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VOLUME 70 - 1943 Published and Copyrighted by The Associated Students of The University of California at Berkeley VIRGINIA ROBINSON, EDITOR Catherine Hamilton Bernard Etcheverry Associate Editors WILLIAM E. LEONARD, MANAGER Barbara Colby Associate Manager GEORGE CALHOUN LOUISE S. CROWDER J. FRANK DANIEL JOHN W. GILMORE PAUL GRUNDFAST EARLE R. HEDRICK FRANK L. KLEEBERGER EUGENE I. McCORMAC DEMING G. MACLISE GARRET W. McENERNEY FRED H. KRUSE THOMAS M. PUTNAM MARGARET SCHULTE WILLIAM A. SETCHELL BONNIE E. WEBSTER 7 114 14 NM campu,o, ale " ateo,,:fe maje4tic which hee 4tecod tite4se men idle ht 186S Jade their the idea1.4 and tpaditicon4 which ° ° dream become a pealitv. 7 ' hebt4 ape dee halm and chept6hed thime whotail Owe receive un4iny that 16 CaIijontia P77 riPeufit the eaPotf ow ' 14 ' nieep414 ( " em lick 064ePt7atop:4 4 rtu ha6 grown, otipPaddift9 over the 06 tate to Ccpipp4) Afubmapine deptio Guests Meet Escorts Here a tehich tha ing 7S oilynijicant eap•.6 cele6Pate4 Ito Aiameond ju6ilee, aid n9 vudie in 4feapcii coj kitededge 7hie4 14 OUP PPeefideitt, kobePt 9,Pdot CpPoul 114 OUP ViceiPeciident, owe Aeuttich car ' it) aPPett 90enter, Ctate e Cali iOPItia Iitiljitt Chaim:an di the Regent-6 Though ade4 4cattePed, the 4lettio " .6 are ,otill the uttijied cia,.6,0 ' 43 " We have GOT to be strong. " —Eugene Danaher. Valedictorian The Senior Pilgrimage passes a new landmark—Stern Hall Dick Ruiz figures it ' s all in the way you hold your tongue Senior big shots enjoy the results of their own work Seniors cool their vocal cords after the final Sings The cameraman snaps the editor and date—unintentionally, of course The cameraman passes unnoticed at the Senior Ball Brand new M. D. ' s receive their army and navy commissions Hey, Dodie, whatsamatta with yer face? A college education is wonderful—it prepares you for so many things Typical dignified seniors acting typically d:gmfied SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Clark Grant, Bill Russ, Grant Mainland, Don Davis, Al Stone, Stan Beisser, Ulrich Strauss FRONT ROW: Dottie Blosser, Irene Mares, Marge Robertson, Dodie Eakin, Helen Hacke, Editha Hayes, Marge Nicholson 26 SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Tom Mulcahy, George Erdman, Jim Martin, Bob Evans, Warren Vogel, Jay Jacobus, Grant Mainland FRONT ROW: Ted Chamberlain, Stan Bernhard, Bob Fitzhenry, Arthur Karp, Jack Podesta, Jim Moffett, Clayton May, Bob Dreher 27 No obstacle is great enough to keep a senior from his eight o ' clock This is NOT a posed picture. They ' re really cleaning Senior Women ' s Hall Grover Klemmer, seventh thre e-letter man in California ' s history Theodore Aarons Jack Andrew Abeloe Guy C. Abrahamson Thomas Augene Abram Kenneth Jacob Adams Shirley P. Adams John D. Adamson Virgil R. Airola Dorothy Jane Akard Willard B. Akers, Jr. Lorrainne Albach Harold J. Albright, Jr. James H. Alen, Jr. Elizabeth J. Alexander Francis F. Allen, Jr. William W. Allen Carlo Ambrosini Arnold R. Anchordoguy Albert D. Anderson Andrew P. Anderson Bernhard G. Anderson Carole Lois Anderson Frances J. Anderson Lucy S. Anderson Marjorie C. Anderson Mary S. Anderson Phyllis Jane Anderson Rex Donald Anderson Robert W. Anderson Roy Scott Anderson Robert D. Andrews Peter S. Angelides Al ice Anninos Milton A. Antipa Richard D. Appenzeller Lee Herman Apple Margaret R. Applegate Richard S. Armstrong Dolores C. Arnois Ruth Meads Fisher Alpha Phi ' s pride, vice-president of the A. S. U. C., is nothing but efficiency. Hailed by all on campus as Ruthie, her name is officially Mrs. Ruth Meads Fisher. Member of Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile, Cal Club and Welfare Council, Ruthie has worked on practically every activitiy on campus. 28 Richard G. Arnold Henry Aron Mary Jane Arrabit Milton Ash Florence V. Ashe Robert M. Aspinall Claudia L. Assalena Frances M. Atwood Gloria Jean Avila Helen J. Babcock Orval Joseph Bacci Harry Bach Monroe Baer, Jr. Robert B. Bagnall John Ellis Bailey Lorraine I. Bailey Beverly Beth Bain Fred Houston Baker Barrett S. Baldwin, Jr. John James Ball, Jr. Russell Hodgson Ball Hester M. Ballantine W illiam H. Banker Ava Jean Barber Evelyn Anne Barbieri Ralph Bardoff Helen E. Barker Charles E. Barkis Ivy Barksdale Alfred B. Barnes Martin Wesley Barnes Jane Ellen Barnett Mary G. Barnhart Mary E. Barnhill Leland Earl Barnum William F. Barr Lyman S. Barrett Ellis Barron Jeanne Francis Barry Howard Holmes Yuba City ' s favorite son raced madly from Men ' s Dormitory Council meetings to Living Groups Coun- cil to A. C. C., putting his business head to good use as chairman of all three. At the end of his junior year, he raced himself right into the A. S. U. C. president ' s office, where he ' s been holding forth since. 29 leaee home and Mom and Add and hit to make oup4felee4 known. the crowd, and Old that everyone ha-4 the Audrea L. Barthol Anna Jane Bashain Ray Edward Bass Beverley Basye George Batavia, Jr. Jeanne Lorraine Bate William G. Baucom Frederick W. Bauer Catherine M. Bawden Roberta Arta Bayley Marion E. Beardsley Loren J. Beaufait, Jr. Neil Willis Beckman Stanley A. Beisser Harry Barris Bekkar Florence Belinsky John B. Bellamy, Jr. Gordon Melvin Beller Frank N. Bender Marjory Jean Benner Harold E. Bennett Joyce Arlene Bennett Patricia N. Bennett Jean Benoit Robert J. Bentson, Jr. Mary Elizabeth Bergh Carolyn P. Bergman Anita Joan Berman Stanley John Bernhard Louis I. Bernoff Jonathan Berryman Beatrice I. Bettencourt Ross E. Bewley Joseph Park Biehl Frank Thomas Bingham Alfred Paul Binsacca William R. Blake James M. Blakeman Jeremiah Lion Blatt Maggie Johnston Mrs. Johnston gets a pair of socks knitted in record time because she is a Representative-at- large, and belongs to Prytanean and Mortar Board. She averages a meeting a day, never misses any of them, and knits continuously from the time the meeting is called to order until its adjournment. 30 Merle Davis Bledsoe John Adair Bogard Lois Bornhauser Evelyn Helen Bravo Gordon N. Brittle James Corley Bliss Nancy Ann Bogardus Harold Fay Bowman June L. Breschini Jerrold L. Bromberg Martha Jane Bliss Delphine E. Blondeau Alvin Stanley Bloom Charles Walter Bloom Dorothy M. Blosser Frederic T. Bockoven Frederick G. Boege Arnold David Bogart Frances Bohannon Manuel Geo. Bonilla Ernest Marcel Bony Daryl Ralph Boomer John Raymond Boon Edgar K. Borglin Edith Mae Brabazon David W. Bradfield Melvin W. Bradfield Marybeth Branaman Barbara Alice Brand Marilyn J. Branscheid Milton A. Braunstein Constance Bridge Clifton C. Brinkley John W. Bristow Virginia H. Brittingham Robert Bromberg Miriam Bronstein William C. Broocks James Knag Brorsen Al Stone The roster of every men ' s honorary service society on campus carries Al ' s name, which also appears on the membership list at the Alpha Dell house. Practical experience for his jurisprudence major comes from arguing with other Representatives-at- large at Ex Committee or with his father, who knows all about law because he teaches Juris 18. 31 Robert W. Brower Celestia May Brown David Laird Brown Edward Rubene Brown Frank H. Brown, Jr. Marcella L. Brown Margaret Ann Brown Mary Calvin Brown Robert S. Brown Thomas P. Brown, Jr. Virginia C. Brown Patricia E. Browne Alan Bruce Robert L. Bruck Frank Edmund Brush Gerald Fenwick Brush Samuel Higby Bryan Glenn Evart Buckley Richard K. Buell John Nicholas Buese Barbara Belle Bullock Frank T. Bumpus Charles Alvah Bunt Lamar Paul Bupp Leslie M. Burgess Thomas F. Burke Robert E. Burness Marion Ruth Burns Frank Henry Burritt Marjorie M. Burrows Barbara Ann Bush John Donald Bush Donna D. Bushnell Nancy E. Butcher William K. Butler Barbara G. Buttgenbach Joseph Jack Buzzo William W. Byrnes Marielouise R. Cagliada Pat Conaway Pat sat on Executive Committee as one of the Rep- resentatives-at-Large and was noted for standing by her convictions, come what might. Pat was one of the many campus bigwigs who called Stern Hall home. A typical woman about the campus, she was a leader in the social work of the Y. W. C. A. and Welfare Council. 32 Palmira Caldera Harold W. Caldwell James D. Callahan Charles W. Callow James Curtis Cameron Jean Martha Cameron Mary June Cameron Florence June Cameto Dorothy K. Campbell Douglas C. Campbell Helen L. Campbell LaVerne Campbell Marylyne E. Campbell Jack Howerton Canvin Cecilia L. Cardoza Janice H. Cardwell Charles J. Carey, Jr. Frances Marie Carey Anne Mitchell Carl Joyce A. Carlson Robert Fred Carlson Vincent P. Carosso, Jr. William T. Carson, Jr. George R. Carter Robert S. Carter Georgette Cecile Cary Manfred S. Cassin Lucille Estelle Caster Virginia L. Caswell Harold V. Cates Matthew C. Cavoretto Lelia Minot Cayne Constance G. Cecil A. Harold Cenedella Raymond Noel Cerles Theodore Chamberlain William Chamberlain Albert S. Chan Ellen Chaney Al Sapiro The man with the duo personality, DU Al Sapiro has proved that he can be rugged on the rugby field and smooth as silk from behind a debater ' s rostrum. His experience in almost every activity on campus has been put to good use in casting an intelligent vote on Ex Committee. 33 Georgia Changaris Suzanne Channell Patricia Chapin Priscilla A. Chaplin Barbara Jean Chapman Bruce C. Chapman Lorraine M. Chapman William S. Chapman Virginia Ann Chase Mary Mae Cheong Louise Hoy Chin Quong Poo Chin Helen K. T. Ching Wing You Chong Raymond Chow Claire A. Christesen Betty Jane Chubb Morrison W. H. Chan John Edward Cincotta Harry Stanley Clark John Walker Clark Lowell Richard Clark Mary Gertrude Clark Mary Jeanne Clark Virginia Clark William H. Clark Chas. A. B. Cleeves Miriam Cleinman William H. Cleland Betty Lou Clowes Barrett N. Coates, Jr. Patricia E. Cody Margaret A. Coefield Tristram M. Coffin Bruce Travers Coggins Emily Coghlan Henry Jacob Cohen Barbara Cohn Howard Milton Cohn Ralph Dewey Although he ' s long-winded enough to hold the University record for the mile, Representative-at- large Dewey seldom tires Ex Committee with a lengthy filibuster. Ralph finds that his experience as a cross-country runner comes in handy getting him from the Beta house to the campus for his many meetings. 34 Barbara Ann Colby Glenn W. Coleman Robert F. Colley Charles P. Collier Mario Collignon Eileen Anne Collins Delbert E. Colwell Ellen Louise Conaway Patricia Ann Conaway Donald Roy Cone Raimon Loran Conlisk Jeannette Connick Donald T. Connors Ann Maybelle Conta William J. Conway Francis Earl Cook Geraldine Analee Cook John Wesley Cook Marguerita V. Cook Patricia Jane Cooke Diana Louise Cooper Kathleen Mae Cooper Patricia Poe Cooper Barnet M. Cooperman Verne K. Cooperrider Richard I. Copenhagen Paul Irving Corbel!, Jr. Jack Norman Corbett Joseph D. Corcoran Mary Ella Cornell Ruth Muriel Cornish Bert Charles Corona Pauline Louise Correia Richard D. Cosens John Waldron Cottle Thomas Bird Coull, Jr. Clyde McAuley Covell Betty Irene Covert Daniel Robert Cowans Ginny Smith Ginny of the Dee Gee clan claims she ' s on the wrong end of every joke, but it hasn ' t dimmed her Pollyanna attitude on life in general and women ' s affairs in particular. As Women ' s Representative, she shared Ruth Fisher ' s office, and by the time this book goes to press, she, too, will be an army wife. 35 James Edwin Cowen William Frederick Cox Eva G. Craddick Sheldon F. Craddock Rosamond J. Craig John Cragin Howard W. Crandall Doris June Crawford Hilary H. Crawford, Jr. Albert A. Crivelli Justin A. Crockwell Charles E. Crompton Elaine Hope Crow Evelyn Pauline Crow Robert W. Crown Barbara C. Cummings Beverley G. Cummings Robert D. Cummins James W. Cunningham Charley C. Curtis Frederick Curtis Norton S. Curtis James M. Cuthbertson Cara-May Cutter Donald Colgett Cutter Rob Roy Cyr Minerva Reid Daley Marie L. Dalla-Lasta Gwendolyn L. Dalziel Sam Mordo Dana Eugene Ives Danaher Dorothy V. Daniger Jeannette Dannenbaurn Robert Wye Dare Chester H. Darrow Robert L. Darwall Marvin E. Daugherty Nancy Jane Davies Lorraine Mary Davis Lois Hiester So busy going to honor society meetings and being president of Pan-Hellenic and Mortar Board that she just didn ' t have minute to study, Lois made Phi Bete anyway. A music major, her Alpha 0 sorority sisters got a lot of enjoyment listening to her study. 36 Sylvia Davis Helen Louise Day Lorraine Marie Day Marjorie Ruth Day Louis Robert De Alva Norbert Walter Dean Hing D. Dear William De Bernardi Vincensina J. De Biasi Marilyn C. Dederick Paul V. De Ford, Jr. Paul W. De Fremery Judith F. De Giobbi Virginia M. De Haas Richard H. De Kay Elizabeth L. Del Alva Lydia deLanoy Guerne W. De Lappe Marlin J. Delavan Eleanor Della-Vedowa James F. Demarest Mary Alice Demarest Teresa L. De Monte Robert H. Dempsey John Neven Demsey Howard Palmer Devol Ralph Bosworth Dewey Marylyn Mavis De Witz Meinima Dias John Paul Dieden Florence K. Dierlam Jerome E. Dimitman Leila Ding Ruth Marie Dingle Jean Dinkins Stuart Cromar Dobson Harold Warren Dodgen Jeno Anthony Dodi Alice Caroline Dodson Dick Lippi All the time waving his arms, that ' s what Dick is. For four years he ' s been wildly flinging them as yell leader and a member of the swimming team, of which he ' s captain. DU brothers find it safest to talk to him from a distance, out of reach of his forceful gesticulating. ■•■••■■■•• 37 Price Keith Dodson Henry Doeleman Russell Andrew Donogh Frances L. Dooley Louis Albert Dore Gus Downs Dorough Walter Lewis Dosch Dorothy J. Douglass Robert S. Douglass, Jr. William M. Douglass Robert Hill Douthitt Jeannette Muriel Dow Shelton Lee Downey Betty Bayard Downs Nanette Dozier Robert John Dreher Anne Neola Drennan Rosabelle A. Driggs John Carpenter Duffy Frederick K. Duhring Maxine Alice Dull Joy Lawson Dumas Dawn A. Dumont Bruce Edwin Duncan Richard Hill Dunlap James Robert Dunn Edna L. Dunnebeck Mildred E. Dunshee Denise Rector Dunstan Peggy Durrell Arline Marjorie Dwyer Dale M. Dybbro Cathleen Blela Dyer Doris Alice Eakin Valnessa Easton Margaret G. Eaton Gordon Fred Eding Eleanor Edwards John Hamilton Edwards Al Johnson The invasion by the Meteorology students has made the Bowles politicians a thing of the past, and Al is the last in the long series. Besides being a capable senior class president, he was a track man of some note, but had to give up both when he entered Med School. 38 Loretta Jeanne Egan Lawrence G. Eginton Donald W. Eichner Myrvin H. Ellestad John W. Ellis, Jr. Barbara Jeanne Elwert Doris H. M. Emberg Marvin Owen Embry Merle B. Emerson Perrett Raymond Emge Alton Carl Engel Charles L. Ennis Eugene Eno Myrtle 0. Enoltt F. Melvin Enos, Jr. George W. Erdman William W. Escherich Loren A. Estabrook Bernard Etcheverry, Jr. William Henry Eustis Barbara Jane Evans Dolan Eugene Evans Robert Combe Evans Flora E. Everding Aimee Lee Exnicios Bette Sue Eybel Neil Eugene Falconer Elizabeth R. Fankhauser Josephine L. Fanucchi Robert B. Farnon William Thomas Farry Barbara L. Faucette Gilbert Louis Fazzio Beverly A. Feigenberg Frances D. Feigenberg Mary-Belle Felton Donald R. Ferguson John Ferguson William E. Ferguson Dodie Eakin Stepping into Al ' s shoes when he left, Dodie took over his job and gave it the feminine touch. As president, she wielded the gavel over all senior class committees and as vice-president, she bran- dished a scrubbing brush in the cleaning and redecorating of Senior Women ' s Hall. 39 Eileen Theresa Fessier Russell F. Fiddyment Cecile Huddle Finch Mary Dozier Finley Esther Carlson Finster Ernest W. Fischer, Jr. Jean Annette Fisher Ruth Meads Fisher John Robert Fitzhenry Lillian Fitzgerald Olga Flainos Curt J. Flanagan Ann Virginia Fleming Elizabeth Fleming Garyol C. Flodberg Robert Leslie Foist Arthur Fong Harold Y. G. Fong Irma Florene Forbes Robert B. Ford Edward A. Forde, Jr. Nadine Foreman Frances B. Fortier Gladys E. Foster James Ramsey Fowle Albert M. Fradkin Douglas MacDonald George Frederickson John E. Fredrickson Stevina M. Freggiaro Richard L. French Gilbert L. Friedlein, Jr. Joseph Friedman John A. Friedrichsen William Fries Barbara E. Fritz Mario Joseph Frosali John Kingsbury Frost Mary J. Frunz Jack Podesta Senior class yell leader, " The Pud " flings his arms about practicing yells to himself while prowling on campus. A uniform-wearer since high school days, he continued this practice in California Can- noneers. Well known to Phi Phi ' s and Theta Xi ' s is his capacity for beer and his love of sings, anytime, anywhere. 40 Robert Andrew Fugazi Shirley Fuller Jean E. Gabbert Paul C. Gaertner Robert A. Galindo Elmer F. Galion ' Vernon H. Gallichotte Anna E. Galvin Grant George Galvin Louis John Gandsey Zelma Elizabeth Gant Donald Hugh Gard Charles Gardippe, Jr. Charles N. Gardner Katherine L. Gardner Martha Ball Gardner Richard Edward Gardner Yvonne C. Gamier Mary Gaspar Dora Gastelum Harry Lawrence John Sinclair Gay Leland V. Geffert Charles W. Gemmer Ernest Fred Gentner Beverly H. George Anson J. Gerner, Jr. Peter Warren Gester Lorraine B. Giacobbi Grace Rita Gibbs Naomi Jean Gidding Warren Harding Giedt Georgene Gifford Alice Giguire Dcnald R. Gillaspy Shirley C. Gillette Walter H. Gillis William Mills Gillis Harvey E. Gilman, Jr. Clark Grant Clark ' s favorite past time was just sitting around the senior class office doing nothing, especially during the spring semester when he was the only male officer left. He balanced the class books and when they were short, made up the difference by matching nickels with any taker he could find. 41 Barbara Ann Gingg Gloria P. Giordano Ora Alice Gipe Dorothy B. Girard Louis 0. Girouard Janette Eileen Gist LeNore Mary Glacken Julius H. Glassman William S. Glassman Gertrude Globenfelt Mildred H. Gochenour Gordon Henry Goff Thomas J. Goff, Jr. Lauren Jackson Goin Hadassah Goldberg Clifford V. Golden Aaron Goldsmith David L. Goldstein George Chin Goo Frederick H. Good Donald E. Goodell Frank R. Goodman David Goodwill Forrest C. Goodwin Mollie Gordon Harry Gorsky Juliet T. Gottheim Reeve Gould John Theodore Graff Dorothy Jean Graham Robert J. Graham Barbara Grant Clark H. Grant James Pinco Grant Robert Aaron Grant James Harris Graves Jane Evangeline Gray Isabel H. Green Patricia E. Green Eugene Danaher Most admired man in Eshleman is Dynamic Dana- her. A San Francisco commuter, he never missed his daily eight o ' clock, stayed late to finish his job of editing the Daily Cal. A professional boxer on the side, mannerly Eugene dangles a Phi Bete key, proof that he ' s also a gentleman and a scholar. 42 Lenore J. Greenberg Phyllis D. Greenberg Leonard E. Greenwold Roy Raymond Grell Marthel E. Greves Robert B. Griesche Wallace M. Griffin William Ray Griffith Alfred Gross Marjorie Helen Gross Keith W. Groswird Rosemary Grube Barbara A. Grunauer Barbara Gunn Beverly C. Guthe Doris Elizabeth Guyer Minetta Alva Guyon Harold C. Gwynne, Jr. Richard E. Haake Anita Helen Hacke John Sidney Hadsell Ellsworth Hagen Kenneth Sverre Hagen George F. Hagg William J. Haggard Alice Hall Barbara Marie Hall Edith Hubert Hall Robert William Hall Theodora Leyel Hall Ralph John Halloran Margaret•Jane Halonen Roderick D. Hamblin Jeanne Y. Hamby Jay P. Hamerslag, Jr. Catherine M. Hamilton William Hammerson Dorothy S. Hammill Eunice E. Hammond Ginny Robinson Ginny ' s a good, clean, wholesome kid despite the fact that she was an Eshleman inmate for four years, justifiably putting her feet on the Blue and Gold editor ' s desk during the final one. This Gam- ma Phi was the University ' s corresponding dele- gate to the half of the U. S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps that Cay didn ' t write to. 43 John A. Hammond, Jr. Myrnie E. Hancock Thomas E. Hanes Jerry B. Hannifin Robert C. Hardie William S. Hardin Elise Clare Harding Gordon L. Harding Woodrow F. Harper George A. Harrah, Jr. Robert F. Harrigan George R. Harrington William G. Hart Ruth Irene Harter Beth Hartley Robert Alva Hartley Madelynne J. Hatch Arthur L. Haubrock Florence Emily Haun Ursula Ann Haven Audrey M. Hansen Frederick Her Hanson Stewart W. Hanson Claire Happell Frances S. Harden Olive Stark Harding Leonard G. Hardy III Beverley Anne Hare William David Hargus Laura Jean Harlowe Eleanor L. Harris Faye Maree Harris James S. Harrison Barbara West Hart Virginia Hart Mary Alison Hartong Carolyn E. Hassler Mabel Edith Hawkins Janet M. Hay Warren Unna Elucidations on Warren ' s pet peeves, sorority women and the San Francisco Symphony ' s lack of attention to the Old Masters, came through his Daily Cal editorials. He left with the ERC, but not before some of his well-founded criticisms went by the board after attending a sorority formal. 44 Margaret E. Hayden Janet Henderson Elizabeth L. Herbert Gavin Never High Joan E. Hindmarsh Editha Mary Hayes Robert F. Henderson Alma Marie Herger Frederick V. Hill Robert G. Hinshaw Jan Lynette Haynes Beryl Henley H. Paul Hernandez Marianne Hays Norman S. Hennessy Raymond M. Hertel Homer M. Hayward Richard G. Henniger Barbara Jane Hibbitt Muriel Ayres Heath Helen Marjorie Henry Harry Gross Hicks George Clinton Hill Jean Hirschberg Margaret J. Hedden Marjorie Henshaw Jane Harriet Hicks Muriel Jeanne Hill Kathleen P. Hirschl Margaret A. Hediger Richard A. Henshaw Alan Russell Hiester Paul M. Hillinger Carolyn Lee Hirst Josephine G. Hedtke Albert W. Herbert Lois Esther Hiester Eugene S. Hilton Joseph F. Hiseler Marge Silva Some twenty-one years ago the stork brought Marge into the world, but the Pelican has her now. She hails from Ungayboodilyunga and claims she has made a trip to Europe with Aunt Matilda and George. Next time she ' s going to fly with Pelly on Wednesday. 45 William Hislop Martha Wilson Hoffman Howard C. Holmes Ralph House Arthur England Howie Shirley A. Hitchcock Miriam E. Hoffman Marjorie Mae Holmes William M. House Ward Wilson Howland Ellen H. Hittell John R. Hofmann, Jr. Robert Henry Holz Elizabeth P. Houston Lillian Etta Hoyle Teresa A. Hobrecht Alander F. Hogland Robert W. Hongola Joan Howard Howard N. Hubbard Arthur J. Hocker Mary Jane Hoiles Alfred James Hons David A. Hodges Kenneth M. Holland Betty May Hopper Catherine Ann Hoegh Robert A. Holloway Betty Jean Horn Howe C. Hoffman Esther Holine Virginia Lucille Horn William C. Howard Edith Marie Huffman Jane I. Hoffman Edwina Mae Holmes Russell C. Horstmann, Jr. Jack Burnette Howe Floralyn V. Hughes Bill Leonard The Blue and Gold Managerial staff was smaller this year, but Bill didn ' t mind as long as a few pretty girls kept office hours. His prize possession is a rattling Model A minus fenders, in which he takes everyone home so he can be pushed back to the ATO house. 46 Albert P. Hulten Richard Hum Elizabeth M. Humphreys Barbara Jane Hunt Grant James Hunt, Jr. Betty Anne Hunter Grace L. Hunter Virginia A. Hunter William F. Hurley Leah H. Hurwitz Barbara Marie Hussey Norman Earl Huston Maxine E. Hutchin Harry M. Hutchinson Warren Chris Immel Neil Imobersteg Carol Inberg Dorothy Jane Ingots James W. Irvine William R. Irwin, Jr. Zelda Israel Alice Ives Florence Jacobson Frederic A. Jacobus Jay M. Jacobus Isaac A. Jaffe Alden Carl James Robert Allan James Mark John Jang Peter Brandt Jansen Theodore Jarmie Dorothy B. Jaton Kenneth Lowry Jaton Mary Lee Jefferds Edgar W. Jeffries Betty F. Jenkins Coleman W. Jenkins James F. Jenkins, Jr. Patricia L. Jenkins Howard Cook Howard was the absentee editor of the Monarch. He was top man on the Californian ' s staff at the same time that he worked a regular shift in the shipyard, wrote articles madly for the California Monthly, and put out his Cook ' s Tour of the 1942 Senior Week. He was reputedly part owner of The Anchor. 47 Roberta W. Jenkins Carl E. Johnson Rodney W. Johnson Margery Nelle Jones Donald F. Joost Earl M. Jensen James Maurice Jensen Lucille A. Jensen Miller V. Jensen, Jr. Robert A. Jensen Laura Claire Joe Elmer H. Joerger, Jr. Allen H. Johnson Coleman C. Johnson Ethel Johnson Katherine L. Johnson Lorraine Ruth Johnson Lucille E. Johnson Marian Hope Johnson Richard S. Johnson Robert V. Johnson Elva Mary Johnston Marguerite K. Johnston James W. Jondrow Dan Wesley Jones Dorothy Claire Jones Florence Lois Jones George Bryon Jones John Victor Jones Mary Nelson Jones Muriel Anna Jones Patricia Marie Jones Stanley Bennett Jones Walter P. Jones, Jr. Ellen Jane Jordan Richard Pierce Joy Barbara Lyford Joyce Lcis Judd Jean Whittall Judson Bill Hislop Bill never let his work as Manager of The Cali- fornian interfere with his daily trip into the paper ' s editorial offices to petition for more leg art on page one. Socially, he was a lone wolf, importing his dates from outlying districts and keeping them carefully concealed from his Phi Tau brothers for obvious reasons. 48 Irving L. Julius John A. Jungerman John L. Jungnickel, Jr. James Kaffen, Jr. Albert A. Kambeitz Fred J. Kamphoefner, Jr. Wilbur A. Kamrath Robert Edward Kane Eugenia V. Kaross Arthur A. Karp Edis Mae Karzen Warren John Kaufman William E. Kearney Jenness Keene George J. Kehriotis Beth Kellams Helen E. Keller June Keller Patricia Lee Keller Alfred Edward Kelley Graham McDonald Kelly Oliver S. Kelso, Jr. Deed B. Kenc helian Kathleen J. Kennedy Margaret M. Kennedy Catherine T. Kenny Sophia Kent Stanley M. Kerber George T. Kern, Jr. Jacquelyn Clare Kerns Edwin Ernest Kerr Eugene E. Kerrick, Jr. Portia Kidd William W. Kidder Mary Kiddie Kathryn H. Kieffer Walter L. Kietzman Hugh W. Killebrew, Jr. Fred A. Kimzey, Jr. likbairisk Alan is what is known as a progressive editor. He progressed from the Blue and Gold editorial offices across the hall to the Pelly office, and then down- stairs to edit Sweetness and Light. Always ready with a quick come-back, he ' s now keeping his fly- ing instructor up in the air about things. Alan Alch 49 Charlotte Winter King Edward L. King Doris Elizabeth Klein Adele I. Kleinhaupt Helen•Jane Knapp Reed Harris Knight Robert M. Koshland Glen Dale Koskela June M. Kreter Robert Moore Kripp Lois Virginia King Benjamin J. Kleinstein Richard F. Knight Lillian Ruth Kozak Clifton B. Kroeber Stanley L. King, Jr. Barbara Jane Klever Jack De M. Kniveton Elisabeth L. Kremser Daniel H. Kurzman Sylvia F. Kiosterud Myrtle Effie Kliewer Philip M. Knox, Jr. Kenneth Lamar Kipp Lenore Kligerman Janice Marie Koll Robert Read Kitson Robert P. Klinkner Blaine J. Konkright Magnus W. Kjelsberg Marie J. Klippel Armine Lovin Konold Erna Pauline Kremser Emil John Kwasney Annette J. Kiang Harvey Lovell Klyce Louise A. Kooyman Paul Ernst Kremser Doris L. Lagomarsino Pat Keller Under the efficient guiding hand of its manager, Ad Service Bureau satisfied advertiser and student consumers alike. Pat kept things running smoothly in the office and also had time for Prytanean, Theta Sigma Phi and other outside interests, as evidenced by the sparkling ring on her left hand. 50 Constance Lai Jeradine Willson Lamb Perry Albert Lamb Arthur E. Lambert William W. Lambert Joseph V. LaMoglia Everett D. Lampson, Jr. Melvin Paul Landis Margaret Landrith Barbara Hyde Lane Lucille A. Langknecht Pearl Lapidaire George F. Larsen, Jr. Helen Margaret Larsen Nancy Solveig Larsen Glenn S. Larson Kit Yan Lau Jean Ellen Lawrence William B. Lawrence Frank Laycock David McPherron Leaf Marion E. Leary William Joseph Leas Robert M. Le Baron Marie Leduc Sue King Lee Theodore K. Lee Virginia Marion Lee Warren Wm. Leffmann Barbara N. Le Gro Robert W. Lehman John Danos Leidholt Katherine M. Leighton Virginia R. Leimbach Horace C. Leland William E. Leonard Evan Leong Jeanne Lessley Dewey B. Letsinger Bob Novack Bouncing Bob was officially one of the past year ' s many managers of The Californian, Chairman of Publications Council and Activities Coordinating Committee. He spent twenty-four hours a day quite successfully promoting the interests of Eshleman and or Bob Novack. 51 Joseph Mervin Levin Florence Levinson Janet Marilyn Levy Lawrence Dana Lewis Lien-Chun Li Elayne M. Lichtman Marianne Likowski Samuel Lilies Melvin Earl Lilley Jane May Lim Walter W. Lindquist Hal Chester Ling Aida Anna Link Richard Martin Lippi Van B. Lisman Raymond W. Little Anna Lea Lloyd Betty Mae Lloyd John Emerson Lloyd Richard Eugene Lloyd Stanley Silvan Locus Norman L. Lofgren Pia Maria Lombardi Broughton Long Suzanne Lore Christine D. Lorgion Gladys G. Lormor Inez Mary Lourenzo Charles Eugene Love Enid Elizabeth Lovett William Low William Henry Low Warren Eugene Lowe Mercedes E. Lowell Fred Lucas William Donald Lucas Polly Rollins Luchsinger Mary Elizabeth Lucot Charles Heyler Ludwig Doug Campbell Philosopher-about-Eshleman Hall, Doug spent much of his time applying the teachings of Nietszche and Plato to his friends. Officially, he was manager of Pelly, but he also wrestled with Little Theatre stage sets, gave moral support to the Blue and Gold editorial staff and snatched a Phi Bete key as a sideline. 52 Lydia Engram Ludwig Marilyn L. Luff Jens Lloyd Lund Ellen Marie Luoma Alberta L. Lyckberg Lois Jean Lynch Patri cia R. Lynch Robert Lynes Joan Lyons Ronald Hudgson Maas Dorothy A. McArtor Jean Bernell McBrayer Marjorie P. McCabe Leon R. McCall William A. McCampbell Jacqueline E. McCart John L. McCarthy Louise McCastline Jean McChesney John Gerald McChesney Margaret K. McClain Irwin W. McClintock, Jr. Jack S. McClure Jane E. McCollam Constance M. McConnell Evelyn McCorkle Barbara A. McCormick Leland H. McCormick George Roy McDonald William C. McDonald Bonnie McDuffee Leigh B. McFarland Merilynn M. MacFarland Ruth K. MacFarlane Carol C. McGlinchey Patrick B. McGrath Kenneth P. McGuire Manuel J. Machado John E. McInerney Mary Jefferds There isn ' t an activity, political issue or a big deal that Jeff hasn ' t had a finger in. She dreamed up musical card stunts, personally collected and wrapped hundreds of Bundles for Bears, and was the power behind most of the worthy drives on campus. She ' s Cal ' s best-loved character. 53 Jessie L. McInnis Dick Arden Mack Margaret K. McKeehan Andy M. McKelvy Mary E. McKelvy Lyba Lenore Mackie John M. McKillen, Jr. Margaret I. MacKillop John P. MacKinnon Mary J. McLaughlin Peggy MacLaurin Joan McLean Barbara McLeod Martha Maclise Robert C. McMenamin Janet P. McMorran Hugh Doan McMullen Margaret I. McMullin Alan John McMurry Daniel J. McNamara Lois Jane McNamara Robert Moore McNary Duncan J. McNeill Doris Jean McPhee Elton Charles McVey Dorothy L. McWherter Marion G. Madden Mary Honors Madigan Frank Alvin Magary Kathleen M. Magee David G. Mainland Cyril E. Makaroff Alfred C. Malboeuf Lois Jane Malkson Mary Frances Malone Richard G. Maloney Elliott S. Maltzman John Reynolds Mapes Eva Jean Marcus Jan Haynes Mary had a little lamb, but Jan has a faithful dog that follows her to school and personally escorts her to her Ad Service Bureau door. She backs up her job as manager there with a journalism major and hopes to go on in that field after graduation. 54 Margaret E. Marcy Irene Etta Mares Roy Clifford Marker Jack A. Marquis Mary D. Marshall Jeanne Loretto Martell Delmer H. Martens Laurence S. Martens Lorraine A. Martens Mary Francis Marti Charles L. Martin George W. Martin James F. Martin Paul M. Martina Barbara M. Martinelli Doris Martinelli Dorothy A. Marwedel Anne Lyndall Maslin Mary E. Mason Tom Mason Mary E. Massey Dorothy Masters Pa trick E. Masterson Barbara Jean Mathews Norma June Matlin David E. Matteson II Albert J. Matteucci Bobbie J. Matthias John Matthias Gerald D. Matson Stanley G. Maurer Thelma Bridges Maw William Maxon Glenn D. Maxwell Clayton A. May Elizabeth Anne May James A. May Philip S. Mayer Barbara M. Mayfield Bob Rawson This business of being manager of Pelly is pure gravy, as Bob will readily tell you. Nothing but beautiful Pelly salesgirls hovering around, espe- cially on monthly sales days. Despite the distrac- tions, Bob managed to keep his eye on the books and his mind on his work—at least partially. 55 Blanchara Maynard, Jr. Audrey Louise Mayo Margaret Maze Walter Sam Mazen Robert B. Meckel Mary K. Meddaugh Bert Meek Melinda A. Meinecke Paul Francis Merian Janice May Meister Michael L. Mellor Pearson T. Menoher Marjorie Meredith Roberta 1. Merialdo Austin H. Merrill Edwin A. Merritt Edward W. Mertens David Messinger Benton Stanley Meyer Barbara Lee Miller Gloria Patricia Meyer Constance A. Miller Lily Edith Meyer Geraldeen M. Miller Rowena B. Meyer Henry Simmons Miller Warren S. Michael John Anthony Miche Doris C. Michelsen Frederick W. Mielke, Jr. Barbara Miller Louise W. Miller Margaret Jane Miller Maxine Muriel Miller Phair Miller Russell F. Miller Martha Clara Mills Richard L. Mills Herman Chris Mingst John Ferguson John is a typical football hero. He is tall, blond, and looks handsome even when he has all his pads on and has that most unbecoming football helmet on his head. During football season he commutes between the Sigma Nu house and the Men ' s Gym. The rest of the year he commutes between the Sigma Nu house and the Theta house. The reasons are not the same. 56 Ruth Ann Minick Madeleine Minturn Clifford A. Misener John A. Miskel Charles A. Mitchell Veronica A. Mitchell Margaret M oak Edna E. Modisette Marian H. Moffatt James H. Moffett, Jr. Mae Merle Molfino Donald W. Moline Peter Molson Arthur K. Monaghan Sarah Ethel Monroe Marjorie J. Montgomery Arthur Michael Mooney Evadne Avery Moore James Burchard Moore Marjorie U. Moore Alice B. Moorhead Dorothy J. Morehead Albert Barnes Morgan Albert Richard Morgan Arthur I. Morgan James P. Morgan Rosemary T. Morrow Claire A. Morse Patricia May Morton Margaret D. Moruza Tito G. Moruza Marilyn Moses Theodore J. Mouche Margaret M. Mounsey Louan n Moynihan Thomas F. Mulcahy Paule Jeannine Mullen John Keating Muller Geraldine Mulqueeney Aida Link A direct descendant of the composer Verdi and named for one of his operas, Aida is a natural as an opera star. Her stirring rendition of the famous aria " Arrid " has been more responsible for her fame than her long list of honor societies or her well-done job as General Manager of Little The- atre. 57 Shirley V. Murdoch Lenarose Murphy John H. Murray, Jr. John Muscardini Edward A. Myers, Jr. Stephen Dyer Myers Wallace A. Myers Olga M. Mygind Bruno R. Naczkowski Patricia Naess William B. Napton, Jr. John Bass Neal Marjorie J. Needles Harold L. Neeland Nancy N. Neher Omar Bruce Nehls Barbara J. Nelson Kathleen Ayers Nelson Robert W. Nelson Theodore R. Nelson Edward Nemtzow Leonard W. Neumann David James New Barbara Ann Newell Evelyn Newhoff Jacqueline R. Newman Theodore E. Newman Geraldine G. Newsom Thomas W. Newton Corinne Nibecker Theodore E. Nichols Marjorie J. Nicholson Frank David Nicol Joseph P. Nicoletti Jeannette V. Nielsen Jeannette L. Nilsson Madra Elayne Nixon Walter L. Nollner May Irene Nordquist Grover Klemmer Grover the Rover is an athlete. He has a Big C in football. He has a Big C in basketball. He has a Big C in track. It is rumored that he plays a mean game of checkers, too. Grover looks very cute when he is embarrassed. He is embarrassed when he has to speak be fore multitudes of people, but not when he has to perform in front of them. 58 John Winans Norris Nellie J. Norton Robert Lloyd Novack Francis Novitzky Barbara Louise Nudd David Arthur Nurse Sarah Gwynn Nutt Beulah Estella Nye Irene L. Obermiller Herbert C. O ' Brien Gertrude C. Ocken Helen Ann Oettel Robert H. Offermann Betty Mae O ' Keefe Jane Marilyn Oliver Robert Oliver Marilynn L. 011is Harold L. Olson Greta Olsson Barbara C. O ' Neill Zina S. Ootkin Elaine P. Oppenheim Ruth Kathleen O ' Shea Henry Joseph Osner Maudelle Ossenbruggen Walter Emil Otto Sybil Oudin Robert Vernon Owens Frank Arthur Owings Richard Jacklyn Pabst Eugene Gray Padel Luis A. Paine Barbara F. Painter Martha G. Papadakis Caroline D. Pappas Helen Ann Park Karl Alfred Parker Wilton B. Parker Patricia Jo Parnell Cay Hamilton Cay was an Eshleman inmate for four years, finally serving in the capacity of Associate Editor of the Blue and Gold and remarkably enough survived the ordeal without visible ill effects. This Alpha Xi was co-hostess at daily party-time in the Blue and Gold office and was the University ' s cor- responding delegate to the half of the U. S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps that Ginny didn ' t write to. 59 Donald E. Parrish George A. Parrish Gladys M. Parrott Dorothy I. Patchin Helen S. Patrovich Evelyn I. Patterson Arthur Lee Patton Roschelle Z. Paul Frank A. Pauli John 0. Paull William N. Paulsen Clyde Elwin Paxton Dorothy Jane Pearce Russell H. Pearce, Jr. Eugene W. Pearson Jacqueline M. Peck Rhoda Peck Virginia C. Pedersen Doris L. Pedretti Jack Edwin Peebles Jennie G. Pellerite Phyllis R. Pencovic Louise Peoples Evan K. Perkins Hope M. Perlstine Jack Donald Perry Gertrude Ann Peters June Barbara Peters Mary Elizabeth Peters Susan Hope Peters Dorothy M. Petersen Barbara J. Peterson Betty Ellen Peterson Ruth Mary Peterson Nicholas Chris Petris William Horace Phelps Wendell G. Phillips Amnuay PhoonphiphutanaLawrence E. Pickett Barney Etcheverry The sobering influence of the Blue and Gold edi- torial office, Barney left much-appreciated notes for errant and forgetful editors, and without his count- less lists this book would never have gone to press. The brains of the organization, ne modestly ac- cepted his Phi Bete key, and during the spring semester sent moral support from OCS in North Carolina. 60 Cora Ruth Pierre Jack Port Helen E. Prentiss Edeltraut E. Raith Helene E. Rathke Ralph Pietrobono Mary Carolyn Piggy Amedeo Jack Podesta Elizabeth Polhemus Paul L. Polizzolto Shirley Ann Pollard Walter Pollard Robert M. Pond David Ewing Porter Emery B. Poundstone James Owen Power Juanita Ellen Power John David Prader Lucia Alice Pratt Jack Wherry Preece Jayne H. Prentice Anne Jewell Price Elizabeth J. Priddy Marian Frances Priest Dorothy June Prouty Frank Edward Raab Thomas M. Radtke Adele Edyth Rahlves Margaret A. Rainbolt Ann H. Randles Frank Everett Rapp Lois M. Rasmussen Patricia C. Ratchford Gerald S. Rathbun Robert Craig Rawson Dorothy Helen Rea Constance P. Read Mary V. Reading Ralph W. Ready Barbara Colby Be it ever so humble, there ' s no place like home. The Blue and Gold Managerial office may not be a palace, but Barbara gives it a homey touch by rocking in her swivel chair as she knits olive drab socks for Valentine Robespierre. As Assistant Man- ager, she signs all these letters that tell people it ' s time to pay their second assessments. 61 William Harry Read Robert P. Reddingius Anna Nell Redman 0. M. Reed Ellen A. Reeves Clifford J. Reinhard Matilda J. Rement Edward Ray Reynolds Russell H. Rhoades Adelane Rich Elizabeth A. Richards George J. Richards David C. Richardson Ralph Geo. Richter Jean F. Ridone Mae Louise Riedy Elizabeth M. Riley Ruth K. Rinehart Eugene Albert Ringel William T. Rintoul Edward Albert Riss Anne Marie Ristenpart Dorothy Mary Rix Jane Lucille Robards Martha D. Robbins Bob Lorence Roberts Kenneth W. Roberts William E. Roberts Marjorie I. Robertson Rodney Hill Robertson William 0. Robertson Herman Neil Robey Barbara J. Robinson Constance V. Robinson Duncan B. Robinson Marshall A. Robinson Robert Leon Robinson Virginia Robinson Lulu Ferguson Robles Dave Stewart Dave doesn ' t have a Big " C " , but we know several people who will vouch for his ability as a baseball player. Before leaving for the army, he offered his dirty cords and saddle shoes to the University librarian for use as specimen of the week. His picture is here because he is a Sigma Phi, rugby player, Rally Committee member and a good friend of the editor. 62 Clorinda M. Roccucci Francis J. Roche Robert C. Rock David Leigh Rodgers Laure Lou Rodgers Mildred G. RoeIse Frances Rogers George W. Rogers Jane H. Rogers John Joseph Rolih Max Frank Rolih Louis Joseph Rolle Jennie Gouanna Rombi Barbara Ann Roney James D. Rorabaugh, Jr. Stanley Id. Roscoe Rosalie Thayer Rose Irene A. Rosenberg Raymond R. Ross Jack Marvin Roth Erika E. Rottger Jane Elizabeth Roush Everett Paul Rowe Gilbert T. Rowe Elmer William Roy Robert L. Rudd Virginia E. Rudiger William G. Ruehle Milton Menrod Ruhl William K. Rummell Kathryn Rushforth S. Paul Rushton William T. Russ Mary Ingrid Russell Adolph Oliver Rustad Ralph B. Rustigian Frank Alvin Ryan Howard T. Ryan, Jr. Rita Elizabeth Ryan Kay Kieffer To casual on-lookers, Kay is the capable executive who turns out Prytanean functions with cool non- chalance. Alpha Phi sisters know her better, have seen her wild-eyed, moaning that the whole thing is doomed to utter failure—almost, but not quite. 63 Mildred C. Sahlberg Daniel S. St. John William W. Salsig, Jr. Alan Julian Samuel Ruth June Sanden Victor Sanders Jean Ruth Sandner James A. Sanford John Edward Santee Allan Leroy Sapiro Charles B. Sarber Elizabeth L. Sargent Leonard P. Sargeant Fred Martin Sauer Mary Lou Saunders W illiam B. Saylor, Jr. Thomas A. Scaaden, Jr. Dominic T. Scalise Margery J. Scammell Marian Ruth Schaaf Calvin A. Schaefer Robert L. Schaeffer Louise A. Schaezlein Helen M. Schauppner Don Ralph Scheuch Marion M. Schlichtmann Dorothy A. Schmidt Ruby May Schmidt William R. Schmidt Robert F. Schneider Richard A. Schoenig Joy Gladys Scholz Richard H. Schoning !Cathleen C. Schroepfer Frances Schulman Ann Schunck Norman Lloyd Schwartz Paul James Schwegler Jacqueline F. Schwerin Stan Beisser Stan was Eshleman ' s man in uniform, dealer at large, bureaucrat de luxe, and nomadic spokes- man. He is the only man living or dead who ever aced big Bob Novack out of a deal. If you thought you saw Stan in civilian clothes you are wrong because if he was in civilian clothes it wasn ' t Stan. 64 Solon L. Scordelis James F. Scott Jane Newman Scott Marmian E. Scott Robert Andrew Scott Robert Oliver Scow John C. Seagrave Thelma Rae Searl Dan Bertan Sedgwick Walter Joe See William M. Seely Leland Frederick Se id Leon Seidel Laura Jo Shafer Dixie Shaffer Barbara Shanks Oscar Shapiro Kenneth Sharp Stanley Ray Sharp Eugene M. Sharpe Audree F . Shatkin Gayley Rae Shattuck Vivian Mae Shaw Cedric Sheerer Jack London Shepard Robert B. Sheppard Mary Sherman Mary Hill Sherrell Murray E. Shipnuck Eugene Shirokoff William H. Short Elizabeth B. Shuey Herbert Miles Shyer Thomas W. Sibary Betty Jean Sibbald Charles A. Sieck Helen M. Sihler Marjorie Ann Silva Ruth Silver Helen•Jane Knapp H. J. is officially the head of Women ' s Orientations and unofficially the head of Men ' s Orientations as well, because Stan Beisser never orients any males without first consulting H. J. When she isn ' t busy teaching unsuspecting frosh women how to get around, she may be found at the Alpha Xi Delta house playing bridge and emptying the coke machine for personal consumption. 65 Helen R. Simmons Robert C. Singleton Algae M. Smith Janet Lane Smith Virginia L. Smith Donald Simon Calvin Singman Barbara A. Smith Jeanne Marian Smith Sidney H. Smyth, Jr. Martha-Helen Simon Mary T. Sipple Betty Myrtice Smith Laurence W. Smith Joel Smythe Gladys M. Simpson Mary F. Simpson Nancy Rose Simpson Elie Charles Skofis Myrtle Marie Skow Joseph E. Slater Carol Smith Charles A. Smith, Jr. Charlotte H. Smith Patricia A. Smith Mary Alice Snead William T. Simpson Robert E. Slayton Donald Pitner Smith Martin Hugo Sims Jean Smaill Edward J. Smith Shirley J. Smith Margery H. Snipe Wanda E. Sines Yaro Paul Smirnoff Gerald G. Smith Virginia King Smith Norma Glen Snook June Breschini June is a sweet, demure little creature who remark- ably enough has brains. At least she made Phi Beta Kappa as a junior. She belongs to every honor society we can think of except the American So- ciety of Chemical Engineers. As chairman of women ' s judicial committee, June did plenty of sleuthing after last year ' s Axe-travaganza. 66 Sanford Snow Dee Lucile Sparrow June Laurette Stark Alice E. Stempel Frances A. Stickle Delmont S. Snyder Marjorie Ina Sperry Leston B. Stark Gwen E. J. Stephenson Lester Howard Stock Norma V. Snyder Arthur R. Sommer John A. Sommer Samuel Soo Hon Harley L. Sorensen Raymond D. Spicer, Jr. Norman E. Spiro Evelyn Marjorie Spirz Doris I. Stallman Barbara L. Stampley William 0. Statton H. Willis Stauffacher Edward V. B. Stearns Rosalie Steilberg George Karl Stein Henry Warren Stern Leontine A. Stevens Bernice E. Stockhurst Betty Ann Stofle Harold W. Souther Elaine C. Sponger Roberta Stapleton Wilfred W. Staring Shirley Steinau Marvin Sam Steindel Frederic R. Stevenson David Barrows Stewart Albert Ward Stone Edward Fred Stone Jim Jurkovich Papa Jim was a varsity football star and a varsity track star and a married man with a family. On the side, the north side, he was an engineer and a member of Phi Kappa Psi. Jurk had so many Big C sweaters that half of them are still in moth balls. He was Art Cohn ' s meal ticket four out of every five months. 67 Marilyn Rae Stone Ralph Stone Warren N. Stoner Jean Wilson Storey Richard G. Stotts Melvin Ray Stover James Louis Stratta Karl Strauch Ulrich Otto Strauss Annabelle G. Streeter Ruth M. Streeter Doris P. Strom Edward F. Strong John Allen Stroud Barbara Jean Stuart Ethel P. Sulliger Mabel Jo Sully Clara Ann Sundwall Herbert D. Sutton Bard Suverkrop Marina V. Swan Milo D. Swanson Gladys Mae Swantner Peter Lloyd Swartz Robert C. Swedenborg David B. Swedling Carleton J. Sweetser Mark Andrew Swift Bette J. Swirsky Steve Szybalski Agnes Juanita Tabor David Tackle Earl M. Taft Marshall L. Taft Carlos Tafur-Villalobos Daniel Henry Talt, Jr. Albert M. Taylor Betty Lorraine Taylor Charlotte V. Taylor Barbar a Bush Quiet and intellectual, this personable president of the Y. W. C. A. has a proud collection of honor society pins including Phi Bete key and Mortar Board pin. Most of her time is devoted to planning, presiding at, or attending meetings, but occasion- ally you spot her red head in a Political Science class. 68 Elizabeth Jane Taylor Anne Tedeschi James B. Thompson Dorothy H. Thurmond John Alfred Titley Harley Cray Taylor Donald M. Teixeira John A. Thompson Alfred M. Thym Arnt Hoyme Tjensvold Keith S. Taylor Arthur R. Templeton Virginia I. Thompson Malcolm Jean Taylor David 0. Terhune Constance Thorarensen Nancy Aline Taylor Kenneth Rosier Terry Ragnar Thorarensen William D. Taylor William F. Taylor Wyman Leroy Taylor Richard Day Tead Hanlon P. Tharp Hayward Thomas Robert P. Thomas Tedd Thomey Jean P. Thornton Walter J. Thorsen David Jerome Thurm Betty Jo Thurman Leon V. Tichinin Elizabeth Jane Tickner Maxine E. Tingle James B. Tingley, Jr. Rita Mary Tollini Prosper Q. Tomich Barbara Jean Tomson William Lun Tong Frank Nicol That gray Ford pickup with the most pleated fend- ers in the world that goes whipping around Ber- keley is Frank ' s coveted chariot. It takes him to Inter-fraternity Council meetings where he presides and occasionally to the Oakland estuary where he holds down a position in the first boat. 69 Robert Torney Albert Tornlof Thelma L. Torretta Porter A. Towner Irving Glenne Tragen Barbara Mills Travers Albert Charles Trouse Larry E. Trumbull Robert M. Tryon Stanley Tsou Mark Tuck Maryanna Tucker Lee Andrew Tune, Jr. Calvin Davis Turman William L. Turnage Mary Elizabeth Turner Freeman It. Tuttle Mary Jane Tuttle Mary Lynn Tuttle Lois Marjorie Tweedale Richardson J. Twohy Marion M. Twomey Warren W. Unna Helen Louise Urban Donald K. Valentine Bernard A. Vallerga Elisabeth A. Vanderbout Mary M. Varley Elisabeth H. Vawter Betty.Ann Venter Lawrence E. Viau, Jr. John Redd Vidmar John Greger Vigen Olive Jean Vinten John Max Vogel Warren Edgar Vogel Robert Stuart Vogt James A. S. Wagstaff Brent W. Wahlberg Suggs Clark The registrar ' s office reports that this girl ' s name is Mary, but she doesn ' t answer to anything but Buggs. She is the driving power behind the social planning committee and has done more to main- tain the morale of servicemen than any other woman on the campus. 70 Norma K. Waithman Marion A. Wal dman Duard Lee Walker Evalyn Walker Grace E. Walker John Mason Walker Lynn P. Walker, Jr. Ora Mae Wallace Ralph 0. Wallerstein Norman Ray Walter Mary Margaret Walters John Estey Walton William Elmer Walton Mary Alice Walz Donald 0. Ward Howard Milton Ward Gloria Rose Warden Richard Ware David S. Warger Margaret M. Warnecke Chris Edward Warren Barbara Jean Washburn Jeanne Marie Watson William E. Watson David Stevens Way Robert Ewing Wear Gilbert Allen Webb Richard A. Webster Roger R. Webster Richard Lyman Weed Dorothy Friend Weeks Donald Virgil Weir Robert Adams Weir Thomas P. Weir Edward Weis Henry Keith Weitze Floyd E. Welch, Jr. Marie Elizabeth Welch Steven Henry Welch George Spencer George may well be called Coach Tom Stowe ' s gift to the women. He is tall. He plays tennis. He has blond wavy hair. He plays tennis very well. He is slim and good-looking. We think he is one of the best tennis players we have ever seen and tennis is a gentleman ' s game so George must be a gentleman. 71 Wayne Fischer Welcome Leslie Arthur Welge Royal Hurlburt Weller Jack Cherry Wells Vernon Dale Wenrich Richard P. Wenzlik Ross B. West Virginia Roberta West James Perry Westcott Robert C. Westerfeld Leland V. Westerlund Gordon James Weston Lois Weston Robert D. Weyand Dorothy May Wheat Mary Louise Whelan Emerson R. Whipple Anita Whistler Clement S. Whitaker, Jr. Carroll N. White Frederick Milton White Harold Elmer White Robert Uhl White Horace Edgar Whittaker Marcia L. Widdoes Lois Marie Wiedeman Viola C. Wiederrich Ralph Stanley Wilcox Theodore Wildenradt Adiel Wilder Edith Anne Wilder Dorothy Wiley Floyd Florian Wilke Donald C. Williams Evelyn M. Williams Floyd James Williams John Earl Williams Lenore G. Williams Lois Margaret Williams Hal Davis Hal " Hurry Up " Davis brought fame and glory to himself and California by just being the fastest sprinter in the country. On hi s off days, he only won his races by a few yards. Hal enters the Marines after graduation and will for the first time have a chance to chase someone instead of always being in front of them. 72 Pauline M. Williams Raymond M. Williams,Jr.Robert F. Williams Joan Willis Emily G. Wilson Fenn John Wilson Richard Eugene Wilson Scott Parks Wilson Harney Wilson William A. Wilson, Jr. Frances M. Wilzinski Floyd Tyrus Wimberly Marie Diane Winnia Susanna Winterburn Fredrick E. Winters John Eloi Wise Robert C. Wisecarver Margaret A. Wittig Barbara Woglum George Wolff Glenn R. Wollman Ging Ching Wong Park Ying Wong Wallace Kwock Wong Carole Wood E. Cornelia Wood Eleanor Jean Wood Katherine Elisa Wood Martha Elizabeth Wood Perry S. Wood Duncombe M. Woodbury Tom Ellis Woodruff Anne Lorraine Woods Patricia Helen Woods Ervin C. Woodward, Jr. Barbara Marie Wright Don M. Wrinkle Felton Mark Wyatt Edna Nina Wynne Gene Pickett Gene is a football hero who hails from Long Beach. Art Cohn comes from Long Beach too, but this shouldn ' t be held against Gene because he is really a good man. The brothers of Sigma Nu always root the loudest of anyone for Gene during football games. Maybe that is because Gene is a Sigma Nu. 73 Jack Hing Yip Rose Yip Elvin Yost Ramona Zapiain Florence R. Zarcone Eleanore Mary Zeiss Herbert E. Zelinsky, Jr. Adele M. Zimmerman Robert Lucius Zinns Marjorie E. Yando Peter Ewald Yankwich Shuck Kin Yee Maria Zapiain Edmon R. Young Robert B. Young Dave Thurm Everyone who has ever tried to sell anything in Eshleman Court knows Dave. He is one of the best salesman-hecklers in this neck of the woods although he usually heckles the women rather than the men. He likes loud socks; in fact his practically scream. He wears a Big " C " sweater because of his prowess at the gentle art of ball playing. Jack Albright Jack is Clint Evans ' boy who never makes an error. At least we have never known him to make one while playing baseball for the Bears. When Jack isn ' t at the gym, which is seldom, he may be found at the Phi Sigma Kappa house along with half the other members of Big " C " Society. 74 SCHEDULE OF • OPERATIONS SAN FRANCISCO CAL CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Waxman, Henry Abronda, Marge Tonascia, Robert Fisher, Dr. Herbert Johnstone, Harold Santos, Frank Titus 75 Vern Bartram Gino Battagin Billy Bel lis John Benelli Clement Bried John Brooks Dan Alessini Donald Anderson Dale Arata Ronald Cloud Philip Coddington Antoinette Curci Nina D ' Anna Paul DeMartini Will iam Dougal I Francis Bucher William Clark Donald Cloney John Franscioni Paul Franusich Ernest Gibson Edwin Goldman Neil Harris Benjamin Hartunian John Enright William Fahey Franklin Fouch Ralph Hood Harold Hook Liby Hora Thomas Hum Leonard Kahl Robert I eeffe HENRY F. ALBRONDA BETTY HOUGHTON Senior Class President Student Body President School of Nursing 76 John Kenny March Kong Trygve Kvalheim Victor Lassus Denver Latimer John Leong Daniel McCarthy Patriria McDonough Arthur Manotas Carleton Martyr Steve Mohorovich George Nicholau Robert Lidel I Theodore Liedstrand William Louie William Parker Albert Pellegrini John Peters George Quiros John Salas Urban Shea George Norin Harvey Norton Richard Owen Hugh Sweatt Switzer Manuel Teresi Frank Titus Philip Waxman Lawrence Williams Delman Smith Edward Smith Timothy Sullivan George Yee Chester Yothers PHIL WAXMAN ROBERT E. FISHER Student Body President Student Body President College of Pharmacy College of Dentistry 77 DAVIS CAL CLUB BACK ROW: Cliff Wolf, Dick Break, Ogden Kellog FRONT ROW: George Allen, Katinka Gallin, Phoebe Chapman, Joy Eddy, Arthur Adrian 78 George Edward Allen Janet Lovelace Allen Elizabeth Louise Bagwill Joseph Baker Frank Edward Bergthold Phoebe Jane Chapman Persis Root Davis Francis Eckel Eleanor Joyce Eddy Robert Edgar Hansen Peggy Louise Hanson Robert Hart Joseph Ambrose Marron Kanneth Martin Russell Allen Nelson Edward Thomas Rooney Ross Rollen Sanborn Eleanor Lee Sehorn Kenneth Stewart Myron Daniel Dutra Herman Frank Menke GEORGE ALLEN Student Body President Ruth Jeane Weitze PHOEBE CHAPMAN Gilhooley Award Winner 79 BOB DOUTHITT ALAN FURTH Fall President Spring President CALIFORNIA CLUB BACK ROW: Howard Holmes, Charles Day, Walter St. Goar SECOND ROW: Jack Block, Ralph Dewey, Robert Desmond, Martha Maclise, Mary Clark, Joe Mixer, Alan Furth FRONT ROW: Ruth Meads Fisher, Virginia Smith, Yvonne Drian, Madeline Goodrich, Bob Douthitt, Shirley Fuller, Barbara Shanks Copeland, Anne Ristenpart, Norma Waithman 80 King Bob Dable seems unaffected by movie star Jane Russell ' s kiss The Junior Informal crowd ogles the famous Miss Russell King contestants Dave Fulmer, Dick Knight, Tom Carlson, Bob Dable A line-up of beauties from which to choose the Prom Queen Escort Warren Dobson seems a little awed by La Belle Russell Class President Marshall Paxton crowns Queen Betty Joe Jenkins ERCman Bill Hislop and date enjoy his farewell party Last step in the registration process—purchase of a green ribbon A final rest before a hard day ' s work in the fields The rigors of farm life fail to daunt spirits like these SOPHOMORE VIGILANTES Back row: Chip Cheney, Bob Ready, John MacMeeken, Bob Arnold, John Sproul, Larry Stewart, Dick Christensen, Ron Berryhill Front row: George Ellings, Vince Cullinane, Morris Abouaf, Al Hayman, Stan Morketter, Benson McGann, Dexter Ball, Keith Roberts, Len Wheeler Army trucks carry workers to the scene of the Brawl Big " C " painters pause to rake in a little publicity " Man With the Hoe " —double exposure BIG C GUARDS Back row: Bob Arnold, John Sproul, John MacMeeken, Don Paterson, Frank Dixon, Keith Roberts Second row: Benson McGann, Chip Cheney, Al Hayman, Stan Morketter, Scott Ramsden, Hal Hyde, Ron Berryhill, John Chain Front row: George Ellings, Vince Cullinane, Morris Aboual, John Andrews, Dick Christensen, Mike Caldwell, Bob Ready, Dexter Ball, Len Wheeler Class President Bill Smith with Freshman Queen Jackie Hogan A sandwich man advertises the coming Freshie Glee Plaid shirts and gingham dresses predominate at the " Little Red School House " hard and made a More wood. Okay? Okay Bill Robinson gives a demonstration of some fancy footwork A blackboard offers a practice ground for talented artists and wall doodlers r ' Howard Holmes, A. S. U. C. President Al Sapiro, Representative-at-large Al Stone, Yvonne Drian, Representative-at-large Pat Conaway. Representative-aaarge Ruth Fisher, A. S. U. C. Vice-president Ralph Dewey. Representative-at-large Maggie Johnston, Representative-at-large Bob Carlson, Representative-at-large C C atePe the big -1446 ej all the actieitie4 meet to settle their problem-4f BOB NOVACK Fall Chairman Stan Beisser Natalie Burdick Leslie Burgess Mary Clark Bob Dreher Elizabeth Humphreys Mary Jefferds Allen Johnson ri Dodie Eakin Bob Evans Jim Grant Lois Hiester Edith Huffman Bette McClure Duncan McNeil Joe Mixer Helen-Jane Knapp Jack Kniveton Bill Leonard Aida Link Dick Lippi Virginia Smith Bill Smith Bob Thomas 1 Marilyn Moses Frank Nicol Bob Novack Marshall Paxton Marge Robertson Peter Yankwich Irving Tragen Bob Tuttle STAN BEISSER Spring Chairman KENNETH PRIESTLEY Fall Graduate Manager GRADUATE MANAGERS FRONT ROW: Charlie Clarke, Marge Abrams, Flavia Catoire, Amy BACK ROW: Robert Laws, Kenneth Priestley, Kelly, Harry Davis, Roy Perry 9aduate litanageP4 and 9inance Committee Patch u„6 paternaI4, keeping an eye on war torn coffer. FINANCE COMMITTEE BACK ROW: William J. Norton, Kenneth Priestley, Edwin C. Voorhies SECOND ROW: Robert Dreher, Robert Novack, Howard Holmes FRONT ROW: Ruth Meads Fisher, Amy Bumstead, Marguerite Johnston CLINTON EVANS Spring Graduate Manager DAN APPLEBY KATE HARRIS HELEN MOORE JOY BIERY EMERSON HAYDEN PAUL PHILLIPS MARYBETH BRANAMAN BARBARA JONES ARNO REIFENBERG 7 " tie4fe are the people look out our Joel- ke. rliq make ,survey, about our and where we tide, then Mel di6cu064 Jolution4 to all our pPoblettm CONSUMERS COUNCIL BACK ROW: Margaret Fisher, Myra Honegger, Marvin Frankel, Jim Haynes, Joy Haynes, Bill Rogers SECOND ROW: Margaret Jory, Marcia Josel, Mary Reading, Lesley Jones, Phyllis Wolcott FRONT ROW: Jim Knott, Barbara 011is, Shirley Fuller, Ellen Ulery, Shirley Starr, Joe Mixer JIM GRANT JOE MIXER BOB BRECKENFELD FRANK BURRITT JIM GRANT TED KLASEEN CLIFTON KROEBER Chairman BETTE SWIRSI Y HELEN URBAN STUDENT HEALTH COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Helen Dickson, Muriel Fagiani, Helen Schauppner, John Altman, Doris Emberg, Mary Lane FRONT ROW: Phyllis Kashland, Nevada Pope Ramos, Helen Urban, Marydith Humphreys, Marion Zinn, Beverly Roberts LABOR BOARD BACK ROW: Dell French, Paul Rosenthal, Karl Kas- pin, Bob Randolph, Dave Terhune, Eugene Wiseman, Marvin Frankel FRONT ROW: Bob Breckenfeld, Ethel Henck, Mar- guerite Blackstock, Rita Stone, Phyllis Seitz, Bob Peckinpah HOUSING BOARD BACK ROW: Frederick White, Mary Farmer, Loo Saunders, Rhoda Haas, Elsa FRONT ROW: Ann Homer, Pat O ' Brien, Arno Reifen- berg, Marybeth Branaman, Jacqueline McCart, Emily Andrews STUDENT POLL COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Burritt, Milt Schwartz, Carmen, Don Beanston 104 it Nen we amide get oriented. jind out to ItePe the Campanile ie and can ,bind the pa ' line ' NI clad ' ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL Stan Beisser Bert Corona Stu Dobson Betty Fankhauser Lee Gerber Don Gillaspy Helen-Jane Knapp Margaret Maze Jennie Rombi Beth Sargent Ed Stearns Norma Waithman MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S DIRECTORS BACK ROW: Leonard Bulks, Bill Masek, Rudi Scheidt THIRD ROW: Walter Dimmick, Robert Downing, John Jackson, Stuart Dobson, Duane Parkison, Gilbert Bracken, Bert Corona, Barrett Coates SECOND ROW: Carol Leland, Kate Jurjevich, Ruth Grove, Joan Fullington, Beverly Davis, Patricia McIntosh, Mary Jane Yost, Mavis Marten FRONT ROW: Phyllis Botto, Doris Fay, Margaret Miller, Gretchen Schafer, Ruth Dingle, Norma Waithman, Marilyn Pugh 105 We go to the Sandal AluppePO4 and coffee hour,41, meet people and can .41q NC to a esede the ltundred4 kho poem u4 STAN BEISSER Chairman, Men ' s Orientations It FRESHMAN SUNDAY SUPPERS BACK ROW: Clarence Hill, Randolph Homes, Neil Campion, Victor Zvonareff, Lee Gerber, Duane Parkison SECOND ROW: Emma Cunningham, Barbara Newman, Elinor An derson, Frances Rakestraw, Marge Pape, Eva Morgan, Rex Anderson FRONT ROW: Ruth Denton, Betty Lawrence, Elsie Reimers, John Jackson, Marjoyn Parker, Tia MacDonald, Bobbie Thrall, Molly Moore SECRETARIAL, COFFEE HOURS AND OPEN HOUSE BACK ROW: Vernon Smith, Paul Friedrich, John Jackson, Duane Parkison THIRD ROW: William Matteson, Donald Gillaspy, Edgar Jeffries SECOND ROW: Kate Jurjevich, Willamar Wissing, Beth Sargent, Ruth Dingle, Grace Hunter, Margaret Maze FRONT ROW: Margaret Miller, Stavroola Flamos, Lynne Strasburger, Alyce Edwards, Gretchen Schafer, Carol Leland 7 ' tirou9114ctioitie,44 Recruitinf bureau lee end a place to exert Our effort4 and 4tart the hard clime toward the top HELEN•JANE KNAPP Chairman, Women ' s Orientations ACTIVITIES RECRUITING BUREAU BACK ROW: John Jackson, Phyllis Lutzi, William Masek, Duane Parkison, Lee Gerber, Bruce Jeschien SECOND ROW: Alverda Cathcart, Shirley Shields, Katherine Kain, Sally Newton, Ruth Grove, Barbara Newman, Elinor Anderson, Patricia Forster FRONT ROW: Eleonora Arioli, Tia MacDonald, Frances Davis, Jennie Rombi, Ruth Dingle, Martha Hoffman, Emily Thurston CAL HOSTS BACK ROW: Clifford Riley, Alverda Cathcart, Lee Gerber, Bruce Jeschien, Eleonora Ronald Brown THIRD ROW: Phyllis Anderson, Bert Lindsley, Joan Fullington, Lorna Goodman, Carmel Mosher, Darcy Burke, William Fay SECOND ROW: Mildred Masek, Vivian Saph, Sunny Kemmel, Pat Popejoy, Denise Leonard, Mardell Richards, Barbara Bdttgenbach FRONT ROW: June Baker, Isabelle Abrusci, Virginia Caldwell, Marjorie Deckman, Marcella Goldman, Barbara Harvey

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