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COPYRIGHT 1940 BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA JOSEPH H. WADSWORTH, JR., EDITOR Herbert E. Rankin and Rosemary Langheldt, Associate Editors DOUGLAS BADT, MANAGER Elizabeth Moore, Associate Manager VOLUME 67 PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA J DEDICATION This sixty-seventh vol- ume of the Blue and Gold is gratefully dedicated to Lucy Ward Stebbins. In her twenty-eight years of service as Dean of Women she has shown herself an excellent administrator and an able exponent of her ideas. To her the establishment of numerous fields of work of special interest to women has been pri- marily due. For seven college generations she has been the friend and understanding counselor of the women of the University. IN MEMORIAM FACULTY AND STAFF Dr. Priscilla Avery Professor Frederic T. Bioletti Mary E. Botsford Dean Marvin L. Darsie Dr. Neil P. Moore Dr. William C. Morgan Valerie C. Nichols Dr. Howard E. Ruggles Professor Thomas F. Sanford Professor Fredrick Shaw Dr. Hayden M. Simmons W. P. Stephenson Dr. Laurence R. Taussig John Thies Professor T. K. Whipple STUDENTS Arthur Bent Irvin Brezee Leo Herman Halpern William Milton Oscar Mohs Adolph Schaar Jack Wellington .4tompagmewspwwve -...empowor _••■■■ .11.11 • MN Mt IMO Am r NA A " 0• " • . r 11 ,ti••• � � : � � � : � � � _� � . .� � . ... _ � w� . ; . �� � y � � � . .. .� . .� y ,. . .� � y«ax: �. : . � « ...� ., ._,� . . w:g It takes an army of orientation workers to counsel the new women students. Student leaders conduct mass meetings to orient the new students. Registration formal ities end with study- list filing. Lower clansmen receive faculty advisor assignments during registration. anxious fresh hurry in to official ly become " Californians. " Through the intricate puzzle of the registration area pass thousands of undergraduates. Cal students and alumni dress formally for the Charter Day banquet at the Palace Governor Olson, Mrs. Sproul and Dr. Conant, president of Harvard, form a conversational trio. The athletic department forsakes sports momentarily to attend the Members of the Glee Club enjoy dinner before presenting their concert to Charter Day guests. ' TE. University administration leaders gather at long banquet tables. The Alpha Delts turn out en masse to represent the undergraduates at the banquet. PRESIDENT ROBERT G. SPROUL 18 There ' s a remark that some people make, and make, strangely enough, with pride : " I ' ve forgotten more than you ever knew, " as if forgetting a great deal was, in some manner, a thing to boast about. But there are more peo- ple, I think, who deliberately try to remember. They have perceived that memories are the vital essence dis- tilled from experience. They remember the pleasant for the happiness it brings. They remember the unpleasant, on occasion, for the humility that it engenders, and the sounder strength of character, and surer accuracy of judgment. Those who have had the foresight to provide them- selves with a copy of this Blue and Gold possibly realize this, though somewhat vaguely; they will realize it bet- ter with the passing years. The book is, in effect, a diary of the life of the Class of 1940 during the four years of undergraduate experience. It is a roster of friends and acquaintances and mutually enjoyed events. It will keep these fresh and vivid, and renew enjoyment of them again and again. I am venturing to hope that, as the truth of these statements is confirmed by time, some, at least, of the members of the Class of 1940 will pause, now and then, to remember, with an unwonted gratitude, other, perhaps more serious experiences within the classrooms, the lab- oratories, and the libraries which comprise the University of California. From them you have learned much; but knowledge forgotten is knowledge shorn of its power. Remember, therefore, to use this advantage that the discipline of the University has given you, and to add to it. Let your Blue and Gold be a part, a precious part, of your library, but not a substitute for it. Keep your mind growing and moving! The bud that withers never knows the beauty of the blossom; the dead plant bears no fruit. The Regents in the past year have devoted themselves, in addition to their usual heavy schedule of work for the institution, to outlining a plan for the erection of buildings on all the campuses. This plan has progressed to the point where several buildings are under construc- tion, and others are contemplated. The University Press Building at Berkeley has been occupied by the printing and press departments; at Davis the Enology Laboratory and the Library and Adminis- tration Building are completed; at Los Angeles the first unit of the Life Sciences Building has been constructed. At Berkeley, the plans for the Administration Building just outside Sather Gate on Telegraph Avenue are well under way, and a site for the new Stearn Dormitory for men has been found, north of the Greek Theatre. A Psychiatric Hospital at San Francisco soon will be under construction. GOVERNOR CULBERT L. OLSON )11RD OF ...GENTS Clockwise: Ellis, O ' Melveny, Deutsch, Hodgen, Mills, Ramie, Underhill, Olson, Sproul, Fleishhacker, Nichols, Calkins, Moffitt, McEnerney. ADMINISTRA YEAR MONROE E. DEUTSCH Vice-president and Provost During the year which is just now closing, a number of important additions was made to the faculty of the Uni- versity. Among these may be mentioned Dr. Frank N. Freeman, professor of educational psychology, who assumed the deanship of the School of Education, replac- ing Dean W. W. Kemp, who had just retired from the post. In Economics, the instruction in the field of inter- national trade, which had been carried by Dean Henry F. Grady, now Assistant Secretary of State, was placed in the hands of Dr. John B. Condliffe, who has come to us from the University of London, at which he held a professorship. Professor Archer Taylor, chairman of the Department of German at the University of Chicago, accepted appointment in our department. Professor Rob- ert W. Desmond of Northwestern University joined the faculty of the University as professor of journalistic studies in the post which was held for many years by the late Professor Charles H. Raymond. To head the new Department of Social Welfare, Dr. Harry M. Cassidy was called as professor of social welfare from British Columbia, where he had been in charge of these activities. Professor Herbert J. Rose, professor of Greek at St. Andrew ' s University in Scotland, held the position of visiting Sather professor of classical literature. In the Department of Music, Arthur Bliss served as visiting pro- fessor, and Ernest Bloch, the distinguished composer, joined the faculty. Retirements at the close of the academic year 1938-39 included Professor J. W. Thompson, professor of medi- eval history, and Professor E. C. Van Dyke, professor of entomology. Dr. W. C. Fleming assumed the post of dean of the College of Dentistry, succeeding former Dean Guy Mill- berry. In the College of Letters and Science, Dean George D. Louderback retired from the deanship and was suc- ceeded by Professor Joel H. Hildebrand of the Depart- ment of Chemistry. The Charter Exercises were held on March 28, 1940, owing to the fact that the exact date, March 23, fell dur- ing the spring recess. The speaker was President J. B. Conant of Harvard University. Numerous honors came to members of the faculty. Guggenheim fello wships were awarded to Dr. Leland S. McClung of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Re- search, Professor Lesley B. Simpson of the Department of Spanish, Professor Robert C. Tryon, of the Depart- ment of Psychology. Professor Eric C. Bellquist was granted a research fellowship by the Social Science Research Council through which he carried on studies in the Scandinavian countries. Professor Ivan M. Linforth, of the Department of Classics, was appointed as the first incumbent of the visiting professorship on the Andrew Fleming West Foundation at Princeton Universi ty. Professor Richard B. Goldschmidt, of the Department of Zoology, delivered the Silliman lectures at Yale University. Professor Max Radin delivered the Storrs Foundation lectures at Yale, and Professor Arturo Torres-Rioseco was the Flexner lecturer at Bryn Mawr College. 20 The most distinguished honor that has come to the University was the award of the Nobel Prize for physics to the brilliant young scientist, Dr. Ernest Orlando Law- rence, p rofessor of physics and director of the Radiation Laboratory. Special ceremonies were held on the evening of February 29 at the University for the bestowal of the award since circumstances prevented him from going to Sweden to receive it at the hands of the King. Among the additional presidencies of learned societies which came to our university were that of the American Mathematical Society, to which Professor Griffith C. Evans was selected; the presidency of the Paleontological Society of America, bestowed on Professor Ralph W. Chaney; the presidency of the International Botanical Congress, Stockholm, to which Professor E. B. Babcock was chosen. The University secured a goodly number of medals during the year, among them being the following: the Nichols Medal, awarded to Dr. Joel H. Hildebrand; the 1938 Agassiz Medal (oceanography), awarded to Dr. Harold U. Sverdrup; the John Deere Medal, awarded to Professor H. B. Walker; the Commonwealth Club Medal for Literature, awarded to Professor George R. Stewart; the Commonwealth Club Medal for Works of Scholar- ship, awarded to Professor Herbert I. Priestley. President Sproul was elected a member of two very important boards: i.e., that of the Rockefeller Founda- tion and that of the Carnegie Foundation for the Ad- vancement of Science. One of the important happenings of the year was the construction and occupation of the well-equipped build- ing of the University Press at the corner of Oxford and Center streets, which will make possible increased facil- ities for the publications of the University in its various fields. Lack of space forbids a summary of the other academic happenings of the year, which continued to mark the progress of the University. MONROE E. DEUTSCH. THOMAS M. PUTNAM, Dean of Undergraduates RAYMOND G. GETTELL. Dean of Summer Sessions LUCY W. STEBBINS, Dean of Women THOMAS B. STEEL, Registrar CHARLES B. LIPMAN, Dean of the Graduate Division LUTHER A. NICHOLS, Comptroller DEAN ROGER J. TRAYNOR, Jurisprudence DEAN CHARLES DERLETH, JR., Engineering DEAN FRANK H. PROBERT, Mining DEAN CLAUDE B. H UTCH ISON, Agriculture DEAN GILBERT N. LEWIS. Chemistry 22 DEAN WARREN C. PERRY, Architecture DEAN JOEL H. H ILDEBRAND, Letters and Science DEAN ROBERT D. CALKINS, Commerce C DEAN FRANK N. FREEMAN, Education DEAN SYDNEY B. MITCHELL. Librarianship 23 24 1 PROFESSOR CROSS PROFESSOR LOUDERBACK DEAN LIPMAN PROFESSOR BENEDICT PROFESSOR BOLTON PROFESSOR PALM PROFESSOR OLSON DEAN HILDEBRAND PROFESSOR CAMP PROFESSOR LAWSON PROFESSOR KERNER PROFESSOR STRONG PROFESSOR LOEWENBERG 25 Incoming freshmen are introduced to President and Mrs. Sproul by tuxedo-clad faculty members. Professors and their wives talk with freshmen waiting for the " big moment. " After formalities are over the dance floor proves an ideal meeting ground for the frosh. AE DEA] RI --11.-IPITTo Thirty-six hundred handshakes introduced the Uni- versity ' s bewildered new frosh to President and Mrs. Sproul. Shunted into the over-crowded gym, new stu- dents pushed and shoved on the crowded dance floor to the sweet swing of Sid Hoff ' s orchestra. Between dances the gay throngs rested their weary feet while they chatted about their college plans and refreshed them- selves with cookies and iced punch. PRESIDENT ' S RECEPTION COMMITTEE A capacity crowd attends the University ' s seventy-second birthday party in the Men ' s Gym. Dr. James Bryant Conant, president of H arvard U niversity. is the guest speaker at the seventy-second anniversary observance. Dr. Hu Shih, Chinese ambassador to the United States is presented with an honcrary degree. Traditional ceremony and pageantry heralded the seventy-second annual Charter Day exercises held in the Men ' s Gym. Faculty, old grads and undergraduates all joined together in observing the impressive cere- monies. Guest speaker, introduced by President Sproul, was Dr. James Bryant Conant, president of Harvard University. The regular festivities were climaxed by the annual Faculty Research lecture delivered by Dr. George D. Louderback, while at the Charter Day banquet held at the Palace Hotel, Harry Masser, president of the Cali- fornia Alumni Association, acted as presiding officer. President Sproul presides over the exercises flanked by distinguished guests and officials. ALUMNI COUNCIL Clockwise: Reith ' 18, Doyle ' 16, F isher ' 01, Nichols ' 17, Brenner ' 31, Bosley ' 17, Scaramella ' 32, Hurni, Mrs., ' 20, Hurni ' 13, Donald ' 11, Morrison ' 75, Sproul ' 13, Wheeler ' 12, Griffiths ' 06, Livingston ' 14, Walker ' 22, Keene ' 40, Witter ' 16. Walker ' 27, Putman ' 97, Swartz ' 11, Warren ' 12, Pletcher ' 27. Slack ' 10, Sibley ' 03. NI Big Game fever grips California alumni from Berkeley to Bucharest each year, as classes gather throughout the world to sing Cal songs, and reminisce over college days. Through the yearly awarding of eighty scholarships, donations to the Bureau of Occupations, and the educa- tional radio program, " The University Explorer " , the Alumni Association contributed greatly to campus life, and to its own organization. The California Monthly, eight times selected in national contests as the leading alumni magazine in the United States, retained its high standard by keeping former Californians in contact with all University activities. HARRY L. MASSER President ROBERT SIBLEY Executive Manager 28 Cal alumni gather at annual pre-Big Game dance to root for their alma mater. Big Game celebrations bring Chinese alumni together at a banquet. Former athletic greats talk over the " good old days " with Clint Evans. CALIFORNIA MONTHLY STAFF Back Row: Calkins, Emery, Balbo, Watt. Front Row: Kuehne, Pettitt, Sibley, Holland. 29 30 EDWARD EDWIN STREIT DR. NOBLE CHESTER ROWELL R The chairman of the Physics Department and President Sproul talk with Dr. Lawrence is congratulated by the Swedish Consul to Dr. Lawrence at the presentation. San Francisco. NOBEL AN. In recognition of his invention and perfection of the atom-smashing cyclotron, Dr. Ernest 0. Lawrence of the University was presented with the famed Nobel prize for physics. Unable to travel to Sweden because of the present European conflicts, Dr. Lawrence received the award in Wheeler Auditorium. With President Robert Gorden Sproul expressing the University ' s gratification, and Professor Raymond T. Birge praising the cyclotron ' s qualities, the stage was set for the presentation by Carl E. Wallerstedt, the Swedish Consul-General in San Francisco. Dr. Lawrence modestly accepted the coveted award but he emphasized the fact that his colleagues had all greatly contributed toward the development and completion of the history-making machine. THE CYCLOTRON 31 Vielernlelry ,VM f21W1 .1,1,1•,11.01•••• SOIRPedeat. ,qpre. WiNACI A7,110r3,11”-- .10.-vm- •-■•■•■■....10rs.1.11,111•1100.07.0, 91e, Ate...41,,,f, 100VVINO,. • 4,41•■••• 11104100P,1.1119MITIAORMIWNVIVAMMUWWW1.17.14{v4r,wwypi{,M,rirmi-mrp 4eeen c4 ' m 2041e4 TINIVER.A N 3EV N CAMPUS Like lights on a dark map, the University of California campuses illuminate the state. Every one of the seven campuses, from the University Farm at Davis in the north, to the orchards of the Citrus Experiment Station, at Riverside in the south, draws students from the far corners of the world. The W. K. Kellogg Institute of Animal Husbandry, tucked away near Pomona, is the proud possessor of the only twin Arabian horses in America. The campuses stretch from the mountain tops of Mt. Hamilton, where Lick Observatory searches the heavens, to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on the sands of the Pacific at La Jolla. San Francisco, the city with atmosphere, is a center of University activity, for clinging to its picturesque hills are the Hastings College of Law, the California School of Fine Arts, and the Medical center which includes the College of Den- tistry, the College of Pharmacy, and the Training School for Nurses. This year the University of California at Los Angeles has expanded further their field of educational facilities with the addition of the College of Fine Arts, and the erection of a new wing for a Life Science Building. Co-ordination of the activities of the seven campuses is the main consideration of the California Club, now sponsoring a contest for a suitable song for all. Although the University of California has its focus in Berkeley, its campuses are spread over the entire state and their influence extends over the entire globe. CALIFORNIA CLUB Back Row: de Grassi, Brokaw, Delaney, Pettitt, Van Slyk. Second Row: Bell, Balune, Freeborn, Farley, Vukasin. Third Raw: Waybur, Mackenzie, McHenry, Graves, Dibble. 34 UCLA Little Brother Bruin plays host to the Berkeley Branch at Homecoming. EARLE R. HEDRICK FRED KOEBIG Vice-president and Provost Student Body President Royce Hall and Library Administration Building. 35 DAVIS KNOWLES S. RYERSON ROBERT MUNYON Assistant Dean Student Body President Animal Husbandry Building " Spur of the moment " get-togethers are an old tradition on the farm. Vivacious drum majorette leads the Davis band pre-game parade. 36 LANGLEY PORTER Dean Analytic analysis by microscopes aids medical research. FRANK LONES Student Body President CARL L. A. SC H M IDT Dean !MAC. Long hours in the lab make better pharmacists. JOSEPH MACDONALD Student Body President WILLARD C. FLEM I NG Dean si 1I a Future dentists make clay molds of dental structures. STANLEY LAWRENCE Student Body President MARGARET TRACY Director rur4INE Instruction is given in the art of bed making. ELOISE PAYNE Student Body President 4 LEON D. BATCHELOR Director Buildings of Riverside campus are used mainly for tropical fruit research. LICK WILLIAM H. WRIGHT Director Winter scene at Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton. 38 SCRIPPS HAROLD U. SVERDUP Director Oceanography is studied near the surf at La Jolla. KELLOGG CARROLL E. HOWELL Manager The only twin Arabian colts in the world are the pride of Kellogg Institute. 39 WILLIAM M. SIMMONS JOHN C. FILIPPINI Dean Student Bady President Future barristers study in Hastings Law Library. LEE F. RANDOLPH Director RICHARD FLEIG Student Body President Students concentrate on model in life drawing class. 40 Orchestra leader Joe Reichman entertains throngs at the Mark. Garwood Van holds forth in the Mural Room of the St. Francis. Cal couples enjoy dancing in the Peacock Court. The " Pagliacci of the Piano " demonstrates his famous technique. Small talk fills intermission atop Nob Hill. Dancers refresh themselves in the St. Francis ' Orchid Room. 4- , e .4410 ' 4 X41- tZArt • iasr.W.WIM-erhu0.01.1141,44,emss. Att...kA1Ardtif •• 41,4.4444.4.44,4■4,44 4044444,4■41,141.0”.04 •. ' Al tArAr.1,1 A.AV.A.,,,,,trAAW • •,,,,•4:4 t•ty, ...V..4,1800111. Or, • Atr. ' • C•,t ' ,411,(Fgr1P1tr),4V4:1 " r11Y,td.r. .1..: ?1,0, ' ' ' 4,,,,,,rect.••■:, t. 4 40444.41,,,A74,141•414•44,1444,4,31,444444. 47,1171 ' 4,1=7.17tr; I IN (1,1,41.1A4IPti ■.•:•,;-••••Lis.•••; .1+ mwsivole.. 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L•14, WM419:44.1• =: " ..,f.t ' ff Mlye,,,preOgy■ A I ,..teMtent. sAttywArttr.lari Ptstroperp.prarl,40t., 2.14.1:1,0410 4;-.-ve MrAr44c 11 1 " 11.. 401,4,samormalaBriwiehein,ran-pqn, SINIMMORIMKHOWINIMPOWMOMftiki vs. mosassrawor r41,, P•• W.A.:S.15A At " Mr, 9 .7.17tAk W.-VA 4m413,1....twq .• ,Jk rf 4.1ewoulloc.Wer...vm. pft,,16,4,14Zrz(5.21A114.1 . ...1a1A1eiraiA 4 14.7 t At, a " • A rri•AtitIrANZ4.11A,‘ rerrerAIIIKAWNPAWOK.S.A.... nert•krzineron•wir44 AostAr4b4orwe insw at 444.■■•11134114 144.414 , -tr fr.t AtrttrIAA•41.5114,11AINTA , ,Olin•WaGretArir •ttthatArt SKA.A.A.ttk tAt AohntA4,.. . ttir. • w-ln, 1,24 t ' 1 W. • yr •. • 4414. •0•• :,•••• 4,...,4 ' , ••••,•, • • •446,ke 64•494..• •j 1, " " - ' •L ••••!.. , „ ttt. ,twof 7 A •••, • •••,. ••••■,••••■•••., .:44, 4,4,4444.1. SA.A.A. " MIA •4., h • . • 1. • oopn Art It rtt .A4 We, ,4,44 • • • 4p 4o. 4 1 ct).F.0,.■ .5,017 p efw• .talf K St ' AP In • rO, ■:.;;;47,:;;;-;;;; 1: ' ,;;;;;;;;;; ;Z;;;;,;,...r.;;;47;;;;;;: 7..7,7:4Z7 .7;7 4•44 III " 1, t .r.y. 4.0.S-A Mx tr;XAV40 .4,S.1.004!.1,CAO ' d 44, ,,,,•••••••■• ,,,1••■• ,•••• • ,••• •■••••••••••,••,, ••• • ...P...., IA ' • Aorta:Am trtireerr•wil....6•ArtAi trr1,41A...4,4 , tAstAttort,,,,,,,,,,,,, xy,r ,1,,44,V•P,We4.e••••f11114444. 4.444444s0.4410, 44w441444 fr4Att4 V: 094 411-rtitr71,7114C44.104 " .;1e614.4%-re tt4 044 444% 4,444 • s;s04,1...,•,,,,,LICet Z.IttrAC, .41t Yr , , 4, eft. • .45, " IC 74: it..nver ,A.,t,C4i,-sperr ' my 2,,,s,r •0••••14 ea, 44444,0 ' 44 • •••• •••• NV 4 t? ' nt11“14,41141, ,,t1V0 . ' 7: " Ksr 0;4..41 ' ; ttr.Am.:,mah trre AlroNt., • geArrnbt,‘,..t01,1 44,4,4, •• 444 4 .4, 4,4, 4,4,, 44,4, , . • A,: t, ' YW Afo■,;?1, ' . . •••• • •,,r,•.-1•••••• an 1,, F, ,L• A ••••1 ,4,AJ.4.4 ..44ua4..A.04 a444. .WMI4.94 ' 4.4144444M ki.e.:r r.r..4 4 A4,101.444 404-N • Al rt41..44A,4111,114.1.4,4■9■444,04 14.01fraywomwok.opar..10 tr • ,,,r44 ,, rev.. " P442 ' ,Cr4414444nArtA,0011 ' 4,,A 41AerN1-7 .111,•ttrAr944tl., r ' 94..1• 7.7 ••11•114g,.. erz ‘ enna.....n.,,•Atio... OWN ,4445. .0.7,741M 04I r 1,171 • 4, ton tft " ...L VZ ' ,10,13,..14 grrtlytrez1(1,01,0-4,4a1.44,1,, ' " 1,...• II Big " C " Sirkus Queen contestants line up for public approval. The twelve o ' clock class of gourmets convenes in the Co-op. Ray Noble entertains huge crowd in a special appearance at the Assembly Dance. The Colonial Room of the " Frantic " is crowded with seniors at the Fall Informal. STUDENT ACTIVITY ELLEO H I TTEL JEAN HEATHERINGTON JANE DILLON GEORGE BROWN JEAN McHENRY President Vice-President DICK BAHME Secretary-Treasurer STAN GRIFFITH Yell-Leader Achieving a social and financial success, the senior class made its last year at the University an active one. The Fall Informal in the Colonial room of the St. Francis Hotel followed a " Life Begins with ' 40 " theme. Carvel Craig and free gardenias, aided by publicity in the form of men hula dancers, started the seniors on a successful social season. Featuring George Hamilton ' s " Music Box Music, " the Spring Informal, a " Bunny Hop, " was held at the Claremont Hotel. Senior Singings, in their 38th year, were enthusias- tically attended. Joint Sings in the clubrooms brought class members together to sing Cal songs and to dance. Entertainment by Frankie Jones Orchestra, Hal Burdick, the Glee Club and Treble Clef, and Mask and Dagger skits were presented. The final Sings of the year was incorporated into Senior Week with the Oz theme of " Down the Yellow Brick Road. " Leading up to Senior Week, the Senior Central Com- mittee sponsored one of the most popular concessions at the Big " C " Sirkus, egg throwing at senior " big shots. " Rounding out a full program, senior dinners were held before basketball games, and women of the class of ' 40 presented a Spring Senior Week Fashion Tea with costumes designed for all events. 45 IN - " 0 R M The crowded Frantic is evidence of the success of the Fall Informal. Dancers enjoy refreshments and discuss matters of mutual interest. Intermission time finds the boys downing a few quick ones. Roundtable discussion is indulged in by campus leaders. SPRING INFORMAL A view of the whole hay area is enjoyed from the Claremont ' s Terrace Room. Pert hats and snappy conversation interest male escorts. Maestro George Hamilton entertains at the Senior Bunny Hop. The cocktail lounge of the Claremont attracts many seniors. SENIOR SINGINGS Glee Club quartet sings " All Hail " without mixing " cling " and Walt Gordon discusses Cal ' s football potentialities at the pre-Big " sing " for Senior Singings. Game Sings. A magician shows Senior Singers that the hand is quicker than the eye. SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE SENIOR PEACE COMMITTEE Back Row: Sturgeon, Bolitho, Brown, Bergh, Farley, Freeborn, Biggerstaff, Schulte, Gibson. Second Row: Bahme, Pooley, Peck, Thompson, Morgan, Brooks, Emerson (chairman), Jung. Front Row: Rice, Raney, Considine, Adams, Brennan, Griffith, Taylor, 48 SENIOR CENTRAL COMMITTEE Back Row: Metcalf, Raney, Boone, Taylor, Kidder, Gordon, Hurwtiz. Second Row: Bahme, Barre, Atwood, Waitron, Haas, Bell, Verleger, Flanders. Front Row: Ayrault, McHenry, Brown, Kennedy, Hamilton. SENIOR WEEK The class of ' 40 went " off to see the Wizard " as a grand finale to its college career. Under the direction of the Senior Central Committee, a full week of fun was planned. From the Baccalaureate ceremony to the last breakfast after the ball, a " Land of Oz " was invaded by the seniors. " Anything can happen in Oz " was the theme of the beach party, with everything happening from free rides on the chute-the-chutes to winning Charlie McCarthy dolls. The Reversia found forward co-eds taking their dates to the " Land of the Ozamazons, " a " dance-back- ward " evening inspired by Leap Year. Marin was the scene of the bar-b-que, or the " Land of the Munchkins, " the munching applying to thick steaks broiled over open fires. Following this there was danc- ing under the stars at Larkspur ' s out door pavilion. The Men ' s and Women ' s banquets, entitled " Stuffing the Scarecrow " and " Stitching the Patchwork Girl, " had President Sproul and Dr. Deutsch as speakers of the evening. The traditional Pilgrimage also took place in the Land of Oz, with a final Senior Sings get-together as a climax to the event. This journey was made " Down the Yellow Brick Road. " An original Extravaganza was written by Dean Warner Law and Ed Stofle concerning the deeper side of college life, including a campus widow and the Atherton report. Following graduation was the ball at the Palace Hotel —alias the " Emerald Palace of Oz. " Here two bands, playing sweet and swing music to suit various tastes, kept seniors entertained until early morning when the class adjourned for the last time. 49 DOTTIE AYRAULT SENIOR ALBUM ARNIE MELLON PHYLLIS MOORE LIZ MOORE CHARLIE BELL GEORGE GORDON ED HOWDEN WAYNE HAZEN 50 JACK PRICE MAX THELEN JIM KEENE 51 PEGGY MOORHEAD JEAN BARKER PAUL ECKLEY DICK YOUNG VIRGINIE HOISHOLT ANDY GAITHER SENIOR ALBUM JANICE CONNICK JOE WADSWORTH DICK JOHNSTON ANNE WAYBUR RODY GRANT TOM BARBOUR CARTER KILBORN 52 BOB WATTRON BILL BROWNELL STACY DOBRZENSKY DICK BAHME MARY ELLEN STREET VIRGINIA WINKELMAN 53 ELENA CROSSFIELD GEORGE BROWN SENIOR ALBUM DOUG BADT JEAN McHENRY LLOYD WHITMAN ALEC YUILL-THORNTON se% MARGARET ROHRER BOB SPEED ROSEMARY LANGHELDT 54 ABE NANKIN BETTY GRANT LEE ROBERTS WARNER LAW PHIL VERLEGER 55 JEAN CRAIG HERB RANKIN PAT McCARTHY BERNARD SAM SHIRO HELEN TOSHITATSU AARONS PAUL ABE LOUISE ADACHI San Francisco ABDULLAH Firebaugh ACKERLY El Cerrito Letters and Science Stockton Engineering Piedmont Commerce —Chemistry Letters and Science —Electrical Letters and Science —Marketing Circle " C " Society; --Latin Engineering —Decorative Art Wrestling. Basketball; Masonic Barrington Hall; Phi Japanese Students ' Transfer from Mills Club. Beta Kappa Council; Club. College; Honor Pi Sigma, President; Student; Treble Clef; Honor Student A.S.U.C. Card Sales Council. Committee. KENNETH ARTHUR RONALD STANLEY THOMAS DUNSTAN BROWN SMITH MAXWELL C. ADAM ADAMS ADAMS ADAMS ADAMS Oakland Fortuna Alhambra San Carlos Berkeley Engineering Commerce Agriculture Commerce Letters and Science —Mechanical —Economics —Forestry Transfer from San —Economics Engineering Transfer from San Transfer from Francisco Junior Scabbard and Blade; Abracadabra; Ski Team; Glee Club. Mateo Junior College; Kappa Delta Rho. Pasadena Junior College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Forestry College; Kappa Alpha; Senior Peace C ommittee; Assistant Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Baton: Proskopei; Club. Varsity Yell Leader. Quarterdack; Executive Committee; Band. - ASUC Card Sales publicity stunt in Eshleman features soph-frosh milk drinking contest. VIRGINIA A RTH UR ELIGIO DHIA JOHN KlY0 ROBERT JEAN THOMAS WIRTH WILSON JOHN DEAN DEARBORN AIURA MINORU ALEXANDER GEORGE ADAMS ADAMSON AGAllI A H MAD AINSWORTH Alameda AI(AMATSU Piedmont ALLAN Oakland Berkeley San Francisco Baghdad, Iraq Berkeley Letters and Science Alameda Letters and Science San Francisco Letters and Science Chemistry Chemistry. Agriculture Letters and Science —Decorative Art Letters and Science —Decorative Art Commerce —General Curriculum Honor Student; —Entomology —Economics Transfer from San J3S2 —H istory Alpha Phi; Y.W.C.A.; —Economics Kappa Alpha Theta; Counseling; Pan- Engineers Council; American Chemical International House ; Entomology Club; Scabbard and Blade; Proskopoi; Quarterdeck; State College; Japanese Women ' s Student Club; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Vice-President; Senior Commission; Intramural Board. Transfer from San Francisco Junior Hellenic; Intramural Society; President of U.C. Camera Club. Ski Team Manager (2) Guild of Applied Arts. A.S.U.C. Labor Board; College; A.S.U.C. Sports; Ace of Clubs; Student Affiliates. (3); Winter Sports Student Workers Band. Class Committees. Club. Federation. BERN ICE DOROTHY ELMA HUGH ALEX ALETHA ELSIE LOUISE DAVID EVELYN TILLINGHAST MAE SILAS EDWARD ALMEIDA LOUISE MARIE J. ALLEN ALLEN ALLEN ALLEN, JR. ALMCRANTS Sacramento ALTHOUSE ALTIERI ALTMANN Modesto San Francisco Oakland San Francisco San Francisco Letters and Science Berkeley San Francisco Piedmont Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Mining —H i story Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —English —Philosophy. —Public Health —Electrical —Economic Geology Transfer from —English —English —Economics Transfer from Modesto Nursing Engineering Mining Association; Sacramento Junior Transfer from Phi Omega Pi; Transfer from Menlo Junior College. Honor Student. Transfer from San Masonic Club. College; Honor Porterville Junior Utrimque; Blue and Junior College; Francisco Junior Student; Sigma Kappa College; Y.W.C.A.; Gold Editorial Sigma Nu; Track. College; Crew Manager, (2) (3); American Alpha; Sigma Sigma Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Class Women ' s Dormitory Association; Staff (2). Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Committees. International House, Associate Member. Radio Engineers. What! No salesman? LEROY JULIA MARY CAROL DELWYN D. LOUISE KATHRYN JEAN W. ALWARD AMERY AMESBURY ANDERSON ANDERSON San Diego Alameda Healdsburg Pasadena Oakland Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mechanical —Decorative Art —H istory —Psychology —Architecture Engineering Chi Omega. Little Theatre Y.W.C.A. Transfer from La American Society of Make-up Staff (2) ; Verne College; Chi Mechanical Engineers. Counseling (3). Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigma Chi. HELEN ROY BETSEY MINNIE ROBERT ELIZABETH EUGENE DOROTHY AN DOW LOUIS ANDERSON ANDERSON AN DKER Winton ANDRESEN Berkeley Hilmar Oakland Letters and Science San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —H istory Engineering —Finance —Art Transfer from Modesto —Mechanical Kappa Alpha Theta. Deputations Chi Omega; Delta Chi Junior College. Engineering Committee; Soccer (1) ; Baseball (1). Alpha; Orchesis, secretary-treasurer; Masonic Club. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. vice-chairman. BARBARA FRANK LAWRENCE LORRAINE WILLIAM STELLA MARGARET JACK JANE LEE VAN DYKE JAMES ANDREWS SAMUEL CLARA NOBLE JOSEPH ARCHER ANDREWS ANDREWS ANDREWS Oakland ANDREWS, JR. ANELLI NI APPENZELLER ARCHBOLD San Jose El Cajon Pasadena Vallejo letters and Science Berkeley Richmond Seoul, Korea Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry —H istory Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —English Dramatic Transfer from San Diego State College. Science Delta Tau Delta; Winged Helmet. Sigma Xi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Honor Student; Chemistry Club. Casa H ispana; Spanish Club. —Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Phi ; Scabbard and Blade; Proskopoi ; Honor Student ; Quar- terdeck; Football; —Italian. Prytanean, president; Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4) ; Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players. —Accounting, Insurance. Basketball (1) (2) (3). Literature Alpha Omicron Pi; Daily Californian; Y.W.C.A.; Senior Week Committee. Swimming (1) ; Skiing Manager; Debating ; Rally Committee. VERNON EDWARD MARGARET STEVEN NORMAN JOE VIRGINIA SADAICH I EARL THOMAS JUDAH LOUISE ARONSON LOUIS HARPER OLIVE ASAI HARRY ARCH IBALD ARNOLD ARNOLD San Francisca ARRIGHI ARTERBERRY ARTHUR Terminal Island ASH Richmond Oakland Whittier Letters and Science Concord Long Beach Santa Rosa Commerce Oakland Letters and Science Science Commerce —Economics, Letters and Science —Chemistry Bowles Hall ; Circle Commerce —Economics Letters and Science —Spanish Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Compton Junior College, Commerce —Accounting. President ' s Reception Accounting Transfer from " C " Society, Pi Kappa Phi ; Phi Transfer from Long Transfer from Santa Committee; H illel Foundation ; Pasadena Junior president; Athletic Phi ; Orientations; Beach Junior College; Rosa Junior College; A.S. U.C. Commerce College ; Alpha Council ; Swimming ; Class Committees. Spanish Club. Beta Phi Alpha. Card Sales Committee; Association. Chi Omega. Waterpolo; Big " C " Guard ; Cannaneers ; Water Winter Sports Cluh; Sports Club ; Class Committees. Sophomore Vigilante, NANCE ISABELLE H. GERTRUDE ASHLEY ASHTON Riverside Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —International —Public Speaking Relations Little Theatre (2) . Phi Omega Pi; Counseling Personnel. CECIL VERNON ATCH ISON Monroe Center, Illinois Letters and Science —Social Institutions Transfer from Fullerton Junior College; Phi Kappa Tau. JOHN KAT H RY NE SEYMOUR ALICIA ATKINS ATKINS Oildale Oildale Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mathematics Transfer from Transfer from Bakersfield Junior Bakersfield Junior College. College; Honor Student. Trip to U.C.L.A. game finds Doug Badt on a " bat. " MARSHALL JEAN JOHN JOHN BEALE LENORE BRUCE J. ATKINSON ATT K I SSON ATWOOD AUGUST Berkeley Berkeley Upland Whittier Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Mining —Optometry —Accounting —Petroleum Transfer from Modesto Assembly Dance Transfer from Chaffey Engineering Junior College; Committee. Junior College; Beta Transfer from Whittier Omega Delta; Gamma Sigma; Beta Junior College; Mining University Symphony Alpha Psi ; Honor Association; American Orchestra; U.C. Student; Glee Club; Institute of Mining Bible League. Men ' s Dormitory and Metallurgical Council, secretary. Engineers. HELEN ISABEL AUSTIN Ross Letters and Science —History and Theory of Art Gamma Phi Beta; Personnel ; Counseling; Y.W.C.A. e STEPHANIE ANDREW JOHN ALEXANDER DOROTHY MARIAN CARRIE HENRIETTA MARGARET CHARLOTTE AUYONG DAYTON CHARLES JEAN ELIZABETH TESSIN TESSIN ELSIE AUSTIN San Francisco AXTELL AYERS AYRAULT AZBELL BAADE BAADE BABCOCK Upland Letters and Science San Diego Pacific Grove Oakland Paso Robles Berkeley Berkeley Riverside Letters and Science —General Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —English Curriculum. —Electrical —Political Science —Public Speaking —H istory —Political Science —Political Science —Psychology Transfer from Chaffey Engineering Transfer from Salinas Prytanean; Pi Alpha Women ' s Dormitory Honor Student. W.A.A.; Women ' s Transfer from River- Junior College; Sigma Transfer from San Junior College; Sigma; Hammer and Council. Dormitory Council. side Junior College; Sigma Pi; Diego State College; Tennis; Ping Pone. Coffin; Torch and Little Theatre (3) Intramural Y. M.C.A., Cabinet; Shield ; Beaver Board; (4) ; International Sports. American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Women ' s Executive Committee; Pelican House, associate member; Women ' s Plymouth House. (1) (2) (3), women ' s director (4). Dormitory Council (3) , secretary (4). TERRY JOSEPH P. DONNA VINTON WILSON BETTY DOUGLAS EARLE BABCOCK ARTHUR STANLEY JEAN WALKER FRANCIS JEAN BADT Mc IVER Los Angeles BAB KA BACK LU ND BACON BACON BADER BADGER Los Angeles BAGLEY, JR. Letters and Science San Francisco Oakland Bird ' s Landing Los Angeles Watsonville San Francisco Letters and Science San Francisco —General Curri culum Commerce Chemistry Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science Mining Transfer from Pomona —Business Big " C " Society; —Civil Engineering —Physics, Optometry Zeta Beta Tau; Golden —Petroleum College; Pi Beta Phi ; Organization Crew (3). Alpha Xi Delta; Transfer from Los Transfer from San Transfer from San Bear; A.S.U.C. Engineering W.A.A.; Intramural Sigma Phi Sigma; Counseling ; Angeles City College; Jose State College; Francisco State Executive Committee; Mining Association. Sports. Masonic Club. Elections Committee; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Phi Kappa Tau. College; University Blue and Gold (2) Y.W.C.A. Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Chorus ; Counseling (3) , manager (4); American Society of Civil Engineers; (3) ; W.A.A.; Hockey; Basketball ; Elections Council, chairman; Publications American Road Basebal I. Council, chairman; Builders Association. Debating. RICHARD HELENA MARY MIRIAM JAY BEALE BAILEY LOU ALLEN EUGENE BAHME Santa Ana BAILEY BAISDEN BAKER Los Angeles Letters and Science Berkeley Sacramento McGill, Nevada Agriculture —Mathematics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Forestry Transfer from Santa —Economics —General Curriculum —Political Science. Sigma Chi; Winged Ana Junior College; Alpha Phi; Torch and Transfer from Helmet; Phi Epsilon Phi Mu. Shield; Ace of Clubs; Sacramento Junior Chi; Alpha Zeta; Xi Class Committees. College; Gamma Phi Sigma Pi, president; Beta; Pi Alpha Scabbard and Blade; Sigma; Honor Student; Tri-Une; Senior Class secretary-treasurer; Advertising Service Bureau (3)(4); Track; Boxing. Pelican (3). MARGERY ROBERT EBER BARBARA HERMAN ZENA HOYT DAN ELIZABETH BAN K BAKER BAKER BALDWIN BALL Los Angeles Ontario Berkeley Quincy Los Angeles Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —Mechanical —H istory —Economics Transfer from —International Engineering Masonic Club. Phi Kappa Sigma; Sacramento Junior Relations Transfer from Los Quarterdeck; Blue College. Prytanean; Theta Angeles Junior and Gold; Tennis; Sigma Phi; Daily College; American Intramural Sports. Californian (2) (3), associate editor (4); Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute al A.S.U.C. Labor Aeronautical Sciences. Board; American Student Union. " After the game is over " Cal rooters in Los Angeles enjoy southern hospitality. CLIFFORD ALLEN THOMAS JEAN LORING FRANK GERRY JACK TYRUS ALAN BABCOCK W. MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY WILLIAM BARNETT WESLEY DELPHIS BARBANELL BARBOUR BARBOUR BARKER BARKER BARLEY, JR. Modesto BARNETT BARRE San Francisco Letters and Science —Psychology Oakland Letters and Science —Medical Science Vallejo Letters and Science —Journalism Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Glendale Letters and Science —Chemistry Letters and Science —English Transfer from Berkeley Letters and Science —General Curriculum Oakland Commerce —Economics Kappa Nu; Tri-Une; Water Polo (1); Water Sports Club. Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Nu Sigma Nu. Transfer from Marin Junior College; Golden Bear; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Mortar Board; Prytanean; Honor Student; Women ' s Executive Board; Alpha Tau Omega; Proskopoi; Honor Student; Election Committee (2) (3). Honor Student; Daily Californian (1); Phi Sigma Sigma; Chemistry Club. Modesto Junior College. Delta Upsilon; Golf. Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Circle " C " Society; Assistant Sigma; Daily Women ' s Activity Varsity Yell Leader; Californian (3), city editor (4). Council; Blue and Gold (2). Boxing; Intramural Basketball; Senior Singings, chairman. EDWARD PHILLIP MARINA GEORGE MARGARET FLORENCE HARRY WILLIAM ARTHUR LITTLE MEADE GEORGIA ADELBERT MIRIAM MARY BERNHARD ARCHER DOUGLAS BARRY, JR. BARRY BARSOTTI BARTHOLOMEW BARTLETT BARULICH BAUM BEAL BEAN Oakland Altadena San Francisco Berkeley Montebello Richmond San Jose Berkeley Altadena Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering —History Chi Psi; Basketball Manager. —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball; Wrestling. —Physical Education, Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi; Sigma Sigma Pi. —Zoology Honor Student. Phrateres; Little Theatre; Masonic Club. Phrateres; Counseling (2)(3)(4); Yugoslav University Club, president; Newman Club; Circulo Italians. —Economics. —Anthropology Phi Delta Theta; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Alpha Phi Omega. BETTY W. ROY DARRELL ALBERT HARRY MAREE CLAYTON VINTON FREDERICK WILLIAM BEATY BEATY BEAVERS BEAZELL BECK Berkeley Merced Paso Robles Watsonville Wheatland Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science —Home Economics —Forestry --Agricultural —Economics —Political Science Transfer from Transfer from Davis; Fruit Products Transfer from San Transfer from Yuba Sacramento Junior Phi Sigma Kappa; Fruit Products Jose State College. Junior College. College; Alpha Nu; Forestry Club; Club. Honor Student; Class Committees. Masonic Club. NATALIE WILLIAM KENNETH BETTY PATRICIA BECKER W. FAULKNER BEE RUTH Oakland BECKER BECKMAN Oakland BEESON Letters and Science Westwood Los Angeles Letters and Science Los Angeles —H i story Mining Mining —Education Letters and Science Alpha Delta Pi; —Petroleum —Mining Engineering Theta Upsilon; —Geography Prytanean; Pi Alpha Engineering Mining Association. Women ' s Orchestra; Transfer from Los Sigma; Beaver Board; Transfer from Chico Counseling. Angeles Junior Advertising Service State College; Mining College; W.A.A.; Bureau, manager Association; American Masonic Club. Women ' s Activity Institute of Council; Y.W.C.A.; Mechanical Engineers. Class Committees. Bear rooters turn the tables on the Indians and use sign language. FRANCES BARBARA JOSEPHINE CHARLES ANNA SSRIS JAMES CRAYTON LESLIE JANE LOUISE CORNISH ROBERT FRANCES ANNE JOSEPH JOSEPH ROBERT BEHM BEHRENDT BELAND BELL, JR. BELLIS BELLISLE BENN BENNETT BENNETT Alhambra Burlingame Vallejo Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco O akland Oakland Alhambra Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Psychology. —Economics —Economics —Economics —Spanish. Science —Physiology. —Biochemistry Phi Sigma Sigma; Transfer from Sigma Nu; Golden Phrateres; A.S.U.C. Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha. Little Theatre (I). Sacramento Junior Bear; Winged Helmet; Social Committee; Pre-Medical Club; College; Newman Pi Delta Epsilon; W.A.A. Newman Club. Club; International Alpha Delta Sigma; House, associate member. Daily Californian (2) (3), editor (4). ROBERTA MARY THOMAS ARLO CECILIA SANFORD EMIL MARY MARION ESTELL LOU H. PAUL E. LIONEL MAURICE LOUISE ESTHER BEN NETT BENSON BENTON BENTSON BERG BERGER BERGH, JR. BERGQUIST BERLINER Baldwin Park Bakersfield Bonsai ' Orange Wilmer San Francisco Crockett Santa Rosa Los Angeles Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Public Health —Economics —Petroleum —Political Science —Architecture —Architecture —Mechanical —H istory —Sociology Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Masonic Club; Public Health Areta; Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4), Cabinet (3) (4); Roger Williams Club. Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Theta Tau; Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College. Alpha Alpha Gamma; Architectural Association. Chi Alpha Kappa; Delta Sigma Chi; Honor Student; Architectural Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Phi Sigma Sigma Pi. Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Phi Sigma Sigma. Club. American Institute of Association. Phi; Crew (1)(2) Mechanical Engineers: (3) (4); Varsity Mining Association ; Rowing Club. Varsity Rowing Club. CARL JACQUELINE MARY LUCILLE ARNOLD FREDERIC LOUISE LETHA PAULI NE MARTIN BERNTHAL BERTZ BESS BETZ BEYER Berkeley San Francisco Hammonton Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce. —Public Health —Public Speaking —English —American History Tennis (1); Kappa Alpha Theta; Transfer from Yuba Theta Upsilon; Badminton. Ace of Clubs. Junior College; Counseling (1) (2) Epworth Hall. (3); Executive Board (4). JOHN WILLIAM HENRY JACK GORDON WILLIAM EDWARD CURTIS D. MILTON BIELER BIGGERSTAFF BIGGS BIGGS BINDER Reed ley Berkeley Santa Monica Glendale San Francisco Commerce Commerce Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Business —Economics —Electrical —Economics —Medical Sciences Administration Delta Upsilon; Engineering Kappa Alpha. Phi Chi; Phi Transfer from Reedley Golden Bear; Winged Transfer from Santa Beta Kappa; Circle Junior College; Helmet; Big " C " Monica Junior College; " C " Society; Football (3). Society; Tri-Une; American Institute of Crew (1). Alpha Delta Sigma; Electrical Engineers. Athletic Council; Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4): Football. Louie Smith stops a Gael scoring threat with a thrilling interception CHARLES BERG IT ELSIE ROSEMARY JAMES RICHARD EDITH DAVID CHARLES RICKARD BIRKLAND CATHERINE ANNETTE FRANCIS COURTNEY OLIVE WOLCOTT GRAHAM BIRKHOLM San Francisco BISNETT BJORGE BLACK BLACKBURN BLACKLEY BLAKESLEE BLANCHARD Alameda Letters and Science Pacific Grove Lead, South Dakota San Francisco Ferndale Santa Maria Oakland Santa Ana Letters and Science —Political Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry Letters and Science Letters and Science. Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics International House. —Political Science —Political Science Sigma Xi; —History —Political Science. —Mathematics —Chemistry Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Transfer from Salinas Transfer from Sweet American Chemical Transfer from Scabbard and Blade; Transfer from Santa P hi; Scabbard and Junior College; Honor Briar College; Pi Society, president of Humboldt State Pi Mu Epsilon. Ana Junior College; Blade; California Student; Y.W.C.A. Beta Phi; Pi Sigma Student Affiliates; College; Alpha Sigma Sigma Pi; Cannoneers; Varsity (2)(3); A.S.U.C. Alpha; Daily Engineers Council. Gamma Rho. Masonic Club; Rowing Club; Crew; Social Committee Californian (2); Chemistry Club. Class Committees. (2). Counseling (3); Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) (4). JEROME ROBERT MARIAN ROBERT WILLIAM CHARLES ELEANOR CLIFFORD GEORGE BLANK CLYDE EVELYN KENNETH AUGUST WILLIAM SUZAN CHARLES LESLIE Albany BLANK BLAN ' STEIN BLATTER BLAU BLEY BLIDE BOGART BOLITHO, JR. Mining A.S.U.C. Band, manager (2); Mining Association. San Francisco Commerce Intramural Water Polo. Oakland Letters and Science —International Relations Daily Californian. Huntington Park Letters and Science —Bacteriology Transfer from Compton Junior Sauk Rapids, Minnesota Commerce —Ec onomics Transfer from Saint Berkeley Letters and Science —Psychology Epsilon Phi; Water Polo (1). Mariposa Letters and Science —English Honor Student. Santa Ana Letters and Science —Economics. Los Angeles Commerce —Economics Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Crew (1) College. Cloud State Teachers (2) (3); Varsity College; Circle " C " Rowing Club; ' Class Society; Ice Hockey Committees. (2)(3) (4); Intramural Softball; Circle " C " Hi-Jinx. ROBERT ANN LOUIS DONALD MARION KEPNER ELIZABETH ELTON R. JAMES BOND BON DESON BONE BONES BOOMER San Francisco Willits Sacramento Littlerock Oakland Engineering Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering —Mechanical —History —Economics. —Zoology. —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Santa Engineering. Theta Chi ; Tau Rosa Junior College. Beta Pi. PHILIP BARBARA JUAN ITA CAROLINE JOHN SANDFORD ELLEN AILEEN LOUISE EARLY BOONE BOOTH BOOTH BORDEN BOSTIC Berkeley Piedmont Turlock Paso Robles Long Beach Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture —English —Decorative Art —Nursing Science —Landscape Design Chi Phi ; Little Pi Beta Phi ; Delta Transfer from Stebbins Hall ; Honor Alpha Kappa Lambda; Theatre (1) (2) ; Chi Alpha; Sacramento Junior Student; International Delta Sigma Chi ; Class Committees. Counseling; Y.W. College; Alpha Tau House, associate Honor Student; Stage C.A. ; Intramural Delta; Phrateres; member; Intramural Crew; Landscape Sports; Ace of Clubs; Student Health Sports. Design Club. Class Committees. Committee; Public Health Forum. Night Editor Hal Burdick scratches ear while telling famous yarns at Senior Singings. EDGAR JAMES BOSTICK Glendale Commerce — Accounting Transfer from Taft Junior College; Beta Alpha Psi ; Honor Student. MARIE LOUISE BOYD Sacramento Letters and Science — Economics Chi Omega ; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. ROBERT JEAN WILLIAM THRESHER BOUCKE BOULWARE San Francisco Gridley Letters and Science Letters and Science — Economics —Bacteriology Phi Gamma Delta; Honor Student; Winged Helmet; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Skull and Keys; (3) ; Cooper Football manager Ornithologi cal (2) (3). Club (4). VANCE JAMES ARTHUR WOLFE BOYER BRACKETT Berkeley Richmond Commerce Chemistry — Foreign Trade, —Engineering. Ocean Shipping Delta Phi Epsilon; Masonic Club. ROY LAWRENCE BOUQUE Berkeley Commerce —Economics Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck; Honor Student; Masonic Club. ERNEST I DEN BRADLEY Oakland Letters and Science —H i story U.C. Bible League. JEAN MIRIAM BOWER Berkeley Agriculture —Home Economics Women ' s Orientations. LAWRENCE FORSYTH BRADLEY Visalia Letters and Science —Political Science Alpha Kappa Lambda ; Housing Board (2) (3) ; Newman Club; Wheel Society; Winter Sports Club. OLIVIA JUNE BOWER Santa Rosa Letters and Science —Music Sigma Sigma Pi; Kappa Phi ; Women ' s Orchestra (2) (3), manager (4) ; Music Council (4) ; Y.W. C.A.; Masonic Club. M !LOBED CLARKSON BRADLEY San Francisco Letters and Science —Psychology Kappa Delta ; Honor Student; Counsel lug ; Y.W.C.A. ROBERT FRANCIS BOWMAN Oakland Chemistry Honor Student. NATHANIEL OLIVER BRADLEY Visalia Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Santa Clara University; Phi Gamma Delta; Track; Deputations Committee. JAMES MOORE BOYD San Francisco Letters and Science — Economics Kappa Alpha; Big " C " Society; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student; I nterfraternity Council ; Baseball Manager (2) (3) (4) ; Sophomore Vigilante. HENRY HOWE BRAMBLET Carlisle, Kentucky Letters and Science — Public Speaking Kappa Alpha ; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Senate; Progressive Students Forum ; Sophomore Vigilante; Class Committees. JOHN BOYD Alameda Engineering —Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck ; Water Polo, manager (2) (3) (4) ; Swimming (1) (2) ; Water Sports Club. CHESTER BUD BRAM LETT Oakland Letters and Science —Anthropology. Masonic Club. NORMAN RICHARD ARTHUR LOUIS WILLIAM PAUL JAMES GILBERT BARBARA ARTHUR WHITNEY HAMILTON BERNAD I NO BUDWORTH SMITH CLYDE ELTON ALICE BREWER BRIARE BRIDGE BRIGLIA BRINKERHOFF BROADHEAD BROKAW, JR. B ROM BAC H ER BROOKS Temple City Sacramento Alta Loma San Francisco San Bernardino Berkeley Stockton Richmond Colusa Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Commerce Commerce Agriculture —Geology Transfer from Transfer from Sacramento Junior —Paleontology Transfer from Chaffey —French Transfer from San Transfer from San Bernardino Junior —Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; Winged Helmet; Phi —Economics Golden Bear; Track. —Home Economics Delta Delta Delta; Pasadena Junior College. Junior College. Francisco Junior College; Masonic American Society of Epsilon Chi ; Soccer University Symphony. College; Intramural College; Pi Delta Phi ; Club. Mechanical Engineers. (1) ; California Club. Sailing Club. Maison Francaise. FRED ALICE DOROTHY F. GEORGE HOWARD HOWARD JEAN N I NE MARJORIE ROBERT BLEWETT MABEL KENDALL ALBERT EUGENE PENN LYMAN JANE BROOKS BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN San Francisco Berkeley Ventura Alameda Shoshone Burbank Oakland San Francisco Oakland Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Agricultural —Political Science —Public Health —Music. —Economics —Air Transportation —Mechanical —H istory —Economics Engineering Pelican (1) (2) ; Transfer from Ventura Theta Delta Chi ; Transfer from Redlands Engineering Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Gamma Delta; Delta Chi ; Phi Phi ; Little Theatre (1) ; Junior College ; Golden Bear; Beta University; Football ; Tau Beta Pi; Baton; Blue and Gold ; Daily Pelican (2) ; Little Phi Epsilon Chi ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales International House; Gamma Sigma; Phi Baseball ; U.C. Life American Society of Californian; Theatre (2) ; Quarterdeck; Senior Committee; W.A.A. ; Counseling (3) (4) ; Phi ; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Saving Corps; Student Mechanical Engineers ; Orientations Y.W.C.A. Peace Committee; Class Committees. Y.W.C.A. (3) (4) ; Tri•Une; Honor Workers Federation. A.S.U.C. Band ; Committee; Student Rally Committee (2) Public Health Forum Student; A.S.U.C. Y.M.C.A. Advisory Board; (3) ; A.S.U.C. Card (4) ; Winter Sports Executive Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Sales Committee. Club. Senior Class President. Intramural Sports. MARJORIE FRANK LEONARD BRANDT MAX LOUISE PHILIP BRENNAN BRERETON MARVIN BREITENBUCH ER BREN DEL Oakland Orovi I le BREWEN Trenton, Missouri Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science —General Curriculum. —General Curriculum Commerce —English —Chemistry Transfer from —Economics Dormitory Council. Sigma Chi. Sacramento Junior Transfer from San College; A.S.U.C. Francisco Junior Band ; Orientations College. Committee; Dormitory Council; U.C. Life Saving Corps. FREDERIC AN ITA BARBARA MARGARET BETTY ALBERT DOLORES FRANCES BRAY BRAZIER BRAND BRAVIN BRAY Berkeley Ukiah San Francisco El Cerrito Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining Letters and Science Letters and Science —History —H i story Engineering. —Spanish. —Social Sciences Sigma Kappa Alpha; Delta Gamma; Alpha Delta Pi; Honor Student. Counseling; Personnel ; Music Council ; Treble Intramural Sports; Clef; Y.W.C.A. Class Committees. " Bring me a fireside, I feel a chat coming on, " utters Prexy at Senior Sings. HELEN TOWLE MARIAM BARBARA SHERWOOD PETER WILLIAM WILLIS AtI1N CYNTHIA BUN D SC H U VIRGINIA ANN DEN N WILLIAM J. WRIGHT BURT BUDD V i neburg BUNKER BURGE BURGESS BURK, JR. BURLINGTON BURROUGHS Palermo Berkeley Agriculture Bozeman, Montana Berkeley Oakland Red lands Lemoore Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science —Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Kappa Alpha. Zeta Psi ; Winged —Public Speaking —English —Civil Engineering —Optometry —Music. Phi Delta. Helmet; Skull and International House; Delta Gamma. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. Transfer from San Transfer from Fresno Keys ; Beta Beta; Daily Californian. Bernardino Val ley State College. Football Manager (3) . Junior College; American Society of Civil Engineers. MARGARET DOROTHY RUTH DORTH EA JANE EDMOND FRANCIS ROBERT F. HELEN A. CAROLINE JEAN BUSH BUSTER W. KERN ELIZABETH BURT BURTCH BURTON BUSH Taft Santa Paula BUSZEK BYERS CALDECOTT Glendale Modesto Santa Cruz Oakdale Letters and Science Mining Lindsay Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —English —Petroleum Mining Letters and Science Letters and Science —General Curriculum —Physical Education —Anthropology Blue and Gold; Engineering —Petroleum —Economics —Decorative Art Transfer from Glendale Transfer from Housing Board (3) Transfer from Women ' s Dormitory Transfer from Menlo Engineering Kappa Alpha; Phi Delta Chi Alpha; Junior College; Little Theatre. Modesto Junior College. (4) ; Women ' s Dormitory Council Pomona College. Council, vice-presi- dent; Counseling ; Junior College; Theta Tau; American Transfer from Porter- v i Ile Junior College; Epsilon Chi ; Blue and Gold (2) ; A.S.U.C. Counseling; Blue and Gold ; Crop and (3) (4) ; W.A.A. W.A.A. Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. Track (3) (4) ; Cross Country (4) ; Ameri• can Institute of Min- ing and Metallurgical Band (1) (2) ; Sophomore Labor Day, chairman; Sophomore Hop Committee; Saddle. Engineers, Sophomore Vigilante. RICHARD WILFRED WILLIAM DARRELL MARIANA GRANT BROWN AUGUSTUS N. BRUMBAUGH BROWN Chicago, Illinois BROWNELL BROWNING Berkeley San Leandro Letters and Science Los Angeles Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Psychology —French Transfer form Lewis —Social Theory —Bacteriology. Transfer from Ameri- Transfer from San Institute. Golden Bear; Phi can University; Alpha Jose State College; Delta Epsilon; Gamma Chi Omega; Honor Pi Kappa Alpha. Beta; Daily Student; Women ' s Californian (2) (3) , editor (4). Personnel (3) ; Y.W. C.A. (3) (4) ; Psychology Society (2) (3) ; Masonic Club. LYN DELL JAN ICE G. JAMES GEORGE MADELINE RUTH VERNON MEREDITH EDWIN BRUND IGE BRUNJE BRYAN BUCKLEY BUCKL I N Santa Barbara Oakland San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Transfer from Santa —Physical Education, Hygiene Science. Deputations —Business Administration Barbara State College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Committee; Phi Kappa Psi ; Alpha Chi Omega; Tau Delta; Intramural Y.M.C.A.; Intramural Winged Helmet; Circle Y. W.C.A. Sports; Physical Sports. " C " Society; Beta Education Majors ' Gamma Sigma; Club ; W.A.A. Scabbard and Blade; Rugby, Soccer. " Soup ' s on! " Temporarily foregoing bridge tables, radios, and study, Betas gather for dinner. JOSEPH WILLIAM ALBERT MARY MYRTLE CECIL ELIZABETH WILLIAM JANE K. ALBERT BERWICK VIRGINIA MOLLNER ARTHUR KURTZ BRADFORD ELIZABETH CANNON CANNON CAPRON CAREY CAR LSE N CARR I ERE CARROLL CARROLL CARTER Tracy Richmond Berkeley Sacramento Oakland San Francisco Berkeley San Francisco Stockton Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science —Electrical —Accounting —English —H istory —Economics —Electrical —Home Economics —Zoology Engineering Intramural Sports. Daily Californian Transfer from Phi Chi Theta; Engineering Alpha Chi Omega; Bachelordon. Kappa Alpha Theta: Transfer from Modesto (1). Sacramento Junior Masonic Club. Circle " C " Society; Pelican (1) (2) (3) ; Counseling. Junior College; College; Gamma Phi Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Y.W.C.A. (2) (3) ; American Institute of Beta ; Hammer and Beta Pi; Soccer (2) W.A.A. (3) (4) ; Electrical Engineers. Coffin; Class (3) (4) ; American Intramural Sports Committees. Institute of Electrical (3) (4) ; Home Engineers, chairman Economics Club; Class (3). Committees. GEORGE BETTY RICHARD GEORGE MARY JEANNE RAMON ELIZABETH ARTHUR FRANCIS JUNE GOEFFREY B. LOU ISE CATTON FRANCIS CAZ I N Z. CASEY, JR. CASSEN CASTLE CASWELL, JR. CATHCART San Francisco CAYOT San Francisco CER F Berkeley Riverside Belvedere Oxnard San Francisco Letters and Science Grass Val ley Letters and Science San Francisco Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —kistory Engineering —Chemistry. Letters and Science —Business —German —H i story —Economics —Psychology Gamma Phi Beta ; —Civil Engineering —Psychology Administration Transfer from Transfer from Marin Zeta Psi ; Winged Honor Student; W.A.A.; Intramural Abracadabra; Phi Transfer from San Sigma Alpha Riverside Junior Junior College; Beta Helmet; Beta Beta ; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Sports; Class Phi ; Assembly Dance Francisco State Epsilon; Crew. College; Phrateres; Theta Pi; Water Track Manager. Archery Manager. Committees. Committee, chairman; College ; U.C. Life German Club; Polo; Swimming. American Society of Saving Corps ; Masonic Club. Civil Engineers ; Pre-Medical Club. California Cannoneers. DeeGees compare notes on what the day has brought them at dinner. NORMAN HUBERT CALDWELL Anaheim Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Honor Student; American Society of Civil Engineers. LYLE WALLACE CALLOW Lynwood Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Compton Junior College; Track. WILLIAM HAROLD CALKINS Oakland Letters and Science —Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; American Chemical Society, president of student affiliates; Engineers Council. CHESTER LEE CALLAN DER Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Honor Student; Men ' s Dormitory Association. GORDON MELVIN CALLISON Oakland Commerce —Business Administration Kappa Alpha; Scabbard and Blade. ROBERT RUSSELL CAMPBELL Berkeley Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Santa Barbara State College. LOIS R. CALLISTER Tulare Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Visalia Junior College; Blue and Gold; Y.W.C.A. (3), International Cabinet (4) ; College Women ' s Club Juniors (3) (4) . AUDREY WAYNE CANNON San Francisco Letters and Science —French Beta Sigma Omicron; Tennis; Senior Informal Sales Committee; Crop and Saddle. T JOHN ELIZABETH WALKER MARJORIE CALVERT CAMERON Sacramento Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science —Economics —English Transfer from Chi Omega. Sacramento Junior College; Chi Psi. tj Ai MARY ELIZABETH ADA ALBERT ALVIN RAC HAEL WELLS WARREN R. BURTON CHADWICK CHAFFEE CHAMBERS CHAMPION CHAN San Mateo Berkeley Ventura Los Angeles Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Commerce —Decorative Art —Social Institutions —Art —Mechanical —Economics Transfer from San Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) Transfer from Ventura Engineering Chinese Students ' Mateo Junior College; (3) (4). Junior College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Club; A.S.U.C. Alpha Delta Pi. Music Club. American Society of Housing Board. Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Council. RAYMOND MARLAND SUZETTE CHAN HEWES M. Oakland CHANDLER CHAPIN Letters and Science Berkeley Berkeley —Public Health Engineering Letters and Science Chinese Students ' —Mechanical —Political Science Club; Golden Bear ; Engineering Pelican; College Phi Epsilon Chi ; Basketball (1) ; Women ' s Club Housing Board ; A.S. American Society of Juniors; Class U.C. Card Sales; Mechanical Committees. Orientations; Men ' s Engineers. Dormitory Council (4) ; Pre-Medical Club. DOROTHEA CHASE Marysville Letters and Science —Education Transfer from Yuba Junior College; Sigma Kappa; Deputations Committee; Women ' s Orchestra; Womens Social Committee; Class Committees. DOUGLAS STEWART CHASE Oakland Letters and Science —Zoology Quarterdeck; Winter Sports Club. Pelly women are " quick change " artists behind scenes at a Wheeler And, fashion show. M ILO RED PAUL EDWARD GEORGE ELAINE HELEN EUGENE MARY JULES MAY FRANKLIN G IBSON LEONG BEATRICE LOU ISE ROBERT E. EMILE CHASE CH ENEA CHESTER CHING CHINN CHIPP CH ISHOLM CH ITTICK CH OUR RE Oakland Berkeley Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Los Angeles Montpelier, Berkeley Mill Valley Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Vermont Letters and Science Letters and Science —H i story —Civil Engineering —Psychology, Social Health —Physics, Optometry —English Letters and Science —Economics Kappa Phi ; Senior Tau Beta Phi ; Institutions Transfer from San Transfer from San Transfer from Los —Public Health, Pi Phi Delta; [Canna Transfer from Marin Jamboree. Scabbard and Blade; Transfer from Los Francisco Junior Francisco Junior Angeles Junior Bacteriology. Phi, president; Honor Junior College ; American Society of Angeles City College: College. College; Chinese College; Epsilon Alpha Student Council ; Masonic Club. Civil Engineers. Golden Bear; Hammer and Coffin; Honor Student; Pelican; Students ' Club; Honor Student; Student Advisory Gamma; International House, associate member; Education Counseling; Y.W. C.A. ; Assembly Dance Committee ; W.A.A. A.S.U.C. Store Board; Board. Club. Masonic Club. Honor Student Council. HELEN KENNETH OLIVE RICHARD FREDERICK ROBERT BEATRICE GRANVI LLE HARRY BERN ICE W. FRANCES CHRISTENSEN ALVIN CH R I ST IANSEN MAE DALE CLARK CHRISTENSEN CHRISTENSEN CHRISTENSEN Oakland CH R 1ST IAN SEN Palo Alta CHURCH CLARK San Diego Berkeley Santa Rosa Alameda Letters and Science Lincoln Commerce Piedmont Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory Kappa Delta. Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Santa Letters and Science —H i story Little Theatre; A.S. U.C. Card Sales —Physical Education, Hygiene Circle " C " Society; Sigma Alpha ; Chemistry Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. Transfer from San Jose State College; Alpha Gamma Rho; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Letters and Science Speaking Kappa Alpha Theta; Intramural Sports ; Letters and Science —Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa. —H i story. Rosa Junior College; Committee ; Winter Basketball (2) (3) Store Board. Ace of Clubs; Class American Institute of Sports Club ; (4) ; Circle " C " Committees. Electrical Engineers. Education Club. Hi-Jinx. KATHRYN MARGUERITE PATRICIA WILLIAM THOMAS LUCILE RUTH JEANNE CHALMERS HOWARD CLARK CLARK CLARK CLARK CLARKE Pomona Berkeley San Francisco Visalia Los Angeles Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining Letters and Science —H istory —Public Speaking —English Transfer from Visalia —Political Science Transfer from Transfer from San Transfer from San Junior College; Chi Phi; Golden Bear; U.C.L.A.; Alpha Mateo Junior College; Francisco Junior Theta Tau; Winged Helmet; Gamma Delta. Alpha Gamma Delta; College; Honor Mining Association. Pi Delta Epsilon; Deputations Students ' Council. Daily Californian Committee; Debating (3); (1) (2)(3), associate editor(4) Little Theatre; Big " C " Guard; Y.W.C.A. Sophomore Vigilante. HARRY VINCENT GEORGE VAL FREDERICK BERNARD FRANCIS HERBERT CLARK RIDDELL CLAUSEN CLEEVES CLEMENT CLEMENT, JR. CLEMESHAW Berkeley La Crescenta San Jose Albany San Diego Letters and Science Engineering Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Architecture —Mechanical —Mechanical —History —English Phi Kappa Sigma; Engineering Eng ineering Sigma Sigma Pi. Transfer from San Golden Bear; Theta Chi. Transfer from San Jose Diego Theosophical Circle " C " Society; State College; University. Delta Sigma Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha; Track; Crew (3)(4): Swimming. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CATHERINE MADELEINE ROBERT ANNAGENE SAM SH I RLEY HORTENSE STANLEY HELEN HOLMES A. WALTER GERTRUDE COBLENTZ MARIAN BETH PHILIP ANN CLINE CLOT CLOTTU CNOPIUS Carmel COHEN CORN COHN COIT San Francisco Berkeley Manteca Santa Rosa Engineering San Francisco Bakersfield San Francisco Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —Mechanical Letters and Scienc e Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Medicine —French —Economics —History Engineering —Journalism —Public Health —Political Science —Art Alpha Phi; Pi Delta Phi; Transfer from Modesto Transfer from Santa American Society of Theta Sigma Phi; Nursing Pi Delta Epsilon; Pi Alpha Sigma; House; Philorthian; International House, associate member; Junior College. Rosa Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi. Mechanical Engineers; Water Polo. Daily Californian (1) (2) (3). Transfer from Mills College Gamma Beta; Daily Californian. Advertising Service Bureau; Y.W.C.A.; Honor Student; Alpha Dormitory Council; Alpha Tau Delta; Senior Singings. Epsilon Iota; Little Maison Francaise; International House; Personnel; Newman Club. Hillel Foundation. Y.W.C.A. HARVEY ELLA ROBERT OLIVER JACK JACK SYDNEY PERRY JANICE MILTON • MARY CHARLES DOTY LAWRENCE EDWARD MELVILLE CONNER MIRIAM COLE COLLIER COLYAR COMPTON CONDEFER CONDLEY CONNELL Glendale CONNICK Berkeley Berkeley Oakland Pasadena Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Commerce Fortuna Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Commerce Letters and Science —Business Letters and Science Engineering. —Bacteriology Transfer from Marin —Physical Education, Hygiene —Political Science Transfer from —Accounting Transfer from —Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. —Chemistry Transfer From San Administration Theta Xi; Phi Phi; —Physical Education. Hygiene Junior College; Transfer from San Pasadena Junior St. Mary ' s Francisco Junior Tri-Une; Football; Prytanean; Masonic Club. Francisco State College; Delta College. College; Wrestling. Nu Sigma Psi; College; Upsilon; Daily American Chemical Women ' s " C " Alpha Phi Omega; Californian (2) (3). Society; Society; Women ' s Intramural Sports; Masonic Club. Activity Council; Masonic Club; Executive Committee; Physical Education W.A.A. Excitement keynotes arrival of new pledges to AGD house. EDWIN CONNOR Oakland Letters and Science --English. CHARLES JOHN GWYNN FREDERICK FRED FREDERICK F. M. CORBET DAVID KAMEHAMEHA COOPER COOPER San Francisco CORBETT CORDES Sonoma Bakersfield Letters and Science San Diego Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Commerce Engineering —Economics Big " C " Society; —Economics Transfer from Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panhellenic Council; Transfer from San Diego State College; —Mechanical Engineering Circle " C " Society; Bakersfield Junior Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Delta Upsilon. Circle " C " Society; Track (1)(2)(3) College; Phi Delta Sports (1)(2)(3) Eta Kappa Nu; Tau (4); Cross Country Theta; Intramural (4); Ace of Clubs; Beta Pi; Handhal I; (1) (2) (3) (4). Manager (3). Class Committees. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DOROTHY MARIE CONNORS Piru Letters and Science —Economics. BENJAMIN DIXON CONRAD, JR. Arroyo Grande Letters and Science —Political Science Abracadabra; Phi Phi; Honor Student: Debating (1); Class Committees. SARAH LOUISE CONRAD! Piedmont Letters and Science —Mathematics, Economics Masonic Club; Cranmer Club. CARROLL BUTLER COOK Sacramento Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Sacramento Junior College; Theta Chi. WALTER VERDA LAURENCE EUGENE JOHN DOROTHY MARIAN WILLIAM WALTER J. MAE HUSTON ANSELM J. ANNE ELIZABETH MERL KELLEY CORDUA CORNELIUS CORNETT CORR CORTNER COTTON COTTON COTTON COUNTRYMAN Kentlield San Francisco Oakland Richmond Oakland Casper, Wyoming Casper, Wyoming San Jose Piedmont Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —Plant Pathology Public Speaking —Optometry —Physical Education —Economics. —Psychology —Political Science —Economics —Accounting Plant Pathology Journal Club; Transfer from Marin Junior College; Alpha Omega Delta. Sigma Alpha; Baseball; Physical Delta Delta Delta; Blue and Gold (2). Transfer from Mills College; Delta Delta Housing Board, sub-chairman; Beta Alpha Psi; Masonic Club. Masonic Club. Omicron Pi; Women ' s Education Majors ' Delta. Welfare Council. Orientations; W.A.A. Club. JOHN JAMES HAROLD JEAN OWEN EVELYN BARBARA PHILIP PHILIP RODNEY WILLIAM JOHN ESTHER JOHN MAE MAUDE STIRLING CRANER M I DDLETON COWART COX CRAIG CRAIG CRAMPTON CRANE CRANE Berk eley COVERT Dunsmuir Oakland Letters and Science Los Angeles Agriculture Glendale Letters and Science Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Vacaville Letters and Science Berkeley Letters and Science Dos Palos Letters and Science Engineering —Mechanical Chemistry —Economics. —Agricultural —Economics Mining —H istory —International —Chemistry Engineering Sigma Xi; American Economics Alpha Phi; Mortar —Metallurgy Transfer from Davis; Relations Sigma Phi; Circle " C " Honor Student; Rally Chemical Society. Sigma Chi; Phi Phi. Board; Prytanean; Daily Californian (2) Transfer from Ohio State University; A.S.U.C. Reception Committee (3) (4); International House, associate member; Society; Glee Club; Soccer (1) (2)(3); Committee; Basketball (1). (3), women ' s editor (4). Alpha Tau Omega; Circle " C " Society; Counseling (4); Y.W. C.A. (3) (4); W.A.A. Masonic Club; Class Committees. Rugby Manager (3). Fencing Manager (3) (4); Mining Association. College men enjoy Alpha Phi hospitality at an open house. CHARLES GLADYS JACQUELINE FRANK CHESTER McNEIL MIRIAM CROMWELL PETER H. CRAWFORD CRITES San Francisco CROOK, JR. CROSS Antioch Berkeley Letters and Science Los Angeles Visalia Agriculture Letters and Science —History of Art Engineering Letters and Science —Fruit Products —Psychology Alpha Xi Delta; Little —Mechanical —Political Science Alpha Zeta. Psychology Club. Theatre (2); Engineering Sigma Chi; Track Personnel (2). Transfer from (1) (2)- U.C.L.A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MERLE ELENA IDA RICHARD JOHN CROSS RUTH HELEN CLAYTON ROBERT San Francisco CROSSFIELD CROW CROWLE CULVER Letters and Science Chehalis, Modesto Represa Ventura —Political Science Washington Letters and Science Commerce Mining Theta Upsilon; Letters and Science —Physical Education, —Accounting —Petroleum Treble Clef. —Economics Hygiene Transfer from Sacra- Engineering Mortar Board; Pry- Transfer from Modesto mento Junior College; Transfer from Ventura tanean; Theta Sigma Junior College; Bowles Hall; A.S.U.C. Junior College; Theta Phi; Women ' s Execu- W.A.A.; Baseball; Card Sales Committee; Tau; Tennis (2)(3) tive Board; Orienta- Basketball; Physical Class Committees. (4); Mining tions (1)(2)(3), chairman (4); Blue and Gold. Education Majors ' Club. Association. Senior activity heads have their meeting place at the Fall Informal. ELLEN LOIS DOROTHY LLOYD EDWARD WILLIAM BARBARA MARJORIE ALFRED FRANCES OLIVE RUTH BRUCE JAMES STEVENSON BARDWELL DEE HAMPTON CUMMING CUMMINGS CUMMINS CUNNINGHAM CURRAN CURTIS CURTS CUTLER DAGGETT San Francisco Riverside Larkspur Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Piedmont Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Psychology —French —Political Science. —Soil Technology —Agricultural —Political Science —Spanish —General Curriculum Blue and Gold; Transfer from Transfer from Marin Alpha Zeta; Economics Transfer from College Casa H ispana; Big " C " Society; Riverside Junior Junior College; Honor Quarterdeck; Sigma Phi; Big " C " of the Pacific; Gamma Masonic Club; Football; Crew. College. Student; Pi Delta Phl. Soils Club. Society; Proskopoi; Phi Beta; Blue and Spanish Club. Boxing (1)(2); Gold (2); Class Track (1); Intramural Committees. Manager (3)(4); Class Committees. CATH RYN MARION SVEN MARY JANET C. FRANCIS LUCILLE SAUL MARY DAGGETT B. MARGARET JEMIMA EDWIN SCOTT ELEANOR DANGOTT DAGGETT Berkeley DAHL DAILEY DAKAN DALGLEISH DAM DANEY Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Santa Rosa Oakland Fair Oaks Lower Lake San Francisco San Diego Commerce Letters and Science —French Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science —Economics. istory Transfer from Williams —Electrical —Public Speaking —Mathematics —Civil Engineering —Foreign Trade —H istory Service Junior College; Engineering Alpha Delta Pi; Blue Transfer from American Society of Delta Upsilon; Delta Transfer from San Bureau. University Chorus; Transfer from San and Gold; Little Sacramento Junior Civil Engineers; Phi Epsilon; Diego State College; Y.W.C.A.; Maison Francisco Junior Theatre (1); Class College. 4-H Club. Swimming. Delta Delta Delta. Francaise. College; American Committees. Institute of Electrical Engineers. SYLVIA ROLLO CURTIS BERN ICE ROSE DANZIG EVERETT UTLEY DAVIDSON DAVIDSON Oakland DARBY DARLING Des Moines, Iowa Oakland Letters and Science Sebastopol Whittier Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce and Theory —Decorative Art H i Ilel Foundation, vice-president. —Zoology Men ' s Dormitory —Accounting Transfer from of Art Transfer from Phrateres; Counseling. Council ; Pasadena Junior U.C.L.A. ; Alpha Masonic Club. College; Sheridan Epsilon Phi. Hall ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Honor Student, Counci I. VIRGINIA WILMA LORRAI NE ALICE CHARLES LEE LUOMA ELEANORE DOROTHY HENRY DAVIDSON DAVIDSON DAVIES DAVIS DAVIS, IV Phoenix, Arizona Berkeley Pasadena Berkeley Letters nod Science Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —Art —Zoology —Economics. —Bacteriology Alpha Omicron Pi. Honor Student; Transfer from Phoenix Transfer from Senate; Debating Junior College; Delta Pasadena Junior (1) (3). Delta Delta. College. Pelly ' s Yvonne Cyr is the Cal queen at UCLA Homecoming Celebration. DOROTHY ELIZABETH IRVING JOHN ELMER GEORGE JOHN MARGARET VIVIENNE MARION JANE MILTON YALE ALLEN P I ERPONT ELAINE DELTA DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS, JR. DAVIS DAWSON DAZEY DEAL DEAN DEANE Berkeley Berkeley Bryn Mawr Pasadena Long Beach San Francisco Berkeley Long Beach San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Decorative Art —Anthropology —Agricultural —Chemistry. —Botany Transfer from San —Political Science. Delta Chi Alpha; Alpha Omicron Pi; Economics Bowles Hall ; Phi Francisco Junior Transfer from Long Phrateres; Advertising Calvin Club; Little Theatre (1) ; Bowles Hall; Sigma; Honor College. Beach Junior College; Service Bureau; Masonic Club. Intramural Sports. A.S.U.C. Band (2) (3) (4). Student; Track. Deputations Commit- tee; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3) , Senior Dormitory Council; Commission. Masonic Club. LOUIS DAVID GLEN ROBERT RICHARD EMIL RICHARD ROYCE RICHARD CUSHMAN WILLIAM L UCI US DE LI BAN PETER WILLIAM STANFORD ALINE WESTLEY DE ARMOND DEG REGOR I DEITZ Los Angeles DELLA-VEDOWA DELU DEM OREST DENNEY DENNISON Orland Los Banos Baldwin Park Engineering Oakland Albany Hollywood 0 i [dale Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture —Electrical Engineering Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Chemistry —Chemistry. —Forestry Engineering —Aeronautics —Mechanical —Journalism —English Science. Sigma Sigma Pi; Transfer from Transfer from U.C. Sigma Chi ; Phi Phi ; Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon; Transfer from Masonic Club. Pasadena Junior L.A.; Theta Chi ; Blue Tri-Une; Senior Peace Transfer from the Gamma Beta; Daily Bakersfield Junior College; Xi Sigma Pi; and Gold ; American Committee; Crew (1) ; University of Hawaii; Californian (1) (2) College; Honor Forestry Club. Institute of Electrical Engineers. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Scabbard and Blade; American Society of (3), associate editor (4) . Student. Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. Mechanical Engineers. DONALD JAMES EDWARD ROBERT DOROTHY ERNA JAMES STACY EVERETT AUSTIN EGAN K. CAIRNS DIXON FERN KENNETH HARDING GEORGE DINGMAN DINSMORE D IRAN DISHER Portland, Oregon DIXON DOBEY DOBRZENSKY DOBSON Bakersfield San Fernando Kingsburg Oakland Letters and Science Oakland Vallejo Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Commerce —Psychology Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining —Bacteriology —Mechanical —Accounting Alpha Delta Sigma; Transfer from Hall —Decorative Art —Economics —Economics —Petroleum Transfer from Engineering Transfer from Reed ley Quarterdeck: Junior College. Delta Chi Alpha; Delta Chi; Circle " C " Sigma Nu; Rally Engineering Bakersfield Junior College. Transfer from U.C.L.A.; American Junior College; Com- merce Association; Advertising Service Bureau (1) (2); U.C. Sigma Sigma Pi. Society; Basketball; Labor Board; Class Committee (2)(3), chairman (4); Transfer from College of the Pacific; Society of Mechanical Masonic Club. Life Saving Corps; Committees. Sophomore Vigilante. American Society Engineers; Institute of Masonic Club. Mechanical Engineers; Aeronautical Sciences; Mining Association. Men ' s Dormitory Council; Newman Club. ELIZABETH DORIS NEIL GERALDINE GEORGE PATRICIA PETER EDMOND LEONA FRANCES LUCILLE J. TERESA A. DONDERO DONOHUE THOMAS EDYTHE DODDS DODGE DODGE DOLAN DONATELLO Berkeley Monterey DOOLEY DOOLEY Oakland Huntington Beach Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Berkeley Orcutt Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —History —Economics Mining Letters and Science Science —General Curriculum —Political Science —Public Speaking —Social Theory Alpha Omicron Pi; Transfer from San —Petroleum —H istory Transfer from College of the Pacific; Pry- Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Transfer from U.C.L.A.: Dormitory Council. Acacia. Pelican (1)(2), Intramural Sports: Jose State. Engineering Transfer from Bakers. Transfer from Santa Maria Junior College; tanean; Forensics Phrateres; Deputations Sigma Nu. Senior Week field Junior College; Y.W.C.A. (3) (4); Women ' s Committee; Y.W.C.A.: Committee; Theta Chi; University Masonic Club. Judicial Committee; Commit- tee; Y.W.C.A., Assembly Dance Com• mittee; W.A.A.; Archery, Ice Skating. Class Committees. Chorus (2); mural Swimming; Mining Association. Cabinet. ANNE WILLIAM STANLEY CHARLES HADDEE HAMER DIAMOND GORDON DEWEY DEWHIRST, JR. Hemet DIBBLE Berkeley Selma Letters and Science Redlands Letters and Science Letters and Science —Optometry Engineering —Decorative Art —Bacteriology Omega Delta; Baton; —Mechanical Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Kappa Tau. A.S.U.C. Band. Engineering Counseling; Personnel; Psi Upsilon; Tau Beta Delta Chi Alpha; Pi; Sigma Xi; W.A.A.; Crop and American Society of Saddle; Class Mechanical Engineers. Committees. JAMES EDWARD FREDERICK GEORGAN NE WILLIAM MARSHALL WELDON G. DIETERICH DIGARDI DIGGLES D IMARCO Orinda Martinez Berkeley Alhambra Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Phi Kappa Sigma; —Economics —Economics —History, Education Golden Bear; Winged Honor Student. Transfer from Pelican; Thalian. Helmet; Big " C " Sacramento Junior Society; Skull and College; Alpha Kappa Keys; Tri•Une; Lambda. Intrafraternity Council; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. HELEN ROBERTA DICK Pocatello, Idaho Commerce —Foreign Trade Transfer from University of Idaho. LUDWIG HANS DIMPFL San Francisco Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor Student; Fenc- ing (1); U.C. Life Saving Corps; Ameri- can Chemical Society, treasurer of student affiliates. Stacy Dobrzensky and company ride the rally committee gravy train to Los Angeles. RALPH LOUIS DORFMAN Oakland Letters and Science —Biochemistry. DAVID LLOYD DOWD San Jose Letters and Science —History Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Epsilon; Sigma Sigma Pi; Honor Student. JACKSON G. DORN San Francisco Letters and Science —Psychology Alpha Delta Phi; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Football Manager (2); Debating (1). IRIS ELLIOTT DRAKE Berkeley Letters and Science —English Transfer from Albany College. JAMES WOOLSEY DORST Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Tennis (1) (2)(3); Rally Committee (2) (3); Intramural Sports, manager (3). CAROL DROSTE Oakland Letters and Science —Philosophy Kappa Alpha Theta; Daily Californian (1) (2); Y.W.C.A. GALENA DOTSENKO Berkeley Letters and Science —Art Delta Epsilon; Little Theatre Art Manager. JUEL G. DROUBAY Tooele City, Utah Mining Mining Association. GALE B. DOUGHERTY Long Beach Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Alpha Phi Omega; Crew (2)(3)(4); American Society of Civil Engineers. MELVIN JOHN DUEZABOU Oakland Letters and Science —Physical Education Winged Helmet; Sigma Alpha; Baseball. IIr Cal Band, defenders of sturdy manhood, picket talented drum majorette. LEE MARY NAN PHILLIPS JAMES MARNE EVELYN ROBERT EDWIN DUFFIELD PATRICIA HARIETT ALBERT EDWARD MacDONALD BERYL FRANK DUVAL Berkeley DUGGAN DUHME DUNFORD, JR. DUNLAP DUNLAP DUNW000Y DUTTLE Ventura Letters and Science Portland, Oregon Berkeley Buttonwillow Pittsburg Novato Burney Berkeley Letters and Science —Public Speaking Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Transfer from College —English —Political Science —Medical Science —Civil Engineering. —Music —Decorative Art —Accounting Phi Epsilon Chi; of the Pacific. Transfer from Chi Omega; Hammer Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Mu; Deputations Little Theatre (3) ; Acacia. Honor Student; University of Oregon; Alpha Phi. and Coffin; Torch and Shield. Soccer (1)(2)(3); Glee Club. Committee (2)(3); Y.W.C.A.. Cabinet Counseling (3)(4); W.A.A.; Masonic Intramural Badminton; Grizzly (2). (4); Christian Science Club; Class Society; University Committees. Music Club; Class Committees. PETER JEANNE ROBERT PAUL ARCH IE ALICE NELS CHARLES GERALDINE RILEY MARIE EUGENE RICHARD LEE BELLE E. H. BOHEN DYER EASTMAN ECHOLS ECKLEY EDGAR EDISON EDQUIST EDWARDS EDWARDS Lindsay San Francisco Orange Glendale El Centro Petaluma Carmel Weaverville Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Engineering Letters and Science —Anthropology —Bacteriology. Chi Pi Sigma; Honor Transfer from Glendale —Zoology. —Political Science —Agricultural —Electrical —Public Health Zeta Psi; Crew Student; Crew (1). Junior College; Phi Pi Kappa Phi. Counseling; Y.W.C.A. Economics Engineering Honor Student. Manager. Delta Theta; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Californian, assistant manager. Barrington Hall, vice-president, Council member; Housing Board. Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Crew. MARGARET- WALTER MA RIAN STANLEY HELEN ELEANOR EDGAR G. JAMES ELIZABETH EDWARDS EISENBERG EITEL EKSTROM ELDER Weaverville San Francisco Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Decorative Art —Accounting —Decorative Art. —Economics. —Household Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Beta Delta. Transfer from San Daily Californian (1) Francisco State (2); Treble Clef; College. Crop and Saddle. RICHARD ROBERT RUTH BESSIE JEAN CHAFFER ARNO LUCILE ARNOLD JULIET ELDRED ELDRIDGE ELLIOTT ELY ELY Sacramento Berkeley San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —Mechanical —Political Science —French —French Intramural Sports. Engineering Phi Omega Pi; Rlue Pi Delta Phi; Transfer from San Sigma Chi; Institute and Gold (2); Pelican Deputations Francisco College for of Aeronautical (1); Daily Californian Committee. Women; Stratford Sciences. (1); Class Hall; Pi Delta Phi; Committees. Honor Student; Little Theatre; Deputations Committee. The Estonian navy pedals into port for the glory of Junior Day ' s " nautical but nice " kiddies. LINTON LEE EMERSON Westwood Agriculture —Soil Science Del Rey; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Phi Phi; Phi Epsilon Chi; Crew; Intramural Sports; President ' s Advisory Council; Progressive Student Forum. FRED DONALD ENFIELD Hollywood Engineering — Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College; Phi Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Mining Association. TOM HERBERT JEROME CORY ENNIS ENOS Berkeley Chatworth Letters and Science Letters and Science — Economics. —Zoology. JOHN GEDDES ERBES Moorpark Commerce —Accounting Transfer from Santa Barbara State College; Commerce Association. AMY J. ERICKSON Oakland Letters and Science —Decorative Art. JOHN MANLY ESSICK Inglewood Letters and Science —Mathematics Transfer from Compton Junior College; Pi Mu Epsilon; Honor Student; Baseball; Student Advisory Board; Calvin Club. JANET SANFORD EVANS Sacramento Letters and Science —Dramatic Literature Orchesis. JOHN HENRY EVANS Patterson Commerce —Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon; Skull and Keys; Baseball (1); Track Manager (2)(3); Sophomore Vigilante; Class Committees. LOUIS ERNEST EYRAUD Bakersfield Mining Engineering Transfer from Bakersfield Junior College; Mining Association. JEROME BENNETT FAGAN Piedmont Letters and Science — Psychology Sigma Phi. WILLIAM HENRY FAIRBANK, JR. Glendale Agriculture — Forestry Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Phi Delta Theta; Xi Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Forestry Club, vice-president. RICHARD DONALD JOHN PEARSON FAKOURY FALCONER Oakland Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science —Accounting —Economics Beta Alpha Psi. Honor Student. JOHN LEVERETT FARLEY, JR. Piedmont Letters and Science —Economics Theta Chi; Tri-Une; Basketball; University Chorus; Senior Peace Committee; A.S.U.C. Card Sales; California Club; interfraternity Council; Freshman Class President. PATRICIA LABERTA FARNO Oakland Letters and Science —Public Health Theta Upsilon; Counseling (3)(4); Y.W.C.A. (1)(2) (3) (4); Student Health Committee; Public Health Forum; Masonic Club. ROBERT FRANCIS FARRELL Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Deputations Committee (2)(3) (4); Daily Californian (2)(3). BARBARA IRENE FATZER Burlingame L etters and Science —English Sigma Kappa; Blue and Gold (2); Daily Californian (1)(2). LOYAL EMIL FEB I N GER Denver, Colorado Letters and Science — Optometry Transfer from the University of Denver; Omega Delta. HUGH WARREN FERRIER Berkeley Letters and Science — Economics Chi Psi ; Phi Beta Kappa; Congress; Baseball Manager (2) : Cross Country (4) ; Debating; Thalian. JOHN JOSEPH FEE HA N Crockett Letters and Science —Economics. ROBERT NATALE FERROGG IARO Berkeley Commerce —Economics Phi Sigma Kappa; Deputations Committee; Newman Club; Commerce Club. MORRIS FE IGEN Los Angeles Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles Junior Col- lege; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. THOMAS ROBERT FERRY Oakland Engineering —Electrical Engineering Glee Club; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers. HELEN LEE FERGUSON Porters i Ile Commerce — Economics Transfer from Portervil le Junior College; Sigma Kappa. FRANK FIEDLER, JR. Los Angeles Engineering — Electrical Engineering. LLOYD NOEL FERGUSON Oakland Chemistry Honor Student; Intramural Basketball; American Chemical Society. THOMAS FILES Redding Letters and Science —Economics Congress; U.C. Flying Club. Dean Goldsworthy congratulates orchidaceous Queen Alberta Hill at Interfraternity Ball. JOAN WILLIAM ISADORE HAROLD MARY BETTY LAWRENCE JOHN NED MARJORIE JOHN FINKELSTEIN GEORGE ANN ANN GREGORY MAXWELL ALLEN FINCH HENRY Oakland FISHER FISHER FITZGERALD FITZSIMMONS, JR. FLANAGAN FLANDERS Sacramento FINGER, JR. Commerce Morgan II Berkeley Stockton Oakland Napa Berkeley Letters and Science Rosevil le —Economics. Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Education Letters and Science —Electrical —Public Speaking. —Electrical —Advertising —Chemistry Transfer from —Anthropology Engineering Alpha Gamma Delta; Engineering Theta Chi ; Daily Cali- Proskopoi ; Music Sacramento Junior College; Alpha Xi Transfer from Sacramento Junior American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Pelican ; Women ' s Executive Comm itte ; Eta Kappa Nu, presi- dent; Tau Beta Pi; fornian (1) (2) ; President ' s Fraternity Council; Glee Club, senior manager ; Delta; W.A.A.; College; Daily Institute of Radio Elections Committee; Quarterdeck; Honor Advisory Board ; Big University Symphony. Intramural Sports. Californian. Engineers; Amateur Women ' s Rally Com- mittee; Junior Class Student; Orientations; American Institute of " C " Guards; Junior Day Committee Radio Club. Vice-President; Wo- men ' s Activity Council. Electrical Engineers; Naval Rifle Team. Chairman. JEANNE RALPH VERLE ALBERT ALLAN ROY G. CHARLES GEORGE ELIZABETH PORTER JAY FERDINAND ORRIN HERMAN ROBERT H. MARCEL FLEESON FLEGAL FLI EGER FLIEGNER FLOOD FOGEL FOGERTY FOGG FO H LEN Chico Oakland Lung Beach Oakland San Anselmo Oakland Berkeley Pacific Grove San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Commerce. Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry —Public Speaking Big " C " Society; —Electrical —Optometry —General Honor Student. Phi Omega Pi; Parlia- Circle " C " Society; Engineering. Transfer from Marin Honor Student ; Curriculum ment; Daily Califor- nian (1) (2) ; Basketbal I. Junior College; Omega Delta. Grizzly. Calvin Club; Winter Sports Club. Counseling; Little Theatre; Intramural Sports; Thalian; Uni- versity Reader ' s Club; Class Committees. ELAINE TOM FLOYD ROBERT EARL FOLSOM E. STEPHEN M. RAYMOND Los Angeles FOLSOM FOPPIANO FORCEY FORD Letters and Science Palo Alto Stockton Santa Ana Los Angeles —H istory Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Y.W.C.A.; Sigma Chi —Geology —Economics. —Economics —Mechanical Educational Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Transfer from Santa Engineering Sigma Sigma Pi; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Ana Junior College; Big " C " Society; Readers Club. Committee; Boxing; Orientations Track (1) (2) (3) U.C. Geological Committee. (4) ; Basketball (1). Society. HAMDEN WILLIAM KENNETH EDWIN NA ELSIE L. DWIGHT PHILIP CAROLETTA MURIEL FOR K NER, JR. FORNEY FOSBERG FOSTER FOSTER Oakland Boise, Idaho Turlock Santa Rosa Richmond Letters and Science —Economics Letters and Science —Pre-Medical Transfer from College Agriculture —Forestry Letters and Science —English Letters and Science —General Curriculum Zeta Psi ; Skull and of Idaho; Phi Delta Transfer from Modesto Transfer from Santa Phrateres; Masonic Keys. Theta; Scabbard and Junior College; U.C. Rosa Junior College; Club. Blade; Baseball Man- ager (2) (3) ; Ski Team (2) (3) (4) ; Pershing Rifles, president (3). Camera Club, presi- dent; Forestry Club, U.C. Student Coopera- tive Association; A.S. U.C. Reception Com- mittee; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports; W.A.A. Freeborn ogles, Biggerstaff dreams, while Rosemary Lane smiles at the photographer. DOROTHY JAMES CHARLES MARY HAZEL JEAN VIRGINIA MARGARET STANLEY ELLEN FOX R. FOX, JR. W. FOY, JR. LOUISE FRAITAS DELP H INA FRANCO KATHRYN FRANKLIN B. FRANKLIN FREDERICKSON Phoenix, Arizona BARRON FREEBORN, JR. San Francisco D al hart, Texas Berkeley Pinole Richmond Palo Alto San Diego Letters and Science Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Po litical Science Agriculture —Art —Economics —Economics —Physical Education, —French —Political Science Theta U psi Ian; Y.W. —Agricultural Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Alpha Transfer from Wentworth Military Academy; Phi Sigma Transfer from Harvard University; Honor Student. Hygiene Transfer from San Francisco Junior Honor Student. Kappa Alpha Theta; Senior Women ' s Banquets. Transfer from San Diego State College. C.A.; Intramural Sports. Economics Beta Theta Pi; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Delta Pi. Kappa; Deputations Committee. College; W.A.A.; Physical Education Majors ' Club. Big " C " Society; Scabbard and Blade; Tri-Une; Alpha Zeta; Crew. DOROTHY ELIZABETH FREDERIC HOWARD PAUL RITA CHARLOTTE ALFRED CAROLINE ANNE LEON ALEX IS EDWARD WAD H AMS HELEN L I LYAN HERMAN WARREN FREEMAN FREEMAN FRENCH FRENCH, JR. F RENCH FR I EDL I NE FRIEDMAN FRIEDRICH FROST Oakland Oakland Berkeley Richmond Los Angeles Sacramento Stockton Tracy Riverside Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Chemistry. Agriculture —Forestry Engineering —Electrical Letters and Science —Nursing Letters and Science —Social Institutions Letters and Sciences —Political Science. Letters and Science —Psychology Sigma Sigma Pi; Sigma Sigma Pi. Forestry Club. Engineering Transfer from Transfer from College Transfer from Riverside Y.W.C.A. Transfer from U.C.L.A.; Sigma Sacramento Junior College; Alpha of the Pacific. Junior College; Honor Student; Grizzly (4) ; Alpha Epsilon. Tau Delta. A.S.U.C. Peace Com- WC A. t (4) 4 ; . . . W.A.A. (3); International House, associate member. KENJI TADAO HARRIET OLIVER DAISY FUJIMOTO FUJITA JOY H. ELLEN Oakland Alvarado FULLER FULLMER FUNG Engineering Letters and Science Dunsmuir Salt Lake City, San Francisco —Mechanical —Education Letters and Science Utah Letters and Science Engineering Sigma Sigma Pi. —History Chemistry —Biochemistry Society of Aeronautical Sigma Sigma Pi; Transfer from the Chinese Students ' Engineers; American Honor Student; A.S. University of Idaho; Club; Y.W.C.A. Society of Mechanical U.C. Social Commit. American Chemical Engineers. tee; Student Advisory Society. Bureau; Maison Francaise. PEGGY JEAN WILLIAM GEORGE JUNE GABBERT GABLE PEACE WALTER FLEISCHMAN Berkeley Santa Maria GADDIS, JR. GAERTNER GAFFNEY Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley Oakland San Francisco —English —Political Science Letters and Science Chemistry Letters and Science Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Chi Omega; —Anthropology Honor Student. —Public Health Daily Californian. Intramural Sports; Delta Tau Delta; Student Health W.A.A.; Class Quarterdeck; Track Committee; Public Committees. Manager (2)(3). Health Forum, vice- president; W.A.A. Seniors reach for free cigarettes at Senior Sings. FLORENCE GOODSPEED GAINES Pasadena Letters and Science —Political Science Pi Beta Phi. ANDREW CAMPBELL GAITHER Piedmont Letters and Science Delta Upsilon; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Football Manager (4). REVA LEONE GALVIN Alameda Letters and Science —Dramatic Literature Little Theatre; Treble Clef, manager (2). JAMES EDWARD GAMMIE San Leandro Letters and Science —Public Speaking. STANLEY ALEXANDER GAMMON Berkeley Chemistry California Cannoneers. WILLIAM OHMEN GANSBERG Oakland Agriculture —Forestry Forestry Club. GEORGINA ALEXANDRA GARBUTT Walnut Creek Letters and Science —Chemistry Iota Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Student Advisory Bureau; Y.W.C.A. (1)(2) (3); Chemistry Club; St. John ' s Club. PETER GARAT GARCIA San Francisco Commerce Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. BETTE ANITA GARDELLA Sutter Creek Letters and Science —H i story Alpha Gamma Delta; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican; Counseling; Crop and Saddle; Class Committees. MARY EVELYN GARDETT Bakersfield Commerce Utrimque; Blue and Gold; Counseling (3) (4); W.A.A.; Masonic Club. JAN ICE GARDNER Oakland Letters and Science —Art Delta Epsilon; Sigma Sigma Pi; California Engineer; International House, associate member. RICHARD THOMSON GARDNER Los Angeles Commerce —Economics Oxford Hall; Golden Bear: Circle " C " Society; Senate; Gym- nastics (2) (3), cap- tain (4); A.S.U.C. Labor Board; Y.M.C.A. OLEN R. GARRETT Long Beach Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Bowles Hall; Tennis (1); American Society of Mechanical Engineers. GEORGE MARSHALL GARY Oakland Mining —Mining Engineering Engineers Council; Mining Association. MARY ANN GATEWOOD Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Alpha Sigma; Little Theatre (2)(3); Counseling; Y.W.C.A., Senior Commission; W.A.A.; Intramural Sports. EDITH GAYLORD St. Helena Letters and Science —Art Delta Epsilon; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau (1) (2), assistant manager (3). W. MERLIN GAYMAN Sacramento Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Bowles Hall; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, secretary. MIRIAM GEBALLE San Francisco Letters and Science —Economics Alpha Epsilon Phi; Prytanean; Pi Phi Delta; Y.W.C.A. GEORGE CLARK GESTER, JR. Berkeley Chemistry Circle " C " Society; Proskopoi ; Ski Team (2) (3), captain (4) ; A.S.U.C. Ski Lodge, chairman; Winter Sports Club, president. BETTY JANE GETTEMY San Rafael Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Marin Junior College; Alpha Delta Pi; Grizzly; Elections Committee. CHESTER MILTON GIBSON Long Beach Mining — Mining Engineering Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Tau Beta Pi; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. ROBERT LEE GIBSON, JR. Berkeley Agriculture —Fruit Products Theta Delta Chi ; Ten- nis (1) (2) (3) (4). ELEANOR ANN GILLETT Santa Fe, New Mexico Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Mills College; Pelican (3). FRANCES LENORE G I ORGONE San Francisco Letters and Science —English Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. ALBERT HOMER G I OVAN ETTI Modesto Commerce —Economics Transfer from Modesto Junior College. ANNABELLE ELIZABETH GJARDE Oakland Letters and Science —Economics Prytanean; Women ' s Executive Board; Wel- fare Council, sub- chairman; Housing Board; Blue and Gold (2) ; Women ' s Activity Council (2) (3) . PETER FRANCIS GIRARD Monterey Engineering —Mechanical Engineering. JOSEPH SYLVIA BLU MA ENID VIOLET TERRENCE THELMA GULDA GWENDOLYN GERTRUDE GOLDING GOLD INGER GOLDMAN GO LDSO N GOLDSTEIN San Francisco Los Angeles Los Angeles Beverly Hills Oakland Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Labor Problems. —General Curriculum General Curriculum —H istory —Spanish Transfer from Transfer from Transfer from Casa H ispana ; Honor U.C.L.A. U.C.L.A. U.C.L.A.; Alpha Student; Daily Epsilon Phi. Californian (2) (3) ; Y.W.C.A. RAY LEONARD GLOVER Oakland Commerce --Economics Masonic Club. CLARA AILEEN GODFREY San Dimas Letters and Science —Zoology Transfer from Chaff ey Junior College. ALICE ELISABETH GOETSCH Richfield Letters and Science — Mathematics Utrimque. PEARL GOLDBERG San Francisco Letters and Science Ph lorthian, vice- president; Class Committees. Dancers gather around the bandstand during Assembly Dance at the gym. DORIS PAULINE GEDDIS Oakland Letters and Science — Decorative Art Delta Chi Alpha; Sigma Sigma Pi. PAUL D. GERHARDT Riverside Agriculture — Entomology Alpha Zeta. JEANETTE LOUISE GELLER Davis Letters and Science —H istory Personnel ; Little Theatre; Masonic Club; Class Committees. MARY GEMINI Broderick Letters and Science —Spanish Sigma Delta Pi; Sigma Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Circulo I tal iano. ALBERT WILLIAM GERBER Lodi Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege; Barrington Hall ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. PEARL GERSH OW ITZ Beverly Hills Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Little Theatre; H illel Foundation. FRED CARSTEN GERDES, JR. San Francisco Commerce — Accounting Circle " C " Society; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Honer Student; Swimming (1) (2) (3), captain (4). BEN CLIFFORD GERWICK, JR. Berkeley Engineering — Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Tennis. ELEANOR NORMAN GERLOUGH LORING Palo Alto GERSHANOV Letters and Science Berkeley —Anthropology Letters and Science Kappa Phi ; Wesley —Zoology Foundation; Wesley Transfer from Players; Class Sacramento Junior Committees. College; Sigma Sigma Pi. HOWARD WARREN GOODE Oakland Letters and Science —Political Science. BARBARA PATRICIA GOWANS San Francisco Letters and Science Alpha Gamma Delta; Pelican (1) (2) ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales (2) ; Counseling ; Women ' s Hostess Committee (1) (2). DONALD WAYNE GOODWIN Fullerton Letters and Science — Architecture Transfer from ton Junior College; Kappa Delta Rho; Architectural Association; Masonic Club. EDWARD HELMUT GRAALFS San Letters and Science — Political Science Scabbard and Blade; Soccer. GEORGE GOODMAN GORDON Berkeley Agriculture —Landscape Design Alpha Kappa Lambda; Golden Bear; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Phi Phi ; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee; A.S.U.C. Finance Committee; Welfare Council (3), chairman (4). PATRICIA LOUISE GRADY Berkeley Letters and Science —International Relations Pi Beta Phi. ROSE MARIE GORGONE Oakland Letters and Science —Economics. DOROTHY RUTH GRAHAM Berkeley Letters and Science —Public Health Women ' s Orientations. WILLIAM HENRY GORMAN Berkeley Commerce — Business Administration Daily Californian (1) . ELIZABETH NANCY GRAHAM Oakland Letters and Science — Household Science Junior Prommers crowd the bar during intermission. GORDON CHARLES AUDREY WALLACE. CECI L 10 BETTY CHARLES VERNE RAYMOND MAR ION HAMLIN BAER ALFRED ROSAR 10 SHAND RODER IC K EDWIN C. GRAHAM G RA I NGER G RAN AS GRAN BERG GRANDE GRANT GRANT GRANT GRASSI Taft Glendale Santa Ana Oakland. Piedmont Berkeley Yreka Oakland Oakland Mining Commerce Letters and Science Commerce. Chemistry. Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering —Petroleum Sigma Nu; Winged —Political Science —Political Science —Advertising —Botany —Mechanical Engineering Helmet; Skull and Pi Sigma Alpha; Transfer from Scripps Del Rey; Phi Phi ; Honor Student, Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Honor Keys ; Tri-Une; Rugby ; Honor Student; College; Pi Beta Phi ; Alpha Delta Sigma: R.O.T.C. American Society of Student, Advisory Rugby Ciub, president. Grizzly. Motar Board; Pry- Baseball (1) ; Daily Mechanical Engineers. Board ; American In- tanean; Pelican (3) ; Californian (1) (2) stitute of Mining and Women ' s Rally Com- (3) , manager (4). Metallurgical mittee (3) , chairman Engineers; Mining (4 ) ; Counseling ; Y.W. Association. C.A., Cabinet. • , ELEANOR GEORGE HARRIET JAMES H ORACE DAVID JOHN ROBERT RUTH LOUISE WAYNE HELMAN KENNETH RAYMOND GREEN ERNEST LOWELL LUCILE G RAUPN ER GRAY GRAY GRAY GREELEY Oakland GREEN GREEN GREEN San Francisco El Modena Berkeley Berkeley Garvey Letters and Science Oakland Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Physical Education, Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science —English —Civil Engineering Science —H istory Hygiene —Zoology —Civil Engineering —Bacteriology Transfer from the Transfer from Santa Chi Omega ' 09; Honor Basketball (1) ; Ice Transfer from Circle " C " Society; Alpha Phi Alpha; Theta Delta Chi. Honor Student ; University of Mary- Ana Junior College; Student; Faculty Hockey Manager (4) . Pasadena Junior Sigma Alpha; Basket- Football (1) (2) Masonic Club. land ; Kappa Kappa American Society of Advisory Committee; College; Baseball. ball ; Physical Educa- (3) (4). Gamma; Class Civil Engineers. Crop and Saddle. tion Majors ' Club. Committees. JESSICA GERALD DOROTHY JOHN RICHARD GRIBBON WILLIAM JANE KENNETH AUSTIN Glendale GRIFFITH GRILL G R I MASON GRINNELL Letters and Science Bakersfield North Hollywood San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Chemistry Chemistry Transfer from Glendale —Botany —Economics Chi Pi Sigma. Bowles Hall. Junior College; Sigma Transfer from Transfer from Sigma Pi; Newman Bakersfield Junior U.C.L.A.; Club. College. International House; Women ' s Activity Council. FORREST ALLEN PHYLLIS ALYSS ROBERT MYRON ELMER GREENLEE LOU ISE WARE GREENBERG GREEN DALE Oakland GREER GREIG Stockton Richmond Letters and Science Pasadena Los Angeles Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory of Art Letters and Science Letters and Science —Public Speaking International House; —Chemistry. Kappa Kappa Gamma. —Physical Education, Hygiene Zeta Psi ; Winged Hel- Deputations Commit- Transfer from met; Big " C " Society; tee: Reader ' s Club. U.C.L.A.; Beta Beta; Skull and Housing Board. Keys; Basketball Manager (4). White ties and orchids make up the ultra-formal attire at the Junior Prom. BENNIE AUDREY LEONARD BRUCE L ILLIAN ELOISE HUGH PETER ERNEST LOUIS I RENE AB URN A. M. ETHEL SYLVAN J. E. WOODROW G RON DO NA GROSS GROSS GROVER GUNNELL GUYNN HAAS HAAS HADLEY French Camp S acramento Oakland Port Chicago Glenda le San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Engineering Letters and Science Commerce Mining Letters and Science Economics. Letters and Science Let ters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Kappa Nu; Basketball —Petroleums Engineering —Economics Little Theatre ; —General Curriculum Transfer from Fresno Bowles Hall ; Golden International House, Masonic Club. American Society of Sacramento Junior (1) ; Intramural American Society of Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. State College. Bear; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Mechanical Engineers. College. Sports. Mechanical Engineers ; Welfare Council ; Mining Association. Housing Board ; Rally Committee (2) ; Tennis (1) ; Senior Men ' s Banquet, chairman. FRED JAMES CATHERINE SARA RUTH LEORA WILLIAM MARGARET ZE ' EV JOHN LOUIS WH ITELAW MARY JEAN HAIL MORRELL AN NE HALPER I N ALLEN JR. HAGGARD HAGGERTY HAHN San Francisco HALE HALL Tel-Aviv, Palestine HAM Huntington Park Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Berkeley Oakland Agriculture Arcata Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory Commerce Letters and Science —Fruit Products Commerce —Mechanical —Economics Science —G erma Transfer from Sass —Economics —Political Science H Mel Foundation. Welfare Council ; Engineering Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; American Society of Scabbard and Blade; Quarterdeck ; Daily Californian (1) (2). International House; University Chorus; Newman Club. German Club. Francisco Junior College; Grizzly. Kappa Sigma; Skull and Keys ; Tri - Une ; Track. Pi Beta Phi. Housing Board ; Commerce Association; Progressive Students Forum. Mechanical Engineers. HOWARD ROBERT ADELLON ANNA DONALD FRED VIRGIN IA DONALD MARGUARD H. FRANCK MARY J. KEESE ANCIL HANSEN HANSEN HANSON HARB I NSOK HARDING HARDING HARDISON HARELSON Alameda San Francisco Berkeley Sacramento Sacramento Bakersfield Fillmore Sacramento Engineering Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture —Electrical —Bacteriology —Electrical —Public Health —Criminology —Zoology —Spanish —Poultry Husbandry Engineering Phi Kappa Tau. Engineering Nursing Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Transfer from Uni- Transfer from Davis. Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Transfer from Fresno Transfer from mento Junior College; Bakersfield Junior versity of Maine; Blue American Institute of State College; Scab- Sacramento Junior Alpha Delta Phi; College. and Gold (2); Treble Electrical Engineers; bard and Blade; Foot- College; Public Intramural Manager Clef (2); Counseling Institute of Radio ball (2)(3); Track Health Forum. (4); Crime Forum; (2)(3); Class Engineers. (2) (3); Rifle Team Criminology Club. Committees. (3); Masonic Club. DENHAM ELISE NANCY JANET BENTON WALTER FLORENCE MASATO HARMAN GREENFIELD ELIZABETH CLARE HARVEY, JR. L. TERUKO MATTHEW Oakland HART HARTTER HARTZELL Oakland HARWOOD HASEGAWA HASEGAWA Chemistry San Mateo San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Yorba Linda Santa Rosa Berkeley Alpha Chi Sigma; Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —General Curriculum Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Honor Student. —Geography —History —H istory Delta Chi; Phi Phi; Transfer from —English —Biochemistry Delta Delta Delta. Alpha Xi Delta; Delta Delta Delta. Phi Epsilon Chi; Daily ton Junior College; Transfer from Santa Transfer from San Personnel; Deputa- tions Committee. Californian (1); Junior Day, chairman; Commerce Association, secretary. Rosa Junior College; Sigma Sigma Pi. Mateo Junior College. Vigilante; Sophomore Hop, chairman. BETTE WYNNE HARLOWE Oakland Letters and Science —H istory Alpha Omicron Pi; Pan-Hellenic Council; Intramural Sports. oMry H seti 0TO t on Letters and Science Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. ROBERT ELIZABETH JACK BARBARA CHARLES S. HAMILTON PHILIP HAMMOND BURTON HAMBLEY San Francisco HAMMIL, JR. San Francisco HAMMOND Merced Letters and Science Watsonvi Ile Letters and Science Montrose, Colorado Letters and Science —General Curriculum Engineering —Bacteriology Letters and Science —Public Speaking Kappa Kappa Gamma; —Mechanical Alpha Gamma Delta; —Music Chi Pi Sigma; Little Torch and Shield, Engineering Hammer and Coffin; Transfer from Western Theatre; Deputations president; Y.W.C.A. Phi Kappa Tau; Pelican; Counseling; State Teachers Col- Committee; Radio (1) (2), Cabinet (3) American Society of Elections Committee. lege; Alpha Mu; Commission; Thalian. (4); Intramural Mechanical Engineers. Baton; Music Council; Sports; Ace of Clubs. A.S.U.C. Band; Symphony Orchestra; University Chorus. FRANK ELISABETH RUTH ABRAHAM HELEN PERSH ING A. HANEY LOUIS PORTER HAMPTON HAND Stockton HAN KIN HANSEN Pasadena San Francisco Letters and Science Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science —Public Speaking Letters and Science Letters and Science —Geology. —Political Science. Transfer from Stockton —Political Science —H istory Junior College; Baton; Music Transfer from Marin Philorthian. Council; A.S.U.C. Junior College; Sigma Band. Sigma Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. Cal Band invades downtown Los Angeles prior to U.C.L.A. game. JAMES KENNETH PHILLIP H I DEKAZU WAYNE JEFFERSON ALLEN HAWGOOD HAYASH I C. HATCH HAUKOM Pasadena. San Francisco HAZEN Vallejo Santa Ana Engineering Commerce Delamar, Nevada Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mechanical —Foreign Trade Chemistry —Botany —Economics Engineering Transfer from San Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Tau Delta. Transfer from the Phi Delta Theta. Francisco Junior Phi; Sigma Xi; Hous- University of Minne- sota; Delta Phi College. ing Board ; Labor Board ; Interfraternity Epsilon; Alpha Phi Council, president. Omega; Honor Student; Student Workers ' Federation. EVELYN KATHERINE WILLIAM DONALD MARIAN CLAIRE MARGARET THOMAS HECK DuLOMPRE H EALD HEALY HEARNE, IV. Berkeley H ECKSCH ER Alameda Oakland Oakland Engineering San Ansel= Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —Electrical Letters and Science —Psychology —General Curriculum —Accounting. Engineering —History Transfer from Pomona International House; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Kappa Alpha Theta. College ; Honor Honor Student; Daily Scabbard and Blade; Student; Treble Clef; Californian American Institute of Dormitory Council ; (1) (2) (3). Electrical Engineers; Y.W.C.A. Institute of Radio Engineers. Autograph hounds trail Ray Noble at an Assembly Dance. ELEANOR ROBERT ELIZABETH CHARLES ALICE MARGARET ANNE JOSEPH LOUISE JANE HEERS HEFFNER PHILIP LORRAINE ANN P. PUTNAM GRACE HEDGES Corona Orinda HEINRICH HELFREC HT H EM EN WAY HENCK HENCK HENDR ICKS Palo Alto Milling Letters and Science Twin Falls, Idaho Oakland Winters Skyforest Skyforest Berkeley Letters and Science Transfer from River- —Dramatic Literature Letters and Science Letters and Somme Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science ---Economics side Junior Col lege; Little Theatre; Class —Botany —Public Health —H istory —Economics —Civil Engineering —History Transfer from Mills Tau Beta Pi; Mining Committees. Transfer from California Engineer. Alpha Gamma Delta; Delta Delta Delta ; Alpha Tau Omega; Phrateres; W.A.A.; College ; Phrateres ; Masonic Club. Association. University of Idaho. Blue and Gold ; Peli- can; Elections Council ; Personnel; W.A.A., secretary (2) (3) ; Winged Helmet; Phi Phi ; Ski Team. Class Committees. Y.W.C.A.; Class U.C. Flying Club ; Committees. Class Committees. WALTER CLAIR ROWEN NA CARROLL ROBERT JAMES DONALD IRMA CLARENCE C. G. ARDELL IRVIN RICHARD JOSEPH GEORGE IRENE BLAKE HENN I NG HENRY HENRY HENWOOD, JR. HEPPERLE HERBERT HERON HETZLER HEWITT San Francisco Long Beach Burlingame Oakland Hillsborough Vallejo Oakland Escal on Vallejo Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Engineering Letters and Sci ence Commerce. Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —Civil Engineering —Economics —Mechanical —Political Science —Forestry —Decorative Art —Zoology Theta Chi. Transfer from Long Sigma Kappa; Engineering. Chi Phi; A.S. U.C. Boxing. Transfer from Modesto Theta Delta Chi ; Beach Junior College; Prytanean; Welfare Card Sales Junior College; Delta Housing Board ; American Society of Council ; Counseling Committee ; Chi Alpha; Guild of Pre-Medical Club. Civil Engineers; Personnel chairman I nterfraterni ty Applied Arts; American Road ers Association. (4) ; Women ' s Activity Council; Pan- Hellenic Council. Masonic Club. Council. CLI NTON CYRUS H !ESTER Berkeley Engineering —E lecti cal Engineering Football; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. ISABEL FRANCES HINCKLEY San Francisco Commerce Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Delta Gamma; Phi Chi Theta; Blue and Gold ; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. JEANNE MARIE HILL Berkeley Agriculture —Home Economics, Dietetics Delt a Sigma Theta; Counseling; Y.W.C.A.; International H ouse, associate member; Home Economics Club. JEWELL EVELYN HINDS Santa Rosa Letters and Science —Decorative Art Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. JOHN MORRISON H I LLARD Taft Mining —Petroleum Engineering Transfer from Taft Junior College; American Institute of Mining and Metal- lurgical Engineers ; Mining Association. LAURA MARY HINES San Jose Letters and Science —Political Science Little Theatre (1) (2) ; Housing Board ; W.A.A.; Intramural Sports; Student Rela- tions Committee; Class Committees. ROY LAN DEN H I LLYARD Reed ley Letters and Science —Geology Transfer from Reed ley Junior College; U.C. Geological Society. SUE ARDEN HINKLE Tahoe City Letters and Science —Greek Transfer from Stanford University. CH AR LEE N MARGARET HILTON Long Beach Letters and Science Transfer from Long Beach Junior College : Sigma Sigma Pi. SH I RLEY HINZ Hollister Letters and Science —H i story Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Sigma Pi: Little Theatre; Treble Clef ; Intramural Sports ; Y.W.C.A. AGD ' S make a pretty picture framed in the doorway of their living room. MUTOKO MONROE HENRY CAROL VIRGINIA CLYDE DOROTHY LLOYD BLANCHE ROSE JEROME ARTHUR EMOGENE HOARD SILAS DELFI NA NOEL ELIZABETH San Francisco H IRSCH HJERSMAN HOADLEY Oakland HOCKETT HOCKETT H ODGE H ODSD ON Commerce Berkeley Oakland Oakland Letters and Science San Jose Berkeley Tuolumne Berkeley Japanese Women ' s Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Decorative Art Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Student Club. —Optometry —Zoology —International Pi Alpha Sigma; —Electrical —Anthropology —Journalism Transfer from College Daily Californian. Relations Counseling ; Advertis- Engineering Delta Delta Delta. Alpha Alpha. Transfer from U.C. of the City of New International House. ing Service Bureau. Transfer from San L.A. ; Phrateres. York; Omega Delta. Jose State College ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MARGARET A. DOROTHY MARVIN GRETA AUDREY KATHERINE BETTY DON MOLETTE VIRGINIE LORETT RAY FRANCES LOU ISE ELLEN CHARLOTTE RICHARD HOFFMAN H DISH OLT HOLCOMB H OLLEN BEA K H OLLI GER H OLLINGSWORTH HOLMAN HOLMBERG H OLMES Pasadena Berkeley San Francisco P ittrille Berkeley Fullerton Berkeley Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Leiters and Science Commerce —Spanish Transfer from —Economics Kappa Alpha Theta; —Economics Transfer from San —Economics. —Music Transfer from San —Physical Education, Hygiene —Public Health Honor Student; —Decorative Art Delta Delta Delta; Commerce Association. Pasadena Junior Phi Beta Kappa; Mor- Francisco Junior Col- Francisco Junior Col- Transfer from Thal ian; Public Health Honor Student; College; Casa H ispana; tar Board ; Prytanean; lege; Phrateres; Y.W. lege; Sigma Sigma Pi; University of Wash- Forum ; Winter Sports Pelican; Women ' s Masonic Club. Torch and Shield; C.A.; W.A.A.; Treble Clef; University ington; Areta; Y.W. Club; Class Discussions. Executive Committee; Newman Club. Chorus ; Y.W.C.A.; C.A. ; W.A.A.; P.E. Committees. Women ' s Judicial Committee: Women ' s International House, associate member; Majors Club; Education Club. Representative. Music Club. Everything stops for tea at the Alpha Omicron Pi House. N ELL CLIFFORD DOROTHY JOHN HAROLD MARIE FILLMORE MARIAN CHI-CHONG LELAND HOLSTON HOLT HOLT HOLT HONN OLD, JR. Portervi I le Great Falls. Los Angeles Shaighai, China Berkeley Letters and Science Montana Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering —H istory Letters and Science —Geography —General Curriculum —Civil Engineering Transfer from Scripps —Geography Transfer from Chinese Students ' Abracadabra; College; Casa Transfer from San U.C.L.A. Club. American Society of H ispana. Francisco Junior Civil Engineers; College. Masonic Club. HARVEY EUGENE HOOK Oakland Chemistry. JAMES SELDEN THELMA WILLIAM BENJAMIN STEPHEN VIOLET CHARLES HOOPER HOGS HOOVER HOPPE Whittier Oakland Riverbank San Francisco Agriculture Commerce Letters and Science Commerce —Entomology —Accounting —Public Speaking. —Transportation Transfer from Scabbard and Blade; Transfer from San U.C.L.A.; Quarterdeck ; Francisco Junior Entomology Club. Honor Student. College ; Sigma Phi Sigma. DENN IS NEVILLE HORGAN Berkeley Commerce --Economics Chi Psi ; Proskopoi; Orientations Com- mittee; Rally Commit- tee (2) (3) ; Rugby (1). SABURO HORI Los Angeles Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Japanese Students ' Club. TATS HORI San Francisco Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College ; Japanese Students ' Club; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Student; American Society of Mechanical SHIRLEY G I LBERTS HORN BERG Richmond Commerce —Economics Phi Chi Theta; Counseling (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Discussions (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Masonic Club. EDWARD HENRY HORNER, JR. Arroyo Grande Commerce Transfer from Santa Maria Junior College; Glee Club. ROBERT PORTER HORNER Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Delta Phi Epsilon ; Glee Club ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Rally Committee; Tennis Manager (2) ; Brick Morse Collegians. BARBARA CANSTANCE HORSTMAN N Oakland Letters and Science —Political Science Golf ; Badminton ; Ice Skating ; W.A.A.; College Women ' s Club Juniors ; Masonic Club. RICHARD FELIX H 0 RTA Oakland Engineering —Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Chess Club. M ITSUO H OSAKA San Francisco Commerce —Finance Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Japanese Students ' Club Commerce Association. Engineers. YOSH 10 HAZEL WALTER CLARK EDWARD ROBERT ELLA SCOV IL TED HOTTA EMILY EGNER HOWAT WATSON E. MARGARET H UBBARD ROBERT Oakland HOUSTON HOWARD Berkeley HOWDEN HOWELL HOYT Pasadena HUBERT Commerce Byron Davis Letters and Science Berkeley Escondido Piedmont Commerce Glendale Students ' Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —Business Letters and Science Club. —Chemistry —Zoology Mask and Dagger; —Philosophy Transfer from Chaffey —H istory and Theory Administration —Economics Phrateres ; W.A.A.; Transfer from Davis; Little Theatre. Stiles Hall; Golden Junior College; Senior of Art Transfer from Pasa- Theta Xi; Winged Intramural Sports. Bowles Hall; Sigma Bear; Winged Helmet; Singings. Delta Gamma; Counsel- dena Junior College ; Helmet; Big " C " Pi; Wrestling ; Skiing ; Grizzly, editor (4) ; ing (1) (2) (3) ; Bowles Hall. Society; Skull and Winter Sports Club. Men ' s Judicial Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Keys; Tri-Une ; Committee, chairman; Sports ; Pan-Hellenic; Football. Debating; A.S.U.C. Class Committees. Peace Committee (2) (3). WILLIAM BETTY DOROTHY CLAIRE JOSEPH EDGAR STUART LINDLEY ALICE ELIZABETH LEON CHARLES HUNT HUNTER HURLEY H URST H URWITZ H UTCH I NSON JR. San Luis Obispo Burlingame Berkeley San Francisco San Diego Pasadena Engineering Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Electrical —Home Economics —Political Science —German. —Economics —Mathematics Engineering Transfer from San Honor Student; Transfer from San Transfer from Pasa- Track (1) ; American Jose State College; Masonic Club. Diego State College; dena Junior College. Institute of Electrical Home Economics Club. Phi Epsilon Chi ; Engineers. Housing Board (3) ; Men ' s Dorm itory Association, president; Senior Ball, chairman. TETSUO VIRGINIA STANLEY OLIVER IMAGAWA RAE ERNEST EUGENE Sacramento IMHOFF IN NES IRONS, JR. Letters and Science Long Beach Berkeley Berkeley —Economics. Letters and S cience Letters and Science Engineering —H i story —Chemistry. —Mechanical Alpha Delta Pi; Blue and Gold ; Treble Clef; Engineering A.S.U.C. Band ; Elections Committee ; American Society of Intramural Sports ; Mechanical Engineers; W.A.A. Wesley Foundation. CAROL TOYOTARO K. I KUTA IINO Nelson Oakland Agriculture Letters and Science —Agricultural —Psychology. Economics. HELEN IGLE HEART Spreckels Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Salinas Junior College ; Zeta Tau Alpha ; Prytanean; Theta Sigma Phi, president (4) ; Daily Californian (2) (3) ; Grizzly (4). EVELYN MARIE (GRAM San Jose Letters and Science —Public Speaking Transfer from Flint Junior College; Honor Student; Wesley Players. ALBERT JURO IIDA Berkeley Commerce Transfer from San Francisco Junior College ; Japanese Students ' Club. ISABEL JEAN IRWIN Davis Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Davis ; International House. RICHARD KOYA I SER I Colusa Commerce —Business Administration Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. JANE ISRAEL Manteca Commerce Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College; Delta Zeta ; Phi Chi Theta; Phrateres ; A.S.U.C. Social Committee ; Y.W.C.A. Science Science Basketball. RUSSELL CLAIR H UFFT Oakland Letters and —Political Intramural CHARLES KENNETH H U MPH REYS Berkeley Commerce —Accounting Del Rey ; Delta Phi Epsilon; Wheel and Torch ; Deputations Committee ; Orienta- tions; Senior Singings; Class Committees. RICHARD ALVA H UGG INS Modesto Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Modesto Junior College. HARVEY FREDERICK H UM PH REYS Yuba City Commerce —Economics Transfer from Yuba Junior College ; Honor Student; Football. GEORGE W. HUGHES Oakland Engineering —Aeronautics Rally Committee; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Masonic Club. WILLIAM H UN RICK Berkeley Commerce —Business Administration. CLIFFORD CLEVELAND HULL Stockton Engineering —Civil Engineering Bowles Hall. HAZEL JUAN ITA HUNT Ukiah Letters and Science —Psychology Transfer from Marin Junior College; Counseling ; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; International House, associate mem- ber; Psychology Society ; Student Health Forum. MILLARD RODNEY H UMPH REY Santa Maria Commerce —Accounting Transfer from Santa Maria Junior College ; Bowles Hall; Beta Gamma Sigma. MARCELLA VIRGINIA HUNT San Francisco Letters and Science —H istory Transfer from Domini- can College ; Alpha Omicron Pi; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A. Intramural Sports; Crop and Saddle. Aquatic Casino lures Junior Prommers at culmination of Junior Week-end. The leading KAT wins by a whisker. CH I KARA ITO Encinitas Commer ce —Foreign Trade Transfer from San Diego State College; Japanese Students ' Club. WAYNE WILLIAM I VAN COV I CH Hanford Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Fresno State College; American Society of Civil Engineers. ELEANOR WILSON I VEY Oakland Letters and Science Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau; Counseling; Y.W.C.A. EVELYN FRANCES JACOBS San Francisco Letters and Science —Zoology Honor Student; Depu- tations Committee; Honor Students ' Advisory Bureau. HARRY H. !WASH I G E Salinas Commerce —Business Administration Transfer from Salinas Junior College; International House. JAY JACOBS San Francisco Mining —Mining Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Mining Association. JAMES CLYDE JACK Glendora Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Citrus Junior College; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Crew ; Commerce Associa- tion; Winter Sports Club ; Class Committees. FRANCES AN N JACOBSEN San Francisco Letters and Science Alpha Xi Delta; Pelican (1) ; Blue and Gold (2) ; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. ROBERT SAMUEL ANSON CARSLEY JACKSON JACKSON Los Angeles Alameda Agriculture Letters and Science —Agricultural Economics Kappa Sigma. Bowies Hall ; Crew. STANLEY ABRAHAM I OA DONALD JOHN ARTHUR BRUCE MARY WILLIS WALTER BEN JACOBSON LIGGETT R. JOSEPH JA NG HELENA LEE JACOBSMEYER JACOBSON Oakland JAMES, JR. JAMES JAM POLOSKY San Francisco JENKINS JEN N IN GS Riverside Oakland Letters and Science Berkeley San Pedro Long Beach Letters and Science Berkeley Oceanside Agriculture Commerce —Economics Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science --Forestry —Accounting Phrateres. —Mechanical —Political Science —Optometry Transfer from San —Psychology —Zoology Transfer from Riverside Junior College; Transfer from San Francisco State Engineering Engineers Council ; Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College; Omega Delta, president. Francisco Junior College. Newman Club. Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Forestry Club; Class Committees. College; Beta Gamma Sigma. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Bachelordon ; Infra- fratern i ty Council. Honor Student. Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences; Society of Aeronautical Engineers; R.O.T.C. RALPH RUTH BARBARA ARTHUR BARBARA BARBARA CECILIA DOUGLAS JEAN SH ELDON VIOLET JESSUP HOAGLAN D ELEANOR ELISE LOU ISE MURDOCH ELLEN JENSEN JENSEN Altadena JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON Oak land San Francisco Letters and Science Fullerton Auburn Burlingame Berkeley Needles Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Science Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Health Baton ; A.S. U.C. Transfer from Scripps College; Delta Gamma; —Agricultural Economics Transfer from College —Economics Transfer from San —Pre-Medical, Zoology —Accounting Transfer from San —H istory Transfer from Band; Public Class Committees. Transfer from of the Pacific ; Alpha Mateo Junior Honor Student. Bernardino Junior Williams Junior Health Forum. Fullerton Junior Chi Omega; Class College; Sigma Kappa. College ; Beta Gamma College. College. Committees. Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi ; Masonic Club. LUCILLE MARY MELVIN MILDRED PHYLLIS AYER AN NA BROCKTON PEARL MURIEL JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON Berkeley Benicia San Francisco Ceres Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —Chemistry —Pre-Medical. —Economics —Decorative Art Y.W.C.A. (2) , Cabinet (3) (4). American Chemical Society; Dormitory Transfer from Wheaton College; Honor Delta Chi Alpha. Association; Class Student. Committees. ROBERT SAMMY TESSA J. HUISH JOHNSON MAE RICHARD JOHNSON Richmond JOHNSON JOHNSTON Berkeley Mining Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science —Petroleum Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science Engineering —Physical Education, —Journalism Transfer from San Circle " C " Society; Hygiene Golden Bear; Pi Francisco Junior Quarterdeck; W.A.A. Delta Epsilon; Daily College; Intramural Sports. Rifle Team. Californian, managing editor (4). LAWRENCE HARDING JOHNSTON Hollywood Letters and Science —Physics Transfer from Los Angeles City College ; Alpha Gamma Omega; Sigma Xi; Calvin Club. Formal sorority dinner proceeds in approved Emily Post style. MARTHA RICHARD CARL JAMES JOHNNIE JOSEPH LOIS MARGARET MILDRED JEFFERS DONALD ELLISON HARDY BERNARD SIMPSON I RENE JEAN JONES JOHNSTON JOHNSTON JONES JONES JONES JONES, JR. JONES JONES Oakland South Pasadena Alhambra Los Angeles Fillmore San Francisco Winton Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory —Decorative Art —Mechanical Transfer from —Political Science —Accounting —Economics —Spanish Transfer from San Alpha Delta Pi; Delta Engineering Glendale Junior Alpha Gamma Omega; Alpha Delta Sigma; Transfer from Modesto Phrateres; Alpha Chi Omega; Francisco State Chi Alpha; Pelican Football (1) ; Base- College. Calvin Club. Beta Alpha Psi. Junior College; Rifle Counseling; Honor Student; College: W.A.A. (1) ; Elections Com- mittee; Y.W.C.A.; ball (1) ; American Society of Mechanical Team ; Masonic Club. Masonic Club. Counseling ; Personnel ; Blue and Gold ; Intramural Sports. Engineers. Women ' s Judicial Committee; Intramural Sports ; Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. MILTON RALPH RALPH VIRGINIA VIVIAN GEORGE PHYLLIS TOSH I KO MARSHALL H. HAYES WARREN THERESA VERNA CHARLES KAHN KA KO THOMAS JONES, JR. JONES JONES JONES JORGENSEN JUNG San Francisco Alameda KAMENA San Pedro Berkeley Oakland Alameda Long Beach San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Oakland Engineering Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining —Economics —Decorative Art Letters and Science —Civil Engineering Bowles Hall. Science Masonic Club. —Landscape Design Delta Sigma Chi ; —English Sigma Sigma Pi; —Home Economics. —Petroleum Engineering Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Pi Phi Delta; Japanese Women ' s Student Club; Delta —M ilitary Science, History, Political Landscape- Design Personnel ; Bowles Hall ; Theta Y.W.C.A. Chi Alpha; Guild of Science Club, president. Newman Club. Tau; Phi Epsilon Chi; Applied Arts; Scabbard and Blade; Basketball ; Senior Women ' s Orchestra. Newman Club. Peace Committee. JAMES PHILLIP KEENE, JR. Los Altos Letters and Science —Economics Golden Bear; Honor Student; Senate; Student Body Presi- dent; A.S.U.C. Execu• tive Committee; Debating (2) (3) (4) Sproul ' Gold Medal (2) ; Little Theatre. VIRGIN IA JOAN KERCHUM Oakland Letters and. Science —H i story Hammer and Coffin; Daily Californian; Pelican. CLAYTON STEWART KELLAR San Francisco Commerce Chi Psi ; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Crew (1) ; Track Manager (2) ; Rally Committee (2) ; Class Committees. ROSE MARIA KERNER Berkeley Letters and Science —Decorative Art Kappa Kappa Gamma; Guild of Applied Arts; Counseling; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Class Committees. CLAY KELLEY, JR. Berkeley Commerce —Economics Baseball (1) (2) (3) (4); Football (1). WILLIAM JOHN KERR San Mateo Letters and Science Phi Kappa Tau ; A.S. U.C. Band. JOSEPH KEITH KELLOGG Downey Mining —Petroleum Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Publications Council; California Engineer; Engineers Council; Mining Association. FREDERICK ELWYN KIDDER Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science, International Relations Golden Bear; Delta Phi Epsilon; Congress; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Sudent; Men ' s Judicial Committee; Debating (1) ; Y.M. C.A. vice-president. DOUGLAS VANCE KELLY Berkeley Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Psi Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Foot- ball Manager (2) (3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CARTER WESLEY KILBORN Sacramento Commerce —Economics Transfer from Sacra. mento Junior College; Chi Psi ; Alpha Delta Sigma, vice-president; Hammer and Coffin ; Publications Council; Pelican (2) (3) , manager (4). JANE DANA KELTY . San Bernardino Letters and Science Science, English Kappa Delta; Pelican (1) (2) (3) ; California Engineer (3) ; Counseling; Deputations Committee. JOHN JORDAN KILKENNY San Francisco Engineering —Electrical Engineering Bowles Hall. CAROL JOAN KENNEDY Bakersfield Letters and Science —H i story Kappa Delta; Counsel- ing (2) (3) (4) ; Deputations Commit- tee (1) (2) (3) ; Newman Club, secre- tary; Class Committees. N AO KIN BA RA Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics. CATHERINE DEMARKE KING Walnut Creek Letters and Science Transfer from Ventura Junior College; Pi Phi Delta; Phrateres ; Honor Student, Counseling (4) ; Deputations Commit- tee (3) ; Dormitory Council. DORIS EVELI NE KING Alameda Letters and Science —H i story Welfare Council (4) ; Housing Board (3) (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3) ; Class Committees. FRED JOHN GEYER MARSH KENNEDY KENNEDY Los Angeles Stockton Letters and Science Commerce. —Economics. TAKEY UK I KATOW Los Angeles ROBERT KAST Fresno WALTER BRUCE KARN JOHN ALAN KAPSTE I N With style and a smile, the Alpha 0 ' s make gracious hostesses at a rush party. San Francisco Letters and Science Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics Engineering —Civil Engineering —Medical Science —H istory Transfer from Fresno Transfer from International House; Honor Student; Sigma State College; Phi U.C.L.A.; Japanese Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Pi. Beta Delta. Students ' Club. Honor Student. BE ROE NE KAWIN Berkeley Chemistry A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Assembly Dance Committee; Masonic Club; Class Committees. YOSHIMI MASAO KAWAG UCH I KAWATE Niles Penryn Letters and Science Letters and Science —English Science Transfer from San Transfer from Francisco Junior Sacramento Junior College. College. ROBERT T. KATTN ER Salinas Commerce Transfer from Salinas Junior College. LOIS JOHN LUCIE FRANCIS KEARNEY KEATING Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science Commerce —H istory —Economics Advertising Service Transfer from San Bureau. Francisco Junior College. ADOLPH FRANK HARRY RAYMOND GORHAM CHARLES E. FREDERICK MARJORIE EUGENE KNIGHT CHARLES LYNN BRACI(ETT FRANKLIN HOWARD KOENIG ISABELLE KNECHT Walnut Creek KN I G H T, JR. KNIGHT KNOWLES KNOWLTON KOCHER Watsonville KOENIG Concord Commerce Alameda Berkeley Piedmont San Francisco San Jose Letters and Science Oakland Commerce —Economics. Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Engineering —Economics Letters and Science —Transporation —Economics —General Curriculum. —Economics —Civil Engineering —Mechanical Transfer from Long —H istory Transfer from San Daily Californian Phi Gamma Delta; Transfer from San Engineering Beach Junior College. Transfer from San Jose State College. (1) (2) ; Glee Club Daily Californian; Francisco Junior Transfer from San Francisco Junior (2) (3) (4). Intramural Sports; College ; Bachelordon ; Jose State College. Class Committees. Wrestling. College. KENNETH ALBERT FRED ROBERT LENARD FUMIKO FLORENCE NEIL JOSEPH FRANKLIN MASAN OR I LINCOLN EDWIN E. KON DO ETHEL KEIICHI MAU RICE KOETITZ KOGA KOHLER KOLB KOMOR Berkeley KORB KOSASA KOSUPK I N Alameda Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles Shanghai, China Letters and Science Richmond Honolulu, Hawaii Los Angeles Chemistry Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering —Decorative Art Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Honor Student. —Mechanical —Electrical —Mechanical —Mechanical Japanese Women ' s —Spanish —General Business —Zoology. Engineering Engineering Engineering Engineering Student Club; Delta Beta Sigma Omicron ; Transfer from Transfer from Tau Beta Pi; Eta Bowles Hall ; American Transfer from Henry Chi Alpha; Guild of W.A.A. Sacramento Junior Sacramento Junior Kappa Nu; Pi Tau Pi Society of Mechanical Lester Institute of Applied Arts. College; International College; American Sigma, president; Engineers ; Newman Technology; Theta Xi; House; Japanese Society of American Institute of Club. Barrington Hall; Honor Students ' Club. Mechanical Engineers. Electrical Engineers, treasurer. Student; Senate; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Derby. wins her Sweetheart of Sigma Chi title at GEORGE KITAZAWA San Jose Agriculture Letters and Science —Forestry —Political Science. Jose State College. ANN D U RYEA K I RK San Francisco Transfer from San and the blue of her eyes " " The gold of her hair NATHAN ERIC KATHRYN V. JOSEPH JAMES CAMPBELL MAY HARLAN LEE KING K I NSEY, JR. KINYON K I OSTER UD SMITH Brea Manor Berkeley Berkeley K I RBY, JR. Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Commerce San Anselmo Speaking. —Social Theory —Home Economics. Delta Chi. Letters and Science Masonic Club. —Political Science Transfer from Marin Junior College; Sigma Nu; Intramural Sports. MARCUS CRANE KITC H EL Oakland Letters and Science —Political Science Track. WILLIAM FERDINAND KLEIMAN San Anselmo Agriculture —Forestry Transfer from Marin Junior College; Base- ball ; Intramural Sports; Forestry Club; Newman Club. MARJORIE RUTH KLINE Hollywood Letters and Science —Social Institutions Transfer from Cornell University; Interna- tional House; Honor Student; Counseling ; Y.W.C.A. ; Dormitory Association. VIRGINIA DOROTHY GEORGE VIRGINIA EMILE SHEILA MAY GERTRUDE ROGER LUCILE KYLE WALLACE I DA LUCIEN WILSON GLOR I NETTE LAI NE SYLVA IN KWIATT Woodland KYTE LAAKSO LABAD 1E, JR. LAFFERTY LAI Sacramento LALANNE San Francisco Letters and Science Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Oakland San Francisco Letters and Science San Francisco Agriculture —Economics Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —Dietetics Alpha Omicron Pi; —H istory —Economics —Geology —Household Art Transfer from San —Advertising. Transfer from Sari Little Theatre. ' Honor Student; Track Masonic Club. Transfer from San Theta Upsilon; Sigma Chinese Students ' Francisco Junior Francisco Junior College; W.A.A. ; (1) (2) (3) ; Deputa- tions Committee. Mateo Junior College; U.C. Geological Sigma Pi; Blue and Gold (2) ; Class Club. College. Home Economics Society ; Newman Club. Committees. Majors ' Club. ALDABERT RALPH JAMES DANIEL ROSEMARY TRUMAN SH I RLEY VICTOR AN ITA J. WILLIAM TAYLOR B. LANG HELOT E. JEAN LATAN N ER, JR. LOU ISE LANE LANE LANG LANGFORD Berkeley LAN I NG HAM, JR. LARSON Oakland LAUER MAN Campbell Berkeley San Bernardino Berkeley Letters and Science Madera Oakland Commerce San Francisco Agriculture Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture —Spanish Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science —Food Chemistry, Technology. —Mathematics Honor Student; Phi Sigma Kappa ; —Forestry. Prytanean ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Beaver —Entomology, Parasitology —H istory Prytanean ; Blue and Kappa Alpha; Alpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard —Social Institutions. Wesley Foundation. Golden Bear ; Winged Board ; Blue and Gold Transfer from Fresno Gold ; Personnel ; and Blade; Crew (1) ; Helmet; Big " C " Society; Phi Phi ; (2) (3) , associate editor (4) ; Women ' s State College; Alpha Phi Omega. Women ' s Orientations, Executive Board ; Y.W. Blue and Gold (2) (3). Alpha Delta Sigma; Judicial Committee C.A., Cabinet; A.S. Phi Epsilon Chi ; Advertising Service (3) , chairman (4) ; Women ' s Executive U.C. Social Comm tee ; Interchurch Bureau ; Football. Board. Council. VINA MARGARET ALFRED JEAN KENNETH ROBERTSON KRAMER BREUNIG M. FREDERICK KRAGER San Francisco KRECHTLER KRETSI NG ER KRETSI N GER Bodega Letters and Science Hollywood Los Gatos Los Gatos Letters and Science —H istory Mining Letters and Science Letters and Science Phi Mu. Engineering —Decorative Art —Zoology Phi Delta. Phi Kappa Sigma. Transfer from Oregon Rifle Team. State. ROBERT RUTH ANTHONY ELIZABETH KU HN K UNS Oakland Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —Zoology Speaking Honor Student. Wesley Foundation; Wesley Players, president; Masonic Club. Coffee and cigarettes follow the Prytanean Initiation Banquet. ABBIE SALEH JEAN ABDUL LOWELL AMIR KRIMMEL KUBBA El Segundo Baghdad, Iraq Letters and Science Letters and Science Speaking —Economics. Zeta Tau Alpha; Counseling (1). JAMES KUBO Sacramento Letters and Science —Physics, Optometry Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. DEAN WARNER LAW Woodside Letters and Science —English Chi Phi; International House; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (2) (3), editor (4). NORMAN P. LAVERTY San Jose Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Jose State College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. EUGENE LAUGENOUR, JR. Woodland Commerce —Finance Delta Upsilon; Glee Club (1) (2) (3), secretary (4); Brick Morse ' s Collegians (1) (2) (3)(4). DOROTHY JEAN LAWRENCE Berkeley Agriculture —Home Economics Casa Hispana; Honor Student; University Chorus; Student Advisory Bureau; Y.W.C.A.; Health Committee; W.A.A.; Home Economics Club. NORMA JEANETTE LAUPPE Sacramento Letters and Science —General Curriculum Pi Beta Phi; Little Theatre (1); Y.W. C.A. (1) (2)(3); Intramural Sports (1) (2)(3) (4); Ace of Clubs. JOHN ROSCOE LAWRENCE Alameda Commerce —Economics Blue and Gold. JANE LAURISTON San Francisco Letters and Science —H istory Kappa Alpha Theta; Deputations Commit- tee; Winter Sports Club. WHITNEY E. LAWRENCE Richmond Chemistry. BARBARA RITA WELLINGTON JEANNE LEACH LeBAILLY Piedmont Oakland Letters and Science Commerce —History —Insurance Delta Gamma; Transfer from Y.W.C.A.; University of Idaho; Class Committees. Phi Chi Theta; Crop and Saddle; Winter Sports Club; Newman Club. Kanpas greet their nuggets (?) at end of August two-week rush period. JAMES EUGENE LESLIE RICHARD HARLEY WELTA WALTER RALPH EDWIN ROSS Y. ARTHUR CHONG MARION MAE ARTHUR ALBERT LeCONEY LEE LEE LEE LEE LEETE, JR. LEH NERT LEICHTFUSS LEJON H U D Columbus, Ohio Oakland San Jose Lincoln Berkeley Nevada City San Francisco Orange San Diego Agriculture Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Engineering —Forestry Transfer from Ohio —Economics, Business —Zoology Transfer from San —Economics Pi Kappa Alpha; —Mechanical Engineering —English Phi Kappa Psi; • —Decorative Art. —Civil Engineering Transfer from —Civil Engineering Transfer from San State University; Administration Jose State College; Phi Phi. Chinese Students ' Skull and l Keys ; Fullerton Junior Diego State College; Sheridan Hall; Rally Committee International House; Club; American Beta Beta. College; American Society of Forestry Club. (1) (2). Chinese Students ' Society of Boclielordon; Civil Engineers. Club. Mechanical Engineers. Chi Epsilon. MELVIN MARJORIE JOAN LOIS BARBARA RAY EDWARD FRANK JACK PETER IRMA LEVIN MERLE ANN LEW SHELDON EDWARD F. LEPORI LeROY San Francisco LEVI NE LEVY Berkeley LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS Oakland Alameda Letters and Science Los Angeles Fresno Letters and Science Berkeley Pomona Whittier Commerce Letters and Science —Political Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Art. Chemistry Letters and Science Letters and Science —Insurance, Accounting —Public Speaking Alpha Omicron Pi; Debating (3) (4). —Economics Transfer from —Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi; Chi Pi Sigma. —Criminology Transfer from Pomona —Economics Delta Upsilon; Stiles Hall; Prytanean; Torch and U.C.L.A. Little Theatre. Junior College; Theta Winged Helmet; Boxing Manager (4). Shield; Hammer and Delta Chi; Intramural Tri-Une; Coffin; Pelican, fashion director; Women ' s Ac- tivity Council; Sopho- more Class Vice- Sports; Criminology Club; Class Committees. Football (3) (4). President. MARGARET EUGENIA FRANK LENORE JEAN ADDIE CHARLOTTE FRANK BARBARA BELLE CONANT THOMAS HELEN DOROTHEA MAE LUCILE PASQUALE RUTH L ITCH FIELD LIVINGSTON LLOYD LOCKARD LOFGREN LOGAN LOGAN LOMBARD I LONG San Francisco Paso Robles Long Beach Los Angeles Oakland Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Oakland Letters and Science Letter s and Science Mining Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science —Physical Education. —Decorative Art —Petroleum —Spanish —Economics —Spanish —H i story —Landscape Design. —Social Institutions Hygiene Phrateres; W.A.A. Alpha Chi Omega; Prytanean; Theta Sig- ma Phi; Delta Chi Al- pha; Blue and Gold Engineering Bowles Hall. Transfer from Los An- geles City College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Counseling; Masonic Club. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Sages and Dunces; Y.W.C.A. Areta; Epworth Club. Counseling; Deputa- tions Committee; Masonic Club. (2)(3); Deputations; Intramural Sports; Counseling, chairman W.A.A. (4); Women ' s Activity Council. JOHN ALICE VIRGINIA CARL MARY GORDON WALTER DAVID FUNSTON PLOEGER FRANCES ALICE FREDERICK JANE EDWARD CHANG GEE GREGORY LONGWELL LOPEZ LORIMER LOSCHENKOHL LOVE LOWE LUKE LUM LUM Oakland Modesto Oakland Porterville Waipahu, Oahu, Hercules Berk eley Fresno San Francisco Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Hawaii Mining Letters and Science Commerce Chemistry —Mechanical Engineering —Physical Education, Hygiene —Decorative Art Delta Chi Alpha; —Accounting Beta Alpha Psi; Letters and Science —Economics —Petroleum Engineering —Economics Transfer from San International House; Chinese Students ' Honor Student. Alpha Sigma Phi; Transfer from Modesto Masonic Club. Honor Students Transfer from Univer- Mining Association; Francisco Junior Club. Tau Beta Pi; Junior College; Nu Council; Men ' s sity of Hawaii; Sigma Masonic Club. College; Chinese Honor Student; Sigma Psi; W.A.A.; Orientations. Sigma Pi; California Students ' Club. American Society of Physical Education Grizzly; Newman Mechanical Engineers. Majors ' Club. Club. JONAH BARBARA HENRY JOAN NADINE G. MARIAN LI BCH ITZ ROLLESTON META LI LIBBEY Petaluma LIGHT LILLIS Los Angeles Oakland Letters and Science Burlingame San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science —Physiology Letters and Science Letters and Science —Medical Science —History Barrington Hall. —General Curriculum —English Pi Lambda Phi; Sigma Kappa; Prytan- Transfer from San Transfer from San Honor Student. ean; Pelican (1) Mateo Junior College; Francisco Junior President ' s Reception International House; College. Committee (4); Coun- seling; Guidance Com- mittee (3), chairman Honor Student; Dormitory Council. (4); Women ' s Activity Council; Newman Club. GORDON ALLAN EDWIN CARO MELVIN ALFRED JOHN CLARK WOLFRAM MAURICE LINDQUIST LINDSTROM LINSLEY LIPPMAN LIPSETT Shafter Hayward Redlands Berkeley Oakland Commerce Commerce Commerce Chemistry Letters and Science —Accounting —Economics —Accounting Sigma Xi; —Zoology Transfer from Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. Pi Mu Epsilon; Hammer and Coffin; Bakersfield Junior Phi Epsilon Chi; California Mathe- Pelican. College. Senate; matics Team (3) (4). Honor Student; Class Committees. Virginie looks up quizzically as the cameraman swings along the Prytanean banquet table. PATRICK J. McCARTHY Hanford Commerce — Advertising Bowles Hall; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Phi Epsilon Chi; Senate: Track; Deputations Committee; Class President (3; Pro- gressive Students Forum, president. LAEL ELIZABETH McCORMICK Napa Letters and Science — Decorative Art Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts; Honor Student, Coun- cil, Advisory Bureau; Women ' s Activity Council; Senior Singings. ELEANOR RUTH McCLEER Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Alpha Xi Delta; Daily Californian (1) (2); Vocational Guidance Committee; W.A.A.; Intramural Sports. ALFRED JACKSON McCOURTNEY Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science. tNNETH DESAIX McCLOSKEY Berkeley Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Chi Psi; Track; Cali- fornia Engineer; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JOHN ROBERT McCRARY Fort Jones Commerce —Accounting Glee Club (1) (2)(3) (4); Commerce Association (4); Newman Club. HELEN MARGARET McDAN IEL Oakland Commerce University Chorus; Commerce Association. LAWRENCE HARRY McCOLLUM Healdsburg Agriculture — Forestry Sigma Phi; Baseball (1)(2) (3) (4); Forestry Club. JAMES REID MacDONALD Berkeley Letters and Science — Paleontology Psi Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Theta Tau DOUGLAS DREW McCONNELL, JR. Berkeley Chemistry Chi Psi; Winged Helmet; Beta Beta; Skull and Keys; Crew (1); Football Man- ager (3). MAJEL LUCILLE McDONALD Sacramento Letters and Science —Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Orchesis. JOHN WALLACE McCON NELL Sacramento Letters and Science — Pre-Legal Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Phi Sigma Kappa; Beta Alpha Rho; Honor Student; Assembly Dance Committee; Stephens Union Mixer Dance Committee. ANNE ELEANOR McENTEE Lynn, Massachusetts Letters and Science — Psychology Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Psychology Society. ELMER WILLIAM McCORMICK Oakland Letters and Science —Physical Educatioh, Hygiene Sigma Alpha; Basket- ball; Physical Education Majors ' Club. MARILYN J. McFARLAND Oildale Letters and Science —French Prytanean; Honor Student; Blue and Gold; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Counseling; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee: Labor Board; Women ' s Activity Council. MAURICE ROBERT R. EARL McCLURE McCLURE Santa Maria Oakland Engineering Letters and Science —Civil Engineering —History Transfer from Santa Alpha Delta Sigma; Maria Junior College; Hammer and Coffin; American Society of Daily Californian; Civil Engineers. Pelican. BERNICE MARY McDONALD San Francisco Letters and Science —Decorative Art. EMILY CHARLOTTE LUMBARD Sacramento Letters and Science —English Phrateres; Honor Stu- dents ' Advisory Bureau (3); Counsel,. ing (2) (3); A.S.U.C. Reception Committee (4); Maison Fran- caise (4) ; Class Committees (4). MARY GWYN LYONS West Los Angeles Letters and Science —Economics Prytanean: Phrateres (1) (2)(3), presi- dent (4); Counseling (1)(2); Executive Board (3); Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3)(4); Dormitory Associati on; Committees. CARL FREDRICK LUTH, JR. Duluth, Minnesota Commerce —Economics Theta Delta Chi; Circle " C " Society; Ice Hockey (2) (3) (4). MARYLY LYONS Lodi Agriculture —Plant Pathology Transfer from College of the Pacific. LESTER ALFRED LUZ Oakland Letters and Science —Zoology Theta Delta Chi; Sen- ate; Deputations Committee; Student Health Committee; Medical Club; Newman Club; Class Committees. GERALD EUGENE LYVERE Inglewood Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U.C.L.A.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DELLA MAE LYLE San Bernardino Letters and Science Transfer from San Bernardino Junior College; Phrateres; Masonic Club. MARY MARGARET McALLISTER San Francisco Letters and Science —Art Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege; Sigma Sigma Pi; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. JAMES JACI SON LYNCH Berkeley Commerce —Economics Quarterdeck; Track; Rugby; Elections Committee ; Rally Committee; Loan Fund Dance Commit- tee; Masonic Club. ROBERT GORDON McARTHUR, JR. Oakland Letters and Science Alpha Tau Omega. Skull and Keys initiation features Sather Gate street dance. se it E RED RUTH MacMASTER Burlingame JAMES WILLIAM McLEAN Miami, Arizona ROBERT FRANK McKEE Oakland Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade ; California Cannoneers ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Masonic Club. BAYARD D ' NEAN MacM ICHAEL Seattle, Washington Letters and Science —Political Science Abracadabra; Congress ; Housing Board ; Glee Club; University Chorus; Deputations Committee; Rally Committee: Winter Sports Club. JEAN NATALIE MacKENZIE Oakland Letters and Science —Economics Prytanean ; Welfare Council (3) (4) ; California Club; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet (2) (3) (4). MARJORIE JANE MacM ILLAN Los Angeles Letters and Science —Geography Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Gamma Phi Beta; A.S.U.C. Recep- tion Committee (3) ; Radio Commission (3) ; Dormitory Coun- ci I (3) ; Amateur Radio Club. Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science —French —Medical Science —Optometry —Electrical —H i story Areta; Counseling ; Honor Student. Omega Delta ; A.S. Engineering Transfer from San Maison Francaise : U.C. Band. Chi Pi Sigma; Mateo Junior College. I nterchurch Council. American Institute of Electrical Engineers ; Masonic Club. DOROTHY MARION MARY OSCAR FLORENCE ELLEN MUIR ELIZABETH MAD FES MIGNON NE McPEAK McVEIGH McVITTIE Oakland MAGGENTI Modesto Spokane, Richmond Letters and Science Berkeley Letters and Science Washington Letters and Science —Optometry Letters and Science —General Curriculum Letters and Science Little Theatre (1) —Political Science Phrateres ; Counseling ; A.S.U.C. Hostess Committee; A.S.U.C. —English Transfer from University of Little Theatre (1) (2) ; Orientations (3), Executive (2) ; Basketball (1). Phi Mu; Grizzly (1), women ' s manager (2), Editorial Board (3) ; Daily Teas, chairman Idaho ; Areta. Board (4). A.S.U.C. Card Sales (3). Committee (3) (4) ; Intramural Sports (3) ; Class Committees. MARON CHARLES JACK JEAN NETTE LEONARD HARRY MACKIE McK I NN EY MACKLER Berkeley Visalia Berkeley JOHN MacKENZIE San Francisco Commerce —Business Administration Delta Upsilon; Circle " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Rugby (2) (3) (4) ; Football (3) (4) ; Track (1) ; U.C. Rugby Club. HAROLD VERNON MACKEY Hanford ' Letters and Science —Chemistry Bowles Hall ; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Student; Track (1) . ARTHUR WALTER McMU RRY Yreka Commerce Pi Kappa Phi ; Circle " C " Society; Skiing ; Winter Sports Club. WILLIAM HAROLD McNEELY Pomona Chemistry —Chemical Engineering Transfer from Chaffey Junior College. BOYD McG INN Long Beach Letters and Science —Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Crew (1). MARY ELIZABETH Mcl NTOSH Oakland Letters and Science —Art Pi Alpha Sigma ; Delta Chi Alpha; Advertising Service Bureau. OLIVE LEA McG I NNESS Sacramento Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College ; Sigma Kappa; Adver - tising Service Bureau ; Counseling. LOREN A. McINTYRE Seattle, Washington Letters and Science —Latin American Culture Track (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Cross Country (1) (2) (3) ; Rifle Team. SUSAN McG NTY Terrell, Texas Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Uni- versity of Oklahoma; Kappa Kappa Gamma; International House. STANLEY GEORGE McINTYRE San Francisco Letters and Science —Economics Sheridan Hall ; Rugby; Orientations Commit- tee; Deputations ; Rally Committee; De- bating ; Intramural Sports; U.C. Life Sav- ing Corps, president; Rugby Club, DONALD DEA McG I RK Stockton Letters and Science —Geology Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Phi ; U.C. Geological Society. HELENA PEARSALL M ac Madera K AL L Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Marin Junior College; Alpha Omicron Pi; Blue and Gold ; Intramural Sports. JEAN LOUISE McHEN RY Oakland Letters and Science —General Curriculum Kappa Kappa Gamma : Prytanean; Torch and Shield; Beaver Board ; Senior Class V ice- President ; Women ' s Executive Board ; Cali- fornia Club ; Women ' s Rally Committee. ANNA LOUISE Mcl(AY San Pedro Letters and Science —Journalism Transfer from Compton Junior College; California Engineer. Skull and Keys chorus performs before appreciative canine audience. JANET CHERRY MARTIN Oakland MARGERY M. MARTEN San Jose SANFORD ALBERT MARCUS San Francisco Letters and Science —Zoology Housing Board; A.S. U.C. Band ; Golf (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Debat- ing; Dormitory Council; Pre-Medical Society; Orientations; Senior Song, composer. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS MASON San Francisco Letters and Science —Music Masonic Club. BARBARA JANE MARKS La Crescenta Letters and Science —Art Transfer from Glendale Junior College. MARION ADD ISON MASON Los Angeles Engineering —Electrical Engineering Barrington Hall ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers; Flying Club; Radio Club; Sailing Club. JEAN NE GLADYS MARLOW San Francisco Letters and Science Bacteriology. REYNOLD MASTERS Los Angeles Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; A.S. U.C. Band ; U.C. Life Saving Corps. GEORGE EUGENE MARONEY Modesto Letters and Science —Optometry Transfer from Modesto Junior Colleg(; Omega Delta; Symphony Orchestra. EUGENE MAST Mountain View Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. CATHERINE ANN MARSH Placerville Letters and Science —Public Speaking Kappa Phi ; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Players; Masonic Club. HENRY TADATERU MASUOKA Sebastopol Engineering —Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. NEIL ALBERT MARSHALL Berkeley Letters and Science —Physics Delta Rho; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Proskopoi ; Crew (2) (3). SAM UEL THEODORE MA RTN ER Pasadena Letters and Science —Geological Sciences Transfer from Fuller. ton Junior College; Theta Tau ; Honor Student; U.C. Geological Society, vice-president. JEANNETTE EDYTHE MATH I ESEN Turlock Letters and Science Alpha Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi ; Honor Student; Daily Cali- fornian (2) ; Deputa- tions Committee (1) (2) ; Student Aids Committee. WILLIAM STANLEY LLOYD GINNARD MAURICE LAWRENCE MATERSE MATHER MATHEWS San Francisco San Diego San Luis Obispo Commerce Agriculture Chemistry. —Business —Plant Pathology Administration Transfer from San Commerce Club. State College. Letters and Science Letters and Science Science —Music. Transfer from U.C.L.A. ; Alpha Phi. M. PHYLLIS CHARLES CHARLES FLORENCE CAROLYN FAY EDWARD MILTON R. MAG ILL MAHON MAIN PR ICE MAKER MALI K Vallejo Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Chemistry Letters and Science —French —Decorative Art —Economics. Chi Pi Sigma; Scab- Public Pi Beta Phi ; Alpha Phi ; Guild of bard and Blade; Honor Speaking Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports. of Applied Arts, president; Counseling Students ' Council (3) ; California Cannoneers ; Transfer from College of the Pacific; Treble (3) (4) ; Y.W.C.A. American Chemical Clef; Masonic Club. Society; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. PAUL JEAN CARL ROBERT DAISY ARTHUR VERN ELLE El LERTZ McEVOY MARCHANT MALLARD MALLARY MALMGREN MANLY Berkeley Alameda Oakland Greenville Altadena Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Mining Commerce —French —Chemistry —Social Theory. Mining Association. —Business Maison Francaise. Administration Chi Pi Sigma; Swimming (1) ; Water Polo (1) ; Masonic Club. Y.M.C.A. ; Newman Club, Junior Class presents " Twentieth Century " as Junior Farce, to start off Junior Week-end. MARGARET ELIZABETH MAUL Placerville Letters and Science —History Transfer from Denison University. DAVID PURCELL MEALIFFE Weed Commerce —Advertising Theta Chi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma. DAVID B. MECORNEY Berkeley Letters and Science — Education, English Basketball. NANCY LEE MEISTER Sacramento Letters and Science —History Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican; Intramural Sports; Y.W.C.A. MARGARET THORA MELH US Hollister Letters and Science —English Transfer from Hollister Junior College; Treble Clef. ROBERT BRUCE MAYHUGH Tustin Commerce —Foreign Trade Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Phi Epsilon, president; Honor Student; A.S.U.C. Band (2)(3). RAYMOND MELLANA Oakland Letters and Science Baseball (1). GEORGE SCHAFER MAZE Oakland Letters and Science — Political Science Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Little Theatre; International House, associate mem- ber; Radio Commission. ARNOLD J. MELLON Hollywood Letters and Science — Political Science Tau Delta Phi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (2)(3), manager (4); Rally Committee. HARRY EUGENE MEADE Piedmont Commerce —Accounting Beta Alpha Psi. FRANK JAMES MENDES Oakland Letters and Science —Chemistry Chi Pi Sigma; Rally Committee; Big " C " Guard; Class Committees. THOMAS RICHARD MEAGHER Oakland Letters and Science — Medical Science Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Honor Student. RICHARD HENRY MENKEN Oakland Letters and Science — Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon. HELEN ANN MEALEY Oakland Letters and Science —History. HOPE MERRALL Berkeley Letters and Science —Decorative Art Pi Beta Phi; Delta Chi Alpha, president; Counseling; Y.W.C.A., Cabinet; Class Committees. RANGES EDGAh WESLEY MARY ORIS MAYDER MAUTZ MAY Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Engineering Letters and Science Engineering —Electrical — Journalism —Civil Engineering. Engineering. Alpha Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Californian (1)(2); W.A.A.; Esperam. GEORGE KEN ICH I YOSHIO GEORGE DOROTHY MASARU MATSUOKA MATSUOKA MATSUYAMA LOUISE MATSUMOTO Torrance San Francisco Fresno MATTE! San Francisco Engineering Letters and Science Chemistry Petaluma Letters and Science —Electrical —Economics. —Chemical Letters and Science —Zoology Engineering Engineering —History Transfer from San Transfer from U.C. Transfer from Fresno Sigma Kappa Alpha; Francisco State L.A.; American State College; Honor Honor Student; Blue College; Japanese Institute of Electrical Student. and Gold (2); Students ' Club; Engineers. Newman Club. Pre-Medical Club. RONALD GEORGE JOHN MASSIMINA DOROTHY MATTHEW CONOLY RICHARD ROSALIE JEAN Berkeley MATTHEWS, JR. MATTHEWS MATTI UZZO MATTOON Letters and Science Pasadena Santa Ana Fort Bragg Pasadena —Economics Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Alpha Delta Phi; —Architecture —History —Italian —Political Science Boxing; Crew. Delta Sigma Chi; Housing Board; Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Circulo Italiano, president; Maison Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Architecture Associa- tion; Masonic Club. Masonic Club. Francaise. Delta Gamma; Torch and Shield; Intramural Sports; Ace of Clubs; Class Committees. Pre-Stanford game rally features vocalist Wanda Porter and Treble Clef song stylists. What the well-dressed Moragan is wearing these days. LEA ROBERT EUGENE LAWRENCE OLE WARREN EUGENE WESLEY VINCENT RUBEN M ERR I LL, JR. MERR I N METCALF METCALF METTLER Berkeley Oakland Sacramento San Francisco Lodi Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture —Medical Science —Economics —Political Science —Economics —Agricultural Glee Club; Transfer from San Transfer from Sacra- Sigma Chi ; Phi Phi ; Economics Medical Society. Francisco Junior mento Junior College; Tennis Manager (2) Sigma Phi Sigma. College; Masonic Club. Kappa Sigma. (3) ; Class Committees. ELSIE ETHEL RONALD YALE R. ELIZABETH LEW MEYER MEYER MEYER MEYER San Leandro San Francisco Burl ingame Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —English, Dramatic —Mathematics. —Bacteriology. —Economics Literature Quarterdeck; U.C. Transfer from College Life Saving Corps. of the Pacific; Honor Student. GRANT WILLIAM METZGER Berkeley Mining Engineering Theta Tau ; Wrestling ; Engineers Council ; Mining Association; Rifle Team. HERBERT WHIPPLE MICHAEL Oak knd Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Big " C " Society; Tri-Une; Track (2) (3) (4) ; Y.M.C.A. MARTHA GERALD I NE M ICHAELSON Madera Commerce Transfer from Fresno State College; Inter- national House; Theta Delta Chi ; Sigma Sigma Pi; Deputa- tions Committee. KENNETH WILLIAM SEICH I N I LES BICKFORD MARTIN HENRY OLSEN M ICK ELWA IT M I D DLETO N MIKAMI M I LEAR, JR. San Francisco Tulare Fresno Oakland Bowles Hall ; Blue Engineering Letters and Science Commerce and Gold (2) ; Tennis —Mechanical —Economics Manager (2) (3) ; Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Class American Society of Pi Delta Epsilon ; Committees. Mechanical Engineers. Daily Californian (1) (2) (3) ; Rally Committee (2). MARY ELIZABETH M I LLARD Long Beach Letters and Science —French Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Pi Delta Phi ; Pi Lambda Theta ; Inter- national House, associate member; Maison Francai5e. BARBARA JEAN M I NAH EN Stockton Letters and Science —Psychology. CHARLES G. MILLER Tulare Letters and Science —Physics Transfer from Fresno State College; Chi Pi Sigma; Sigma Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Discussions; Students Advisory Bureau ; Chemistry Club. ARTHUR WILLIAM MINER San Francisco Engineering —Civil Engineering. HAROLD MILLER Richmond Commerce —Economics. CLIFFORD WILLIAM MITCHELL San Francisco Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco State Teachers College: Track ; Swimming; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. IAN RUTH RICHARD JAMES VIRGIL ROBERT WILLIAM ELLEN HARROLD MOLLISON G. RUSSELL MILLER MILLER MILLIGAN MILLS MILLS M I LLSAP Arbroath, Scotland Oakland Piedmont San Diego Santa Ana Woodland Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —General Curriculum —Business —International —Music —Physics Transfer from Golden Alpha Delta Pi: Administration Relations Transfer from San Honor Student; Track Gate Junior College; Phrateres Council; Zeta Psi. Transfer from Stanford ; Bernardino Junior (2) (3) (4) ; Baseball International House; Intramural Sports; Sigma Nu; Honor College ; Baton; A.S. (1) ; International Beta Alpha Psi ; Honor Masonic Club; Class Student. U.C. Band ; House, associate Student; Spanish Club. Committees. Masonic Club. member. LOUIS FRAN K MOOSE Burlingame Engineering —Electrical Engineering from San Mateo Junior College; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor American of Electrical Engineers. ELIZABETH ANN MO RABE Sutter Creek Letters and Science —H i story Alpha Delta Pi; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre; Coun- seling, manager (4) ; Personnel ; Elections Committee; Y.W.C.A. Class Committees. URSULA LOUISE MOONEY San Francisco Letters and Science Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Pi Phi Delta. MARION CUMMINGS MORCOM Oakland Letters and Science Speaking Phi Beta Kappa; Daily Californian (1) ; Counseling (2) (3) ; Deputations Commit- tee (2) ; College Women ' s Club Juniors (2) (3) (4) ; Reader ' s Club. ARTHUR J. MOORE Oakland Letters and Science Soccer. ROSE MIYO MOREY Los Angeles Letters and Science —Psychology Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Japanese Women ' s Student Club. ELIZABETH HARTLEY MOORE Piedmont Letters and Science —International Relations Alpha Omicron Pi; Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Beaver Board ; Blue and Gold (2) (3) , associate man- ager (4) ; Women ' s Activity Council. DUDLEY WALES MORGAN Oakland Commerce —Domestic Trade Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society ; Beta Beta ; Skull and Keys; Tri-Une ; Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Senior Peace Committee. SHIRO MORI Los Angeles Agriculture —Soil Science Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Soil Science Club. PHYLLIS ROSELYN MOORE San Francisco Letters and Science Speaking Transfer from San Francisco State; Inter- national House; Pry- tanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Hammer and D homer; Little Theatre (2) (3) , women ' s manager (4). CLAIRE VIRGINIA MORRIS Alameda Letters and Science —H istory of Art Delta Gamma; Adver- tising Service Bureau (4) ; Pelican (1) ; Intramural Sports (1) (2) (3) ; Class Committees. MARGARET MOORHEAD Piedmont Letters and Science —French Pi Beta Phi ; Mortar Board, president; : Prytanean; Pi Alpha Sigma; Torch and Shield; Litlle Theatre; Pan-hellenic president; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) (3). DOROTHY FRANCES MORRIS El Cerrito Letters and Science —Economics. JOHN LOYD FRANCIS FRANKLIN MOORE MOORE, JR. Piedmont Richmond Commerce Letters and Science —H i story. Theta Chi ; Thalian ; Class Committees. BOB HAMILTON MOR R IN Alameda Chemistry. VIRGINIA ROBERT MONTGOMERY E. Santa Rosa MOOCI( Letters and Science San Francisco —English Letters and Science Transfer from Santa Rosa Junior College. Alpha Tau Omega; Football (3) (4) ; Baseball (1) ; Gym Team Manager (4). ELIZABETH GRANT MAY GLADYS JANE A. M IWA RUTH MITCHELL MITCHELL Sacramento MOEN Denver, Colorado Lodi Letters and Science Oakland Letters and Science Agriculture —Economics Letters and Science —English —Forestry. Transfer from Sacra- —French Transfer from mento Junior College ; Phrateres. University of Colorado; Japanese Women ' s Delta Delta Delta ; Student Club. International House. RALPH ROBERT GEORGE MELECIO CHARLES LIEU RANCE M ON H EIT JUAN MOFFITT M 0 H LE Oakland MONTESCLAROS Fresno San Pedro Letters and Science San Francisco Commerce Letters and Science —Geological Sciences Chem istry —Economics —Economics U.C. Geological Honor Student. Bowles Hall ; Alpha Transfer from Compton Society; Delta Sigma. Junior College. Masonic Club, EDWARD ADAM M 0 FFATT San Francisco Letters and Science —General Curriculum Delta Upsilon; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Intramural Manager (3). JOHN McVEY MONTGOMERY, JR. Berkeley Commerce —Economics Alpha Phi Omega; Y.M.C.A.; U.C. Life Saving Corps; Winter Sports Club. Skull and Key neophyte Dud Morgan has a good eye . . . basketball or women ? Senior Informal finds class of " 40 " enjoying itself at the St. Francis. MILTON HARDIN MARION GORDON JEAN WILLIAM KEITH MORROW KENNETH HARRIET MORRISON, JR. MORROW Richmond MORSE MORTENSEN Oakland Martinez Letters and Science Corona Fairfield Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —Music Pi Beta Phi ; Daily —General Curriculum —Zoology Alpha Sigma Phi. Theta Delta Chi ; Californian (1) (2) ; Transfer from Riverside Transfer from Davis; Senate; A.S.U.C. Advertising Service Junior College. Honor Student ; Depu- Band ; University Bureau (2) ; I ntra- tations Committee ; Symphony Orchestra. mural Sports; Y.W. W.A.A. C.A. (2) ; Winter Sports Club. ROBERT NANCY JEROME MIRIAM LLOYD NORCROSS MOSELEY L. MOSS L. MORTON Redlands MOSS Oakland MOUNTS Long Beach Letters and Science North Hollywood Letters and Science San Diego Engineering —Philosophy Letters and Science —Spanish Letters and Science —Civil Engineering Alpha Xi Delta; Daily —Social Theory Honor Student. —Architecture Transfer from Long Beach Junior College. Californian; Advertis- ing Service Bureau. Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Phi Beta Delta. Transfer from San Diego State College. CH EU K KIN MOY Shanghai, China Commerce —Accounting Chinese Students ' Club; Pi Alpha Phi ; Honor Student. OSCAR BRUCE MYERS, JR. Venice Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Kansas City Junior College; California Engineer; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. FREDERICK DOROTHY EVELYN EL FR I DA JACK WILLIAM WILLIAM DONALD FLETCHER ELIZABETH MERLE MARGARET F. P. SIDNEY KENNETH MULHOLLAND MULLINS MUMMA MURPHY MURPHY MURRAY, JR. MURRAY MUSSER Alameda Oakland Arbuckle Mill Valley San Francisco San Rafael Atherton Eureka Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory. —H istory —Psychology —Foreign Trade. —Economics —Spanish Advertising Service Blue and Gold (2) ; Transfer from Marin Alpha Delta Phi ; Transfer from San Transfer from Uni- Bureau. Counseling; Junior College; Steb- Winged Helmet; Golf Mateo Junior College; versity of San Education Club. bins Hall ; Phi Theta (1) ; Track Manager Phi Kappa Psi. Francisco; Alpha Mu Kappa; Y.W.C.A. ; (2) (3). Gamma; Los W.A.A.; International Lazari I I os. House, associate member; Newman Club. JAMES ELEANOR ARTHUR FRANCIS GEORGE GEORGE GEORGE NOB URO NAGATAN I TOSH I KO MASAO TOSH I H I KO H I ROYIJKI NAGAYUK I N 0 BUO NAKAMURA Ducor NAKAGAWA NA KA HARA NAKAHARA NAKAMURA NAKAMURA NAKAMURA Paia, Maui, Hawaii Letters and Science Marysville San Pedro San Francisco Sacramento Hawthorne Long Beach Letters and Science —Zoology Letters and Science Commerce Engineering Commerce Engineering Commerce —Chemistry Transfer from Porter- —French —Business —Mechanical —Foreign Trade —Mechanical —Foreign Trade Transfer from Sacra- vil le Junior College; Transfer from Yuba Administration Engineering Transfer from Sacra- Engineering Japanese Students ' mento Junior College. Oxford Hall. Junior College ; Transfer from Compton American Society of mento Junior College; Transfer from U.C. Club. Japanese Women ' s Junior College ; Honor Mechanical Engineers; Pan Xenia. L.A. ; Japanese Student Club. Student. Society of Automotive Students ' Club. Engineers. MARGERY ETH EL NAQ U I N Kuluihaele, Hawaii Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Lasel I Junior College; Sigma Kappa. BARBARA WINIFRED NELSON San Francisco Letters and Science —Art Transfer from San Francisco Junior College; Delta Epsilon. ROBERTA THERESA NEHER Ventura Letters and Science —English Transfer from Ventura Junior College; Phrateres; Tennis; W.A.A.; International House, associate mem- ber; Masonic Club. CAROLINE ELSIE NELSON San Francisco Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Women ' s " C " Society ; W.A.A., treasurer ; Masonic Club. JAMES WILLIS NEIGHBOURS Yucaipa Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Bernardino Valley Junior College; A.S. U.C. Band; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. JEAN PHER I BA NELSON Jamestown Letters and Science —Social Theory Transfer from Modesto Junior College. OLIVE PATRICIA NELSON Live Oak Letters and Science —Medical Science A.S.U.C. Peace Committee; Y.W.C.A.; Women ' s Activity Council ; American Student Union, Execu- tive Committee. WALTER WOOD NELSON Los Angeles Letters and Science —Zoology Kappa Alpha; Welfare Council; Labor Board; Track (1) ; Class Committees. ANN BANCROFT ELIZABETH A. NELSON NELSON Oakland Pasadena Letters and Science Letters and Science —H istory —Political Science Sigma Kappa ; Blue Acacia ; Phi Phi ; and Gold (2) (3) ; Debating. Pelican (1) (2) ; Little Theatre (1) ; Class Committees. Registration area to your • • • .don ' t DAVID DONALD GENO MARYANN SID ELIZABETH ELSIE SYLVIA JEAN WILLIAM EUGENE JOE NEWCOMER ATWELL FRANCES AMANDA HELEN NICHOLSON NEPTUNE NEPTUNE NERI Riverside NEWSOM NICHOL NICHOLS NICHOLS Porten ' Ile Burlingame Los Angeles Stockton Commerce Oakland Bangor, Maine Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Engineering —Mechanical Letters and Science —Architecture Letters and Science —Latin Transfer from Santa Ana Junior College; Letters and Science —Economic History, Letters and Science —Political Science Letters and Science —History Letters and Science —Social Institutions. —Decorative Art Transfer from Porter- Engineering Chi Alpha Kappa ; Barrington Hall; Pi Phrateres; Phi Chi Political Science Chi Omega ; Hammer Daily Californian (1) ; vi I le Junior College; A.S.U.C. Band; Delta Sigma Chi; Sigma; Honor Student; Theta ; Counseling ; Delta Kappa Epsilon; and Dimmer; Little Masonic Club. International House; Institute of Aeronauti- cal Sciences. Architectural Association. Crew (1) ; Student Advisory Bureau; Dormitory Council. Skull and Keys. Theatre, Costume Man• ager; Counseling ; Delta Chi Alpha. Big " C " Guard. Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. GUIDO ROY HERBERT ELTON BYRON ALAN HANNIBAL SADAE HISAKO RUDOLPH JAMES PHILLIP RAYMOND LEON HOPKINS S. NOMURA BETSY N ICOLAI MAURICE NILMEIER N IPPRESS N ISH K IAN N ITTLER NOCE Los Angeles NONAKA Fort Bragg N IELSEN Del Rey Berkeley San Francisco Santa Cruz San Francisco Letters and Science San Francisco Engineering Berkeley Engineering Agriculture Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Journalism Letters and Science —Mechanical Letters and Science —Civil Engineering —Entomology —Civil Engineering —Zoology —Italian. Japanese Women ' s —Decorative Art Engineering —Geology Tau Beta Pi; Chi Transfer from Santa Circle " C " Society; Kappa Alpha; Phi Student Club; Theta Japanese Women ' s Basketball (1) ; Dormitory Asscciation; American Society of Chilton Hall; Theta Tau; U.C. Geological Society. Epsilon. Rosa Junior College; Entomology Club. Athletic Council, president; Ice Hockey (1) (2) (3) ; Soccer Epsilon Chi. Sigma Phi ; Alpha Alpha; Daily Cali- fornian (1) (2). Student Club; Delta Chi Alpha; Guild of Applied Arts. Engineers; (1) (2) (3) ; Crew Big " C " Guard. (1) ; American Society of Civil Engineers. R. WILLIAM ORRIN BARBARA BENJAMIN EDWARD MARY ALBERT GORDON JAMES CARPENTER LESTER OAKLEY T. M. ELIZABETH EUGENE JAMES NUTTING NY NYE, JR. Los Angeles OBATA O ' CONNOR O ' CONNOR O ' DONNELL, JR. O ' DONNELL Piedmont Oakland Palo Alto Letters and Science Vacaville Turlock Berkeley Daly City Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —H i story Commerce Engineering Letters and Science Chemistry Chemistry. —Medical Science Transfer from Marin —Physical Education, Hygiene. —Economics Transfer from San Gamma Phi Beta; Intramural Sports (1) —Accounting Japanese Students ' —Mechanical Engineering Theta Upsilon ; Pry- R.O.T.C. Junior College; Phi Mateo Junior College. (2) (3) (4) ; Tennis Club ; Phi Epsilon Transfer from Modesto tanean; Theta Sigma Delta Theta; Track. Manager (3) ; Class Chi ; Progressive Junior College; Phi ; Sigma Sigma Pi; Committees. Students Forum ; Class American Society of Blue and Gold (2) Committees. Mechanical Engineers ; (3) ; Daily Californian Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. (1) ; Intramural Sports ; Newman Club ; Class Committees. HELEN TOSH I ROBERT EUGENE DOROTHY THEODORE BETTY KU WAN ICH I ANTHONY MARIE OGAWA LESLIE H I ROH ISA MAE OLSEN FRANCES GEORGE JOHN OEHNE Oakland 0 ' HAIR OKADA OLIVER Los Angeles O ' NEAL ONO 0 RMASA Berkeley Engineering San Leandro Sacramento Turlock Mining Berkeley Campbell Richmond Letters and Science —Civil Engineering Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Transfer from U.C. Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science ' American Society of —Public Speaking —Foreign Trade —Public Speaking L.A. ; Theta Tau. —Economics —Electrical —Political Science Honor Student. Civil Engineers. Transfer from Santa Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Modesto Alpha Xi Delta ; Pry- Engineering Honor Student. Rosa Junior College; mento Junior College; Junior College. tanean ; Deputations American Institute of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pan Xenia. Committee (1) (2) Electrical Engineers; (3), sub-chairman Japanese Engineering (4) ; Counseling ; Society; Amateur Orientations ; Intra- mural Sports ; Women ' s Radio Club. Activity Council. 1 PATRICIA WILLIAM VIRGINIA GRACE FAYE EVERETT I MOGEN NORTON NORRIS NORRIS NORTH Oakland Oakland Yucaipa Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science —Public Speaking —H istory —Electrical —H i story Phrateres; Deputations Sigma Sigma Pi; Engineering Treble Clef; Voca- Committee; A.S.U.C. Counseling ; Masonic Transfer from Los tional Guidance; Crop Teas; International Club. Angeles Junior College; Tau Beta Pi; American and Saddle. House, associate mem- ber; College Women ' s Institute of Electrical Club Juniors; Class Engineers. Committees. BEVERLEY NOW I NSK I San Diego Letters and Science —Spanish Blue and Gold ; Counseling (3) (4) ; Personnel (1) (2) ; Class Committees. ALV I N VICTOR N OR BERG Manteca Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Eta Kappa Nu; American Institute of Electrical Engineers ; Masonic Club. CHARLOTTE WI NSLOW NOSTRAN D Berkeley Letters and Science —Decorative Art Guild of Applied Arts. ADA NUTTING Berkeley Letters and Science " Naw, I don ' t wanna beer . . . gimme a Pineapple Frost. " FRANCES ORRICK NOWLAND Oakland Letters and Science —H i story Y.W.C.A. ; Class Committees. ANN ELIZABETH NUGENT Los Angeles Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Los Angeles Junior College. DAVID JOAN WARREN LORRAINE DOROTHY CAN NON PAULA TURNER EVELYN AGNES ORM I STON ORR ORSBU RN ORTH OSBORNE Marysville Alameda Arcadia Berkeley Fullerton Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Science —English Phi Delta Theta. —International Health Transfer from Yuba Honor Student; Winter Relations Y.W.C.A. (1) (2) ; Junior College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Daily Sports Club; Educa- tion Club. International House, associate member; Public Health Majors Club; Epworth Club ; Californian. Masonic Club. Pre-Medical Club. TERUO OSH I MA Stockton Letters and Science —English Transfer from Stockton Junior College; Japanese Students ' Club. ELIZABETH JANE OSER Chico Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Chico State Junior College. There appears to he no diet fad at the Gamma Phi house this year. YOSH 10 ROBERT OTA San Francisco Letters and Science —Geography Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege; Japanese Students ' Club. L I LYAN OUGH Pacific Grove Letters and Science —Bacteriology Intramural Sports; Y.W.C.A.; Dormitory Counci I. CLIFFORD SYLVESTER OVERACKER Huntington Beach Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College; U.C. Student Co. operative Association. JACK ROBERT MARIO LYD IA GEORGE HARLEN ROSWELL STANLEY HERBERT LOUIS H. CARL THEODORA W. MAURICE M. DEVEREU X WILSON OVERSTREET PALMER PANTERA PAR I N PARKER, JR. PARKER PARKER PARKER PAR KHOUSE San Francisco Fresno San Francisco San Francisco Sacramento Modesto Lompoc Oakland Los Angeles Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce. Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Mining Commerce Letters and Science —Medical Science —Medical Science —English —Economics —Biochemistry —Petroleum —Economics, Foreign —English Transfer from Bowles Hall ; Winged Honor Student: Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Modesto Engineering Trade Transfer from University of San Helmet ; Tri-Une. Masonic Club. mento Junior College. Junior College; Oxford Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Sigma Phi Epsilon. U.C.L.A. Francisco ; Newman Hall; U.C. Bible Football (2) (3) (4) ; Club. League. American Institute of Mining and Metal- lurgical Engineers. THOMAS ROBERT DENNIS DOROTHY ELEANOR G I LBERT ROBERT VIRGINIA MARGARET RANDALL HAZEN MEREDITH JAYN E ELIZABETH IRWIN JAMES PAUL GENEVA PARKIN PARSONS PATERSON PATTERSON PATTERSON PATTERSON PATTERSON Elmira, New York PAYNE San Anselmo Alhambra Hollister Berkeley Berkeley Portola Oakland Letters and Science Shafter Letters and Science Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce —English Letters and Science —Forestry —International —Political Science —H istory. —Chemistry. —Business Transfer from Barnard Chi Pi Sigma. Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College. Relations Transfer from San Alpha Gamma Delta. Administration Transfer from Marin College; Alpha Xi Delta; Hammer and Sigma Kappa. Benito Junior College; Junior College; Dimmer; Honor Abracadabra. Newman Club. Student ; Grizzly; Little Theatre (2) (3) ; Elections Committee. MARY RUTH JESSIE RICHARD CEDRIC KATR I NE JANE EVELYN LOUISE CLARK WALTER JUNE PERK INS PERRIN PERRY PETERS PETERSEN, JR. PETERSEN Sacramento Ontario San Francisco Oakland Oakland Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —General Curriculum —French —Optometry —Pal itical Science. Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Chaffey Masonic Club. Sigma Chi ; Pros- Assembly Dance mento Junior College; Masonic Club. Junior College, kopoi ; Omega Delta; Basketball. Committee ; Mixer Dance Committee. WILLIAM GEORGIA PAUL ROBERT JOHN RICHARD STEPHEN MARGARET McSPAD DEN MARSHALL ROWE AUSTIN PFEIFLE P H AR I SS PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PHILP PIERCE San Jose Nevada City Tulsa, Oklahoma Long Beach Hermosa Beach Manteca Agriculture Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Agricultural —Spanish Lambda Chi Alpha. —Spanish Science. —Anthropology Economics Casa H ispana; Honor Transfer from Long Transfer from Modesto Alpha Gamma Rho; Students Advisory Beach Junior Col lege; Junior College ; U.C. Phi Epsilon Chi ; Blue and Gold (2) ; Crew Bureau. Bowles Hall; Honor Student. Student Cooperative Association. (1) ; Orientations Committee; Class Committees. BILLIE BARBARA PEPPER Berkeley Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi ; Women ' s " C " Society ; Honor Student ; University Chorus ; W.A.A. DONALD EARL PEPPERELL Oakland Engineering —Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. EVELYN ELIZABETH PERKINS Los Angeles Letters and Science —Psycholo gy Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD WALLACE PETERSON Oakland Engineering —Civil Engineering Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta. SI GFRED PETERSON Oakland Chemistry Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Honor Student; American Chemical Society; Chess Club. SHELLY BERN HARDT P FEI FFER Inglewood Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. BARBARA FRANCES PEFLEY Sacramento Commerce —Economics. JUNE R. PEDRONE Vallejo Letters and Science —French Chi Omega; Pi Alpha Sigma; Little Theatre (1) (2) (3) ; Orienta- tions (2) (3) , Execu- tive Board (4) ; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. MARGARET ROBERT KAROLYN EDWARD BERNARD PEACOCK CARROLL JANE FRANCIS EDWARD Laguna Beach PEACOCK PEASE PECK PEDERSEN Commerce Laguna Beach San Bernardino Oakland Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Honor Student; Tri-Une; Tennis (1) —H i story —Economics —Political Science Phrateres; (2) (3), co-captain Transfer from San Chi Psi ; Phi Phi ; Circle " C " Society; Counseling. (4). Bernardino Junior Scabbard and Blade; Basketball. College; Phrateres; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Sigma Sigma Pi; Swimming (1) ; A.S. Utrimque; W.A.A.; U.C. Card Sales Badminton. Committee; Rally Committee, chairman Watersports Club. JOHN CHARLES PE H USH EK San Fernando Commerce —Economics International House; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student. FLOR IN E GERTRUDE PE I SER San Francisco Letters and Science —Political Science Maison Franca ise ; Education Club. LOLA ANN PENCIN McCloud Letters and Science —Spanish International House; Little Theatre (2) (4). Card greeting . . . Card beating ! DOROTHY CHARLES LOIS ROBERTSON POLLARD POMEROY Seattle, Lincol n Washington Agriculture Agriculture —Entomology —Home Economics Areta; Blue and Gold (2) ; Daily Califor- nian (1) ; Counseling (3) ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee (3) ; W.A.A.; Calvin Club; Home Economics Club, Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Men ' s Orientations; Visitations Committee. DAVE PATRICIA FRANCES ROY MARIAN P I RTZ LOU ISE BELLE NORMAN DAL Grass Valley PLANE PLOCK ER POAGE POGGETTO Engineering San Anselmo Los Angeles Douglas City Oakland —Civil Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; American Society of Civil Engineers. —International Relations Transfer from Mills —H istory Transfer from Los Angeles City College; —Mechanical Engineering Honor Student; —Physical Education, Hygiene Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; College; Y.W.C.A.; University Chorus ; Baseball (1). Education Club ; International House, associate member. W.A.A. Physical Education Majors ' Club. St. Mary ' s Student ( ?) Band parades preceding Bear-Gael encounter. ETHEL AGNES POLAND Berkeley Letters and Science —Journalism, History Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Alpha. ELIZABETH MARIE POLIN San Luis Obispo Letters and Science —History Transfer from Occidental College; Delta Gamma. JEAN NE LORRAI NE POLLACK Fresno Letters and Science —Psychology Transfer from Fresno State College. RUBY DONALD NICHOLAS ROBERT HYMAN GEORGE PAUL RHODA CLAUDINE ELIZABETH BAMERT POST TRUMAN POSTER POST HUMUS LEHMAN AGNES HENRIETTE PONS POOLEY San Francisco PORTER Pomona Los Angeles POSTON POTTER PRAT Richmond Alameda Engineering Los Gatos Letters and Science Engineering Oakland Berkeley Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mechanical Letters and Science —Political Science —Civil Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Commerce —Art --Economics Engineering —Medical Science Transfer from Pomona Transfer from Los —Insurance, —Child Psychology. —Accounting Transfer from Marin Junior College. Transfer from Williams Junior Col- American Society of Mechanical Engineers ; Phi Chi ; Phi Beta Kappa; Grizzly; Junior College; Alkamoi; Football Angeles Junior Col- lege; Tau Beta Pi; Accounting Golden Bear ; Y.M. Education Phi Delta; Phi Chi Theta; Newman Club. lege; Lambda Chi Alpha; Golden Bear ; Society of Aero- nautical Engineers. Track; Crew (1). (2). Chi Epsilon ; Sigma Xi. C.A.; Negro Student Association. Masonic Club. Big " C " Society; Phi Phi ; Track; Big " C " Sirkus; fraternity Council. PHYLLIS DOROTHY PRATT Berkeley Letters and Science —English SH IRLEY E. PREN DERGAST Fort Collins, Colorado Letters and Science VERNON PRENTISS Berkeley Engineering —Aeronautical Engineering PATRICIA E. PRESCOTT Pasadena Letters and Science JOHN EM IL PRESTON Oakland Chemistry Transfer from San HENRY MINER PREUSSER Belvedere Engineering —Mechanical JOHN ALV I ON PRICE Berkeley Letters and Science Public Speaking. JOHN MARTIN PRICE N atoma Letters and Science —H istory RUTH VIRGINIA PRICE Sacramento Letters and Science —English Delta Gamma; Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau. —Public Speaking Transfer from Colorado State College. Alpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Baseball Manager (2) j Reception Committee (2) (3) ; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences ; Pershing Rifles ; Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; Phrateres : Women ' s Dormitory Council. Francisco Junior College. Engineering Transfer from Marin Junior College; Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. Golden Bear; Hammer and Dimmer; Mask and Dagger; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee; Dramatics Council ; Little Theatre, manager. Transfer from Sacramento Junior College. Flying Club. LORRAINE BEATRICE QUINN Dutch Flat Letters and Science —English Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College ; Y.W.C.A.; Masonic Club. HELEN VIRGINIA RAND Oakland Letters and Science —Art Masonic Club. CLAIRE BERN ICE RANEY Sacramento Letters and Science —H i story Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. MAR KSBURY G ILMOUR RANEY Live Oak Agriculture —Agricultural Economics Alpha Tau Omega ; Phi Phi ; Phi Epsilon Chi ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee ; Senior Peace Committee; Sophomore Vigilante; Class Committees. LLOYD EDWARD RABJOH N Glendale Letters and Science —Economics Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Rally Comm ittee; Labor Board. MAYNARD C. RANEY Bell Engineering —Electrical Engineering. HERBERT EDGAR RANK Oakland Commerce —Economics Blue and Gold (2) associate editor (4) ; Orientations (3) (4) ; President ' s Re- ception Committee (3) (4) ; Intramural Sports ; Y.M.C.A.; Masonic Club. JACK BENJAMIN RAPP Berkeley Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Theta Xi; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOSEPH HENRY RAINE H oltvi Ile Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from Brawley Junior College; Basket- ball, coach ; Physical Education Majors ' Club, vice-president. VALBORG KELDSEN RASM USSEN Berkeley Letters and Science —Art Alpha Delta Pi; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican (1) (2) ; Grizzly ; Elections Committee (2) (3) ; Senior Sing- ings; Class Committees. RUTH RAMEE l(ansas City, Missouri Letters and Science —H i story Transfer from New York State Teachers ' College; Group System; Dormitory Council. JAYN E PAIGE RATT RAY Rose Letters and Science —Journalism Transfer from Marin Junior College; Alpha Alpha; Masonic Club. ROGER LEE RANCK San Francisco Letters and Science —H i story. CECI LY GENEV IEVE RAY San Francisco Letters and Science —H istory Honor Student. FLORENCE BARBARA M ILDRED MacPH ERSON QU IST RAAKA Denair San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science —Public Health —English Honor Student; Blue and Gold (1) Student Advisory (2) ; Masonic Club. Bureau ; Public Health Forum. PATRICIA EDWARD RUTH M. RADKE RAGAN Richmond Los Angeles Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics Phrateres; W.A.A. Alpha Sigma Phi. RICHARD FOSMARK PUCK San Francisco Engineering —Mechanical Engineering California Engineer (2), Advisory Board (3) (4) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, president (4) ; Engineers Council. INGRID H ELEN E QUAN DT San Francisco Letters and Science —German Pi Alpha Sigma; Hammer and Dimmer; Little Theatre. PHILIP FRAN K PUENTE San Francisco Commerce —Foreign Trade Delta Phi Epsilon; Big " C " Society; tions Council ; Track Manager (4). HAROLD BENSON QUEEN Berkeley Chemistry Transfer from Davis; Masonic Club; Calvin Club. JANET CAROLYN PUGH Oakland Letters and Science —Public Speaking Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Honor Student; seling; Intramural Sports; Pan-Hellenic ; Ace of Clubs; Class Committees. MAR IETTE QUIGLEY San Francisco Letters and Science —Decorative Art Guild of Applied Arts ; Y.W.C.A. RONALD WILSON PULLING Sierra Madre Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Junior College; can Society of Civil Engineers, president (4) ; Engineers Council. PATRICIA JEAN NE QUIGLEY Burlingame Letters and Science —Dramatic Literature Thal ian; Little Theatre. PATRICIA JUNE PURCHASE Oakland Letters and Science —Biochemistry Phrateres ; Orientations Committee; Class Committees. JANE ROBERTSON QUINN Los Angeles Letters and Science —Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta; Intramural Sports; Class Committees. Queen Alberta Hill and lovely ladies of the court reign at the I nterfratern ity Ball. JOHN HARDEN READING Oakland Commerce —General Business Masonic CM. DAVID KIMBALL REA Stockton Commerce —Economics Crew Manager (2) (3) ; Varsity Rowing Club. JEROME REED Los Angeles Commerce Letters and Science —Economics —French Alpha Chi Omega; Pelican; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A. AN I TA MARIE REED Berkeley Juniors gather on the balcony during an intermission at the Prom. JOHN ALDER RAY Glendora Engineering —Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Dormitory Association. CLAYTON CURTIS REA Long Beach Letters and Science —French Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Pi Delta Phi. JOHN POWELL REDDY Glendale Letters and Science —Public Speaking Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Tennis. DON C. REBOK San Francisco Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student. OGDEN CARTWRIGHT REED Gridley Letters and Science —Political Science Pi Alpha Sigma; Honor Student; Y. M.C.A. ; Wesley Foundation. EDWARD GEORGE REBSC H ER San Francisco Commerce —Accounting Baseball ; Big " C " Guards; Intramural Sports; Masonic Club. Chi Phi ; Winged Helmet. OPAL DOLORES REED Sacramento Letters and Science —Art Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. HELEN BARBARA RE ICH EL South San Francisco Letters and Science — German Prytanean; Daily Californian; Group System, chairman (4) ; Women ' s Activity Council. WILLIAM J. REID, JR. Oakland Letters and Science —Romanic Languages Pi Mu Iota; Pi Delta Phi ; International House; Circolo Itali- ans, president (3) ; Spanish Club; Maison Francai se ; Deutscher V erei n. ROSEMARY REIDY Sacramento Letters and Science — English Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior Col lege. RALPH ROY RENO LIE Huntington Park Engineering —Mechanical Engineering. RAUL U RBAN 0 REV ILLA El Paso, Texas Mining — Metallurgy American Institute of Mining Engineers; Mining Association. CLAIRE HAROLD J. TRUMAN REYNOLDS REYNOLDS San Francisco San Jose Commerce. Agriculture — Entomology Alpha Zeta; Track. EMILY REINHOLD San Francisco Letters and Science —Political Science Alpha Chi Omega; Deputations Committee (1) (2) ; Class Committees. NANCY LILLIAN MARY-JEANNE RELF ELIZABETH E. Palm Springs RENDAHL RENETZKY Letters and Science Berkeley San Luis Obispo Letters and Science Letters and Science Transfer from Pasa- —Mathematics —Public Health dena Junior College; U.C. Bible League. Nursing. Alpha Theta. LILIAN RAE RENNAHAN West Los Angeles Letters and Science —Dramatic Literature Transfer from Santa Monica Junior College. PHILIP MARJORIE RALPH RUTH MURIEL ELMORE JANE ALLEN ELLEN JEAN REYNOLDS RHINE RHODA RHODA R I BLEY Fresno San Francisco Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Engineering Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Commerce —Electrical —Art —Mechanical —Physical Education, Reception Committee Engineering Alpha Epsilon Phi. Engineering Hygiene (1) (2) (3) ; A.S. Transfer from Fresno Transfer from San Transfer from San U.C. Card Sales Com- State College; Alpha Mateo Junior College; Mateo Junior College; mittee (3), sub- Gamma Omega; Eta Tau Beta Pi; American W.A.A. chairman (4) ; Kappa Nu; California Society of Mechanical W.A.A.; Loan Fund Engineer; American Engineers; U.C. Life Dance Committee (3) ; Institute of Electrical Saving Corps; Masonic Club; Class Engineers. Calvin Club. Committees. MARSHALL WILLIAM GEORGE VERNON JOE EUGENE MAXWELL JOSEPH JAY JAY RICE RICE RICHARD RICHEY RICHTER Sacramento Oakland Los Angeles Hemet Knight ' s Landing Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Engineering Letters and Science —Astrophysics —Architecture —Mechanical —Civil Engineering —H istory Transfer from Sacra- Chi Alpha Kappa; Engineering Chi Epsilon. Transfer from mento Junior College. Delta Sigma Kappa; Transfer from Los mento Junior College; Daily Californian. Angeles Junior College; Delta Chi: Phi Phi. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. KATHRYN ELEANOR JOSEPH NORMAN RAYMOND BELLE FIELDING ST. CLAI R TERRY FRANCIS RI DER RIESENMAN RIESENMAN R I FFE RINAUDO Watsonville Wendel Wendel Hollister Acampo Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Engineering —Decorative Art —English —Political Science —Civil Engineering —Electrical Sigma Kappa; Delta Pelican (3) ; Y.W. Transfer from Lassen Transfer from San Engineering Chi Alpha; Blue and C.A.; Masonic Club. Junior College; Alpha Mateo Junior College; Barrington Hall. Gold (2) ; Gamma Rho. Intramural Sports; ing (3). American Society of Civil Engineers. " Sweetheart " Betty Fankhauser is honored for her win in the Derby. HELEN DOROTHY R !VOLTA Pleasanton Letters and Science — History Pi Beta Phi ; Ace of Clubs. DAVID STEVENS ROBERTS Oakland Commerce — Economics Phi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega; Crew; Christian Science Society; Masonic Club ; Class Committees. GAYE ROBERTS South Pasadena Letters and Science —Decorative Art Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Alpha Chi Omega; Delta Chi Alpha; Pelican (2) (3) ; Dep- utations Committee (3; Senior Informal Committee. LEE MITCHELL ROBERTS Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Golden Bear; Con- gress; Forensics Coun- cil (3) (4) ; Debating Manager (2) (3) (4) ; Daily Californian (1) ; Pelican; A.S.U.C. Store Board (3) (4) ; A.S.U.C. ROBERT ROBERTS Piedmont Letters and Science Delta Upsilon; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta; Crew Manager (4). SIDNEY WILLIAM HOWARD DONALD ERNEST CHARLES RUSSELL McCALMONT ROBERTS ROBERTS ROB IE ROBINSON Oakland San Francisco Crockett Merced Letters and Science Commerce Commerce Letters and Science —Econom ics Sigma Nu; Track —Economics Phi Epsilon Chi; ' Manager (2) (3). Scabbard and Blade ; Glee Club ; Masonic Honor Student; Calvin Club. Club. Thal ian; Class Committees. ADELE JACK SHERBY DRIVER STRODE MARK ROCK RODGERS RODMAN Carpinteria Sacramento San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —English. Transfer from Mills Masonic Club. College ; Alpha Phi. EG BERT MARCELLUS ROBINSON N ewcastle Letters and Science — English Transfer from Oregon State College; Alpha Gamma Rho. LEON MARY DOROTHY SCOTT EUGENE CLARA MAY ROGERS RODR IAN ROD R I QUEZ ROGERS Oakland Berkeley Berkeley Palo Alto Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Agriculture —Aeronautics —Spanish —Hospital Kappa Alpha; Rally Transfer from Los Casa H ispana : Sigma Dietetics Committee, Angeles City College; Sigma Pi; Sigma Counseling; H ome co-chairman. American Society of Delta Pi. Economics Club ; Mechanical Engineers. Newman Club. WEBSTER RICHARD ROBINSON , JR. Berkeley Engineering — Mechanical Engineering Abracadabra; Phi Phi ; Quarterdeck (4) ; Big " C " Guard ; Class Committees. VIOLA TEMPLE ROSS-LEWIN San Francisco Letters and Science —Chemistry Delta Gamma; Coun- (2) (3)(4); Personnel (1); Intramural Sports. RAY ROSSO Lafayette Letters and Science —Physical Education Kappa Sigma; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Football; Rugby; Wrestling; Physical Education Majors ' Club; Education Club. ROBERT WILLIAM ROTH Oakland Engineering —Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. ROBERT DEAN ROTH! El Centre Engineering — Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Central Junior College; Glee Club. EDGAR SPURGEON ROTH ROCK La Verne Letters and Science — Political Science Transfer from Chaffey Junior College; Bowles Hall; Honor Student; Senior Singings; Class Committees. GEORGE EDGAR ROUSH Berkeley Engineering —Electrical Engineering Pi Tau Pi Sigma; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers. MARGUERITE GRACE ROWAN Oakland Letters and Science —H i story Blue and Gold; Y.W. CA.; College Women ' s Club Juniors; Masonic Club. CHARLES ADAMS ROWE Piedmont Letters and Science —H i story Delta Upsilon. JANET LOUISE ROWE Spreckels Commerce Transfer from Salinas Junior College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Grizzly; Intramural Sports. ROBERT NORMAN ROYSTON San Jose Agriculture —Landscape Design Delta Sigma Chi; Little Theatre; Thalian. JEAN SEGRUD RUDD Oakland Commerce —Economics Phi Chi Theta. FRANK DAVID RUHSTALLER Stockton Letters and Science — Bacteriology. Phi Kappa Tau. EDWIN C. RUNDSTROM, JR. Anaheim Letters and Science —Zoology Transfer from Fullerton Junior College. ROBERT EDWARD RUST Berkeley Commerce — Business Administration Bowles Hall; Rally Committee (1)(2); Rugby (1) (2); Track (1); Newman Club, president. WILLIAM J. RUTH Ontario Engineering — Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. MARGARET ADAH RUTHERFORD Oakland Letters and Science —H i story Theta Upsilon; Sigma Sigma Pi; Daily Californian (1); Counseling (1) (2) (3) (4); Masonic Club. DONALD JAMES RYAN San Diego Letters and Science — General Curriculum Transfer from San Diego State College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Gymnastics. WILLIAM RUBIN Berkeley Commerce Welfare Council; Daily Californian. President Sproul returns from his eastern trip to give the team a pep talk before the Big Game. JANEAN ELIZABETH ROMIG San Diego Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from San Diego State College; Phrateres; Counseling; Masonic Club. IRENE MARGARET ROSAIA San Francisco Letters and Science — French Transfer from San Francisco College for Women; Delta Zeta; Newman Club. MARGARET ROHRER Parlier Letters and Science — Political Science Transfer from Redlands University; Prytanean: Phrateres; A.S.U.C. Peace Committee, University Peace Com• mittee; Far Eastern Student Relief Drive; Open Forum Board (4). JEAN ROSE Healdsburg Letters and Science — H istory W.A.A.; Crop and Saddle. LAWRENCE A. ROMAN I San Francisco Letters and Science —French Pi Delta Phi. ALVA ROSEDALE Berkeley Letters and Science —Public Speaking Hammer and Dimmer, Little Theatre (1) (2) (3). ELENA ANTONOVNA ROMANOV San Francisco Letters and Science — International Relations International House; Prytanean; Beaver Board; Daily Califor- nian (1)(2)(3); Store Board (4); Counseling (2)(3). MILTON 0. ROSENDAHL Sacramento Engineering —Civil Engineering Kappa Sigma; Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. WILBUR HUMBERT STEELE THEODORE ROGERS ROGGE Berkeley Watsonville Letters and Science Agriculture — Architecture —Soil Science Delta Sigma Chi; Soil Science Club. Varsity Rowing Club. ISRAEL WOOTAN SANTRY, JR. Oakland Engineering — Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers ; U.C. Life Saving Corps. HELEN ROS I NA SARGENT Berkeley Letters and Science —Psychology Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College; Masonic Club. RALPH WILLIAM SAUER Riverside Commerce —Economics Theta Xi; Big " C " Society ; Tri-Une ; Football. JACK W. SAVAGE San Jose Engineering — Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Barrington Hall ; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Theta Kappa ; A.S.U.C. Band. JOHN HERBERT SAVAGE Los Angeles Mining —Petroleum Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade. ROY JOSEPH SAVAGE San Francisco Commerce. CARA WINIFRED SAWYER Berkeley Letters and Science —Psychology Transfer from Scripps College; Phi Omega Pi; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A.; Winter Sports Club. GORDON TROWBR I DGE SAWYER Berkeley Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Glee Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Society of Aeronautical Engi- neers; Winter Sports Club ; Ski Team. OMiLY LOUISE SAXON Oakland Letters and Science —Art Delta Epsilon. GEORGIA MAE SAXTON Oakland Letters and Science — H istory Casa Hispana ; Daily Californian (1) (2). PAUL GUSTAV SCHACHT Alameda Letters and Science —Economics Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys. JAMES GARFI ELD SCHAEFFER Long Beach Mining —Petroleum Engineering Alpha Delta Phi ; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Crew. CHARLES HERMAN SCHARD I N San Francisco Engineering — Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Francisco Junior College ; Honor Student. ESTHER FLORENCE SCHARLACK Los Angeles Letters and Science — General Curriculum Transfer from U.C.L.A. ELSA L. SC HED LER Berkeley Letters and Science —H i story Delta Gamma; Blue and Gold (2) ; Class Committees. RICHARD LINCOLN SCH ERBACH ER Sacramento Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Kappa Sigma. AN N FRANCES SC H IEFFER H ea Idsburg Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Nu Sigma Psi ; Women ' s " C " Society; Honor Student; Riflery Manager ; Basketball Manager; P.E. Majors ' Club. ROBERT CHARLES SCHIFFNER Nevada City Letters and Science Science Abracadabra; Phi Phi ; Rally Committee: Class Committees. LEON EDWARD SALANAVE San Francisco Letters and Science —Astronomy Honor Student, Council; Student Aid Committee; Faculty Advisory Committee. ROBERT BRUN N ER SALZ Centerville Commerce Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Epsilon Chi ; Football (1) ; Rugby (2) ; Class Committees. FUJIKO SAKIYAMA San Gabriel Letters and Science — Education, Oriental Languages Sigma Sigma Pi; Japanese Women ' s Student Club. ROBERT LELAND SAN KS La Habra Engineering — Civil Engineering Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College; Barrington Hall; American Society of Civil Engineers. MAMORU SAK U MA Orov il le Letters and Science —Political Science Baton; A.S.U.C. Band (1) (2) (3) (4). RICHARD COMPTON SANTEE San Mateo Agriculture — Forestry Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. New students are addressed by campus leaders at Orientations mass meeting. STANLEY AYAKO WILLIAM S. SAKAI SAKAI SADAJ San Francisco Sacramento Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Science Japanese Students ' —Optometry. Japanese Women ' s Club. Student Club. ALEX SALOPEI San Francisco Letters and Science —H istory. A FRANK GEORGE SCH IRO Sacramento Letters and Science —Zoology Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. GRAHAM EDWARD SCHMIDT Oakland Letters and Science —Anthropology. DOROTHY JANE SCH MI D Oakland Letters and Science —Political Science Phrateres ; Daily Cali- fornian (1) (2) ; Counseling. BETTY EVA SCH N El DER Oakland Letters and Science —H istory Honor Student; Adver- tising Service Bureau; Orientations; Thal ian. ALBERT GEORGE SCHMIDT Berkeley Commerce —Foreign Trade Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Deputations Commit- tee; Commerce Association. BARBARA ANN SCHMIDT San Francisco Letters and Science —Decorative Art Alpha Delta Pi; Guild of Applied Arts ; Daily Californian (1) (2) ; Grizzly (2) ; Orienta- tions Committee (1) (2), Executive Board (3) ; W.A.A. BARBARA MARGARET SCHMIDT San Francisco Letters and Science —H i story Delta Zeta; Phrateres; Counseling; Y.W. C.A. ; Newman Club. WILLIAM J. SCHOENFELD San Francisco Commerce —Economics Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege; Alpha Delta Phi ; Rugby. IDA BERT IOLHA SCHOENBERG SCHNELL Miami Beach, Orland Florida Letters and Science Letters and Science —Optometry. —Chemistry Transfer from U.C.L.A. School officially opens with filing of study lists in Wheeler Hall foyer. ROBERT MARTHA DORIS OTTO BERNARD DON GEORGE LIONEL OL IVER LESLIE JEAN EDNA VERNE H. PARKER WI LBUR BURR M. SC H OLEY SCHOLZ SCH RADER SCH UCHARD SCH ULTE SCH ULTZ SC H UTZ SCOTT SCOTT Glendale San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Monterey Berkeley Oakland Salinas Fresno Commerce Theta Xi. Letters and Science —French Pi Delta Phi. Commerce Phi Mu; Phi Chi Commerce —Business Administration Agriculture —Agriculture Economics Engineering —Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Chi Engineering —Electrical Engineering Letters and Science —Political Science Transfer from Salinas Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Theta. Baton; A.S.U.C. Sigma Phi Epsilon ; Epsilon; Scabbard and Scabbard and Blade ; Junior College. Theta Xi. Band. Golden Bear ; Winged Blade; American Quarterdeck ; Crew Helmet; Alpha Zeta, president; Crew (1) Society of Civil Engineers. (1) ; Masonic Club. (2) (3) (4) ; fraternity Council. HARLOW EVERETT SCRIBNER ELEANOR SCULLY lone ROBERT HENRY SEALE RALPH GUNNAR SEGERBLOM DERRELL CURTIS SEG U IN E BERTHA ROSE SERR LEON THEODORE SHAFF FREDERICK WALLACE SHARP ROBERT GORDON SHARP Stockton Letters and Science Berkeley Wilmington Canoga Park Redlands San F rancisco Los Angeles San Diego Letters and Science —H istory Transfer from Col lege of Pacific: Omega Phi Alpha. —Spanish. Agriculture —Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta; Baseball Man- ager (2) (3) ; Sopho- more Vigilante; Class Commerce —Business Administration Transfer from Uni- versity of Alabama; Football; Commerce Agriculture —Poultry Husbandry Transfer from Glendale Junior College. Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Treble Clef; Newman Club. Letters and Science —Spanish Circle " C " Society; Handball Team. Letters and Science —Political Science Circle " C " Society; Congress; Honor Student; Housing Board ; A.S.U.C. Store Engineering —Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Committees. Association. Board ; Handball. ROBERT WILLIAMS SH ICK Modesto Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Modesto Junior College. LUCY VIRGINIA SH I DAN Del Rey Letters and Science —H i story Transfer from Reedley Junior College ; Kappa Phi. ESAU E. SHIMIZU San Jose Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from San Jose Junior College; Jap- anese Students ' Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences. ROBERT DEANE SHINE San Francisco Letters and Science —H i story Transfer from Menlo Junior College; Zeta Psi ; Skull and Keys. AN NA M I LICENT SH IN N Niles Letters and Science —Art Transfer from Sweet Briar College; Alpha Phi ; Treble Clef; Lit- tle Theatre (1) ; Coun- seling; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports. VIRGIN IA HARRIET SHIPPER Berkeley Letters and Science —Social Theory Pi Alpha Sigma; Advertising Service Bureau (1) (2) ; A.S. U.C. Card Sales Committee. ARASH I DOROTHY B. J. SH I RAKAWA SH I RRELL Corcoran Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science —English Japanese Students ' Transfer from Mills Club. College. BARBARA JANE SHOMATE Bakersfield Letters and Science Education, Hygiene Women ' s " C " Society; Penant " C " Society; W.A.A. MAX CULVER SHOTTS Claremont Agriculture —Plant Pathology Transfer from Chaff ey Junior College. JOHN C. SH RADER La Canada Letters and Science —Anthropology Transfer from Pomona College ; Glee Club (2). CHARLES GALD SI BLEY Oakland Letters and Science —Zoology Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. STANLEY H. SIEGLER Glendale Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Glendale Junior College; Phi Beta Delta; Soccer Manager (3). ALVI NA CARL LOR RAI NE THEODORE SI ELAFF SIERRA Berkeley Hayward Letters and Science Agriculture Speaking —Entomology Phi Omega Pi; Alpha Zeta. Deputations Committee. PEARL PAULINE SIG RAND San Francisco Letters and Science Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Sigma Sigma Pi; Student Health Com- mittee; W.A.A.; Basketball. JAY AIMEE FRANK PEARL SILVA SIMINOFF Berkeley Oakland Mining Letters and Science —Metallurgy —Spanish Gymnastics Team, Sigma Pi Delta; manager (3) (4). Counseling. WALTER AUDREY DUDLEY ARTHUR LAVON NE HENRY MAY BOYD V. SHEARER SHARP SHAW Sli EAN SHEARER San Francisco Selma Santa Rosa Santa Barbara San Francisco Commerce Chemistry Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Fresno —H i story —Zoology —Political Science. Alpha Xi Delta; State College; Honor Transfer from Santa Transfer from Santa Little Theater (1) Student. Rosa Junior College ; Barbara State College. (2) (3) ; Personnel. Kappa Delta; Cal i • fornia Engineer, women ' s director (4). SUE BEATRICE LAWRENCE ELI NOR ISABEL SHELTON LOUISE IRWIN ELIZABETH A. Santa Clara SHEPARD SHEPARD SHERMAN SH ER RATT Letters and Science Riverside Winona, Minnesota Piedmont San Francisco —General Curriculum Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Transfer from San Jose —Zoology —General Curriculum —General Curriculum —Public Speaking State College; Kappa Transfer from the Uni- Transfer from Alpha Omicron Pi; Transfer from San Delta; Phrateres; Cali- versity of Southern Williams College. Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Francisco Junior fornia Engineer; Depu- tations Committee. California. Sports; Class Committees. College. Seniors reserve front row balcony seats at their Fall Informal. ALDRED THOMAS ORIN WILLIAM ROBERT JOHN RAN DOLP H MALI N SMITH CARROLL SI MMONS SI MONSON SIMPSON SIMPSON SI NCLAI R Los Angeles Piedmont Long Beach Oakland Modesto Chemistry Chemistry Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture Alpha Chi Sigma; Theta Delta Chi ; Phi —Forestry Scabbard and Blade; Phi ; Scabbard and Men ' s Dormitory Sigma Nu; Scabbard Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Swimming (2) ; U.C. Blade; Sigma Xi; Association, and Blade; Alpha Zeta; Football (1) ; Life Saving Corps (1) (2) (3), president Baton ; A.S.U.C. Band, Drum Major; Deputa- vice-president. Delta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Beta Wrestling (4). tions; Card Sales Com- Alpha Psi ; Honor mittee; Debating (1) ; Rifle Team. Student; Hammer and Coffin; Pelican (1) (2) (3). ROBERT ROBERT ALAN BENNET KATHERINE HEACOCK LYLE SKELLEN G ER SKEWES-CO X FRANCES SINGER SISLER San Mateo San Francisco SKOLFIELD Albuquerque, Rio Linda Letters and Science Letters and Science Berkeley New Mexico Commerce Engineering —Mechanical —H istory Alpha Delta Phi ; Commerce —Governmental Engineering Tennis (4) ; Inter- Foreign Service Transfer from Uni- Transfer from Sacra- fraternity Council. Y.W.C.A. ; versity of New Mexico; mento Junior College; Commerce Kappa Sigma. Honor Student, Ad- visory Board ; American Association. Society of Mechanical Engineers. Formal finery shows forth at Theta rush dinner. ARTHUR JESSE NIARN ELLE STANLEY ABNER DONALD DOUGLAS EDWARD FRANCES EDWIN DAVE SMILEY JOSEP J. SMITH BOYD W ILLARD KATHRYN , SKOON BERG SKOSS Orov il le SMILEY SMITH Winton SMITH SMITH SMITH San Francisco Los Angeles Letters and Science Sacramento Bell Commerce Berkeley 0 leum Napa Letters and Science —International Relations Agriculture —Fruit Products Alpha Zeta; Gymnas- —H istory Transfer from Chico State College. Letters and Science —Zoology. Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from U.C. Transfer from Modesto Junior College; Masonic Club. Commerce —Economics Big " C " Society; Mining —Petroleum Engineering Letters and Science —Art Phrateres ; Orienta- Transfer from San tics; U.C. Life L.A.; American Baseball (1) (2) (3) M ining Association. tions; Masonic Club. Francisco Junior Saving Corps. Student Union ; (4). College. Student Workers ' Fed- eration; U.C.L.A. Daily Bruin. JOHN K. MARY MIRIAM RAY ROBERT ROBERT THEODORA THOMAS GORDON HART ELIZABETH LEE FRED DEMPSTER SHERIDAN MARY EDWARD SMITH SMITH SMITH, I SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH San Francisco San Francisco Palo Alto Wood lake Bakersfield San Diego San Diego Waco, Texas Sacramento Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Agriculture Engineering Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mechanical —General Curriculum —Anthropology Science —Entomology —Civil Engineering —Business —Public Speaking —Political Science. Engineering Chi Phi ; Winged Delta Gamma. Sigma Kappa; Pelican Alpha Zeta; Phi Transfer from San Administration International House; " C " Society; Helmet; Hammer and (1) ; Crop and Saddle Sigma; Honor Student. Diego State College; Commerce Association; Delta Sigma Theta. Alpha Sigma Phi ; Coffin; Pelican; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Camera Club. Scabbard and Blade. Pershing Rifles. Pi; Glee Club; American Society of Civil Engineers. ALP H N SO WILLIAM ROBERT FRAN K ARLENE DOROTHY MILD RED WILLIAM RUTH SPALL IN 0 SCH U LER WEYMOUTH LUCORE JOY JOAN HEN R I ETTA N ETHERCOTT ESTHER Monterey SPARKS SPEED SPRAGUE SPRAKER STAEH LIN G STAHL STAH R STALLARD Letters and Science San Francisco Santa Ana Oakland Armona Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Martinez —H istory Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters mid Science Transfer from Salinas —Economics Science —Economics. —Economics —H i story Commerce —Music. Junior College. Honor Student; Barrington Hall ; Pi Phi Delta; Transfer from U.C. Phi Delta; Sigma Association. Swimming Team Golden Bear; Winged Women ' s Orchestra; L.A. ; Sigma Kappa Kappa Alpha; Honor Manager (4) ; Helmet; Phi Epsilon Counseling ; Y.W.C.A.; Alpha; Phrateres ; Student. Water Polo. Chi ; Senate; Labor Board, chairman ; Epworth Club. Honor Student; Depu- tations; Y.W.C.A.; Student Workers Fed- eration; Class Committees. Student Advisory Bureau ; College Wo- men ' s Club Juniors. BETTY JEANETTE JOHN DONALD MARGARET MARY EDWARD LAWRENCE RUTH LOREN S. HOWARD JOHN LOU ISE CAROLINE WILLIAM WILLIAM ELEANOR STAM ER STAM ER STAN FORD STAN ICH STAN KA STANTON STEIN BAC K STEIN BERG STEINDORFF Stockton Stockton Ontario Sacramento Alameda Berkeley San Francisco Beverly Hills Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Public Speaking —Psychology —Political Science —Economics —French —H istory —Electrical —Psychology Alpha Epsilon Phi ; Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi. Transfer from Chaff ey Transfer from Sacra- Honor Student Kappa Kappa Gamma; Engineering. Transfer from U.C. Phi Mu. Alpha Sigma; Hammer and Coffin ; Pelican; Junior College; Bowles Hall ; Honor Student ; mento Junior College; Honor Student; Advisory Bureau ; Newman Club. Group System. L.A. ; Honor Student, Elections Committee. Pelican (3) . Newman Club. TRAVER JAMES SMITH Roseville Mechanical Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Jun ior College; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Xi; Honor Student; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. WILLIAM EPP I NGER SOMMER San Diego Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from San Diego State College; Honor Student; Men ' s Dormitory Council. VALLARD CASSIUS SMITH Berkeley Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. GERALD SON N EN SC H El N Alameda Letters and Science —Economics Football (2) ; Hand- ball (3) (4) ; Intra- mural Sports (4) . STANFORD PHILLIP SN OE K San Francisco Mining —Petroleum Engineering Soccer (1) , manager (3) . PAUL R. SN YDER Cambria Agriculture —Forestry Xi Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Quarter- deck ; Basketball. KATHRYN MARCELLA SO LLEY San Francisco Commerce —Economics Little Theatre; Griz- zly, women ' s manager ; Class Committees. CARL JAMES SPAIN, JR. Beverly Hills Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A.; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Newman Club. Senior men serpentine to the Greek Theater for a football rally. MITCHELL CONSTANCE SOSO SOUSA Jackson Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science History Dramatic Wrestling. Literature Little Theatre; Thal ian, secretary. RAYMOND M. STONE Los Angeles Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Los Angeles City College; Chi Epsilon; Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. MASAO SUGAN 0 Pas adena Letters and Science —Political Science Japanese Students ' Club. ROBERT CLARENCE STONE Berkeley Letters and Science —Social Theory Alpha Tau Omega. DOLORES LEE SUGGETT Yucaipa Letters and Science Transfer from San Bernardino Junior Col - lege; Sigma Sigma Pi; Honor Student; Orien- tations Committee; International House. MO RG IA JANE STOUGH Berkeley Commerce Counseling; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A. ; Commerce Association. TA KAS H I SUG I NO Mt. Eden Commerce —Foreign Trade Circle " C " Society; Wrestling. MARJORIE CALVERT SUITS Santa Monica Letters and Science —Art Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Daily Cal ifor- n ian ; Advertising Service Bureau. ELEANOR MARY SULLIVAN Oakland Letters and Science —Economics, Social Service Counseling; Y.W. C.A. ; Newman Club. MARY ELLEN STREET Manteca Letters and Science —Spanish Prytanean; Beaver Board ; A.S.U.C. Executive Committee; Music Council ; Treble Clef; Deputations Committee (1) (2) ; Women ' s Activity Council. EDWARD SYDNEY SUSNOW San Francisco Letters and Science —Zoology. MARY VIRGINIA STREET Oakland Letters and Science —Psychology Honor Student; Peli- can; Masonic Club; Psychology Club, president. MASAM ICH I SUZUKI Sacramento Letters and Science — Medicine Honor Student. JOHN H. STRONG Oakland Commerce Theta XI. NOLO SWAIN Sacramento Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. EL RT H WILLARD STURGEON Berkeley Agriculture — Agricultural Economics Phi Epsilon Xi Crew. JEAN MARIE SWANSON Oakland Letters and Science — H istory Phrateres; Pelican. JOHN BRIAN WILLIAM MOORE STOUT STOVALL Huntington Beach Williams Engineering Commerce —Mechanical —Economics Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa. American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Masonic Club. WILLIAM G. H. STEPHENS, JR. Woodland Letters and Science —General Curriculum Zeta Psi ; Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Skull and Keys; Tennis Manager (4). JEAN STEWART Monterey Letters and Science —History Crop and Saddle; 4-H Club; Y.W.C.A. ALBERT STEPHENSON Venice Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Theta Xi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi ; Tau Beta Pi; A.S. U.C. Band ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers. NEIL PARKER STEWART Oakland Letters and Science —English Scabbard and Blade; Masonic Club. CARL LEO STETSON Davis Engineering — Civil Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College, American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramural Sports. JOHN PETER STOCK San Francisco Letters and Science — General Curriculum Alpha Delta Phi ; Winged Helmet; Beta Beta; Skull and Keys; Tr i -Une ; Basketball Manager (2) ; Track. WINIFRED STETSON Berkeley Letters and Science —General Curriculum Beta Sigma Omicr on; Honor Student, v ice- ores ident ; Deputations Committee; Senior Singings ; International House, associate member. HAROLD EUGENE STOCKING Sacramento Engineering —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College ; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Xi. CLARA MAY STEWART Berkeley Letters and Science A.S. U .C. Hostess Committee; Occident. EDWARD CURRY STONE Berkeley Agriculture —Forestry Alpha Zeta; Phi Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Sigma Xi. After the Brawl was over, victorious freshmen celebrate at Brawl Ball. EVELYN MURIEL TENNIS Oakland FLORI NE TEER I N K Montrose Letters and Science —Physical Education. Hygiene BURTON STANLEY GLORIA LOU ISE MARY A. WILLIAM ELIZABETH SWIFT RUTH SWARTZ SWENSON SWICEGOOD San Francisco SWIFT Clarksburg Clovis San Francisco Letters and Science Berkeley Agriculture Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science —Fruit Products Chi Phi ; Winged —Mechanical Engineering —Physical Education, Hygiene —English Theta Sigma Phi; Pi Helmet; Beta Beta; Transfer from Fresno Transfer from San Lambda Theta; Sigma Skull and Keys; State College. Francisco Junior Col- Sigma Pi; Grizzly Crew (1). lege; Physical Educa- tion Majors ' Club. (2) ; University Chorus. AMY ELMO JEAN PATRICIA KENJI KATSUM I G. ADA TAGGART TAKAHASH I JIMMIE SWITZER TAGGART Hong Kong, China Berkeley TAKASH I MA Pasadena South Pasadena Letters and Science Letters and Science Chula Vista Commerce Letters and Science —Optometry. Commerce —Economics —Political Science Transfer from Domini- —Foreign Trade Pi Kappa Phi ; Transfer from Sacra- can College; Alpha Transfer from San Commerce Association, president. mento Junior College. Omicron Pi; Little Theatre; Y.W.C.A.; Diego State College. Intramural Sports. SH IGEO JULIUS TAKAYAMA Berkeley Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Pasa- dena Junior College: American Society of Civil Engineers; American Road Builders Association. JAMES FRANCIS TAYLOR Oakland Letters and Science —Political Science Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Circle " C " Society; Pi Epsilon Xi; Senate; Honor Student; A.S. U .C. Executive Committee; A.S. U .C. Secretary ; Finance Committee. LYNN H. TAYLOR Berkeley Letters and Science Science, Public Administration Circle " C " Society; Scabbard and Blade. Transfer from Glendale Newman Club. Junior College; W.A.A. RAYMOND NELSON TALCOTT Chico Agriculture —Agricultural Economics Winged Helmet; Big " C " Society; Crew. ELMER JAY TERRILL San Francisco Transfer from San Mateo Junior College. BAYONA JEANETTE TAM Jackson Letters and Science —Art Alpha Omicron Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports. DONALD MORGAN TERRY Coalinga Commerce —Personnel Administration Baseball. NORIYUKI TASH I MA Garden Grove Letters and Science —International Relations Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College; Japanese Students ' Club; Welfare Coun- cil; Wrestling; Student Relations Committee (4) ; Men ' s Dormitory Association. ELIZABETH RICHMOND TERRY Berkeley Letters and Science —H i story Phrateres; Honor Student; A.S.U.C. Reception Committee ; Masonic Club. RUTH CLAIRE TATE Vacaville Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Y.W.C.A. M. LUCILLE TERRY Half Moon Bay Commerce Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Student. RAYMOND TATSUNO Bakersfield Letters and Science —Optometry Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College; Japanese Students ' Club. RAYMOND MORRIS TERRY Berkeley Commerce Alpha Delta Phi ; Phi Phi ; Phi Epsilon Chi, president; Rally Committee (2) (3) ; Big " C " Guard ; Class Committees. DOROTHY JOSEPH LLOYD KUNIKO TAKAO E. TAKECH I TAKEH ITA TALCOTT San Francisco San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Engineering —Psychology Japanese Students ' —Electrical Japanese Women ' s Club. Engineering. Student Club; Y.W. C.A. ; Psychology Club. Letters and Science Letters and Science —Chemistry —Chemistry ASUC Secretary is student speaker at a peace meeting. Wee Bonnie Baker " gets associated " with ' Estonian Admiral " at the Pajamari no Rally. IRVING MITCHEL TERZI CH Sonora Engineering — Civil Engineering Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Bachelordon; Welfare Council; Student Health Com- mittee, chairman; American Society of Civil Engineers, secretary. GERALD BAMBER THOMAS, JR. Los Angeles Mining — Petroleum Engineering Theta Chi. MAX THELEN, JR. Berkeley Letters and Science —Economics Alpha Delta Phi ; Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Bear; Winged Helmet; Men ' s Judicial Com- mittee, chairman. IVOR REES THOMAS Hayward Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from San Jose State College; Honor Student ; Basketball (3) (4) . BARTHOLOMEW C. TH I BADEAU Redwood City Letters and Science —General Curriculum Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Newman Club; Class Committees. WIN I FRED DOUGLAS THOMAS Piedmont Letters and Science —English Honor Student; Blue and Gold (2) ; Little Theatre (3) ; Counsel- ing (2) (3) (4) ; Women ' s Discussions; Y.W.C.A. CALAD 0 RA MARYE THOMAS Los Gatos Letters and Science —Art, English Phi Mu; Delta Epsilon; Blue and Gold (2) (3) ; W.A.A. ; Newman Club; Class Committees. CONRAD ROG NAS THOMPSON Wilmington Commerce —Marketing Transfer from Compton Junior College; Alpha Delta Sigma; Adver- tising Service Bureau. GAIL EDWARD THOMAS Glendale Engineering — Electrical Engineering Bowles Hall; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, treasurer; Engineers Council. ESTHER LI N N EA THOMPSON Eureka Letters and Science — H i story Transfer from San Francisco State Col- lege; Treble Clef; Masonic Club. EUGENE JAMES NORD RUMSEY THOMPSON THOMPSON Oakland Laguna Beach Letters and Science Agriculture —Psychology —Fruit Products Circle " C " Society; Transfer from U.C. Rifle Team. L.A.; Phi Gamma Delta. MELVI N OLIVE RAY HAZEL THOMPSON THOMPSON La Crescenta Caste I la Letters and Science Letters and Science —Economics —Household Art Transfer from Glendale Delta Chi Alpha. Junior College. VICTOR JOHN THOMPSON Long Beach Letters and Science — Bacteriology Phi Sigma; Crew ; Senior Peace Commit. tee; Varsity Rowing Club. WALLACE WATROUS THOMPSON San Francisco Chemistry Chi Pi Epsilon; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Crew (1) ; A.S.U.C. Band (4) ; Symphony Orchestra (3) ; Masonic Club. WALTER ADOLPH THOMPSON San Francisco Commerce Transfer from San Francisco Junior Col- lege; Bachelordon. ROBERT JEROME TH Y KEN Oakland Commerce —Accounting Transfer from St. Mary ' s College; Adver- tising Service Bureau; Orientations. WILLARD DAVIS TIFFANY San Francisco —Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Swimming Team (1) ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Radio Engineers. AIKO TOM IYE Turlock Commerce. RALPH BRACKETT TILNEY Berkeley Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega ; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Phi. PATRICIA MARY ANN HELEN TOB I N TOCH ER San Francisco Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science —Chemistry —Psychology Counseling; Newman Transfer from Yuba Club; Commutors Junior College. Club. VIRGINIA MARGARET TOLER Berkeley Letters and Science —Anthropolog y Zeta Tau Alpha; Peli- can (1) (2) ; A.S.U.C. Card Sales Committee; Class Committees. McFARLAND TOLF Taf t Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Taft Junior College; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Ameri• can Society of Mechan- ical Engineers. MARY PATRICIA ALICE AU RELL E TOMS° N TOOLEN Palo Alto Corona Letters and Science Letters and Science —H i story. —Bacteriology Transfer from U.C. L.A. ; Chi Omega. KAZUO CARL TOR I EDA San Francisco Commerce Transfer from San Francisco Junior College. ROYAL SH IGETOK I WALTER NINA MILTON JANE DWAYNE CLARENCE MARGARET HUDSON UMEDA JOSEPH N OEL ROBBINS ELISABETH VAN DEVENTER W ILLIAM VAN EPEN TYSON Berkeley UNGER UNRUH VAIL ANCHERSEN Crescent City van de WETER I NG Roseville Pomona Engineering San Francisco Long Beach Oakland van der SCHUUR Letters and Science Altadena Letters and Science Letters and Science —Mechanical Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Oakland —Physical Education, Agriculture —Architecture Engineering —Business —History —Political Science Letters and Science Hygiene —Forestry Transfer from Sacra- Transfer from Bakers- Transfer from Cali- Administration Transfer from Long Delta Kappa Epsilon; —Public Speaking Nu Sigma Psi ; Xi Sigma Pi; mento Junior College; field Junior College. fornia Institute of Debating (1) ; Beach Junior College. Phi Phi ; Skiing (2) Honor Student; Radio Women ' s " C " Society; Forestry Club. Women ' s Dormitory Technology; American Newman Club. (3) (4). Commission. Honor Student ; Council ; Newman Club. Society of Mechanical W.A.A. (1) (2) (3) Engineers. (4) ; Physical Education Majors ' Club; Masonic Club. MARY FREDERICK IVES VALERIA B. CHARLES PHILIP MARGARET AN NETTE ELIZABETH H. E. A. FRANKLIN VEGOD KING RUTH VOLLMANN VAN FLEET VANN VANON I VAN WYE VARNEY Santa Rosa VERLEGER VI ERA Stockton Santa Rosa Antioch Saticoy Pasadena Alameda Commerce San Francisco Oakland Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Agriculture Letters and Science Engineering —Accounting Letters and Science Letters and Science —Dramatic Literature Transfer from the —Mechanical Engineering —Soil Technology Alpha Zeta; Honor —Public Health Masonic Club. —Electrical Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; —Economics Phi Kappa Sigma; —Music. Gamma Phi Beta; Class Committees. University of Wash- Kappa Sigma; Skull Student; Soil Science Scabbard and B fade ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Box- Golden Bear; Winged ington; International and Keys ; Beta Beta; Club. Pi Tau Pi Sigma. ing Team Manager Helmet; Senate; A.S. House; Alpha Phi ; Honor Student. Tri-Une; Rugby Club. (3) ; Soccer Team Manager (3). U.C. Executive Com- mittee; A.S.U.C. Peace Committee; A.S.U.C. Store Board ; Forensics Commissioner. HAROLD MAR ION LOIS ROWENA GEORGE EVERETT LOUISE MARGUERITE MERLE KAK UG I TORNQUIST TORPEN TREADWELL TREGEA TSUCH I YA Whittier Berkeley Oakland Berkeley Alameda Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce. —Political Science —Spanish. —French, Russian Transfer from ton Junior College; Pi Delta Phi ; Honor Student; Slavic Masonic Club. Delta Phi Epsilon; Pi Society. Sigma Alpha; Honor Student. JOHN JOHN LYLE FRANK MARGARET MAURICE BLAIR HERBERT DAVID LOUISE TUCKER TULLOCH TURNER TUTTLE, JR. TUTTLE Santa Barbara Piedmont Berkeley Chico Petaluma Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science —Botany —Economics —Political Science —Economics —History Transfer from Santa Phi Kappa Psi ; Peli- Abracadabra; Deputa- Transfer from New Alpha Gamma Delta. Barbara State can (1) ; Crew (1) ; tions Committee. Mexico Military College. Skiing Team (2) (4) ; Institute; Kappa Winter Sports Club. Delta Rho. Bachelor of Hearts Rosemary Lane displays lovely teeth for Sophomore Class publicity ' s sake. JOSEPH RICHARD ELVIRA MARSHALL SYLVAN HILTON JONAS LAURA VANCE HENRY WADS1NORTH, JR. WAGNER WAIDT WALDON WALL Berkeley San Francisco Minot, Bakersfield Gold Run Letters and Science Agriculture North Dakota Letters and Science Agriculture —Economics —Soil Science Letters and Science —Economics —Forestry Alpha Delta Phi; Soil Science Club. —Optometry Transfer from Bakers- U.C. Students ' Co- Golden Bear; Winged Transfer from Minot field Junior College; operative Association. Helmet; Blue and State Teachers Honor Student. Gold (2) (3), editor College. (4); Publications Council; Soccer (1). " Oomph " vocalist puts over a song for Sid Hoff ' s orchestra at an Assembly Dance. TED ESTELLE PAUL YORI ROBERT VOLLMER DOROTHEA von KEMPF WADA HENRY American Falls, von ENDE Colma Hanford WADE Idaho San Mateo Agriculture Letters and Science Santa Rosa Agriculture Letters and Science —Plant Science —Journalism Commerce —Agricultural —Dramatic Literature Transfer from San Barrington Hall; —Insurance. Economics Transfer from San Mateo Junior College; Golden Bear; Winged Big " C " Society; Mateo Junior College; Phi Gamma Delta. Helmet; Pi Delta Track (2) (3) (4); Cross Country (2) Areta. Epsilon; Daily Cali- fornian; Y.M.C.A. (3)(4). DONALD JANE JUNE BETTY EDWARD ROBERT WILLIAM EARL J. EWING MARIE WALTON WARD DAVIS LONGFELLOW KEMP RAYMOND BYRON WALLACE WALSH Red Bluff Redding WARD WARD WARD WARFORD WARNER San Diego San Francisco Letters and Science Letters and Science San Fernando Berkeley San Francisco Bakersfield Berkeley Engineering Letters and Science —Political Science —Economics Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Engineering Commerce —Electrical —English Honor Student; Blue Alpha Gamma Delta; —Chemistry —Accounting —Public Speaking —Mechanical —Finance Engineering Delta Zeta; Phrateres; and Gold (2); Y.W. Pelican; Elections Transfer from Davis. Masonic Club. Glee Club (3); Engineering Quarterdeck; Bowles Hall; Tau Beta Honor Student; Y.W. C.A. (2) (3) (4); Committee. Newman Club. International House. Intramural Sports. Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; C.A.; Newman Club. Masonic Club; Class American Institute of Committees. Electrical Engineers. RAYMOND RAN DOLPH HERBERT BARBARA FRANCIS WILLIAM ROBERT LENA JAN ICE M. HARRISON ALFRED WATKINS LEE GRANT M. ANNA JACKLEY WASARHALEY WASHBURN WATERMAN Berkeley WATSON WATSON, JR. WATTRON WAY WAYBRIGHT Oakland Washington, D. C. San Francisco Letters and Science Petaluma Berkeley Berkeley San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Comm erce Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Commerce —Chemistry —Economics —Pre-legal —H i story —Political Science —Economics —Psychology —Economics Honor Student; Transfer from North- Beta Gamma Sigma; Transfer from Santa Quarterdeck; Alpha Delta Sigma; Transfer from San Transfer from Comp- Basketball; Presi- dent ' s Reception western University; Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Delta Sigma; Phi Epsilon Chi; Honor Rosa Junior College; Alpha Sigma Phi; Masonic Club. Publications Council, chairman; Daily Cali• Francisco Junior Col- lege; Chinese ton Junior College. Committee; Big " C " Guard; Masonic Club. Students ' Council; Daily Californian (2) Newman Club. fornian (2) (3), manager (4). Students ' Club; Honor Student; Y.W.C.A. (3); California Cannoneers. ELEANOR NEIL HAROLD JOHN JUNE BERESFORD FRANCIS ELY WAYNE WEATHERALL WEAVER WEAVER Oakland Palm Springs Carmel Taft Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Agriculture —Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi. —Astronomy —Forestry Newman Club. International House; Bowles Hall. Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Xi. BEREN ICE LILLIAN WEBBER Berkeley Letters and Science —Psychology Daily Californian (1) ; A.S.U.C. Social Com- mittee (2) (3) . HARRIETT O ' HARA WEBB Oakland Letters and Science —Household Art Delta Chi Alpha; Utrimque, president; Counseling; Women ' s Activity Council; Y.W. C.A.; College Women ' s Club Juniors. CLELAND HELEN AUGUSTUS MARIE WEBER WEBSTER San Jose Santa Paula Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science —Decorative Art Transfer from San Transfer from Jose State College; versity of Redlands; International House; Honor Student. Honor Student. ANNE WAYBUR Sacramento Letters and Science —Social Philosophy Delta Gamma; Mortar Board ; Prytanean; Honor Students ' Coun- cil; A.S.U.C. V ice- Pres ident ; A.S. U .C. Executive Committee; Women ' s Executive Board; Little Theatre. DOROTHY LORAN E WEBB Alameda Letters and Science —History Sigma Sigma Pi; Little Theatre; Winter Sports Club. What ' s the matter Jimmie, did someone trump the Huskie ' s ace? JACK BAR RATT BURTON EARL WELLINGTON MILES CURRY CHARLES Berkeley WELLS WELLS WELLS Letters and Science Piedmont Santa Rosa Los Angeles Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Bachelordon; Tennis Sigma Nu; Winged Speaking —General Curriculum (1) (2) (3) (4). Helmet; Skull and Wesley Foundation. Alpha Sigma Phi; Keys; Rugby; Football Housing Board. Manager. MARY RIDOUT WEEKS Brentwood Letters and Science —Public Speaking Sigma Kappa; tanean; Mask and Dagger; Thal ian, presi- dent; Dramatics Coun- cil ; Little Theatre. FRANCES LLEWELLYN WELLS Dinuba Letters and Science Phi Omega Pi; Daily Californian (1) ; Advertising Service Bureau (1) ; Univer- sity Symphony (2) (4) ; A.S.U.C. Wo- men ' s Orchestra (1) (4) ; Masonic Club. PHYLLIS BEREN IECE WEIGAND Berkeley Letters and Science —History Masonic Club. MARTHA SYBIL WELLS Piedmont Letters and Science —H i story Delta Gamma; Honor Student; Grizzly; Personnel. JEROME WEINBERG La Crescenta Letters and Science —Zoology Transfer from U.C.L.A. ROBERT MENEFEE WELLS Beverly H ills Agriculture —Entomology Transfer from U.C. L.A.; Phi Delta Theta; Rally committee; Entomology Club. PHYLLIS AN N WEINBERG Fowler Letters and Science —Economics International House ; Y.W.C.A.; American Student Union. CECILIA ROSALIE WELSH Waterford Letters and Science —Physical Education, Hygiene Transfer from Modesto Junior College; W.A.A.; Newman Club. ROBERT RANDALL WEIR Reed ley Letters and Science —Economics Sigma Phi ; Phi Epsilon Chi; I nterfraternity Council; Sophomore Vigilante; Class Committees. ROBERT ARTHUR WERTSCH San Francisco Commerce —Economics Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Phi; Crew Manager (2) (3) ; Varsity Row ing Club. RALPH GUY WESSON San Pedro Letters and Science —English Transfer from Compton Junior College; Men ' s Dormitory Council. GEORGE S. WEST Berkeley Letters and Science Science Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Rugby. H. ELAINE WEST Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Phi Beta Kappa; Pry - tanean ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Women ' s Execu- tive Board ; Daily Californian (1) (2) (3) ; Counseling (2) (3) ; Y.W.C.A. (1) (2, (3) , Cabinet (4). BURT LOUIS WETZEL Altadena Agriculture —Poultry Husbandry Transfer from Davis; Alpha Zeta; Honor Student. MARY FRED VIRGINIA GERALDINE BARBARA WHANG GRANT GREENE WH !TAKER ELOISE San Francisco WHEELER WHEELER Piedmont WHITE Letters and Science San Francisco Pebble Beach Letters and Science Monterey —Education Letters and Science Letters and Science —Political Science Letters and Science Transfer from Uni- —General Curriculum Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi —English versity of Hawaii; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Transfer from Scripps Alpha Sigma; Pry- Transfer from Salinas Stebbins Hall; Gymnastics. College; Delta Gamma; tanean; Advertising Junior College; Steb- University Chorus. Y.W.C.A.; W.A.A.; Service Bureau; Coun- bins Hall ; W.A.A.; Class Committees. seling; Y.W.C.A.; Intramural Sports. Class Committees. DANIEL EDMUNDS WHITE Buena Park Letters and Science —Chemistry Transfer from Fuller- ton Junior College ; Chi Pi Sigma; Wrestling. BETTY LOUISE WHITE San Francisco Letters and Science —English Delta Delta Delta; Daily Californian (1) (2) ; Class Committees. Nighties meet with breezes at Pajamarino rally. JANET LUCILLE WHITE Berkeley Letters and Science —Political Science Phrateres; Little Theatre (1) (2) ; Intramural Fencing Manager (2) ; Y.W. C.A. (3) (4) ; Class Committees. JONALD RICHARD WHITE Long Beach Engineering —Mechanical Engineering Transfer from Ventura Junior College. NANCY LOUISE WHITE Santa Ana Letters and Science Transfer from Scripps College; Alpha Chi Omega; Class Committees. r REVOR ELISABETH JOHN LLOYD DENZ IL JAMES BETTY JANE BRUCE a I N CENT HOPE WH ITEH 0 USE GEORGE EMLYN CLAYTON WILCOX LOUISE CECIL WHITE W HITED Oakland WHITMAN WI DEL WIGHT Los Angeles WILDING WILDMAN San Francisco Long Beach Letters and Science Fresno Oakland La Mesa Letters and Science Oakland Long Beach Letters and Science Letters and Science —H i story. Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering —Bacteriology Letters and Science Commerce —H istory Honor Student; Glee Club. —English Transfer from Long Beach Junior College ; International House. —Economics Theta Delta Chi ; Phi Phi ; Phi Epsilon Chi ; A.S. U .C. Executive Committee; Varsity Yell Leader; Class Yell Leader (1) (2) (3) ; —Economics Big " C " Society; Track; Big " C " Sirkus, publicity chairman; Class Committees. —Electrical Engineering Transfer from San Diego State College; Eta Kappa Nu; Glee Club; American Institute of Transfer from U.C.L.A. —11 nu., Prytanean; Beaver Board ; Reception Com- mittee (1) (2) (3) , chairman (4) ; Orien- tations (2) (3), per- sonnel director (4) ; Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Alpha Delta Sigma; Blue and Gold (2). President ' s I nterfra- terni ty Advisory Electrical Engineers. Blue and Gold ; Per- sonnel (1) (2). WILLIAM ROBERT FLORENCE DONALD HESTER ARCH IE HELEN MARION ROBERT WOLFE G. VICTORIA EUGENE ANN FRANKLIN MARJORIE FISH J. WI LEMAN WILHELM WI LH ELMY WILKINS WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, JR. Fillmore Alhambra San Jose Fresno Pasadena Oakland Alameda Tulare San Pedro Agriculture Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering —Plant Pathology —Political Science —Public Health —Mechanical —Mechanical —French —Education —Civil Engineering Alpha Zeta. Kappa Sigma; Winged Transfer from San Jose Engineering Transfer from Pasadena Engineering Transfer from Uni- Delta Kappa Gamma. Transfer from U.C. Helmet; Skull and State College; Bowles Hall. Junior College ; Gamma Transfer from San versity of Texas; L.A.; Bachelordon; Keys; Football. Newman Club. Phi Beta; Prytanean, secretary ; Torch and Mateo Junior College; Big " C " Society; Winter Sports Club. American Society of Civil Engineers. Shield ; Pi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha; Sigma; Beaver Board ; Track ; Y.M.C.A. Blue and Gold (2) (3). PAUL GARLAND WILLIAMSON Ventura Letters and Science —Economics Phi Epsilon Chi ; Baton; Track (1) ; Basketball (4) ; A.S. U.C. Band (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Sophomore Vigilante. THOMAS CARL WILSON Oakland Letters and Science —Economics Scabbard and Blade. DOROTHY JANE WILSON Benicia Letters and Science —Decorative Art Alpha Delta Pi; Delta Chi Alpha; Little Theatre (2) (3) ; Elections Council (3) (4). GLENN WAYNE W I M BERLEY McFarland Letters and Science —Chemistry Transfer from Bakers- field Junior College. HAROLD EDGAR WILSON Long Beach Engineering —Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DAVID W. WING Sacramento Engineering —Civil Engineering Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; American Society of Civil Engineers. JESS CHARLES WILSON, JR. Sacramento Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Tri -line; Beta Beta; Rugby Football Manager; In- terfraternity Council, MARGARET ELIZABETH WINGATE El Cerrito Commerce Transfer from Stanford University; Alpha Xi Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Treble Clef; Counseling; Blue and Gold (2). ROBERT G. WILSON Long Beach Letters and Science —Geology Sigma Phi Epsilon; Circle " C " Society; Wrestling Team Man- ager; U.C. Geological Society. VIRGINIA WIN KELMAN Oakland Letters and Science —Journalism Motor Board ; Prytan- ean; Publications Council ; Daily Califor- nian (1) (2) (3) , women ' s editor (4) ; Women ' s Activity Council ; Y.W.C.A. California ' s Governor Olson forgets politics to enjoy the Bear-Trojan encounter. PHILIP F R I DA KATHRYN LEONARD HAROLD ROBERT JAMES EVERETT NORBERT ALWi N BARBARA DeLOSS A. FRANKLIN JAMES VINCENT MA RSILY HAROLD WINTER WI NTERS WINTON Vi I P FLER WISE WISE WISEMAN 1NITZEL WO H LETZ Oakland Santa Barbara Oakland Mento Park Redwood City Las Angeles Upland San Francisco Los Mol inos Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Commerce Commerce Agriculture Letters and Science Commerce Agriculture —Economics. —Psychology —H istory Transfer from Menlo —Labor Relations —Forestry —Chemistry —Agricultural Transfer from Riverside Delta Delta Delta. Junior College. Transfer from San Transfer from Los Transfer from Chaff ey Alpha Sigma Phi ; Economics. Junior College; Mask Jose State College; Angeles Junior College; Junior College; Phi Phi ; Track and Dagger; Intramural Sports; Dormitory As- sociation; Interna- tional House, associate member. Honor Student; Intra- mural Sports; Student Advisory Bureau. Bowles Hall. Wesley Foundation. (1) (2). OLIVER LORRAINE MARJORIE GERTRUDE VIRGINIA ARTHUR DELPHA WILLIAM WYMON DWIGHT ARDYTH JANE MAE ANN WOLLERT CAMEON DALLAS WA I WOLCOTT WOLF WOLF WOLFSEN WOLL Oakland WOLLERT WON WON Berkeley San Francisco Stockton Turlock Long Beach Engineering Orange San Francisco Berkeley Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Electrical Letters and Science Letters and Science Engineering —Economics —French —Psychology —General Curriculum —Public Speaking Engineering —English —Bacteriology. —Mechanical Pi Sigma; Crew ; Transfer from College Transfer from Stockton Phi Mu. Transfer from Long Scabbard and Blade ; Transfer from Santa Engineering Basketball; Forestry of the Pacific; Beta Junior College; Alpha Beach Junior College; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Ana Junior College; Chinese Students ' Club. Phi Alpha ; Interna- Gamma Delta; Pelican Alpha Omicron Pi; American Institute of Sigma Sigma Pi. Club; American Society tional House; associate member; Ma ison Fran- caise ; Christian (3) (4) . Intramural Sports ; Crop and Saddle; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. Electrical Engineers. of Mechanical Engineers. Science Society; Masonic Club. " One—two—three—four—five .. . you .. . ! " EARL KATHERINE GRACE LORI N BALDWIN DICK MAY MARJORIE FRED C. WONG WOO WOOD WOODCOCK WOODS Sacramento San Francisco Little Rock, Alton Berkeley Commerce Letters and Science Arkansas Engineering Letters and Science —Business —Bacteriology Letters and Science —Civil Engineering —Economics Administration Counseling; W.A.A.; —Dramatic Literature Transfer from Hum- Chi Psi ; Tennis ; Chinese Students ' Y.W.C.A.; Student Thalian; Little boldt State College; Intramural Sports. Club. Health Committee; Theatre; Class Tau Beta Pi; Chi Public Health Forum. Committees. Epsilon. PHILIP VERNON OLGA BERNARD IN E ELIZABETH LUTTGEN LEWIS WOROPAIEFF MAXI NE CAROLYN WOODWORTH WOOLLEY Petaluma WRIGHT WRIGHT Berkeley Ventura Letters and Science San Francisco Pasadena Letters and Science Agriculture —Psychology Letters and Science Letters and Science Science —Entomology International House; — Alpha Tau Omega; Transfer from Ventura Parliament; Davis International House; Fencing Manager (4). Junior College; Alpha Society, president. Delta Sigma Theta. Zeta; Honor Student; Entomology Club. PATRICIA HOBERT MARGARET FRED HARRIET SEIKO MASATOSH I MIYE LILLIAN ANN HAROLD ELIZABETH LOWRY ELIZABETH YAKAH I YAMAG UCH I YAMASAK I N OBU KO WRIGHT WRIGHT WYANT WYATT WYCKOFF San Francisco San Leandro Modesto YAMAUCH I Long Beach Riverside Nevada City Oakland Long Beach Engineering Chemistry Agriculture Berkeley Letters and Science Commerce Letters and Science Letters and Science Letters and Science —Electrical Honor Student; —Soil Science. Letters—and Science Theta Xi. —Anthropology. —Pre-Medical —H istory. Engineering American Chemical Transfer from Loot Sigma Chi ; Winged Eta Kappa Nu; Society. Japanese Women ' s Beach Junior College; Helmet; Phi Phi ; American Institute of Student Club. Phrateres; Sigma Tri-Une; Track; Electrical Engineers. Sigma Pi; Women ' s Symphony Orchestra (3) (4) ; Deputations President ' s I nterfra- ternity Advisory Com- mittee; Class Committee (3) (4) ; Committees. Y.W.C.A. (4). GEORGE LILY WILBERT MARY EDWIN KAZUE HAJI ME BERTEN FREDERICK YASU KOCH I EVA YUEN: GLADYS DOTSON YOKOH AR I YOSH IZAWA HOWARD YOUNG San Francisco YEE KONG YERKES YOCKY Red Bluff Oakland YOUNG Berkeley Letters and Science San Francisco YEE Denver, Colorado Long Beach Letters and Science Engineering San Francisco Letters and Science Science Japanese Students ' Letters and Science —Economics Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Commerce Transfer from the Engineering —Mechanical —French Japanese Women ' s —Civil Engineering. Agriculture —Soil Science. —Economics Golden Bear; Scabbard Club ; Pi Sigma Alpha ; Hono r Student; A.S. U.C. Peace Committee. Chinese Students ' Club. Letters and Science —Physics, Optometry Transfer from the University of Hawaii; Chinese Students ' Club; Pi Alpha Phi ; Swimming Team. University of Colorado; Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Chi Theta; Grizzly; University Chorus; Orientations Commit- tee; W.A.A.; Com- merce Association ; Masonic Club. Engineering Transfer from Long Beach Junior College; Del Rey ; Big " C " Society; Eta Kappa Nu; Baseball (2). Student Club. and Blade; Honor Student, president; Orientations Council, vice-president; Depu• tations Committee; International House, associate member. JEAN ALEC FRANK DORIS HELEN YU I LL•TH ORNTON CHARLES ISABELLE YU I LL Hillsborough ZABALDAN 0 ZAK Palo Alto Letters and Science Puente Sacramento Letters and Science —Architecture Agriculture Letters and Science —Economics Transfer from San —Entomology. —Economics Alpha Phi ; Honor Mateo Junior College; Transfer from Sacra- Student; Y.W.C.A.; Delta Epsilon; Ham- mento Junior College; Intramural Sports. ster and Coffin; Peli- can, editor; Daily Sigma Sigma Pi; Y.W.C.A.; Class Californian Art Staff; Committees. Grizzly, art director; Little Theatre. EGISTO ERMA DOROTHY FRIEDA FRED IRENE ELEANOR Z I MELMAN ZANCA I ZEEK ZELLER Sacramento Jackson Ukiah Hayward Letters and Science Engineering Letters and Science Commerce —General Curriculum —Civil Engineering. —Economics. —Economics Masonic Club. Transfer from Sacra- mento Junior College. Coatless seniors suffer heat wave to attend the first Senior Sings. NATALIE SARALEE HAROLD GEORGE VERNE JANE JUNE JAN IS JOSEPH LEA ZUMWALT ANDERSON KIYASH I DAVID FONG GREEN BERG LOU ISE D. ZISSER Tulare San Jose A RASE CARLSTROM Oakland San Francisco KENNEY MacDONALD San Francisco Letters and Science Pharmacy Fresno Kingsbury Pharmacy Pharmacy Piedmont St. Helena Letters and Science —History Kappa Psi; Class Pharmacy Pharmacy Chinese Students ' Transfer from San Nursing Pharmacy —Music Gamma Phi Beta; Vice-President (4). Japanese Students ' —Pharmaceutical Club; Sigma Kappa Francisco Junior Alpha Tau Delta. Kappa Psi ; Pharmacy Alpha Mu; Little Intramural Board Club; Sigma Kappa Chemistry Theta; Orientations College. Student Body Presi- Theatre; A.S.U.C. Social Committee; ception Committee; (2) ; Y.W.C.A. Re- Theta. Transfer from Reedley Junior College; Kappa Psi. Committee; Class Secretary (3). dent (4) ; San Fran- cisco California Club, chairman. W.A.A. ; Scholarship Committee. FRANK MIR IAM BEVERLY NORMA GENE ROBERT GEORGE JOHN ROSS TSUYOSH I E. E. WARREN JAN JAMES HEIJI PERSH I NG W. ONO RADEMACHER RIPPY SHARP STRZEL EC K I EMERSON KITAHARA STANLEY YOUNG San Diego Butte City Visalia Berkeley Berkeley Inglewood Reed ley Parlier Stockton Pharmacy Nursing Pharmacy Nursing. Pharmacy Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Transfer from San Areta; Counseling ; Kappa Psi. Phi Delta Chi ; —Agricultural —Plant Science —Agricultural —Horticulture. Diego State College; Epworth Club. Track (2) (3). Education Japanese Students ' Education Japanese Students ' Calpha ; Executive Club ; Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Epsilon; Club. Committee; Student Chi ; H ousing Board Baseball (2) (3) (4) ; Boby Secretary; Foot- ball (2) (3) ; Home- coming Chairman; (4) ; Blue and Gold (2) ; Boxing (4) ; Sophomore Vigilante. Debating (3) (4) ; Gilmore Education Club. Picnic Day, host. PETER VUKASIN MARJORIE JONES president vice-president HAROLD WILLIAMS CLOYD DAWSON secretary-treasurer yell-leader Snapping into the spirit of their theme, " Naughty-Cal but Nice, " the juniors opened their riotous weekend on October 27, with an uncensored version of the Hecht and MacArthur Broadway success " Twentieth Century. " Would-be junior thespians had their chance for foot- light fame in this saga of one wild ride on New York Central ' s crack limited. After having established the Esthonian sailor hat as the latest creation for campus wear, the juniors, modish in their naval chapeaux, arrived at the marine luncheon at noon and were entertained by an orchestra and a group of old salts executing a unique jig. Following the luncheon, the juniors noisily ser- pentined to a reserved section in the stadium to witness the University of Southern California football game. As a climax for this weekend, of frolic, the annual Junior Prom, main event of the junior year, was held on the three decks of the swank Aquatic Casino in San Francisco ' s new Aquatic Park. Taking advantage of Leap Year, a " King " usurped the throne of the traditional " Queen " and reigned over the Junior Informal at the Claremont Hotel in the spring semester. A fashion show, followed by the annual luncheon for junior women terminated the successful junior year. 123 JUNIOR WEEK-END The Junior Farce starts the week-end off at a high pace aboard the " Twentieth Century " . Junior Prommers ascend to upper deck for dancing. Drinks, cigarettes, and small talk supply between-dance entertainment. Nautical week-enders appear in formal attire for the hall, JUNIOR INFORMAL An amateur attempts to imitate the maestro to the amusement of the bystanders. Cal co-ed appears highly amused at the opportunity to lead Freddie Nagel ' s band. Dancers crowd the Garden Room of the Claremont Hotel at the Junior Informal. Vocalist croons expressively for juniors at their Spring Leap Year Dance. Queen Rosemary Lane and her " ideal dates " arrive at the Soph Hop. Junior Prommers star-gaze on the deck of the Aquatic Casino, Daily Cal " chief " enjoys an intermission chat at the Senior Spring Informal. Junior class officers meet socially at their Prom, CLASS DANCES Seniors talk over graduation plans at the Spring Informal, Round table discussions are a popular feature of the Senior Fall Informal, DON MORGAN NANCY BURTON president vice-president GORDON KAYLOR WILLARD KNAPP secretary-treasurer yell-leader Revivals of old traditions and the establishment of new customs marked the sophomore activity record for the year. Campus women at last came into their own, as a " Sadie Hawkins " leap year dance and their own share of freshman hazing gave them equal rights with their class brothers. Green hair ribbons dotting the female members of the freshman class showed that the sopho- more women ' s vigilante committee was on the job. Car- rying on their class responsibilities in a more domestic vein, doting sophomore women carried coffee and dough- nuts to the brawny Big " C " guards. The sophomore class got a first-hand look at Holly- wood glamour when they entertained Rosemary Lane,-2 selected as the " ideal date " in a nation-wide college poll. The occasion was the annual Soph Hop held at San Francisco ' s Aquatic Casino, which Miss Lane attended as the honored guest of the class. " Cooperation " was one of the many sophomore pass- words, for under the direction of President Don Morgan, the traditional Soph Labor Day brought forth hordes of loyal sophs clad in jeans and hickory shirts to paint the Big " C " and weed the trails leading up to it. 127 SOPH HOP Rosemary Lane speaks from the Aquatic Casino over coast-to-coast hook-up during the Soph Hop. Cal students crowd around to take a good look at their " ideal date " . Would-be vocalists fill the Crow ' s Nest of the Casino during intermissions. Soph President Don Morgan presents Rosemary Lane with " Bachelor of Hearts " degree. SOPHOMORE LABOR DAY SOPHOMORE VIGILANTES Back Row: Wellington, Sproul, Foreman, Misch, Casey, Garvey. Third Row: Hoeffer, Diehl, Ford, Bower, Reding, Nelson. Second Row: Pleasants, Reynolds, Sugden, Arnold, Nisson, Wilson, Sale. First Row: Carpenter, Willi, McCarthy, Knapp, Bult, Kaylor. The Barn Dance is attended by a large throng of farmers. Sophomores enjoy intermission entertainment at the Barn Dance. I Brawny Sophs prove they know how to wield a pick and shovel. College men resort to primitive tactics in this unscheduled event at the Brawl. A fire hose proves no hindrance to these men running for the glory of their class. Fresh and soph men slither through the mud as Big " C " men hose them in the obstacle relay. One minute they are up, the next down, in the jousting event won by the fresh. BRAWL A freshman is strangled as he refuses to let go the sandbag. This gentleman " loses his pants " , an old Brawl custom. ROBERT DOUTH ITT SH I RLEY POLLARD President Vice-President RICHARD LIPPI Yell Leader RICHARD HAMILTON Secretary-Treasurer " Burn the dinks, " the hostile freshmen yelled. " We buy dinks only because the more we have the more we burn. " The stubborn class of ' 43 defied sophomore hazing despite the fact that frosh men caught dinkless, smoking cigarettes, or queening had to sweep Wheeler steps with toothbrushes. The newly organized Women ' s Vigilantes compelled freshman girls to wear green hair-ribbons. The revengful frosh whipped up a lively class spirit, and enthusiastic rebels kidnapped Sophomore President Don Morgan but returned him unharmed to the brawl scene. Pugilists warmed up with a juicy fruit fight. Rivalry was high to the last event, and sophomorescwere ahead, but the frosh triumphed in the relay and won the brawl, 4 to Instead of rushing Sophomore Lawn after organized hostilities ceased, the victors paraded through the streets and burned a " 43 " on the giant oak paddle. The celebration carried over to the spring semester when 200 freshmen journeyed to Stanford to be enter- tained with a " Day on the Farm. " Again the frosh cut loose at the Freshie Glee Dance on April 20 in Hearst Gymnasium. 131 G Freshmen take time out during an intermission to talk things over. The Freshie Glee is enjoyed by many socially-minded freshmen. Dancers pause at the bandstand to watch the orchestra play. Hearst gym does not offer the best of eating facilities for tired dancers. Joe Reichnien amuses the customers at the o ' the Mark. " " Dance over there, I see a clear space. " Shades of Emily Post, .1cok at the pipe! ASUC Secretary and party sit one cut. 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' 7• ' S • • .1. 0 ' .% ,.. ..-.• ..,•••;,,,,,, ,,,,,....s,.., , .. - ..,., _ .• • r.: • .0 " ...., . . ' 1. .1 ' ' ' ' ' , ' , " ' " ' -.••• ,• " ......., • ' ,V • 66, ,e,-...! ' a: r.4........... 0.6.66166,......16V,16V1,1, ' ,.....•:.71 ,..1,41., ' ,.t...:::,•Ify.11,0,0,:nr, 0,.... " :1,0.4, ,..04 ' ...,,,,,,r‘.,04..,... " 1 " ,,,,V,,,,,, " ,--: ,r,-, __ .._..- .- ... - • - •_-___••-. • - - - • _ _ • . . A _ .. . • ....• ..••..., . •. •.... • ...... " Hey fellows, what ' s the attraction? " " Clutch " Coogan watches over the sleeping beauties. Band aids in the celebration of grid en thusiasts. " How does it look now, Stub? " The train is converted into a social hall on the trip south. The usual poker session takes place enroute L.A. SOUTHWARD BOUND Throngs hoard the train at the Berkeley station on their way to Los Angeles. The UCLA Homecoming Queen poses with Yvonne Cyr, Cal representative at the pre-game rally Cal rooters are given a large send-off as they leave for the south. Card playing helps Bear rooters while away the long hours on the train. C. L. A. EXCURSION " Owl " jam session features homemade swing music. Train tricks and other gags are always a part of the trip to L. A. enroll now dM rs Ity • • your U •t. " Buy your Golden Bear here! " Frosh woman falls a victim to the sophs. " Keep both cards out, please.• Mickey Clark makes another sale. President and Provost talk on way to lunch. Needed, one pair of pants, quick! THE CANDID CAMERA Cigar smoking freshman amuses Wheeler step gatherers. Sailing is a popular women ' s sport. Soph Vigilantes concentrate on feminine froth oo " ' " ' " er 4 WM. Tee game ' s beh inu you The band leads the victory serpentine. The University Press Building nears completion. Too much Sirkus celebrating, no doubt. Rosemary Lane takes in a Cal football game. Chastised frosh scrubs Wheeler steps with toothbrush. Daily Cal editors relax between deadlines. The band rehearses half time stunts. THE MAGIC EYE The famous between-class scene on Wheeler steps. Staff Photographer John Black has the tahl es turned. Visiting Bears turn out for practice session. ADAMS BROWNELL GORDON BADT CONNICK HOISHOLT BELL DIETERICH PRICE JAMES KEENE ASUC President BROWN FREEBORN EXECUTIVE Without a formal " come to order " ... amidst rustling of the agenda . . . and the chatter of noisy visitors .. . with cigarette smoke clouding the room . . . aided by a serious secretary . . . guided by sound opinions of an alumni representative . . . this year Ex Committee achieved the final reorganization of Welfare Council ... formed a plan of action to stay out of the war which has been forced on Europe . . . took steps toward study and elimination of racial discrimination . . . raised loan funds to aid needy foreign students . . . presented the issue of enfranchisement to the voting public . . . ap- proved disbursements of seven figures . . . decided to 140 WATTRON PRIESTLEY ANNE WAYBUR ASUC Vice•President RALSTON SPEED TAYLOR WHITMAN VERLEGER VUKASIN GOLDSWORTHY STREET GRIFFITHS COMMITTEE consolidate all drives for money into one Campus " Chest " drive per semester . . . banned stores which would not adopt " Fair Bear " standards . . . sent unoffi- cial delegates to the East Bay Youth Conference . . . resolved not to patronize industries on which a strike had been called ... outlined a plan for the reorganization of the ASUC . . . and planned the establishment of a noontime " Hyde Park " open forum in Faculty Glade . . . at the weekly meetings, vice-president and women ' s rep- resentative sometimes entered late, but with disarming smiles . . . movement for adjournment was readily seconded when it was past eleven p.m. . . . and tired, yawning members went home to study. 141 KENNETH PRIESTLEY General Manager GRADUATE MANAGERS Back Row: Penry, Davis, Fischer, Priestley, Frederick. Front Row° Bumstead, Abrams, Catoire, Clarke. FINANCE COMMITTEE Back Row: Gordon, Taylor, Keene. Front Row: Priestley, Waybur, Putnam, Nichols. 142 Quiz in ASUC Business Administration. . . . Q. What was last year ' s net profit? . . . A. 1938-39 net profit— $93,334.95. . . . Q. Was there an increase or decrease in profits as compared with 1937-38? . . . A. Decrease. . . . Q. Why? . . . A. Because of a decline in revenue from athletics and the initiation of a retirement fund plan for ASUC employees. . . . Q. What activities were profit- able? . .. A. Athletics, publications, store, cafe, field concessions, general student body.... Q. What were the liabilities? . . . A. Welfare, W.A.A., Little Theatre, Music, miscellaneous activities, upkeep of Stephens Union and Eshleman . . . answers by Graduate Manager Ken Priestley who plans and organizes ASUC affairs. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Back Row: Gunther, Kling, Calich, Lindman, Hope, Humphreys, Routh, Standish, Rosston, Rice, Anderson. Fifth Row: Young, Pomeroy, McConnell, Bochnak, Lee, Powell, Ferroggiaro, Goodson, Van Slyke, Taylor, Hambley, McIntyre. Fourth Row: Newell, Maryon, Criss, Russell, LaRue, Rex, Ferguson, Vandiver, Langley, Johnson, Henes. Third Row: Lapidaire, Colby, Burkhard, Darling, Agosti, Seulberger, Ellis, Pettis, Spear, Schottky. Second Row: Clark, Gabbert, Nilsson, Monroe, Darnell, Struckmeyer, Bullock, O ' Neal, Bomash. Front Row: Mauzy, Hartter, Silcox, Chipchase, Porter, Sutliff, Mills, Curran. BUREAU OF PUBLIC RELATIONS High school seniors met campus bigwigs . . . enjoyed free rides up the Campanile . . . had special seats at the fall football games . . . danced in Stephens Union after- wards . . . when the Bureau of Public Relations held a series of orientation days for East Bay high school students. The Bureau ' s office bulged continually with busy committee members and im- portant meetings . . . campus representatives spoke before school assemblies . . . high school student body presidents met on campus to discuss educational problems .. . ASUC officers and outstanding California students led discussions before local com- mercial clubs . . . radio commission produced programs set in campus atmosphere . . . visitations committee acted as hosts to many visiting groups . . . the news bureau distributed bulletins of campus activities and news of hometown " heroes " to state newspapers . . . all fulfilling the Bureau ' s purpose of acquainting outsiders with California ' s traditions and achievements. DICK YOUNG Chairman 143 GEORGE GORDON Fal I Chairman WELFARE COUNCIL Back Row: Fishman, G ickf eld, Cotton, Thompson. Second Row: Ralston, MacKenzie, Haas, Johnson. Front Row: Gordon, chairman, Giarde, Collins, King, Ham. Welfare Council ' s new policy . . . more complete co- ordination of sub-committees ... through the efforts of Chairman Louis DeLaney and Labor Board, more of the " Greeks " adopted " Fair Bear " standards . . . under John Ham, Housing Board acted as a " clearing house " for students looking for lodgings . . . the new Health Com- mittee, launched by Marian Johnson and Irving Terzich, cooperated with Cowell to prevent disease on campus ... while Student Relations Committee, directed by Jean MacKenzie, studied racial problems. BOB SPEED Spring Chairman HEALTH COMMITTEE Back Row: Kling, Gunther, Johnson, Kash land, Rosenberg, Ziegler, Spieg I. Second Row: Goldman, Collins, Farno, Haas, Sigrand, Ireland. Front Row: Gaffney, Myers, H eying, Johnson, Mankins, Lawrence. STUDENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE Back Row: Tashima, Rockenfield, Mita, Evers. Front Row: Ralston, MacKenzie, Hines. LABOR BOARD Back Row: McPherson, Berman, Fishman, Akamatsu, DeLaney. Front Row: M aloes, Nelson, Barton, Ball, Nisbet, Gardner. HOUSING BOARD Back Row: Cook, Pickett, Asdell, Cotton, Goldman, Chan, A. Second Row: Wells, Hewitt, Ham, Koshland, Spiegl, Chan, R. Front Row: Mattair, Curtis, Dayton, Henck, Cuneo. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Election days ... each a frenzy of activity for Elections Council . . . polls kept open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. . . . at Sather Gate, North Gate, Eshleman Court, Life Sciences Building ... folded slips of paper dropped from the hands of thoughtful students to slowly fill the boxes . . . sundown .. . weary council members gathered in Eshleman ... impatient and excited members of each can- didate ' s political " machine " surrounding them ... as they counted the ballots . . . tabulated and released the results DOUGLAS BADT Chairman to decide ASUC elections . . . elections of class officers . . . elections of yell leaders . . . in addition, the council conducted straw votes " What is your view of the neu- trality bill? " . . . " What do you think about the United State ' s foreign policy ? " . . . " Should seniors be required to take medical examinations? " . . . and surveys of student opinion on pertinent questions . . . " Do Univer- sity men prefer blondes? " . . . " What are the attributes of the ideal ' date ' ? " Back Row: Talbott, High, Riksheiin, Badt, Kujachich. Fifth Row: Miller, Weissich, Gautschi, Regello, Reynolds, Spiegl. Fourth Row: Fjeldsted, Gillette, McMillan, Platt, Swirsky, Goodrich, Reilly, Slater, Wesling. Third Row: Welch, Grimm, Powell, Sargent, Smith, Simpkin, Wilson, Landgren, Hochfeld. Second Row: Mueti ng, Perlin, Stearns, Green, Fleming, Riordan, Anderson, Gordon. First Row: Coe, Jeffcoat, Rosenbaum, Koshland, Heiman, Siegel, Galser, Marshall. CAR SALES Back Row: Holyoake, Folsom, Ccoper, Kierulff, Campbell, Walker. Fourth Row: Chan, Taylor, Dawson, Jones, Bennett, Mita, Wolf. Third Row: Clark, Goelzer, Welch, Ackerly, McAlpine, Wocdhy. Second Row: Barton, Long, Henry, Butler, Piper, Barr, Garcia. Front Row: Lockwood, Lewinson, Cronbach, Ponsford, Gadsden, Peterson, Takata, Curran. HONOR STUDENTS ' COUNCIL Back Row: Adamson, Keene, Maker, Waybur, McPherson, Sherman, Waterman. Second Row: Stetson, Taber, Chittick, Abdallah, Darling, Chester. Front Row: Young, Driggers, Salanave, Rosston. TOM FOLSOM Chairman The sun glared . . . noses peeled . . . ASUC Card Salesmen thought of a new publicity gag . . . invited all cardholders to enroll in their Bedlam University . . . offered stiff courses in jittering, guessing, peanut-rolling, and goldfish guzzling . . . gave prizes to their " A " students . . . these bedlam artists caught the attention of the whole campus . . . heckled, screeched, shouted . . . awarded prizes to their top salesmen . . . pushed sales to a total of 10,273. Contrast . . . calm-faced Honor Students easing the turmoil of registration as students flock to their faculty advisers . . gay Honor Students dancing . . . competent Student Advisory Board members rescuing frightened students at " cinch notice " time . . . peppy Honor Students on an excursion . . . two kinds of activities for Honor Students . . . service to others . . . entertainment for themselves . . . as Honor Students ' Council behind the scenes of each . . . makes the wheels go ' round. RICHARD YOUNG JOHN McPHERSON Fall President Spring President 146 MEN ' S JUDICIAL Back Row: Howden, Van Tonningen, Alston. Front Row: Thelen, Kidder, Mounticy, Gourdin. valgr3- ' ,.m.t7teriv,tmvatrEna ED HOWDEN MAX THELEN Fall Chairman Spring Chairman Some call them " J " men . . . but tracking crim- inals is outside their sphere . . . Men ' s Judicial Committee members investigated reported cases of cheating in exams . . . " scalping " and loaning ASUC cards . . . stuffing ballot boxes . . . they con- sulted university hand-writing experts when neces- sary . . . if the case was clear against the offender, they meted out just penalties . . . often placed the student on parole . . . and sought to encourage in him the Cal ideal of fair play. Not a group of stuffed shirts . . . but a commit- tee of co-eds . . . earnestly trying to be just . . . in refereeing offenses of other girls . . . and solving problems vital to the student body . . . informal meetings . . . discussions with the offender . . . penalties recommended . . . this year the committee helped to abolish Cal ' s farcical and inadequate " honor " system in exams . . . and in order to pro- tect the majority . . . replaced it with a system of supervision. ROSEMARY LANGHELDT Chairman Back Row: McFarland, Jones, Orchison, Lyman. Front Row: Dodds, Hoisholt, Langheldt, Wayhur. WOMEN 147 Back Row : D i eterich, Curtis, Freeborn, Andrews, Norton, Bahme, DaSilveira, Chan, Gould. Third Row : Rankin, Baker, Allen, McBride, Puente, Dawson, Rice. Second Row ' F itzS i mmons, Boyer, Loschenkohn, Brereton, Davies, H umphreys, Cleveland. Front Row: Adams, Rice, Kuney, Fender, H organ, Marshall, Fisher, Forcey. TOM ADAMS Chairman ORIENTATIONS How did this year ' s frosh and transfers get to know their way around? . . . they tangled with registration red tape . . . emerged still in a fog . . . smiling counselors nabbed them . . . ironed out their troubles . . . explained mystifying terms " dinks, " " cinches, " " bluebooks " .. . gave " off the record, " " off the record advice " about profs and " pipe " courses ... herded their frightened charges to social events to meet professors and other people who count . . . campus tour leaders answered their baffling questions . . . " How high is the Campanile? " . . . " Why do dogs bark in the Life Sciences Building? " . . . or .. . " Where is the Little Theatre, anyway? " . . . newcomers saw all of the extra-curricular " side-show " by participat- ing in Activities Roundups . . . learned how they could become Thalian players, newspaper reporters, ASUC " dealers, " or Eshleman court barkers . . . through Orien- tations Council ' s efforts thousands soon felt at home. ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL Gordon, O ' Neal, Loschenkohn, Young, Crossfield, Adams. Faculty and student speakers lead Orientations meeting for new students. Petersen, Gordon, Nilsson, Dangott, Lewis. GEORGE GORDON Chairman MIXER DANCE Bi-weekly scene in the men ' s gym . . . University students cavorting at Assembly Dances . . . gay-colored streamers draped from the rafters . . . revolving ball of fifteen hundred mirrors illumined by " baby spots " .. . rainbow-colored flecks of light romping on the walls . . . hundreds of gay dancers . . . stag line busily check- ing each dancing coed . .. Ray Noble ' s smooth dance band for a special treat. Friday night Mixer Dances . . . the best in recorded music, pleasing to both jitterbugs and smoothies . . . skill displayed during waltz and jig dance contests .. . wild and enthusiastic gyrations . . . new friendships struck up on every side . . . and, to insure a real " mixer-upper " .. both fellows and gals came stag. ASSEMBLY DANCE Last Row : Nilsson, Petersen, Lewis, White, Bickert, Scheimer, Geddis. Second Row : Fister, Chittick, Sammis, Heath, Herrington. Front Row : Perry, Cayot, Chasson, Fletcher, Schei beer. RAY CAYOT Chairman Chan, Keene, Nisbet, Chester. Rohrer. RAYMOND CHAN Chairman Free speech on the campus ... pro and con on any question of student interest ... while attentive students listened, faculty members and students aired their views, ... collectivism versus isolationism on the peace issue ... retention of the present ASUC set-up versus reorganiza- tion ... exclusion of non-cardholders from voting privi- The Mad Engineer broke loose again this year . . . a terrifying figure in his ape suit and mortar board . . . he stalked from the isolated cave of the " barbarians " on the north side of the campus . . . roamed the south side to " measure up the women " . . . invited a favored few to the annual Fall Semi-formal Engineers ' Ball and the leges versus enfranchisement of all university students ... comments from the floor were welcomed after the planned discussions ... to be on the alert for vital prob- lems and to plan the meetings was the function of Open Forum Board. COUNCIL Engineers ' Spring Barn Dance . . . plagued the rambling wrecks who refused to attend his jigs . . . Engineers ' Council complimented him on his recruiting . . . they planned the dances . . . also group activities for the mechanical, civil, and electrical engineers, the chemists, and the miners. L Back Row: Slipper, Slack, Thomas, Calkins, Ruvkun. Second Row: Kellogg, Jespersen, Black. Front Row: Pulling, Puck, Murdoch, K lner. VICTOR KASTE ROBERT MURDOCH Spring Chairman Fall Chairman 150 LEE ROBERTS Chairman A.S.U.C. STORE BOARD Back Row: Priestley, Christiansen, Verleger. Sharp. Front Row : Roberts, Dowd, Hoisholt. STORE BOARD The Coop . . . the Coffee Shop at noon . . . throngs enjoying college atmosphere and good clean food . . . three o ' clock jam . . cokes and the blare of canned music . . . stationery, books, supplies . . . bought with more enthusiasm since the installment of the rebate plan . . . now students will share the store ' s profits . . . behind these scenes moves the Student Store Board . . . investi- gating and advising . . . formulating and enacting new policies . . . striving to increase efficiency . . . promoting student good will . . . with the rebate plan working, the board turned to expanding the store ' s facilities. PE ACE COMMITTEE Peace, peace at any price . . . the theme song of the ASUC Peace Committee . .. circulating peace petitions . . . arranging for student peace meetings with well- known speakers . . . planning for the presentation of a course to educate the students of the University on the subjects of war and peace . . . starting refugee and Far Eastern student drives . . . conducting R.O.T.C. surveys, including Morris Glickfeld ' s extensive report . . . all this activity did not keep the organization from having its frequent get-togethers with faculty members in open forum discussions. Back Row: Sherman, Canright, Holcomb, Cloke, Yasukochi. Front Row : G I ickf eld, Frost, Rohrer, Ziegenfuss,Giordano. MARGARET ROHRER Chairman 151 Skiers trade experiences while thawing out by the fireplace. Week-enders lend a willing hand in the Ski Lodge kitchen. Dancing follows a hard day of skiing. The Norden Ski Lodge is almost covered with a mantle of snow. THE SKI LODGE Hungry skiers impatiently await dinner. Coach Ebright beams from the patrons ' table. " It ' s your lead, deal ie! " Mrs. Sproul tells a good story with gestures. Vocalist adds " oomph " to the orchestra. THE CREW DANCE Many are attracted to the crew " training table. " Cocktails and conversation are featured between dances. Californians jam the Greek Theatre for the Big Game Rally. Scphs cut up at Labor Day barn dance. Hard-working sophs clear Big " C " Trail during annual Labor Day. U.C. Flying Club members try out their newest plane. BETWEEN CLASSES Town Hall of the Lawn draws crowds to a regular noon meeting. Junior Informal couples present bids to ticket-taker. Silhouetted against the sky, Crop and Saddle take an evening ride. Co-ed diver defies the height of the Campanile. Fencers are a study in poise and balance. Socc ayers rush for possession of the ball on Hearst Gym lawn. COED ATHLETICS Co-ed player shoots for the basket. Cal mermaids off to a racing start. Badminton player lunges for a low one. OMEN ' S ACTIVITY BERRYH ILL BOWER APPENZELLER AY RA ULT BARKER BECKER CROSSFIELD GAR DELLA BURTON CHAPIN CONN ICI( CRAIG IVEY JONES GORDON GRANT GRILL HENRY LANGHELDT LIBBEY LIVINGSTON LYONS Five o ' clock . . . every other Wednesday . . . the dig- nified atmosphere of the Council Room . . . camouflaged in clouds of smoke .. . setting for Women ' s Activity Council . . . a representative group of co-ed activity heads . .. led by Women ' s Representative Virginie Hoisholt . . . heated discussions on problems recommended by Women ' s Executive Board . . . enfranchisement . . . Razz- berry censure . . . revision of house rules . . . racial dis- crimination . . . points of campus interest and activity betterment . . . Orientations education programs were 158 VIRG IN IE H OISH OLT Women ' s Representative • 0 McFARLAN D MOORHEAD REICHEL WAYBUR McCORMICI MOORE, P. POLLARD WEBB MOORE, E. O ' NEAL STREET WILDING McHENRY NELSON SILBERMAN WEST PH ILLIPS TAPER WINKELMAN COUNCIL sponsored . . . reports given on finances and activity plans . . . women ' s activities appointments recommended .. . arrangements made for get-togethers with sorority and boarding house activity chairmen . . . representation granted to Student Relations Committee and the Student Workers Federation . . . and the value of activities con- sidered . . . hungry activity heads remained until agenda was completed . . . despite six o ' clock appointments at Sather Gate. 159 WOMEN ' S ORIENTATIONS ELENA CROSSFIELD Back Row: Spraker, McVittie, Brown, J., Cobb, Richardson, Chan. EUGENIA LIVINGSTON Chairman Second Kelley, Wilding, J., Brown, B., Graham, Bower, Betz. Counseling Chairman Front Row: Murphy, Crossfield (chairman), Livingston, Bowman, Wilding, B. Registration . . . cramped fingers . . . bewildered expressions . . . new co-eds stumbled from the men ' s gym with a thousand questions in their minds . . . and were met by the Women ' s Orientations Commit- tee . . . " yes, that is the Campanile " . . . " no, that is not a snap course! " . . . gracious guides around campus . . . cordial invitations to teas . . . mass meet- ings . . . and " Information, Please " . . . discussion groups . . . designed to help new co-eds through the first confused months of college life. 160 YWCA CABINET Back Row: Johnson, Hamilton, Eaton, Barker, Cottle, Appenzeller, Dunlap. Third Row: West, Mastick, Mackenzie, Stewart, Rohrer, Knapp. Second Row: Dodds, Benson, Eck, Grant, Landauer, Chaffee. Front Row: Kahn, Chan, Graves, Babasinian, Larson. JEAN BARKER President " Y " cottage just below Sather Gate . . . center for 3500 women students . . . work and pleasure for active co-eds . . . half hours of music . . . luncheons of the nosebag club . . . ten penny suppers . . . Inter- national banquets .. . dances . . . varied discussion and lecture groups . . . community service work .. . leadership and experience gained through Girl Re- serve sponsorship . .. interchurch conferences . . . class commissions and vocational advice in all fields . . . the " Y " enriched many college careers with friendship and service. 161 ROWENNA HENRY Chairman Back Row: Barlow, Fankhauser, McCormac, Enoltt, Bartlett, McMaster, Murphy, E., Murphy, M., Blake. Second Row: Dulik, Burns, Wright, Cheadle, Nash, Gui llou. Front Row: Judd, Marsh, Geller, Henry, chairman; Smothers, Kerns, Mello. BETTY GRANT Chairman Back Row: Shingle, Hoisholt, Barton, Brown, Dobrzensky, Christie, Spencer, Gay. Third Row: Hall, Landgren, Porter, Jolly, Hibbard, Piper, Kessing. Second Row: Welch, Grant, chairman; Lindley, Laughlin, Wines, Loy, Colvin. Front Row: McKee, Van Hook, Meads, Snook, Astin, Benjamin. PERSONNEL Four hundred two Stephens Union . . . three flights up .. . new home of Personnel Committee . . . with its vast file of activity records . . . this group served as secretary for the ASUC and Women ' s Activity Council . . . accomplished the monumental task of compiling a complete record for each " activity major " . . . the staff . . . selected by a point system . . . kept in touch with all activities . . . sanctioned appoint- ments . . . contacted classes . . . and stimulated interest in activities. WOMEN ' S RALLY COMMITTEE Rally Committee girls risked the elements and that school girl complexion to assist at football games . . . they sold pom- poms . . . saw to it that co-eds wore white shirts to the games . . . and knew what it was to climb from the bottom to the top of the stadium many times during a game . . . Saturday mornings at eight they were on hand to aid in the setting-up of card stunts . . . during the game, they helped maintain the order and organization of Cal ' s rooting section. JANE WILDING Back Row: Kelley, Lumbard, Hanford, Price, Williams, E., Harris, LaRue. Third Row: Fuller, Barlow, Chairman Williams, M., Finley, Hatch, Erdman, Flamos. Second Row: Glasson, Delmore, Medina, Wilding, B., Bradford, Kelley. Front Row: Parsons, Haden, Nims, Wilding, J., chairman; Glacken, Payne, Rhodes. RECEPTION COMMITTEE Co-eds met their professors . . . everything stopped for tea . . . and the latest fashions . . . styled and presented by Delta Chi Alpha . . . high-pitched chatter over the din of clinking cups . . . music by Treble Clef and the Women ' s Orchestra . . . tea and cookies . . . deep discussions of the European situation and that date last night .. . students gushing . . . profs blushing . . . another one of many successful teas given by Reception Committee throughout the year. WOMEN ' S ORCHESTRA Forty girls and a man . . . the talented Women ' s Orchestra conducted by music maestro Byron J. Wilson . . . co-ed scale, scholars organized to give to University students, the music they want . . . when they want it . . . Hearst ' s gym vibrated as musicians rehearsed on Friday afternoons ... for their campus concerts ... musical entertainment was furnished for Reception Committee teas . . . and a musical background provided for Orientations teas in Faculty Glade. OLIVIA BOWER Manager 13311111 TP11-10 GROUP SYSTEM HELEN REICHEL Chairman Women . . . famed for talking found Group System their forte . . . twice monthly meetings were held for social purposes . . . art discussions were inspired by local art exhibits . . . language tables encouraged by the showing of foreign movies . . . musical tastes aired for argu- ment . . . from swing to opera . . . and a new social etiquette group discussed rules of conduct . . . teas and luncheons brought co-eds with similar social interests together . . . and the busy year was climaxed with a large activity dinner. Dulik, Kerth, Reichel, Kispert. VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE Doctor—lawyer—merchant--chief . . . Women . . . which are you to be? . . . Vocational Guidance Committee assisted students in planning their years at the University . . . college careers with an eye to the future . . . suggestions of profes- sional schools to attend . . . faculty ad- visors to see . . . practical courses to take . . . and all the information offered was kept on file in the Women ' s Clubrooms . . . a constant reminder that vocational advice was always available for the wise co-ed. BARBARA LIBBEY Chairman Back Row: Larson, Vandiver, Carr, Crain. Front Row: Haden, Schlock, Libbey, Stetson, McCleer. WOMEN ' S SPORTS Cal co-eds are modern . . . this year they played tennis, golf, basketball, fenced and swam with the best of them . . . no sport missed their attention . . . in the winter, the Women ' s Physical Education Depart- ment sponsored a five-day Ski Camp at Norden . . . this tricky sport found many enthusiasts . . . surprisingly enough, more up than down . . . all-year-around co-eds challenged attention . . . with their grace from modern dancing . . . poise from swimming and diving . . . and sportsman- ship from competitive sports . . . Hearst Memorial gymnasium was the activity cen- ter of P.E. majors . . . from its library, its fields, its courts, and its three swimming pools, co-eds enjoyed varied sports each day ... realizing a well-rounded education includes athletics. INTRAMURAL BOARD Back Row: Fritz, Oakley, Lynch. Front Row: Egan. Brown, Bernhard, Christie, Simonson. W. A. A. COUNCIL Back Row: Hankey, Johnson, Foulks, Rihley. Third Row: Egan, Gehalle, Michel, Estep, Doherty, Minshall. Second Row: Chambers, Nelson, Pepper, Cathcart, Glass. Front Row: Barkley, Brown, Cowlick, Knapp, Rose, Hall. W. A. A. MANAGERS Back Row: Geballe, Johnson, Chambers, Cathcart. Second Row: Hankey, Foulks, Michel, Rose, Hall. Front Row: Pepper, Estep, Doherty, Minshall, Knapp. 165 TRIANGULAR SPORTS Clashing of hockey sticks . . • shrill shrieking of girls ' voices • the scene? . . • Mills College Campus . . • the occasion? . . the annual Triangular Sports day . . • the char- acters? . . • co-eds of the Wornen ' s Athletic Association of the University of California . . • Stanford . . • and 11Tills College . femininity forgotten . • • manicures hair do ' s and make-up ignored for sport ' s sake . • • wild dashing up and down the hockey field • graceful archery contests • tense golf matches • • foils flashing in expert hands . . • future He en ' Wills performing on the courts . . . good fellowship and fun the keynote of this field day • • • morning sports followed by southern style luncheon at orchard Meadow . . • Millsgirls were gracious hostesses to visititlg sportswomen • • joining the three campuses by athletics. Amateur co-ed salts try their nano at sail ing the tricky cat- boats. Wi em boys et a life-sat my class demonstrate the underwater approach on " drowning” swimmers. The advanced class in badminton stages a fast and exciting game. Beginning golfers practice their driving on the Hearst gym lawn. GYM CLASSES High into the air goes this yo I I masa I ,,,thlisiast lo pot the ball oar! the net. Crop and Saddle monikers take their weekly canter in the Berkeley hills. 444W seekekleasaira, esk PUBLICATIONS FRED C. FISCHER Director of Publications (A.M.) Editors, managers, and more editors; representa- tives from every publication on the campus joined to make the fourth estate bigger and better than ever before. Entertainment and recreation reached a new height at the annual Barn Dance. With spirits high and cares non-existant, hilarity reigned and hey-hey was the order of the night at Valente ' s Barn. Added attractions in the form of free beer and swing, together with the noise and vivacity of aspiring journalists made it the biggest evening of Badt Grant Wadsworth Winkelman Brownell Craig Bell Ruvkun Waitron Kellogg 182 COUNCIL FRED C. FISCHER Director of Publications (P.M.) the semester. During the spring semester, in a more dignified but none-the-less joyful mood, the council sponsored the annual informal publications ball. Besides coordinating Eshleman activities, the council formulated plans for a section in Eshleman Library to be dedicated to Charles Raymond, late head of the Journalism Department. Generous do- nations made possible not only this memorial, but also the filling of empty shelves and the enlarge- ment of general facilities. Mellon Kilborn Law Thornton Davis Koster Taper Bowden Becker Ivey 183 9 4 0 LUE AND GOLD Events of a student body 17,000 strong contribute to the colorful panorama of activity upon the pages of the Blue and Gold. Within lecture halls, Greek-letter houses and dormitories, in campus activ- ities and on the athletic field, the editorial staff compiled the events of collegiate activity at the University of California. Pictures of social activities and the dis- play of color and artwork, depict the infor- mality and traditional spirit of campus life. A new feature is the " glamour " section, displaying fifteen very good reasons why the California campus is famous for its beautiful scenery. Filled with pictures of the University, campus events, athletics and organizations, the sixty-seventh edition of the nation ' s largest yearbook is more than ever before a pictorial portrayal of what Californians do and how they do it. JOSEPH H. WADSWORTH, JR. Editor JUNIOR EDITORS Back Row: Fountain, Cobb, Pickle. Front Row: Orchi son, I Cramer. 184 Staff members type lists in preparation for fraternity section. HERBERT RAN KIN ROSEMARY LANG H ELDT Associate Editor Associate Editor SOPHOMORE EDITORS Back Row: Hines. De Lilian, Burtchael I, Frohlich, Centurion, Taylor, Fletcher. Fourth Row: Bruster, Day, Wadsworth, Bartlett, Easson, Franklin, Brichetto, Brashares, Stevens, Alch. Third Row: Buehler, Kneedler, L ' Angevin, Marx, Rice, Gardner, Effinger, Lusk, Monson. Second Row: Atchison, Skimmings, Patrovich, Sherwood, Davies, Daly. Gouin, Mylar, Ledyard, Foulkes. Front Row: Petri ch, Topham, Ish, London, Plumb, Tidwell, Ghirardelli, Cobb, Falk. Senior editors watch Artist Chet Smith at work. Manager Badt discusses sales campaign plans with assistants. 185 1 51 DOUGLAS BADT Manager ELIZABETH MOORE Associate Manager BLUE GOLD MANAGERIAL " Seniors, get your picture in the 1940 Blue and Gold. " Eshleman Court and Sather Gate would have been drab without the tradi- tional sales cry of super salesmen from the managerial staff. Besides enthusiastic salesmen, clever pub- licity fostered sales. Very unique faces, whose balloon eyes were often popped by uniden- tified pranksters, were popular campus pos- ters. Down by Sather Gate green-haired Sadie Hawkins winked a sly reminder to Califor- nians, " A man ' s OK but . . . a 1940 Blue and Gold is `gooder ' . " A JUNIOR MANAGERS Tittsworth, Tice. Lyman, Saam, Fain, Igleheart. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Connor, Lichtman, Goldsmith. Conners, Detwiler, Brunings. Third Row: Dulgar, Old, Milanese, Norris, Mitchell, Wolfe, Proctor, Grisinger. Second Row: Morse, Prochietto, Plaisted, Streeter, Hay, K I ingman. Grover. Front Row: Whaley. Stewart, Hartman, Maddox, N ims, Hurwitz. THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN Following a liberal editorial policy, the Daily Californian was one of the most important factors in influencing campus opinion. Under the editor- ship of William Brownell such issues as equality of students and the promotion of college democracy made up the subject matter of the editorial page. Starting from an anonymous letter to the Ice Box, a drive was sponsored by the Daily Californian to raise money to purchase a " Seeing Eye " dog for a blind student. WILLIAM BROWNELL Fall Editor Charles Bell deserted his column " I ' ll be Damned " to take over the duties of spring editor. His progressive articles kept the readers in close touch with agricultural problems as well as other current topics. Preservation of civil liberties and the abolition of compulsory R.O.T.C. were the main planks in his editorial platform. Contrasting the peace in the United States with the war in Europe, the editorials emphasized the importance of the liberal light of education as a factor in maintaining peace. CHARLES BELL Spring Editor Daily Cal night editor and assistants write headlines for the next day ' s paper. 187 W 0 RS With the antics of Torn Barbour ' s Bosworth creating a furor, the columns of the Daily Californian were rated as one of the best features of the " Monarch of the College Dailies. " Tallying high in the race was " Notes on the News " in which the latest European affairs were summar- ized in a day by day coverage. However, the Cal also fea- tured eve rything from confidential chit-chats on keeping a date, to the newest on compulsory R.O.T.C. VIRGINIA WIN KELMAN, Fall Women ' s Editor JEAN CRAIG, Spring Women ' s Editor Editor Charles Bell watches latest news flashes come of f the teletype. 188 EDI FF HARRIET SIEGEL THOMAS BARBOUR EDMUND TACKLE RICHARD JOHNSTON Assistant Women ' s Editor City Editor Assistant Editor Managing Editor THOMAS CLARKE BARBARA BALL RICHARD DEMOREST ANNE RAPPORT YORI WADA Associate Editors JUNIOR EDITORS Back Row: Aron, Vast, Merrell, Second Row: de Grassi, Bell, Siegel, Bobber, Front Row: Henderson, Higgins, Hansen. SOPHOMORE EDITORS Back Row: Goerl, Furth, Amspoker, Baranoff, Matthews, Roleson, Hirtz. Third Row: Lockwood, Truebridge, Gribhle, Anderson, Cote, Nahama. Second Row: Williams, Brokaw, Besoyan, Axelrod, Tivol, Front Row: Fleming, Wall, Johnson, Maseeger, Cronbach. Working with the smallest sp orts staff on record, Stanley Cohn, sports editor, made uncanny predictions, play-by-play reports, and acted as Allison ' s star bleacher quarterback in his column " Grizzly Peak " . The sports staff successfully defended their honor against the editorial staff in their annual football brawl, held in Memorial Stadium, during which there was much confusion, including pie slinging, and an attempt to " murder " the referee. In an ultra- patriotic mood, with hats-over-the-heart, the band rolled out the " Beer Barrel Polka " while the audience stood, to a man. However, all enmity was forgotten when the entire staff put out the special football edition, featuring the Big Game between Cali- fornia and Stanford. This edition has grown to be one of the most important " finals " of the year. STANLEY COHN Sports Editor ART STAFF Corlett, Anderson, Colescott, Elkus. SPORTS STAFF Back Row: Ginsburg, Lee, Quey, Cutter, Wendel. Second Row: Joseph, Facci, Williams, West, Nelson. Front Row: Way, Fleming, Ormiston. Cohn. 190 Stn o te Prison B --- ROBERT WATTRON Fall Manager RODY GRANT Spring Manager PAUL ECKLEY Assistant Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Back Row: Winans, Woodman Front Row: Petersmeyer, Rea, Smith SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Scharpff, Levy, Edelstein. Front Row: Hudson, MacMillan, Johnson. With service as its motto, the managerial staff ' s policy was that of financing and bu dgeting the Daily Californian. In promoting the publication, the staff directed circulation, distribution, and outside representation, obtaining most of its funds from advertising and a percentage of ASUC Card Sales. Working on a commission basis, the managers contacted local and national advertisers in order to sell them space in the Daily Californian. The managerial staff also was responsible for special issues dealing with fashions, the Big Game, and political campaigns. NATALIE BECI(ER Fall Manager ELEANOR IVEY Spring Manager ADVERTI ilICi " Pardon me, mister, but where do you buy your shoes? Do you prefer crepe or leather soles for the campus? " With these queries, Ad Service managers promoted cam- pus reaction surveys for the benefit of local shop-owners. Members of the bureau received higher education at the copy schools, which were held every two weeks. Here professional advertising managers from the bay region lectured on effective ad writing for campus publications, and informal discussions helped to clarify advertising problems. Copy-writers ' weary brains needed a lot of relaxing this year, for the Ad Service social calendar was fuller than ever before. Their annual formal, held at San Francisco ' s Palace Hotel, set a new high for attendance and general success; the cocktail party preceding the dance made Ad Service history. Back Row: Scott, Ward, Wahl, Atlas, Odell, Randall, Thyken. Fourth Row: Morris, Gearhart, Miner, Naess, Kennedy, Mann, Coit. Third Row: Worthington, Arrigoni, Mullins, Bawden, I(allosser, Smith. Second Row: Ponsford, Mackie, Moyes, hey, Baisden, Levey, Johnson. Front Row: Kearney, Hutton, McIntosh, Becker, Whitaker, Brand. 192 PHYLLIS TAPER ED HOWDEN HELEN MARIE KOSTER GERTRUDE DAVIS Fall Editor Spring Editor Spring Manager Fall Manager GRIZZLY Grrr—Grrr—Grrr resounded through the Berkeley campus as the California Grizzly came lumbering out of hibernation to make his quarterly rounds. The growls were not caused by the old bear seeing red, he was merely letting off steam over the success of his latest literary creation. The mighty Grizzly sponsored a contest in which he chose the best creative material contributed by 16,000 followers. Opportunities were also available for those interested in illustration and cover-designing. Un- der Spring Editor Ed Howden, the magazine featured stories in the modern literary mode. The March edition received acclaim from University English professors as the best Grizzly in five years. Back Row: Fong, Typaldos, Selleck, Barnett, Horan, Howden. Fourth Row: MacGavin, Koster, MacFadyen, Storey, Taper, Merrick. Third Row: Walker, Shultis, Solley, Annis, Hirschberg. Second Row: Hail, Haden, Rowe, Warner, ServeId, Davis. Front Row: Johnson, Moriarty, Anderson, Frost, Campbell. 193 CALIFORNIA WARNER LAW Fall Editor " How ' s your Constitution? " Pelly started this year with a brilliant expose of the A.S.U.C. constitution. Every month Pelican kept students in good spirits by showing them the humorous, sometimes corny, side of life. By focusing its spotlight on campus subjects, Pelican shoved world problems to the background. Stanfordites had occasion to see red after reading the Stanford Dilly-Dally which presented the farmers in their true light. The lowdown was revealed on fraternity rushing while the Valentine issue featured cupid ' s antics and a plebiscite on freedom of speech. LEL: YU ILL-THORNTON Spring Editor PELICAN EDITORIAL BOARD Back Row: Matson, Bresler, Lipsett. Front Row: Law, Yui I I-Thornton, Chester, Stolle, Gayer. Alec Yui I I sketches, while Pelly lovelies watch with rapt attention. 194 PELICAN ARNOLD MELLON Fall Manager Stimulated by peppy pre-sales dinners, a record-breaking number of Pelly lovelies overran the campus with their smiles and sales-talks, and managed to more than equal previous sales records. Complete sell-outs for several issues resulted from their high pressured salesmanship. Besides moving pianos, arranging the lighting, and acting as general handy men for the fashion shows, the managers worked on a commission basis selling adver- tising space in the magazine. The successful Sirkus penny pitching booth, run by the managers, gave the Pelly girls an added chance to practice their persuasive sales abilities. PELICAN MANAGERIAL STAFF Back Row: McNeil, Neumann, Brosemer, Chavlot, Christian, Kerrigan. Second Row: Johnson, H., Johnson, C., Guggenheim, Haven, Newton. Front Row: Lewis, Mellon, !Whom, Frank, Twomhly. CARTER KILBORN Spring M anager Pelly mascot nods approvingly as Bubbles Wilson offers the Valentine issue for sale. 195 WO TAFF BETTY GARDELLA Spring Women ' s Director DOROTHY AYRAULT Fall Women ' s Director Back Row: Ballew, Bachrach, Myers, Hetherington, Chapman, Henes, Eastwood, Whitby, Lewis, Rasmussen, Rodgers, Snook, Hacke, Keller. Sixth Row: Douglas, Rupp, Rorquist, La Rue, Gillette, MacLachlan, Seulberger, McCorkle, Jessup, Schaaf, Scharbach, Wolf, Burton, Forsterer. Fifth Row: Whelan, Thompson, McNamara, Schwerin, Cramer, Sammis, Young. Weske, Hayes, Murray, Turnbow, Dreyer, Smith, C. Fourth Row: Wolff, Fuller, Coppock, Ames, Bernstein, Harris, McGlinchey, Wilding, Howard, Murphy, Mutch, Hawkins, Slipper, Dawes, Bomash, Blair. Third Row: Reed, Anderson, Burns, Jefferds, Fjeldsted, Smith, G., Zeller, KoII, Lesser, Bell, Eastman, Dillon, Powell, Peck. Second Row: Hayden, Woods, Gale, Cyr, Heath, Newton, Kremser, Kamenzind, Harding, Hansen, Mazer, Burrows. Front Row: McMillan, Barkley, Carter, Gardella, Ayrault, LeRoy, Lunt, Jacinto, Hardy, Tonascia, Grant, Roberts, Martinelli. Masculinity came en masse to Pelly fashion shows held in Wheeler Auditorium to note the glamor- ous freshmen models. Blonde Yvonne Cyr, chosen as the typical campus beauty by east bay fashion authorities, received the title of " Miss Pelly ' 43 " . Other three o ' clock fashion parades featuring smart new clothes from local shops brought forth many a style-conscious co-ed. Highlight of the spring semester was the ex- clusive evening fashion revue given by Hammer and Coffin, Pelican honor society, at the Hotel Mark Hopkins. Pelly beauties modeled the latest fads and fashions for Cal co-eds while aspiring Big " C " Sirkus Queen candidates, honored guests of Pelly, looked on with approval. " What the college girl is wearing " is given preview at Pelly fashion slimn 196 CALIF ER Back Row: Ruvkun, Reynolds, Nielsen, Serdahl, Kellogg, Moore, Miller, Steering. Fifth Row: Gourdin, Myers, Burgess, Cook, Rosston, Linton, Jespersen. Fourth Row: Maland, Dowe, Meinberger, Downey, Hanson, Casey, Puck. Third Row: Martens, Costello, H., Gardner, Allen, Hobart, McGann. Second Row: McLean, McCulley, Buhs, Botta, McKay, Hamilton. Front Row: Barlow, Delmore, Shaw, Petersen, Payne, Costello, K., Briggs, Denton. JOE KELLOGG Manager SAM R UV KU N Editor ALICE HELFRECHT Fall Women ' s Director AUDREY SHAW Spring Women ' s Director " Attention all co-eds. Be on the look-out for the `Mad Engineer ' , who is trying to ensnare unsuspect- ing females in the maze of traps which he calls jokes. " Cal Engineer, the engineering publication, turned about face to feature a new policy in this year ' s issues. The engineers from the north side actually dropped their slide rules, transits, chains, and compasses long enough to devote themselves to composing a joke page featuring caustic remarks and opinions about the fairer sex. However, the engineers did not entirely forsake their mathemati- cal calculations for humorous and non-technical articles. As a result, problem simplifiers as well as feminine enlightenment were published in the magazine. Editor and manager discuss the budget woes of the Cal Engineer. 197 Publications Barn Dancers gather for a fireside chat and free beer. The fountain proves popular during intermissions. The old square dances find favor at Valente ' s Barn. The latest in campus gossip is discussed by Eshleman Hall couples. PUBLICATIONS EVENTS High school students gather for a Press Convention in the Daily Cal office. Press Convention delegates consult the registration bulletin board. Make-LW artist applies before Little Theatre curtain time. New Town Hall of the Lawn convenes to hear student speakers. " Little Theatre without a Theatre " uses a language rosin for costuming. Sophomore hicks gather around the coke stand at Barn Dance. AMPUS ACTIVITY Sophomores uncover the Big " C ' annual Labor Day exercise. Costume staff aids in Little Theatre between acts. Eshlemen salesmen await the 11 o ' clock tramp through the court. JACK PRICE Manager EDWIN DUERR Director PHYLLIS MOORE Women ' s Manager FRED C. FISCHER Graduate Manager KOFORD SOLON MORABE WEEKS BARTHOL MUSLADIN DOTSENKO QUIGLEY LARRICK THOMPSON COUNTRYMAN NICHOL DRAMATICS COUNCIL WOMEN ' S MANAGERIAL STAFF Back Row: Ristenpart, Stout, Birge, Gregory, Goelzer, Peck, Whelan, Welch. Fourth Row: Basham, Rothman, Smith, Fortier, O ' Neill, Cooley, Snoek, Meyer. Third Row: Kligerman, Hayes, Summers, Windesheim, Dempsey, Thompson, Larmcwe, Williams. Second Row: Oshrin, Adams, Sullivan, Barr, Butler, Patton, Harding, MacCaughey, Yoohs. Front Row: GeneIly, Goeppert, Stolz, Laughlin, Mocre, Murphy, Friedman, Tick, Lewinson, Bailey. COSTUME STAFF Back Row: Nichol, Thomas, Standley, Bullock, Printz, Riedy, Goldsworthy. Front Row: La Rue, Root, Nicholson, Robertson, De Myor. MAKE UP STAFF Back Row: Kiosterud, Kroger, Hare, Shafer, Bettencourt. De Myor. Third Row: Barlow, Glasson, Schomaker, Platt, Leimhach, Hayden. Second Row: Wylie, Steinau, Pencin, King, Littleton. Front Row: Scott, Brayer, Woods, McCulley, Morabe. PRODUCTIONS STAFF Back Row: Rattler, Randolph, Johnson, Lenfestey, Brenneis, Bither. Front Row: Countryman, Brown, Engram, Paul, Musladin. ART STAFF Back Row: Peterson, Johnson, Proctor, Mackay, Doc!, MacFadyen, Bock. Third Row: Dotsenko, Little, Crosby, Vail, Williams, Hayes, Coffin. Second Row: Whitehead, Ewing, Pettker, Walter, Swan. Front Raw: Ehlers, B., Ehlers, M., Belais, Haulier, Slates. uindo s at the backover t eoasde-n. Itdoestt ma where the doors lead, does it Of course, it doesn ' t.. . he verandah at the HQ ens Restaurant on t he ' D(Ifferl everything is very 10311 The3axrie eveninQ, darn it! J.% !PM GRANT HOLCOMB " Rudolph, have you some pheasant? " of onherJ THE CAST Horace Vandergelder, a merchant__ RICHARD BARTHOL Ambrose Kemper, an artist DARRELL ARGUBRIGHT Joe Scanlon, a barber JOHN SOLON Gertrude, a housekeeper PHYLLIS OTTEN Cornelius Hackl, a clerk LISLE SELBY Ermengarde, a niece__MARY CATHERINE WHITEHEAD Mrs. Levi, a friend PATRICIA QUIGLEY Barnaby Tucker, a clerk BILL BITHER Mrs. Molloy, a milliner YSABEL MOMSEN Minnie Fay, an assistant MARGARET BURT Melchior Stack, a cabman GRANT HOLCOMB Harold, a cabman JOE BAILEY Rudolph, a waiter H. W. ROLES August, a waiter HUGH KOFORD Nellie, a cook JAMES CROSSAN Miss Flora Van Huysen, a friend VIRGINIA MATTIS YSABEL MOMSEN Opening the dramatic year in a light vein, Little Theatre presented Thornten Wilder ' s " Merchant of Yonkers. " Wheeler Auditorium was transformed to fit the era of bustles and red plush divans. A huge book formed a background for the players, and marked the passing of scenes. Ysabel Momsen as widow Malloy who " loved a fighting man, " surpassed previous triumphs and outshone other members of the adequate cast. Miss Momsen displayed a flair for timing and a fine sense of comedy. Through variation of voice and gesture, she dominated and sustained the play throughout. 4 1 ,ottarb, ■ • —The scuts o ' the country have as many names as ourselves nowadays. " THE CAST ------------------- GRACE POWLES FRETTER Dermot Francis O ' Flingsley ------------------ VERNON YOUNG sina Concannon --------------------- BARBARA BULLOCK Father Corr ------------------------------- WARNER NEWELL Father Kirwan ----------------------------- WILLIAM MUSLADIN Very Rev. Thomas Canon Skerritt__JACK MeNAUGHTON femima Cooney_ ------- ELIZABETH BERRYHILL Francis Ignatius O ' Connor ---------------- __TED MATHIESON n Mullabone ----------------------------- DWIGHT LARICK Rosey Violet -------------------- MARGARET GOLDSWORTHY VIRGINIA MATTIS CLYDE CUMMINGS Present-day Ireland and the of a Canon and a to raise the people from their F-_-. ignorance and was the story of Paul Vincent Carroll ' s " Shadow and It was difficult for the principals to the of strife and mental struggle and the depth of their .., -- portrayal to the audience. Jack in the role of the did well with a complex role, but a .1 ..., iS . . . 0 . —...._ brilliant scene, but on the the play lacked adequate interpretation. did not fully the of his character. Betty as a simple townswoman had one ......._ o .40 =:1 rie I I I 1 1 - 1111Thl, 11. ' 04 " You are guilty! " an, and 5 he aMeJ Using masks for symbolic figures, Little Theatre presented " Man and the Masses, " an unusual play by Ernest Toiler. Black and white coloring effects represented mental attitudes, and masks character- ized " man " and " the masses. " Following the theme that if force is used to put down totalitarian oppres- sion, guilt is incurred, Charles Davis as " man " stood for established law and order, and Alma Braunz- weig as " the masses " was the appeal against worth- less use of human life. Despite capable performances, the unique nature of the play limited its appeal. ALMA BRAUNZWEIG The Husband CHARLES DAVIS First Workman JOHN HANSEN Second Workman VICTOR STIER The Woman ALMA BRAUNZWEIG Third Workman JACK McNAUGHTON First Banker JOHN SOLON Second Banker JAMES CAMERON Third Banker RICHARD BARTHOL Fourth Banker JAMES EDDY Fifth Banker JAMES KEILTY The Guide FRED HUNTER The Nameless One CLYDE CUMMINGS First Sentry LEO KOCH RICHARD BARTHOL Second Sentry RICHARD BARTHOL Third Sentry JAMES EDDY Fourth Sentry WILLIAM MUSLADIN The Condemned BERT MOGIN Fourth Workman GRANT HOLCOMB Fifth Workman SHERWOOD SWAN Sixth Workman H. W. ROLES Seventh Workman JACK THOMPSON The Officer JOHN HOSKINS The Priest TED DUFFIELD First Girl Prisoner JEANNE TAYLOR Second Girl Prisoner EVELYN ALEXANDER THE CAST 441 • ..,,,k.Alt,vitilzv:ii:014.4 41•041■1415411,, rm " Godspeed! " Service THE CAST Sasha Smi, no ff H. W. ROLES Gordon Miller GRANT HOLCOMB Joseph Gribble JACK McNAUGHTON Harry Binion JACK PRICE Faker Englund ROBERT HUDSON Christine Marlowe YSABEL MOMSEN Leo Davis BILL BITHER Hilda Manney MARY WEEKS Gregory Wagner CLARK HOWAT Simon Jenkins WILLARD FENN Timothy Hogarth BRIAN BRADY Dr. Glass DARRELL ARGUBRIGHT Bank Messenger RICHARD MATTESON Senator Blake JOHN BRENNEIS MARY WEEKS BILL BITHER Godspeed! With this catch phrase, Little Theatre ' s " Room Service, " aided by one moosehead, one rendition of " Abide with Me, " and a case of iodine measles, kept audiences laughing for four per- formances. Advertised as being without social significance, the story specialized in humor to the tune of 487 laughs. The tale of the young producer and his impoverished cast in a New York hotel was portrayed by a genius with red shorts, an apple-che eked author, a faker with a perpetual motion jaw, the harrassed play producer, and a blustering hotel manager. ,orlITErtrtt- ' Telfart " Don ' t he that way, Mr. Kosak, that ' s defeatist talk. " Ail god; Chillun Oot winqi Illy Jleart; in the THE CAST Shorty JACK McNAUGHTON Mickey CLARK HOW AT Jim Harris ROBERT NIELSEN Ella Downey JEANNE TAYLOR Mrs. Harris AMELIA ST ANDKE Hattie ELIZABETH BERRYHILL THE CAST Johnny FREDERICK His Father, Ben Alexander, the poet....WILLIAM FISHER Mr. Kosak, the grocer SETH ULMAN Mr. Wiley, the mailman HUGH KOFORD The Young Husband WILLIAM BITHER The Young Wife MARGARET BURT Esther, the grocer ' s beautiful daughter MARY KAYE RHODES CHARLES DAVIS CLARK HOWAT Highlighting the dramatic year was Little Theatre ' s presentation of Eugene O ' Neill ' s " All God ' s Chillun Got Wings. " This difficult story of racial prejudice was genuinely enacted by a well-chosen cast. Robert Neilsen as a Negro law student who married a white girl gave a portrayal of great depth and sincerity. Jeanne Taylor and Betty Berryhill followed the high tempo set by Neilsen and gave realistic interpretations to their roles. Also presented was William Saroyan ' s " My Heart ' s in the Highlands, " a symbolic tale of the search for beauty in life. --H aven ' t I seen you some place Wore? . . . I think it was on the choo-choo to Hollywood. " lechet to the THE CAST Ben Stark JACK McNAUGHTON Belle Stark ELIZABETH BERRYHILL Cleo Singer PATRICIA QUIGLEY Phil Cooper GRANT HOLCOMB Mr. Prince FRED STUTHMAN Frenchy WILLIAM FISHER Willy Wax HOBERT HUDSON PATRICIA QUIGLEY JACK McNAUGHTON Little Theatre ' s final production of the year was Clifford Odet ' s " Rocket to the Moon. " Centered around a middle-aged dentist, his partner (who preferred scotch for anesthetic), his nagging wife, and his young secretary, the story offered a comedy-drama of the familiar " wife vs. secretary " problem. Set in a dingy office, the play revealed the characters as ordinary people seeking to escape from the trials of their chaotic world through their dreams, yet finding escape impossible. Through interspersed comedy, the play was raised from its drab background to the level of satire. MUSIC COUNCIL Bower Bray Flanders Hammond Hankie Laugenour Street Recognizing that interest in music is not confined within the four walls of the Music Building nor even within the campus gates, the Music Department offered to the public a series of free lectures by well-known musicians and concerts by its own symphony orchestra, chorus, and string quartet. Lectures included Dr. Paul Pisk of Redlands University, Dom Anselm Hughes of Nashdom Abbey, England, Arthur Bliss, composer and visiting professor of music in the spring semester, and Ernest Bloch, the distinguished composer. To coordinate ASUC musical activities and to discuss mutual problems, representatives from Band, Glee Club, Treble Clef, and Women ' s Orchestra met throughout the year as Music Council. YEHUDI MENUHIN Guest Violinist ALEC TEMPLETON Guest Pianist 212 UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY Music lovers, old and young, have thrilled to the music of the members of the University Symphony Orchestra at their Sunday afternoon concerts in the Gymnasium for Men. Rather than guest artists, the orchestra pre- sented student soloists this year. On the November program were Detlev Olshausen, ' 39, and Daniel Bonsack, ' 40, who presented a Bach double violin concerto, and Claude Blain, bassoonist, a graduate student in music. Frank Young, teaching assistant in the chemistry department at the Uni- versity, and Elizabeth Wilton and Esther Williamson, students under Professor Elkus at Mills College, were soloists on the February program. Playing a piano concerto with the orchestra, Marjorie Gear Petray, mem- ber of the music faculty, delighted the audience at the March concert. Because Mr. Arthur Bliss, a distinguished British composer, was in the department as visiting professor of music, the orchestra emphasized modern British music. Mr. Bliss conducted the concert suite from his bal- let, " Checkmate, " at the March concert. ALBERT I. ELKUS THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. 213 NED FLANDERS Manager GLEE CLUB Ringing out the best of choral music, Cal ' s Glee Club and Treble Clef presented their usual colorful concerts. Their spring concert combined Gaul ' s " The Holy City " and Gilbert and Sullivan ' s " Trial by Jury. " In the fall they sponsored a high school singing contest and later presented the winners. The booming voices of Glee Club brought applause at Charter Day exercises and at class reunion programs on Big Game night. TREBLE CLEF MARY ELLEN STREET M anager B AND CHARLES CUSHING BURTON HAMMOND ABE HANKIN TOM SIMONSON Director Student Director Manager Drum Major Cal spirit soared as the band marched onto the field, their instruments and gold and blue uniforms shining in the sun as they followed their high-stepping and skill- ful drum major. Trumpet, trombone, drum and glocken- spiel accompanied thousands of hoarse voices as they yelled out the old school songs. Besides playing, the band kept up interest during game intermissions by present- ing clever stunts and formations. -, 4 t S ,1 • 1 l. 11111 I, . ... fljV , ...--. -,.... ,. 1 . Cal Band " hails " opponents at halt time. THE BAND ON PARADE Drum Major Tom Simonson stands at attention before the rooting section. Future gridiron greats find play halted by mustcians. Crowd gathers in front of the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel to watch Cal Band. An Indian attempts to make a goat out of California. DEBATING FRED C. FISCHER SAN FORD GOLDNER LEE ROBERTS Graduate Manager Coach Manager FORENSICS COUNCIL CARVER COMPTON DELM ORE DODDS FISHMAN G I ORDAN 0 H OWDEN KAEL SILBERMAN STUMP VERLEGER DEBATE MANAGERS Roberts, Malm, Silberman. Peterson. Chamberlain, Kaylor. FRESH MEN DEBATERS Back Row: A Ich, Henderson, Dow, Coates. Front Row: Brondz, Curnutt. Sutliff, Porter, Fletcher. 11111 ' `,M=11•1111111M 1111111■111111111111r- Varsity debater Marengo " gives de hold " to the judges. Cal debators thoughtfully await their turn to speak. Badt Fishman Haney Carver Glickfeld Bowden Evans Griffith Kael VARSITY Debates, characterized by formally clad orators defying frantic timekeepers in the front row, found many capable Cal participators. The Arnold Trophy was awarded to William Marvin for his discussion on China and the Great Powers. The Joffre Medal debate, an annual contest between Cal and Stanford, was won by Sherman Mellinkoff of Stanford, with Philip Verleger, Cal Foren- 218 Joffre Medal debaters Keene, Mellinkoff, and Moses are amused by the speaker. DEBATES sics Commissioner, second. This debate stressed the ability to think clearly and speak extemporaneously before an audience. Debators made their annual north- ern and eastern trips, visiting many campuses and speaking as many as two and three times a day, often over the radio. Forensics Commissioner Phil Verleger delivers his argument forcefully at the Joffre debate. Keene Kramer Ludwig Moines Marengo M core Rodecker Verleger Zeigenfuss 219 Jean Sayre is crowned Queen at the St. Francis Hotel. Roos Bros. presents the Queen with a new outfit. Jean poses in front of the Theta house. BIG " C " SIRKUS Her Royal Highness leads the Sirkus parade. Cups and judges surround the Queen on the reviewing stand. The Queen and her Big " C " escort succumb to succulent hot dogs. Earl Ford stands by as Jean throws darts at campus celebrities. Jean places her bets at the D.U. gambling concession. Her Majesty throws eggs at class leaders in senior booth. QUEEN JEAN SAYRE After a day at the Sirkus they bring home the " bacon. " Jean attempts to win cigarettes by balancing on a milk bottle. Jean and Earl add their faces to the Rogues ' Gallery .■••■•Mit Pi Kappa Alpha " glamour " men swing it in the best chorus gal fashion. Mask and Dagger presents " The Trial of Dolly Brine. " Alpha Dolt concession offers relaxation and a glass of cider. Queen Jean and Princess Margaret hold court after the Coronation at the St. Francis. BIG " C " SIRKUS Thetas have fleas—at the Sirkus. " Place your bets ladeez and gentlemen. " " Step right up and throw an egg at senior big-shots. " Pat McCarthy helps Princess Margaret draw for door prizes. Winning Chi Phi float shows a cocktail bar in the Campanile. UNDER THE BIG TOP The ' ' Roaring ' 49 ' s " are recreated at the DU gambling concession. A magician entertains at the -special Big ' C ' concession. " PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA BIG C SIRKUS ALPHA PHI (GRAND PRIZE WINNER) ZETA PSI PHI KAPPA TAU ACACIA THETA XI GAMMA PHI BETA BOWLES HALL THETA DELTA CHI ON PARADE PRINCESS MARGARET APPENZELLER PHI KAPPA SIGMA " Come on Cal! " " Down with the referee . .. we were robbed! " Rooters stop popping balloons long enough to cheer the arrival of the team. Cheers break forth as Cal scores at a basketball game. AT THE BASKETBALL GAMES The tricky game of Kendo is introduced at intermission time. Coach Chuck Keeney, of the tumbling team, entertains between halves. ATHLETIC COUNCIL HARRY DAVIS Athletic Manager FREEBORN MEHLERT GAITHER DIETERICH NISH KIAN ARONSON BIGGERSTAFF ff.1.41.1 RALLY COMMITTEE Fifth Row: Cox, Wolfe, Bower, Loew, Sale, Kaylor, Carlsen. Fourth Row: Snyder, Thunen, Anderson, Meyer, Scobey, Carpenter. Third Row: McFarland, Newton, Detwiler, Freytag, Taylor, Brumbaugh, Goldsmith, Alch, Mathewson. Second Row: Reynolds, Putnam, Seehurger, Wilcox, Morgan, Kemp, Sakai, Blumenthal, Bonneau, Teddy, Gershon. Front Row: Davis, Simpson, Stevens, Scarich, Heffner, Dohrzensky, Peck, Newman, Spiess, Angwin, Lee, Pickle. RALLY STACY DOBRZENSKY chairman Card stunt number 999, part 5A, in 21 parts. The " Stuhber " gives pre-game low-down to Cal rooters. " This reminds me of the one about . . ., " says Clint. Juniors serpentine to rally festivities. Throw another freshman on the fire. COMMITTEE Anti-Trojan sentiment is pictorially portrayed by Irosh. " And now if you ' ll excuse us we have some strange things in books to look at. " YELL LLOYD WH ITMAN, varsity yell leader CLOYD DAWSON, assistant yell leader FRANK GRAY, assistant yell leader LEADERS The women invade the men ' s rooting section at the Big Game. " Tear up your cards, but don ' t throw them until I give the signal " . Largest rooting section in the world swings into action (U.S.C. please note). " Speed " Whitman and cohorts pose for photographer before the game. STAN SADAJ GRADUATING SENIORS BILL BIGGERSTAFF LOUIE SMITH ROBERT PEACOCK WALT BICKERTON BILL OGILVIE DON POOLEY HERB MICHAEL 236 ROBERT HARMAN LINTON EMERSON CHET GIBSON STAN FREEBORN 237 MEL DUEZABOU ELTON BROMBACHER RALPH SAUER TONY FIRPO VARSITY SQUAD Back Row: Allison, Wickhorst, Uteritz, Nordstrom. Fifth Row: Heisler, Warren, FioR ito, Jamison, Catterton, G., Catterton, J., Morabito, Greenberg. Fourth Row: Reinhart, Smith, L., Hubert, Hatcher, Moock, McKenzie, Ades, Reid, Stevens, Irvin, Whalen, Benson, Wall. Third Row: Artoe, Firpo, Elmore, Hongola, Folmer, Plasch, Taylor, Warhurst, Stump, Anderson, Holmes, Shelton. Second Row: Herrero, Huters, McBurnie, Gough, Sauer, Hendricks, Rogers, Wasilchen, Wilhelm, Lewis, J., Merlo. Front Row: Staffler, Semmens, Yatchmenoff, McQuary. Chapman, Perry, Rosso, Lang, Smith, J., Zentner, McDaniel, Franklin. Uteritz, Allison, and Wickhorst watch the Varsity swing through another practice session. 1939 CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Tied Pct. Southern California 5 0 2 .1000 U.C.L.A. 4 0 3 .1000 Oregon State 5 1 1 .833 Oregon 3 3 1 .500 Washington 3 4 0 .428 California 2 5 0 .285 Washington State 2 5 0 .285 Stanford 0 6 1 .000 VARSITY COACH " STUB " ALLISON 240 JUNIOR FOOTBALL MANAGERS Scott, Olson, Atherton, Wood. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL MANAGERS Back Row: Garner, Barstow, Baker, °Under, Normandin, Goldenson, McNeill, Hale, Watkins. Front Row: Holtermann. Berntsen. Blombero. Orella. Heath. Nowland. Leiter. VARSITY SQUAD Back Anderson, D., Gordon, Stone, Metzger. Fifth Row: Carson, Marshall, Green, Phillips, Applebaum, Blair, Ford, Ashton. Fourth Row: Nye, Billings, Haggard, Forbes, Jacobsen, Whalen. Third Row: Cox, W. S., Dunn, Pierce, Leipzig, Lief], Derian, Witter. Second Row: Peterson, Cox, J. S., Queen, Lewis, S., Elmendorf, Connor, Hadyen. Front Row: Tucker, Zacharias, Fl °berg , Donohoe, Amling, Lutes, Parker. CAPTAIN LOUIS SMITH ANDY GAITHER Senior Manager 241 Firpo breaks into the Aggie secondary for an 11-yard gain and a first down. STATISTICS BEARS yards gained from scrimmage.28 10 forward passes attempted 14 3 forward passes completed 6 45..yards gained from forward passes..58 14 total first downs 4 8 number of punts 8 28 average length of punts 39 5 fumbles 3 SCORE BY Touchdowns: Lutes (C), Firpo (C), Hatcher (C), Amling (C), Hubert (C), Nitta (2) (CA). Conversions: Rosso (C), Artoe (C), Sharp (CA), Francis (CA). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 6 0 13 13 32 Cal Aggies 14 0 0 0 14 BEARS PACIFIC yards gained from scrimmage..159 5 forward passes attempted 12 3 forward passes completed 6 54..yards gained from forward passes..49 6 total first downs 10 9 number of punts 8 34 average length of punts 38 5 fumbles 1 SCORE BY Touchdown: Smallwood (P). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 0 0 0 0 0 C.O.P. 0 0 6 0 6 BEARS 32 AGGIES 14 • B EARS 0 P ACIFIC 6 RAY AMLING Elmore blocks as Hatcher crashes through to put the ball in a scoring position. Firpo breaks into the clear behind the blocking of Sauer. Louie Smith gets one away from behind the goal to pull the Bears out of a ticklish spot. Hatcher fights his way over the center of the Gael line for a substantial gain. BEARS GAELS STATISTICS LEE ARTOE Hatcher waits for his interference to form before starting on an off-tackle thrust. BEARS GAELS yards gained from scrimmage _145 0 yards lost from scrimmage 2 15 forward passes attempted 6 4 forward passes completed 1 2 forward passes intercepted 3 77 yards gained from forward passes 17 177 yards gained passes and scrimmage 162 3 first downs from scrimmage 7 downs from forward passes-...1 2 first downs from penalties 0 8 total first downs 8 13 number of punts 11 37.5 average length of punts 38 55 total yards lost from penalties 75 3 fumbles 3 4 fumbles recovered 2 0 ball lost on fumbles 1 SCORE BY Field Goal : Rosso (C). Touchdown : Smith (SM). Conversion : Simms (SM). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 0 3 0 0 3 St. Mary ' s 0 0 0 7 7 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Firpo 17 1.6 Huters 12 3.8 Smith 3 1.3 McQuary 1 3.0 Hatcher 3 5.7 Lutes 1 2.0 An Oregon runner breaks into the clear, with safety man Perry set to make the tackle. Firpo cuts off a Webfoot score as he intercepts a pass over the Bear goal and runs it out to the 20-yard line. BEARS 0 WEBFEET 6 STATISTICS BEARS WEBFEET yards gained from scrimmage 186 16 yards lost from scrimmage 51 6 forward passes attempted 9 O forward passes completed 4 4 forward passes incompleted 3 2 forward passes intercepted 2 0..yards gained from forward passes 79 134..yards gained passes and scrimmage -265 5 first downs from scrimmage 11 0....first downs from forward passes 2 O first downs from penalties 0 5 total first downs 13 10 number of punts 8 31.8 average length of punts 35.5 30 total yards lost from penalties 40 1 fumbles 3 3 fumbles recovered 1 O ball lost on fumbles 2 SCORE BY Touchdown: Stenstrom (0). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 California 0 0 0 0 Oregon 0 6 0 0 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Perry 4 4.5 Firpo 3 2.7 McQuary 5 2.8 Hatcher 12 4.8 Huters 9 1.3 Lieb 7 1.3 CHARLES DONOHOE The Bear line gangs up on the ball carrier to stop Oregon for no gain. The Oregon ball carrier fumbles as he is brought Total 0 6 McQuary off on a long gain thanks to his teammate ' s timely block. Perry runs into difficulty after a 4-yard gain over right guard. BEARS 13 COUGARS 7 STATISTICS BEARS COUGARS yards gained from 34 yards lost from scrimmage 46 4 forward passes attempted 16 1 forward passes completed 3 0 forward passes intercepted 4 10..yards gained from forward passes 53 gained passes and scrimmage -164 10 first downs from scrimmage 5 downs from forward passes -3 0 first downs from penalties 0 10 total first downs 8 12 number of punts 10 39 average length of punts 45.2 25 total yards lost from penalties 25 4 fumbles 7 3 fumbles recovered 8 1 ball lost on fumbles 0 SCORE BY Touchdowns : Lutes (C), McQuary (C), Devine (WS). Conversions: Artoe (C), Brown (WS). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 6 7 0 0 13 Washington State 0 0 7 0 7 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Perry 17 1.3 McQuary 18 5.3 Hatcher 11 2.4 Lutes 4 2.3 Arnold 2 3.0 Huters 2 0.5 Lutes and Perry knock down a pass to enu Cougar ' s last-minute scoring threat. Hatcher finds the going tough but fights his way to a 7-yard gain over center. RAY DUNN Lutes crosses goal on an intercepted pass to score the Bears ' first conference touchdown of the season. 7 2.1 3 4.3 6 1.7 5 3.6 Huters Hoberg Perry Hatcher Good blocking leads the way for a first down as Firpo runs short around right end. Firpo moves toward midfield as he plunges through tackle for a short gain. BEARS 0 TROJANS 26 STATISTICS BEARS TROJANS yards gained from scrimmage 241 34 yards lost from scrimmage 15 20 forward passes attempted 11 4 forward passes completed 6 3 forward passes intercepted 0 39 yards gained from forward passes__94 154 _yards gained passes and scrimmage__335 5 first downs from scrimmage 8 2....first downs from forward passes 3 1 first downs from penalties 1 8 total first downs 12 4 fumbles recovered 3 1 ball lost on fumbles 2 SCORE BY Touchdowns: Winslow (SC), Peoples (SC), Lansdell (SC), Stonebreaker (SC). Conversions: DeLaur (2) (SC). YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Firpo 11 4.1 16 number of punts 13 SCORE BY QUARTERS 33.5 average length of punts 38.3 1 2 3 4 Total 50 total yards lost from penalties 115 California 0 0 0 0 0 3 fumbles 4 U.S.C. 0 0 20 6 26 CARL HOBERG BILL ELMORE GEORGE HERRERO TONY FIRPO HARLAN GOUGH ORVILLE HATCHER Lansdel I of the Trojans stages a 40 yard run as Elmore pursues the fleeting All-American quarterback. Dempsey of S. C. is stopped by Fl °berg and Sauer as Whalen and McDaniel close in. 247 TED H U BERT BI LL H UTERS Firpo drives his way over the final stripe to score Cal ' s only tally. BEARS 7 BRUINS 20 STATISTICS Firpo cuts hack only to meet two Bruin tacklers after a 9 yard gain. BEARS BRUINS 112 .total yards gained from scrimmage__240 18 yards lost from scrimmage 21 20 forward passes attempted 13 7 forward passes completed 8 1 forward passes intercepted 1 159..yards gained passes and scrimmage 352 4 first downs from scrimmage 11 S....first downs from forward passes....3 O first downs from penalties 1 9 total first downs 15 6 number of punts 7 31.16 average length of punts 35 30 total yards lost from penalties 30 O fumbles 3 1 fumbles recovered 2 O ball lost on fumbles 1 SCORE BY Touchdowns : Firpo (C), Washington (UCLA), McPherson (UCLA), Strode (UCLA). Conversions : Artoe (C), Frawley (2) (UCLA). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 7 0 0 0 7 U.C.L.A. 7 6 7 0 20 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Firpo 9 3.44 Perry 8 4.12 Hoberg 4 3.00 Hubert 4 3.00 McQuary 3 4.33 JIM LANG JERRY LUTES JERRY LEIPZIG MORLEY MATHEWSON JACK LEWIS JIM McDANIEL Firpo, running behind timely interference, runs back a Bruin kick-off to midfield. Washington, UCLA A l l -American, slashes his way over Cal tackle on the way to a score. Impact of terrific Bruin tackle sends Perry up in the air after a short gain. Firpo is caught from the rear as Bears fall before Washington Huskies. Five H asides close in on a trapped Bear, Tony Firpo, as a Cal line thrust fai Is. Ted Hubert is stopped after a long sweep around end. BEARS 6 HUSKIES 13 STATISTICS BEARS HUSKIES yards gained from scrimmage 132 31 yards lost from scrimmage 10 10 forward passes attempted 13 8 forward passes completed 5 0 forward passes intercepted 2 88..yards gained from forward passes .152 254 yards gained passes and scrimmage.284 8 first downs from scrimmage 6 S....first downs from forward passes ....4 0 first downs from penalties 0 13 total first downs 10 5 number of punts 6 47.8 average length of punts 43.6 25 total yards lost from penalties 5 4 fumbles 2 fumbles recovered 4 3 ball lost on fumbles 1 SCORE BY Touchdowns : Semmens (C), McDowell (W), McAdams (W). Conversion : Mizen (W). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 0 6 0 0 6 Washington 0 13 0 0 13 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Firpo 20 2.6 Hoberg 3 2.7 Hubert 6 6 Lutes 5 4.4 Perry 7 1.6 McQuary 4 1.5 JACK McQUARY BEARS 0 BEAVERS 21 STATISTICS BEARS BEAVERS yards gained from scrimmage 218 54 yards lost from scrimmage 20 21 forward passes attempted 5 14 forward passes completed 4 1 forward passes intercepted 0 120 yards gained from forward passes_ 80 164 yards gained passes and scrimmage_298 6 first downs from scrimmage 9 downs from forward passes 4 1 first downs from penalties 1 12 total first downs 14 7 number of punts 8 28.1 average length of punts 38.2 45 total yards lost from penalties 45 3 fumbles 1 0 fumbles recovered 4 3 ball lost on fumbles 0 SCORE BY Touchdowns : Kisselburgh (OS), Kohler, V. (OS), Dow (OS). Conversions : Younce (3) (OS). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 California 0 0 0 Oregon State 0 0 7 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Perry 11 1.2 Lutes 9 2.5 McQuary 6 1.5 Franklin 4 2.2 Youdall 2 3.0 4 Total 0 0 14 21 Long dash upfield by a Beaver is finally halted by the Golden Bears. Varsity kick-off to open Cal-Oregon State encounter at Corvallis. Mathewson and McQuary watch huge pile-up as Bears lose to Beavers. CLIFF PERRY BEARS 32 ‘.4. ' A ' ff.:01!r 4 i ' 4,V0Vr0 Louie Smith catches a long pass for the firs score of the Big Game. Indians block McQuary ' s attempted kick but he recovers the ball and runs it out from the end zone. BILL PLASCH BOB REINHARD RAY ROSSO RALPH SAUER PAUL SEMMENS 252 INDIANS 14 STATISTICS BEARS INDIANS yards gained from scrimmage 71 8 yards lost from scrimmage 18 7 forward passes attempted 25 6 forward passes completed 9 0 forward passes intercepted 3 77..yards gained from forward passes 164 329 yards gained passes and scrimmage 217 9 first downs from scrimmage 3 4....first downs from forward passes 4 1 first downs from penalties 0 14 total first downs 7 8 number of punts 9 35.7 average length of punts 44.8 40 total yards lost from penalties 60 1 fumbles 1 1 fumbles recovered 1 1 ball lost on fumbles 1 SCORE BY Touchdowns: Smith, L. (C), Perry (C), Hatcher (C), McQuary (2) (C), Stand- lee (S), Meyer (S). Conversions: Artoe (C), Rosso (C), Albert (2) (S). SCORE BY QUARTERS 1 2 3 4 Total California 0 13 13 6 32 Stanford 0 0 0 14 14 YARDAGE GAINED BY BACKS Times carried ball Average per play Hatcher 23 4.2 Youdall 11 4.9 Perry 9 4.4 McQuary 8 5.3 L. Smith 6 1.3 Hoberg 2 4.0 Lutes 1 4.0 Perry scampers for one of his numerous gains. Cliff Perry drives off tackle on Isis way to another California touchdown. Southpaw Frankie Albert attempts a prayer pass near the close of the game. JACK SMITH LOUIS SMITH TED STAFFLER GLEN WHALEN PETER YOU DALL 253 San Jose score terminates long drive in Rambler rite game. Spartan ball packer gains five yards over Rambler ' s right tackle. COACH WALTER GORDON 1939 RAMBLER RECORD Cal Opp. O San Jose State 27 7 Fresno State 28 7 C.O.P. 32 O Santa Barbara State 22 25 Sacramento Athletic Club 0 39 109 254 RAMBLERS Cal rooters in a pictorial salute to the " Top Sarge " at the U.S.0 game. , cp,UFORNit .11,,41, " Back Row: Herwig, Bottari, Newman, Frizel I, Donald, Partridge, Marcus, Lutz, Evans. Fourth Row: Shoemaker, Swigart, Pullman, Clark, Bertagnol I i, Warden, Jones, H iester, Sandner, H irr. Third Row: McEntyre, H ixson, Stewart, La Barge, Perrott, Jones, Church, Messner, Grossmith, Sloan, Mies. Second Row : Thorhurn, Lasater, Taylor, Rende, McCarthy, Berwick, Watters, Mason, Ramsaur, Meek, Taniguchi. Front Row: Lei dholt, Ellis, Leidorf, , Gentner, Allen, Pickett, Fergusc n, Gordon, Porto, Bevins, Jurkovich. FRESHMEN 1939 FRESHMEN RECORD Cal Opp. 14 San Francisco J.0 0 26 Santa Ana J.C. 0 41 U.C.L.A. Frosh 14 7 U.S.C. Frosh 7 14 Long Beach J.0 12 6 Stanford Frosh 13 105 46 255 COACH CLI NT EVANS Cub ' s driving tackle stops the Trobabes short of the goal line. Pickett skirts the right end for a 19-yard gain and sets the Frosh up to score. 1940 SEASON COACH " NIBS " PRICE Back Row: Greig, Biggerstaff, Ogilvie, Bernhard, Vieille, Bell, Kennedy, Herwig, Fallon. Second Row: Shirk, McGee Davis, Bickerton, Morgan, Alameida, Tamm, Price, Front Row: Biles, Hodes, Melby, Bailey, Diamond. 258 CAPTAIN WALT BICKERTON BOB GREIG Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to right: Smails, Wittschen, Dunnicliff, Saunders, Landon. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Kibhey, Cartter, Keeffe, Van Sicklen, Levy, Buckles. Front Row: Rice, Martin, Mackey. CONFERENCE STANDINGS Team Games Won Games Lost Per Cent Points Against U.S.C. Stanford California U.C.L.A. 10 2 6 6 5 7 3 9 .833 561 437 .500 496 480 .417 442 465 .250 405 522 259 UCLA Ogilvie blocks out the Bruin man to make it Cal ' s out. McGee and Hodes check a Bruin attack at center court. Biles attempts to reach a pass over the guard of a UCLA man. McGee goes up high to break up a Bruin scoring attempt. WALT BICKERTON ROY TAMM BILL OGILVIE BOB BILES 740111111MMI■ SERIEe Three Bears scramble for the hall under the Bruin basket. Ogilvie clears the ball away from under the Bolan basket. Bruins celebrate their first conference victory in two years. CALIFORNIA 39 U.C.L.A. 33 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Bickerton pursues a Bruin forward in a mad dash down the court. CALIFORNIA 48 U.C.L.A. 26 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Biggerstaff, f 2 2 1 6 Robinson, f 6 3 3 ls Tamm, f 5 1 2 11 Robinson, f 4 3 1 11 McGee, f 3 1 2 7 Colla, f 1 1 0 3 Morgan, f 0 0 1 0 Anderson, f 3 1 2 7 Ogilvie, c 3 1 4 7 Ward, c 0 0 1 0 Ogilvie, c 6 1 2 13 Cameron, c 1 1 3 3 Bickerton, g 5 2 3 12 Null, g 0 0 4 0 Bickerton, g 4 3 1 11 Rafalovich, g 0 0 2 0 Hodes, g 1 1 1 3 George, g 0 0 2 0 Biggerstaff, g 1 3 3 5 Null, g 0 0 2 0 Morgan, f 0 1 0 1 Humes, f 0 0 0 0 McGee, f 1 2 4 4 Colla, f 0 2 0 2 Alameida, f 1 0 0 2 Anderson, f 0 2 2 2 Biles, f 1 1 1 3 Ward, c 0 0 2 0 Biles, f 0 0 1 0 Cameron, c 4 3 4 11 Bell, c 0 1 1 1 Bartlett, g 1 0 2 2 Davis, c 0 1 0 1 Richardson, g 0 0 1 0 Bailey, g 0 0 2 0 Gittler, g 0 0 1 0 Rafalovich, g 1 0 2 2 Vielle, g 0 0 1 0 George, g 0 1 1 1 15 9 12 39 — — 12 9 19 33 18 12 18 43 9 8 16 25 CALIFORNIA 32 FG FT PF TP U.C.L.A. 34 FG FT PF TP CALIFORNIA 33 FG FT PF TP Tamm, f 4 3 1 11 U.C.L.A. 35 FG FT PF TP Robinson, f 8 2 0 18 Biggerstaff, f 1 2 3 4 Robinson, f 4 4 2 12 McGee, f 1 1 0 3 Anderson, f 1 0 0 2 McGee, f 2 0 3 4 Richardson, f 0 2 1 2 Ogilvie, c 5 3 2 13 Cameron, c 1 2 2 4 Ogilvie, c 4 0 1 8 Cameron, c 3 1 0 7 Bickerton, g 3 0 1 6 Rafalovich, g 3 0 3 6 Bickerton, g 4 1 0 9 Rafalovich, g 3 1 3 7 Biggerstaff, g 0 0 4 0 Null, g 1 0 1 2 Hodes, g 1 2 0 4 Colla, g 0 0 1 0 Biles, f 0 0 3 0 Richardson, f 0 0 0 0 Davis, f 0 0 1 0 Anderson, f 3 0 3 6 Hodes, g 0 0 0 0 Humes, f 0 0 0 0 Biles, f 0 0 0 0 Bartlett, f 0 0 1 0 Bailey, g 0 0 1 0 Ward, c 1 0 0 2 Morgan, f 1 1 2 3 Null, g 0 0 1 0 — — Gittler, g 0 1 1 i — — — 13 7 12 33 13 6 10 32 13 8 12 34 15 5 7 35 261 Biggerstaff shoots a long pass down court. Vaughn of Tray dribbles into the clear for a shot. Ogilvie and McGee streak up court to intercept the Trojan forward. Two Bears and one Trojan down in this pileup at center court. JIM BAILEY TOM BELL BOB ALAMEIDA THURSTON DAVIS 262 SERIES Tamm starts on a fast break up court. Morrison breaks into the hole to score an overhand shot. Biggerstaff moves over to stop McGarvin at the foul line. CALIFORNIA 36 U.S.C. 49 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Tamm loses the ball as he attempts to dribble through McGarvin. CALIFORNIA 38 U.S.C. 30 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Morgan, f 0 1 1 1 Vaughn, f 7 5 1 19 Tamm, f 7 1 0 15 Vaughn, f 4 1 1 9 Alameida, f 1 0 1 2 Morrison, f 1 1 3 3 McGee, f 3 2 2 8 Morrison, f 1 1 0 3 Ogilvie, c 2 4 2 8 Sears, c 5 1 2 11 Ogilvie, c 0 2 4 2 Sears, c 2 2 4 6 Bickerton, g 4 2 2 10 McGarvin, g 2 3 0 7 Bickerton, g 4 0 2 8 McGarvin, g 0 2 2 2 Biggerstaff, g 3 3 2 9 Lippert, g 2 0 3 4 Biggerstaff, g 0 1 1 1 Lippert, g 2 0 3 4 Jung, f 0 0 0 0 Ormsby, f 2 0 0 4 Morgan, f 0 0 1 0 Lambert, f 1 3 0 5 Biles, f 2 0 0 4 Berg, f 0 0 1 0 Alameida, f 2 0 1 4 Reising, c 0 1 1 1 Bell, f 1 0 0 2 Luber, g 0 1 2 1 Hodes, g 0 0 0 0 Luber, g 0 0 0 0 Diamond, g 0 0 0 0 19 11 12 49 16 6 11 38 10 10 11 30 13 10 8 36 CALIFORNIA 49 U.S.C. 56 CALIFORNIA 33 U.S.C. 49 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Tamm, f 3 3 2 9 Vaughn, f 8 5 1 21 Morgan, f 2 0 1 4 Vaughn, f 8 4 2 20 McGee, f 3 1 2 7 Morrison, f 0 0 2 0 Biles, f 2 0 2 4 Morrison, f 4 0 2 8 Ogilvie, c 1 2 2 4 Sears, f 5 0 4 10 Ogilvie, c 6 2 4 14 Sears, c 2 2 4 6 Bickerton, g 0 1 2 1 McGarvin, g 1 0 3 2 Bickerton, g 4 5 1 13 McGarvin, g 1 0 4 2 Biggerstaff, g 4 2 2 10 Lippert, g 3 0 3 5 Biggerstaff, g 5 2 3 12 Lippert, g 3 0 1 6 Hodes, g 1 0 0 2 Lambert, f 1 0 0 2 Bailey, g 1 0 0 2 Reising, c 3 2 1 8 Reising, c 2 2 1 6 g 3 0 0 6 12 9 10 33 Luber, g 1 0 1 2 20 9 11 49 — — — — — — — 24 8 14 56 21 7 15 49 263 FORD McGee clears the hall out from under the basket. Bickerton leaps high to break up a Stanford attempt. Biles outreaches Card to take control of the hall. Biggerstaff dribbles by the guard of a Stanford player as he goes in to score. JOHN McGEE BILL BIGGERSTAFF IRV HODES DUD MORGAN SERIES McGee goes down attempting to reach a loose ball. Ogilvie fights off two Cards to prevent a goal. McGee intercepts a Stanford pass to stop all Indian offensive. Biggerstaff hits the hardwood as Inclian dribbles by unmolested. CALIFORNIA 32 STANFORD 55 CALIFORNIA 33 STANFORD 35 FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP FG FT PF TP Biles, f 1 0 1 2 Anderson, f 3 1 4 7 Morgan, f 0 0 1 0 Anderson, f 4 1 0 9 M organ, f 4 2 1 10 Williams, f 6 3 2 15 Tamm, f 1 1 2 3 Williams, f 1 1 0 3 Ogilvie, c 1 1 1 3 Taylor, c 2 3 0 7 Ogilvie, c 3 0 2 6 Taylor, c 1 1 1 3 Bickerton, g 2 2 4 6 Davidson, g 2 2 1 6 Bickerton, g 2 0 1 4 Davidson, g 4 1 2 9 Biggerstaff, g 3 3 4 9 Cowden, g 3 4 1 10 Biggerstaff, g 2 2 4 6 Cowden, g 1 1 4 3 Alameida, f 0 2 2 2 Lafaille, g 3 1 2 7 Biles, f 2 2 0 6 Wenzel, f 0 0 2 0 McGee, c 0 0 1 0 Penn, f 1 1 2 3 McGee, c 2 3 1 7 Penn, c 3 2 3 8 Diamond, g 0 0 0 0 — Bailey, g 0 1 2 1 20 15 12 55 — — — — 14 7 12 35 11 10 14 32 12 9 13 33 CALIFORNIA 38 STANFORD 36 CALIFORNIA 31 STANFORD 27 Biggerstaff, f McGee, f Ogilvie, c Bic kerton, g Hodes, g Tamm, f Alameida, f Melby, g FG FT PF TP 2 2 2 6 1 2 3 4 1 0 3 2 5 3 2 13 2 1 0 5 4 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 15 8 11 38 Anderson, f Williams, f Taylor, c Davidson, g Cowden, g Lafaille, f Penn, c Wenzel, g Alltucker, g FG FT PF TP 2 0 1 4 5 0 1 10 0 0 0 0 2 3 4 7 0 1 4 1 5 0 1 10 2 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16 4 12 36 Tamm, f McGee, f Ogilvie, c Bickerton, g Biggerstaff, g Morgan, f Bailey, g FG FT PF TP 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 5 4 3 14 0 3 2 11 0 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 1 — — — — 11 9 10 31 Anderson, f Lafaille, f Taylor, c Davidson, g Cowden, g Denton, f Williams, f Penn, c Wenzel, g Rahn, g Demoss, g FG FT PF TP 3 1 3 7 0 1 0 1 1 0 4 2 4 0 2 8 1 0 2 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 — — — 12 3 13 27 265 NON-CONFERENCE SEASON Tatum takes aim for a pass over the guard of a Santa Clara player. The Bears take control off the backboard to keep the Olympic Club from scaring. Ogilvie and Biggerstaff check a Gael offensive drive at mid-court. McGee intercepts St. Mary ' s pass and starts back up the court. EASTERN TOUR NON-CONFERENCE SEASON California Opponent 39 Bradley Tech 40 41 Michigan State 37 43 Columbia 36 29 St. Mary ' s 41 34 Pennsylvania 37 61 Cal Aggies 29 42 Dartmouth 30 36 Santa Clara 24 47 Marshall College 51 54 St. Mary ' s 41 45 Ohio State 49 41 Alumni All Stars 30 32 Nebraska 46 33 University of San Francisco 28 33 Utah Aggies 43 37 Santa Clara 44 39 Utah 41 48 Athens Club 49 36 San Diego State 34 38 Olympic Club 29 390 437 418 352 266 FRESHMEN COACH BOB HERWIG Back Row: Nelson. Ferguson, Craig, Garetson, Durkee, Wylie, Farley, Shirk. Second Row: Whelan, McBroom, Martin, Sedwick, Gratz, Wilbur. Front Row: Mason, Cannon, Stock, Brush, Oliver. drf`oh1 es through ense of Card Frosh to score. Garetson FRESHMAN SEASON Cal Aggies Frosh 20 37 Santa Clara Frosh 34 47 Piedmont High School 25 28 Twin Bears 42 39 Galileo High School 19 41 Berkeley High School 25 37..University of San Francisco Frosh.. 36 34 Stanford Frosh 35 42 Placer Union High School 25 22 Richmond High School 32 33 Lowell High School 21 38 Modesto Junior College 45 50 Santa Rosa High School 23 31 Stanford Frosh 42 50 Stanford Frosh 38 561 462 California Opponent 32 267 :rW —.,_.—.44.4t11111111% " ' — ' 14111.7 • _ . . • d.v. " ' " ' " -- 44:16 ' " 1 " 111 -°144 ' " ar ..•, . • • ' • ' .7,= . • .010■77,7•7::› • •• - „sow .....„azie sorr„,; • 1940 SEASON COACH KY EBR I G HT Back Row : Bergh, McMullen, Matthew, Lamoreaux, Doyle, Lake, DeVarona, Newman, Schroepfer, Andresen, Klukkei t, Olson, Connolly, Nurse, Holyoake, Lange, Dur ley, Beal, Schulte. Third Row : Noyes, Schwiers, Talcott, Watters, Backlund, Hervey, Babe, Hansen, Blev ins, Frederickson, Rawn, Kierulff, Fulton, M isch, Emerson, Scrivner, Gabard. Second Row: Skerry, Graff, Colbert, Casey, DuBois, H., DuBois, F., Sturgeon, Thompson, Still, Switzer, Sproul, Daggett, Gibson, Freeborn, Garvey, Grenzeback. First Row: Soderstrand, Levey, Johnson, Dougherty, Gassaway, D ieterich, Ebrig ht. BOB ROBERTS Senior Manager Left to right: Mattis, Cooley. Left to right: Lavenson, Chappell, Edinger, McGowan. Si Iverthorn. Hears triumph on the Hudson to set a new record at Poughkeepsie as t hey humble Washington by a length. POUGHKEEPSIE REGATTA Descending upon Poughkeepsie, reputed to be one of the strongest crews ever developed on the Pacific Coast, Coach " Ky " Ebright and California ' s Golden Bears swept the field of seven crack college eights to win the annual Intercollegiate Rowing Asso ciation regatta. Despite the unusually choppy condition of the wind-tossed Hudson River, the Bears clipped 6.4 seconds from the mark set by Navy last year to establish a new record of 18:12.6 for the four-mile course. Spurting into the lead at the opening gun, Columbia led the flotilla of contenders at the quarter-mile mark. Close behind the pace-setter, Navy, last year ' s winner, streaked along a scant distance ahead of the Bears. However, as they neared the half-mile post, the California shell, " Pacifica, " drew alongside the Columbia craft and, at the one-mile mark, pulled into the lead. Only once was Cal ' s lead threatened thereafter, when the powerful Washington entry moved into second place at the two and one-half mile marker and began to make its bid. As the gap between the two crafts steadily narrowed, Coxswain Jim Dieterich quickened the pace, and the Bears streaked across the finish line three-fourths of a length ahead of the Huskies. Both California and Washington shattered the record of 1938, while Navy, staying within fighting distance until the blistering last mile and a half, finished third. 271 JOHN HANSEN DAVE DE VARONA STANLEY BACKLUND ELLSWORTH STURGEON NORMAN SODERSTRAND OREGON STATE California reserves start on the 2000-meter grind which nets them an easy victory over Oregon State. Fighting off a belated finishing sprint, a California reserve crew defeated the Oregon State eight to mark up the eleventh consecutive win for Coach Ky Ebright. The race was held under adverse weather conditions and was rowed against the tide. The Beaver boat was almost swamped by the choppy waters which made rowing especially difficult on the Oakland estuary. Breaking away to a six-foot lead at the very start of the race, the Staters, in their borrowed craft " California II, " soon yielded that position to the Cal shell " Shasta " stroked by Hilton Watters. At the 800-meter mark of the 2000-meter course, Cal led by one-half a length and steadily widened the gap. The reserves, in their first intercollegiate race, rowed consistently between 31 to 33 strokes per minute and finished with a spurt which raised the beat to 35 at the end of the race. Crossing the finish line a length and a half ahead of the Beavers, the Bears won in the comparatively slow time of 7 minutes and 26 seconds. 272 WAS H INGTON Bears trail behind Washington as they lose a gruelling three-mile race to the Huskies. JIM DIETERICH CHET GIBSON STAN FREEBORN LES STILL LINTON EMERSON Upset by the underdog Washington Huskies, the Uni- versity of California eight went down to defeat in the annual regatta held this year on Lake Washington. Drawing the outside lane, the Bears were placed at a disadvantage by being forced to row against a heavy head wind. However, the California flotilla grabbed an early lead and stretched it to nearly half a length at the mile mark. At the mile and a half mark the tables had been turned, and the Huskies led by half a length. As the Washington shell began to draw away, Cox- swain Jim Dieterich increased the Varsity ' s pace to 38 strokes per minute attempting to narrow the lead. Never- theless, in the closing 500 yards the Huskies again pulled away to cross the finish line two lengths ahead of the Bears, with a finishing time of 17 minutes 15.8 seconds for the three-mile course. 273 IL C. L. A. Bears easily outdistance Bruins to win by six lengths. WILLIAM BLEVINS WILLIAM BEAL ROBERT OLSON RAYMOND TALCOTT 274 Treating Brother Bruin rather roughly, the California Jayvees rowed to a convincing victory by easily defeating the Uclans on the Oakland Estuary. With the first boat resting, the reserves took over the varsity race and made amends for their loss at Washington. The Uclans took an early lead in the 2000-meter race but were unable to maintain the high pace they set for themselves. At the half-way mark the Bears were four lengths ahead and were rowing leisurely. About 200 yards from the finish the Bruins caught a crab which placed them two more lengths behind at the end of the race. Cal rowed at a slow stroke throughout the race and won the event in the time of 6:29. JUNIOR VARSITY Husky Jayvees take an early lead over the Bears which they maintained throughout the race. ROBERT AND RESEN JOHN SC H ROEPFER BERNARD SCH ULTE JACK KLUKKERT Rowing in place of the Varsity ' oarsmen, the Califor- nia Junior Varsity opened their season by easily defeat- ing the Oregon State Varsity. At Washington the heavily favored Jayvees were defeated by the Husky flotilla in the major upset of the season. The Cal eight led at the start, but at the half-mile mark Washington was ahead by a deck. California then made its bid, cutting down the Husky lead. The North- erners soon retaliated and stretched their margin to a length at the two and a half-mile buoy. They held this lead to the finish line of the three-mile course, the win- ner in 17 minutes 38.1 seconds. With the third boat racing as the Jayvees, the Bears finished their season by defeating UCLA. Their margin of victory was two lengths, and the time of 6:43 was comparatively slow for the distance. 275 COACH RUSS NAGLER FRESHMAN SEASON Fourth Row: Corye II, I sham, Donald, Welcome, Swartz, Reed, islop, Flesher, N icol, Matteucci, Pearce, Hanson, Donovan, Third Row: Sedgwick, Phillips, Schaeffer, Lemmon, Barron, Hennessy, Holmes, Swift, Tutton, Mortensen, Okey, Peterson, Turner, Kearns, Nagler. Second Row : Robinson, Everett, Garvey, McDowell, Searls, Wells, Moore, McDonald, Kershaw, Mulcahy, Magliano, Williams. First Row: Peck, Simon, Meyer, 01 iver, Anderson, Woodbury. Bear frosh win by a length over Husky yearlings. Opening their 1940 season, the California Freshman crew finished five lengths ahead of the previously unbeaten Sacramento Junior Col- lege eight. The Cubs slipped into the lead at the quarter-mile mark, and steadily pulled away to finish the 3000-meter course in the fast time of 6 minutes 40 seconds. At Seattle, against the Washington yearlings, the Bear frosh seized the lead at the half-way mark. After successfully staving off a last minute challenge, the freshmen finished with a half length ' s margin to spare in the time of 11 min- utes 8.6 seconds for the two-mile race. 276 " Easy does it! " is the cry as crewmen carry their shell down the gangway. " Watch the now all together hits the water. " Boathouses at Poughkeepsie. Cox Dieterich shouts instructions. Crewmen give repeated performances for the photographers. 1 y Ebright smiles from the launch before a race. Dieterich and DeVerona strike a pose for the camera. Off to the races. LIFE ON THE ESTUARY Cal ' s own boathouse at " Keepsie. " " Hey, Freeborn, not that birdie! " Just before the year ' s biggest crew race. ti 1940 SEASON COACH CLINT EVANS OS 111114 Back Row: Schmidt, Wright, Schultz, Hoppe, Meyer. Third Row: Dunning, Milling, Valencia, Heber, Norris, Fredson, Lewis, Bundy. Second Row: McNeal, O ' Toole, Groper, Corr, Martin, Arnold, David, White, Evans. Front Row: Yockey, Hoberg, Ongerth, Duezhou, Perry, Griffith, Pugh, Noll. JAMES BOYD Senior Manager CAPTAIN MEL DEUZABOU CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Pct. Saint Mary ' s 11 4 .733 California 9 6 .609 Santa Clara 7 8 .466 UCLA 6 7 .461 USC 6 7 .461 Stanford 4 11 .266 Two games yet to be played. 280 01. . 4.4 4 AV 4 t t AO. a0.6 6 JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to right: P inkhorn, Rosenberger, I mucci. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Rcw: Myers, Livingston, Casey. Front Row: Carter, Knight, Robbins, Tonascia. Clint watches the game calmly for the moment. " All ' s quiet " in the dugout. " Get your red-hots here! " " Listen, you robber, he was safe by a m i le! " 281 WENDELL BUNDY GENE CORR RAY ARNOLD Griffith heats out a close one at first. Onperth smashes a fast hall deep into centerfield. SANTA CLARE CALIFORNIA 5 AB R H CALIFORNIA 3 AB R H CALIFORNIA 5 AB R H Perry, ss 5 1 3 Perry, ss 4 0 0 Perry, ss 4 2 Arnold, if 4 0 1 Ongerth, cf 4 0 0 Ongerth, cf 4 3 Pugh, rf 4 0 1 Arnold, If 4 0 1 Pugh, If 5 1 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 2 1 0 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 4 1 2 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 4 0 Martin, lb 5 0 0 Hoberg, c 4 1 1 Hober, c r f 4 3 YAmlingg, 2 1 Hoberg, c 5 1 1 Pugh, rf 4 0 3 ocky, lb 4 1 Corr, cf 4 0 1 Yocky, lb 3 0 0 Griffith, 3b 4 1 Griffith, 3b 3 1 1 Griffith, 3b 3 1 1 White, p 2 0 Koll, p 4 1 0 Koll, p 3 0 1 David, p 2 0 — — — — — — — — — 36 5 8 33 3 9 36 11 SANTA CLARA 2 SANTA CLARA I SANTA CLARA 4 IES AB R H AB R H AB R H Roche, lb 3 0 0 Roche, lb 3 0 1 Roche, cf 4 1 1 Gaar, cf 4 0 0 Hanna, If 3 0 0 Sheehan, ss 4 1 2 Hanna, If 4 0 0 Matula, cf 4 0 1 Battaglia, rf 4 0 1 Reese, 2b 3 1 1 Battaglia, rf 4 1 3 Reese, 2b 4 0 1 Claude n, lb 4 1 1 Sheehan, ss 4 0 0 Bataglia, rf 3 0 0 Fillippi, 3b 4 1 Case, 3b 3 1 0 Sheehan, ss 4 0 0 McGowan, if 3 0 Reese, 2b 4 0 2 Case, 3b 4 0 1 Royer, c 4 1 Mustanich, c 3 0 1 Mustanich, c 3 0 0 McFadden, p3 0 Lebeck, p 3 0 1 McGowan, if 1 0 0 Collins, 2b 1 1 Fillipi, p 1 0 0 Lebeck, p 3 1 1 Gaar, cf 0 0 — — — — — — — — — 33 2 7 32 1 5 33 9 282 Yncky scoops the ball up too late to nab a runner at first. Koll ' s throw fails to catch this St. Mary ' s tinnier at first. ST. MARY ' S SERIES CALIFORNIA 4 AB R H CALIFORNIA 3 AB R H CALIFORNIA 1 AB R H Perry, ss 3 1 1 Perry, ss 5 0 0 Perry, ss 3 0 0 Ongerth, cf 5 0 0 Ongerth, cf 4 1 0 Ongerth, cf 3 0 0 Pugh, rf 5 1 2 Pugh, rf 5 1 0 Pugh, if 4 0 0 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 5 Martin, lb 5 4 0 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 3 0 1 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 3 0 0 Hoberg, c 4 2 Martin, lb 3 0 1 Amling, rf 4 0 0 Lewis, If 3 1 Hoberg, c 4 0 1 Hoberg, c 3 1 2 Griffith, 3b 3 1 Lewis, If 2 0 0 Yocky, 3 0 1 Koll, p 4 1 Corr, if 1 0 0 Griffith, 3b 3 0 0 David, p 1 0 Griffith, 3b 2 1 0 Koll, p 3 0 1 O ' Toole, 3b 0 0 David, p 3 0 0 — — — 38 12 32 3 3 29 1 4 ST. MARY ' S 7 AB R H ST. MARY ' S 8 AB R H ST. MARY ' S 2 AB R H Butler, cf 4 0 0 Butler, cf 2 1 0 Butler, cf 5 0 0 Mohr, 2b 5 2 3 Mohr, 2b 4 0 0 Mohr, 2b 4 0 2 Lingua, 3b 4 0 1 Lingua, 3b 3 0 1 Lingua, 3b 3 0 0 Sinnott, rf 4 1 1 Sinnott, rf 4 0 4 Wright, lb 2 0 1 Peterson, If 5 0 0 Sanders, lb 5 2 3 Peterson, If 3 1 1 Sinnott, rf 3 2 1 Tran, ss 3 2 2 Sanders, lb 4 3 1 Sims, If 3 0 0 Cardoza, c 4 0 1 Tran, ss 3 2 0 Tran, ss 4 0 0 Creech, p 4 0 1 Cardoza, c 3 1 1 Cardoza, c 3 0 1 Mori, p 0 0 0 O ' Neil, p 2 0 0 Madieras, p 4 0 0 Peterson, If 1 0 0 — — — — — 38 7 12 28 8 8 31 2 5 DICK DAVID MEL DUEZABOU DON FREDSON 283 OICI HEBER CARL HOBERG STAN GRIFFITH U.C.L.A. SERIES CALIFORNIA 11 AB R H CALIFORNIA AB R 4 H CALIFORNIA 12 AB R 11 Ongerth, cf 5 3 3 Perry, ss 3 1 0 Perry, ss 4 0 1 Arnold, ss 5 3 3 Lewis, If 4 2 3 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 3 0 1 Ongerth, cf 3 Arnold, If 4 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 3 Hoberg, c 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Corr, cf 3 2 0 Pugh, If 3 1 1 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 2 2 1 Hoberg, c 5 1 1 Pugh, If 3 2 1 Amling, rf 3 2 3 Pugh, rf 4 1 1 Yocky, lb 1 1 1 Hoberg, c 2 2 0 Yocky, lb 4 0 0 Griffith, 3b 2 0 0 Norris, lb 3 1 0 Griffith, 3b 4 1 1 David, p 3 0 1 Griffith, 3b 4 0 1 David, p Koll, p 3 0 1 2 0 1 — — — 39 11 14 Corr Koll Hollander 0 1 0 — 27 0 0 0 — 4 0 0 0 — 3 Koll, p Lewis, If 3 1 1 1 1 1 — — — 28 12 9 U. C. L. A. 10 U. C. L. A. 5 U. C. L. A. 2 AB R H AB R H AB R H Robinson, ss 4 Sinclair, 3b 5 1 0 Robinson, ss 5 1 1 Robinson, ss 4 0 0 Guyer, 2b 4 3 Sinclair, rf 3 1 2 Sinclair, rf 3 0 1 Moore, cf 4 3 Guyer, 2b 4 2 1 Guyer, 2b 2 1 0 Null, lb 4 2 Moore, cf 3 0 3 Moore, cf 2 1 1 Hale, if 5 Null, lb 2 1 Hill, rf 3 1 Null, lb 4 0 2 Hess, 3b 3 0 Park, c 2 0 Hess, 3b 3 0 0 Hale, if 3 0 Hummes, p 0 0 Hale, If 4 1 1 Bartlett, c 1 0 Bell, c 1 0 Bell, 3 0 0 Colla, p 1 0 Frederick, p 1 1 c Park, c 1 0 George, p I 0 Hummes, p 3 0 1 Surr, p 2 0 Colla, p 1 1 Bartlett, c 2 0 0 Hill, rf 1 0 — — — — — — 35 1 12 36 5 11 25 2 3 284 A Bruin runner ' s wild attempt to pet back to first is stymied by Yocky. Perry coaches a teammate into a safe slide at home. Hoberg throws to first to complete a double Pia which ends the game with a 4-3 win. Perry steals home to aid the Bears in defeating the Trojans. U.S.C. SERIES CALIFORNIA 1 CALIFORNIA 4 CALIFORNIA 4 AB R H AB R H AB R H 285 Perry, ss 5 1 2 Perry, ss 3 3 Perry, ss 4 1 1 Corr, cf 5 0 0 Ongerth, rf 2 1 Ongerth, cf 5 1 1 Arnold, if 4 0 3 Arnold, If 3 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 2 Pugh, if 4 0 0 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 3 0 0 Hoberg, c 4 Duez ' b ' u, 2b 4 1 2 Pugh, rf 2 0 0 Corr, cf 2 Hoberg, c 4 0 1 Hoberg, c 4 0 2 Yocky, lb 3 Griffith, 3b 4 Amling, rf 2 1 1 Yocky, lb 4 0 1 Koll, p 2 Yocky, lb 2 0 1 Griffith, 3b 3 0 1 Lewis, if 1 Griffith, 3b 4 0 1 David, p 4 0 0 White, p 1 Fredson, p 0 Greeley, p 4 0 1 Martin, lb 1 0 0 Amling, rf 0 Koll, p 0 0 0 35 1 9 28 33 4 9 U. S. C. 4 U. S. C. 9 U. S. C. 3 AB R H AB R H AB R H Koski, 2b 2 1 1 Koski, 2b 4 1 1 Barnes, cf 3 0 0 Coombs, ss Hanson, 3b 3 4 1 1 1 1 Coombs, ss 3b Hanson, Barnes, cf 3 4 5 0 0 1 1 0 1 Coombs, ss Konopka, If 4 3 0 0 0 2 Barnes, cf 4 1 1 Konopka, If 3 2 2 Koski, 2b 2 1 0 Konopka, if 4 0 1 Murdock, lb 4 3 1 Hanson, 3b 3 0 0 Evans, rf 2 0 0 Evans, rf 3 1 2 Murdock, lb 4 0 0 Holley, rf 1 1 1 Murdock, lb 3 1 2 Evans, rf 3 0 1 Engle, c 4 1 1 Lyons, c 3 0 0 Engle, c 3 0 1 Wilkins, p 2 0 1 Brewer, p 3 0 1 Winslow, p 3 0 0 Bombe, p 2 0 1 Engle, p 1 0 0 — — — — — — 32 4 7 34 9 10 28 3 7 MIKE KOLL STUART LEWIS JACK MARTIN Hoherg decides not to strike at the hall. Pugh slides in to home to score tar Bears. ED ONGERTH CHARLES O ' TOOLE ORD CLIFF PERRY Winning all three games of the Stanford se- ries the Golden Bears ended the season in second place behind the Gaels of St. Mary ' s. Not until the third and final game were the Indians suc- cessful in crossing the plate to score. The series featured a pitching duel between Koll of Cali- fornia and Thompson of Stanford with the former stealing the show with three wins to his credit. Meeting with hard luck in the opening games of the season the Bears found themselves to put on a finishing drive which netted them nine victories and run ner-up honors. 286 Ongerth heats the throw to first. Yocky reaches for a high throw from shortstop. PAUL PUGH AL WHITE ED YOCI(Y CALIFORNIA 4 STANFORD 0 CALIFORNIA 6 STANFORD 0 CALIFORNIA 6 STANFORD 4 Perry, s s Ongerth, cf Arnold, If Duezabou, 2b Hoberg, c Pugh, rf Koll, p Yocky, lb Griffith, 3b AB R H AB R H AB R H AB Cereghino, cf 2 0 0 Perry, ss 4 0 3 Cereghino, cf 2 0 0 Perry, ss 4 Parsons, 2b 3 0 0 Ongerth, cf 4 0 0 Vucinich, cf 2 0 0 Ongerth, cf 4 Boone, 3b 4 0 2 Pugh, If 4 0 0 Pfyl, ss 4 0 1 Pugh, If 5 Juney, if 4 0 1 Duezabou, 2b 3 2 1 Boone, 3b 3 0 0 Duezabou, 2b 3 Pfyl, ss 3 0 0 Hoberg, c 4 1 2 Juney, of 3 0 0 Hoberg, c 5 Templeton, rf 3 0 1 Amling, rf 3 0 0 Thompson, p 3 0 1 Amling, rf 4 Costello, lb 3 0 1 Koll, p 4 1 2 Templeton, rf 3 0 0 Koll, p 4 Atkinson, c 1 0 0 Yocky, lb 4 2 3 Costello, lb 3 0 1 Yocky, lb 3 Thompson, p 3 0 0 Griffith, 3b 4 0 2 Shortall, 2b 3 0 0 Griffith, 3b 4 Bull, 3b 1 0 0 --- Randall, c 3 0 0 — Lewis, c 0 0 0 34 6 13 — — — 36 Vucinich, cf 2 0 0 29 0 3 Randall, c 1 0 0 Shortall, 2b 1 0 0 Cereghino, cf Pfyl, ss Boone, 3b Juney, If Costello, lb Nagano, rf Shortall, 2b Randall, c Thompson, p Atkinson, c Vucinich, cf Bull, c 31 0 5 Score by innings: Score by innings: California R 0 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 0— 4 California R 0 1 0 0 1 3 0 I 0— 6 11 3 0 1 1 1 3 0 1 0-10 H 1 2 1 2 2 4 0 1 0-13 E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 Stanford R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 Stanford R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 11 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 0— 5 H 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0— 3 E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 E 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 1 Score by innings: California Stanford .... 287 NON-CONrERENCE SEASON A Bear batter hits a single into left field against Fresno State. Aggies ' first baseman beats Cal runner to first. A Fresno State runner heads hack to first to heat the throw. Aggies ' player reaches home just a minute too late. California Opponent 2 Webb ' s Alumni 1 3 Kenealy Seals 5 10 Kenny Park 4 11 Oakland Rookies 0 10 Oakland Rookies 5 14 Hibernia Bank 9 7 S. F. State 0 6 Standard Oil 5 10 Fresno State 1 California Opponent 2 Santa Barbara State 5 0 Union Oil 6 8 Associated Oil 1 5 Univ. of S. F 1 9 C H Sugar 6 3 Cal Aggies 0 5 Pacific Greyhound 14 9 Golden State 5 114 68 288 FRESHMEN COACH HARRY KINGMAN Back Row: Porterfield, Albright, Wilson, Krippen, Nibley, Karp, Kingman, Arhious. Second Row: McCann, Hartley, Allamanno, Anderson, Richter, Thompson, Demarest. Front Row: Sharp, Marquis, Fitzhenry, Scott, McLaughlin, Killebrew. California Opponent 10 St. Ignatius High 5 10 Berkeley High 2 2 Marin J.C. 0 6 Lowell High 5 5 Balboa High 6 3 McClatchy High 1 3 Cinnamon Bears 3 21 Chico High 1 15 Alameda High 2 6 Albany High 5 4 Fremont High 3 2 Richmond High 2 6 St. Mary ' s Frosh 1 2 St. Mary ' s Frosh 10 9 Oakland High 1 11 St. Mary ' s Frosh 1 3 San Mateo J.0 6 15 Stanford Frosh 12 3 Stanford Frosh 1 2 Stanford Frosh 4 138 71 289 Bear Cub hits the dirt to reach third. 1940 SEASON COACH BRUTUS HAMILTON -31 1••■■■■■■■■•r )0■111M,W % i■awn•■••• ' ••• Last Row: Cooper, Pickarts. Ferrier, Ramsaur, Twining, Goldsmith, Barnes, Froom, Buszek, Mclnerny, Watts, Callow, Marshall. Summer, Foster, Radtke, Sauer. Hayden. Second Row: Kearney, Hogan, Tharp, McConaghy, Peter, Pooley, Michael, Bahme, Dowdakin, Bower, Clement, Widel, Kyte. Front Row: Hamilton, Vollmer, Sadaj, Nelson, Craig, W. L., Craig, W. P., Van Court, Broinhacher, Wolf, Hawkins, Ford, McIntyre, Cunningham, Ragan. 292 CAPTAIN ELTON BROMBACHER In the Pacific Coast Conference, Stanford proved to be the team to beat. With Clyde Jeffrey, the co-holder of the world ' s record in the 100-yard dash and anchor man of the world ' s record mile relay team, and Paul Moore, world ' s champion in the three-quarter mile run, the Indians held the edge in comparative point scores. USC ' s team didn ' t come up to their usual standard although John Wilson came within one-half inch of setting a new world ' s record in the high jump. California had a well-balanced team with only the two-mile men outstanding in competition and with a sensational quarter-miler, Grover Klemmer, on the freshman squad. UCLA and Washington were strongest in the field events while Washington State had a fine distance star in Dixon Garner. PHIL PUENTE Senior Manager JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to right: Bennett, Scribner, Watson, Hogan. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Dunn, Peixotto, Gallichotte, Humphrys, Simpson. Front Row: Rosenblum, Brumbaugh, Randall, Foster. 293 CALIFORNIA 92 U. C. L. A. 39 Pooiey and Long run one, two in the high hurdles against the Bruins. Summers leads the Craig twins around the turn in the 880. Fay Froom coasts to an easy win in the 440 over the hapless Bruins. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH—Won by Sinclair (UCLA) ; second, Pickarts (C) ; third, Barner (C). Time, 10 seconds. 220-YARD DASH—Won by Sinclair (UCLA) ; second, Pickarts (C); third, Barnes (C). Time, 21.6 seconds. 440-YARD DASH—Won by Froom (C); second, Wyatt (UCLA) ; third, Buszek (C). Time, 49.5 seconds. 880-YARD RUN—Won by Wesley Craig (C) ; second, Warren Craig (C); third, Summers (C). Time, 1 minute 55.6 seconds. (New meet record). MILE RUN—Won by McIntyre (C); second, Spencer (C) ; third, Sadaj (C). Time, 4 minutes 25.5 seconds. TWO-MILE RUN—Won by Sadaj (C) ; second, Vollmer (C) ; third, McIntyre (C). Time, 9 minutes 23.4 sec- onds. (New meet record). 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—Won by Pooley (C) ; second, Long (C) ; third, Lacefield (UCLA). Time, 15.2 seconds. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES—Won by Pooley (C) ; sec- ond, Reese (C) ; third, McBain (UCLA). Time, 24.4 seconds. BROAD JUMP—Won by Lacefield (UCLA); tie for sec- ond between Schilling (UCLA) and Turner (UCLA). Distance, 24 feet 3 inches. HIGH JUMP—Tie for first between Schilling (UCLA), Shoaff (UCLA) and Long (C). Height, 6 feet 2 inches. POLE VAULT—Tie for first between Edinger (UCLA), Smith (C) and Ford (C). Height, 13 feet 6 inches. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Biles (C); second, Shaugh- nessy (UCLA) ; third, Smith (C). Distance, 199.02 feet. SHOT PUT—Won by Michael (C), 51 feet inches; second, Hoeger (UCLA), 46 feet inches; third, Marshall (C), 45 feet 10 inches. (New meet record). DISCUS THROW—Won by Wolf (C) ; second, Patter- son (C); third, Marshall (C). Distance, 150 feet 11 ? inches. MILE RELAY—Won by California (Bahme, Hogan, Buszek and Froom). Time, 3 minutes 21.2 seconds. WARREN CRAIG WESLEY CRAIG CALIFORNIA 671 2 OLYMPIC CLUB 6 3 ' z CALIFORNIA 98 WASHINGTON STATE 33 SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH—Won by Dean (0.C.) ; Vickery (O.C.), second; Cox (W.S.C.), third; Jackson (O.C.), fourth. Time, 10.1 seconds. 220-YARD DASH—Won by Clemens (C) ; Jackson (O.C.), second; Cunningham (C), third; Brombacher (C), fourth. Time, 21.8 seconds. 440-YARD DASH—Won by Barnes (C) ; Weiman (O.C.), second; Orr (W.S.), third; Froom (C), fourth. Time, 47.9 seconds. 880-YARD RUN—Won by Dale (W.S.C.); McCurdy (O.C.), second; Widel (C), third; Wes Craig (C), fourth. Time, 1 minute 55 seconds. MILE RUN—Won by Garner (W.S.C.); Preston (O.C.), second; Peter (C), third; Williams (W.S.C.), fourth. Time, 4 minutes 20.3 seconds. TWO-MILE RUN Won by Garner (W.S.C.) ; Sadaj (C), second; Vollmer (C), third; Lehn (W.S.C.), fourth. Time, 9 minutes 17.1 seconds. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—Won by Moore (0.C.) ; Long (C), second; Pooley (C), third; Griffin (C), fourth. Time, 14.6 seconds. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES—Won by Orr (W.S.C.) ; Pooley (C), second; Moore (O.C.), third; Reese (C), fourth. Time 24.2 seconds. BROAD JUMP—Won by Tharp (C), 23 feet 2% inches; second, Bennett (C), 22 feet 5 inches; third, Fitzpatrick (O.C.), 22 feet inches ; fourth, L. Smith (C), 21 feet 11 inches. HIGH JUMP—Humbert Smith (O.C.), and Steers (O.C.), tied for first, 6 feet inches; Law (O.C.), and Coull (C), tied for third, 6 feet 2 inches. POLE VAULT—Won by Warmerdam (O.C.), 15 feet (breaking the world ' s record of 14 feet 11 inches, estab- lished by Bill Sefton and Earle Meadows of U.S.C. on May 29, 1937, at Los Angeles) ; " Bud " Deacon (O.C.) and Guinn Smith (C), tied for second, 14 feet 2 inches (Smith bettered U.C. record of 14 feet, set by Keith Monroe in 1939); Ford (C), fourth, 13 feet 10 inches. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Todd (0.C.) ; Mottram (O.C.), second; Waterbury (O.C.), third; Fink (C), fourth. Length, 213 feet 21 4 inches. SHOT PUT—Won by Michael (C), 50 feet 101 4 inches; Wohle (O.C.), second, 48 feet 101 4 inches; Allee (O.C.), third, 48 feet 7 inches; Marshall (C), fourth, 45 feet 11 4 inches. DISCUS THROW—Won by Wolf (C), 155 feet 4 inches (equalling U.C. record held by Glenn Randall) ; Pat- terson (C), second, 140 feet inches; Marshall (C), third, 139 feet; Allee (O.C.), 138 feet inches. MILE RELAY—Won by California (Team of Bahme, Hogan, Buszek and Froom) ; Olympic Club, second; Washington State, third. Time, 3 minutes 17.2 seconds. 220-YARD EXHIBITION—Won by Klemmer (U.C. Frosh); Haley (W.S.C. Frosh), second. Time, 21.2 seconds. MEL LONG DON POOLEY Clemens surprises to edge out a close win in the 220. Torn Moore of the Olympic Club, slightly behind at the second hurdle, comes on win easily. Clarence Barnes scores an upset win in the 440 in the fast time of :47.9 over Orr of WSC. CALIFORNIA 581 2 Rusty Wolf shows how the whirling dervish Pole Vaulter Earl Ford clears 13 feet garners five points against Troy. 6 inches to gain third Mickey Anderson noses out two Bears, Pickarts and Cunningham, to win 220. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH—Won by Anderson (USC); second, Pickarts (C) ; third, Reese (C). Time, 9.9 seconds. 220-YARD DASH—Won by Anderson (USC); second, Pickarts (C); third, Cunningham (C). Time, 21.6 seconds. 440-YARD DASH — Won by Upton (USC); second, Barnes (C); third, Froom (C). Time, 47.7 seconds. (New meet record). 880-YARD RUN—Won by Widel (C); second, Reading (USC); third, Peter (C). Time, 1:53.4 seconds. MILE RUN—Won by Weed (USC); second, Zamperini (USC); third, Vollmer (C). Time, 4:15.5 seconds. TWO-MILE RUN—Won by Cooper (C); second, mer (C); third, McIntyre (C). Time, 9:28 seconds. 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—Won by Hommel (USC); second, Pooley (C); third, Long (C). Time, 14.7 seconds. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES—Won by Dills (USC); second, Reese (C); third, Laret (USC). Time, 24.2 seconds. BROAD JUMP — Won by Bleeker (USC), 23 feet 93 4 inches; second, Tharp (C), 23 feet 8 inches; tie for third between Cromwell (USC) and Bennett (C), 22 feet inches. HIGH JUMP—Won by Wilson (USC), 6 feet inches; tie for second between Johnson (USC), LaCava (USC), Coull (C), and Smith (C), at 6 feet inches. POLE VAULT—Tie for first between Smith (C) and Dills (USC) at 14 feet; third, Ford (C), 13 feet 6 inches. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Peoples (USC), 222 feet inches; second, DeGroot (USC), 206 feet 2 inches; third, Biles (C), 204 feet 7 inches. SHOT PUT—Won by McNeil (USC), 51 feet inches; second, Michael (C), 50 feet inches; third, Mar- shall (C), 44 feet inches. DISCUS THROW—Won by Wolf (C), 154 feet 5 inches; second, Patterson (C), 144 feet inches; third, Alex- ander (USC), 144 feet inches. MILE RELAY — Won by USC (Albright, Grunbrock, Lytle, Upton); California disqualified; California ' s time, 3:15. EARL FORD HANLON THARP WILBUR TWINING BERNARD WOLF 296 U. S. C. 721 2 Three Bears take the lead in the mile hut falter before a one, two Trojan finish. Martin Biles gets off a heave of 204 feet 7 inches against USC. Half•miler Denzil Wide! defeats Reading in a fast 880. Howard Upton of USC barely nips Clarence Barnes at the finish of the quarter. FAY FROOM DICK PETER GUINN SMITH PAT McCARTHY 297 CALIFORNIA 501 2 Varner talks over the radio after setting a new meet record in the two mile. Pooley edges out a close victory over Reese in one of the Bears ' three first places. SUMMARY 100-YARD DASH—Won by Jeffrey (S); second, Bat- taglia (S); third, Brombacher (C). Time, 9.7. 220-YARD DASH—Won by Jeffrey (S); second, Bat- taglia (S); third, Brombacher (C). Time, 21.1. 440-YARD DASH—Won by Clark (5); second, Froom (C); third, Shaw (C). Time, 48.6. 880-YARD RUN—Won by Moore (S); second, Wid21 (C); third, Hyde (S). Time, 1:54.2. MILE RUN—Won by Moore (S); second, Vollmer (C); third, Spencer (C). Time, 4:13.7. (New meet record, old record of 4:15.9 set by Cole (C) in 1939.) TWO-MILE RUN—Won by Vollmer (C); second Cooper (C); third, McIntyre (C). Time, 9:28.5. (New meet record, old record of 9:35.3 set by Sadaj (C) in 1939•) 120-YARD HIGH HURDLES—Won by Hayes (S); ond, Simpson (S); third, Pooley (C). Time, 14.9. 220-YARD LOW HURDLES—Won by Pooley (C); sec- ond, Reese (C); third, Simpson (S). Time, 24.2. BROAD JUMP—Won by Christensen (S), 23 feet 51 8 inches; second, Peterson (S), 23 feet inches; third, Tharp (C), 23 feet 1 inch. HIGH JUMP—Won by Lincoln (S), 6 feet inches; second, Wulff (S), 6 feet inches; third, G. Smith (C), 6 feet inches. JAVELIN THROW—Won by Stone (5), 218 feet 21 2 Inches; second, Biles (C), 209 feet 4 inches; third, L. Smith (C), 200 feet inches. POLE VAULT — Won by G. Smith (C), 14 feet 15 8 inches; second, Nichols (C), 13 feet 10 inches; tie for third between Ford (C) and Kenyon (S), 13 feet 6 inches. (New meet record, old record of 13 feet 107 8 inches set by Mauger (C) in 1935.) SHOT PUT—Won by Anderson (S), 53 feet inches; second, Michael (C), 52 feet 7 inches; third, Trout (5), 51 feet inch. DISCUS THROW—Won by Anderson (S), 155 feet 2 inches; second, Wolf (C), 154 feet inches; third, Cornett (S), 151 feet inches. MILE RELAY—Won by Stanford team (Shaw, Clark, Williamson, and Jeffrey.) Time, 3:12.9. (New meet record, old record of 3:15.5 set by the Stanford team of Burris, Deere, Dellinger, and Blackman in 1934.) JOHN REESE BOB HOGAN DENZIL WIDEL HERB MICHAEL 298 Bears and Indians are all even over the first hurdle. Paul Moore easily defeats Widel to win the 880. Jeffrey wins the 220 as Brombacher barely ekes out third place. Froom surprises by taking second place in the 440 behind Clark of Stanford. MARTIN BILES CLARENCE BARNES BOB BOWER ELTON BROMBACHER 299 MAYS !32 3 )nu Jul 3 LutfierNicholsclearstheharatUfeet Startofthemilerdaywhichwasmilinthefasttimed3:11:7. Long and his Indian rival are even at the end of the fifth hurdle. SUMMARY TWO-MILE RELAY—Won by Stanford team of Skrable, Girard, Jack Moore, Paul Moore; California second. Time, 7 minutes 37.7 seconds (new national intercol- legiate record, old record 7:38.1, set by University of Indiana team April 23, 1938). 440-YARD RELAY—Won by Stanford team of Grant, Johnson, Battaglia, Jeffrey; California second. Time, 42.1 seconds. FRESHMEN MEDLEY — Won by California team of Klemmer, 440 yards; Dreher, 220 yards; Shipnuck, 220 yards, and Dunn, 880 yards. Time, 3 minutes 41.7 seconds. 480-YARD SHUTTLE HURDLE RELAY—Won by Stan- ford team of Guthrie, Lincoln, Simpson, Hayes; Cali- fornia second. Time, 1 minute 1.7 seconds. SHOT PUT—Won by Stanford team of Anderson, 53:3; Trout, 45:11; Pool, 44:11; Gray, 44:11; aggregate dis- tance, 189 feet. California second, Michael, 51:51 4; Wolf, 42 :8 ; Marshall, 45 :52 ; Smith, 42 :5 ; aggregate, 181 feet 11 inches. BROAD JUMP—Won by Stanford team of Brown, 23:10; Peterson, 22 :10 ; Kern, 22 :4; Chambers, 21 :8 ; aggre- gate, 90 feet 8 inches; California second, Tharp, 23:2; Smith, 21:9 ; Wilson, 21:5 ; Bennett, 22 :5 ; aggregate, 89 feet 1 inch. OPEN WEE RUN—Won by Preston (Olympic Club); McIntyre (UC), second; Spencer (UC), third. Time, 4 minutes, 21 seconds. 880-YARD RELAY—Won by Stanford team of Johnson, McFarland, Battaglia, Jeffrey; California second. Time, 1 minute 26.4 seconds. 440-YARD ALUMNI RELAY WALK—Won by Stanford team of Wohle, Stojkovi ch, Weiner, Zagar. California two yards behind. Time, 1 minute 38.5 seconds. MEDLEY RELAY—Won by California team of Bahme, 440 yards; Warren Craig, 880 yards; Sadaj, 1,320 yards ; Vollmer, one mile. Stanford second, 110 yards behind. Time, 10 minutes 14.8 seconds. HIGH JUMP—Won by California team of Smith, 6:3; Long, 6:3; Coull, 6:1; Bundschu, 5:10; aggregate height, 24 feet 5 inches. Stanford, Wulff, 6:3; Lincoln, 6:2; Fyfe, 6:1; Brown, 5:7; aggregate, 24 feet 1 inch. JAVELIN—Won by California team of Biles, 207 feet 11 inches ; Fink, 201 :5 ; Smith, 192 :5 ; Watts, 183 :2 ; aggre- gate distance, 784 feet 10 inches. Stanford second, Stone, 200 :5 ; Williams, 189 :5 ; Wulff, 162 :3 ; Lincoln, 160:8; aggregate, 712 feet 9 inches. MILE RELAY—Won by Stanford team of Shaw, 48 sec- onds; Clark, 48 seconds; Williams, 47.9 seconds; Jeff- rey, 47.9 seconds. California second. Time, 3 minutes 11.8 seconds. POLE VAULT—Won by California team, Smith, 13 feet 6 inches; Ford, 13:2; Twining, 13:2; MacConaghy, 12:10; aggregate height, 52 feet 8 inches. Stanford second, Mc- Kenzie, 12 :10 ; Kenyon, 12 :10 ; Bassi, 11 :0 ; no fourth ; aggregate, 36.8. DISCUS—Won by California team of Wolf, 151 feet; Marshall, 145 feet ; Patterson, 140 :1; Michael, 121:9 ; aggregate distance, 555 feet 10 inches. Stanford second, Anderson, 151 feet 5 inches (individual winner); Hiler, 134:4; Pool, 137; Grey, 111:1; aggregate, 534:10. TED VOLLMER STMISAD41.1 FRESHMAN SEASON COACH AL RAGAN Third Row: Brodie, Johnson, H ansen, Lombardo, Carlsen, Dunn, Robertson, Woolpert, Bernhard, Flax, Bromberg, Swisher, Carson, M acBride. Second Row: Williams, Roe, Whitney, Shipnuck, Clark, Wisecarver, Dreher, Burk, Goodell, Peek, Stone, Lanagan, Wilde. First Row : Kent, Twitchel I, Davis, Dewey, McCarthy, Richards, Zink, Goodridge, Trokey, Booth, Warnholz, Parrish, Kishi, Ragan (coach) . Grover Klemmer w ins the 220 in the fast time of 21:2 ill an exhibition race. Not extending himself to run the 440 in :47.0 for the fastest time recorded this year in the United States, Grover Klemmer of the frosh proved to be the outstanding new quarter-miler of the country. His teammates also showed steady improvement throughout the season as the Cub tracksters defeated San Mateo J. C. to but lost to Sacramento J. C. 80 to 42 and Menlo J. C. 70 to 61. In a meet with four Northern California J. C. ' s the freshmen won with 65-5, 6 points. The Cubs laced the Stanford Frosh 85 to 46 to close their season. Klemmer set a new meet record in the 440, winning the event in :47.8, and Shipnuck was a double winner in the 100 and 220. COACH TOM STOW 1940 SEASON TENNIS CONFERENCE STANDINGS Won Lost Pct. USC 6 0 1.000 California 4 2 .667 Stanford 2 4 .333 UCLA 0 6 .000 Back Row: Stephens, Hippenstiel, G., Gerwick, Culver, Anderson, Hall, Hippenstiel, R., Canning, John, Stow. Front Row: Hobart, Swan, Smeltzer, Amonette, Harman, Peacock, Meyer, McClaughlin, Blakemore, Hayes. BILL STEPHENS Senior Manager ROBERT PEACOCK and ROBERT HARMAN Co-Captains JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to Right: Roth, Wilcox, Graux. SOPHOMORE MANAGERS Back Row: Sakai, Durell Front Row: Sandrock, Snyder, Noel. NATION L CHAMPIONS IMHOFF AND PEACOCK Climaxing a successful eastern tennis invasion, the Bear duo of Bob Peacock and Doug Imhoff defeated the Mur- phy twins of Chicago University to win the National Intercollegiate Doubles Championship. Next, they went on to achieve national ranking by reaching the quarter- finals in the National Amateur Championships at Forest Hills. While in the east, they beat such stars as Brugnon and Destremaux, the top-ranking doubles team of France, and Hare of England and Hecht of Czechoslovakia. On the west coast they won the Pacific Coast Intercol- legiate Championships by defeating Harman and Rob- erts of California in the finals. Also, in national singles competition Peacock fared as well as in doubles play, by conquering in various tournaments such nationally ranked stars as Gene Mako, Hal Surface, and Frank Kovacs. 305 Canning and Amonette lose a tough match to UCLA. A fast hit of action against the Bruins features Harman and Peacock. U. C. L. A. MATCHES CALIFORNIA-7 U. C. L. A.--2 CALIFORNIA--8 U. C. L. A.--1 SINGLES—Harman (C) d. Stanford (UCLA), 6-2, 6-3; Peacock (C) d. Gordon (UCLA), 6-1, 7-5; Canning (C) d. Beach (UCLA), 6-4, 6-4; Fox (UCLA) d. Amonette (C), 6-3, 6-4; McCaughlin (C) d. Sugich (UCLA), 6-0, 6-3; Morgan (UCLA) d. Meyer (C), 6-1, 6-2. DOUBLES—Harman and Peacock (C) d. Gordon and Stanford (UCLA), 3-6, 6-3, 6-2; B. Hippenstiel and Meyer (C) d. Sugich and Beach (UCLA), 6-1, 4-6, 6-2; G. Hippenstiel and Swan (C) d. Galloway and Crickold (UCLA), 6-3, 6-4. SINGLES—Peacock (C) d. Stanford (UCLA), 6-2, 6-0; Harman (C) d. Gordon (UCLA), 6-3, 6-3; B. Hippenstiel (C) d. Beach (UCLA), 6-4, 6-3; Canning (C) d. Fox (UCLA), 6-0, 6-2; G. Hippenstiel (C) d. Sugich (UCLA), 6-4, 6-4; Swan (C) d. Morgan (UCLA), 6-4, 6-0. DOUBLES—Stanford and Gordon (UCLA) d. Amonette and Canning (C), 6-2, 9-7; G. Hippenstiel and Swan (C) d. Sugich and Beach (UCLA), 6-2, 3-6, 6-3; McCaughlin and Smeltzer (C) d. Galloway and Proden (UCLA), 3-6, 6-3, 6-0. BILL CANNING BOB HARMAN BOB H IPPENSTIEL BOB PEACOCK U.S.C. MATCHES CALIFORNIA--3 U. S. C.--6 CALIFORNIA--4 U. S. C.--5 SINGLES—Toley (USC) d. Harman (C), 6-4, 6-4; Schroeder (USC) d. Peacock (C), 6-2, 6-1; Reedy (USC) d. Hippen- stiel (C), 6-1, 6-0; Canning (C) d. Bartelt (USC), 6-3, 3-6, 7-5; McNamara (USC) d. Amonette (C), 6-3, 6-1; Everett (USC) d. McCaughlin (C), 6-4, 7-5. DOUBLES—Harman and Peacock (C) d. Schroeder and McNa- mara (USC), 6-3, 4-6, 6-4; Bartelt and Reedy (USC) d. Amonette and Canning (C), 6-1, 6-3; Meyer and Hippenstiel (C) d. Carlock and Lynch (USC), 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. SINGLES—Toley (USC) d. Harman (C), 6-2, 6-3; Peacock (C) d. Schroeder (USC), 7-5, 4-6, 6-3; B. Hippenstiel (C) d. McNamara (USC), 6-3, 4-6, 6-3; Reedy (USC) d. Canning (C), 6-1, 6-3; Bartelt (USC) d. Swan (C), 6-0, 6-2; Everett (USC) d. McCaughlin (C), 6-1, 6-3. DOUBLES—Harman and Peacock (C) d. Schroeder and Mc- Namara (USC), 6-2, 6-2; Reedy and Bartelt (USC) d. B. Hippenstiel and Smeltzer (C), 6-4, 6-2; Canning and Amonette (C) d. Toley and Carlock (USC), 6-3, 6-2. Bob Hippenstiel and Jack Smeltzer watch a high one in their match against USC. The first doubles combination, Bob Harman and Bob Peacock, get set for a fast return from their Trojan opponent: Harman easily defeats Stanford ' s Jim Wade in the second singles match. STANFORD MATCHES CALIFORNIA-5 STANFORD-4 SINGLES—Dee (S) d. Peacock (C), 6-1, 6-4; Harman (C) d. Wade (S), 6-3, 6-3; Low (S) d. B. Hippenstiel (C), 2-6, 6-3, 8-6; Canning (C) d. Gates (S), 7-5, 3-6, 6-0; Amonette (C) d. Seaver (S), 6-3, 6-1; Swan (C) d. Brock (S), 6-3, 6-1. DOUBLES—Dee and Wade (S) d. Harman and Peacock (C), 8-10, 6-2, 6-4; Amonette and Canning (C) d. Seaver and Folsom (S), 6-2, 6-4; Low and Owen (S) d. Bob and Glen Hippenstiel (C), 12-10, 6-4. CALIFORNIA-5 STANFORD-4 SINGLES—Peacock (C) d. Dee (S), 7-5, 3-6, 6-3; Harman (C) d. Wade (5), 6-3, 6-1; Low (S) d. B. Hippenstiel (C), 4-6, 6-3, 6-3; Canning (C) d. Gates (S), 6-3, 2-6, 8-6; Brock (S) d. Swan (C), 6-2, 6-3; Amonette (C) d. Seaver (S), 9-7, 6-2. DOUBLES—Peacock and Harman (C) d. Dee and Wade (S), 6-3, 6-2; Low and Owen (S) d. Hobart and Meyer (C), 6-2, 1-6, 6-2; Rose and Folsom (5) d. Gerwick and G. Hippenstiel (C), 8-10, 6-4, 7-5. GUNNY AMONETTE BILL SWAN 308 FRESHMEN Back Row : McNary, Gifford, Bowman. Eiseworth, Spencer, K joker, Halley, Phelps. Front Raw: Franklin, Darrow, Hodgson, Cook, Banker, Simpson, Clothe. Ending a successful season with but one defeat, the California Freshman Tennis Team won five of their six matches, blanking two of their opponents. In the only conference meet of the season the Bear frosh dropped a hard fought contest to the Stanford yearlings 6 to 3. In other meets of the season, the Cubs shut out San Francisco Junior College 9 to 0 and Berkeley High School 7 to 0, with Spencer and Brown proving the outstanding singles men and teaming with Livingstone and Tout for the doubles. Modesto J.C. fell before the freshmen 8 to 1 with Spencer and Livingstone effective in both singles and doubles. San Mateo J.C. and Lowell High were defeated 7 to 2 and 6 to 3, respectively. George ace, wins again. 309 California 51 2 California 41 2 California 7 California 51 2 California 7 ED NEMIR Coach Stanford 31 2 Stanford 31 2 Cal Aggies 4 Cal Aggies 31 2 UCLA 1 151 2 Back Row: Nemir, Mitchell, Barre, Greenwood, Warton, Lepori. Front Row: Handa, Flaherty, Fuji, Drouhay, McEvilly. Advancing Bear is halted by Indian ' s left hook. BOXING 1939-1940 RECORD Referee watches for fall as Bear grappler attempts to pin his opponent. WRESTMING 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponent 3 San Jose State 5 3 Cal Aggies 1 13 UCLA 13 21 Whittier AC 3 7 Santa Clara 0 47 22 P.C.C. TOURNAMENT 1. California 29 2. San Jose 27 3. UCLA 27 4. USF 1 5. Nevada 1 6. Cal Aggies 1 7. Stanford 0 FAR WESTERN TOURNAMENT 1. Olympic Club 27 2. California 25 3. San Jose State 15 4. Inglewood Club 12 Back Row: Aron, Homonchuk, White, Thompson, Wilson, Knowlton, Merritt, Morse, Wright. Second Row: Merrill, Buckland, Laflin, Glidden, Marsh, Sale, Lippincott, Landreth, Stone. Front Row: Hrahosky, Parker, Mar, Wolf, Raski, Adachi, Shibata, Sugino, Hahn. HENRY STONE Coach Bear lightweight attempts a one-handed shot from close in. 5 lb. BASKETBALL 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponents 43 Fullerton J.C. 38 47 Chapman College 52 39 Taft High School 37 38 Taft J.C. 29 43 U.C. Alumni 21 30 U.C.L.A. 145 ' s 32 47 U.C.L.A. 145 ' s 49 47 George ' s Drugs 33 24 U.C. Navy 16 50 Mormon Club of Oakland 33 67 Crockett Alumni 42 29 C.Y.O. of San Francisco 19 38 Olympic Club of San Francisco 30 38 Santa Ana J.0 40 34 Pasadena J.C. 42 34 Santa Maria High School 21 47 Santa Maria J.C. 21 19 Fremont High School 16 33 Oakland Technical High School 18 21 McClymonds High School 30 42 Emerson Club of Berkeley 21 28 U.C. Navy 18 848 Back Row: Clausal, Williamson, Leong, Green. Second Row Raise, McCormick, Beckerleg, Ongerth. Front Row : Meinherger, Christensen, Elwood. Wilson. 658 HEBER NEWSON Supervisor Bernard Aarons gains a held hall as the 30 ' s will another game. 30 lb. BASKETBALL 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponents 27 Laurel A.C. of Oakland 26 33 Fremont High School B ' s 20 37 Sigma Alpha of Alameda 29 33 Calistoga High School 16 30 Willits High School 16 41 Ukiah High School 19 50 Lakeport High School B ' s 9 35 Lakeport High School A ' s 21 30 Japanese Y.M.C.A. of S.F 14 28 Piedmont High School Alumni 32 38 Upper Lake High School B ' s 18 50 Upper Lake High School A ' s 28 29 Lower Lake High School B ' s 17 52 Lower Lake High School A ' s 25 44 Japanese Y.M.C.A., Oakland 22 38 Kelseyville High School 29 47 C.C.C., Northfork 32 37 " Boosters, " Northfork 25 33 C.C.C., Northfork 14 39 Nissei Club of Berkeley 44 34 Sigma Alpha of Alameda 33 785 493 Back Row : Takahashi, M., Takahashi, T., H yams, Worden, Takehita. Second Row: Shirk, Richardson, Perlee, Hawkins, Hashimoto. Front Row : Hellman, Schaefer, G:mmcn, Aarons. HEBER NEWSON Supervisor WIMMING Thirteen new school records in the sprints, distance swims, and in the relays over- shadowed a mediocre season in which the Varsity Swimming Team won four meets and dropped five. Those who were principally responsible for the new marks were Marty Lloyd, John Bricker and Captain Steve Aronson. The Bears lost conference meets to USC, 54 to 21, and UCLA, 41 to 34, but placed third in the conference behind USC ' s 63 points and Stanford ' c 38 with a score of 35. Two meets were won from San Francisco State, 41 to 33 and 57 to 18 and one from Compton Junior College, 41 to 34. In an intersectional meet California lost to the University of Texas, to 331 2. COACH AL DOWDEN Back Row : Crawford, Ball, Ware, H ill, Boynton, McCarthy, Netcher, Duran. Second Row : Mitchell, Aronson, Sawyer, Righter, Webster, N orris, Wallerstein, Sparks, Bowden. Front Row: Bricker, Ligda, Cohn, Joy, Gerdes, Lloyd, Dam, Savage, Barker. Bears clash with the famous barnstorming team from Texas University. Diving provides the spectators with a view of the Texas flying circus. 314 WATER POLO Playing their toughest season in eight years, the Cal septet yielded a two-year conference championship to UCLA. The Varsity ' s first contests were dropped to the Bruins and USC by scores of 8 to 5 and 5 to 3, respectively. The Bears then migrated south, again facing defeat 7 to 2 at Westwood, and 8 to 7 at the hands of the Trojons. Stanford was the Bears ' only victim in conference play. Easily sweeping the Indians aside 5 to 1 in their first game, the Bears then lost a 6 to 5 thriller in the second encounter. Captain Max Foss, All-Conference Perry Lamb, and Steven Aronson led the Varsity attack throughout the season. COACH AL DOWDEN Back Row: Sim, Hurlbut, Clapp, limes, Garrard, Castle, McNally. Second Row: Avery. Lamb, Dekker, Ward, Sparks, Drake, Dowden. Front Row: Lloyd, Aronson, S., Woodman, Foss, Aronson, D., Cha ndler. Hitchcock, U.S.C., goalie, blocks a shot as Lamb and Lloyd close in. Bear and Trojan forwards race for the ball as U.S.C. whips Cal. 315 CROSS COUNTRY 1939-1940 RECORD 316 California 18 San Jose State 40 California 18 Olympic Club 40 California 17 UCLA 39 California 18 Stanford 40 71 159 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponents 1877 University of Pittsburgh 1829 1877 Ohio State University 1869 1877 Oregon State College 1869 1877 Georgia School of Technology 1813 1877 Texas Technological College 1690 1877 State University of Iowa 1879 1877 West Virginia University 1876 1867 Rose Polytechnic Institute 1820 1867 Drexel Institute 1791 1867 Kansas State College 1847 1869 University of Wyoming 1346 1860 University of Alabama 1851 1842 University of Oregon 1849 1860 University of Nebraska 1863 1860 Montana State College 1823 1860 Texas A M 1838 1842 Washington State College 1890 1860 Columbia University 1761 1842 University of Dayton 1733 1860 Virginia Polytechnic Institute 1843 1874 Michigan State College 1882 1874 Gettysburg College 1848 1874 University of Georgia 1848 1874 South Dakota State College 1826 1874 University of Wisconsin 1818 1874 University of Florida 1888 1859 Ohio University 1721 Back Row: Vollmer. Cooper, Sadaj, McIntyre. Nelson, Copeland, Wide!, Buszek. Front Row: Bower, Scott Wagerer, Sugden, Craig, W. P., Craig, W. L., Ferrier, Summei s, Lehman. BRUTUS HAMILTON Coach RIFLERY Back Row: Mita, Welge, Ogilvie, Stockwell, White. Third Row: McCammon, Kesselring, Henderson, McG ray, H el I ier, Maker, Chaney, Frazier. Second Row: Vail Evers, Livingston, Wey land, McIntyre, Haney. Petersen. Front Row: Read, Taber, Johnson, Miller, Pugh, Steven, Rolf -Rieque. MAJOR JOHN McCAMMON Coach Harriers swing into afternoon practice session. Varsity rifleman takes aim in one of Bear ' s numerous matches. Cal fencer lunges forward in attempted touch. FENCING 1939-1940 RECORD 1939: Herron Trophy Foil—First, Olympic Club; second, California. California-12, Stanford-13 5-Man Foils Jack Hovick won 4 out of 5 matches. Robert Stone won 3 out of 5 matches. Norman Hodson won 3 out of 5 matches. N orman Firestone won 1 out of 1 match. R. M. Sommer won 0 out of 4 matches. Noel Spiess won 1 out of 5 matches. Pacific Coast Conference Matches Foil: California defeated UCLA California defeat ed USC UC USC UCLA USC defeated UCLA 5 3 3 Epee: UCLA defeated California USC defeated California USC defeated UCLA 1 5 3 Saber: California defeated USC UCLA defeated California USC defeated UCLA 3 3 3 9 11 7 FENCING TEAM Back Row: Woodworth, P., Manager, Spiess, F. N., Hovick, J., Firestone, N., Sommer, D., Pardee, A. Front Row: Dahl, R., Hodson, N. D., Stone, R., Captain, Hohenthal. W., Ashley, J., Coach. JAMES ASHLEY Coach Single and double flips feature gymnastic exhibition. GYMNASTICS 1939-1940 RECORD California 81 Stanford 9 UCLA 116 California 791 2 USC 231 2 California 1021 2 UCLA 90 USC 271 2 CAL GYM TEAM Back Row: Wilkinson R., Watson, J., Brooks, W., Brubaker, L., Queen A., King, L., Taylor, F. Second Row: Thym, A., Cadwell, G., Hall, W., Gardner, R., Hudson, V., Hunton, L. Front Row: Keeney, C., McDowall, H., Wheeler, F., Ryan, D., Binder, G., Silva, J. 317 1 CHARLES KEENEY Coach RUGBY Winning the P.C.C. championship and tying for the Northern California Cham- pionship, the Varsity Rugby team won six out of eight games. The Bears opened the season with victories over the University Club 8 to 0 and U.S.F. 11 to 0. An early season loss to the Olympic Club was offset by a thrilling victory over U.S.C. 3 to 0, coming from a penalty kick by Folmer in the last minutes of play. Led by Captain Charles Grainger the Bears again defeated the University Club 13 to 8, and ended a brilliant conference season with their fourth straight victory over Stanford 4 to 0. In post season games played in Canada, the Bears lost to British Columbia 11 to 5, but won from the Vancouver All Stars 24 to 6. COACH MILES HUDSON Back Row: Lord, Whalen, Youdall, Staffler. Benson, Holmes, Grainger, Wilson, Lindehurg. Second Row: Witter, Vann, Snell, Huters, Hatcher, Warren, Schoenfeld, Hudson. Front Row: Folmer, Shelton, Williams, Davey, West, Rogers. The University Club halts a Bear thrust upheld. Jim Warren finally is stopped after a long rush. 318 ICE HOCKEY Severely handicapped by the lack of a practice rink, the Ice Ho ckey Team went through a season in which they outscored their opponents 57 to 55, but which saw them lose twelve games to seven won and three tied. Led by co-captains Bill Blau and Stan Oakes the Bears placed third in the conference behind Santa Rosa Junior College and Golden State but defeated Montgomery Ward and Pacific. In a trip to Colorado the pucksters defeated and tied Colorado College but were not as successful in their trip to Los Angeles where they lost to USC and Loyola. With the university rink due to be completed by next year and with several returning lettermen, the outlook for next season is very good. COACH JULIUS SCHROEDER Back Row : Faas, Clark, Oakes, Blau, Kwasney. Front Raw: Pattison, N ishkian, Leven, I senstein. Goalie Al Laren moves out to halt an attempted score. A tense moment of action as Cal defeats Wards. 319 Indian blocks off attempted Bear thrust down fi2Id. Varsity ski team practices the downhill. SOCCER 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponents 1 Alumni 2 2 S.F.J.C. 0 2 San Mateo 1 1 San Jose St. 1 1 USF 1 5 San Mateo 0 3 Menlo J.C. 0 2 S.F.J.C. 2 3 UCLA 1 4 USF 0 4 Menlo J.C. 1 1 Aggies 1 1 Stanford 1 1 Stanford 2 2 San Jose St. 1 2 UCLA 0 35 14 Back Row: Schroeder, Nishkian, Ibragimoff, Altman, Bucklin, Crummey, Masonek. Second Row: Divanovich, Dorwin, Isenstein, Escobar, Carriere, Larson, Hayes. First Row: Halm, Klebanoff, Graalfs, Erlich, McKeowen, Schlesinger. JULIUS SCHROEDER Coach IIING 1939-1940 RECORD PACIFIC COAST INTERCOLLEGIATE SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS Won by California; second, Stanford; third, Nevada. Cross Country: Won by California. Individual scores: Won by Janss of Stanford; second, Gester of Cali- fornia. Slalom: Won by California. Individual scores: Won 13),. Hirschkind of California. Downhill: California placed third. Hatch, Hirschkind, and Gester placed for California. Jumping: Won by Nevada; second, California. In- dividual scores: Won by Roecker, National distance champion from Nevada; second, McMurry of Cali- fornia; third, Dole of California. PACIFIC COAST CONFERENCE MEET Won by Washington; second, Washington State; third, California. VANDERBILT MEMORIAL MEET Won by California; second, Nevada. Slalom: Won by California. Individual scores: Won bp),. Hirschkind of California. Giant Slalom: Won by California. Individual scores: Won by Gester of California; second, Hirschkind of California. Relay: Won by California team composed of Hirsch- kind, Dole, Hatch, and Gester. Jumping: California placed third. Left to Right: McMurry, Dole, Hirschkind, Gester, Hatch, Hildebrand, McMurry, Rosenthal. BILL KLEIN Coach 320 Jack Lovegren, ace Cal golfer, measures a putt in a tense moment during the UCLA match. Varsity handball doubles team clashes in the Easthay County Athletic League. GOLF 1939-1940 RECORD California Opponent 171 2 Tilden 121 2 Orinda 81 2 San Jose State 41 2 7 Berkeley Country Club 8 USC 201 2 San Francisco State 51 2 UCLA 61 2 Stanford 251 2 Stanford 231 2 89 115 Back Row: Anderson, Wetzel, Morris. Front Row: Murray, Maybury, Hartman, Ward, Thomas, Lovegren, Barnett, Ghent. DEWEY LO NGWORTH Coach HANDBALL 1939-1940 RECORD California 0 Jewish C.C. 5 California 4 S.F. Y.M.C.A. 1 California 3 S.F. Y.M.I. 2 California 1 Central Y.M.C.A. 4 California 0 Oakland Y.M.C.A. 5 California 0 Jewish C.C. 5 California 5 S.F. Y.M.C.A. 0 California 2 S.F. Y.M.I. 3 California 0 Central Y.M.C.A. 5 California 0 Oakland Y.M.C.A. 5 15 35 Back Row : Pierson, Ayer, Sharp, I brag imoff. Front Row: Shaff, Morton, Pearlman, Seidel. RALFE MILLER Coach 321 FRANK WICKHORST ASUC Supervisor WILLIAM CURTIS Senior Manager TIM SHAD INGER Intramural Director JUNIOR MANAGERS Left to Right: H ildehrandt, Bunton, Lindsay, Brewer. INTRAMURAL In an endeavor to promote competition in a variety of sports in either the major or minor sport categories, University intramurals were es- tablished on the campus in 1933. This season, after seven years of successful participation, the intramural department has drawn more interest than ever before. Competition is divided into two main leagues, the National and American. The former represents the fraternities, while the latter, the non-organized groups. Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu proved to be outstanding par- ticipants in the National League, while in the American circuit the Forestry Club and Bowles Hall battled it out for the championship. The Japanese Students Club easily copped all the honors in the Dormitory League, established last year for smaller groups. 324 Forestry controls the ball in an American League basketball game. A badminton doubles match features fast action. INTRA-MURAL ACTIVITY Kappa Sigma repeated their success of last year by winning six-man tackle. This sport was added to the list last year , and has proven quite successful. Also volleyball, acquired for the first time last year, has met with the approval of every par- ticipant, being perhaps the most popular sport on the intra- mural roster. Sigma Nu, after emerging from behind, won the National League, but All-University Honors went to Bowles. In touch football, the Sigma Nu ' s walked off with the title, while Phi Delta Theta barely nosed out other National League contenders for first place honors in track. Sigma Phi Epsilon of the National League proved victorious in acquatic sports, while the Barrington mermen of the American League repeated their success of last season. Forestry Club led in intramural baseball. A throw from second to first nips the runner in this softball game. Horseshoes proves to be a popular intramural sport. Intramural squash features fast action. A left is effectively blocked during a Bear boxing bout. Intrafraternity tennis doubles team in action. INTRA-MURAL ACTIVITY The Meadow Brook group were the undisputed champions of the American League in basketball this year, while Phi Beta Delta and Alpha Tau Omega are fighting it out for the title in the National League. In the Dormitory League, the Chinese Students displayed superb ping-pong to emerge the winners. Lambda Chi Alpha defeated Sigma Phi Epsilon in the National League ping-pong tournament. In squash, a sport that has gained in popularity, Phi Kappa Psi squelched Sigma Nu. Phi Gamma Delta were the All- University bowling champions, and in horseshoes Forestry eeked out a narrow margin over Barrington. In the National League, the Betas were the outstanding horseshoe pitchers. Abracadabra led the National League in badminton, closely trailed by the Sigma Nus. The idea is to keep it in the air. Soccer players leap into the air to. hit the ball with their heads. A Bear staggers to his feet after a knockdown. Cal Ice Hockey team is on the attack. Watching for an opening in a collegiate wrestling match. MINOR SPORTS ACTION Varsity rifle team ace takes aim. Jack Lovegren and his UCLA opponents walk up to the fifth green. Bears clash with Indian boxers. The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi graciously accepts tokens of her victory. Sigma Chi rhythm master directs Kappa Delta chorus. Theta pledges play " ring around the rosie " in the hay. Chi Omega jockeys line up at the post. THE CHANNING WAY DERBY Crowds gather at the finish as the Derby draws to a close. The Greeks have their hey-day. Adams Andrews Arrighi Barbanel! Barry Birkholm Bley Boyd Brayton Brooks Brown Buck Caswell Cayot Chiapella Davis Dibbles Eckley Emerson Forkner Farley Fox Golden Grainger Griffin Hale Hazen Hepperle Hogan Huters James James Klukkert Lee Leete McDaniel McGinn McMurry McPhee Masonek Mathewson Mirk Moock Morrison Murphy Nelson Ormiston Peterson Pooley Roberts Robinson Salz Schulte Simmons Skewes-Cox Stephenson .Swartz True Vann Weir Wertsch Wheeler Williams Wilson Wolf Wyatt INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Ramon Cayot Acacia Bancroft Nelson Alpha Chi Sigma Aldred Simmons Alpha Delta Phi Bennet Skewes-Cox Alpha Kappa Lambda Frederick Diggles Alpha Sigma Phi Robert Wertsch Alpha Tau Omega Robert Moock Bachelordon John James Beta Theta Pi Albert Hogan Chi Phi Robert Hepperle Chi Psi Edward Barry Del Rey Linton Emerson Delta Chi Fred Brooks Delta Epsilon. Jim McDaniel Delta Tau Delta Edward Peterson Delta Upsilon John True Kappa Alpha-- James Boyd Kappa Delta Rho Arthur Adams Kappa Nu Clifford Barbanell Kappa Sigma Frederick Vann Lambda Chi Alpha Donald Pooley Phi Beta Delta Bernard Wolf Phi Delta Theta Hugh McPhee Phi Gamma Delta D. James Griffin Phi Kappa Psi Morley Mathewson Phi Kappa Sigma Dave Roberts Phi Kappa Tau Robert Salz Phi Sigma Kappa James R. Fox Pi Kappa Alpha Frederick Wheeler Pi Kappa Phi Norman Arrighi Psi Upsilon William Huters Sigma Alpha Epsilon David Ormiston Sigma Chi Lowry Wyatt Sigma Nu Charles Grainger Sigma Phi William Bley Sigma Phi Epsilon Jack Klukkert Sigma Phi Sigma Allen Mirk Theta Chi John L. Farley Theta Delta Chi Harry B. Buck Theta Xi Albert Stephenson Zeta Beta Tau Robert J. Golden Zeta Psi George B. Caswell Webster Robinson Abracadabra Bancroft Nelson Gorton Davis Bennet Skewes-Cox Donald Brayton Milton Morrison Wayne Hazen John James Jess Wilson Robert Hepperle Edward Barry Linton Emerson Fred Brooks William Andrews Edward Peterson William Murphy James Boyd Robert G. Williams Clifford Barbanell William H. Hale William Chiapella Harvey Masonek Paul Eckley D. James Griffin Harley Leete Dave Robert Rick Birkholm James R. Fox Richard Lee Arthur McMurry William Huters Boyd McGinn Lowry Wyatt Robert L. James Robert Weir Bernard Schulte Allen Mirk John L. Farley George A. Brown Albert Stephenson Robert J. Golden Hamden L. Forkner 331 Abracadabra 2425 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1895 ONE CHAPTER Adam Cayot Conrad Honnold Dole Gassaway Johnson McCoy Howell Johnson MacMichael Paterson Powers Robinson Schiffner Rohrecht Schwartz Usinger Ward Wilson Morris Perkins Putnam Twining Sharp UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Roy Allan Louis Baker Stephen W. Cunningham Harland Frederick Kenneth D. Adam Ramon F. Cayot Benjamin D. Conrad, Jr. Harold L. Honnold Bayard MacMichael Dr. Ellsworth Quinlan Robert Gordon Sproul Frank M. Spurrier Robert Underhill Dennis M. Paterson Joseph B. Powers Webster R. Robinson Robert C. Schiffner George J. Taylor SENIORS Lyle Turner Taylor Turner Argubright de Lanoy Anderson Chilton Grunsky Hatch Smith Sweetser JUNIORS Darrell H. Argubright Richard N. McCoy Edward T. de Lanoy Joseph Robrecht Stuart R. Dole Milton L. Schwartz Arthur D. Gassaway Russell Usinger Russell K. Johnson J. Troplong Ward Richard I. Wilson SOPHOMORES Alexander H. Anderson Roger Johnson Frank R. Chilton Robert L. Morris Carl E. Grunsky Robert Z. Perkins Wilson M. Hatch Joseph C. Putnam James B. Howell Wilbur E. FRESHMEN Charles E. Peterson Jamie H. Smith Kenneth Sharp Carleton J. Sweetser 332 Donatello Duttle Lewis Nelson Cherrier Land isman Maloy Maxwell Moore Ehy Rowe Simpson Wilson Bell Burroughs Cox Croyle Grinaker Acacia 2340 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Russell T. Crawford E. L. Moody Edwin D. Dickinson Paul F. Nichols L. H. Lyon B. L. Robertson Keith MacKane F. H. Swift GRADUATES Frank Lewis Emery Sweetser SENIORS Paul J. Dallas Robert F. Duttle George A. Donatello Bancroft A. Nelson George C. Woolsey JUNIORS Dan C. Cherrier Robert W. Maloy Joseph Landisman Robert L. Maxwell Richard 0. Moore SOPHOMORES Gerald Crane Ted E. Rowe Thomas M. Eby Kenneth J. M. D. James Wilson FRESHMEN William A. Baker Glen W. Cox John R. Bell George W. Croyle Ernest C. Burroughs Robert W. Robert Hoffman 333 Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 VIRGINIA STREET FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Calkins Dimpfl Fess Harman Knaak Ray Rosati Schmidt Hunter Peck Ryan Seagrave Davis Harrington Hayes Loeck Meuron Parsons Preston Scott, D. Sherwood Beeman Mayes Nash Simmons Babcock Baggott Chapter Frick Garber Hyde K i Iner Scott, J. Switzer Weber Anders Mixer Carhonnel Covey Duncan Hicks UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Frank W. Allen Paul L. Kirk Herman J. Almquist Wendell M. Latimer Walter C. Blasdale Gilbert N. Lewis Gerald E. K. Branch Frederick W. Lorenz Arthur W. Christie Axel R. Olson William V. J. Cruess Nello Pace Erman D. Eastman Kenneth S. Pitzer John J. Eiler Charles W. Porter Franklin T. Green Merle R. Randall Ralph S. Halford Gerhard K. Rollefson Joel H. Hildebrand Glenn T. Seaorg Thomas D. Stewart GRADUATES Henry W. Anderson Herman J. Meuron John G. Davis Richard L. Parsons Walter D. Harrington Roger Preston Norman Hayes Donald W. Scott Harry L. Heckel Donnelle W. Sherwood Robert E. Loeck Jack A. Vogtman SENIORS Charles H. Beeman Denham Harman William H. Calkins Edward Mayes Ludwig H. Dimpfl Jack G. Nash Kenneth B. Fess Aldred L. Simmons JUNIORS Sherman G. Babcock Donald W. Knaak Richard J. Baggott Sherry B. Ray M. Louis Chapler Guido J. Rosati Leo F. Frick Robert J. Schmidt William F. Garber John W. Scott William Hyde Robert Switzer Scott B. Kilner William G. Weber SOPHOMORES Frank W. Anders Robert Y. Mixer FRESHMEN Richard B. Carbonnel James W. Hunter George D. Covey John Peck Donald R. Duncan Frank Ryan Harry G. Hicks John C. Seagrave 334 Dorn Grady Harding Hayes, C. Murray Schaeffer Schoenfeld, W. Skewes-Cox Stock Terry Thelen Wadsworth, J. Woolams Chamberlin Chaney Goodhue Hayes, K. Johnson Long Maclise McGee Ross Schoenfeld, J. Webb Young Bain Doyle Newlands Rieber Robinson Sams Shaw Sproul Van Sicklen Wadsworth, P Wishart Cuthbertson Grant Hawkinson Nicol Partridge Poundstone Randall Smith Thorburn de Vries Alpha Delta Phi 2401 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles S. Davidson Dr. Frank W. Dr. William C. Deamer Deming G. Maclise Dr. Herbert M. Evans Paul Michael T. Harper Goodspeed Fletcher H. Swift Frank L. Kleeberger Scott Wilson Dr. Hans Lisser Dr. J. Homer Woolsey GRADUATES John S. Cooper Samuel P. Stevens Stephen S.Goodspeed Gregory S. Stout John E. Landon Eugene M. Webb SENIORS Jackson G. Dorn Reginald del V. Grady Donald M. Harding Calder Hayes William P. Murray, Jr. William J. Schoenfeld Bennet Skewes-Cox John P. Stock Raymond M. Terry Max Thelen, Jr. Joseph H. Wadsworth, Jr. Leonard A. Woolams, Jr. JUNIORS W. R. Chamberlin, Jr. Lincoln Gay Maclise Richard W. Chaney John McGee Neil 0. Goodhue Luther A. Nichols, Jr. Kenneth Hayes Donald M. Ross Elliott Johnson, Jr. John R. Schoenfeld Melville H. Long, Jr. C. Richard Webb, Jr. Charles W. Young SOPHOMORES Hilliard G. Bain Hal J. Sams, Jr. Doble M. Doyle Donald M. Shaw Welles H. Newlands, Jr. Robert G. Sproul, Jr. Frank Rieber, Jr. W. Parker Van Sicklen Ray C. Robinson, Jr. Philip T. Ian S. Wishart FRESHMEN J. Van A. Austin, Jr. Frank D. Nichol James M. Cuthbertson John W. Partridge Pieter A. de Vries Emery Poundstone James Grant Richard H. Randall Donald Hawkinson Walter E. Smith Jack Thorburn 335 Etcheverry Bostic Bradley Brayton D igg les Gordon Jack McG irk Parker Blackman Blackwell Brockett Ferris Rider Spaan Verfurth Wehster Wells Brown Ellis Hickman Noel Orr Gil land Hill Holmes Way Whipple Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1514 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 TEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Allen William R. Dennes William B. Herms GRADUATES Robert E. Etcheverry William B. Morris James R. Latham Milton J. Sheldon SENIORS Lawrence F. Bradley George G. Gordon Don F. Brayton James C. Jack John E. Bostic Donald D. McGirk Frederick W. Diggles Karl A. Parker Robert T. Legge Samuel C. May Walter S. Morley 336 JUNIORS Lothar 0. Blackman Clinton H. Rider Robert C. Blackwell Harry C. Spaan J. D. Brockett Ralph B. Verfurth Cal Ferris Hilton B. Ralph H. Wells SOPHOMORES Frank H. Brown Cleveland D. Hickman Neil L. Ellis William S. Noel Gaylord A. Orr FRESHMEN James W. Gilland H. Howard Holmes Donald P. Hill David S. Way Gerald H. Whipple Bolitho Farrell 1 oll Longwell Morrison Ragan Scales Smith Watson Wertsch Witzel Dowell Elkins Peoples Pinkham Richards Roseland Schmidt Twohig Bonneau Coffman Foster Lehner Myer Carter Halley Harding Martina Meckel Warnock UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SOPHOMORES Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS Cassius M. Dowell Sam W. Elkins Henry A. Peoples Clarkson W. Pinkman SENIORS Edward M. Ragan John G. Smith Francis L. Watson Earl C. Wells Robert A. Wertsch Everett Witzel JUNIORS Weldon L. Richards Payson C. Roseland Karl W. Schmidt Thomas J. Twohig William J.Bonneau Paul M. Coffman John D. Foster Robert S. Carter Winston E. Halley Gordon L. Harding Robert E. Lehner Wallace H. Myer Henry H. Scales Paul M. Martina Robert B. Meckel William K. Warnock Eldridge J. Best Williams Higgins Anders J. Carlson Benedict F. Raber John W. Gregg Alfred A. Solomon George L. Bolitho Robert Farrell Myron H. Koll John P. Longwell Milton Morrison Elwood Wright FRESHMEN Dudley Zappettini 337 Barker Bergh Brokaw Craig Danford Edwards Gottlieh Hazen Henck Houghton McArthur Moock Prentiss Raney Sawyer, J. Stone Sutcliffe Ti I ney Woodworth Beach Canners French Haefeli Kerr Kotok Lieh Magee Matthews Mattis R ianda Schumann Slater Veen Wells Woodman Wright Brumbaugh Bruster Dechant Eddy Garrissere Goldsmith Jaques Misch Nazro Root Sawyer, H. Silvera Wilkes Brandt Clark Davison Dimmick Everett Jones Kietzman McBrncin Schaefer Tolley Ware Wendt Alpha Tau Omega 2465 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stanley W. Cosby Norton B. Moore Carroll M. Ebright Olivar M. Washburn Norman H. Boke Kenneth B. Stoddard Scott B. Houghton Robert G. McArthur, Jr. Robert E. Moock Vernon Prentiss Marksbury G. Raney James G. Sawyer Robert C. Stone Paul Sutcliffe Ralph B. Tilney Woodworth Robert Heizer Loring M. Barker Emil M. Bergh, Jr. James C. Brokaw, Jr. Owen J. Craig Warren L. Danford Charles H. Edwards Ted M. Gottlieb Wayne C. Hazen Joseph Putnam Henck Philip L. GRADUATES Robert Van Wagoner SENIORS JUNIORS George D. Beach Vinton S. Matthews Herrick A. Conners John A. Mattis George W. French Frederick A. Rianda, Jr_ Joseph L. Haefeli Paul A. Schumann John Kerr Ronald B. Slater Edward S, Kotok Harvey B. Veon Harry C. Lieb Kenna Wells Lloyd G. Magee Winston P. Hugh L. Wright SOPHOMORES Granville W. Brumbaugh Bruce D. Jaques Robert H. Bruster George A. Misch Leonard L. Dechant John Nazro James S. Eddy Lloyd L. Root, Jr. Alpheus E. Garrissere Houghton F. Sawyer John B. Goldsmith Henry F. Silvera John Wilkes FRESHMEN Joseph G. Brandt Walter L. Kietzman, Jr. William B. Clark Alva H. McBroom James B. Davison Robert L. Schaefer Walter F. Dimmick Howard E. Tolley Henry B. Everett Richard B. Ware Howard Jones Gustav H. Wendt, Jr. 338 McEnnerney, J. Mesak Adolphe Carroll Gesley James Knowlton Leichtfuss Royce Terzich Thompson Well ington Williams Miles Olson Schionnemann Solon Gulmon Ferguson McEnnerney, L. Mallory Smith Galvin Hansen Kudenov Lisman Bachelordon 2537 RIDGE ROAD FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1894 ONE CHAPTER JUNIORS Frederick J. Miles Robert L. Solon Carl A. Olson Walter A. Thompson SOPHOMORES Clinton B. Ferguson Paul B. Mallory Robert H. Gulmon Leo F. McEnnerney Ronald C. Smith FRESHMEN Grant G. Galvin Peter A. Kudenov Robert E. Hansen Van B. Lisman UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Frederick C. Cordes Willis H. MacKinnon Edwin Duerr Walter T. Stone SENIORS Robert C. Adolphe John M. McEnnerney William B. Carroll Charles Mesak Howard R. Gesley Arthur F. Royce John R. James Eric P. Schionnemann Charles F. Knowlton Irving M. Terzich Walter A. Leichtfuss Jack Wellington Robert J. Williams, Jr. Deceased 339 Rue Castle Freeborn Henry Wilson Brewer Bryan Byington Groesbeck Stone Thomas Wilcox Wittschen Alston Barstow Bradford Clark Hogan, R. Banker Bell Berwick Brush Davis Dewey Durkee Grant Hayes, P. Putnam Ready Starbird Taylor Waddell Williams Beta Theta Pi 2607 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY CHAPTERS Hayes, A. Hogan, A. Jones, P. Lewis Howard Kemp Rice Soule Hill Hogland Jones, D. Kennedy Wolff SOPHOMORES Henry F. Alston James H. Barstow William P. Bradford Robert C. Clark Robert Hogan John C. Howard Chester A. Kemp Douglas L. Kennedy Edward R. Rice, III Stanley E. Soule FRESHMEN William H. Banker Alander. F. Hogland Gordon W. Bell Dan 0. Jones Robert C. Berwick Douglas L. Kennedy Gerald F. Brush Richard I. Putnam Donald W. Davis Ralph W. Ready Ralph B. Dewey Roy Starbird, Jr. Wilfred L. Durkee Wyman L. Taylor Clark H. Grant James R. Waddell P. Keith Hayes Kenneth A. Williams Robert C. Hill George Wolff, Jr. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Bertrand H. Bronson E. G. Smith Herbert C. Moffitt George M. Stratton Charles A. Ramm Nicholas L. Taliaferro Edwin C. Van Dyke GRADUATES Vernon L. Goodin Frank G. Rue Chester E. Graham James Shields Robert M. Viney SENIORS Edwin Frederick Alston Stanley B. Freeborn Richard G. Castle Max E. Henry Jesse C. Wilson, Jr. JUNIORS Edward V. Brewer, Jr. Peter H. Jones John W. Bryan Kenneth D. Lewis Lewis R. Byington David J. Stone Stewart W. Groesbeck William P. Thomas A. Bruce Hayes Max Wilcox, Jr. Albert D. Hogan T. P. Wittschen, Jr. 340 Boone Clarke H epperle Pedersen Reed Rod ier Smith Swartz, B. F. Levis Ralston Reed Roberts Warren Wells Baker, G. Evers Foulke North Steven Baker, J. Bender Campbell Cenedella Dal lam Fletcher, G. McElrath Meek Pearson Swartz, P. Tevis Chi Phi 2529 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, 1824 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Paul S. Taylor SENIORS Philip S. Boone Jerome Reed Thomas H. Clarke Charles L. Rodier Robert R. Hepperle K. Hart Smith Carl A. Pedersen Burton Swartz JUNIORS Frederic D. Fletcher Gladstone Reed, Jr. Donald M. Levis Clinton D. Roberts Joe P. Ralston Jim C. Warren John B. Wells, Jr. SOPHOMORES George W. Baker Robert L. Foulke Henry K. Evers Douglass C. North Hugh W. Steven FRESHMEN Joseph G. Baker Grant Fletcher Frank N. Bender Alden McElrath Robert A. Campbell Bert B. Meek A. Harold Cenedella John E. Pearson Robert N. Dallam Peter L. Swartz Richard L. Tevis 341 Kilborn McCloskey McConnell Peck Woods Brown Bryan Cox Johnson, C. B. Johnson, C. H. Paddock Snyder Thunen Blair Halloran King Naughton Shepard Smith Chi Psi 2311 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Barry Finch Calvert Henn Evans Tilton Devol Ferrier Becker Emery Horgan Heroism Escherich Kellar Chappell Hall SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Perry Evans Wm. Warren Ferrier, Jr. GRADUATES Philip K. Ferrier Lawrence J. Kennedy SENIORS Edward L. Barry Clayton S. Kellar John W. Calvert Carter W. Kilborn Albert Robinson Evans Kenneth D. McCloskey Hugh W. Ferrier Douglas D. McConnell Dennis N. Horgan Edward F. Peck Baldwin C. Woods JUNIORS John Travis Brown Redge F. Henn Francis L. Bryan Douglas H. Thomas Thomas P. Finch Peter D. Tilton George M. Blair Howard P. Devol Charles B. Emery William W. Escherich Robert W. Hall George C. Becker Carl A. Bernsten Edward D. Chappell William F. Cox Robert W. Thunen FRESHMEN Carl B. Johnson H. Corwin Johnson Eliot E. Paddock William Earl Snyder Ralph J. Halloran Stanley L. King Daniel A. Naughton Jack L. Shepard David J. Smith 342 Del Hey 1727 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1904 ONE CHAPTER Ravenscroft Enterson Grant Yocky Cane Jones Knowles McBride Humphreys Jurgensen Robinson Salveson Se Legue Welder Matsen Read Reid Rissler Torre Allen Tharp Young Awe Goodridge Myers Williams JUNIORS Winthrop K. Coxe Arthur Jones Magnu M. Matsen Richard 0. Read Charles A. Allen William A. Knowles Le Grande L. Reid Charles K. Rissler Gary J. Torre Clyde Yank Henry F. McBride Hanlon P. Tharp SOPHOMORES Leland S. Young FRESHMEN Charles J. Awe Wallace J. Myers Milton K. Goodridge Harry K. Williams UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. Burdette Brown, Sr. Herbert B. Foster, Sr. Frederick S. Foote, M.D. James F. Ryan Budd J. Smith, D.D.S. GRADUATES Howard T. Neville Robert W. Ravenscroft SENIORS Linton L. Emerson William B. Robinson Charles R. Grant Melvin E. Salveson Kenneth C. Humphreys David F. SeLegue Elmer F. Jurgensen Burton H. Welder Edwin D. Yocky 343 Kerrigan Anderson Brooks Dobey Harvey Holcomb Jepsen Kiosterud Richter Schafer Winkler Langerud Normandin Barbera Beck Doyle Gaston Murr Reich Shirrell Stone, T. Warden Wilcox Bates K learner Manlove Olsen Ryerson Stone, R. Delta Chi 2200 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS JUNIORS Lawrence Hansen George H. Normandin Ove Langerud Dudley Snider SOPHOMORES Eugene H. Barbera Herbert Reich Martin J. Beck Robert E. Shirrell Robert M. Doyle Thomas Stone Vern W. Gaston Lew M. Warden William C. Murr W. Thomas Wilcox FRESHMEN Albert John Bates Walter Minger Grover H. Klemmer Robert W. Olsen Robert S. Manlove George T. Ryerson Robert W. Stone UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Jesse L. Carr, M.D. Frank M. Nairne F. Ward GRADUATES Howard W. Kerrigan Philip M. Lester D. Rohwer SENIORS Arthur R. Anderson Edward P. Jepsen, Jr. Fred R. Brooks V. Harlan Kiosterud James K. Dobey Joe J. Richter Benton Harvey, Jr. Clifford Schafer Grant Holcomb, Jr. J. Keegan Robert V. Winkler 344 Allen, H. Andrews Franklin Joses Low McDaniel Moore Newsom Reddy Vail, M. Allyn Curts Kitchin Petersmeyer Skerry Van Slyke Davis Henshaw Mikel Putnam Schargff Allen, J. de Jung Farmer Gaylord Gifford Goodman Grossmith Holmes Lasell McEntyre Mhoon Sherwin Souther Stroud Vail, R. Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SOPHOMORES John R. Davis Rossiter Mikel Edward T. Henshaw Thomas M. Putnam, William G. Scharpff FRESHMEN JUNIORS Wrede C. Petersmeyer Sutherland R. Skerry Paul L. Van Slyke Herbert W. Allen Wm. S. Andrews, Jr. Paul Franklin Robert M. Joses John K. Low Burton C. Allyn William B. Curts John C. Kitchin James T. McDaniel David W. Moore Sid A. Newsom John P. Reddy Milton R. Vail James D. Allen William C. deJung Peter J. Farmer F. A. Gaylord, Jr. John V. Gifford, Jr. Booth B. Goodman Jared H. Grossmith John W. Holmes Loron W. Lasell Claude H. McEntyre S. McKee Mhoon, Jr. David C. Sherwin Harold W. Souther John A. Stroud UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES H. W. Ballantine C. G. Hyde R. S. Minor SENIORS Richard M. Vail 345 Andrews Gaddis Gibson Hatch Hall Haugh Hawley Haynes McKinney McNeill Marshall Miller Norris Delta Tau Delta 2425 HILLSIDE AVENUE FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Peterson Meyer Niccolls Parrish Schacht Orr Hallo Pearce Washburn Brians Sacre Schwegler Blak Burkhead Vieille Shannon Coogan Dunn Woolley Strong Cornell Griffin Anderson Yeager Fischer Knox Dore Fisher Knutson Hadsell Ghent Mackey Madeira UNIVERSITY D. C. Duncan Francis S. Foote Brutus Hamilton George H. Hart Frank L. Kelly John C. Larkin ASSOCIATES Armin 0. Leuschner Morrough P. O ' Brien Warren C. Perry Chester H. Rowell Charles E. Rugh Thomas B. Steel SENIORS Frank V. Andrews James J. Hatch William P. Gaddis Edward W. Peterson Belfour L. Gibson Paul G. Schacht Randolph H. Washburn JUNIORS Paul S. Blak Robert J. Hall Emmons W. Coogan Richard L. Haugh SOPHOMORES Nathan L. Cornell Edwin A. Fischer Russell W. Fisher Richard L. Ghent William G. Brians Pearson A. Burkhead William P. Dunn Loyal M. Griffin William J. Knox Robert K. Knutson Wendell C. Mackey Dan G. McKinney Thomas J. Anderson Louis A. Dore John S. Hadsell Ward A. Madeira Westrik Norris Jack Charles A. McNeill Andrew C. Marshall Ralph H. Miller, Jr. Charles H. Niccolls John F. Ratto Leverett P. Sacre Richard C. Vieille George C. WooIle), Bruce L. Hawley Raymond W. Haynes John P. Meyer William I. Orr FRESHMEN George A. Parrish Russell H. Pearce Paul J. Schwegler Samuel G. Shannon Edward F. Strong S. Yeager 346 Amonette, W. Shurtleff Allen Barnett Biggerstaff Compton Corbett Gaither Laugenour Lewis, J. MacKenzie McCain Moffatt Murphy Roberts Rowe True Watters West Amonette, C. Atherton arbour Bundschu Colby Elmendorf Howell May Nelsen Rea Thomson White Bailey Bauchman Cottle Franklin Herrero Hunt Lewis, S. Little Milliken Monteith Torney Fox French Ju:ius Lavenson Lippi Metzger Sapiro Delta Upsilon 2425 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES George R. Noyes Lawrence M. Price Robert Sibley Herbert R. Stolz James W. Thompson Robertson Ward C. Wyckoff Edward V. Brewer Monroe E. Deutsch Lloyd L. Farrar James Hopper, Jr. Neal McKeller Charles W. Merriam Herbert Robert F. Allen Wilbur K. Amonette Jack W. Barnett William E. Biggersta ff Oliver D. Compton F. David Corbett Andrew C. Gaither Eugene Laugenour Jack F. Lewis William M. McCain John MacKenzie Edward A. Moffatt William F. Murphy Bob Roberts Charles A. Rowe Eugene A. Shurtleff John M. True, Jr. Peter K. Watters JUNIORS Clarence O. Amonette, Jr. W. Robert Howell Holt Atherton Albert S. May Donald C. Barbour John A. Nelson Geary R. Bundschu Fred M. Rea Alfred W. Colby William D. Thomson Thomas N. Elmendorf Alvin S. White SOPHOMORES James C. Bailey Marshall T. Hunt Robert W. Bauchman Stuart A. Lewis John W. Cottle Richard N. Little Robert H. Franklin George R. Milliken George V. Herrero Peter S. Monteith Robert Torney FRESHMEN Chris B. Fox Richard M. Lippi Richard L. French Miles Metzger Irving Julius Allan L. Sapiro Charles R. Lavenson John T. Ward SENIORS George S. West 347 Burt Flinn O ' Hara Wheeler Adams Biggs Boyd Bramblet Byers Unison Lattanner Nelson Nittler Rogers Clausen Considine Fluck Krieger Lewis Mayock Simpson Wilson Ballachey Brunings, J. Clark Cornell Detwiler Ewart Farnsworth Freytag Lake Myers Newton Plumb Randall Stevens Weston Whipple Bernhard Brunings, W. Cook Dibble Hail Mallory Morgan Smith Stubblefield Winters Woods ) Kappa Alpha 2425 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 SEVENTY-ONE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Jack C. Peppin GRADUATES Robert Allen Walter Hoadley Grinnell Burt George O ' Hara Wayne Flinn Edward Wheeler Robert Yost SENIORS Stanley M. Adams Gordon Callison Jack D. Biggs Charles R. Considine James M. Boyd Victor Lattanner, Jr. Henry H. Bramblet Walter W. Nelson Robert K. Byers Alan H. Nittler Scott Rogers JUNIORS Roy E. Clausen David H. Lewis Robert J. Considine Welburn S. Mayock John G. Fluck John P. Simpson Alan R. Krieger Donald L. Wilson SOPHOMORES Frank G. Ballachey Thomas L. Lake Jack A. Brunnings Ronald E. Myers, Jr. Richard P. Clark Glenn Newton, Jr. Lloyd P. Cornell Charles W. Plumb William S. Detwiler Robert W. Randall Robert E. Ewart Robert W. Stevens John A. Farnsworth Calvin D. Turman Knox R. Freytag Robert J. Jack F. Whipple FRESHMEN Stanley J. Bernhard Fred R. Mallory Warren B. Brunings Richard G. Morgan John W. Cook Philip A. Smith George T. Dibble Charles H. Stubblefield George Erdman H. Meredith Utter Robert E. Hail Fred E. Winters Thomas E. Woods 348 Adams Goodwill Nelson Price Tuttle Williams Foster Hunt Kuney Ley Stricker Thompson Tucker Ayers Brubaker Cameron, A. Colbert Divanovich Doug lass Gordon Graham Hicks Hickey Hillman Teagarden White, R. Wolfe Cameron, W. White, C. SENIORS SOPHOMORES Kappa Delta Rho 2510 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Arthur B. Adams Donald W. Goodwin William Nelson Thomas D. Hunt Kenneth A. Kuney Richard D. Price Frank D. Tuttle, Jr. Robert G. Williams Robert E. Thompson Robert J. Tucker David T. Ayers Luke 0. Brubaker Archie Kidd Cameron Dean W. Colbert David Divanovich, Jr. William M. Douglass John L. Gordon R. Bruce Graham Kenneth A. Hickey James N. Hicks Clarence D. Hillman Russell Z. Teagarden Robert E. White Kenneth G. Wolfe JUNIORS William C. Cameron, Jr. Leslie W. Ley Ted R. Foster Jack W. Stricker FRESHMAN Carroll N. White 349 Atlas Cohn, R. H. Kliginan Barbanell Goldman Gross Tackle Warton Auerbach Bauer Berger Blaukopf Block Cahn Weisman Cohn, R. M. Furstenburg Handlery Hodes Kierski Leipzig Mayer Schoenig Batavia Bloom Daniel Gorsky Grant Marcus Meyer Kappa Nu 2412 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FIFTEEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Charles F. Atlas Reynold H. Cohn J. Malcolm Kligman SENIORS Clifford A. Barbanell Leonard A. Gross Edwin F. Goldman Edmund Tackle George Warton JUNIORS Charles E. Auerbach Ernst 0. Blaukopf Leo Bauer Edwin J. Block Eugene L. Berger Alan L. Cahn Henry Weisman SOPHOMORES Richard M. Cohn William A. Kierski Isidor Furstenburg Jerome C. Leipzig Paul R. Handlery Arnold M. Mayer Irvin J. Hodes Richard A. Schoenig FRESHMEN George Batavia, Jr. Harry Gorsky Alvin S. Bloom Robert A. Grant Leslie I. Daniel Madison J. Marcus Ben S. Meyer 350 Baker Druehl Gerwick Hale, W. Rosendahl Rosso Scherbacher Shoopman Singer Skinner Vann Wilhelm Adams Bennett Boggs Brown Dibble From Ireland Joost Jordan Kerr Kitchener Leder Nuss Palmer Putnam Rice Roberts Souther Steinbach Sweetser Thomas Cameron Cartter Dozier Garetson Gustayson Hale, R. Irvin Lawton Miller Taylor Bagnall Craig Crosby Douthitt Gentner Le Baron Lewis Nibley Whitney Kappa Sigm a 2220 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS SOPHOMORES SENIORS Edward A. Baker Richard L. Scherbacher William C. Druehl M. Richard Shoopman Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Robert H. Singer William M. Hale E. Allen Skinner Milton 0. Rosendahl Frederick H. Vann Raymond R. Rosso Robert G. Wilhelm JUNIORS Edward C. Adams Frederic Kitchener, Jr. Bryant M. Bennett Bruce Loder Mervyn P. Boggs Donald R. Nuss Julius S. Brown George K. Palmer John G. Dibble Guy L. Putnam Fay A. Froom George A. Rice Vernon R. Ireland Fred W. Roberts William E. Joost Bennett C. Souther Harry C. Jordan Henry A. Steinbach Ralph E. Kerr Bert M. Sweetser Frank A. Thomas William R. Cameron William G. Cartter, Jr. John C. Dozier Gordon E. Garetson Jack B. Gustayson FRESH Robert B. Bagnall Harry B. Craig John W. Craig Vernon D. Crosby Robert H. Douthitt Robert B. Hale Robert G. Irvin Charles B. Lawton Stephen W. Miller James C. Taylor MEN Ernest F. Gentner Robert M. LeBaron Thomas B. Lewis Emmett D. Nibley Stanley D. Whitney 351 Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 LEROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE CHAPTERS Askew Gardner Hudson Millar Phillips Pooley Tuttle Appling Brunjes Chiapel la Glenn Grundell Hohenthal Montgomery Newman Sauer Sholars Sinnett Statton Thode Van Liere Walter Willson Wolohan Carpenter Elder Hollingsworth Lohsen Underwood Anderson Nathan Andrews Payne Bailey Pickett Clone), Robertson Cone Scott Gassaway Stephenson Heisig Titley Killebrew Valli Lind Miller FRESHMEN Lane H. Miller Melville C. Nathan Eugene C. Payne, Jr. Eugene M. Pickett William 0. Robertson George E. Scott Frank 0. Stephenson John A. Titley Joseph F. Valli SOPHOMORES Samuel L. Carpenter Alan M. Hollingsworth Cecil H. Elder Richard H. John S. Underwood Wilford C. Anderson Richard T. Andrews John E. Bailey James R. Cloney Donald R. Cone Robert L. Gassaway Gilbert W. Heisig, Jr. Hugh W. Killebrew Edward R. Lind UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. Eric C. Bellquist Dr. Robert 0. Moody Dr. Charles A. Kofoid Dr. Robert S. Sherman Dr. Charles C. Staehling SENIORS Robert S. Askew Niles 0. Millar, Jr. Philip T. Gardner Paul M. Phillips Raymond W. Hudson Donald B. John E. Tuttle JUNIORS Hugh Guernsey Appling Howard A. Sauer Richard H. Brunjes Brunswig Sholars William C. Chiapella Thomas I. Sinnett Albert V. Glenn H. Francis Statton Herbert C. Grundell, Jr. Erwin N. Thode William D. Hohenthal William R. Van Liere Frederick S. Montgomery Carl C. Walter Alfred W. Newman Martin E. Willson Jerry J. Wolohan 352 Phi Beta Delta 2250 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1912 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Meltzer Perluss Strasberg lasses Kast Klebanoff Masonek Moss Portugeis Siegler Altman Fountain Goldberg Gorby Hellman Luhn Markovits Schwartz Wolf Zukin Alch Erlich Flax Gccdman Gutenberg Heyman Kline Reisfelt, B. Reynolds Bromberg Gardner Goldware Heyman Lerner Mayer Reisfelt, L. Therm UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Sanford Goldner Charles Lamden GRADUATES Edwin Meltzer Jack Strasberg Irving H. Perluss Gerald B. Tannen SENIORS Robert Kast Jerome L. Moss Michael Klebanoff Bert M. Portugeis Harvey M. Masonek Stanley H. Siegler JUNIORS Raymond I. Altman Joel A. Luhn Wilbert B. Fountain Stanton M. Markovits Gerald J. Goldberg Melvin H. Schwartz Jack Gorby Bernard Wolf Nathaniel Hellman Arthur Zukin SOPHOMORES Arthur W. Gutenberg Vernon 0. Heyman Robert L. Kline Bert Reisfelt R. Reynolds FRESHMEN Jerrold L. Bromberg Hillard I. Lerner Allen J. Gardner Lawrence A. Mayer Ross R. Goldware Leonard Reisfelt Sam F. Heyman David J. Thurm Alan H. Alch Henry A. Erlich Harvey L. Flax Frank R. Goodman Edward 353 Beal Cooper Eckley Fairbank Forney Hawgood McPhee Nutting Orsburn Poulsen Schroeder Wells Coats Hogin Johnson L ' Hommedieu McCarthy Maybury Radtke Richards Rogers Steere Swisher Switzer Tenny Willi Anderson Burr Callan Casey De Bernhardi De Golia Folmer lanes Knight Lafitte Peterson, P. Reynolds Roberts Sloan Zacharias Elliott Gillis Norris O ' Sullivan Peterson, A. Shoemaker Smith Welcome Wisecarver Phi Delta Theta 2717 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. H. Hildebrand P. 0. Ray J. P. McBaine Thomas Stow GRADUATE Richard 0. Devine SENIORS William Beal Hugh G. McPhee John Cooper Raymond J. Nutting Paul Eckley Warren T. Orsburn William H. Fairbank Frank Poulsen William Forney Earl W. Schroeder Phillip Hawgood Robert M. Wells JUNIORS Robert T. Coats Donald L. Richards Gerald 0. Hogin William H. Rogers Robert L. Johnson Richard W. Steere James H. L ' Hommedieu William L. Swisher Robert E. McCarthy John M. Switzer Allen N. Maybury Herbert C. Tenny Edward W. Radtke Edward F. Willi SOPHOMORES Robert W. Anderson Robert K. Innes Edwin M. Burr Terrill P. Knight Edwin C. Callan Jacques Lafitte Robert W. Casey Peter R. Peterson William D. DeBernardi Robert Reynolds Richard C. DeGolia Fred C. Roberts Richard Folmer Jack R. Sloan Charles J. Hawkins Henry J. Zacharias FRESHMEN Richard C. Elliott Alden T. Peterson William M. Gillis Robert Shoemaker John W. Norris Robert G. Smith Curtis H. O ' Sullivan Wayne F. Welcome Robert C. Wisecarver 354 Boucke Bradley Corlett Fleming Griffin Hamlin Knowles Thompson Tutton, S. Bridge Comae Copeland Dunnicliff Ireland Noyes Ohm Patterson Preston Reese Watson Dimpfl Doyle Edinger Hardy Hunt, J. Keeffe Richardson Volker Wollman Cox Dowd Ferguson Hass Hunt, C. Jensen Lind Mills Pedersen Phillips Reid Sedgwick Tutton, M. Wells Phi Gamma Delta 2359 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leroy Briggs Norman Hinds Charles Derleth Woodbridge Metcalf Willard Durham Jacques Schnier GRADUATE Ross E. Hamlin SENIORS Robert W. Boucke D. James Griffin Nathaniel 0. Bradley Gorham B. Knowles William Corlett James R. Thompson John V. Fleming Stanley M. Tutton JUNIORS Walter W. Bridge Robert W. Noyes Robert M. Coman Richard T. Ohm John B. Copeland Robert E. Patterson Dean E. Dunnicliff Francis G. Preston Bethune M. Ireland John K. Reese Gordon L. Watson SOPHOMORES Robert H. Dimpfl John Hunt Jackson A. Doyle Robert D. Keeffe William J. Edinger, Jr. Preston E. Richardson Ruland Hardy, Jr. John Volker Glenn R. Wollman FRESHMEN Thomas Cox James M. Mills, III Roy Dowd Mac M. Pedersen Paul Ferguson John Phillips Andrew Hass Spencer B. Reid Challen Hunt Julius P. Sedgewick Miller Jensen Marshall R. Tutton Harold Lind Jack Wells 355 Arpin Bu:klin Leete Lucas Martin Mathewson Murray Semmens, P. Tulloch Tymstra Anderson Baxter Damskey Fast Jones Kilburn Mouser Patterson Rosenberger Saunders Semmens, G. Smith Still Storch Wise Yerxa Binkley Buckles Centurion Cleave McConnell Ables Belding Jurkovich McCormick McGinty GRADUATES SOPHOMORES Phi Kappa Psi 2625 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS Homer G. Angelo George A. Smith Peter K. Arpin Edwin Bucklin Wilbur Ingram Harley Leete John D. Lucas Leonard S. Rosenberger Edward J. Saunders Gervies L. Semmens Guinn Smith Leslie E. Still D. C. Storch Harold C. Wise Charles T. Yerxa Robert Steers Ted Willson SENIORS Vernon P. Martin Morley H. Mathewson William S. Murray Paul Semmens John B. Tulloch Justin C. Tymstra JUNIORS Warren G. Anderson Robert John Baxter Louis R. Damskey Earl A. Fast Richard L. Jones Richard H. Kilbourn John Burt Mouser J. Allen Patterson Robert W. Binkley, Jr. Francisco J. Centurion Robert W. Buckles, Jr. John H. Cleave John McConnell FRESHMEN Kenneth C. Ables William J. Jurkovich Richard L. Belding Gordon S. Hodgson William F. Bloomfield James W. McCormick G. Leighton McGinty 356 Phi Kappa Sigma 1756 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 THIRTY-NINE CHAPTERS Roberts ToIf Verleger Bogardus Norton Peter Salaverria Van Tonningen Bellamy Biehl Biggar, D. Herrera Clausen, H. Dieterich Ellis Enfield krechtler Jordan Kane MeruIff Lindsay McGavic Reilly Watkins White, J. White, T. Brown Chandler Evans Hart Barker Biggar, W. Clausen, L. Goer! Hughes Hunt McClintock SOPHOMORES William C. Barker Whitney Biggar Leonard M. Clausen Conrad H. Goerl William J. Reilly Wilbur K. Watkins James N. White Theodore T. White Manuel M. Herrera Charles E. Hughes Grant J. Hunt McClintock John B. Bellamy Joseph P. Biehl David M. Biggar Irwin W. FRESHMEN UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Walter M. Hard Thomas Buck Sanford U. Larkey Clark J. Burnham, Jr. Ivan M. Linforth John U. Calkins, Jr. George D. Louderback Malcolm M. Davisson Albert H. Heber A. Newsom SENIORS Harry B. Clausen Alfred Krechtler James W. Dieterich David S. Roberts Donald G. Ellis McFarland Toll F. Donald Enfield Philip K. Verleger JUNIORS Darrell Bogardus, Jr. Charles T. Kierulff Vincent H. Brown Donald H. Lindsay William H. Chandler Sidney G. McGavic Charles M. Evans William R. Norton Ward L. Hart Richard M. Peter James D. Jordan Jose A. Salaverria Arthur G. Kane Jack R. Van Tonningen 357 4,4) • I • Phi Kappa Tau 2335 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS Shideler Atchison Bader Birkholm Bishop Dewhirst Hammil Hansen Kerr Morey Ruhstaller Salz Smith, F. Westphalen Bolce Cochran Cooley Farrell Ogle Ramirez Richardson Routh, J. Routh, R. Albertson Delluchi Mann Murphy Nelson Shaver Smith, C. Wictorin Burns Coates Devlin Dunn Ellis, F. Ellis, F. English Fugazi Hager Hislop Muscardini UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Edwin Emery GRADUATE James H. Shideler SENIORS Cecil V. Atchison Robert Hansen Wilson F. Bader William John Kerr Charles R. Birkholm Gordon R. Morey Jarvis E. Bishop Frank D. Ruhstaller William Dewhirst Robert B. Salz Jack Hammil Floyd F. Smith Eugene J. Westphalen JUNIORS William J. Bolce, Jr. Burdette A. Ogle William F. Cochran Norbert D. Ramirez Ogden V. H. Cooley James A. Richardson Walter E. Farrell James W. Routh, Robert W. Routh SOPHOMORES Dean H. Albertson Albert D. Nelson Louis R. Delucchi Edward S. Shaver, Jr. Ralph G. Mann Carlton M. Smith Budd J. Murphy Clifford E. Wictorin FRESHMEN Thomas J. Burns John W. Ellis Kenneth A. Coates Peter F. English Robert Emmet Devlin Robert A. Fugazi James R. Dunn Melvin 0. Hager Frank W. Ellis William J. John J. Muscardini 358 Phi Sigma Kappa 2211 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-THREE C HAPTERS Newbold ippenstiel Berry Gough Beaty McConnell Allen Lynde Fairman Cobb Benton Coates Pomeroy Stovall Holtermann Reinhard Bach nak Ferroggiaro Fox G reenwel I Lang Martin Morris Newell Taylor Cross La Barge Leidorf Lewis Mason Thompson C. E. Chapman Clinton Evans Fred C. Fischer John C. Benton Robert W. Fairman Edwin Harlan Gough C. Robin Hippenstiel Paul C. Lynde UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES R. L. Adams Walter Frederick James R. Fox, Jr. Martin D. Greenwell James T. Lang Charles R. Pomeroy Stovall JUNIORS John W. McConnell Jack A. Martin Harry W. Morris Warner R. Newell Julian F. Taylor SOPHOMORES William W. Cross Robert A. Robert R. Reinhard FRESHMEN Barrett N. Coates, Jr. John C. Leidorf Forrest A. Cobb, Jr. Dean F. Lewis Vincent A. La Barge Tom Mason James B. Thompson Franklin C. Palm Herbert I. Priestley Kenneth Priestley GRADUATES William C. Berry William B. Newbold SENIORS Noel W. Allen W. Roy C. Beaty Vincent E. Bochnak Robert N. Ferroggiaro Brian M. 359 Becker Carver Giles Webb Adams Bennett Brown Clement Connolly Dunford ord Harden Laverty Lee Ryan Van Leeuwen Wheeler Bostick Haggard Savage Sawyer Williams Allen Kaufield Sal isbury Tatum Bibbero Bofinger Del Mar Futterer Harrah Hcwe Lorentzen McDonald Newnan Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 SEVENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Philip H. Arnot Carl L. Hoag William L. Bender Warren D. Homer Edward C. Bull Carlton D. Hulin Marshall C. Cheney Frederick G. Linde E. W. Cleary Robert C. Thomas D. Stewart GRADUATES Arthur G. Becker Donald C. Giles Thomas H. Carver William F. Webb SENIORS Ronald S. Adams Virgil G. Harden Leslie R. Bennett Norman P. Laverty Richard G. Brown Richard A. Lee George H. Clement Donald J. Ryan Thomas B. Connolly Ernest G. Van Leeuwen Phillips A. Dunford Fred G. Wheeler JUNIORS Frank E. Bostick William W. Savage Jack B. Haggard Frederick H. Robert E. Williams SOPHOMORES Hubert B. Allen Chester R. Salisbury Clifford L. Kaufield Everett R. Tamm FRESHMEN Stanley S. Bibbero George A. Harrah Herbert J. Bofinger Charles R. Howe Walter H. Del Mar Lloyd E. Lorentzen Kenneth Charles Futterer William C. McDonald Dean Newnan 1 360 Bosworth Roberts Snetsinger Arrighi Edgar Googins Mackey McMurry, A. W. Morgan Switzer Weatherall Witt Anderson Gravenhorst Moore Pritchard Hellier Knapp Petersen Plemons van den Bosch, P. Dayton James Kuns Win McMurry, A. J. van den Bosch, R Pi Kappa Phi 2727 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Henry E. Erdman Frank Wickhorst GRADUATES John B. Bosworth Eugene Roberts Gordon E. Snetsinger SENIORS Norman L. Arrighi Arthur W. McMurry Archie Lee Edgar John H. Morgan Paul H. Googins Elmo G. Switzer John C. Mackey Neil B. Weatherall Richard M. Witt JUNIORS Wilson W. Anderson James D. Moore Otto C. Gravenhorst Russell W. Pritchard SOPHOMORES Bruce H. Hellier Charles M. Petersen F. Willard Knapp Christy W. Peter P. van den Bosch FRESHMEN David J. Dayton Ben T. Laflin Alden C. James Alan J. McMurry Owen K. Kuns Robert van den Bosch 361 Bickerton Smith Dibble Staffler McLaren Haile Amling Rams Huters Benson Robbins Kelly Clark Simpson Snell Coutchie Thomas Stone Eggleton Andrews Wood Fulton Kales Anderson Garner Leaf Dill Hamilton Ramsaur Elmore Hervey Rutledge Heber Johnson Searls Holmes Kibbey Thomas Shelton McGowan Psi Upsilon 1815 HIGHLAND PLACE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Gilbert Becker Howard Nattziger William C. Bray James J. Parsons Bernard Etcheverry Ernest E. Ramsaur Martin Flaherty Leon Richardson Howard Fleming Struan T. Robertson Hoyt C. Franchere Rudolph Schevill SENIORS Walter B. Bickerto, Jr. Douglas V. Kelly Charles G. Dibble James R. MacDonald Benjamin C. Haile Earle Snell, Jr. William M. Huters Robert L. Stone Thomas C. Wood JUNIORS Arthur E. Anderson Paul R. Holmes Edward F. Dill Sid W. Shelton William Z. Elmore Forrest M. Smith Richard R. Heber Ted T. Staffler SOPHOMORES Raymond 0. Amling Harcourt Hervey, Jr. Munroe Benson Walter S. Johnson Albert L. Clark, Jr. Mead B. Kibbey Allen B. Coutchie Jackson McGowan William B. Fulton Thomas L. McLaren Fred D. Garner Hunter S. Charles Irving Hamilton William T. Simpson Dudley W. Thomas FRESHMEN Robert D. Andrews Robert L. Ramsaur Franklin A. Kales, Jr. Walter E. Rutledge David M. Leaf Henry H. Searls Hayward Thomas 362 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2722 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 CALIFORNIA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN CHAPTERS Casey Folsom, T. Hammond Jones Evans Folsom, G. Gray Gring Dennis Dougall Harding Hatcher Watson West Wilson McGinn Ormiston Parker Schmidt Armstrong Bryant Cole Crossland Huff Prugh Scott Spath Summers Wright Baum Bond Otto McQuary Meyers Russ Russell Scohey Selby Stevens Cannon Gallagher Hartley Henninger Leidholt Smitten Whitton Delehanty Damir Turrell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES A. F. Blanks Stuart Daggett R. D. Calkins Robert Darby R. W. Chaney William Marsh Stanley K. Crook Ralfe Miller GRADUATE Emmett Gebauer SENIORS George E. Casey Boyd McGinn Tom E. Folsom David C. Ormiston G. Claiborne Hammond Roswell M. Parker Harold Rex Jones Albert G. Schmidt JUNIORS James C. Armstrong Worlin U. Gray John A. Bryant Peter Gring Victor E. Cole Charles D. Huff Thurston J. Crossland George S. Prugh John Delehanty Robert E. Scott Llewellyn J. Evans Carl 0. Spath George K. Folsom Shirley F. Summers Richard A. Wright SOPHOMORES George Adair Walter E. Otto Henry N. Baum William T. Russ Robert B. Bond Frank M. Russell Homer Damir Fred B. Scobey Robert Dennis Donnell H. Selby William Dougall Robert F. Stevens Charles E. Harding Richard W. Turrell Orville P. Hatcher Norman Watson Jack E. McQuary George P. West Lesley H. Meyer Robert B. Wilson FRESHMEN Edward W. Cannon Jack D. Leidholt Lowdan T. Gallagher Thomas Miller Robert A. Hartley Kenneth H. Smitten Richard G. Henninger John P. Whitton 363 Bahme Brendel Cox Cross Del la Vedowa Eldridge Metcalf Orsi Peters Sheffield Wyatt, F. L. Adonis Billings Bleuel Carpenter Dawson Eckard Felchlin Hartman H ildebrandt Li ndman Madeley, W. H. Murray Pinger Poore Rea Rupley Schafer Smith Thompson Bouhaben Davidson Henderson Jell! Lewis Peixotto Pleasants Snyder Steele Townsend Dunham Madeley, W. T. Pond Stearns Wallace Ward Welch Wyatt, F. M. Sigma Chi 2345 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1886 NINETY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES E. Raymond Hall Charles A. Noble Dudley 0. McGovney Clarence M. George E. Stevens SENIORS Richard B. Bahme Lawrence V. Metcalf Frank P. Brendel Victor Orsi Harold J. Cox Richard C. Peters Chester H. Cross Robert F. Sheffield Richard P. Della Vedowa Fred L. Wyatt JUNIORS Walter C. Adams George E. Lindman Fred M. Billings Warren H. Madeley Yates S. Bleuel Robert B. Murray Clyde C. Carpenter Edward B. Pinger Cloyd 0. Dawson Robert A. Poore Boyd S. Eckard Charles E. Rea Robert A. Eldridge Forrest E. Rupley James A. Felchlin Harrison P. Schafer Norbert G. Hartman Laforest B. Smith Donald H. Hildebrandt Paul B. Thompson Emile H. Bouhaben Stuart N. Davidson Lewis D. Henderson Ila S. Jehl Jerry R. Lewis James M. Peixotto William F. Pleasants Richard C. Snyder Roger C. Steele Charles E. Townsend FRESHMEN Robert L. Dunham Wayne T. Madeley Robert M. Pond Edward V. B. Stearns James C. Wallace Richard Ward Steven H. Welch Felton M. Wyatt 364 Merrill Swayne Van De Verg Addison Altman Bell Dobrzensky Dodge Darley, W. Grainger Hildreth James Kirby Mills Rabjohn Roberts Simpson, W. S. Wells, B. Wells, W. Younggren Lutes Morehouse Queen Sinai Is Thiele Williams Wilson, E. Dedrick Dunstan Durley, E. Lloyd, F. Lloyd, M. McFarland Si Iverthorn Smith Stevens Swan Thaman Anderson, R. Bricker Cluthe Anderson, C. Dow Ferguson Fitzhenry Frizell Hamilton Kearns Moffett Pickett Redinger Sieck Simpson, W. B. Swisher Wilson, F. Sigma Nu 2710 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT THE VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles R. Dodson Peyton Hurt Robert H. Merriman GRADUATES William R. Merrill George E. Swayne Nathaniel Van De Verg SENIORS Cornelius P. Addison Robert L. James David J. Altman Joseph L. S. Kirby, Jr. Charles R. Bell James M. Mills Stacy H. Dobrzensky Lloyd E. Rabjohn Neil S. Dodge William C. Roberts William N. Durley William S. Simpson Charles H. Grainger Barratt M. Wells James B. Hildreth Walter T. Wells LeRoy S. Younggren JUNIORS Gerald E. Lutes William E. Smails Edward J. Morehouse John W. Thiele David A. Queen Jack K. Williams Earl Wilson SOPHOMORES Chris W. Anderson Lee C. McFarland Rodger F. Dunstan Merwin H. Silverthorn Earle P. Durley William A. Smith Franklin R. Lloyd George H. Stevens Marshall L. Lloyd William B. Swan Robert S. Thaman FRESHMEN Roy S. Anderson Richard W. Hamilton John F. Bricker John P. Kearns William A. Cluthe, Jr. James H. Moffett, Jr. Walter Dedrick Gene Pickett Edgar L. Dow Jack Redinger John Ferguson Charles A. Sieck John R. Fitzhenry Walter B. Simpson William M. Frizell Amand T. Swisher Fenn J. Wilson 365 Sigma Phi 2731 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 TEN CHAPTERS Bley Crane Curtis Fagan McCollum Weir Doane Fisher Ham Keeler Olson Scribner Taylor Dinwiddie Lawrence Yelland Donald Irwin Jacobus Lockhart Stewart UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William V. Cruess Harold L. Luepp William G. Donald Luther A. Nichols SENIORS Charles W. Bley Jerome B. Fagan Philip S. Crane Lawrence McCollum William Curtis Robert R. Weir JUNIORS Robert S. Doane Price M. Keeler William S. Fisher Robert Lawlor Olson Lee E. Ham Belding H. George G. Taylor SOPHOMORES William L. Dinwiddie Warren Robert M. Yelland, Jr. FRESHMEN Edward 0. Donald Jay M. Jacobus William R. Irwin, Jr. Robert Lockhart David B. Stewart 366 Bergmann Crane Doyle Evans Grabe Kay Kennett O ' Hair Parker Griffin Klukkert Smyth Tindell Bailey, H. Davis Gilbert Humphrys Lann Tonascia Bailey. W. Bev ins Cohen Petersen Rawles Lavery Schulte Wilson Cunningham Lingenfelter McIntosh Pace •70. 11. • Sigma Phi Epsilon 2420 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 SEVENTY CHAPTERS Robert Aitken James Corley Frank H. Bergmann Robert M. Crane Raymond F. Doyle John H.Evans Louis W. Grabe Curzon Kay UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Al Ragan Arthur Sampson H. R. Wellman SENIORS William Kennett, Jr. Robert L. O ' Hair Stanley D. Parker Robert L. Rawles Bernard Schulte Robert G. Wilson JUNIORS Roy Cunningham Jack B. Klukkert Richard H. Griffin Sidney H. Smyth Edmund A. Tindell SOPHOMORES Hamilton P. Bailey George M. Lavery Edward B. Davis, Jr. James K. Lingenfelter Lindley F. Gilbert Arthur M. McIntosh George K. Humphrys Edward B. Pace Stanley H. Lann James A. Tonascia FRESHMEN Wesley T. Bailey Pedro G. Cofino Donald J. Bevins William H. Carl T. Petersen 367 Wentzel Babka Baker Dexter Hoppe McConnaha Mettler Mirk Williams Bunton Camper Langpaap Parker Ballagh Baranoff Nelson Pratt Watson Sigma Phi Sigma 2312 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1908 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Thomas C. Mayhew JUNIORS Paul E. Langpaap Theodore R. Parker GRADUATE George R. Wentzel SENIORS Joseph A. Babka Eugene B. Baker George W. Dexter William C. Hoppe William C. McConnaha Ole R. Mettler Allen Mirk Edward Williams Eugene E. Bunton Charles E. Camper Clarence H. Ballagh Albert J. Baranoff George A. Nelson Wilmarth Scott SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Leighton M. Pratt Richard R. Roe John S. Watson 368 Bal I Bond Cleeves Cook De Lilian Dooley Ekwall Farley Flanagan Fowler Hemming Lake Mealiffe Moore Thomas Angwin Boydstun Cady Christerson Courson Dauphinee Fluno Gasperetti Hack Jackson Lee Spiess Taylor Williams Wuest Bernhard Cain Connelley Corgiat Fisher N ewton Seidenspinner Taylor Teddy Williams Burt CI inkenheard Conlisk Coryell Crawford Farley Taylor Wirt Theta Chi 2462 LECONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. L. H. Peterson SENIORS Wilfred N. Ball, Jr. John L. Farley, Jr. Robert Kepner Bond John Flanagan Vincent F. Cleeves Bryan P. Fowler Carroll B. Cook Walter C. Henning Robert De Liban Earl 0. Lake Edmond T. Dooley David Mealiffe John M. Ekwall John F. Moore Gerald B. Thomas, Jr. JUNIORS Bruce S. Angwin Sty E. J. Gasperetti John E. Boydstun George D. Hack Norman E. Cady Stanley A. Jackson Paul D. Christerson De Loss W. Lee Columbus B. Courson F. Noel Spiess Howard J. Dauphinee Norman E. Taylor Gordon S. Fluno Stanton Charles E. Wuest SOPHOMORES Robert R. Bernhard W. Bruce Hicks Victor D. Cain Wayne H. Newton Ellis R. Connelley Earl E. Seidenspinner Stephen K. Corgiat Philip B. Taylor William 0. Fisher Jack S. Teddy Haydn Williams FRESHMEN Joseph MacNeil Burt Hilary H. Crawford Robert A. Clinkenbeard William F. Farley Raimon L. Conlisk Keith S. Taylor Thomas M. Coryell Robert E. Wirt 369 Theta Delta Chi 2647 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Morrow Simonson Whitman Bell Booth Brosemer Zentner Davis Donovan Foreman Gilliam Hall Evans Jones Meek Purrington Todd Brown Buck Gibson Derian Hance Green Glasscock Kitchen Hewitt Graux Lloyd Kramer Jamison Moore Lewis Lowe Reynolds Luth Seevers Waller Luz Williams Campbell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Herbert E. Bolton Worth Ryder SENIORS George A. Brown Frank Lewis Robert L. Gibson Carl F. Luth, Jr. Robert L. Green Lester A. Luz Clarence B. Hewitt H. Keith Morrow Jack M. Kramer Thomas R. Lloyd G. Whitman JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Thomas B. Bell Robert C. Booth Robert L. Brosemer Harry B. Buck Albert S. Derian Raymond K. Glasscock Jack L. Graux Max K. Jamison Hamilton Lowe William M. Seevers Jack W. Williams John Ralph Zentner Thomas Davis Donald V. Donovan Andrew L. Foreman Howell J. Gilliam Robert D. Hall Terrell W. Hance George B. Campbell Robert C. Evans William C. Jones DeForrest Holyoake William H. Kitchen Richard M. Lloyd James S. Moore John K. Reynolds James P. Waller Sydney J. Meek David R. Purrington Richard K. Todd FRESHMEN 370 Theta Xi 1730 LA LOMA AVENUE FOUNDED AT RENESSELAR POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS Wright Brunner Conner Drew Scott Smith Stephenson Strong Lana Perry Spahr Thomas Butler Conway Davis Kostoch Lowell McBurnie Maulhardt Palm Rapp Sauer Scholey White Berry Clute Gidley Goodell Greta Gundlach H ickok Gautschi Huntalas Kreling McClure Rummell Siegfried Simonton Wellington Hardin Klinkner Matteucci Podesta Rodgers Ruelas Runyon Steffens Hubert Towner Cunha Gillig UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond W. Jeans Harry W. Shepherd William J. Raymond Edwin C. Voorhies GRADUATE Robert H. Wright SENIORS Frederick E. Brunner Jack B. Rapp Perry Conner Ralph W. Sauer Melvin E. Drew Robert L. Scholey Theodore R. Hubert Oliver M. Scott F. Robert Kostoch Louis E. Smith Arthur C. Lowell Albert Stephenson William S. McBurnie John H. Strong Joseph H. Maulhardt Leonard W. Towner Charles A. Palm Hubert A. White JUNIORS Emmett R. Berry Melvin P. Gundlach George M. Clute Stanley C . Hickok Jess E. Gidley William M. Lana, Jr. Richard E. Goodell Herbert J. Perry Fred 0. Greta J. Richard Spahr Alvin D. Thomas SOPHOMORES Milton T. Cunha John G. McClure Frederick H. Gautschi William K. Rummell William N. Huntalas John Siegfried Joseph E. Kreling John H. Simonton John S. Wellington FRESHMEN Edward G. Butler Albert J. Matteucci William J. Conway Jack A. Podesta Jeffrey C. Davis David L. Rodgers Chester H. Gillig Byron H. Ruelas William S. Hardin William N. Runyon Robert P. Klinkner Richard J. Steffens 371 Brundage Rosenberg Badt Finkelstein Lederer Schwarz Aron Eliaser Golden Goldstein Kaufman Levy Riga Schwartz Steinsapir Finkle Frank Lebo Livingston Rosenblum Albertan Freeman Neumann Silverman Zelinsky Zeta Beta Tau 1712 EUCLID AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Waldo Cohn Charles Fletcher Harold H. Lindner Max Radin JUNIOR S Wallace X. Aron Alfred Kaufman Ralph H. Eliaser Joseph E. Levy Robert J. Golden Alvin V. Riga Peter R. Goldstein Alan A. Kenneth M. Steinsapir SOPHOMORES Eugene D. Finkle Charles P. Lebo Ralph Frank, Jr. Irvin I. Livingston, Jr. Howard M. Rosenblum FRESHMEN Richard G. Alberton Leonard Neumann Leonard Freeman Seth Silverman Herbert E. Zelinsky GRADUATES Albert Brundage H. Miles Raskoff Albert Rabinowitz Frederick G. Rosenberg SENIORS Douglas Badt Wolfgang Lederer Harris I. Finkelstein Werner Schwarz 372 Zeta Psi 2251 COLLEGE AVENUE FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTA BLISHED 1870 THIRTY CHAPTERS Bundschu Caswell Dyer Forkner Snowden Youdall Donoghue Foster Dinmore James Lucas Greig Milligan Shine Stephens, W. Cox, J. Cox, W. Martin Muller Solinski Stephens, T. Taylor Witter MacBride Nelson Paxton Peek Reis Shaw Hendrick Lamoreaux Landon Wood Brush Demarest Solinsky Stock SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Joseph N. LeConte Joseph E. Rowell Orrin F. McMurray Wallace Terry C. C. Phehn Irwin Uteritz GRADUATES Ephraim Dyer Richard Lyon John P. Harrison John F. Martin Gordon L. Onstott SENIORS Towle Bundschu Robert W. Greig George B. Caswell, Jr. Richard H. Milligan Peter R. Dyer Robert D. Shine Hamden L. Forkner William Stephens JUNIORS J. Stewart Cox William E. Lamoreaux W. Stanley Cox Morris F. Landon James W. Hendrick Robert F. Snowden Peter G. Youdall John R. Donoghue Jack D. Solinski Robert N. Foster Thomas M. Stephens Carmel C. Martin Lawrence C. Taylor Fred A. Muller, Jr. Jean C. Witter Charles G. Wood FRESHMEN Frank E. Brush Theodore R. Nelson James F. Demarest Clyde E. Paxton John J. Dinmore Presley E. Peek Robert A. James John F. Reis Fred V. Lucas William L. Shaw G. Hall MacBride E. Dean Solinsky Lester H. Stock 373 Bowles Hall Aronson, S. Cleland Crouch Crowle Dawson Dennis Douglass Garrett Gayman Haas Howard Hubbard Hull I I I ingworth Jackson Janes Jung Kilkenny Kolb Llcyd McCarthy McInertly Mackey Maker Mickelwait Moffitt Palmer, R. Phillips Rothrock Rust Sharp Stadtfeld Stanford Sutter Thomas Wallace Walsh Waterman Weaver Wilkins Wise Armitage Aronson, D. Balsley Brosemer, R Christensen Cook Falk Frick Garvai Goldman Harding Howell H um phrey Huse Johnson, L. SENIORS JUNIORS Steven Aronson Thomas F. Cleland Sterling H. Crouch Richard C. Crowle Elmer Y. Dawson Stanley C. Dennis Harrah Douglass Olen R. Garrett W. Merlin Gayrnan Peter J. E. Haas Walter E. Howard Scovil Hubbard Clifford C. Hull Leland R. Illingworth Robert A. Jackson Milton H. Jones, Jr. George C. Jung John J. Kilkenny Robert E. Kolb Frank T. Lloyd Robert J. Patrick J. McCarthy James R. Mclnerny Harold V. Mackey Charles M. Maker Kenneth B. Mickelwait Ralph C. Moffitt Robert H. Palmer Robert M. Phillips E. Spurgeon Rothrock Robert E. Rust Robert G. Sharp Sanford Stadtfeld John H. Stanford Douglas M. Sutter Gail E. Thomas Donald E. Wallace Jack W. Walsh Herbert A. Waterman John E. Weaver Donald E. Wilkins Wise John E. Armitage Daniel Aronson, Jr. Raymond C. Balsley Robert L. Brosemer Lloyd F. Christensen Eugene G. Cook Donald J. Falk Kenneth E. Frick William D. Garvai Richard N. Goldman Warren R. Harding Robert S. Howell Millard R. Humphrey Barnett Huse, Jr. Louis G. Johnson Robert L. Johnson Eugene S. Kilgore, Jr. Jack Kimble John R. Knorr Thomas A. Kommers John E. Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. Raymond J. Lucchesi, Jr. Edward F. McDowell Robert 0. Miller James A. Murphy Arthur M. Pawson Cyril M. Peletz Kenneth B. Pickle Irving F. Reichert, Jr. James F. Roth J. H. Schwabacher, Jr. Edwin B. Schwinger Robert L. Spiegl Myron D. Tedford Aria A. Thompson Baxter D. Thornton M. Sprague Thresher Robert C. Tidd Robert D. Whaley Robert C. Wilson Wright 374 Bowles Hall Koshland Lucchesi McDowell Miller Murphey Pawson Peletz Pickle Reichert Roth Thornton Thresher Tidd Whaley Wilson Wright Ayer Black Brosemer, Brown Kaylor Kendrick Levy Loew Palmer, T. Reed Rindge Rosenberg Sale Shirley Yatchmenoff Chamberlain Cleland Drehe r Erdman Gardner Johnson, A. Kaplan Mathiesen Matteson Twitchell Wilson Johnson, R. Kilgore Kimble Knorr Kommers Schwahacher Schwinger Spiegl Tedford Thompson Cameron Dykes Ferguson Ireland Johnson, E. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Richard E. Wilson Robert G. Ayer Hollis M. Black, Jr. Lowell R. Brosemer Edward R. Brown Sheldon B. Cameron Jack Dykes Edward A. Ferguson Eugene L. Ireland E. Thor Johnson Gordon L. Kaylor James B. Kendrick Robert S. Levy Jack E. Loew Thomas C. Palmer, Jr. James W. Reed, Jr. Frederick H. Rindge Garrett H. Rosenberg Latane Sale Robert H. Shirley Walter Yatchmenoff Theodore L. Chamberlain William H. Cleland Robert J. Dreher George W. Erdman John H. Gardner Allen H. Johnson David S. Kaplan George H. Mathiesen David E. Matteson Fremont G. Twitchell 375 AG D ' s dance with prospective pledges following a rush dinner. Cigarettes and demi-tasse follow a formal DG dinner. ADPi ' s take the rushing business seriously. Alpha 0 ' s impatiently await the call to dinner. SORORITY RUSHING New pledges are enthusiastically welcomed to the AGD house. The Alpha Phis entertain at an Open House. I PAN HELLENIC (Intersorority Organization) FOUNDED AT CHICAGO, 1902 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1916 IF Adams Arnold Bailey, H. Bailey, M. Behrendt Betz Corhet Elliott G eta He Grant Harlowe Hartzell Heffner Henry Herrick Hoyt Johnston Kelty Krimmel Moorhead O ' Neal Ormsby Pugh Schmidt Tuttle Vol lman Walsh Zapf OFFICERS President Margaret Moorhead Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lou Bailey MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Margaret Arnold Delta Zeta Barbara Schmidt Alpha Delta Pi Martha Johnston Gamma Phi Beta Annette Vollmann Alpha Epsilon Phi Miriam Geballe Kappa Alpha Theta Virginia Adams Alpha Gamma Delta Margaret Tuttle Kappa Delta Jane Kelty Alpha Omicron Pi Bette Harlowe Kappa Kappa Gamma L. Gwynn Corbet, Janet Pugh Alpha Phi Mary Lou Bailey Phi Mu Helena Bailey Alpha Xi Delta Betty O ' Neal Phi Omega Pi Helen Ormsby, Lucile Elliott Beta Phi Alpha Ruth Zapf Phi Sigma Sigma Vera Behrendt Beta Sigma Omicron Jean Walsh Pi Beta Phi Margaret Moorhead, Betty Grant Chi Omega Elizabeth Heffner Sigma Kappa Rowenna Henry Delta Delta Delta A. Virginia Herrick, Janet Hartzell Theta Upsilon Lucille Betz Delta Gamma Ella M. Hoyt Zeta Tau Alpha Abbie Krimmel 379 Alpha Chi Omega 1756 LE ROY AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1909 SIXTY CHAPTERS Arnold Brundige Anderson Carroll, A. Upton Wilson Lagomarsino Nichols Carroll, E. Dewey Gatewood Goble Johnson Coyle Doyle Dunbar Eastman Layne Winter Baxter Beckett Britt Carr Prochietto Roncovieri Sullivan Summers Badger Hartong Houghton McBride, M. Jones Livingston Ponedel Reed Reinhold McBride, C. Milliken Owens Page Stone Chase Colvin Dobrzensky Downie, D. Downie, M. Bell Bledsoe Blosser Cadwell Frayne Moak Roberts, A. Roush Stapleton Warren Roberts, G. Swift Goforth Halliday Waddell Switzer Harvey Hamby White Tuttle Kelly Harris UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mrs. Dana Hamlin Mrs. Duncan Knudsen SOPHOMORES SENIORS Margaret L. Arnold Lyndell M. Brundige Elizabeth K. Carroll Anne H. Dewey Mary Ann Gatewood Jean Goble Barbara E. Johnson Nancy Joyce Anderson Alice M. Carroll Haviland Coyle Thelma J. Doyle Ruth E. Dunbar Jeannette D. Eastman Aileen Layne Catherine M. McBride Barbara L. Milliken Margaret J. Jones Eugenia C. Livingston Elizabeth A. Ponedel Anita M. Reed Emily Reinhold Gaye Roberts Harriett G. Waddell L. White Ada Louise Owens Barbara A. Page Ruth F. Stone Julia E. Swift Marjorie E. Switzer Helen Tuttle Mary Lou Upton Myrl E. Wilson Carolyn M. Winter Jean M. Baxter Beverly B. Beckett Muriel Britt Marian F. Carr Elizabeth T. Chase Betty S. Colvin Elizabeth A. Dobrzensky D. June Downie Mildred L. Downie Georgia E. Goforth Patricia H. Harvey Frances L. Kelly Doris C. Lagomarsino Magdalene E. Nichols Evelyn J. Prochietto Dorothy C. Roncovieri Mozelle L. Sullivan Phyllis M. Summers JUNIORS FRESHMEN Marion Badger Faye M. Harris Virginia A. Bell Mary Alison Hartong Merle D. Bledsoe Frances L. Houghton Dorothy M. Blosser Marguerite C. McBride Dorothy E. Cadwell Margaret Moak Patricia M. Frayne Anne Roberts Kathryn Halliday Jane E. Roush Jeanne Y. Hamby Roberta Stapleton Patricia Warren 380 Alpha eAlict 2400 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1913 FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Becker Bray Dailey, M. Gettemy, B. Gracier Hinz Imhoff Johnston Kniveton Miller Morahe Rasmussen Schmidt Wilson Borden Cavalli Chadwick Dailey, N. Gettemy, L. Giguiere, S. Griffin Guinan lgleheart Jones McConnell McMullin, I. Phillips Ponsford Schottky Sellander Speed Vandawalker Waterhouse Watkins Baldwin Bent Carter Ehlers Evans Gregory Guilford Hands Hunt Ish Lipovac London Loveall Matthews Mutch N ickerson Parker Reilly Riordan Williams Winter Yallop Ashurst Bush Channell Davis Dickson Giguiere, R. Hall Heald Hetherington Leighton Lyons Mares McMullin, M. McNamara Schomaker Turner Woods SOPHOMORES Jane S. Borden Lorraine M. Cavalli Mary R. Chadwick Norma Ann Dailey Louise R. Gettemy Sue Giguiere Mary E. Griffin Jewell C. Guinan Ruth P. Igleheart Emily E. Jones Lela McConnell Idell McMullin Mary Alice Patchett Isabel J. Phillips Joan E. Ponsford Miriam F. Schottky Margery J. Sellander F. Barbara Speed Janet Vandawalker Helen M. Waterhouse Barbara J. Baldwin Frances J. Bent Miriam L. Carter Barbara L. Ehlers Jane Evans Jane Gallegos Gloria Anne Gregory Margaret M. Guilford Mary E. Hands Laura L. Hunt Shelby M. Ish Ruth E. Lipovac Barbara Patricia Ashurst Barbara A. Bush Suzanne Channel) Lorraine M. Davis Dee Dickson Ruth A. Giguiere Barbara M. Hall Betty R. Heald Jeanne Hetherington June K. London Harriet Anne Loveall Barbara A. Matthews Phyllis D. Mutch Winifred J. Nickerson Ruth M. Oliver Mary Parker Kathleen C. Reilly K. Patricia Riordan Janet E. Suffron Dorothy J. Williams Billie Ann Winter J. Yallop Katherine M. Leighton Joan Lyons Irene E. Mares Margaret I. McMullin Lois Jane McNamara Nancy A. Neville Gale Schomaker Elizabeth Turner Marian Woods SENIORS Natalie Becker Martha J. Johnston Barbara F. Bray Elizabeth K. Kniveton Mary M. Dailey Ruth E. Miller Betty Jane Gettemy Elizabeth A. Morabe Evelyn F. Gracier Valborg K. Rasmussen Shirley Hinz Barbara J. Rossi Virginia R. Imhoff Barbara A. Dorothy Jane Wilson JUNIORS Roberta A. Watkins FRESHMEN 381 Alpha erodon 2721 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1922 TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Cohn Davidson, B. Gehalle, M. Goldson Kahn, P. Levy, B. Rhine Stainer Heiman Kahn, S. I lein Lipson Schei liner Shaff Tivol Weiss Yastee Boughner Davidson, R. Gehalle, B. Hornstein Hyman Levey Levy, I. Mazor Mills Rosenwald Haines Hirschberg Hochfeld Hurwitz Kligerman Rothman Steinau SOPHOMORES SENIORS Marjorie L. Cohn Phyllis Kahn Selma B. Davidson Barbara A. Levy Miriam Geballe Marjorie J. Rhine Enid G. Goldson Betty L. Stamer JUNIORS Carole K. Heiman Dorothy L. Scheibner Shirley S. Kahn Merle D. Shaff Irene P. Klein Susan F. Tivol Charlotte M. Lipson Miriam Weiss Reva Yaffee M. Jane Boughner Reva M. Davidson Beatrice Geballe June M. Hornstein Betty Jane Hyman Florence Elaine A. Levey Inez C. Levy Jane E. Lewinson Marilyn G. Mazor Sylvia Mills Rosenwald FRESHMEN Lorraine H. Haines Leah H. Hurwitz Jean Hirschberg Lenore Kligerman Ruth H. Hochfeld Eunice J. Shirley Steinau 382 amma eAlla 2726 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1904 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1915 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Brown, M. Clark, K. Clark, M. R. Darnell, B. Doerr Edwards Fitzgerald Gardella Gowans Hammond Hemenway Patterson Perry Tuttle Ward Wolf Bucklin Butler Clark, E. Cunningham Dowd, H. Ebell Egilbert Fain Hanson Jones Marshall Mello Ogburn Scribner, J. A. Spingola Brown, P. Swim Evans Fjeldsted Hoy, R. Jessup Larmour Lewis Mau Monroe Old Patton Young Bain Clark, M. G. Colby Darnell, D. Dowd, N. Faucette Gillette Hayden Hoy, A. Kerns Kiosterud Koll Linde Martinelli McCollam McMillan Peck Platt Schaaf Scribner. J. B.Wright SENIORS Marjorie J. Brown Barbara P. Gowans Kathryn L. Clark Barbara Hammond Marguerite R. Clark M. Ann Hemenway Beatrice A. Darnell Dorothy J. Patterson Edcil F. Doerr Anna L. Perry Margaret E. Edwards Margaret L. Tuttle Betty A. Fitzgerald Betty Ward Bette A. Gardella Marjorie Jane Wolf JUNIORS Margaret J. Bucklin Laura S. Fain Phyllis M. Butler Norma N. Hanson Ethelynne M. Clark Marge V. Jones Viola E. Cunningham Beverly C. Marshall Helen L. Dowd Muriel M. Mello Lucille A. Ebell Verna Ogburn Verna G. Egilbert June A. Scribner Lorraine L. Spingola SOPHOMORES Phyllis V. Brown Marjorie S. Larmour Betty H. Brunn Wilma E. Lewis Renette Evans Elizabeth May Peggy Fjeldsted Dorothy A. Monroe Ruth Jane Hoy Barbara A. Old Ellouise Jessup Harriet Ann Amy Jane Young FRESHMEN Beverly B. Bain Sylvia F. Kiosterud Mary G. Clark Janice M. Koll Barbara A. Colby Patricia E. Linde Doris M. Darnell Jane E. McCollam Neva E. Dowd Hazel E. McMillan Barbara L. Faucette Doris Martinelli Shirley C. Gillette Jacqueline M. Peck Rhoda J. Hayden Reta Joyce Platt Anne V. Hoy Marian R. Schaaf Jacquelyn C. Kerns Jeanne B. Scribner Barbara M. Wright 383 2311 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1907 FORTY-THREE CHAPTERS Archer Blasingame Cornelius Davis, A. Davis, E. D ondero Harlowe, B. Hunt Kyle MacKall McCargar Moore Sherman Taggart Tam VanWagenen WellWoll Yerkes Abbott Brown Clarke Cooper Eaton Elherg House Lane Lunt O ' Sullivan Williams Brunn Burns Burton Chesney Fiedler Forsterer Foulkes Fowler Guthrie Hardy Hawkins Higgins Hill Lytle Merritt Paul Payne Warenskjold Briggs Burrows Christie Craig Cullom Dreyer Harlowe, J. Neighbor Newton Rolfs Schlichtmann Steilberg Yando 384 SOPHOMORES Hally E. Brunn Allison C. Burns Nancy L. Burton Jane Chesney Lorraine H. Fiedler Marie P. Forsterer Phyllis Foulkes Katherine M. Fowler Catherine J. Guthrie Mary Louise Hardy Antona M. Hawkins Noreen C. Higgins Alice Betty Hill Bettie Lytle Jane Merritt Dexa F. Paul Betty C. Payne Dorothy L. Warenskjold Jane Archer Tessa Dean Blasingame Verda Mae Cornelius Alice D. Davis Elizabeth J. Davis Patricia Dondero Bette W. Harlowe Marcella V. Hunt Dorothy Kyle UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mildred Bell Bernice Hubbard Etta Hayes Dobbin Isabel H. Margaret Stone Eddy GRADUATES Norma L. Henderson Lenore SENIORS Beatrice McCargar Helena P. MacKall Elizabeth H. Moore Elinor E. Sherman Patricia Taggart Bayona J. Tam Sue G. Van Wager ' 211 Virginia A. Woll Mary G. Yerkes JUNIORS Nina Ann Abbott Elizabeth J. Elberg Bethel C. Brown Carol M. House Kathryn F. Clarke Virginia B. Lane Jane Cooper Lorraine M. Lunt Dorothy Eaton Lucille C. O ' Sullivan Virginia C. Williams FRESHMEN Christine Briggs Laura Jean Harlowe Cynthia F. Burrows Beth M. Neighbor June M. Christie Elizabeth Newton Rosamond J. Craig Mary Elizabeth Rolfs Mary Anne Cullom Marion M. Schlichtmann Barbara A. Dreyer Rosalie Steilberg Marjorie E. Yando gi 2830 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1901 THIRTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Craig Leggett Kelly, J. Kennedy Cook Edwaras Mahon Marten Rock Selley Shinn Kinzie Lindley Lion Nelson Nickel Gay Harelson Hicks Luppen MacGavin Alexander Bailey Cline Foote Garthwaite Goodspeed Wig ley Zitlau Clark Butler Hall Yuill Bowman Cobh Doelker Pilling Richardson Searls Swanherg Meads, M. Sateen Thomas, C. Barnhart Hills Hittell Kauffman Kieffer Loupe Meads, R. Mills Modisette Rushforth Shaw Wood Donzel Duhring Thomas, J. von der Lieth Brand Budelman SOPHOMORES Eleanor Clark Carolyn Cook Sally Edwards Joan Gay Mary Louise Harelson Mary G. Barnhart Barbara A. Brand Enid M. Budelman Marjorie I. Butler Marie Hall Mignon J. Hills Elleo H. Hittell Elizabeth L. Kauffman Meredith Hicks Flo rette Luppen Barbara MacGavin Margaret R. Meads Marion D. Saben Kathryn K. Kieffer Leslie G. Loupe Ruth P. Meads Martha C. Mills Edna E. Modisette Kathryn Rushforth Patricia A. Shaw Eleanor J. Wood Claire Thomas FRESHMEN UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Barbara N. Armstrong Margaret Murdock SENIORS Jean Alexander Phyllis Fay Mahon Mary Lou Bailey Margery M. Marten Catherine H. Cline Adele D. Rock Jean E. Craig Dorothy A. Selley Jeanne A. Leggett Anna M. Shinn Jean H. Yuill JUNIORS Phyllis Bowman Louise Lindley Catherine Cobb Margery Anne Lion Fredrika A. Doelker June C. Nelson Maryalice Donzel Mary E. Nickel Anne Duhring Laurie Pilling Evelyn N. Foote Georgia Richardson Catherine C. Garthwaite Phoebe A. Searls Ellen Goodspeed Gwen Swanberg Jean T. Kelly Jacqueline Thomas Katherine S. Kennedy Marie D. vonderLieth Peggie Kinzie Martha C. Wigley Jane Zitlau 385 2833 BANCROFT WAY FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1909 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Bacon Delmore Coe Biggs Cromwell Finch Hartter Jacobsen McCleer Moseley O ' Neal Paul Shearer Wingate Badger Botto Bouton Ellis Felknor Honda Howden Hutchinson Johnson Jones Jordan Liddicoat MacCaughey Mauzy Meinberger Parker, H. Preisker Cooney Denton Glasson Gordon Heath Henderson Hersey Kendall Maryon Mello Nielsen Silcox Smith, B. Symon Williams, S. Basham Crain Dederick Douglas Hamilton Knapp Lynn Newman Parker, M. Smith, J. Starrett Stuart Crawford Barlow Williams, M UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Marjorie Gear Petray Evelyn Lewis Dr. Alice L. Maxwell SENIORS SOPHOMORES 386 Donna J. Bacon Dorothy L. Biggs Jacqueline Cromwell Joan M. Finch Nancy E. Hartter Frances A. Jacobsen Eleanor R. McCleer Nancy Moseley Betty F. O ' Neal Virginia Paul Lavonne Shearer Margaret E. Wingate Billivee Barlow Arline M. Coe Lucile C. Cooney Loriel A. Denton Elizabeth B. Glasson Ejane Gordon Muriel A. Heath Lois M. Henderson Mildred R. Hersey Anna Jane Basham Barbara G. Crain Marilyn C. Dederick Jean S. Douglas Catherine M. Hamilton Helen Jane Knapp Norma J. Kendall Dorys L. Maryon Nadine Mello Betty J. Nielsen Keith Lee Silcox Betty M. Smith Marcella G. Symon Martha E. Williams Shirley Williams Joan L. Lynn Jane E. Newman Marjolyn J. Parker Janet L. Smith Jane Starrett Barbara Jean Stuart JUNIORS Charlotte C. Badger Jean S. Hutchinson Fern M. Botto Caroline R. Johnson Jeanne F. Bouton Milo Jones Dorothy Crawford Betty Jordan Mary Anne Delmore Jean F. Liddicoat Rosemary Ellis Patricia J. MacCaughey Dorothy L. Felknor Fern R. Mauzy Petra A. Hovde Phyllis J. Meinberger Margaret E. Howden Harriet G. Parker Patricia A. Preisker FRESHMEN 2627 HASTE STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1929 THREE CHAPTERS Sherman Benson Chipp Dunn Griffen Hollingsworth Logan Mackie McVeigh Morris Pollard Rezek Turpin von Ende Anderson Baker, G. Baker, J. Craig Hammond Kahl McLellan Moore Orendorff Coleman Hillis Nixon Kietzman Miller Newell Nixon Peterson Scott Taylor Wall Moorhead Pettis Yocco GRADUATE Florence Sherman SENIORS Mary Lou Benson Jeannette Mackie Helen Chipp Marion M. McVeigh Harriette C. Dunn Edna F. Morris Evelyn F. Griffen Dorothy L. Pollard Audrey L. Hollingsworth Virginia L. Rezek Charlotte L. Logan Virginia L. Turpin Estelle D. von Ende JUNIORS Lelia I. Anderson Mary E. Hammond Grace B. Baker Ruth E. Kahl Janice Baker Myrtle D. McLellan Catherine M. Craig Annice E. Moore Mildred L. Orendorff SOPHOMORES Virginia R. Coleman Charlotte H. Newell Mildred L. Hillis Madra E. Nixon Jean H. Hixson Norma 0. Peterson Anita R. Kietzman Aunita H. Scott Verna E. Miller Janice M. Taylor Esther I. Wall FRESHMEN A. Beatrice Moorhead Marjean Pettis Margaret T. Yocco 387 Phi Alpha 2250 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1909 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1909 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Arthur Crivelli Daniels Ferrog g i aro Kenyon Losee Nichols Zapf Anderson Brackett Brown Chryst Doherty Dunn Estep Goebel Granter Green Kelsey Lowe LyVere McDonough Meek Schieck Tittsworth West Cook Elder Francis Gni bhle Hughes Norris Pritz Rice Robinson Sorensen Williams Berger Branaman Johnson Lormor Mann UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Fanny Bulger Margaret Scott GRADUATES Priscilla Mae Cook Betty J. Norris Kathryn S. Elder Barbara A. Pritz Dora M. Francis Ann Rice Mary E. Gribble Jacquelyn Robinson Dorothy M. Hughes Jeanne G. Sorensen Sue A. Williams FRESHMEN Betty L. Berger Lola E. Johnson Marybeth Branaman Gladys G. Mildred C. Mann SOPHOMORES Virginia Arthur Erminia M. Crivelli Lorriene L. Daniels Verna A. Ferroggiaro Barbara A. Anderson Muriel Y. Brackett Betty M. Brown Mary E. Chryst Carol L. Doherty June M. Durm Dorothy P. Estep Gertrude A. Goebel Alice Graeber Barbara Kenyon Ruth A. Losee Ruth Elaine Nichols Ruth V. Zapf Eleanor L. Kelsey Lorraine Lowe Dorothy Jean LyVere Janeece K. Mayer Adeline C. McDonough Flora Meek Jane A. Minshall Barbara Nichols Barbara L. Schieck JUNIORS Jacqueline M. Green Virginia B. Katherine E. West 388 2415 PROSPECT STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1888 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1927 FIFTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Cannon Debb Ewing Korb Stetson Bergen Doan H ayes Walsh Proctor Spicer Willd Hughes Mayo UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Maurine McKeany Amy Wood SENIORS Audrey W. Cannon Margaret V. Ewing Gloria C. Debb Florence E. Korb Winifred Stetson JUNIORS Dorothy Bergen Eugenia K. Hayes Mildred M. Doan Jean E. Walsh SOPHOMORES Loretta A. Proctor Mary E. Spicer Shirley Willd FRESHMEN Doris J. Hughes Audrey L. Mayo 389 Jkpanct 2562 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1929 ONE CHAPTER Cecil Dolan Phariss Douglass Wiegand Andrews Cutler Holston Laurence Lawrence Murchio Gahaldon Goldstein Harden Hoffman Rodriguez Marini Clark Lowell Lorraine Andrews Marjorie D. Cutler Patricia M. Dolan Beatriz C. Gabaldon Violet G. Goldstein Dorothy L. Harden Mary C. Margaret M. Hoffman Nell M. Holston Emily E. Laurence Dorothy J. Lawrence Iola Murchio Margaret Phariss Rodriquiz JUNIORS Elizabeth C. Malim SOPHOMORES Vera B. Clark FRESHMEN Mercedes E. Lowell GRADUATES Dorothy S. Cecil Lillian Douglass Ruth Wiegand SENIORS 390 Chi Omega 2421 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1905 NINETY-THREE CHAPTERS Duhme Eschelbach Heffner McCall Nichol Pedrone Arrigoni Batchelder Cramer Doyle Fryklund Neuman, M. Nicholls Nissen Olsen Paxton Rocca Rockingham Smith Williams Wise Worthington Dillon Duncan Falk Farmer Fitzmaurice Fort Gearhart Jackson Juney Porter Reid Triebel Wadsworth Brown Creeger Gage Hacke Hopkins Kamenzind Leary Luce Meister Phillips Higgins Woodhouse Zinsmeister Amery Andker Boyd, M. Boyd, V. Cameron Hervagault Knock McCraney Meier Neuman, B. Young Benoit Buchanan Colbert Crawford SENIORS Nan H. Duhme Eleanor L. Eschelbach Elizabeth Heffner Lorraine L. McCall Elizabeth F. Nichol Pedrone Helen H. Brown Margery L. Creeger Sybil S. Gage Anita H. Hacke Mary L. Hopkins Mary L. Kamenzind Joanne SOPHOMORES Jean Benoit Emmy Lou Fitzmaurice Katherine Buchanan Margot L. Fort Jane S. Colbert Jean C. Gearhart Eleanor A. Crawford Betty R. Jackson Jane M. Dillon Doris M. Juney Consulo J. Duncan Nancy L. Porter Suzanne E. Falk Janet Reid Patricia L. H. Farmer Dorothea M. Mary B. Wadsworth FRESHMEN Marion E. Leary Dorothy A. Luce Janice M. Meister Jacqueline J. Phillips Sally L. Riggins Doris A. Woodhouse Zinsmeister Julia L. Amery Betsey D. Andker Marie Louise Boyd Virginia C. Boyd Elizabeth M. Cameron June R. JUNIORS Yolanda I. Arrigoni Nancy J. Nicholls Doris E. Batchelder Margaret K. Nissen Barbara F. Cramer Mary P. Olsen Helen I. Doyle Betty Jane Paxton Virginia Fryklund Marybelle B. Rocca Jane F. Hervagault Shirley A. Rockingham Carolyn A. Knock Eileen E. Smith Amy Lou McCraney Jade Williams Audrey G. Meier Ardath A. Wise Barbara J. Neuman Jean Worthington Marian J. Neuman Betty Young 391 aUeCta 2300 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF BOSTON, 1888 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1900 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Batmale Cotton, D. Cotton, M. Dailey Davidson Hart Hartzel I Bench, A. Herrick Hockett Holmberg Jones Perkins White Allan Benoit Boster Davis, M. Fritz, E. R. Goodfellow Guthrie Hickok King, P. La Rue McCallan McGahie McPeak Philliber Villadsen Beede Benjamin Brown Chloupek Curtis Davis, D. Donovan Fricke Garges Knock, C. Holly Johnson Leonard Powell Ralphs Sale Schifferle Scott Smith Stewart Wesling Whitby Butler Chalfant Chandler Davidson, R. Fritz, B. Goodrich Goodie King, D. Kinslow Lane O ' Neill Reinhard Washburn Wilson SENIORS Audine Allan Wanda Lee Benoit Barbara Boster Margaret G. Davis E. Roberta Fritz Elsie M. Goodfellow Doris R. Guthrie Janice L. Antoinette J. Batmale Dorothy A. Cotton Marian Cotton Lucille Eleanor Daney Virginia L. Davidson Elise G. Hart Janet C. Hartzell Kathryn D. JUNIORS Ann P. Henck A. Virginia Herrick Dorothy D. Hockett Betty C. Holmberg Ruth P. Jones Betty E. Perkins Betty Lou White Winton Beverly Hickok Patricia King Annette La Rue Betty L. McCallan Eleanor J. McGahie Mary G. McPeak Jean L. Philliber Villadsen SOPHOMORES Margaret A. Beede Dorothy J. Johnson Valerie Benjamin Virginia Leonard Patricia Brown Jane LeRoy Jane F. Chloupek Mary Powell Anne H. Curtis Elizabeth A. Ralphs Dorette Davis Margaret Sale Mary S. Donovan Eva Schifferle Marion C. Fricke Kathryn S. Scott Betty B. Garges Virginia M. Smith Catherine L. Henck Mary A. Stewart Norma 0. Holly Elizabeth 0. Patricia Whitby FRESHMEN Phyllis Butler Dana E. King Helen L. Chalfant Kinta L. Kinslow Charmian J. Chandler A. Virginia Lane Ruby E. Davidson Barbara C. O ' Neill Barbara E. Fritz Norma B. Reinhard Jean Goodrich Barbara J. Washburn Marge B. Goudie Dorothy M. Wilson R92 393 I Brazier Burge Eckart Hinckley Hoyt Jessup Leach Lester Mattoon Morris Polin Pratt Ross-Lewin Saph Schedler Smith, M. E. Wayhur Wells Wheeler Blair Carver Clark Dewell Duveneck Flynn Griffin Jewett Low Pruyn Pye Rice Richardson Shingle Smith, M. J. Turner Wapple Arnold Conner Crittenden Eaton Hohson Holley Loy MacNeur Nelson Pickering Smith, D. Taylor, E. Williams Wines Woodin Bogardus Brenner Bridge Brown Chaney Cress Hewitt Ismon Kerr MacLaurin Miller Millis Mount Nibecker Smith, V. Taylor, N. SENIORS Betty Brazier Claire V. Morris Barbara A. Burge Elizabeth M. Polin Elizabeth H. Eckart Phyllis D. Pratt Isabel F. Hinckley Viola T. Ross-Lewin Ella M. Hoyt Betsy L. Saph Barbara Jessup Elsa L. Schedler Barbara W. Leach Mary Elizabeth I. Smith Susan A. Lester Anne Waybur Dorothy S. Mattoon Martha S. Wells Virginia G. Wheeler JUNIORS Eleanor W. Blair Jane E. Low Jean M. Carver Patricia V. S. Pruyn Eveleth Clark Elizabeth Pye Jane A. Dewell Nathalie Rice Hope W. Duveneck Patricia Richardson Dorothea Flynn Ruth-Ann Shingle Patricia M. Griffin Marjorie J. Smith Josephine Jewett Betty Ann Turner Ann E. Wapple SOPHOMORES Marian E. Arnold Alice E. Conner Mary Crittenden Martha C. Eaton Gail A. Hobson Mary N. Holley Patricia Loy Elsie Jean MacNeur Patsy E. Nelson Anne A. Pickering Dorothy E. Smith Elizabeth M. Taylor Patricia J. Williams Marilynn H. Wines R. Woodin 2)etta arnma 2710 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT THE LEWIS SCHOOL, 1874 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1907 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS FRESHMEN Nancy A. Bogardus Marjorie Kerr Carolyn K. Breuner Peggy MacLaurin Constance Bridge Louise W. Miller Janet Brown Jane Millis Ellen Chaney Mary E. Mount Cathlyn E. Cress Corinne Nibecker Margaret K. Hewitt Virginia K. Smith Jean M. Ismon Nancy A. Taylor 394 SENIORS SOPHOMORES Jane Israel Irene M. Rosaia Elizabeth J. Ross Dorothy A. Chipchase Elizabeth E. Clark Muriel H. Frey Jane E. Gannaw Maryalice Johnson Irene L. Link Barbara M. Schmidt Virginia L. Taylor Jane M. Walsh Margery M. Meyer Leslie Power Anita M. Scanlon Dorothy A. Sheehan Kathleen M. Smith Evelyn J. Thomas Shirley G. Burkhard Elizabeth A. Gouin Carol T. Harden Virginia K. Helgas Elizabeth L. Howard Margaret M. Adler Dorothy J. Akard Barbara B. Bullock Elizabeth J. Hodges Ardelle E. Houghton Jean W. Ruth E. Laws Isabelle L. Plumb Claudia Tidwell Ruth M. Wetmore Elaine P. Wilken Jeannine P. Mullen Jacqueline R. Newman Margaret A. Sampsell Maxine J. Scharfen Jacqueline F. F. Schwerin Storey JUNIORS FRESHMEN Israel Power Wetmore Rosaia Scanlon Wilken Ross Sheehan Adler Schmidt Smith Akard Taylor Thomas Bullock Walsh Burkhard Hodges Chipchase Gatlin Houghton Clark Harden Mullen Frey Helgas Newman G a no an Howard Sampse II Johnson Laws Scharfen Link Plumb Schwerin Meyer Tidwell Storey Zeta 2728 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1915 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS • IH eta 2732 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1894 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Austin Baisden Callon Carey Curts MacMillan Morrill Oakley Vollmann Wilkinson Yealland Zumwalt Barker Blair Daly Gadsden Harrington Harrold Higgins Hoffman, M. Leibing Lewis Lockwood Lyman Maddox, V. Moyer Saam Sauer Seeherg Show Thomas Zehnder Billion Bly Cate Gorrill Helmer Jolly Kellogg Marx McConnell McKee Nadler Ogden Pfeifer Plaisted Schaefer Simonson Underhill Vail Welch Barker Barry Breschini Dawes Grant Hardy Hoffman, B. Judkins Little Maddox, R. Mallory Miller Snook Tonascia Wilder UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES SOPHOMORES Carmel Riley Esther Sinclair Patricia Sizer Olive Stewart Mildred H. Webber Dr. Margaret G. Zeff SENIORS Elizabeth Foote Virginia Foulds Margaret T. Hodgen Alice G. Hoyt Violet Marshall Jane Richardson Helen I. Austin Miriam A. Baisden Mary V. Carey Jeanne Cation Barbara B. Curts Marjorie J. MacMillan Marjorie R. Barker Bettie Ann Blair Annette E. Daly Harriet M. Gadsden Elizabeth M. Harrington Rosalie W. Harrold Marguerite Higgins Marjorie A. Hoffman Anita G. Leibing Lucile W. Lewis Jean Morrill Barbara Oakley Annette Vollmann Hester Ann Wilkinson Margaret L. Yealland Saralee Zumwalt Leslie M. Lockwood Mary L. Lyman Valma Maddox Jane Moyer Virginia L. Saam Elizabeth W. Sauer Ethel C. Seeberg Jean K. Show Barbara L. Thomas Edna Zehnder Mary-Elizabeth Billiou Janet J. Bly Peggy Vertine Cate Jane H. Gorrill Frances L. Helmer Barbara Jean Jolly D. Jean Kellogg Sue G. Marx Marge McConnell Helen E. Barker Jeanne F. Barry June L. Breschini Betty Dawes Barbara Grant Pat Hardy Marjorie J. McKee Jane R. Nadler Marguerite J.-Ogden Nancy J. Pfeifer Jean Schaefer Elisabeth M. Simonson Jean Underhill Catherine H. Vail Almeda. Welch Loie C. Judkins Barbara A. Little Ruth M. Maddox Elizabeth L. Mallory Barbara Miller M. Patricia Snook 395 JUNIORS FRESHMEN Betsy Hoffman Margaret D. Anne Wilder 2723 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1890 SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Adams Anderson Bertz Church Droste, C. Franklin Heckscher Hoisholt Lauriston Parrish Quinn ReIf Beal Bunker Carter Clark Hodge Keane Mastick Moffitt Moss Oakley Peters Pinger Rath Sayre Scott Barley Christie Droste, J. Fairlie Guittard Lames Lamson Lyon Miller Sherwood Taylor Van Hook Vedder Barber Campbell Cooper Coe de Lanoy Engle Fankhauser Gingg Hibbitt Hubbard Jessee Judd Kindt Mackay Prentiss Sandner Whelan UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Charles Fenton Clarke Madre Merrill SENIORS Virginia W. Adams Marian D. Heckscher Helen E. Anderson Virginie Hoisholt Jacqueline L. Bertz Jane Lauriston Beatrice M. Church Jane S. Parrish Carol Droste Jane R. Quinn Jean K. Franklin Nancy Relf JUNIORS M. Marjorie Beal Genevieve Moffitt Peggy H. Bunker Sylvia D. Moss Jane E. Carter Jean Oakley Cornelia Clark Polly Peters Helene Hodge Elizabeth M. Pinger Theodosia M. Keane Elizabeth M. Rath Marilyn Mastick Jean E. Sayre C. Janet Scott SOPHOMORES Margaret E. Barley Elizabeth Lamson Estelle Christin Katherine H. Lyon Janice Droste Elizabeth C. Miller Katherine A. Fairlie Mary J. Sherwood Jeanne Valerie Guittard Jacklyn Taylor Helen Lamon Margaret Van Hook Patricia A. Vedder FRESHMEN Ava Jean Barber Barbara J. Hibbitt Marylyne E. Campbell Jean J. Hubbard Patricia P. Cooper Margaret J. Jessee Francis Anna Cox Mary Judd Lydia de Lanoy Barbara Kindt Barbara A. Engle Helen G. Mackay Elizabeth R. Fankhauser Helen E. Prentiss Barbara A. Gingg Jean R. Sandner Marie Louise Whelan Ball Bradley Christensen Costello Kelty Kennedy, C. Shaw Shelton Casey Cousen Criss Ford Frey Frith Goelzer Hobart Kennedy, H. McBratney McLean Mills Murphy Prewett Struckmeyer Atchison Briggs Bul lock Clyde Dement Jansen Lloyd Merrick Meyer Richards Alexander Buhs Campbell, A. Campbell, M. Dumas Hare Kennedy, K. Kremser Kreter Langpaap McGann O ' Connor Peoples Peterson Tharp J(appa eAnct 2461 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1917 SEVENTY-ONE CHAPTERS ' Mr SOPHOMORES Betty J. Alexander Betty E. Buhs Alice B. Campbell Madeline L. Campbell Joy L. Dumas Beverley A. Hare Kathleen J. Kennedy Mildred M. May Rose C. Casey Kathleen A. Costello Mary E. Cousen Genevieve G. Criss Patricia Ford Marcia B. Frey Ellen Frith Grayce F. Goelzer Betty G. Hobart Helen B. Kennedy Sheila M. McBratney Sylvia V. McLean Gertrude M. Mills Margaret Murphy Virginia Prewett Mary I. Struckmeyer Elizabeth L. Atchison Margaret Ann Briggs Ragna R. Bullock Rosalie L. Clyde Barbara L. Dement Barbara E. Jansen Kathryn G. Lloyd Merilyn L. Merrick Aldean A. Meyer Rosemary Richar ds Elizabeth L. Kremser June M. Kreter Eleanor M. Langpaap Leora M. McGann Mary R. O ' Connor Louise Peoples Dorothy M. Petersen Tharp UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. F lorence M. Frost GRADUATE Bethyl J. Ball SENIORS Mildred Bradley Jane Dana Kelty Helen B. Christensen Carol Joan Kennedy Helen T. Costello Audrey May Shaw Sue Shelton JUNIORS FRESHMEN 397 Kappa Kappa gamma 2725 CHANNING WAY FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1880 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Cole Brown Corbet Graupner Greenlee Hamilton Kerner McHenry Pugh Stanton Campbell Dexter Greene Hahn Harrison Hawkins Hills Johnston Morgan Robinson Tinning Wishard Worra I I Blanckenburg Booth Christie de Jung Einstein Harris Harvey Hayne Jackson Johnson Leland Parrish Powell Snook Stevenson Wilcox Wilson Blackaller Cutter Hitchcock Howard Hunter Luchsinger Maze Meek Ristenpart Sheridan Shurtleff Smith Watson UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martha A. Chickering Mary B. Davidson Vera L. Christie Emily H. Huntington Anita Crellin Lillie Margaret Sherman GRADUATES Dorothy Chickering Clerimond Haug Cordelia T. Cole Marion Sproul SENIORS Jeannine L. Brown Betty Hamilton Ann M. Burke Rose Maria Kerner Gwynn Corbet Jean L. McHenry Eleanor L. Graupner Janet C. Pugh Phyllis Greenlee Mary C. Stanton JUNIORS Jean C. Campbell Phyllis H. Hills Martha J. Dexter Harriet B. Johnston Natalie Greene Anne Morgan Betty Lou Hahn Marion A. Robinson Sally H. Harrison Winifred Tinning Margaret L. Hawkins Eleanor Wishard Nancy Worrall SOPHOMORES Betsy Blanckenburg Barbara A. Booth Jean Christie Beatrice W. de Jung Evelyn T. Einstein Elinor C. Harris Jane E. Harvey Mary K. Hayne Jane June Blackaller Cara-May Cutter Gail Grigg Shirley A. Hitchcock Joan Howard Grace L. Hunter Polly R. Luchsinger FRESHMEN Jane E. Jackson Phoebe Johnson Nancy Leland Patricia Jane Parrish Margery Powell Ormond R. Snook Roberta A. Stevenson Marjorie G. Wilcox Wilson Margaret Maze Janet V. Meek Anne M. Ristenpart Jean A. Sheridan Nancy L. Shurtleff Carol Smith Jeanne M. Watson 398 2320 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT NEW YORK STATE COLLEGE, 1919 THETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1931 THREE CHAPTERS Mahoney Reynolds Brown Budd Cole Buntain Stevens Matting Medina Krager Pinska Potter Steele Stahl UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Margaret Beattie GRADUATES Ruth A. Mahoney Marian A. Reynolds SENIORS Elizabeth W. Brown Vina R. Krager Helen C. Budd Rhoda A. Potter Meredyth C. Cole Mildred H. Stahl JUNIORS Ruth M. Buntain June E. Stevens SOPHOMORES Corinne M. Matting Louise F. Pinska Lois A. Medina Mildred A. Steele 399 ' ON 2722 DURANT AVENUE FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1917 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS T Graham Nichols Vohs Watson Jewett Lackey Michels Weir Wright Bailey, N. Baker Birge Bailey, H. Kramer Maggenti Schrader Steindorff Thomas Wolfsen Eager Farrell Foley Jensen Baldwin Bartlett Bolin Cote Cronhach Grisinger Grover Guerin Hall Ring Weber Bodman Brown Browne Dixon Gardner Bookman Moore Robertson Waddington Williamson SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Dr. Delta Ross Olsen GRADUATES Lorraine Graham Kathleen R. Nichols Elizabeth Judson Olga R. Vohs Phyllis V. Watson SENIORS Helena Bailey Doris E. Schrader Margaret Kramer Ruth E. Steindorff Florence M. Maggenti Caladora M. Gertrude M. Wolfsen JUNIORS Alice E. Enger Mary E. Jewett Merle Farrell Marjorie E. Koller Jean K. Foley Floramay E. Lackey Carol M. Jensen Elaine K. Michels Harriet E. Weir Marion Baldwin Geneva Bartlett Shirley L. Bolin Beverly L. Cote Helen A. Cronbach Margaret J. Grisinger Nancy A. Bailey Frances H. Baker Elizabeth C. Birge Elizabeth H. Bodman Eileen J. Browne Mary Calvin Brown Catherine Grover Dorothy E. Guerin Ann B. Hall Lenore Ring Marjorie D. Weber Jean Wright Jean Dixon Edith R. Gardner Jeannette S. Hockman Marjorie W. Moore Bernice M. Robertson Marjorie J. Waddington FRESHMEN Catharine C. Williamson 400 2601 LE CONTE AVENUE FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1919 THIRTY CHAPTERS Fleeson Ormsby Wilson Altieri Ashley Elliott North Sawyer Sielaff Wells Elster Howler Jensen Keesling Mueting Scheifele Tranmal Boynton Cook Erburu Hennigan Locke Payne Snyder Curnutt Doug las Paris Rasmussen Shultis UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Pauline Hodgson GRADUATES Jeanne E. Fleeson Helen M. Ormsby Virginia I. North Katharine M. Wilson SENIORS Louise M. Altieri Cara W. Sawyer Nance H. Ashley Alvina L. Sielaff Lucile Elliott F. Llewellyn Wells JUNIORS Corinne A. Elster Idell S. Keesling Kathryn A. Hagner Clarine Y. Mueting Florence R. Jensen Virginia P. Scheifele Jean M. Tranmal SOPHOMORES Lauan P. R. Boynton Estelle S. Hennigan Maxine G. Cook Lois C. Locke Barbara I. Erburu Prisc illa Leigh Payne Betty I. Snyder FRESHMEN Alice L. Curnutt Dorenne Paris Cecily Douglas Ruth P. Rasmussen Evelyn A. Shultis 401 ..._Cirna 2700 DWIGHT WAY FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE, 1913 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1926 EIGHTEEN CHAPTERS Feldman Gabe Wolfson Behrendt, B. Berliner Behrendt, V. Berman Genser Levitan Schwartz Talney Heckel Kaplan Mozer Hoffman Lazarus GRADUATES Queenie R. Feldman Thelma K. Gaba Helen C. Wolfson SENIORS Barbara L. Behrendt Marion E. Berliner JUNIORS Vera J. Behrendt Leonore R. Levitan June C. Berman Ruth Schwartz Thelma Genser Mildred L. Talney SOPHOMORES Gertrude S. Hackel Sophie Ann Frances B. Mozer FRESHMEN Mirian E. Hoffman Nora Lazarus 402 2325 PIEDMONT AVENUE FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1857 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1900 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS Babcock Bjorge Booth Gaines Grady Grant Hill Lame Magill Merrall Moorhead Morrow Rivolta Barry, H. Jeans Lynch Newman Porter Pratt Sanford Sinclair Smith Ziegenfuss Chapin Cochrane Curran Fennimore Jaques L ' Angevin Laughlin Richards Stolz Tuttle, B. Wild Barry, B Chrisler Demarest Dow Gerwick Ghirardelli Goeppert Guilfoil Houston Kahl Lum Marwedel Pollard Robbins Rodgers Thomas Tuttle, N. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATE Helen Fancher GRADUATES Patricia I. Burke Virginia Q. Margaret A. Russell SENIORS Esther Babcock Alberta E. Hill Rosemary A. Bjorge Norma J. Lauppe Barbara E. Booth M. Carolyn Magill Florence G. Gaines Hope Merrall Patricia L. Grady Peggy H. Moorhead Betty S. Grant Marion Morrow Helen D. Rivolta JUNIORS Helen M. Barry Beverly Pratt Margery E. Jeans Marilouise Sanford Patricia M. Lynch Sybil D. Sinclair Elizabeth M. Newman Merion Smith Jean N. Porter Nancy P. Ziegenfuss SOPHOMORES Patricia G. Chapin Julie H. L ' Angevin Barbara A. Cochrane Virginia A. Laughlin Patricia Cowden Elizabeth A. Richards Janet Curran Rosemary Stolz Elizabeth Fennimore Barbara Tuttle Janet H. Jaques Janet Wild FRESHMEN Barbara A. Barry Elizabeth P. Houston Wanda Chrisler Marie A. Kahl Mary A. Demarest Carol E. L um Muriel Dow Elizabeth E. Marwedel Jean T. Gerwick Shirley A. Pollard Polly Ghirardelli Martha D. Robbins Carol M. Goeppert Laure Lou Rodgers Teresa Guilfoil Anne E. Thomas Nancy Tuttle 403 Sigma i(appa 2409 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1910 FIFTY CHAPTERS Chase Fatzer Ferguson Hardison Henry Johnson Libbey McGinness Naquin Nelson Payn e Rider Shinn Smith, M. A. Smith, M. L. Weeks Beauchamp Demme Haldane Marsh Porter, M. Stoddard Tice Vandiver Vaughan Yel land Agosti Dalton Ellis Engel Fluetsch Hitchman Houchins Hug Knipe Langley Lightner Miller, S. Morrison Newell Rednall Spilman Stearns Campbell Cornish Cuenin Geis Henes Hoiles Kidd Miller, E. Nash Oliver Porter,V. Seulberger Smith, L. Venter UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Edith Clymer Ida Noack GRADUATE Marjorie T. Clark SENIORS Carol C. Agosti Jean M. Dalton Edna R. Ellis Betty J. Engel Barbara E. Fleutsch Joan Hitchman Mary Houchins Barbara E. Hug Patricia SOPHOMORES Dorothea H. Chase Barbara I. Fatzer Helen Lee Ferguson Virginia K. Hardison Rowenna A. Henry Barbara Elise Johnson Barbara M. Libbey Olive L. McGinness Patricia E. Beauchamp Ruth C. Demme Helen M. Haldane Lorraine H. Marsh Mary Lou Porter Margery E. Naquin Ann E. Nelson Margaret Q. Payne Kathryn B. Rider Patricia R. Shinn Marjorie A. Smith Miriam L. Smith Mary R. Weeks Margaret E. Stoddard Marcia J. Tice Aileen M. Vandiver Jane R. Vaughan Yvonne Yelland Alma Mae Campbell Ruth M. Cornish Catherine L. Cuenin Elizabeth J. Geis Hope Henes M. Jane Hoiles Portia Kidd Naomi J. Knipe Dorothy J. Langley Ethel M. Lightner Susan J. Miller June R. Morrison Shirley A. Newell Carole E. Rednall Paula J. Spilman J. Stearns Evelyn E. Miller Virginia R. Nash Jane M. Oliver Virginia L. Porter Barbara Seulberger Leslie J. Smith Betty-Ann Venter JUNIORS FRESHMEN 404 _theta Upoiton 2327 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1914 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS Bee Betz Fitch Kreifels Graves Haas Frederickson, M. Lafferty O ' Connor Rutherford Teilman Brown Brumbaugh Cameron Cozens Smith Stover Wi Idhagen Domenici Eastman Foulks Frederickson, H. Gardner Gates Lackewandt MacH ale Rohrback Windesheim Golden McMorran Snook Thornton Cross Farno Leek Reher Hyde Kerth UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eleanore Bartlett Amy Darter Lucile K. Czarnowski Helen M. Eva Neilson SENIORS Betty Bee Margaret Frederickson Lucille P. Betz Sheila Lafferty Merle Cross Mary E. O ' Connor Patricia J. Farno Margaret A. Rutherford Jeanne M. Teilman JUNIORS Arley B. Brown Dorothy E. Kreifels Betty Brumbaugh Patricia A. Leek Bertha Cameron Grace C. Reher Dorothy Ann Cozens Patricia F. Smith Janet Fitch Roberta H. Stover Eleanor M. Wildhagen SOPHOMORES Myrtis E. Domenici Mary M. Eastman Hazel V. Foulks Helen J. Frederickson Helen R. Gardner Barbara L. Gates Phyllis June Graves Harriet F. Haas Betty C. Hyde Eva Elisabetha Kerth Evelyn E. Lackewandt Patricia A. MacHale Helen J. Rohrback Anneliese Windesheim FRESHMEN Barbara J. Golden Norma G. Snook J. Patricia McMorran Jean Thornton 405 Zeta 7au_Alpha, 2311 WARRING STREET FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTAELISHED, 1915 SIXTY-THREE CHAPTERS Igleheart Kr inunel Lockard Rowe Tolen Whitaker Zugg Parker Patrick Rathbone Rott Selleck Tanner Tracy Louck Markofer Rice Young Ziegler Drennan La Due Fullmer Brunje Hatch H urt Kroger Lee Duns Dygert Craig Fox Garcia, P. Garcia, R. Wales Warner Antes Barnett arty Sandholdt Schwaren berg GRADUATE SOPHOMORES Lois V. Fullmer SENIORS Janice R. Brunje Barbara Hatch Helen Igleheart Abbie J. L. Krimmel Lenore H. Lockard Kathleen F. Fox Peggy Ann Garcia Rosalia L. Garcia Ruth B. Hurt Beatrice A. Kroger Rosemary E. Lee Shirley J. Parker Janet L. Rowe Katharine Snow Virginia M. Tolen Geraldine Whitaker Lorraine A. Zugg Irmgard Rott Lorraine R. Selleck Margaret J. Tanner Barbara B. Tracy Mary-Charlotte Wales Jean Ann Warner Dorice E. Ames Lu Jane Barnett June L. Duns Cynthia Dygert Betty J. Louck Edna-Mae Markofer Frances V. Rice Lael Young JUNIORS Jane Craig Eleanor Patrick Katherine K. Rathbon? FRESHMEN Anne N. Drennan Zanona La Due Jean E. Franzman Katherine L. Sandholdt Eileen Arnotte Moriarty K. M. Schwanenberg 406 New initiates wear white to the Prytanean Banquet. Senior Informal dancers crowd the Claremont Garden Room. The 49th annual running of Skull and Keys gets under way. Toastmistress Gerti Landauer presides at the Fall Prytanean initiation banquet. Who: Who! Who are we? Loyal Skull and Keys. Ray Rosso continues his speech in spite of heckling from Skull and Keys members. SOCIETY INITIATIONS ' tej-trg4 •-• 410 (Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT WILLIAM AND MARY ' S COLLEGE, 1776 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS OFFICERS President J. Loewenberg Vice-President R. H. Lowie Recording Secretary A. H. Rowbotham Secretary-Treasurer L. A. Harper COUNCILLORS C. D. Chretien Virginie Hoisholt Edward Rosston A. H. Miller Sam Osoffsky Franz Schneider Pauline Sperry SENIORS Samuel Abdallah Robert Dooley George Kyte Leon Salanave Paul Abrecht David Dowd Robert Lane Edward Sautter Aletha Almeida Edwin Duval Edward Lewis Lillian Schaeffer John Anderson Jeanne Eastman Allan Lindstrom Alan Sherman Constance Avery Hugh Ferrier Caro Lippman Vigo Smith Margaret Babcock Helmut Fesca George McClure John Stanford James Bancroft G. Robert Fogerty William McNeely Margaret Stanka Allen Barbour Georgina Garbutt Diana Malamuth Clarence Sterling Jean Barker Edith Gaylord Eugene Mead Edward Stone Sanford Berger Miriam Geballe Gladys Meyer Richard Strickler Jack Berman Mary Gemini Charles Michener Dolores Suggett Ruth Bernfeld Ben Gerwick, Jr. Marion Morcom Masamichi Suzuki Ramona Berry George Hayes Liberto Nathan Mary Ruth Swift Gordon Binder Milton Hildebrand Vernon Nielsen Phyllis Taper Elsie Bisnett Edward Hochuli Jacques Nowack Max Thelen, Jr. Rosemary Bjorge Virginie Hoisholt Joan Orr Blakemore Thomas James Black Edward Howden Robert Palmer Isabel Tinjum David Blakeslee Miriam Hummel Sigf red Peterson Lois Treadwell Hugh Brunk Evelyn Jacobs John Philp Margaret Voyer Martha Bullock Douglas Johnson Alla Pogrebnyak Herbert Waterman Sigurd Burckhardt Mildred Johnson Ethel Poland Donald Watts Chester Callander Lawrence Johnston Robert Porter Anne Waybur Michael Chetkovich Wesley Jones George Posthumus Harold Weaver Catherine Cline John Kapstein Ralph Powell H. Elaine West Margaret Coffey Dimitri Kellogg Janet Pugh Margaret Wingate Edward Davis Frederick Kidder Lawrence Romani Thomas Yamamoto Elmer Dawson Wilfred Kincaid Herman Safier George Yasukochi James De Juren Richard Young JUNIORS Kenneth Allen Barton Cooper Salim Henderson Barbara Schieck Beatrice Averill Mary Anne Delmore Verl House Harriet Siegel Donald Barrett Ellsworth Dougherty Elizabeth Kelley Victor Waithman Elizabeth Berryhill Eugenia Halvorsen Wrede Petersmeyer Ashley Walcott 411 Fall (National Engineering Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, 1885 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY CHAPTERS OFFICERS Arthur Collins Alan Erwin Fred Hall Kenneth Hill GRADUATES Jack Neustadt Robert Ravenscroft Gordon Richards Beecher Rintoul Tamotsu Shimazaki Ralph Smith Joseph Thurston Back Row: Hunton, Brady, Woodcock, Chenea, August, Crane, Craner, Bresler, Olson, Longwell, Smith, FitzSimmons. Fifth Row: Bolton, Jespersen, Beedle, Whitlow, Wight, Ruth, Gibson, Proctor, Garretson, Peletz, Wallace, Hori. Fourth Row: Nelson, Martinelli, Hunsaker, Wieman, Kohler, Matthews, Cordes, Nilmeier, Ludwig, Klein. Third Row: Shimazaki, Posthumus, Graham, Rhoda, Gerwick, Jacobs, Austin, Moose, Katow, Schultz, Neustadt. Second Ro w: Burch, Nichols, Parlett, Stocking, Komor, Laverty, Prud ' homme, Best, Serdahl, Countryman, Savage. Front Row: Abbott, Andresen, Wood, Smith, Rintoul, Gayman, Norris, Teixeira, Bacon, Stephenson. Beecher Rintoul President Vallard Smith Edward Hochuli Vice-President William Brady Fred Cordes Recording Secretary Fred Cordes Ralph Tilney Treasurer William Ruth Vinton Bacon Corresponding Secretary William Matthews Frederick Wood Cataloger Frederick Wood UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Ager Charles Duke Carleton Hulin Warren Perry N. L. Taliaferro Leonard Black Lionel Duschak Charles Hyde Joseph Pettit Edward Taylor Llewellyn Boelter Bernard Etcheverry Finn Jonassen Frank Probert George Troxell Anders Carlson Willard Fenn Wilfred Langelier Benedict Raber Robert Uddenberg Charles Dalziel Francis Foote Joseph LeConte Lester Reukema Lester Uren Daryl Davis Richard Folsom George Louderback Burtis Robertson Carl Vogt Harmer Davis Leonard Fuller Thomas McFarland Herbert Scott Walter Weeks Raymond Davis Sidney Harding R. C. Martinelli Robert Sibley Clement Wiskocil Charles Derleth, Jr. Ernest Hersam Morrough O ' Brien Robert G. Sproul Baldwin Woods Charles Ostrom, Jr. SENIORS Robert Andresen David Dobbins Jay Jacobs William Parrish Harold Stocking Vinton Bacon Fred Enfield Takeyuki Katow David Pirtz William Stubblefield Robert Bond Morris Feigen Harold Klein Charles Plomteaux Stanley Teixeira William Brady Laurence FitzSimmons Fred Kohler George Posthumus Gerald Thomas Howard Brown Merlin Gayman Lenard Komor Earle Prud ' homme Ralph Tilney Ralph Brownscombe Ben C. Gerwick, Jr. Norman Laverty Norman Rau Roy Turner Norman Caldwell Chester Gibson John Longwell Ralph Rhoda Clarence Walcott Cecil Carriere Hugh Gourdin William Matthews William Ruth Donald Wallace Paul Chenea Gordon Graham Louis Moose Jack Savage Stanley Warner Harold Conradsen George Hayes Donald Moran Donald Schultz Thomas Whitlow Fred Cordes Robert Heers Leslie Nichols Ronald Slipper Elton Wieman David Countryman Edward Hochuii Herbert Nilmeier Robert Smith James Wight Robert Crane Tats Hori Everett Norris Traver Smith Frederick Wood Philip Craner Laurence Hutchinson Gilbert Oberman Vallard Smith Lorin Woodcock Charles Dibble Leland Illingworth Robert Parlett Albert Stephenson Jay Worthington JUNIORS Curtis Abbott George Bolton Charles Harper Russell Ludwig Robert Proctor George August Boris Bresler Eugene Hunsaker Ernest Martinelli John Rintoul Warren Austin James Burch Fred Hunton James Nelson, Jr. Earl Serdahl Lynn Beedle Bradley Garretson Robert Jespersen Carl Olson, Jr. Jack Wahle Fred Best Donald Graham Robert Johnson Cyril Peletz Robert Williamson Victor Kaste (Senior Men ' s Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER George P. Adams Leroy W. Allen Leonard B. Allison David P. Barrows Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist Allen C. Blaisdell Frederick R. Brockhagen John U. Calkins, Jr. Francis L. Chamberlain Walter Christie James H. Corley Frederick W. Cozens William J. Davis Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe E. Deutsch Edward A. Dickson William G. Donald F. Stanley Durie Carroll Ebright Sidney M. Ehrman Edwin Emery Clinton W. Evans W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Frederick C. Fischer Homer G. Angelo Charles C. Bagg Perry C. Beeson Franklin M. Brown Leonard W. Charvet Reynold H. Cohn Sam P. Abdallah Douglas Badt Thomas W. Barbour Charles R. Bell, Jr. William E. Biggerstaff Walter B. Bickerton, Jr. Gilbert Brombacher George A. Brown William A. Brownell Raymond Chan Edward G. Chester Thomas H. Clarke Harry B. Clausen Linton L. Emerson Bernie Firestone Stanley B. Freeborn, Jr. Herbert C. Moffitt James K. Moffitt Russell A. Nagler John Francis Neylan Luther A. Nichols John W. Olmsted Clarence M. Price Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Probert Thomas M. Putnam Alva W. Ragan Charles A. Ramm Leon J. Richardson Chester H. Rowell Henry Schacht James G. Schaeffer Robert Sibley Vernon M. Smith Herman A. Spindt Robert G. Sproul Frank C. Stevens Wallace I. Terry Robert M. Underhill Edwin C. Voorhies Baldwin M. Woods Frank S. Pestana Borden B. Price Bernard Shapiro James G. Shields, Jr. Thomas C. Warren J. Roger Wollenberg Donald B. Pooley Paul L. Poston John M. Price Lee M. Roberts Bernard H. Schulte IV Robert W. Speed Edwin M. Stofle Robin E. Taber James F. Taylor Max Thelen, Jr. Philip K. Verleger Yoritada Wada Joseph H. Wadsworth, Jr. Robert M. Wattron Lloyd G. Whitman Richard F. Young UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Martin C. Flaherty Mortimer Fleishhacker Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin L. Garthwaite Elmer C. Goldsworthy Walter A. Gordon Farnham P. Griffiths Brutus Hamilton F. Arthur Harris Robert J. Herwig Joel H. Hildebrand Harold H. Hitchcock Elbert A. Hugill Alexander M. Kidd Frank L. Kidner Burton A. King Harry L. Kingman Frank L. Kleeberger Charles B. Lipman George D. Louderback Garret W. McEnerney Deming G. Maclise Orrin K. McMurray Harry L. Masser Guy S. Millberry Ralfe D. Miller GRADUATES Raymond E. Compton Harold J. Eifert Vernon L. Goodin Edward R. Hanford Walter E. Hoadley, Jr. William B. Murrish SENIORS Andrew C. Gaither Richard T. Gardner Chester M. Gibson George G. Gordon Peter J. E. Haas Abraham L. Hankin Edward W. Howden William M. Huters J. Richard Johnston James P. Keene, Jr. Frederick E. Kidder James T. Lang Dean W. Law Patrick J. McCarthy Gordon E. Miner 412 Barker Craig Crossfield Grant Hoisholt Landauer Moorhead Wayhur Winkelman (Senior Women ' s National Honor Society) FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, 1918 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 SEVENTY-ONE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Margaret Moorhead Vice-President Anne Waybur Secretary -. Betty Grant Treasurer Elena Crossfield Historian Virginia Winkleman Margaret I. Beattie Louise Cobb Ruby Cunningham Jean M. Barker Jean E. Craig Elena R. Crossfield UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Mary B. Davidson Helen W. Fancher ACTIVES Betty S. Grant A. Virginie Hoisholt Gerti Landauer Alice G. Hoyt Ida W. Sproul Lucy W. Stebbins Margaret H. Moorhead Anne Waybur Virginia Winkelman 413 APPENZELLER President AYRAULT Vice-President CROSSFIELD Recording Secretary LIVINGSTON Treasurer WILKINSON Corresponding Secretary (Women ' s Honorary Society) FOU NDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Leila Anderson Marjorie Carlton Lucile Czarnowski Elsey Hunt Barbara Armstrong May Cheney Mary Davidson Aileen Jaffa Marjorie Atsatt Martha Chickering Sarah Davis Violet Marshall Edna Bailey Vera Christie Lucile Elliot Agnes Morgan Eleanor Bancroft Edith Clymer Helen Fancher Margaret Murdock Eleanor Bartlett Louise Cobb Elizabeth Foote Mary Patterson Margaret Beattie Edith Coulter Hope Gladding Jessica Peixotto Frederica Bernhard Ina Craig Alice Hoyt Cecil Piper Olga Bridgman Ruby Cunningham Bernice Hubbard SENIORS Margaret Appenzeller Miriam Geballe Shirley Larson Patricia Quigley Dorothy Ayrault Annabelle Gordon Marjorie LeRoy Anne Rapport Barbara Ball Betty Grant Barbara Libbey Helen Reichel Jean Barker Ann Henck Eugenia Livingston Margaret Rohrer Bette Barnard Rowenna Henry Mary Gwyn Lyons Elena Romanov Natalie Becker Virginie Hoisholt Marilyn McFarland Mary Ellen Street Janice Connick Helen Igleheart Jean McHenry Anne Waybur Jean Craig Eleanor Ivey Jean MacKenzie Mary Weeks Elena Crossfield Pauline Kael Elizabeth Moore Elaine West Elizabeth Dodds Phyllis Kahn Phyllis Moore Jane Wilding Bette Gardella Shirley Kay Peggy Moorhead Hester Ann Wilkinson Edith Gaylord Gerti Landauer Mary O ' Connor Virginia Winkelman Rosemary Langheldt Betty O ' Neal JUNIORS Betty Averill Mary Anne Delmore Elizabeth Kelley Harriet Siegel Carolyn Babasinian Ann Duhring Ruth Knapp Phillis Silberman Betty Barton Jeanette Eastman Lorraine Lunt Patricia Wheeler Elizabeth Berryhill Jane Genelly Mary Louise Lyman Geraldine Whitaker Bethel Brown Margaret Graves Patricia MacCaughey Hedwig Wilson Ardith Burns Marguerite Higgins Charlotte Morris Jean Worthington Haw Chan Jean Hubber Peggy Orchison Helene Yoohs Catherine Cobb Ruth Igleheart Virginia Saam Jean Zeller Barbara Cramer 414 (Junior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1901 ONE CHAPTER UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES J. T. Allen L. B. Allison D. P. Barrows E. C. Bellquist H. E. Bolton Ralph W. Chaney C. E. Chapman James H. Corley I. B. Cross W. J. Davis M.M. Davisson M. E. Deutsch W. G. Donald Carroll Ebright Clinton W. Evans F. C. Fischer S. B. Freeborn Edwin Alston Frank Andrews Richard Bahme Charles Bell William Biggerstaff Robert Boucke James Brokaw George Bucklin Towle Bundschu George Caswell Thomas Clarke Thomas Cleland Ward Cox Melvin Duezabou Linton Emerson John Erichson Stanley Freeborn, Jr. Andrew Gaither Chester Gibson Arthur Anderson Robert Andreson Holt Atherton Samuel Balliet Clarence Barnes Thomas Bell William Blevins John Bryan Geary Bundschu Warren Craig Wesley Craig Cloyd Dawson Alberto De Grassi Edward Dill Dean Dunncliff Thomas Elmendorf Charles Fender Robert Fio Rito R. G. Gettell E. C. Goldsworthy W. A. Gordon C. A. Gulick, Jr. Brutus Hamilton J. H. Hildebrand Miles Hudson G. G. Hyde Henry Klingman Myron Krueger A. 0. Leuschner J. P. McBaine N. Wing Mah Guy Montgomery Russell Nagler L. A. Nichols Ronald L. Olson SENIORS Charles Grainger Robert Greig Calder Hayes William Hoogs Edward Howden Ted Hubert William Huters Delbert Jones Douglas Kelly James Lang D. Warner Law Jack Lewis John Lucas William McCain Patrick McCarthy Douglas McConnell Matthew Moore Dudley Morgan William Murray Robert Palmer JUNIORS Arthur Gassaway Houghton Gifford Morris Glickfeld Hugh Gourdin James Hendrick Albert Hogan Victor Jacobson William Joost Jack Klukkert Morris Landon George Lindman Donald Lindsay Melville Long Gerald Lutes Albert May John McGee Lincoln Maclise Luther Nichols John Patterson F. C. Palm H. Priestley Kenneth Priestley F. H. Probert T. M. Putnam A. W. Ragan C. W. Raymond L. J. Richardson Charles F. Shaw Robert Sibley Robert G. Sproul Thomas Stow George F. Taylor Robert M. Underhill E. C. Voorhies Earl Warren B. M. Woods Jerome Reed Bernard Schulte Hart Smith Robert Speed William Stephens John Stock Burton Swartz Raymond Talcott James Taylor Max Thelen Garrett Van Home Philip Verleger Yoritada Wada Joseph Wadsworth Barratt Wells George West Robert Wilhelm Jess Wilson Fred Wyatt Richard Peter David Queen Joe Ralston David Rice Sam Ruvkun Edward Saunders William Smails Owen Smith Manuel Sotomayor Ted Staffler Henry Steinbach Leslie Still George Talbot John True Peter Vukasin Jim Warren Robert Williams Earl Wilson 415 Back Row: Puente, Shirk, Youdall, Smith, DeVarona, Winterbottom, Freeborn, Cooper, Backlund. Third Row: Lawrence, Griffith, McDaniel, Lawrence, Brombacher, Daggett, Hubbard, Ongerth, Lutes, Michael. Second Row: Curtis, Stephens, Gough, Reinhard, Frown, Reese, Perry, Morgan, Thomas, Hoberg, Duezabou. Front Row: Dieterich, Peacock, Mehlert, Biles, Sadaj, Pooley, Lowe, Ford, O ' Toole, Smith, Flegal. OFFICERS Jim Dieterich President Don Pooley Vice-President Stan Sadaj Secretary Bill Biggerstaff Athletic Council Stan Freeborn Athletic Council HONORARY L. B. Allison Albert M. Becker W. H. Davis William J. Davis Carroll M. Ebright Clinton W. Evans Brutus Hamilton Dr. J. T. Harkness Harry L. Kingman C. R. Morse Russell Nagler Charles A. Pease Kenneth Priestley Frank H. Probert A. W. Ragan Robert G. Sproul Irwin C. Uteritz Frank Wickhorst FOOTBALL Ray Amling Lee Artoe Victor Bottari Dave DeVarona Charles Donohoe Raymond Dunn Bill Elmore Tony Firpo Andy Gaither Harlan Gough Orville Hatcher Carl Hoberg Ted Hubert Bill Huters Wilbur Ingram Jim Lang Carl Leipzig Jack Lewis Gerald Lutes Jim McDaniel Jack McQuary Morley Mathewson Cliff Perry Bill Plasch Dave Queen Robert Reinhard Ray Rosso Ralph Sauer Paul Semmens John Smith Louis Smith Ted Staffler Perk Stone Glen W halen Bob Wilhelm Ted Wilson Ray Winterbottom Peter Youdall Walt Bickerton James Boyd Mel Duezabou Tony Firpo George Baker Clarence Barnes Martin Biles Elton Brombacher Charles Cooper Earl Ford Stan Backlund Bill Beal Emil Bergh Bill Biggerstaff Ralph Flegal Stan Griffith Eddie Hopkins Elmo Koll Fay Froom Louis Hubbard Frank Lawrence Melville Long Denzil Widel Hamilton Lowe Al Daggett Dave DeVarona Jim Dieterich BASKETBALL Harvey Shirk BASEBALL TRACK CREW TENNIS Robert Greig Dudley Morgan Dave McNeil Edward Ongerth Charles O ' Toole Pat McCarthy Charles Mehlert Herb Michael Richard Peter Don Pooley Philip Puente Linton Emerson Stan Freeborn Chester Gibson Bill Ogilvie Cliff Perry Alvin White Ray Winterbottom Ted Vollmer Barney Wolf Stan Sadaj Louis Smith Leonard Spencer Bob Roberts James Schaeffer Raymond Talcott Wilber Amonette Bob Harman Bob Peacock William Stephens INTRAMURAL William S. Curtis Jack Smeltzer Fall Spring Stan Freeborn Herb Michael Dudley Morgan Charles Mehlert Stan Sadaj 416 Last Row: Hayes, C., Bower, Maclise, Sharp, Pierson, Green, Aarons. Fourth Row: Kwasney, Drake, Aronson, Takahashi, Cordes, Fontenrose. Third Row: Gardner, Graalfs, Spiess, Hayes, K., Savage, Binder. Second Row: Dam, Ayer, Nishkian, Fishman, Christensen, Shaff. Front Row: Klebanoff, Gerdes, Morton, Mittler, Wada, Sakada. A. W. Dowden E. Goldsworthy E. Graff B. Hamilton OFFICERS President Byron Nishkian Vice-President Steve Aronson Secretary John Fontenrose HONORARY N. E. A. Hinds H. A. Newsom C. Keeney C. A. Pease R. Miller E. G. Probert E. Nemir J. H. Schroeder Paul Cho Earl Mittler Freeman Dill Kenneth Dobey Cal Ferris Robin Hatfield George Nishimoto Masao Sakada John Fishman Fred Cordes Eyrie Aceves Robert Baker Noel Spiess Robert Miller Samuel Murphy, Jr. John MacKenzie Cecil Carriere Philip Crane Robert Dorwin Adolph Meier Byron Nishkian James Taylor Fred Gerdes Stuart Dole Steve Aronson Ray V. Hopper Max Isenstein Samuel Johnson Carl Potstada Putnam Henck Edward Hurlbut Frank Wada Carl Luth George Woolsey Herbert Fahnestock Robert Fahnestock Lawrence Dickey L. B. Allison R. Balsley W. G. Donald Ty Barre Bernard Aarons Robert Booth Richard Christensen Ross Cunningham Wilmon Ayer Arthur Anderson Carlos Arroyo Edwin Bucklin Francis Dam Rudolph Fuetterer Robert Connick Dan Aronson Lyman Griswold William Blau BOXING Jim McDowell LB. BASKETBALL Ralph Flegal John Fontenrose David Green CROSS COUNTRY George Baker FENCING Richard Fuetter William Hohenthal GYMNASTICS Richard Gardner Vernon Greenleaf HANDBALL John Fishman Carl Morton RUGBY Franklin Lindeberg SOCCER Phillips Dunford Edward Graalfs Calder Hayes SWIMMING Gay Maclise SKIING George Gester Kenneth Hayes WATER POLO Dan Drake Albert Gloeckner WRESTLING Haruo Najima ICE HOCKEY Emil Kwasney Al Laven RIFLE TEAM Lynn Taylor GOLF Donald A. Bruce H. A. Stone C. A. Zamlock J. Raine Richard Smith John Strathouse Terry Takahashi Robert Stone Robert Moock Leon Shaff Steve Townsend Robert Williams Roberton Williams John Prizer Roy Savage Arthur McMurry James Shields Robert Wilson Byron Nishkian 417 Back Row: Lewis, Zacharias, Morgan, Diamond, Biles, Johnson. Second Row: Casey, Hale, Thaman, Durley, Handlery. Front Row: Wishart, Sproul, MacConaghy, Wolf, Swan. (Sophomore Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Walter Casey President Robert Biles Robert Hogan Vice-President Ted MacConaghy Robert Thaman Secretary-Treasurer Robert Hale UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Ralph C. Chaney Stanley B. Freeborn Edwin C. Voorhies ACTIVES Robert Biles Carl Johnson Robert Sproul, Jr. Walter Casey Mervan Lafaille William Swan Irwin Diamond Carl Leipzig Robert Thaman Preston Durley Stewart Lewis Charles Townsend Andrew Foreman Marshall Lloyd James Waller James Gilliam Robert McCarthy Ian Wishart Robert Hale Ted MacConaghy Jean Witler Paul Handley Donald Morgan William Wolf Robert Hogan William Pleasants Henry Zacharias 418 . Back Row: Lyon, Hunsacker, Moose, Austin, Reynolds, Stocking, Kohler, Walden, Robley. Third Row: Carriere, Wallace, Best, Nelson, Cordes, Nichols, Balsely. Second Row: Stephenson, Marshall, Serdahl, Norris, Prud ' homme, Laverty. Front Row: Wood, Wilson, Thurston, FitzSimmons, Savage, Kaste, Burch. (Electrical Engineering Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1905 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 THIRTY-THREE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Joseph Thurston President Laurence FitzSimmons Fred Cordes Vice-President Earl Serdahl Donald Wallace Recording Secretary Fred Best John Lyon Corresponding Secretary John Lyon Laurence FitzSimmons Treasurer Cecil Carriere Fred Woods Bridge Correspondent Fred Wood UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond Ager Leonard Black Charles Dalziel Daryl Davis D. I. Cone Clarence Fleager Willard Fenn Leonard Fuller L. C. Marshall Thomas McFarland Joseph Pettit Lester Reukema HONORARY Lester Ready Harris Ryan GRADUATES John Prichard SENIORS Burtis Robertson Herbert Scott Abe Tilles B. M. Woods George Senger Robert Sibley Ralph Smith Cecil Carriere Fred Cordes Laurence FitzSimmons Fred Kohler Norman Laverty Hing Lee John Lyon Warren Austin Ray Balsley Fred Best James Burch Louis Moose Leslie Nichols William Norris Philip Reynolds Jack Savage Albert Stephenson Joseph Thurston JUNIORS Eugene Hunsaker Victor Kaste Walter Nelson Earle Prud ' homme Harold Stocking Donald Wallace James Wight Harold Wilson Fred Wood Seiko Yakahi Spencer Robley Earl Serdahl Herb Walden Deceased Back Row: Castle, Henck, Lee, Arrighi, O ' Malley, Taylor, Witzel, Bolitho, Wertsch, Gotlieb, Duddle, Nelson, Parker, Woodman, Tilney, Fredricks, Berg, Della-Vedowa, Von Bricken. Third Row: Harvey, Gunlack, Moore, Simonson, Bolce, McConnaha, McBurnie, White, Kotok. Cayot, Ogle, Baker, deLanoy, Krechtler, Cooley. Second Row: Mirk, Williams, Buck, Lana, Lowe, Brooks, McGirk, Richter, Burkholm, Schiffner, Wentzel, Camper, Morris. Front Row: Couzens, Stevensan, Newman, Twohig, Terry. Anderson, Stone, Tuttle, Chiapella, Montgomery, Askew, Schowalter. (National Inter fraternity Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1917 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 EIGHT CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring GeorgeWentzel President ___________________________________ William Lana William Lana Vice-President Thomas Twohig Thomas Twohig Secretary Eugene Baker Thomas Simonson Treasurer Thomas Simonson David F ' . Barrows Paul F. Cadman H. H. Campbell Morse Cartwright Charles Chapman Walter Christie M. M. Davisson Charles Derleth, Jr. Monroe Deutsch Dr. W. G. Donald Carrot Ebright Capt. N. Edmond Arthur Anderson William Andrews Norman Arrighi Robert Askew Eugene Baker Emil Bergh Rickard Birkholm George Bolitho Fred Brooks George Brown Theodore Castle Ramon Cayot Perry Connor Benjamin Conrad Ogden Cooley Richard Della-Vedowa Cassius Dowell Robert Duddle William Bolce Harry Buck Charles Camper William Chiapella Fred Couzens Edward deLanoy Theodore Gottlieb HONORARY Clinton Evans Harland Fredericks Stanley Freeborn John W. Gregg Brutus Hamilton Charles Hyde William C. Jones Dr. Robert Legge George Louderback William Monahan Brick Morse Everett Mossman GRADUATE George Wentzel SENIORS Linton Emerson Robert Farrell Charles Grant Benton Harvey Wayne Hazen Putnam Henck Myron Koll Edward Kotok William Lana James Lang Richard Lee William McBurnie William McConnaha Donald McGirk Lawrence Metcalf Allen Mirk Bud Morris Bancroft Nelson JUNIORS Lee Ham Alfred Krechtler Hamilton Lowe Frederick Montgomery James Moore Al Newman Burdette Ogle Ronald L. Olson Franklin C. Palm Frank H. Probert Charles Raymond Royal A. Roberts Capt. C. A. Ryan Robert G. Sproul Charles R. Voltz Edwin C. Voorhies Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Earl Wright Karl Parker Edward Peck Donald Pooley Marksbury Raney Webster Robinson William Robinson Joseph Richter Robert Seliffner Thomas Simonson Albert Stevenson George Taylor Raymond Terry Ralph Tilney Robert Wertsch Hugh White Lloyd Whitman Everett Witzel Lowry Wyatt Brunswick Schowalter Milton Schwartz Thomas Stone Mel Sundlack Thomas Twohig Robert Williams Winston Woodman Deceased 421 Back Raw: Kelly, Griffin, Elmendorf, Atherton, Hendrick, Ohm, Thomas, VanHorne, McPhee, Semm ens, Still, Wood. Third Row: Bundschu, Shine, Warren, Snell, Roberts, Grainger, Gaither, Stock, Rogers, McDaniel, Dunnicliff. Second Row: Evans, McConnell, Marton, Swartz, Forkner, Greig, Smails, Lutes, Elmore, McCain, Staffler. Front Row: Fast, Huters, Stone, West, Wells, Bickerton. 4 2 (Inter fraternity Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1892 ONE CHAPTER Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David P. Barrows Gill Becker Anthony F. Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John U. Calkins, Jr. Donald Cameron R. W. Chaney Charles Chapman Walter Christie Clarence Corey Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William Donald Newton B. Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Capt. Neil Edmunds Col. G. C. Edwards James K. Fisk Martin Flaherty Wally Fredericks Stanley Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettell HONORARY Everett Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. S. G. Goodman Lieut. Greenlaw John Grover Brutus Hamilton Dr. J. T. Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman E. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Miles Hudson James Hutchinson Lincoln Hutchinson Bill Ingram Bert Jones Alexander Kidd Lawrence Kinnaird Peter B. Kyne Karl Leebrick Matthew Lynch E. Landon Austin McDonald Walter E. Magee Jack McKenzie Ralph P. Merritt Ralph Miller Brick Mitchell Brick Morse Russ Nagler Eugen Neuhaus John Neylan R. L. Olson Edmund O ' Neil F. C. Palm Major G. Peabody Ken Priestley Thomas Putnam Carl Reich Thomas Sanford William Sechell James Shaeffer Andy Smith George Smithson Robert G. Sproul Tom Stow Edward Stricklin Major J. Switzer N. L. Taliaferro Iry Uteritz Philip Van Horn Charles Voltz Edwin Voorhies Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Bob Wilson Carl Zamloch GRADUATES Dave Anderson Vic Bottari John Finlayson Jiggs Hamilton Bob Juch Larry Kennedy Omar Noles Ear11 Shine Eugene Shurtleff Bob Steers Perk Stone Roy Tremoureux Bob Wells Ted Willson SENIORS Walt Bickerton Bill Huters Ed Peterson Bob Boucke Ted Hubert Bob Roberts Towle Bundschu Wilbur Ingram Paul Schact Jack Dorn Doug Kelly Paul Semmens Jack Evans Harley Leete Earle Snell Ham Forkner Bill McCain Bill Stephens Twink Franklin Douglas McConnell John Stock Andy Gaither Jim McDaniel Bob Stone Bill Garretson Jack MacKenzie Bert Swartz Bud Grainger Hugh McPhee Fred Vann Bob Greig Vernon Martin Barratt Wells Jim Griffin Dud Morgan George West Bill Hale Sid Newsom Bob Wilhelm Ed Moffatt JUNIORS Holt Atherton Morris Landon Ted Staffler Dean Dunniclift Jed Lutes Hank Steinbach Tom Elmendorf Lee Merritt Les S till Bill Elmore Dick Ohm Douglas Thomas Earl Fast Will Rogers Jim Warren Bob Hall Bob Shine Tom Wood Jim Hendrick Ray Skerry Al Hogan Bill Smails Deceased 423 424 SENIORS Back Row: Brown, Folsom, Kellar, N ittler, Marshall, Duval, Byers, Bahme. Second Row: Gordon, Lindstrom, Waterman, Pfeifle, Terry, Brooks, Williamson, Williams. Front Row: Obata, Hurwitz, Roberts, Whitman, Haas, Chan. JUNIORS Back Row: Miller, Shuey, DeLaney, Considine, Williams, Shields, Odell, Olson, McPherson, Pinkham. Second Row: Heffner, Hope, Gunther, Newman, Ogle, Woodman, Vukasin, Petersmeyer, Golden. Front Row: Cline, Mayock, Twohig, Aronson, Roth, Takahashi, Fountain, Martin. SOPHOMORES Back Row: Kash iki, Jue, Shiomichi, Kaylor, Yel land, Diamond, Knapp, Levy, Lapin. Second Row: Key, Alegria, N isson, Albertson, Sproul, Casey, Morgan, Nelson. Front Row : Tierney, Martin, Randall, Reynolds, Waller, Reding, Bower, Hoeffer. WS, (University Service Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER HONORARY Francis A. Jenkins Walter A. Haas CLASS OF ' 40 Fall Spring Ray Terry President Bob Salz Charl es Considine Vice-President Ray Chan Ray Chan Secretary Ben Obata MEMBERS Doug Badt Benton Harvey Sid Rob2rts Dick Bahme Joe Hurwitz Bill Robinson Henry Bramblet Clayton Kellar Bob Salz Fred Brooks Allan Lindstrom Bob Speed George Brown Pat McCarthy Ellsworth Sturgeon Bob Byers Neil Marshall Ray Terry Ray Chan Alan Nittler Phil Verleger Bob Christiansen Ben Obata Herb Waterman Ed Duval Ed Peck Robert Weir Tom Folsom Bill Pfeifle Lloyd Whitman George Gordon Mark Raney Ed Williams Peter Haas Paul Williamson CLASS OF ' 41 Fall Spring William Shuey President Burdette Ogle Alfred Newman Vice-President Thomas Hansen James Roth Secretary James Miller MEMBERS Arthur Anderson William Gunther Robert Olson Daniel Aronson Lee Ham Richard Peter Thomas Bell Edward Heffner Wrede Petersmeyer Harry Buck Howard Hope Clarkson Pinkham William Bolce Jack Klukkert James Roth Robert Considine Elmo Koll Allan Shields Peter Chue John McPherson William Shuey Cloyd Dawson Welburn Mayock Terry Takahashi Louis DeLaney James Miller Thomas Twohig Daniel Drake Alfred Newman Peter Vukasin Wilbert Fountain Robert Odell Harold Williams Robert Golden Burdette Ogle Winston Woodman CLASS OF ' 42 Fall Spring Irwin Diamond President Jim Waller Bert Nelson Vice-President Gordon Kaylor Bob Yelland Secretary Bob Bower MEMBERS Dean Albertson Gordon Kaylor George Nisson John Alegria Leonard Key Bob Randall Eugene Barbera William Knapp Jack Reding Bob Bower Ray Lapin Bob Reynolds Walt Casey Bob Levy Joe Shiomichi Irwin Diamond Dave Lewis Bob Sproul, Jr. Andy Foreman Bob McCarthy Jim Tierney Frank Hoeffer John Martin Jim Waller Henry Jue Don Morgan Ed Willi Akira Kashiki Bert Nelson Bob Yelland 425 ,44:4 " 411 se,044,,s7=4.11WWwanNtav L.-27,4MM •°— Fz• Left to right: Dorn, Martin, Wilson, Bundschu, Vann, McDaniel, Franklin, Gri ffin, Roberts, Gaither, Peterson, Greig, Stock, Caswell, Morgan, Swartz, McConnell, Kelly. (Senior Men ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER HONORARY Morse A. Cartwright Dr. William Donald James Fisk Stanley Freeborn John Jennings Richard Kessler Earl E. Leaderman Earl Leebrick Mathew Lynch John MacKenzie William W. Monahan Robert G. Sproul Capt. John Switzer Edwin Voorhies Carl Zamloch Towle Bundschu George B. Caswell Jackson G. Dorn Paul J. Franklin Andrew C. Gaither Robert W. Greig De Witt J. Griffin ACTIVE William M. Huters Wilbur Ingram Douglas V. Kelly Harley Leete Douglas D. McConnell James T. McDaniel Vernon P. Martin Dudley W. Morgan Edward W. Peterson Sterling D. Roberts Johan P. Stock Burton A. Swartz Fred H. Vann Jesse C. Wilson 426 427 Beatrice Church Betty Hamilton Ella Hoyt JUNIORS Jean Porter Beverly Pratt Patty Pruyn Elizabeth Rath Virginia Adams Mary Lou Bailey Jacqueline Bertz Barbara Booth Catherine Cobb Martha Dexter Jean Kelly Margery Lion Tippy Pinger Norma Lauppe Dorothy Mattoon Janet Pugh Helen Rivolta Marilouise Sanford Jean Sayre Winnie Tinning Jacqueline Thomas Betty Ann Turner Front Row: Hamilton, Bertz, Booth, Mattoon, Kelly. Back Row: Pugh, Church, Bailey, Adams, Rivolta. (Intersorority Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Beatrice Church Secretary Helen Rivolta Treasurer Janet Pugh SENIORS SOPHOMORE Jane Harvey a : " 441.19.10,, frA PI Mt, Art at:« TiS tr `4W7 " . ■11.00.11 2.114.0 4z.; Back Row: Brown, Lindstrom, Waterman. Wingate, Meade, Gerdes, Humphreys, Osoffsky, Pehcushek. Second Row: Simon, Jacobson, Front Row: Atwood, Johnson, Nakahara. (Commerce Scholastic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1907 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Herbert Waterman President Allan Lindstrom Marguerite Nadon Vice-President Margaret Wingate Allan Lindstrom Secretary William Simpson Douglas Johnson Treasurer Millard Humphrey Vera Mae Bishop Milton H. Epstein Mrs. Clotilde G. Fisk David P. Barrows Norman Buchanan Floyd F. Burtchett Paul Cadman Robert D. Calkins Ira B. Cross Albert Brundage Michael Chetkovich Florence De Gottardi Archie Drennen Constance Hagan John Atwood Howard Barber Roy Bouque Richard Briare George Brown George Bucklin Charles Considine Curtis Darling Fred Gerdes Scovil Hubbard Millard Humphrey Abraham Jacobson Raymond Altman Norman Jones James Kenyon HONORARY Joy Lichtenstein Lewis Lilly UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Stuart Daggett Malcolm M. Davisson John F. Forbes Robert A. Gordon Henry F. Grady Ewald Grether Charles A. Gulick GRADUATES William Herbert Edward Horton Harvey Humphreys Edward Judd Norman Mundell SENIORS Douglas Johnson Allan Lindstrom Harry Meade David Mealiffe Ian Miller Hamilton Moody Cheuk Moy Arthur Nakahara Margaret Peacock John Pehoushek Guy Putnam JUNIORS Ted Malm Richard Martens Edwin Riksheim Robert A. Roos Chester H. Rowell Paul A. Sinsheimer Melvin M. Knight Carl Landauer Sanford Mosk Albert H. Mowbray Carl C. Plehn Charles C. Staehling Marguerite Nadon Sam Osoffsky Merrell Skeels Helen Stuchberry Lucille Terry Don Rebok Aldo Richeda Edward Ritelli Alexander Silver William Simpson Ellsworth Turner Charles Vegod Herbert Waterman Darrell Wilson Margaret Wingate Harold Wise Karl Zapf Manuel Sotomayor Arline Spivak Russell Tauzik 428. Back Row: McClure, Holt. Billy, Maulhardt, Vaughn, Horner, Gordon, Druhe. Third Row: Kidder, Cryer, Coombs, Gamon, Robinson, E., Estep, High. Second Row: Puente, Fenley, Jones, Langpaap, Fogel, Boyer. Front Row: Robinson, C., Scott, Dain, Humphreys, Gunther. (National Professional Foreign Service Fraternity) FOUNDED AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, 1920 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Francis S. Dam Vice-President Vance A. Boyer Secretary David L. Gamon Treasurer George W. McClure Historian, Librarian Charles S. Rice Editor Maurice R. Coombs Sergeant-at-Arms Robert C. Gordon UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Eric C. Bellquist W. Lawson Reno Edwin D. Dickinson John A. Sowers Stuart C. Chenoweth E. G. Davis Howard R. Elms Kenneth Haukom Ignatius L. Billy Vance A. Boyer Francis S. Dam John G. Erbes Harold A. Estep Roy H. Fogel Maurice R. Coombs Robert J. Dorr Robert C. Gordon Robert W. Binkley, Jr. Vincent Cryer Gavin H. High GRADUATES Stafford G. Johnson Bruce R. Mayhugh Wendall Pomares Richard L. Rickenbacher SENIORS Robert P. Horner C. Kenneth Humphreys James H. Jones Frederick E. Kidder George W. McClure Philip F. Puente JUNIORS William J. Gunther Paul E. Langpaap Joseph H. Maulhardt Charles W. Robinson SOPHOMORES David N. Druhe Albert G. Fenley FRESHMEN Robert V. Owens Raymond Rocca Alfred H. Schafer William Stobener Charles Weikel Charles S. Rice Norman D. Rich Edward H. Robinson Harold E. Tornquist Charles H. Vaughn Doak A. Weston Laurence L. Scott Harvey Selwyn J. Cole Williams David L. Gamon Wallace G. Holt W. Jerry Presba 429 Fischer Barbour Bell Biggerstaff Disher Eck ley Guggenheim Kellogg K i I born Lang Latanner Levy McClure Mealiffe Mellon Moffitt Moore Rea Simpson Smith Thompson Twombly Waterman Wattron Wildman (Professional Advertising Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, 1913 CHARLES RAYMOND CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1927 SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Chapter Adviser HONORARY Robert Wattron Robert E. McClure Carter W. Kilborn William Simpson Fred C. Fischer Reginald Biggs Prof. Robert W. Desmond Walter Held Wilmot P. Rogers Earl V. Burke Ben D. Dixon Kenneth W. Hinks William Ryan Walter Burke George Dunscomb Russell Knowland Stanley Swanberg Charles W. Collier Carl J. Eastman Carl F. Ohliger Lou E. Townsend John J. Cuddy Charles E. Greenfield Ramsay Oppenheim Earl V. Weller Harold Deal Prof. Ewald T. Grether Prof. Royal Roberts I. King Wilkin Howard Willoughby SENIORS Noel Allen Vincent Bochnak Johnnie Jones Dave Mealiffe Charles Atlas Jack Chariot Joe Kellogg Arnold Mellon Tom Barbour George Cooper Carter Kilborn Ralph Moffitt Charles Bell Robert Disher James Lang Herbert Rankin Bill Biggerstaff Rody Grant Victor Lattanner Bill Simpson Jarvis Bishop Richard Johnston Robert McClure Conrad Thompson Herbert Waterman Robert Wattron Bruce Wildman JUNIORS Ed Anderson Tom Haven Fred Rea Webster Winans Robert Guggenheim Charles Moore Stuart Smith Don Woodman Wrede Petersmeyer Philip Twombly Charles Gaston SOPHOMORES Corwin Johnson Robert Levy 430 Back Row: Ayrault, Igleheart, Gatewood, Coil, Baisden, Tittsworth. Second Row: Wilkinson, Murphy, Ivey, Moore, Quandt, Shipper. Front Row: Becker, McIntosh, Kearney, Ponsford, Hoard. (Professional Women ' s Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1937 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Shirley Kay President Natalie Becker Hester Ann Wilkinson Vice-President Ingrid H. Quandt Jean V. Mallary Secretary-Treasurer Helen A. Coit Eleanor W. Ivey Corresponding Secretary Miriam A. Baisden Ingrid H. Quandt Historian Mary E. McIntosh SENIORS Dorothy Ayrault Jean V. Mallary Miriam A. Baisden Elizabeth Moore Natalie Becker Phyllis Moore Helen A. Coit Peggy Moorhead Mary Ann Gatewood June Pedrone Edith Gaylord Phyllis Pratt Virginia Hoard Ingrid H. Quandt Helen Hutton Lucile Rodoni Eleanor W. Ivey Virginia Shipper Lois Kearney Betty Stainer Mary E. McIntosh Geraldine Hester Ann Wilkinson JUNIORS Ruth Igleheart Charlotte Morris Arline Murphy Joan Pons ford Dorothea Soares Virginia Tittsworth 431 Bent Holt Booth Houghton Strauch Cohn Knight Thomas Farrow Ogrohina Westerlund Gates Scharf en Wilson Harris Si lvera (National Nursing Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1921 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Ruth Thomas Vice-President Aleen Laybourn Treasurer Margaret Westerlund Corresponding Secretary Betty Houghton Recording Secretary Lucy Ogrohina Margaret Beattie Margaret Blee Juanita Booth Hortense Beth Cohn Lillian Harris Frances Bent Dorothea Breitweiser Barbara DeGregorio Irene Fales Shirley Farrow Doris Friday Marion Garoian Helen Allen Lillian Blake Charlotte Dennett Almyra Gates HONORARY Edith S. Bryan Ruth Hay SENIORS Rita Friedline JUNIORS Renetzky SOPHOMORES Helen Glos Margaret Herbert Helen Holt Betty Houghton Laurel Knight Aleen Laybourn Barbara Nissen FRESHMEN Liby Hora Ann Makelim Violet McPherson Ruth Mitchell Eschscholtzia Lucia Lucy Ward Stebbins Anna Harbinson Polly Olson Myrtle Wilson Lucy Ogrohina Zena Reels Elaine Silvera Ruth Thomas Jean Underhill Helen Waldron Margaret Westerlund Dorothy Prior Maxine Scharfen Muriel Sickler Anne Strauch 432 7 Back Row: Clifford, Hendrickson, Countryman, Miles, Miller, Dickson, McNiel, Collett, Cooke. Fifth Row: Linsley, Mundell, Meade, Ritelli, Riksheim, Simons, Dohhie, Gross. Fourth Row: Fakoury, Thomas, McCrary, Husby, Findley, Christian, Tauzik, Jacobson. Third Row: Chilson, Sauer, Pehousek Chetkovich, Thyken, Johnson, D., Kling. Second Row: Collins, Rothschild, Andrews, Loschenkohl, Jones, Gredes, Johnson, H. Front Row: Vegod, Atwood, Skeels, Mason. Staehling, Stone. (National Accounting Honor Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1919 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 NINETEEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Merrell Skeels Vice-President Curtis Darling Secretary Jack Atwood Treasurer Charles Vegod UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES William R. Blackler Dr. Henry Rand Hatfield Charles C. Staehling Perry Mason GRADUATES Michael Chetkovich Fred Collins Henry Corke Mark Daniels, Jr. William Herbert John Atwood William Chilson Harry Christian Jack Clifford Walter Countryman Curtis Darling William Dickson Richard Fakoury Fred Gerdes Leonard Gross Scovil Hubbard Russell Andrews William Chandler S. Driggs Collett Donald Dobbie Eldon Hendriksen Herbert Humber Merrell Skeels Herbert Kalman Ronald Soucey Charles Lamden Charles Stone Gordon Miller Eldon Thompson Norman Mundell Lloyd Wilkins John Stenson SENIORS A. Ben Jacobson Sam Osoffsky Robert Jennings John Pehoushek Douglas Johnson Aldo Richeda John Jones Edward Ritelli Edwin Linsley Joseph Sauer Carl Loschenkohl Alexander Silver John McCrary Ferdinand Simon Richard Martens William Simpson Harry Meade Robert Stone Ian Miller Robert Thyken Hamilton Moody Charles Vegod Harry Morris JUNIORS Gordon Husby Edward Rothschild Harold Johnson Austin Simons William Kling Russell Tauzik George McNeil William Thomas Frederick Miles William Waki Edwin Riksheim 433 Back Row: Bonner, Graham, Wi I I iamson, Edwards, Watters, Lloyd. Third Row: Adams, Walz, Lindman, Halcomb, Gordon, Hankie, de Second Row : Brien, Livingston, Hodge, Marcus, Weston, Smith. Front Row : Sakuma, Fuller, Frank, Ivarson, D ion, Diamond, Schuchard. (University of California Band Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Milton Frank, Jr. Vice-President Willard R. Ivarson. Secretary Mack E. Graham Treasurer Otto V. Schuchard HONORARY Edwin D. Bonner Chris Tellefsen GRADUATES Claude W. Blain Chas. B. Hammond Lewis B. Kean Byron J. Wilson James R. Brien Wm. Oliver Hodge Virgil G. Mills Paul M. Yockey SENIORS Thomas C. Adams Abraham L. Hankin Sanford A. Marcus Jack W. Savage Howard P. Brown Willard R. Ivarson Clarence W. Masonheimer Otto V. Schuchard Stanley Diamond Ralph S. Jensen Leland L. Peart Thomas R. Simonson Joe P. Dion F. Ralph Lloyd Mamoru Sakuma Paul G. Williamson Mack E. Graham JUNIORS Lloyd F. Christensen Milton Frank, Jr. Lester H. Halcomb Arthur J. Walz Lawrence S. Deacon Robert C. Gordon George E. Lindman Ralph N. Watters Edward T. deLanoy Donald M. Gray Robert V. Smith Stanley K. Weston Harold F. Edwards SOPHOMORES Frank H. Brown William W. Cross John L. Fuller William H. Livingston 434 ' Back Row: Thresher, Wheeler, Petersen, Payne, Endsley, Brownel I, Murphy, Lesan, Loberg. Third Row : Poole, Yu i I I-Thornton, Anderson, Martin, Marraccini, Clark, Brennan, Gould, Randolph. Second Row : Nelson, Duncan, Erskine, Camp, Kasavan, Broderick. Front Row : Smith, Gutenberger, N eptune, Berger, Sch ickele. (Social and Professional Architectural Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Granville Clark President Donald Neptune Donald Neptune Vice-President William Gutenberger Bill Poole Secretary Frank Slaysky Allyn Martin Treasurer James Murphy Robert E. Nelson Historian Robert E. Nelson SENIORS Delwyn Anderson Warren Erskine Silvio Marraccini Wallace Randolph Sanford Berger Jotham Gould Allyn Martin George Rhoda William Brennan William Gutenberger Frank Merwin Hans Schickele James Brownell George Hodges Robert Nelson William Smith Granville Clark Jerome Kasavan Donald Neptune Gordon Trapp JUNIORS William Camp Frederick Lesan John Payne M. Sprague Thresher Kenneth Cardwell Lee Loberg William Poole Richard Wheeler Herbert Duncan James Murphy Frank Slaysky Alec Yuill-Thornton Byron Broderick SOPHOMORES Clifford Endsley Ralph Petersen Inactive FRESHMAN William Rice 435 MERRALL President BOOTH Vice-President DIBBLE Secretary KISPERT Social Secretary McCORM ICI( Treasurer (Decorative Art Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1934 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Hope Merrall Vice-President Barbara Booth Social Secretary Barbara Kispert Secretary Ruth Dibble Treasurer Lael McCormick UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Billie Christensen Helen Fancher Mae Lent Mary Patterson GRADUATES Jean Atthowe Evelyn Clow Sally Fujii Helen Lowen Margaret Brandson Lolita Dutrow Dolly Grandjean Amy March Virginia Bush Eleanor Erland Jane Hamilton Edith Stedman SENIORS Frances Abraham Mary C. Farrington Toshiko Kako Jean Nicholson Betsey Andker Helen Ferguson Fumiko Kondo Hisako Nonaka Helen Austin Doris Geddis Eugenia Livingston Gaye Roberts Audine Smith Bennett Lucille Groth Virginia Lorimer Alice Thompson Barbara Booth Irma Hetzler Lael McCormick Olive Thompson Betty Caldecott Jessie Higgins Majel McDonald Lenore Vivian Dorothy Davis Martha Johnson Martha McIntosh Harriet Webb Anne Dewey Phyllis Johnson Hope Merrall Dorothy Jane Wilson JUNIORS Julia Amery Elizabeth Elberg Lois Larson Rosemary Renner Barbara Berg Kathleen Fox Rosemary Lee Wilda Rae Rose Josephine Bradley Mary R. Flogg Jean Liddicoat Barbara Rossi Arley Brown Lois Funk Lucy Malcolm Mary Skattebol Vivien Butts Phyllis Hall Lois Medina Marilyn Smethers Ruth Caffee June Hamilton Mary Ongerth Julia Smith Jean Carver Betty Hobart Mildred Orendorff Marie Louise Smith Cleo Van Deventer Mary Jewett Alma Ovenshirt Barbara Lee Thomas Jane Dewell Patricia Johnson Elizabeth Parrott Mary Lou Upton Ruth Dibble Alice Kelley Katherine Rathbone Sophie Williams Mary Dixon Barbara Kispert Jean Renly Jean Wright SOPHOMORES Elsie Dunrud Mary Lou Hardy Betty Lusk Keyko Tsuchiya Betty Jane Fisher Jean Hixson Jean Paulson Marcelle Waollen Geraldine Gale Maren Christine Hjel Elisabeth Simonson Jeanette Wheeler Verda German Mary Kinly Louise Sonoda Pauline Zinslen Barbara Ghirardelli FRESHMEN Alice Anninos Elizabeth Hyatt Mary Irene McKenna Jeanne Smith Patricia Browne Jean Irish Irene Mares Virginia Thompson Estelle Cholodenko Lillis Kretsinger Jewell Price Mary Alice Walz Claire Christesen Nora Lazarus Cherie Resser Marcielle Woolen Miriam Cleinman Beth Lesser Constance Robinson Margaret Whelan Barbara Evans Mary McElroy Ruth Sander Marian Woods Phyllis Everson 434 (Dramatics Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1905 ONE CHAPTER HONORARY Judith Anderson Williard H. Durham Irving Pichel Fred Blanchard Hope M. Gladding Kenneth Priestley Anthony F. Blanks Everett Glass Max Radin Theodore Bowie Alexander H. Kaun Louis B. Reynolds Alice Brainard Doris McIntyre Nathan Scott Sheldon Cheney Guy Montgomery Sarah H. Sturgess Ma thurin Dondo Eugen Neuhaus Allen R. Thompson Edwin Duerr Stephen C. Pepper Charles Von Neumayet Morris Ankrum Lois Austin William Bernal Bernice Berwin Frank Brown Lloyd Corrigan Augusta Dabney Crahan Denton Vincent Duffy ALUMNI ACTIVE IN THE PROFESSION Ralph Edwards Richard Ehlers John Eldridge Frank Ferguson James Krieger Baldwin McGaw Mary Meyer Paul Nathan Nesta Paiva Walter Plunkett Stanley Quackenbush Michael Raffeto Robert Ross Gloria Stuart Carol Eberts Veazye Kathleen Wilson Menahem Wolfe Donald Woods Barton Yarborough GRADUATES Mary K. Dawson Ysabel Momsen Marjorie Smith Dwight Larick Jack Thompson SENIORS Grant Holcomb Jack McNaughton Patricia Quigley Clark Howat Robert Nielsen Mary Jack Price JUNIORS Elizabeth Berryhill Hugh Koford Fred Stuthman 437 Lyons Barton Janes Swanson Babasinian Bixel Miller Larson King (National Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES, 1924 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1935 TWELVE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Mary Gwyn Lyons Vice-President Betty Barton Recording Secretary Lois Jones Corresponding Secretary Jean Swanson Treasurer Carolyn Babasinian Historian Jean Bixel Membership Chairman Ruth Miller Publicity Chairman Lois Larson Office Force Chairman Catherine King UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lucile Czarnowski Helen Fancher Mary B. Davidson Alice G. Hoyt 438. Margaret Beattie Louise S. Cobb Miriam Bartlett Florence Barulich Juanita Booth Dorothy Brown Betty Cassen Beth Cazin Ada Chambers Carolyn Babasinian Betty Barton Patricia Bateman Margaret Beatty Alberta Beebe Kathryn Bennett Eleanor Bradford Frances Coleberd Sigrid Anderson Patricia Bernstein Barbara Bickerdike Jean Bixel Edythe Brignardello Florence Buehler Betty Jane Chubb Janis Ball June Bartlett Beverley Basye Rita Brown Frances Crawford Rose Davidson Vivienne Deane Doris Dodge Elsie Foster Angela Guyot Lillian Haden Vivian Curtis Marguerite Dietrich Antoinette Espinosa Viola Gibson Betty Gruner Jean Hodgkinson Denise Holmes Frances Howard Margaret Darling Almary De Witte Trilis Ellsworth Betty Engel Joan Griffitts Kathleen Jeffcoat Natalie Jones Ruth Laubacher Jane Callaghan Jean Dinkins Bette Sue Eybel LeNore Glacken SENIORS Eleanor Hedges Jessie Higgins Dorothy Holcomb Ida Jacobson Lois Jones Catherine King Margaret Litchfield JUNIORS Iris Kees Lois Larson Dorothy LyVere Audrey McCoy Elizabeth Martinelli Patricia Martyr Polly Moorhead Dorothy Morris Julia Morris SOPHOMORES Sally Lee Kathryn Lloyd Betty McDavid Gale Marhofke Johnnie Maull Bettijean Miller Elizabeth Miller FRESHMEN Helen Grinag er Mildred Guisto Shirley Joy Norma Kelley Dorothy King Emily Lumbard Mary Gwyn Lyons Ruth MilLr Gladys Moen Karolyn Pease Patricia Radke Janean Romig Nancy Nanassy Lorraine Nash Matilda Nelson Ruth Parker Eileen Peacock Narcisa Rhodes Esther Siegel Claire Snell Maureen Monson Imogene Morris Victoria Nichols Sylvia Nilsson Charlotte Perrine Gladys Sather Caroline Scarf Rose Seeberger Adele Kleinhaupt Eleanor Meyrick Nancy Neher Mary Phillips Ida W. Sproul Lucy Ward Stebbins Frances Smith Jean Swanson Olive Thompson Janet White Winfrey Willier Patricia Wright Elva Strandberg Hellene Tinker Virginia Tittsworth Ethel Vizzard Frances von Ahn Jean Wilkie Florence Wiseman Esther Zwerling Betty Snyder Helen Topham Lila Lee Walrose Marjorie Weber Eleanor Williams Shirley Williams Maria Woropaieff Clavel Reite Clare Sanguinetti Elaine Souza Barbara Travers Back Row: Atkinson, Donzis, Hinton,Cornett, Lucchesi, Mehhaff, Schocken. Fourth Row: Levin. Powell,Maroney. Fourness, Rosenberg, Kal I mann, Gurney, Hirsch. Third Row: Thomas, Marg, Marshall, Weissman, Nerenberg, Mack ler, Dale, Kass. Second Row: Beauclair, Garrett. Van Gundy, Nishio, Febinger, Kael, Kirschen, Lester. Front Row: Sakada, Okaniura, Flood, Jampolsky, Goldsman, Miyake, Diamond. (Professional and Social Optometric Fraternity) FOUNDED AT NORTH ILLINOIS COLLEGE, 1919 DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1920 SIX CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Arthur Jampolsky Vice-President Monroe J. Hirsch Scribe . Stanley Diamond Treasurer Laurence Cornett Chaplain Gorge E. Maroney, Jr. Reporter Marshall B. Atkinson W. K. I. C. Flerbert Kallmann Librarian Elwin Marg Librarian Morris Kirschen FACULTY T. A. Brombach J. T. Hobson F. L. Mason Kenneth B. Stoddard Everett Coe Harry Kamp Ralph S. Minor SENIORS Marshall B. Atkinson Martin Goldsman Elwin Marg Saburo Okamura Jerome G. Chance Rupard A. Hinton, Jr. George E. Maroney, Jr. Richard Peters Laurence H. Cornett Monroe J. Hirsch Ralph Marshall Albert Schocken Stanley Diamond Arthur Jampolsky Waino Mellen Walter J. Suter Loyal E. Febinger Louis Kael George Miyake Wilber L. Van Gundy Allan Flood Jack Mackler George Nishio Bernard Worken Bernard R. Garrett JUNIORS John Beauclair Herbert Kallmann Raymond J. Lucchesi Robert Rosenberg George Dale Morris Kirschen Rayburn B. Mehihaff Masao Sakada Lester A. Fourness, Jr. Robert W. Lester Ben Nerenberg Irving Weissmann Raymond D. Gurney Harry J. Levin Kenneth L. Powell Harold K. Donzis SOPHOMORES Israel H. Kass Bernard Salkin 439 Back Row: Vukasin, Giordano, Nisbet, Mayers, Vast, Glickfeld, Speed, Tackle, Shorh. Third Row: Twohig, Sherman, Calish, Lindstrom, Marvin, Evans. Second Row: Shimoff, Taylor, McCabe, Bray, Bramhlet, Carlson. Front Row: Glasscock, Gardner, Koven, Fishman. Marcus, Gershon. (Men ' s Debating Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1900 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Leslie Fishman Vice-President Adolph Koven Recording Secretary Louis Delaney Corresponding Secretary William Marvin Treasurer Hans Carlson Custodian of the Cuspidor Roland Haney Sanford Goldner Irving Abkin Jack Berman Henry Bramblet Hans Carlson Edwin Freeman Sydney Calish Louis Delaney Llewellyn Evans Leslie Fishman Roy Giordano Robert Bostick Dario De Benedictis Lawrence Haneberg HONORARY Lawson Reno SENIORS Richard Gardner James Keene Adolph Koven Allan Lindstrom Sanford Marcus JUNIORS Raymond Glasscock Marion Hvidt Elwood McCabe Raymond Maines SOPHOMORES Roland Haney William Marvin James Moore Chester Wilmot Richard Mayers Robert Nordyke Alan Sherman Robert Speed James Taylor Robert Nisbet Edmund Tackle Thomas Twohig Fred Vast Peter Vukasin Robert Shimoff James Shorb Richard Tavlian 440 . FRESHMAN Allan Sapiro Back Row: Walsh, Saver, Cuthbertson, Stewart, Fenley, Blakeman, Kesselring, Henderson, Meaker. Fourth Row: Russ, Cook, Lucas, Van Meter, Beck, Rorahaugh, Macker, Henderson, Burgess, Swift, Lee, Countryman. Third Row: Naughton, Moffett, Tomasini, Hunsaker, Ready, Schlageter, Yelland, Livingston, Craig, W. P., Craig, W. L., Meyer. Second Raw: Hoffman, Welge, Hughes, Ph:khan:, Norton, Warner, Blakeslee, Callison, Ayer, Spiess. Front Row: Haugh, Bouque, Snyder, Baker, Taylor, Boyd, Watson, Hoos, Fahnestock. (Naval R.O.T.C. Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1927 ONE CHAPTER Captain C. Van Hook Commander H. Fitch HONORARY Lieutenant Commander W. Cooke Lieutenant Commander G. Crosby Lieutenant Commander J. Newsom Lieutenant D. Miller OFFICERS Officer-of-the-Deck Benjamin Mitchell Junior Officer-of-the-Deck George Lindman Paymaster Niels Anderson Communications Officer Warren Harding Master-at-Arms William Norton SENIORS Thomas Adams John Boyd Richard Haugh Herbert Michael John Tuttle John Ainsworth Gordon Callison Selden Hoos Everett Mitchell John Warner Wilmon Ayer Douglas Chase Sammy Johnson Adolph Mortensen William Watson Robert Baker Robert Disher Arthur Lundgren Ralph Sauer Barratt Wells David Blakeslee Emmett Donovan Loren McIntyre Paul Snyder Baldwin Woods Roy Bouque Herbert Fahnestock Ronald Meyer Harry Taylor Richard Young JUNIORS Kenneth Allen John Copeland Warren Harding James Lynch Fred Spiess Niels Anderson Warren Craig Sargent Hoffman John Meaker Rodney Stanton Edward Brewer Wesley Craig William Howell William Norton Fred Tomasini Henry Cappello Robert Dickinson Eugene Hunsaker Sherry Ray Robert Williams Robert Coman Frank Gray George Lindman Lowell Smith SOPHOMORES Robert Adams Neil Ellis DeForrest Holyoake William Livingston John Thompson Waldo Clark Charles Hamilton Roscoe Hughes Thomas Putnam Thomas Van Meter Harold Collins Charles Hawkins Ernest Johnson Hunter Robbins Wayne Wilcox Ralph Countryman John Henderson Corwin Johnson William Russ Robert Yelland Frank Hoeffer Waverley Kesselring Roger Steele FRESHMEN Alfred Barnes Edward Donald Charles Loney James Rorabaugh William Stoney Karl Beck Robert Duvall William Lucas Frank Ryan Keith Taylor Ernest Beversdorf Leo Frick Roy Marker John Schlageter Herbert Thompson James Blakeman Clark Grant Stuart Metzger Dan Sedgwick George Watson John Cook Ernest Hill Bruno Naczkowski Walter Simpson Leslie Welge Vernon Crosby Robert Hoffman Daniel Naughton Norman Sloane Gustav Wendt James Cuthbertson Harris Jones Robert Pond Jack Smithers Richard Willard George Dibble Hugh Killebrew Ralph Ready Frederick Stewart Perry Wood Charles Lee Marshall Robinson Albert Stone 441 Back Row: Wollert, Tiffany, Edwards. Wilson, Moore, Austin, Rabjohn, Brady. Fourth Row: Kotok, Chenea, Bradford, Heck, Geballe, Taylor, Ogilvie, Payne, Forney. Third Row: Peart, Dunn, Bucklin, Blakeslee, Freeborn, Taylor, CalGraalfs, Harrison, Gianelli. Second Row: Maker, Greta, Snyder, Mackey, Boyd, Lattanner, Ainsworth. Front Row: Gourdin, Jank, McKee, Bouque, Hoos, Haugh, Simpson, Savage, Kellogg. (National Military Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1904 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 EIGHTY-SIX CHAPTERS OFFICERS Captain Selden S. Hoos First Lieutenant Roy L. Bouque Second Lieutenant Richard L. Haugh First Sergeant Robert F. McKee Liaison Officer Otto M. Jank, Captain, U.S.A. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES David P. Barrows Leonard F. Fuller Jay D. B. Lattin Frank H. Probert LeRoy Bartlett, Jr. William H. Gill Robert Legge Royal A. Roberts J. M. Cline Morris W. Gilland Leonard B. Loeb Charles D. Shane William Cooke, Jr. E. C. Goldsworthy Samuel C. May Robert Sibley Gordon J. Crosby Brutus Hamilton William May Robert G. Sproul A. R. Davis William B. Herms William F. Meyer Thomas B. Steel Charles Derleth, Jr. G. C. Hollingsworth Daniel B. Miller Francis S. Swett John M. Dickerson James Howell, Jr. John E. McCammon Robert Underhill Jens A. Doe Charles G. Hyde Joel Newsom Clifford Van Hook Monroe E. Deutsch Otto M. Jank Luther A. Nichols Carl J. Vogt S. Einarsson Robert J. Kerner Martin J. O ' Brien Edwin Voorhies Howard W. Fitch Albert P. Krueger Franklin C. Palm Charles H. White Frank Wickhorst SENIORS Thomas Adams Gordon Callison Ralph Harrison Lloyd Rabjohn John Ainsworth Paul Chenea Richard Haugh John Rothi William Andrews, Jr. Stoddard Cortelyou Selden Hoos John Savage Richard Bahme James Crosby Joseph Kellogg Donald Schultz Charles Birkholm Charles Delameter Victor Latanner Paul Semmens David Blakeslee George Dunn James Macdonald Thomas Simonson Roy Bouque Charles Edwards Robert McKee William Simpson John Boyd Robert Farrell Harold Mackey John Smith Lowell Bradford William Forney Charles Maker Vallard Smith William Brady Stanley Freeborn, Jr. Benjamin Mitchell Paul Snyder George Brown Ben Gerwick, Jr. Dallace Ogilvie Henry Taylor Edwin Bucklin Chester Gibson Harrison Payne Harry Taylor William Calkins Edward Graalfs Leland Peart Arthur Wollert Richard Young JUNIORS Warren Austin Ted Geballe Hugh Gourdin Edward Kotok Wilmon Ayer William Gianelli Fred Greta, Jr. Charles Moore 442 LeRoy, Wilkinson, Hamilton, Bailey, Hoisholt, Mattoon, McHenry, Moorhead, Duhme, Ayrault. (Women ' s Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Ayrault Mary Lou Bailey Bethel Brown Ardith Burns Mary B. Davidson Nan Duhme Betty Hamilton Virginie Hoisholt Jean Campbell Jean Carver Catherine Cobb HONORARY Lucy Ward Stebbins SENIORS Marjorie LeRoy Jean McHenry Dorothy Mattoon JUNIORS Barbara Cramer Peggy Graves Jean Oakley Peggy Moorhead Hester Ann Wilkinson Jean Porter Virginia Saam (Sophomore Women ' s Honorary Service Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1938 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Patricia Chapin Vice-President Jean Christie Secretary Thelma Hume Treasurer Margaret Meads Corresponding Secretary Catherine Henck HONORARY Virginie Hoisholt Anne Waybur ACTIVES Carol Agosti Janet Curran Lynette Griffith Eva Schifferle Billivee Barlow Adele deFremery Antona Hawkins Gertrude Snyder Beverly Beckett Elizabeth Dobrzensky Catherine Henck Emily Stout Aileen Brokaw Dorothy Douglas Alice Betty Hill Doris Thomas Nancy Burton Martha Eaton Thelma Hume Margaret Truebridge Peggy Butler Barbara Fleming Alice James Marian Warner Patricia Chapin Kay Fowler June Kallosser Martha Welch Jean Christie Mary Fulmer Sue Marx Elizabeth Wylie Elizabeth Glasson Margaret Meads Betty Hamilton Nan Duhme Mary Lou Bailey 443 nnun 11111101 (Household Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS President Phyllis Fay Mahon Vice-President Toshiko Kako Secretary Irma Hetzler Treasurer Viva Peters Alumnae Secretary Marietta Quigley Helen Fancher Hope Gladding Jean B. Atthowe Lolita Dutro Margaret C. Estep Helen L. Ackerly Kiyo Aiura Constance H. Avery Bonnie J. Clark Irma I. Hetzler Marjory Jones Lucy C. Malcolm HONORARY Mae Lent Lila M. O ' Neale Mary F. Patterson GRADUATES Dolly Grandjean Laura Loucks Anna Louise Loze Viva L. Peters SENIORS Toshiko Kako Rose M. Kerner Fumiko Kondo Dorothea A. Lawrence Phyllis Fay Mahon JUNIORS Dorothy Moore Fay Peterson Lucretia Nelson Winfield S. Wellington Florence L. Sherman Geraldine L. Strizich Mary Jane Turnbull Lael E. McCormick Hisako B. Nonaka Charlotte W. Nostrand Helen L. Power Barbara A. Schmidt Elizabeth Thomas Frances M. von Ahn (National French Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1906 TWELVE CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Phyllis Foreman Vice-President Lucille Ehat Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Davis R. Altrocchi B. Barnier N. Bergstedt C. H. Bissell G. Bonno C. D. Brenner F. Carmody H. Chevalier J. de La Harpe M. Dondo UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES M. Dufrenoy J. H. Fawcett P. B. Fay H. Frankel H. Goldsmith A. Habis-Reutinger A. Keller H. Lathrop E. Meylan C. Orssaud M. Parry D. Parrish W. Post H. I. Priestley E. Roditi A. H. Rowbotham A. Soloman H. Stone R. Walpole GRADUATES Harry Canty Phyllis Foreman Catherine Rau Marjory Currell Lorenzo Guido Jean Rivoire Barbara Davis William Haselden Barbara Shuey Lucille Ehat Marjorie Jordan John Stafford Alvin Eustis Richard Meyer Mark Switzer Verna Ferroggiaro Robert Woodlaw Madeleine Clot Marjorie Cohn Dorothy Cummins Bessie Ely Jean Ely Patricia Geary SENIORS Clifton Hart Jeannette Mackie Patricia McMillan Olive Rose Meredith Mary Millard JUNIOR Max Kamm Jessie L. Perry Clayton Rea William Reid Lawrence Roman Martha Scholz Lois Treadwell 444 (National Honorary Signal Corps Fraternity) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1923 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1936 NINE CHAPTERS OFFICERS Fall Spring Donald Heck President Fred Kohler George Dunn Vice-President Warren Austin Carl Thompson Secretary William Lafrenz Charles Kierulff Treasurer Fred Best Warren Austin Historian Hiram Lorenzen HONORARY Lt. Col. Jay D. B. Lattin Donald Conrad Howard Hansen Donald Heck Warren Austin George Dunn Charles Edwards Frederick Best Donald Hagler William Lafrenz ALUMNI Richard Horta George Roush SENIORS Fred Greta Charles Kierulff Frederick Kohler Maynard Raney JUNIORS Hiram Lorenzen Frederick Montgomery Major James A. Code, Jr. Carl Thompson Frederick Wood Benjamin Varney Thomas Sinnet Martin Willson Arthur Wollert Walter Nelson Robert Scholes Herbert Walden (Coast Artillery R.O.T.C. Social Organization) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1938 Lt. Col. J. M. O ' Brien Steven Aronson Richard Bahme Loring Barker Bruce Benedict William Brady Ramon Cayot Thomas Cleland Charles Auerbach Paul Bates Lloyd Benjamin Edwin Braun Benjamin Buzzo Robert Coit Herrick Conners Walter Dickie Edward Dill Henry Eaton Otis Embree Clinton Gilliam Robert Appleton Ralph Baggett William Blair Robert Evans E. Johnson Hall HONORARY Major William C. Brady SENIORS Joseph Cohen Donald Falconer Bryan Fowler Alfred Friedrich Stanley Gammon Phillip Hawgood Clement Hink Donald James JUNIORS Hugh Gourdin Lee Ham Robert Hanford Bethune Ireland Vernon Ireland Alfred Kaufman Edward Kotok Richard McCoy James McDaniel Vinton Matthews Albert Olson Carl Olson Cyril Peletz SOPHOMORES Chester Kemp Stewart McBrayer William McBride George McDonald Capt. John F. Cassidy Robert McKee Charles Maker Harrison Payne Bernard Schulte Paul Semmens Thomas Simonson Richard Witt Kirby Penn Paul Pinson Jack Rogers Richard Scott Gervies Semmens Chester Shapero Robert Snowden Clarence Strawn Peter Vukasin David Wendel Clyde Wilson Thomas Wright John Nichandros George Pantages Louis Rahlves John Williams Charles Wilson 445 (Women ' s Journalistic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, 1909 LOCAL CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 THIRTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Helen Igleheart Vice-President Elaine West Secretary Mary Ruth Swift Treasurer Mary O ' Connor Keeper of the Archives Peggy Gabbert Gertrude Atherton Mrs. Walter Kolasa Billie Coleman HONORARY Rose Wilder Lane Kathleen Norris GRADUATES Cornelia S. Parker Lucy W. Stebbins Ruth Wilson Barbara Ball Shirley Cohen Elena Crossfield Peggy Gabbert Helen Igleheart Catherine Cobb Anne Duhring Sarita Henderson SENIORS Rosemary Langheldt Eugenia Livingston Anna McKay Jeanette Mathiesen Frances Mautz JUNIORS Marguerite Higgins Jean Hubber Sadae Nomura Mary O ' Connor Anne Rapport Mary Ruth Swift Elaine West Marie Jepson Merilyn Nutt Harriet Siegel OFFICERS President Dwayne Van Deventer Vice-President Marjorie Matteson Secretary Aileen Kinkel Treasurer Mary Shea Eleanor Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Louise Cobb Caroline Coleman Doris Benny Arlene Brownlie Rose Chapman Katherine Gross Janice Connick Anne Henck Marguerite Hayward Dorothy Estep HONORARY Lucile Czarnowski Sarah Davis Lois Ellfeldt Anna Espenschade GRADUATES Winnif red Haughland Aileen Kinkel Martelle McKee SENIORS Virginie Hoisholt Caroline Nelson Billie Pepper JUNIORS Shirley Michel Marie Henze Glass Pauline Hodgson Violet Marshall Esther Sinclair Marjorie Matteson Claire Nace Mary Pilliard Mary Shea Anne Scheiffer Barbara Shomate Dwayne Van Deventer Jane Minshall CIVIL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, 1922 TEN CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vinton Bacon Vice-President Don Schultz Recording Secretary Charles Beer Treasurer Samuel Schultz Corresponding Secretary George Posthumus Associate Editor of Transit Bradley Garretson Paul Bailey Henry Brunnier Herbert Crowle Harmer Davis Charles Derleth, Jr. Henry Dewell Sturla Einarsson Bernard Etcheverry Francis Foote Sidney Harding HONORARY Walter Huber Charles Hyde Bruce Jameyson Wilfred Langelier L. H. Nishkian Augustus Saph Fred Scobey Robert Sproul George Troxell Clement Wiskocil William Stubblefield Leland Illingworth Robert Smith Ralph Brownscombe Charles Plomteaux Vinton Bacon Vinton Bacon Charles Beer William Brady Ralph Brownscombe Norman Caldwell Paul Chenea Harold Conradsen David Countryman SENIORS Morris Feigen Harold Gatow Ben Gerwick Lawrence J. Hutchison Leland Illingworth Takeyuki Katow Walter Leichtfuss William Matthews Donald Moran Herbert Nilmeier Gilbert Oberman Robert Parlett Dave Pirtz Charles Plomteaux George Posthumus Norman Rau Vernon Richey Don Schultz Samuel Schultz Robert Smith William Stubblefield Stanley Teixeira Clarence Walcott Lorin Woodcock Lynn Beedle George Bolton Bradley Garretson Robert Jespersen Dean Worthington JUNIORS Russell Ludwig Carl Olson Barton Shackleford Cyril Peletz Sam Ruvkun (Art Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 FOUR CHAPTERS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Corresponding Secretary HONORARY Ray Boynton Walther Horn Eugen Neuhaus Warren Perry Hope Gladding Raymond Jeans Chiura Obata Worth Ryder Michael Goodman Stafford Jory Margaret O ' Hagan Jacques Schnier John Haley Erie Loran Mary Patterson Rosamond Stanley William Hayes Howard Moise Ellen H. Pepper Oliver Washburn Lucretia Nelson Stephen Pepper Glenn Wessel GRADUATES Elaine Bailey Christopher Gray Louise McClure Estell Payne Marjory Canale Dorothy Grover James McCray Howard Smith Luraine Collins Lez Haas Ann McNutt Yun I. Tan Mary Dumas Richard Hagadorn Barbara Nelson Ro y Walker Jean Freeman Karl Kasten Mabel Paik Barbara Winchester SENIORS Frank Clancy Harriet Gadsden Ray Lew Caladora Thomas Galena Dotsenko Janice Gardner Emily Saxon Isabel Tinjum David Dowd Edith Gaylord Anna Shinn Irma Walton Leonard Edmondson Virginia Gould Dorothy Simmons Thomas Yamamoto Ynez Johnston Julia Swift Alec Yuill-Thornton JUNIORS Marjorie Barker Ramona Dayton Helen Johnson Grace Mann Vincent Dell ' Ergo Milo Jones Phyllis Owen Barbara Winchester David Dowd Leonard Edmondson Virginia Gould 447 (Women ' s Economic Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1926 OFFICERS President Phyllis Kahn Vice-President Arlene J. Spraker Secretary Miriam Geballe Treasurer Katherine King HONORARY Mrs. R. A. Brady Miss M. A. Chickering Mrs. P. S. Taylor Mrs. R. D. Calkins Mrs. I. B. Cross Miss J. Ward Mrs. R. A. Gordon UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Dr. B. N. Armstrong Miss A. G. Hoyt Dr. E. H. Huntington Mrs. M. B. Davidson Miss L. W. Stebbins GRADUATES Beatrice M. Bain Thelma K. Gaba Margaret McRae Irene E. Carney Mary Gotzenberg Nellie Meyer Minna B. Crook Helen V. Hammarberg Reta O ' Connor Jean J. Duckles Eleanor R. Keenan Lois Sandner Ina E. Edman Adelaide K. McCready Mary B. Thaxter SENIORS Mary E. Chittick Marjorie B. Gratz Katherine King Elizabeth M. Eck Dorothy J. Grill Gerti Landauer Miriam Geballe A. Virginie Hoisholt Arlene J. Spraker Jean F. Alexander Kathleen A. Callaghan Margaret Lee Erdman Phyllis Kahn JUNIORS Clara Eriksen Lillian E. Fried H. Lorraine Marsh Ursula L. Mooney Evelyn Murphy (Women ' s Debating Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1920 OFFICERS Fall Spring Elizabeth Dodds President Mary Anne Delmore Pearl Goldberg Vice-President Fmily Stout Mary Anne Delmore Secretary Winifred Barr Emily Stout Treasurer Bonnie Webster 448 Ruth Biebesheimer Virginia D. Colby Vera J. Behrendt Catherine H. Cline Mary Anne Delmore Winifred L. Barr Shirley G. Burkhard Adele deFremery Alice Curnutt GRADUATES Mary P. B. Eselun SENIORS Elizabeth F. Dodds Alice B. Edison JUNIORS Alice V. Evans SOPHOMORES Elizabeth C. Eames Trilis Ellsworth Lynette Griffith Jean E. Rex FRESHMEN Yvonne Y. Cyr Katherine L. Sandholdt Pa tricia L. Golton Rosemary L. Martin Pearl Goldberg Ruth Haney Patricia A. Rogers Keith Lee Silcox Emily E. Stout Bonnie E. Webster Avelina F. Waugh (National Professional Commerce Sorority) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, 1924 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS Professor and Mrs. Ira B. Cross Professor and Mrs. Stuart Daggett OFFICERS President Marjorie Cooper Vice-President Dorothy Chipchase Secretary Ellen White Treasurer Doris Schrader PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Professor and Mrs. E. T. Grether Professor and Mrs. Allan Mowbray Professor C. C. Staehling Dean Lucy W. Stebbins HONORARY Vera Mae Bishop SENIORS Myrtle Carlson Isabel Hinckley Marguerite Nadon Claudine Prat Marjorie Cooper Rita LeBailly Maryann Newcomer Doris Schrader Lillian Haden JUNIORS Dorothy Chipchase Shirley Hornberg Margaret Murphy Ellen White Jeanne Krug Anita Scanlon (Women ' s Physical Education Honor Society) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1916 OFFICERS President Rose Chapman Secretary Alice Lopez Treasurer Mary Thompson HONORARY Neva Aubin Eleanor E. Bartlett Frederica Bernhard Edith A. Brown Louise S. Cobb Caroline W. Coleman Anna S. Espenschade Ruby L. Cunningham Marie H. Glass Sarah R. Davis Eugenie Kennan Lois E. Ellfeldt Violet B. Marshall UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Lucile K. Czarnowski Pauline Hodgson Jesse L. Puckett Jane W. Shurmer Esther Sinclair Winnifred Van Hagen GRADUATES Doris Benny Lorriene Daniels Janis Hildebrandt Mary Pilliard Nora Brandt Ruth Fogg Aileen Kinkle Mary Shea Edlo Caldwell Katherine Gross Alice Lopez Mary Thompson Rose Chapman Winnifred Haughland Claire Nace SENIORS Marina Barsotti Caroline Nelson Anna Schieffer Gloria Swicegood Janice Connick Billie Pepper Barbara Shomate Dwayne Van Deventer JUNIORS Carol Doherty Shirley Michel Helen Waite Helene Yoohs Dorothy Estep Nancy Sparks Katherine West 449 Back Row: Soderstrand, Hyde, May, Hauling, Woodcock, Walcott, Eberhart, Olson, Eaton, Chenea. Seventh Row: Wing, Troxel I, Kelly, Wiskocil,Rau, Takayama, Stone, Burro, Peletz, Garretson, Taylor. Sixth Raw: Le i onhud. Gatou, Lonergan, Kaufman, Krueger, Einarsson, H i I bert, Bliss, Tohi as, KI i peel. Fifth Row: Gasperetti, Hoppe, Cayot, Honnold, Nilmeier, Kadel, Bresler, Yoshizawa, Talton. Fourth Row: Gianelli, Ruvkun, Cole, Purdie, Jameyson, Morton, Murphy, Stein, Warner, Third Row: Sanks, Jesperson, Watson. Stetson, Riffe, Matthews, Schakelford, Terzich, Bryan, Schultz, Leichtfuss. Second Row: Williamson, Jones, Andresen, Gorman, Marshall, Smith, Green, Doody, Dougherty, Moore, Parlett, Hutchison. Front Row : Gesley, Ivancovich, Dalgleish, Collin, Replogle, Pa I I i ns, Der leth, Perez, Thomas, Amster, Teixeira, Bacon. (University of California Student Chapter) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1852 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 192 1 Fall OFFICERS Spring Ronald Pulling President Robert Perez Robert Perez Vice-President Cyril Peletz Irving Terzich Secretary Lawrence Hutchinson Donald Schultz Treasurer Stan ley Teixeira Professor Wiskocil Advisor Professor Wiskocil GRADUATES Carlos Arroyo Merlyn Baldwin George Christensen Gilbert Dorland Richard Devine Jack Neustadt SENIORS Loyal Smith Valentin Vasilevsky Vinton Bacon James Doody Clifford Hull Robert Morton Norman Rau Elmer Stroppini Loren Barnett Gale Dougherty Lawrence Hutchinson Robert Murdoch Allen Replogle William Stubblefield Charles Beer James Dunlap Leland Illingworth Herbert Nilmeier Vernon Richey Shigeo Takayama John W. Bell Valentine Franz Wayne Ivancovich Byron Nishkian Norman Riffe Myron Tatarian Robert Bliss Harold Gatow Milton Jones Gilbert Oberman Robert Sanks Stanley Teixeira William Brady Ben Gerwick, Jr. Frank Knowlton Toshi Ogawa Israel Santry Irving Terzich Don Brayton Howard Gesley Walter Leichtfuss Dallace Ogilvie Franklin Satterberg Ivor Thomas Ralph Brownscombe Joseph Gorman Ralph Lejonhud Walter Olson Fred Sattler Clarence Walcott Peter Burk George Gray Richard Lonergan Robert Parlett Donald Schultz Stan Warner John Bussell Robert Green William Langley Robert Perez Samuel Schultz Arthur Watson Robert Campbell Joseph Henck William McCain Edward Peterson Harry Shatto Robert Williams Ramon Cayot Clair Henry Maurice McClure Robert Phillips Harry Simmonds Gus Winberg Paul Chenea Morton Hilbert Fred Marshall Dave Pirtz Robert Smith David Wing Harvey Cole Warren Hink Eugene Mastin Charles Plomteaux Norman Soderstrand Lorin Woodcock Alvaro Collin Howard Hitchcock William Matthews George Posthumus James Spore Jay Worthington Harold Conradsen Harold Honnold Arthur Miner Frank Poulsen Leon Stein Hajime Yoshizawa Edwin Dalgleish Charles Hoppe Clyde Moore Ronald Pulling Leo Stetson Egisto Zancai JUNIORS John Alexander John Cline William Gianelli Alfred Kaufman AllisorrMayfield James Rostron Alvin Amster Victor Cole William Gimbel Elton Kelly Irvan Mendenhall Sam Ruvkun Harold Andresen Arthur Cooke Eugene Glendot John Kerr Charles Moore Jerome Salomon Robert Askew James Covington Henry Gritzfeld Karl Kettner George Novikoff Mario Sartorio Benjamin Ayers Lionel Crandall Stewart Groesbeck Gordon Klippel Andres Oddstad Barton Shackelford Willard Ayers Charles De Maria George Hasegawa Gilbert Kneiling Carl Olson Forrest Smith Melvin Bakeman James Dupuis Richard Haugh William Krueger Eldon Osborn Sydney Smyth Paul Bates George Dyer John Hoeft Gordon Lammiman Harry Pappas James Sorensen Lynn Beedle Henry Eaton Russel Hueckel Arthur Lappinen Cyril Peletz Richard Stickel Paul Blake Paul Erskine William Hyde Lester Lee John Petersen Howard Taylor George Bolton Abraham Etingen Bert Jameyson Jehiel Lehman Clark Pinkham Joseph Taylor Charles Bond Hugo Facci Donald Jephcott Martin Lewis Wendell Pond Francis Tobias Boris Bresler Russell Fleser Robert Jespersen Allen Lim C. Harlan Ray William Tolton William Brewer Hugh Flynn Thomas Johns Ernesto Lorda Weldon Richards Leslie Watt Francis Bryan Bradley Garretson Albin Johnson Robert Lowe Robert Ritchey Richard Wilkins Severen Byerrum Eustachio Gasperetti Carl Johnson Russell Ludwig Brice Robinson Robert Williamson Ta Cheng Jessie Giambroni Richard Jones Karl Maier William Robinson SOPHOMORES Jack Allison Jack Crowell Richard Laird Robert Nordstrom Karl Seppa Steven Szybalski Hughes Chin John Graff William Low Carlos Ospina Wilfred Staring Robert Ulrich Verne Cooperrider George Hughes Charles McCullough Frank Pauli Fletcher Steele David Welisch Thomas Coull Edward Kadel Ted May Robert Purdie David Stratton Clifford Wictorin Thomas Yamashita FRESHMEN Thomas Allen Fred Curtis Julian Fassio Stanley McPherson Harold Munger Jean Ridone Thomas Burns Adolph Elsworth John McKillen Matho Margossian Harry Nakao Thomas Scadden Henry Welch Last Row: Marshall, Moose, Reynolds, Mirk, Fisher, Prudlicinme, Varney, Evans, Hunsaker, Robley, Raney, Folds, Axteil. Fifth Row: Schultz, Milkis, Mason, J., Waight. Ravenscroft, Fry, La Plant, Klein, Tiffany, Moisenco, Kohler. Fourth Row: Wilson, H., Hansen, Heck, Finch, Cordes, Stocking, Best, Dunn, Austin, Hayami. Third Row: Burch, Lorenzer, Lyon, Mason, M., Hagler. Knox, Walden, Serdahl, Wilson, G. Second Raw: West, Nichols, Matsuoka, Patten, Skiff, Ray, Rose, Thomas, Fiedler, Laverty. Front Row: Wood, Wallace. Stephenson, Thurston, Nelson, Savage, Norris, Kaste, Shapero, FitzSimmons. (California Student Branch) LOCAL BRANCH FOUNDED 1912 OFFICERS Fall Spring Cecil A. Carriere Chairman Donald E. Wallace Laurence G. FitzSimmons Vice-Chairman Fred K. Cordes Frederick B. Wood Secretary Philip E. Reynolds Fred L. Kohler Treasurer Gail E. Thomas Gail E. Thomas Senior Representative Fred L. Kohler Victor Kaste Junior Representative Victor Kaste Prof. T. C. McFarland Counselor Prof. T. C. McFarland UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Raymond W. Ager Willard H. Fenn J. V. Lebacqz J. S. Prichard Herbert J. Scott Leonard J. Black Leonard F. Fuller Thomas C. McFarland! Lester E. Reukema Ralph J. Smith Charles F. Dalziel Renne S. Julian Lauriston C. Marshall Burtis L. Robertson Abe Tilles Joseph M. Pettitt GRADUATES Everett Carlton R. B. Graham Frances Smith Roland V. Tiede SENIORS Hugh Allen Frank Fiedler Horace A. Knox Craig S. Nunan Charles Summers George Atkinson Robert Finch Oliver La Plant Benjamin Patten Gail Thomas Curtis H. Biggs Harold Fisher Norman Laverty Robert S. Perkins Joseph Thurston James Burch Laurence FitzSimmons David Mann Earl Prud ' homme Willard D. Tiffany Joseph Cannon Foster Frazee Charles Manner Maynard Raney William Urlovic Cecil Carriere Harry Fry Addison Mason John Ray Benjamin Varney Kenneth Christensen Donald Hagler John Mason Philip Reynolds Richard Wall Frederick Cooper Howard Hansen Kenichi Matsuoka Eric A. Rose Donald E. Wallace Fred Cordes Tadashi Harase James McLean George Roush Sam West Victor De Carli Edward Hulse Allen Mirk Sidney Russell James Wight Robert De Liban Robert Humphreys Clifford Mitchell Jack Savage Arthur Wollert William Earl William S. Hunt Louis Moose Jack Smeltzer Seiko Yakahi Charles Edwards John Kilkenny Leslie Nichols Albert Stephenson Ray Yawman Harold Klein Everett Norris Harold Stocking JUNIORS Curtis Abbott Walter Farrell Victor Kaste William Ravenscroft Vernon H. Waight Warren Austin Jack Folks Frederick Kohler Harold Robinson Herbert Walden Raymond Balsley Howard Frazee Hiram Lorenzen Spencer Robley Dexter Webster Frederick Best Martin Glatt John Lyon Johannes Ruys John A. Wells James Bickford Donald Gray Mike Milkis Alfred W. Schultz Charles West Ralph Davis Duayne H. Gordon Alexander Moisenco Earl Serdahl Glenn A. Wilson George Dunn Frank Hayami Ernest Mueller Chester Shapero Frederick Wood William Evans Eugene Hunsacker James W. Nelson Edson W. Skiff FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORES Ting-Chu Chang John A. Henry William Polkinhorn Raymond Stott George P. West Donald Cone John H. Meyer Ralph E. Schultz Robert E. Thomas Samuel Yanagisawa Walter Davis Samuel Nagel Martin H. Sims Henry Weed 451 Back Row: Gayman, Sharp, Broadhead, Smith, V., Garrett, Longwell, Puck, Slack, Sixth Row: Rodrian, Hunton, Brown, Kushnick, Sisler, Kocher, Kolb, Mere, Wilkins, Roth. Fifth Row: Rose, Mulford, Jarres, Hughes. Fourth Row: 1-lori, Pyle, Preusser, Haggard, Gourdin, Harris, Fox, Grassi, Bank. Third Row: Dixon, Irons, O ' Connor, Cordes, Pintar, Richard, Coblentz, Sturges. Second Row: Caswell, Koga, Dinsmore, Sawyer, Neighbours, Crooks, Walden, Post, Oppenheimer, Drake. First Row: Nakahara, Umeda, Myers, Keinur, Hayes, Smith, T., Grondona, Harney, Smith, D., Winkler. (California Student Branch) PARENT SOCIETY FOUNDED 1880 LOCAL SOCIETY FOUNDED 1911 GRADUATES George Alves Alan Erwin Richard Parsons Beecher Rintoul Harry Craig Jack Neustadt Thomas Reinhardt Nathaniel Van De Verg SENIORS Herman Bank Olen Garrett Stewart Mulford Melvin Salveson Arthur Bean Merlin Gayman Akira Murakami Gordon Saucerman Emil Bergh Albert Gerber 0. B. Myers Gordon Sawyer Frank Blackwood Bennie Grondona Toshihiko Nakahara Oliver Scott Vincent Caswell Jack Haggard Guido Nicolai Robert Sharp Lewis Cate Doran Harney Edward O ' Connor Raymond Siefert Albert Champion George Hayes Arthur Oppenheimer Robert Sisler Marland Chandler Tats Hori William Parrish Donald Smith Vincent Cleeves George Hughes Joe Pintar Traver Smith Sam Coblentz Oliver Irons Nicholas Post Vallard Smith Charles Coffey Donald James Edward Potere Benjamin Stovall Fred Cordes Douglas Kelly Henry Preusser Stanley Swenson Richard Crane Howard Kocher Richard Puck Harold Thomas Frank Crook Albert Koga Ralph Renouf McFarland ToIf Rex de Fries Robert Kolb Ralph Rhoda Shigetaki Umeda Emil Delu Lenard Komor George Richard Robert Walden Charles Dibble Rowland Lee Eugene Rodrian Stan Warner James Dinsmore John Longwell Robert Rose Donald Wilkins Harrah Douglass Thomas Lord Robert Roth Edwin Winkler Fred Enfield Kenneth McCloskey Webster Rowell Wymon Won Thomas Faulconer William Middleton William Ruth Louis Wuertele Earl Ford JUNIORS Robert Andresen John Ellis Lynn Hunton Morris Slack Henry Brockschmidt Glenn Embree Don Jenkinson Jackson Stalder Robert Brosemer Sanford Fox William Joost Ernest Starkman Peter Brown Earl Fraley Warren Junge Thomas Sturges Homer Crooks Bruce Good Dale Kishpaugh Keith Tantlinger Robert Dannenberg Hugh Gourdin Robert Miller Bennett Tow Robert Delahay Donald Graham Jack Nielsen Russell Usinger John Dixon Raymond Grassi John Rintoul Roy Wells Daniel Drake Robert Grenzeback Alfred Rissop Robert Wilson Leo Dwyer Fred Hunton Nathan Schneider SOPHOMORES Walter Connolly Frank Faget Glenn Harris James Mossman Marlin Delavan Donald Ferguson William Huntalas Robert Pyle Isadore Furstenburg Amos Kilman FRESHMEN Howard Lapin Robert Lovell Lawrence Vais 452 Atwood Dinsmore Go don Mier Simpson Ward Wesson FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1938 OFFICERS Fall Spring John Mier President Robert Gordon Malin Simpson Vice-President C. B. Ward Jack Atwood Secretary Ralph Wesson Glenn Fowler Treasurer James Dinsmore Laurence Scott Bird ' s Lodge Harrison Doyle Oso Grande Jay Worthington Casa Del Rey Austin Simons Ridge Lodge John Holt Chinese Students ' Club Paul French Ridge Oaks Walter Connolly Elmhurst Hall Arthur Karinen Stone Hall Walter Temme Golden Bear Inn Sanford Marcus The Georgian Robert Findley Harmony Hall Dick Eldred The Sherbonne Douglas Johnson Hawthorne House Al Kaufman White Manor Cole Williams Ivy Manor Jacob Scharchals White Shingles Edward Tokeshi Japanese Students ' Club Walter Standley Woodshed Sam West La Chance Lodge Robert Singleton Wright Manor Bruce Benedict North Lynne Hall Thomas Kahn 2619 College Back Row: Marcus, Mier, Simpson, Gordon, Connolly, Dinsmore. Fourth Row: Temme, M al i ngren, Walker, Walter. Third Row: Wesson, Atwood, Darby, Eldred, Uyeda. Second Row: Simmon, Johnson, Sommer, Kahn. Front Row: R obey, West, Scott, Ward, Chin. 453 MARILYN McFARLAND JANE BUSH MARGARET BABCOCK RUTH BURTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer (Representative of the Organized Dormitories) FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 COUNCIL MEMBERS Fall Spring Fall Spring Edna Earle Anchorage Lodge Edna Earle Lilyan Ough Arcadian Hall ___ Jeanette Geller Jean Rassenfoss Arch Place Helen Payton Marjorie Kline Elizabeth Barrett Patricia Johnson Evelyn Heald Beaudelaire Alice Edison Margaret Dean Beverly Lodge Margaret Dean Joyce Pardee Bon Haven Mildred Hall Cora Holden Bryn Mawr Hall Cora Holden Mariem Marshall Channing Lodge Annette Klang Ruth Ramee College Hall Ruth Ramee Peggy Harford Colonial Hall Shirley Maddux Marne Dunlap Concord Kay King Claire Raney Concordia Eleanor Reedy Mildred Talney Durant Place Dorothy May Swann Gay Bubar Epworth Hall Mary Letha Bess Catherine King Haste Lodge Kay Solley Louise Letcher Herrmans Louise Letcher Frances Miner Joaquin Hall-- Mary Anna Johnson Ann Bondeson Latana Lodge Phyllis Denton Margaret Van Epen Lauralon Catherine Boyd Louise Breitenbucher Magnolias Marie Louise Boyd Janice Bendon Mais on Francaise-- Mary Millard Grace Harris Martha Washington Hall Constance Barnett Nellie Jean Ogle North Gables Nina Noel Unruh Vivian Forster Piedmont Place Vivian Forster Jeanne Pollack Prospect Terrace Dorothy Foy Lucille Ormonde Regent Lucille Ormonde Caroline Glasgow Ridgmont Caroline Glasgow Jessie Higgins Ritter Hall Jessie Higgins Henrietta Baade Round Table Doris Zak Frida Winters Saint Margaret ' s Caroline Frost Marian Azbell Stebbins Hall Marian Azbell Maryann Newcomer Stratford Hall Eleanor Scully Janet Spencer Terrace Lodge Frances von Ahn Jane Rubell Wisteria Lodge Jane Rubel]. Back Row: Maddux, Salley, Harford, Van Epen, Denton, Azbell, Glasgow. Third Row: Edison, Higgins, Smith, Ramee, Winters, Scully, Bess. Second Row: McFarland, Johnson. P., Johnson, M., Geller, Ogle, Breitenbucher, Frost. Front Row: Boyd. Newcomer, King, Heald, Ormonde, Klang, Unruh. 454 Morcom Mathewson Drury Jewett Cottle Kessing Windesheim Horstmann (Junior Auxiliary of the East Bay Branch of the American Association of University Women) 2680 BANCROFT WAY EXECUTIVE BOARD President Marion Morcom First Vice-President Carol Mathewson Second Vice-President Betty Drury Secretary Mary Jewett Treasurer Ladene Cottle Philanthropic Chairman Berta Kessing Luncheon Chairman Anneliese Windesheim Publicity Chairman Barbara Horstmann SENIORS Helen Ackerly Ladene Cottle Lois Kearney Marion Morcom Lois Callister Barbara Horstmann Helen Mealey Marguerite Rowan JUNIORS Patricia Bateman Betty Drury Peggy Harris Carol Mathewson Kathryn Bennett Margaret Erdman Mary Jewett Adele Moore Sylvia Brainard Peggy Graves Clare Lewis Constance Ohnsorg Jane Cortner Barbara Grotsch Audrey McCoy June Piper SOPHOMORES Janet Ackerly Kay Ellinger Marjorie Larmour Barbara Post Marion Blackmer Gwendolyn Gerken Betty Lusk Miriam Rader Willa Jean Cairns Barbara Ghirardelli Marie Maher Jean Rex Lelia Cayne Mary Lee Jefferds Helen Murphy Emily Stout Louise Cooper Betty Keller Elizabeth McElrath Anneliese Windesheim Susan Duff Berta Kessing Helen Oatman Gertrude Withers FRESHMEN Hazel Jones Patsy Keller 455 Amemiya Hayashi Hirose Isoye I such iya Ito, M. Ito, S. Kako Kato Kitano Kondo Kumekawa Utsunomiya Matsuda Matsumoto Morey Morita Nakagawa Negi Nomura Nonaka Nonaka Ogi. Mary Ogi, Mary C. Omori Ono Sakai Sakiyama Takata TakEtchi Uchida Yamamura Yamashita Yuge 2509 HEARST AVENUE FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1928 ONE CHAPTER Bertha Akimoto Yuri Domoto Matilda Honda Kiyo Aiura Motoko Hirose Carol lino Toshiko Kaka Fumiko Kondo Taka Aisawa Sue Harano Chinobu Mano Bessie Matsuda Ume Mayewaki Takako Chono Tomika Harano Doris Hayashi Yasuko Isoye Miyoko Ito Sayoko Ito Kimi Kato Alice Abe Masako Amemiya UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES May Kajimoto Frances Kimura SENIORS May Miwa Miyo Morey Eleanor Nakagawa Sadae Nomura Hisako Nonaka JUNIORS Tos hiko Morita Katherine Nakaso Ayako Ono Yuri Sakurai May Sato Amy Sugimoto SOPHOMORES Chizu Kitano Nobu Kumekawa Rayko Mano Mari Matsumoto Yoshiko Negi Grace Obata FRESHMEN Mabel Fujisaki Kiku Kato Suzu Shimizu Pearl Kurokawa Etsuko Murayama Hideko Nakazawa Asako Sakai Ayako Sakai Fujiko Sakiyama Dorothy Takechi Lillian Yamauchi Masako Tabuchi Kikuye Takata Tamaye Yamagata Emily Yoshida Kay Yamashita Mary C. Ogi Mary S. Ogi Frances Omori Kinuyo Sumida Keyko Tsuchiya Yoshi Uchida Taye Yamamura Martha Utsunomiya Frances Yuge 456 Chan, A. Chan, Edith Chan, Ed. Chan. P. Chan, R. Chew Chin, G. Chin, H. Chong, E. Chong, P. Chue, A. Chue, P. Ding Eng Fang Feng Fok Fong, J. Fong, P. Fon Fung Gin Holt Joe Jong Jew Jue Jung Kwock Lai Lee, Lai Lee, Leslie Lee, 0. Lee, P. Leong, E. Leong, H. Li. G. Li, J. Luke Lum Mew Mye Nipp Ong Pang Quan, B. Quan, R. Teng Tom, L. Torn, N. Wing Wong, Earl Wong, Ervin Wong, G. Wong, Ray. Wong, Ron. Wong, T. Woo Yee, F. Yee, L. Yee, S. Yee, W. Yip Young Spring George Mew Dolores Wing Jane Lim Ivan Feng Edward Chan Alvin Chan John Holt B. C. Wong Fall George Fung Dolores Wing Lily Yee Elvin Wong Edward Chan Peter Chue Ong Jue Wong N. Wing Mah FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERS se ag HONORAR Shih Pei Sha ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Frank Chew Ruth Evans Wayland Djong GRADUATES Paul Yuke Pon Yee Bernice Chang Paul Chu Kai Chul Kim Yip Ting Lee Fern Quon Edward Way Chia Chang Ruth Chue Robert Kong Heng-Yu Li Yun En T ' an Chien-Shiumg Wu Kan Fun Chang Gong Poo Fang Sun Yee Koo Jung Pang Lo Yun I. Tan Frank Yee Tsuen-Kung Chang Po Keung Fok Yi Faai Laai Sheng Hwai Lu Nellie Tom Shan-ying Ying Bernice Chinn Jackson Hu Shiu Lau Frank Nipp Phyllis Teng Shih-Tseng Ying Janet Chock Fung Huang David Lee Mabel Paik Lee Tong John Yuan Shun-Hsin Cou Edmund Jung Harry Lee Beth Quey Te-Mei Tsen SENIORS Andrew Auyong Daisy Fung Harold Jow Ray Lew George Mar Lena Way Alvin Chan Peter Gee Andrew Kim George Li George Mew Mary Whang Edith Chan Bernice Heu May Lai Jonah Li Chenk Moy David Wing Raymond Chan John Holt Frederick Lee Yung Li Jessie Soo Hoo William Won Ping Chen May Hum Leslie Lee Grace Lowe Tse-Kiong Sun Wymon Won George Ching Eunice Ing Rowland Lee Walter Luke Tse-Ping Sun Earl Wong Elaine Chinn Bruce Jang Stephen P. S. Lee David Lum Mastick Tom Katherine Woo Peter Chong Howard Joe Steven Leong Funston Lum Ting Pang Wang Lily Yee Wilbert Yee JUNIORS Edward Chan Peter Chue Evelyn Glenchur Gerald Lee Stephen F. Lee Henry Ow Haw Chan Eleanor Eng Leong Hop Lawrence Lee Allen Lim Bruce Quan Marjorie Chan Frank H. Eng Francis Jong Lester Lee Virginia Linn Stuart Quan Wing Chan Frank R. Eng William Jow Lew Lee May Lo Elvin Wong Ta Cheng Hiram Eng Dan Jung Lewhon Lee Man Goo Louie George Wong George Chew Alla Fong Bill Ko Lucille Lee Clemen Lowe Raymond Wong David Chin Billie Fong Irvin Kwock On Kan Lee Stanley Loy Tung Goon Wong William Chinn Paul Fong William Lai Ping Kan Lee Ernest Lum LiIla Wu Ching Chou George Fung Frederick B. Lee Roger Lee Sophie Ong George Yee William Young SOPHOMORES Priscilla Chan Alice Chue Mary Gin Theodore Lee Phyllis Soohoo Norma Wong Ruby Chan Raymond Chung George Ho Evan Leong Blossom Tang Ong Jue Wong Lun-hsia Chang Ivan Feng William Hui Henry Lim, Jr. Lawrence Tom Ronald Wong Ting-Chu Chang David Fong Walter Joe Lawrence Low Dolores Wing Wallace Wong Grace Chin Robert Fong I George Kan William Low Alice Wong Shuck Yee Hughes Chin Rubye Foo Yat Wa Lau Robert Lym, Jr. Harry Wong Louis Yew Kenneth Chinn Grace Fung Edwin Lee Wai Lock Mah Herbert Wong Rose Yip Edmond Chong Louis Gee Lai Luen Lee Henry Pong Lucille Wong Albert Zane Robert Lee Betty Quan FRESHMEN Fee Chan Raymond Chow James Jee Robert Lew Emily Lum William Tong Henri Chang Anna Chu Laura Joe Arthur Li Eugenia Mye Kwan Wang Mary Cheong Leila Ding Alice Jung Jane Lim Helen Ng Stanley Wong Edith Chin Laura Dong Kenneth Kai-Kee Yorkman Long Richard Quan Tieh Wu Louise Chin James Fong Albert Lee William Louie Richard Quey Henry Yee Henry Ching Robert Fong II Soon Lee George Low Stephen Ouon Jack Yip Dorothy Chop John Jang Yut Leong Edward Lum Samuel Soo Hoo ZARAWS AMM1OKOR ■;;•••••AX0 • - 12■21V•Ms44. 2 1.-0..12.4.;%iakrir122 2,2240a2241, drit24.2%InEeir51 C.V.X2.1,1a ‘Pr.,RMAmoor arm, W. V..rtr.O. tta.V. Back Row: Fukui, Katow, Fujioka, Hayakawa, Nakatani, Kobayashi, Oike, Ono, Inami, Sakai, G., Yorichi, Okamura. Filth Row: Ito, Sakamoto, Kasai, Omata, Matsuura, Okamoto, Yamashita, T., Tamaki, Uchida, Sasaki, Amemiya, Hikido. Fourth Row: Morita, Tokeshi, Endo, Koiima, Hosaka, Harada, Handa, Iwamoto, Shiomichi, Yamashita, S., Kawakami. Third Row: Ichikawa, Sakai, R., Matsushige, Hoshiyama, Mita, Okuda, Takahashi, Hirai, Fujimoto, Mechinori, Takehita. Second Row: Litsunomiya. Hasegawa, Hayshi, Kiya, Uyeda, Sakada, Shirakawa, Hayami, Tashima, Nakamura. Front Row: Yoshida, Hori, T., Murakanii, Hori, S., Obata, Yasukochi, Nishimoto, Abe, Sakai, Hotta, Wada. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1913 ONE CHAPTER OFFICERS Fall Spring Benjamin T. Obata President George Yasukochi George N. Nakamura Vice-President Terry Y. Takahashi Masao Sakada Recording Secretary Roy G. Mita George N. Nishimoto Corresponding Secretary Edward Tokeshi Terry Y. Takahashi Treasurer.. Tatsu Hori Noriyuki Tashima House Manager Masao Sakada 458 Shiro Abe Frank S. Endo Yoshio Handa Saburo Hori Tatsu Hori Mitsuo Hosaka Yoshio Hotta Chikara Ito Katsuhiro Endo Abe M. Fuji Clifford C. Fujimoto Tornio Harada Akira Hasegawa William S. Hata Frank Y. Hayami Sakae Hayashi George K. Hikido Ernest Hirai Fred Y. Hoshiyama Takeyuchi W. Hosokawa Jerry K. Aikawa Minoru Amemiya Tomomi Ito Akira Kashiki Henry E. Kobayashi Terohiko T. Masuda William T. Fujioka Soichi Fukui William Hayakawa Teruo Hayashi SENIORS Takeyuki Katow Neil K. Kosasa Akira Murakami Harry Y. Nakahara George H. Nakamura George N. Nakamura George N. Nishimoto Benjamin T. Obata William Sakai JUNIORS Grant H. Ichikawa Mechinori Inouye Koya Iwamoto Kiyoshi Kasai Wright Kawakami Saichiro Kawakita Seiji Kiya Harry T. Kojima Katsumi D. Kozeni Isaac Matsushige Roy G. Mita Hideo Nakano George Nikaido SOPHOMORES George M. Matsuura Yoshi Morita Thomas Y. Okamoto Robert R. Omata George K. Sakai Toyo Sakamoto FRESHMEN Frank K. Inami Fred Kishi William M. Nakatani Esau Shimizu Arashi Shirakawa Joseph T. Takehita Noriyuki Tashima Raymond Tatsuno Frank S. Wada George Yasukochi Akira Yoshida Tokio Okamura Franklin Y. Okuda Howard K. Renge Thomas T. Sagimori Masao Sakada Robert K. Sakai Terry Y. Takahashi Shiro Tokuno Thomas T. Utsunomiya Robert Y. Uyeda Shigeru Yamashita Thomas I. Yamashita Henry Sasaki Joe A. Shiomichi Carl M. Tamaki Harry Teshima Edward Tokeshi Tachio Uchida Kaoru K. Oike Theodore K. Ono Theodore K. Shigeno Alex N. Yorichi Bramlett Coleman Harvey Kirkham Kraus Lofgren Long McNulty Mehlert Murphy Trowbridge Tuttle Waite Weigand ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1923 MEN ' S MASONIC CLUB Fall Spring William Kirkham President Charles Mehlert Chester Bramlett Vice-President Jack Trowbridge Robert Berger Secretary Sherwood Swan Orwin Talbot Membership Secretary Alfred Pilgrim Charles Mehlert Treasurer Joe Jones George Riser Representative Jerry McNulty James Lindsey Representative Freeman Tuttle Representative William Kirkham Fall WOMEN ' S MASONIC CLUB Spring Ethelyn Krause President Dorothy Harvey Dorothy Harvey Vice-President Jean Lofgren Jean Lofgren Council Representative Barbara Long Bereniece Weigand Council Representative Isabelle Murphy Lewise Coleman Council Representative Dorothy Waite Barbara Long Recording Secretary Joan Brashares Margaret Wagonet Treasurer Margaret Wagonet Virginia Lorimer Women ' s Representative Enid Jones Helen Waite Women ' s Representative Jean Wilkie Fall MASONIC CLUB EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Spring Bereniece Weigand President William Kirkham Jean Lofgren Vice-President Jean Lofgren Dorothy Harvey Secretary Dorothy Waite George Riser Treasurer Jack Trowbridge Fall HENRY MORSE STEPHENS LODGE Spring Mr. Boyd Rakestraw Representative Mr. Boyd Rakestraw Mr. Fred Flanders Representative Mr. Fred Flanders CLUB HOSTESS Mrs. J. H. Quinn 459 Marjorie Cooper Dorthy Jane Grill Tadashi Harase WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Joan Light Ablene Lockhart Louise Sassmann MEN ' S COUNCIL George McClure Lore Ullmann Elizabeth Van Fleet Nanyu Tomiyasu EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Roger Chapman Ian Miller Louise Sassmann Evelyn Einstein Masumi Nakamichi John Selfridge Dorothy McDonald Howard Niedermann James Stephens LeRoy Makepeace Edward Price Nanyu Tomiyasu Jack Rivoire 460 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ORGANIZED IN 1907 2601 DURANT AVENUE Christian Science Society of the University of California was organized on this campus in 1907. From that time until the present there has been a steady growth and progress in its activities. The year 1933 saw the culmination of building plans with the construction and occupation of a new edifice. A Reading Room is open daily, where authorized Chris- tian Science literature may be read. Testimonial meetings are held in the auditorium every Tuesday evening, and each semester a lecture is presented by a member of the Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. Students and faculty members are cordially invited to attend the meetings and use the Reading Room. 461 462 RUST President BENT Secretary McDONALD Treasurer TURNER Vice-President (Catholic Students Social and Intellectual Center) ESTABLISHED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1899 OFFICERS President Robert E. Rust Vice-President Lucy V. Turner Treasurer Roderick H. MacDonald Secretary Frances Bent EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Frances Bent Roderick MacDonald Donald Stanich Lucy Turner Arthur Cardoza Kay N ewton Bartholomew Thibadeau William Ward Helen Gilfoyle Robert E. Rust Marcelle Tournier Florence Wilhelmy Charles J. Keeney ADVISORY COMMITTEE Jeanne Aumend William Duffey Antona Hawkins Mary Moore Harry Beck Claire Eaton Barbara Hussey George Morrill Robert Carey Dan Fadenrecht Mildred Jennings Claudine Prat Patricia Casey Albert Fuller James Kelso Tita Quiros Elizabeth Courvoisier Frances Gautereaux Kathleen Kennedy Rosemary Renner Mary Dann Dorothy Geddes Ruth Laubacher James Stichka Paul Daum George Ghiselli Lorraine Lindblad Walter Unger Joseph Davies Ruth Gilmore Mary Lynch Bert Van Boon Barbara Douglas Gene Hatfield Dario Meniketti Pauline Zinslen Maryellen Driscoll Florence Haun Ruth Minner Back Row: Stanich, MacDonald Ward, Gorcloza. Front Row: WIIhelniy, Turner, Bent, Rust. INDEX Kappa Kappa Gamma . . 398 Kappa Nu 350 272 Kappa. Sigma 351 271 Kellogg Institute of Animal 274 Husbandry 39 273 270 Lambda Chi Alpha 352 316 Lick Observatory 38 Abracadabra 332 Acacia 333 Ace of Club:, 427 Administrative Deans . 21 Administrative Year . . 20 Advertising Service Bureau . 192 " All God ' s Chillun Got Wings " 208 Alpha Chi Omega 380 Alpha Chi Sigma 334 Alpha Delta Phi 335 Alpha Delta Pi 381 Alpha Delta Sigma 430 Alpha Epsilon Phi 382 Alpha Gamma Delta • 383 Alpha Kappa Lambda • 336 Alpha Omicron Pi 384 Alpha Phi 385 Alpha Sigma Phi 337 Alpha Tau Delta 432 Alpha Tau Omega 338 Alpha Xi Delta 386 Alumni 28-29 Alumni Council 28 A.I.E.E. 451 A.S.C.E. 450 A.S M E 452 Areta 387 Assembly Dance Committee . 149 A.S.U.C. Band 215 A.S.U.C. Store Board . . • • A.S.U.C. Peace Committee • • 151 Athletic Council 231 Bachelordon 339 Baseball 280-289 Baseball Series St. Mary ' s 283 Santa Clara 282 Stanford 286-287 U.C.L.A. 285 U.S.C. 284 Baseball Non-conference Season 288-289 Baseball Varsity 280 Basketball 258-267 Basketball Games Stanford 264-265 U.C.L.A. 260-261 U.S.C. 262-263 Basketball Non-conference Season 266 Basketball Varsity 258 Basketball 130 lb 313 Basketball 145 lb 313 Baton 434 Beauty Section 170-178 Beta Alpha Psi 433 Beta Beta 426 Beta Gamma Sigma 428 Beta Phi Alpha 388 Beta Sigma Omicron 389 Beta Theta Pi 340 Big " C " Sirkus 220-227 Big " C " Society 416 Blue and Gold 184-186 Board of Regents 19 Bowles Hall 374-375 Boxing . . . 312 .. Bureau of Public Relations 143 Business Administration . 142 California Cannoneers 445 California Club 34 California Engineer 197 California Pelican . 194-196 California ' s Professors . 24-25 Card Sales Committee 146 Casa Hispana 390 Charter Day 27 Chi Alpha Kappa 435 Chi Epsilon 447 Chinese Students ' Club 457 Chi Omega 391 Chi Phi 341 Chi Psi 342 Christian Science Society . 461 Circle " C " Society 417 Circle " C " Sports . . . . 312-321 College Women ' s Club Juniors . 455 Crew 270-276 Crew Races Oregon State Poughkeepsie U.C.L.A. Washington Crew Varsity Cross Country Daily Californian . . . . 187-191 Davis, College of Agriculture 36 Deans, The 22-23 Debating 217 Dedication 5 Del Rey 343 Delta Chi 344 Delta Chi Alpha 436 Delta Delta Delt ' i 392 Delta Epsilon 447 Delta Gamma 393 Delta Kappa Epsilon 345 Delta Phi Epsilon 429 Delta Tau Delta 346 Delta Upsilon 347 Delta Zeta 394 Dentistry, College of 37 Dramatics Council 202 Elections Committee 145 Engineers Council 150 Eta Kappa Nu 419 Executive Committee 140-141 Fencing 317 Fine Arts, School of 40 Football 240-255 Football Games California Aggies 242 College of Pacific 242 Oregon 244 Oregon State 251 St. Mary ' s 243 Stanford 252-253 U.C.L.A. 248-249 U.S.C. 246-247 Washington 250 Washington State 245 Football Varsity 240-241 Forensics Council 217 Freshie Glee 132 Freshman Baseball Season 289 Freshman Basketball Season . 267 Freshman Class Officers 131 Freshman Crew Season . 276 Freshman Football Season 255 Freshman Tennis Season 309 Freshman Track Season 301 Gamma Phi Beta 395 Glee Club 214 Golden Bear 412 Golf 321 Grizzly 193 Group System 164 Guild of Applied Arts 444 Gymnastics 317 Handball Hastings College of Law Honor Students Ice Hockey 319 In Memoriam 7 Interfraternity Council . 3 31 International House 460 Intramural Managers 324 Intramural Sports . . 324-327 Japanese Students ' Club Women ' s Student Club Junior Class Officers Junior Informal Junior Varsity Crew Junior Week-end Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Delta Rho " Man and the Masses " . 206 Mask and Dagger 437 Masonic Club 459 Medicine, College of . . . 37 Men ' s Dormitory Association 453 Men ' s Judicial Committee . • 147 " Merchant of Yonkers " . • 204 Mixer Dance 149 Mortar Board 413 Music Council " My Heart ' s in the Highlands " 208 Newman Club 462 Nobel Award 31 Nursing 37 Nu Sigma Psi 449 Omega Delta 439 Open Forum Board 150 Orientations 148 Pan-Hellenic 379 Panile 443 Personnel Committee . 162 Pharmacy, College of . 37 Phi Beta Delta 353 Phi Beta Kappa 410 Phi Chi Theta 449 Phi Delta 399 Phi Delta Theta 354 Phi Epsilon Chi 424-425 Phi Gamma Delta 355 Phi Karma Psi 356 Phi Kappa Sigma 357 Phi Kappa Tau 358 Philorthian 448 Phi Mu 400 Phi Omega Pi 401 Phi Sigma Kapp 420-421 359 Phi Phi Phi Sigma Sigma 402 Phrateres 438 Pi Alpha Sigma 431 Pi Beta Phi 403 Pi Delta Phi 444 Pi Kappa Aloha 360 Pi Kappa Phi 361 Pi Phi Delta 448 Vi Tau Pi Sigma 445 President ' s Message 18 President ' s Reception 26 Prytanean 414 Psi Upsilon 6 Publications Council . 182-31832 Quarterdeck 441 Rally Committee 232-233 321 Ramblers 254 40 Reception Committee . . 163 146 Riflery 316 Riverside 38 " Rocket to the Moon " . 209 " Room Service " 207 Rugby 318 Scabbard and Blade 442 Scripps Institute of Oceanography 39 458 Senate 440 456 Senior Album . . . . 50-55, 236-237 123 Senior Class Officers 45 125 Senior Fall Informal . 46 275 Senior Singings 48 124 Senior Informal . 47 Senior Week 49 348 Seven Campuses 34 396 " Shadow and Substance " . 205 397 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . 363 349 Sigma Chi 364 INDEX Sigma Kappa 404 Theta Chi 369 Varsity Debators 218-219 Sigma Nu 365 Theta Delta Chi 370 Vocational Guidance Committee 164 Sigma Phi 366 Theta Sigma Phi 446 Sigma Phi Epsilon 367 Theta Upsilon 405 Water Polo 315 Sigma Phi Sigma 368 Theta Xi 371 Welfare Council 144 Skiing 320 Torch and Shield 443 Winged Helmet 415 Skull and Keys 422-423 Track 292-301 Women ' s Activity Council 158-159 Soccer 320 Track Meets Women ' s " C " Society . . . . 446 Sophomore Class Officers . 127 Olympic Club 294 Women ' s Dormitory Association 454 Sophomore Brawl 129 Stanford 298-299 Women ' s Judicial Committee 147 Sophomore Hop 128 Stanford Relays 300 Women ' s Orchestra 163 Sophomore Labor Day . 130 U.C.L.A. 295 Women ' s Orientations . . 160 Store Board 151 314 U.S.C. 296-297 Women ' s Rally Committee . 162 Washington State 294 Women ' s Sports 165 Tau Beta Pi 411 Track Varsity 292 Wrestling 312 Tennis 304-309 Treble Clef 214 Tennis Matches Triangular Sports Day . . 166 Yell Leaders 234-235 Stanford 308 Tri-Une 418 Y.W C A 161 U.C.L.A. 306 U.S.C. 307 U.C.L.A. 35 Zeta Beta Tau 372 Tennis National Champions . 305 University Meetings 30 Zeta Psi 373 Tennis Varsity 304 University Symphony 213 Zeta Tau Alpha 406 APPRECIATION First, and foremost, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the sophomore and junior members of the Blue and Gold Staff, all of whom worked diligently, and in many cases without the slightest reward, at the many unpleasant and routine tasks which made the book possible. My sincere thanks to DR. MONROE E. DEUTSCH, who besides writing several pieces of copy for the book has shown a real interest in its every phase. In a like manner PRESIDENT ROBERT G. SPROUL has shown an interest in our work which has been very much appreciated. FRED C. FISCHER, Director of A.S.U.C. Publications has been a constant aid to, an at times bewildered editor, in solving the many problems that in- evitably arise. His thoughtful supervision has been sincerely appreciated. To the two men who have actually created the book I am most greatly indebted; CHESTER SMITH, of the Independent Pressroom, has spent endless hours and unceasing effort in designing the book, and in a like manner JOHN BLACK has worked diligently in taking the many fine photographs which grace its pages. To the entire personnel of the Independent Pressroom my sincere thanks for the fine job of printing the Blue and Gold. WAYNE THORNTON, HARRY LANGE, M. H. FLADER, COURTNEY REBITT of the American Engraving and Color Plate Co. did first class engraving work for us. My thanks also to CHARLES FALK, our typographer; to FRANK COLBOURN of the Coleman Studio; to TIM O ' LEARY of the T. J. Cardoza Co.; to ARTHUR TOWNE and FRANK UNTHANK of Blake, Moffitt Towne, Inc.; to MISS VIRGINIA HOLE of Ransoho ffs; to ROFF COLLINS of the W. and J. Sloane Co., and to CLARENCE SLADE, decorator. Our many problems in the office have been greatly lessened by the assistance of DAD WILKIN, and ALICE WILSON in the A.S.U.C. Publications General Office, and FLORENCE GARRETT of the A.S.U.C. Accounting Office. THE EDITOR.

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