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WALTER FREDERICK z`7, - ACC ;Oies I SN at at, Landing of Allied Armies on French Coast Announced by Eisenhower •tors; Blow Dealt to Crush Gerrno- Offe Ilk I). .ffikinimced toa- oi Students Will Vote Tomorrow ar • Vec P ope- THE mic s 13 FORNIAN T y Perim( astatir iLE I CALICCANIA APRIL I 1945 vOLUME 124 226 PRESIDENT DI Chief Executive Succumbs Ninth Army To Cerebral Hemorrhage; Crosses Elbe; Funeral To Be Tomorrow Nears Berlin .„., 441)1 4461P 17 MONARCH OF T HI. THE DAI L V I MUSSOLINI RESIG 8ADOGLI0 APPOINTED DUCE ' S Fascist Leader Ousted; far Ends Twenty-one Year Of Italic-1n Dictatorship • ,.. • • , ,,, ' • hm:V.: " : ' n‘ f.•, h.• •..w who hat. w.nioul..1 Mat. ..1 Pon.. II-I.. I • locenlii nt ,,,,, 1..04 ian pa. ir o • ' II.. own r I.. ' AMARCH OP THE COLLEGE DAILIES t , 4 • PERKELEY CAUFORNIA. TUESDAY. AUGUST T JPer-Bomb Blasts Jana ne:1121 3C I E N TIST: Be ey likoSS A " 1 " rtirn 3unc — . , • ,.....• I•clett;: " a_AtenAlv•$ " 1:4;g:re ow t4 :.° -•••••r,....644 n •- , 7:„,„ .0 ' el ' . 10,!...,,A 0,31114,‘„,,, oaf " _ " %,„„Ao.,, ,, ,,,,sAtt „ow . wow 11 " 70,,,, •TA - a tt y a a et " r!:70%. 4 aprtel Il•1 el 1 ‘ .. aci 100.4 :,::„.009069:::::, vir 0,11..1.„ ' " " ‘ riare.1°. •• . 4.......•11::rrofter...1.4; „1 " ,,,a.4•144,..% .., a 01. .........„.1.11 tett . . ' abe ‘‘ad ‘19 “. " 5 • ' ' ' ••• ...... t.. 44.‘ • ' . to As Allies ' in on ce I 4.”• " " ta..• ;Oh 1.44° ' lef " ' °CcS " .... 00 arra% w. „ , „, „ r 4 0 0 b .A 0 0 rc . . 4 0 ` ' ' ; 3 0 • " t rrf„: , wo pN Of .•( 6e • its Help it ft. Stage( To GM t " ... At % ARCH OF TIM , COLLE( FO RN L , 1FORNIAN THE DAI NUttiiiR 4 BIG 3 ANNOUNCE vuortillif lu ORRIN NINETEEN FORTY•SIX BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EAInnen Libreu, Witt and aid (061. 73 Teinetem (Forty Six • - - • " " " • • —••••••••••••Thr I, i 0 R_ N 1: A NI I. NI `, R i AL c. 1 A " ,-) I li M • Starthun. FOREWORD Wit wonda, how many_ Ka you. wilL ' aka, this hook dawn_ twin_ itt. it on, gala. hook- guilt to Aentchtha ona again, Apia, ralletilL 1 Rand.; of owttela 4. it will mIzan_ motz, to you_ in tutha ipahA. than_ it tut today_. COQ ham Alen- tt rOntpLets- Ma. vaii_ as MCI again. La bane .612.COMIL a Izearsiints- WO- Pei to it,- (ludo- jot. 1921, Ad. only_ Dm plajot Rama. 4 the yeah , but RIAD off am fifth thinget. that hay.e, made. thiA. Tinivfnaily._ AO dam to " with, 4 man Nit. jok mitt ham bntt accompliahRd. only- it in_ jut to IpzaAA, " pa hook 2hoillit, 11A0-, and, the, pagoA aim weLL th.anzhni. DEDICATION to gia, g. wain. ahz Annie. who wz accany2lialted veal_ cleoa and Jaen_ in Pout ketosis° 4 them; and Sot aim ADP who foram_ no acclaim jot that Alm . arts a ma who hae Rntiecutat Surge, in all. 4 ua, not - an 4 arts ne, hat hooaano, 4 al the Kith- Mina he. ha dons $m, JAL, and amMo hint 4 ma. imitation, . . . loaning. S Zinivotiltk 4 etelida alto having. tionnied Chu. IttAt Anymieek ea in gaigilling- inkinut, and fanrim 4 thu bintaba 4 iMemak ?COIL. ' ' Oactn, Rack and Ruvuma nt la milt nulta, 119, 46% t 1 1 hig Sou Nall. IN MEMORIAM FACULTY Howard Armstrong Dr. Anthony Faulkner Blanks Aubrey Boyd Dr. Theodore Crete Burnett Dr. Bruce Lawrence Clark Miss Crystal Harford Dr. Henry Rand Hatfield Dr. 0. J. Kern William Martin Dr. John C. Merriam Ellis Adolph Stokdyk STUDENTS Alden Ackerman ' 45 Walter G. R. Bishop ' 46 Beverly Brown ' 48 Constance Colonna ' 48 Donald Druliner ' 45 Clifford Dutton ' 45 Theodore Flodberg ' 45 Paul S. Johnson ' 47 Thomas LeGro ' 47 John E. McNally ' 45 Jane Patterson ' 48 Frank L. Pollard, Jr. ' 45 Clifford A. Rhine ' 46 Kenneth E. Robert ' 45 Robert Rutley ' 46 Sterling Smith ' 46 Donald Treadwell ' 46 Edward Warren ' 47 ' • 4 ••• tie • - • • • r 4‘- • C.- ---- - • k F I I 1 ..1■1■17 • - • BACTERIOL,r7 tan -La Z ' A SiSC% 4 tik ' • Qt. , •• • x 11 . I ttE ' ' 40 , • I . • . _ V : ' Ac. , -.• 7,15CEFOri I, . ' %I, , 4 •:, . ; • ' ,. • 1 ;t. • L., ,... .. ... ' • le- 4 4 ‘ t ' ' . . ' ' ' ' ' L ' e.0 el;: " .‘ ■ . • - ' ,: t , A , ....• • ' ' ' ' ' , c • Ptat. 4,2 ' 4. • 1 il . a • , - VA . ' ' ' ‘“ g . ' ' • t " . it 40 4 " ,, .. , • .... .-.... -.4 . ‘t -., • ,-• 4- • Pr. • ; • p • • V Ilk , • I. • • I • L• i. . itost., 44 ,77 ' 477,2 7 L, . • ir id} a-• ! • elk ! r • a • 4 • •S; kr ' • rale St • — n11.11.r- awe ' -. ' sririal;a1101 l.1.11. Z;Cle3;••••• • „.. . 1,0•K A ....amt.-. as. 4. ' ‘ : • 5. •••••• • - _ . MSC _ T ' e Enemy Resistance Negligible Invaders Take Three Miles Of Heavily-Populated Island 01 Apt. I Itahl...huortted NI•r•lryarn Ind Mahan ol • Marty helmet Mb .,s 0•Inna ON IC NOY. Moth Of ham. thoter Melds ' •Hat the wive. ••• I bm Ship, am i.3 planer.. raptured Iwo satirese and th a per sem limo min tfland st puts of ea ' a .•mhe bsth✓vi • I I• • ), Pe n• 4. 4 I. Po ilk •wil and lie t•M•ol Amerlemi it of • 1 tun I LW eh the Yanks Encircle .1•••• mute Cat mint Luidlne al • sup., 50,00o Nazis thatated Mbyte elm %Made said try pmtlx. 4pro z 411,,,,,•n Ninth ht. not, lank, Mold la.., WWI the Knahnie unt4,441 slate „menu, •ONICRLDIMA: OPARATIOt• anappling shut • neatly Alm Th. lemmas radio mat, 44: th Itimatand OtTenara Pe he •••tircfrd ent " et it °In a ' lea ' lea " mast Th. rust ith In Use and yet Ihrteditah Its non”. All 454 all resin et Path two eta • loye• mtutbM Itoepa •••• non by 11.1s tat HIV almlot the tz••••••••Uhd •MMer• Th• Turd may The Marian dpi net Is • me stint a Ung the Mad In nth an lit rn " ramehed •Ithtn 137 mile. ••4 the Retch " let Ihr ive.1••• 4,4 IM1 int and .. " thnn. Linen in Inane.. pin ntn 11C4 men a 4hplter••• Inkilth The Ito Lippololl non. ono h el Ito .4 ink sou. ' tern 14.4 Ila •I ::14441Ptotworthip,.. c•••I Is•ghn•• rurii•in, I rrrr p • • .1h-le. WI% alleI Pal•LIDI (WI boatit KELET5 Al ICORNI A. MONDAY Anil 1945 . " " 44. • ,et n ...• ....... " es. ' ' ' • ne n• II ' ll tn 1 ...-- y , i .....u•n•-- 4- }....... " ' . E " ' c 4 T 1 • , C. L. R rft • " c n S li 4 U S S t Russ C ku . .0. ., ,,. • . s„...a, Bears Beat 14e l.,. tA:::::4 ern tea or,. Skymaster ,,,,,,,„„,..,„ .,...,...,00., 6 1 4 ••••“. %V " .t4 G Nine, 8-6 , .,c-.,,,.. " ., ra......- rd,e ••haltatod l0 ' ' mine Wan ho 4•••••460yiklare4Kr " W. " " .,1 i Ls; : %, n ots 0 0 r 4 re: Il Imi . A • . n- Ii 1 tnalitaillstivusier wt. . kW. ma •nother Mom-tommt 5, wen et dent o. ost Minm. ov• In moon of the el hal li MO lbw, att., tests•i•lent Wm. .1 Jmk I • ti int arse horItt the an the sub ' " 44 • •1•41••• • boos M•CHIMMG •‘ M•o• MIMO4 • ••• • 14 n ego ltd I. ea 1••••• t• IM!tonna 1.14 I ono sh•e het...Denied is. motel 1 ..ntni ' la it • ..eno, CIA ion Is ' 4 aloe n•• • •n•. m•o •ela, ••n,. etigleir hsh1 Stalls.,0 ' .1Yoh. mho. an, t•ii r • nondonenit. ne••Itlinnoi in no .Orel shot the .hall he no non mho ha, hewn aoh1•191 yell leader 11.• I n the penending rrrrrrrrr Ihtoohno rr 1. An Ilea. In the ...OA 4..4. Stoakes Wins Runoff Race • Inn ••• 4,s1 ....... DO ono. .101. M ••••• Ise app. one In IM •••• Ih• hoe • n os odenl. Donn .1 sr • •114 IleInblol lie. ' seem. Mumps oohed az t.,al) inn per ••••I the A•I • • ••• neld••4 • blinI in I •1411•• 4 ninon eleaInto • nen tool, kuvInd i.e OF THE Yanks Push Forward On Okinawr — lb Allies Trap 50,000 Nazis in Holland IMMO. Ape ' • A voM Alloet army pstaletted e•ttul• ••. tape haste. 44 SO OW Or yenned In Hcasnd vetted , •144b Bohai tattlWr• Wigan helot Ihe Man ' InO and thtattamh• Mt. ' Thm•••• •TS thy nenotnno Dina puny ant post gannOnn onion Mibm tirtra. • O. the ...tem hoot I tyr Red Inn, 40074 roatbnhod through •tt•44 tor. Maths 0100 7•41 VW. hal ..... ire oot tot The lead 1••••Ced Jot tr, Itme to tod ICA ct " „AIM ed " 14444W Wro:74ena • BOO UW1 41 tit 0,4•14 " :•••••lt IN. Feta. •rot on 40 Crab • Mime t alilmola anal ' , %to dr: ow I •11•V nn to Wild the It.• bantIO la the feemIndot .4 ton✓ 1 iv robot pitcher mut tee r gnnuq honr. IN 4d,alb awnllYltald ' lit per bias sae n Inn. nn.. sill, a thry-r•ran o•ibur41 rn Insth MIahlornia•mne back the MO, silt. a togr•nsti May toted h. Itontmeas‘ mast Itio • I I• Moon. aid TI board wit.. to mete Millet In the 1. mop oda thm Olorhol The top hall of Ire Math I t. ♦ .4 Om ftudeM tnnthst ' taintOil Eduard. Mid It te.41 a4a • 1 :••• eo tt‘‘ S -% , y - sijv A 126 Z28 Enter Czechoslovakia ITTLE THEATRE MONARCH OF THE HE DAIL COLLEGE DAILIES Sc005 _ •••• Na Con ok • FO 9°6 °egreeS Oki t ReCeWe n C W e. 1 CflPOr. ' " I ••■ It -4 1 " " 4“. " IFYS 411 • IV BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA. THURSDAY APRIL PLAY OPENS TONIGHT ,Biblical Costumes ' Journey To Ma.... T4 Ion and WA ht htiC ra• in000c•Ineel Won nm .mil reeeatOrts d1 ' • ere°, 004 I 15.0010 • te0 mH ea03 Solurelav perlortrancta •re st IS 0404. 11 ▪ at 0 (Am. lor ASO .4+16 Mb IM niaa realwall Snit ikte e0 PettO0•54e • Atty man be I.. 50 cent. NE. ? w aormow Zit Iwo se 41w wi.•1•o Igahup way 000.1•I of 50 ..AW ' Alter Ow Mel sat -titen Pnttnr. ' , n Eligible 0101 HI1 THE DAIL 4 YOia2121221---00OPO " IA WEDNE$Oh• A Yanks Beyond ' ' c LAUNCH DRI Enroll U.S. 1 ' b “oek East 4er 4„ 4 °ire o ke s . Fib or 6 OA, 4.• e,A . 4- " A 4 7 " frs, " W A. ••••., m 11 1 4 " 4 " 04 • el 1., ••• 09, • P 0 2. CS • 4 • , s (16 14 jzsis Iklakeirt• 17(1 sse ' t • e, " 2. 4 • „„„ vite ,,,,Nori _conti _iedsu nues „ ••• ,Na„ 0 4 • ••• ty • 4, 44 44% 0, n 0 C ,04,tt 0 1$1,470h1:74.4 020,0 , :647 1e4 A.. ranioeuilq aclittirtithalio lectures . midterm. ... . classes . deans ... Unirersity meetings ... de. grees ... grades ... cinches . . . blue beaks ... ROBERT GORDON SPROUL Presafeil of the Unnotiitv g conumazet nullnetik 10 IAl2- CInAA 4 1946,..m.einsw. 4 rampult. dialhapiecL, a, .nation in ahnts., and a. model. aawtds 4 ma L. 9L a Ha ia4k 4 van. qinoAation to Atunemdszn.. what. happRned. AM_ 1941 io 1945 and to do akin. .ipalL polo 22i° ARIL that. IL days tut happen again. I can think 4no4Maba .dtaL - Lenge. in an giznghation. in. LOW- pa 4 hating... 9t. AI gvuhe i0 amp DI- [la. 22 MONROE E. DEUTSCH Veto.Preilotnt of not aro P.Or0St at StatItt, VOX thaw nom upon. Dm .campurt, akedivinck in. a. pu- led. 4 itbrumition, tee MIL 4 ivaA, and that ponro aAe. help - big, maid nninvoit4 to what it mat Wolk, the. ring 4 Azad. Nam_ taut the ingtux. 4 5000 Atudenti., act. nat. pahticipants in..tht mat, kuittia. a.. diginetti- affifudo , ma which_ it MAC mediae.. Jogrzilten, ige. shall. Afrtioe. to build a. illtillehAithk Rata 71.12aAPA. MIL Men ' 23 cad 4 THE progress of the University of California in the various fields of education is due largely to the farsighted policies of the Board of Regents. Into the hands of this body of men an d women, known for their qualities of leadership, are laid the responsibilities of finance, administration of business affairs, the establishment of the educa- tional policy, and now with the end of the war, the housing problem has been added to these previous duties. The Board of Regents have been instrumental in the drawing up of a $60,000,000 bill that will provide appropriations for the eight major divisions of the University. This bill will enable the University to complete the library stacks, and build additions to the Chemistry, Jurisprudence, and Forestry departments on the campus. The hous- ing shortage will be alleviated by funds provided for the building of several dormitories. Added to this bill before the Legislature will he another proposal of long range qualities, the two of which will make the campus the scene of extensive building activities in the near future. EARL WARREN Ccse,rcr I the Slate Cl Ca!donna Prestdent of the Board of Irt(was BOARD OF REGENTS Robert C. Sproul, Charles Conan Tenut, Maurice C. Sidney M. Orman, Ctoege M. Rift Echcarri N. ileihrr, sy,n r. Neylan, Jarnei N. Mdfilt, CSiitert H. Ron 11, Jean C. Witter, Aunt!, GAP. Arthur J. McFadden, Broglie C. Ahlpon, Frederick W. Ronan, Nott:ner Fleischnacber, Robert M. Unserhiil. 24 phizuctudiA, RizapfitHL A FAMOUS Cal tradition was revived this year in the President ' s Reception on November 3, an event which has been missing from the Univer- sity C alendar since 1943. Guided through the receiving line by proud- tient students of the AS UC, each guest was greeted by President and Mrs. Sproul, Provost and Mrs. Deutsch, Dean Davidson, and Dean Voorhies. Three thousand new students, ranging front sixteen-year-old high school graduates to twenty-five-year-old veterans, took advantage of this opportunity to meet the leading ad trators of the University. After the official wel- come, the new Californians danced to the music of Gary Nottingham ' s orchestra and became acquainted with their fellow-students. The Re(lotion OW—when re. Student, nicht their potential classmate " . The peke and holtened most of when mote had a Recet4ita 01 their oho, finally meet the Preikkat. 25 9.tuatia Sp paha an.. 11w. 78th, ztaluk 4 At 4 the itnitwatity.. chat - mei:Lean_ Aactot to England., gam. Winant Abu used the. inglotteuta De..the.itnit.- .ed. States a a- kadek. in_ the, postwat loottd. Student. Apenkeit.i. Pt. the atomicominck mud rtomunbek. 23 Ad.. 9..vuutaL wows ALL fated hid. malt. .covte.- Apondent- expeidencet, actobeA. 101k. 26 Otaident. SpitauL told 4 hia ina 4 glitha., ientha. 131k. gf_optacontinq_. ApiaIca, 9ut- 0.001ilik 78, aduzel. got rare PAcioutAot AM ' 4 Mintuutoia., iinimmait Zo.oki. ahead ' : pAovnAL Ruck 4 glatinand, 911aAcit 71k, admen a " jduratiott jot 27 attunni akiacia ollners, and SCh04111111) winners gather arcrand the baronet tables at an trIonnal manures JEAN C. WITTER Presodent aomm SIBLEY Encabo Sant) UNDER Regent Jean C. Witter ' 16, presi- dent, the California Alumni Association offers increased facilities for its 25,000 dues-paying members, and a steadfastly devoted service to the University. Organ- ized alumni centers throughout the state and beyond its borders work for united service, and include institutes to stimulate and maintain alumni contacts and pro- gress. Twelve years of raising scholarships in eight state districts have sent more than 800 outstanding high school leaders to the University at a cost of $160,000. The Association will continue to for- ward progress of the University and to serve alumni in all ways. 28 Cal llynIttl listen attertnery Pile PreptRot SProul tells them about hot Rune, to Mottoer at a lunereto held to the palace titters Rote Rota THE California Monthly for two years has featured various California industries and their employment opportunities for re- turning service men and women. So broad has its service been that the American Alumni Council awarded it first place for editorial achievement over all other alumni publications in 1944. Edited by Robert Sibley ' 03, the maga- zine will maintain its loyal support of the University, and remain a constant means of contact for alumni members. It will feature alumni progress in education, tele- vision, atomic energy, or any other field which adds to the stature of mankind. CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF SACK ROW: Robert Rupert, N. S. Rootlet. Ann Yantl, Mani Nttoeaott, 9Ptlry Briactotoo. Don Watt. FRONT ROW: Jean Backus, Robert Sibley, Vali Kuebne. COLLEGE OF Whteler Hall, %hive l stadent Ma pet hantn at lust ore Oats Cranro MI Meer Antic Is Ow center for l 6 S courses. A Oats In Sparitn—ore of tie ••441. PCOUIM CIA1141 besides it fclichs Ott lanhar 3.1te " Z. and 5. " inatilted .011. AO man . Aery,- It Candd indicaba.. thn. popufredt 4 AmbiociA. fit .th.ft 0.0.147-. ativat.. and Scan. Ranging_ Porn_ antairsa eivilisatiatt io Wildlife. C.onA.oA.- van_ and 3.onlon, But mai au. ahre_ coot- clad hip a. Awl. - ea .couha 4 Atwdcj_.. Yuz. ONO wink a =IL Ao_waAdo.d hip But fin 4 diploma awaltded to itA.. Aludentzt.. GEORGE P. ADAMS Ydls Peoletxt a Mental and Moral ANIMA! " led Civil Policy ant Chan Of the of Leiters and Science. 30 COLLEGE OF The I oot entratge to the Cht,istry Bvil•irq Expetimetutio and enema of all sets take, plate in tht 0,m lab. Piz omit Clac hat _expanded .oppot- .tunitiet .tha, Fold 4 Ditentithak, and thz Atud and _cot:hat De. atomic Ensvisp.i. hat gitectikk inacalizd 1k demand jot rhatnia. Jhc habil wt. ne aPittia at- .thc kosonefibi lily 4 .the. 4 much_ ma. bit lip to .tk litinuit oft 1k ntzw .dieLcomthila. .this Acigna WENDELL M. LATIMER Peanut ol Chemistry and Dean a the Coffer of dyeing. 31 COLLEGE incfinkehing, OF MORROUGH P. O ' BRIEN Prclessoe el and Devi of College of note isd Nit WV:4;• Facade are feurel the cinucans sad tdrrlitlegIMpre offices el the College of Erg•etetirg (Neon don ' t speed all tiwir time in classrooms. SwIents in this ' late ' uriStitaie a wankel problem in test xeldim. JAR_ encibuwa. fumizywhao_. ham Jo GJL .to andshialuz the, many_ Art- Arzatich. pitoliiwa a which. ' hay_ atit konPunto_cL. CC path:- aL inclucla impAoacntenli. Oft DQAAOIA and tIM..- phibiatta. A in OA, ott a plane, rabbi, Amish, I., ithipolL pattemoth, U.f. Pita, ahlificiaL fon L, and int eiltinti atom bomb log Zonk nit Ardent; ! JAE, ahrz. ott Buz mak ! 32 COLLEGE OF Goen.a. HAIL- the heaG,..utees fee the fair segmemt of the College el AgtiotlInf. Pat of the eeperimeatal week 6tvw by the eotieultutrals it the groan? of SIMI, spat is Mt One ,le, is ChfonKal.Intatftl Wolff. CLAUDE B. HUTCHISON Professor of Dean of the College of Agri( ' Item, (hetet el the VicoItotfal Experiment Statics, and Vge.Presi• dent of tke Unitenity. Uttkiefik rn, AubjettA egad and moot:AL bt, fat EA num at frocking khattaxisizip_ ihk, fp_ 4 cfrpticattivuz. a Rink- log But CD1b2Cp2, piwnicloAdAtzin, ' nick uL 12Itprwlon turd 2zoiL Act- Rita, and othea2 phoeszationtd ttApecizt 4 atpicultu e_JoutAL - ALI- and hums. 12,corwmici, ake, alao knentiaL paha 4 11:11 - pa drunk . . . Pub C fins, i4 mond. 4. own_ afulchL- A with Iva appointed a, Pict- ineztident 4 the, itnivemity- MIL Sphiitti. 33 eight Oaffigium ;In isions . . . Reran . . . oceanographer% .. . Bruins ...astronomers ...Medics lateyers . . . Gauchos . . . Agg ies . . . researchist, . . Californian . tartataralitnacw,„atiow tslanallorachiumammaamme_ 11.11••• I ' ll I1 L I t IIII III NMI Tie Ittfary st. s .1 the mitt .111 the ittanti pi Ike ituthren campn Tioaemhia, 2 5 0 0 Apittitcd. wins jouttniapti. 48. olortruk, Ikea, tam. almost Aink a Ataiwn, mutt, and ha., hafted keno__ o oftz 4 ihiL movathat ikomfacontituk riztebAatirms, Aft Ite-C.CACt. a. Air " 4 the lima, hOUW1.0a AD- 6roaldtk Dititutottaett AttifruniL ARIL Zi C Q fahand. 3Azd4 Mahtin, at. its 3kb umiak junior_ 020111.. . . . With. taloa achicaontant, and Abut ih.onaand students to hack hint, up, the youth at win_ is paying. hinzwilt no Ptiartgla kOMpRith.011- Pt the Ctdig0Vtia. ogRak... EUGENE LEE StuEml Sod, Prei.otel 36 A wel.trh1401 path Is IIse one Pia the This trealnd wall lints KetzkhoIf Hall with OE Library. A Inn tc.c, ct frcya HatI 37 911gclicat This modernistic building hates the Ladley Porter Clinic .here mental Cas es 01 index ' s cr4in an studied. a43_ leaching_ hthy2itaL, Aziecach.. ha, and rinta fot need Ara.- Amu., the- 971stliall. Schad. aest Mk Ala and Aiudents a 500- Acct. hayzitat.. which, miff koniain tbmu low_ and fad Illiois included. in. ihe. rental $11,004000 iodension onnicatin., p_oliontypiilis, and ihot- acic Atari a. anwnq 1pala Alib- i° HA 101- ARS2aAdl- Ike. Schad. 4 JAIL fail. wwap. to be. admitted. ant Buz. 21..5 . Cadet 9IahA.e. Cows An_ - iota. in. Uctoha. Uncloses at the CabIonia College ol Nathan leans the intricacies of dents! work. A miucicepie analysis is made by a modem in the Vanessa 5 School ci 38 The foyer of the University of Catdcvnia Hospital in San ((Amite . Nacatatia. mom Aapidby pia.ced lit. hos- tikmiF and. Wavy. Malt .COVizt, and pu4hc kat. apncita . . . CA- 10 0A 402.ntithw. and Phahmack wan.- ienad a, de eased_ Am:Anent doting. 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Floyd Wiliiny Or Notary, Mlifet.let Sumter and Fall; Dick Ronle.n, Cmirman Spring. and Or. Ralph Ekrty, Ach Sarsummlo - haunt Anote. numbs 4 Cat CM seat to labs 99D.0.khnet. (Van n.. 4 $4,400,000 appitomiationa. tilt jot tluz itnimmittp . . . Ver at eThankcaming. and pfunnativa. De. At un..campuarise. CaL - ifolnicua. a doing_ thak alma_ mate a. gMat deltida. 44 13a ale p$ s Yip a - f v 00 ations " P•4 h•. r - e‘`1 , file‘l isaNO% 00°1 I ChsaC ••‘‘ ...roa• •••••:114:resio, •• • , „ ca • 40•1 0,60 " - ce- .•• • 3,0 VP‘.4 CO St •••• 9‘‘;01 •a„,0•••••ind 9.0?) ?et° .•• •HMO•• toe • • cf° . ° ' ‘ " Ise.teN,,A‘ ‘` 1•.° u•te,..: " " " to• 6% 0 0, .00.‘nt • 9,01Ve‘t r ‘19 • •A • fr Ic • .• ..‘ be r. ° " , ak, kt, c 0 C VaVcOde ni ° V‘‘ 0 ni I t° ger Ive .•60 op ' • at° as Pot i°( 4aan, • S to t.ce I VI tea, the, • mem , ' ers VV. " vi jv•• " ' N.() w me :a •• a • Maa„ t " -mot,. ' eve: " " (144 491.0., , ' 2 •hk ■ I 7 u baa, • •••••• tn. Now it •Vrd. CIV „. V • vv. ' ti " ' ater er Reac. • -huh( " tt • 14 0 8e : Ori O.. 4, es tf I • " on ' ' 4, , .4 • %. , e •• o.. . • %J ‘ je et " `1%; 4. Nor r ?he • 4 - le le 0 61 • • ‘,,,, • •• ••,,, te,.., , ,,,%.„ •44„. ‘ ' ,,,,` . t6, --`,..:•••., " , .. . ?„, • ha a,. 4a,, t • ov 4,,,, do jot, ;vs; " .A ' " ;0 ' ' ' i: • 0 ` ' c•• fet •• te •••• r-r• t •• 6 , 46.01 ' 1,5 0•0• ,••• vve.•• r t t 0 1% tor • o c•so •• " •,:;t•P‘, 0`` • • :„..s • ,••• Goic. k N.1 4 Es, 9) ,•tdia 0 . 4. ,s• .„„,„ " • , 4 ; ; • .. , 4...„ •sv , • :•-:.!,;,..,„ .7 N. leo, „.,„... : ' 1 4.. er. a • „ 0 s :kb. • 8 09 • Yj 0 la , 40 Or °I% Lot ' .-p S II a H hOtno Cli " - - ' . re t • h•vt,„. - " e,-, a 97 az: ' - t..„ t • es Ott! IE. •, ‘ a on sceaft • ' ' ' .. " ' ' ' C)41 t ) hr. t — • O art s wut It nth rb, " " ' ' " flown; nth 0, Ann, • trha,„;, 04 or addt,„ Roan dot bud, ,,:irtHtnnum.b„ th " a • Ain Id %tr Cr ' bet ces .0 4- C „ NI:: t rk)tin • Ca.., nate ti ekh„„ 9.ty 1.4,4 bans 1 k,„ Clw 1 4°64 7 6 4.44;c4 c WI " 49.nof " 41 clgo EleCtions • " a ' ort, t eke nu, 04.1 o, " 1 " ;OrZtt " sh ' ' B . • e :i404,14. :Or W.: . he. thn4llv, !rah • doe ' • 1.4 • •••• , " • _ a she Est t - tent ,41‘ In.ta I LIFO IAN BERKELEY CAL4031JIA ntlOAY SESUMnft 3.1343 ALLIES INVAD E I TA LY _ _________ . sit4.,1-11,„ne toranatanwir Second Front ft) ire (.110, ' NI ape 100. Outcast of ente. . pi• and the pteno•hyst mutat of petty recbaln ta).ct deavar•hor, .4 Opened by Land, ,, ma ufiemie t KIM: P001.4•11 Vahletilan Mt.: the •11•1ThlitratIV danty front 8 mynah.. d hue till mace up Canto:n. date allatt •.: . Slum Pet earn ' . tytnuritall dr In the . Se, Air Attacks • m t I am inincenn in Hytt-t .■ enraten 14[ Kt...thine. liatzt WC no . and t: Candidates Now Total 7 Students p -.I I ....I .guan, a.I•Je41 mum ' • 114 npy-eniatite..a.letp ...Inlet ' s ie.!. rdat ' attn. 4. .4...n1 in tin ..... tip To Be Held THE DAI LY1 VOLUME CXXI 227 se Dropping Lecturer Talks Deadline MondaN On Russian 1 • H •••••• bah • Fron ttOtttm " , .11w.. eetutteult•- Ann Mnd,a. wary wit Ft dragnet in we.. any sow. pis aso •11, et .. an 1 ' In IMroans. 1 L. a al • III I, • hart.A In earl anus.. dr...gad helm Wrodaa. g• In. PP I I kor..lai lyn nisi...sty slit •.• •• hinny( 31yann.a. lb. luau . aunt ' t ly LI suns d p•,e net Itt, tut e•iust Housing Drive Pm° iT " C ' Ito lab., buns LI " 4 " .1 I ' M.. sPrieUtg WI the II !Pe Yvan • ...• Out silenced hIntal Of in. bill thu •ar laa• Puny, ' anon and :minus a di pny sad ' " ' heti ' . -.• t•I IpOr 114 hie tuft ettetjane ute. The Inmate° folksyl.anu. upon • otnale Gael% Mitred! and Paisilkot 1:.• Irani. midi shunde ws. ban Th. leweh ••.I I.• t•figion•• waV nee4 • ah oi ntoinut men 4f. ...oared g• • Mna. I I II 0 Ill %Inn %I:II s Crop Crisis tu ,,,,,,, s! aS la •• Ian ht ' . fat Oftb1C0 Of Ma AMY, newsy 1aoY.or „ „..„. by thy by !nut bballate• litlamon 1s to t sow Gle ° c, .‘ 64 oa ' ' ' nr. ia f 4 " en: .,,,4:4 0 „e•t;:......7, lkYt for " en, a I ‘‘ ' ; °et IA y • ove• 0° ‘bd •• le ‘ " . Web. CPO " ;2C • •0 0 ' ••• •IL •• • ‘. G. -a .1 te WI • • %e` ' , k C ▪ • • • ' o NoV • A„ h • " :m.1;0 „a, • (In ' " 9e pe a Student a vernment elections ... reps . x committer . finance. . . . dealers . . . campaigns . . . managers .. . platforms ... budgets . promises . speech,. UC Vote.Pretientt and Prevdent I •r t mixt an Fall _met t aiii:1)1ZOLTNEKOZZITEelantePtiatetti‘i • ASUC t Yd Presicktt Ict the Spin) Stmett•— LOIS ROTHENBERG and DICK ROWSON 51 REPRESENTATIVES AT LARGE BOB EDDY DICK ROWSON STEVE KAUFMANN 52 MOLLY CHESEBROUGH ROJESKI FLOYD WILKINS. IR. MONTE KOEPF EL JACK KLINC.ER GRADUATE MANAGERS AND FINANCE COMM.. GRADUATE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Clint Com, Dick Kelly, Chryttl Tolmie, Kam Davis FRONT ROW: Sue A thwack:, Charlit Cleat. Amy Ilionsteao. FINANCE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Conan C. %Makin, Dick Roman , Pat 11 M ids. " Floyd Wilkins. Gear Etrings, William Natal. FRONT ROW: Amy InmstesO, Clint Erni, Patti Finn. sat Sertittg graduation ... diplomas ... party times . . . beer busts ... Ran ... sings ...Extravaganza • • class gifts . . . peace committee . . . lost weekends .. . Cob PM,, Wed: J fro sods at the dance Much was held M t lukeley Tends Club Highlight of the rowing—the togging of Dick Showery and The floc looks cemIcetable . . Oset WHDOold as ' Beauty and the Owe:cute " Ste Edda butt a tole fa date Ann Felder. tory Tut of altwe cold be won . . diskattig„ and the, Nfixtchropthh, .-uoympith -thrumitrgai ' 7 12W -vir war preopapi loprers) Flog 1;707112p 11 miff vvaartig " WC JWISr..114•114))4$ NAN " :luorood vos :t-op.wfitt•A wpiwrq lon6ord DMUS ' Aesillpi Pam ' al Od veCir TWA GNY 3WWQS LS SII3D1110 SENIOR COUNCILS BACK ROW: May Loa Pal, Cage Emnt, Bee Keene, Sally Tycte, Dorris( Wtisdena, Lynn Toomey, Bab HamPtl, ElmWed Won ' t. " Sw Salsify, Belly Ma Klein, Blanch. °talk Wilt liKt, bait Willy., Arlene Alu99, Bob Parson. FRONT ROW: Jeanne Schmidt, Bill M030ty, Jean Houma, Joan Pater, War( ' Murray, Jean Starts, Patti Fat yip_ Sena :Jai; A 4 ' 6 Pim 4a PD02, a. collar. Igo inaAlted 4 IL .W.CIAEMIL ar-C-thhat MeV .011. AindioA and arliollint . WA planning_ and rahAqinct. Did Sethi. activithA .coancits... ales found Emile gut ingot to Pit D41 Atzarthed hilahicuA. BACK ROW Ross Ban, GloriaWalielmlo, Robin Orr, Beatrice Mombead, Mary Ann Cayke, Clam Kmee, 011(11 Ends. stn. Clean Scoot THIRD ROW: Mary Jobsot, Cann Htbnan, ha Starks, Lynn Toesltelb Helga Hackie ' , Mary Pat MCNAV40, Malone AmMens, Bob Hamptl. SECOND ROW: Walter Boy , Purley Block Jan McCallum, Marjorie Allen, Irene Bradfield. Mary Let, FIMICei Nina , FRONT ROW: Cl.. Applegate, SMOLA CibilKh, John Pmrte, Bob Beta., Mildred Kielce, Tinter Gardner, FM Warw. 58 SENIOR PEACE COMM. BOB PARKER " Jake, it. eaeLy_, Soph.. " migh.t a. typical As- maitk. made. .4 a. mamba 4 iht settiot p.eace. CDPIPtifia. gLi. IaaJt a to keep_ Lk Aka, miaku. 4 paintett. and ilophontotea_. o a. 10AA hagamtaaA. typo 4 mamas. With, .that Aviv- intermitg. 4 3ARAhntan. ? LL Week taming. the. IaAt.. Swint. ARCS- Caila again. hew fling_ active_ BACK ROW: Don Si•Ost., Cal Jar " Kane, PtaiLvd. Bill Wong. Cot, Briggs, lick Cum...sae, Jack Lesko. SECOND ROW: Wad lartay, Do Now% At. Nem Cats Sri , Ware Tleaton, Detaawalt FRONT ROW: Bob Pete., 840 Halm, Jobs ' mud, .1 4as Sthre.fer, Dick Rana, tonic RoNsti. 59 Always a beautds1 ester, dark•hared PAT JONES food Pew to be both Blue end Gold Attniett manager and P. Aided S grva Peesident. Anderme Own to throe tha ban ' t km. my tell. Pat ewan• aged to lent an cflaitm re Ora behind We on the ex " who, she graduated last 0:toter. 131code-haired. detpiroMed, PiiK.A WALT BUSSE Is Oman waking On teme me anek of ton en deal. Nis Oh ideal paid oil, knew . when under his atilt leadership as maroon, Polly ads hit an all. I me high. Dealer and prcmottt, Walt topes sone• day to be a ' hen " New York in mewing tension is the w:rd foe Alpha Phi KATHRYN WAGNER at she bustles armed belying WWI with her many xlivioes. S mote mad about SPaills. Kathy low, to talk nod her trip 10 Memo. Gem of this War Ward masher ' s tolleg«ateee was the the time she brae her am playing luck In (An MARION GREEN, in Wain to inning at the Sigma Napa tom, tstabliited her winder head ' Oaaners in the Tap Roan. With merythn9 con Lineally unite emitter in the Wat awa deice, this darkihairtd attendant to the Seta gotta wit II. ways ready for partylant, especially with the Army Air Capt. DOROTHY HERBERT, bettor known to the campus an " Ougie, " inherited the Minters Rally Committee bock as chairman fees he I tier. Betty Lou. AiChi• 0 house onions, Duch it quiet and well liked be everyone. Brides berg adept es a jitterbug, Neve Pas a wonderful voice and likes to hands!. Bridge fiend ARLENE ROBERTSON hails (eon Atli tom—in fact her pet peen is the on.c.(iState fee. With her own Marine in the Soak Pecan, " Skeet• Ws " Daily Cal marimper ' s alike an essays the minima Place for the Callwilun river. notable Skeeter also became lemma fa her meekly mottoes. .w.e. swift, Mt activity_ meajota. Cieta 60 diarask theoupt and theowth. GORDON CONNELL Si had his Seger in mere 11100 00 ca.• Ws. Willy, and rssMilfee 01 unlimited talents. Gent, is a wens:et al Mao player, cerwcalle, and actor. As a head jester of Mast and Omer and Glee Club thew oe is lenses Iv limn " NOM Kers Stan " its wows debt. SCHWEIGKHARDT, idiot el P011, lows weekend, at Simla, Beath lb glee Me freckles an Oirlint Eyed alter the graduated in Ottate Froces wens 10, Mutt in fsakman winding cot the howoreen stowed and uncles so well knows to Petty fails lepplably clad in steels, drarKti MOM to (ow. Wye in a literary line and wise fiction sane Ginn Phi presidere frr three terms and reran of Electien Beard, SHEILA STANFIELD is test knosin fee her Wake hi ' , blue epts, frietdIsnms., and bubbling Perwality. WHO a keen Ma of Mier and a Metals( attitude, Sheila hat the habil 01 altr•buting to " POWs WM " JOE STUART. know to the tamps as " Little Am, " way be Rand Hilly at Whetter steps. As Armee rill% hog, Jce ' s unpaid centered around his slow, " Old Keg Me. the 40 001 Way. " Jet, who has • Marty lance. and eat Outstwwlies 03 Cal ' s football team, is an Alpha Delta. Outland es as president of the " Y " and president of the Kappa horror, PEGGY LORENZ, M. Mn. Herald Burnside, in well known la her Wm hewn haw and beautiful tan temple Kt as well as lot her ell isleree. Nothirre wows defense Peggy better than the wads. ' swo:th and meet. " W a reseed for being hone {resident Ice terms, Theta ANN OSBORN also lewd la to Mid Owe the peutww of Wren ' s Roo. Always Piling and full of fun. An cempowd pilliom of cute scar aid pith Owstanding in Pe and MKS repertoire was her of " O ' Reilly It Dead " to the Cal campus. Al212114.11Iti. .0.11A, bi- JAR- iaphOOM., DI- DILL 61 Man of the year is STEVE KAUFMANN, who kid down a fulhorne job and was Wan for teeter courses, as well as btirg Always full 01 aew ideas, which he filibustered Wei Ex. Commit. tee, Stec it a typical big tonnes man, thortugh and efficient, with a legal mind. As the energetic chairman of WeIlme Ccunol, FRIEDA Sal0EN. BERG bubbles urns new ideas. ChanMon of the urderdef, she always bits to halt a Pmpase in lift. Frieda ' s life itself has been ;gayly infl•freed by the teachings ci Dr. ten Broth. leer disdain for ottails and see unruly handwriting are added ttufacterittKs of the elyntait Frie4.1. Busiest of BMOC ' s, tubblirg OLIVE PREMO divides ha woe be• tames Sttphms, Et0knian, and the AGO house. As Rep she devoted much time to Bullying the pettier.. At the Associate Edi• tor ' s desk she Bailed the NIB rolling 01 the copy lot the Blue Jed Gold. And the time left On? 11011 ntv ,any Mtrril,n ,s claimed by NT fiance, Bob. ' Wetcha gat is the boa, Doc? ' is a fammte of Fiji JACK LINO. SAY, Fetemently called " J.O., " he is lamed tee his humor, thamohntss, eggagMO smite, and gift of 04. Jack, also al. ways plays the field, thinks three jeeps ahead of evertor I and but both silver aqua and ell010naKY. Probably the tarty city editor in Dairy Cal Witty who managed to gel hone any nIgM in lime kr dinner, is Monde A.Chi.O LOIS MeNAIL Noted for her addkli00 10 swimming on cold days at ✓- godly hors, Lois is also krown Ice her daily bulktens posted at her docr, and her fawn. saying, ' heal, real fine.• Emberant (maze:. BOB PARKER, Smite class vice.presimm, co-chairman of Men ' s Rally Ccolmittet, and lone manager Ice the Sigma N✓s, claims thtre ' s no place like his kowtows. Missoula. MOOLIAA. Bob, who has a macnone.gun laugh, Akar throes ham. into everything lull levee and Toth Isle to any patty. Dairfa Dt 01112, _thing_ sot 62 Dynamo of lalitign Nall is PATTI FINN, Dom Council preudent. SPOrkliettged Patti had a passion Inc wean, goturet wt• her Mhos, and tags ' War fast. Although eatily excitable the n wry efficient and an had her fimigeS in a million and CM mo—on llimealimirq Prliicity, Senior outlst, Theta Sig Potory, and • store a other,. BloOtiltured BETTY BARR is snows to the unreal; at chairman of Orlintaticris arc Wowerns Rao. A social welfwe map, she hopes to enter pawed. Betty, who has a million things she vans to do, logo ice skating and airplanes, ad MTV mitre an oppartundy to talk 400 her teeth... Bill. Bogen thrill was when the band MI Santa Rota. A little non with beg ideas, DON MaNARY is a natural politician. Famed for his partkipatlin O the Stanford we raid, Don, a Blida. Nall man, is full of the ' Intsba hubba " Spirit and an enlInntaatot Mader of irprooptu samplests. As rewatilanw, Des on uneirebtealy busiest man of cantos, with a scot el othe acthities and his Ban. Ad. IN . Aboo friendly and smiling, TOMMY ANGELL, wangling of WAA, Moon Board, and Casa Hispana, is a smooth twimmer and typical outdo. girl. Full of fun, the n frequently son bribing her or Or Mallon her tagysk. ' vagabond " In In Sown Arnetkan Vowels, Sonny will surely be an amearnado of gaol will. Bela BOB EDDY, rewaolarge, dashes hold In rtiopc,u study, 411hOogh has map Makin; duet Mem 10 help on Salvias right. White he omit co Mott smatter lemon, boat , swig, mug is a naltwal 10 hoe Bob . ' lb his moingettable Stow, is Wears anger trouble •rtei has IOW life Fell of Fern •an enway, FRANCES STERN entered eiteritats as a hogs Junloot and ended op as ntenflef Of Pella ant Oarsman of Pater Cordiality Board. A tied talktf, she Matt 14 term end " politition " A•Che0 Frannie, an wliorutional (ryas want, to 95 into adonis...I, Inc COnooff% her Iswarote Offepalww andhith-, leanda. 112111212- _Wit _MA- AiThrthart. 63 Provost Deutsch, Penitent Spool, And Marshall wefts getout fee the kcadoenic procesBOO. Bob Tarter, strew eSt•petsecitat, ono the l,add ' onil Tcooders Rack speech. The clove of (Cot Ines! The latch robes are nun pal to Gat. The UnionSit) Mahn the Proey.Neel Sitates Dethar at Sather Gate in petporatios foe Ow Pitgebnaot. Cormenencenewni. 64 Led by President Ward Murray mulcts tow the unpin M the Senior Pilgrimage. Before the holt events at4 etrpronirs they gather at Silber Gate. Paul Fins shrubs the tine cl the Greek Theatre to Mote her spetrh. George Sow. %peat ' to a Worm tap-aud.iOnned ' OW Of When M Wheekt mtg. Saddlers at the Ftbowy Comcsallon—George en99s. Betty Barr. a mwesentotne fete the Sari Francisco campus and Prown Dtutteb. 65 fel. dile , and be rimy -at the OCtObtm S. or Ball. Imeemwiion•- and lots of ideensal chatter. Dealers elbely the mellow music ol Ante and his ortbeilra. Mamier doper unties owe the PI360 while hit am, Weld( the ride. ard them an the Oholelladler. to the 0.... " " , Smart dia. 66 The Cold Ram at tee raemcert and lots q re-untre miry at the Facture Senior Ball. First thin, en annul--OW wen, on Cl corsages. The esensiry lifM41, over. the 1011 hello to return to the then rase Sewer Swasetheert, toots ' s-% a wage hoe BJI Nosey. Celle OLIU—and the dawn. alas 67 Ccetesunts for last (Motets Smoot Sweetheart lire up for the " otcture. Tic Blue and Gold Rapt at the Claremont was the scene of the Banquet es Fetroary. Coaeh Wsckhotst and Ward Murray—at well as everybody else—enKne4 the Teeth nude try •SUC Peery Briggs. diantiut Everytedy wean to be yn a paint mood at Art Arlen main hit speech. 0 tober ' s Banyoet—Wee Robert Sibley tMettlilltd by awn hit (amass slito. Seniors dtutos their collegeyears at toe of thew last leshatits. 68 An n Osborn tells one of nee famous stories to the amusement of tbe Indstott of the Octote Sr . nobody San; CMRtmat Carols at tie Sirp last Onenker. Livona craps cooperated 4 tnttneo the Soap Cornett. Gordo mates like " Monsieur " in his inimitable style. Tait lithe ' umber appealed to the rriastnline element ;orient. Sniff Sinipt 69 Vmation NANCY DORY n hippy at the most outlandish times. President of the " r and a rainena Ph., Nancy has many laicals Besides plapn; the mat ad lilt piano she raft wonderful skits, take.cfli, and poems that remind or of Sterols CdrICOM. Nancy also lows to go fasts tact pang in Ow Berkelel kills. As if she norM ' 1 Ppy too. being vendee. 01 Morlat Beard and Stern, BARBARA SIMS food herself manlier or Treble CH. Writer A songs and ditties lot error °russet. Barbara has set kitit 0 as her goat no tsuelst partly inspired bar her Spanish Pb, Mu NONA KORTS a known to the campus as asnstesen manatee of the Blom ass Gold. Easily incited, slw alwap flies attired geom.) Malt dorm. 11(1:03, NIV Is a history major, can always take time olf Nei her managerial duties to go damnno with ler An Hispanic Ante .Can Mgt, Alpha XI Delta MOLLY CHESE• BROOCH hails from Piedmont. Oviet and little, Molly. whg became Mrs. Frank Rojeski on fatuity 23rd, has a cote laugh, brown wan hair, and big bro., enS. Her tampon actomplisliments inclideu the nonplus of and chairman of Card Sales. )(Pan to the campus as " Si, " JEAN SEIDL Imes to make twee. In fact, as manner she got the Daily Cal oat of a 52,000 debt. She also stifled a Mtn...Feb traditios by throning aa egg at a wall. Sell•asswed and alwags golfing, Si loses patties aid wants 10 q0 ago mg...Suing. Energetic chairman rif Welfare Gaeta, FLO PALMER has Cillittir herbed a nover 01 acti,lt.fs of campus. As senior of Treble Ckl, she gang a theme for the lust time to the Treble Clef. Glee Chit. shore. Always ohm and willing, Flo is intolerant A im ells wilts. fortunately for her actipties. Muting in. StspluuteL, night Me lit 70 One 4 the most vivacious girls on campus, NANCY FOGY, manager of 110 Pelican, likes to think oat load wedtalks constwoOd. In odd.. lion to he Polly duties, this Sigma Kappa held dorm the A of class piny. Graduating in a record sit teems, Nan set the dolt KY a Spring ooddine with John With her subtle, quiet humus, BETTY FAY capably handled ire twiny dulls c4 Daily Cal city (Oita. A San Franciscan, Betty mooed in history and ed. Heroine of many thirsty Californians, Betty Ito worked hard on one of his pet uusaCies—plowind the return of 3 2 10 the laftrOin Hatay rtcognizable 04000 disk glasses wan rain of shone, Kappa Delta MARY JUST wields a belohanded copy pencil as issooatt Editor of the Mier ard Gold. A social welfare mayor, Mary calls San Feanciwo tome, tot hopes to lean, Chasse go to Shod sane day to vettne up on it Drepoetwed LOUIS BRENNWA10, peemaront Stoics class president and (0.0ard C. Atherton award none, Is a Sion ' s. No. Louie, an asp loot tennis player, is always stilling to new to the ad 01 any Pend aid frequently Nut himself suttee Of fertmonies. The AGO louse and his Nance, Joyce, wen to take Hs Mil Of lbw✓s twee time, Fiji GEORGE BRIGGS is always conscious 01 dying to to three thiods at OK., ASUC veSideot, a Marine, and a student. An lees speaker, Gorge is famous foe as canto.% SlOyld, " Let George do it " Krona to the campus as ' KOOK ' on his secret passim it edging Wooly wino. Energetic 1,015 ROTHENBERG, Senior lass nce.ortsident and eve. Peesidett of the SVC. may he easily spatted in her blacieand• white checked coat and her biee•elmmed glasses, lois, wens is an ••E.Phi, has a dry wade 01 Kona and a Kn. «rnehatt fat any (demi°. Fastseite sating is, " And that ' s to boa. " jAhluenan„ _Knit bet ifist 3.amontn_, 7 I DICK ROWSON, wooing up Ircm to ASUC president, ni easily be tails lihrd of the ASUC " Alwayi Smiling and lull of pep, he it ccet:tmaily strineg for Cal ' s level el prewar in Ilveratm. ern, Vs his swirling petunality, is iMwtited m Glee Club and Bard sad is armm at a less Ice a new rOta. No better words S Swea Kappa PAT HERD. RICKS011, perweltnt el Pathelknit and ske.pnesl. dent el the ASUC than ' the poled hostess. " V.vacita1 3,0 fr:eedlo Pat ' s laterite etpreIPOM " Oh Yellin " arc, " Partytime. " Pat oected that ASUC Motes pet abro well tigetler by anneunc. ink ler carappeaven1 to Dick Bone, lucre ASUC ptrialtat. :OAR PORTER always wean Bowen cc ribbons, which attenuate her lovely bird. bale. Friendly and with a tem sense of she is Seto class secretary ard tdrtcr tf the Blow sad Geld Joan, who coOtir tally playing hostess Ice lass coned pones, makes hire [Uwe a matting place foe arra. Oro who lawns by. RFD WORD MURRAY !mime celebrated Ice lug in. Prowl SieflOr (Ian CturiC I wrings and kit rely ' Ian carom. Senior preiolent when he was only a :make, Ward diStr ' bultd ortek is the mane. el a trot extortive. A Fill Orman and thscur, (win, bashful Wand is %tont fee h s ' for warm in tit bpi, " Keene to bet Inteds as Jame. JEAN EGGERT is • • • er rive spans el P stwar C•Ordiratroy Bard aid Pr hell:mt. Pres Para Of tat Sigma Kappa Mtn. lee threw tents. the is also a true ' " Eiheeler -Waif. woo hat a uterderful pasorality and ts SWOd cornersattenahst, seems to Snow the Ph. Psi house thswOolaly. Another Pro eTO d FLOYD WILKINS a has been a member to (Woman el countless committees and to F;caNt Committee, Militry Ca. al, and Mears Judi( at Committee are only p rt of the lot. Buret aed sec out and a Vroarler Ict ruin, PICO alto rnanhatd to NOW tone to do a gad ecto " Ca tiling: hut, .w.c. !omit, it alt. 72 ABRAMS, ROBERT C. Oakland AMES, ELEANOR AILEE Maroon " . ANDERSON, JEAN ELIZABETH Alarm;la ANDLER, MARILYN RENEE Sacramento ATKINSON, MARY.LOUISE San Jose BARLOW, JACQUELINE M. Los Anse " , BERG, JUANITA KAREN Sacramento ZItcyN Sax Francisco BLUMENSON, RUTH NORMA Los Ele(trual Cereal COITKIthifIl Regional Group Manx Goma ' Carricul✓m Public Health Bicchereiurn fixtrrick91 Regional Grown MAW General C✓rCUltifil Ervin tiro AIEE; Transfer from Yuba City Amur cis Howie Arntnal Delta Delta belt.; Sorra Nu Daman, Transfer from Occidental College; Tuna Up " lay e. Kisumu America Pelican; Nittf0 Glee Club; College California Mb; Sigma Nu D✓mitcrx; Treble Clef; Winter Sixth Club. Honor Student; Pry1Attain; Pelican; Orientations; Spripticny Enron; Utrimpfm; Treble Clef; Ori✓taticim; War Board; D✓mitoty [trump. Intramural, University Crawl. ASUC CYO Sales, Sub-Cluieman; Pas.Helkuic War Council, Ctuirnun; YWCA; Red trots Committee. BOGAST, BOWDEN, BOWERS. BROWN, DONALD ROCCO MARGARET LOVISE CLAIRE ISABEL BILLIE Chico Suva mato return Glendale BROWN, BURDICK, BUSSE. CALDWELL, CAMETO, PEARL JOY LILLIAN ROBIN WALTER GEORGE JACK BERNARD LEON ROBERT Burbart Oatae4 Si, Framisco Glendale Oakland EICCUKal M7014,11.10C1 Congeal CarrKulom Hitter " Smut Welfare Serial Welfare General Curriculum Electrical En inuring Transfer from Beaudelaire; Sigma Kappa Aloba; Transfer hem UCLA. Lexington Hall, Pi KANN AIM " ; (flowering ASM; Tau Beta Pi; College; T ewer and Flan; UtlirtqW. Phi Mu; Te✓s " . Iran UCLA; Intramural. AIEE; Ritter Hall; WAA. President. Alpha Delta Srpma; Tau Bea Pi; Glee Club irr, Mr Fodor ' PubIicat Caeca; AIEE; Pelican, Manager; Cal Engines.; Ad Neuman Club. Imet•Fratetnity Cavil, Secretary. Treasurer. CARLING, CARRION, CARRION, CARSON, CARTER, CASTER, CHAMBERLAIN, CHIN, CHU, BARBARA LOUELLA HUMBERT LUIS ANTONIO ELINOR RITA ROBERT WINTON GWENYTH MARY MARGARET W. ELSA ANNIE El Cerrito Manna., Mambo. C✓eful San Francisco Hermosa Beath StealtY Oakland San Francisco San Francixo DKOIMW Arts Nkaraona Foreign Trade General CUITICIAVII Electrical Regional Glop Major Palk !Mahn. PrythOlOgY EMKatIca Delta CM Sigma; Baclericlopy. Mtrarneral. Transfer from Ematiloq on Hispanic America Trent " . from College Worntn ' s Dominican College. Transfer " cm UCLA Delta Zeta. Mills Cellar. Club Amines. Jo LAlitainit. De. xrdr, lot 73 ELLIOTT. VIRGINIA SNYDER Modesto VARTENAt ANGELA MARGARET Alameda Social Well are Utrimgue; Moon., Club. DAVIS, DOROTHEA SOARES Oakland Economics Phi Alpha Sigma; Ad Seance Bureau. DOWNING, WALTER CALVERT Piedacat Political Science French Phi Kappa Sigma. CUESTA, RAE CAROL San Diego Political Science Transfer hem San Diego State College; Chi Phi Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma: Taste and Flame; Intrarmrai. DENNY, LEWIS E. Sac memo General Curriculum Transfer from Urdwrsity of Idaho; Phl Kappa Psi; Golden Bear; California Club; Big ' V ' Sahel; Phi Phi; Store Board; Track. COMISAROFF, COMPAGNE, COVER. MOLLIE MARJORIE L. MARY JANE Los Angeles Millbrae Sas Ditto Ninety Political Science Public Health Nursing Transfer frees Los Colonial Hall; Sherman Hall; Angeles Ply College; Scholarship Damao., Council. Arch Place; Committee. War Board; likairtilay Council. EMERSON, ERIGERO, FARMAN, DONALD ECKHART GLORIA MARIE ELLA MARGARET San From:sea San Francisco Woodland Mechanical Slur ;A American Literature Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Transfer from Transfer from Dormitory; Sarfarner40 Junior Stanford Unnerve,: Atom Mu Gamma. Ogler; Tay Beta Pi; son. Stebbins Hall. FARQUHARSON, FEDER, PATRICIA ALLEN S. Garden City, Kansas San Francisco General Curriculum Mechanical Transfer from Ergiattrirg Kletnai State. Bowles Hall; ASME. FEDER, JR. JACK MOTT San Francisco Petroleum Engineering Barks Hall; Mining Assexiatka. FISHER. RAYMOND RICHARD Fresco General Curriculum Phi ICaPPa FLYNN, FRANCES BARRETT BeelorMy Psychology. FRAHER, MARGARET ANNE San Francisco Bacteriology Alpha Xi Delta; Honor Student; Neuman Chit GROSSMAN, JEROME Los ArgtIts Physiology Glenwood; Daily Californian, Sports Ethle. GARDINER, JR. GILMOUR, GLEITEMAN, GOLDBERG, GOLDEN, GORDON, WALDRON RAYMON PHYLLIS ELEANOR MARION RACHEL ANN MARY ELISE HONEGGER Si. Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Berkeley San FrArnit 0 Medical Science History Public Health Social Welfare Social Welfare History Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Xi Delta; Stern Hall; Tomer Sophomore Council; Delta Delta Pella; Data Sigma Theta; Sigma Kappa Alpha. and Flame; Stake Orientatkrn; Treble Oribitalian; Wm Phi Beta Karma; Class Council; Clef; Interfaith Board; SomPhoHr Sigma Kappa Alpha; Orientations; Cal Commil; Forum, Presidern; Toner and Flame; Hosts; Elections Hillel Comelation, Elections Board; Beard, Chairman. President. Redman Clef,. GRAY, ROBERT W. Berkeley General Curriculum Transfer Iron Montana School of Minn; Alpha Delia Phi; Golden Beat; Big " C " Society; Football; Baseball. GREEN, MARIAN MILDRED Burhogane History Transfer loam Sacramento Junior College; Karma; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Activities Coordinating Can. mate; Wcrlecrs Activity Council; Senior Class Council; Peldan, Women ' s Dimmer; Oriantatitert; War afar Chairman; bit Wherry F run. Acknutty, ba gAnsit.. Yuzatia2, gut 74 HAVEN, HANSSON, HAYASHI, DROVER, GUINEY, NACKLEY. HAGOPIAN, HANDLOFF, ANNE ELIZABETH MARY ELLEN RAY ROSALIE O. LOUIS EUGENE HATHAWAY, BERNICE JOSEPHINE HELEN ANN bb ELIZABETH ANN MARK MUNEYUKI San Franosco W oadfd 041406 Okada Oakland Berkeley Bellaire, Cg Lac Angela Cereal Cuomotarn General Curriculum Nursing Public Socaling and flectrical Sad ' Welfare. Reglad! Group Make f .. 0 , Age:cult...I Transfer from Sal Transfer from Tinter Iron Compton E66a " CM Eoginetrieg Ca thWariC America ta Transfer Los DYNE College. InC1140.1unier Bakersfield Junior Jun Kr College. Lanier IronRodley AIEE; Glee Club; Transfer from hell Mills C011er Junal College; Winter Spans Club; Junior College; War Board; Halal iodination. Dated Hall. W Stott Hail; Alpha Mu Oraesit. Gamma: Ad Service Boers. HAYNE, HEMENOYER, HERBERT, HILTON, HOLLINGSWORTH, HOOK, HORNBOSTEL, HUGHES. JEFFREY. JR. WILLIAM ALSTON ALBERT DALE DOROTHY ANN KATHRYN In RUTH ELIZABETH WARREN MATHEW ELEANOR ELAINE DORIS JEAN GEORGE A. Red.00d City Oallard Teo:liana, Texas Oakland Santa Maki 04.1306 Sacramento Walnut Can Miami Cenral Curelodwe Mocha ' cal General Gurrioaern General Curriculum Bacteriology Electrical Endowing Political Science Microblokgy. Social Welfare PM Kappa Psi; Hiram.) Alpha Ossi Omega: Zeta Tau Alpha; Transfer from Santa AIEE. Transfer from Transfer from Blg " Cu SCR Ott ASME. California Club; Pry. Ad Sande Bureau; Cal Matta Jan.:, CORK.: Sacrament. College; Riverside Junior Tract; Soccer. tassean; Panile; Torch Hosts; Elections Board Stern mall. Sherman Hall; College, and Shield. President; College Women ' s Club Phrateres. Senior Class Name ' s. Rally Committee, Chairman. JENSEN, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JONES, HALLO, KEEGAN, KEITH, KILKENNY, KREEKIS, VERA LOIS HELEN INEZ VIRGINIA ANN PATRICIA ANNE ROBERT MAX PATRICIA GLYNN PATRICIA MARIE PAUL EDWARD San IttalKiK0 Social Wendt Lakeside Sacramento Berkeley San Ft...caw wakuni Williams Vallejo Batton:LON ' Gridley Poultry Husbandry History Regional Group Matat ChonNtrY Sorsa ' Welfare General Currialias Civil Engineering International Hone; Tramfer Horn Shaw Transfer from Davis; Alpha Phi; Ace of on Hispanic Amelia Alpha CM Soma; Lantana Lodge; Alpha Xi Delta: ASCE; Toner and Home; City College; iltdiNnsOnt• Clubs; OrleatatHess; Prytanean; Panne; leter•Frattrota Dormitory Counol; Blue and Gold; Big " C " Guard; Hoar Stmlent; Seta House; YWCA. Cal Hots; YWCA. P. Alpha Sigma, Council. College Want✓s Orientations; Vigilantes. Califorron; President; Blue and Clot Junco; Elections Board; Orientatiord. Gold, Atietialt Harman Club. YWCA. Manager; Ad Sensor Bureau; Orientation Council; Simian Symms, Chairman; College Warren ' s Club Juniors. r Unitythititik—witk, in. 75 KUMNICK, GRETCHEN DIANA Lot Myles General Curriculum Transfer from UCLA. LANCE, BETTY LOUISE Oakland Social Welfare Alpha Omicron Pi. LANGMADE, LOUISE Phoenix, Arizona Public Health Nursing Transfer from BIWAluau . College; Phi Kappa Sigma DormitPI; Alpha Tau Delta. n PRISCILLA PEAVEY Abinittn, Maeutcbmetty Gemmel Cueric.Iwo Transfer from Bridgewater Teachers ' College; Masonic Club. LEE, QUAI SHAN Sae Francisco Political Serena Chirac Strident Club. LEVER, STANLEY ALVIN La; Angeles Metallurgy Transfer from Los Angeles Cite College; Swim Alpha Mu; Tim Bela P.; SVA. LIVSON, NORMAN HERMAN Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Transfer from UCLA; Consumers ' Council. LORENZ. MARGARET LOUISE San Marina Social Welfare Ga Mortar Board; Prytantan; Women ' s Emotive Board; Woewr(s ActiMty Owned.; PmhKethink Corned; YWCA. PreSgent. LOUTZENHEISER, JOYCE San Francisco MedKal Science Alpha Pill; Pelican; 0 lineations; YWCA; Inman ' s al; Woe. Grain Club. LYON, MASTERSON, MEREDITH, MISAICIAN, MITCHELL, MOREDOCK, MORGAN. MORGAN, MORGAN, JOAN DINSMORE MERRY LENORE ADELE PEARL VICTORIA RUTH ELLEN HELENE JOYCE ALICE HILL JANE ELLEN JOY WRAY San Francisco OeLead Sacramento Oakland Neva City Vallejo Red Blvff Hayward Portend!. General Baritelot General Cueretulurn Business Pedie Health Deter the Art Nwsicq Education Political Science Social Welfare General Cynic an Transfer from Delta Chi Alpha; AGniniStration Lteenitefa Hall; Booklair.; Transfer from At a Plate. Transfer ran ram Sr Non HOIlinf College; !jemmied, Theatre; Transfer from Home Stolen% Delta CM Alpha; Sacramento Junior Cornell Chico State Alpha Pal; Treble Clef; Junior Tam awd i Law; College Wcasen ' s College. Ensiceth Mall; Wier. Sty NUJ telly Colter Women ' sCOOhm: Pgateeel, Higgian Club Juniors, Relations; WAA; Club Juniors; Signe Alpha Epsilon YWC• Prrigent. Ira Tennis: Masonic Club. Ccfnutg7; Wmter Scam Club Phi Chi Tama MUELLER, MeAVOY, KAY H. MARIAN VIRGINIA Berkeley Pittsburg Berkeley Sow] Welfare iiittevy Social Welfare Orientatio ns; Daily Californian, Tra-mfer Iron College Women ' s Junior Editor; Alberta Teachers ' Club Juniors. WAA, Colley : Woven ' s ”C " Short.: Tower AM Flame; Orientations: WAA. McCLIMANS, McKINNIS, McMANUS, M NAB, McNABOtA, McNAMARA, DOROTHY EVELYN RUTH MAE RUTH ADELAIDE MARGARET SMITH FRANCES MARIE JEAN ANN Bare t7 Berkeley Alban Bare n Troia Fullerton Psychology- History . oarnalisn Hotta ' Social Welfare Social Welfare Tarok. from Transfer from College Wonsfees Honor Went; Transfer from Lincoln UnivennYi Club JoMors. Class CcoaciI% Stanford UnigniitYi Delta Sigma Theta: College; Welfare Ca col; Alpha Delta P.. YWCA. Beal, law,: Student Relateens, Dormitory Council; CoiCilmirman: College Women ' s Dormitory Coaled: Club Juniors. Newman Club. bath. .and Aerta. tee, ,ca t PAL 76 NELSON. NORDIELT. O ' CONNOR, OSBURN, PACKARD, RAFTERY, RAMIREZ, REED, REIDY, CAROLYN JEAN RUTH CONSTANCE LOIS MARY ANN NELSON PETER JOAN MARIE CHARLES ARNOLD GWYNN( CLAIRE ELIZABETH Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Los Myths Berkeley Berkeley San Ferran., Oakland San Fram•o Dietetics and SOAnkh. Amounting Phetiwtheapy Medical Science Nu ttttt Ds and !Continuo Zoology Social Welfare Nutrition Zeta Beta Tau Kappa Alpha Theta; Golden Beat; Dietetics Transfer HMI Alpha Psi; Kappa Delta; Phrateret: Cornutery; Canfcritia Club; Toot, and Flow: Herne flcriCmilt Club; Lou AIWA ' S GAY Orientations; Cal Engineer; Wine Wwtdds Psi Os WALE Prytantun; Spike Class Commit; Utrimmae; College; YWCA; °mentalists; VW Juniors- Beta Gamma Sigma. Torch AM WM Senior Peace Neuman Club. Wily Californian. Irtrarnural. (Innen) Boyd. Ace ol Clubs; Can...Otte: Executive Ccersittni; YMCA; Football; Am nitim Cosidumt• ing Committee; Wirster Sports Club, Preside Weave ' Representative; Women ' s Judicial ConwIlMe; WomeWs (emotive Board; Wonted, Ann.ll Council, Chairman. RIBBS, RIDER, ROBERTSON. RUSSELL, ST. CLAIR, SCHAAO, SHUMWAY, SIEGEL. SMITH, EFFIE MARIE NORMA JEAN ARLENE GLADYS ELAINE FLORENCE MARY BETTY JANE RICHARD ARTHUR SEYMOUR D. ALICE LAURA San Jost Tall Phoenix, Antoru Oakenfield ClaremOnt Williams Santa Barbara Long Snot Nee York Social Welfare English Journalism Medical Sciences General Cunkulurn Hare (townies Elmerkal Genital Cuirkultun General Curriculum Sturman Hall; To Psi Dormitcry; Trylkief Inn ' Transfee f rem Transfer Iron Transfer From Ones Engineering Transfer from (worth Hall. Studer.% Relation To...trend Flew; nines Ogler; Balonliold Junior Pulley College; LArnina LOW; Rugby. Long Beach Junior feminine. Honn Sts.MM: Sigma Nu Dorms College; ifeLlernod Hall: Now Ecownits Odle.; Treble Clef; Reftanean; Delta Zeta; Tone and Flow. Club; Aloha Mu Gamine Ghanian Same Pi Alpita Sigma; Honor Student. College Women% SMiety. Unlearn Coordinal• Club Juniors. mg Committee; Senior Clang Caanil; Publltalipt% Ccuncil, Chairman; Daily Caidorman, Manger; Cormilln Carnal. SMITH, SNOOK, SOLOMON; STANFIELD, STEHSEL, STEVENSON. STOCKTON, SWANSON, TOM, MARGARET PYRON MARY CAROLYN BERTRAM CLIFFORD SHEILA MELVIN LOUIS JOHN LAWRENCE KARP LEONARD MARCIA FAYE ELWOOD GOON Berkeley Oakland Sacrament. Lon Gatos Long Beach Oakland Lm Angeles Beverly Hills Oakland Public Health Nursing Scania Medical Science Intonational Organic Chemistry Mechanical Poultry Husbandry Weir Trade Chteintrf Transfer from Alpha XI Delta; Toner and Flame; Relations Transfer Irons Feta...nog Transfer Iron Trawler from UCLA; Pi Aloha Phi; College a Axil K. Palle, Vice. How Student; Game, Psi Beta; Long limb Junior Transfer Don Chalky Junior Delta Zeta; Pi Lambda Pa., President; Student Advisory Prytanean; College; Unitemity of College; CAvittian Science Vioe.Pmdent: Pelican. Publicity Board Torch and 9141d; Wotan Chemical San Francisco. Track, Sanity. Cairri.e Stuckete Glsalwan: Actintks CCedtrut Society. Club. ASUC Card Sates; lug Ccamittee; YWCA; WE ewes Entwine Inerammal Wet bawd; Weaves Monty Caisoil; Eleculom Board. Co-Csairman. dam. nit Mt ilvtort 21.10frnt and, gut 77 TORASSA, TOWNE, VEACO, VERDI, PATRIA O. VERNON, WAGNER, WALTON, WARD, FRIEDA T. WEISS, BETTY BROWN ALICE LOUISE LELIA McCAIN Berkeley SHIRLEY JEAN KATHERINE LYN( LUCY LAIRO San Franineo HANS WERNER Oakland San Jae Oakland Geonaau San Francisco Los Angeles Piedmont General Clauseulum Battler An General Curriculum Psyclwa100. Little Theatre. Social Welfare Spanish Sall Welfare AtoM Mu Gansu. Economics. Delta Epsilon; Ad Service Bureau. Transfer from College of Roue Oarnt. Waning Place; Elections Board. Alta P14; Mortar Boyd; Miamian; Beta Dormitory. Panne; Senior Class Council; Pelican, Paso 1nel Director; War Bawd; Store Bond; Standards Commission. WHARTON, WHITE, WILLIAMS, WINCHELL. WINKLER, WOOD, WRIGHT. YOUNG, ABBOTT, MARIANNA ELAINE HALPERIN ROBERT F. WILLIAM HENRY ETHEL ANNE AUDREY JEAN BETTY WILDER HELEN JOE GARTH STEPHEN Jackson, Mississippi Bemely HMI Elko, Reads Worcester. Davis PasaOrna Berkeley Berkeley Rigby, Idaho ECOMuitt General CUIlleolurn Electrical Engineering Home Etoromics Musks and General Cureliculum, Social Welfare. Mechanical Truckler Fran Wiliam Alpha Xi Delta. Transfer from Zoology Richman; Home Seismology. Cretan rim College; University of Nevada; Transfer from CHIN Economics Club; Tan Beta Pi; ASME; Stern Hall. Tau Beta PI; UniversitY; Studer% Relation: Toner eel Flame; Tower and Flame; Glee COnti. SVA. Men ' s Rally Commute. ACXERMAN, ADAMS, ALEXANDER, AMBROSE. AMICK. ANGELL, ARMSTRONG, BAKER, BANKER. MARGARET J. CAROLYN AZALU KATHRYN M. NANCY CREELMAA CAMILLE JANETH TOMMY F. EDDIE MAE MARALYN LORAINE DOROTHY JANE Honolulu. Hawaii Poplar 8Iu11,Mo. Berkeley Berkeley Satraciento Berkeley Los Angeles Balcony Oakland General Conklin ' s!, PstatAtg Art General Corposlon Ptrmical Education Political Slone Social Well ate Journalism PINK Speak,nt CU Omega; Traeger ken San Pb, Beta Kappa; Delta Gamma Pm Flew; Transfer Iron Casa Hrtfuna; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Transfer from Butler Della Gamma; Paws,. Diego State College; Epsilon; Toner and Puna; Class CHOC .IC; Sacramento Judie. ' Board, Tower and Flame Univenity; Pelican; Ritter Hall. Llano; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; College; WAR; President; Pryt.tweam; UCSCA; YWCA. Orientations Cowan; Orientations; Rally YWCA; College Orientation, Physical Education Woven ' s nC " Society, Activities Recruiting Comnittee; Women ' s CUR Jaws; Sub.Ctionsan. Magri Club. Vne.President; Bureau, penman; ASUC Card Sales; Newt Club. MPH. Mu Gamow; YWCA Cabinet Intrarmat. Honor Swans; Tenet ' and Flame; Activities Cocaltnal• Ink Committee; Women ' s Adnial Council; Class Ctow.4; Orientations; StantHHIS COrtaclt- sion, Clubman; Winter Sports Clvt Spanish Club; Imereutiorat Ham kW, _to graduate. .fregolk iluz. ,to 78 BERNARD, BERTSCHINGER, IBTAVIYAN BERNICE MARSHALL RICHARD OTTO MONA Les Angeles Chino Pairmes Alen ' lecture (lousy ' Engineering General Curricular. Alpha Alpha Gamma Transfer from Transfer Iron San University of Redlands. Benito County Big " C " Society; College; Iaalotaall; Taman. hanlarn Loose. BARR, BETTY L. Santa Rein Serial Welfare Elizabeth Brent; Maim Bat hymns; leech and Shield; Ita I,Yilief Coadial- nig Wanes Representatim; WomeWs Judicial Comm(let; Women ' s Emetutim Boyd; Woman ' s ArtisitY Orientations, Chairman; Activities Ryes into limey, Ouirsun; Ocenntony Owned; YWCA Cab, BARTLETT, BATESOLE, BEHM, BENSON, ROSEMARY MARILYN BEVERLY E. 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BURRELL, CARABALLO, MARGARET BRISTOL HECTOR JOSEPH Millie San Gyre° Journalism General Curries ' s.% Theta Siena Phi; Big ' V ' Saline; Daily Californian; Circlet ' Society; Radio Commission. Football; Rugby. CASTELLO, CHEW, CLARA JOHN WALLACE Oakland Sacramento Social Welfare General lownsoonal MM.; Transfer from Sacra. Associated Students 414,49 Jain College; ol Social Welfare. Bogies Hall; Masi and Dagger; Men ' s !Wirral Committee; Unitersity Theatre. CHRISTY, JOYCE ELAINE Oill.rd General Curriculum. CLAWSON, CONNER, JOHN ALBERT CLAIRE MARIE Oakland San traCIXO latehlannal General Erginetring Transfy Iron San Tau Beta Pi; FranciscoJoni ASME; Cal College; Enginrer, Eddy, Lantana Lee : Dormitory Gonna; Mayne Club. CONNER, CORMACK, VIRGINIA MARCELLE CHRISTINE JEANNE Lag Beach Centime Be ' Many Social Welfare (cononks [Minnie, yam ea from UCLA; Sigma No Dormitory; Transfer Don Attepeened SludenIS of Poi Beta Kappa; Lan Reath Aimee Serial Welfare. Women ' s Cryonics College. Haler Society. CORREN, ESTER Los Angeles Spanish Transfer Dr UCLA; LIMmttrn Hall, COUSE, CAROLYN NELLE Beaktley Social Welfare Transfer from Stockton Junior Colley; Alpha Della VG YWCA. CRANDALL, HAROLD ERWIN Napa Fanly Delta Kappa Epsilon; Golden Bear; Skull and Keys; Men ' s WgiLantts; Inter.Fraternly Cymric President; rattly Club. gut pnacitinut piwvant. COL Lewitt .abouL 79 CROWLEY. CULLEN. CUNNINGHAM, DALBOTTEN, nsVlSON. DEISING. DELENANW, DEMLER, RICHARD PATRICK EUGENE WAYNE General 1E, ELIZABETH JUNE HERBERT L. F. JOHN LINDSAY CHARLES ERIC JANICE Blythe NORMA GENEVIEVE DAVID JAMES Riots. alimony. Waosornolle San ParisiSao Keenan Pc Marla Newry, eneral Curriculum General Curricalu. Elecuical Engineering Mink Busmen Administra tion from Transfer nsfer Iron Tramin from Alpha CM Omega; Phi Kappa Tam; Trarnfer Iron Stern Hall; minim Amor Untveraity of Oregon; Tower and Flame; WA; Transfer Iran ; Phi Chine ; l u ni c• University ci Phi Kappa Psi. Plwattrti; Cal Einem Chip. New Masker; Tower and Flame; Woers Acto Re Nun; rmn, Cal Holt; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE. Hagman and DiSelle I ; Dorman) Ceunol. Council ' Little Theatre; University Theatre; Udevenity Rand: Council ' Ad Senate Bureau, ' Intramural. Wailers:1y Clique Spanish Club. 0e ROOS. LOIS LAVONNE San Lembo English. CURIES, MARGARET MIRIAM Oakland General Currie...him. DILDINE. DINWIODIE, CONRAN, ERNEST LOWELL HARRIET FRANCES HELEN C. Oakland Berkeley Sin Francisco Mechanical Personnel Social Welfare Engineeeing Administration Transfer iron Tau Beta Pi; Delta Gltraa. Duluth Junior Celine. ASME; Ace of Clubs; CCedssal• Pentad: ing Committee; Orientations; Entwines ' Council. Intranieral. DONNELL, DORAN, DROITCOUR. DUQUE. RUTH LOUISE BEVERLY ANN GEORGINA FAITH DOROTHY HYMAN Phoenix. Apnea Si, Francisco Berkeley Los Amities Social Well... HiStal Genteel Garricalum Political Science Tosser and Flame. Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Ye; Transfer now UCLA; Sigma Kappa Alpha Cal [minter: Internationsl House. Orientation; Little Theatre; wAA: Winter Spats Club. DWORAK, EASTON. EBY, EDDY, EDMUNDS, EINSPRUCH, ERHART, ERICKSON, DOROTHY AGNES MARY ALICE LELA R. BETTY ANN POLLY GRAY BERNICE BERTHA ETHEL AMELIA SHIRLEY MARIE San Francisco Rag , WaShoWten Muth, Charleston, Fronfig0 $illwa. Ine9en Kingsbury OatLand General Cwricalien General Curriculum Deotat lot An General Curripshin West Virginia Political Science Public Health Home («comics Transfer frtni Transfee from Transfer from Transfer hon General Curricular " The Mc aslant: Transfer iron Transfer Iron University 01 Ililemesity 01 Gulley Jona " UniverSild 01 Trani lie fron lahraterni Uaivenity of Oregon Said Barbara State Nebraska: WashInelen; Collar; Wainiestms; Marmon College; MOH Fioadhlial. Melissa! Selml. College. PI Lambda Theta. Californian Dorman,. Ste00.01 Hall; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Chi Omega; Wolin Sports Club. Beta Pi; Blue and Gold. Delta Cal Alpha; Comer Wcrneres Club JunioNi Cantertwo Club. EVERETT, BONNIE LEE Fair Oaks General Curriculum Transit. from UCLA; Stebbins Hall. C011f412, ligIL MIL Mitifigt, but lac Added. 80 FINE. ELIZABETH Los Legelm Tinnier Hon UCLA; North Gables; Sigma DiStntitVY Ccuncii. FINN, FONES, FONG, FORBES. FOSTER, MARGARET P. MARION LOUISE RICHARD BRIAN JANET BROWN BERTA MARY San FINKiK0 Oakland Seaman° Red Bluff San Leandro Journalism Detwative An Plant Pathology Home Economics Nrctvloq,.. EVEREI T. FACKLER, FIEDLER. GRACE MARILYN FORREST LOUIS VIRGINIA BERG Los Angeles Fen Morgan Eterkeky Accounting Colorado Pchtlul Stier... Trash. from UCLA; Mechanical Della Delta Delta Steen Mall; Engineering Class Canals; ASME; WAA; Men ' s Rana Intramural. Committee; Homecoming Dance Committee; Masonic Club; Winter Soon: Club. Joaqua Nall; California Club; lieu Stria Phi, PrtSidtat; Toth and Snat14; Finance Committee; Activities Coordinat• leg Committee; Womerds Enecvtin Baud; Wormers Acterlty Council; Senior Class Costal; Daily Californian, Jnia Editor; Ws Board; Dounitay Cormil, Prnident. Delta CM Alpha; Transfer Iron Bela House; Ad Seance Barn; Sc. memo College; Home Eccoornics YWCA Cabinet; leternational Hone; Club; College Women ' s SVA; Football; Darman Council. Club Juniors; Chinese Students ' Masonic Club, Chg. Vice.Prembent. FOSTER, FOSTER, FULLMORE. FUND, FUNK, EDGAR MILTON ROSEMARY ELEANOR ANNE SHERMAN BYRON DOROTHY MAE Los Angeles Berkeley Oakland San Frark.StO Berkeley Electrical French General Curricular. General Curriculum Ptlitkal Same. Engineering Alpha On Camegic Transfer from Chinese Students ' Circle " C " Society; Hammer and Dtnima, San Francisco Junior Club. President; Robb,. President; College CSC, Vi«.Ptesialent; Team and Flame; Westin:emu Hew, Drama ° Council; Amide... Little Theatre. GARBEN, GARFINKLE. GELLER. GINZLER, BETTY JANE JANET ETHEL JACQUELINE INA ANNA GRACE Suisun Oakland Los Amster Los Angeles lcurnairsm Social Welfare English Journalism Elizabeth Barrett; Alpha Epailon Phi. Transfer Iron UCLA; Transfer fro, Theta Stria DID. ;Mensal i...11 House. Ware UnimnsitY. GLEN, GLENN, GOODWIN, GRAY, GREBSTEIN, GREENBAUM, GREENFIELD, GREER, MARION MINER ROBERT FRANCIS ROBERT KENNETH HELEN FRANCES VERA MARVIN MARGARET ESTHER IDA FRANCES Berkeley Oakland Oakland La, Cruces, San Francisco Les Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Nrthology Coll Engineering. General Curritclum. Nevi Moire Erwmics Electrical English granting Zeta Tau AIDA.; 0.0r di Art Transfer frost Engineering Alpha Phi; Transfer from Penman; Tramiel tram Duran College. Transfer from UCLA; Prytamars, ... Pi Alpha Sigma; New Ikaire A. M Tau Beta Pi; Pi Alpha Sgma; Caller; Women ' s Acthity Kappa Phi; AIEE. Ace erg Clubs; Lantana Lodge. °port Delta Chi Alpha. 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State College; Toner and Flame. Whitman College; College; Committee of UGSCA; Senor Class Cowie al; Alpha Della Pt; Beta Theta Pc Ridgenont Oormatory. Intramural. POsliWat PLuvrin YWCA Cabinet Baton; mitts Co. COlunilteti tediriclieD Cc nnotter; War Board; Mem Cowed; YWCA Cabintl. University Band; Uninenity Cha n. HASTINGS HAVEN, HENDERSON, JR. HERMAN, HERMANN, HERMANN, HILDRETH, HIRSCH, HODGKINSON, EVRETTA LYEN NANCY BARNARD CHARLES WILLIAM ARTHUR CLARENCE CORA E. KATHLEEN MARY MARYLOU ROBERT HENRY AMY JEAN Fullerton Berkeley gnu Barbara Fenn, Esamulle, Indaata Evansville, Indiana Ukiah Kabul City, Mo. San Francisco Music Central Curried , Busmen Mechanical JOunkilism Social Welfare SPINA ' Curriculum Mechanical Palatial Science Transfer frog Katta Kama Gamed; Ackriniltranon Engineering. Sonia Kappa. Transfer From Alpha Chi Drew; ColintteieSt Snerman Hall; University of Pio Dela Kappa; Kapp. Aloha. Evainville College; Pelican; Treble Clef; ASME, ViceiPreodent Cal Hosts; Winter Redlands; Ihrytemean; Node; Sigma Kan4; Intramural. Class Caned); Senior Spats Club; Unlitnity SpliPkonf Ace of Clubs; Pelican; Orientations; Peace Committee; Masonic Club. Orchestra. Actinism Coded...A. YWCA. Gynguste Tears; inn Committee; lora naval Spuis. Wornpf s Judicial Comuillet. Chiang; Freshgan Class Vice. President; Wernen ' s millet; HOGAN, HOLLENBECK, HOLLINGSWORTH, HOlIGRAF, HOLZHAUSER, HOOK, HOTCHKIS, HOUSTON, HUBBARD, JACKLYN ANNE ALICE BERNICE RUTH ELIZABETH WESLEY CURT ALBIN DOROTHEA L. KATHARINE ELIZA ANN KATHERINE R. Mill valley Burliegame San Diego San Marino San Francisco Ukiah Long Beach French Mining Enprerwng Public St:taking Public Health. Erglith Oakland Transfer from Lew Oral Bra Alicaeppc.41 l a on: i : " rC° . llispana. Alpha Delta P.; Transfer from San Pelican; War Board; Diego State College. ASME. Theta Sigma Ph.. Delta Gemini. Radio WalPhOP. Ant:K.414n; SVA; Opal Club. ADM DM hadifialti. Add Wit rncnL 82 HURLEY, INGRAM, ISAEFF, JACOBSEN, JAKOB, ROBERT H. MARIE KARAM, ALICE MARY )(ARAM, MARGARET RICHARD BELMONT GWYNNETH EUGENIA LUCILLE ADEL San Fondle° Los Angeles San Francisco Richmond Berkeley Pacific Grave Chemistry. Oakland Chicago, Illinois NOW% Arizona Social Welfare Electrical Engineering English Horne Economics Home Economics Social Welfare Assaulting Social Welfare Transit. from Phi Btu Kappa; Gamma Phi Beta; Dote° Slam. Insure from Alpha Kash Alpha; ' hamlet from Transfer from Immaculate Hears Tau Beta Pi; Senior Class Council; Oregon State; Ordiesis, Secretary; University of OW100 Doniaitan Cohlege; College; Sigma XI; IRE; Elestioro Board; Hone Eton:miss Inimnaticcial Cabinet; Alpha Sims PTO Alpha Soma Pm MEE. YWCA. Club: Hoop Student; Social Welfare Repro Dormitory; Dormitory; Dormant, WAA. untatire; YWCA. Treble Clef; Consul; Winter Sports Clat. Winter Sports Club. Nevnium Club KAUFMANN, KEENE, KINSWORTHY, KLEIN, KOPF, KOPP. KOPP, JR. KROHNGOLD, KUMMER, STEPHEN H. BEVERLY M. MARY ANN BETTY MAC BERNITA ALICE HELEN RAE THEODORE LEO JUDITH WOLFGANG HELMUT San Frowns. Taft Oakland Hollywood Alameda Seattle, Wash. Seta Rosa Berkeley San Francisco Business Dietetics Social Welfare Deowathe Art General CW KIIIUM Geography Mechatkal Socul Welfare Electrical Engineering Administration Steen Hall; Home Transfer from Trarnfer from UCLA; Cal Hosts; Fresh-an Junior Varsity Dttute; Enimuumill Phi Beta Karma. Phi Beta Nana; Taal Golden Be. ' ; Economics Club University on The Californian; Sunday Sworn; Nexman Club. ASME; Tower and Beta Pi; Alpha Mt Tower and Flame; Council; Manus; Seim Class Council; Masonic Club. Flare; Newman Club. Gamma; Sigma Xi, ASK Executive Stowe Glatt Council; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Cl En3l.lIc Patiwkat; AIEE, Committee; Election Board; Welter Spouts Club; President; EigincelV Representatne. YWCA. Masonic Club. klaititt Coordinal• mg Committee; Conference Comm ate; Class Councils; Welfare Coonc,1; WII Boyd; Ottutirg; Election Board. LARSON, LEBELL, LEDUC, LEE, LEWIS,DS LITTLEFIELD. LOEB, SHIRLEY JANE DON YVONNE (EISA HIRUM LUM LOVELLE ELAINE LAWRENCE ANDREW RICHARD ALAN FRANCES L. THERESA FRANCES Turlock Rosa Oecario Los Anvers Oakland Oakland Santa Ro Serial Manhattan Beach San D1110 General Cmrkuliwn Electrical Eagineteirg General Curriculum Civil EaVneeriii Welfare Civil Emir:C.6 g lttitricarilng Transfer from Sin Theta Sigma Phi; English Jounialiim Mew Tort, N. Y. Kappa Delta; Pelican; Transfer from UCLA. Trail Iron Maria Pi Alpha Phi; AXE; Alpha Kappa Alpha; ASCE; Baseball. at Cal Engineer Junior College; Chinese Stzdeals ' Club YWCA. Transfer horn USC; Diego State SCINgt; Welfare Council; Sochi:ewe Vigilattei. Stern Hall. President; CSCA; AIEL; Engineering Rain Hall. Debating. Stiles Hall. 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RUTH JANE MILDRED LAVERNE YVONNE JEANNETTE MARY LOU LEAH SARAH FLORENCE Clattoxl Manila, Philippines Altagena Los Angeles Long Beach Modesto Oaktaed Los Angeles SaCrasect Electrical Eskireflr9 General Curriculum Political Science Personnel Psychology General Currkuham History Social Welfare Mathematics Sims Nu; AIEE; TrISOM from Tower and Flame; Administration Alpha Xi Delta; Gtii Omega; Alpha Gamma Delta; Transfer from Transfer from Activities Gordinat• University of the Dormitory Commit; Transfer from UCLA; Pelican; Pelican; Seek. Class Council; Los Arcades City Sacramento College; Mg Committee; Sends Class PSC- Presdent: Class Cowan; Send. PhiLogien; Philip ' s, Students ' Club, Vice•Pendent YWCA; UCSCA. Beadlelain; Dormitory Coax il, Treasurer. Orcertatioev; Card Sales. Little Theatre. Blue and Gold, Anier Maroon; Treble Clef; College; KInprnan Hall. Alpha Delta GO. Sophomore Vigilantes; Military Council, Chairman; Senor Senkr Barowt Chairman. Peace Committee; Men ' s Rally Commit• tee. Chairman; Inter•Faternity Coancil, Secretary. Treasurer. POTTS, PRIMO. QUACKENBUSN. RANKIN, RIPPINGHAM. ROACH, ROBERTS, ROJESKI. ROSEN, STANLEY WAYNE OLIVE FORA SALLY JEAN ELEANOR EILEEN SHIRLEY JANE BARBARA JEAN JEAN AIBEE FRANK ROBERT ALEXANDER CARL Los ArgeIn P.:meanie Oakland Burlingame San Luis °boon Satrarmnto Los Angeles [maim, Nttealka North 11011yerfad Mechanical Personnel Public Health Enlitliirt General Curriculum History Political Science Mechanical Psychology Engineering Administration Nursing. Transfer from Hp I Delta Pi. Sturm Kama Motu; Emvorth Halt; [ ' Whetting Transfer from UCLA; University of Pelican; Hata Student. Peru State Teacher ' s SSPna Alpha Mm; North Carolina; College Women ' s College; Pelican. Dormitory F. Club Juniors. Big " C " Society; ASME; Stake Peace Committee; Engineers ' Council; Football. ROTH, SANINGIL, ST. CLAIR, SAYLES. SCHADE, SCHEDLER, SCHELLENBERG, SCHMIOT, SCHNEIDER, MARGARET K. OMER FERDI HAL KAY DOROTHY ADALINE ARTHUR GEORGE GEORGE DEAN MARGARET ANNE ESTHER FREDERIXA JOHN DRUM Oakland Isrambul, Turkey Glendale Berkeley San Mateo Stillwater, Berkeley Berkeley Los Angeles Decoratite Art Anbitecture. Electrical General Curriculum Political Science Oklahoma Etcation Cetera! Curriculum Mechanical Trarate lam Engineering Transfer from Pi Kappa Alpha; General Currioolom Transfer from Sigma Kappa; Engineering College of Pacific; Transfer from USC; San Joie State Track Manager. Transfer from College of Pacific; Pelican; SOMA Nu. Delta Chi Alpha Phi Beta Kam: College; Oklahoma A. A M. Sigma Kappa; Elections Tau Beta Pi, Aloha Delta Cni; College; Pelican Staff; Vde.President; Cabin Club. Beta Theta Pi; YWCA; Sigma Xi; Ph; Condon SIAM Intrans01. Tower and Flame; AIEE, Presdenti Masonic Club. Transfer fran Aloha Gamma Delta; University of Mortar Board; New Mexico; Pritantan; Sigma Chi; Phi Chi TMta; Senior Peace Executive Committee; Committee; . Attreitim CO:edisatr Tennis; mg Commute; Gymnastics. Represertative• at. Large; Bic and Gold, Associate Editor; Weave Council; Poll Committee: YWCA; WAA. muAtiva and. rafting- " 9 " XORAL Callaghan... 85 SEAR, EUGENE FRANK Davis Ctrs! (spectrum? Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Winter Sports Club. SCHRADER. SCHWEICKHAROT, SCOTT, SEIBLY. SEMENENKO, HELEN BATTANY FRANCES ELEANOR BETTY GERALDINE J. CARL ALEXANDER Mt. Smut., T.IIII Falls, MUM Bentley Hollywood SEREERICH Social Welfare. Central Currkulum hark Health. Mechanical San Francisco Transfer from Mills College; Publications Engin...en Transit. from USC; Metlwnical Engineering. Council; ASME, Presicler4; Pelican, Edict. Stelae Como!:Track. SHABAGLIAN, SHAW, SHEAHAN, JOHN A. LOIS BONFILL HELEN FRANCES Forum San Diego San Heir! FCOneolicir POliteril Source Transfer IrOnl UCLA. Town and F lam; Phi Mu; War Board; Debut. Treble Clef; lurarnwal; Nemours CNA SHULL, MARJORIE KLAHN San Francisco Art Delta Epsilon; Wormed% " C " Society. 61(:inc) SHIELS, SNIRLEY, SHOENBERG, SHORE DANIEL ARTHUR SUSAN FRIEOA JOHN ROBERT Pasadena Waban, Mass. Berkeley Collin " , Mechanical General Cirriculem Economics Mechanical Ergintterml Transfer Non Mortar Board Employee,. Circle " C " Society; Skidmore Conks; Prytaman; Panora; ASME. ASME; Gymnastics. Kappa Alarm Theta; Wallin Cr:well, Ste Class Cornell; Camerean; Wm Board; Student Relational; Hcenecomme Parade Debate Mariam.. Committee. A SIECERMAN, SIEMER, SIM, SIMPSON, ARONELLE MARY GLADE SALLY ANNE DON G. Los Angelry San Arcithno airman San Diego Social Welfare An English Cisil Engineering Transfer Inc., UCLA; Transfer Nei Delta Gamma; Pi Cam Alpha; Stetraim Hall; Goober College; Ate cf Clubs. Class Carpools; Alpha Mu Gamma; llye Californian; Senior Peace Welfare Council; Class Councils; Committee; Stodent Relations. Ribbon; Occident; Ad Mn,, ' Rally Service Benue; Garnmittee; Cal Emirate, elf I at InteeS fffff elle Council, Vet War. President. • • SAIIDT, JEANNE CAROLYN Modesto History Alpha Gamin Della; St " Kappa Alpha; Somor Class Cowl!: Pelkae; OrRelations; Pan.14tIlenic Como!. SMITH, WOODY. WOODY. JEAN MARIE SORBER, STERN, GLADYS MIRIAM FRANCES HAWKINS San Anselmo Berkeley Berkeley Piedmont Transfer from Pulley Digerati An Biochemistry Political Science Amok COMM; Phi Orrurga Pi; Sigma Kappa Pt. mom Chi Omega; Alpha Delta Pr; aim Delia Chi Alpha; Prylaman; Etearailt; YWCA, College Worneery Pi Alpha Sigma; OM lows; Freemen, Committee; Canterbury Cleo. ACIrolitS Cottdesit• is; Connsittet; WOMWS Aelinly Council; Clan Councils; PublealiOrn Cancel; Pelkan, Mgr.; GI Engineer; Powmae Coodoutirg Board, Chairmam STEVENS, STEWART, STRUT, TARPEY, MARGARET JANE OWEN S. CHARLES MELROY DOROTHY C Berkekr Harymard Modesto look Brach Genoa, Cerriculum History General Curric•Ium Phymology Chi Omega. Transfer Iron Bra " C " Satiety; Transfer from UCLA. San Jour State Senior Football College. Rambler; EcoW11; Basketball; Basketball manses. ttic .wafriuut gut Aicva Buz, AfvuLicst Pick 86 THOMAS, THORNTON. THURSTON, TOM, TOSCANI, TROUSOALE, TURNER, TWADDLE, VALGEIRSCOTTIN, PATRICIA ANN WAYNE HOLLIS EMILY ANNE RAYMOND MARY VIRGINIA BARBARA ELAINE GLADYS ELEANOR VIRGINIA ALICE SIGRIDUR THORA Mink Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Taylorville San Francisco Elm ira Oakland RegleyanI, Iceland Social Welfare Plumes Social Welfare Art Spanish Biochemistry DOA Social Welfare IMpical Education Transfer from Activities Coordinat. Phi Mu; Phi Beta Delta Transfer from Alpha Delta Chi; Pnrattm. Phi Omega Pi. International Host; Whittler Collor; Ivy Committee; Kappa; Honor WM; Hammer am Collin; Sacramento College; YWCA Cabinet. Women ' , " C " Seeing; Alpha Xi Delta; Daily Californian; Tosser and Flan; Pelican. Stern Hall; Student Nu Sigma Psi; Senior Peace Blue and Gold; Health Board; Orthems, President; Committee; Orientation; Women ' s Treble Clef; WAA. Men ' s Rally Vigitarnes; ASUC Card Neuman Club. Committee, Chairman, Sale; YWCA Cabinet; WAA; Wino Sports Club. ERANKHORST, VERWOERT, WANRHAFFIG, WALDROP, WEEKS. WELCH, WELD, WENTWORTH. WESTBAY, JOHN VAN MARY MARJORIE GRACE MARIE COMO McCLEAN ANN CATHERINE ROBERT AUNGER FRANCES H. CORINNE FALK Eserven. Wash Berkeley Maley Oakland Berkeley Sacramento Long Beach Petaluma Calislom Mechanical Bacte60103Y Political Science. General Curriculum Physics Business Electrical General Curriculum Business Engineering Transfer from Transfer from Hoax Students Adil ' Mitt 3601 Engem ins); Chi Phi Dormitee); Administration Tram✓er from Ilmtana School of Minn; Conseil University; Kappa Alpha Theta; Montana State College Stratford Hall. Council. TrellUrty; Toner and Flame. Transfer from Sacramento Junior Tau Beta Pi, President; Masonic Club. Ritter Hall. ASME; Glee Club; Bite and Gold; YWCA. College; Alpha Chi Ergiretrs ' Council; Calacing Band. Omega; Phi Chi Theta; it110 COMM COW% il; Handbill. Pelican. Fashion Director; Unimnity Theatre, WIELAND, RE WILDER, WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS, WILSON. WISE, ZERKLC, ABBOTT, ABBOTT. ELEANOR FORD EVELYN LORRAYNE MARIAN PILLSBURY FRANCES MAY ELIZABETH ANN JOHN AUSTIN JANE SUSANNE NANCY JANE San Francisco Ben Lo- aid Los Amgen • Long Beach Marital° Berkeley Glendale Piedmont CtemiStry General EmmenItan Zoology English interilbtkeul General Gorntolom Architecture Social Welfare Decorate Act Delta Delta Della; Kappa Alpha Theta; Hall; Transfee Ron Relation Lantana Ledge. Trawler from Transfer from Delta Delta Delta; PIP Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Theta; Chico State Col loot; Transfer Iron Wain tan IkliMnity Pasadena Janke Delta Chi Alpha; Stria Xi; Searling; Tower and Flame. Ch. Omega; Ad Loy Beath City St. Louis; Collage; Class Councils; YWCA; WAA. Service Bureau, Assistant Manager. College; Epuotth Hall. Psi Bela 101:93; Ankiteetvral Dormitory C; WAA. Pelicans; YWCA. Assoc:at:cm nutitiNtk• C4P2f2, ram_ ma Afrindbik as. 87 ABOUAF, ADAMS, ADAMS, REBECCA ELAINE CAROLYN HARRY J. Berkeley Oakland Welfare Joe na I ides International Propect Terrace. Alpha Della Pi; Rirlatkos Theta Sigma Phi. Melts CounsellreE War Board. ADAMS, AXERSLOM, ALDRICH. ALLEN, ALLEN, ALLISON, LLOYD N. JOHN JOSEPH NARY MARGARET JEAN CLINOR MARJORIE F. EMILIE Portland, Oregon Los Angela " Bellingham, Feesawo, SNIJM(1110 San Francisco Social Welfare General Curriculum Washinotco Zacatecas, Meafro piresm, ilislay Transfer from the Intramural; General Curriculum Spanish Transfer from Delta Delta Delta; Unluenity of Idaho NtLeVa Club. Tramiel Iron Phi Si " Sacramento JUMP Sigma Kappa Alpha; Western Wastimoom Alpha Mu Gamma; Collor; Pelican. Boller of Education, Utrimoue Judo Mall; OnentatkrtE Senior Council; Calvin Tons; Treble Clef; Student Faculty Hourecoraing Relations; COMIT:111.. Setretarlat; Intracearal; Masonic Club. APOSTOL, ARMSTRONG. DOROTHY THALIA EDDIE MAC San Francisco Lot Angeles Social Welfare Soto! Welfare Epacetn Hall; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Toner and Flame; Tom and Flame; YWCA; YWCA; UCSCA. Epsilon Phi Sigma. ALISO, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, DOROTHY EVELYN ARTHUR WILLIAM HARRY E. San Joie San Francisco ELskenfold Public Speaking Theta Gai; Phi Phi; Elect Club; Steakeet Bureau; Radio WorkilsOO Interirralernity Council; Masonic Club. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, ANDREWS, ANTHONY, JEAN BEVERLY ROBERT GABRIEL MARJORIE ADELE DOLORES MAY Long Basch St. Paul, Minnesota Alamo San Francisco Zeta Tau General Curriculum Saves, Regional Groan Maw Transit. from Administtatoes on Hispanic Arent.. Valley City Stale Kappa kappa Canna: Teachers College; Senior Class Council; Vanity Basketball; Pelican; back Homing Said; Orleetatteets. Noising Education Medi oat Transfer Dorn San Jot. Slaw ARMSTRONG, ARSANIS, ART, ASCHEN, AUSTRIA, BACIGALUPI, BACIOCCO, BADE, BAILEY, MILDRED (VON JEANNE MINA LORRAINE MURIEL VERA GUILLERMO 0. DAVID EDWARD LOUISE MARY DORIS MAE BARBARA ANN Dal ard San Francisco Los Anpelet Oakland Ago " La Union, OalcUle Colma Alhambra Santa Rosa Dietetics and elutrlIkA English Casa Illioana; Art }armlet from UCLA; International Relation Alpha Gamam DOLE PluliPMPT Islands 1414i6t• Social Studies Transfer from Art Hrogewood, Porthole " , Teenier front Social Welfare Alpha °motto. Pi; PM Ortega Pi; Alpha Ms Gamma; Stebbins Hall; Senior Class Cowell; Tnrafte from UCLA; Modesto Anion Della EPSildin Papiecf Junior Spmphow Fawn. Hoene Ecoiornics Club: Toner aid Flaw; Delia Pelican; International Mouse College. CMOS Pelican; Rehear.: PA Sergio Bureau; CAI Engineer; Croon SIMMS Club. Welfare Council; Sankt Comenitsioed; Ski Chts. SVA; flmliorst Board. 1.012. ed. fiCiDnifla, De. 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Berteley Feeestry Bowles Hall; Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Assistant Yell Leader; Senior Track Manager; Vanity Soccer; Winter Spans Club; Forestry Club. Preciden. BLENNERHASSETT, BLOCH, BLUMBERC, N E I 1 DORIS E. SHIRLEY JOSEPHINE EVA J. San Marino San Francisco La Verne Antioch General Dominion General Cur Karam Music Public ken in) Transfer from Delta Zeta; Transfer Irmo kaolin Hall; Dale Universal); Phratern; charley Collett: Thaliak Glenna Phl Bata; Class Councils; unhersity Music Teter and Flame; Bice and Gold. Pan.Hellenic Council. Club. umienclue, President; Weenen ' s Activities Council; Sophomore Condi; Cal Engineer; Treble Clef; Dormitory Council; College Warn. ' Club -Neon. BOOM, BOUCHET, GLENN LEONARD CLAIRE LOUISE Wheatland Albion General Curriculum History. Transfer Iron Yuba City Junior Collect; Men ' s POIKial Committee. Chairman: Senior Clan Council; Men ' s Rally Committee; SUrtlardt Coneniuton. Masonic Club, President. BOWDEN, BOYLE, BRANTLEY. JIMMIE FRANCES WALTER C. L. ROBERT L. Sacramento Kenilworth, Illinois °Wad General Conical.. Political Science Accounting =rift7 Iron Delta Kane Epsilon; Transfer horn Sacra onto College; Beta Burl: Urthtnity el Onion: Alpha Chi Omega; Cook ' ' C " Society; Beta Alpha Psi. Pelican; Stull and Kers: Winter Sports Club; Senior Council; Ntalnaa Club. Vanity $willYsily. BRAVINDER, BREITENBACH, BRILL, JEANNETTE M. MARIE ARREST MAR ION R. San Francisco Bentley San Francisco Dramatic Art General Curtioulum Psychology KIPP+ Alpha Theta. Transfer from Theta Xi Dormitory. Collect of the Holy Name. BRINDOS, BRISTOW, BROMLEY, PATRICIA MAE BARBARA BREDA JANE Duluth, Minna.. San Mateo Alameda Social Welfare Scoot Wtflare General Carkislarn Transfer Iron Kappa Kano. Gamma: Zeta Tao AlIA ; the Unnenity d SrAPhaft) Cal Frioneer. Minnesota: YWCA Cabinet. Red Cross. BROOKS, BROWN, BETTY JUNE JOAN HUNTINGTON San Francisco San Francisco English Toner and Flame. BROWN. LELAND RALPH Rertniole Entorrioloit Banks Hall. BRUCK. REBECCA ESTHER Belts Icy Industrial Relations PPM Club; Halal Fovrdation. BRUMM, CAROL JEAN ALaneda Dramatic Art Kano Delta; Mast sed Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer; Toes am Flare; Thallan Placers; Uninvsity Theatre; Treble Clef LAURAINC BEATRICE DOROTHY El Centro Sam Diego Regions! Grail Major French on Hispanic America Transfer from Kam Delta Rho Strops Collor; Dctrnitoni. Dirmitery F. BURKE, THOMAS REGINALD Orinda Architecture ' hamlet from St. Mary ' s College; Chi Alpha KaPlui Architectural ASLX.200a. BURNETT, DORIS FARRAR Sat FrarKACO General Cwriculmn Transfer from Delta Unisenity; Alga CaaK GA Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Freshman Class Coorcil; Intramural Board. Regional Groan Mape on Hispanic Amanda. opal, WWI Ertny2uL doinqA_ ionic a 90 BURRELL, EDWIN HINCHMAN ANDERSON, PAVE ARDEN BURTIS, WILLIAM FLOYD CAFFARATTI, HELEN YOLANDA CAHILL. DORIS IRENE CALDERA, DAYTON JOSE CALLAWAY, EVELYN M. CALMEST, JANET MERRILEE CAMPBELL, DOROTHY M. Fairfield Carey. Ohio Sutter Sao Jose Juneau, AlasIrn Mannar, Notareopm Red B101 Sacramento Sacravemo Intertational marketing WmUnica! Labs Personnel Cavil Enginttribi Pkomdosia Ergiish General Curriculum Re ' Milord Teamster horn Emmet in. Durant Plate; Poi Chi Theta; Intenationat Koine: Epwrth Hall. Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Delta Sigma; Ohio State University; Tramlee from Alpha law Comma; Martel Club. ASCE. Sacramento College; Alpha GOWN Delis. Daily Californian, overusing Mums.. Phi Kappa Psi; Masonic NO. Yuba Arnim College. Mu Iota; Ocemitoey Council. Lantana Lodge. CAMPBELL. CAMPBELL, CARKEEK, ELIZABETH MARY RUDDACH CAROL Berkeley San Francisco Pasadena General CW6[911011 Jeurnahun NNWOgY Kappa Alpha Theta; -WOW. Hall: Alpha Chi Onnega; Pelican; Theta Sigma Pen, Cal Capron, Women ' s Rally President; Manager; Committee. Cal Engineer; Pelican. Intramural. CARTWRIGHT, CARR, JEAN JACQUELINE Taft San Diego General Cut Holum Scowl Welfare Dormitory E. Ch. Phi Damao " ; Janice Clam Council VNAIRIFfgTE CATON, E. JUDY CAULKINS. CAUSYE, RUTH CAROLYN MARILYN BERNICE Austad, Lon) Beach Stockton Piedmont PailKal Science Music Decorative AM Sociology ca, Alpha Sigma Phi Delta Chi Alpha; Testily from the Ocestitory; Unmenity 0 Uninermy of Crew. Treble Del; California University Chorus; Bible Leaode. Dormitory Council; Goistian Science Society. CAYLER. GLEN GARTH Los Parks Medicine Emitter kern UCLA; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ftethean Class Pets:fent; Sreirruvirn, CAYLER, MARY ANN Los Angeles Physical Edwatka Transfer from UCLA; Alpha Delta PH Senior Clam Council; War Boned; Dance Treater. CAYORI. PAUL GEORGE BattelleId %slog Transfer from Bakersfield .4.k. College. CECCHETTINI, HORACE ERNEST Sacramento Political kierne. CHALIJERS, HELEN JONES San Francisco Home Economics Home Ewen:miss flab; Flying Club. CHAMBERLIN, MARIANNE Millbrae Public Speaking Alpha Sigma Ph. Dormitory; Little Theatt Intramural. CHAMBERS, NATALIE C. Piedmont Social Welfare Della Gamma; Pelican; ontnutson; Intramural. CHAPMAN, BETTY Shoals ' , Japan Decorative Alt Transfer from Westminster Collar; Alpha Delta Chl; Pi Alpha Sigma; AO Service tea; WAA. CHAPMAN, JR. DONALD WILLARD RCM Business Adcail141•4600 Theta Chi; Orientation; halm ReIstlow .G ,111 JUL illaith2d. 11112, 1112.WitpaPfai. 91 CHESEBROUGH, CHEW, CHUN, CIBILICH, CLIME, COARSEY, JR. COATS, COATES. COCKE. MOLLY BELLE PEGGY JANE Y. J. SLAVKA MARY EVELYN PEARL JAMES MILTON CAROL EVELYN KENNETH ARTHUR MAXINE MARY Piedmont San Francisco Honolulu, T. H. Oakland Sao Bernardino Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Pomona Regional Group on Hispanic America Regional Gros. Maid on Mi,paarc America. SOCHI Welfare Irarefer from Social Welfare Delta Zeta; Pntantart; Central CUIllrelwr Kappa Delta; EntinndOgY Transfer from Public Health Alpha Xi Della; Cereal Corrhulurn Phi Beta Kam; Greta ' Curriculum Dormitory D; Alpha xi Delta; Pry. Uthawsity of Hawaii; Class Council,; Delta OM Abr..: University d FIceets; YWCA. Golden Bear; Winged Malcom Club. Lavin; Panite; AlPlu Ma Gamma; Steen Hall. Blot and Cold, Junto Edda; Pelican; Kappa Alpo. Helmet; Debating; UM...nay Bard; Tower and Flame; OneeKatiCeS; Rally Servile. YMCA. Regenenuthec at.I.Ampe on Executive Committee; YWCA Cattel; Internmeal. Committee; Pelican; Studee4•Fatulty Poll Committee; ASUC Card Sales, Ctaiewan; Homecoming PrOlicity Committee. COIFING, COLES, COLICHIDS, COLONSIA, COMBS, CONDIT, CONDREW, COOK, COOK, JANET BARBARA JANE NICK PETER ELEANOR VIOLET PATRICIA M. JANICE JAMES CORWIN ESTELLE KATHLEEN Santa Asia Berkeley San Francisco Sao Francisco Needles Visalia Chicago, Minas San Francisco Sacramento Rosiness Political Science esnintlif SIMUlsas Public Speaking PswhOkNY GeneeM Curriculum Public Health. Social Welfare hOministration S roma Kappa; phi Mu; Tower and Plum; Activator. Co. Adminomaos Casa spans; Sown,. Stebons Hall. Stem Hall; Women ' s Exectrthe Board; Neuman Club, Pmimt Transfer from SaaanstatoJursice Ad Santee UMW, Junky Manage; celhaalleg Committee; Worm ' s Actisity President; Hammer and Dimwits; Women ' s Ache ' s, CrisaCtl; College; Epowth Hail; YWCA; Imrammal. Council; floaters; Class Councils; Damao) Cooed. Blue and Gold; Spanish Club; Pelican; WAA. OrieMatiom, Chairman: Melon Club. Ste:tem-Faculty Relations, Sub. Chairman. COOLEY, CAPE, COREY, CORLISS, CORSON, CORTAGE, COZINE, CRAFT, CRAIG, JUNE LEONE BARBARA JEAN MARGARET MARIAN JEAN MARION RUTH ELLEN MINNIE CECELIA LILLIAN LOUISE JOAN McCADDIN MARJORIE JEAN Piedmont Beelse ey San Frateivos Petaluma Bedew Santa Rosa Oakland New York, N. Y San FrinCittO Political Science General Commulum Ant mad Psychology Public Speaking Transfer from Transfer km from Transfer from Santa Rosa Jeamo San Francisco Junin Stephens Col kr; San Matto Joke College; Pelican. College. Theta Xi Dormitory; College; Stern Hall; Flying Clvb; Pelican; Ski Cab. Link Theatre. Physical Eilwation History Transfer from Spina RaPpa; Stockton Me Gamma; College; OriemtatIons; Epwarth Hall; Masonic VW Nu Sigma Psi; Tower and Flame; Senior Commission: YWCA; Physical Education Maps ' Club. $0031Welfare. Saul Welfare Sem. Kama: Prytreun ' Parole; Blue led Cote Jule, Manner; W. Board; YWCA: Publicity Committer Icr Homecoming. American Literature Winter Spats cla and lithuted Audio ha. Women, 92 CRUM, CULLINANE, DONALD EUGENE VINCENT C. Battufield Bedeley Econonik Geology Animalism Phi Kappa Psi; Golden Bear; Ilamentr and Collin; Alpha Delta Sigma; Fie race Committee: Acthitki toonlikt• iag tammitten: laen ' s Judicial Committee, Chairman; Class Councils; Peskiest of Sonora. Class; Publication Cooed, Chairman; Daily CaWarman, Maw.; Pelican, Manager. CRAMER, RALPH EUGENE °awe English. CUMMINGS, CUMMINGS, FRANCES E. NAOMI COLLEEN Seattle, Washington Oakland Art An St. Mower; None; Campus Tows: Delta EpPlen; Monefonind Publicity Masonic Club. Committee; Wade Spats Club; Newman Club. Transfer kora Bakers, nld Nolo College; Sigma Phi EpsHo; Phi Phi; Mining CURINGTON, CHARLES EDWARD Boerne, Texas General Curriculum Football. CURRIER, CHARLES H. Oakland Bunten Adminntralieel Phi Delta Theta; Phi PIP; Sorenson Class Oxtail. CUTLER. DAHLOUIST, MARGARET R RUTH (BRA San Pedro Gao ' Curriculum 111110r1 Transfer nom Transfer Irons Sterns% College; Junior Gamma Phi Beta. College; Alpha Delta Chi; Now Stodent; Imo...Church Council. DAVIS, JOSEPHINE CAROL Ronnie loonation Snemun Hall. DANIELSON, DAVANIS, DAVIS, MARYANN VOULA GEORGE HENRIETTA JEANNE Sln Pedro %San Francisco Davenport Biochemistry Political Science. Decceatio Arts Transfer frou Ohio WenWyk, UlubmilY; Alpha Chi omega. DAVIS, DAVIS, DEAN, DEDIER. DENNY. KEITH KINGMAN MARILYN MAE DOROTHY HELEN LUCILLE MARIE MILDRED NELSON Berkeley Paso Robles Lon Cores San Francisco Reno, Nevada General Curriculum Accounting General Cunrooliuu Regional Group Mato Political Science Big " G " Society; Transfer from Transfer Non On Hnfrahe menu Transfer Iran Hence Student: San Jose State Long Ina Junior Pelican; SIN Club; NOM NOInike Toren and Flame; Col lege; College; Kappa Delta; dAnnsla Clad; College; Dolt Stebbins Hall; Daily Californian; College Women ' s Club Theta XI Dormitory; Phi Cm Theta. Cal Engineer. Juniors. Dormitory Caned. Transfer horn Campton Jana College; Isfireital Hall. DIXON, JOHN ALEXANDER El Centro Mechanical (MinterOp DONALDSON, DONYA JOSEPHINE San Francisco Psycnologg Aloha Delta Pi; Malian; Orientation. DENTON, DICKSON, MARY ELIZABETH NELL Berkeley Bottler All Snail Welfare Chi (how. Delta Zeta; Delta Coulon; Hammer and Dimmer. Connotations Gated; Pan Rushing CHM M IC K, WALTER FRANKLIN Redding Electrical Engineering Aloha Tao Mega; Golden Bear; Pi Tau Po Seru: AIEE: CAI Eagan., Editor: Patikation Council, Men ' s Camselky, Okecter; Radio Wonthop; Glee Club: ASUC Cord Sat Cans mater; laterframmity toenail; Iceland Dime Club; Camera Oa. DOSTIE, DOUGHERTY, PAULINE M. CAROLINE Piedmont Woodland Physical Education Regional Group Major Alpha Gamma Delta; Hispanic Orientations; Dross,,; Kappa Alpha Theta; Treble Clef; College Ace el Clubs; Nikon; Women ' s Gab Amon; donations; Physkal Education Wm Boud; Women ' s ' Jars Club. Rally Committee. DOUGHERTY, HELEN FRANCES San FranCif 0 Political Science Delta Zeta: YWCA; WAA. DOUGLAS, JANET Whittier Foreign Trade Stem Hill; Panik; Class Conseil.; (lady Cal Managerial; Pelican. invada japhn.oin_ and. io.ok. 93 ORESSELHAUS. DRUMGOLD. DUFFY, DUNBAR, DUNKEL, DUNLAP, OUNN, DUNN, OYER. CAROL HOPE JAYNE ELEANOR RUTH MARGARET ELIZABETH ANNE MARCH ELIZABETH DOROTHY J. FRANCES GLADYS NADINE MURIEL KATHRYN Sebastopol San Pedro Berkeley Sacramento Mekm Portland. Oregon Burlingame Oskiatd Berkeley General Cutedultan General Currionset Dramatic Art Public Speaking Carman Psychology General Curriculum Deovatise Art An Lantana Lodge; Transfer Lon Kappa lona Theta; Sigma Kam; Alpha Mu Gamma; Transfer Inert Transfer from Transfer from Gamma Pin Beta; Tower and Flame. Compton Junta ' Panel.; Pelican. Wometry loner and Flame; Onion State College. San Mateo Junior San Francisco Freshman Class Col lege; Mpg and Dagger; Director; Orientations; Conroe; Junior College; Seeretary.Treawns. Sherman Hall. Thalia.; RadioWO MOP: Cal Hosts; Hone. Student. Masasie Club. Hammer and ()mina; Hanecoming Publicity Radio WOrkstmP• Little Theatre; Committee; YWCA. YWCA_ EARL, EDDY, LORNA LEE NAN BURNHAM Riserside Amery EDWARDS. EGGERT, ELLETSON, MARY NEWCOMB JEAN MARIE AUDREY CHRISTINE ELLIOTT, TYLER JEANETTE MURIEL laterISOiN ANNA eta N Dittos San Mateo Diatao San Francisco ELLIOTT,ApRiveTHAAix0,LAiwaE EVELY cnu E Oakland Ecommics Physical Education General Cminculnn General Curriculum Sociology Elect Hal History BatttricatgY Public Health Pi Bela Phi; Sigma Kappa; Transfer Iron Engineering Sigma Kamm Alpso; Transfer Iron Transfer from Pelican; California Club; San Francisco Slate Transfer from PI Lambda Theta. Riverside Arita Florida State Intramural. Prytammet; College. Stanford Unisersity; College. College; Torch and SAN14; T ati Bata Pi; Dunmore O. Palmitin AIEE; ing Committee; Varsity Swimmtw); Women ' s Merin, ' !momenta,. Coontol; Senor Class Council; Blue and Gold; Pelican; PostiWar Coordinit• rag Board, Chairman; War Board; Pam Hellenic Secretary; Homecoming CACTIMillet. ENGLUND. ENOLTT, ENOS, ERICHSEN, EVANGELOU, EVANS. EVERINGHAM, GENE HERBERT LOIS JUANITA JOHN SEARS NELDA PAULINE SOPHIA CLARISSA JEAN PATRICIA Idels, Falls, Idaho Fullerton Harman, Pasadena San Francisco Stockton Berkeley General Curriculum Political Busiross Business Social Well are French General Curriculum Transfer from Hamm., and Dimmer; Admitnstratica AM lin:Witt:Hi Katherine Elizabeth; Sherman Hall; PI Beta Phi; Doane College; Little Theatre; Transfer from Transfer horn Pelican; Atom Mu Gamma; Blue and Gold; Varsity Boxing. Treble Clef. Tulane Uaiversity; Pasadena Ask. Student Health Hoax, Stutlen; Symphony Forum; P. Kappa Alpha; College; Board; Tower and Flame. Athletic Council. Baseball, Zeta Tau Alpha; Epsilon Ph, Sigma Phi Chi Theta; Senior Class Council. TALUS, NANCY VIRGINIA Auburn Regional Grow Mayor on Hispanic America. Colonial Hall; Horn Student; Tooter and F lame; Treble Elet; College Women ' s Club Juniors. FAY, HELEN ELIZABETH San Francisco Hattal Zeta Bela Tay Dormitory; Pryta tean; Jetta Class Council; Daily Califontim, City Editor; ARK Card Sales; Stott Board; White. Semis Club; Library Committee; Standards CommissioN pita as. cu. epoxy. Ritter Hall; Tome and Flame; Welfare Council; War Bond. Sigma Kappa; Prat area; Panik; Pt Alpha Sigma; Torch and Shield; Activities Cmedtnati ins Committee; Wemen ' s Executive Bom0; Women ' s Activity Como II; Class Officers Caned; President and Vice•Presnkat Junior Class; Pelican, Manager; Treble Clef, Scohomott Manager. 94 Iron UCLA Massach FONG, FELIX. FORSBERG. FERGUSON, ' OMER, FELDE, FEGELMAN, FITE. MARY FRANCES BETTY MAREN WILLIAM HELEN STANLEY M. WILLIAM EDWARD TN GEORGIA MOORE MAIDA Phi Mu; Transfer Los Angeles Penland, (Node San Francisco and Pediment San readouts Stockton San Pandit Landscape Derain Accounting ParasildC9T Phi Sire; English Art Canal Cwrraulum Adraultural Transfer front Eceeornics ' decorated ' House. Tramfer from Pnikan; and Flame; Accounting Theta XI Dot niter, Treble Clef. Transit usetts Instituteof Vassar College; Newnan Club. Siterman Halt T Trend dem Edw.:our Chd. KPearcanA;lpha Theta; Sigma Aldta Mu; Poll Geminate. YWCA. ASUC Cud Sails. IPT:rItRIA. FORSYTH, FOSTER, FOULDS. FOWLER, FRANCIS, FRANSCIONI. FRASER. FRAZIER, ANNE ANN PHYLLIS MAE BARBARA VERNE MARGERY MAY BARBARA FERN MARIANA INEZ SUE HARRY EDWIN Berkeley Lon) Bench LOS Angelo Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Seeded Billings, Nomad Baking ' old Indishtial Relation; Political Science Social Welland Architecture Psychedelic Minis Spanish Social Welfare General Curriculum Delta Delta DOLE Kingman Hall. Alpha Chl Omega; Bela Hone. Alpha Omicron PC; Cal Hosts; Casa Hissed; Teamster Iron USC; Trans-fry horn Class Councils; Pelican; Randle; Treble Cie and ()want Place; Dormitory Conrail. (latenfiery Jude. Omentations; ' Warmth. Little Theatre, Glee Club %eaten. College: YWCA. Wenrads Maude. Shads...rat; Acacia ' Musk Club. AIEE; Cal (node- FRENCH.GNES. GALINDO, GALLO. GALVAN. GALVAN. CANTON. GANZERT, NOELLE PHYLLIS MARGARET M T WILLIAM STEWART DONALD VERNON HELEN R. LESLIE FERN( M•RJORIE ANN MARY JEAN RUTH CECILIA Oakland Betel dr Berkeley Oakland San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Santa Monica San Frandsen Music English ktedrame CdfltfAi Curriculum Genteel Curneuluin Business Electrical Public Speaking History Phrmerei; psi Me; Della Upsilon; Military Council; Tractile from AdminIttrallen Editeetid Gamma Phi Beta. Windt. MAN( Club; Tower and Flame; Golden Bear; Men ' s Rally San Francisco dor Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Delta Pi; Morainic Club. Honor Stsdedi Honer Student; Committee, Celled. AIEE. Panik; Mends Judicial Art Director; Pi Lambda Iltdd Commute; Intrandsral Sporty Cal Sunday SKr " Class Councils, Winter Seems Club, Loll. Theatre; Big ' G " Gourd. altnaan Club. YWCA Cadet. abut. 3,1u2n, cram, 03 Ott .and, flout 95 GLOISTCIN, BARBARA L. San Francisco General C....NuCom Spore Kappa. GARDNER. GASTON. ALICE E. HELEN MARIE San Bernardino Modesto kneel ' Catrfenlora Bacteriology Transfer from Activities Coadinat. Modesto Auer gn Crawni College; Wallin Council; Stratford Hall; Labor Board; Gamine SpanitA Cat; COnferereve !metreMenai Noise. Conmnitlee; Iriernatknal Relations Cortmittet; Flying Club. GEROW, GILSTRAP, NINA ELIZABETH DOROTHY F. Berkeley Coffeyville, Kansas Public Health Nursing. Retailing Transfer from Nines University; Phi Cal Theta. GLAZIER, GLADYS MARY Oakland E030CMKS Transfer Iron San Francisco Junior College. GOLOBLATT, WALTER IRVING Sacramento Personnel Man.latnalat Treader Iron SaCtaintMO College; Zeta Beta Tau; Ramblers. GOMEZ, GOMPERTS. BEATRICE MILLICENT El Centro San Francisco Spaefsh Medical Technician Truster from Bon Hann; Central Junk, Secretariat; College; WAA. Phi Kappa Sigma: Dormitory ' Caned: Spanish CIA; Italian Club; Newman Club. GORDON. GORDON, GOZA, JR. GRANT, GRAY, GREATHOUSE. GREEN, GREENLAW, CRISEMER, DOROTHY LEONA PATRICIA H. ERNEST DANIEL MARY ELIZABETH MARJORIE ESTHER THOMAS EUSTENE GLORIA KATHLEEN CHARLES HENRY Ventura Richmond NIHAU, Miss. Sin Austin, Doommuir Frederick, Md. Hanky, Nen Mexico Los Auxin Pommel. k English. Electrical Erquseenna lallialt1 Cron Main Balkiness Electrical Engineering testa, ' Child Dmelopmem Coil Engineering Transfer from Sigma N. of Hisrunic America AdrninsUation Transfer from USC; Transfer from Kappa AlOta Theta; Tau Beta Phi; ASCE, Secretary; Ventura Jame Smite Peace The McFarland ' s; Phi Chi Theta. Tao Beta Pi,President; Uniwnill of New Prytanean; Ereireers ' Council. College; Committee; Algesa Mu Gamma; Golden Bear; Mexico; Stern Hall; Torch and Sheld; Bryn Made Hall; Rally Committee. Toner and Flame; Circle " C " Social); Asko Class Council; Woe ?s Meld StUde.1 Donmitory Council. AIEE; Phi Phi; Pelican; Dormitory Committee. Board; Vanity Bonne. Council; Welfare Coun.:11; YWCA Cabinet. GROSH, JOHN LIVINGSTON Berkeley General CUrritaHri Kaspa Sigma. GROSS. MARY FERIA °Mime Punt Speaking Nora Student; Toner and Flame. GUNDERSON, HALL, HALL, MARGERY ANN ktARY.101.1 RUTH VERONICA Newell Piedmont San Francisco Spanish General Curriculum Decaative An Ernmarth Hall; Pt Beta Phi; Cella Chi Alpaca; Alpha Mu Gamma. Act el Clutn; Neuman Cite. Blue and Gold; Intramural. HALL IN. HAROLD HOWARD San Jose General Curriculum. HAMLIN, HAMMOND. ORLANDO GUTHRIE BEVERLY STEELE Los Angeles San Diego ' roofer from Psychology Unrensity OS British Transfer Item Columbia; Geuther College. Phi Kappa Syn. HAM PEL, ROBERT STEPHEN Oakland General Curriculum Golden Bear; Toner and Senior Class Council; Sophomore Vigilantes; AWE. ' Tract Manager; Vanity Rale Team; Stiles Hall; Mascak Club. rampus izxplocia. rthkwilionn gn, mut HANSEN, HARPING, HARRELL, HARVARD. HARVISON. HASLING, HASTINGS. HATFIELD. leAVel.EY. BARBARA JEAN ROGER BETTY JEAN SOL SHIRLEY FLORINE N. JACQUELINE HERBERT HOWARD ROBERT O. PHILIP METCHAN Ping. Walnut Creek Alban Etertek-y Rocknille, Maryland Be tel° Anafieirn Ciacinnati, Ohs Portland, Oregon BirsirsetS Physical Education Bliatriolon Economics and ZoofCgi Social Welfare M«hamtal Psychology nines, Administration internals Hall; Boehm Hall; Cokes Star; College Wonc.ft Club Juniors. International Trade Parader aces Transfer from George Walliongtol Alma, xi Delta; Parole; YWCA. Entree " , Transfer Irani Transfer from University cd Administration Phi Beta Kappa. Dirty CallfanUIC California Club; thwenity Of Wall; Umemitr. Fullerton Junior Cincinnati; SVA. Hoosier) Bard. Big " C " Society; Intonational Home: College; ASME. Varsity Football; Honor Student; HEIM Varsity Track. Founttnkra; Inter• celkate Zionist Federation of America, Sink Sakai. HEARD, HEILMAN, JR. HEIRICH. HELME, HENDRICKSON, HERINGER, HERTFORD, HIGGINS, HILDEBRANDT, HELEN MARJORIE FRANK WILLIAM CHARLES JOHN ERNEST CHARLES NORMA ELLA BETTY SHIRLEY JEAN Berkeley ility Nevada City Minim San Diego Rio Vista eammo Oak LILLIAN Dec eul oratim Art Hentrenton Park General Curnalswe General Curriculum Ukiah Sac 47M:a Beta; Transfer from Transfer From Pm Gamma Della ham KNIPa Delta D Y ; Social Welfare Sorsa Welfare Della Delta. Stern Hall; Erginemina San Bum 0 no Junior Conroe ci the Pacific; Transfer from Rambler Football. ASUC Angeles California Alpha 10 Delta; College; Samna Alpha Epsilon. AngelesColloie; ornia Crab; Board; Health Pelican PIA Ma little Theatre: ; Prallaneon Paeile; W Circle " C ' ' Sakty; Torch add Shield; bar Board; YWCA Aide Committee: Elections Board: YWCA, Secretary. UmMitallOM. Grin HAT Eututive Committee; YWCA. Finance Committee: ., (r:Kutire Beard: Weroan ' s Activity Council; Class Came. oils; Rally Conmittee; Pan Hello , Peed; Publicity Chairman of Hommorning. HILL, HILL, HILLYARD, HODGSON, HOFFMAN, HOLDEN, HOLLADAY, HONEGGER, HOOD. CLARENCE HENRY EDNA MARIE MAXINE MARIE PAULA TRAVERSARO ROBERT MARION CLAIRE EVAN WILLIAM LEE MYRA LEANNA OOROIHY LOUISE San Mateo Berkeley Santa Am Berkeley LoN Sacramento Oakland Oakley Orisa Arkulluee Economic; French General Caniculum Chemistry. Pcmology lateerutiorul Creek General Comkulum International PM HAMA Sigma. Alma Mu Gamma. Alpha Delta P.. Transfer from Emit; Relations Orford Hall; Delta Delta Delta; Relation P1 Kamm Algal: Katherine Eluateltc Alplu Mu Gamma; Penile; Alpha Gamma Delta. Phi Phi; SVA, Welfare Comm!. DobroGlom; Teach end Shield; Li rial...I; Arthritics Student Relations; Wren% Activity Reovitiens Bureau, YMCA, Presreent. Council; Subtrumman. Consumers ' Council; Rally Committee; ASUC Card Salt ' ; YWCA. .AEI niat ipwat_ O L AWL) a- ocult champ, in_ Mt 97 HOUSER, HOUSTON, HOVEY, JEAN ANN HAZEL HELEN DONNA CLAIRE Covina San Leandro Poeterville Strata! LONSCMKS Busmen Delta Zeta; Kappa Delta Rho; Administratko Prytanean; Houton Board; Sinn Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Sigma: Wine. Stoats Club. Dormitory. Wcweets Judicial Committee; Class Cowman Daily CaWoman, Advertising Manager, Welfare Comma. HOWARD. HOWELL, HUBBARD, HUFFMAN, HUGHES, HUNTER. SALLY ELIZABETH PATRICIA JOAN MARY ELLEN ONALEE AGNES JEANNE MARIE CAROLYN H. Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Sacramento GltodIsm, Montana Pasadena Mang Eng lin lam English PnrACIlegY General Gurritulmn College Women ' s Delta Zeta; Transfer from UCLA; Transfer Born Transfer from Transfer from Club )nntS. Tesler and Flame; Kappa Ocala; Sacramento CM College of Santa Barbara Ilona Student; Clan OrmICIln Ritter Hall; St. Catherine; College; Daily Californian; Junior Clan Intramural. Zeta Beta Tao Gamma Psi Beta, women ' s Rally Treasures; Dentistry; Election Committee; YWCA Cabinet t ink Theatre: Sophomore Vigilantes. Dormitory Council. sr— HUNTER, DANIEL BEAR Wilmette, Ill iron (wank. Transfer from Unmersity Of Washington; Delta Upsilon. HUNTOON, NORMA MAY Sacramento anal Curriculum Transfer Gov Sacramento College; Alpha Cho OnStga: Janice Class Coorcti, HUTCHISON, YNEZ McIAURRY Bakersfield Can lintstra. IMRIE. MARIAN L. Napa Social Welfare Fostoria. INGLIMA, JR. JOSEPH Modesto Accounting Transfer IrOal Modesto Juno INGLIMA, PAULINE Modesto Mathematics ' Darnley Iran Modesto Junior College; StratIcrd Hall; Alien Gamma Sr... IRELAND; LUIS G. Oakland Slant Languages Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Bear; Alpha Mu Gamma, Presalon; Hence Senders; Tomer and Flare; [Mho Sloan; YMCA Cabinet, Maxims Club. President; Slaws Society. ISOM, MURIEL GERTRUDE Nonni, Deorative An Alpha Delta P.; Daily Californian; Nom. ISRAEL, MARIAN LEE San Francisco Optometry Alpha Epsilon Phi: Welfare Count; Caller; Alpha Gameiu Sigma. Labor Board, Clmirmos; OtleitatiOnt Council; thInetSity Theatre. Pelican, Fashion Director; Winter Spats Club. JAMES, JANG. ROBERT ALLEN CATHERINE Piedmon Sacramento anions General Curriculum AdminiStratin Transfer from Zeta Psi; Sacramento Junin Beta Bala; College; W toyed Helmet; Intetnatiorut Noun. Skull and RIBlaY, Smimming. JANSEN, JENKINS, JOBSON, JOHNSON. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JONES, IRENE ROBERTA PEGGY JEAN MARY ALICE MARY ELLEN PATRICIA LOUISE RAYMOND DALE CONSUELO San Fr atelier) IlaniCld San Mateo Walnut Creek Piedmont Nampa, Idaho San Francisco Public Speaking English General Cvnitillutis Psychology Senn Well are ACC Manny Hitler!. Gamma Phi Beta. Delia Gamma. Trawler from Sherwin Mall. Delta Delta Delta. Transfer Nom San Mateo JgrhOr University N College; Washinglas; Dormitory F; Delta Tau Delta, Delta Chi Alpha; Glee Club; Class CONK111; SVA. Pelican; Ortentations; DormitorY COSMO. ranyna. janitica cants hack _to nee. 98 JONES. JONG. JORDAN. JORDAN, JUST, KABUSS. KANNOW,KARMELICH, GENEVIEVE R. ROBERTA MAE BETTY JANE BETTY TRUESDAIL MARY LAWLOR NORBERT GEORGE KAY BEN L. Skeet City Locke Risenlde South Patadena Sat Francisco Si. Louis, Missouri Santa Mimic, Oakland Sm Pedro Regkeidi Group Maps Germinal Curriculum Canal Cwiculum General Curriculum Social Welfare Elactekal HMO, Biochemistry; PolitKat Science en A Nome Amnia. Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Transfer Iran Kappa Delta; Eapaottmg Transfer Ow College Stiles Hall; Beaudelaire. SK.ameeno Wimp; St. Maegaret ' s How Stephens College; She and Gold, Baines Hall: Coot WM ' . Club Juniors. Blue tad Gold; YWCA: Alga Oil OWN; Associate (Slut; Phi Pat; Iketwiteey C: Daily Californian: Dunne Stadettil Palawan; Womerts futility IMramural Blur and Gold; Newman Club. Club. Wallet ' s Council; Swimming. Cal Saida Suomi Council; Cal Ernineeli Class CConcllf; War Bawd. Pelican, Women ' s Punta: Wm Board, Sub.Cnairnma, [ ' Kramer I. Aerw IDS1 KEPLINGER, KIDWELL. KILE, KINDLE. RUTH L. NANCY LEE HELEN LUCILE LUCILLE Dernarn San lox HolltUee General Gwriculem Psych:kill Retain ? Regional Group MAP ' of Hit0Jelif Amt•Ka STAMM Club. Alpha CM D.W11.; Avenue and Oimmee: Faux Class Cowell; Blue and Gold; OLIN Comma; Little Theatre. Sherman Hall; Toner and Flame; Masai Club. Steen Hall; Psi CPI Theta; Tour. and Flame; Blue awl Cnied; Poll Committee; Untrendy Chows. KASTANOS, KAVARNO. rdt:gt7 tHITA KELLEY. CHRISTINE ANN LORRAINE THAYER Rehrnoxl Santa embus Berkeley Oakland Mull Valley Social Welfare History Oyeomftry. Psychology Hew Econungi Student Health Transfer from Bored; College; Epsilon Flo Sluts. MAKI (AnKftm Tomer and Flame; Pelican; L Rile Theatre, YWCA. KENDALL, BARBARA ANN Pt Bet.. PTA Transfer from Pelican; Santa flarbata State Ad Serene Bureau; OnttlalliGITSCANnftl CFI Pat Dormitory. KIRWAN, KLINGBORG. KNOWLES, XONGSGAARD. KORTS, (RAMP, KRAUS, KROUGH. KUEHR, LUCILE RUTH JUNE FRANCES SALLY H. I. THOMAS NONA HELENE HENRY FRANK MARGUERITE B. BETTY LOU JOSEPHINE C. Taft Sant Mateo Yosemite Everett, Oakland San Francisco Sanger Newts CHI Superior, Wisconsin Eposomits Journalise Path Washinglen History General Daticylve. Public Health Social Well let Matheamtics insult. from Delta Delta Delta; pw.dgeo9I Fore Turk Phi Mu; Nursing Transfer Iron Pi Mu CROW: Taft Jesicr Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Alpha Tanta; Transfer from Sigma KIM] Alphy; Transfer from SKr athento College Two and Flew; Sigidu Kappa. Pelican; YWCA; Coomattem " Bk. anti Gold, Fraealia ScP001 Theta Upsilon. Gamma Delta; Wounts IMumural, Manner. ASI4XLAte Manager. Of Nurser). Treble CHI. Viligantes. Pio Delta Theta Onentationi; Unnerstly Chorus; Wasn ' t Vidilantes. and latighn .wfvuz. myilaccat um_ and 99 KURZMAN, DANIEL HALPERIN San Francisco Political Science Gamma Beta; Daily CalRemits; Track; Men ' s Dormitcry Assottstion; SVA. KYLE, LEONORA ANNETTE Alhambra Music Lutheran Student Center; Honor Stadent; Toner and Flame; Uniwrsity Cactus; Treble Clef. LANDIS, LAYTHON NEAL Yam City Mechanical Engineering LANG. LOIS mac San Francisco Public Health. LARSEN NANCY CAROLYN Walnut Creek Psychology Theta Upsilon; Cal Engineer; Women ' s Vigilantes; YWCA; Masonic Club. LARSON, MARJORIE JANE Oakland Seidel Welfare Alone lfi Delta; YWCA. LASH, NORMA JUNE Modesto General Curriculum Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Colonial Hall Annex SASTON, GLADYS ALLEN Oakland General emanates College ' s Club Juniors. LATIMER, NORVAL HASTINGS Seattle, Wash. General Cathcart Phi Gamma Delta; Golden Bear; Big " C " Society; Fcceball. LAVIK, LEASURE. LEDBETTER, LEIBOWITZ. LEISZ, LENNON. LESSER. LEVICK, LEVY, RUTH CHARLOTTE ROY ERNEST ROSS C. LEONARD STERLING N. BARBARA JEAN RICHARD SAMUEL PHYLLIS INA JOAN SARA Tenon. Arizona COSI i nips San Framisco Oakland Glendale Oakland Sebastcool San Franciuo General Curriculum Mechanical General Curriculum General Curries:Ivo Spanish Engl•tA General Curriculum. Botany Regional eager, Mtge frog . Iron Engineering Transkei Iron Zeta DOA Tau; Alpha Mu Gamma. Tomer and Flame; TranSfer Iron on China Arizona Cellege. Transfer LON Beach Junior Big " C ' Society; Pelican; Ad Service Santa Rosa Nn for Wonting Pk.: Jenne. College. Baseball. Bureau; Little Theatre, College; Ritter Hall; Amax Council; College. Rad. Workshop. green W. Pelican; An Bureau. LEWIS, LINDNER. LINOSEY, LLOYD, LLOYD, LOCKHART, JR. LONG, JR. LONG. JR. LONG, BARBARA ROSE M. GWEN JOYCE JACK B. GLORIA DAWN JANET CLAIRE CHARLES EARL EMMETT T. JOHN F. MARTHA HARRIET Oaklard Vallejo Fresno Dallas, Tens Ras Los Angeles Berkeley Berkeley oauad Internal...0 Regional Cretin Maj. Electrical Engineering Political Science Physical Education Mechanical General Curriculum Attempting. Music Relation eel IliSPan. America Transfer from Transfer ITO. Alpha Chi Omega; Engineering Transfer from Alpha Mu Gamma; Orientations; Stem Hall; Fresno State College; Ofriahcame Unnetaity; Women ' s " C " Society, Transfer from George Petiperdint Manures; Little Theatre. Alpha Mu Gamma; Phi Gering Cella; Beta Home; Daily Californian; Los Angeles City College. Treble Clef; Tomer and Flame; Golden Bear; Scoria Club. Pelican; Orientation,; Geller; Music Club; Uteimm ; California Club; Pott•Wat Coordinating AIME, Chairman. Mattel: Club. Treble Clef. AIEE; Emotive Board; SVA; Committee; Little Theme, Rtp.•attage; Makeup Staff;d. Ments Judicial Treble Clef; Committee; Card Saki; Senior Class Council; YWCA; Intramural Cal Engineer; Bond; Military Council; Winter Sports Club. Senior Peace Committee; Raley Committee. a and plaid. Altiktela .auintintheAnd 100 LONG, JR. LORMAN, LOWE, LOYSEN, LUCE, LUXII.VarDONALO, MACK, MELVILLE H. WANITA 8. MABEL ANNETTE JUANOA RALPH W. ROBERT ANN JANET ANN MARGARET M. San !twist Redding Fresno Sul Francisco San Dino °ailed Saaarnerao Berkeley Berkeley Politiul Science General CurNulum Chemistry General Curriculum Chemistry Pre•Medical Journalism Central Cuelimilum Regional Group Major Alpha Delta Phi; Beta House Transfer from Sena Kappa. American Chemistry Phi Gamma Deita. POIMenen; Alpta Omicron Pi; oa Kispanie kieteiryi Winger MOMS; Fresno State Collar; Society; Theta Phi; Parole; OneItalian, Titbit Clef. Beg ' X " Societe; Stern Hall. Little Theatre; Daly✓ Californian; Women ' s Corselimo, Tract Polo and Swart Contemn ' Council; Ouirr-an; Dance Group. Crop ar4 Saddle. Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; ASUC Card Salm; YWCA. MACKLER, MacMILLAN, MAGAGNOSE, MAGINESS, HELEN MARY ALICE STANLEY JOY ELVA Nek Yak, N. Y. LOS Angeles Nine a San Fraraimo Pieta Cie(Miry Chemistry History Transfer Iran Transfer Porn Transfer from Knife int Elizabeth; Ernira CoHeat; University of Compton Jolliet Teary ard I ' taw. Daily Californian; Wisconsin; College; Blue and Gold; Gamma Phi Beta: R...op Haim; Rata Workshop: Hare Ecasomits Club Text Mater Sports NM MAILLARD. MARCELL MANUELE, MARKOVICH. MARKS. WILLIAM CHARLES WARREN W. LUCILLE NIDA EARL JOHN Rochester, N. Y. San ' flacon Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago, Illinois Physics. Rations Physkal Education Social Welfare General Curriculum Administration Stebbins Nall; Chi Grey; Intramural. Golden Bear; War Board; Mean. Daily Californian, Intramural, Spats Edda; Tennis Team. MARSH, MARTIN, MASON, MATHEWS, MATSON, MEAD, MELLIS. MENIXETTI, MERRILL, PAMELA CURTIS EDWARD JOSEPH TOM GERALDINE I. OSCAR MAURITS MARGARET SLATER ASINETH DARIO CARLO MAXINE CLARKE Piedmont Sao Francisco Dounty SSA StriWeinel CSeCnisSO San Marino Modell Oakland Sam Francisco Caner! Curriculum Fartion Trade General CarNulunt Mathematics German Journalism History EoxanIcs and History Palecete1011. KIM Alpha Theta; Transfer from Phi Sigma Kappa; Teastsiee from . Trainee. Iran Gamma Phi Seta; Transfer from Kona Student; Mortar Board; San Franc ;too Junior Golan Btu; San Bernardino Valley Oceanside Junk Daily Californian. Modesto Jake Orientation; Nauman; Mask acs College; Beta Beta; Jerk. College; College. Collar; Handball; Dagger; Thallan; Neuman Club. Winged Helmet; Zeta Beta Tau Hedgewcal Nail; Italian Club; YMCA; Kammer and Dimmer; Be " C ' Society; Dormitory. Sigma Kappa Alpha; letemiln Club. Pelican ' Circle " C " Societe, Epsilon Phi Si,,.a Lathe Tante.; Saul! an Keys; r0011S311; Popo. .W.ORWIL ftqabt. jai! LIRA ran_ Aibbons 101 MEYERS. CLARA Z. MICHELSON, MARIE CHRISTIENE MILLER. ALICE NADINE MILLER, PATRICIA THERESE MILLER, SUE MILLOY, EILEEN MAY VIRGINIA MOLFINO, ELIZABEIH J MOLLOY. JR. EDWARD JOSEPH Oakland Oakland Paso Robles San Francisco Santa Rosa BaerslItid San Mann Jackson Oakland Psych:edge Internationtl Accounting [melon Social Welfare Mathematic ' Physical FMK:died English Mechanical Sherman Hall. Relations Delta Delp Delta; Alpha Mu Gamins; [amen " Phi Bela; Transfer from Joaquin Nall; mom Mu Comma; Phi Omega P.; Blue and Gold; Peratert. Blue ad Cab; Bakersfield hence Treble Clef; WAA. Tan Beta Pi; Daily Califetroan; Pelican; Ornautions; College; WAA. Scabbard and Blade; YWCA; Wiener Sports Club; Symphony Four " ; YWCA; WAA; YWCA Cabimi. Stern Hall; taxman Club. ASME; Honor Student; Filing Club. Intranural. Sigma Xi, Associate Member; SVA. MONROE. MONSON, VIRGINIA ANN JOHN OAVID Albany Berkeley History Politkal Science Alpha Omicron Pi; Gold. Bear; Sigma Kaput Alpha; Men ' s Calendars; Denim: Radio WeekshOP, Treble Clef; ()Settee; SVA. Intramural. MOREHART, MARY Smelly Hills An Delta Epsilon. MORETON. MORGAN, MORGAN. MARY ELIZABETH ELEANOR JEAN FRANCES L. Salt Lake City, Berkeley Berkeley Utah Ciernun French Central Cum Phi Bela; Transfer from Treble Clef. Unimesity of Utah; Chi Omega; Hono r Student; Symphony Forum. MORRISON, FLORENCE EILEEN San Francisco Regional Group Maim on Hispanic Ameeka Class Cosimils; Pmt In. MORTON. MOWER. ANNE MOWER. JACK HOWARD Sal Francisco Sarrarmnto Mathematics Inteenatkaal Sigma Na Dormitory; Behan " Treble Clef; Delta Upsilon: WAA. Delta Phl Epsilon. MUELLERSCHOEN, MULLER, MUHLMANN, GEORGE JOHN FLORENCE Pasadena San ton Obis co San Francisco Winn% Gemara! Curritularn History Administration Transfer from Delta Delta Delta; and Economics San Leif Obispo Pelican. Zeta Psi; Joaror College; Beta Bela; Phi Mu; Skull and Keys; P. Lambda Theta; Men ' s Vigilantes; Tower and Flame; Tennis Manager. Secretariat; YWCA; WAA. MULROY. MUNSELL, MuRCOCii, MURPHY, BARBARA JANE MILDRED F. NORMAN BARBARA PATRICIA Taft Long Beach Oa Land Piedmont Social Welfare (eighth Cast Engineering Dramatic An Colonial Hall Army. Transfer from Tau BMA Pi; Transfer from low Beach hake Circle ' t " Society; ArlMOrm0 College ' Chi Epsilon; Beta PM Gamma; Delta kappa CrIllen Rugby. Little Theatre; Dorman% Radio Club; Alpha Mu Camas; Treble Clef. Poll Cosiniute; Unhemity drew YWCA; Get :Wan Science Society. MURRAY. MURRAY, CHARITY ANN WILLIAM WARD Yalu Linda Oakland General Curriculum Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta; Golden Bea; California Club; Arthitin Coxdiut. COWIlittte; Sense Class President; Clan Officers Comfit Chairman; Glut Camels; Military Candi; Glee Glob; Senior Peace Commellte; Rally Committee. Transfer from Fullerton dense College; Theta Xi Dormitory. kraut a_ " owe jot tuthiuna. liffida, 102 McCALL(IM, McCASLIN, MCCAW, McCLATCHY, MICLOSKEY.McCREERY, McDONALD, M DONALD, JANICE LEE MARJORIE MURIEL JEAN LEO GRAVES CAROLYN RUTH %PI WILMA BEVERLY MARJORIE MARY BURLESON BeauSelaire El Centro Sift Francisco San CranCiUe Berkeky BerSeler Alameda San Francisco Millbrae Regional CaJOP Maim (palish. History Accounting Doormat. Art Zocdcgy Art Social Welfare. Personnel on Hispanic America Delta Zeta. Chi Ni. Alpha Omicron Pi; Transfer I rom Alpha Gamma Delta; Management Give and Gold; College of Delta Epsilon; Tractile, horn Pelican; St. Scholastics. Tower and Flame; Milts College; Synths, Forum; Pelican; Kappa Alpha Theta; ASUC Cod Sales; Art Burnt . Class COseCtl. I stratum. VcINNES. McLEAN, NEGLEY, NEUNER, NEWMAN, NEWTON. NEWTON, NISBET, OBATAKE, DAVID GEORGE PHYLLIS SUZANNE CAROLYN Al. MARY EVELYN CLARICE BARBARA BARBARA WARTH SARAH ELIZABETH GERTRUDE E. TOSNIAKI Sacramento San Leandro Euelon Hick, Tulare Hemet Lomat °faille Los flock. Business Child Otwlepment Business AWINidin. Social Welfare Optometry Child Deoksbiners Physics Mechanical Admmistratitn. Lewiston Hall. AdeniciStralten Translet Ho, Traelltr from Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta; Engineering Stern Hall; Vitali, Juitfo Fullerton Junin Little Theatre: Alpha Mu Gamma; Trarnfer from UCLA. Pryianean; College. College; YWCA: Town and Flame. Pi Alplia Sigma; Kowa Della. Intramural Board. Clast CCuriCals; Daily Californian; Treble Clef. O ' BRIEN, O ' CONNELL, CFORAIN, DERTLI, OGDEN, O ' HARA, ORURO, OLSEN, OLSON, I II. (EN ANNE JOHN PATRICK PAUL JAMES BLANCHE MARION ROBERt HUDELSON SALLY ARTHUR FUJIO JEANETTE L. JUANITA MAE San Francisco Sat Francisco Richmond Yuba City SeinnAlle Vallejo San Francisco Oakland Oakland Regional Grasp Maya. Accounting (commits Social Welfare Personnel Political Seim Mechanical Regional Group Major Prolegal on Hispanic America Teasley Iran Theta Delta Chl. Delis Delta Delta: MarmliemeM Delta Gamma; Eogirteefin on Hispanic Han " Acuities Ccordinat• -Paquin Hale Unisemity of Sao Pasile; Transfer Nan Ace of CMOS. ASME. Alpha Xi WU: lag itargis 0; Class Conned ' : College of Pacific: Blue and Gold. Winner of the Joni. Teeth and Shield; Phi Kappa N. Sophomne Clan SVA. Debate Medal; Utrisque; Swear " ; Foreman Class Councils; Pelican; Commissioner; Woiseres Activity WorneWs Debating. Council, President; Vigilantes. Pott.War CoydIrmti it Board; Dormitory Council, President: COINS Waian ' t. Club Juniors Alpha Pl.; Cuts Council; Treble Clef; YWCA OIL iht Can lima moAt .012. COL, 11112, 103 OLSON, OLSON OLSON, O ' NEAL, OREAIR, ORR, ORR. OWNBEY, PALM, MARGARET E. RICHARD ALBERT SALLY JEAN LOUELLA PAVLA ROBERTA ANNA LAURA ROBIN LOUISE DONALD WILLIAM JACKLYN MARY San Franc:so Soviet Gate Clarksburg Hain BakmfieIf Oakland Los Anodes Regco, City Ctennstry General Curriculum General Corricskeri Pass:oriel Social Welfare ENDO. Matetdo Political Science Rtteal Gaut Many Dongitony C: Military Cconoi. Alpha Omicron Pi, Management. Lie Oran Studeet CatOf; Neaten; Transfer lam Ratanfield AMC. Sigma Karoo: Pi Alpha Shama; Teamster from UCLA; Theta Delta CAI; on Hisoank Anna Selma KIPP; Wendy Clads; lightfln Student Collett; The Laurakn. Class Councils; Pelican. Cini Canni. Ad Sena Aver.; Elections Board; Association. Scortariat; Homeccnirq Camille. PALMER, PARK, PARSONS, PEACOCK, STANLEY SUMNER FLORENCE LUCILLE MARILYN ACRES BARBARA MARIE JOAN M. Eton:mks Los Antares CoMeal CUttiCtirl Business C ' . Oa... Waled Administration Alhambra PolPolitical Science AlpHa Della P1; Strain ' MARIE Meta:al Etiiiatteeep BURR NO General CumkulaNORMANIRL LAWRENCE Merced Delta Tall Della;CoPEsi B College; Transfer Traesitt from San Berardino Ada Administration Basratts Transfer from UCLA: San Francisco PECK, PECK Transfer from Junior Class Council; ASME. Science Beta Beta; Di:tindery G. Atha Delta Sigma; Pasadena Juror Orieraanols; RAIN Winged Helmet; College; Committee; Tri•Une; Erma. Sigma Nu Dainitco. ASUC Card Sales, Skull and Ke I 1. . 4.110 MIL‘IpIr; Cleated Bard. PERROTT, PERRY, PERRYMAN, PETERS. PHELAN, PHELPS, PHILIP, JR. PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS WILMA DOROTHY EILEEN SHIRLEY MAE FREMONT WILLIAM MARION THERESE RUTH GWENDOLIN JEAN LEON CHARLOTTE P. JEAN MURIEL Beetled Memo Oakland Seattle, Wash. Oakland Steamed. Baltesletld Berkeley Hollpsood Social Welfare Business Physical Education Electrical Engineering BwOness General Cuerkulgen Feernics Ecorenks Spuds " Kappa Delta; AdMiniltralkil Pelican; Administration Triad.. from UCLA; from Alma M. Gamma; lama:tie Houle. So0coscee Class Transf et from Red Gas; Pratantan; Sherman Hall; West Caste College; Suedes Relation. Council; Fulkrto Al, Winter Sites Club; PC Call Theta; Treble Clef; Phi Delta Theta; Women ' s Vlgilames. College; Tower and Flame: Uniensny Claus. Si A; Heyman Club, Dormitory Fi Ph; Chi WaTell Judicial Theta; Women ' s Committee, Activity Council; Chairman; D4n111100r COPKII; Women ' s Fanglike YWCA; Inseam H. Consmillse; Woven ' s Activity Council; Drientalkos; Secretariat; WAA; Newnan Club. AfatiovL, .wfvuz, aA. Acwildouart tualumut Stern Hall; Prytanean; Molar Boyd; Actinties Cardinal. Cceentitte, Secrewy; Class Cowell; Welfare Council, Chairman; Labor Board; Molt Council; Treble Clef, Ses‘x Manager. 104 PICKERING, PIPER, PLUMMER, POLONSKY, PORTER, POWELL, POWER, POWER, PRACIER, EARLE ATKINS VIRGINIA L. GEORGE ELLIOT HAROLD JOAN LARUE ROBERT ARTHUR JEAN MARJORIE LOIS HELEN PAETZOLD BaltInvore.MaOland Berkeley San Francisco Piedmont San Francisco Limemore Oakland Bottle, Public Health Social Welfare Phu( ' Bacteriology Buiness General Currie.tem Said Welfare Anthropoloet Bosioss Nursing Shama Kenai Track. Tower and Flame. Administration Golden Beat; Alpha Delu Chi; Administration Transfer from Johns Hopkins OmutaIsom, Director; Sums Hall; California Club; C.alikenta Club; Beg " C " Society; Univertity Gwen; Calvin Club. Kappa Delu; Phi Chi Theta. UnIniiIlly. YWCA Cabinet. Peyunean, President; pante; Phi Chi lank Vanity Football. Torch and Shie4; Activities Coonlimb irl Committer; Women ' s Cuadra Beard; Women ' s ActIdly Omni; .Meier and Senior Class Seic.iTreas.; Publications Council, Chairman; Blue and Gold (dace. PROSE, BARBARA H. OMAN, JACK QUILLIN. SHIRLEY CARALIE OUONG, MARY RAMIREZ, PETER LEON RANDOLPH, EVELYN JOAN RECTOR, MARION JEAN Wiat MARIE REIDELBERGER, WALT ROBERT San Francisco San Francisco Va!kw Fat !Dm Log Angeles Orem Oakland Gk. Ellen Ras wile, Wino., Grata! Curriculum Elettnal Internatioul General Cements " . Italian English (eighth French Regional Interutioul Kappa Delta; trgRreering Relations Transfer Leon UCLA; Transfer from Wier Women ' s Gros Masa Relations Ohre and Cold; Pi Alpha Phi; Alpha Gamma Delia; Alpha Mt Gamma. Visalia nor Club lunices. Judaea Hall; Toner and Flame; Pelican. AIEE; Chinese Staderad Freshman Class Copecili Pelican; College. wonted; Acton, Comcil; Junta Class Council; Glee Pub; Club. Cal Sunday Suleen; WM Board; Cal Enpsomr, Weenen ' s Conference Council. Elections Board; YWCA; Intramural; SOanish Club; College Women ' s Club. Politkal Seknee REIMER, REITZEL, RENOIGS, RETUSS. REYNOLDS, REYNOLDS. REYNOLDS, REYNOLDS, RICE, RICHARD NIELSEN DUE ELLEN HAZEL ALICE Windsor JACQUELINE D. CARLENA BARBARAEMILY PATRICIA ANN MARIE DOROTHY Los Angeles San Mateo Oakland Stockton Omaha, Nebraska Reticos City Coins San Mateo Electrical General Cwriorkm Mmeematks Mask General Curriculum kornalistn Spanisis Alpha Tanga; s, " Ethicanks.uatiorne....;‘, Transf er Irons Delta (anima; Intanwal, Nide meg Trainlet Iron Trotsky Iran Vanity Debaters; Transfer from Mills College; enrolee from Transfer from ; Trunk, trot San Mateo Janke Santa Rua Nola Mask Club; keOlcol Junior Los Angeles City College; College; College; Alpha Delta Pi; Dormitory F. Sociuty. Unimnity Science Collate: Gamma Psi Beta. (punk Hall; ONevs. KAPPA nga; Ain+ Mu dram; Phi; Chairman. Alpha Gamma Sigma; Bate, Hall; Spanish Club; Tome and Fla; Coffee Italteno. Seem( Class Commie MEC PosliWat add. Wrier Sports Clog. Aught. gol ,..a„ Amt. But 3.apitonnt. I Os RICHARDS. BARBARA ANN Hollywood Political Science Transfer from UCLA; EPWata Hall. RICHARDS, WAYNE ELLIOTT Colin Regional Green Mayor h co te East Slavic Society, President ' Military Council; Wrestling Tenn. RIECK, VIRGINIA ELLEN Berkeley Business Admigittratim Delta Delta Delta; Pelican. MG, MARCIA TWEED Richmond Mater, Delta Chi; Masonic Can. RILEY. DOROTHY C. Oakland Snanith Casa Hispan; Tourer erns Flame; Phraterel; Utrimque; Treble CAM; WAA; Bible League. RINGGOLD. KATHRYN EOYTHE Santa Cruz Medical Technician Alpha Gamma Delta, 81w and Gold; Pelican; YWCA. RIDKIN, LILLIAN ANN San Franert0) Regional Group Major m Hispanic America Alpha Epsilon Phi; ROBERTS, JOYCE Saga Barbara Busmen A6mHusaren@ Stern Hall; Phi CAI Theta; Daily California; ASUC Card Sales Committee. ROBERTSEN, FRANCES CAROLYN Sierra Madre General Curricula Transfer from Pasana Junks allege; Dormitory C. RUHL AND. RUPPE, WILLIAM ARNOLD A. RICHARD Napa Calay,Alterta, Arcanum Canada Sacramento Jneme Transfer from Medianital Engineering Bales Hall. College. ROBINSON, ROBINSON, BEVERLY MAE CHARLOTTE E. Sad Sacramento Business Zoology; Administration Stebbins Nall; Beta Hone; He OrlYiln Hall. Alpha Mu Gamma; Phi Chi Theta. RUSTIC!. SAKAI, CORINNE LUCILLE RUBY San Francisco Rghmand None Econanns Dietetics Home Economics Club; Transfer feces WAA. University Of Chicago; Home Econcons Club; YWCA. WILLIAM SINNOCK ROBINSON, ROSBOROUGH, ROBERT RAOUL San Luis Oting Berkeley Economics Mechanical EngineteiN Della Upsilon; Tau Um Pi; Mad Helmet; Cass SOCiety; Golden Ben Class Comas; Big “C " Society; Vault Tennis. Men ' s Vigllantet; Varsity Tra ck. SALEL, SALLS. FRANCES MARY HELEN WINIFRED San Immo Ukiah Nursing Education Business Tram. Iran Administration College or the Holy Stebbins Hall; Manes. Toner and Flame. ROSS, ROTHENBERG, MARY BETSY LOIS JUDITH Los An Piedmont General Clammily., Psychology Stetbim Hall. Alpha Epsilon Transfer Iran ASUC Vice•Persant; San Francisco Junior California Club; COMM : Prytanean; Panda, President; ASUC (neutral Conmillte; ASUC Fimece GOlunctlft; Activities Coon:Mat. ' no Committee: Wormers Judicial Committee: Wornen ' s Eeecvlite Med; Weenen ' t Activity Card; Senior Class Vice.Presideut; Oritertatrant Council, Sub•Chairman. SANTEE. NANCY RUTH San Mate,, General CUllittila Interrotiosal House; Winter Seats Club; College Womerrs Club Juniors. RUCK. NANCY CAROLINE San Francisco Medical TeChnOM9Y. ROWSON, RICHARD CAVAGH Beverly Hills Political Science Truth. Iran Pomona College; Phi Gamma Della; ASUC President; Goan Bea; California Club, Chairman; Baton; ASUC Evecutive Committee; ASUC Finance Committee;• Large; °ragman of 1945 Homecoming; Music Council; Glue Club, Senior Band ; Metes Rally Committee; Winter Sports Club. SALSMAN, LOUISE HELEN Nan Decorative Art Kalman Haw RUBEY, ALBERT REED Hatirwood General Curricelw. Phi Gamma Delta; Jura Class Council; Military Goad; Rally Committee: Vanity Ithedball. SAM IS, GLENGENE ANNE San Francisco Social Studies. .an.ct roc. Nam io Aland. Mt (01112(210- Alga. 106 SARGEANT, SAVASTA, SCEARCE, SCHEIDT, SCHERINI,SCHNEIDER. LEONARD PHILLIP THOMAS RICHARD MARYANN VIRGINIA ROSE DORIS RENEE LOUISE lond Beach San Francis Hood Rim, Oregon Fresno So Rafael Oakland Lot Angeles JoannaInas Goers! Ceernultan Social Weller Music Social Welf are General Curriculum Political Science Transfer hors Oeitntaltom Transfer from Trailer Iron Transfer from Delta Zeta; Sherman Hall; Ling Beach City War Trampoution WinosIty of Oregon; Fresno State Marin Junior College; Pelican; Law Board, Collage: Board. Delta Cans. Epageth Hall; Orientatkns. Secretary; Orford Hall; Unhttsfly [horn; Elections Board; Pelican; YWCA; Winter Secretariat. Occb.NM. Scats Club. SCHORD, SCHULTZ, ROBERT FRANCIS CHARLES FRANCIS Piedmont Berkeley Cowan ks General Currkularn Football; Phi Gamma Delta; Tract Military COACH; Rally C(Owittee. SCHWABACHER, SCOTT. SEGALL. SEIDL, SEMRAU. SEWARD, SEYFRIEO, SEYMOUR, SHANK. DEITY CARRIE BARBARA ELEANOR RALPH H. BARBARA JEAN VIRGINIA PHLEGAR JEAN MARION LOIS ELIZABETH JANE S. EDNA JO San Emmett° Alameda Los Angeles Berkeley Rodman( Bottley Salem, Oregon Santa Rota Chicago, Satin poscnnei Manceoonnt Plant Pathology Social Weller. P ublic Health Dietetics Cenral Curricvlun Psythokgy An Alpha Xi Delta; Transfer Mon UCLA; Pouroan; Cellar Wonen ' s Zeta Tan Alpha; A IMO C. Pon.: Per.Meditine Cal Em men; Malt IN PIS Stoma; CIA Anon. Treble Clef. Blue and Gold; Knot Student Treble Clef; AMA. Ma Gamma; YWCA. ASUC Card Saks, let• or Manager. Acthitin Coordoat. ,leg Committee; Potematited Council, Chairman. Daily Californian, Manager. SHAVER, SHENG, SHEPARD, SHERWIN, SILEN, SIMS, SKIFF, SLATER. SMALL, DOROTHY JEAN HELEN T. MOLLY MAE DAVID COLE WILLIAM BARBARA LEE EDSON WALTER JANICE ELIZABETH SIDNEY ALBERT Stockton San Doge Su Frant•U0 Berkeley San Francisco Santa Cruz Los Angeles Pasadena LW Anal Social Welfare Finance Social Welfare General Gettlulvm Metal Stitoce SMMIlli Electrical Empennage Inn Tethrsok9E General Cwrkulen Transfer from Transfer front Sherman Hall; Della Kappa EpOlOnl Honor Stern Hall; Transfer from UCLA; Bill Ben; Tramler km USG; Stepson Ciller; Pi Beta Phi. San Diego State College; Pelican. Beta Beta; Skull and Mortar Board; Ptylanton; Parole; Masonic Club. How Etonontks Club, Pretideol; 5-gnu Xi, Intreaanout Hone Alpha Mu Gamma; Blue AM Treble Clef. Yeuat. iL _coca 512Ainti_ and pahlyilint .and 107 5111T11, SNYDER, SOUZA, SPENCER. SPICKLEMIRE, STARKS, EDWIN CHARLES CAROLYN LOUISE ETHEL GLORIA MARGARET LUCY BARBARA JEAN JEAN ELLEN Fonuna Delano Los Bans San Francisco San eigio San Francisco Journalism Social Science Social Welfare Home Economics Personnel Starklaire; Stebbins Hall; eremite Ur. lunge. Irons Administration Theta Sigma Phi; Dormitory Coen( il; University of Orogen; San Diego Sum (Dearth Hall; Tower and Flame; NM.M.A Cub. leteenational Hone; College; Tone and Flame; Dormitory Canc.11; Domain Coax Elizabeth Barrett. Woentffs Extrythe Neeman Club. ert0 and Saddle. Board; Wontets Attinty Council; Senior Class VIce.Presiclem; Class Comfits; Pelican Stall; War Board. STEVENS, STEVENSON. MARY CYNTHIA BARBARA LOU Piedmont Oakland General Curriculum Journalism Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Stone Pni. Oriemation. STEVENSON, SHIRLEY Oak Lard General Cuenca.. Transfer lion San Francesca Junior College Alpha Gamine Delta. Home Eeenernocs History PsTchoftgl Mechanical Rene:nal Group " gala Trainee. Iron Trainee. from Trailer Iran UCLA; General Curriculum. phi mi.,. Po Seta Phi; WA; Er•netrirg on llnpaok Amnia Santa Berton. SaVartst(HO Jump Rite. Hall; Ace of Clubs; Rally Committee: Boston Hall Tinter Iron Cteltge. Pretateres; Little Theatre; Baseball Manner. the Unowsny c4 OttlensiS; Intramural. Ores.; Intramural. Beta Theta Po; keen Hall; Golden Bear; Alpha Mu Gamma; Men ' s Judicial Committee; SVA; Neersan Club. Needles genial Lan Angeles Kemmerer, Lardy...el nig. Social Welfare Musk Pen,tiul Science Heiler Ey:nooks Oriental Langwges Geography Wpornin, Transit. From Transfer Iron Kappa Delta; Alpha Delta Oil; S1M7 Kappa. Treble Clef. Transfer Iron Alpha XI Delta; English. Fresno State Celine Wasutoen College; Blue Deed God; Unhersoty Symphony finak, dimaxid, .6 Swim, CORRkenct. auk. STOKES. STONE, STONE, STONE. STRAIGHT, STRAND. STRAUS. STREET, JR. STRETCH, JOHN REYNOLDS JAMES HENRY LORNA ROME WARREN IRVING JEAN ELLEN PHYLLIS FRANCES ROBERT HERRICK GEORGE WILLIAM HENRY Caton Show-tett Los Angeles Bremerton, Concord Pietngett Berkeley Honolulu, Haxaii Tracy JUMSpradnaCt General Curricelum General Cseretulum Wagner°. STRIBLING, STROUD. SUFFERN, SWEARINGEN, SYMONS. TAGGART, TAKITA, TANNER. TAYLOR. IVAN LEROY MARY ANNE ELIZABETH R. MARIE KATHRYN WINIFRED BARRY JUNE KATHRYN MIYEKO JOYCE EILEEN BRIDGET MURRAY Menet Palo Alto Bedeley BerteleY Oaliand Montan. Univers:1Y; Henn Gables. Onentaticm. Orchestra. International HOWL? ; Onentatillen; Alpha Me Gamma; Pamlfelleeit Cowie Toner ned Clone; Welfare Council; International RelatiOnS; Unitenity deem; Symphony Fort.; 108 TENENBAUM. THOMAS, THOMAS. TILLMAN, TIMM, TINNIER, 10EPKE, TOLBERT, TOM, DANIEL MILTON GEORGE IRVING RICHARD MERLE LOIS ANN JULIAN JEANNE MARJORIE E. MARIAN ELSA PEARL Los Anglin Tacoma, Pim milk °ailing Willows 011 land Watley Twin Falls, Idaho San Francisco Mechanical Engineering WashiolHol Medicine Genteel CUrtiCtiliM1 Transfer frog HIstoel• Mechanical Engineering Social Welfare Sigma Kappa: General Curritalo, Alpha Delta PI; Nutrition Stern Hall; Mathematks Transfer from Transfer from UCLA; Soma Alpha MY; Phi Delta Theta. College of the e Prgifk. Pi Alpo Phi, Pelican; Cal Hosts; Blue AM Golf; YWCA. Alpha Nu; Omicron Nu; San Francisco Junior College. ASME. Houtconing Tretit Clef. Committee; Winter Sports CIO. TRUNK, TYLER, VAN STEENBURGH, VERNAY, JR. VERNON. VON SCHMIDT, WAGENET, HAROLD WOMBS MERLE GEORGIA( WILLIAM E., JR. JOHN S1RAWN BARBARA,ELISE BARBARA MARGARET N. Fresno Albany San Francisco Los Angeles Voris INKY Alameda Mill Vale) Business Highly Economies Business Matheerotks Pre•MrOkal tectonics Administration Sigma Kappa Alma. Bogies Hall; Administration Transfer from Alpha Xi Delta; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Mu Gamma; Psi Upsilon; Fullerton Junin Toner and Flame; ProantaN Toner and Flame; Beta Ekta: College; Daily Californian. Pantile; Mm ' s Judicial Stall and Keys; St. MINSetri Had Welfare Canxil, Committee; Varsity Rowing Club. Sobr-Chainaiani Class Councils; Student Relations, Men ' s Orientation; Chairman; Starclards Commis. YWCA Cabinet. sin, Chairman; 11.14:411 Club. WAHAHAFTIG, WAKEFIELD, WALKER, WARRINER, WASIELEWSKI, WATSON, WEINBERG, WEIR, WELLEIAEYER, • MIRIAM JEANNE KATHERINE S. CAROLYN JOY VICTOR GORDON GLORIA IRENE MARY JANE DORY LEA BARBARA ELEANORE JANE ELIZABETH Folsom Bakersfield Long Beach Saa Francisco Plorriu Arizona San Mateo Oakland Los Angeles Patterson Central Currku:sm General Curritulurn English Breilnns Spanish Physical Education Histcry PothalogY Pre•Medkal Transfer from Transfer from Dormilay G. Agyinistration Transfer from Stern Hall ' Della Comma; St. Margaret ' s Sherman Hall; Sacramento Junin Bakersfield !NUN Sigma Nu; Phoenix Junior Elections Board; Senior Class Council. House; Wcmons Judicial College; College; FOOMIll; College; [Nehru ' . Tower and Flame; Committee; Stebbins Hall. Casa Huron. Gymnastics. Dormitory C; Pelican, Dormitory CanKil. Alpha Mu Gamma; Senior Class Coined; Blom and Gold; Orientations; Treble Clef. TORSTRUP, TOWLE, LYNN ELIZABETH DORIS ANN la Jolla Oakland Social Welfare Agriculture Transfer from Alpha DOD Cal. San Dingo Suit Delta UPOION Culler; Stull and Keys. Stern Hall; Senior Cuss COLIA111; Secretariat; Damitory Council. dam oaduatat wth_ -in 109 WESTIN, WESTWATER, WETZEL. WETZEL. WHALON, WILKIE, WILKINS, JR. WILKINSON, WILLOUGHBY, FRANCINE EUNICE ROGERS EDITH JOSEPHINE PATRICIA FERN LEO J. LORINE RUTH FLOYD DIANA GERTRUDE KATHERINE Los Angeles Si. Francisco Wok? Fullerton Bakenbeld San Rafael Fowler OaMang Oakland General Eurekalent History Math mallet Physical Edstheta Physical Education Physical Education Business Physical Education Journalism Transfer from UCLA; Trader IAPP Can alispana; Theta UPON.% Transfer from Transfer from Administration Sera KAM: Alpha Ortkron Pi: Steals. Hall. San Francisco Junior PEI Beta Kappa; Pi Alpha SiInla. Bakersfield awe Man Junks College; Phl Gamma Della: YWCA. Theta Sigma Phi; College; Aloha Mb Gamma; President; Caller; Alpha Delta PC Galas Bear; Taw and Flame; Womas Society; Phi Ma Nu gem Psi; Physical Enkeation Nu Sigma Po; CaliIonia CMI; hake Class Gam ii; WM. Dairy Californ ia mantra ' CIa. Sear Class Email; ASUC Esamthe Pelkan, Reelection NINON; Elections Board; Committee; Elections tart Intramural. ASUC Finance Homecoming Camilla Ceaterldlet; ASUC Recenentatio• WAX at•Largt; Physical Educatat Activities Cardinal. Maas ' Club, ima Committee, President. Citnentla; Mares icial Camille; Magary Coancii. WOOD, W GERALDINE E DI rt. O°UR San Polro BARBARA JEAN Pasadena WING, WOLF, LILY CHUNG SARAH JANE Evanston. Illinois Frevso Social Welfare Central Curriculum. Stern Hall. WRIGHT, WRIGHT, EYALYN HELEN WILLIAM CORWIN Portland, Prawn Chita., Illinois Politiul Science knian Alpha (polo, Phi; Administration Hasa Beard; Trader from Orientatiom; Nallorestern Nn.Hellenk CooKil. UninnitY. WOLFF, WONG, WOO, WOOD, ELISSA MERCEDES STANLY ht K. GEORGE OVEY SENORA ANN San Francisco San Francisco (Mawr. Colorado Berkeley History Electrical Engineering Mechanical General Curriculum Banns General Caroculum Gra✓aphy, Aloha Xi Delta. AIEE; Erhainterina Transfer from adillpentrattee Transfer from Domit✓y C. Orientalen Cam I Mae Sambas ' Transfer From College of Use Pat ifn; from Compton Junior Club. San Francisco Junior Alpha Kl Dina; Pasadena Junior Caller; Cara; Jona Class Cowicti; Col kge; Sherman Hall. Ti Alpha PM; ASME; Stern Hall. Toners Flame; WA; YMCA. WYLLIE. WYSHAM. YEW. YIM, YORK, JR. YOUNG. ZANOTTO, (VA GAY STUART GRAHAM BARBARA A. HAZEL HALL CARL MONROE MURIEL G. NIDA PUN Sunda., Tr Y Sm Francisco San Francisco Masi, Googia San Francisco M Clout Sala! Welfare Canal Cani Ultan An rotor Trade. Minks Medical Technician Spanish Gamma Phi Beta. Theta Delta Chi. Delta (puke. Transfer from Zeta Tau Alpha; Colonial Hall Amer_ Mew, University; Senior Class Council; Kappa Alpha. Winter Sans Club. ZEITSCJIEL, ZIEGLER. ZUMWALT, RUTH HARRIET RICHARD EDWARD MARGARET ANN San Mateo San Diego San Diego CIWNIStry. Central Currkala General C.W.O., Transfer foot Trager from College of Paelf.c. San Diego State College; Alpha Dells Chi; Unawnity Symphony. psardinvi on_ Mk rampta a bat 10 gag.. I I 0 San rfittneiseo- Sertio-rs dentists ...doctors ... nurses ... pharmacists . . . hospitals . clinics . . . prescriptions .. . operations . . . training . . . internship . . . on ... SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY ALTIERI, ANDERSON, ANDERSON, BERKOWITZ, BEWLEY, BRIGANTE, BROWN. BUMSTECI, DOMENIC JAMES A. ROBERT REX DONALD ARTHUR ROSS EVERETT ROBERT FRANKLIN WILLIAM FERGUS WILLIAM DAVID Palo Alto Seattle, Turlock Los Mien Stockton SAM. Ana Anaheim Monrovia Dentist, ' Transfer Inn Was Hinton Dentistry Dentistry Transfer from DmstIstty Transfer From UCLA; Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; Dentistry Theta Delta CAS; Demists, Epsilon Alpha. Dentistry. San Jost State Transfer from Mcdtsto Junior Alpha Orseps; Alpha Zeta; Delta Sigma Delta; College; Uttrenity of College; California Club; Inter•Fraternity Epsilon Alpha; XI PA Phi; Wilkinson; Xi P11 Pal. Epsilon Alpha; Council. Inter•Fraternity Epsilon Alpha. Beta Theta Po; Stockist Body Council. Delta Sigma Desia; Emden Alpm. CHAN. CROWLEY, COUPE, JR. DONKIN, JR. DOWOS, GOOSITY, GREENLEE, HANSEN. WARREN RICHARD ELLIS CHARLES EDWIN ELBERT B. ROBERT JOHN ZURETTI LEE HAROLD ELLIS JOHN KEODINGTON Oakland Racine, Wisconsin Marysville Paso Robles San Francisco Claktaam Fremont, Nebraska San Francisco Dentistry. Dentistry. 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Mattoon, Illinois New Yak Cite, Loll Cats Nevada Csty Oakland Seattle, Palo Alto Dentistry New Yak Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Wash! noted Dentistry Transfer I ran Dentistry psi Omega. PSI Omega. Psi Omega. Delta Sigma Dahl. Dentistry Transfer Iron Eastern Illinois Psi Omega. Xi Psi Phi. San Jose State State College; Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Sera Wilda; College, Psi Omega. Freshman and Sophomore Class Pere„ em. REINER, SALZER, SCHIEFER, SCOTT, SMITH, SOARES. THEREN, THURSTON, PHILIP CHARLES GEORGE WILLIAM E. ROBERT ANDREW DELMAN D. JAMES FENTON ROBERT WILLIAM JAMES LA FORREST PWrigiaceh Roma Richmond San Diem San Francisco San Francisco Oakland Oakland Grass Vallee Dentistry OffilbStry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Della Spew Delta. Psi Omega- transfer Iran Xi Pal Phi; Transfer from Delta Sigma Delta; Xi Psi Phi; Psi Omega; San Diego State Epsilon Alpha; Diego State Epsilon Alpha. FAO . Alpha. Epsilon Alpha. College; Student Body College; Delta Sigma Delta; Prelident; Psi Omega; Theta Delta Chi. Junkie and Sense Epsilon Alpha. Class President. TUTTLE. WIEEDIE, WASLEY, JR. WELLS, YOUNG, ROBERT SCOTT WALTER E. JAMES CARROLL CHARLES THOMAS WILLIAM LOWELL Santa Rosa San Francisco Alvarado Los Angeks Glendale Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Dentistry Xi Psi Phi. Delia Sigma Delta; Trainee. Nom Delta Sigma Nita. Xi Psi Phi; Lamed. Chi Alplw; San Joe State Alpha Tat Omega. Track. College ' Xi Psi Phi. SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA CLUB BACK ROW: Herbert Jchnstom. Pell Malaise, Phyllis Moore, Stine Tommie. FRONT ROW: Jam NAV ' , am Campbell, Robert Scht, Alan Margolis. 113 SCHOOL OF NURSING ARTHUR. BALDWIN. BENNETT. BERRY, BIDWELL, BOITANO, BRADLEY, MILDRED KING RUBY JANE MARGARET M. ADDELLA NANCE BETTY ANN GERALDINE D. DORIS Eldridge Bakenfield Pasmkne !Moms! San Loud.° San Jos. Bodeley Nunn, Zeta Tag Alpha. North., Tomtit From BaItemINId Me Naomi Transit. from Nursing Alcoa Tat DMA. 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Elgin Ortutt Richard W. Gentry Howard Peterson Victor M. Kostainsek Don Pickering Stanley H. Lann Edward Saxon James P. McGinley Harold S. Shuler Arthur T. Ooghe Edward Warren Bruce G. Whitaker Russell Williams Harold I. Griffeath Arthur C. Hemphill Thomas W. Ledwich Floyd F. Mardi William M. Match James H. Noble JUNIORS Theodore L. Althausen, Jr. Charles A. Berry Hugh P. Curtis Bernard E. Gilpin H. Earl Cordon Robert Johansen Daniel E. Meub Earl A. Thompson SOPHOMORES William F. Creppa C. Donald Kitch James F. McKenna T. MeK. Martin James A. Merrill William J. Morris Peter Packard Robert N. Philip Walter E. Paddy G. K. Pyles Elliott E. Stearns Edward E. Tueller FRESHMAN John Paul Bede, Jr. GRADUATE Malcolm Edmiston SENIORS Dexter T. Ball Robert Barnard Orrin S. Cook F. Cody Eames Thomas F. Evernden 117 DELTA SIGMA DELTA 330 PARNASSUS AVENUE. SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1882 THIRTY•FOUR CHAPTERS 118 SENIORS Robert Anderson Robert Brigante Charles Coupe Harold Greenlee John Hansen William House David Hunter Cordon liunzicker Dale Lazier Harold Nielsen David Farrington Phillip Reiner William Sehiefer James Soares Walter Tweedie Charles Wells JUNIORS Harry G. Altaffer Kermit Brooks Clarence E. Brunhou•e Rea Christensen Robert E. Cuenin Edgar V. Hansen Harold Johnson James B. Peachy Archie E. Peterson Ralph Sanguinetti Oliver Scow Jack H. Wilhelm SOPHOMORE Gerald Wolfsehr FRESHMEN Wayne Bolien Robert Forester Clarence Gerstenberger Edward Makin, No Pictures SENIORS Robert Carlson Paul Christensen FRESHMEN Frank Catalano John Chamberlin Burnett Harbour. Charles Kitties Durell le Breton James lints Ted Martins William Parker Ralph Peters Paul Russell Rukert Slaughter Si,,, PSI OMEGA No Pictures JUNIOR Otto Keller FRESHMEN Robert Johnson George Redmond O. M. Reed James Rideout GRADUATES Milo Mehloff Phillip Merritt James Payne Delman Smith James Thursten SENIORS Philip Konigsberg Charles Masterlir Walter Mullis George Salyer JUNIORS Daniel Alemini Dale Arata Richard D ' Arremo Ri hard Cooper Paul Folquet Charles Morris Robert lithe Herbert Schuatkrer Fay C. Van Robert Wildriek SOPHOMORES Boni James MrSkimming 101 WOODLAND AVENUE. SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT BALTIMORE COLLEGE, 1892 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 F1FTY•THREE CHAPTERS 119 XI PSI PHI GRADUATES Rex Anderson Elbert Donkin Robert Tuttle James Wesley William Young SENIORS James Alden Ross Bewley Robert Dowd. Glen Jamieson Benjamin Pacheco Robert Scott Robert Theren JUNIORS William R. Campbell Robert R. Longstreteh Peter Picard tonnes Sherman SOPHOMORES William Barr John Maki No Pictures SENIOR ' William Brown JUNIOR Robes Hallett SOPHOMORE John Ziegler FRESHMEN Peter H. Astig Wilden Ballard Ernest Brabant Ernest Garcia Eric Kolberg Stanley Lorenchi George McConnell Rodney Mathews Maurice Peel John S. Rhatigan William Rider 120 74$ PARNASSUS AVENUE, SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, 1889 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 189S FORTY•FOUR CHAPTERS glade-VS Derby day . jeans ... prom ... picnics . tag day ... lanes ... trawlers . upper busmen ... major . . . junior appointments . Christmas serenade .. . 122 Sum Hon hest to IAe the wind. too. JUNIOR COUNCIL BACK ROW: Barbara VeraItie, Wilma Rule, Lee Vein, Loenint Conk Mn vs. Nostrard, Lois Grnlbert, Peggy Lynch, Getrge Niccu. THIRD ROW: Miriam ChM, Nancy SWrgn, Canal Jam Alms, Kowa Shearer, Autrey Manton, Pat Erase, Mimi Gahm.. SECOND ROW: Jame Baler, Barbara Thus. Margret ray, Ann Nothrmswallt, Jean Morns, (Seance Desoktin, Barbara Shies, Joyce Whittle, tan PHrmlio, FRONT ROW: Barbara Warren, htanlm Smith, Bill Porter, Jaen Kenyon, Macon Saga ' , Amine Risen, RoMmu Caned. James invade the Tamer. " to sell tags la their Cantors " Tag Day. " The Marines really bent all tot for the " Car;strum Ca•i• Owing the the band fete leaned Oct to play Jingle Boles. wan Cl.. Ciab i• the foreihonent everybody %any theenteltel Matte on Callaghan stem tee last stop. OFFICERS SUMMER AND FALL Pat Pont, VP...President; Nano, Eddy, PMWel; Kay Elmo, Secretary.Treasurtr. SPRING Sawa Jan Warta, SecretorTreasurer; Bill Pain, PmIcItat; laWilyn Smith, Vice•Prni M. jop_. AckiaL Mail- n gut Sun " ea kat. SUAtilta. matt Ba " amp 9n, 3a1L, Caitolinek and ihs_. plink Awn, (Dna had acithitiois gut ihiA, Spiting. Ahaitect Lx. Lunt. and .clot acquainted. nit Sunk Jatf 0.cui. in_ Camptudit CD.Ultt 123 JUNIOR PROM Meant was f.lkd to capacity and everybody lad a time al the ' arittmts Formar prow. A Our Ovntmas tree was a p000ntot feature M.stletce and NOS wee ones away by a . between dames ... iM vocalist Sings beneath a ttee•telfected bandlland. 31IL 11141- 4 Sat Claa gunk PAoin. di. .d ffluniot vs.lintet .011, Ofzunt6.01_ 15. Shinumthing_ ektiktnua Lt e. light., miniletot - be- decked Aida., and. But Altaic 4 noitintfizaa, pkevailed let MIL holiday_ atnitthphivut 4 geetait, gip mutant. 124 So pito rite-mg millet ... hazing ... Frosh-Soph brawl and ball . Ad degree ...Soph llop ... Mardi Gras ... ' Sere? ' Jack McNeEks pouted lots of enteeta4rmett. SOPHOMORE COUNCIL BACK ROW: Stan Jude11, Ed Guys, PgyHis Princetagg Polly Mansfield, Arlene Ranedph, ins Mute, RotRit Gwen. Larry Warburton. deeded 14oplund. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Ehnen largo, Jeanne Joan, Dee Dee Cm.gginf, Drewry. Stun Kent Oarlent Reed, Pe!mina Brandi, FRONT ROW: Doe BlovRerl, Cathy Reid, Pat Adams, Pal Mariners, Jean Baird, Mayan Name, NAM Drew. 126 Very Gerard leads sore yells for the Sopkorretes. Dating was a Intro el the " Siesta " to . Chris greets guests at the door of the Gamma PIN horse In the Scott And, like Rdedlece else, the 5005 Can ' t miss brie OFFICERS SUMMER AND FALL Barbera Jean Warren, Preside:1: Mania SimOn. StatUrpraawn.; Jane Kee f Voce•Prei4ent. SPRING Pal 0.61mb , Secrttary.Tremwei: Den fila”bag. Cathy RNA Vice.Prmdtm. ilic paid activiticA 4 Mt Soph,- Din .11 MIL faddy- 4 .thket this Degis 7h iluak ispoimsd Au RnivAphima to gut a. 4 ma. .to PIRA- fl- gold anti gm " Acalp- ing: 4 Ea dAvAlt_ viort-piuthicthnt.. 127 SHOP FIESTA ReIrtihnwolt •Wle the orchestra " Takes lw The Spanish Room was well Wed as the " Fiesta. ibis locks like fun! One of the dancers twintains lot a Whit. 3.1mnOivit and. Orman in. _dui Summa loan_ Afraid_ iht ztaciaL damp_ 41k Soplia u ca. 31v2n, atthuh_ facpc2a. tbmwnietlitabzd. Aantbait rd. Mit " Skate which_ iota a.. puzvit2w 4 ihn_ gala_ n3kaata. " lit ma. orthinnanti Spatilik ROOM-. I 28 r7teiltmen reghtration . . . forms . . . physicals . . . President ' s Reception ...dinks ... green ribbons ...rushing... bewilderment ... first football season ... FRESHMAN COUNCIL BACK ROW: Gn CuImtn, Pate Van Benne, Toni Steel, Jerry Dolan, Dean Okay, Sy Llbnal Larry Newel. THIRD ROW: Charhim Arno, Lte•ta Huophet, Jane Realm, Etna Kink., NleCY Riper, PhIlln FriSellig, Keith Moot. SECOND ROW: Madeline Iloleanala Jock Antlenv, Barbara Hurt, Sun Culler, Helen Mein, Eve Befloolf, Jean Hawley, Marino Pennon. FRONT ROW: Sill Bagley, Mitglt Gleason, ley Dickens: Flo Vono, June Wigetnan, Am Felon, Walt Garelrte. The yell leaden got a lot of rneonw. Way last unnan the Irc-th held the " Fortyntneet Football Fumble ' frnmrft ten really bell with to.. I trit•ol•the•term rally. Pnry 13.11 Bagley, dirt and all, it evoNntly an amusing get. 130 Henn! 1E1 7Tinnig „-vflah -info -thitog Trroci -trwzr„ 77 Flair „Tw6t, wE ' TeRmi 71W TM " euazatir -zr Ju -arrwm a -panhavg war TN la law " ma TIN " WV timP pznikaar Tie -u u " On ' uanstail•ksel.n 35 ' 000 ' 419 DNIUdS AmstIWOMni VOWS lalece " la Wit+4+4illueturl S213D1110 -111Pgv t vnav 27 7 " P ad ' eV rwilj ;liana( ' -trod, 1nny town -vp ?WI " waliT Ind -zouvp -Tv4 100•1000 0 CM poise, eau ail Ai a MS an " ' 041% htstP c p3 lunci „1011101.4„ ' avieet $n.3 AT•310 scac 00•9 JFJP 40c•Ci • AO Nos aw sot ' ) JJOAVd Al213A0d LE I o o k K ”:1 bvio. t •• tontua. tint on -, anks A nude 4 `tit!: Ticket Sales , itmet Jales tonways ' ,., -.,... cs- I ..... ....,..„. - re ` , 0 7 • rie` NUMeiP 17 Sweep Toward Path Continue Chartres, Orleans, Dreux, Chateaudun Fall to Allies I If 1, P”, „ Dcllurns Reasr 1 . an, 4... It.. • „. ‘, .. ‘ , oc -co 6es N Z1 . eLs ' ke ' • G r;sst:ii of`A c ‘ 6 pis (:• 9 6e •, ., • 0 ,x,rrSte, cPC% 41.(k N‘r ,0° c C:N-, x‘Nkr‘ ' kW Cci:41c4 N C ‘ ' c • q0 1% ecl + 01 s a:0 4 ' . ' 4 • O Xs ‘‘‘‘‘‘ .N •N` crCrN •a to CO , ' t " );.• •••‘ ' " 0 k‘ „cO • ,00 06 () o° t, r O ' S c ‘: X‘V1 4 " eN Ok• .0‘O. NO. ' , 0 7 ``` • 6 ' • x, cox .x‘ St • to• ,Sc " „o) 6 von P1 4 4 e •,.. - ' 4s ocs v ' :00‘•+ • • VIC) • ., •-• c,N•S`` r N „c,c, „.,‘Co x - • .0 4 • 0 co 0. C:‘ A.: ON. ' ' Ce1 4C. ‘k • k 9. SVP b‘‘ a •‘ •:‘ ' • NV oVP • od - On B`i t t iJ. .011k d 4:24Le VC3 on. not • - • — b0„.0%„c ;-- ,‘ c vo00.„Ce ,or ‘‘‘, :.tveilsGe Dm " 10 a n e S XV. On on, Ire ec;t , 151 cw er Normonal 4ketec, • st C 4.41. ( ,,,I, ,, T. ' 50,1,,, • .040, 4.4 a, ,0 o CO0 , .r... 7. • ' .5% " ..S. e On. $ ' • , ' Oh,. . • • pr it Ca 1e4s 0 ■ ° 41 • 4 cc- il Cap, Sc r tcz-,-- ° ( • a t „c ;,,. S. iS ,.. ilv °O -,.. ,7_,..4......„‘, c0JAA: cr. 1.0 at: 4 k sifr , .0. • ,, i 0. . . Ce 1 . .••••,. • it, iv ces re 14 . 1-0 4 ioand( s em , et 1., 4. t, ts : ;. " ' - A 0.210)), SI° , POI P 0 407, t strabbees ... ensigns ... gold bricking . liberty . Callaghan men ... drilling ... ring dances .. . pay day ... on leave ... Imam officers . Milifray, Conn BOB SMITH and FLOYD WILKINS THE need for Military Council, now composed entirely of representatives of the Naval Training Units at Callaghan Hall, is decreasing as the plans for disbanding the military units on campus take form. Throughout the war, the Council func- tioned as a coordinating agency to integrate the activities of the military with those of the Univer- sity. During their stay at Cal, the members of the Army ASTP and the Meteorology units joined the Navy and Marine students in planning social events and presenting students ' suggestions and " gripes " to the administration and the column- dere of the military units in order to bring about better cooperation and understanding. Aided by the Panhellenic sororities, the Council arranged for a series of open-houses, in addition to the dances held by the various units. Highlight of each term was the Military Ball sponsored by this committee. An added attraction at last S - mer ' s Ball was Jimmie Lunceford, one of the few name-bands at a campus dance since the begin- ning of the war. Now, with the campus back to its peacetime status, the Council is closing its books after sev- eral years of service to the University. BACK ROW: Bill Hann, Cool Beg, Haut Kota kb Smith. SECOND ROW: Dueled Scholl . Al Ruby. Cover Moos, Ward blwray. FRONT ROW: Floyd Wilkins, Cade. Nelsen, Dick Olson, Dick Denton. :39 91aval- h7aq- ?Ana CAPTAIN W. WHITE COnnur4PN Mtn FAMILIAR and popular figures now on cam- pus are the Marine and Navy boys stationed at Callaghan Hall, who, under the direction of Captain W. White, are preparing for duties as officers in the Naval and Marine Reserve. From the 6:45 groan of the well-known " Cal- laghan Horn " until 10:30 taps, they live a life of military drills and musters, and University classes and activities. The Naval Training Unit will be disbanded at the end of the Spring semester, and the International House will again occupy its old home. The students of California will long reme m- ber the active part these boys have played in the scholastic, political, and social life of the campus. COMMANDER H. L. WALISZEWSKI LIEUTENANT LIGHT boc.A..! Posont 011 Re, Callaghan Hall. wartiethe braSolatters of tat NAM Training Unit. PERSONNEL STAFF SACK ROW: L. A. Jette, PttM2 e; H. H. Haelaiti, SAOL C R. E. Whale, SADI T; W. J. Ne•Ateel, SpIAJlit, ' J. H. Bareaby, Sp:Al2 e. THIRD ROW: R. F. Mitchell, PIJA3ic; R. Meting., SpIArSalinas, Sp(A 2 e;Foster, Ylic. SECOND ROW: E. D. Forrest, GMI c; K. C. Halls, Yin; C. S. Mayes, PLAI t; Barba. Speen, Y2 e; kin wet«, Yti; Beanie Tee, Y2 c. FRONT ROW: W. Gagne, CBM; H. W. Simpson. OM! K. J. Peltier, CCM; J. Davison, CY; H. Everitt, CY; C. W. May, CSK. STAFF OFFICERS BACK ROW: Lt. lig) J. E. Yen Berg, Lt. M. A. Smith, Lt. A. P. Fleming, Capt. Haft USMCR. THIRD ROW: Ens R. W. Foam. Lt. C. P. Hetes, Lt. D. H. Frame, Lt. J. Al. Lamb. SECOND ROW: Lt. H. 8. OW110. Lt. J. A. Doherty. FRONT ROW: Lt. CS% C. M. GPM, Lt. Cdr. R. 8. Hotetolm, Capt. W Whitt, Co H. L. Walistewski, Lt. J. J. Schmidt. 141 nava! R. a 3. e BATTALION COMMANDERS BACK ROW: MVO SWJACf. Ryy Wh.te. FRONT ROW ' Jack Ittord, it IMCle SeIsco EVERYONE knows the RO ' s at Cal for the active part they have played in the University life. They have capably held important ASUC and class of- fices, and their capacity for participation in coun- cils, clubs, and University affairs is well known. The unit, about 350 men in the Fall and 265 in the Spring, is composed of many boys who have seen overseas action, and of transfers front the V•12 units of California and other colleges. These boys, carrying units in many varying fields as well as required courses in Naval science, have all been working for that gold stripe signifying a coin- mission in the Naval Reserve. Many receive dis- charges after graduation according to the Navy point system, and the others serve for a time in the active Navy. After the Spring term, the NROTC Unit will resume its pre-war program tinder which students carry several units of Naval science each semester and receive commissions in the Naval Reserve at graduation. RING DANCE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Art Doite, Mn Orintniass, Join Dconberly. SECOND ROW: Dai,d Cummins, Herb Sertico., Jan Mcw.:vt), Bill Wallace. BOTTOM ROW: Euseae MiNetly, Dr.D Atwater, Bob Bana,. Dear Shoat. 142 Mahint Coya Reztaffe, CAPTAIN CHARLES H. HORN ' THE Marines have landed and have the situa- tion well in hand. " Since the first group of Marine officer candidates arrived at Callaghan Hall on July 1, 1943, the Marine Unit has played a major role in campus life. The Unit has carried on both academic and military training under the leader- ship of Captains W. P. Gooch, C. H. Horn, and A. Adams. Originally composed of about 350 men, the Unit has dwindled to eighty-six. Small as the group may be, it has contributed more than its share of participants in campus activities. Three presi- dents and several other ASUC officers have come from the Marine ranks. No slackers when it conies to sports, they have collected their share of tro- phies. Never to be forgotten are the Marine dances and other social events. With the close of the Unit in July, most of the men will return to civilian life. Others will receive commissions in the Marine Corps Reserve, and will remain for a time in the service. CPI. Olitatn, Sgt. kkaa, Sgt her. Ngt. Sgt. Cow, Film Sgt. Wins, C. . Wen. 143 Wavy. U-12 Oworta THE V-12 ' s and the V-5 ' s share with the NRO ' s the gratitude of all Californians for their part in the warti me campus life. Their interest and participa- tion in our activities and athletics helped Cal main- tain its old and cherished traditions. The V-12 unit has been considerably decreased this year, but the V-5 program, started at California in November of 1945, has grown to a unit of over 400 men during the Spring term. The Ves attend California for four semesters in preparation for pre- flight training. The previously required midship- man training has been eliminated for the V-12 ' s, and they now receive their commissions at the Univer- sity. If you want to see just what these boys did, you have only to look in at the Cal Band, the Glee Club, or the offices in Stephens Union, and you can see that these Navy boys took an important place in the war- time life of the campus. BATTALION COMMANDERS Haut. Hudsoi, Jchn Sealy,, Rebut V.12 Company 6, Font ReMLI, Company Cammook.. 144 V•5 ' s come up Ban. croft for the first time ... symbol of California weather, sun glasses and pea- coat . . . the mys. series of a new school as programs are figured . . . quizzes on airplane recognition ... gear is issued at the cloth. ing and small stores, switch from civvies to swabbies ... the end of a hard day and relaxation in the east rec room ... THE Navy has its social life too .. . dances and relaxa- tion are the order of the day here ... RO candlelight dance, very romantic .. . Loafing in the can- teen and " beatin ' out the boogie " .. . the mess hall trans- formed at the can- (Delight dance .. . ice cream cups are a popular item at the canteen fountain ... The Canteen is sure a popular place ... also the ice cream . . . the RO Ring Dance was enjoyed by all . . . isn ' t it obvious . . . punch was served too .. . homework, Naval problems and what have you are always present ... Chow time, but these guys seem to be more interested in the camera than eat- ing... • Rina e MAJOR JOHN C. HOWARD Preftwor of Willie° Seem. and Tarots TAKING first place in the 9th Service Command Intercollegiate Rifle Match, the Reserve Officers Training Corps has maintained a fine military rec• ord during the past year. In the Fall, lower division students acted as cadet officers and " non-coms. " Returning veterans increased the enrollment and added to the efficiency of the group. Effective in the Spring semester, the 16th Army, with headquarters in San Francisco, assumed the responsibility for the training of the ground units. Rifle drill, map reading, first aid, and the handling of weapons are among the subjects taught the men. During the war, the former Army ROTC men proved the value of their college military training by showing their prowess in combat units overseas. As excellent officers and leaders they showed their ability to think and act quickly under fire. In peacetime as in wartime, the Army continues to maintain a reserve corps of alert, intelligent of- ficer candidates. This unit, of whom the campus is justly proud, deserves a hearty salute! BACK ROW: Sgt. A. R. illocer, Stiff Si.4 Berra, Sot. E. M. Elliott, Master Sot, M. H. pe.te, Meow Sot. Garrett E. Tao, Stet Sgt. Mitred P. S ' OtO3t1 FRONT ROW: MO,. John Hon ' s, Get. Janet Siler, Capt. C. A. DR., C t. E. W. Boats, tax. F. R. C 304t. 148 TECHNIQUE OF FIRE ... AND SQUAD DEPLOYMENT SACK RO W: Witter Rieman, jihnts Match, Chwks Mod ' , C:cd Fox, Meta taped, Morten ofilelttradit, ROM O ' Ccratil, Hictmed LcCteale. FRONT ROW; Witham Shield% French Deland., Nod McCarthy, V11111 M Sothic Ona10 Edam0s, Edaaril Maniac, Nano Nrcerod, Bun Lel111. 149 (13o-ak BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25.1942 Teen New Offensive iving News: No Classes, no Study-- Just Turkey ' n Stuff be an Uo bet The f ItheatY etleal and Si Weal be ten an• K. Tbe Calif dl ' NP " " Takes Heavy Reds Smash Stalingrad Siege • To Start Soon idle Run mpiETE retell sad Labor ihout• • be obstacle mune on! opted • tweet of the phis- iirfuttatout thawed 14 wen •serIpth• • cinnpletIen of tbf anon°. siopertole••• Dank ' Be— I. cut Young treint no Ow IM •••••• In steer to boirtnte of lab " . Ow •spied+ of Ow • us• •natty node ter n• lin the navy station • plant ohm II mold aloe. eras say Mbar I ' Teen ea muds sill not be caned by the It-Ibitettad , before Jan I. • ' nary of ken! !draft et retested yotterthY• ring Diehlonteh Tidal horn Motion.. •111 Onto In flail • oto• in the root boy. with nth! none following nett month Student• ir the Ian half of their ' ,offeror )ear ram a4 deferment WSW of the year. • San Pommies r •• BERKELEY CALIFORNIA MONDAY, JULY 24 1944 ds Sweep Acrol day • stonrniturepoorbettn 14rdeeet• ' d COOnt MUM law On ant " rolt. a worth bra " MONARCH OF THE IFORNIAN NUMBER 3S 00 a ' ao‘k; isAcii. lap ..„ V the " . 1,5.0,03 :two 50.totuso.,,,t dte e tv • e ‘tora. Istc Pt ttttt (el t • ' OW ,..artqff ti Soviet Troop! Pushing Gern Gateway to S 1.0Nno ' N. Jul, 24 ken ' north of tie Nn; One Candii Files Petitil For Preside c B ‘°, rIc _9,0 S ss 2„,c‘ •c ee det 0 f ' ho • 1( ?A 00 iN to.4 ?!CoeIG (eV! • c .1 " • cs . " V ' eV • . . s Tracy MONARCH OF THE Bed TH E RAIL VOLUME 123 12B Reel A wan. , sar I BERKELEY. CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY, MAY 10. 1944 admi. COLLEGE DAILIES 1111•1 4. ° dr 4 A Mere " Ibe• . feet V W Oet Ave. Vaeo,..4da k. 4I it 4.4 • ere SA h 0. 4 took, ecf 7% . 404 •,,„ : 4 W ' ret Prre he 67 41 Matt, f10 non0.146400 40,.. " 1 4 1 Cif th;:soon;floart.: orbo‘ Oka . It ra„ fly , Nen t ` " 10.1 461, r fi ea ie ' a 1 U C L I V 1l t r an BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA. MONDAY. FESUARY 12, 1945 71 Russ Smash Toward Saxon VOLUME 115 X28 LIEGE DAILIES NUMBER 18 s Poland Race Towards Warsaw ions from Eastern Front outhern Estonia Captured litewhos troop.. Amine the no Welt afro, the Pali.). plain. a. h .teMetalit, broke into the tree.. of Lunn ' aerate. and mitmlw.1 to within It mile; rem of Preemml, pile the Cerreotn. were in full Right in the tenor! t n( the Marina Emmen nine Soviet A ' Agent,. raptured Prkot. the Suuthern Mon charm att b. ' thdioutte rode art et nt itton. and toned within ilx miles of the !Adian fall city Of it die at oartr.ortat, Not r..,, The MrooralbedOmmant were en. :Raley in panic Moment raid. In entre melee ha the Red " wile Bonne op mote than 1640 teetrilay The ' " ne out Oniv forte • • CS ....r.,:k. t___,______ 6 nto ip Kirsh " j4t5LIE NI rut ea llE410„ „Ii Red -. 1 y E Ntei Stude Buchares nts To-iracluate Tocla 4,04 if , RLIss CReady foi- Advances outhern German) , R ' " TO SPEAK AT UNIVERSITY MEET I Liegnitz Falls to Red Arm Breslau Imperilled by Driv a era! ed isi es ilk 71, 4v„._ Campanile Reopens For S.F. Conference Ay Maeda Gray Satter ' COM! $ the C panne al be open the ptiblit for the duration Of the San rnincher. United Nations cootereme ,rt town:mama OemnmatIn. Tht tlerata in be ran two 70 =ones Monday thrown Saturday f 10 Ill11 to 17A0 pm. and from I 7 ;50- - 5 pm. On mowhytt tops vi l te every as minters rhea 11 in to 17 at. r I : _ T n MONARCH OP THE MRIF5 itioit THE DAIL IFORNIAI VOLUME 126 223 BERKELEY.CALIFORNIA THURSRAY APRIL 26 1945 NUMBS Russ Encircle Berlii Student oldrairtiatilit9 meetings . Rig Time Operators ... offices tap room jaunts . . . swivel chairs . . . corn. mittees .. • coffee time . . . councils .. . appointments .. . rim Ike Ate Rally in ' 42. Tee Me.Traragania at SI Game time. iinitwallic Ominek yealts 1941 DECEMBER Pearl Harbor bombed during finals week ... 1942 Three•semester plan approved by Regents ... Ex Committee organizes a JANUARY ten-member Student Defense Council .. • Campus Air Raid shelters set up ... Intercollegiate football to be continued ... activities to be curtailed. FEBRUARY Cinches to be issued once instead of twice a term ... New Administration Building now occupied . • . Campus blacked out in 7th Air Raid alert ... MARCH 74th Charter Day Celebration ... Spring vacation cancelled, students pro- test in two-hour demonstration ... Regents announce three•term plan to start in June ... APRIL Spring term shortened by two weeks . . . two•hour finals to be given . MAY Speedup plan starts ... Daily Californian reduced in size .. . JUNE Cal Hall converted into classroom building ... National Service Require. ment set up . . . California College in China now on Berkeley campus ... Summer term starts ... JULY No cinches given in summer term ... Buildings between Sather Gate and Bancroft Way to be removed ... AUGUST University Library places third in national survey . . . Dimout starts on campus . . SEPTEMBER Brutus Hamilton to leave University ... Football season starts ... Exten• sion Division moves to Bancroft ... OCTOBER ASUC coffee shop closes due to labor shortage .. . Stern Hall opens .. . Frosh•Soph Brawl harvests crops . . . Ex Committee gets war powers through amendment ... NOVEMBER Annual Axe•Travaganza of 28 acts given ... 49th Big Game held .. DECEMBER Kenneth Priestley, General Manager of the ASUC, resigns . . . Enlisted 1943 Reserve Corps to leave ... JANUARY Clinton Evans becomes General Manager .. . 156 Pte.ust Stoll and Keys The tai rated Reserw Coto In f.lOWS. MARCH Bowles Hall to house Meteorologists ... 1000 Navy and Marine cadets to be stationed on campus ... 75th Diamond Jubilee ... APRIL Three-terms-a-year plan announced . . . " I " House conscripted for the Navy MAY Fraternities to be leased by University and operated as dorms during the war ... Cal baseball team takes CIBA crown ... Army language students move into fraternity houses ... ASUC cards to he valid for a year. JUNE Coffee Shop taken over by Army . . . Women invade the taproom .. . JULY Campanile Chimes are silent . . . Summer term begins . . . Navy men move into Callaghan Hall ... AUGUST First " Froli Cal, " Wednesday afternoon stag dance, held in Men ' s Club. rooms . . . Alumni to finance chimes concerts . . . Campanile to play again . . . Stanford drops intercollegiate football . . . Annual Big Game called off ... Cal to play COP after four-year lapse ... SEPTEMBER Woman elected ASUC president for first time in history ... evidence of the man shortage ... NOVEMBER Stanford to root for UCLA at Bear-Bruin Homecoming game ... Frank Sinatra chooses Homecoming Queen ... Fair Bear wage increase passes 1944 Ex Committee ... JANUARY • University plans war week ... Bond competition with Stanford . FEBRUARY The Axe is stolen ... Big " C " painted red ... Stanford wins bond drive, recovers Axe . . . Cal takes basketball crown . . . Hilo Hatti appears at the Military Ball . MARCH Meteorologists leave campus . . . graduate on Wheeler steps . . . 76th Charter Day celebration held in Greek Theatre ... APRIL Sororities banned on Stanford campus .. . MAY Meeting held to honor war dead ... Bond drive held ... JULY 4000 students enroll for summer term . . . Colonel Englehart assumes Army ROTC, SCU command . . . 1100 trainees stationed at Callaghan . . . Campus quiet zones established . . . ruling is protested . . . Santa Barbara becomes eighth campus of University ... AUGUST " Battle of Berkeley " week ... Cal Day blood signups taken ... SEPTEMBER Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy speaks at University meeting . Norman Thomas speaks at Sather Gate . . . Bears clash with St. Mary ' s in football opener. 157 MM.°dog the Ikeel AI OD N3IPY Wit show held In Int Stadar. OCTOBER Dykstra, former President of University of Wisconsin, named UCLA Provost ... NOVEMBER USC-Cal football game substitutes for Big Game ... Homecoming events begin ... DECEMBER Memorial Stadium used for Army-Navy War Show .. . JANUARY 1945 Sorority formal rushing abandoned for spring term . MARCH Three-term to continue . 77th Charter Day ... Amendment to ASUC constitution, making any man who has been assistant yell leader eligible for head yell leader position, allows write-in candidate to win .. . APRIL Two a.m. weekend lockout announced to comply with midnight curfew . . . Daily Californian to give space to platforms and election issues of ASUC candidates ... Stub Allison, head football coach for ten years, is released ... Buck Shaw, former Santa Clara coach, signed . . . Colonel A. F. Englehart, Army ROTC head, dies . . . University takes over con- verted dormitories ... Russel sent from University to UNO conference ... MAY Eden, Soong, Stettinius, Bidault, Padilla, Smuts speak and receive de- grees at Convocation in Greek Theatre ... lockout changed back to 2:30 a.m.... President Sproul appointed member of the Moscow Commission ... Proposed amendment to the constitution to make the Californian edi. tor elective is defeated ... JUNE 700 convalescent servicemen visit the campus . . . University takes over Little Theatre ... Smallest enrollment of less than 4000 register for sum- mer term ... JULY 121 men sign up for the gridiron ... AUGUST Activities begin plans for changing back to peacetime basis ... Housing shortage expected ... University to construct women ' s dormitories on the Smyth tract ... National Service Requirement ends after three years ... Non-profit book exchange to be established for student benefit .. . SEPTEMBER Sproul tells students of travels in Russia ... Zoning of Smyth tract pre- vents completion of lower units ... Football season opens as Bears face Gaels . . . Ex Committee votes to reopen the Cal Ski Lodge after seven years . OCTOBER Stanford-California conference on student problems held ... California Club Chapter established on Santa Barbara campus . . . First post-war enrollment . . . Army-Navy " E " Award given University for Atomic re- search ... 158 SVC President Dick Rawson urn the glam Demme Wet to CO DI mints, Don an campuses Mink Governte Warren on the en be signed the basketball tea at Kaesas City. the Nil antMeingo iiteney fct dor...Dories. NOVEMBER Trip to USC game offered to lucky ASUC card holder . . . President ' s Reception held for first time since 1943 . .. Sophomore class officers re- sign, are reinstated ... Two Cal students attempt to steal Axe ... Home- coming held over UCLA game . Cal wins in upset . . . Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board proposed ... DECEMBER University to return to two-term calendar . . . Callaghan contract can- celled ... • Dear " [earn Best of luck In you ....all the ways. -eL:• ' • • Mat 1946 JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE Resolutions meeting held between Board of Regents and students with President Sproul presiding ... " Big Series " returns after three years ... Cal Bears take the Stanford Indians in basketball . . . Faculty control of the Californian advocated by assemblyman . , . Frank Wickhorst named Grid coach ... Voting machines used in elections . Housing units at Richmond to be operated by University ... Bear crew team revived ... Bears win Southern Division cage title . . . Take Pacific Conference by whipping Idaho Vandals . . . Skinnay Ennis plays for University Dance ... 6:15 a.m. Rally sends the Bears off to Kansas City ... American Am- bassador to England, John G. Winant, gives 78th Charter Day address ... Daffodils take over the campus ... University gets money for dorms and new buildings from Legislature . Bears go on to Madison Square Garden to take fourth place in the Nationals ... Students listen in Greek Theatre ... Hurford E. Stone resumes duties as Dean of Students, in place of Voorhies ... Wally Fredrick made Publication Manager .. . Students invade Cowell Hospital for vaccinations ... Dining Smyth Tract Dormitories opens ... Students in dorms double up ... New road below Greek Theatre is under construction ... Bonfire-Sports-Rally-Sing held in Greek Theatre ... True Bear week urges pride in University ... Vets Council established . . . Axe is stolen in its ease, said to he on Cal campus • . • Joffre Debate held ... Wheatless Monday planned for living groups . University to run housing board ... Street dance held in Eshleman Court . . . Hearst gives $400.000 for expansion of Greek Theatre . . . Alumni plans developing recreational facilities in Strawberry Canyon . . . Cali- fornia Club members journey to UCLA for convention ... Finals ... The " University at War " is no longer ... Peacetime program once again reigns supreme ... And so to press ... 159 Chaittivt Oa I 60 i 166 I 67 GORDON NELSON FLOYD WILKINS JANICE RIVERS Chairman. Sammy. ACTIVITIES COORDINATING COMM. of the heads iditistion. Acti‘itiei. Coordinating Committee is the body which tics to- gether all student events and activities on campus. During the past year the Committee has acquired a new duty, that of sponsoring caucuses to enable students to become acquainted with the candidates and leading issues of each election. El Racy Eddy IRKerton Ideet hist Team Angell Jean EOgert Stew K20041111 Ten Parrish Bill 1BwRY Kay (went Jade Mower Barbra Pinot( Sheila Stanfield Betty yr Patti jinn Monte Noted Jon Porter Freres Stern Don Monter, Ere Banta Nancy Garman Marion Green Barbara Llettellr Ward Id tome Bill Penn Arlene Robertson Leo Sloakts Ware TMentr Barbara Coles Sidney Gwen Juarlu Olsen Lois Rothenberg Baba Warren Mary Let, eCte.b$ 6,11 ()d ' art John Hamilton Pat An Osborn Florence Palmer Freda Sao newt, Jean Seidl nI 1 • FRANCES STERN MARION GREEN JEAN EGGERT chi i•par, EEi POST WAR COORDINATING BOARD allik transition from a wartime to a peacetime campus, came the transition of War Board to Post War Coordinating Board. The Board ' s main task has been to terminate those emergency activities no longer needed, and to transform those functions still needed to a peacetime basis. The Board has sponsored car pools, a " Cal Veterans and " Cal Day, " when Cal women go to welcome ships returning from overseas. Nary Ade-st Jean Ardenon Joie Leftist Pat eunittn Lps Gvilbot GuIrck Nancy NIPPY State Kaufmann islet Lloyd Jo Mark Eileen O ' Selm Janke Rheas Tagesas Sarno Shun Shirley Jean Starks Am Vaa Nosteand kithttire Wepter ANN OSBORN BETTY BARR KAY EVERETT RtPttuf01.n.r. Ft ' l is RtcfraLltht. SWIM WOMEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNCIL THE chief aim of Women ' s Activity Council is to bring women ' s activities under one head—the Women ' s Representative. She, together with the heads of all women ' s activities compose the Council. WAC also tries to coordinate activities and to encourage women to participate in them. They also promoted such welfare services as the clothing drive and the Red Cross drive. At the meetings, held every third Thursday, discussions are conducted on topics pertinent to campus life. One of this term ' s debates took up the question of honor societies. Rules for women ' s living groups are also dis• cussed. Prior to each election, conferences are held on the merits of can• didates and the issues to be put on the ballot. At the yearly banquet, announcements are made of the new activity appointments and newly elected ASUC officers. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD. FALL BACK ROW: Pat Hiadria1041, Janis Canna. FRONT ROW: lett) Ban, Marian Phelan, Patti FAR, Jean Suits. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD. SPRING BACK ROW: Pat Itenoricium, Barbara Suns, Marilyn Smith, Margret toteilton. FRONT ROW: Kay Ettntl, Eike, O ' B,ka, Vivian Phelan, Chen L,Yde:Y. Tommy Anal Eve Itembek Edith amen Mai no Breen Harbin Coles Jame Cando NO1711.10tiorg (bunco DnaWin Seey Dunbar Homy Eddy Jean Eggert Patricia ttlimig " Pato Finn Natty Margaret Claxton Manen Glenn Mama. Creed GaefefieId Kathleen Creams. Maryann Hamilton PM Heed...Maw Mr, Bit ' , Jane Kerg. Barbara lleineltyn Mayne Loren Eileen O ' Brrn Fkzerce Niftier Marion Plato Barbra Nome Jean Porter Patricia Ronan Sian ne ftemeey Cathy Reed JIIIKt RIIMI toil Rotheabent Elizabeth Sad Frieda Slsoenberg BMW.. Sims Marilyn Smith Sheila Stanf ield Jean Starks Frances Sten Barbara Warren hi BETTY BARB BARBARA COLES Clubman, SWIM( ' aid Fall Chaaman, Spoon ORIENTATIONS ahaniatiOThia Council is composed of several com- mittees which help introduce stu- dents to campus life. Men ' s and women ' s counseling groups advise new students during registration, while Campus Tours show students around the grounds and acquaint them with the campus. Dinners are provided by Cal Sunday Suppers for student get-togethers. and both students and faculty juin in discussions arranged by Student-Faculty Relations. A familiar sight at the beginning of each term is the Activities Recruiting Bureau staff in Eshleman Court taking signups for various ASUC activities. stoall Been slerscy essmbre Berbera Danko ' Thayer ktBY (lane Rank, ▪ 6 iarntory • ealoelodo Bmbefa len Ote Blomberg Vasa., ' veal Legs Rothenberg HA I, tumata E Wpm Sslhea• An OrMotaliong COVISall helps a puzeltd freshmee Noce wt the many Wm, veto at repoteatort 172 CAL HOSTS BACK ROW: Helen Slay. Carol Cohen, Nancy retBentky. SECOND ROW: Eva14ont Fame, Noy Hetton, Cathy, Deed, Nano. Evelyn Worn. FRONT ROW: BANANA Watrtn, Joan Geenntwo. Ann Bnoohnun, Roberta Soon. ACTIVITIES RECRUITING BUREAU BACK ROW: Pal MOM, Theo Westmont. Natilou Foster. Mane Malaoarm, Ellen Sullivan, Nancy Arno. FRONT ROW: Gene Critsolace, below Sulbran. iii k l1 Elam Maw conning. SUNDAY SUPPERS BACK ROW Bartura Jean want Babas A. PontII, AIM MN, Janet Xl099. kill Stro:Inontet, Velma Pateme. FROM NOW. Bendy Rent Kay Kovno.. tool. Tecenton. Nom llottookenano. Marlyn Hama STUDENT FACULTY RELATIONS BACK ROW: Jean AINn, Onoothy BM. Polly Mintheld. Barbra Coln, Barbara Onboard. FRONT ROW: Thar. RONA Margaret Bohan. Jean MaIon, Rauno Sere. 173 FLORENCE PALMER 0131f aln knell FRIEDA SHOENBERC Cimitron, Su-. -at ant Fall Jean WM Pat as, tney Sine Kaufman, Ann van Noltrand Bartwa Cain Tinker GRANT Knoche, Pat Merrill Margaret Ydaginet WELFARE COUNCIL CM- floor of Stephens Union is found the Wel- fare Council office. Through its many c Rees, Welfare Council works for the betterment of the University and the lives of its students. Labor Board supervises Fair Bear standards, the ever-present problem of housing is tackled by Housing Board; Clean Bear standards are con- trolled by Health Board; and Student Relations looks for racial discrimina- tion. Ruth (Inman Jean How Betty Mornlen El Lava Noll Julia Se No 01 Lyon Istarl Ilelen Slcdtbed CONSUMERS ' COUNCIL HOUSING BOARD BACK ROW Jan Ina Kuhn FRONI ROW: Gtran Bcdenhae, BACK ROW: Stella Jean Gann, Penny DILL Beaune Moorkrad, MAIM " Awireen. SECOND Pat Mandl, Rote Ain Duntany, ROW: WON. ' arena Vogel Betty Amw Stearatt, Beth Wean. FRONT ROW: Manly. Soria. Betty Stanton. PlwMt NISH. Mara Martina HEALTH BOARD BACK ROW: Myriam H. Wiartan, Septru Cranialora. SECOND ROW: Matowel Holloway, 01(Miff Kastans, Jean Vogt, JOS TOMMt, FRONT ROW: Antall Tyner, Cain Dorothy Henderson, Sanity LABOR BOARD POLL COMMITTEE Wu Doll, V.Ignite Scully... Pat [tyros, IA von Israel, William Ur:Awn, BACK ROW Jean Gabriel, Carol Sinker, M.V.Ittl MOW, Weill (dander to mat Rperard, Brace Sadler. Brace Bellamy. FRONT ROW laver. 1101,lanlYn Delta, Mary FaInt BILL SPRY BOB BENNER Windom, Fall OLIVER TROLSON Prts,cient, Spring STUDENT VETERAN ' S ASSOCIATION CIS R. Veterans ' Association has provided an agency to aid ex•servicemen in their return to campus life. and to integrate their activities with those of other student organizations. For recreation the SVA includes the Married Veterans ' Committee, the Cal-vet Capers, and the Bridge Club. By sponsoring the establish- ment of the Student Bus Association, this group has helped solve the transportation problems of veterans living in outlying districts. The most important project is the Institute of Human Relations, which is seeking an answer to the major issue of today—the winning of the peace. EXECUTIVE BOARD BACK ROW: Olin. Tralwo Bob Yorain, Bill Thomas, 10Ien Ssunows, Al lAddy. FRONT ROW: kb Sewn, ANk Cunt 176 tot the cornet pictures of the Vets in Mei Intender sand consultations are among office we page 166—sight mistake. their mart attinttes. One of the SVA voOgts—duscirg lessom ghen by teacken fro. the AMR. Merril swam. 177 ELECTIONS BOARD elf2thandi. Board, one of the hardest working bodies on campus during election time, has successfully readjusted cam- pus politics to peacetime demands. With its power to supervise elections and enforce election rules, the Board has efficiently kept campus politics on a democratic basis. BACK ROW: ChatlIne Jessup, Mani, JoKsson FRONT ROW: Marian Sinter, Sul-Chairman. JANICE RIVERS SHEILA STANFIELD and BARBARA FINGER Cloonan. Fall aM Smog Co.Daidnea, Summit BACK ROW: Mania thns ' n, Lucy Hammon, Bendel Lye, Nancy Spills, Fiona Vara. Ila Sulean. raw Cerina, Lon PeAkneyer. THIRD ROW: Hamlett. awns. Helen Isbell. Jeanne Gammen, Lew Reekency, SIM CI. Jayte Striae, Rose Marie Demean% Jean Barter. SECOND ROW: Ann Callen, Bentley Passaic, Laurel Wallach. May Lk. Lacblea, Scam Saner Der(ANI Beek Made ' line Maker-0, -Mare R.Kts FRONT ROW: Margie Minium, Carol,. Hunter, WenhaelSe Sanakad, Nancy Darius, Dctis Wsparronotr, ccas Rung. Pat Posen, Marian S•alon 118 KATHERINE WAGNI31 TONNY ANGELL IRENB IRADFIELD Caaleinan, Save Tweak Fall Gana LP STAND- ARDS COMMIS- SION BACK ROW: JAI MCNKklef, Glenn Boon, Bill Van Sweetcrob. FRONT ROW ' Irene Etradhele, Teensy we, as voters, elect our ASUC of- ficers, we are assured by Standards Commission of competent leaders who have an under- standing of the principles of student government. Before a student can become a candidate for elec- tion, he must pass the Standards Commission test on the constitution and general functions of the ASUC, based on the knowledge that is necessary to perform capably the duties of his office. The Commission is also responsible for distributing infortnathe material about student government. CLASS OFFICERS ' COUNCIL BACK ROW. Cathy ReK1, Pm AS.vm, B II Bagley, Nana Gkasot FRONT ROW ' Bob stoat,. %%nye ' Ition,lue. NI IArt4 K eft., 5.11 Pater. Mard)n Systb, Barton Warne among the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes is the objective of the Class Of- (leers ' Council, a committee made up of the elected representatives of the four classes. Acting as coordinator for all class activities, the Council is responsible for the settlement of conflicts between classes. It was instrumental during the Fall term in the passage of three elections amendments, thus to foster the application of democratic principle, in the selection of class councils. BACK ROW: Barbara Warren. AweKetyco. Itartwa Lle c: FRONT ROW: Ward Murray. Jo, Pate,, -INV, Starks, Na ' . E STORE BOARD BACK ROW: Boll Potter, t TNIt.t, Chat Win, R. A. Roberti. FRONT ROW: Pal Welty. Flo Palmer. BMW ray. S 12 .• Board was created several years ago in order to bring about closer cooperation between the students and the ASUC store management. Rep- resenting the student body, the Board conducts sur- veys concerning the sale of books and school sup- plies, and attempts to insure the fairest prices to students. Another responsibility of this activi ty is the maintenance of high standards in the quality of food served at the Co-op. During the war, the Board undertook the con- version of the Tap Room from a strictly masculine retreat to a meeting place for both men and women. “ACK RON v 4( m Lakin, Elko IleeStahall, Gm, H . SECOND ROW. Tw . n FRONT ROW: Betty jite_ humk clacking of typewriter keys in one of the offices on the second floor of Stephens Union draws attention to the office of the Secretariat. Here a small group of girls perform a multitude of secretarial duties for the president, vice-president, and rep- resentatives-at-large of the ASUC. The chosen few are selected after interviews by the man of this group. Far from being dull, this activity provides its members with an opportunity to view at close range the machinery of student government in motion. SECRETARIAT BETTY JANE VESTAL, Clvmman, F.111 MARION PHELAN, ClantetIn, Sammy ISO RADIO WORK SHOP BACK ROW: Martin Kling, Nal Beomteln. Jim Dean. FRONT ROW: Barbara Dwight John Munson, Carol MmOtas. JOHN MONSON Chairman, Swum.. arsd Fall Jilt id Workshop acts as press agent for the University ' s dramatic program, and publicizes events and activities of interest to students and alumni. As a laboratory for those interested in radio, the Workshop provides an opportunity for students to participate in the weekly " California Hour, " broadcasted from local station. The program is written, directed, and performed by members of the staff, giving them hours of valuable experience. NANCY GARRECHT EVE BORSOOK Chairman, Summer eel Fail Chairman, Spiny whimiwea posters are needed to pub- licize a " coming attrac- tion " at Cal, the talents of Art Bureau are enlisted to create the colorful advertisements seen in Eshleman Court and other prominent spots on campus. Deep in the basement of Eshleman, the members of this staff can be found, busy with their paints and brushes, designing the eye-catching signs, posters, and props for publicity stunts which have played such an important part in putting over numerous ASUC activities and campus drives. BACK ROW: Jean Gardner. Nancy Garrea4. Marianne Ardley, Jean Boyd. Carolp Christian, Man Anderson. Nadine Olocet, Jean Armstrong, Barbara Preston. FRONT ROW: Pawls, Rein, Est Banton, line Tyska. Ooma Kayla, Gloria K. ART BUREAU CONFERENCE COMMITTEE ROW: Siete Kaufman. FRONT RIM: Tinke Career, Pat Ferstem Tin Plus. 3 Conference Committee was organized last Fall for the purpose of sponsoring meetings for the Administration, faculty, and stu- dents to talk over the causes and remedies of vari- ous problems of interest to everyone. During the Fall term, a discussion was held on the subject of cheating. Another conference was called to determine the views of students and the administration on the Regents ' Resolutions. The all- important problem of the adjustment of returning veterans was the topic of one of the Spring meetings. By bringing issues out into the open for discus- sion, the Committee has helped the University take a long step forward in promoting cooperation and maintaining its high standards. ENGINEERS ' COUNCIL BACK ROW: Kummer, Dm Ti,,. SECOND ROW: Bob Weld, Mary I0.1 Coombs, Eugene Parr. Datid Strait, Battey Clark. FRONT ROW: C. N. Orson, E. L. DiMine, NOM W, Murdock Rickard A. Lindsey. last Fall after an inactive period since the Spring of 1944, the Engineers ' Council is now working to bring the activities of the engineering societies on campus back to their pre- war level. Composed of the presidents of the engi- neer groups and the staff heads of the California Engineer, this board has as its goal the promotion of engineers ' activities and their integration with other student body activities. Acting as a representa- tive body for all student engineers, the Council provides a combined publicity, welfare, and coordi- nating agency. Highlight of the year ' s social events in engineer- ing circles was the dance sponsored by this group at the close of the Fall term. CARD SALES BACK ROW: George Dolma, Janet Rolfe, intim Copeland, RObtela Benton. Truly Gehl ' s.. Jean Menus. Homan Oman. FRONT ROW: Ima Hued, Janice Riven. Letitia Leiter. Obit NUL Jane Baker. Barbara Bryan. TINA PFUND Chairman hands of Card Sales Committee falls the of selling student body cards. Salc,o len can be n••n at the Men ' s Gym on registra- tion and at various points on campus during the first weeks of each term, loudly urging students to buy ASUC cards. Colored posters and noon stunts draw the attention of prospective purchasers during this cam- paign. To stimulate sales, prizes are given to the super- `salesman of the week, and a gold ASUC card is awarded to the top salesman of the term. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE MAXINE BROWN and KAY EVERETT Co ChalnnM 3 0 , , famous card stunts featured at Cal football games are the result of the efforts of Women ' s Rally Committee, working with Men ' s Rally Committee. The girls help plan the pictures, and can be seen laying out the cards on Saturday mornings before the games. In their familiar white sweaters and blue skirts, they assist at games and rallies in ushering and maintaining order in the spirited rooting section. BACK ROW: Mullin Smith, Jane Batter, Veginia Gentile ' , PA lams. THIRD ROW: I.Ceraine Coca. Barbara Jean Ware+, Jean White, Joan ' Wendt, 11 aerilte fleasham, Bret DOWD. Dada Brown, Kay Evertit. SECOND ROW: Betty Vaughan, LociIle Raymond, Pat Real, Marts1410, Main Po!bonus, Win Stet Art, In Hubbard, Jean Mari,, FRONT ROW: Mule Conlon, Marty Antos, Vona Gail Bradfced, Malan Sinton, Rosemary Palmer, Nancy Dome Jan Kenyon. Vilna Caine,, -Mn Cada, Bill Moak " , Floyd Wilkins, link VINCE CULLINANE GLENN BOOM Guinn., Swat. Garda% Fall ad Sr MEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE seniors and three juniors make up Men ' s Judiciary Committee, the con- necting link between the students of the ASUC and the Administration. Its main function is the promotion of the prin- ciple of fair play on the campus. The members re- view the varied offenses of students, and recommend appropriate disciplinary measures to the Dean ' s office, all decisions being subject to the approval of the Dean and President Sproul. FRONT ROW: Temnry Angell. Beltq (twr, Manna Phelan. BACK ROW: Jean Howe, Betty Thompson, Feith Brawn KalMtint rather titan to condemn and to serve rather than to cen- sure, is the purpose of the law enforcing body known as Women ' s Judiciary Committee. Nine women ap- pointed by the President ' s Office form this Commit. tee which works in conjunction with Panhellenic and dormitory judiciary councils in an attempt to eliminate violation of University rules. Cheating, infractions of the election rules, and cases of general misconduct involving University women come un- der the jurisdiction of this body. a WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TOMMY ANGELL MARIAN PHELAN C,henAn, Tall Cludnua, Spine BELL HOLLADAY JOHN BURLESON PirmStat. Sammy PreflOtat, Fall and Sarin. Yttititioamtilic YMCA provides a meeting place for all men students on campus, and offers a stimulating program of discussion meetings and com- munity service activities. Recreational projects and con- ferences on juvenile delinquency aim at solving these dif- ficult questions. Discussions on employment, economics, racial and political issues are designed to awaken the in- terest of college men in not just talking over these prob. lents, but going out and doing something about them. Y. M. C. A. YMCA CABINET BACK ROW: Out Maze, Leo Kenna, George L. Mye, Jr., Oick Cr...,,. Mania Balky, Bob Bike. FRONT ROW: Bill 1411.May, Jobs Malmo, Jim Rapes, Jae Rawly; Lee N. Rotem. Y• W• C• A• MARGARET LORENZ NANCY JORY Prtuatni, Fall and Spring YWCA CABINET BACK ROW: Ciwre Colwyn, As Butler, Ruth Coign, Joy Cnolabh, J1114 Wood, Jo Had , Janet Caney, Wel La Dam,VrgiaM Pipe, Mandy. Baker, Mary BAWL SECOND ROW: Jane Wets, Nancy Jay, J.NCIUt1111 Flasliao. FRONT ROW: Held, 141 Barbara1, S late COwn, Glrybilka.neth Crain. Gkada 1946 mat the fifty-seventh year of the Univer- sity ' s YWCA as one of the largest women ' s service groups on campus. A program of stimulating discus- sions and community service activities has been car- ried out this year. The " Y ' s " welfare work reaches hospitals, child care centers, and servicemen ' s canteens and agencies all through the Bay Area, while such com- missions as that on International Relations have contact with many distant countries. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION paciadiniz has enabled the Women ' s Athletic Association to reinstate many popular functions discontinued during the war; Tri-Sporta Day and Crop and Saddle are only two of the activities welcomed back to the University calendar. Under the direction of Virginia Parent the WAA has provided an opportunity for the women ' s living groups on campus to meet through participation in Intramural Sports. The Co-Rees are also sponsored by this organization. TOMMY ANGELL Predclot, Swam VIRGINIA PARENT PIG ant, Fat and S rg COUNCIL BACK ROW: Dr. Espernback. Marguerite Dilky, Owls McCann. Mawr Boles. FRONT ROW: Pat Reyeelds, Varginla Pant, Janke Deflect. INTRAMURAL BOARD BACK ROW: Manna Reny, Corinna Kean, Pat Reyrcals, Man4N1 McNair. SECOND ROW: Jeannie Vahan, Jean Beater, Gectgia Kerte ' , Carolyn ,photon. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Gillen, Sally Bertram, Canal, Tilton, Sally Km.les. INTERCLASS BOARD CACK ROW: funk. Wennater, Margaret tufa, Martha laulleNety, Nma Elonter, Nancy Own, Barbara Quimby, Betty Lemplao, Dr. Etpenstude. FRONT ROW: Janke ( Mote, Margery Bak " , Eleanor [donna, lioginu Parted, Marjorie Sault, IFW9derde Jeannie Mahan, Doris McCord. Thew gills ate wiping lo, the bail in a ' nate basketball gate. I ' en, is the WOO of learns. Ping Peng n a fan:file Anon) noinen ' t iattamnral ' pots. A loItCk.dtVill and tleal-Wt game el noting 0 Plaird 50 000 00 lM .00e°1 The anOtte4 bl Onen anti sun.batten aisle. 187 Vitbileatianf night stall ...copy ... typewriters ...editor . . . managers . . . dummies ... proofs .. . worry birds ... telephones ... engravings ... deadlines . . . DICK KELLY °atm of Pnaliiatican PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL 31) act, at lice. 4oueitn.- cng 4.04 and. .cooldi.,- natot 4 campus. put- licationtis.thzduitkot Publication Council. 3.1m. CnwwiL lh COM- paled .ot Ba iu2adA, aft campus. publications., .undek. leadothip. 4 Oa X .the.. 3a11., and Ca ,.7Aedshick " Diu) amt. di lit 4 publication duAing., that Ling_ Sun,. ARLENE ROBERTSON JEAN SEIDL JOAN PORTER Palma, Soarer Cluirnun, Fan Chairman. Spiny to” 190 Jt. main_ pinctionk. 4 ma gitoup. wit iv kap hahlitafty, t104. intblications on, ranyaus, io rivisiunint pair , iv acquAL new publicaliota lo Gt SAL C AegulationA,, and lo phiaeni. ' soma to activilivis Cooldinatinci. CM 1 I a. El« Anitsiate Irene Bradfield Walt Butte Bailey Clark May Stu C ombt Norma Wrong Wall Dtneekk Nancy Eddy Marian Mime Waroaret Breenfreld Georoe Hu-met Raymond teals Preto lInth Pat M Greoce May Irldiarbato Pat Poneri. Alpe Rea Damn Schweielhardt Elizabeth San Frances Stern 191 GLEE APPLEGATE ALICE REA Manager, Fall and BLUE AND GOLD MANAGERIAL STAFF 311,e, 8Illo and 90.1d. ManagehiaL Stagi student teams. sot alwarizt, GnJ and in. [AhLeman_ CDLCAL Mady, Af each op, pathway, and Rao student_ in, skit. ,to mitt 1k maximum mut 4. yeatiGnaks, and iheheby., ivht Ha 12142- la fo the_ fop learn_ When_ nat. Did dhununinek ap, a AIM insunbizAL 42e., Pc, and mak DEL .con jot li2.12, ANVIL . , qA0424-, and clubs jot Suit pages uz " Jhe, Nook. PAT JONES Associate Manager, SWUM ' . NONA KORTS Associate Manager, Fall and SPlin9 192 JUNIOR AND SENIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Pat Am:Imam, CrtOt$.111 Caber, Jane Sine, Wilmer, Ha Lu Ounbm, Pat Helm Story, Lyn. Cohen. FRONT ROW: Mena Nuts, Alice Rea. FRESHMAN MANAGERS BACK ROW: Jean Grim, Nancy Ingram, APItlIJ Kant, Bally ConeHamm, Sewn Thomas, Joan Siam. met. THIRD ROW: Lou Knight, Margevy Starr, Oak Hay ' , Ruth (Morton, Mane ORM Ara Wald. SECOND ROW: Beverly Passolt. Cacao Fromm, Gene Rackerby, Barbara Hublxkl, Karel Hansen. FRONT ROW: Ramona Allen, Doak? own, Marilyn Mc. Ovuld, Margaret Thaerchorn, Patricia Stephenson. Deadline lime—and cage: freshmen verb their days in Eshleman mart 13.SG assessments. JOAN PORTER Eton BLUE GOLD EDITORIAL STAFF You- has PAL you. gm Pat poaco Ju - Lion_ 4 I Rho and. gem Aims. 1941. Jut thanto_ 4 hook is cen.tivu2d. Jew:nowt Unioessity., gat, pathripation_. the cuah at, and 1k Ada at 4 Dm ram- ribs .10 a, 1212aCREMI2 Ataha a- a 100.0101 hi DLO- San. jitancisco Cent s and 1k olluah divisions aims at anigying_ Tinivemityl Light. ranyauses . . . gh_ molds and ptthuct, _campus fizaddionis- aivz pusenfiztt at a. it.e.cold. 4 college. days. OLIVE PREMO JANICE RIVERS MARY JUST 4,to, Atsooate, 194 IUHIOR EDITORS BACK RON: Margaret Fay, Patty EggNita. FRONT ROW. Eellb Bran. Grawee, Slata 00.110,, Mary JAL SOPHOMORE EDITORS BACK ROW Mary Helm, Man Bailee, Betty Jane vestal. FRONT ROW: Jar Wade. Man Norm BACK ROW: Jean Gillette, Elisabeth StankId, Mark Paparr, Jaavelint Gravy. Jeanne Maas, Janke lanbmn, Jean Streamed. THIRD ROW: Betty ItatheId, Barbara Saks, Seta Sul Elizabeth Slate, Caeca Swami, Malian McDonald. SECOND ROW: Mange Miller, Jar Keeler, Suzanne Krebs. Mary La Loper, Jo Ella Seirdt, Jean Mara, Jeri Mathews, W.Inss Bryar. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou TN , Edith Stater, Carolyn Giffin, Una Dens0147, Shirley Demarnml. 195 DAILY CALIFORNIAN MANAGERIAL STAFF ARLENE ROBERTSON Mannef, Sormr, JEAN SEIDL till ad $prag JEAN HOUSER Athettising Manbgt., PAT WETZEL Prooection twin, Simmer CAROLYN NEGLEY Pecdomon Manor. ran and SPnag CRICKET WEATHERBY Athennaq Jed Man.ner, Spn-q CAROL BLISS AttoftLit Metnor, Fill adachit math a- " calor frnalt " that - arigatic De, itOail . Calieetnicut. as it handiwthk. 4 I Managsiziat Staff Solicit - intl, ads and doing, layout Wok. ifines gaff ineinhoAs actual .0424tiietta uz this phaeuz. 4 110-WAPCIPPA walk TilanacpAiat Staff Is atm; kept hari. diathibuting. Oaity_ Ca in, eV:ie.- man_. Caul and ' main alt i -dab ' Po kuvtent. JUNIOR MANAGERS LEFT TO RICHT, Cociet WtAltteby, Mite. hark Melrose. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Cwthia Parket. De ON 0 owins, Jain Pettnce, Ehnen Sam. FRONT ROW: Racy Fierttet. ROM Rathboot. 197 FRESHMAN MANAGERS BACK ROW: Ovothy Milts, Jean Gustafson. Jane Am Jones, Donna OurCan, Loll Katelt. SECOND ROW: Neely Chrolian, Elinor Jew, Chtifline Bothwell, atergant WillOn. FRONT ROW: Mary Fra-cw Twre, Helen Mailer, wily KrittiCh, POVYIY PAT McGREGOR Edtor, Summer 198 afies a. Awe , - iwo Jima " po_acs.. make, the_ Oally_ Ar.o.op_ed. alt PtIdA142011621t. 12012SAL tD tillIWIEWIL to eflehluzlop .end 4 MAW. Was, II. With_ Dm peace .cante. an. _expansion- 4 the szathilid, Amee .whidt, has. melt than. doubled., and includes many. At- ha ft . men. students Jim incuzazuz, in. Aig.e, the Monandt. AWL imk. _eight. - lamp. _edition. a, meek to tioz. Audi, LS A IJOA Agaalahlk t0 phed_ent the. news. and views 4 asp ly .6.1)4. KATHERINE THANAS ASsistant Coact, Fall aid Siring IRENE BRADFIELD Fait , Fall ar4 DAILY CALIFORNIAN EDITORIAL STAFF PHYLLIS LYON News Unto. PAT POWERS Marrofto LOIS McNAB City Ed No, Sumner BETTY FAY City Editor, F.NI and NANCY LEE A1SOOM• Etta WARREN MANGELS Spa " Edda 199 EDITORS BACK ROW Pet Bradley, Just vTurn,, Phi lin Se Yk FRONT ROW: Alawia Gray. Cathy Raid, lama MNYIaa, 11+ Sallowa Sophms EDITORS RACK ROW: Vic Ragan, Maeda WY, Bob Si FRONT ROW: Palmina BertIli, Wilma Rule. 51201iA_ EDITORS BACK ROW: Gent M Nerelay. SAW, Leib , Bob Rubin. Ben Kannelich. FRONT ROW: Wawa. Manacle, Can. thia Sbechted, Nina Wrilebard. MARGARET GREENFIELD NORMA DEISING ELIZABETH SAMS Manatee, Sarnmee Maur., Fall Manage., Swirl AD SERVICE BUREAU In. addition, is horoking_ phofitabic crIzeitience in. whiting. and layout_ icchnigue, thn, nuunbgAs 4 adoehtieting. ethouzau- gise. valuabk aid is S manage lid Atha 41k scvziolis cam- pus publiadiotts. 4 rapaltly_ p_ofottning, Aft functions cOtt- .ciatubt with. Sit ado:main muds. as an. inkentiae. to up.- and -coming. issitkozs on. S. Awe , tams .cup. pkesenied. to thu sidsianding. tuudtnicut sack font. JUNIOR MANAGERS Elizabeth Sam Ara 5rcetean, lamitart Antal, Sally An, Urges,. STAFF BACK ROW: lamibn Kan. Jean Sinamon, May Stockb$K, Man Natter, Gloria Nene. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Genenholl, Phyllis Stickland, Sae %Km, Eva WOW., Harraelte Tyre. 201 THE CALIFORNIA PELICAN gala . . . AMP- AM Attalla nld .. . Aid strukehihdea, eilt thz. De. ezhinitia. P.elican-. gn. addition_ to the jaw. and Atha hiunotaus 102a, - campus. co-tosta, ant kept. posted_ on_ .thz latoAL fethiotta. by... pidetial. Vanity_ jaiA. htection. . . . gniaated Atnif. J7U201.4.04.. maim .conlAiktion4., aid. Dm a ant Amiga it., a plan, and otgan4e. the. laymci. De. Mt magasS• FRANCES SCHWEICKHARDT Wet, Surav RAYMOND LEWIS Oka. Fail and $pinq PELICAN EDITORIAL STAFF BACK ROW: Rayrocad E. 1.e.,s, Arc, Row, Tcm Joan, Rrynng Toe, CRONT ROW: Panai StawekIlara, P1 4ebte V. Orate, Kathie Edith MatEarnata, ins 202 WALTER BUSSE FRANCES STUN NANCY EDDY Manse., Santry Manger, Fall Inns " SP. " PELICAN MANAGERIAL STAFF BACK ROW: BO Jackson, Mac M Wllir, rtmli O ' Brak, Ihcerat, Stn Styria,. SECOND ROW: Snag Netb, Bob Ilmbaroh, Frank Paton, w ay Kristkh, froth, (tam, La NoBabb. FRONT ROW: Bartyma Slakes, Robin Orr. AarKr FOly, Nancy Nambil. Carolyn Belem Jean Mitchell 203 BETSY DU N BA R JANICE CONDIT BETTY JORDAN 1 Fall Wnenen ' s Director. Ser,rei PELICAN WOMEN ' S STAFF " Xam. you hmtga lints _cop 4 iht pelican, Blain, Dt. pat- " Polly gals " giterzt students milk gaily_ colour:I maga3bus Phoa 4 .ilia, f.adzion, ,haws id anoiltos ne. SA, art; IipA BACK ROW: Barbara Allen, Jane Antersoe, Felicia Black, J Kgale Blau, Nancy Hambly, Jo Crane, °orally Day. Cook Jackie Caps. Sandra Canons, Beverly Gay, Anita Galena SEVENTH ROW: Barbara De. Ferrari, Did; Dam, Pat Grossman, Nancy Amon, Gloria Govan, Ella Hekk, Len Holcomb. [Wye fano, Nancy Tyner, Beth Dyer. Molly McDonald. Carolyn Horton, Harriet Hart, Anne Meek. SIXTH ROW: Erika Falk, .lart.ce Enact, Terry burlap, Oorid Galtz. Noma Gray, Lennie England, Jo km Cardiff, Careen Galen, Glaris Corm, Jane Andason, Benny Hamlet, Awe Elm; Joan Crane. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Loll, Ruth Hedge, Nelda Jame Ramose Knee, Dale Millar, Lynette Landry, La Ann wet, Mary Mackey, Pat Madigan, Many Mina, Gina Moriarty, Ax.ehte Ate, Alice Olsen. Betsy Sm us. FOURTH ROW: Phylas Priocelay, Carolyn Palmorea, Coale Iodate, Virginia Mace], Kathleen Magyar, Jame Lewis, Atka libel, Margaret Avila, Margaret Loamy, Pat LinS 141rn, Pat Hederso. Lees Moulin, Lon Oppenhenner. Sally Arnntrog. THIRD ROW: Joy Petervneyer, Christine Patmen, Glen Kann, Maroon Plasm, Mercedes McKay, Mania Roos, GlOria Sudelmea, Pala helm. Am Schema. Drue Lane Pat Smoot, Gloria Cerannay, Carol Pratt, Nancy Mown, Pat Snyder. SECOND ROW: An Stoll. Pal Tynan, Neu Armstrong, Lorraine Hamm " Nancy Vinson, Helen Store, Ginty Car. pe•kv, Barbra Stoakes, Doric! Gott!, Ant Henry, Dale Walker. FRONT ROW: Barbara Matti% Catherine Baton. Las Mate, Jean CuiPAPIA0, Jean Boyd, Dale Whams, Mote Baird% Anne Basler, Marilyn Berth, Barbra Bates, Winifred Ham, Marilyn Williams, Virginia Baker, At Wrir. W. WMI. MARY MCLACHLEN GEORGE HUMMER Manse. Uto OCCIDENT Owning. an. Excellent millet jot ,flit Jaen 4 gifted Ahdents, litc. - fishy pAnduthei. a. radkolt. 4 PO- .tht , PLOAIL, and aid .w.olk. _71v2 magasinc is not confined io madam 4 Jim aihrilat Atudent marl. Aubmit hia.. Emit- inqA. jot publication. Jlte. deinits 4 thadation._ and phomation, handled h inanatpaiaL gaff. LACK ROW: Jan Suet. 140..,y Jain, Jaelyn Wdlat, Wiliam Noon. SLCO ' .1 4) ti4.n arq,ap F 14, Lech Gahm, RvNe TOO., Jan Rieww. FRONT ROW: Mary Ikla041to, CRON. Nuanw, Swine Cninlateaa, Ohaalate Cation. 205 BAILEY CLARK MARY LOU COOMBS WALTER DIMMICK Etta, Swart and Co.etl.tor, fall Edna. SNirq Co-bliters, Fall CALIFORNIA ENGINEER J Caltgalma inqutem- La lilt Digetacd magapm2- 4 ila Rn - 1DE0.6 0A ettalith÷ Ott Mak the, policy 4. appal- ing not anLy, to 1k sznainoninci- A.lacoad. but akin JO MIL mat praiorlicaL phtacnia„ in, rum, - icchnicaL kvarm, ahtiCLQL ronovadng. rament .010112.12 21.4 and. Acietdillic EDITORIAL STAFF BACK ROW: Baer Miller, Ira Woo, Paul Smak. 2. A. TypaMos. FRONT ROW: Bailey Clark, Mary Lou CrbbS. Ward WakNet, Wall Dimenkk. 206 MARIAN MINER Mawr, Sumner and Fall PEGGY LYNCH Manger, ELEANOR DESPLAIN Warne. Dinette, Snotty and Fall h. a to nutte. Apace. ihs " Mat ft:0mA:: Ea huntot. .column-, a. Iwo_ fratulta. ihii. .tpas has Mn a. cocain imphaus off, taws artiollioA 4 the munsitims Antfirliza- awk 4.0.thficA Aft e8.01h, .0.12libtelaill.q. and Ka- _engin:20M gluten make, rontAibutiona. to magaginc. thAo.utik 1 a grlitotial. and Wonteni. Ate Jut MantorpAiaL Afaff. XOtte-ehfUlt Wilk the halm-a nAporiA 4 Lk " (mi.- nces " , such ciAatlation. and advs. attain . MANAGERIAL STAFF Sally Tented, Peggy Lynch, Jean Monis WOMEN ' S STAFF BACK ROW: Gkrta Hoffman, Rutty Tom, Velma Palmore, Uwe Retimet Mary CanItell, Jame WIN ' ' ' . SECOND ROW: Mary Ewen, Mareak Allen, Jean MOMS, Margaret Stheaman, LRlik Rot. THIRD ROW: Marllan Iltrecketcetcm, Sairley Anne Mania, .tx•seline Thxnpsea, Jean Helfer, Ekante Desolaln. 207 Sean sonth, trachtionolly given by the ouP9ain9 StMen, Are a nelh point of the Daily Col apoointments banquet. Tint production line of the Blue and Cold- fascinating, isn ' t it? " UT ' Wno. aneouthant Ice the thblicatian dtlautln•nt, It a future in 101 Eshleman Hall. 208 Lower office el the Daily Cal little known to the students in general, is a much frequented sox by soft rneobtrs. On Pelican datribeeePt day IIM LIPPeter 01 the %Nonni can be breed ece tale in IN office WI all one. campus. Jittgie (Debate songs . . . f °ruins . . . popular ... classical .. . Jogre Medal ... concerts . discussions .. . shows ... instrumental ... blues ...talent harmony ... • glinvutitif _at _ Manic " gaqhfight- Dt RURAL,- 21120112AWL AA- Mk murk( 7:0 " PD1101.- aim " " 3.1ut Right ne. iht Thant 03,212, " mfrupict 9102_ Ckt podurtionn 211 BABBLER SIMS PLO PALMER SHIRLEY ADM Sankt llayagte, Sommer SI Maar, fall Sebia Manager, SpIng SING ... sing ... everybody sing! It ' s only Treble Clef rehearsing for their many hospital shows or another production to equal their " Pollen-aise " or " The Plight of the H ble Bee. " Despite a full schedule of appearances, members never fail to find time for the many Glee Club-Treble Clef social functions. BaCK ROW: Barbara Jean Johnson, Donna Erkltwn, Martha RusnIceth, Lois Vauann, Betty Thompson, Winden Hengist, Beverly Kam, Elisabeth WC..., Janey Rothe, Virginia McLain. FOURTH ROW: (lease Mont, Carolyn Kegley, Hallelne Saute, Jaime Nickel, Cavan Elston, Molly Stribling, Carolyn Stoftson, Martha Dunlop, Bernardine Chaplin,, Ara Bradman, ?Rutin O ' Connell, busphine Keehn, Jean Strucbneyer. THIRD ROW: Connie Jones, Virginia CdNn, Betty Hatfield, Owen Linder. Marie Nutt, Joan Arnold, Come Thaw. non, Stella Jea Genii., Erin Flanagan, Elirbee Gallas, Bernice Allen, Kay Moorhead, Virginia Seam.e, Joan M CamPtell, Pat Waltman, Pal Wallace, Jean Sultan. ale Hoag. " Jan WRNien. EON SChlailef. SECOND ROW: Piggy Baarberget. Moan. Shields, Lois Solried, Ernestine Chapman, Ruth Wunderlich, Be, Lehman, Matte Thomas, Mary Posse ' ' , Barbara Sinn wrier Fagan, Betty Jane Vestal, Mary Eggers, Marione Allen, WIN Mann, Nadyre Coleman, Irene Weinman, Flo Palma, Barbara Brurls, Jane Schafer, Jan Eisen, be, Crams, Jane Unneli, Benny Bpne, Penny Daley, Barbara Warren FRONT ROW: Linty Doyen, Carol lig.ara, Fran O ' Connell, Margaret Perry, Beryl Becker, Mary Pat McNamara. Letitia lesser, Jean Marian Ancel, Marina SPear, Ann Posers, Margaret Geiset, Barbara Young. 212 DICK ROWSON ROD ROCHE PHIL St ENSUE Stoke Kw " Swot SMNO• Mawaftee, Fall Sec Mvueer, Scr,ri REFLECTING trends on campus, an increase from fifteen members to seventy-five—almost to equal Treble Clef in size—was the major accom- plishment of Glee Club during the past year. Activities for the year were the usual joint Glee Club-Treble Clef shows and perfonnanceseat student body functions. BACK ROW: Caesar Corm Font Troyer, Jab Bervand, Job. Van B eonkhont, Warren R. Mellow, Okk OeFeeelt, Bill Melolux, Wayne KOMI, Jane, kalnlmere. Stan Elabefertb, Bob Wunderlich, Teel one s. C. W. CwtiS. Neil lAcKelvie, Jim Dna. FRONT ROW: Bob Ream., Bill Soule, Butt Ellis, Lee Mosley, Jchn Lekestee, Bob Rtidelbeerr, Leo Eitel, Rod Roche, Mae Routh, Pkil Binwelle, Bill Shake. Elliott Castello, Sun R. Denney, Dick Rants. Lewis 10dd, Can OtIwt, George O ' Hafe, Jr. L r n ; II ' vie , 10 if lit ai 414 0 a • 213 THE University Band has come to the fore again this year in the role of promoter of spirit for the California rooting section. Not only does the band add zest to the athletic contests, but it also forms an effective back- drop for the songs of the rooters. Under the direction of Al Marin, this all•male organization offers its eery- ices at the Wheeler steps rallies and at University meetings. WILLIAM SUNDT. ALCIDE MARIN. PROFESSOR CHARLES C. CUSHING BACK ROW: Stan Marna, 8. O. Kallnni, Ben Hadlock, George Fabio, 8111 Cohio, Jon. Eaton, Leroy Ktekarnp, FOURTH ROW: Rouen Knee lel, (Nit Nnlelby, Richard M. Armee, R. H. Fran:, Roy H. Wllly. Robert W. Werner Henry J. Rotticu, Robert it Deity. THIRD ROW: Wally Gineenteab, D. M. Gray, Nimbi Ka•luta, Robert P. Wanes+, Rots M. Marne, Griffin., Jack Heins, Let Wein, Dwight Goodwin. SECOND ROW: Bob Robinson, Albert Hail, Jerry Caney, Jobe. Hbnilten, Gregory Hyarista, Paul LifflUt, Dor Wake, Diet Romeo, Glenn Bryant. FRONT ROW: Atroad Atearns, Alcide Marin. 214 BACK ROW: hiaante (Niters , Leaved RAW, Derail Sian, Jack Beek, Gerald Tornoy, Leland C. Smith, Hazel Brea " . SECOND ROW: Margaret Ann ZatNalt, Peg Osniagium, Cann Snail, Janet Mathew Marilyn Pat, WWI AMU , Nett Klett% Juliette Byrd, Eunice Rte, (Ink Slater. FRONT ROW: Carol Tanga , Betty Humphttyt, Eleanor Hesselberg, Jean Annurcaa Colleen tenant, Noe hiiiispategh, (wits L. Halting ' , Marian Jasper , Newly Sands, Joke Whittle. Una) amPhonik AN ORGANIZATION which adds much to the enjoyment of good music is the Univer- sity Symphony Orchestra. During the Fall semester, the symphony combined its efforts with the members of the Dramatic Art De- partment to produce the well-tended " Dido and Aeneas. " Another joint production of the same type was " Lady in the Dark. " The Spring Concerts, presented in Wheeler Hall, featured outstanding students, among whom was Ross Taylor, French horn soloist. 215 Stimpliony. joittent THE only requirements for membership in Symphony Forum are an appreciation of music and a desire to ob- tain a deeper knowledge and understanding of great musical .works, through attendance at performances sponsored by the Music Association of San Francisco. BEATRICE MOOR}IEAD Chalowo BACK ROW: Patrkla MMM3, WIII latlatT. FRONT ROW: Stone Nana. TN KattINTO. Blanch Otrth, Carolyn Chews MUSIC lovers, young and old, have thrilled to the music presented by the University Chorus. Under the direction of Professor Lawton, this activity is open to all students and may be participated in for University credit. In addition to singing with the San Fran- cisco Symphony Orchestra, the Chorus gave a recital of Easter music at Holy Names Col- lege, and a Spring concert to be given at the University is now being planned. Tat Usirtmly Chao as tact WM heard at a sod Caristmat (statist). 216 JACOBUS TEN SHOES 3.0tentha, COWL FRIEDA SHOENBERG MARY LOU COOMBS IDANITA OLSON FORENSICS Council, under the able guid• ance of Dr. Jacobus ten Brock, has done out• standing work in the past year. The two debate groups, the Varsity team and the Junior Varsity squad, participated in an ex• tensive program of conferences, round.table discussions, and radio debates. The Joffre Debate, in which California and Stanford have been matching wits for the past fifty.two years. was the big feature of the Spring calendar. Among the awards offered to novice debaters are the Arnold Trophy in the Fall term and the Sprone Medal in the Spring. The Varsity ' s activities also included sev eral other intercollegiate meets and discus. sions before local groups, as well as before University students. Both teams are affili• ated with the Pacific Coast Forensics League. 217 Unita 0.126atchA, BACK ROW: Dee Jowl, Maury Mohnen, Rupert Ihrwson. Joe Mak, Robert Tuttle. FRONT ROW. Stew Karmen, (cameo, loins. Jacceeelire Resins, Juanita Olson. KM. Mat, Leo SBA., Dr. J. ten Bret . BACK ROW: Eery Goldsmith, Arthur Ern.ein. SEC. OND ROW: Robert Peterson, Beatrice Chalk ' s, t:kik Thomas. FRONT ROW: Thomas Rickard, Met, ter Swricet, Elsa Wideuvich, Allen Jenkins. 218 rattly etsibl Thetilte lights...greasepaint ... sets ... performances ... hits: .. flops ... first nights...rehearsals . . . costumes .. actors . . . no theater .. . FRED HARRIS HENRY SCHNITZLER Dafoce antatia ideal, at. ivy DO you remember " Little Theater? " On July 1, 1945, this former ASUC activity became the University Thea- ter under the direction of Professor Fred Harris. Although the need for a central theater agency on campus has existed for a long time, plans for its development were postponed until the establishment of the long awaited dramatic art department. This organization has three im- portant functions: it presents major productions; it enables l n iversity students to participate in theatrical activities; and it works as an advisory body for such groups as Thalian Players, Glee Club, and Mask and Dagger in their activities and produc- tions. In its first year of operation, Uni- versity Theater has been most suc- cessful, with fix record-breaking pro- ductions for the entertainment of the University, and a fine record of as- sistance to the dramatic societies. 220 Niovicip RICHARD KURT HERI3ERT MEADS MINNIF, MARION FROUDE ' S MAID CONSTANCE RUYS MELCHIOR FEYDAK, A VIENNESE COMPOSER JAMES KEILTY MARION FROUDE. LEANDER NOLAN WARWICK WILSON ORRIN KINNICOTT SLADE KINNICOTT MARY JANE ARRABIT _.....CORDON CONNELI. ALDEN MURRAY DAVID FULMER two] NETTE DOUGLAS 221 31u2., a ADDIE FRANCES CORDON REGINA GIDDENS FRANCES MILLER CAL RICHARD ANDERSON WILLIAM MARSHALL ARTHUR MOORE BIRDIE HUBBARD MURIEL ZERANCUE BENJAMIN HUBBARD CHARLES SASSOON OSCAR HUBBARD JAMES MYERS ALEXANDRIA GIDDENS JOYCE WEBB LEO HUBBARD WILLIAM BLACK HORACE GIDDENS MICHAEL MEADS 222 m Yu_ Oat DR. BROOKS PAUL WEGNER CAROL CAROLYN PALMGREN MISS BOWERS MURIEL ZERANGUE LIZA AT 5 LUCY RATCLIFF LIZA ELLIOTT CAROL BRUMM LIZA ' S FATTIER JOHN LOGAN MISS FOSTER MAXINE MELBERG LIZA ' S MOTEIER GINA RAFFETTO MISS STEVENS MAGGIE CRAM ' MARGARET LIPMAN PAMELA MARSH GUESTS. CHARLOTTE PALMER WILLIAM HALL ALISON JANE BENNETT LIZA AT 7. MARJORIE HARMON RUSSELL PAXTON CORDON CONNELI. SCHOOL TEACI I Ell GEORGIA CORRIGAN CHARLIE JOHNSO TED DALBOTTEN LIZA AT ID ANN McGEE RANDY CURTIS DUANE WETZLER MRS. BENT% El T SI I EVA BRAUNSTEIN BENNY MAME GOULD LIZA AT 17 JOYCE WEBB KENDALL N ESIT EZRA WEINTRAUB BEN ItY CUTHBERTSON HELEN - sl TATA STOCKDALE BARTI tit EI.INORE BECKER RUTHIE ROWENA STETSON HOMER WILLIAM BLACK 223 Old() and Goma DIDO, QUEEN OF CARTHAGE. ARABELLE HONG BELINDA, HER COMPANION I oRAINE CAMPBELL AENEAS. THE TROJAN AFRO LUIGI LAURENTI A SORCERESS III NRIETTA HARRIS A SAILOR ELDON BOLING ATTENDANTS TO WOO: I NA BOORMAN. JANET STELLING, MARIANNE CHAMBERLAIN. DORIS TOBENKIN. WITCHES, SERVANTS OF THE SORCERESS: PA. TRICIA SALTER, MARGARET STEWART. BETTY BROWN, CHARLOTTE FRISBEE. JEAN M.LAUGH. LIN, SYLVIA STOCKDALE THE COURT BALLET: SUE DE LAPP GEIR, TEMPE ALLISON, MARION MELBERG, BETTY LEE WRIGHT, CAROLYN PALMGREN, PATRICIA MURPHY. THE WITCHES ' BALLET: ARDIS KING. PATRICIA SNYDER. PATRICIA RANDOLPH, JOSEPHINE DIKE. SAILORS ' DANCE: JOHN CASTELLO. MICHAEL MEADS. 224 Mgt and. Oagicp2A. mut : ' What 9L3.o Yalu " 3, v2, TEMPE ALLISON CORDON CONNELL WILLIAM KEASBEY CAROLYN PALMGREN MARY JANE ARRABIT LORRAINE CUNNINGHAM JAMES KEILTY ANNELIESE RODA LEI BECKER TED DALBOTTEN MARGARET LIPMAN CONSTANCE RUYS JANE BENNET JAMES DOTTA PAMELA MARSH PAT SNYDER ELIZABETH BERRYHILL PEGGY DUFFY MICHAEL MEADS DOROTHY STROTHER JANE BOSWELL MAURICE ENGLEMAN MARION MELBERC PEGGY TAGUE SHEVA BRAUNSTEIN JAMES FITZGERALD FRANCES MILLER JOYCE WEBB CAROL BRUMM SUZANNE DELAPPE GEIER JAMES MYERS PAT WORKMAN JOHN CASTELLO RHODA GREENBERG NORMA O ' CONNELL MARION WRIGHT STANLEY CAVEL1, BERTHA COLTON BURNETT HARTSOOK GLORIA JEAN !TELLER MARY ELAINE PALMER BOB WUNDERLICII MURIEL ZERANGUE 225 226 " S Cain_ Colin. " German After V- Victory Raise! Sale of Bonds tut, MOW btxtd. in Op comp. . 1°,z,stogovs lations for Office E DA (Oa OceS N 44• ‘‘ le e " st St 0 ' Candidates Give TH Bt " tOWS et‘ 10 issians Smash to Within red Flame ' Other Soviet F orces Invade Poenermana, yemenlay atruwhed CO •thlont 73 m13-. of Drilla mule other 6n we forces intwthl the Retch peentrace of Brandellbtant and eneu41 7 tv1 In ' : estelc:rim the flarmnp ran Pruhwan capital of Konestere ethnitun auto pt urIne the town .7 thntrenberg Ow Dwita;•llertle lawhinay RIVER DttRN 1Ith fltA(11 airatitAxer men „paned .1 ALLIED HEADQU ARTERh. Powerful Murals. ' lank and in an- and at 2,0 and It ' WN. Troow of a Iry the sisisYS °Sr. Ivhirts. whin, hart tiattaat stn.. .°, min) In in, ron ' ,clique line Inc border t an- e At the %one tinse. Sone. fore., wat at Two Warw. nine month. and 3• rewhe41 he Oder me, deleme !she b,. city ow dan trio. us. ko gallant big an twleano- p The MI time We Mandell ha, • poet 04 Veer Who . AWL- W ' M. 3063 PRIM the IVILYIMId. nt and Poland. int matephstio; ds ,ntdtePUb7diicarbitletenbatri ychl thned • tontinuetth 300 mile front In kp h cc. cy the men, pub. ' tern 1-then without the Lay ol •• I on a 40 nate froth and P court. Gen 130olthet °t " anY tat ftatuatin manna,. neetnned LoSty sbaby ebb.piebay by ibyytur. Near U ' le twOrta or (Inman Solna the which 51wAsthe IMO easht MORAVIA:4 Men of the United Wale., Men said and Cbrehn.1° " .4 " " ' " GAY IInWdofhts Wnithew of the Mr- • • nein: AC elm 10 1 0 1 ). 7:Strong Pilot Nine Today • t„ rt. I It I C be wren it leunk• the -wet Otaand P110.• 44•111110 .400 ' ..,4.0 ' 04° nnw ne ROI NUS full • WI, lan. 30‘,0195s„,•• wit • .: mud 1114-.round W It a ' .l be nal lot U ' . .:A•es Nee Ca ' ren54°. Tbewe bond. err the 114. a1•11040111alltni to ante • er ' tour el rte th et " ' • „, °al OW °VS• 14115 of 951-555s. ••••456 .91 3- ... 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JANUARY II. 1945 N • Miles Northeast of Berlin arrow Premiere Province of ,Brandenburg 61,1X11:0057:-Iast. 2,-Red Army tthow, perepth• :1 than nen 1.1:11t-P, eu, of tfw pley below its _w _n San. :reknerafirlaberdto r try tarn`, ' nal a Ya k A m (rars " ctuununk-A. Were perlorroance at • n. 115 Whale ' aswit. Gains on Luzon Ina 1 " ThrtO " Y- „pieta. taut, 2, par. wappuwaw., oprewurn. ,„.j, „„ith bet•evn OrarWenbu m• dont of cull. too, mtorrn,4 into h•nyrinerel Unto nal effect in be awn In . " " II° e1t • fonn. Me Tank. Man us ' annin ht byb.,bday at csby, en, ce Inilett enclrebng the Pomentuaul Hie Rie pealasla Mite • land- CHY Cal aCh " inuhl p‘S. o t C., 0 4:4 4 ' to to; 0 4 `1 4, G5:12N11.4e., a%b%4:;e4.4%; ' Vsaec " tC) • 4 5be % Ole 0 Ven,;R N, as. .4. +4 (17. ss tto, to s X ?),A.% -% 4 %. t 0, • O.% ,76, • .445 NumtER 5 -.lit RA. Today ma op 760 Surrender Ratifie -E Day Proclamati ' !s Truman, Churchill Plc( Full Power Against la - .1 1 • 4k) 441Agato.- Ulf Atm I) Sion and dean of Tim •pea " let vitt enttiNtr. AIM A.Scrtnar, ASS the cat - %mkt Si ar f sA " DAILIES Americans Expecte M ee Russias Near Reic ' tyres finminent; Mu 0•• :4Z rrni UNCIO Envoys nr Honored Today it AD 1st: .4 • niE in AC NIA ONDA 11E Li 4) . c• .--,,... c, .70 D • A .. , " ..... A , 45. a rier Fp 1. . " . k C ? 1 2. 6 • . QZ i 1:‘1er s ' ' v " ,,, 0,0,9 -.0 6:211C. D. ise!Oeop, 41 200 4 t 244,0 ear 0 4, 64 Oity0 ,,„ Op er Expected e ..0u ' ® 4„, .,„., Ike %, ,04 sLINci Pie. NtImailt 48 N DRIVE • TODAY -( ' Q- r tic ,,,,,7kiti:, :e;ke, . . w FORN ‘44Y 1945 re7tedemities hazing . . . beer mugs . . . serenading . pledging . cocktail parties . formals . dates . Hell Week .. three point two .. . hanging pins... Nizif a. 232 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL BOB BURNS BOB PARKER HARVEY PENTLAND PAUL ROBINSON DONALD SIMPSON BERT SMITH BOB SMITH )ACK STEARNS OFFICERS Summer Fall Spring President Robert Burns Robert Smith Paul Robinson Vice.Prelident Don Simpson Paul Robinons Jack Sitillid SeeretarpTreasurer I.. Bert Smith Bob Parker Harvey Pentland MEMBERS Rickard Burn, Golder De Will Phi Kappa Psi Jack Stearns Alpha Delta PM Paul Robinson Phi Kappa Sigma Walter Downing Alpha Kappa Inns Robert Burkwalter Phi Kappa Tau Carbon Smith Alpha Sigma l ' hi Robert Caner Pi Kappa Alpha Edwin Pentland Alpha Tau Omega _Albert Leddy Pi Lambda Phi William Friedman Beta Theta P1 Ed Welch Psi Upsilon Fred Gamer Chi Phi Sidney Peters Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frank Heilman Chi Psi Paul Cox Sigma Alpha Mu Peter Hart Delia Kappa Meilen Jaeger. Hale Luff Sigma Chi Jack Delman Delta Tan hello Jack Cain Sigma Nu Robert Parker, Robert Myers Delta Upsilon Harold Trunk Sigma Phi lark Severin Kappa Alpha Robert Ea art Sigma Phi Epsilon Tom Frye Kappa Nu Norton Langely Sigma Phi Sigma William Kramer Kappa Sinnot Hal Bower Theta Chi Harry Anderson Lambda Chi .11phe: Gerald Kauffman Theta Delta CM . Kenneth Hadley Kappa Delta kin, Duane Dekin Theta Xi Wilbur Gonna Phi Delta Theta Jim Nutting Zeta Beta Tau John Levinsolm Phi Gamma Delta Rohn, Joseph Billion Zeta Psi George Fleharty 233 ACACIA SENIORS Roy E. Dixon Harry E. Frazier Robert J. Grisoshaw Robert E. Howard George L. Robson JUNIORS Richard F. Burns Robert L. Church Joseph B. Close Colder DeWitt David Fredrickson Harold Cranquist C. Bob Lewis Thomas R. Pray Edward A. Preweit William C. Thomas SOPHOMORES James G. Campbell Russell T. Connors, Jr. Richard C. DeForest Melvin Dykes Thomas D. Evans Glenn E. Lewis Harry P. Seith. Jr. M. Dean Yeoman FRESHMEN William G. flinty Charles P. Underwood No Pictures SENIOR SOPHOMORES Dennis F. Hallowell George T. Medonald M. Dean Yeoman JUNIORS FRESHMEN Martin Ryan Leonard Fugate Glendon G. Swan Jack D. Vinding 234 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE DE l) AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1901 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 TWENTY•ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward W. Bowes Russell T. Crawford Frederick W. Cozens Edwin 0. Dickson Roscoe B. Tippers ALPHA CHI SIGMA GRADUATE Harrison Shull SENIORS James W. Bracken. Jr. Roben Kollo Donald H. StrohIke JUNIORS Newell Bent Robert S. Boylston Dave Davis Charles De Puy Alan W. Smith SOPHOMORES John W. Lorimer John J. Specht William W. Weller • No Pictures GRADUATES SENIORS D. 3. Hanabon Clark R. Barton Hewitt Kenyon Edward L. Cottle J. Eugene Kunaler Donald S. McClure SOPHOMORE John S. Peck George H. Reid UNIVERSITY Frank W. Allen Gerald E. K. Branch William V. Cruet ' s John J. Mier Joel H. Hildebrand Paul L. Kirk Thomas I). ASSOCIATES Wendell M. Latimer Gilbert N. Lewis Axel R. Alson Kenneth S. Piner Gerhard K. Rollekm Glenn It Seaborg Stewart 235 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS ALPHA DELTA PHI sENIOR, William Donaldson Frederick A. Fames G. James [Ammon Melville Lend.. Jr. Paul A. Robinson Berti.rnin N. Staten Donald M. Shaw Allan Spring—h. Edwin S. Toms JUNIORS Robert Aodows, Roy Bath Eugene Rios! Russell Prince,. Owlets Gates Ails, Gay John Gibbs John Grady Robert It. Minium R. Geodes Ina Genitalia. Marston Ralph Phillips John M. Roe. John Sodinsuom Herbert S. Thomson Thomas Tolls SOP11ONIORES Archie Band David Chaney Peter Hunt Kenneth Keller John Lindstrom Willism. McGee Frederick Ostrander John Paul Alan Re.Ito. William Sake. J1 011K Stabil Samo.1 Swtdanbor. FRESHMEN John Appel John (1.1.y Carl Forte William Gibbs William Laws Robert Matthias DoesId Reid William Savoie Russel Schulze Grtgor, F. Sh 44444 Jolla W.1st No Piautes SENIORS David B. Day!. Harold W. Flesh.. John A. Sproal JUNIORS Evan C. Evan Robert B. Manham Walter Nicol James B. Shen. Jr. aeries A. Wood. Jr. SOPHOMORES (isle. Hicks Steele,. Johnson Michael Macaulay Edward Ward FRESHMEN Haney W. Rockingham C. Kelly Carrels Gerald Howard David J. Hostile, Nod Kelly Liadsey Wilson Wanes L. Yr. 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE. 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 THIRTYSEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY Dr. Douglas H. Copp Charles S. Davidson Dr. Williams C. Meaner Dr. Herbert M. Eva, 236 Dr. T. Harper Goodspeed Dr. Haas Liner ASSOCIATES Dr. Frank W. Iamb Fletcher H. Swill Dr. Jobs Homer Wool.., Paul Michael Theodora E. Nichols Robinson ALPHA TAU OMEGA cs: I am a - GRADUATES Frank Collins Warren Danford Bernard Goldsmith Bruce Jaques Harry Sward SENIOR Howard Tolley JUNIORS William Clark James Metcalf SOPHOMORES Charles Kunaman James Powell Arthur Sutter Eugene Brick Rodney Brick Robert Brumbaugh William Davis Peter Hutchinson Richard Macdougall Raynor Mosehetti Jerry Peary Kenneth Reeves. James Taylor Walter Yost GRADUATES Thomas Newsom Louis Zitnik SENIORS Merrill Bird Walter Dimmiek Lonnie Pathe Wade Shifflet Frank White Roben Wilson JUNIORS Robert Heppler Albert teddy Gordon Miller Ross Farmer Ray Prendergast William Schaeffer SOPHOMORES Lowell Dygert Horace Firth Peter Levi Paul Smith William Spry Lloyd Turner George Wahmley Ross Wright FRESHMEN Jack Andrew William Bagley James Boynton Clifford Leabo Thomas Young No Pictures 216S LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1865 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY•EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Carroll M. Ebright Kenneth B. Stoddard Robert F. Heiser Olever M. Washburn BOWLES HALL SENIORS Arnold M. Iljormen Leland R. Brown C. Dickey Buster Kenneth Caldwell John Castello Joseph Ehnnan Ill Bill A. Cray Robert B. Hamilton Roger Harding John Haughawoui Norbert G. Kobus, Joe Kamiya John B. Leddy Donald S. McNary Stanley L Perkins Richard N. Reimer A. Richard Ruppe George Street, Jr. William II. Stretch Donald T. Tarr, Jr. Paul H. Troth Morgan L Washburn JUNIORS John Ii. Bevis E. Bailey Clark III Robert L. Clewed Thayer W. Cline, Jr. George S. Dolim Sidney S. Green Robert Griffith C. Victor Hess Robert C. Hogeboom George G. Howard Herman W. Lipow Norman Lynn Cesar A. Munoz.Plaza Ira Nagin Thomas R. Nagy Lawrence I.. Pitt de Wit Popkin Donald Smith Thomas L. Turnbull Donald F. Veihmeyer John Wylie, Jr. Charles Wildenstein, Jr. SOPHOMORES Warren D. Allen Donald I. Blomberg Robert I.. Carbon Jerry C. Cole Robert F. Cooper 238 Robert F. Daily John R. Davidson James 0. Davis Clifford B. Dobson Allen W. Finley Albert D. Hall Richard Hamilton Donald Head Peter D. Nekton William C. Ludolph John B. Merrell Thomas D. Price Walter J. Rieman Calvin A. Riemckc William L. Shields Denis Selle William R. Voss Myrsam H. Wixman FRESHMEN Albert R. Alford Herbert A. Belton MoeClay Burt Ralph T. Busby Robert W. Chadwick Lee F. Pullman Jim Fiscalin i John Fistslini Martin K. Franxblou John P. Geiger. Jr. Gustav A. Cu!men Walter E. Harris Roland 1.. Houtz. Jr. Arthur C. Kimber Syrus R. Liberski LaFayette D. Mathews Donald B. McCaw Loyal E. Merest Leland M. kiosk Edward W. Peck, Jr. Robert C. Radcliffe Glenn 1). Reed Charles F. Reynolds William Scarlet Merrill Steinberg Dale R. Thompson Willis M. Vansell Kirk White. Jr. Thomas V. Wightman. Jr. Teh Fu Yu OFFICERS. SPRING TERM Itch hotly, .ire Ebman, ea Griffith, Wilbur vat. BETA THETA PI SENIORS Irvin H. Betts. Jr. Robert E. Blake Robert E. Bums John D. Hamilton Walter P. Jones Richard M. Payne George Schedler Kenneth A. Williams JUNIORS Thomas W. Ballinger Ben Scott Foster Hasid W. Hall Stacy R. Mettler, Jr. Arthur W. Middleton William N. Pennington Walter J. Reimer. Jr. Edward G. Welch SOPHOMORES Richard J. Bates Donald de Fremery Van Allen C. Kreis Charles R. Salisbury FRESHMEN Robert L. Coleman Ill James Downey Philip Gregory William II. Hooper lames Donald Pfister William R. Selby. Jr. No Pictures M. Pierce Milton Henry Peterson S. Mercer Runyon James II. Tuttle, Jr. FRESHMEN John Goss Richard H. Hart Michael Jackson Theodore C. Malian. Jr. Thomas Steel Harry Terril Hrary W. Wright SENIORS James Allen Thomas Piekford JUNIORS Wilfred L. Durkee Charles E. Hanger Robert S. Watson Robert M. Wilson William B. Wolfe. Jr. SOPHOMORES John M. Evans. 1 . 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABI.ISIIED 1878 NINETY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Benram Bronson E. G. Smith Ralph Fisher George Stratton 240 Herbert Moffitt Nicholas Tandem C. A. Ramm Edwin Van Dyke CHI PHI 4 t, f cc rii, si ■ 71. AL. A 4 ah I ■ woi I 4 4 a GRADUATE Peter A. Wolff SENIORS Samuel L. Jones Walton M. Lawrence JUNIORS John H. Bevis John J. Boyle Kenneth V. Cenedella Thomas W. Jones Sidney V. Peters. Jr. C. Temple Thomas. Jr. Edward B. Towne, Jr. SOPHOMORES Maxwell Chaplin Douglas Clark Ruben Gibson Kenneth C. Gilliland Gregory Jones Terry R. Marston Ransdall E. Matthews Walter B. Snook James I.. Spencer John A. Sweeny FRESHMEN Willett H. Tryon Howard C. Bailor Brainard K. Beekwith, Jr. J. Price Gittinger Stanley R. Kennedy Glen It Martin. Jr. Edward Perk William Stafford David Terreo William It While No Pictures GRADUATE Alden MeElrath John H. Doty SENIORS SOPHOMORE Edward Donohoe John W. Vetter 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY•FIVE CHAPTERS 241 CHI PSI Paul Cox Leo MeClatchy J. Stuart Wallace JUNIORS William R. Barlow George M. Blair Frank T. Buntpu. Mutton A. Hannon Cranston P. Montgomery. Jr. F.dward R. P. Montgomery Waldo F. Postal. Jr. David J. Smith Donald J. linger Torrance I.. Wallace Leland F. Weis SOPHOMORES Torrance Bramwell Lex Consort William McKerracher FRESHMEN Joseph Hooper Caine David Cox Kenneth D. Lockett Jame. A. Alagrei6 No Pictures GRADUATES William C. Cray Edward F. Peek SENIORS Charles S. Winston Rohen H. Woods JUNIORS William C. Dorey Robert F. Stalls SOPHOMORE Jorgen Hansen FRESHMAN Walter J. Fetherich 242 2311 P EDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1841 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 189$ TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evan. W. W. Ferrier. Jr. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON SENIORS Charles Beckett Walter Boyle Harold Crandall Peter Fanner William Jaeger David Sherwin JUNIORS John Black Henry Bolcom John trout Howard Dickenson Roy Hamrick SOPHOMORES Glenn Buell George Cunningham Lawrence Jordan David Lase!! Hale Luft William Marcus Don Sinter FRESHMEN William Adams James Baumgartner Thomas Boyd Howard Hardy Peter McCullough Bruce Moody Robert Rheem John Richersen Ben Shattuck Thomas Wooser No Pictures SENIORS JUNIOR Booth Goodman Clark Van Housen Ned Renshaw Ned Stroud Page Storment SOPHOMORE 2302 P EDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY. 1814 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1878 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine R. S. Minor C. C. Hyde T. M. Putnam, Jr. 243 DELTA TAU DELTA SENIORS John R. Cain William P. Dunn Raymond Oghum N. Sumner Peek Levert P. Sane JUNIORS Frederick Dutton Glenn Heline Wayne Kuettel Will iam C. Marekhott Harvey McGee Leonard Woods SOPHOMORES William English Halben Moller Thomas Parrish Wends! I. ' each Donald Ware FRFSHMEN Jason S. Day Warren Simms No Pictures GRADUATES Robert Brock Robert Daily SENIORS Thomas Anderson Louis Dore JUNIORS Walter MaCuire Richard Schacht SOPHOMORES Jerry Cole Lowell Foster Ronald Nana FRESHMEN Lee Kuettel Hinsdale LaTour 244 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE. 1859 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SEVENTY.SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES D. C. Duncan Armin 0. Letuchner Francis S. Foote Morrough P. O ' Brien Brutus Ha milton Warren C. Perry George H. Hart Chester H. Rowell Frank L Kelly Charles E. Rush John C. Larkin Thomas B. Steel DELTA UPSILON GRAM ATE Carl Simon SENIORS William Gaines Daniel Hunter Jack Mower William Robinson Harold Trunk JUNIORS John Barry Robert Burk Munson Everett Earl Le Masters. Jr. Warren Sanford SOPHOMORES David Armstrong John Ilennings Robert Kayser Walter Lewis. Jr. John Williams Jack Wolfe FRESHMEN Roy Andriesse Edward Crystal James Hansen Robert Johnson Bruce Nelson William Nilon Robert Sherrard Stewart Ken No Picture GRADUATE SOPHOMORE Gordon Wild Paul ten Doeszehate JUNIORS FRESHMEN William Saylor Robert Cathcart Robert Tuttle Robert Gaines William Ward John Ryan Alvin White Richard Strietwerda Glen Sturtevant Douglas Will 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY•CONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William II. Alexander Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch John D. Hicks James Hooper, Jr. Harold E. Jones Neal NleKeller Herbert Charles W. Merriam George R. Noyes Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stolz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward C. Wyckoff 245 KAPPA ALPHA GRADUATE Jack Whipple SENIORS Lowell Airola Orrin Airola Jim Cooney Charles Henderson Carl York JUNIORS Peter Connor William Dart Creighton Grady SOPHOMORES William Enright Keith Reese FRESHMEN Dehard Johnson I a kSA , es:A Fred Taplin No Pictures GRADUATES Robert Ewart George O ' Hara SENIOR Bruce Cumming JUNIORS Charles Agee Craig Bull Charles Dawson John Hoit Earl De Roque Robert Thomas SOPHOMORE Bill Neuoffer FRESHMAN Warren Sugraves 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY. 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 11195 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Walter Hoadley Jack Peppin Lt. Hilmar Schubert 246 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA GRADUATES Allred W. OaMt Thomas B. Indite SENIORS Stanford C. Elalailortb Donald W. Don• Gerald C. Kaolin... Harry IL Morgan Josepk V.Ili JUNIORS William. R. Barlow James Cawn Ro. Davies alernpc V. Dobler Tomes IL Flowers Albert H. hIcOuan Adair Miller Chides W. Mink Tomas F. Roark William R. Redden Jam J. Ryan Rear II. Ryan William B. Haler James B. Tire Harland Veal SOPHOMORES T. Craig Ammons R. Paul Browning James A. Carson Ellsworth R. Eiden..Iler Ilarr) M. Cardiac, Wad H. Lambert Jack R. Meier Robert W. Walkout. FRESHMEN William Armstrone Norman H. Bennett Stanley J. Cutler Fred K. Haines Kenneth Holway Laird L. Shepard Jam H. Silcox No PiaWit GRADUATE Harold F. Stanton SENIORS Willard C. Andemon Paul W. Belvel Staley G. Marberson Tomas I. Sinai. JUNIORS Norma F. Britt. Harry B. Carmidmel. Donald H. lionten Jack II. McDonald James G. squint Jam J. Saar Jab I). Swaim; SOPHOMORES Don H. 130tam Robert W. Blood ' . Melvin E. Enna Jr Baas Price FRESHMEN Rickard H. Dunn William I.. F.Ilaworth Mort May Carl Okmer Georg G. Welker 1735 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Prick C. Bellquist Dr. Robert 0. Moody Dr. Charles A. Eoloid Dr. Robert S. Skeane. Dr. Omelet C. Mechlin 247 PHI GAMMA DELTA GRADUATES George Briggs Richard N. Bond Tom Cox Peel Feryoson (Dwain E. Froth ha Liam, Robert Smith SENIORS Tomas F- Bowmen Emelt C. Helm. ChaIlea Dent Norval Latimer Darold Lied Robin W. Loh. Ward W. Slums Richar d C. Ronson Albert R. Reber Dierks F. Schultz Floyd J. Wilkie. JUNIORS Joseph M. Billie... Jr. James H. Deny Venn L. Greed Donald A. Goodwin James C. Greet. Neil Dade Joseph Heat Lelied 11. Jordon IA ' arreo P. Mesta William R. Prindle Ted OcheIs Dormer T. Scheeler. Jr. FAnsrd J. Sherman Elton B. Sherwin Lou Stoat. Deward Them Gordon Whitt SOPHOMORES Donald L. Sinner Laid L. Bradley Richert D. Brooding Jima C. enflame Earl F. Canino Rieherd Gerdati Robert I. Gone Carl R. Triton William J. Van Den Berg. Jr. FRESHMEN Edward P. Crockett Loy A. Deanna John Oilmen Email V. Blom George T. Warren Robert E. Warms No Pictures SENIORS David J. Devi. Menford Pansies Rieltard W. Gibbenns JUNIORS Robert W. Cole Donald R. Frans . Peter B. Greening SOPHOMORES William D. Bend Louis L Bradley Elated Reid FRESHMEN Bleary N. Bakke. Kenneth R. Johnson 2398 PIEDMONT .%% EWE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1818 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY•FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leis Alvarez Willerd Derbies Leroy Brims Norma, Dint 248 Charles Denali Woodbridge Mescals Jacques Scholia PHI DELTA THETA GRADUATES George F. Break Raymond J. Milan Jr. SENIORS Chaffee Kenna . I. Them Eengspard John Mein Hooper O ' Sullivan Jean I.. Philipp. Jr. Nan I.. Smith George Thomas JUNIORS Harold J. Anderson John Intl. Crone. Maaniag John Merritt Gordon Nelson Cerro. Norria Ilenterd Kenn Dave Schroder George S. Shad Kent Weisner SOPHOMORES Chrome Anderson Edwin S. Anderson Aa a :yam A C te Jenws Anderson Robert C Stanley Nate Flower Virgil Roller Roben Bader Emil A. Carothers Aflin10111 C. Chener Robin (battle John R. Enright in Golden Robert 0. Hawn William A. Majors Jahn C. McKay Maynard Nam. Ninon I). Vitamin FRF,s11MEN Don Bentley John Crook leek Heinz Gordon Nash Erie Nielsen William Robinson James G. Steel Rich...1 Strong William Swan Allred K. Throlsold, Jr. John Opp Daniel bound lik I GRADUATE Vernon Goodwin SENIORS Terrill Knight Berry McCabe Ross William. JUNIORS Junes Hint.. Ellsworth Keene Al Kronison Ted Premiss Jack Sloan SOPHOMORES Jim Pletcher Ken Miller FRESHMEN Dick Armstrong Donald BentleY John Ilrobanic George Lrothermas No Pictures 2717 IEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY Dr. FAJwin B. Wm Corm Mead Norman Buchanan Dr. Raymond Netting Fred Founorthy Dr. Alvin Powell Joel Ilildtbrend Perky Ray 011y Kern Ilsreld Smell Jam.. Mande Thome. Stow Dr. George MeChtsnet William Twinkle!! 249 250 P1 KAPPA ALPHA GRADUATES Walter Same nom.. H. Cann Robtm Kroidader John H. Stoke. SENIORS Timor R. Bo ' John S. Hoot John H. Penn. Jr. Nandi Gilman John A. Pierre Aran C. Sande Alm K. Setterquist Doe C. Simpaoa JUNIORS Arnim Motown Allan C. Raker Donald Ikrc hill Charles Risher Ile., 1. Broderick Robert C. Dolman Robert Damao Richord C. kle(Tellao Edwin H. Peaked William J. Reid Prank Tailor Tbeteas It. Weld. Robert C. Willem. SOPHOMORES Frederick Radom, Jr. John W. Cleveland John Daniels Ikon( ' Draken Malcolm Clover William C. Gray Haden R. Kissel Robert R. Kind Richard Loadatrum Glen Marlin Robert Maxwell Robert R. MeAnos David R. Ram David W. Waken John J. Wi.dle FRESHMEN Arse M. Alleldt. Jr. Robert Albettini Clinton A. Henna William C. Callender Leland Fmmr ?Maki A. Hawk G. Alas M Robert Maim Richard S. Millar Albert P. Norma No Pictures SOPHOMORES Sainyler Brock Robert T. Lemberg Robert McCormick Bad Mello William Miller FRESHMEN Lewin Amelia. Edmond Lliaveoetti Canoe Heil Jam F. Moore Fneklie W. Pectifirld 2321 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 EIGHTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Philip N. Aram Weems D. Homer William I.. Reeder Caltios Hulk. Pdwerd C. Boll Anson R. W. Clary Frederick C. Lode Carl L. Hoag Robert C. Martin Thom.. D. Stewart PHI KAPPA PSI GRADUATE:. Robin Bernard John Cordell Lewis Denny Dick PAM Wilkie. Blink Reyotood Fisher William Hay.. George Stein SENIORS Robin Rimeeth Robin Connors V incent Collins le Dodd De Rothe JUNIORS Jack Ballo • Dick Cahill Jack Cleave William Diffenbaoffb Maroceal Duncan J ack Fade Kea Cisst•Isois Ray Aloe Morahan Harbin... Theriot Hartzell Frank liewitt Robert Hottaimh William House Meredith Ki tttt Ile J ack Knitter Rob Lowrey Robert Late Job, Meyer Gen M.rpby Robin PIES Prestos R. Srkok. Jr. Jack Stearns B. F. Thompson Dick Temper P. Ten Benscheito SOPHOMORE ' S Rill Adickes Warren Allen Herold Berke Dea Grei•te• Jerry Cullinane Jack IMI•ns Robert Holcomb Doodad Herne Ted KeaneId Karl May Leo McIntyre Robert Moore John O ' Coosell Donald Stafford Goole Stimmel Donald Stokes Herb Walton FRESHMEN raeude Centres Madison Dais J ack Habedder Herman Kean Id Jim Moore 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE. 1852 CALIFORNIA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1899 FIFTY•MO CHAPTERS 251 ZSZ uaptun nary Jamproop.mjurs S31V130SS V LUSH:4 Al M fl 5113.1.41YH9 331111.DAJ.A13 ZZ61 0311S119V1S3 93141VH3 flY1 VIN10.411V3 31VA .LV 036NI104 311K3AV LKOlc031d OSU 1 lamps plouou umupaR4 it110.1af NIA IC HS:411.4 Jauam ioluois 11.101S 1110.10( Jonas moo° worps ' nom man untuoN eaP!dol uaguV unuPaRi un111PA uospAeo uisly utioa patruag Sa1101110HdOS " nn laaMS .1110IUROS SHOIN1111 gunquain9 UpPUM0.19 moan SHIVfla V HO IHd VCI8WV1 Id PSI UPSILON SENIORS Alson Clark Ill Fred Garner John Vernay JUNIORS Hancock Banning Harry Biekderton Martin Chase Thomas Gates Charles Hammond Wilbur Hopper Walter Johnson Arthur SOPHOMORES Peter Leaf James Schuyler David Vordermark FRESHMEN Blake Beauchamp Edward Brittingham William Gruen, Lawrence Smith James Yost No Pictures SENIOR Charles Hofmann Arthur Anderson. Spencer Kern John Lyding FRESHMEN Willis Vansell Wallace Amling 1815 I IGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE. 1833 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY•EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William C. Bray Howard Naffziger Bernard Etrheverry Leon Richardson Howard Fleming Rudolph ScheviII J. Reid Macdonald James D. Hahn III Donald Mackay William T. Simpson Lawrence Lutz 253 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON GRADUATES !lemon G. Patten SENIORS Edward A. Borehole! Robert H. Benner Prank W. Heilman. Jr. David W. said. Glen Gisler Raymond E. Dula. Jr. Robert • Jr. Rolmend W Pernire. Jr. Freak W. Friederebeeh Robert S. Fleaniseer IhonsId L. 111Mim John V. Hook Robert I- Lind Benson R. McGann Willies D. NorthersIt INWic Popkin J. F. Robeson William Sorensen Jolt. E. Whitney Jam F. Wight Rehm M. Wilson Riebard A. Woods SOPHOMORES Anthony Dalian Owls IL Cotten Carver B. Hildebrand .1.srden HiIdebrendt Bruce M. Bomb. Robert a Norman Robert S. Standlee FRESHMEN Colo APPIttage Peal J. Annum I). id C. Burg Leon W. Carrels Jobs N. Colter Ernest C. Dana Sleben J. Heilman M•leobte 0. Lane Frank F. Lind Shen. M. blceellon Huth McKee John A. O ' Brien Robert E. Pelson. Harold P. Packer Noreen Rom No Pictures GRADUATE Alvin S. Humble ' SENIOR Signior M. Hari. JUNIOR Allred H. Albiets SOPHOMORES Richard Jones Melvin J. Johnson Rend Koenig% Rost AleKeema FRESHMEN Rickard G. Coney Man 0. Nicol Wilson Peeden Dune Dresser 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE. HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. D. Calkim Steen R. W. Charley Rolle Ater ' 254 SIGMA ALPHA MU GRADUATES Stanley A. Lever Alex Rosen SENIORS Stanley M. Felix Andy Goldman Dan Tenenbaum JUNIORS Robert W. Hither Irving Goldberg Peter G. Han Bernard Kosher SOPHOMORES Gerald D. Adams Robert A. Brown Robert Clarfield. Maury Engel Kenneth M. Jelling Leslie B. Joseph Harry Kronrod Sidney A. Maths Gilbert Prelovsky FRESHMEN Richard Bents Arthur Gonhfield Norman Lieverman Einar Morvai PLEDGES Stanley Golde Robert Cornet Merry Klein Martin Kling Rohs Miller Nathan Rubin No Pictures PLEDGES Erving Blum Jack Cohen Howard Friedman Gerald Goldman Robert Gonthein Elmer Gronntan Bernard King Al Lowenstein Donald Miller Ira Nagin Robert Sirular Ralph %trimling JUNIORS Harold Berg Ben Bloom SOPHOMORE Leland S. Burstein FRESHMEN Gerald Berger Leland H. Cohn 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1929 FIFTY CHAPTERS 255 SIGMA CHI GRADUATE Samuel Hall SENIORS Won Boling Donald Marcus Stanley Potts JUNIORS John C. Campbell Jack Dreiman Wade Dozier Herb Fowler Ralph Hill Franklin Holley Bill Noack Keith Parker Robert Remensperger K. M. Roberts Sidney Small Jim Watson SOPHOMORES Alfred S. Hooper Dean Jacobs Robin P. Kantor George Nichelaw blond ' D. Perk Jerry Sullivan FRESHMEN Barton H. Bromberg John C. Campbell Daniel Crer Vernon Sprott Sydney K. Smith John R. White, Jr. No Pictures GRADUATES Richard B. Babmo Burns B. Crookston Ernest LasseII Robert V. Nauman SENIORS William House Ruben A. Mitchell JUNIORS Richard A. Harris Richard W. Peterson Lawrence II. Stewart Richard S. Manildi FRESHMEN Glenn C. Sprott Lyman P. Phillips 256 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1855 AL PHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Nibs Price SIGMA NU SENIORS William Baker Louie Brennwald John H. Buestad Jack Clark Ernest D. Gout, Jr. Robert K. Holm Harold R. Hubbard. Jr. Robert Parker John O.Schneider Victor Warriner JUNIORS Louis Banker Carl F. Burger Roland Chambers George Chieriei Robert Culbert!! Bernard Litchfield Willard Lotter Robert Myers George Oviedo Daniel L. Rader SOPHOMORES Asa Briggs Ralph Busby John Lavery Charles E. Matheny Neil MeKelvk Bernard Pepper Arthur R. Still FRESHMEN Robert Anderson Robert Cole Richard Conner Arthur William Craig Donald Devote Charles W. Loughridge George Robb Stanley Charles Ira Thompson SENIOR Howard Alvord JUNIORS Donald Atwater Robert Barclay No Pictures Walter Burke William Cline Patrick Cunningham SOPHOMORES Herbert Belton Stanley Rawson FRESHMEN James Lucas Harry Pforsich Franklin Sanford 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY ACADEMY, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bruce Baker Robert J. Fitahenry William Baker Charles R. Glasagow John Bricker Walter B. Simpson William Smails 257 SIGMA PHI SENIORS George Hummer Paul Larson JUNIORS William Boykin John Buckham Edward Guyon Karl Kroeher Roy Manly Charles Moser Donald Severin Rotten Shaw Helier Smith Edward Smith ba. SOPHOMORES Richard Dennis J ohn Feddyment Everett Fuller James Glenn James Hoag Charles 11oagland James Marsh Peter Marshall Will Mello. Peter Olsen Glenn Phillips FRESHMEN William Breiner Edward Donald John Hedertuann Keith Moss. Bert Smith No Pictures JUNIORS Harry Cuthbertson William Dinwiddie William Ross SOPHOMORE Tom turns 258 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 CALIFORNIA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward C. Crafts William V. Cruets Dr. William G. Donald llarold 4 Leupp Grant C. Loomi• SIGMA PHI EPSILON GRADUATES Jack Klukken Richard Lemon Ronald Sodesirom SENIORS Donald Cnsm William Evans JUNIORS Thomas Frye Fred L Gibson Donald Major Donald McDougall 0. R. Thorn Warren Seoul Viktor Zahn SOPHOMORES Robert Andreen Alvin Blair Loran Borne Robert Chalmers Robert Evan. Lloyd Grouheer Myron Harpole Harold Howard Stanley Kallo Norman Mann Thomas Moore Gene Priolli Charles Townsend FRESHMEN Daniel Hayes John Lounsberry Russell Sayre James Scott William Soule Donald Waite No Pictures GRADUATES Robert Cameron Lee Huntington Robert Woltz JUNIOR Robert Layman SOPHOMORES Edward Bailey Robert Brorsen Byron Cart Wayne Dawson Earl Miles Richard Phipps Robin Randolph Frank Turney Lewis Williams FRESHMEN Robin Lewis Robin MeGlohn Forest Olson 2731 DAM.R01 1 WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND. 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SEVENTY•EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James Corley John Cory Al Ragan 259 THETA CHI SENIORS Harry Anderson Donald Chapman George Dolim William Farley David Reeder Richard Samuel JUNIORS Robert Anderson Frank Clime Donald Grinsfelder James Iliff James Kephart Lewis Kidd. Jr. Francis Martin Thomas Nelson Robert Schmidt Luton Willis SOPHOMORES Donald Hamlin Oscar KI« FRESHMEN John Convery Richard De Wolf Lynn Falser Hugh Francis N. Bernard Frans « Lee Galloway Jack Griffin No GRADUATE William Tolan SENIOR John C. Brennan JUNIORS Victor Henny Warren Kitchen George Nielsen Rohen Win Pictures SOPHOMORES Arthur George Douglas Ridenour FRESHMEN Gordon Brown Edward Hayden Richard Ingraham Alfred Runner 260 2162 LE CONTE AS ENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICII UNIVERSITY. 1856 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY:FWD CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Anton H. Schaefer Lars H. Peterson THETA DELTA CHI JUNIORS Fred Fo ' laird Harold Jewett SENIORS Andrew Kopper•d Gene Millard James O ' Drain Donald Ownbey Stuart Wysham JUNIORS Robert Ball Richard Barbra Daniel Barnett Frank Dixon Jack Dunasky Peter Fisher Kenneth Hadley Henry Morris Donald Paterson John Roberts Leonard Sullivan Kirk White SOPHOMORES Charles Bouchard Truman Campbell Fred Howell Arthur I.h Daniel Knott Quentin Soik Charles Tam FRESHMEN William Aekerly Bruce Anderson Clifton Awls° Paul Baender Lou Fever° Fred Jarrett Franz Mansell ' John O ' Drain Phil Bankaskie Robert Reasoner Nian Roberts No Pictures FRESHMEN Richard Club Robert Gregory Robert Harbaugh Walter Howe Waldo Jackson Tim Meadows SOPHOMORE Russell Nordeen 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Barton A. King Leonard W. Buck Worth Ryder James G. SiNr 261 THETA XI GRADUATES Jack Ernst Hernia Frank Vanasek SENIORS Wilbur Ernst Comes Benjamin S. Mortara F. Clinton Murphy JUNIORS Wm. Sampel Chapman Wm. Foster Dripps Russell H. Green Robert J. Noone Richard Parmenter SOPHOMORES Holway Roy Jones Roy J. Lundgren Robert A. Macfie John Edwin NetteD Roy Niles Ralph I. White FRESHMEN Robert Keyes Curran Alan Douglas Davidson Kenneth Eugene Ellison Carl Richard Forrest Louis Cal LaLanne Kenneth Ricketts Howard F.. Smith No Pictures SENIORS SOPHOMORES John Patrick Conway Robert Hoagland Peter Davidson James Weser JUNIORS FRESHMEN James E. Deem Robert Richard Conway Don Ritchie Wm. C. Fifthleucite Earl Wanell Stanley T. J. Spencer 262 1730 LA 1.0MA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE. 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Jeans Harry W. Shepherd James W. Kent Edwin C. Voorhies ZETA PSI SENIORS Thomas Ames Robert James George Muellersehoen Gerald Scholz Dean Solinsky JUNIORS Gerald Burnt Robert Miller Albert Otto William Witter SOPHOMORES George Fleharty John Grow den Frank Helm William Hibbitt Robert Merriam James T. Randall William Sellier William Sharon Robert Solinsky Larry Sommers Joseph Wilson Ronald Vincent FRESHMEN Price Gillen John Healy Peter Mattel Austin Morris William Montagne Robert O ' Brien Clay Petray James Tonnellotte No Pictures SENIOR JUNIORS Charles Wood John Dunlap John Lumoreaux Thayer Raggio 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK CITY COLLEGE, 1847 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jean C. Witter Irwin Uterita 263 pliticipii. Dna again, at ivniz.k.. 264 So w Greeks rushing ...lockout • . bridge .. . open houses ... teas ... study table ...activity points . . . libe hours . . . aunpusing .. . nuggets .. Joe PAN HELLENIC PAT HENDRICKSON HELEN MULLER AUDREY SHAEFER PEGGY JENKINS (lntersorority Organization) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO. 1902 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 OFFICERS President Pot Hendrickson Secretary.Treasurer Helen Muller Rushing Chairman Audrey Shatter (Summer, Fall), Peggy Jenkins (Spring) MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Dorothy Herben, Lois Guilbert Alpha Delta Pi Shirley Rippingham. Barbara Fricke Alpha Epsilon Phi Evelyn Wright Alpha Gamma Delia Jeanne Smith, Dorothy Hood Alpha Omicron Pi Peggy Lou Ferrier, Barbara Bailey Alpha Phi Virginia Johnson. Phoebe Barkan, Faith Buckingham Alpha Xi Delta Patricia Thomas. Joyce Tanner, Jane Roney Chi Omega Eleanor Leach, Ruth Palmer Delia Delta Delta Jean Anderson. Rita Wieland. Emllie Allison Delta Gamma Janet Bird. Sally O ' Hara Delta Zeta Gladys Rum°II, Nell Dickson Gamma Phi Beta Sheila Stanfield. Janice Slater Kappa Alpha Theta Ann Osbum. Carol Dougherty Kappa Delta Betty Suffern, Jean Overgaard Kappa Kappa Gamma Peggy Lorenz, Barbara Bristow Phi Mu Barbara Miller, Barbara Colts Pi Beta Phi Betty McCreary, Mary Lou Hall Sigma Kappa Jean Eggert. Jean Collin Theta Upsilon Juanita Berg. Louise Schwartz Zeta Tau Alpha Marybelle Hilton. Alice Way, Jean Anderson 267 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1 I SENIORS Peggy Bells Patricia Bishop Jimmie Bowden Carol Carkeek Anne Carruthers June Crowly Polly Edmund. Phyllis Foster Rosemary Foster Lou Gardner Dorothy Herbert Mary Lou Hildreth Norma Huntoon Betty Jordan Ruth Keplinger Janet Lloyd Jo Ellen Lowery Lois MeNab Natalie Osborn Jane Seymour Lois Sharpsteen Frances Stern Ann Welch JUNIORS Lorraine Cook Cynthiana Finley Blythe Foote M Gibson Lois Guiltier! Marie Jacobson Jeanne Lewis Peggy Lynch Papas 268 1756 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY. 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY•THREE CHAPTERS Helen Shoemaker Norma Spry Margaret Stewart Doris Stribley Sally Telford Ann Van Nostrand Christy Ann Weatherby SOPHOMORES Lyndall Baker Kathleen Blatz Janet Brewer Janice Crinklaw Nancy Davis Gloria Govan Kay Irwin Phyllis Livinston Janye.Ellen McGinnis Eleanor Martinez Jean Mitchell Patricia Perkins Elisabeth Rhoads Patricia Smith Gloria StadeIman Helen Stirton Muriel Witt FRESHMEN Barbara Allen Barbara Bates Joan Fisher Nelda Jones Carolyn Peterson Dorothy Pierson Jean Treyer ALPHA DELTA CHI SENIORS Betty Chapman Mary Louise Danielson Ruth Dah!quiet Rosemarie Gelder Carolyn Gay Hart Dorothy Henderson Ellen Natary Sarah Pomeroy Jean Power Marcia Rigs Dorothy Say le. Kathryn Swearingen Doris Towle Barbara Trousdale Margaret Ann Zumwalt JUNIORS Lydia Beatty Loretta Belgum Georgia Byer Barbara Grove Peggy Henderson Barbara Laughlin Phyllis Moeller Marion Pease Margaret Perry Elizabeth Rahak Beverly Steward Alice Virginia Young SOPHOMORES Alice Alter Beryl Becker Evelyn Belgum Thelma Cole Melvina Jarvis Marilyn Hardy Marilyn Heinrich Elaine Marple Ellen Mae Reasoner Beverly Stout Janet Wallace FRESHMEN Phyllis Carlson Patricia Nelson 270 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CIIAPTERS ALPHA EPSILON PHI SENIORS Marian Cohen Janet Garfinkle Corinne Heiman Marion Israel Eve Meyer Marilyn Pian Lillian Riskin Lois Rothenberg Evelyn Weiler Helen Weissman Evelyn Wright JUNIORS Pearl Aboual Iris Cohen Eleanor Floersheint Miriam GaWon Harriett Kowitt Thelma Marzukas Eleanor Peden Helen Schwartz SOPHOMORES Janice Broady Joan Gabriel Rita Gold berg Laurel Hill Lois Josephs Barbara Kresteller Dorothy Metzger Jeanne Newbaucr Faye Pasch Madelle Rosenberg Roslyn Schwartz Susanne White FRESHMEN Gloria Herz Joy Golan Ann Kaplan Donna Kaplan Helen Rubenstein Betty Jane Trimble Harriet Tyre 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY•EIGHT CHAPTERS 271 ALPHA DELTA PI SENIORS Elaine Adams Mary Ann Cayler Carolyn Coast Donya Donaldson Leslie Cabin Marjorie Calvan Betty Lou Glavin Catherine Guthrie Maxine Halyard Jacqueline Hogan Frances Houtz Muriel hom Kathleen McDonough Roberta Mathews Maryann Mulligan Carolee Myers Katherine Nell Joan Peacock Betty Platt Marie Rice Shirley Rippingham Shirley Ryman Betty Jean Smith Marjorie Toepke Lorne Wilkie JUNIORS Betty Anderson Rola Gerard Charlotte Cordon Ruth Hall Betty McMullin Charlotte Mend°Isohn Barbara Middleton Mary Lois Palmer 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 18;1 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY•TWO CHAPTERS 272 Daisylee Rasmussen Frances Seim Audrey Seymour Margaret Wrigley SOPHOMORES June Anderson Camilla Burbank Beverly Craven Andre French Elizabeth Ilansen Karen Hoiriis Vicki McCallum Mary McLachlan Julia Murray Janet Rolfe Yvonne Runyan Paula hider Marilyn Shryer Mary Elizabeth Vaughan Margaret Walsh Patricia Woodruff FRESHMEN Mary Alice Allen Sandra Carson HaMon Fowler Carole° Kuser Patricia Madigan Joyce Merman Lois Moulin Jacqueline O ' Hara Barbara Penberthy Marcella. Sanders Joyce Toney Joyce Tuff ree 273 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA SENIORS Muriel Asehen Dorothy Campbell Pauline Dostie Dorothy Hood Jane Houstoun Lillian Larsen Beverly McCreery Dorothy PerseII Mary Louise Pohl Olive Premo Shirley Quillen Edythe Ringgold Jane Sachs Jeanne Smidt Audrey Sorensen Shirley Stevenson JUNIORS Barbara Bayne Mary Brandt Barbara Cbaifin Marilyn Coughlin Jeanne Grassons Carol Guild Cleo Guild Barbara Lemke Audra Langley Claire Maas Katherine Mulvihill Frances O ' Connell Kathryn Perata Helen Power Patricia Underwood Gwendolyn Weeks Barbara Young SOPHOMORES Blossom Amsbaugh 274 2726 CHANNINC WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY CHAPTERS Barbara Atchison Mary Ann Bradshaw Gloria Bronderslev Edith Connolly Ellen Dee Shirley De Manic! Cynthia Dexter Marilyn Feisel Lois Harris June Hill Janie Lewis FAhelmae McAuley Merilyn McKenzie Jean McNutt:. Joyce Reed Marilyn Riggs Patricia Rorke Beverly Royer Cherie Thompson Ruth.Ila Uneapher Patricia Wallace Mildred Young FRESHMEN Catherine Bacon Betty Lou Bennett Betty Cornielliussen Marilyn Davies Phyllis Fraser Beverly Gay Virginia Gibson Marcia Inglis Marion Murphey Doris Soup Jean Uridge ALPHA PHI SENIORS Phoebe Darken May Patricia Berry Manly. FEW Faith Buckingham Margaret GrmaheId Virginia Johnson Virginia 11011 Patricia Heady Joyce Loutzenheiser Joan Lyon Elizabeth Manama Florence Nlerritt Janice McCallum Janet McPaul Carmine Reed Lu Thomas Katharisa Wagner JUNIORS Jane Baker ark Endbery Sally Boric. Louise Martin Norms McDonald Louisa Nevins Christina Plead Roth Elizabeth Porter Elizabeth Sam. Emmy Lou SpayIdler Na.., Turner Georgene SOPHOMORES Sally Bertram B arbara Button Eugenie Fallen Phyllis Gelman,CI Nancy Flockenbettner hialli• Howell Carolyn )(Meson Beverly Jests Gertrude Jones Jeannette Jones Janet Lindsay P hyllis MacGenie Patricia M aaaa ea Joan Mills Ann Orthisen Jean Percival Constant. Plund J Seidel Nosey Stevens Jean Stewart Mary Leo Tilden Julia Wood FRESHMEN Fresno Fowler Jane Guernsey Julia McCook Kato Macavia Bova Pill ' s Jean Sanderson Geortiaane Street Julia Snitert Ruth Wood 1711111111111140 Ft 2830 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 THIRTYSEVEN CHAPTERS 0. 276 CASA HISPANA SENIORS Tommy Angell Jean Anank Orsolina %Ideal Eleanor Colons r . c ) Fern Franscioni Katherine Hubbard Ynes Hutchison Norma Menegon Dorothy Riley i. Katharine Wakefield Edith Wetsel JUNIORS Gail Bartels o) 4, A 4 Marguerite Dilley Joyeelyn Willa ' r - -.. c -. Ca Clark Colontdo .• Lynn Griner Becky Thomas Gretchen Van Polen FRESHMEN Shirley Luddy - • 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1928 ONE CHAPTER 277 • i 1 Marilyn Newman ALPHA OMICRON PI 278 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 CHAPTERS SENIORS Barbara Bailey Doris Burnett Jean Raker Marjorie Fowler Betty Lance Ann Keenly:, Carolyn McCloskey Janet Macdonald Virginia Monroe Sally Olson Carol Stoll Betty Wall Kay Willoughby JUNIORS Charlotte Anderson Dorothea Bartlett Peggy Baumberger Merillee Boushaw Barbara Britton Connie Ellis Daphne Tenon Rosalie Greer Dorothea Johnson Joanne McKevitt Lois Pohlmeyer Jeanne Russell Charlotte Shuck Merger ' . Street SOPHOMORES Lolly Allen Jean Baxter Laura Beeler Barbara Breese Nick.). Chase Marilyn Coekrane Harriett Dim Pat Dossee Betty Eastwood Marilyn Fuglestad Mary Fulton Margaret Godwin Jane Cray Sylvia Harlow Carol Howard Nancy Ingraham Beverly Johnson Barbara Lute Marion tinder Mary Virginia McEnhill Joy Martin Mignon Milliken Doris Murphy Ruth Ranson Eda Rastutussen Charlene Read Rev Reeves Nancy Robinson Barbara Rushmer Joann Shimonek Adair Thrash Ruth Tisher Joanne Turner FRESHMEN Connie Baird Carolyn Crary Joyce Daily Ruth Elkington Doriel GoItz Barbara Hislop Helen Moser Ann Sehwenk Barbara Strong Jeanne Von Schmidt Radars Walls ALPHA XI DELTA SENIORS Carol Coates Beverly Doran Virginia Elliot Margaret Prober Phyllis Gilmore Jackie Hasling Lillian Hildebrandt Patricia Keith Marjorie Larson Mary Pat McNamara Jean Olsen Mildred Pierre Molly Rojeski Jane Roney Barbara Scott Mary Snook Joyce Tanner Patricia Thoma. Barbara von Schmidt Margery Welch Elaine White Elissa Wolff Benora Wood JUNIORS Jeannie Dahlquist Dorothy Darling Betty Davis Patti Ezell Mattle Jean Gould Eunice Henson Joan Johnson Georgia Lipman Lois Lundberg Jean Maffley Eleanor Moffett Elisabeth Pilora Betty Jean Robinson Mary Grace Silcox 280 2833 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT CALFSBURC. ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTYSEVEN CHAPTERS " Ma , Pa iPPIP Dorothy Stafford Shirley Struck Betty Weston SOPHOMORES Harriet Burns Katherine Comstock Mary Cragun Janet Dietrich Lois Elkner Betty Falconer June Herrod Janice Hindley Mary Le Mims: Marilyn McEwing Elizabeth Macmeeken Jean Meer Betty Rore Jane Russell Wilma Schulz Jane Sedum Carolyn Shute. Dorothy milker FRESHMEN Jeanne Andersen Dorothy Anderson Frances Anderson Marilyn Barker Marion Dietrich Catherine Flaherty Lee Hays Margery Hillyard Jean Hyde Jeannette McWhorter Barbara Marvin Marion Pace Janet Overmire Joan Stafford Mary Pat Thornton CHI OMEGA 282 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Mordant Atkin... Minim Cracker Pe g De Owen Allitabith Denten Patricia Krill Carol Ana MacDonald Nid. Markovich Mary Niceties Manly. Fork ' Yvonne Pierre. Barbera Shade Mordant St eeeee Lorrain. Thorn Midas Willing. JUNIORS len Alit. Meaner Rant. Renee Bacon Corinne Chown Barbera Conte Reny Carl loosen II am Sian Grdeelaw Monks lied le Motile Jo Palmer Laura Finical° Bow St. Our Beverly Joy Walter Comae Wilson SOPIIONIORF.S Pat Kroeing Conan Kaclint lidos Marshall Somali McCanspbell Natick Maier Virginia NM. Flinboth Saintlier Addl. Wilder Kith Wilder Berber. William. FRESHMEN Sandra Drool. Est Forsook Lem Beide Joann Casino Jens Crane donne Fib Karyl Home Janie Unborn Beverley Lam lAresise Mainsitiod Adage Meek Pat Mill Carol Pratt Ina Rioter Sow Smith Nines Vi.... Adele Wtidenkepi Connie Win lady Wright Eet S8314Y10 338111•A1NI3A3S 08131 11314VH3 Id 018I mammon sv aaminod AYS ONINNVII9 SZLZ sioamoj avo•N Doom. equoir so•rm ONSET 14311•413 •o!loPeIc ouV sup otoormer SII•S 1 " 1•4111u.1%.11°P1 ' 10 U•10411 w•In IC !WK) 00Aoo!) swot oo!tiolor 71 MPS noon Arlm nun togyx aol flair NOIO touopoy Apopon S1101N3S VWWVO VddVN DELTA DELTA DELTA Flint - SENIORS Nancy Abbott Emilie Allison Jean Anderson Mary Jo Anderson Dorothy Barker Delano Corgi, Virginia Fielder Patricia Forster Ann Golden Betty Hackett Margaret Hamilton Norma Heringer Myra Honegger Patricia Johnson June Klingborg Mildred McKee Nadine Miller Patricia Mills Florence Mob!mann Sally Newton Blanche Oertli Virginia Rink Shirley Strang Toepelman Margaret Wagenet Rita Wieland JUNIORS Rita Blohm Gail Bradford Norma Callaway Jeanne Cannon Rosebeth Doerr Dorothy Grant Elizabeth Haviside Jean Hepler Barbara MeGahle Joan Mope Louise Mister Janice Powell Janet Ralph. Helen Stoddard Betty Jane Vestal SOPHOMORES Margaret Aieher 284 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY. 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY.EIGIIT CHAPTERS can Arnold Beverly Bartlett Marion Beater Elizabeth Bohan Mary Sue Coffin Gayle Corgiat Constance De Rochie Marilyn Detert Jean Farrell Norma Jean Howell Barbara Johnson Janet Klinkner Jacquelyn Otis Betty Mae Payne Doris Patterson Ann Powers Joan Pringle Eleanor Sale Barbara Solinsky Joan Stewart Lola Sturtevant Marion Tunison Irene Turner Jean White FRESHMEN Ramona Alwou Barbara Balling Joanne Cardiff Gene Croudare Barbara de Ferrari Mary Pollen Jane Gray Nancy Hudson Jane Keeler Suzanne Krebs Mary Lou Loper Sue McKinney Barbara Pattee Rosemary Pratt Sara Sheldon Jo Ellen Spindt Nancy Tomer DELTA GAMMA SENIORS Dorothy Banker Marilyn Cathcart Natalie Chambers Eleanor Clark Harriet Dinwiddie Phylis Gulick Elizabeth Hansen Eliza Ann Houston Peggy Jenkins Sally O ' Hara Patricia Reynolds Sally Sim JUNIORS Nancy Beall Jeanette Blair Suzanne Blake Sally Blakely Greco Mary Campbell Mary Grace Coachman Helen Gary Glyneth Gregory Beth Haley Bernice Hink Paula Judge Margaret Kenyon Joanne Kraemer Jane Ledwieh Betty Mitchell Jean Pendleton Peggy SePh Audrey Schaeffe r Geraldine Spangler Harriet Webster SOPHOMORES Carol Allan Helen Anne Day Margaret Deterding Marilyn Dodson Virginia Drewry Betsey Poniard 296 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL 1874 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY•FIVE CHAPTERS Betty Good Marilyn Griffin Maisie Hegewald Irma Hollins Kathleen Kaehler Sally Masters Barbara Nelson Nancy O ' Neil Peggy Onstead Patricia Shaw Patsy Ruth Stephenson Mary Warner Roth Ellen Wells FRESHMEN Patricia Abbott Barbara Bechtel Jean Bennett Phillida Bond Barbara Burnett Ann Cunningham Florence De Donis Norms Elkington Nell Fulghum Margaret Gleason Jean Haldeman Jeanne Kelly Etna Marie Kistler Mary MacDonough Ionic Morris Suzanne Raisin Adrienne Roberts Mary Genevieve Sherwin Carol Smith Gail St. Aubyn Barbara Stever Jean Tucker Barbara Voorhies Doris Ann Witter Marjorie Young 287 DELTA ZETA GRADUATE Jean Rogers SENIORS Shirley Josephine Bloch Margaret Ellen Bands Gwenyth Caster Slavka Mary Cibilich Claire Coleman Virginia Mae Comte Nellie Mae Dickson Helen Frances Dougherty Dolores L. Freeman Patricia Gale Jean Ann Houser Barbara Jean Johnson Muriel Jean McCaw Gladys Russell Barbara J. Schmahl JUNIORS Jacqueline Bowman Ann Dart Lore! Lou Daus Geraldine E. Doumitt Roberta Cheryl !intro Patricia A. Fletcher Helen Goodwin Marilyn Joyce Hall Charlotte M. McCord Jeraldine L. Magoon Eleanor Morse Virginia L. Sibley SOPHOMORES Patricia Adams Bernice Enna ABM Patricia Arduit Bacon Jean Miriam Baird Jane Ethel Buck Alyce Butterfield 288 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY•FIVE CHAPTERS Decor. Dwiggins Jean Elledge Y vonne Holt Deborah Leak Lucille Liddell Jacqueline J. Martin Cecil Gregoire Moore Catherine C. Reid Jeanne Claire Soares Betty Jean Stephens Barbara E. Trogdon Audrey Ann Vevera FRESHMEN Ann Beaman Kathleen Marie Bunnell Margaret Ann Dickenson Betty J. Doumitt Mary Carlyn Froerer Claire Elise Goodspeed Jacqueline Lucille Gregory Geraldine V. Hawkins Lorene Linden Howson Kathleen Marie King Jean Edith Lundholm Mercedes MrKey Patricia Wilson Maguire Eleanor Gay Pemberton Jane Louise Savo Elizabeth Ann Slater Mary Louise Slater Marion Lee Taylor Phyllis Jeanne Taylor Mary Frances Turner June Louise Wightman Jean Agnes Williamson GAMMA PHI BETA SENIORS Nancy Ambrose Jeanne Bettenrourt Doris Blennerhassett Margaret Cutler Kathryn Dyer Mary Jean Canton ‘11 Shirley Higgins Carolyn Hunter Cwynneth Ingram Irene Jansen Mary Alice MacMillan Margaret Mead Sue Miller Thae Reitzel Jean Stark Janice Slater Eva Gay Wyllie JUNIORS Leone Brown Mary Diepenbrork Patricia Edwards Patricia Eggleston Mabel Lou Fiddyment Patricia Funke Helen Glarogow Emily Hass Peggy Hobrecht Martha Ingram Claire Kesler Alice Martinelli Barbara Men Nancy Newkirk Ann Norton P • • Rodegerdla Patricia Smith Frann Spencer Hyla Tillman SOPHOMORES Betty Allen Alice Bonar 290 2723 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FORTY.SEVEN CHAPTERS Barbara Briggs Nancy Brown Catherine Carroll Mary Eggers Nancy Garreeht Marcia Gray Helen Hansen Jean Hays Barbara lieyns Nancy Hinman Dorothy Holleetead Susanne Keyes Lois Kirby Marilyn Mackintosh Sue Mangin Helen Rend Jane Roeder Kathryn Stubb Carolyn Tilton Betty Upton FRESHMEN Molly Bell Nancy Burnham HazeSerie Clinkenbeard Marjorie Crandall Haney Dawson Dorothy Day Elena Endersby Betty Herman Kathleen Hosford Beverly King Mary Minor Marilyn Price Kathryn Anne Shaw Edith Slater Katherine Smith Patricia Tynan KAPPA ALPHA THETA SENIORS Carolyn Balsdon Cynthia Barnes Jeannette Bravender Elizabeth Campbell Carol Dougherty Peggy Duffy Katherine Everett Georgia Rye Patricia Funsten Kathleen Greenlax Lucy Harrison Katherine Hotchkiss Marvin Johnson Sarah Knowles Mary McDonald Pamela Marsh Ann Osborn Emily Reynolds Franca Seribanl.Rossi Susan Shirley Susan Stimmel Retry Van den Bo, Elinor Wilder JUNIORS Ann Arnold Jeanne Barbe Joan Bowker Shirley Brown Miriam Cross Jacqueline Duncan Mary Lou Evans Margaret Fay Mary Griffith Jacqueline Closser Eleanor Hill Caryl Jane Julius Carroll Kales Camille Kilburn Abigail Lewis 292 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SI XTYS1X CHAPTERS w " Wilof Tr NEW , Meredith McCord Nancy Majors Anne Parrish Betty Plumb Maryellen Reilly Barbara Scofield Barbara Selfridge Katherine Shaw Else Sporon•Fieldler Barbara Thomas Marion Wright SOPHOMORES Peggy Abbott Carol Booth Ann Curtis Sally Davidson Barbara Gray Jane Hadden Barbara Hansen Margery Jacobs Patricia Ciders! ' Pu ii i e ia Lynch Marion Polhemus Anita Shifter Cornelia Shuman Barbara Tait FRESHMEN Beverly Barrie Beatrice Challis Carolyn Huston Georgeann Johnson Catherine Loomis Darbara Lowe Barbara Lynch Katherine Marwedel Natalie Nowell Janet Power Jean Stokes Susan Te Roller Jane Versvoert KAPPA DELTA SENIORS Carol Brumm June Brunel Evelyn Cline Dorothy Dean Mary Ellen Hubbard Violet Johns Mary Just Shirley Larson Barbara Newton Gertrude Nisbet Wilma Ferrets Betty Persons Helen Pride, Barbara Prost Claire Reidy Betty Suffern Frances Smallwood Mary Winton JUNIORS Lorraine Award Barbara Brown Shirley Clare Lois Collins Peggy Cook Jean Fernstrom Phyllis Prates Jean Overgaard Katherine Peters Jean Poff Georgia Sleuman Marisa Trains Merle Wagner 294 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY CHAPTERS Norma Wagner SOPHOMORES Patricia Benoit Irene Coupe Miriam Diamant Shirley Dulaney Jacqueline Carven Joann Ilicken Carolyn Hodgson Jean lIollenbeck Gloria Kneiss Patricia Knight Beth Meeker Margaret Murphy Marjorie Nielsen Marie Nutt Marilyn Peters Cherrill Pingree Francis Ann Rhodes Eleanor Sanderson Betty Anne Stewart Mary Lou Thede Betty Mae Van Lew Norma Zenk FRESHMEN Jean Armstrong Joan Eastman Donna Ilausknecht Mary Ann Lowe Barbara Mathis Joyce Melvin Mary O ' Boyle lean Struckmeyer PHI MU SENIORS Jean Allen Clee Applegate Barbara Coles Faith Droiteocur Marilyn Flaherty Margaret Gabbed Helen Heard Betty Kennedy Nona Kos Barbara Miller Helen Muller ladleen Rackerby Helen Sheahan lean Straight Emily Thurston JUNIORS Dorothy Bennett Margaret Badman Jacqueline Bruning Pat Freese Marian Hansen Barbara Renshaw Dyth•dary Herten Ann Hollingsworth Marie Lemoine Marian McDonald Marion Martin 296 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE. 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SIXTY CHAPTERS Ellen Mendenhall Betty Thompson Morris Ellen Monon Virginia Normile Thelma Chbum Gene Rackerby Ann Snarl Barbara Warren SOPHOMORES Henrietta Dodge Bettie Lu Dunbar Ann La ' curies.° Mary Lawrence Barbara Reeve Lois Ruegg Joyce Shaf,ky Jane Smith Jean Wismer FRESHMEN Marilyn Gray Pat Herten Mildred Kohlawyer loan L ' Ecuyer Ruth Mortensen Lorraine Nolan Jean Sherwood Bobby Ann Week. Mavis Wickman PI BETA PHI SENIORS Mary Edwards Patricia Everingham Mary Lou Hall Thayer Kelley Mary Elaine Palmer Mary Ann Quakenbush Dorothy Shaver Phyllis Strand Ann Thomas JUNIORS Patricia Andrews Ronalie Birbeck Constance Colonna Doris Goodrich Harriet Hess Nina Hess Virginia Horton Barbara L ' angevin Jean Mahan Jane Patterson Alice Rea Barbara Reinkens Ealine Halley Patricia Sayre Nancy Shenon Felipe Wykoff SOPHOMORES Margaret Adams Claire Bentley Georgene Calder Marion Church Nancy Clapham Shirley Gibson Rik 298 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS Jean Hawley Mary Helm Jacquelyn Kingsbury Unicala Lane Marilyn Luff Mary Eleanor Mansfield Geraldine Matthews Jane Sine Barbara Sprott Susan Thomas Martha Wakens] Carroll Winstead FRESHMEN Nancy Adams Marcia Browning Carolyn Clock Jeanne Cox Delight Downs Ann Fraser Gabriel Gianetti Mary Caroline Gillen Jane Harding Nancy Ingram Corinna Knapp Lois Lee Knight Katherine Jeann Lohman Cappy Pitt Martha Roggio Sally Shaw Patricia Spry Joan Stammer Carolina Winston SIGMA KAPPA SENIORS Arlene Alsopp Maxine Brown Janet Coifing Cot-lies Betsy Dunbar Nancy Eddy Jean Eggert Barbara Gloistein Marion Green Pat Hendrickson Betty Herman Kathy Herman Lucille Kirwan Juanda Layton Robin On Jacklyn Palm Virginia Piper Margaret Schellenberg Esther Schmidt Betty Symons Jean Tinkler Margaret Van Court Betty Van den Bergh Diana Wilkinson JUNIORS Margueritte Bergman Jean Boyd Jean Dietlerle Emile Evans Geraldine Gore Ethel Claire Green Nancy Hambly Mary Hewlett Moray Kirwan Shirley Knipe Peggy Linwood Virginia McDonald Shirley Mathieson Jean O ' Brien Isabel Philow Barbara Quimby Carol Richards 3C0 2109 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE. 1871 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Beverly Rinker Jane Smith Barbara Stokes Ellen Sullivan Eveleen Sullivan Marilyn William. Liz Wilson SOPHOMORES Nell BoIgen Jean Booth Beverly Boysen Virginia Carpenter Peggy Chadwick Marjorie Cole. Beverly Conant Janet County Jackie Day Joan Douglas Shirley Calvin Eleanor Heidi, Kay Hesse Winifred Hunt Barbara Llewellyn Sheila Luck Jean McKisairk Patricia Miller Pa • • NichoL. Nancy Peterson Barbara Princelau Terry Righetti Darleine Westland Rachel William. FRESHMEN Pat Brown Marilyn Burch Jean Cumming. Teresa Harland Virginia Heindel Beverly Kristieh Marilyn Smith Hughena Weidner Jane Weiriek Jodi Wenner PHI OMEGA PI SENIORS Evon Armstrong Bette Bickford Lee Heald Marie Michelson Jean Smoody Virginia Twaddle JUNIORS Alice Boniface Constance Campbell Doris Conn Mary Jean Cunningham Margaret Dee Martha Dunlop Joanne Fisher Vivian Gisin Jean Kietzman Mary Marsh Shirley Martin Geraldine O ' Brien Nadine O ' Brien Helen Sargent Honors Shearer Lenora Urquhart SOPHOMORES Elisabeth Adams Betty Cannon Marie Condon Carolynne George Jeanne McAtee Eileen Randall Donna Tessum Jacqueline Thompson FRESHMEN Wilma Bryan Sally La Forge Elisabeth Lillard Verna Mayhood Margery Starr Patricia Stevenson Gail White 302 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 THIRTY CHAPTERS THETA UPSILON GRADUATES Juanita Berg Bette Burket Jean Downer SENIORS Barbara Ball Janet Felt Eleanore Johnson Betty Lou Krouth Nancy Larsen Ruth A. Sehoenfehlt Louise Schwartz Joyce Strang Patricia Weisel JUNIORS Barbara Cain Hattie Davisson Erin Flanagan Helen Granger Elinor Jess Marian Metcalf Lorraine PhiIleo Phyllis Prindle Barbara Jean Schnoor Patricia Smoot Barbara Wirt SOPHOMORES Virginia Dittmar Claire Eagan Jean Helfer Gloria Hoffman Peggy Jane Meyers Barbara C. Ovenon Peggy Rathbone Kathleen Simon Lorna Wise FRESHMEN Barbara Allen Elizabeth Brun " Vivian Grant Roberta Pate Maxine Seller. 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT TI1E UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS 303 ZETA TAU ALPHA SENIORS Jean Anderson Margaret Baker Gerda Bromley Nelda Erickson Marion Miner Glen Marybelle Hilton Donna Meyer Evelyn Nelson Lois Seyfried Margaret Stewart Jean Sullivan Alice Woy Muriel Young JUNIORS Phyllis Armstrong Lora Dean Brooks Elizabeth Collins Jean Cudigan Elaine Dale Eleanor De Sullem Alice De Will Beatrice Gilbert Alla Goubareff Ann Harris Ruth Huson Frances Jones 304 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Lillian Mitchell Sylvia Twee Lois Vaughn SOPHOMORES Ethelyn Callahan Betty Campbell Anna Jean Demsey Marjorie Nield Claralou Paltenghi Patricia Pierce Marie Purciano Lucille Raymond Marcella Sh ield, Charlotte Taylor Catherine Whistler Jane Wiggins Bonnie Beth late. Ruth Ziegler FRESHMEN Claire Aldrich Donna Douglas Ruth Marie Harpole Sally Hilton Betty Humphrey. Barbara Mitchell Viola Muth Bernice Schein 306 %taut gatut INA. twit Iwo alit Phi think rilarmitoriek roommates ... alphabet dill duellers ... quiet hours . dean ' s inspection .. house mothers ... sings ... approved houses ... Caizdick Pumn. gut 4 it doun., , WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION BETTY BARR ELEANOR DESPLAIN PATTI FINN LOIS HANAWALT EILEEN 0 BRIEN RUTH PEYTON ARLENE ROBERTSON JANE WELLEMEYER Patti Finn Arlene Robert ion Betty Barr Ruth Pet ton OFFICERS Prestint I tre•Prnidnot MEMBERS Eileen O ' Brien Jane Enlivener Lois lIsnanalt Eleanor Desplein Sim me, Fail Wag Alpha Sigma l ' hi Arch Place ... ... .... . . - --, ..., Mollie Commaral Karam . . twilit Avill. ....M•tion• Taylor Elisabeth B Miteguret Wilcox Betty Carbon ..Barber. Mumma Ilay Eire Ball ElDabeth Howland Elizabeth Honland itilten Outset Brea Theta Pt Margaret Spencer Janet Forbes Benarlairr .... I., an Snider. Jon. Davie Betty Jo Rebirth in Ilona ... - . . Eleanor Lamer Roberts Scott Br . Meer Batt, Thompson Clady• BoSenhorn Clads Rodenhorn The Calilornas. Chi Phi _Skirls, Frederick, Jacqueline Cartwright Slarjorie Simmons Francs Wentworth _Belli Khrom Colonial Halt_ Catena? Hall Auer ill. KaPlo Esssilow Mean Place . ,Itelene I)., id ' s, Olga Viet or Iklene Davidson Niel. Zanotti, Hen . i .... Li, Min Caltarairi Josephine McPhee Nide Zenon° .Marian Batchelor Ep•orth Ball .Estl.n Collo... Ruth Buchman Ruth Crenshaw louse_ Janice Allgoewer Islar, Lard Mary Maude Dale lledperood Ball__ Sue Fraser Krithrin Hirt Ennio Ball . kappa Delia Rho ... Baden Eileen O ' Brien hay Neils Mary Campbell Laihnin Eliaabeth Roberta Hoffman harm IM,Bon Meryl Cook L ' inna. Nall ... ... Claire NI ask pit, Claire M1 1101. it ■ Dorothy Handler Enna lodge Mildred Eckert hinerly Meyer. Virginia Shanahan Landon Loh II•nawalt line Russell Elaine Wood Helen Email Helen Emory McFarland. Mon Elizabeth Grant TooK0 li•mil North Gotrlet.—. Irene Weissmann .Elizabeth Fine Barbara Woods Prospect Terrace_.._, Phi Kappa Sipmeo. - ._-. Sylvia Browne_ Mary Thomson Mary Letcher kfIonaot Alms Hardman Grace Bernhardt Geraldine Elle, Bigler Boll ......... ...... Conlon %ON, ' flans Mat Pate Joy laVroll Rockdale Nall . --Spike Alsaltembi... Alice Creenhauf Jean Brown .Barbara Vernon Mett• Gidlund Shemin Nall ..... .._ ..... _ Welleconer. ...Jon Hailer Adrienne North Sipa.. Alpha bpillo. Donna Hovel Siam. N. .. ...lanteoliat Barlow Omaha Walker Strbbias Hai .• ... .• Lucille Masada . Belt, lumpkin Norma Cmyin• Stn. loll Marian Gleitzmenn Barbara Sim, Mildred Bean Stratton( Ha!! Phyllis Towner Briefly Dnestermar• Pauline Inglim• Mildred Dann, UaltersliyDermitorier Dorn C Joan Bonwit 1.0. li•nholornew Borne I) Jeanne Brom n Jot Drohitilt Darn L Marilyn Itatesole K., k•nnow Dorm F Sue Carter ( ' ail Ren Dorm norm..11_ Dorothy Heath .Barbara Hubbard Dorm Done, Holland Warrin Plato Zeta Rem Tat . Joan Lei, ..Jackie %Allman Mark Elizalde lean Marie Elizalde 309 ARCH PLACE 1849 ARCH STREET GRADUATES Menlo Cemithrell AIM Moran SENIORS Meijer ' . J. Tether label Sedge JUNIORS Lucille Ayala Death D. Bennett Pat Brown !illy. Brendide Lois A. Sell lawn Marion Carol Teethe SOPHOMORE Elmer Heathen FRESHMEN Blesser Davis La Rae Ilempten Anne Hetchisson Moire H. Lethiedre Cecelia Shointhy No Pictures SOPHOMORE Joy Teethe FRESHMAN limy Don ALPHA SIGMA PHI DORM 2139 ClIANNINC WA1 310 SENIORS All.. Berm Malang Karim JUNIORS Barbara L. Cletobeth Delon Jame Leers Lth Lila Mth Let Martha Mother, Eloise Gnats. Quinn Jean Roth. Lister " Maim SOPHOMORES Min..t Toby Berns Edith Mynk Bickford ihniat Jeanne Gm Elayth HMIs Coked.. Meth Ellen Dokith Nom Genevieve Meld Elizabeth Hessen Martha, Mee Pierce Doris Ruth Rissitther Betty Lee Sadler Tuve Schmitz FRESHMEN Beverly littaithsoo lake Elisabeth tether Jerry Mistily Menem Elizabeth Tolman No Pittures SENIORS Jedith Mary Cam Sleekest Crustierlie SOPHOMORE. Leal Hms. BEAUDELAIRE CLUB 2317 PROSPECT AVENUE BRYN MAWR HALL 2328 BOV DITCH STREET SENIORS Claire Bowers Genevieve Jones Ruth Mitchell Roth Peyton Carolyn Snyder JUNIORS Untie Jane Davis Dorothy Hall Marian Kroll Iris Hempel Betty Jo Robin ' s Gloria Willis.... SOPHOMORES Dorothy Rimier Dome Reeves Ruth Smith Joyce Sassier FRESHMEN Adams Phyllis Attweed Kathryn Emma Virginia Spins No Pictures SENIOR Ruth Mc:Mown JUNIORS Mildred Attunes Rather Ana Daltbseist Geraldine Ovilleash SOPHOMORES Shirley Abut Chum Soott FRESHMAN Jon Chalmers 04 SENIORS Gladys Bodeshorn Leona Geodes Ileariett. (Disci Merton( C Elenor Roth in In mit JUNIORS Todd ' Daidt Mary Thomson SOPHOMORES Alma Bailey Eleanor Eltenia4 Naomi Hayes Gram James Louise Umber Consume Thompson FRESHMEN Loretta Dem Proms Kees Lois Mania Betty McCollum Carolyn Smith Joyce Torrence Rtell Turner 31I BETA THETA PI DORM 2607 HEARST AVENUE SENIORS Janet Forbes Barbaro Foul Lois Jansen Gloria Lloyd 0 ., : Nita Lorman Adele MOPP Mary Reeve. Beverly Robinson Elinor Smith Margaret Spencer Lucy Waken JUNIORS Mary Lou Coombs Carolyn Jane Eproson June Fisher Shirley Jewell the Vodanorich SOPHOMORES Gayle Bollinger Annette Dodson Helen Griffin Laurel Hill Betty Ann Mogilner FRESHMEN Kay Brennan Joan Cooper Carolyn Cory Janice Flinn Ruth ' Preps Elizabeth Stansfield No Pictures SENIOR Dorothy Gillespie FRESHMAN Dale F.. 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Gail Reeves Pearl Sokolov Mary Spencer Marian Squire Barbara Strachan SOPHOMORES Norma Benbrook Joan Bredemeier Gloria Heller Margaret Holloway Rosalyn Leff Shirley Mattson Betty Norris Margaret Plosser Elizabeth Prendergast Oma Read Rosemary Kay Riippa Phyllis Roach ncr. •, IF • • -- a C. lin Marla .. ID Fl - lin C i . 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No Pictures SENIOR SOPHOMORES Inez Sae Fraser Elisabeth Hill Patricia Hodges JUNIORS Laura Jensen Ines Mae Cotter Virginia Dean FRESHMEN Margaret Garland Mary Jane Leach Barbara Gilliam Anne Soule 326 JOAQUIN HALL 2723 BANCROFT WAY one inenecon Anon cello SENIORS Marjorie Allen Marion Boden Mary Campbell Patti Finn Virginia Minder Eileen O ' Brien Suzanne Regamey JUNIORS Barbara Burnett Eleanor Desplain Madeleine Finch Juanita Ilacmmerlein Betty lane Hunt Frankie Jo Miller Marilyn Mohr Jean Morris Mary lane Phillips Lucille Roe Jean Rosetta° Joanne Smith Ilene Steinberg Bettijane Site Ile Sullivan SOPHOMORES Janet Campbell Nadyne Coleman Sally Crawley Tian Emory Natalie Espinosa Amelia Kate. Palnira Lipkey Margaret Marriage Elizabeth Perrich Rosemary Rutledge Marilyn Spafford Margaret Schuerman Arlene White FRESHMAN Bette Norene No Picture SOPHOMORE Gloria Dudley 327 KATHERINE ELIZABETH 173$ LEROY AVENUE GRADUATE Dorothy Sena ' SENIORS Stilllou Chestnut Janice Davison Sophie Evangelou Claire Holden Joy Maginot., Kathleen McIntyre Martha Rudd Margaret Tenhaeff Meryl Cook Carol Dicey Charlotte Palmer Darleen Stout Helen Sturgis Adelle Wagner SOPHOMORES Claire Fahn Peggy Wiens Violate Lieberman Mine Littman Dorothy Warren FRESHMEN Madge Butler Colleen Clark Joan Kahn Beverly Keppeintan Joyce McLaughlin Midge Maynard Marge Rodger Margaret Toga° Nancy White No Picture JUNIOR Robena Hoffman 328 LEXINGTON HALL 1771 EUCLID AVENUE GRADUATE Bettie Simmons SENIORS Pat Bradley Jane Cooney Esther Corren Maryann Danielson Helen Fong Susan McLean Audrey Parry Justine Turner Elaine Wood JUNIORS Martha Christiansen Joan Curtice Vivian Dubinaky Blanche Hagopian Marilyn Kennedy Elaine Kane Diana Mathews Lucille Morse Janet Murray Shirley CleIke SOPHOMORES Pat Devlin Helen Emery Rhoda Greenberg Leslie Honnami Lenny Johnson Marie Miller Victoria Nisakian Mary Poteet Janette Wing FRESHMEN Lillian Burdick Jean Jenkins Jean Wrizht Hannah Zacharin No Picture SENIOR Lorraine Contra 329 PHI KAPPA SIGMA DORM IISO EUCLID AVENUE SENIORS Lida Carlson Beatrice Cornea JUNIORS Paulajo Menke Mary Thomson SOPHOMORES Barbara Mutton Norma Cue Bonnie Cushman Shirley Dorton inn Jo Ann Elledge Dori. Goff Norma Iforigekiss Violet Luminoso Beverley Mattson Jerry Rich Weke Jean Stockton Elizabeth Wolf No Pictures SENIOR Janet Cabonini JUNIORS Mary Setback Shirley Weiabaum SOPHOMORES Edythe Choy Monica Dunievitz Dorothea Hann Nancy Reed Sue Scheiner Catherine Scofield Marge Scurry 330 RIDGEMONT 2530 RIDGE ROAD 4 -i ' 4_ 4 a:. • GRADUATES Helen Johnson Ethyl Winkler SENIORS Gram Bernhardt Alma Roth Hardener. JUNIORS Ruth Blank Joyce Finley Frances Rodgers Freida Shapiro SOPHOMORES Geraldine Ellis Susan Fulton Mary Gallagher Gwendolyn Porter Dorothy Smith FRESHMEN Helen Bridges Ina Mae Dutton Donna Pemberton No Pictures GRADUATE Eu. Haines SENIOR Helen Earley JUNIOR Esther Weiss SOPHOMORES Janice Marcell ' Martha Spangenberg 33.1 RITTER HALL 2422 PROSPECT SENIORS Carolyn Adams Margaret Bowden LaVerne Brookover Lorna Lee Earl June Harvey Onalee Huffman Phyllis Levick Frances Littlefield Arleen Jane Matson Clara Mae Page Lorna Stone Corinne %tabor JUNIORS Beverly Burton Lauren, Frank Dorothy Hoppe Joy LaVroff Clarahelle Lewis Lois Jean Power Anne Stickney Adrienne Van Couvering Carol Van Steenbergen Frances Wilson SOPHOMORES Catherine Coops June Cuff Gertrude Cebbie Marian Perry Betty Pierce Jane Shafer FRESHMEN Mary Goshom Mary Crimes Rosemary MacDonald Marie Pagani Isabelle Page Mary Ellen Page Zen. Prishva Olga Terrazas No Pictures JUNIORS Celia Nulling Gene Spitler SOPHOMORE Helen Wright FRESHMAN Phyllis Mesitammith 332 NORTH GABLES 2531 RIDGE: ROAD SENIORS Bliralgth Pine Machado McCord Mary Amu road JUNIORS Prenote Brown Fora Lee Reiser Dolores Latta Vona Schmidt Harriet Shapiro Trei Sittit Rettig. Webster i Weissman Barham Woods SOPHOMORES Norma Anderson Bentedise Bninik Carol Pisan Mildred Gyre D011114 Mee Koitent Jr.. Madelyn gas Peterson Jimmie Pound Pat Standish ' Robbie Stoat Gerry Stucker FRESHMEN Mary Alice Levy Mary Loy Norrie Reds Renal. Stella Ret Eileen Shells Genevieve Stringer SAINT MARGARET ' S HOUSE 1820 SCENIC .13 . , , , GRADUATE Betty Grigsby SENIORS Prance. 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Moore Mary B. Ross Helen Soils Ethel Souza Miriam Wahebaftig Francine Westin JUNIORS Mantel! Butler Barbara Bunton ' Margaret Herman Beatrice taco Mary Pirhes Herta Silzer Peggy Smelter June Wycoff SOPHOMORES Nichole Blair Palmina Brunelli Peggy Cumming Patricia Dare Peggy Endow Mary Lou Hannah Loraine Ives Mama Johnson Marian Landes Rita Ninteman Gloria Schott Nils Smith Celia Soieher Maria Wilson FRESHMAN Marian Fink SENIORS Eddie Mae Armstrong Dora Dalton Claire L. Durrett Lois Hansen Charlotte Robinson JUNIOR Gloria Scott FRESHMAN Alice Williams No Pictures 337 STERN HALL - II r m,then GRADUATE Jean Arley SENIORS Beverly Barth Mildred Bean Marie Benn Roth Berman Jane Chun Julia Clark Janice Condit Marjorie Craig Norma Deining Janet Douglas Angela Fraley Alice Gardner Marian Gardner Marion Cleft man Sidney Goodwin Gloria Green Ann Hathaway Betty Ilemford Ruth Hollingsworth Beverley Keene Helen Kile Yvonne Ledue Gwendolyn Lindner Mabel Lowe Gerda Meyer Eileen Milloy Carolyn Negley Florence Palmer Joan Porter Joyce Roberts Leda Santucci Barbara Sims Justin Smith Marian Tolbert I.ynne Torstrup Mary Toscani Mary Jane Watson Marianna Wharton Lily Wing Gerry Wood Ruth Zeitschel JUNIORS Raylent Adams Florence Bevis Carol Bliss I.illi Cohn Mary Lou Coombs Carolyn Chri.tian Edna Chun 338 Margaret Clark Maurine Condit Florence Daley Dorothy Downey Pat Draper Nancy Emerson Betty Eshleman Jane Eagle Jeanne Gillette Helen Hackley Jane Kenyon Mildred Kiefer Criss°la Knudsen Pat hlerrill Dixie Millspaugh Peggy Shedd Marian Sinton Jacqueline Sleight Edith Weitaner Dorothy Whalen Ruth Zimmerman SOPHOMORES Evelyn Bean Delpha Rostock Jean Cline Laurel Fahner Eleanor Fahning Letitia Lesser Joan MeCampbell Marian Melrose Yvonne hlooneyhant Agnes O ' Donnell Rosemary Palmer Loretta Richter Wilhemina thankMerger Jane Smith Joy Torstrup Jean Vogt FRESH M EN Marcia Blalock Ann Butler Jackie Chandler Lily Firmalo Sue Hutchinson Dorothy Knox Nancy Ottinger Sonia Saeta Shirley Smith Shirley Stewart Marian Van de Ryn Terry Weideman Ruth Wildberg Margaret Wilkin Carol Wood No Pictures SENIOR Virginia Taft SOPHOMORES Nelda Bernhard Nancy Shower 339 STRATFORD HALL 2520 DURANT AVENUE GRADUATES Mary Ann Kinpworth Crate Marie Waldrop SENIORS Hele n Gaston Pauline Inslima Ida Pucci JUNIORS Carol Braverman Beverly Duistermars Lelah Eastwood Cornelia Mayon Harbin. Mercer Norma Meyer Joan Ponting Marilyn Proctor Lois Robinet Bobby Steinbeek Kay Taylor Yvonne Welsh SOPHOMORES Jo Connelly Constance Hartung Evelyn Le Claire Betty Lou Neese Normadene Noreuti Pat Thurston FRESHMEN Norma Elaine Cappus Betty Jean Conover Bobby Crevolin Gloria Courtney Katherine Evans Beverly Harwich Pal Mullen Alice Olsen Nina Westigard No Pictures GRADUATES Lorraine Lutz Mary Schultz 340 WARRING PLACE 2131 WARRING STREET GRADUATE Jess Vann SENIORS Joao limy Miley Grace McNeely Msxn Melberg JUNIORS Marie li Marie Olsen Jr.. Saaderson SOPHOMORE Jean Rosenblatt FRESHMEN Eaiherine Pita ' mamas Andrea Del Monte Baehr. Golden Barbaro hIcOuillen Mario. Melberg No Picture. JUNIORS Jose Craft Nadine Snyder SOPHOMORE Francisca Middleton FRESHMAN Eleanor Dada ZETA BETA TAU DORM 1712 EUCLID AVENUE GRADUATE Leis Cosner SENIORS Margaret Brown Han Elizabeth Shirley h aaaa Mon Jenne Mahn Geraldine Mucha. JUNIORS Jean Mono Guam ' Titomme SOPHOMORES Patricia Billiton. Norma Holm. Valerie M.n.n No Pictures GRADUATE SOPHOMORES Aurells Williams Auks Clashed Ghee Nell., Cyntbia Parke SENIORS Barbaro Short Fern Douglas (hell Yates Liana Jacobsen Ilene Zimmerman heti, Tang FRESHMEN Marie Mendez Joyce Boyer Alberta Gould Constance Bruer Gloria Kirk hese Muir IleReim Sharp Elle Rex Rosemary Wiersehke JUNIORS 341 THETA XI DORM 1790 LA LOMA AVENUE SENIORS Marion Brill Joan Craft Ardith De Forest Mildred Denny Grace Everett Bonnie Forquer Charity Murray Ruth Solomon JUNIORS Marjorie Blossom Belinda Bowline Joanne Braucht Elisabeth Frank Edith Martha Hunter Doris Mackie Roberta Pratt SOPHOMORES Francis Anixter Florence Bertagnolli Joan Blacker Jacquelyn Blau Gayle Rasmussen Betty Rickey Pamela Van Buren Nancy Zeldin FRESHMEN Joan Braverman Carolyn Clendenen Barbara Joy Golan No Picture Dorothy Ureles 342 13o o k tiOn of japi Di- a OR IAN Complete United Press W:ro Service NUMBER 23 Nursing Prime Minister • • ....c . 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ACC Approves nig—. s R equests .1 pm --- Sale -- tint •• 1. I., ,J,„. tr.r, r.n.flt la ppr.1.11 Iron, bkpt. IA ' bnnn Actg.:tiro ClitertfralltIXX tafncial ter plane the tn.: aortehlay to M41 tar ond. eh, hy rt,Th vamp. nu) Ilant to arms lb,- and nr• ntire aka! quest 01 Ow Joh " cm Mid Sa, o ' r7 tot ton wan ,rohntalltee alanorp. In or.. • rd Mot : Oran Are. 740 trro ApproVed Mt ertalar nicotine or OP " , M Din. . Istnalia faux! " A Pr del cy l n.4 . e- Ma a and ta, snit and MN and kro o„hr ra. " 1ts " ebt fig. " ' a " ,. nth a " Ilauln: 4, , mita Intentntrd at X 5 " 1 In ,, g nip 4441•11 .1 Initinfo beta order • •oallirr " h to odertneo. Et- , t„ . 4h..1 ta P r " " eh " • 1-• „. I I I ' t • IL ,not - .• •- - 4,1 • trt r Ito . 1..1 r 9 N. 9 °‘ , e• a N • ‘ ' is t t -‘ " ‘1:psor•;,•aro:4,,cdrer, torerroottvd10 ,p4 f,daC ‘•••:!. 51. -I e ' 21,6,e0re ernole Our ...tfi nnt st, ,• N In. %Inn „nit, eset•nettninx An, r oltitidies pigskin .. casaba ... mermen ...cinderpath thinclads ...nine ...netmen ... breaking records . . . touchdowns . . . homeruns .. . hole•itoone The banner adwrliung the Berkeley Kone In Nowente. Andy Wolfe spent part of the Idaho Came on the floor. 348 It ' s a terse moment foe the team and coaches all of the time. Warming up for his event in the track meet that Is poi.; on. Sob Kurland town pea Smith an3 Waller in the Caldornia.011.4xma basketball 1.11 in Kansas C•ti. ATHLETIC COUNCIL CLINT EVANS HARRY DAVIS Genttal MAnntt menu al AthIWO DETERMINATION of general athletic policy and decisions on questions con- cerning major and minor sports—in- cluding a hand in selecting coaches-- before they are submitted to Executive Committee for final sanction, form the main functions of Athletic Council. Other duties are the granting of awards, letters, and managerial positions, and the submitting of its approval for all athletic events. In addition to ex-officio members, Clint Evans and Harry Davis, the Coun- cil is composed of the Big " C " Society president, vi ce-president, and secretary, the Circle " C " president and secretary, and a representative of the senior man- agers of major sports. TOM HARTZEL BOB HOGEBOOM BOB HOWARD TED KENFIELD MONTE KOEPF 349 BOB PARKER and WAYNE THORNTON. JR. Eo-Ehairmen, Summer red Fall TOM PARRISH and WALT GOLDSMITH Co-Ournmen, Swing BACK ROW: Joe Owens, Glenn Boom, Vervl Gerard, Lou Sieges, Ray Fcteaker, David Gterntnres, Ted °clots. SECOND ROW: Bill Wort, Walt Goldsmith, Floyd Wit. too, Dirk Rornon, Ward Mm-ray, Don Galindo. FRONT ROW: Wayne Thornton, Jr., John Cummings, Tom Parma, deltitt Popkon, Louis Frokler, Bob Paztt t. RALLY COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTING in a great many ways to the return of some of that prewar spirit which has been rather limited on campus during the past four years, Men ' s Rally Com- mittee commenced their activities this year by organizing rooting sections during the football season, and assisting in a very successful Homecoming Weekend. In spite of the inevitable and traditional chants of " Rally Committee stinks! " , it has succeeded in regaining its old prestige through the efforts of its enthusiastic members. LOU STOAKES Head Yell Leona THAT " hubba-hubba " spirit was the keynote of Cal root- ing sections during the past year. Head yell leader, Lou Stoakes, and his two assistants, Virg Girard and Ted Ockels, always full of life and enthusiasm, had little trouble in get- ting Bear rooters to " r-e-a-I-1-y h-i-t i-t. " They devevlope d a positive genius for creating novel new yells. Not only did the yell leaders perform at rallies and ath- letic events, but they also added their spirit to many other class and University affairs. YELL LEADERS Yell leaden Ted Oath, Lou Stoaket, and Very Gerard pause to neon the ore. So., ' Strutter hitt the Nil tV Palmer penNeB IP slide !tame. Ott tosketOoll !eon gets on the plane hound lot Kansas CO and the NCAA 11t1ttni Fri Jame. freaks the tak in the mile at the COP•NAS.Col meet. It wet tut the omen Stayed 10 the triumph et tad 01 the Nonesommg UCLA Vale last tall. 351 352 Ir a . en, ....... ‘ • 1 Vt " . lib. est -1., - • - „ • } " . „,,, 4 •S •4 tt t " . . 1, i I . ,.......• , • ••• 4 ' Pie . , 1... ° I SCA 4a fit f 4 , ' • ' et ' • . 47 IP .•[. Y 1 i , • fr , r ' ' ' VP 1 ' a, 4 itb•ct 1 4 r 41 • , t It n , P•• . t Se. I , fe I, , It • %f t " " I - re I 1 y . t it :..• ■ .. it• , ir . a ' ....1-‘,1 .k. ..,..., . ,, ft 4 it t •I, , , - „ 1„, ill t A • a ,, ; , , • r • ,.., . , .... jr Ult • I-, 4 4 .4 • , •k ,,. . 4„ • . • 1 ..., t 4 1 i I a . a , , ( r • • It g, - , % t t ■ . • •• 1 . - . all I ..,•%;„ i .i5 • 1, •••,, • ., j • . ' oh , , ., t , ' t _ 4. ... ;IL ' IF 1- t -44 " •- . 4 , a %VS • ` i 1 • ) In, ,,, • c •.. ' , A 1, -■ " .. , . k 1 f r.tRit• F. • ,,,,r Al ; • .. 1 , r ■ ,,. ' ,, •• 1 t. esi I ( 7 ' 4 4 , s c i ° I , • a- ..,:1 I , p ly Apr • . A " . r ‘ t ... tt a %. .. il• P 9 p i ' • I , I e . • a. • • • • d 004.vorri CHUCK SYPOLT Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: teary ( Roy, Harold Babcock. SECOND ROW: mot Smith, Bill Land, Runt! ' Track.tll. FRONT ROW: Frank Dillard, Dealt Stile. jaatbali KING Football began its annual reign on Septem- ber 22 when the California Bears, coached by Buck Shaw, opened the season against the St. Mary ' s Gaels. The season record showed Cal with 4 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie. The Bears snagged their first victory in a thriller which saw them come from behind twice to over- power a fighting Washington for a 27-14 score. California beat little Nevada in a listless game which would have ended in a 6-6 tie except for the Bears ' last-minute antics when they scored two touchdowns for a 19.6 win. Although the first game was dropped to Brother Bruin, Cal managed to defeat UCLA 6-0 in their second try on a freak play in the mud of Memorial Stadium. The team did a grand job of mauling the Washington State Cougars but were held down to a 7-7 tie. The Bears ended the season by upsetting St. Mary ' s Pre-Flight 6-0. After losing the opener to the Gaels, California was twice defeated by the Rose Bowl-bound Trojans, and bowed to the Oregon Ducks 20-13. 354 COACHING STAFF DsRosa, Back Slum, Al ROA N1t Prior, Iry Utoriti. SHAY. Ceara ' ft • :Jo— BOB EDMONSTON Hairb.xt NORV LATIMER BOB HOENESCI: Ems JIM GIERLICH Malawi HOWARD PETERSON ha 355 HUX GALBRAITH GwIrd WEB JES SUP End BOB GRAY Shwertock Newt 13 gailk 20 Pin-find JOE STUART outgo cabottents •lutbibE be MN in the bunt tammot Mal, potenttal brtatamay Gael ' s Widemeyee rips all a GIP take webs the Ga✓s Eli MOW. BEFORE a capacity crowd of 80.000 spec- tators, the California Bears opened their post-war football season with a loss to an unexpectedly powerful St. Mary ' s team. Cal started the scoring in the first quar- ter with a touchdown (but no conversion). The St. Mary ' s team took possession of the ball and ran up 20 points with ease, sparked by the outstanding playing of Wedemeyer and Corderio. In the final period, the Bears made a spectacular 87-yard play, Edmonston re- ceiving the pass and outsprinting the St. Mary ' s backs to reach pay dirt. Despite the Bears ' last minute rally, they came in on the short end with a score of 20 to 13. 356 ' halm, 2 Avian 13 Ira-mirk-red from Mirmefela by Mt Navy framing program, slaty SOB LONNIE tore It twat Cl action at termer. AT THE first game with USC this season, sixty thousand football fans saw the Trojans bully their way to a 13-2 victory over Cali- fornia. Chuck Gilkey ' s wobbly forward pass was caught by Doug Gee of SC in the first quar- ter. The Trojans proceeded to march 41 yards down the field with Verle Lillywhite making his first completed forward pass to Harvey Morris, who stormed over the goal line. In the second quarter Bob Gray of the Bears fumbled, and Troy recovered on the Bear 24. Lillywhite pitched to Morris who had sneaked to the end zone. McCormick failed the second conversion. California was unable to find a passer in the second half, and had to be content with pushing SC behind its goal for a safety, the final scoring in the game. Err, halfback golf bet ca, ' tea nak would-be tackler . 357 ilia 27 Xtaitia 14 Vioshlawn Vat captain ae4 at biggest ma en the Cal Warn was WENDELL 6.(.1I GEORGE FP:NG_ 230-Th. Awls taint no plays ladle. SPARKED by a new passing attack, the California Golden Bears scored their first victory of the season over a hapless Wash- ington team by a score of 27-14. Washington scored in the initial quar- ter on a pass from the California 40-yard, but the Bears came back to tie up the score in the second quarter. Washington scored again three plays later on another long pass to forge ahead 14-7. Then Bill Agnew, new fullback, heaved a long pass to Joe Stuart to tie the game. In the second half it was Cal ' s game all the way as they scored two more touch- downs and pushed the Huskies all over the field. 358 tilica.4,0 mins 13 eiriv ckute tr✓ihes aside Stun blcaler to ,ad the Atil canoe. THE University of California Bears, after the long trip down to Southern California, took a 13.0 beating from their Bruin brothers —UCLA. The Bears came through with some good goal-line stands, however, when several times UCLA pushed its way deep into Cal territory. The first touchdown came midway in the second period after Case had intercepted a pass on the Cal 40. Six thrusts by Rossi and Skip Rowland took it over for a touchdown. The second touchdown, in the third quarter, culminated a swift 53.yard advance. The California eleven made only two mild threats and never got within 30 yards of a touchdown. The Uclans were deep into Cal territory on four or five other occasions even to a first down on the 6-yard line, but these attempts were well blocked by the Bears. DAVE SCHWADER, this game captain add keel Mod DVS Dna DIM eared allqoatt hops lot hit play at guard. 359 iiketAL 19 Dick 6 End ROLAND CHAMBERS was a consistent performer deferrinely Nevada back Port. Ine Cal end as ttnne.shirted Bears close and an asset on Offense ... particularly adapt at pass calohnp. PLAYING the hard way, the Bears squeezed out a victory over the Nevada Wolves 19-6. Early in the opening period Ted Kenfield, California fullback, snagged the ball on the mid-field stripe and raced down the sidelines to the 2-yard line. On the next play Kenfield howled over for California ' s first touchdown. Nevada ' s tally came at the beginning of the second half when Lloyd Rude, full- back, took a wide lateral and galloped around his own left end to go 40 yards to pay dirt. In the fourth Stuart went over for the score, and a minute later Welch made his touchdown sprint and the game was over. 360 dj ' a 7 elltalala 7 JACK KLINGER, co.capt.nn against the Cougars, bsidts dcang at ioard •as. Ned is mental Rfp•al-Large. SPARKED by fullback Ted Kenfield, the Bear eleven turned in a demonstration of gridiron tac- tics which outshone that displayed in previous games. Fighting hard, the Bears out-ran and out- passed the Waghington St%te Cougars, but appar- ently to no avail; at the end of the tilt the score was 7-7. The Cougars ' tie-making score came midway in the fourth quarter when they connected with a 20-yard pass on the Cal 20, and Lippencott loped to the end zone unhampered. The sole Bear touchdown came in the third quarter, climaxing a determined drive consisting of 8- and 10-yard smashes, starting at Cal ' s 40 and ending on WSC ' s 12. From there Kenfield cut between his left tackle and left end, was tempo- rarily stopped on the 5, but with legs churning, fought across the line to hit pay dirt. A 9ccd natured Marine, GO.GaPlain KEN GERNER was not the Ohnett NA one of the fightiroett guards on the WSW. 361 JACK SUSOEFF fealty BOB POWELL avotertmk JACK BAILEY Tackle ELDEN MOHN HECTOR CARABALLO Halfback BUZZ HAMLIN Halfback 362 TONY MESSINA IlaHUH T ROGER STAFFORD Ci.a•d 363 BUD BUESTAD Fullback STEVE DOTUR Fullback WALT MEYER End FRANK ROBERTS Ta.bit BUD STONE Hiliback JOHN NAJARIAN now prune. U jApianet. 14 eig Moshe gm In lb, Bear attack •as TED KENFIELO, Sears I.1( kit the AN to halt Troan back. Trojan pm captain and ltiO4t•thrt41. WITH the scent of Rose Bowl blossoms in their nostrils, the thundering Southern California Trojans turned back the Cali. fornia Bears 14-0 for their second victory over the blue-and-gold-clad men this sea. son. After Cole put SC out in front midway in the opening period by filching a Ken- field pass and racing 31 yards for a touch- down, the Bears took the ensuing kickoff back to their 38 and then ran and passed to a first down on the Trojan 9-yard line. A running play lost a yard and three passes fell incomplete ; Cal never again got within 30 yards of the promised land. The Trojan ' s final score was made in the third quarter when SC ' s Verl LillyWhite went over the goal on a quarterback sneak. 364 VIAL 13 Our 20 Team leader and captain against Oregon was elusive halftuck CHUCK GILKEY. THE game had hardly started when Joe Stuart, flcct Bear left half, skirted through a wide hole and went all the way unhindered for a touch. down. Mohn converted and the Bears looked like winners, possessing a 7.0 advantage with the game only 2 minutes and 20 seconds old. A f hie recovered by center Bob Lossie, paved the way for the second Cal touchdown. At the half the Golden Bears led 13.0. But the Webfeet won in the second half, drive ing for three touchdowns and a 20.13 victory. With a series of passes and runs, the Green and Yellow invaders made it 13.7. Another fake pass play tied the score. Intercepting Kenfield ' s pass on the Webfoot 39, the visitors put the ball over in four plays, Donovan piling in the end zone from the 2.yard line for the clincher. Halfback Joey Stain lenis on hit eltew alter a prod Will WC. the WebHot ' s bre. 365 ilia 6 tilAttins A smooth plaint, JIM DESMOND. was an eitellet4 pass receinr. Referee Bill F.sher bodies (Mars to spot Oead ball. JACK LEROND, co4caplain with Ommord in the second anon pane, was often called upon to handle parkin) Owes. THE surprise game of the whole football season was the replay contest between Cal and UCLA. The underdog Bears amazed a rain-drenched crowd with a 70-yard scor• ing run by Jack Lerond which drowned Bruin hopes for the Rose Bowl in the muddy sod of the Memorial Stadium grid- iron. Although the winning touchdown was Brun back leaps 4Mo a 111•15 of PMYen and mud. the result of a freak I ble in punt for- mation, the Bears still deserved their win. They proved themselves completely at home in wet-weather playing and launched an offensive which lasted throughout the entire game. Cal ' s victory over UCLA was hard-fought and well fought, and repre- sented the effort and experience gained from the previous games of the season. 366 diectAL 6 BILL DleFENBAUCH SJA ICU d action at law D.:Adorn playong endradIr .n the yawn and tackle later. CLIMAXING their week-old victory over the UCLA Bruins, the Bears defeated St. Mary ' s Pre-Flight 6-0 to wind up their 1945 football schedule. Aside from the touchdown, the Bears threatened to score twice—stopped in the first period four yards from the goal, and again in the last quarter on the 5-yard line after a 38-yard pass. The Navy eleven, although outgaining the Bears in yardage and downs, was unable to muster a scoring drive and only once seri- ously threatened the California goal on the 7-yard line. Then two passes fell incomplete and the Bears regained possession. An out-of-bounds punt by the Pre-Flight- ers in the first period was converted by the Bears, through a series of hard drives from the 32-yard marker, into the score that won the game. Cam ce-Cootain with 0111tobdedh and one of the brit.dpoited plams an the Win wad ED WELCH, quarterback and team loin% 367 diculdbalt BACK ROW: In Wait ' . Claire, Gent Nowt, Rale. Gars . Jul ma, Jun Cosa. Ed Paws, Bill Hakim. SECOND ROW: Jack Lewad, Ray Lucas. Gemye Walker. Les Dean, Cal Retmcket OKk Larne. FRONT ROW: ZNIt aunty, Len! ' HokottO JAm WiTh.e0b Kt9tbocm, Mew Laraine, Andy Wale, Jim Smith. Nobs Mu. NIBS PRICE Coach ZER CHANCY Assistant Ceaa 370 HAROLD E. BABCOCK, Sem Marince F. E. DILLARD a: 41 R. HOFT, Jung. Manners. FOURTH best in the nation! That ' s the title the California cagers earned this season by winning the Pacific Coast Conference playoffs and their first- round game in the western National Collegi- ate Athletic Association tournament. After snaring 27 of 30 regular season cou- tests, Coach Nibs Price ' s southern division champions—Andy Wolfe, Captain Men I.a- faille, Jim Smith, Jim Wray, Bob Hogeboom. George Walker, and company—whipped Idaho, northern division standard bearers, in two of three tussles for the PCC title. Far Western titleholders, the Bears ' next stop was Kansas City and the western NCAA tourney where the four top cage fives this side of the Mississippi vied for the western title. The Colorado Buffaloes proved no match for the Bears, but the Aggies from Oklahoma, led by All-American Bob Kur- land, ended California hopes for a national crown. By virtue of their initial win, the Bear cagers headed for the NCAA finals in New York to play a consolation contest with Ohio State for third place in the nation. The Buckeyes held a scant 22.21 halftime lead, but boomed their heavy artillery in the sec- ond period to win out over the Bears, 6345. Captain MERV LAFAILLE set a rea swirl react] la Site years of 310 comm nal WI inspratiral teall leader. 371 Nictitto gild an GAME SCORES tali I Shod ord Firm game 36 Stroud game 17 28 Third lllll•• 12 31 Fourth game :23 37 BOB HOGIBOOM outionps W orts to .tide WII All the backboard. Low prnpf in suamble " nth Indians to gain possession d Pill DICK LARNER leaps inn to cotroantho Stanford Plan and S ' An a btrk‘t • as teammates Wolfe and Hoottopn Ion on. JIM WRAY ' S Ipso if 011e tc-1 by tall Stanforl (toter. 372 CALIFORNIA Flu FIRST GA ME Ft. Tp. STANFORD Fg. Ft. Tp. CALIFORNIA Fs. SECOND GAME Ft. Tp. STANFORD Fg. Ft. Tp. Wolfe. f 6 1 13 HilL f 2 2 6 LaFaille. f. 5 I IHIL I 2 LaFaille, f 3 11 7 Murphy. f. 0 Wolfe, f. Meredith. f. 0 1 I Smith. e 3 3 13 O ' Brien. c. 1 9 Smith. e. 1 O ' Brien, c. it 1 1 Hogehoom, s. 3 I 7 Martin. g. II 1 Wra), g. Chrinengon 2 3 : Wray. g. 1 0 2 Taylor, g. 0 0 llogeboom. g. 0 Manin. g. 2 2 6 Bretton. e 1 2 4 Meredith. I. 1 9 Lucar, I. Sloat, f 0 0 0 Dean. f 0 I 1 King. r. 0 1 Dean. I. 0 Hood, 1 0 1 I lamer. 0 0 0 Chrintorwm 1 9 I. 0 Murphy. e., I 0 2 Walton. e. 0 Lefrourt, 2 0 4 19 9 47 11 36 Mower. g. 0 King. e 0 0 0 Lamer, g. 2 Taylor. g.• it II 0 . — — — I6 15 17 9 10 23 THIRD GAME FOURTH GAME CALIFORNIA Fg. Ft. Tp. STANFORD Fs. Ft. Tp. CALIFORNIA Fs. Ft. Tp. STANFORD Fg. Ft. Tp. Wolfe. 1 7 4 18 Manip. I. 2 4 8 Wolfe, f. 3 13 Muir. I. 0 I 1 LaFaille. I. 5 2 12 Hood. I. 0 0 0 Lonnie, L 6 4 16 Martin. f. 5 2 12 Smith. e. 3 I 7 Murphy. r. I 3 5 Smith. r. 2 4 8 Muridn. c. 3 3 9 ilogebeons. F. it 0 0 Cheintenwou I 3 S Wray. g. 3 II Rodman. g. 2 0 4 Wray. g. 0 2 2 Rodman, g. I 0 2 Hosebooni. g. 2 I 5 Chrintetwan 1 I 3 Lamer. g. 0 0 0 Muir. L. 3 I 7 Lugar. f. 0 0 0 Wood. g. 1 2 4 Leona. e. 1 1 3 King, e. 0 0 0 Reimeke, g. 0 0 0 Meredith, f. 2 0 4 Wood. g. 0 I 0 16 II 42 O ' Brien. e. 0 1 1 19 15 53 14 9 37 Meredith. I. 1 0 2 .-- -- 9 13 31. AA tocellent heard man. awe BOB HOGE500M rat Mho one N the ben Mott 1 the teem ANDY WOLFE eat the high scow of the Saitre Othitiol md let a cfw one.year scoring mon, fee Eal. 373 GAME SCORES California UCLA Firm tutor 45 33 Second g+1 .... 37 35 Third pint ' 50 37 Fourth game 49 25 Wolfe hes In for a lay o0 Jut Lotted leapt lot a bat snot. WolIt ' s lettounotd push shot no retkl Watt and Bain ne t. Outboard. 374 CALIFORNIA Fg. Wolfe, f 7 Anderson. f 0 LaFaille. f 4 Walker, I 0 Lucas, 7 0 Smith. e 3 Lerond. e 1 Bretton. t. 0 Hogeboom. g. 1 Lamer, g 0 Wray. g 2 Mower. g... 0 Totals 18 Ft. Pt. 12 0 2 0 0 1 II 15 3 33 FIRST GAME Ft. Pt. UCLA Fg. 16 Chaska. f 5 O Michaels, I. I 10 Witt, I 0 0 Hough, e 5 2 Lewis, c 0 8 Sawyer, c. 0 2 C. Stewart, g 1 O O. Stewart. g I 2 Englund. g 0 0 Arnold. g I 4 Stoner. g. _ 1 1 — 9 45 Totals SECOND GAME CALIFORNIA Fg. Ft. Pt. UCLA Wolfe, I. 2 ( 0. Stewart. LaFaille, I. 2 Cluska, I Smith. c 2 Hough. c. Wray, g. 2 C. Stewart. 0 Hogeboem. g. II Arnold. g 0 Anderson. 1 2 Lewis, c 2 Lucas. L 2 Stoner. g. 2 Lerond. r. I 1 0 Mower. g. I 0 2 Inner, g.. 4 2 Bretton, r. I 4 Totals II 9 37 Totals Fg. Ft. Pt. 2 2 I 3 2 2 4 I 3 2 0 0 0 I 12 11 35 THIRD CAME FOURTH CAME CALIFORNIA Wolfe. I. LaFaille. I. Smith. c. Wray, g. Hogeboont. g. Doan, I. Walker. f. Anderson. I. Lerond. c. Mower, g. Reimckr. g. Totals 19 1 49 - Totals Ft. Pt. 2 16 15 UCLA Fg. Ft Pt. Cluska,f 2 1 5 Michaels, f 2 4 7 Lewis, e 0 2 Englund. g I I Stoner. g 0 0 Stewart, 1 3 Sawyer. e 2 0 Grant, g. 0 1 Loekel, g 0 0 Witt. g 1 I — 0 $ 2 2 $ 0 0 2 9 7 25 CALIFORNIA Fg, Ft. Pt. LaFaille. f. 6 13 Wolfe, f. 5 II Smith. e. 6 1 Hogeboom, g. 4 1 Wray. g. a Anderson, f . 0 Walker, I o Lueas, f. o Dean. f o Lerond, e Ii Mower, g II Lamer, g 0 — — ' — Totals 23 4 50 UCLA Fg. Ft. Pt. Cloaca. f. . 5 6 16 Michael.. f. 2 0 4 Lewis, e. 3 1 7 Stoner. g. 2 0 4 Englund. g. I I 3 Stewart. I. 0 1 1 Sawyer. e. 1 0 2 Grant, g. 0 0 0 Locket g 0 0 0 Witt. g 0 0 0 Totals 14 9 37 Fint.urin ender d the flunona fin was JIM SMITH, 6 ' 5 ' and twee wont non. bra! JIM WRAY. one of the fastest men in the ledon, sou Siatbeen Nandi irCOM team !loan 375 d312Cadi-7iWittia GAME SCORES California CSC First game SI 55 Second gante 47 41 Third game 42 35 Fourth game.. SI 35 ANDY WOLFE leapt kr a bole stet as Trojan attempts to rude bin , at of comma. Guard BOB HOGEBOOM locks as milli Trojans as ball MIK Ree. Vautestbutrd MERV LAFAILLE 491 scrambles nde Trojan lot posQisRn of the tun. JIM SMITH boors owe Trojan and Bear kogaelettly winos Ann the ball. 376 CALIFORNIA Fg. FIRST GAME Ft. Tp. U.S.C. FL Ft. Tp. CALIFORNIA FL LaFaille, I 5 3 13 Kloppenburg ..... 5 3 13 Wolfe. I 10 Wolfe. f 8 1 17 Webster, f 3 4 10 LoralIle. I. . _ 2 Smith. c 2 1 5 Nichols, e 9 5 23 Smith. c 2 Hogeboom. g 4 2 10 Shanley. g 2 0 4 llogeboom. g 1 Wray, g 2 1 5 Filiberti. g 1 3 5 Wray. g. 1 Mower, g 0 1 1 — — — Lucas, I 1 — — -- Total 20 15 55 Lerner. g 1 Total 21 9 SI — Total 18 THIRD GAME CALIFORNIA Fg. Ft. Tp. U.S.C. FL Ft. Tp. CALIFORNIA Fg. Wolfe. f 6 3 IS Kloppenburg 2 7 Wolfe. I 8 LaFaille, f 3 2 8 Webster, f 3 9 LaFaille, 1 6 Smith, r 1 2 4 Nichols, c 3 : Smith, e 4 Hogeboom, g..._. Wray. g 2 2 1 5 S 9 Filiber6, L Shanley. g. 1 5 2 g lo 0 3 Walker, f 0 1 I Isaacs, L I 2 Walker. f 0 Lerner, g 0 0 0 Tweedie, I 1 3 Dean. f 0 Riemeke, 4 0 0 0 Powers, g. 0 0 Riemeke. g 0 - — — — — Total 14 14 42 Total 13 9 35 Total 21 SECOND GAME Ft. Tp. US.C. FL Ft. Tp. 1 21 Kloppenburg 1 2 4 S 9 Webster. f 4 0 8 0 4 Nichols, e.... .......... 5 5 IS 3 5 Shanley. g 0 I I 2 4 Filiberti. g 3 I 7 0 2 Warn, f 0 2 2 0 2 Brown, 8 2 0 4 — — — — 11 47 Total 15 11 41 FOURTH GAME Ft . Tp. USX. Fg. Ft. Tp. 0 16 Kloppenburg 2 0 4 3 15 Webster. f 4 10 2 2 10 Nichols, e 3 1 7 2 2 5hanley . g 4 0 ft 2 8 Filiberti, g. . 0 5 5 0 0 Tweak. f 0 1 1 0 0 Powars, g 0 0 0 0 0 — — - — Total 51 13 9 35 9 I One of Nibs Peace ' s (Wives Ice substitute tan ' was tall DICK LINER. " Spider GEORGE WALKER saw lots of action at center as rebel man lie Taunt n3 I on the squad and with no refocus aperients LOWELL HOLCOMB sissies promise of a saluabk certif. 317 GAME SCORES California Idaho First Game 52 37 Second Game 23 28 Third Game 55 36 Andy Wolfe atteroott to sled aside as whiteoshiried Vandal rushes by. Tree Bears tie an Idaho mod as he loses nos ono ca the Nil. ByO Hoseboos, and nese Idaho center cinch lands as ball falls to court. Captain Mery Laid.Ile it ceaont in Poe act Of gCtin a larsP. 378 FIRST GAME • SECOND GAME CALIFORNIA F. FL Tp. IDAHO Fg. Ft. Tp. CALIFORNIA F. Ft. T IDAHO Fg. Ft. Tp. Wolfe, 1 6 13 Quinn, f 2 2 6 LaFaille. f. 1 Quinn. L. 2 1 5 LaFaille, I 5 12 Mortensen, f. 1 0 2 Wolfe. I. 3 Mortensen. f. 3 2 8 Smith, e 3 8 Phoenix. e. 2 0 4 Smith. r. 1 Phoeni., r. 1 1 3 Wray. E. 2 7 2 I S Wray. g. 0 Fyne, g. 1 0 2 llogelmont. g. 3 6 Carbaugh. g. I 2 4 Ilogeboom. K. Corbaugh, g. 3 3 9 Walker, e I 3 Ryan, c. I 2 4 Walker. c. 0 Ryan, f Ii 1 1 Anderson, f. 0 1 Webs. I 2 0 4 Lamer. g. 0 Weitz, e 0 0 0 Dean, f 0 0 O ' Connor. I I 0 2 Holcomb. r. — — Mower, g 0 0 Shepherd. 2 0 4 Dean. f. 0 Total 10 8 28 Holcomb. r 1 2 — — Riemeke. f 0 0 Totals 14 9 37 Total 9 23 — — — Totals 21 10 52 THIRD GAME CALIFORNIA F g. Ft. Tp. IDAHO Fa. Ft. Tp. Wolfe. f 9 I 19 Quinn, f 2 3 7 LaFaille. f 3 I 7 Mortensen. f II 0 0 Smith. 1 0 2 Phoenix, e. 6 I 13 Hojeboom, S. 6 0 12 Fyne. B. 2 1 S Wray, g 1 3 5 Carbonell. g. 3 I 7 Death f 0 0 0 Weitz. c 0 2 2 Walker. r..f 3 4 10 Shepherd, g. 1 0 2 Totals 2 3 9 SS Total 1 8 36 Osier etllef man at feevate was BOB ANDERSON. Cal R1EMCKC tar trafficlon acteca as reserve ease LCS DEAN was anew set W tm capaaLt autistic to •at NI Inter. at heart 379 910IL. CDRICARACC, gama 380 Jim al Jim Wray me physical persyabon to rid tingeboon leaps he,. Ice the ball yob le the plants CI COP may of ball. lb en rim a pee•stasen Ovne. (inept " Spitler " Waller prepared. to pans the ball Wray nes in, leaps bob. and prepares to sheet Out to Jack Ltraxl, the Alameda Statics, content. CALIFORNIA OPPONENTS 43 Treasure Island Navy 39 30 San Francisco Marines 21 32 Alameda Navy Air Station 27 72 Fort Mason 15 53 USS Rescue 17 51 St. Mary ' s Pre•Flight 38 71 San Francisco State College 25 26 Alameda Navy Air Station 30 57 Treasure Island Navy 46 58 Moffett Field 40 43 College of Pacific 26 44 Treasure Island Armed Guard 29 49 Olympic Club 47 35 University of Nevada 31 31 University of Utah 43 38 University of San Franc isco 32 56 Santa Clara University 42 789 548 LER0 10, bogy teeter, was lost to the ars We he kit to tate a Perot ma TINY BRATTON, r aeu0 siert; was dischatted Iron Mafia Corps cerraltsIon teat tar Ratan toted. tte Neal TtaInIrc unit In midsesteo. A wane loud Ralf LUCAS tatted his Into Won his otadaation and eetatemeot Imo tte Noy. 381 BACK ROW: Sun Bean, Tony Wein, Retard McClain, Jim Beam, Bob Penn, Vero BMW, Bob licemisch, Jack VAeleeueu Inc Victim, Jack Wi SECOND ROW: Glen Duran, IRA lebesim, EA Wekh, Loyal Tao, Sob Row. boom, Bob Boiler, Dick Lamer, Ruts firuziont, Clint Evans. FRONT ROW: Dick SaukSo, Lyle Palmer, Bill Croon, Jchrt Fisiumni, Ken Cm ' also, Red Finney, Elmc. Clow, Jim SilicaWU. CLINT EVANS Cain IRV UTERITZ Assittant Coach LEAGUE SUMMARY UCLA 6 California 7 UCLA 8 California 9 UCLA 10 California 9 UCLA 0 California 8 USC 11 California 2 USC 11 California 4 USC 1 California 4 USC 16 California 2 Stanford 3 California 6 Stanford 2 California 14 Stanford 11 California 12 Stanford 3 California 4 384 MANAGERS BACK ROW: Rom lanwth: Cheitw FRONT ROW: Stan " roan, 842 Swans, Senior Mawr. AS the California baseball season drew to a close, the Varsity nine looked hack on a successful season marred only by the Bears ' failure to win the CIBA laurels from USC, but taking the runner-up spot. The most lauded Bear feat was their triumph over the Trojans in one game, making California the only league team to defeat the Trojans. During the season the Bears met and defeated the Stanford Indians four times to run the California winning streak over the Indians to nine games. The Varsity nine fared only a little less successfully against the Bruins, defeating the UCLA team in their first two encoun- ters, meeting a 10-9 defeat in the third game, but bouncing right back after this loss to win the fourth engagement 8-0. The team met their real Waterloo in the powerful Trojan nine, going down to de- feat in three out of four encounters. In the non-league field, the Bear nine left the formidable record of 16 victories out of 21 games, defeated only by St. Mary ' s, College of Pacific, and the Ala- meda Naval Air Station. A Fresno Stale man urAwcessfuni Wefts, pick L$W Palma al, At tot pale. 385 Nuns -gnetictnk STANFORD 3 AB Ward, 3b 4 Stoat. If Peters, 2b 4 Merriman, lb 4 MaeCraw, e 1 Fox. cf 5 Wickersham, rf 3 Brox nson. as 3 P. Wolf, p 2 • Rosberg 0 c flatland. rf • •L. Wolf Winterholler, as 0 FIRST CAME CALIFORNI 5 o R H AB R H 0 1 L. Brown. 2b 5 2 0 2 B. Brown. lb 5 1 0 0 Palmer. cf 4 0 O Jo. Fiacalini. If 4 1 1 Saukko. e 4 3 2 Taey. rf 4 0 O DuFour. 3b 4 2 I Enos. as 4 2 0 V. Butler, P 3 0 0 - - - O Totals 37 11 0 •Ran for MacCraw in 4 h. 0 " Batted for Brownian in 811). 0 Totals 34 3 7 SECOND GAME ST ANFORD 2 CALIFORNIA 14 AR R H R R Slow, If 3 0 J. Brown. as Brownson. as 4 0 Palmer. of Merriman, cf 4 ln. Fiaralini. If MacCraw, e 3 Saukko, c Prato, 36 4 Dufour, A. Roaburg. 2b 3 Welch, II. Winter 2 Hogeboom. rf Miller. lb 2 Enos. 2b Flatland, p.. 0 Butler. p Fox. If 1 Brozman. cf Ahlquist. lb I McClean. If Palisoul, p 3 lm. Fiaralini. c Taff, rf Total 30 2 5 lamer. p Total, 2 5 3 4 0 0 0 2 2 a 3 0 I 0 I 0 2 0 0 2 44 14 10 STANFORD 11 AB R H Moat. If 6 2 0 4 1 6 5 I 0 Brownson Merriman. cf lialquipt. . 2 1 Kellenbencr. ri 4 2 P. Wolfe. p 2 I Nihon!. p 2 I Nanan. II, 3 I Flatland. p I I — — Total 29 II 8 Totals 30 THIRD GAME CALIFORNIA 12 AB R Brown, Tary, d 1 Dufour. 36 3 O Mann, lb 3 0 Bruaaone, rf, If 5 I Fiacalini. e 5 I Clow, 2b 4 0 Palmer. If 4 0 Welch. lb 0 FOURTH STANFORD 3 AB R Stoat, If 3 II Browmon, as 3 1 7 Merriman. ef. 3 I 0 Mat•Graw, c 5 3 1 Prato, 36 4 I I Rosburg, 2b 4 3 0 Winterhalter. rf 4 1 I Flatland, p ) 4 2 2 Nanan. lb 2 0 0 •Ward I 0 0 — -- — — — Totals 30 3 4 12 12 ' Batted for Narean in 9th. GAME CALIFORNIA 4 AB R H Brown. 2b 5 Palmer. in. Fisealini. If Dufour. 31, I Mann, lb 2 Saukko, r 3 McClean. rf Clow, 21. Butler. p 3 Me), ri 3 Welch. Il. 0 — — Total. 33 4 10 KEN GUSTAFSON -as the only wee a mcaswismaa on the team mg had a cow tell which baffled Cart opponents. Placket his lint year woe. the Blue ard Gold. VERG BUTLER, slim Lebnaser, gave theorise of been) o-e cl the best Seas pitchers in linter strum. SAilting Iron baltetball. DICK LOANER dewed a great aid to the Callfcnta morld stall in hx Int year of baseball. • 113 jAtyans a FIRST GA ME USC II CALIFORNIA 2 AB It H All 1 Hoffman. If .. A. Spaeter.1. 5 4 I 2 3 1 J. Brown.21, B. Brown. lb 3 4 0 Phelps. cf 4 0 1 Palmer. of 3 B. Spatter, II, 4 1 2 1. Fiacalini. If. 3 Workman. rf 1 1 0 Snick°, e. I Crutchfield, as. 5 1 3 llogeboom. rf 2 Hardy. 3b 3 2 2 Dufour, 36 3 Palmer, e 4 0 Enos. as 2 Essiek. P 4 0 0 Lamer. p 1 — Finney. 2b 0 Totals 36 11 12 B. Butler. rf 2 Clow, sit 1 Gustafson, p 2 • Tacy 1 Totals 31 2 6 • Batted for J. Brown in 13th. THIRD GA ME USC 1 CALIFORNIA I Hoffman, If A. Spatter. 2b Phelps. of B. Spaeter. II. Workman. rf Crutchfield. •• Hardy, 31. Palmer. c sick. p • Handlej Haskell. p Total AR I 3 3 I I I I 3 2 I 0 — 31 R 0 0 0 (1 I 0 0 I) 0 0 0 — I H 0 0 1 0 I 0 1 3 0 0 0 — 6 Brown. as Palmer. tf In. Fistalini, If Dufour. 3b Welch. lb Tag, rf Saukko. c Clow. so Butler. p Bruzzone. rf.. Totals AB 5 2 4 4 4 3 2 2 4 1 _ 31 R 1 0 0 0 1 I 1 0 0 0 _ 4 H 2 o o 0 3 2 1 0 I o 9 • Batted for Essick in 7th. SECOND GAME CALIFORNIA I USC 11 AB R ll J. Brown, 210 I 1 A. Wpatter, 2b 3 I 0 Bros:one. rf I 0 Phelps. of 5 2 2 Palmer, of ; 1 B. Spatter. lb 4 2 I 1. Fistalini. If 0 Workman, rf 3 2 2 Welch, lb 0 Crutchfield. so._ .. 4 1 2 Dufour. 31. 1 Hardy. 31, 5 1 I Jm. FiNcolipi. e 0 Waliehild. If.... 4 1 0 Enos. ss 1 Palmer. e 5 0 3 Butler. p 0 W ebster, p. 4 1 2 B. Brow n. II. _ — — R Ii 0 0 Feiner, p 0 p Totals 37 II 13 Total. 31 4 FOURTH GAME USC 16 CALIFORNIA 2 All R H All R I Hoffnum. If 5 3 2 Brown. 21, A. Spatter. 21, 6 2 I Palmer. rf I Phelps. of 5 0 1 In. Fiscalini. If I R. Spatter, lb _ 5 1 4 Dufour. 31. 4 Workman. rf 4 2 2 Welch, lb 3 Crutchfield, a 5 2 1 Tory. rf. I Hardy. 3b 4 3 2 Jm. Fin-aIin 4 n I Palmer. e 6 2 2 Clow, 26 3 Webster. p 4 I I Gur4afmni. p 0 -- -- — Buljan. it 2 Total 14 16 16 Fainer. p 0 • Mann. II. I Lamer. p 0 • •Saukko I -- — — Total. 32 2 6 • Batted for Fainer in 8th. • • Batted for Lamer in 9th. Eponnom at at u.theldet BILL BROWN at .kilted to lint tux and held Paan tae post until ne drocoed fru " WWI in fmosealca. Both as woad bill aid stortstop JIM BROWN sparked Play ens Bs .at a feature of late•seaso. pox. 4 GLENN DUFOUR proved hornsell to be wee the btu fuldwq thad Bitumen in Cars baseball Into,. 387 ellectAL- mita FIRST GAME UCLA 6 CALIFORNIA 7 AB II II AB R H McKenzie. If. 5 I 2 J. Brown, 2k 4 0 Rowland. 21. I 0 0 B. Brown. lb 5 0 Wheeler. 31. 1 I 2 Palmer. ef . . 5 3 Compton. c 5 0 0 Jn. Fisealini. If 2 0 Elder. of t 2 Saukko. e 3 I Selmer, rf 4 0 Try, rf 4 1 Han ” S j Dufour. 36. m 3 2 Martel. II. 5 I Clow. lis 2 0 Heinan. p I 0 Lamer. p 2 0 Dirdevanik p 2 I Finney. 36 2 0 Daniel., p I I Fainer. p I 0 • - 6 — — 10 33 7 7 THIRD GAME UCLA 10 CALIFORNIA 9 AB R H AB R II 5 I J. Brown. ea... 5 3 Elder. 41 5 1 I•almer, of 5 I MeKcitzic, If 3 1 Jn. Fisealini, If 6 3 • Cell, If 1 1 Saukko. e 5 0 Wheeler. 31. I 0 Dufour. 36 6 2 Rowland. 2k I Welch. lb 5 I Seltzer, rf I llogelmem, rf 5 1 Martel. lb 5 Eno.. 26 5 3 Hanley. r 1 Butler, p 5 3 Daniel.. p 3 • ' • lamer, p 0 0 • Shedd. p 1 — — ._ 45 9 II 39 I I ` • • Lanter relieved Butler in ' Cell ran for Mckenzie in the 9th. 9th. • •Shedd relieved Daniel. in the 10th. SECOND GAME UCLA 8 CALIEnti NI 1 9 AR R I J. Brown. 211 2 1 McKenzie. If 4 2 B. Brown, 11, 3 Rowland. 2b 4 1 Palmer, et I Wheeler. 3b 5 1 Jn. Fisealint. 11 I Compton. c 4 Try. rf 2 Elder. et 4 Dufour... 3 Martel. lb 5 3m. Fe•, .I...1 . 2 Hank as 2 Clow, 11, I Call, If 4 Butler. p 1 Helmut. p 2 Leibowitz, d I Shed. p 1 Hogeboom. ef. a Daniels p 1 Gustafson. p.. 0 ' Seltzer I — --- - 28 9 37 ' Batted for Call in the 9th. FOURTH GAME UCLA 0 CALIFORNIA 7 AB R H AB R H Hank ea 4 0 J. Brown... 3 I Elder. of 1 0 Palmer. of 4 1 Daniels. rf 4 0 Jn. Fisealini, If 4 2 Wheeler. 36 3 0 Dufour. 36 3 I Rowland. 2h 4 0 Try. rf 4 2 Seltzer. If 3 0 • •Hogeboom. rf 1 I Mandl. lb 4 0 Eno.. 21. 5 2 Handle,. c 3 0 Jr Fiscalini, c 5 2 Call, p 0 0 Gusiafmn. p 4 1 ' Shedd. p 3 0 __ ._ __ — 33 7 13 32 0 5 ”Ilogeboom relieved Tiny " Shedd relieved Call in 3rd. in 8th. Dwells • softball.. unts1 1946, LOYAL Tit( cluneed to the um. 0All wart and wood to be one el the bardest•hstting cutlietders. :011 ' I FISCALINI, linewlwre ammo leltheder, an ore e4 tae tear ' s bating leaders thraghtest the masal. Vtt ers• outfselder CO WELCH hone tea sole at lost east Swann kit and was Use deb ' s leelsres Iwnwrws bitter. 388 Won, Conefacact SEASON RECORD CALIFORNIA OPPONENTS 0 College of Pacific 7 9 Kenney Park 6 7 U. C. Santa Barbara 0 9 San Francisco State 8 9 San Jose State 3 4 Alameda Air Station 6 3 St. Mary ' s 10 3 University of San Francisco 2 7 St. Mary ' s 8 19 Oak Knoll Navy 7 23 Fairfield-Suisun Skymasters 4 7 San Francisco Marines 5 17 Fresno State 5 6 St. Mary ' s Pre•Flight 2 13 Treasure Island Pilots 7 former Bruin LYLE PALMER retwred how the senior to Sire macro a larll game wall running catches in eon field. DICK SAUKKO was the ally rettoMn, letterman catcher and Mt battina Premed a rre; aid to the (km mu. Way a freshman, EL CLOW, sttod baseman ard shortst09. gait promise of beim a real am to future teams. 389 - - - Jima. SACK ROW: Hugh nenall, Jr., Ralph Isaacson, RIciatd McCort Peter Heat, Walt Goldsmith, Mn Melee, Ca Ewing, Harold Ardersca, Carl Amspaker, Racal Shirrard, Stanley Mall, Dart Geldeen, Ire Karp. THIRD ROW: Russ ll ' aturd, Fred Newnan, Inn Huns " Carl Ohm., Pat Fkmers, Tin Gay. Leo KS Terry Ni.,. Mel Evan,, Sob Caper, rack FrIedinbach, David Ban. SECOND ROW: Mel ho Alan Yew, Dan Korman, Lee Joseph, Keegan Lewis, Hugh Slamehmt Al lkOweg. Ken Redts, (emit Clint, Jr., Ono Darts, Ross Radidt, Cleave, Jett Sane. FRONT ROW: Ad Ounasky, gnaw Elliott, Samar Rene, Bob Talk, Harold Lustig. Alan Goy, SKI Snall, Eugene Wised, MA Ziegler, Owlet HoWee. BRUTUS HAMILTON ri 392 MANAGERS Sob RaRAM atroM BM Nom THE Bears began their track career this season by facing three junior colleges of strictly unknown quality and faced a big field with as many as eight contestants entered against them in the events. In their next meet the cindermen showed marked improvement by edging out Fresno State on a fast track. Follow- ing this California came within three points of producing the Coast ' s first 1946 track upset when they met the vaunted UCLA. California cindermen then notched their third dual meet vic- tory over the combined talents of Ala- meda Naval Air Station, and College of Pacific. Coach Brutus Hamilton ' s Bears ended a victorio us season by sweeping to victory in all three places in three events and taking ten of the fifteen first places in the fifty-first annual Big Meet with the Stanford Indians at Edwards Field. This makes the fourth consecu- tive time that the Bear tracksters have downed the Indians in the Big Meet. Ms Seale leads the pact wood the ant ors la a !O•m Is a early Yoe practice men. 393 Ben of a med!oat tot of pate natters :marina UV colon was JIM SMITH. SPersalleirg In the bead juew, IVAN HOUSTON kept the bean competing In this event. BOB COOPER rat the best ow:termite foe California. M " YERXA was the ' WNW Sarel:n throw foe California. TERRY HAWS. ace spintn, ,son valuable pSers in the 100 ea! 220.yard Ashes foe Os been 394 sekaitagndian, meet California 81, Stanford 50 SUMMARY MILE RUN—Won by Canahl (SI ; second. Johnson (0 : third. Burg (C). Time 4:27.6. 440.YARD RUN—Won by Cooper SC second. Grimes (C): third. Wilkens (5). Time :492. SHOT PUT—Won by Swaner (C); second. Millington IS): third, Friedenbach (C). Distance 47 ' 2 " . 100•YARD DASH—Won by Kahn (C); second, Viertbaler (C); third, Anderson (S). Time 10. HIGH HURDLES—Won by Long (C); second. Ewing (C): third, Larson (S). Time :15.6. 880-YARD RUN—Won by HoInbar (5); second, Iverson (S) ; third. Evans (C). Time 1:58.7. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Yenta (0; second. Coldeen (C); third. Jurkovieb (C). Distance I91 ' 2% " . 220.YARD DASH—Won by Haws (C); second. Cooper ICI; third, Kahn (C). Time :225. BROAD JUMP—Won by Weisend (C); second, tie between Gay (C) and Hous ton (C). Distance 22 ' 5% " . TWO-MILE RUN—Won by Johnson (C); second, Ganahl (5) ; third, Green (Si. Time 10:09.3. HIGH JUMP—Won by Hanger (C); second, tie between Elliott (C) and Lace (S). Height 6 ' 534 " . POLE VAULT—Won by Larson (SI ; second. Smith (C); third. tie between Anderson (C) and Amspoker (C). Height 12W. DISCUS THROW—Won by Cleave (C); second. Millington (SI third. Hamby (C). Distance 144 ' 3% " . LOW HURDLES—Won by Vierthaler (Si ; second. Ware (CI; third. Iverson (SI. Time :25.3. RELAY—Won by Stanford (Off. Holubar, Wilkens, Hinge). Time 3:283. PAT FLOWERS. ma6up.r. liana Mkt, ran tae Inanity Jot puttee kw the Bean tints MR wax . X.14 JACK SWANER. • -- 395 UCLA 67, California 64 SUMMARY MILE RUN—Won by Johnson (C): second. Nice (UCLA) : third. Borg (C). Time 4:35.7. 440.YARD DASH—Won by Miller (UCLA); second. Cooper (C) third, Evans (C). Time 49.2. 100-YARD DASH—Won by Haws (C) ; second. Kapp (UCLA) third, Flowers (C). Time 10.1. HIGH HURDLES—Won by Dixon (UCLA); second, Nelson (UCLA); third, Corwin (UCLA). Time 14.7. SHOT PUT—Won by Jurkovich (C); second, Friedenbach (C) ; third, Griswold (UCLA). Distance, 45 ' 91 4 " . 880-YARD DASH—Won by Gold (UCLA) : second, Klecher (UCLA): third, Ohmcr (C). Time 2:00.1. 220.YARD DASH—Won by Haws IC) ; second, Kapp (UCLA) : third, Flowers (C). Time 21.6. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Yenta (C); second. Coldeen ICI : third, Small (UCLA ). Distance, 186 ' . BROAD JUMP—Won by Iloiseh (UCLA) ; second. Nelson (UCLA); third, Riddick (UCLA). Distance 22 ' 3 " , TWO•MILE RUN—Won by Rocks (C); second. Keegan (VC LA); third, Anderson (UCLA). Time 10:11.4. POLE VAULT—Tie among Smith (C). Rosenbaum 4UCIA and Case (UCLA). Height 12 ' . 1.0W HURDLES—Won by Dixon (UCLA); second, Nelson I UCLA) ; third, Howls ' (UC1.14). Time 23.5 DISCUS—Won by Mumby (Cn second. Cleave (C) ; third. Lewis (UCLA). Distance 139 ' 7 " . HIGH JUMP—Tie among Hanger (C) : Orden (C). and Venn (C). Height 5 ' 10 " . MILE RELAY--Won by UCLA. Time 3:23.2. Sill Phan, left, passes wee to Jaw 134.0e in the mile relay against ta• Stains. sesl.ry ensswe man foe UC was FRANK JOHNSON. The Sean ' Wit low hurdler, JOHN NEIER, .as plagued to A sore leg most M PAVE GOLDEEN, Slut as Gael {van man, Owl better that 180 tr✓p the 396 California USC 75% SUMMARY MILE RUN—Won by Sink (USC); second, Johnson (C); third. Karp (C). Time 4:17.3. 440.YARD DASH--Won by DebarkMSC) ;second. Wachlter IUSC) ; third, Cooper (C). Time 49.1. 100•YARD DASH—Won by Patton IUSC): second. Beaman IUSC); third, tie between Haw, (C) and O ' Reilly (USC). Time :10. HICH HURDLES—Won by Jordan MSC): second. Campbell (USC); third, Schultze IC). Time :15.7. SHOT PUT—Won by Thompson (USC); second, Friedeninwit ICI ; third, Sweater ICI. Distance 880-YARD RUN—Won by Slosson (USCI ; second. Tarkett (USC): third. Jacques IUSC). Time 2:00.6. JAVELIN THROW—Won by terra ICI : second. Coldeen (CI; third, Ryan (USCI. Distance 191 ' 54 " . HIGH JUMP—Won by Hanger (C); second. tie between Wake- field and Follis (USC1. Distance 6 ' 4 " . 220.YARD DASH--Won by Haws (Cl; second. Beaman (USC ' ; third, Flowers ICI. Time :22.4. BROAD JUMP—Won by Weisand ICI ; second, tie between Lowerey IUSCI and Houston IC). Distance POLE VAULT—Won by Winter (USC); second, Smith ICI: third, tie between Anderson and Amspoker (C). Height TWO•MILE RUN ' Aron by Johnson IC second. Small ICI: third. Burg IC). Time 10:33.3. 1.0W HURDLES—Won by Martin second. ' Away IUSC ' ; third, Ewing (C). Time :25.7. DISCUS—Won by Cleave ICI: second. Heinberg (USC); third. Thompson (US°. Distance 146 ' . RELAY Won by USC. Time 3:27.3. tem, jAvian_ Mut Pat Flowers .1,1 Teen. Hems, second and third Non the left, bet CO l0 a de., start it at do " . HUGH LIWAtlY deel neer 140 feet ff, INC mum. Care ' meted best wfm se the (eaten eat LEO KANN. LOU JUAKOVICH competed In the shot pot, Newlin, cluevi and Woad :mop. 397 , . Olt in We %;k4c .4 a voifts.stf,L, 3 4 Sir " WA 4 ' ;`.. • 4a, 45: ' ' Itt,t. ' .t4) N.• 4 tte ' t irFr BACK ROW: lablw MAthen,, Spencer Keen, guar Harper. Motet, Jays, Dick HO. Itdiy, Bill Davis. SECOND ROW: Goad, Benetti, 840 ROWE 8{6 voKef4. Canton r nit. Je Wain. rawer ROW: Glenn KlpeeGtwl, Jr . Temple, Ottn GiNstos, GOA Mawr. DICK anuirrr TENNIS SUMMARY College of Paeific....6 California 3 U. of S. F 2 California 7 UCLA 8 California Treasure Island 5 „California USC 9 California 0 UCLA 8 California 2 USC 8 California 1 Stanford 6 California 3 400 Glenn NFpgtnslFr1. AssisLant Ot•sth., going after a tolky. Maier cm n, Cametcn Fair, serving. COACH Dick Bennett worked his net- ten long and bard on the practice courts this season polishing up their singles play and adding to the strength of their team play. But due to the team ' s lack of experience as compared to that of their rivals, the Bear netmen were able to gar- ner only two victories during the Pacific Coast Conference season. At the very beginning of the season California ' s tennis team suffered a big loss when the No. 2 man, Joe Greeley, withdrew from the University to re- enlist in the Marines. Cameron Fair added much to the laurels of the team ' s singles play. The combination of Spencer Kern and Bob Rosborough proved infallible as they stroked their way to victory against the Bruins. In the face of the formidable Trojans Bob Vincent and Bob borough paired as doubles, forcing two sets from the strongest collegiate aggre- gation in the United States. Fair goes alter a nigh art as pan rte Gene Cluing. looks on. 401 SACK ROW: Edwin Thcaus, Liohay Wilson. JcAn Appel, Lawrence Soon, Grew, St. han, Lenin Carrigar Rt.:+rt fice.3I L:timee, Cortpr Rnmu immai lams Dom Donner., Edwin Flinn, Samuel Smt6tnborg, Philip Motto, John Cantrrtirgt, Ktnweth Futlerer, Hobart Ely, Roltod Godly, Ja-es (Wo. THIRD ROW. Wilma. Cory, Dotal., Kalb, Thous Yount Eugene Brick, Walter Melton, Enrique Abotil, Min Davidsat, Gerald William SimPiOn, Charles Game, Santad Weiner, Robot Coating, Henry Broderick, Carl Fardew, Thomas Price, Jofw Gikhrot, Lloyd Toner, Donald Alden, Robert HoMes. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hogan, Arno Raynor, John Caere. Halton Montt, Alan Smith, Willis Dinwiddm, Robert Sanger, Melvin Ham, Jim Lammed, Clyde Rockwell, Tow Roach, Den Sitwell., George Blair, Willard Tullock, John Moron. FRONT ROW: fUreld Andtres, Robert Milani, Howard McCown, Daniel Brown, Ernest Dana, Gat MunobPlaaa, Glen ROAM, Donald Stafford, Albert Lapides, Ralqi Roane, Bayed, Robert Ardencn, Mat. skull Robinson, Ky Etwoht. WITH OARS, LEFT SIDE, front to mar: Robert Allm, Harry lectota, Jests. Sabena, Moak. Ewing. RIGHT SIDE, font to rear: Sidney Greta, John MaMlotts, Wilfred Heft, Man. Fiat " ( it Baron. IS SHINS I=II• Si As SII S ISSN= • , SIM - • 2 Sr , MEM NEM al el.111.1111.11na- hint SI NI . . 11=•L ' ' k‘111111• L MI IN . MI IN IS MIN MI WI trf COIL: sr tam • as a al PIP , AINIS KY EBRIGM MANAGERS tor am? Sr cs DS Lc.....t St • s,ts,3sv, Tull, Pr attitiel on the Oattar tflOArJ. One ol the Varsity trews tarries the shell to the WI. CREW came back to California this Spring for the first time since 1943 when the Bears climaxed an unde- feated season by outrowing the classy Washington Huskies on the Oakland estuary. Actual practice got under way on Monday, April 15, after delays due to the absence of the float necessary for launching the shells. After much red tape, the float was finally constructed from surplus war materials; Coach Ky Ebright did most of the carpentry work himself. The turn-out for crew topped the 100 mark and closely approximated the prewar roster. Enough men signed up who had experience at California and elsewhere to start two shells into immediate practice. Men without ex- perience began on the Oakland estu- ary training barge and then advanced to the scows and later to the shells. Competition this Spring was limited to races between classes. Full- scale renewal of intercollegiate com- petition is scheduled for next Fall. Earn Madison, ASUC Wm AM up meths. . Varsity taw Jim Le...von, Ala Smith, ard Clyde RCCiAtIl 1004 at the be. of COCO 403 . - . • ' .411 " -Za ' - 041; ' • Ted Ocand ad Ed SW Mid 1111 Witter break So a Main runt TRYING frantically for their seventh straight win and an undefeated sea- son, the California ruggers spent the last game of the season continually threatening the Olympian ' s goal line, but the smooth playing Bear team was defeated by a desperate drive on the part of the Winged " 0 " Club in the last minute of play. The Olympians were out for revenge in view of the tough close 3-0 defeat handed them by the Bears two weeks before. Under the strong hand of Coach Miles " Doc " Hudson, the California ruggers easily cinched the Rugby Football Association championship by downing the previously defeated Petaluma Legionnaires 11-3. Thanks to the good footwork of Ted Donald and the close cooperation of the team in both offensive and defensive plays, California may well he proud of her rugby team ' s impressive score of six decisive victories. DR. MILES HUDSON BACK ROW: Bill Craig, Dart Smith. Peal Cool ll, Tom Masai. Bill DaIleobaph, Mote Keep ' , m .:e. Wailers Mn,ye Norman Muroxi, Howard Petersen. Karl Kroebr. SECOND ROW: Dr. Hobson, John Moriarty, Ron Cartato ' . Cain. Bill Witter, Rim Srezzoat, Bob Wollbeinck, Ed Spew, Hut Wright, Ted Donald, Jim Powell, John Appel. FRONT ROW: Jul One., Bob VanDen Boa Ira Tho Pson, Bert Rout, Jack Jinn, Hwy Carnwital, Art Stsubtr, Coeggey Sheehan. 406 HENRY STONE. Coach Sopkvists a Double Wrictkck. THIS year saw the Bear matmen busy chalking up five victories in six meets, the one loss being a forfeit to Stanford. By downing UCLA in two matches this season, the " groaners " pushed on to the Pacific Athletic Association Senior Wrestling Tournament on March 16 in which they placed third. By grab- bing five firsts, the ten•man Bear team emerged on top in the Junior Pacific Athletic Association Tournament held at the Berkeley YMCA in April, with the Olympic Club team placing second. Top honors for the event go to Dale Najima for his win over Thall of the Olympic Club. ChatteiCel, Melno Johnletor pextkes oith Captain Ed itemised BACK ROW: N. A. Stone, James Allen, Wayne RkItatdis, Town EloraWinkle Jamey litinistot Jack Trusslat. SECOND ROW: MitcMII Lukas, V. F. Ilitemtsin, James Citiff 41, R.: • Cresols " , Clyde Sullivan. Rkei.- C40. Ed SUnilasl, Melvin JoNodeon. FRONT ROW: Lela, Coristanyea, Damn War , Albert Naeutoolan, Lan.eMr Wayne Arthlr, Wit Pcolln, Harry Roans. 407 Belt weennen wreak. Ina (Crlow ball dienea the erne en the U.S.F.held. JULIUS SCHROEDER JULIUS Schroeder ' s soecermen finished third in the regular San Francisco soccer league and then pushed on to tie the California Cup semi-final match against the Rover Club, only to he defeated in a thril- ling 1.0 overtime contest. The los- ing of this game forfeited Cal ' s hopes of representing Northern California in the state play-offs against the Southern division win- ner in May. The soccer team ' s powers of of- fensive play. close dribbling, and follow-up work were sparked by the former Chilean star, Fernando Walker, from his center halfback position. RACIC ROW: Ed $rnith, Gorge Cirri glom, Hale Apredie leis Gm Teal VelawWelk Ftenaido Walter, Coke Steepen. FRONT ROW: Jahn Vale, Rid,AN Tanaka, Join Eaton, Ant likenum, Joaquin Melerder, Luis Alen., Peke Moreno. 408 ED MDR can BEAR tnittmen boxed two matches this year, both of which were with UCLA. Giving a thrill to the spectators February 2nd, the mitt• men made a clean sweep by winning all the bouts, five with TKO ' s, two with decisions, and one with a forfeit at the Berkeley match. This was the last match for Coach Cureton who left March 1st when Ed Nemir, the prewar coach, re. turned. Although the general opinion was that the outlook was good for the Bears for the March 23rd meet, the Bruins hit just hard enough to win five decisions and one forfeit. ferd Centel en919rd is thlightirg SACK ROW welsh, %I , Cher, Shafer, Ilcoard, Ce•U(alaaS unity, Naar co-falkhrh FRONT ROW: Gown. teach. Srards, Male, NAM, FraY, WOW, Wslhofft 409 HAL WEATKEIBE Cats FOR the first time since 1943, swimmers from Cali- fornia, Stanford, USC, and UCLA met in the southern division Pacific Coast Conference meet. The Indians who dropped from competition for two seasons walked away with the meet. Coach Hal Weatherbe, in his first year of coaching the Bear Varsity, could not break this long standing Stanford jinx, but was able to send his team to triumph in the Southland over the Trojans and Brother Bruin. A dose heath in a practice Inns le race. BACK ROW: Art Middleton, Bun Coleman, Bill Mama, kw, Marty, Gel Bryn. FOURTH ROW: Bill Keller, ilmh.vd Bennet, Omer Opreir,tpam, Bob sobrny, Oxides Grawntr, Wade Dozier, Don Elliot. THIRD ROW: Marie Austria% Otte Memihp, Don Marlow, George Dttan, Jack lame,. SECOND ROW: Ned Robinton, Fabi0 ESCalab, Jack loutnberry, Ray Garter, Atomic Mauna. FRONT ROW: Coach Weatherte, lea Durham, Rom Beat, Fred Saws. Don Day. 410 alit Spot Ski Was captain, Marry Mows. REALLY byes lee fey look like tMy ' re cif Iv the to of the ekuntaln. THIS year the California Ski Club opened for the eleventh season with more en- thusiasm and pep than has been seen for many wi nters. Students interested in win- ter sports traveled to the Ski Lodge on weekends and over holidays to take ad- vantage of the skiing opportunities offered in California ' s winter playground. The lodge accommodates sixty students and is run on a cooperative basis. During the season, the men ' s ski team was reorganized, and entered meets at Mt. Rose, Tahoe, and Yosemite. The Winter Sports Club holds its meet- ings in Berkeley, and presents entertain- ment in the form of winter sports movies. Proof of renewed interest in winter sports can be found in the membership records which shows a jump from a slim 150 mem- bers to well over 700. Relanrq at Ow Soow BOA. A roll " ' aloofly, brt it •asn ' t ALL %wk. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: krolO Oprrson. Om, Stilt. Don Ytatoes F ROM ROW HMI, Moron, Girt ' twain, hint Gnhe. Kee Barlett 411 infAtinuthat IICOIN roe • Nent, it ' s pet Ow An 1. Ht ' s doon (ft 3 rhea dad tumble (colleen come. i.YCAII is oink. tetteile ono.%) IfitnatOrlit (pots. The lonchhiheough cd A tact,op nee ratan the Saute. 412 130 o-k " e V s " ' - - 4 a - 0 -, ••` , CA to .,,,t: ' ,,,,;$, ' 0 ' -‘14;tos•Se 4- , 1., 0• XS ' ,.. , e .„. ,, 99. .... 40;0 1 os , • . P 0 " ' 04 464 e s Bo .0c,4 eIfeCt 46%te 9: CS f- Squad c•vo - • Se es. 4, :Z: °I. • ■ %LB R6 4. 1 ' au 6. 144%404,4•41‘7•.S.... ,,,,,.1ess 6) r . , ' or nr r " i t „ n CRO C eSe P . %. 4.7 •04.4•0%.44.4 ' •le • 1 4 n• se, ' lot se, Oibt ' es • 1000 Confirm • Wood b WWI IV 211 Atomic Sup • • • e UNIVERSITY SCIEST Cyclotron Experiments Help - Develop Devastating Bomb tit Sole Ken,on IR I .....t, nrinntia• Mb0 bilNe •Oard in Ottil, , lOt 04 int •rar. al Ole nits....1 ... We Vent IA to ihe Uneaten. tertian 01 ate atQatti, tvr.bnarb.rkel.nni •inhorta , - by 1b..` S. trutagn ‘o In. du ' flor riennUrnan r•pluent The onalaIltretneni In inn-I •WWI the ....a 0( ...vier " ula II urrounat.1 win ni nn rarnnnl en In Ihe rrIntrsollria-M th tad ...I 81-rt . ar7 Its the Valor dr Ili, •I ' _ " ' tl:rerch en• al the camp., ECM a i il. I. " Fr$Ier, ot the t otiailon 1•Forrnory. OSP " Ils.. .01000 14.11114 WM ano.I• batten !Oa Id SI IIII Ilin, niti egecti•d, end .r •- - - - - - aibirn‘ in hnann all.1 " FCC Approve b " 1- 11 hal " rim ' " ' ' Soles Request ti---v-traw " (rh ' Ic; War baud ' omen, ' onbr ,00,0 " ._ ,..w01.0- ta• W . Marl. nc Ow 1•1•nratrn. nna or itannertnrennonl owl alr.inl ., J. . r...A. . " . " . ' %Ulu ha. mow w. Coanran, tat, ' Anger Ow Us ta% tetV.V sta • •F „aft " , nny ale) • tar1140XVInn. WITO: ti:Icinhivd tinzt .._, _ .......__.. lto tnOrttRo ut Ire 1• sr.:t• 7 .7 I.( Ustivace 1• oft.044 • OM, „vat . ja, the :Iv; • -. 1.10 ..... " ...... 10..... ro...:etd lw. %int.,. a. ' „ .• V ...,:-•,:::)veiene, ‘ ms.; of atiki M. 943:t. t • • C V. ' -.-..••_y)T- " ---•-__.._....._.....____ " 411 4 Ai if9s 27 , .. s nab ....i tal it4244i ' °= FOI? a” A _ 414 RR, ... _ . . 4 BER 0 •• If OP 7 7 “S3eet „, " Se " St " • ;, • S es • t s 0, bender • .0 • °tr., • • ;oder MONARCH Or TIM HE DAIL LIFORNIA WiONLSOAL AUGUST I 1945 COI I f DAIL!! Site ' 1, b Bia ISIS AS se „n tfS e eck a „. 54 ' „, Via , ••• nu ' VOLUME 127 V$ Campus 1 Reacts to Atom Bomb a•; " 41.1.1 bat fgt..% filial, In San Francisco 13a) UV J•miortt et t-1 t ... . . . Iliny a There sa9 thntItt• nM11.44 OW llr Mreuelhe Pg-ir Of IN• 11.5•• in cows 44 cRat 1.4 roil t ' w k34r4 a 1. ' 1 ' 4 ' ' I EX-COMMITTEE CONSIDERS Prouclor I Out onrpton. pn:, ail er,•• Proponents Of Campus Store Treasury 0 kn Ur t4,11114 1461•01113:, r.. - on R:d97-4:::47.sur.-17 A- hrOrt rot r Mar Brings Hop Wes4, Say It Will Help Students prehisnez sad unekvi. v.v. $ Id r r•onanite tc. .m14,-- • wt... .4 „et...b 4 " . . , . , -. t.,•• po. , to ow• unwt•— ro,eh.1.7 " .... " 31. tenramiXtrer-:[...:1 :9„;`, " ;•771 i. Foisie Hits At Censorship ritn.1 •Iti bar, ' v Ih. Anna:iv, . Moro tsar h rt. " . Mohr, •••• - •.4 1wd Meath crtlturd rt. ora to4 1 I is minor. Pr t I wad al OM tol 1,1 tor 1-- Dr Mr Mr,. I lit It rkt RI tl to. Ant rtestottat ..... ono, Inerror. fan 4n trylle d• pci d for • VW IL. tort mon flat. •ot r nhor to Pon rt. t4 dm • tor Ole n • ... Moor. t •lbor. r rt. trontroi by — worth I metro. la ntro or On - 1, a tat W..nN01.1 en, • rrn tart nto 41 trionti tar rtrro nom 5ItNIA ARMY CORRESPONDENT TAL .•••• " brot• a le " .,••• ' „.••••• • " :;.:4 ' OK u`l• ••• ter,: rt• , 0.5 • ,to • • , ••• D j.„c. cos (r, _ 0‘,„•• SS m ac NOwite sthe see • 139 al 300 At.-4A ••• . Set -„ating st eA01° _ ..911 ,sse RIK io • -. act Ai Owartizatinthe pins . . . rings . . . keys . . . initiations .. . meetings . . . secret societies ... membership . honoraries . . . edition . . . special delivery letters . . . au. tart pi. FOUNDED AT LF:HIGH UNIVERSITY. 188$ LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY.EIGHT CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Tom Greathouse, (101 Roberan, Norman Murdoch, Wait Golethoth, Run Trackrail, Ted Olds, RHI Buatelk. THIRD ROW: Bob Hamilton, John IlioghSotsrl, Jam lite, Et Molloy, Harry Meagan, Bob Warafralicb. SECOND ROW: Kole( Nolen, Robert Raft:V®9k Martin Rubin, Lows Branntrald, Marys Grambamt, Strath. " Araorat FRONT ROW: Chalet Course, Eugene Sen, Hal St. Clair, Jack Cunningham, Wolfgang Kummer, Bob Weld. OFFICERS Sommer Fell Frio: Pre•iint Thorn. K Grath.... Robert A. Weld John H. Hatrabsout Fier-Presileta 11.1 R.) St. Clair Hobart R. Homilies Robert Robert:math Corr. spending Aviretary Robert A. Weld Lora. Bronold Tholes Griramo Recordist Sterna° Rosana A. Lugo !Mold land KOH Maelranald T .Ernest I_. Dildin• Donald Folk Donald Elliott Canino, Loh 11. Brenewald Stephen Abbott Willard Robinson ADVISORY BOARD Runic I.. Robertson Irawrenbe NI. Grossman Clement T. Withrail hoe. I,. Meriam UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leonard Black 1.1estelbn Bolter Anders Carlson Charles Daletel theater Dots Ratmond Dots Orarle. Doleih Clark. Duke Howard Eberhardt Bernard Etthoort Richard Fehom Francis Foote Leonard Feller Trot Gratheal Sider) Harding Carleton Huhn Fronds Hutchins.. (larks Hyde Harold Item,. Finn homers E.neas Kole Arthur Kurzweil Richard W. Lowlier Alexander Levens George Loderbact Thorne. McFarland Doted Mclatighlin Richard Martinelli loses Moran. Paul M orton Eugene Murphy Prentio Nelson Herbert Nil melee Morouth O ' Brien Wraten Bendier Raber Lester Realigns Bunts Robertson Mohamed Selien Nadi , Sod.. Robert Sproul Nicholas Talialerro Clothe Trotell Looter Grin Carl Vogt (Armlet Wiukoeil Baldwin Woods Donnell MEMBERS Richard E. Abbot (Trade. II. Brakelt Glenn I). Brewer Theodore B. Htura Paul F. Brunner Rotel! J. Bruaroot Philip R. Itunnelle James S. Desmond Donald Elliott Richard I- Emerson Witter D. Goldsmith Ernest I). Gel. Thema. E. (rothoute SI Crcentraum Rob Roy Grad., (1.ri.. H. Grisemer John 11. 11.uthanut Albert S. Flatland Harter C. Hudson William S. Hyde Lewis W. Kidd Almonte H. Keep Wolfgang Kummer Harr, T. Um , Bruce NIrallonald James E. Medlin Forrest D. Mikelson Edward J. Molloy Harry E. Morgan Norma. Murdock Robert II. Nucor Theodore Othels Dwain (:. Oralvie Arabs.. M. Pistil William C. Pinthran Bruce E Reiser Willard K. Robinson Robert Rosboronth Jerome M. Rosenberg Martin Rubin Emil D. Smith Holier S. Sankt IWO J. Steno Goad. Brsdlord Stimpson lames S. Stook. Jack Tbode James R. Tice Russell N. Track...II Frank C. Tram Donald A. Wilbelsnon Howard G. Wilson Heart Wing Robert E. Wunderlich Gene W. ' Loeb 418 gaiden_ Rua. (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 George P. Adams Leroy W. Allen David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Erie C. Beliquid Allen C. Blaisdell Victor Bottari Llewlyn M. K. Bother John U. Calkins, Jr. Francis L. Chamberlain Walter Christie James H. Corley Fred W. Cozens William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Hennes Charles Doled], Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William G. Donald F. Stanley Dude Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Clinton W. Evan W. W. Ferrier. Jr. Charles R. Bell Lawrence Z. Feigenbaum Robert F. Finley Wilbert B. Fountain Stephen G. Abbott Ross C. Bean Robert H. Benner Arnold M. Bjornsen Louis II. Brennwald George C. Briggs. Jr. Howard T. Bryant. Jr. John K. Burlson Kenneth A. Coates Ilarold E. Crandall Vincent C. Cullinane Lewis E. Denny James S. Desmond Walter F. Dimmick Robert E. Eddy William S. Gaines James 0. Gierlich Claire V. Goodwin Robert W. Gray Thomas E. Greathouse Sidney S. Green Robert S. Hempel Thomas Hartzell John Francis Neylan William J. Norton John M. Olmsted Frederic L. Paxson George A. Pettitt Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestley Joseph II. Quire Max Radin Alva W. Ragan Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Vernon M.Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Robert E. Stone Jacobus ten Brock Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underhill Irwin C. Moritz Edwin C. Voorhies Walph S. Waltz Baldwin M. Woods Grover Klemmer John M. Price Francis A. Smart Max Wilcox Tom Mason John D. Monson Harry E. Morgan Norman Murdoch William W. Murray Jews A. Nielson. Jr. Peter Packard Robert A. Powell Lee M. Roberts Paul A. Robinson Robert R. Roshorough Arthur R. Ruppe Richard C. Howson Ben D. Sanematsu Benjamin N. Sawtelle Robert L. Smith Roger A. Stafford William H. Stretch Harry J. Stuart Russell N. Traekwell Robert W. Tuttle. Jr. Uinta C. Welch Floyd Wilkins. Jr. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mortimer Fleishhacker Stanley B. Freeborn Elmer C. Goldsworthy Walter A. Cordon Farnham P. Griffiths Charles A. Gulick. Jr. Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Maurice E. Harrison John D. Hicks Joel H. Hildebrand Harold A. Hitchcock John C. Howard Elbert A. Rusin Richard K. Kelly Alexander M. Kidd Frank 1.. Kidner Harry L. Kingman George D. Louderback Stanley E. McCaffrey Guy S. Millberry Ralfe D. Miller James K. Moffitt Russell A. Nagler GRADUATES John P. Henderson Milton Hildebrand Cullen S. Hodge Joseph L Hodges. Jr. Alan J. Margolis SENIORS John H. Haughawout Roger H. Hildebrand Robed C. Ilogeboom Maurice L. Holmes George B. Hummer Benjamin I). hints Luis G. Ireland William P. Jaeger. Jr. Joe Kamiya Stephen H. Kaufmann A11110111 H. Keep( Mervin F. Learnt Paul L. Larsen Norval H. Latimer George J. [ ' anon, Jr. Donald E. Lengel Jack It. Lindsey Richard W. Lovett° Harry W. Lurheta Robert W. Lahr Donald S. McNary Warren W. Mangels 419 Mot dloaAct (Senior Women ' s Notional Honor Sarin. FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK. 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SEVENTYSEVEN CHAPTERS TOMMY ANGELL BETTY BARR IRENE BRADFIELD EDITH BROWN JANICE DEMOOR IOY DROBISH PEGGY LORENZ PAMELA MARSH FLORENCE PALMER VIRGINIA PARENT OLIVE PREMO JANICE RIVERS FRIEDA SHOENBERG BARBARA SIMS KATHERINE WAGNER OFFICERS SummerFoll Spring President Tommy Angell Barbara Sims Vic...President Nancy Jon ' Nancy Jory Secretary Barbara Sims Joy Drobish Treasurer Frieda Shoenberg Janice De Moor Scribe Olive Premo Irene Bradfield Margaret Beattie Louise S. Cobb Mary B. Davidson Mn. Monroe E. Deutsch Leila Anderson Tommy Angell Betty Barr Irene Bradfield Edith Brown Janice De Moor HONORARY MEMBERS Helen W. number Catherine DeMotte Greene Alice G. Hoyt MEMBERS Joy Drobish Nancy Jory Margaret Lorenz Pamela Marsh Florence Palmer Virginia Parent Violet B. Marshall Lillie Margaret Sherman Mrs. Robert C. Sproul Lucy Ward Stebbins Olive Pronto Janice Rivers Frieda Shoenberg Barbara Sims Katherine Wagner UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mrs. Ralph Chaney Dr. Margaret Zell 420 (Women ' s Honorary Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1900 ONE CHAPTER PATTY EGGLESTON PATTI FINN PAT FUNSTEN NANCY NAMELY EDITH McNAMARA DONNA MEYER BARBARA MILLER JOAN PORTER PATRICIA POWERS BARBARA SIMS KATHERINE WAGNER OFFICERS Summer President Edith McNamara ke•President Patti Finn Corresponding Secretary Kathy Wagner Recording Secretary Janet MeMumy Treasurer Barbara Membership Chairman Molly Cheaebrough Ritter Hail Representative . Frieda Shoenberg Dr. Ruby Cunningham Mrs. Monroe E. Deutsch Mrs. Walter Gordon HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Dorothy Sheldon Miss Lucy Ward Stebbins Mrs. Robert Sibley Mrs. Sigmund Stern Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Sproul Comdr. Ton Wiley, USNR Mrs. Robert Cordon Sproul • UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Olive Adams Amy Bumetead Ruth Norton Donnelly Agnes Morgan Leila Anderson Marjorie Carbon Helen rancher Florence Mullins Barbara Armstrong Vera Christie Hope Cladding Margaret Murdock Marjorie Aunt Charlie Clark Catherine DeMotte Greene Cecil Piper Edna Bailey Louise Cobb Alice Hoyt Carmel Riley Eleanor Bancroft Edith Coulter Aileen Jaffa Agnes Rohl. Eleanor Bartlett Lucile Czamowski Mae Lent Lithe Sherman Margaret Beattie Mary B. Davidson Violet Marshall Beth Simeoy Fredrica Bernhard Carah Day is Bernice Hubbard May Katherine Towle Olga Bridgman Dr. Margaret Lest ACTIVE MEMBERS Shirley B. Ames Jean Eggert Betty Jordan Marion Phelan Jane Bennet Patty Eggleston Nancy Jory Pat Powers Carol Bliss Katherine Everett Jane Kenyon Joan Porter Irene Bradfield Joy Drobish Mildred Kiefer Eileen O ' Brien Pet Bradley Betty Fay Nancy Lee Alice Rea Edith Brown Pat Funsten Margaret Lipman Janice Rivers Molly eh...through Tinker Gardner Phyllis Lyon Lois Rothenberg Slavka Cibilich Kathy Creenlaw Joanne Marfie Jean Seidl Mary Lou Coombs Glynneth Gregory Pamela Marsh Barbara Sims Jean Corn.. Lois Gui !ben Carolyn Negley Marilyn Smith Marion Banks Cross Nancy Hambly Florence Palmer Katherine Thanes Janice DeMoor Jean Hauser Virginia Parent Ann Van Nostrand Nancy Eddy Pat Hendrickson Christina Plund Margaret Wagenet Fall Spring Edith McNamara Joan Poner Patti Finn Pat Funston Barbara Sim. -Puny Eggleston Donna Meyer Nancy Hambly Barbara Miller Pat Powers Molly Cheschrough Janice Riven Frieda Shoenberg. Barbara Sims 421 30•Ick anti Shia lit onaat ' s Social Organization) AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER BACK ROW: Pat Rendooson, Forties Powelau. Ellen Ka, Ewan. Jean Ewen. Nancy Eddy. FRONT ROW Barbara Motet. Joan Patel. Patti Finn. PM1lilq WK., Betty Barr. OFFICERS Stunner Fall Spring President Dorothy Herbert Barbera Miller Pat Hendrickson Vice.President Sheila Stanfield Phyllis Gulick Frances Princeton Secretary Miller Betty Barr Nancy Eddy UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mary B. Davidion Catherine Befitting! Greene Lucy Ward Stebbins MEMBERS Betty Barr Patti Finn Dorothy Herbert AIM Unborn Nancy Eddy Kathy Greenlaw Myra Honegger Joan Porter Jean Essen Phyllis Gulick Barbara Miller Frances Kay Everett Pat Hendrickson Eileen O ' Brien Sheila Stanfield 422 - !Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER JAM, Nizta, BACK ROW Waller !con, Ccar MwIltnstwA. Bo Inn. Marc Shinn., Bull Wallet. FROMT ROW: Honed Dmkenson. 70-% MJSr, Sw.att Peck, Let Sate. OFFICERS President Dave Sherwin Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings HONORARY Richard Kessler Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leehrick Mathew Lynch John MacKenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Captain John Switzer Edwin Voorhiez Carl %aim+ ACTIVES Bill Banning Ned Henstrow Sumner Peek George Blair Will Hopper Lev Sarre Walt Boyle Bob James Dave Sherwin Jerry Burrill Wally Jones Buzz Trunk Howard Dickenson Ed Kincaid John Vernay John Dunlap John Lamoreaus Ed Welch Pete Farmer Bill hlarckoff Bob Wilson Scotty Foster Tom Mason Joe Wilson Fred Gamer Haney McGee Bill Witter George Muellersehoen 423 dlick " C " Sacithi- SACK ROW: Shales M. Sllclt, Rer G.atalsyr, 1,1 Wray, Men taimilt, Ant, Wolfe. Bob Norton, Bob Clown, Dick Lame, Roland Chambers. THIRD ROW: Fa. Lacs,. Robert Htee•rgte, Norm ' Robert Roaboot4b, Stanley Pelts, Ch ' ln Gael, Chum,MOtier Wallet Meyer. SECOND ROW: Doe Manua. Jam Switch, John Naiwitn, Tee netrell. Mel ken. Ratio Written, Netter Caraballe, Ed Wen. Ton, Maw,. FRONT ROW: Dick SASES, Ted Ktalield, SS Kinn, Bud Snot, Bill oilfesurob. Lm Deunord. Bob tiontsch. Len Leib:mitt. Keith Davis. OFFICERS President .. Eke.P eeeeee .1 S ernary — Robert C Hogaboos . non. eeeee rell Theodore S. Keefleld 110 NOR A RN AND UNI‘ ERSI ' I ' Y ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Ralph W. Chinn Jana H. Corley Frederick W. C.onns W. H. Davis Monroe E. Desist William G. Donald Carroll M. Einar Cline W. Evans Herbert B. Foster Reese Haman Dr. J. 1 ' . Harlw. Robert Hemphill J. H. Hildebrand Miles R. Huts E. A. DUDE Rohn S. Johann Ening I. Madison Nan Miller Peskin C. Palm Own A. Peen C. M. Price Kenneth I. Priestley A. W. Maims Ham, ' W. Shepherd Robert Gordon Sproul Ins i• C. Uteeita Edon C. Voorhies Frisk Wickhont Jobe P. Williamson Roben Wilson FOOTBALL William K. Aden Jobe II. Bailey Wendell 0. Beard John H. Buena Hector J. Canshollo Reload B. Chembers James S. ' Snood William C. Dillentwoth Heals, L. (Bahrain keened. A. (Tenn Jame. 0. Gieelich Robert W. Grey 11.estore S. Iteafield J ohn II. Kinder Norval II. Latimer Jed, SI. lased Raton A. Inne Wallet L. Meyer Elden J. Moho John S. Najarian Howard E. Petersen Rotten A. Powell Intik W. Roberts Fronk R. Rojcski David S. Montan Roder A. Stafford Ratted V. Senn linty J. Stuart Wolter F.. Sunsets., Jack M. Sena M. Stant Inn C. Under. Jr. BASKETBALL Robert G. Anderson Leslie N Deana Mervin F. Lenin Richard R. loser Jack M. Used !lassoed A. Loss Charles A. Mower CARPI A. Riemeke Sews W. Smith Goers C. Walker Andrew P. Wolfe Jams SI. Wray Paul 11. Bate•lee David C. Faint, In A. linnet Gaylord D. Bryan Honed T. Bost Kohn W. Cr., K easeth C. Gustation J. Robert Hanoindee Keith K. Davis L ent. E. Dens, BASEBALL TRACK TENNIS Rona SI. !banish Robert S. Johnson Lenard Leibowitz Thos.s Hartsell William A. ' lays Doe C. Metes Robin C Rosborough Jock SI. ' snood Richard W. Saukko Rayreoad A. Soukup Theodore S. henfield Jack D. Notherg Lester E. Rsdell Leslie C Sandia( Willie. E. Still Sidney G. White Richard 0. thrtschially Robert SI. Lynes Lewis II. Retsina, ' Stanley W. Potts 424 (National Intedraternity lions, Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS Phil BACK ROW: R. B. TImett, G. K. O ' Mara, Jr., I.. W. KIM, Jr., Orria K. Airola, Lee Weis, Ben MIA, Ed Van Bean:Post, William C. OWL Jahn W. Cash, DM Cnorn, R. C. BM, Serb G. KdS.s, Bob Vinra4, Bob Kingsley, Don Chlfman, Harry Andtrms Bob Sail, Jim Kephart. SECOND ROW: Henry Vtpcd, Carlton Smith, Robert Draw, Jack Linthicam, Rafael ArteSeda, Aran! Bergman, Allan Spud, Don Higgins, Brow Madman, Tay ajar,. FRONT ROW: Bran K. Cunning, Cal H. De Rogue, km Frye, Lea Sullivan, Kea Nadler, Jim WOraia, AM Befninger, Bob Lim, Bill Henderson, Don Bonn, Mel AMP . OFFI(tRS Samna Fail fleshiest . William Dan Lentil Airola Keened% Hadley YherPrerldfral... -- • ' • Orris Anal. Sterttery .... Richard Burns Tr Wolter Busse . K. B. Tippet ' R. H. Tippet ' HONORARY MEMBERS AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Spin William II. Adams Deaths Ana. Arthur Arlen David P. Barron Walton Bean Eric Bangui 4 Robert Bi.kley Lt. Cmdr. Sanaa! Bradbard David Brown. GSM A I Ca ' pt. Brent Cants Gearge Carbone Z. D. Cheney. CEO.%) Walter Christie Jams Corley Malcolm Davissoo Charles Darien. William G. Donald Carrel Ehnen Edwin Ewen ' (Sint Evans Ilarry Everitt Lt. GM.. Milton Fairchild Ilarlaad Frederick E. D. Kane Emmett. Penult, Col. Charles Thomas %Vane, S. Frederick Robert Lett, Alva W. Ragan R. B. Tipp.° Frederick C. Fischer Motels Lester Royal Roberts John F. T Stanley Freeborn George Louderb.ek Lay Rogin William Trout. CSplA I William Front John V. Lurid Frank M. Russel D. J. leen John W. Glatt Braun Hamilton Donald David Mitchell Capt. J. Slier Vernon M. Smith Edwin C. Voorhies Wally Wedalliad Cape. Frank Harris Clinton Morse Raymond Soong Lewis Wegner F. Arthur Harris Robert blosiroan Credo Harold Tallman Frank Wiekborst Capt. M. C. Heim Ronald I.. ()Isom Edward IL Taylor Howell Williams (laden G. Hyde Franklin C. Palm John Thurber Gard Wilson William Abbot Clifton Burton Prank Discs Lowell Airola Walter Huss. John Douglass Orrin Airola Claude Carperner Bob Drew David Anderson Dos Carpeater Peter Decker Harry Anderson Jack Carter William Ihnresn Rake! Arboteda Jack Castle Clarence Dachas Leland Arlie John Castleton Limbo Evans Ransom Anhui Jame. lihodd William Evans Link Ashleed Marlin Chase Jack Ferrer Itayeux Baker Donald (Imams, William Ferry Al Baker John Cook William Fisortan Gerald Ball Bob Grater Fred Poniard Jon Boned Angus Crocker Ellis Poster Dan Band ' Mania Crowe David Freeman Robert Based, Don Crum Dell French Robyn Blake Vim Cullinane Thomas Erin Jack Block Clarks Cullinane Fritz Furchenieht Richard Bradley Brute Cummings Charles Gates John Brennan Gawks C ' Kenneth Gasp Ricardo Brie William Dart Mervyn Gran ' Erten Brow• Doane Ikatias Fred Gibson Tom Bryant I.. F. Denny Jobs Grady Hal Bunke Earl deRogue Marion Groats John Burke Frank Demmer Tom Greathouse Richard Burns Frank DeWitt Dam Greco Robert Burns Donald Diann Robert Grionlnw Kenneth Hadley MEMBERS Prank ICala John lanai. Eutaw Hamilton Paid LongPM Retract Harrison John Laughlin Warren Hastings Robert Layman Don Hawkins Jack Le ' Does Chub Headcrson Richard lamas Robert S. Henn.nger Reber( Lint Robert hickey John Linthium Robert Hoffman Robert Lickbart Jack Howard Richard Lovett. Robert Howard Robert Lowell Peter Irwin John %Cahoon Hsi Joan ' Gerald Maps Clarlas Johnson Donald McDougall Melvin Johnson Lucian borers s William Johnson Gene Millard Donald Jon. Gordon Morten William Joy Robert Na i i n Norbert Kobus. Gamic McDaniel James Kristian Benson MeGarm Fred Kerma Don Mitchell lank Kidd Eugene Many I. J. Eiger Calvin Moore George Kenton AI Moreland Oscar Elm Richard Morgan James Kaiekerbacher Boo Morgan William Kophaldt Carlton Slues (Simon Murphy William Nash Eugene Nets. Cordon Nelsoa Warms Newberry Lis OThain George O ' Hara Daaiel O ' Mara Wade Patterson Glean Phillips Glenn Pinney Robert Powell Jack Reed Willies Reich Robert Sobini Joh. Sermaia Al Simmons( Jack Severn Robert Shaw Wade Shilllett Edward Sloth Heber Smith William Steers 1.. J. Steffan James Stnisky Earl !Medi Joseph Shan Canard Sullivan Harry Takosim Huth Term ' Hobart Thomas Douglass Thompson Robert Otto Ed Van Bronkbant Duane Vance Jay Vanderpool William Van Zama Henry Vend 1)on Wallace Edward Welch Dole Wankbeimer Jan( West William Whitmore William Whitney Inland Wiest George Williams Norman Williams Raab Wilkie Burton Wood Robert Wright James Wyss. Louis Zitnik 425 Skull. anti X2yA, BACK ROW: loan Verney. Bill Banning, Ned Kt Oda. Attar ' know Pm Farms, Bud [road, Pierce Mina, Dane Sherwin, Paul Goodall, Haney McGee. Bob Sauna, An. Centel ' . SECOND ROW. Ton Maw, Sam IOU, Hal Boom, Dick Gibmon, Untrw. Peel, George MueInnte. Bob Ann, Hanle Tr. . FRONT ROW: Harold Crania. Dean Solitary, Jerry Berra, Ed Wen, Jun Leman, George C Flaurty. TOM MASON SUMNER PECK PI eiiEtAt Cali 426 (Junior and Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Tom Mason President Sumner Peck Sumner Perk l ' ice•President Jerry Harrill George Mueller.chuen Secretary Bob James Sam Hall Corresponding Secretary Tom Mason Dick Gib Treasurer. George Muellerschoen HONORARY Dick Abell Captain Neil Ed munds Dr. Frank Kelly Major C. Sargent Stub James Fisk Alexander Kidd William Setchell Bottle Andrews Martin Flaherty Law retire Kinnard James Shaeffer David Barrow Wally Frederick W. M. Latimer Robert Sproul Gill Becker Stanley Freeborn Karl Leebrick Tom Stow Anthonj Blanks Horace Caiihcr E. Landon H. E. Stone Dr. Bole ' Raymond Gruel Austin MacDonald Edward Sirieklin N. S. Buchanan Everett Class Walter Magee Major J. Switzer Paul Cadman E. C. Goldsworthy Jack McKenzie Nicholas Taliaffe John Calkins Captain Sandy Goodman Ralph Merrill E. H. Taylor Donald Cameron Lieutenant H. Greenlaw Ralph Miller Colonel Thomas R. W. Chaney Charles Chapman John Grover Brutus Hamilton Brick Mitchell J. iix Walter Christie Jack Happolt Kasen Neuhaus Philip Van Horn Clarence Corey Dr. James Harkness John Neylan Charles Voltz Harry Davis Robert Hemphill R. I.. 01S011 Edwin Voorhies M. M. Davisson Norman Hinds F. C. Palm Benjamin Wallace Monroe Deutsch John liosiater Major G. Peabody Frank Wiekhorst William Donald H. W. Howard Ken Priestly Bob Wilson Newton Drury Mile . Hudson Al Ragan Jean Witter W. II. Durham limes Hutchinson Carl Reich Carl Zamloch Ky Eltright Hill Ingram I.. Reno SENIORS Bill Banning Fred Gardner Walt Jones Sumner Peek Hall Bowers Richard Gammon Jim Lemmon Lev Sarre Jerry Harrill Sam Hall Bill Markoff Dave Sherwin Bud Crosley Ned Renshaw Tom Mason Ed Solinsky John Dunlap Will Hopper Harvey McGee Buzz Trunk Bill Durkee Bob James George Muellerschoen John Vernay Pete Farmer Chuck Wood JUNIORS Joe Billion S. oily Foster Jack Kane Jack Mower Wall Boyle Paul Goodall John Lainoream Jim Smith Jack Campbell Buzz Hamlin Will Lotter Ed Welch Bob Cole Charlie Hanger Garth Marston Joe Wilson Harold Crandall Ralph Hill Pierre Milton Bill Wilier Howard Dickinson Holt llogebnont Hal Moeller Bill Wolfe Bill Diffenbaugh Andy Wolfe 427 Pan (Sophomore tromen ' s Honorary Service Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1939 ONE CHAPTER BACK ROW: Anne Panifk, Maim Pclit-m, Janice Pima, Emmy Lou BA.tofee, Petty Radom, PerotTy Wu:et Mania McDonald, Joan Green:erg THIRD ROW: Satan Wrren, Jean Hoyle., Cnatteee Reid, Connie Mot Betty los Arbar , Olden WtollteRl. Dons McCain. SECOND ROW: Ilartam Fay, Jeal Wthte. Towne Co.. " . Mm,an Iscel, Mom Calytte, Potty Minified, Wm. Helm. FRONT ROW: Jean O ' Boyyy, Ilietimia Gordo , Ares O ' Dovell, Pat Ilichols, Wean Melrose, Ann Brockman. Palmma arynelh. OFFICERS Summer Pall Spring President Edith Brown Patty Eggleston Agnes O ' Donnell Vice-President Marian McDonald Jean O ' Brien Virgins Carpenter Recording Secretary Marian Simon Jean Heater Pat Nichols Treasurer Dori. Nletatto Agnes O ' Donnell Marion Melrose Corresponding Secretary Marcia Cray Arm Brookman HONORARY Betty Barton Katherine Fischer Catherine I). Greene Alice Hoyt Mary B. Davidson ACTIVES Patricia Andrews Mary Eggers Letitia Lesser Ann Powers Marion Alice! Katherine Everett Polly Mansfield Charlene Read Edith Brown Margaret Fay Doris J. McCann Catherine Reid Ann Brookman Peggy Farlow Marian McDonald Janice Riven Palmina Brunelli Betsey Folliard Marian Melrose Marian Sinton Sally Ann Burgess Mimi Gaston Betty Mogilner Katherine Thane Kinmy Lou Butikofer Marcia Cray Patricia Nichols Barbara Warren Virginia Carpenter Joan Greenberg Jean O ' Brien Cricket Weather!), Joanne Cerini Frances Halstenrud Agnes O ' Donnell Dorothy Whalen Marie Condon Mary Helm Anne Parrish Jean White Betty Lou Dunbar Jean Helder Constance Pfund Barbara Ann Williams Patricia Eggleston Mary Jane Kenyon Marian Polhemus 428 (Junior Hen ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER Xeinuth MEMBERS John Gong Frank James Grover Klennner James Lemon Melville Long Tom Mason Jack Mower Norman Peek Marshall Robinson James T. Allen David P. Barrows Herbert E. Bolton Ralph W. Chaney James H. Corky Ira B. Cross Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton W. Evans Stanley B. Freeborn Raymond G. Gala UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Elmer C. Goldsworthy Charles A. Gulick. Jr. Brutus Hamilton Joel H. Hildebrand Miles Hudson Charles G. Hyde Henry Kingman Myron E. Krueger Armin 0. Leuschner James P. Maaine N. Wing Mah Guy Montgomery Ronald I. Olson Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestley Al W. Ragan Leon J. Richardson Robert Sibley Robert G. Sproul Thomas Stow Robert M. Underhill Edwin C. Voorhies Baldwin M. Woods Arthur Anderson Hancock Banning John Bricker Al Derian Ralph Dewey Wilfred Durkee Peter Farmer John Fitzhenry Harold Flesher Fred Garner William Robinson Leveret ' Sarre Benjamin Sumac R. H. Schulte Robert Shoemaker John Sproul George Stein David Way Edward Welch George Wendell Xamntet and Oinunsth_ ;;;;; Mies II ttttt .rary Se ' def) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1936 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS SunsmenFall Spring President Rosemary Foster Constance Ruys Vicearesident Crissola Knudsen Muriel Zerangue Secretary Marion Wright Joyce Webb Treasurer Muriel %mutant Joe Ehrman HONORARY Scotty Baird Mr. and ink Feed 0. Harris Henry Samnaler Maurice Cavanaugh Mrs. F. S. Link Florence Stauffer UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Reber, F. laws Benjamin lehman Mary Jane Await Jane Bennett Carol Drumm lint Cameron Eleanor C olonna Georgia Corrigan Ted DaMolten Nellie Dickson Peggy Duffy ACTIVE MEMBERS Joe F.hmtan Nancy Foster Rosemary Foster Bruce Harris Susanne Hurt Marie Jacobson Cristola Knudsen Margaret Lipman Pamela Marsh Herbert Meads Patricia Myers Mary Pat McNamara Mary Elaine Painter Constance Ruys Joyce Webb Marion Wright MIIriel Zerangue 429 Mad_ and. 0.aq_cp2A, (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1905 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Gordon Connell. Jane Bennett ;tire•President Peep putt) Secretary Pamela Marsh Carol Itrumm Treasurer Mary Elaine Palmer Jane Bennett Herb Meads Carol Brumm Peggy Duffy HONORARY MEMBERS Judith Anderson Hope Cladding Irving Pichel Harold Basmae Everett Glass Kenneth Priestley Fred Blanchard Fred Harris Mat Radin Theodore Bowle Mary Harris Leonard Rattner Alice ' Brainard Jennifer Howard Louis Reynolds Sheldon Cheney Robert laws Henry Lorraine C. Cunningham Beniamin Lehman Nathan Scott Harry Davis Doris McIntyre Wood Soane• Monroe Deutsch Guy Montgomery Sarah Sturgess Matburin I) 10 Eugen Neuhaus Alan Thompson Edwin Duerr Stephen Pepper Dwight Whitney Willard Durham Charles Von Neummer Florence Anderson Morris Ankrum Lois Austin William Bernal Berni« Rens in Frank Brown Lloyd Carrigan Augusta Dabney Crawl Denton S ' innent Dully Ralph Edwards Richard Ehlers John Eldridge ALUMNI ACTIVE IN THE William rick Frank Ferguson Robert Goldstein Laurence Hugo Betty Kinsey James Krieger Leslie Mahoney Virginia Mathis Baldwin McCaw Mary Meyer Paul Nathan Barry Nelson Nestor Paiva Walter Plunkett PROFESSION Stanley Quakenlowly Michael Buffet° Robert Ross Gloria Stuart Harold Swanton Lynette Temple Kenneth Toby Helen Tupper Carol Ebert Veils« Kathleen Wilson Donald Woods Menahem Wolfe Barton Yarborough Mary Jane Ambit Elizabeth Berryhill John Caffrey Jane Bennett Carol BrUMM John Castello Stanley Cavell ACTIVE ALUMNI lames Cameron Ted Dalbotten ACME MEMBERS Gordon Connell Peggy Duffy James Keilty Margaret Lipman Suzanne ale Lippe Crier Annelime W. Rods Seth Liman Pamela Marsh Michael Meads Frances Miller Mary Elaine Palmer 430 Yebrilian„ FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1920 BACK ROW: Aka Brennen, Einabetb Bernell, Annelieu Rode, Ted Dalbotten, Pcsor Dully. SECOND ROW: Marie ZelArgne. Carol erten., Jan. Bennett, Popo Cock Reg. Webb. FRONT ROW: Maroon Lr.)11, Consume Run, Cri11011 Knsaien, guest. OFFICERS Summer Fall Spring President Panels Mardi Margaret Lipman Margaret Lipman V iee•President Frances Miller Joyce Webb Joyce Webb Secretary. Connie Rua Mary Elaine Palmer Grinsla Knudsen Treasurer Betsy Henderson Carol Drumm Mary Elaine Palmer HONORARY MEMBERS Caroline Glassman Mrs. Fred 0. Harris Mrs. R. B. de Lippe Mrs. Aida Link Jane Bennett Elizabeth Ilerryhill Aida Brenneis Carol [Donna Peggy Cook Ted Ds!bonen MEMBERS Peggy Day Betsy Henderson Cr!gaols Knudsen Margaret Lipman Pamela Marsh Frances Miller Mary Elaine Palmer AnneHese Roda Constance Buys Joyce Webb Muriel Zerangue 431 3hida. Sigma Phi (Professional Women ' s Journalism honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ' WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1923 THIRTY.SEVEN CHAPTERS BACK ROW: 71111 Cli Loeb, Wroosa Nall, lure Berthold, Katheriet Ttungs, Pat Poetry, Rost.nuy Asecid, Mary Reeves, Jean Potter. SECOND ROW: Molly Burrell, Lynn Strider, Maria Uremiza, PWllis Seidiin, UP Fine, WWI! Stevenson, Marilyn San, Kay Willa fly. PRONE ROW: Patti Finn, sew Collies, Ptrilllt Lyn, Marl CanPbell, Man Madsen. Nadine Nee. OFFICERS Summer Fall Spring President Pat Wents Patti Finn Mary Campbell Vice-President Patti Finn Jane Collins. Patricia Powers Secretary Betty Baldwin Mary Campbell Vary Madsen Treasurer Pat Young Phyllis Lyon Emily Reynolds Keeper of the Archires Pat Bradley Carolyn Snyder ADVISOR Mrs. Roben W. Desmond SENIORS Rosemary Arnold Libby Fine Patricia Young Marilyn Base Betty Carben Mary Reeves Betty Baldwin Virginia Hall Emily Reynolds Molly Burrell Dorothea Hook Carolyn Snyder Mary Campbell June Klingborg Barbara Stevenson June Collins Theresa Loeb Pa Wents Patti Finn Phyllis Lyon Katherine Willoughby Mary Madsen Irene Bradfield Pat Bradley Jane Kenyon JUNIORS Pat McGregor Nadine Palmerton Jean Potter Patricia Powers Phyllis Seidkin Katherine Thalia,. Maria Urquiza 432 alPha- (Prolessional Advertising Sorority) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 193. ONE CHAPTER BACK ROW:ROW: Nancy Eddy, Nancy Nambly. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Sony, Pat Wyttel, CsKkett Weathtrby, gyn. hIrtrow. FRONT ROW: Carob " Pinky, Rohn Orr, Barbara Stotts, Carol WWI. OFFICERS Summer Fall Spring President Pat Jones. Pat Wessel lean Seidl Vice President Arlene Robertson Nancy Eddy Barbara Stokes Secretary.Treasurer l ' eggy Greenfield Carol Mist Carolyn Negley ACTIVES Janis Allsoewer Aileen Frank Cynthia Parker Marian Ansel Peggy Greenfield Arlene Robertson Carol Bliss Nancy Handily Elizabeth Sam. Ann Brookntan Jean Houser Jean Seidl Sally Burgess Pat Jones Frances Stern Norma Deicing Peggy Lynch Barbara Stokes Nancy Eddy Marian Melrose Ch ' Weatherby Emilie Evans Marion Miner P • ' Wentz Hilda Feinberg Carolyn Negley Patricia Wetzel Robin Orr 433 11243-thm- ( Dental Honor Society) AMES AI.TERIE ROBERT ANDERSON WILLIAM BROWN ROBERT CARLSON WILLIAM ELSASSER ROBERT SCOTT JAMES SOARES RICHARD COOPER FAY VAN JACK WILHELM OFFICERS President Robert Scott Secretary. William Brown Treasurer —. Robert Anderson MEMBERS James Alterie William R. Campbell Robert Stott Robert Anderson Robed Carlson James Soares Robes F. Brigante Richard Cooper Robert Theren William Brown William Elsner Fay Van Clarence F,. Brunhonse Robert T. Sehe Jack Wilhelm 434 Mu, ganuna. (international Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society, FOUNDED AT THE LOS ANGELES CITY COLLEGE, 1931 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS BACK ROW. Mann Ounkel, Jackie Caen, Lisa J. Kraus, Helen Calla att., Manlyn Cohn, Nathan Wakefield, OnNin Baldwz•. Irene Wtoseun, Nowa Shearer, Mn Vketergan, Lucille Farrell, BeaItKt ROSS, Betty Alien, Marin. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Rickard, J:ie Mario Coleman, Jeanne Mendo, John Franklin Baker, Bob Mane Rotel M. Su., Norman Chan, SterlIrq Leis , Mario Pe rry, Lucille Raymond, Pauline higlitha, Jean Allm, Ctdlia Tellini. THIRD ROW: Hen Satre, Grate Martin atm, Betsy VIA Steente, Valerie Masan, Cann Sava, 8. Vet Sank Jean Flaky, Edith Pam, Anteitilft Grtatacnne, Britt.Marie OStlind. Arline Joyce CAW.. Jean Haller, Gertrude MOM. SECOND ROW: DOM Hawley. Sally TOMS. Crickett Weatherby. Luis Ireland, JulieWay, MIA Tait., Telko HiOnhirna, turflike Nakahayagi, Betty leonine , Bianca Ratto, Jane Meyers, Bars, Caw. FRONT ROW: hare Assail,. Virginia Mack!, Wain Haim, %Skyey Kummer. Eva Lees Barbara °maw. Belly Want, NomaRea,Rink Sage., GUNN, RYON Ysolne Runyan. OFFICERS Summer Poll Spring President Luis Ireland Luis Ireland Virginia Maciel Yice•President Christie Weatherby Wolfgang Kummer Corresponding Secretary Crete Unger Beverly Watson Jeanne Arsanis Recording Secretary Jeanne Arsanis Lonnie Rend Treasurer Virginia Maciel Gloria Kneiss FACULTY ADVISORS Edward F. Meylan Oleg Maslenikov MEMBERS Elisabeth Allen Phyllis Ceisenhoff Richard Matberson Charles Stone Jean E. Allen Marian Cholla Peggy Jane Meyers William Stretch Jerome Anderson Allan Goldsmith Fumiko Nekabayashi Henry Sutro Orsolina Balduazi Lily Gyn Rhoda Oldfield Miyeko Takita Dorothy Browne Grace Harrington Britt•Marie Ostlind Connie Thompson Joie Louise Cagnoni Jean D. Helfer Nilda Peruzzo Cecilia Tollini Jaequiline Caps Ruth Ileppner Betty Pierce Marisa Traina Nyla J. Cole Teiko Hideshima Evelyn Piva Betsy Van Seventor Jose Cole Milton Hodnette. Jr. Lucille Raymond Albert Wagner Arline Joyce Cooper Pauline Ingham Mary Ann Regan Katherine Wakefield Jeanne Dalhquist Herman Iventosrh Helen Rend Dale Walker Emma Jane Davis Nobuko Kamatani John Barbara Weatherwax Edith Dresdner Gloria Kneiss Beatrice Re,. Glenna Weiser !Karen E. Dunkel Lisa J. Kraus Thomas Rickard Irene Weissman Constance Edwards Wolfgang Kummer Yvonne Runyan Margaret Wilcox Dawns G. Ericksen Eva Ellen Lees Norma Ruiz Mildred Wright Lucille M. Farrell Jane Lewis Rana Schlaffer Ozell Yates Margaret J. Freienag Marilyn Joy hleDuffee Hudak Sena Edith Yim Jean E. Flatter Noels Marin Ruth Shackelford Margaret Young Irene Finkbonner SIlviano Marin Honors Shearer Ella Yuen Hans H. Frankel Valerie Mason Carmen Silva Miriam Weisstein 435 Phi CALI yuda. (Commerce II omen ' s Professional Fraternity) FOUNDED IN CHICAGO. ILLINOIS. 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY•OUR CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Margery Bales, Snider Eastman, Map,. Gray, Helen Kat, Joyce Roden, Arra Bnhay, Proyala Sanyo% Jane Cala " Inbara Jean Warren. Connie Brazen. Market IlioNay, Reda Ericham. Helen Pradn. FRONT ROW: Ann Welch, Dorothy Perry, Donna limy, Mantle Owls, Marion Paelan. Bartura eau Florence lAcVntle, Janke Davison. Janet Fell, Helen Crane. Doran ClIstrap, Batara Slats, Oat Cahill, Rosy-era re thing. OFFICERS Summer•Fall Spring Prodders: . .... Janice Davison Dorothy Gastrin Vine•Presulent ... ....... Meredith Janet Felt Secretary Florence MtVittie Barbara Ball Treasurer Donna Hovey . ..—...... —Margery Boles Histories. Barbara Ball ..Marian Phelan Iris Correspondent__ ...... ---Doris Cahill • Priscilla Benson Chapter Hosts:we, ....... ..... Nelda Erickson Donna Hovey National Delegate Rosemarie Cebling HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Catherine De Motto Greene Vera May Twin Barbara Ball Priscilla Benton Helen Bishop Margery Boles Bracer Maurice Brennan Doris Cahill Barbara Clark Marilyn Davis Janice Davison Sh irley Eastman Nelda Erickson Janet Felt MEMBERS Denise Fleig Jane Galvan Rosemarie Gehling Dorothy Gamut) Helen Granger Marjorie Cray Leila Harbors Alice Hardy Donna Hovey Helen Kile Florence hIeVittie Adele Meredith Lois O ' Connor Dorothy Perry Marian Phelan Joan Porter Helen Pricier Olive Promo Joyce Roberts Beverly Robinson Jean Starks Barbara Stokes Market Thomas Barbara Warren Ann Welch 436 Sigma- (Women ' s History Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1915 ONE CHAPTER BACK ROW: Margaret Banong, Nona Kant, Janata Ella, 8 blIa Cope, Eyagelior Lao, Virginia Wave.. THIRD ROW: Millie mo ee, Marilyn FIAMY, tail, Anita, Dorothy eater, Patricia Egattion, Dalt McNutt, Barbra Wild. SECOND ROW: Pa Bertellottl, Minn MeHls, Billie amen, Male Tyler, Jean Sonia. FRONT ROW: Beverly eater, Octal, Lundberg, Writ Sullivan, Elaine Dale. OFFICERS Spring Fan Beverly Becker President Marie Sullivan Janet McMurray Dorothy Lundburg Margaret lirinzing .Secretary Janet McMurray HONORARY MEMBERS Walton E. Bean John D. Hicks James F. King Vernon J. Puryear Frederick I.. Paxson John Rydjord • MEMBERS Olive Stewart C. W. Thomas Madeleine Aimo Patricia Eggleston Estelle Lau Elizabeth Riley Barbara Allen Jeanette Elliot Helen Leopold Barbara Roach Emilie Allison Dorothy Emmenegger Evangelyn Lewis Delia Roeder Phyllis Anderson Betty Ennis Dorothy Lundburg Elaine K. Saunders Lorraine Bailey Marilyn Flaherty Evelyn MacDonald Input Seheuer Dorothy Barker Alice Foletta Louisa Manta Marion Shoham Dorothy Beal Jayne Frank Mildred McKee Jean Shepard Beverly Becker Phyllis Gilmore Janet McMurray Elizabeth Shulas Barbara Bernd Katherine Goepfert Doris McNutt Raiza Silverman Pia Benellotti Elisi Gordon Shasta Meservey Shirley Sluiter Gloria Bittles Pat Hanson Roberta Milani Carolyn Jean Smidt Betty Jane Bradshaw Gladys Heldman Asinett Millis Edna Smith Margaret Jane Brinzing Mary Jane Hendrickson Virginia Monroe Celia Stevens Billie Brown Patricia Hervey Molly Moore Naomi Stone Laura Bunnell Jean Holt Elizabeth Naurel Marie Sullivan Barbara Cope Barbara Ray Howard Gloria Nichols Barbara Travers Jean Dahncke Robin His Johnson Claire Nunan Merle Tyler Elaine Dale Jeanne Jordan Fortunate Olivia Margaret Waegell Edna Daniels Edith Josephson Jean Pattie Crave Walker Sylvia Davis Jean Karn Barbara Ann Pinger Betty Lou Warner Beverly Doron Nona Korta Ruth Walken Jean F. White Ruth Dyer Grace Larsen Claire Rezir Martha Williamson 437 Ofilia. lizsilon, (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1914 THREE CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Wider APOTO9d4t, Edith MuNawa. toms Etaciato, train. Aft, Barbara Yew. SECOND ROW: ler P..44y, Tett, Al%Watt, W11141111 Dan Sea Day, Coati Rowe, frank Sorrow FRONT ROW: Pat WOW, Raymond Lewis, Mary Morthart, Donxhy Stallard, litre McCrary, RapNod Too. OFFICERS Summer Pali Spring President Edith MacNamara Meidel Applegate Patricia Walker P ieePresident Meidel Applegate William Boughton Raymond Lew is Secretary Meidel Applegate Beverly McCreey Mary Morehart Treasurer Mary Davenport.. Louise Bartoeco Elizabeth Denton Raymond Boynton John Halup Judith Hicks Walther Horn Raymond Jeans HONORARY MEMBERS Eele Loran Le Van Miller Eugen Newhaus Chain Obata Margaret Cellapn Stephen Pepper Raymond Puecinelli Worth Ryder Oliver Washburn Winifield Wellington Meidel Applegate Lorraine An Betty Attwater Louise Baciocco Frank Burritt June Chaney Frank Clancy Sally Clement Fran Cummings William Damon ACTIVES Mary Davenport August Day Elizabeth Denton Stella Doty Florence Galli Betty Hackett Heidi Hall Ruth Kelsey Raymond Lewis Beverly McCreery Edith MacNamara Mary Morehan Janet Podley Marjorie Shull Fran Spencer Dorothy Stafford Raymond Tom Betty Tons,. Barbara Van Buren P " Walker Barbara Yew 438 anumfran, Sacidik Machanicat bupniztva (California Student PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1911 BACK ROW: R. C. Martintlii, Layvtaut H. GI0110.11., H. W. Iverson, Robert Mood, AkursAer S. Senserenko, J. W. London, Stephen Abbot, Herten Mailings, Bob Turrioll, Harold A. Moto , C. F. Gartmd. R. G. foist.; E. W. SECOND ROW: Frank R. Ronlii, J. Carl Stibly, Daniel Y. Tenenbaum, Waller M. Schwider, Charles E. Lawn. Jr., Frank A. Marlin, N. B. Unpile. R. w. Levtoder, P. C. Attu FRONT ROW: Ira Natio, Robert H. Winch, Dorn Pearso, Albert C. Strong, Wall Samnl H. Kleinman, Bill Croy, Mattis Wildetelelo, E. G. Thong... OFFICERS FaU Spring Albert Strong Charles E. Lockhart Robert Hirsch Herben H. Hastings Bill Cray Narver Stank ...Dorothy Wilkins Julien C. Timm Stephen Abbot Robert Alford Rodney Andrus Dewey Berner John Bevis Alden Bloxham Kenneth Caldwell Paul Christman John Clawson Ernest Dildine R. G. Folsom C. F. Garland Bill Gray Lawrence Grossman Robert Hartmen Herbert Hastings E. W. Ilinisuorth Robert Hirsh Curt Holxhauser H. W. Iverson Harold Johnson Samuel Kleinman Ted Kopp Charles Lockhart 11. B. anoint Albert Lapides Donald Lengel R. W. Leutwiler J. W. Londen Harry Locheta Frank Martin Robert Martin R. C. Martinelli Edward Molloy Ira Nagin P. C. Nelson Nicholas Nicola Arthur Okuno Dori. Pearson Stanley Potts Barbara Quimby Cordon Reader Frank Rojeski Walter Schneider Carl Seibly Alex Semenenko Albert Strong Dan Tenenbaum E. C. Thomsen Bob Turnbull Charles Wildens Dorothy Wilkins Summer Chairman Julius Stanley Potts Itice•Chairman Secretary Dino Williams Treasurer Alexander Semenenko 439 per. Epailon- (National Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. 1920 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Robert J. McNeill Vice•President Rupert F. Thompson SecretarpEditor Edward I.. Frates Treasurer William M. Boucher tibrarinn•istorian John E. Cummings Assistant Editor Thomas D. Evans BACK ROW: EP Oates, Jean Gunmiras. FROAT ROW: elat McNeil, Ton (wits, Rupert thouptort. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jan 0. M. Brock John B. Confine Erie C. Bellquist Fred Arloli Carlo Ambrosini William M. Boucher John E. Cummings Thomas D. Evans Roy Fogel Edward L. Frates William Kidder Robert J. McNeill Richard Merritt MEMBERS Gene Millard Jack Mower Wendell 0. Schaller Rupert F. Thompson Edwin F. Bailey Woodwenh C. Bein Igor N. Belousovitch Wilson B. Flick Thomas Cilsenan Orlando C. Hamlin Norman J. Mann Peter M. McLellan William K. Medlin Robert 0. Plant George R. Reel Daniel L. Smith Syl C. Tully Lloyd C. Wesley Eugene B. Wileman coonuninc " sackhk OE ITC FAN Presidele Elemotr Cabana Viee-Pnaleleat -.. Tommy Angell Elizabeth Burkett .. Janice DeMoor Enamor Barth.. Frederica Bernhard Dorothy Brett Neon Bun. Gladys Brown Elizabeth Harken Jean Catheria Tommy Amgen Marjorie Boles Bloom Colton ' HONORARY Caroline Coleman Lenin Czarnowski Sarah Davis Anna Emenscriade GRADUATE ' S Barbera Cozens Winona. Dooms Gloria Conon Betty MEMBERS Janke DeMoor Hods MeCsan Merle Henze Glen Anne Ihnlin Pouliot Hodgson Esther Sinclair Lillian Henn ' Jrwephise Overlies. Rosemary Seater Sigridur Vidgeirsdeatir Virginia Parent Merge Shull Morgan( Wickham 42ka- (Professional Adrert king Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI 1913 CHARLES RAYMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS William Hideo very.7 ' reee•rn Joseph One Royal A. Roberta Reginald Riggs Earl Rorke McCulloch Campbell atones Collier John Cuddy Herold Deal Ben Dixon George Duntrondt HONORARY MEMBERS Carl Eastman Walter Held Sunlit Hennas Lawrence Lam Robert Laws R. I. Litchfield Carl Milne Ramsey Humani st Wilmot Rodger, Stanley Steenberg Mei Thomas Wayne Thornton Loe Towngend Earl Willer King Wilkie Howard wifinghbv UNIVERSITY Warner Bran Robert Desmond Ewald Cretin ACTIVE ASSOCIATES Richard Kelly Royal A. Roberts Ira Wain MEMBERS Phillip Aram Robert Cumming William Hiders Duane Parkinson Jerrold Bromberg Robin. Fret Robert J Stanley 1.. Perkins Edward Burrell David It Freemen Artist Korn Robert Radon Welter Bum Ilerben W. Funk Stephen Kaufmann Robert Rawson Richard Cahill David M. C.oidord Mel Lane William J. Ragan linen Campbell Robert Galindo William teemed Peter Stiutz Lenard Canter Aide Green Julian Martin Thomas Sturgeon Joteph Clan George Dodgy Men McCabe Irwin Spinier Leslie Cohn Robert Great Alan MtMurrey Melvin W Vincent C.Ilimne Harlem Hence Warne Michael Hoch William Ilewlitn• Leveed Newman 441 (National Women ' s Social Organisation) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES. 1924 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 193S FOURTEEN CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Noelit (reach, Eructs Vona, Jowl Nancy Grant, Velma Palmate. THIRD ROW: Gina Mae la, ran Ittastitat, Marbutt Rand., Kay Onte, Marilyn CMOs , Bury Van Sewell., Sulfite Goldstein. SECOND ROW: Swell. Gino. May LOA Lym, Martial Mullowey, NOell Main, Cry Coke, GeOrvie Debbie, Angela Mteuta, Betty SUMO, La Rae Ilampildel. FRONT ROW: Edith de LC...3We, Paul ' s kaningt. Wet ' Malian, WOO, Riley. Catain Pal Miller, Paula Genie, Cecil M SIMMAY. OFFICERS Sante Enii.Strict President -II mei ...W Edith de Longer. Ekes inside.: sass Olga Mew Martha Mullewori. Pauline len•ings C pending S Martha Mellowile. tho PAL. Newlin Stone . Riley Dorothy Riley Grimm:ell Mary Martian UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATI Martel Barna. tatill• Caareeski L eon S. Cobb Mary B. Davide . Mrs. Robed Gorden Spree ' GRADUATES B etsy Van Seventer Mornmt Kookel Mmy Alim Rolle SENIORS li•ttl Rm... P.,. Ps P filler Ruth Blumemon Neekt Froth Victoria Mimician Edith de looters Jose Greet Paull Omit B ernie. Firma.. Theism Meie Dorothy Riley lane Foreel1 Olga Meyer (Nadi. Terme JUNIORS Carol, limn. Jews Criteria Noll. Marie Catherine Risk. Poona Jennings Mecum Mullane. Surma Cold ' Joao Kirk Jamphim Strome Mary Lee Lyons SOPHOMORES Berth. Minim Marilyn Cledem. Margaret Rands Jewel liarklm Gonne Cabbie Patrick Sinai Madge Balloon Ceas Mat In Kett, Stanton Xenia Boodbmg Janet Loomis Pantos Vim. Pet lire. sr Mary Meeting Edythe Wareham, Katherine Owes Alice C. Ile Mts. Nitemem La Rae Hampton Velum P Imate FRESHMEN Illende• Nary Great Angels Minna 442 (ASUC Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1932 ONE CHAPTER BAG( ROW: Harriet Coe, Willie Vogel, Bawdy Bede., Joe O ' Cconell, Robetta Shepherd, Mn Vlaberghs, Wry Jane Phillips, Mary Barry, Mare. Conte.. SECOND ROW: Jew as3ntY, Coke!. Winterluldee, Otto Riley, Eileen O ' Brien, Jew Barbara Burnett, Meet Randolph, laxity., Weed, FRONT ROW: 1 1 BIela Coffin, Evelyn Per,, Peggy Stolle, Sorge Boom, Norma IDnnpill, viloinia Foley, Gnen Under. OFFICERS Summer Pall Spring President Billie Brown Marion Boden Eileen O ' Brien Vic...President Marion Roden Eileen O ' Brien Evelyn Piva Treasurer Raftery Jean Johnson Roberta Shepherd Recording Secretary Dorothy Riley Peggy Brodie Harriet Coe Corresponding Secretary Angela d ' Artenay Ann Vloeberghs Willie Vogel Historian Eleanor Moffett Tune Chancy June Chaney Mary Barry Beverly Becker Marion Boden Peggy Brodie Billie Brown Barbara Bunten June Chaney H ' Coe Angela d ' Artenay Virginia Foley MEMBERS Ruth Ganaerl Lydia Gray Maureen Greene Joan Ilayler Betty Hunt Gwen Lindner Eileen O ' Brien Jane O ' Connell Mary Jane Phillips Evelyn Piva Arlene Randolph Dorothy Riley Patricia Roger. Roberta Shepherd Marie Simonelli Marilyn Spofford Norma Tannahill Ann Vioeberghs Wilhelmina Vogel 443 C.0111142, ttlanun ' a. Yunima. JUNIOR AUXILIARY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN NADINE CHESTERMAN ROBERTA CONRAD IDA MARIE DOBLER BETTY ANN EDDY JOAN GORMAN BETTY HARRELL SALLY HOWARD BARBARA ROACH FRANCES RODGERS MARQUEE THOMAS NANCY VEALE OFFICERS B arbara Roach Presana Nap Male Nary Vale .. -.. Fiat INearrealeat Joan Gorman Key Renter. Ilre•Prostdrat Marcum ' Gomm, Ida Mara Dobler mama Third Eire-Prnirints Hardin ()Iowan Joan Gorman Nett) ' ImreII betty Darrell mama Treasner. Roberta Coma H arty Ann P.Olieity Id. Marie Dobler Franca Rodgers PAllauthrople %lemon Thomas Ps.lionetarla. Sails Deward ....hrireasna MEMBERS Mrs. Milli. Alla, Iola Caller Marion Henderson Doris Pennon Marjorie Allen Dm ides... Pula lessors Leon Pktirillo Harriet Arabi Al.... Ihvies Mrs. Peals Hodbon Marjorie Pierce Mari Ram Annual( Barbara Davis Sally Hemmed Phyllis Pollard Roman Arnold Edith Mr Isamu. Flores. Ileums. Betty Powell Ready Klemm, 1)esplain Cosmic Jones Shirley Dailln Flan Raker Virginia Di ttttt le 1.11. Josephson Betty Rank Ruth Ramon Alice Diva Sue Ken Mmion Rector Lei% Italia Id. Marie Dobler Ardis Kind Dorm Robert• Emilia Rehm Dorothy Dower. Myra Kate Frame. Rodgers Barbara Raman Paella, Dottie Lois Lang Nana Knit Remy Reyes Cleo Rills Dot Lambert Tatiana Rams Virginia Boman Nancy PsHis Sallyetchworth Marie. Schierl is( (Sae Macho Joan Parnell Jeans lava. Jerry Selmer Melia Roden Florence Ferrari Peon Loather Aare Schwenk Beady Break. lean Fisk Si.ry Los Lyon Jean Seward Mary Burgess Nosey Poster Janie McCled Barbers Skiles Marilyn Callen Phyllis Fraser Mary Pat %leNamara Barbaro Stevensa• Betty Barbaro Pratt.. KinkItem Mn..... Rae Stockholm Midi Cam Mrs. Iona French Marina Masser lea Strasser Morison. Clamberlain Petty Fry Mood Bay Suthitrhad Main (Imam. Floral. Goldsmith lean Merritt Joan Swanton Nadine theiterman Reny Gammas Katy Marten %loam Thomas Loh Collin Jean Gorman Virginia Morton Lois Gilman Roberta Conrad Andre. Gram Pat Myern Janet Testes Frans Groeland lane 0001 Berbera Jean Katherine (kale Nancy Cowen. enrol Guild Virtti•i• Norale Nam, kale Ruth Crembew Bevy rrrrr I Ruth 444 epiiilon. Phil (Society of Hellenk Students) CHARTER CHAPTER FOUNDED ON BERKELEY CAMPUS. 1940 BACK ROW: Chris Pans, Van Devotion:elan. SECOND ROW: Jerry Arrptliges, Dar Pots, Deeetthtros Papaprenrs, Nick Fr✓ Ot, Kitt Dent•akcpcvlos. Anne Karneges, Anus la George, Deena Thant George Mica Stoop Barbit Jobs Knaves. FRONT ROW: Pat Mortise:is, ChristIre Winn, Be, Andrew, Meg Comm.oa Katherine Dann, Helen CMratarnhous, lugIto Sknpetos. OFFICERS Slimmer Fall Sprixt Preilhot . ... Niers. Color,. Slimy Colones Katherine Timm. V let-Preidde•r Dorothy Anoint ' Katherine Then.. George Nice, Mari.. Boone °rimiest CI:alio Attire Skrepero• T Cl. ' ' Kiranown Beverly Andrew Angelo Throdo.opeolo. HONORARY MEMBER Monroe E. Deena Bessie Barbikas aria Cshones Georgia Clumgaris Peel Chriotopolos Helen 0 Mary Des.lernos Nikki Dnaleen°. Nick Eltliner Mary Anamolt Beverly Andrew Jere, AnteDim Dorothy Apostol Mary Barbie Mary Hardin Mary Bennie Christine Chalks Set Oldies Tom Canals. ItNU Chrissanthes Maly °lore. Vaults Davanis Bessie Demettekopelos Ted Eif Sophia Evangel°. Nick Freak°. ALUMNI Helene Keehn n !node. Zoe Ellis Sam Menzel°. Olt. Flames Gnarly Nichols, Katherine Clallcides Martha Psparlkis Meier Salome. Carolina Tapp.. George kehriotis Nick Petrie Eurydice Kochi Solo. Scordelis George bosoms. Vold. Scordeli. GRADUATES Olga Flamm William Toolis UNDERGRADUATES Georgia Froajmkos Amanda Gage Benzine Glalkides A.deew James°. Joh. Kakure. Aline Kerncaes Eva Bemuses ' me Kasten. Cb " La Moat Mitchell Laos Gus Mancelis Thelma Minas Asineth Meths Alex Minim Pat !Meantine° George Nicholaw Traphon Nato!. Angie Nieholoon Geonte Nice. Demosthent• Papa Nonni. George P•paihskia Cana Paris David Polon Dean Payton Pater Rock.. John Scontriano Aran., likrepttos Dona Than•a Katherine Thant Angelo Theodosooulos Angie Thin,. Marie Mho. Rk con Zeherokit 44S Cithumit Stud 2a! Clid FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 BACK ROW: Una N. Colu Romeo N. Teat, Gene P. Lent Gant L. Rye. SECOND ROW: Mop Fen, Stney WMN, Gory O. Woo, Nleam L lee. FRONT ROW: Rana M. Jag, Pansy Lim. Nan N. Vie, Eva Intl OFFICERS Sono, Foil SFr Pen less .. Ilia Lee Timothy Claw AkoPre% flow Ruth Gee Emilia Font Reeordist See nary — Lew Anbelle Hoag Edith Vim Cones 10.dt.. Stalin Jamie Win Roberts Jong. Ranbelle Lew T _ .._ .Rieloord Wont Paul Louie Reel Wong . Tim Owls Rohm Wong I Vatter George Woo George Woe George Woo CA 1:tomb Tang Men Font Donald Wong GRADUATES Allen Chinn Men Ding Mary Woe Chen W. George Young Frank Mit C. H. Wu lieu Shan Wu SENIORS Alice 010i Sherman Fool Hiram Lee Freak Mn George Wow Maids Fong Wallace Eng Rose Lone Henry Post Barba. Yew Rkhard 8. Fong Catherine hag Lek Lowe Man ' Olson lintel Vim Robert limn Roberto Jong Wiabena Mak Julies Timm lbmon Young Betty Mae Mar JUNIORS Norman ass Mary IL Font Reabel Lew Huth Tont Julio Wont Shoo (lita Gee Pansy Lim theirge Tom Richard Wang Masa (ling Mildred Gee Ana Lone Pearl Tem Man Yee Ann (low Harty glom Mary Louie Jeanie Toy Gordon Vint Relit Chow Cheats Lee Paul Louie Jimmie Wm Flora Voting Gilbert Dona Alma Lem Lynn Ma Leland Wing Norma long Pre cc i cc Dont Eva Leon Gladys ' Sue Gwen Wong Ruby Young Evelv• Eng Ella Yuen SOPHOMORES David Chan Patricia Dem Wallace Haw George law Ito mond Tom Eleanor (len Emily Fong Roth Jae Henry Low Donald Wong Jot (Ian George Fong Dina Lee June Low Earl Won Anita Chinn Fred Gee Peter Leon Elaine Mortara Young Noel (lion Lily (Int Anse Low Richard Lin Wm mend Yun Dorothy (In Arsielle Hong Walter Timm Edward Yoe FRESHMEN Jot ct.Allual.poon Joe glen Patricia Las George Lee Leta Jo,or Wong Roma Allsnwpoon Mary Gee Florence Lee Pawl Mar Robert Wong Cabin Ilan Albert Gong Jam rhino Lee George Mat Montan, Wong Lloyd flan Edward Ging Patricia Lee Jai NI Smith Wong Rat Clan Stanley Horn Marks Leos( Virginia Pond Felipe Wont Marjorie (lew Helen Hon George Leon Ben Tom lone Wye Franklin (I. Kenneth Don Awn Low Hoehn Wing Gene Yee Betty Dun Marjorie Jilin Mimi law Jamie Wing Irene Vire Chad.. Din lay 446 Rolla PROGRAM CHAIRMEN BACK ROW: RIM SM. MOW Kelley, One Fnsardn. FRONT ROW: Wok Etenweit. Alas Mug. GRADUATE COUNSELORS Summer Fall 1945 194546 House 1.. Stanley Nichols.Roy Stanley Rich°IpRoy House II Virginia Echols Mary Woo House III Wilma Smith Wilma Smith House V Henry Weston Henry Weston JOINT COUNCIL House I Luis del Campo Rene Siu Philip Cronin Julio Wong House H Elizabeth Evans Doris Campbell Fay Sanders Alma Ching House Ill Helen Sheng Mildred Whittenberg Jacqueline Myles Ruth Friedlander House IV Tragen Carlos Bee Charles Stone Arthur Layton PROGRAM CHAIRMEN Sunday Supper Joan Ely Jean David Chinese Table Alma Ching Alma Ching Laura Wong Rene Siu Spanish Table Eipebio Comes Jorge Fernandez Persian Table Marie Elemadie Discussion Table ... _. Petrr I a•telnuno Peter Castelnuovo Music Hour Doris Canrobert Dance Didah Kent.) Diddy Kelley Sports Rielurd Inc• Richard Fong 447 gninhiluack Council. OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SACK ROW: Sill Keller, Woe:. Ounbp, George TOOnts, George Saxer, Ruth Oak ' twist, Ruth Atoned, Evelyn Christernow FRONT ROW: Dick Conyers., Jean ChiIMO ' S. Jwel Haling, MOND La Stet., Levu ReMema, Nadirs levely. THE Interchurch Council consists of student representatives from the various Protestant student groups and from the YWCA and YMCA of the University of California. The purpose of the Interchurch Council is to promote cooperation and understanding between student religious organizations. The council sponsors the religious emphasis week, the student mass meetings, group discussion meetings, and brings outstanding religious speakers to the Ilniverity campus. Maannic ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 Jun Ghtnn Bonn Ilswette Burnt Doris Cahill Duncan Campbell Inbar+ CON CAtiej Cane nary Am Dill Irene FiMbpietr Constance Hartwg lsit Ireland John li651COM V1191•13 Jet Parker William PIIIMury Phyllis Mind ' s way SIM Bitty Stetson Belly Area SWAIM Marie Trcgden ktetl Van Steerturg! OFFICERS Simmer Fat Spin tundras „ „ Barbers Con Glenn Boom lona Ireland I ' lentrniinal.. Jo Dickerson Bob Uoyd Don Rehm Wenn:, Vire.Presidem Doris Cahill Doris COM Doris Cahill SentEau Stony Barn VIreisi• Marten Ratty Ann Stewart Treat rrrrr Glean Boors Irene Pielibobner Bad hen, Conn:nod in Sternal). Maria Trodden Connie Manual. Jean Bak.lyar Membership Secretary _.Barbers Weikel . Betty Ann Stewart Connie Ilmtunt REPRESENTATIVES Lower Molars 3( e a ' s Den Ouimnberm John lAdditool Jett Parte. Lower fickle. Worn.. Betty Stomas Carley Crest Man Ann Dill Upper Ditties Alta ' Eretett )(spearmint Luis Inland Bill Van Strenhurth Upper Diolslos Weme• ' s Ales ' s no.: sae Phyllis [ ' fondle Rosemary Buick, Bill Pillsbury Marilee Foster I anase Campball Wens:. Redinneataliu•al•Lart• Irene Piekbohnet Betty Sissies Briar!, Slide Adavralsing Afaseur L uis Ireland Marie Tendon Stan Andresen Genuses Earl Wanes late Jahn D. Murphy Beyd Flak Charles A. Adams Carlisle D. Nielsen Edward II. Sivas William B. Hens. Waldo P. Patel R. P. Winter)... HENRY MORSE STEPHENS REPRESENTATIVES Boyd B. Pied Blandon HOSTESS Mn. Edna II. Morton 449 91ewmatt Club FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1899 BACK ROW: Caw Wary, Chades Han, an Paul H. Is, ESA, Robert Bannron. Ktiby. SECOND ROW: Edna Abney, Mawr Deolain, ' ItewW ' POW., Noma Paul Mk Vita Goal t, Clare Kaye.. FRONT ROW: Joh. KapAmmer, Wry Hardy, Jae Cads, s. NEWMAN CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Summer, Fall Spring James C. Condren .. President John H. Kaphammer Vera Garcia Mary Hagerty Norma Cassino Secretary Evelyn Filice John H. Kaphammer Treasurer Charles L. Hann Clara Louise Darrell Social Chairman Claire anger Eleanor Desplain Religious Chairman Bonnie Forquer Barbara Williams. Academic Chairman Eileen Milloy John Heirigs, Jerry Thammel Publicity Chairman Bob Banaugh Ethel Sousa Charles Henry Marlton Gentry RepresentativegibLarge Ray Kirby ADVISORY Open Houses Mary Pat McNamara Records and Juke Box George Deatherage Thursday Lunches Mary Grace McPheeley Thursday Lunches Virginia Spins Orientations Anna Filice Posters Fran O ' Connell Sub•Treauwer William Sullivan Neirmarteuter. Barbara Juvenal News Bureau Yvonne Miller Membership Midge Maynard Membership John Harrington Dramatics Pat Grossman Personnel Leona Elaken Corresponding Secretary Andree Graham Telephone Benita Crane Library Kay Sander, Panel Discussion-- Charles Mosier Social Service Janet Cropp Sanctuary Florence Bertagnoli Communion Breakfast Peg Cumming Choir Marie Benn 450 elvdthan. Scauto2. Syriac " , OF TID: UNIVERsITI OF cALIFOB NI ORGANIZED IN 190? 2601 DURANT AVENUE Every Tuesday evening of the regular University term, testimony meetings are held in the edifice of the Christian Science Society at which students and faculty members are welcome. A library, where authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or purchased, is maintained in the building, also an accommodations co cc which offers services to student Christian Scientists looking for room, board, and employment. In order to better acquaint the campus public with the Society building, its members, and its activities, an open house is held every year. In was in 1907 that the Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on the Berkeley campus, and through the years it has shown con- tinued advancement and progress in its activities and membership. By 1933 the construction of the building it now occupies was completed. In the Spring of 1941, when payment was completed, the building was dedicated. Each semester the Society sponsors a free lecture, which is presented by a mem- ber of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. The campus public is cordially invited to attend this lecture which is held in the Society edifice. 451 INDEX Appreciation Athletics Athletic Council Baseball Basketball Candid, Crew Football Minor Sports, Rally Committee Tennis Track Yell Leaders Campus Candid Charter Day Copyright Debate Forensics Council Debaters Dedication Eight Campuses California Club Davis Fine Arts Hastings Lick Medical Center Riverside Santa Barbara Scripps UCLA Foreword Fraternities Acacia Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Bowles Hall Candid Chi Phi Chi Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Interfratemity Council Interfrate rnity Ball Kappa Alpha.. 454 347 349 382 368 348 402 352 404 350 398 390 350 166 160 2 209 217 218 7 35 44 41 42 41 43 38 42 40 43 36 5 231 234 23.5 236 237 240 238 264 241 242 243 244 245 233 232 246 Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi lambda Phi...... Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Na Sigma Phi. Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi Theta XI Zeta Psi Freshmen Candid, Officers Poverty Payoff Creek Theatre Homecoming In Memoriam Juniors Candids Officers Prom Library Life Sciences Building.. Men ' s Gymnasium 31ilitary Army Re.ent. Training Corps Candid@ Marine Corps Military Council Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Naval Training Unit V•12 Unit Minor Sports Boxing Intramural Rugby Soccer Swimming Winter Sports Wrestling 247 249 218 251 250 252 253 254 255 256 ra7 258 259 260 261 262 263 129 130 131 132 16 162 9 121 122 123 124 13 12 6 137 148 145 14 3 139 142 140 1 I 4 104 409 412 406 408 410 411 407 Music Band Glee Club " PoRemain " " Sentimental Guernsey " Symphony Forum Treble Clef University Chorus University Symphony Organizations Alpha Delta Sigma ............... ..,..._ Alpha Mu Gamma American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Beta Beta Big " C " Society Chinese Students Club Christian Science Society College Women ' s Club Juniors Delta Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Phi Sigma Golden Bear Hammer and Dimmer interchurch Council International Home Mask and Dagger Masonic Club Mortar Board Newman Club Panile Phi Chi Theta Phi Phi Phrateres Pi Alpha Sigma Prytanean Skull and Key, Sigma Kappa Alpha.. Tau Beta Pi Thalian Theta Sigma Phi Torch and Shield Utrimque Winged Helmet Wotnen ' s " C " Society Publication@ Ad Service Bureau Blue and Cold Editorial Blue and Gold Managerial California Engineer Candids 422 209 214 213 211 210 216 212 216 215 441 435 439 423 424 446 451 414 438 440 434 445 419 429 448 447 430 449 420 450 428 436 425 442 433 421 426 437 418 431 432 443 429 441 189 201 194 192 206 208 452 INDEX Daily Californian Editorial 198 Daily Californian Managerial 196 Occident 205 Pelican Editorial... 202 Pelican Managerial 203 Pelican Women ' s Staff 204 Publications Council 190 Rallies 161 Registration 164 San Francisco Seniors Delta Sigma Delta.. 118 Nu Sigma Nu 117 Psi Omega 119 School of Dentistry. 112 School of Nursing 114 School of Pharmacy 116 Xi Psi Phi 120 Sather Gate 10 Seniors 55 Balls 66 Banquets 68 " Beauty and the Beachcomber " 56 61 Councils 58 February Seniors 57 Hall of Fame 60.70 June Seniors 87 October Seniors 73 Officers 57 Peace Committee 59 Sings 69 Sophomores 125 Candid 126 Fiesta 128 Officers 127 Sororities 265 Alpha Chi Omega 268 Alpha Delta Chi 270 Alpha Delta 19 272 Alpha Epsilon Phi 271 Alpha Gamma Della 274 Alpha Omicron 19 278 Alpha Phi 276 Alpha Xi Delta 280 Candid. 266 Can Hispana 277 Chi Omega 282 Delta Delta Delta 284 Delta Gamma 286 Delta Zeta 288 Gamma Phi Beta 290 Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pan Hellenic Phi Mu Phi Omega Pi Pi Beta Phi Sigma Kappa. Theta Upsileon Zeta Tau Alpha South Hall Stadium Stephen. Union Student Administration Activities Coordinating Committee An Bureau Card Sales Class Officers Council Conference Committee Elections Board Engineer. ' Council Men ' s Judiciary Committee Orientations PosbWar Coordinating Board Radio Workshop Secretarial dal Standards Comm on Store Board Student Veteran ' s Welfare Council Women ' s Activity Council Women ' s Athletic Association Women ' s Judiciary Committee Women ' s Rally Committee YMCA YWCA Student Government ASUC President ASUC VictsPresident Finance Committee Graduate Manager. Representatives-attarge Sun Dial University Administration Alumni Association Board of Regents College of Agriculture College of Chemistry. College of Engineering 54 292 291 283 267 276 302 298 300 303 302 8 4 188 155 168 181 183 179 182 ra 182 184 172 169 181 180 179 180 176 174 170 186 181 183 185 185 49 SO 50 1 52 34 21 28 24 33 31 32 College of Letters and Science.... Dr. Deutsch Guest Speakers President ' s Rec eption President Sproul University Dance University During Four War Years University Theatre Before Curtain Calls " Biography " Directors " 14ido and Aeneas " " Lady in the Dark " Mask and Dogger Revue " The Little Women. Dormitory Association Alpha Sigma Phi Dorm Arch Place Beaudelaire Beta Theta Pi Dorm Bryn Mawr Hall The Californian Candid t Colonial Hall Chi Phi Dorm Delta Kappa Epsilon Dorm Dorm C Dorm D Dorm E Dorm F Elizabeth Bar rett Epworth Hall Iledgewood Hall Joaquin Hall Katherine Elizabeth Lantana Lodge.. Lexington Hall North Cables Phi Kappa Sigma Dorm Ridgemont Ritter Hall Saint Margaret ' s House Sherman Hall Sigma Nu Dorm Stebbins Hall Stern Hall Stratford Hall Theta Xi Dorm Warring Place Zeta Beta Tau Dorm 314 324 30 23 26 25 22 165 156 219 226 221 220 224 223 225 222 309 310 310 311 312 311 313 308 315 316 317 318 320 322 321 326 327 328 314 329 333 330 331 332 333 331 336 337 338 310 312 341 311 453 lhit, An_ .doAing_ page. Ike. 1946 Out and. gold beak to mcpmusA. my. Jpatilude. and appmzciation. la alt. Most mho ham. longed Ao haAd. ihat. But 73Ad _edition_ might he. fin..- aluzd. Jo pAizactent. Rohm gotdon. Spout and PAGODA,- 971.onAon_ 0.culadt. tot But nuthAagmt.. flu haat mAittah. int Hut 1946 wtadualing. rInAA and jot Mak cuteAaL inba- nAL ht. ma. matt; io .Dick StsphonA. 4 Ha academy- 4 adamtthatek abi kt, the. layout. 4 fitz io Wave. Jhouttott 4 aptivtiaa bull:acing Company- got. Ageing_ ihat aft ma. .cuis num. ectaltn- 3.. 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Students Landing of Allied Armies on French Coast Will Vote Announced by Eisenhower • Camr Blow Dealt to Crush Germr ' Os Tomorrow Off( ,I HI Dot vo, I l ' iwIlli(m• ic• . ,.... , M. 10 I ( IR( I.N. St 0.11 ' NI :111114.1111CCll Ind ol.iNt ni l ' ' ' II x c cVs ...,,,, , , tonne „, , red -c o " 0 THE rnic Si, ITY $ MO ARCII OF THE T H E DA I L ()stating ' (Omer DA11 II 1FORNIAN t )94S NtimaR 12 etCC ;ales Re vOLumE 126 22$ PRESIDENT DI Chief Executive Succumbs Ninth Army 1 Funeral To Be Tomorrow To Cerebral Hemorrhage; Crosses Elbe; Nears Berlin MUSSOLINI BADOGLIO APPOINT RESIG ED DUCE ' S SUCCESS Fascist Leader far Ends Y ear Of Italian Dictatorship hi SONAR( ' Or Till DAIL iper-Bomb Blasts lanane " -- k Help Bomb To Giv( — - ELERKELEY CAUFORN A. TUESDAY, AUGUST 7 laic COLT. Err rywirs: ...,-, • „caw ' ' nett, ff • " „„san.:, —Acil , b • ,,: a,,,„.. a " ! a W ' • . a At ' pa ,,,,, - or V: ot 2 T; WI wet •---,, to a w tra .644e4 a .71 NIA4SER .79 , oa • " " ' 00:0 0 . ..,.,..4 is u tedn. " t a „‘ t Tr „ , ' ..: , r a a col :.„, Si raikOSS AssernbtY e ' n ge Allies Rt%s . " " : A t • FOR . 1 4. — on MONARCH Or MEC , (01.1I0E HUMS ' FORMAN , al THE DAILYWAr II I I 4. t ' tsests ..... II, Vmp.. MS Ira hey 04, BIG 3 ANNOUNCE ,. - Oar, 4M. b. a It .. and nioloy aad aari ,;:; . 5 t 1 . Pratway ba y Ma %Wry Melo MO • r i rnird virmilY IN IIIROP

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