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VOL 71 EDITORS JUNE PORTER SUMMER AND FALL CAROLYN HARDY SPRING ASSOCIATE EDITORS ALISON SWARTZ .... SUMMER AND FALL MARTHA HOFFMAN - - - SUMMER AND FALL JUSTINE CASENAVE SPRING MARY ELLEN GOEPFERT SPRING MANAGER WINNIE HAYWOOD ASSOCIATE MANAGER MARION SEARLS f y IN keeping with the purpose of the BLUE AND GOLD of compiling the activities of the students and ad- ministration into a permanent r ecord of the college year. thi hook that you now hold reflect? three terms of the unique story of a great university at war. The tradi- tional student activities have been put aside and a new cooperation has been discovered in working as a part of a larger effort toward victory and peace. Throughout these pages is shown this change in events. We have seen our fel- low students leave their studies to join the services, while others have continued as student soldiers under the gov- ernment training program. We have telescoped into a year ' s time, three terms of academic achievement and thus pre- pared ourselves in a shorter space of time to take a respon- sible part in working for the end of world turmoil that con- front us. Our spare hours have been employed helping in the understaffed hospitals of our community as Nurses Aides, backing bond drives and salvage collections, giving our blood for the boys overseas, helping with crop harvesting, and entertaining boys from all over our nation who are in the armed servi hile many universities and colleges have felt it neces- sary to abandon the publication of their annuals in the face of war problems and shortages, we have felt that the effort ;i- more necessary than ever to preserve this important link in the t ry of our uni ei ity and our country. I To ROBERT F. LAWS WHO HAS SHOWN HIS DEVOTION TO THE HIGHEST INTERESTS OF HIS UNIVERSITY AND TO THE PUBLICATIONS OF ITS STU- DKMS Vlin SKKVEI) FOR FOUR UNDER- GR ADI All. YEARS ON THE DAILY CALL FORNIAN AND EARNED AS A SENIOR THE KEY POSITION OF CITY EDITOR WHO SHOWED HIMSELF AN EXCELLENT AD- MINISTRATOR, GOOD FRIEND, AND UN- DERSTANDING ADVISOR AS DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS FROM NINETEEN FORTY- ONE TO NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR THIS SEVENTY-FIRST BLUE AND GOLD IS DEDICATED. NIVERSITY CLASSES NIVERSITY LIFE ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FACULTY Edward Thomas Williams Herbert Ingram Priestley Alfred Smith Mme. Emma Verrue Matignon STUDENTS Aleck, Joe A. ' 43 Babcock, John E. ' 43 Barnett, Jane Ellen ' 43 Bishop, Charles ' 45 Boyd, John ' 43, Davis Chapot, Jeanne Marie ' 44 Christine, Wilbert R. ' 43 Day, Charles ' 44 Dunn, Al ' 44, Davis Fahey, William Lee ' 43 Harrold, Robert Wayne ' 43 Hirschkind, Robert R. ' 44 Jensen, Bernard C. ' 43 Kendall, Charles V. ' 44 Levy, Solomon S. ' 44 Lippincott, Daniel B. ' 43 McCray, Richard D. ' 43 Neudorfer, William E. ' 43 Prowse, Donald W. ' 45 Richardson, Preston E. ' 43 Shattuck, Robert ' 43 Shearer, Kenneth ' 43 Temple, John A. ' 43 Tingley, John x ' 43, Davis Whitney, Stanley ' 43 Wilson, Donald E. ' 44 Wood, Charles W. ' 43 Wool, Frederick G. ' 43 V i :- ROBERT GORDON SPROUL President of the Un THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE VTHE TRADITIONAL President ' s farewell is addressed this year not to one, nor to two, but to three classes of graduating Seniors. This is significant. It bears witness to the changed tempo and tenor of our changing times. It gives point and empha- sis to questions which we all are asking: When the war ends, what will the world be like? Will we pick up the patterns of our lives where we left them, and carry on? Or will we, in our eagerness to establish a better world, make a clean break with the past? Out of the clash of opposing patterns of human thought and conduct, there have emerged for us two clear convictions: first, we shall hold fast to our tradi- tions and our moral codes, for they have proved them- selves good; second, mindful of those who in every corner of the globe have held themselves to be " expend- able, " we shall not fail to make good their sacrifice through fresher ways of thinking and through patterns of living cut to fit the world design of a new era in the destiny of the human race. MONROE E. DEUTSCH Vice-President of the University and Provost at Berkeley GE BOARD OF REGENTS THAT THE University of California stands I high in academic leadership of the war effort is due in large measure to the wisdom and careful planning of the Board of Regent . Although the Uni- s fr-iu ha- -uffered from financial cuts and loss of fac- ulty to government service, the high standards of peace- time have been maintained. Contracts with the Army and Navy for the training of future officers and technicians provided a needed source of revenue. A thorough " streamlining " of the undergraduate curriculum was neces-ary. but essential courses remained, and research on vital war projects was greatly expanded. Expecting the student enroll- ment to double, and perhaps treble, after the war. the Regents authorized an investigation of post-war hous- ing possibilities, thus laying firm foundations for the future while meeting the needs of a nation at war. EARL WARREN - BOARD OF REGENTS DEANS AND PROFESSORS DEAN HOYT Vomen DEAN GREENE Assistant Dean of Women DEAN ADAMS DEAN VOOHHIES Dean of Students - DEAN DAVIDSON Dean of Wo- DEAN PEPPER D , ' ... ... ,i sciences JAMES M. CLINE Associate Prc - onomics on the Flood Ft) ' DAVID H. RUSSELL WENDELL M. LATIMEH Dean of ERICO L. VERISSIMO ALEXANDER M. KIDD wth Josselyn Boalt Professor of Law sing Dean of the College of Jurn: of the School of ? PETER A. BOODBERG GERMAN ARC1NIEGAS Professor of ' LOUISE S. COBB Associate Supervisor of Physical Education for Women NORMAN E. A. HINDS Associate Professor of G ALEXANDER GEHSCHENKRON Lecturer in Economics and Association, Bureau of and Economic Resea rch JOHN D. HICKS A. F. ( nid May T. Morrison Profes- sor of II. NOEL KEYS Pro ' ' iiion CARL LANDAUER Professor of Econn BENJAMIN H. LEHMAN Professor of t ' RICHARD M. EAKIN Associate Professor of Zoology LEE BONAR f Associate Professor of Botany WILLIAM H. ALEXANDER FRANK MUNK WORTH RYDER WARNER BROWN ERNEST O. LAWHENCE and Dire - GABRIEL D. BONNO AUSTIN F. MACDONALD CARL O. SAUER FRANKLIN C. PALM PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION " SHAKE hands with the President " was the advice of upper classmen to the class of ' 47 as freshmen flocked to the Gym- nasium for Men in response to an invitation of President and Mrs. Sproul to attend the President ' s Reception after the first hectic week of registration. Still in the early stages of bewilder- ment and in the process of being " oriented, " freshmen found themselves in the never-ending receiving line and finally greeting the Uni- versity President himself. Friendly receptionists rescued freshmen from their confusion, intro- ducing them to other men and women of the class of ' 47. Newcomers were suddenly dancing with classmates, comparing study lists and meeting R.O.T.C. beginners. Where a few days before the President ' s guests had waited in many lines and filled out countless cards as they were initiated into the ceremony of registration, they now flocked around the famed bunch bowl to climax their first University function. 20 Naval units fill the Greek Theatre to watch the third war-time Charter Day since Pearl Harbor. Proud ealifomians of yesteryear parade their class numerals in celebration of the University ' s seventy-sixth birthday Scholars join the University ' s anniversary march as the sun catches the vibrance of their multi-colored hoods. CHARTER DAY SEVENTY-SIX years of University traditions were solemnly honored on March 23 as students, assembled in the Greek Theatre, saw passing in review the creators of these traditions members of classes that had gone before, but whose works remained to challenge the future spirit of the ASUC and the I niversity. Sharp contrast to the aging Californians who proudly bore their class numerals before war-conscious students, was the terse, expectant mes- age from Juan Terry Trippe. Pan American Airways president, who fore- told future developments through channels of the skyways that would bring America to the mightiest age of its history. Cognizant of the achievements of America ' s statesmen and scholars, the University awarded to William H. Standley. retired U. S. Navy rear ad- miral and former ambassador to Russia, and Walter M. Hart. English pro- . honorary degrees of Doctor of Law. 21 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: Robert Slbley, Dan Watt, Robert Rupert. FRONT ROW: Mary Schuller, Viola Kuehne, Jean McNeill. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION VTHE CALIFORNIA Alumni Association has been rendering valuable service to its members in the armed forces in every nook and corner of the world. Under the leadership of Executive Manager Robert Sibley ' 03 and in cooperation with more than four hun- dred other universities and colleges, alumni registration centers have been established throughout the world. In far distant Algiers, London, Calcutta, and Chungking, friendships have been preserved and morale raised im- measurably by the contacts these centers made possible. Recordings of California songs and films of campus life have circled the globe to bring a message from alma mater to those far from home. The California Monthly, official publication of the Alumni Association, keeps nearly twenty-five thousand Californians informed of the progress of the University. Recognized as the leading publication of its kind, the Monthly has also gained nation-wide recognition as a pioneer in the appli- cation of pictorial journalism to a university magazine. Through the award of freshman scholarships, the Alumni Association has aided in the education of outstanding students. When lack of funds threatened to silence the Campanile for the dura- tion, the association agreed to sponsor the Campanile concerts, thus pre- serving one of the University ' s finest traditions. 22 RIGHT- Walt r Haas ALUMNI COUNCIL 12. Ralph McGee 12, Clint Evans ' 12, Mrs. Florence 4, Ezra Decoto ' 00, Dr. Ernest F. Soderstrom ' 24, Stone CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF BACK ROW: Robert Rupert, Dan Watt, Robert Sibley. FRONT ROW: Jean McNeil), Viola KMtae, Mary Sdwller. 23 CflLIFORnifl CLUB Dr. Ralph Chancy, Cal Club advisor, and chairman Alan Furth. THE CALIFORNIA Club, born in 1934 with President Sproul as its godfather, offers recognition to men and women who have shown qualities of leadership and loyalty to the University, and fosters a re- lationship of goodwill and cooperation among the seven members of our Univer- sity family. In the past, Cal Club coordinated the activities of the several campuses by play- ing host to visiting members and by travel- ing as a group to the other divisions, but wartime limitations have largely done away with this exchange program. Present activities have included a pro- gram for welcoming transfers from the army-occupied College of Agriculture at Davis, and a new project, the Deming Maclise Scholarship, which has already reached the four-figure mark and promises a post-war education at the University for outstanding students. Members of California Club gather on the steps of the Campanile. L_ BACK ROW: Joe Mixer, Walt St. Goar, Art Honegger, Bob Wallace, Bob Katz, Paul Phillips. MIDDLE ROW: Alan Furth, Cliff Wolf, Al Levy, Ogden Kel- logg, Robert Carlson, Ralph Chancy. FRONT ROW: Mary Murray, Bette McClure, Barbara Copeland, Joan Selby, Connie Blair, June Porter. 26 u. c. L n. DESPITE AN enrollment drop from last year ' s figure of 9.000 to little more than 6.000, " Little Brother Bruin " was mak- ing his might felt in the service of his country. The University of California at Los Angeles was one of five such institu- tion.- chosen to give advanced training in meteorology for the Army Air Corps and the Navy, including some WAVE officer:?. The University became " alma mater " for many Navy V-12 and NROTC students as well as members of the Army Specialized Training Program, who pored over pre- engineering and area language studies. Meanwhile, women moved into activi- ties which in pre-war times had been re- served for the male element. Several co-eds appeared in the I niversity band, and the Daily Bruin was for the first time edited, managed, and largely produced by women. tow on the Westwood Students gather on the steps of Royce Hall. 27 IHEDICflL SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SERVICE WITH the armed forces was the prospect for many of the sixty-five members of the graduating class at the University ' s Medical School in San Francisco, with forty-two of that num- ber already in uniform. Graduates be- gan their medical studies in U. C. ' s Life Sciences Building, spent their second year at the Medical Center, trained at the San Francisco Hospital in their third year, and returned to the Medical Center to emerge as full- fledged doctors. SCHOOL OF NURSING WITH THE need for trained nurses greater than ever before, the School of Nursing assumed new importance which was reflected in its increased enrollment. Ninety per cent of the students were en- rolled in the United States Nurse Cadet Corps, many of them having been in- spired by previous Nurse ' s Aide train- ing to make hospital work their profes- sion. The school provided outstanding facilities for training in psychiatry, orthopedics and surgery. Varied fields of endeavor were offered the new gradu- ates in educational and public health work, staff or industrial nursing, and service in the Army or Navy. 28 CEDTER COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY CLINICAL INVESTIGATION and re- search have been steadily increasing at the sixty-two year old College of Den- tistry despite the fact that fifty faculty members and ninety-three per cent of the students are members of the armed forces. However, social activities have of necessity given way to military disci- pline and intensified study, with the major emphasis lying in the fields of growth and development of teeth and the prevention of den- tal disea e. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY THE COLLEGE of Pharmacy, like the rest of the University, met the demands of the war emergency by offering three terms of instruction per year. Neverthe- less, the authorities refused to curtail its curriculum to twenty-four months, real- izing the importance of maintaining the high standards of pharmaceutical edu- cation for which pharmacists have striven for so many years. In order to meet the demand for trained personnel in prescription and manufacturing pharmacy, research, drug and food inspection and analysis, the College of Pharmacy has encouraged the enrollment of women students to replace men called to military service. 29 FIDE ARTS ART ENTHUSIASTS engaged in war work have been able to continue their studies at the California School of Fine Arts under an emergency program which includes afternoon classes and three night sessions a week. In addition to the regular classes, successful Satur- day morning children ' s classes in draw- ing, painting and sculpture have been inaugurated. The directors have turned over space in the building for a Red Cross Blood Center, where 300 donations a day are received. _ _ HflSTIPGS HASTINGS COLLEGE of the Law was created and affiliated with the Univer- sity in 1878. Now, with the long hand of military needs reaching out for many prospective lawyers, social activities have been curtailed, fraternities have been forced to become inactive, and women number one-third of the student body. However, moot court trials and actual practice in the offices of San Francisco attorneys go on and the insti- tution remains synonymous with fine _ _ legal training. DflVIS THE KHAKI uniforms of the U. S. Army Signal Corps have replaced the collegiate atmosphere at the Uni- versity ' s College of Agriculture at Davis. Undaunted by the " army of occupa- tion, " many former Davis students have evacuated to Berkeley and are carrying on their traditions through the Cal Aggies Club on this campus. Main topic _ of conversation big reunion after the war. LICK LICK OBSERVATORY, with its snow- covered dome, is the only one of the seven campuses which sees a white winter. Open to graduate students only, the observatory atop Mount Hamilton was strangely quiet this year in the war- time absence of the entire student body. However, with the aid of the 36-inch telescope and the Carnegie Star camera, celestial research was being carried on by the new director, J. H. Moore. RIVERSIDE RESEARCH at the Citrus Experiment Station and Graduate School of Tropi- cal Agriculture has expanded to include even more than the impressive title indi- cates. Organized in 1913 at the request of the citrus industry, the Riverside station now conducts additional studies of many other fruits and truck crops. Attention was given also to the solution of emergency crop production problems and the study of a number of plants which are potential sources of rubber or of toxic materials which can replace those frozen for gov- ernment use. SCRIPPS THE MYSTERIES of ocean depths are not the only subjects of study at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Direct war work for the Army and Navy, studies of the role of bacteria in petroleum genesis and a scrutiny of the habits of the red algae which furnish agar were among the major projects on the La Jolla campus. ' $! A A Seniors always enjoyed the sunshine of the Tap Room porch. Prytanean members show their skill in the culinary arts. The Senior Pilgrimage pauses at the base of the Campanile to hear Editor Alan Furth. Senior women provide an afternoon tea for women students at Senior Women ' s Hall. 34 THE CLASS of ' 44 left the University with memories of both war and peace, for they were the last class to have fully participated in cam- pus life as it was in the peacful days before Pearl Harbor days when Big Game celebra- tions and long Christmas holidays were taken for granted, and the sight of a man in uniform was still occasion for comment. They had seen, too. a University converted to the needs of war, and had met the challenge. The official calendar of the senior class would .-eeni rather blank in comparison to those of other years. The traditional Senior Week was telescoped into a brief week-end with the Senior Ball. Baccalaureate, and Pilgrimage all that re- mained of the famous pre-commencement activities. Nevertheless, these few events were memorable ones which proved the spirit of California would live on through times of war till peace returned. I ;, CLASS OFFICERS. SUMMER AND FALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Alan Furth, Secretary-Treasurer; Pat Mclntosh, Vice-Presideiit; Ted Kroeber, President. CLASS OFFICERS. SPRING LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Ingram, Jean Elliott, Mary Elizabeth Porter 35 i SENIOR B fl LL... October ' s Queen, Janet Smith, and the two " Darlings " appear slightly baffled by their glory. The Senior Sweetheart and her two attendants re- ceive the applause of the crowd, as they are given their crowns. Formal dresses, uniforms and tuxedos make a gay pattern to spectators watching from above. 36 commEncE HIED! . . . --.-: Ifeuul in the Eft ncene their di Preside Sprari Mrohnes Captai Kajs, the aqr ' s Caammimi Officer, o presented the Maal ROTC wit ramm ' ciimi and afternoon for the ijidn i , their ... . ;. ,.-- 37 This is JOE MIXER, who is one. He was all mixed up for four years in A.S.U.C. activities, especially Welfare Council, and when it was all straightened out, he was wielding the gavel in Ex Committee and doing all the other things you do when you ' re A.S.U.C. prexy. Joe is a veritable mill of inspirations and a great believer in policy. When the Naval Reserve called him in October he left behind him a line of presidential vacan- cies including Pacific Schools President ' s Association and Phi Kappa Sig. AAMOTH, GAIL FRANCINE Fargo, North Dakota English Alpha Phi; Honor Student; Blue and Gold, Managerial; Y.W.C.A.; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee. ADISHIAN, VARTUHI ROSE Dinuba History Transfer from Fresno State College. ALLEN, THOMAS LOFTON Santa Clara Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Golden Bear; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Interfraternity Council. ANDERSON, ALAN JOHN Livermore Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ANDERSON, JANET KRISTINA Berkeley Public Health. ANDERSON, SIGNEWILHEMINA Berkeley General Curriculum Blue and Gold; U.C. Chorus; Orientations; W.A.A.; Phrateres. ARIEY, ANDREW FRANCIS Clovis Electrical Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; Newman Club; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ARTAL, MARY LU Sunnyvale Business Administration Stebbins Hall; War Board; Treble Clef; A.S.U.C. Card Sales; Personnel; W.A.A.; Phrateres. ABOUAF, MORRIS ALEX Berkeley Business Administration Kappa Nu; Freshman Rugby; Sophomore Class Council; Rally Committee; Big " C " Guard; Vigilantes. ACKER, LILA AGNES Ontario Journalism Social Welfare; Y.W.C.A.; Utrimque; University Chorus. AOELFSON, NORMAN 0. Winslow, Arizona Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ALADJEM, FREDERICK Los Angeles Bacteriology. ALLIN, VIRGINIA LUCAS San Francisco Decorative Arts Delta Zeta. ANDERSON, ELINOR Berkeley Business Administration Alpha Xi Delta; Prytanean; Finance Ccmmittee; Activties Coordinating Committee; Orientations, Chairman; Women ' s Activity Council; Women ' s Ex-Board; Freshman Sunday Suppers, Chairman. ANDERSON, JEAN MARIE Walnut Creek English Theta Upsilon; Honor Student; Pi Lambda Theta; Blue and Gold; Treble Clef. ANDREWS, EMILY Berkeley Psychology Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panile; Welfare Council; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Rally Committee; Housing Board; Ace of Clubs; War Board; Prytanean. ARNETT, BEVERLY ANN Forestville Agriculture Nutrition Home Economics Club. ASHKENAS, HARRY ISRAEL Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering. ALEXANDER, RICHARD PAUL Oakland Psychology Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ALVAREZ, EMMA CAROLYN Sonora Spanish Casa Hispana; Phi Beta Kappa. ANDERSON, JAMES EDWARD Berkeley Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma; Quarterdeck; Baseball. ANDERSON, JEANNE Washington, D. C. Political Science Delta Gamma. APPLEBY, DAN PRESTON Blythe Economics Bowles Hall; Honor Student; Executive Committee; Activities Coordinating Committee; War Board, Chairman; Welfare Council; Glee Club; U.C. Committee on Living Accommodations; Housing Board, Chairman; Fresh Crew; Class Committees. ARNOLD, SHIRLEY Piedmont General Curriculum Delta Gamma; Art Bureau; Intramural Board; Junior Class Council; Ace " of Clubs. AST, JOHN HERMAN Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ALLEN, BARBARA San Pedro General Curriculum Stern Hall; Intramural Board; Pelican; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Phrateres. ANDERHOLM, HELEN MARION San Francisco General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta; Pelican. ANDERSON, JANE ATKINS Berkeley Mathematics Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Hammer and Dimmer; Mask and Dagger; Pi Mu Epsilon; Pi Alpha Sigma; Little Theatre, Wcmens Manager. ANDERSON, PHYLLIS ELIZABETH San Francisco Public Speaking Stern Hall; Cal Hosts, Chairman. ARENDT, BETTE-GEORGIENE Pleasanton Journalism Alpha Gamma Delta; Theta Sigma Phi. ARNOT, JOHN PHILIP San Francisco Business Administration Sigma Phi Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma. AUSTIN, JERE JEFFREY Exeter Mechanical Engineering Tower and Flame; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JAMES MARX Los Angeles ' , ' ?: i- ::- -: - : T Beta Pi; Cirele " C " Society; Wrestling; Glee Club; Big " C " dart; Honor Student; American Society of Mechanical Engin AZZALINI, ALDO FREDRICK Pittsburg Chemical Engineering. BABCOCK, MAY LOUISE Santa Barbara BAILEY, CHARLES HENRY Santa Ana Mechanical Engineering PMC 1 Delta. BARBER, ROBERT KYLE Sm -: n Economics Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Transfer from NelUiiitd Teacher ' s College. BARRETT, FRANCES Long Beach T r ansfer from Pomon College. BASTIAN, RUTH FRANCIS Anaheim General Curriculum ' 5 " : T r ' ' - ' - r r .Z Jun : I: mf 5 UUB Kappa; Intramural; Y.W.CJL. BECK, DOROTHY ANN :--- General Curricuhui IMa Camma DcMa 5 mi :: : BEI, RINO San Francisco Civil Engineering Circle " C Society American Society of Civil Engineers; Society of American Military Engineers. BENEDEK, AGNES LILLY Berkeley P.: : - .: ' .- BAKER, BETTY MAE Bi99S Political Science -. ' -.-I- - ' . T Jonior College; Dormitory Council. BARB1KAS, BESSIE := :- -- S :-; TOMT tri Flame; Alpha Ml Gamma, Welfare Council; Committee; Poll Commit- tee; Student Advisory Bureau; Maison Francatse; Varsity Debate. BARRY, BETTY JEAN Susanville General Curriculum Transfer from Stanford University. BAUM, LISETTE CAROL Los Angeles Stern Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Pi Phi Delta. BECK MAN, NEIL WILLIS Pasadena Electrical Engineering Bowles Hall; Honor Student; War Council; America Institute of Electrical Engineers; Men ' s Dormitory Association Council. BELL, DONALD EDWARD Oakland Mechanical Engineering Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Senicr Boxing MJfr; A.S.U.C. Band. BENELU, ALBA CLOTILDA San Francisco Criminology. BALTZO, GLADYS MARIE Oakland Physical Education Phi Beta Kappa; Tower and Flame; Womens ' X; " Society; Ml Sigma Psi; Honor Student; Orientations, Director; W.AJL BARBOUR, RALPH EDMUND Oakland General Curriculum Quarterdeck; Basketball. BARTENSTEIN. ROGER GORDON Bakersfield Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BAUMAN, JACK San Diego Physiology. BEDESEN, REBECCA Merced General Curriculum Sigma Kappa; ojmphony Fo BELL, JAMES WHITE Burlingame History Pi Kappa Alpha; Daily Californian; Track; Soccer. BENNETT, WILLIAM WALTER Bakersfield Electrical Engineering. NATALIE BURDICK is the A .U.C ' s first, yes, very first female prey. Starting on the political baud iragon as W.A.A. president. Mat climbed to rep-at-large, sHting on Ei Commit- H :-: : omreinml . Ml = ' .: ' ma Oft ' ::: " in 9o d stead she moved up to the head seat. She ended up on tap with a string of accomplishments behind her that arid floor many a better man. BACHELOR, ARTHUR LEROY Susanville Zoology Honor Student; Masomc Club; Senior Week Committee. BANGERTER, WILLIAM BUCK Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Bowles Hall. BARNETT, FRANKLYN MELVILLE Oakland Business Administration; Pi Lambda Phi; Football; Rugby; Commerce Society. BARTLETT, ELIZABETH ABBOTT Pomona Political Science Alpha Phi; Panile; Pi Sigma Alpha; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Rally Committee. SEASON, LEW ROLLIN Berkeley Chemistry Alpha Chi BEHRENS, THURID Berkeley Physiology Delta Gamma; Intramural, Manager. BELLOTTI, ANDREW JOHN San Arseimo Spanish Oxford Hall. BENNETTS, PHYLLIS MURIEL Ontario Journalism Kingman Hall. 39 CT.V ' - First lady of the A.S.U.C. and the girl with more capacity for more activities than anyone else, MADELINE GOODRICH brought fresh ideas and a sweet character into practically every board, committee, and honor society on campus. A great lover of California traditions and an ardent speech-maker, she kept an eye on all campus developments. This Pi Phi guarded well the long-lived high standard of California Vice-Presidents. SOI ORS BENTINCK, RICHARD CAVENDISH Willits Pre-Medical Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Chi; Phi Phi. BERREYESA, JEAN CLAIRE Oakland Hispanic America Chi Omega; Orientations. BIRD, CLYDE DEWEY Oakland Psychology Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Store Board; Y.M.C.A. BLAGG, DONALD HYLAND San.. Francisco English. BLOCH, MARION FERN San Francisco General Curriculum. BONNIKSON, BETTY ADELLE Sacramento Home Economics Alpha Xi Delta; Blue and Gold; Sunday Supper Committee; Home Econmics Club. BOTTO, PHYLLIS MARIAN Oakland General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta; Panile, Vice-President; Little Theatre Managerial; Orientations Counselling; Y.W.C.A. BRACKEN, GILBERT CORTEZ Berkeley General Curriculum Theta Xi; Quarterdeck; Boxing Team; Orientations 40 BERG, ALICE CATHERINE Sacramento Optometry Theta Upsilon; Honor Student; Optometry Association. BIANCALANA, ROLAND AMERICO San Francisco Business Administration Quarterdeck. BISHOP, BURTON ASHLAND Berkeley General Curriculum Y.M.C.A. BLAIR, CONSTANCE JEAN Sacramento Journalism Delta Gamma; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Torch and Shield; California Club; Representative-at- Lapge; Women ' s Executive Board; Activities Coordinating Committee; War Board; Women ' s Activity Council; Intra- mural Board; Junior Class, Vice-Presdient; Panhellenic President. BLOCK, JEAN ELIZABETH Gridley General Curriculum Sigma Kappa; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Elections Council; Class Committees. BONNO, ANDREE MARIE Berkeley French Regional Pi Beta Phi; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. BOTTORFF, VIRGINIA DEANE Long Beach Hispanic America Prytanean; Honor Student; Executive Committee; Publications Council, Sub-chairman; Daily Cal, Editor; Military Council- California Club. BRADY, BARBARA Berkeley Medical Sciences Honor Student; Tower and Flame Council; Medical School, Freshman Class, Vice-President. BERGER, BETTY JANE Oakland General Curriculum. BIERY, JOY LEONA Riverside History Stebbins Hall; Prytanean; Executive Committee; Chairman of Welfare Council. BITTLES, GLORIA LORENE Oakland History Sigma Kappa Alpha; Alpha Mu Gamma. BLANKENSHIP, CAMILLA JEANNE Alameda Public Speaking. BLOSSOM, HERBERT HENRY La Mesa Geography Transfer from San Diego State College; Alpha Delta Phi. BONSTIN, BARBARA Berkeley General Curriculum Alpha Gamma Delta; Cal Engineer; Plymouth House. BOWES, FRANCES MONTGOMERY San Francisco Political Science Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panile; Housing Board; Symphony Forum; Sophomore Committees; Freshman Committees. BRANDT, MARGERY MAY Lakeport Political Science Honor Student; Tower and Flame; College Women ' s Club; Y.W.C.A. BERNARDO, GLORIA MARTINI Moss Beach Italian Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Alpha Mu Gamma; Pi Mu Iota; Newman Club. BILLINGS, DAVID PARKER San Francisco Mechanical Engineering Intramural Sports; American Society of Mechanical Engineering. BLACKMAN, RUTH JANE Porterville General Curriculum. BLEVISS, ZEGMUND OSCAR Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; California Engineer, Associate Editor. BOARD, BETTY ELAINE South Pasadena History. BOSWELL, MARGARET ELIZABETH Beverly Hills Business Administration Alpha Gamma Delta; Rally Committee. BOWKER, WALTER KING Calexico Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta. BRAWNER, LYNN WILSON, JR. San Diego Optometry. BRECKENRIDGE, BARBARA JANE Berkeley Spanish Honor Student; Little Theatre. BROWN, ANNABELLE JANE Dixon History Zeta Tau Alpha; Glee Club; Treble Clef. MOWN MARION ANNETTE Richmond Social Welfare Advertising Service Bureau; College Women ' s Club. BRUNTON, ANNE San Francisco English. BUCKINGHAM, ALLEN MERRILL AURELIUS Berkeley Psychology Phi Kappa Sigma; Quarterdeck. WILLIAM HERMAN Escondido Mechanical Engineering Men ' s Dormitory Associa- tion; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BURDITT, LENORA JANE Riverside Bacteriology Bible League. BYRNES, FRANCES EULENA Placerville Public Speaking Dormitory Council; Little Theatre. BRENNAN, ANN Oakland Geology Prytanean; Panile; Hcnor Student; Welfare Council; Y.W.C.A., Secretary. BROWN, FRANCES LAURA Oakland Public Speaking Thalian; Hammer and Dim- mer; Dramatics Council; Treble Clef;A.S.U.C. Card Sales; Radio Commission; Y.W.C.A. BROWN, ROBERT REGINALD San Francisco Physics Phi Beta Kappa. BRYAN, MARCIA RAE Yreka Social Welfare Honor Student; Little Theatre; Phrateres; Speech Arts Club. BUCKLEY, MARGARET TREMAINE Berkeley History Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Women ' s Athletic Association; Newman Club. BULLIS, LEONARD EDWARD San Francisco Business Administration Theta Xi; Beta Alpha Psi; Orientations; Quarterdeck; Masonic Club. BRESLIN, HELEN JANE Millbrae Political Science. BURKE, MARTHA ANN San Diego Business Administration Blue and Gold, Mana- gerial; Little Theatre, Managerial; Class Committees. CADDY, MILDRED ERNESTINE Berkeley Economics Kappa Phi. BROWN, JACK RICHARD Fresno Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of Arizona. BRUNO, ELINORE JEAN Oakland Business Administration. BRYAN, VERA LUISE Paicines History Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles. BUDWORTH, NEVA LEE Bakersfield General Curriculum Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; California Engineer; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club; Phrateres. BURCHELL, YVONNE BERNICE Walnut Grove Physical Education Phi Omega Pi; Pelican; Election Board; W.A.A. BURNS, HELEN LOUISE Merced General Curriculum Alpha Delta Pi; Little Theatre; Blue and Gold, Managerial; Elections Board. CAFFERATA, MARGARET ANNE San Mateo Social Welfare Phi Omega Pi; Honor Student; Women ' s Activity Council; Pelican; Women ' s Director. 944 BRILLIANT, CAROL HELENE SanMatn Hispanic America Alpha Epsilon Phi. BROWN, JOHN MARSHALL Berkeley General Curriculum U.C. Bible League. BRUNSWICK, GENEVA FRANCES Sacramento Psychology Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Honor Studeit; Honor Students ' Council. BUCKELL, DAPHNE ROSE TEASDALE Oakland Zoology. BUFF, FRANK PAUL San Francisco Chemistry and Physics Phi Beta Kappa, Student Council. Tower and Flame; Honor Student; American Chemical Society. BURDICK, NATALIE JEANNETTE A venal Public Speaking Stem Hall; Mortar Board; Prytanean; California Club; Panile; Executive Committee; A.S.U C. President; Representative- at- Large; W.A.A., President; Rally Commit- tee; Orientations, Y.W.CJL BURNS, ROSEMARY Merced General Curriculum Alpha Delta Pi; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; Treble Clef. CALHOUN, JOAN ADELLE Berkeley Heine Economics Transfer from Muskingum College, Ohio; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet. Honor student and one of those mad engineers, BOB CARLSON still was a good guy, and people made him a rep-at-large be- cause they thought so. Bob had a lot of activities and honors, and carried a level head and objective vie into E Commit- tee with him. 41 CAMERON, BETTY CLAIRE Merced General Curriculum Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican; Election Board. CAMPBELL, BARBARA ANN San Francisco General Curriculum Sigma Kappa; Mortar Board; Prytanean, President; Hammer and Coffin; Tower and Flame; Pi Alpha Sigma; Representative-at-Large; Publications Council; Women ' s Activity Council; Pelican, Women ' s Director. CARDOZA, VERNE ALFREDA Half Moon Bay History. CARTWRIGHT, MARGARET ESTELLA Berkeley Music Kappa Delta; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Alpha Mu; W.A.A.; Newman Club; Music Club. CHALMERS, PATRICIA CAROL Woodland Social Welfare Alpha Omicron Pi. CHAPMAN, MARY HARRIET Oakland Japan Alpha Delta Chi; Alpha Mu Gamma. CHINN, ALLEN Sacramento Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers; Chinese Students ' Club. CHRISTENSEN, DORIS JACQUELINE Alameda Social Welfare Zeta Tau Alpha; Cal Hosts. Cute and capable CONNIE BLAIR owes her campus fame to her occupancy of the top chair in the Panhellenic Council and to her winning personality. Vice-President of the Junior class, and loyal DeeGee, Connie also graced Mortar Board, Prytanean, and Cal Club with her presence and had enough pep left for an occasional journalism class. Friendly and frank in her convic- tions, she found the right side of a campus issue and gave it all she had. SBI OfiS CAMPBELL, GENEVIEVE TERESA Modesto Public Health. CANADAY, ROSEMARY GAIL Rialto History Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College. CARLTON, LILLIAN LOUISE El Centre Public Health Theta Upsilon; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. CEDERBORG, EDWARD AXEL Oakland Civil Engineering Varsity football; American Society of Civil Engineers. CHALLONER, HELEN FRANCES Berkeley Home Economics Bureau of Public Relations; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; Orientations; College Women ' s Club; Home Economics Club. CHAPPELL, ROBERT PETE Gilroy Mechanical Engineering Bowles Hall; Varsity Crew. CHINN, SAMUEL YIN San Francisco Business Administration Chinese Students ' Club. CHRISTMAN, ELAINE Sacramento Political Science Pi Beta Phi. CAMPBELL, HARRY MEIKLE, JR. Los Angeles Civil Engineering Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles; Baton; Band; American Society of Civil Engineers. CANTANHO, THEODORE RUEGG Berkeley Mathematics Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Honor Student; Consumers Council. CARNIGLIA, STEPHEN CHARLES San Francisco Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student. CEILEY, ROBERTA ELAINE San Francisco Physical Education Delta Sigma Nu; Honor Student. CHAN, ALBERT JEUNG San Francisco Civil Engineering Chi-Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chinese Students Club. CHASE, MAURICE GORDON Dinuba Law Beta Theta Pi. CHRISNEY, JACK BERNARD Hollywood Chemistry Newman Hall. CHRISTOPULOS, PAUL GUST Stockton Journalism Golden Bear; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian, Sports Staff. CAMPBELL, JEAN Oakland History W.A.A.; College Women ' s Club. CARD, CAROL Carmel General Curriculum. CARROLL, PHYLLIS VIRGINIA Sacramento Economics Phi Omega Pi; Y.W.C.A. CERF, ALAN ROBERT San Francisco Business Administration Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Daily Californian, Junior Manager. CHAPMAN, BARBARA CAROL Berkeley French Alpha Omicron Pi; Blue and Gold; Election Board. CHAUSSE, MARY LOUISE San Francisco Economics Lantana Lodge; Housing Board; Women ' s Dormitory Council. CHRISTAL, NEIL JAMES San Francisco Accounting Tower and Flame. CLARK, EVELYN LORRAINE Sausalito Journalism Delta Zeta; Theta Sigma Phi; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre. 42 : CLARK, JOHN NATHANIEL General CvnoriMn Kappa Sigma; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; I nterfrateroity Council, = .::;. T ea . CLEMENT, MARJORIE RHAE Staten Island, New York Senior Transfer from Hunter ' s College; Kappa Delta. NICOLA San Francisco Accounting Masonic Club. COMPAS, GEORGE LOUIS San Francisco General CurricvhMi. CONNELLY, DAVID FALLON Burlingame International Relations Kappa Alpha; Toner and Flame; Vanity Debate; Sophomore Class Council. COOPERR1DER ROSEMARY ASHMUN Berkeley Home Economics Alpha Delta Chi; Omega ' --?: f CM; Chairman; Roger Williams Club, President. COUBERLY, MARY JEAN Sammoni Social Welfare. DAHLBERG, MARHEA AVON Ukiah Business Administration Phi Chi Theta. CLARK, MARGARET ELLIS Riverside Social Welfare. CLEMENT, MARY LOUISE San Francisco Musk Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Mi; U.C. Chorus; W.A.A. COLE, ELWOOD BOURLAND Corpus Christ i, Texas Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsi Ion, Tower and Flame; Varsity Baseball, Hanger. COMPTON, MARGARET IRENE Sacramento General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi. CONNICK, MARGARET Berkeley Political Science Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tower and Flame; Honor Sudent; Pi Sigma Alpha; Intramural. COPLAND, IVALEE San Leandro Political Science RiUer Hall; Women ' s Circle " C " Society; W.A.A., Interclass Board; Phrateres. CROCKER, ANGUS McLEOD San Diego Industrial Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Phi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Interfratemity Council; Y.M.C.A.; Wrestling. DAHNCKE, JEAN SYLVIA Benicia History Sigma Kappa Alpha; Dormitory War Council, President; Orientations; Women ' s Dormitory Association. CLARK, RITA CATHERINE San Francisco Business Administration COHEN, WILLIAM Santa Ana Chemistry University of California Students ' Cooperative Association. COLLINS, CLAIRE AOELE Hanioi d General Curriculum Chi Omega. CONANT, JOYCE DOROTHY Wheatland General Curriculum Radio Workshop. CONNOLLY, ALICE MARGARET Seattle, Washington Optometry Zeta Tau Alpha; Honor Student; Advertising Service Bureau; W.A.A.; Panhellenic Council. CORLEY, BENTON LARAMIE Oakland General Currioilun. CUMMINGS, MARIE LOUISE San Francisco Political Science Sigma Kappa; Ad Service; Treble Clef; Class Committees. DALY, MARIAN CECILE San Francisco Psychology Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Pi Alpha Sigma; Publications Council; Women ' s Activity Council; Advertising Service Don ' t mistake this dark-eyed lad for a mellow caballero. He ' s been up to important things, such as visiting Ex Committee and earning a Phi Bete key. From being a rep-at- large, a Golden Bear, and so forth, TERRY RING has ascended to greater things, all of whiLh take place in the mysterious reaches of Boatt Hall. CLEAVES, BARBARA LEONORA Los Angeles Bacteriology Theta Upsikn. COHN, PAULA MIGUEL Oakland Anthropology Little Theatre; Adver- tising Service Bureau; Radio Commission. COLVIN, CHARLES STANTON Berkeley Business Administratwn. CONDRA, CRANDALL WAYNE Berkeley COOK, ORRIN STUART Sacramento Medical Science Psi Upsilon; Freshman Crew; Rugby. CORREA, HELEN FRANCES Alameda Bacteriology Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican; Y.W.C.A. CURRIER, BONNIE IV A YubaCity English Utrimque. DANA, ABNEY Pasadena Business Administration Alpha Kappa Lambda; Blue and Gold, Mana- gerial; Orientations; Glee Club. 43 If you wanted to know anything about anything around this University, MARY MURRAY was your best bet for information or advice. Working up through the ranks of Daily Cal to senior position of associate editor, Mary learned to know the campus thoroughly, and so, as representative at large, she really repre- sented it. Alt these inside tracks made her a valuable ghost writer for Roos Views. One of the Stern Hall powers, she was an outstanding member of Prytanean, Mortar Board, and Cal Club honor societies. DAVIS, BEVERLY ANN Oakland Latin Phi Beta Kappa; Tower and Flame; Pi Sigma; Women ' s Counselling Director; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; W.A.A.; Classical Club. DAVIS, RICHARD MERCER San Francisco Economics Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; War Board; Crew, Manager; Wrestling. DAYVAULT, BEVERLY DEAN Santa Cruz Political Science Sigma Kappa; Tower and Flame; Housing; Blue and Gold, Managerial; Elections. DE6ENER, MARION DOLORES Winters History. DELLA, DAN GERALD Pixley Physical Education Transfer from Fresno State College; Football. DETTMER, PHILIP BRADSHAW lone Metallurgy Theta Tau; American Institute of Mechanical Engineers; Mining Asso- ciation; Dormitory Asso- ciation; Masonic Club. DIMMICK, WALTER FRANKLIN Redding Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; California Engineer; Glee Club; A.S.U.C. Card Sales; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Men ' s Counseling; Camera Club. DOLSON, LEE STEPHEN, JR. San Francisco General Curriculum Alpha Sigma Phi; Quarterdeck; Rally Committee de TURK, AMY ELIZABETH San Francisco Journalism Stern Hall; Theta Sigma Phi; Standards Commission. DINWIDDIE, DIAN DOREEN Oakland Public Speaking Alpha Gamma Delta; Honor Student; College Women ' s Club. DONALD, BARBARA COHEN Stockton Social Welfare Alpha Phi; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Intramural Board. DAVIS, KATHRYN ANN Santa Cruz General Curriculum Delta Zeta; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; Orientations; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. DAVIS, ROBERT LELAND San Francisco Business Administration Pi Lambda Phi; Daily Californian; Varsity Basketball; Interfraternity Council. DEAN, LAURENCE BISHOP Long Beach Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma; Golden Bear; Honor Student; Men ' s Judiciary Committee, Chairman. DEHNER, ANNA LOUISE Berkeley General Curriculum Treble Clef. DeMINGO, MELBA THERESA Berkeley Music. DAVIS, LEONARD JOHN Los Angeles Psychology Theta Xi; Phi Phi; Quarterdeck; Soccer Team; Boxing Team; Sophomore Council; Radio Commission. DAWSON. ELEANORA Berkeley Political Science Pi Beta Phi; Prytanean; Mask and Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer; Pi Alpha Sigma; Executive Commit- tee; Finance Committee; Little Theatre, General Manager; Military Coun- cil; Women ' s Activity Council; Actiivties Coordinating Committee. DeCHENE, JEANNE ELINOR Berkeley General Curriculum Delta Zeta; Prytanean; Panile; Women ' s Executive Board; Women ' s Activity Council; Pelican; Sopho- more Class Council; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council; Senior Pilgrimage, Chairman; Home-Coming, Co-Chairman. de LA MADRID, RAMON San Francisco Zoology University Chorus. DENNING, HELEN LOUISE Berkeley Dietetics. DEVOY, DOROTHY LENORE Honolulu, Hawaii Political Science Alpha Chi Omega; Personnel; Freshman Commission. DODDS, MARGARET ANNE Oakland Social Welfare Mortar Board; Prytanean; Y.W.C.A., Vice-President. DONELSON, CONSTANCE IRENE Berkeley General Curriculum. DAVIS, PHEBE RUTH Lake Charles, Louisiana General Curriculum. DAYTON, HAROLD POTTER Reno, Nevada Electrical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Quarterdeck; Rambler Football; Rally Commit- tee; Sophomore Vigilantes; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DEDIER, ELAINE ANNE San Francisco History Newman Club. de LAPPE, SUZANNE Oakland Dramatic Literature Mask and Dagger; Honor Student; Thalian; Little Theatre. De NORMANDIE, LOIS Berkeley Child Psychology DEXTER, GEORGE WARREN Berkeley Electrical Engineering. DOHRMANN, VIRGINIA WALDENMEIR Stockton Zoology. DONOHUE, FRANCES THEODORE Piedmont Music Treble Clef; Masonic Club. DOPE, OLIVE JOAN Oakland Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Student Tower and Flam; Pelican; Y.W.C.A. DOWDEN, MARIANA Berkeley Social Institutions Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Welfaie Council; Labor Board; Pferatcres. DRAKE, ELEANOR HORNAGE Stockton History Alpha Omricon Pi. DUNHAM, ELIZABETH JEAN Ukiah Spanish Stebbins Hall. DUNLAP, JAN IS YVONNE Gustine Merchandising International House; -. C- T -.r.3 Public Relations Bureau; = mt 3: : Managerial; Treble Clef; Masonic Club; Commercial Association. ECHTERNACH, JOHN NELSON Beverly Hills General Curriculum Beta Theta Pi; Quarterdeck. EDWARDS, PEGGY NEWSOM Berkeley General Curriculum Blue and Gold; Orientations; Masonic Club. ELSW1CK, WILLIAM ROBERT Long Beach Chemistry. DORLAND, ROBERT CLAIRE San Diego Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; 5 Ecs K Wrestling Team DOWLER, JUNE RUTH Berkeley Public Speaking Panile; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Little Theater, Managerial; Vigilantes; Radio Commission; Orientations; Y.W.C.A.; College Women ' s Club; Student Advisory Bureau DRIAN, YVONNE LOUISE Oakland i Delta; Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi; Representative-at-Large; Daily California California Club; Treble Clef; Class Council. DUNHAM, LOWELL ELTON Long Beach General Curriculum Kappa Sigma. DURYEA, JOHN BURTON San Francisco Electrical Engineering Fencing Team, Captain; Americal Institute Electrical Engineers. ED1NGER, BARBARA Hood English Delta Delta Delta; Student Relations; Labor Board. EGGERTSDOTTIR, KRISTJANA GUDNY Reykjaseik, Iceland General Curriculum International House. EMBREE, GUY WESTON Pasadena Mechanical Engineering Transfer From Pasadena Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. DORNBACH, MARGARET ANNE SanMateo General Curriculum Stern Hall; University Chorus; Symphony Forum. DOWN MAURICE AUSTIN Sewell, Chile Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers. DROEGE, JOHN ALBERT Corona del Mar General Curriculum Basketball. DOUGLASS, DOROTHY JEANNE Campbell Political Science Zeta Tau Alpha; - DUNLAP, BARBARA HELEN Albuguerque, N. M. English Alpha Delta Chi; Calvin Club. DYER, RUTH CAROLINE Lindsay History Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Kappa Alpha; War Board- Elections Board; Y.W.OA.; Panhellenic Council. EDWARDS, JAMES WALLACE, JR. Concord Agriculture Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Phi; Quarterdeck; Trade. ELIASSEN, MARY HELEN General Curriculum i Club. EMORY, NATHAN J. Seattle, Washington Mathematics Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles- Phi Kappa Sigma; Little Theatre. Radio Commission; Orientations. DOYLE, RICHARD EUGENE Vallejo Electrical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Honor Student; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DUNCAN, DORIS ELEANOR San Leandro General Curriculum Phi Mu. DUNLAP. GLEN LAMAR Gustine Business Administration International House; Commerce Association Preside .- Administration Club, President. EAK1N, ELEANOR LOIS Oakland Social Welfare Blue and Gold; = e EB Z- t ' y. m EDWARDS, MARILYN MARGARET SanMateo General Curriculum Alpha Phi; Housing Board; Pelican; W.A.A.; Symphony Forum. ELLIOTT, JEAN KATHERINE Long Beach Journalism Stern Hall; Daily California Editor; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Senior Class President; Torch and Shield. ENNIS, BETTY LAVEEDA San Jose History Honor Society; Sigma Kappa Alpha. As the old saying goes, ' ' here ' s a wolf in ship ' s clothing. " An importation from Davis, CLIFF WOLF was one Aggie student that dove into campus affairs with a will. Besides agricul- tural activities, he did pretty well in politics, serving as a representative- at- Iar9t. 45 BARBARA CAMPBELL spent most of her time doing mighty things in Eshleman and Stephens Union, but a little of it went for wading in the creek behind the buildings. A lively dark- haired Sigma Kappa, Bobbie presided at Pryt meetings and as a Pelican Women ' s Director, as well as being a rep-at-large. SOI OfiS ENNS. GEORGE MARLAN Reed ley Political Science. ERICSON, PATRICIA JEAN Fresno Political Science; Delta Gamma; Art Bureau. FAGERLUND, EDITH ELEANOR Walnut Creek Architecture. FARQUHAR. ROBERT LEETE Berkeley General Curriculum; Beta Theta Pi; Advertising Service; Basketball, Manager; Intramural, Director. FEIBUSCH, MARTHA San Francisco Social Welfare; Honor Student. FINNEGAN, WILLIAM GEORGE Dollar Bay, Michigan Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma. FONG. FLORINDA San Francisco Dietetics; Y.W.C.A. FRANCIS. WILLIAM OLIVER Auburn Marketing and Business Administration; Theta Chi; Tower and Flame; Interfraternity Council; Naval R.O.T.C. 46 ENOCHIAN, WARREN S. Fresno Mechanical Engineering. ERWINE, SAMUEL DAWSON, Jr. San Diego Business Administration; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Phi Epsilon; Honor Student; Quarterdeck. FAHL, MARTHA LOUISE Wadsworth, Ohio Psychology; Little Theatre. FARRAR, LYNN DALE Oakland Business Administration; Honor Student; California Engineer. FENDER, CLAVEL REITE San Francisco Physical Education; Prytanean; Torch and Shield; Phrateres; Junior Class, Vice- President; Y.W.C.A. FITCH, WILLIAM ERNEST Oakland Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. FOSTER, MARGARET ELLEN Berkeley General Curriculum; Phi Mu; California Engineer; Orientations; W.A.A.; Calvin Club. FRANCK, VIRGINIA ELOISE Berkeley General Curriculum; College Women ' s Club. ERICKSON, BAR BARA JUNE Berkeley Business Administration. ESPINOZA, FLORENCE GEORGIA San Francisco English; Yacht Club. FARMER, ELEANOR MAY Upland General Curriculum; Transfer from College of the Pacific; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Orchestra. FARSCHON, BARBARA ANN Folsom Home Economics. FENG, DOREEN YEN-HUNG Shanghai, China Decorative Arts; Transfer from San Fran- cisco College for Women; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Chinese Students ' Club. FLETCHER. HERBERT BENNETT Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta. .Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineering Council. FOX, ROBERT HAMLON Acampo Physics; Honor Student. FRANKEL, JACOB PORTER Long Beach Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi. ERICKSON, GLENN WILLIAM Concord Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Californian; Track. EVANS, WILLIAM SYDNEY JR. Oakland Antrhropology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Phi; Rugby Team. Manager. FARMER, JOYCE MARGARET Crockett Architecture; Alpha Alpha Gamma; American Society of Civil Engineers; Architectural Association. FAY, DORIS VIRGINIA San Francisco General Curriculum; Alpha Xi Delta; Little Theatre; Orientations. FILHOL, GEORGE GASTON San Francisco Biochemistry. FOLETTA, ALICE MARIE San Francisco History; Zeta Tau Alpha; Honor Student; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Women ' s Activity Council; W.A.A.; College Women ' s Club; Utrimque. FRAMPTON, DORIS Healdsburg Hispanic America; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Housing Board; Y.W.C.A. W.A.A.; Intramural. FREDELL, BARBARA B. Samoa General Curriculum; Chi Omega; Elections Board; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet. ' umu ir -L PB FREERICKS, BERNICE KATHRYN UK Angeles Medical School; Delta Zeta; Alpha Mu Gamma. FULLER, ROBERT FRANK Oakland Electrical Engineering; Sheridan Hall; Scabbard awl-Blade; TOM ;-: Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Y.M.C.A; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. GALLIN, KATINKA JEAN San Francisco Home Economics; Stern Hall; Prytanean; California Club; Omega Nu.- WarBoard; Dormitory Council, Vic President; Pelican. GARDNER, DUNCAN RAWSEL Berkeley Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Masonic Club. CASPAR, JESSIE CONSTANCE Moffett Field General Curriculum; Phrateres. GE1SLER, MANFRED LINCOLN en ' s Glee Club; :-.f-:-_-:- :.-.-: Westminster Club. GIANNINI, PETER EUGENE Kingsburg Jurisprudence; Alpha Sigma Nu; Honor Student; GILBERT, ROBERT RAYMOND Oroville General Curriculum; FRICK, JEANNETTE MARY Bakersfield Home Ecooomics, " Sigma Kappa; WOT St. 3 " -.-?-.: . Elections Board; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club. FULLINGTON, J.JOAN Berkeley H ispanic- America; Phi Mu; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Senior Class Council, Eleetio. Board; ' Activity Commit- tee; Women ' s Counselling, GANONG, GLORIA ADELE Fullerton Physical Education; Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Honor Sudcnt; W.A.A.; Y.W.CJl. GARDNER, VIRGINIA LESLIE Oakland Home Economics; Theta Upsilon; Omega Nu; Orientations Council; Panhellenic Council; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural. PATRICIA ELIZABETH Los Angeles General Curricutan. GEORGE, ETHEL MARGARET Los Angeles Dietetics. GIBBS, ELEANOR WINFORD San Marino General Curriculum; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pelican; Y.W.C.A. GILBERT, SIDNEY CECIL San Francisco Physics; Frofem tai FRICK, MARY,LOUISE Bakersfield General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa. FURTH. ALAN COWAN Winters Economics; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; California Club, Chairman; Executive Committee; Publications Council; Daily Californian, Editor; Senior Class, Secretary- Treasuier; Junior Class, Sec.-Treas.; Football. GARDIPEE, MARGARET ANN Sacramento Physical Education; Stern Hall; Tor and Flame; W.AJL; Physical Education; Majors ' Club. GARRETT. BASIL DEE Long Beach Mechanical Engineering; Bowles Hall. GATES, WILLIAM Tracy Physics; Freshman Baseball. GERMAIN, LAWRENCE SEYMOUR Stockton Physics; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student. ELIZABETH PATRICIA Berkeley General Curriculum; Alhpa Chi Omega. Delta Phi Epsilon; Phi Phi; Scabbard and Blade; WraBnf Sf- i Urn- ajf =;-: m Rifle Team. GILCHRIST, ROBERT IVES Altadena General Curriculum; Kappa Sigma; 3: El 5f5 " Quarterdeck; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Varsity Yell Leader; Track; Rugby; Glee Club; Radio Commission. FULKERSON, EDWARD FLOYD San Diego Civil Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Circle VV C " Society; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Wrestling. GALLAGHER, JOY FALLIS Sacramento Political Science; Stem Hall; College Women ' s Club Juniors. GARDNER, ALMA HELENE Oakland Jurisprudence; Musk Club; Boa It Hall Law Association. GARRETT, CONSTANCE DANNER Merced Spanish. GAYLORD, ALICE ELIZABETH St. Helena Home Economics; Transfer from Davis; Ritter Hall; War Board; Women ' s Dormitory Council. GIACOMAZZI, ELLEN RUTH Santa Paula Public Speaking; Prytanean; Mask and Dagger; Ita Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre. GIESE, RUTH ANTOINETTE Redlands International Relations; Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College. G1LLESPIE, GRACE MARY Berkeley Social Welfare; Welfare Council; Rally Committee; s -:_ " - Y.W.C.A. One of the most familiar sights on i SHERMAN RIFKIN, ferocious managing editor of Daily Cal, and a good man to know if you had any special desires or ideas with which you wanted to impress Stephens Union. Fanatic on the subject of newspapers and hometown Los Angeles, Sherman majored Ml journalism, belonged to a flock of honor societies, and ode himself a very distinctive per- sonality o cannus. 47 In spite of all her college activity, BETH LESSER ended up like all the girls married. Being the famous high-pressure salesman of ASUC card sales, made her chairman of the com- mittee in her junior year. So she ' d had lots of practice when she ran into meteorologist Lt. Viacanti at Bowles Hall, sold his cadets ASUC cards and him the idea she ' d make a mighty fine wife. SOI OfiS GILLILAND, LUCILLE AVRIL Oakland Decorative Art; Alpha Gamma Delta; Delta Chi Alpha; Blue and Gold. G1RARD, ROBERT FRANK Whiting, Indiana Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Phi; Intrafraternity Council; Quarterdeck; Varsity Track Club; Track; California Grizzly. CLICK, ROBERT MAX San Francisco Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers, President; Circle " C " Society; Basketball. GOLDMAN, JEAN MARIE Berkeley General Curriculum; Delta Gamma; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Women ' s Activity Council; Art Bureau, Manager. GORDON, ANNE Bakersfield General Curriculum; Kappa Alpha Theta; Ace of Clubs. GRANT, VIOLET ISABEL Long Beach Public Speaking. GRAYLESS. ELINOR BELLE Alhambra Bacteriology; Women ' s Dormitory Council. GREEN. SARA SWEET Berkeley Nutrition; Delta Delta Delta; Advertising Service Bureau. 48 GILMORE, KATHRYN ANN Sacramento Social Institutions; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A. GLAFKIOES, KATHERIME IRENE San Francisco History; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Epsilon Phi Sigma. GLIDDEN, DOROTHY MARTHA Alameda General Curriculum; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Newman Club. GOODMAN, BOOTH B., JR. Oakland Pre-Medical; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Daily Californian; Tennis. GORDON, JEAN Berkeley Political Science; Chi Omega; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Election Board. GRAY. GLORIA HOPE San Francisco Social Welfare. GREATHOUSE, BETTY DOROTHY Oakland Social Welfare; Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican, Secretariat; Orientations. GREEN, VERM HAROLD Berkeley Physical Education; Circle " C " Society; Swimming; Water Polo Varsity; U. C. Life Saving Corps, President; University of California Physical Education Majors ' Club. GINOCHIO, DOROTHY ANN Ukiah General Curriculum. GLASS, LAUREL ELLEN Fresno Medical Sciences; Phi Beta Kappa; Women ' s " C " Society; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Phi Sigma; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Little Theatre; Student Relations. GOESCH, BARBARA NADINE Oakland Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pelican; W.A.A. GOODMAN, LORNA RUTH Piedmont Music; Honor Student; Alpha Mu; Orientations; Masonic Club; Music Club; Students ' Advisory Bureau. GORYAINOFF, ALEXIS NICOLAS Harbin, Manchuria Mechanical Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. GRAY, JANE ALLYN San Francisco Dietetics; Nutrition; Home Economics Club. GREEN, BETTY LOU Dos Palos Social Institutions; Epworth Hall; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Plymouth House. GREENBERG, SHIRLEY ESTHER San Francisco Delta Kappa. G1NSBURG, MORRIS ISRAEL Portland, Maine Agricultural Economics; Pi Lambda Phi; Daily Californian, Man- agerial; Little Theatre. GLEBERMAN, MARGARET VIRGINIA Alameda Sculpture; Delta Delta Delta; Pelican; Y.W.C.A. GOLDBAUM, ANN Alameda Spanish; Joaquin Hall; Treble Clef. GOODRICH, MADELINE MAY Oakland Public Speaking; Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Thalian; Hammer and Dimmer; California Club;A.S.U.C., Vice-president; Little Theater; Pelican; Women ' s Executive Board; Women ' s Judicial; Finance Committee; Women ' s Activity Council; Executive Committee; Soph. Class, Vice-Pres. GOULD, DOUGLAS JAY Auburn Zoology. GRAY, JANE PATRICIA San Francisco History. GREEN, PAULA NATALIE Hollywood English; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A. GREENMAN, ROBERT ALVIN Chico General Curriculum; Transfer from Chico State. GREGG JOHN WILLIAM CaUary, Alberta, Car. GRETHER, =3=E T S:-:.L LYOIA Beta Beta. Football; Honor SUocnt; Toner and GRIFFIN, ROBERT STODOARD Oakland Wildlife Consenation; Delta Ta Delta; GRIFFITTS, AM ELIZABETH _ Water Pole; GleeCh ; Rally Committee. GRISWOLD, DE ETTE ABERNETHY Transfer from San Jose Stale Calient; Phi Hi; Hammer and Coffin; War Transportation Board; Pelican. GROSS, Political Science; Kappa N.; Honor St.toH.-T Flame; Pi Clrite " C " GRIGOR, VIRGINIA THOMPSON San Francisco Political Science; Toner and Flame; Class CommHtm; VJUL GROVE, RUTH MARIE Berkeley Economics; Alpta Delta Pi, Honor Sudent; Pi Phi Delta; Y.W.CJL; College Women ' s GRINSLADE, 3E-.E Ei.:ZA3E-- Rcseville Bacteriology; GROVER, GERTRUDE MURIEL San Francisco Political Science. GUALCO, MARIANA JOYCE Sacramento Social Werfare; Transfer from Sacra- mento Jnntor CoHeoe Y.W.CJL HAINES, ETTA MARIE San Francisco Social Welfare; Interfratenity Conncil. HAASIS, JOHN MILTON Long Beach Mechanical Engineering. Orientations; Y.W.C.A, FRANCES S. San Franca History. HAIL, JULIA ANN HAINES, JEAN MARJORIE Alpka CanMa Oetta; Toer and Flame; PHica.;Y.W.CA.; HAJEK, ERNEST EMIL Berwyn, Illinois Mectanical Enaineerinj; American Society of HU ELIZABETH CAROLINE Cripertiro E-; ' ' ! HALL, EIMER ERNEST McCtaod Chril Cnginraiini; Transfer froni California HALL. VIRGINIA LEE HAMILTON, BARBARA ANN CURRIER HAMILTON, BETTY LOU American Society of ' Cnril Engineers. HAMILTON, DIXIE MARIANNE San Francisco E-c t Daily Californian. HAMILTON, ,:;_ San Francisco -. ' .---- - =;; E-; ;- Treble Clef; HAMILTON, WALLACE HAWLEY Rio Vista Political Science. HANCE, HARRISON HINMAN Beta Tketa Pi; Tbeu Delta CM; ALVA DAY Davis Botany. Scabbard and Blade Trmne; Varsity Basketball; Rngby, Senior Manager; imerfraternrty Conncil. HANSEN, STANLEY FREDERICK HANWELL, Service Bnan; Conhomon Class Cooncil; Jnnior Class Conncil; Senior Week Committee. HARBERT, EDWARD WESLEY - ' :-: X. Los Angeles un Classical CH . General Corricnfcjm; Delta Upsiton; Trs is Ue girl o Inened np Ex Committee on ___ niokts. YVONNE DRIAN. This Ai.U.C. representatiw - ery bnsy at Cal, worked on a hole bonck of activHies, and , , ended np in the A.S.U.C. major leaon and the Senior Hall of Fame. She ' s Prytanean, Cal Ch, and other things to prow rt. That ether in she ears beside her Alnha tmmt Delta one is PiKA. 49 This terribly handsome man is TED KROEBER. He worked very hard as chairman of Rally Committee to make the trimmings at football games as fine as ever, despite wa rtime opposition. Ted ' s a Sigma Phi and son of Professor Kroeber of the Anthro department. For a slight fee he ' ll get you through Anthro 1A, freshmen. SOI ORS HARDING, JOSEPHINE KITTS Berkeley General Curriculum; Panile; Pelican; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet Class Committees. HARRINGTON, KATEWINDELE Oakland Anthropology; Alpha XI Delta; Orientations; Panhellenic Council; A.S.U.C. Reception Committee. HARRISON, SCOTT CHARLES San Francisco General Curriculum; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student; Baseball; California Doughboys. HASKELL, BETTY C. Carmel General Curriculum; Junior transfer from Salinas Junior College. HAUSER, JOAN ELLEN Berkeley Journalism; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Tower and Flame; Hammer and Coffin; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Women ' s Ac- tivity Council; Daily Californian, City Editor; Women ' s Vigilantes; Chairman, Class Officers ' Council. HAYNES, THOMAS EDWIN Pasadena Mechanical Engineering; Tower and Flame; Blue and Gold; California Engineer; Gym Team; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HEATHERLY, RUTH ELAINE San Diego Political Science; Delta Zeta: Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Mu Gamma; Blue and Gold; Daily Californian; W.A.A. HENDERSON, CHARLES RICHARD Oakland General Curriculum; Winged-Helmet; Big V C " Society; Triune; Quarterdeck; Basketball. HARDWICK, DOLORES MARIE Fortuna Public Health. HARRIS, GERALDINE LOUISE Bakersfield English; Tower and Flame. HART. ISABEL DISTIN Yreka General Curriculum. HASLINGER, ETHEL MARIE Berkeley Art; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Pelican; Little Theatre. HAWTHORNE, HARRY D. Seattle, Washington Meteorology. HAYWOOD, WINIFRED ALICE Albany Hispanic America Phi Mu; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Women ' s Activity Council; Publications Council; Blue and Gold, Manager; Orientations, Director; W.A.A.; Personnel; Masonic Club; Assembly Dance Committee. HEDIGER, NANCY SUZANNE San Anselmo Psychology; Transfer from Marin Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican. HENDERSON, GLORIA BETTY San Mateo General Curriculum; Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Red Cross. HARELSON, JEAN MAY Sacramento Journalism; Alpha Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Y.W.C.A. Panhellenic Council; Personnel. HARRIS, KATE VANORDEN Okanogan, Washington Social Welfare; Kappa Delta; Prytanean; Panile; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet; Welfare Council; Orientations; Canterbury Club. HARTER, ROBERTA JEAN Berkeley Business Administration; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panile; Torch and Shield; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Chi Theta; Advertising Service Bureau; Rally Committee. HATCH, RUTH Paso Robles General Curriculum. HAYMAN, JR., ALVIN San Francisco Business Administration; Alpha Delta Chi; Winged Helmet; Circle " C " Society; Varsity Yell Leader, Assistant; Football; Boxing; Water Polo; Class Officers ' Council. HAZEN, EDWARD AUSTIN San Jose Civil Engineering. HEINECKE, EMMY LOU Oakland Chemistry; Orientations; Radio Commission. HENDRICSON, ALVIN ELLIS San Leandro Electrical Engineering. HARRINGTON, JEROME FRANCIS Spokane, Washington Plant Pathology. HARRISON, LILLIAN R. Los Angeles Psychology. HARTLEY, ROBERT HENRY Mount Shasta Electrical Engineering; Baton, President; California Band; Engineering Council; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. HAUN, CATHERINE MARIE Oakland Social Welfare; Newman Club. HAYNES, PRISCILLA HOPE Oakland Economics; Labor Board; Women ' s Orchestra. HEALY, FRANK A. San Bernardino Pre-Medical. HENCKEN, ETHEL MARIE Oakland Business Administration; Beta. .Gamma Sigma; Phi Chi Theta. HENLE, JOHN ROBERT Woodland Agricultural Economics; Zeta Psi; Alpha Zeta; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student; Rugby; Sophomore Vigilantes; Big " C " Guard. HERINGER, ALT GENETTE Clarksburg Political Science; - :: : :- --: Orientations; Y.W.C.A.; Folio. HERVEY, MARY PATRICIA Beverty Hills Hispanic America; Kapp WphaTheta; WomeJs " ( ' C ' ' Society; " rahaee; Activities Co-or- otMM Committee; Women ' s Activity Council; Military Council; Bine mt Ml .-.:-?-:- =.= . Committee, Chairman; Store Board; Primal Jons Council; Y.W.C.A.; WJLA, Council; Intra- -.:- H1LLMAN, HAROLD WALTER San Francisco Economics; HOFFMAN, MARTHA WILSON Berkeley Latin; Phi Beta Kappa; Prytanean; Pi Sigma; Pi Lambda Theta; Blue and Gold, Associate Editor; Women ' s Activity Council; Orientations; Phrateres; Classical Club. HOLLANDER, BETTE JUNE Berkeley Eh] :- HOLT, HELEN E JEAN Sonoma History; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Imm mt ? ML HARRY GOFF San Diego Civil Engineering; Chinese Students ' Club; American Society of Civil Engineers. HOWARD, BARBARA RAY Fresno History; ! Delta. HERRELL, DONNA CLAIRE Oakland General Cuniinhmy Zeta Ta Alpha. HESS, GLORIA FRANCES Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Coin- Elections Board. HILTON, ELIZABETH McKAY San Francisco Decorative Arts; International Hone. HOFFMAN, WILLIAM CHARLES Portland, Oregon Mathematics; Delta Upsilon; HOLMES, BARBARA JANE Berkeley General Cwricutani; Lrttle Theatre; Y.W.CJL; HOLT. OSCAR CARL Turlock Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice- TOMT and Flame; p. :- -; - Little Theatre. HORN, BERTRAM MERRILL San Francisco Economics; Kappa Nu; Varsity Football; Wrestling Team. HOWARD, HELENE DOROTHEA Political Science; Honor StndenL HERRERO, JACK EDWARD Stockton Civil Engineering; Delta Upsilon; Football. HILL, EDITH SEDALIA LJPM tad History; Kappa Phi. HERRING, LYSKA ZUE Long Beach S:- t HILL1GER, PATRICIA EDfTH Honolulu, Hawaii Alpha Chi Omeja.- Little Theatre. HIX, ROBIN Berkeley Hispanic America; Gamma Phi Beta; UnhersHy HOLCOMB, NORMA JEAN San Diego General Curriculum; Transfer from the University of California at Los Angeles; Delta Delta Delta; Uniwrsity Symphony Orchestra. HOLMES, MARIE Palo Alto Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Theta; Prytanean; Panile; Y.W.C.A.; Orientations; Panhellenic Council. HOLT, SALLY Redwood City Social Welfare; Jaimiii Hall. HORN, EDNA MARIAN San Francisco Agriculture; Delta Sigma Chi; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Honor Student; W.A.A.; Masonic Ctab. HUDSON, JEAN San Francisco General Cm i inlom; Stem Hall; Card Sales. HODGE, CULLEN SQUAERE Kansas City, Missouri Mathematics; Oxford Hall. HOLDENER, FRANCES ELISABETH Sacramento Business Administration; Sigma Kappa; Bureau of Publications. HOLMES, RUTH LOUISE Clarksburg History; - :; :- IMP rift i : r Orientations. HOLZMAN, ROBERT ELLIS Los Angeles fins; HilhH HORTA, PATRICIA JOSEPHINE Oakland Business Administration; Pelican; Advertising Service Bureau; Card Sales; College Women ' s Club. HUGHES, JANET LOUISE Oakland Political Science; -::- mt S- : L U f ' fi:-t Senior Sweetheart, and epitome of all that means class spirit, PAT MacINTOSH was the first lady of the class of ' 44. As vice-presidem, she was the " Kceacr of the Key " to Sooor Women ' s Hall, and aho had a part in the doings of Rally Commill, Orientations, and her sorority sisters the Deegees. 51 Well, this little Alpha belonged to scads of things, but BETTE McCLURE is best known for her work as women ' s representative. She cracked ASUC politics after working on Pelican and Rally Committee, and played an active part in the campus war effort. Her quietness and cuteness are deceptive, for she has a tremendous capacity for activities and ideas. sei ORS HUGHES, MARGARET IRENE Petaluma Political Science Advertising Service Bureau. ISERMAN, CAROL DOROTHY Los Angeles Social Welfare Alpha Epsilon Phi; Blue and Gold; Y.W.C.A.; Community Service. JACKSON, WILLIAM FRANCIS Eureka Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Alpha Psi; Newman Club; Business Administration Club. JAFFA, LAWRENCE MARVIN Berkeley Business Administration Golden Bear; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; War Board; Welfare Council; Y.M.C.A., Cabinet; Poll Committee; Blue and Gold; Student- Faculty Citizenship Committee. JENSEN, BIRTE Berkeley General Curriculum Alpha Xi Delta; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre, Women ' s Managerial. JOHNS, MERODINE L. Pasadena Education Tower and Flame; Dorm Council; Blue and Gold. JOHNSON, JEAN ROSAMOND Reno, Nevada Journalism Honor Student; Daily Cal; Advertising Service Bureau; University of California Student Cooperative Association. JOHNSTON, DOROTHY KELLEY Oakland Public Health Honor Student; Little Theatre; W.A.A.; Student Health Committee; Student Adisory Bureau; Phrateres. INGRAM, BETTY-LOU Stockton Public Health Epworth Hall. ISRAEL, ROBERT DAVIS San Diego Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Phi. JACOBS, HERBERT, JR. Phoenix, Arizona Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student. JAHN, DALE MILLER North Hollywood Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Gamma Sigma. JENSEN, PHILIP ALBERT Oakland Mechanical Engineering Baseball; Intramural Basketball; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Automotive Engineers. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN San Francisco Bacteriology. JOHNSON, LAMONA MAY Cloverdale Economics. JOHNSTON, ELEANOR BERNICE Bakersfield Physical Education Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Phi Mu; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; W.A.A.; Orienta- tions; Y.W.C.A. INGLES, HELEN DEANE Bakersfield General Curriculum. JACK ADAL ' YN MARIAN Sacramento Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta; Women ' s Rally Committee; Orientations, Counseling; Intramural; Y.W.C.A.; Ace of Clubs. JACOBS, JEAN ELSA San Francisco General Curriculum. 52 JAMES, BARBARA LYNELL Ukiah General Curriculum Delta Zeta; Blue and Gold, Editorial; Little Theatre; Speakers ' Bureau; Orientations; University Chorus; Masonic Club; Class Committees. JEROME, MORRIS GERARD Los Angeles Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; California Engineer; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOHNSON, DOROTHY MARILYN Needles Chemistry Phi Beta Kappa; Little Theatre. JOHNSON, RAYMOND EDGAR San Francisco Forestry Big " C " Society; Varsity Football. JONES, BARBARA COVER Berkeley Sociology Transfer from Vassar Col- lege; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Califor- nia Club; Women ' s Execu- tive Board; Women ' s Ac- tivity Council; Welfare Council, Sub-Chairman; Y.W.C.A., President; Blue and Gold; University of California Student Co- operative Association. IRISH. RUTH MARTHA Watsonville History Theta Upsilon; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Activity Council; Music Council; Women ' s Orchestra, Manager; Masonic Club; Christian Science Society. JACKSON, FRED LESTER San Bernardino Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Band. JAEGER, FLORENCE MARIE Redwood City Home Economics. JANG, ROSIE San Francisco Fcod Chemistry Chinese Students ' Club. JESCHIEN, BRUCE Berkeley Business Administration Activities Ccordinating Ccmmittee; Rally Committee, Chairman. JOHNSON, HAROLD PEYTON Santa Paula Medical Science Alpha Kappa Lambda; Honor Student; Baton; Band; University Symphony Orchestra. JOHNSON, STANLEY ALLAN Oakland Business Administration Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Triune; Varsity Basketball. JONES, BONNIE WINIFRED Oakland Anthropology Alpha Gamma Delta; Treble Clef; Intramural. : E ANITA Berkeley Home Economics; Delta Sigma Theta. JHC5 EARL EDWARD R. Berkeley M(rhninl Engineering, :- = Social Institutions; Alpha Delta Cni. JORGENSEN, DOROTHA GRACE San Francisco General Cnrrionim; Ita JHK EBERT KAY San Francisco Civil Engineering; Tan Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; California Engineer, Assistant Editor. KAIN, KATHERINE JANE Pittsborg :- :.- . - iPniBeu; kcti M : ' ..-. ' ? ' tea ?-:-.- : .: KAST, FRANCIS XAVIER- JUUEVKH KATE MARIE Oakland Physical Education; Orientations; Director; W.A.A.; loterclass Educati Hm : n; Majors ' CN . KAISER, DORIS VICTORIA Walnut Creek Sx Bb r KELLEY, GEORGE JOSEPH Modesto Physics; Maw SbrfM KENDALL, KENYONSUMNER - - Mnl : 5 :-; MMa Er E: C Crt . : MB KEPPLE, NANCY CLARE Watsomille KAST, WILLIAM GREGORY San Ansehno Meckankal Engineering; Tan Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. KELLEY, JANICE MEREDITH San Bernardino Journal han; EpnrthHall. KENNEDY, ZELLA EDITH ;- :: a Political Science; Joaqnin Hall; Daily Califomian. KESSLER ALBERT MARKUS Berkeley .:,-; ELIZABETH MACSWAIN Los Gates Decorative Art; Gamma Phi Beta; Pry- tanean; Delta Chi Alpha; Pi Alpha Sigma; $.r- 3- C B ::---: Art Bureau, Director; Acthrrties Co-ordinating Commituc; Women ' s Actnrity Council. JMN MARGARET LELEAN Berkeley Oecoratne Art; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Beta Kappa, fijtmem fm k Guild of Decoratne Art; Welfare Council; Caamui! ' Council, Chair- man; Art Boreas; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet. KADEL, KATHERINE ELIZABETH Sacramento French; Gamma Delta. KAKURES, PETER DENNIS JONES, GEOFFREY RICHARD Millbrae Business AdMMistratioi; = Kafpi i :- 2 Scabbard adBlade. JOSEL, MARC1A Long Beach - : ' :: ' ; i :-; :: - -:-:,- OH Af tot ::.-: Y.W.C.A. KAHN, HENRY NMI Alameda Chemistry; Honor Student; = ta - S pn California Eng! Crew. KAR1NEN, ARTHUR ELI Fort Bragg Political Science Epsiton Phi Sigma. KELLER, LEROY RUPERT Ventura nical Engineering; r Transfer iiuin Vemjra Junior College; Tan Beta Pi; -:-: StiM Americai Society of Mechanical Engineers. KEMMERER, JANICE San Francisco d ; tan Mq DM Secretary. KELLER, MARY ELIZABETH Berkeley Economics; Pi Alpha Sigma; Thru Sigma Phi; Advertising Senrice tmtm College Women ' s Club; Newman Ck . KENDALL, JOHN NORMAN Oicnard Mechanical Engineering. KENNINGTON, RICHARD HANDLEY Portland, Oregon i : : " : :: Golden Bear; Finance Committee; Activities Co-ordinating Cummin i e, Chairman; Forensics Commission; Damn MARY A. SM r - " : ;:: .E : BEVERLY JEAN Bcrioctey Emj _ ' . ; " : : . . : " .. Treble CVef; Newman Club; President Interfaith Council; Yacht Club. KEYES, WILLIAM REED JR. Oakland Electrical Engineering; Acacia; Tower and Flame; n Society of _ 944 BETTY UDALL had the key iob of women ' s representatne, handling the affairs of women in activities. An Alpha Phi and hard worker in the " Y, " Betty was a very busy little girl, but not too busy to find the man in her life and rake in a few- college honors besides. Enterprising editor of the Daily Cal, MARY OGG could light the fuse of many an explosive issue, and start people thinking about the country in general and themselves in particular. She will be remembered for tackling the American Legion and a series of editorials opposing their policies. Well qualified for her post, Mary is an honor student, a member of Mortar Board, and one of the best informed students on campus in political as well as social current affairs. sei ORS KIDDER, ANNE ELIZABETH Berkeley French Regional Major; Prytanean; Hammer and Dimmer; Panile; Alpha Mu Gamma; Dramatics Council; Little Theatre, Costume Manager; College Women ' s Club Juniors. KINNEY, BARBARA JEAN Oakland General Curriculum; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Women ' s Activity Council; Publication Council; Advertising Service, Man- ager; Pelican, Advertising Manager; College Women ' s Club, President. KLEIN, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH Sacramento Anthropology; Junior Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Honor Student; Phrateres. KLINE, BEVERLY PATRICIA Los Angeles Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Elections, Junior; W.A.A. KOJAN, GLORIA New York, New York Bacteriology; Transfer from Davis; Transfer from Hunter College. KRAMER, ELISABETH MAUDE San Leandro English; Prytanean; Hammer and Coffin; Pi Alpha Sigma; Publications Council; War Transportation Board; Pelican, Manager. KRETSINGER, LILLIS JEAN Oakland Home Economics; Dormitory Council; Phrateres; Home Economics Club. KRUSE, EDWARD HERMAN Oakland Civil Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Triune; Skull and Keys. 54 KING, ERNEST M. Los Angeles Electrical Engineering; Senior Class Council; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. KINSEY, ELIZABETH JANE San Francisco Dramatic Literature; Mask and Dagger; Honor Society; Thalian Players; Little Theatre. KLEINMAN, BETTY MAE Cleveland, Ohio Political Science; Transfer from George Washington University; International House. KNIVETON, JOHN DEMOSS San Francisco Petroleum Engineer; Golden Bear; Theta Tau; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; War Board, Chairman; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Mining Association. KOONS, RICHARD ALLEN Los Angeles Pre-Medical; Honor Student. KRAMER, MARION MARIE Sausalito Public Speaking; Honor Student. KROEBER, THEODORE Berkeley Pre-Medicine; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Rally Committee; Chairman; Senior Class President. KUHN, ELIZABETH THRESA Oakland Social Welfare; Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau; Pelican; College Women ' s Club, Vice-President. KING, MARJORIE ELIZABETH Oakland Art; Kappa Delta; Pi Alpha Sigma; Delta Epsilon; Advertising Service Bureau; bcpnomore Vigilantes. KIRBY. KATHERINE JOAN Burlingame Dietetics; Kappa Delta; Tower and Flame; Blue and Gold; Cal Engineer; News Bureau; Intramural; Panhellenic. KLEINWACHTER, LAVERNE SYLVIA Berkeley Home Economics; Phi Mu; Intramural; Home Economics Club; Phrateres. KNOX, CYNTHIA Oakland Decorative Art; Delta Chi Alpha. KOSHLAND, MARGARET ROSALIE San Mateo International Relations; Stern Hall; Prytanean; Panile; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Pelican; Junior Class, President; Y.W.C.A. KRAYBILL, MARYGUTUNICH Delano General Curriculum. KROGER, EUNICE CLAUDINE San Francisco Decorative Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican; Intramural; Personnel. KUNKEL, HELEN EMG Indianapolis, Indiana Spanish; Alpha Phi; Blue and Gold. KINNEBREW, LOUISA MAXWELL Taft French. KITTO, ELIZABETH JACKA Long Beach Pclitical Science. KLESTADT, RUTH ELIZABETH San Francisco Psychology. KOCH, ELIZABETH I. Berkeley Business Administration; Honor Student; Phi Chi Theta; Phrateres. KOSHLAND, PHYLLIS RUTH San Mateo Social Welfare; Stern Hall; Welfare Council; Y.W.C.A. KREGNESS, LOUISE ALICE Turlock English. KRONINGER, ROBERT HENRY Brooks Psychology; Honor Students Council; Psi Chi; Student Advisory Bureau, Chairman; Masonic Club. LaBARBA, GENEVIEVE FRANCES San Francisco Accounting; Phi Chi Theta. LAG RANGE, EMEL1NE MMCK1 EDMUND HENRY JR. - : : : ' Chemistry, " Alpha Oii Sigma. LASEU Ctntial Curri( Delia Kappa Upsiion. LAHADERNE HENRIETTE MARIE ---: : Psychology; Pi Delia Phi; Winier Sports Club; OHBBI : . : LAMGE LAI, FRANCES Honolulu, Hawaii Child Development; :-;; ' featsCM I ERNST d Architecture; LAPHM MARJORIE lta Sigma Chi; ELLEN Decorative Art; Alpha Omicron Pi, Deta LATIMER, BETTY MARILYN Berkeley General Currioitam; Sigma Kappa. Delta Oil Alpha; Intramural; Y.W.C.A.; Little Theatre. LAWRENCE, BETTY NADINE Oakland LAITINEN, LENNART KASPER Berkeley Electrical Engineering; Fnd LAPKIN HENRY EDWARD JR. San Francisco - : . . Zeta Beta Tan; Daily California ; Intrafraternity Council; NANCY JANE Lancaster, PenreyroMia ::: m LEAVELL, MARTHA ELYSE Lincoln Mb E_: LEE MARY KATHRYN Berkeley Art; Delia Epsitai; VIRGINIA MARION Berkeley Pre-Hed; -:-: SMM LECK, BARBARA JEAN Oakland Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; E i i-- i: : Class Committees. LEE, MILDRED E. Los Gatos Psjrdwlow; :- - :- SMHb : -: LE FEVRE, .Ei ' . ' vE E-.:E i ;-; ' ; ' : Women ' s Cowseling; Reception Committee; Sunday Supper Committee. LEE, CHARLES FRANKLIN Norwalk Medicine. LEE, MINGTAI Canton, China Civil Engineering; Oimst Students ' Club, Pm tat UHnol m tail ; : ri Treble Clef ; :; - = : at :-; r LESSER, BETH ELEANOR Berkeley Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Delta Chi Alpha; Ex-Committee; Pelican; Treble Clef; Senior Class CoMcil; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Chairman; College A:-.- i : i km -_-: ' RepreseMatne-at-Large; Student Poll Committee; California Tomorrow Ch . LEVY, ALBERT WILLIAM San Francisco International Relations; GoMen Bear; ' 44 Club; Daily Californian.City Editor; Standards Commission. -.:. ' LESTER, JOHN ANDREW CanogaPark Mechanical Engineering; Delta Tau Delta, Ei=-: :=l MCI = Engineer; American Society of Civil Engineers. LE NOIR, WILLIAM STRATTON Sacramento Oriental Language; Beta Theta Pi. LEVA, MARIAN SELIMA San Francisco Zoology; Phi Beta Kappa; LEE, LOIS PATRICIA Oakland Public Health; -: -:- 9MM Toer and Flame; :- SUM : .: LEE, PAULINE LIN San Francisco Public Health. LEONARD, JAMES WALTER LEROY Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; Circle " C " Society; Athletic Council; American Chemical Society; Water Polo; Wrestling. LEVIN, HANNAH Los Angeles Mathematics; Honor Student; Women ' s Dorm Council. LEWB MURIEL JANET San Francisco Mortar Board, Secretary; Women ' s " C " Society; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Women ' s Activity Council; War Board; Women ' s Athletic i--,y. - =; tot :---: H E:.-: Chi : MktMn LEWC WILLIAM LEACHMAN Ventura Civil Engineering; Honor Student; Chi Epsiton; Tau Beta Pi. LICHTENSTEIN, FRANCES JANE San Francisco Physical Education; Nu Sigma Psi. Gliding light of this year ' s Blue ami Gold. JUNE PORTER plamud the book ami had it rolling rt I on the way to press ? ' . :::.;: ' : -:-.;: ' . ' -- ' : -.:- ship. This Pi Phi held forth in the hack of EsMeman Hall try- ing to fit into a war-restricted book the swiftly i hinging of three terms as veil as the affairs of the several military - 55 ALAN FURTH came to college for three things chairmanship of Cal Club, editorship of Daily Cal, and a girl. He got all three. " Stinky ' who is a member of Golden Bear, Winged Helmet, etc., has had his finger in almost every pie on campus. He even dabbled in politics as secretary-treasurer of of the Junior class. Being an inmate of Callaghan Hafl didn ' t slow down this champion dealer, who ' ll carry on from here in the Marine Corps. SOI OfiS LILLY, SARAH Berkeley History; Delta Gamma; Honor Student. LINDFORS, KIRSTI Alameda German; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Alpha Mu Gamma. LIPP, LEICESTER Berkeley General Curriculum; Alpha Omicron Pi; Class Committee; Pelican; Orientations. LOOMIS, MARGARET SHEPPARD Berkeley Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Phi Delta. LOWE, WARREN San Francisco Chemistry; Honor Student; Sigma XI; Chinese Students ' Club; American Chemical So- ciety; Students Affiliation of the American Chemical Society. LUPTAK, EMILIA MARY Westfield, New Jersey Art; Stern Hall; Delta Epsilon, Vice- President; Newman Club; Daily Californian; Art Bureau University Chorus; Orientations; Student Body Card Sales. MCCARTY, JAMES EUGENE JR. Stockton Civil Engineering; Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade; Chi Epsilon; Varsity Rugby; American Society of Civil Engineers. McCLURE, ELIZABETH HELEN Oakland Political Science; Alpha Omicron Pi; Mortar Board; Prytanean; California Club- Torch and Shield; Women ' s Activity Council; Pelican; Women ' s Representative; Rally Committee. LIND, DORIS HELEN Oakland Economics; Pi Phi Delta; Honor Student Daily Californian; W.A.A. LINDH, ALISON T. Albany General Curriculum; Prytanean; Honor Student; Phrateres. LIPPI, ROBERT ORLANDO Oakland Business Administration; Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Big ' X " Society; Freshman Yell Leader; Basketball; Football, Senior Manager; Class Officer ' s Council; Interfraternity Council, Vice-President. LOPES, MIRIAM CLAIRE Hayward History. LUBAHN, INGEBORG EDA San Francisco Physical Education; Alpha Mu Gamma. LUTY. DOROTHY BERNICE Piedmont General Curriculum. MCCARTY, JOY Berkeley Botany; Honor Student; Phrateres. McCLURE, VIOLET BETTY Bakersfield Dramatic Art; Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Delta Psi Omega. LINDBLAD, EILEEN Berkeley Physics; Tower and Flame; Newman Club. LINDLEY, PHYLLIS Berkeley General Curriculum; Prytanean; Torch and Shield, President; Panile; Tower and Flame; Executive Committee; A.S.U.C., President; War Board; Welfare Council; Intramural. LOCKE, MARTIN BRUNDAGE Lockeford Mechanical Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Winter Sports; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. LOVETT, MARY LOUISE Santa Cruz Social Welfare; Delta Zeta; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Treble Clef; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet Mem- ber. LUCAS, NEIL CHARLES Dos Pa I os Political Science; Delta Phi Epsilon; A.S.U.C. Band, Baton Society. LUTTRELL, VIRGINIA Yreka General Curriculum; Zeta Tau Alpha; Daily Californian. McCLAVE, EDISON JR. Burbank Mechanical Engineering; Bowles Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. McCOMBER, BARBARA MAE Porterville Political Science; Delta Delta Delta; Housing Board; Orientations; Y.W.C.A., Council; Labor Board. LINDBORG, THEAS DELIGHT San Francisco Art; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Delta Epsilon; Phrateres. LINDMAN, RAY LAMONT Minot, North Dakota Pre-Medical. LONGWELL, BARBARA LOUISE Piedmont Sculpture; Delta Delta Delta; Y.W.C.A. Alt LOW, GEORGE MING San Francisco Civil. .Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chinese Students ' Club. LUIPPOLD, ELEANOR LOUISE Riverside Bacteriology. McCANN, JUNE LORRAINE San Francisco General Curriculum; Transfer from Fresno State College. McCLEMENTS, JANE San Francisco General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa; Pelican; Election Board; Class Committees. McCONEGHY, JEANNE JOSEPHINE San Francisco English-Public Speaking; Sigma Kappa; Women ' s Activity Council; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; W.A.A.; Secretariat; Personnel; Intramural. WIcCONNELL, BETTY JANE - MptPJ Home Economics Ritter Hall. MacDONALD, WILLIAM ARTHUR Worland, Wyoming Mining Engineering Theta Ta; Circle " C " Society; Wrestling, Captain; Mining Association. McINTOSH, PATRICIA LOUISE Berkeley -:: : ?; Delta rmnin; Prytanean; Honor Student; Activities Coordinating Committee; MMB i ;-:-: .t =:,:: A ' o-f s tetMb CoBBti Senior Class, Vice-Presi- dent; Rally Committee; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; Orien- tations Council; I McCUNE, VIRGINIA LEE Albany Social Welfare. MCKEVTTT, LAURA ANN Berkeley General Cmiifnlnm Alpha Omicron Pi; Alpha Delta Chi; Little Theatre; Orientations; PanhHIenic Council. McPHEE, PATRICIA Burlingame Business Administration Zeta Tan Alpha; = : -- ' WILLIAM HENRY Berkeley Chemistry Honor Student MAHONEY, JOHN ROBERT Mill Valley General Curriculum Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Baseball; Rally Committee; Glee Club. MARCUS, AUDRE M. San Jose Economics Stern Hall; PryUnean; Activities Coordinating Committee; Welfare DM ; ;; m Ci ftn i : .: ;;-: and Bond Sales Chairman; V.WXJL MacDONALD, EVELYN FLORENCE Oakland History Onentjlions; Ncwtmi Club; College Women ' s Club. MCDONALD, MARY ELIZABETH McFARLAND, MARILYN LEE San Luis Obispo Business Administration Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Intramural Board. McGEE, ELIZABETH Sutler Creek Economics Alpha Phi; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; Ace of Clubs; Panhellenic Council. V=-Ki- RALPH STUART San Francisco Physics Honor Student; California C-f- ' Vs: sVf.. " " Intramral Board. McKEEHAN, VIRGINIA Meridian American Civilization Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. MCLAUGHLIN, HOLLIS GILBERT, JR. Williamsport, Permsyhonia Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa; Big " C Society; Phi Phi; Football; Baseball; Big " C " Guard; Interfraterncty Council. McQUAlD, nCHARD . ' . MacNEIL, MARGARET HARMON Oakland Journalism Theta Sigma Phi; Honor Student Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau, Assistant Manager; Card Sales. McQUISTON, MARJORIE ANN Biochemistry Jramfm -.- ;.-. ; MAGGS, MARGERY JEAN Stockton Bacteriology Transfer from Stockton r College. Itnta s pa -- MAHAN, MAVIS MEHERIN MAHONEY, LESLIE J., JR. Phoenii, Arizona Dramatic Literature Pi Kappa Alpha; Hammer and Coffin; Mask and Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre. MARSHALL, JUNE Stockton General Currioilam. Political Science Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta bpmj Mortal tart Prytanean; Torch and Sic : Hpmmm mt Dimmer; Pi Alpha Sigma; W.A.C.; Women ' s Judicial Committee Chairman; War Board; Little Theatre. MAJORS, DOROTHY MARIE San Francisco Hispanic America Alpha Gamma Delta; Pelican; Advertising 5-r-. :r :.- .-. MARSTON, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH t Bd :- MclNERNEY, FULTON CLEMENT San Francisco Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; - : .:. McKEvrrr, HAROLD WALKER Business Administration. McNICKLE, LUCILLE MAE San Francisco General Curriculum. McSHANE, FRANCES VIRGINIA Rialto English. MAHIN, ROBERT LEEDY Arvin Mechanical Engineering Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi; -e : = - MALONE, JOHN ROBERT Berkeley Physical Education Ka ppa Sigma. MARTEN, MAVIS CLAIRE Political Science Alpha Phi; Thalian; Orientations Council. One of Daily Cat ' s more mighty editors, VIRGINIA BOT- follonred along the Ogg principles and wielded a - :.: pM M . ::::; -: mt mWU --.-.:-. --, mt varied issues. She was a rabid crusader and a tireless mental- ity, and it ' ll be a long time before not a few people will forget not a few things she said about them. 57 MARTIGNONI, LOIS HELEN Oakland Physical Education; Panile; Prytanean; Pelican; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet. MEADE, GLENN F. Reedley Business Administration. MENDENHALL, RITA SMITH San Francisco Home Economics. MEUSER, ROBERT BEVERLY Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Bowles Hall (3) (4); Tau Beta Pi; Tower and Flame; Y.M.C.A. (1) (2); Society of American Military Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Advanced Course R.O.T.C. MILLER, JAMES MERRILL JR. Santa Rosa Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; California Engineer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of American Engineers. MOELLER, GLADYS ERNA Portland, Oregon Home Economics; Phrateres, Vice-President; Home Economics Club. MOON, THELMA CAPLES Long Beach History. DON MARTIN was Daily Cal ' s serious minded and awesome M.E. When he wasn ' t down in the basement of Eshlernan work- ing like mad for the Monarch, he was obeying orders at Cal- laghan or in the Journalism building. In spite of his inescap- able appeal, he managed miraculously to escape the female clutches of avaricious campus women. MARTIN, DONALD NEIL Campbell Journalism; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Tower and Flame; Sigma Delta Chi; Publications Council, Sub-Chairman; Daily Californian, Managing Editor. MEEK, ALBERTA Oakland Art; Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Sigma Kappa; Y.W.C.A. MENZELOS, SOTERIOS JOHN Los Angeles Business Administration. MILES, FRANCES GRACE Berkeley Dietetics; Alpha Delta Chi; Y.W.C.A.; Home Economics Club. MILLER, JEANNE PAULINE San Francisco Home Economics; Newman Club; Phrateres; Home Economics Club. MIRSKY, PHYLLIS JUNE MITCHELL, JOAN BAKER San Francisco Carmel Business Administration; Spanish; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Honor Students; Tower and Flame; Housing Board; W.A.A. Epworth Hall; Girls ' Tennis Team; Pelican. MOFFATT, SALLY San Francisco General Curriculum; Kappa Kappa .Gamma; Little Theatre; Counciling. MOORE, ELEANOR AVA Berkeley Political Science; Card Sales; Orientations Council; W.A.A. MARTINA SHIRLEY IDA Oakland History; Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; College Women ' s Club; Utrimque. MELMON, MARILYN LOU San Francisco English; Orientations, Director. MERNER, BARBARA PFEIFFER Palo Alto General Curriculum; Torch and Shield; Panile; Hammer and Dimmer; Dramatic Council; Rally Committee; Little Theater Managerial. MILES, MARION LORRAINE Wasco Physical Education; W.A.A. MILLER, RICHARD RAY San Francisco General Curriculum 58 MIXER, JOSEPH REDDING Riverside Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma President; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Cal Club; Honor Students; Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society; A.S.U.C President; A.C.C. Sub-Chairman; Chairman of Welfare Committee; Y.M.C.A., Vice-President; Chairman of Consumers ' Committee. MONTGOMERY, HELEN JEAN Santa Cruz Social Welfare; ZetaTau Alpha; College Women ' s Club. MOORE, MOLLY A. San Francisco Hispanic America; Gamma Phi Beta; Blue and Gold; Junior Class Council; Sophomore Class Council; Sophomore Women ' s Vigilantes; Freshman Sunday Suppers. MATVEEV, SUSANNE Berkeley Economics; Honor Student Council; Honor Student; Phi Pi Delta. MELROSE, RICHARD EARL Modesto Chemical Engineering Honor Student. MERRY, ELIZABETH MARGARET San Fran cisco General Curriculum; Kappa Delta. M1LHOLLAND, MIRIAM GENE Encinitas Public Health. MINER, BARBARA JEAN Long Beach Psychology; Masonic Club. MODLIN, DONALD B. San Francisco Chemistry; Varsity Basketball; Freshman Crew; Big " C " Guards; Rally Committee. MOON, HEATHER Bakersfield Music; Prytanean; Treble Clef; Radio Workshop. MOORE, ROBERTA M. Pacific Grove Home Economics; Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres; Home Economics Club. MOOSE, EVELYN JANET Burlinoamt Art; Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Treble Clef; California Hosts. MORGAN. ANNE Berkeley Decorative Art; Kappa Delu; S _? 3-: Sc : Little Theater; Y.W.C.A. ' , ' GRR1SO CAROLYN DEWHIRST Fresno Public Speaking- Stern Hall; Toner and Flame; Y.W.C.A.; Calvin Club; Westminster Club. MULLER, PHYLLIS JANE LINGUIST San Jose General Curriculum; Alpha Phi. HMM MARGARET F. San Bernardino Social Welfare. WAD MARY HAZEL Berkeley English; Christian Science Society. MORENO. MATILDE Rio Riedras, Puerto Rico Optometry. MURRAY, MARY Los Angeles tatcnotional Relations; Stem Hall; Mortar Board; Prjrtanean; California Club; Represenutive-at-Large; Daily Californian, Associate Editor. MYERS, ELLIS HENRY San Diego Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma. NEIGHBOUR, NELLIE RUANNE Santa Ana Political Science; Phi Mu; Honor Sludent; Tower and Flame; Little Theater; Public Relations; California Engineer; Y.W.C.A. NEWBERRY, PHYLLIS Long Beach English; Junior Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; W.AJL. MORGAN, MARV JOE MORHOLT, MARIE ANTOINETTE MORRIS, ANN Denver, Colorado Berkeley San Francisco Business Administration; Art; History; Masonic Club; Prytanean; Honor Student; Advertising Service Rally Committee; ,?., me TOT Delta Epsilon- Hammer and Dimmer; Bureau. Dramatic Council; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; College Women ' s Club. MORSHEAD, MERILYN Berkeley Journalism; Pi Beta Phi; --K3 s.=- = ? Daily Californian. MULLIGAN, BEVERLY WINE Oakland Decorative Art; Delta Chi Alpha; California Engineer; Advertising Service; Christian Science Society. MURRAY, WILLIAM EDWARD ElSegondo Engineering; MOSHER, CARMEL ROSE Walnut Grove Mathematics; Phi Omega Pi; Honor Student. MURPHY, KATHRYN MARKLEY Berkeley Political Science; Alpha Chi Omega; Blue and Gold; Little Theatre; Orientations; Pmonntl. MUTCH, WILLIAM MEYER JR. San Francisco Medical Science; Phi Gamma Derta; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Calfomia Band; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MYERS ORLO EDMUND San Diego Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor Student, President; Varsity Debating; Men ' s Judicial Committee; Card Sales. NELLE, JOSEPH CHRISTIAN Sacramento Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; NEWELL. CADDIE Berkeley General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa; Honor Student; Freshman Crew; Rjyliv. NANASSY, MARJORY Fontana General Curriculum; International House; - :? ;?--; 3 :-; NELSON, ELEANOR BERNICE El Cerrito Chemistry; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Gamma Delta. NEWSOM, JEAN CRAIG Berkeley Public Speaking; Alpha Delta Chi; -:-: S:-:;-; Calvin Club. Women ' s Exeotive Board; , ' .3- B:=-: = ;-: 3: : ..- : ttn B E ?:: 3:3-: Sunday Night Suppers. " WINNIE " HAYWOOD was too-kick rf the Blue and Gold managers, and imbued them a. ' ! with the spirit of clamourous salesmanship. In her office she entertained various unsuspect- ing victims every afternoon and then trapped them into pav : rg a first assessment. Phi Mu and Prytanean gleaned the benefits of Winnie ' s membership as well as the business staff of the year book. NANCY J. bfemu, Tanganyika General Curriculum. MURRAY, ELIZABETH LOUISE Los Angeles Political Science; Honor Student; Christian Science Society. EUGENIE R. L. Oakland Optometry; Treble Clef; Chinese Students ' Club; Associated Students of Optometry. NAUERT, ELIZABETH FRANCES Petaluma History; Delu Delta Delta; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Housing Board; Pelican; Class Committees. NEUBAUER, MARGARET NANCY Mount Hamilton Mathematics; Stern Hall; Orientations, Director; Victory Committee; Student Relations Com- mittee; Poll Committee. NORMA CLAIRE Oakland Economics Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Phi Delta; Honor Student; -:,- :--: - m :- mat SMM : 59 NICHOLAS, BARBARA ANNE Berkeley Decorative Art; Transfer from Marin Junior College; Honor Student; Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Decorative Arts; Masonic Club. NIELSON, ELEANOR Arcata Dietetics. NORTON, GERTRUDE FRANCES Woodland Home Economics; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet. NOURSE, DONALD G. Lancaster Poultry Husbandry; Bowles Hall. O ' CONNELL, BETTY MARIAN San Francisco History. OGDEN, JOEL EDWARD Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Honor Student; American Society of Mechanical Engineering. ONG, BEULAH P. Stockton Social Welfare; Prytanean; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A.; Chinese Student Club. OSTROM, THOMAS San Francisco Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. 60 CAROL (Phoebe V. Beebe) PAUKER flew on Wednesdays with you-know-who. She was the guide and inspiration of all the humour and whatever else there was in the Pelly office, and as editor saw that it found its way in printable form into the " best of college humour magazines. " All her efforts won her honors as a member of Pryt, Theta Sigma Phi, and Hammer and Coffin. Of course she has a good sense of humour that ripples off of an animated pen, as anyone who ' s read this term ' s Pelicans can tell you. NICHOLLS, ALICE CLAIRE Lincoln, Nebraska; General Curriculum; Phrateres; Treble Clef. NICHOLS, THEODORE EDWARD Oakland History; Alpha Delta Phi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Honor Student; Glee Club; University of California Symphony Orchestra; University of California Symphony Forum; Y.M.C.A.; Class Committees; Charter Week Co-Chairman. NOAKES, ROSEMARY LONGLAND NOBLE, JAMES HIATT Taft Beverly Hills Bacteriology; Medical Sciences; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; W.A.A.; Women ' s Dormitory Council. Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles; Phi Kappa Psi. NORTON, MARGARET ELIZABETH Nevada City Journalism. NYE, ROBERT RURIC Ventura Civil Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramural Sports. O ' CONNELL, JOHN JOSEPH San Diego Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma. OGG, MARY BROOKS Alhambra Political Science; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Honor Student; Daily Californian, Editor. ONUFER, DOROTHY L. Berkeley Home Economics; Newman Club; Phrateres. OSWALT, ROBERT LOUIS San Francisco Chemistry; Honor Student. NORTON, MARGARET JEAN Berkeley General Curriculum; Phi Omega Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council. NYHAGEN, DONALD RICHARD Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering; Society of Americ an Engineers. O ' CONNOR, PATRICIA SYDNEY Montague Bacteriology. O ' LAUGHLIN, BURTON DONALD Vallejo Mechanical Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Society of American Military Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineering. ORTLIEB, CRAIG F. Berkeley Physical Education; Big " C " Society; Circle " C " Society. OVERLEESE, JOANNE San Diego General Curriculum. NICOL, JEAN HELEN Berkeley General Curriculum; Delta Delta Delta. NORTON, ALICE MAE Nevada City General Curriculum. NOSEK, VLASTA CHARLOTTE Los Angeles Slavic Languages; Stern Hall; Honor Student; Dobro Slovo, President; Slavic Society, Pesident. OAKS, ALBERT GUY Empire General Curriculum. OEHLMANN, EDITH Sebastopol Social Welfare; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural. OLIVA, FORTUNATE L. San Francisco H istory; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Tower and Flame. OSTER, HELGA San Francisco Mathematics; International House. PADWAY, RUTH HARRIET Hillsborough General Curriculum; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Elections Board; Labor Board; Panhellenic. PALLER, JOSEPH L. Los Angeles Electrical Engineer. PALMER. RACHEL -t :- : Social Welfare; Alpha Gamma Delia. PARKISON, DUANE W1LBERT Sanu Cruz Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Delu Sigma; Publications Council; Activities Co-ordinating Committee- California Engineer; Orientations Council; Activities Re- cruiting Bureau; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers ' Council, Campus Tours; Men ' s Counseling. PAULE, DORTHEA JEAN Compton History; Honor Student; Sigma Kappa Alpha. PEARL, GLORIA HALLET Berkeley General Curriculum; Phrateres. PERCWAL. JOHN ROBERT Sacramento Petroleum Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Junior Tennis, Manager. PETERS, DONALD VICKERY San Francisco Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta; Big " C " Guard, Sophomore Vigilantes; Crew; Rugby. PETRIS, CLARA Kingsburg Hispanic America Colonial Hall; Newman Club; Phrateres; Utrimqoe. ' :- : . - . PASCALOFF, CARL JOHN Los Angeles Aeronautical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Student; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Naval R.O.T.C.; Quarterdeck; Society of American Engineers. PAXTON, MARSHALL WOOD Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering; Delta Upsilon; Golden Bear; Tower and Flame; Winged Helmet; Triune; Football; Baseball; Crew; Activities Co-ordinating Council; Big " C " Guard; Junior Class President; Class Officers ' Council; Sophomore Vigilantes; Senior Peace Committee; War Board. PEDERSON, BETTYE JOY Berkeley Political Science; Kappa Delta; W.A.A.; College Women ' s Club. PERI, JOHN BAYARD Stockton Chemistry; Alpha Kappa I Honor Student. PETERSON, ANNABELLE Sacramento; Accounting; Alpha Xi Delta; California Engineer Orientations; Folio; 5.-:;. --: S-;-. -- PHILLIPS, RUTHE LESLIE San Francisco History; Alpha Chi Omega; B .? mt ;: : : Hi ? Orientations; W.A.A.; Personnel. PLOWMAN, USCLAMU Long Beach Social Welfare. PANTCHECHN1KOFF, ISAAC Oakland Electrical Engineering; California Engineer; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. PATTERSON, SUZANNE Patterson General Curriculum; Pi Beta Phi. PAYNE NANCY BROWNING General Currioilum; Pi Beta Phi; Y.W.C.A. Intramural Board. PENDLETON, JEWEL Oakland Political Scienc Delu Canuna; Class Councils. PERONE, ANGELO San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. PETERSEN, ELEANOR MET A San Francisco Business Administration; Zeta Tau Alpha; - :- ifeeu Junior PanheUenk PIERPONT, JOSEPHINE LOUISE Ojai General Curriculum; Delu Delu Delu; Phitorthian; Little Theater, Man- agerial Staff; - ' :.; Er.3-: Panhellenic War Council. POGUf MARTHA JEAN Eater General Curriculum; Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Elections Board. PAPE, MARJORIE San Francisco Social Welfare; Kappa Delta; rm mi ' mt tftm :: M : - ' :-: $:;:-: ' Vigilantes; Senior Class Council; Y.W.C.A., Com- mission; Masonic Club; Freshmen Sunday Supper. PAUKER, CAROL SHIRLEY San Francisco Journalism; i and Coffin; Theta Sigma Phi; Dairy Californian; Pelican. Editor. PEACHMAN, JANE WILSON San Marino Business Administration; Alpha Gamma Delu; Tower and Flame; Y.W.C.A.; Orientations. PENNINGTON, PEARL LOIS Ontario Zoology; Junior Transfer from OnUrio Junior College; ZeU Tau Alpha; -:-? SUdek Advertising Service Bureau; Treble Clef. PERRY, CAROLYN JOY San Fancisco Hispanic America; Kappa Kappa Gamma; i:? :- : S PETIT, JANICE EVELYN General Curriculum; Transfer from Pomona College; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Imerfaith Council; Intercnureh Council; Canterbury Club. PIRIE, ALPHINE MARIE Richmond History; Y.W.C.A.; Utrimque. POLEY, ELEANOR LAMAY Dunsmuir Psychology, Public Speaking; Sigma Kappa; Hammer and Coffin; War Board; Standards Commission; Pelican, Fashion Director; Vanity Fair Director; Treble Clef; Y.W.C.A. DUANE PARKISON is the gent who ruled the roost in the Cal Engineer office. We never understood the stuff he edited, but we hear the engineers could, so it ' s okay. Duane was really steeped in engineering, being head of Engineer ' s Council and a member of ASME. But he came out of it all right. 61 BARBARA C. JONES is always called " BC " , and she ' s pretty famous around about. She was president of the Y.W.C.A. and sub-chairman of Welfare Council. This busy girl earned Pryt and Mortar Board pins, and went home to Stebbins to study sociology when she couldn ' t find anything else to do on campus. POLIVKA, MILOS Berkeley Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. PORTER, JUNETALMADGE Berkeley General Curriculum; Pi Beta Phi; Prytanean, Vice-president; California Club; Women ' s Activities Council; Publications Council; Blue and Gold, Editor; Intramural; Y.W.C.A. PRESTON, FREDERICK WILLIAM Covina Mechanical Engineering; Glee Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. PUDLIN, PATRICIA JANE Los Angeles General Curriculum; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pelican; Little Theater. RAAB, GEORGE BYRON Stockton Civil Engineering; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Tau Beta Phi; Goltren Bear; Tower and Flame; Honor Student; Chi Epsilon; California Engineer, Associate As- sistant Editor; Rally Committee; Orientations; American Society of Civil Engineers, President. RANKIN, YNID DOUGLAS San Francisco History; Pi Beta Phi; Symphony Forum. REEMELIN, WALLACE MARK San Diego Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. RENSINK, CHESTER WILLIAM San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. 62 POLLOCK, RITA Modesto French Regional Major. POTTER. JUNE GRACE Fresno Russian; Sigma Delta Pi; Junior Commission; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. PRICE, VICTORIA I. Equinunk, Penn. Philosophy. PUMPHREY, BETTY JANE Los Angeles Physics. RALPHS, JOHN CHARLES San Bernardino Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. RAYMOND, JANE E. San Francisco Public Speaking; International House, Vice-President. REESE, HELEN ELAINE Fullerton History; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Students; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Tower and Flame. REPATH, LOIS JANE Aruba, Curacao, Netherlands West Indies Public Health; Alpha Delta Pi; Blue and Gold; Elections Board; Little Theater. POLLARD, JEAN ELIZABETH Seattle Washington General Curriculum; Alpha Delta Chi; Elections Board; Y.W.C.A.; Calvin Club. POULSEN. RUTH NAOM San Mateo Hispanic America; Phi Mu; Honor Student; California Engineer; Radio Commission; Orientations. PRICE, WILLIAM A. Berkeley Electrical Engineering. PURCELL, BELLE NORMA Piedmont Public Speaking; Thalian; Little Theater; Radio Commission. RAMBO, ELAINE ELIZABETH San Francisco Economics; Delta Zeta; Blue and Gold, Managerial; Treble Clef. REA, JUNE IRISH Susanville History; Phi Omega Pi; Blue and Gold; Elections Board; College Women ' s Club. REGAN, WILLIAM JOHN Concord Advertising; Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma. RICE, JEAN AGNES Berkeley General Curriculum; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cal Engineer; Little Theater; Panhellenic. POLLACK, ALMA VERA San Francisco General Curriculum; Prytanean; Thalian; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Pelican; Little Theater; Radio Commission. PRATT, IRA POWER, JR. Visalia Electrical Engineering; American Society of Electrical Engineers. PRIEWE, DONALD EWART Berkeley Business Administration; Commercial Aviation; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Varsity, Head Yell Leader. QUINN, GEORGE CLEMMENCE San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. RAMSEY, ROLAND MATTHEW San Gabriel Accounting; Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Gamma Sigma, President; Honor Student; Beta Alpha Psi; Basketball. REED, JOHN JOSEPH Los Angeles Mining; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; Theta Tau; Cal Engineer, Associate Editor. REID, PEGGY JANE Oakland Hispanic America; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Daily Californian; Little Theater; Y.W.C.A. RICHARDS, L. RUTH Oakland History. RICHARDSON. JOYCE Alameda General Curriculum; Stern Hall; Prytanean; Torch and Shield; Finance Com- mittee; Activities Co- ordinating Committee; Women ' s Activity Council; Daily Californian, R1DGWAY, BERTHA K. Pasadena Dramatic Literature ; Kappa Alpha Theu. R1FKIN, SHERMAN IRVING Los Angeles Joornalism; RIORDAN, DAVID FLETCHER Long Beach History; Sigma Alpha Epsilw; Honor Student; Phi Phi; Track; Soccer; Quarterdeck. ROBERTS, BEVERLY CLAIRE Dos Palos Public Speaking; Welfare Council; OritnUtions; Y.W.C.A.; WOMB ' S Athletic Asso- RITCHIE, MARJORIE ELEANOR Dormitory Association; College Women ' s Club; t It-- ' Cat ROBlSSO-v JOHN HUGE Business Administration; Alpha Delta Phi; Wlnocd HcMMtJ Tri Une; Varsity Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. RODGERS, 1SABELLE VIRGINIA Oakland Art; Treble Clef. ROOD, JOSEPH LLOYD Long Beach Physics; Honor Student ROSS, MARGARET San Jose General Currioihim; Delta Zeta. Political Science; Junior transfer from Modesto Junior College; Honor Student. ROBBINS, RICHARD MARSHALL Stockton Civil Engineering; Br. ' ts -3: ; i: K- Bear; Quarterdeck; R s.- Ra . C:.- ..v.? Big " C " Guard; American Society of Civil Engineers. ROBINSON, MARCI A ELIZABETH Ow IDC Icy English and Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; University of California Symphony Fonm, President; Chorus. RODIN, ROBERT JOSEPH Turiock Botany; Hammer and Coffin, Delta Alpha Chi; Tri Omicron; Daily Cali- fornian, Managing Editor; Pelican. RITTER, SHIRLEY ELAINE Phoenix, Arizona Psychology; Phi Omega Pi; Elections CoMcil; Panhellenic Council; MOB LOUIS San Diego Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineer . ROBINSON, THEODORE GOULD Long Beach History; ROSE, DONALD GLENN San Diego Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor Student; Lamhta 3; bi iJMHb Interfraternity Council. ROSSI, LORRAINE GILBERTA Modesto History; Kappa Delta; Honor Student; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural. Quarterdeck; Track. ROLETTO, SYLVIA Berkeley AqrknlUre; Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres; Home Economics Club. ROSENBERG, EDGAR San Francisco Pre-Medical; Callahan Hall. ROST, BETTY ANN 5. " ' " ' . ;:: RPWE BEVERLY ANN Spreckels Bacteriology; Zeta Tau Alpha; College Women ' s Club. EDWARD HOLMES General Curriculwn; ZetaPsi. ROWE, RUTHELMA Berkeley General Curriculum; Delta Zeta; Phrateres; Bureau of RING, TERRY Oakland Jurisprudence, Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Bear; Honor Student; Pi Sigma Alpha; Representative at Large; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Big " C " Society; Athletic Council; Var- sity Track; Store Board; BoaltHaHLaw Sudents Association. MUCH JAMES FRANCIS Woodland Political Science. ROBINSON, CALOISE RANSOM San Francisco General Curriculum; Alpha Xi Delta; Bwe and Gold; Panhellenic Councils. ROCKWELL, ELMA CATHERINE Physical Education; Phrateres; Physical Education; Majors ' Club; ROLFE, MARY LOUISE Long Beach Social Welfare; Alpha Xi Delta; ' ;.,? ' mi Housing Board; Orientations; Speakers ' Bureau. ROSENBLATT, BETTY San Francisco Economics; Housing Board; Folio; Little Theatre. ROTHSCHILD, RICHARD South Pasadena Economics; Daily Californiaii, Sports Staff. Hum ESTHER ANN San Francisco Social Welfare. Public I College Women ' s Chm; 1944 The qoiet exterior and Louisiana drawl that ELEANORA DAWSON carries around with her didn ' t deceive the Little Theatre, of which she was General Manager. It found her a driving and successful executive. She screams beautifully, as fellow Mask and Daggerites will testify. Involved in Honor societies such as Prytanean, Hammer and Dimmer and so forth. she nevertheless saved some devotion for the Pi Phis and the ski runs of the Sierras. 63 Sitting as solemn judge of wrong-doing femmes, MAVIS MAHAN filled the post of Women ' s Judicial Committee chair- man. She spent most of her college days running madly from meeting to meeting, but stopped long enough in her junior year to collect various pins, such as Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board, Prytanean, and others. Mavis sat on War Board, and was president of the Pi Phis, showing she had the enviable habit of finishing at the top of everything she started. sei ORS RUBY, HELEN MARJORIE Los Angeles Home Economics; Omega Nil. RUSSELL, MARY ANN Bakersfield Political Science; Intramural; Women ' s Dormitory Council. SANDERS, FAY Bakersfield Social Welfare Group; Major; Tower and Flame; Alpha Gamma Sigma; University of California Library Association; Negro Students ' Club. SAUCIER, ANN ELIZABETH Woodland French; Honor Student. SCALZO, KATHRYN Long Beach Political Science; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Phrateres. SCHEIDT, RUDI San Francisco Chemical Engineering; Honor Students ' Associa- tion; Tower and Flame; Orientations; Student Advisory Bureau; Student ' s Co-operative Association; Senior Class Council; Class Committees; Student Affiliated American Chemical Society. SCHULZ, ALVIN G. San Leandro Physics; Honor Student. SCIARONI, ANTOINETTE Fresno General Curriculum. 64 RUDEBECK, ELLEN MYRTLE Lansdale Japanese Regional Group Major. RYDMAN, LYDIA EMILY San Francisco Physical Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; War Board; Pelican; W.A.A.; Physical Education Majors ' Club. SANDERSON, SHIRLEY ANN Colusa General Curriculum; Chi Omega; Little Theatre, Managerial; A.S.U.C. Personnel; Symphony Forum. SAUNDERS, BETTY WALWYN Berkeley Social Welfare; Y.W.C.A.; Phrateres. SCHAFER, GRETCHEN Los Angeles Anthropology; Stern Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Panile; Honor Students ' Council; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Orientations. SCHERMAN, PEARL Oakland Public Speaking; Pelican. SCHUMANN, JAMES San Jose Civil Engineering. SCOTT, JOELLYN Bakersfield English; Honor Student;Y.W.C.A. RUSH, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Honolulu, T. H. Zoology; Honor Student; Forensics Council; Varsity Debating. SABINI, ROBERT CONWAY Berkeley Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SARKISSIAN, HAROLD LEON Fresno Electrical Engineering; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers; Engineers ' Council; Handball Team. SAXTON, WILLIAM WALLACE Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SCHAFER, JOHN DONALD Portland, Oregon Economics; Transfer from University of Oregon. SCHMITT, BARBARA JEAN Oakland Dietetics; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Home Economics Club. SCHUSTER, BETTINA SOFIA Aptos Spanish; Y.W.C.A. SCOTT, LOUIS E. Los Angeles Petroleum Engineering; Theta Tau; Mining Association; Freshman Football. RUSSELL, ELSIE WELLS Berkeley Nutrition and Dietetics; Treble Clef. SANBORN, JUNE ELLA Los Angeles Journalism; Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles; Alpha Gamma Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Junior Manager of the Daily Californian; Advertising Service Bureau; Class Committees. SARTOR, TULIO SYLVESTER Dunsmuir Business Administration; Bachelordon; Honor Student; Basketball. SAWYER, MARTHA B. Alameda Social Welfare; Delta Delta Delta; Class Committees; Y.W.C.A. Community Service; Race Relations. SCHAFFER, FRED Kingsburg Biochemistry. SCHOENWALD, LEE ANN Los Angeles Ait; Delta Epsilon. SCHWARTZ, BARBARA ANN Berkeley General Curriculum; Phi Mu; Treble Clef; Orientations; Y.W.C.A.; Radio Commission; Panhellenic Council; Intramural Board. SEARL, IDELLA Patterson French Regional Group; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; French Honor Society; Alpha Mu Gamma. SEARLS, MARION Modesto Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi; Pry- tanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Women ' s Activity Coun- cil; Blue and Gold. SHAEFFER, ROBERTA KIRK Yuba City International Relations; Alpha Chi Omega; Treble Clef. SHELFROO. ARDIS LA LAE Cloverdale Economics. SHERIDAN, EILEEN MARIE Sacramento General Curriculum; Phi Mu. SIKES, JAMES RICHARD Modesto Music. SIHON ALBERT San Francisco Chemical Engineering; Honor Student; Soccer. SMALL, EDWARD ALONZA JR. Glen Ellen Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student. SMITH, BLANCHE EUDORA Vallejo Optometry; Stern Hall; Blue and Gold; Advertising Service Bureau; Associated Optometr) Students. SEELY, WILLIAM M. Los Altos Business Administration; Class Committees. SHAPERO, ELAINE RUTH Piedmont Art; Masonic Club; Unitarian Channing Club. SHELLEY, MURIEL ZODIN San Diego Regional Group, Russia and Eastern EVOBC Alpha Epsilon Phi; Panile; Honor Student; Tower and Flame, Daily Californian; Ad- vertising Service Bureau; Varsity Debate; Forensics Council; ' Council. SE1DEL, HILDEGARO San Francisco German. SETHER, MARJOK1E LORRAINE Pasadena SCHARK, JANICE DEVORAH San Francisco General Curriculum. SHEPARD, JEAN 0. Berkeley History; Alpha Mu Gamma; Sigma Kappa Alpha. SHIELDS, ELIZABETH LOUISE Meridian History; Transfer from Yuba Junior College; Zeta Tau Alpha; SILBERBERG, PHYLLIS COATE Glendale Decorative An; Delta Chi Alpha; Blue and Gold; Intramural; Y.W.C.A. SLACK FREDERICK WILLIAM Eureka Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. aUlUMMM PEGGY BOBBETTE San Francisco General Curriculum; Delta Zeta; Blue and Gold; Pelican; Counseling; Masonic Club. SMITH, DOROTHY RUTH Carmel Public Health. SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM C. Chicago Medical Science. SILVER, BERTRAM SAMUEL San Francisco General Curriculum; Pi Lambda Phi. SLOAN, MARTA JANE Oakland Decorative Art; Alpha Gamma Delta; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican; Orientations. SMITH, BARBARA LEIGH Berkeley Psychology; Transfer from Stan- ford University; Gamma Phi Beta. SMITH, EDNA MARY 5; : -i-. ft History. Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Honor Student. SHEINBERG, MARILYN BEATRICE Oakland Public Health; Phi Sigma Sigma; Honor Student; Masonic Club. SHEPHERD. MARGAREf ETHEL Berkeley Public Health; Blue and Gold; Little Tkeatre; Y.W.CJk.; Phrateres, Vice President; University Musk Club; University Chorus; Student Health Committee. 5HLTT STEPHEN WILLIAM Oman) Engineering and MeUllurgy; Big " C " Society; ThetaTau; Basketball- Engineers Council; Mining Association. SILVERMAN, RAIZA Los Angeles History; Sigma Kappa Alpha; Ma H ;.= : SMALL, BETTY LEE Oakland General Curriculum; Zeta Tau Alpha. SMITH BARBARA LUCILE San Francisco Physical Education; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Physical Education; Majors ' Club. SMITH, JANET Oakland General Curriculum; Herein be the best set of vocal cords on campus, belonging to varsity yell leader BOB GILCHRIST. When he wasn ' t working them down in front of the rooting section, you could find him garbling sweet nothings in the Glee Club, the shower at the Kappa Sig house, or later in one at Callaghan Hall. 65 JANE ANDERSON was president of Mortar Board and a Phi Bete. If this doesn ' t astound you, she was also women ' s man- ager of Little Theatre and a major in Math. And if THIS doesn ' t astound you, she is also in simply scads of honor societies and is now getting her M.A. in Math. Whatta brain! SOI OfiS SMITH, LLOYD RICE Fowler Poultry Husbandry; Alpha Gamma Rho; California Aggie Club. SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH White Plains General Curriculum; Treble Clef. SOHST, EVELYN GEORGETTE San Francisco Physical Education; Epworth Hall; W.A.A. SOULES, BETTY JANE Berkeley Art; Transfer from the University of Oregon; Pelican; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A. SPINNER, HELEN LOUISE Riverside; General Curriculum; Alpha Xi Delta; Prytanean; California Engineer; Treble Clef, Senior Manager; Class Committees. SPRAGUE, ROBERT LIONEL San Francisco Mining Engineering. STACKHOUSE, DOROTHY KESTER Philadelphia, Pa. General Curriculum; Transfer from the University of Pennsylvania; The Daily Californian; Pelican; Little Theatre. STAUFFER, KATHERINE MARIE Fairfield General Curriculum; Honor Student; Little Theatre; Orientations. 66 SMITH, MARGARETTE JANE San Leandro English; Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Student; Daily Californian; War Transportation Board. SMITH, MORTIMER JR. Berkeley Public Speaking; Phi Kappa Epsilon; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Tri Une; Football. SOLOMON, JUNE ESTELLE San Diego Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily Californian; Phrateres. SPAULDING, .ROBERT L. Susanville Pre-Medical; Alpha Delta Phi; Ski Team. SPIRZ, JAMES RICHARD San Francisco Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Transit, Associate Editor. SPROUL, GLORIA Berkeley History; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Y.W.C.A.; Plymouth House. STALKER, BARBARA FAYE Tulare History. STEIN, ALICE KATHRYN San Francisco Political Science; Stern Hall; Blue and Gold; Pelican. SMITH, MARIAN WANDA Turlock Home Economics; Stern Hall; Student Health Board. SMITH, SYLVIA MARIE San Francisco General Curriculum; Alpha XI Delta. SORENSEN, BARBARA JEAN Concord Public Health; Delta Zeta; W.A.A.; Intramural; Phrateres. SPEER, WILLIAM S. Los Angeles Electrical Engineering; Transfer from University of California at Los Angeles. SPITZER, IRWIN ASHER San Bernardino Mechanical Engineering; Honor Student; Publications Council; California Engineer, Editor; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Council. SPROULE, RICHARD HENRY Vallejo English; Baseball; Masonic Club; Quarterdeck. STANBERY, ANN Sacramento Psychology; Transfer from Oregon State College; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A. STEPHENSON, FRANK OLIVER, JR. Oakland Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha; Big " C " Guard. SMITH. MARILYN ELEANOR Piedmont General Curriculum; Pi Beta Phi; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Intramural; Women ' s Rally Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Symphony Forum; Ace of Clubs. SNELL, PHYLLIS GEORGINA San Francisco Administrative Dietetics; Dormitory Council; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Home Economics Club. SOTELO, ENRIQUE M. Spain Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SPIESS, ELVA Piedmont Art; Phi Mu; Y.W.C.A.; Little Theatre. SPITZER, JERZY STANISLAW Berkeley Chemestry; International House; Honor Student. SPURRIER, MARIE LORRAINE Berkeley Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Phi Beta Kappa; Omega Nu; Home Economics Club, President. STARBIRD, MARY Berkeley International Relations; Pi Beta Phi; Honor Student; Panile; Pelican; Orientations; Y.W.C.A.; Housing Board. STERLING, HUGH H. La Mesa History; Transfer from San Diego State College; Newman Club. STEVENS, ELIZABETH VIRGINIA Alameda History; Zeta Tail Alpha; . ;a- E (:: Board; Personnel. STEWART, JAMES SHOOK Redondo Beach Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; Tennis. ST1NSON, DORIS GRACE SanLeandro Political Science; Honor Styde ; Orientations; W.A.A.; Interclass Council; Phrateres, STONE, RITA New York City, N. Y. Physical Education; Labor Board, Chairman, Welfare Council; Executive Committee. STRAEFER, G. VERONA Berkeley Decorative Art; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican; STEVENSON, ALICE JULIA Montebello : .; a STEWART, MARY CATHERINE Berkeley Political Science; Alpha Chi Omega; Tower and Flame; Blue aJ GoM; Class Councils; Elections Board; Sophomore Vigilantes; Personnel; Housing Board. STITT, HARRY LEE Fresno Mechanical Engineering. STONE, ROMA MAE Prytanean; Daily Cali- fornian, News Editor; IrrtramuraL STROUSS, ELIZABETH MARIE Abnwda Vigilantes; College , ' O-f- C _: Sunday Supper Committee. STURGEON, THOMAS C. Santa Monica Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma; = =uD ' ::a: or-; :=.- : California Engineer, SULLIVAN, MARY EMMA Pocatello, Idaho Personnel Administration; Kappa Delta; = : iMi : at -.- - : 1 SUMNER, BARBARA FAYE Oakland Home Economics; Maso- : C . ' . Phrateres. SVENSON, JANE MARGIT San Francisco General C r t tmi. SUTHERLAND, JANET REED Claremont Business Administration; Transfer from Pomona C; ' eat Mptadki Omega; SWANSON, BARBARA ELIZABETH Selma General Curriculum. STEWART, FARREL ARTHUR Chril Engineering; AMricaa Society of Cnil Enginem. ST. GOAR, WALTER TREAT San Francisco Pre- Medicine; Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Cali- fornia Club; Tri Une; Tennis; Men ' s Judicial Committee; Big " C " Guard, Chairman; Vigi- lantes; Class Councils and Committees; Orientations. STOCKTON, BARBARA JANE Stockton General Curriculum; Stern Hall. STOOS, ELIZABETH MAE History; Phi Omega Pi; Pelican; Treble CM; Personnel. STRUBE, BERNICE MARIE San Francisco Business Administration; Phi Beta Kappa; .= ;= ; % -,- Phi Chi Theta; W. A. A. SULLIVAN, MILES FRANCIS Oakland F orestry Circle " C " Society; Ski Tteam; Forestry Ch . SUTTON, MARYE. Oakland Decorative Art; Delta Zeta. SWANSON, CLARA MAY San Diego Business Administration. You can blame ALISON SWARTZ for most of the copy in the Book. Honor student, Alpha Phi, and member of Women ' s Judiciary Committee, Alison didn ' t stop there. She helped the war effort with handndi of letters and found lots of other things to do on campus. STEWART, JAMES HAROLD Lodi Civil Engineering; Amu inn Society of : . E-C -- ' STILES, MARIFRANCES San Francisco Regional Group, Hispanic America; Alpha Delta Pi; Pelican. STOFLE, BETTY ANN North Hollywood Home Economics; Alpha Omicron Pi; Panhellenic War Council, Chairman. STORY. ELIZABETH ANNE Burlingame Political Science. STUDLEY, JOHN HILLMAN; Berkeley Journalism; S : 5 is C- Daily Californian. SUMMERS, YVONNE RHA Fellow s Spanish; Casa Hispana; W.A.A. SUVERKROP, MIA BakersfieW Geology; Ridgmont; Intramural. SWARTZ, ALISON LAURIE Clarksburg International Relations; Alpha Phi; Torch and Shield; Prytanean; Panite; Honor StmhM; Intramural Board; Blue and Gold. Associate Editor; Ace of Ctabs. 67 SWITZER, MARILYNN L. San Francisco Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; Blue and Gold; Women ' s Vigilante; Class Committees; Freshman Sunday Suppers. TAYLOR, MARGARET MARY Berkeley Social Welfare; Delta Delta Delta; Symphony Forum; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Board. TETER, BETTY JEANE Burlingame Biochemistry. THOMPSON, MARY ELIZABETH Laguna Beach Public Health; Alpha Omicron Pi; Little Theatre; Rally Committee. THRALL, BARBARA MARY Berkeley Art; Gamma Phi Beta; Pelican; Publicity Head; Cali- fornia Engineer; Class Council; Card Sales, Chairman; Pan-Hellenic War Council; Freshman Sunday Night Suppers. TOLBERT, ESTHER LILAH Twinfalls, Idaho Zoology. TORPEY, BILLIE JEANNE San Francisco General Curriculum; Kappa Delta. TRUXAW, JOSEPH CHARLES Anaheim Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Newman Club. 68 MARTHA HOFFMAN was an associate editor of Blue and Gold, a Phi Bete, and a practice teacher all at the same time. She ' s now guiding young minds into the intricacies of Latin in Berkeley schools. She was on very good terms with her pro- fessors, being one of the two students in the Classics de- partment. sei ORS TABB, MARTHA THOMASSON Oakland Music; Honor Student; Alpha Mu; California Symphony; College Women ' s Club. TAFF, JULIE Los Angeles Social Welfare; Labor Board. THOMPSON, BARBARA JEAN Newman Political Science; Sigma Kappa; Honor Student; Phi Sigma Alpha; Treble Clef; Pan-Hellenic War Council. THORARENSEN, OLAFUR ARNI Siglufjordur, Iceland Business Administration. THURBAN, EDWARD PETER, JR. San Francisco Mining Engineering. THOMPSON, BETTY ANN Newman Political Science; Sigma Kappa; Honor Student; Phi Sigma Alpha; Treble Clef; W.A.A.; Interclass Board. THORNTON, MARGARET THELMA Taft Social Welfare; Tower and Flame; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Women ' s Dormitory Council. TIEDEMANN, GLORIA IRENE Yountville Social Welfare. TOMSKY, ELLIS HARRY San Francisco Mechanical Engineering. TOWLER, HERBERT BONNER Oakland Business Administration Sigma Phi; Baton; Band Manager; Band Drum Major; University Symphony. TUCK, REBECCA Los Angeles Social Welfare; Alpha Mu Gamma. TONINI, EDWARD MILTON, JR. Ross Jurisprudence; Bowles Hall; Daily Californian; Newman Club; Boalt Hall Law Association; Commodore of the University of California Yacht Club. TRAVIS, PAUL HAROLD Healdsburg Mining Engineering. TUCKER, MYRA Standish English. TAYLOR, BARBARA JEAN Sacramento General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa. TAYLOR, NANCY JANE TEDFORD, MAVIS CAROLYN TEMPLE, LYNETTE ALICE Oakland Anaheim Berkeley Home Economics; General Curriculum; Dramatic Literature; College Women ' s Club, Transfer from Fuller-ton Mask and Dagger; Vice-President; Junior College; Thalian Players; Home Economics Club, Honor Student; Little Theatre; Vice-President. Pi Lambda Theta; Dramatics Council. Y.W.C.A. THOMPSON, DOROTHY JANE Lodi General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa; Elections; Y.W.C.A.; Pan-Hellenic War Council. THORS, THOR 0. Reykjavik, Iceland Business Administration. TIETJEN, MARION ANNE San Francisco Journalism; Theta Sigma Phi. TOOHIG, MARIE DENISE San Mateo History; Daily California!!; Elections Board; Homecoming Reception Committee; Newman Club. TREZEVENT, JOHN GRAY Dixon Journalism; Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Delta Alpha Chi; Daily Californian. TUPPER, HELEN Lincoln Dramatic Literature; Mask and Dagger; Hammer and Dimmer; Thalian Players; Little Theatre. ll TURNER, AUDREY VIOLA San Francisco Bacteriology; Honor Student; W.A.A. 1RBMJ VINCENT MARTIN Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; California Engineer. VARLEY, BARBARA ANNE Oakland Public Speaking; Alpha Gamma Delta; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Pelican; Rally Committee. VILA, EVA ALICE Oakland Social Welfare; Pelican; A.S.U.C. Reception Committee; Y.W.C.A. VOIGTS, DORIS VIVIEN Mill Valley History; Delta Zeta; Pelican; Class Committees. WAEGELL, MARGARET GRANT Elk Grow History; Honor Student; Sigma Kappa Alpha. WAHRHAFTIG, DOROTHY Fresno Economics. WALLENTINE, H. KATHLEEN Long Beach Nursing Education. TWEEDIE, MURIEL LEE San Francisco General Currioilgm; Chi Omega; Pelican. VAN BRONKHORST, EDWIN EARL Sacramento Business Administration. TYNAN MARILYN Berkeley General Curriculum. VAWTER, CATHERINE ALICE Oakland Anthropology; Delta Gamma; Honor Student; Activities Co-ordinating Committee, Secretary; Class Council; Art Boreal, Junior Manager. VISALLJ, JANE MARIE San Francisco Physical Education; Kappa Delta; Women ' s C Society; Nu Sigma Psi; W.A.A. Council; Y.W.C.A. VOLLMAR, GALE ELIZABETH San Francisco Regional Group, Hispank America, Alpha Delta Pi; Blue and Gold; Pelican. WAGNER, CARLA MARIE San Francisco General Curriculum. WALKER, MARGARET BERTHA Morgan Hill English; Theta Upsilon. WALSH, JAMES JOSEPH, JR. San Francisco Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; tuna DAVID ALBERT Berkeley Mechanical Engineer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. VERLEGER, ELIZABETH FRANCES San Francisco; Political Science; Pi Beta Phi; Panile; Pi Alpha Sigma; Pelican; Blue and Gold; Class Committees; Intramural. flVAM NESTOR DOMINGO La Paz, Bolivia Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Latin American Clubs. VON ADELUNG, (CATHERINE BORLAND Berkeley Bacteriology; Alpha Phi. WAGNER, ELSIE ANN San Francisco History; Blue and Gold. WALKER, ROSANNE JEAN San Rafael Social Welfare Gamma Phi Beta; Tower and Flame. WANKOWSK1, BARBARA JEAN San Francisco Social Welfare; Delta Gamma; -: -: SMBB tad :--: ' mt 1944 UDALL, ELIZABETH ANN Berkeley English; Alpha Phi; Prytantan; Panile; Executive Committee, Women ' s Representative; Y.W.C.A. VAN DEVENTER ROBERT EUG ENE Burbank Mechanical Engineering; Bowles Hall; Gymnastics. VESCO, ANGELA AMALIA Gustine Spanish; Dormitory Council. VOGEL. JUNE ELAINE Cobb General Curriculum. VON ARX, JEAN MARIE San Leandro Art; War Transportatmi Board; Pelican; College Women ' s Club. WAGNER, RUTH MIRIAM Phoenix, Arizona English; Phi Omega Pi; Honor Student; Alpha Mu Gamma. WALLACE, BARBARA CORINNE Escalar Business Administration. WARBLANE, ELSA GLORIA San Francisco Business Administration; Honor Student; College Women ' s Club; Utimque. population to be bitten by the love SEARLES, who was associate man- Another of the I bug is beringed MARION ager of Blue and Gold, helping to keep Winnie sane. Marion hails from Modesto maiored in Business Administration, and hung her hat at the ADPi house. 69 HEATHER MOON has a name you can practically turn into a picture and its a good one for what she ' s done on campus. Musical Heather was senior manager of Treble Clef and did her bit in Radio Workshop. How would that romantic handle look in lights? SBI ORS WARD, MARY ALICE Dunsmuir Music; Masonic Club. WASSNER, LOUISE GAYLE Fontana Journalism. WATTENBERGER, VERNON JAKE San Pedro Mechanical Engineering; Activities Co-ordinating Committee; Music Council; Glee Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. WEEKS. WESLEY GAIL Monterey Electrical Engineering; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Phi; Eta Kappa Nu. WELCH, ELLEN MARIE Sacramento Political Science; Alpha Chi Omega; Honor Student. WEST, RAYMOND K. Oakland Zoology; Men ' s Dormitory Association. WHEELER, LEONARD ALLEN Berkeley Civil Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Football; Rugby; Class Council. WHITTINGHAM, BARBARA ANNE Oakland History; Pelican; Sophomore Vigilantes; Sunday Supper Committee; College Women ' s Club. WARDE, MARGARET San Francisco General Curriculum; Sigma Kappa; Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service; Pelican; Freshman Sunday Suppers. WATSON, ROBERT FULTON Alameda Mechanical Engineering. WEBER, BETTY MAE San Francisco Art; Alpha Epsilon Phi. WEIDNER, LOUIS JOHN, JR. San Marino Mechanical Engineering; Barrington Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Men ' s Dormitory Associa- tion; Engineer ' s Council. WELCH, MARY MAGDALENE San Mateo Bacteriology; Little Theatre- Student Health Committee. WESTFALL, ROBERT EDWARD Berkeley Medicine; Golden Bear; Honor Student; Tower and Flame; Welfare Council; Y.M.C.A., Vice President; Student Relations Board, Chairman; Intramural. WHEELER, ROLLO San Francisco General Curriculum; Zeta Psi. WIEGEL, ROBERT LOUIS Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Theta Delta Chi; Winter Sports Club. WARNER, BETTY LOU Richmond History; Sigma Kappa Alpha. WATSON, ROBERT STEVENS Upper Darby, Penn. General Curriculum; Kappa Alpha. WEEKS. BONNIE MARIE Piedmont General Curriculum; Alpha Gamma Delta; Thalian; Little Theatre; Treble Clef; Y.W.C.A. WEISEND, EUGENE ROBERT Berkeley Physical Education; Circle " C, " President; Honor Student; Athletic Council; Baseball; Soccer; Track; Newman Club; Quarterdeck. WENTZ, FRANCES ELLEN Los Angeles Decorative Art. WETMORE, LORNA GAIL Berkeley Regional Group, Hispanic America; Alpha Xi Delta; Panile; Little Theatre; California Engineer; Orientations. WHITEHEAD, ROBERT NASH San Diego Pre-Medicine; Phi Delta Theta. WIGHT, ILENE FRANCES Billings, Montana History. WARNER, MELVIN CARL San Leandro Agricultural Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Golden Bear; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hammer and Coffin; Alpha Phi Omega; Publications Council; Pelican, Manager; War Board; War Transporta- tion Board, Chairman. WATSON. ROBERT WEIR Burlingame Zoology. WEEKS. ROBERT DOUGLAS Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golden Bear; Tri Une; Football; Baseball. WELCH, EDWARD GEORGE Oakland Mechanical Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Scabbard and Blade; Football; Basketball; Baseball. WESSON, RUTH ELIZABETH San Pedro History; Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre. WEYAND, DOROTHY JACQUELINE Piedmont English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pelican. WHITMORE, MARJORIE MARTHA Snta Cruz Journalism; Alpha Delta Pi; Daily Californian; Pelican; Class Committees. WILD. MOUNT GORDON Fresno General Curriculum; Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Key; Scabbard and Blade; Interfraternity Council; Football. 70 Z1ERDT, JACQUELINE San Andreas Public Speaking; Prytanean; Mask and Dagger; Ham- mer and Dimmer; Thalian; Dramatics Council; Little Theatre, General Mana9er;Activities Co-ordinating Committee. ZIMMERMAN RUTH ELIZABETH San Francisco General Curriculum; Chi Omega. WILLIAMS, BARBARA LEE Irvington Regional Group, Hispanic America; Zeta Tau Alpha; California Engineer; Class Committees; Elections Board; Secretariat. WILSON, EDWIN WALTER Hanford Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha. WIRT, RUTH E. Montebello Political Science. WOLFF, WILLIAM HENRY San Mateo Civil Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers. WOROPA1EFF, VERA ALEXIS Petaluma Music; Sigma Kappa. WRIGHT, PHYLLIS JEAN Oakland Mathematics; Honor Student; Pi Mu Epsilon; Phrateres. YEAGER, JACQUES STALDER Riverside Civil Engineering; Delta Tau Delta. YOUNG, MAX LE ROY Porterville Business Administration; Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIAMS, FRANCES MARIE Berkeley General Curriculum; Alpha Xi Delta; Blue and Gold; Treble Clef; Orientations; Y.W.C.A. WILSON, JEAN CARRUTHERS Denver, Colorado Decorative Art; Delta Chi Alpha. WISECARVER, SHIRLEY SHELTON Berkeley General Curriculum. WONG, NELLIE San Francisco Zoology. WRIGHT, ALBERT ARTHUR Oakland Business Administration; Scabbard and Blade; Fencing. WRIGHT, WILLARD L. Covina Mechanical Engineering; Scabbard and Blade; Society of American Mechanical Engineers. YEE, LOIS San Francisco Bacteriology; Chinese Students ' Club. ZAVIN, PHYLLIS MURIEL Portland, Oregon Social Welfare; Alpha Epsilon Phi. WILLIAMS, WALLACE W. Eureka General Curriculum; Alpha Gamma Omega; Calvin Club; Westminster House. WILSON, KATHERINE WOODS San Diego Chemistry; Transfer from San Diego State College; Alpha Delta Chi; Honor Student; Student Advisory Bureau. WOLF, CLIFF Mill Valley Agronomy; Transfer from Davis; California Club; Honor Student; Alpha Zeta; Executive Committee; California Aggie Club, President. WOODE, JOSEPH ALMOTH Piedmont Political Science; Phi Delta Theta; Interfraternity Council. WRIGHT, JANET ELIZABETH Long Beach Economics; Stern Hall; Secretariat. WYLDE, SARA LOU Oakland Business Administration; Delta Zeta; Tower and Flame; Orientations. YIP, SUI NAM Oakland Chemistry; Chinese Students ' Club. ZEITSCHEL, MARION ELDORA San Mateo Journalism; Stern Hall; Theta Sigma Phi. 1944 WILLIAMSON, MARGARET Niles Political Science; Sigma Kappa; Blue and Gold; Advertising Service; Class Committees; Intramural. WIRSIG, OTTO ALAN Los Angeles Civil Engineering; Glee Club. WOLFF, MARGARET WILHELMINA Oakland Political Science; Orientations Council; W.A.A.; Orientations; Commerce Association. WOODS, KENNETH CORWIN Berkeley Business Administration. WRIGHT, JEANNE VIVIAN Hollister Dietetics; Lauralon; Tower and Flame; Women ' s Dormitory Coun- cil; Consumers ' Council. Home Economics Club. WYSHAM, JAMES KEMP Scarsdale, New York International Trade; fheta Delta Chi; Delta Phi Epsilon; Calvin Club. YOUNG, JUNE ELIZABETH Sebastopol General Curriculum. ZELLER, PHYLLIS MARIE Roseville Child Development; Alpha Gamma Delta. 71 IRWIN SPITZER was editor of intellectual and mys- terious Ca! Engineer. In spite of studying mechanical engineering he was an honor student, and took part in Pub Council, Engineer ' s Council, and helped get the Cal Canteen running. JOY BIERY was the chairman of Welfare Council, which, if you didn ' t know it before, meant she was Icoking out for your welfare all during the summer term. Joy came from Riverside with all this benevo- lence for fellow students, and aired her views in a guest seat on Ex Committee. SEHIORS This fleeting manager of Pelly was an ATO and also fleeting head of Publica- tions Council. BOB CUMMINS held a lot of Eshleman positions for a few short weeks and then departed this campus life to a more lucrative one in a war industry. With quiet efficiency, BARBARA KINNEY r an Ad Service Bureau, and things got done in record time with almost no confusion. Along with this responsibility, she found time to assert her interest in war work as well as to be President of the College Women ' s Club Juniors, a member of Pi Alpha Sigma, and Prytanean. LIZ KRAMER was last term ' s manager of Pelican. She was a good and steady worker, having been drafted for the job by an insistent staff. In charge of get- ting Pelly sold, which wasn ' t hard, Liz cast an appraising eye through the glass partition at the editorial staff wondering how a book ever came out of the chaos. Curtain designer deluxe, ELINOR ANDERSON, who, with other women on Ex- ecutive Committee, redecorated the Stephens Rep-at-Large office from a cold, masculine business setting to a cheerful, friendly room, spent her early college career in the Orientations office, where she was council chief during her junior year. ' : 1944 The tall, impressive president of Stiles Hall, the YMCA ' s campus headouarters, was genial BURTON BISHOP. Well known for his friendly grin and dy- namic ideas. Burton took time out from " V " affairs to revea! his engagement during the term. JACKIE Z1ERDT was another of those drama people who serve as genera! manager of Little Theatre and thereby find themselves in alt kinds of strange ad- ventures and situations. A member of all the drama societies. Jackie majored in public speaking thus had the wherewithal to make her orders effective upstairs in Eshleman. SEdlORS HELEN SPINNER preceded her Alpha Xi Delta sorority sister as manager of Treble Clef and keot the campus humming during the summer term. The musical success of " Muster and Hot Dogs, " combined effort of Glee Club and Treble Clef, was under her guidance. Helen also ran downstairs to do a little pen- pushing for the Cal Engineer. This red-haired gal had energy enough to handle Welfare Council, join a pile of war activities, and stay in her right mind at Stern Hall. AUDRE MARCUS was seldom seen on campus without a cigarette and a big idea which she drove at people full force. 1944 MARIAN DALY had the job of keeping advertisers happy when they used the ASUC publications. She was manager of Ad Service Bureau, an honor student, and a psychology major. The latter must have stood her in good stead when cer- tain of the Eshleman bugs rushed madly into her office. Pi Kappa Alpha ' s ambitious JACK BLOCK undertook a terrific number of stu- dent activities and was a familiar figure all over campus. Before he was called into the army he held a rep-at-large position on Executive Committee, was head of War Transportation Board and a member of War Board as a climax to his busy ASUC career. nU RSIDG 74 ADAMS, JANE San Mateo Nursing. BEER, CATHERINE ELIZABETH Pacific Palisades Nursing. CLARK. ELIZABETH ELDEN Berkeley Nursing Delta Zeta. ELLIS, ROSEMARY Berkeley Nursing Alpha Xi Delta. FULLER, E. LORRAINE Oakland Nursing HOLLOWAY, JANE VANSELL Davis Nursing Alpha Tau Delta. MC HENRY DOROTHEA VIRGINIA San Francisco Nursing Alpha Tau Delta; Freshman Class President; Executive Council BAER, ANNA Pittsburg Nursing W.A.A. BOEGE, MARGARET WARNER King City Nursing Alpha Tau Delta; California Club; Executive Council of the School of Nursing; President of the Student Body; Little Theater; W.A.A. CORNET, SELMA RAY San Francisco Nursing FITZPATRICK, ELIZABETH San Francisco Nursing Alpha Gamma Delta. GOULD, GLADA DOROTHY Berkeley Nursing HUGHES, MARY FRANCES Poole, Nebraska Nursing Student Council Representative. MEYER. BARBARA San Francisco Nursing CERNAC, BLANCHE ROSE Fort Bragg Nursing CUNNINGHAM, DOROTHY CAROLYN Visalia Nursing FOSTER, HELEN ANN Watsonvillc Nursing HARRIS, DOROTHY ANNE Napa Nursing JACOBS, JEANNE MARGARET Crockett Nursing Freshman Vice-President; Student Body Secretary. NASH, MARGARET IRENE Los Angeles Nursing SERIORS DOROTHY RAITT, FRANCES = ES DOROTHY M. " " f ' MM BETTE T. :=. Delta; ..- : : m - ' M S1CKLER, = i. ' ,.-. -: Alpha TJB Of Ita. STRONG. LOIS LOCKE S=- =-: i:r PM Omega Pi; TUTTLE LAVONIA PRESTON S=- ;-: :- hn NJ PITMAN, LMMME RICHARDS, JEANNETTE ANNE SCHULZ, ' SIMPSON, LOOSE i EUZAKTD : b VIHUS, MILDRED LE VAINE Hmta ai Part POTTER, IMEI San Fravtea ROGERS, Elcajoi SELTF ILEANA MAE Alpha T DHU. SKINNER, rONASCU MARGARET DAWN fpw Beta; WOOTTON, MARY LOU 75 That resigned look comes from hours of standing in line Nancy Haven directs a bewildered Marine through the maze of registration. A painted Oskie raises his eyebrows at modern youth. Soft lights and the music of Murray Peterson bring the Foot-Ball to a close. 76 THE confusion of class membership caused by the three-semester system did not prevent the juniors from act- ,ing as a unit in their greatly curtailed rla-s activities. Women held the top office after both groups of class elections, with Jean Nipper taking over presidential duties from Peggy Koshland in the spring term. Ellen Ulery and Mary Tweedie shared the vice-president ' s post, and Don Wallace, the only masculine member of the class officers, succeeded Jean Elliott as secretary-treasurer. The traditional and much anticipated Junior Prom with its usual swish of formals and pro- fusion of flowers was missing from this year ' s schedule as was the gay junior week-end. All efforts were concentrated on the Junior In- formal held at the Claremont Hotel. There member-, of other classes joined with them at the scene of the festivities to celebrate the end of the football season. CLASS OFFICERS. SUMMER AND FALL JEAN ELLIOTT, Secretary-Treasurer PEGGY KOSHLAND, President ELLEN ULERY, Vice-President CLASS OFFICERS, SPRING DON WALLACE, Secretary-Treasurer MARY TWEEDIE, Vice- President JEAN NIPPER, President 77 Actor John Carroll en- joys life immensely in the company of junior class beauties. " Gobs " of people take up the wide open spaces at the Junior Informal. juniOR mFORmm. CAL ROOTERS flocked to the Junior Informal at the Hotel Claremont to cele- brate the Varsity-Del Monte Pre-flight game which closed the football season. Acknowledged " belle of the ball " was Bonnie Weeks, Alpha Gamma Delta, chosen queen of the junior class by a group of servicemen present for the oc- casion. Climax of the evening came when Lieutenant John Carroll, former movie star, placed a coronet of orchids on Bonnie ' s head as a symbol of her royal office. Reigning with Bonnie were her five attendants, June Brunell, Denise Doron, Bonnie Larwick, Darrill Perkins, and Carolyn St. Clair. Budd McDonald ' s orchestra furnished music for the Informal, which broke at- tendance records of several years stand- ing. " Who, me? You DON ' T mean it! " Junior Queen Bonnie Weeks registers pleased surprise. 78 JUniOR BflRR DflRCE I) ' . IN(. t i phonograph many Cal tudents attended the Junior Barn dance thi- year, at which the highlight wa the -election and crowning of the j-weetheart. The often-mentioned hut seldom- -II purple cow wa the outstand- ing feature of the decorations along with the re-t of the barnyard scenery and mill-it . Betty Lou Yates smiles joyfully after her coro- nation at queen of the Junior Barn Dance. Royalty candidates re- ceive cheers from Barn Dance rooters just be- fore the ftnal balloting. Barn Dancers, in G. I. uniforms and cottons, await the flash of the camera as they enjoy the Junior Class Dance. 79 fc T That good old California spirit shone forth on Saturday, February 5, when the Bears put away their books and went all out for the war effort. Students collected salvage and rolled bandages in the morning, and climaxed the day with a big bond auctior led by that crack salesman Scotty Butter- worth, at which enough money was raised to buy a B-25 bomber. The Sea Bees performed, the band provided spirit, the military ball and a queen of campus choice ended the day, and Scotty sold 195,000 dollars worth of bonds. The auction was part of a week-long bond-selling contest between Stanford and California and even though the Indians finally nosed out the Bears by a small margin, our students did a wonderful job. 80 THE " jolly sophomores " made the campus well aware of their presence in a year full of activities A victory over the freshmen hJ I A in the Frosh-Soph Brawl and a BoeocMfol Brawl Ball began the -iimmer term. Football season found Men ' s and omen ' s Vigilantes on duty and the Big " C " guard working overtime to protect the " C " against would-be defil-r-. - riou note was struck in the dedication of a service flag in tribute to the seventeen thousand California men and women in the country ' - r-ervice. The annual sophomore women ' s luncheon and the Soph Hop were enthu?ia tically attended by members of the class OPHddS II I CLASS OFFICERS FALL Oertli, Sccretary-Treaswer; Bob Katz, President; Jean Nipper, Vice-President. CLASS OFFICERS SPRING Nancy Reid, President; Alice Johnson, Vice- President; Barbara Knapp, Secretary-Treasurer. 81 SOPHOmORES SOPHOMORE BRAWN, asdis- played in the traditional Brawl, was matched by sophomore brain, which recognized the problems confronting returning servicemen. In addition to its efforts in behalf of the service flag, the class of ' 46 was instrumental in obtaining donations to the Liberty Scholarship Fund to provide post-war educations for fighting Californians. The sophomores have ' em licked! These fresh- men wait patiently for the brushwork of mighty ' 46. 82 Sophomore president Bob Katz presents the service flag, culmination of months of effort by the class of ' 46. The service flag flies in colorful tribute to Cali- fornians far and near in their country ' s service. SOPHOmORES - ' I ' ll ' MORE women found that keeping Freshmen coeds in inornate iu-k and green ribbon? was a big job, hut ambitious acti ity women at- tended council meetings to help pre- pare ultimatums to erring new- comers. To meet others in the " 47 class, the women held a get-together tea in the clubrooms. while the men organized the Vigilant ' ?- to wield the paddle when Frosh fellows got " out of hand. " Vice-President Jean Nip- per welcomes Sopho- more women to their first class get-acquainted tea. Box lunches and cokes are downed between eager conversations as the Sophomore coeds ar- range dances and parties for class members. Fronted by the formida- ble Bear paddle, Men ' s Vigilantes grin ferocious- ly at the photographer after chasing several in- nocent Freshmen through the Court. 83 Servicemen ' s sweetheart, Gwen Weeks, awaits her corsage from Military Ball emcee. Cal songs rise into the sky as Men ' s Glee Club entertains at first night rally since Pearl Harbor. Callaghan dwellers and their dates swarm the spotlight at the Military Ball. Gottfried Treveranus, ex-Reichstag member, proposes post-war treatment for Germany to University meeting audience. Holland ' s Princess Juliana chats with California Governor Earl Warren and University Provost Monroe E. Deutsch while on campus tour. Coronation Ball sovereigns, Dolores Canelo and Milton Broyle, view dances from atop their thrones. Football fans choice for Queen, Joan Rock, and her attendants hear President Joe Mixer introduce the royal party. 84 __, COLLEGE life became a reality to members of the class of ' 48 f when they entered the University and found themselves quaking over first finals and holding their first class elections. Conscious of the wartime change in the University, the Freshmen threw their efforts into a w T ell-organized program that included a Freshie Glee, competition with the Sophomores and rebellion when green rib- bons were mentioned. Undaunted by the saddened upper classmen who bemoaned " the good old days, " the Freshmen entered into student activities and looked forward to the days when they would become masters of Stephens Union and Eshleinan Hall. SUMMER AND FALL CHESTER DENTON, ALICE LEE JOHNSON SPRING BARBARA THOMAS, MEREDITH McCORO, DOROTHY REUTHER 85 I Smeared with paint and drenched with mud, Freshmen prove to be keen competitors for veteran Brawl sophomores, while referees watch the action at a safe distance. Shades of Robin Hood fill Ed- wards Field as Frosh and Sophs grit their teeth and stand poised for the " kill " in the ' Brawl jousting event. FRESHmnn SWARMS of eager freshman men this term overwhelmed their older brothers and turned the table of events by scalping sophisticated sophomores, taking top spot in the Brawl and defying the ultimatums laid down by the class. In spite of stern admonitions by the Sophs, the Frosh fellows attired themselves in jeans, smoked on Wheeler steps and chatted with green-ribboned coeds. Sorority coeds gleefully wel- come the newest contingent of pledges who arrive, suitcases in hand, just a little bewildered by the proceedings. 86 __ coreoUtic- comes whet, tie Ul- o s stand out as oodi- i (the for UK Freshman throne self-conscioHSty gather before the mike, where the jo- vial tmxit discusses their indi- vidual merits before the throng casts the final ballot. The omen, new at allege life and ... ......... . .. tests, seem uctmxintt or FRESHIEGLEE I MVERSITY " .ungsters " demon- strated their ability to ?tage a suci ful dance when they played hosts to their own party crowd and other social-minded veterans with the Freshie Glee. The class proved they were as " royalty " conscious as sea- soned students when they voted Mar- garet Hamilton and Sedge Thompson Queen and King of the festivities and produced a regal coronation during intermission time. Cager onlookers congratulate the new Ifcgfi following the voting that swept Margaret onto the throne. Her escort, who shares ntfe Her Majesty the merit of the moment, proRdty presents Ms date the First Lady of the class : O arattM -=- DM ; read] wearing her garland of carna- tjons, heles ham King Sedoe . Fi- ... . ... K I : : - ' - - - " - : - - " :. " -.--. ti m OH ' . ' :- Ll : =-: :- ; ::.: bMOB ..;. ... .;. - : ; ' 87 The War Board-sponsored Christmas Ball gives campus women and their service- men guests an opportunity to get acquainted. The Navy beats it out and the Yuletide dancers respond, but all good things must come to an end, so thanks for coming, fellows! 88 ' Court V t ' A f I i tsar TRAINING - 1 THE NAVAL forces stationed on campus, under the direction of Captain Herbert Kays, and Captain Bruce Canaga, have undergone a training calculated to make of them officers and seamen who will be a credit to the service. Carrying an average of at least twenty units per semester, the men of the Navy and Marine Corps attend classes with the regular students. However, their daily routine would seem somewhat strenuous to the average Californian 5:45 reveille, strict classroom attend- ance, drill, muster, and a rigid demerit system. Their early morning dash down to the Campanile and back has become a familiar campus institution. When hundreds of V-12 students, Marines, and diesel engineers appeared at the University almost overnight, they found an administration already geared to the war emergency. A symbol of that transformation is the con- version of picturesque International House into Cal- laghan Hall, the Naval Headquarters named in honor of an illustrious alumnus, the late Admiral Callaghan, heroic commander of the U.S.S. San Francisco. CAPTAIN BRUCE CANAGA Commanding Officer CAPTAIN H. E. KAYS Commanding Officer CALLAGHAN HALL Center of naval activity 94 COMMANDER F. GRANT MARSH Ejmtnt Officer , U.S.N.; Lt. S.N.; Lt. Willon G. Joh I. Ucese, U.S.N.; Ensi9n I.R. FRONT ROW: U. Mi : V; Lt Roger W. U-S.N.R.; Lt. John T. Kogler, U.S.N.; ais, U.S.N.R.; Capt. Many E. Ooell, M.C., BACK ROW: H. Bister M, T. H. DinwidOie CY, Frederick Duckerl CSK, J. W. Rideout CSP. SECOND ROW: R. A. C Mden Y 1 c, J. F. Castrs Y 3 c, H E. Ho ell Y 1 c, C. J. Cote, . CY. FROUT ROW: R. C. Lwlon Y 1 c, K. S. i Y 1 c, W. R. Dillon Y . 95 OCTOBER CLASS BACK ROW: Robert Breckenfeld, Tys Wig- man, Joseph Mixer, Kenneth Rankin, Caxton Rhodes. THIRD ROW: Frank Stephenson, Robert Woltz, Ted Bruce, John Working, Justin Dygert, James Clausen, Warren Ed- wards. SECOND ROW: James Eschen, Sam- uel Erwine, Edward Welch, Vernon Crosby, Ira Smith, James Wysham. FRONT ROW: Robert Gilchrist, Arthur Fleming, Mortimer Smith, Allen Buckingham, Donald Hawkinson. FEBRUARY CLASS BACK ROW: Charles Kilpatrick, Lawrence Viau, Dan Appleby, Noble Hamilton, Thomas Allen, Arthur Morgan, Kenyon Kendall. THIRD ROW: Donald Peters, Leonard Bullis, Francis Klink, Carl Pascaloff, Robert Girard, William Regan, Harold Kerber, Robert Won- crieff, Gustavus Miller. SECOND ROW: Wal- ter Bowker, Henry Lapkin, James Stewart, John Stewart, Richard Robbins, Richard Davis, Jerald Hoover, James Edwards. FRONT ROW: Wesley Weeks, Robert Weeks, Rich- ard Sproule, Harold Dayton, John Echter- nach, Roland Biancalana, John Clark, George Barber, Murray Slater. JUNE CLASS BACK ROW: William Francis, Charles Hen- derson, Robert Corlett, Donald Nourse, Rob- ert Veaco, Bruce Jeschien, Edward Thomp- son, Harold McKevitt, Donn Doerr. SECOND ROW: Marv Morgan, Clifford Allen, Robert Lippi, James Anderson, Louis Olson, Harold Weeks, Gilbert Bracken, Robert Watson. FRONT ROW: Donald Reed, David Riordan, Lee Dolson, Tulio Sartor, Leonard Davis, Harvey Toponce, Laurence Miller, Ralph Barbour. A LONG-STANDING prece- dent was shattered when both seniors and juniors of the Naval Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps, stationed at Calla- ghan Hall, were awarded com- missions before their gradua- tion from the University and without further training at midshipman school. The Navy ' s immediate need of of- ficers had made necessary their early commissioning in the United States Naval Re- serve and their subsequent de- parture for active duty. The shiny gold braid on the new ensign ' s sleeves called forth especially warm con- gratulations from Berkeley- ites, for the men were true " sons of California, " having been regular students at the University before the war. USNAVY, 411 1 96 Diplomas spell " commission " to happy, graduating naval students before they depart for scattered battle posts or further training. Parade ground maneuvers under the vigilant watch of officers perfect the military bearing of BACK ROW: C. H. Brennan, J. A. Woods, R. E. Abbott, P. R. Saver. THIRD ROW: A. D. Hurfl, R. H. Dennis, E. H. Knise, R. H. Henderson, R. L. Spaulding, W. Masek, Jr. SECOND ROW: P. B. Nalle, D. Parsons, E. W. Hartaert, W. E. R oss, F. L. Jones, E. R. Weisend, D. E. Priew. FRONT ROW: C. R. rserea, R. S. Newman S. C. Ramsden, R. H. Jacobs, D. K. Gordon, K. C. Mirer, R. L. Dewing, E. B. Cole. 97 THE seven hundred V-12 students at the University of California were sent from high schools and colleges and directly from over- seas duty for further education before heing assigned to midshipmen or specialized train- ing schools. Those enrolled in college prior to June 1, 1943, when the unit was ordered to active duty, were allowed to continue with their chosen courses. Others were required to study in courses prescribed by the Navy. An early bugle call began the day for the sailors, who had completed a brisk exercise period and a careful inspection before the average Californian had opened his eyes to the morning light. Compulsory class attend- ance brought a noticeable diminution in the " cuts " of civil ians in competition with the studious Navy men. The V-12 students will long be remem- bered for the famous Callaghan Quintette, their uncanny ability in dropping water bags on the heads of innocent passers-by, and for the speed with which hundreds poured forth on Saturday afternoons to take advantage of their week-end liberty. Exercising in a cold dawn is not an ideal Navy Heaven! Chow call brings the V-12 ' s on the double to Callaghan ' s mess hall. 98 Cafeteria style serv- ings greet campus sailors at Callaghan. Mysteries of the deep sea are unfolded when V. 12 men entertain a a Callaghan dance. Dancers look over the program during inter- mission at the V-12 dance that climaied a day of reviews and an open house. Callaghan fellows watch slide rule dem- onstrations of more technical-minded V-12 pals. Muster twice a day opens and closes the academic hours of campus seamen who stand at ease here while commanding of- ficers supervise. 99 CAPTAIN W. P. GOOCH, JR. WARRANT OFFICER V. J. WYBICK LIVING UP to tradition, the Marines had " the situation well in hand " on the Berkeley campus. Chosen on a basis of personal interviews and an aptitude test, the leather- necks were allowed to follow their regular course of study and were urged to participate in cam- pus activities. When not occu- pied with their heavy schedule of classes, drill, and study, they were very much in evidence on Wheeler steps or relaxing in the Stephens Union taproom. When the daily call to muster came, however, Bancroft Way was lined with Marines turned out in trim, efficient military style. BACK ROW: 1st Sgt. E. E. Fitz- jarrell, Sup. Sgt. A. 0. Pugatch, Gy. Sgt. Dennis Ward. FRONT ROW: Sgt. D. L. Busch, Sgt. V. G. Holland, Sgt. J. B. Todd. 100 Veteran instructor shows how it ' s done, and rigid inspection prepares A- 1 Marines for active duty. At a Callaghan flag- lowering, tough Ma- rines are gentle with Old Glory. Mess is naturally the favorite hour in the Marine daily sched- ule. Music adds rhythm to maneuvers as squads brush up on their military pro- cedure. Edwards Field and Leathernecks are seen together a lot thes day. 101 LT. (j.g.) THOMAS LORD COMPRISING THE only group of com- missioned officers assigned to the Uni- versity for special training, the ensigns of the Navy diesel engineering school spent many hours with slide rules and complicated mathematical formulas. With the graduation in January of the last group of diesel engineers, the school was closed until further replace- ments should be necessary, and the saluting arms of the other military personnel on campus relaxed visibly. Appropriately, the direction of diesel engi- neering activities was placed in the hands of a California graduate, Lieutenant (j.g. ) Thomas B. Lord, member of the class of 1939. In their four months ' period of study the engineers reviewed previous courses and learned new skills which would be of use in their duties aboard submarines or in other branches of naval warfare where their special training would be of value. Oily hands are all in the day ' s work for the Diesel Engineers. 102 V I COLONEL FRANCIS R. HUNTER Professor of Military Science and Tactic s THE corporals barked " uMwo-three-four " and long lines of men in khaki marched on campus as the summer term opened, to serve notice that the United States Army had arrived. Wheeler Hall was suddenly filled with soldiers gaily conversing in Bulgarian and the strains of " Hinkey Dinkey Parlez-vous " in modern versions could he heard far and wide. The men of the A.S.T. unit, many of them in their thirties, and the " youngsters " of the meteorology school became as much a part of California atmosphere as the small group of R.O.T.C. men who had been here since their fresh- man days. The departure of approximately one thousand soldiers by the time the spring term was under way brought a realization of the part the men of the Army had played in creating the special pat- tern of California life in the war year 1943-1944. The University had given much and gained much in preparing them for the much greater role they were about to play. 104 Campus G. I. ' s line up for chow in the Co-op ' s ex-coke rendezvous. BACK ROW (left to right): Capt. Jolly. Capt. El Stewart, Capt. Silrr, Lt. Sprague, Lt. Snow. FRO IL SECOND ROW: Major unter, Lt. PendergasL BACK ROW (left to rijtrt): Capt. Hageman, Capt. Burnett, Lt. Meier, Lt. Moor , Lt. Brown. FRONT ROW: Capt. Hagan, Capt. Bryan, Col. Hunter, Cape Hurley, Capt. Siter. 105 ABMY R.O.T.C. SENIOR CADET OFFICERS BACK ROW: William C. Reinhard, W. Earle Cunha, Stanley A. Johnson, Tresyhair G. Parker, Kenneth F. Cuttle, Mount G. Wild, Jerome F. Harrington, James W. Irvine. FIFTH ROW: John R. Hofmann, Jr., Albert A. Wright, Burton D. O ' Laughlin, Hans R. Beetz, Charles Jelavich, Jack E. Herrero. FOURTH ROW: Robert R. Gilbert, Robert F. Fuller, Louis Robins, George R. Harrington, William H. Eustis, Miles F. Sullivan, Howard M. Cohn. THIRD ROW: Alfred E. Rutherford, Carl E. Simon, Jr., Thomas Ross Ostrom, Dewey Burnell Letsinger, William Thomas Carson, Kenneth M. Holland, Charles F. De Coudres, Richard V. Jaeger. SECOND ROW: Robert V. Emparan, Robert W. Crown, Carl A. Grondorf, Robert L. Wiegel, Robert B. Griesche, William L. Harrison, Robert B. Meuser, Edmund F. Richardson. FRONT ROW: Henry William Rhoades, John David Prader, Floyd E. Welch, Edward A. Small, Jr., Mitchell L. Farrar, Lynn D. Farrar, Rodney H. Robertson, Bruce Coggins. PJ STRONGHOLD of the " old nn Cal boys, " the Reserve Of- [ ficer ' s Training Corps was composed almost in its en- tirety of students who had taken all their military training on the Berk- eley campus. August figures listed 563 of these men, fifty of whom had already completed their basic train- ing. Students under eighteen con- tinued the regularly prescribed R.O.T.C. program of the University, while others studied under the super- vision of the Army Student Train ing Program. Instead of receiving their commissions upon graduation, those who had successfully completed their course were assigned by the A.S.T.P. to Officer Candidate Schools in other parts of the country. A.S.T.P. - R.O.T.C. FRONT ROW: Carson, Matson, Scordells, Brittain, O ' Malley, Lee, Murray, Clark, Test, Brodericks, Denman, Darvo, Bolin, Barnett, Gabriel, Schulz, Franklin, Feineman, Kann, Doyle, Parker. SECOND ROW: Metcalfe, Lambrecht, Funk, Faulk, Wright, Brann, Haet, Lewis, Dana, Home, Knecht, Quiat, Caldwell, Welch, Hukkanen, Dunn, Grass, Volberg, Chalmers, Break Stanton THIRD ROW: Broyles, Covert, Weir, Morison, Stewart, Viales, Bradfield, Paltenghi, Davis, Mitchell, McElheney, Dutton, Thompson, Griffin, Mitchell, Leonard, Elmore, Bush, Martyr, Holmes, Houston, Beanston, Barber, Rhoades. FOURTH ROW: Fuller, Erickson, Ostrom, Giusti, Becker, Swanson, Himes, Stimpson, Lazarus, Wallace, Worth, Sebastian, McCarthy, Scranton, Abrams, Hyde, Babcock, Stanton, Price, Andrews, Bushnell, Roaka, Whitely. FIFTH ROW: Larsen, Conway, Mueller, Bowker, Jordan, deary, Modlin, Christen, Huennekens, Pia, Ling, Harrington, Campbell, Peshel, Podesta, Rahlmann, Walsh, Hubuer, Hofmann, Christensen, Pieper, Emparan. SIXTH ROW: Lindgren, Kremser, Easterday, Schloss, Petrig, Dimmick, Bortfeld, Feightner, Wilson, Hansen, Bloom, Sawtelle, Haynes, Roe, Collins, Roberts, Rustici, Buffett, Livingston, Rutherford. Geu ' 9 last nim : : w " :-f Ul I) : It looks Bif mMams wen Just aroMd the cttMr. 107 Time out for a little relaxation between classes for the ASTU. Faculty Glade ' s lawn serves the purpose very well. Good food and plenty of it is served in the Stephens Union mess hall also the only spot on campus where more men than women can be found. THE men of the University ' s Army Student Training Unit, chosen from basic training centers for further education, represented almost every state in the Union. A Brooklyn ac- cent mixed with a southern drawl as they marched, eleven hundred strong, to their lectures and laboratories. The program of the AST men was divided into three parts: the Basic Program (engineering) ; Per- sonnel Psychology ; and the Area and Language Program, in European and Asiatic fields. A schedule of classes from 8 until 6 and a study period until 10 left them little time for leisure activities, but there was compensation in the fact that the speeded-up program pro- vided an equivalent of two years of college in only thirty-six weeks, and many of the soldiers were awarded certificates of completion with regu- lar college credits at the graduation ceremonies. This looks familiar complete with pin-up girls who make tomorrow ' s assignment more in- teresting. 108 The Army tales over the campus on their daily jaunts to class ASTP ' s prepare to bid farewell to the campus Campus Army men look glum upon receiving their diplomas 109 CAPT. GEORGE S. JOHNSTON, JH. Commanding Officer LT. CHARLES L. VACANTI Post Adjutant __ TO the tune of the famous Army Air Corps UJ song, the University ' s only class of mete- orologists traveled daily from the barracks " | " at Bowles Hall to classes until their gradua- tion on March 11. Students watched the brisk, ef- ficient military units hourly as the Class C, pre- meteorology trainees marched in formation to courses in war-vital subjects including math and physics. Unique among the campus military groups, these boys received ASUC cards and were accorded many student privileges. To accom- modate the trainees ' rigid schedule, special voting booths were placed at Bowles Hall on election days. Time off for the trainees was limited to Wednes- day and Saturday nights, but " leisure " time dur- ing school days was restricted to the noon hour, when most of the soldiers loafed on the lawn near the Campanile. When the " C " group finished training at the University, members were re-clas- sified and sent to various stations in the country where they are now using their technical training. The meteorology program here was discontinued with this first, last and only meteorology gradua- tion. " Meteors " reside at Bowles Hall, former de- luxe dorm, while train- ing at the University. 110 Army Air Corps trainees follow the order " right dress " in front of Bowles Hall. Muscle-bound G. l. ' s warm up for a program of rigorous exercises. Mathematical mazes are mastered by campus meteorologists who are hopeful weather men. The hard way to go up the hill " Meteors " drill on the steep slopes be- hind their campus home, Bowles Hall. Ill ! STUDENT ) Jf EXECUTIVE COmmiTTEE MADELINE GOODRICH Vice-President of the ASUC Summer and Fall Terms JOAN SELBY Vice-President of the ASUC Spring Term 114 JOSEPH MIXER President of the ASUC Summer Term NATALIE BURDICK President of the ASUC Fail Term PHYLLIS LINDLEY President of the ASUC Spring Term V SAGES of the ASUC, members of Execu- tive Committee, hold forth every Wednes- day night around an immense table in Stephen? Alumni Council room and under a billow of smoke to determine the course and channels of -Indent body government and politics. Elected by ASUC card holders, the president. iee-presiilent. five representatives-at-large, Presi- dent Sproul ' s representative and the Alumni Asso- riation representative concurr on student body is- -nes and decide the fate of future undertakings. r -officio members. Daily Californian editor, War Board chairman. ACC chairman, and Women ' s rep- resentative join the meeting each week to ally other aeti it - ents more closely with the guiding hand of Executive Committee. CONSTANCE BLAIR BETH LESSER RITA STONE BARBARA CAMPBELL MARY MURRAY CLIFFORD WOLF ROBERT CARLSON SHERMAN RIFKIN ELLEN ULERY 115 a GRADUATE HlRnflGERS ROD FinnncE comminEE LATE SESSIONS and a plentiful supply of aspirin helped Finance Committee keep the million-dollar corporation which is the A.S.U.C. in a healthy con- dition. An innovation was the system of single-term student body cards made necessary hy the conversion to the three- semester year. The preparation of the budget and the promotion of such sources of income as football and bas- ketball games were among the important functions of the committee. Assisted by a staff of graduate man- agers, Clinton Evans, newly-appointed general manager, svipervised class finances as well as those of the A.S.U.C. GRADUATE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Roy Penry, W. H. Davis, Richard Kelly. FRONT ROW: Clint Evans, Olive Adams, Amy Bumstead, Robert Laws. FINANCE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Clint Evans, Edwin C. Voorhies, William J. Norton. FRONT ROW: Mary Murry, Joyce Richardson, Amy Bumstead, Eleanora Dawson, Natalie Burdick. 116 DICK KENN1NGTON Chairman, Sumnwr nCTIVITIES cooRDinflTinG commiTTEE ELEANORA DAWSON Chairman, Fall HEATHER MOON Chairman, Spring SOUNDBOARD for all major ASUC councils and activities. Activity Co- ordinating Committee strengthens the work of the activities as a whole and brings to a single group the indi- vidual activity problems. Major duties of the committee are to approve all dates for activity events and pass on appointments. The chairman and sub-chairman are members of Finance Committee, thus giving the activities a hand in deter- mining ASUC expenditures. BACK ROW: Anderson, Ban, Biery, Blair, Cullinane, Cummins, Dowden, Gilchnst, Goldman, Harrington, Hervey. THIRD ROW: Honegger, Jescnien, Jones, Kain, Katz, Koshland, Kroeber, Less , Lewis, McClure, Mclntosh. SECOND ROW: Marcus, Moore, Nippe, Partcisor, Pollack, Priewe, Raab, Ramage, Reid, Richardson, Ring. FRONT ROW: Selby, Spinner, Stayton, SpiUer, Udall, Vawter, Wallace, Wattenberoer, Zierdt. 117 AUDRE MARCUS MARIANNA DOWDEN BESSY BARBIKAS JUNE PUNCH JOY BIERY KATE HARRIS MARCiA JOSEL LORON LASSELL EDITH JOSEPHSON BEVERLY ROBERTS ROBERT WESTFALL RUSS KLETZING RITA STONE OFFICIAL " watchbirds " for the ASUC are members of Welfare Council, newest inhabitants of Stephens little-known fourth floor. Moving day came for the council this term when the old office on floor two proved inade- quate for Welfare ' s widespread activities and the council swapped headquarters with Women ' s Dor- mitory Association. Under the supervision of the Council, Labor Board contributed to a large share of the success- ful War-Labor Day held in connection with the Fourth War Loan Cal-Stanford contest with their efficiently organized salvage drive. Competition between campus living groups added impetus to the drive for paper, magazines, pocketbooks, and jewelry. The campus living quarters problem was par- tially solved through the efforts of Housing Board, which saw that abandoned fraternities were con- WELFRRE Y verted into dorms for coeds and started a housing unit for married couples. Other events directed by the Council included Student Health ' s nutritional displays that ap- peared several times in Eshleman Court and panels arranged by Consumer ' s Council, Poll Committee ' s investigation of student opinion on the three-term speed-up program, and Student Re- lations Group ' s Neisi news letters. 118 council b I LABOR BOARD BACK ROW: David Bortin, Joseph Walters, Eric Mohr, David Pines, Ralph Johnsen. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Taper, Alice Gardner, Rita Stone, Mariana Dowden, Julie Taff, Doris Widens. FRONT ROW: Renee Schneider, Ethel Henck, Victoria Landish, Clara Meyers. HOUSING BOARD DW: Lola Hull, Edith Josephson, Ethel Landau. BACK ROW: Elsa Douglas, Char- Flanner, Sally SdmeiUer, Barbara Hansen, Inge Scheuer, Justine Casenave. CONSUMERS ' COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Muriel Shelley, RKS KleUing, Terry Baum, Ellen Ulery. BACK ROW: Faye Hills, Marcia Josel, Helen Sauers. STUDENT HEALTH COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Magdalene Welch, Phyllis Koshland. FRONT ROW: Raiza Sitvertnan, June Funth, Edith Tye. POLL COMMITTEE BARBIKA- BEVERLY BARTH JEAN BRUCE DONALD GUISTO l. l RELHEVMVN HELEN KILE JEAN HOISER LAWRENCE JAFFA EVERETT JOHNSTON NNE KNIGHT RITA NELBAt ER I.EE PROUTY BILL SCHWABACHER MARVIN VERREGGE 119 I ORIEUTfl ELINOR ANDERSON Chairman Summer and Fall ELEANOR MOORE Chairman Spring ROW ONE: June Baker, Mary Jane Boles, Denise Doron, Joan Fullinqton. ROW TWO: Mary Ellen Goepfert, Patricia Hervey, Patricia Jones, Mavis Marten. ROW THREE: Pat Popejoy, Roy Spring, Margaret Wolf. THE helping hand which guides freshmen through the first be- wildering weeks of college is fur- nished by the ever-present mem- bers of Orientations Committee. The dark recesses of LSB and the high bell loft of the Campanile were explored by new students in the company of friendly counsel- ors. Sunday Suppers provided an opportunity for making new ac- quaintances; Activities Recruit- ing Bureau channeled youthful talents into their proper niche in extra-curricular affairs; while Information Please programs acquainted newcomers with cam- pus traditions and with the work- ing of the ASUC. BACK ROW: Phyllis Anderson, Peggy Linwood, Frances Princelau, Elaine Rutley, Beatrice Moorhead, Barbara Eddy, Susan Stimmel, Barbara Ann Schwartz, Emily Thurston, Nona Korts. ROW THREE: Farrar Clee Applegate, Anabella Elkner, Jeanette Bravinder, Ann Golden, Maxine Paul, Lois Rothenberg, Joan Porter, Patricia Sayre, Ronnie Hansen, Jane Baker, Harriet Johnson. ROW TWO: Dorothy Hood, Barbara Lemke, Helen Ernst, Jane Houstoun, Jane Sachs, Mary Brandt, Blosson Amsbaugh, Frann Spencer, Marian Maspero, Peggy Edwards, Jean Allen. FRONT ROW: Barbara Coles, Claire Maas, Cleo Guild, Pauline Dostie, Carol Guild, Joanne Pearce, Emily Hass, June Baker, Katherine Bishop, Virginia Wilson. 120 nons FRESHMAN SUNDAY SUPPE FIRST ROW: Roy Spring, Eleanor Moore, Patricia Jones, Bemict Erictso Patricia I Gabbert, Patricia Ball, Dorothy Flaw, Louise Chewy, Martha LaadtrfrM, Rosa Bernard Arid, Mary Mock, Bernke Gibbel, Robert Glii eatrice Biran. SECOND ROW: I . mer. THIRD ROW: Harry WWttacter, Lewis. AcnvrriES RECRUITING BUREAU FRONT ROW: Eelyn Weiler, Katkerme Kain, Elis B ato. BACK ROW: Mary Ja Bote, Carme Sih, Grace, Margaret Locfcett. CAL HOST COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Mar, Lee Kinoma.. Jeanne Tinkler Pat Popejoy, ?! ? " S S m ' i Herrell, Barbara Francis. PX Jones, Bewrly Bisson, Ariene Alhopp, Rutt Hudson. BACK ROW. PaS Beerr, Bi Ar A.bopp, R-tl, H Doris Chrislensen, airley Strack, Enelyn Moose, Ly Baker, Nancy Ambrose, ElizabeU Sams, and Mary Jane Bote serw refresliets to emeriag stints at tie Orientations 121 JOAN SELBY Chairman Summer and Fall JOYCE RICHARDSON Chairman Spring 1 WflR BOflRD HUB of all campus war activities is War Board, emergency body created to channel all war under- takings into an efficient program. Under Joan Selby, the Fall board highlighted a schedule of surgical dressings, stamp sales, and blood donating with t he Bear-Cardinal bond contest that yielded more than a half million dollars during the Fourth War Loan drive. To increase the scope of war activities, a petition for a Red Cross unit on cam- pus was made in the Spring under Chairman Joyce Richardson. ROW ONE: Mary Artal, Constance Blair, Ruth Dyer, Katinka Gallin, Alice Gaylord, Rayleen Haller, Carolyn Hardy. ROW TWO: Janet Lewis, Phyllis Lindley, Bette McClure, Mavis Mahan, Mary Murray, Caddie Newall, Marshall Paxton. ROW THREE: Elinor Poley, Mary Elizabeth Porter, Loellen Rocca, Lydia Ryd- man, Betty Udall. 122 miLITRRY council INTEGRATION ..f -, rvicemen int.. the life of the University wa- the prime purpose of the ne l - -talili-hed Military Council, composed of repre- -entatives of the A.S.T.P.. Meteorologi;-t-. Ma- rine-. -12. Army and Navy R.O.T.C. and civilian -Indent-. itli the cooperation of the adinini tra- tion anil the commanding officers of th e various military unit-, the council heard complaints and - -j- tions and promoted such activities as the Christmas Sini:-. Military Field Day and an All- Service Dance. " S ? HAROLD HYDE - : ,_ ._, BACK ROW: Peter Brawn, Pail -- r iiniliiiOB, Bob Deatrick. FRONT ROW: Pat Hcney, Jean Elliott, : ' - I - :-- : 123 4 STRDDflRDS commission BARBARA BELL KAY CROSBY Not content with undergoing aca- demic examinations, Executive Com- mittee this summer established its own examining board in the form of a Standards Commission. In order to familiarize ASUC leaders with the constitution and general information about the student body, the commis- sion formulates tests which are pre- requisite to all student body offices and activity appointments. The popu- lar A.S.U.C. seminars designed to air campus problems and introduce cam- pus personalities were also under Standard ' s supervision. Mary Lou Knox, Eleanor Poley, Al Levy, Kay Crosby, Barbara Newman, STORE BOARD TERRY RING CLYDE BIRD Five cent coffee became a major crisis in the lives of Store Board mem- bers, directors of the ASUC Book store and Tap Room. Demands from avid morning " dunkers " started an investigation by this group and re- sulted in Java five cents the cup. Conversion of part of the Men ' s club- rooms to a between-classes rendez- vous for coeds and fellows came un- der the jurisdiction of this Board, which accomplished an enlarged eat- ing spot in place of the old " 3.2 " Tap Room. FRONT ROW: Rita Stone, Terry Ring, Patricia Hervey. BACK ROW: Don Guisto, Roy Penry, Clinton W. Evans, Clyde Bird. 124 RADIO WORKSHOP , ALMA POLLACK Chairman Summer JAMES SMALLWOOD Chairman Spring LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Lou Hamilton, Jim Smallwood, Rachael Balyeat. ETHER-MINDED students have an opportunity to display their talents in the productions of the Radio Workshop, formerly known as Radio Commission. The " California Hour. " presented weekly over station KRE, is the highly successful result of hours of planning and rehearsal by members of this organization. Besides gaining valuable experi- ence in their student-written, student- directed and student-acted program the members were press agents for the University ' s dramatic opportuni- ties and expanded their field in a pro- duction for the Office of Civilian De- fense. D RRT BUREAU BETTY JONES Chairman Summer fVCK ROW: Marilyn Tyan, Janet Padley, Shirley Boles, Kathleen Hermann, Dorothy Lazenby, Carol Keissig. FRONT ROW: Jean Goldman, Katherine Kain, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Elizabeth Porter. KATHERINE KAIN Chairman Fall JEAN GOLDMAN Chairman S:- ' , ESHLEMAN Court ' s colorful adver- ti-ing campaigns that appear with each new play or publication issue on campus are the result of Art Bureau ' s efforts and talents. Hidden away in Eshleman basement, this group designs and executes all posters for A.S.L.C. activities. Before the artistic job is undertaken, how- ever. Art Bureau ' s bookkeeping staff must fill out various forms and requi- -itioi and send activity personnel to the Ad building for okays on the posters. 125 BETH LESSER Chairman Summer and Fall BARBARA BELL Chairman Spring " THE tumult and the shouting " men- tioned in Kipling ' s famous poem could well have been inspired by the activities of Card Sales Committee in its vociferous efforts to swell the cof- fers of the ASUC through the sale of student body membership cards. The beginning of each semester finds them ensconced in Eshleman Court with colored posters, stunts, and persuasive " pep talks " designed to attract the passerby. A queen con- test and a Coronation Ball were high spots of this year ' s revenue collect- ing endeavors. CARD SALES FRONT ROW: Justine Casenave, Orlo Myers, Barbara Bell, Dave Doyle, Annette Gimbal. SECOND ROW: Alysmae Semler, Weiler, Myra Honegger, Joan M. Peacock, Carol Van Steenbergen, Gail Aamoth. Evelyn ELECTIOHS BOARD DIANA COOPER Chairman Summer RUTH PADWAY Chairman Fall BALLOT box defenders and staunch non-partisan thinkers are members of the Elections Board, whose chief job is to prepare and arrange for all de- tails of any student body election, and to count all ballots. The board has the power to enforce any elections rule and to disqualify candidates for infractions of such regulations. With the dissolution of Standards Commis- sion last March, Elections Board was given the responsibility of adminis- tering candidate ' s tests. 126 MARY LOU KNOX Chairman Spring BACK ROW: Patty Gwynn, Joan Porter, Vivian Josel, Marian Green. MIDDLE ROW: Marion Gleitzman, Claudia Bishop, Jacque- lyn Dolan, Joan Harris, Margaret Wilcox, Betty Garben. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Knox., Eve Meyer, Marilynn Hostrup, Janice McLeod CLRSS OFFICERS COUNCIL TED KROEBER Preside GEORGE RAAB PrKident Fall JEAN ELLIOTT Preside Spring George Raato, Patric a Mclntosn, Alan Furth. SECOND ROW: Ellen Ulery, Peggy KosHland. Jean Elliott. THIRD ROW: Jean Nipper, Robert KaU, Blanch Oertli. FIRST ROW: Chester Demon, Alice Lee . GLIDING hand of all class activities is the Class Officers " Council, com- posed of the officers of each class and headed by the Senior president. I nder the group ' s sponsorship, the S ednesday afternoon Frol-Cals were inaugurated last fall and sue- -.fully continued throughout the year. The council also directs Social Planning Committee, co-ordinators of activity functions. HOnOR STUDENTS COUnCIL RUSS KLETZING Chairman SORMMT and Fall ORLO MYERS Chairman : ' , ROW: Robert Kroninger, Raj Mullen, Orio Myers, Terry Bam, Rndi ScheidL FRONT ROW: Genera Brwswidt, Russell Kletzing, Virginia Stokdyk, Mary Lot Eeland, Nola Hansen. MIDTERM and final grade averages are boosted through the efforts of the Honor Students Council Advisory Bureau, which maintains a board of " B " average members to tutor bor- derline students. Luncheons, high- lighting talk by gue.-t profe-- r-. pic- nic-, and a program to aid the faculty during registration are among the function-. 127 EISA DOUGLASS Chairman Spring DORMITORY women band together as the Women ' s Dormitory Council to coordinate activities of the various living groups and to encourage coeds to participate in campus events. New lockout rules were unani- mously approved by the Council, which is composed of the presidents of all the campus boarding houses. To help all dormitory women get acquainted, several of the living groups sponsored Svinday afternoon teas to which other boarding houses were invited, while servicemen ' s dances were sometimes held cooper- atively by the dorms. DORmiTORY council BACK ROW: Alicemarie Jacobs, Ivalee Copeland, Lois Weston, Jean Matthias, Caroline Wallace, Jeanne Wright. SECOND ROW: Frances Saunders, Mary Jane Ayer. Beverly Roberts, Vlasta Nosek, Phyllis Snell, Maxine Cobb. FRONT ROW: Genevieve Campbell, Jean Dahncke, Naomi Giddings, Jean Hudson, Merodine Johns. DUANE PARKISON Chairman Summer and Fall IRWIN SPITZER Chairman Spring ENGINEERS ' Council is composed of representatives from all engineer- ing groups: mechanical, civil, electri- cal and chemical. As yet this is about the only group not completely taken over by the coeds of the campus. The representatives from the en- gineering societies have focused their attention on drawing the inmates of the engineering buildings into ASUC activities and closer faculty contacts; and these problems cannot be solved by compasses and calculations alone. 128 ' council BACK ROW: George Raab, Frank McClure, Bob Click, John Wade. FRONT ROW: Duane Parkison, Warren Enochian, Irwin Spita L Y.m.C.fl. CPBIRET BURTON BISHOP Suamer mt Fall ROBERT WESTFALL PreiiJent Spring BACK ROW: William Schauer, Felix Beckford, Victor Hollister, Benjamin Slanton, Peter Wo!ff. SECOND ROW ' Luis Ireland William Schwabacher, Fred Blum, Eric Idohr, Russell Kletzing, Warren Nielsen. FRONT ROW: Donald Guisto Donald Belts ' William Holladay, Burton Bishop. Lawrence Jaffa. ALTHOUGH male ranks on campus have diminished, a large aggregate of fellows still gathers for discussion groups and bull sessions at Stiles Hall. University YMCA headquarter . Y ' s (wise) Bear, a weekly publica- tion, announces events, luncheon meetings, and activities for both serv- icemen and Chilians. Cooperating with the " Y WCA. the men ' s group had a hand in sponsoring Cal-Canteen. Student-Faculty Hours and Race Re- lations luncheons. L mEll ' S JUDICIflRY COmmiTTEE LAURENCE DEAN Chairman Summer and Fall FLOTOPETTTT Chairman Spring SECOND ROW: Lamm THE reproving eye of Men ' s Judici- ary Committee is focused on cases of -Indent misconduct with the accused assured of a fair hearing by student- of his ow r n age and environment. The problems of the many servicemen on campus were placed under the juri diction of the committee and received the same treatment as civilian men with the exception that the military authorities replaced the UniverMt) administration in the power of re- view. 129 WOMEN ' S BETTY McCLUHE Women ' s Representative Summer and Fall BETTY UDALL Women ' s Representative Spring women ' s WOMEN ' S ACTIVITY COUNCIL JANE ANDERSON EISA DOUGLAS ELINOR ANDERSON MARY LOU EVELAND EMILY ANDREWS JEAN GOLDMAN CLOSER coordination between so- rority and dormitory women and their activities was the prime aim of Women ' s Activity Council under the direction of Women ' s Executive Board. To further friendship and harmony between the two types of living groups, the Executive Board sponsored a tea for all house presi- dents at Stern Hall during the Spring, and WAC devoted several of its meet- ings to discuss the problem. Personnel shortages, facing nearly all of the activities, were investigated and suggestions from Dean Katherine DeMott Green and council members were incorporated into orientations plans for the coming year. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD BACK ROW: Mary Lou Knox, Mary Tweedie. FRONT ROW: Mary Pat MacWilliams, Betty Udall, Joan Selby, Elsa Douglass. 132 ACTIVITY COUnCIL r ROW ONE: Blair, Burns, Campbell, Canelo, Colt, Daly, DeChene. ROW TWO: Hardy, Harrington, Haywood, Herbert, Hervey, Horn Hushes ROW Johnson Jones Kain Kinney, Knapp. ROW FOUR: Knox, Kremser, Lindh. McConeghy, Mclntosh, McWilliams, Mahan. ROW FIVE: Moore, Murray, N M. t. Porter, Reuther. ROW SlX: Richardson, Selby, Stokdyk, Tweedie, Ulery, Williams. THREE: Ingram, Irish, ipper, Poley, J. Porter, 133 women ' s JUDICIPRY commiTTEE MAVIS MAHAN Chairman Summer and Fall EMILY ANDREWS Chairman Spring A SMALL room high in Stephens Union was the setting for the hearings of Women ' s Judiciary Committee. Al- though lacking the impressive robes of traditional courtroom scenes, the women of the committee headed by Mavis Mahan succeeded in proving that cheating does not pay. In addition to their regular duties of recommending decisions to the Dean of Women, the committee spon- sored a " fair play " campaign with articles in the Daily Californian, and investigated the judicial systems of other western universities. BACK ROW: Agdre Marcus, Barbara Allen, Alison Swartz, Emily Andrews. FRONT ROW: Joan Selby, Gretchen Schafer, Mavis Mahan, Madeline Goodrich. Y.W.C.fl. CRBIRET BARBARA C. JONES President Summer and Fall BARBARA BELL President Spring A FAVORITE spot for women stu- dents is the Y.W.C.A. Cottage. Here, under the leadership of the Cabinet, members take part in a program pro- viding discussion groups, music hours, class commissions, and teas. Especially important this year was the Community Service Department, which cared for the children of war- working mothers during the day. 134 BACK ROW: Rosemary Cooperrider, Kate Harris, Ann Brennan, Margaret Jory, Marian Gualco, Ellen Lynch, Ethel Henck. SECOj ROW: Mary Carolyn Sncok, Lydia Griffin, Pauline Wing, Barbara Smith, Clavel Fender, Joan Calhoun. FRONT ROW: Beulah 0| Margaret Dodds, Mary Pat MacWilliams, Barbara C. Jones, Marie Morholt, Barbara Bell, Verna Hink. WOmEII ' S RALLY COmmiTTEE BETTY LOO HERBERT Chairman Soromer aid Fall PATRICIA HEHVEY ROW: Han I FAMILIAR figure? at football time are talented, busy Rally committee women. From drawing board to root- ers go the card stunts, acclaimed among the best in the nation, under the committee ' s direction. Artistic members design the famed Bear Blunts and mathematical minds ex- ecute the arrangement of cards on the bleachers. Others prepare in- structions for fans to follow during the half, and the entire committee turns out for the games to personally direct the stunts and prevent rooters from tearing up the precious card . SECRETARIAT JEANNE McCONEGHY BARBARA WILLIAMS Chairman Spring Barbara Williams. Betty Van Dm Bo , WITH their typewriters and short- hand notebooks ready for action. Secretariat members find working for ASUC officers exciting and valuable. The e women, usually freshmen or -ophomore:-. t pe letter:- and do gen- eral office work for Executive com- mittee members and at the -ame time watch ASUC meduaunu in actual operation. Contacts which member- have with student leaders form a aluable part of their campu life. 135 womEirs JEAN NIPPER Chairman, Summer and Fall ALICE JOHNSON Chairman, Spring ADDING to the Big " C ' s " many- colored career of the past season were members of the Women ' s Vigilantes, sophomore coed group that helped overcome the manpower shortage by wielding paint brushes and gold paint with the " C ' s " traditional protectors, Men ' s Vigilantes. Under the women ' s direction, the Soph-Frosh Brawl was a financial success. Vigilantes joined sales crews in Eshleman Court and sold tickets to green-ribboned fresh- men and " scajped " sophomores. Routine duty was the job of keeping freshmen women in proper attire grass-green bows and mis-matching socks. FIRST ROW: Mary Tweedie, Joyce Darwall, Jean Nipper, Hanne-Lcre Sutro, June Baker. SECOND ROW: Emily Thurston, Joanna Harrington, Blanche Oertli, Lois Rothenberg, Jackie Hasling, Bettie Brown, Loie Rocca. WOmEI1 ' S ORCHESTRA RUTH IRISH Director PROVING that Cal students are not all swing advocates, a group of musi- cally talented coeds spent hours one afternoon each week practicing in Hearst Gymnasium. Musical strains give forth as the women practice sym- phonies and light operas, which are combined on programs for their cam- pus concerts and other musical enter- tainment given during the year. FRONT ROW: Floralyn Hughes, Ardis Shelford, Eleanor Farmer, Mary Linn. SECOND ROW: Margaret Kimball, Mary Lee Kingman, Ruth Irish. 136 WOIDEII ' S SPORTS PROVIDING a pleasant mean? of re- laxatior and recreation from campu- work for women sports enthusiast-, the omen " ? Athletic Association each term offers a varied program of -} urt?. With haskethall. hockey, and baseball occupying the spotlight a- the main team sports, tennis, bad- minton, swimming, and fencing con- tinue to hold their own amongst those desiring individual performance and competition. To the ?ocial calendar for the first time, the .A. A. Council has intro- duced a new program of co-rec sports. Sharing the social bill were the High School Sports Day. at which delegates from over sixty high schools were en- tertained with exhibitions of all -port-, and a Sports Day with Mills College which replaced the usual Tri- Sports Day. An opportunity for participation in women ' s sports is also provided by the Intramural program with com- petition among sororities, dormi- tories, and women ' s activity groups. Climaxing the interclass and intra- mural competition is Field Week, ending with a banquet to announce and introduce the new W.A.A. of- ficers and present awards for the term. W.A.A. COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Margaret McCrikx . Jaw Visalli, Betty O ' Keeft, Barbara Cozens. BACK ROW: Janet Lewis. Penis Homer, Betty Green, Frances Pleas, Wilmiena Drama. OTTEBCLASS BOABD . " ' :.-: ' - ::- tr , Hocking. HIO- atonaa, Claire Wise- . BartleU, Lorraine . INTRAMURAL BOARD FRONT ROW: Martha Pane, Penis Homer, Natalie Osburn, Barbara Sckmrtz. MIDDLE ROW: Crttla, Mary Lee Kii|i n, Katkeriw HoUWuss, Jo Onrleese, Doris Sandner. BACK ROW: dUir, Lois Robwo., Janrt Uord, Betty TraoML 137 Coed swimmers go through their paces for the camera. Both archers, eyes on the target, seem ready for a bull ' s eye. A beautiful Spring day calls for time off from studies for a dip into the pool. Net players prepare to take the point with a we placed smash. As the opposition makes a determined drive, defense players buckle down to prevent the score. 138 Hin Circle I I - J II PUBLICflTIOnS ROBERT F. LAWS Director of Publications ROBERT CUMMINGS Director Summer , JOYCE RICHARDSON Director Fall VINCE CULLINANE Director I Spring Guiding force of Eshlemanites, Publications Council convenes to hash out the latest troubles resulting from wartime handicaps. LEAVING behind their immediate problems of copy, pictures, type, and headlines, members of Publications Council met to discuss the overall policy of Eshleman ' s fourth estate. After passing on appointments and agreeing on issues to be presented to Activities Coordinating Committee, the Council settled down to discus- sing the questions of coping with pri- orities and the draft, putting all pub- lications on a three-term basis, the upsetting partial turnover of student personnel every semester, and the re- cruiting of new staffs during the sum- mer months. With similar tasks confronting all publications, managers and editors gained a clearer understanding of their common problems and worked in close cooperation toward solutions. Despite the noticeable deepening of the furrows on the brow of Director of Publications Bob Laws, the publi- cations were issued on schedule in their streamlined wartime versions. 144 council VIRGINIA BOTTOROF JEAN ELLIOTT LIZ KRAMER JUNE PORTER GLADYS BURNS ALAN FURTH DON MARTIN SHERMAN RIFKIN MARGARET CAFFERATA CAROLYN HARDY MARIE MITCHELL IRW1N SPITZER KAY CROSBY WINI HAYWOOO DUANE PARKISON THOMAS STURGEON MARION DALY BARBARA KINNEY CAROL PAUKER MEL WARNER 145 BLUE ADD GOLD JUNE PORTER EDITOR Summer and Fall Terms ALISON SWARTZ ASSOCIATE EDITOR Summer and Fall Terms MARTHA HOFFMAN ASSOCIATE EDITOR Summer and Fall Terms CAROLYN HARDY EDITOR Spring Term JUSTINE CASENAVE ASSOCIATE EDITOR Spring Term MARY ELLEN GOEPFERT ASSOCIATE EDITOR Spring Term 146 EDITORIAL STAFF JUNIOR EDITORS BACK ROW: Jean Nkkerson, Justine Case- rne, Mary Ellen Goepfert. FRONT ROW: Carol Furth, Carolyn Hardy, Marie Sullivan. COVERING Univer- -ity life from its three registration periods to three graduations, the 1944 BLUE AND GOLD portray? a war-conscious campus. The glamor section has given way to pictures of Californians r-rving their country. Student offices changed hands rapidly, the Big Game was postponed for the duration, and social activities were greatly cur- tailed. In pictures and in copy, the editorial staff attempted to reflect this change, while keeping alive the story of well- loved California tradition-. SOPHOMORE EDITORS FRONT ROW: Natalie Dinsmort, Helen Kile, Marie Jacobson, Mary Louis Knox, Joan Porter, Skiney Goodvii, Elaine Dale, Rosalie Miller, Jean Stewart: SECOND ROW: Virginia Wilson, Dorothy Flaw, Marjorie Toepke, Cymhiana Finley, Jane Leowkfc, Lois Ridwrson, Gay Wyllie, Barbara Ktssier, Sue Miller. THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Prorty, Benwx Eridoon, KatUeen Blmtiij, Margaret Hamilton, Carolyn McCloskey, Janet MacDonald, Aileen Frank, Eelyn A. Delamere, Marjory Deebel, Phyllis Aasoaard. FOURTH ROW: Patty Eggieston, Ruth KejXinoer, Betty Hooni, Vman Cairtli, Joanne Kraemer, Martka Inaram, Hyia Tillman, Doris Damon. FIFTH ROW: Slavka Cibilich, Barbara Reinkens, Shirley Strang, Janet Winkinson, Lnsia Walker 147 BLUE ROD GOLD WINNIE HAYWOOD Manager MARION SEARLS Assistant Manager Assessment deadlines find the managerial office humming with activity. CHAMPIONS among Eshleman Court ' s traditional ticket sellers are members of the Blue and Gold Man- agerial staff, who periodically chal- lenge passersby with " Have you pur- chased that 1944 Blue and Gold yet? " With no advertising to sell, the managerials ' main work is selling as- sessments to the seniors and general student body. To boost the total volume of these sales and to assure every student of a book, the managers sponsor contests between the staffs. Responsible for the creation of the budget and the publication of the Blue and Gold within its limits, the staff has had a greater problem than ever this year with wartime cuts. The remainder of the managerial work consists of the filing of records, bookkeeping, and the sale of pages to various organizations as well as the distribution of books. 148 mnnflGERiRL STUFF SOPHOMORE MANAGERS BACK ROW: Aiice Rea, Mafytois Palmer. SECOND ROW: Bill Lyml, Beverly West, Elise Beator Ttwreton, Nona Korts, Betty Ander- son, Cesar Plaza. FRONT ROW: Am Dias, Gail Aamotti, Pat Andrm. Pat Jones, Barbara Coles. JUNIOR MANAGERS BACK ROW: Lorraine Sully, Mary Lou Potil, Barbara Miller. FRONT ROW: Janet McMurray, Claud.a Bishop. 149 DRILY CRLIFORPIPn MARY OGG Editor Summer ALAN FURTH Editor Summer VIRGINIA BOTTOROFF Editor Fall JEAN ELLIOTT Editor Spring MAINTAINING its unchallenged position as a vital factor in unifying all elements of campus life, the Daily Cal devoted its efforts to increasing student cooperation in the war effort and to accurate reporting of history- making news. Proudly presenting its " scoop " on all other Bay Area papers, the Mon- arch of College Dailies was the first to publish the resvdts of the Teheran Conference. Interviews with the fac- ulty provided interpretive comment on the happenings on the military and diplomatic fronts. News of the nation and the campus was not neg- lected, with the American Legion and the question of racial discrimination receiving their due amount of attack and counterattack in the editorials and the Ice Box. A new feature was the weekly military section complete with pin-up girls and news of the men in uniform. ISO EDITORIAL STUFF KAY CROSBY ALLEVY DICK ROTHSCHILD . : - --.:-.- DON MARTIN ROMA STOVE PEBO -:- ' . MARY MURRAY JOHN STUDLEY BETTY IMGRAM SHERMAN RIFKIN BETTY SULUVAN 151 JUniOR EDITORS BACK ROW: Jura Hoffman, Betty Wentworth, Audrey Noall, Mary Napton, Alice Messenger. FIRST ROW: Helen Taini, Mary Fletcher, June Collins, Alice Sar- gent. SOPHOmORE EDITORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois McNab, Marion McAvoy, Nancy Lee, Margaret Perry, Maria Urquiza. SPORTS STUFF BACK ROW: Paul Lazarus, Sherman Rifkin, Bill Smith, Richard Rothschild. FIRST ROW: Mimi Syret, John Studley, Betty Stern. 152 DRILY CflLIFORillfln MflNflGERIRL STflFF THE M marc]) " - manager vert- full of business and advertiser " ? troul ]-. All six of them, with a few green freshmen, kept the Daily Californian full to the ad-lines with well-planned advertisement:-. The accounts of hi numbers of firm? wen- kept along with de kful ? of -Id Daily CaU. Peli- can-, textbooks, and coke bottle-. Staff members had a chance to make good commi--ion- fur rolling an account, get up extra early to dis- tribute the paper in Eshleman Court, and learn to approach grim hu-in- --- men and -ell them a rpace in the Cali- fornian. Tying in advertising Layouts from Ad Service Bureau to the space the Californian ' a managing editor didn ' t u-e up provided good training for manager-, but not too rigorous, a- tales of deviltry drifting out of Eshle- man testifv. JOYCE RICHARDSON V,-,;;. Summer and Fall VINCENT CULLINANE Manager Spring Junior Managers PETEB SCHULZ BARBARA HARRIS III JEAN HOOSER MARGARET VAN SELL 153 ' THECflLIFORnifl CAROL PAUKER Editor PELICAN ' S editor objects to having the publication thought of as " Phoebe ' s " ghost, but California stu- dents have long connected the grin- ning skull, which dominates the inner office, with the hilarious Pelly, cam- pus morale builder. Usually sold out before ten o ' clock classes are over, Pelly has gone down in ASUC his- tory for its analytical feature " Pelly Tears the Lid Off ... " and the tradi- tionally bitter, ripping cinema re- views. Under Carol Pauker ' s sharp pen, " Sweetness and Light, " the " Bird ' s " melting pot of wit and subtleties, and Marge Silva ' s Murgatroyd master- pieces won popular campus acclaim. Pelican faced the paper shortage with a roar of glee and came up with a magazine smaller in page size than the pre-war model, but greater in volume and content. EDITORIAL LEFT TO RIGHT: Claudia Murphy, Carol Pauker, Raymond Tom. HI 154 RELicnn " PELLY Flie? Wednesday 1 an- nounce Eshleman and Sather Gate poster? while the " Bird " ? " mana- rial ?taff m?he? la?t minute instruc- tion? to the printer for the great volume of advertisement? that appear in each month ' ? i??ue. Managerial ?taff. the Wall Street of 109 Eshle- nian. i? responsible for the financial end of the humor magazine and is encouraged by the staff mascot, a tiiffed Pelican that leer? from atop the central de?k. The plutocrat? of the Pelican of- fice, manager? pocket monthly com- mi??ion? from ad? ?old for the publi- cation to Berkeley and San Francisco -tore? and national concerns. Wartime co?t? forced manager? to up the Pelly price to twenty cent-, hut editor? brought out the smiles again by increasing the number of joke page?. ROBERT CUMMINS ELIZABETH KRAMER Manager Spring PELICAN MANAGERIAL FRONT ROW: Betty Dunbar, Gerry Beckman, Liz Kramer, Melvin Warner, Barbara Kinney, Paula Leake, Barbara dejulio. BACK ROW: Walter Busse, Marjorie McCaslin, Jeanne Tinkler, Arlene Allsopp, am Roberts, Bill 155 FELicnn womEirs STAFF ' BARBARA CAMPBELL Women ' s Director Summer MARGARET CAFFERATA ELEANOR POLEY Women ' s Director Spring V PELICAN women ' s staff continues to focus attention on what ' s new in the world of fashion, fantasy, and models. The campus queens turn out to model for Vanity Fair and fashion shows which are held in Wheeler And to keep fash- ion-wise Cal women posted on the latest trends. Climax of the monthly style shows, which are popularly attended by both cam- pus men and women, was the spring bridal preview held in Faculty Glade in May. Winter and spring Women ' s Directors were Barbara Campbell and Eleanor Poley who guided their staffs in double duties. Be- sides modelling, rain or shine, swarms of freshman women hit the campus at 7 :30 a.m. when the bird leaves its Eshleman Hall nest and flies over the campus. FRONT ROW: Aubrey Hamilton, Mabel Lou Erickson, Davetta Goldberg, Bette Burket, Katherine Wagner, Eleanor Poley, Margaret Cafferata, Jeanne Roberts, Mary Lou Gulack, Mary Caroline Snook, Molly Chese- brough, Dorrill Perkins, Nita Yost, Jo-Ellen Lowery. SECOND ROW: Catherine Hanson, Frann Spencer, Lenore Oehlmann, Bette Plan, Betsy Dunbar, Lorraine Boggiano, Frances Stern, Jean Anderson, Lillian Gall, Doris Texdahl, Cleo Guild, Joan Gorman, Carol Guild, Helen Goldhamer. THIRD ROW: Emily Hass, Barbara Matson, Ann Shoemaker, Audrey Schaefer, Mona Marx, Artie Smernes, Vinka Papac, Gerry Beck- man, Pat Moore, Georgine Monroe, Betty Harrell, Gwen Weeks, Bettie Brown, Barbara Lee. FOURTH ROW: Connie Pearson, Hanne-Lore Sutro, Jean Nipper, Joyce Hofacre, June taggart, Margaret Johnson, Yvonne Pierrou, Barbara Treganowen, Betty Hatter, Barbara Webster, Jacqueline Gorman, Carol Carkeek, Barbara Lemke. FIFTH ROW: Mary Tweedie, Sylvia Jean Hutton, Phyllis Foster, Louise Schwartz, Edna Mammon, Barbara Schmahl, Marilyn Victor, Margaret Ackerman, Barbara Senner, Marian Crocker, Bette Frank, Lillian Hildebrandt. SIXTH ROW: Natalie Osborn, Patty Mills, Mardell Richards, Lois Knight, Pat Bishop, Marian Greene, Gloria Kauffman, Jean Neilson, Enid Hoffman, Lorraine Thomas, Betty Barnum. SEVENTH ROW: Daphne Ferron, June Crowley, Betty Truesdail, Blanche Oertli, Delane Corgiat, Tras- zha Riess, Nancy Mays, Jean Dietterle, Margaret Stevens, Nancy Greenlaw, Marylou Hildreth, Libby Crawford 156 CflLIFORPIR EDGII1EER TECHNICAL problems facing the hard-working Engineers, inhabitants of the little-known far corner of cam- u-. are reflected in the pages of the Cal Engineer. Presented in a style understandable to the average Letters and Science student, the Cal Engi- neer discusses achievements in the field, such as the construction of the University ' s Campanile and other well-known accomplishments. Jokes equalling in humor those of the Pelly pages are growing attrac- tions for the Engineers ' magazine, which is a monthly publication. S omen have an interest in this strictly masculine field, for under the management of Marie Mitchell a sales staff of coeds vends each issue in Eshleman Court. DUANE PARKINSON Editor Summer and Fall IRWIN SPITZER Editor Spring FIRST ROW: Beverly Bisson, Barbara Thrall, Marie Mitchell, Carol Carkeek, Mary Lou Eveland. SECOND ROW: John Reed, Irwin Spitzer, Duane Parkinson, Morris Jerome, Elbert Jung, Hayward Fong. THIRD ROW: Walt Dimmick, Jack Pantcheknikoff, Zeg- mund Bleviss, Vincent Urban, Warren Enochian. 157 RD SERVICE BUREAU BARBARA KINNEY Chairman, Summer PW " AMBITIOUS copy writers, artists iTl and business women find Ad Service, i ASUC advertising group, a profitable activity in which to gain experience in writing and layout technique. Ads sold by managerial offices of the Daily Californian, Pelican, and Cal Engineer are constructed and written by the Ad Service staff and then printed in the various ASUC publications. Under the direction of Barbara Kinney in the summer, Marian Daly in the fall, and Gladys Burns in the spring, the Ad Service office was the scene of many copy meetings, famed for speakers and advisors well known throughout the Bay area. To instruct novice members as to the correct methods for creat- ing advertisements, many of the copy meet- ings were devoted to writing copy, using mat services and other phases of advertising. MARIAN DALY Chairman, Fall GLADYS BURNS Chairman, Spring FRONT ROW: Edith Clark, Lore Kraul, Corinne Bardellini, Marian Daly, Gladys Burns, Betty Kuhn, Clare Wisecarver. SECOND ROW: Ruth Macdonald, Gay Hart, Rie Michelson, Margaret Johnson, Pat Horta, Mary Silcox, Barbara Hyams, Norma Tannahill, Muriel Aschen. THIRD ROW: Patricia Ann Bradley, Mar- ion Brown, Beverly Mulligan, Janice McLeod, Carol Cole, Hope Jensen, Y vonne Sams, Pat Moore, Marian Pillsbury. BACK ROW: Eva Hana, Betty Chapman, Jean Wauhab, Katherine Comstock, Lois Clawson, Marybelle Hilton, Pearl Pennington, Marion Fones. 158 and Gold neophytes Urn out copy and file records for the ' 44 yearbook. i--. ; :-;;.; 5.:.: -- - :: :-.. : ' :: - - , ----_--_. 1 :-- - --._ Wui taw ilrrl the Engineers ' sanctum here they manage the magazine ' s financial set-up Day staff finds freshmen can reading stories for tomorrow ' s paper. Woody, the Cthlfan tradition, wants to see his picure on the cand page. 159 1 T I HENRY SCHNITZLER Director JACQUELNE ZIERDT Manager, Spring ELEANORA DAWSON Manager, Summer and Fall FRED HARRIS Director LITTLE THEATRE BERNHARDTS and Barrymores haunt the far corner of Eshleman ' s second story and emerge periodi- cally with classic scripts on their tongues and ticket sellers ready to moh court travellers. Little Theatre, play acting center of the campus, revived such memorable shows as " Out of the Frying Pan, " " Hedda Gahbler, " ' " Heart of a City, " " Imaginary Inv alid, " " Ah, Wilderness, " ' From Rags to Riches " and " Everyman " for theatre fans during the past three-term year. Handicapped by the lack of an adequate stage, current Little Theatre staffs followed their predecessors ' device of transforming Wheeler Auditorium ' s stage into realistic and workable sets for the dramatic produc- tions. DRRDIflTICS council ROBERT F. LAWS JANE ANDERSON NEVA LEE BUDWORTH SUZANNE deLAPPE ELLEN GIACOMAZZI FRED MADDEN JANET HUGHES ANNE KI DDER ELIZABETH KINSEY LESLIE MAHONEY BARBARA MERNER LYNETTE TEMPLE 162 WOfTlEHS ' ABflGEIIQL STAFF ;i : =:A =.f.:.. : Snrfes, Bin. Jensen, Ruth Wesson, Benuce LJeberman, Persh Homer, Jean Kennedy, Marilyn McDuffee, INOROW: Lore. Williamson, Faith Bti to,_hU tt .Gre,or, RoseWie GeMhg Rh E, Mar,- Eka Ame Gave. SECOND ROW: Lorn William , Faith Badungtam, Marjr Greswy Rosemane Elate Palmer, Dorothy Swth, Maria IsraH. Mary Pat McWamara. FROMT ROW: Lois Soy, Clai Jaw Anderson, Nino Hess, Fay Mille, Coriae Helman, Alysmae Sender, Jane Roeder, COSTUIHE STAFF FIRST ROW: Cay Walton, Anne Kidder. Marylhi Miao. THIRD ROW: Men Let MM PRODUCTIOn STRFF FRONT ROW: Lawie tack, Eo|j from , Ew Cnjme, Dythe- Mary Hertm. 163 MAKE-UP STUFF BACK ROW: Barbara Jarnagin, Janet Lloyd, Suzann e De Lappe. ROW ONE: Ellen Giacomazzi, Dave Fulmer. flRT STRFF BACK ROW: Joan McFie, Dave Fulmer, Barbara Jarnagin ROW ONE: Ellen Giacomazzi, Janet Lloyd. LIGHTIPG flno STRGESTflFFS SECOND ROW: Art Craig, Fred Hadden, Walter Althansen, James Cookson. FIRST ROW- Eleanor Colonna Dorothy Johnson 164 BETTY KINSEY President Summer, Fall THflLlfln PLflYERS REHEARSAL for the big show. Little Theatre, is the prime objective of Thalian Player?. women% dramatic honor society, a group of potential actresses who receive technical, practical and theoretic training in preparation for greater role in Little The- atre dramas. Comedy, tragedy, and realism marked the pla a produced by Thalian periodically during the year for L niversity theatre goer . Hit- sponsored by Thalian included Sa- royan ' s " Comin " Through the Rye. " Chek- o " " Tlie Marriage Proposal. " " Suppressed Desire. " Everything Is Just the Same. " and an original play by Van Auker. " Pinandello In Chain-. Playwrights were encouraged to turn out a new effort for the annual Thalian contest with the winner receiving the top prize of ten dollars. The victorious author also had the pleasure of witnessing Radio orkshop produce the work before campus students at California Hall. LYNETTE TEMPLE President Spring " Watdi out, Mabel! She ' s getting tint psychoanalytical look. " NAT MILLER: " Well, Spring isn ' t everything, is it Essie? There ' s a lot to be said for Autumn. That ' s got beauty, too. And Winter if you ' re together. " AH, WILDERNESS! THE CAST NAT MILLER REED SMITH ESSIE . HAZEL LEASK ARTHUR DAVID WOOD RICHARD ROBERT BENJAMIN MILDRED MARCIA BRYAN TOMMY JONATHAN ELKUS NORAH.... FLORENCE ANDERSON SID DAVIS GORDON CONNELL LILY MILLER ELLEN GIACOMAZZI DAVID McCOMBER .EDWIN SMITH MURIEL JANE BENNETT WINT SELBY .RICHARD TRUMBLY BELLE..._ SUZANNE DE LAPPE A BARTENDER WILSON YANDELL A SALESMAN.. . ..MAURICE ENGLEMAN VOMAR KHAYYAM lent the title for " Ah, Wilderness, " which began the summer sea- son of Little Theatre plays. In this play Eugene O ' Neill characterizes the Miller family, a typical conservative American family of the early 1900 ' s living in a New England town. The play presented the basic relations and prob- lems of all American families, but its essence was the portrayal of the conflict of liberal youth and the conservatism of age. The story of romantic Richard Miller, an eighteen year old boy, thwarted in his first love affair, pro- vided comedy and tragedy in its consequences. Hazel Leask and Reed Smith were genuine in their feeling for the understanding parents. The other character roles were convincing. A simplified set and accurate costumes provided excellent back- grounds for the fine characterizations of the Millers and their friends. The play was a highlight for Little Theatregoers to remember. 166 " So, Prince Ctarlte, you ' ve succeeded in killing poor old Mrs. lloot- . BM, a iKmem before she died, she changed her will and left her entire farm to we! " " Onn! " FROM RAGS TO RICHES VOLD Wheeler Opera House was the scene of :-tark melodrama when Hammer and Dimmer and the Thalian Player com- bined to present " From Rag? to Richo " 1 Charles A. Taylor. Under the able direction of Leslie J. Mahoney. thi? raucous and rowdy " Tale of Life, Lut. and Laughter ' wa- given in the true spirit of fun and farce, with the audience joining in hissing the villain and hailing the hero. The melodrama traced the adventures of the hero, newly-rich bootblack. Xed Nimble, from the bowery t the Waldorf-Astoria, and told how he rescued his -i-ter from the -ini-ter black-cloaked villain. Prince Charlie. The painted roll curtain rose to conclude the show with a gay and " Dashing Olio " in the best Gay Nine- ties Tradition in which members of the cast dis- played their talent in old-fashioned songs and dance:-. THE CAST Gentlemen NED NIMBLE MR. HUBBARD EDWIN NEWLIN II ALBERT COOPER MR. W. GORDON CONNELL PRINCE CHARLIE MR. MAURICE ENGLEMAN MIKE DOOLEY MR. WM. HENRY TUTTLE Ladies MOTHER MURPHY MISS FRANCES S. TOBENKIN AGATHA MONTGOMERY MISS MARY E. PALMER FLOSSIE M1 S BEVERLY MAE HOCKING GERTRUDE CLARK MISS D. ELLIOTT-SMITH FLORA BRADLEY MISS RITA ARRABIT LOUISE MISS BARBARA J. JARNAGIN Olio Florence Anderson. Jane Bennett. Eleanor A. Dawson. Sn- zanne De Lappe. Ellen Giacomazzi. Alma Pollack, Belle PurcelL Lynette Temple. Helen Tapper. Jacqueline Zierdt. Harry Lawrence, Bill Rainbolt, Richard Trumbly, David Wood, Wilson YandelU Sieve Eskow, Leslie Mahoney. 167 " Everyman, I am here! See, Everyman! Here ' s your dear comrade. ' EVERYMAN THE CAST THE PROLOGUE DAPHNE SMITH DEATH _ GORDON CONNELL EVERYMAN WAYNE THORNTON THE STEWARD HOWARD BAILOR THE COOK WILSON YANDELL FRIEND OSCAR HOLT THE POOR NEIGHBOR JOE VAN AUKER THE DEBTOR ROBERT BONAR THE DEBTOR ' S WIFE ELLEN GIACOMAZZI EVERYMAN ' S MOTHER MARILYN MOSES PARAMOUR MARY JANE ARRABIT THE FAT COUSIN RICHARD TRUMBLY THE THIN COUSIN EDWIN SMITH A GUEST MICHAEL MADDEN FIRST GIRL BARBARA JARNAGIN SECOND GIRL DOROTHY WRIGHT THIRD GIRL ROSE ANNE STOESSER MAMMON WILSON YANDELL GOOD DEEDS MARCIA BRYAN FAITH BONNIE WEEKS SERVANT TO EVERYMAN ' S MOTHER .... MOLLY CHESEBROUGH THE DEVIL DAPHNE SMITH Soldier: Melvin Warner; Pages and Angels: Ruth Barich, Carol I ' .i imnii. Frances Davis, Dorothy Stackhouse, Bar- bara Thompson, Betty Thompson; The Debtor ' s Children: Jonathan Elkus and Marilyn Mortimer. VA 15TH CENTURY English morality play came to life again when " Everyman " was presented on Wheeler stage last summer. This religious, allegorical play was staged with an effort to modernize medieval pageantry, and in this it was not successful. However, the profound mes- sage it brought to the audience justified its presenta- tion. The story concerns Everyman, a rich man sur- rounded by fair-weather friends and relatives, who is suddenly called by Death, a black-cloaked skele- ton, to prepare for the journey to present his last account. As his past selfishness and empty pleasures are reviewed in an allegorical fashion, the weakness of his sole companion on the journey. Good Deeds, becomes evident. However, steadied by Faith, he prepares for the journey with renewed spirit and hope. This most recent version of " Everyman " by Hugo von Hofmannsthal featured elaborate costumes and make-up with dramatic light effects against a simple dark stage. 168 Lila Saddle exhorts her girls to keep the theatre open. HEART OF A CITY BY LESLEY STORM DECEMBER 9. 1943. brought to the Wheeler stage another Little Theatre production, " Heart of a City. " Written by Lesley Storm, the play told the story of the Windmill Theatre and its group of courageous chorus girls who remained in London during the blitz of 1940 so that at least one theatre might remain open. Heading the cast was Helen Tupper. who gave a realistic portrayal of Lila Saddle, manager of the Windmill, and her group of chorus girls included Suzanne de Lappe and Florence Anderson. Outstanding performances were also given by Audrey Jones. Mary Jane Arrabit, and Les Mahoney. The entire cast, directed by Fred Harris, gave a very professional and convincing in- terpretation, and the costuming and stagecraft were vivid evidence of the traditional hard work of Eshleman Hall r s Bohemians. CAST DIRECTED BY FRED ORIN HARRIS LILA SADDLE, MANAGER OF WINDMILL THEATRE HELEN TUPPER CHORUS GIRLS ROSALIND BARBARA JARNAGIN JUDY SUZANNE DE LAPPE TONI FLORENCE ANDERSON VALERIE LYNETTE TEMPLE BUBBLES DIANE WINNIA JOAN BONNIE WEEKS FRENCHIE _ ELLEN GIACOMAZZI PATSY CAROL BRUMM RUTH VIVIAN HENDRIKSON MARGE LAURIE BUCK GERT, THE CALL GIRL AUDREY JONES TOMMY, A SONG WRITER LESLIE MAHONEY GEOFF. A PUBLICITY MAN DAVID FULMER MRS. GOOD, THE CLEANING WOMAN JACQUELINE ZIERDT ANNA, A RESTAURANT PROPRIETOR- MARY JANE ARRABIT PAUL LUNDY, A SQUADRON LEADER HERBERT MEADS A CAPTAIN HERBERT RUBENSTEIN A PILOT GORDON CONNELL A REAR GUNNER BYRON HOWELLS SMITTY HUBBARD NEWLIN DAISY, A BAR MAID ...JANE BENNETT 169 " And what are these men doing in your apartment? " OUT OF THE FRYING PAN BY FRANCIS SWANN CAST GEORGE ... DICK DAWE NORMAN DAVID FULMER TONY HERBERT MEADS MURIEL MARY JANE ACER KATE DAPHNE SMITH MARGE YVONNE PIERROU DOTTIE JANE BENNETT MR. COBURN GORDON CONNELL MR. KENNY. EDWIN SMITH FIRST POLICEMAN .. .LESLIE J. MAHONEY SECOND POLICEMAN ....HUBBARD NEWLIN MRS. GARNET MARY ELAINE PALMER THIS hilarious farce-comedy involved a group of would-be actors who discovered that a famous theatrical producer, Mr. Knny, lived in an apartment below them, and was unaware of their existence. Mr. Kenny was an erratic, super- stitious producer who returned constantly to the dingy apartment from which he sky-rocketed to fame, because he believed that fate prescribed his success there. The contrivings of the young people to see the man upstairs led to a series of riotous incidents, in- cluding a murder-mystery staged in their apartment by the young people to impress the producer. The boisterous spirit of the comedy was expressed in a note by the author, Francis Swann, stating that " Characters and events in the play are purely imagi- nary, and anyone claiming resemblance or similarity ought to be ashamed to admit it. " 170 OPENED BY MISTAKE WITH original music and dances, blackouts Wff and sequence?, laughter and gaiety. " Opened by Mistake. " Ma?k and Dagger revue, opened in heeler auditorium March 9. Starting slowly but quickly snapping into the -pirit of the show, the entire cast gave the audience -oinething to laugh and talk about. A new method of radio advertising, new dance schemes, original music scores and a prescription for head colds were all included in the student- written and directed show. A take-off on the New York show. " Oklahoma. " thi? Ma?k and Dagger musical revue capitalized on square dances complete with hog-yelling, a " Truth and Consequences " act. and many other comical scene? typical of a Mask and Dagger musical revue. CAST Directed by Florence Anderson Mary Jane Arrabit Jane Bennett Laurie Buck Janice Caffrey John Caffrey Bob Callahan Gordon Connell Eleanora Dawson Suzanne de Lappe Peter Ducker Keith Engen Penny Frankel David Fulmer Pauline Galliett Ellen Giaromazzi Leslie J. Mahoney Carolyn Classman Alvin Hambly Audrey Jones James Keilty Betty Kinsey George Laties Leslie Maboney Jane Malmgren Herbert Meads Charles Murphy Rochelle Paul Helen Tupper Anneliese Windesbeim Diane Winnia David Wood Carol Wooldridge Jacqueline Zierdt 171 The Tesman Drawing Room. CAST DIRECTED BY FRED ORIN HARRIS HEDDA GABLER MARY JANE ARRABIT GEORGE TESMAN .... JOHN CAFFREY MISS JULIE TESMAN.... JANE MALMGREN THEA ELVSTED ....CAROL BRUMM EILERT LOVBORG HERBERT MEADS JUDGE BRACK. LESLIE MAHONEY BERTHA DIXIE HAMILTON HEDDA GABLER DRAMATIC tenseness filled the atmosphere 1 1 1 of Wheeler Auditorium on April 20, 1944, when first nighters attended the Little Theatre ' s production of " Hedda Gabler " by Hen- rik Ibsen. In this dramatic play, which was written during the Victorian period, Ibsen shows his amazing abil- ity to look into human being ' s inner problems. In " Hedda Gabler, " the author shows a lonely, beautiful woman struggling to adapt herself to an environment in which she is mortally bored. Driven to desperate means by her husband, she directs her energy toward winning a talented young artist away from the woman who really loves him. The leading role of Hedda was portrayed by Mary Jane Arrabit, who helped to make this another suc- cessful Little Theatre production. 172 THE IMAGINARY INVALID IN one of the most polished performances ever j l given liy non-professionals in Wheeler Audi- torium. memher of Little Theatre held the audi- ence spell-bound during all the presentations of Moliere ' s " The Imaginary Imalid. " The play ha- heen tran?lated into Engli h h Henn. Srhnitzler. lecturer in dramatic art. and Benjamin H. Leh- man, chairman of the department of dramatic art. -tory of a hypochondriac who dotes on his ills, the play is filled with laugh?- from the opening M-ene to the final curtain. Especially outstanding wa? the performance by David Fulmer. as Argan. His characterization of the invalid who i happiest when he feels worst and who finally discover? he has heen made a fool of hy his wife was very convincing throughout the play. CAST DIRECTED BY HENRY SCHNITZLER ARGAN, THE IMAGINARY INVALID DAVID E. FULMER TOINETTE. SERVANT GIRL LAURIE BUCK ANGELIQUE. DAUGHTER OF ARGAN. AND IN LOVE U1TH CLEANTE _ BETTY JANE BRADSHAW BELINE. ARGA-VS SECOND WIFE JEANETTE MILLER MONSIEUR DE BONNEFOI. A NOTARY CHARLES E. DALBOTTEN CLEANTE. IN LOVE WITH ANGELIQUE ISAIAH ROO;-- IN MONSIEUR DIAFOIRUS, A DOCTOR JOHN CAFFREY THOMAS DIAFOIRUS. HI SON JAMES KEILTY LOUISON. DAUGHTER OF ARGAN JANE BENNETT BERALDE. ARCANE BROTHER EDWIN SMITH MONSIEUR FLEURANT. A PHARMACIST LILLARD CLAYTON MONSIEUR PURGON. ARGAPTS DOCTOR LOUIS A. GARFINKLE FIRST SERVANT GIRL ELIZABETH JANE REED SECOND -ER NT GIRL PEGGY DUFFY 173 music music council HEATHER MOON Treble Clef HELEN SPINNER Treble Clef THE problems of our muiscal group are ||| settled by their representatives of the Music Council, under which prospective musicians from all fields found guidance. This year Treble Clef, Band, Glee Club, and Women ' s Orchestra used the Council for a meeting place to coordinate ASUC musical activities and to dis- cuss their mutual problems. The Music department takes care of all the HERBERT TOWLEH Band VERNON WATTENBERGER Glee Club music for rallies, Little Theatre and Thalian pro- ductions, and of course the Band plays at the football games and other athletic events. Realizing that interest in music is not confined to within the four walls of the Music Building. Music Council has done much to promote music among the students by offering records of sym- phonies and other great works at noon. 176 Urn tii He Says: A boy, a girl, and a trombone; tianauat from Isaac Lys Pm Shop. All the girts squeal vith delight listening to a skit on Frank (swoon) Sinatra from Meter and Hot Dogs. nding on " Bess You From Bittersqueak, a coned portrayal of Jeamette and Nelson Eddy. wtainly don ' t look as If thty in taut they do! 177 HELEN SPINNER Manager, Summer and Fall HEATHER MOON Manager, Spring TREBLE CLEF MASTERS of student musical produc- III tions, Treble Clef women, cooperating with the Men ' s Glee Club, filled Wheeler Aud with mirth and melody on three occasions during the year. Unparalleled among campus groups for providing gigantic shows, the women helped stage " Mustard and Hot Dogs " during the summer, " Bittersqueak " in the fall and " Song of a City " for a spring audience. Original songs, variations of old melodies, acrobatic dance routines and character costumes mark the Treble Clef dramas and draw a full house for every show. When the women aren ' t creating a script, or trying new tunes, they visit camps and hospitals to cheer fighting men with their songs. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Jean Canton, Betty Joe Willson, Frances Donohue, Barbara Wilkins, Josephine Kuehr, Patricia Moore, Barbara Jean Johnson Jean Garcia, Lois Anoltt, Martha Long, Jean Kuizenga. SIXTH ROW: Edith Owens, Vinka Papac, Barbara Reynolds, Patricia Fain, Florence Wheatley, Elva Mae Peters, Sally Olson, Maureen Looman, Edythe Tempe Allison, Marie Benn, Doris Stinson, Betty Rae Rogers. FIFTH ROW: Helen Bishop, Grace Kidder, Mary Lee Kingman, Mary Caton, Iva Hoppe, Barbara Sims, Gwendolyn Lindner, Eliza- beth Warrens, Marjorie Taylor, Jean Howden, Irene Weissman, Norma Jean Rider. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Newman, Mary Lou Pohl, Shirley Ames, Evangel ine Stroud, Nancy Peterson, Jean Downes, Anne Byers, Pauline Galliett, Betty O ' Neil, Elizabeth Burr, Mary Kenny, Beverly Byrne, Goldie Don, Margie Carmichael, Betty Forsberg. THIRD ROW: Barbara Francis, Claire McGlynn, Jane Linde, Alexine Ware, Jeanne Scott, Frances Williams, Betty Weston, Frances O ' Connell, D. Clare Wisecarver, Phyllis Harrington, Maxine Schumann, Ellen Grant, Leonora Kyle, Carolyn Negley, Anna Dehner, Isabelle Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Kathleen Thomas, Elizabeth Haviside, Irene Jansen, Patricia Ryland, Evelyn Moose, Mary Pat McNamara, Evelyn Eye, Florence Palmer, June Taggart, Cynthia Reid, Barbara Jean Thompson, Betty Ann Thompson, Shirley Phillips, Eva Brown. FIRST ROW: Janet Lloyd, Carol Furth, Ellen Shank, Betty Lou Hamilton, Annabelle Brown, Roschelle Paul, Heather Moon, Elizabeth Jean Rogers, Elizabeth Eichler, Artemis Smernes, Barbara Fricke. 178 VERNON WATTENBERGEB _ Jtoager GLEE CLUB WHEN the fire of the first night rally since Pearl Harbor shot up over the Greek Theatre previous to the Cal- l .C.L.A. game last fall, the voices of the Men - Glee Club members filled the student audience with a spirit and energy unparalleled since pre- war days. Cal songs " Our Sturdy Golden Bear. " " From Our Rugged Eastern Foothills. " " Palin- of Glory. " and as the embers of the blaze fell away " All Hail " were sung as richly by the cur- rent Glee Club as in the days when the group ' s numbers were triple that of the wartime club. Joining with the women of Treble Clef, the men ' s singing group helped sponsor three musi- cal productions. " Bittersqueak. " " Mustard and Hot Dogs " and " Song of a City. " during the year. :!ark Aaronson.. Neil Anders , Jonathan OM SECOND ROW: Rictan) Swawi, William AHen. Slarttj Hidab-Ray, MT ROW: Fiord Peuft, Albert Bennett, Rasckclle Pl, Venn WatlMfctigu, Gar Weber. 179 Alcide Marin, Professor Charles Cushing, Herbert Towler. BflflD PRIDE of California football fans is the University Band, A-l half-time per- formers and promoters of school spirit. Under the baton of chief bandsman Herb Tow- ler, the fellows operated under a shortage of members and refused to allow women students to participate, thus upholding; a pet tradition of the band. Wheeler step rallies continued during the year with the band as the main focal point. In- formally and un-uniformed the men serpen- tined through the Court, down South Drive to the shallow end of Wheeler gathering enthusi- astic fans to join in yells and songs. Without their music, the spirit of Cal rooters at wartime games would have failed. FIRST ROW: Tippin, Miller, Briggs, Brown, Johnson, Snyder, Aiken, Biddick. Lauritzen. Campbell, Elwood, Cushing, Towler. SECOND ROW: Pettit, Harter, Wylie, Knowles, Smith, Shifflett, Boyd, Naugler, Browning, Weis. THIRD ROW: McCann, McCarthy, Peachey, Vegod, Turpin, Herndon, Kaeler, Jackson, Sodestrom, Aaronson, Lewis, Lyness. 180 DR. ALBERT ELKUS Director UniVERSITY SYmPHOHY COMMENCEMENT exercises are fa- I miliar ceremonies to members of the Uni- versity Symphony, who traditionally play the solemn melodies that accompany Greek Theatre graduations. When not preparing for this ceremony, the Symphony group rehearses for the many con- certs given throughout the year under Dr. Al- bert Elkus ' direction. Musicians may participate in the Symphony events and receive Academic units or they may play with the group without credit. The short- age of Symphony members has been somewhat alleviated by the addition of Navy, Army and Marine students. Professor Elkus directs University Symphony musicians in one of their weekly rehearsals where preparations for concerts and graduation emanate from the Hearst Gym practice room. 181 RICHARD KENNNGTON BARBARA STAYTON JACOBUS TEN BROEK TERRY BAUM DEBflTIHG TOP honors in the greatest debating event in the ASUC year went to Forensics chief, Terry Baum, who won the Joffre Debate early in May, thus adding another first over Stanford speakers for Bear debaters. The medal, presented annually to the student victor of the California-Stanford contest, is the symbol of the oldest debating event in America, an event that has been held for fifty years. Baum ' s subject was " Resolved that Committee of French National Liberation should be re- garded by the United States as the defacto Gov- ernment of France until the Germans are ex- pelled and a form of French Government is de- termined by vote of the French people. " Other California participants were Charles Murphy and Lenard Hesterman. FORENSICS FIRST ROW: Leonard Hesterman, Charles Murphy, Catherine Rogin, Ben Rush. SECOND ROW: Freida Schoenberg, Muriel Shelley, Lorraine Taglio. 182 MCI SHU B. Herbert Houhner, Freida SHoeaberg, Ruth Lavietes, Russel Kleuing, Allen Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Hanson, Lilli Landerer, Muriel Shelley, Sally Howard. FIRST ROW: diaries Murphy, Mariana Oowlen, Terry Ban, Jota TomascMe, David Comity. VflRSITY DEBATERS TV FRESHMAN DEBATERS Herbert HoUkmer, William Nnen. FRONT ROW: Fay Miles, Frieda Shoenberg, Catherine Rogin, Juaniu Olson. 183 SB- L " wflHI w RTHLETIC COIinCIL EDWARD FULKERSON President of Circle " C " Society ALBERT HARRIS Vice-President of Big " C " Society CLINT EVANS General Manager RICHARD HEGGIE Student Manager ARTHUR HONEGGER President of Big " C " Society HARRY DAVIS Manager of Athletics JAMES LEONARD Vice-president of Circle " C " Society PUTNAM LIVERMORE Vice-President of Big " C " Society BERT MEEK Student Manager TERRY RING Secretary of Big " C " Society EUGENE WEISAND President of Circle " C " Society EDWARD WELCH President of Big " C " Society COMPOSED of student nieiii- bers representing the Big " C " Society, the Circle " C " Society, and the Varsity athletic managers, Ath- letic Council has effectively accom- plished its duties this past year. Acting as the controlling body for all athletic activities of the A.S.U.C., it passes on all questions pertaining to major and minor sports before they are submitted to the Executive Committee for final approval. The duties of Athletic Council con- sist of the final approval of all athletic events, the granting of letters to eligible athletics, the recommending of man- agers, awards, and coaches. Another problem for the council has been in- creasing interest in intramural sports. 186 The Daily California!! reporters, Joan Mauser (left) and Jean Elliott (right) interview Gowrnor Earl Warren during the half-time of a California foot- ball oame on the Bear bench. b Hi -: Btdan kj ball season, British TOMB tary motif marching M -f EM - ' Iti ::- s lend the game a mill- on the greemurd. = , : . HI :;:. In California football victory. Sprinter Gordon ftrffy (left) noses out his Bear teammate Phil Kocnenr in the 220-yd. dash as an Olympic Club entry takes third. Bob Ware, California second baseman, slides into the bag to beat out a throw to the opponent ' s fielder. YELL LEADERS IN spite of the fact that the women invaded the men ' s rooting section for the football games, the performance of the stunts went on as usual under the guidance of Don Priewe, Bob Gil- christ, and their capable assistants. The head yell leader was elected at a general student body election and his assistants were chosen by competition at an early football game. The students in the rooting sections at the football, basketball, and other athletic events were kept enthusiastic and in high spirits by the combined efforts of the yell leaders, together with the exciting games. ROBERT GILCHRIST Varsity Yell Leader, Summer DONALD PRIEWE Varsity Yell Leader, Fall Chief Robert Gilchrist, sur. rounded by associates Don Priewe and Cliff Chisholm, di- rects half-time cheers. " All Hail " goes out over the air waves as students rise to end another Saturday afternoon , football game. RALLY COmmiTTEE I ' NDER the leadership of Ted Kroeber and Bruce Jeschien the first night rally since the beginning of the war was held in the Greek Theatre before the U.C.L.A.-Cal football game. With full cooperation of faculty and students the change of the Big Game from the Stanford game to the U.C.L.A. game was suc- cessful. Although rallie:- were somewhat hampered by the war. California |irit and entkusaaam was kept high by members of the Rally Com- mittee, who gathered together the best talent available in drama. iiiii?ic. and speaking to furnish entertainment at student gatherings. TED KROEBER Chairman Summer and Fall BRUCE JESCHIEN Chairman Spring BACK ROW: Bud D ' Arezzo, John K. Foot , Ludy Langer. SECOND ROW: Janes f rr ' " ' ' . Lee Tram, John La ghlin, Don Wallace. FIRST ROW: Hal Hyde, George Me Daniel, Bill Bartley. Hatches flare across the Greek Theatre as rooters join in Rally Comnittee ' s first night rally since the war. FOOT COACHING STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Irv Uteritz, Stub Allison, Nibs Price, Walt Gordon. " STUB " ALLISON Head Coach BACK ROW: Sarkis Takesian, Bill Joslyn, Ed Welch, Art Honegger. FRONT ROW: Ken Groefsema, Jim Cox, Dick Madigan, Toby Freedman, Roger Harding, Vern Crosby, Clayton Calender. 190 f BULL BOB LIPPI 5- : ' . ' Football I S I ( i younger players, and men from many -( hools, California football fans this year enjoyed an unusually colorful season. While not winning the championship, the Bears nevertheless showed great spirit and ability, upset- ting the experts during several performances. Who can forget the exciting series- with the highly favored Trojans the heartbreak of losing to scores made on the la.-t plays of both hah -. The sting of these defeats was lessened in some degree by a double victory over U.C.LJL The first game, played at Berkeley, was dominated easily by the Bears in all phases of play. The second, however, was much closer, and it took the best efforts of Hon- egger. Frisbee. et al. to finally clinch the victory. Among the non-conference games, our meeting with the powerhouse from St. Mary ' s Pre-Flight offered some of the greatest thrills of the season. The score was very one-sided, but it took the best of their officer team to do it. The Bears not only held a stiff defense against the St. Mary ' s cadet team, but actually scored. Surprise opposition from the St. Mary ' s Gaels came in the person of Herman Wedemeyer. An out- standing freshman from Hawaii, this Gael star was found all over the field and drew many favorable comments from both experts and players. In general, the past season has been one of inter- -rt although not of championship proportions. SEA ( .N STATISTICS CALIFORNIA OPPONENTS 1-119 Total Yardage from Scrimmage 1595 269 Yards Lost from Scrimmage- 323 138 Forward Passes Attempted, 15ft 48 Forward Passes Completed 52 604 Yardage Gained from Passes 790 2023 Yards Gained. Passes and Scrimmage-. 2385 93 Total First Down- 101 7ii Number of Punts 71 2539 Yardage of Punt- . 2509 33.4 Average Length of Punts 36.7 205 Yard- L..-1 from Penalli- - 390 CHARLIE MacDONALD AND LEE PARKER Jlior Managers Football 191 BERRS 27 GAELS 12 BURT AVERY ED BARNETT BOB BARSOCCHINI FRED BRANDT CLAYTON CALENDER f OPENING THE 1943 football season, a surpris- ingly capable St. Mary ' s team played a brilliant game in losing to the powerful Bears 27 to 12. Showing their power from the outset, the Bears drove to within six feet of the goal where Honeg- ger crossed the marker standing up. Undaunted, the Gael ' s fabu- lous freshman. Herman Wede- meyer, taking a mint on his own 25-yard line, sweot by the Bear ends and raced to the California twenty. A trickv lateral from that point was caught bv Rvan who raced over for St. Mary ' s first tally. The determined Bears marched to their second goal only to have it matched by St. Mary ' s following another " Wede- meyer interception. In the second half Cal scored again on a pass from Joslyn to Honegger, the last score being made when Boensch ' s blocked kick allowed Bill Nourse to carry the ball over for the final count. 192 - , fff r - WS S i; fr BEARS TROJRnS 7 (FIRST GflHE IBB :=:;= ;;-= JEO GARTHWAITE TOBY FREEDMAN WW- WITH PRE-GAME fore- casts heavily in favor of I their southern rivals the Bears played with bitter determination to lose to U.S.C. by a score of 7 to 0. Taking the ball from the kick- off, the Trojans sparked by Mickey McCardle marched down the field, and although hampered by penalties, a long pass from McCardle to Callanan set them up in scoring position. A few plays later Callanan went through tackle to score. With Dick Jamison making the con- version good, the Trojans took the lead 7 to 0. From then on the game was one of Trojan speed against dogged California de- fense. Several times a threat to the Bear goal was averted by a fierce stand deep in California territory. Fumbles and inter- cepted passes stopped California drives, and the Bears never suc- ceeded in pushing past the S.C. thirty-yard stripe. 193 BEARS 6 C.O.P. 12 KEN GROEFSEMA BILL HACHTEN ROGER HARDING ART HONEGGER AL HARRIS f STRIKING OUT hard in the first half, the Tigers, precise and positive, marched to two quick touchdowns, defeating the be- wildered Golden Bears, 12 to 6. Thoroughly commanding the field in the first period, the men from C.O.P. scored their first marker early in the game when Ahlstrom collided with Boensch and barely slipped off into the end zone. Later in the game Po- desta threw a lateral to Jack Veruttie, wide on the right, who caught the pigskin on the 7-yard line and pushed through the backfield defense to score. California ' s cause seemed lost until late in the third period, when a pass blocked by Groef- seina was gathered up by Fred Boensch, who ran desperately down the field until he was nailed from the rear on the 17-yard line. A perfect pass from Joslyn to Quist clicked in the end zone to make good California ' s one touchdown opportunity. 194 BEARS 13 BRUinS Behind expert blocking, the Bear ' s Joe Stuart r ' ps through for a nice gain. When running and passing won ' t do, California tales to broad jumping over prostrate players. THE BEARS from Berkeley punished their little brother? in Los Angeles with a score of 13 to for their first conference victory of the season. The first touchdown was accomplished in nine plays for 59 yards, little Joe Stuart, the freshman halfback, going around right end for eight yards within seven minutes of the fir.-t period. Even more spectacular was the second tally, which Parted with a twelve-yard jia- from eeks to Honeg- ger. who made a 36-yard run to score easily. Seemingly con- tent with the 13-point lead piled up in the first half, the Bears failed to score again. U.C.L.A. provided the biggest thrill of the afternoon %hen they completed a long pass to Brown who was just barely Mopped on the Bear two-yard line as the gun sounded. 195 BEARS ST. ITlflRY ' S PRE-FLIGHT 39 - RAY JOHNSON BILL JOSLYN DICK MADIGAN DICK MUNROE HOLLIS MCLAUGHLIN WW 1 IN ONE of the worst jTi trimmings in California 1 1 1 history, the Golden Bears succumbed to the over- whelming strength of the St. Mary ' s pre-flight team in a 39-0 fiasco. The Airdevils ' All- Ameri- can halfhack, Bruce Smith of Minnesota, was the wonder- worker of the day, contributing 18 of the points by his own spec- tacular running. The Bears failed to cross mid- field until the end of the third period, when they made the first of their three first downs of the afternoon. Although clearly out- played in all branches of play, the line in particular being weakened by the loss of Boensch and Cox, the Bears on two oc- casions stopped Pre-flight on- slaughts on their four and five- yard lines, taking over the ball to forestall inevitable scores. Nevertheless, the Airdevils had command of the field from the beginning with passes and strong line drives meeting little inter- ference at any time. 196 TROJflHS 13 Bear halfback Dick Munroe finds half the Trojan team blocking his drive. Art Honegger returns a punt for big gain in the Los Angeles Coliseum. y STARTING THE game against heavy odds, the III underrated Bears showed unexpected strength de- spite their second defeat to U.S.C., 13-0. I ing strong running plays and accurate passing over the center, the Bears came close to registering an upset, hut the scoring punch seemed to be lacking. The two teams fought up and down the field, neither being able to seri- ously threaten the other ' s goal until late in the first half. At that time. S.C. ' s Gordon Gray caught a flat pass on the Bear ' s 46-yard line, and threaded his way through a mass of defenders to score. The second touchdown was even more of a heartbreaker, coming on the last play of the game, when George Callanan carried the ball around left end for 12 yards to score just a? the whistle blew. 197 BEflRS 32 U.S.F. BILL NOURSE CRAIG ORTLIEB ATHERTON PHLEGER GEORGE RASMUSSEN GEORGE QUIST f SOLID running strength used against a weak Don opposition gave Califor- nia a 32-0 victory over the University of San Francisco. Art Honegger pushed the first talley over from the eight-yard line, then Frisbee dashed off tackle from the 19 to score for the second six points. Califor- nia ' s most impressive touchdown was the third, done in the second quarter, after a march of 80 yards. A surprised Dick Madigan had a blocked pass dropped into his arms and ran down the side- lines to the 17, where three plays sufficed to skid Honegger through left guard to score on his nose. Midway in the third quarter, the Bear ' s Al Harris stole the ball in an attempted Don punt and walked over from the four. The last score came when Bar- socchini intercepted a U.S.F. pass on the California 55, and behind gathering blockers, ran the ball down to the end zone. 198 BEARS 13 BRUinS 6 Sec td (fame Honegger ' s downfield drive meets Bruin opposition. The pigskin vanishes under a swarm of Bears and Bruins. PLAYING A GOOD game against stiff resistance, the Bears squeezed out a victory over UCLA, in their return engagement. The Bruins took the lead early in the second quarter when tackle Don Malmberg broke through the Bear defense to block a punt by Weeks, and ran the remaining distance to the goal, giving the Bruins a 6 to lead. By a mere 32 seconds the Bear beat the half-time gun to put themselves back in the game. A beautiful punt run- back by Honegger brought the ball to the Bruin 21. where Frir-bee pushed the ball to the 10. With seconds to go. Fris- bee hit guard and went over to score, with Weeks converting. A fumbled Bruin lateral in the fourth quarter gave Fris- bee his second scoring opportunity and he charged over the goal line to clinch the Bear triumph. 13-6. 199 BEARS COflST GUARD 7 JOE STUART BOB WEEKS SARKIS TAKESIAN LEN WHEELER ED WELCH M- A DEFEAT more de- cisive than the 7-0 score " I would indicate was handed the Bear squad in a contest with the Coast Guard Sea Lions. The California eleven only twice crossed into Coast Guard territory, and the shortest distance separating them from the end zone at any time was 41 yards. However, al ert defensive action held the Sea Lions to only one score. The touchdown came after a long drive down to the California 3-yard line, where hig Fred Shew raced over left tackle to the goal line. One interesting item of the game was an impromptu Bear play. It consisted of Weeks tak- ing the ball, kicking McLaugh- lin in the pants, recovering the ball and lateraling to Honegger. At least that ' s the way it hap- pened Honegger made four. 200 BEflRS 8 DEL mODTE PRE-FLIGHT 47 How to put up good pass defense is demonstrated by this Del Monte A nice downfield Bear opening has Navyator trouble. ABSORBING ONE of the severest defeats of its his- II tory, the Golden Bear team was overwhelmed by a powerful officer eleven from Del Monte, 47 to 8. Losing no time in unleashing the attack, the Navyators rushed 204 yards in nine power plays, scoring 19 points in the first 13 minutes of play. The Bears had partial revenge when they took apart the cadet team sent in during the second period. Alternating between Honegger and Frisbee, California carried the ball down to Del Monte ' s 10-yard line, where Frisbee pushed the ball over in three drives. Just a second later, Del Monte at- tempted a runback from their own 10-yard line and were chased back into the end zone for a safety and two points. From then on. both cadets and officers of Del Monte had a field day with only ineffective resistance from the ragged Bears. 201 BASKET MANAGERS Bill Linde, Lee Parker, Garry Wood Ed Steen, Walt Hayne. BACK ROW: Doug Clayton, Coach Nibs Price, Charles Brown, George Madera. THIRD ROW: Bob Rutherford, George Rader, James Fenemark, Arthur Dunn, Wayne Higson, Fred Berg, Bob Searle, Thomas Peek, David Souther, John Droege. SECOND ROW: Noble Hamilton, Bud Veregge, Pete Harris, Merrill Callow, Ralph Barbour, Ed Barnett, Bill Weirich, Lew Saxby, Dick Hunn, Bill David- son, Zack Taylor, assistant coach. FIRST ROW: Jim Smith, George Jones, Dick Henderson, Larry Stewart, Wayne Hooper, John Higgins, Dick Carey, Claude Hiskey, Dick Nelson, Steve Shutt, Jim Farrell. 202 BflLL v ' U.IFORNIA had it- most successful season in five years during the 1943-1944 " basketball e ar. winning the Southern Division title with an undefeated record and win- ning a total of seven of the ten game scheduled. The last time that a Southern Division champion had an undefeated record was fifteen year? previous. Then. too. it was a California team coached by Clar- ence M. " Nibs " Price. The last time California won a division title was in the 1939 season. Faced with the fact that Na y -12 trainees could p lay only on Saturday evenings. Price realized that niily ten Saturday night- of basketball could be held as against the 30-game schedule customary in normal year-. et the fifty-odd candidates all wanted to play basketball. Thi- wa- made possible by splitting the squad into three teams and arranging a ten-game schedule each for the A arsity. Blues and Cubs. Triple-headers in the Gymnasium for Men became the ogue and made a hit with the crowds at the gan Wayne Hooper, -ophomore arsity guard, won the Southern Division -coring title with an average of 11.3 points per game while Jim Smith, a tall center playing for the Blues, led the entire squad in points for the whole season with 94. Dick Hen- der-.M. -eiiior ar-ity forward, had the best Varsity individual scoring record of 64 point-. The Blue- won five and lost five games while the Cub- MIII eight and lost i-onte-ts. CLAUDE HISKEY 203 BEflRS Forward Dick Henderson (18) goes up in the air for a set shot against the Bruins. Wayne Hooper (10) and George Jones (11) reach for the ball under their own backboard along with a Bruin eager. GflmE SCORES U.C.L.R.27 CflLIFORnifl 36 U.C.L.R.24 CflLIFORnifl 36 Jim Farrell (6) and two Bruins fight fcr the ball ccming off the backboard. Watching are George Jones (11) and Steve Shutt (8). George Jones (11) takes a free throw while Steve Shutt (8) and John Higgins (9) get set to retrieve the ball. BRUIHS THE firr-t Bruin-Bear cage contest, played on the t CLA campus, was a robust one with the Bruins drawing 16 personal fouls. California cashed in on the free throws awarded to triumph. 36-27. The Bears had a 22-18 half-time lead and Hooper was high-p oint man with 13. Hero of the second UCLA-California tilt was Steve Shutt. substitute forward for Dick Henderson, regular forward, who was off his game. Shutt ' s 14 points, coupled with a stiff Bear defense in the second half. overcame a Bruin half-time lead of 17-15 and enabled the Berkeley branch to win, 36-24. FIR T GAME l.C.L.A. Wen. f. Fg. 1 Ft. Tp. | Brown, f Michael , f Heald, c. Borden. g. _ 1 1 _ 2 1 2 1 2 2 6 3 Putnam, s. . 1 I ? Rankin. 2. 5 10 12 3 27 CALIFORNIA Fg. Ft. Tp. Henderson, f _ 000 Higgins. f. .. 5 10 Jones, c 419 Hooper, g 4 5 13 Hi-k - ..._0 _l _l 13 10 36 SECOND GAME I X.L.A. Fg. . 3 Ft. ? Tp. 8 Brown, f Heald. c. _ 1 .... 1 2 4 Putnam, g _ Rankin. g 1 _ 2 8 1 3 8 3 7 24 CALIFORNIA Fg. Ft. Tp. hutU f 6 2 14 Higgins. f Care . f. . 3 . . 1 1 7 1 Jones, c. . 1 1 FarrelL c. 3 1 Hooper, g Hi-kev. f. 3 2 2 8 ? 12 12 16 DICK CAREY DICK HENDERSON ri JIM FARRELL JOHN HIGGINS NOBLE HAMILTON WAYNE HOOPER 205 BEARS Bear George Jones (11) looks on as two white-jersey Trojans fight for the ball off the backboard. Watching the Trojans and the ball in- tently are Claude Hiskey (22), John Higgins (18) and Dick Henderson (12). GflniE SCORES U.S.C.24 CRLIFORIUfl26 U.S.C.34 CRLIFORniRS? George Jones leaps high above a Trojan guard to make a tip-in shot as Claude Hiskey (22) looks on. All five Bears watch a Trojan make a push shot: Steve Shutt (8), Claude Hiskey (just left of Trojan), George Jones (21), Wayne Hooper (13) and John Higgins (18). TROJflnS V CALIFORNIA opened its quest for the con- ference cage title by winning from Southern California in the Gymnasium for Men in a typical close, hard-fought Trojan-Bear contest. The Trojans led. 23-18. at half-time and the Bears had to come from behind in the second half. Wayne Hooper ' s one-hand set-shot was the margin of victory, 26-24. The second game wa? played in the Olympic Audi- torium in Los Angeles. Again the score was close with the lead changing seven times. The Bears pulled away in the clo-ing minutes to win by the score of 37-37. Guard Wayne Hooper starred with 17 points for indi- vidual scoring honor-. FIRST GAME l.S.C. Howard, f. Eton. f. Fg. ... 2 .. Fi. Tp. 3 7 1 3 4 1 5 1 1 4 6 24 -FCOND Ft. Tp. 8 8 6 2 4 4 6 4 34 CALIFORNIA Henderson, f. Higgins. f. FarrelL c. Hiskev. g. Fg. 1 _. _ 2 3 Ft. Tp. 2 4 1 5 1 7 2 3 7 1 1 8 26 Ft. Tp. 1 5 4 1 3 6 1 3 15 7 37 Broph). i. Bailev. g. Bell. g. 1 2 . Jones, g. 1 2 . Martin, g. . Hooper, g. Cherry, g. VJ5JC. Newland, f. Howard, f. Cherr Martin, e, Bailey, g. ... Brophy. g. . 2 9 Fg. .... 4 4 .... 3 1 2 1 Nel-on. g. GAME CALIFORNIA Henderson, f. Higgins. f. .-huff, f. Jones, e.-g Hiskey, g Hooper, c. 9 Fg. _. 2 2 .... 1 _ 3 _. 7 15 Ts " DICK HUM DICK NELSON 207 TRACK BACK ROW: Charles Unger, John Michalski, Charles Miller, Richard Jones, Dave Hirschelle, Don Walker, Jim Jordan, Terry Ring, Mac Elliott, Claude Lievsay, Robert Kuck, Richard Frost, Roger Harding, Richard Titera, Edwin Garthwaite, George Jones. SECOND ROW: Keith Davis, Bernard Wanek, Richard Alexander, Curtis Roteke, George Kosturas, Bob Russell, Donovan Davis, Herbert Salinger, Albert Overhauser, Louis Saxby, Carl Seibey, Lee Huntington, Angello Peruch, John Dawe, Garth Marston, Phil Kochevar, Al Harris FRONT ROW: John Ralphs, Melvin Dykes, Richard Rowe, John Higson, Richard Madigan, George Rasmussen, Ronald Sodestrom, Stewart Bowie, Bill Boucher, Gordon Duffy, Terry Haws, Ted Robinson, Capt. George Leisz, Jim Shepphard, Bruce Friedman, Karp Stockton, Al Ragan, Coach. 208 BEAR track and field fans had to lower their sights ihirini: the 1944 season. Not that the season wa-n " l a success. On the contrary, it was. Visitors to the Edwards stadium oval over the years had just become accustomed to seeing the very best, like Grover Klemmer. Hal Davis, etc.. break or equal records with relative frequency. The war with its manpower effects made huge inroads on the California squad, depriving Coach Al Ragan of the outstanding, veteran performers particularly. The team was made up mostly of Navy A -12 trainees, average athletes who lacked the exceptional ability and or the practice time that would bring out the degree of improvement they were capa- ble of. While the meets were not productive of new marks, the competition was good. The Bears won two of the three dual meets, placed second in a triangular meet and tied for sec- ond in the est Coast Relays. The three dual meets ( see next page for summaries I were held in Edward? stadium. College of Pacific was the first op- ponent. California swept four events and won, 90-40. The L .C.L.A.-California meet proved to be one of the most exciting dual battles in recent years. The scoring lead changed bands several times during the progress of the event-. ith only the mile relay left to run. the Bears led. 63-62. The relay points decided the meet. Anchor man George Leisz held off the last Bruin runner. Bob Carr, to give California the precious five points and the victory. 68-62. Southern California had too many stars for the Bears in the last dual meet and won easily. 83-48. The Los Angeles Coliseum was the scene of a L.S.C.-L .C.L.A.-U.C. triangular affair the following week and California placed second with 45 points. The Trojans won with 76 points and the Bruins were third with 42. In the Fresno Relays Southern Califor- nia won with 54 points. California tied Olympic Club for second with 391,4 points each. GEORGE LEISZ Captain 209 MARTIN ANDERSON JED GARTHWAITE AL HARRIS TED ROBINSON GORDON DUFFY ROGER HARDING LES HOWE JIM SHEPPARD Jim Sheppard (extreme right) takes the baton from Don Davis (hidden) on the third lap of the mile relay. Tom Tackett (extreme j left) has just passed the baton to Paul lacono, members of the Trojan relay team. College of Pacific 40, California 90 SUMMARY MILE RUN Won by Elliott (Cl ; Cornwall (P) ; Walker (C) ; 4:36.2. 440- YARD DASH Won by George Leisz (C) ; Evans (P) ; Coates (P) ; :50.2. 100-YARD DASH Won by Silva (P) ; Kochevar (C) ; Duffy (Cl ; :10.3. HIGH HURDLES Won by Rinker (OCl ; Garthwaite (Cl ; Payne (P) ; Adams (PI ; :16. SHOT PUT Hill (C),45 ' 334 " ; Bernhard (Unat.i, 45 ' i 2 " ; Tausheck (Ci,43 ' 9 " ; Hiler (OC), 42 ' l 1 " ; Harding (Cl, 40 ' 11 " . 880-YARD DASH Won by Huntington (Ct ; Livesay (C) ; Jordan (C) ; 2:03.2. 220-YARD DASH -Won by Duffy (Cl ; Kochevar (Cl ; Reiss (P) ; :22.7. JAVELIN THROW Domenichini (Pi, 181 ' 9 " ; Robinson (C). 162 ' 9 " ; Silvers (Unat.i. 148 ' 11 " ; Guida (P,148 ' l " . BROAD JUMP Saxby (C), 21 ' 3% " ; W. Smith (P), 20 ' 10 4 " ; Johnson (P),20 ' 8 " . TWO-MILE RUN Won by Ramsey (Unat.i ; Leer (Pi ; Stockton (Cl ; 11 :24.4. POLE VAULT Harris (C) and Anderson (C) tied. 12 ' 6 " ; Jones (Cl 11 ' . LOW HURDLES Won by Garthwaite (C) ; Keefe (P) ; Alexander (P) ; :25.8. DISCUS THROW Hiler (OO, 146 ' 6 " ; Harding (C), 136 ' 6 " ; Tauscheck (C), 132 ' 9y 2 " ; Madigan (Cl, 108 ' 2 " . HIGH JUMP Luce (OCl, 6 ' 1 " ; Schindler (Unat.i, 6 ' ; Adams (Pi and Bowie (C) tied, 5 ' 11 " ; Jones (C), Cook (Cl and Mirhalski (Cl tied, 5 ' 10 " . MILE RELAY Won by California team of Davis, Titera, Russell, Leisz, 3:26.1. Anchor man George Leisz beats Bob Carr, Bruin last-lapper, to the tape to give California the relay victory which decided til U.C.L. A. -California meet in favor of the Bears. 210 rr Gordon Duffy (second blue jersey from left) places second behind Bruin Bob Carr in the 100- yard dash on the U.C.L.A.-California meet program. At extreme left is teammate Phil Kochevar. l.C.L.A. 62. California 68 SUMMARY MILE RUN Pern, LA ' : Ellioll O : Haa- ' LA ' : 4:29.6. 440-YARD DASH Fulton OO : Leisz iO : Sheppard O : We ? t ' LA : 49.2 ' Fulton ' : 5(1.7 ' Lei- . RI I SH-Carr (LAi : Duffy (O: Boyd (LA); 10 second?. HIGH HURDLES Dannenberg LA : Moore (OO; Halo- poff i LA : Stuart (O: 15.6. SHOT PUT-Shipk.- I . : : Hill 0. 45 ' Sy 4 " ; Tauscheck C ' . 44 ' 9 " . 880-YARD DASH Perr ' LA ' : Huntington (O ; Jordan (O.2:0.6. 22H-YARD DASH Fulton (OO ; Carr (LAi: Duffy (O: Ko.-hevar ' C ' : 22 M C. ' Fulton i : 22.1 i Carr I. JAVELIN THROW Robinson Ci. 170 ' 8 ; Baer (LA ' . 169 ' 3-Y ' : Ol ? on i LA i . 162 ' 7 ] 4 . TWO-MILE RUN Bill- ' LAi : Elliott (O ; Coughlin (OO ; t-vern H ' : lll:9.5 HIGH JIMP Howe C . b ' 2 " : Jone C . 6 ' ; Bowie CX 5 10 " . DISCUS THRO Hiler ( OC i . 148 ' 6 " : Harding i C i . 137 ' 6 " ; Hayden ' LA . 13(l ' 9 : s " : Tau-.-hek (C), 126 ' 4 " . LOW HI RDLES Hultgren I : Dannenberg (LAi: Sheppard ' C ' : 25.1. BROAD JIMP Carr iLAi. 22 ' 11 " : Howe Cl. 21 Stuart ' C ' . 2r7 ' 4 " . POLE VAULT Ander-on ' C ' . 12V; H..rri- CX 11 ' 6 " ; no third. RELAY Won by California team of Rus-i-ell. Jordan. Davis-, Leisz. 3:24.8. " Southern California 83, California 48 SUMMARY MILE RUN Won b Sink (SO ; Elliott Ci ; Walker (Cl ; 4:23.2 440- YARD DASH Won by Leisz C ; Sheppard (Cl ; Tack- ett ( SC t ; 50.5. 100- YARD DASH Won by Gross (SCt ; Curry SC ; Gray (SO; 10.2. HIGH HURDLES Won by Lawrence (SCl; Morris ISC ' ; Harris ( SC i : 14.8. SHOT PUT Audet (SCi. 51 ' 5% " ; Trout (OCi, 48 ' 2 " : Hill (C . 45 ' 1 " : Pickard (SCl. 42 ' 2 " . JAVELIN THROW Miller (SCt, 192 ' ; Robinson O. 169 ' 1014 " ; Page (SC. 159 ' 51 r. 880-Y ' ARD DASH Won by lacono SC i ; Jordan ( C i ; Hunt- ington (Cl : 1:56.8. 220-YARD DASH Won by Grosse (SO; Duffy (O ; Kochevar O : 22.3. HIGH JUMP Howe (O, 6 ' 3 " ; Luce OO and Homeyer lOO tied for second. 6 ' 1 " ; Jones (Ct and Crum (SO tied for fourth. 5 ' 11 " . BROAD JUMP Curry (SO, 23 f 10 " ; Lawrence (SC, 22 ' 1114 " ; Crum (SO. 22 ' 9 " . TWO MILE RUN Won by Sink (SO; Coughlin (OO ; O ' Donnell (OO ; Rowe (O; Stockton (O; 9:54.7. DISCUS THROW Hiler (OO. 147814 " : Harding (Cl. 139 ' " ; Tauscheck (CL 138 ' ] o " : Miller ' SO. 13211 " . LOW HURDLES Won by Lawrence (SO: Morris (SO; Garthwaite (O ; 39.9. POLE VAULT Lawrence (SCl. 13 ' ; Larson (SO and Har- ris (Cl tied for second. 12 ' 6 " . RELAY " Won by Southern California team of Morley, Tackett, lacono, Grosse. 3:23.3. Bob Russell passes the baton to Don Davis to start the second lap of the mile relay for the Bears in the U.S.C. meet. 211 BflSE BACK ROW: Bill Card, Ken Henry. FRONT ROW: Herb Stansbury, Bob Hen ninger, Stanley Watson. COACHES CLINT EVANS IRV UTERITZ BACK ROW: Bob Henninger, Mgr., John Shine, Bill Bryant, Forest Gee, Bob Newmeister, Irv Uteritz, Ass ' t. Coach, Clint Evans, Coach. SECOND ROW: Glen Leibowitz, Robert Gray, Bill Phillips, Hugh Swaney, Dave Erb, Tony Buljan, Dick Flood, Hal Kaufman. FRONT ROW: Sam Rosenthal, John Mahoney, Wayne Hooper, Jerry Hutton, Doug Clayton, Ed Sanclemente, Bob Ware, George Quist. 212 BflLL Waww Hoooer ctarts 1 pitcked toll for a safety fTHE ar-ity lia-i ' liull team had a none too successful season, winning nine games and losing fourteen against ery -trong service teams and plucky Southern California and U.C.L.A. nines. Letterman Jerry Hutton and Sophomore ay ne Hooper shared most of the pitching duties through- out the season with Forrest Gee and Tony Buljahn seeing some action on the mound. Sparkplugs of the team were two other letter- men from the 1943 squad; Catcher Doug Clayton and Ed Sanclemente. made over from third base to -hurt-top. The Bears split the series. 2-2. with the Bruins and dropped the Trojan series. 1-3. ( For U.C.L.A. and Southern California box scores see subsequent pages. ) SEASON RECORD Run Runs For Opponent Against 18 Webb ' s Alumni 4 San Francisco Slate _ 6 9 St. Mary ' s Pre-Flight . 8 1 Coast Guard Sea Lions _ _ 20 San Jose State 7 1 St. Marj ' s Pre-Flight 16 Coast Guard Surf Rider 3 5 Lniversity of San Francisco 6 9 U. C. L. A 2 7 U. C. L. A- 6 14 University of San Francisco 1 10 College of Pacific 9 1 Coast Guard Surf Rider? 3 U. C. L. A. 4 1 U. C. L. A. __ 3 1 Navy Fleet City 5 3 Coast Guard Sea Lions _ _ 14 1 Southern California 2 2 Southern California 4 6 Livermore Naval Air Station _ 14 1 Navy Receiving Ship 14 13 Southern California 5 1 Southern California 5 FINAL C.I.B.A. STANDING- Won Lost Pet. U. C. L. 5 3 .625 ' Uthern California ..... 4 4 . " California 3 5 .375 :- ' : : : 213 BEARS - TROJflDS Bear Catcher Doug Clayton tags Trojan runner to cut off likely score. FIRST GAME DOUG CLAYTON ED SANCLEMENTE LEN LEIBOWITZ JOHN MAHONEY WAYNE HOOPER u.s.c. 2 CALIFORNIA 1 AB R H AB R 11 Hardy, D., Ib ... 3 1 Rosenthal, cf ... 3 Hardy, J., 3b 3 1 Mahoney, 3b ... 3 1 Murphy, If ... 4 1 2 Sanclemente, ss ... 4 1 McCre ight, rf ..... 3 1 1 Clayton, 2b ... 3 1 1 Palmer , c... 3 Leibowitz, If 3 Santee, 68. ... 3 1 Hooper, p . 3 1 Daniels on, cf 3 Quist, rf 4 1 Jones, 2b 3 Searle, Ih 4 1 Noah, p 3 Ware, c 4 1) {) 28 2 K Hutton, p 1 1 32 1 7 SECOND GAME u.s.c. 4 CALIFORNIA 2 AB R H AB l II Hardy, D., Ib 3 1 2 Rosenthal. If. 4 1 Murphy, If ... 2 1 Mahoney, 3b . 4 Hardy, J., 3b. ... 3 1 Sanclemente, ss.-. . 4 McCreight , rf .. 3 Clayton, 2b 2 2 Palmer, c 2 1 1 Leibowitz, If 3 o Santee, ss 2 1 1 Hutton, p . 3 1 Danielson, cf .. 2 1 Quist, rf 3 1 1 Jones. 2b 3 1) Searle. Ib 3 1 1 Saltzman, p Ware, c .300 23 4 6 29 2 6 THIRD GAME SO. CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA AB K H AB H H Hardy, D., lb.. 5 1 Rosentbal, cf .. 4 2 t Palmer, D., If.. 5 1 Mahoney, 3b .. 5 1 1 Hardy, J., 3b.. 4 Sanclemente, ss. 4 2 3 McCreight, c .. 4 Clayton, 2b .. 3 2 Santee, ss 4 2 1 Hooper, p .. 4 2 -) Murphy, cf-p .. 4 2 2 Leibowitz, If . 3 2 ) Jansen, 2b 3 Searle, Ib 4 1 Freeman, rf 3 Quist, rf 4 1 Noah, p 2 1 Ware, c . 3 1 Higgens, p 2 1 1 H utton, rf .. 1 1 Atchley, rf 1 35 13 13 Davidson, cf ... 1 (1 38 5 7 FOURTH GAME SO. CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA AB R H AB R H Hardy, D., Ib .... 4 1 Rosenthal, cf . 4 1 Palmer, D., 11.... .... 5 Mahoney, 3b 4 Hardy, J., 3b ... 4 1 3 Sanclemente. ss . 4 1 McCreight. c 4 Clayton, 2h 2 Santee, ss .... 4 1 2 Hooper, rf . 4 Murphy, cf . . .... 4 1 Hutton, p . 3 Jansen, 2b 3 1 Searle, Ib 2 Atchley, rf . 3 1 Leibowitz, If 3 1 i Saltzman, p ... 4 1 1 Ware, c ... .. 3 II i 35 5 8 29 1 4 214 BERRS U.C.L.fl. : - :: ' :- ' : ..- " ' r -.- " " : - ' - - ' _. out a hit in the tdird game of the series, played on Edwards Field. JERRY HUTTON BOB WARE GEORGE QUIST SMI ROSEMTHAL FIRST GAME U.CUA. 2 CALIFORNIA 9 AB k H AB H H Procter. 2b 4 2 1 Wart, 2b 5 1 ' i Reanme. 3h 4 1 1 Sanclemente, ss ... 6 1 1 Brown, K 4 1 Rosenthal. Ib 2 2 1 Myers, Ib 4 .. 1 Clavton. c 4 1 3 Palmer, cf 4 1 2 Hooper, p s 1 I Fainer c 3 I Mahoney. 3b 4 : i Knauff, rf _ 4 1 1 Leibowitz. If 3 2 : Haynes, If 3 1 1 Bryant, rf _ 3 i ; Russia, p 3 1 Erb, cf ... 5 1 2 Porter, cf _ 1 1 37 I U 34 2 7 SECOND GAME U.C.L.A. 6 CALIFORNIA 7 AB R H AB K H Procter, 2b _ 4 1 1 Ware, 2b 4 1 1 Reaume. 3b . 4 1 1 Sanclemente. ss ... 4 1 1 Brown, ss _ 4 i 3 Rosenthal, Ib .... 2 1 1 Myers, Ib _ 4 ! 1 Clayton, c 1 1 1 Palmer, cf . 3 : 1 Hooper, rf S 1 1 Fainer, c . 4 1 1 Mahoney. 3b _ 3 1 2 Knauff. rf S i 1 Leibowitz. If 3 1 2, If 2 1 Hutton. p _. 1 1 1 Avedon. p . 2 1 Erb, cf ... 3 1 1 Gilmore, p . 1 Gravel} . l " 25 - i Porter, p . 1 Ritzman .. ; 30 -. 9 THIRD GAME U.CUA. 4 CALIFORNIA AB R H AB K H Procter 2b 4 , i 1 Ware, 2b 4 1 I Reaume. 3h . 5 1 2 Sanclemente. ss 3 1 1 Brown, v _ 4 2 Rosenthal. Ib-ct ... 4 1 I Myers. Ib 4 2 Clavton, c 3 1 I Palmer, cf 5 2 Hooper, p 4 I 1 Kna.i. rf _ 4 2 Mahoney. 3b ._ 4 1 I Fainer, c . 4 Leibowitz. If 3 1 Haynes. If . 4 1 Quist, rt _ 2 1 1 Garrison, p 4 1 Erb, d 1 1 1 Frerick. p .. 1 Searie, Ib _ 2 1 2 -- Hutton. rf _ 1 1 1 38 4 11 FOURTH GAME 31 o 5 Procter. Reaume Brown. Man Knauff. Fainer. Holman Russin. Haynes. U.CUA. 3 AB R 2b 40 . 3b 4 1 " .21 H 1 2 CALIFORNIA AB Rosenthal. Ib 3 Mahoney, 3b 4 Sanclemente. ss .... 4 Clavton. c 4 Leibowitz. It 3 Hooper, rf 2 Hutton. p 3 1 K " 1 } 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ib cf rf c , If 4 4 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Ware. 2b Erb, cf Bryant, cf . 2 2 2 cf II 32 Gray, 2b ' Ivan 1 30 1 3 215 minoR EXCEPT for wrestling and boxing, the majority of minor sports suffered from a lack of contests. Rugby, with Len Wheeler as captain, played several games with the Olympic Club, Univer- sity Club, and the Meteorologists. Losing the first game with the Olympic Club, 3 to 0, Cali- fornia swept over the second meeting, 13 to 6. The swimming team won all their contests with St. Mary ' s Pre-flight and COP losing twice to the Olympic Club. Frank Grannis was captain. With ten games lined up at the start of the season, the Water Polo team only met twice with the Olympic Club. San Jose, St. Mary ' s Pre- flight, and Del Monte Pre-flight all withdrew. Several returning lettermen bolstered the ten- nis team this year, allowing them a successful season. By winning the Far Western Amateur Cham- pionship, 36 to 24, and the Pacific AAU, 34 to 33, the wrestling team established itself very strongly. Sparked by such men as Craige Ortlieb (heavy), Ed Fulkerson (165), John Laughlin (145), and Calvin Turman (135), the Bears were represented by as powerful a team as at any time in its history. A very strong boxing team again put Cali- fornia in the lead, by victories over Camp Rob- erts and UCLA here losing only once to Camp Roberts. Elia Long loomed as finest intercol- legiate boxer in a long time. Other dependable men were Dick Groulx, Tom Stuelpnagal, and Bob Cole. There was no intercollegiate gymnastics this past year. RUGBY BACK ROW: Nourse, Avery, Mickey, S. Cooke, S. Bowker, Fulton, Dr. Hudson. MIDDLE ROW: 0. Cook, Escobar, Langer, Taylor, W. Bowker (captain), Goldeen, Ray, Munro. FRONT ROW: Goodman, Dorst, Mitchel, Kinsinger, Wheeler (captain), Clark, Brandt, Mower, Evans (Senior manager), McDonald (Junior manager). 216 SPORTS ;f UMk. . WRTERPOLO BACK ROW: Albert Dowden, Coach; Clarence Arth, Ross Bean, Leverne Green, George McDaniel, James Leonard, Edward Aiken. FRONT ROW: Alvin Hambly, Phillip Michaels, Frank Grannis, Robert Griffin, Captain; Walter Bowman, Garth Marston. SOCCER BACK ROW: Paul Selchau, Arnold Ambrosini, Stanley Nichols-Roy, Clarence Boyd, Ted Robinson, Abdi Durukal, Edward Cazier, J. H. Schroeder, Coach. MIDDLE ROW: John Malone, Gene Weisind, Captain; Rifat Parug, Salih Biktimir, Edward Fitzsimmons, Peter Schneider, Germi Capa. FRONT ROW: Albert Simon, Robert Chang, Luis Aldrete, Oleg Scherbinin, Arnold Bjornsen, Hulusi Berilgen. 217 BOXinG BACK ROW: Bill Nourse, Walter Reinholdt, John Wise, Hugh Curtis, Harry Mertens, Walt Fiedler, Donald Love, Myron Close, Brunei Christensen, William Young, Thomas Stuelpnagel, Mansfield Clinnick, Harold Walt, Floyd Pettit, E. N. Cureton, Coach. FRONT ROW: Tony Pia, Assistant Coach; Donald Bell, Manager; Robert Cole, Elia Long, Richard Groulx, Haden Reinecker, Louis Weldman, Gus Clark. WRESTLIDG BACK ROW: Ortlieb, Captain; Talsesian, Fulkerson, Maas, Elliott, Mumby. MIDDLE ROW: Skarin, Volber, Dorland, Ayres, Horn Laughlin. FRONT ROW: Davis, Leonard, Elsbach, Petrofsky, Strugatz, Bangerter, Stone, Coach. 218 swimmmc BACK ROW: Dowden (coach), Valente (mgr.), Arth, Bean, Morgan, Furchtenicht, R. Grannis, Inman, Green. FRONT ROW: Dobles, Escobar, Boyle, Aiken, F. Grannis (capt.), Lengel, Roberts, Phillips, Weber. TEnnis BACK ROW: Nelson, Whitney, Kuhn, Jr., Korn, Breitwald, Musselman. FRONT ROW: Slack, Price (coach), Bullimer, Jr., Foff, Potts. 219 ALTHOUGH not as well represented in civilian leagues as in former years, intramural sports at California saw many furious battles between Ma- rine and Navy detachments, as well as those few civilians left. A complete variety of sports were played includ- ing football, basketball, softball, track, swimming, and all individual sports. Intramural sports have not suffered as a result of the present emergency, but rather have taken on an added meaning by its ability to maintain physical condition and cooperation throvigh rugged competition. Navy V-12 students watch their team execute a play in an intramural six-man football game The " skin " team ' s passer looks for a receiver as his teammates block out would-be " shirt " team tacklers in intramural play. Some close line play is caught in the camera during an intramural six-man football game just as the ban is about to be snapped from center. 220 V I I : J i Traditions fall as Junior women make themselves at home on the Senior Men ' s Bench and cause irritated males to complain to the Ice Box. Senior Darling candidates find themselves surrounded by admiring servicemen at a Wednesday afternoon Froli-Cal. 234 B.W.O.C. ' s Goodrich and Udall keep Stephens Union inmates busy drinking cokes and chatting over ASUC problems when their office isn ' t being used for a meeting. Wheeler steps in the early afternoon seem virtually deserted but for a few coeds who are debating between the Libe and the Tap Room. pan HELLEHIC BLAIR HARRINGTON. J. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL HARRINGTON. K. MITCHELL McGEE DENTON ( Intersorority Organization) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO. 1902 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 OFFICERS Fn " Spring Constance Blair President Joanna Harrington Kale Harrington Secretary 1 ' reasurer.... ..Marie Mitchell Elizabeth Mi-Gee ...Rushing Chairman Elizabeth Denton MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega.... Janet Hughes. Jean Harelson Alpha Delta Pi He l en Burns Alphn hp.iilon Phi Phyllis Musky Alpha Gamma Delta .Olive Dore, Barbara Varley Alpha Omicron Pi Laura McKevitt. Elizabeth Nielsen Alpha Phi Elizabeth McGee. Emma Jean Tiernan Alpha i Delta Caloise Robinson Chi Omega R utn Zimmerman, Joan Selby Delta Delta Delta. Barbara Edinge ' r Delta Gamma Eleanor Umphred Delta Zeta Mary Gregory, Elaine Rambo Comma Phi Beta Ruth Dyer, Martha Pogue Kappa Alpha Theta ..Anne Homer Kappa Delta Katherine Kirby. Barbara Cole Kappa Kappa Gamma.. Emily Andrews Joan Fullington, Ruth Paulson Bernice Burchell, Margaret Norton Pi Beta Phi Mavis Mahan, Marilyn Smith .Surmo Kappa.. Marie Cummings. Jean McClements Thetalpsilon Catherine Berg .eta Tau Alpha Barbara Williams, Jean Rice 235 flLPHfl OHlEGfl 1756 LEROY STREET FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Mrs. Dana Hamlin SENIORS Hester Ballantine Dorothy Blosser Dorothy Devoy Patricia Gidney Jean Harelson Ursula Haven Elizabeth Lou Herbert Genette Heringer Ellen Ruth Holmes Margaret Loomis Genevieve Moor Kathryn Murphy Ruthe Phillips Roberta Shaeffer Mary Stewart Janet Sutherland Welch JUNIORS Phyllis Baboock Mary Helen Brother Emma Cunningham Rosemary Foster Linda Jane Helwig Patricia Hilliger Frances Rokestran SOPHOMORES Janet Hughes Lois Knight Barbara Lee Betty Anne Lee Marie Mitchell Dorrill Perkins Peggy Belts Patricia Bishop Carol Carkeck June Collins June Crowley Phyllis Foster Virginia Gumm Beverly Haley Dorothy Herbert Marylou Hildreth Patricia Lake Janet Lloyd Jo Ellen Lowery Lois McNab Patricia Powers Jeanne Roberts Shirley Shields Daphne Smith Frances Stern Lois Stewart Betty Truesdail Catherine Walton Patricia Ward Juanita Yost FRESHMEN Kathleen Blatz Cynthiana Finley Lois Guilbert Cynthia Hall Sylvia Jean Button Marie Jacobson Elizabeth Jamison Ruth Keplinger Natalie Osborn Vinka Papac Jane Seymour Ann Van Nostrand Ballantine Blosser Devoy .Gidney Harelson Haven Herbert Heringer Holmes Loomis Moor Murphy Phillips Shaeffer Stewart Sutherland Welch Babcock Brother Cunningham Foster Helwig Hilliger Hughes Knight Lee, B. Lee, B. A. Mitchell Perkins Rokestran Belts Bishop Carkeck Collins Crowley Foster Gumm Haley Herbert Hildreth Lake Lloyd Lowery McNab Powers Roberts Shields Smith Stern Stewart Truesdail Walton Ward Yost Blatz Finley Guilbert Hall Hutton Jacobson Jamison Keplinger Osborn Papac Seymour Van Nostrand 236 Cooperider Fisher Hart Morton Miles Newsor, Pollard Shoemaker Wilson Harrington Lilly Newton Rogers Carmichael Hanna Hart Holier Kirk Rott Simpkins Swain Trousdale Alter Beatty Childs Henderson Miller, J. Miller, K. flLPHfl DELTA CHI 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Mary Chapman Rosemary Cooperider Betty Downs Barbara Dnnlap Lucyloi? Fisher Jean Hart Katherine JUNIORS Helen Harrington Jane Lilly Ruth Morton Georgana Jones France? Mile Jean Newsom Jean Pollard Carolvn Shoemaker Mary Newton Rae Rogers SOPHOMORES Jean Carmichael Betty Chapman Eva Hana Carolyn Hart Connie Holley Beverly Kirk Roth Macdonald Dorothy- Rott Betty Simpkins Carol Swain Barbara Tronsdale Margaret Znmwalt FRESHMEN Peggy Alter Dorothy Henderson Lydia Beatty June Miller Phyllb Chilcb Kathleen Miller Jean Power 237 flLPHfl DELTfl PI 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SIXTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Helen Burns Gloria Hess Helen Correa Lois Repath Ruth Grove Marifrances Stiles Marjorie Whitmore JUNIORS Ramona Budd Bonnie Larwirk Nancy Donovon Jean MoNamara Betty Greathouse Evelyn Miller Jean Grove Jean Nickerson Nancy Hediger Jeanne Prouty Pat Holman Margaret Reynolds Eleanor Hoobler Marion Searles Peggy Horn Geraldine Tobias Gale Volhmar SOPHOMORES Dorothy Biggame Barbara Brown Betty Burton Jane Butterfield Lois Dillon Donya Donaldson Leslie Galvan Marjorie Galvan Betty Lou Glavin Catherine Guthrie Phyllis Harrington Maxine Hillard Jacklyn Hogan Muriel Isom Kathleen McDonough Barbara Matson Maryann Mulligan Carolee Myers Katheryne Neely Elaine Ostergren Joan Peacock Betty Platt Shirley Rippingham Rita Robinson Phyllis Svensgaard Betty Waag Lorine Wilkie Norma Williams FRESHMEN Betty Anderson Barbara Ball Norma Crestetto Prudence Crosby Barbara de Julio Marilyn Fanelli Bette Frank Barbara Fricke Ruth Hall Betty Hatter Patricia Jansen Maio Lund Kathleen Lydick Kathleen McGuire Betty McMullin Barbara Middleton Mary Lois Palmer Connie Pearson Shirley Ryman Yvonne Sams Frances Seitz Audrey Seymour Nancy Sutton Marjorie Toepke fl J? Burns Correa Grove Hess Repath Stiles Whitmore Budd Donovon Greathouse Grove Hediger Holman Hoobler Horn Larwick McNamara Miller Nickerson Prouty Reynolds Searles Tobias Volhmar Biggame Brown Burton Butterfield Dillon Donaldson Galvan, L. Gal van, M. Glavin Guthrie Harrington Hillard Hogan Isom McDonough Matson Mulligan Myers Neely Ostergren Peacock Plan Rippingham Robinson Svensgaard Waag Wilkie Williams Anderson Ball Crestetto Crosby de Julio Fanelli Frank Fricke Hall Hatter Jansen Lund Lydick McGuire McMullin Middleton Palmer Pearson Ryman Sams Seitz Seymour Sutton Toepke 238 Friedman Josel, M. Mirsky Padway Pudlin She! try Solomon Zavin Brilliant Harris Iserman Kline Markus Nathan Ostrov Weber Zeff Garfinkle Josel, V. Matzgar Rothenberg Rothholz Weinstein Weissman Wright Epstein Galston Helman Haber Hoffman Israel Marguleas Mayerhofer Mills Pian Riskin Weiler flLPHfl EPSILOn PHI 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE. 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Elaine Friedman Marcia Josel Phyllis Mirsky Ruth Padway JUNIORS Carol Brilliant Joan Harris Carol Iserman Beverly Kline Patricia Pudlin Muriel Shelley June Solomon Phyllis Zavin Reba Markue Ruth Nathan Betty Ostrov Bette Weber Martha Zeff SOPHOMORES Janet Garfinkle Barbara Matzgar Lois Rothenberg Ardyce Rothholz Florence Weinstein Helen Weissman Evalyn Wright FRESHMEN Betty Epstein Mimi Galston Jean Haber Corinne Helman Roberta Hoffman Marion Israel Thelma Marguleas Roselle Mayerhoffer Eve Meyer Fay Mills Marilyn Pian Lillian Riskin Evelyn Weiler 239 flLPHfl Gflmmn DELTfl 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1894 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Belte-Georgiene Arendt Dorothy Beck Dorothy Betaque Barbara Bonstin Margaret Boswell Dian Dinwiddie Olive Dore Yvonne Drian Lucille Gilliluml JIMII Haines Joan Hauser Dorothy Hayden Barbara Howard Cecilia Johnstoij Bonnie Jones Barbara Leek Jeanne Le Fevre Dorothy Majors Betty Musladin Rachel Palmer Jane Peachman Helen Ramsden Lydia Rydman June Sanborn Marta Sloan Barbara Varley Bonnie Weeks Phyllis Zeller JUNIORS Betty Jane Bradshaw Helene Harvey Betty Burrill Dellora McClintock Leila Harbers Mary Lou Pohl Audrey Sorensen SOPHOMORES Pauline Dostie Helen Ernst Patricia Hollingsworth Dorothy Hood Jane Houstoun Helen Johns Lois Mellin Shirley Margery Nelson Olive Premo Edythe Ringgold Jane Sachs Jeanne Smidt Lorraine Sully Lucille Parsons Quillin FRESHMEN Blossom Amsbaugh Mary Brandt Joyce Carlson Marilyn Coughlan Jacqueline Gorman Carol Guild Cleo Guild Margaret Johnson Barbara Lemke Hilkka Lindfors Jeanne-Kay Lockhart Audra Longley Claire Maas Isabel Moreno Catherine Mulvihill Barbara Ray Carla Richter Margaret Scribner Patricia Underwood Gwen Weeks Arendt Beck Betaque Bonstin Boswell Dinwiddie Dore Drian Gilliland Haines Mauser Hayden Howard Johnston Jones Leek Le Fevre Majors Musladin Palmer Peachman Ramsden Rydman Sanborn Sloan Varley Weeks, B. Zeller Bradshaw Burrill Harbers Harvey McClintock Pohl Sorensen Dostie Ernst Hollingsworth Hood Houstoun Johns Mellin Nelson Parsons Premo Quillin Ringgold Sachs Smidt Sully Amsbaugh Brandt Carlson Coughlan Gorman Guild, Carol Guild, Cleo Johnson Lemke Lindfors Lockhardt Long ley Maas Moreno Mulvihill Ray Richter Scribner Underwcod Weeks, G. 240 Brown Chalmers Chapman Dozier Drake Goesch Marlowe Howard Jory Lapham Lipp McClure McKevitt Marston Oehlmann Stofle Ager Belsher Christensen Cole Cowan Howards Lance McConaha Mathias Monroe Parkinson Stilts Yates Bailey Brendel Burchett Butler Connor Easter Ferrier Perron Fowler Fuglestad Gaw Gawne Hubbard Jameyson Kavarno Klein Ledgett Murphy Nielsen Potter Riese Stoll Willoughby Bartlett Baumberger Baxter Boushau Britton Chalmers Cochrane Eastwood Greer Mi Mac Donald McCloskey McKevitt Moffit Pohlmeyer Russell Sawyers Spongeberg Street Wall flLPHfl omicRon PI 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Margaret Brown Patricia Chalmers Barbara Chapman Nanette Dozier Elenor Drake Barbara Goesch Jean Harlowe Jeanne Howard Betty Stofle Marj- Elizabeth Thompson JUNIORS Margaret Jory Margery Lapham Leicester Lipp Bette McClure Laura McKevitl irginia Marslon Edith Oehlman Evelvn Reeves Mary Jane Ager Edith Belsher Adelmarie Christensen Carol Cole Barbara Cowan Eleanor Edwards Betty Lance Patty McConaha Martha Jane Mathias irginia Monroe Ardeen Parkinson Patricia Stilts Betty Lou Yates SOPHOMORES Barbara Bailey Annetta Brendel Carleen Burrhett Jean Bntler Beverly Connor Patricia Easter Peggy Lou Delahide Ferrier Daphne Ferron Margery Fowler Marilyn Fuglestad Pat Gaw Elsa Anne Gawne Frances Hubbard Frances Jameyson Ann Kavarno Alon Klein Dee Jane Ledgett Claudia Murphy Betty Nielsen Barbara Jean Potter Barbara Riese Carol Stoll Kay Willoughby FRESHMEN Dorothea Bartlett Margaret Baumberger Jean Baxter Merrilee Bou.-hau Barbara Britton Phyllis Chalmers Marilyn Cochrane Elizabeth Eastwood Rosalie Greer Beverlv Johnson Janet MacDonald Carolyn McCloskey Joanne McKevitt Lois Moffit Lois Pohlmeyer Jeanne Russell Paula Sawyers Marilyn Spongeberg Marjorie Street Bettv Wall 241 ALPHA PHI 2830 BANCROFT AVENUE FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Barbara Armstrong Doris Marks Margaret Murdock SENIORS Gail Aamoth Elizabeth Bartlett Ann Bruck Marjorie Butler Barbara Donald Marilyn Edwards Phyllis Lindley Elizabeth McGee Anne Martin Mavis Marten Phyllis Jane Muller Sheila Sim Alison Swartz Emma Jean Tiernan Elizabeth Udall Katherine von Adelung JUNIORS Dorothy Broy Edith Clark Doris Cunningham Carol Davis Roberta Dillman Patricia Donald Mary Lou Gullack Virginia Hall Cynthia Happ Virginia Johnson Joyce Loutzenheiser Helen McDonald Marjory Maybury Nancy Oliver Elizabeth Platt Gwynne Reed Cecily Rideout Elizabeth Stewart Margaret Vansell Wagner SOPHOMORES Nancy Adams Marilyn Biehl Dolores Canelo Gladys Eustis Joyce Finlay Margaret Fisher Carolyn French Hilda Haynes Patricia Hendy Elizabeth Knox Joan Lyon Janice McCallum Mary McGee Florence Merrill Nancy Merritt Joan Rock Jean Savale Lucretia Thomas FRESHMEN Jane Baker Carla Bradbury Faith Buckingham Janice Craig Marilyn Guy Ronnie Hansen Marjorie Tyler Martha Martin Jane McAndrew Christina Pfund Ruth Porter Lois Robinson Elizabeth Sams Aamoth Bartlett Bruck Butler Donald Edwards Lindley McGee Martin Marten Muller Sim Swartz Tiernan Udall Von Adelung Broy Clark Cunningham Davis Dillman Donald Gullack Hall Happ Johnson Loutzenheiser McDonald Maybury Oliver Platt Reed Rideout Stewart Vansell Wagner Adams Biehl Canelo Eustis Finlay Fisher French Haynes Hendy Knox Lyon McCallum McGee Merritt Merritt Rock Savale Thomas Baker Bradbury Buckingham Craig Guy Hansen Martin McAndrew Pfund Porter Robinson Sams Tyler 242 Anderholm Anderson Bonnikson Botto Fay Harrington Lawrence Peterson Robinson Spinner Wetmore Williams Beverly Clifford Coates Denton Dunn Evans Forsythe Harrington Hasling Larson Langdon MacCaughey Newman 01 sen Par nee Porter Rasnen Reimers Robinson Rolfe Smith Snook Snyder Wheat ley Fain Fraher Gail lard Gilmour Hildebrandt Keith Thomas Wolff Browne Cheeseborough Comstock Dahlquist Dor an Farmer Hindley Johnson Lipman Maffley McEwing Pilorz Roney Silcox Stafford ' . ALPHA XI DELTA 2833 BANCROFT STEPS FOUNDED AT GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Alice Gear Petray SENIORS Helen Anderholm Elinor Anderson Betty Bonnikson Phyllis Botto Doris Fay Kate Harrington Frances Williams Birte Jensen Betty Lawrence Annabelle Peterson Caloise Robinson Helen Spinner Gail Wetmore JUNIORS Carol June Beverly Carolyn Clifford Carol Coates Ruth Denton Gwendolyn Dunn Bonnie Evans Susan Forsythe Joanna Harrington Jacqueline Hasling Marjorie Larson Jeanne Langdon Phoebe MacCaughey Barbara Newman Jean Olsen Jane Pardee Stephanie Porter Lillian Ra-nm Elsie Reimers Marilyn Robinson Mary Louise Rolfe Sylvia Smith Mary Caroline Snook Virginia Snyder Eugenia Wheatley SOPHOMORES Pat Fain Lillian Hildebrandt Margaret Ann Fraher Patricia Keith Pauline Gailland Pat Thonia- Pbyllis Gilmour Elissa Wolff FRESHMEN Marilyn Browne Molly Cheeseborough Katherine Comstock Jean D.ihlqtii-t Beverly Doran Mary Farmer Patricia Hindlev Dorothy Stafford Joan Johnson Georgia Lipman Jean Maffley Marilyn McEwing Elizabeth Pilorz Jane Roney Mary Grace Silcox 243 OmEGfl 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Jean Berryessa Claire Collins Diana Cooper Barbara Fredell Ruth Zimmerman Jean Cordon Ann Miller Shirley Sanderson Muriel Tweddie JUNIORS Betty Arnold Winifred Burnham Gladys Burns Lois Clawson Libby Crawford Elizabeth Denton Louise Diepenbrock Mary Fletcher Carolyn Hardy Verna Hink Marilyn Hostrup Geary Krill Mary Pat MacWilliams Barbara Maloney Joan Selby Barbara Treganowen Ellen Ulery Jane Yocco SOPHOMORES Margaret Ackerman Naney Binns Betty Brown Margaret De Chene Betty Edmund Ilene Ferrini Barbara Fitzgarrald Barbara Greganowen Barbara Hurlbut Eleanor Leach Marilyn McKay Mary Patricia Moore Gloria Nichols Marilyn Park Yvonne Pierrou Marian Pillsbury Janet Rico Margery Rieger Loellen Rocca Phyllis Rockingham Dorothy Schiller Margaret Stevens Tweedie FRESHMEN Patricia Ball Marian Crocker Barbara Gibb Nancy Greenlaw Jane Hawthorne Dorothy Head Enid Hoffman Pat Krill Joanne MacFie Nida Markovich Zaida Martin Betty St. Clair Barbara Senner Barbara Shade Dorothy Smith Lorraine Thomas Joan Thomson Connie Wilson i4 " i tflH- i Berryessa Collins Cooper Fredell Gordon Miller Sanderson Tweedie Zimmerman Arnold Burnham Burns Clawson Crawford Denton Diepenbrock Fletcher Hardy Hink Hostrup Krill MacWilliams Maloney Selby Treganowen Ulery Yocco Ackerman Binns Brown De Chene Edmund Ferrini Fitzgarrald Hurlbut Leach McKay Moore Nichols Park Pierrou Pillsbury Rico Rieger Rocca Rockingham Schiller Stevens Tweedie Ball Crocker Gibb Greenlaw Hawthorne Head Hoffman Krill MacFie Markovich Martin St. Clair Senner Shade Smith Thomas Thomson Wilson 244 :: = -:.:-. ' f : Pare s-. : ; S-.: i :.:-.: i ;:- i m fill Bailey Ben, r :-r::f ;: IB MM -i. --;- - : BBJB -;::; V : rf ' . _ - - j . ' ?. ----- Oetli JBl - - ' - ; i ---. i , i - i - ; A: ::r. BJBIB I:-: --: GMB -;- :- Miller Hilb To .=- :..? 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SEMORS Barbara Edinger irginia Glebennan Sarah Cahill Green Norma Holromb Margaret Ann Jane? Barbara Jean Jepsen Barbara Longwell Barbara MrComber Elizabeth Naoert Jean Nicol J ' . -ephine Loui-- Pierpont Martha Sawyer Margaret Mary Taylor JUNIORS Betty Ann Au-tin Betty Mae Long Man, Blae ing Phyllis Lutzi Elizabeth Burr Dorothy Newfield Jacqueline Cooley Martha Parce Ethel Henrk Grant Carolyn St. Clair Carol Ann Jorth Carol Louise Stolte SOPHOMORES Nancy Abott Edythe Tempe Allison Emilie Allison Jean Elizabeth AnderMjn Lizann Wood Bailey Ermyl Baker irginia Berg Patricia Forester Ann Golden Elizabeth Bette Market! Nonna Heringer Myra Honegger Alice Lee Johnson Patricia Johnson June Klingborg Mildred McKee Florence Muhlman Sally Newlon Blanche Oertli Jane Ramsey Elizabeth Reed Virginia Rieck Kate Sebastian Betty Steele Alice Sweet Margaret Wagenet Rita Tie ' and Phvllis Wolcott FRESHMEN Patricia Austin Dorothy Barker Delane Corgiat Barbara Gunn Margaret Hamilton Elizabeth Haviside Joan Mape Marjorie Masterson Barbara McGahie Nadine Miller Patricia Mill ? MariijTi Moen Janice Powell Dorothy Renther Shirley Strang Donna Lee Sturgeon Dru-illa Toepelman Emma Jean Van Dyke Lusia Ann Walker Janet Wilkinson 245 DELTA Gflmmfl 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT LEWIS SCHOOL, 1874 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Jean Anderson Shirley Arnold Thurid Behrens Constance Blair Jean Cathcart SENIORS Patricia Eric.-on Jean Goldman Sally Lilly Patricia Mclntosh Catherine Vawter Barbara Wankowski Drury Anderson Edith Bishop Janet Bird Nancy Bradford Natalie Doe Marian Dow Margaret Fisher Betty Fitzgerald JUNIORS Mary Geary Nancy Hubbard Beverly Kingman Jewel Pendleton Marilyn Roberts Frances Shoemaker Eleanor Umphred Elizabeth Watson SOPHOMORES Dorothy Banker Sue Blake Natalie Chambers Harriet Clark Alice DeBonis Harriet Dinwiddie Betty Giles Margaret Gruhler Phyllis Gulick Betty Hansen Barbara Henle Idris Holcomb Jane Linde Janet Mason Kathleen O ' Hanneson Sally O ' Hara Mary Ellen Oliver Patricia Reynolds Vivian Saph Sally Sim Ann Shoemaker Isabel Sloane FRESHMEN Carol Allan Nancy Beall Katherine Bishop Jeannette Blair Grace Mary Campbell Patty Lou Cassidy Marilyn Cathcart Mary Grace Couchman Helen Geary Glyneth Gregory Beth Haley Aubrey Hamilton Bernice Hink Peggy Jenkins Margaret Kenyon Harriet Joanne Kraemer Jane Ledwich Marianna McNair Betty Mitchell Barbara Nelson Marcia Norquist Lenore Oehlmann Jean Pendleton Margaret Saph Audrey Schaefer Judith Seaton Nancy Shean Claire Singer Geraldine Spangler Jane Taylor Webster 246 Anderson, J. Arnold Behrens Blair, C. Cathcart, J. Ericson Goldman Lilly Mclntosh Vavrter Wankowski Anderson, D. Bishop, E. Bird Bradford Doe Dow Fisher Fitzgerald Geary, M. Hubbard Kingman Pendleton Roberts Shoemaker, F. Umphred Watson Banker Blake Chambers Clark Debonis Dinwiddie Giles Gruhler Gulick Hansen Henle Holcomb Linde Mason O ' Hanneson O ' Hara Oliver Reynolds Saph, V. Sim Shoemaker, A. Sloan Allan Beall Bishop, K. Blair, J. Campbell Cassidy Cathcart, M. Couchman Geary, H. Gregory Haley Hamilton Hink Jenkins Kenyon Kraemer Ledwich McNair Mitchell Nelson Norquist Oehlmann Pendleton Saph, M. Schaefer Seaton Shean Singer Spang ler Taylor Webster AIlM Ctet Davis De Fmric $:. Bliss Dan ' . -.:- L -:. .t-: = :.r OMB : :.;:- FMctB Jotaxw, C. LaicasUT - Ml . ::v J728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1902 Ml CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 FIFTY-FIVE -CHAPTERS GRADUATE Mary Louise Lovett SENKJRS Virginia Allin Evel Ti Clark Kathryn Davu Jeanne Elinor De Chene Bern ice Freerick Mar " Gregory Roth Heatberly Barbara Jane- Rntbelma Rowe Barbara Soreni-on Marie Spurrier Mary Sntton Dori- Voigt? Sara Lou Vvlde JUNIORS PhylJi- Aajgaard Mary Jane Bli Jean Bryggman Gracemary Dart Carmel Fulton Mary Ellen Goepfert Catherine Hanson France Jone- Mar Libbv Jeri McCaffrey Dorothy McKee Marilyn Mino Maxine Paul Mary Ramage Elaine Rambo Gladys Russell Barbara Swan Lottie Verzic Beverly S inzler SOPHOM(JRES Barbara Atwood Manrine Boyd Gwenyth Caster Nell Dickson Patricia Fletcher Jean Hanser Carmen Johnson Nancy Johnson Mary Lonise Kemmel Marjorie Lancaster Dorothv Libbv Geraldine Mackey Barbara Pusey Jean Roger- Barbara Schmall Laura Lee Stewart Marcia Swanson Marjorie Taylor Mary Elizabeth Tentworth Cleone West Lorene Williamson FRESHMEN Jacqueline Bowman Skvka Cibilich Helen Dougherty Geraldine Donmitt Roberta Dulro Patricia Gale Helen Goodwin Ellen Grant Joan Howell Corinne Lindauer Muriel McCaw irginia Sibley Helen Sopp Dorris Trogden Marilyn Victor Gwendolyn Warren 247 Gflmmfl PHI BETA 2723 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Margaret T. Hodgen Alice G. Hoyt Esther Sinclair Violet Marshall Olive Stewart Carmel Riley Mildred L. Webber SENIORS Jane Anderson Margaret Kays Ruth Dyer Martha Pogue Barbara Hamilton Barbara Smith Betty Jones Margarette Smith Ratlin-ill,- Kain Barbara Thrall Gayley Wilson JUNIORS Denise Doron Mary Smith Barbara Gimbal Janice Slater Robin Hix Marilynn Switzer Anastasia Hobrechl Barbara Varnum Betty Ingram Rosanne Walker Barbara Middleton Margaret Walton Molly Moore Marion Weller Shirley Rawn Jessie Whitman Jane Wilson SOPHOMORES Nancy Ambrose Marion Kelly Jeanne Bettencourt Shirley Boles Janet Chick Virginia Claybaugh Kathryn Dyer Betty Fowler Mary Jean Canton Annette Gimbal Gwynneth Ingram Martha Ingram Irene Jansen Betty Jo Wilson FRESHMEN Barbara Maar Margaret Mead Sue Miller Dorothy MUM-CPU Patricia Parker Barbara Finger Jean Searle Sheila Stanfield Marjorie Underbill Helen Wyshani Evelyn Whitman Frances Amonette Dulce Ashe Patricia Eggleston Mabel Lou Erickson Patricia Funke Emily Hass Shirley Higgins Charline Jessup Nancy Jory Carol Kiessig Eva Gay Wyllie Jean Kraemer Dorothy Lazenby Sally Martin Nancy Mays Nancy Lee Newkirk Ann Norton Joanne Pearce Lois Richerson Frances Spencer Hyla Tillman I Anderson Dyer Hamilton Jones Kain Kays Morgan Pogue Smith, B. Smith, M. Thrall Wilson Doron Gimbal Hix Hobrecht Ingram Middleton Moore Rawn Smith Switzer Walton Walker Whitman Ambrose Bettencourt Boles Chick Claybaugh Dyer Fowler Canton Gimbal Jansen Kelly Maar Mead Miller Munson Parker Pinger Reitzel Searle Stanfield Slater Stand ley Underhill Varnum Wysham Weller Whitman Wilson, B. Wilson, J. Amonette Ashe Edwards Eggleston Erickson Funke Hass Higgins Ingram, G. Ingram, M. Jessup Jory Kiessig Kraemer Lazenby Martin Mays Newkirk Norton Pearce Richerson Spencer Tillman Wyllie 1 1 248 - Hi = :?.-;. Rofls S- H Frost Holt ' ..:. -: Mta . ' , :? Witter Bams In -:- :--: q hMffti ::.: . Bna tad vrsui Wet Is Wilder = ; r. tota BM fe r = :.: Ewrett -; M .:--:: .- Kal Leake r : McCartt - ::- - . - : Reilly Scoifield Stwlt 5: Taylor Taylor KflPPfl flLPHfl THETfl 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW COLLEGE, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 SIXTY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Fenlon Clarke Madrc Merrill SENIORS Beverly Burd Jean Hubbard Margaret Connirk Adalyn Jark Janice Forker Marion Johnson Anne Gordon Dorothy Marwedel Rosemar Hadden Barbara Newell Margaret Harrison Bertha Ridgway Pat ricia Hervey Mildred Roelse Marie Holmes Janet Smith Frances Balsdon Nancy Dnckett Alice Frost Patience Holt Ann Homer Persis Homer JUNIORS Beverly Nutting Doris Sandner Marie Lx nise Wbelan Jacqueline Weyland Adiel Wilder anrv Witter Katherine Wood SOPHOMORES Cynthia Barne Jeannette Bravinder Ruth Bradley Elizabeth Campbell Caroline Dougherty Kathleen Greenlau Marjorie Hauck Eleanor Janet Hetlinan Katherine Hotchkiss Sally Knowles Pamela Marsh Ann Osburn Barbara Vestal Mary Elinor Well- Wilder FRESHMEN Betty Lou Baldwin Carolyn Balsdon Jean Barbe Jane Bennett Mary Bent Suzanne Bond Virginia Boyd Jacqueline Duncan Peggy Duffy Katherine Everett Pat Fnnsten Lucy Harrison Marvin John MI n Caryl Jane Julias Carroll Kale- Elizabeth Lawler Paula Leake Abigail Lewis Meredith McCord Frances Pepper Elizabeth Plumb Mary Ellen Reilly Barbara Scot field Cornelia Shunian Virginia Steele Susan Stimmel Mary Taylor Maryly Taylor Barbara Thomas Marion Wright 249 KflPPfl DELTfl 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 SEVENTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Florence Frost Barbara Kennedy SENIORS Margaret Cartwright Marjorie Clement Barbara Cole Kate Harris Barbara Holmes Marjorie King Katherine Kirby Erna Kremser June Kreter Virginia McKeehan Elizabeth Merry Anne Morgan Marjorie Pape Bettye Pederson Lorraine Rossi Phyllis Silberberg Shirley Smith Mil I ir Jeanne Torpey Mary Sullivan Jane Visalli JUNIORS Jacqueline Beck Elizabeth Benedict Carol Hi IUIIMI June Brunei Justine Casenave Dorothy Dean Mary Farmer Lillian Gall Frances Anne Young Doris Jenkins Helen Paetzold Marjorie Ruedi Bettyanne Sherman Dorothy Sebastian Shirley Starr Bernice Telford Virginia Wilson SOPHOMORES Lorraine Christ Evelyn Cline Valda Davis Dorothy Easson Mary Just Barbara Knapp Shirley Larson Wilma Perrott Barbara Prost Claire Reidy Doris Texdahl Dorothy Wilcox FRESHMEN Mary Forsyth Phyllis Prates Gene Jack Marjorie Meeder Bernice Rodriquez Marisa Traina Merle Wagner Norma Wagner Cartwright Clement Cole Harris Holmes King Kirby Kremser Kreter McKeehan Merry Morgan Pape Pederson Rossi Silberberg Smith Torpey Sullivan Visalli Beck Benedict Brumm Brunei Casenave Dean Farmer Gall Jenkins Paetzold Ruedi Sherman Sebastian Starr Telford Wilson Young Christ Cline Davis Easson Just Knapp Larson Perrott Prost Reidy Texdahl Wilcox Forsyth Prates Jack Meeder Rodriquez Traina Wagner Wagner 250 Willis = :.?;:: = -: Tm m load et = :-:: Dimnrt J. -..-.. -: l.-r- Sta S 5 ::: : Stenens Swct ;. M. E- MB FkH Fo9er Fissell Garmson : Mi E - ::-:.-:. Kami Vf- U S- :- KRPPfl KflPPfl Gflmmfl 2725CHANXCSG WAY FOUNDED AT MO1VMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martha A. Chickering Mary B. Davidson Vera L. Christie Emily H. Huntinglon Anita Crellin Lillie Margaret She SENIORS Roberta Jean Barter Martha Marlise Sally Moffatt Carolyn Perry Roberta Prior Marria Robinson Emily Andrews Frances Bowes Marilyn Bransrhied Margaret Eaton Eleanor Gibbs Gloria Grigg Joan JUNIORS Mary Berenger Ann Paulsen Charlotte Geary Jane Ristenpart Nancy Haven Mitzi Russ Carolyn Johnson Doris Jane Taylor Isabel Tinning SOPHOMORES Emily Bennett Mary Bowes Nanry Bransrhied Clair Bronson Barbara Butcher Joan Dinsmore Joyce Freebom Kathryn Hutrhinson Barbara Hyde Elizabeth Kincaid Peggy Lorenz Elizabeth Naffziger Peggy Page Man. Polilzer Kathleen Shea Suzanne Shea Jacqueline Sibbald Mary Stevens Ann Sweet Alice Ann Wright FRESHMEN Marjorie Andrews Kathleen Blumberg Barbara Bristow Jean Chaddock Marion Cheek Natalie Dinsmore Patricia Field Jane Folger Florence Fussell Roberta Garretson Barbara Giggs Marilyn Hitchcock Marilyn Betty Johnson Helen Kemer Nancy King Nancy Lantz Margaret Lipman Marion Merrill Sally Milbank Beatrice Moorhead Susan Ostrander Frances Princelan Nancy Ried Suzanne Saxby Smith 251 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Delta R. Olsen SENIORS Doris Duncan Margaret Foster Joan Fullington Kathryn Gilmore Ann Griffiths Winifred Haywood Eleanor Johnston Laverne Kleinwachter Ruanne Neighbour Janice Petit Ruth Poulsen Eileen Schmidt Barbara Ann Schwartz Elva Spiess JUNIORS June Baker Mary Driggers Faith Droitcour Mary Frances Gardner Jean Nipper Janice Peak Jacileen Rackerby Lois Rosenberg Helen Sheahan Virginia Stockdyk Hanne-Lore Sutro Emily Thurston SOPHOMORES Jean Allen Clee Applegate Phyllis Anderson Barbara Coles Jean Fernald Margaret Gabbert Mary Grant Evalyn Kennedy Dorothy Wright FRESHMEN Nona Korts Maureen Looman Jean McCrimmon Barbara Miller Helen Muller Audrey Noall Anne Ward Betty Warrens Loralee Bliler Marilyn Flaherty Shirley Garrott Dythe-Mary Hertert Anne Hollingsworth Ethel Sarlund Grace Townsend Diana VanSeekor r Duncan Foster Fullington Gilmore Griffiths Haywood Johnston Kleinwachter Neighbour Petit Poulsen Schmidt Schwartz Spiess Baker Driggers Droitcour Gardner Nipper Peak Rackerby Rosenberg Sheahan Stockdyk Sutro Thurston Allen Applegate Anderson Coles Fernald Gabbert Grant Kennedy Korts Looman McCrimmon Miller Muller Noall Ward Warrens Wright Bliler Flaherty Garrott Hertert Hollingsworth Sarlund Townsend VanSeeker 252 hnfa Carroll Rittfr Stoos hi = (ha Gisin Jf? r Mkhaelson 5 " ?c Stout CampbHI Cronenwett Martin : = OmEGfl 2732 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 THIRTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Pauline Hodgson SENIORS Bernice Burchell Margaret Cafferata Phyllis Carroll Cannel. Mosher Margaret Norton Shirley Ritter Betty Stoos Ruth Wagner JUMORS June Rea Mardell Richards SOPHOMORES Evon Armstrong Doris Conn Joanne Fisher June Georgeson Vivian Cisin Lenore Heald Mary Marsh Marie Mirhaelson Jean Smoody Joan Stout Virginia Twaddle Evelyn Wheeler FRESHMEN Alice Boniface Connie Campbell Ellen Lou Cronenwett Georgia Crowley Jean Kietzman Shirley Martin Geraldine O ' Brien Prudence Rogers 253 PHI BETA PHI 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 EIGHTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Andree Bonno Elaine Christman Margaret Compton Eleanora Dawson Madeline Goodrich Mavis Mahan Betty Verleger Marilyn Morshead Suzanne Patterson Nancy Payne June Porter Ynid Rankin Mary Starbird JUNIORS Janet Ammen Carol Christensen June Christensen Molly Dove Margaret Humann Sharon Wells SOPHOMORES Jane Newlands Frances Pleas Marna Reager Suzanne Roeth Marilyn Smith Geraldine Beckman Mary Jane Boles Doris Cordes Joan Denniss Mary Edwards Nancy Edwards Jayne Egge Jane Finnell Barbara Fritschi Paula Hansen Edith Humann Mary Janney Patricia Jones Jean Kennedy Cornelia Levis Betty McCreary Constance Morshead Patricia Palmer Peggy Robinson Betty Rohde Phyllis Strand Margaret Thomson Patricia Walker Patricia Young FRESHMEN Patricia Andrews Barbara Dawson Gwen Dickie Jean Dickinson Patricia Everingham Vivian Gamble Doris Goodrich Mary Lou Hall Nina Hess Betty Hogan Virginia Horton Thayer Kelley Barbara L ' Angevin Mary Elaine Palmer Alice Rea Barbara Reinkens Elaine Rutley Patricia Sayre Elizabeth Shaw Nancy Shenon Ann Thomas Charlotte Thomas Mary Ann Van Sicklen Felise Wyckoff Bonno Christman Compton Dawson Goodrich Mahan Morshead Patterson Payne Porter Rankin Starbird Verleger Ammen Christensen, C. Christensen, J. Dove Humann Newlands Pleas Reager Roeth Smith Wells Beckman Boles Cordes Denniss Edwards, M. Edwards, N. Egge Finnell Fritschi Hansen Humann Janney Jones Kennedy Levis McCreary Morshead Palmer Robinson Rohde Strand Thomson Walker Young Andrews Dawson Dickie Dickinson Everingham Gamble Goodrich Hall Hess Hogan Morton Kelley L ' Angevin Palmer Rea Reinkens Rutley Sayre Shaw Shenon Thomas, A. Thomas, C. Van Sicklen Wyckoff 254 5 :: : = .,=.- - :. . Frkt, M. U Bartara Bet 0. -.-.-. t s = : q -3. y Wilson, J. i :,:.:: EM -; ' .- --. Bran - = ::v. :.-:.; E : ' ' : Green, E. Hewlett . -. :: : -:..- - -- - -. ' . : -- :. $;--; - :- : BMH .:-- DM A i-s A H E tan sicmn KflPPfl 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Clair Bell G. E. Gibson Edie Clymer Anna M. Harper Ruth M. Donnellv Lawrence Harper A. M. KJdd SENIORS Ruth Bastian Jean Block Barbara Campbell Marie Cummins- Beverly Day-vault Jeanette Frick Mary Lou Frick Frances Holdener Dorthea Jorgensen Bettv Latimer Jeanne McConeghy Caddie Newell Doris Richmond Barbara Thompson Betty Thompson Dorothy Thompson Dorothy Thurmond Mary Lynn Turtle Margaret Williamson Yera Woropaieff Rebecca Bedesen Barbara Bell Bette Doryland Barbara Gloistein Jane McClements Mary McDonald Loretta McManu? JUNIORS Alberta Meek Eleanor Poley Margaret Schellenburg Jane L. Smith Barbara Taylor Audrey Whitney Jean Wilson SOPHOMORES Arlene AIlsopp Janice Brewer Maxine Brown Janet Comng Jean Corliss Jean Eggert Leslie Ettleson Nancy Furlong Marion Green Patricia Gwynn Patricia Hendrickson Lucille Kirwan Janet McMurray Shirley Mathiesen Jackie Palm Yirginia Piper Either Schmidt Betty Symons Louise Talcott Jeanne Tinkler Elizabeth Yan Den Berg Diana Wilkinson TRESHMEN Jean Dietterle Betsy Dunbar Emily Evans Ethel Clair Green Audrey Hanson Margery Head Mary Hewlett Margaret Linwood Jnanda Loysen Marjory Kirwan Marilyn Shirley Knine Jean O ' Brien Isabella Philow Ruth Schwehelm Jane E. Smith Barbara Stokes Margaret Yan Court Marilyn Williams Elizabeth Wilson Betty Wiseman WorraU 255 THETfl UPSILOn 2725 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Patricia McMorran Roberta Simmons SENIORS Jean Anderson Cathy Berg Lillian Carlton Barbara Cleaves Virginia Gardner Frances Gilbert Ruth Irish Margaret Walker JUNIORS Patsy Bartlett Elizabeth Burket Carol Dykmans Jean Downer Norma Eisner Mary Ludeke SOPHOMORES Juanita Berg Audry Buck Betty Francis Edna Hammon Eleanore Johnson Margaret Peralta Maxine Schumann Louise Schwartz Barbara Ball Helen Granger Alberta Henson Joyce Hofacre FRESHMEN Melba Kokila Marian Metcalf Barbara Jean Schnoor Genevieve Snavely Joyce Strang McMorran Simmons Anderson Berg, C. Carlton Cleaves Gardner Gilbert Irish Walker Bartlett Burket Dykmans Downer Eisner Ludeke Berg, J. Buck Francis Hammon Johnson Peralta Schumann Schwartz Ball Granger Henson Hofacre Kokila Metcalf Schnoor Snavely Strang 256 ::--: . Fotetta Georo - ; . ; MM Peterson Rice Small ;?. : ' : Hug leu Kroger Miller OB S. m A an t-- Hi -=-:: ' HiHon -. ;- Pope joy Ridley Riddte Rylanc- e-are Baker tarn Dale Neilson Scott Tillett Woy flLPHfl 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 SEVENTY NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Annabelle Brow n AUce Connolly Dorothy Jean Anne Drennan Alice Foletta Beverly George Donna Herrell Virginia Luttrell Patricia McPhee Eleanor Peterson Jean Rice Elizabeth Shield- Betty Lee Small Elizabeth Steven .11 MURS Martha Jean Bu h Joanna Durham Carolyn Herrell Elizabeth Huclen Eunice Kroger Rosalie Miller Helen Montgomery E elyn Moose Margaret Morgan Pearl Pennington Beverly Rowe Margaret Jean Stewart Marie Sullivan Barbara Williams SOPHOMORES Jean Anderson Eva Crome Evalyn Crome Evelyn Delamere Barbara Edmison Patricia Hanson Alexine Ware Marybelle Hilton Marydith Humphre Patricia Popejoy Betty Lu Richey Jacqueline Riddle Patricia Rvland FRESHMEN Margaret Baker Gerda Bromley- Elizabeth Campbell Elaine Dale Dorothy Eame? Antoinette Growney Ruth Hudson Gloria Kauffman Georgine Monroe Jean Neilson Jeanne Scott lone Tilletl Alice Wo Jean Wanhab 257 m inTER-FRRTERIUTY council TOP ROW: Joseph Woods, Fall President; William Francis, Fall Vice-Presi- dent; Jerrold Applegarth, Spring President. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Randall, Spring Vice-President; Curt Dreyer, Spring Secretary-Treasurer. OFFICERS Joseph Woods ...President Jerrold Applegarth William Francis Vice-President.. Robert Randall Jerrold Applegarth Secretary-Treasurer.. . ....Curt Dreyer MEMBERS Acacia ' ....William McCutchan, Dennis Hallowell Alpha Chi Sigma Donald G. Rose Alpha Delta Phi Jerrold Applegarth Alpha Sigma Phi Lenard Wheeler Alpha Tau Omega Thomas Sturgeon Bachelordon Arthur Hard Beta Theta Pi Noble Hamilton, Garret Wood Chi Phi Bertram Meek Chi Psi Richard Open land Delta Kappa Epsilon Robert Corlett Delta Tau Delta Edward Kreese Delta Upsilon Robert Lippi Kappa Alpha Robert Randall Kappa Delta Rho Frederick Hanson Kappa Nu Bertram Horn Kappa Sigma John Clark, John Edmunds Lambda Chi Alpha Robert Girard Pi Lambda Phi Frank Barnett I ' hi Di-Iln Them Joseph Woods. Robert Kesler Phi Gamma Delta Curt Dreyer Phi Kappa Psi. .Philip Pope Phi Kappa Sigma James Anderson, Ghery Pettit Phi Sigma Kappa.... ..Brunei Christensen Pi Kappa Alpha William Regan, Peter Ducker ' .si l : psilon Edward Cazier Sigma Alpha Epsilon Victor Wahlberg Sigma Chi Roger Willson Sigma Nu Carlton Daiss Sigma Phi Peter Yankwich, Robert Lockhari Sigma Phi Epsilon William Evans Theta Chi William Francis Theta Delta Chi Dexter Ball Theta Xi Gilbert Bracken Zeta Beta Tau Howard Cohn Zeta Psi .... ...Jack Seller 260 Aiken Anderson Buchanan Conway Croyle Dugger Force Friend Granquist Hallowell Harris Keyes Lewis McCutchan MacKenzie Moore Peck Robson Shaw Smith, C. Smith, S. Weber RCflClfl 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frederick W. Cozens Russell T. Crawford Edwin D. Dickson GRADUATE George Croyle SENIORS Edward Aiken Victor Dugger Robert Buchanan Reed Keyes William McCutchan JUNIORS Robert Anderson Dennis Hallowell Craig Conway Lloyd Harris Robert Force John MacKenzie Clark Smith ' SOPHOMORES Harold Granquist Hubert Friend Clifford Lewis Carlisle Moore George Robsen Robert Weber FRESHMEN Robert Peck Joseph Shaw Stanton Smith 261 ALPHA siGmn 262 7 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY Frank W. Allen Herman J. Almquist Henry W. Anderson Walter C. Blasdale Gerald E. K. Branch William V. J. Cruess John J. Eiler Joel H. Hildebrand Paul L. Kirk ASSOCIATES Wendell M. Latimer Gilbert N. Lewis Willard F. Libby Axel R. Olson Kenneth S. Pitser Merle R. Randall Gerhard K. Rollefson Glenn T. Seaborg Thomas D. Stewart GRADUATES Thomas Allen John Kilpatrirk Charles Crompton Thomas Newton Robert Grinstead Donald Rose Harry Hicks Edward Small Ward Howland Fred Stevenson James Hunter Burton Thamer SENIORS Clark Burton Edward Cottle James Edwards William Finnegan Robert Israel Edmund Lambert James Leonard William Meagher Ellis Myers Orlo Myers John O ' Connell JUNIORS George Barber James Shoolery Robert Frey Harry Takasian Daniel Parsons Harold Thomas Richard Woodruff SOPHOMORE William Reynolds FRESHMEN Donald Cochran Robert Hileman William Ferry Arnold Oettel Gibson Gray Richard Stuart Peter Walton Allen Burton Cochran Cottle Crompton Edwards Ferry Finnegan Frey Gray Grinstead Hicks Howland Hunter Israel Kilpatrick Lambert Leonard Meagher Myers, E. Myers, 0. Newton O ' Connell Oettel Parsons Reynolds Rose Shoolery Small Stevenson Takasian Thamer Thomas Walton 262 Alte : .-.-- Daiss Doyle Bm Garthwaitf Gar Gibbs Harris Harrison Loper Marsun Martin Nichols Ostrander Power = :::- Robinson Russell Saxbr Snook C - : - - - Spicer SMI Mi a Will Wolff flLPHfl 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Douglas H. Copp Charles S. Davidson Dr. William C. Deamer Dr. Herbert M. Evan T. Harper Goodspeed Stephen S. Goodspeed Dr. Han . Lisser Dr. Franck W. Lynch Fletcher H. Swift Paul Michael Dr. John Homer Woolsey GRADUATES Theodore Nichols SENIORS Francis Allen Minton Evans Herbert Blossom Thomas Gay Philip Brown Putman Livermore Donald Campbell Raymond Spirer JUNIORS Jerrold Applegarth John Robinson David Doyle Alvin Hayman Arthur Honegger John Loper Benjamin Sawtelle Robert Spaulding Warren Wolff Charles Wood SOPHOMORES Eduin Garthuaile John Reardan John Gibbs David Ru-,-11 Peter Harris Lewis Saxby Robert Harrison William Snook James Power Weston Yolberg Stevens Weller FRESHMEN John Boles Thomas Bryant Russell Bruzzone Robert Dai-- Thomas Geary Robert Gray Gifford Klopp Garthwaite Marston Gordon Martin David McGiffert Theodore Murray Fred Ostrander John Paul Donald Reid Paul Roliin-rui D.i id Russell David Souther Joseph Stuart Herbert Thomson Fenton Williamson 263 flLPHfl OmEGfl 2465 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Norman H. Boke Carroll M. Ebright Kenneth B. Sloddarcl Oliver M. Washburn SENIORS Wilfried Barmann Robert Birge Gordon Bronson Robert Cummings Walter Dimmirk Robert Hendon James Metcalf James Miller Francis Novhsky Robert Sloan Harry Stafford Thomas Sturgeon Mark Tuck Vallery White JUNIORS Theodore Binney John Foote Herbert Heinze Robert Heppler Charles Kunsman Donald MoKillop Gordon Miller Harvey Miller William Rice Felix Usis Ahlgren Barmann Baron Beers Binney Birge Bronson Cavanaugh Cummings Dimmick Finigan Firth Foote Grimes Heinze Henderson Heppler Koch Lent2 McCarty McKillop Metcalf Miller, G. Miller, H Miller, J IMovitsky Farmer Paterson Powell Prendergast Rice Sloan Stafford Sturgeon Travers Tuck Usis White Stuart Wilson SOPHOMORES Rafael Ahlgren Red Baron Eugene Beers Lee Cavanaugb Vincent Finigan Horace Firth Peter Grimes Eugene Harmon Robert Henderson Fred Koch George Lentz William McCarty Ross Farmer Thomas Paterson James Powell Ray Prendergast Lee Travers 264 Chase Davis Edtamd :-:; Hamilton Hartford - :,: ' LeNoir St. Goar Sa titaq SimkiiB Smith Tout Wekh . ' , s - I : ' F ' BETfl THETfl PI 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertrand Bron on E. C. Smith Ralph Fi-her George Stratton Herbert Moffilt Nicholas Taliaferro C. A. Rjinin Edwin VanDyke GRADUATES James Barstow Maurice Chase SEMORS Thomas Barher John Chambers Richard Davis John Echternach Warren Edwards Robert Farquhar Noble Hamilton Stanley Johnson William LeNoir David Smith Walter St. Goar Edward Welch William Wolff JUNIOR Bertram Hartford SOPHOMORES John Higson James Tattle Ray Salisbury Duncan Williams William Simkins Gerrit Wood FRESHMAN John Evans 265 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Bert Meek SENIOR Robert Breckenfeld Earl Jones JUNIORS Peter Wolff James Lochead Bentinct Breckenfeld Chapline Gwynns Heath Jones, E. Jones, G. Lochead Meek Sawyer Wolff SOPHOMORES W. C. Bentinct William Gwynne Maxwell Chaplin Gregory Jones Brooke Sawyer FRESHMEN George Anderson Robert Angell William Arce Howard Fletcher John Heath Carter Thacher 266 Bonnifield Brennan Cague Dutton Fischer Gillies Griffin Hart Kruse Latham Laub Lester McCarty McElheny Madeira Mitchell Paden Ralphs Thompson Yeager DELTA TflU DELTA 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SEVENTY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES D. C. Duncan Francis S. Foote Brutus Hamilton George H. Hart Frank L. Kelly John C. Larkin Armin O. Leuschner Morrough P. O ' Brien Warren C. Perry Chester H. Rowell Charles E. Rugh Thomas B. Steel MEMBERS Clinton Bonnifield Charles Brennan Arthur Dague Frederick Dutton Frederick Fischer David Gillies Robert Griffin David Hart Edward Kruse William Latham William Laub John Lester James McCarty John McElheny William Madeira Curtis Mitchell William Paden John Ralphs Douglass Thompson Jacques Yeager 267 DELTfl UPSILOn 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY William H. Alexander Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch John D. Hicks James Hooper, Jr. Harold E. Jones Neal McKeller Charles W. Merriam ASSOCIATES George R. Noyes Lawrence M. Price Donald Pyle Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stolz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward Herbert C. Wyckoff SENIORS Orland Davies Jack Eyman Jerry Foster James Henderson Jack Herrero William Hoffman Thomas Ledwich Jack Mower Edward Nelson Marshall Paxton John Pike Carl Simon Edward Stephens George Wendell Munson Everett Keith Gordon Ted Harbert Albert Harris Richard Lewis Gordon Wild JUNIORS Robert Lippi Richard Millington Robert Ready William Robinson Warren Sanford Robert Tuttle SOPHOMORES George Atcheson Rodney Mastick John Barry Bruce Nelson John Blanchard Lee Parker Thomas Fleischman Josiah Polhemus Robert Hadden Robert Rutley David Hirschler Warren Sapiro Robert Kayser Eugene Sweetland Richard Laughlin William Weirich Jack Wolfe (? O O ij z Atcheson Barry Blanc hard Davies Everett Eyman Fleishman Foster Gordon Hadden Harbert Harris Henderson Herrero Hirschler Hoffman Kayser Laughlin Ledwich Lewis Lippi Mastick Millington Mower Nelson, B. Nelson, E. Parker Paxton Pike Polhemus Ready Robinson Rutley Sanford Sapiro Simon Stephens Sweetland Tuttle Weirich Wendell Wild Wolfe 268 :-- - . Cook E vt . ' . -:- KflPPfl flLPHR 2425 PIEDMONT A EM E FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY. 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS I MVERSITY ASSOCIATES Walter Hoadley Jack Peppin Li. Hilmar Schubert SENIORS John Cook Robert Ewart David Connelly Peter Connor Glenn Newton Robert Randall Fred Winters JT.MORS William Jordan Fred Jones Robert Watson SOPHOMORES James Brehler Robert Hummel Rudolph Lang FRESHMEN Robert Conn Robert Grant William Henderson John McClaren Wayne Parkinson Robert Searie 269 PHI DELTfl THETR 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY Dr. Edwin B. Boldrey Norman Buchanan Fred Foxworthy Joel Hildehrund Oily Kern James McBaine Dr. George McChesney ASSOCIATES Cyrus Mead Dr. Raymond Nulling Dr. Alvin Powell Perley Ray Harold Small Thomas Stow William Twitchell SENIORS George Brodrick Martin Locke Howard McFarland Jean Phillip James Stewart Robert Teddy Kenneth Cuttle Charles Gray Oakley Hall Arthur Hemphill Robert Kimball Robert Whitehead Raymond Cox Francis Cullen Charles Currier Loring Hanson Joseph Woods JUNIORS Robert Kesler Mark. Noble Harry Rinker William Trowbridge SOPHOMORES Arnold Bjornsen Robert McPherson FRESHMEN Richard Apman Jack Griffith Robert Bentley Walter Bowman Robert Cuttle Lawrence Holland Bert Smith Paul White Bjornsen Bowman Brodrick Cox Cullen Cuttle, K. Gray Griffith Hall Hemphill Holland Kesler Kimball Kinslow Locke McFarland Noble Stewart Teddy Trowbridge Whitehead Woods 270 Anderson Blair Buckingham C i.:f- - i rf ' Hays Heie Hill . 2 : c t: Merrill Mersereau, C. Mersereau, J. Mixer ' t JSGi Tk Nielsen Pettit, F. Pettit, G. Steck, A. Steck, G. Wallace KflPPfl sicniR 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Thomas Buck Clark J. Burnham. Jr. John L " . Calkins, Jr. Malcolm M. Cavisson Walter M. Hard Sanford U. Larkey Ivan M. Linforth Reginald H. Linforth George D. Londerbark Albert H. Mowbray Heber A. Newsom SENIORS Allen Buckingham Seibly Buffum James Chandler James Clausen Laurence Dean Austin Merrill Joseph Mixer Arthur Morgan JUNIORS James Anderson Richard Hegpie Robert Jacobs Charles Mersereau Floyd Pettit Jack Wallace SOPHOMORES William Blair John Hansen Robert Ha - Clarence Hill John Mersereau Harold Nielsen Ghery Pettit William Purdy Allen Steck George Steck 271 PI KflPPfl flLPHfl 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Philip H. Arnot Warren D. Homer William L. Bender Carleton Hulin Edward C. Bull Anson R. Kilgore Ernest W. Cleary Frederick G. Linde Carl L. Hoag Robert C. Martin Thomas Dale Stewart SENIORS Robert Adams James Bell Jack Block Norbert Dean Peter Ducker Frederick Good Oscar Holt Richard Jones Leslie Mahoney William Murray Dean Newnan Roland Ramsey William Regan Rodney Robertson Melvin Warner William Whelan JUNIORS Walter Busse Robert Culbertson Robert Hoffman Arthur Schade Donald Simpson Keith Winton SOPHOMORES William Abbott Arthur Marsden Jess Barnes John Pierce John Clark John Penn John Farrar Edwin Pentland Orrie Hawes Peter Schulz Robert Hoffman Alan Setterquist William Kuphaldt K enneth Smith FRESHMEN Robert Allen Allan Baker Victor Boisseree James Bolte George Browning Victor Burns Walter Edmonds Allan Hoagland Fred Kewel Robert King George McKray Julian Martin William Maxwell Harland Minshew Donald Mitchell Robert Moeller Paul Peacock Thomas Peek William Piercy Donald Ramsay Abbott Adams Baker Barnes Bell Block Boisseree Burns Busse Clark Culbertson Dean Ducker Good Hoffman Holt Jones King McKray Mahoney Marsden Martin Maxwell Murray Newnan Peek Penn Pentland Pika, the dog Ramsey, D. Ramsey, R. Regan Robertson Schade Schulz Setterquist Smith Warner Whelan Winton 272 Banning Bickerton Callwy Cazifr Chase Clark Cook FiUsimmons Gould Green Harris Haynes Keyes Mackay Peagram Penn Rawn Roe Vernay PSI upsnon 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William Bray Bernard Etcheverry Howard Flemming Donald Mackay Howard Naffziger James Parsons Leon Richardson Rudolph Srhevill GRADUATE Forrest Smith SENIORS Robert Andrews Hancock Banning Harry Bickerton Alson Clark Allan Coutchie Edward Fitzsimmons Warren Giedt Hood i- David Leaf Alden Mackay David Ocumpaugh Richard Penn Walter Rawn George Roe William Simpson Hayward Thomas John Vernay JUNIORS Wallace Amling Walter Brelje Paul Clinton Orrin Cook Bob Gould Charles Hammond Gilman Haynes Wilbur Hopper Frank Kelley Arthur Keyes, Jr. Leroy MacDonald SOPHOMORES John Gallery, Jr. Brooks Cassidy Edward Cazier Martin Chase David Vordermark Thomas Gates David Green Peter Leaf James Schuyler FRESHMEN Blake Beauchump Robert I);i Robert MucMahon Richard Pegram 273 SIGITlfl 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. Raymond Hall Charles A. Noble Dudley O. McGovney Clarence M. Price George E. Stevens GRADUATE Samuel Hall SENIORS James Bennett Norman Booth William Eustis Robert Grether Kenneth Holland William House Charles Kilpatrick Marcus Peterson David Richardson Roger Willson JUNIORS Arnold Bennett Booth Bradt Creeger Eustis Grether Hall Holland Jacobs Kilpatrick Newcomb Peterson Richardson Stewart Thacher Unger Ware Willson Garrett Bradt Verne Newcomb Lawrence Stewart Edwin Thacher Wyatt Unger Robert Ware SOPHOMORES Arthur Arnold Donald Creeger Dean Jacobs 274 i mt BMJ I; i: NM Dunon, 8. J r r ft ' MOB] For E. -::-? I MfcU ' . r I : ::- - dhrti Sieck Von der Lwtt Wilson 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE. 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 NINETY -I CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles R. Dodson Peyton Hurt Robert H. Merriman SENIORS Howard Alvord Roy Anderson Jonathan Berryman David BradfieJd Keith Carey David Cobb Charles DeCoudre- Ri, hard DeKay Bruce Duncan John Ferguson John Fitzbenry Edward Forde William Forde Doughs Frame Richard Hoiman Jame- Moffett Keith Monaghan Richard Niello Eugene Pickett Robert Robinson Bert Ro Charles Sieck Donald Wheeler Fenn Wilson Jl ' NIORS Duncan Walter Gamble Charles Glassgow John Graves SOPHOMORES Philip Arnot Stanley Charles Jack Clark Sherrill Connor Patrick Cunningham Carlton Dai s Godfrey Gregg Robert Holm Frank LaMoine Willard Loiter Charles Matheny William Osborn George Quist Daniel Rader Robert von der Lieth 275 SIGIUfl PHI 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edward C. Crafts Dr. William G. Donald William V. Cruess Harold L. Leupp Grant C. Loomis GRADUATES Robert Lockhart William Irwin Peter Yankwich SENIORS Raymond Hani Harold Hyde Theodore Kroeber John Mahoney John Stewart Herbert Towler JUNIORS John Ballantine Joseph Owen Robert Shaw Paul Rathfon Floyd Srhenrk SOPHOMORES Thomas Oliver William Rogers George Rader William Ross William Waste FRESHMEN Phillip Angell Thomas Curtis John Fiddyment Bartlett Heard Wendell Hutchinson Jerrold Irwin John Lamborn Paul Larsen Charles Mower Robert Pinney Harry Reddick Donald Severin Hugh Singrey Donald Toussaint Ballantine Curtis Fiddyment Ham Hutchinson Hyde Irwin, W. Kroeber Lockhart Mahoney Oliver Owen Pinney Rader Rathfon Reddick Ross Schenck Severin Shaw Stewart Towler Waste Yankwich 276 = -:- 5- Hi -. " Funk Soww 5::-- --: ZHfer SIGdlfl PHI EPSILOn 2420 LE CONTE AVEM K FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND. 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SEVENTY CHAPTERS IMVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert Aitken Al Rapan Jame- Corley Arthnr Sampson James Ford H. R. oilman SENIORS Robpert Briltain William Evans Anpur Crocker Edward Fulker-nn Robert Borland Herbert Funk Carl Pascaloff JUNIORS Ronald Bin h Lee Huntington Ronald Cameron Robert Layman Dirk Dodd? Marlin Sweeley SOPHOMORES Robert Church Howard Mel Bruce Dunwoody Eugene Soare George McDaniel Ranald Sodestrom Howard Mersh Robert Zeller FRESHMEN Thomas Frye Dan Hewitt 277 THETfl CHI 2462 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lars H. Peterson Dr. Anton H. Peterson SENIORS Vernon Brammer John Cleary Arthur Fleming William Francis Ervin Heinrich Richard Paltenghi Scott Ramsden Kenneth Rankin Theodore Schulz Norman Wanek JUNIORS Tony Bermudez John Laughlin James Sheppard Bernard Wanek Bermudez Cleary Fleming Francis Heinrich Faltenghi t .t Ramsden Rankin Schulz Sheppard Wanek, B. Wanek, N. 278 Ball Beetz = -.----. ' Cosu ;. .-- Fust a Haws S :--. SmiUi Teeter Walt Wiegal Wtt Wysham, J. Wrsham, S. THETR 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Leonard W. Bark Barton A. King Worth Ryder James G. Siler SENIORS Arnold Alexander Dexter Ball Hans Beetz Robert Brigante Glenn Borne Vincent Burns Harrison Han re John Hoffman James Wysham James Moose Fred Shaeffer Eugene Smith Earl Thollander Earl Thomas Harold Walt Robert Wiegal James Wyatt JUNIORS Walter Costa David Duncan Glenn Fei ? t Pan! Selrhau SOPHOMORES Lewi Corum Hnbhard Newlin Terry Haws Charles O ' Connor Richard Teeter FRESHMEN Delvin Babb Daniel Barnett Robert Batchelor Richard Cohn Niel Ea-tlund Scott Emerson Richard Erickson Stuart Wvsham Norman Ingoldsby Andrew Koppernd Robert Legget Thomas McKeever James O ' Drain Richard Roberts Kirk White 279 XI PSI PHI 745 PARNASSUS AVENUE SAN FRANCISCO FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1889 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. G. L. Bean Dr. H. Becks Dr. D. Bell Dr. F. C. Bettencourl Dr. L. P. Chappell Dr. E. C. Chappell Dr. G. W. Cowden Dr. R. Cowden Dr. C. W. Craig Dr. A. K. Daneri Dr. A. DeFerrari Dr. E. W. Ferber Dr. C. D. Gwinn Dr. G. W. Hahn Dr. A. W. Hare Dr. F. H. Hare Dr. J. Hachtman Dr. M. G. Henningsen Dr. L. A. Hewitt Dr. J. D. Hodgen Dr. L. A. Huberty Dr. A. L. Jensen Dr. C. W. Johnson Dr. H. M. Johnson Dr. A. J. Ker Dr. R. E. McMurry Dr. C. B. Millarr Dr. G. S. Millberry Dr. H. E. Miller Dr. T. J. Post Dr. R. M. Railsbarh Dr. J. Rogers Dr. C. E. Rutledge Dr. J. A. Sciutto Dr. C. H. Showalter Dr. B. J. Smith Dr. J. T. Sweeny Dr. G. H. Terwilliger Dr. F. K. Terwilliger Dr. C. E. White Dr. D. P. White Dr. N. L. Wihr Dr. H. E. Wilson Dr. S. L. Winslow Dr. J. L. Wood Dr. C. J. Zappettini SENIORS Robert Armstrong Melville Harvey Philip Bliss Irving Merrill William Cluthe Hugh Phares Philip Coddington Alfred Schuchard Fredric Crutcher Gordon Watson Bartlett Westberg JUNIORS John Bradley Warren Lavezo Vernon Gilman Joseph Poco Thomas Lamoreux Lauro Quiros James Lauritson Wesley Risedorph Arnold Wieser SOPHOMORES Rex Anderson Alan Stagner Armstrong Bliss Bradley Brown Cluthe Coddington Crutcher Donkin Dowds Gilman Haas Harvey Jamieson Kerrigan Lamoreux Lauritson Lavezo Longstreth Merrill Pacheco Phares Poco Quiros Risedorph Schuchard Simpson Stagner Theren Watson Westberg Wieser Young ' Elbert Donkin Robert Dowds Kenneth Simpson John Zeigler FRESHMEN Robert Tuttle James Wasley William Young James Altieri William Brown Ross Bewley John Edington William Elsasser Louis Haas Glenn Jamieson George Kerrigan Robert Longstreth Benjamin Pacheco Robert Scott Robert Theren 280 DM f Cook Doerr ;:- - ' .I U tmatt 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Ross Bewley SENIORS Sheldon Cook James Esrben John Henle Donn Doerr Edward Rowe Joseph Rumsey Rollo Wheeler JUNIORS Jack Seiler SOPHOMORES William Cavalier Frank Helm William Hibbilt John Nelson James Ransdall Page Baldwin FRESHMAN John Morris 281 : ' " 1 women ' s DORmiTORY flSSOCIRTIOn TOP ROW: Jean Dahncke, Fall President; Elsa Douglas, Spring President; Katinka Gallin, Fall Vice-President. BOTTOM ROW: Anne Knight, Spring Vice- President; Beverly Roberts, Fall Treasurer. OFFICERS Jean Dahnke _ President Elsa Douglas Frances Sounders .. Katinka Gallin Vice President Anne Knight Beverly Roberts .... COUNCIL MEMBERS Secretary... Treasurer.. Frances Saunders Lola Hull Maxine Cobb Arch Place Gloria Griffin Barbara Farschen Bay View Hall Patricia Mulpeters Margaret Thornton Heaudelair Ruby Scott Beta Hous Cecile Farlies Marjorie Brown Bon Hav n Vera Bryan Catherine Wall Bryn Mam Catherine Wall Marjorie Thatcher The Californ Chi Phi Ho I-illis Kretsinger ...Colonial Hall B Annex Nancy Jouett Geneveive Campbell Durant Place Rita Pollack Catherine Mulholland Elizabeth Barrett ..Mary Ann Butterworth Phyllis Snell Epworth Hall Piilani Feiteira Helen Ingles Hanson House _ Lois Beihorn Frances Saunders Hedgewood Hall...: Elizabeth Taggart Eva Nurse Joaquin Hall Ruth Wirt Elizabeth Smith se Rosemary Mclntyre Kathryn Hill Katherine Elizabeth.. ... Marilynn McFarland Rosemary Noakes Kingman Hall _ Paula Green Mary Chausse Lantana Lodge Carolyn Savinar Jeanne Wright The Lauralon Mercedes Silva Lexington Hall Rachael Balyeat The McFarlands Lorinne Taglio Geneva Kastle North Gables Harriet Young Mary Ann Russell Ridgemont Evelyn Murphy Ivalee Copland Ritter Hall Betty Jane McConnell Mary Jane Coyer Sherman Hall Dorothy Tomasini Carolyn Wallace Stebbins Hall Elizabeth Klinker Vlasta Nosek Stern Hall Catherine Smith Louise Luippold .St. Margaret ' s House Anne Batchelder Merodine Johns _ Stratford Hall Lillian Rogin Denise Leonard Warring Place Beatrice Lipsitch 284 fen, Mitchell Schoefer Setdel Snell 5. --- 5 .- - - - - Harwell Hamey Hindle Josephson Kelley Morser Paddock Roberts Van Renssler Walter E - . Berger :.= M C-r- q of Forest de Rocs Fagiani Feitiera Frtwde Imrie McCaslin McVittie Wasor Price Robirwn : :- B 5:-- : Stark Tanner i ;---..- E id Brown := MI Chaffin Btfq Collins ans Frick Friedland = -: Nisbet Olseo Owrgaard Prooty Suits Tre MBta Winter EPWORTH HflLL 2521 CHANNING WAY SENIORS June Adam- Elizabeth Barr Betty Lou Green Joan Mitchell Kathleen Schoefer Hildagard Seidel Phyllis SneU Evelyn Sohft Barbara Summer Barbara Swanon JUNIORS Lucille Bianchi Joyce Hanwell Dorothy Barney Marguerite Hindle Betty Lou Ingram Edith Josephson Janice Kelley Marilyn Morer Jean Paddock Beverly Robert Bemice Stewart Carolyn Van Rentier Alberta Walker SOPHOMORES Virginia Barry Sylvia Berger Rose Marie CarUen June Crowley Ardith de Foret Lois de Roos Muriel Fagiani Piilani Feitiera Patricia Froude Ruth Goodyear Marian Imrie Joyce Marjorie McCaslin Florence McVitlie Aliton Marsh Joyce Mason Gail Price Dorothy Bedford Edith Robinson Ruth Santee Claire Schrick Sally Schweitzer Jean Stark Tanner FRESHMEN Pearl Abouaf Minnie A hmore Laura Black Barbara Brown Ruth Buckman Evelyn Callawav Barbara Ann Chaffin Betty Coffey Lois Collins Marian Evans Mj ine Frirk Renee Friedland Jean Maron Gertrude Nisbet Patricia Olsen Jean Overgaard Jacquelyn Owens Mary Lee Prouty Betty Lou Suits Edith Tye Dorothy Whalen Doris Winter 285 RiDGEmonT 2530 RIDGE, ROAD SENIORS Phyllis Bourn Anita Cagle Alyce Edwards Grace Frudden Nancy Geddes Etta Marie Haines June Marshall Violet McClure Mary Ann Russell Roma Stone Mia Suverkrop Julie Taff Ellen Cordero Helen Johnson JUNIORS Evelyn Murphy Eugenia Simmons Ethel Winkler SOPHOMORES Alice Campbell Elaine Edlefsen Joan Howell Judith Ponsonby FRESHMEN Grace Bernhardt Jean Clark Carmen Finley Sylvia Stevens Bourn Cagle Edwards Frudden Geddes Haines Marshall McClure Russell Stone Suverkrop Taff . Cordero Johnson Murphy Simmons Winkler Campbell Edlefsen Howell Ponsonby Bernhardt Clark Finley Stevens 286 .::- : Gay lord Kitto McConneM Miller Sea In Stinson Brookover Dole Douglas Hansen Hart Henderson Levick Lindfors ::::- I - Page, C. Page, H. Powell Roratwck Rosing = .: Semer Earl Erickson Rodseth Amon tota Spitler Sticknry Van Steenbergen RITTER HflLL 2422 PROSPECT STREET SENIORS Ivalee Copland Belly Jane McConnell Alice Gaylord Jeanne Miller Hf Lou Hamilton Phyllis- Nel err Elizabeth Kitto Kalhryn Scalzo Doris- Stint-on JUNIORS LaVern Brookover Pat -ie Dole EUa Doughi- Carolee Hanen Eleanor Hart Betsy Jo Henderson Phyllis Levirk Britta Lindfnr- Julianne McDonald Clara Mae Page Helen Page Shirley Powell Jacqueline Rorabeck Grace Rosing Margaret Rudkin Rosemary Senter SOPHOMORES Carolyn Adams Lorna Lee Earl Eleanor Burrow - Beatrice Erickson Ruth Rodseth FRESHMEN Patricia Amort Lo is Jean Power Beverly Burton Lenore Spitler Mary Lee.Kingman Anne Stickney Carol Van Steenbergen 287 STERH HflLL GRADUATES Ruth H.ii i. li Lizette Bauni Natalie Burdick Margaret Dornback Amy de Turk Cathleen Dyer Doreen Feng Doris Fniinpton Joy Gallagher Katinka Gallin Marian Gualco Elizabeth Elizabeth Hall Martha Leavell Theas Lindborg Christine Lorgion Emilie Luptak Mary Murray Margaret Neubacker Vlasta Nosek Elizabeth Riley Gretchen Senator Blanche Smith Turner SENIORS Barbara Allen Phyllis Anderson Jean Elliot June Funch Margaret Gardipee Katherine Gardner Gloria Henderson Jean Hudson Evelyn Julien Margaret Koshland Phyllis Koshland Marie Laws Betty McDonald Melva McDonald Marian Audre Marcus Lois Merwin Shasta Meservey Marjorie Minnis Joyce Richardson Marilyn Schiller Margaret Ann Shower Catherine Smith Marian Smith Alice Stein Barbara Stockton Jane Svenson Lenore Van Dyke Janet Wright Zeitschel JUNIORS Elise Beaton Eleanor Clark Jean Bruce Miriam Cryton Mary Grace Dollar ' Barich Baum Burdick Dornback de Turk Dyer Feng Frampton Gallagher Gallin Gualco Hall Leavell Lindbarg Lcrgion Luptak Murray Neubac-ker Nosek Riley Schafer Smith Turner Allen Anderson Elliott Funch Gardipee Gardner Henderson Hudson Julien Koshland, M. Koshlajid, P. Laws McDonald, B. McDonald, M. Marcus Merwin Meservey Minnis Richardson Schiller Shower Smith, C. Smith, M. Stein Stockton Svenson Van Dyke Wright Zeitschel Beaton Bruce Clark Cryton Dollar 288 Eddy Gleiuman Gutenberg Haas Harris fHttmm Keen Knight Landon McKeown Rehnert Scheuer Taft Toscani Wool pen Ziegler Baer Bailey Barth Bean Ctiristensen Condit Douglas Hanson Heryford Holmes Hoppe , " " " ' ' Kile Miller Milloy Negley Neill Peters Rcberts Scheuer Sims Watson Wing Zeitschel Brown Diaper Edwards Erickson Griffeath Knudson Lyon McKenzie McNamara Olsen Quimby Reed Robinson Sbcram STERD HULL JUNIORS Barbara Eddy Marion Cleitzman Stephanie Gutenberg Rhoda Haas Barbara H.irri- Jura Hoffman Beverly Keene Anne Knight Martha Landon Florence McKeown Doris Jean Rehnert Inge Scheuer Virginia Taft Mary Toscani Margaret Woolpert Rosalie Ziegler SOPHOMORES Nancy Baer Joan Bailey Beverly Barth Mildred Bean Elaine Christensen Janice Condit Janet Douglas Alice Gardner Barbara Hanson Betty Heryford Alta Holme ? Iva Hoppe Barbara Johnson Ruth Helen Kile Gerda Meyer Ruth Miller Eileen Milloy Carolyn Negley Jean Neill Eugenia Nikonenko Elva Mae Peter- Joyce Roberts Hilde Scheuer Barbara Siin Mary Jane Wats-on Lilly Wing Zeitschel Leo Brown Patricia Draper Phyllis Edwards Nancy Emerson Kay Erickson Shirley Griffeath Crissola Knudson FRESHMEN Phyllis Lyon Audrey Mckenzie Mary Pat McNamara Sally Olsen Barbara Quimby Dorothy Reed Marilyn Robinson Elizabeth Sherman 289 I 1ft PHI BETA KflPPfl (Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE, 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1896 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Edward C. Tolnian V ice-President Stephen C. Pepper Recording Secretary Arnold H. Rowbotham Secretary-Treasurer Lawrence A. Harper Laurel Glass Catherine D. Greene COUNCILLORS Ewald T. Grether Alden H. Miller Henry Osner Pauline Sperry Arthur G. Arrian Jean M. Anderson Gladys Baltzo Morton Barron William J. Bass Alfred Hale Booth Robert Brown Frank Buff Margaret T. Buckley Harry R. Buttimer Jennie M. Charters Oren Christensen Morrison Chun Mary Clement Richard Colvig Margaret Connick Frances Anna Dahm Philip Damon Harry Darling Harold Davis Margaret Eaton Herbert Ellis Guy Weston Embree Franklin H. Ernst George Finnegan Alice Marie Foletta Robert Hamlon Fox Jacob P. Frankel Edward Fulkerson Joan Fullington Katinka Gallin SENIORS Lawrence Germaine Lorna Goodman Charles Gray Mary E. Gregory Ruth Grove Rosemary Hadden Arthur Hanson Robert L. Harris George Hasen Fred Rolling Bronislaw Honigberg William Jackson Terry Jeeves Dorothy M. Johnson Margaret Jory Charles Kendall Elizabeth Kinsey Doris Lagomarsino Lilli Landerer Ruth La Vietes Patricia Lee Kirsti Lindfors Alison Lindh Patricia McEwen Ralph Mackay Mavis Mahan Floyd Marchi Shirley Marlin Suei Matveev Donald Minkler Kenneth Mooslin Charles Mudrick Beulah Ong Dorothea Paule David Pines Peggy Reid Edward Reinhart Terence Ring John Roberts Joseph Rood Morris Rubesin Betty Schuck Bettina Schuster Phyllis Seitz Margaret Smith Donald Smith Sanford Snow Rowena Somerindyke Ann Stanberry Barbara Stayton Fred Stevenson Shirley Suttles Kenneth Terry Olive Terry Barbara Thompson Betty Thompson William Todd Richard Trumbly Catherine Vawter John Walker Charles Willner Nathaniel Wolf Peter Wolff Clyde Noble Julius Bendat Mary Dang Mariana Dowden - Bruce Fisher Mary Ellen Goepfert JUNIORS Luis Ireland Marie May Elmer Ng Betty O ' Neil Forrest Plant Mary Raniage Betty Jane Robinson Marcia Robinson Hans Ury Lola Szanto Herbert Waechtler 292 I iU M)ED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED ]nT -r KM 1 ! EIGHT CHAPTER- TflU BETfl PI FIRST ROW: Ebert K. Jung, Robert Meuser, Robert L. Harris, Jack Frankel, Francis X. Kast.. Marx Ayres, James S. Stewart. SECOND ROW: Alex Scordelis, Jere Austin, Gene Maddocks, Jack R. Brown, John M. Haasis, William Kast, Richard E. Friedman, Samuel Soo Hoc. THIRD ROW: Robert Eugene Hulbert, Gilbert Homer Hughes. Edward Floyd Fulkerson, Morris Jerome, Francis M. Klink, Kenneth C. Mirov, Angus M. Crocker. FOURTH ROW: L B. Olson, G. W. Embree, G. W. Dexter, W. S. Speer, G. F. Anisman, R. E. Abbott, W. H. Brown, D. E. Reed. FIFTH ROW: Eugene F. Murphy, Zegmund 0. Bleviss. W. L. Marre, Robert Lipkis, W. L. Lewis, L. R. Keller, H. B. Fletcher, G. B. Raab, J. C. Nelle. OFFICERS I ice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Leonard Black Llewellyn Bo.-lt.-r Ander- Curl-on Charle- Daizel Harnier Da i- Ravmond Da i- Chark Uerleth Chjrlr-- Dukr Richard AM. ..It George Ani-inan Jere Aiiytin Jame- rr- B.-a .-r Zegmund Blr i-- Gordon Bron-mi Jack Brown % arren Brown X illi.ini Bu-li Howard Eherhardl Bernard Elrhe err Richard Fol-on Francif- Foole Leonard Fuller Troy Gray heal Sidney Harding Carlelon Hulin Robert CarUuii AngU!- Crocker George Dexler C,u Enilir.-.- Jai-k Evernden Donald Finkle Herbert Fletcher Jacob Frankel Richard Edward Fulker on Duncan Gardner Summer .Robert Carbon f::iiiund Blevi Au-tin andt-r-on incent I rban Samuel Soo Hoo Fall Robert Harri- Jarob Frankel Franci- Ka t Morris Jerome Edward Fuiker-on Ebert Jung Spring Frank McClure George Anisman Warren Brown Jere Austin Richard Friedman I MVHRSITV SS:i TKS Franri- Hulchin-nn Charley Hyde Harold Iver en Finn JOIUI--I-M Knc.i- Kane Arthur Kurzwell lf ander Leveny G-eorge Loudervack Tli. .in. i- McFarland Donalil McLaughlin Richard Martinelli Janif- Meriani Paul Morton Eugene Murphy Prenti-r Mellon Herherl ilnieier ACTIVES John Haa-i- Arthur Hannuni George Harrington Robert Harri- Uavid Hodm- Gilbert Hughes Robert Hulberl Morri? Jerome Ebert Jung Franci- ka-l illiani Ka-I Leroy Keller Charles Kilpatrirk 1 i- Klink Robert Lane illiani Lew i- Robert l.ijiki- rrank Maddock- illiani Marre Frank Mcl lure Jo-eph Melle Robert Mt-u-rr Morough O ' Brien arren Perry Benedict Raber 1 .--ter Reukema Burli- Rol ert on Mohamed Selim Nathan Snyder Rolert Sproul Kenneth Miro Jerre N... I ..III- I I|.OII Robert Ol?on John Percival George Raab Donald Reed John Reed lorri- Rulif-in Nicholas Taliaferro George Troxell Le ter I ren Carl Vopt Clement Wiskocil Baldwin Woods Donnell Sylvester Alexander Scordelis Samuel Soo Hoo William Speer J.i in.- Stewart Bradford Stimpson Ru ?? ell Stott Lee Tune Vincent Urban Frederi -k Sauer Roberl ildin.ui 293 mORTflR BOARD (Senior ff omen ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS TOP ROW: Jane Anderson, Constance Blair, Natalie Burdick, Barbara Campbell, Margaret Dodds, Madeline Goodrich, Barbara Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Lewis, Mavis Marian, Bette McClure, Mary Murray, Mary Ogg, Gretchen Schafer. OFFICERS President Jane Anderson Vice-President Margaret Dodds Secretary Janet Lewis Treasurer Gretchen Schafer Chapter Editor Mary Ogg Margaret Beattie Louise Cobb Ruby Cunningham HONORARY Mary Davidson Helen Fancher Alice Hoyt Lillie Margaret Sherman Ida Sproul Lucy Stebbins Lelia Anderson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ruth Donnelly Marjorie Petray Jane Anderson Constance Blair Natalie Burdick Barbara Campbell Barbara Shanks Copeland ACTIVES Margaret Dodds Madeline Goodrich Barbara C. Jones Janet Lewis Mavis Mahan Bette McClure Mary Murray Mary Ogg Gretchen Schafer 294 W mn ' j Honorary Sori ' FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1900 ONE CHAPTER PRYTflHERn TOP ROW: Barton C npbri I, Jie Porter, lUroaret Oedds, AM ' . ' :--. :;-_.?.- tata KtfMM ::;: DM -:-: I Dawson, Jeanne De Chew. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce iFFICERS Fmll Barbara Campbell President Sprimg ' icr- Prtsidemt F.ffi mcr F.rtrrt Carol vn Hirdv Dr. Ruby Cunnin Mrs. Monroe E. 1 Mrs. Walter Gordon HONORARY Mrs. Dorothy Sheldon Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Sproul Mrs. Robert Gordon Spronl Miss Lucy Ward Stebbin Mrs. Sigmnnd Stem Conidr. Tov. Wiley. U.S.N.R. Olive Ad Leila Barbara A rant wag Marjorie Atsalt Edna Bailey Eleanor Bancroft Eleanor Banlett Margaret Beattie Fredriea Bernhard Olga Bridgman Amy Bumstead Marjorie Carlton Vera Christie UNIVERSITY ASSM:I TES Charlie dark Louise Cobb Edith Coulter Lucile CzarBowski Mary B. DividMW Carah Davis Rath Norton Donnelly Helen Fancfaer Hope Cladding Catherine DeMotte Green Alice Hoyt Aileen Ja a Mae Lent Violet Marshall Bernice Habbard May Agnes Morgan Florence Mollins Margaret Murdock Cecil Piper Cannel Riley Agnes Robb Lillie Sherman Beth Stmcoy Katherine Towle Dr. Margaret Ze(f Emily Andrews Margaret Cafierata Marilyn DeWitz Ellen Giacomazzi Jean Goldman Mary Gregory Elizabeth Herbert Martha Hoffman SENIORS Janet Hughes Elizabeth Jones Katherine Kain Elizabeth Kinsey Elizabeth Kramer Janet Lewis Alison Lindh Patricia Mclntosh Caddie Newell Alma Pollack Barbara Smith Helen Spinner Rita Stone Alison Swartz Ruth Wesson Lois Williams Jacqueline Zierdt Elinor Anderson Flare cc Anderson Bell Laurie Bk Kathlee Crosby Marian Daly Jean Elliott Carol Fnrth Mary ' Ellen Goepfert Ethel Henck Grant Betty Green JUNIORS Lydia Griffin Carolyn Hardy Joan Hauter Patricia Hervey Ann Homer Margaret Horn BeteHy Kii _ M r Louice KJK X Margaret Ro hland Phyllis Lindley Man Pat MacWilliuM Audre Marcus Beulah Ong Frances Pleat Eleanor Polcy Mar Elizabeth Porter Joyce Richardson Joan Selby Marjaref Shower Ruth Stratton Betty Udall Ellen Uler Pauline Win| 295 - BIG " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS President Arthur E. Honegger V ice-President Albert G.Harris Secretary Terry Ring HONORARY AND UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Richard Ahreu Leonard Allison David Barrows Albert Becker Ralph Chancy James Corley Tracy Crawford W. H. Davis Charles Derleth Monroe Deutsch William Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton Evans Herbert Foster Elmer Goldsworthy Walter Gordon Brutus Hamilton Dr. James Harkness Robert Hemphill Joel Hildebrand Miles Hudson Ebert Hugill Charles Hyde Robert Johnson Ernest Madison Ralfe Miller Russell Nagler Franklin Palm Charles Pease Kenneth Priestley A. W. Ragan Harry Shepherd Robert Sproul Tom Stow Irwin Uteritz Edwin Voorhies Frank Wickhorst Robert Wilson Lewis Avery Edward Barnett Robert Barsocchini Fred Brandt Clayton Calender Robert Frisbes Edwin Garthwaite FOOTBALL William Hachten Roger Harding Albert Harris Raymond Johnson Robert Lippi I lull i- 1 c I Mii-lil in Richard Madigan Richard Munroe Craige Ortlieb George Quist George Rasmussen Harry Stuart Robert Weeks Leonard Wheeler James Farrell Richard Henderson John Higgins BASKETBALL Claude Hiskey Wayne Hooper Richard Hunn George Jones Richard Nelson Lee Parker Stephen Shutt Douglas Clayton Elwood Cole BASEBALL Jack Hutton Jerry Hutton Robert O ' Dell Edward Sanclemente William Carson Albert Harris Richard Heggie TRACK Thomas Hill James Jurkovich Bert Meek Albert Ribise Terry Ring CREW George Wendell TENNIS James Livingstone Walter St. Goar 296 CIRCLE " C " SOCIETY BACK ROW: Ross Bean, Gene Weisend, James Leonard, Bill Taylor, Frank Rossman. FRONT ROW: Calvin Terman, Robert Dorland, Edward Fulkerson, Verne Greene. Fall Eugene Wei?end Leonard OFFICERS President I ice-President Dick Abreu Leonard Allison Raymond Balsle) Tom Cureton William Donald Al Dowden William Fallen A. G. Goldswortln Marx A re- R i Bean Rino Bei Ted Binkley Rene Bou-qiu-l Walt Bowman George Broderii k Ra Carle Bill Clark Bruce Cog(:in Hilary ' Crawford Jim Cunningham Jim Cuthbertson .ill Dang Tom Evernden HONORARY E. Graff Brutu- Hamilton Norman Hinds Mile? Hudson Bert Jones Charles Keeney Ralfe Miller Edgar Nemir MEMBERS Jack Fatoo George Frederick-oil Edward Fulkerson Tom Gay Bob Griffin Al Hay man rthur Honegger Ben Kleinstein Emil Kwashey Perry Lamb William Lambert Frank Lee James Leonard illiam McDonald Spring ..Edward Fulkerson Ross Bean Heber Newsom Charles Pease E. G. Probert Aiva Ragan J. Raine Julius Schroeder Henry Stone C. A. Zamlock John Mathias Donald Modlin Ed -Vemtzow John V.rri- Craig Ortlieb Dave Rodgers William Ru- Allen Sapino Milton Schwartz Roland Shalt Ira Smith Ed Tomsoric John Topes Calvin Turman Eugene Weisend 297 CHI EPSILOn (Civil Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 TWENTY CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Frank McClure, Raymond Anderson, Fred Jackson, Donald Teixeira, Jacob Frankel, John Williamson, Joseph Nelle, Thomas Ostrom. FRONT ROW: Ebert Jung, Albert Chan, George Raab, Robert Click, James Spirz, Donald Croft. OFFICERS President I ice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Associate Editor of the Transit. Summer . Joseph Nelle Fall George Raab William Lewis Oren Christensen Jacob Frankel Frank McClure George Raab Robert Click James Spirz Spring Edward Fulkerson Robert Dorland Joseph Truxaw Donald Croft John Williamson Paul Bailey Henry Brunnier George Calder Raymond Davis Charles Derleth Henry Dewell Howard Eberhart HONORARY Sturla Kinar.-i.un Bernard Etcheverry Francis Foote Sidney Harding Walter Huber Charles Hyde Bruce Jameyson Joe W. Kelly Wilfred Langelier Leon Nishkian Augustus Saph Fred C. Scobey Robert G. Sproul Clement Wiskocil Raymond Anderson Rupert Brittain Albert Chan Oren Christensen Donald Croft Robert Dorland James Farrell Jacob Frankel Edward Fulkerson Robert Click MEMBERS Philip Griffin John Isaacs Frederick Jackson Ebert Jung William Jurkovich Walter Laurence Henry Lee William Lewis James McCarty Frank McClure Caleb McCormick Joseph Nelle Thomas Ostrom Karl Pister George Raab James Schumann James Spirz Donald Teixeira Joseph Truxaw John Williamson 298 (Dramatics Honor Society I TTHF 1 NIYERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. 1905 ONE CHAPTER ADD DAGGER OFFICERS President I ' ice-President $ecretar Treasurer .Summer Lynette Temple . Suzanne de Lappe . ilson Yandell Eleanora Daw on Fall Leslie J. Mahoney Marie Diane Winnia Suzanne de Lappe Elizabeth Spring Leslie J. Mahoney Gordon Connell Suzanne de Lappe Jacqueline Zierdt ' uHilh Anderson Harold Passage Fred Blanchard Anthony Blank- Theodore Bowie Alire Brainard heldon Cheney Monroe Deut-rh Mathurin Dondo Edwin Dnerr Willard Durham HONORARY Hope Cladding Everett Glar- Fred Harri- Mary Harri- Alex K.iun Robert Lav? Benjamin Lehman Doris Mclntyre Guy Montgomery Eugen Neuhuu- Stephen Pepper Irving Pichel Kenneth Priestley Max Radin Louis Reynolds Henry Schnitzler Nathan Scott Wood Soane Sarah Sturgess Alan Thompson Dwight Whitney Charles Von Neumeyer I t MM ACTIVE IN THE PROFESSION Morri- Ankrum I " i- Austin William Bernal Hern ire Berwin Frank Brown Lloyd Corrigan AueuMa Dabney Oahan Denton inrent Duffy Ralph Edwards Richard Ehler? John Eldridge William Eng nck Frank Ferguson Robert Goldstein Laurence Hugo James Krieger Baldwin McGaw Mary Meyer Paul Nathan Barry Nelson e-tor Paiva Eldred Perk Walter Plunkett Stanley Qnackenbush Michael Raffeto Robert Row Gloria Stuart Kenneth Toby Carol Ebert Veazye Kathleen Wilson Menahem Wolfe Barton Yarborongh John Mri-nn. ' i- ACTIVE A I.I MM Janire Caffrey Aida Link Anneliese Windesheim Jane Ander-mi Florence Ander on Jark nn Burke John Caffrey Eleanora Daw.on GRADUATES Mary Jane Arrabit SENIORS Suzanne deLappe Ellen Giacomazzi Elizabeth Kinsey Le Iie J. Mahonev Lynetle Temple Marie Diane U innia Richard Trumhly Helen Tupper Wilson Yandell Jacqueline Zierdt JUNIOR Gordon Connell 299 SOCIETY OF CIVIL EDGinEERS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CHAPTER PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1921 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS BACK ROW: Kit Van Lau, Edward Hazen, Richard Waller, Harry Campbell, James Walsh, Caleb McCormick, Karl Pister, Philip Griffin, Thomas Ostrum. THIRD ROW: Leslie Grant, James Stewart, Raymond Anderson, Fred Jackson, Donald Teixeira, Jacob Frankel, Allen Chinn, Murray Slater, Elmer Hall, Nestor Vivado. SECOND ROW: Hayward Fong, Robert Korsko, William Low, Milos Polivka, James Schumann, Bruce Randall, William Rogers, Francisco Aguilar, Donald Croft, Alan Wirsig. FRONT ROW: Frank McClure, Harry Horn, Ebert Jung, Albert Chan, George Raab, Robert Glick, Joseph Nelle, Stanley Goldhaber, William Fitch, James Spirz. President Vice-President.. Secretary _... Treasurer Summer ..George Raab .Frank McClure ..Joseph Nelle .William Fitch OFFICERS Fall Robert Glick William Fitch William Wolff Frank McClure Walter Dreyer HONORARY Herbert Croul UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Harmer E. Davis Raymond E. Davis Charles Derleth Charles M. Duke Howard D. Eberhart Francis F. Foote Sturla Einarsson Sidney T. Harding Bernard Etcheverry Charles G. Hyde Bruce Jameyson Joe W. Johnson Joe W. Kelly SENIORS Spring Frank McClure Stanley Goldhahcr Joseph Truxaw Karl Pister Wilfred F. Langelier Herbert P. Nilmeier George E. Troxell Clement T. Wiskocil Rino Bei Jacob Frankel Fred Jackson Thomas Ostrom Parrel Stewart Harry Campbell Edward Fulkerson Ehert Jung Wayne Person James Stewart Donald Carlson Richard Gilman James Jurkovich Jack Piersall Donald Teixeira Edward Cederborg Robert Glick Octavio Lacayo Milos Polivka Earl Thomas Albert Chan Stanley Goldhaber Kit Yan Lau George Raab Joseph Truxaw Allen Chinn Leslie Grant Walter Lawrence Wallace Reemelin Alfred Vandenberg Oren Christensen Vic Gretzinger Wilbert Lester Stephen Renovich Nestor Vivado Shirley Cottrell Norman Greve William Lewis Dick Robbins James Walsh Donald Croft Elmer Hall George Low Louis Robins George Wendall Robert Dorland Harry ' Hanna James McClaskev William Rogers Leonard Wheeler Oscar Duque Edward Hazen Frank McClure James Schumann John Williamson Richard Ehrisman Jack Herrero Guy Mancarti Murray Slater Otto Wirsig Joyce Farmer Benjamen Hogan Charles Moore Luis Soldi William Wolff William Fitch Harry Horn Joseph Nelle James Spirz James Wyatt Hayward Fong John Isaacs Robert Nye Leland Steward Jacques Yeager H. Ostrom JUNIORS Francisco Aguilar Robert Broxholme Edmund Brunet Dayton Caldera John Feerick Roy Friedrichs Glen Gallaher Stanley Goldin Nathaniel Gorman Philip Griffin Henry ' Lee Hiram Lee James McCarthy Caleb McCormick Karl Pister Bruce Randall Reed Robbins Erling Rohde Philip Skarin SOPHOMORES Lawrence Anderson Bruce Dunwoody Albert Korsko Edward Rice Bernard Auld Harry Kolander Robert Pearl Don Simpson John Pedlar Ronald Sodestrom Beatrice Ward Harold Weeks Dan Woody Stanton Smith Richard Waller 300 (California Student Branch) PARE1ST SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1911 nmERicfln SOCIETY OF mECHRniCRL EDGIIIEERS FRONT ROW: Joel Edward Ogden, John M. Haasis, Francis X. Kast, Ellis H. Tomsky, David P. Billings, James Marx Ayres, William Kast, Angus M. Crocker, Charles W. Broyles. SECOND ROW: Robert C. Sabini, Jere Austin, Angelo Perone, Fred Preston, LeRoy R. Keller, Herbert B. Fletcher, Robert Lipkis, William A. Price, Robert B, Meuser. THIRD ROW: Duane Parkison, David A. Vance, Ernest E. Hajek, Stan L Smyth, George F. Anisman, John A. Clawson, G. Weston Embree, Zegmund 0. Bleviss. BACK ROW: Eugene F. Murphy, Enrique Stoelo, Robert L. Harris, Tom Stelzner, Robert E. Hulbert, Warren H. Brown, Charles J. Tateosian, Philip A. Jensen. NOT PICTURED: Robert F. Watson, Edison J. McClave, Roger G. Bartenstein, Warren Enochian, Tom E. Haynes, Louis Weidner. OFFICERS Chairman... Mce-Chmn Secretary Treasurer... Francisco Aguilar Philip Alper John Anderson Alan Anderson John Anderson George Anisman Said Argeso John Ast Jere Austin Stanley Ay hens James Avres Harold Baer Charles Bailey ( iuniher Balee Roger Bartenstein Charles Bechett Uavid Billings Cecil Blankenship eftmund Bleviss George Brajnikuff Robert Braun William Breyer Milton Brenner Warren Brown Charles Broyles Seibley Buffum William Bulen Lee Carson William Carson Bruce Case Robert Chappell James Christen John Clawson Walter Connolly Summer .Austin Sanderson William Bulen ..Ernest Hajek ..Alexis Gorydinoff Fall Herbert Fletcher John Ast Yemen Wattenberger Louis Weidner MEMBERS Angus Crocker Allen Dale Henry de logh David Dennis Allen Deyo Winneld Dixon Neal Dyste John Edmund Gerald Elsbach Guy Embree Warren Enochian Stanley Epstein Kenneth Fink Herbert Fletcher Jarrot Flowers Basil Garret Emilio Gibillini Alexis Gorydinoff Joseph Grass H. W. Grebe Alfred Grundv John Haasis Ernest Hajek Earl Hammond Edward Hannay Frederick Hanson Harold Harris Robert Harris Gordon Hawkins Thomas Haynes Ervin Heindrich Robert Henderson George Hill William Holmes Hdward Horn Robert Hulbert Robert Jacobs John Jakowsky Philip Jensen Francis Kast William Kast James Kennedy Harold Kerber Frank Klock Clyde Kushnick Roy Lazar Claude Lieusav Robert Lipkis Martin Locke Robert Lockhart Edison McClave Fulton Mclnerney Robert Makin Charles Mersereau Robert Meuser Herbert Meyer Myron Morgan Peter Nettelman Edward Newman Edward Ogden John Osborne Duane Parkinson Leo Par! off Carl Pascaloff Alfred Pattimore Angelo Perone Frederick Preston William Price George Quinn Charles Radcliffe Spring Warren Enochian Thomas Haynes George Anisman Harold Harris Wallace Reemelin William Reid Harrison Rowe Robert Sabini David Saenger Austin Sanderson Stanley Smyth Enrique Sotelo Leonard Sperber Irwin Spitzer Thomas Stelzner John Stevenson David Strait Charles Strope Charles Tateosian Thomas Tietz Ellis Tomsky Irwin Tuttlemen Vincent Urban David Vance Ralph Walters Robert Watson Vernon Wattenberger Floyd Welch Edward Weidler Louis Weidner Donald Welton William Whelan Donald Wilson Norman Winnings tadt J. Y. Woo Charles Wright Richard Wright Wallace Zamore 301 EPSILOH PHI SIGIDR (Society of Hellenic Students) CHARTER CHAPTER FOUNDED ON BERKELEY CAMPUS, 1940 BACK ROW: Paul Christopulos, Peter Kakures, Nick Elefther, Gus Speliotopoulos, Connie Glafkides. Frank Frangeskos, Sam Menzelos. SECOND ROW: Christina Chalios, Caroline Papas, Mary Colures, Ann Karnegis, Bessie Barbikas. FRONT ROW: Angle Nicholson, Sophie Ellis, Katherine Glafkides, Marian Zamm, Helen Spanos, Sophie Evangelou. Fall Peter Kakures Kulherine Glafkides.. Sophie Ellis George Koostures OFFICERS President .Vice-President. ..Secretary .Treasurer.. ... Spring ....Paul Christopulos Marian Zamm Angie Nicholson ....Sophie Evangelou Peter Bereolos Georgia Changari s Nick Eleftner Matena Ellis Zoe Ellis Dorothy Apostol Bessie Barbikus Mary Barbis Athena Calsoyas Christine Chalios Jim Changaris Paul Christopulos Mary Colores HONORARY Monroe E. Deutsch UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Theodore Changaris GRADUATES Olga Flamos Eurydice Koche George Nicholau Martha Papadakis UNDERGRADUATES Vonla Duvanis Sophie Ellis Sophie Evangelou Connie Glafkides Katherine Glafkides Peter Kakures Anne Karnegas George Kosturos Kathryn Ladas Nick Nicolos Caroline Pappas Nick Petris Solon Scordelis Voula Scordelis Sam Menzelos Angie Nicholson Betty Psaltis Alex Scordelis Artemis Smernes Helen Spanos Gus Speliotopoulos Marian Zamm 302 PflfllLE (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Serrice Society) DJMJI mm: Baraara MB, Jean Porter, jam .:- .-:_ -;: : .::_ =: Nancy Jory, Rmtb Wright, Lois RotfcMtara. Barbara Miller, Bennett, Margaret Fnfecr. Janet Dowlas, Blanche Oertli, Margery Fwrter, Patricia : Nancy Reid, Pat Hadridso , Jam McMwry. Molly decora , Audrey Noil I, 9. FRONT ROW: Kattcriw Wapv. Mancy Han, Jane Ristenpart, Nancy Ambrose r, Virsinia Wibo., Jean Nipper, Rkoda Haas, JMC Baker. OFFICERS President V ice-President Fall Dolores Canelo Jean Corless.... Daphne Smith Recording Secretary.. Jacqueline Hasling Corresponding Secretary Lesley Jones Dorothy Herbert .Treasurer _. Nancy Haven Joanna Harrington Surgical Dressings ..... Rhoda Haas Spring Virginia Wilson .Mary Carolyn Snook Janet MoMurry Patricia Jones Pat Hendrickson _.-Mary Tweedie Betty Barton Mary B. Davidson Nancy Ambrose Jane Baker Jane Bennett Gladys Barns Dolores Canelo Molly Chesebrough Beverly Conner Jean Corliss Janet Dougla- Margaret Fisher Margery Fowler Margaret Gabbert Rhoda Haas Margaret Hamilton Joanna Harrington HONORARY Kaiherine Fischer El-ie Forster ACTIVES Jacqueline Hasling Nancy Haven Pat Hendrick-on Dorothy Herbert Beverly Hocking Myra Honegger !.-- ley Jones Patricia Jones Nancy Jory Janet McMurr Barbara MiUer Jean Nipper Audrey Noall Blanche Oertli Joan Porter Catherine D. Greene Alice Hoyt Nancy Reid Jane Ristenpart Loie Rocca Lois Rotbenberg Barbara Sims Daphne Smith Mary Carolyn Snook irginia Stokdyk Mary Tweedie Margaret Va genet Katberine Wagner Gay Walton Virginia Wilson Revilla Wright 303 TORCH flllD SHIELD (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Ulery, Jean Elliott, Joan Selby, Frances Pleas, Phyllis Lindley, Anne Roberts, Ann Homer. OFFICERS Fall Spring Gretchen Schafer President Phyllis Lindley Barbara Merner . .Vice-President. ... ...Jean Elliott Betty Lou Herbert Secretary-Treasurer ..Mary Geary Mary B. Davidson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lucy Ward Stebbins Catherine DeMotte Greene Constance Blair Barbara Shanks Copeland Betty Lou Herbert SENIORS Henrietta La Tour Vieille Mavis Mahan Bette McClure Barbara Merner Gretchen Schafer Roberta Harter Sinilli Alison Swartz JUNIORS Denise Doron Jean Elliott Mary Geary Ann Homer Janet Hughes Phyllis Lindley Frances Pleas Joyce Richardson Joanne Selby Ellen Ulery 304 (Intersororay Social Organisation) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER flCE OF CLUBS BACK ROW: Betty UcGee, EUine Qrtsuun, EMily Aaorcws, Ann Gordon, Adah Jack, ! U MM Uopfend. FRONT ROW: Marilyn 5 . ' ' . ' ' - . ' - ' : " ' " - " :: - - - : -:; Fall hirle Arnold Ann Gordon Marilyn Smith .-. Alison Swartz... Janet Ammen Florence . nderson Emily Andrew - hirley Arnold Dorothy Broy , nn Bruck Elaine Cbristman Gloria Grigg OFFICERS President I ice-President Secretary .Treasurer- MEMBERS Ann Gordon Ann Homer Peggy Humann Adalyn Jack Ma i Mahan Sallv Moffatt Helen MacDonald Betty McGee Spring Marilyn Smitb Adalyn Jack Dorothy Broy -Marilyn Roberts Carolyn Perry Marilyn Roberts Sheila Sim Marilyn Smith Alison Swartz Isabel Tinning Eleanor Umphred 305 THRLIRR FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 Fall Elizabeth Kinsey.. Jackie Zierdt Francis Brown Ellen Giacomazzi. Belle Purcell OFFICERS President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Representative-at-Large. Spring Florence Anderson Sue de Lappe Bonnie Weeks ....Ellen Giacomazzi ....Belle Purcell Mrs. Fred O. Harris HONORARY Mrs. Aida Link Mrs. R. G. de Lappe Florence Anderson Mary Jane Arrabit Betty Jane Bradshaw Laurie Buck Janice Morgan Caffrejr Sue de Lappe Ellen Giacomazzi Madeline Goodrich MEMBERS Vivian Hendrickson Barbara Jarnagin Audrey Jones Elizabeth Kinsey Sylvia Kiosterud Jane Malmgren Alma Pollack Belle Purcell Daphne Smith Lynette Temple Francis Tobenkin Helen Tupper Bonnie Weeks Diane Winnia Jackie Zierdt HRRIRIER RflD DimmER (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1936 ONE CHAPTER Fall Mary Jane Arrabit. Ann Kidder Persis Homer Mary Gregory Maurice Cavaneaugh Fred D. Harris Mrs. Fred D. Harris Jane Anderson Mary Jane Arrabit Laurie Buck Frances Brown Neva Lee Budworth Janice Morgan Caffrey John Caffrey Gordon Connell Sue De Lappe OFFICERS President V ice-President. Secretary ....Treasurer Spring .Elizabeth Kinsey Laurie Buck ...Gordon Connell Janet Hughes HONORARY Mrs. W. J. Kidder Mrs. F. S. Link UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Robert F. Laws Benjamin Lehman MEMBERS Elsa Anna Gawne Ellen Giacomazzi Madeline Goodrich Mary Gregory Janet Hughes Barbara Jarnagin Audrey Jones Birte Jensen Jean Kennedy Ann Kidder Sylvia Kidsterud Elizabeth Kinsey Mavis Mahan Leslie Mahoney Barbara Merner Marie Morholt Joe Raftery Daphne Smith Florence Stauffer Henry Schnitzler Helen Tupper Cay Walton Ruth Wesson Lorene Williamson Marie Diane Winnia Pepper Wood Wilson Yandell Jacqueline Zierdt 306 women ' s " C " SOCIETY OFFICERS hall Betty O ' Keefe Gladys Baltzo Mary Simpson Miry Lucot Eleanor Bartlett Frederics Bernhard Louise Cobb Caroline Coleman Gladys Baltzo Virginia Bohman I % alee Copeland Barbara Cozens Elinor Crawford Betty Green President Vice-president.. ..Secretory. Treasurer Sprint Betty Green Jane Visalli .Virginia Bohman ....Barbara Cozens HONORARY I.ucile Czarnowski Sarah Davis Anna Espenshade Marie Henze Glass MEMBERS Patricia Hervey Janet Lewis Frances Lichtenstin Mary Lucot Ellen Luoma Pauline Hodgson Violet Marshall Esther Sinclair Phyllis Van Vleet Betty O ' Keefe Mary Ramage Margaret McCulloch Mary Simpson Doris Stinson Jane Visalli (National Interfraternity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS PHI PHI OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer William H. Adams Dourlas Allan Arthur Arlett David P. Barrows Eric Bellquist Walter Christie James Corley Malcolm Davisson Charles Derleth William G. Donald Carroll Ebright Edwin Emery Harland Frederick Walter S. Frederick Frederick C. Fischer George Barber Donald Bell Gil Bracken Cliff Burto n Bruce Coggins Frank Cole John Cook Angus Crocker Ln Davis Don Dixon Jim Edwards William Eustis UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley Freeborn John W. Gregg Brutus Hamilton F. Arthur Harris Charles G. Hyde E. D. Kane Robert Legge Melvin Lester George Louderback John V. Lund Donald McLaughlin Clinton Morse Ronald L. Olson Franklin C. Palm Kenneth Priestley Alva W. Ragan MEMBERS William Evans Bob Girard Al Hamby Jack Hoffman Oscar Holt Hal Hyde John Kilpatric Theodore Kroeber Bob Layman Hollis SlcLau hlm Ed Merritt Rich Morgan ..Donald E. Bell Lenard Davis ...Lenard Davis Cliff Burton Royal Roberts Leo Rogin Frank M. Russell Vernon M. Smith Raymond Sontag Edward H. Taylor John Thurber John F. Turner D. J. Vogt Edwin C. Voorhies Watty Wedekind Lewis Wetzler Frank Wickhorst Howe) Williams Garff Wilson Dean Newman Frank Owings Dan Parsons Scot Ramsen Roland Ramsey William Reagan Ed Stearns Jack Stewart William Tandberg Dick Tresevant Vic Wai berg Peter Yankwich 307 nSSOCIflTED STUDEDTS OF OPTOIHETRY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA OFFICERS Summer Lynn Brawner Eugenie Mye Alice Berg Everett A. Coe Sherburne F. Cook Owen C. Dickson David O. Harrington Rodney E. Abernethy Lynn W. Brawner Richard C. Colwell Alice M. Connolly- Allan Fallows Frederick E. Hartman Daniel D. Horowitz John D. Andes Alice C. Berg Max Blechman Barry Braunberger President V ice-President Secretory HONORARY Monroe J. Hirsh Jack T. llobscm Harold A. Jacobson Harry M. Kamp Frederick L. Mason SENIORS Charles H. May Henry Mioduchowski James P. Mohr Matilde Moreno Eugenie L. Mye Marvin J. Nelson JUNIORS Theodore D. Dabster William H. Mardon Robert M. Sanwald Fall Eugenie Mye .Leonard Shenkan Alice Berg Ralph A. Minor Meredith W. Morgan, Jr. Kenneth B. Stoddard Rodney E. Thomas Edmund F. Richardson Allan B. Robertson Robert A. Rockstein Eli Shapiro Leonard Shenkan Max Sherman Blanche E. Smith Carl Leonard Schnier John S. Stanton Bertha Walter Victor Paul Yost flLPHfl DELTA sicmn (Professional Advertising Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAYMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer.... OFFICERS Summer Fail ....Mel Warner Philip Arnot ...Peter Schulz William Regan ....Duane Parkinson Walter Busse HONORARY Irving Baktzar H. C. Bersten Reginald Biggs Earl Burke Walter Burke McCulloch Campbell Charles Collier John Cuddy Robert Desmond Alan Alch Stuart Dobson Philip Arnot Jerrold Bromberg Jack Buzzo Douglas Campbell Robert Galindo Gordon Bronson Walter Busse Vince Culiinane Harold Deal Ben Dixon George Dunscomb Carl l-astmiin Frederick Fischer Charles Greenfield Walter Held Stanley Heyman Kenneth Hinks Russell Knowland Laurence Lane R. L. Litchneld Carl Ohliger Ramsey Oppenheim Wilmot Rogers Richard Russel UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ewald Grether Robert Law Royal Roberts GRADUATES Marvin Goodson Robert Jensen Peter Gester Frederick Good Robert Grant Harrison Hance William Hawkins Alan McMurray Warren Michael SENIORS Gavin High William Hislop Norman Huston Arthur Karp William Leonard Robert Cummins Herbert Funk Mel Lane Charles Livingston JUNIORS George McKay Richard Paltenghi Duane Parkinson Robert Rawson Spring Walter Busse Peter Schulz William Ryan Stanley Swanberg Hugh Thomas Wayne Thornton Lou Townsend Earl Weller King Wilkin Howard Willoughby Ira Wilkin John Miche Robert McNary Leonard Neumann Robert Novack William Regan Mark Tuck Thomas Sturgeon Melvin Warner Boris Wolper 308 ( Women ' s Physical Education Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 nu SIGRlfl PSI Fall Ellen Luoma Eileen Fes-irr Gladvs Baltzo Neva Aubin Edna T. Bailey Eleanor Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Edith A. Brown l.oui-e S. Cobb Caroline . Colenian OFFICERS Spring President Eileen Fessier Secretary. Jane Visalli Treasurer ...Elrna Rockwell HONORARY Frederick W. Cozen Caryl Cuddeback Ruby L. Cunningham arah R. Davis Lob E. Ellbeldt Anna Espenschade Marie H. Glass UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eugenie Kennan Violet Marshall Jessie L. Puckell Esther Sinclair Jane W. Shurmer Phylli? Van Fleet Winifred Van Hagen Lurille Czarnowfki Pauline Hodgson Gladys Baltzo France? Lichtenstein GRADUATES Eileen Fessier Eleanor Johnston SENIORS Elma Rockwell Ellen Luoma Jane Visalli (Professional Women ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER PI flLPHR SIGIT1R Fall Barbara Kinney. Betty Jone- Betty Verleger. Ruth Grove Edith Atkins Anderson Florence Gardner Corinne Bardellini Claudia Bishop Gladys Burn? Barbara Campbell Lois Clawson Eleanor Dawson Bee Harris W in if red Haywood Katherine Kain OFFICERS President Vice-President ...Secretary Treasurer HONORARY Lucrezia Kemper Gertrude Scott ACTIVES Sunny Kemmel Mary Louise Knox Elizabeth Kramer Lore Kraul Beth Lesser Christine Lorgion Betty MrClure Mavis Mahan Caddie Newell Barbara Newman Spring .Marion Daly ...Betty Kuhn Pat Horta .Marge King Beatrice Woerner Pearl Pennington Eleanor Poley Mary Elizabeth Porter Joyce Richardson Jeanne Roberts Marion Searls Joan Selby Peggy Ward Claire Wisecarver 309 SIGHlfl KflPPfl RLPHfl (Women ' s History Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1915 ONE CHAPTER Fall Phyllis Anderson. Ruth Dyer Lorraine Bailey OFFICERS President .Vice-President. Secretary Spring Gloria Billies .Helen Leopold ...Jean Dahncke Waller E. Bean John D. Hicks Phyllis Anderson Lorraine Bailey Gloria Billies Laura Bunnell Jean Dahncke Edna Daniels Sylvia Davis Rulh Dyer Belly Ennis Alice Folella Mary Ellen Goepfert Kalherine Glafkides Gladys Heldman Mary Jane Hendrickson Palricia Hervey Robin Hix HONORARY Vernon J. Puryear MEMBERS Jean Holt Jeanne Jordan Edilh Josephson Grace Hulchison Larsen Helen Leopold Dorolhy Lundberg Evelyn MacDonald Mary Madigan Luisa Manza Shasta Meservey Roberta Milan i Phair Miller Molly Moore Elizabeth Nauret Fortunate Olivia Jean Paule Ruth Poulsen John Rydjord Olive Stewart Shirley Powell Claire Rezir Elizabeth Riley Delia Roeder Jean Shepard Marion Sheehan Inge Sheuer Elizabeth Shields Raiza Silverman Edna Smith Celia Stevens Naomi Stone Barbara Travers Margaret Waegell Belly Lou Warner Martha Williamson THETfl sicmn PHI (Professional Women ' s Journalism Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 ALPHA ALPHA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1923 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Fall Kathleen Crosby Bette-Georgiene Arendt.. Marian Tieljen OFFICERS President . Vice-President.. . Secretary .. .Treasurer Spring .Betty-Georgiene Arendt Patricia Mitchell Mary Louise Knox Doris Hillinger Gertrude Atherton Mrs. Walter Kolasa Nancy Bendorf Conslance Blair Evelyn Clark Amy de Turk Yvonne Drian Bette-Georgiene Arendt Kathleen Crosby Jean Elliott ADVISER Mrs. John V. Lund HONORARY Rose Wilder Lane Kathleen Norris SENIORS Calhleen Dyer Dorolhy Hayden Margarel MacNeill Marjorie MoQuislon Marilyn Morshead JUNIORS Jean Harelson Doris Hillinger Cornelia S. Parker Lucy W. Slebbins Carol Pauker Angelina Pogojcff Jane Svenson Marian Tiet.jen Marian Zietshel Mary Louise Knox Patricia Mitchell Bettv Sullivan 310 UTRimQUE OFFICERS Fall Alice Folelta Rita Pern f resident 1 ice-President Spring Rita Perry Nina Mo er Nina Mo er Secretary ' Zelda Pierce Beverlv Barker.... Treasurer Betty Becker Claire Reid Historian Claire Thornton Elsa Warhlane Social Chairman- ... Alice Foletta Toby Acker Jean Allen France Atwood FJi-f Beaton Betty Becker Beverly Becker Lettie May Chaffie Bonnie Currier Jean Davis ACTIVES Arliene Edmund-on Mary Lou Eveland Alice Folelta Elizabeth Calvin J.- " ie Ga-per Shirley Martin Virginia McKeehan Lillyane Morrill Nina Moser Eileen O ' Brien Rita Perry Clara Petris Zelda Pierce Claire Reidy Tillie Rement Claire Thornton Thelma Torretta Elsa U arblane Valerie Wilson 4rt Honor Socief FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 THREE CHAPTER- DELTA EPSILOn Fmll Nelle teldon. Emilia Lnptak Nancy Lar-en OFFICERS President rice-President .. Treafurer Spring Katherine Westphal Martha Lea veil Marjorie King Ray Boynton Rn-amond Colome John Haley Paul Gartner Martha Leavell Barbara Bell Julie Bur-rh Darn Guichard Florence Gnlli UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Walt her Horn Boynton Kaiser Erie Loran Eugene Neuhaus Chiura Obata Margaret O ' Hagen GRADUATES Thea- Lindhorp Norma Matlin . lberta Lyckberp Marie Morholt SENIORS Mar Ann Butterworth Marjorie King Gay Flores Zoe Longfield Elbel Ha-linfer Fava Parker JUNIORS Inge Ka-tcn Kav Macaule% Angela Minutoli Patricia Sutton Stephen Pepper Worth Ryder Oliver Washburn Katberine Westphal Elva Spie-- Nelle Weldon Janiece Turner Lottie Verxk 311 CHIDESE STUDENTS ' CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 Fook Tim Chan Woodrow Chan Mo-poor Chang T. K. Chang Albert J. Chan Mary Cheong Allen J. (Chinn Samuel Chinn Fannie Chuck Morrison Chun Edward Chew Lily Choy Mary Da ng Hayward Pong Martha Fong Benjamin Chan Clara Chew Henry Chin Alma Ching Belle Chow Peggy Chow Worman Chan Wesley Chew Lucille Ching Anita Chinn Laddie Chinn Tommy Chinn OFFICERS Winter Fall President Beulah Ong M. T. Lee V ice-President . Helen Low Frances Lee Recording Secretary Winberta Mah Martha Fong Corresponding Secretary.. Martha Fong Winberta Mah Chinese Secretary Ebert Jung Kenneth Quan Treasurer .Lynn Mah Lynn Mah A uditor M. T. Lee George Fong House Mon ger Harry Hom Harry Hom HONORARY Dr. N. Wing Mah Mr. Chin Pei Sha GRADUATES Robert Chen Louise Chin Conrad Fong Ting-sui Ke T. M. Chen Hing K. Chow Harry Hong K. P. Kwan W. M. Chen H. C. Chu Shu-wei Hwang Kit Lau C. Y. Cheng Y. C. Chu Shan-en Hu Stephen Lee Alladora Fong Wei-ta Huang Mu Yao Leigh SENIORS Doreen Feng Rose Jang Lois Lee Lien Yen Li Florinda Fong Jong Jeu Mildred Lee Jone Lim George Fong Ebert Jung Ming Tai Lee Yorkman Long William Y. Fong Wesley Jung Patricia Lee Kow C. Lou Charles Foo Frances Lai Pauline Lee George Low Edward Hom Lily Lam Sue Lee Warren Lowe Harry Hom Estelle Lau Peggy Leong Walter Luke JUNIORS Robert Fung Phoenix Kiang Quai Shan Lee Betty Mar Thomas Glenchur Ruby Kwong Alma Leong Ken Mar Edith Hom Frances Lee Lela Lowe Rose Ng William Hom Henry Lee Raymond Lum T. Y. Ng Dock Jeu Hiram Lee Victor S. K. Ma Bertram Owyang Shee Lum Jung John B. Lee Winberta Mah Sherman Owyang SOPHOMORES Alfred Chu Helen Fung Fred Law Lynn Mah Annie Chu Sherman Fung Clinton Lee Josephine Mor Edna Chun Gloria Jang Florence Lee Jennie Mark Lock Ding Alice Jeung Mabel Lew Stella Mark Goldie Don August Lam Marshall Lew Virginia Pong Gerald Fong Rose Louie Bernice Pun ' ; Helen Low Jack Quan FRESHMEN Allen Chop Florence Hsi John C. Lee Pansy Lim L. K. Fong Uewey Jan Mae Lee Anna Louie Edwin Fung Marshall Jang Patricia S. O. Lee Mary Louie Mildred Gee Ruth Jee Alma Lem Harry ' Low Janet Hall Webster Jee Eva Leong Alvina Ng Jessie Hoo Lewnard Kwong Laura Leong Warren Ng i..i. .1... v:_ Spring Jack Quan Martha Fong Florinda Fong Lela Lowe Phoeniz Kiang William Fong Thomas Glenchue William Hom Dr. Bing C. Wong Edythe Yip Heng-yu Li Shih Li S. C. Liu Yi Ying Ma Wai Lock Mah Gilbert Lum Eugenie Mye Rosebud Mye Elmer Ng Norma Ng Beulah Ong Betty Shoong Gene Poon Kenneth Quan Minnie Quan Fern Quon Elwood Tom May Ting Pea rl Tom Raymond Tom Sallie Tom Hazel Tong Leland Wing Y. C. Ng Mary Quong Tim Siu Gladys Sue Tommy Tang Beatrice Tom James Nie Samuel SooHoo T. K. Sun Lucy Thorn Katherine Tom Pauline Wing Nellie Wong Ji Hung Woo Ji Ing Woo Ji Yah Woo Mildred Tung Frank Way Gwen Wong Laura Wong Stanley Wong Lily Wing Cesar Wong Francis Wong Fuen Wong Herbert Wong Ruth Wong Peggy Tom Winton Tong Betty Wong Bill Wong Charles Wong Julio Wong Hsih-heng Wang Chiang Woo S. M. Yang George Young Helen Yee Lois Yee William Yee Sui Nam Yip Hazel Yuen Mary Yuen Ji Tsung Woo Barbara Yew Frank Yim Virginia Yun Victoria Wong Mary Yee Shai Yien Hazel Yim Helen Young Ruby Young Louise Wong Cecilia Wu Maryiyn Yee Daisy Yep Vivian Yick Edith Yim 312 JUNIOR A I Mil RY OF THE EAST BAY OF THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMK COLLEGE WODIEITS CLUB JURIORS TOP ROW: Betty Burket, Dian Dinwiddie, Elsa Douglas, Patricia Horta, Barbara Kinney. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Kuhn, Evelyn MacDonald, Helen Montgomery, Patricia Schulz, Verona Slraeffer. OFFICERS Fait Barbara Kinne Pat Horta Betty Kuhn Helen Montgomery Elsa Douglas Verona Straeffer Pat Sehulze Betty Burket Martha Barrett Marjorie Kuhn Dian Dinwiddie Gladys Alien Signe Anderson Martha Barrett Mignon Bass Ruth Baston Corinne Bordeline Barbara Breckinridge Frances Brown Betty Burket Jean Campbell Alverda Cathcart Marge Chaffey Helen Chalennr Mary Chausse Jo ce Christy Betty Coffee Carol Cole Jane Dahlgren Dian Dinwiddte Patsy Dole Elsa Douglas June Dowler Nancy Dupuis Lorna Earl Marie Evans Alice Foletta Nancy Follis Marion Fones ..First President Vice-president. . ...Second Vice-President., ... Secretory Treasurer ..Parliamentarian.. ..Philanthropic Chairman.. ....Intramural Ckairman... .Luncheon Chairman.. Program Chairman.. Publicity Chairman.. Spring .Pat Horta Rubena Smith Marion Fones Dorothy Redford Lore Kraul Jane Dohlgren Gladys Allen Louise Nominee Evelyn MacDonald Marion Rector Mary Napton ACTIVES Pauline Galliette Marge Gerke Pat Hanson Dorothy Harney Gertrude Hausser (jerry Heil Betsy Henderson Lillian Hildebrandt Pat Horta Jane Jones Glynn Keegan Betty Kennedy Anne Kidder Barbara Kinney Lore Kraul Betty Kuhn Emv La Grange Beth Lesser Dorothy Luty Kay Macau lay Evelyn MacDonald Shirley Martin Dorothy McClimonds Elaine McCoy Phyliss McLean Km Michelson Rose Molo Helen Montgomery Marie Morholt Mary Napton Louise Nominee Virginia Normile Eileen O ' Brien Ruth Parkinson Barbara Peterson June Rea Marion Rector Betty Reed Ruth Richards Beverly Roberts Bernice Rodriguez Beverly Rowe Ruthelma Rowe Joyce Richardson Ruth Santee Pat Sehulze Robena Smith Phyliss Snell Audrey Sorenson Verna Straeffner Helen Taini Jean Von Arx Elsa arblane Barbara Webster Barbara Whitingham Revilla Wright 313 PHRRTERES (National Women ' s Social Organization) TOP ROW: Betty Burket, Lorraine Boggiano, Helene Davidson, Jean Davis, Edith De Longpre, Jessie Caspar, Davetta Goldberg. MIDDLE ROW: Eleanor Hart, Jeanette Hobart, Jo Kelly, Charlotte Klein, Alison Lindh, Joy McCarty, Helen Oettel. BOTTOM ROW: Mildred Parsons, Ruthelma Rowe, Betty Saunders, Margaret Shepherd, Doris Stinson. Fall OFFICERS Jean Davis President Betty O ' Neil V ice-President Lorraine Boggiano Recording Secretary Joy McCarty Corresponding Secretary.. Betty Burket Treasurer Lee Hart Historian Helen Oettel Service Director Helene Davidson Membership Chairman ... Mildred Parsons Publicity Jo Kelly Office Force Davetta Goldberg Refreshments Jeanette Hobart Arts and Decoration SUB-CHAPTER PRESIDENTS Omega Mildred Parsons, Janet Wasserman Sigma Spring Alison Lindh Margaret Shepherd Ruthelma Rowe Charlotte Klein Doris Stinson Betty O ' Neil Betty Saunders Jessie Caspar Helen Oettel Edith de Longpre Mildred Parsons Davetta Goldberg Margaret Beattie Helen Fancher Stgne Anderson Carolina Aquino Barbara Bonsten Neva Lee Budworth Laura Bunnell Ivalee Copland Jean Davis Mariana Dowden Jessie Caspar Betty Lou Hamilton Virginia Illsley Helen Jacovleff Marianna Johnson Lorraine Boggiano Betty Burket Betty Cobb Davetta Goldberg Shirley Bloch Delores Dahlstrom Helene Davidson SPONSORS Louise Cobb SENIORS Elizabeth Ritto Charlotte Klein Beth Koch Lillis Kretsinger Theas Lindborg Alison Lindh Pia Lombard! Bernie Mazzaferri Jeanne Miller Gladys Moeller Roberta Moore Laura Mouradian Joy McCarty Betty McDonald JUNIORS Lee Hart Beatrice Mayer Mary McComb SOPHOMORES Edith De Longpre Libby Follette Katherine Hubbard Jo Kelly Helena Davidson, Jessie Gasper Lucile Czarnowski Mrs. Robert Gordon Sproul Helen Oettel Betty O ' Neil Dorothy Onufer Katherine Orr Mildred Parsons Clara Petris Sylvia Roletta Ruthelma Rowe Betty Saunders Margaret Shepherd Doris Stinson Dorothy Ventosa Janet Wasserman Pat Miller Alice Sargent Kathryn Scalzo Alysmae Semler Nancy Larsen Isabel Moruza Dorothy Riley 314 E TABLIr HEI) AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 mnsonic CLUB :-=!,, .-.: : E. ..:.:: ahill, Dm . MI Gardner, William Heatk. BOTTOM ROW: Edn herf. JIMS Hallery, Elaine Sfcapero. aq _ OFFICERS .Summer Fall President Alberta L chberg Duncan Gardner Men ' s riff-President Duncan Gardner Women ' s I ice-President Marian McMillan Treasurer ...Marian McMillan Leonard Bulli- Recording Secretary Correspond in e Secretary Membership Secretary Men ' s Lotcer Division Representative ff omen ' s Loner Division Representative Men ' s Lppej- Division Representative .Mary Lee Luir Ireland Gertrude Hans er Fxlna Horn Women ' s Upper Division Representative- Marian McMillan James Mallery Marion Fones Burton Yaughan Doris Cahill Betty Snffern Margot Carbon ..William Heath Barbara Cope .Tom Marshall ..Elaine Sfaapero Charles A. Adams Judge Milton Farmer TRUSTEES William B. Herms Judge John D. Murphy Carlisle D. Nielsen Waldo F. Postel Edward H. Siems CLUBHOUSE HOSTESS Mr-. Edna H. Morton 315 REWmflR CLUB FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. BACK ROW: Prof. Eugene Murphy, Andy Bellotti, Charles Murphy. THIRD ROW: Dick Armstrong, Tom Stelzner Ray Solari, Loretta McManus. SECOND ROW: Emi Luptak, Mary Watt y, Evelyn MacDonald. FIRST ROW: Marge Chrisney, Dorothy Luty. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Fall Ray Solari President Loretta McManus Vice-President Tom Stelzner Treasurer Evelyn MacDonald Secretary Dolores Canelo Religious Charles Murphy Academic Emi Luptak Publicity Dorothy Luty Social Spring Andy Bellotti Mary Watty- Dick Armstrong ..Marge Chrisney .Marie Alvarado .Rita Clark Edith Horn Tom Jensen Ted Kopp Representative Evelyn MacDonald Mr. E. Murphy Faculty Adviser.... Mr. E. Murphy Frances Acosta Marie Alvarado Jean Ariey Rita Clark Pat Doyle Pat Edwards Sunnie Emmeneger Ann Golden ADVISORY COMMITTEE Rayleen Haller Mary Hamilton Joan Johnson Dorothy Kane Dorothy Luty Joe Lydon Barbara Mclntyre Rose Molo Nina Moser Charles Murphy Frances O ' Connell Mary Pierce Helen Pittenger Bob Profant Marie Sullivan Lynn Verney Helen Williams 316 mTERRflTIOnflL HOUSE BACK ROW: Stanley Nichols-Roy, Henry Weston, Shirley Lovejoy, Oscar Ouque, Ralpti Stone. FRONT ROW: Sarah Wylie, Janis Dunlap, Edith Horn, Jane Raymond. JOINT COUNCIL Hepburn r iii-lrmi- Jeanne Bradly Louise Carp Hunberto Carrion Barnet Cooperman Jean Crawford .l.mi- Dunlap I ' -i-ar Duque li Eliaoheff Frederick Grethrr Edith Horn Kli jlirth Hood Shirley Lovejoy William MrMullen James Mahar Adolfo Malo Betty Morley Stanley Nichols-Roy William Orr Rhoda Peck Jane Raymond Joachim Remak Leon Salanave Ralph Stone Irving Tragen Henry Weston Sarah Wylie 317 CHRiSTmn SCIEDCE SOCIETY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IN 1907 Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on the Berkeley campus. In the spring of 1941, when payment was completed, the building it now occupies was dedicated. The work of Society is conducted by standing and special com- mittees composed only of students of the University. An Accom- modations Committee maintains a file of homes and positions available to student Christian Scientists. In the Society edifice testimonial meetings are held every Tuesday evening to which students and faculty members are welcome. A library is maintained in the building where au- thorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed, or purchased. Society holds an open house every year for the purpose of acquainting the campus public with its activities. Twice a year Society sponsors a free lecture given by a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massa- chusetts. The campus public is cordially invited to attend Society activities. 318 moEx Acacia 261 305 Ace of Club- Activities Coordinating Committee 11? Advertising Service Bureau .. 158 -Ah. Wildernes-r 166 Alpha Chi Omega 236 lpha Chi Sigma Ml Alpha Delta Chi _ 237 Alpaa Delta Phi M Alpha Delta Pi 238 Alpha Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi 239 Alpha Gamma Delta 240 Alpha Omicron Pi 241 .Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Omega _ 264 Alpha i Delia _ 243 Alumni Council 2.H Alumni Association 22 gfl M. E. ... 301 Army R. O. T. C. .106-107 Army Specialized Training I nit 108-109 Arrm Training Program 104-105 Art Bureau 125 Associated Student- of Optomelry 308 Athletic Council .. 186 Athl. 184-220 Daily Californian Editorial Staff 150-152 Band 18(1 212-2B 202-207 Ba-kethall Beta Tbeta PL 265 Big -C Society 0i Blue and Gold Editorial Staff 146-147 Blue and Gold Managerial Staff 148-149 Board of Regents 15 Boxing 218 California Club 26 California Engineer 157 California Month!} Staff 23 Card Sale? Committee. .. 126 Charter Day 21 Chi Ep-ilon 298 Chinese Student? ' Club 212 Chi Omega 244 Chi Phi Christian Science Societ 318 Circle " C " .,. iet Class Officer? Council 127 College of l)enti-tr College of Pharmac College Women " ? Club Junior? 213 30 Daily Californian Managerial Staff Dean? 153 16 Mortar Board . Mnsi Music Council 294 176-181 176 Debating 282-283 Delta Delta Delta 245 Delta Gamma ... 246 Delta Tau Deli., _ 267 Delta Upsilon ... 268 Delta Zeta 247 Diesel Engineers .. 102 Dormitorie- 282 Dormitory Council .128 Elections Board 126 Engineer? Council 128 EpHorth Hall Ep-ilon Phi Sigma : " - " Everyman " 168 Executive Committee 114-115 Finance Committee . 116 Fine An? 30 Football ... 190-201 Forensic? Council 182 Fraternitie- .258-281 Freshmen 85-87 " From Rag? to Riches " 167 Gamma Phi Beta 248 Glee Club 179 Graduate Managers 116 Hammer and Dimmer 306 Hasting? 30 " Heart of the Ciu 169 -Hedda Gabbler " 172 Honor Students Council 127 Intel-fraternity Council . 260 International Hou- . 317 Intramural Sport? 22(1 Juniors Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Tbeta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma. Lick Little Theatre .. 269 249 250 251 31 160-173 Mask and Dagger 299 Marine Corps Reserw ._. 100-101 Masonic Club _ ... 315 Medical Center 28-29 Men " ? Judiciary Committee 129 Meteorolopi-t- 110-111 Military Council 123 Minor Sport? 216-219 avalR.O.T.t: 96-97 Naval Training Unit.... 94-95 Navy V-12 Program 98-99 Newman Club 316 ur?ing Senior- 7475 u i ? ma P-i ... 309 " Opened By Mistake " 171 -Out of the Frying Pan " 170 Orientation- 120-121 Pan-Hellenic 235 Panile 303 Pelican . 154-156 Pelican Women ' s StaJF . 156 Phi Beta Kappa.... 292 Phi Delta Theta 270 Phi Kappa Sigma.. 271 Phi Mu 252 Phi Omega Pi ... _ 253 Phi Phi.. . 307 Phrat 314 Pi Alpha Sigma. .. . 309 Pi Beta Phi 254 Pi Kappa Alpha Pre-idenfs Message 14 I ' r--ident " ? Reception 20 Professors 17-19 Prytanean 295 P-i I p?ilon ... 273 Publications ... . .144-158 Publications Council . ..144-145 Radio Workshop ... 125 Rally Committee 189 Ridgemont 286 Ritler Hall 287 River?ide 31 Rugby . _ 216 School of Medicine. 28 School of Nur?inp . 28 Scripps _. 31 Secretariat . 135 Seniors 35-37 Sigma Chi 274 Sigma Kappa 255 Sigma Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu 275 Sigma Phi 27t Sigma Phi Epsilon 171 Soccer 217 Societies and Cluh? 294-318 Sophomore- 81-83 Sororitie? ..232-. IDDEX Standards Commission 124 Stern Hall ... 288-289 Store Board 124 Swimming 219 Tau Beta Pi .. 293 Tennis 219 Thalian Players 165 Thalian 306 " The Imaginary Invalid " 173 Theta Chi .. 278 Theta Delta Chi ... 279 Theta Sigma Phi ... 310 Theta Upsilon .... 256 Torch and Shield.... .. 304 Track Treble Clef . ..208-211 .. 178 U. C. L. A 27 University Symphony 181 Utrimque 311 War Board 122 Water Polo 217 Welfare Council ....118-119 Women ' s Activity Council 132-133 Women ' s " C " Society 307 Women ' s Dormitory Association ... 284 Women ' s Judiciary Committee 134 Women ' s Orchestra 136 Women ' s Rally Committee 135 Women ' s Sports 137 Women ' s Vigilantes 136 Wrestling 218 Xi Psi Phi Yell Leaders Y. M. C. A. Cabinet... Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 280 188 129 134 Zeta Psi eta Tau Alpha 281 ... 257 in flPPRECIRTIOD THE STAFF OF THE 1944 BLUE AND GOLD WISHES TO EXPRESS ITS GRATITUDE TO THE FOLLOWING : ROBERT F. LAWS, Director of Publications RICHARD KELLY, Dirt-dor of Publications RICHARD STEVENS, Drawings and Layout Artist WAYNE THORNTON, American Engraving and Color Plate Co. WALTER Z. KOLASA, Lederer, Street Zeus Co., Inc. ROBERT L. OZIAS, Lederer, Street G? Zeus Co., Inc. BOBBIE CURRIER HAMILTON, Staff Photographer BARBARA MIDDLETON, Photographer FRANK COLBOURN, Colbourn Studios BETH SIMCOX, A.S.U.C. Accounting Office " DAD " WILKIN, Budget Clerk CALIFORNIA MONTHLY MERILYN MORSHEAD THOMAS HAYNES MARIE MORHOLT I I

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