122 81 USC 5 2 132 46 Washington 5 3 124 116 Stanford 3 3 1 138 107 Oregon 3 4 1 26 112 Montana 1 3 26 116 Washington State 1 5 1 98 121 California 1 6 85 128 Idaho : 050 13 156 A shock cf butter-colored hair and bright blue eyes cculd only belong to JACKIE JENSEN, soeedy halfback and sweater boy of the Bear varsity. East-West star and prize athlete, we lock forward to watching him zoom down the field for several years. Meet another freshman, ROD FRANZ, who has done a nice job of guarding. He ' s the scholar cf the team serious and determined, who brought two hundred pounds over from San Fran- cisco. Lucky for us he did. 227 BEARS 7 BADGERS 28 AN INEXPERIENCED California eleven was defeated in the point- packed fourth quarter of their first game of the season as the big, sea- soned Wisconsin Badgers rolled over them 28-7. The first half was marked by Badger Ben Bendrick ' s line plunge into the end zone. The conversion was good. Rallying in the third period, the Bears twice had chances to score, highlighted by the recovery of two fumbles by Ron Sockolov. Pay dirt was finally reached as Jack Jensen took a kick on his own 44 and raced 56 yards to a touchdown. Paul Keckley ' s conver- sion tied the score. However, in the final period, the powerful Badgers netted three touchdowns to win the game. Everybody knows TED KENFIELD, who ate cherry pie a la mode on the Washington trip, and is fondly called " lover " by Phi Psi fraternity brothers. He was the Bear ' s shin- ing light and hardly ever went out. Shriners watched him play in the ' 45 East-West game. RON SOCKOLOV recovered two fumbles in the Badger game one example of his on-the-job playing. Hailing from the city by the Golden Gate, still he let nobody through the line unless they wore the colors of the Blue and Gold. Introducing quiet, red-haired CHARLEY " BOOTS " ERB, who needs no introduction. A " whiz of a signal caller " and a mighty nice guy, Boots ex- hibited brain power galore as he directed the team ' s plays. He kept a cool head under all kinds of fire. BEARS 13 WEBFEET 14 STLY iinpni ed Bear varit . winning a statistical victory. Mas edged out in the fourth period by the Oregon Webfeet by a score of 14-13. Herb Poddig received a beautiful pass from Jack Jensen and made hi? way over the goal line to score for California in the fir quarter. However. George Bell tied the score by intercepting a Bear [ ;i-- and darling 46 yards to a touchdown. A recovered fumble by Boh Dodds provided Cal with the chance it needed and Tim Main cured. A muffed conversion left the -core at California 13. Oregon 7. N- ' -fd out in the fourth. Cal% score was topped by a 43-yard Oregon run and conversion. Outstanding Bear halfback k good looking BOB DAL PORTO. A pulled leg muscle early in the season kept km from muring for ewnrUring but rep-at-large, which fee von aid nl is easily is he does a !! 1! Guard JACK BAILEY was a took man on defense, and shewed a lot of spirit. He went skiing often- nd nen with his hair in tut tjK. he saw his End HERB PODDIG was on the right en) of several beautiful this year. This " old of the squad " a only a id calls Illinois Us BEARS 20 GAELS 13 EIGHTY-THOUSAND fans watched the week ' s biggest upset as an inspired California team outplayed the 5-1 favorites from Moraga, paced by All-American Herman Wedemeyer, to reverse last year ' s score and win 20-13. In the first minutes of the game Wedemeyer ran 70 yards to score 6 points. The Bears counteracted with a drive to the Gaels ' 7-yard line but didn ' t quite make it. In a determined Califor- nia drive in the second quarter Tim Main plunged over the goal line, and Paul Keckley intercepted a pass from Wedemeyer to again tally for the Bears. Another Wedemeyer pass was intercepted, by scoring George Fong. A determined effort by the Gaels as the game closed netted them one more touchdown. Becoming more and more prominent on the Bear eleven is curly-haired TIM MAIN who galloped with that pigskin to pay dirt against the not so galloping Gaels. His full- backing this year makes him a main threat to Cal opponents next year. GEORGE FONG, sub fullback, was there in the third quarter to intercept a Gael pass and scoot to a touchdown. A de- pendable player, he can always be counted on for yardage under the toughest opposition. Two more years on the varsity will make him invaluable. Here ' s small, blonde, quiet PAUL KECKLEY, whose size doesn ' t keep him from throw- ing beautiful passes. If he isn ' t throwing his own, he ' s catching those of people like Herman Wedemeyer, and dash- ing to goals like that of St. Mary ' s for points like those of the victorious Bears. BEARS 6 HUSKIES 20 UP IN ashington the battling Huskies forced the Bear eleven to r-ultmission as the final score read Washington 20. California 6. Al- though the first quarter was a stalemate, the second saw tallies racked liy Itoth sides. The first Hu-kie touchdown was made when Gerry Austin plunged over the goal line. A series of bad breaks for Cal was broken as Jack Jensen took a screen pass and raced to the goal for six points. The Bears were completely stopped in the second half while the Huskies engineered two more touchdowns to end the game with the score 20-6. i captained the team against the Htskies, and! scooped ? fumbles that motJd hae ineant tanchdonau Jater, OGCCpt fOT 3 tPTTlfic WASniMQtOH OFVCMSC. Blonde and married, he left for Dans after his Fehraary (radiation, and left behind a hard-to-fill hole to the Bear line. Good-looking DAVE HIRSCH- LER K Sortk Pasadena ' s con- tramio to the Bear grUinm. Fairly qiiet, I style. JOHN SWARTZBAUGH was a httefvan tackle on the Otiio Slate varsHy before Cal, and OK look at his ptaywg show ky. This boy ' s headed for big thiis and whea those hif -C= =- -- .12 he tackles than. BEARS 6 BRUINS 13 A RUGGED California defense held our little brother, the 6-1 favorite Bowl hound Bruin, to two touchdowns leaving the final score 13-6. In the first five minutes, UCLA looked powerful in a 68 yard touchdown drive. Deep penetrations by the Bears marked the first, second, and part of the third period. However, Cal lost the ball on the 9 and the way was paved for the Bruin ' s second tally as Jerry Shipkey took the ball and raced 79 yards to pay dirt. In the fourth quarter the Bears recovered the ball deep in Bruin territory on a kick blocked by Jim Turner. A pass from Jack Jensen to John Cunningham clicked for our only score. ' Good-looking, curly-haired JIM TURNER had many pro offers while playing tackle for Cal but all six feet four inches of him battled it out for the Gclden Bears. Stringy BOB DODDS doesn ' t look like a guard but he is. Plenty of spirit and fight belong to this freshman, and he ' ll be back next year. 27 . L Freshman JOHN CUNNINGHAM Icoks like Gary Ccoper and is a tall Texan that shows lots of promise. He was on the right end of important passes and plays basketball. This candid was taken at the Pajamarino rally. Does he catch her? For the answer, don ' t miss the next Blue and Gold! - What ' s a rally witaont a roaring fire, a senior roaring " Wort wood, te keep Ike heat awajr? and a Mile attanpl : : : . - :_-- ; - . -- . as LARKY STUMP, ko was kard too. Wkea- ever he played, bis opponents wished be bad stayed in Santa Ana. The coat node good Be of his tackling ability and Larry made good Be of his 200 ponds to bold that line at SCTOB- BILL MAIN up for his sia with speed and Wtll-liknJ by every cue. Bill was quiet, and whnle- --: - : IMS b DM SEAVER, who is coming down to meet the rand. Dan is from Oakland, tad t :::: : I : opnontiit well when be got in bis opponm got in the BEARS 47 COUGARS 14 A REJUVENATED California team battered its way through the weak Washington State Cougars to win by a margin of five touchdowns 47-14. In the first minutes of the game Jack Jensen raced 56 yards to pay dirt. Capitalizing on recovered fumbles, Cal pushed over two more tallies within seconds of each other. A combination of passing and rushing attacks netted the Bears four more touchdowns before the final gun. The two Cougar scores did little to mar Gal ' s field day as they racked up a total of seven touchdowns. BILL REINHARD handled that ball in true Reinhard style and his passing gained him deserved reccgnition. Happy-go-lucky, this senior will be missed next year. ' . k . Slender, quiet DICK ERICK- SON played for Michigan and was an asset to the Cal team this year. He will be back next year for another season. WALLACE AMLING played for Navy Pre-Flight, is quiet, has an engaging smile, and is a proud papa. As end, he does no Amling along at all. BEARS 7 BEAVERS 28 THE Oregon State Beaver blasted the California defence in a hard- fought game to win 28-7. At the beginning of play, the Beaver marched 66 yard? in 10 play for their fir?t i point?. An intercep- tion of a California pa-- on our own seven paved the way for another Oregon State tally. In the second period a Bear drive was halted as a Beaver recovered a fumble and dashed 65 yards to a touchdown. Later in the -anie quarter the Bears drove to the one-yard line but didn ' t quite make it. The only Cal score was made by Tim Minahen in the third. The Oregon State touchdown in the last period ended the game. Tackle JON BAKER a mm kaking aat life, tat a first-string on the tear eleven, he gaw the opposing lines ' ..... .i-E 1 . :-- -. in the Oregon Slate game by : : : . : " t :.: " :: He was the quarterback and the s-= - - JIM HUIR is rifhty friendly with that pigskin he carries, : crihM handling of ft. A front Oaktad, and a back, H scans the M plays, the better he is! JACK SWANER saved the day at the USC game by making one of our few first downs. This junior from Coalinga looked very good watch for him next year! BEARS TROJANS 14 IN LOS ANGELES several thousand California rooters saw their team go down to defeat before the University of Southern California 14-0. The first half was marked by consistent Trojan drives but neither team was able to cross the goal stripe. The second half, however, saw Mickey McCardle, the Trojan sensation, drive to score. The Bears worked to the Trojan three but had the hard luck of losing the ball on a fumble. With the Bear threat over for the remainder of the ball game, TJSC passed into Cal territory and McCardle scored his second touchdown to end the contest. NEIL THRAMS is a blonde, square little fellow from Oakland High who plays half- back. We hear his kicking is something to rave about. L Full of promise and pep, sophomore BUD STONE played a good game at halfback on Saturday afternoon and made a good band- leader on Saturday nights. Oskie was as big a hit down south as he is at home here the band gives him a " lift. " Hefty FORREST BACHMAN was certainly in no forest when he held that line as cen- ter. He ' s one of several " proud papas " on Ik -.(-=.- rib -.- Unta ftfc I ii ' A ' A HM 4 " T r i " This is the ay MATE SHORE, clenched fist and all, looked hen he started after an oppo- nent. Nate is a man-sized guard, played for Long Beach High School, and is a baddy of letterman John Elliott. BILL WITTER carried out the Witter tradition of California service Mil as he Mocked and guarded his way through the 4 r.. -- n m,t mm .! seasCT. A ramer rwanont Highlander, he did a good job -, -i :;- :.-. : - -.: die and into the line. BEARS 6 INDIANS 25 THE Big Game for the first time since 1942 the spectacular tra- ditional rivalry between Stanford and California, ended the football season as the Indians overpowered the Bears 25-6. The Cal team wasn ' t able to threaten at all in the first quarter while Stanford made seven points. Without too much trouble the Indians gained a pair of touch- downs in the next period. After the colorful halftime activities, Cardi- nal Bob Anderson scored his second tally. However, sparked by Jack Swaner, the Bears rallied in the last quarter and powered over the goal line. Except for an offside, Stanford might have scored on their last play but the gun sounded and left the score California 6, Stan- ford 25. Should anyone not know, this is ED " The Tee " WELCH, who as quarterback, kicked his way to fame. He also played rugby, and baseball, and dabbled in campus politics. Long Beach ' s other contribution to the var- sity is JOHN ELIIOTT, blonde guard. Beta brothers are proud of him, and we are all expecting to see him in action for several seasons to come. End DON DOERR, senior from Oakland, was always there when the ball was passed to him. He is said to have audited more English courses than any other industrial engineer on campus. Is that right, Connie? Pulling off the tarp is a tough job but it was worth it because the sun came out and the field was dry. Judging by the smiles on the faces of coach and players, this must haw been one of our better plays! a long time was end RON- S. He also dribbled in bas- arc.-.; tffefctC. GUS ARMENDARIZ is another ' ' papa " on the team, and a mighty good guard. Any- one who doesn ' t think so can gus again. HANK BORGHI held down the position of tackle and won his letter by excellent playing. Opposing lines decided to be good or that Borghi man would get BILL DIFFENBAUGH from San Jose is a soft-spoken end who changed his major to business administration in his junior year, and divided his time between Cal Club and the Phi Psi house. RAMBLERS ZEB CHANEY ' S California Ramblers completed a successful season, finishing up with a record of six wins against two losses. Off to a fine start by defeating Chico State 6 to 0, they then demonstrated tre- mendous scoring power against Concord Athletic Club, defeating them, 76 to 0. The Jayvees continued their winning ways by defeat- ing Santa Clara and California Aggies, 20 to 6, and 21 to 14, respec- tively. After losing to St. Mary ' s, 20 to 13, the Ramblers came back to upset UCLA 14 to 0. The game with USC was a heartbreaker with our side losing 19 to 7. Outstanding season players were Tackles Losey, Ramos, Sloan and Lotter. Men of action are the lifeline of athletics. Two of them, coaches NIBS PRICE and ZEB CHANEY, talk over the latest strategy, which, according to both basketball and rambler statistics, was plenty good. RAMBLER TEAM BACK ROW: Ralph Long, Dick Glaab, Fred Hodges, William Montagne, James Cullcm, Truman Campbell, Ed Merrill, Robert McNichol, John Hope, John Raggio, Alexander Ingram. SECOND ROW: Leonard Morton, Bill Smith, Donald Cox, Eugene Cassidy, John Najarian, Robert Lcsey, Robert Johnson, Jack Bullard, Russ Smith, Stanley Pierson. FRONT ROW: Jack Lamke, Howard Thayer, Herbert Schmalenberger, Jack Sloan, Frank Brunk, Zeb Chaney, coach, John Ramos, James Cline, Henry Morris, Will Lotter. 1 TEAM RECORD Ramblers .. 6 Chico .. Ramblers 76 Ramblers 20 Ramblers 21 Ramblers 13 Ramblers 13 Ramblers 7 Ramblers 13 Totals ....169 Concord Santa Clara JV 6 Cal Aggies 14 St. Mary ' s 20 UCLA Ramblers USC .. ...19 Stanford ... . 6 65 CAL BEARS UP WE had to bear up during the football season, and we did. We watched Russ. the drum-major, twirl his baton smartly and after All Hail we plodded down from the stadium with sunburned faces and a fool- proof analysis of the game. Trainer and equipment man kept sprains bandaged and balls available. We yelled for our team ' til the last crack of the gun, and never let go of that unbeatable Cal spirit! Sur la grand route, sur Fair. " EINSTEIN. " Nibs never loses a second game, " fans declared, and they were close to right. The cagers ' record this year was consistent with NIBS PRICE ' S fine coaching record during the last twenty-two years. ZEB CHANEY coached the Blues through an enviable season, helped coach In football, and still had time to play with his baby son. Smiling FRANK DILLARD managed the basketball team, and had his share in the ability of the Bears to almost capture the PCC crown. BACK ROW: Ray Wood, Steve York, Herb Hanson, John Bartlett, George Eas- ter. SECOND ROW: Russell Trackwell, Russell Spatz, Garry Wood, Joe Peterson. FRONT ROW: Jim Graham, Frank Dillard, Jim Carneal. 1947 FIGHTING to capture the Southern Division Pacific Coast Con- ference crown until the final gun, the California Bears were finally forced to occupy second niche in the race. However, they turned in a balance sheet enviable by any college quintet. As a whole they not only won 20 of the 31 games played but smashed three high scoring marks. First, Cal registered a total of 651 points in twelve conference tilts, then next averaged 52.5 points for each encounter. And finally, they topped the existing record by racking up 88 digits against Stanford. Four of the Blue and Gold cagers were placed on the list of the first ten league scorers with Jack Rocker holding second position in PCC play, and Chuck Hanger ranking as top man on the Bear team. Andy Wolfe set his all-time scoring record at 726 points. Reviewing such a list of achievements Californians can truly laud the 1946-47 varsity for a season well played. ! Key-man and captain, BOB HOGEBOOM usually played the whole game, completed some beautiful long range shots behind the circle, and acted as a steadying influence. SEASON uat mm s -.=- :: ::-: ; !--:: ' - -- ' ' -=: - ' - : ------ beam, BUI Durtee, Choc Hangar. Andy WoMe, Jack ' . : = PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE STANDINGS UCLA California Stanford _. I -. Won Lost 9 3 . 8 4 Pa. .750 .667 .417 Tnm the sMriivs the shot locked lite a sire tin points. How did we miss? Oh, well, we ' ll get the ball again. Notice how every- body goes to basketball games? 10 245 CHUCK HANGER had the jump on his opponents, in track as well as basketball. First string the whole season, Chuck has been tabbed the fastest rebounder in the nation. INTERSECTIONALS GAME SCORES BEARS. 36 BEARS. ...53 BEARS ... ...57 BEARS ..48 BEARS ...55 BEARS ...48 ILLINOIS 58 ILLINOIS .. ...35 OHIO STATE 47 OHIO STATE.. ...32 DARTMOUTH 46 DARTMOUTH .34 THE holidays really called for a celebration by Cali- fornia basketball fans as the Bear quintet came out on top in five of their six intersectional contests. The first games of the season were played against the Illinois Whiz Kids, rated to walk away with the Big Nine Championship. Going down before the Illini on the first night, the Cal Cagers returned in the second tip-off to completely control the backboard and win 58-36. Ohio State, Big Nine champions of 1946 found it im- possible to out-maneuver the Blue and Gold. With Andy Wolfe demonstrating superb floor play, the Buck- eyes suffered two defeats, 57-47 and 48-32. Displaying renewed energy after their loss of New Year ' s Eve, the Bears trounced the visitors from Dartmouth 55-46. Capitalizing on a large store of reserves, lacked by the Indians, the second tilt saw a California victory 48-35, to end a highly successful vacation spree. ANDY WOLFE ' S storing record mar " fcrance retard before he fratfaus. With this left haiifcd star played a beaMiM of Out oW sert. the all-time year to oo. -: -3: : -.. .: MBBMB1 ;:--. r: M .; the bewilderim of a H Indians, art this Army i ho stand wit Hanger at Cal in 1942-43, played that kind other of the reonU apooUi fjard. " The I service, and will be gn ;. BILL DURKEE was a fast mt ' impnHed his game kite in the laid wxt year. Fans yelled when GEORGE " SPI- DER " WALKER rushed into the game. Spider, who will be back next year, as a dashing, colorful player, excellent on the rebound. BEARS-TROJANS GAME SCORES I BEARS : 42 BEARS ... ...53 BEARS.. ...54 BEARS... 55 TROJANS 38 TROJANS . ..47 TROJANS . ...59 TROJANS . ..45 A SUCCESSFUL series against the Trojan five ended with three close wins and one almost decisive defeat for the California quintet in their race for Southern Division supremacy. Amazing free throw accuracy was the major factor when the Bears drubbed USC 42-38 in the first conference game of the season. Once again the following evening coming from behind, the Cal cagers netted their second victory from the hard-play- ing Troy men 53-47. The same evening Stanford split with UCLA and things were looking bright for Cali- fornia. The next meeting of the two teams took place in Los Angeles. And with the Southern Division crown teetering in the balance, the hopes of California fans were dimmed when the last-place USC five downed the Blue and Gold 59-54. However, on Saturday a rejuve- nated Bear followed up to outstrip the Trojan by ten points and win the last of the series 55-45. JIM SMITH centered the PCC five in 1945, but was pressed for his position this year. His experience has helped him greatly, though. Guard DARIUS " DEE " KEATON was a dead eye on long shots, playing for the Blues and the Varsity. Cage fans will be glad to see him back next year. STAN JOHNSON got into the game often and played well. Handy with a ball, he was good on Bear defense. Freshman BOB WALKER showed tremendous improve- ment, played in almost every game, and may become an out- standing center on the team next year. BEARS-BRUINS GAME SCORES BEARS... ..45 BEARS... ...62 BEARS. ...52 BEARS... ..59 BRUINS 52 BRUINS . ..46 BRUINS . ...82 BRUINS . ...72 IN OUR tussles with (the) Southern Division cham- pions, UCLA, California came out on the short end in three out of four meets. Although the Bears were con- tenders and even led the league at the beginning of the season, they couldn ' t stop Brother Bruin. In Berkeley the Bear five had a slight lead early in the first game, hut in spite of a last-minute California rally, the Bruin took the contest 52-45. The second start saw an invigor- ated Cal team in a fast-breaking thriller to come back and split the series by winning 62-46. Facing UCLA in its home territory down south, the two teams were in for a decisive pair of games. But the Uclan ' s classy cagers were red hot and again featuring the fast break they swamped the Bears 82-52 on Friday night and repeated the slaughter Saturday with a victory of 72-59. 21 A high scorer for the Blues was EARL STRADER, who pushed that ball in with a strong left arm. His record includes experi- ence at St. Mary ' s and Gcnzaga. Guard BILL WOLFE played a beautiful game for the Blues, and earned a reputation for good defensive playing. He and Andy kept audiences crying " Wolfe! " Speedy LES DEAN was a tricky Blues player, and piled up points by his good shots. Look out for him as varsity material next year! BEARS-INDIANS GAME SCORES BEARS 47 BEARS... 48 BEARS. ..46 BEARS... .88 THE Stanford Indians were scalped by the California Bears in each of their four meetings, ranging from a narrow one-point win to a sizzling 42-digit margin. Fresh from two successes and leading the league, the Bear five added a double victory in its first contest with Stanford. The opening nip-and-tuck race had Cal fans on the edge of their seats until our last minute 47-46 triumph. The next night down on the Farm saw a flashy Jack Rocker bewilder the Indian by racking up 17 points for himself and ending the game with Cal in the lead 48-36. Tarnished by their Southland trip, the Bears came back to beat Stanford again 46-40. Finally victory was sweet on the Berkeley maplewood in the last game of the season as Cal went wild and downed the powerless Indian by the terrific score of 88-46. INDIANS . ..46 INDIANS . ...36 INDIANS . .40 INDIANS . ..46 , GORDON CUNEO played for Cal in 1942, added height to the team, and was particularly good on these one - handed shots. -- V [Forward BOB DABLE played freshman basketball before the war, was a break-away forward who shot with amazing accuracy, and nearly always got in the game. Texas ' six foot four inch star, JOHN CUNNINGHAM, played football for the Bears, basketball on the Blues squad, and is a freshman with great possibilities. RAY LUCAS was small for a varsity eager but had a good eye he was a mainstay on the Blues squad, and has experience be- hind him. THE BLUES BLUES-STANFORD 45-32 4940 BLUES-STANFORD 39-31 35-24 BLUES-UCLA 53-29 58-40 BLUES-UCLA 4244 49-43 BLUES-USC ... .. 55-51 55-61 ROLLING through a victorious season marred by only two defeats, the California Blues took 28 out of the 30 tip-offs. Heartily trouncing most of their opposition, the Blues even played the losses as close, hard-fought games. This pair of whippings were administered by UCLA and USC. Les Dean was the indisputable high point man registering 241 of the impressive 1736 digit total racked up by the JV ' s for the entire season. BACK ROW: Gordon Cuneo, Lee Arth, Ernie Mann, Cal Riemcke, Dick Lar- ner. FRONT ROW: John Cunningham, Orril Saffores, Earl Strader, Ray Lucas, Les Dean. CROWDS jammed into the Men ' s Gym on basketball nights many came to watch the frosh play and by 7 :30 just a few end seats remained. Nibs Price gave the boys excellent in- struction, and the smiling faces of the players as they came on the court was typical of the team ' s good spirits. Chuck Hanger put hi-; heart into the game, and kept the ball when he got it. foul or no foul. erg Gerard would tell you that rooters " enthusiasm was terrific and everyone had a dif- ferent theory about when to " shoot. " 255 " Tuez, Tumpire KING ARTHUR. 1947 TAKE me out to the ball game was the cry of California baseball fans as they followed the winning ways of the 1947 varsity. More than 35 tough games faced the Bears starting out the season early in March. An imposing array of non- conference tilts was utilized by the stickmen as excellent training for the 15 GIB A encounters. When the very end of the term approached, California had won 10 and lost 4 of the California Intercollegiate Baseball Association meets. USC ' s victory in the south lined up the Bears for a cham- pionship play-off with the Trojan but only if Cal took its last game with Stanford. No matter what the outcome of this match may be, the Blue and Gold baseballers, coached by Clint Evans, can still be proud of a record of a season well-played. Here ' s " CLINT " EVANS, the " hustlingest " coach in the country, who worked up to the national play-offs and led his Bears to the Pacific Coast championship. Braintrusters DOUG CLAYTON and KEN GUSTAFSON, Big C prexy and Clint ' s assistant coach, look over the slants of the opposing pitcher. Team Captain GLEN " PAPPY " DU- FOUR was the mature, stabilizing influence on the squad. Fog-horn STAN BROWN yelled " Get on it " every time a foul ball left the field, and the other managers rushed like fury. BACK ROW: Martin Ve- senka, Bammy Frankland, Don Greene, Wully Wul- bern. FRONT ROW: De- witt Wolfe, Jim Nance, Stan Brown, Bob Trim- ingham. SEASON BACK ROW: Km teuton, George Yaw, Ralph Mclotire, Red Fur, Res BnzzoM, GonJon Sprol. SECOND ROW: DM Enos (coadO, HIM . ' , Mm Raws, Bob PctmoL FRONT ROW: i TucaM, ri Crow Ed . Jack Jensen, Virgil Brtfer, John Ems. Bob Andtnon, LaVerne Norton, Ernest Manm, O ' Dell, Douglas Clayton, Cliff HcOain, Lyte PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE STANDINGS ITon Lost Pa. GEL Cal 11 4 733 use 11 4 .733 L CLA ___ 7 8 .466 4 Stanford : 8 .466 4 St. Mary ' s 5 10 .333 6 Santa Clara.... 4 11 7 Cal beat USC i Ike playoff so wo the John Fiscalini, batbojr Jack AHm and JMH BroM are wMim their ire on the " . " In the bart!yoid behind the i uw the man ho doesn ' t need it,! 259 - GAELS THE 1947 baseball season saw the Blue and Gold nine sweep the three-game series against the Gaels. Nino Barnise opened the year by hurling California to a 4-1 victory over the Moragans. In the next game, St. Mary ' s offered a scare by knotting the score in the ninth, but a streak of good luck blessed the Bear and we won 9-8. The final tilt recorded only one tally for the Phoenix made by rjerman Wede- meyer of football fame, while California managed to knock in one more run than the Gaels and win 2-1. NINO BARNISE, another of the San Diegans to grace Cal ' s lineup this year, pitched Cal into an early lead in the CIBA with his " fast one " and precision curving at the start of the conference year. DOUG CLAYTON, ' 44 letterman, goes after a pop foul with the de- termination that made him one of the sparkplugs of the team. Noth- ing, including smashed fingers and dislocated and wired shoulders, could keep him out of play. JIM BROWN, back from last year, sends one over to second to start another 6-4-3 double play that so often took the heat off of our pitchers. Jim was big trouble to the pitchers with men on bases. BEARS - BRUINS THE Bear? opened the series with the L dans by whipping them 16 to 3 a we scored almost at will. Pop Duf our and John Fbcalini put the game on ire in the first inning with successive triples. Gentleman Bob O " Dell -ma?hed a four master in the fourth : Clayton duplicated the feat in the -ixth. The jinx of Joe E. Brown Field held good as Cal blew two early leads to lose 10-8 and 7-5. BEARS - BRONCOS CAL opened its sweep of the Bronco series by out-slugging them 8-4 be- hind the slants of Virg Butler and " Marbles " Jensen. Cal came from behind in the fourth as Ed Sanclemente blasted a triple. O ' Dell un- leashed a single, scoring three Bears in the fifth to put the game on ice. Pitcher Toso allowed no earned runs but lost to Virg Butler as Frank Fiscalini and Tom Kelly, left fielder, errored to give us a 2-1 win. The high point of the game was the double that Tim Cronin bounced over the left field wall. BOB O ' DELL, the politest man ever to don the Bear spangles, is one of the finest field- ing first basemen, comparing with speedy Stan McCaffrey and peerless Kenny Norris. His smooth cut at the ball has brought in many of the runs deciding the margin of victory for Cal. LYLE PALMER takes a high one as he moves in. His speed and judgment has gobbled in many drives that might have gone for one, two, or more bases in our wide open spaces at left center. Fresnman TIM CRONIN, stellar second sacker, takes a throw and starts his relay back to first for another of our twin killings. His pivoting and toss to first has been one of the high points of our de- fense. BEARS - TROJANS THE Trojan took the first game of the series in Hollywood as our men did not get their batting eye until the seventh inning. Barnise was shelled and Anderson and Horton put out the fire. The score was 8-4. Field alteration- tht- fir-t day served to fire up our team for a lu ty tart the seeond day as Lyle " Bud " Palmer opened smashing the first of Esseek ' s offerings for a douhle: the Bears carried on from there racking up a 1 1-7 victory with Virg Butler and Jack " Marbles " Jensen holding El Trojan in check. VERNE HORTON, Sm Bcnortin ' s ift to . .:. ,.:.= :-- = ; .; .: :T. :r.- Ik . The Oaks caM not get kis offer- less out of Ue infield. WILL LOTTER, sturdy reserve backstop, sets himself to fire the ball to second to art off anther tfftBBMM Ml BEARS- PROBABLY one of the toughest foes to face the California nine was the Stanford Indian. He massacred the Bear in the second encounter and almost got by him in the first. Cal just managed to cop the open- ing game of the tribe series 3-2. The Blue and Gold couldn ' t get a hit off Stanford until the seventh when Cliff McClain broke the streak of ill luck by slamming a high ball into right center. The Bear nine ran into a sad day down on the farm by losing the second start 6-1. ED SANCLEMENTE, veteran infielder from ' 44 squad, returned to campus to provide our clutch hitting and hold down second and third base. RUSS BRUZZONE has given strength in depth to our outer gardens and has been Mr. Mercury on occasion while moving around the bases. ERNIE MANN has provided the team with re- serve power aplenty and has broken up several tight games with power slugging. JOHN RAMOS, a fine young prospect out of the Marine Corps, was handicapped with a sore arm but filled in admirably when called upon as in the final SC game where his defensive play sparked the team to a come-through victory. INDIANS NINO Barnise had lost his wizardry and besides that, five errors and 13 men left on base did not help the California chances. A bad break v;t- also encountered when Doug Clayton was injured and had to be removed from the game. The most important tilt of the series was to be the third. since its outcome, depending upon the result of the USC-l ' CLA meet in the southland, would partially decide the fate of the CIBA crown. But the game was rained out and placed so late in the term that it cannot be recorded here. DICK LARHER, tack fnm last jar, ft Ml i on the nifht he defeated Santa Barbara College with thirteen strike-ants a SAM ROSENTHAL, a vet of the ' 44 served a the utility His skill at UK bases and kh fleetness afwl BrarNM the extn BMck that --, - ; ... ; ; - CINNAMON Coach HARRY KINGMAN, mentor of this year ' s Cinnamon Bears, is a real asset for he doubles in brass, serving as general secretary of Stiles Hall. CALIFORNIA ' S junior varsity, the Cinnamon Bears, won most of their games and made an impressive record. Team captain Ed Aitken kept the team ' s spirit high and pitcher Bill Grimm slung some fast balls. The Coronado catcher, Boh Melton, never caught a hall before this year, but spectators would never have guessed it. The opposition withered before " Murderer ' s Row, " when John Enos, Jerry Silverstein, Houston, Costello and Phil- lips lined up to slug the ball. Howard Costello was the leading slugger, with an unorthodox style and a good eye. Our Cinna- mon Bears, as always, did themselves up proud. BACK ROW: Dan Freedman, Russell Ridge, Jim Bulla, Roy Sharp, Bill Grimm, Rube Ormsby, Dave Anker, Jim Fiscalini (asst. coach), Harry King (coach). THIRD ROW: Phil Stevens, Ray Osterholt, Edward Matteoti, Jack Fosse, Don Danielson, Howard Costello, Bob Melton. SECOND ROW: John Enos, Ron Matin, Nick Preobrajensky, John Renner, F. M. Tomnovec, Dan Root, C. S. Reed, George Koche, Lyman Phillips, Gene Huber. FRONT ROW: Ed Aitken, Don Henricksen, Dan Costello, Bob Brian, Jerry Silverstein, Robert Cartwright, Richard Rowe, Dave Ander- son, Tip Handley, Don Grant, Chick Houston. TEAM RECORD JV Geyserville Hi 10-2 Commerce Hi 4-3 Saoto JC 6-3 Washington Hi 7-3 Mission Hi 5-4 Stanford JV 4-0 Santa Clara JC 10-5 I ' SF JV 4-2 SFJC 144 [JSF JV 2-7 Hamilton Field.... 8-2 San Mateo JC 8-3 St. Mary ' s JV 8-4 JV 17-6 . 8-0 . 9-6 6-4 11-10 .20-13 St. Mary ' s JV. Modesto JC... Marin JC Alameda NAS Presidio Stanford JV . Vallejo JC 6-0 SFJC 9-4 SF State 2-4 Acalanes Hi 3-2 Cal Aggies 8-10 4-9 USF JV 8-14 " STRIKE ONE " and the crowd cheered. Friday and Saturday afternoons found baseball fans roasting in the sun. sipping cokes and wondering how to see the track and rugby games too. Mana- ger Stan Brown ' s voice coidd be heard all over the field, heckling the other team. A high fly in the stands meant yells of " Heads, " and coeds ducked. There were arguments with the umpire by those who felt he called the ball in a foul way. After the home runs and the ninth inning, specta- tors ran home to make it in time for dinner. " Observez mon fume. " SHAKESPEARE. 1947 Looking the situation over was BRUTUS HAMILTON, track coach extraordinary and certainly California ' s man of the year. TRADITIONALLY the big league of track competition, the PCC this year was as tough as ever. USC came up with the best track team in the nation, and the others weren ' t exactly turtles. California lost to USC and UCLA, but beat Wash- ington. The PCC and PCC-Big Ten meets won ' t be resumed until next year, when it is expected that collegiate competi- tion will have reached its prewar zenith. Individual Cal stars who were among the nation ' s top stars included Don Ander- son in the sprints and Chuck Hanger in the high jump. Cali- fornia ' s team will undoubtedly be better next year as Coach Brutus Hamilton continues his rebuilding job with a number of promising underclassmen. AL RAGAN, assistant track coach, checks the equipment before the meet. Senior manager TOM PARRISH rooted hard as co-chairman of Rally Com- mittee and ran back and forth between Edwards Field and the Delt house. TOP SEASON MARKS 100-YARD DASH Don Anderson, :09.6, Michigan Meet, April 12, Berkeley. 220- YARD DASH Don Anderson, :21.3, Washington Meet, April 26, Seattle. Roland Maples, :21.3, USC Meet, May 10. Los Angeles. 440- YARD DASH Jim Lytjen, :48.7, Stanford Meet, June 3, Berkeley. 880- YARD RUN Phil Arnot, 1:55.0, Washington Meet, April 26, Seattle. MILE RUN Tom Hartzell, 4:16.4, Washington Meet, April 26, Seattle. TWO-MILE RUN Tom Hartzell, 9:45.6, UCLA Meet, April 19, Berkeley. HIGH HURDLES Ted Rademaker, :14.7, USC Meet, May 10, Los Angeles. LOW HURDLES: Ted Rademaker, :23.7, Michigan Meet, April 12, Berkeley. HIGH JUMP Chuck Hanger, 6 ' 5V4 " , Modesto Relays, May 24, Modesto . BROAD JUMP Jim Likowski, 23 ' 5 " , USC Meet, May 10, Los Angeles. POLE VAULT Wilbur Twining, 13 ' 6 " , Modesto Relays, May 24, Modesto. SHOT-PUT Dick Millington, 48 ' 0 " , Stanford Meet, June 3, Berkeley. DISCUS Dick Millington, 149 ' 3V " , Stanford Meet, June 3, Berkeley. JAVELIN Max Yerxa, 210 ' 2 " , Stanford Meet, June 3, Berkeley. RELAY (Don Jackson, Bob Humpert, Phil Arnot, Jim Lytjen), 3:19.0, Stan- ford Meet, June 3, Berkeley. non-winning time, but estimated within fifth of second. BACK ROW: Tom Parrish, Emmett Stanton, Winthrop Fish, Bill Andrews. FRONT ROW: Robert Gallison, Ho Crow, Bill Barros, Edward Ounlap. SEASON SACK R:A .=:. DOe-: := :--- -3. =3- ' ;-.3 - William Shaw, Roy Richards, Roland Maples, H. Ironmonger. SIXTH ROW: Laf Bums, Ralph Daniel, Dick Corey, Roland Carrathers, Kenaeth Rodts, Dick Hafner, Gillette frndui. flimt Pail Friedric Stein, Ton Gay, Phil Acnot, Pat Flowers, A. H. Peterson, Janes H oar, Frank Mosher, Bill Allen, Don Ware; FIFTH ROW: Charles Uwger, Carrw Mehtert, Edwin Risser, Nek LeggeU, George Rodts. FOURTH ROW: Ted Jatho, Joe Jin Lytjea, George UtttefieU, Jin Ring, Job Steward. THIRD ROW: Tom Bryant, Bob Don Jackson, Dean Uwger. " CJj WWV VWCJ, rMJWMH VlBillPUBEia tVCm C M IWVUf WUK nHIWCI r WJ opp, Robert Sherrard, Bill Cramer, C. S. King, B. U Wood, A. W. Br Oscar Dyrst, Don Elliot, Henry Haas, Hart Fairdongh, Lon Jnrkorick, John Way, Walter McCalhnn, rhjgb Mnnby, Ahsander Krooskos, Richard Miilgton, Robert Honpert, Ted IMd n rf. Jhn Shtppard, radl Schntae, Band Bnrg, George Stew, Tom Sdlhian, Bill Carson, Jin MnHll, Jin Grimes, Bud Maes, Ion J. Houston, Neil F. Thrans, Jin Anderson, Ralph FRONT ROW: Wifcr Twiniiig, Pete Hot, MH Dykes, Roy Saitk, I Mas Yerxa, Bill Coteman, Terry Haws, geynon Rose, Bob RedfieM, Bob Copper, Jin In ;: M owite a few as JAC K ry as H looks, too. " ;- " ' - ' I =; " r 1 ' .I If s ip and owr ewr K BhlWM := HM .-=. : -. : ,. ::: .-.:;::: --. LOU JURKOVICH looses a mighty javelin throw as he aims for the cinders at the far end of the oval. BEARS 58 272 It ' s FRANK MASHER by a toe in ye old obstacle race. All he has to do is bring the other one safely over. LADY Luck was definitely not with the Bear cinder- men as their Bruin brothers took a 73-58 decision. The deciding factor was the disqualification of Don Ander- son, Roland Maples, and Terry Haws in the century. Two false starts made the difference of 16 virtually conceded points. A fine performance was turned in by Tom Hartzell, as he won both the two-mile and the mile, the latter in the new meet record time of 4:20.8. The 440 featured a sweep by the Bears, the broad jump produced a surprising leap of 22 ' 8 J 2 " by Ivan Houston good for a second, and luck again went against Cal in the high hurdles as Ted Rademaker tripped and fell. I BRUINS 73 It ' s a record-breaking hurdle raw for TED RADEMAKER. He ' s oot to be careful not to knock over too many of those sawhorses, MILE RUN-Hartzell (C . Gold ifCLAi. Richards (C). Time, 4:20.8 i new meet record ' . 440-YARD DASH Lytjen iC ' . Arnot (Ci. Cooper (C. Time, :49.4 HXi-VARD DASH Scher (UCLA i, Hoist h i UCLA i . Time. :10.2. i:u-YARD HIGH HURDLES-Dixon UCLA ' . Hunt (UCLA), Mosher ' C 1 . Time. :14J ' new meet record i . HIGH JUMP Hanger C ' and Barksdale it ' CLA ' . tied for first, 6 feet 4 1 ; inches: Coleman iC ' and Minor UCLA ' . tie for third, 6 feet 2 inches ' new meet record i . SHOT-PUT Shipkey lUCLAi. 50 feet II 1 , inches; Friedenbach (C), 46 feet 6 4 inches: Millington iC ' . 46 feet 3% inches. JAVELIN THROW Shipkey ' UCLA . 200: Taft i.UCLAi. 186 feet 10 inches: Jurkovich C . 183 feet 8 inches. 880-YARD RUN J. Anderson i C ' . Tyler UCLAK UTiite UCLA . Time. 1 :57.5. 220- YARD DASH D. Anderson ' C ' . Maples (C), Capp (UCLA I. Time. :21.T. TWO-MILE RUN Hartzell C . Pattee UCLA . Seamount (Cl. Time, 9:46.6. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES Dixon i.UCLAi. Rademaker iC " , Sheppard C i. Time. :23.8. RELAY California ' Jackson. Ironmonger. Cooper. Arnot i. Time, 3:22. DISCUS Lewis (UCLA i. 143 feet I 1 ; inches: Page (fCLAi. 142 feet ' 2 inch: Millington iC , 141 feet 8 3 4 inches. BROAD JUMP Barksdale (UCLA i . 22 feet 10 3 4 inches: Houston (C), 22 feet 8 ' : inches: Laefield ' UCLA ' . 22 feet 1 inch. Will of the wisp TOM HARTZELL is in on this one. One of the outstanding milers on the col- legiate scene, Tom added a few too many miles and wound up in Alaska. No, he won ' t fall on his face, folks. Actually ROLAND MAPLES is coming off the blocks for a fast sprint start. His closing form it even better. 273 Fighting Irishman JIM RING fights it out in the half mile and will undoubtedly come out in front. r if BEARS 53i THE titanic Trojans, undoubtedly the top track team in the nation, took this meet ll l 2- l 2. California ' s showing was better than expected, however. The feat- ure event was the 100-yard dash in which USC ' s Mel Patton edged Cal ' s Don Anderson in 9.6, a remarkable time for the soggy track. In the 220-yard dash Roland Maples sped to a five-point win in 21.3. Other features included the 23-feet 5-inch broad jump of James Likowski for a second, Rademaker ' s high hurdle vic- tory, Don Seamount ' s win in the two-mile, and Tom Hartzell ' s absence from the distance events. 274 MAX YERXA really manhandles that oversize toothpick. Perhaps he ' s out to pick off some earthworm far down the field. I TROJANS 774 As an anchor man, BOB COOPER really reverses the meaning of that term. He is accustomed to winding up swift relay times. MILE RUN Bova iSC. 8 yds.), Richards (C. 20 yds.), Nash (SO. Time. 4:27.4. 440-YARD DASH Kerns (SC, 2 yds.), DeLoach (SC, 4 yds.), Cooper 1C i. Time. :49.3. 100-YARD DASH Patton (SC, 2 yd?. ' . Anderson (C, 2 yds.), Maples i C i . Time 9.6. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES Rademaker (C. 1 ft.), Gabriel (SC, 2 yds i. Futrell ' SC . Time. 14.7. HIGH JUMP Tie among Newman (SO, Follis (SCi, Coleman (C), Hanger i C ' . Height. 6 feet. 2 inches. SHOT-PUT Bayles ' SC . 49 feet, % inches: Friedenbach (Cl, 47 feet, II 1 inohe-: Swope (SC . 47 feet 5 5 8 inches. JAVELIN THROW Miller CSCi. 200 feet 8 inches: Yerxa (Cl, 187 feet 10 inches; Hummel i ' SC . 186 feet 6 inche-. BROAD JUMP Curry (SO, 23 feet 6 inches; Likowski (C), 23 feet 5 inches: Lawrence (SCi, 23 feet 4 inche-. 880-YARD RUN Berry (SC, 4 yds.i, J. Anderson (C, 6 in.), Arnot C . Time, 1 :56.5. 220-YARD DASH Maples (C. 1 ft.) , Adamson (C, 4 yds.) , Kerns (SC) . Time, 21.3. DISCUS THROW He inberg iSC , 143 feet 2 ' z inches; tied for second between Millington C and Mumby Ci. 139 feet 10 inche-. TWO-MILE RUN Seamont iC. 50 vds.i. Chern (SC, 50 yds.). Burg ' C ' . Time. 9:59.4. MILE RELAY Won by California ( Jackson. Shephard, Cooper, Lvtjen by 1 yard i . Time ; f It ' s one obstacle after another for hurdler JACK NORBERG. His big- gest hurdle was an injured leg this season. 275 In the middle distance PHIL ARNOT is a speed burner and consistent point winner. Here he is in a stretch drive. JIM LYTJEN picks ' em up and lays ' em down to good effect. He is another dependable middle distance man. BEARS 8H 4 DICK MILLINGTON can serve that platter at longer range than most people can even see the waiter. 276 If it ' s a relay, HARRY IRONMONGER is sure to be around to do his bit for the Blue and Gold. IT was a finish in a blaze of glory for our dual meet season as the Blue and Gold thinclads routed the In- dians. Premeet ratings were even but the Californians took all the close ones. Max Yerxa gave out with a 210- foot javelin toss, Jim Lytjen took the quarter in a fast finish and Cal swept the two-mile, the supposedly pivotal event. Other features were the surprise show- ing of Tom Bryant in the high jump, Dick Millington ' s and Hugh Mumby ' s one-two finish in the discus, Maples ' and Anderson ' s showing in the 100 and 220- yard dash, and Ted Rademaker ' s win in. the low hurdles. DAN SEAMOUNT speeds ever a distance in nothing flat that most people would have trouble walking. In the two-mile he ' s a winner. INDIANS 491- IVAN HOUSTON is not climbing imaginary steps but is in the process of a large leap. He lifts his chin and feet for added distance. MILE RUN Ganahl (S Littlefield (O.Edgecomb (C),Burg (C).Time, 4:26.2. UO.y RD DASH Lytjen (O,Hoff (S). Johnson (S).Time, :48.7. 100-YARD DASH Anderson Id, Maples (C), Maxwell (S).Time, :09.9. SHOT-PUT Chandler (Si, Millington (C , Friedenbach (C). Distance, 48 feet, 3% inches. HIGH HURDLES Snyder (S), Rademaker (O,Kent (S).Time, :14.6. 880-YARD DASH Grimes (S), Arnot (Cl, Holubar (S). Time, 1:56.4. JAVELIN Yerxa (C), Coker (S). Jurkovich (Cl. Distance, 210 feet, 2 inches. 220-YARD DASH Anderson (C , Maples (C), Maxwell (S).Time, :21.8. TWO-MILE RUN Elliot (C , Blair (Ci,Seamount (C). Time, 9:51.5. HIGH JIMP Bryant (Cl. Hanger (O.Bryan (S I . Height, 6 feet, 4 inches. DISCUS Millington (C),Mnmby (C),McKee (S). Distance, 149 feet, 3 % inches. LOW HI RDLES-Rademaker (C), Snyder (S), Bryan (S). Time, :23.8. POLE VAULT Twining (C) and Larson (Si, Smith (C) and Campbell (C), Anderson (S),Held (S I . Height. 13 feet. BROAD JUMP Likowski C), Fank (S), Friedenbach (C). Distance, 23 feet. I 1 2 inches. MILE RELAY Stanford (Maxwell. Wilkins. Grimes, Hoff I. Time, 3:18.8. . ll M Not a Junior Birdman but CHUCK HANGER at his usua plus above terra firma. feet and some inches He ' s off and it ' s TERRY HAWS in a sprint. Whatever the outcome it ' s a sure thing that Terry will give his all for California. 277 Michigan track stars take the lead in the opening meet NON-CONFERENCE MICHIGAN surprised the Bears with a 71-59 win in the season opener. Lack of practice was the California theme, but several unex- pected performances were turned in. The Washington Huskies fell 76-55 to the Cal cinder-burners for their initial victory. Tom Hartzell featured a 4:16.4 mile. The Olym- pic Club was another victim 73 1 2-57 1 2 de- spite the Club ' s heavy advantage in the field events. The Modesto Relays resulted in a fourth for California against the cream of the nation ' s track men. The Olympic Club battled it out with the Bears, who, incidentally, won the meet. JUNIOR VARSITY IT was the junior varsity team against all comers, and the season results were almost monotonous in the regularity of victories for the junior varsity cindermen. Each meet pitted them against a combined team of junior colleges. The junior colleges all had their individual stars, but the junior varsity team was too deep with dependable performers to allow- any of the junior colleges to amass many points. The per- sonnel of the team varied greatly as star performers were moved to varsity competition and varsity runners were given more practice. SEASON SUMMARY San Francisco Hiib School- _ 49 Mode-to. Sacramento. Salina- Junior Colleges.... 66 San Maleo. San Francisco, and Menlo J.I Marin. Napa. Santa Ro-a. Ynba. Storkton. Val- lejo. and Placer J.C. 62.1 Alameda. Contra Co4a All-Starr _ 30 St. Man, " - 46.5 , Oh. mon dot! ' Qu ISIMODO 1947 Surrounded by pictures of California ' s victories, Coach KY EBRIGHT grins and plans for new ones. PACIFIC Coast Champions! This year the varsity added another title to California ' s growing list. With last year ' s sorry showing at the Lake Washington National Sprint Races heralding them, they seemed an unimpressive eight. However, they have had the fullest season that any California crew has had and one of the best. Open- ing by decisively defeating UCLA and Stanford, they went on to trounce Washington in one of the greatest races in crew history. A week later they repeated this performance with Wisconsin. Now the varsity is preparing for the National Championships at Pough- keepsie, N. Y., and for this year ' s Sprint Races on Lake Washing- ton. All veterans of former crews, the varsity consists of: stroke, Bill Noack; 7, Dave L. Turner; 6, Jim Hardy; 5, Jack Stack; 4, Reese Peek; 3, Chip Gunther; 2, Bob Spenger; bow, Ray Morten- sen, and coxswain, Ralph Purchase. Senior Manager TOM TULLY is known for his sense of humor and his expression, " Every- thing ' s okay, boys; your old Dad ' s here. " Two little men with great big voices and the fire that sparks a crew are coxswains RALPH PURCHASE and BOB WHITE. MANAGERS BACK ROW: John Peck, Gerry Malone, Al Mattern, Bill Spicer, Bob Andrews, Jim Yost. FRONT ROW: Tom Tully, George Cook, Bard Howe. VARSITY BACK ROW: Ely, Turner, Anderson, Cummings, Broderick, Mark, Lindfors, Turner. THIRD ROW: Hughes, Hoffman, Murphy, Scherer, Williams, Mortenson, Obenland, Maggeti, Tourtellotte, Moore, Barry, Ky Ebright. SECOND ROW: Noack, Goeri, Chappell, Erdman, Gunther, Stack, Peek, Spenger, Hardy, Ewing, Blair. FRONT ROW: White, Cox, Purchase, Lapides, Rich, Stafford. Hero of an engagement at Truk, and the donator of Cal ' s newest and best shell, GEORGE BLAIR is also noted for his appetite at training table. Here ' s one Admiral ' s son who can ' t get enough of the water. ERNEST " CHIP " GUNTHER is an experienced hand in California ' s navy. Varsity stroke BILL NOACK rowed with the Freshmen in ' 42 and stroked Cal in last year ' s Washington Regatta. His grim look is probably in memory of that race. Now in his third year of rowing the bow position with the varsity, RAY MORTENSEN carries on a family tradition in that spot. UCLA CALIFORNIA opened its season with the UCLA meet on May 10. In spite of inexperence and lack of veteran oarsmen, UCLA rowed the 2000 meter course with good form and gave the varsity a closer race than predicted. The Bruins kept well up with the varsity, though they were rowing 36 to California ' s 31. It was only in the last half of the race that the Bears pulled away, winning by four lengths in 5:57. It ' s a touchy moment when the shells come out. They ' re worth $2,000 apiece and are very fragile. A silent man in and around the boat house, JACK " PAPPY " STACK saves his voice for shouting encouragement when the races are on. A transfer from M.I.T., BOB HUGHES proves that they row well there. He is noted for his smooth form and his appeal to campus women. STANFORD - - 1 THE Stanford Indians, with only one year of pre- vious rowing experience, were not expected to take the strong California varsity. ind and tide favorable. California pulled away from Stanford at the start and gained on them until finishing. The Indians rowed from 32 to 36 while the Bears rowed from 28 to 32. Stanford did not have the drive to overtake the Bears, and California won the two-mile race by seven lengths in 10:19. There is no waiting and no delay the shells move out as rapidly as possible. DAVE L. TURNER, who holds down the varsity number seven spot, is very particular about that middle initial. Seems the Seattle papers got it wrong and his wife didn ' t know he had rowed. Big JIM HARDY, varsity number six man, returned this year to resume his prewar rowing. He can still be seen on iring his class of ' 45 frosh numerals. Another prewar oarsman, BURT HOFFMAN, is one of a family of crewmen. He carries on the tradition in the JV boat. WASHINGTON GETTING off to a poor start, the Bears were three-quarters of a length behind the Huskies as the race got well under way, and two lengths be- hind at Lake Washington ' s 1%-mile point. Then it happened. The Bears slowly gained speed, and matching the Huskies stroke for stroke, passed them like a streamliner passing a freight. They gained four lengths in the last one and one-half miles, a thing which veterans say cannot be done, to beat Washington in 16:55. Part bull session and part experi- mentation with new rowing tech- niques are meetings like this in the boat house. Senior DUNCAN WILLIAMS rowed the California ' s great ' 43 freshman boat. His only complaint with crew is that he never gets socks to fit him. DICK OBENLAND is anot her prewar oarsman. After holding down a varsity spot, he had to leave because of studies. BOB CHAPPELL is always in one of the two first boats. But he moves between them so frequently that on one seems to know whether he is defintely varsity or JV. WISCONSIN -- :-: :: -: - CALIFORNIA concluded its rowing season on the estuary with a powerful victory over Wisconsin on May 31. Rowing the three-mile course with a stroke ranging between 29 and 34. the Bears pulled away from the Badgers at the start and easily held their margin to win by five lengths. It was clearly California ' s race all the way. and while far from the record, the winning time of 5 : 16 was good considering slack tide and choppy water. Known as King NepUne to his crew- mates, JV TED BARRY doesn ' t care for the title. Hif past experience in- cludes fresbm and JV boats before the war. Another JV oarsman, PERTH UNDFORS continues the sea- faring Swedish tradition with the crew. Noted for his power and drive, he is also known for his spirit during races. BOB SPENCER rowed with the ' 43 Seattle Sprint Races. He had two old Washington and did so in the varsity and in the ' 46 to settle with r two position. in the JV, JOHN GOERL rowed with the ' 42 freshmen and the ' 43 junior varsity. He is one of the pen hi his boat, and has a lot of power besides. E JUNIOR VARSITY E CALIFORNIA ' S junior varsity opened their season on May 10 by defeating the UCLA JV by five lengths in 5 :57 over a 2000-meter course. A week later they moved on to smother the Stanford JV by 10 lengths in 10 :49 on a two-mile course. On the same day, the second JV boat swamped Sacramento by three lengths in 6 :28 over 2000 meters. Although favored to take Washington, the Bears lost to the Huskies by two lengths on Seattle ' s three-mile course. This was their last race of the season, for they relinquished their berths to the freshmen on May 31, and the latter defeated Wisconsin on that date. All in all the JV season has had its ups and downs, and was good but unimpressive. Caught tinkering with the temperamental motor of the coaches ' launch are Assistant Coach JIM LEMMON and Mechanic FRANK MORRIS. FIRST BOAT: Bob Spenger, ... Barry, Bob Chappell, John Stack, Burt Hoffman, George Blair, Bill Scherer, Dave M. Turner, Coxswain Ralph Purchase. Even in practice, races soon develop. Here the JV ' s and third boat fight for supremacy. FRESHMEN THE freshmen opened on May 10, chalking up a three- length victory over San Diego State in 5:57. This was fol- lowed on May 17 by an eight-length win over the Stanford freshmen in 6:32 on the same 2000-meter course. On May 24 they were beaten by a superior Washington boat on Lake Washington, losing by six lengths. A week later they took over the JV boat to defeat Wisconsin by three lengths in 16:06 on a three-mile course. JrsTfresh With his mat mat ma lumlJmis as JVs, RUSS NAGLER is in a good you win you ' re mine; if you K s, " he says. lose, " If FIRST BOAT: Ian Turner, Jack Torres, DarreU Welt , George Aklgren, Lloyd Butler, Dick Amandes, Irwin Ottenberg, War- BACK ROW: Brown, Work, Ken, Welch, Gaisford, Torres, Ahloren, Larsen, I off. Frost, Benson. THIRD ROW: tmmtt!, Meyer, ThMV- son, Randall, Butler, McNa- mara, Andltws, BrMgman, Stro- berger, McOade, Smith. SEC- OND ROW: Langner, Oeverel, SveHz, Snaner, Bnozone, Mar- ti , SUmp, Price, Willback. Turner, Ottenberg. FRONT ROW: Branson, Baird, Surges Caroenter, Ware. " Pour cf jfu-la. il jaut des guts. " CAESAR. 1947 Coach DICK STEPHEN ' S first season with the netmen saw him learn- ing from " scratch " and picking up invaluable information for next year ' s teams. THE Bear netmen bettered their 1946 record by winning more than a fourth of their matches. In non-conference play, the Bears lost twice to the COP Tigers and their un- beatable big three, Druliner, Larson, and Pfister, and re- peated a double loss with Harry Likas and the USF netmen. Cal ' s only non-conference victories were against Modesto JC and SF State. In conference play, the Bears triumphed over the Stanford Indians, and suffered double losses to USC and UCLA, which put the Bears in the bottom half of the conference standings. Ralph Gish, Bob Borland, Bill Beale, Phil Seymour, Dick Grenfell, and Morris Sockolov held the top six singles positions. Most of the season, doubles teams were usually composed of Gish and Beale first doubles, Bor- land and Chip Cheny second doubles, and Phil and Bob Seymour in the third doubles position. Friendly, auburn-haired DICK HALL1DAY tackled Bus Ad books when he had time off from his senior mana- ger ' s duties, and kept his ball and racquet at the Kappa Sig house. TENNIS MANAGERS BACK ROW: Brooke Sawyer, Dick Halliday, Jim Spangler. FRONT ROW: Laddie Mathews, Holly Jones. NOT PICTURED: Sam Beckwith. VARSITY BACK ROW: Dick Stevens (coach), Bob Borland, Chip Cheney, Spencer Kern, Cameron Fair, Ken Hayes. MIDDLE ROW: Mel Witt, Morris Sockolov, Ralph Gish, Bob Seymour, Bob Vincent. FRONT ROW: Dick Grenfell, Bill Beale, Phil Seymour, Clark Maser. PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won use UCLA 5 California 1 Stanford . 1 Probably the oldest sophomore in Cal history, 32-year-old BOB BORLAND threatens to hold down his number one spot on Cal ' s team for some time. Lost 1 1 5 5 293 Former junior champ MORRIE SOCKOLOV held down Cal ' s number six spot most of the season, adding to the depth of the Cal team. CAL 1 UCLA 8 CAL 1. .UCLA 8 " Most consistent winner of the year " that ' s PHIL SEYMOUR. His improved game helped him cop several singles victories and added to his doubles ability. BRUIN MATCHES THE title sharing UCLA Bruins, led by their first singles man, Herb Flam, twice gave the Cal netmen an eight to one thumping. In the first match, Chip Cheny and Robert Vincent, both Cal let- termen, kept the Bruins from complete victory by taking the third doubles. In the second Bruin tussle, Phil Seymour played face-saver for the Bears by taking the third singles match to net the Bears their only victory of the day. CAL 1 USC 8 CAL 1. .USC 8 BOB SEYMOUR ' S healthy swing and steady volley combined with brother Phil ' s steadi- ness gave Cal one of its most consistent doubles teams. TROJAN MATCHES THE Trojans, in their drive for the conference title swept the Bears aside twice by an eight to one count. The Bear ' s single vic- tory in the first match was taken by dependable Phil Seymour in the sixth singles, while Ralph Gish ' s upset win over Troy ' s Straight Clark gave Cal her only victory in the second Troy match. CHIP CHENY won his letter way back in ' 42, and added to his glory this year by his Bear ball battin ' . f r r P.E. Major BOB VINCENT, letterman from last year, managrd to sandwich in a letter from 145 Ib. basketball white earning aootlKr Big C in tennis. INDIAN MATCHES THE Bears avenged themselves for their ! - to both UCLA and USC by edging Stanford by a five to four score. Bob Borland ' s loss of the first singles matches was rectified by Gish ' s and Beale ' s victories in second and third singles. Morris Sockolov ' s victory in the number six spot gave Cal a split in the singles competition. 7 h and Beale teamed to win the number one doubles and Phil and Bob Seymour ' s twilight win in third doubles cinched the Bears ' first conference victory. Cal dropped the second Indian match on the Palo Alto courts by a five to four count. Having duplicated Cal ' s feat by copping three of the singles, the Indians de- cided the victory by winning the doubles. Ready for a Swash is BILL BEALE, Brother Bruin ' s number one man of last year. He is one of the few to hold varsity letters from both schools. CAL 5 STANFORD 4 CAL 4 STANFORD 5 RALPH GISH earned the title of ' Tiger " a his steadily improving game blasted opponents off the court, He is a tan letter-man. San Francisco ' s DICK GREMFEU. competed against Cal last year white playing Treasure Island ' s navy squad. We were tacky emgh to kave him this year. m ' entrappez pas. " PLATO. BACK ROW: Coach Hal Weatherbe, Stan Morketter, Glenn Tenny, John Innes, Bob Sweetman, Del Tycer, Hed Robinson, Walt Bowman, George Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Henry Yee, Mo Mathews, Dale Webster, Capt. Don Beanston, Don Fisher, Jack Lavery, Wade Dozier. FRONT ROW: Ted Sawyer, Rcland Shutt, Lee Arth, John Silcox, Tom Segar, Paul Grunland. SWIMMING Coach HAL WEATHERBE directed the swimming and water polo teams. IN sprints, middle distances and diving, Cal swimmers submerged and emerged victorious. This year meant a great deal to Cal swimmers for their favorite sport became a major one. They defeated all opponents except the Stanford Indians, which they did defeat in diving events. Out- standing on the team was Captain Don Beanston, who stood out in the 220 and 440 freestyle. Stan Morketter, sprint man, raced well during the season. Both he and Beanston broke several records. Eight lettermen re- turned to make this an excellent season. Among the teams defeated were UCLA, USC, and the Olympic Club. tt f 5i ;A E -t- ' . ' :- .;--; .--- SagMr, Monte Kccpf, Bill Crai9, Jofc Jack CUB, Ge ' . : " . - r " : ' " : " " Barter, Bill Witter, Ira Tk k, Dan Erta, Paul (HI, Don Wallace, V: Bob Ready, Ed " - I i " . RUGBY " i iNE of the strongest rughy team- in the t niversity ' s history, " quoting Coach Hudson, finished it.- schedule with a record of eight wins, two 1 and one tie. The losses and tie were suffered in the series with the great I niverr-ity of British Columbia, the best team in that school ' s history. The Thunderliird- took the series two to one. with one tie. As for the rest of the schedule, the ruggers took the University Club 14-0. the Olympic Club 1 Ml. Stanford by 8-0. U.S.F. 17-3. British Columbia All-Stars 6-0 and 28-0, and the Petaluma American Legion 14-3. back MILES ( " DOC " ) HUDSON suites at tas fat team. BACK ROW: Ed Nemir (coach), Harry Schultze, Alex Markoff, Harry Galloway, Dan Payne, Buck Buell, Hal Walt, Del Bartley Lee Winograd (assistant coach), Bill Keyston (Jr. mgr.), Robert Mclntosh (Jr. mgr.). SECOND ROW: Howard Koch Bill Fray Warren Simmons, James Enemark, Leland Sapiro, Loren Angel, Gordone Doke, Jim Doss. FRONT ROW: T. Chew, S. Zalba Bob Lustig, Matt Brady, Paul Ward, Jack Lamke. BOXING ED NEMIR coached the boxing team. THE boxing team opened the season with a 5-5 tie with San Francisco State. The next match saw U.C.L.A. down the Bear leather-pushers 6-3. The Blue and Gold came back to pummel Stanford 7-2. The following week, however, it was the Indian ' s turn in an upset 7-4 defeat for Cali- fornia. The Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Boxing Championships came next, and the Bears didn ' t fare so well, taking sixth place. Warren Simmons slugged his way to the finals. The cancellation of the remaining matches cut short the season for the squared circle boys. BACK ROW: W. M. SEC: .; =:. ' .. -= Skatuck. FRONT R . " - - CM -; n, Tatota C(tIO , Cbartes , Didc Kin . Hick J. Beys. SOCCER TWO championship? and fifteen wins in a nineteen game season marked the achievements of the powerful 1946-47 California soccer team. Both the intercollegiate crown and the leadership of the San Francisco League B Division came into the possession of the Blue and Gold soccermen. Backed by such experienced players as Boh Chang and Israel ainberg. the team was tied only twice, at the hands of San Francisco Athletic Club and by the Maltese Athletic Club. The single defeat, which occurred in the final encounter, was administered by the Vikings as Cal ventured into the ranks of the A League. JULIUS SCHROEDER coxM the BACK ROW: Henry Stone (coach), Louis Bayuk, Irving Trafton, Hugh Mumby, Don Lee Dondero, Jack Thacker, Herb Neller, Bill Holder i, Fred Volberg. SECOND ROW: Walter Malsbary, Armond Bloch, Mark Bunge, Sarkis Takesian, Ben Laflin, Clyde Sullivan Jim Elliott, John Laughlin. FROM ROW: Richard Hansen, Melvin Johndrow, Lee Christensen, Gerald Eisbach Ernest Chan Dale Najima, Donald Carter. WRESTLING Coach HENRY STONE gives a bit of advice to his wrestlers. THE wrestling team recorded a most successful season. In individual competition the California matmen defeated San Jose, 22-6; UCLA, 26-6; Stanford, 28-8; and Stanford again, 21-11. In the Far Western AAU meet, the Blue and Gold grapplers unexpectedly took the title by one point. John Laughlin and Leland Christensen copped individual titles. In the Cali- fornia Collegiate meet, Cal was third, but scored four firsts. Christensen, Laughlin, Johndrow, and Dondero took honors. In the Senior Pacific AAU meet, the Bears tied for first with Christensen, Laughlin, and Elliot taking firsts and Chan, Lee, Sullivan, and Bunge getting runner-up positions. niifl RaJ Illff 5 . ' .- r 3, Larry Cdlisoa. FRONT HobKS, Adam Scottr " ICE HOCKEY THE fir?t University of California ice hockey team to go into action since 1943 was handicapped by inexperience. A surprise victory over the powerful Olympic Club. 4-3. in the opener showed promise. How- r -r. the Olympic Clubbers downed the Blue and Gold. 7-2 and 4-0 in the other two meetings. Dartmouth and Michigan kept the Bears down by scores of 11-2 and 8-1 respectively. The final series against Colorado University at Colorado Springs fell into the same pattern a- three more defeats were added to the debit side. Cock SCHROEDER kept UK tea on ice. WINNING the Reno Winter Carnival, PCISU championship, Vanderbilt Ski meet, and placing sixth in the National Intercollegiate Ski meet in Sun Valley against a field of 17 schools, the ski team had a very successful season. Led by outstanding performances by Harry Morgan, the team beat Utah, Nevada, Stanford, Oregon, Fresno, San Jose, and Placer. SKIING BACK ROW: Bob Spaulding. SECOND ROW: Don Voorhies, Horace Hill. FRONT ROW: Jim Keresey. Glenn Gallison, Harry Morgan. MISSING: Iver Lyche, Bob Skeels. HANDBALL THE first handball team since before the war had a difficult season. Finding opponents was rather a problem as most schools hadn ' t organized teams. The sea- son record showed one win, two losses, and a tie. 304 BACK ROW: Hank Guerin, Ernest Reimer, Robert Blau, Jamie Panton, Al Sayers, Bill Krooskos. FRONT ROW: Frederick W. Schwartz, Rene L. Bousquet, Wing Q. Chin, Joe Kaplan. MISSING: Jack Taylor, John T. Warburton. GOLF AFTER a slow start featuring losses to Colorado University and San Jose State, the Bear linksmen reversed the trend and heat Pomona and COP. Favored Stanford was tied and then undefeated UCLA was downed. At the time of this writing the Bears were planning matches with USC, Stanford and the Pacific Coast champion- ships. GYMNASTICS BACK ROW: Dick Daw (my.!, Jasper Ripfey, Carl MagMM, Ck Kttm) (coach). SECOND ROW: Mario Zabaljga, Morris Br ROW: Bill Hufeen, Tea Brot , Zorovk , Chuck Uccbesi, Don Relchen, i !!, Neil Smith, Ted Storey. FRONT CALIFORNIA ' S gym team was hampered by the early season loss of several capable performers. However, they defeated Stan- ford 51-39 in the initial meet. In the dual meet with USC and UCLA, however, the Bears lost to both. This result was repeated in the Pacific Coast Championship, al- though Chuck Lucchesi a gain won the tumbling title. FENCING THE varsity fencing team took third place in the annual Heron Trophy Com- petition of the Amateur Fencers League of America. Highlight of the season was the Bears ' 24-1 victory over Stanford. Under the guidance of Captain-coach Frank. Taylor, California fencers won or placed in numerous individual foil, epee, and saber matches. UNDEFEATED for the third consecu- tive year, the rifle team scored victories over Georgia Tech, University of Cin- cinnati, M.I.T., and Michigan hy tele- graph, and Stanford, USC, UCLA, and USF in individual matches. In the Na- tional Intercollegiate match, Cal placed first, second, and third for this region. BACK ROW: Charles Ladd, P. Anthony Lyon, Raymond Coppcck, Burnett Dibble, Robert Myers, John Feineman. FRONT ROW: Yukio Yamamoto, Jack Taylor, Cliff Hodder, Frank Taylor, Joe Akers. RIFLERY BACK ROW: Robert Martin, Marshall Myers, John Buchanan, Harold Yackey, Ja mes Harrison, Mervyn Burke. MIDDLE ROW: Thomas Conrow, Andrew Nielsen, Francis Tomnovec, Harold Gilbert, Clement Svoboda, Manuel White, Robert Gorran. FRONT ROW: Capt. E. W. Bowes, Robert Ribak, Arthur Kimber, Richard Porter, Victor Boisseree, Ross Wright, Norbert Muller. WATER POLO BACK ROW: Den Beanston, Jim Blcom, Art Poulin, Fred Jones, Bud Freeman, Walt Bowman, Lynn Schloss, Octave Leverspiel, Ricardo Brin. FRONT ROW: Hal Weatherbe, Duane Tweedale, Joe Widman, Dave Mensing, Vaughn Karn, Dale Webster, John Innes, Jack Scollard. NOT PRESENT: Stan Morketter, Dick Karn, Dick Ward, Allen Lee, George Cunningham. AFTER completing an outstanding practice schedule, California ' s Water Polo team finished the Pacific Coast Conference in second place. Our water poloists won two from UCLA, but split with USC. The Bears were shaded by Stanford, but later came back to whip the P.C.C. champions. Particularly out- standing performers were Stan Morket- ter, Joe Widman, and Don Beanston. YACHTING . - ;- . BACK ROW: Bob Hanna, Paul Adams, Dick Smith, Malccm Brow. FRONT ROW: Dan Brown, Vice-Commodore- Jack McNickles Treasurer; Allen Dayo, Dick Newick. OFFICERS NOT PRESENT: Peter Komor, Commodore; Phylis Reed, Secretary. REORGANIZED this fall, the Yacht Club taught racing rules and tactics on the Aquatic Park. Team competition was held against 12 other colleges in the Intercollegiate Dyer Championship at Newport. -In April, the club sponsored the first Intercollegiate Regatta ever held in this area. Future plans include new boats for this fall. CALIFORNIA ' S hard-driving cross-coun- try team came out on top this year with an undefeated season. The thinclads subdued Modesto Junior College, 34-22, and fin- ished ahead of the UCLA runners on the rainy Grizzly Peak course, 44-19. The final meet against Stanford, held the Sat- urday before Homecoming weekend, re- sulted in a 39-20 California victory. CROSS COUNTRY i BACK ROW: Tom Gay, Hank Haas, Mac Elliot, Dave Burg. FRONT ROW: George Stein, Ken Rodts, Dan Seamount, Tommy Edgcomb. THE fall season for the volleyball team resulted in third place in the Bay Area Volleyball League, behind the Oakland YMCA and the Embarcadero YMCA. The spring record showed a fourth in the Northern California Opening, and fifth in the Far Western Championships, and a first in the Northern California Intercol- legiate Championship. VOLLEYBALL BACK ROW: Tom Cotter (coach), Dick McCurdy, Tern Winnett, Morris Singer, George Lineer, Pete Berti. FRONT ROW: Bill Fong, Bill Porter, Tom Dechambeau, Morris Mathews, Bernie Sideman. 145 LB. BASKETBALL FIGHTING tough competition in the Berkeley League A Division, the 145- pound basketball squad split their sea- son with nine wins and an equal num- ber of losses. While playing down south, 145 ' s ushered at the Rose Bowl. The year ' s high point occurred under Glenn Dufour when they whipped the previ- ously unbeaten Cal freshmen. BACK ROW: Hiroshi Higashi, Bill Moore, John Oshida, Dave Williams, Tom Nilon, Bob Marchant. FRONT ROW: Chuck Hamilton, Gecrge Koronsky, Lefty Fontenrose, Bcb Vincent, Bill Whelan. 130 LB. BASKETBALL : : : " I BACK ROW: Joe Nedham, George Nakagaki, Tatsuo Sano, John Dang, Wayman Yuen, Gene Leggett. FRONT ROW: George Thome (coach), Bill Epstein, Hart Fairclough, John Epstein, Al Sco, Gil Haley. THE 130-pound basketballer ' s success- ful season record showed 13 wins and 6 losses. By playing in the Berkeley League C Division, they managed to aug- ment their regular schedule with Cali- fornia high schools. Under the leader- ship of George Thome, the 130 ' s dem- onstrated a spirit and good sportsman- ship that was commended by all. RALPH MILLER, physical education instructor and intramural sports head, supervised the huge turn- out. E INTRAMURAL 1946-47 AS WAS the case with all sports this past year, the Intramural depart- ment experienced the largest turnout in the university ' s history. Among the sports represented were: touch football, softball, basketball, track, swimming, tennis, golf, badminton, table tennis, and horseshoes. Competi- tion for the most part was divided into two leagues, the American and the National, with the winners meeting in an all-university championship. Winners determined so far this year were the Theta Delta Chi in football and basketball, Phi Delta Theta in volleyball, Lambda Chi Alpha and the Physical Education majors in track, and Alpha Delta Phi and Interna- tional House in swimming. There ' s a close cne at the net. Right down the middle! Fore! Whose man gets the ball? 310 Here ' s concentration on a ringer! Starting the finis kk amd tke WINTER DICK HIRSHKIND made a good winter sports club president and a good skier. THE ASUC Ski Lodge on Dormer Summit, the main gather- ing place for Cal skiers, was enlarged to hold eighty-five mem- bers, and was filled to capacity almost every weekend. Work parties of club members as well as club funds helped in the installation of improved lodge facilities. The annual Vander- bilt Memorial Ski Meet was the climaxing event of the season. " Snow bunnies " and " schuss-boomers " alike watched the Cal ski team take top honors in three of the four events and regain its right to the coveted Vanderbilt trophy. With an all-time high in winter sports club membership, fifteen hundred ski enthusiasts were able to sponsor star skier, Harry Morgan, on his trip to the National Ski Meet. B IVER LYCHE and GLEN GALLISON talk over the latest ski news. WINTER SPORTS CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Don Vcorhies, Glen Galliscn, Norman Strombotne. FRONT ROW: Dick Hirshkind, Marjorie Gerke, Jean Dietterle. NORMAN STROMBOTNE takes in the view of Donner Lake. 312 ' SPORTS SEASON BASEBALL may be our national sport, but skiing certainly ranks high on campus. Harry Morgan, winner of title? at oemite and anderbilt meet?. ?kis down Mt. Rose at Reno in the center picture. On Sugar Bowl hill getting set for a dash down are Dick Hirschkind and Marse Gerke. The two tired souls at the tup rv t on the porch of the lodge, while the boy on the hill doe? a neat tilmark. Skiers came back to find themselves snowed under with midterm-, but glad they went. 313 " Pour quand je suis itre, je suis heurtux com me c ' est possible. " CALVIN COOLIDCE. 318 BEER, banquets, and heavy dates filled up the hours for fraternity men. Each fraternity had its own traditions, its own brand of beer, and its own " personality pup. " The boys dragged cases of beer to Memorial Stadium and drank in all the games. We think they had milk for lunch, though. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Jota Barry Fimt : .:- Fred Gamer OFFICERS Sui :--- B Clio Fall Spring Ja. k Cain President ................................ Stan Charles Fred Garner I ice-President. ... ......................................... John Barry Frank Dixon .. ....Secretary-Treasurer.. .... .............. Clint Murphy Fall Robert F. ililin.ui Spring ....Abracadabra .............. Clifford Wright Harr Lar-en _______ ............ Acacin ..... ______ .................... Robert Force Alan Smith Alpha Chi Sigma. ... ...................... Robert Milne Paul Robinson Alpha Delta Phi ........ Paul Robinson Bernard Wileman Alpha Kappa Lambda ................... ... ' . ..... Tom Manuel Mike Morelund ......... . ........ .Alpha Sigma Phi Joe Thome Robert WiUun ......... Alpha Tau Omega ..................... Haughton Sawyer Kenneth Morrissey ____ ........ 1 ...... Sachelordon .......................... ...... Kenneth Morrie Duncan William- Beta Theta Pi ....................................... Doncan Williams Gordon U e-ton ji Phi .............. ................. ...... Brooke Sawyer Cranrlon P. Montgomery Chilli ____________ Charles B. Emery Robert Roy,- Del Rev ............ .......... : ............... Robert Royce Peter Farmer Delta Kappa Epsilon Charles H. Shattuck. Jr. Delta Si-mi Phi ............ ................ Eugene O. Thomas Ray Ogl.urn Delta Tau Delia ............................. Bill Duddleson John Barry ............... ..Delta I ' paiUm ............... .Edward Stephens Oeighton Grad) ............ ......... Kappa Alpha ..... . ..... .................. Earl DeRoque Theodore Fo-ter Kappa Delta Rho ........ ...... ........... _ ....... Dan Tail Arnold Innerfleld Knppa u J.tnie- Smith ..... knppa Sigma .................................. ...... John C. Dozier Harry Morgan ...... J ambda Chi Alpha ____________ ................. ......... Harrr Morgan John Meier ....... Phi Delta Theta _________ Hardy Rapp Don A. Goodwin Phi Gamma Delta Don A. Goodwin Max V Yerxa Phi Kappa Psi John G. Hopkins Jjme- . Clau-en Phi Kappa Sifma Harry L. Mosser Robert H. Vincent .. .Phi Kappa Tau -Robert H. Vincent Art Powlin Phi Sigma Kappa ..... ...... John Toellner Anhur E. Ander-..n .Pi Kappa Alpha Kenneth C. Fntterer Frank William- Pi Kappa Phi __________ .................... ........ Frank Williams Howard Guruitz Pi Lambda Phi .....Howard Gnruitz Hancock Banning ' M ( si on ________ Gilman Haynes Robert Digger Sigma Alpha Epsilon Benson McGann Pet,r Hart Sifma Alpha .Wu Harry Kronrod Robert Nauman ...Sifma Chi Wade H. Dozier Man Charles. Sigma u ....Bob Anderson Robert B. : ha v_m j Phi Heber H. Smith Robert Bror-on .......... Sifma Phi Epsilon Ranulf Beames George Rohrbacher ................ Sigma Phi Sigma .................. Donel O ' Malley Warren Kitchen Thetn (hi Don Grinsfelder Gene Millard ...... _________ ...... Theta Delia (hi ............. . ............... Hal Walt Clinton Murphy... Theta i ........ . ................. Jim Gray John Levin-nhn Zeta Beta Tau Sylvain Heuman 319 ABRACADABRA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allan Louis Baker Harland Frederick Boynton Kaiser Robert Gordon Sproul Frank M. Spurrier Robert Underbill Robert Usinger GRADUATES Robert Benjamin Joseph Putnian James Hatfield Robert Bolna Parke Boneysteel Gary Dakin Donald Falconer David Gardner William Heath Warren Hubert SENIORS Robert Wildman JUNIORS Keith Leonard William Loomis Harold Lovegreen Edward Schuert Edward Skeels Robert Stewart Wilbur Twining Clifford Wright SOPHOMORES William Blankenship Philip Crawford Philip Edgar Philip Fairlie Selby Marks Willys Peck Robert Skeels William Wright FRESHMEN Robert Biggers James Davis Dean Hunter Keith Douglas Robert Smith George Sutliff John Taylor Gerald Borrmann Benjamin Hatfield Wildman Bolna Dakin Falconer Gardner Heath Hubert Leonard Lovegreen Schuert Skeels Twining Wright Blankenship Crawford Edgar Fairlie Marks Peck Skeels Wright Biggers Davis Hunter Douglas Smith Sutliff Taylor 320 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER ACACIA tag Evans Eranquist Unto Lnris McCermati Force Footer Friend Harris r Lnris dark Hyc rat Vinding IM VERSITY ASSOCIATES Frederick W. Cozens Russell T. Crawford Edwin D. Dickson Roscoe B. Tippett GRADUATES William R. Keyes, Jr. Frank Skinner SENIORS Edward D. Aiken Richard F. Boras Roy Dixon Thomas D. Evans Harold E. Granqnist Robert J. Grimshaw Robert Howard Harry E. Larsen C. Bob Lewis John D. McConnark Thomas R. Pray Edward A. Prewett George L. Robson JUNIORS James G. Campbell Robert Church Joseph Close Russell T. Connors Craig Conway Bruce G. Dwelley Robert J. Force John B. Forder David A. Fredriekson Hubert E. Friend Lloyd H. Harris James B. Herndon Richard Hirschfield Glenn Lewis Theodore V. Martinson Carlisle M. Moore Dean M. Yeaman SOPHOMORES Melvin M. Dykes Russell Koch Leonard M. Fugats Darrell IS ' elson Jack Jensen Robert C. Peck Robert J. Frye FRESHMEN William Arsenanlt Reece Clark Douglas Gouichard Robert Hyerae Neville Clifton Lee Malcolm McCormack Thomas McCntchan Harry Riegel Jack Vinding 2340 PIEDMONT AVEM E FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 321 ALPHA DELTA PHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Douglas H. Copp Dr. Hans Lisser Charles S. Davidson Dr. Frank W. Lynch Dr. William C. Deamer Dr. John McGee Dr. Herbert M. Evans Karl E. Schevill Dr. T. Harper Goodspeed Fletcher H. Swift Dr. John Homer Woolsey GRADUATES Francis F. Allen, Jr. Calder Hayes Evan Cyfeilig Evans III Melville H. Long, Jr. Minton B. Evans John Campbell Loper II Ralph Talcott Fisher, Jr. Theodore Edward Nichols Peter Talbot Harris William Sayer Snook, Jr. SENIORS Warren Adams Nicholas G. K. Boyd Howard Thomas Bryant Donald B. Campbel Frederick A. Farnum Kenneth A. Hayes, Jr. Donald En gene Lengel Robert B. Marchant Michael Macauley John E. McDonald, Jr. James S. Moulton, Jr. Charles A Walter H. Nicol David Powell Richard Alan Resleure Richard G. Rothlin Donald Manning Shaw James B. Sherry Robin W. Skewes-Cox David L. Souther Robert L. Spaulding John A. Sproul Harry Joseph Stuart Wood, Jr. JUNIORS Robert L. Andrews Roy Downer Bayly, Jr. Eugene West Bayol, Jr. John Boles Benjamin F. Brunk Russell J. Bruzzone David H. Chaney Edgar J. Chappell Douglas D. Coughran Robert M. Daiss Robert Dal Porto Carl A. Farden, Fr. Frederick M. Ganz, Jr. Charles W. Gates II Thomas E. Gay, Jr. Thomas Donald Geary William S. Gibbs, Jr. John W. Grady Robert L. Griffith Robert B. Harrison William Helm, Jr. James Ivan Heron Peter J. Hunt B. Gordon Jack Stanley A. Johnson James Irvin Johnston II Donald H. Kerr Garth Marston Gordon L. Martin Willis F. Ostrander, Jr. John Paul Ralph E. Phillips, Jr. Donald E. Reid Paul A. M. Robinson Benjamin N. Sawtelle Martin V. Skewes-Cox John F. Soderstrom H. Allan Sproul, Jr. Edwin S. Thomas H. Sedgefield Thomson Neil F. Thrams Thomas Tully Weston Fay Volberg, Jr. Edward Paul Ward, Jr. John E. Welch Warren L. Yager 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 PHI SIGMA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Adams Boyd Campbel Lengel Marchant McDonald Rothlin Skewes-Cox Spaulding Sprcu! Andrews Bayly Bayol Boles Brunk Bruzzone Chaney Chappell Ccughran Daiss Dal Porto Farden Ganz Gates Gay Geary Gibbs Griffith Harrison Helm Heron Hunt Jack Johnson Johnston Marston Ostrander Paul Phillips Powell Reid Robinson Sawtelle Skewes-Cox 322 Sfcra -...-,.- Keitj Lrs : E ; - E: ga KM W.IIU . ' . -.- . ' .- :- :. -:- : fcn Lntle I ; .. , : - ' . -; " -- ::. .:- ----.:-. It IB SOPHOMORES John W. Appel Archibald Bard Jack R. Cnrley ' S illiam Farwell Gerald R. Hayw ard David J. Honegger Noel Kelly William R. La - William C. McGee William W. Scberer, Jr. Ernest Ru--f il Srholze Gregory F. Sheehan William E. Spicer J Jin -- West, Jr. Bertram C. Wheeler Benton D. William-on. Jr. Lindsey K. Wil-on FRESHMEN Alan V. Andrew? James D. Brunk James H. Cnllom Cartis C. Cutter Scotney C. George Tom Harlow J. Allan Hnbbard Jack Jensen Robert Livermore Gordon Lisser Richard L ttle Arthur F. John H. Maddox John B. Marchant Robert G. Matthias John C. Nicols Richard D. Olney Daniel C. Payne Norman Pederson Dwight P. Phillips Warren S. Robinson Charles W. Tnttle III Gilford M. Von Kaesborg Webster III ALPHA CHI SIGMA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. F. W. Allen Dr. J. E. K. Branch Dr. W. V. Cruess Dr. J. J. EUer Dr. J. H. Hildebrand Dr. P. W. Kirk Dr. W. M. Latimer Dr. A. R. Olson Dr. K. S. Pitzer Dr. M. Randall Dr. G. T. Seaborg Dr. P. W. Schutz Dr. T. D. Stewart GRADUATES Leslie R. Burnett Robert Cochran Allen A. Comstock James W. Edwards D. J. Hanahan Harry W. Hicks Robert M. Kallo Hewitt Kenyon J. Eugene Kunzler Donald McClure William Meagher Robert F. Milne Thomas W. Newton, Jr. Harrison Shull Donald H. Strehlke William Weltner SENIORS Elton R. Andrews R. Stanley Boydston Clark Burton Donald Green Mack King Edward Lambert Daniel Parsons John Peck Alan Smith Robert J. Wall Richard Woodruff JUNIORS Donald Cochran Richard M. Curtis Herschel D. Davis John W. Lorimer Warren McCarty Walter W. Perkins Herbert T. Reynolds William Reynolds James N. Schoolery William W. Weller SOPHOMORES Merle Cisney Gibson M. Gray, Jr. Keith T. Jones Richard F. Lippoldt Clifford Mills Jack Nonaux George H. Reid Alvin C. Rook Robert E. Selff Everett Skarda Edward J. Tye Richard W. Work Burnett Comstock McClure Milne Strehlke Andrews Boydston Burton Green Lambert Peck Smith Wall Cochran Curtis Davis McCarty Reynolds Schcolery Weller Gray Jones Lippoldt Nonaux Rcok Selff Tye Work deSaussure Mi toff FRESHMEN Raymond deSaussure Robert H. Hileman John Hampton Stephan Mitoff 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS 324 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Campion, J. N. Elliet -: ma -=::: Will Dah Elliott -:-.-::-.- -rO-.r " A .-. E M-. Evtrttt C. J. CM -.a Everm McOrty. R. McCrt, S. A. ' , :-: s ft C. e " n UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Allen William R. Denne- William B. Herms Robert T. Legge Samuel Chester May Thomas E. Rawlins Fred S. Stripp, Jr. Henry C. Waring GRADUATES Frank H. Brown, Jr. John N. Campion SENIORS Robert M. Buckwalter Alney Dana Harry B. Drobish Hugh M. Elliott Arthur W. Holmes Robert A. Jaeger Gordon R. Jones Philip A. Lathrop Robert L. Lindauer Emmett J. Murphy Don K. Sexton Eugene B. Viler JUNIORS Harold A. Dahlmeier James H. Elliott Donald S. Haymond Ray Leydecker Raymond Manuel, Jr. Edward H. Winslow SOPHOMORES Walter Reirhle LjTin A. Schloss, Jr. Frank A. Timmers Robert L. Tinunins James L. Whitaker Arthur G. Benham Thomas W. Churchill Henry S. Delamere Jerald J. Elbert John H. Everett Ladd R. Hoover Glenn S. Hughes Paul M. Johns James L. Studabaker FRESHMEN Hugo B. Becker Richard E. Bland Carney J. Campion Dan Coelbo Robert L. Everett Donald W. Lathrop Richard E. McCurdy Sanford A. McCurdy Paul A. Nichob Erie F. Wilkinson - 1 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TEN CHAPTERS 325 ALPHA TAU OMEGA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carroll M. Ebright Robert F. Heizer Kenneth B. Stoddard Olever M. Washburn GRADUATE Walter Dimmick SENIORS Merrill Bird Gordon Bronson Albert Leddy John McCollum Gordon Miller Lonnie Pathe Jerry Reavy Ned Robinson Frederic Sawyer Houghton Sawyer William Schaeffer Wade Shifflet Vallery White Frank White Robert Wilson JUNIORS Dow Barnes William Clark Malcolm Gould Robert Heppler Herbert Holland James Leddy Donald McKillop James Metcalf Ross Farmer Raymond Prendergast Daniel Priest Bruce Reiser Robert Sloan Porter Stone Donald Sundquist Arthur Suiter Lloyd Turner Bird Bronson Leddy McCollum Miller Pathe Reavy Robinson Sawyer, F. Sawyer, H. Schaeffer Shifflett White, F. White, V. Barnes Clark Gould Heppler Holland Leddy McKillcp Metcalf Partner Prendergast Priest Reiser Sloan Stone Sundquist Sutler Turner Andrew Bag ley Barrett 2465 LE CONTE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY ACADEMY, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-FIVE CHAPTERS 326 Cole tm - Dygm -.- - :-;-.-::- " :ct f Smith Taylor Walmslfy Walton Yost :--: = : .:- , = ,v Elt V;-;-; -? ::-. Wikhek SOPHOMORES Jack Andrew William Bagley Joseph Barrett Robert Brumbough William Cole Robert Davis Lowell Dygert Edward Firth Fred Koch Charles Knnsman Clifford Leabo Richard Macdougall Raynor Moscbelti Kenneth Reeves Walter Richardson Bruce Rogers Paul Smith James Taylor George Walmsley Jack Walton Ross Wright Waller Yost Thomas Young FRESHMEN Jack Bolton William Davis John Ele Stephen Gester Harry Ironmonger Phillip Lambert Roland Martin William Marshall Donald Reichert Roy Richardson D wight Rush Robert Texdahl Charles Wagner Gerald Wilchek Martin Wilkinson 327 ALPHA SIGMA PHI : UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eldridge J. Best John W. Gregg Anders J. Carlson Benedict F. Raper Alfred A. Solomon GRADUATE Winston Halley SENIORS Ransom Arthur Douglas Car lson Robert Cummings Robert Dable Paul Price William Repass Robert Seymour Donald Wallace JUNIORS Robert Bergman Robert Castle Ernest Chambers William Coleman Arthur Craig William Cramer Peter Dunston John Foster Norman Newcomb Frederick Robertson Bernard Shay Joseph Thome SOPHOMORES LeRoy Bates Lee Gerber Ernest Greves George Langdon Ritchie Lowry Myron Moreland Donald Roach Ian Thompson FRESHMEN Mervyn Burke Paul Chapman James Darby Donald Kennedy Richard Lutz James Obendorf Robert Prothers Chester Rowell Halley Carlson Dable Price Repass Seymour Wallace Bergman Castle Chambers Coleman Craig Cramer Foster Newccmb Robertson Shay Thcrne Gerber Greves Langdon 1 owry Moreland Roach Thompson Bates Burke Chapman Darby Kennedy Lutz Obendcrf Piothers Rcwell 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY CHAPTERS 328 BACHELORDON Is E. m Fi Mell King Vr- E:--. Stoltz -.= .:: " Rkkie -; E- --:- Kesster Seta : B. B. Ewing Adam William King GRADUATE John Ise SENIORS C B. Richard OHell JlMORS Renncth Morri " - Jack Stolu Charles Vanphan SOPHOMORES Bill Ayers Jerry Benedict Ray Burger Jerry Coowley Monte Dibberns Donn Bonn T. H. Parish Paul Frentzen Clyde Irion Philip Morrissejr Walter Patton Russell Ridge Jack Rose Thomas Slaven FRESHMEN Eugene Kessler Robert Srhnlz J. L. Spray David Wood 2311 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY. 1894 ONE CHAPTER 329 BETA THETA PI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertram Bronson James R. Caldwell Nicholas Taliaferro GRADUATES Ralph Dewey Theodore Moulton Stacy Mettier Richard Payne Ira Svendsgaard SENIORS Harry Agler Robert E. Blake John Chambers Robert E. Eddy Ben Foster David Hall Bertram Hartford John Higson Bradford Hovey Arthur Middleton Thomas Pickford James Reilly James Tuttle Robert Watson Edward Welch Duncan Williams Robert M. Wilson William Wolfe JUNIORS Richard S. Bates Richard Case Robert L. Coleman Wilfred L. Durkee John Evans Philip Gregory Ernest Gunther Charles Hanger Raymond Howard Darius Keaton Van Allen Kreis Tver Lyche DeWayne Peterson Albert Reid Silas Runyon William Simkins Gerrit Wood Andrew Wolfe SOPHOMORES Donald Dickey James C. Downing George Hall Knowles Hall Frederick Hodge William Hooper Theodore Melim John Milliken James Munn Cameron Ninkirk Craig Norton Frederick Payne Joe T. Richards James Robertson William Selby Nathan S. Shore Thomas Steel, Jr. Harry Terrell Edward Von Adelung Gael Williams FRESHMEN Ritchie Dunn Jerome Magee John Elliott Charles Morse Wilbur Grant Wellslake Morse, Jr. Robert A. Killer Ellison Smith Donald Jackson William Stewart III Henry Wright 330 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY TWO CHAPTERS Mettier Payne Blake Eddy Hall Hartford Higson Hovey Middleton Pickford Tuttle Watson Welch Williams, D Wilson Bates Case Coleman Evans Gregory Gunther Howard Keaton Kreis Lyche Peterson Reid Simkins Wood Dickey Downing Hall Hodge, F. Milliken Ninkirk Norton Payne Rickards Robertson Shore Steel Terrell Von Adelung Williams, G Dunn Elliott Farquar Grant Miller Jackson Magee Morse, C. Morse, W. Smith Stewart Wright CHI PHI S tii - ta Hi s, E. pw Jos,S. = . : Boyte Onedella Clar Giihland Jones, G. Peters W! fet , C. e, R. ?:.. - E? : Flint Gibson Jones, T. ..;-- . Martin Oliver -o- V; White = -- Ml : WMcfkaltcr GRADUATES Robert R. Breckenfeld Earl E. R. Jones Peter A. Wolff SENIORS Chintz Alden MrElralh. Jr. George E. Conper William P. Reordan Samuel L. Jones Brooke E. Sawyer. Jr. Cordon J. Weston JUNIORS John H. Bevi- John J. Boyle Kenneth V. Cenedella Maxwell Chaplin Douglas F. Clark Howard F. Fletcher Kenneth G. Gilliland William G. Gwynne Gregory Jones, Jr. Sidney V. Peters, Jr. John P. Row Ralph W. Schwane James L. Spencer John A. Sweeny Cecil T. Thomas Edward B. Tow ne. Jr. Roger E. Towne John W. Yetter SOPHOMORES Robert V. Anpell Brainerd E. Beckwith Howard C. Bailor James C. Flint Robert VT. Gibson Thomas W. Jones Stanley R. Kennedy Thomas B. McGuire Ted Matthews Glenn T. Martin Robert G. Oliver James P. Ransford William L. Stafford Willett H. Tryon Tracy E. Van Voorbee William T. White FRESHMEN Jon Domela Stanard R. Fnnsten Chelton G. Kennedy Robert L. Ryan, Jr. Charles L. Tilden III Bill Winterhalter 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTER- 331 CHI PSI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. GRADUATE William R. Barlow SENIORS George McKee Blair Frank L. Bumpus Paul Cox Houston A. Hannon Richard D. Karn Richard A. Obenland Robert F. Staib Donald J. Unger James S. Wallace Torrance L. Wallace Cranston R. Montgomery Leland F. Weis Ernest C. Murphy Charles S. Winston JUNIORS Henry L. Bramwell Charles B. Emery David W. Erskine Walter J. Escherich Fred N. Gilchrist Kenneth H. Imrie Vaughn J. Karn Jack W. Landis Robert A. Popp SOPHOMORES Phillip B. Bronstin Henry T. Bramwell Joseph H. Caine Kenneth D. Lockett James A. Maggetti Harrison T. McClung John R. Osgood John H. Phillips John P. Riedel Hugh Shippey FRESHMEN Edward L. Bayly Sanford M. Dickey Phillip Emery Richard L. Howell George R. Millar Dwight H. Murray James R. Peck Alexander D. Powers James R. West James G. Zumwalt Barlow Blair Bumpus Cox Hannon Montgomery Murphy Obenland Staib Wallace, J. Wallace, L. Weis Winston Bramwell Erskine Escherich Gilchrist Imrie Karn Landis Bonstin Lcckett Maggetti McClung Osgood Phillips Shippey Bayly Dickey Emery Howell Millar Murray Peck Powers West Zumwalt 332 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS DEL KEY E pi brta Bnq V :- Scfcviter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph A. Proctor Herman A. Spindt GRADUATE William Knowles SENIORS Robert Maclean Robert A. Royce Maurice Sweatt Robert Todd .11 MORS E. Bruce EUilborpe Everet Gale Alan H. Matthews John Ramos SOPHOMORES Lloyd Rentsrh Walter Tamley. Jr. Jack B. Solari Richard Thompson Richard S. Warren FRESHMEN Raymond Bon Richard Carter Stanley W. Garvey Robert Grimes Donald Maclean Ben L. Maddalena Edward D. Mclntosh George Schreiter John Sweeley Carlyle V. Thomp 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY, 1907 ONE CHAPTER 333 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine C. G. Hyde R. S. Minor T. M. Putnam, Jr. GRADUATE Charles Beckett SENIORS Howard Allen John Black Henry Bolcom Robert Corlett Howard Dickenson James Farmer Roy Hamrick William Jaeger Charles Shattuck Page Sterment Clark Van Housen Robert Wells JUNIORS George Cunningham Thomas Dargie William Fay George Green Robert Humpert Lawrence Jordan William Marcus John Richardson William Van Voris SOPHOMORES Russell Adams William Adams James Baumgartner Peter Black Thomas B. Boyd Glenn Buell Robert Chambers Harvey Fielder David Lasell Peter McCullough Thomas O ' Connor Baird Marble John Morse Robert Rheem Benjamin Shattuck Donald Slaiter Thomas Wosser FRESHMEN Kenneth Adams Rainer Baldauf John Farmer Frank Holland Russel Jordan Ben Maushardt William Morrison Robert Politzer Stuart Richardson Albert Seidel George Stevenson Brooks Walker Beckett Bolcom Dickenson Farmer Hamrick Jaeger Shattuck Van Housen Wells Allen Cunningham Fay Greene Humpert Jordan Marcus Richardson Adams, R. Adams, W. Baumgartner Black Boyd Buell Chambers Fielder Lasell McCullough Marble Morse Rheem Shattuck Slaiter Wosser Adams Baldauf Holland Jordan Maushardt Morrison O ' Connor Politzer Richardson Seidel Stevenson Walker 334 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS DELTA SIGMA PHI Hoyt - ' . - Hasson Hicks Swain Bordcn Phillips Carpenter Cutter Fisher Lenz Pendleton Thomas Walker James Hoyt GRADUATES William Peloyan SENIORS Warren Hermann Duncan Ha--nn Lewellyn W. Hicks William S. Swain JUNIORS Thomas N. Borden Jack E. Phillips SOPHOMORES Max Baker Lowell Lenz John T. Barnwell Louis Conway Pendleton Howard G. Carpenter Robert L. Ray Richard W. Cutter Eugene Thomas Oliver T. Fisher William K. Walker Harold V. Kallerup Eric E. Yeoman FRESHMEN Robert J. Beardsly Richard Freeman John Lake FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY CHAPTERS 335 DELTA TAU DELTA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES D. C. Duncan Francis S. Foote Brutus Hamilton George H. Hart Frank L. Kelly John C. Larkin Armin C. Leuschner Morrough P. O ' Brien Warren C. Perry Chester H. Rowell Thomas B. Steel SENIORS Jack Cain William Duddleson Sam Fortier David Gillies John Gross Wayne Hooper Bunny Kruse Wayne Kuettel William Laub Wendel Mackey William Madeira Harvey McGee Walter Maguire William Marckhoff James McCarty Curt Mitchell Hal Moller Thomas Neely Westrick Norris Joe Pash John Ralphs Lev Sacre Don Ware Jack Yeager JUNIORS Robert Aim Clint Bonifield Dick Burns Pat Conway Charlie Dole William English Lowell Foster Jim Getze Robert Kaiser Ed Merrill Ron Naess Tom Parrish Willard Patton Harry Vanderbrock Wendel Veach Gene Yeager Cain Duddleson Fortier Gillies Gross Kruse Kuettel Laub Mackey Madeira Maguire Marckhoff McCarty Mitchell Moller Neely Norris Pash Sac re Yeager, J. Aim Bonifield Burns Byerly Conway Dole English Foster Getze Kaiser Merrill Naess 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS 336 fff, . Ration Vtach -:: Cote : i Ha : .v. :.. Day [em Oliver V ? .... km E -: = ::-- Caki Koenig Mills Mueller Partridge " , Rainbclt Staler Stem Sutliff " ; - : : SOPHOMORES Dave Brady Perry Byerly Jerry Cole Tom Conway Jason Day Graham Glascock Gurnard Han-en Ludy Langer Jin- Latour William Lenz Stu Manners Howard Oliver Tom Sbepard Warren Siinin- FRESHMEN Jim Barry Bill Bird Jim Boone George Caig Stan Dimm Bob Koenig Bruce McDonald Dirk Mills George Mueller Bob Partridge Dana Payne Buzz Perry Bill Rainbolt Tom Rut ledge Ed Stalder Hawk Stern Vern Sutliff Don Tambling 337 DELTA UPSILON UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch Lloyd L. Farrar John D. Hicks James Hopper, Jr. Neal McKeller Charles W. Merriman George R. Noyes Donald Pyle Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stolz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward Carl Simon Herbert C. Wyckoff GRADUATES William Gaines SENIORS Charles Adams John Barry Munson Everett Jerry Foster Keith Gordon James Henderson David Hirschler Richard Laughlin William Nilson Robert Ready William Saylor Warren Sapiro Edward Stephens William Weirich JUNIORS Dave Armstrong Harry Carpenter James Davidson Sherman Eubanks Robert Greenwood James Hansen Robert Kayser Earle LeMasters Walter Lewis Richard Millington Malcolm Minahen Daniel Murphy Edwin Bruce Nelson Lloyd Pfieffer Joe Polhemus Warren Sanf ord Paul ten Doesschate William Trumbull Harry Wheeler John Williams John Wolfe Barry Everett Foster Gordon Henderson Hirschler Laughlin Nilson Ready Sapiro Stephens Weirich Adams Armstrong Carpenter Davidson Eubanks Greenwood Hansen Kayser Millington Minahen Murphy Nelson Pfieffer ten Doesschate Trumbull Wheeler Williams Wolfe Andriesse 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS 338 Gaines w Kelt Malcne Parter Roeth Setterholtr Sherrard Van Fleet Witt Mtari Canning Charming, E. Cords Cor leu -;.;-: Giles Grether Harper Hibbard m thnri Keyes Laughlin Lindsay Malone Niton, T. Nilon, V. Ryan Ristenpart, R. Ristenpart, W. !:: - H Strilnverda SOPHOMORES Roy Andriesse Robert Cathrart Edwin Crj tal Robert Gaines Robert Haminill Stewart Kelt Edward Maloney Jack Parker Noel Pederson John Roeth Ralph Setterholm Robert Sherrard Bailie Van Fleet Douglas Witt FRESHMEN David Charming Edward Charming Charles Cords Bud Corletl Tommy Edgromb Bradford Giles Tom Grether David Harper Richard Hibbard Henry Hillebrand Ned Keyes Charles Laughlin Robert Lindsay Jerry Malone Tom Nilon William Nilon Jack Ryan Robert Ristenpart William Ristenpart Richard Robinson Dick Strikwerda Glen Sterdevent 339 KAPPA ALPHA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Crutchfield GRADUATES Richard P. Clark George K. O ' Hara Charles W. Henderson Charles Stauffacher Charles F. Whipple SENIORS Lowell A. Airola Orrin K. Airola Frank G. Ballachey Creighton S. Grady John Hoit Fred L. Jones David G. Spencer John Ross Fred G. Taplin JUNIORS Stanley H. Atherton Lloyd F. Bayer V. Crais Bull Henry V. D. Cleary Peter F. Conner, Jr. Robert E. Cross Bruce H. dimming Charles C. Dawson Earl H. DeRoque Robert Elliott Dehard B. Johnson Peter Ley Clarence Parker Robert L. Paige Thomas C. Peek Thomas W. Riise David Spencer Robert L. Thomas Joseph O. Widman Robert W. White Clark Henderscn O ' Hara Stauffacher Whipple Airola, L. Airola, 0. Ballachey Grady Hoit Jones Ross Atherton Bayer Bull Cleary Conner Cross Dawson De Roque Elliott Johnson Ley Parker Paige P. ' ek Riise Spencer Thomas 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS 340 White Widman Argall Bloom Chadbome Enriojrt JOOB McClawi Winfrey Bogan Dwts Elliot Hook La ' Va-sack Mrti McColloch WallmtnH SOPHOMORES Claude R. Argall James B. Bloom Frederick Chadbourne. Jr. Edward Christofferson William Enright Morton E. Jones John B. McClaren John D. Winfrey FRESHMEN Jack Bogart U ' illiam Bushnell James W. Chadbourne illiam R. Charleson W. George Deets Jack Elliot, Jr. Edward O. Hook Robert W. Howe William Lanner Kenneth G. Marback Frank Mathews Norman Metz Robert C. McColloch James T. McNamara Kenneth Pronty Phillip Springman Robert L. Wallerstedt Donald G. Weaver 341 KAPPA SIGMA GRADUATES John N. Clark Gordon W. Duffy Forrest S. Plant Raymond V. Stone, Jr. SENIORS Delwin E. Boles Harold N. Bowers Ricardo G. Brin Frederick E. Bussey William R. Cameron Paul H. Chamberlain Carlisle C. Crosby Arthur M. Davidson Harold S. Davis Raymond E. Doran, Jr. John C. Dozier George M. Ellings Henry J. Garner Robert Greathouse Richard C. Halliday William J. Heim Lowell A. Holcomb Clayton E. Houston Ralph S. Lee Gerard K. Lewis James Clifton Taylor Donald C. Vosti JUNIORS William T. Bender William E. Finley Edward D. Frederickson Louis J. Gallagher James T. Gede Michael C. Kerr John E. Landin Charles W. MoGuire, Jr. Robert S. Morketter Robert M. Paul William J. Powell Howard G. Ritscher Benson B. Schuler James W. Smith John T. Swift Thomas W. Tedrick Clark Duffy Boles Bowers Brin Bussey Cameron Chamberla ' n Davidson Doran Dozier Filings Greathcuse Garner HalMday Heim Hrlcomb Houston Lee Taylor Vosti Bender Finley Frederickson Gallagher Gede Kerr McGuire Mcrketter Paul Powell Smith TrdrU-i 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER FOUNDED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND TEN CHAPTERS 342 -- , - - : Cauch EngelbrigM Gardner Gimbal Griffn Hale Judkins Littlejohns McKay Munson Penington Penprase Richards Rosso Saylor Wells Bardet Bowman Bui lard Ccllier Duncan Gimbal Haskell Loutzenheiser McKenzie Prescott Quinn Rinehart Spangler Stan ley Stevens Thale SOPHOMORES William F. Cauch Robert M. McKay William R. Englebright John C. Mnnson Jack W. Gardner Raynor E. Gimbal. Jr. Allen Griffin John E. Hale Tod C. Judkins Harlan E. Littlejohns Ward Penington Donald Penprase Jay E. Richards Edward R. Rosso Richard L. Saylor Carter S. Wells FRESHMEN Thomas L. Bardet Richard P. Bowman Jack A. Bollard Leslie S. Collier, Jr. Douglas V. Duncan Leroy M. Gimbal, Jr. Alfred B. Haskell Richard H. McKenzie William A. Penny Johnson T. Prescott Boyd Quinn Robert F. Rinehart James E. Spangler James E. Stanley Jack W. Loutzenheiser John G. Stevens 343 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Erick C. Bellquist Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert O. Moody Dr. Robert S. Sherman Dr. Charles C. Stachling George E. Troxell GRADUATES Edwin A. Merritt Alan E. Morgan SENIORS John J. Barron Paul Belvel Fred N. Briggs William F. Carson Roy Davies James M. Duart Donald Dunn Thomas E. Flowers Gerald Kauffman Phillip Kochevar George Leisz John James M. Martyr Adair Miller Harry E. Morgan Eugene Pickett Carl A. Remchow William P. Rodden John J. Ryan Roger H. Ryan James B. Tice Joseph Valli Harlan K. Veal White JUNIORS Craig Armstrong Robert A. Basye Robert W. Blandin Edwin B. Blake E. Paul Browning James P. Casey James A. Carson Robert F. Cooper C. Thomas Covell Lester E. Dean Ellsworth Eidenmuller Robert Freeman Ward E. Lambert Jack H. McDonald Mark R. James McLaughlin Albert McQueen Jack R. Meir Charles W. Mink Carl O. Ohmer Richard M. Pearl Bamlet L. Price David S. Rutledge Hal G. Rutledge John J. Serr William B. Shafer Jack D. Swaner Robert W. Walkotte Robert L. Williams Woessner Merritt Barron Belvel Briggs Carson Davies Duart Dunn Kauffman Kochevar Leisz Martyr Miller Morgan Pickett Remchow Rodden Ryan Ryan Tice Valli Veal White Armstrong Basye Blandin Blake Browning Casey Carson Cooper Covell Dean Eidenmuller Freeman Lambert McDonald McLaughlin McQueen Meir 1755 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TEN CHAPTERS 344 P- : tatted . H. Strr Wi Will Ellsworth H :.. = . Joki, R. Joki, W. Mart May :: -. r. Silaa IM Miller S-.-.2-. SOPHOMORES William R. Armstrong Cecil J. Mark Lloyd Bradhoff George M. May Charles D. Brovan Robert G. Nicol Stanley V. Cutler. Jr. Jack D. Norberg Richard H. Darling Laird L. Shepherd William L. Ellsworth John H. Silcox Fred K. Haines Allen Thode Kenneth F. Holway Ralph Thomas Robert H. Joki Richard Von Geldren Walter A. Joki George Walker Leonard Weaver FRESHMEN Donald Brown William Rhea Leonard Handley William Rhone Steward Hollingworth Arthur Roberts Stanley Miller Donald Stewart Roger Troxell 345 KAPPA DELTA RHO GRADUATE x Carroll White SENIORS James Elmendorf Thomas Page Ted R. Foster Wade Patterson Raleigh McKisson Daniel Walt Marvin Veregge JUNIORS Peter Bendorf James Berry Dean Clair James Haley Robert Houston Andrew Jara Clyde LaJeunesse Walter Merton Howard Mount Edward O ' Connor Stanley Peterson Julian Philippe Richard Spear Harold Russell Thomas Taylor Theodore Tronoff SOPHOMORES Don Anderson Norman Carmichael Walter Ferenz William Fitzgerald Robert Harding Edwin Hart Richard Hickman Robert LaVelle James Maccoun George Marr Robert Mullins Arthur Newell Louis Raun-Linde Gene Rebstock Robert Tambini FRESHMEN Richard Baldry Robert Barker William Bristow Gene Buck James Cutting Arthur Entz Charles Walstrom Richard Glendon John Harris Donald Haworth George Murray Gene Phillips Roderick Stewart 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED ATMIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS Elmendorf Foster Page Talt Bendorf Clair Haley Houston Jara Merton Mount O ' Connor Peterson Philippe Russell Taylor Tioroff Andersen Carmichael Ferenz Fitzgerald Harding Hart Hickman LaJeunesse LaVelle Maccoun Marr Murray Newell Raun-Linde Tambini Baldry Barker Bristow Buck Cutting Entz Glendcn Harris Haworth Phillips Stewart Walstrom 346 Hew-e Hunt Mersereau Salaman Anderson Barry Ja;;ts Masser Mersereau Neal Beatty Cantelow Finster Foster Gi lardy Glen Goerl Graham Musser Post Steams Steck Wallace Whitton Bastable C orison DeChene Dunlap Gibson Hawkins Jeffries Kilburn Malmgren McBane Merrill Pawek Ryland Smith Bartlett Berard Clausen Easter Fowler H2 r f " Hanger Howe Kennedy Langner Ljrtq McCue R c i ' . " Rhodes Sloan Smith Wood York PHI KAPPA SIGMA ( MVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Thomas Buck Clark Burnham. Jr. John U. Calkins, Jr. Malcolm Davisson Walter M. Hart Ivan M. Linforth Reginald Linforth George Louderback Albert H. Mowbray Heber A. Newsom GRADUATES Whitney Biggar Charles Hunt Allen Buckingham John Mersereau. Jr. Richard Heggie Arthur Morgan Franklin Salaman SENIORS James Anderson Theodore Barry David Bigger James Clausen Robert Jacobs Harry Masser Charles Mersereau John Neal JUNIORS Gerald Beatty Herbert Cantelow Edwin Finster Kenneth Foster Marvin Gilardy Leslie Gleb John Goerl James Graham Jere Musser John Post Allan Spindt David Stearns Allen Steck John Wallace William Whitton SOPHOMORES James Bastable James Corison Robert DeChene Edward Dunlap Maurice Gibson Edwin Hawking Robert Hays William Jeffries Harvey Kilbnrn George Malmgren Raymond McBane Robert Merrill William Pawek Glen Ryland Gene Smith FRESHMEN John Bartlett Jack Berard George Clausen George Easier Clinton Fowler Richard Hafner Bruce Hanger Hubbard Howe James Kennedy Herman Langner Richard Larkey Gerald McCue " Jay Reynolds Louis Rhodes George Sloan William Smith Ray Wood Steven York 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER I -TABLISHED 1903 FORTY CHAPTERS 347 PHI DELTA THETA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Edwin B. Baldrey Dr. Karl M. Bowman George Break Norman Foxworthy William Gillis Joel Hildebrand Oily Kern James McBaine Dr. George McChesney Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond Nutting Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow Robert Tessier William Twitchell GRADUATE Gordon W. Nelson SENIORS Joe Cullen Charles H. Currier, Jr. Robert T. Jones John W. Kocher Herbert Lindsley Charles Manning Bert M. McCabe John G. Meier Raymond J. Nutting Curtis H. A. O ' Sullivan Les Rogers Robert F. Teddy Gay W. Weber Harry K. Webster Russell B. Williams Burton Wood JUNIORS James Anderson Nate E. Bower Walter M. Bowman Arlington C. Charter John B. Crook James D. Fletcher Russell P. Fritchey Samuel M. Haslett III Robert O. Hawes John F. Ingle Robert A. Kinslow William A. Majors Charles S. McDonald Robert B. McNichol Lawrence C. Merriam John B. Merrill Kennilh Miller Maynard D. Nelson Carter Norris, Jr. Hartford S. Rapp Phillip Voorheis Nelson Cullen Jones Kocher Lindsley Manning McCabe Meier O ' Sullivan Weber Webster Wood Anderson Bower Bowman Fritchey Haslett Hawes Ingle Kinslow Majors McDonald McNichol Merriam Nelson Norris Rapp Voorheis Anderson Angwin Apman Backman Bentley, R. 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN CHAPTERS 348 En-.;-. He - Ho H: ai; Va-. - Nash Premiss Robireor, E. Rebinsw, W. Saldine S-:- Strong S-.-a- Bctts : -7.? NiefeM SOPHOMORES Edwin S. Anderson James V. Angwin Richard Apman Richard F. Backman Robert C. Bentley Virgil R. Butler Bill J. Conghlin Charles Coyle Robert L. Cuttle John R. Enright Lou E. Evans Jack R. Heinz Charles R. Hoge John L. Holland Donald H. Kincaid Bingham Kirk Howard J. Martin Robert B. MacPherson. Jr. John H. McWhirter Franklin W. Monlthrop Cordon Nah Ted L. Premie Earl Robinson William G. Robinson John R. Saldine George Smith Richard W. Strong William J. Stuart John D. Upp Gny E. Watson FRESHMEN Peter Anderson William B. Aydelott Nick Belkin Donald C. Bentley William M. BetU Richard Cnpples Park T. Dingwell Peter W. Falconer Rodney T. Franz Jack R . Howell Ronald E. Hubbard George A. Leatherman, Jr. Richard H. Leggett Eric H. Nielsen William W. Reinhard Thomas L. Robertson 349 PHI GAMMA DELTA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Luis Alvarez George C. Briggs Leroy Briggs Charles Derleth Willard Durham Norman Hinds Woodbridge Metcalf Jacques Schnier Ken Pedlow James K. Ross GRADUATES Donald A. Wells Ken Wells Gordon French SENIORS Joseph Billion, Jr. Thomas Bowman Robert Cole Curtis Dreyer Donald R. Franson Glenn D. Gallison Antone Paul Goodall Donald A. Goodwin Peter B. Gruening F. J. Hunt Leland H. Jordan Martin J. Lemcke Charles W. Livingston Ward Murray Ted Ockels Albert R. Rubey Dorner T. Schueler, Jr. Edward Sherman Elton B. Sherwin Conway Smith Charles Snook JUNIORS Charles B. Ames William O. Baird Donald L. Bittner John B. Bowfcer Louis L. Bradley Richard D. Brooding Paul A. Chase James E. Croudace James E. Deasy Manford Funsten Robert A. Gallison Virgil L. Gerard Richard V. Gerdau John Gilchrest Carl Robert L. Goetz James C. Creenan Howie Joyce Sheldon T. Kales Joseph R. Longacre, Jr. Leland A. Parker Robert W. Pohl William R. Prindle Alan Purchase Richard D. Reid Rusell H. Spatz Lester L. Stoakes John T. Sullivan Howard Thayer Travis Ross Wells, D. Wells, K. Billion Bowman Cole Dreyer Franson Gallison Goodall Goodwin Gruening Livingston Murray Ockels Rubey Schueler Sherman Sherwin Smith Snook Ames Baird Bowker Bradley Brooding Chase Croudace Deasy Funsten Gallison Gerard Gerdau Gilchrest Goetz Greenan Joyce Kales Longacre Parker 350 2395 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1886 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS = : S. .:- Ttojer Ota Menu tafehg E:- q Ball Bell Blake Fisher Grey Voks SOPHOMORES Henry N. Bakken William E. Bitlner Loy Dickinson Peter Dunn Richard Frc t E. Ernest Gujtafson Kenneth R. Johnson Wallace D. Peterson Norm Presley Roland V. Stone George T. Warren William Wright Bill Anderson Nolton Ashley Bill V. Bailey Don Ball Baird Bardarson Mike M. Be ' l Ken Blake FRESHMEN Dudley S. Fagan Robert Fagan Paul Fisher Donald Grey Philip Mering James Ohm Bill Sibbett Jack Vohs 351 PHI KAPPA PSI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Pauley GRADUATES Robert Banaugh William Beale Robert Bernard Roger Bliss Robert Buckles William Clark Sheldon Craddock William Lyle James Nielsen William Still SENIORS Tom Casey Robert Conners Cameron Fair William Fray Lyell Galbraith William Holoomb Francis Hewitt John Hopkins Theodore Kenfield John Klinger Jake McConnell Jack Meyer Jack Stearns George Stimmel David Turner Peter Van Benschoten Herbert Walton JUNIORS John Bailey Wendell Beard Noel Clad Gerald Cullinane Gale Demartini William Diffenbaugh Jack Downs Marechal Duncan Jack Edmond Ernest Fair Edwin Flinn Kenneth Gustafson Raymond Guy Thomas Hartzell Donald Horn William House Norman Kenfield Meredith Kittrelle Robert Lutz Karl May Leo Mclntyre Elden Mohn Robert Moore Joseph Murphy Bernard Piels Robert Plumb Preston Snook David Shwayder Philip Sinnot II Donald Stafford Donald Stokes Binford Thompson Richard Tremper Melvin Van Horn Paul Winner Max Yerxa Beale Bernard Bliss Buckles Clark Craddock Nielsen Still Casey Fair Fray Galbraith Hewitt Hopkins Klinger McConnell Meyer Stearns Stimmel Turner Van Benschoten Walton Bailey Beard Clad Cullinane Demartini Diffenbaugh Downs Duncan Flinn Gustafson Edmond Hartzell Horn 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1899 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS 352 House Kenfield LuU May Mclntyre Mohn Murphy Pitls Snook Shwayder Sinnot Stafford Witmer Yenca Allen Clow Ferrin Larner Martin McCuistion Mitchell Panton SwarUbaugh Simmons Taylor Balliet Brown Caffey Durante Duvaras Granfield Matignon Pellissier Rennick Stutt SOPHOMORES Ralph Allen Elmer Clow Ralph Ferrin Richard Larner Charles Martin FRESHMEN Donald Anderson Robert Balliet Ray Brown Edmond Casey Richard Caffey Martin Durante David McCuistion Ralph Mitchell Jamie Panton Warren Simmons John Swartzbaugh John Taylor James Duvaras John Cranfield Leon Matignon Henri Pellissier l.ud Rennick William Stutt 353 PHI KAPPA TAU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Shiedler Howard Payne GRADUATE John Ellis SENIORS Donald Baxter Clayton Brunsell Jack Carlson Albert Hartunian Kenneth Jackson Robert L. Kingsley Ted Molfino William Shaw Robert Vincent Louis Biagi Charles Bosley Chet Gahn Charles Gilbert JUNIORS Robert J. Greer George Meyers Lawrence Tyler Paul Unsworth Phillip Vandor SOPHOMORES Theodore Gould Lowell Hall Benjamin Hansen James Hislop James Lee George Lopez Thomas J. Mathews Allan Young FRESHMEN Donald Beck James Benedict Robert French Thomas Hathaway William Heaney Allen Herring Morrison Jones William Martin Richard Zaslove Charles Ralph Henry Rotticci Richard Shortridge Francis Tims William Whelan Barley Wilbur John Worsley Jack Perin Raymond Reed George Roux Walter Smith Stanley Stetson Fred Stolz James Struthers Robert Wells 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FIFTY CHAPTERS Ellis Baxter Brunsell Carlson Hartunian Kingsley Mclfino Shaw Vincent Biagi Bosley Gahn Gilbert Greer Tyler Unsworth Vandor Gould Hall Hansen Hislop Lee Mathews Ralph Rotticci Shortridge Tims Whelan Wilbur Worsley Young Benedict French Hathaway Heaney Herring Jones Martin Perin Reed Smith Stetson Stolz Struthers Wells Zaslove . 354 PHI SIGMA KAPPA A ;-.:-; x -:.:- Tolr CK :- Dmr KokiU IM -- .. -.- :.- JKto eller ft O .4l T ' . ' 3 q = ; :- Podesta P- :e 5- U Davis Fyfe em Jaw VA :-: Nyterg Phillips ?f - " C - 5:--: " - Ml Tufts White Anderson Barton FelU art iS i " " " 5.-;-; :.-: 5 : :- -. Walker, F. Walker, R. Willson .-.:. 2312 WARRING FOUNDED AT M ACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1909 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert Armstrong Lewis Kimball. Jr. George Rohrbacher Irvin Toler JUNIORS James Coolidge. Jr. George Deane. Jr. Roben Drew- Jack Howard Louis Howe Calvin Kokila Richard Lansing John Linthicum Robert Lucas Robert Moeller Lloyd Morgan Donel O ' Malley Royal Osterhont Edward Phillips Frank Podesta, Jr. Robert Price. Jr. Frank Rakela Howard Smith SOPHOMORES Douglas Carey Keith Davis, Jr. William Fyfe Kenneth Gove James Jones Harold Machado Charles Mayne Glenn McNicholas Dale Nyberg Edward Phillips Carl Rowland Ralph Reichold Donald Schimpff James Tallman John Toellner James Tnfu D. H. White Robert Wilson FRESHMEN Robert Andersen Howard Mackey Michael Arioli Herbert McDnffee Oran M. Barlow, Jr. Warren Schoonover Fredrick Feliz Hugh Stroupe Alfred Fortino Franklin Walker Vincent Franger Richard Walker Jerry Howard Lawrence Warren Robert Willson 355 PI KAPPA ALPHA UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Philip H. Arnot William L. Bender Edward C. Bull Ernest W. Cleary Carl D. Hoag Warren D. Homer Carleton Hulin Anson R. Kilgore Fredrick G. Linde Robert C. Martin Thomas D. Stewart Lynn E. Waldorf Garff B. Wilson GRADUATES Robert E. Adams William S. Moore John S. Enos William J. Reagan William A. Whelan SENIORS William H. Allen Arthur E. Anderson Ronald W. Berryhill Victor R. Boisseree John R. Bowman Henry J. Broderick Kenneth S. Caldwell John S. Clark, Jr. Robert C. Culbertson Edward E. Engen Neil A. Evensen John H. Farrar Kenneth C. Futterer Robert B. Finley Malcolm D. Glover William Kuphaldt Richard C. McClellan Robert R. McGee William E. Murray John F. Newby Arthur P. Pacheco Edwin Pentland John A. Pierce Earl Sanders, Jr. Alan K. Setterquist Frank E. Taylor JUNIORS William H. Abbott John Alley J. Fred Barber Allen G. Baker Charles C. Bishop Robert W. Blois Clinton A. Brown Edwin K. Bruck John E. Daniels Robert C. Dolman Harry L. Fledderman Lawrence E. Jones Meredith L. Jones Charles Lighty John W. Linzmeier Robert G. McCormick Robert E. Maxwell Richard S. Miller Ray H. Mitchler Peter A. Schultz Thomas E. Turnbull Gerald J. Vetter Thomas R. Walsh David W. Walters David J. Windle III Elwin R. Williams Adams Moore Reagan Allen Anderson Berryhill Boisseree Bowman Broderick Caldwell Clark Culbertson Engen Evensen Futterer Glover Kuphaldt McClellan McGee Murray Newby Pacheco Pentland Pierce Sanders Setterquist Taylor Barber Bishop Blois Bruck Daniels Fledderman Jones, L. Jones, M. Lighty McCormlck Maxwell 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 NINETY CHAPTERS 356 .,- I :-.: " n " :; - -- nrt Mfe ,.,., 51. Si Miller Mitchler Schulz Turn bull Vetter Walters Williams Abramson Albertim Bigelow Browning Bussey Cooper Dorius Gorman Jarfaoe McAnaw Martin, G. Martin, J. Matter ti Merrill Myers Dyer Pricer Ratchford Welden MB Bowles Dinwiddie Haney Jackson Laski Saegebanh Satterfield Snapp Tamberg SOPHOMORES John D. Abramson Robert L. Albertini William R. Bigelow George N. Browning Richard M. Bussey William Cooper Edmond Chavenetle Kermit P. Doriug Donald H. Gorman Daniel A. Hawk Bruce C. Heil Robert B. Jarboe Robert T. Lambert Robert R. McAnaw H. Glenn Martin, Jr. Julian R. Martin G. Alan Mattern Edward L. Merrill Arthur G. Myers Phillip H. Oyer Wayne E. Pricer Thomas E. Ratchford Jack Rolling Jacques R. Welden FRESHMEN Keith W. Barnard Thomas A. Bowles Darrell E. Dinwiddie William E. Haney Jack L. Jackson Laski ( dog I Melvin Tamberg Stanley H. Maritzan David E. Newby Robert B. Range Klaus A. Saegebarth Karl Satterfield Wallace Snapp 357 PI KAPPA PHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Henry E. Erdman GRADUATES Robert van den Bosch Charles R. Vannice SENIORS Earl S. Bradley Charles T. Harrison Benjamin T. Laflin JUNIORS Pete M. Berti David J. Dayton Kenneth L. Franklin Charles McDonald John H. McDonall, Jr. Roy C. Porter James G. Seiler Frank M. Williams SOPHOMORES Kent A. Bullock Edward J. Conway Warren M. Jensen Howard C. Leach, Jr. George Lineer James F. Low Herman L. Maricich Frank Norris Tony B. Pace William Procter William D. Raymond Roger C. Welty Vannice Bradley Laflin Berli Daytcn Franklin McDonald Seiler Williams Bullock Conway Jensen Bowman Fitzsimmons Morris Turner Zeni FRESHMEN Richard M. Bowman Harold L. Simmons Floyd W. Erickson Harvey L. Taylor Charles E. Fitzsimmons Arnold D. Turner John E. Morris Robert F. Zeni FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS 358 Andrews Banning Chase Garner Harris Haynes Hopper Keyes Roe Amling Banning Brelje Fish Gates Gould Huntington Lyding Pegram Rice Schuyler Vordermark Andrews Beauchamp Carter Etienne Fleming Gravem Hofmann Keenan Laube Leaf Smith Van Sell Yost Allen Beaver Brittingham Gallery Galloway Jordon Middleton O ' Melveny Richardson Skillen Sooy Vorenkamp Wolfe PSI UPSILON ft ft UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William C. Bray Bernard Etcheverry Howard Fleming Donald Markay Howard Naffziger Len Richardson Rudolph Schevill James D. Hahn III William T. Simpson SENIORS Arthur Anderson Robert Andrews Hanrork Banning III Harry Bickerton Robert Gallery Marin Chase Roland Foerster Fred Garner Charles Hammond Hood Harris Oilman Haynes Wilbur Hopper Arthur Keyes George Roe JUNIORS Wallace Amling Robert Banning Walter Brelje Paul Clinton Winthrop Fish Thomas Gates William Gould Robert Hnnlington Benjamin Innes Walter Johnson John Lyding Richard Pegram Edward Rice James Schuyler David Vordermark SOPHOMORES Wilbur Andrews Blake Beauchamp William Carter John Elliott Myron Etienne Howard Fleming X5 illiam Gravem Charles Hofmann Harold Keenan Aloysis Lanbe Peter Leaf Lawrence Smith Willis Van Sell James Yost FRESHMEN John Allen James Beaver Kenneth Brittingham Orville Gallery Harry Galloway Zack Jordon Thomas Keenan Howard Middleton Stuart O ' Melveny illiam Richardson Ralph Skillen Donald Sooy Stephen Vorenkamp Thomas Wolfe 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPS1LON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS 359 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. D. Calkins R. W. Chancy Stuart Dagget Ralfe Miller GRADUATE Edward Barthold SENIORS Alfred Albietz Leland Arth Robert Benner Robert Diggs Donald Dixon Raymond Foreaker Frank Friedenbach Donald R. Higgins John V. Hook Bruce M. Jacobs Patrick Kincaide Everett Lampson Robert L. Ling Benson R. McGann Bruce C. Moorehead deWit Popkin Donald Priewe Donald Riewerts David Riordan Vernon Rivers William Sorensen Robert Weeks John Wight Robert M. Wilson John Yates JUNIORS Clifford W. Adams David Clark Raymond E. Davis Robert Decker John Evans Richard Gilbert Gordon Grannis Robert J. Henniger Carver Hildebrand Frank Hopkins Melvin Johnson Richard Jones Russell Knowles Wilson Pendery James Robertson William Shaw Robert Standley Richard Watts Barthcld Albietz Arth Benner Diggs Dixon Foreaker Friedenbach Higgins Hook Jacobs Lampson Ling McGann Moorehead Popkin Prifwe Riewerts Riordan Rivers Sorensen Weeks Wilson Wight Yates Adams Clark Davis Decker Evans Grannis Henniger Hildebrand Hopkins Jones Knowles Pendery Robertson 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN CHAPTERS 360 $:-- S::--: -. Watts - ;-. Bur, Colttf : -.= Dresser Eckel Gilbert Graves Lin) V:-::. McCalfei Hdta = :-;:; : ;: Etaa :: :. EMM Hocfen .;-: Kemille - H htoti In Weiss Wiser . ' .:: q SOPHOMORES Paul Aren-iin David Burg John Colter Ernest Dana Duane Dresser Robert Eckel Clark Grave? Eugene Kirkpatrirk Laurence Saler Frank Lind Cns Manolis Charles Mathevs William Morzov Marcus M Callen Hugh McKee Alfred Parsons Ronald Richard- FRESHMEN Albert Blanc Guy Chaddork Ralph Chaplin Edwin Chase Norman Dolby Clinton Evans Donald Hodges Robert Hole Ted Jatho James Kenville Tag Nicholson Robert Osborne Marshall Plant Thomas Roberts Homer Rush William Shrere Austin Turner Jehn Weiss Emerson Wiser William Woolley 361 SIGMA ALPHA MU Stan Felix Harold Berg Joe Goldberg GRADUATES Barney Rubin SENIORS Maury Goldberg Peter Hart JUNIORS Gerald Adams Erv Blum Alvin Calof Robert Clarfield Dean Cohen Maury Engel Robert Fischer Ivan Gennis Robert Gilinsky Irving Goldberg Al Heller Charles Jacobs Harry Kronrod Alvin Lowenstein Sid Matles Larry Oppenheimer Gilbert Pavlovsky Herbert Rome Ralph Weimberg Felix Rubin Berg Goldberg, J. Goldberg, M. Hart Penny Adams Blum Calof Clarfield Cohen Engel Fischer Genn. ' s Gilinsky Goldberg Heller Jacobs Kronrod Lowenstein Matles Oppenheimer Pavlovsky Rome Weimberg Ames Ap te Belkin Benas Berenbaum Bush berg Cohen 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK CITY COLLEGE, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED }929 THIRTY EIGHT CHAPTERS 362 ; :.- :.- .- ' - - ' ' ' ::- ' ' ' -- - " Flint Golde Gorran Goldman Janis King Klein Miller Morvai Ralston Rose Saviu Sicular Adelson Banks Berk Cohen, R. Ccrer E. Cohen, J. Colodny Cooper Gogol Greenberg Haas Hart Ivantosch Kelson Laderman Mantel R OS man Schwartz Spector Wolke Pledge SOPHOMORES David Ames Robert Apte Phil Beiser Melvin Belkin Richard Benas Art Berenbanm Norman Bnshberg Ellis Byers Lee Cohen Mike Flint Howard Friedman Robert Stanley Golde Gerald Goldman Robert Gorran Leon Janis Bernard King Morrey Klein Donald Miller Oscar Morvai Robert Ralston Seymour Rose Stanley Saviu Sicular FRESHMEN Bernard Adelson Gerald Banks Herbert Berk Ed Cohen Jack Cohen Robert Cohen Mark Colodny Norman Cooper Arthur Garshfield Harvey Gogol Ralph Golub Pledge Aaron Greenberg Emanual Haas Edward Hart David Ivantosch Stanley Laderman Arthur Mantel Richard Rosman Edward Schwartz Arnold Spector Robert Winkler Irwin Wolke (dog) 363 SIGMA CHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Nibs Price GRADUATES Richard B. Bahme Samuel W. Hall Robert V. Nauman SENIORS Wade H. Dozier Jack J. Drieman Robert M. Edmonston Charles R. Gilkely Richard A. Harris Ralph P. Hill Franklin S. Holly Joh n Mewha James H. Watson Robert A. Mitchell William O. Noack Robert H. Nooter C. Keith Parker G. Edgar Rogers Lawrence H. Stewart C. Wyatt Unger Richard T. Ward JUNIORS Don H. Ackerman Cochrane Brown Donald E. Brown John G. Campbell Eugene F. Cassidy Ulf A. Collett Jackson C. Dickson Herbert S. Fowler Dean G. Jacobs William J. Killeen Jack MacAuley Robert E. Mace Warren H. Madeley Wayne T. Madeley Richard S. Manildi George Nicholaw Robert H. Remensperger Reuel H. Smitter Nauman Dozier Drieman Edmonston Gilkely Holly Hill Mitchell Noack Nooter Rogers linger Ackerman Brown, D. Brown, C. Campbell Jacobs Killeen Mace MacAuley Madeley, W. H. Madeley, W. T. Manildi 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR CHAPTERS 364 ._ Kecfar MitUer to SOPHOMORES Barton M. Bromberg John C. Campbell Daniel W. Creer George C. Keeler Harry Maes Dean Mann Richard K. Whitesides FRESHMEN Keith Mann Rollin Meyer ade L. Sittler Lyman P. Phillip- Sidne Smith J. Robert White Ned H. Adcock D. Bmre Campbell Donald H. Cox F. Charle Fairrhild Richard B. Macfie Cordon MacLean Dean Ormsby Jame? Pogne Thomas M. Reardon William P. Sleer Dean F. Unger Robert R. Wilson 365 SIGMA NU UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bruce Baker William Baker John Bricker Robert J. Fitzhenry Charles R. Glassgow Walter B. Simpson William Smails SENIORS Howard Alvord Louis Banker Fred Burger Clayton Calender Keith Carey Bob Cutherell Andy Durham Bill Forde Douglas Frame Jim Mcllraith Bob Parker George Robb John Schneider Art Schumacher Peter Thatcher JUNIORS Bob Anderson Don Atwater Jon Baker Bob Barclay Bill Beckett Ralph Busby Roland Chambers Stanley Charles Bill Cline Pat Cunningham Carl Daiss George Detweiler Don Devoto Howard Engle John Heywood Harry Keegan Jack Lavery Bernard Litchfield Willard Lotter Charles Matheny William Miller Bernard Pepper Stan Rowson Earl Shea Harlan Smith Bob von der Leith Alvord Banker Burger Calender Cutherell Durham Forde Frame Graves Mcllraith Robb Schneider Anderson Atwater Baker Barclay Busby Chambers Charles Cunningham Daiss Detweiler Devoto Engle Heywood Keegan Lavery Litchfield Loiter 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY ACADEMY, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS 366 Matheny Miller Pepper Row son Shea Smith von der Leith Beemer Briggs Burke Cole Collins Craig Kirby Moore Oviedo Sanford Thompson Wells Van Nortrick Baker Conner Downs Fischer Harter Hopper McGuinness Oertli Parsons Russell Schoonmaker Schumacher Whitson Tom Beemer Asa Briggs Walter Burke Bob Cole Bruce Collins Bill Craig Dave Kirby SOPHOMORES Jim Lucas Mark Mi-K innniM- 1 1 irk Moore George Oviedo Frank Sanford Ira Thompson Ken Wells Bill Van Nortrick Bob Baker Dick Conner Bob Downs Warren Fischer Kim Harter Paul Hopper FRESHMEN Al McGuinness Philip Oertli Will Parsons John Russell Peter Schoonmaker Don Schumacher Bruce Whitson 367 SIGMA PHI EPSILON ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Robert Aitken James Corley John Cory James Foro Robert Johnson James Miller Al Ragan Arthur Sampson H. R. Wellman William Evans Jack Klukkert GRADUATES Howard Marsh Carl Pascaloff Ronald Sodestrom Edward Bailey Thomas Frye Fred L. Gibson Myron Harpole SENIORS Robert Layman Donald Major Walter Reinthaler Warren Scott Robert Thorn JUNIORS Robert Andreen Ranulf Beames Ronald Birch Rupert Brittain Robert Brorsen Loran Bunte Paul Bush Robert Chalmers Wayne Dawson Bruce Dunwoody Robert Evans Lloyd Grotheer Richard Huntington Harold Howard Stanley Kallo Charles Kohlenberger John Lounsberry Norman Mann George McDaniel Donald McDougall Earl Miles Thomas Moore Edwin Murray John Quigley Robert Randolph Eugene Scares E. A. Sorensen William Soule Frank Turney Robert Vaughan Ron Watson Viktor Zahn Robert Zeller Pascaloff Sodestrom Bailey Frye Gibson Harpcle Major Reinthaler Scott Thorn Andreen Beames Birch Brittain Brorsen Bunte Bush Chalmers Oawscn Dunwcody Evans Grotheer Howard Huntington Kallo Kohlenberger Lounsberry Mann McDaniel McDougall Miles Moore Murray Watson 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 368 Quigley Randolph Sorensen Scares Soule Vaughan Zahn Zeller Carmicha:! Clatt Daley Dunbar Evans Hewitt Johnson Lewis McGlohn Sayre Baumann Casey DeMattos Epsilon Frame Gustafson Hale Hansen Herring Krohn LeGault McDaniel Olson, D. Olson, F. SOPHOMORES Howard Carmicbael Robert Clatt Robert Daley Calvin Dunbar Kenneth Evans Daniel Hewitt Daniel Johnson illiam Lewis Robin McGlohn Richard Powers Russell Sayre FRESHMEN Paul Baumann Harold Casey Richard DeMattos Karla Epsilon LeRoy Frame Edward Gustafson Thomas Hale William Hansen John Herring William Johnson Jered Krohn Richard LeGault James McDaniel Donald Olson Forest Olson 369 SIGMA PHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward C. Crafts William C. Cruess Dr. William Donald Harold L. Leupp Grant C. Loomis Peter Yankwich GRADUATES John Ballantine George A. Rader Albert W. Sanborn SENIORS William B. Boykin Marchall C. Cheny William L. Dinwiddie George B. Hummer Karl Kroeber Paul L. Larsen William Mason William B. Rogers John L. Stewart JUNIORS James S. Cline Edward Guyon James R. Hoag Charles R. Hoagland LeRoy H. Maffly Roy W. Melbye Charles A. Mower Peter A. Olson Glen A. Phillips Donald F. Severin Robert B. Shaw Heber H. Smith Donald W. Stewart J. Dwight Wilson SOPHOMORES Philip Angell William Breiner Thomas A. Curtis Richard M. Dennes Everett Fuller James D. Glenn John R. McKee Gareth L. Meinhold Gordon A. Moore Thomas P. Shaw Hugh L. Singrey James W. R. Stewart Barlett B. Heard, Jr. L. Alan Tyler Emory L. Marshall John Vukasin FRESHMEN Kenneth G. Fuller Albert Howe James Flood Edward Macaulay Neil Fulton Kenneth Murray Theodore A. Harpainter William Wilson Phido Ballantir Rader Sanborn Boykin Cheny Hummer Dinwiddi Larsen Mason Rogers Stewart Cline Guyon Hoag Hoagland Maffly Melbye Olson Phillips Severin Shaw Smith Stewart Wilson Angell Breiner Curtis Dennes Fuller Glenn Heard Marshall McKee Meinhold Moore Shaw Singrey Stewart Tyler Vukasin Flood Fuller Fulton Harpaintei Howe Macaulay Murray Wilson 2307 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS 370 THETA CHI Hessert Sheppard Anderson Clary Cleary Dolim Farley Francis Kenny Kephart Kidd Kitchen Martin Nelson Nielsen Paltenghi Wanek Angwin Be I ton Carson Clarvce Cole Galloway Gclden Grinsfelder Hamlin Morehouse Pcehlmann Ramsden Ricksecker Schulz Allen Bardellini Butler Convery Cundall DeGclia DeWolf Fischbeck Fohner Francis Griffin Hubber Ingraham Kolb Moody Nugent Ridencur Runner Timmcns Cameron Carrothers Frates Lumbard Reames Smith UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert De Liban Dr. R. H. DeWitt Lars H. Peterson F. Noel Spiess GRADUATES Richard C. Hessert James C. Sheppard SENIORS Robert Anderson Howard E. Clary John W. Cleary George S. Dolim William Farley William O. Francis Victor E. Henny James A. Kephart Lewis Kidd Warren A. Kitchen Francis C. Martin Thomas C. Nelson George A. Nielsen Richard Paltenghi Norman E. Wanek JUNIORS Robert R. Angwin Alfred A. Bolton, Jr. Lawrence A. Carson Frank A. Clarvoe, Jr. William L. Cole Lee M. Galloway Joseph W. Golden Donald Grinsfelder Donald G. Hamlin Joseph G. Morehonse Edwin J. Poehlmann Scott C. Ramsden Kenneth G. Ricksecker Theodore G. Schulz SOPHOMORES n fti - r4 v J t?m I William Allen, Jr. Justin Bardellini Robert Butler John Convery Alan Cundall Pershing DeGolia Richard DeWolf Robert Fischbeck George Fohner Hugh Francis Jack Griffin Albert Huber, Jr. Richard Ingraham Kenneth Kolb George Moody Allen W. Nugent Douglas Ridenour Alfred Runner 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS James Timmons FRESHMEN Daniel Cameron Charles Gillis Lumbard Walter Carrothers Roderick Reames Robert Frates, Jr. Maurice Gene Smilh, Jr. 371 THETA DELTA CHI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Leonard W. Buck Burton A. King Worth Ryder James G. Siler Thomas B. Bell Al Derian Roscoe B. Tippett Robert Green GRADUATES Harrison Hance John Roberts James Wyatt . ; ' SENIORS Robert Ball George Campbell Walter Costa Frank Dixon William Lassleben Glenn Feist Fred Folliard Kenneth Hadley John Hoffman Andrew Kopperud Gene Millard Henry Morris Donald Paterson Jack Rocker Eugene Smith Leonard Sullivan Earl Thomas Harold Walt Wilbur Wright JUNIORS John Ball Richard Barbrack Daniel Barnett Charles Bouchard Truman Campbell Gordon Crews John Dunasky Richard Erickson Peter Fisher Frederick Howell Arthur Ish Harold Jewett Paul Keckley Robert Leggett Daniel Knott James Moose Russell Nordeen Warren Swanson Redick Tiddy Jack Wick ware Hance Roberts, J. Wyatt Ball Campbell Costa Dixon Folliard Hadley Kopperud Lassleben Millard Morris Paterson Rocker Smith Sullivan Thomas Walt Wright Ball Barbrack Barnett Bouchard Campbell Crews Ounasky Erickson Fisher Howell Ish Knott Moose Nordeen 372 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS ::.. . ' , :- :--- ----- - :- Ml Xing V--:: ' . ' -: ' -- " - " . r --- : ; - = Tetter :-- : , Olrri r r " . - . - ; -: - McKmer ' . ' :. - Ml Paul Mi ::- S OPHOMORES William Ackerly Philip Anderson Cliff Asche . Conrad Babb Pan! Baender Richard Cohn Donald M. Elliott Bob Harbangb Waldo Jark on Kenneth L. King Charles Meadow? Charle-. O ' Conner John O ' Drain Phillip Pankaskie George Puterbaugh Robert Reasoner Nian Roberts Richard Roberl- Rirhard Teeter FRESHMEN Ronald Caldwell Robert Celeri John Farr V illiam Ficker David Fink Banford Frankland Morgan Howell Tom MrKeever Thomas Moulin Benjamin Neff Edward Paul James Walton 373 THETA XI UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans Harry W. Shepherd Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATES Donald Carpenter Jack Herwig Peter Davidson William Kiloh Frank Owings SENIORS Gibert Bracken Clifford Burton William Chapman John Conway Edward dimming Russell Green Warren Hastings William Hastings William Keyston Robert Mclntosh Frederick Murphy Robert Noone Richard Smithson Kirby West JUNIORS William Dripps William Fitzmaurice Charles Grant James Gray Robert Hoagland Holway Jones Chester King Harry Rothwell Robert Macfie Allan Moss Ed Nettell Roy Niles Richard Parmenter John Riley Jack Rose 1 Carpenter Herwig Kiloh Owings Bracken Burton Chapman Conway Cummings Green Hastings Keyston Mclntosh Murphy Ncone Smithson West Dripps Fitzmaurice Grant Gray Hoagland Jones King Macfie Moss Nettell 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 374 Miles Parmenter Riley Rose Rothwell Condon Conway Davidson Forrest Housman Lalanne Net tell Ricketts Smith Spen cer Spruance Vanaseck Weissich Bee be Bond Glass Henderson Hodges McCoy Porter SOPHOMORES Alveen Condon Robert Conway Alan Davidson Carl Forrest Edward Housman Louis Lalanne Gale Nettell Kenneth Ricketts Howard Smith Stanley Spencer William Spruance Robert Vanaseck Daniel Weissich William Beebe George Bond William Glass FRESHMEN William Henderson Thomas Hodges John McCoy- Philip Porter 375 ZETA BETA TAU ! UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohn Charles Fletcher Harold Linder Max Redin GRADUATE James Coleman SENIORS Philip Anapolsky Ralph Fisher Lester Friedman Irwin Gibbs Milton Goldberg David Goldeen Sylvain Heumann Joseph Kushner John Levinsohn Charles Paul Benjamin Rosenberg Ed Rosenteil JUNIORS Stanley Hotchner Richard Hyman Warren Saltzman Robert Spiegelman Norman Trenton Richard Weinberg SOPHOMORES Richard Blumberg Roland Elefant Monte Ghertler Arnold Grossman Martin Hertz David Nagler Sheldon Nankin Harold Newman Harold Rubin Daniel Shapiro Steve Varnhagen Justin Wenner Warren Weingarten FRESHMEN David Anker Bruce Becker Alvin Clar Norman Fox Robert Fox Donald Friedman Stanley Friedman Robert Gibbs John Gerstle Edward Harlem Richard Hayms Robert Hemmings William Kobin Ronald Matin Norman Poise Theodore Purcell Donald Rothenberg Arapclsky Fisher Friedman Gibbs Goldeen Heumann Kushner Levinsohn Rosenberg Rosensteil Hyman Saltzman Spiegelman Trenton Weinberg Blumberg Elefant Ghertler Grossman Hertz Nagler Nankin Newman Rubin Shapiro Wenrer Anker Becker Clar Dover Friedman, D. Friedman, S. Gibbs Gerstle Harlem Hayms Hemmings Matin Purcell Rothenberg 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY CHAPTERS 376 ZETA PSI Baldwin Burrill Doerr Eschen Hibbitt Hcag Lucas Schclz Witter Andersen Merriam Mcrris O ' Br en Sclinsky Srmers Badger Benson Hartman Hraly Lcsey Mcntag ' .e Petray Pry Raggio Randall Tcurtellctte Ball Burroughs Fcrd Giffen Hclt Keresey Price Rademaker Smith Theiss GRADUATE John Lamoreaux SENIORS Page Baldwin Gerald BurriU William Cavalier Donn Doerr Jaices Eschen Frank Helm William Hibbitt Roger Hoag James Lucas Albert Otto Gerald Scholz William Sharon Joseph Wilson William Witter JUNIORS Bert Anderson John Growdon Ben Holt Robert Merriam Austin Morris Robert O ' Brien Robert Solinsky Lawrence Somers Ronald Vincent SOPHOMORES George Badger George Benson Robin Campbell Price Giffin George Hartman John Healy John Hoogg Robert Losey Jay Meyer William Montagne Clay Petray Jacque Pry John Raggio Denny Randall James Tourtellotte George Ball Joe Burroughs Ed Ford Mike Gujfen Ted Holt FRESHMEN Jim Keresey Jim Price Ted Rademaker Russell Smith Ted Ifceiss Edwin Witter mjm M 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY CHAPTERS 377 BOWLES HALL GRADUATE Robert Oliver SENIORS Clifford Allen Loren Barre Fred Bartell Bev Broaddus Leland Burstein Doug Campbell Robert Chappell Robert Clevvett Raymond Conley Fred Correa Robert Davy Paul Dennison Delmer Dilbeck Frank Dillard Bruce Edson James Ellis William Enzie Larry Espriella Ralph Gish Bill Gray Sidney Green John Haughawont Gordon Hawkins Eugene Hempel James Houston Richard Houston Frank Indelicato Quentin Johnson Manuel Kugler Roland Lampert Harry Larson Donald Leddy Charles Lindgren Harry Lucheta Antonio Luppino Norman Lynn Cesar Munoz-Plaza Steven Nagel Walter Olson James Parker John Peterson Arnold Pilling Keith Rapp Eugene Rhodes Kern Richmond Paul Sauer William Shaw Don Smith Don Tarr Paul Trotta Morgan Washburn Willard Wright Robert Wunderlich John Wylie 4 m SL .A Oliver Allen Barre Bartell Broaddus Burstein Campbell Chappell Clewett Conley Correa Davy Oilbeck Dillard Edson Ellis Enzie Espriella Gish Gray Green Haughawont Hawkins Hempel Houston, J. Houston, R. Indelicate Johnson Kugler Lampert Larson Leddy Lindgren Lucheta Luppino Lynn Munoz-Plaza Nagel Olson Peterson Pilling Rhodes Richmond Sauer Smith 378 Tarr TrotU Washburn Wright Wunderlich Wylie Abshier Anderson Barhite Barrett Brie-ly Clark Cobfa Colin Daily Davidson DeChampbeau Denny Deyo Ehrman Emmons Ernst Fairweather Finley Franzblau Gleason Gulick Hall Hamilton Haskell Hays Head Irwin Jones Knott McCaw McEwan Mclntcsh McVey Maser Itottm Merrill ' i ?. . c Payson Prager Price JUNIORS T. J. Abshier Richard Anderson Robert Anderson Richard Barh ite George Barrett Art Bishop William Brierly Ezra Ted Clark " Wilbur Cobb David Cohn Robert Daily John Davidson James Davis Leonard Jones Gerald Kimble James Knott Fred Lumbard Donald McCaw Paul McEwan William Mi Into-]] Bruce McVey Clark Maser Lynn Mathews George Merrill Mobley Milam David Nayon Thomas De Champbeau Richard Nichols James Denny Allen Deyo Joseph Ehrman George Emmons I rlian Ernst Bill Fairweather Allen Finley Robert Franzblau Brooks Gleason Charles Gnlick Albert Hall Richard Hamilton William Harris Douglas Haskell James Hay Donald Head Peter Inskeep George Irwin John Payson Calvin Pickell Lewis Prager Tom Price Robert Prince Chnck Reno Cal Riemcke James Roper John Saulsberry James Sharpsteen Henry Schreiber Dennis Selle Ben Sheppard Merrill " Bob " Steinberg William Stevens Carl Stoltenberg David Strange Lawrence Sullivan Clem Svoboda BOWLES HALL JUNIORS Leonard Thompson Walter Tim William Voss Randall Walker Bruce Watson Charles Wildenstein Myrsam Wixman Frank Wright Dick Zais SOPHOMORES Andreas Albrecht Robert Alford Carl Anderson Jerry Barrieu Al Benioff Maclay Burt Walter Burton William Capps Robert Carlson William Carroll William Chesnut George Clifford Henry Coles Robert Dodds John Erdman James Fiscalini John Fiscalini Lawrence Frank Marty Franzblau John Geiger Don Graeber Robert Gustafson Leland Harris Walter Harris Douglas Haynes Russell Hibbard Ralph Hippert Rudin Johnson Arthur Kimber Gene Kirkpatrick Edward McNamara George Mack Marshall Maddock William Main Laddie Mathews John Merrell Donald Morrison James Neel Donald O ' Neil Russell Palmer H. A. Poddig Archie Pollino Jerry Prager Robert Radcliffe Ross Radick Glen Reed Calvin Simons Raymond Ware Prince Riemcke Roper Saulsberry Sharpsteen Schreiber Selle Stoltenberg Steinberg Stevens Strange Sulliv an Svobcda Thompson Tim Vcss Walker Watson Wixman Wright Za ' s fllbrecht f Ifcrd Anderson Barieau Benioff Burt Burton Capps Carlson Carroll Chesnut Coles Dodds Erdman Fiscalini Frank Franzblau Geiger Gustafson Harris, L. Harris, W. Haynes Hibbard Johnson 380 K .;.- : V: ' i - HI Nefl -::: ; Pcllino toga Rad-Jifft Radick = -.-: c ._.-.. -. = . m : = :=- :-.: Fishw 3: tsm II Heller t ' r - " I ' -; - , ; " .-: : :. ctara Mom V :-: = .;- TT FRESHMEN Cecil Agee George Ahlgren Edward Aitken Robert Anderson Robert Andrews Richard Aulvturm Jack Barne- Robert Bone Lloyd Butler Robert Carpenter Raymond Deyo Delbert Fisher David Fowler Can Goldsmith Clarence Heller Charles Henderson Donald Henrikseii George Hobbs Jerry Edgar Kendrirk 1 awrence Lo ? !eben Brute McGavren John March Frank Mason Joseph Moore James Moser Matthew Murphy Lyle Xeison Dave Nichols Philip Pi-ter Joha Peter Redwine John Ryan Wiliiana Whitney Shane Randy Stoke Roger Strange Nathan Tan- Harold Thompson Vayder " Prenez-liti au maison rond, jeune fille, c ' est impossible de rous y corner. " CLEOPATRA. 384 UP at 8:45 to make those 9 o ' clock classes, in at 2:15 to ' make that 2:30 lockout, sorority girls found their life evolved around rushing. Blind dates were wedged in between term papers, and as Wheeler dealers, or students in classrooms, they kept their enthusiasm. PAN-HELENIC Jeny Helta- Jean Mwrs OFFICERS President _ ..Ann Hollingworth Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Heifer Rushing Chairman Jean Meers MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Blvthe Foote Alpha Delta Pi Julia Murray Alpha Epsilon Phi Eleanor Peilan. Rosalyn Schwartz Alpha Gamma Delta .Dorothy Persell. June Hill Alpha Kappa Alpha Helen King. Jo-ita Jordan Alpha Omicron Pi Rosalie Greer. Adair Thra-h Alpha Phi .Faith Buckingham Alpha Xi Delta Jane Roney. Mattie Jean Gould Chi Omega Ruth Palmer. Elizabeth Schneider Delta Delia Delta. ... Beth Doerr Delta Gamma _ Carol Allen Delta Zeta Margaret Bunds Gamma Phi Beta ..._ Patty Eggle ton Kappa Alpha Thela Pal Fnnsten Kappa Delia Jean Overgaard, Shirley Dulane) Kappa Kappa Gamma Beatrice Moorhead Phi .Wu Thelma Osburn Pi Beta Phi Jean Mahan Sigma Kappa Beverlv Rinker Theta L ' psilon Eleanor Jackson. Claire Egan Zeta Tau Alpha Alice De S hitt. Claire Lou Paltinghi 385 ALPHA CHI OMEGA SENIORS Ann Carruthers Cynthia Finley Blythe E. Foote Lou Gardener Lois Guilbert Marie Jacobsen Margaret Lynch Natalie Osborn Vinka Papac Norma Spry Doris Stribley Ann Van Nostrand Crickett Weatherby JUNIORS Jane Belts Kathleen Blatz Janet Brewer Lorraine Cook Janice Crinklaw Elaine Dugan Nancy Garrett Gloria Govan Suzette Keller Jeanne Lewis Phyllis Livingston Carol Mackenzie Jean Mitchell Jean Morris Carolyn Peterson Margaret Plosser Helen Shoemaker Patricia Smith Gloria Stadelman Margaret Stewart Helen Stirton Sally Telford Muriel Witt Carruthers Finley Foote Guilbert Jacobsen Lynch Osborn Papac Spry Stribley Van Nostrand Weatherby Belts Blatz Brewer Cook Crinklaw Dugan Garrett Govan Keller Lewis Livingston Mackenzie Mitchell Morris Peterson Plosser Shoemaker Smith 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 386 S: :: Telfort Win i m ; = . _. -.;::.- ' ' :: = :.-:- - " T Ball :- - Gibson Hall -: B| -:. ; .,..,.. S -..:---. Wtlls Whitnfy . ' . a-: SOPHOMORES Barbara Allen Barbara Baler Diane Denault Patricia Gray Claire Holling ortli Laura Jensen Jayne-EIIen McGinni Dorothy Pierson Elizabeth Rhoad Jeanne Treyer FRESHMEN Gloria Amling Mary Ball Felicia Black Marcia Brenner Joan Forgy Dorothy Gibson Nancy Hall Diane Halsey alone Knox Laurel Mitchell Mary Ann Richardson Rosalie Stuart Eleanor Wells Joan Whitney Barbara J. Williams 387 ALPHA DELTA CHI SENIORS Lydia Beatty Beryl Becker Loretta Belgum Betty Chapman Mary Kay Chapman Mary Danielson Rosemarie Geisler Carolyn Gay Hart Dorothy Henderson Barbara Laughlin Ellen Nataas Wilhelmina Vogel JUNIORS Peggy Barnwell Ruth Champion Thelma Cole Marilyn Hardy Marilyn Heinrich Melvina Jarvis Elaine Marple Joy Service Beverly Stout Janet Wallace Alice Young SOPHOMORES Mary Bennett Phyllis Carhon Marguerite Markham Patricia Nelson Ellen Reasoner Halleine Sharp FRESHMEN Jean Arthur Betty Breuer Patricia Hawkins Nancy Jones Mildred Reasoner Shirley Swain Joan von Glahn Beatty Becker Belgum Chapman, B. Chapman, M. Danielson Hart Henderson Laughlin IVataas Vogel Barnwell Champion Hardy Heinrich Jarvis Marple Service Stout Wallace Young Bennett Carlson Markham Nelson Reasoner, E. Sharp Arthur Breuer Hawkins Jones Reasoner, M. Swain von Glahn 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CHAPTERS 388 ALPHA EPSILON PHI i 1.-..2 ' = CohOT, I. Cohen, M. F X--- - Hiber Helnun ' . ' = -; tm Riskin Weiter Gabriel Matzger White Allen Broder :.=.. Hen Hill =: Lot -j = .: OH - Tyre Abouaf. C. Fields v Una SENIORS Pearl Abouaf Iris Cohen Marion Cohen Eleanor Floersheim Jeanne Haber Corinne Helman Thelma Marguleas Eva Meyer Eleanore Pielen Lill ian Riskin Evelvn Weiler JUNIORS Elayne Cohodes Joan Gabriel Rita Goldberg Dorothy Matzger Suzanne White SOPHOMORES Carol Allen Judy Broder Janice Broudy Gloria Herz Laurel Hill Lois Josephs Ann Kaplan Donna Kaplan Rhoda Lushing Helen Rnbenstein Harriette Tyre FRESHMEN Claire Abouaf Mary Anker Jessie Herman Rosalie Brodsky Shirley Fields June Levitas Mildred Marcus Marilyn Mirsky Babette Mittleman Lore Oppenheimer Joan Robinson Lorraine Smook 2721CHANMNG-WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE. 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTER 389 ALPHA DELTA PI SENIORS Betty Anderson Beverly Bracket! Barbara Fricke Roia Gerard Ruth Hall Kathleen McDonough Roberta Mathews Maryanne Mulligan Carolee Myers Marylois Palmer Bette Platt Shirley Ryman Audrey Seymour Kay Voltattorni Margaret Wrigley JUNIORS June Anderson Camilla Burbank Jeffry Burress Beverly Craven Prudence Crosby Joyce Darwell Helen Gibson Charlotte Gordon Vicki McCallum Mary McLachlen Charlotte Mendelsohn Barbara Middleton Yvonne Runyon Marcella Sanders Frances Seitz Claire Stewart Louise Stoneson Margaret Walsh Merle Williams Patricia Woodruff Anderson Bracken Fricke Gerard Hall McDonough Mathews Mulligan Myers Palmer Platt Ryman Seymour Voltattorni Wrigley Anderson Burbank Burress Craven Crosby Darwall Gibson Gordon Hughes McCullum McLachlen Mendelsohn Middleton Runyon Sanders Seitz Stewart Stoneson Walsh Woodruff 390 2400 PIEDMONT FOUNDED AT WESLYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Carson :.-. a Fowter :-. :-: Holt Honor .:-- Kuscr Lufltin Lyndi ' . ' t - .- Moulin O ' Harra Parlw -7 :-r ' : " 5:- ?- Thorgerson .;-;- Beale faBH -;. :--: Lonwr IMhra -. Naylor Traall Vandervere SOPHOMORES Barbara Butler Sandra Carson Patricia Curtiss Haldon Fowler Sonya Hammond Marion Haviland Virginia Hemphill Frances Holt Iris Horton Barbara Hughes Helen John Carolee Kuser Orwyne Lnfkin Kaye Lynch Joan MacPhee Frances McMorran Mollie Mercer Joyce Merman Lois Moulin Joan Murphy Jackie O ' Harra Joan Parker Barbara Penberthy Elizabeth Renard Paula Schiefer Elaine Thorgerson Joyce Toney Betty Vaughn FRESHMEN Mary Ann Armanino Nancy Beale Patricia Han en Barbara Haviland Caroline Hildebrand Margaret Loviner Joan Mosley Terry Nathanson Jean Naylor Helen Stoneson Linda Truxall Marion Vandervere 391 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA SENIORS Mary Brandt Gloria Bronderslev Barbara Chaffin Marilyn Coughlan Jeanne Grassens Carol Guild Lillian Larsen Hilka Lindfors Audra Longley Katherine Mulvihill Claire Maas Kathryn Perata Dorothy Persell Helen Power Carla Richter Jane Sachs Audrey Sorensen Patricia Underwood Mary Walsh Gwendolyn Weeks Barbara Young JUNIORS June Antipa Barbara Atchison Betty Lou Bennett Edith Connolly Ellen Dee Shirley De Mamiel Myrna Gregory Ellen Heieck June Hill Jane Lewis Margaret Lindsay Ethelmae McAuley Merilyn McKenzie Jean McNab Mardis McQuesten Marilyn Riggs Patricia Rorke Cherie Thompson Ruthella Uncapher Patricia Wallace Mildred Young Brandt Bronderslev Chaffin Oughlan, M. Grassens Guild L infers Longley Mulvihill Maas Perata, R. Persell Power Richter Sachs Sorensen Underwcod Weeks Young, B. Antipa Atchison Bennett Connolly Dee DeMamiel Heieck Hill Lewis Lindsay McKenzie 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 392 MM McQuestCT R-9SS Un WaHa:e Young, M. E :;.- Ccughlan, J. DaviK Fraser Gay Gibson -.-;- Irglis Ldrkins V i Bl Hvttt - Perau, J. 5.- ::- Sopp SulKvan Uridgc Costa Wale Williams Winckel SOPHOMORES Sally Bronson Jean Conghlan Marilyn Davies Phyllis Fra er Beverly Gay Virginia Gibson Phyllis Harshaw Marcia In lis Joan Larkin- Irene Mlejnek Ruth Morettini Marie MulvihiU Marion Murphy Jean Perata Yolanda Santoni Doris Sopp Margaret Sullivan Jean Uridge FRESHMEN Marylou CosU Lois Rirhter IVance Wale Katie Williams Joan Winckel 393 ALPHA OMICRON PI SENIORS Charlotte Anderson Peggy Baumberger Merrilee Boushaw Constance Ellis Daphne Ferron Dorothea Johnson Patricia Nelson Sally Olson Lois Pohlmeyer Charlotte Shuck Carol Stoll Betty Wall JUNIORS Dorothea Bartlett Jean Baxter Maryre Brownlee Joanne Cairns Nickie Chase Helen Combes Patricia Dossee Betty Eastwood Mary Fulton Barbara Grant Jane Gray Rosalie Greer Sylvia Harlow Carol Howard Nancy Ingraham Barbara Lance Marion Linder Joy Martin Doris Murphy Ruth Ransom Charlene Read Jeanne Russell Marjorie Street Adair Thrash Anderson Baumberger Boushaw Ellis Johnson Nelson Olson Pohlmeyer Shuck Wall Bartlett Baxter Brownlee Cairns Chase Combes Dossee Eastwood Fulton Grant Gray Greer Harlow Howard Ingraham Lance Martin Murphy Ransom Street Thrash Allen Bepler 394 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY FIVE CHAPTERS Butler Dias Eastwood, D. Elkington i: H Moser -:t Mi S- H Strong Tistwr Walls = .= :. J:.: ! = =: Kirk KM ---- LiUIHifld Lorn Peterson = ?;: V StoJI SOPHOMORES Lolly Allen I ura Bepler Christine Bothwell Barbara Breese Jean Butler Harriet Dias Dorothv Eastwood Ruth Elkington Doriel Goltz Barbara Hislop Beverly Johnson Helen Moser Nancy Robinson Barbara Rushmer Anne Schwenk Jo Anne Shimonek Jeanne Smith Lois Smith Barbara Strong Ruth Tisher Rodna Walls FRESHMEN Meredith Baker Nancy Black Betty Lou Boyd Virginia Garrard Martha Jordan Frances Kirk Emelyn Know land Louise Kramer Maxine Littlefield Jean Lonn Dorothy Mel Marilyn Peterson Margaret Read Ivagene Shuck Joan Stainfield Anne Stoll 395 ALPHA PHI SENIORS Jane Baker Mary Pat Berry Carla Bradbury Faith Buckingham Christina Dewey Patricia Bendy Elizabeth Manners Louise Martin Janice McCallum Janet McFaul Florence Merrill Janice Noonan Lois Robinson Elizabeth Sams Lucretia Thomas Nancy Turner Georgene Williams JUNIORS Sally Bertram Sally Burgess Faono Cordes Nan Fowler Phyllis Ceisenhoff Frances Grimes Sally Hatfield Nancy Hockenbeamer Mollie Howell Beverly Jones Gertrude Jones Jeannette Jones Janet Lindsay Phyllis MacGavin Patricia Manners Norma McDonald Jean Mills Mary Katherine Mills Jean Stewart Moulton Ann Orchison Constance Pfund Ruth Porter Elizabeth Rossback Joanne Seidel Joan Simpson Emily Louise Spalding Nancy Stevens Mary Swanberg Mary Lee Tilden Julia Wood Carolyn French Yaeger Baker Berry Bradbury Buckingham Dewey Hendy Manners, E. Martin McCallum Noonan Robinson Sams Thomas Turner Williams Bertram Burgess Cordes Fowler Geisenhoff Grimes Hatfield Hockenbeamer Howell Jones, B. Jones, G. Jones, J. Lindsay Manners, P. McDonald Mills, J. Mills, M. Orchison Pfund 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS 396 Porter Rossback Seidel Simpson Scalding Stevens Moulton Swanberg Tilden Wood, J. Colt Dunlap Johnson Kennedy MacGavin MacKay McCook Pilling Rieger Sanderson Wood, R. Ashton Biedenbach Collins Gawne Goodwin Herman Holder McEnery Nolze Patton Soule Thornton Warren SOPHOMORES Doty Colt Ruth Dunlap Carolyn Johnson Geraldine Kennedy Kate MacGavin Betty Ann MacKay Julia McCook Jean Percival Beva Pilling Nancy Rieger Jean Sanderson Ruth Wood FRESHMEN Margaret Ashton Jane Biedenbach Pamela Collins Nancy Gawne Marjorie Goodwin Constance Herman Constance Holder Carolyn McEnery Orly Nolze Marianne Patton Nancy Soule Jane Thornton Virginia Warren 397 ALPHA XI DELTA SENIORS Jean Dahlquist Dorothy Darling Patricia Ezell Mattie Jean Gould Eunice Henson Janice Hindley Joan Johnson Georgia Lipman Elizabeth Macmeeken Jean Maffly Jean Meers Eleanor Moffett Mary Pat McNamara Wilma Schultz Robert Shepherd Mary Grace Silcox Betty Weston JUNIORS Dorothy Anderson Jeanne Anderson Harriette Burns Kay Comstock Mary Cragun Janet Dietrich Lois Elkner Betty Falconer Catherine Flaherty Pauline Gaillard June Herrod Jean Hyde Janet Overmire Marion Pace Betty Jean Robinson Betty Jane Rore Jane Russell Jane Serfass Dorothy Strother Ruth Ann Tolf Dahlquist Ezell Henson Hendley Johnson Lipman Lunberg Maffey McNamara Moffett Peters Pilorz Roney Schulz Shepherd Silcox Stafford, D. Stafford, J. Tanner Thornton Viano Weston Anderson, 0. Anderson, J. Arnold Cragun Darling Falconer Flaherty Gould Green Herrod Hyde LeMieux Meers 398 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Pace c : . .... Rare ItasHI Serf ass 5 .-:.- ' Tolf = :--. Dirtrich, J. , M. f, -... Hays HillyanJ - ; " ..-.. " Krndall Martin McWkorter WilSOH Bird Brooks - :-:: - Hyes .-.:: -=;: ;: : SOPHOMORES Marion Dietrich Jacqueline Ezell Lida Granurci Barbara Green Lee Hay-. Jane Hiphlower Margery Hillyard Dorothea I -enberp Jeannette Mr X horter Joan Stafford Mary Pat Thornton Florence Viano Henretla Wilson FRESHMEN Eleanor Bird Mary Lou Brooks Nonna Fallman Iris Hightower Sara Layport Marion MacDonald Carol Pennock Pat Raab PLEDGES Helen Barry Joan Boulware Suzanne Erichson Helen Lee Hale Gwen Hanson Patty Lon Hyne? Betty Kendall Mary LeMieux Hildur Matt-on Shirley McKinney Betty Norene Joan Sample Helen Sigler Diane Swan Sue Thompson Charlotte Viddowson 399 CHI OMEGA SENIORS Joyce Allen Renee Baron Barbara Corfee Betty Curl Margaret De Chene Joanne Denham Nancy Greenlaw Dorothy Head Enid Hoffman Patricia Krill Joanne Macfie Carolann MacDonald Marie Olsen Ruth Palmer Laura Piccirillo Barbara Pixley Betty St. Clair Barbara Shade Beverly Steiner Lorraine Thomas JUNIORS Jean Cushman Karyl Hansen Helen Marshall Patricia Meier Virginia Potter Elizabeth Schneider Nancy Schulz Addie Wilder Barbara Helen Williams Corinne Witt Allen Curl De Chene Denham Greenlaw Head Hoffman Krill MacDonald Macfie Olsen Palmer Piccirillo St. Clair Shade Steiner Thomas Cushman Hansen Marshall Meier Potter Schneider Schultz Wilder Williams Witt Baron 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETY-EIGHT CHAPTERS 400 Borsook Buick Crane Rocker Lambcrn Lane Mainwarirg Meek Miller Okell Pratt Reiger Vinson Weidenkcpf Wright Davison Dimmick Doncugh Ferrini Gel den Langlois Murray Riordan Scott Swift Wilde Williams, B. Zummwalt SOPHOMORES Pierrette Baron Eve Borsook Sandra Brown Lorna Buick Joan Crane Lois Crocker Janice Lamborn Beverly Lane Lorraine Mainwaring Ann Meek Dorothy Miller Patricia Okell Carol Pratt Jean Rieger Nancy Vinson Adele Weidenkopf Judith Wright FRESHMEN Elizabeth Davison Katherine Dimmick Patricia Donough Jean Ferrini Janet Golden Carol Langlois Joan Murray Eugenia Riordan Janice Scott Stephanie Swift Robin Wilde Barbara Lee Williams Mattie Zummwalt 401 DELTA DELTA DELTA SENIORS Mary Jo Anderson Betty Anne Austin Patricia Austin Beth Doerr Elizabeth Haviside Alice Johnson Barbara McGahie Patricia Mills Delane Sherman Shirley Strang Drusilla Toepelman I n-i.i Walker JUNIORS Margaret Aicher Joan Arnold Meon Bechter Gail Bradford Jeanne Cannon Gayle Corgiat Marilyn Detert Jean Hepfer Norma Jean Howell Barbara Johnson Joan Mape Louise Mixter Rosalie Pollack Janice Powell Ann Powers Joan Pringle Janet Ralphs Eleanor Sale Barbara Solinsky Joan Stewart Leola Sturtevant Betty Jane Vestal Jean White Phyllis Wolcott Anderson Austin, B. Austin, P. Doerr Haviside Johnson, A. McGahie Mills Sherman Strang, S. Toepelman Walker Aicher Arnold Bechter Bradford Cannon Corgiat Detert Hepfer Howell Johnson, B. Mape Mixter Pollack Powell Powers Pringle Ralphs Sale Solinsky Stewart, J. Sturtevant Tunison Vestal White, J. Wolcott 402 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS Balling MM EM! :: - Craw) drfmari Gwritj Pallor ... : Lopw V : . . . Moor? Otis Pat IK Sfe ::- 5: :: MB Ferri Hart well Let -.: Stnwl, D. Ttacy W it. L. SOPHOMORES Barbara Balling Elizabeth Bohan Joanne Cardiff Mary Sne Coffin Gene Crondace Barbara de Ferrari Margaret Gerrity Mary Follen Jane Gray Nancy Hudson Jane Keeler Suzanne Kreli- Mary Lou Loper Sue MfKinne Caroline Moore Jarquelyn Oti- Barbara Pattee Rosemary Pratt Sally Sheldon Jo Ellen Spindl Nancy Tomer Marion Tnnison FRESHMKN Beatrice Barker Helen Bont Pamela Brown Billie Ann Burns Sally Ferri Constance Hartwell Elizabeth Lambert irginia Lee Elizabeth Ro - Jeanne Singleton Patricia Snyder Dorothy Stewart Barbara Strang Jean Tracy Louise Thite 403 DELTA GAMMA SENIORS Nancy Beale Sarah Blakely Eleanor Clark Jeannette Doyle Glyneth Gregory Beth Haley Elizabeth Hansen Bernice 1 1 ink Paula Judge Joanne Kramer Jane Ledwich Betty Mitchell Barbara Nelson Lenore Oehlmann Jean Pendleton Peggy Saph Audrey Schaefer Harriet Webster JUNIORS Carol Allan (Catherine Bishop Phillida Bond Grace Mary Campbell Helen Ann Day Vivian Dabble Margaret Deterding Marilyn Dodson Virginia Drewry Helen Geary Betty Good Virginia Grether Marilyn Griffin Irniii Hollins Kathleen Kaehler Nancy O ' Neil Margaret Onstead Patricia Shaw Patsy Ruth Stephenson Mary Warner Marjorie Young Beall Blakely, S. Clark Doyle Gregory Haley Hansen Hink Kraemer Ledwich Mitchell Nelson Oehlmann Pendleton Saph Schaefer Webster Allan Bond Campbell Dabble Deterding Dodson Drewry Geary Gcod Griffin Hollins Kaehler O ' Neil Onstead Shaw Stephenson Warner Young 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1874 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS 404 :- - Elkingto- -s :--: Kelly Ktefer Morris Ss ; - Roberts S-:- S-. i.:. :.( Ball 3 E =.e . . :-- CrittfnafT Eers Roack Scarte SOPHOMORES Patricia Abbott Jean Bennett Barbara Burnett Ann Cunningham Florence De Boni- Norma Elkinglon Margaret Glea-un Jean Haldeman Jean Kelly Elna Marie Ki-iler Molly McDonouph Marilyn McKenzie Janie Morri? Suzanne Raisin Adrienne Roberts Mar - Sherwin Carol Smith Gail St. Aubyn Ann Veazie Ruth Welh Doris Ann Witter FRESHMEN Jane Anderson Dorrit Ball Barbara Blair Loi Blakely Shirley Bro n Helen Elaine Crittenden Joan Evers Eleanor Gaines Shirley Kamp Ann Mason Arvilla MrGnire Barbara Roa h Nancy Scarfe Mary Louise Stephensen Barbara Toods 405 DELTA ZETA SENIORS Alice Boniface Margaret Bunds Claire Coleman Virginia Coutts Patricia Dart Lorel Lou Daus Geraldine Doumitt Joanne Fisher Patricia Fletcher Patricia Gale Marilyn Hall Eleanor Morse Geraldine O ' Brien Nadine O ' Brien Helen Sargent Howdia Shearer Virginia Sibley Jean Thomas JUNIORS Patricia Adams Bernice Allin Patricia Bacon Jean Baird Jacqueline Bowman Jane Buck Alyce Butterfield Constance Campbell Elizabeth Cannon Marie Condon Doris Conn Mary Jean Cunningham Alberta Dale Margaret Dee Roberta Dutro Decora Dwiggins Jean Elledge Gloria Ferriter Helen Goodwin Yvonne Holt Helen Lange Deborah Leak Lucille Liddell Martha E. Lillard Jeanne McAtee Charlotte McCord Catherine Reid Prudence Rogers Jeanne Soares Helen Spekker Barbara Trogden Boniface Bunds Coleman Coutts Dart Daus Doumitt Fisher Fletcher Gale Hall Morse O ' Brien, J. O ' Brien, N. Sargent Shearer Sibley Thomas Adams Bacon Baird Bowman Buck Butterfield Campbell Cannon Conn Cunningham Dale Dee Dutro Dwiggins Elledge Ferriter Gcodwin Hclt Lange Lillard McAtee McCord 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS 406 Reid Rogers Soares Spekker Trogden Seaman Bryan Bunnell Doumitt Foerer Goodspeed Gregory King UForge Lundholm McKey Maguire Moore Pramme Slater Starr Stephens Taylor White Wightman Williamson Batty Oelavan Edmondson Gilligan Henderson Hyland Jamieson Judd McFadden Malsor Reid Smirnoff Wheeler Whipple SOPHOMORES Ann Beaman Wilma Bryan Bette Doumitt Carlyn Foerer Claire Coodspeed Jarqneline Gregory Kathleen King Sally LaForge Jeanne Lundholm Mercedes McKey Patricia Maguire Cecil Moore Nelda Pramme Elizabeth Slater Margery Starr Betty Jean Stephens Marion-Lee Taylor Gail White June Wightman Jean Williamson Kathleen Brunnell Young FRESHMEN Marjorie Batty Nanette Delavan Georgette Edmondson Marieann Gilligan Jean Henderson June Hyland Norma Jamieson Joan Judd Barbara McFadden Margaret Malsor Eleanor Ann Reid Olga Smirnoff Florence Wheeler Dawn Whipple 407 UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Margret Hogen Miss Alice Hoyt Miss Violet Marshall Miss Esther Sinclair Dr. Margaret Zeff SENIORS Shirley Boles Leose Brown Janet Chick Mary Diepenbrock Kathryn Dyer Patricia Edwards Patricia Eggleston Patricia Funke Helen Glassgow Emily Jean Hass Margaret Hobrecht Carolyn Hunter Martha Ingram Claire Kester Nancy Lee Newkirk Ann Norton Patricia Rodegerdts Jane Rothe Jean Searle Frann Spencer Hyla Tillman JUNIORS Elizabeth Bissell Alice Bonar Nancy Brown Mae Buwalda Mary Eggers Elena Endersby Anne Erkenbrecher Marcia Gray Suzanne Keyes Marilyn Macintosh Sue Mangin Alice Martinelli Pamela Reeve Barbara Rhea Ann Smyth Carolyn Tilton Elizabeth Upton GAMMA PHI BETA Boles Brown Chick Diepenbrock Edwards Eggleston Funke Glassgow Hass Hobrecht Ingram Kester Newkirk Norton Rodegerdts Rothe Searle Spencer Tillman Bissell Brown Buwalda Eggers Endersby Erkenbrecher Gray Keyes Macintosh Mangin Martinelli Reeve Rhea 408 2723 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FIFTY-THREE CHAPTERS Smyth Tilton Upton Allen Birkholm Briggs Burnham Clinkenbeard Crandall Day Garrecht Hansen Heyns Hinman Hollestead Hosford Kirby Minor Nelscn Shaw Slater Smith Tynan Haines Heald Luce Roo 9erdts Mi Yartaorough SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Allen Molly Bell Barbara Briggs Maren Birkholm Nancy Burnham Hazelmarie Clinkenbeard Marjorie Crandall Nancy Dawson Dorothy Day- Nancy Garrecht Helen Hansen Barbara Heyns Nancy Hinman Dorothy Hollestead Kathleen Hosford Jane Johnstone Lois Kirby Mary Minor Beverly Nelson Kathryn Shaw Edith Slater Katherine Smith Patricia Tynan FRESHMEN Cara Lee Haines Phyllis Heald Caroline Luce Eda Mackenzie Susan Mnnson Joyce Rodegerdts Sally Suhr Barbara Joan Yarborough 409 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 410 SENIORS Ann Arnold Suzanne Bond Jane Bennett Jacqueline Duncan Mary Lou Evans {Catherine Everett Patricia Funsten Jacqueline Glosser Mary Griffith Lucy Harrison Marvin Johnson Caryl Jane Julius Carroll Kales Elizabeth Lawler Abigail Lewis Nancy Majors Anne Parrish Frances Pepper Elizabeth Plumb Mary Ellen Reilly Virginia Steele Susan Stimmel Barbara Thomas Marion Wright JUNIORS Margaret Abbott Carol Booth Joan Bowker Barbara Gray Jane Hadden Jean Hamilton Barbara Hansen Eleanor Hill Marjorie Jacobs Lucia Johnson Patricia Linforth Catherine Loomig Elizabeth Olney Marion Polhemus Barbara Selfridge Anita Shiffler Cornelia Shuman Else Sporon-Fiedler Diane Timpton Arnold Bond Bennett Duncan Evans Everett Funsten Glasser Griffith Harrison Hill Johnson Julius Kales Lawler Lewis Parrish Pepper Reilly Steele Stimmel Thomas Wright Abbott Bowker Gray Hadden Hansen Jacobs Johnson 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SEVENTY-ONE CHAPTERS Linforth Loocnis Majors Plumb Pclhemus Selfridge Shiffler Spcron-Fiedler Barrie Challis Curtis Davidson Hamilton Huston Johnson Low Lynch Nowell Stokes Teroller Arnot Christ Collins Henney Marwedel Sherman Swafford Ward SOPHOMORES Nancy Arnot Beverly Barrie Beatrice Challiss Ann Curtis Sally Davidson Carolyn Huston Georgeann Johnson Barbara Lowe Barbara Lynch Natalie Nowell Janet Power Patricia Ryan Jean Stokes Joan Swafford Susan Te Roller Jane Verwoert FRESHMEN Jacqueline Collins Jean Christ Shirley Edmands Joan Heiner Carla Henny Katherine Marwedel Sally Sherman Elizabeth Ward 411 KAPPA DELTA SENIORS Lorraine Asnard Barbara Brown Nancy Burris Jean Fernstrom Phyllis Frates Jean Overgaard Betty Jane Persons Katherine Peters Jean Poff Florence Ryan Marissa Traina Norma Wagner JUNIORS Patricia Benoit Dilys Brundige Lois Collins Irene Coupe Miriam Dianiant Peggy Doherty Shirley Dulaney Elizabeth Farnham Jacqueline Garven Felice Gillette Joanne Hicken Carolyn Hodgson Gloria Kneiss Mary Ann Lowe Beth Meeker Marjorie Nielson Marie Nutt Marilyn Peters Frances Rhodes Eleanor Sanderson Betty Ann Stewart Mary Lou Thede Betty Mae Van Lew Esnard Brown Burris Fernstrcm Frates Overgaard Persons Peters, K. Poff Ryan Traina Wagner Benoit Brundige Collins Coupe Diamant Doherty Dulaney Farnham Garven Gillette Hicken Hodgson Kneiss Lowe Meeker Nielsen Nutt Peters, M. Rhodes Sanderson Stewart Thede Van Lew Armstrong 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY CHAPTERS 412 Baker Cevene Eastman Granfield Griffis Hauskneckt Herrick King Millar Murphy O ' Boylf 0 ' Comwll Pokorny Smith Strucknwyer Blanc Boysen Dyer Gardiner Laundy Mautino Peterson Pierce Powers Rapp Sanford Stodick Thatcher t ? D b? r Wells SOPHOMORES Jean Armstrong Patricia Baker Delphine Cevene Joan Eastman Elvira Gran field Lola Griffis Donna Hansknerkt Joyce Herrick Dorothy King Dale Millar Margaret Murphy Mary O ' Boyle Charlotte Pokorny Joan Smith Jean Struckmeyer FRESHMEN Jacqueline Blanc Barbara Boysen Mildred Dyer Diane Gardiner Lynette Laundy Elayne Mautino Patricia O ' Connell Martha Peterson Marion Pierce Joan Powers Elizabeth Rapp Emma Sanford Geraldine Stodick Katherine Thatcher Erlda Webber Irene Wells Mary Lou Westenhaver 413 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA SENIORS Florence Fussell Barbara Gibbs Marilyn Hitchcock Helen Kerner Nancy King Margaret Lipman Charlotte Mersereau Sally Milbank Beatrice Moorhead Susan Ostrander Frances Princelau Marilyn Smith JUNIORS Myra Barnard Hatherly Bliss Kathleen Blumberg Cornelia Bristow Ann Cuzner Nevill Dunn Roberta Garretson Mary Henning Marjorie Hiscox Sally Holt Rosemary Homer Emilie Hubbard Kathryn Hutchinson Georgia Korbel Carol Lawton Nancy McLaughlin Bernice Mathe Joan Richmond Elizabeth Rogers Susan Saxby Nancy Seeliger Janet Watson Linley Wood Alice Ann Wright Fussell Hibbs Hitchcock Kerner King Lipman Mersereau Milbank Moorhead Ostrander Princelau, F. Smith Barnard Blumberg Bristow Cuzner Dunn Garretson Henning Hiscox Holt Homer Hubbard Hutchinson Korbel Lawton McLaughlin Mathe Richmond Rogers Saxby 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS 414 :. ChrMfc Oane Fofcer Peterson ' " :? 2. S-.f- -; Pnt TaK Witter SOPHOMORES Dorothy Berk Suzanne Carson Joanne Chri-tie Joephine Crane Ann Folger Madeline Holromb Eleanor Jessen Martha Kent Nancy Morri- Nancie Paterson Marion Peterson Phyllis Princelan Sally-Lee Sterling FRESHMEN Diane Beeston Winifred Brennner Barbara Finn Jane Hendrirk-on Janet Hughe- Pilar Jensen Sally Jossen Margaret Linforth Marilyn Mason Marjorie Peel Elizabeth Tail Sally Walker Noel Winer 415 PHI MU SENIORS Glee Applegate Dorothy Bennett Jean Fernald Paulette Griffith Marian Hansen Barbara Henshaw Dythe Hertert Ann Hollingsworth Betty Kennedy Marion Martin Ellen Mendenhall Ellen Marie Morton Marian McDonald Thelma Osborn Gene Rackerby Ann Saxild Barbara Warren JUNIORS Helen Applegate Jacqueline Bruning Margarita Cusicanqui Bettie Lu Dunbar Janice Eisert Virginia Perkins Mary Powell Barbara Reeve Jane Smith Applegate, F. Bennett Fernald Griffith Hansen Henshaw Hollingsworth Kennedy Martin McDonald Mendenhall Morton Osborn Rackerby Saxild Warren Applegate, H. Bruning Cusicanqui Dunbar Eisert Perkins Powell Reeve Smith S- 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS 416 Gray ariBrt tam hriht Sherwood S- ;- Uu. Nichols Nordluno Riley White SOPHOMORES Patricia Brennjn Henrietta Dodge Marilyn Cray Patricia Hertert Mildred Kohlmeyer Mary Lawrence Ruth Mortensen Lorraine Nolan Betty Roche Jean Sherwood Patricia Smith Joye Strong Bobby Ann Weeks FRESHMEN Teddy Brancato Hannah Enzenauer Joan Gidding.- Margaret Gleason Christine Haymond Barbara Lawrence Patricia Lux Elizabeth McLachlan Joetta Morrison Phoebe Nichols Janice Nordlund Betty Riley Mary White 417 PI BETA PHI SENIORS Patricia Andrews Dorothea Ellingson Doris Goodrich Laverne Hecker Barbara Langevin Mary Elaine Palmer Mary Ann Quackenbush Alice Rea Barbara Reinkins Patricia Sayre Ann Thomas Mary Ann Van Sicklen Felice Wykoff JUNIORS Margaret Adams Claire Bentley Ronalie Birbeck Georgene Calder Marion Church Nancy Clapham Ann Fitzsimons Shirley Gibson Harriet Hart Harriet Hess Drue Lane Marilyn Luff Jeanie Mahan Nancy Majors Polly Mansfield Geraldine Matthews Katherine McKay Roberta Peeke Sally Shaw Nancy Shenon Jane Sine Joan Stammer Barbara Sprott Beth Treadwell Martha Walrond Carroll Winstead Andrews Ellingson Goodrich Hecker Hess Langevin Palmer Quackenbush Rea Reinkins Sayre Thomas, A. Van Sicklen Adams Bentley Birbeck, R. Calder Church Clapham Fitzsimons Gibson Lane Luff Mahan Majors Mansfield Matthews McKay Peeke Shenon Sine Stammer 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-THREE CHAPTERS 418 Sprott Treadwell Waldron Winstead Adams Browning Clock Cox Downs Fraser Harding Ingram Kendrick Kings bury Knapp Lohmann Spry S Travis Birbeck, B. Edwards Helm Jackscn Jaeger Lacy Lamborn Paxton Penfield Saxby Trefts White SOPHOMORES Nancy Adams Marcia Browning Carolyn Clock Jean Cox Delight Downs Ann Eraser Jane Harding Jean Hawley Nancy Ingram Barbara Kendrick Jacqueline Kingsbury Corinna Knapp Jean Lohmann Catherine Pitt Martha Raggio Patricia Spry Snsan Thomas Margaret Moorhead Travis Carolina Winston FRESHMEN Blair Bakewell Beverly Birbeck Anne Edwards Janice Hecker Martha Helm Lorraine Jackson Joyce Jaeger Peggy Lou Lacy- Jane Lamborn Lucille Paxton Eleanor Penfield Sally Saxby Elizabeth Trefts Carol White 419 SIGMA KAPPA SENIORS Arlene Allsopp Jean Boyd Maxine Brown Jean Dietterle Emily Evans Ethel Claire Green Nancy Hambly Audrey Hanson Mary Hewlett Margery Kirwan Shirley Knipe Shirley Mathieson Ginger McDonald Jean O ' Brien Barbara Quimby Beverly Kink, i Jane Smith Barbara Stokes Ellen Sullivan Eveleen Sullivan Jean Tinkler Margaret Van Court Elizabeth Van Den Berg Marilyn Williams Elizabeth Wilson JUNIORS Margerite Bergmann Nell Bolsten Beverly Boysen Virginia Carpenter Marjorie Coles Beverly Conant Ivy Mae Cotter Janet Couper Virginia Crossman Jacqueline Day Shirley Galvin Geraldine Goree Marjorie Head Eleanor Heidig Patricia Miller Patricia Nichols Nancy Nourse Barbara Princelau Carol Richards Elsie Righetti Rachel Williams Allsopp Boyd Brown Dietterle Evans Grien Hambly Hanson Hewlett Kirwan Knipe Mathieson McDonald O ' Brien Quimby Rinker Smith Stokes Sullivan, Ellen Sullivan, Eveleen Van Court Williams Wilson Bergmann Boysen Carpenter Conant Couper Crossman Day Galvin Gorie Heidig Miller Nichols Nourse 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS 420 SIGMA KAPPA Princelau Richards Baker Brown Burch Chadwick Cummings Douglas Durland Praters Hoyt Hunt Kristick Llewelyn Maggs Stephenson Waldner Weirick Anderson Bosio Crook Heindel Jenkins Johnson King Knudsen LaForge Luedtke McCann Morgan Mouat Mulvany Richetti Talbot Towler Young SOPHOMORES Virginia Baker Patricia Brown Marilyn Burch Margaret Chadwick Patricia Cummings Alana Devereaux Joan Douglas Teresa Durland Barbara Praters Peggy Hoyt Winifred Hunt Beverly Kristick Barbara Llewelyn Dorothy Maggs Maryly Stephenson Hughena Waldner Jane Weirick FRESHMEN Joan Anderson Rita Bosio Marjorie Brooker Norma Crook Virginia Heindel Barbara Jenkins Sandra Johnson Barbara King Jo Ann Knudsen Jane LaForge Caralee Luedtke Virginia McCann Lynn Morgan Marjorie Mouat Claire Mulvany Eleanor Righetti Joan Talbot Marjorie Towler Peggy Young 421 THETA UPSILON GRADUATE Patricia Wetzel SENIORS Barbara Jean Cain Hattie Davisson Janet Felt Evin Flanagan Helen Granger Eleanore Johnson Marian Metcalf Shirley Oliver Phyllis Prindle Barbara Schnoor Ruth Schoenfeldt Louise Schwartz Patricia Smoot Rosemary Stark Joyce Strang . Alice Theren Barbara Wire JUNIORS Virginia Dittmar Claire Eagan Marcela Genss Jean Heifer Gloria Hoffman Elinor Jess Peggy Jane Meyers Barbara Overton Lorraine Phileo Lorna Wise Wetzel Cain Davisson Felt Flanagan Granger Johnson Metcalf Prindle Schnoor Schoenfeldt Schwartz . Smoot Stark Strang Theren Wire Dittmar Eagan Genss Heifer Hoffman T:- 2527 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS 427 Jess v-.-. = Wise Clot mm - ::- rnft -:-. - Pate Caldis Ortin ---- - = ::: SOPHOMORES Coleen Clark Bonnis Flenuning Janice Flinn ivian Grant Ann Kalgaard Marilyn Odegaard Marie Pa pan i Roberta Pate Margaret Rathbone Barbara Schwartz Marilyn Throckmorton FRESHMEN Shirley Bailey Niki Caldis Caylo Cerkin Janette Lynde Joyce Pedersen Athalee Pickford June Shinkwin 423 ZETA TAU ALPHA SENIORS Phyllis Armstrong Lora Dean Brooks Elizabeth Colling Elaine Dale Eleanor DeSellem Marie Louise Foster Alia Goubareff Ruth Hudson Sylvia Tweedt Lois Vaughn Aliee Woy JUNIORS Patricia Borg Elizabeth Campbell Jeanne Case Jewyl Covey Anna Jean Demsey Alice DeWitt Marcia Flower Annette Harris Marilyn Hynes Frances Jones Marion Lafot Patricia Lucchetti Beatrice McCarl Jean Neilson Marjorie Nield Clara Louise Paltenghi Elizabeth Petersen Bessie Poulos Lucille Raymond Jane Wiggins Ruth Zeigler Armstrong Brooks Collins Dale Foster Goubareff Hudson Vaughn Woy Borg Campbell Case Covey Demsey DeSellem Flower Harris Hynes Jones McCarl Neilson 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY CHAPTERS 424 Nield Paltenghi Zeigkr = :. = := 2-2- -i-:: e Hilton Shell St -, -; SOPHOMORES Helen Bougban Lynn Callahan Belle Javne Cowie Jeannette Dunsler Ceorgiana Gamble Ruth Marie Harpole Sara Hilton Belly Humphreys Dorothy Jeanne Jackson Gail Morine Viola Mulh Patricia Shellhammer Irene Slanley Beverly Stirling FRESHMEN Melisande Arnidon Charlotte Arnold Helen Bruner Burnice Denton Shirley Gamel Mary June Gilbert Barbara Jones Mary Meadows Diane Meyerink Patricia Reicbert Helen Evelyn Rowell 425 CAS A HI SPAN A GRADUATES Tommy Angell Orsolina Balduzzi Eleanor Colonna Lucy Cuevas Fern Francioni SENIORS Sunny Baquero Geil Bartels Marguerite Dilley Lois Maltby Beverly Watson JUNIORS Marie Agundez Carroll Clark Sylvia Colorado Lynn Graser Margaret Jesseph Rita Kruse Doris McCann Marian Perry Lois Sharp Connie Thompson Ozell Yates SOPHOMORES Mary de Boer Frossene Glafkides Madelyn Lamberson Barbara Miller Eleanor Montero FRESHMEN Betty Blankenship Virginia Brier Anne Herriton Franscioni Balduzzi Angell Bartels Dilley Maltby Watson Clark Sharp Graser Colorado Jesseph Perry Lamberson Miller Blankenship Brier Herriton 2535 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1928 ONE CHAPTER 426 ETA-Z Field . ' , I ma Ball Clart Field MB H, :- I, ' : m S Miller Morrison F; ma 5.-:- Whittle Williams, D. Mi Creary Foss Francis, J. FOB : BraH Hi q Kelly L Paris GRADUATES Joan Field KAT Eleanor William KAT SENIORS Eileen Ball ACO Paulelte Ballerud DZ Shirley Clare KD Colleen Creary PBP Virginia Field KKG Mary June Harris ....AP Kathleen Barter KAT Suzanne Hullfi--h KAT Virginia Kelly PBP Marsha Lou ODD Irene MrK inner DDD Sally McKinney DDD Patricia Miller DG loan Morrison KKG Barbara Palmer SK Eileen Quinn KKG Terry Regan SK Elizabeth Ronnot KKG Jean Seilz KAT Catherine Shuey DG Kathryn Spear KAT Suzanne Summer DDD Faye Week GPB D. Whiltemore .DDD Joyce Whittle KAT Doris Williams KAT Jean Zumwalt KKG JUNIORS Martha Bu. knell ....DG Barbara Burke Kk . Rosalie Foss AP Jean M. Francis.. ..AGO Marion Francis ....AGO Elizabeth Grubb KAT Cordelia Hawley ....DC V Humphreys ..KKG Harrie Lindeman....DG Marion Paris KKG Corrine Prior PBP SOPHOMORES Peggy Jensen AP ORGANIZATION FOR ALL NATIONAL SORORITY TRANSFERS F TABLL-HED SPRING 1946 ONE CHAPTER 427 " Cfcercfce: la iemmp qui a unt apart ement. " Axv M.UJ; STT.-DENT. 430 DORM girls led an active life. In the fall the Hillside dorms gave a carnival, and decorated their mammoth dining hall with streamers, balloons and pretty girls. The lower candids were snapped at the Women ' s Dorm Asso- ciation dance, where from all reports everyone had a good time. WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION .: ; - " ? " = : OFFICERS President Eleanor Desplain lice-President Lois Hanawalt Treasurer Jeannie Mondo Secretary Margaret Pitts COUNCIL MEMBERS Barbara W ashauer Arch Place Marion Semone Leslie Hall ..Beaudelaire Gloria Williamson Ro-alie Walli- Bon Hat ' en Marilyn Chudnow Bernice Helzburg The CaUjornian Marilyn Jean Hall Dori- illiam- Colonial Hall Betty A. Loggart Pauline Jennin?- Durant Place Wanda Peckinpak Marilyn Wolf Elizabeth Barrett Place Barbara Bonlton Jeanne Mondo Epirorth Hall Alice Hansen Elizabeth Mierow Hanson House Connie Lee Ferguson Barbara Cook Hedpeitood Hall Winden Newquist Lucille Roe Joaquin Hall Constance Solivan Marian Waddell Lantana Lodge ' . Elizabeth Hill Loi- Hanawalt The Lauralon Jean Krueger Alice Dannrr. ... The McFarlands _ _ !...Alice Danner Norma Anderson .... orth Gables Roberta Bristol Carmen Fenle Ridgemont Carol Cunningham Catherine i . Ritter Hall ....D. Catherine Coops Nadine Pabnerton ...Sf. Margaret ' s House Margie Palmerton Mary Mania?.... Sherman H nil Patrene Miller I ri-ola Knud-on __ Stern Hall .Agnes O ' Donnell I...i- Robinet Stratford Hall Helen Cairo ay Marjory Ha-kin- IFarring Place _ Louisa Jenkins Anita Cutter _ Dorm C. Marion Squire Rosemary Jackson Dorm D _ Mary Knos Virginia Field Dorm E Carol Watson Rosemary Riippa .Dorm G ....Lorraine MrConnell Edith Merlon Dorm F Olene Dunkel Doris Goff Dorm H Aslaug Moen Barbara Auslender Dorm J Catherine Scofield Barbara Short .Prospect Terrace Joanne Lucas Suzanna Lerner Colonial Hall Annex Eleanor Intagliata Carleton House ... Belt v Powell 431 ARCH PLACE SENIORS Doris Bennetts Barbara Burnett Marjorie Minium Jeanette Ann Seitz Marion Simone JUNIORS Patsy Brown Diane Kalish Joanne Cerini Rose Marguelis Helene Hartnick Joy Tanghe Barbara Washauer SOPHOMORES Mary Bardes Susan Gordon Eleanor Henchen Anne Hutchinson Cecilia Shainsky Margaret Wright FRESHMEN Shirley Berman Marian Cohn Ann Guidera Marylin Hood Lorraine Lavagnino Marilyn Mirsky Tina Traina Dorothy Troyer Bennetts Burnett Minium Simone Tanghe Washauer Bardes Cerini Gordon Hutchinson Wright Cohn Guidera Hood Lavagnino Traina Troyer BEAUDELAIRE CLUB SENIORS Emma Jane Davis Betty Jo Robirds Dorothy Leslie Hall Violet M. Vinyard Iris Katharina Rempel Gloria E. Williamson JUNIORS Shirley Ann Abarr Mary Virginia Johns Esther Ann Dahlquist Kathryn M. Kennon Elsie Clare Scott SOPHOMORES Patricia Ann Adams Phyllis Mae Attwood Margaret Fischer Virginia June Spino FRESHMEN Elizabeth Heath Ruth Cecelia Kimball Davis Hall Rempel Robirds Vinyard Williamson Abarr Dahlquist Johns Kennon Scott Adams Attwood Fischer Spino Heath Kimball 432 THE CALIFORNIAN Friedricks Geu Hall Helztwr? Hansen Kenny Mel I is Oldham Watson Day Falasco King Land Lareen Manheim R = -:: ' -.- Roy Bristow Nelson Parnell SENIORS Shirley Friedrieks Marjorie Getz Marilyn Hall Bernice Helzberg JUNIORS Kay At wood Ann Marie Hansen Zelda Kenny Tepsy Mellis Betty Oldham Margaret Watson SOPHOMORES Ann Day Eda Falasco Jean Hemberger Lenore King Mary Lou Land Carol Manheim Mary Emily Price Patti Randolph Ruth Roy Pat Wassum FRESHMEN Nancy Bristow Alice Freeman Colleen Mealia jVorine Nelson Iris Parnell Phyllis Joy Ransf ord Betty Shanks Barbara Welling CARLTON HOUSE Powell Secord Cockshott Garrett Likely Trout Betty Powell SENIORS Shirley Secord JUNIORS Zellamae Arnold Jackie Klein FRESHMEN June Cockshott Ruth Garrett Pat Likely Rosemary Trout 433 COLONIAL HALL Nancy Fallis GRADUATES Edna Hill SENIORS Barbara Allen Marilea Church Jean Clarke Helene Davidson Effie Hinds Josephine McPhee Ruth Morris Margaret Scholes Irene Shapoff Betty Taggart Patricia Thomas Barbara Tompkins Jean Underwood Natalie Welsh Doris Williams JUNIORS Nancy Axelrod Margaret Barber Bernice Patricia Borg June Courting Rosalie Foss Elinore Callas Lenore Goldman Sylvia Gregory Constance Hartung Audrey Havenstrite Joyce Joseph Delphine Keagy Beverlee Lehman Betty Ramsdell Virginia Trenor June Tuska Barbara Wessa Faye Whitby SOPHOMORES Wanetta Books Charlotte Dewey Helena Clemensen Eleanor Endorf Jane Rogers FRESHMEN Carol Blackburn Viola Curtis Doris Olson Harriet Shafer Fallis Hill Allen Church Clarke Davidson Hinds Morris Scholes Shapoff Taggart Thomas Tompkins Underwood Welsh Williams Axelrod Barber Borg Courting Foss Gal las Gregory Hartung Havenstrite Joseph Keagy Lehman Ramsdell Trenor Tuska Wessa Whitby Books Clemensen Dewey Endorf Rogers Blackburn Curtis Olson Shafer 434 CHANNING HALL ' . - - : : . - : : -- - :: ' - Wailii --:: -- -. -:: ' Left ,:.- - - - : - Era Eltai -;-: -K IORS loli Cagnoni Grace Cerulle Marilyn Chudnow Shirley Jewell Bea Liebennan Rosalie Patricia Lindholm Naomi M.m ti- Uolore- Rosenberg Olga Schifrin Edna Sohlaifer JUNIORS Ann Brookman Lyla Donley I-al -lle Ann Elkin- Deena E-trin .Mary Jane Hopkins R.,-lvn Leff Mary Jane Merlon Midge Nathan Betty Nfl-on Gloria Frank Rubin U ilrna Rule Hortense Sokol SOPHOMORES Gloria Adams Claire Abonaf Lucille Crane Phvllis Drucker Evelyn Effron Jacqueline Grand Merilyn Magnu- Harriet Ratin- Ruth Tregea FRESHMEN Fa - Ko-lman Jacqueline Weiner COLONIAL HALL ANNEX Parals Lcnr Lena GRADUATES Mary Louise Hamer Lola Tigner SENIORS Millicent Jessee Mary Lou Parcels JUNIORS Eleanor Intagliata Mary W. Stephens SOPHOMORES Evelyn Lerncr Suzanne Lerer Claire McCook FRESHMEN Mary Jane Braun Anne Hariton Alice Marchionni Ethel Rudolfh 435 MITCHELL HALL (Dorm C) Betty Barr GRADUATES Doris Fay SENIORS Helen Beck Joan Bonwit Lee Commas Grace Crmozier Anita Cutler Jean Erwin Kathleen Mclntyre Roberta Larson Jean Maron Paulajo Menke Catherine Morton Bernardine Serena Argiro Skerepetos Marian Squire Vada Thomas Margaret Thompson Wildene West JUNIORS Lois Balyeat Margaret Bezzone Shirley Brinckman Patsy Ruth Brown Patricia Bystrom Dorothy Dickinson Dale Dillinger Margaret Garland Phyllis Hughes Elizabeth Jeffery Arleen Judd Alice Kerns Catherine Meade Beverly Squier Jean Tuckerman Frances Warden Beck Commas Crazier Cutler Erwin Larson Maron Menke Serena Skerepetos Squire Thomas West Balyeat Brinckman Bystrom Garland Judd Kerns Warden Allen Bell Bom 436 Brainerd Brown Davis Lynch Reynolds Sanborn Short Valdick Wierschke Arthur Baxter Church Hawes Kerr Kline Lukes Nelson Park Partello Phi I brook Richardson Stockdale Whitney SOPHOMORES Joanne Acre Ramona Allen Pat Baker Mary Bathgate Margaret Bell Shirley Benjamin Pauline Born Naeda Brainerd Jayne Brown Betty Chun Esther Davis Annette Kline Helen Kujawa Beverley Lewis Elizabeth Lynch Irma Masson Elaine Pallviny Ann Reynolds Virginia Sanborn Jacqueline Sapsis Mary Short Patty Sylva Kathleen Valdick Rosemary Wierschke Mildred Woertz FRESHMEN Jean Arthur Barbara Baxter Betty Bodenhamer Helen Church Pamela Collins Elizabeth Dennison Mildred Hawes Carole Kennedy Penelope Kerr Annette Kline Beverly Leider Regina Lukes Beverly Nelson Barbara Park Alyce Partello Lois Philbrook Nancy Pollock Henrietta Regala Laverne Richardson Jacquelin Stockdale Earlda Webber Joan Whitney 437 PIEXOTTO HALL (DormD) SENIORS Betty Jo Brimhall Marjorie Brox Betty Lou Chestnut Lolita Coblentz Harriet Coe Virginia Crawford Shirley Eastman Alice Ebert Nancy Fereva Eleanor Fledderman Gloria Franklin Veronica Gregor Mavis Haglund Suzanne I liillh-li Todie Jackson Peggy Kerr Mary KnoX Dorothy McClellan Lila Otterson Lois Schultz Natalie Shapiro Margery Tenhoeff Angelina Thiros Mary M. Trotter Yvonne Welsh Patricia Zane JUNIORS Sonia Albert Beverlee Barnett Annette Belkin Doris Bergstrom Mary Brewster Faye Calhoun June Carlson Alice Chapman Qloun Cho Dixie Jean Coco Evelyn Cohen Nadyne Coleman Thea Erickson Elizabeth Farnham Virginia Frazier Nancy Fredericks Patricia Gammill Emily Grant Eileen Gray Rochelle Gursey Dorothy Hammaker Helen Hat field Shirley Jones Ann Kirchen Betty Kramp Joan Leonard Leila Lipen Laura Lee Low Barbara Maggio Marilyn McDonald Phyllis Miller Ellen Mitchell M. E. Murphy Shiley Pearce Mae Peck Marie Ramazzotti Margaret Rudi Doris Salisbury Helen Story Rena White Brimhall Brox Chestnut Coblentz Coe Crawford Eastman Ebert Fereva Fledderman Gregor Haglund Hullfish Jackson Knox McClellan Otterson Schultz Tenhoeff Thiros Trotter Welsh Zane Barnett Belkin Bergstrom Brewster Calhoun Cho Coco Cohen Coleman Erickson Farnham Franklin Frazier Fredericks Gammill Grant Gray Gursey Hammaker Hatfield Jones Kirchen Kramp Leona rd Lipen Low Maggio McDonald Murphy 438 - " CHOMORES Dolores Abram Joan Braverman Valentine Burnett Beverly Christian Ann Collelt Harriet DeHoag Louise Doyle Eva Emannel Alice Fledderman Jean Frazell Marilyn Gist Madeline Grote Mary Jane Herl ert Helen Himes Iris Horton Helen Knjavta Gloria Laskey Elvira Leggiadlo Susan Martin Jean Miller Jerry Misely Evelyn Mitchell Rose Pastorino Carolyn Rose Virginia Sanborn Janette Sapiro Jane Savers Elizabeth Seetoo Barbara Spurseoii Patty Sylva Peggy f ague Mary Todrank Marian Toleman Dorothy Weisselberg Whitener FRESHMEN Diane Aller Melisande Amidon Bonnie Bailey Jessie Berman Pri illa Blesch Mary BoUe Nancy Brodrick Dale Burt Mable Cardula Barbara Eblen Janice Flinn Carolyn Fortriede Demitrus Georgos Ruth Gallagher Gwen Hanson Nancy Jones Carol Kennedy Evelyn Kirkpatrick Nancy Kitley Jane LaForge Betty Lockett LeAnne Lockhart Laura Lee Low Mary Mansfield Alice Manzoni Elizabeth Mar-hall Marilyn Mat - Ann Mortimer Clare Mumnia Jerry Nalhanson Jean Robinson Dorleen Robison Kathleen Scallard Mickey Schiffler Sally Sherman Gladys Spitzer Irene Stanley Audrey Steven- Joan Talmage Donna Townsend Betty Whetstone Barbara Whiting Lillian Wing Marianne Wyllys RICHARDS HALL (Dorm E) GRADUATE Mary Lee Hyde Charity Murray Elizabeth Whited SENIORS Annette Berman Joanne Broucht Constance Brazer Patricia Gate Helen Croudace Gloria Enocian Virginia Field Marie Harkins Martha Hunter Eugenia Koch Marjorie Leite Joan Morrison Irene Nordling Patricia Ring Gloria Scaletta Ruth Seidler Dora Sorensen Marilou Watson JUNIORS June Averdick Gael Barber Rose Marie Binney Jacquelyn Blau Marjorie Blossom Blanche Brume Martha Bucknell Joanne Cairns Geraldine Druskin Mary Jane Pansier Joyce Fothergill Lois Frazier Mary Jane Harris Edna Hart Marion LaFot Maxine Lewis Patricia McClatchy Constance Nygren Charlotte Palmer Margerie Pierce Natalie Pyle Ellen Rex Betty Sadler Margaret Snedden Joyce Sokolow Jean Stockton Janice Sturgeon Carol Watson Yvonne Welsh Sally Work Geneva Yates Cecelia Zacharin Jean Zumwalt Berman Gate Croudace Field Harkins Morrison Nordling Scaletta Sorensen Watson Barber Blau Blossom Brume Bucknell Croudace Fansler Fothergill Frazier Harris Hart LaFot Lewis McClatchy Nygren Pierce Pyle Sadler Snedden Sokolow Sturgeon Watson Zacharin Anderson, R. Baker Bentley D ' Andrea Dobson Grossman Hughes Isbell Kurowski Love Mazzera Megown 440 tt : - Miller Nichswonger Rsintiard Richlin Ryan Scott Sundering Trittschuk Williamson Wolfe Wood Zeller Anderson, A. Anderson, L. Ball Boer Buchter Carpenter Christensen Citron Clark son Cline Dean Fischel Forgy Forsyth Hoffman Holt Keller Kern Lent Malach Mitchell Palmer Paris Reid Ross Rothman Savage Short Stangle Teich Walling Welling Wilder SOPHOMORES Lois Anderson Vireinia Baker Ronita Bentley Elaine Carlock Elizabeth Conyers Stella Crosier T.ila Mae D ' Andrea Dare Dobson Patricia Grossman Madeline Heinzer Nancy Hemingway Lenita Hnghes Rose Marie Irwin Helen IsbeU Sophia Kurowski Patricia Love Betty Mazzera Alice Megown Dale Millar Mary Margery Miller Evelyn Musacchia Doris Nichswoneer Donna Pemberton Phyllis Pfeiffer Dixie Reinhard Elizabeth Renard Maedelle Ric hlin Marjory Rodger Patricia Ryan Dorothy Sanblom Gloria Scott Patricia Shellhammer Mary Short Clara Slandering Donna Trittschnk Betty Williamson Dorothy Wolfe Nada Wood Zeller FRESHMEN Anna Anderson Bernita Anderson Ruth Anderson Leslie Ball Carolyn Blake Kathryn Boer Rosalie Brodsky Eleanor Buchter Jacqueline Bunce Lucille Carpenter May Christensen Marilyn Citron Diana Clarkson Janice Cline Anna Danis Janet Dean Mary Dnerrhammer Charlotte Fischel Mary Flehr Joan Forgy Elizabeth Forsyth Gay Haloran Marolyn Hoffman Constance Holder Carol Holt Patricia Howell Mary Jean Keller Jean Kern Betty Jean Lassen Grace Lem Caroline Luce Marion J. Lutz Miriam Malach Jocelyn Mitchell Darlene Palmer Lucille Paris Elizabeth Rapp Mary Lou Reid Mary Renard Shirley Rich Barbara Ross Barbara Rothman Ruth Savage Barbara Short Olive Virginia Short Beverly Silverman Sonnia Stangle Renee Teich Jean Walling Barbara Welling Darlene Wilder OLDENBERG HALL (DormF) GRADUATES Esther Dorszynski Lucille Woodruff SENIORS Joyce Marie Anderson Sue Adrienne Carter Olene Dunkel Virginia F. Gowland Gloria Jean Grady Virginia L. Hartman Helen Elizabeth Hawks Gloria Heller Margaret G. Holloway Lisa Ann KM--, -I Marjory Ann LaForge Lois Arlene McConnell Gladys May Mortenson Mabel Lillian Murfee Irene Nordling Joanne Sara Pickus Betty Psaltis Eunice B. Randmel Gail Reeves Dorothy Twitchell JUNIORS Muriel Cecelia Albert Susan Joy Anderson Cecilia Ann Becker Norma Jean Benbrook Emmy L. Butikofer Jean Eloise Canfield Pauline Diana Carlin Eleanor Mae Compton Nona deslslets Patricia Ann Finley Alice Suzanne Halfacre Muriel L. Johnson June N. Kesselman Judy Natalie Levinson Lola Lindeen M. Eileen Lindquist Suzanne Hildegard Linz Leona Mandelbaum JoAnne Alice Merwin Betty Ather Manthey Nancy Marks Marilyn Avery Marr Helen C. Marsili Christian M. Morrans Betty Norris Derry Ritcher Rosemary Kay Riippa Martha Rodebach Nancy D. Rohrbarher Annette P. Schneider Natalie Shenberg Edra Mildred Smith Olive Snyder Mary Amelia Spencer Mildred V. Surtees Eva Orlanda Wolfe Camilla Madeleine Yost Bernice Young Dorszynski Woodruff Carter Dunkel Gowland Grady Hartman Heller Holloway Kassel LaForge Mortensen Pickus Psaltis Randmel Reeves Becher Benbrcok Butikofer Canfield deslslets Halfacre Linz Manthey Marks Marsili Norris Riippa Rohrbacher Shenberg Surtees Baikie Clark Foster Furlong Guy Hefner Holser Hewlett Kruger Leach Lenz 442 Pick us Rockwll ;-: : - -. - - Trri Ami la Bcdcwitli Bnyer : =.;- Elliot, C. Elliot, M. Mftita ' - q -. : . SOPHOMORES Dolores May Abram- Joyce Gloria Baikie Joan Cahail Jeanne Clark Wynn Ann Fair Helen Gertrude Foster Pat Furlong Mary Ann Grossman Evelyn Ann Guy- Betty Lois Hefner Carolyn Jean Hitch Dolores June Holser Patricia Joan Hewlett Jacquelyn J. Kruger Mary Jane L. Leach Carolyn Louise Lenz Lois Ann Levin Jane Luckett Rosemary Lnrksinger Frances Louise Lnke Muriel R. McDermott Patricia Alice McKim Shirley V. Mason Dorothy L. Mettler Jean Dorelle Miller Doris Benice Moore Lucille F. Nelson Harriet Neufeld Arax June Paul Vivian Jeanne Pfeil erling Eunice Prie-t Joanne May Rigdon lona Mae Rockwell Dorothy M. Sanblom Janette Sapiro Verda Belle Schultz Lois Jean Schwartz Shirley Shannon Suzanne Solov Joyce C. Thompson Barbara A. Thomson N irginia F. Turri Joanne Shirley Welch FRESHMEN Joyce A. Adrian U " aletta Winifred Hick Margaret E Allison La Verne H. Jan-en Mary Katherine Angelo J an Ruth Kaufman Lucy Mary Avilla Mary Ruth Barton Nettie Mae Beckwilh Gloria Pauline Belich Lynelle V. Bontems irginia C. Breyer Elsa Pauline Bye Beverly Jane Came Jo Ann Cheesman Jane S. Claussen Caroline M. Elliott Mary Gene Elliott Shirley Feldman Shirley Claire Fields Doris Jean Feinberg Helen Claire Fletcher Elaine Mitze Glasberg Irene Janice Glasberg Betty Gross Cora Lee Haines Janet Marian Hamann Iris Mae Hepps Joan Yarborough Marianne Lore Kohn Barbara Floria Kraft Betty Ann Klamt Joyce Ann Livingston Beulah Marie Lobdell Marion E. MacDonald Edith Marie McEwing Joyce R. Mancarti Betty Mann Eleanor L. Masson Joan Mayers Irene Mikit.i Lucille P. Murphy Adel Ivy Parsons Carol Jean Pennock Ruth Joy Policy Ann Randall Renee Rubin Doris Lee Thompson Susan Trescher Barbara R. Upjohn Sally Jean Weinston 443 FREEBORN HALL (Dorm G) GRADUATE Virginia Scheldt SENIORS Catherine Knittle Edith Mehrten Jean Nakae Barbara Potter Virginia Smith Ada Jo Truitt Lindsay Waggener Mary Westfall JUNIORS Barbara Atkinson Lynelle Bontems Ruth Borochoff Joy Bowden Joan Bredemeier Ellen Caldwell Mary Crothers Jo Ann Elledge Helen Herzstein Bonnie Heyman Nina Korosteleff Mildred Lapp Irene Loucks Lea Lorber Lorraine McConnell Virginia McCormick Elizabeth Sahm Jean Switzer Mary Ellen Symmonds Jeanne Thiel Alma Lee Thoman Priscilla Wehe Scheldt Knittle Mehrten Smith Truitt Waggener Westfall Atkinson Bontems Borochoff Bredemeier Caldwell Crothers Herzstein Korosteleff Loucks Lorber McConnell Sahm Symmonds 444 Clare Mm Fridt Gram M -=-::- McUin Pmy S--.- Bazur B.-.-.i Smith Wot SOPHOMORES Jane Clare Georgia Colby Dorothy Dohrmann irginia Frick Patriria Grant Mary Louise Johnston Dorelee Landon Ernia Mas-son Virginia MrLain Doris Nighswonger Renee Perry Lois Redfern Tanya Schnltze Joyce Smith Margaret Snow FRESHMEN Carol Baxter Arline Blumer Betty Ann Butts Nancy Cheleden Julia Davis Diane Halsey Fern McNames Bernice Nebiker Barbara Roskamp Florence Simon Patricia Smith Katherine Sonett Shirley West Patricia Van de Carr 445 CHENEY HALL (DormH) GRADUATES Marilyn Fine June McCann SENIORS Joyce Muriel Citron Barbara Coyle Carolyn Jane Eproson Aileen Frank Margaret Jane Lane Laura Lee Lila Mei Lee Margaret Werner Shu-chen Lee Helen Morrill Mary A. Reeves Leane Rose Elinor V. Smith Dorothy Jean Streng Margaret Tierney JUNIORS Joyce Anderson Eloise Bamberger Velena Boyd Sarah Martha Brey Pauline Carlin Jean Carrasco Virginia Conner Elaine Corcoran Margaret Corkle Norma Jean Darby Mildred Eley Shirley Elliott Rosalie Foss Nancy Garrett Doris Jean Goff Anita Grant Jacqueline Hamilton Nancy Barbara Haupt Mary Jane Hopkins Mary Lapitsky Marjorie Leite Phyllis Levin Patricia Anne Lewis Aslang Moen Dorris Jean Pinther Jane Pitkin Phyllis Pius Barbara M. Ross Marie Eleanor Smith Rosemary Soghomonian Dolores Stroh Mary Ellen Sturges Dorothy Twitchell Jean Walker Lee Windrem McCann Citron Eproson Frank Lane Lee, L. Lee, L. M. Morrill Reeves Rose Smith Werner Bamberger Carlin Carrasco Eley Elliott Goff Grant Hamilton Haupt Moen Pius Ross Smith Abbott Bell Brown Bucknell Coleman Fellers Fowler George Johnson Jones McCulloch Main 446 Oirtrll s :--.-- S . : Stoocll WfiSS I.r - Aixfenc 5= q = t- Bottorff Cassrll Dm q EMBI M M --- F, Gray 5.9 - x -. --- :, = :- : 5- a Pmly : -, Schock --- SoHle Wilshirt SOPHOMORES Jean A very Abbott Charlyne Anno Betty ' Bell Barbara Brown Martha Burknell Iris Joy Clement Eleanor Coleman Barbara Conant Laura Ann Fellers Erile Fowler Mary Lillian George Evelyn Guy Arlene Johnson Judith Kalheryn Jones Marjorie LeVan Marian McCulloch Louise Main Clara Ontell Mary Helen Richard- Marjory Rodger Artharene Severe Doris Ann Stowell Marian Toleman Maryline Weiss LuriUe Welch Mary Louise Wiggins. Zublin FRESHMEN Esther Anderson Bonnie Bailej Leslie Ball Phyllis Baumgart Jean Alaire Beaulieu Gloria Belirh Beverly Bender Diane Benoit Doris Biehl Roberta Blaroe Pallie Bottarff Lucille Carpenter Betty Casson Anne Katherine Craig Sally Crawley Juanita Cresap Margaret Dahl Donna Dahlman Irene d ' Arche Beatrice Divodi Gloria Eddy Barbara Enloe Hannah Enzenauer Elaine Fanning Joan Furman Mary Gray Margaret Holbrook Joan Issacs Lois Jukish Annette Kirkish Marianne Kohn June Kovach Eugenie Lagas e Desmelda Ledwith Lorraine Leong Phyllis Lunden Grace McCague Evelyn McChesney Margaret Morningslar Martha Morningslar Margaret Malsor Joyce Mancarti Marilyn Musselman Jo Anne Nelson Frances P. O ' Brien Bernice Nebiker Virginia Neufeld Patricia Pauly Marjorie Price Carol Schart Shirley Schock Carla Schroeder Donaldena Schulze Gloria Seghieri Helen Sigler Virginia Soelle Gladys Spitzer Betty Watson Betty Jane West Joan Wilshire Phyllis Jean Young Nellie Zaveallas 447 CUNNINGHAM HALL (DormJ) GRADUATE Barbara J. Carlson SENIORS Mary John Copitas June Corcoran Mary Bertha Edmund Elizabeth Frank Anita Colman Argiro Skreptos JUNIORS Barbara Phyllis Jensen Peggy Anne Kelsay Jacquelin L. Perottini Oma Amanda Read Kathleen Schottky Roberta Adelle Atkins Barbara E. Auslender Elizabeth J. Beighau Shirley Campbell Wilma N. Carlson Norma Jean Case Marjorie M. Childs Marion L. Churchill Corrine V. Conner Valerie C. Eccleston Berenice Eicher Janet Anne Freeman Janice K. Gardiner Francis Nadine Grimes Elizabeth S. Grubb Ingrid Ellen Holme Helena M. Howard Judith Kahn June N. Kesselman Margaret A. King Dorothy J. Krumm Patricia M. Landis Lillian Y. Leiber Ruth Levinson Mabel E. Lindquist Leona Mandelbaum Mary Miklos Faith Miller Marie A. Milliken Elizabeth A. Myhre Nancy Ruttencutter Elizabeth V. Rossback Catherine Scofield Veneta Skreptos Ruth Elaine Stitt Dolores R. Stroh Marjorie J. Taylor Donna P. Thorpe Pamela R. Van Buren Violet M. Vinyard Gladys Louise Welch Eva Orlanda Wolfe Eleanor Ruth Young Nancy Jeanne Zeitlin Carlson, B. Copitas Corcoran Edmund Frank Golman Schottky Atkins Campbell Carlson, W. Childs Conner Eccleston Eicher Gardiner Grubb Howard Jensen Kahn Krumm Landis Lindquist Miklos Miller Milliken Skreptos Stroh Welch 448 Wolfe Mm Ei Fets Hale Ibn Hitch V :.. Preston SOPHOMORES Barbara Abraham Deanne Akin Roberta A. Atkins Virginia M. Beighau Sidney Belts Mary A. Blomgren Betty M. Bower Joyce A. Carpol Marionlee Edgecomb Edith Gerta Feis Loi May Fonnan Helen Lee Hale Joan Hauser Carolyn Jean Hitch Nancy Jones Judith Kahn Suzette F. Keller Alice Reid Kerns Dorothy E. Klaasman Kathryn J. Kleinecke Peggy Klenz Mina E-ther Le Gloria J. McLellan Catherine June Meade Faith Marie Miller Patricia Anne Milloy Margaret J. Moore Mary Sue Osborn Patricia G. Peak Phyllis A. Pound Cora Lee Schehrer Dorothy M. Weddle Marion Cybal Weinberg Jean Helen Whittey FRESHMEN June J. Adamson Gloria P. Amling Beverly H. Bender Patricia A. Brown Mabel N. Cardella Ellen L. - . Chun Marian Durkheimer Doris J. Feinberg Charlotte Y. Fischel Irene J. Glasberg Doris Mae Curi Mildred M. Hawes iVancy L. Hemingray Donna L. Holzinger Juanita Hughes Janette Jean Evelyn P. Jee Patricia A. Jones Martha Lee Jordan Jane Kennedy Lnralyn Kime Gloria Jean Lasky Alyce B. Leonard Phyllis G. Longfield Mary E. McCarthy- Betty Jane Mason Dorothy J. Meixner Alys Elaine Merickel Merilyn J. Moore Jo Anne Nelson Esther H. Nilson Dorothy J. Parker Carolyn Joy Preston Patricia Lee Raab Beverly Ann Rogers Hortense Schiffer Jean Cornelia Shane Joan Merrill Smith Margaret S. Taylor Carmen M. Wade Jean H. Whittey Florence Williams 449 EP WORTH GRADUATE Jean Bateman SENIORS Esther Berk Marilyn Cohn JoAnn Cornelius Beverly Duisternuirs l.rhili Eastwood Shirley Fowler Jean Gustafson Alice Hansen Marion Henderson Jeanne Mondo Marion I ' lnml. Helen Pribble Barbara Turner Doris Winter Evelyn Allen Mary Lou Beaty Isabel Bowens Gertrude Brill Anna Lois Davis Evelyn Davis Ellen Davidson Alice Dixon Joyce Ferguson Jean Forsyth Joan Carman Ruth Gill JUNIORS Laura Huggins Cecilia Knipper Thelma Matas Mary Padgitt Irene Pauls Margaret Pitts Sarah Quick Doris Kissinger Lois Saks Jeanne Shafer Dorothy Soske Phyllis Towner Nadine Ware Plumb Pribble Turner Winter Allen Beaty Bowens Brill Davis, A. Davis, E. Davidson Dixon Ferguson Fcrsyth Garmen Gill Muggins Knipper Matas Padgitt Pauls Pitts Quick Rissinger Saks 450 Shafer Seskf Townrr Ware -. Bltchcr Brucr Conover East Gordon Hanson Harwick Mills Persson Stark Bond Coughlin Enlor FiuSimmons Huffman Knott Kragm Kronick Priltr Ronibtnj Stanley Strong 5,- - Varney Wao Wrawr Wmtrr SOPHOMORES Joan Berry Barbara Blerher Gloria Bruce Betty Conover Shirley East Delma Fann Pat Cordon Mary Ellen Hanson Beverly Harwick Dorothy Mills Margaret Orme Lynnette Persson Faye Stark Carol Snnkel Raylene Thompson FRESHMEN Mary Anker Joyce Bond Mary Lou Brooks Carroll Conghlin Barbara Daniel-nn Barbara Enloe Jean FilzSimmons Evelina Hayden Mary Higgs Betty Ann Huffman Janette Knott Joanne Kragen Marian Kronick Francis Miller Jeanne Prizer Carol Romberg Dorothy Speyer Lillie Stanley Mabel Strong Jacqueline Sumner Margaret Varne Joy Wade Mary Alice ea rr June Winter DURANT PLACE GRADUATES Helen Caffaratti Feme Franscioni SENIORS Mary Pauline Jennings Wanda Peckinpah JUNIORS Jewell Elaine Barkeley Margaret Oliver Dolores Cullenword Claire Oubridge Jane Forsyth Ava Lou Sims Leona Hrusa Mary E. Thompson SOPHOMORES Joyce Brady Phyllis Campbell Carol Crowther Theresa Krull Enid Lesley Beverlee Ragsdale Hazel Rianda Laura Springsteen FRESHMEN Dorlega Barmettler Patricia Carroll Ann Demsey Thelma Fabbri Phyllis Flashman Marilyn Payne Beverly Stern Betty Jean White Caffaratti Franscioni Jennings Peckinpah Barkeley Cullenward Hrusa Oliver Oubridge Sims Thompson Brady Lesley Ragsdale Rianda Barmettler Carroll Fabbri Flashman Payne Stern White ELIZABETH BARRETT Jean Colcord SENIORS Teresa Regan Evelyn Winn JUNIORS Barbara Boulton Barbara Brewer Barbara Chambers Miriam Diamant Monica Dunievitz Beverley Hicks Roslyn Jackler Harrie Lindeman Elizabeth Monson Marilyn Sohner June Tanzer Marylin Wolfe SOPHOMORES Marjorie Brown Jeanne Butler Nina Eloesser Roslyn Grossman Jane Hamren Constance Imboden Mary MacKey Jerry Lee Rich Patricia Vaughan Vonciel Vierhus Jacqueline Whitmer FRESHMEN Marjorie Brooker Millicent Hanson Marilyn Hilliard Edna Hiller Joyce Howell Marjorie Lewis Martha Steusloff Lael Wyatt Colcord Regan Winn Boulton Brewer Chambers Dunievitz Jackler Lindeman Wolfe Brown Butler Eloesser Grossman Imboden MacKey Vaughan Vierhus Brooker Lewis Steusloff Wyatt 452 HANSON HOUSE - imm _:-?.. : -: Scan SENIOR Elizabeth Mierow JUNIORS Carrie Lee Ferguson Barbara Weatherwax SOPHOMORES Barbara Mapes Barbara McGee June Larson Barbara Leis FRESHMEN Janey Lohmeyer Judith O ' Hara Elaine Scarsi HEDGEWOOD HALL r Han H rrH Ufa V -. id? ft ' - Tr V :-..;- GRADUATE Bianca Ratio SENIORS Barbara Cook Rhea Dewsnup Kathryn Han Adele Wagner JUNIORS Zoe Apostolides Mar - Ann Bodle Lou Dean Marie Harrell Marian Lafot Patricia Moriartv Winden Newqui?t Marjorie Nyberg Cheryl Petersen Barbara Phelp- Geraldine Settle Thea Jean Stidum Laurel Trivelpiere SOPHOMORES Peggy McHngh Anne Soole Sue Thompson FRESHMEN Anne Basham Betty Jo Blankenship Marilyn Citron 453 JOAQUIN HALL GRADUATE Catherine Guthrie SENIORS Jean Bemis Eleanor Desplain Carolyn Eperson June Fisher Dorothy Heath Barbara Hubbard Betty Jacobs Shirley Jewell Virginia Maier Marion Maspero Irene McKinney Frankie Jo Miller Jean Morris Mary Jane Phillips Lucille Roe Jean Sanderson Phyllis Seidkin Constance Solivan Bettijane Stile JUNIORS Nancy Brown Janet Campbell Natalie Espinosa Marilyn Ferreira Juanita Hammerlein Eleanor Hansen Rosemary Rutledge Irene Sciaqua Margaret Voss Arlene White Eunice Winter SOPHOMORES Nancy Higginbotham Sally McKinney Audrey Prolo Dorray Roberts Phyllis Rosberg Barbara Stinson Sue Thompson Ruth Tregea Shana Watson Martha Work Audry Ames FRESHMEN Lorraine Fradkin Claire Spreckles Bemis Desplain Eperson Fisher Heath Hubbard Jacobs Jewell Maier Maspero McKinney Miller Morris Phillips Roe Sanderson Seidkin Solivan Stile Campbell Espinosa Ferreira Hammerlein Hansen Rutledqe Voss White Winter Higgenbotham McKinney Prolo Roberts Rosberg Stinson Thompson Tregea Watson Work Ames Fradkin Spreckles 454 L ANT AN A LODGE -; Hell Eckhart Faber Harper if M JB-I ' ,:: Myers Waddell Weatherbee Batcbelder Stern Kendall Lynch Moulding White SENIORS Margaret Brown Virginia Hell JUNIORS Mildred Eckhart Patricia Faber Sonya Hammond Florence Harper Ruth Heppner Elizabeth Hill Elizabeth Mann Ju-tinr Mans Beverly Myers Marian Waddell Fern Weatherbee SOPHOMORES Claire Batchelder Sandra Cooper Bette Cowie Helen Stern FRESHMEN Bette Kendall Joan Lynch Barbara Moulding Kay White - ftc- tor- ton ' THE LAURALON Blume Hanawalt Janssen Krueger Russell Shomate Winger -.--- Creim Knoch Almlie Beran Gerkantt Petcavage S : GRADUATE Mary Thompson SENIORS Bobbie Blume Lois Hanawault Muriel Janssen Jean Krueger Rena Russell Jackie Shomate Thalia Baharis Pat Blanchard Audrey Creim Bonnie Winger JUNIORS Shirley Feldman Ruth Calaid Marion Knock Betty Ann Lose SOPHOMORES Joyce Almlie Joanne Beran Barbara Burnham Betty Braiverman Dolores Petcavage Roni Richards FRESHMEN Marie Gerhardt Adele Lipton Rachel Sisson EXTENSION Marilyn Liddell 455 McFARLANDS SENIORS Dorothy M. Brown Alice Banner Mary Elizabeth Painter SOPHOMORES Susanne C. Arnstein Iva Louis Andrea Marie Harris Elizabeth O ' Neal Elizabeth Claire Wolfe FRESHMAN Jean Schantz Brown Danner Arnstein Louis O ' Neal Schantz NORTH GABLES SENIORS Norma Anderson Elisa Barrera Frances Brown Janice DeMoor Carol Fisher Fern Kaiser Jean Maclntyre Frances Messner Katherine Nuckols Jean Peterson Harriet Shapiro Truie Sittig Irene Weissman Barbara Woods JUNIORS Roberta Bristol Valerie deMay Donna Kuizenga Betty Jo Noble Barbara Stone Genevieve Strieker Geraldine Stucker SOPHOMORES Pauline Abelman Betty Rickey Bernadine Bertnik Ruth Runnels Beatrice Brownstone Stella Rush Beryl Webb FRESHMEN Lynn Behrens Carolyn Jacobson Barbara Jordon Patricia Lightell Dolores Peter Lillie Stanley Anderson Barrera Brown DeMoor Kaiser Maclntyre Nuckols Peterson Shapiro Sittig Weissman Woods DeMay Stone Strieker Stucker Abelman Bertnik Runels Rush Webb Behrens Jordon Peter 456 PROSPECT TERRACE Loos V:Ccf : MMkf MM Em Short Story Yate D2. ! Let:- ' V:Cr. Miller LuU Smith Fcskt Kraft Nicol GRADUATES Elizabeth Ferina Joan Field Lois Jensen Kathleen Smith Grace Cerrulle Reva Friedberg Joanne Lucas Lois McConnell Wilma Role Claire Whitmore SENIORS Edna Schlaifer Jeannette Sielz Elaine V stick Barbara Washaner Genevieve Wilcox JUNIORS Diana Averdieck Carolyn Evans Nelda Bemhard lona McFJroy Shirley Bickman Beverly Borkheim Mary Ann Daleno Barbara Short Helen Storj- Mary Ellen Winters Ozell Yates SOPHOMORES Patricia Davis Jean McCoy Mary Letcher Rosemary Lncksinger Betty Lutz Norma Miller Martha Smith Mary Todrank Margaret Wright FRESHMEN Jane Culver Nancy Hoffman Marcia Dunnell- Barbara Kraft Phyllis Foskett Sara Leatherbnry Mary Helen Hodge Jean Nicol Mildred Sheldon EXTENSION Francis Martin RIDGEMONT Byrnes Col lop] C. " - r--... Ellis Uiber S- .- Jean Naylor GRADUATES Sibyl Pirtle SENIORS Helen Bernard Carol Cunningham Patricia Byrnes Ina Mae Dulton Dolores Collopy Carmen Finley Julia Remak JUNIORS Lois Anderson Neva Gibson Geraldine Ellis Lillian Leiber Natalie Freid Elaine Smith Norma Lea Thompson SOPHOMORES Mar - Blomgren Donna Pemberton Jean Ellen Smalley Use Wolfen FRESHMAN Nadine Williams 457 RITTER HALL June Cuff Patsie Dole Dorothy Hoppe Phyllis Hunter GRADUATE Lauretta Frank SENIORS Joy La Vroff Clarabelle Lewis Mary Misak Margaret Morison Gene Spitler JUNIORS Catherine Coops Jeanne Ferris Mary Goshorn Mina Hicks Patsy Kitto Virginia McCormick Marilyn Merk Royce Merk Nancy Miles Marian Perry Betty Pierce Jane Schafer Constance Trigonis Carol Van Steenbergen Dorcas Ann Walker Helen Wright SOPHOMORES Dolores Calder Marcia Ganapole Gertrude Gebbie Mary Grimes LaRae Hampton Belva Hunt Rosemary MacDonald Marie Pagani Isabelle Page Vivian Walker FRESHMEN Carolyn Berbower Lois Bunger Beverly Gay Johanna Hohenstein Dorothy Meixner Lorraine Thomas Violet Trumure Iris Twigg Frank Cuff Dole Hoppe LaVroff Lewis Misak Morison Spitler Coops Ferris Goshorn Hicks Kitto McCormick Merk, M. Merk, R. Miles Pierce Trigonis Van Steenbergen Walker Calder Ganapole Gebbie Grimes Hampton Hunt MacDonald Pagani Twigg Berbower Bunger Gay Hohenstein 458 ST. MARGARET ' S HOUSE Car , Gill Ml Scott ; T - Halma Km Mmoi DMi Palmmon Hill GRADUATES Mary Carey Jocelyn GUI Rosalie Godt Aletta Gidlund Kia Halma Pegpy Ken- Betty Jane Jordan Eleanor Scott Barbara Vernon SENIORS Anne Mallonee Nadine Palmerton Teresa Peterson Ruth Ropers JUNIORS Bonnie Cushman Janet Dietrich Margie Palroerton Eileen Hill SOPHOMORES Ueraire Purtill iro WARRING PLACE A " ' . ' , " " ' . ' ' FmcK, J. Francis, H. Mi FiU .f. - MacQwIk Treat SENIORS Paulette Bollerud Marie Carmen ElizaloV Dorolhv Whittemore JUNIORS Mary Frances Ludekp Francisca Middleton Jean Marion Francis SOPHOMORES Margaret Clark Barbara MacQnillen Catherine FiU Simmons Leslie McLaren Jenkins Teresa Treat Leslie Sliitney 459 SHERMAN HALL GRADUATES Marion Blackie Mary Ann Danielson Joan Haylor Mary Ellen Johnson Anna Larson Anna Louie Margaret Lucas Patrene Miller Betsy Van Seventer SENIORS Billie Abrams Rosinda Aja Phyllis Jean Austin Shirley Clare Elizabeth Cotherin Isabell Dougherty Elizabeth Flaherty Martha Ishikawa Leona Yardumian JUNIORS Janice Kendall Mary Louie Dorothy Nelson Adrienne North Lois Schulman Lucretia Suguitan Patricia Synan Clara May Treadwell Thalia Baharis Marjorie Bartle Dorothy Blackie Joanne Bosch Alyce Chenoweth Joyce Cooper Armida DePineda Benita Tu Disco Hime Enomoto Marilyn Fowler Vivian Fox Pauline Gottfried Allene Gloria Hagg Virginia Hooten Christine LaMont Dolores Lewis Janet Loomis Mary Martins Betty Ann Mogilner Agnes Mori Shirley Morris Margaret Peterson Nancy Thompson Betty Trishman Wallen SOPHOMORES Barbara Child Jean Clark Elaine Davis Betty Donwold Eleanor Feder Gloria Gingrich Constance Goldstein Beverly Greene Roberta Hirsch Bernice Jacobsen Marilyn Laubly Dorothy Lorenson Patricia Mathewson Mary Ellen Misrach Carol Sunkel Paula Wilder Hayler Louie Miller Abrams Austin Dougherty Nelson North Schulman Synan Treadwell Yardumian Chenoweth Hagg LaMont Loomis Martins Morris DePineda Trishman Wallen Child Sunkel Wilder Goldberg Mancha Wiegand M M ta ; Dn EB Ml Hi =: -.- M FRESHMEN Nina Byers Flora Foster Rose Frazer Gloria Goldberg Margaret Holland Alice Lippert Sara Jane Mancha Betty Robertson Marie Tchobanoglons Virginia Wiegand In Carolyn Wyse 460 STRATFORD HALL Carter Ifcfci " C . " ; : Ean ::: -; v 2 - A-;-. - r 3-: Dak Jf " ; = GRADUATE Jill Teden SENIORS Helen Carter Helen Garroway Doris Hanley Eva Lees Cornelia Mason Barbara Mercer Ida Parri Lois Robinett Kay Taylor Margaret Wamper JIMORS Janice Bean-ton Helen Cortopossi Norma Earp Phyllis Flodberp Virginia Howard Lillian Hunt Eilene Mallon Betty Lou Neese Normadine Norcntt Emily Ann Pagenhart Dorothy Rosenthal Mildred Wickham SOPHOMORES Beverly Allington Charlotte Crabb Barbara Crevolin Katherine Evans Gloria Federmann Rita Forzano Lind Massingham Betty Nelson Joan Reed Beth Rosen Nina Westigard FRESHMEN Wilma Avant Ethel Neese Audrey Dale Jan Robertson Dorothy Jennings Carol Siegrist Shirley Jensen Barbara Sutherland Helen Wagner 461 STERN HALL GRADUATE Barbara Sims SENIORS Raylene Adams Gloria Hanley Ruth Berman Jane Kenyon Florence Bevis Mildred Kiefer Carol Bliss Cris Knudsen Carol Christian Pat Merrill Edna Chun Joan McCampbell Margaret Clark Dixie Millspaugh Tilli Cohn Pat Morrison Nyla Cole Agnes O ' Donnell Maurine Condit Rosemary Palmer Florence Daley Marilyn Robinson Dorothy Downey Margaret Shedd Joy Drobish Marian Sinton Nancy Emerson Jacquelyn Slaight Betty Eshleman Justin Smith Jane Fogle Maria Urquiza Jean Gillette Jean Vogt Sidney Goodwin Edith Weitzner Helen Hackley Dorothy Whalen Genevieve Wilcox JUNIORS Evelyn Bean Marian Melrose Marina Bei Marilyn Matys Marcia Blalock Manis Montgomery Joan Emmett Elinor Olson Eleanor Fahning Mona Pang Laurel Fahrner Wilhelmina Schaufelber Beverly Geiger Nancy Shower Lenore Kramer Jean Stephens Letitia Lesser Joy Torstrup Jean McDaniel Jane Wing Sims Adams Berman Bevis Bliss Christian Chun Conn Cole Condit Daley Downey Drobish Emerson Eshleman Gillette Goodwin Hackley Hanley Kenyon Kiefer Knudsen Merrill McCampbell Millspaugh Morrison O ' Donnell Palmer Robinson Shedd Sinton Smith Urquiza Vogt Weitzner Whalen Wilcox Bean Bei Cline Cleeves Emmett Fahning Fahrner Geiger Kramer 462 Lesser McDaniel Melrcse Olson Pang Schaufelberger Stephens Torstrup Seaman Chandler Cory Del Monte Dennison Farrand Hutchinson Melvin Ottinger Ream Saeta Sherman Smith Stansfield Stewart Turner Walker Waybur Wildberg Wilkin Wood Baker Brcoks Catlin Clark Coombs Darby Glenn Jcsselyn Klamt Merrill Sanders Schrager Shu 1 1 Stetson Sutton Talbot SOPHOMORES Lois Beamer Dale Hurt Ann Butler Jacqueline Chandler Carolyn Cory Andrea Del Monte Elizabeth Dennison Jo Anne Farrand Sue Hntchinson Lorraine Melvin Nancy Ottinger jVora Ream Sonia Saeta Dawn Sherman Shirley Smith Elizabeth Stansfield Shirley Stewart Grace Turner Dale Walker Robannie Waybur Ruth Wildberg Margaret Wilkin Carol Wood Terry Weidemann FRESHMEN Pat Baker Louise Brooks Pauline Catlin Carolyn Clark Jeannine Coombs Kathleen Darby Patricia Glenn Claire Ann Heller Barbara Josselyn Betty Ann KJamt Gerri Merrill Betty Sanders Lois Shrager Jane Schuyler Rosemary Shull Elizabeth Stetson Leabelle Sutton Susan Talbot " OutTez la porte, Richard. " ROBESPIERRE. BACK ROW: Robert Marks, Kenneth Barnhartt, Donald W. Alden, Russell G. Jobe, Monte Koepf, Constant C. Pappas, Oleg D. Sherby, Rick Porter. FOURTH ROW: Ted Ockels, Harry Morgan, Bill Schrank, Bradford Stimpson, John V. Carlson, Gene W. Zeoli, Howard Wilson, Curtis Dreyer. THIRD ROW: Albert J. Korsko, Robert F. Wildman, Donald E. Reed, John L. Cunningham, Marvin Greenbaum, Donald Mendoza, Walter D. Goldsmith, Charles R. Faulders. SECOND ROW: Lewis W. Kidd, Jack R. Morison, Frede- rick B. Wood, Arthur P. Notthoff, Jr., Frederick A. Hadden, Wolfgang H. Kummer, Kenneth Mirov, Harry T. Larson. FRONT ROW: Bruce MacDonald, James B. Tice, Jerome M. Rosenberg, Frank C. Thayer, Glenn D. Breuer, Jack Thode, Gay W. Weber. TAU BETA PI FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary.... Recording Secretary Treasurer Cataloguer .Bruce MacDonald James B. Tice ..Jerome M. Rosenberg Frank C. Thayer Jack Thode Glenn D. Breuer Clement T. Wiskocil, Chairman B. Bresler H. E. Davis R. E. Davis C. Derleth, Jr. H. D. Eberhart F. S. Foote H. B. Gotaas C. G. Hyde J. W. Kelly A. Klein W. F. Langelier K. S. Pister E. P. Popov G. E. Truxell R. L. Walker F. Wascoe C. T. Wiskocil Kenneth E. Barnhart Glen D. Breuer Paul F. Brunner Russell J. Bruzzone Jack Cunningham H. M. Elliott Charles R. Faulders Merrin E. Frank Walter D. Goldsmith Marvin Greenbaum Fred Hadden George Harrington Albert S. Haagland Russell G. Jobe Lewis W. Kidd Hurtis I.. Robertson F. Wormald B. A. Vallerga B. A. Etcheverry S. T. Harding L. J. Black J. T. Bolljahn R. A. Bruns D. F. Dalziel T. D. Graybeal R. L. Linton T. C. McFarland P. L. Morton L. E. Reukema B. L. Robertson H. J. Scott D. H. Sloan J. R. Whinnery ADVISORY BOARD Lawrence M. Grossman FACULTY MEMBERS A. J. Carlson L. H. Duschak R. R. Hultgren E. R. Parker L. C. Uren W. H. Brady C. K. Ferguson W. C. Fitch R. G. Folsom C. F. Garland H. S. Gordon L. M. Grossman H. W. Iverson H. A. Johnson E. D. Kane J. Kohl R. W. Leutwiler Almonte H. Koepf Albert J. Karske Wolfgang Kummer Harry T. Larson Herman T. Leon Edward Linkskog Dan L. Lorain Bruce MacDonald Robert Marks James F. Mealin Don Mendoza Forrest D. Mickelson Kenneth Miror Harry E. Morgan Jack R. Morison MEMBERS Wm. E. Murray Robert H. Nooler Arthur Notthoff Theadore Ockels Douglas C. Ogilvie Constantino C. Pappas M. C. Pinkam Richard W. Porter Bruce E. Reiser William P. Radden Jerome M. Rosenburg William T. Scbrank Milton Schwartz Charles B. Schweizer Alex Scordelis James I.. Meriam A. S. Levens W. H. Livingston R. C. Martinelli J. L. Meriam R. B. Meuser E. F. Murphy P. C. Nelson M. P. O ' Brien R. W. Pinger B. F. Raber R. A. Seban N. W. Snyder J. B. Turner T. Vermeulen C. J. Vogt C. R. Wilke B. M. Woods Donovan E. Smith Hal St. Clair Gerald Steiner Bradford Stimson Jack Thode James B. Tice Russell N. Trackwell Frank C. Thayer Louis B. Wadel Robert F. Weldman Donald A. Wilhelmson Howard O. Wilson Henry Wing Robert E. Wunderlich Gene W. Zedi 466 GOLDEN BEAR (Senior Men ' s Society] FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 I M HK-II V ASSOCIATES George P. Adam- Leroy W. Allen David P. Barrow - Ml.ert M. Becker Krii ( ' .. Bellqui-t Allen C. Blai,dell Llewlyn M. K. Boelter George C. Briggs. Jr. John L. Calkins, Jr. Francis L. Chamberlain Walter Christie James H. Corley Fred W. Cozens William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davi?- :m William R. Dennes Charles Derleth. Jr. Monroe E. Deutsrh Edward A. Dick-on William G. Donald F. Stanley Durie Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Clinton W. Evans W. W. Ferrier. Jr. Mortimer Fleishhacker Walter S. Frederick . Stanley B. Freeborn Elmer C. Goldsworthy Farnham P. Griffiths Charles A. Gulick, Jr. Chaffee E. Hall. Jr. Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Maurice E. Harrison John D. Hick; Joel H. Hildebrand Harold A. Hitchcock John C. Howard Elbert A. Hugill Richard K. Kelly Alexander M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Harry L. K ingman George D. Loaderback Guy S. Millberry Ralfe D. Miller James K. Moffiti Russell A. Nagler John Francis Neylan William J. Norton John M. Olmsted Frederic L. Paxson George A. Pettitt Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestly T oseph H. Quire Max Radin Alva W. Ragan Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Vernon M. Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Spronl Frank C. Stevens Fred E. Stripp Jacobus ten Broek Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underbill Edwin C. Voorhies Ralph S. Waltz Baldwin M. Woods GRADUATES Frank H. Barrett Terry L. Baum Charle ? R. Bell. Jr. I li.ini.i- Bell Richard Carey Robert P. Chappell John V Clark arrinsttoii W. Cult mil DonahfW. l)a%i- Rjlph B. I e,- Iru in I ' . Diamond Hugh M. Elliot Bernard Etcheverry, Jr. Philip Elwood Neil Eugene Falconer Ralph T. Fisher Alan Cowan Furtfa William S. Gaines Morris D. Glickfeld Milton Hildebrand Joseph Law -on Hoilue- |l.i icl Sherline Kaplan Stephen Kaufmann John Campbell Loper Alan J. Margolis Richard Vance Matterson Michael Law ton Meller John Mersereau. Jr. John D. Monson Theodore E. Nichols Forrest Albert Plant John M. Price Paul Whitesell Rathfon. Jr. John Ro-s Reagon James Cantley Sbeppard Robert Lee Smith William Sayer Snook Irwin A?her Spitzer Robert Pierce Thomas Max Wileox Richard Barton Wilson William August Wilson, Jr. Peter A. Wolff David Richard Wright George Yasukochi I NDERCRADUATES Donald G. Anderson II John J. Barry Robert Benner ieorge Blair Glenn D. Breuer Gordon . Bronson (anley E. Brown Ru-,ell J. Bruzzone John R. Cain Douglas C. Campbell Paul H. Chamberlain Douglas W. Clayton Richard H. Conver-e Robert W. Corlett Garrett W. Demarest, Jr. Franklin E. Dillard. Jr. Walter F. Dimmick Donn Doerr Harry B. Drobish Robe ' rt E. Eddy George M. Ellings Wm. C. Fin-ter Ray W. Foreaker, Jr. Marvin Frankel Glenn D. Gallison Vergil L. Gerard Walter D. Goldsmith Donald K. Gordon alter A. Gordon. Jr. Sidney S. Green Robert L. Griffith Neil K. Groefsema Thomas Hartzell John J. Haughawout Leonard Hesterman Roger H. Hildebrand David R. Hirschler Claude F. Hifkey Albert S. Hoagland Robert C. Hogeboom George B. Hummer Benjamin D. Inne:- Lue- G. Ireland William P. Jaeger. Jr. Joe Kamiya James H. Kanzelmeyer Jack D. Kniveton Almont H. Koepf Theodore Kroeber Paul L. Larsen Paul A. Lazarus Donald E. Lengel Clifford B. Lewis Herbert L. Lindsley, Jr. Harry " V. Lucheta John E. McDonald. Jr. Robert P. MacDonald Robert B. Marchant AX allace I. Matson Charles P. Mile, Adam D. Miller Harry E. Morgan William W. Murray James A. Neilson, Jr. Theodore S. Ockels Thomas C. Parrish Donald E. Paterson John A. Pierce William D. Porter Robert A. Ready Paul A. Robinson Jack L. Rocker Jerome M. Rosenberg Willard I. Ross Albert R. Ruppe Ben D. Sanematsu Benjamin N. Sawtelle William B. Schwabacher Robin W. Skewes-Coi Rabert L. Spaulding Roger A. Stafford John A. Sproul Jack R. Stearns William H. Stretch Harry J. Stuart Thomas T. Tennant Russell N. Trackwell Donald B. Wallace William L. Weirich Paul R. Weissich Robert D. Weeks Edward G. Welch William L. Witter Joseph A. Woods, Jr. 467 Shirley Ames Irene Bradfield Edith Brown Katherine Everett Nancy Hambly Mildred Kiefer Virginia Parent Christina Pfund Janice Rivers Barbara Warren MORTAR BOARD (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Janice De Moor Joy Drobish Patricia Eggleston Jane Kenyon Jean Morris Agnes O ' Donnell Phyllis Siedkin Marilyn Smith Katherine Thanas Christie Weatherby Fall Shirley Ames Tina Pfund Virginia Parent.. Joy Drobish Nancy Hambly Irene Bradfield.. OFFICERS Spring President Katherine Everett Vice-President Katherine Thanas ..Corresponding Secretary Virginia Parent Recording Secretary Joy Drobish Treasurer Nancy Hambly Scribe.... ....Irene Bradfield Margaret Beattle Louise Cobb Mary B. Davidson Mrs. Monroe E. Deutsch HONORARY MEMBERS Helen W. Fancher Catherine DeMotte Quire Alice G. Hoyt Violet B. Marshall Lillie Margaret Sherman Mrs. Robert G. Sproul Lucy Ward Stebbins Dr. Margaret Zen " Leila Anderson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mrs. Ruth Donnelly Dr. Margaret Zeff MEMBERS Shirley Ames Irene Bradfield Edith Brown Janice De Moor Joy Drobish Patricia Eggleston Katherine Everett Nancy Hambly Mildred Keifer Jane Kenyon Jean Morris Agnes O ' Donnell Virginia Parent Christina Pfund Janice Rivers Phyllis Seidkin Marilyn Smith Katherine Thanas Barbara Warren Christie Weatherby 468 :: EM : ' Patricia McGregor ntt LoisGiilfaert Agues O ' DoMdl Patricia PORTS PRYTANEAN ( Women ' s Honorary Society FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1900 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President---- Patricia Power? } ice-President.... Katherine Everett Corresponding Secretary _ Lois Guilbert Graven. Patricia McGregor Recording Secretary A$ne$ O ' DonnelL Beatrice Moorhead Treasurer. ... Edilh Brown Jean Howden .V ember ship Chairman . ' -. Irene Bradfield Ritter Hall Representative Jean Vogt HONORARY MEMBERS Mr-. George P. Adams Mr-. Stuart Daggett Mr?. Allen C. Blai-dell Mr?. William J. Davi- Mr-. Ira B. Cross Mr?. Monroe E. Deutsch Mi?- Eugenie Carneiro Mr?. William G. Donald Mr?. Rn??ell Tracy Crawford Mr-.. Elmer C. Gold? orthy Mr-. Walter Gordon Mr-. Fred O. Harris Mr-. Joel E. Hildebrand Mr?. Robert J. Kerner Mr-. Harry Kinanian Mr?. Guy Montgomery Mr?. Lewi? F. Morrison Mr?. Aurelia Reinhardt Dr. Mary Bennett Ritter Mr?. Robert Sibley I NIVERS1TY ASSOCIATES Mi?? Leila Anderson Mr?. Barbara Armstrong Mr-. Sue Arthurholtz Mr-. Edna Bailey Mi?? Eleanor Bartlett Mi-- Margaret Beattie Mi?? Frederica Bernhard Mi?- Olga Bridgman Mr?. Amy Bum?tead Mi?? Marjorie Carlton Mi-- Vera Christie Mr-. Charlie Clarke Mi?? Louise Cobb Mi?s Edilh Coulter Mi-- Luoile Czarno?ki Mr?. Mary B. Davidson Mi?? Sarah Davi? Mr?. Ruth Donnelly Mi-? Anna Espensrhade Mi?? Hope Gladding Mi?? Marie Gla?? Mr?. Katherine Gowdy ACTIVE MEMBERS Mi?? Pauline Hodgson Mi?? Alice Hoyt Mr?. Jean Macfarlane Mr?. Margaret MrQuary Mr?. Hildegarde Millar Mr?. Agnes Morgan Mi-? Florence Mullin- Mi?? Margaret Murdock Doris Adams Shirley Ames Jane Baker Carol Bli-- Margery Bolt-- Irene Bradfield Ann Brookman Edilh Brown Virginia Carpenter Lorraine Cook Janice De Moor Eleanor De?plain Christina Dewev Marguerite Dilley Joy Drobi-h Patricia Eggleston Katherine Everett irginia Field Aileen Frank Patricia Funslen Lois Grave M.inia Gray Glyneth Gregory Patricia Hamilton Nancy Hamhly Jean Hepfer Jane Holland Ann Holling?worth Jean Howden Jane Kenyon Mildred Keifer Crissola Knud?en I ' dt Krill Nancy Lee Bernice Leiberman Margaret Lipman Peggy Lynch Joanne Macfie Marian McDonald Patricia McGregor 1 ' olh Man?field Marian Maspero Marian Melrose Beatrice Moorhead .lean Morri- Martha Mulluwnc Jean O ' Brien Aent-- O ' Donnell Ruth Ellen O ' Neil irginia Parent Ruth Parkin-. n Marilvnn Pater- m Jean Pendleton Laura Piccirillo Patricia Powers Alice Rea Catherine Reid Janice River? Wilma Rule Phvlli? Seidkin Marian Sinton Barbara Skile? Marilyn Smith Barbara Stokes Helen Story Mrs. Robert Gordon Sproul Mr?. Sara Elizabeth Sproul Miss Lucy Stebbins Mrs. Sigmund Stern Mrs. Baldwin Woods Mis? Cecil Piper Miss Carmel Riley Miss Agnes Robb Miss Lillie M. Sherman Mis? Constance Steel Mi?? Katherine Towle Dr. Margaret Zeff I la Sullivan Andree Temple Katherine Thanas Patricia Thomas Clara May Treadwell Ju?tine Turner Maria Urquiza Ann Van No?trand Jean Vogt Barbara Jean Warren (, ' hri-tie Weatherliv Irene Weissman Jean White 469 K t BACK ROW: Harriet Tyre, Gloria Herz, Marcia Fischer, Pat Thcmas, June Wightman, Jean Sherwood. THIRD ROW: Barbara Pres- ton, Ruth Rox, Connie Pfund, Nancy Vinson, Phyllis Stickland, Ann Fraser, Sue Hutchinson. SECOND ROW: Beth Rosen, Nancy Rieger, Ann Schwenk, Chris Bothwell, Polly Mansfield, Ruth Wood. FIRST ROW: Eve Borsook, Madeline Holcomb, Marion Melrose, Susan Thomas, Betty Stansfield, Beatrice Challis, Doris Foreaker. PANIL (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1939 ONE CHAPTER Fall Marian Melrose.. Susan Thomas Joanne Cerini Polly Mansfield. Ruth Wood.... OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary. ..... .-. Treasurer ..Corresponding Secretary.. Spring Eve Borsook .Madeline Holcomb Doris Foreaker Betty Stansfield ....Beatrice Challiss Betty Barton Mary B. Davidson HONORARY Katherine Fischer Alice Hoyt Catherine D. Quire Dorothy Beck Eve Borsook Christine Bothwell Sally Burgess Emmy Louise Butikofer Joanne Cerini Beatrice Challiss Bettielee Dunbar Margaret Farlow Doris Foreaker Ann Fraser Marcia Fischer Gloria Herz Elizabeth Holcomb ACTIVES Madeline Holcomb Betty Humphreys Sue Hutchinson Letitia Lesser Polly Mansfield Marian Melrose Dale Millar Patricia Nichols Constance Pfund Marian Polhemus Ann Powers Barbara Preston Charlene Read Nancy Rieger Beth Rosen Ruth Roy Ann Schwenk Jean Sherwood Betty Stansfield Phyllis Stickland Pat Thomas Susan Thomas Harriet Tyre Nancy Vinson Ruth Wood Alison Whitely June Wightman 470 ' V - .: 3 C ' c V ' r -0 MM 8 C SI fW T ' v; JA:K :A 5- -.: Rs y Sr.-.f-.: - Holt. Ted Radanater, DM VodBwrfc. SEON Don BtMJqr, 831 Gnwii. Fnt Hodge. FRONT JotaElliflt. TRI-UNE I. Sit?- (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1931 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President _ I ' ice-President Secretary-Treasurer.. Austin Morris Donald Slater .... Donald DeVoto Ralph W. Chaney LMVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin C. Voorhies Robert Banning Jim Banmgartner Blake Beauthamp Donald Benlley Glen Buel] Verge Butler Charle Cord? John Elliot Harvev Fielder ACTIVES Arthur Forderer Bill Graven John Grow den Robert Hammill Fred Hodge Peter Holt Peter Leaf Tim Minahan Jack Parker Ted Rodamaker Frank Sanford Ralph Setterholm Robert Sherrard Nathan Shore Jim Tourtellotte Willie Vansell David Voderniark 471 BACK ROW: Don E. Brown, Bob Edmonston, Chuck Gilkey. FIFTH ROW: Jack Norberg, Bob Cooper, Mel Long, Bill Carson, Ivan Houston, Bob Hughes, Paul Chamberlain, Bill Still, Herb Poddig, Nate Shore, Jim Muir, Bob Henninger, Don Higgins, Walt Meyer, Larry Stump. FOURTH ROW: Tim Minahan, Don Ware, Pat Flowers, Dave Turner, Tom Tully, Wendell Beard, Dick Lamer, George Walker, Bob Hogeboom, Ralph Dewey, Bob Dal Porto, Frank Dillard, Hux Galbraith, Leland Arth. THIRD ROW: Bill Durkee, Jim Sheppard, Jack Stack, Bill Diffenbaugh, Elden J. Mohn, Bud Lutz, Dick Erickson, Roland Chambers, Dick Heggie, Cal Riencke, Tom Parrish, Oscar Harper, John Meier. SECOND ROW: John Najarian, Bob Spenger, Wilbur Twining, William Farley, Paul Keckley, John Swartzbaugh, Terry Haws, Cameron Fair, Bob Vincent, Hugh Mumby, Virgil Butler, Andy Wolfe. FRONT ROW: Bill Noack, Dave Burg, Kenneth Gustafson, Neil F. Thrams, Jack Swaner, Dave Hirschler, Ted Kenfield, Tom Bryant, Bob Dodds, Rod Franz, Chuck Hanger. BIG " C " SOCIETY Fall Ken Gustafson... John Meier George Walker.. OFFICERS Spring ....President Jack Klinger V ice-President _ Dave Hirschler Secretary Bill Noack HONORARY AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Ralph W. Chaney James H. Corley Frederick W. Cozens W. H. Davis Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Wendell Beard Don Brown Roland Chambers Bob Dal Porto Bill Diffenbaugh Bob Dodds Bob Edmonston Leland Arth Frank Dillard Virgil Butler Paul Chamberlain Bob Hughes Tom Bryant Dave Burg Bill Carson Bob Cooper Ralph Dewey Cameron Fair Carroll M. Ebright Clinton W. Evans Herbert B. Foster Brutus Hamilton Dr. J. T. Harkness Robert Hemphill J. H. Hildebrand Miles R. Hudson E. A. Hugill Robert S. Johnson Ernest L. Madison Ralfe Miller Franklin C. Palm Charles A. Pease C. M. Price Kenneth I. Priestley FOOTBALL Dick Erickson Ted Kenfield Rod Franz Bud Lutz Hux Galbraith Walt Meyer Chuck Gilky Tim Minahan Dave Hirschler Elden Mohn Paul Keckley Jim Muir BASKETBALL Bill Durkee Dick Larner William Farley Cal Riemcke Bob Hogeboom BASEBALL Ken Gustafson Bob Henninger CREW Bill Noack Jack Stack Bob Spenger Tom Tully TRACK Pat Flowers Mel Long Chuck Hanger John Meier Terry Haws Hugh Mumby Dick Heggie Jack Norberg Ivan Houston Tom Parrish TENNIS Oscar Harper Bob Vincent INTRAMURAL Don Higgins A. W. Ragan Harry W. Shepherd Robert G. Sproul Irwin C. Uteritz Edwin C. Voorhies Frank Wickhorst John P. Williamson Robert Wilson John Najarian Herb Poddig Nate Shore Larry Stump John Swartzbaugh Jack Swaner Neil Thrams George Walker Andy Wolfe Dave Turner Jim Sheppard Bill Still Wilbur Twining Don Ware 472 haB, Horn Hill, Ricardo Brin, Lefty FimUmvat. THIRD ROW: Roy Hamrick, Dick Gallon, Lynn Sloss, Home Koch, Ben Laflin, AraoU ImerfieM. SECOND ROW: Ira ick Daw, Hart Fairctaqk, Jack Lnery, Date Webster. FRONT ROW: Hal Wall, Stan Phil Arnot, Fred Berger, Henry Yee, Due CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS President .Stan Morketter Vice-President Hal Walt Secretary Walt Bowman Chock Shattnrk Treasurer Dick Abren Leonard Alli-m Raymond BaHley Tom Cureton William Donald Al Dowden HONORARY Greg Engelhard Bert Jones William Fallon Charles Keenev A. G. Goldsworthy Ralfe Miller E. Graff Edgar Nemir Brutu- Hamilton Heber Newsom Norman Hind? Charles Pease Mile Hudson E. G. Probert Alva Ragan J. Raine Julias Schroeder Henry Stone Harold Wealherbe C. A. Zamlork Edward D. Aikan Lee Arth Don Bean-tun Jim Bloom Ricardo Brin Tim Chew James Wuemark Jack Bowker Ace Cain Phil Arnot Glen Galli-on Victor Boisseree Hart Fairdouch Dave Fredrickson Stan Au-nian SWIMMING Walter Bowman Fred Garner George Cunningham Jack Lavery Henry Yee Jack Loundsberry WATER POLO Jim May Lynn Schloss Art Poulin Dale Webber Robert Howard Howard Koch BOXING Leland Sapiro Bill Shafer William Sham RUGBY John Clark Monte Koepf Bill Craig Ludy 1. anger SOCCER Paul Gadjeff Arnold Innerfield SKIING Horace Hill Jim Keresey RIFLE TEAM Roy Hanend Albert Lapides EIGHT BASKETBALL Bill Fontenrose Dick Leggelt Bob Marc hant WRESTLING Ben Laflin Eduard Nemson GYMNASTICS Dick Dawe George O ' Connor J. H. Russel CROSS COL VTRY Mac Elliott FENCING Frank Taylor Morris Mathews Stanley Morketter Joe Widman Hal Walt Paul Ward Ira Thompson Hank Wright Chuck Shattuck Bill Whelan deWit Popkin John Zorovich 473 BACK ROW: Patricia Egglest9n, Frances Princelau, Shirley Ames. SECOND ROW: Jean Morris, Agnes O ' Donnel, Marilyn Smith, Jane Baker. FRONT ROW: Eleanor Oesplain, Kay Everett, Penny Daley. TORCH AND SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER Fall Katherine Everett.. Marilyn Smith Frances Princelau.. OFFICERS President V ice-President .Secretary-Treasurer,. Spring .Eleanor Desplain Jane Baker .Agnes O ' Donnell Mary B. Davidson Shirley Ames Jane Baker Penny Daley Eleanor Desplain UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Catherine DeMotte Quire MEMBERS Patricia Eggleston Katherine Everett Jean Morris Lucy Ward Stebbins Jean O ' Brien Agnes O ' Donnell Frances Princelau Marilyn Smith 474 LEFT TO RIGHT: !(, - ror.t .-- n Eraws, Four. Hill, BETA BETA (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER Fall Unc Hopper OFFICERS President Spring Bill Marrkhoff A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fbk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings HONORARY Richard Kes ' ler Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leebrirk Mathew Lynch John Mackenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Captain John Switrer Edwin Voorhie- Carl Zamlorh Page Baldwin Bill Banning George Blair Harry Bickerton Jerry Burrill Bob Corletl George Cunningham Tom Dargie Bill Diffenbangh Scottr Foster John Graves Bill Hibbett Ralph Hill Pete Holt Unc Hopper Bill Marrkhoff Harvey McGee Stan Morketter Ron Naesf Bill Reinhart O. B. Reilly Lev Sacre Ed Welch Pete Veston Done William? Bob Wilson Joe WiUon Gary Wood Bill Witter Jack Yeager 475 - BACK ROW: Harry Agler, Bill Durkee, Jim Eschen, Art Middleton, Stan Morketter, Joe Wilson, Jack Yeager, William C. Marckhoff, Bob Wilson, R. W. Corlett, Ed Welch, Jack Cain. THIRD ROW: W. R. Forde, Bill Witter, Bill Banning, Bill Hibbitt, Page Baldwin, Bob Solinsky, Will Loiter, Tom Dargie, Jerry Burrill, Ed Merrill, Paul Goodall. SECOND ROW: John Graves, Garth Marston, Lev Sacre, Jack Campbell, Bill Diffenbaugh, Mickey Kerr, Mole Foster, William Hopper, John Clark, 0. B. Reillay. FRONT ROW: Bob Remensperger, Joe Billiou, Ralph Hill, Pete Weston, Gerry Wood, Bob Humpert, Paul Clinton, Chuck Hanger. SKULL AND KEYS JERRY BURRELL Fall President BOB WILSON Spring President 476 (Junior and Senior Mcn ' f Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Ml fmUent Sprine Bob Wilson Vict-Prrsidnl Bill MarckhoS liill MirckhoC O. B. Riellv Ralph Hill Rill Banning - Trfmsmrrr L ' nc Hooper Dirk Abrn Slab Allison Bodie Andrews David B. Barrows Gill Becker Anthony F. Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan John L " . Calkins. Jr. Donald D. Cameron Andy Carlson R. W. Chantv Zeb Chaney Walter Christie Clarence Corey Harry Davis M. 1C Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch Dr. William G. Donald Newton B. Drury W . H. Dnrhmni Ky Ebright Captain Neil Edmunds James Pick Martin Flaherty Wally Fredericks Stanley B. Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettel Everett Glass E. C. Galsworthy Capt. P. G. Godwin HONORARY Capt. Sandy Goodman Walter Gordon Lt. H. Greenlaw Dean Gretcher John Grover Brutus Hamilton James Hamilton Jack Happo lt Dr. James Harkness Robert T. Hemphill Norman C. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Milton Hudson Junes B. Hutchinson Dick Kelly Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander H. Kidd Lawrence Kinnard W. M. Latimer Karl C. Leebrkfc E. Landon Austin MacDonald W alter E. Magee Professor Marsh Jack MeKenzie Ralph P. Merritt Ralph Miller Brick Mitchell Ross Najler Engen Neuhaus John F. Neyun R. L. Olson F. C. Palm Major G. H. Peabody Ken Priestly ThoMsH. Pitman Al Ragan Carl Reich L. Ream Professor Russell Major C. R. Sargent William A. Setchell James Shaeffer Robert Gordon Sproul Tom Stow H. E. Stone Edward Stricldin Fredd Stripp Major J. Switzer Nicholas Taliaferro Lt. Com. H. C Tallm E. H. Taylor Colonel Thomas J. True Irr t ' terin Charles Voltx Edwin C. Yoorhies Benjamin Wallace Frank Wickhorst Jack Williamson Bob Wilson Jean Witter Carl Zamlock Howie Allen Paige Baldwin Bill Banning Georg e Blair Hal Bowers Jerry Burrill Ace Cain Jack Campbell John Clark Paul Clinton Bob Corlett Hal Crandall Bud Crosby- Bob Dal Porto Tom Dargie Howie Dickenson Bill Diffenbaugh Bill Dnrkee Jim Eschen Munson Everett Pete Farmer MEMBERS Scotty Foster Fred Gamier Dick Giberson Paul Goodall John Graves Bob Brether Sam Hall Buzz Hamlin Chuck Hanger Bill Hibbitt Ralph Hill Bob Hogebooaa Une Hopper Bob Hnmpert Bob James Sam Hones Mickey Kerr John Lamoreanx Will Letter Bill Marckhoff Garth Marston Tom Mason Harvey McGee Ed Merrill Art Middleton Pierce Milton Hal Moller Bob Remensperger Lev Saere Jim Smith Bob Solinsky Dean Solinsky Ed Welch Len Wbeller Bob Wilson Joe Wilson Pete Wilson Bill Witter Andy Wolfe Bill Wolfe Wally Wollbrinck Gary W ood 477 BACK ROW: Muriel Zeranjue, Frances Pepper, Margaret Lipptnan, James Keilty. FRONT ROW: Byron Chudnow, Anneliese Roda, David Wood, James Meyers. MASK AND DAGGER (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1905 ONE CHAPTER Fall Jim Kielty Margaret Lipman Jim Myers Mary-Elaine Palmer.. OFFICERS President . Vice-President. . Treasurer Secretary Spring David Wood ..Robert Hudson Jim Myers ..Constance Ruys Mary Jane Arrabit Jane Bennett Elizabeth Berryhill ACTIVE ALUMNI Gordon Connell Herbert Meads Anneliese Roda Seth Ulman Hypatia Teague Suzanna Hart Suzanne Geier GRADUATES David Wood Maurice Engleman Robert Hudson James Kielty SENIORS Margaret Lipman Frances Miller Mary-Elaine Palmer Constance Ruys Joyce Webb Muriel Zerangue Byron Chudnovr Stan Corell JUNIORS James Myers Frances Pepper 478 THALIAN FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 Fall Crissola Knudsen Peggy Ryan Frances Pepper Muriel Zerangue Margaret Lipman OFFICERS Spring President Frances Pepper Vice-President Muriel Zerangue Secretary Margaret Lipman Treasurer Marion Wright Representative-at-Large Margaret Lipman Mrs. Fred O. Harris Fred O. Harris HONORARY MEMBERS Mi . R. G. deLappe Mrs. Aida Link Warren C. Louisbury Marquis Patterson Henry Schnitz!er Mary Jane Arrabit Sue Geier Bob Hudson Crissola Knudsen James Keilty Margaret Lipman Frances Miller MEMBERS Mary Elaine Palmer Frances Pepper Annelies Roda Constance Ruys Peggy Cook Ryan Sylvia Stockdale Hypatia N. Teague Seth Ulman Vivian H. Wallman Joyce Webb Raymond Weil David Wood Marion Wright Muriel Zerangue HAMMER AND DIMMER Fall Constance Ruys. Bruce Harris Nancy Foster Susanna Hart.... (Technic al Dramatics Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Spring ....President Marion Wright .V ice-President Patricia Myers Secretary _ Muriel Zerangue Treasurer Nancy Foster Scotty Baird Maurice Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Fred O. Harris HONORARY Mrs. F. S. Link Warren Lounsbury Marquis Patterson Henry Schnitzler Florence Stanffer Robert F. Laws UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Benjamin Lehman Richard Anderson Shirley Bost Sheva Braun-tein Virginia Dearing Hugh Dougherty Joseph Ehrman Rex Faubion ACTIVE MEMBERS Nancy Foster Raynor Gimbal Bruce Harris Madalene Heinzer Margaret Lipman Patricia Myers Frances Pepper Glenn Reed Constance Ruys Sylvia Stockdale Patricia Snyder Marion Wright Muriel Zerangue 479 BACK ROW: Pete Schulz, Sid Matles, Dean Cohen, Pete Silk, Howard Engle. FRONT ROW: Charles Livingston, Frank Dixon, Jack Smith, Dick Legault. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA (National Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAYMOND CHAPTER FOUNDED 1925 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Fall Charles Livingston.. Peter Schulz.... Robert Desmond Walter Frederick Don Bergstrom Noel Clad Dean Cohen John Danaher Frank Dixon Howard Engle Donald Feightner Bob Hake OFFICERS Spring President Charles Livingston .Vice-President Frank Dixon Secretary Dean Cohen Treasurer Dick Legault FACULTY ADVISOR Professor Royal Roberts UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward Grether John V. Lund Royal Roberts ACTIVE MEMBERS Dick Legault Rick Ricklin Bill Lind Peter Schulz Charles Livingston Ed Sherman John McKillop Peter Silk Bill Majors Bob Slate Sid Matles Jack Smith John O ' Brien Dan Wallace Art Ricklin Joe Willits 480 I BACK ROW: Jane Lundbvf. Marcia Fischer, an Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Hilda Feinberg, Gloria Herz, Elizabeth Mann, Harriett Tyre, Dean Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Emilie Evans, Barbara Stokes, Elizabeth Sams, Decora Dwiggins, Ann Fraser, Chris Bothwell. FRONT ROW: Aileen Frank, Marian Melrose, Ann Brookman, Nancy White, Sally Burgess. PI ALPHA SIGMA (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER Fall Ann Brookman.. Marian Melrose. Aileen Frank OFFICERS Spring President Marian Melrose I ice-President Cynthia Parker ..Secretary-Treasurer Nancy White Social Chairman.... ....Ann Brookman Mi-- Florence Gardner Mr-. Dorothy Frank Mi-- Dorothea Gilray Mrs. Fay King Watts Mi-- Eleanor L on- Mrs. Gertrude Scott HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Edith Anderson Mrs. Lucrezia Kemper Mrs. Helen Manrray Miss Lois Ingalls Mi-s Merele Brothers Mrs. Hnlda McGinn Mrs. Muriel Tsvetkoff Miss Marguerite Downing Miss Louise I.. null- Mrs. Helen O ' Niel Miss Ruth Callahan ACTIVES Joyce Allen Sally Burgess Carol Bli - Decora Dwiggins Emilie Evans Hilda Feinberg Aileen Frank Ann Brookman Ann Fraser Marcia Fischer Nancy Hambly Peggy Lynch Marian Melrose Jean Mitchell Cynthia Parker Elizabeth Sams Barbara Stokes Christie Ann Weatherby Nancy White Chris ' Bothwell Betty Mann Jane Lundburg Gloria Herz Mary Jean Cunningham Harriet Tyre 481 BACK ROW: Marilyn Von Berg, Doris Williams, Florence Daley, Eunice Henson. THIRD ROW: Mavis Haglund, Denis Fleig, Virginia Crawford, Jerry O ' Brien, Margery Boles, Alice Dixon. SECOND ROW: Pauline Jennings, June Herrod, Willie Schaufelberger, Donna Drew, Janice Lamborn, Rosemary Rutledge. FRONT ROW: Markee Thomas, Shirley Eastman, Jean Valbaudian, Alice Hansen, Dorothea Bartlett. PHI CHI THETA (Commerce Women ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Fall Markee Thomas- Margery Boles Helen Granger.... Shirley Eastman. Barbara Warren.. Janet Felt Iris Correspondent.... Personnel Chairman.. Publicity Chairman... OFFICERS Spring ..President and National Councillor Markee Thomas Vice-President Alice Hansen Secretary Helen Granger Treasurer Shirley Eastman Historian Barbara Warren Hostess ( Willie Schaufelberger ! Pauline Jennings Jean Nalbandian Dorothea Bartlett Jerry O ' Brien Mrs. Catherine Quire Dorothea E. Bartlett Margery J. Boles Constance Brazer Marjorie L. Coles Virginia I. Crawford Florence B. Daley Alice J. Dixon Donna D. Drew Shirley J. Eastman Janice Felt Joyce Atwood Edna Battani Anna Jean Demsey HONORARY MEMBERS ACTIVE GRADUATE Marilyn Davis MEMBERS Denise Fleig Helen Granger Mavis K. Haglund Mavis K. Hansen Grace Harrington Eleanor L. Heidig Eunice Henson M. Pauline Jennings Janet V. Loomis Jean Nalbandian Geraldine O ' Brien PLEDGES Lois Doyle June Herrod Mrs. Vera Mae Twist Thelma Osborn Rosemary Rutledge Grace Schaufelberger Barbara Stokes Helen E. Story Markee L. W. Thomas Marilyn M. Von Berg Margaret Van Court Barbara Jean Warren Doris E. Williams Janice Lamborn Hritt-Marie Ostlind Edith Irene Stanley 482 BETA GAMMA SIGMA S-a: ' ? : taw Dufftl tamer Ellings C. Erkkson Frwcis Hahwjtadt Harp Hart UFO. McDrvitt Maes Morris Rojen 5; :- Stark Sullivan Intel .;-:?: I (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS MEMBERS Ralph Bardoff Gordon Barnes Kenneth Bayless Donald Beanston Donald Bergstrom Tony Bernabioh Kenneth Booth Donald Bowman David Bradfield Donald Corbin James Donovan Joe Duffel Stanley Eisner George Ellings Charles Erickson Erick Erickson Grant Fan- Donald Feightner William Francis Allan Goldsmith Lee Halverstadt Leland Harp Peter Hart Robert Jackson Lewis Johnston Rudy Kupfer Robert Langsett Rupert Lewis Ralph Lnce Karl Lyon Lawrence Maes Vernon Metzger William Morris Charles McDevitt Elton McVea Walter Olson Henry Pierce Ralph Preston Louis Roble Prudence Rogers Norman Salines Paul Saner D ' Arcy Selwood Norman Spiro Richard Stark Lionel Sullivan Russell Tanssig Calvin Trampleasure Carl Trexel Albert Vanderbilt Orville Wright Joe S. Bain, Jr. Gordon L. Byers Ira B. Cross Stuart Daggett IMVERSITY ASSOCIATES Malcolm Davisson Robert Gordon Ewald T. Grether Charles A. Gulick Frank L. Kidner Melvin M. Knight Carl Landauer Perry Mason Albert H. Mowbray Royal A- Roberts Charles C. Strickling Alice deWitt Cook Milton H. Epstein Clotilde Grnnsky HONORARY MEMBERS Henry J. Kaiser William Leslie Joy Lichenstein Lewis Lilly Henry Melnikow Robert Roos Chester Rowell Sidney Schwartz Paul Sinsheimer Vera Mae Twist Fall Tony Bernabirh Andrew Kopperud Grant Fair Vera Mae Twist OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary .Treasurer Spring Richard Stark Lionel Sullivan Donald Bergstrom Prof. Perry Meson 483 BACK ROW: Charlotte Mersereau, Ruth Porter, Lucy Harrison, Mary Ann Van Sicklen. SECOND ROW: Jeanie Mahan, Marvin John- son, Barbara Langevin, Elizabeth Sams. FRONT ROW: Virginia Steele, Marilynn Hitchcock, Florence Fussell, Joanne Kraemer. ACE OF CLUBS (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms.. Treasurer ..Marilyn Hitchcock Virginia Steele Jeanie Mahan Florence Fussell Faith Buckingham Mary Grace Couchman Florence Fussell Lucy Harrison Marilyn Hitchcock MEMBERS Marvin Johnson Joanne Kraemer Barbara Longevin Jeanie Mahan Charlotte Mersereau Peggy Onstead Ruth Porter Elizabeth Sams Virginia Steele Mary Ann Van Sicklen 484 t_ 1 y? 1 BACK ROW: Frank Tims, Bill Majors, Ed Short, Cliff Wright, Henry Broderick, Ted Foster, Andy Jara, Don (TMalfcy, Bob Timmons, Bob Royce, Bill Carson, Jack Hank , Cleary, Sandy Sanborn, John RiedH, Reoel Emitter, Cameron Fair, Burt Wood. FIFTH ROW: Hugh Grinstead, Bill Whitton, Ted Winstar, Hal Walt, Buzz Sctaltze, Pad UnsMrth. FOURTH ROW: George McDanri, Do HcOougall, Lynn , , , , , . , Bill Barton, Cal Kokila, Bob Greer, Kennetd Futterer, Wally Stone, Jin Elmendorf, Art Ponlin, Nate Bower, Jim Bloom. Sdiloss, Bob Mauwll, Gordon Jones, Clint Murphy, Art Sinter, Jack LMkkarn, Fred Jones, Bob Blake, Lowell Airola, Dick Brutal, Sandy Rofcrbacher, Dan Talt, Jim Duart, Frank Timmers, Prof. F. C. Palm, Orrin Ariola, Bill Abbott, Jack Downs, Frank Owings, Owck Currier. SECOND ROW: Pat Cwning- Bob Bergman, fa, Bob Haves. THIRD ROW: Otto , . . . William Nichdls, Jim Elliot, Ted Malfino, Robert Layman, Ed Aiken, Bob Bergman, Bob Jaeger, Ehin Williams, Frank Dim, Gordon Crews, Stan Charles. FRONT ROW: George Nielson, Frank Hewitt, Hartford Rape, Gilbert Bracken, Marechal Duncan, Leland ArU, James Nutting, Jack Bailey, Herbert Reich. PHI PHI (National Interfraternity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON. 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Sfrinf Len Sullivan _ President Clint Murphy Nte Bower _ Vice-PrtsUenl Gordon Crews Frank Owing _. Secretary Wade Shifflett Don McDougall Tremnrer _ Don McDoujiII HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William H. Adams Douglas Allan David P. Barrow Walton Bean Eric Bellquist Robert Binkely Lt. Comdr. Samuel Bradbard David Brown. CSp A i Capl. Bruce Canada George Carbooe Z. D. Cheney, CSpiAt Walter Christie James Corley Malcolm Davisson Charles Derleth William G. Donald Carrol Ebright Edwin Emery Clint Evans Harry Everitt Lt. Comdr. Milton Fairchild Harland Frederick WalterS. Frederick Frederick C. Fischer Stanley Freeborn William Front John W. Gregg Brutus Hamilton Capt. Frank Harris F. Arthur Harris Capt. M. C. Heine Charles G. Hyde E. D. Kane Robert Legge Melvin Lester George Louderback John V. Lund Donald McLaughlin David Mitchell Clinton Morse Robert Mosiman Ronald L. Olson Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestley Alva W. Ragan Royal Roberts Leo Rogin Frank M. Russel Capt. J. Stiler Vernon M. Smith Raymond Somag Comdr. Harold Talln Edward H. Taylor John Thurber Col. Charles Thomas R. B. Tippett John F. Tomer William Trout D. J. Vot Edwin C. Voorhiei Wally Wedekind Lewis Wetzler Frank Wickhorst Howell Williams Garff Wilson MEMBERS William Abbott Lowell Ariola Orrin Ariola Robert Anderson Leland Arth Ransom Arthur Allan Baker Jack Bailey Dan Bamett William Barton Robert Bergman Robert Blake James Bloom Nate Bower William Boykin Gilbert Bracken Henry Broderick Otto Bruhn Thomas Burke Richard Barns Cliff Burton Bill Carson Stanle Charles Henry Cleary Russell Conner Gordon Crewes Robert Cummings Patrick Cunningham Charles Currier Frank Dettmer Frank Dixon Edward Donald Jack Downs Brace Dnnwoady Marecbal Duncan James Elliott James Elmendorf Lucien E ans Cameron Fair Pat Flowers Robert Force Thniras Frye Ken Futterer Charles Gates Fred Gibson Scotty Gould John Grady James Grady Robert Greer Robert Grimshaw Hugh Or : instead John Hal ley Robert Harrison Warren Hastings Robert Hawes Robert Henniger Robert Heppler Jack Howard Stan Ho watt Robert Jaeger Andrew Jara Melvin Johnson Fred Jones Gordon Jones James Kephart Lewis Kidd Phillip Kochevar Calvin Kokila William Kupholdt Richard Lansing Robert Layman Robert Ling John Linthicum George McDaniel Donald McDougall Robert Macne Tel Malfino William Majors Robert Maxwell Gene Millard Clinton Murphy Nonnan Newcomb William Nicholls George Neil son James Nntting Donald O ' Malley Royal Osterhaet Frank Owings Glenn Phillips Arthur Poulin Robert Price Hartford Rapp David Reardon Herbert Reich John Reidel Sandy Rohrbach Robert Royce Albert Sanborn Harry Schnltze Lynn Scfaloss Jack Severn Robert Sloan Carleton Smith Heber Smith Reue! Smitter Allan Spronl Joseph Stuart Wally Stone Len Sullivan Art Sutler Jack Swaner Frank Timmers Robert Timmons Frank Tims Paul L ' nsworth Robert Vonderlieth Donald Wallace Hal Walt William Whitton Elwin Williams Ted Winslow Burton Woods Cliff Wright 48; BACK ROW: M. B. Gould, Don Blinn, Don Sheenberger, John Lane. Hob Honeychurch, Jo Ann Elledge, Gene Newman, Lawrence Wilsey, William Blank, Jack N. Donahue, Jim Scranton. THIRD ROW: Don Tarr, Norman Badgley, William T. Griswold, Peter B. Nalle, L. T. Braun, H. H. Todd, George W. Metcalf, Niratana Samthapandhu, William W. Carder, Frank M. Seeburger, L. H. Duschak. SECOND ROW: Fred Bender, James Moynihan, Richard Wachs, Allen C. Bernstein, Victor F. Hollister, John F. Truchot, Jr., Burton Slemmons, Victor Bois- seree, Ogden D. Scovilli, William C. Miller, Derner T. Schueler, Jr. FRONT ROW: Oleg D. Stierby, Al. McGuiness, T. J. Abshier, William R. Voss, A. E. Parr, Herman Millican, Jr., Mike Thompson, James Wilson, Clifford Burton. MINING ASSOCIATION FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1902 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fatt Thomas C. Lendreth President Miles Thompson V ice-President. Eugene Newman Secretary William Whitton Treasurer Ben L. Sheppard Goat Bert Slemmons 1 Vic Hollister Peter Nalle . Spring OlegD.Sherby Lawrence Wilsey George Metcalf John Truchot .Albert L. McCuinness f George C. Pepper J. E. Dorn Lionel H. Duschak Ralph R. Hultgren T. J. Abshier Norman Badgley Kixford A. Beals Fred N. Bender William Blank L. Tim Braun Allen C. Bernstein Bob Burke Cliff Burton Victor Boisseree Don Blinn William Carder Robert Campbell Bill Capps Robert Chow Bert Conrey Sheldon Croddock Ernie Cudby Jack Donahue Burdette Dunn Marvin L. Dwight Joe Elizando Val Freeman Bill Griswald Dieth H. Gerlach Scotty Gould Ben Hadlock Representatives-at-Large { Ben L. Sheppard [ Adolph Parr FACULTY ADVISORS David W. Mitchell Earl C. Parker Wilbur Sommerton MEMBERS Lewis Hall Vic Hollister Mel Hansen Harold Howard Warren Hughes Bob Honeychurch R. J. Hippert Douglas Hesup William F. Kruse John Lane Frank W. Luttner Alden McEarth Malcolm R. McGregor Al McGuinness Bill Mathews Warne Marty George W. Metcalf William Miller Dan Nolan Peter B. Nalle Thomas Nelson Gene Newman Niratana Samathapandhu H. V. " Bud " Norgren E. D. Poehlmann George Pappas Adolph Parr Lester C. Uren E. J. Wisger Bernard York John Pierce Jack D. Ramsdell Dorner Schueler Lev Sacre, Jr. Victor Schwartz Oleg Sherby Dan Schoenberger Ronald N. Skow William Seeburger George Simpkins Jim Scranton John T. Shimmin, Jr. Bert Slemmons Ben Sheppard Rod Stewart Donald T. Tarr JoytTodd John F. Truchot, Jr. Igor Valov W. R. Voss Dick Wachs W. C. Wei Charles Welby Bill Whitton Larry Wilsey A. M. Wilson James E. Wilson 486 I BACK ROW: William R. Dane in, Wallace N. McClure, Daniel 8. Nolan, Loren H. Angel, Stanley A. YoiBg, Richard L. Wads, George W. Metcalf, Oleg ! Eduardo Sarmiento. THIRD ROW: Thecdort H. Crack, George R. Simpkias, David B. Siemens, William A. Wfcilmire, John P. Ogihrie, James R. Omm. Fortle, Joseph B. Elizcndo. SECOND ROW: Frank M. Hanseti, George D. Louderback, Enurd Wisser, L. E. Walsey, J. H. Halsey, G. H. Curtis, W. B. II G. Eginton. FRONT ROW: L. H. Duschack, L. C. Uren, N. L. Taaliaferro, S. P. Welles, Howl Williams, A. Pabtt, C. A. Mil ft - 5 THETA TAU i (National Professional Engineering Fraternity i FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1904 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1911 TWENTY-TWO CHAPTERS Fatt Tom Landreth John Pierre Burdette Ogle Stan Youni OFFICERS Spriaf Regent Frank M. Hansen 1 ' ice-Regent _ Tom Gay .Treasurer ....David B. Slemmons Scribe _ Oleg Sherby FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Howel Williams FACULTY MEMBERS Perry Bylerly Kalph W. Chenej Theo. H. Crook Lionel H. Du ? chak Carlton D. Hulin Art Anderson Lauren Angel Louis Briggs ' illiam E. Bu-h Cliff Caldwell Max Critterden Carniss Curti- Harold A. Boyd Ed Borglin illiam Dunran James R. Dunn Lawrence Egintor Joseph Elizondo William R. Forde George D. Louderbark lljvid W Mitchell Adolph Pabst ACTIVE MEMBERS Thomas E. Gay. Jr. J. H. Halsey Frank M. Hansen John D. Kniveton Thomas R. Landreth James Lure James R. MarDonald George A. Manning George Metcalf Clarence Miller William B. Nelson Daniel Nolan Bnrdette A. Ogle George Pappa- Wilbur H. Somerton Nicolas L. Taliaferro Lester C. Uren Samuel P. Welles Edward H. Wiser Frank E. Peabody John A. Pierce Charles Pierson Ed. Sarmiento Oleg D. Sherby George R. Simpkins Darid B. Slemmons John F. Truchot Lee A. Tune Richard L. Wachs W. A. Wnitmire Lawrence E. Wilsey George Wishart Stanley A. Young 487 WINGED HELMET (Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1909 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist Herbert E. Bolton Ralph W. Chaney James H. Corley Ira B. Cross William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton W. Evans Stanley B. Freeborn Raymond G. Geltell Charles A. Gulick, Jr. Chatfey Hall, Jr. Brutus Hamilton Joel H. Hildebrand Miles Hudson Henry Kingman Myron E. Krueger Armin C. Leuschner N. Wing Mah Guy Montgomery Russell Nagler Ronald L. Olson Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestley Clarence M. Price Al W. Ragan Robert Sibley Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Robert M. Underbill Edwin C. Voorhies Baldwin M. Woods Francis F. Allen, Jr. Philip H. Arnot Hancock Banning III Russel J. Bruzzone Paul Chamberlain Edgar H. Chappell Robert R. Cooper Arthur W. Craig Robert A. Dal Porto Robert R. Dable Ralph B. Dewey William Diffenhaugh Richard H. Dunlap Wilfred L. Durkee James C. Eschen Ben A. Foster Fred D. Garner John S. Goerl John E. Graves Robert L. Griffith Bert V. Hartford Frank L. Helm MEMBERS William Hibbilt Ralph P. Hill William J. Hind David Hirschler Frank M. Huennekens, Jr, Robert A. James Graham M. Kelly John H. Klinger Phillip R. Kochevar Willard A. Loiter John C. Loper Robert C. Lutz Robert B. Marchant Robert L. Merriam R. Stanley Morketter James Moulton, Jr. Donald E. Paterson David Powell Robert A. Ready Carl W. Reinhard James C. Riley John H. Robinson Bernard H. Schulte IV Robert P. Shoemaker Clarence E. Smith John A. Sproul Edwin S. Thomas Thomas Tully George Watson Edward G. Welsh Paul B. Witmer William Witter Andrew P. Wolfe William D. Wolfe, Jr. Max Yerxa WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS President Margery Boles Vice-President Eunice Westwater, Margaret Wickham Secretary Marion Perry Treasurer ....Doris McCann Eleanor Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Dorothy Brett Louise Cobb HONORARY MEMBERS Caroline Coteman Lucille Czarnowski Sarah Davis Anna Espenschade Marie Henze Glass Anna Hanlin Pauline Hodgson Esther Sinclair Tommy Angell Gladys Brower Jean Buderi Eleanor Colonna GRADUATES Frances Lichtenstein Betty Lumpkin Eileen McCann Margaret Mounsey Caroline Nelson Sigridora Valgeirsdottir Eunice Westwater Margery Boles Marion Cronkite Janice De Moor SENIORS Marguerite Dilley Virginia Field Jane Holland Doris McCann Virginia Parent Andree Temple Margaret Wickham Annalee Freeman Carolyn Johnson JUNIORS Doris Meyer Dawn Pawson Marion Perry 488 HONOR STUDENTS BACK ROW: Jack rrt. Jem Eckhardt, Dan Nickel, Leonard Osias. SECOND ROW: Jean Walker, Madeira CfcatfieW, Rosemary Hallum, Nancy BeaKtonp. FRONT ROW: Thomas J. Heller, Marilyn Mcrk, Arnold Bloom, Ted Reynolds. HONOR Students Society was established under the sponsorship of the President of the University to provide facilities for upper division students with high scholastic standing to meet socially and get acquainted as well as giving them official recognition for their achievements. TOWER AND FLAME BACK ROW: Don McClusky, Jacci Thompson, Ton Fredericks, Fred Cartan. FRONT ROW: Bob Bow, Borne desman, David Kleinecke, Carl FeUman. TOWER and Flame Honor Society was founded by the President of the Lniversity in order to further the intellectual, social, and cultural activi- ties of lower division honor students. It offers a varied program of social activities and service to the University. 489 SIGMA DELTA CHI (Professional Journalistic Society) FOUNDED AT DEPAUW UNIVERSITY, 1909 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED I ' m FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer. . UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES ..Roderick Ireland .Joseph Filzpatrick George Nelson William Calkins Robert Desmond Harold Ellis Walter Frederick John Bedecarre J. Ray Corliss Stanton Fickel Joseph Fitzpatrick Gordon Greb Bradford Hovey Donald Baxter Roderick Beaton Victor Bogart John Castleton David Clark David Cummerow William Duddleson Philip Griffin Neal Hines John Lund Gordon Pates MEMBERS Roderic Ireland Ralph Kazuriun Paul Lazarus William Lynd H. K. McDowell Harvey McGee PLEDGES John Ferric Joseph Gordon Phil Gregory Jack Howard Robert Jones David Kasavan Kenneth Levick Douglas Martin George Pettitt Kenneth Priestley Hale Sparks John Trezevant George Nelson Del Reisman Robert Rubin Leonard Sargeant Thomas Sias Floyd Wilke John McCollum John Riedy Billy Stokes Jack Weaver Jack Whelann Jerome Wiemokly William Y ' oung THETA SIGMA PHI (National Professional and Honorary Society for Women in Journalism) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Patricia Powers Vice-President Maria Urquiza Secretary Phyllis Seidkin, Patricia Lillingston Treasurer Jean Potter Keeper of the Archives Marilyn Baas ALUMNA ADVISOR Mrs. Robert Desmond Irene Bradfield Anita Cutler Patricia Bradley Hamilton Janet Henderson Joan Johnson Jane Kenyon SENIORS Joy La Vroff Patricia Lillington Shanna McGee Patricia McGregor Nadine Palmerton Jean Potter Patricia Powers Phyllis Seidkin I In Sullivan Katherine Thanas Clara May Treadwell Maria Urquiza 49 0 Joan Emmett Marcia Gray JUNIORS Winden Newquist Catherine Reid Wilma Rule - :::;: ' , ' -- k Merrill. THIRD Rl r SECOND ROW: Ji - " A E.:: E;-.e . ?-. -:.=- ; - .. -.::_ rmMt, Betsy Mullen, Bill Keasbrj, Warren Wil- Janrt Toston, Joyce Peterson, Anita Ridmond, Nortn Jean Fisette, Pat WuUnn, Mama Jofcn- LMstron, Jane Baker, Pat Haoerty, Dr. Wil- SPEECH ARTS CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1939 ONE CHAPTER Fall Jean McLaughlin OFFICERS President Jane Baker Don Drvsdale George O ' Hara JE ffttfirf Commii Betty Jacobs W illiam B. MrCoard Dwigbt Watkins Garff B. Jane Baker Louis Banker Ann Butler Don Dryidale Genevieve Ficelle Earline Gaine- Alire Garretl Erirh Gorgia Pat Hagerty Jean Hamilton Bob Harris Jim Hines ally Bertram Janice Brondy Iri? Cohen Bill Fitzgerald Jack Hadegger Ralph Heard Betty Hefner Kill Kea bey Bob Lewis Alfred I.ivinc-Uni Spring ..Jane Baker Pat FACULTY ADVISORS John Lind-trom James N. Hines Louis Banker Helen Kujawa Aurora M. Ouiro- I M YERSITY ASSOCIATES Gerald EL Marsh Margaret Blackburn MEMBERS Fall Marne Johnon Mildred Kiefer Helen Kujawa Ginny Lindburg John Lind-trom Bill Linlor Mary McLachlan Jean McLaughlin Adrienne North Dick Pre cott Jn-lin Smith Clara Swan on Spring Mildred Mallory George March! Marilyn Me- Dave Miller Frank Merrill BeUy Mullen Harriet Neufeld Joyce Peter ? on Ruth Porter Harold Summers Pat Thomas Constance Thompson Diane Timpson Joy Torstmp Benite Tn Disco Paul tegner Ellen Williams Scarl Williams Anne Wood Pat Workman Mary Yarger Anita Richmond Sonia Saeta Ted Schultz Kathleen Sullivan Maurice Sweatt Janet Toston Zeda Walling Kathy Wilkerson Warren Wilson Charlotte Green 491 BACK ROW: Donald E. Reed, John N. Carlson, Merrill L. MacKnighl, Jack Thode, Glenn Breuer, John Dougherty. SECOND ROW: Frederick B. Wood, Frank Inami, Frederick A. Madden, Wolfgang Kummer, Edward T. Phillips, Harry T. Larson. FRONT ROW: Jame B. Tice, Bradford J. Slimpson, Marvin Greenbaum, Arthur P. Nollhoff, Jr., Gay W. Weber ETA KAPPA NU (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS President _ James B. Tire Vice-President Bradford J. Stimpson Recording Secretary : Albert S. Hoagland Corresponding Secretary Marvin Greenbaum Treasurer ....Arthur P. Notthoff Leonard J. Black Robert A. Bruns Charles F. Dalziel Dan M. Finch UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Troy D. Graybeal Lauriston C. Marshall Thomas C. McFarland Lester E. Reukema Burtis L. Robertson Herbert J. Scott George F. Teale John R. Whinnery John T. Balljahn George R. Harrington Frank K. Inami Frederic C. Jacob GRADUATE STUDENTS Wolfgang H. Kummer William J. McBride Raymond D. Robertson Hal St. Clair Ferdinand Voelker Frederick B. Wood David R. Wright Robert W. Bixler Glenn D. Breuer Gordon W. Branson John V. Carlson John W. Dougherty Frederick A. Hadden SENIORS Robert L. Kumler Harry T. Larson Merrill L. MacKnight William L. Marre William E. Murray Donald Nielsen Donald E. Reed Ralph E. Shultz Gerald G. Steiner Matthew L. Stephens William M. Sundl Jack Thode Gay Weber Dan L. Lorain JUNIORS James C. Medlin Edward T. Phillips 492 CHI EPSILON (Civil Engineering Honor Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY CHAPTERS OFFICERS President ice-President Corresponding Secretary . Secretary-Treasurer Associate Editor of the Transit FACULTY ADVISOR Clement T. Wiskocil .Robert Wildman James McCarty Donald Aldeii Albert Korsko .Edward Lindskog Paul Bailey Henry Brunnier Marnier Davis Raymond Davi- Charles Derleth Henry Dew ell Howard Eberhart Jacob Frankel Larry Milne AI. Abramson D. W. Alden S. H. Bartholomew . B. Berger R. Brittain V. L. Cline F. J. Cronin B. B. Dunwoody H. Elliott R. W. Fisher W. Follett HONORARY Sturla Einarsson Bernard Etcheverry Francis Foote Sidney Harding Walter Huber Charles Hyde Bruce Jameyson GRADUATES erne Trim) Karl Pisher MEMBERS A. O. Friedland G. W. Gallaher H. M. Gallaher C. E. Ginner K. E. Greene D. P. Grutzmacher C. W. Gulick, Jr. F. J. Kersnar A. J. Korsko E. Lindskog L. H. Malard Joe W. Kelly Wilfred Langelier Leon Nishkian Augustus Saph Fred C. Scobey Robert G. Sproul Clement Wiskocil Bernard Vallerga J. McCarty J. A. Ostrom B. E. Reiser W. P. Rodden A. C. Scordelis D. Sieger L. S. Spaulding G. E. Wickham R. F. Wildman ALPHA MU GAMMA (National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE LOS ANGELES CITY COLLEGE, 1931 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS Edward F. Meylan Emma Abrantes Deltina Albertano Mildred Arthur John F. Baker Rosemarie Balke Shirley Brandes Dorothy H. Browne Glenna G. Bryant Helen Y. Caffaratti lole Louise Cagnoni Norman Chan Marilyn Claire Cohn Alfred Collins Nyla J. Cole Barbara Cope Stella Crosier Lucy Cuevas George S. Devanys Ann Dias Constance Edwards Lucille Farrell Irene Finkbohner Eleanor Floersheim Marilyn Gates FACULTY ADVISORS Oleg A. Maslinikov MEMBERS Hawaii T. Genesoy Allan Goldsmith Andree Graham Lily Gyn Constance Hartung Jean Heifer Elizabeth H. Hill Bernice Hink Pauline Inglima Nancy Ingraham Dorothea Isenberg Helen Jacovleff Marjorie Jang Margaret Jesseph D. S. Keller Gloria Kneiss Wolfgang Kummer Baker F. Lake Pat Love Flora Helen Mackenzie Virginia Maciel Noela Marin Thomas Marshall Lois Martin Mary Ann Meagher Marilyn M. Merk Elizabeth Molfino Jeanne Mondo Jacqueline Nino Gertrude Nishet Agnes O ' Donnell Britt-Marie Ostlind Barbara C. Overton Lydia Isaeff Pennell Marian Perry Margaret L. Pitts Ann Powers Carol Ann Pratt Lucille Raymond Beverly Reid John J. Reynolds Thomas E. Rickard Betty Jane Rore Beatrice Ross Norma Ruiz Wilma Schulz J. C. Sea grave Honora Shearer Carmen Silva Barbara Sims Marilyn Spear Jean Stockton Miyeko Takita Sally Telford Constance Thompson Cecilia Tollina Mary E. Towne Martsa Traing Boris Tsaeff Hans Ury Adrienne Van Couvering Gretchen Van Polen Ann Vloeberghs Dale S. Walker Beverly R. Watson Christie Weatherby Irene Weissman Jean Whitman Mildred Wright Edith G. Yim Margaret Young 493 DELTA PHI EPSILON GRADUATES Igor Belousovitoh Stanley Evans Neil Lucas James May Ralph Walters SENIORS Fred Arioli Ed Bailey William Bolin William Boucher Neal Chism Jose Coleman John Cummings Julias Dias Dexter Draper Wilson Flick Ed Prates James Gilbert E. J. Leach Charles Lester Kenneth Medlin LeRoy Rockwell Norman Saltnes Peter Schulz Rupert Thompson Harold Wangberg Lloyd Wesley Thomas Whisler Eugene Wileman JUNIORS Stanley Atherton Woodworth Bein Tony Buljan Kenneth Butterfield Thomas Evans David Gaisford Robert Huntington Ward Huntington Norman Mann Robert Miller Robert Plant Robert Prince Robert Raymond George Reel Jack Reeves James Sagen Fred Schweitzer Stephen Soundakoff Ronald Watson SOPHOMORES George Anderson Wayne Dawson Harlan Dupuis Robert Eckel Andrew Jameson Ed Jordan Richard Pfaff Roland Rush Minor Schmid William Spencer Martin Stow Kenneth Volker FRESHMAN Roger Thompson 494 (Professional Foreign Service and World Trade Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eric C. Bellquist Jan O. M. Broek CONSULAR ASSOCIATE Werner A. Jost, Vice-Consul of Switzerland in San Francisco OFFICERS Ruper F. Thompson President Lloyd G. Wesley Lloyd G. Wesley V ice-President George R. Reel Robert O. Plant Secretary E. J. Leach Fred M. Arioli Treasurer Norman T. Saltnes William K. Medlin Librarian-Historian Ralph T. Walters Edward F. Bailey _ Sergeant-at-Arms John E. Cummings George R. Reel Editor of the Gull Edward J. Jordan Edward L. Frates Mailing Secretary James E. Gilbert Belousovitch Evans, S. Lucas Walters Arioli Bailey Bcucher Chism Cummings Dias Flick Frates Guilbert Leach Lester Medlin Rockwell Saltnes Thompson Wangberg Wesley Wileman Bein Butterfield Evans, T. Mann Plant Raymond Reel Reeves Schweitzer Watson Anderson Dawson Dupuis Jordan Pfaff Rush Schmid Spencer HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS President .... Charlotte Borchell rice-President .....Mildred Antunez. Joan Greenburg Secretary Catherine Coops Treasurer Joyce Klingman ADVISOR Mi- Ague- McClelland UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. J. V. Cole? Dr. B. B. Cook Dr. H. L. Cillum Dr. B. Kennedy Dr. A. F. Morgan Dr. R. O. Okey MEMBERS Mar Ambrosia Norma Anderson Mildred Antunez Barbara Balling Gertrude Bardarson Cecelia Becker Frances Brown Charlotte Burchell Barbara Cain Heng Chan D. Catherine Coops Alice Danner Norma Jean Darby Dorothy Darling Nancy Dawson Tressa De ' Sheilds Geraldine Ellis Ariel Erickson Elaine Fanning Lorraine Fletcher Catherine Foehr Marian Fuji Mildred Green Margaret Han-en Elizabeth Heath Jane Hoke Betty Ann Huffman Lois Isaac Barbara Janssen Mildred Johnsurd Anne Joyce Yulie Kiyasn Virginia Klaseen Joyce Klingman Rose Kraft Lillian Larson Mignon La ie Edith Meherton Diane Meyernick Elizabeth " Mills Colleen Moore Gladys Mortenson Marian Nylen Beth Oneal Dolores Peter Poma Poon Marilyn Procter Elizabeth Rapp Leona Renkema J. Louise Rirketl- Corine Rnstice Adelia Sabiston Jeanne Schnoor Doris Srhoening Helen Sechrist Constance Spilker Joyce Strang Mary Thompson Dorothy Walker Clara White Ramona Williams Mildred Woertz Eleanor Young OMICRON NU ( ational Home Economics Honorary Fraternity) FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE, 1912 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1943 THIRTY FOUR CHAPTERS ADVISOR Mrs. lima B. Oatman OFFICERS President _ Lillian Larsen I ' ice-President . Bluebell Reade Secretary _ Dorothy May bee Treasurer Lottie Arnrich Editor .Marian Tolbert HONORARY Dr. Ellen Beero M: Cowan Dr. Jessie V. Coles Dr. Bessie B. Cook Dr. Hilda Fau-i Dr. Helen L. Gillum UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Barbara M. Kennedy Dr. Claribel Nye Dr. Ruth Okey Dr. Agnes F. Morgan Dr. lima B. Oatman Dr. Jean Warren ACTIVE MEMBERS Eva Allman Mildred Antunez Lotte Arnrich Mary Barduhn Maxine Barney Ada Bowdi-h Dorothy C. Coops Joy D. Griddle Ethelwynn Dodsen Louise Driggs Jeanette M. Frick Glad M. Gardner Mr-. H. D. Hall Ravleen A. Haller Mr-. N. C. Haw kin- Miriam E. Hummel Lurille Hurley Linnea L. Jacobson Lois E. Isaac Lillian M. Larsen Mr-. D. M. Loomer Dorothea Mabee Virginia McMasters Ruth Morse Katherine J. Orr Myrtle Osner Florence Pavin Bluebell Reade Helen Sechrist Frances Siblev Virginia Stokdyk Marian E. Tolbert Clara E. White Joan M. White Gladys Winegar Lois E. Witham Clara Beth Young 495 BACK ROW: John Doe, Professor H. B. Langille, Bruce MacDonald, Sinclair Knapp. THIRD ROW: Professor H. A. Johnson, Harry Morgan, Herbert M. Jorgensen, Professor R. G. Folsom, Professor J. A. Putnam, Gordon P. Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Robert Hatch, Charles J. Tateosian, Edward Schrader, Richard Hough, John Ladd, Allen Hale, Frank Martin. FRONT ROW: Warren Wright, A. M. Khatri, Nora-Lee Hayter, Donald Welton, Albert Strong, Ira Nagin, Irving Diamond. A. S. M. E. PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT BRANCH FOUNDED 1911 OFFICERS Chairman Donald Edward Welton Vice-Chairman Albert Strong Secretary Frank Marline Treasurer Ira Nagin Honorary Chairman Professor H. A. Johnson E. P. DeGarno L. Farbar C. K. Ferguson R. G. Folsonl C. F. Garland Richard A. Allen John A. Anderson J. S. Angelides Robert H. Armstrong Srinivasa Balaraman Walter Bajor Robert H. Barber John D. Barney Kenneth E. Barnhart Robert S. Berger Dewey S. Berner Parke L. Boneysteele Richard S. Bray Richard J. Bortfeld Donald H. Brenner Robert I. Brown Lawrence E. Brown Brenton O. Buck Robert M. Buckwalter Donald R. Buddington Richard H. Burnside Colin J. Bury Kenneth S. Caldwe ' .l Robert P. Chappell Clarence A. Christiansen Joseph I. Concha James P. Conder John H. Convery Joseph Corral H. S. Gordon R. C. Grassi F. M. Hamaker E. D. Howe H. W. Iversen Harold S. Curtis Jack E. Curtis Edgar F. Davis Irving L. Diamond Leland V. Dale Arnien M. Donian George C. Doran E. Stanley Espeseth Gerald Eisbach Donald M. Falconer Peter F. Farr Frank F. Farran Charles R. Faulers Clinton B. Ferguson Henry M. Ferree Robert E. Fisher George E. Franklin John G. Freer Albert B. Fuller Joseph F. Grass Bill Gray Clyde E. Grayless Winfield K. Greene Arthur H. Garbers Albert C. Hacker William M. Haire Longley A. Hale Franklin J. Halferty E. Horton Hammond UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. A. Johnson J. N. LeConte R. O. Joslyn R. W. Leutwiler E. D. Kane W. H. Livingston W. Kassebohm F. L. Maker A. D. K. Laird M. D. Martin H. B. Langille R. C. Martinelli MEMBERS Darrell B. Harmon Marvin E. Hart John F. Harty Robert H. Hatch Gordon P. Hawkins Nora-Lee Hayter Jack E. Helm Herbert J. Hinze Raymond Leon Hobbs Lowell A. Holcomb Edward W. Holm Anthony Home Richard J. Hough Lester E. Howes William S. Jennings Robert H. Jacobx Wilbur T. Johnston Harold S. Jordan Herbert M. Jorgensen Harold E. Kerber Malcolm W. Kirby David P. Kline Sinclair Knapp Charles R. Kohlenberger A. M. Khatri Andrew Kvalyheim John H. Ladd Him M. Lai Johann Lau Kenow H. Lou Harry Lucheta Norman Lynn Stuart E. Madlung John W. Madocks Felicito I. Majarucon Sanford Margolin Frank Martin Robert L. Mason Harry L. Masser Bruce MacDonald John O. McDonald Robert G. McDonald Robert M. McKay Thomas E. McLeilan James A. McLaughlin George Merrill Charles R. Mersereau Robert W. Meyer Russell S. Miksch G. S. Miller Kenneth Mirov Manuel M. Monserrat Jack R. Morison Robert B. Mruser Emmett J. Murphy Melvin R. Murray Ira Nagin George Y. Nakagaki Noel H. Nerl J. L. Meriam P. C. Nelson M. P. O ' Brien J. A. Putnam B. F. Raber Ivan C. Odom Charles V. O ' Hara Robert P. Ossenbeck Kamran A. Ozipek Russell J. Page Constantine C. Pappas Charles K. Parker Gustave A. Perscheid Robert C. Puckett James L. Putman Charles W. Radcliffe Edward Hough Ragsdale Charles L. Reno William C. Rockwell W. E. Ross William F. Ruck Winfield J. Ryland Austin Sanderson William C. Savage William J. Schaefer Edward W. Schrader Thomas A. Seeburger James G. Shields Robert S. Shoemaker Barbara Short Kenneth A. Silver Ralph D. Silverman James E. Simpkins Antone L. Sfcanchy Phi E. W. Scott R. A. Seban N. W. Snyder E. E. Weibel B. M. Woods Paul A. Smith Richard L. Smith William J. Spelius William Stair Robert T. Stahmer Thomas L. Stelzner James S. Stewart George E. Stocking Porter W. Stone Albert Strong John T. Swift Charles J. Tateosian Frank E. Taylor Kenneth N. Tinklepaugh Charles P. Thomas Donald J. Unger N. Venkatesan Ronald E. Ustick George E. Watkins David L. Weeks Donald E. Welton John R. Whitlow Alvin S. White Kenneth H. White John C. Williams Ellis J. Willits Law son T. Winslow Willard L. Wright Warren W. Wright DM r-r !:. ' In Be . lib Kn :;. i I , Dq hf Ifa m Hst hfc Go, V. ' -. lid thi V;. jr - j " W pr BACK ROW: R. Stone, K. Greene. L. SpaaMuB. R. Emnaacjfc, D. Higgins, J. Ward, B. Tamer, G. Bean, G. Demarest, H. Dans, H. Miru, M. Wotf, W. Worn D. Martin, R. Register, B. Cody, J. Jones. L Milats, E Stock. SIXTH ROW: H. Gorman, H. Weeks, P. Bonderson, C. Giaaer, T. Field, R. Fisher, R. Todd, J. TB :-T- : - --. Baumeister, C. Bales, G. KokUa. J. Mitchell. FIFTH R. Doncan, N. George, B. George, S. Fortier, G. McC Wallen, K. Go, E. Nielsen, R. Schenck, R. Koine, K F. Cram, J. Van Louie, H. Nielsen, V. Boatlizky, J. Kelly, G. Troxell, F. Forte, B. Valkrga. FRONT ROW: D. Sagehom, L Martin, F. Lange, R. Paal, W. Farey, R. McCoHough, R. Smith, J. Rasaassca, B. Vaa Zandt, W. Follett, nick. FOURTH ROW: C. Repogle, R. Anderson, R. Diion, B. Reiser, H. Gallaher, L Mated, W. Joeas, F. Sleek , R. Marks, M. Pister. THIRD ROW: G. Miller, J. Fester, 6. Wkkhaia, R. Basye, A. Zane, A. Coatchie, L Rahhes B. Stewart, 0. Elliott, F. WormaM. SECOND ROW: C. Wiskocil, T. Lin, A Olitt, N. Clyde, S. Harding, A. Gidland, B. Jameyson, R. Dans, H. Gotass, ROW: M. Aubre,, President; 0. Horthrap, Vice- President; S. Bartholomew, Treasurer; A. Brando , Secretary.- C. Fiao. A. Korsko. L. Lamoa, R. Betthiger, C. Harltart, J. Crcwell, S. Ali, S. M. Ali, Siralingham. ( P - ) , V . J i . PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA STUDENT CHAPTER FOUNDED 1921 123 CHAPTERS - OFFICERS President MeUille Aubrer Alex C. Scordelis Vue-PreiUemt Secretary ...... i Arthur H. BraUKfow Treasurer Stvart H Bartholomew HONORARY Professor Clement T Wiskocil. Faculty Ad.isor Mr. George D. Wnittle. Contact Member Mr. Heary J. Ongreth. Junior Contact Member GRADUATE MEMBERS . Mumtaz Ali diaries A. Brallier. Jr. Donald Emil Carlson Gopal Das Arord Samuel G. Kalichmaa SENIORS Martin Abramaoa Bertram R. Colv Clive E. Giaaer William Kroskos Robert J. Perrich H T Donald W. Alden R. B. Correa. Jr. Carmine Frank Givliano Edward H. Krnse Jack R. Piersall Dan Tonelli Anthonv A. Alston Frank M. Atwater Philip Aucfaard Clifford S. Bales Oleg John Baloff Karl L. Banmeister Rino Bei George E. Bell Allen B. Coutchie Maurice J. Crespo Frank J. Cronin Jack N. Crowell Garry Demares t Bruno Dentino Roy E. Diion R. M. Duncan Robert O. Greenawalt Lonnie G. 1 amaa Louis G Rahlves Kenneth E. Greene Fred Lange. Jr. James R. Rasmus tea Wm. D. Gresehner O " iag L. Ligh Richard H. Register Roger L. Griifen Chas. Lindgren Brace Edward Reiser Don Grutzmacher Edward Lindskog Carl S. Replogle Jr Kong H. Go James E. McCarty Allen D. Ring Aady Goldman Robert McCollough Fred H. Sawyer Joseph C Guptill Leslie Maland Milton Schwartz Bringtoa E. Turner Jim Vaa Louie B. D. Vaa Zandt Donald B. Wallace Martin A. Wallen James J. Ward Harold Wm. Weeks Frank T. White Milton Bergson Richard V. Bettinger Thomas M. Field Raymond W. Fisher. Jr. Norman B. Hansen Robert Marks William B. Shaw Donald R. Higgins Leroy Martin Hazen Shower George A. Wiekman Jacob B. Wickman Merrill Bird Weston E. Follett Walter P. Joens Gordon B. Miller Richard H. Smith T s W igman Pan) R. Bonderson Sam Fortier Edwin W. Kahn Harvey J. Milts Glean Snider Robert L. Wildmaa Robert C. Boss Douglas Carlson A. O. Friedland William F. Fnrev Joseph Kaplan Andrew Moriord Fletcher H. Steele Karl Kaspin George C. Myroa Donald B. Steger George A. Williams, Jr. James D. Wilton Douglas J. Carmodv Martin A. Chase dark Holme Hugh M. Gallaher Ben George Aletta Gidlaad Richard E. Kohne Wallace A. No mm Raymond V. Stone Jr Albert J. Korsko Gene Nugent Fred E. Thompson Francis D. Koster Ora E. Elliott R. G. Todd Robert L. Wilson Jacques V eager Albert C. Zane John Avard Ostrom - JUNIORS a Ra R. Anderson Harlon E. Babcoek James P. Casey Robert L Castle Peter W. Fisher G. V. Jacobs Douglas Martin Ralph Fong Ernest C. James Larkin D. Martin Robert W. Schenck Dominic Sclroi Robert A. Basye Theodore K. C. Ching John D. Foster Frank J. Kersnar G. J. Matson I_ inn S. Spjuldin George D. Be ck Roy A. dark Bruce L Fraser Thomas E. Kinney, Jr. Edward H. Mver Daniel H. Tall Walter E. Brelje Harry F. Cooper Walton H. Gohl Calvin V. Kokila Hubert L. Nielsen Philip S. Virgin. Jr. Rupert C. Brittain Heber J. Conliffe Nathaniel L. Gorman Alfred S. Krath Ernest E. Ow Fernando Walker Clayton C. Boisvert David J. Dayton Charles W. Galick Alfred D. Leipzig Robert M. Paul Raymond Walsh Avidor Bootlizky Rafael J. Calamaro Glen Doung Edwin H. Finster Henry Hardy George A. Lineer Edward E. Phillips Carl M. Heidenreich Charles A. McCullough Harold Russell Rodney D. Westfall Marvin Wolf Carl S. Harlbat Donald H. Killop SOPHOMORES Richard G. Barhite Alvin Phillip Beiser William Henry Blair George W. Bonn Lero M. Bothwell Walter J. Barns George B. Clifford Fred Davis John S. P. Dean George Daddy Finn O. Enger Ralph Harris Mark Ng Frank J. Fries George Henderson Oscar J. Pieaame Thomas E. Gee Myron M. Jacob David L. Sagehorn Nicholas George, Jr. Edgar A. Jones Robert Skimia John W. Granicher John R. Kardell Richard A. Smith Jack G. Thacker Raymond Paul Ware Jaases P. Wong James F. Yost Robert Yoang John Robert Harris Chas. W. Longhridge FRESHMEN Paul F. Baumaua William R. Pilant Philip N. Starr Robert W. Statz Uoyd Thompson BACK ROW: Jerome T. Derylo, Olga Billones, Nona des Islets, Raymond Lewis. SECOND ROW: Jay D. Freeman, Analee Freeman, Bonnie Barsi, Stella Matson, June Chaney. FRONT ROW: Ralph S. DuCasse, Patricia J. Smoot, Doris Villadsen, Herschel Chipp. DELTA EPSILON (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 TWO CHAPTERS Fall Herschel Chipp.. Janet Pudley.. June Chaney.. OFFICERS President V ice-President .. Secretary ....Treasurer.... Spring Ralph DuCasse ...Patricia Smoot ..Florence Bevis ....Bill Damon ASSOCIATE MEMBERS University of California Art Faculty Louise Bacioco Bonnie Barsi Florence Bevis Olga Billones Frank Burritt Dorothy Bynum Herschel Chipp Warrington Colescott Bill Damon August Day Jerome Derglo Ralph DuCasse ACTIVE MEMBERS Nona Des Islets Arralee Freeman Jay Frierman Ora Gipe Heidi Hall Jimmy Hall Mildred Henard Marjorie Hyde Eva Joseph Carol Kushner Ray Lewis Richard Matheson Stella Matson Mary Morehart Robert Nelson Roberta Oechsli Kenneth Orvett Edith Smith Patricia Smoot Frann Spencer Dorothy Stafford Raymond Tom Barbara Van Vuven Doris Villadson 498 - " V := -2. Pirrone, T. l_ ' mmiim. Mrs. W. V. Crwss, Dr. Jokn Barker, Jcta FOOD TECHNOLOGY CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1946 OFFICERS President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer . . lfred F. Pirrone ... John H. Kilbnrk Marion J. Simon C. P. Natarajan Dr. . V. CHM . John Brekke Paul Bock C. N. Chari jean David Ahmed El-Tabey Bill Enzie Omar Foda M. Gririraj Marrial Ibarra FACULTY ADVISORS MEMBERS J. Jaeliani Pal Kehmeier John Kilburk Lewi? Kodstra Glen Lnndeen C. P. Natarajan Stanley Nichols-Roy Jim Pardons Dr. Emil Mrak Alfred Pirrone F. Rahman M. Roghani Harold Ro--off BUI Scheffer Marion Simone Don Swenon U. C. Van Duzer Abdul Wahhab 499 BACK ROW: Midori Hashimoto, Beverly Duistermars, Velma Palmore, Priscilla Frier, Charlotte Cowan, Marilyn Spears. FOURTH ROW: Ayako Ota, Joan Kirk, Noela Marin, Dorothy Sloan, Wilma Rodriguez, Stella Genian. THIRD ROW: Iva Louis, Vivian Fon, Marjorie Laundy, Barvara Miller, Lourdes Alemania, Betty Stanton. SECOND ROW: Grace Cerulle, Eny Rossini, Cecelia Shainsky, Helen Pope, Wilma Nuotio, Thalia Baharis. FRONT ROW: Pauline Jennings, May Kakebe, Jean Bates, Joyce Day, Loretta Newberry. PHRATERES (National Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES 1924 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1935 FOURTEEN CHAPTERS Spring Margaret Rands Pauline Jennings.... Betty Jean Nelson.. Mary Ambrose Velma Palmore Angela Moruza.. May Kakebe Wilma Nuotio... OFFICERS President V ice-President Recording Secretary.... ..Corresponding Secretary.. Treasurer Historian Publicity Membership Pledge Fall ..Pauline Jennings ..Loretta Newberry Helen Pope May Kakebe Jean Bates Joyce Day Dotty Sloan May Kakebe ....Wilma Nuotio Mrs. Lini Allen Mrs. Robert Sproul Mary Ambrose Jean Bates Thalia Baharis Charmaine Beckman Joyce Day Edith de Longpre Martha Forsythe Vivian Fox Noelle French Priscilla Frier Henrietta Bailey Shirley Hendricks Charlotte Cowan Lourdes Alemania Lucrecia Sugiutan Marilyn Spear Peggy O ' Sullivan PATRONESSES Dean Davidson MEMBERS Stella Genian Midori Hashimoto Pauline Jennings May Kakebe Joan Kirk Noela Marin Mary Martins Angela Moruza Betty Nelson Loretta Newberry Wilma Nuotio PLEDGES Iva Louis Vivian Vaughn Doris Bergstrom Marjorie Laundy Barbara Miller Helen Kravetzky Nancy Bailey Pat Carpenter Dr. Louise Cobb Mill Lucille Czarnowshi Ayaka Ota Kay Owen Velma Palmore Helen Pope Eny Rossini Margaret Rands Roberta Scott Cecelia Shainsky Dorothy Sloan Betty Stanton Ellen Heieck Peggy Sulivan Marianna Franken Anne Smith Beverly Duistermars Florence Lodato Grace Cerulle 500 E UTRIMQUE Adams Ambrose Blanchard Brody Cagnoni ' -- - ' K Cot deBcer Eiben Folasco Foley Gallas Gilmore Grannucci Grcssman Hairy Hanawalt lames Kropp Lmdhclm Meuter " : :: O ' Connell Penther Piva Randolph .;.;.-. Russell Shear $-; -:- Tannihill Vloebeghs MEMBERS Pat Adams Mary Ambrose Zellamae Arnold Helen Barry Pat Blanchard Peggy Brody lole Cagnoni Helena Clemenson Harriet Coe Barbara D.i i- Mary de Boer Norma Jean Eiben Eda Folasco Virginia Foley Elinore Gallas Shirley Gilmore Lida Grannucci Pat Grossman Pat Haley Lois Hanawalt Lucille lames Lucille Jones Janet Kropp Pat Lindholm Donna Meuter Pat Miles Jeanne Mondo Jane O ' Connell Carmel Penther Evelyn Piva Arlene Randolph Jane Rogers Pat Rogers Rena Russell Charlene Shear Roberta Shepherd Jacqueline Shomate Mary Tallerico Norma Tannihill Ann Vloebeghs fASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1932 ONE CHAPTER Fall Evelyn Piva Jane O ' Connell Charlene Shear Roberta Shepherd.. Peggy Brody Jeanne Mondo Norma Tannihill OFFICERS Spring President Jane O ' Connell ....I ' ice-President Norma Jean Eiben Corresponding Secretary Shirley Gilmore Recording Secretary Charlene Shear Treasurer. ... .Roberta Shepherd Historian Helena Clemenson x " rio Chairman Evelyn Piva 501 Chelta Armstrong Nancy Bradford Virginia Bowman Betty Casey Nadine Chesterman Roberta Conrad Nancy Cozzens Barbara Davis Jean Howden Dorothy Lambert Frances tougher Phyllis Pollard Betty Sutherland COLLEGE WOMEN ' S CLUB JUNIORS JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN OFFICERS Fall Spring Roberta Conrad President Roberta Conrad Betty Casey First V ice-President Betty Sutherland Nadine Chesterman Second Vice-President Barbara Davis Dorothy Lambert Third Vice-President Chelta Armstrong Fran Lougher Secretary Fran Lougher Phyllis Pollard Treasurer Nancy Cozzens Virginia Bowman Publicity Chairman Nancy Bradford Philanthropic Chairman Jean Howden MEMBERS Harriet Arata Patty Ezell Virginia Morton Chelta Armstrong Joan Farwell Pat Myers Neva Armstrong Florence Ferrari Barbara Neely Helen Baker Joan Fisher Virginia Normile Mary Lou Beaty Phyllis Fraser Marian Pace Barbara Bennenian Barbara Fraters Ruth Parkinson Esther Berk Florale Goldsmith Marjorie Pierce Jacqueline Blau Betty Goosens Margaret Pitts Marjorie Blossom Joan Gorman Dorothy Pollard Phyllis Bolte An dree Graham Phyllis Pollard Isabel Bowens Carol Guild Betty Powell Virginia Bowman Lynn Haslam Frances Rodgers Lindy Boyes Dorothy Hattick Barbara Sackett Nancy Bradford Marion Hnderson Jerry Schwarz Beverly Brooks Eunice Henson Marion Scherling Marilyn Calfee Roberta Hoffman Ann Schwenk Betty Casey Jean Howden Roberta Shepherd Nadine Chesterman Marilyn Jackson Mary Grace Silcox Miriam Colton Pauline Jennings Barbara Skiles Roberta Conrad Barbara Jensen Rose Snow Fredna Copeland Lelia Josephson Betty Sutherland Nancy Cozzens Helen Kearney Dorothy Jane Swanson Helene Davidson Ardis King Doris Thomas Anna Lois Davis Eleanor Kippen Markee Thomas Barbara Davis Dorothy Lambert Janet Toston Edith DeLongpre Marjorie Laundy Barbara Tye Eleanor Desplain Sally Letchworth Kathryn Umble Virginia Dietterle Fran Lougher Nancy Veale Alice Dixon Marian Maspero Doris Villadsen Ida Marie Dobler Janice McLeod Shirley Villadsen Dorothy Downey Mary Pat McNamara Betty Weston Joy Drobish Barbara Miller Catherine Working Helen Ernst Jeanne Mondo Mary Jane Wylie Jean Morris 502 Charlotte (few? ! E 5 ; -. ' Frank Fargo .=.;;. = . = -..;. . KoBMkHack Kenneth Webb 01. A. W. Wetmore Anita Kantian MASONIC CLUB ESTABLISHED AT THE UNTVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1923 Judge Milton T. Fanner Charles Albert Adams Prof. W. D. Henns Carlisle D. Nielsen TRUSTEES Bovd B. Rake-traw R. P. Wisecarver Governor Earl Warren R. C. Hor-tmann Frank R. Killinger HOSTESS Mr . Edna H. Morton Fall Beverly Behm Don Behm Connie Hartunz Margaret Barber La erne Peterson Marilyn Throckmorton.. Carl Jensen. OFFICERS Spring -President . .Frank Fargo .Men ' y ice-President Wade Cetmore Women ' s Vice-President Joan Bakalyar Recording Secretary : Polly Carben Corresponding Secretary _ Charlotte Dewey . .Membership Secretary .Ken Hack Treasurer Duncan Campbell Duncan Campbell ....Loicer Division Men ' s Rep. .Gene Riggs Marie Louise Stanford Loicer Division Women ' s Rep. Janet Lohmeyer Frank Fargo I " pper Division Men ' s Rep Arnold Abrams Jean Henry. Upper Division Women ' s Rep. ...Margaret Barber Wade Vetmore Men ' s Rep-at-Large ..Ken Webb Anita Kamian Women ' s Rep.-at-Lare? Jacqueline Clements Boyd B. Rakestraw Reps, from Henry Morse Stephens Lodge.... Fred Flander? 503 k57j r. BACK ROW: Eugene Christos, Venetta Skrepetos, Connie Trigonis, Carl Kyriacos, John Kyrimis. SECOND ROW: Tepsy Mellis, Frances Sofios, Argiro Skrepetos, John Scontriano, Dee Sterios. FRONT ROW: Chris Chalios, Mary Copitas, George Nicou, Marie Tchobano- glous, Spiron Tentes. EPSILON PHI SIGMA (Society of Hellenic Students) CHARTER CHAPTER FOUNDED ON BERKELEY CAMPUS, 1940 Fall George Nicou Jerry Angelides Bessie Poulos Angelo Theodosopoulos.. OFFICERS President .Vice-President.. Secretary ....Treasurer Spring Pete Paizakis Christine Chalios Mary Copitas Alex Krooskos George Abramopoulos Eugenia Agnost George Agnost Mary Anastole Beverly Andrew Stel Andrew Jerry Angelides Zoy Apostolides Bill Barbis George Barbis Mary Bar des Dimitri Bouhoutsos Mary Bouras Evangelo Canellakis Christine Chalios Sut. Chalios Tom Chavalas Virginia Chavalas Nick Chiotras Helen Chrissanthos Helen Christos Eugene Christos Stamatina Colichidas Mary Colores Mary Copitas Loys Daskarolis Helen Delegeane Bessie Demitrakopulos Mary Desalernos Diamantis Diamantopoulos Ted Econome Gus Eliopoulos Georgia Franjeskos Nick Frankos George Ganiats Demitra Georgas Amanda George Connie Glafkides MEMBERS Frossene Glafkides Anne Hariton George loakimides Andy Jameson James Jameson Gus Kukures John Kakures Alex Kalafatis Anne Karneges Christine Kastanos George Koche George Kopas Alex Krooskos Bill Krooskos Carl Kyriacos John Kyrimis George Ladas Christine La Mont Mitchell Lekas Alice Lempres Gus Manolis Ted Mastoris Thelma Matas Asineth Mellis Tepsy Mellis Nick Mikos Alex Milton Irene Milton Leo Milton Irene Mouzakis Angie Nicholson Tag Nicholson Pete Nicholas George Nicou Peter Paizakis Chris Pallas Chris Papas Zoe Papas John Papadakis George Papathakis Demosthenes Pappagianis George Paras Chris Paris Nick Paterson Gus Petris Gus Plessas Dean Polyzois Themestocles Photiades Bessie Poulos Betty Psaltis Ernie Psarras George Santrizos John Scontriano Alex Scordelis Argiro Skrepetos Venetta Skrepetos Frances Sofi os Dee Sterios Marie Tchobanoglous Spiron Tentes Dona Thanas Katie Thanas Angelo Theodosopoulos Angie Thiros Bill Toulis Constance Trigonis Elias Triphon John Triphon Bill Tsagris Marie Vlahos Sylvia Vlahos George Yamor Alex Zacharatos Harry Zagarites Byron Zaharakis Marion Zamm Bill Zappas 504 Jaa . THIRD i- - mOf A:-.; . S.arys Sje 3= : ph Fang, Rosalind CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UMVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1913 Edward Aa Dane Dere Helen May Aa Rose L. Dere William Chaing Patricia Dere David B. Chan Svbil B. Dere Eleanor Chan Jack H. Din Ellen Lai Chan Elizabeth K. Ding Emest W. Chan Ruby Doshin Fee W. Chan En Dong Gaeng W. Chan Gilbert K. Dong Heng W. Chan Janet Dong Joe H. Y. Chan Joseph W. Chan Paul Don PrentseC Dong Norman Chan Glenn Doong Llovd Chang Lily Eng John Choan Chang Majorie Eog Beata P. Chew Phillip Eng Edward C dew. Jr. Wilfred Eng Edward Chew Florence Flo T i - . . f ( . t - ' Anna Mae Fong Walter B. Chew Clarence Fong Woodrow Chew Cvnthia Fong Annie T. Chin Edward Fong Henrv Chin Edwin Fong IvaChin Emily Fong Noel M. Chin Frances L. Fong Paul Chin George Fong Roland Chin Gilbert Fong Tavlor Chin Gwendolyn Fong Walter C Chin Helen Fong Wing Q. Chin Jean J. Fong William Chin Jimmv Fong Albert G. Cbinn Lee Q. Fong Anita Chinn King Fong Franklin J. Chinn Lun K. Fong Leland J. Cbinn Marigold Fong Rov A. Chinn Margaret Fong Roland Chinn Matthew Fong 1 CWnal Alice Chin-Ley Ralph Fong Richard A. Fong Victor Chin-Loy Soo K. Fong LoonCfao Vera V. Fong Alice Choi Warren D. Fong Harry Choi Wilkaan Fong Walter R. Cho g William Fong Allen Chop Wilmer Fong Belle Chow Robert Chow Willie Fong Beulah W. Foo David Chow Florence Foe Roland Chow LilyFoon Dorothy Choy EdmondFang Gorden Choy, Jr. Edwin Y. Fung aoBBBl OaBat Wavmond Fung Lincoln Chock Willa T. Fang Betty Chan Allen Gee Edna V. Chan David G. Gee Lola Chan Li Keng Gee David Chang Fred F. Gee Harold Chang Florence Gee Theodore L. Chang Man P. Gee Alfred Cho Roland Gee Evelya Cha Margaret Gee John Dang William Gee Albert M. Gin Easter Ginn Dorothy Glenchur Hairy Glenchur Kong Go Nice Go Manuel Go Chung C. Gong Janet Hall Edmund L. Ho Benton Hom Helen Hom Mabel Hom Samuel Horn Stanley Hom Peter Horn Leslie Homani Arabelle Hong Helen Hong Bob W. Hong Hoover Hong Jessie Hoo Beth a Hoy Chia Shu Hsieh Wallace Hoey Richard Horn Barry Jan John Jang Harn Jang Roland Jang Marjorie Jang Evelyn Jee Byaaaa Joe James K. Jee Webster Jee Janette Jean Lily Jeung Jaul Jeung Larn Jew Merril Jew Richard Jin Maelene Jong Jon Wan Jne Ton Jne Dorothy Jung Rayownd Jong JnekJ. Roberta Juan Wan Joe Peter Jee Vivian Jee David Low Knm Barbara Ko Henry Ko Andrew Kwock In in Knock Winifred F Kan Yee Kwong Robert R. Kwang Fannie Lai John R. Lai Hem M. Lai ong ta Jong JohannLau Harry Lao Eva Lao August Lam Allen Lee Annette Lee Betty Lee Chene Lee Diana Lee Donald Lee Dorothy Jne Lee Edward D. Lee Edwin Lee Elizabeth Lee Ella Lee Eleanor Lee Frances Lee George S. Lee George Y. Lee Hiram Lee Jaequelyn Lee JetieryLee Jessie Lee Jerry Lee (W. Q. Josephine Chin Lee Kenneth P. Lee Kenneth Lee Laura Lee Lung Lee Norman Lee Mervyn Lee Peggy Lee Priscilla Lee Robert Lee Rose Lee Sherwood Lee Soon Lee Theodore Lee Vivian Lee Vemon Lee Wai Duck Lee Man Lee Woodrow Lee William W. Lee Willie W. Lee George Lee Lorn Hoover Lem Grace Lem Andrew Leong Charles Leong Eva Leong Milton Leong Lorraine Leong David Leong William Leon Alexander Lew Betty Jean Lew Bill Lew Marshall Lew Rosabelle Lew Stanley Lew Wallace Lew William Lew Chang-Ling Liang Betty Lim David Lim Domingo Lim George Lim Pansy Lim Peter Lim Robert Lim Teh Ping Lin Wei Quan Lin S. CLio Shirley Li-Poo Charles Louie Mary ' Louie Milton Louie Paul Louie Ray Louie Albert Low Bernice Low George Low Henry S. Low Jimmy Low Lilly Low Laura Lee Low Mimi Marie Low Rath Low Anna Lowe Glorie Lowe June Lowe Mildred Lowe Boo Loh Caesar L uk Sze Shing Luk Elaine Lam Eva Lam Joe Lorn Rosalind Lum Daniel Mah Ted Mah Lynn Mah Man Mah Amy Mar Lois Mar Frank Mar Josephine Mar Robert Mar Jane Mark Jennie Mark Stella Mark Tim Mark Frances Mok Reese Moon George Mye Cliffird Nakajima Betty Ng Ming Sang Ng Wallace Ng Warren Ng Yook C Ng Bert Nnnn Anne Ong Harry T. Ong Earl Wong Walter Ong Edward Wong Bertram Owyang Evelyn Wong Carrie Owyang Francis Wong Henn Owyang Fred Wong Delia Pon Herbert Wong Lorraine Pon Howard Wong Margaret Pon James Wong BingPoon Joe Wong Eril Quaa Joyce Wong Howard OOM Julie Wong Peter Qoan Lovie Pi Wong Raymond Ooan Nellie Wong Donaldina Schnlze Norma Wong Donald Seid Patrick Wong Daniel Sam Paul Y. WoauJ Ren Hwa Shan Raymond Wong Edna M. Shorn Richard B. Wong Ester M. Shorn Roy Wong George Sio Ruby L. Wong Alfred Y. Soo Smith S. W. Wong Clayton G. Soohoo Walter G. Wong Donald Soohoo Warren A. Wong James Shne William Wong Richard Sin Willie Wong Victor Sin Alexander Woo Louise So Chiang Hwa Woo Gladys Soe James Y. Woo Elizabeth V. Seetoo Felipe T. F. Woo Josephine Tang Franklin J. Woo Theodora Tang Mary M. Woo Timmj Tang Louie Woon Joseph Thorn Cecelia M. Wo Land Tim Chen H. Wo Albert Tom Hso-Sheng Wo Benjamin Tom Li-Mein Wn Doris Tom Hanley Wo Eddy Tom Joyce Wye George Tom Barbara Yee Gilbert Tom Dale F. Yee Helen J. Tom Gene Yee Helen S. Tom Irene Yee Henry ' Tom Jean Yee Hunter Tom Joe F. Yee John Tom Johnny M. Yee Raymond M. Tom Loretta K. Yee Shirley F. Tom Man Yee Stanlev Tom S. Ruth Yee Stanlev W. Tom Richard M. Yee Willis Tom Daisy W. Yep Wing Tom Stanley Yep Beverly Jean Tong George Yip Hugh Tong June Yip Jane Toy Kenneth Young E. Margaret Toy- Ruby Young Keen Tak Wah Ronald Young James Way Paul Young George Wing Wymond Young Bnddy Wing Maynard Young Lillian Wing Cho-Teng Yn Al Wong Waybnm Yoen Charlie Wong Patricia Zane 505 BACK ROW: Lloyd Maguire, Chuck Henry, Russ Alves, Tom Jensen, Dick Brown, Walt Berg. SECOND ROW: Mary Eggers, Eleanor Desplain, Barbara Jouvenal, Margaret Gerrity, Ellen Sullivan. FRONT ROW: George Deatherage, Peggy dimming, Father Walsh, Father Quinan, Claire Zanger, Bill Corbett. NEWMAN CLUB (Catholic Students 9 Social and Intellectual Society) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall Spring William Corbett ..President William Corbett Clair Zanger Vice-President Claire Zander Margaret Gumming Secretary Margaret dimming George Deatherage Treasurer _ George Deatherage Charles Henry Academic Chairman Mary Eggers Lloyd Maguire Religious Chairman Ellen Sullivan Robert Prof ant Social Chairman Richard Brown Mary Eggers Walter Berg Publicity Chairman Walter Berg Frances O ' Connel Robert Rowden Representative-at-Large Lloyd Maguire Barbara Jouvenal Eleanor Desplain Purchasing Agent Tom Jenson Publications Russell Alves ADVISORY COUNCIL Clair anger Vice-President Claire Zanger Eveleen Sullivan Music Robert Profant John Bertram) Panel Discussion Ed Camming George Raab Debating Tod Judkins Tom Tyndall Library Bill Hogarty Barbara Eltringham Posters- Art Robert Jenson Harry Kipps Margaret Gerrity News Bureau Frank Brady Advertising Bureau Jackie Blane J. P. Lucas Special A nnouncements Don Eggleston Mary Pat McNamarra Publicity Coord. Comm Mary Pat McNamarra Joel Guay Sub-Treasurer Ted Besser Vera Garcia Membership Audre Prolo Yvonne Miller Corresponding Secretary Evelyn Filice Clara Louise Durrett Personnel Eveleen Sullivan Jeanne Jouvenal Telephone Ann Medeiros Historian Shirley Goransen Mailing Department _ Nina Cosa Clara Louise Durrett Religious Discussions Thomas Tonkin Andre Graham Daily Comm. Breakfast Monthly Comm. Breakfast Maria Urquiza AI Marin Sanctuary Joan Larson Margie Oliver. Chuir Al Marin Russell Alves Social Service Mary Ellen Murphy Cecilia Cahill , Open House Al Fortino Virginia Spino Weekly Luncheon Jean Wright Dick Brown Special Supper Margaret Sullivan Athletics Jack Minta Ed Gumming _ Picnics Joel Guay Ethyl Souza Juke Box Jerry Sommers Orientations Pat Heaffey Barbara Jouvenal Cardinal Editor Ethyl Souza Newsman Editor Barbara Jouvenal 506 Voss, Al Ricttcr. Carl A. Anderson. SECOH Pastor, Wilrna Westborg, Comsrtor, EtM II ROW: Carl 0)iiti, Harold HoMadi, Their offmA, Ewtyv ChrtstnsiMi, Kenwth LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOC. FOUNDED AT TOLEDO, OHIO. 1922 OFFICERS PresidfiU Fall Evelyn Chrictenson .Ardith Deforest Margot Carlson Editor (Second V ice-President ). Violet Hoffman _ Recording Secretary Janet Christeneon _. Corresponding Secretary Betty Peterson JJistorian Financial Secretary Carl Anderson _ Treasurer Lawrence Anderson Janet Boiling Lawrence Anderson Ruth Da hip-en Carl Dysinger Janet Holling Spring . .Carl Drsioger Evelyn Chrhtenson Kenneth Kerner Gloria Hoffman Thelma Jokumson ...Jnter-Church Representatives.. _ _ ..Team Capfaii __.__ Ralph Teig Harold Hohback {Violet Hoffman Vern Faillettai: Janet Christenson Ruth Dahlgren Stan Langmn Bettv Peterson MEMBERS OF NATIONAL LSAA COUNCIL Ethel Mae Swanson The Rev. Lloyd Jacobsen, Campos Pastor ADVISORS Florence Sandrtrom Miss Wilma Westbnrg, Councilor 507 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED IN 1907 2601 DURANT Every Tuesday evening of the regular University term, testimony meetings are held in the edifice of the Christian Science Society at which students and faculty members are welcome. A library, where authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or purchased, is maintained in the building, also an accommodations committee which offers services to student Christian Scientists looking for room, board, and employment. In order to better acquaint the cam- pus public with the Society building, its members, and its activities, an open house is held every year. It was in 1907 that the Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on the Berkeley campus and through the years it has shown con- tinued advancement and progress in its activities and membership. By 1933 the construction of the building it now occupies was completed. In the Spring of 1941, when payment was completed, the building was dedicated. Each semester the Society sponsors a free lecture, which is presented by a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist, -in Boston, Massachusetts. The campus public is cordially in- vited to attend this lecture which is held in the Society edifice. 508 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Back into its usual surrounding after an absence of several years. Interna- tional House once again enjoyed the full program of social and cultural activities that made it so outstanding in prewar days. Six hundred and forty residents from 55 different nations comprised the highest membership roll in the history of the House, indicative of the role of the University in serving as a world-wide educa- tional center. By plan. House membership is equally divided between foreign and American students in order to better assist the former group to adjust to local college life and also to give the opportunity to as many Americans as possible to live with students from other lands. Although handicapped by recon- struction work going on within the House, several outstanding events were presented during the year. High among these were the Christmas and Easter programs. In a lighter vein, the " Zoo Revoo " proved a great success as a take-off on House life, while the Men ' s Smokers featured different sports personalities throughout the year. On the social side, several dances were held, topped by the -pring formal. The sports " front found the House participating strongly in Men ' s Intramurals. copping the League crown in volleyball and swimming, and. at this writing, leading the way in tennis and badminton. As the world strives to build a new peace, the International House " Idea " has become of increasing importance. For in this atomic age. the only hope for civilization is. in the words of the House motto. " That Brotherhood May Prevail. " 509 INDEX Abracadabra 320 Acacia 321 Ace of Clubs 481 ACTIVITIES 139-169 Activities Coordinating Committee 135 ADMINISTRATION 19- 36 Administrative Deans 24- 25 Ad Service Bureau 173 Alpha Chi Omega 386-387 Alpha Chi Sigma 324 Alpha Delta Chi 388 Alpha Delta Phi 322-323 Alpha Delta Pi 390-391 Alpha Delta Sigma 480 Alpha Epsilon Phi 389 Alpha Gamma Delta 392-393 Alpha Kappa Lambda 325 Alpha Mu Gamma 493 Alpha Omicron Pi 394-395 Alpha Phi 396-397 Alpha Sigma Phi 328 Alpha Tau Omega 326-327 Alpha Xi Delta 398-399 Alumni Association 34- 35 American Society of Civil Engineers 497 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 496 Arch Place 432 Art Bureau 148 ASUC A DMINISTRATION 130-137 ASUC Band 198 ASUC President 130 ASUC Vice-President 130 Athletic Council 221 ATHLETICS ... 218-313 Bachelordon 329 BASEBALL 257-268 Broncos 262 Cinnamon Bears 266 Coaches 258 St. Mary ' s 260 Stanford 264-265 Team : 259 UCLA _ 261 USC 263 BASKETBALL 243-255 Blues 254 Coaches 244 Intersectionals 246-247 Stanford 252-253 Team 245 UCLA 250-251 USC 248-349 Beaudelaire 432 Beta Beta 475 Beta Gamma Sigma 483 Beta Theta Pi 330 Big " C " Society 472 Blue and Go ' d ..164-167 Board of Regents 21 Bowles Hall 378-381 Boxing 300 " Break It Gently " 189 Business Administration ... .. 134 California Club 38 California Engineer 178-179 Card Sales Committee 145 Carlton House 433 Casa Hispana 426 Channin Hall 435 Charter Day 32- 33 Chi Epsilon 493 Chinese Students ' Club 505 Chi Omega 400-401 Chi Phi 331 Chi Psi 332 Christian Science Society 508 Circle " C " Society 473 CLASSES 46-125 Class Officers ' Council 154 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES 465-509 College Deans 24- 25 College Women ' s Club Juniors 502 Colonial Hall 434 Colonial Hall Annex 435 Conference Committee 150 CREW 281-289 Coaches 282 Freshmen 289 Junior Varsity 288 Stanford 285 Team 283 UCLA 284 Washington 286 Wisconsin ... 287 Daily Californian 168-172 Davis 40 DEBATING ... 202-203 Dedication 8 Del Rey 333 Delta Delta Delta 402-103 Delta Epsilon 498 Delta Gamma 404-405 Delta Kappa Epsilon 334 Delta Phi Epsilon 494 Delta Sigma Phi 335 Delta Tau Delta 336-337 Delta Upsilon 338-339 Delta Zeta 406-407 " Diplomatic Jester " 197 " Doctor in Spite of Himself " 187 DORMITORIES 429-463 Dormitory Council 431 Dorm C (Mitchell) 436-437 Worm D (Peixoto) 438-139 Dorm E (Richards).... 440-441 Dorm F (Oldenburg) 442-443 Dorm G (Freeborn) 444-445 Dorm H (Cheney! 446-447 Dorm J (Cunningham I 448-449 DRAMA 183-191 Dr. Deutsch 22 Durant Place 450 EIGHT CAMPUSES 37- 45 Elections Board 144 Elizabeth Barrett 450 Epsilon Phi Sigma 504 Epworth Hall 451-452 Eta Kappa Nu 492 Eta-Z 427 Executive Committee 131 Fencing 306 Fine Arts, School of 43 Food Technology Club 499 FOOTBALL 225-241 " Cal Bears Up " 241 Coaches 226 Oregon 229 Oregon State 235 Ramblers 240 Stanford 238-239 St. Mary ' s 230 Team 227 UCLA 232-233 USC 236-237 Washington 231 Washington State 234 Wisconsin 228 " Football Festival " ... 156 Forensics Council 202 FRATERNITIES 323-381 Freshman Class 120-125 Brawl 120-121 Council 122 Dances 124-125 Officers . .. 123 Gamma Phi Beta 408-409 GLAMOUR (Les Mademoiselles Charmentes) 211-217 Glee Club 195 Golden Bear 467 Golf 305 " Green Pastures " 188 Guest Speakers 28 Gymnastics 305 Handball 304 Hanson House 453 Hastings College of Law 42 Hedgewood Hall 453 Homecoming 158159 Home Economics Club 495 Honor Students.... ... 489 510 INDEX Ire Horkey 303 In Meinoriain 10 Interfrateriiity Council... Inlernational House 509 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 310-311 " Ins-pertor General " Joaquin Hall 54 Judicial Commitlet- JuniorCla- 112-113 Council 112 Dan,,- ....114-115 Officer- 113 K.ippa Alpha 340-341 Kappa Alpha Theta - ..410-411 Kappa Delta 412-413 Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Sigma ..342-343 Lambda Chi Alpha 344-345 Lantana Lodge T Lauralon Lick Observatory Living Groups Council Ma-k and Dagger Masonic Club McFarlands 456 Medical Center 44- 45 Men " Judicial Committe, Mining Association - 486 MINOR SPORT? _.29T-309 135-140 Ib. Basketball 309 Boxing i r,,-?-Country Fencing Golf 305 (, lllllJ:-ti - Handball 304 Ice Hockey Rifler - 306 Rugby 299 Skiing 304 Soccer - 301 wimming Volleyball 308 Water Polo Wrestling - 302 Yachting - 307 Mortar Board 468 MUSIC AND DEBATE Muj-ic Council NMI Newman Club North Gabl.- Occident Omicron Nu . 193-203 194 146 506 456 171 495 Pan-Hellenic 385 Panile 470 Pe ' iran 174-176 Phi Chi Thta 482 Phi Delta Theta 348-349 Phi Gamma Delta ... 350-351 Phi Kappa l ' -i ...352-353 Phi Kappa Sigma 347 Phi Kappa Tau 354 PhiMu .416-417 Phi Phi 485 Phi Sigma Kappa.... Phrateres 500 Pi Alpha Sigma 481 Pi Beta Phi 418-419 Pi Kappa Alpha 356-357 Pi Kappa Phi 358 President " ? Message 20 Pre ? ident ' ? Reception.... Prospect Terrace 457 Prytanean 469 Psi Upsilon 359 PUBLICATION- ._.161-181 Publications Council 162-163 Public Relations Committee 150 Radio " Workshop 148 Rally Committee 222 Representatives-at-Large 132-133 Ridgemont 457 Ritter Hall - 458 Riverside 42 " Rooters ' Special " .. 157 ROTC .205-209 Army - .206-207 Navy 208-209 Santa Barbara _ 41 i ripps Institute of Oceanography 43 Secretariat 154 Senior Class 48-111 Council _ 4-8 Dances 108-109 Hall of Fame 50-104 Officers 49 Peace Committee 48 Senior Breakfast. _ 106 Senior Sings 110 niorWeek Ill Senior Women ' s Luncheon 107 Sherman Hall _ 460 Sigma Alpha Ep-ilon 350-361 Sigma Alpha Mu 362-363 Sigma Chi _ 364-365 Sigma Delta Chi 490 Sigma Kappa 420-421 Sigma Nn 366367 Sigma Phi _ 368-369 Sigma Phi Epsilon..._ 370 Orientations ... __142-143 Skull and Keys 376-377 Sophomores ....116-121 Brawl _ _120-121 Council . 116 Dan, 118-119 Officers ... _ 117 SORORITIES 383-427 Speech Arts Club 491 Standards Commission 146 Stern Hall 462-163 St. Margaret ' s House . 459 Stratford Hall 461 Symphony Forum 199 Tan Beta Pi 466 TENNIS 291-295 Bruin-Trojan Matches 294 Coach _ 292 Indian Matches 295 Team 293 Thalian 479 The Califomian ... Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi .372-373 Theta Sigma Phi 490 Theta Tan..- Theta Upsilon 422-423 Theta Xi 374-375 Torch and Shield - 474 Tower and Flame 489 TRACK 269-279 Coaches 270 Junior Varsity Non-Conference Stanford - .276-277 Team 271 UCLA 272-273 USC __ - 274-275 Treble Clef W Tri-Une 7i Truckline Cafe " 15 UCLA 39 University Administrators 23 University Chorus University Symphony University Theatre 184 Utrimque 501 WAA 152-153 WAC 136-137 Warring Place _ 459 Welfare Council 140-141 " White Steed " 190 Winged Helmet 488 Winter Sports 312-313 Women ' s " C " Society 488 Women ' s Dorm Association 431 Women ' s Judicial Board 149 Women ' s Rally Committee 147 Yell Leaders 223 YMCA 151 YWCA 151 Zeta Beta Tau 376 eta Psi 377 Zeta Tan Alpha 424-425 511 IN APPRECIATION As the BLUE AND GOLD frantically goes to press it is customary for the editor to sit down and make up a list of people who have helped in some way or another to make the book possible and the editor ' s life bearable, especially when dead- lines are upon her. These are the people we " appreciate " and although all who read this book will not realize what they have done, we who know how they have helped us will forever be grateful to them. First and foremost we wish to thank HOMER PAGE, the ASUC photographer, who took the wonderful pictures for the BLUE AND GOLD this year and whom we can never thank enough. For the art work and designing of the book we are grate- ful to RICHARD STEPHENS of the Academy of Advertising Arts, and BILL DAVIS who is the first student to design the BLUE AND GOLD in many years. CHARLES BERRY of the Academy of Advertising Arts also deserves a special mention for the end sheets and campus sketches. We owe a debt of thanks to our engraver, WAYNE THORNTON, of the American Engraving and Color Plate Co., for pushing us and making us get our lagging copy to him, and to WALTER KOLASA and ROBERT OZIAS of Lederer, Street Zeus Co., Inc., who worked with us so hard in finally getting the book out. Our studio photographs were taken by the Colbourn Studio under the direction of FRANK COLBOURN, JR., and a special vote of thanks is due to the photographer, ED KIRWAN, and his assistant, PORTIA WILLIAMSON. We also wish to give thanks to the people on campus who have helped us to WALTER FREDERICK and WILLIAM BERK, our Publications Directors, and to PHYLLIS BARLOW and ALICE MORGAN of the Publications office. SHIR- LEY MATSON, the photography assistant, also deserves mention for her help as does MARION KING, the ASUC Publications Accountant, and NORRIE WEST, News Bureau Director. Other people we could not have done without are the University and ASUC officials, and especially the athletic coaches, who have been so nice to us. The managers of the various sports deserve a special mention, TOM TULLY in particular who even designed a section of the book for us. Finally we wish to thank the OAKLAND TRIBUNE, always so cooperative in giving us pictures, and JIM SCOTT, of the Berkeley Daily Gazette. Our staff members and associates, PATTY EGGLESTON and JEAN HEPFER, have all been wonderful even managerial, and especially our managers, LOWELL MEE and HELEN STORY. So to all these people and, of course, many more, we give our deepest thanks. DAVIS COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE BERKELEY CAMPUS SAN FRANCISCO CAMPUS CALIFORNIA SCHOOL OF PINE ARTS HASTINGS SCHOOL OF LAW I MEDICAL CENTER PORTER. CUNI LICK OBSERVATORY MT HAMILTON THE EIGHT CAMPUSES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF 1 FALL 1946 , -j A BARBARA U.EGE LOS ANGELES CAMPUS RIVERSIDE CITRUS EXPERIMENT STATION Library LA JOLLA Kanli SCRIPPS INSTITUTE OF OCONOO APHY Ann

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